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July to December. 

3Contion : 





Appliauce for Ketraclured PaleUa (Mr. H. Parson) .. 

Lamp tor Gynaecological Examinations (Dr. R. Barnes) 

Separation ot Lower Epiphysis of Femur ("Mr. Atkinson ) 

Bed-rest witli Foot-support 

Testis in Perincco (Mr. J. A. Williams) 

Excreta or Bed-pan Case 

Injured Axillary Artery (Mr. J. R. Lunn) ... 

Apparatus for Grapliic Rpcords of Mn\ements ni Liml'S 

Six Fiefures 
Syi-iuge for Cervix L'teri (Dr. Speddiu^) ... 
Myomotomy (Dr. Bchroeder) — Six Figures 
Midwifery Forceps-Lever (Dr. W. H. Taylei ) 
Bed-table (Mr. :S^. H. Nixon) 

Tihio-feraoral Impaction (Mr. R. Davy)— Two Figures 
Perforating Timmur of Dura Mater (Dv. D. Drummoud)- 







. Dv, F. Wamei) 

■'7l3. oil 



III. 71-J 





Three Figures 



Portable Gahaiiic Battery (.Mr. Butler-Smyllie) ... ... ... 827 

Excisiou of Shoulder-joint (Mr. W. Stokes")— Two Figures ... ... 909 

Gangi-eiie of Nose ; Successful Operation (Ur. St. George)— Two Figures... 919 

Obstetric Forceps (Mr. Le Page) ... ... ... ... 1013 

Oro-nasal Respirator for Medicated Vapours (Dr. W. H. Brace) ... 1078 
Operation for E.adical Cvu-e of Hernia (Mr. T. K. FitzGerald)— Seven 

Chronic Inflammation 

1111, 1112 

)f Bone (Mr. C. J. 

Symonds)— Seven Figures 
1113, 1114, 1115, 

Treatment of Caries of S|iine (Mr. Noble Smith)— Three Figures 1121, 

Temperature in Case of Typhoid Fever treated by Kairin (Dr. H. 

Ashby) ... 
Malformed Child (Mr. A. Graham) 
Double CoUes's Fracture (Mr. E. J. Brj'den) 
Nerve-Stretching (Mr. J. MarsluilD— Six Figiucs 
.\ugles and Curves of Diseased Spines (Mr. Noble Smith) 





treatment of 


Abbott. Mr. G., note-taking, til 
acute nasal t-atarrb, 1154 

Abdumeu, tumour of, i'Tl 

Atxlominitl neuroses, Dr. Spender on tirominesalts 
in, 76it 

section, Mr. U. F. Band on means of 

ascertaining course of small bowel in, 1235. >Vc 
Intestinal Obstruction and Ovariotomy 

Aberdeen, special correspondence from. 751, 115(5; 
gift of public park to, 751 

Al)ortion. prevention of by assafa?tid;i, tii^J ; diph- 
theria complicated with. 7-"<7 

, criminal, trials for, 7!'. 1262 

Abrus precatorius, Dr. W. Murrel! on, lul5 

Abscess, urinary, followed by perineal fistula, Mr. 
F. B. Jessett on,7t>0; letteron, 10.t;J; peritoneal, in 
children, 775; iu perineum, J<u3, i<51 ; in bone. 
i*25 ; nephritis, in a patient with one kidney, Mr. , 
T. Wilmot on, luU 

Abscesses, deep, Mr. Le Page on evacuation of, I2:i3 

Abstinence, prolongation of human life by. t^l7 

Academy of Medicine in Ireland, first volume of 
Transactions, 5i.tti -, annual meeting, i^W ; officers, 
ib.; report, iO. ; publication of papers read at, 

Medical Section ; living specimens, 113^1 ; 

president's address, ib. ; enteric fever, tO, ; hyos- 
cyamine, ib. 

Academy, Koval Irish, Cunningham gold medal of. 

■ of Sciences, M. Charcot a member of, 10.S2 

Accident during excursion to Conway. 2^, 2iti*,355, 
■JU7 ; remarkable, IIm:^ 

Accidents (mm lifts, 138 

Aclaud, Dr. H. W., intrwluctory address at King's 
College, t)7») ; order of Bath conferred i*n. 

Aconite. Mi.H. V>'. Seager on poisoning bv, 10ti7 ; 
poisoning with, 1261 

Acrobats, children as, 440 

Action for breach of contract, 47. 82 ; for damages in 
supposed poisoning by salicylate of soda. l;i2, 2;'l ; 
imder the Apothecaries" Act, :ii;i; for a diploma. 
412; foralleged unskilful trejitment of tractureil 
olecranon, 552; by president of Koval College of 
Surgeons in Ireland for fees, 104^ ; tor alh-ged neg- 
lect, 1U4H ; for payment against proprietors of 

Adams. Mr. J. E., foreign body in fundus of eye, 
117 ; ophthalmoscope for artists, ib. 

Dr. .1. O., melancholia. UHi 

Mr. M. A., influence of meteorological con- 
ditions on public health, 88)i 

Mr. William, typhoid fever in the north of 

London, 65:j 

Address to Midland Branch, on change in medical 
practice. Dr. Webb, 5] ; to East Anglian Branch, 
on the germ-theory bf disease. Dr. J. Lowe, '^i ; to 
Yorkshire Branch, on modern obstetrics. Dr. 
Keeling, 57; to Bath and Bristol Branch, on the 
maiutenance of the honor and res|)ectability oi 
the medical profession, Mr. Grossman, til : toSouth 
Midland Branch, on alcohol and drainage, Mr. 
Kinsey, lol ; to Metroi>olitau Counties Bni'ach, on 
good remedies out of fashion, Dr. Hare. 151; to 
South Eastern Branch, on the climatic treatment 
of consumption. Dr. Bagshawe, J5s ; President's, 
at annual meeting of Association, Dr. A. T. H. 
AVaters, 2iivt ; in Surgery. Mr. K. Harrison. 213 ; in 
Pathology-, Dr. Creighton, 21> ; in Section of 0I>- 
stetric Medicine, Dr. Graily Hewitt. 224; to Sec- 
tion of Physiology. Mr. E. A. Sclmfer. 226; to 
Section of'Pathology, Dr. T. H. Green, 229; to 
Section of Psychology, Dr. T. L. Roberts. 232 ; to 
Section of Diseases of Children, Dr. Gee, 23t>; to 
Section of Otology. Mr. G. P. Field, 23<"< ; to Sec- 
tion of Medicine, Dr. Glynn. 3:><» : to Border Coun- 
ties Branch, Dr. J. H. Macdougall, 3i'5 ; to Section 
of Surgery, Mr. Bickersteth, 42,S; to Medico- 
Psychological Association ; on criminal lunatics. 
Dr. W. Orange. 445; introductory, at Leeds School 
of Medicine, Dr. Clifford AUbiitt, iWl, t>»l ; at 
Owens College. Dr. A. Gamgee.btvi; atSt. George's 
Hospital, Mr. W. H Bennett, rt75 ; at King's Col- 
lege, Dr. Aclaud, ti7o ; at St. Mary's K.s»;ul, Dr. 


H.indfield Jones, ti77 ; at the Middlesex Hospital, 
Mr. Pearce Gould, 16. ; at Queen's College, Bir- 
mingham. Mr. Bennett May, ib. ; at St. Thomas's 
Hospital, Mr. Le Gros Clark, •>7s ; at University 
College, Mr. Tweedy, tu^ ; at Westminster Hos- 
pital. Mr. B. Barrow, 6H0 ; at Army Medical School, 
Dr. de Chaumont. (6. ; to Sanitary Institute, Dr. 
Humphry, rii+0 ; at the London Hospital, Professor 
Huxley. 7'*9, 7;w3 ; public health as a working 
man's' question. Dr. A. Carpenter, 745; intro- 
ductory, at Sheffield School of Medicine, Mr. A. 
Jackson, 74ti ; at Liverpool University College, Dr. 
Hcniman. ib. ; to Ophthalmological Society, on 
diffusion of knowledge of ophthalmic therapeutics, 
Mr. J. Hut«hinson, 757 ; to Koyal Jledical and 
Chinirgical So<iety, on progress of knowledge re- 
garding nen'ous systems. Dr. D. Ferrier, ^^05; tn 
Medical Society of London, on treatment of frac- 
ture of patella". Sir Joseph Lister, 855 ; on Collec- 
tive Investigation of Disease, Dr. W. Roberts, 
.st>(i : Mr. J. Hutchinson. 8t>2: Dr. S. Wilks, Hxi5: 
to Medical Society of London, on catheter- fever, 
Sir A.Clark, 1221* 

Addresses, introductory, remarks on, (>83 

Aden(vsar<oma,peduuciilHted. of skin. 1019 

Adulteration of pharnuK-opu;ial preparations, 5VMi; 
working of Acts on,7«7, 93t;, 1*84, of milk, 883; 
of food in France, 98ij: laboratories for detection 
of, 10;J1 ; of brandy. 1082 

Advertisements of professional men, 207, 608, 660, 
75»i. ,<S2, llo2. ll'U 

Advertising for Ivalth-appointments, 45i 

Africa, South, as a field lor medical practitioners, 

Ague, treatment of b3' decoction of lemons, 448 

Ahern. Dr. J., substitutes at dispensaries, t>55 

Air as a sanitary agent, 691 

Aix-les-Bains, Dr. L. Blanc on Mineral Waters of, 
rev., 1247 

Aix-en-Provence as a winter health-resort. Dr. 
Allchin on. 1011 

Album, Lite-History, rev., IVio ; letter on, 1214 

Albumen, in nriue. Dr. G. Johnson on modes of 
testing for, lli»5 

Albuminate of iron, intraperitoneal injection of in 
ana-niia. 383 

Albuminuria aft'Cr scarlatina, 308 ; of gestation, Dr. 
A. D. Stacdonald on a case of, 969; relations of to 
phthisis, Dr. C. T. Williams on. 1224, 1277 

Aleock, Surgeon-major X.. proposed m.edical parlia- 
mentary ass(X;iation, 'M*0, 845 

Alcohol, Mr. K. H. Kinsey on use of, 101 ; poisoning 
by. 131 ; Dr. Hare on use of in me<licine, 151 : in 
workhouses, sre Workhouses ; decrease in use of 
among soldiers in India, 5(t5 ; statisticsof consunip- 
tionot,555 ; from melons. 637 ; and the medical pro- 
fession, lo84 ; proposed therapeutic experiments 
on, 1085. 1158 

Alexandra Palace and Park as a recrcation-grouudt 

Algiu, properties of, 5n3 

Aliptlc art, 732 

Allbutt, Mr. H. A., tricyclei for winter riding, llt;7 

Dr. T. C, introductory address at Leeds 

School of Medicine, 661 ; influence of modern 
education, 743 

Allchin. Dr. W. H., Aix-en-Provence as a winter 
health-resort. 1011 

Allen, Dr. John, death of. 505 

Mr. W. A., remarkable accident, llu^i 

Allen and Hanburys, ^Messrs., articles shown in 
annual museum of Association, 325; malt-jelly, 

Allfrey, Dr. C. H., consultants and "genera! practi- 
tioners, 754 

Allinson, Mr. T. R., an experiment on diet, 1322 

Allman, Mr. J. D., the late Mr. Boast, 8<i3 

Almonds, essential oil of, poisoning by, 127 

Aloes, use of in pregnancy. h'Si 

Althaus. Dr. J., postepileptic phenomena. 316 ; 
syphilitic tumours of cerebral membranes, 877,9'ti 

Alton, sanitary report of, 7o4 

Ambulance association. -"^^ Association 

carriage, lll^2, 12»'l 

companies in medieal 9chv,ols, 799 

Ambulance competition at Irvine, 29l 

corps, presentation to an, K.:i9 

hospital service in Philadelphia, 576 

-volunteer, inspection of, 1044 

work at Ischia, 3s4 ; notes on, 745, ;t*«_i 

Ambulances shown at annual museum of Associa- 
tion, 325 

Ammonia, poisoning by liquor of, 643 

Amputation of arm for traumatic aneurysm of 
axillary art«ry, 165; at hip-joint, use of rectal 
lever in, 7S5 ; high, for senile gangrene. 1192; of 
forearm, rapid healing after, 1195 

Ana-mia. chronic, intraperitoneal injections of albu- 
minate of iron in, 3*3; idiopathic, Mr. G. H. 
Younge on Addison's disease resembling. 429; 
nature and signs of. 1020; idiopathic. 1023; Dr. 
Macphail on corpuscular richness of blood in, 
1190 ; as a cause of retinal hfcmorrhagc, 1246 

Ana'Sthesia. damages for accident during. 1203 

Anesthetics, deaths from. Dr. F. Junker on. 101 : Mr. 
S. M. Guun on, ln7, 406. 84* ; Mr. T. G. D. Ken- 
on. 528; Mr. W. Roger Williams on. 651 ; letters 
on.GfiO; note on, 1126. Sec Chloroform. 

Anatomical structure or clinica^ features, 884. 943 

Anatomy. Dr. A. Macalister on province of. 808 ; Mr. 
F. Treves* Surgical Applied, rn-.. Iu76 ; progress of 
iu 1^83, 1293 

Anderson, Mr. J. W.. explotAtory operations in 
floating kidney, 927 

Dr. McCall, nettlc-rasli, 1107 

Andrew, Dr. E., treatment of laryngeal obstruction. 

Aneurysm of aorta, abdominal, obscure case of, 

of axillary artery, traimiatic. 165 

in corpus striatum, rupture of. ^75 

of femoral artery. Mr. F. A. Southam on 

case of. 321; in a boj*, 973; recurrent, with ex- 
cision of sac. 1131 

Inguinal, ligature of external iliac arterv 

for, 973 

of radial urter>', n3tt 

of splenic artery, 622 

in young per»ons. 973 

Aneurysms, multiple, of retina. 117 ; cardiac. Dr. J. 
Wirkham Legg on, 363 

Aiiidrosis. local, 456 

Animal plagues. Mr. G. Fleming on. 1077 

Animals, destruction of infect-ecv rarciisef: of . 2-'2 

Ankle, resection of by artificial Putt's fracture. Dr. 
H. C. March on. 907 ; Mr. T. Jones nu resection of, 
90S ; Mr. J. Mulvany on reseciion of. 1188 

Ankylostomum in Germany, 640 

Annandale, Mr. T., encysted reeical calculus, 1122 

Anthrax in Egypt, 637 ; inoculation of, 887 

Anthropometric statistics, 646 

Antimony. Mr. M. Morris on us? of in skin -diseases. 

Antiseptic inhalation in diseases of lungs. Dr. A. H. 
Hassall on. 869 ; letter on. l]6ri 

Antiseptics, action of , 588 ; in o\-ariot''my and Bat- 
teys operation, 893 ; action of on T%ouuds, 911 

Antivaccinatioji riots, 45 

Antivaccinators. facts for, 78 

Anti\'iyisectiouists, amenities ot, 1204, 1215 

Aorta, abdominal, anenrysm of. 1190 

Aphonia, Dr. W. T. Gairdnet on. o09 ; Dr. A. Robert- 
son on,.=>81 

Apoi)lexy in a b<\y, 876 

Apothecjiries* Hall of Ireland, office-l>earer5, 347 ; 
regulations for licence. 474 

^ Society of London, pjiss-Iists. 47. 9S, 

148.205,257. 306, .354. 403, 4-VJ. 507. 5.=>4, 6t>6. 657. 
706.752, 801,851. 9<«t. 919, Inoi. in.=>o, iiOO, 1163. 
1217,1267; medical scholarship of. 287; prizes in 
materia medica and pharmacy. 43'S ; regulations 
for licence, 460. 46;i; Mr. W. E. Dawson's Guide 
to Examinations of, rer., 927 

Appeals. 99, W8, 407, 5.^8, 707, 754. 802, 803, 85-*, 952, 
953. 10.-S2, 1053, liai. 1165. 1322 

Apprenticeship, Dr. .T. H. Bennet on, 162 

Arbitration, international, in quarantine, 127 

Arrachon as a health-resort. 10.'>2 

Archbishop of Canterbury, illness of, 835 

Arm, amputation of for trtumatic aneurysm o* 


[Feb. 2, 1884. 

axillary artery, 165; Mr. R. C. Btuddert on 
gangrene of, after injury to thumb, 1235 

Armagh, liealtlj of, 711 

Armies, foreign, revaccination iu, 75, 3i)0 

Army, British, Irish students at medical examina- 
tions, 4-1 ; combatant and medical oHicers of, 71, 
iihl, (»0-l, t)53; sanitary service for, 1^2 ; debate 
on medical service in House of Lords, 170, 
ao2 ; end of summer session of medical 
school. 30-1; vaccination iu, ol2, S98 ; hos- 
pital service of, 352; debate on medical service 
in House of Commons, 397 ; successful candidates 
at examinations, 3it9 ; in Egypt, heallh of, ■14a'; 
shortness of home-service in, 450, Mft ; premd- 
tions, appointments, etc., 450. 001. 7i'9 ; regula- 
tions for admissions to medical service, 4'.H5 ; per- 
mission to wear foreign decorations, tii'l ; statis- 
tics of, 849 , Keport of Medical Department for 
IHsi, if-v., 3023, 1190; prizes of army medical de- 
part tneut, 1159; can an Engli^ war field-hospital 
work, 11.59; retrospect of medical ser\ice during 
1S83, 130(i 

Indian, the medical service of, 21. 3^1, 391; 

promotion in. 4ii; proceedings in Parliament re- 
garding, 93 ; letter from chairman of rarliament- 
ary Bills Committee regarding, 13'i ; reported re- 
signation of prison medical officers. :U7 ; letters 
on. 391), 39i) ; successful candidates at examina- 
tions, 399, 450; regulations for admission to medi- 
cal service, 497 ; decrease in use of alcohol in, 
505; promotions, appointments, etc., 799; retro- 
spect of medical service in 1SS3, 1308 

Arnison, Dr. W. C, operations in old age. 70 

Arnold and Sous, Messrs., articles shown in annual 
museum of Association, o2o ; improved portable 
galvanic battery, 1103 

Aronsberg. Messrs., articles shown iu the anuuAl 
museum of Association, 326 

Arrott, Dr. James, death of, 388 

Arsenic as a prophylactic against malaria, 447 ; Mr, 
W, J. Beatty on local applications of in uievus, 
1015 ; treatment of tuberculosis by, 12(i3 

Arterial tension, undue. Dr. Broa'dbent on causes 
and consequences of, 357 

Arteries, division of between two ligatures, Mr. 
Waleham on. 109; letters on, 350, 39R ; retinal, 
abnormal distribution of, 117 ; aneurysm of, 76. 

Artery, axillary, traumatic aneurysm of, IHn ; Hgn- 
ture of for in,iury. Dr. G. E, Fenwick on, 017 

coronary, atheroma of, 920 

• ■ — femorar, aneurysm of, Mr. P. A. Southam 

on, 321; case of, in a boy, 973; recurrent, with 
excision of sac, 1131 

■ occipital, ligature of, Mr. liocltwood on, 13 

• plantar, wound of, 974 

-popliteal, Mr. J. F. Howard on laceration 

of, 917 

radial, aneurysmal dilatation of, 1130 

splenic, aneurysm of, 922 

Ai'thritis, Mr. F. R. Cross on incisions In, 9lo 
Arthur, Mr. J., an uncomfortable position. 150 
Ascites, Dr. A. Flint on. early tapping in, &65; 

letter on, 750 
Ash, Sir. B. S., enteric fever in the Transvaal, Zulu, 

and Egyptian wars, 3; sea-sickness, 113. 20T 
Ashby, Dr. H., scarlatinal rheumatism, 514; pericar- 
ditis iu children, 325 ; kairin, 1124 • ' 
Ashhnrst. Dr. J., International Encyclopa-ditf of 

Surgery, rev., 108 
Assafii-tirla, abortion prevented by, 024 
Assistauts, unqualified, 1203, See Medical Assistants 
Association, British MtmcAL, programme of 
annual meeting, 30, SO, 139, 180 ; proposed new 
laws ot, 144 ; proposed invitation to Glasgow, 198; 
jjresident's address at annual meeting, 209, 248; 
Mr. tt. Harrison's addi'ess in surgery, 213, 246, 
249 : Dr. C. Creighton's address in "pathology, 218, 
350,273; fifty-first annual meetiug, 241. 272 ; ad- 
dress of retiring jHesident. 241 ; report of council, 
ib, ; discussion un new by-laws, 242, 211 ; vote of 
thanks to Dr. Strange, 244 ; foreign visitors, 244; 
place (tf annual meetiug iu 1884, 2-10; remarks on 
annual meeting, 247, 284; the Contagious Dis- 
eases Acts, 270 ; militia-surgeons, 277 ; votes of 
thanks, ib.; dinner, 278. sermon by Bishop (f 
Liverpool, 281 ; soiree by President and local com- 
mittee, 282; reception by mayor of Liverpool, 
'J<\; excursions to Conway and Llandudno, 28.'i. 
327; visit to Suuthijort aiid Blackpool, 28;i, .327 ; 
visit tt> Chester, 28;i, 327 : Mr. Bickersteth's river 
excursiou, ifi. : visit to Wirral Ohildren's Hospi- 
t^il, 284 ; visit to Lancaster, .327 ; propo.<ied amend- 
ed articles of Association, 250; extmordinavy 
j^cueral meetings on articles of Association. 272, 
.■!»<8 ; letter regarding sectional mecthiga, 299 ; e\- 
hihitioji of patients at annuiil meeting. 321; Mr. 
Thomas's demonstration, ib. ; annual Mniseum. 
325, 375; members present, at annual meeting, 
:t27, 312 ; renuirks on ]>athological museum, 37.5; 
sanitary exhibition, 378 ; Americjin report of prft- 
(■eeilings, 383 ; proposed section of military niedi- 
ciue, 057; bequest to, by Dr. A. P. Stewart, 037; 

proposed popular lectures at, 840, 943 ; assistant- 
secretary of, 930; the annual meeting in 1884, 
843, 113'7. 1169; new Indian Branch of, 1252; 
retrospect of proceedings, 1284 

Association, General Council, proceedings, 340 

Committee of Council, proceedings of, 

140, 257, 350 ; members of. 240 

Council, proceedings of, 842 

Committee on Collective Investigation 

of Disease, report, 194, 272. •'See Collective Inves- 

— — Committee oij Legislation for Habitual 

Drunkards, report, 195, £77 ' ' 

Committee on Medical Eeform, report 

of, 137, 274 

Committee on Parliamentary Bills, 

letter til Secretary of State for India, 130 ; rei)ort 
of. 191, 275 

Committee on Scientific Grants, report 

of, 193, 270 ; research scholarships, see Scholar- 
shijis ; grants of. see Grants 

- Section of Medicine, sumtdary of .'pro- 

ceedings, 330 
_ Section of Surgeiy, summary of pro- 
ceedings. 331 ; Mr. Bickerstetha presidential ad- 
dress, 428 

- Section of Obstetiio Medicine, Dr. 

Graily HeT\itt's presidential address, 234; sum- 
mary of proceedings. .331, 433 

- Section of Public Medicine, suraraarv 

of proceedings. .332 

Section of Anatomy and Physiology. 

Mr. E. A. Schafer's presidential .iddress, 220 ; sum • 
marv of proceedings, 382 

- Section of Pathology. Dr. T. H. Green's 

presidential address, 229 ; summary of proceed- 
ings, 333 

- Section of Psychology, Dr. T. L. 

Rogers's presidential address. 2:12; summary of 
proceedings, 333, 433 

Section of Ophthalmology, summary 

of proceedings, 334 

- Section of Diaeases of Children, Dr. 8. 

Gee's presidential address, 230 : summary of pro- 
ceedings. 334 

— Section of Otology, 3Ir. G. P. Field's 

presidential address, 238 ; summary of phoceed- 
ings, 335 

' — — Aberdeen. Banff, and Kincardiiie 

Branch, annua! meeting, 291 

- Bath and Bristol Branch, annual meel- 

sident's address, ib. ; collective invest'gatiou, 
ib. ; proposed Invitation of Associaticn to Glas- 
gow, ib. ; dinner, ib. 
AssociATioy, Lancashire and Cheshire Branch, meet- 
ing on collective investigation of disease. 891 

Metropolitan Counties Branch, furma- 

tion of new districts, 22; president's address, 151, 
197 ; annual meeting, 195 ; ofiicer^ and council, 
197 ; treasurer's report, ^'6. : vote of thanks to re- 
tiring president. lA.— Hertfordshire District : 
meeting, 1259: new members, ib.; papers, ib.; 
next m*;eting, ib. — North London District: meet- 
ing, 1155; papers, ib. ; secretary, i6.— South London 
District: meeting, 942, 1213: papers, 942, 1213; 
resolution regarding criminals suspected of in- 
sanity, 942 

Midland Branch, annual meetiug, 41 ; 

officers and council, )^. ; new members, 16.; Mr. 
J. \y. Baker, ib. ; collective investigation nf 
disease, 16. ; president's address, 41, 51; candida- 
ture of a homceopath, 41; papers, 42; dinner, 

!Jforth of EnglaTid Branch : annual 

meeting, 199; presidents address, ib.; votes of 
thanks, ib.; report of council, ib.; officers and 
jikues of meeting, 200; dinner, ib.; autumnal 
meeting, 790; papers, ib. 

■ Jfoith of Ireland Bratich, general meet- 
iug, 1041; familv registers, ib.\ papers, ib. 

Northern Counties of Scotland Branch, 

annvial meeting, 197; officers and covmcii, tb.: 
president's address, ib.; new members, ib.; col- 
lective investigation, ib.; strangulated congenital 
inguinal hernia, ib. ; rupture of heart, ib. ; hys- 
terical apnoea, 198 ; dinner, ib, 

Beading Branch, annual meeting, 602 ; 

president's address, ib. ; president and council, ib, 
- Shropshire and xMld-Wales Branch. 

ing. 41 ; new members. 41. 949, 11541 new presi- 
dent, 41 ; votes of thanks, ib. ; report of Council, 
ib. ; finance, ib. ; local council, ib. ; president- 
elect, ib. ; representatives in General Council, ^b. ; 
dinner, ib. ; president's address at annual meet- 
ing, 01; ordinary meetings, 912, 1151; papers, 

Birmingham and Midland Counties 

Branch, annual meeting, 40 ; the late Mr..I.F.■\^'est , 
ib. ; report of council, ib. ; Medical Benevolent So- 
ciety, ib. ; Medical Institute, ib. ; votes of thanks, 
ib. ; officers and council, ib. ; president's address, 
ib. ; ordinary meetings. 797, 1041 : laws of Branch, 
797; collective investigation, ib. -. papers. 797, 
1041.— Pathological and Clinical Section: intro- 
ductory address, 922 ; radical cure of exomphalos, 
ib.\ cystic tumour of con.iunctiva. ^Vj. ; hereditary 
syphilis. 16. : phagediena of soft \ialate. ib. ; lum- 
bar nephrectomy for scrofulous kidney, ib. ; ova- 
riotomy, ib.: specimens, ib.-, surgical accident, 
1132; liaso-pharyngeal fibrmts polypns, ib.; pri- 
mary sarcoma of cuboid bone, ib. ; villous growtli 
of bladder, ib. ; tricuspid stenosis, ib. ; paralysis of 
trapezius, (6. ; Colics' fracture, 1133; biliary cal- 
culi, ib. ; Meckel's diverticula, tb. -, tumour re- 
moved from hernial sac, ib. ; parts removed in 
hip-disease, ib. ; ulcerated gall-bladder, ib, ; dis- 
cussion on surgery of kidney, ib. 
Border Counties Branch, autumn meet- 
ing, 941 ; notice of spring meeting, ib. ; medical 
family registers, jft. ; new memI>CTS, I'A. ; commu- 
nications, ib. ; dinner, ib. 

— British Guiana Branch, retnai'ks on, 

835; meeting of, 843; resolutions.?"//. 
Dorset and West Hants Branch, reso- 
lution coneernhig Dr. J. Rogers, 817. 942; meet- 
mj-, 942; officers, ib.; new" members. ib.\ next 
■mB-»ting. ib. ; communications, ib.; discussions, ib.-. 
Brivish Medical Benevolent Fun.l, ib. ; dinner, ib. 
East Anglian Branch, president's ad- 
dress, .53; autumn "meetiug, 1041; jjapeW, tb.; 
breakfast and dinner, ib. 

.. — East York and North Lincoln Rrancli, 

autumn meeting, 749: typical rases of tnsanit^v, 
ib. ; ovariotomy, ib. ; obstmction of bowels hi 
advanced pregnancy, ib. 

. — Glasgowand West of Scotland Branch. 

discussion on acute pnenhionla. 107; movable 
kidney, lOS; annua! meetinif. 198; report, of 
council, ib. ; financial slntement. ib. ; officers and 
c(juneil,ii. ; Medico-ethical Conunittee, ib.; pre- 

annual meeting, 198; officers and council, ib.; 
Ticw members, "l98, 1041; report of council, ib.; 
papers, 19s, 1012; dinner, 198; quarterly meet- 
ing. 1041 
South-Eastern Branch, president's ad- 
dress, 158.— East Kent district, meeting, 1213; 
life-history album, tb.; papers, ib. ; next meet- 
ing, lb. ; dinner, ;Y>.— West Ivcnt district, meet- 
ings. 547, ion ; honorary secretary, 547 ; next 
meeting, 1041 ; comnuuiications, ih. ; dinner, ib. 
—East and West Kent Districts, combined meet- 
ing. 547 ; next conjoint meeting, ib. ; papers, ib. ; 
diiuier, 16.— East and West Surrey Districts, con- 
joint meeting. M3 ; time of meeting, ib. ; colleci- 
ive investigation, ib.; communications, ib.; din- 
ner, ib.; note-taking. 877; inguinal colotomy. 
S78.— East Sussex District, meetings. 0-19. 1151: 
chairman's address, it. ; deafness from nerve-dis- 
ease, ib.; treatment of nasal catarrh. 1151; the 
seton in chronic cerebral disease. 1155; outbreak 
of enteric fever, ib. 

-South Midland Branch, annual meet- 

ing, 91; new members, 1*.; combined meeting 
wi"th Cambridge and Huntingdon Branch, 91 ; 
president's address. 91,101; communications, 91, 
797; Medical Acts Amendment Bill, 91; collective 
investigation, ib.; autumnal meeting, 790 

- South Wales and Monmouthshire 

Branch; annual meeting, 200; thanks to retiring 
president. /i. ; report of council. (A. ; officers and 
council, 201 ; new members, 2ol, 1213 ; address of 
president, 2ol : invitation to the Association. 16. : 
papers, 301, 1213; dinner. 201,1213; .lUtumn meet- 
ing. 1213; the ca.'^e of Dr. J. Kogei-?. ib.; re^ire- 
sentatiou of tlie Branch in the South Wales L Di- 
versity College, ib. 

-South-Western jQranch, anniial meet- 

ing, 90; report of council, ('6.; officers and conticil, 
tb.: lifrff members. 90,1094; president's address. 
90 ; Medical Provident Society, 91 ; Contagious 
Diseases Acts, !&.; dinner, tft.; quarterly meeting. 
lM94;<leath of Dr. Hudson, ift. ; collective inves- 
tigation, ib. '. commnnicatious, ib. 

— 1 Soutliern Branch, annual mccthi":! 40; 

officers and covmeil. ib.; papers, 41: president's 
avldress, ib. : hmcheon and dinner. (7».— Isle of 
Wight District, meeting, 1011 ; new meml*cr, ib. ; 
next place of mci-tingi ib.; colle<--tive investiga- 
tion, (6. — South-East' Hants District, meeting:. 
1010; pathological specimens, ib.; living sttni- 
mens, ib.; microscopic specimens, ib.: surgical 
needle, ib. ; cholera iu Egypt, ib. ; dinner, 1011 
— Staffordshire Branch, annual meelin; 

941 ; president's address, ib. ; new members, ilt. ; 
report of council, ib.; financial sUltement, tb. : 
next anntial meeting, ib. ; ofliccrs and 4*oune!l, ib. ; 
votes of thanks, ib. ; members in ari-ears. ih. 

-West Somerset Branch, annual mec(- 

tu"-, 198; report of council, 199; next anni 
meeting, fft.; intermediate meetings, i^'.; council. 
ib.; secretaries and treAsurer, rt. ; president's a«l- 
dress, ib.\ vote of thanks, ih.; coumnmicatlor.:?. 
ib.; iuSpection of Martock church, tft.; dinnei-, n'^.; 
autiimualnieetiiig»8l3; family-registers and life- 

Feb. -2, 1884.] 


history albums, ib. ; discussion on etiology of 
diphtheria, tit, ; ruptured uterus, th. ; baciUi, il. 

AssociATlox, Yorkshire Branch, presidt;nt's address, 
57,201; aunual meeting, 2»)1 ; report of council, 
ib.\ ne\t annual meeting, ^^.; bfficera and council, 
it/. ; new members, ib. ; luncheon and diuher, ib. ; 
autumn meeting, 1011 ; papers, ib. 

.Association. Ambinauee, St. John's, aunual meeting 
of Portsmouth centre, .'*;S; horse nmbvilance-car" 
riage of, 1204 \ Kcport of, rec, 1213 

American Medical, annu:[l meeting, 

126 ; journal of, 3ci3 

•— British, for Ad\-ancement *jf Science, 

inrttation to Aberdeen, .506, t;43 ; eiulowment of 
research, 646; report of Anthropometric Com- 
mittee, I*. ; prolongation of human lile by total 
abstinence, 617 ; coul iuuity of protoplasm through 
the walls of vegetable cells, ifj. ; chU.rophyll in 
animals, 648; the germ-theory and tUsease, ib.: 
cattle-disease in South America, ib.; galvanic and 
animal electricitj", ib.; gi-auts of, 706 

of Brussels Graduates, deputatiou to 

Mr. lluudella on Medical Acts Amendment Bill, 

- of Durham Graduates, aauual meeting, 

of Fellows of Koyal College of Surgeons 

of England, Mr. Durham's remarks on, 12; annual 
meeting, 444 ; report of council, ib.; p'jtitioa to 
Council of College, 44-5 ; officers and council, ib. 

Hospitals, .«('(? Hospitals 

of Irish Graduates, annual meeting, 379 

Medical Alliance, deputation to ilr. 

Mundella on Medical Acts Amendment Bill, 25-5 

Medical Defence, prosecution by, 343 

Medical, Fifeshire, annual meeting, 

540 ; officers and council, ib. 

• Medical, of Xorth of Scotland, annual 

meeting, 2i)l 
Medical Parliamentary, proposed, 

letters on, .100, 4411, 507 
Medical Temperance, 1 icpnditions of 

membership, 1219 

- AIcdico-Ethical 

of Manchester, pro- 
posed admission of women, 797 

Medico-Psychological, annual meeting. 

445; criminal lunatics. i4. ; quarterlvm<-eting,682 

Metropolitan Provident iledical, dona- 
tion to, 587 

Poor-law Medical Oflicers'.annual meet- 
ing, 33.5 ; president's address, ib.; stimulants iu 
^rorkhouses. 337 

St. Andrew's Graduates',!versarv 

session, 121 : officers and Cfiuucil, ib. 

-Sanitary Aid, Westminster, meetinc 

regarding, 217 

Sanitary, in Canada, formation of, 6S5 

-Sanitary, Dublin Ladies', distribution 

of certificates, 114.S 

Sanitary. Manchester and Sallord. lec- 
tures of, 197 ; action of reg-arding death-statistics, 
gg3 , .., -1 , — 

playgrounds and open spaces, 1105 

Sanitary, Tottenham, report of. 79 

■ Social Science, conference on hospital 

administration, .'il ; programme uf meetiiis, 505 ; 
cosmopolitan sanitation, 742; educati^u and 
health, 743; milk and zymotic diseases. 7i4 : sani- 
tary regulation of the milk-trade, ib. ; ambulance 
work, 74.5; Mr. T.-ale's address on health. 792; 
the sale of poisons. 794; overpressure in educa- 
tion, 7!'5 ; habitual drunkards, ib. ; social science 
and the working classes, ib. ; baths and wash- 
houses, lb. ; position of medical men, ii. 
of Surgical Instrument -makers. Inter- 
national, meeting of, 639 ' 
Asthma, convenient cure tor, 154, 4o7 ; cured by gal- 
vanising the neck. Dr. P. Eade on, 5?0 
Aston Manor, sanitary report of, 656 

rural district . sanitary report of. 7o2 

Asylum, Balliuasloe, resolution of governors on 

ti-ansfer ot Lunacy Depaitmeut 
Cork District Lunatic, additional assist- 
ant to snperiuteudent, 84 

— for deaf, mute, and blind, at Lanark, 739 

Down District, assistant medical officer 

of, 292 

Dundee Royal Lunatic, finances of. 388. 442 

Edinburgh Boyal. and the suburban rail- 
way. 28 ) 

Enniscorthy District, appointmenb ot 

medical superintendent, 689 

Fife and Kinros."', aunual report . ii43 

■ Haddington District, fatal occurrence In . 


of, 1215 

for Idiots, Western Counties, new chapel 

- Kirklands, Glasgow, report of, 443 

at Lochgilphead, new. 181 

Eoxburgh, Benvick. and Selkirk, nnniiAl 

report, 644. 849 

at Soutball. burning of, 348, 38."? 

" Woodilee, employment of patients, 839 

Asylums, prevention of lire in, 390, 393, 531 ; super- 
intendents of, and general practice, rt20 

Ata.xy, locomotor. Dr. D. Drummond on unusual 
case of. .570 ; atrophy of peripheral nerves in. 1252 

Atkiii, Sir. C, obscure case of Pott's dise.-ise, 923 

Atkinson, Mr. E., separation of lower epiphysis of 
femur, 70 ' ' 

Dr. F. P., cholera in England, 149 ; case 

of fecundity, .557 

■ Mr. G, A., aDcCsthetics, (160 ' ' ' 

3ir. T. Ii., Collective InvestigatiiiU Com- 
mittee on acute rheumatism and chorea, 1219 

Atmosphere, disinfection of, 1018 

Atropine, poisoning by iu iritis, 1141 

Atttield. Dr.. unqualified dispensers, 642 

Atthill, Dr. L., metria, 259 

Auckland rural district, sanitary report of, 656 

Australia, quarantine in, 1029, 1096; medical news 
from, 1156 

Authorship, question as to^ 610. 902 

Aveling, Dr. J. H., a.xis-traction forceps, .897 

A.ils-traction iu delivery, Mr. J. F. Le Page on, 76? ; 
Dr. E. Barnes on, S71 ; letter on, 897 

Aylesbury D.airy Compiiny , aiticles shown iu annual 
museum of Association, 336 

Ayrton, Mrs. Chaplin, death of, 298 

Ayrton and Saunders, Messrs., articles shoira in 
annual museum of Association, 326 

Baber,Mr. E. C, electric lamp for surgical purposes, 

916; physiology of the thyroid body, 1157 
Bacillus of tuberculosis, recent researches on,,>40; 
as an entoioon, 887 ; Mr. D. H. Gabb on diagnostic 
value of, 1190 

- of jequirity. 1246 

- of splenic disease, lOii 
■ of yellow fever, 10.32 

See Micro-organisms 

, a question of diagnosis and 

Bacilli. __^___ 

Bacup, sanitary report of, 703 
Bagiusk-y, Dr., pathology of cholera, &2 
Bagshaw-e, Dr. F., clima'tic treatment of consump- 
tion, 1.5S 
Bailey, Mr. F. J., volunteer-surgeons. 79: 
Bailly, Mr., copper and cholera, 439 
Bain, Mr. W.,mjection of hot water in dcliverv 

Bakehouses, regulation of, 289 
Baker, Mr. Alfred, Leslimouial to, 2.52 
Mr. J. H., and Mickle, Dr., acts duriug tem- 
porary epileptic disorder, 631 

Mr. W. Morrant, epiphysal necrosis and its 

consequences, 416 ; removal ot tongue by median 
division, 765,896; tumours in young "children 
Balding, Mr. C. C, presentation to, 1126 
Balfoiu- memorial studentship, 930 
Ballance, Mr., amputati<pn of forearm, 1194 
Ballard. Dr. E., etiology and pathology of summer 

diarrha-a. 363 
Bampton, Dr. A. H 

treatment, 455 
Bangor, Dean of, on fcea-drinkiug, 786 
Banks, Dr. J. T., knighthood declined by, 178; in- 
troductory address at Bicbmond Hospital, 992 
Baubam, Dr., condition of muscles in disease of 

spiual cord. 92.3 
Barium chloride. Drs. Einger and Sainsbury on 

piiysiological action of. 205 
Bi.rlow, Dr. T., rheumatism and its allies iu child- 
hood, 509 ; , 
Barker, Mr. A E,, tubercular ulceration of toneue, 

Barnes, Dr. Henry, purpura hemorrhagica, 4.33 
Dr. K., axis-traction and oscillation-move- 
ment with forceps, 871; mechanism of labour. 
Mr. Wickham, Dr. J. Eogers and the West- 
minster guardians, 797, 815 , 
Barusley rural district, sanitary report of, 656 
Baronets, medical, 183, 2.53, lao7 
Barr, Dr. James, photography of larvnK end soft 
palate, 1095 

Mr. John, clonic spasms of facial muscles, 379 

Dr. i?., tlie cotton-pellet as an aid to heating, 

723 ** 

Barrett, Mr. ,4. E., gyniecology, Darwinism, and 

medical ethics, 1168 
Barron, Mr. G. E., monsti-ous fcetus, 49 ; sairide by 
carbolic acid. ib. 

Mr. James, the catastrophe at Sunderland. 

99 ; poisoning by carbolic acid, oti2 
Barrow, Mr. Bovce. introductory address at West- 
minster Hospital, 680 
Barry, Mr. C. J., marriages of cousins, 456 ; treat- 
ment of stammering, 1S69 
Bartlect, Mr. T. H., Mr. Durham and the Associa- 
tion ot the Koyal College of Surgeons, 42 
Bartlett. Mr. J. S. H., obituary notice of, 703 
Basihsis, case of, 116 : Dr. J. H. Croom on, 575 
Bastian, Dr. H. C. .ineurysm in corpus striatnm, 
875 ; apoplexy in a boy, e.'76 

Bates. Mr. W. E., rheumatic hyperpyrexia treated 

by cold pack, 7tj9 
Bath, sanitarj- repoi-t of, 705 

the morning, 6S7, 903, ld-i2; dold. Dr. W. U. 

Day on croupous pneumonia treated by, '725 
Bathers' cramp, 82, 640 
Bathing, sea, precautious in, 21; for inrallts,".3l I ; 

drowning in. .53S 
Baths and w.ish-houses, 79-3 ; public, water of , DM ; 

public, at Smethwick, 1107 
Battery, imf rjvtd portable gaU-anic, 827, 10J6, U03 
Battey, Dr., gntisepsis in nv;:riotoir.v, 893 
Beach, Dr. W. M., mill<-sickuets, ii:i''6 
Boar, aciite gastro-cuteritis in a, 773 
!!■ ut y, Mr. \V. J., navus treated by application of 

liquor arsenicalis, 1015 
Cercles, sanitary report of, 705 
Beckingsale, Dr. D. L., hot water enemata in de- 
livery. 69 
Ecu for invalids, S25 
Bed-rest with foot-support, 72 , 
Bcd-soies, Dr. H. L. Snow on uiee 01 lirperlcumln, 

Bed-table, 731 
Beds, forms of, 150 
Bee-stings in autumn, 454 
Beef-peptonoids. Carnrick'S, 17 
Beer, magnesia iu, 534, 609, 6o3 ; consumjitiou of, 

Begbie, Dr. J. W., Stkctioiis from Works of, rcr., 

Behnke, Mr. E.. falsetto and nasal notes, 1157 
Belfast, health of, 29, 390, 510, 690, 938 
Bell. Jlr. G. W., St. John's house and sisterhood, 

Mr. H. E,, pulpy degeneration of synovial 

membrane of knee. 1194 

Mr. Joseph, Manual of Operations of Sureerv, 

/■^i-., 1026 ' 

Bellamy, Mr. E., e-TCisiou of rectum, 772 
Bennet. Dr. J. H., modern therapeutical tenden- 
cies, 162 ; sea-sickness and its prevention, 270 ; 
anatomy, physiology, and pathology- of the os 
uteri iutemum, 778 
Beimett, Dr. A. H.. hysterical i»alingering, 567 

-Dr. E. H.. incomplete fi-acturc of clavicle 

and scapula. Iu22 

Mr. W. H. (London), introductory addresn 

at St. George's Hospital, 676 

Mr. W H. (Londonderry), fees for medical 

evidence, 1161 
Bernard, Mr. A., primary venereal sores, 663 
Beuzoates of alkalies, induence of on uric acid, Mr 

E. A. Cook on, 9 
Bequests, 6, 17, 53, 83. 226, 240, 292, 368, 388, 422, 44' 
5.5.5,617, 637, 665, 689. 789, 791, 882, 889, »oU, 97-', 
10J5. ltMi3, H64, 1280, 1282 
Bickcrsteth, Mr. E. E., address iu Section ot Sur- 
gery, 428 
Bickle, Mr. L. W., spontaneous version, 165 
Biddle, Mr. D., medical ethics, 355 
Biggs, Mr. M. G., acquired and inherited syphilif, 
770 ; intussusception treated bv inflation of air 
and inversion, 1015 
Birds, small, and cholera,454 : tuberculosis of, 1030 
Birmingham, special correspondence from, 694 
Bishop of Peterborough, illness of, 835. .354, 384, 8:i-5 
Bishop, Mr. E. S., combined use of Thomas'^ aud 
Furncaux Jordan's laminated splints, » : methods 
of occlusion in entere<_-tomy , 867 
Black. Dr. D. C. unfoimded charges against medi- 
cal men, 1095; gyna^ological examinations. 1168 
Blackwood's Diaries, rev., 1248 
Bladder, distended, ilr. J. L. Stretton on displace- 
meat of uterus by, 728; scirrhos of, 773; villous 
growth of, 1132 
Blair, Mr. T., income and expiendlture of hospitals, 

Blake. Mr. 6. F.. fcc!(»i fenois, 99 

Mr. H.. unquaUfied assistants. 609 

Blanc, Dr. L., Mineral Waters of Aix-les-Bains, rev., 

Bleeding. Ute Blood-letting 
Blind, education of the, 17 
Bliuduess. prevention of iu children, 9;>5 
Blood, trausfusion of by hypodermic injection. 932 ; 

teai^ of. 1144 : corpuscular richness of in an^iia, 

Mr. D. H. (jabb on, 1190 
Blood-letting, treatment of chlorosis by. 79 ; Dr. C. 

J. Hare on use of, 1.55 ; Mr. Coppinger on a novel 

method, .529 
Blood-vessels of retina, tortuosity of, 1246 
Bloie, Mr. J., micro-organisms in typhus fever. U'.5> 
Board-schools, exercises in, 8t) 
Board, Local Government. See Local 
Metropolitan Asylums, expenditure of. M3, 

9S5 ; and the Hampstcad and Fulham Hospitals. 

12-55, Mr., appeal on behalf of family of, 754. 803 

8.54. 9.53, 10.53, 1165 
Bodington, Dr. G. F.. proposed medico-parliameu- 

tary association, SOT 


[Feb. 2, 1884. 

floileau. Surcreon-Major, health of, 1:17 
Bund, Mr. C. J., traumatic tetanus. '.US 

Dr. F. T., tlie spread of acarlatiiui. \\2-\ 

Dr. II. J. H.. obituary ntiticf of. .V..'! 

Dr. J. W., ulcerated gall-bladder. li;ct 

Bones. Mr. Morraut Baker on necroses of epiphyses 

of. 416 
Bone, degeneration of in the insane, Dr J. Wigles- 
worth on, 628 ; disease of in monkeys. 771 ; cases 
of abscess in, i*l*.'i ; changes of in rickets, *."L'4 ; Mr. 

C. J. Symnnds on chronic infl;imm;ition of. 111."?, 
1181 ; Mr. C. Macnamara on tuberculous disease 
of, 1119, ILSu; relation betAyeen sclerosis of aud 
osteitis deformans, 1261 

Bone, cuboid, primary sarcoma of, 11.12 

pra'nia.xillary, management of in harelip, 107 1 

Book-keeping, medical, 99. 119. 405,558 

Books, propagation of disease by, t>H6 

Bnracic dusting-powtler, 50 

Borchardt. Dr. L., bequest to, .555; illuess of, 98t ; 
obituary notice of, 1017 

Bostock. Mr. A. S., emptying of cesspools, o-jij 

Bothriocephalus in man, 607 

Uiiudet, Dr., electro-surgical apparatus, 642 

Boulton, Dr. P., vesico-vaginal listuhr. ll.'i ; feet of 
new-born infanta, 9o:i ; syphilitic disease of vulya, 
1017 ; determination of sex, li'.'i:; 

Bowen, Mr. O.. croupous pneumonia treated by cold 
sponging. 957 

Bower aud Keates, Messrs., case of, 1207. 1211, 125s, 
1259, 1315. i:U7 

Bnwlby, Mr. A. A., relation between osteitis defor- 
mans and sclerosis of bone, 1261 

Bowles, Mr. G., pure -water for cattle, 7:i6 

Bowman, Sir William, gift to Ophthalrnological 
Society, 777. 7'<6 ; baronetcy conferred on, 1207; 
von Grafe's opinion of. 121^1" 

Boxall. Dr. ]{.. injections of hot water in delivery, 

Bovce, Mr. C. galium aparine in cancer. 1 1 

Boyd. Dr. R.. obituary notice of. :i5;i 

Bradley, Mi'. D., syringe for subcutaneous injection 
ot ether. 1103 

Bradshaw. Messrs. B. and Co., Dictionary of Mine- 
ral Waters, rcr , 827 

Br.iidwood, Dr. 1*. M., post mortem examinations in 
hospitals, 652 

Brailey. Dr. W. A., tests of vision to be applied to 
siilors. liiiiiS; bacilli nf jequirity. 1246; mode of 
transmission of sympathelic t.phthalmia, 1247 

Biaiii. disease of among school-cliiidren. 303 ; Dr. 
Tluidiihum on chemical diseases of, 524 ; tiunour 
of, 773 ; surgery of, 809, 8^35 ; aneurysm in corpus 
striatum, 875 ; lucmorrhage in ventrii-les of, 875. 
876; syphilitic tumours of membranes of. 877; 
the seton in chronic disease of. 1155 ; and Spinal 
Curd, Dr. D. Dnuumond on Diseases of, rev.. 1198 

Braithwaite, Dr. J., p<.isonous wine. 71 

Brand and Cn., Messrs., articles shown in annual 
must-tun of Association, 326 

Brandon iind Byshottles, sanitary report of. 7f'5 

Br.mdt. Dr. G. H., Koyat, ret*., 12^17; Hammara 
Hihra, rev., ib. 

Braud\ , adulteration of, 1082 

Brass, iragment of in eye, 71 

Bvauu. Dr..botliriocephalus in man, Iiii7 

Br.twn and brain, lnit 

Bread-factories in Manchester. 1155 

Breast, female, removal of, witli rapid rtnovery, 166; 
Mr- Bhys on removal of tumour of in u patient 
aged 71, 27o ; hypertrophy of. 4.'i6, 778 

Bree. Dr. C. H.. snoring, 5.56; contagion of cholera, 

Breech-presf'utation the placenta in. Mr. J. K. 

Looker on, I0"i6 
Brewing, Manbre"s improved jimcess of. 121 
Briglit. Mr., aud tlie Vaccination Acts, ;;'!5 
Briglit's disease, new views on, ^i<i<; arutr* and 

chronic, 771 
Bristol. Imnsing of jioor in, 1205 
Brist owe. Dr. J. S., executive goyerunient lor lios- 

I.ilals, 31 
BroadlHMit, Dr. W. H., causes and cnnsr-quencfs of 
arterial teui^iou, 357 : the British IMcdical Benevo- 
lent Fmul. 1261. 1320 
Broca, Madame, prize offered by, 1((S2 
nroilie. 8ir B. C, prescription for gout, 3.'i6 
Broiuine. Dr. .1. Iv. Spemler on salts ot in abdominal 

neuroses, 7i<'.t 
Bronchitis, Ciiturhal Pneumonia, and Tulnrcle.SIr. 

D. J. Hamilton on Patliology of. rev.. \'2K'. 
Brooks. Mr. C. W., a few words about phnrma'*y, 

Broom. Dr. J., popular lectures at annual meetings 

of Associjition, 913 
Brou.ardfl. M., cremation. 588 
Uroughams, wiirnnt of, 451 
Brown Instifutic n. lectures at, lOSJf 
Brown, Mr. George, accident at Conway, 'Mi 
- - Mr. .lolm, the proiiosed Medical ProvldeiU 

Society. 161 
Mr. W. H., femoral hernia. 71 

Brown-Sequard, Dr., 536 

Browne, Mr. G. Latham, and Mr. C. G. Stewart, 

Keports of Trials for Murder by Poisoning, ret'., 


Dr. J. Walton, strangulated hernia, 912 

Mr. Lennox, photography of larynx and 

soft palate, 332,811, 999; falsetto and nasal notes. 

Bruce, Dr William, contagious pneumonia, 268 
Bruen, Dr. E. T., enlargement of bronchial glands 

a cause of irritation ot pneumogastric nerve, 555 
Bryden, Mr. H. J., double Colles's fracture, 1129 
Bryonia, Mr. S. B. Mason on poisoning by, 1067 
Buchanan, Dr. George (Glasgow), remOT'al of lateral 

half of tongue, 846 
— Dr. George (London), spread of cliolera, 


Builth, sanitary report of, 1217 

Bull, encoiuiter with a, 443 

Bulletins, medical. i^'^'A, 895, 912, 1095 

Buidett, Mr. H. C, financial ditliculties of metrn- 
politan hospitals, .32 ; prospects of London hos- 
pitals, 396 ; dwellings of the middle classes, 691 

Burial of indigent persons in hospitals, 343, 536 

Burial-gi'ounds, disused, building on, 175 

Burke, Dr., charges against, 594. 644 

Burq,Dr.,Les Origines de la Metallotherapie, rcc, 

Burroughes. Wellcome, and Co., Messrs., articles 
shown ill annual museum of Association, .32ii 

Burt, Dr. J. K.. resolution of Border Counties Branch 
concerning, 394 

Burton, Mr. E. T., poisoning by strychnia, 770 

Mr. J. E.. treatment of uterine cancer, 523 

Bury, Dr. J. S., congenital tum<mr of clavicle. 119; 
hereditary syphilis, i&. ; rheumatism in children, 
516 : bone-changes in rickets. 924 

Butler-Smythe, Mr. A. T., portable galvanic battery, 

Bu/'.zard. Dr. T., nerve-stretching for facial neural- 
gia, 1126 

Cadetships, honorary Queen's, 86, 125, 398 

Ca'sarean section in a dwarf, Mr. Clement Gray on, 
727; performed twice on same patient, 1075 

Calculi, biliary, 1133 

Calculus in bladder, Mr. E. Xicholson on influence 
of position during micturition on formation of, 
]3; Dr. E. E. Meeres on detection of in children, 
ib. ; bimanual detection and removal of, 116 ; en- 
cysted, Mr. T. Aunandale on, 1122 ; Mr. Lucas on 
detection oi per rectum, 1126 

in kidney, IMr. Clement Lucas on opera- 
tion tor, 614 ; surgical treatment of, 924, 1023. 
Sfc Eilney 

in nostril, Mr. W. E. C. N^ourse on, 728 

salivary, 1195 

Calf-lymph, use of in Australia, 1262 

Calix and Calyx. 658 

Calomel, influence of on digestion, 21 

Cameron. Dr. J., acute necrosis of ril>s, 1195 

Campbell, Mr. Arthur, tricycles, 609 

Dr. C. M., determination of sex, 557, 9.53 

Mr. Colin G.. boarding-schools for girls. 


- :Mr. D. 

- Dr. W. 

splint, 1104 
M., resection of knee-joint, 860; 

abscess in perineum, 951 

Canal, the Regent's, condition, 173. 589, 9-32 

Cancer, increased frequency of, 407,558; heredity 
of, 952 ; absence of cachexia in a case of, Mr. A. 
Simpson on, 1189 

of stomach, resection for, U41 

f>f uterus. Dr. Wallace on partial or total e\- 

tii'pation of, 519 ; Dr. Schroeder on vaginal extir- 
pation of, 530; of neck of uterus, Jlr. J. I*). Burton 
on treatment of , 523; statistics of operations fr)r, 

Cannabis Indica as a medicine and a poison, Dr. W . 
Strange on, 14; letter on, 658 

Capsides, Christiani's flexible, 633 

Carbolic acid, suicide by, 49; poisoning by, 181, 987; 
Mr. J, Barron on case of, 5S2 ; treatment of \yarts 
and condylomata by, 213 ; in diarrhna, .356 ; dan- 
ger of injections of) 953 ; Mr. J. Keid on sulphate 
of soda in poisoning by, 971 

Cards. Christmas and New Year, 1136 

Carlow Union. 991 

Carlton, sanitary report of, 804 

Carmarthen, sanitary report of, 656 

Carnrick's beef-peptonoids, 17 

Carpenter, Dr. Alfred, overcrowding aud crimt-, 
532; public health as a working nn-n's question, 
7l5i medical bulletins, 895, Ui95 

Dr. W. B., the gernitheory and disease, 


Carr. Mr. H., Our Domestic Poisons, rrc, 780 

Carriage-tax, 660 

Carriage, ambulance. .SV-c Anibulnnce 

Carrington, Dr., lymphosarcoma, 773 

Carruthers. Dr., Thomson lectures on natural sci- 
ence, 1257 

Mr. R.. death of, 1253 

Carter. Dr. A. H., daily range of temperature, 92^3 

Dr. W., cirrhosis of livei. 1195 

Cartilages, loose, in knee-joint, 875 

Cascara sagrada in constipation, Dr. Douglas Lith- 
gow on, 68; letters on, 609 

Cassells, Dr. J. P., translation of Politzer's Text- 
book of Diseases of the Ear and Adjacent Organs. 

Cataract, Mr. Anderson Critchett on eclecticism in 
operations for, 955; letter on, 1157; Mr. G.Cowell's 
Lectures on, rev., 1199 

Catntrh. American, Dr. Morell Mackenzie on, Ittl 

Catheter, use of. death alter, 774, «96; Dr. J. F. 
Howard on purulent urine after, 970 ; Mr. Bennett 
May on pyrexia after, iol3 ; Sir A. Clark on fever 
from, 1221, 1237, 1248 ; letter on, 1319 

Catlicter-life, 1044 

Ciitnii, Dr. U. B., question of diagnosis and treat- 
lUfTit, 455 

Cattle, pure water for, 736, 952. 984 

Cattli-disease in South America, 648 

Caution, 608, 1168, 1220. 1270 

Cavalry, easy riding in, 534 

Cavley, Dr., pneumothorax during typhoid fever, 

Cell, the animal, Mr. E. A. Schiifer on construction 
of, 226 

Census of Bcotland, 6S9 

Centenarians, 85. 252, 288, 1184 

Cerebral localisation in its relation to physiological 
medicine, Mr. W. Bevan Lewis on, 6^4 ; practical 
application of, 1161 

Cei ebro-nervous disorders of women. Dr. More Mad- 
den on, 816 ; letters on, 1003, 1054 

Cerebrum. .V''' Brain 

Cesspools, emptying of, 556 

Ceylon, medical practice in, 700 

Cliambord, the late Count of, case of, 438, 600 

Champneys, Dr., modes of feparation and expulsion 
of placenta, 118 ; obstetrics of kypliotic pelvis, ib. ; 
placenta succeuturiata, 778 ; mediastinal emphy- 
sema aud pneumothorax in tracheotomy, 1183 

Chaplains, hospital, in France, 22 

Chapman, Mr. E., physiological teaching in Oxford, 

Charcot s joint-disease, 1019 

Charges, unfounded, against medical men, ttf8, 1095 

Cliarterhouse, appointment of medical officer to, 
3 13 

Chemical Analysis, Agricultural, Dr. P. F. Frank- 
land on, rev., 9S0 

Chemistry, Clinical, Dr. C. H. Ralfe's, rev., In25 

Chest, Dr. S. Wett ou How to Examine the, rev., 

Chester-Ie-Street, sanitary report of, 848 

Chcyne, Mr. Watson, report on a case of purpura 
ha-morrhagica. 416 

Chevne-8tokes respiration, 1219 

Chilblains, note on, 1145 ; Dr. Dawson Williams on, 

Child, Mr. Edwin, the Medical Provident Society. 


Ciiild, new born, imusual weight of a, Dr. K, >'. 
Macdonaldon, 13; bimanual detectionand removal 
of stone in a, 116; Dr. W. H. Day ou croupous 
l)neumonia in a, trfcited by unld bath, 725; sar- 
coma of superior maxilla in a, lol7. .^Vt* Infant 

Child-liearing late in life, 1003, 1103 

Childhood. Dr. Gee on lit^-rature of diseases of, 23t' ; 
Dr. T. Barlow on rheumatism aud its allies in, 
509 ; normal growth in, 821 ; Mr. R. N. Pughe on 
radical cure of hernia in, nl5 

Children, Dr. E. E. Meeres on detection of 
stone in bladder of, 13 ; dangerous perform- 
ances by, 301. 110; in schools, brain-diseas<* 
among, 303; rheumatism in, Dr. J. S, Bury on. 
516; letter on. itio ; infectious hospitAls for.'5;i5 ; 
in schools, lea\ iug ot. 5!il ; peritoneal al>scess in. 
775 ; intirm. Glasgow Home feu-, 8.s9 ; prevention 
of blindness in. 935 ; Dr. S. Gee on albuminous and 
purulent urine in, 961 ; obscure tumours in, UK)9; 
Dr. H. Tnmkins on clinical features of typluis 
tcver in, 118;i. >Vr Infants 

Chloral, poisoning by. 2S ; Mr. A. Median on poison- 
ing by, 820 

Chloride, mercuric, as a singical tlressiug, Mr. W. 
Robertson on, 872 

Cliloride of zinc, and hydrochloric acid. Mr. W. H. 
Crosse on poisoning by, .•<2o 

Chloroform, death under, 7S, .5.55. .582, 833.988. lo:«, 
11.58; narcoj-is with d\iring sleep, .5.55 ; death 
from self-administration <»f . 685 ; narcosis by, ami 
by ether and nitrous oxide. 10^5; i-auti<>n re- 
garding administration of, lloi 

Chlorophyll in animals. HI.-* 

Chlorosis, treatment of by blood-letting. 79 

Cliolera in England. 18; in Egypt. 22, 30,46. h5, 
132. 134. 147, 179,202. 252, 387. 348.391. 541, 547, 
(■' 0, 810, 882, 881. 1010, 1210, 1258, 1317 ; Surgeon- 

Feb. i>, 1884.J 


General Hunter's investigation of, Ii'7, :i%i. h\2, 
597, ^41 ; Dr. Mackie's report to Foreign Office, 
134, 180; Dr. Haddfld on. 1'97, 349, ".ifti ; origin 
and development of, 314 ; Dr. Koch's commission 
on.:i4.^; mission of English medical men, ;J93 ; 
and drinking-water, 24, 149; spread of. .30 ; Mr. 
H. C. Taylor on treatment of. 69; precautions 
against. 77, 78, M, 9n, 13u, 132. 252, 2?^. 297, 347, 
♦>ii4 ; among coolie emigrants, 81. 301 ; in Bombay. 
9.5; the French Academy on quarantine in, 17o; 
prevention of, 181, 530; conference on, ls2, 50-1 ; 
micro-organism of, 2.55, 781, »28. S44, lo35, 1038. 
105:^, 1199; and quarantine, 280. 92>> : hospitals 
for. 302, 343, 352, 389, 5«9 ; means of spread of, 
35ii,557: in India, 438, 446, 535; copper as an antidote 
to, 439. 637, 1*04, 931. 1204; Turkish precautions 
against, 441 ; M. Pasteur's precautions against, 
412; andsmall birds, lot ; relation of intpmperance 
to. .587, **<>3 ; origin of, 708 ; Dr. J. Ir\-ing on con- 
veyance of in India, 727 ; reported, in a ship at 
Dundee, 789; contagion of , 824. 832. 897. 10-53; in 
!Priissia, 861; infantile, pathology of, ^k2 ; pro- 
visioa for in London, 985 ; Surgeon -Major Welch 
on epidemics of in Malta, 1063; siwradic, 1167; and 
small-pox, in India. 12<X) 

Chorea, Dr. T. Barlow on relation of to rheumatism. 
512 ; Dr. Oxiev on a fatal case of, 514 ; collective 
investigation of. 1139. 1212 

Oioroid.bony formation in. 119 ; melanotic sarcoma 
of, 1242 

Clioroido-retinitis, disseminated, 117 

Ciirieman, Miss, pbysical education of women, 12.53 

Christiani s flexible capsules. tvW 

C!iristm:is gift-books, li:i5; and new year's cards. 1136 

Chun-hill. 3lr.F.. bimanual detection and removal of 
stone, llii 

Churchwardens, powers of, 1C>90 

Churchyards, old, liouses near. 946 

Cigarette, medicated, for inhalation. Dr. M.ionaugh- 
ton Jones on. 980 

Ciliary muscle. Dr. Uhthoff on dilute solution of 
eserine in weakness of, 5 

Cinchona in Bengal, 11»4 

Cisterns, cleansing of, 346 

Cities, foreign, health of. 451, .5.54,' 605, 6.55, 7ii2, 799 
819,999, 1U99, 1162, 1179 

Clark, Sir Andrew, baronetcy conferred on, 183; 
address to Clinical Society", 774; catheter-fever' 

Mr. F. Le Gros, introductory address at St. 

Thomas's Hospital. 678 

Dr T. E., incised wound of patella united by 

silver wire suture, 1015 

Clarke, Mr. A. B.. self-help in labonr. 10.^3 

Dr. Fairlie. payment by hospital patients, 31 

Mr. W. Bruce "and Mr! C. B. Lockwood, the 

Dissector's Manual, rev., 1025 

Class-mortality and stratified statistics, 929 

Clavicle, congenital tumour of, 119; treatment of 
fracture of. 396 ; incomplete fractures of, 1022 

Clay and Abraham. Messrs., articles exhibited in 
annual museum of Association. 326 

Clegg. Mr. W.T., oil-cyst, 1054; treatment of frac- 
ture of patella, 1104 

Cleveland. Dr. W. F., notification of infectious dis- 
ease. 45 

Clinical Charts. Dr. J. Sawyer's; rtr.. 17 

Chemistry. Dr. C.H. Ralfe's, rev.. 1025 

features or anatomical structure, 8^1. 9l3 

Clitoris, enlargement of, 71 

Clothes, propagation of disease by, 441 

Clouston, Dr. C. S., obituary notice of, 6.54 

Club, DublinMedicil Students', first annual meetine 
of. 1090 

Clubs, surgeons of, 804, 1004 

Club-foot, congenital, causes of, 823; pathology of 
921 : letter on, 952 

Clutton, Mr. H. H., plastic operation for penile 
fistula, 1131 

Clyde, purification of the, 131 

Coates, Mr. H.. compound presentation. 675 

Mr. W. M., treatment of navi. 318 ; removal 

of tongue and part of jaw, 767 

Coats. Dr. Joseph, Manual of Pathology, rev., 878 • 
letter from. 997 

Cockle. Dr. J., cardiac murmurs. .300 

Cod-liver oil, Scott's emulsion of, 17 

Codex, French, measures in, 236 

Coffee, physiological action of, 1203 ; decline of drink- 
ing of, 1206 

Coffins, wicker. 863 

Cold bath. See Bath 

sponging, Mr. O. Bowen on croupous pneu- 
monia treated by. 957 

Cole. James, ease of. 829. 880 

Colebrooke, Dr. H., presentation to, 824 

Collective investigation of disease, progress of, 20, 
296. 1.308; meetings of Committee. .'JO, 296, 893; 
notices regarding. 36, ^, 139. 299, 349, 446, .506, 
546. 602, 64ii. 701, 748, 796. 894. 940, 996, 104.J, 1094. 
11.54, 1213, 1259, 1319 ; lists of returns received, Hri. 
940,1212; Bath and Bristol Branch on, 41 ; Mia 

land Brau<-h. 41 ( South Midland Branch. 91 ; 
Northern Counties of Scotland Branch, 197; Glas- 
gow and West of Scotland Branch, 198; Border 
Counties Branch. 395 ; East and West Surrey Dis- 
tricts of South-Eastem Branch. &43 ; report of 
Committee, 194. 272; Record of, 29i;: let- 
ters on. 406. 407. 1103 ; proceedings of Committee 
of Sletropolifan Counties Branch, 735; Dr. W. 
Robertson, S6<'; Mr. Jonathan Hutchinson on. 862; 
meeting of Lancashire and Cheshire Branch on. 
891 ; in American Medical Association, 933 ; the 
inquiry into the communicabiiity of phthisis, 983; 
Dr. Wilks on, ]0<15; inquiry into puerperal fe\er, 
lu3!t ; report on acute pneumonia, li'g-'i ; acute 
rheumatism and chorea. 1139. 1219; summary of 
proceedings in 1883. 1308 

College. Anderson's, lectures. 494. 496 ; fees. 496 ; in- 
struction in dental surgery. .544 

Carmichael, lectures and fees, 595 

King's. lectures. 47R; fees. 480; instruction 

at, 48.'1; scholarships and prizes, 483. 693, 851 

King and Queen's, of Physicians in Ireland. 

pass-lists, 402, 8.50, 1100, 1266 ; regulations for 
diplomas. 472; regulations for certificates in sani- 
tary science, .501 ; election of officers. 840 

Owens, fees, 481, 482; lectures. 489; in- 
struction at, 492; prizes. 492, 695,851; appoint- 
ments at, 50.'J; Dr. A. Gamgee's introductory- ad- 
dress. 665 ; alterations in buildings. 697 

of Physicians and Surgeons of Baltimore. 

action against, 442 

Queen's. Belfast, annual report. 390; pro- 

feisorship of anatomy and physiology. ,594, 8;J9; 
lectures, etc.. 596; scholarships. I1107 

Queen's, Birmingham, lectures. 489; prizes. 

490. 695 ; changes in. 503 ; Mr. Bennett May's in- 
troductory address, 677 ; annual report, 8.34 ;" open- 
ing of session, 894 

-Queen's, Cork, instruction ut, 596; report 

-Queen's. Galway. instruction at, 596; an- 

of, 789 

nual report. 645; scholarships. 102^3 ; appouitment 
in. 1034 
Royal, of Physicians of Edinburgh, regula- 
tions for licence, 467 ; and Royal College of Sur- 
geons, regulations for double" qualification, 470 ; 
regulations lor certificate in sanitary science, 500 
- Royal, of Physicians of London, Baly 

medal. 21 ; conversazione, 22; quarterly meetings. 
2.53. 883; pass-lists, members, 305. 900*; Dr. Wick- 
ham Legg's Bradshaw lecture, 393 ; regulations 
for membership. 459 ; for licence. 459, 46<-> ; extra- 
ordinary meeting. 1094 ; lectures in IS^, 12t.i3 

-— Royal, of Surgeons of Edinburgh, pass-lists, 

4(«1: regulations for licence, 468; for licence 
in dental surgery, 543 

Royal, of Surgeons of England, voting at 

election o*f members of council. 19, 73, 92 ; report 
on museum, 25; election of members of council, 
36. 76 ; Association of Fellows of, see Association : 
pass-lists, primary examination for membership. 
47, 98. 148, 948. 1001 ; final examination for mem- 
bership. 148. 205, 305, 1001. 1050; for licence in 
dental surgery. 8.50 ; primary examination for fel- 
lowship, 10.50; final examination for fellowship. 
1217: meetings of council, 81. 288.991,1210; ap- 
pointment 01 president and other officers, 81; 
statistics of examinations. 185 ; questions at pass- 
examination tor membership. 208, 1196; at primary 
examinations, 303, 95;} ; at examination for fellow- 
ship, 1166; at examination for licence in dental 
surgery, 904; financial report, 428; meeting of 
Association of Fellows of. 444 ; regulations for 
membership, 46<». 462 ; for fellowship. 460, 463 ; for 
diploma in dental surgery. 543 ; Caiendnr of, 63^!f ; 
petition in favour of non-personal voting. 692 ; 
proposed new catalogue of library, 832 ; action of 
council regarding non-personal voting. 879, 991 ; 
statistics ot, 901 ; history of proceedings regard- 
ing. 1027; Mr. Marshall's Bradshaw lecture, 1148. 
1173; appointment of examiners. 1210, 1270; Jack- 
sonian prize of, 1252 

Royal, of Surgeons in Ireland, pass-lists, 

4f»3; regulations for licence, 473; for fellowship, 
474 ; for diploma in midwifery, ib. ; for licence in 
dental surgery, 543; lectures at. 594; examiners 
in dental surgery, 839 ; secretaryship of, 89t> ; pro- 
fessorship of anatomy, 93-8; Dr. Foot's introduc- 
tory addiess. 992 ; professorship of dental surgery 
in. 1034 

- University, lectures. 479; fees, 481, 482; in- 

struction at, 486 : scholarships and prizes. 486, 685. 
694, 851 ; appointments at. .503 ; Mr. Tweedy's in- 
troductory address, 679 ; dinner, 693 ; physiolo- 
gical laboratories, 697 

- University, Bristol, fees. 481. 482; lectures. 

489; instruction" at. 491 ; prizes. 491, 695 

University, Dundee, opening of, 740 

-University of Durham, fees. 4S1, 482 : lec- 

tures. 489; instruction at, 493; scholarships and 
prizes, 493, 695; appointments at, .503: nnraber 
of students in, 1067 

College, University, Liverpool, fees, 481, 482 ; lec- 
tures, 489; instruction at, 491; exhibitions and 
prizes, 491, 695, 851 ; appointments in, .503 ; open- 
ing of session, 746 ; Descriptive Catalogue of 
Pathological Museum of. rei-., 826 

Colleges. Soyal. of Physiciansand Surgeons of Edin- 
burgh, pass-lists, 41 "J. 8.x» ; regulations for double 
qualifications. 468 

^— of Physit-Lins and Siu-geons in Ireland, pio- 

posed conjoint examination, 1209 

Collier, Mr. W., deaths under chloroform, 1158 

Collier-ships, ventilation of, 1143 

Colotomy, Inguinal, S7« 

Colour-sense, testing of. Dr. Brailer on, lOflg; Dr. 
Snellen on, 1009 

Colours, poisonous, manufacture and use of in Ger- 
many, 533; instruction in, 735 

Combatant and medical officers of army. See Army 

Condylomata, treatment of by carbolic acid. 213 

Confidential information. lOi*-* 

Congress. Intercolonial Medical at Amsterdam, t'-i^l 

—- International Medical, organising com- 
mittee of. 7C>6 

Conjoint examination, proposed, for Ireland, 1209 

Conjunctiva, cystic tumour of. 922; peculiar affec- 
tion of, 1246 

Constipation, Dr. Douglas Lithgow on cascara 
sagrada in,68 ; Dr. J. bawyeron treatment on. 965 

Consultants and general practitioners. Dr. A. H. 
;Sew^h on, 674 ; Tetters on, 7.54, 804, 951 

Consumption, Dr. F. Bagshawe on climatic treat- 
ment of. 1-58. See Phthisis 

Contagious Diseases Acts. Ti'fstent Morning Xews on, 
26. 2.52. 735; financial results of Mr. Stansfeld's 
resolution, 78; Government Bill for detention of 
women. 80; resolution of South-Westem Branch. 
91 ; proceedings in Parliament regarding. 95, 147, 
352, 397, 438 ; Daily Telegraph on result of Mr. 
Stansfeld's resolution. 129; letters on. 149, 109tA; 
resolution of British Medical Association con- 
cerning, 276; meeting of opponents of Acts, 811 ; 
action of Kent county magistrates concerning, 
.?2i_i; Western Daily Me r cur 1/ on. S^; proceedings 
at Royal Albert Hospital regarding, 103* 

Convalescent aid, organisation of. 9.32 

Convalescent Home Tor Working Men in London, 23 

Home. Dunoon, report of. 689 

Convallaria majalis, Dr. D. Drummond on, 970 

Con\n:lsions. puerperal, Mr. C. O. Rowley on a case 
of. 873 

Cook. Mr. E. A., influence of benzoates of alkalies 
en excretion of uric acid, 9 

Coolie emigrants, cholera among. 81, 301 

Copper asanantidote to cholera. 439.637. 804, 931, 1204 

Coppiuger, Mr. C, new method of bleeding. 529; 
ichthyosis of tongue with malignant degenera- 
tion."! 022 

Corbyn, Stacey, and Co., Messrs.. articles shown in 
annual museum of Association, 326 

Cordes, Dr. A., luminous paint, 456; determination 
01 sex, 659 

Corfield. Dr. W. H.. compulsory notification of in- 
fectious diseases. 174 

Cork, health of, &44. 839. 1025 

Cornea, treatment of nlcers of, Mr. C. Higgens on, 
865; Mr. T. P. Teale on, ib. 

Corn-silk, administration of, 109 

Coroner for North Devon. 736, 1031 ; a. on medical 
evidence, 1253 

Coroners and medical witnesses. 207; election of. 
.506 ; and hospital medical officers, ,552 ; fees for 
post mortem examinations. 9u3 

Corrigan, Sir John, death of. 93S 

Cory. Dr.. the case of, 386, ,398, 1305 

Cosgrave, Dr. E. M.. temperance and health, 707 

Cosshara. Dr. W. R.. question regarding a club- 
patient, 552 

Cotton-pellet as an aid to hearing, Dr. T. Barron. 722 

Cousins, Dr. J. Ward, treatment of empyema, 112 

Cousins, marriage of. 3.56. 4-56 

Coventry, sanitary report of, 848 

Cowell.Mr. G.." congenital dislocation of both 
femora, 1071 ; Lectures on Cataract, rei-., 1199 

Cramming. 741 

Cramp at night, treatment of, 356, 408. 45.5, 660, 803 

bathers', >2. 640 

Cra^e, Surgeon-General, death of. 741 

Craven, Miss F., servants of the sick poor. 172 

Creighton. Dr. C.. Address in Pathology at annual 
meeting of Association, 218. 273; remarks on, 2.50 

Cremation. French report on. 588; in Portugal, S82; 
societies for, in Italy, 1136 ; case of. 1158. 1164 

Crighton, Dr., the set'on in chronic cerebral disease, 

11. Vi 

Crime and overcrowding, .532 

Criminal lunatics, 445. 682. 829. 8.54. 880, 930 

Criminals, suggested necropsies of, 652 

Crippled girls, home for. 456. 609 

Cripps. Mr. Harrison, syphilitic sore followed by 

rodent nicer, 1069; fibrous stricture of ret turn 

treated by proctotomy. 1120, 1186 
Critchett, Mr. Anderson, eclecticism in operations 


[Feb. 2, 1884. 

for cataract, £»-35 ; papilloma, 1346; peculiar afPeo' 

t:on ofcoujuuctivA, ib. 
Critchley, Mr. J., articles ahown in annual meet- 
ing of Association, :12ti 
Croli, Mr. John, plaster-of-Parls splints for frac- 

turta of llic leg, po9 
Croft;, Mr. H. ii., rehition of drngs to medicine, 

031. S5a 
Cromb:e, Mr. .1. M., dcatb of. 1141 
Croom, l)r. J. Halliday, daso of basilysis, .'i'S 
Cross, Mr. F. K., iucisiun in arttu-itis. ItlO 
Crosse, flir. W. H., poisioniug by chloride of zinc 

and Ji3'drochloric acid, t^:jO 
Crossman, Mr. E., address to Bath and Bristol 

Brai;ch. Gl 
Cruise, a lioliday. 455 
Culiiugworth, IJr. C. J., acute urticaria as a com- 

plicalion of rotlielu, 1234 
Cunniughum. Mr., introductory address In School 

of fliysic ill Ireland, 992 
Cupping, di-y. Dr. Hare on uses of, 1.^7 
Ci:ruow, Dr. J., epileptic .attacks after shipwreck, 43.S 
Cut-throat, Mr. K. C. Harrison ou suicide by, 11.3 
Cyst, sebaceous, of finger, 773 ; of ovai-y, ruptured, 

778 : deuti.i^prous of jaw, canine tooth from, 923 : 

oil. 107i4 ; sebaceous of hand, Mj-. F. Treves on, 1123 
Cystic tumour. .Ste Tumour 
Cysticercus in vitreous body, Dr. T. Sinclair on, 7 ; 

'cise of. 117 ; in a dog, 71J1 
Cystooele rximpUcating labour, 40 
Cysts of kidneys, Mr. Clement lucas on operations 

for, til3 

Dairies, regulation of, 343, 591, 1744 
Dale, Dr. W., heredity of cancer, 952 
Dalrymple Home for Inebriates. S.S6 
Damaiix, Jl., tears of blood. 1144 
Davidsoii, Dr. A., aneurysm of splenic artery, 932 

Mr. J. McE., noiseless shoes, 953 

Davy, Dr. John, presentation to, II611 

— — Mr. Eidiard, tibio-femoral impaction, 75S 

Darison. Mr. W. E.. Guide to Examinations of 

Apothecaries' Society. r«-., 927 
Day, Dr. W. H.. croupous pneumonia in a child 

treated by the cold bath, 72.> 
Deaf-mutes, education of, 2.5S, 407; 3Ir. C.G.Lee 

on ophthalmic condition of, 1184 
Deafness, labvrinthiue. cases of. 1549 ; hysterical, 1164 
Deakin, Mr. Shirley, Indian diplomas, 42; unusual 

symptoms after application of ung'uentunihydrar- 
gyri ammoniati. 1281 

Death, certiticates of. and coroners, 109S 

Deaths, violent, in Ireland, it38 

De Chaumont, Dr., introductory address at the 
Army Medical School, 

Deeora'tion, proposed new, 1045, 1097 

Dtformities of lower limbs, Dr. Babagliati on osteo- 
. toray for. luuii 

Deiehton. Mr. John, death of, 931 

Dijeriue, Dr., atrophy of peripheral nerves in loco- 
motor ata.xy, 1252 

Delirium. Mr. C. Mercier on an epidemic of, 630 

tremens, treatment of. 901 

Dental surgery, regulations for licenoes'in, oiH : in- 
struction in, 541 - - 

Depaul, Dr., death of, 987 , 

De Eenzy, Surgeon-General J.' N.; cholera among 
coolie emigrants, 301 

Diabetes insipidus from syphilis, 1020 

mellitus. treatm'eut of, 853, 951 

Diagnosis and treatment, questions of, .3.55. 456 608 

Diaries. Blackwood's, rev.. l->ls 

Dianin. Dr., trichloride <if phenol. 387 

Diarrho a, mortality from iu London, 2,55 ; carbolic 
acid 111. .-i.v.;; summer, Dr. E. Ballard on,;!ii3i in- 
fantile, Mr. B. a. Morison on,3t;4; discussion on 
■3«ll; summer, etiology and patholooy of, 435- 
epidemic, in London, Mr. Makuua on" "pathplogy 

Dickenson, Dr., miero-phot«graphy, 10''2 

Dickinson, Dr. W. H., case of gastrostomy. 1236 

Dictionary of Medicine, Dr. Quain's. 3ale'of,38; 

-r- of Mineral Waters, etc.. ilessis, Brad- 

shaw and Co.'s. rcc. {^27 

Didion.Dr.. rend form of typhoid fever, ■'.', 

iiicllenhaib. Dr., bust of, 930 

Diet, low, as an aid to h.-emustflsis, I li;ii 

Differi'iue (it ojiiuion, 259 

Digestiou, intliienee of culomut oil, 21 

Digitjilit, Mr. T. P. Haven on cumulative action of, 
101.. ; iniestigaliou of action of group, II170 

Uilke. .Sir Charles, iiispectimis by. KV 

Diphtheria, death of a medical iiiau from infection 
of, JJ; coexistent with tyjihoid fever. Dr. G. E 
faget 1111,07; among fowl», 70; Mr. W. U. Folker 
on traclu-otomy in a case of, 111; out break of from 
Infected milk, 124; complicated willi ahorliou, 
.^. ; etiology of.lt43: Mr. J. H. Sailer ou trails^ 
mission and lncub.itioii of. loijo ; at Oaliio, 178 
3S4 ; ttt^ Adersbot, 2i» ; at .Mill UiU. UiB ; at Bod- 
foi-dd. 1030 ; at Canterbury, \iiSi 

Dipsomaniacs. Sec Drunkards 

Disease, Dr. J. Lowe on germ-theorr of, 53; collec- 
tive in\ estigalion of, .«<r Collective Investigation ; 
and heredity. 7.'^S ; dclinltions of, 11.55 

Diseases, infectious, com]mlsory notification of in 
Edinburgh and Greenock, 44 ; letter on, 45 ; com- 
munication with Sir Charles Dilke regarding, 85 ; 
Bill lor iireveuticn of in metropolis, 252, 3t2, 352 

Bill for Ireland, 347; propagation of by rags) 397 ; 
441 ; by books, SSS ; by milk. 744 ; 

by new clothes, .._, __, , .-^.. , „, .„..,., n. . 

by Oriental rugs, 785; payment for notilieatioii 
of, 518 ; hospital accommodation for in Liverpool. 
585, 640, 687. 797 : modes of spread of, 592 ; inquiiy 
into, 735; the WSgan Medical Society on compul- 
sory notification of, lliio. Nee also Hospitals 
Disinfecting chamber at Kingstown, 1089 
Disinfection of goods, 301 ; of the atmosphere, IfllS 
Disloealion of femora, backwards, congenital, I071 

of jaw reduced after eightetn weeks, 877 

of knee and hip, Mr. J. \T. Hulke on, 1 

• of radius, backwards, congenital, 1023 

Dispensatory of United States of America, m., 11.14 

Dispensaries, parochial, substitutes at, 0.55, 799; 

Government Charitable in the Central Provinens 

of India, Report on, ret'., 927 ; new departure in, 


Dispensary, Anderson's College, 49S 

-irdwick and Ancoats, financial condl- 

dition of, 202 

- Birmingham General, appointment in, 


- Melropolitan Self-supportingl* adver- 
tisement of, 43 n^M w... . 

Dispensers, unqualified, 642 

Dissector's Manual, Messrs. Bruce Clarke and Lock- 
wood's, rev., 1025 

Dixon, Mr. James, cataract operations, 1157 

Dobell, Dr. H.. ladies' dresses. 640 ; collectiye inves- 
tigation of disease, 1103 

Doctor, use of Jitle of, 1078, 1269 jlold definition of. 
110.3. 1107 . .• •• 

Doctor's holiday, 881 

Doctors, and dress, 405 ; and their Patients, Mr 'D 
Gisborne on, rev., 1036 

Dog, cysticercus cellulose in a, 761 

Dogs, howling. 440; diet of, 638 

Donations, 6, 17. 185, 213, 226. 240, .368. 42" 412 .555 
603, 617, 065, 791, 860, 864, 950, 972, 990, 100.', 11.55' 
1164, 1230 

Doukin, Dr. H., introductory addressat the London 
School of Medicine for Women, 677 ; tremor^ 
among lead-polishers, 707 ; nitrite of sodium 

Donovan, Mr. W., chronic metritis with version and 
flexion of uterus. 66U 

Dover, health of, 22 

Dow, ilr. J. A., medical book-keeping, 119 

Drainage, Mr. E. H. Kiusey on, 103 

Dreschfeld, Dr. J., micro-organisms in their rela- 
tion to disease, 1055 

Dress and doctors, 405 

Dresses, ladies, suspension of, fi40 

Drewelt. Dr., typical case of mvxcedema. 1072 

Driver, Dr. F. J., medical otficers and relievine 
ofKcers, 1099 ^ 

Drowning, 538 

Druggist, charge against a, 290 

Druggists, responsibility of, 79 

Drugs supplied to paupers, 353; adulteration of. 
o9o ; relation of to medicine, 634, 8.52 

Druitt, Dr. E., memorial window, 1141 

Drummond, Dr. D., unusual case of locomotor 
ataxy, 57u ; so-called perforating tumours of dura 
mati-r, 762; Diseases of the Brain and Nervous 
System, ref., 1193 

~ — Dr. E., historical. note on couvallaria 

ma.|.ahs, 970 

Drunkards, habitual, report of Committee on Legis- 
lation for, 195, 277 ; retreats for, 441. 6.59, 795 ; re- 
solution of Lambeth guardians ou, 8.50 ; legislation 
for, 983 ; resolution of Xewoastle-on-Tyno guar- 
dians. 1085 " 

Drysdale, Ur.O. B.,nnem-ysm of abdominal aorta. 


Dublin, quarlerly report of health of, 178, 8-10; hos- 
pitals in. .Vie Hospitals 

Dubois-Ue\inoiiil. Dr., celebration of twenty-fifth 
aiiuiversiiry of professorship, S-K!, 936 

Dulioue, Dr., Tre.ilment of Tvphoid Fever, re«., 937 

Dubrovo, Dr.. death of, 22 

Duckworth. Dr. D., Selection from Works of the late 
Dr. J. Warhiutou iiegbie. rev.. 16 

Dudlield, Dr. T. O., sanitary admiqistiatiou of the 
metropolis. 915 

Duke, Mr. Joseiih, Keoolloctious uf the Cabul Cam- 
paign, rev., 16 

Dulles, Dr. C. W., Hemarks on Hydrophobia. ri?r.. 
1U7.'* . •- . . 

Duncan, Dr. W. A., hydatidiform mole, US; ap- 
pointed medical officer to the Charterhouse, 395 ; 
tumour of cliloris, 778; ruptured ovarian cvat, li. 

Dunn. Mr. H, B., increase of caucer, 553 

Dura mater, Dr. D. Drummond on perforating 
tumours of, 762: gumma of, 774 

Durham, Mr, A., ossific masses in ttimonrs not con- 
nected with bone, 1019 

Dust-l)in5, 537 

Dutton, Dr. T., unfounded charges against medical 
men . 998 

Dwellings, industrial. 538, SS.5, 931, 985 

Dyer, Mr; H. G., driving-gloves for winter, 1168 

Dyes, Dr., treatment 01 chlorosis by blood-letting, 

Dyspepsia, gouty, treatment of, 100, 336 ; suggested 
investigation of, 1043 

Eadc, Dr. P., asthma cured by galvanism of the 
ueck, 5S0 

Ear, I'r. Cassell's Tr.-mslation of Polit.2er"s Text-book 
of Diseases of, rev., 926; Mr. G. P. Field on ivory 
exostosis of extertiai meatus of, loll 

Eartlienware vessels, ghued, danger of, 43.' 

Eastwood, Dr. J., paralytic insanity, 395 

Eclampsia, puerperal, wet pack in, 530 

Eczema of tlie face, 113 ; scuj'f following, 953 

Eddison, Dr. J. E., incision of the chest for empy- 
ema, 618 

Edinburgh, health of. 5i:Ki 

Edis, Dr. A. W., treatment of chronic metritis asso- 
ciated \vith retrofiexiou, 573; arrested develop- 
ment of one fa-tus of twins, 778 

Edmuudson, Dr., death of, V.ii 

Education, overpressure of, 731, 743, 793; specialisa- 
tion in, 1034; iuiiueuce of on growth of body, 
1219 ; physical, of women, 1253 ; and feeding, 

Egypt, cholera in, nee Cliolera ; medical mission to, 
3^::; health of troops in, 14.',; Upper, public health 
iu, 599 ;_8pecial correspondence from, 1042 

Elbow, injury of by lawu-teunis, ncc Tennis ; Mr. 
F. It. Cross' on excision of, 911 

Electric exhibition, Vienna, siu-gical instruments 
at. 6)2 

lamp, Mr. E. C. Baber on, 916 

Electricity, animal, and galvanic, 648 

Eleclro-dfagnosis, 3^3 

Electrolysis, Mr. A. S. Faulkner on treatment of 
dracuuculus bv, 1280 

Electro-magnet, removal of steel from vitreous liody 
b.y. 923 ; in ophthalmic surgery, Mr. 8. Snell on, 

Electro-therapeutics, Dr. A. Wahltuch on. 623 

Elephantiasis, Dr. T. E. Purdom on a case of, 1231 

Elliott. Mr. G. H., spina bifida causing retarded 
labour, 1188 

Ellis, Mr. J. W., the annual meeting in Liverpool. 
147 ; marriage of cousins. 456 

Embolisra, pulmonary, aftej- parturition, Mr. H. 
Ha.stings on, 728 ; Mr. H. K. Greene on, ]12,i 

Emetics. Dr. C. J. Hare on use of, 152 

Emigrant ships, diaeose iu, 95 

Empiivsema, mediastinal, and pneumothorax, in 
tracheotomy, 1195, 1260 

Empyema, Dr. '.Vard Cousins on incision iu, H2; 
Dr.' J. £. Eddison on cases of, 618 

Emrys-Jones, Dr. A., orbital tumour, 1216 

Enterectom.v. Mr. E. S. Bishop on occlusion in, 867 

Epidemics, hist^iry of, 954, 1004, 1167 

Ejtidermis, thickened, treated by salicylic plaster, 


Epilepsy, satiu-nine. 136 ; Dr. Althaus on pheno- 
mena following, 316 

Epilepticattacks after shipwreck, 4-33 

mental disorder, Mr. J. H. Baker and Dr. 

V,'. J. Mickle on acts during, 6.31 

Epiphysal necrcsis, Mr. W. Morrant Baker on, 416 ; 
Mr. J. II. Morgan oil, 419 

Epithelioma, saiicylic acid as an apphcation to, 933 

Ergot, Dr. Duboue tai L'se of in Tvphoid Fever, 

.er. 927 

Er:;ntin. hypodermic use of, 50 

Erysipelas, infantile, Mr. W. A. Macleod on, 873; 
Mr. H. 0. Lawrence on, 1065; after vaccination, 
lost, 42I3- 

Erythema in relation to rheumatism, 511 

Eserine, Dr. Uhthoff on use of dilute solutions of, 
5; in painful corneal ulcers, Mr. C. lliggens on, 

El her, eulphuric, discovery of anicsthetic properties 
of, 738 ; subcutaneous 'injection of, tOti3, Uo3 ; 
narcosis by, 1085 

Evans, Sons', and Co., Messrs.. articles sliowu in an- 
nual museum, ;i26; and WormuU, Messrs., articles 
shown iu annual miisenm, 326 

Evatt, Surgeon-Major G. J. H., the Poor-law Medi- 
cal Service, .303 ; a Militar.y Medicine Sect.ion of 
the Association, .557 ; popular lecture at annual 
nii'etfng of the Association, M6 

Eve. Mr. P. 8.. pedunculated adeno-sarcoma of 
skin, 1019 

Evidence, medical, strange, 1063, 1264 ; ft coroner 

on, 12.53 
Examinations and cram, 741 ; of Apothecaries' So- 

Feb. 2, 1884.] 


ciety, Mr. W. E. Dawson's Guide to, rm., P27 ; 

wvncDCological, 1168 ; proposed conjoint in Irelaud. 

Excision of ankle, \>y artificial Pott's fracture, Dr. 

H. C. March on, 907; for injury and disease, .Mr, 

T. Jones on,yo.S; Mr. J.Mulvanv on a case i>f. 

. of eye, sympathetic inflammation after. 


of joints. Mr. P. B. Cross on, 910 

— of Knee-joint, Dr. G. E. Fenwick on, rfr.. 

681 ; Dr. W. M. Campbell on a new method of, t*> 

of rectum, 773 

of shoulder-joint, Mr. W. Stokes on, 905 

of stomach, 1141 

Excreta or bed-pan case. 121 

Exhibition, electrical, at Vienna, surgical instru- 
ments in, t>43 

. Hv^enic, in Berlin, closure of, 883 

International Health. in Ivl, b93,l(»S'2, 

1K18 : progi-amme of, ll.'c' 

Exomphalos, Mr. Lawsou Tait on radical cure of. 

Exophthalmos without goitre, 102.3 

Exostosis, wavy, of auditory meatus, Mr. G. P. Field 
on removal of. lOU 

Explosions on the underground railway. ^S4 

Eye, fragment of brass in, 71 ; foreign body in fun- 
dus of, 117 -. Mr. H. Scott on a rare foreign body 
in,.>S2: tuberculosis of, 77tt; tumour oi. ib.; Mr. 
S. Snell on the magnet and electro-magnet in 
surgery of, 957 ; relation of dental lesions to dis- 
eases of, 11.31; Dr. H. D. Xoyes on Diseases of, 
)**t».,119ft; sympathetic inflammation of after ex- 
cision, 1246 : model of conjugate movements of, 
1^7. ,Si!e Ophthalmia 

Eyelid, congenital drooping of, 117 

FTice, eczema of, 112; clonic spasms of muscles of. 
.'179 ; syphilitic disease of. 920 

Factories'and Workshops Acts Amendment Bill, 
147, 201 

Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow, 
pass-list, 402"; regulations for' diploma. 469; for 
licence in dental surgery, .54:i ; president of, 739 

Fagan, Mr. J., knee-nKmarthrosis. .>61 ; gastros- 
tomy. 594 

Fagge. Dr. C. Hilton, resolution of Guy a Hospital 
students regarding. 1').37; obituary notice of 104r,; 
funeral of, 1087, 1141 

Fallopian tubes, nndescribed disease of, 1076 

Falsetto and nasal notes, 109.=i, 11.57, 1214. 1261 

Fai-quhar, Dr. J., hot fluids in pest pftrhnit ha?mor- 
rUage, 1236 

Farquharson, Dr. R., a Guide to Therapeutics, rer., 

Faulkner, Mr. A. S., electrolysis in treatment of 
dracnnculus. 1280 

Feat, extraordinary. 443 

Fecundity, instance of, .5.57 

Feeding and learning, 1254 

Fees, pa vment of, 802, S53 ; for medical e\idence, 
1161 ; 'rationale at, 1269 

Feltoe and Sons. Messrs., articles exhibited in an- 
nual museum of Association, 326 

Femur, separation of lower epiphysis of, 70 ; eon- 
genital dislocation of on both sides. 1071 

Fenwick, Dr. G. E., ligatm-e of axillary artery for 
traumatic injury, 617 ; Excision of tin: Knee- 
joint. r«-.jf>?l 

Ferguson, 3Ir. H. I., 132 

Ferguson eye beq-aest, 889 

Ferrier, Dr. D.. progress of knowledge in physio- 
logy and pathology of the nervous system, 805, 
835 : tumour of medulla oblongata, 821 

Fever-bed at the West End. 505 

Fever, and abortion, 787 ; in London, 900, 1083' 

catheter. See Catheter 

enteric, epidemics of in Transvaal, Zulu, and 

Egyptian wars, Mr. H. T. Ash on, 3; renal form 
ot, 25; coexistence of with diphtheria. Dr.G. E. 
Paget on, 67 ; cases of with two relapses. 226 ; in- 
quiry of Collective Investigation Committee of 
Metropolitan Counties Branch concerning, 645; 
organisms of. and milk, 804; Dr. Dubone on 
Treatment of, rcr., 927 ; necrosis of upper jaw in. 
1019 ; case of, 1133 ; pneumothorax during, 1244 ; 
at Torpoiut, :^3 ; in St. Pancras, .54'>5, 5.";5, 588. 6.5;J, 
747 ; at Muir Kirk, 643 ; in Glasgow Eoval Inflrm- 
aty, 64:3; at Carrickfergus,644 ; in Channel fleet, 
causes of, 736 ; in Bagshot, 780 ; at >>ilston, 8:is ; 
at Vincennes, 882 

intermittent, treatment of bj- decoction of 

lemons, 448 

puerperal. Dr. L. Atthill on, 259 ; Dr. Thor- 

burn on. 260 ; Dr. More :Madden on. 261 ; discus- 
sion on, 263; inquiry ot Collective Investigation 
Committee on. 10.39 ; letters on, 1157, 1214 

tvphus, in Skve, 290. 346, 3.52; Mr. Stott and 

Mr. Blore on micro-Qrganisms. in, 105S ; Dr. E. ^\". 

Hope on distribution of in Liverpool, 1064, 1196 j 

in childhood. Dr. H. 'J^omliins on clinical fe.ature9 

of. 118:1 
Fever, m'inary, 131;> . 
yellow, supposed. In Naples, 084, tiaeiUus of, 

Fibroid tumours of uterus. Dr. Meadows on' differ.- 

ential diagnosis of, 716 ; case of, 92fi: statistics of, 

Fibro-myoma of uterus, operations for, Mr. Knows- 

ley Thornton on, 712 ; Dr. Schroedei- on, 714 ; Dr. 

WiUter on, 718; discussion on, 719 
Field, Mr. G. P., address in Section of Otology, 238; 

ivory exostosis of auditory meatus, lull 
Figs or oranges, 1219 

Finch, Dr. Henry, obituary notice of , 702 
Finger, sebaceous cyst of, 773 
Finny, Dr. J. M.. the best depilatory. 756; cases of 

ski'n-disenso, &17 
Fire at 6outb;dl Asylum, 343, A31 ; prevention of in 

lunatic asyhmis, :J9U 
Fischer, Dr." F., sugar as a dressing for wounds, 737 
Fish as a food, 252, 302, 456, 505, .58j, 692 ; Sir Hcmy 

Thompson on, rer., 779 
Fisherv Board of Scotland, scientific explorations 

by, 1088 
Fistula, penile, plastic operation for, li:il 
in perinaum, after urinary abscess, Mr. F. 

B. Jessett on. 7'^ ; cured by gi-adual dilatation of 

stricture. 1191 

vesico-vagiual. Dr. P. Boulton on, 113 

FitzGerald, Dr. Edward, death of. 2H 

Mr. B. N., operation for radical cur^ of 

hernia, 1110 
Fleet, Ch.imiel. causes of typhoid fever la, 736 
Fleming, Mr. G., Animal Plagues, fpr., 1077 

Dr. C, presentation to, 1 ]fh 

Fleitss's apparatus, 379 

Flies, danger of, 68S 

Flint, Dr. Austin, early tapping in ascites, .565 

Flowers and fniit for hospitals, 208, 107 

Fa:tu3, monstrous. 49; in calcareous envelope, ,587 ; 

of twins, arrested development of. 778 
Folker, Mr. W. H., tracheotomy in diphtheria. 111 ; 

subcut;uieous ligature of varicose veins. .320 
Food, unsound, prosecution for sale of, 174; in ob- 
stetric and gynecological practice. Dr. Graiij 

Hewitt on, £^1 ; adulteration of iu France, 986 ; 

nutritive value of materials of, 1301 
Foot, Dr. A. A., introductory lecture at Boyal Col- 
lege of Surgeons iu Irelaud. 9ii2 
Foot, multiple tumours of, 1129 , . ■> , ._ 
Foot-and-mouth disease, decision as to, Vit ; .infec- 
tion of, 904 ; in Scotland, 1087 
Forbes, Mr. Litton, mvringodectomy. S14 
Forceps-lever, Dr. W.H. 'fayleron. rcc, 730 
Forceps, obstetric, axis-traction iu delivery with. 

Mr. J. F. le Page on. 768, 1012; Dr. K. Barnes on, 

871 ; Dr. J. H. Aveling on, 897 ; new form of, Jlr. 

B. H. A. Hunter on, 879 
Forearm, amputation of, with rapid healing of 

stump, 1195 
Foreign body in eye, 71, 117, &»3, 923i ; in larynx. 

Mr; S. Wolferstaii on. 11.5; case of, IIM; in 

stomach, removal of, 801 
Forrest, Dr. B. W., enteric fever with two relapses. 

Poster, Dr. B., represent-ation in the Council, and 

general practitioners, 203 ; political influence of 

the medical profession. -1-39 
Fowl. Mr. Parker on sarcoma in a, 431 
Fowls, diphtheria in, 70 

Fox, Drs. Tilbmy and Colcott, Epitome of Skin-Dis- 
eases, rev., 120 
Fracture of clavicle, treatment of, 396 ; and scapula, 

incomplete, 1023 

CoUcs's. double, Mr. B. J. Bryden on, 1129 

of humems, neck of. Dr. Fenwick on injury 

of axillary arterv in, 617 

of lower jaw, rare, Mr. T. M. Watt on, 529 

-of olecranon, alleged unskilful treatment 

of, .5-52 

of patella, repeated, Mr. H. Parson on, 11 : 

Mr. W. Gem on cause of non-union in, 431 ; Sir 
Joseph Lister on treatment of by suture. 8.55, 8S3, 
976. 1031 ; cases ot treated bv suture, 974, 1191 ; 
remarks on, 989 ; letters on, 998. 1044, 1096, 1104; 
Mr. R. Jones on treatment of. 1014 

of skull, compound depressed, 15 

of tibia, comminuted, from indirect vio- 
lence, Mr. C. H. W. Parkinson on, -5,^2 
Fractures, use of plaster-of-Paris in, Mr. C, Heath 
on. 559 ; Mr. J. Croft on, ib. ; Mr. A. Q. Silcock on 
repair of. 962 
France, adulteration of food in, 986 : mineral waters 

of, 1084; insanity in, 1107 
Fr.ankland, Dr. E. F., Agricnltural Chemical Ana- 
lysis, rev.. 9S0 
Freer. Mr. E. L., volunteer surgeons, 798 
Freire, Dr. D., liacilUis of yellow fever, 1032 
Friendly Societies Medical Alliance, and the medical 
profession, 96 

Frome, sanitary report of, "0.1 
Fruit in aumra''er, 128 

Fumigation and antiseptic Inlialtttlon , 9^ ' 
Furley, Mr. J., the Army Medical Depart nicnl in 
Egypt., 1(1; ambulance work, 'H^ ,'"'., 

G.ibb, Mr. D. H., the Hotel Mont«6enero»o, 403; 

diagnostic value of bitcillus of tul>ercle, 11?^) 
Gairdner, Dr. W. T., aphasia. 309; sanitary science 

and preventive medicine. 6it0 
Galabin, Dr., efiects of forces in labour on the fu'tal 

head. 1282 
Gal.-zowski and Daguenet, MM-, treatment of 

eczema of face, 112 
Galium aparino for relief of cancer, Mr. C. Boyoe 

on, 14 
Gall-stones, 11.^3 
Gallon, Captain P., some points In hospital con 

St met ion, 422 
Mr. F.. Life-History Album, rev,, 1135; 

prizes for life-history, 1214 
G.ilvanic and animal electricity, 64.S 
Galvanic Batterv. ike Battery 
Galvanism of neck. Dr. P. Eade on cure (^t asthma 

In-, 580 
Gambling in life-assur.-mce, 172 
Gamgee, Dr. -irthur, introductory address at Owens 

College. 665 
Mr. S., Some Debatable Questions, rev,, 


Gangrene during pregnancy, 778; of nose fromar. 
senical paste, 919; of uterus, idiopathic, 1076; 
senile, high amputation for, 1192 ; of arm after 
injury to thumb. Dr. E. C. Studdert on, 12:15 

G.irdiner. Mr. W.. continuity of protophism through 
walls of vegetable cells. 617 

Garrard. Mr., surgical treatment of renal calculus. 
924, 1023 

Gastro-enteritis in a bear, 773 

G.astrostomy for malignant stricture of oesophs^gus, 
.594,1236 " 

Gfltesbead, sanitary report of, S4S 

Gay. Mr. John, anatomy of the venous s.vsteni, 1Q74 : 
lieaith of, 12.52 ,^-., 

Gee, Dr. S.. address in Section uf Diseases of (Chil- 
dren, 236 ; scarlatinal nephrifis, 875; albumi^tous 
and pmndent urine in children, 961 

Golseminum, ptosis and diplopia from administra- 
tion of, Mr. C. H. W. Parkinson on, 323 

Gem. Mr. W., probable cause of non-union of frac- 
tured patella. 431 

Genu valgum, treatment of, 167 

Germ-theory ot disease. Dr. J. Low* oq, oQj Dr. 
Carpenter on. 648 ; letter on, 1103 

Gestation. See Pregnancy 

Gilibes. Dr. H., caution, 1270 

Gitt-books, Christmas, rei-.. 1135 

Giles. Mr. G. U.. pathogenesis of pneumonia, 10 

Dr. R. p., the use of the title doctor, 12S9 

Gillesiiie. Dr. F.. determination of se.N, 659 ; micro- 
organisms in relation to diseiise, 1283 

Gisb.ime. Mr. D.. Doctors and their Patients, rev.. 

Glands, broncliial.irritation of pneumogastnc nerye 

from enlargement of. 5-55 
Gla«'ow, health of. 132. 389. .540. 643. 740, 838, i«6, 

1034, 1146. 1366; drainage of, 889; water-supply of, 

1087 ; sanitary work in, 1256 
Gloves for driving. 1168 ,,.... 

Glynn, Dr. T. B.. address to Section of Medicipe, 

:i'!H ; complete paraplegia with rigidity , 570 
Godlee, Mr, tubercular ulceration of tongue, 12!a 
Goitre, malignant. Mr. C. Euiey on, 430 
Gold Coast, health of Englishmen in. 658 ; medical 

otiicers of colony, 1270 
Golding-Bird. Mr. C. H.. dislocation ot j»w reduced 

after eighteen weeks. 877 
Gonorrhoea, hvdrastis in, 1258 
Goodhart, Dr.. peritoneal abscess in children, 

Gosselin, M., action of antiseptics, 58? 
Gould, Mr. A. Pearce. introductory address at the 

Middlesex Hospital, 677 
Gouldstone. William, case of, 533, 639 
Gout, Sir B. C. Brodie's prescription for, •3-56 
Goutv dyspepsia, treatment of, 100. 356 
Graham, Mr- A-. case of malformation, 1125 
Grant Bey. Dr-, cholera in Egypt. 1-34. 179 
Grant, Dr. Ogilvie. rupture ot heart, 197 

Dr P. M., obituary notice of, 5.53 

Grants for scientitic research, of British Associa- 
tion for Advancement of Science. 7o6; of British 

Aledical Association, report of Coinmiltee. 193 ; 

list of, 741,1170 
Gramille. Dr. J. Mortimer, treatment of sleepless 

ness, 943 , ^ t> i:. 

Graphic records of movements of limbs. Dr. r 

Warner on, 576 
Grassi. Dr., dangers from flies, 65i 
Grates, smoke-consuming, 11 "2 


[Feb. L>, 1884. 

Gravesend, sanitary report of, 703 

Oray. Mr. Clement. C.-esarean section, "27 

Mr. F. J., retreats for dipboinjiniucs, 'Jofl 

ilreatluHi. Mr. \V. T. W.. prescription for dissolving 

pins in the stomach, Toti 
Green, Mr. Foster, gift to Hospital for Plithisis in 

Belfast, liw* 
Mr. J. L., left-lmndedness among the ancient 

Hebrews, *to4 
Dr. T. U., address to Section of liithologv. 

Greene, Sur^con-Miijor H. R.. death from pnlinoTi- 

ary embolisni after partnrition, 112.^ 
Greenway, Mr. H , the Contagious Diseases Acts, 

14Vt; Captain Gallon on hospital i-oiistruction, 

Greenwood, Mr. C. E., the morning bath, 90:? 

— ■ Mr. James, Medical Union Society, 408 

Gribbon, Surgeon-Major, cholera iu Kgvpt. 1U4U 
(Jrittith, Dr. A. H., bony toi-niiUion in choroid, ll'J; 

retinal Ji;cmorrhagc in iirniicious anjemia, ih. 
— — — Mr. Moses, death of. \'2M 
Mr. T. N.. iJcrfoiiition of tlie tyiniiauum, 


■ Mr. W. F. A., fibrinous ]>olypus, lis 

Growth, normal rate of Jn infancy and cliildliood, 

sa4 : Mr. D. J. Hamilton on. 1:^71 
Guiana, British, niedical service of, i'.'> 
Guillcry, M., moulded zinc splints. U.'itj 
liuhiea-worm. Mr. Faulkner on electrolysis in, 1280 
tMuiinia of dura mater, 774 
Gunn, Mr. E. M.. ana-sthetics in relation to aft«r- 

siekness and death-rsite, lii7. 40(i, t(44 ; congenital 

drooping of upi>er eyelid, 117 
Gunshot-wound of thigh. 4-*Jit 
Gyna'cotogical examinations, 1168 


Haddad. Dr., cholera in Egypt, 2i<7, .'149. 599 

H;id(ieu, Dr. W. B., scirrhiis of bladder, 773; rup- 
tured heart. 921 

Ha-marthrosis of knee, Mr. J. Fagan on, .itJl 

Hcenmttiria. malarial, treatment of, \2'.\2 

Ha'morrhage into ovarian cyst. US; lUerine. injec- 
tion of hot water in. Dr. R. Bo.xall on, ll.'i; Mr. VV. 
Bain on, 165 ; Mr. H. D. Pullan on. ib. ; Mr. T. P. 
Taylor on, 247 ; Mr. J. K. Lunn on, i6. ; Mr.S.T.D. 
Weston on, 1016 ; Dr. J. Farquhar on, 12M6 ; intra- 
ventricular, in brain. ^76; retinal, ana-mia a cause 
of, 1246; cerebral, with passage of bltiod into optic 
nerves, 1247 

Ha-morrhoids, anatomy of, 921 

Hiumostasis, low diet an aid to, 1166 

HalTenden, Mr. D. A., suicide of, 83') ; memorial of, 
lO^M ; the charge against, ]25.'i, 126o, 1262 

Hagens. Dr.. removal of foreign body from stomach, 

Hair, means of removing, 660, 756 

Hairs in the urine, 952 ; Mr. J. Taylor on, 1190 

Hair-dye, Naquet's, .'>0 

Halliert, Dr. J. E., treatment of malarial hiematuria 

Halifax, sanitary report of, 703 

Hamilton, Dr. A. B.. poisoning by laburnum, 918 

— ^Ir. P. J., nutrition and growth, 1271 ; 

Pathology of Bronchitis, /v-r., \'2X\ 

Hand. Mr. ¥. Treves on sebaceous cyst of. 1123 

Hands, moist, treatment of, HX) ; and feet, absence 
of. 954 

Flandsworth, sanitary report of, 656 

Ilardey, Mr., obstruction of bowels in pregnancy 

Hardy, Mr. H. Nelson, Royal Commission of In- 
quiry into hospitals, Xi 

Hare. Dr. C. J., good remedies out of fashion, 151 

llarc-hp, Dr. H. C. Rawdon on operation for, 723 ; 
treatment of premaxillary bone in, 1074 

Harle, Mr. W. J. V., channel for spreading of cho- 
lera. 356 

ETarness, luminous, 1219 

Harrison, Mr. Reginald, address in surgery at an- 
nual meeting of Association, 213, 240 Treraarks 
on, 249 ; recognition of professional services, ;101 

Mr. R. C, suicide by cut-throat, II-t 

Hart. Mr. Ernest, prevention of cholera, 181 ; sani- 
tary regulation of milk-trade. 744; abHtement of 
smoke, 939; liousing of the poor. lu90 

iartlev, Mr., fragment of brass ten years 

larvey. Dr. William, removal of remains of, 790 


— • Mr. William, catheter-fever, ]31i( 

Iiislani, Mr. W. V., paralysis of trapezius, 1132 
Hassall, Dr. A. H , ban' Kemo Ctlmatically and 

Medically Considered, rev., 729; inlmlations in 

pulmonary disease, 869 
lastiiigs. Mr. H., ileath from pulmonary embolism 

alter iiarturition, 728 
laslings, sanitary report of, 703 
iHughey, Dr. A. K., death of, 735 
lay. Dr. Matthew, appointed professor of Medical 

•Jurisprudence in Aberdeen, 443 ; nitrite of sodium. 

in eye, 

997. 1095 ; complimentary supper to, 1316 
Hay-fever, Mr. W. F. Phillips on treatment of, 69 j 
Hayes, Dr. R. A., hyoscyamine, ll.'i't 
Health-trips. 4it8. 4.V» 

Health. .Mr. T. P. Teale on, 792; influence of meteor- 
ological conditions on.M86; iutluence of edu<ation 
(ui. sec Education. .Svv aisu public Hcidth 
Hearing of school-children; 591 ; and vision, loss of 

after nijury of head. 1246 
Heart, syphUitic disease of. 119; rupture of. 197. 
i"21 ; systole of. 38.'i ; Dr. Legg on uneurysms ()f. 
:;93; urmsuftl rapidity of action of. 5.30; disease of 
with Bright "s disease. 771; congenitjd malforma- 
tion of. 773 
Heath. Mr. Christopher, immediate treatment of 

fractures by plaster-of-Paris bandage. 559 
Henniulironiatopsia, case of. 117 
llfiiiianiij.ia. Immonymous, 778 
Hemiplegia with atrophy in- right eye, 777 
Henriqucs, Mr. A. G.. provident dispensaries, 31 
Heidman. Dr., introductory address at Li^crpool 

University College, 7-16 
Heredity and disease. 788 

Hernia. Dr. J. H. Warren's Practical Treatise on, 
nr.. Hit; strangulated. Dr. J. AV. Browne on. 912 ; 
Dr. J. H. Warren on operati\-e measures for relief 
and cure of, 913 ; operations for radical cure of in 
childhood. Mr. R. N. Pughe on, 915; Mr. T. N. 
FitzGerald on radical cm-e of. 1110 

~ Abdominal. Mr. Rushton Parker on. rci-., 


femoral, case of, 71 

inguinal, congenital, with testes inperina?o, 

Mr. J. A. Williams on, llu; strangulated con- 
genital. 197 

umbilical, Mr. Lawson Tait on radical cure 

of, 922, 1118 
Herniotomy. Mr. A. F. McGill on treatment of sac 
in, .527; prophylactic, with ligature of sac, 1127; 
fourteen cases of, llit5 
Herpes. labial, relation of to rigor. 1245 ; of fifth 

ner\e, with paralysis of facial nerve, 1246 
Herringham. Dr. W. P.. the life-history album, 

1214 ; fever in the puerperal state. (6. 
Hewetson, Mr., enlargement of clitoris, 71 
Hewett, Sir Prescott. Utronetcy conferred on. IS! ; 

retirement of, 984 
Hewitt. Dr. Graily. address to Section of Obstetric 
Medicine at annual meeting of Association. 224 ; 
Diseases of Women, rev., 730 
Hiccough, severe, Vt85 
Hickinbotham. Dr. J., morality of certain obstetric 

and gynaecological operations, 1132 
Hickman, Dr. W.. Aids or Hindrances to Practi- 
tioners of Medicine, rev., y79 
Higgens, Mr. C, treatment of painful idcers of the 

cornea bv warmth and eserine, 865 
Hill. Dr. Alfred, health of. 895 
Hind. Mr. George, appeal on behalf of, 753, 803, 854 

9»i2. 952. 1052, 1165, 1322 
Hip, and knee, dislocation of, Mr. J. W.Hulke on, 1; 

Mr. F. R. Cross on disease uf, 911 
Histology. Dr. Klein's Elements of. i-ev., 730 
Hodges, Mr. G.. marriage of cousins. 608 
Hodgson, Mr. G. F., life-insurance, .556; labyrinthine 

deafness, 649 
Hodson, Mr. A., frequent pregnancies, 1269 
Hogg, Dr. C, depilatory, 66Lt 
Holden, Dr. J. S., purulent urine after cathcterisa- 

tion, 970 
Holiday, Where to take a, rev., 240; Annual, rev., 

271 ; the doctor's, 881 
Holiday cruise, 455 
Holidays, necessity for, 175 
Holme Valley, sanitary report of, 704 
Holmes, Mr. T., compound depressed fracture of 
skull. 15 ; payment by hospital patients, 31 ; and 
Hulke, Mr., System of Siugery. rec, 72, 633 
Holsworthy, sanitary report of, 703 
H<tlwell, Mr. E. B., concealed syphilis, 49 
Home as a sanitary unit, 26 

convalescent. .Vt'e Convalescent 

forlnlirm Cliildren, Glasgow, report of. 889 

Homes of the poor. v*85 

Homceopath, candidature of a for membership of 

Association, 41 
Hope, Dr. E. W.. typhus fever in Liverpi>ol, l(T6i, 

Mr. S. W.. a case of phthisis. 917 

Hordeum, pure. 121 

Horrocks, Dr., facial, conjunctival, and retinal 

na'vus, 117 
Horse-rtesh. consumption of in France. 537; un- 
sound, conviction for sale of. t5J*9 
Horses, troop, trappings of, 588; shoeing of, 122ii; 

docking of tails of, 1252 
Hospital, .\delaide, medical staff and instruction. 
595; Mr. Warren's introductory address. 993 

Alice Memorial, in Darmstjult, opening of. 

1142. 1203 

Alloa County, financial report of, 539 

■ ■■ Bath Mineral Water, report of, 602 

Hospital, Bath Royal United,' medical staff and in- 

3trm:tion, 545 

— ^— Belfast, new, 133 

— Belfast Royal, qiiarterly meeting of com- 
mittee, .S40; elec'tioii of hf>use-physician. 511.3; 

annual meeting. lu35 
— — —at Binningham, 


suburlian, 747, 986. 

-Birmingham. General, fees, 4M ; meilicHi 
olficers, 489; uistruction at, 490; proposed hos- 
pital for chronic cases. 747 

— Birmingham, yueeu's, new buildings of, 

126; fees, 481 ; medical officers, 4S0; instruction 
at . 4V"ii ; changes in. 5(i3. 894, 1 155 

Bristal General, fees. 481 ; medical officers, 

4>-'9 ; instruction, etc., at 491 ; scholarship at, st>4 

— Cama, in Bomlwiy, foundation of. 1082 

— — — Charing Cross. Lord \\ olseley at, 35 ; 
ambulance-company of, and cholera in Egypt, 77 ; 
instruction at. 477; scholarsliips and prizes, 477, 
693, 747; medical staff', 47o ; fees, 48U; changes at, 

- for Children. Aberdeen, bazaar for. 5u6, 751 


-— — • lor Children, Belfast, concert in aid of, 741 

for Cliildren, Birmingham, vacancies in, 

984. 1155; appointment in, 1204 
for Children, Cork, mode of electing medi- 
cal officers, 1209 
-— for Children, Dundee, opening of, 1208 

— tor Children, Great Orniond Street, staff of, 

545; temporary closure of, 9c6; appointment in, 

for Children, Paddington, demonstrations 

iu aid of, 785 

- for Children, Pendlebury. instruction .-d, 

- for Children, Royal Edinburgh, statistics of, 
.506. 689, 936, 1147 

- — - — —for Children. Victoria, performance in aid 

of, 45 

for Children, AVirrall, description of, ^Si 

^ City of Dublin, medical staff and inslruo- 

tion. 595 ; appointment in, 991 

- — forConsumption, Belfast, 991, 1089 
-— — forConsumption. Brompton, medical staff 

and instruction. 545 

Cottage, for Dunoon, 346 

— Cottage, Hawick, fancy fair in aid of, .188 

Dental, of Ireland, opening meeting, 1089 

Dental, of London, donation by Sir E. 

aunders to, 252; stall' and instruction/544; ap- 

iK'iutmeut in, 1136 
— ■ — Dental, at Manchester, new, 173 

Dent;il, National, staff and instruction. 544 

Devonshire, at Buxton, report of, (>u3 

for Epilepsy and Paralysis, report of, tiO^t, 

Eye, Birmingham, new buildings of, 120, 


Eye, at Manchester, new. 602 

Fever, in Ayr, annual meeting, 1116 

~ Fever, for Bolton. 440 

Fever for Govan, 789 

——Fever, London, want of funds at, IIGO; 

new isolation- wards at., 1255 

— Fulham, report of, 8iH) 

— — Gibson, at St. Andrew's, appointment in, 

8 -1 9 

Great Northern, proposed extension of. 128 

~ — - Guy's, disposal of dead bodies at. 343, .536; 

medical staft" and lecturers, 478 ; fees, 480 ; instruc- 

lioti at, 483; scholarsliips and prizes, 483, 685, 

•^^3 ; changes at, 502; recent improvements at. 

'<^S ; soiree at, 692; appointment of physician, 

loXi; resolution of students regarding Dr" Hilton 

Fagge, 1037 

Ibrahim, .5.55 

for Incurables, Aberdeen, donation to, 789 

- for Incurables, Edinburgh, appoiutmentat. 


-for Infectious Diseases, at St. Andrew's, 

- Italian, in London. 13S 

- Jaffrny memorial, 1155, 1205 

■ .Jervis Street, medical staff and instruction 

at, .595 

—King's College, resignation of sisters at. 

1 74, 345, 356 ; medical stiiff. 478 ; fees. 480 ; instruc- 
tion at, 4S3 

Liverpool Northern, medical staff and in- 
struction, .545 

Liverpool Royal Sonthei-n, medical staff 

and instruction, 545 

— — -London, retirement of Mr. Hutchinson, 

126 ; medical staff and lecturers, 479; fees, 4S0; in- 
struction at, 484 ; schoUrships and prizes, 4S4. 694, 
717; changes at. 503; Professor Huxley's address 
at, 709; r(inrtrso::ioHr at. 746 ; new regulations re- 
garding out-i>atients, 1145, 1160 

Lunatic, Lincoln, report of. 47 

Lunatic, St. Andrew's, Northampton, re- 
port of, 602 

Feb. L', 188-t.] 


lloipital, Lytu^-in, Cooiube, iiistructiou at, .iOd ; ap- 
ixjiatnient of master, 840. 991, 12.>7 

Lying-in, Queen Ciiar!otte*s, instruction at, 


L3"ing-in, Rottintia, instruction at, .'.97 

jiaier Intirniorum, Belfa:st, opening of, 

i»;iH ; medical staff of, U»:J4 
Mater Misericordia', medical staff and in- 
struction ut, o9.i ; Dr. J. Keymond's introductory 
address at, HtM 

Maternity, Cork, prizes at, 4n 

Maternity, Edinburgh Koyal. staff of, 740 

— Maternity, Ghisgow. annual meeting, 114*) 

Meatli, partial closure of beds in. si ; medi- 
cal staff and instruction at, .'>yt; ; Dr. Mtiore's in- 
troductory address at. *.<!•.'! 
— — Mercer's, medical staff and instruction at, 

Middlesex, medical staff and lectures, 479; 

fees, 4«0, 4^1 ; instructiun at, 485 ; scholarships 
and prizes, 485, (i94, 747; changes at. '>08; Mr. 
Pearce Gould's introductory address at, 'nl; ad- 
ditions to buildings, 697 ; Iteport of Keglstrars of, 
rec, S2; 

■ Miller memorial, foundation of. 2^9 

■ Xurfolk and Xorwieh, new buildings of. 

5:m ; medical staff and fees, -MG ; bazaar in aid of, 

for North I.on<lon, central, 1266 

Ophthalmic, Itoyal London, staff, etc., of, 


Ophthalmic, Royal Westminster, instnic- 

tion at, •'>45 

Ophthalmic and Aural, Cork, fair in sup- 
port of, 444 

- Orthoprcdic. Royal, instniction at, 515 

Richmond, medical staff and in^itruction 

at. 596; Dr. Bank's introductory address at, 992 

Koyal Albert, pay-wards in, 6u7 ; annual 

muetini; and the Contagious Diseases Acts, 1034 

St. Albau's. report of. 96 

St. Bartholomew's. assi3tant-physii.-iauship 

of. IS"-!, 17:i,t>85; instruction at, 477; schohirsliips 
and prizes, 477,69;*, 864; medical staff and lec- 
turers. 47S; ieeis. 480; changes at, 5(j2 ; annual 
tlinner. 692 ; meeting of students regarding Mr. 
Shuter, H;i2; assistimt-surgeonship of. 93^5. 1252 

St. George's, medical staff and lecturers, 

478; fees, 480 ; instruction at, 482; scholarships 
and prizes, 482. 693 ; changes at, .5o2 ; Mr. Bennett's 
introductory address. ii75 ; annual dinner, 693 

St. Mary's, dinner in aid of funds, so ; new 

dean of, 251 ; medical staff and lecturers, 479 ; 
lees, 480, 481; instruction at, 435; scholarships 
and prizes, 4S5. 694, 747; changes at, 5m3 ; Dr. 
Handtield Jones's introductory address, 677 ; 
annual dinner. 693; memorial window in chapel 
of, 1223 

— St. Thomas's, medical staff and lectures, 

479; fees, 481; instrnction at, 486; scholarships 
and prizes. 486, 694, 747; changes at, 503; 
Mr. Le Gros Clark's introductory address, 673 

Salford Koyal. annual rep'ort, 1156; annual 

meeting, 1156 

St. Vincent's, medical staff and instruction 

at, 597; Mr. McArdle's intruductorv address at, 

Sanitary, at Taunton, report, of, 116m 

Seamen's, medical staff of. 545 

Shellield, medical staff of, 4S9 

Sir Patrick Dun's, medical staff and in- 
struction at, 597 

- for Skin-Diseases, St. John's, consultations 

at, 1 166 

Station, at Canterbury, inspection by Duke 

of Cambridge, 173 

- Steevens'f, Dr., medical staff and instruc- 

tion at, 597 

Swansea, donation to, 1203 

Tempei-ance, London, report of, 147 

-Throat and Ear, Central London, medical 

staff and iustructLon. 545 

University College, medical staff of, 479 ; 

fees, 4S1 ; instr«ction at. 486; enlargement of out- 
Ijatient buildings, 696 

Tictoria, at Cairo. 1042 

West Loudon, opening of new wing, 428; 

medical staff. 545 ; name of new ward, 6s4 ; pre- 
paratory school of medicine at. 987 

Westminster, medical staff and lecturers, 

479; fees, 481, 482: instruction at. 48": scholar- 
ships and prizes. 487, *r<'^i, 784. 851 ; ciiauges at, 
.503, 5:14 : Mr. Barrow's introductory address, 
680 ; proposed alterations in buildings. 73-^. 1088 

Wolverhampton and Staffordshire, me- 
dical officers and fees, 516; donation to. 5K8 

for Women, Chelsea, ojiening ol new, 77.; 

consulting staff, 1251 

- for Women, Soho Square, clinical lectures 

at, i8o 

- for Women and Children, Cork, annual 

meeting, »i03 

Hospital Saturday in Birmingham, 1113, 1142 
Saturday, in Jjondon, 607 ; claims of work- 
ing men to rei>resentation on committees. Sll. 
9.86; meeting of board of delegates, 1081, 1253 

Saturdav. at Wigan, 1262 

Sundav in Belfast, 1089 

Sunday in Birmingham, S82. P95, 1112 

Sunday in Brighton. 931 

Sunday in Didjlin, 9.3'i 

Sunday in Wigan. 1262 

Hospitals, administration of, conference on. 31 

canvassing for appointments in, 9H1 

for cholera. 288. ;tn2. :18h..589 

Committee of Managers of, 174, 252, 9.13 

construction of, Captain D. Galton on, 

422; letter on, 650 

and convalescent institutions, 33 

dead por.r in, 313, 53*5 

-in Dublin, telephone for, 29; board of 

superintendence of, 551 ; inspection of, 644 

flowers and fruit for. 208. 407 

in France, chaplaincies to. 22 

-General, and hospitals for the insane. Dr. 

T. L. Rogers on, 232; and cases of acute mania, 
for infectious diseases, mild and conva- 
lescent cases of, 27 : in children, 535 ; in Liver- 
pool. 585. 640. 637. 845 

-in Ireland, inquiry in Parliament con- 

cerning. 46 

of London, finances of. .32, 78, 12a3 

medical officers of, and coroners, 552 

naval and military. 302 

naval, female nurses for, 7<'V> 

in New Zealand, 8^36 

photography in, loS4 

- Royal Comiiiission of inquiry into, 33 

Hotel Monte Generoso. 408 

Hotels, continental, water-closets in, 1102 

Hniises, building of, 82. 335 ; sanitarv certificates of, 

;J.■^4 ; of the poor, Mr. Hart on, 1090 
Hove, death-rate of, :iS'!; sanitary report of, 657 
Howard. Mr. J. F., lacenition of popliteal artery, 

917; urinaryabscess, 1053 
Howard medal, award of, 1030 
Hudson, Mr. James, communicabilitv of phthisis, 

Dr. R. S., death of, 892 ; resolution of Red- 
ruth guardians concerning, fi45 
Huggett, Mr., articles shown in anniul museum, 

Hulke, Mr. J. W., dislocation of knee and of hip, 1 ; 

malignant tumours of foot, 1129 
Humanity, want of, 9«i3 
Hume, Mr. J. H., influence of education on health, 

Humerus, Mr. J. H. Morgan on epiphysal necrosis 

of. 419; Dr. G. E. Fenwick on injury to femoral 

artery after fracture of neck of, 617 
Humphries. Mr. K. A., the Medical Provident 

Societv. l-S'? 
Humphry, Dr. G. M., fatal case of purpura ha?mor- 

i-hagica, 5:w ; address to Sanitary Institute, 690 
Mr. L.. slow compression of spinal cord, 

Hunt. Dr. Benjamin, obituary notice of, 553 

Mr. De Vere. the accident at ConwTiy, 407 

Mr. W. A.. India-rubber in a tooth, 1131 

Hunter, Dr.. and the cholera in Egrpt, 127, 393, 542, 
597. 841 

Mr. R. H. A., midwifery forceps, 879 

Hurford, Dr. C. H., appeal on behalf of. .558 
Hurry, Mr. J. B., quarantine in Australia. 1096 
Hutchinson, Mr. Jonathan, retirement from office 
at London Hospital, 126; testimonial to, 126, 832, 
986.1143; diffusion of knowledge of ophthalmic 
therapeutics, 757 ; collective investigation of dis- 
ease. 862 ; high amputation for senile gangrene, 
Mr. Jonathan, junior, acute gastro- 
enteritis in a bear, 773 ; peritonitis in a deer, 774 

Mr. S. J., extraction and transplanta- 

■ tionof teeth. 1126 
Hutton, Mr., purulent pericarditis, 825 
Huxley, Mr. T. H., elected president of Hoyal So- 
ciety. 77 ; the State and the medical profession, 
709,"7:ti: address to Koyal Society. 1153 
Hydatid of kidney. Mr. Clement Lucas on. 613 ; of 

"liver, 779 
Hvdatidiform mole. 118 
Hyde. Dr. J. N.. Practical Treatise on Diseases of 

the Skin, ret-., 979 
Hydrastis in gonorrheea, 1258 
Hydrochloric acid, poisoning by. 131 
Hydrocyanic acid as an antidote to strychnia, 3Ir. 

C. H.'W. Parkinson on, 165 ; letters on, 355 
Hvdrometra. treatment of. 755 
Hydronephrosis, Mr. Lucas on treatment of. 612 
Hydrophobia, deaths from. 593. 739, 784 ; Dr. C. W 

'Dulles on, rev., 1078 
Hyoscvamiu in a case of tremor of arm. 11.33 
H>-pericum for bed-sores. Dr. H. B. Snow on. 1125 

Hy^jertrophy of breasts. 778 

Hyi>ochondriasis, venereal and sexual, Mr. F. W. 

Lowndes on. 564 
Hypodermic injection of blood, 932 ; of ether. 1003 ; 

syringe for. Ilii3 

— '- syringe, how to keep in order, lOfU 

Hyposulphite of soda :is a disinfectant in cancer of 

'the uterus. 12tW 
Hysterectomy tor uterine fibromata. Mr. J. K. 

Thornton on, 712; Dr. Schroeder on. 714; Dr. W. 
-Walter on, 718; supravaginal, Ur. T. Keith on, 
/ 1116 

< Hysteria in a boy. 167 
/Hysterical deafness. 1164 
, ' Hysterical malingering. Dr. A. H, Bennett on, 567 

"^ I. 

Ices and iced drinks. -3^7 

Ichthyosis of tongue with malignant degeneration, 

Idiots, homes for, 1004, 1052, 1103, 1104 

Imljecile tea, 78 

Imbeciles, asylums for, 756,9.51; Scottish National 
Institute for. 936 

Inctune-rax, 552,948 

Incurables, British Home for, account of. luo; the 
Colquboun bequest for. 388 

India, junior medical sei-vice of, 331 ; mortality in 
prisons in, 439; deaths from wild animals and 
snakes in. WM) 

India-rubl)er in a tooth. 1131 

ln»_'briate. a female, 149 

Inebriates, Home for at Port Hamilton. :i?7 ; Dal- 
rymple Home for, 836. See also Drunkards 

Iniant. erysipelas in an, Mr. W. A. Macleod on, 
873 ; Mr' H. C. Lawrence on, 1065 ; menstruation 
in an, 1141. iiee Child 

Infantile cholera. .VwCholera 

Infants, bathing of in the sea, 344; new born, feet 
of, 9-^3 ; prevention of mortality among, 120ii ; 
causes of mortality. 1252. -See- Clntdren 

Infection, carriage of by rags, 253 

Infections, specific. Dr. Ci-eighton on autonomous 
life of. 218, 250. 351 

Inlirmary, Aberdeen Koyal. collection of yearly 
subscriptions, 83; appeal to working men, 13:;; 
superintendentship of, 177, 2'^'., -MO; fees. et<r., 
49::; medical officers, 49^1 ; bequests to. o^t; quar- 
terly meeting ot managers, 1257 ; proposed change 
in election of assistants, id. 

Arbroath, annual report, 338 

Bolton, new, opening of. 176 

Bristol Koyal, medical officers, 489 ; ap- 
pointments, prizes, etc., 491 

Dundee Royal, Children's wards in, 


— Edinburgh Royal, additional assistant- 
surgeon. 83 ; medical officers, 494; fees, etc., 495 ; 
changes in. 503; assistant-physician for diseases 
of women, 990, 1147 

Eye. Glasgow, fees. 496 

Eye, at Newcastle, proposed new, .505 

■ — Glasgow Royal, medical officers, 494 ; 

fees, etc.. 496 ; changes in, 5ii4 ; typhoid fever in, 

_ Glasgow Western, new rules of, 346; 

medical officers, 494; fees, appointments, etc., 
496; changes in, 5J3; annual repoi't of, 1146 

Hereford General, report of, 800 

- Inverness Northern, appointment of 

house-surgeon, 643 

Leeds General, medical officers, 

appointments, etc., 491 ; clianges in. 503 
- Lisburn, presentment for, 1317 


Liverpool Koyal, medical officers, 489 ; 

appointments, etc.. 491 ; changes in, 5o3 

Manchest-er Koy^l. report of, 301 ; medi - 

cal officers, 439 ; appointments, etc.. 492 ; instruc- 
tion in dental surgery, 544 

Newcastie-on-Tyne, medical officers, 

489; appointments, etc.. 193 

-North Staffordshire, instruction in, 

546 ; additions to, 555 
Northampton General, instruction in, 

Sheffield, medical officers, 489 ; dona- 

Shropshire, election of house-surgeon, 


Stirling Royal, report of. 1256 

Inflammable stores under a hospital. 7;t5 

Ingle. Dr., hysteria in a boy. 167 

Inhalation in diseases of the imigs. Dr. A. H. Has- 

sall on. 869 ; letter on. 1166 
Inoculation, anthracic, 837 
Inquest, travelling fees of witnesses at, 654; strange 

medical eiidence at. 108:i; in Limdouderry, iws 
Insime. employment of the, 23; Dr. J. Wigleswortii 

on degeneration of bone in the. 628 
Insanity, paralytic, 395; and unreason, 633; and 

hard labour, 638; and intemperance, 733; typical 

cases of. 749 ; and crime, 854 ; Dr. H. P. Biearna 


[Feb. 2, 1884. 

on Oaiisee and Prevention Qf.rtfr.,927 ; in criml&d 
cases, resolution resardiug, 942 ; sea also Criminal ; 
ill France, 1107 ; commission on law of in Prance, 
llil. -See Lunacy 

Institute, Scottish "Xatinnal for imbeciles, 03Q 

Institution, Brown, lectures iit, 1083 

Koyal, new manager of, 031 

Watt, appoiulmeiit in, 2■^3 

Instrument-makers, surgical, international assopia- 
tion of, G8£t 

Insurance. See Life-assurance 

Intemperance anj cholera, 587, 803 ; and insaaitv. 

Intestine, obstruction of, Dr. E- Slalins on laparo- 
CTiterotomy for, .'HI ; Mr. Rushton Parker on, GiJO; 
Mr. J. U. Mar;:jan on operative procet'iiinijs in, 
(572; obstruction of in advanced pregnancy, 7-19; 
tubei'cular ulceration of, 774 ; small, divertipula of, 
920 ; Dr. J. Siiwyer on treatment of obstruetiou 
of. 9ti'»; Dr. J. Waugli on a case of obstruction of, 
908; Mr. K. Ivirkland on invagination of, fttiO; in- 
tussusception of, treated by injcL-tion of air and 
inversion, lOlti; Mr. R. F.'Unnd on a means of 
ascertaining course of. 123.5 

Invagination of bowel, ilr. K. Earkland on, 969 

Treland, Dr. W. ■\\ ., home for imbqciles, 951 

Ireland, lunatics in, Itj ; zymotic disease in town 
districts, 292 ; police medical ofiicers, 302; cholera 
hospitals for, 339 ; quarteriy report .pf health oi. 
-1-14, 1035; violent deaths in., it38 ; marriages in 
iaS2, 1089 ; medical wants of 1SS3 in, 1312 

Iritis, atropine-poisoning in, 1111 

Iron, alliuminate, intraperitoneal injection, gf In 
anaemia, 3d3 

Irving. Surgeon-General J^., conveyance of cholera 
in Egypt. 727 

Jpchia,' arabu!ance-work at, 3fi4 

Jackson, Mr. Arthur, ligature of large arteries, 396; 
introductory address at Sheffield Bohool of Medi- 
cine. 74!j 

Mr. George, the late Mr. Boast, 754, S03, &54, 


■ Mr. H. B., hot water enemata in deliverv, 

Jaffmy. Mr., convalescent hospital for Birmiugliam, 

7-17, 9S0 
James, Mr. J. B,, private dispensaries, 003 ; antisep- 
tic inhalations in diseases of the lungs. 1166 ; me- 
dical peerages. 1208 

— — Dr. Prosser. Yichy and Its Therapeutical 

Eesources, rev.. 12-i7 
Jauvel, M., cholera and quarantine. 175 
Jaw, lower, Mr. T. 31. Watt on a rare fracture of, 
529; dislocation of red\iced after eighteen weeks, 
!^77; removal of for necrosis, 921; dentigerous 
cyst in, 923 

upper, excision of, Mr. A. T. iS^orton on, 323 ; 

recurrent myeloid tumour of, 922; sarcoma of in 
a child, 1017 ; necrosis of in typlioid fever, 1019 
Jenner, Dr. Edward, portraits' of, 1m04, 1103, HOT, 

Jeqnirity. bacilli of, 1240 
.Jerry buildings, 385 
Jessel. the late Sir George, 174 
Jessett. Mr. P. B., urinary abscess followed by fis- 

tuUc in pcrinjeo. 760 
Jessop, Mr. C. M., tartar emetic for cream of tartar, 
14 ; medical provident society, 42 

Mr. W. H., chronic tuberculosis, 77S 

Jews, Hungarian, the trial of, 126 

Johnson, Dr. George, tumour of medulla oblongata, 

821 ; testing for albumen in urine, 110.'> 
Johnston. Dr. J., opening the knee-joint, 1189 
Joints, Dr. G. A. Wright on determination of pri- 
mary lesion in disease of, 419 ; Mr. C. A. Mansell- 
Moullin on multiple synovitis after injuries t^i, 
430; Cliarcot's disease of, 1019 
Jones. Mr. A. U.. caution. 116S. 1220 
"- ■• — Dr. C. Handlieid. introductory address at St. 

Mary's Hospital. 077 , 
- ■•■■ ' Mt. D. R., typinnd organisms and milk, 804 
Dr. H. Macnaughton. fumigation and anti- 
septic inhalation, 95U 

Mr. Jlobert, treatment of fracture of patella, 


Dr. T. Ridge, tumour of pons TaroHi, 6:il ; 

how to make specialism useful, 11-14 

Dr. Talfonrd, portraitof Dr. E. Jenner, 1167 

Mr. Thomas, alacess in bone, 825 ; lesection 

of ankle-joint, 908 
Jordan, Mr. F.. naso-pharvngeal fibrous polvpus, 

Journal, British Medical, pi-ogramme for 1884, 1149, 

1109; papers in, 12M5 ; editurihl articles. 12H9 
Journalism, the teh-Krapb in, 015 
JuUien, M., treatment of warts and condylomata by 

carbolic acid, 213 
Junker. Dr. P., deaths from methylene, 104 
Jurisprudence, pharmaceutical, 79 


Kabul Carajjaign, Mr. J. Dufce*s Becollectious of, 

rev., 10 
Kairin, Dr. H. Ashby on, 1124 
Eavanagh, Dr., reso'lution of Council of Poor-law 

iMedical Otficers' Association concerning, 0,s6 
Keeling, Dr., address to Yorkshire Branch, 57 
Keetley, Mr. C. B., case of herniotomy, 1195 
Keighley, Mr. R. D.. qualifications of medical offi- 
cers of health, 1265 
Keighley, sanitary report of, 897 
Keith, Dr. Thoiiias, supravaginal hysterectomv, 

Kelly, Dr. W. J., carbolic injections, 053 

'— Dr. H. A., mapping out of patients, 1112 

Kendall, Mr. T. M., sea-sickness, 12 

Kerigan, Mr. L.. Irish wakes, 060; Irish poor-lnw 

medical service, 1U9S^> 
Kerr, Dr. Norman, temperance hysterics. 1269 

Mr. T. G. Douglas, anrcsthetics. 528 

Kesteven, jMr. W. IL, tumour of brain, 773 
Kctli, Dr., leukaemia witli i)riapism, 736 
Kidd, Dr. G. H., honorary degree conferred on, 29 ; 
reappointed as master of Coombe Lying-in Hos- 
pital, aW), 991, 1357 
Kidney, Dr. E. Rickards on fatty transformation of. 
2 ; n'loviihle, forms of, 168 ; Mr. Clement Lucas on 
sur;4io:U <Useases of, 611; c^-stie tumourof floating, 
Dr. W. Walter on, 615; floating, 641; floating, ex- 
ploratory operation iu, Mr. J. W. Anderson on, 
H17; letter on, 9i>9 ; scrofulous, removal of, 922; 
c;Uculus of, see Calculus ; solit;u-y, Mr. T. Wilmot 
ou abscess of, 1014 ; Dr. D. 5f ewman on Malforma- 
tion of, rer., 1284 
King, Dr. H. W., fracture of the patella, 109G 
Kingsbury, Mr. G. C, acute urticaria, 1124 
Kin'sev. Mr. R. H., address to Houth Midland 

Branch, 101 
Kirk, Dr. R., bichloride of methylene, 1233 
Kirker, Dr. G., meteorologj; in Egypt, 179 
Kirkland, Mr. R., invagination of the bowel, 969 
Klein, Dr. E., Elements of Histology, rev., 730 
Knee, and hip. Mr. J. W. Hulke ou a ease of disloca- 
tion of. 1 ; yiv. J. Pagan on hiemarthrosis of, 561 ; 
Dr. G. E. Fenwick ou Excision of, rev., fJSl ; new 
method of resection of, Mr. R. Davy on, 75S; Dr. 
Maclle Campbell on, 'fi^^ ; loose cartilages in, 875 ; 
Mr. F. R. Cross on cases of disease ot, 911 ; open- 
ing the, Dr. A. G. Thomas on, 1066 ; Dr: J. John- 
ston on. 11S9; pulpy degeneration of synonal 
membrane of, 1194 
Knight, Dr. C. F., the Royal tTniversity of Ireland, 

913, 1043, 1096, 1156 
Knighthood of Dr. Pitman and Mr. E. 6annders, 
22"; of Mr. G. H.Porter, 133; declined by Dr. 
Banks, 178 ; of Mr. Eawlinson, 440 
Koch, Dr., newly described cholera-organism, 828. 

See also Cholera 
Ej-ohne and Sesemann. Messrs., articles shown in 

annual museum of Association, .'^5 
Kyphotic pelvis, obstetrics of, 115 

Labels, Lewis's histological, 100 
Laboratories, marine zoological, 750 
Lal)orde, M., quinine and its allies, 736 
Labour, hard, and insanity. 6S8 
Labour, cvstocele complicating, 49 ; sudden death 
after, Dr. E. P. Thurstau on, 114 ; :Mr. L. W. Bickle 
on spontaneous version in, 165 ; Mr. J. L. Stretton 
on displacement of uterus by distended bladder 
after, 728; Mr. H.Hastings on death from pul- 
monary embolism after, ib. ; Mr. H. E. Greene 
on, 1125 ; self help in, 1053 ; anomalous. Mr. A. D. 
Macdonald on, lOiiO ; retarded bv spina bifida, Mr. 
G. H. Elliott on, 1188; mechanism of. 12S2 

Labourers, Polynesian, iu Queensland, mortality 
among, 1032 

Laburnum, poisoning by, Mr. C. A. Lane on, 431 ; 
Mr. H. Robinson on, 675; Dr. A. J. Sinclair on, 
72S; Dr. J. B. Hamilton ou, 918 

Lacrymal obstruction. Dr. E. Andrei^ bti treatpipnt 
of, ll.*5 

Ladell, ]\[r. W. J. S., liydi-ocyanic acid as an anti- 
dote to strychnia* S^o 

Lambs, disease of. 887 

Lamp for gymocological operations, 17; electric 
for surgical purj^ses, Mr. E. C. Baber on a, 916 

Lane. Mr. C. A., poisoning by laburimra, 431 

Lankester, Sir., colouring niatter of green oyster, 
639 ; cniiowment of research, 646 

Lapai-o-untorotomy, Dr. E. Mallns on cases of,"5Sl 

Larynx, foreign body in, Mr. S. Wolferstan on, 
115; case of, 1191 , Mr. Lennox B^-owne on phulo- 
graphy of, 332, 811 ; letters on, 94-1. 1095, 1157 ; ex- 
tirpation of, .539 

Latham, Dr. P. W.. unusual rapidity pf J^c^^r^'s 
action, 5;io , 

Laudanum, poisoning by, 635, 789 

Law, Dr. W. T.. nitrite of sodium, 997, 1043 

Lft-ftTenoe, Mr. U. C, infantile erysipelas, 1065 

Lawson, Mr. G., congenital tumour of orbit, 773 
Leach, Dr, J. C, cremation in Dorset, 21.58 
Le:id. epilepsy from, 120 

Lecture, clinical, on di-^'oration of the knee and of 
the hip, Mr. J. W. Hulke, 1 ; on cat;irrh of the 
nasn-pharyiix. Dr. M. Mackenzie, 161 ; Bradshaw, 
iiu cardiac aneurysm. Dr. Wickham Legg, 3;*; -. 
eiinleal, on tibio-femoral impaction, Mr. K. D.ivy, 
75S; the Bowman, 786; ou theproviuceofan iltmy. 
Dr. A. Maealister, 81.18 ; ecle.--ticism iu opcr.itio. s 
for cataract, Mr. A. Critehett. !o); cliiii<ai, <n 
testing for albumen in urine. Dr. G. Johns n, 
1105 ; on nettle-rash, Dr. McCall Anderson, U n ; 
elini'-al, on operation for radical cure of betni-A. 
Mr. T. X. Fit/gerald, 1110; Brudshaw, on nerv,- 
st retching. 31 r. J. Marshall, 1173 
Lci'tures, conipulsnrv attendance on, 690; Combe, 
tSi* ; Ingleby, NiU ; Bunttr, 937, lli."i3 ; x>opular 
at annua! meelings of Assyeiatiou, ?46, 943; at 
Parkes Museum, slj, I0I8 ; health, in Bir- 
mingham, 1032,1155; at the Brown In&ti'.utii n , 
10^3; the Cantor, llu9; health, in Maucheste.-, 
11-55; on Cataract, Mr. G. Cowell, rcr., 1199; 
Tliomsou science in Aberdeen, 120S, 12.57 ; uni- 
versity, copyright in, 1209 
Lectureship, science, for Paigley, 177 
Lediard. Dr., tibro-cystic myonia of uterus, 941 
Lee. Mr. C. G., s^-nipathetic ophthalmia, 1003; 
ophthalmic condition of deaf mutes, 1184. 

Dr. R. J., disinfection of the atmosphere, 

Leeches, Dr. C. J. Hare on use of. 1-53, 1-55 
Lett-handedness among the ancient Hebrews, 405, 

954 ■■ 

Lei,', paralysis of muscles of treated by electrieity, 

Lc';!g, Dr.'Wickham, cardiac aneurysm, 393; melan- 
osis after melanotic sarcoma of choroid, 1243 
Le;:ion of Honour, admission of a lady to, 139 
L'-icester, sanitary repurt of. 550 • 

Leigh, Mr. Richmond, uuqualitied assistants, 404 
Lemons, decoction of in intermittent fever, 448 
Leus-polishers, tremors among, 707 
le Page, Mr. J. F., axis-traction in delivery with 
obstetric forceps, 768, 1012 ; evacuation of de -p 
abscesses, 1232 
Leuk'craia witli priapism, 730 
Lever, rectal, use of, 7S5 

Lewis, Mr, W. Bevan, cerebral Idealisation, 624 
Li'wis's histological labels, 10& 
Liabilities of medical men for neglect, 1049 _ 
Life-assurance, speculative, 23; gambling in. 172: 
information regarding, 456, -556; importance of, 
7S I ; and medical men, i 51 ; agents of, 10o2 ; im- 
portant decision in, lo98. JliH 
LUe-histories, medical, 535, 1125, 1214 
Lifts, accidents trum, 43$ 

Limbs, Dr. F. Warner on graphic records of move- 
ments of, 576 ; lower. Dr. Rabagliati on osteotomy 
fur deformities of. 1006 
Lihter, Sir Joseph, visit to Buda-Pesth, 685; treat- 
ment of fractures of patella. 855, 976; baronetcy 
conferred on. 1207 
Lithgow, Dr. Doiujlas, cascara sagrada in cons ipa- 

tion, 68 
Lithoposdion, a, 5S7 
Lithotomy. 3Ir. Reginald Kairison's Observations 

on, rer., 680 
Lithotritv, case of, 71 
Little, Dr. C, reported death of, 44 

Mr. J. F., medical life-peerages, 49 

Littlejohn, Dr., compulsory notification of disease, 

Liver, lumbricus in the, 637 ; cirrhosis of, 1195 
Liverpool, sanitary report of, 549 ; hospital acconi- 
modation for infectious diseases in, 5S5, 010, 7v*7, 
845; health matlers in, 7S2. 815, 914; Dr. E. W. 
Hope ou tvphuB fever iu, 1064 
Lloyd, Mr. Jordan, sarcoma of cuboid bone, 1132 
— '- — Messrs., articles shown in annual museum, 

Local Government Board, precautions agamst 
cholera, 173; retirement of Mr. E. Sutton, 386; 
assistant secretarvshiij of, 438, 817 

GovernmentBoard fur .Scotland, 97 

Localisation, cerebral, Jlr. Bevan Lewis on, 624 
L uh. Mr. C. S., oriranisation of aid to coiivales- 

crnts. 932 
Locli Katrine water. S33, 1147 
lockwood, Mr. C B., ligature of occipital artery. 

Lodging-houses, common, definition of, 999 ; in- 
spection of, 1162 

Loeflund, Mr., articles shown in annual museum. 

Loudon, water-supply of, 385; open spaces in, 931 ; 
sanitary progress iu East End of, 985 ; provision 
for cholera in. 935 ; death-rate of, 10S2; " Bitter 
Crv of Outcast." 1216 

Medical Record, Holiday Number of, rew. 


■ Port, sanitarv report of. 451 
Longstaff, Mr. G. B. ."epidemic pneumonia, 1124 

Feb. ->, 1884.] 


Looker, Mr. J. B,, the placenta in breech -presenta- 
tion. 101)6 

Loi-fl-Lieutenant of Ireland, visit to Queen's Oollege, 
Cork, -114 

Livy, Mr. ^V. J., cascira ns nn aperi^'ni, t>OS> 

JLou3ley. Mr. O., and tlio Wokingham Board of 
Guardians, 97 

Lowe. Ur. John, the ijcrm-fheory of disease, 5S 

Lowndes, Mr. F. W., venereal aud scxnal hypo- 
chondriisis, firtl 

Lowry. Mr. .1. II.. bubonic plague in Chini. S86 

Lucas, Mr. Clement, surjiical diseases «it iln-kidney. 
611; exploratory operations on tlie kidney, 99^; 
nephrotomy for suppression of urine. I'lHn", 1157; 
detection of vesical calculus, pi'r rtfctinn, 1126 

Liickes, Miss, Ilonic-nursing and Sick-room Appli- 
ances, rev., 1()9 

Lnmbricus in the liver, 6^7 ; in pnncrens. Dr. J. P. 
Xash on, 77" 

Luminous paint, 10, 407, IJif) 

Lunacy, French eommission on, 22; now commis- 
siouin, 12:' ; reform of treatment of in England, 
Dr. T. L. Kofiers on. 2^'J; letter on, 107 ; appoint- 
ments in» \i!io ; Bill for Ireland, 1140. .Vee In- 

Lunatics in Ireland, proceedinijs in Parliament re- 
garding, 415 ; charged with offences. Ei!l regard- 
ing. 'J-i^a ; Scotch and Irish pauper. -W^ ; criminal, 
■il>, i)S2, 829, Sol» 380, 930; in private houses, 1215, 
'"^'er Insane 

Lmid, Mr. E., presentation to, G35, 94o 

Lungs, inhalations in diseases of, Dr. A. IT. Hassall 
on, 8f>9; letter on, H*ifi 

Luun, Mr. Charles, the soft palate. 044 

Mr. J. 11., amputation at shoulder-joint for 

traumatit; aneurysm, Ici-i ; hot water-injections 
during labour, 247 

Lupus vulgaris, Mr. M. Morris on scarification and 
scraping in, ;i22 

Lyme iiegis, sanitary report of, 947 

Lympho-sarcoma, cases of, 773 

Lyth, Mr. J. P., movement-cure for Asthma, 150 

Macalister, Dr. A., the province of anatomy, 808; 

testimonial to, 9.'?9 
McArdle, Mr., introductory address at St. Vincent's 

Hospital, 993 
McCreei-y. Surgeon-major J., death of. 147 
Macdonald, Mr. A. D., albuminuiia of gestation, 

ft*)9 ; anomalous labour, 10i»i5 
Dr. J. W., paracentesis of tlie pericar- 
dium, 819 
Dr. it. y., protracted gestation and xm- 

usual weight of child, 13 
Macdougall, Dr. J. H., address to Border Counties 

Bran en. 39.t 
Macfarlane, Messrs., antiseptic dressings, .37'i 
McGill, Mr. A, F., trctTment of the sac in hernioto- 

mj. 527 
McKendrick, Dr., galvanic and animal electricitv, 

Mackenzie, Dr. Morell, catarrh of the naso-pharyns, 

Dr. Stephen, the nature of purpyra, 

409; ana?mia, 1020; tortuosity of retinal vessels, 

1246; ansmia as a cause of retinal hxmorrhage, 

McKeown, Dr., the magnet in ophthalmic surgery, 


Mackey and Co., Messrs., articles shown in annual 

museum. 37t5 
Mackie. Dr. J., cholera in Egypt, 134, 179, 254, 547 ; 

report to Foreign Ottice, ISU 

Mr. James, memorial of, 160 * 

Mr. W. J., political powerlessness of the 

medical profession, 449 
Macleod, Dr. M. D., typical cases of insanity, 749 

~ Dr. "W. A., infantile eiysipehis, 873 

MacMunn, Dr. C. A., chlorophyll in animals, 648; 

excretion of urohaematiu iu rheumatism and peri- 
carditis, lOtJO 
Macnamara. Mr. C, tlie specific organism of cliolera, 

844; tuberculous disease of bone, 1119, IISO 
Macnaught, Dr. John, obituary notice of, 1100 
McNee, Dr., strangulated congenital inguinal 

hernia, 197 
Macphail, Dr. S. K., corpuscular richness of blood 

in anxmia, 1190 
McVail, Dr. D. C-, Scotch deputation to Mr. Mun- 

della, 351 
Madden, Dr. T. More, puerperal fever, 261 ; eerehro- 

uer\'ous disorders peculiar to women, 816, 1064 
Maggi, Dr., anthracic inoculation, 8S7 
Mairistrates. medical, 108. 178, 655, 731, S79, 964, 

ilagitot. M., notched teeth, 22 
Magnesia in beer, 534, 609. 6.=i3 
Magnet in ophthalmic surgery, Mr. S. Bnell on, 

Magnetic sense, 737 

Mahomed, Dr. P. A., a wamtag, 608 ; eollectivo in- 
vestigation of disease, 891 

Mr. G., falsetto and nasal notes, 1095, 


JIahomet Ismail Khan, case of. 83i 

Mails, Indian, and cliolent, M7 

Major, Dr. Herbert, hitemperance and insanity, 

Makuna, Mr. SI. D., medical meteorology of epi- 
demic diarrhn?a in London. 579 ; Transactions of 
Vaccination lnquir>-, rcr.,t<\i>i 

Malaria, arsenic a prophylactic against, 447 

Malfonnation, Mr. A. Graham on a ease of, 1125 

Malingering, hysterical. Dr. A. K. Bennetton, 567 

Malins, Dr. E., cases of laparo-eoterotomy, 581 ; 
pliosphatic calculus. 1132 

Malt jelly, Allen and Hanhurys', 1026 

Maltine Manufacturing Conipany, articles shown 
in annual museum, 376 

Manbre's improved process of brewing, 121 

!5I;inche3ter, special correspondenpe from, 202, 301, 
fi02, 945, 1 15'), 13'2 ; mortality in, 1162 

Mania, acute, and general hospitals. 988 . 

March, Dr. H. C, resection of ankle by ^rtifltSad 
Pott's fracture, 907 

JIarine laboratories, "-iO 

' observatory. 738 

Marking of bodies of patients, 1142 

Marr, ^tr. D., articles in annual museum, 376 

Marriages of cousins. 35i^ 456, 5."S, 608 ; in Ireland 
in 1882, 1089; unphysiological, 1111 

Marsh, Mr. Howard, rodent ulcerand exophthalmos, 

Marshall, Mr, John, BracJshaw lecture on nerve- 
stretching, 1173, 1202 

Dr. L. W., sarcoma of upper jaw in a child, 


Martindale, Mr. W., Extra Pharmacopa?ia of ITn- 
olhcinal Drugs, ivr., 825 

Martius. Dr., the heart's systole, 3S5 

MarwQod, ^'illiara, the case of, 537; post mortem. 
examination of, 542 

Mason, Mr. Francis, treatment of intermaxillary 
bone in hare-lip, 1074 

Mr. Frederick, tumdur at ?clero-cpmeal 

junction, 778 

Mr. S. B., poisoning by bryonia dloica, 


Massiah, Dr. B. ^., relation of convalescent institu- 
tions to hospitals, 33 

Materia Medica, Dr. Isambard Owen's Manual of, 
rev., 553; the K"ewer, rei.:., ib. 

ilaudsley. Dr. H.. heredity and disease, 78^ 

Maxwell, Mr. C. iL. excessive sneezing, 1165 

Dr. T., medical book-keeping, 405 

May. Mr. Bennett, introductory address at Queen's 
College. Birmingham, 677; lumbar nephrectomy 
for scrofulous kidney, 922 ; fatal pyrexia after use 
of catheter. 1013 

Mayer and Meltzer. Messrs., articles shown in an- 
nual museum, 376; improved portable galvanic 
battery, 1026 

Mayors, medical, 9S4, 1047 

Meadows, Dr. A., diagnosis of fibroid tuniours of 
uterus, 716 

Measles in Fair Isle, 28; in Lockerbiie, id.; in Ork- 
ney, 131 ; in Scotland. 8S9 

Measures in French Codex, 336 

Meat, diseased, poisoning by, 645, 833; 'bad, con- 
demnation of, 753 

!Mechan. Mr. A., poisoning by chlox'al, 820 

Medal, Baly, award of, 21; "Hunter, award of . 288 ; 
of honour from French government, 505 ; Howard, 
subject of, 637 ; award of, 1030 ; Blane, award of, 

Medical Act Amendment Bill, i-emarks on. 122, 285, 
380; meeting of extramural teachers in Edin- 
burgh. 132; deputation of Medical Alliance Asso- 
ciation to Mr. Mundella. 255 ; of Brussels Medical 
Graduates' Association, 256 ; letter on, 351 

advertisements, 207. 603. 660, 756, 852, 1102, 


Alliance. Friendly Societies', and the medi- 
cal profession. 97 

-assistant's, unqualified, 100, 404, 803, 85^}, 


Benevolent Fund, donations to, 126, 780; 

council of South Wales and Monmouthshire 
Branch on, 200; collection for in Liverpool, 437 j 
letters on, 1261, 1320 

book-keeping. 99, 1-19, 405, hh?> 

— bulletins, 393, 895. 942, 1095 

consultants, 674, 754, 804, 951 

Council, meeting of Executive Committee, 

176; recommendations of, 457 ; piembers of, 1030, 
1146; remarks on, 1265 

diplomas, Indian, 42 

etiquette. 150, 207,307, 308. 557, 755,803, 852 

events of year, in Scotland, 1309; in Ire- 
land, 1312 

evidence, strange, 1083, 1264 ; a coronei on, 

Medical fees. See Fees 

— — graduates, foreign, status of, .SO 

^mnastics, treatment of asthma by, 407 

- insurance, 451 

- life-histories, 535, 1125 

- journalism, the telegraph in, 645 

- magistrates, 108, 178. 5.55, 731, 879, 96-1, 973 
man, fatally injured while attending a. pa- 

tient, ISiia 

• mayors, 931, 1047 

men, (M»sition of, 795; tricycles for, 951; 

Dr. .Mushet on remuneration of. 961; imfouuded 
charges against, I'Li*^, 10i>5 ; lijdjilitiesof fornoglect, 
lOifi; ve.^;»tiou5 prosecutions of, IJO?^ 1211, 1255, 
1:.'5S.. 1317 

— — — mission, Birmingham, 895 
- missions, 7*5 

officer, dispensary, charges against, 389 

officer ot health, reduction of salarj' of, 

lU ; duties of a, 648, 1162 ; qualilioation of, vh\h 

officers, poor-law, and relieving officers, 

916. 1099 

peerages, 49. 406, 1368 

practice, Dr W. Webb, on changes in. 51 ; 

in the Cnited States, 755. llnl; in the Coloniee, 
1270 ; in South Africa. 1321 

practitioners, unqualiiied. 100 

• practitioners, and consultants. Dr. A. H. 

Xewth on, 674 ; letters on, 754. Hn4, 951 ; Dr. Hick- 
man on Aids orHindrances to, rev., 979 ; right* of, 

profession, Mr. Grossman on maintenance 

of honour and respectability of. 61; politics and 
linatice of, 91, 3*il, 755; the friendly societies' 
medical alliance, 97 ; representation of in Parlia- 
ment, 300, 454, 507. 7u7. i'02, 1ljo3; honours to. 
303, .395; Doliticalinfluenceof. 434, 449, 5t7, 652, 
M5 ; Mr. T. H. Huxley on intervention of the State 
in affairs of, 709 

Provident Society. See Society. 

Reform, report of Committee on, 137, 271 ; 

letter on, 351 ; in 1883, 1304 

school. See School. 

service of British Guiana, 25 

service, night , 289, l54 

student, death of a, 937 

students, a lew words to, 501; in Dublin. 

club of, 1090 ; in Edinburgh, social club. 1310 

superintendents of asylums and general 

practice, 1320 

titles', 49 

lyitnesses, travelling fees of, 654, 1219 

women for India, 1?7, 931 

— work of the session of Parliament,- 434 

^fedicine, Dr. A. T. H. Waters on present aspect 
and futnre prospects of, 209 ; Dr. Quain's Dic- 
tionary of, 287 ; relation of drugs to, 634. S52 ; in 
Paris, 668 ; Dr. Clitt'ord AUbutt on study and prac- 
tice of, 661, 681 ; progress of in 1833, 1299 

Medicine-ciiests, Messrs. Squire's. 17 

Medicines, use of iu workhouses, 50 ; carriageof.and 
the parcels post, 20:^, 438 

Medulla oblongata, tumour of. 821 

Meeres, Dr. E. E., detection of stone in children. 13 

Meharry. Mr. W. J., acute rheumatism treated with 
salicylate of soda, 1125 

Melancholia, treatment of cases of. 100 

Melanosis after melanotic sarcoma of oibit, 1242 

Jlellin's food for infants. 376 

:Melon3, alcoliol from, 637 

Memorial of Dr. J. Mackie. 160; of Sir G. Jessel. 174 ; 
of Dr. Rolleston, 353 ; of Mr. J. Shuter, 980. 1252; 
of Dr. J. L. Stoney. 991, 1214; of Mr. Hatfenden, 
1030; of Dr. R. Druitt, 1141 

Menche, Dr., ankvlostomum in Germany, 640 

Menstruation, prolonged, Mr. R. J. Oswald on, 820 ; 
in an infant, llll 

:Meroier, Mr. C, the Council of the Royal College of 
Surgeons, 92 ; an epidemic of delirium. 630 

Merciirv. chloride of. as a surgical dressing. Mr. W. 
Robertson on, 872 ; ammoniated. Mr. S. Deakin on 
imusual symptoms after use of ointment of, 1281 

Meredith, Dr. John, child-bearing late in life, 1003 

IVlerthyr Tydfil, sanitary report of. 605 

Metallotherapy, Dr. Biuq on, rei-., 1076 

Metastasis, Mr. W. H. Walter on, 1235 

Jleteorological conditions and public health, 886 

Methylene, bichloride of. Dr. F. Junker on death 
from use of, 104; question of purity of, 129 ; letters 
on, 271 ; Dr. R. Xirk on. 1233 

Metria, Dr. L. Attbill on, 259 ; Dr. J. Thorburn on, 
260. See Fever, puerperal 

IMetritis, chronic, with retroflexion, Dr. Edis on 
treatment of, 573 

Meyraott, Mr. H., sporadic cholera. 1167 

Mickle, Mr. A., pkicenta prsvia, ^19 

Dr. W. J., acts during temporary epileptic 

mental disorder, 631 

Micro-organisms in relation to disease. Dr. Dresch- 
feld on, 1055 ; Surgeon-SIajor Gilespie on, 1263 ; in 
typhoid fever, Mr. Mott and Mr. Blore on, 1058 ; 
in cholera. Sec Cholera 



Micropliotography, 922 

Jticroaoope. oxyli.vdiogen. ior.2 

Microtome, corapouna, 12ii' 

Middlesex nni Hertfordsliire. aiinitarv report of 

Midwifery. See Obstetric, 
ilidwives, regulation of. li;tn 
3Iile End. sanitary progress in, 085 

"^'il-Ii'"/'"'"''''"^'" '•'• "-solution of PnrliamentarT 
liills Committee eonceriiing, 277 ;meeting of. ;J;18 
.Mill<, infected, diphtheriii from, 121 ; scarlet fever 
from, »3i> ; typhoid fe\er fj-om, llni : Dr. Hoare on 
use of m medicine, ir.2, l.V! ; .llpine Swiss, .|33, 
bSl ; sanitary regulation of .trade in, 744 ; typhoid 
orgiuisms in, 8ut ; adulteration of, sas : sunplv of 
in Loiulou. 12Jti 
^lilk-sickness, tiyii 

.Milles. Mr. J., improved microtome, 1246 
Millican. Mr. K. W.. the sectional meetings. 299- 
Dr. Creiglit ma address in Pathology, 449; the re- 
lief of tootliache. 4:1.5 

Mills, Mr. C. K.. liysterical deafness, IIW 

Mihvard, Dr. James, politics of tlie medical profes- 
sion, 91, ,147 ; lelt-haudedness among the ancient 
Hebrews, 40.5 

Jlmeral Waters, of France, Dr. Vintras's Medical 
truide to. rer., IBH; Dictionary of, rci:., 827 

Jlines. .accidents in, 127 

Jlitchell. Dr., employment of the insane. 2.3 

— — — — Dr. A., appeal on behalf of family of late 
Cr. Stewart. .308. .i.58. 802 

'^'ijart.Mr. r. St. George, fever-bed at the West 
End. .'lO.T 

.Moltat, Dr. R.. obituary notice of, 7.52 

-Moist hands and feet, 100 

Mole, hydatiform, 118 

Money, Dr. A., necrosis of upper jaw in typhoid 
tei-er. Ilil9 ■ 

Mi'iikeys. disease of bones in. 774 

M"iniiouth rural district, sanitary report of. 6.57 

Munstrosity, case of, 49 

Monument, public, to PiTiel. 8.S2 

Moore. Dr. James, death of, 890 

— — — Dr. J. W., introductory address at Meatli 
Hospital, 99.3; enteric fever, il:i.3 

-— Dr. Sornian. diverticula of small intestine, 

— - — Dr. W., address to Medical Section of Aca- 
demy of Medicine in Ireland, li:l;i 
Joos, Mr. A.. .Alpine Swiss milk. B8I 
ilorgan, Mr. G. B.. loose cartilages in knee-.ioint , 

-— — Mr. J. H.. epiphysal necrosis of humerus. 
419; operative proceedingi in intestinal obstruc- 
tion. tj,2 

ilorgue for Queenstown, 178, .540 

'°^^_0". Mr. jj. G., infantile diarrhoja and its treat- 

forphia. poisoning by. 126; for sea-sickness, Mr P 
Vincent on, 323; habitual abuse of, and treatment! 

[orphcea on eyelid, 1 1 7 

lorris, Mr. Henry, lawn-tennis elbow. .5.57 

Mr. Malcolm, scarilication and scrapinu- in 

trentment of lupus, 322 ; use of antimony in b'kin- 

diseases. 572 

[orrison, Mr. W., sea-voyages, 658 
:orse, Dr W. D., how to keep the hypodermic 

syringe in order, I004 
lortality, class, and stratified statistics 9'9 
.ortuaries at PSre-la-0'haise. 931 
lortuary. public, for Kensington. .534 
ott Mr. P. W., and Mr. Bljre, micro-org.inisms in 
t.\ plioid fever. 10.^8 

otteisheadand Co.. Messrs., articles exhibited in 
aiinu;il museum, 376 

:'uUin.Mr. C. Mansell, multiple synovitis follow- 
ing injuries to joints, 430 
—^ — Dr. J. A. Mansell, hypertrophy of mamma', 

ountain station, a new, 1166 

ovements, conjugate, of eyes, model illustrating. 

ullein. Dr. Quintan on use of in phthisis, 1123 

ulvany, Mr, J., resection of ankle-joint, 1188 

umps. lalnrinthine deafness from. 649 

unroe. Dr., foreign body in laryn.x, 1191 

ilrder at Walthanistow, 583, 639, 682; at Thornton 

Heath.829. 880, 930 'liuoinion 

irmurs, I'ardiac, 300 

jrphy, Mr. E., ship-surgeons, 609 

irrell, Dr. W.. nitrite'of sodium, 997; abr. s rre- 

;atonus. 1015; attack on. 1092 • auri.s 

iSL-les, state of in disease erf spinal cord 9''3 

iscle. ciliary. Dr. Uhtholf on eserlne in weakness 

iscular atrophy, progressive 113'> 
'■'.5":i75 """""'• "' '''''''^'' Medical Association. 
— Naval, of Hygiene, 73< 

[Feb. -2, 1884. 

InlsSf'l^i' "'*' ''°"'"' '""'""S. 883; progress 
^'tio'i",Ti7'.5^'""''°'"^'''°'' "'' ^'■'"''' '^'"^'™' -issocia- 

-— Pathological, of University College 

Liverpool. Descriptive Catalogue of, r«-. 8''6 

.,. "'' J*"-''''' College of Burgeons, report of,, Dr. \\. B.. professional remuneration, 964 

IT • f'^T'k, P^'l'^lSW- ind treatment ot'. 118 ■ 

renu.val of, Mr. J. K. Thornton on. ;!■'• Dr 

Schroder on, 714. .y«' Uterus . ■ - , j^i . 

Myringodectomy, Mr. Litton Forbes on 814 

Myxoedema, discussion on, 1072, 1079 '; letter on, 

Ka^vus, of face, conjunctiva, and retina, 117 • treat- 
merit of, Mr. W. M. Co.ates on. 318; Mr E. Owen 

tans. Mr. \V . J. Beatty on. 1015 

if,',''!'."'''.^- ",';"*'^ Pjieumonia. 167 ; the Collective 

state! l'f57 ■''■■'"' • '■"'" '" ""-Pu^Peral 

■'^low''' ''■*' '■'''""■"f"™' ''«'"•. and nitrous o.xide, 

Nash, Dr. J, P.. lumbricus in pancreas, 770 

Naso-pharyngeal fibroid polypus, 113" 

Navy, medical service of, appointments. .55j 1097 ■ 
retirements and deaths, 44 ; successful candidates 
for 4.,0; regulations for admission. 498 ; nurses 
tor hospitals. 735; gratuity for disability, 798 ■ the 
Blane medal, 11.59; retrospect of 1.309 

>eale. Dr. K., marriage of cousins. 4.36; determina- 
tion ot sex, .-,.■>, ; intemperance and cholera, 8o3 ; 
copper-works and cholera, 804 . ' ' , 

Necropsy, first medico-legal in America 406 

.Necrosis, epiphysal, Mr. Morrant Baker on, 416 • of 
I'lMT^uieur^iv"- ^^'""'"' °"- ■""= «""<^. »f Hb" 

Neglect, liabilities of medical men for 104,v 
^^l^l""^^' ""?' °f' ■'■■^*- ^"'^ ■■ JIi--Clement Lucas 
Tlr'w wTf'^^^*^'".,'-'"'.™'' °' * floating kidney. 
Dr. W Walter, ; for scrofulous kidney, 92-' 

Nephritis, scarlatinal, 875 ' ' 

Nephrotomy for suppression of urine 10<i5 1157 

of'flfthtrVr'sj'o"' °'- "'"^ ""P^^ '■"''" °'P"^ 
— ^ musculo-spiral, division and re-union of. 

"^tTlS^^f^S'^iaiS^IS" "' '""'' ''""'^«- 

Nerve-stretching, for facial neuralgia, 1126- Mr J 
Marshall's lecture onf 1173 iV'-'iii 
epUeptiform neuralgia, Mr. W. J. Walsham'on, 

Nerves, histology of. 1081 

— — — optic, passage of blood into in case of cere- 
bral hemorrhage, 1247 
j^.g peripheral, atrophy of in locomotor ataxy. 

Nervous disorder, epidemic, 343 

— - system. Dr. Fcrrier on progress of know- 

_-.....^.... ^,. i..,,,c, uu progress Ot k 
ledge in physiology and pathology of, 805 8'"' 
Nesbitt, Mr. W. P.. cannabis Indica, 6.58 
Restle s food for infants. 376 
Nettle-rash, Dr. McCall Anderson on, 1107 
Nettleship, Mr. E., homonymous hemianopia 778 ■ 

sympathetic intiammatioii after excision l-'46 
-Neudorfer on narcosis by chloroform, et'he'r and 
nitrous oxide. 1085 "v,..iiiu 

Neuralgia, nerve stretching for. Si-e Nerve-it retch- 
Neuroma, mutiple. 1060 
^'iu'^f ' '''"'°"""'''' !"■■ J- K. Spender on bromides 

New'bery and Sons. Messrs., articles shown in an- 
nual museum, 376 

Newcastle-on-Tyne. sanitary report of, ,549 

New Forest rural district, sanitary report of 897 

JNewiugton. sanitary report of, .549 
w""l°'i ''^''' ^■' Malformations of the Kidney, 
I Newtl'i, Dr. A. H., relations between consultants 
and general practitioners, 674 ; crime and insanity, 

Newton Abbot, sanitary report of S'ls 

New Zealand, ho.spitals in. a36 

Niclwlson. Dr. Alleyne, specialisation in education, 

; '. Surgeon-major E.. inlluence of position 

^t»fuV^.""f ?"'.'."■; "" '■'"■"""i°" "f calculus. 13 ; 
statistics of death from snake-bite 448 
Mr. K. H. B., death ofsoii of. .5.34 

: rarkes, present.-itiou to library of 657- 

nemonal to Common Council of Loiidnn,' 7«i '; 

Night medical service, 289, 454 
Nightingale fund, 81 

Nitrite of sodium, clinical uses of, 980. letters on 
HospiutorJM,?'"""'""""""'- "' Westminste; 
Nitro-benzine, poisoning by, 1205 

■'^w'";f w'n^' ^^^^ ''"""6 ""Iniinistration of. Jlr 
by'. 1U85 " ""• '""■ '"'"°" °'' "'"^ ' narcosis 

Nixon, Mr. N. H., bed-table, 731 
Nockolds Mr. S., the late Mr. Haffenden. 1260 
Nodules rheumatic. Dr. T. Barlow on, 511 
Nortji ^V itchford. sanitary report of. 605 

ofmaxUla,^,-o.3'- =»""'»-*"•-'"'■■"">. -id excision 

Nose, Mr W. E. C. Nourse on calculus in, 728- Gan- 
grene of, from use of arsenical paste, 919; tr°eat- 
ment of polypi of, 1075 .ne.!! 

Note-taking, 877 

Nourse Mr WE. C, calculus in the nostril, 728 
«r'll99 I^reatise on theDiseases of the E.\ e. 

Nurseries, children's. Mr. Euskin on, 10.52 

i'-f',t- \}:"^'^ '-'°"'^«'' Hospital, resignation of, 
1 , 4. .iia, .j.5h ; registration of in Philadelphia. 136 ; 
St. Johns House, 6.53; female, for naval hosi.ital 
wo ' S^™ 1° • '•*''■ • glasgow training homn f„r. 
990 : for sick-poor in Belfast, 1317 
Nursmg, Home, Miss Liickes on, ri-i-., 169- of the 
sick-poor, 172 , ^ ■ . 01 lue 

Nutrition and growtli. Mr. D. T. Hamilton on, 1271 

Obesity, case of, 284 

Obituary, Dr. G. B Whiteley,47; Inspector-general 
J. Paynter, 9, ; Dr. Edmoudton, 133; Dr A P 
|"'";'"J:/''il= ^f's- Chaplin Ayrton. 298 ; Dr. \i'. 
Boyd 3.13; Dr. J. Arrott. 388 ; Dr. J. H. L. Stoiiev. 
^ 'Dr. H. J H Bond, .5.53; Dr. B. Hunt. ,0.. 
Dr. .J. A Smith. ,h. ■ Mr. P. M. Grant, ib. ; Dr H. 
Finch 702; Mr. J. J. H. B,irtlett, -4.; Dr. 1! 
Moftat, ,.-,2; Mr. F. T. T^vining, 800 ; Dr. James 
Moore. m>: Mr. J. Deighton.' 931 ;' Mr. J.ames 
bJiuter, 94( ; Dr. J. Marion Sims, 1000 ; Dr. C 
Hilton Pagge, 104.5: Dr. L. Borcliardt, 1047; Dr' 
J. .Macnaught. UOo; Mr. J. M. Crombie. 1144- 
Dr. John Wall. 1210; Mr.B. B. Carruthcrs, 12.53- 
Mr. Moses Gritlith. 12.54; summ.ary of, 1314 

Uljservatory on Ben Nevis, 83, 290i .5.39. 740 8,38 
10.33 : a marine. 738 ' ' 

Obstetric and gynecological practice. Dr. Ginily 
Hewitt on food in, 224; operations, morality oi. 

Obstetrics, modern. Dr. J. H. Keeling on, 57; pro- 
gi ess ot in 1883, 13113 "^ 

Occupations, unhealthy. 1147 

Occi|iito-posterior presentations, Mr. C. R. Thomson 
on, 12 

O'C.Huiell, Dr. P.. albuminuria, 308 

o Connor, Dr. B.. objections to compulsory vacci- 
nation, 935 

— - Mr. P.. suppression ot urine in a boy. 1022 

Odours of Westminster. .384 

(Kstrus in man, 6S8 

Ogston, Dr. F., resignation of professorship. 132 

Oil-lanipa. explosive, I086 

Ointment of ammoniated mercury, Mr. S. Deakin 
on unusual symptoms after application of r'81 

Okehamplon, sanitary report of, 704 

Oks, Dr., lumbiii us in the liver. 637 

Old age, operations in. Dr. W. C. Amison on, 70; 
-Mr. J. Rhys on, 270 ; statistics ot, ,542 

Oleates, prepaiution oi, 954 

Olecranon ,alleged unskilful treatment of fracture of, 

Oliver, Dr. G., Bedside Urine-Testing, rrv., 17 • uri- 
nary test-papers, 633 

Mr. J. A. W.. history of epidemics, 1107 

JDr- T,. sarcoma of oyary, 1018 

One idea, 610 

Open spaces o£ the metropolis, 931 ; in Manchester 
and Salford, 1262 

Ophthalmia, sympathetic, case of, 116, 923, 1003 ; 
Dr. C. B. Taylor on treatment of. 1231 : Mr. G E 
A\ alker on a case of, ili. ; after excision, 1246 ; mode 
of transmission of. 1247 

Ophthalmic therapeutics, J[r. J. Hutchinson on 
advance of knowledge of. 757 

Ophthalmology, Drs. rle Wecker and Landolfs Com- 
plete Treatise of. rvr., 979 

Opiillialmoscope for .artists, 117; a compact, 1027 

Opium, Dr. C. J. Hare on use of, 1.54 

Orbit, congenital tumour of, 773; sarcomatous 
tumour 01, 1246 

Ormerod, Dr.. atrophy of right eye in hemiplegia, 

Ornisby, Dr. L. H., the Stoney memorial fund, 

Orniskirk, sanitary report of, 898 

Ossitic masses in tumours not connected with Iwne, 

Osteotomy for deformity of the lower limbs, Dr 

liabagliati on, I006 
Osteitis deformans and sclerosis of bone, relation 

between, 1261 
O'Sullivan, Dr. S., tennis-elbow, 1168 
Oswald, Mr. K.J. W.. prolonged menstruation, 820 

Feb. 2, 1884.] 

JoE^mrmB. medical journal. 

Of is. Dr. G. A. and Dr. Huntingdon. Medical and 
t.^ History of the War of the KeLellio^f.ret^ 

OUilogy, Jlr. G. P. Field ou reeeut progress in, 
Oorrhcpa. fatal rases of, '.I7', lots 
Ovariotomy in Italy, ti;iS ; remarkable <-,He of 74o- 
»nt,sept.,s m, SM ; d«.th from grannlar kldlleys 

°':;i7',™.P*'"«°f ^T*' of. 'iS: tumour of coninli- 

Overrrowding and crime, 5.3' 

Onen Mr E., treatment of large uavi.Sai cbronic 
ostitis of tarsus, llSci •••>- ,i.urouK 

"T^Sli '*"""*■"'''• ^'"nual of Materia Medica, 
— — Professor, retirement of, ISii.i 
Oxley. Dr. M. G. V... fatal chorea in a boy, 511- 
b:iyi-e s jacket, lisn -' ' 

'^xyiiris vermiculaiis, 45t> 
O.rsters, green, (>Jy 

S^i'^^v"^' '"""^'Ui't'o" after confinement , .308 
PaSe.Mr.F., and Dr. Oliver, sarcoma of ovary 

typhofd fe?;r «7 co-existence of diphtheria and 
Paint, luminous, IM, 407 j.">(} 
^fnjv°!OT,''«:!2""'""'°"°' """• "y ".vpodermic 

^ of,'«;r!'4''''"°"^°* "'• ''^^ ' '''"*" °" puncture 
Palmer s corn and wart remover sri; 

P»™l''h'!f • "'• ■'.-^- ^'''"' "» 'umbricus in, 77'J 
rapal honours, t>,.3 

Papilloma of conjunctiva, \i\^ 
oit'971)"''' P'""'"'- Surgeon-Major F. P. Staples 

"^,i^i;:7^;s°e'„,rm"'''''"'"'^-''- °- ^f^-^domud 

Paralysis, facial, with traumatic tetanus <U8of 
muscles of leg cured by electricity, I'.'V. „/;" 

I'nr;.ent""l"^"- "?" ' "' '"dividual fibl;; of re- 
current laryngeal nerve, lUl, 1270 • „f rJ^i 
nerve, with herpes zoster of portion of Kft h, lliti 
^'^^^^FLy^ "^"^"^- ^'''"S iu recuvery.-i:;.. 

'"'"r.ircejsrA^""'" "'• ''«= ""-i -^""'g- °f 

P^ins, special correspondence from. 7.50 ^il 

''mulenm.'i^s'""* '^"- ''■■'■^'- ^"X"^" - »»»-! 
Parker, Mr. G sarcoma in the common fowl, j,3i 
"iJudTZn^t''" Q ? ■" ^V' P^'1'olos.r of congenital 
ill a toy S.73 ' ^V>nU.n^on^ inguinal aneurysm 

Tr~i?!!'' I!"*','*??' '"testinal obstruction. 66ii, 
bil : Abdominal Hernia, .«•., 82s ■ stricture nf 
rectum and intestinal obstruction, lotiVprophv 

Parkes Museum. .«<■ Jluseum 
antidote t'15''-,?v f"- "v ".vdrocyanic acid, an 

Parliament, proceedings in, i6, SI, M6, 2oj, :-,ol,.r,o 
.(>•<.« I; medical work of session of |::i ■ renre- 
ProfSn "'^""' P-f«--Hm in. i. ilXal 
Parson, 5Ir. H., refracture of patella, 11 

tinn";^°':i/-'''™"^""^"''''nd general practi- 
Partnership, disqualification bv, .548 
P.Liteur M., incrcise of pension of, 12.5- micro 
S.^.-.4f '^'''""''' '^-- P-oan'ti'ous'aSIinst 
Patella, refracture of, Mr. H. Parson on 11 • Mr H 

tire of ' ni'l »; T ■^S"^', ■",' fcatment of frac- 
iSS^ ----'- -"^^i^'^nT-SI^ 

.,.«/. U'f'^^^-H "Trreen 3 address to Section of. 
X„ Qo- i '-'^^fi -Manual of, re,-.. s7s ■ lettei- 
m- «* .^"S'cal. Mr. A. J. Pepper's Elements of 

i"w. 9« '■'^current myeloid tumour of upper 

P.yne,'i)"r. .J. R, an old definition of ••Doctor," 

J-Vnter, Ii, p.ctor-General .T., obituary notice of. 

?Sifi;i^paTfSnt4"^"''" «''»'« "•^<'-'^- 

lOlt ^'''P^"''"-- obstetrics of. iIk; deformed. 
Pencil-holders, automatic, use of. 11H4 
Penile hstula, plastic operation for, n:il 
Peninsular veteran, death of a, I3.i4 

f^^S'- ^ "'•• ^'"""-'^ °' S""'-^' Pathology, 
Pe^,to'nising apparatus, Messrs. Savory and Moores, 

temati?ina4 ''"'''""" on excretion of uro- 

""oir^if ™asro?T,T"°''°^'- ^- ^^-'"'■'■-•■'' 

"■a'SssTjll^atc^sTnrio,"-'""^ "■ "«« "^'"'^ 
Peritoneum, abscess of, in children, 77.5 
Peritonitis in a deer, 774 
Pen^sson, M., danger of glazed earthenware vessels, 

Peruzzi, Dr., ox-ariotomy in Italy, 6:>^ 

Pe erboi-ough. Bishop of, illness of, 331, .J-^t 

women; f,;>3"'""°"™"' ""^orders peculiar to 
Pharmaceutical jurisprudence, 79 

M";^fnSe!r,-,?f,'?i^f ^■"'«"='-' "'"g^. ^I- ^y- 

Pharmacy, a few words on, 1037 

Phenol, trichloride of, W7 

Phillips, Mr. G. A asylum for imteciles, 7.56 
Ti- ?■ \' "nqualified assistants, !i.%t 
iJT. 8., diabetes insipidus from syphilis 

Poisoning by chloroform, (iss 
by claret. 71 
by hydrochloric acid, l;jl 
——-by laburnum, Mr. C. A. Lane on. 4;il • 
Jlr. H. Kobinson on. 675- Dr l t cj« i • * 

728; Dr. J. B. Hamilton on. HIS ^""•''"'' °''- 

- by laudanum. tiS-5, 7sy 


,rf:; ^- J-Jf'^Ji"'.?"' of.hay-fever, 69 

VI. u .^'- V • '^•. 'reatment of hav-fevcr HI 
Phosphate of lime Dr W f; Smin? "^'"''' y" . 

affecting precip'ita'Jlon''of''from""ir'ine?«r'""°"= 
Phosphorus, poisoning bv, liis7 

Photography of the Rirynx and soft palate w< 
Larynx : in hospitals, ]0S4 paiate, see 

Phthisis Dr. Bagshawe on climatic treatme<.t of 
lo- t^mmun.cability of, 2.58, R.4, 983 ?.?r" 
b. .". Hope on a case of, 917; pretubercular 7)r' 
Quinlan on increase of weigh Uirn23 Sr'c T 
J^.Hiams.on relations of to albuml^iiru"" ,^24, 

Physiology, Mr. Schafer's address to Section of ■>26 • 
simple .acts in, .539 : teaching of in Oxford lofi ■ 
progress of jn IWj, 1901.5 " "xiora, 4U43 , 

Pickard and Curry, Messrs., articles sho«-n in 
Annual Museum of Association 3711 

Pierce. Dr. F. lr.,artificial tvmpanic membrane lau 

Pigments, poisonous. ,*„ Poisonous ' "^ 

-rinel. proposed monument of, s«2 

Piscidia eiythrina, 9u3 

Pityriasis, rare form of, 931 

Plac-enta, modes of separation and expulsion of 
n.^; succenturiata. 77S ; pncvia Mr i i^iLvi 
on a case of siu . j. . t._P ?^^'*' ^'^; -^: *^- Mickle 

SO ; in Manchester, 

^a^m^"rt:nt;;Son',"i?;.n!i' sTiS^t't'^ '^"'^ 
Plague, bubonic, in China, .4t! ™' '*' 

Plagues. Animal, Mr. G. Fleming on, rev 1075 
Plantararch, wound of, 971 ' 

Pla^ter-of-P„ris, use of in fractures. Mr. C Heath 
on,.oo9; Mr. J. Croft on, ,«. ; in spinal dSse, 

Playground for board-schools 

ll.M. .*c Open Spaces 
Pleuritic effusion, Dr. T. Kobinson ou a case of, 

""^s'l^f'^cSr?:-:}:^"'-' •'^'""' --d by dila- 
Pneumo.iia, Mr. G. M. Giles on |.atho<.enesi. of lu ■ 
acute, discussion ou. Ki7 ; tUta-lous Dr iv' 
Bruce on, 2.;.S; Mr. T. Baven on a^ ep demie of ' 
-'09; unusual complications of. 406 ; coiitaSom 
and epidemic, letters on, 608, 6.58 ; crou^S^^hi a 
child, reated bv cold lath,'Dr. W H^Zv'on 
.-'■^; ot upper lobe, 874; croupous. fr<ated bv' 

Pneumothorax during typhoid fever i>m u- 

pathic, without effu?ion./4 "• '""• "^'"- 

Poisoning, Report of Trials for Murder bv Mr f r 

Bro«-ne and Mr. C. G. .Ste^vart, re, S'^' ' 

by aconit*. 1264 

by alcohol, 131 

by almond-oil. 127 

~ b.v ammonia. 643 

— — — by atropine in iritis, 1141 

— — — - by carbolic acid, 181, 987 ; Mr. J Barron 

sodain: 9"^ ""• '-^ ■' ^^- '■ «-'! on 30^1^^" 
J;^" <^^hloral 28 ; Mr. A. Meclun on. 820 

acid,Mr."-^.'=ii"'6lVo'n.^:^2S ""' "-Virochloric 

. ..". w^-.', ic;. 

— by meat, diseased, 645. 832 

— by morphia. 126 

— by nitro-benziue, 120.5 

— by phosphorus, !os7 

-^;;;;-^by salicylate of soda, supposed, action 

; by strychnia, hydrocvanic ■„■;.! ,. 

antidote in, Mr C H "w p«ri)!f " ** '"» 
letter on, .35.5 Mr FT Rnrt^t '™- ""• "" = 
tion of sensory- nerves in- q^r™ ■"'• ""^-^ondi- 

pois.^ «riS/f •^^5;^e^^'\SJ-i? 

m Germany. .t.3:j ; in Austria, lo^f. 
Poisons. Domestic, Mr. H. Cair on r^T Tao . 

ment of law regarding sale of?"!!!^*"- *'"™''" 
Poland. Mr sebaceous cyst of finger 773 
Police, medicai officers of in Ireland 30-' ■ fee, ..f 

surgeons of, 6.59; and aid to the injur<i^ I'o^ 
Po iceman shot at Wimbledon, 439 

Pohtzer-s Text-book of Diseases of the Ear Dr J P 
Cassells's Translation of, rec 9-'6 

fibToid-, U^"' "' "*'"''' ''"'■■ n-o-phaongeal 
Pons Varolii, tumour of, 821 
Poor, housing of the, l(i9o 


5^r:„f*t'laf'?f LTS o'L^r^,^S-.'!a; -of 
Jol n Simmonds 702, 1W9 ; medical sctv cHu" 
justice toa poor-law medical officer, 84.f. payment 
of a medica officer's substitute. 897 ^ ^m\di"l 
officers pupils, 845. 1049; medical officers S^dr^ 
'■";!Pg officers, 94«, 1049, 1099, 1217 censure ^f" 


; Ireland, the late Dr. E. Fitz'^eralrf -w . 

pomtments of medical officers: f^.''^ , 'oT 


Dr Kittson. 991; hospital-accommodariin i^ '?,: 
Carlow Union, ,6. ; amalgamation of office" in A 
lo^> Lnion 12o, ; cost of medicines in Cork Woi k 
,b.""se 12.,7; events in medical service in 1K.V 
1306 ; Belfast Workhouse, report on "117 ' 
Scotland, conference on, 751 

Poore, Dr. a.^.. coffee and tea, 12u6 
Pork. American, 1141 
Porritt, Mr. X., l«ths and wash-houses. 795 
PoiTo s operation, 637 .-"u-es. ,to 

Port Royal, sanitary state of 851 
Port sanitary aiipointments.Var 
P.'.rter Sir G. H., knighthood of. l:« 
— -— Dr. W. S., presentation to, 9.>J 
Portsmouth, sanitarv report of. 605 
Poulain Dr. T., a water-closet in a beer-cellar .t,,; 
child-bearing late in life, Uo3 "cer-cellar, 9u.i ; 

""Tep..^?'- ""■ =■■ -="1"™'"™' nar^-osis during 

Mr. Hugh, death of, lii;i2 

~^oSm?,-,^«,'""''"^""'"™'P"i-«nia after tra- 

''Ss^s'/thcteTl;]^""™ ''■'°'«' '--—d 

Pratt, |r:,t^i<:i'siSn;'^;^°^--^^-^«^ 

Precipitate, white Dr R r <;■..:. k ,1 ■ *^" 

of for precipitated chat, 70"" °" ^""^f'u'ion 
d¥"k "?• '''•o"-?<^t'"j./n'» unusual weight of child, 
i^,;. rK M.scJonald mi, 13; advanced, obslruc 
tion of bowels 11, 749; gangrene d„ring,'77sf Mr 
A. D. Macdonald on albuminuria of 969 - wiii; 
orarian tumour. Mr. C .J Sells 01, 1.1- . 

^ing of, 10.53; frequenl. 1-4 ' "^' ' ™'""- 

Prescription. use of a, 1141 

^ru"?i-°°,V*' " centenarian, 2.52 : Mr. R A Turn 
™ ' ^'-^^K ^- Workman, eo;j ; mV T j4kcr 
U93; Dr. Colebrooke, 824. Mr P r si.,11 
8'>7 • Mr- V M- TO-.** ^. , .^* *-. Smallmau. 
9^5: Dr'w's P ."''^.^'"i,- ^'■- E- I'und, 6>.5 
O r n;S' ,'il^'"'' "•"'• !>■■• Smiles, l.«4; Mr 
Vp T^o"'S- "-"= Dr. John Davy, 1160. Mr' 
J. B. Woolby, 1186 ; Dr. Fleming, 1195 ' 

Presentation in labour. occipito-pSsferior Mr C R 
Ihompson on. 12; compound Mr H Co ites on 

in' \m''S''-J!j:- '■ i'-'^l'^" "" tiie^lSema 
.1 A.'E."'st,r/r,-o™;*.""'' P'""'"" I"-'-, ^l-- 
Priapism in leukicmiii, 736 



[Feb. 2, 1884. 

Prisons in Ireland, svirgcoua of, 05 ; Indian, mortii- 
lity in, 439; Scotch, report oil, 593; mortality in, 

Piizes, the Boyliton, 22 ; Astlcy C*oper, award of. 
173; subject of. 2J1 ; RQllestoii, 353.; of Society of 
Apothecaries. 43S, U=:* ; at St. IJartholri mew's Hos- 
pital, 477, ti'.t.S : at t'haiilis Cross Hospital, 477, 
ii93 : at St. George s Ho.spital, 4S2, OO.J ; at Guy's 
Hospital. 4y.'i. t;;i3: at Kinj^s Cjlletre, 4S:;, (;ii3;"at 
the London HospiUl, 4S4, t'94 ; at St. -Mary's Hos- 
pital, 4S:.. G;'4 : at the ^liddlcsex Hospital, 48'*, 
H'M : at St. Thomas's Hospital, 4S0, *'.04 ; at Uni- 
versity College, 4SG, t>iU ; at AVestmin'^tor Ho.s- 
pital, 4S7, Oi>4 ; at London School of Medicine for 
Women, 4SS ; at Queou's College, Birmingham, 
■i'M. 0i»5: at Bristol »Iedicj»l School, 401, 6('o ; 
at Bristol Royal infirmaj-y, 401, uOi ; at Bristol 
General Ho.-*pital. 4lil, 6fj; at Leeds School of 
iledicine, 401, 094; at University College, Liver- 
pool. 401, t'Oj; at Owens College, 40;i, tJya ; at Uni- 
versity of Durham College of Jtcdicine, 403, 006 ; 
in University of Edinburgh, 4;»j ; Riberi, o:>4 ; 
Swiney, ;)80 ; at School ol Physic in Ireland, 504; 
at Camxichael College of Medicine, u'.U ; atCaUiolic 
University Jledical College, .--Oo; at Queen's Col ■ 
lege. G;dway. 590 ; at the Xatioual Dental Hos- 
pital and College, 544 ; Glasgow Royal Inftrnc- 
ary School of Medicine, ti95 ; in Edinburgh Scbuol 
of Medicine, 005; in Univer&ity of Aberdeen, COO ; 
of Swiss International Ked Cross Society, 741; 
Madame Broca's, 10S2; of Army Medical Depart- 
ment, 1150 ; Alexander Momori;d, 121'2, 1216, 1:^82; 
J.acusouiaii, subject of, li:.i2; I-icaze, 13U; ia Uni- 
versity of Glasgow, ib. 
Proctor, Mr. S. F., hyiiortropby of the breast. 4jti 
Proctotomy, iu fibrous stricture of the rectum, Mr. 

Harrison Cripps on. ll;i[.i. UiO 
Pi-otoplasm, continuity of throvigh walls of vege- 
table eeUs, 047 
Provident Dispensaries, 31 

Dispensaries, West Clieshire. UtSl 

Dispensary at Dalstou, opening of, 053 

Prowse, Dr. A. B., a compact ophthalmoscope, 1027 

Mr. Wirmim, the moniinj; IxUh, 1052; 

treatment of excessive sneezing, 1208 
Psori;isis of tongue. 010 ; palmaris syphilitica, 1.322 
Psychology, Dr. T. L. Rogers's address to Section of. 

Ptosis and diplopia from liquor gelsemii. Sir. 0. H.W. 
P.aikinson on, 3i'3 

Public HciUth, appointments. 07 ; duties of modical 
officers of health, 07 ; reduction of .<i;darv of me- 
dical officers. 111. 114. 205, 055. SOU, S40 ;" increase 
of salary, 271, 018; death-rate of Hove. SS:?: ad- 
vertising for appointments. 4.-.1; health of foreign 
citiea, ste Cities ; reports of medical officers of 
health. London Port. 451 ; St. Mavylebone, 54s : 
St. F.ancras, ib. ; St George. Him over Square. 540 ; 
Xewington, ih. ; Liverpool, ib. : Newc-astle-on- 
Tyne. ib. ; Leicester, 550: Salford, ib. ; Middlesex 
and Hertfordshire, ib. ; Weai^ale, 604 ; Mid Wrtt- 
wickshire, ib. ; S'orth Witchford, 605 ; Portis- 
. mouth, ib. ; Merthr Tydfil, ib, ; Aston Manor. 6.5>{ ; 
Auckluud, ib. ; B,amsley, ib. : CaiTnartheUi I'/I. ; 
HcUidsworth. ib. : Hove, 657 ; Monmouth, ift. ; 
jVston, 702 : B.acup, 703 : Gravesend. ib. ; Halifiix, 
ib. ; Hastings, lA. ; Holsworthy, ib. : Hohne Val- 
ley. 704 ; Okehampton. ib. ; Stratford, ib ; Tor- 
quay, ib. ; Walker- on-Tyne. ib. ; Weilingborougb, 
ib. ; Carlton, ib. ; Frorae, 705; Windsor, ib. ; Alton. 
ib. : Bath, ib. ; Bcccle*. i/». ; Brandon and Bv- 
E^hottles, ib. ; Chest«r-lc- Street, 849 : Coventry, i/>'. ; 
Gateshead. t7». ; Keighley. SOT ; New Fori_st) ib. ; 
St. Germ:tn'.-i. SOS ; Newtnn Abbot. Wolborough. 
and Diuvlish, t7» ; Ormsfcirk. ib. ; River Tyce Port, 
i6. ; Saltlcy. H. ; Stroud, ih. ; Sunderland Port, 
ift. ; Todmorden, SOO ; Wellington [Somei-set), ib. ; 
Withinu't'-n, i'V ; AVoIstanton and Bnrslem, ih. i 
West?!usv'C]c,ir>. ; Stockton. 040; Sturminster, ifr. : 
Sunderland, tb, ; Wallsend-on-Tyne. 'M7 ; Lyriie 
Rc«i9, ih. ; Buillb, 1217: rogulations of esamin!n)» 
Iw.ards as to (hplomsis and certificates iu, 40,-> ; 
port sanitary appointments, .047 : paymeut by fees 
or by .-uilnry, 555 ; sanitary arrangennjiits in Sineth- 
wick, 630 : rei?istrar-gencr:d"s quarterly retunl^*. 
641 ; public health as a working man's question, 
745 : Ixioks for instruction In, 752, 1162 ; duties of 
medical ofiiccr of health, S48 : vestries ns sanitary 
authorities, luoo ; mortality in Manchester, 1102; 
the Stdtr Crij of Ontcoft LontfoA , \1h\ ; qnalifica- 
tintis of medical officers of health, 1205 ; report on 
for 18ft3, 1304 

: Itchm'l, liOiiUh ofBelfirst, h. >0, 540. COO, 

'.'33 ; quarterly reiHjrt Of health of Dublin I7.S. S40 ; 
quarterly report of health of Ireland, 444, 10'35 ; 
health of Cork, 644, 03V, I0;i5 ; health of AhnAgh 

Scotlan'l, low denlh-rale in Inverallan, 27 : 

nioTtnlitv in eight principal towns, l'S, *>•» l:ji 
177,347, ;iSr. 44^. 540, .JO:i, 043. O-^O. 740. 7§0 SSO 
037. 000, 1033, lMb7, 10^, 1146. 125tl ; Wtal&tUistici 

of Scotland, 28; health of Glasgow, 182, 3S0, 540, 

643, 740, S38, 036, 1034, 1146, 125G ; health of Ediu- 
but^h, 506 ; low death-rates, 1087 ; sanitary work 
in GLasgow, 1250 

Public medicine, progress of in 1SS2, 1304 

Puerperal eclampsia, suggestion for treatmuut 01, 
530 ; Mr. C. O. Rowley on a case of, S73 

■ — - fever, •'ne Kever. 

septicjemia, Dr. W. Strange on, I22B 

Pughe, Jlr. R. X., radical cure of hernia in child- 
hood, 015 

Pnllan, Mr. H. D., injection of hot water in deli- 
ver.*, 165 

Purdom, Dr. T. E., case of elephantiasis, 12S1 

Purgatives. Dr. C. J. Hare on use of, 154 ; Dr. J. H. 
Bennct on, 102 

Purpura, Dr. S. Mackenzie on nature of, 400; ha?- 
morrhagica. Dr. W. Russell on, 414; cases of, 432, 

Puzey, Mr. C, case of malignant goitre, 430; salivary 
calculus, 1105; gastrostomy, 1236 

Puzzling case 755 

Pye-Smitb. Mr. R. J., education of a deaf mute, 
407 ; congenital backward dislocation of radius, 
1023 : idiopathic an.-emia, ib. 

Pyonephrosis, Mr. Clement Lucas on, 613 

Pyos;dpinx, ca=cs of. 007, 1075 

Quadruplets, Iji'i 

Quuin, Dr. R., Dictionary of Medicine, 287 ; portrait 
of, ib. 

Quanmtine in Egypt, 22, 175, 2S6, ; inter- 

national arbitration iu, 127 ; L'Union Mrdicah on, 
3S2 : domestic. 500 ; discussion on in international 
Medical Cougi-ess, 601 ; at Malta, 637 ; Pettcukofcr 
ou, 02s ; iu Australia, 1029, 1000 ; at Gibraltar, re- 
duction of, ]251 : at Constantinople. 1315 

Queen, health of the, lo30 

Queensland, mortality among Polynesian labourers 
in, 1032 

Quinan, Mr. J. R., question of authorship, 002 

Quinidine and it^ allies. 736 

Quinlan, Dr. F. J. B., inci-ease of weight in tuber- 
cular phthisis. 1123; treatment of excessive sneez- 
ing, 12(1^ 

RabagUati, Dr., osteotomy for deformity of the 

lower limbs, loOO 
Rabies, notice by Browii Institution, 1164. See HJr- 

Radius, congential disloc;xtion of, Iwckwards, 1023 
Rags, cairiage of infection by, 253, 307 ; disinfection 

of, 3:^0 
Railway servants, exhausted, 24 

stations, sanitary condition.*? of, 535 

uudergroimd, explosion on, 8S4 

unpunctuality and public health, 734 

Rainfall as a source of potable water supply. e*Mi 
Ralic, Dr. C. H., hygiene of schools, 120; Clintcftl 

Chemistry, rer., 1025 
Rand, Mr. R. F., means bf ascertaining course of 

small iutestine, 123.'j 
Ransom, Dr. F. P., tetanus terminating in recovery. 

107 ; suggestion for treatment of puerperal eclamp- 
sia, 530 
Raven, Mr. T.. epidemic pPeumonIa, 260, 6 JS ; digi- 

t'llis as a cumulative poison. lOlo 
Rawdon, Dr. H. G., operation for hai-e-lip, 723. 
Rawling, Mr. B. B., govuniors and management of 

hospitals, 31 
Rawliiison, Sir Robert, knighthood of, 440 
Rawson, Sir R., anthropometry. 046 
Rca, Messrs. J. and Co., articles shown in annual 

museum, 377 
Rectum, excision of. 1772 ; stricture of. and Intesti- 
nal ol>struction, Mr. Ruahtou Parker on. 1007 ; 

fitjrous stricture of treated by proctotomy, Mr.* 

Harrison Cripi>s ou. 1120, 11S6 
Redfbm, Dr., the professoi-shio of anatomy in Belfast 

594, SSO } address to class, '"tl ' 

Reeves, Mr. H. A., inguinal colotoniy, 87S 
Registrar General's qu;u-terly returns. 641 
Reid. Mr. John, sulphate of soda in carbolic acid 

poisoning. nTl 
Relieving officers and medical olliccrs, 046. jO!?i3 
Remedies, good, out of Lashion, Dr. C. J. Hare ou 

Remuneration, professioual, Dr. W. B. Mn&het ou, 

Rentovd, Dr. R. R., the position of shlp-surgcon^ 

Research, endowment of. 04tj 
Respiration, Cheyne-Stokcs. 1210 
Respii-ators. oro-nas;il, 308, 107S 
Retina, tortuosity of vessels o^ l5l^; aotemiu as a 

c;iuae of hft-'morrhagc in, ib, 
RctTe:\ts for dipsomaniacs, 4(1 
Revaccination in foreign armies, 75, 300: lu the 

army, 30S ; in French schools, 5S3 
Reverdin, JUssrs., removal of the th\Toid gland 

635 . o > 

Reymond, Dr. J., introductory address at Mater 

Misericordia: Hospital, 0',H 
Reynolds and Branson, 3Iessrs., articles shown in 

annual museum, 377 
Rheumatism and its allies in childhood. Dr. T. Bar- 
low on, 509 ; sau'tatinal, Dr. Ashby on a fatal case 
of. 514; Dr. Rickards on, Sli; Dr. Judsou Bury 
on, 516 ; discussion ou, 517; in children, 610; hypcr- 
a-mia of, treated by cold pack, Mr. W. R. Bates on, 
700 ; Dr. C. A. MacMunn on excretion of uroluv- 
matlu in, 1060 ; acute, treated with salicylate of 
so ia, Mr W. .T. Mehairy on, 1125, ; and chorea, 
results of inquirv of Collective Investigation Com- 
mittee, 1130 
Rhinoscopy and treatment of na&il polypi, 1075 
Rhode. Dr., a rare disease, 931 
Rhys. Mr. J., excision of scirrhous tumour of brcatt 

from an old person. 270 
Ribs, acute necrosis of , 1105 
Rich. Dr. A. C, old delinition of "doctor," 1103 
Richardson, Dr. B. W.. the morphia-habit aud its 
tre;itment, 1104 

Messrs. and Co., articles shown in annu:d 

rn'.iseum, 377 
Rickards, Dr. E., fatty transformation of the kidney, 

2 ; allies of rheumatism in children, 516 
Rickets, bone-changes in, 924 

Rido-e, Dr. J. J., treatment of disease without alco- 
hol, 1158 
Riding, easy, in the cavalry, 534, S8S "^ 
Rigor, and labLd herpes, i-eKatiou between, 1245 
Ringer, Dr. S. :md Dr. Saiusbury. phytfiological 
action of barium chloride, 265 ; Handbook of 
Therapeutics, ,xc., 0::o ; action of the digitali:^- 
group, 1070 
Rivers, pi>tlutJon of, 70 

Robbins, Messrs., bichloride of methylene, 271 
Roberts, Mr. Charles, collective investigation, 405 : 
education and body-growth, 1210; Von Grafe's 
opinion of Su* William Bowman, 1261 

Dr. F. T., acute and chronic Bright's diB- 

ease, 771 

Dr. William, collective investigation of dis- 

c.i'^e. 860 
llobertson. Dr. A., ajjhasia, 531 
Robinson, Mr. H., poisoning by labumtiui, 675 

Mr H. B., prolongation of life by toLiI 

abstinence, 047 
— Dr. T., rapid absorption of pleuritic effu- 
sions, 1234 

— Mr. W., lueiTUi'ic chloride as a surgical 

dressing, 672 ; epidemic at Kimberley, 1150 

and Sons. Messrs., articles shown in 

annual museum, ^77 
Robson, Mr. Mayo, lithotrity, 71 
Jtochard, Dr., assnult on, <iS5 
Rodent ulcer, and epithcUoma, 972; aft^ byphiliUc 

Sure, lliOO 
Jioeckel, Mr. W. J., anatomy of htemorrhoids. l»2l 
Rogera, Dr. Joseph, address to Medical 
Officers Association, 335 ; aud the Westminster 
Guardians, 204, 054, 751, 707. 045, 1260, 1265 ; testi- 
monial to, 705, 845, 90S, 910, 096, 1030, 1' 1>0, IMS, 
1212, 125», 131S : resolutions of Dorset and West 
Hants BrAnch concerning, S47 ; of South Wales aud 
Sloumcftithshire Branch, 1213 

Dr. T. L-, address to Section of Psvchologv, 

RoUeston, Dr., memorial of, 353 
Rome, social Correspondence from, 447 
Jiusc, Jlr. W., recun-cnt femoral aneurysm with ex- 
cision of sac, 1131 
R 'th. Mr. B., treatment of tinn'.tua aurium, 1189 
Rutheln, Dr. Cullingworth un urticaria as a compli- 
cation of, 1234 
Rouf. Mr., chronic otorrhiea ending fatally.. P72 
Rowley. Mr. C. o., puei-pend oouvnlsions, s73 
Roy. Dr., c;ittle-dise;iso in South America, 645 
Ru'xs, Oriental, danger of. Ts.'i 
Ruhdorfcr, Dr., severe hiccough, 9S5 
Ruskin, Mr., children's nnrserieo, H.'52 
Russell, Dr. William, purpura hit-morriiagica, 414 
Russell, Messrs., mcdic.-tl chionograpiis, 87r 

Sailors, test of vision of. Dr. W. A. Brailey ()d, 100^ , 

Dr. Suellcn on, Um 
Sainsbury, Dr. H. i>r Ringer, Dr. 
St. Gcoi^. Dr. G., gangrene of nose from arsenical 

paste, 010 
St~ George, Hanever Square, saniliry report of, bts 
St. German's, sanitary report "f, ^■;>t) 
St. John's House aud sistcrdood, 1037 
St. Marylebonc, s;iuitary report of, 548 
St. Paucnis, saidtary report of. 548 
S.»lary. Sfr Poor-I^\w aiid Public Health 
Salford. sauitai-y report of. 55i» 
Salicylate of soda, as an antipyretic n^d antl 

rheumatic, 71; supposed poisoning hy, 132; in 

acute rheumatism, Mr. W. J. Meharry on use of, 


l''eb. 2^ 1884.] 


'mpht IwiallSs '-"■»''»'«» aud fncbatipn of 

Saljsbuiy. Mai-q„i3 of, on industrial d«elliu.s 8t(6 
ballley, sanitury report of, 8il8 """-'""gs, «B^ 

taninuloiis. lionoura to un 
Sauitai-yAid Associatiou, Westmiusttr, ai7 

appointments, port, .347 

certificates of liouses, 384 

^exhibition at annual meeting of Associa- 

tion, 378 

lation to Dublin, 800, ijjsfiuf"-' ' ' """" 

service for army, its 

' ~ towels, tilij 

- - — unit, home as a, 2B 

^'^D/'r-H.'s.sroi;^"?^^^''^^''^ --'■'-''■ 

Sp^^'^^AS;;;!^';^^? "-'>"•'-."» 
'r^Ii'.^^vTn^-k'j""'™' "' ^'""'"^ "---^ -th 

Savory and Jioore, Messrs., articles slinwn in 
^ar:'.?;"""-"' '"' ■• "-'-"'^ Pe^t'o^nisi^^.^Va". 

Sftvyyer, Dr. J., Daily Clinical Charts rei- 17- 
t!on!"^"" constipation and iuteYtSal'o1>stp!/c: 

8carlaHn^r1,'„'Y'^,'?' '.•"'""^P^^i" fracture of, 1022 
c«,ce 87.-> ' " '" "'S""^ ""'"^ °f convales- 


'uSl^^ll^pitlJl?'™ "' »nva.escent institu- 
«ch^r!;^,f {irf 11^" '" ^^^"» -f ^"^^'ology; ,26 
s;:I'"!?V- °';V^- ■^'- ^'atistics of old ase 51- 

'totdon"?.|'7"'af ^ni'v^ S°"''-'-\'" A.I'<'""-^»Hes of 
Medical As,ociatZ!8i, yt K wf ron ""■''li? 


golll-,e'*-i;i?e'rp''o:i!';i"°"^«^- '^- -' """'er^ity 
■ School of Anatomy, Physiology, and Surirerv 4«7 

^^c?™4S? pffz'ji'sfi'o '™'.r% *'' ■■ '"- 

."ija >.->i'-.', prizes. bH.^ ; opemiig of session, 

surgeVy. .W;' prizes 'ti*f' "'=*™«'™ »' dental 

"^^^ST^i:;;i5^f:j^^"'^«- ^*«'°«'. «^; 

Clifford Abutt'siniroZto^^^a^^li '«/ "■•• 

■ Ja*son-s inirK?orv ad^';S^?W°' '"■' ^ ^'^^ ^• 
vaccination in, m. s/a ;TarZ|. }ir?i?rib*r 

Schools, medical, clianges in, 502: opening of, 69-> 
HO; prizes and scholarships in, IJU.3, 747 %m. dis' 
sectaig-room of, Oil.i ; t,„,?u-s at, .;h6 7'jl • alterf 
Bc'h,H,'", •''"'■''''>P' '*'"^' schnla?sl ips'in, S: 

Science, the fairy tales of, 708 .>"'•*. , 

Gralfs''^™"''"'^"''''''^'^''''-''''^^^''--''*"™- *« ' 
Scirrhus of Madder, 77.1 ; of breast, 1213 
bclerosis of bone, relation of osteitis deformans to, 

1.6b, local Government Board for, 97 ■ investi^i 

73» If^^T'^i""'^?"^''"' '■"'■"■■ ^vcither in 291 sfo 
i3», 1087 ; report on prisons in, .5S6 : census nf 



Scnyen, Brigade-Surgeon J.B., cholera 824 
Scully, .Tohn, case of, !i3i >-"oicra, o« 

Sea-batbiug, precautions in, 24 ■ .'■' 

bea-s,cki.es3 Mr. T. M. Kendall on, 12 -Mr E V 

on ZIj"'-^ ■• f- ^ViL^r-'^™-'^™ ' ^^ 
g.jg ' ' ■'"■^- -i^- >incent on morphia for, 

Seal, ancient, 1131 

i^n'"'-?^ ■ ?J™t''°' f™" melons, 6.37 
oeiis, Mr. o. J., ovarian tumom- coiUDlicalj.,) iHtl, 
pregnancy, 1016 "-umpucaieu with 

Semmola Dr., Brighfs disease. 6SH 
faemon, Dr.P., paralysis of individual fibres r,f r. 
current aryngeal nerve, 1144, 127 ' "=' 

Se^ple, Dr. It. H., the case if j'ir. G. W. Hind, 


'™™ ^Si^r^^? "' ^™^P»> -'»"-al meeting of 

'?053rn™75-t?2?J- '''■ '"«' ^"^- «59- m; m, 

fS»!'''^-If°''T' ''oraonymous hemianopia 778 
Shf ?■ -^'\r^- "*■• -^«'''=^' Provident sS-iety 701 
Shattock,Mr., pathology of congenital eTuWoot, 

Diieuy, nil c. t., determmat on of seT GSM - enhp., 

taneous injection of ether, 1003 ' ' """^"" 

Ships, emigrant, infectious diseases in, 0,5 ■ sur<.eon<= 


ste^^-,r ir ;ir ^"-"- I-ivaii JiJ^ of, 433 
Shoes, noiseless. 9^ 

morial of, 98u l6f> rlv/ ' '' ' P^Posed me- 
. intestine, r/l'f-'conge i al club'Sot°%.f '"="= 

!!!!!!!!!:• Sr- ^- J-. poisoning by laburnum. 7-s 
oincock, Mr. J. B., Medical Provident Association, 
Sink, Dr., poisoning with atropine nil 
"'^lsea^rs-o?:':.^.r^,.rD?»l';''| ?o""«P.-tome « 
of in relation"o' iVeiiStiin^^Tj'??. ^Slf.Sn^ 

on Diseases of l-J' m7?^ If ^, ^"''"1i?"' Treatise 
sarcoma of, loiM ' ' P'^duuculMed adeuo-^c^ro"!?rr"'^^'f"^'«-f.i-5 

Sleeplessness, remedy for, (143 
oiippers for soldiers, 1216 

im'all'iSrx'i.^'R;^,^ ^A P>-<^"-Ma"on to, ..27 
London 1083; a"? ■aclUion,''l2?'o""^- «^« ' ■"" 


Sml'lts*Dr'"w "''*"^"™"«"°«"ts at, 639 
omiies. Dr. vv., presentation to io«j 

tiv» qS ? 7', '^■■>'*'^"^ tumour of coniunc 

conjugate movement of eyes,' :" '' '""^'--ating 
— . nl' \ ^„"K'"'.;'»- as a sanitary agent, 6111 

cipitate'i -chall?,- V^''''-^ precipitate instLd if pre- 
-^^^Dr. 8. W., the micro-organism of cholera. 

Smoke, abatement of, i)3o, 93') ^ '' "' 

sne1,ro''.;rsv:^"1ge''ts ofi'ftr'™"' «.«• "■^" 

Sneering, excessive. nsl.AS""' """'"^ ^^'- '""■■ 

vision, 1009 '^<;'"Dg of colour-sense and 

Snoring, 40.5, 5.56 

Social science and the workine classea Tqs 
Society. Aberdeen Philosophi^raS'Lursion, 

— _ for Aid to , Sick and Wounded in War t-nt 
__toambulance-clas3 at Charing Cross HoSl ?s • 

me:,irs°*7^r"^;s"p'"^' ^'•'"•o'-': 't:ZTon 
siStZ's;! ■apt^L';"f,r'iTov'?-o^'s^' ?.°pj"= 

tumours of cercM m^mbranes.^s? ' 'dSSea fon 

^-^.i^: 'Ji^'^m;'iSa-^£?'5F 

pneumothorax during typhoid feve'r l"jj'7 I ' 
very from idiopathic pniu othoral Yb ' \T°\ 
herpes and rigor, I..15 .'sumrar!;.''orproc;eedin'S! 

-^^ Cryptogamic, of Scotland, annual meeting, 

-Epidemiological, summary of proceedings, 

- Glaugow Koyal lutirmaiT Dorcas, report of, 

ofTTFo?'*"^^'"' ^^^"'^' O'-ga^^ation, pi-oceedings 

of, 10S7 ' " '•'^'"^""g destitute sick, report 

l^iSfn't Of g^rvatum'^.f ■';^.=" ^ '-■^•• 
miuating in recovery ,«?i»?." ' '^t^'ius ter- 

^™or.4gica, Sii;^ual^^S?v'' f^'S;^ 

rai;;;'d"?Je"n?e'°^ '"^'=* = ?'™4" "'"H^^^^^^^^^^^ 
byeLctrictty:V; •= Paralysis of leg-muscles cured 

=; Medical' "^if ^^ Soutliern. officers, 789 
treafmint f V . London, cmimn:wnc, ■'•'■ 
treatment of fr.acture of natella k55 ti-.- 1 " 
ment of premaxillary boLj^i ' fuedhi 'in ':^: 

ceeding.. i29o ™ ' "'^^ ' ''""■""■T of pro- 




'.'■.•I'"™'?"' pericarditis, rt. per ^irditfs ill 
genital tumour of clavicle, ,6.-. heredital-v ?v" 

officerstd"^,;'„n^ l'^ tf-M??o^,'ntCl°?t ^-'^ 
sons address at qxr ;• ."■ -Jonatnan jiutchni- 


calourifs^^ ,r laueWTf bSirHf = ''•'"'P'''''''^ 
;j.s^ atroph;^.rt;ia?St'^^ ffi^'l^i 

■^eTarv 7-'r'' «"'*'"'-'i "' -i'd^'shot. report, of 
ease, & ^■^' ""^"-organisms in relation to dis- 


[Feb. 2, 18a4. 

Society, Medical, Military, at Woolwich, 1233 

Medical, of Ulster, first meeting of, 1209 

Medical, of York, song at annual dinner. 

Medical Charitable, West Riding, objects 

of, 127; annual nieetins:, 174 
Medical Missionary, of Edinburgh, annual 

report, lU^S 
Medical Missionary, of Glasgow, annual 

meeting. i;>lti 

- of :Medical Officers of Health, first meeting. 


Medical Sickness, Annuity, and Life- Assur- 
ance, lists of intending members, X\, 139, 2<>."J; 
letters on, 42, 20;i, :»oS, 701, 7vt8 ; Mr. 'John Brown 
on, l»i4; memoranda co?icerning, IfVl, tit"! ; conncil 
of South Wales and Monmouthshire Branch on, 
200 ; meeting for formation of, 293.. 1149 ; remartcs 
on, 1137 ; draft rules of. llnO 

Medical Union, notice concerning, nO? 

Medico-Chiriirgical, Aberdeen, president 

of, 1146 

Medico-Chirurgical, Edinburgh, oflfice- 

bearers. 1033 

Medico-Chirurgical, Glasgow, officers. 789 

- Medico-Chirurgical.LeedsandAVest Riding. 

femoral hernia, 71 ; scarlet fever with complete 
relapse, ib. ; fragment of brass ten years in eye, 
ib. \ Hthotrity, (6. ; salicylate of soda." ib. ; enlarge- 
ment of clitt*ris, ib. ; jioisonous wine, ib. 

Medico-Chirurgical, Sheffield, removal of 

piece of steel from vitreous body by electro-mag- 
net. i'2;3; conditicn of muscles in diseases of spinal 
coi-d. 1^; obscure ease of Pott's disease. 76. ; swal- 
lowing of palatejilatc with artificial teeth, ib.; 
canine tooth removed from dentigerous cyst in 
jaw, ib.\ surgiciil treatment of renal calculus, 
924 ; retained placenta. 1023 ; exophthalmos \vith- 
out goitre. ib.\ congenital dislocation backward 
of radius, ib. ; idiopathic anH.'mia, ib. 

Medico-Chirurgical, West London, dinner, 

6; president's address, 824; cholera. 16.; chemical 
reports, 1194; herniotomy for strangulated hernia, 
1195 ; amputation of forearm, ib. 

Pathological, of London, new volume of 

Transactions, 1TA; Ivmpho-sarcoma. 26. ; scirrhus 
of bladder, tb. ; congenital tumour of orbit, ib. ; 
tumour of brain, li. ; acute gastro-euteritis in a 
bear, ib. ; sebaceous cyst of finger, ib. ; congenital 
malformation of heart, ib. ; gumma of dm-a"^ mater 
and syriugo-myelus, 774 ; biuie-disease in monkevs, 
ib,; c;ird-specimens, 774. 1020, 1131; diverticula 
of small intestine, 920; atheroma of coronarv ar- 
tery, lb. ; pathology of congenital club-foot, 921 ; 
ruptured heart, ib.; anatomy of hiomorrhoids, ib.; 
removal of lower jaw for' necrosis, ib. ; ossific 
masses in tumours not connected with bone, 1019 ; 
Charcot's joint-disease, ib. ; pedunculated adeno- 
sarcoma of the skin, ib. ; necrosis of upper jaw in 
typhoid fever, //'. : tuberculosis of birds, 102o; 
midtiple tumours of foot, 1129; purulent pericard- 
itis treated by tapping, ib.% etiology of tubercu- 
losis, lb. ; aneui-ysmal dilatation of radial arteries. 
1130 : tuliercular ulceration of tongue, ib. ; Trnns- 
actions oi,rcc.,l\:i:^; quiet necrosfs, 1242; melan- 
osis after melanotic sarcoma of choroid, ib. ; tuber- 
cular ulceration of tongue. 1243; summarv of pro- 
ceedings of. 1292 

Obstetrical, of London, haemorrhage into 

ovarian cyst. US; separation and expulsion of 
placenta. (6.; ovarian and uterine tumours, ib,; 
sloughiug uterine fibroid, ib. ; pseudo-hermaphro- 
ditism, ib.; hydatidiform mole, ib.\ fibrinous 
polypus, ib. ; hypertrophied nympha, ib. ; obste- 
trics of kyphotic pelvis, ib. ; uterine myoma, ib. ; 
hyiiertrophy of mammic, 77^; tumonr of clitoris, 
/*. ; ruptured ovarian c^'st, ib. ; arrested develo[i- 
ment of one fa-tus of twins, ib. ; placenta succen- 
turiate, ib. ; gangrene during pregnancv, ib, ; 
anatomy, physiology, and pathology of os uteri 
internum, ib.; fibroids removed by abdominal 
section, 1075; ventral pregnancy treated bv abdo- 
minal section, ib. ; deformed pelvis, ib. ; Cesarean 
tiection, ib.; dysmenorrha-al membrane, i6. ; i*e- 
ports of committees, ib. ; cases of pyosalpinx, ib. ; 
idiopathic gangrene of uterus. lo76; undescrilwd 
disease of l-allopian tubes, 16. ; note of meeting, 
1142; eflect of forces and resistauces of labour on 
flexion of fietal hea<l, 1282 ; mechanism of labour, 
»6. ; summary of proceedings, 12Vt2 

Obstetrical, in Paris. 1252 

Odontological. of Great Britain, specimens, 

1131; India-rubber in a tooth, i6.; relations be- 
tween <lental lesions and diseases of the eye, ib. 

Ophthalmological, of the United Kingdom. 

annual meeting, 7H, 110; ofiicers and council. 7>; 
financial statement, llii; sympathetic ophthal- 
mia, ('7. ; hemia-chromatopsla, 117 ; foreign body 
in fundus, ib.\ ophthalmoscope for artists, ib'; 
iUKunalDUs distribution of retinal arteries, ib.; 
coiij^enitJil drooping of left unjier eyelid, ib. ; dis- 
seniiuntcd choroido-retiuitis.' ib. \ morpha'a, ib. ; 

cysticercus. ib. ; multiple retinal aneurysm, ib. ; 
facial, conjunctival, and retinal nrevus, 16. ; vote 
of thanks to Mr. Bowman, IIH, 777; opening 
meeting, 685; Mr. J. Hiitchinson's address at, 
757, 777 ; Contraction ot field of vision and optic 
atrophy affecting only right eye, 777 ; tumour at 
sclenvcorneal junction, 77h ; chronic tuberculosis. 
>b.\ glaucoma.'*.; homonymous hemianopia, f&. ; 
improved microtome, 1246; orbital tumour, ib.; 
papilloma, ib. ; peculiar conjinu-'tival affection, ib. : 
I)araly?is of facial nerve with herpes zoster, (6. ; 
tortuu3it\- of retinal vessels, ib. ; loss of \isionand 
hearing after injury of head, ib, ; bacilli of jequi- 
rity, (//. ; an.'cmia as a cause of retinal h:t.>nuir- 
rhage, //». ; sympathetic inflammation after exci- 
sion, f'*.;, mode of transmission of sympathetic 
ophthalmia, 1247 ; cerebral h:cmorrhage, with 
passage of blood into optic ner\es, ?/». ; model of 
mo\-ements of eyes, ib, ; reference-library of, 
1252 ; summary of proceedings of in 1.^8.3, 1292 

Society, Red Cross, Swiss International, prizes of. 

for Relief of Widows and Orphans of Medi- 
cal men, quarterly court of directors, 126, 785 

-Royal, pi-esident of. 77; Professor Hux- 


address at, 1153 

- Royal Medical of Edinburgh, 

opening of 

session. V'37 

— — Royal Medical Benevolent Fund of Ireland. 

Belfast Branch nf, death of Dr. Moore, ]i>34 ; do- 
nation from Indian Medical Service Defence Fund, 

— Royal Sfedical and Chirurgical , Dr. Ferrier's 

address on physiology and pathology of the nerx- 
ous system, 805,' 822 ; president's opening address, 
822 ; note on meeting. Ki^ ; spontaneous aneurysm 
in a boy, 973 ; Traniaciions of, 1031 ; action of the 
digitaUs-group, 1070; congenital dislocation of 
femora. 1071 ; high amputation for senile gan- 
grene, 1192; mediastinal emphysema and pneu- 
mothorax in tracheotomy, 1193;' sumraaryof pro- 
ceedings of. 1291) 
—Royal Meteorological, meeting of, lUU 

Sydenham, annual meeting. 542 

Willan, 1203 

Sodium, nitrite of, 982, 997. 1044. 1093. 1095 

sulphate of in carbolic acid poisoning, Mr. 

J. Reid on. 971 

Soldiers, rations of, 398; slippers for, 1216. AVe 

Southa'll Brothers and Barclay, Messrs., articles 
sliown in annual museum. 377 

Southam, Mr. F. A., case of femoral aueurysm, 321 

Spa. a polluted, 388 

Specialisation in education, 1034 

Specialism, how to make it useful, S:,i7, 9U 

Spectacle-prescribing, 854 

Spedding, Dr., syringe for cervix uteri, (j:U 

Spender. Dr. J. K., the bromides in abdominal neu- 
roses, 769 

Spina tiifida in an adult. 825 : causing retarded 
labour. Mr. G. H. Elliott on. llxs 

Spinal cord, condition of muscles in diseases of. 
923 ; slow compression of, ln21 

Spine. Mr. Noble Smith on Curvature of. rev.. Hi; 
obscure case of Pott's disease of, 923; Mr, Noble 
Smith on treatment of caries of, 1121, 1187 

Spirits as medicine. 130 ; consumption of, .^55 

Splints, Thomas's and Jordan's laminated, Mr. E. S. 
Bishop on use of. 8 ; moulded zinc. 1136 

Spooner, Mr. C. H.. divisio!i of arteries t->etweeu 
two ligatures, 3.'i6 

Spratly, Mr S., recognition of professional serxices, 

Spurway. Mr. C. sanitary towels, 6lo 

Squire, Dr. W., rate of growth in infancy andcluld- 
hood. 824 

Squire's medicine-chests. 17 

Stammering, treatment of, 11m3, 1269 

Stanford, Mr. E., j)roperties of algin, 593 

Stai)les, Surgeon-Major F. P., painless pararentesis, 

State medicine, regulations for certificates in, 498. 
iSce Public Health 

Steamships, medical service of, 406 ; position of sur- 
geons of, 40i; ; overcrowding of, 5.S.S 

Stearns, Dr. H. P., Insanity, »yf., 927 

Steel, removal of from viticous body by electro- 
magnet, 923 

Stevenson, Surgeon, treatment of secondary syphi- 
lis, (79, hydatids, ib. 

Mr. N., extraction and replantation of 

teeth, 971 

Stewart, Dr. A. P., death of, 129 ; obituary notice of, 
203 ; bequest to British Medical Association. t>.37 

Dr. (Canisbav), ajjpcal on behalf of family 

of, W, :ioS, ;}.V>, J07, 558. 802, IU'3 

Mr. H. C, a night medical sernce, 154 

Stimulants in workhouses, ;«6, 591, 686 

Sting-fish, wounds of, 126ii 

Stirling, Dr., simple facts in physiology, 539 

Stockton, sauitary report of» 916 

Stoker, Mr. G., mvxoedema after removal of thyroid 
gland. 1261 

Mr. W. T., pulmonary thrombosis, 43 

Stokes, Mr. W., excision of the shoulder -joint, 905 
Stomach, removal of cancer of, 587. 1141; removal 

of foreign bodies irom, 801 
Stone, Dr. W. D.. the Hind fund, 854 
Stouey, Dr. .J. H. L., obituary notice of, 451 ; pro- 

posed memorial of, 991, 1214 
Stopes. Mr. H., magnesia in beer, (K»9 
Story. Mr. J. B., anomalous distribution of retinal 
arteries, 117 

Dr., case of. 5.35 

Stoves and 1054 

Strahan.Dr. J., death aft*r catheterisation, 896 
Strange. Dr. W., lannabis Indica, 14; address to 
British .Medical Association, 241 : etiology and pa- 
lliology of pneiperal septicu'mia, 1228 
Straus, Dr.. report of French choleni commission 

11 '35. 1038 
Strathspey, low death-rate in district, 27 
Stratford, sanitary report of, 704 
Stretlon. Mr. J. L.. displacement of uterus by dis- 
tended bladder, 728 
Stiike of nurses, llol 
Stroud, sanitary report* of, S9S 

Stuart, Mr. J.'a. Erskine, salicylate of soda. 71; 
I)lacenta pra'\ia complicated w'ith arm-presenta- 
tion, lDti6 ; excessive sneezing, 1268 
Strychnia, hydrocyanic acid as an untidot* to, Mr. 
<-'. H. W. Parkinson on, 165; letter on, 355 ; Mr. 
E. T. Burton on jjoisoning by, 77U ; the sensory 
nerves in poisotiing by, 931 
Studdert, Dr. K. C, gangrene of arm following in- 
jury to thumb, 12:^5 
Sturminster, sanitary repoit of, 916 
Substitute of Poor-law medical olticer, payment of 

a. 897 
Substitutes at dispensaftes, 799 
Suckling, Dr. C. W.. pneumonia of the upper lobe, 

874; progressive muscular atrophy, 1132 
Sugar as a dressing for wounds, 737' 
Suez Canal Company and Port Said, 1143 
Suicide by carbolic acid. 49 ; by cut throat, Mr. H. C. 
Harrison on unusual case of.*115; statistics of, 55-1; 
of medical men. ^:U. 835 
Summers, Dr. T. O., jiractical application of ceie- 

bral localisati"U, Uti4 
Sumner, Messrs. R. and Co.. articles shown in an- 
nual museum. 377 
Sunderland, Mr, E,, Dr. Mushet's proposals. 207 
Sunderland, disaster at, 99 ; sanitary report of port, 

81'S ; of town, 946 
Sunstroke, case of, 643 

Superannuation of poor-law medical officers, 306 
Surgeon, fatal accident to a, 931 
Surgeons, police and colonial government, i>59 
Surgery, Messrs. Holmes' and Hulke's System of. 
rer., 72, 633 ; International Eucycloiia-dia of, rer., 
16S; Mr. Reginald Harrison's address in at annual 
meeting of Association, 213, 219 ; Mr. J. Bells 
Manual of Operations of, rev., 1026; progress ot in 
1S.S3, 1.3iil 
Surgical instrnmcut-makers, international associa- 
tion of. 6:}H 
Sussex, West, sanitary report of. 899 
Sutcliffe, Mr, W. 11', Medical Provident Society, 

Sutton, Mr. Edward, death of. 8;i3 
Mr. J. B., l»one-disease in monkeys, 774 ; tu- 
berculosis in birds, 1020 
Swanzy, Mr., hemiachromatopsia. 117 
Swayne, Dr. J. G., gangi-ene during pregnancy, 778 
Swiney prize, 589 
Symes and Co., Messrs., articles ^how^ in auniul 

museum, 377 
Symonds, Mr. C. J., chronic iullammatiou of bone, 
1113,1181; aneurysmal dilatation of radial ait«- 
ries, 1130 ; tubercular ulcer of tongue. 1243; rela- 
tion between labial lierpes and rigor, 1245 
Synovitis, multiple, after injuries to joints, Mr. C. 

J^fauselt Monllin on, 430 
Syphilis, conccaleil, 49 ; inoculation of. by vaccina- 
tion, 385, 39i), 398; iuiierited, deafness from, 619 ; 
acquired and inherited, Mr. M. G. Briggs on, 77o; 
secondary, treatment of, 779; diabetes insipidus 
from, 1020 
Syphilitic disease of lieart, 119; of face, 92u ; of 
"palate, 922 ; of vidva. I0l7 

sore followed by rodent idcer, lt.Ki9 

Springe for cervix uteri, 6;U; lor subcutaneous in- 
jection of ether, 1103 

Tait. Mr. Lawson. uterine myoma, 118 ; radical cure 

ot exomphalos, 922,1118; pyosiiipinx, 11'7, lo75; 

idiopathic jiangrene of uterus. 1076; undescribcd 

disease of Fallopian tubes, 1";6 
Tiuiner. Dr., arrest of. 931 
Tapping, early, in luicites ; Dr. A. Flint on, 565; in 

purulent pericarditis. 1129 
Tarsus, Mr, K. Owen on chronic osteitis of, 112* 

Feb. 2, 1884.] 


Tiiy, Jlr. Waren. removal of lower jaw for necrosis. 
'.'21 ; paralysis <it Jacin! nerve, with herpes zoster, 
V2AiS; loss "of \ision and heariuf^ after injury of 
head, ib. 
TaylcT, Dr. W. H., midwifery forceps lever. 730 
Taylor, Dr. C. B.. operative treatment of sympa- 
thetic oiihthalmia, V2'M 

Pr. F., i^iiiiiraa of dura mater and syringo- 

myelus. 774 

Mr. H. C, trentment of cholera, t^fl 

Mr. James, Imiis in the urine, lli«ii 

Dr. J. S., liospital-accoramodation for in- 
fectious diseases in Liverpool, tMO, 7^*7 ; health 
matters in Liverpool, M.t 

- Mr, J. W., division of musculo-spiral nerve, 


Mr. T. P., hot water injections during 

labour, 247 

Tea, imbecile. 7S; drinking of, 78fi 

Te-ile. Mr. T. P., a<Mres9 on health at meeting of 
Social Science Association, 792; sanitary improve- 
ments in houses, 71'o ; treatment of corneal ulcers, 

Tears of blood. 1114 

Teeth, notched. 22 ; extraction and replantation of, 
1171. 1126; relations between lesions of and disease 
of the eye, IKil ; artificial, 1131; new method of 
extracting, 1142 

Telegraph in medical joimialism. tUo 

Telephone for the Dublin hospitals. 20 

and telegraph-wires, dangers of, KS.3 

Temperance, and health, 6ii8, 707 

Temperance-hysterics, 1269 

Temperature, changes of in Scotland, 740 : extreme 
lowering of in case of cardial aneurysm, 87o: daily 
range ot, 92;* 

Temple, Sir K., cosmopolitan sanitntion, 742; social 
science and the working classes, l^h 

Tenement houses, law of, 1249 

Tennis-elbow, 4.^4, bhl, 70S, 9M, 1104, lli>S 

Tension, arterial. Dr. W. H. Broadbent nn, 357; 
discussion on, 'Mk) 

Testimonial to Professor Bentley, 784 ; to Mr. J. 
Hutchinson, 12rt, 8:32. 98ti, W-^ ; to Dr. Joseph 
Rogers, 797, S45, 90.3. 940, 9W, lo:t9. 1090. 1148, 1212, 
]2-'>9, 1318; to Dr. A. ]\Ir.calister, 939. See Presen- 

Testis in periuifo, -nith congenital hernia and acute 
orchitis, Mr. J. A. Williams on. UO 

Tetanus ending in recovery, 167 ; traumatic, with 
facial paralysis, 918 

Theatre, disturbance by students in a, 27 

Therapeutic agents, revived, 732 

Therapeutics, present jjosition of, 123 ; Dr. J. H. 
Bennet on modem tendencies of, lt_i2 ; Dr. R. Far- 
quharson's Guide to, rei-.^ fhid; Dr. S. Ringer's 
Handbook of, rpc, 92.S ; progress of in l^s'!, lliWi 

Thin, Dr. G-., thickened epidermis treated by sali- 
cylic plaster, 1071 

Thomas, Dr. A. G., opening the knee-joint, lOtiH 

Mr. H. O., demonstration by, 324 

Dr. W. R., exophthalmos "without goitre, 


Thompson. Mr. C. E., ocripito-posterior cases, 12 

Dr. E. T., increased frequency ot malig- 
nant diseases, 407 

Sir Henry, Fish as Food, rer., 779 ; urin- 
ary fever. 1237, 1319 

Thomsen's disease, .^89 

Thomson, Mr. W., honours to the medical j)rofes- 
sion. 39.T 

Sir William, a magnetic sense, 737 

yir. W. A., fish as an article ot iHet in 

workhouses, •ih<6 

Thorbiu-n, Dr. J., metria, 260 

Thornton, Mr. Knowsley. o\arian and uterine tu- 
mours. 118; operative treatment of uterine libro- 
myomata, 712 

Thofp. Mr. S., unusual complications of pneumonia, 

Thrombosis, pulmonary. 43 

Thudichum, Dr. J. L. V\' ., chemical diseases of the 
brain and spinal cord, .i24 ; address tu West Lon- 
don Medico-Chirurgical Society, 824 ; valves in 
portal \'eins, 1131 

Thuillier, M., death of, t%3S, 847; street in Paris 
named in memory- of. 9.10 

Thurstan, Dr. E. P., sudden death after labour, 114 

Thyroid gland, removal of, C-S.i, 7.>1 ; physiology of, 
1157; myxtedema after removal of, sfc Mfxte- 

Tibbits, Dr. E. T., position of medic;il men, 795 ; de- 
funct germs, llo:} 

Tibia, Mr. C. H. W. Parkinson on comminuted frac- 
ture of, 582 

Tibio-femoral impaction. Mr. R. Daw on. 7-'>3 

Tilly, Dr. C. M., law regulating the sale of poisons, 

Timmins, Rev. Mr., case of. 127 

Tinea on the eyebrows, 1322 

Tinley. Mr. T.,"hypodei-mic use of ergotin, 50 

Tinnitus auriuni, Mr. B. Roth on treatment of, llfc9 

Todmorden. sanitary report of, 899 

Tomkins, Dr. H., phntomicroscopy, 119; clinical 
features of typhus fever in children, 118;J 

Tnmlinson, Jlr. E. D.. fracture of the patella, 998 

Tongue, doulittul ease ot psoriasis of, 6lo; Mr. 
Morrant Baker on remii\al of by median division, 
7«>5, 89) > ; Mr. W. M. Coates on removal of, 767 ; 
letter on, 846; ichthyosis of with malignant de- 
generation, 1022 ; tubercular ulceration of, 1130, 

Tooth, 3Ir. H., congenital malformation of heart, 

Tooth, canine, in a dentigerous cyst, 923; India- 
rubber in a. 1131 

Toothache, relief of. 455 

Torquay, sanitary report of. 7u-l 

Towelsi sanitary^ 610 

Tracheotomy in diphtheria, Mr. W. H. Folkeron, 
111 ; for foreign body in larynx, Mr. S. Wolferstau 
on, 115; mediastinal emphysema and pneumo- 
thorax in connection with, 1193, 12*50 

Training ship Cortiu-afl, sickness in, 786 

Trance, prolonged, 1147 

Tramcars, steam, perils of. 29o, 934 

Transfusion of blood by hypodermic injection, 932 

'IVap, the Bower, 116)j 

Trasbot. ^l., cysticercus ceIlulos;r in a dog, 761 

Treves, >fr. F., Surgical Applied Anatomy, rev,, 
lii76; sebaceous cysts of hand, 1123 

Trials for Murder by Poisoning, Messrs. G.L. Browne 
and C. G. Stewart's Reports, of, rcc, 927 

Trichinosis, outbreak of. 931 

Trichloride of phenol, 387 

Tricycles, 455, 609, 1167, 1219 

Tubercular idceration of large intestine, 774; of 
tongue. 1130, 1243 

Tuberculosis, chronic, 778 ; baeiUus of. 8S7, 1142 ; of 
birds, lu20: etiology of, 1129; Mr. D. H. Gabb on 
diagnostic value ot bacillus of, 1190 ; treatment of 
by arsenic, I2114 

Tuberculous disease of bone, Mr. C. Macnamara on, 

Tumours connected with bone, ossitic masses in, 


Tumours of abdomen, 971 

of bladder, scirrhus, 773 

of brain, 773 

of breast, scirrhus, rerao\aI of from a pa- 
tient aged 74, Mr. J. Rhys on, 27u 

in children, obscure, lu69 

of clavicle, congenital, 119 

of clitoris, 778 

of conjunct! \-a, cystic, 922 

of dura mater, perforating. Dr. D. Drum- 

mond on, 762 

of eve, 778 

of foot, multiple, 1129 

— of jaw, upper, recurrent myeloid, 922; sar- 
comatous, in a child. I<il7 

of kidney, Mr.R. C. Lucas on operations for, 

614 ; nephrectomy for, Dr. W. Walter on, 615 

of medulla oblongata, 821 

of membranes of brain, syphilitic, 877 

of orbit, congenital, 773 ; sarcomatous, 


of ovary, ^ke Ovary 

of pons' Varolii, ^^21 

of uterus. .Vee Uterus 

Tanbridge Wells, death-rate of, 437 

TurnbuU, Mr. R. A., presentation to, 265 

Turner, Dr. F. C, quiet necrosis, 1212 

Mr. G. B., compound dejjressed fractures of 

skull. 15 
Mr. G. R., contagiousness of cholera, 897 ; 

woimd of plantar arch. 974 ; ununited fractme of 

patella treated by suture, 974, Ut4-4 

Mr. T., wi'U of, 131 

Tweedy, Mr. John, introductory address at Univer- 

sitv College. 679 
Twining. Mr. F. T., obituary notice of, 800 
Twins, arrested development of one ftetus of, 778 
Tympanum, artilicial membranes of. Dr. F. jM. 
'Pierce on, 72<); Dr. T. Barr on, 722; JU-. Litton 

Forbes on perioration of, 814 ; Mr. T. ?f. Griffith 

on perforation of, 1189 
Tyne Port, sanitary report of, 898 
Tvtler, Dr. P., low diet as an aid to h;cmostasis, 

Uhthoft, Dr. J. C, action of dilute solutions of ar- 
senic, 5 

Ulcer of cornea, treatment of, Mr. C. Higgens on, 
865, Mr. T. P. Teale on, ib.; rodent, sre Rodent 
ulcer; of stomach, with se\"ere haemorrhage. Dr. 
W. H. Packer on, 1062 

Ulceration, tubercular. See Tubercular 

United States, medical practice in. 755 

University of Aberdeen, proceedings of L^niversity 
Court, 132, 740, 1U88, 1156 ; resignation of Professor 
F. Ogston, 132, .347; closure of summer session, 
291"; graduation ceremony at, 316; pass-list, 402; 

appointment to the chair of medical jurisprudence, 
44.3 ; regulations for degrees in medicine. 470 ; in- 
struction at, 493; lectures, 494; prize;-. 696; ap- 
pointment of examiners, 740; preliminary' ex- 
amination, 838; Burnett lectures, 937; examina- 
tions in pathological anatomy, InKx ; the Univer- 
sity Bill, 1156 

University of Berlin, appointment of professor of 
anatomy, 5-34 

of Cambridge, regulations for degrees in 

medicine, 465, 1091 ; instruction at, 488 ; tor certi- 
ficates in sanitary science, 498; examinations in 
sanitary science,* 752, 11.59; honorary degree of 
M.A., 93<J; examiners for degrees in medicine, 
918; plan of examinations, i6. ; increase of medi- 
cal school. 994 ; examinations in elementary bio- 
logy, 1047; provision for additional teaching in 
morphology, /6. ; professorshii) of pathology, id.; 
speeches of public orator, iO. ; [wss-list, 1266 

- of Dublin, honorary degree conferred on 

Dr.G. H. Kidd. 29 ; pass-lists. 3o5, 1267; regulations 
for degrees in medicine, 475 ; for certihcates in 
State medicine, 500 

- of Durham, pass-lists. 47, 900 ; regulations 

tor degrees in medicine, 465; for certiticates in 
sanitary science. 499 

^ of Edinburgh, proceedings of University 

Court, 83; examinations of junior students, 8;^ ; 
lecturers recognised, 8:i ; graduation ceremony, 
2112 ; valujtble bequest to, Hj. : pass-list, 4ul ; dona- 
tion to, 442; regulations for degi-ees in medicine. 
470 ; instruction in, 493 ; lectures, 494, 610 ; scholar- 
ships and prizes. 495; regulations for degrees in 
public health, 499; assistants to professors, 889; 
rectorship, S'^9, 936 ; tercentenary of. 99i.t 

-of Glasgow, closure of simimer session. 

131 ; gi-aduation ceremony, 291 ; pass-list, lol ; re- 
gulations for degrees in niediciue. 47u ; lectures, 
etc., 494 ; fees, etc., 496; regulations for certiticates 
in public health, 500 ; prizes, 696 ; commencement 
ot winter session. 8^i8 ; meeting of University 
Council, 937; opening of medical school, 938; elec- 
tion of rector, 990, 1034, 1087 ; removal of old gate- 
way of, 1087 

- Harvard, professorship of anatomy, 437 ; 

hundredth anniversary of, 9S8 

Johns Hopkins, medical school of, 437 

- of London, pass-lists, preliminary scien- 

tific examinations. 4u0; intermediate exammation 
in medicine, lo2; JM.B. examinations, 105ii, 1217 ; 
U.S. examhiation,1217 ; M.S. examination, 1266; 
certiticate in publiu iiealth, iO.; regulations for 
dei^rees in medicine, 465 ; for certiticates in public 
health, 499 * 

of ifelbourne, increase of funds of, 1141 

-of Oxford, medicine at, 176; regulations 

lor degrees in medii-ine, 464 ; physiological teach- 
ing in, 104:3; Radcliffe travelling fellowship, 1159 
- Royal, of Ireland, meeting of Senate. 

i:i;3 ; first examination in Arts. 2^2 ; pass-lists, 402, 
S5i» ; regulations for degrees in medicine, 476; for 
diploma in sanitary science, 5uo; letters on, 844, 
943. 1(143, 1096, II06; medical fellows of, 890; 
Calendar of, rev.. 1m26 

- of St. Andrew's, regulations for degrees 

in medicine. 47)>; bequest to, 689; rector of, lo;J3, 
10S7 ; assessorship of, 1147 

- of Termont, proposed new medical de- 

partment of, 864 

- Victoria. Manchester, regulations for de- 

grees in medicine, 1036 

Unreason and insainty, t.>.38 

Unsanitary dwellings, 994 

Urinary abscess with fistula:' in perina^o, Mr. T. B. 
Jessett on. 76u 

Uric acid, Mr. E. A. Cook on- influence of benzoates 
of alkalies on excretion of, 9 

Urinary organs. Mr. R. Harrison on recent advances 
in surgery of, 213 

test-paper.'^. Dr. Oliver's, 6ii;i 

Urine. Dr. G. Oliver <»n Bedside Testing of, w-'., 17 : 
Dr. W. G. Smith on conditions affecting precipi- 
tation of phosphate of lime by heat, ^\!^ ; unimoni- 
acal decomposition of, 708;' hairs in. 9.n2, 1190; 
albuminous and purulent in children. Dr. Gee on, 
961 ; purulent, after catheterisation. Dr. J. 6. 
Holden on, 97'-'; suppression of in a boy, 1022; 
retention of from retained menses and imperforate 
hymen, ib. ; nephrotomy from suppression of, 
1095; Dr. G. Johnson on testing for albumen in, 

Urticaria, acute. 919; Dr. McCall Anderson on, 1107; 
Mr. G. C. Kingsbury on a case of, 1124; acute, 
complicating rothehi. Dr. Cullinpvorth on, 1234 

Uterus, tumours of, 118, 922, 941 ; sloughing fibroid 
tumour of, 118 : fibrinous polypus of, /6.; myoma 
of, lb.; extirpation of cancer or. Dr. J. Wallace on, 
519; Dr. Schroeder on, .52ii ; Mr. J. E. Burton on 
treatment of cancer of . .52;i : Dr. A. W. Edis on 
treatment of chronic inflammation and retro- 
flexion of, 573; Dr. Wvnn Williams on displace- 
ments of, 574; treatment of fibro-m\-oraata of. Mr. 


[Feb. 2, 1884. 

Kiiowsley Thornton on, ~V2 ; Dr. Schroeder on, 
J14 ; Dr. Meadows on diagnosis of forms of tibroid 
tumour of, 71(5; Dr. W. Walter on hysterectomy 
lor fibromata of, TlS; Mr. J. L. Stret'ton on dis- 
placement, of by distended bladder, 7JS; anatomy, 
physiology, null patholofry of internal os of, 778 ; 
cancerous..e.\tirpalinu ol,6;S7; statistics of libroma 
of, 10;!0; idiopathic gangrene of, lOTtJ ; Dr. T. 
£eith on supravaginal removal oi, 111(5; removal 
of» 1282 
Uterus, cervix of, Dr. "Wynn Williams on treatment 
of cancer of, ."i:^2 ; syringe for, »>U 

Vaccination, alleged disease and death from, 23, 440, 
^90, *>\\. tj.-*ti; ot women after childbirth, ^02, 'M!*'-, 
in the armv, 3.i2 ; successfid. grants for, .{TV*. H2i>, 
864, l».=iO, i^r'S, 112ri, 113ri, H-)!, lis?; in Scotland. 
:J89 ; inoculation of s.vphilis by. :J8o. :i9tj. 39S ; prft- 
secution, for refusarof, .'>(i7. 1148, 31(52; Mr. M. D. 
Makuna's Transactions of Inquiry into. 7*(n\, 82(5 ; 
value of as a prophylactic, S^i-'l ; Human and Ani- 
mal. Dr. Warioraont on, ret:.. 924; compulsory, 
objections to, vt:>.T ; public, ethics of, vti'vt; in Ire- 
land. lt>34 ; grants for, and partnership. lu4Vi; ery- 
sipelas after. 10&4. 121:: ; with calf-lymph, 12(5:} ; 
Mr. Brighton Acts regarding. l."l.*i 

Taccinators, public, certilicates required, lOOo 

Vaccinia and variola, 1250 

Vacher, Mr. F., milk and zymotic disease, 741 

Tachell. Dr. C. T., ervsipehis after vaccination, 

Vachetta, Dr., intraperitoneal injection of albumin- 
ate of iron in clironic ana.>mia, 38:i 

Varicose veins. .See Veins 

A'apours. medicated, oro-nasal respirator for, 1073 

Vassilieff, Dr., inHueuce of calomel on digestion, 

Veasey, Mr. H., censure of medical officers, 1090 

Vein, port-al, valves in, 1131 

Veins, varicose, Mr. W. H. Folker on subcutaneous 
ligature of, 320 

Venereal sores, primary. Mr. A. Bernard on. 563; 
hypochondriasis, Mr. F. W. Lowndes on, ot>t. Hee 

Venous svstem, Mr. Gay on points in anatomy of, 

Ventilation of sewers, 440; of collier-ships, 1143 

Ventral pregnancy ti-eated by abdominal section, 

Versifying, and the medical profession in Aberdeen, 
937 ' 

Vertue, Mr. F. H., flowers and fruit for hospitals, 

Vesico-vaginal tistuUc, t)r. P. Boulton on. 110 

Vestries as Siinitary authorities, lOitH 

Veterinary surgery, 8-Vi, o.M 

Vichy and its Therapeutical Resources, Dr. Prosser 
James on, rer., 1247 

Vignal, M.. the biicitlus of tubercle, .■i4u ; histology 
of nerves, li'-^l 

Villous growth of bladder, 1132 

Vincent. Mr. P., morphia for sea-sickness. 323 

Vinen, Dr. E. H.. portraits of Dr. E. Jenner. 12H0 

^'intras. Dr. A., Medical Guide to Mineral Waters of 
France, n-r., lt>;( 

Vision, teats of, Dr. W. A. Brailey on, ll'W ; Dr. E. 
C. Snellen on. 1009 ; and hearing, loss of after in- 
jury to head. 124(> 

Vitreous body. Dr. T. Sinclair on cysticercua in, 7 ; 
removal of steel from by electro-magnet, st2o 

Voelkel, Dr., u-strus in man, tiSH 

Voi^, Dr. L.. vaccinia and varicila, 125u 

Vivisection. v»ppnnents of defeated, Ui82 

Volunteer ambulances, inspei^tton of, 94 

camp at Wimbledon, health of, 174 

medical officers, meeting of, 295; ques- 
tion regarding commissions, (153, 798 

Vulpiau, M.. the case of the Conite de Chambord, 

Vulva, extensive syphilitic disease of, 1017 


Wahltuch, Dr. A., electro-therapeutics, tl23 

Wakes in Ireland, 84,510, liOO 

Walford, Mr. T. L., Sir B. Brodie's prescription for 

gout , 3.'>ri 

Walker, Mr. G, E., treatment of fractured cla\icle, 

39ti ; sympathetic ophthalmia, 923, 1231 
Walker-un-Tyne, sanitary report of, 701 

Wall. Dr. .John, death of. 1148 ; Cork Board of Guar- 
dians on. 1210 
Wallace, Dr. A. W.. autonomous life of specific in- 
fections, 351 ; substitutes at dispensaries, 79it 

Dr. J., extirpation of uterus for malignant 

disease, 519 

Wallis, Mr. C. J. B., moist hands and feet, UK> 

Wallsend-on-Tyne, sanitary report of, 947 

Walsh, Mr,, fractured patella treated by wire- 
suture, 1191 

Walsham, Mr. W. J., division of arteries between 
two ligatures, lOVt; epileptiform neuralgia treated 

• by nerve-stretching, 1235 

Walter. Dr. \\ ., medical provident society, 203; 
nephrectomy for cystic tumour of tloating kidney, 
615 ; hysterectomy for uterine fibromata, 718 

Mr. W. H., metastasis, 1235 

War, of the Rebellion, Jledical and Surgical History 
of, rrv.. 120; and sanitation, 785; aid to siek and 
wounded in, 787 

War-office, new, designs for, .'91 

Warlomont, Dr., Traite de la Vaccine and de la Vac- 
cination, ri'v., 924 

Warner, Dr. F., gi-aphic records of movements of 
limbs, 57(i 

Warnnck. Mr. H. T. A., Irish Poor-law medical re- 
lief. 848 

Warren, Sir. F. W., introductory address at Ade- 
laide Hospital. 993 

Dr. J. H.. Practical Treatise on Hernia, rer., 

119 ; operative measures for relief and cure of 
hernia, 913 

Dr. S., the weaver or sting fish. 1209 

Warts and condylomata, treatment of by carbolic 
acid, 213 

Warwickshire, Mid, sanitary report of, (i04 

Wasps, stings of, 536 

Water, drinking, and cholera, 24 ; hot, injections of 
in lalwur. Dr. D. L. Beekingsale on, 701, 25,-* ; Dr. 
R. Bexall on, 115 ; Mr. W. Bain on, 165; Mr. H. D. 
Pullan on, ib. ; Mr. T. P. Taylor on, 247 ; Mr. J. K. 
Lawson on, ib.; Mr. S. T. D. Weston on, lolts 
supply of in London, 385, 8-34 ; rainfall as a source 
of supply of, 607; of Loch Katrine, 838. 1117; for 
cattle, 952. 984; constant supply of to London, 
1031; supply of in Glasgow, 10-87; and Air, Dr. 
J. D. aiacdlxiald's Guide to Microscopical Exa- 
mination of. rev., 1134 

Water-closet in a beer-cellar, 903; in continental 
hotels, 1102 

Water-reservoir at Battersea, dust-yard near, 287, 

Waterin^places. English, health of, 345 

Waters, Dr. A. T. H., President's address at annual 
meeting ot Association, 209,218 , 

Dr. E., medical bulletins, 942 

Mineral, of Prance, Dr. A. Vintras's Guide 

to, T-ci-., 169; Dictionary of. rev., 827; statistics of, 

Watson, Mr. Spencer, rhinoscopy and the treatment 
of nasal polypi. 1075 

Watt, Mr. T. M., parcels post and the carriage of 
medicines, 208 ; homes for crippled girls, 4.i6 ; rare 
fracture of lower jaw, .529 

Watters. Mr. G. T. B.. shoeing of horses, 122i» 

Waugh, Dr. J., case of intestinal obstruction, 968 

Weardale, sanitary report of, 60t 

Weather in Scotland, 291. 539, 739 

Weaver or sting-fish, 1269 

Webb, Dr. William, address to the Midland Branch, 
51 ; unqHalified practitioners, \W 

Weiss, Messrs. J. and Son, articles shown in annual , 
museum, 37>* 

Welch, Surgeon-major, F. H-, cholera epidemics in j 
Malta, 1063 i 

Wellingborough, sanitary report of, 704 ! 

Wellington, sanitary report of. 899 i 

Wells, contaminated, in Canterbury. 10.30 

West. ^Ir. J. F.. resolution of Birmingham and 
Midland Counties Branch legarding, 40 [ 

Dr. S., How to Examine the Chest, rev. 271 ; i 

atheroma of coronary artery. 920 ; purulent peri- [ 
carditis treated by tapping, 1129; recovery from i 
idiopatliie pneumothorax, 1244 

Westminster, odours of , 384 ; proceedings of Board I 
of Guardians of , 945 ; guardians of. and Dr. J. ; 
Rogers, see Rogers 

Weston. Mr. S. T. D., injection of hot water in de- 
livery, 1016 

E. P., walk of, 10:j:t, 1085, 1143, 1206, ]3.i3, 


Weston-super-Mare, sanitary condition of, 93 

Wlieeler, Mr. A., revaccination in foreign armies, 


Mr. W. I., action for recovery of fees, 1048 

Wliarf, proposed, at Eotherhithe, ]n-iri 

Wherry, Mr., treatment of genu valgum. 167 ; re- 
tention of urine by retained menses and imper- 
forate hymen. 1022 ; paralysis of leg-muscles cured 
Ijy electricity, ib. 

White, Dr. Ha'le, Charcot's joint-disease, 1019 

Whiteand Wright. Messrs., articles shown in an- 
nual museum, 378 

A\'hitechapel,unsauitan,- dwellings in, 994 

Whitehead. Mr. W'., spina bifida in an adult, S25 

Whiteley, Dr. G. B.. obituary notice of, 47 

Whitwell. Mr. F., Dr. J. Rogers and the Westmin- 
ster guardians. 797, 1260 

Wiglesworth, Dr. J., bone-degeneration in the in- 
sane, 628; uterine fibroma, 922 

Wigner. Mr. G. W.. milk-supply of London. 1206 

Wilks. Dr. 8., collective investigation of disease, 

Will, making a patient's. 1000 

Willard, Dr. M. F... liospital ambulance service, 888 

Willett, Mr., abdominal tumour, 971; obscure tu- 
mour in a child, 1069 

Williams, Dr. C. Theodore, relations of phthisis and 
albuminuria, 1224, 1277 

Dr. Dawson, etiology of tuberculosis, 

112H ; chilblains. 12:« 

■ Mr. J. A., testis in perimeo with congeni- 
tal inguinal hernia, lb' 

Mr. W. Roger, death-rate of an;estheties. 

651 ; death diu-ing administration of nitrous oxide 
gas, 729 ; chronic otorrha-a. 1018 

Dr. Wynn. cancer of neck of uterus, 522; 

displacements of the uterus, 574 

Wilmot, Mr. T., sacciUated nephritic abscess in a 
patient with one kidney, lull 

Wilson, Mr. Andrew, detennination of sex, 557, 

Winckworth. Mr. C. E., lawn-tennis elbow, 708 

Windelschmidt. Dr., sugar as a dressing for wounds. 

Windle, Dr. B. C. A., pathological specimens, 1133 

^\"indsor. Sanitary report of, 7o5 ; health of, 1030 

Wine, poisonous, 71 

Wires, telephone and telegraph, 88.3 

Withington. sanitary report of, 899 

Witnesses, medical, and coroners, 2o7 

Witten, Mr. E. W., presentation to, 860 

Wolferstau, Mr. S., loreigii body in larynx, 115 

Wolseley, Lord, at Charing Cross Hospital, 35 

Dr. C. B.. snoring, 4o5 

Wolstanton and Burslem, sanitary report of. 899 

Wolstenholme, Mr. R. H.. caution regarding ad- 
ministration of chloroform. 1104 

Women, Dr. Graily Hewitt on Diseases of, ret-., 
73U ; cerebro-spinal diseases peculiar to. Dr. More 
Madden on, 81ti ; letters on, bAt;i. 1054; medical, 
for India, 931 ; physical education of. 1253 

Wood, Dr. G., and Dr. Bache, Dispensatory of the 
United States of Americ^-i. rev., 1134 

Wood and Abraham. Messrs., articles shown in 
annual museum. 378 

and Son, Messrs., articles shown in annual 

museum. 378 

Woolby, Mr. J. B., presentation to, 11"<6 

WooUey, Sons, and Co., Messrs., boracic dusting 
I)Owder, 50; articles shown in annual mitseuni, 

Workhouse, Cork, cost of medicines in, 1257 ; ap- 
pointment of visiting physician. 1317 

Workhouses, fish as an article of diet in, 252, ^102, 
45ti, 5o5, 589, ti92: Stimulants in, 3-36, 591, 686; 
removal of patients from, 640 

Workmen, homes ot in London and Paris, 934. Sec 
Dwellings and Houses 

Workman. Mr, F.. jjiesentation to, 603 

Worms, intestinal, 684 

Wounds, sugar as a dressing for, 737 

Wright, Dr. G. A., determination of urinary lesions 
in joint-disease, 41H 

Wyley and Co., Messrs., articles shown in annual 
niuseuin, 378 

Yeats, Dr., new bed for invalids, 825 
Yellowlees, Dr. D.. the medical reform committee, 

Tounge, Dr. G. H., Addison's disease resembling 

idiopathic ana'mia, 429 

Zinc. Mr. W. H. Crosse on poisomng by chloride of,. 

Zoological laboratories, marine, 750 
Zoophilist, action against proprietors of, 1215 

Dec. 29, 1 88 J.] 




A. T. H. \VATER.S, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to the Liverpool Royal Infirmary. 

JAMES CUMING, M.D., F.K.Q.C.P., Physician to the Belfast Royal Hospital. 


Alfred Loch£e, M.D., F.R.C.P., Canterbury. 

Sir George Burrows, Bart., M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., London. 

Edward Waters, M.D., F.K.Q.C.P., Chester. 

Charles Chadwick, M.D., D.C.L., F.R.C.P., Tunbridge Wells. 

W. D. Husband, F.R.C.S., Bournemouth. 

Alfred Baker, F.R.C.S., Birmingham. 

George E. Paget, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., Cambridge. 

M. M. De BARTOLOMfi, M.D., Sheffield. 

Denms Charles O'Connor, M.D., LL.D., Cork. 

George Murray Hu.mphry, M.D., F.R.C.S., F.R.S., Cambridge. 

Alfred Carpenter, M.D., J. P., Croydon. 

Be.njamin Barrow, F.R.C.S., Ryde. 

Henrv \V. Acland, M.D., F.R.C.P., F.R.S., Oxford. 

\ViLLi.\M Strange, M.D., Worcester. 

President of the Council. 
C. G. WHEELHOUSE, F.R.CS., Senior Surgeon to Leeds Generallnfirmary. 


F. WADE, F.R.C.P., Physician k> the General Hospital, Birmingham. 


Wheelhouse, C. G., Esq., Leeds. President of Council. 

Waters, Dr. A. T. H., Liverpool. Prtsident. 

Cuming, Dr. J., Belfast. President-elect. 

Wade, Dr. W. F. , Birmingham. Treasurer. 

Acland, Dr. H. W., F.R.S., O.vford. Vice-President. 

Allbutt, Dr. T. Clifford, F.R.S., Meanwood, Leeds. 

Anningson, Dr. Bushell, Cambridge. 

Baker, Alfred, Esq., Birmingham. Vice-President. 

Barron, Dr. G. B., Southport. 

B.\rrow, B. Esq., Ryde. Vice-President. 

BartolomiS, Dr. M. Martin de., Sheffield. 

Bartleet, T. H. Esq., Birmingham. 

B.vrrEN, Dr. R. W., Gloucester. 

Bridgwater, Dr. T., Harrow. 

Bryan, Dr. J. M. , Northampton. 

Burrows, Sir George, BarL, F.R.S., 18, 

Carpenter, Dr. A., Croydon, Vice-President, 

Chadwick, Dr. C. , Tunbridge Wells. Vice-President, 

Christie, Dr. J., Glasgow. 

Cousins, Dr. J. Ward, Southsea. 

Cremen, Dr. P. J., Cork. 

Crowe, Dr, G. W., Worcester. 

Davidson, Dr. A., Liverpool. 

Dempsev, Dr. A., Belfast. 

Dix, John, Esq., Hull. 

Down, Dr. J. L. H., Si, Harley Street, W 

Drummond, Dr. D., Ncwcastleon-Tyne. 

DuFFEY, Dr. George F., Dublin. 

Elliston, Dr. W. A., Ipswich. 

Eyton-Jones, Dr. T., Wrexh.-im. 

Foster, Dr. B., Birmingham. 

Fox, Dr. E. L., Clifton. 

Glascott, Dr. C. E., Manchester. 

Grigg, Dr. W. C, 6, Curzon Street, Mayfair, W. 

Harrison, A. J., Clifton. 

HOLMAN, Dr. C, Reigate. 


[ Vice-President. 
Cavendish Square, W. 

Humphry, Prof. G. M., F.R.S., Cambridge. Vice-President. 

Husband, W. D., Esq., Bournemouth. Vice-President, 

Jackson, A., Esq., Sheffield. 

Jackson, T. V., Esq., Wolverhampton. 

Jones, Evan, Esq., Aberdare. 

Lanchester, Dr. H. T., Croydon. 

LocHfiE, Dr. A., Canterbury. Vice-President. 

Lush, Dr. W. G. V., Weymouth. 

Lynham, Dr. J. I., Galwav. 

Mackay, Dr. J. W. N., Elgin. 

Macnam.^ra, C, Esq., 13, Grosvenor Street, W. 

MacVail, Dr. D. C, Glasgow. 

Mahomed, Dr. F. A., 12, St. Thomas Street, S.E. 

Marshall, Dr. L. W., Nottingham. 

Maso.v, F., Esq., Bath. 

MoORE, Dr. W., Brighton. 

Nicholson, R. H. B., Esq , Hull. 

O'Connor, Prof. D. C, Cork. Vice-President. 

Paget, Prof. G. E., F. R.S., Cambridge. Vice-President. 

Parsons, Dr. C, Dover. 

Prankerd, J., Esq., Langport, Somerset. 

Rees-Philipps, Dr. S., Exeter. 

Rickards, Dr. E., Birmingham. 

Russell, Dr. W., Carlisle. 

Scott, R. J. H., Esq., Bath. 

Shettle, Dr. R. C, Reading. 

Sheen, Dr. Alfred, Cardiff. 

Sibley, Septimus W., Esq., 7, Harley Street, W. 

Skerritt, Dr. E. M., Clifton. , 

Strange, A., Esq., Shrewsbury. 

Strange, Dr. W. , Worcester. Vice-President. 

Sympson, T., Esq., Lincoln. 

Underhill, Dr. C. E., Edinburgh. 

Urquhart, Dr. J., Aberdeen. 

Waters, Dr. E., Chester. J'ice-President. 

Editor of the British Medical Journal. 
ERNEST HART, Eso., London. 

Secretary to the Collective Investigation Committee. 
W. P. HERRINGHAM, M.B., London. 

General Secretary. 
FRANCIS FOWKE, Esq., London. 

Assistant Secretary. 
WILLIA>r L. BURR, Esq., London. 


[Dec. 29, 18S3. 


Sub-Committees of the Council and Standing 


The President and the President-el'"'t ex '^fitr^n. 

Wheelhouse, C. G., Esq., Hilbry Place, Leeds. PresiafHi^of Council 

Wade, Dr. W, F., 24, Temple Row, liirmihgham.' Treasurer, 

Baker, Alfred, Esq., 3, Waterloo Street. Birmingham. 

Carpenter, Dr. Alfred, Duppas House, Croydon. 

Chadwick, Dr. C, Lynncourt. Broadwater Down, T.unbridge Wells. 

Foster, Dr. B., 16, Temple Row, Birmingham. 

Holman, Dr. C., Rcigate. 

Husband, W. D., Esq., May Bank, Bournemouth. 

Macnamara, C, Esq., 13, Grosvenor Street, W. 

Mason, F., Esq., 20, Belmont, Bath. 

Nicholson, R. H. B., Esq., 21, .\IbJon Street, Hull. 

Waters, Dr. E., 14, Nicholas Street, Chester. 


The President and the President-elect e.x officio. 

^Vheelhouse, C. G., Esq., Hillan,- Place, Leeds.' ' President 0/ Couticii. 
Wade, Dr. W. F., 24, Temple Row, Birmingham. Treasurer. 
Carpenter, Dr. .-Mfred, Duppas House, Croydon 
Chadwick, Dr. C, Lynncourt. Broadwater Down, Tunbr'dge Wells 
Husband, W. D., Esq., May Bank, Bournemouth' 
..-' V. ■ ..( ■ 


The President and the President-elect ex officio. 

Chadwick, Dr. C, Lynncourt, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge AVells. Cliairtuan 

Wade, Dr. W. P., 24, Temple Row, Birmingham. Treasurer 

Baker, Alfred, Esq., 3, Waterloo Street, Birmingham 

Husband, W. D., Esq., May Bank, Bournemouth 


The President and the President-elect ex ojp.cio. 

Humphry, Professor, F.R.S., Grove Lodge, Cambridge. Chairman 

Wheelhouse, C. G., Esq., Hillary Place, Leeds. President of Council 

Wade, Dr. W. F., 24, Temple Row, Birniinshau*. Treasurer , 

AIlbutt,-Dr. T. C; Carr Manor, i^Ieanwood, Leeds. ,;''"' 

Carpenter, Dr. A.-, Duppas House. Croydon 

Foster, Dr. B., Temple Row, Birmingham 

Husband, W. D., Esq., May Bank, Bournemouth 

Mahomed, Dr. F. A., 12, St. Thomas's Street, S.E. 

Ransome, Dr. A., i, St. Peter's Street, Manchester 


The President and the President-elect ex officio. 

Wade, Dr. W. F., 24, Temple Row, Birmingham. Chairman. . 

Wheelhouse, C. G. ,Esq., Hillary Place, Leeds. President q^ Cottiusli 

AUbutt, Dr. T. C, Carr Manor, Meanwood, Leeds. 

Baker, .\lfred, Esq., 3, Waterloo Street, Eirmingham'. 

Brunton, Dr. T. Lauder, F.R.S., 50, Welbeck Street, W. 

Carpenter, Dr. A., Duppas House, Croydon. 

Chadwick, Dr. C, Lynncourt, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Weils. 

Clark, Sir Andrew, Bart., ^LD., 16, Cavendish Square, W. 

Foster, Dr. Michael, F.R.S., Trinity College, Cambridge. 

Gairdner, Dr. W. T., 225, St. Vincent Street. Glasgow. 

Gamgee, Professor A., F.R.S., Bowden, Cheshire 

Humphry, Professor, F.R.S., Grove Lodge, Cambridge. 

Husband, W. D. Esq., May'Bank, Bournemouth. " ' ' 

Lister, 5ir Joseph, Bart., F.R.S., 12. Park Crescent, N.W....t 

Paget, Sir James, Bart., F.R.S., i, Harewood Place, HanoVer Square. W. 

Sanderson, Dr. Burdon, F.R.S., 26, Gordon Square, W.C. 

Waters, Dr. Edward, 14, Nicholas Street, Chester. 

Wilks, Dr. S., F.R.S., 77, Grosvenor Street, W. 

Hart, Ernest, Esq., 38, Wimpole Street, W. , Honorary Secretary, 


The President and the president-elect ex officio, ■ I ' ' ' 

Waters, Dr. E., 14, Nicholas Street, Chester. CkairttiannndCojrvci/cr 
Wheelhouse, C. G., Esq., Hillary Place, Leeds. President 0/ GouvciL 
Wade, Dr. W. F., 24, Temple Row, Birmingham. Treasurer. ' 
Bartolome, Ur. M. JL De, 3, Eyre Street, Sheffield. ■ ' ■ ' ■ ■ 

Carpenter, Dr. .Mfred, Duppas House, Croydon. ... I . :' 

Chadwick, Dr. C, Lynncourt, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Well^. > 
Foster, Dr. Balthazar. 16, Temple Row, Birmingham. . ' '. " 
Haughton, Rev. S., M.D.. F.R.S., LL.D., Trinity College; Dublin. 
Hart, Ernest, Esq., 38, Wimpole Street, W. . ' ..■ ; . ■ 

Husband, Wm. I>., Esq.. May Bank, Bournemouth. . ■ , 

Macnamara, C, Esq., 13, Grosvenor Street, W. 
Manby, F. E., Esq., King Street, Wolverhampton. 
Michael, W. H., Esq., Q.C., 38. Parliament Street. S.W. 
Nicholson, R. H. B., Esq., 21, Albion Street, Hull. 
Ycllowlees, Dr., Royal Asylum, Garinavel, Glasgow 


The President and the P'esident.electr.! o^cio. 

Hart, Ernest, Esq.. 38, Wimpole Street, W. ChainuaK. 

Barnes, Dr. Robert, 15. Harley Street, W. 

Barnes, J. Wickham, Ks(|., 3, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, E.G. 

Barirum, j. S., Esq., Gay Street, f.ath 

Bruce, Dr. W.. Dingwall 

Bryan, Dr. J. ^L, Northampton 

Bucknill, Dr. J. C, F.R.S., 39, Wimpole Street, W. * 

Carpenter, Dr. .Alfred, Croydon 

Davieb, Dr. Andrew, Cadiz House, Halswell Terrace, Cardiff 

Dewes, Dr. E,, Coventry 

Down, Dr. J. Langdon, H., 8r, Harley Street, W. 

Duffey, Dr. G. F., 30, Fitzwtlliam Place, Dublin 

Ewart, Surg. -Gen. J., M.D., Montpeliier I'errace, Brighton 

Eyton-Jones, Dr. 1'., Grosvenor Lodge, Wre.>:ham 

Forsyth, Dr. A., Park Terrace, Greenwich 

Foster, Dr. B., 16, Temple Row, Birmingham 

Gibson, Dr. G. A., 1, Randolph Cliff, Edinburgh. 

Grigg, Dr. W. C, 6, Curzon Street, Mayfair, M". 

Hardy, H. Nelson, Esq. The Grove, Dulwich. 

Harris, J- D., Esq., Belmont, Shrewsbury. 

Harrison, Reginald, Esq., 3E, Rodney Street, Liverpool. 

Henry, Dr. A., 132, Highbury Hill, N. 

Holman, Dr. C, Reigate. 

Jackson, Anhur, t-i^q., 17, Wilkinson Street, Sheffield. 

Kerr, Dr. Norman S., 42, Grove Road, Regent's Park, N.W. 

Jlacmillan, Dr. A., Regent Terrace, Hull. 

Miller, Sir W., iS, Pump Street, Londonderry. 

Moore, Dr. J., Carlisle Terrace, Belfast. 

Morris, Dr. E., Spalding. 

Nicolson, Dr. David, Broadmoor, Wokingham. 

Orange, Dr. W., Broadmoor. - 

Ord, Dr. William, 7, Brook Street, W. 

Orton, Dr. C, Nelson Place, Newcastle, Stafford 

Partridge, Surgeon-General S. B., Thicket Road, Anerley, S.E 

Philipson. Dr. G. H., Eldon Square, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Phillips, Dr. H. H., Reading. 

Prankerd, John. Esq., Langport. 

Quain, Dr. R,, F.R.S., 67, Harley Street, W. 

Rees-Philipps, Dr. S., Wonford House, Exeter 

Rogers, Dr. Joseph, 33, Soho Square, W. 

Rogers-Harrison, C. H., Esq., 55, Stockwell Road, S.W 

Royle, Dr. P., 27, Lever Streei, Manchester. 

Sheen, Dr. A., Halswell House, Cardiff. 

.Sibley, Septimus W., Esq., 7, Harley Street, W. 

Smart, Sir W., M.D., 21, Castleton Road, W. 

Spanton, W. D., Esq., Chatterley House, Hanley, Staff. 

Stear, Henry. Esq., Saffron Walden 

Taylor, Dr. -AL W., Hatton Hall, Penrith. 

Vinen, Dr. E. H., 17, Chepstow Villas, Bayswater, W. 

Whittle, Dr. E.. 77, Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool. 

Williams, Dr. Charles, Llanbedr, Merionethshire, R.S.O. 



The President and the President-elect^jr c^(.7o. 

Carpenter. Dr. Alfred, Duppas Hoose, Croydon. Chairjum:. 

Balding, Dr., Preston 

Batten, Dr. R. W., i, Brunswick Square, Gloucester 

Blandford, Dr. G. F., 71, Grosvenor Stre'^t, W. 

Eranthwaite, Harrison, Esq., Westbury House, Willesden, N.W. 

Cadge, William, Esq., 24, St. Giles' Street, Norwich; 

Cameron, Dr. C, M.P., So, St. George's Square, S.W. 

Carter, Dr. W. , 74, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

Drj-sdale, Dr. C. R., 65, Regent Street, W. 

Eastwood, Dr. J. W., Dinsdale Park, Darlington. 

Evatt, Surg.-Maj. G. J. H., A.M.D., Ro^-al Military Academy, Woolwich, S E. 

Farquharson, Dr. R., M.P., Reform Club, S.W. 

I'oster, Dr. B., 16, Temple Row, Birmingham. 

Francis, Surg. -Gen. C. R., i, Nelson Terrace, Clapham Common, S.W. 

Garman, W. C, Esq., The Hollies, Wednesburj', Staffordshire. 

Gibson, Dr. J. Hill, 56, Maida Vale, W. 

Grant, Dr. Ale.vander 

Hare, Dr. C. J., 15, Manchester Square, W. 

Holthouse, Carsten, E-q., 35, Essex Street, W.C- 

Monro, Dr. H., 13, Cavendish Square, W. 

Mould, G. W., Esq., Asylum, Cheadle, near Manchester. 

Nicholson, R. H. B., Esq., 21, Albion Street. Hull. 

Poole, Surg.-Maj. G. K., KLD.. *' Montrose," Anerley_Hi!l, L'pper No^^vood S.E 

Prankerd, J.. Esq., Langport, Somerset 

Rees, Dr. Valentine, Brecon, North Wales 

Robertson, Dr. George, 2, Union Street, Oldham 

Rogers, Dr. Joseph, 33, Soho .Square, W. 

Scatliff, Dr. J. P., The Elms, Clapham Common, S.W. 

Squire, Dr. A. B.. 24, Wcvmouth Str-et, W. 

Thomas, Dr. G. D. P., Park Lodge, Paddington, W. 

A';icher, F., Esq., 36, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead 

Walker, Dr. A., Hotham House, Putney, S.W. 

Williams, Dr. H. W., iGS. Road, S.W. 

Kerr, Dr. Norman S., 42, Grove Road, Regent's Park, W. Honorary Sec reiat y* 

Vinen, Dr. E. H., 17, Chepstow Villas, Bayswater, W. Houorary;Secreiary, 


The President and the President-elect ex officio. 

Wheelhouse, C G.,Esq., Hill.iry Place, Leeds. President of Council 

Wade, Dr. W. F., .24. Temple Row, Birmingham. Treasurer 

Banks, Dr. W. Mitchell, 2S, Rodney Street, Liverpool. 

Crovyc, Dr. G. W., Shaw Street, Worcester 

Davidson. t)r.' A., 2, Gamhicr Terrace, Liverpool. 

Harrison, Reginald, Esq., 3S, Rodney Street, Liverpool. 

Husband, W. D.; Esq., May Bank, Bournemouth 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 



For the Year ending 31st December, 1883. 

(Arranged in Bra?iches and Districts). 

Members are requested to coiumunicate any necessary altei'ation or correction of this List to the 

General Secretary ivithout delay. 




P. Jamieson, Esq., Peterhead 
(■ S.Davidson M.D., Wartle 
-. Francis Ogston, M.D., 156, Union Street, 
( Aberdeen 

J. G. Hall, M.D., 189, Union St., Aberdeen 
I" J. Urquhart, M.D., 250, Union Street, Aber- 
} deen 

1 Robert John Garden, M.D., 15, Golden 
( Square, Aberdeen 






President .. 
Treasurer „ 

Honorary Secretaries , 

Simpson, James, M.D. 
Manson, Alex. J., M.D. 
George, J. T., Esq. 
Booth, McKeiizie,M.E. 
Moir, F. F. M., M B. 

Anderson, Alex, T., M.D. 
Barclay, John, M.D. .. 
Booth, James M., M.B. 
Brander, J., M.B. 
Brown, Dyce, M.D. 
Carlyle, J., M.D. 
Catto, Robert, M.D. . . 
Clark, S., M.D. 
Cran, G., M.D. 
Crombie, C. M., M.B. .. 
Davidson, A. D., M.D. 
Davidson, J. Mc.Kenzie, Esq. 
Davidson, S., M.D. 
Divorty, P., M.B. 
Donald, W. D.. Esq. .. 
De Lessat, Alfred, Esq. 
Eddie, R., M.B. 
Edmond, George M., M.D. 
Ewart, J. C, M.D. .. 
Fowler, J. E., M.D. .. 
Eraser, Angus, M.D. . . 
Garden, R. J., M.D. .. 
George, J. T., Esq. 
Godson, Clement, M.D. 

Greig, C. C, M.B. 
Grieve, A. C, Esa. 
Griffith, T. Y. U.' 
Hall, J. G., M.B. 
Henry, Dr. ,. 
Innes, J. A., M.D. 
Ironside, J.. M.B. 
Irvine, T.. Esq. 
Jackson, H., M.D. 
Jamieson, P., Esq. 
John?;ton, D., Esq. 
Keith, A. D., M.B. .. 
Lawrence, Naih., jun., M.D. 
Leslie, W. B., M,D. .. 
Lyon, William. Esq. 
Mackie, G., M.D. 
Macrae, A., Esq., 
McEwen, F. A., M.B. .. 
McGregor, A., M.D. .. 
McHardy, J., Esq. 
McKilliam R., M.D .. 
Macleod, P. B. H., M.D. 
MacQuibban, C. M., M.C. 
McRobbie, J. S., M.D. 
Manson, Alex. J,, M.D. 
Mellis, J., Esq. 
Michie, W. A., M.B. .. 
Mitchell, Andrew, M.D. 
Mitchell. P., M.D. 
Moir, F. F. M., M.B. .. 
Noble, J., M.B. 

OF BRANCH. (86.) 


10, Low Street, Banff 

231, Union Street, Aberdeen 
34, King Street, Aberdeen 

29, Seymour Street, London, W. 

Regent Street, Greenock 




10, Union Terrace, Aberdeen 

224, Union Street, Aberdeen 








Marischal College, Aberdeen 

Woodside, Aberdeen 

232, Union Street, Aberdeen 


9, Grosvenor Street, London, W. 

Member of Branch.} 
Sunnyside, Fy\'ie. 

189, Union Street, Aberdeen 

2, Union Street, Aberdeen 

Bridgend, Longside, Aberdeen 
Stonehaven, Kincardineshire 

Laggen, Kingussie 
Moss Bank, Poolewe, Ross-shire 
Union Street, .\berdeen 
Banchory Ternan 

New Deer 

248, Union Street, Aberdeen 

160, Gallowgate, Aberdeen 




New Deer 

Old Rain, Insch 

143, Union Street, Aberdeen 



Ogston, A., M.D. 

Ogston, F., junr., M.D. 

Ogston, Francis, M.D... 

Paterson, W., M.D. .. 

Poison, R. L., M.D. .. 

Proctor, A. F., M.B. .. 

Reith, Alexander, M.D. 

Robertson, J., Esq. 

Simpson, J. W., M.D. .. 

Simpson, James, M.D. . . 

Skene, Thomas A., M.D. 

Smith, C, Esq. 

Smith, P. B., M.D. .. 

Smith-Shand, J. W. F., M.D. .. 

Stephen, J., M.D. 

Stephenson, Wm., M.D. 

Stirling. William, M.D. 

Stone, v., Esq. 

Trail, G. S., M.D. 

Urquhart, J.. M.D. 

Wallace, T., Esq. 

Watt, George, M.D. .. 

Wight. J., M.D. 

Will, J. C. Ogilvie, M.D. 

Williams, A., M.D. .. 

Williamson, W. H.. M.D. 

Willock, R. C, M.D. .. 

Wilson, J., M.D. 

Wilson, Robert M., M.B. 

Wilson, T. O., Esq. .. 

Wyness, J. D., M.D. .. 

Arthur, D. M., Esq. .. 
Austin, J. A., M.D. .. 
Beveridge, R., M.B. .. 
Blackball, A. C, M.D. 
Brand. A. T.,Esq. 
Collins, T., M.D. 
Duncan, Alex. M.B. 
Findlater, S. W., M.B... 
Galloway, Peter, Esq. . . 
Howie, T. E., M.B. .. 
Knowles, G. S. D., Esq. 
Laing, James. M.B. 
McCoDniChic, J. 
Pirrie. J. M. G., M.D. .. 
Profeit, A., Esq. 
Rae, G., M.B. 
Reid, W., M.D. 
Reith, Archibald, M.D. 
Robb, Alexander, M.D. 
Robertson, W. S., M.B. 
Smith, A., Esq. 
Spence, J. S., M.B. 
Thomson, A., M.B. 
Wallace, Andrew, M.D. 

252, Union Street, Aberdeen 
156, Union Street, Aberdeen 
13, Albyn Terrace, Aberdeen ^ 

2, Chanonry, Old Aberdeen 

*3o. Union Street, Aberdeen 

15, Skene Terrace, Aberdeen 

King Street, Aberdeen 

no. Crown Street, Aberdeen 



Kinnairdy, Marnoch 

193, Union Street. Aberdeen 

256, Union Street, Aberdeen 

Bath House. Peterhead 

26ij Union Street, Aberdeen 

University, Aberdeen 



250, Union Street, Aberdeen 


13, North Silver Street 

265, L^nion Street, Aberdeen 

12, Union Terrace, Aberdeen 


15, Union Terrace, Aberdeen 

4, Golden Square, .■\berdeen 

Old Meldrum 

Old Deer 


53, School Hill, Aberdeen 

Cults, by Aberdeen 
Ferry Hill Place, Aberdeen 
36, King Street, Aberdeen 
Crimond, Lounay 
7, Dee Place, Aberdeen 
Royal Infirmarj', Aberdeen 
Tarves, Aberdeen 
Balvenie, Dufftown 
Rhynie, Aberdeen 
Dunecht, Aberdeen 

253, Union Street, Aberdeen 

New PitsHgo, Aberdeenshire 
i8r. Crown Street, .\berdeen 
30, Union Place, Aberdeen 
21, Seafield Street, Portsoy 
18, Harbour Street, Peterhead 
Broxburn, Aberdeen 

10, Castle Street, Banff 




President .. .^ . E. Crossman, Esq., Hanribrook. , , 

President EUct .. . . R, S. Fowler. Esq., Bath, .,-...; , 

Honorary Secretary {^Asxx^ Sect.) E. MARKHA^^ Skerritt, M.I)., Thornton 

Villa, Richniuud Hill, Cliftoa 
Ho7torary S€cr£ta7y[%2.^ Section) R. J. H. Scott, Esq., 13, Bladnds Buildings 



Beddoe, J., M.D., F.R.S. .. Clifton 
Board, E. C, Esq. .. Clifton 

Burder, G. F., M.D. .. Clifton 


[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Clarke, W. M., Esq. 
Coe, R. W., Esq. 
Collins, C. H., Esq. 
LansdowD, F. P., E^q. 
Davey, J. G., M.D. 
Fox, E. L., M.D. 
Marshall, H., M.D. 
Prichard, A., Esq. 
Swayne, J. G., M.D. 

. . Clifton 

. . Chew Magna 
.. Clifton 
.. Bristol 
. . Clifton 
.. Clifton 
. . Clifton 


.. Baih 
.. Bath 
.. Bath 








Midsomer Norton 

Bartrum, J. S., Esq. 
Craddocic, S., Esq. 
Fox, H. E. W., M.B. 
Gaine, C, Esq. 
Goodridge, H. F. A., M.D.. 
Goss, T. B., Esq. 
Harper, C, Esq. . . 
Hcnsley, H., M.D. 
Mason, F., Esq. 
Spender, J. K., M.D. 
Terr>', T., Esq. .. 
Waugh, A., Esq. 

Bartrum, J. S., Esq. .. Bath 


Adams, G., Esq. 
Alford, G. E., Esq. 
Alford, R., Esq. 
Andrews, M. D. 
Ansted, H. L., Esq. 
Anstie, T. B., Esq. 
Atchley, G. F., M.B. .. 
Baretti, T. G. L"E., Esq. 
Baron, B. J., M.D. 
Barton, J. A., M.B. .. 
Bartrum, J. S., Esq. 
Beddoe, J., M.D., F.R.S. 
Blacker, "E., Esq. 
Board, E. C., Esq. 
Bousfield, E. C, Esq. .. 
Bowen, R., Esq., Surg.-Gen. 
Boys, A. H., Esq. 
Brabazon, A. B., M.D. 
Bridgeman, I. T., Esq. 
Briscoe, W. T., M.B. .. 
Brittan, F.,M.D. 
Broom, J., M.D. 
Budd, S. P., Esq. 
Burder, G. F., M D. .. 
Bush, J. P., Esq. 
Bush, M. F.,Esq. 
Busly, R. A., Esq. 
Campbell, Donald, M.D. 
Carr, A., Esq. 
Carter, R., M.D. 
Carter, W. F., Esq. 
Cattle, C. H., M.B. .. 
Chadwick, P. C, Esq. .. 
Challacombe, J. P., M.D. 
Church, \V. J., Esq. .. 
Clark, T. E., M.D. 
Clarke, W. Michell, Esq. 
Coathupe, E. W., Esq. 
Cockey, E., Esq. 
Coe, R. W., Esq. 
Cole, T., M.D. 
Collins, C. H., Esq. 
Collins, H. W., Esq. .. 
Collins, W. C. G., M.D. 
Colman,T. J., M.D. ., 
Colthurst, J. B.. Esq. .. 
Colthurst, R.. M D. .. 
Coombs, C. P., M.D. .. 
Cooper, F., Esq. 
Cooper, F. W., Esq. 
Coppinger, A. W., Esq, 
Corbould, G. G., Esq. ,. 
Cory, W. H..Esq. 
Cornish, C. N., Esq. .. 
Cowan, F., Esq. 
Cowan, S. B., Esq. 
Craddock, S., Esq. 
Crisp, J. H., Esq. 
Crisp, N., Esq. 
Crocker, T., M.D. 
Cross, F. R., M.B. 
Crossman, E., Esq. 
Cumming, G. W. H., Esq. 
Cunningham, \. G., M.B. 
Curd, C, Esq. 
Davcy, James G., M.D 
Davies, D., Esq. 
Davies, D. S., M.B. .. 
Davies, R., Esq. 
Davis, Theodore, M.D. 
Davis, W. G., Esq. 
Dew, H. R., Esq. 
Dobson, N. C, Esq. .. 
Dowson, C. H., Esq. . . 
Doyne, R., Esq. 

6, Buckingham Villas, Clifton 



Gtenthorn Villa, Rcdiand, Bristol 



Tyndall's Park, Clifton 

49, Royal York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol 

12, Richmond Hill, Clifton 

Cloud's Hill House, St. George, Bristol 

13, Gay Street, Bath 
Mortimer House, Clifton 
Caledonia Place, Clifton 

Wellesley House, Ashley Road, Bristol 

Ridg^vay, Gloucestershire 


Darlington Street, Bath 


Chippenham (resigned^ 

Talliessin, I..S.O. 

Leicester Villas, Clifton 

6, Gay Street, Bath 
South Parade, CHfton 
Royal Infirmary, Bristol 
Cromwell Road. St. Andrews, Bristol 
Mineral Water Hospital, Bath (resigned) 

Piacerville. Wells Road, Bristol 
lA. Queen's Square, Bath (resigned) 
3, Clarence Place, Coronation Rd., Bedminsier 
Palm Street, New Basford, Notts. 
Wring ton 

Lower Redland Road. Bristol 
Rodne'l Lodge, Weymoutl. 
3, Victoria Square, Clifton 
York Buildings, Clifton 

7, Clifton Park, Clifton 

14, Berkeley Square, Bristol 
Paragon, Bath (resigned). 
Chew Magna, Bristol 
Wrington, Bristol 

St. Austell 

Rosendale, Lower Redland Road, Bristol 

Win can ton 

Redland, Bristol 

Castle Cary 

37, Pulteney Street, Bath 
Lryionstone, Essex 
Gay Street, Bath 
Berkeley Square, Bristol 
Nailsea, near Bristol 
Bristol General Hospital 
Queen's Square, Bath 
Queen Square, Bath 

16, Green Park, Bath 

Lacock, Chippenham 

Keynsham, near Bristol 

White Ladies' Road, Clifton 

Chandos Villa, Queen's Road, Clifton 

Hambrook, near Bristol 

Wick, Bath- 

Stapleton Road, Bristol 

Par.agon, Bath 

Redland Park Villas, Bristol 

2. Queen's Square, Bristol 

Queen's Square, Bristol 

38, Gay Street, Bath 
Beachcroft, Clevcdon 

Berkeley Suuare, Bristol 
27, Victoria Square, Clifton 
Tyndall's Park, Clifton 

DuttOD, D. J., Esq. 

Eager, R., M.D. 

Edmond, W. R., M.B... 

Elliott, C, M.D. 

Evans, J. F., M.B. 

Ewens, J., Esq. 

Ewing, A., Esq. 

Fairbanks, W., M.D. .. 

Fendick, Robert G., Esq. 

Fergus, W., ^LD. 

Field, E., M.D. 

Fitzgerald, P. G., M.D., Surg.-Gen. 

Flemming, T. H., M.D. 

Fowler, R. S. Esq. 

Fox, A. E. W., M.B. .. 

Fox, B. B., M.B. 

Fox, C. H., M.D. 

Fox, E. F., Esq. 

Fox, Edward Long, M.D, 

Fox, F. K., M.D. 

Francis, G. P., Esq. 

Eraser, D. A., Esq. 

Eraser, G. B., Esq. 

Freeman, H. W., Esq. . . 

Fry, J. B., Esq. 

Fuller, J., Esq. 

FyfTe W. J., M.D.,Dep. Surg.-Gen. 

Gaine, C, Esq. 

Gardner, P. H., Esq. .. 
Gardiner, G. Esq. 

Garlike. J. P., Esq. 

Geraghty, J., M-D. .. 

Gibbs, A. N. G., Esq. .. 

Gloag, G. A., Esq. 

Goodridge, H. F. A., M.D. 

Goss, T. B., Esq. 

Gosse, Hope, Esq. 

Grace, A., Esq. 

Grace, H., Esq. 

Green, F. K., Esq. 

Griffiths, L. M., Esq. .. 

Guy, J. R.. M.B. 

Hanham, F. W., Esq. . . 

Harper, C., Esq. 

Harrison, A. J., M.E. .. 

Harsant, W. H., Esq. .. 

Hawkins. C. F., Esq. .. 

Heaven, J, C, Esq. 

Hensley, Henry, M.D. 

Herapaih, Charles K. C, Esq. 

Hicks, T., Esq. 

Highett, C, Esq. 

Hinton, J., Esq, 

Hopkins, H. C, Esq. .. 

Howse, SVm., Esq. 

Hunt, J. S., Esq. 

Irwin, A. AI., Esq. 

Imlay, G. A.,M.D. 

Isaac, G. W., M.B. 

Jennings, J. C. S., Esq. 

Kane, J. S-, I^LD, 

Keall, W, P,, Esq. 

Kendall, Bernard, Esq., .Surj.-Maj. 

Kerr, J, J. Douglass, M.B. 

King, L. J., Esq. 

Kinneir, R., Esq. 

Lansdown, F. P., Esq. 

Lawrence, A, E. A., AI.D. 

Lawrence, H., Esq, 

Lawrence, J., Esq. 

Laxton, H., Esq., 

Lewis, John R., M.B. ,. 

Logan, F. T, B., Esq. .. 

Logan, J., M.D. 

Lovell, W. D., Esq. .. 

Lovell, W. F., Esq. .. 

Lowe, T. P., Esq. 

Lower, N. H., Esq. 

Luffman, W. C., Esq. . . 

Lyons, .A. de Courcy, M.B. 

McCIure, T., M.D. .. 

Macinlire, J, H. L., Esq 

Maclean, ]. C, M.B. .. 

Marshall, Henry, M.D. 

Martin, E. F., M.B. .. 

Mason, Frederick, Esq. 

.Mead, H. R., Esq. 

Metford, J. S., Esq. 

Murray, W., M.B. 

Newman, C, Esq. 

Newsiead, J ., E^^q. 

Norton, H., Esq. 

Norton, J. A , RLD. .. 

Norton, T. C-, Esq. 

OLeary, T. C, M.B., Surg.-Gen. 

Orfeur, C. H., Esq. ., ^ 

Ormerod, H,, Esq. 

Paine, W. H., M.D. .. 

Parelte, J., Esq. 

Parsons, Herbert, Esq. 

Parry, H. H., Esq. 

V^jzy, J. H., Esq. 


Northwoods, Bristol 
Chew Magna 

White Ladies' Road, Redland, Bristol 
Royal Infirmary, Bristol 
Gotham New Road, Bristol 
75, City Road, Bristol 

J, Claremont Place, Queens Road, CHltoa 
The Hermitage, Marlborough 
Queen's Square, Bath 

Freshford, Bath 
Belmont, Bath 
Gay Street, Bath 
Brislington House, Bristol 
The Beeches, Brislington, near Bristol 
Brislington House, near Bristol 
Church House, Clifton 
Brislington House, near Bristol (dead) 
Bourton, zia Bath 

7, Lower Church Road, Weston-super-Mare 
24, Circus, Bath 

Lung Ashton, Bristol 
Rodney Place, Clilton 
Gay Street, Bath 

Royal United Hospital, Bath (resigned) 
Redclift'e Hill, Bristol 
Sutton Benger 
Westbury of Trym (gone) 
Children's Hospital, Bristol 
College Green, Bristol 
10, Brock Street, Bath 
The Paragon, Bath 
Midsomer Norton, Somerset 
Chipping Sodbury 
Kingswood Hill, Bristol 
Gay Street. Bath 
Hanover Place, Clifton 
Cotham, Bristol 
Widcombe, Bath 
College Road, Clifton 
16, Pembroke Road, Clifton 
Berkeley Square, Bristol 
22, Circus, Bath 
Brunswick Square, Bristol 
Cheddar (dead) 

Richmond Road, Montpellier, Bristol 
Warminster * 

4, Gay Street, Bath 
New Swindon 
Shepton Mallet 
Eastern Dispensary, Bath 
4, Apsley Villas, Kingsdown, Bristol 
Alanor House, Brixton Rise 
Almonds bury 
Bedminster, Bristol 
Downside Road. Clifton 

9, Alfred Street, Both 

10, Russell Street, Bath 
Tower House, Malmesbur\' 
iQ, White Ladies Road, Clifton 
15, Richmond Hill, Clifton 

Park Row, Bristol 
I, Lynwid Villas, Lyncombe, Bath 
12, Apsley Road, Clifton 
Bishopton, Bristol 
Southville, Bristol 

RedclifTe Parade West. Bristol (dead) 
Bradford-on-.\von. Wilts. 
Compton Martin, Bristol 
Royal L'^nited Hospital, Bath 
Olveston, Bristol 
Cotham Road, Bristol 

Royal Infirmarj*, Bristol 

Caledonia Place, Clifton 
Victoria House, Weston-super-Mare 
Belmont, Bath 
Fishponds, Bristol 
51, Berkeley Square, Bristol 
Staple Hill 

Portland Square, Bristol 
York Place, Clifton 
Batheaston, Bath 
Redcliffe Hill, Bristol 
King's Square, Bristol 
Bathwick Hill, Bath 
West Town, Bristol 
Westbury- on -Trj'm. 

College Green, Bristol 
Monte Video 
Kidlington, near Oxford 
Ashley Road, Bristol 

Dec. 29. '883-] 


Parson, T. C Esq. 
Parsons, F., Esq. 
Parsons, J, F., Esq. 
Pault, G. C. P., Esq. .. 
Pcnnv, W. J.. Esq. 
Phelps. W. H.. Esq. .. 
Pickering, C. F., Esq. .. 
Pizcy, G. F. P., Esq. .. 
Prichard, Augustin, Esq. 
Prichard, A. W. Esq. .. 
Prichard, J. E., M.B. .. 
Prowsc. A. B., M.D. .. 
Ransford, T. D., Esq .. 
Rattray, J. M., M.B. .- 
Reader, J., Esq. 
Rossiier, G. F., M.B. ., 
Rouc'.W. B., M.D. .. 
Roxburgh, R., M.B. .. 
Ruddock. R. B., Esq. .. 
Russell, M. W. H., Esq. 
Salmon. W. G., Esq. 
Scott. R. J. H., Esq. .. 
Shaw. J. E., M.B. 
Shorland, E. P., Esq. .. 
Shorland, W E., Esq. .. 
Slccate, E.. Esq. 
Skelton, H. Esq., 
Skcmtt, E. Markham, M.D. 
Skinner, S., M.B. 
Skipton, A. Esq. 
Smith, F. \V., M.D. .. 
Smith, G., Esq. 
3mith, G. Munro, Esq. 
Smith, J. Gr^ig, M.D... 
Smith, R. Shingleton, M.D. 
Spencer, F., Esq. 

Spencer, \V. H., M.D... 

Spender, J. K., M.D. .. 

Stanley, \V. E. S., Esq. 

Stansfeld, G. M.,Esq. 

Steele, C, M.D. 

Steven, Alexander, M.D. 

Stevens, F. G., Esq. .. 

Stcvans, W. E., Esq. .. 

Stewart, J. Esq. 

Stockwell, F., M.D., .. 

Stock, Gregory, Esq., .. 

Stockwell, F., M.D. .. 

Stockwell, T. G., Esq. . . 

Stone, R. S., M.D. 

Swayne, J. G., M.D. .. ' 

Swaj-ne, S. H.. Esq. 

Sylvester. K. F., Esq. .. 

Taylor. F., Esq. 

Tayler, G. C, M.D. .. 

Taylor, James. Esq. 

Taylor, T. H., Esq. 

Terry, G., Esq. 

Terrj'. G. H., Esq, 

Terry, J., Esq. 

Thomas. R. W., Esq .. 

Thompson, G., Esq. 

Thomson, George C., M.K. 

Tivy, W. J., Esq. 

Tuckett. W. F., Esq. .. 

Wade, A. L., M.D. .. 

Waldo. H., M.D. 

Ware, J., Esq. 

Wathen, J. H., Esq. .. 

Watkins, G ; Esq. 

Watson, T. Sanden, M.D. 

Waugh, A., Esq. 

Weatherly, L. A., M.D. 

Webster, Thomas, Esq. 

Wigmore, James, M.D. 

WTiite, E. A., M.D. .. 

White, F. G., Esq. 

White, W., Esq. 

Wigan, G. C. H.. M.D. 

Willcox, R. L., Esq. .. 

WlUett, G. G. D., Esq. 

Willett, M., M.D. 

Wintle. H.. M.B. 

Woolby, J. R., M.B. .. 

Wj-ndowe, J , M.D. .. 

Athersionc House, ^^^lke Ladies Rd., Bristol 



4, Somerset Terrace, Bath Bridge, Bristol 

Bristol General Hospital 

12, A>hley Place, Bristol 

12. Berkeley Square, Bristol 
Cleveland, Bristol 
Chesterfield Place, Clifton 
31, Victoria Place, Cli£ton 

Zetland Road, Bristol 

4, Rodney Cottages, Clifton 
Queen Square, Bath 

II, Weymouth Road, Frome 
Marshfield (re';igned) 
Redland, Bristol 
Saville Place, Clifton 
Royal United Hospital, Bath 

13, Bladud Buildings, Bath 
II, Lansdown Place, Clifton 
West bury 

211, Cheltenham Road, Montpeilier, Bristol 

The Paragon, Bath 

Downend, Bristol 

Thornton Villa, Richmond Hill, Clifton 


South Bank, Middle sborough 


We St bur>- on-Trym 

70, Pembroke Road Clifton 

Victoria Square, Clifton 

Richmond Hill, Cliftor* 


5, Lansdown Place, CUfton 
Circus, Bath 

Wellow, Bath 

Victoria Square, Clifton 

Clifton Villa, Richmond Hill, Cliftor. 

6, The Mall, CUfton 
Stapleion Road, Bristol 

Dunmarr)', Sneyd Park, Bristol 


Barton Hill House. Bristol 

, .\lfred Street, Bath 

Care of King & Co. . Comhill, E.C 

Pembroke Road. Clifton 

129, Pembroke Road, Qifton 

Trowbridge . 

Coliton Parade, Bristol 


5, Ashley Road, Bristol 

Thombur>* - 

Mell"^. near Frome 

16. Green Park, Bath. 

Bailbrook House, Bath 


The Asylum, Stapleton, Bristol 


Tottenham Place, Clifton 

18, Daniel Street, Bath 
, Wells 

10, Pembroke Road, Clifton 

Clifton. Bristol 
. iS. Richmond Hill, Clifton 

Guy House, Chepstow 

Lansdown Crescent, Bath 

Mid somer- Xorton 

Pordshead, Bristol 

Malvern House, Redland, Bristol 

Tiverton, Bath. 

. 44, Southemhay, Exeter 
. 40, Green Park, Bath. 

Portishead, Bristol 


22, Paul Street, Portland Square, Bristol. 
. ,\shlev House, Bristol 
. 12. Park Road_ Villas, Forest Hill. S.E 
. General Hospital, Bri^col 
. Batheaston, Somerset. 

Ashfor^^, E. C, Esq. 
Baron, B. J.. M.B. 
Belfield. C. W.. Esq. 
Berr>', F. C, M.B. 
Bird, H., Esq^ 
Bothwell. J., Esq. 

Boys, A. H., Esq. 
Brush, J. R., M.D. 
Burman, J. W.. M.D. .. 
Burrouchs. B. P. B., Esq. 
Bush, William, Esq. 
Carter, C. H.. Esq. 
Carter, R., M.D. 
Casson, H., Esq. 
Chilcoi, J., Esq. 


Morlands, Fath 
.. 12, Richmond Hill, CUfton, Bristol. 
. . Old Market Street, Bristol 
. . Lyn'.oii, North Devon 
. . 2,' Bennett Street, Bath 

Homiiigsham, Warminster 
. . Lodw.iy Villa, Pill, Bristol 
.. Mlle^ Road, CUfton 

RanL~>bur>-, Hungerford 

4, Park Crescent, Weston-super-Mare 
. . Circu-s Bath 


Oueeii Square, Bath, 
.. Wylye, lS.-ith. 
.. Mere 

Clarke, T., Esq. 
Cooke, E. M., M.B. .. 
Coombs, W. G., M.D. .. 
Daly, G. H., M.D. 
Daubenv. C, Esq. 
Deane, E., Esq. 
Xadon, W. F. B., Esq... 
Eddowes, C. Esq. 
Edmond, W. R., M.B. 
Evans. S. H., Esq. 
Fairbanks. W., M.D. .. 
Fulcher, George F., M.B. 
Grace, E. M., Esq. 
Grose, Samuel, M.D. .. 
Henley, T. L., Esq. 
Hitchcock, C, Esq. 
Husband, W. E., Esq. .. 
Jay, H. M. M.D. 
Kennard, Thomas A., Esq. 
Keir, W. J., Esq. 
King. T. H., Esq. 
Kirkman, J. T., Esq. .. 
Knapp, J. H., Esq. 
Lawrence, C. Hinds, Esq. 
Lidderdale, J., jun., Esq. 
Lush. W. H.. Esq. 
Marchant, W. R. F., M.B. 
Mathews, J. Stewart, M.B. 
Mead, H. R., Esq. .. 
Nicholson, T. D., Esq... 
Parsons, J. St. J. G., M.D. 
Pratt, R., Esq. 
Pumell, R., M.D. 
Risdon, A., Esq. 
Risdon, G. Owen, Esq. 
Sheldon, T. S-, M.B. .. 
Tolerton, W. R.. M.D. 
Tvley, R. P.. M.D. .. 
Woods, J. F., Esq. 


County Asylum, Devizes 

Fisherton House .\sylum, Salisbary 


Coombe Down, Bath 

Oakhill, near Bath. 

Hambrook. Bristol 

Maddington, Devizes 

Chew Magna, Somerset 





Westboume, Melksham 

Coombe Down, Bath 

Market Lavington, 

55, Bury New Road, Manchester 


High worth 


Calne. Wilts 

II, Melville Road, Redland 

Upper Park Place, Clifton 

Upavon, Wilts 

Great Bedwlrt, Hungeriord 

Market Lavington 

Clifton, Bristol (resigned) 


l-'ishponds, Bristol. 

\'ictoria House, Clifton 


Queen's Hospital, BinningtuJi 




County As\*him, Wells 

Shersion ^iagna, Wilts 


County Asylam, Wells, Somerset 





Balthazar Foster, M.D., Edgbaston. 
J. J. Nason, M.D., Stratford-on-.\voc. 
E. DewBS, M.D., Coventry. 
A. 0.\KES, Esq., 9, Old Square, Birmiagham. 

_, _ _ . ^ Lloyd 0\ve:j, Esq., Birmingham. 

Honorary Secretaries 0/ tk£ Pat/ic-i 'H^aHBTT il.w, M.B.» Eirminghnm. 

logical Section .. . . '( R. Saundby, M.D., NewhailSt., Birmingham 

j" Edwin Rickards, M.B., 14, Newhall Street, 

Honorary Secretaries of Branch -. Birmingham Lham. 

\\. H, CarteK.M.D., Newhall Street, Birming- 

Presiden t- Elect 

Chairtnan of the Pathoiog. Section 

Agar. S. H., M.D. 
Bodington,G. F., M.D. 
Bartleet,T. H., M.B. 
Chavasse, T. F., M.D. 
Garman, W. C, Esq. 
Ker, Hugh, Esq. 
Malins, E., M.D. 
Manby, F. E., Esq. 
Manley J., Esq. .. 
Owen, D. C. Lloyd, Fe^q. 
Russell, James, M.D. 
Saundby, R., >LD. 
Sawyer, Jf., M.D. 
Smith, Priestly, Esq. 
Thursfield, T. W., M.D. 
Underbill, T., M.D. 



Kings winford. 


. Wednesbury. 


. Wolverhampton. 

West Bromwich. 
. 51, Newhall Street, Eirmingham 

Newhall Street, Birmingham. 

Kewhall Street, Birmingham. 

Temple Row, Birmingham. 
, . Birmingham, 
. Leamington. 

West Bromwich. 

Dewes, E., M.D. .. Coventry- 

Foster, B., M.D. Birmingham 


Agar, Samuel H., Esq.. 
Aitkens, J. A., Esq. 
Allen, M. S., Esq. 
AUen, Thomas, Esq. 
.■\rcher John, Esq. 
Archer, W. G., M.B. . 
.\rthur, James, Esq. 
Astley, D. G., Esq. 
Atkinson, M. C-, Esq. . 
Baker, Alfred, Esq. 
Baker, R. L., M.D. . 
Bark, E., Esq. 
Barling, H. G.,M.B. . 
Barlow, Charles, Esq. . 
Barileet, T. H.. M.B. . 
Eassett, John, M.D. . 
Batten, W. S., Esq. 

Henley- in --^rden 

Hospital, Coventry 


Marlboro' Villa, Uxbridge Road, London 

9, Carpenter Road, Edgbaston, Birminghaa 

Waterloo Street, Birmingham 

Henley -in -Arden 


.\bbey Hill, Kenilworth 

Waterloo Street, Birmingham 


S7, Ashton Road, BimuLgham 

Hospital, Birmingham 

Sutton Coldfield 

Edgbaston, Birmingham 

Hampstead Road. N.W. 

Brorasgrove, Worcestersliire 



[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Bayley, R. L., LL.D. .. 

.. Stourbridge 

Harmar. J., Esq. . i. 

. . 35. Newhall Street. Birmingham 

Beasley, James G., Esq. 

., Mountford House, Rowley Regis 

Harmar, J. K., Esq. .. 

.. Oak Cottage, Monumen Road, Edgbaslon 

Hcllinghall), J., Km}. 

. . Dudley 

Hart, G. H., M.D. .. 


Bendall, H., M.D. .. 

. . 9, Tichfield Tenace, Regent's Park. N.W. 

Harvey, A., Esq. 

Wheeler Street, Birmingnam 

Berry, Samuel, E'iq. 

.. 4. Cavendish Gardens, London, S.W. 

Harvey, John, M.D. .. 

.. i3o,HeathfieId Road, Handsworth, Eirmingham 

Bindley, P., M.B 

liranksome Wood, Bouniemouth 

Harvey, Joseph J., Esq. 

.. 32, Myrtle Street, Dalston London, E. 

Bin, George, M.B. 

.. High Street, Stourbridge 

Haslam, W. F., Esc. . . 

.. Hagley Road. Birmingham 

Blackwood, Thomas, Esq. 

. . Wednesburj', Staffordshire 

Hazelhust, T. W., Esq. 

., The Lodge, Claverley, Bridgnorth 

Blake, G. F., Esq. 

.. Cambridge Road, Moseley, Bimiingham 

Hawkins, Alex. F., Esq. 

. . Ishngton Row, Birmingham 

Bodington, G. F., M.D. 


Hayes, J., M.D. 

. . Manor House, Tittensor, Stoke-on-Trent 

Bond, J. W., M.D. 

. . General Hospital, Birmingham 

Haycraft, J. B., M.D. 

. . Mason College, Birmingham 

Bottle, A., M.D. 

.. Easy Row, Birmingham 

Haynes, F. H., M.D. .. 

.. 3, Spencer Street, Leamington 

Bower, R., Esq. 

.. 141, Gt. Charles St., Birmingham 

Haynes, S. H., M.B. .. 

. . Dispensar>-, Birmingham 

Bowslead, R. M., M.D. 

.. Caistor, Lincolnshire 

Heale, A. L., Esq. 

.. Warwick 

Boyer, J. J.. M.D. 

. . Leamington 

Heslop, T. P., M.D. .. 

.. 21, Temple Row, Birmingham 

Bracey, C. J., M.I J. 

.. Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham 

Hickinboiham, J., M.D. 

.. Broad Streelj Birmingham 

Bracev, H. R.. Esq. 

.. Bristol Street, Birmingham 

Hill, Alfred, M.D. 

.. The Public Office, Birmingham 

Bradford, C, E^q. 

Acocks Green, Birmingham 

Hill. A. B.,M.D.. 

.. Temple Street, Birmingham 
Studley, Warwickshire 

Bradley, D.. Esq. 

.. High Street, Dudley 

Hi'-on, J. H.. Esq 

Bradley I. P., Esq. 

.. 85, Lwwer Hurst Street. Birmingham 

Hoar«, R. R.. Es*i. .. 

.. Aston Road, Birmingham 

Bridges, A. C, Esq., .. 

.. Gerrard Street, Lozells 

Hobbes, J. L., Esq. .. 

.. Clent, Stourbridge 

Briggs, H. M., Esq. .. 

• - 73t Stratford Place, Birminghajr. 

Hogg, C. H. J., Esq. .. 

i. Monument Lane, Edgbaston, Birmingham 

Brown, G. J., Esq. 

.. 132, Eath Row, Birmingham 

Hoibeche, A. 0., Esq... 

Gloucester Hout^e, Malvern Wells 

Brown, James, Esq. 

.. Can:i! Street, Tipton, Staffordshire 

Hollinshead, F., Esq. .. 

. . Selly Oak. Birmingham 

Brown, John, Esq., 

,. Jordan Well, Coventr>- 

Holloway, G., Esq. 

Belgrave Road, Birmingham 

Browne, H. W. Langley, Esq. 

., Manor House, West Bromwich 

Holyoake, T., Esq. 

. . Kinver, Staffordshire 

Browne, W., M.U 

,. The Friary, Lichfield (resigned) 

Roman, G. W'., Esq. .. 

. . Lichfield 

Buck, J. R.. Esq. ";.' 

,. Sidbury, Worcester 

Hopkins, F. F., Esq. .. 

.. ?S, Ashted Row, Birmingham 

Buck, W. E.. M.D. .. 

... Leicester 

Horlon, J. J., Esq. 

. . I, St. Leonards Place, Moseley, Birmingham 

Bull, E. G., Esq. 

.. 262, Stratford Rd., Birmingham 

Horton, W., Esq. 

. . Chase Town 

Bullus, W., Esq. 

.. High Street, West Bromwich (dead) 

Hues, J. J.. Esq. 


Burton, E. T., Esq. 
Carter, A. H., M.D. .. 

,. Spring Hill, Birmingham 

Hunt, B., M.D. 

.. George Road, Edgbaston, Eirminghara (dead) 

.. Newhall Street, Birmingham 

Hunt, Joseph, Esq. 

. . 23, Temple Row, Birmingham 

Carter, T. A., M.D. .. 

,. 4, Clarence Terrace, Leamington 

Hunt, J. W., M.D. .. 

loi, Queen's Road, Dalston, E. 

Chapman, George, Esq. 

.. Brierley Hill, Staffordshire 

Hyde, W. E., Esq. 


Chaundy, R. B., Esq. .. 

Handsworth, Birmingham 

Jackson, Jabez B., Esq. 

.. 381, Summer Lane, Birmingham 

Chavasse, T. F.. M.D. .. 

, . Temple Row, Birmingham 

Jackson, J. F., Esq. 

.. Smethwick (dead) 

Chesshire, A. E., Esq. .. 

., S3, Newhall Street, Birmingham 

fackson, T. V., Esq. . . 

.. Wolverhampton 

Clark, James, M.D. .. 

,. Lichfield 

Jackson, W. F. M., Esq. 

.. Smethwick. Birmingham 

Clark, J. F., Esq. 

,. Leamington 

Johnston, James, ^LE. 

.. Goldslie, Sutton Coldfield 

Clay, G. L., Esq. 

. . 443, Moseley Road, Birmingham 

Jolly, R.. M.D. 

.. Newhall Street, Birmingham 

Clay, John, Esq. 

. . Steel House Lane, Birmingham 

Jones, George, Esq. 

. . 12, Newhall Street, Birmingham 

Clibbom, W., M.D. .. 

.. 10, St. Tames Square, Netting Hill, W. 

Jones, John W., Esq. .. 

.. Coleshill, Warwickshire 


Jordan, F. , Esq. 

.. Edmund Street, Birmingham 

Clendinnen, J. G., Esq. 

.. Coseley, 

Jordan, W. Ross, Esq. . . 

Easy Row, Birmingham 

Coleman, J. M., .M.D. .. 

,, 3, Salop Street, Wolverhampton 

Joy, J. H.. M.D., 


Compson, J. C, K.D. .. 

.. Mineral Bank, Bridge of Allan 

Kelty, P. M., Esq. .. 

. . 131, Lichfield Street, Walsall 

Cooke, John, ^I.IJ. 

.. Tettenhall, Wolverhampton 

Ker, Hugh R., Esq. .. 

. . Halesowen 

Cooke, W. H., M.D. .. 

,. Aldridge, Walsall 

Keyworth, J. W., M.D. 

Crawford, C. H., M.D... 

. , Stafford 

Larkin, H. W., M.D. .. 

. . Eilston 

Crowe, G. W., M.D. .. 

. . Shaw Street, Worcester 

Lattey, W., Esq. 

.. Southam, Wai'vvick shire 

Cunningham, A., M.B. . . 

,. Oldbur^', Worcestershiie 

Leah, W., Esq. 

Birchfield, Birmingham 

Cureton, E., Esq. 

.. Shrewsbury 

Leech, H. R.. Esq. .. 

. . I, Hyde Rpad, Birmingham 

Davidson, C, M.D. 

, . Coventry 

Lewis, C. J.. Esq. 

Davis, R. A., M.D. .. 

, . Borrowcop, Lichfield 

Lloyd, G. Jordan, Esq. . . 

.. 21, Broad Sticet, Birmingham 

DeDenne, J. V., Esq. .. 

,. Cradley Heath 

Lloyd, T. L., Esq. 

.. Cheswardine. Market Drayton 

Denne, H., M.D. 

.. 8, Hagley Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham 

Lowe, George, Esq. 

.. Burton-on-Trent 

Douglas, W., M.D. 


Lowe, H. G., Esq. 

.. Newhall Street, Birmingham (resigned)] 

Drummond, Alex.. M.B. 

.. Gosta Green, Birmingham 

Lowe, W. G., M.D. .. 

.. Burton-on-Trent 

Drur)-, R., M.D. 

.. 144, Bloomsbury Street, Birmingham 

Lumby, J. R. H., Esq. 

, . Nechell's Park Road, Birmingham 

Duke, Thomas, Esq. .. 

. . Rugby 

Lycett, J. A., Esq. 

. . The Hollies, Graiseley, Worcestershire 

Dukes, C, M.D. 

,. Horton Crescent, Rugby 

Lyle, T., M.D. 

.. Rubery Hill Asylum, near Bromsgrove, 

Duno, F., Esq. 

. . 19. Eilston Street, Wolverhampton 


Eagar, R. T. -S., M.D... 

. . Stourbridge 

Lynes, Edward, M.D. .. 

. . 9, Priory Row, Coventry 

Eagleton J. Esq. 

.. Coseley, Bilston 

Maberley, G. F., Esq. .. 

. . Vincent Lodge, Bishop's Teignton, Devon 

Bales, H., Esq. 

.. 90, Newhall Street, Birmingham 

McCarthy, I. McC, Esq. 


Eardley-Wilmot R., M.B. 

,. 6, Euston Place, Leamington 

McDonnell, Michael S., Esq. 

.. Barrage Road, Plumstead, Kent 

Edginton, R. W., M.D. 

., Bristol Road, Birmingham 

Machin, E. S., Esq. 

Park Villa, Erdington, Birmingham 

Ellongton, G., jun., Esq. 

.. Five Ways, Edgbaston, Birmingham 

MacKenzie.J. Ingleby, M.B. 

.. Crescent House, Rugby 

Elkington. T., Esq. 

.. Fenny Compton 

McMunn, C- A., M.D. 

Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton 

Ellerton, F. C, Esq. .. 

, . Arlington Street, Leamington 

McVeagh, Denis L, Esq. 

.. Bishop Street. Coventry 

Ellis, H. D' A., Esq. .. 

.. Brierley Hill, Staffordshire 

Malet, H., M.B. 

, . W"olverhampton 

Evans, A. H., Esq., .. 

.. Sutton Coldfield, Warwickshire 

Malins, E., M.D. 

.. Old Square, Birmingham 

Evans, A. P., Esq. 

. . West Bromwich, Staffordshire 

Manby, F. E., Esq. .. 

. . W'olverhampton 

Evans, T. D. F., Esq. .. 

. . Hagley Road, Birmingham 
.. Lichfield Road, Birmingham. 

Manley, John. Esq. 

. . West Bromwich 

Fairley, S. B., E.sq., .. 
Kausset, H. J., M.D. .. 

Mann, W. S., Esq. .. 

272, Hagley Road, Birmingham 

.. Tamworth 

Marriott, C. W^, Esq. .. 

.. Dynevor House, Leamington 

Fleming, .\., Esq. 

. . Tamworth 

Marshall H. F., M.B... 

,. 211. Deritend, Birmingham 

Fletcher, T. B. E., M.D. 

,. Clarendon Square, Leamington 

Martin, John, Esq. 

. . Alcester 

Flewitl, Walter, Esq. .. 

,. 129, Moor Street, Birmingham 

Masser, H. C. P., Esq. 

.. Loiig^-^rd, Foleshilt 

Foster, B., M.D. 

,, Edgbaston. Birmingham 

Masters, J. A., Esq. 


Foster, W. I., Esq. 

.. Villa Road, Handsworth, Birmingham 

Mathews, E., Esq. 

. . S, Church Green East, Redditch 

Freer, E. L., Esq. 

. . Lozells, Handsworth, Birmingham 

May, Bennett. M.B. .. 

. . Temple Row, Birmingham 

Gabb. John, Esq. 

.. Bewdley 

May, Henry, Esq. 

.. Conistou Hou.-e, Birchfield Road, Birmingham 

Gamgee, J. S.. Esq. 

Broad Street, Birmin|.ham 

May, James, Esq. 


Garman, J. C, Esq. .. 

,. Wednesbury 

Messiter, ISL A., Esq. .. 

. . Priory Villa, Dudley 

Garman, W. C., Esq. .. 

., Wednesbury 

Mitchell, C.J. C, Esq. 

Borough Workhouse, Birmingham 

Gamer, John Esq. 
Oauijt, J. P., Esq. 

. . 52. Newhall Street, Birmingham 

Millican, W. M. K., Esq. 

., Kineton, Warwick 

.. Alvechurch 

Monckton. David H., M.D. 

.. Rugeley 

Gosling, C. K., Esq. .. 

.. Moseley, Birmingham 

Moore, J. W., Esq. .. 

326, Moseley Road, Eirmingliam 

Goulder, r. S., Esq. .. 

. . 150, Wolverhampton Street, Dudley 

Moore, M. M., M.D. .. 

.. Hereford Street, Coventry 

Green, H., Esq. 

.. The Dispensary, Birmingham 

Moore, R. Wilson, Esq. 

.. W'ednesbur>* 

Green, John, Esq. 

. . Wolverhampton 

Morgan, Herbert M., Esq. 

. . Lichfield 

Greene, John, Esq. 

. . Summer Row, Birmingham 

-Morris, Joseph, Esq. .. 
Moxon. W. Esq. 

.. 14, Euston Place, Leamington 

Grcensill. J. N., Esq. .. 

. . (ireat Witley, Stourport 

,. Matlock Bridge 

Guthie, G., MB. 

. . Callandes, Scotlatid (resignied) 

Moyles, T..M.D. 

^ 167, Broad Street, Birmingham 

H.-ulley, Clement, Esq... 

.. Ashted House, Birmingham 

Nason,J. j.,M.B. 

. Bridge Street, Stratford-on-Avon 

lladley, G. Percival, M.U 

.. Wadham House, Lozells, Birmin?;haia 

Nason, R. B., Esq. 

. Nuneaton 

Hammond, W. , Esq. . . 


Nelson, T., M.B. 

.. Dispensary, Birmingham 
. . Wolverhampton 

Jiannay, J., E.;q. 


Newnham, C. A., Esq. . . 

Hardwicke ii. H-. Es(i. 

.. Solihul 

Ncwm.-m, A.. M.B. 

.. 70, Macklin Street, Derby (resigned) 

H.irgrove, C.W.,Esq... 

. Lansdowne Villa, Acock's 

Newton, R. A., Esq. .. 

.. Newhall Street, Birmingham 

Dec. 29, 1883] 


N«rbury, T. W., Esq. .. 
Noiris, R., .M.U. 
Noirk, R. H., M.D. .. 
Oakcs, .\., Esq. 
Oakes, Charles, M.B. .. 
O'Dowd. John, Esq. 
Oliver, \V., Ejq. 
Orton, Arthur, Esq. 
Orton, E. W., Esq, 
Osborn, W. H., Esq. . 
Owen, D. C. Lloyd, Es<|. 
Owens, E. M., Esq. .. 
Page. E. S., Esq. 
Page, H. .M., Esq. 
Palmer, Clement, Esq. . . 
Palmer, J. H., Esq. . 
Palmer, S. F., Esq. 
Partes, W. E., M.D 
Paree^-, W. H., .M.D. .. 
Partnge, Miles W. C, tsij 
Partridge, .S.. Esq. 
Peacock, Edwin, Esq. . 
Pearson, X. W. Esq. 
Pemberton, C. L. H., Esq. 
Pemberton, C, Esq. 
Perceval. .\I. W. C, Esq. 
Perks, Charles, Esq. 
Phillips, G. .\., Esq. .. 
Price, Edwin, Esq. 
Prosser, R., Esq. 
Prosser, R. A. S., Esq... 
Quirke, J., Esq. 
Ravenhill, T. H., Esq. 
Rees, R.,M.B. 
Rhodes, \V., Esq. 
Rice, Bernard, Esq. 
Richards, T. .M.B. 
Rickards, E., M.B. 
Roden, .S. S., JI.D. 
Roe, A. L., Esq. 
Rosten, W. M...M.D. .. 
Russell, James, .M.D. .. 
Sansome, T., Esq. 
Saundbv, R.,M.D. 
Savage, T., .M.D. 
Sawyer, James, M.D. .. 
Scurrah, J. D., .M.D 
Shapley, H. T., M.B. .. 
Sharman, Malim, Esq. . . 
Sharp, G. G., Esq. 
Shaw, O. C, M.B. 
Sheppard, G. .4., Esq. . . 
Shore, P., Esq. 
Simon, R. M., M.D. .. 
Simpson, J. H., M.D. 
Smith, C. R., M.B. 
Smith, E. C, M.B. 
Smith, F. W., M.D. 
Smith, G.. Esq. 
Smith, H.H., Esq. 
Smith, Priestly, Esq. 
Smith, Richard, Esq. . . 
Smith,Richatd W., Esq. 
Smith, W., Esq. 
Solomon. J. Vose, Esq. 
Somerville, J. H., Esq... 
Spoflbrth, J., Esq. 
Standish. T., Esq. 
Strathy, F. R. L.. .M.D.. . 
Suckling. C. H., Esq. . . 
Sumner, J. S. H., Esa. 
Sutcliffe H.. Esq. 
Swinson, H.. Esq. 
Tait, G. W., Esq. 
Tait, Lawson, Esq. 
Taylor, J. W., M.D. .. 
Taylor, M., Esr. 
Thomas, H. W., Esq. 
Thomas, W., M.B. 
Thompson, Wesley H., Es. i. 
Thom.son, John, Esq. 
Thome, Frederic, Esq. 
Thursfield, T W.. M.D. 
Tibbits. T., M.D. 
Tomkins" .^. W., M.D... 
Torbitt, C. Esq. 
Totherick. J. Y.,,M.D. 
Townsend, C. P. G., Esq. 
Tunley, J. . Esq. 
Turner, Edwin, Esq. .. 
Tylecote, E. T., M.D. 
Tylecote. J. H., .M.D... 
Underbill, A. S., M.D.- 
Underbill. FrancLs W. Esq 
Underbill, T , M.D. 
Underbill, T. E., M.B 
Underbill, W. L.,Esq... 
Vinrace, John, M.D. 
Vokoe, C, Esq. 
Wade, W. F., M.B. 
Walker, T. Alfred, Esq. 
Ward, Joseph, Es<7. 


.. Stratford-on-Avon 
. . Birchfield Road, A.stoo, Birmingham 
. . Birchfield, Birmingham 
. . 9, Old Square, Birmingham , 
. . Walsall 

Solihull, Warwickshire (resigned) 
, , Bedworth 

. . Queen's Hospital, Birmingham 
18, Xewhall Street, Birmingham 
'... Solihull 

'.. Prospect Hill, Redd!-'b 
.. Barton-uoder-Needwood, Burt:" - !i 
. . Solihull 

. . B6, Xew Street, Birmingham 
Haiidswortb, Birmingham 
llatlon, Warwickshire 
.. .Meriden Warwickshire 

Croft House, Darlaston, S!afror,;>r.!rc 

Kingswinford, Dudley 

Temple Row, Birmingham 
. . Ryton Towers, Shrewsbur>- 

tSi. High Street, Burton-oa-'Ire; t 
. . Walsall 

Dudley Port, Tipton 
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 
. . 85, Brearley Street, Birmingha.Ti 
. . Hunters Lane, Handsworth 
, . Ttj, High Street, Bo.'deslev, B:r.-:.: / 
- . High Street, West Bromwich 
. . High Street, Bridgenorth 
.. Warnford Hospital, Leamington 
. . Bath Road, Birmingham 
. , Ne'.vhall Street, Birminghm 
. . Friar .Street, Droitwich 

Beech CHfF, Newcastle-under-Lj-me 
. . -Acock's Green, near Birmingham 
■ ■ 5S, Calthorpe Road, Edgbastoa 

Hill Top, West Bromwich 
- . 25, Xeuhall Street, Eirminc: ..r.i 

1::, Old Square. Birminghr.- 
. . Temple Row, Birmingham 
. Islington Row, Birmingha::; :... ;. ....^ 
. . Le-imington 

. . 315, Bristol Road, Brnningra-i 
Walsall, Staffordshire 
Moseley, FirminghaPi 
, . Worcester 
. Walsall 

. Xewhall Street, Binnuigh^ 
, . Crescent, Rugby ' '• ■ ' 

. . \^'aterloo Road, Wolverhampton 
. Redditch ! '1 ' 

Bristol Road, Birmingham 
. George Street, Edgbastori, Birminj . ,.j 
Deritead, Birmingham i 

Heath Road, Harboriie, Bl^yigh."^;. 
. Redditcb r ., ' 

. Blo.\-^^■ich, Walsall 

. Cradley Heath 
. Harbome, Birmingham 
. Queen's College, Birminghar^ 

W'est Brom.vich 
- The Hawthorns, West Bromwic.*! 

Braithwaite Road, Birmipgham (d^.. J.; 
. The La-Lirels, Knowle, Birmingham 
. Gt. Charles Street, Birmingham 
413, Moseley Road, Birmingham 
. -S.Tiall Heath, Birmingham' 
, ;;oo, Bristol Road, Kirmingha:n 
Cradley Heath, Stourbridge 
Kingswinford, Staffordshire 
21, Waterloo Place, Learaini;;.;! 
£, York Terrace, Leainingtoa 
Jur>- Street, War\vick 
5. Xewbold Terrace, Leamington 
Oldbtiry , , , 

46, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton 
Xring, Herts "f . i? >■ 

Burton.on-Trent ' ' 

.\udnam, Wordsley, Staffordshire 
Great Ha5-%vood, Staffordshire" 
Sandon, Stone. St.iffordsbire ' 
Great Bridge, Tipton. Staffordshire 
363, Moseley Road, Birmingham 
West Bromwich 
Tipton Green 
Tipton Green 
I75> Hockley, Birmingham 
74, Brearley Street. Birminghani 
24. Tenmie Row, Birmingham. 
Upper Go^al, Staffordshire 
Sparkbrook, i^irmingham 

Warden, C, -M.D. 
Waters, A. J. G., Esq... 
Waterson, J., Esq. 
Webb, V. 6., Esq. 
Welch, J. B., >LB. 
Welch, S. K., Esq. 
Welch, Rev. W. J. J., .M.D 
West, James F., Esd. . 
West, W. C, Esq. 
Weston, E. F., Esq. 
Whitby, E. v., Esq. .. 
Whitcombe, E. B., Esq. 
Whitcombe, W. P., Es(j 
White, E. W. W. ■Si.V.. 
Whitehouse, John, Esq.. 
Wllders, J. St. S., Esq. 
Williams, T. Watkin, Es<i. 
Willmore, F. W., Esq... ' 
Wilson, G., .M.D. 
Wilson. Hugh C, M.D.. 
Windle, R. C. A., JI.B. 
Wood, Horatio, Esa. . . 
Wilson, Wright, Esq. ., 
Wood, J., M.B. 
Wood. Richard, M.D... 
Wright, M. Hall, Esq. . 
Wright. William, JLD. . . 
Wyer, Otho F., .M.D. .. 
Vates, George, Esq. 
Young, H. J., .M.D. .. 

. 44i Calthorpe Road, Birmingham 

Brandon, Suffolk 

62. Hockley Hill, Binninghain 


Soho Hill, Birmingham 

231, Shield's Road, Xewcastle-on-Tyne 


1 17, Hagley Road, Birmingham (dead) 

1 amton Lodge, ^IaIvern 
Chetvrynd House, Stafford 

12, Heath Street, Birmingham 

Boro' Asylum, Winson Green, Birmingham 

Aston, Birmingham 

Eye Hospital, Birmingham 

Infirmary, Sunderland 

Edgbaston, Birmingham 
Xewhall Street, Birmingham (dead) 
Bridge Street, Walsall 
Clodlagh Villa, Leamington 
-, Pershore Road, Birmingham 
General Hospital, Birmingham 
Earldon Villa. Bai-all Heath. Birnangham 
The Crescent, Bir.Tiingham 
Bridge Street. Walsall 
Bromsgrove, Worcestershire 
.Summer Hill, Birmingham 
Shipston<in-Stour, Worcester 
Epperston, The .'\venue, Learaing;o.i 
Birchfietd, Biimingham 
Erdington, Birmingham 

Barker, John, Esq. 

Birt, Thomas, M.D. .. 
Bond, F. .\., M.B. 
Bourne, Thomas S., Esq 
I Brown, C. F., Esq. 
Bullock, T. W., Esq. .. 
Clarke, John, Esq. 
Clarke, W. C, Esq. . . 
Cookson, A. M., Esq. . 
Creswell, W. G., Esq. 
Dawson, W. H,, Esq. . . 
Dewes, Edward, M.D. . . 
Dresser, W., Esq. 
Dunkley, W. W., Esq; . . 
Farncombe. R., Esq. 
Fosbroke, G. H., Esq. 
Fraser. J. H., M.B. .. 
Gill, J.. -M.D. 
Hallsworth, S. M., Esq. 
Handford, T., Esq. 
Howe, J. E., M.B. 
Hyrons, E. .4., Esq. . . 
Jepbcoat, R. W., Esq. , . 
Johnson, S. E,, Esq. 
Kelly, R. v., Esq. 
Kingsley, H., M.D. 
Le.Sage, W. L., Esq. .. 
Martin, Theodore, Esq. 
^liddlemore, R., Esq. , . 
Middleton, L. .\., Esq... ' 
-Mouillet, F. h.. de T., Esq. 
Moore, H. C. Esq. 
X'ash, W. G., Esq. 
Pajlon, T., Esq. 
Pitt, Richard, Esq. 
Rice, Edmund, .M.B. .. 
Robertson, J. B., Esq. . . 
Robert-son, James, Esq. 
Sadd, F. G., Esq. 
Smith, George. Esq. 
Smith, T. Ha\-vvood, Esq. 
Smith, T. L., Esq. 
Taylor, T., Esq. 
Thompson, E. T., Esq.. 
Vale, James T., Esq. .. 
Vawdrey. T. G., Esq.' .. 
Whitby, C. W., Esq. .. 
Wilson, W., Esq. 


'r.>^:' 'Coleshill 

. . Leamington 

. . Brinklow, Coventry 


. . East Gate, War-.vic"-; 


("gravelly Hill, ncir Birmingham 

-Vuneaton, Warwickshire 
. Saltley Resigned) 

Great Malvern 
- Coventry (resig-^ed) 

. . Foleshill, Coventry 

Ealsall Heath, Birmingham 
. BidfdrJ, Redditch 

5, Old Street, Birmingham 

. . .\theTstone, Warwickshire 
. . .^therstone, Warwickshire 
. . Know'lQ Vicarage, near Eirminghant 

Alceftter, Wanvickshire 

193, Stratford Road, Sparkbrook, Birmingflam 

Erdington, Birmingham 
. Stratford. on .Avon 

Lozells, Eirmir^gham 
. . Seljy Oak 

Eristo! Road Edgbaston, Birmingham 
, , Rosbeg, Harbome, Birmingham 

. . King Street, Hereford 

.'■'■ West f^addon, Rugby 

.. Summerville House, High Street - 
' . . Wellesboume 

. Harbury, near Leamington 

. -Marton, Rugby 

:-. Worcester Street, BirmicaHari 

. K;igby:.' . '■ :' 

. ;, Bristol Road, Birmingham 
. . -\fcester 

. .\lcester 
-. Sutton Coldfield 
. . Wolston, Coventry" ' 

.. Bell Court, Bidford .'.!/..- 

. . 10, Oakland Terrace,Handswbrt1i,Birifli!?jh::m 
. . 7, The Parade, Leamington 
, . X'ewhall Street, Birmingham 




-. J A MacDougau., M.D., Carlialt 
_ J. .«. Mi-iR, M.B., SelkiHt 


[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Vke-Presiden is 

Honorary Secretaries . . 

Barnes, Henry, M.D. 
Brown, W., Esq .. 
Grange. W. D. O., M D. 
Hall, C. S., Esq. 
Lockie, S., M.D. 
Macbean, R. B., M.B. 
MacDonald, A. D. M.D. 
Mitchell, H., M.D. 
Tiffin R. M.D. 

/'M. W. Taylor, M.D., Penrith 
T. F. I'Anson, M.D., Whitehaven 
T. S. Clouston, M.D., Edinburgh 
Robert Tikfen, M.D., Wigton 
\V. A. F. Rrowne, Esq., Dumfries 
Henrv Barnes, M.D., Carlisle 
Stewart Lockie, M.D., Carlisle 
Jambs Gilchrist, M.D., Dumfries 
R. Maclaken, M.D., Carlisle 
J A. Campbell, M.D., Carlisle 
S. Grierson, Esq., Melrose 
VA. A. H. Knight, M.D., Keswick 
( W. Russell, M.E., i, Henry Street, Carlisle 
\ John Smith, M.D., 14, Castle St., Du nfries 


. Carlisle 
. Carlisle 

Moffat t 
. Carlisle 

. Annan^ 


Taylor, M W., M.D. .. Penrith 

Tiffin. R., M.D. .. Wigton 


Ablett, Edward, M D. . . 
Adam, J., M.D. 
Alexander, T., Esq. 
Anderson, J. R.. M.D... 
Anderson, W., M.B. .. 
Armstrong, F., M.D. .. 
Arras, W., Esq. 
Barkley, G., M.D. 
Barnes, H.. M.D 
Black, G., M.B. 
Braithwaite, Samuel, Esq. 
Briggs, W. P.. Esq- .. 
Brodie, A. L, Esq. 
Brown, William, Esq. . 
Browne, W. A. F., Esq. 
Bruce, J., M.D. 
Brydon. J., M.D. 
Buntine, R., Esq. 
Burt, J. Kendall, M.B. 
Calderwood, George, M.D 
Campbell. John A., M.D. 
Carlyle, D.. M.D. 
Carlyle, William J., M.D. 
Clark, T., M.D. 
Cox, D. C, Esq. 
Cox, J. Nichol, Esq. . . 
Crerar, John, Esq. 
Davidson, J. M., M.B... 
Davidson, T., MB 
Denholmc, J., M.B. .. 
Dick, Jamefc, M.D. 
Diowoodie, Frederick, ^LD. 
Dodgson, Henry, M.D. 
Douglas, T. S., Esq. .. 
Eastwood, J. W., F.-ui .. 
Eaton, J., M.D 
Fisher, J. B., M.B. .. 
Forbes, R. T., M.B. .. 
Eraser, W., M.B. 
Gilchrist, James, M.D. . . 
Gordon, S. T., Esq. 
Grange, W. D'Oyley, M.D. 
Green, -.. M.D. 
Grierson, S., Esq. 
Hall, Cornelius S., Esq. 
Hardesty, J. J., Esq, .. 
Harrison, R., Esq. 
Henry. E. W., M.D. .. 
Highet, John, M.B. .. 
Hogg, A., M.B. 
Hoggan, E., Esq. 
I'Anson, T. F., M.D. .. 
TAnson, W., M.B. 
Inman, R.. M.D. 
Jackson, T., Esq. 
lackson, T.. M.D. 
Kennedy, W. J.. M.D. 
Kerr, W. S., M.D. .. 
Knight, Alexander A. H., M.D. 
Lace, J. J.. Esq. 
Larcher, V., E^., 
Lcdiard, A., Esq. 
Lockie, Stewart, M.D. . . 
Logan, T.. M.D. 
Lorraine, R. B., M.D., 
Lorr.-iine, W., M.D. .. 
MacBt-an, R. H., M.B. 
McDonald, A. D., M.D. 


Crichton House, Dumfries (resigns) 

Esk Bank, Canonbie 
Whithorn, Wigtonshire 

Wetherall, near Carlisle 

6, Portland Square, Carlisle 

Nlount Aspatria, Carlisle 

Devonshire Street, Carlisle 

Castledykes, Dumfries 
Kendal (dead) 

Garland's Asylum, Carlisle 
The Crescent, Carlisle 

o. Picton Place, Newcastle-onTyae f resigns) 

Maryporl, Cumberland 
Johnstone, Lockerbie 
Workington (resigns) 

Orchard House, Cleator 
Church Street, Whitehaven 
Moffat (resigns) 
Lowther Street, Whitehaven 

Border Counties Asylum, Melrose 

South Cliff, Scarborough 
Lowther Street, Whitehaven 

Dcrwent Street, Workington 
Thornliill (resigns) 

Sanquhar (resigns) 
The Dispy, Carlisle 
Lowther .Street, Carlisle 
Devonshire Street, Carlisle 

2, Irving Street, Dumfries 
St. Andrew'^ Street, Castle Douglas 
35, Castle Street, Dumfries 

Macdonald, A. Esq., .. 

Macdougall, A. R., M.B. 

Macdougall, J. A., M.D. 

McLachlan, James, ^LB. 

Maclaren, Roderick, M.D. 

McLennan, Q., M.B. .. 

McLeod, D, J. A., Esq. 

Macphail, S. R., M. D. 

Marshall, W., M.D. .. 

Meggat, — ., M.B. 

Milligan, J. M., Esq. .. 

Mitchell, H., M.D. 

Mitchell, Jas., Esq. 

Montgomery, T. L., Esq. 

Mowat, J., M.D. 

Muir, J. P., M.B. 

Muir, J. S., M.B. 

Munro, H.G., M.B. .. 

Munro, J., M.D. 

Muriel, G. J., Esq. 

Murphy, G. Esq. 

Murray, P. M., M.D. .. 

Page, W. B.. Esq., 

Parker, C. A., M.D. .. 

Patterson, A., M.D. 

Reld, W. S. S., Esq. .. 

Richardson, W., M.B... 

Rigg, Thomas, M.D. .. 
Ring, C. G., Esq. 
Robertson, John, M.D. 
Robertson, J. D., M.D. 
Robinson, Jas., Esq. 
Rowan, S. F., Esq. 
Rumney, D. G. , Esq. .. 
Russell, W., M.B. 
Rutherford, J., Esq., .. 
Rutherford, T., Esq. .. 
Sanderson, T. D., M.B 
Scott, W., M.D. 
Shannon, John, Esq. 
Smith, John, M.D. 
SpeirSj William, Esq. .. 
Spurgin, W. H., Esq. .. 
Stuart, J. A. Erskine, Esq. 
Syme, James, Esq. 
Symons, M. J., M.D. .. 
Taylor, M. W., M.D. .. 
Thomson, A., liLD. 
Thomson, James, M.D. 
Tiffin, Robert, M.D. .. 
Walker, T. H., Esq. .. 
Walker, R Esq. 
Waters, J. L., M.B. .. 
Wotherspoon, T. A., M.D. 

Kirkoswald, Penrith 

4, Portland Square, Carlisle 

Garlands, Carlisle 
Buccleuch Street, Dumfries 
Kirkpatrick, Durham, N.B. 
Hayfield, Thornhill 

Moniaive, Glencairn 

Chiswick Street, Carlisle 

Gosforth, Camfortn 

St. John's Road, Annan, N.B. 

I, Henry Street, Carlisle 

26, Castle Street, Dumfries 

14, Castle Street, Dumfries 
Healey, Batley 

Royal Infirmary, Dumfries 

Alexander, L. D., Esq 
Amott, G., M.D. 
Audland, John, Esq. 
Balbimie, J. P. Esq. . . 
Blair, W., M.D. 
Bonthron, A., M.D. 
Cameron, J., M.B. 
Cameron, J. M., Esq. .. 
Garden, J. C, Esq. 
Carson, Stewart, Esq. . . 
Clark, D. McC, Esq. .. 
Cochrane, H., Esq. 
Collie, R. J., M.B. 
Connei, J., M.D. 
Cox, John D., Esq. 
Elliot, Robert, M.D. .. 
Evatt, W. H., M.D., .. 
Evison, H., Esq. 
Fairer, M. R., M.B. .. 
Fergusson, A., M.D. . . 
Fraser, T., M.B. 
Gill, John, M.B. 
Hartley, Isaac, M.B. 
Head, Thomas, M.D 

Hodgson, J. C. M.B. . 
Irwin, J. R., Esq. 
Jackson, T., M.D, 

Johnson, E., Esq. 
Johnston, A., M.B. 
Johnstone, J. J., Esq. ., 
Kelman, Geo., Esq. 
Kendall, John Esq. 
King, R., M.D. 
Leeming, R. F., Esq. .. 
Lennox, D., M.D. 
Lewis, John P., M.D. .. 
Lindsay, A., M.B. 
Lingard,T. R., Esq. .. 
McBride, C, M.D. 
McCormack, W., Esq. 
McCulloch, j. M., M.D. 
McGregor, D., Esq. 
McLachlan, S. F.. M.B. 
McNeil, W., M.D. 
Meikle. John, Esq. 


. . Ecclefechan 

Ackenihwalte, Mllnthorpe 

Staveley, near Kendal 


West Linton 
. . Innerleithen 

.. Old Kilpatrick, Dumbarton, N.B. 
.. Milmhorpe, Westmorland 


Eskdalemuir, Langholme 

.. 21, Cecil Street, Carlisle 
. . Peebles 


.. Dovecot Park, Selkirk, N.B. 

Thorpe House, Milnethorpe 
.. Kirkby Stephen, Westmorland 

Tweed Brae House, Peebles 


Langholm, Dumfriesshire 

Beckmont, z'ia Carnforth (resigned) 

Cairn House, Warwick Bridge, near Carlisle 

13, Bank Road, Workington 
. . Fririogton, Cumberland 
.. 6, Scotch Street, Whitehaven 

Tweed Bank, Kelso 

Gale House, Ambleside 
.. Brampton, Cumberland 
. . Main Street, Wigtown 
. . Coniston 

. . Bargally. Newton Stewart, N.B. 
.. 71, Highgate, Kendal 

Eden Bridge, Dumfries 
. . Alma, Dalbeattie 
.. Bleak House, Shap, Westmorland 
. . The Castle, Carlisle 

. . Glenluce 


Hydropathic Establishment, Peebles 

Longtown, Carlisle 
. . Q, Lewis Street, Stranraer 


Dec. 29, 1883] 


Mitchell, Dugald, M.B. 
Monteaih, D. T., M.D. 
Muir, J. F., Esq. 
Noble, Samuel C., Esq. 
Page, H. W.,E«iq. 
Pickworth, A. J., Esq... 
Selby, R. B.. M.D. 
Somerville, Robu, M.D. 
Stephens, Charles, Esq. 
.Sullivan, P. A., Esq. .. 
'ITiompson, H. Y., Esq. 
Ward, J., M.D. 
Wilson, James T.» Esq. 
Wyliie, W., M.D. 


New Abbey, Dumfries 

24, Church Street, Whitehaven 


Alston, Cumberland 
Port William, Wigton, N.B. 

P.rampton, Cumberland 
Kirby Lonsdale, Westmorland 



ifottcrary Secretary 

Bradbury, J. B., M.D. 
Gray, C. F., Eiq. 
Hough, James, Esq. 
Latham, P. W., M.D. 

. William Groom, Esq., Wisbeach 
D. B. Balding, Esq., Royston 
BusHELL Anningson, M.D., Cambridge 


. Camt ridge 
. Cambridge 
And the past Presidents. 


.\nningson, Bushell, M.D. 

Archer, Herbert Ray., M.D. 

.\rmistead, W., M.B. .. 

llalding, D. B.. Esq. .. 

Maiding, M., M.D. 

Bates, Charles P., Esq. . . 

Baxter, H. F., Esq. 

Beckett, F. M., Esq. .. 

Bennett, F., Esq. 

Berry, R. W., Esq. 

Boyd, Robert John, Esq. 

Bradbury, J. B., M.D. .. 

Bridger, John, Esq. 

lirvan, James B., M.D. 

Buckenham, John, h,sq. 

Burrell, L., M.D. 

Cane, Leonard- M.D. .. 

Carter, James, Esq. 

Carver, E., >LB. 

Copley, W. H., Esq. .. 

Craig, W. W., M.B. 

Cribb Henry Esq. 

Davey, F. A.. Esq. 

Drosier. \V. H., M.D. .. 

Earle, S. N., M.D. 

Easby, William, M.D. .. 

EllU, J.W..Esq. 

Ennals, C. T., Esq. 

Fawcett, Rowland M., M.D. 

Ficklin, J., Esq. 

Few, W., Esq. 

Giles, John, Esq. 

Gover, H, J., Esq. 

Gray, C. F., Esq. 

Groom. W., Esq. 

Grove, W. R., M.D. .. 

Grubb, J. S., Esq. 

Grubb, R. T., Esq. 

Guillemard, E. J., M.B.. 

Hallett, H. A., M.D. .. 

Harle, E., Esq. 

Harris, F. H., Esq. 

Head, R. T., Esq. 

Hemming, J. H., Esq. .. 

Hill, Alejtander, Esq. . . 

Hills, T. Hyde, Esq. .. 

Hodson, C. F., Esq. 

Hodson. W. E., Esq. .. 

Hough James Esq. 

Hough, J. H., Esq. 

Humphry, G. M., M.D., F.R.S. .. 

Humphry, L., Esq. 

Ingle, R. N., M.D. 

Kinder, R, Esq. 

Kirkwood, G.. M.D. 

Latham, P. W., M.D. .. 

Lucas, Herbert, Esq. 

Lucas, R., Esq. 

Lucas, T., Esq. 

Lucas, T., Esq. 

Macatister, Donald. M.B. 

Macaulay, W. R., Esq. . . 

OF BR.\NCH (91.) 

Barton Road, Cambridge 

Shelford, Cambridge 
St. Alban's 

Upwell, Wisbeach 
Southall, Middlesex 

I, Eastern Terrace, Cambridge 

30, Petty Cury, Cambridge 
Corpus Buildmgs, Cambridge 
6, The Crescent, Wisbeach 
6, Wobum Place, London, W'.C. 
Bishop Stortford 
Barkway, near Royston 
Parker's Piece, Cambridg 
Melbcurn, Cumbs. 

Swavesey, St. Ives 
Upgate, Louth 
Linton, Cambs 

Caxton, near Cambridge 
Hadham Road, Bishops Stortford 

North Brink, W'isbeacb 
St. Ives 

Lyraington, Hants. 

Mildenhall, near Soha» 
Balsham " 

Grantche^ter, Cambridge 
Bishop Stortford 
Bishop Stortford 
Newmarket Road, Cambridge 

Bottisham, near Cambridge 
St. Andrew's Street, Cambridge 
Burwell, Cambridge 
St. John's College, Cambridge 

Mead, G. B., Esq. 

Mence, W. H. D., Esq... 

Morris, J. E., Esq. 

Neat, C, Esq. 

Newton, Lancelot, Esq. 

Nichol, H., Esq. 

O'Connor, Thomas, Esq. 

Paget. G. E., D.C.L., M.D.T.R.S. 

Prince, F., Esq. 

Prince, T., Esq. 

Pj-ne, Richard, Esq. 

Rogers, E. C, Esq. 

Roper, W, Robert, Esq. 

Shann, W. A., Esq. 

Shield, A. M.. Esq. 

Sinclair, G. M., Esq. . . 

Smart, A., Esq. 

Smith, W. Alex., M.B. .. 

Stear, H., Esq. 

Tumell, A. P., Esq. 

Turner, A. C, Esq. 

Walker, T., M.D. 

Wa]ker, T. J., M.D. .. 

Wallis, George, Esq. 

Welsh, Francis F., Esq. . . 

Wherry, G. E.. M.B., M.C. 

White, H. F. L., Esq. .. 

Whitlock, J. E. N., Esq. 

Wright, S., Esq. 

St. Ives 

Bishop Stortford 

Alconbury Hill, Huntingdon 
Thome, Doncaster 

Dorking, Surrey 

County Asylum, Fulboume, Cambs 

Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge 
Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge 

Newport, Essex 
Saffron Walden 
Jesus Lane, Cambridge 
St. Ncots 

19, Westgate, Peterborough 
Saffron Walden 
Corpus Buildings, Cambridge 
St. Neots 


Adams, D. Esq. 
Ballard, W. W., M.D. .. 
Bur>', E.G., M.D. 
Elliott, C. N., M.B. 
Emerson, P. H., Esq. .. 
Foster, >L, M.D., F.R.S. 
Gaskell, W. H.,M.D. .. 
Good, F. T., Esq, 
Jolly, R. W., Esq. 
Mac.Alister, Professor . . 
O'Connor, >L, Esq. 
Peck, E. G., Esq. 
Prowse, Wm., Esq. 
Ramsay, J. A., Esq. 
Ransom, F. P., M.D. .. 
Steele, W. C, Esq. 
Stephens, E. B., Esq. . . 
Thelwall, L., Esq. 
Trimmer, K. B.. M.D. .. 
Welchman, E., Esq. 

30, Sydney Street, Cambridge 

.. 5, York Row, Wisbeach 
. . Whittlesea 
. . Clare College, Cambridge 


Grantchester, Cambridge 

St. Neots 
,. 5, Bridge Street, Peterboro' 

Harvey Road, Cambridge 
. . Chatteris 
. . Cambridge 

Chesterton Hall, Cambridge 
. . Great Shelford 
.. Cambridge 

.. County Hospital, Huntingdon 
. . Doddington 
.. Stilton 

, . Gamlingay, Cambridgeshire 
.. Parson Drove, Wisbechj 


MEMBERS. (lo.) 

Aikman, John, M.D., 

Batho, R., M.D. 

Cockbum, James B., M.D. 

CoUnette, B.,Esq. 

Colman, G. M., Esq. .. 

Corbin, M. A. B., Esq., 

Dickson, J. E., M.B. .. 

Godfray, A., M.D. 

Hjme, F. A., Esq. 

Jackson, J. J., Esq. 

Larmuth, J. H., Esq. . . 

Le Page, W., Esq. 

MacCulloch, W. Mansell, M.D. 

Moore, G., M.D. 

Paulin, John, Esq. 

Ross, W. A., Esq. 

Taylor, H. C, Esq. 

Wood, T. O., Esq. 

Yates, Walter Peel, Esq. 

New Street, Guernsey 

Castletown, Isle of Man 

Elm House, Guernsey 
. . G uemsey 

.. St. Peter's Barracks, Jersey 
.. St. Peter Port, Guernsey 
.. St. Helier's, Jersey 
,, St. Helier's, Jersey 

.. General Dispensary, St. Helier's, Jersey 
. . Grouville 

.. St. Martin's Guernsey 
. . Guernsey 

. . 3. Queen's Terrace, Guernsey 
. . Grou^^lle, Jersey ■ 
.. Peel, Isle of Man 
. . Square, Aldemey 
. . Jersey 
. . General Lunatic .Asylum, Isle of Man 

40, David Place, St. Helier's, Jersey 





Preddent . . 


.. W. H. Williams, M.D., Sherborne 

( G. H. Batterburv, M.D., Wimbome 
• \ E. M. Spooner, M.D., Blandford 


[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Hot:, ^icreiarics and Treasurers 

( W. H. Vawdrhy Lush, M.D., Weymouth 
"t C. H. Watts Parkinson-, Esq., Wimborne 


Aldridge, J. V., M.O. .. Dorchester 

Bacot, W. G., M.n. .. Blandford 

Daniell, G. Williamson, Ksq. Blandford 

Falls, \V. Stewart, M.D. .. Bournemouth 

Husband, W. D, Esq. .. Bournemouth 

Philpots, E. P., M.D. ,. Bournemouth 

Simpson, R. P., Esq. .. We^'mouth 

Lush, W. G. \audrey, i\I.D. Weymouth 


AltiriJge. J.P., M.D. .. 
iJacot, W. G., RLD. .. 
Bangay, R., M.D. 
Bartlett, Jaaes, E^.q. .. 
Batterbury, G. H.. M D. 
Blake, T. W., Esq. 
Blenkinson, W. H., M.B. 
Hrine, J. E., Esq. 
Butler, Arthur. Esq. 
Childs, C, M.B. 
Compton. T. A., M.D... 
Crespi, A. J., Esq. 
Gurme, Decimus, K:-q. . 
Daniel, T. P., Esq. 
Daniel, Woodruffe, Esq. 
Daniell, G.Williamson, Esq. 
Davies, X. E,, Esq. 
Delamotte, 0. C, Esq. 
Douglas, T. 0. D., M.D. 
Dyer. S. S., M.D. 
Falls. W. Stewart, M.D. 
Fielding, T., M.D. 
Fisher, F. E., Esq. 
Frazer, W., M.D. 
Good, W. E., Esq. 
Graham. G. W., Esq. . . 
Granger, W. S., E'.q. 
Griffin, F. C. G., MB. 
Hartford, H. W., Esq. . 
Hawkins, William, Esq. 
Hay. W. A. E., Esq. .. 
Hitchcock. H. K., M.D. 
Humble, W. E., M.D... 
Husband, W. D., Esq. 
Ingram, Charles, Esq. . . 
Jumeaux, B., Esq. 
I^each, J. Comyns, M.D. 
Long, R. G., Esq. 
Love, A. E. B.. Esq. .. 
Lush, W. G. Vawdrey, M.D. 
Lys, F. D.. Esq. 
Macartney, W. H. C-. Esq. 
Mahomed, A. G. S., Esq. 
Marsh, C. J., Esq. 
McEnery. William, Esq. 
McLean. Allan, M.B. .. 
Mead, H. T. H., Esq. 
Miller, William, Esq. .. 
Nunn, P. W. G., Esq. .. 
Parkinson, C- H. W., Esq. 
Philpots. E. P., M.D. , , 
Philpots, I. R., Esq. .. 
Pridham,"). W., E^q. . 
Rendall, William, Esq. 
Scallon, E. O., Esq. .. 
Scott, T. B., Esq. 
Sherrard, H. R., l-^sq. . , 
Simpson, R. P., Esq. .. 
Smyth, Hatton, M.D. .. 
Snow, W. v.. M.D. . 
Spooner. E. M.,M.D. .. 
Tarzewell, James, E>q. . . 
Thomson, J. Roberts. M.D. 
Turner, H. G., Esq. 
White. J. G., M.D. .. 
Wil-kinson, A., Esq. 
Wi'Iiams, W. H., M.D. 



Lyme Regis 





Wimborne (dead) 





Child Okeford 





Swan age 


Ring wood 


Milton Abbas 











Corfe Castle 



Swan age 

Sturminster Newton 




Eere Regis 




Cerne Abbas 









Maiden Newton 

MlUborne Port 







Sturminster Newton 







B.-:,tliall,W., Esq. ■ .. 
iiurslem. W. M., M.D. 
Good, John, Esq. 
Hingeston, Wm., Esq. 
Hirons, G. >L. Esq. 
Mackintosh, H., Esq. . . 
Moorhead, John, M.D. 
Norton. Ed.. M.D. 
Satchcll, W. A., Esq. .. 
Skinner, Daviu 0., Esq. 
Smith, W. A., Esq. .. 
Williams. W. H. Junr., E 
Wills, John Smith, Esij. 

Sherborne, ' Dorset 



Lyme Regis 


Poole, Dorset 


Pool Road, Bournemouth 

Gowanbrae, Bournemouth 

Lyme Regis 

Mount Vernon, Bournemouth 


Thorncombe, Chard. 



P?-esident-Eiei t 


.. John T. Banks, M.D., Dublin 
EpWARD Hamilton, JI.D., Dublin 
,, c ., f , -r ( Geosge F. Dufkev, M.D., 30, Fitzw.Hiatu 

Honorary Secretary ^ Preasurer-^ V\z.z^, Dublin 


. . Dublin 
M.D. Dublin 

G. F. DulTey, M.D. .. Dublin 


Atthill, Lombe, M.D. 
Bennett, Edward H., 
Darby, Thomas, Esq. 
Gordon, Samuel, M.D. 
Grimshaw, T. W., M.D. . 
Mapother, Edward. M.D. .. 
McDonnell, R., M.D., F.R.^^ 
Moore, J. W., M.D. 
Smyly, P. C, M.D.' 

Abraham, P. S., Esq. .. 
Ashe, Isaac, M.D. 
Atthill, Lombe, M.D. .. 
Auchinleck, H. A., Esq. 
Ball, C. B., M.D. 
Banks, J. T., M.D. 
Barten, J., U.V>. 
Barton, J. K., M.D. .. 
Baxter, P. C, M.B. .. 
Beatty, Joseph, Esq. . . 
Beatty, Wallace, M.B... 
Bennett, E. H.. M.D. .. 
Benson, A. H., M.B. .. 
Benson, J. H., i\LD. .. 
Bigger, Saml. L., M.B. 
Brady, J., M.B. 
Browne, J., M.D. 
Browne, Robt., M.D. .. 
Bushe, C. J. L., M.D,, Sur.,A.M.D. 
Cameron, C. A., Esq. . . 
Chaplin, S., Esq. 
Chapman, John H., Esq. 
Churchill, F., Esq. 
Collins, Thomas, Esq. . . 
Coppinger, C'., Esq. 
Corbett, Daniel, Esq. .. 
Corley, A. H., 3M.D. .. 
Cormack, E., M.B. 
Cosgrave, E. MacDowel, M.D. ,. 
Cox, Michael F., Esq. . . 
Cranny, J. J., M.D. .. 
Croiy, Albert, Esq. 
Cfozier, W. E., Esq. .. 
Cunningham, D. J., M.D. 
Darby, Thomas, Esq. . . 
Davison, J., Esq. 
Da\'js, F. J.. Esq. 
Delahoyde, O'Connell, F. , E^q. 
Denham, J. Knox, Esq. 
Dickenson, A. N., Esq. 
Doyle, J. P., Esq. 
Duffey, G. F., M.D. .. 
Eaton, J., Esq. 
Evans, W. R., M.D. .. 
Falkiner, F. J., M.B. .. 
Finny, J. M., M.D. .. 
Fitzgerald, C. E., I\I.D. 
Fitzgibbon, Henry, M.D. 
Foot. A. W., M.D. 
Franks, Kendal. M.D... 
Gaffney, C. Burke, Esq. 
Gogarty, H. J. K., Esq. 
tlordon, Samuel. M.D. 
Gore, Albert, ftl.D., Surg.-Major, 
. A.M.D. .. 
Grimshaw, T. W., M.D. 
Gunn, C, M.D. 
Hadden, D. H., Esq. .. 
Hamilton, Ed., M.D. .. 
Hamilton, J. B., Esq,, Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Hamilton. J. T., M.D. 
Harley, Robert \\'., Esq. 
Harman, W. M., M.B., Surg-Maj. 


Harvey, Arthur, Esq. . . 
Harrison, J. J., Esq. . . 
Haughton, Rev. S., M.D., D.C.L., 

F.R.S. .. 
Hayes, P. J., Esq. 
Hayes, R. A., M.D. .. 
Head. H. H., M.D. .. 
Heard. Robert Lynn, M.D. 
He.arn, R. T., M.B. .. 
Henry, Richard, M.D. 

5, Clare Street, Dublin 

Criminal Lunatic .\sylum, Dundrum 

94, Merrion Square, W., Dublin 

York Street, Dublin 

Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 

I^Ierrion Square East, Dublin 

Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 

Lower Fitzwilliam .Street, Dublin 

66, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 

Mount Clarence, Kingstown 

Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 

26, Lower Fitzwilliam Street. Dublin 
42, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 

57, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 

Harcourt Street, Dublin 

38, Harcourt Street, Dublin 

Dundalk, Louth 

64, Rathraines Road; Dublin 

Dilkousha. Lucknbw, India 

Pembroke Road, Dublin 


60, Pembroke Road, Dublin 

103, Stephen's Green, Dublin 

23, Harcourt Street, Dublin 

r4. Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 
12, Clare Street, Dublin 
30, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 
34, Lower Gardnier Street, Dublin 

24, Gardiner's Place, Dublin 
97, Stephen's Green, Dublin 
Merrion Square, Dublin 

Greenfield House, Rathfarnham, co. Dublin 
48, Wellington Place, Dublin 
42, Grosvenor Square, Rathmines 
Bray, \\'icklow 
Balfinakill, (..Jueen's co 
Cremona, Swords, Dublin 
55, Rutland Square West; Duhhn 
Northumberland Road, Dublin 
II, Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 
72, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 
ID, Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin 
Westland Row, Dublm 
29, Molesworth Street, Dublin 
Spring Gardens. Naas 
19, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 

27, Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 

18, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 
49, Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 

69, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin 
Harcourt Street, Dublin 
5, Rutland Square East, Dublin 
i^i Jiume Street, Dublin 

5, St. John's Terrace, N. C. Road. Dublin 
Priorsland. Carrickmines, co. Dublin 
Stephen's Green, Dublin 
9, Castlewood .\venue, Rathmines, Dublin 
120, Stephen's Green, Dublin 

Portobello, Dublin 

3, Lower Sackviile Street, Dublin 

21, Pembroke Road, Dublin 


S, Rathmines Terrace, Dublin 

19, North Frederick Sti-eet, Dublin 

Trinity College, Dublin 

iS, Merrion S(iuare North, Dublin 

5f>, Merrion Square South, Dublin 

7, Fitzwilliam .Squ.ire, Dublin 

I, Sidmonton Cottages, Bray, co. Wicklow 

Rathmines, Dubhn 

Rotunda Hospital, Dublin 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 

Hepburn, \V". J., Esq. 
Heuston, F. T., M.D. .. 
Home, A., Esq. [] 

Ingham, H. J., Esq. 
Irwin, J. K., Esq. 
Jacob, A W., .M.D. 
Jacob, A. H., M.D. 
Jackson, Sir, R. W., Ct. 
Johnston, George, M.D. 
Keenan, J,, Esq. 
Kennedy, H., Esq. 
Kenny, J. E., Esq. 
Kerrigan, Owen, .M.D. 
Kidd, Frederick, Esq. .. 
Kidd, George H., M.D 
Kirkpauick. J. R.. M.E. 
Knight, C. F., M.D. 
Knott, J. F., Esq. 
Laffan, J". M., Esq. 
Lalor, Joseph, M.D. 
Ledwich, E. L'E., Esq. 
Lentaigne J. V., Esq. 
Levinge, E. G., .M.D. 
L'Estrance, G. W., Esq 
Little, James, M.D. 
Little, r. K. M.D. 
Lyon, R. N., Esq. 
Macan, A. v., M.B. .'. 
McDonnell, Robert, .M.b r R S 

McDowel, B. G., M D 

-Madden, T. .More, , M.D 
Mapother, E. D., .M.D 
Marks, .A. H., .M.D 
Mason, T. P.. M.B. 
Maturin, Leslie, Esq. 
-Mayne, C. C, Esq. 
Meldon, A. .S., Esq. 
Middleton, W. H., Esq 
-Moore, C. F., M.D. 
-Moore, J. W., -M D 
Moore, W., M.D. 
Moorhead, G. -A. Esq 
Murphy, J. J., Esq. . .' 
Murray, Charlet F., M D 
Myles, T., M.B. 
Myles, T. W.. Esq. [l 
Neale, \Vm., Esq. 
Neville, W., M.D. 
Niion, F. A., Esq. 
O'GiBdy, E. S., M.E. ■ 
Ormsby, L. H., M.D 
Oulton, H. W., M.D. 
Patton, .-ilexander, .^i B 
Pearsall, William B., Esq 
Peebles, W. B., M B 
Pigot, E. F., M.B. 
Pollock, J. F., M.B 
Poole. J. S., M.D. 
Pope, F. A., M.E 
Porter, Sir G. H., M.D.' 
Powell, George D., .M D 
Power, John B., Esq. 
Pratt. C. D., .M.B 
Purcell, T.. JE.sq. 
Purser, J. M., M.D. 
Quinlan, F. J. B., M.D 
Rice, W., Esq. 
Ringw-ood, J., Esq. 
Robins®n, C. H Esq 


Scott, J. .4., E^q. 

Sigerson. G., .M.D. 

Smith, W. G., M.D. 

Smyly, P. C., M.D. 

Smyly, W. J., M.D. 

Speedy, A. O., Esq. 

Stack, R. T., -M.d; 

Stoker, W. T., M.D 

Stokes, W.. M D 

Story, J. B., M.B. 

Strahan, M., Esq. 

Swan, R. L., Esq. 

Swanzy, H. R., M.E. 

Swayne C. H., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 

Symes, Glascoll, M.D 

Thomson, W. .M.D 

Tufnell T. J., Esq.' " 

Truell. H. P., M.B 

Tweedy, H. J. C., .M.D.' 

Lsher, I. W.. Esq. 


Ward. M. .A., ,M.D. 
Warren, F. W., .MB 
West, G. R., .M.B. ' " 
Wharton, J. H.^ .M.B. 
A^Tieeler, W. I.,'.m"d' 
Whitaker, J. M., Esa 
White, W.'d.. Esq. • •■ 
Woodhouse, S., M D 
Wright, E. P.. .M.D.. TP 
Wnght W. M. A., M D ■ 

31, Upper .Memon Street. Dublin 
- 3; Harcourt Street, Dublin 
Harcourt Street, Dublia 

• Cappaduff Cottage, Ballinrobe, JIavo 
"0, Peter Street, Dublin 

• -Mi/lesworth Street, Dubli-i 
23, Ely Place, Dublin 

. -Merrion, Dublin 

15, Stephens Green Xort.r, Dublin 

Mercers Hospital, Dublin 

Gardiners Place, Dublin 

■ 5, Rutland Square, Dublin 

Kilbeggan, West Mealh 

Coombe Hospital, Dublin 

30, Merrion Square South. Dublin 

4, Opper -Memon Street, Dublin 

Harcourt Street, Dublin 

i ork Street. Dublin 

The Glebe, Tara, co. Meath 

Richmond -\s)-|um, DubUn 

23i Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 

29, WestJand Row, Dublin 

Lucao, CO. Dublin 

Raglan Road, Dublin 

14, Stephen's Green North, Dublin 

4=, Great Brunswick St., Dublin 

Dispensaiy, Coleraine Street, Dublin 

Kotunda Hospital, Dublin 

Merrion Square W., Dublin 

■ • ii.3, Mernon Square South, Dublin 

• 55, -Merpon Square South. Dublin 

• % 'r u '°?. ^'*""= ^'''''-^' Dublin 
. -Uartello Terrace, Kingstown 
. 9=, Harcourt Street. Dublin 

■ R^H K '^'f ^"?r Hospital, Dublin 
Kaliybrack, co. Dublin 
15, .Merrion Square North, DubKn 

. illullmgar, Westmeath 

■ '°' Jr'PP^'' Merrion Street, Dublin 

■ 1°' J;!'^>""iam Square, Dublin 

■ 67, FitTMilliam Square North, DuUin 

■ iullamore. King's CO. 
'/'Harcourt Street, Dublin 

• Ashheld Beauparc. co. Meath 

• Steeven's Hospital. Dublin 
-North Brunswick Street. Dublin 
-ilountmellick, Queen's co. 
=6, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 
33, Harcourt Street. Dublin 
105, Stephens Green South, Dublin 
iMerr.on Square W., Dublin 
ij, Gardiner Street, Dublin 
farnham House, Finglas, co. Dublin 
13, Lpper Merrion Street, Dublm 

f&cWk ^'^^°' '""'■ ""'"- 
Cc«mbe Hospital, Dublin 
t.3, Pembroke Road. Dubiin 

3, -Memon Square North, Dublin 

70, Lpper Leeson Street, Dublin 

4, Royal -Marine Road, Kingstown 
City of Dublin Hospital 

71. Harcourt Street, Dublin 
3, Wilton Terrace. Dublin , 
29. Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 
James Street, Dublin 

35, Harcourt Street. Dublir. 

Rockingham, Kingstown 

25. Idrone Terrace. Blackrock, Dublin 

3, Clare Street, Dublin ' ■""'"™ 
34, Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 

4, .Memon Square Nonh, Dublin 

v'^ri'h'??'' J"?'r''l'"'" Sf«t, Dublin 
North Fredenck Street, Dublin 
\\ cstland Row, Dublin 
16, Harcourt Street. Dublin 

5, .Memon Square North, Dublin 
-*' ^°",='' Baggot Street, Dublin 
4S, Rutland Square, Dublin 

3J, -^folesworth Street, Dublin 

-Memon Square, North, Dublin 



34, Harcourt Street, Dublin 

58, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 

Uonmannon, Wicklow 

2, Gardiner's Row, Dublin 


9, Rathraines Road, Dublin 
13, Harcourt Street, Dublin 
Lpper Pembroke Street, Dublin 
2S, Upper -Mem'on Street, Dublin 
27, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 
loi -Marlborough Road, Dublia 
51, Rutland Square. Dublin 
30, Upper ilem'on Street, Dublin 
17, Kag'an Road, Dublin 
Dalkiy, CO.- Dublin 

-Atock, H., Esq. 
Baker, A. N. W., Esq '" 
Bane, W. v., Esq. 
Bennett, E., Esq 
Blake, R. M., E<q 
Bond, J. H.. Esq. "' 

Boyce, J. W., M.B. 
Burnett, W. H. M B 
Burr, W. T., M.B. ■ ' 
Colles, Wm.. -M.D. 
Costello. H., Esq. 
Delany, Bairy, M.D. 
Dockeray, John A., Esq'. 
Donelly, T., -M.B. 
Drapes, P., M.B. 
Dwyer, H. J., Esq. 
Egan, R. W., Esq. 
Ellis, G., M.B. 
Fahie, C, Esq. 
Finegan, L. P. J.. Esq." 
Fisher, Madison W., M D 
Fitzsimons, J. B., M D 
Friend, F. W.. Esq. 
Furlong, N., Esc. ' 
Garland, J. P.. Esq. 
Gray, C. E., M.D. 
Hackett, J. B., E=q. 
Hadden, D., Esq, 
Hamilton, J., M.B. 
Homidge, G- J. Est]. V 
Houngan, W. P.. Esa. 
Howard, R., Esq. 
James, C. E.. -M.B. 
Johnson, Z., Esq. 
Kerans, R., Esq. 
Kilbride. J., Esq. 
Long, Oliver, J., Esq. 
Lynch, H., M.D. 
Lyster, C. G., Eso 
M'Carthy, C, Esq. 
McDonnell, John, M.D 
-McDowell, C. W., M D 
McVeagh, J. F., -M.D. 
-Mackay, W. B., Esq. . . 
-Macnamara, Rawdon, '^\.D 
Jleehan, N. J., Esq. 
Mulvany, M., Esq. 
Murray, J. de Burgh, Eso. 
Neale, J. -M., Esq. 
Neary, Bernard J-, Esq. 
O'Donovan, J., Esq 
OFlaherty, R. G.. M B ' 
O'Hanlon, M., Esq 
O'.Meara, T. P., M E 
O'Neil, E. D., Esq. 
O'Neill. L. J.. Esq. ■■ 
Pierce, T., Esq. 
Prise, R., Esq. 
Quirke, James, Esq. . 
Saunderson, R.. -M.D. 
Scott, J. H., Esq. 
Shannon, Ptter, .M.D, 
Shimeld. James, Esq. 
Slevin, Joseph, Esq. 
Smith, T. O., M.E; '.' 
Smyth, Joseph, M.D. 
Sterling, Robert, Esq. 
Thompson, R., M.D 
Wallace, A. W,. M.D 
Whitaker, G.. }iI.B. 
\Vhite, James, Esq. 
Wyse, G. Hamilton, Esq. 


.. Broadstone, Dublin 

.. Blackrock, co. Dublin 

.. Glasnevin Hill, Dublin 

.. Sandyaiount, Dublin 

., Dundalk 

.. Rathgar, CO. Dublin 

.. Stillorgan, CO. Dublin 

.. Camden Lodge, Omagti 

. . Tempiemore 

■ . 21, Stephen's Green, Dublin 

. . Ferbane. King's co. 

■" R'?'"" -*■'>"'"■'>, Sion, Kill I .V 

. . Usher^s Island. Dublin 

•■ yPPf Temple Street, Duhi: 

. . Enniscorthy, Co. We.xford 

. . Richmond Asylum, Dublin 

. ■ IS, Talbot Street, Dublin 

• • 51, Lower Leeson Street, Di;' : 1 

Ktuh, CO. Dublin 
. . Churti View, Navan 
•■ ^""^'•"S'oi. King's Coiin;, 
.. KiUctnny 

■ • Enniscorthy, Wexford 

•■ 23,-4rran Quay, Dublin 
■• t?;,' of Camden Street, Dublin 
. . Kilkeruiy 
. . Weston, Wexford 
.. Enniskerry, Wicklow 

• • TjTrel's Pass, Westtivjath 
.. Freshford, Kilkenny 

.. Arldow, CO. Wicklow 

. . Kilkenny 

. . Kilkenny 

. . Bau^her King's Cc;: ity 

.. Athy, CO. Kildare 

. . Portarlington 

.. Clontart,~Dub!in 

- ■ Kilkenny 

■ . Steeven's Hospital, Dublin 

• ■ 5?' pPP" Fitzivilliam Street, I ' rulin 

• . Carlow 

• I Rutland Square, Ea«t 

• Kiilgobbin, co. Dublin 

■ 85. Stephen's Gr«en. Dublin 

■ ^^l ?,"^"'' ^'<=* Koss, CO. Wexford 
Dundalk. 1-outh 

• ^..Martello .Avenue, KingstOivn 
. Newbridge. Kildare 

■ i',^''^''"^'i'«"'ace, Howth 

■ Mount Haigh, Kingstown 

. Castlecc-ner, Kilkenny 

. Carlow 

. Grange I'.orman, Dublin 

- St. Daufeugh's, CO. Dublin 

. LpperRowe Street, Wexford 
. 26, Clare Street Dublin 
Rwris-in Ossory, Queen's co. 

• I^ode, Edenderrj-, King s County 

. 9, Char eston Terrace,, Du'oiia 
9", Stephen's Green South, Dublin 

Longford 1 " * ■ 

Beech Lodge, Kinnetty,,King's:CoUBty 
iNaas, Kildare -" 

Stoneyford, Kilkenny 
Meboss, Johnstown, co. Kilkenny 

South Circular Road, DuUbi' 
Kilkenny "' 






Hotwrary Secretaries 


JoH.s- Lowe, M.D.., Lynn 
?,; ^- SvJt.MONS, Esq., Colchester 
W A. Ellistox, -M.D., 22, St. Peter's Str^tt. 
Ipswich [.Sueet, Nor»,-.h 

.MiCH.AEL Beveri.F-v, M.D., 63, St Giles's 


[Dec. 29, 1883. 


Hooker, C. P., Esq. .. 
Hopson T, M., Esq. ,. 

Coltishall, Norfolk 
East Dereham 

The Past Presidents 

Howard, H. F., Esq. .. 

New Buckenhani 

Bateman, F., M.D. 

. . Norwich 

Hughes, D. W., Esq. .. 


Barnes, E. G., M.D. 

. . Eye 

Image, W. E., Esq. 


Crickmay, E., Esq. 

. . Laxfield 

Jcffreson, George Edwards, E?q. 


Edwards, G. C, Esq. 


Jones, R. E., Esci. 

Cleveland Lodge, Westbourne Pk., London. W 

Goreham, R. \"., Esq. 

. . Yoxford 

Joy, F., Esq., 

Norrhwold, Norfolk 

Holden, J. S., M.D. 


Ridd, P. H., Esq. 

The Hospital, Great Yarmouth 

Haward, F., Esq. 

. . Halesworth 

Kidd, R. B., Esq. 


Robinson, H. .S., Esq. 


Kilner, C. S., M.D. .. 

Bury St. Edmunds 

Symmons, R. F., Esq. 


Kilner, John, Esq. 

Bury St. Edmunds 

Knowles, E. Esq. 


Lack, T. Lambert, Esq. . . 

Hingham, Attleborough 


Laver, Henry, Esq. 

I, Trinity Street, Colchester 

^ J , 

Lay, Edward, Esq. 


Adams, W., Esq. 

. . Ipswich 

Lay, Joseph J., M.D. .. 


Addison C. E., Esq. 

. . Colchester 

Leech, H. P., Esq. 

Woolpit. near Bur>- St. Edmunds 

Alexander, T. A., Esq. 

- . Watton 

Lettis. Thomas. Esq. 

20, King Street, Great Yarmouth 

Allinson, H. C, Esq. .. 

.. Lynn 

Lindemann, S. H., Esq. 


Amyot, T. E., Esq. 

. . Diss 

Ling, E. M., Esq, 


.\rcher, E. G. , Esq. 

.. Thetford 

Lock, W., M.D. 

Funereau Road, Ipswich 

Atthill, Robert, Esq. .. 

.. Great Bentley, Colchester 

Long, Frederick, Esq. . . 


Austin, C, Esq. 

.. Gayton, King's Lynn 

Love, J., Esq. 

Castle Acre, Brandon (resigns) 

Bailey, F. C, Esq. 

. . 30, St. Giles Street, Norwich 

Lowe, G., M.D. 


Barnes, E. G., M.D. .. 


Lowe, John, M.D. 

King's Lynn 

Barrett, J. W., Esq. . . 


Lucas, R. H., Esq. 

Bury St. Edmunds 

Barringlon, F. .\., Esq. 


Lyddon, J. H., Esq. 


Bartlet, A. H., M.D. .. 


Macarlhur, T. A. C, Esq. 


Bartlet, J. H., M.D. .. 

. . Museum Street, Ipswich 

McKelvie. R.. M.D. .. 

Crooner, Norfolk 

Barton, S. J., M.B. .. 

. . Aldboro*, Norfolk 

Mallins, H., M.B. 


Bately, J., Esq. 

. . Soutntown, Great Yarmouth 

Manby, A. R., Esq. 

East Rudham 

Bateman, Frederic. M.D. 


Mann, C. P., Esq. 

Box ford 

Bayes, F., Esq. 

. . Walsingham 

Marriott, R. B., Esq. .. 


Benham, H. J., M.D. .. 

.. 22, Museum Street, Ipswich 

Marshall, C. G., Esq. .. 


Beverley, Michael, M.D. 

.. 63, St. Giles's Street, Norftich 

Master, A., Esq. 

St. Giles's Plain, Norwich (dead) 

Blackett, E. R., M.D. .. 

. . Wangford 

Master, G., Esq. 


Blake, H., Esq. 


Mayo, A. C, Esq. 

Camperdown Place. Great Yarmouth 

Breeze, Thomas, M.B. . . 


Meadows, Daniel, E?^q. . . 

Great Yarmouth 

Browne, T., M.D., R.N. 

. . Great Yarmoath Royal Naval Hospital 

Meadows, G. F. W., Esq. 

Otiey, Ipswich 

Burton, S. H., M.l!. .. 

. . 64, St. Giles's Street, Norwich 

Metcalfe, R. I.. M.D. ... 


Cadge, William, Esq. . . 
Candler, John, Esq. 


Miller, W.W., M.D. .. 


. . Harleston 

Mills, R. J., M.B. 


Casley, R. K., M.U. 

.. Ipswich 

Milne, Irvine K. Esq., 

Shipdam, Norfolk 

Cater, William, Esq. . . 

. . Fincham 

Mitchell, A., M.D. 

Great Yarmouth 

Chambers, T. S., Esq. .. 

. . Fakenham 

Moore, H. G., Esq. 


ChevaUier, B., M.D .. 

.. Ipswich 

Morse, T. H., Esq. 

11, Prince of Wales Street, Norwich 

Clarke, F. W., Esq. 

.. Bury St. Edmunds 

Morton, A. C., Esq. 


Clouting, J. R., Esq. .. 

. . Thetford 

Morton, Richard K., Esq. 


Clubbe, W. H.. Esq. .. 

. . Lowestoft 

Mo.von, T. H., Esq. .. 

7, St. George's Terrace, Great Yarmouth 

Collier, H., M.D. 

.. Garleston 

Muriel, Charles E., Esq. 


Collins, H. A., Esq. 

.. Saxmundham 

Norman, J. C., Esq. 


Compton, T. J., M.D... 

. . Norfolk Asylum 

Owens, C. A. O., M.D... 

Long Stratton 

Coomer, W., Esq. '.. 

Manningtree, cssei 

Palmer, Charles, Esq. .. 

Great Yarmouth 

Cooper, C, Esq., 

.. Needham Market (resigns) 

Palmer, F. Esq. 

Great Yarmouth 

Crickmay, E., Esq. 

. . The Villa, Laxfield, Frandingham 

Parry, G. H., Esq. 


Crosse, T. W., Esq. 

. . Norwich 

Partridge, Joseph 

East Hill, Colchester 

Crowfoot. W. M., M.D. 

. . Beccles 

Paulley, L., Esq. 

Pulham Market 

Currie, J. L., Esq. 

Trinity Hall, Bungay 

Perry, E. v., E^q. 


Cuthbert, C. F., Esq. .. 

.. Mendlesham, Stonham 

Pearse, A., M.D. 


Dale, W., Esq. 

. . Lynn 

Phillips, J. D., Esq. 


Day, D. D., Esq 

. . Norfolk and Norwich Hospital 

Pitt, John B., Esq. 

Seaming, East Dereham 

Day, W. H., Esq. 

. . All Saints' Green, Norwich 

Plowright, C. B., Esq. . . 


Dawson, John, M.D. .. 

. . Great Yarmouth 

Porter, G. C, Esq. 

Casile Acre 

Doyle, C. W., M.B. .. 


Pratt, Walter, Esq. 


Drummond, H. P.. M.D. 

. . 30, Silent Street, Ipswich 

Pretty, G.W., Esq. 


Drury,C. D. H., M.D... 

., Boudgate, Darlington 

Prior, E.Thurlow, Esq. .. 


Durrant, C. M., M.D. .. 

. . Ipswich 

Ransom, Peter P., Esq. 

North Elmham 

Eade, Peter, M.D. 


Raven, H., Esq. 


Eager, W., Esq. 

. . Melton 

Ray, James, Esq. 


Ebden, W., Esq. 

. . Haughley, near Stowmarket 

Read, C. G., Esq. 


Edwards, B., Esq. 

. . 1 psw ich 

Reeve, E., Esq. 


Edwards, G. C, Esq. . 


Richardson, T. W., Esq. 

Surrey Street, Norwich 

Ellis, C. E., Esq. 


Robinson, Haynes S., Esq. 

73, St. Giles's Street, Norwich 

Elliston, G. S., Esq. 

.. Bank House, King Street. Ipswich 

Rose, Caleb, Esq. 


Elliston, W. A., M.D. .. 

.. 22, St. Peter's Street, Ipswich 

Rodwell, T. H. H., Esq. 


Faircloth, R., Esq. 

.. 3, Inverness Gardens, London, W. 

Ryan, J. M., M.B. 


Fenn, C. D., Esq. 

.. Diss, Norfolk 

Ryley, James. M.B. ,. 

91, Regent's Road, Great Yarmouth 

Firth, Eustace, M.U. .. 


Sampson, G. G., Esq. . . 


Fluder, A. E., Esq. . . 

.. Cromer, Norfolk 

Shepheard. J.. Esq. 

N Walsham 

Foot, R. H., Esq. 

. . Wells 

Sheridan, J. W.. Esq. . . 


Foster, H. G., Esq. 

.. Attleborough, Norwich 

Skrimshire, J. T., M.D. 


Fyson, R., Esq. 


Smith, John C, Esq. .. 

Great Yarmouth 

Gathergood, J., Esq. 

., Terrington St, John, King's Lynn 

Smith, r. P., Esq. 


Gilder, S. E. A., Esq. .. 

. . Walsham-le-Willows 

SoflTe, W. E., Esq. 

East Barling 

GiUett, G., Esq. 

. . Brooke 


2. Waterloo Place, London, S W. 

Gordon. W. S., M.D. .. 

.. Romford, Essex 

Staddon, J. H., Esq. 

Silent Street, Ipswich 

Gorham, R. V., ICs.i. . . 


Steele, H. F., Esq. 

Stoke Ferry 

Green, E. F. S., .M.U. .. 

Alderion, Woodbridge 

Sumpter, W., M.D. 

Cley next-Sea 

Groome, W. W., M.B. .. 

. . Stowmarket 

Stevens George, Esq. . , 

Norton, Bury St. Edmunds 

Growse, J. L., Esq. 

BiUIeston, near Ipswich 

Symmons, R. F., Esq. .. 


Hales, R. T., M.D. 

. . Holt 

Taylor, G., Esq. 

Mattishall, near East Dereham 

Hammond, C:. W., M.D. 

6. Lower Brook Street, Ipswich 

Taylor, Percy, Esq. 

Essex and Colchester Hospital, Colcliester 

Hardwicke. H., Esu. .. 

Hempn.-iII. Long Siratioa 

Taylor, S.T., M.B. .. 

St. Giles's Road, Norwich 

Harper, J. W., Esq. 


Tench, E.B., Esq. 

W'ickham Market 

Harris, William, Esq. .. 

Norwich City Asylum, HcIIcsdon 

Thomas, F. I.. Esq. 


Hastings, Horace C. Esq. 
Havell, C G., Esq. ..' 

Kast Dereham 

Thompson, ft., Esq. 


.. Felixiowe, Suffolk 

Turner, Horace, Esq 


Haward. F., Esq. 


Vincent, James, M.D. ., 

East Dereham 

Henley, A. A., Esq. .. 


Vores, William, M.D. .. 

(ircat Yarmouth 

Hinnell, G. J., Esq. 

Bury St. Edmunds 

V.:rtue, F. H., Esq. 

Red House, Southwold, SuRolk 

Holden, John.S., M.D... 

. . Sudbury 

Wales, T. G., Esq. 

Downham Market 


Dec. 29, 1883.] 


Wallis, E. D.. Esq. 
Warwick, Percy, Esq. .. 
Wayman, C. P. S., Esq. 
White, R. W.. Esq. 
Whitlock A. W. F., E<q. 
Whitty, C. R.. M.D. .. 
Wilcox, William, Esq. . . 
Williams, Charles, Esq.. 
Williams, C, F.R.C.S. 
Wilsoa. S. M., Esq. .. 
Wing, C. E., Esq. 
Woodhousc, W., Esq. .. 
Woodman. R., M.D. .. 
Worthington, F. S., Esq. 
Worthinglon, J. C, Esq. 
Worts, Edwin, Esq. 
Wyllys, W. E..Esq. .. 



Foulsham, East Dereham _ 

Thorpe St. Andrew, Norwich 

Wells, Norfolk 


North Walsham 




16, Devonshire Square, London, E.C. 

St. Andrew's Street, Norwich 

Ormsby, Yarmouth 


Marine Parade, Lowestoft 

6, Trinity Street, Colchester 

King Street, Great Yarmouth 

Aldrich, P., Esq. 

Angove, W. T. Esq. 

Balfour, W. G., Esq. .. 

Earkway, F. T., Esq. .. 

Barrj-, D. P., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Bawtree, E. W., M.D... 
Bond, G. W., Esq. 
Boucher, A. H., M.D. .. 
Bowen, E.. Esq. 
Brainsford, C. M.D. .. 
Brodic. E. F., ALD. .. 
Chant. T., Esq. 
Collier, Herbert, M.D. .. 
Cresswell, J. C Esq. .. 
Cuthbert, W. Wood, Esq. 
Duke, A. W., M.D., .Surg. A.M.D. 
Game>*5, T. Esq. 
Gull, F., Esq. 
Henrj-, G. F.. Esq. 
Hodges, J., Esq. 

Holden, Luther, Esq. .. 
Hollis, E., ALD. 
Hooker, C. P., Esq. 
Howes. F. C. P.,M.D. .. 
Image, F. E., M.B. 
Lock, Edward R.^ Esq. . . 
Manning, F., Elsq. 
Marsh, John, Esq. 
Mason, W. Inglis, Esq. . . 
Master. H. H., Esq. .. 
Pain, T. DOyley, Esq... 
Pratt Walter, Esq. 
Simpson, W., Esq. 
Smith, Samuel, Esq. 
Tandy, B. L.. Esq. 
Warwick, Percy, Esq. .. 
Walford, W. G., Esq. . . 
Whitt>-, C. R., M.D. . . 
Wilson, S. M., Esq. .. 


.. Mildenhall 
.. Mildenhall 

Beverley Terrace, Colchester 


Bury St. Edmunds 
Ab'M^rton. Colchester 
Fulham Rector^', Harleston 
East Suffolk Hospital, Ipswich 
Kirkley. South Lowestoft 

Wickham Market, Suffolk 
High Gorleston 

Barnsley House, Blllericay, Essex 
Walsham- 1 e- Willows 
Cavalrj- Barracks, Ipswich 

The Shnib'bery, Coddenham 
Bury St. Edmunds 
Care of T. Coe, Esq., 74, Gaildhall Stre;l, 

Burj" St. Edmunds. 
Pine Toft. Ipswich 
Colti shall 

Belton Rectory, Gt. Yarmouth 
St. Margaret's, Bury St. Edmunds 

Stutton Ipswich (resigns) 
Woodbridge Road, Ipswich 

Ixworth, Bury St. Edmunds 
Stratford St. Mar^' 
Pulham Market, Harleston 

Carlton Colville, Lowestoft 
Hales worth 
King's Lynn 
London Road, Lynn 


President .. .. .. W. J. Llsn. M.D. 

PTesident-EUct . . T. B. Keetley, E?q. 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer ,. E. P. Hardev, Esq., 
Hojtorary Secretary .. ■■ J- Dix, P^sq., Hull 

Springbank, Hull 

Craven, R. M., Esq. 
Dix, J., Esq. .. 
Elliott, G. F., M.D. 
Evans, T. M., Esq. 
King, Kelbume, ^^.D. 
Locking, J. A., Esq. 
Nicholson, R. H. B., Esq. , 
Stephenson, W., Esq. 

. Hull 

Albion Street, Hull 
. Hull 
.. Hull 
,. Hull 

Scarboro' Terrace, Hull 
Albion Street, Hull 

Macmillan, A., M.D. .. Hull 

.Appleton, R. C., Esq. . . 
Bell, J., Esq. 
r.est. P., M.B. 
Bramwell, J. M., M.E. 
Brett, F. C. Esq. 
Briggs, G. J., Esq. 
Browne, W. H., Esq. .. 
Bumham, R., Esq. 
Canning. P. W. G., Esq. 
Cooper, R. W., Esq. 
Cooper, W. W., Esq. .. 
Craven. R. M., Esq. .. 
Daly, O.. M.D. 
Daly, E. D., M.B. 



The Elms. Louth (resigned) 

64, Eastgate, Louth 


Bridlington, Yorkshire 

Springbank, Hull 

.Aldborough, Hull (resigned) 

Keelby, Ulceby 


4, Caroline Street, Hull 

Haywood House, Sneinton, Notts 


.\Ibion Street, Hull 


Da\'y, D. H., Esq. 
Denton, S. B., M.D. .. 
Dcs Forges, E., Esq. 
Dix, J., Esq. .. 
Elliott, G. F., M.D. .. 
Evans, T M. Esq. 
Farbstein, H., Esq 
George, H., Esq. 
Gibson, D., Esq. 
Gibson, H., Esq. 
Gibson, J. H., M.D. .. 
Godfrey, C \V., Esq. .. 
Goodwoith, R. P. E>q., 
Graham, W., M.D. 
Hagyard, R., Esq. 
Hardey, E. P., Esq. .. 
Healey, T. St. C, Esq... 
Henson, S. R., Esq. 
Henson, W. K., Esq. 
Holder. W , Esq. 
Hollingworth, J., Esq., jun. 
Hudson, G., M.D. 
Hutchinson, Christopher, F., 
Jackson, W., Esq. 
James, W. D., Esq. 
Jefferson, T. J., M.D. .. 
Johnson, F., Esq. 
Jones, J. T., Esq. 

Keetley, T. B., Esq. 

King, Kelbume, M.D. .. 

Lamb, G., Esq. 

Lee, C.A., M.D. 

Leppington, H. M., Esq. 

Lidiard, S. R., Esq. 

Locking, J. .A., Esq. 

Lunn, W. J., M.D. 

Mackay, Rev. W. P., M.D. 

Macleod, M. D.. M.D. 

Macmillan, A., M.D. .. 

Macnab, F., Esq. 

Mason, J. W.. Esq. 

Merson, J., M.D 

Moody, C. 6., Esq. 

Morley, J., Esq. 

Moxon, J. E., Esq. 

Nicholson. J. F., M.D... 

Nicholson, J. L., Esq. . . 

Nicholson R. H. B-.Eso. 

Palmer, F. Craddock, Esq. 

Philpot, F., Esq. 

Pybum, G. W., Esq. .. 

Quicke, T. J., Esq. 

Robinson, A. H., M.D. 

Rockliffe, W. C, M.D. .. 

Rudd, W. A.. Esq. 

Sawdon, F. J., M.D. .. 

Sheldon, W., Esq. 

Sherbum, J., M.B. 

Sissons, W. H,, Esq. 

Smith, J. E.,^LD. 

Soloman, C, Esq. 

Stephenson, W., Esq. 

Thompson, Hy., Esq. 

Waison, S., Esq. 

WTiytehead, H. Y., M.D. 

Williams, J. B.. Esq. .. 


Hornsea, near Hull 

South Cave, Brough (resigQed) 

Albion Street, Hull 

North Thoresby, Louth 

n, Wright Street, Hull (dead) 
Howden, Yorkshire 
Winterton, Erigg 
GoxhiU, near Hull 

Spring Bank, Hull 
I, York Parade, Beverley Road, HuU 
Anlaby Road, Hull 
.'Vnlaby Road. Hull 
Holderness Road, Hull 
Holdemess Road, Hull 

41, High Street, Bridlington 
Anlaby R.-\ad, Hull 
Highfield. -Sheffield 
Market Weighton 
15, Kingston Square, Hull 
Hornsea, Hull 
Great Grimsby 

Anlaby Road, HuU 
I, Pryme Street, Hull 

Scarboro' Terrace, Hull 

The Park, Hull 

Anlaby Road, Hull 
Great Union Street, Hull 

Boro' Lunatic Asylum, Kingston -upon -HuU 
St. Jaines' House, Grimsby 

29, Albion Street, Hull 
53, George Street, Hull 
21, Albion Street, Hull 

BarrowKjn - H umber 

57, Charlotte Street, Hull 
12, Albion Street, Hull 
Charlotte Street, HuU 
Wiihemsea, Hull 
Beverley Road, Hull 
Hessle, near Hull 
Albion Street, Hull 

Skirlaugh, near Hull 
. 16, Albion Street, HuU 
Cottingham, HuU 

Bewholme, Sigglesthorpe, near Hull 
Mason Street, Hull 


Ale-vander. D., Esq. 
Baldwin, T. A., B.A., M.D. 
Bell, J. P., M.D. 
Birtwhisile, F , M.B. .. 
Brand, A. T., M.D. .. 
Cassan, T., Esq. 
Hembrough, J. W., Esq. 
Herbert, J., Esq. 
Home, George, M.B. 
Howlett, E. H., Esq. .. 
Land, J. F., Esq. 
Mossman, R. A.. Esq. .. 
Wilson, J., Esq. 


Waltham, Grimsby 
25, Bagdale, \\'hitby 
14, Clifton Villas, Boulevard, Hull 

Patrington, near Hull 
43, Flowergate, Whitby 




Honorary Secretary 

Professor .Annandale 
I Ci 

RfTHERFOwD, M.D., 14, Douglas 
Crescent, Edinburgh 
1 D. .Akgyll Robertso.v, M.D., iS, Charlotte 
(, Square, Edinbiu-gh 
. C. E. Underhill, M.B.. 8, Coates Crescent, 

. J. Bishop, M.D., 12, Walker Street, Edinburgh 



[Dec. 29, 1S83. 

Brodie, D., M.D. .. 
Carmichacl, James, M.D. 
Chiene, J., M.D. .. 
Cunynghame, R. J. B., M.D. 
Gordon, P., Esq. , . 
Houston P. C, M.D. 
lamieson, J., Esq. ..■' 
Lucas, R., M.D. .. 
Macdonald, A., M.D- 
Ritchie. James, M.B. 
Young, P. A., M.D. 


. Liberton 

. 4?, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh 

. 31, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh 

. 6, Walker Street, Edinburgh 

. Juniper Green, Edinburgh 

. 6, Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh 

. Dalkeith 

29, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 

10, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh 

. 25, Manor Place, Edinburgh 

G. A. Gibson, M.D. ,, Edinburgh 


Allison, A., M.D. 

Anderson, T., M.B. 

Annandale, T., Esq., F.R.S.E. .. 

Archibald, D., M.D. .. 

Badger, W., M.B. 

Eallantyne, A., M-D. .. 

Barry, F. W., Esq. 

Bell, J. W., Esq. 

Bishop, J., M.D. 

Black, W. T., Surg.-M.uj. A..M.D. 

Bramwell, Byrom, M.D. 

Bum, J., M.D. 

Cadell, F.,M.B. 

Carmichael, I., M.D. .. 
Chiene, J., .VLD., F.R.S.E. 
Clouston, T. S., M.D. .. 
Constable, J., M.D. 
Cox, D. C, Esq. 
Craig, W., M.D. 
Cumming, W., M.D. .. 
Cunynghame, R. J. B., M.D. 
Gillespie, J. D., M.D. .. 
Gilruth, G. R., Esq. .. 
Gordon, P., Esq. 
Houston, P. C, M.D. .. 
Hunter, G., M.D. 
Imlach, F. B., Esq. 
Jamieson, J., M.D. 
Keiller, A., M.D. 
Kennedy, John, M.D. ., 
Lucas, R., M.D. 
Macdonald, A., M.D. .. 
Marline, W., M.D. 
Mather, J., Esq. 
Miller, A. G., M.D. 
Miller, P., Esq. 
Moir, J., M.D. 
Moir, J. W., M D. 
Morris, J., Esq. 
Murray, D., M.D. 
Peddie, A.. M.D. 
Playfair, J.. M.B. 
Ritchie, J.. .M.B. 
Robertson, D. A., M.D. 
Ronaldson, T. R., M.B. 
Russell, J. A.. M.B. .. 
Rutherford, W., ^LD.. F.R.S. 
Scott, T. R.,jun., M.B. 
Sherriff, T., Esq. 
Sinclair, A. J.. M.D. .. 
Smart, A., M.D. 
Smith, David, M.D. .. 
Smith, Geo. D., M.B. .. 
Spence, R., M.D. 
Strachan, J., M.D. 
Tuke, J. B.. M.D. 
Underbill, C. E., ^L^.. . 
Watkin, James, M.D. - . 
Wilson, D., M.D. 
Young, J., .M.D. 
Young, P. A. M.D. 

OF BRANCH. (62.) 

Loanhead, Edinburgh 

Brackend House, Londonderry 

34, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 

St. Andrew's 



Sanitary Commissioner, Cyprus 

4, Arniston Place, Edinburgh 

12, Walker Street, Edinburgh 


2, Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh 

Lauriston Place, Edinburgh 

20, Castle Street, Edinburgh 
42, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh 

21, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh 
Momingside Asylum, Ediuburf h 
Leuchars, Fife 

7, Lothian Road, Edinburgh 
18, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh 
6, Walker Street, Edinbtu-gh 
10, Walker Street, Edinburgh 
York Place, Edinburgh 
Juniper Green, Edinburgh 
Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy 

48, Queen Street, Edinburgh 
6, Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh 
21, Queen Street, Edinburgh 
Elie, Fife (dead) 
Buccleuch Street, Dalkeith 
29, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 
Weston, Haddington 

Walker Street, Edinburgh (resigns) 
8, Bellevue Terrace, Edinburgh 
52, Castle Street, Edinburgh 
St. Andrew s 

Grove Street, Edinburgh 
15, Rutland Street, Edinburgh 
25, Rutkind Street, Edinburgh 
10, Northumberland Street, Edinburgli 
18, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 
18, Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh 
Canaan I ane, Edinburgh 
14, Douglas Crescent, Edinburgh 
Ratho, Edinburgh 

48, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh 
14, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 
4N, Mansion House Road, Edinburgh 
93, Ferry Road, North Leith 
Burntisland, Fife 
Dollar by Stirling 
20, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 

8, Coates Crescent, Edinburgh 

12, Dean Terrace, Edinburgh 
14, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh 
Brighton Place, Portobeilo, Edinburgh 


Aitken, J. H.,Esq- 
Affleck, J. O., M.D. .. 
Ale.vander, James, Esq. 
.Alexander, T. A., Esq. .. 
Andrew, J., M.D. .. • 

Balfour, A. H., Esq. . . 
Balfour, J. H., M.D., F.R.S. 
Balfour. T. A. G., M.D. 
Barbour, A. H. F„ M.B. 
Bell, J. M., M.D. 
Bell, Joseph, M.D. 
Bennett, jas., ALB. 
Beveridge, J. S., Esq. .. 
Blaikic, R. H., M.D. .. 
Blcloch, A., .M.B. 
Brakenridge, D. J., M.D. 
Brown, L Graham, ALD. 
Brown, J. M., M.B. _ 
Bruce, R., M.D. 


.. Edinburgh 

. . 38, Heriot Row, Edinburgh 
, .. Leslie, Fife 

.. Thorncroft, Selkirk 
' .. 6, Hope Street, Edinburgh 

14, Brighton Crescent, Portobeilo 

Inverleith Row, Edinburgh (resigns) 
.. 51, George Square, Edinburgh 

56, Queen'.'i Street, Edinburgh 
. . King's Kettle, Fifeshire 
.. 20, Melville Street, Edinburgh 

49, Charlotte Street, Lciili 

1, Eildon Street, Edinburgh 

.. 2, Newington Terrace, Edinbur>;h 
13, Brougham Street, Edinburgh 
St. Colme Street, Edinburgh 

.. Ainslie Place, Edinburgh 

2, Coates Place. Edinburgh 
12, York Place, Edinburgh 

Caird, F. M., M.D. 

Calder, H. L., ^r.B. .. 

Cappie,5James, M.D. .. 

Cathcart, C. W., M.B. . 

Church, H. M., M.D. .. 

Cochrane, J., M.D. 

Collie, M., Esq. 

Cossar, T., M.D. 

Cotterill, Joseph, M.B. 

Craig, A., M.D 

Croom, John H., M.B. . . 

Cunningham, J, B., ^LB 

Denholme, James, Esq. 

Deverell, H. G., M.D... 

Dcwar, A., M.D. 

Dewar, James, M.D. 

Dewar, W. H., Esq. .. 

Dickson, G., M.D. 

Dow, W. B., M.D. 

Duncan, John, M.D. . . 

Duncan, W., M.B. 

Duncanson, John J. K., M.D. 

Dunlop, H. M., M.B. .. 

Dunsmure, J., jun., M.D. 

Finlay, W. A., M.D. . 

Foulis, J., M.D. 

Fowler, W. C, M.D. .. 

Fraser, John, M.B. 

Eraser, Thos. R., M.D. 

Freeland, R., M.B. 

Garland, O. H., M.B. .. 

Gibson, A. M., M,D. .. 

Gibson, G. A., M.&. .. 

Goodenough, W. H., Esq. 

Gordon, H., M.B. 

Gordon, James, M.B. . . 

Graham, B., M.B. 

Gray, J. Allan, M.D. .. 

Hamilton, D. J., M.B. .. 

Hart, D. B., M.D. 

Hay, H. D., M.B. 

Hay, J. H., M.D. 

Hay, iNlatthew. M.D. . . 

Hodsdon, J. W. B., M.D. 
Hunter, James, M.B. .. 
Husband, H. .\,, M.B... 
Husband. J., Esq. 
Husband, Wm., M.D. .. 
Inglis, .Aj-chibald, M.D. 
Inglis, T., M.D. 
James, A., M.D. 

Jamieson, W. A., M.D, .. 
"Keith, George S., M.D. 
Keith, T., M.D. 
Kirk, I. B., M.D. 
Kyle, D. Hamilton, M.B. 
Longmuir, James, M.D. 
Lowe, The Rev. John . . 
Macarthur, Alex, !M.D, 
Macbain, H,, Esq. 
McBride, P., M.B. 
Macdonald, George, Esq. 
Macdonald, K. N., M.D. 
Mackay, G., ALB. 
Mackenzie, G. H., M.D. 
Alaclagan, Douglas, M,D.,F.R, 
Maclaren, P. H., M,D. 
Macnair, R., M.B. 
Masterton, John, M.B. . . 
Masson, D. T,, M.D. ., 
Matthew, A., Esq. 
Maxwell, C. M., Esq. ,. 
Meiizies, D. D. C, Esq. 
Menzies, W.. M.D. 
Middleton, Tames, M.D, 
Middleton, John, M.D,.. 
Millard, W. W., M.B... 
Moinet. Francis W,, M.D,, F.R. 
Moir, Alexander, Esq. 
Moir, R., M.D. 
Moolman, H. J., M.D. 
Morris, A. J., M.B. 
Muirhead, Claud, >LD. 
Murdoch, T. Burn, .M.B. 
Napier, A. D. L., M.D. 
Niven, Thomas, NI.B. 
Porteous, J. L. Esq. 
Ritchie, D. L., Esq. .. 
Ritchie, R. P., M.D. .. 
Ronaldson, J. Bruce, Estj, 
Ross, J. Maxwell, Esq, 
Sibbald, John, M.D. .. 
Simpson, .Alexander R,, M,D. 
Simpson, James, Kstj. . , 
Smith, Thomas, Esq. 
Spalding. W., M.D. 
Spence, R., ALD. 
Stewart, A., Esq. 
Stewart, John, E.'mj. 
Stewart, W., M.D. 
Symington, J., M.B. 



8, Torpichen Street, Edinburgh 
42, Leith Walk, Edinburgh 
47, Lauriston Place, Edinburgh 
. 44, Melville Street, Edinburgh 

36, George Square, Edinburgh 
Lauriston Place, Edinburgh 
Duddingstone, Edinburgh 
Frederick Street, Edinburgh 

24, Melville Street, Edinburgh 
Pathhead Ford, Dalkeith 

25, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 
Prestonpans, N.B. 
Mavisbank, Polton, Midlothian 
Nortpn Park, Edinburgh 

20, Drummond Place, Edinburgh 

South Queensferr)-, Linlithgowshire 


India Street, Edinburgh 

Comely Park House, Dunfermline 

8, Ainslie Place, Edinburgh 

10, Wellington Place, Leith, N.B. 

a^Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh 
Middlefield House, Edinburgh 

Queen Street, Edinburgh 
.St. Helen's, Trinity, Edinburgh 
57, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh 
131, The Grove, Hammersmith 
Regent Terrace, Edinburgh 

37, Melville Street, Edinburgh 
Broxburn, Linlithgow 

35, Charlotte Street, Leith 

4, Brighton Place, Portobeilo, N.B. 

1, Randolph-cliff, Edinburgh 
Dj-sart, Fife 

St, Ann's, Kirkcaldy 
Linton Lodge, Prestonkirk 
Borrowstounness, Linlithgowshire 
32, Madeira Street, Leith 
The University, Aberdeen 
Frederick Street, Edinburgh 

75, Queen Street, Edinburgh 
South Queensbury, Linlithgow 
Northumberland Street, Edinourgh 
Castle Street, Edinburgh 
28, Clarence Street, Edinburgh 
Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh 
Care of Dr. Brown, Cupar, Fife 
75, Queen Street, Edinburgh 

26, Rutland Street, Edinburgh 
Currie, near Edinburgh 

2, North Charlotte Street. Edinburgh 
Rowan Bank, Bathgate 

140, Market Street, St. Andrews 


56, George Square, Edinburgh 


North Berwick 

16, Chester .Street, Edinburgh 

Mark inch 

Gowan Park, Cupar 


T, Northumberland Street, Edinburgh' 

z8, Heriot Row, Edinburgh 

I, Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh 

65, Ferry Road, Leith 

10, Blenheim Place. Edinburgh 


Corstorphine, N.B. 

Lasswade, Midlothian 


3, Lothian Road, Edinburgh 
Alanorhead, Stow, Midlothiaji 
Portobeilo, Edinburgh (dead) 

Dunbar. N.B. 
13, Alva Street, Edinburgh 
Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh 
St. Andrew's 

25» Harlington Place, Edinburgh 
Saughton Hall, Murrayfield, Edinbtirgh 
30, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 
Morningside, Edinburgh 

Newburgh, Fife 
Pathhead, Fifeshire 
45, Claremont Street, Edinburgh 
I, Melville Crescent, Edinburgh 

112, Gilmore Street, Edinburgh 
3, St. Margaret's Road, Edinburgh 
52, Queen Street, Edinburgh 
Eastwood, Ferry, Edinburgh 
Heriot Hill House, Edinburgh 
Gore bridge 
Uphall, Linlithgow 
l^ouvain Villa, Newport, Fife 
10, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 
Lcven, Fife 
Chambers' Street, Edinburgh 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 

Taylor. W., M.D. 
Thatcher, C H., Esq. ,. 
Troup, Francis, M.D. « 
Turnbull, J., M.B. 
Wedderburn, A. Mc, L., Esq. 
Watson, P. H.. M.D.. F.R.S.E. 
Walson, W., M.D. 
Webster, A. D., M.D. .. 
Whitelavs-, W., M.D. .. 
Wilson, Robert, M.D. .. 
WilsoTi, T, Duddingston. M.n. 
Wolston, \V. T. P., M.D. 
Wood, R. E., Esq. 
Woodcock, Alexander, Es<i. 
WylHe, John, M.D. 
Ziegler, William, M.D... 



12, Melville Street, Edinburgh 

13, Albany Street, Edinburgh 

44, High Street, Dunbar, N.B. 

71, East Higliet, Forfar 

16, Charlotte Square, Edinburgh 

Mid Calder 

I, Minto Street, ti,dinburgh 

Cupar, Fife 


5, Weit Newington Terrace, Edinburgh 

46, Charlotte Square, tLdinburgh 
9, Darna-A-ay Street, Edinburgh 
Anstruther, Fife 

I, Melville Street, Edinburgh (resigns) 

47, George Square, Edinburgh 




f George Buchanan, M.D., 193, Bath Street, 

( Glasgow 
.. W. J. Marshall, M.D., Greenock 

_( Bruce GoFF, M.D., Bothwell 
" '( D. Yellowlees, M.D., Gartnavel, Glasgow 

/Joseph Coats, M.D., 7, Elmbank Cres- 

j cent, Glasgow 

i J,A,MES Christie, M.D., Great Kelvin Terrace, 

• Hillhead, Glasgow. 

President .. 



Honorary Secretaries , 


Alexander, John, M.D. 
Alston, J. M., M.D. .. 
Anderson, J. W., Esq. .. 
Anderson, T. McCall, M.D. 
Arthur, H., RED. 
Banks, John, M.D. 
Barr, Thomas, M.D., .. 
Baxter, W., RLB. 
Beatson, G. T., M.D. .. 
Bell, Robert. !\LD. 
Blair, R., Esq. 
Brown, A., M.D. 
Buchanan, A. McG., M.D. 
Buchanan, George, M.D. 
Buchanan, T. D., M.D. 
Bums, John, Esq. 
Caldwell, J. Esq. 
Cameron, H. C, M.D. 
Cameron, John. M.D. ,. 
Carr, Wm., M.B. 
Cassells J. P. M.D. .. 
Charteris Matthew, M.D. 
Chisholm, J. O. Esq. .. 
Christie, J., M.D. 
Coats, Joseph, M.D. . . 
Corbett. Robert, M.D... 
Cunningham, John, M.B. 
Dougall, John, M.D. .. 
Dougan, W., M.D. 
Dun, W. G., M.D. 
Duncan, Eben., M.D. .. 
Fergus, Andrew, M.D... 
Finlayson. James, M.D. 
Forrest, W., M.B. 
Foulds, M., Esq. 
Fraser, Donala, M.D. .. 
Frew, W., M.B. 
Gairdner, W. T., M.D. 
Gardner, John, M.D. .. 
Gibson, W.. M.D. 
Gilchrist, W., M.D. .. 
Gilmour, Adam, M.D. 
Gilmour, Thomas F., Esq. 
Goff, Bruce, M.D. 
Gorman, J., Esq. 
Granger, J. R., M.B. .. 
Gray, James, M.D. 
Grieve, James, Esq. 
Hamilton, A., Esq. 
Henderson, Alex. Esq. 
Henderson, Francis, M.D. 
Henderson, Thomas Brown, M.D. 
Henderson, T. Beath, M.D. 
Herbertson, R. G., Esq. 
Hillcoat, R., Esq. 
Irvine A. K., M.D. 
Kelly, Adam L., M.D... 
Kelly, James K., M.B. 
Kirk, Robert, M.D. .. 
Lapraik, T., M.D 

Western Infirmary, Glasgow 

1, Whitehill Terrace, Duke Street, Glasgow 
Woodside Crescent, Glasgow 

2, South Bridge Street, Airdrie 

10, Albany Place, Glasgow 
Crooked Holm, Kilmarnock 
2, Royal Crescent, Glasgow 
29, Lynedoch Street, Glasgow 
Woodilee Asylum, Lenzie, by Glasgow 
Mount Florida, Glasgow 
98, St. George's Road, Glasgow 
193, Bath Street, Glasgow 
24, Westminster Terrace, Glasgow 
15, Fitzroy Place, Glasgow- 
Iron Works, Shotis 
294, Bath Crescent, Glasgow 
Ara:>le and Bute Asylum, Lochgilphead 
314, Crown Street, Glasgow 
2, Newton Terrace Glasgow 

:;Si, St. George's Road, Glasgow 
Great Kelvin Street, Glasgow 
7, Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow 
Pollokshields, Glasgow 
Springburn, Glasgow 

2, India Street, Glasgow 
Crossbill, Glasgow 

3, Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow 
351, Bath Crescent, Glasgow 
119, Crown Street. Glasgow 
Mauchline (dead) 

3, Orr Square, Paisley 

Galston, Ayrshire 

225, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow 

I, Lendell Terrace, Paisley Road, Glasgow 




Paisley Road, Glasgow 

The Lindens, Bothwell 

Rtitherglen, Glasgow 

7, Albion Crescent, Dowanhlll, Glasgow 

15, Newton Terrace, Glasgow 

Princes Street, Port Glasgow 

Thornliebank, Glasgow 


Kelvinside, Glasgow 

17, Elmbank Crescen.t, Glasgow 

4S, Kelvingrove Street, Glasgow 

New Cumnock 

Pollokshields, Glasgow 

3, Newton Terrace, Glasgow 

24, Carlton Place, Glasgow 

o, Abbot sford Place, Glasgow 


5, Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow 

Lewis, William, M.D. .. 
Lindsay, John, M.D.' ,. 
Lyon, James G., M.I,). . . 
McAlister, James, Esq. 
McConville, John, ALL). 
Macdonald, William, M.B. 
Macewen, W., M.D. .. 
Mcjannet, F. M., ^LB. 
McKechnie, W., M.D. 
McKelvie^ R. B.. M.D. 
McKendrick, John G., M.D., 

F.R.S.E. .. 
Mackenzie, W. S., Esq. 
Mackintosh, A.. M.D... 
Maclaren, James D., M.D 
Maclean, D., M.D. 
McLelland. Alex.. M.B. 
Macleod, D.. M.D. 
Macleod.G. H. B., M.D., F.R.S.E. 
McVail. D. C, M.B. .. 
Marshall, W. J., M.D... 
Mayland, A. E., Esq. .. 
Mechan. A., M.B. 
Messer, Thomas J. F., M.D. 
Miller, Hugh, M.D. .. 
JMorton, James, M.D. . . 
Muir, W. L., Esq. 
Munro, R., M.D. 
Murray, John, Esq. 
Nairne, J. S., Esq. 
Napier, Alexander, Esq. 
Newman, D., Esq. 
Orr, Robert, M.D 
Paterson. Alex.. M.D. .. 
Patrick, Wm., M.D. .. 
Pearson. Wm., Esq. 
Perry, R., M.D. 
Pollok, R.. M.B. 
Ramsay, Robert, >LD. 
Reid, T., .M.D. 
Reid, W. L., M.D. .. 
Renfrew, R., M.D. 
Renton, J. Crawford, M.B. 
Ritchie, Andrew, M.D., 
Ritchie, James, Esq. .. 
Robertson, A., M.D. .. 
Robertson, A. M., Esq. 
Robertson, R. T. C, M.B. 
Russell, J. B., M.D. .. 
Scott, Alex., M.B. 
Sloan, S., M.D. 
Smart, Robert, M.D. .. 
Smith, A. W., M.D. .. 
Sneddon, W., M.D. .. 
Steven, J. Lindsay, Esq. 
Stevens, W. G., Esq. . . 
Stewart, A. D., Esq. .. 
Syme, Campbell, Esq. .. 
Tant, J. v., JLD. 
Thomas, M., M.D. 
Touch, E., .M.D. 
Turnbull, M. B., M.D. 
Walker, W. H. S., M.D. 
Wallace, A., M.D. 
Wallace, James, M.D. . . 
Whitelaw, Wm., M.D... 
Willis, George, Esq. 
Wilson, A. T., Esq. 
Wilson, R., Esq. 
Wilson. William A., M.D. 
Yellowlees. D., M.D. .. 

Houston, Renfrewshire 


276, Bath Crescent, Glasgow (dead) 


II, Elmbank Crescent, Gl.isgow 

St. Mary's Place, Marj'hill, Glasgow 

73, Bath Street, Glasgow 


Thorndean, Elderslie 


Wcstbourne Gardens, Glasgow 


26, Woodside Place, Glasgow 

I, Newton Place, Glasgow 
121, Douglas Street, Glasgow 
Bonhill, Dumbartonshire 

10, Woodside Crescent, Glasgow 

18, Abercorn Street, New City Road, Glasgow 

8, Ardgowan Square, Greenock 
46, Claremont Street, Glasgow 

II, Newton Terrace, Glasgow 

398, Bath Street, Glasgow 
1^9, Bath Street, Glasgo^v 
'71, Duke Street, Glasgow 
J-'')rtIand Street, Kilmarnock 
Muirhead, Christon, Glasgow 

11, Winton Terrace, Queen's Park, Glasgow 
3, Royal Terrace, Crossbill, Glasgow 

18, Woodside Place, Glasgow 

9, Queen's Crescent, Glasgow 
Femfield, Bridge of Allan 

143, Greenhead Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow 

459, New City Road, Glasgow 

ir. Queen's Terrace, Glasgow 



14, Elmbank Street, Glasgow 

7, Royal Crescent, Glasgow 

Lansdowne Crescent, Glasgow 

51, King Street, PoIIokshaws, Glasgow 

^luirkirk, Ayrshire 

Towns Hospital, Glasgow 

314, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow 

19, Duke Street, Hamilton 
I, Montrose Street, Glasgow 

Newton Terrace. Glasgow 
6, St. George's Road, Glasgow 
S, Newton Terrace, Glasgow 

34, Berkely Terrace, Glasgow 

Hamilton Terrace, Greenock 

Royal Infirmary, Glasgow 
Inverar>' (dead) 

45, St;ott Street, Glasgow 
Newton Place, Glasgow 

Kirkintilloch, Glasgow 
Kim, .\rg>'Ieshire 
Coatbridge, Glasgow 
Brisbane Street, Greenock 
Gartnavel, Glasgow 


Adam, J. M. M.B. .. 
Adam, W. J., M.B. .. 
Adams, J. A., Esq. 
Ait4v'en, J., Esq. 
Alexander, W., M.D. .. 
Banning, R. J., M.D. .. 
Barlow, John, M.D. .. 
Barra.s, James, M.D. . . 
Barrie, f., Esq. 
Black, D. Campbell, M.D. 
Black, J. R., M.D. 
Blair, A., Esq. 
Blanchard, R. J., M.B. 
Blyth, D.. Esq. 
Borland. John, ^LD. . . 
Brown, R., M.D. 
Buchanan, A., Esq. 
Cairns, D., M.B. 
Cameron. C, M.D., M.P. 
Carmichael, Daniel, M.B. 
Carmichael, Neil, M.D. 
Caskie, W. A., M.B. .. 
Chalmers, Robert, Esq. 
Chalmers, W., Esq. 
Clark, A. C-, Esq. 
Clerk, A., M.B. 

Ard-en-tigh, Port Bannatyne 
Holyrood Crescent, Glasgow 
J12, Cambridge Street, Glasgow 
Rankinston Ironworks, near Ayr 
Dundonald, Kilmarnock 

35, Kelvingrove Street, Glasgow 

3, Royal Crescent, Crosshill, Glasgow 
50, Woodlands Road, Glasgow 
Dairy, Ayrshire 
Royal Infirmary, Stirling 
Pollokshields, Glasgow 
Reef, Tyree, Arg^'Ieshire 
Mearns Street, Greenock 
14, Park Circus, Glasgow 
Lochgilphead, N.B. 
29, South Cumberland Street, Glasgow 
Main Street, Largs 

765^, Centre Street, Tradeston, Glasgow 
10, Royal Crescent. Glasgow 
Kirklands, Bcthwell, N.B. 
10, Derby Terrace, Glasgow 



[Dec. 29, 18S3 

olligan, H. S., M.D. .. 
Conway, J., Esq. 
Cowan, J., M.B. 

Crawford, Geo., M.D. .. 
Crockatt, William, M.D. 
Cullcn, J. F., M.D. .. 
Cunningham, W. L., M.B. 
Cuthill, James, M.D. .. 
Dickie, J.. M.D. 
Dickie, T., Esq. 
Dickson, G., Esq. 
Donald, G., M.B. 
Downie, J. W., Esq. 
Drew, J., M.B. 
Erskine, J., Esq. 
Erskine, R. B., M.D. .. 
Evans, H., Esq. 
Fenwick, W., M.D. .. 
Fergus, James, Esq. 
ffindlay, \V., M.D. 
Finlay, James, M.D, .. 
Fleming, W. J., M.B. .. 
Forrest, James, M.D. . . 
Fotheringham, J., Esq. . . 
Eraser, H. A., Esq. 
Freer, Frederick A., Esq. 
Fullarton, N., M.B. .. 
Gemmell, S., M.D. 
Gilmour, A., M.D. 
Gilmour, W. McI., M.D. 
Glaister, J., M.B. 
Grieve, John, M.D. 
Haddow, J., Esq. 
Haldane, W., M.D. .. 
Hall, A. J., M.D. 
Hewitt, W., M.B. 
Hislop, James, M.D. .. 
Hunter, W., M.D. 
Ireland, W. W., M.D. ,. 
Jamieson, John \., M.D. 
Jeffrey, W., M.D. 
Johnston, A., Esq. 
Johnston, A., M.B. 
lohnstoD, G., Esq. 
Johnston, Wm., M.D. .. 
Johnstone, J., Esq. 
Johnstone,' J. J., M.B. .. 
Jones, T., Esq. 
Kelly, E. H., M.D. 
Kerr, Joseph, Esq. 
Kirkwood, R., M.D. .. 
Knox, David N., M.B. 
Lawrence, James, M.D. 
Lawrie, James, M.D. .. 
Leishman, W., M.D. .. 
Linlon, S., M.B. 
M'Calman, D., M.B. .. 
Macdonald, D. S., Esq. 
McConnochie, J., M.D. 
McFadyen, Donald, M.D. 
McFarlane, Alex. W., M.D. 
Macfie, Johnston, M.D. 
McGill, J. F., Esq. 
McGown, J., M.D. .. 
McGown, T. C, M.D... 
Mclndeor, A., Esq. 
Mackay, A., M.B. 
Mackenzie, J., M.D. 
McKerrow, Geo., M.B. 
Mackie, W., M.D. 
Mackinlay, J., junr,. Esq. 
Maclachlan, A., M.B. .. 
McLachlan, R., M.B. .. 
Maclachlan, W., M.D... 
Maclean, M., M.D. 
Macnab, James, Esq. 
MacNaughton, Allan, M.B. 
Macnaughton, John, M.B. 

McNeil, R., M.D. 

Mcpherson, R. B., M.B. 

McVail, JohnC, M.D. 

Marchbank, J., Esq, 

Martin, Alex., M B., .. 

Mather, George R., M.D 

Maxwell, J., Esq. 

Mt-ikle, Robert, Esq. . . 

Middleton, i\. S., M.I!. 

Middleton, John, Esq. . . 

Millar, — . Esq. 

Millar, John, Esq. 

Millar, T., Esq. 

Miller, A., Esq. 

Milne, William, Esq. 

Mitchell, D.. M.B. 

Moffat, A. T,, Esq. 

Moffat, Robert, M.D. .. 

Moffat, R. M., M.B. .. 

Moodie, R.. M.D.. CM. 

Moore, S. J.. M.D. 

Moore, W., .M.B. 

Morrison, A. B., M.B.,. 

Morton, Alex., M.B, 

S4, High Street, Paisley ^ 

2, Morris Place, Monteit'i Row, Glasgow 

Urchard Villa, Wishaw, N.B. 

14, Princes .S^treet, Port Glasgow 

12, Westfield Place, Dundee. 
Rowanlea, .\Iexandria, DumLartonshire 

Denny, Stirling 

.St rone-by -Greenock 

The Fountain, Loanliead, N.B. 

13, The College, Glasgow 
Cireenside, Stralhavcn 

7, Sandyford Place, Glasgow 

5, .-VUan Park, Stirling 

luS. Monttose Street, Glasgow/ 



9, Moray Place, Queen's Park. Gkv^gov/ 

East Kilbride 

67, George Street, G'asgow 


155, Bath Street, Glasgow 


Ros.shiit, Motherwell, N B, 

Kenlochaline, Morvenj Argyle 

(iovan, Glasgow 

Lamiash, Arran 

Bath Crescent, Glai^gow 

Duntocher, Dumbarton 

I, Buckingham Square, Govan, Glasgow 
Grafton Square, Glasgow 

212, St. Vincent Street, Glasgow 

Bridge of Allan 
30, Battery Place, Rothesay 
Prestwick, A> rshire 
J, Queen s Crescent, Glasgow 
Battery Place, Rothesay 
Prestonpans, Edinburgh 
Glencoy, Brodick; Arran 
Dennistoun, GIa^.gow 
197, Crown Street, Glasgow 
Abbotsford Place, Glasgow 
Hillhead, Glasgow 
4, Pitt Terrace, Stirling 
S79, Govan Road, Govan, Glasgow 

64, Victoria Road, Queen's Park, Glasgow 
Lanark, N.B. 
Millport, Cumbrae 
Elinbank Crescent, Glasgow 
West Garden Street, Burnbank, Glasgow 

II, Woodside Crescent, Glasgow 


42. Union Street, Inverness 
Walmer, Kilmarnock 
.\sluon Terrace, Hillhead, Glasgow 
Coilbank, Ayr 
Bridgend, Islay 
Port .^ppin 
12, Cathcart Street, .\yr 
Parkview, Helensburgh, N.B. 

Dalmillington by .^yr 
Doon Bank, Patna 

16, Melville Terrace, Stirling 
Bonawe, Taynuilt 
Ea<;dale by Oban 
Colonsay, Argyleihire . 
Leadhills, Lanarkshire 
Helmsdale, Sulherlandshirc 
ir, Armfield Place, Glasgow 

.Sandyford Place, Glasgow 
Crosshouse, Kilmarnock 

Coltness Ironworks, New Mains 
B.-irnhill, Glasgow 

Royal Crescent, Crosshill, (ilasgutv 
49, Union Street, Glasgow 
Kenton, Dumbarton 

28, St. John'.s Street, Manchester 

Blytheswood Square, Glatig«w 

4:?, Sangatc Street, Ayr 
Crossbill, Glasgow 

Muir, W., M.B. 
Mungall, -\., M.B. 
Napier, A.. M.D. 
Neilsoii, Archibald, Esq. 
Oman, N. D. I., M.D. 
Paterson, John, Esq- . . 
Paterson, James, M.D. 
Patterson, A., M.D. 
Pearson. Archibald, M.D 
Pickering, William M., M.H. 
Pinkerton, R., M.B. .. 
Pirie, John, M.D. 
Pollock, C, F, M.D. .. 
Prichard, R., M.B. 
Rae, Alex., Esq. 
Rae, James, M.D. 
Rankin, A., M.B. 
Rankin, Guthrie, M.D. 
Rankin, James. Esq. 
Rankin, W. L., Esq. . . 
Reid, D., Esq. 
Renny, A. W,, M.B. .. 
Richmond, Thomas, Esq. 
Robertson, J., M.B. 
Robertson, P. F., M.D. 
Rodger, W., Esq. 
Scjtt, P., M.B. 
Shaw, W. J., M.B. 
Shearer, F., Esq. 
Simpson, Pierce A., M.D. 
Skae, C. H., M.D. 
Sloan, A., M.B. 
Smith, D., M.D. 
Sm;th, P. C, Esq. 
Smith, Thomas, Esq. 
Spiers, J. L., M.B. 
Stewart, Robert, M.D... 
lempleton. A., M.D. .. 
Thomson, George W., M D. 
Ihomson, Hugh, M.D. 
Turner, Huijh, Esq. 
Watt J. Douglas, M.B. 
Walker, R , Esq. 
Watt, J. R., M.B. 
Whiteford, James, M.D. 
Wilson, James, M.D. .. 
Wilson, J., Esq. 
Wilson, J. A., Esq. 
WiUon, Wm., M.D. .. 
Wolfe, John R., M.D... 
Wylie, W., M.D. 

Monteith Row, Glasgow 

.\bboibford Place, Glasgow 
Crosshill, Glas:^ow 
10, Somerville Place, Glasgow 
Panicky (ilasgow 
22, India Street, Glasgow 
Middleton 'I'errace, Glasgow 

Woodlands Road, Glasgow (dead) , 
26, Elmbank Crescent, Glasgow 
8, Albion Crescent, Dowanhill, Glasgow 
Bclvidere Hospital, -Glasgow 
Stonehouse-by- Hamilton 
Drummond Place, Stirling 
176, Ruthtrgleii Loan, Glasgow 
60, Portland S reet, Kilmarnock 
Dundonald Road, Kilmarnock 
Strathblane, Glasgow 
25, East Prince's Street, Rolhsay 
Royal Intinnary, Stirling 

2, Windsor Terrace, St. George's Road, Glasgow 
Cnrvan, Ayr, N.B. 

Milngavie, Glasgow 

Carnoustie, X.B. 

3, Orr Square, Paisley 

1, Blythswood Square, Glasgow 
Glengall, Ayr 

56, Buccleugh Street, Glasgow 
Dundas Street, Glasgow 
37, Mel\ille Street, Motherwell 
Burnbank Terrace, Glasgow 

Haywood -by-Carnwath 
331, Renfrew Street, Glasgow 

2, Belgrave Street, Glasgow 
Denny. Stirlingshire 

20, Lawrence Place, Partick, Glasgow 
12, Cathcart Street, .-Vyr 

iVIuse Cottage, Dumbarton 
Merrj'fl.its, Govan, near Glasgow 
Irvine, .Ayrshire 
18, Brandon Place, Glasgow 
Skelmorlie, by Greenock 



Fftsiden t- Elect 
Honorary Secretary 

Batten, R. W., Esq. 
Cripps, E. Esq. 
Ellis, T. S., Esq. 
Ferguson, G. B,, Esq. 
Gooding, J. C, Esq. 
Iiiglis, A. M., Esq. 
Needham, F., Esq. 
Waddy. H. E., Esq. 
Washbourn, B., Esq. 
Wilson, E. T., Esq. 


.. F. Cook, M.D., Cheltenham 

LP. Wilton, Esq., Gloucester 
.. R. W. B.\TTLN, M.D., I, Brunswick Square^ 


. . Gloucester 

Allard, W. Esq. ' 
Batten, Rayner W., M.D. 
Bennett, C. J., Esq. 
Bond, Francis T., Sl.D. 
Boughion, J. H., Esq. . . 
Houghton, J. G., Esq. .. 
Boughton, W. B., Esq. .. 
Bower, E. D., Esq. 
Bridgman, I. T., Esq. ,. 
Brown, Waller, M.B. .. 
Bubb, John, Esq. 
Campbell. John, M.D. .. 
(.'.trdew, tl. A., Esq. 
Carleton, J. S., Esq. 
Carter, A. P.. Esq. 
Cawthorne, B. W., M.B. 
Cole, Richard M. Esq. . . 
Cook, Francis, M.D. 
Cooke, Alfred S., Esq. . . 

. . Tewkesbury 



3, Montpellier Place, Gloucester 




. . Berkeley 
.. (ieneral infirmary, Gloucester 


.. Keyshamburg House, Cheltenham 


London Road, Gloucestc 

Chalford, Stroud 
. . Clarence Street, Gloucester 
. . Suffolk Lawn, Cheltenham 
. . Stroud 

Dec. 29, 1883.1 


Cornwall, J., Esq. 
Cox, Wm., Esq. 
Cripps, Edward, Esq. . . 
Cubiti, George R., Esq. . 
Currie, A., Esq. 
Dcvereux, Daniel, M.D. 
Dutton, D. J., Esq. 
Eager, R., M.D. 
Edis, T., Esq. 
Ellis, T. S., Esq. 
Ferguson, G. B., Af.D. .. 
Forty, H. D., Esq 
Gooding, J. C, M.D. .. 
Graves, Ry\'es W'., Esq. 
Gregory, G. S., Esq. 
Heane, W. C, Esq. 
Hepworth, G. A. H., Esq. 
Hitchman, J., M.D. 
Hodges, W., Esq. 
Howsin, E. A., M.D. . 
lies, Daniel, Esq. 
Inglis, A.M., M.D. 
Johnstone, J.J. S-, M.D, 
Jones, H. F., Esq. 
Martin, R. S., Esq. 
Moore, John, Esq. 
Morris, C. W., Esq. 
Needham, F., M.D. 
Paine, W. H., M.D. .. 
Philson, W., M.D. 
Rooke, T. Morley, M.D. 
Ryder, Richard, M.D. .. 
.Sampson, H. M., Esq. .. 
Smith, R., M.D. 
Smith, T., M.D. 
Stewart, J., Esq. 
Swinson, T. S., Esq. 
Sydney-Turner. A. M., Esq. 
Tiiton J. E., Esq. 
Tilton, Rowland, Esq. .. 
Trotter, L. B., M.B. 
Turner, T., Esq, 
Waddy, H. E., Esq. .. 
Walters, C. A., Esq. 
Washbourn, B.. M.D. .. 
Watson, J. D., M.B. ., 
Walters. G. T. B., M.D. 
Watts, T., Esq. 
Wethered, C, Esq. 
Willis, G., M.D. 
Wilson, E. T., .M.B. .. 
Wilton, J. P., Esq. 
Winterbotham, I,., Esq... 

Fairford, Swindon 
Tudor House, Winchcomb 

Xorthwoods, Bristol 

Clarence Street, Gloucester 
Wot to n - u nder - Edge 
-•Mconbury, Cheltenham 
Barton Street, -Gloucester (dead) 

The Laurels, Fairford 
ir, Rowcroft, Stroud 
Montagu House, Fairford 
Montpelier Lawr., Cheltenham 
Kemerton, Tewkesbury 
Chipping Campden 
Pains wick 

Imperial Square, Cheltenham 
Portland House, Cheltenham 
Mount Hope, .Sneyd Park, Bristol 
22, Avenue Road, Eastbourn 
College Green, Glcicester 
Stonehouse, Gloucestershire 

Coleford, Gloucestershire 
.St. Owen's Street, Hereford 

Mona House, Cheltenham 


Frampton-on -Severn 



Westal, Cheltenham 




Baines. C. W., ^r.D. .. 
Box, William Henry, Esq. 
Cheatle, E., Esq. 
Chiappini, P. J., M.D .. 
Currie, A. S., M.D. 
Denine, E., Esa. 
Fulcher, G. A., Esq. 
Grimths, C. N., Esq. .. 
Haviland, H. J., Esq. .. 
Hawkins, Clement J., Esq. 
Haydon, N'. J., M.D. .. 
Hayward, M. P., Esq. .. 
Hopgood, P. D., Esq. .. 
Jovnes, J". J., Esq. 
Kligour, J. S., M.D. 
Moore, J., Esq. 
Newton, Chas. John, Esq. 
Partridge, T., Esq. 
Smelt, Frank H., Esq. ., 
Smith, F. A. A., M.D. .. 
Thorp, Disney L.. M.D. 
York, James, M.D. 


Lech lade 

Care of Col. Peebles, Pitville, Cheltenham 


Stow -on -the- Wold 

Eeckford, Tewkesbury 



Wellington Place, Cheltenham 



Stow-on-the Wold. 

Dursle\ , Gloucester 


Bourion-on- the- Water 

Oriel Lodge, Cheltenham 


The Villa, Newent 


Suffolk Lawn, Cheltenham 

Pirtville, Cheltenham (dead) 





President- EUct 
Honorary Secretary 

Local Secretaries 

L. BoRCHARUT, ^^.D., Manchester (dead) 
( Lloyd Roberts, ^LD., Manchester 
*( Leslie Jones, M.D., Manchester 
Edward Waters, M.D., Chester 
C. E. Glascott, M.D., 23, St. John Street^ 

(C. E Steele, Esq., Liverpool 
I J. M. H. Martin, M.D., Blackburn 
! J E. Garner, ^LB., Preston 
* W. Hall, Esq., Lancaster 
j Tames TAVLOf?, Esq., Chester 
V.De Vers Hunt, Esq., Bolton 

.Atkinson, J., M.D. 
Banks, W, ftl., Esq, 
Bamish, W. C, Esq. 
Buckley, S., M.B. 
Burton, J. E., Esq. 
Cameron, A. H. F., Esq. .. 
Deas, P. M., M.D. 
Edge, A. M., ^LD. 
Heath, W., Esq... 
Famison, A., M.D. 
Jones. T., M.B. .. 
Lightbourne, J. H,, Esq. .. 
Monks, E. H., Esq. 
Munro. S. H., M.D. 
Scowcroft, J. E., Esq. 
Shuttleworth, G. E., M.D... 
Sinclair, W. J., M.D. 
Stevenson, W. H., ALD. .. 
Wallis, J, A., M.B. 
Waters, E.. M.D, 


. Crewe 


. Wigan 

. Liverpool 

. Southport 

. St. Helen's 
Pre "^ ton 


Harrison, R., Esq. 
Whittle, £., M.D. 



.\dam. Edward. Esq. 
Addy, Boughton, M.D. 
Anderton, C, Esq. 
Alderton, H. C, Esq. .. 
Alexander. W.,M.D. .. 
.\llen, John £., Esq. 
Allkin. W. I., Esq 
Aldred, H., Esq. 
Anderson, Alfred, Esq. . . 
Anderson, John, ^LD. .. 
Anderson, J. W., Esq. .. 
Anderton, J. E., Esq. ., 
Anningson, J. W., Esq. . . 
Archer, — , M.D. 
.A.rcher. R. S., ALB. .. 
Armstrong, James, I^LB. 
Armstrong, John, Esq. . . 
Armstrong, Wm., Esq. .. 
Ashby. Henr>', M.D. .• 
Ashton, J.T.. M.B. 
Ashworth, H., Esq. 
Ashworth, J. W., Esq. . . 
Aspinall. Ihomas, Esq. . . 
Aspinall, William, M.D. 
Atkinson, James, Esq. . 
Atwell. Gregory' H., Esq. 
Ayre, J. J., Esq. 
Bagley, S., Esq. 
Bailey, Francis J., Esq. . . 
Bailey, Isaac, Esq. 
Bailey. James J., M.D.. 
Kain, W., Esq. 
Baird. l.T. W., M.D. .. 
Baker. "G. Benson, M.D. 
Bale, W., Esq. 
Ball, John A., M B. .. 
Banks, W M., M.D. .. 
Bark, J., Esq. 
Barlow, W. ri., M.D. .. 
Barnes. J. J., Esq. 
Bamish, William C, Esq. 
Bams, J. G., Esq. 
Barr, James, Esq. 
Barr, James, M.D. 
Barr, (ohn, t sq. 
Barr, W. H., Esq. 
Barron, A., M.B. 
Bar/on, George B., M.D. 
Barrow, R. W., Esq. 
Bateson, J. F.. M.B. .. 
Batty. W. E. L.,Esq. .. 
Bastable. J. B. L., Esq. 
Ba.vter, J. C, Esq. 
Beales. R., M.D. 
Beaman, E- H., Esq. 
Pean, D., Esq. 
Beattie, G. W.. M.D. .. 
Bdl, William. Esq. 
Bell, W., Mb. 
Bennett, Edward .\., Esq. 
Bennett, J. M., M.D. ' . . 
Bernard, A. F.. Esq. .. 
Bernard, A., M.B. 
Bernstein, Meyer H,, Es 1. 
Berr^-, J., Esq. 
Berry, W., Esq. 
Bevan, W. L. Pryce, M.B. 
Bickersteth, E. R., Esq. 

93, Shaw Street, Liverpool * 

Pendleton, Manchester 

Leigh. Lancashire 
42, Bank Road, Bootle 

loz, Bedford Street South, Liverpool 


Denton, Manchester 

134, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester 

South Shore, Blackpool 


Conishead Priory, Ulverstone 
New Mills, near Stockport 

II, Yorkshire Street, Burnley 
The Infirmary, Chester 

3, St. Domingo Vale, Liverpoo 
84, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

Park House, Harpurhey, JIanchesler 
Harpurhey, Manchester 
13. St- John Street. Manchester 
West Cowes, I. of W. 

27, Stanley Street, Bur>- 
Heaton Aloor, Stockport 


Church Street, Altrincham 

Colne, Lancashire 

West Gorton, Manchester 

:;i, Grove Street, Liverpool 

Throstle Grove House, Stockport 

Marple, Cheshire 

Heaton Chapel, near Stockport 

Congieton, Cheshire 

40, Hoghton Street, Southport 

Heaton Norris, Stockport 

Heaton Norris, Stockport 

28, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
Baliiol Road, Bootle 

4, Corporation Street, Manchester 
272, Blackburn Road, Bolton 

23, King Street, Wigan 
Parish Infirmary, Liverpool 
io3, Pike's Lane, Bolton 

1, St. Domingo Grove, Liverpool 
Lynnewood House, Rishion, Blackburn 

III, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool 
Summerseat, Southport 
Norih Dispensary-, Liverpool 
Ems worth, Wavertree, Liverpool 

Park Grove. Birkenhead 

99, Lark Hiil. Blackbcrn 

102, Robson Street, Livei-pool 


Haydock, Newton-le-Willows, Liverpool 

Ryda! Mount. Mossley, Manchester 

293, Oldham Road, Manchester 

New Brighton 

Upper Parliament Street. Liverpool 

Marsden Hall, Burnley 

2, Princes Road, Liverpool 
Seaforth, Liverpool 

63, Bedford Street North, Liverpool 

Borough Hospital, Birkenhead 

Leyland, Preston 

.St. George Street, Wigan 

Littler'* Terrace, Egremont 

2, Rodney Street, Liverpool 


Bickerton, T H , Esq. 
Birch, E. A., Ksq. 
Bishop, li. S., Esq. 
Blackburn, W., Es-l. .. 
Bland, Henrj', Esq. 
BUgh, John, M.D. 
Blore, J., Esq. •• 

noddy, Hugh W.. M.B. 
Boodle, R. M. Esq. .. 
Booth, I. B., Esq. 
Booth, J. G., Esq. 
Booth, P. L., Esq. ■• 
Booth, T.Carter, Esq... 
Borchardt, Louis, M.u. 
Bott, H. S., Esq. ■• 

Boutnovver, Andrew, Esq. 
Bowen, Essex, M.U. ■• 
Bowman, G., M.D. ■• 
Bowring, George, Esq... 
Brabazon, \V. P-: J;lU. 

Bradburn, J. D., Esq. •• 

Braddon, C. H., M.D... 

Bradley, Robert, Esq. .. 

Bradley, W., M.B. - 

Bradshaw, T. R., Esq. 

Braidwood, P. M., M.D. 

Brandreth, C. L , Esq. .. 

Brannigan, R. A., M.D. 

Brebner, G. R..M-B. ■■ 

Bride, John, M.D. 

Bride, J.Grant, Esq. .. 

Brideoake, James, Esq. 

Brierley, J. B-, MD- • 
Brierley, T. B , Esq. .. 

Briggs. H., M.B. 
Bri^s, H., M.D. .. 

Broadbent, G. Harp,', Esq. 
Broadbent, John, Esq. . . 
Brodribb, F. B., Esq. .. 
Broe, J. J., Esq. ■■ 

Brooke, H. A. G, M.B. 
Broorahead, C, M.D. . . 
Brown. I., Esq. •• 

Brown, R. C, ^[;B. ■. 
Browne, E. A., Esq. .. 
Browne, Henry, M.D. .. 
Brumwell, G. M-, HU. 
Buchan, A., M.B. 
Buckley, James, Esq. .. 
Buckley, Samuel, Esq... 
Burnett, VV. E. S., Esq. 
Burns, John, Esq. 
Burton, J. E., Esq. .. 
Bury, J. S., M.D. .- 
Bushby, T., M.B. 
Byerley, Isaac, Esq. . 
Byrne, J. J., Esq. •• 

Cameron, -A. H.F.E,q. 
Cameron, John M.D. . . 
Campbell, W.Macfie, M.D. 

Camjilon, H., Esq. .. 
Carmichael, A. H., t-.q. 

Carrington, B., M.lJ- - 

Carson, T. J.. Esq. •■ 
Carter, -.v., M.D. .■ 

Cassidy.D M.M.D. .. 
Caton, R., M.D. .. 

Camobell, C. J., Esq. .. 
Canavan. P., Esq. 
Cayzer, T., Esq. - 

Chadwick, Alfred, JI.D. 
Chadwick, A.F.Esq... 
Chadwick, John, E>q... 
Chadwick, J. M, Esq... 
Chain, .Mex., Esq. . . 
Challinor, S. M.-Esq... 
Chamhers, A. E.,Es<i... 
Chisholm, K. M. Esq. .. 
Christison, J. M.D. .■ 
Clark, John B., M.D. .. 
Clarke, Alex, Esq. .- 
Clarke, A. C, M.D. .. 
Clarke, John C.. MB. .- 
Clarke, R. A. \V.,Em.. 
Clarkson, J. Booth, Esq. 
Clayton, Richard, Esq... 
Clegg, W. J., M.D. .- 
Cooke, T., Esq. 
Coles, R. W., Esq. .. 
Collins, F. H.. M.D. .. 
Cooper, W., Esq. 
Cormack, J. C, Esq. .. 
Corns, J., M.D. 
Cornwall, W. C, Esq. .. 
Coserave, A., Esq. •■ 
Cosfinc, David D., M.D 
Cortc, A. A., Esq. .- 
Coultate, W. M., Esq. . . 
Court,"\V., Esq. ■■ 

Coutts, J. A., M.D. .. 
Coveney, J. H., Esq. .. 


2 St James's Road, Liverpool 
,!,i Stockport Road, Manchester 
6 Stockport Road, Manchester 
Upper Mill, Saddleworth 
Whitworth Road, Rochdale 
,00 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool 
Cheetham Hill, Manchester 
Cheetham HIU, Manchester 
,30 Drake Street, Rochdale 
Farnworth, near Widnes 
Padiham, Lancashire 
, Stalybridge, Manchester 

Barton .\rc.ide, Manchester (deadj 
;, lieechttee Villas, Enfield 
s'trangeways, Manchester 
Grange Mount, Birkenhead 
Old Trafford, Manchester 
; -,24, Oxford Street, Manchester 
. "Lymm 

Cheetham Hill, Manchester 
Bcntham, near Lancaster 
Moses Gate, Bolton 
14 Ampthill Square, N.W. _ 
Delamere Terrace, Birkenneau 
South Shore, Blackpool 
■ ' . Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool 
' Gorton Villa, Openshaw, Manchester 
Wilmslow, Cheshire 
Woodville, Wamngton 
7, Alexandra Road, Southport 
Old Trafford, Manchester 
Tattenhall, Cheshire 
17, Rodney Street, Liverpool, 
. Burnley 
■; l^^^'l^S^'^Indra Road. Manchester 

Colue, Lancashire 

■ ■ Newton-le-\Villows, Liverpool 

iSa High Street, Manchester 
" Barker Street, Oldham. 
Mount Pleasant, Bacup 

■ ■ ,7 Winckley Square, Preston 

on, Bedford Street, Liverpool 

Heaton :Mersey, Manchester 

Mos-ley, Manchester 
■ ; Clinical Hospital, Manchester ■ 

Ardwick Villa, 6, Hyde Road, Manchester 

Cheetham Hill, Manchester 
■ Mottramin-Longendale Manchester 

FuUedge House, Burnley 

64, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

Heath House, Pendleton, Manchester 

3=, Clarence Street, Liverpool 


Garitani Road, Preston 

2, Shiel Road, Liverpool 

4, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

Princes' Gate, Liverpool 

■ ■ ..64, O.xford Street, Manchester 
■■ 130, Queen's Road, Liverpool 

Ec'cles. Manchester 
' '. Halton, Runcorn 

117 Union Street, Oldham 

■ ■ 74 Rodnev Street, Liverpool 

County .A.sylum, Lancaster 
t2a Abercromby Square, Liverpool 
Upper Mill, Saddleworth 
MertonRoad, Bootle 
v. Maj-field, Aigburth, Liverpool 

.'. Roy ton 

Milnrow, Rochdale 
Heywood, Manchester 
'.'. 10. Juvenal Street, Liverpool 
. . Askain-in-Fumess 
Denton. Manchester 
Radcliffe, Manchester 

■ ■ IS, Wincklev Square, Preston 

■ ■ St. Georges 'Road, Waterloo 

Egremont, Birkenhead 
■ ' Adelphi Street, Salford, Manchester 
' ■ 41, Long Causeway, Farnworth 

■ • Wellington House, Moses G.ale, Bolton 

■ ■ Conservative Club, Liverpool 
. . Oak Street, .\ccrington 

. . Bacup 

. . Ashtoa-undcr-Lyne 

87. Greengate Street, Oldham 

Withington "Road. Manchester 

.\ppleton Lodge, W idnes 

IJ4, Prince's Road, Liverpool 

121, Union Street, Oldham 

I Price Street, Birkenhead. 

liradshaw, Bolton.le-Moors 
:: 235, Boundary Street^ Liverpool 

16, Paradise Street, Blackburn 
. Burnley (dead) 

7, Fold's Road, Bolton 

Waterfoot, Manchester 
Prcstwich, Manchester 

Cowan, J. A., M.D. .. 
Craigmile, A., M.D. .. 
Cran, James, M.B .. 

Crawford, Joseph D., Esq 
Crean. R., M.D 
Cregeen, J. N., Esq. .. 
Crew, E., Esq. 
Crighton, D., M.B. .. 
Crockwell, W. H. B., M.D 
Crompton, F., Esq. 
Crutchley, H., M.D. . 
CuUingworth, C. J., Esq. 
Daly, R. A. Shelton, Esq. 
DambriU-Davies, W. R., Esq 
Darwen, G. H. Esq. 
Davidson, h., M.D. 
Davidson, J. H., M.D . . 
Davidson, J. K., Esq. . . 
Davies-Colley, Thos., M.D 
Davies, E. S., M.B. .. 
Dawson, T., Esq. 
Deakin, J., Esq. 
Dean, T. N., Esq. 
Dearden, R. J., Esq. .. 
Deas, P. M., M.B. 
Denson, J. L., Esq. 
Denton, T. W., M.D. .. 
Derham, B., M.D. 
Derham, T., M.D. 
Dewhurst, W., Esq. .. 
Dickinson, E. H., MjD. 
Dickinson, J. B., M.D. 
Dimond, J. E., Esq. .. 
Dobb, Jas., Esq. . ■ 

Douglas, .A. Latham, L~ ■. 
Downs, G., M.D. 
Dowse, J. G., Esq. 
Dreaper, J. B., Esq., .. 
Dreschfeld, J., M.D. .. 
Dumbreck, .\lex.. M.B.. 
Dunbar, R. P.. M.D. .. 
Duncan, J.. M.B. 
Duncan, Wm., M.D. .. 
Eames, T. B., Esq. 
Earle, J., Esq. 
Eason, A. M., Esq. 
Eccles, E., Esq. 
Eccles, R., M.D. 
Edge, .\. M., M.D. .. 
Edwards, J., Esq. 
Edwards, J. H., Esq. .- 
EUas, D., M.D. 
Elliott, J. W., Esq. 
Ellis, J. W;., Esq. .. 

Emmett, W. H., Esq. .. 
Evans, A. L., Esq. 
Evans, D. T., Esq., . . 
Evans, J. H., Esq. 
Evans, T. C, Esq . • 

Fairclough, J. J. Iv., JED. 
Farrar, Joseph, Esq. .. 
Faulkner, J. T., Esq. .. 
Fawsitt, T., Esq. 
Fay, T. W. W., Esq. .. 
Ferguson, John, Esq. .. 
Ferguson, Fergus, Esq. . . 
Ferguson, J. H., Esq. 
Ferguson, J. M^ M.B... 
Fernie, H. M., Esq. .. 
Fiddes, Thos., M-E- • • 
Finegan, T. H.. M.D. 
Firth, R. H., Esq. 
Fisher, H. F., Esq. 
Fisher, T., Esq. 
Fisher, L., M.D. •■ 

Fitzhenry, E. H M.D. 
Fitzmaurice, J. L., t,sq. 
Fiupatrick, A E Esq. 
FitzPatnck. W . H., M.u. 
Fleetwood, W. J., Esq. 
Fletcher, T.H., Esq. .. 
Fletcher, Joseph L., tsq. 
Floyd, T. S, JLD. .. 
Folkes. F. H., Esq. .. 
Fort, T., Esq. 
Fox, E. A Esq. 
Fox, R. Dacre, Esq. . . 
Eraser, P., M-B; 
Fraser, W., M.B. 
Frend, J. A., Esq. 

Freeman, .^., '•}■"■ 
Gallimore,T. A.. Esq. .. 

Galloway, J^°>=5l*'t 'r; . 
Gamgee, A.,MD., F.K.. 

Garlick, Sa.xon, Esq. . 
Garner, J. E., M.D. .. 
Garstang, James, tsq. .. 
Garstang, W., M.D. .■ 
Garthside, J., Esq. 
Gaskcll, R. -V, Esq. ■ 
Gellatly, Andrew, M.B- 
Gilbcrtson. J. B.,M.D... 

[Dec. 29, 1883. 


Egremont, Cheshire 

TO, Regent Road. Salford, Manchester 

40, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

26, Bury New Road, Manchester 

2a' Prince's Road, Liverpool. 

Alderley Edge, .Manchester 

Walton, Liverpool 

203, Moss Lane, Manchester 

Stanley Place, Bury 

Holmcroft, Alsager 

260, Oxford Street, Manchester 

225, Stretford Road, Manchester 


The Cedars, Didsbury 

2, Gambler Terr..ce, Liverpool 
County Asylum, Chester 

6, King Street, Blackburn 

Newton, Chester . 

lOi, Heyworth Street, Liverpool 

26, R»dney Street, Liverpool 

• 37' Sh^eare Street, Ardwick, Mandiestet 
" Chorlton Dispensary, Manchester 

Conntv Asylum, Macclesfield 
" 18, Chichester Street, Chester. 

Newbold. Chester 

no, St. George's Road Bolton 

84, Manchester Road, Bolton 
., Garstang. . , 

162, Bedford Street, Liverpool 
■" =3, Grosver.or Square, Stalybndge 
," "7, Breckfield Road, Liverpool 

r.nlhorne Neuton-le-\Villows. 
- 48 CrSte-.h Koad, Sefton Park, Liverpool 
■ St. Peter's Gate, Stockport (resigns) 
Longsight. Manchester 

■ ■ The Dispensarv, Hulme, Manchester 
!'. 292, Oxford Road, Manchester 

". Skelmersdale, Ormskirk 
'. . 16, St. -•Muan's Place, Blackburn 

I, St. ThomasSt., Cheetham Hill, Manchester 

. . Lvtham . , „ , 

New Tftwn. Longndge, Preston 

beane Road, Liverpool 

2S2, Oxford Street, Manchester 

■ ■ Walton Brick Road, Liverpool 

' ■ ,7, Stretford Road, Manc_hester 
II Hoghton Street, Southport 
2 Lower Ereck Road, Liverpool 
loi, Evetton Road, Liverpool 
Horwich, Bolton-le-Moors 
.. Hawarden, Chester ^ 

121. Burv New Road, >Ianctiestpr 
Seafoith^ Liverpool , , ' 

;; lu'!"^-^ d RoaTotTraf„t<..Mtinchester 

■ ■ ChSirRold, Stretford, Manchester 

46, Union Street, Oldham 
3, Canning Street, Liverpool 
-62 Stockport Road, Manchester 
30,' Maudsley Street, Bolton 
■ ' % Manchester Road, Bolton 

■ ■ Mill Road Hospital, Liverpool 

Park Green. Macclesfield 

Urmston, Manchester 
' ■ 48, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
■ . Infirmary, Blackburn 

63, Walton Road, Liverpool (dead) 

Stone House, Wigan 

Lydiam, Preston . 

' I Esplanade, Waterloo, Liverpool 

34, Union Street, Bury 

Litherland, Liverpool . 

Hazel Mount, Stonycroft, Liverpool 
' . Aintree, Liverpool 

80 Manchester Street, Oldham 

Ardwick, Manchester 
. n,-vonshire Ro.ld, Birkenhead 
■ • SalErd and Pendleto'n Hospital. 

■ .-, Rochdale Rrad. Oldham 

■ \Aindel House, Wamngton 
' ' 77, Lever Street, M.anchcster 

Le'yland, Lancashire 
06, Regent Street, Salford 
Rosario, South .\merica 
260, Oxford Road, Manchester 
. . Lymm 

■,. Bowdon, Cheshire 

Hollinwood, near Manchester 
,8, Winckley Square, Preston 
Wood Villa, Lytliam 
; '. Blackburn , 

5, Wellington Field, Liverpool 
St. Helen's 
:; r-^^^'^Vley Square. Preston 

Dec. 29,1883.] 

Gilchrist, R. M., M.E... 

Gill, G., Esq. 
GUI, S, A., Ksq. 
Gillibraiid, W., Esq. .. 
Glascott, C. E., M.D. .. 
Glasier, C, M.D. 
Glazebrook, N. S.,Esq... 
Glynn, T. R., M.D. .. 
Godson, A., M.B. 
Gordon, E.. Esq. 
Goniall, J H., Esq. 
Gorst, H., Esq. 
Graham, W., M.D. 
Granger, F. M., Esq. . . 
Grant, D., iM.B. 
Graydon, S. J.. M.D. .. 
Gray, Robert A., Esq. .. 
Greenhalgh, T., Eiiq. . . 
Greensili, J. H., Esq. .. 
Gregory, John, Esq. 
Gregson, T. W., M.B. .. 
Greves, E. H., M.E. .. 
Griffith, A. H., M.D. .. 
Grime, H. A., Esq. 
Gnnie, John, M.D. 
Grime, T. J., M.IJ. 
Grimes, John, M.D. 
Grindrod, John A., Esq. 
Grossmann, K. A., M.t>. 
Guest, A. H., Esq. 
Guest, E. S., Esq, 
Gumpert, E., M.D. 
Gwatkin, Owen, Esq. . . 
Haining, W., M.D. 
Hakes, James. Esq. 
Hall, EgertonF., M.D. 
Hall, James, M.B. 
Hall, James, Esq. 
Hall, Richards., Esq. .. 
Hall, \Vm., Esq. 
Hall, Wm., Esq. 
Hall, William, jun., Esq. 
Hamvll, J., jun., M.D. .. 
Hamilton, A., Esq. - 
Hamilton, A., Esq. 
Hamilton, R., Esq 
Hampson, S., Esq. 
Hardie, James. M.D. .. 
Harker, John, M.D, . . 
Harris, Alfred G. E., M.E. 
Harris, James A., M.D. 
Harrison G., Esq. 
Harrison, Reginald, Esq. 
Harrisson. D., Esc. 
Harthan, Isaac, Esq. 
Hartley, Robert, Esq. . . 
Hayward, T. E.. M.D. 
Haynes, P. O., Esq. 
Heap, S.. Esq. 
Heath, F. A., Esa. . .. 
Heath, W. R., Esq. 
Heathcote, Godfrey, Esq. 
Heathcote, Ralph, Esq. 
Heathcote, Rowland, Esq. 
Heckscher, M., M.D. .. 
Heeiis, Robert, Esq. 
He^inbotham. H., Esq... 
Hendr>-, D., Esq. 
Hendry. J. A., Esq. 
Heslop, W. J., Esq. .. 
Henrj-, J., M.D. 
Hepworth, F., Esq. 
Hewer, Edward, Esq. .. 
Hewitt, John, Esq. 
Hewson, R. W., Esq. .. 
Heyuorth, J., Esq. 
Hicks, J. S., Esq. 
Hickson, A. T., M.D .. 
Higgins. S. McCulIoch, E.- 
Hill, C'M.D. 
Hill, M.,_Esq, 
Hindle, George. Esq. 
Hirst, A., Esq. 
Hodgkinson, A., M.B. . 
Hodgson, C. G., Esq. . . 
Hodgson, J., Esq. 
Hodgson, J. B., M.D. .. 
Hodgson, \V. J.. M.D. 
Hoggan, E., M.D. 
Hollinworth, J., Esq. 
Holmes, F., Esq. 
Holmes, J., Esc. 
Holmes, J.. M.D. 
Hope, E. W., .\r.B. .. 
Hopper, A. R., Esq. 
Hopwood, R., Esq. 
Horrocks, W., Esq. 
Horrocks, W. H., Esj. 
Houlgrave, A., Escj. 
Howard, J. F., M.D .. 
Howard, R., Esq. 
II iwarch, G., Esq. 



jO\, Derby Street, Bolton 
Ji, Abercromby Square, Liverpool 
Kathbonc Road, Wavertre?, Liverpool 
. Cliorley Road, Bolton 

jj, St. John Street, Manchester 
S-iville House, Richmond Park, I.,iverpool 
Haynian's Green, West Derby, Liverpool 
<yi. Rodney Street, Liverpool 

Heaviley, Stockport 
Friars Green House, Warrington 

'longe, Middleton, Manchester 
i3, Nicholas -Street, Chester 
Royal Infirmary, .\Ianchester 
2, Grosvenor Terr., Withington, Manchester 
St. John's Lodye. iJlackburn 
Eirch House, Heaton Norris, Stockport 
The Hospital, Eury 
Rusholme, Manchester 
u6, Lower Audley Street, Blackburn 
27, Oxford Street, I^iverpool 
Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester 

69, .Ainsworth Street, Blackburn 
31, Great Bolton Street, Blackburn 
Grassendale, Liverpool 

N'urden, Rochdale 

70, Rodney .Street, Liverpool 

70, Dorset Street, Hulme, Manchester 
J51, Oxford Road, Manchester 
^6'^, Oxford Street, Manchester 
97, Hyde Road, West Gorton 

52, Watergate Street, Chester 
j^o, Hope Street, Liverpool 
The Ash Trees, Prescot 

40, St. George Place, Bolton 
Fox Street, Preston 
Ince, Wigan 

13, Church Street, Lancaster 
Crescent, Salford 
Stonewell, Lancaster 

I, Grove St., Higher Eroughton, Manchester 
Henry Square, Ashton-under-Lyne 

53, Watergate Street, Chester 

1, Princes Road, Liverpool 

r, St. Ann's Place, Manchester 
King Street, Lancaster 
Kenyon Terrace, Birkenhead! 
St. George's House, Chorley, Lancashire 
Whitefriars, Chester 
33, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
^l^ Gambier Terrace, Liverpool 
09, City Road, Manchester 
Pemberton, near Wigan 
Haydock, St. Helen's 
Eary, Lancashire 
Spoiland Road, Rochdale 
iiS, Portland Street, Manchester 
46, Hoghton Street, Southport 
^"3, Grosvenor Street, Manchester 
7, Chatham Street, Piccadilly, Manchester 
5, Stockport Road, Ardwick, Manchester 
327, Oxford Road, Alanchester 
MitUate House, Stockport 
--■41, Boundary Street, Liverpool 
■2j,x^ Westminster Road, Liverpool 
v55, Stretford Road, Manchester 
107. Drake Street, Rochdale 
Ecclcs. Manchester 
Sissirghurst Formby, Lancashire 
75, Lever Street, Manchester 
Asylum, Cheadle, Cheshire 
.Manchester Road, Hollinwood 

2, Erskine Street, Liverpool 
-Vsylum, Rainhill 

Durning Road, Liverpool 
26, Great Mersey Street, Liverpool 
Falkner Terrace, Bootle, Liverpool 
Hoiker House, Darwen 
Prestwich, Manchester 
Higher Eroughton. Manchester 
71, Merton Road. Eoolle 
King Street, Oldham 
64, Fishergate, Preston 
Wellington Terrace, Rochdale 
72, Devonshire Road, Princes Park, Liverpool 
Lees, near Manchester 
West Gorton, Manchester 
WalronBreck Road, Liverpool 

14, Spring Street, Radcliffe, Manchester 
\l, Bedford Street, Liverpool 

61. Rodney .Street, Liverpool 
Portland Place, Stalybridge 
St. Ann's Lodge, Turton, Bolton 
iS, Great Mersey Street.. Liverpool 
W'aterloo, Liverpool 
Sandycroft, Shaw, Oldham ' 
17, Chapel Street, Hyde, Manchester 
Di-rby Street, Bolton 

Howe, John, E^q. 
Howie, James M., M.E. 
Hudson. F., Esq. 
Hudson, John^ Esq. 
Hughes, James B., Esq. 
Hughes, W. H., Esg. .. 
Hunt, D. de Vere, Esq. 
Hunt, T. H., Esq. 
Husband, W. E., Esq... 
Hutchinson, R.,Esq. 
Hulton, H. R., M.B. . 
Ideson, J. J., Esq. 
Imlach, F., M.D. 
Irvin, J. H., Esq. 
Irvine, W., M.D. 
Jack. R. M.,M.E. 
Jackson, Edward, Esq. .. 
Jackson, Edwin, Esq. .. 
Jackson, E. S., Esq. .. 
Jackson, J. AV., Esq. 
Jackson, S., Esq. 
Jackson, William, Esq. . . 
James, David, M.D. 
Jameson, G. H., M.D. .. 
Jamison, A. A., M.D. .. 
Jennett, M. J. J., Esq. . . 
Johnson, C, Esq. 
Johnson, lames, Esq. . . 
Johnson, J. Mercer, Esq. 
Johnson, Thomas M., M.D. 
Johnston, G. M., M.E. 
Johnston. John, i^LD. .. 
Johnstone, G. W., Esq. - . 
Jones, Arthur, Esq. 
Jones, A Emrys, IVI.D. 
Jones, David, Esq. 
Jones, Leslie H., M.D... 
Jones, Robert, Esq. 
Jones, R., Esq. 
Jones, R. Hughes, Esq. 
Jones, Thomas, ALE. 
Jones, W. Goodall, M.D. 
Jones, W. O., Esq. 
Jordan, F. W., Esq. 
Joseph, George W., Ksq 
Joynson, G. T., Esq. 
Judson, T. R., Esq. 
Keay, J., Esq. 
Kennedy, John, M.D. . . 
Kenyon, George A., ^LE. 
Kershaw, A., Esq. 
Kershaw, 'John, Esq. 
Kershaw, Joseph, Esq. . . 
Kersha\^, W. E. E., Esq. 
King, G. M., Esq., 
King, H. W., M.D. .. 
King, J., M.E. 
Kingsbur>-, G. C., M.E. 
Kirk, Joseph. Esq. 
Kitchen, C. F. H., Esq. 
Knoit, William, M.B. .. 
Knowles, Edward, M.D. 
Knox, C., Esq. 
Knox, J. H., i\LB. 
Lamb, J., Esq. 
Laimbeer, F. J., Esq. .. 
Lambert, James, M.D. . . 
Langshaw, J. P., Esq. .. 
Latham, W., Esq. 
Lawson, J., M.B. 
Lawson, S., Esq. 
Lax, William, Esq. 
Leach, Abraham, Esq. .. 
Leach, Abraham, jun., Esq. 
Leah, T. C, Esq. 
Ledward, R. W., M.D... 
Lee, C. G., Esq. 
Lee, Edmund, Esq. 
Leech, D.J. , M.D. 
Lees, J. E., Esq. 
Lees, S. D., M.D. 
Leigh, Herbert S., Esq. 
Leigh, T. D., Esq. 
Lenihan, P. J., Esq, 
Lewis, Sigismund, M.D. 
Ley, H. R., Esq. 
Lightboume, J. A., M.D. 
Limrick, O. E. B., Esq... 
Limrick, W. S., Esq. .. 
Lindsay, J. F., M.B. .. 
Little, D., M.D. 
Livsey, A. E., Esq. 
Livy,J., M.D. 
Lofthouse, J., Esq. 
Longton, E. J.,M.D. .. 
Looker, J. E., Esq. 
Lowndes, F. W., Esq. .. 
Lowndes, H., Esq. 
Lowther, R., M.D. 
Lucas, Samuel .A., Esq. 
Luckman, E., Esq. 
Lund, E., Esq. 

Spriagfield Housed Marple, "Cheshire 

56, Princes Road, Liverpool 

St. Peter-gate, Stockport 

Ebor House. Bradford, Manchester 

Roe Street, Macclesfield 

Latchford House, Ashton-under-Lyne 

46, St. George's Terrace, Bolton 

H4, F.mbden Street, Hulme, Ma-ichester 

50, Bury NewtRoad, Manchester. 

77i Upper Parliament Street, J.iverpcol 

8a, St. John Street, Manchester 

Colne, Lancashire 

153. t'edford Street, Liverpool 

Queen's Square, Lancaster 

18, Peel Street, Liverpool 
Wheelton, Chorley 
Whalley Range, Manchester 
Camtorth, Lancashire 

Werneth Brow, Oldham 


Sale, Cheshire 

36, Manchester Road, Heywood 

St. Helen's, Lancashire 

iq6, Conway Street, Birkenhead 

36, Castle Park, Lancaster 

Breeze Hill. Bootle, Liverpool 

We=t Derby Road, Liverpool 

251, Chapel Street, Salford 

15, Rock Street, Oldham 

2, Bridgman Street, Eolion 
Uphoiland, Wigan 

22, Hoghton Street, Southport 
St. John Street, Manchester 
71, Everton Road, Liverpool 
Limefield, Cheetham, IManchester 
22, St. George's Square, Liverpool 

19, Stretford Road, Manchester 

9, Fern Grove, Lodge Lane, Liverpool 
96, Mosley Street, Manchester 
6. Prince Edwin Street, Liverpool 

Heaton Chapel, Stockport 
5, Bo'd Street, Warrington 

West Derby, Liverpool 
The Infirmary, Stockport 
I, Fainham Place, Stretford Rd., Manchesle 

Famworth, Bolton 
Royton, Oldham 
Urmston, near Manchester 
Beech House, Middleton 
Royal Infirmary, Preston 
Infirmar>', Chester 
108, Chapel Street, Bedford, Leigh 
Brighton Parade, Blackpool 
Hindley, Wigan 

93, York Street, Cheetham, Manchester 
West Terrace, North Ormsby, -Middlesborougl 
19, Church Road, Birkenhead 
59, Grange .Mount, Birkenhead 
Clapham, Lancaster 
iS, Piice Street,, Birkenhead 
Royal Infirmary, Liverpool 
80, Price Street, Birkenhead 

The Poplars, Ashton-in-Markerfield 
Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire 
Brierfield, Burnley 

Waterhead, Oldham 
220, ^Manchester Street, Oldham 
Hyde, Cheshire 

114, York Street, Cheetham, MancLester 
84, Bedford Street, Liverpool 
421, Rochdale Road, Manchester 
96, Mosley Street, Manchester , 
Elton, Bury 
239, Waterloo Road, Cheetham, Manchester 

4, Shaw Street, Liverpool 
253, Resent Road, Salford 

155, Duke Street, Liverpool 

County Asylum, Prestwich, Manchester 

17, Winckley Square, Preston 

Scuth Dispensary', Liverpool 

5, Waterloo Road, Waterloo, near Liverpcol 
26, Great George Square, Liverpool 

21, St. John Street, Manchester 

3, Carisbrooke Road, Liverpool 
St. George's Terrace, Bolton 
46, Spotland Road, Rochdale 
"The Priory, Southport 
Crescent, Levenshulme, ^Manchester 
40, Knight Street, Liverpool 

I, Catherine Street, Liverpool 
Cartmel, Carnforth 
230, Boundary Street, Liverfcol 
Bowdon, Cheshire 

22, St. John Street, Manchester 


Dec. 29,1883. 

Lupton, Richard J., M.B. 

McAfee. W., M.D. 

Maccall.W. N., M.D. .. 

McArdle, E. L., Esq. .. 

McCheane, W., Esq. .. 

McClelland, J., M.D. .. 

Macdonald, A. B., M.B. 

aMacDonnell. M. A., M.D. 

McEwen, Allan C, Esq. 

Macfie, C, M.D. 

MacGill, G., Esq. 

McGowan, S. A.. M.D. 

McGrath, T. J.. Esq. .. 

McGeaghjW., M.D. ., 

MacKenzie, J. A., M.B. 

Maclaien, C., M.D. 

MacLean, C. A., Esq. .. 

Maclean, K., Esq. 

McUesh, N., M.B. .. 

McNaught, James, M.D. 

McNaughtan, T., M.D. 

McNicholl, J., Esq. .. 

McNicol!, E. Day, Esq. 

McNicoll, Robert, Esq. 

MacPherson, A., M.B. 

Macvie. W.. M.B. 

Main, \V., M.D. 

Makinson. W., Esq. 

Mallett, F. B., M.D. .. 

Mallett. W. J., M.D. .. 

.Manifold, W. H., Esq. . . 

Mann, J. Dixon. M.D... 

Marsh, H. Colley, M.D. 

Marsh, J. Holt, Esq. .. 

Marsh, J. J., Esq. 

Marsh, N. K., Esq. .. 

Marsh. W. A., Esq. 

Marshall, A., M.B. 

Martin, Johnson, Esq. .. 

Martin, J. M. H., M.D. 

Martin, Richard ]., Esq. 

Martin. W. Y., E'sq, .. 

Martland, E. W., Esq. .. 

Massiah, B. J., M.D. .. 

Mathews, W., Esq. 

Matthews, James, Esq. . . 

Matthews, Joseph, Esq. 

May, A. P., Esq. 

Mayne, F. Walter, Esq. 

Meacham, E. Esq. 

Meachan, J. J., Esq. . . 

Meeson, Alfred, Esq. . . 

Mercier. C. A., Esq. 

Merriman, W. S., Esq... 

Miller, A. P., Esq. 
Miller, Hugh, M.D. .. 

Milne, J. K., Esq. 
Molyneux, J. L., Esq. .. 
Monks, E. H., Esq. 
-Moore, E., M.D., 
Moore, Thomas, Esq. . . 
Moore, W. H., Esq. .. 
Moreton, J. E., Esq. 
Morgan, J. E., M.D. .. 
Moritz, S., M.D. 
Morris, A. J., Esq. 
Morris, G., Esq. 
.Morris, J. C., Esq. 
Morris, J. H., Esq. 
Morris. W. C, M.B. .. 
Morrish, R. .\., Esq. 
Moss, H., M.D. 
Mott, F. \V.. M.B. 
Mould, G. W., Esq. .. 
Mules, P. H., .M.D. .. 
Mulliner, T. E., Esq. . . 
MuDro, Seymour H., M.D. 
Murphy, C O., Esq. . . 
Murray, H. G., Esq. 
Murray, R. A., M.B. .. 
-Musson, W. E., Estj. .. 
Nash. F., Esq. 
Neednam, Walter, Esq. 
Neil. J., M.B. 
Nesfield, Stephen. M.D. 
Ncvins, J^ B., M.D. .. 
Newtoii-Clarc, E. .S., Esq. 
Newton, G., Esq. 
Newton, John. Esq. 
Nichol, J. C, Esq. .. 
Niven, James. Esq., M.B. 
Noble, Daniel. M.D. .. 
O'Donncil, W., Esq. .. 
Ogdcn, C., Es(|. 
Oeiivie, J., M.B. 
O'Gorman, R. P.. Esq... 
O'Giadv, W, F., E.sq. .. 
O'Kecffe, J. M., Esq. .. 
Oliver, John B., Esq. .. 
O'-Sullivan, D. A.. Esq. 
OAe:i, J. F. H., Esq. .. 

, 5S, Norwood Grove, Liverpool 

West Kirby, Birkenhead 
. 207, York Street, Cheetham, Manchester 
. 394, Upper Parliament Street,^ Liverpool 
. 47, Shaw .Street, Everton, Liverpool 

Sefton Drive, Liverpool 

High Park Street, Livarpool 

112, Princes Road, Liverpool 
, 26, Nicholas Street, Chtster 
, 240, St. George's Road, liolion 

Littleburough, Manchester 
. T5, King Street, Oldham 
• 34> St. James's Road, Liverpool 
. 20, Spellow Lane, Liverpool 

179, Albion Road, Farnworth, Bolton 

73, Walmersley Road, Bury 

Boro' Hospital, Bootle 

23, Greek Street, Stockport 

74, Cooper Street, Bolton 

Boothfold, Newchurch, Manchester 
■ 3, Queen's Square, Blackpool 

SlaghuH, Liverpool 

15, ilanchester Street, Southport 
Hardshaw Srreet, St. Helen's 
General Infirmary, Chester 

5, Great Mersey Street, Liverpool 
The Park, New Ferrj-, Birkenhead 

45, Camp 'Street, Lower Broughton, Manchester 

Newport House, Bolton 

63, Burlington Street^ Manchester 

45, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

16, St. John St., Manchester 
2, West Street, Rochdale 

Hilton Lane. Little Hulton, Bolton 
2, Chapman Street, Oldham Road, Manchester 
44, Bedford Street Liverpool 
1:07, York Street, Cheetham, ^Manchester 
23, Stephenson Terrace, Preston 

Park Gate, Blackburn 
, Atherton, Manchester 
Walkden, Bolton-le-Mcors 
It Clegg Street, Oldham 
Demford, Palatine Road, Didsbury 

Yealand-Conyers, near Carnforth 
Waterloo, Liverpool 
Moor House, Great Crosby 
Urmston, Manchester 
Park Cottage, Turkey Lane, Manchester 
47,Churnet Road, Rochdale Road, Manchester 
Toxteth Workhouse, Liverpool 

6, Chandos Street, London, W. 
St. Helen's 

Nelson-in-Marsden, Lancashire 
26, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead 
Dawlish, Devonshire 
Upholland, WigaE 

Regent House. Wigan 
2:, Pitt Street, Preston 
Hazel Grove, Stockport 
30, Great Mersey Street, Liverpool 
Tarvin. Chester 

I, St. Peter's Square, Marxhester 
139, York Street. Cheetham, Manchester 
17, Folds Road, Bolton 
High Street, Skelmersdale, Ormskirk 
Barrowford, Burnley 
22, The Crescent, Salford 
Chester-le-Street, Durham 
20, Island Road, Garston, Liverpool 
Moody House, Congleton 
Medical School. Liverpool 
Asylum, Cheadle, Manchester 
Delamere Road, Bowdon 
24. Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool 

Italian Villa, A!e.\andra Park, Manchester 
.\sylum, Prestwich 
The Infirmary, Stockport 
Parkside Asylum, ^tacclesfield 

1, Richmond Place, Stretford Rd., Manchester 
3, Abercromby Square, Liverpool 

2, Priory Villas, Calne, Wilis 
Lodge, Dukinfield, Cheshire 

20, M.T.rniaduke Street, Liverpool 

223, .Stretford Road, Manchester 

Lansdown Road. Didsbury, Manchester 

258, Oxford Road, Manchester 

■yy, Darlington Street, Wigan 

The Crescent, Rochdale 

128. St. George's Road, Bolton 

64, Broad Street, Pendleton, Manchester 


Widnes, Lancashire 

59, Parkfield Road, Liverpool 

Oak Mount, Burnley 

Rainhill, Liverpool 

Owen, R. H., Esq. 
Owen, S. H., M.D. ., 
Oxley, M. G. B.,.M.D... 
Packer, J. M., M.D. .. 
Paget, W.S., M.D. .. 
Paradise, Thos. D., Esq. 
Parker, Edward, Esq. . . 
Parker, Roger, Esq. 
Parker, Rushton, M.B. 
Parkinson, John R., Esq. 
Parkinson, R. T., Esq.. . 
Parks, John, Esq. 
Parry, D, L., Esq. 
Parry, Thomas S., M.B. 
Parsons, D. W., Esq. .. 
Patchett, E. J., Esq. .. 
Paterson, William, M.D. 
Paton, Robert, Esq. . , 
Patrick, Robert, Esq. . . 
Patterson, Thomas, M.D. 
Paul, F. T., Esq. 
Peirce, F., M.D. 
Perrin, J. B., Esq. 
Petherick, W., Esq. .. 
Pettinger, G. \V., Esq... 
Philips, E. J. M., Esq.. 
Pierce, F. M., M.D. .. 
Pigg, Thomas. M.D. .. 
Pilkington, G. A., Esq. 
Pilkington, J. E., Esq... 
Pinder, G. H., Esq; 
Pinder, T. H., Esu. .- 
Pinck, C. H., Esq.' . .. 
Plnkerton, C-. Esq. 
Pitcairn, G. K., M.B. .. 
Pitts, H. Vate, Esq. . . 
Piatt, T., Esq. 
Pointon, J., Esq. 
PoUard, F., M.D. 
Pooley, W., Esq. 
Popjoy, J. L B., Esq. .. 
Porter, C. F., Esq. 
Pountney, W. E., M.B. 
Powell, H. R., Esq. .. 
Pownall, A. E., Esq .. 
Price, John L., Esq. 
Price, T., Esq. 
Pritchard, Henr^'. Esq. .. 
Prytherch, J., M.D. .. 
Pughe, R. N., M.B. .. 
Puzey, Chauncy, Esq. .. 
Railton. T. C\, M.D. .. 
Rand, R., Esq. 
Ransome, Arthur. M.D. 
Raverty, G. A., Esq. 
Rawdon, H. G., M.D... 
Rayner, A. C, Esq. 
Rayner, E., M.D. 
Reid, J., M.B. 
Reid, John, Esq. 
Renshaw, C. J., M.D... 
Renshaw, J. W., Esq. .. 
Renshaw, W. A.. M.D. 
Reston, Henry, Esq. . . 
Reynalds, J. W., Esq. .. 
Rhodes, F.. M.D. 
Rhodes, J. W., Esq 
Rhodes, T. W., M.D. .. 
Rich, A. C- M.B. 
Richardson, W. B., Esq. 
Richardson, R. W., M.D. 
Richmond. C. E.. Esq. .. 
Ricketts, C, M.D, 
Ricketls, J., E?q. 
Riding, E.. Esq. 
Ridley, J. S., M.D. 
Riley. J. St. P., Esq. .. 
Rix, Charles James, Esq. 
Roberts, D. Lloyd, M.D. 
Roberts, John, M.D. .. 
Roberts, N. E., M.B. .. 
Roberts, William, M.D., F.R.S. 
Robertson, G., M.B. 
Robertson, Robert, M.D. 
Robinson, John, M.B. . . 
Robinson, John, Esq. 
Robinson, J., Esq. 
Robinson, J., Esq. 
Robson, J., M.D. 
Rodger, Robert, M.D. .. 
Rogers, Thomas L, M.D. 
Rose, J., Esq. 
Ross, JameSjM.D. 
Rothwell, C, Esq. 
Rowe, W. P., Esq. 
Royle. P., M.D., 
Russel. J. C, M.D 
Russell, D., M.D. 
Samuels. .'\., M.D. 
Saul. W. W., .M.D. 
Saville, J. G., Esq. 

Tue Brook, Liverpool 
Brooks Bar, Manchester 
80, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
Huyton, Liverpool 

Victoria Road, Great Crosby, Livei-pool 
Leigh, Lancashire 
126, Kirkdale Road, Liverpool 
19, Derby Lane, Old Swan, Liverpoo 
C19, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
3S, Frenchwood Street, Preston 
120, Upper Brook Street, Manchester 
The Wylde. Bury 
Old Swan, Liverpool 
73, Northgate Street, Chester 
31, Everton Crescent, Liverpool 

70, Rishton Lane, Bolton. 

St. Lawrence Lodge, Chorley 
77, Lever Street, Manchester 
46, Derby Street, Bolton 
321, Middleton Road, Oldham 
44. Rodney Street, Liverpool 
Hoylake. Birkenhead 
Vernon House, Leigh 
176, Upper Brook Street, Manchester 
Alexandra Road, Manchester 
33, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
qS, Mosley Street, .Manchester 
Parsonage Nook, Within;:ton, nr. Slanclicster 
241, Lord Street. Southport 
Salford Royal Hospital, Manchester 
98, Great Clowes Street, Manchesier 
Alexandra Road, Manchester 
Nelson, near Burnley 
-5, Hoghton Street, Southport 
Tue Brook, Liverpool 
Clegg Street, Oldham 
177? Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool 

52, Rodney Street, Liverpoo! 
Townhead, Rochdale, Lancashire 
15, Avenue r'aradc, Accrington 
ic, Queen's Terrace, Fleetwood 

107, Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol 

76, Hamilton Road, Liverpool 
High Lane, Chorlton, iNIanchester 

Standish, Wigan 

22, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester 

Fairfield, Liverpool 

77, Everton Road, Liverpool 
54, Catherine Street, Liverpool 

71, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

1, Shakespeare Sr., Old TrafTord, Manchester 
The Infirmary, Oldham 

Bowdon, Manchester 

422, Stanley Road, Liverpool 

42, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

53, Pole Street, Preston 
Teviotdale, Stockport ■ 
Hardshaw Street, St. Helen's 
Law House, Rochdale 
Ashton-upon-MerseA* • 

Ash House, Stretford, Manchester 
Ancoats, Manchester 
Douglas, Isle of Man 
Crefeld Villa, Withington, Manchester 
Didsbury, Manchester 
53, Upper Brook Street, Manchester 
4, Canning .Street, Liverpool 
27, Adelaide Street, Blackpool 
321, West Derby Road, Liverpool 

:, Price Street, Birkenhead 
bt. Helen's, Lancashire 
ii5, Stanley Road, Li\trpool 
10, Lune Street, Preston 
Ci'oj'j Lane, Salford 
ii6, Bloomsburj-, M.-inchcst'T 
II, St. John Street, Manchi:,Uti 
365, Oxford Road, Manchtsicr 
24, Mulsrave Street, Liverpool 
?9, Mosley Street, Manchesicr 

2, Union Street, Oldham 
Ti, Oxford Street, Liverpocl 
Preston Brook, Runcorn 

Dunscar, near Bolfon 
Rockferry, Liverpool 
Cheetham Hill. Mrtnchester 
Asylum, Rainhiit, Prescoi 
64, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool 
335, Oxford Road, Manchester 
Chorley New Road, Bolton 
76, Pembroke Place. Liverpool 
27, Lever Street, Manchester 
County .^sylum, Lancaster 
\"ine House, Neston, near Chester 
53. Shaw Street, Liverpool 
K.idcliffe, Manchester 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 


Schoficld, G. T., Esq. . . 

Scott, John, M.U. 
Scowcroft, J. E., Esq. .. 
Segar,J., M.D. 
Sellers, W., Esq. 
Sellers, W. B., Esq. 
Sephton, Richard, Ks<j. . 
Sephton, Robert, Esq. .. 
Serjeant, E., Esq. 
Settle, John, Esq. 
Settle, R.,M.D. 
ShacWeton, J., Esq. 
.Shain, J. -M., Esq. 
Sharp, H., Esq. 
Sh.-\rples. T., Esq. 
Shaw, James, tsq. 
Shaw, T., Esfj. 
Sheaf, C. A. E., Esq. .. 
Shearer, Geo., M.D. 
Shearman, W. M., Esii. 
Shears. C. H. U., Esq. .. 
Sheldon, E. M., Esq. .. 
Shepherd, C. D., Esq. . . 
Shutileworth. G. E., M.D. 
Sidebotham, G. W., Esq. 
Simpson. H., M.D. 
Sinclair, W., M.D. 
Sinclair, W.J.,. M.D. .. 
Smart, Bath C, M.D. .. 
.Smart, R. Bath, Esq. . - 
Smith, C. E., Esq. 
Smith, D. T.,M.K. 
Smith, Edward, M.B. .. 
Smith, G. W., Esq. 
Smith, H., Esq. 
Smith, John, Esq. 
Smith, Joseph Kellelt, Esq. 
Smith, Robert C, M.D. 
Smith, T., Esq. 
Smith, T. Starkey, M.B. 
Smith, W., Esq. 
Smithard, C. L., Esq 
Snape, G. H., Esq. 
Somerville, John, Esq. .. 
Somerville. T. A., Esq. .. 
Southam, F. .A., M.B. .. 
Sparrow, R. L., Esq. .. 
Sparrow, W. C, Esq. . . 
.Sprakeling, R. I., Esq. .. 
Spratly, S., M.D. 
Stanfield, W., M.D. .. 
Stark, P. W., M.D. 
Steele, C. E., Esq. 
Steell, G., M.D. 
Steeves, G. W., Esq. . . 
Stephenson, W. H., M.D. 
Stevenson, G., il.D. 
Steward, A., Esq. 
Stewart, .A., M.D. 
Stewart, Andrew, Esq. .. 
Stocks, A. W., Esq. 
Stone, G., Esq. 
Slolterfoht, Henr>', M.D. 
Stothard, W. J., Esq. .. 
Stuart, J. B., Esq. 
Sunderland, E., Esq. . . . 
Sutcliffe, A. E., Esq. . . 
SutclifiTe, J., Esq. 
Sutcliffe, W. H., Esq. . . 
Sutherland, James, M.D. 
Sutton, J. M.,M.D. .. 
Symonds, C. P., Esq. . . 
Tatham, G. G., Esq. 
Taylor, Alfred, Esq. 
Taylor, G. G, Esq. 
Taylor, H. Coupland, M.U. 
Taylor, Herberr, Esq. .. 
Taylor, Tames, Esq. 
Paylor, J. J. E., M.B. .. 
Taylor, John Stopford, M.C> 
laylor, R. Hibbert, M.D. 
Telford, A. B., Esq. .. 
Telford, S., M.D. 
Thomas, H. O., Esq. 
Thompson, W., Esq. 
Thomson, G., M.D. 
Thomson, W., Esq. 
Thorburn, J., M.D. 
Thorp, Charles W., Esq. 
Tinker, F. H., Esq. 
Tomkins. H., M.D. 
Tomlin, R. F., Esq. 
Torrop, J. S.. M.D., .. 
Trail, A. F., M.B. 
Treadgold, F. C. .\., Esq. 
Trimble. R., M.D. 
Turnbult. Tames M.. M.D. 
Turner, G. E. W., Esq.. . 
Turner, Herod, Esq. 
Turner, W., Esq. 
T^vj-ford, E. P., M.D. .. 

Stamford Road, Mossley 
Ardwick Green, ilnnchcster 
Manchester Road, Bolton 
153, Lurd Street, Souihport 
Bank House, Radcliffc, .M.i:^ch<;sicr 
Dnikc Street, Rochdale 
(.'ulch'jih, Warrington 
I'urk House. Aihenon, Manche-ter 
■I'uwn Hall, Bollon 
Barrow-in- Furness 
52, Bridge Street, Bolton 
Bridge Mills, Whitworth, Rochdale 
47, Pembroke Place, Liverpool 
South Shore, Blackpool 
Welltield House, Farrington, Preston 
Eccles, Manchester 
Kirkhara, near Preston 

173, Upper Parliament Street, Ei\crpool 
Swinton, .Manchester 
Eye and Ear Infirmary, Liverpool 
223, Boundarj* Street, Liverpool 
Standiihgate, Wigan 
Royal Albert A.sylum, Lancaster 
Church Street, Hyde, Manchester 

2, St. Peters Square, Manchester 
Duke Street, Barrow-in-Fumess 
Moss Lane East, Manchester 
17, Oxford Road, Manchester 
176, Waterloo Place, Oxford St. Manchester 
Stretford, near Manchester 
36, Church Street, I^reston 
12, Folds Road, Bolton 
6. Aytoun Street, Manchester 
Blackrcd, Chorlty 

28, Chorlton Road, Manchester 
23, Russell Street, Liverpool 

29, Pin ilill Brow, Ardwick, Manchester 
Woodley, near Stockport 

48, Gilda Brook Road, Eccles, Manchester 
383, Oldham Road, .Manchester 
73, Rodney .Street, Liverpool 
Park Street, Macclesfield 
The Grove, Wilmslow 
Oxford Road, Manchester 
326. Hardwood Terrace, HoUinwood 

3, Derby Road, Bootle, Liverpool 
Rock Ferr^', Cheshire 
Providence House, Lees, Oldham 
Carro w ■ i n - Fu rness 
56, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
8a, St. John Street, Manchester 
53, Paricfield Rd.. Liveroool 

. 67, .-\insworth Street, Elackburn 
Holly Bank, Stretford. Manchester 
Newton Heath, Manchester 
. 60, Broad Street, Pendleton 
. 2, Christchurch Road, Birkenhead 
24, Crescent, Salford, Mancnester 
. 2, Mount Street, Liverpool 
. 60, Watergate Street, Chester 
Didsburj', Manchester 
Wallgate, Wigan 
, Higher Bridge Street, Bolton 
,45 Stretford Road Manchester 
Knutsford, Chesliire 
. Ashton New Road, Manchester 
Town Hall, Oldham 
, . 25, Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan 
. 6. Market Street, Little Lever, near BoUon 

Stopford, Springfield, Liverpool 
. Todmorden Hall, Lancashire 
. 63, Balliol Road, Bootle 
, , ]8, Newgate Street, Chester 
. Ulverstone 

:^7. Anfield Road, Liverpool. 
. J, Percy Street, Liverpool 
. 5S, Longfield Place, Bury 
. 236, Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool 
, . Nelson Street. Great.George Square, Liverpool 

Cobden House, Todmorden 
.. 5. Huddersfield Road, Oldham 
. . ^^'renbury, Nantwich 
■ - ?3?i Oxford Street. Mar.chester 
Dobroyd, Todmorden 
Hyde, Cheshire 
. . Monsall Hospital, Newton Heath, Manchester 
, 23, Church Road. Heaton Norris, Stockport 
Heywood, Manchester 
Tyidesley, Lancashire 
, . 72, Higher Bridg*; Street, Bolton 
. . Walton-Ie-Dale, Preston 

S6, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
. . 235, Wellington Rd. South, Stockport 
. . Rochdale 

CI. Everton Road, Birkdale, Southport 
.. St. Helens 

Tyrer, R., Esq. 
T>iler, P., M.D. 

Utting, John, Esq. 
Unwin, J. B., Esq. 
Vacher, Francis, E>q. 
Vaughan, W. E. W.,E^q. 
Wahltuch, A., M.D. .. 
Walby, T., Esq. 
Walker, George. M.D. . ■ 
Walker, G. C, M.D. 
Walker, G. Edward. Es-.. 
Walker, T. Shadford, Esq. 
Wallace, J.. M.D. 
Wallis, J. A.,M.B. 
Walls, W., Esq. 
Walmsley, F. H., Es<i. . . 
Walter, W.. M.D. 
Warburton, J. W., Esq. . 
Ward, J. D., M.D. 
Warren, S., M.D. 
Wartenberg, V. A., Esq. 
Waters, A. T. H., M.D. 
Waters, E., M.D. 
Watkins, John W., M.D. 
Watson, T. Boswall, M.B. 
Watson, John, M.D. 
Watson, W. C, M.D. .. 
Wearing, Aiian. Esq. 
Wearing, R.. Esq. 
Weaver, F. P., M.D. .. 
Webster, B., M.D. 
Welsh, A., .M.D. 
Westby, G., Esq. 
Westmorland, Joseph, ICs'i. 
Wharton, J., Esq. 
Whitaker, G. H., Esq. .. 
White, Charles, Esq. 
White, James. Esq. 
White, J. A., Esq. 
White, W.. M.D. 
Whitehead, James, M.i>. 
Whitehead, Walter, Esq. 
Whitelegee. E. A., M.B. 
Whitford, W.. M.D. .. 
vVhittington, T., Esq. . . 
Whittle, E., M.D. 
Wiglesworth, A.,>r.D... 
Wiglesworth, J., JI.D... 
Wilkinson, A. T., M.D. 
Willacy, C, Esq. 
Willett, James, Esq. 
Williams, A. E., Esq. . . 
Williams, C, Esq. 
Williams, D. M.. Esq. .. 
Williams, Hui^h, E^q. .. 
Williams, H. L., Esu. ,. 
Williams, John, ^LD. .. 
Williams, J. T., Esq. .. 
Williams, R, Esq. 
Williams, R. H.. Esq. .. 
Williams, W., M.D. 
Williams, W. H., M.B. -- 
Williams, W. J., M.D. . 
Williamson, H. M-, E>i 
Wills, T. M.,E5q. 
Walson, A. H.. Esq. 
Wilson, Charles E.. Esq 
Wilson, F , Esq. 
Wilson, (J. A., Esq. 
W'llson, Tames, M.D. .. 
Wilson, T. H., Esq. 
Wilson, Jonathan, Esq. .. 
Wilson, R. A., ALD. .. 
Wilson, W., Esq. 
Winn, John, Esq. 
Winterbottom. .\rthur 
Wisken, H., Esq. 
WoUaston.T. G., M.D. 
Wolseley, C. B., JLD. .. 
Wood, R. A. H.. Esq. .. 
Wood, T. A.. M.D. 
Woodourn, W. H.. Esq. 
Woodcock, R. F.. Esq. 
Woodcock, S., M.D. 
Woods. G. A., Esq. 
Woodward, F. E., Esq. 
Wools tencroft, J.. Esq. .. 
Worrall, T- H., Esq. .. 
Worrall, R., M.D. 
Worswick. F. H.. M.D. . 
Wraith, J. H., Esq. 
Wright, G., Esq. 
Wright, N. W., Esq. .. 
Wright, S.H., M.D. .. 
Wykes, E.. Esq. 
Wylde, J. H.,Esq. 
I Wylie, A. H., M.D. 
I Yates, Tames. M.D. 
i Yates, "W.. M.D. 
I Young, A. H.,M.B. .. 
1 Young, Thomas F.. Esq. 

Rainhill, Prescot 

106, York Street, Cheetham, Manchester 
Woodlands, .\nficld, Liverpool 
Duncharch, Rugby 
35, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead 
Crewe Cottage, Crewe 
Acomb Street, Manchester 
82, Old Hall Street, Liverpool 
II, Hamilton Square, Birkenhead 

0, Stanley Road, Bootle, Liverpool 
43, liodney Street, Li%erpool 

£8, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

1, Gambler Terrace, Liverpool 
Whiitingham, Preston 

17, Oak Street, Manchester 
Higher Eroughton. Manchester 
20, St. John Street, Manchester 
114, Prince's Road, Liverpool 
Oxford Street, Manchester 
Hoylake. Cheshire 
II, Albert Terrace, Blackpool 
69, Bedford Street, Liverpool 
14, Nicholas .Street, Chester 
Newton -le- Willows 

182, Stockport Road, Manclicster 
Foregaie Street, Chester 
45, King Street, tJlacktuni 
Wavertree, Liverpool 
Alderley Edge 
Whitworth, Rochdale 
Farm-leigh, Lodge Lane, Liverpool 
151, York Street, Cheetham, ^ianchester 
Hopwood House, Lee? Read, Oldham 
Horwich, Bol ton -le- Moors 

22, King Street, Wigan 
40, Chester Place, P;;ndleto^, Manchester 
Hollingworth, Hadtield, Manchester 
Fairlands. Sutton, Surrey 
, Oxford Road, ISianchester 
, 46, Crowndale Road, Oakley S ;. 

^7. Shaw Street, Liverpool 
. Woodleigh House, Prestwlch 

I'pper Pari'ament Street, Liverpool 
Brougham Terrace, Liveepool 
Rainhill Asylum 
290, Oxford Road, Manchester 
Cheadle Hulme, Stockport 
Stockton Heath, Warrington 
. 316, Upper Parliament Street, Liverpool 
Duffryn, Merioneth 
63. Shaw Street, Liverpool 
141, Brecktield Road North, Liverpool 
. 149, Wilmslow Road, Manchester 
Swinton, Manchester 
32, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
. Great Eccleston, near Gaistang 
58, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
Rossall School, Fleetwood 
. The Hollies, Park Street, Southport 
25 Stretford Road, Hulme, Manchester 
59, Menon Road, Bootle, Liverpool 
. Royal Infirmary, Liverpool 

3, Islington -Square, Liverpool 
. Old Warke, Worsley, Manchester 
. 9, St. .\lban's', Blackburn 
. Newchurch. Rossendale, ilanchester 

■?2o, Kensington, Liverpool 
. Withington, ^Manchester 
Hornby, Lancaster 
Pendleton, Manchester 
52, Bury New Road, Manchesrtr 
Hevwood, Mancl'.ester 
. 31, St. James Place, Liverpool 
. . Moss Cliffe, Northwich _ 

118, Mount Plea-sant, Liverpool 
. . Woolton, Liverpool 
. . Broiighion-in- Furness 
. 65. Standishgate. Wigan 
. . Old TrafFord, Manchester 

.. The Grange, Tver, Uiibridge 
. . Northwich 
. 8, Rochdale Road, Bacup 
. loS, Shaw Street, Liverpool 
. . 243, ^'^y Road, Manchester 
. . Over Darwcn 

.. 339, Oxiord Road, Manchester 
. . Ashley Bank, Bolton 
Talbot Road, Southport 
L'ltle Sutton, Cheshire 
. . Hollinworth, Hadfield. Cheshire 

93, Manchester Road. Oldham 
.. Pit Bank, Oldham 
.. 272, Oxford Street. Manchester 
. . 42, Sankey Street, Warrington 
. Rose Bank, Merton Road, Coolie, L:verj?oo! 


[Dec. 29, 1 88 3. 

Allan, Hector, M.E. 
Allen, Richard, Esj. 
Anderson, James, M.D.. 
Anderson, James, M.E... 
Anthony, J., lisq. 
Arkwright, J., I*^q. 
Atlcin, Chas., Esq. 
Baildon, F. J., M.B. .. 
Bailey, T. C., Esq. 
Ball, D., Esq. 
Barfoot, G, H., M.D., .. 
Barnes R- ^^'■. Esq. 
Bernard, A. E. F., E<q. 
Bernardo, F. A. E.. Esi). 
Bird, W., M.B. 
Bland, George, Esq. 
lilower, B., Esq. 
Bowen, O., Esq. 
Brady, C M., Esq. 
Bramley, L., Esq. 
Brewer, C S., Esq. 
Bringloe, C, Esq. 
Brown, J. M., M.B. .. 
Butters, J., Esq. 
Campbell, C G., Esq. .. 
Carmichael, A., .M.D. .. 
Cavanah, J. W., Esc. . . 
Chaffey, W. C, M.ii. .. 
Chalmers, T. D., M.E. .. 
Chapman, William, Esq. 
ChLsholm, T- M., M.D. 
Clegg, \V. T.. Esq. 
Golan, T., M.D. 
Collier, W. H., Esq. .. 
Cook, George H., E=q .. 
Courtenay, G. T., Esq. 
Counsellor, W. P., Esq. . . 
Cran, James, M.D. 
Crowther, T., M.D. 
Dale. B. H., Esq. 
Dale, T., Esq. 
Daniel, J., Esq. 
Davidson, J. T. R., Eso. 
Dav>', T. G., Esq. 
Oerham, \V., E^q. 
Dobie, \V. M.. M.D. .. 
Doyle, E. A., M.B. 
Edward, A. A., M.D. .. 
Erwin, S. J., Esq. 
Fenneil, Theo., Esq. 
Fisher. J. A., Esq. 
Fletcher, R., Esq. 
Forbes, D., M.D. 
Fourness-Brice, J., M.D 
Fyffe, John. M.E. 
-Garstang, E. M.. E^r. .. 
Goodman, J., Esq. 
Gornall, R. G., Esq. .. 
Goulding, J. H. U., Esq. 
Green, Thomas W., M.D. 
GrifTuhs, D., Esq. 
GrimsdaJe, T. B-, M.t:. 
Grimsdale, T. F., Esq. .. 
Gruggen, W. J., M.D. .. 
Hadden, \V. E.. M.D. .. 
Halliwell, R. N., E q. . . 
Hammond, R. K., Eiq .. 
Hannah, N., £>q.i 
Harbinson, -A., M.P 
Hardraan.W., M.l:, 
Harrison, James IJ ...''. 

Harrison, ). .^., M.D... 
Harvey, H., M.B. 
Hassall, J., M.E. 
H*yward, J. D., M.D. 
Hebblelhwaite, James E., M.D. .. 
/Helrae, J. M., M.D. .. 
Hill, J. de Vere, Esq. .. 
5Holden, John, Esq. 
Howard, J. A., Esq. .. 
Howlett, E. H. Esq. .. 
Hoyle, W., Esq. 
Hughes. James, E^q. . . 
Hughes, A. C, Esq> •• 
Illingworth, C. R., Ks^'i. 
Jackson, T. \V., Esq. .. 
Johnstone, J. Esq. 
Jones, B., M.D. 
Kisch, S., Esq. 
Lacey.T. S,, Esq. 
Eatdlaw, W. G., E- q.... 
I,aing. James. 
Lane, Wm., Esq. 
Lawrence, Alex., M. i >. . . 
Leatham, James, Esq. 
Logan, J. R.. .M.B. .. 
Macdonald, P. W., M.l'.. 
Maclcod, D., Esq. 
Mackenzie, J., M.B. 
MacLcnnan, D. U., ^L B. 

UX.MTACHED (169.) 

Whaley Bridge, by Stockport 

Park House, Royton 
Kettlewell, near Skipton 

136, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool 
65, Manchester Road, Southpcrt 
Mill Street, Crewe 

45, Sandy Road, Seaforth 

119, Shaw Street, Liverpool 
Heyworth Street, Liverpool 
Dicconson Street, VV'igan 
Wray House, Lancaster 
Borough Hospital, Birlcinhead 
^\'esthuughton, Bolton 
95, Warwick Street. Greenheys, Manchester 

4, Berkeley Street, Liverpool 
Upper Mill, via Manchciter 
Islington, Liverpool 

The Children's Hospital, Pendleburj" 

5, Fenwick Street, Liverpool 

Wcolton, Liverpool 
76, Edge Lane, Liverpool 

Portland Street, Souihport 
Hartford Hall, Northwich 
10, Clitton Ro^d, Birkenhead 
Stock Hills, Whalley 
Great Harwood 
Luddenaen, near Manchester 
Galgatc, Lanes. 
\^\, Islington, Manchester 

Royal Southern Hospital, Liverpool 
Northern Hospital, Liverpool 
Garstang Read, Preston 

Bank House, Rawtenstall 
Openshaw, Manchester 
The Heath, Knutsford 

Arlington Ter., Lower Broughton, Manchester 
Rock Ferry 
Oxton, Birkenhead 

23, Bark Street, Bolton 
Southport (resigns) 
Newton Heath, Maiicliester 
Wellington Road, Stockport 
Rawtenstall, near Manchester 
59, Mulgrave Street, Liverpool 
29, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
29, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
29, Pilgrim Street, Liverpool (dead) 
South Dispensary, Liverpool 
Northfield House, Dewsbury 
771, Hyde Road, Gorton, Manchester 
County Asylum, Lancaster 

Higher Broughton, Manchester 
iHaslingden, near Manchester 
Wavurtree, Liverpool 
Noithwich, Cheshire 
ti7, Grove Street, Liverpool 
East Beach, Lylham 
Rusholme, Manchester 
74, Wesley Street, Liverpool 

Princes Park, Liverpool 
Royal Infirmary, Manchester 
Tyldesley, IManchester 

Roscommon Street, Liverpool 

13, St. George's Street, Chorley, Lanes. 

Leigh, l-ancs. 

14, Great George's Square, Liverpool 
Royton, Oldham 

Tranmcre, Birkenhead 

724, Rochdale Road, Manchester 

Hawkshead, Windermere 

Cotiniy -Asylum, Chester 
lo, Rodney Street, Liverpool 

Northern Hospital, Liverpoo' 

Ciaughton, Birkenhead 
Ram^bottom, near Manchest^;: 


O2. .Mersey Road, Widiies 

McMurray, J., Esq, 
McNicoll, J., Esq. 
McPherson, F. A., Esq. 
Madeley, G. S., Esq. .. 
Main, J. S., M.B. 
Malim, George W., Esq. 
Mann, Robert M., Esq. 
Mapei, Luigi v., Esq. .. 
Marmon, lames, Esq. .. 
Marshall,!'., M.B. 
Martin, Robert, M.D. .. 
Massey, Thomas, Esq. . . 
Mathias, J. E., Esq. 
Miller, J. B., M.D. 
Mitchell, C. P., Esq. 
Mockett, G. T., Esq. .. 
Moore, F. F., Esq. 
Moreton, Thomas, E->q. 
Mort, Wm., M.D. 
Mushet, William Boyd, -NL 
Newman, H. T., M.D... 
Norbury, T. W., Escj. .. 
Oldershaw, John, Esq. 
Okell, George, Iisq. 
Orr, W. Y., M.B. 
Parker, Robert, Esq. 
Parsons, G., M.B. 
Baton, John W., M.D. .. 
Payne, H., Esq. 
Phipps, G. C, M.D., .. 
Pinck, W., M.D. 
Quinton, R. F., M.D. . 
Renshaw, Herberts., M.I' 
Robinson, Hugh, Esq. .. 
Roe, Edwin H., Esq. .. 
Ryder, P. H., Esq. 
Samelson, A,, M.D. 
Sellers, W. H.J., Esq. 
Senior, Rawson, Esq. 
Shaw, James, M.D. 
Skinner, C. G. L., M.D. 
Smith, J. B., M.B. 
Smith, S. H., Esq. 
Smith, William, M.D. .. 
Snell, J., Esq. 
Sparrow, Robert L., Esq. 
Spearing, A., Esq. 
Squire, Robert. H., Esq. 
Stansfield, G. S., Esq. .. 
Stewart, W., M.D. 
Stone, Joseph, M.D. 
Tait, W. P., E?q. 
Tatham, J. F. W., M.D. 
Taylor, G. G. S., Esq. .. 
Tidsdall, J. J., Esq. .. 
Walker, A., M.D. 
Waiker, H. B.. Esq. .. 
Wallace. A., M.D. 
Walsh, J., Esq. 
Waterhouse, C. H., M.D. 
Weir. John, Esq. 
Welch, H., M.B. 
Whitlow, Samuel, Esq. 
Whitlow, Samuel, E.^j. 
Wickham, H. E., Esq. 
Wilkinson, W. C, M.B. 
Wilson, F., Esq. 
Wilson, H., Esq. 
Woods, C. R., M.D. .. 

.." x6o, Richmond Road, Liverpool 

MaghuU, Liverpool 

North Dispensary, Liverpool 
.. 2, Higher Ardwick, Manchester 
.. Chorlton Union Hospital. Manchester 
.. iig. Drake Street, Rockdale 
.. 2, Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester 
.. Golbome, Manchester 
.. 106, Derby Road, Bootle 
. . Conishead Priorj', Ulverstone 
.. Dispensary, Mill Street, Manchester 
. . Stockport 
. Southport 

- Weaste, near Manchester 
. . Tyldesley, Manchester 
.. .^ughton Birkdale, Lancashire 

Hartford and Northwich 
.. Lord Street, Southport (resigned) 
. . Victoria Road, New Brighton 
.. Audlem, Nantwich 
.. W'inton House, Stratford-on-Avon 
. . 90, Bedford Street, Liverpool 


Northern Hospital Liverpool 
.. Malpas. Cheshire 

Hawkshead, Ambleside 
.. Dunra\'en, Rock Ferry, Chesdiire 
.. The Inlirmar>-, Ashton-under-Lyne 
. . 240, Oxford Street, Manchester 
. . Rochdale 
.. H.M. Prison, Kirkdale 

Sale, near Manchester 

Winckley Square, Preston 
,. Patricroft, ^Ianchester 
. . Ormskirk 
.. 15, St. John Street, Manchester 

Royal Southern Hospital, Liverpool 

Brookfield. L>mm 

.. I, Church Lane, Harpurhey, Manchester. 
. . Ashton-under-Lyne 
.. Chelford, Crewe 
. . Church Street, Preston 

Rock House, IBacup 


Wren's Nest House, Shaw, near Oldlmm 
., Whittingham, Preston 
.. Price Street, Birkenhead 

Bacup, Manchester 
.. 175, Upper Brook Street, Manchester 
. . Stal> bridge 

Sal ford 

1, Spriugfieid, Liverpool 
.. Mill Ro.^d Hospital, Liverpool 

Newton Heath, Manchester 
. . Hospital for Sick Children, Pendiebur3- 
. . Rochdale 

. . Stonyhurst College, Blackburn 
.. Aigburth, Liverpool 

.. 4, Queen's Street, Lancaster Gardens. Sale 
, . Cromwell Pool, Whitley, Northwich 
.. RufTord. Ormskirk 
. . Birkenhead 
. . Worsley, near Manchester 

Wavertrep, Liverpool 
. . Liverpool 






F resident-Bled 

Vice-Presiden ts 



• • '( Square, W. 

t CHAKl.I:^ Macnamaka, 

• ■ "( Street, W. 
T ^SiR Edwin, 

I Hanover Square, W. 
J John M. Bikton, Esq., Lee Park, Lee, S.E. 
l T. BRiix:\v.\TiiR, Sl.B,, Harrow. 
J. Braxton Hicks, M.U. F RS., 13, George 
I Street, Hanover Square, W. 

.M.D., 15, Maucheslcr 
Esq., 13, Grcsvenor 
13A, George Street. 

Dec. 29,1883.] 


\ Walter Dickson, M.D., Custom House, 

t Lower Thames Street. E.C. 

( .Vlexander Henr%', M.D., 132, Highbury 

.) Hill. N. 

I Wm. Chapmak Grigc, M.D., 6, CurzonSt., 

( Jlayfair, W. 

(East London andSouth Essex — F. Wali-ace, 

IF.s<}.. 96, Caaenove Road, E. 
North Lrrtdi^n—G ^ORGE Hentv, M.D., 308, 
I Camden Road, N. 

! South Loftdon — R. E. Carringtok, M.D., 
"'1 15, St. Thomas Street, S.E. 
I iVe^t MiddUsex^^. H. Vinhn, M.Dj. 1:7, 

Chepstow Villas, Bayswater, W- 
[ H £rfjordshire-~'Vi\XiC^\\.K\' R. Lloyd,, Esq., 
». St. Albans 

Secretary to tk£ Caliective Ifrvcsii- iGBonos. Eastes, M. B., 69, Connaugfat 
Ration Comtnittcc .. .. ( Street, Hyde Park Square, U". 



Distttct Secretaries 



. 3, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, W. 
. 47, Queea Anoe Street, W. 

199, iMaida Vale, W^ 

3, Cavendish Place, W. 
. 48, Brook Street, \V. 

1S5, Amiiurst Road, E. 
. Z2, Wimpole Street, W, 
. 9, Gro^venor Street, W. 

^70. Commercial Road, E. 
. Camber^veIl,S.E. 
. 70, Brook Street, W. 
. 26, Finsbur>' Square, E.C. 

12; St. Thomas's Street, S.E. 
. Grove Hatl, Bow, E. 

Cater ham 

7, Brook Street, W. 
. 66, Harley Street, W. 
. 44. Hertford Street, Mayfair, W. 

Barnes, J. Wlckham, Esq., 
Builin, H. T., Esq., .. 
Cleveland, W. F., M.D. 
Cowell. George, Esq., . 
Croft, John, Esq., 
Daly, Frederick H., M. I ►. 
Edis, Arthur W., M.D. 
Godson, Clement, M.D. 
Grant. Alexander, M. D. 
Griffith, John T., M.D. 
Habershon, S. O., M.D. 
Mackenzie, Stephen, M.D. 
Mahomed, F. A.. M.D. 
Mickle, W. J., .^i.D. .. 
Myers, Arthur E. R., Esq., 
Ord, W. M.. M.D. 
Smith, T. Gilbart, M.D. 
Yeo, I. Buraey, M.D. .. 

Henry, A., M.D. .. .. 132, Highbury HiU, N. 


.Abbott, Charles E. Esq. 
Adams, James E., Esq. 
Adams, Josiah O., Esq. 
Adam-^, \VBa., Esq. 
Adams, William, Esq. .. 
Aikin, Charles A., Esq. 
Alderson. Fredk. H., M.D. 
Aldred. H. A., M.D. .. 
Alford, F. S., Esq., 
Allan, F. J., Esq., 
Allchin, William H., M.K. 
Allingham. William, Esq. 
Althaus, Julius, M.D. .. 
Ambler, Vincect, Esq. .. 
Amsden, George, M.B. 
Anderson, Elizabeth Garrett, M. 
Anderson, J. Ford, M.D. 
Andrews, Henry C. , M.I). 
Appleton, Henr>\ >I.D. 
Argles, R., Esq. 
Armstrong, G. W., Esq. 
Armstrong, John, M.D. 
Asher. Asher, M.D. .. 
Aveling, Chas. T., M.D.. 
A%-eling, J. H., M.D. .. 
Ayling, H. W., Esq. .. 

Baber, John, M.D. 

Bader, Charles, Esq. 

Bailey, George H., M.B , 

Baker, G. Benson, M.D. 

Baker, W. Morrant. Esq. 

Ballard, Edward, M D. 

Bantock. George G., il.D. 

Barker, Alfred J.. M.D., 

Barlow, Robert, Esq. . . 

Barlow, Thomas, M.D. 

Barlow, T. C, Esq. 

Barnes, Edward C, Esq. 

Barnes, J. Wickham, Esq. 

Barnes, Robert, M.D. .. 

Barnes, R. S. Fancourt, M.D. 

Barraclough, R. W. S., M.D. 

Barratt, Joseph G., M.D. 

Barrow, A. Boyce, M.B. 

Bartlett, Edward, Esq., 

Barwell, Richard, Esq 

Bastian, H. Charlton, M.D.,F F 

Bate, George P., M.D. 

Batterbur>-, R. L., M.D. 

Baxter, E. Buchanan, M.D. 

Beach, Fletcher, M.B... 

Beale, E. Clifford. M.B. 

Beale, Lionel S.. M.E., F.R.S. 

Beevor. Charles E., Esq., 

Begley, William C. M.D., 

Behrend, H., Esq. 

Bellamy, Edward, Esq. 

Bocking, Braintree 

10, Finsbury Circus, E.C. 

Brooke House, Clapton, E. 

5, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Sq., W. 

Tower Lodge, Regent's Park Road, !N,W, 

7, Clifton Place, W. 

Southerion House, Hammeismith, W. 

4, \\'estboume Park, W. 
61, Haverstock. HiU, N.W. 
1, O-vCord Mansions, W. 

5. Chandos Street. Cavendish Square. W. 

25, Grosvenor Street, W. 
36, Bryanstone Street, W. 
14, CoIviUe Square. W. 
Asylum, Brentwoad 

4, Upper Berkeley Street, W. 
28, Buckland Crescent, N.W. 
I, Oakley Square, N.W. 

?i. Pembur\' Road. Lower Cianton. E, 

32, Oxford Terrace', Hyde Park, W. 

Royal Hjspital School, Greenwich, S.E. 


36, Endsleigh Street, W.C. 

14, Portland Place, Lower Oapton. E 
1, Upper Wimpote Street, W. 

103, Great Portland Street, \V. 
34, Thurloe Square, S. W. 
10, Finsburj' Circus, E.C. 

9, Cavendish Place', W. 

26, Wimpole Street, W. 

J 2, Highburj' Terrace, N. 
12, Granville Place, Portman Square, \V. 
Beaulieu Villas, Finsburv Park, N. 
Albion Road, DaUton, E. 

10. Montague Street, W.C. 
S3, DaSston Lane, E. 

Glouce-'-ter House, Hammersmith, AV.' 
3, Bolt Court, Fleet Street, E.C. 

15. Harley Street. W. 

7, Queen Anne Street, "W. 

34. Duiwich road. Heme Hill, S.E. 

5, (.Cleveland Gardens, W. 
17, WelLeck Street, W. 

40, Elgin Road, St. Peter's Park, W. 

32, George Street. Hanover Square, W. 

Madge Hill, Hanwell 

412, bethnal Green Road, E. 


2£, Weymouth Street, W. 

Asylum, Darenth, Dartford 

23, Upprr Berkeley Street, W. 

61, Grosvenor Street, W. 

1 ^g, H.-irley Street, W. 

sc, St. Peter's Square. Hammersmith, W' 

rt), Norfolk Crescent, W. 

-L-j. Wimpole Street, W. 

Bennett, A. Hughes, M.D. 
Bennett, SirJ. Risdon,M.D.,LL.D. 

F.R.S. .. 
Bennett, Charles H., M.D. 
Bennett, W. C. Storer, Esci. 
Benton, Samuel, Esq. .. 
Bernard, F. R., M.U... 
Berry, O. W'., Esq. 
Best, Frederick A., Esvj. 
Biggs, M. G- Esq., 
Bindon, W. J. Vereker, .M.!». 
Birch, George, Esq. 
Bird, George, M.D. . 
Birkett, E. L!., M.D. 
Bishon, George H., E- 
Biss, Cecil v., .M.B. 
Bisshopp, James, Esq. 
Black, James, Esq. 
Blackburn, Herbert B., Lso. 
Blackmore, George H., Es_j. 
Elackstone Joseph, Esq. 
Blake, William H,. M.B. 
Blandford, George F,, M.D. 
Bonney, W. A., Esq. . . 
Boswell, .A., M.B. 
Bott, W. Gibson, Esq. . 
Boulton, Percy, M.D. . . 
Bower, Richard N., Esq. 
Bowkett, T. E., Fsq. .. 
Bowman, Sir Wm., Bart., F.Ii.t. .. 
Brace, William H., M.D. 
Bradford, Edward, Esq. 
Bradshaw, James D., M.B. 
Brailey, W'illiam A., M.D. 
Braine, F. Woodhou^e, Es ;. 
Brett, Alfred T., M.D. 
Bridges, John H.. M.B. 
Bridgwater, Thomas. M.B. 
Bright, John M., M.E. 
Bristowe, John S., M.D.. F.R.S... 
Broadbent, William H., M.D. . . 
Brodhurst, Bernard E., Esq.. 
Brodie, George B., M.D. 
Brookfield, John .S.. M.D. 
Brown, Augustu>, M.D. 
Brown, Charles Gage, M.D. 
Brown, Frederick G., Esq. 
Brown, George, Esq. 
Brown. George D., Esq. 
Brown, Thomas, Esq. ' 
Browne, J. Crichton.M.D.. LL.i).. 

F.R.S.E. . 
Browne, Lennox, Esq. .. 
Bruce, J. Mitchell, M.D. 
Brunton, John, M.D 
Brunton, Linton B., Esq. 
Brunton, T. Lauder, M.D., F.R,^. 
Brvant, Thomas. Esq. . . 
Eu'cknill, John C, M.D., F.R.S. .. 
Buncombe, Charles H., Es ;. 
Burchell, Peter L., M.B. 
Burger, Alexander, M.D. 
Burney, W. C. S., Esq. 
Burrows, Sir G., Bt., ^LD., F.R..< 
Burton, John M., Esq. . . .» 

Burton, Robert G., M.D. 
Burton, T. Beard, Esq. 
Burtonshaw, Thomas, Esq. 
Eur>-, G. W. Fleetwoqd, Esq. 
Butler, EbenezerR.,M.D.,Sur-.0-i; 
Butlin, Henry T., Esq. 
Buzzard, Thomas, M.D. 
Cable, George H., Esq. 
Canton, Frederick. Esq. 
Carpenter, R. H. S., Esq 
Carrington, R. E., M.D. 
Carter, Albert, Esq. 
Carter, Charles Thomas, E-;. 
Cartwright, Samuel, Esq. 
Cartwright, S. Hamiko!i, E^i. 
Carver. Eustace J., Esq. 
Case, Henry, Esq. 
Caskie, John B., M.D. 
Cathcan, Samuel, Esq. 
Chance, Edward J., Es^. 
Chance, Frank, M.B .. 
Chaple, Charles, M.D... 
Chard. O. E. P., M.B. 
Cheadle, W. B., M.D. .. 
Cheyne, R. Romley, Esq. 
Che>'ne, W. Watson, M.B. 
Cholmeley, William. M.D. 
Christie, T. B., M.D., F.R..^.L. 
Church. W^ S., M.D. .. 
Churchill. F., M.B. .. 
Clapton, Edward, M.D. 
Claremont, Claude C, Esq. 
Clark, Sir.Andrew, Bart., ?.:.r. . 
Clark, Andrew, Esq. 
Clark, Willington, E-^ . 
Clarke, Benjamin, E^ :. 
Clarke, W. Bruce, M.K. 

13, Old Cavendish Street, W. 

32, Cavendish Square, W 

College House, Hammersinitit, W. 

17, George Street, Hanover Squ,^re, W. 

2. Bennett Street, St. James's, S.W. 

Small-pox Hospital, Stockwell 

Eracondaie House, Wimbledon Hill, S.W. 

Walthamstow, E. 

Noiihcoie Road, New Wandsworth 

Appins, West End Lane, WesiHampsiead,N.W 

.Sussex House, Lower Clapton. E. 

49, Welbeck Street, W. 
40, Russell Square, W.C. 

1, Oxford Mansions, W. 
Ciare-mont. Sydenham Par^: 
Tunbridge Wells 

r6, Wimpole Street, W. 

129, Ladbroke Grove, \\'. 

:6q, Goldhawk Road, Hammersmith. W. 

(S, Albert Terr^c, Regent - f -'-r ^ W\ 


71, Grosvenor Street. W. 

145, Beau'ort Street. Chc^.^..^ 

253. DaUton Lane, E. 

t I, Kennington Park Road, S.W. 

."^eymoar Street, W. 

14, Doughty Street, W'.Q# 
2 -,9, East India Road, E. 

5. Clifford Street, New Bond Street, W. 
7. Queen's Gate Terrace, S.W 

■^'j, George Street, Hanover Srt:are 
.'6, Orchard Street, W, 
56, Maddo.v Street, W. 

2, Parliament Street, S.A\". 

The Green, Forest Hill, S.W. 
ir, Old Burlington Street, W. 
34, Seymour Street, W. 
^o, Grosvenor Street, W. 

3, Chesterfield Street, Mayfair^ W. 

2, Devonshire Villas, Brondesbury, N.W 
-^8, Amndel Square, N. 

£S, Sloane Street, S.W\ 
16. Finsbury Circus, E.C. 

3, Gibson Square, Islington. N. 
Henley Villa, Ealing, W, 

.36, Kennington Park Road, S.E. 

7, Cumberland Terr., RegeatW Piark, N-W^- 
36, Weymouth Street, W. - ' ' 

CO, Queen Anne Street, W. 
--■I, Euston Road, N.W. 
644, Commercial Road, E. 

50, Welbeck Street, W'. 

53, Upper Brook Street, Y.'- 
I'he Albany, E 2, W*. 

City of London Infirmary, Ec-w Road. E. 
2. Kingsland Road, E. 
ij, Finsbury Circus, E.C. 
Innrmary, Greenwich 
rS, Cavendish Square, V\'. 
Lee Park, Lee, S.E. 
1. Gloucester Villas, Hanwei!. W. 
43, Rich Terrace, Erompton, S.W'. 
Brooke Lodge, De Eeauvoir Road, N. 
Wciland House, Lyonsdown, Bamet. 
J47, Cromwell Road, S.W, 
.:-. Queen Anne Street, W 
, Grosx-enor Street, W'. 
a! Hill. Greenwich 
:- -rsat Marlborough Street. V\'. 
Stockwell Road, S.W 
:. Thomas' Sireet. S.E. 
South Lambeth Road, S.^^'. 

32, Old Burlington Street, W. 
32. Old Burlington Street. W 
fairlawn, Fulham, S.W". 
.Asylum, Leavesden, Watford 
10, Tyndale Place, Islington, N. 
Prudhoe House. Tottenham 
59, Old Broad Street, E.C. 
^iurleigh House, Sydenham, S.E. 
230, Burdett Road, E. 
:o. Eccleston Street, S.W. 
r! Hyde Park Place. W. 
- Xottingham Place, W. 
Mandex-ille Place, W. 
' .rosvenor Street, W. 
!<-yal Indian Asylum, Ealing, W. 

130. Harley Street, W, 

-. Cranlev Gardens. S.V.'. 

:o\. St. Thomas's Street, S.E. 

Millbrook House, Hampsiead Road, N.W. 

ic, Cavendi-sh Square, W. 

i^, Cavendish Place, W. 

c. Gatestone Park, Upper Norwood, S.E. 

t. Arbutus Place, Upper Clapton, E. 

45. Harley Street, W 


[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Clarke, W. Fairlie, M.D. 
t^laytoji, Sir Oscar 
Cleveland, W. F., M.D. 
Ciouston, C. S., M.D. .. 
Clutton, H. H., M.B. .. 
Cobbold, Charles S. W., M.D. .. 
Cocicburn, Robert, Esq. 
Cockell, E. S., Esq. .. 
("ociicll, F. E.,junr., Esq. 
Cockle, John, M.D. .. 
CoHiD, R. J. Maitland, Esq. 
Coffin, Thomas W,, Es(]. 
Colctnan, Alfred, Esq. .. 
Coles, J. W., Esq. 
Collett, R. W., Esq. .. 
t'ollie, Alexander, M.D. 
Conolly, Charle-iT., Esj. 
Cook, John, M.D. 
Cooke, Thomas, Esti- . , 
C'oouibe, R. Gorton, jun., f -. 
(.Jooper, .\lfred, Esq. 
'Jooper, Arthur, Esq, .. 
Cooper, Frank W., Esq. 
Cooper, Herbert, Esq, ,. 
iJooper, VV, White, Esq. 
Corfield, \V. H., M.D... 
Corner, F. M., Esq. .. 
Corner, Matthew, M.D|| 
Cory, Robert, M.D. .. 
K 'otman, J. S. E., Esq. 
Cottew, Edward, Esq. .. 
Cottle, E. Wyndham, M.I*. 
t:olton, Holland J., M.D., 
t'oulson, Walter John, I'Isq. 
Couper. John. M.D. 
Coupland, Sidney, M.D. 
Cowell, George, Esq. . . 
Crabb, James, M.D. .. 
Craigie, John H., Esq. . . 
Cree, Edward H., M.D. 
Cree, William E., Esq. 
Creed, Thomas, M.D. 
Cribb, Henry, Esq. 
Cripps, W. Harrison. Esq. 
Critchett. G. Anderson, Esq. 
Crocker, H. R., M.D... 
Croft, John, Esq. 
Croft, J. McGrigor, M.D. 
Crosby, Thomas B., M.D. 
Cross, Robert, M.D. .. 
t:ufre, Robert. Esq. 
Cumberbatch, L. T., M.D 
Cuolahan, Hugh, M.D. 
Curgenven. J. Brendoii. Esq. 
Dalby. William B., M.B. 
Dale, George C, M.D. 
Dalton. Norman. M.D. 
Daly, Frederick H., M.D. 
Dane, Thomas, Esq. 
Daniel. W. Clement, M.D. 
Daniel!, R. T., M.B. .. 
Davidson, Charles, Esq. 
Davies, Gomer, Esq. 
Davies, Herbert. M.D. 
Davis. John Hail, M.D. 
Uavi-.. .\Iaurice, M.D. .. 
Davis, Willoughby, Esq. 
Davison, James, M.D. 
T^ay, William H., M.D. 
Day. William H..Esq... 
Deacon, Henry P., Esq. 
i)eHrent, Mortimer J., Esq., 
De la Cour, George F., M.D. 
Dent, Clinton T,, Esq. 
Dickinson, Thomas, Esq. 
Dickson, Walter, M.D., R.V. 
Diii^lcy, William, Esq. 
Dixey, Augustus F.., M.D. 
Dixon, James, Esq. 
Doran, Alban H. G. Esq. 
Douslas-Lithgow, R. A., Esq. 
Down, J. Langdon H., M.D. 
Dows2, Thomas S., M.D. 
I)ra?c, Charles, M.D. .. 
Dralic, Arthur J.. Esq... 
Drake, Charles H., Esq. 
Druiti, Lionel, M.D. .. 
Drysdalc, Charles R.. M.D. 
D-.idfield, T. O., M.D... 
D'.idley, J. Gardiner, M.D. 
l>ufiin, A. B., M.D. .. 
Dukn, Theodore, M.D. 
Duncan, B. Arctdeckne. M.D. 
Duncan, Henry M., M.D. 
Duncan,J. Matthews, M.D.,EE.D. 

F.R.S.E. .. 
Duncan. W. A., M.D. .. 
Dunn, Robert William, Esq. 
Du P.isquicr, Claudius F. Esq. 
Durham, Arthur E., Esq. 
Durham, Frederick, M.B. 
ICntly. George J., M.D ;.. 

Southborough, Tunbridge Wells 
5, Harley Street, W. 
Stuart Villa, 199, Maida Vale, W 
(iunnersburj' (nead) 

16, Palace Road, S.E. 

7, Queen Anne Street, W. 

4-', Leamington Road \'i!ias. W. 

02, Forest Road, Dalston, E. 
176, Richmond Road, JJalston, E. 
ij, Spring (lardens, S.W. 
Alwington House, Baron's Court, S.V\". 

81, Queen's Crescent, Haverstock Hill, X.W. 


197 (s; 9, Camberwell Road, S.E. 

The Vicarage, Shepherd's Bush, W. 

Fever Hospital, Homerton, E. 

?. Church HUI Villas, Wood Green, Is. 

1, Nottingham Terr., Vork Gate, Regents Pk. 
I ., Woburn Place, W.C. 

1 illingham, Essex 
g, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square. W. 

7, Queen Anne Street, W. 
Leytonstone, E. 1 

3, Rosslyn Terrace, Hampstead, N.W. 
19, Berkeley Square, W, 

10, Bolton Row, Mayfair, W 
^Ll,no^ House, East India Road, E. 
113, Mile End Road, E 

i.j, Palace Road, Albert Embankment., !^.E. 

140, Minories, E.C 

Campbell Cottage, Holloway Road, X. 

■1, Savile Row, W. 

loy, Sloane Street, S.W 

17, Harley Street, W. 

50. Grosvenor Street, W. 

14. Weymouth Street, W. 

19, George Street, Hanover Square, W 
■t'lO. Holloway Road, N. 

17.. Portland Place, W. 

2, Pemberton Villas, St. John's P.ark, X. 
2, Pemberton Villas, St. John's Pai-k. N. 
(-. Croom's Hill, Greenwich 

l;ishop's Stortford 

6, Stratford Place, W. 
St, Harley Street, W. 

20, VVelbeck Street. W. 
43, Brook Street, W 

15. Abbey Road, St. John's Wood, N.W. 
ci, tjordon Square, W.C. 

41;. Craven Street, Strand, W.C. 
Woodhall, Horncastle 
25, Cadogan Place, S.W. 

9, Grange Road, Bermondsey, S.E. 
IT, Craven Hill Gardens, W, 

iS, Savile Row, W. 

Ivy Lodge, Upper Tooting, S.W. 

59, Stantiooe Street, W.C. 

185, Amhurst Road, Hackney Downs, E. 

86, Finchley Road, N.W. 


20, Cathcart Road, West Brompton, S.W 

29, Cassland Road, South Hackney, E. 

66, Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, W. 

23, Finsbury Square, E.C. 

37, Gloucester ^lace, W. 

11. Brunswick Square, W.C. 
157. Gower Street, W.C. 

8, Oxford Terrace, Uppei Holloway Road. N. 

10, Manchester Square, W. 
Cliapel Street, Pentonville, N. 
The Avenue, Willesden Lane, N.W 
Ave ley, Essex 

2^2. Camden Road, N.W. 
jg, Sav le Row, W. 
:^^, Sloane Street, S.W. 
Custom House, E.C. 

7, Argyll Square, W.l\ 
Fmchtey, N. 

Harrow Lands, Dorking. 

51, Seymour Street, W. 

r. Walton Place, Hans Place, S.W 

39, Welbeck .Street, W. 

14, Welbeck Street, W. 

Hatfield, Herts. 

Stratford, K. 

Brixton Hill, S.W. 

122, Clapham Road, .S.W. 

65, Regent Sireet, W. * 

8, Upper Phillimore Pl.ace. W. 
71, Belgrave Road, S.W. 

18, ];>evonshire Street, W. 
5S, Nevern Square, S.W. 
S8, Gowcr Street, W.C. 

Abbey Road, South Hampstead, N.W. 

71, Brook Street, W. 

6,(, Lambeth Palace Road, S.E. 

1 ?, Surrey Street, Strand. W.C. 
Church Road, Upper Norwood, S E. 
Sz, Brook Street, W. 
"3, Brook Street, W. 

RoUin, Caterham \'al!ey 

Eastes, George, M. B. . . 
Easton, John, M.D. 
Edis, Arthur W., M.D.. 
Edmunds, James, ^LD. 
Edwards, F. Swinford, Esq. 
Elin. George, M.D. , .. 
Erichsen, J. E., Esq., F.R.S. 
Evans, Evan W . Esq.. 
Evans, John T., jun., .^LD. 
Evans, William H., Esq. 
Eve, R. W., M.B. 
£, William, M.D. 
Fagge. C. Hihon, M.D. 
Fairbank, John, Esq. .. 
Farquhar, William, Esq., Surg.- 

Major, A.M.D. 
Farquharson, Robert, M.D., M.P. 
Farr, Wm., M.D., D.C.L., F.R.S. 
Fayrer, Sir Joseph, K.C.S.L, M.D. 
Fegan, Richard, M.D... 
Felce, Stamford, Esq. .. 

Fenton, Frederick E., Esq. 
Ferrier, David, M.D., F.R.S. 
Field, George P., Esq. .. 
Fiuld, Octavlus .■\., Esq. 
Fincham, George T., NLD. 
Finlay, David W., M.D. 
Finzi, J. "M., Esq. 
Fisher, F. C, Esq. 
F020, James M.S., Esq. 
Forbes, D. M., Esq. .. 
Forbes, John, Esq, 
Ford, James, M.D. 
Forman, E. Ba.xter, ^LD. 
Forsyth, Alexander, ^LI^. 
Foster, Oswald H., M.B. 
Fotherbv. Henrv L. M.U. 
Fothergill. J. Milner, M.D. 
Foulerton, John, M.D. 
Fountaine, D. O., Esq. 
Fowler, Robert, M.D. .. 
Fowler, Trevor, Esq. 
Vox, T. Colcott, M.B. .. 
Freeman, William H., Esq. 
French, John G., Esq. .. 
Frost, William A., Esq... 
Fuller, William, Esq. .. 
Gambter, Thomas, Esq. 
Gant, Frederick J., Esq. 
Garland, Henry, Esq. .. 
Garlick, William, Esq. .. 
CJarman, C. E., Esq. 
Gaiman, H.V., Esq. 
Garson, John G., M.D.. 
Gaven, James A., Esq. . . 
Gawith, James J., Esq. .. 
Gervis, F. H., Esq. 
Ciervis, Henry, ^LD. .. 
Gibbings, Alfred T.. M.D. 
Gibbings, Ashley, Esq. 
Gibbon, Septimus, M.B. 
Gibbons, R. A., M.D. .. 
Gibson, John R., Esq. . . 
Gill, S. LawTence, Esq. 
Gim^on, Thomas S., Ebq. 
Gittins, John, Esq. 
CJlassington, C W., Esq. 
Goddard, Eugene, M.D. 
Godlee, Rickman J., M.B. 
Godson, Charles. Esq. .. 
Godson, Clement, ALD. 
Goodchild, Arthur, Esq. 
Goodchild, John, Esq. .. 
Cioodchild, John A., Esq. 
Goodhart, J.ames F., I\LD. 
Gordon, Charles A., M.D.,C.I;. 
Gould, A. P., M.B. .. 
Goullet, Arthur P., Esq. 
Gover, Robert M., M.D. 
Gowers, William R., M.D. 
Gowlland, Peter Y., Esq. 
Grant, Alexander, M.D. 
Grant, J. Dundas, IVLD. 
Grattan, Matthew H. Est^ 
Graves, F. G., M.D. .. 
Gray, John H., M.B. .. 
Gream, George T., M.D. 
Green, T. Henry, M.D. 
Greenhalgh, Robert. M.D. 
Greenwood, Major, jun., Esq. 
Gregson. George, Esq. 
Griffith, TohnT., M.D. 
Grigg, W. C, M.D. .. 
Gross, Charles, Esq. .. 
Grosvenor, Alfred O., ftLD. 
Grosvenor. G. F.. i^LD. 
Gull, SirWm. W., Bart.. ALD.. 

D.C.L., F.R.S. 
Gunn, R. M., M.B. .. 
Gwynne, Edmund, ^LD. 
Habershon, Samuel C, M.D. 

69, Connaught Street, Hyde Park, W 
10, Norfolk Crescent Hyde Park, W. 

22, Wimpole Street, W. 

B, Grafton Sireet, Bond Street, W. 
95. Wimpole Sireet, W.- 

6. Cavendish Place, W, 
Munster 'House, Fulham, S.W. 

Qo, Finchley Road, N.W 

Tyrwhitt House, Upper Lewisham Road, S.E. 
35, Curzon Street. W 

76, Grosvenor .Street, W. (dead) 

id, George Street, Hanover Square, \\'. 


Finzean. Aboyne. Aberdeenshire 

7S, Portsdown Road, Maida Hill, W. (dead) 

53, Wimpole Street, W. 

Westcombe Park, Blackheath 

Kenmure Lodge, Elgin Road, St. Vcit.\ 

Park, W. 

16, Upper Berkeley Street, W. 
31, Lower Seymour Street, W, 
-!.'->, Westbourne J'ark Terrace, W. 

13, Belgrave Ro:id, S.W. 
21, Montagu Street. W. 

3q, Sutherland Gardens. W. 

King's Langley, Herts 

8, Palace Ciardens 'J'errace, W. 
204, Hoxton Road, N. 

St. John's Road, Jersey 

Eltham ' 

47, Stoke Newington Road, N. 

12 Park Place, Greenwich 


?. Finsbur^' Square, E.C 

no, Park Street, Grosvenor Square, W, 

44, Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, W. 

2^5, Camden Road, N.W. 

145, Bishopsgate Street Without, EC. 


14. Harley Street, W. 

2T, St. George's Square. S.W, 
10, Cunningham Place. N.W. 

77. Wimpole Street, W. 
in, Piccadilly, W, 

Stockteigh Road, St. Leonard's-on-Sea 

16, Connaught Square, W . 

304, Walworth Road, S.E. 

33, Great James Street, ^^'.C. 

143, Bow Road. E. 

Kent House, Bo.v Road, E. 

Royal College of Surgeons. W.C. 

27, South Street. Thurloe Square, S.W. 

23, Westbounie Park Terrace, W. 

I, Felbwes Road, Haverstock HiJl, N.\^'. 
40, Harley Street, W. 
Q-?, Richmond Road, Dalston, E. 
irf, Stratford Place, W. 
-^0, Oxford Terrace, W. 
3J, Cadogan Place, S.W. 
10, Kusseil Square, W.C. 
Lichfield \ i as. Kew Ga'i ers 

33, Fitzroy .square, W. 

:m. John's, Horselydown, S.E. 

T05, Fulham Road, S.W. 

27, Pentonville Road, N. 

81, Wimpole Street, W. 

I, Astwood Road, Cromwell Road, W. 

9, Grosvenor Street, W. 
Little Waltham, Chelmsford 
Ealing, W. 

Ealing, W. 

27, Weymouth Street, W'. 
ly. Westbourne Square, W. 
16. Queen Anne Street, W. 
Finchley Road, N.W. 
12, Hereford Gardens, W. 
50, Queen Anne Street, W. 

34, Fmsbury Square, E.C. 
370, Commercial Road, E. 
523, Commercial Road, E. 

14, Chichester Road. W. 

liolingbroke Hotise, Wandsworth Com.. S/vV 

Eastbourne, Sus.-^ex 

74, \Vimpole Street, W. 

35, Cavendi>h Square, W. 

i3. Queen's Road, Dalston, E. 

63, Harley Street. W. 

'lalfourd House, Camberwell, S.E. 

(>. Curzon Street, Mayfair, W. 

Si. Saviour's Infirmarj-, Walworth, S. L.. 

Piiory Road, \\'cst Hampstead, N.W. 

121, Ladbroke Grove, W'. 

74, Brook Street, W. 

loi. Park Street, Grosvenor Squ-ire, W. 

10, Hampstead Hill Gardens, N.W. 
70, Brook Street, W. 

Dec. 29, 18S3.] 


Hadden, Walter E.,M.D. 

Hall, Alfred, M.D. .. 

Hall, Frederick, Esq. .. 

HalK F. de Havilland, M.D. 

Hamilton, F. G., Kmj. 

Hamilton. J. Lawrence, Esq. 

Hardy, H. Nelson, Esij. 

Hare, Charles J., M.D. 

Harle, Ezra, Esq. 

Harley, George, M.D.. F.R.S. . 

Harlcy, John, M.D. .. 

Harries, A. J., M.Lt. .. 

Harris, C. J., Esq. 

Harris, Rober:, M.R. .. 

Harris, Vincent D., M.D. 

Harrison, John, Esq, . . 

Hart, Ernest, Esq. 

Hart, Walter, Esq. 

Hartt, C. H.. Esq. 

Hastings, George, M.D. 

Haward, E., M.D. 

flawlcsley, Thomas, M.D. ; 

Hayes, T. C, M.D. .. 

Haynes, John A., M.D. 

Hayes, T. C, M.D. 

Hayward, H. Howard, ):.u\. 

Hazel, George, Esq. 

Heath, Chnstopher, Es'j. 

Heelas, James, M.D. .. 

Helsham, Hector, M.D. 

Hemming, W. B., Esq. 

Henry, Alex., M.D. 

Henty, George, M.D. .. 

Herman, G. E.. M.B. 

Herringham, W. P., M.E. 

Hess, Augustus. M.D, 

Hewiit, Grailv, M.D. 

Hickman, William, M.B. 

Hicks, I. Bra.xtor», M.D., F.R.S. 

Hicks, G. Borlase, Esq. 

Higgens, Charles, Esc], 

Higginson, Alfred, Esq. 

Hill, Berkeley. M.B. 

Hill, Charles H., M.D. 

Hill. Frederick A., M.D. 

Hill, Tames. M.D. 

Hill. J. Highara, M.D. 

Hill, Samuel. M.D. .. 

Hill.T. Har\-ey, Esq. 

Hill. William B., Esq. 

HiJliard, R. Har\-ey, M.D. 

Hills, A. P., Esq. .. 

Hinds, James, M.D. .. 

Hird, Francis, Esq. 

Hobson, John M.. M.D. 

Hodges, Herbert B., Evq. 

Hodgson, George F., Emj. 

Hogg, Charles. Esq. .. 

Holding, Charles, Esq. 

Holman, WiiHara H.. .M.B. 

Holmes, T., Esq. 

Holt, Barnard, Esq. 

Holthouse. Carsten. \'-^\ 

Hood, D. W. Charles, M.D. 

Hope, Wm., M.D. 

Hoskin, Theophilus; E.-;q. 

Houghton, W. B., M.D. 

Hoveli, D. De Eerdi, Esq. 

Hovell, T. .M., Esq. .. 

Howell, Horace S., M.D. 

Howse, Henr>- G., M.D. 

Hubbard, Henr>* \V.. Esq 

Huggard, W. R., M.D. 

Hulke, John W., Esq., F.R.,S. 

Humby, Edwin. M.D. 

Hume. F. H., Esq. 

Humphreys, F. W., E>;q. 

Hunt, Joseph W., M.D. 

Hutchinson, Jonathan, Esq. F.R.S. 

Hutchinson. "S. T-, Esq. 

Hutton, R. J., Esq. ', 

Ibbetson, George .A., Esq. 
Jackman, T. S. H., Esq. 
Jackson, George E. C, Esq. 
Jackson, J. Hughlings, M.D., 

F.R.S. .. 
Jacob, E. L., Esq. .. \\ 

facdbs, Henry, Esq. .. 
Jacques, Edwin, Esq. .. 
Tagielski, Victor, M.D. 
James, John, M.B. 
James, Joseph B., Esq. 
James, M. Prosser, M.D. 
James, W. Culver, M.D 
Jeken, Jas., Esq, 
Jenner. Sir Wm.. Bart., K.C.B. 

M.D.,D.C.L.. F.R.S. 
JenniDgs, C. E.. Esq. .. 
Jephson, John H.. M.D. 
Jepson, Ottaviui, M.D. 
Jeram, James W., Esr. 

21, Welbeck Street, W. 


I. Jermyu Street. S.W. 

.»6, Uueeu ,A,nnc .Street. W. 

Shtrbome Lane, King William .St., E.C. 

34, Gloucester Terrace. Hyde Park, W. 
Tlie Grove, Dulwich, S.E. 

15, Manchester Square, V\'. 

Kagie Villa, DarnleyRoad, Hacki.ey, E. 

25, Harley Street, W. 

35, Brook Street. W. 

202 Tufnell Park Road, N. 

ti, Kilburn Prior>-, N.W. 

I, Dnmley Road, Hackney, E. 

39, Wimpole Street, W. 

Brain tree 

38, W'impole Street, W. 

Great Baddow, Chelmsford 

5, Romney Terrace, Greenwich. 5>.n:. 

47, Kensington P.irk Gardens. W. 

9, riarley Street, W. 

31, Grosvenor Straei, W. 

17, Clarges Street, W. 

Lewisham, S.E. 

17, Clarges Street, W. 

33, Harley Street, W. 

71, Oakley Square, X.W. 
36. Cavendish Square. W. 

Primrose Hill Road, N.W. 

341, Brixton Road, S.W. 

26, Notting Hill Terrace, W. 

132, Highbury Hill, N. 

3o3, Camden Road, X. 

7, West Street, Finsbury Cirziis. E.C. 

22, Bedford Square, W.C. 

14. Ciiy Road, E.C. 

36. Berkeley Square, W. 

I, Dorset Square, N.W. 

24. George Street, Hanover Square, W. 
Amhurst Road, Hackney, E. 
33. Brook Street, W. 
135, Tulse HUi, S.W, 
55, Wimpole Street, W. 
40, Richmond Road, Barnsburv, X. 
76, Abbey Road, N,W. 
I, Bedford Gardens, Kensington, W. 

12, Mecklenburgh Square, W,C. 

4, Sianhope Terrace, Bayswater Read, Vv, 

£9 Camberwell Road, S.E, 

Aylesbury, Bucks 

Carlton House, Prince of Wales Road Ea'.ttr 

sea Park, S.W. 
Halstead (dead) 

13, Old Burlington Street, W, (resi^-n'^) 
3, .\ddiscombe Villas, Croj'don 
Watton, Hertford 

MontpelUer Road, Brighton 

12.^, Charterhouse Square. E.C 

107, Victoria Street, S.W. 

63, .-Vdelaide Road, South Hamp>:,^.: X.V.' 

i8. Great Cumberland Piace, V/. 

14, Savile Row, W. 

35, Essex Street. Strand, W.C. 

43, Green Street, W. 

56, Curzon Street, Mayfair, W. 

Tc!3, .Amhurst Road, E. 
Warrior Square, St. Leonards on-Sea 
Five, Clapton, E. 
3, :Mansfield Street, Queen Anne Street, W. 

II, Boundary Road, St. John's Wood, N.W. 
10, St. Thomas's Street, S.E. 

26, Elgin Road, Notting Hill, W. 
.Sussex House, Hammersmith, W. 

10, Old Burlington Street, W. 

23. Hamilton Terr., St. John s Wood, N.W. 
53, Devonshire Street, Islington, X. 

24, Sinclair Gardens, W. 

loi, Queen's Road, Dalston. E. 

15, Cavendish Square, W. 

44. Brook Street, W. 

Stapleton House, Stapleton Hall Road. X. 
IQA. Hanover Square, W. 
ir, Stoke Newington Road, X. 
Marlborough House, 17, Poland Street, W 

3. Manchester Square, W. 

S, Ahenburg Grdns., Clapham Common, S.W 

3, Russell Road, Kensington, W. 

206. Brixton Road, S.W. 

20, \\"e>Tnouih Street, W. 

11. Thurlow Square, S.W. 

47. Jamaica Road, Bermonusey, .S.E. 
3, Dean Street, Park Lane, W. 
II. Marloes Road, Kensington. W. 
Eltharo, Kent 

63, Brook Street, W. 

London Hospital, E. 

20, Wa-wick Gardens, Keasinzt.^n. W. 

Asylum, bione, Dartford 

Biook House, L'pper Clapton. E. 

Johnson, George, M.D., F.R.S. .. 
Johnston, Joseph, M.D., Brig.-Surg. 

A.M.D. .. 
Johnston, W. E.. M.D. 
Johnston, W. W., ALD. 

II, Savile Row, W. 

Jone.s, A. Lloyd, Esq. .. 
[ones, A- O'Brien, Esq. 
Jones, C. Handfield, M.B., 
Jones, Philip W., Esq... 
Jones, Sydney, Esq. 
Jones, r. Ridge, M.D... 
Juler, Henry K. Esq. ., 
Keen, E., Esq.! 
Keetley, C. R. B., Esq. 
Keiiy, Bernard, M.D. .. 
Kennedy, Alfred E., Esq. 
Kerr, Norman S., il.D. 
Key, A, Cooper, Esq. . . 
Kiallraark, Henry W., E^q. 
Kibbler, R. C, M.D .. 
King, Robert, Esq. 
King. W, Talbot, iLD. 
Kingdon, John A., Esq. 
Kisch, Albert, Esq. 
Kitching, George. .M.D. 
Lamb, William, M.B. .. 
Lamb, W. H., M.E. .. 
Lane, James R., Esq. .. 
Langmore, John C, M.B. 
Langston, Thomas, Esq. 
Langton, John, Esq. 
Latliam, C. W., Esq. ., 
Lawrance, F., Esq. 
Lavies, J. S., M.D. 

24, St. John's Wood Pirk, N.W. 
.. 157, Jamaica Road, Btrmondsey, S.E. 
.. Osborne House, ilount Ephraim, TuubridEe 

.. 327, New Cross Road, E. 

F.R.S. 24, Montagu Square, W. 
. . Enlield 

16, George Street, Hanover Square, W 
. . 4, Chesham Place, S.W. 

77, Wimpole Street, W. 
.. 44, New Broad Street, E.C. 

20, Princes Street, W. 
.. 12, Plough Road, Rothr'::;'r- -'. 
.. Plaistow. 

.. 42, Grove Road, N.W. 
.. 30, Wilton Place, S.W, 
.. 5, Pembridge Gardens, W. 
.. 61, King Edward's Road, Hackney, E. 

Uxbridge, W. 
.. 74, Victoria Park Road, E. 
.. New Bank Building-s E.C. 

.. ^, Sutherland Gardens, Maid. >. 

. . Enfield 

.. Lewisham, S.E. 

. . 46, Kensington Park Gardens. W. 

. . 49, Norfolk Square, W. 

. . 20, Oxford Terrace, W. 

.. i-g, Broadway, Westminster, .'^."'\'. 

2, Harley Street, W. 
.. 442, Hackney Road, E. 

St. Alban's Terrace, Hsmmer-u ..,: n . 
96, St. George's Road, S.W. 

Lawrence, Henry Cripps, Es'.i. . . 49, Oxford I'errace, W. 

Lawson, R. Lockhart, Esq. " ~ " 

Lawson, George, Esq. .. 

Leadam, W. Ward, ^LD. 

Lee, A. R., Esq. 

Lee, Henry, Esq. 

Lee, Robert J., M.D. .. 

Lees, David B., M.D. .. 

Leigh, William, Esq. .. 

Leonard, Henry J., M.B. 

Leonard, Thomas, JLD. 

Lichtenberg, George, iii.D. 

Liddle, John, Esq. 

Ligertwood, Thomas. M.D. 

Ling, William S., Esq. ,. 

Lipscomb, John T. X., ^LD 

Lipscomb, Richard X., Lsq. 

Littlejohn, Saltern G., M.B. 

Liveing, Edward, M.D. 

Liveing, Robert, ALD... 

Livingston, John, JLD. 

Llewellyn, Evan, Ksij. .. 

Lloyd, Ridgway R., Esq. 

Lloyd, Robert H., M.D. 
Loaoe, Jo.'ieph, Esq. 

Lockhart, W., Esq. 
Logic, Cosmo G., ^LD. 
Lomas, William, M.D... 
Longhurst, \. K., Esq. 
Longsiaff, George B., ^LD. 
Lovett, Samuel R., Esq. 
Lowne, Benjamin T., Esq. 
Lubbock, ^Montague, ^LD. 
Lucas, R. Clement, XI.B. 
Lucey, VV. Cubitt, M.D. 
Lunn, J. R., Esq. 
Lynch, J. Roche, Esq .. 
Mc.Andrew, Jimes J., Esq. 
Mac Cormac, Sir \VilIiam 

Mac Cormack, Michael J., M.B. 

i^IacDonagh, J. .4., Esq. 
Macfee, John, M.D. .. 
MacGraih, W. M., Esq 
McKellar, Peter H., IM.B. 
Mackenna, J. W., M.D. 
Mackenzie. F. ?.L, Esq. 
Mackenzie, G. Wciland. Esq. 
i^Iackenzie, Morel!, ]\LD. 
Mackenzie, Stephen, >LD. 
Alackinlay, J. G., Esq. 
Mackintosh, Donald. M.D. 
Maclagan, T. J., M.D. 
Maclaren, .\le.\ander C. Esq. 
McMunn, John A., M.B. 
Macnamara, Charles, Esq. 
-McOscar, John. .^LD. .. 
Macpherson, John, >LD. 
Macpherson, Peter, ^LD. 
Madge, Henr>' M.. ^LD. 
Mahomed, F. A., M.B. 
.Mair, R. S., M.D. 
Mann, John, Esq. 
Manson, Patrick, ^LD. 
Marsh, Howard, Esq. 
Marshal], Francis J., Esq. 
Marsha'.l. John, Esq., F.R.S. 

Berr>- Road, East Duhvid:, S.E. 

J2, Harley Street, W. 

80, Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park, W 

6, Stavordale Read, N. 

9, .Savile Row, W. 

0, .Savile Row, W. 
2, Thurloe Houses, Th.. 
Chiswick, W. 
279, Camden Road, N. 
29, New North Road, X. u^--. ::>> 
47, Finsbury Square, E.C. 
80, Bow Road, E. 
Royal Hospital, Cheisen, S.Vv. 
St. Alban's 
Hove, Brightou 
Hanwell, W. 

52, Queen Anne Street, AV'. 
11, Manchester Square, W. 
New Earcet ■ 

9, Blount Place, \\Tiitecaape], E. 
St. Alban's 
4, Savile Road, W. 

1, Dock Street, Whitechapel. E. 
67, Gran\-ille Park, Blackheath, S.E. 
47, QuecLsborough Terrace, W. 

9, Craig's Court, Charicg Cross, S.W. 

2, Thet^sa Place, Hammersmith, W, 
Southfield Grange, Vvai:dswcnh, S.W. 
13, Great Russell Street, W.C. 
65. Cambridge Gardens. W. 
19, Grosvenor Street. W. 
18, Finsbur>' Square, E.C 
The Elms, Bush Hill Park, Enn.rld 
Marjflebone Infirmarj', Xotting HiM, X. 
8, Boyne Terrace, Holland Par^r, W. 
Three Colt Street, Limehouse, E. 
13, Harley Street, W. 

Torrington ParU, North Fincliley. X. 

211, Hampstead Road, X.W. 

176, Commercial Road, E. 

32, Colville Terrace, W. 

Fever Hospital, Stockwel!, S.W. 

31, Great Marlborough Street, W. 

10, Hans Place, S.W. 

13, William Street, Lowndes Square S.W. 

10, Harley Street, W. 

26, Finsbuiy Square, E.C. 

18, Stratford Place, W. 

10, Lancaster Road, Belslze Park, N.W. 

9, Cadogan Place. S.W. 

60, Harley Street, W. 

Royal Hospital, Chelsea, S.V.". 

13, Gro.^venor Street, W. 

4, Arg>-!1 Street, W. 

35, Curzon Street, W. 

81, Queen's Road, Brownswood Park, N.W. 

4, Upper Wimpole Street, W. 

12, St. Thomas's Street, S.E. 

28, Ledbury Road, Bayswater, W 

3, Warlter's Ville Road, Homsey Rise, N. 

:i6, Bruton Street, W, 
Set George's Hos;iita!. 
10. Sa-. ilt: Row, W. 



[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Marslu-ill, John, Esq. . . 
Marshall, William G., Esq. 
Marlin, Henry C., M.D. 
Mason, Francis. Ksq. .. 
Mason, J. Walii^, Est] . . 
Massey, Hugh H.. l^^n,. 
Maudslcy, Henry. M '>. 
May, E. Hooper. M J '. 
May, G. Parker, M.D. 
May, Lewis J., Ksq. 
May, \V. Costal!. Esq. 
Mayhew, Charle^ H., E.-.j. 
Meadows, .Mfred, M.D. 
Medwin, K. G., M.D. 
Meiklejohn, J. W. S., M.D. 
Mennell, Z., Esq. 
Merriman, j. J., Esq. .. 
Metcalfe, Edmund, Esq. 
Michael. William H., Esq., O.C. .. 
Mickle, William J.. M.D. 
Mickley, George, M.B.. 
Millar, John, Esq. 
Millar, H. P., Esq. 
Mills, Samuel, Esq, 
Milne, R., M.D 
Milsom. R. H., M.D. .. 
Mitchell, Robert N., M.D. 
Mitcheson J. H.,Esq.. 
Monro, Henry, M.D. .. 
Montefiore, Nathaniel, Esq. 
Morgan, John H., Esq. 
Monson, Alexander, M.D. 
Morison, John, M.D. .. 
Morris, Henry, M.E. .. 
Morris, James, M.D. .. 
Morris, Malcolm A., Es.;. 
Morton, Andrew S., M.E. 
Morton, Thomas, M.D. 
Moullin, C. W. Mansell, M.D. .. 
Moullin, J. A. ManselK M.B. 
Muir, James C. P., Esq. 
Mumford, W. L., M.D. 
Murphy, S. F., Esq. .. 
Murrell, William, M.D. 
Musgraye, J. T., Esq. .. 
Myers, Arthur B. R., Esq. 

Neale, R., M.D 

Nettle«hip, Edward, Esq. 

Nicholson, EmiUus R : M.D. 

Nicoll, T. v., Esq. 

Norton, Arthur Trehern, Esq. 

Norton, John, Esq. 

Oates, Parkinson, M.D. 

Odell, William, Esq. .. 

Ogil vie, Charles F.,M.D.,Surg.^Mj. 

Oppenheim, Lewis. Esq. 

Ord, William M., M.D. 

Orlebar. Hoiham G., M.D. 

Ostlere, R., M.B. .. 

Oswald, J. W. I., M.D. 

Oswald. R. J. W.,Esq.. 

Owen, Isambard, Ai.t:. 

Owen, William. E?q. .. 

Paget, Sir Jas., Bt., D.C.L., F.K.S. 

Paramore, Richard, Esq. , 

Parker, Robert W., Esq. 

Parrott, Edward J.. Esq. 

Parsons, Sidnev, Esq. .. 

Patten, Charles A.. Esq. 

Paul, John H., M.D. .. 

Paul, J, Listen, M.D. .. 

Pavy, Frederick W., M.D., F.R.S. 
Payne, J. Frank, JLD. • .. 

Pearce, Joseph C., M.D. 
Pear&e, W. E. G., Esq. .. 
Pcdier, George H.. E.sq. 
Perifral, Arthur, M.D. .. 
Perkins, Whitfteki. Esq. 
Phillips, C. T. D., M.IJ. 
Phillips, Richard, E.sq. .. 
Picard, P. Kirkpatrick, ALD. 
Piatt. W. H., Esq, 
Playfair, W.S., M.D. .. 
Pocock, F. E., M.D.. .. 
Pollock. J.^mcs E., M.l». 
Pollock, Robert J., Em|. 
Poore, G. v., M.D. 
Pope, Edw.-i,rd, Esq. .. 
Pope, H. Cainpbdl, M.I>. 
Port, Hcinrich, ALD. .. 
Potter, George W., "bA.l 
Powdrell, John, Es<|. . 
Powell, R. Douc;'a<i, .M. ■ 
Power, Henry, M.B. 
Preston, W. J.. M.U. 
Pridham, Charles W,, Es i. 
Priestley, W. 0., M.D. 
Prince, C. K., Esq. 
Prior, R, H., M.n. 
Pritchard, UrK^n, .M.I' 
Purchas, T. I?., .MJ). 

143, Grange Road. Bermondsey, S.E. 
Asylum, Colney Hatch, N, 
ir, Somers Place, W, 
5, Brool: Street, W. 

r, Osnaburgh Terrace, Regent's Park, N.W. 
53, Camberwell Green, S.E 
9, Hanover Square, W. 
Ma Id on 

371, HoIIoway Road. N. 
52, 'I'regunter Road, S.W. 
23, Huntingdon Street, Barn>.wuiy, X. 
27, George Street, Hanover Square, W. 
34, Bruton Street, W, 
Royal Dockyard, Chatham 
Oxford House, Shepherd's Bush. Road, W. 
45, Kensington Square, W. 
55, Clifton Gardens, MaidaVale. W. 
38, Parliament Street, S.W. 
Grove Hall, Bow, E. 
St. Lukes Hospital, E.G. 
Beihnal House, Cambridge Road, E. 
86 Stoke Newingion Road, W 

3, Southampton Street, Strand, W C, 
Grove Road, E. 

83, Finchley Road, N.W. 
Wickham Road, Lewisham, S.E. 
Eridporc Hall, Edmonton 
i6. Upper Wimpole Street, W. 
18, Portman Square, W. (dead) 
12, Chapel Street, Park Lane, W. 
7, The Terrace, Green Lanes, N. 
Cumberland Road, St. .■Mbaus 

2, I\Iansfie!d Street, W. 

T3, Somers Place, Hyde Park, W. 

63, Alontagu Square, W. 

Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorfields, E.C. 

Grevilie Road, Kilburn, N.W 

So, Porchester Terrace, W. 

63, Wimpole Street, Sv. 

44, Cornwall Road, Westbourne Park, W. 

60. Fetter Lane, E.C. 

158, Camden Road, N.W. 

38, Weymouth Street, W'. 

Irlam Villa, Finchley Road, N.W. 

Coldstream Guards 

60, Boundary Road. N.W. 

5, Wimpole Street, W. 
89, Camden Road. N.W. 
Giencam House, Upper Clapton, E. 

6, Wimpole Street, W. 

38, John Street, Bedford Row, W.C. 

164, Cambridge Street, S.W. 


Warham Road, Croydon 

27. Cleveland Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 

7, Brook Street, W. 

93, Elizabeth Street, S.W. (dead) 

28, Stoke Newington Road, N. 
245, Kennington Road, .S.E 
.VS, Clapham Road, S.W. 

41, Gloster Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 

201, Bethnal Green Road, E, 

I, Harewood Place. W. 

18, Hunter Street, Brunswick Sq., W.C. 

8, Old Cavendish Street, W. 

78, Kensington Pjirk Road, W. 

Marpool House, Ealing, W. 

Camberwell, S,E. 

43, Queensborough Terrace, Kensington 

Gardens, W. 
35. Grosvcnor Street, W. 
78, Wimpole Street, W. 
Manor House, Brixton Rise, S.E. 
24, Bcssborough Gardens, "S^N. 
6, Trevor Terrace, Rutlajid Gate, S.W. 
Station Ro,id, New Earnct 
Ale.vandra House, Glastonbury 
Church Road, Upper Norwood. 
27, Leinster Square, W. 

59, Abbey Koad, N.W. 

4. Ujiton Villas, Kilburn, N.W. 

31, George Street, Hanover Square, W, 

The Limes, St. Mark's Rd., Netting Hill, W. 

52, Upper Brook Street, W. 

Oak Lodge, Wimbledon Park, S.W. 

30. Wimpole Street, .W, 


280. Gotdliawk Road, Shepherd's V,\\>\-., \\\ 

48, Finsl)ury Square, E.C. 

60, Highhur>' New Park, N. 
160, Fusion Koad, N.W, 

t»2, Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square, W. 

37A, Gt. Cumberland Place, Hyde Park W. 

4, .Aher.rorn Place, N.W, 

62, Ho^.-irth Road, Kensington, W. 

17, Hcrd'ord Street, May fair, W. 

Buckhursi Hill, Essex, 


3, Georyi; Street, Hanover Square, 'W. 
37, North Bank, Reg-nt's Park, N.W. 

Purves, W. Laidlaw, M.D. 
Purvis, J. P., E^i. 
Pye, Walter, Esq. 
Pyle. Thomas T., ^LD. 
Quain, Richard, M.D., F.R.S. ., 
RadcHffe, J. Netten, Esq. 
Ralfe, C, H., M.D. 
Ramsay. William F. H., ,M.D. .. 
Randall, John, M.D. .. 
Ranger, W. G,, Esq. .. 
Rasch, Adolphus, JLD. 
Rayner, Henrj*, RI.D. .. 
Read, Thomas L,,Esq,.. 
Rees, George Owen, M.D., F.R.S. 
Reilly, F. J., Esq. 
Reynolds, J. Russell, M.D., F.R.S. 
Rice, George. M.B. 
Richards, J. P., Esq, ,. 
Richard's, S. A., Esq, .. 
Richardson, Eenj.W.,M.D., F.R.S. 
Richardson. Timothy, Esq. 
Rickards; Walter, M.D, 
Rigden, Walter, Esq. .. 
Ring, E. CuthberC, Esq. 
Ring, John, M.D, 
Ringer, Sydney, M.D. ,. 
Rivington, Waller, Esq. 
Roberts, David W,, M.D. 
Roberts, Frederick T., M.D. 
Roberts, J, Coryton, Esq. 
Roberts, Henry W., Esq. 
Roberts, John D., Esq, 
Rogers, Braithwaite, M.D. 
Rogers, George A., Esq. 
Rogers, George H., Esq. 
Rogers, Hildyard, Esq. 
Rogers, Joseph, AI.D. 
Rogers, William R., M.D. 
Rogers- Harrison, C. H., \-.h:\. 
Rose, Henrv Cooper, M.D. 
Routh, C. H. F., JLD. 
Royston, Charles, M.D. 
Rudyard, Alfred T., M.D. 
Rugg, B. Alfred, Esq. .. 
Rugg, George P., M.D. 
Rygate, John J., M.E. 
Salter, [. H.. Esq. 
Sanderson, J. B., M.D.- t ' 
Sandwell. Edward, Esi|. 
Sangster, C, Esq. 
'Sansom, Arthur K., IVLi'. 
Saul, William. M.D. 
.Saunders, Charles E., I\LD. 
Saunders, Sir Edwin 
Saunders, George, C.B., M.D. 
Savage, George H., M.D. 
Savory-, W. Scovell, IVLB.,F.K.S. . . 
Schmidt, Alfred E., Esq. 
Schofield, F., M.D. 
Scolield, William J. J., Esq. 
Scott, John, Esq. 
Seaton, Joseph, M.D. .. 
Sedgwick, Leonard V/., j\LD. 
Sedgwick, William, Esq. 
Semon, Felix, M.D. 
.Semple, Robert H,, M.D. 
Sequeira, H. L., Esq. .. 
Sequeira, James S,, Esq. 
Seton, David E., M.D, 
Seweil, Charles B., M.i'. 
Shaw, George, Esq. 
Sheldon, T,, M.D. 
Shelly, C. E., M.B,, ,. 
Shepard, W. L., Esq, .. 
Shepherd, W. G., M.D. 
Shtllitoe, Buxton, Esq... 
Shiltitoe. Richard, jun., Esq. 
Sibley, S. W., Esq.. .. 
Sieveking, Edward H.. .M.D. 
Simms, Frederick, M.E. 
Simpson, G , Esq 
Simpson, Thomas, Esq. 
Slight, George, M.D. .. 
SUmon, W'illiam, ALE. 
Slogeett, \V. H., E>q. ., 
Slyman, William D., 1- ,. 
Smale, M. A., Esq. 
Smart, James, Esq. 
Smart, Sir W. R. E., K.C,B.,M.D. 
Smith, E. Noble, Esq... 
Smiih, Eustace, M.D. .. 
Smith. T. Gilbart. M.D. 
Smith, H. C. Barton. M.D. 
Smith, Heywood, ALVK 
Smith, Protherop, ^LD. 
Smith, Richard T., ALD, 
Smith, Roland D., Esq. 
Smith, Walter, Esq. 
Smith, W, Johnson, Esq. 
Smvth. Spencer T., M.D. 
Snell, Edward A,, i\LE. 
Snow, Herbert L,, ALD. 

20, Stratford Place, Oxford Street, W. 
Royal Hill, Greenwich, S.E. 

4, Sackville Street, ^\'. 

5, Lower Seymour Street, W. 

67, Harley Street, W, 

14, Regent's Park Terrace, N.W, 
26, Queen .\nne Street, W. 

334, Cornwall Road, W. 
204, Adelaide Road, N.W. 
4, Finsbnrj' Square, E.C. 

7, South .Street, Finsbur>-,E.C. 
Asylum, Hanwell, W. 

11, Petersham Terrace, Kensington, S.W 
26, -Albemarle Street, W. 

107, Globe Road, E. 

38, Grosvenor Street, W. 

Infirmary, Plumstead, S.E. 

Asylum, Hanwell 

3, Gwydyr Houses, Brixton, S.W. 

25, Manchester Square, W". 
394, Commercial Road E. 

8, Cavendish Place, W. 
231, Erompton Road, S.W. 
10, St. James Square, S.W. 

12, Cambridge Gardens, Kilburn, N.W. 

15, Cavendish Place, W. 
22, Finsburj^ Square, E.C. 
56, Manchester Street, W. 
53, Harley Street, W. 

Avenue House, Peckham Rye, S.E. 
Wickham Terrace. Lewisham High Rd., S.E. 
73, Southv.ark Bridge Road, S.E. 

2, Upper Westbourne Terrace, W. 
164, High Street. Shadwell, E. 

3, Clififord Street, W. 

St. Stephen's, Shepherds Bush, W. 

33, Soho Square, W. 

56, Berners Street, Oxford Street. ^V 
55, Stockwell Road, S.W. 
Hampstead, N.W. 

52, Montagu Square, W. 1 

1, St. Stephen's Crescent, Westbouine Pk., W 

T, Church Hill Villas, Wood Green, N. 
Stockwell Villa, Clapham Road, S.W. 
126, Cannon Street Road, E. 
Tolleshunt D'Arcv. Essex 

26, Gordon Square, W.C. 

to, Charles Street, Soho Square, W. 
14S, Lambeth Road. S.E. 
84, Harley Street, W. 

4, Charlotte Street, Fiizroy Square, W. 

21, Lower Seymour Street, W, 

i^A, George .Street, Hanover Square, W. 

28, Colville Terrace, Eayswater, W. 

Bethlem Hospital, S.E. 

<JKi, Brook Street, W. 

150, Bethnal Green Road, E. 

Cambersvell House, Camberwell, S,E. 

13, Sonth Hill Park Gardens, N.W. 
TO, Tavistock Square, W.C. 
Sunburj', Middlesex 

2, Gloucester Terrace, W. 
12, Park Place, N.W. 

59, Welbeck Street, \V. 

5, Torrington Square, W,C. 

34, Jewry Stieet, Aldgate E.C. 
Crescent House, Cassland Road, E. 
12, Thurloe Place, S.W. 

21, Cavendish Square W 

Enfield Highway 

123, Cornwall Road, Nottiuy Hill, W, 


15, Euston Road, N.W. 

30, Myddelton Square, E.C. 

2, Frederick Place, Old Jewry, E.C. 


7, Harley Street, W. 

17, Manchester Square, W. 

6, Mandeville Place, SV. 
739, Old Kent Rd., S.E. 
Coggeshall, Essex 

25, Brewer Street, W. 

4, York Place, Bow Road, E, 

74, Cambridge Gardens West, \V. 

26, Cavei-sham Road. N.W. 

89, Seymour Street, Hyde Park, W. 
70, Victoria Park Road, E. 
21, Castletown Road, Kensington, W 
24. Queen Anne Street, W. 

5, George Street, Hanover Square, W. 

68, Harfey Street, W. 

30, Charles Street, Berkeley Square; W 

18, Harley Street, W, 

42, Park .Street, Gro.svenor Square, W. 

53, Haverstock Hiil, N.W. 

1, Clapton Square, E. 

2, Stanhope Terrace, Regent's Park, -N.W 
Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich 

Tyson Road, Forest Hill, S.E. 
70, City Road, E.C, 
40, Norfolk Terrace, W 

Dec. 29,1883.] 


Somershield, Oscar, M.D. 
Southey, Reginald, M.D. 
Soutter, Mansfield C, Esq. 
Spooner, F. H., M.D... 
Squire, William, M.D... 
Slartin, James, Esq... 
Steet, George C., Esq^. .. 
Stevenson, T,, M.D. .. 
Stewart, A., Esq. 
Stewart, A. P., M.D. .. 
Stewart, William, M.D. 
Stewart, William E., Esq. 
Stilwell, Henry, M.D... 
Stiiwell, Robert R., M.D. 
Stocker, Alonzo H., M^D. 
Stowers, James H., M.D. 
Stowers, Nowell, Esq. .. 
Strange, W. Heath, M.D. 
Sturges, Octavius. M.D. 
Sutherland, Henry. M.D. 
Sutro, Sigismund, M.D. 
Swindell, Joseph J., Esq. 
Tait, Edward W., Esq. 
Tanner, John, M.D. .. 
Tapson. J. A., Esq. 
Tatham, John, M.D. .. 
Tatham, Robert G., Esq. 
Tay, Waren, Esq. 
Tavlor, Charles, M.D... 
Taylor F. M.D. 
Taylor, Thomas, Esq. .. 
Teevan, A., Esq. 
Tegart, Edward, Esq. .. 
Tenison, E. T. Ryan, M.D., R.N. 
Thin, George, M.D. 
Thorn, Wiiham, Esq., Surs-Genl... 
Thomas, G. DanfordP., M.D. 
Thompson, .'Vlfred B., Esq. 
Thompson, E. bymes, M.D. 
Thompson, Sir Henry .. 
Thompson, James, M.D. 
Thomson, Allen, M.D., LL.D . 

Thome, R. Thome, M.B. 
Thornton, J. K., M.B... 
Thorowgood, J. C., M.D. ,. 

Tlioip, iicii.j J., i:,-,q. .. 
Thudichum, J L. W. M.D. 
Thyne, Thomas, M.D... 
Tibbits, Herbert, M.iJ. 
Tidy, C. M., M.B. 
Tilley, Samuel, Esq. 
Tilt, Edward J., M.D... 
Timms, Godwin W., M.D. 
Tomes, Charles S., Esq., FiR.S. .. 
Tomes, John, Esq., F.K.S. 
Tonge, Morris. M.D. .. 
Toulmin, Francis Esq. 
Toulmin, Frederick J., Esq. 
Towne, Ale.v., Esq. .. ' .. 

Townsend, T. S., Esq. .. 
Travers, William, .M.U. 
Treves, F. Esq 
Tripe, John W., M.D. 
Truman, Edwin, Esq. .. 
Tucker, An hony C, E^q. 
Tuke, D. Hack, M.D... .] 

Turner, F. C, M.D. .. 
Turner, J. Smith, Esq. .. 
Turner, Walter P., Esq. 
Tweed, J. J., Esq. 
Underwood, T. F. K., Esq. 
Vallance, T. J., M.D. .. 
Vasey, Charles, Esq. 
Venning, Edgcombe, Esq. 
Verdon, H. Walter, Esq. 
Verdon, Michael J., Esq. 
Verley, Reginald L., Esq. 
Vinen, E. H., M.D. .. 
Vinen, J. N., M.D. 
Waggett, John, M.D. .. 
Waite, Charles D., M.B. 
Wakefield, Thomas, M.B. 
Walford, Walter G., M.D, 
Walker, A. D., M.D. .. 
Walker, James P., M.D. 
W'alker, John R., Esq. 
Walker, Joseph, M.D... 
Wall, Reginald B., Esq. 
Wallace, Frederick, Esq. 
Wallace, Richard U., M.B. 
Walsham, W. J., M.B. 
Walshe, Walter H^, M.D. 
Walton, Haynes. t,sq. .. 
Wane, Daniel, M.D. .. 
Warn, Keuben T., Esq. 
Warner, Francis, M.D. 
Warner, Percy, Esq. 
Watkins, Charles S., Esq. 
Waikins, Edwin T., M.D. 
Watney, Herbert, M.D. 
Watson, John, M.D. .. 
Watson, W. Spencer, Esq. 

Kimberley, South Africa 

6, Harley Street, W. 

E, Cumberland Terrace, Finsbury Park, N. 

24. Periibuiy Koad, Clapton, E. 

^, Orchard Street, W. 

17, Sachvilie Street, W. 

i.l'J, Kiiiii Henry's Road, N.W. 

45, Gresham Road, S.W. 

112, Chcapside, E.G. 

75, Oro.svenor Street, W. (dead) 

37» Southwick Street, Hyde P..rk, W. 

16, Hariey Street, W. 

Hillingdon, Uxbridgc 

Beckenham, Kent 

I'eckhain House,, S.E 

23, Fm,shury Circus, E.G. 

125, Keimington Park Road. S.E 

2, Avenue, Belsize Park, N.W. 
£5) ^\'!m;joIc Street, W. 

6, Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, S.W. 
37--\i Finsbury Square, E.C. 

10, Hi-hbury Park, N. 
io2j Harley .Street, W. 
Clapham, S.W. 

r^, George Street, Hanover Square, W. 
6g^ East India Road, E. 
4, Finsbury Square, E.C. 
Pine House, Cambcrwell, S.E. 

11, St. Thomas's Street, S.E. 
Bucking, Braintree 

116, Netherwood Road.^W 
49, jermyn Street, S.W. 
215, Uxbndge Road, W. 
23,.(?ueen Anne Street, W. 
13, l"he Grove, Batiersea, S.W. 
63, St. Mary's Terrace, Paddington, \S' . 

1 3, Serjeant's Inn, E.C. 
33, Cavendish Square, W. 
^5, Wimpoie Street, W. 

1, Mathuson Road, West Kensington, W. 

66, Palace Gardens Terr., Kensington, ^\'. 
45, Inverness Terrace, W. 
22, Portman Street, W. 
61, Welbeck Street, W. 
29, Southwark Bridge Road, S.E. 

11, Pembroke Gardens, W. 

8, The Barons, East Twickenham 
63, Wimpoie Street, W. 

3, Mandeville Place, Manchester Square, W. 
'Ihe Ccdai's, Cranford 

27, Seymour btreet, W. 

9, Wimpoie Street, VV. 
37, Cavendish Square, W. 
Calerham Valley 

Upper Clapton, E. 

36, Thurloe Square, S.W. (dead) 
364. King^bnd P.oad, E. 

cS, Queen's Gate, Kensington, S.W. 

2, Phiilimore Gardens, W. 
i9, Gordon Square W,C 

232, Richmond Road, Hackney, E. 

23, Old Burlington Street, W. 

16, Richmond Road, Bamsbury, N. 

4, Cliarlotte Street, Bedford Square, W,C. 

15, Finsburjr Square, E.C. 

12. George Stieet, Hanover Square, W, 

14, Upper Brook Street, W. 
II, Hedford Square, W.C. 
Stratford, E. 

5, Cavendish Place, W. 
87, Sioane Street, S.W. 
4XO, Bri.xton Road, S.W. 

37, Craven Street, W.C. 
Devonshire Street 

17, Chepstow Villas, Bayswater, W. 
St. Juhn's, Southwark. S.E. 

2, New Square, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

3, Old Burlington Street, W. 
37, Nottingham Place, W. 

4q, Finchley New Road, N.W. 
56, Ladbroice Grove Road, W. 
32, Bedfo'd Square, W.C. 
2S, Portsdown Road, W. 
22, Grosvenor Street, W. 
78, Bishop's Road, Bayswater, W. 
96, Ca^enove Road, Upper Clapton, E, 
Amhurst Road. Hackney, E. 
27, Weymouth Street, W. 
41, Hyde Park Square, W. 
I, Brook Street, W. 
20, Grafton STeet, Bond Street, W, 
37, Highgate Ro-id, N.W. 

24, Harley Street, W. 
WooHford, Essex 

16, King William Street, W.C. 
61, Guildford Street, W.C. 

I, Wilton Cr .-scent, S.W. 

6, Southampton Street, Bioomsbury, W.C. 

7, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, W. 

Watson, W. Tvndale, M.D. 
Way, John, M".D. 
Weaver, Loraine, Esq. 
Webb, Frederick E., Esq. 
Webber, W. Littleton, Esq. 
Weber, Frederic, M.t>. 
Weber, Hermann, ^LD. 
Welch, Charles. Esq. .. 
Welch. Charles'H., E.sq. 
Welch, Samuel, Esq. . . 
Weller George, Esq. , 
WelU. S. S. D., Esq.. ' 

Gen.. R.N. 
West. Samuel, M.B. .. 
Wliaiey, John C. , Esq. . . 
Wharton. Henry T., Esq. 
WTieeler,' Charles, Esq... 
Wheeler, Daniel, Esq. . . 
Whesler, Thomas, Esq. 
Whistler, W. McNeill, M.D. 
White, T. Charters, Esq. 
Whitmarsh, John L., Esq. 
Whitmore, W. T., Esq. 
Wigmore, W., Esq. 
Wilhe, Richard H., M.D. 
Willcccks. Frederick, I^LB. 
Willett, Edmund, M.D. 
Wiiktt, Edmund S., M.D. 
Williams, A. Wynn, M.D. 
Williams, C. Theodore, M.D. 
Williams, Dawson. M.D. 
Williams, H. LI., M.D. 
Williams, H. W., M.D. 
Williams. John, M.D. .. 
Williams, W. Rhys, M.D. 
Williamson, James, M.D. 
Willis, Julian, Esq. 
Wiiloughby, E. F., M.B. 
W'ilson, Sir Erasmus. F.R.S. 
Wilson, F. W., M.B. .. 
Wiltshire, Alfred, M.D. 
Winslow, H. F., M.D. .. 
Winslow, Lyttleton F., M.D., Alfred T. T., M.D. 
Woakes, Edward, M.D. 
Wolff, A., Esq. 
W'ood, John, Esq., F.R.S. 
Wood, William, M.D. .. 
Woodhouse, John, M.D. 
Woodhouse, R. H., Esq. 
Worley. W. C., Esq. .. 
Wotton, Henr>-, M.D. .. 
Wright, Francis)., M.D. 
Yeo, L B., M.D., 

Ackery, John, Esq. .. .. 

Air. A. C, jun., Esq. ., 
Airy, H., M.D. 
Allan, D., M.D. 
.\!len, Francis J., M.B. 
Allen, J. W., Esq. 
.\llt. N. W., Esq. 
Anderson, H. B., M.B. 
Anderson, J., M.D. 
Anderson, ^1. F., Esq. ., 
Anderson, W., Esq. 
Andrew, W. W., M.B... 
Andrews, C, M.D. 
Andrews, James, M.D. 
.■\nthonisz, P. D., M.D. 
•Archer, E. L., Esq. 
Armilage, J., M.B. 
Armstrong, K. S., E-q. 
Arnold, J., Esq. 
.■\rnott, S., Esq. 
Arthur, W., Esq. 
Atkinson, J. M., Esq. .. 
Atkinson, W. J., Esq. .. 
Bailey, R. G., Esq. 
Balding, M., M.D. 
Ballance, C. A., Esq. .. 
Baker, F. G., Esq. 
Baker, J. B., Esq. 
Baker, J. P., Esq. 
Baker, T., Esq. 
Banatvale, H E., Esq... 
Barbour, J., M.D. 
Barclay, A. W., M.D. .. 
Barker, J. C, Esq. 
Barnes, J. J. F., Esq. .. 
Barrett, A. E., Esq. 
Barry, C. J., M.D. 
Bartlett, J. P.. Esq. .. 
Bass, C. W., Esq. 
Eateman, A. G., Esq. .. 
Battle, W. H., Esq. .. 
Ba>-field, H. O., Esq. .. 
Beale, G. E., Esq. 
Bell, Alfred J., Esq. .. 
Benham, F. L., P^sq. .. 
Benharo. R. Fitzroy, Esq. 
Eenoly, N., M.D. 


4, Eaton .^auare, S.W. 

185, Clapha'm Road, S.W, 

113, MaidaVale, W. 

2fiy .\ddison Road, W. 

44, Green Street, Grosven<j; 

10, Grosvenor Street, W. 

377, Hackney Road, E. 

120, Stoke Newington Road, N. 

[..-turiston Villa, Victoria Park RoaJ, F. 

U he Mall, Wan.stead 

'':.. Leigham Terrace, Plymoutii 

15, Wimpoie Street, W. 

I, Brondesbury Road, Kilburo, N.W: 

39, St. George's Road. Kilbum» N.AV. 

Q'l, Kennington Park Road, S.^V. 


Bc^;ley, Kent 

28, Wimpoie Street, W. 

32, Beigrave Road, S.W. 

LI, Western Villas, Southgate, X. 

7, Arlington Street, S-V/. 

130, Inverness Terrace, W. 

21, Finchley Road, N.W. 

14, Mandeville Place, W. 

6, Anson Road, Tufnell Park, N. 
Wyke House, Isleworth W 
1, .Montagu Square. W. 
47, Upper Brook .Street, W. 

4, Oxford and Cambridge Mansions, W. 

5, .\therstone Terr.. South Kensibgton, W, 
168, Fuiham Road, S.W. 

22, Harley Street, V/. 

ig, Whitehall Place, S.W. 

44, Mildmay Park, N, 

£2, Su^herlaiid (hardens, W. 

7^, Manjuess ]^oad, N. 

17, Henrietta Street, Cavendish. Squa^, W 

ifi, R.imsden Road, Balham 

57, Wimpoie Street. W. 

47, Queen Street, W. 

23, Cavendfeh Square, W. 
Davos P(al7, .Switzerland 
57, Harley .Street, W. 

48, Gloucester Gardens, W. 

61, Wimpoie Street, W. 
99, Harley ^treet, W. 
Hertford (resigns) 

1, Hanover Square, W. 

I, New North Road, Hoston, N. 

15, Netting Hill Terrace 

Northumberland House, Stoke Newington, N. 
44, Hertford Street, iMayfair, W. 


24, Quesn Anne Street, W. 

316, Kennington Park Road, S.E. 

Local Government Board, Whitehall S.W 

Grosvenor Street, W, 

29 i, Kennington Road. S.E. 

60, Alexandra Road, N.M'. 

Woburn Place, W.C. 

73, East India Road, E. 

25, Welbeck Street, W. 

8u. Gray's Inn Road, W.C. 
03, St. George's Square, S.W 
Hendon, N.W. 

62, Hammersmith Road, W. 
Evv-rleigh, Hampstead, N.W. 
12, Tavistnck Square, W.C. 
103, Earl's Court Road, W. 

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, E.C. 
12, Chippenham Road, W. 
48, Upper Gloucester Place, N.W. 
213, Hill Street, Walworth, S.E. 
92, Oakley Street, S.W. 

Infirmary-, Marloes Read, S.W. . 

WoodviHe House, Wood Green, Southgate Rd. 
Rothbury Villas, Finsbury Park, N. 
St. Albans 

56, Harley Street, W. 
Poplar Hospital, East India Road, E. 
27, Bassett Road, W. 
6. York Place, Portman Square, W. 
St. George's Union, Fuiham Road, S.W. 
27, Guilford Street, W.C. 
118, Newington Causeway, S-E. 
Whitney Wood, Stevenage, Herts 
252, Mile End Road, E. 
83, Caversham Road, N.W. 
12, Ladbroke Grove, W. 
70, Wimpoie Street, W. 

12, Summer Place, Onslow Square, S.W. 
Great Ilford 

13, Canonbury Lane, N. 
St. Thoma*' Hospital, S.E. 
Lavender Hill, S.W. 

17, Queen Anne's Avenue, South Tottenliam 
52, Acaci.a Road, N.W. 
Rockham Street, Noiting Hill, \V 
Baron's Court, S.W. 
2, Gore Road. Victoria Park, E. 


[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Bentlif, P. B., Esq. 
Berdoe, Edward, Esq. .. 
Uerry, G., M.B. 
Iierr>'. H. T., Esq. 
Bertolacci, J. H., Esq. 
Bhabba. Kev. ^.D. 
Biden, E. J., Esq. 
Kiggs, J. M., Esq. 
Birch, S. B.. M.D. 
Bird, G. G., Esq. 
Bird, P. H., Esq. 
Biack, J. Walt, M.D. .. 
Blackley, JohnG., M.B. 
Blair, A., Esq. 
Blake, J. F., Esq. 
Bland. A. R. H.. M.D. 
Bodkin. W., M.D. 
Bossy, Alfred H., Esq. , . 
Boulter, H. B.,Esq. .. 
Rovill, E., Esq. 
!Joyd, Robert. .M.D. .. 
Bo3-d, Stanley, M.B. .. 
Brewer, A. H., Esq. 
Brickwell, J., Esq. 
Bromley, John B., Esq. 
Brooking, C. H., M.D. 
Brown, Geo., M.D. 
Brown, J. B. S., Esq. .. 
Browne, E. S., Esq. 
Krownfield, M,, Esq. .. 
Br>-ant, Walter J., Esq. 
Buckell, F. J., Esq 
Bullock. J. E.. :M.D. .. 
Bunting, ]., Esq. 
Burnett, F. J., Esq. .. 
Burrell, E., M.D. 
Burn-, H. B. P., Esq. .. 
Burton, W. E., Esq. 
Bun-, G., Esq. 
Bush, R. H.. M.D. 
Buss. Henr>-, M.D. 
Buxton, D. W., Esq. .. 
Cahill, J., Esq. 

Cameron Charles, M.D., yi.V. 
Cameron C. H. H. Esci. 
Cameron, T-. M.D. 
Campbell, W. F., E«q. . . 
Carpenter, J. W., M.D. 
Carr, A. A.. Esq. 
Carter, C. H., M.D. .. 
Cayley, Wm., M.D. .. 
Chambsrs, F., Esq. 
Chambers, J. L., Esq. . . 
Cliampnej-s, C. T., Esq. 
Chapman, C., Esq. 
Charnley, W., Esq. 
Chisholm, W. Esq. 
Christie, j. W. S.. Esq. 
Clarke, Ernest, Esq. 
Clarke. T., M.D. 
Clarke, J. .\.. Esq. 
Glegg, Joseph, Esq. 
Cleghom, Jame^ M.D. 

Clippendale, L. D., M.l>. 
Clubbe, C..P. B., Esij. . . 
Coates, G., M.B. ' .. 
Cock, W., M.D. 
Cocks. Benj., Esq. 
Cohen, A., M.B. 
Collie. J. W., Esq. 
Collins, W. J., M.D. .. 
CoIHngwood. D., Es.i. . , 
Cook, A. H., Esq. 
Cook, P. J.. Esq. 
Cooke, R. H., Esq. .. 
Coombe, A. T. , Esq. , . 
Cooper. R. T., M.D. .. 
Corlett. J. B.,M.D. .. 
Cree, P. K.. Esq. 
Crcighton, C, M.D. .. 
Creswcll. F. Esq. 
Cronk, H. G., Esq. 
Crookshank, H. M., E-Sti, 
Cross, A. J. G., M.D. .'. 
Cross, T.. M.D. 
Crow, H. W. T., M B. 
Cullimore, D. H., M.D., 
Danaher, J. W., Esq. .. 
Davics-Colley, J. N. C, M.B. 
Davles. T. G. D., Esq. 
Davis, C. D., Esq. 
Da\-son. S. H.. M.D. .. 
Da\-3-, Ricliard, Esq. 
Dawson, E., Es(], 
Day. R. N., Esq. 
Day,W. W., M.D. 
Deane, J. Esq., John, Est]. 
De Wattcvillc, Bjron A. 
Dickin.son. W. H.. M.D. 
l»;ckson, W. J., M.D. .. 

Middlesex Hospital 

Victoria Park Gate, E. 

Ophthalmic Hospital. Moorfields, E.C- 

29, Aniwell Street, E.C. 

Park Road, New Wandsworth, S.W. 

i3, Queen's Road, Netting Hill. W. 

II, St. Mar>-'s Road, Peckham, S.E. 

Child's Hill, X.W. 

61, HarJey Street, W. 

22, St. Mary's Terrace, Paddingtoo, \V, 

1, Norfolk Square, \\'. 
15. Clarges Street, W. 

2, Gordon Street, Gordon Square, W.C. 

49, \\'oodstock Road, Finsbury Park, X. 

I, Princes Street, Storey's Gate, S.\\'. 

II, Gloucester Gardens, S.W. 

ii3. Stoke Newington Road, X. 
Bernard House, Richmond 
no, Edith Road, West Kensington 
South all (dead) 

201. Queen's Road, Dalston, E. 

Sawbridge worth 

Castle Hedingham, Halstead 



Grange Park Gardens. Ealing. W. 

17, Lansdowne Road, W. 

171, East India Road, E. 

23.\, Susse.\ Square, W, 

316, Upper Street, Jsiington 

S7, Ladbroke Grove, W. 


25, Georee Street, Hanover Square, \V. 
20, Endsleigh Street, W.C. 


24, Wimpole Street, W. 
Whetstone. N. 

C, Gloucester Terrace, W. 

Tumham Green 

University College Hospital, Gower St.. W.C. 

26, Albert Gate, Hyde Park. S.W. 

50, St. Georges Square. S.W 
Lochiel, Harlesden, N.W 
Guildford House, Hendon 

83, Junction Road, Holloway, N. 

276, Lambeth Road, S.E. 

^, Burlington Road, St. Stephen's Square, W. 

45, Great Cumberland Place, W. 

5S, Welbeck Street, W. 

64, Chester Square, S.W. 

249, Hackney Road, E. 

25^ Tavistock Street, W.C. 

r3, Carlton Hill, N.W. 

14, Old Burlington Street. \\', 

II, Duke Street, Portland Place, W. 

Leavesden Asylum, Watford 

St. Bartholomew's Hospital, E.C. 

42, Hereford Street, W. 


CO. Me-srs. Grindlay & Co., 55," Parliament 

Street, S.W. , 

Kensington Dispensary, Church Street, W. 
Lower footing, S.W. 

II, St. George's Terr., South Kensington, S.W. 
Queen's Road, Peckham, S.E. 
l^untingford, Herts 
Metropolitan Free Hosp., Commercial St., E. 

68, Leman .Street, E. 

.\lbert Terrace. Regent's Park. N.W. 

University College Hospital, GowerSt.. W.C. 

Denning Road, Hampstead, N.W. 

Daibsrrj' Road, Brixton. S.W. 

73, Church Street, N. 

St. Clarendon Road, Netting Hill, \V. 

7, Stanley Gardens, W. 

206. South Lambeth Roa<i, S.W. 

St. John's Park. Upper Holloway, N. 

25, Savile Row,'W. 
Winchmore Hill, N. 

.St. Bartholomew's Hospii.-i), K.C. 

14, Elgin Roadj W. 

42, Craven Street, Strand^ \\'.C. 

7, Stanhope Terrace. N.\^ . 

92, St. Paul's Road, Essex Road, X. 

54, Wclheck Street. W. 

Manor House, Plaistou 

36, Harley Street, W. 

26, Hatlon Garden. E.C. 

9, Lambeth Road, Brixton Road, S.W. 
203. Maida Vale, W. 
33. Welbeck Street, W. 
Harlow, Essex- 
Church Street, Lower Edmonton 
42. Athion Roa-i, Stoke Newington, N. 
132. Sloane Street, S.W. 
9, Wimpole Street, W. 
9, Chesterfield Street, W. 
4, The Grove, Hackney. E. 

Dixon, John, >LE. 
Dixon, John, ALD. 
Dixon. \V, E., Esq. .. 
Dodsworth, F. C, E?q. 
Dunkin, H. B., M.E., .. 
Dove, I. R. B.. .\LB. .. 
Dow, H. B., .M.D. 
Doyne, R. W., M.D. .. 
Dresser. A. K., Esq. 
Duckworth, Dyce, M.D. 
Duncan, A., M.i>. 
Duncan. G. C. M.D. .. 
Dyte, David H., Esq, .. 
Eagle, H. F. C-, Esq. .. 
East, G. E., Esq. 
Edmunds W., M.D. .. 
Edwardes, E. J., M.D. 
English, E., Esq. 
English, T. J., Esq. .. 
Evans, H. N.. M.B. .. 
Evans, J. A. M., M.B... 
Evans, T,, jun., Esq. . . 
Evans. W. T., Esq 
Eve, F. S., Esq. 
Evershed. A., Esq. 
Fairless, W, D., M.D. 
Farmar, E. Dorset, Esq. 
Fearnley, William, Esq. 
Fearon, Geo., M.D. 
Fell, J. W., Esq. 
Fell, Walter, Esq. 
Fendick, T. R., Esq. .. 
Fennings, Allen, Esq. .. 
Fenton, G., Esq. 
Fenwick, Bedford, M.D. 
Fenwick, Samuel, !\LD. 
Ferriani, A., M.D. 
Ferris, John S., M.B. .. 
Fisher, Frederick R., Esq. 
Fitzgerald, \V. A., M.B. 
Fitzpatrick, T., M.D. .. 
Flack. James, Esq. 
Forbes. Litton, Esq. 
Ford. E. M., E^q, 
Ford, R. G., Esq. 
Fowler, C. O., Esq. 
Fowler, L K.. M.B. .. 
Fox, R.'H., Esq. 
Franklin, J. A., Esq. .. 
Eraser, A. H., E>q. 
Fraser, D. M., M.D. .. 
Fuller, C. C, Esq. 

Fyfe, Andrew. 3\LD. 
Gabb, Percj'. Esq. 
Gabbett, H. S.. M.B. .. 
Gallowav. A. W., Esq. 
Calpin, G. L.. M.D. .. 
Gardiner, Gideon G., M.D. 
Gardner, W. H., Esq. .. 
Garrett, J., Esq. 
Garrod, A. B., M.D., F.R.S. 
Gaskoin, G., Esq. 
Gayton, W., I^LD. 
Gee, S., M.D. 

Gidley-Moore, J. B. G., Esq. 
Gill, W., Esq. 
Gillard, R., Esq. 
Godfrej', F., Esq. 
Godrich, F. .Esq. 
Godwin. Ashton. M.D... 
Goldie, Robert W., Esq. 

Goude, H., Esq. 

Gould, W., Es(i. 

Gould, W. R.. Esq., .. 

Graham, \., Esq. 

Graham, J., ^LD. 

Grant, L., Esq. 

Grayson. Francis P., Esq. 

Greet. W. A., Esq. 

Greenish. R. W., Esq. .. 

Griffin. T., Esq^ 

Griffith, G. de Gorrequer, Esq. 

Grifiith, W. S. A., Esq. . 

(irosvenor, W., Esq. 

H.ill, Kd. T.. Esq. 

Hall. John, ^LD. 

H.imill, R. J., M.D. .. 

Hamilton, J., Esq. 

Hamlm, W. T., Esq. .. 

H.ire, Lancelot, Esq. 

Harper, G., Esq. 

Harc^r, L, M.B. 

Harrer, C. M.D. 

Harrison, R C, Esq 

Hartley. C. Esq. 

Hartley, E., Esq. 

Harvey, R., M.B. 

Haughton. E.. M.D. .. 

Haward. J. W., Esq. .. 

Haynes, Sydney. Esq. .. 

Albion Villas, Highgate, N. 
Jamaica Road, S.E. 

33, Harley Street. W. 
.Arlington Park, ("lunnersburj*, W. 
60, Upper Berkeley Street, W. 

9, Pembridge Square, W 

I, Clifton Gaidens, Maida \''ale, W. 
Grove End Road. St. Johns Road, N.\\'. 

II, Grafton Street, \N". 

29, Wimpole Street, W. 
7, Wimpole Street, \\'. 

27, Judd Street, W.C. 

217, Bethnal Green Road, E. 

18, Clifton Gardens, W. 

Lambeth Palace Road, S.E. 

17, Orchard Street, W. 

I, Manor Road, Stoke Newington, N. 

128, Fulham Road, S.W. 

3, Thuriow Road, N.W. 

123. Finborough Road, S.W. 

3, Trinity Square, E.C. 
^\'estbourne Villas. Harrow Road, W. 
14, Furnival's Inn, W.C. 
Hampstead, N.W. 

Belsize Square, N.W. 

77, Wimpole Street, W. 

36, Elgin Road, W. 

35, Westbourne Park Road. W. 

83, Tollington Park, N. ^ 

198, Earl's Court Road, .S.W. 

52, Fore Street, E.C. 

72, Ladbroke Grove. \\'. 

I, Cumberland Street, S.W. 

6, West Street, Fin'^bury Circus, E.C. 
20, Harley Street, W. 

no, Gower Street, W.C. 
High Street, Uxbridge 
79, Gros\-enor Street, W. 
Eye Hospital, Moorfields, E.C. 

30, Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 
Great Eastern Street. E.C. 

26, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, W. 

95, Peckham Rye, S.E. 

67, Commercial Road, E. 

London Fever Hospital, Islington, X. 

55, Clarges Street, W. 

4, Alexandra Villas, Finsburi' Park, N. 

7. High Street, Hampstead, N.W. 
Wilham, Essex 

Fever Hospital, Homerton. E. - 

10, St. Andrew's Place, Regent's Park, 

112. Brompton Road, S.W. 
77, Welbeck Street, W. 
• 33, Upper Bedford Place, W.C. 

50, Gt, Marlboro' Street, W. 
47, Wimpole Street, W. 
Hanover Square Club. W. 

London Hospital, E. 

10, Harley Street, W, 

7 Westbourne, Park, W. 

Small Pox Hospital, Homerton, E. 

54, Wimpole Street, W. 


II, Russell Scmare, W.C. 
122, Ciapham Road, S.W. 

11, Compton Terrace, N. 

II, Vicioria Grove, Fulham Road, S.W. 

28, Brompton Crescent, S.W. 

Poplar and Stepney Sick Asylom, Bromley- 

Small-Pox Hospital, HIshgate Hill.N. 
loi, Balfour Road, Highbur\', N. 
II, Lamb's Conduit Street, W.C. 
206, King's Road, Chelsea, S.W. (resits) 

29, Gloucester Road, N.W. 

9, Western Villas, New Southgate, N. 

2. Vernon Square, W.C. 

20, New Street, Dorset Square, N.W. 

26, Drur>' Lane, M'.C. 

34, St. Geor;^e's Square, S.^^'. 
66, Guildford Street, W.C. 

10. Nottins Hil! Terrace, W. 
Biacklands House, Chelsea, S.W. 
Monkridge, Crouch EtuI Hill, N. 
272, \'auxhall Bridge Road, .S.W. 

15, Pelham Street, S.W. 

121, Trcdeg.-ir Road, Bow, E. 

23, Prince's Street, Cavendish Square, W. 

5, Hertford Street, Mayfair, W. 
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, E.C. 
34, City Road. E.C. 

Cunnincham Road. Shepherd's W. 
Cireat Dunmow, Essex 

51, Warwick Square, W. 

9, Hatherlcy Grove. Bayswater. W 
Upper Norwood, S.E. 

16, Savile Row, W. 
Stansicd-Montfn het 

Dec. 29, 1S83.] 

Hazel, W. F., Esq. 

Heath, W. I.., Esq. .. 

Henderson, A. M., M.V. 

Hensley, P. ]., M.D. .. 

Hernage. Henrv J., Esq. 

Herron, J. W., Esq. .. 

Hewett, Sir Prescott G., 

Hewkley, F., Esq. 

Heyward, H., Esq. 

Hicks, F. J., 

Hilder, R., Esq. 

Hill, J. R., Esq. 

Hitch, F., Esq. 

Hoare, A., Esq. 

Hogg, Jabez, Esq. 

Hoggan, George, M.D... 

Holbertson, H. M., Eso. 

Holland, Edmund, M.D 

Holland, J. F. R., M.D. 

Hollings, E., Esq., 

Holman. W.. Esq. 

Holt, Wiliiam, Esq., .. 

Holihouse, E. H., Esq. 

Hood, \V. P., Esq. 

Horrocks, P., M.D. .. 

Horsley, Victor, Esq. .. 

Horsman, G. C, Esq. 

Houchin, E. King, Esq. 

Howard, R. J. n., Es,i 

Howse, A., Esq. 

Howse, T. E., M.E. .. 
Hume, F. N., Esq. 
Hunt, Alfred, Esq.. 
Hutchinson, Francis, Esq, 

Hutchinson, T. Cayley, Esq. 
Button, E. R. Esq. 
Ilott, J. J. Esq. 

Instone, S. V., Esq. 
J<aac, 0. W., M.B. .. [ 

Jackson, P. J., Esq. .. 
Jackson, Robt. A., Esr;, 
Jacobson, W. H. A., M. };. 
Jakins, P. S., Esq. 

fenner, W., Esq., 
Jessop, W. H., M.B. .. 
Johnson, G. L., Esq. .. 
Johnson, T- B., Esq. 
Johnson, W. E., Esq. .. 
Jones, Derr>', Esq. 
fones, E. A., Esq. 
Jones, G. T., Esq. 
Jones, H. Macnaughton, M.D. . 
Jones, John, Esq. 
Jones, J. Thoresley, M.D. 
Jones, T., M.D. 
Jones, T. W. C.Esq. .. 
Jones, Waller, M.D. .. 
fones, \\'., Esq. 
Jones, W. H. F., Esq. .. 
Jordan, G. P., Esq. .. 
Kaeser, J., M.D. 
Keelan. P., M.D. 
Keen, \V., Esq. 
Keileti. R. G., Esq. 
Kelly, j. H.. Esq. 
Kempster, W. H., Esq. 

Kenny, A. S., Esq. 

Kent, Thomas J., Esq, . . 

Kiernan, L., Esq. 

King, David A., Esq. . . ', 

^'fig, Joseph, Esq. 

Kisby, J. H., Esq. 

Kite, T. A., Esq. 

Klein, E. L., M.D. 

Knight, F , Esq. 

Ladell, W.J. S.,Esq. .. 

Lake, Charles, Esq. 

Lammiman, R. W., Esq 

Lane, J. E., Esq. 

Eangford, P. P., M.D... 

Eattey, J., Esq. 

La\'in, M. Drurj-, Esq. 

Eayton, H. A., Esq. .. 

Eeeson, Oliver J., Esq. 

Lewis, Louis. i\LD. 

Lilburn, J., M.D. .. ' 

Lingard, A., Esq, 

Lister, Sir Joseph, Bart.. M.B,, 

LL.D..F.R.S, .. ' 
Little. C, E., Esq. 
Little, Ed., Esq. 
Lockwood, C. B., Esq.., 
Longhurst, A. E. T., M.D. " 

Lord, Richard, M.D. .. 
Lough, J. J., M.B. 
Lund, G., M.D. 
Lyie, T., ftLD. 
Lyons, Isidor L, Esq. . . 
McDonnell, Joseph, Esq. 
Macfarlane, W., M.D. 
McHardy, M. M., Esq. 



. 71, Oakley Square, N.W. 

. 85, Gloucester Road, South Kensington 

. 4, Grove Place, Highgate Road, N. 

. 4, Henrietta Street, W. 

. I, Little Chapel Street, Westminster, S.W. 

loi, Gower Street, W.C, 

I, Chesterfield Street, W. 

Royal India Asylum, Ealing. W. 

Lordship Lane, Oulwich, S.E. 

Brompton Hospital, S.W. 

T»*viot House, Upper Tooting 

195, Earl's Court Road, S.W. 

Sick Asylum, Bromley, E 
, 37, Fleet Street^ E.G. 

I, Bedford Square, W.C. 

7, Tre^■or Terrace, W. 

Hampton, Middlesex 
. 'iichfield Terrace, N.W. 
. 5^, Maida Vale, W. 
. 4, Gordon Square, M'.C. 

S5, Clapham Road, S.W. 

I, Norton Folgate. E. 

King's College Hospital, W.C. 

II, Seymour Street, Portmau Square, W. 

20, Merrick Square, S.E. 

129, Gower Street, W.C. 

22, King Street, Portman Square, W 

151. Stepney Green, E. 

London Hospital, E. 

4. Windsor Terrace, Barking Road E. 

Victoria Park Hospital, E. 

Addison Square, Kensington, W. 

Bridge Road, Hammersmith, W. 

29, Woburn Place, W.C. 

40, Elgin Crescent, W. 
West Green Road, Tottenham 
Infirmary. Whitechapel, E. 
Bedford Park, Chi^wick 

CO. Dr. C. Peard, Brixton Rise, S.W . 

6, Great Dover Street, S.E. 

13, Ladbroke Grove, Netting Hill, W 

41, Finsbur>' Square E.C- 
Osnaburgh Street, N.W. 


73. Harley Street, W. 
Highfield House, Korwood, S.E. 
99. Rectory Road, N. 
2. York Road, S.E. 
Upper Street, Islington, N. 
413, Kingsland Road. N. 
20. St. Augustine Villas, Archway Road. N. 
Harley Street, W. 
60, King Street, W. 
34. Maryland Road, W. 
Albert Square, Clapham Road, S.E. 
6, Wcstbourne Street, W. 
45, Finsbury Square, E.C. 
Sycamore House, Edmonton 
23, Duke Street, Manchester Square, W. 
156, York Road, S.E. 
60, Queen Anne Street, W, 
M on lake 

209, King's Road, Chelsea, S.W. 

Sz, The Grove, Hammersmith, W. 
4, St. John's Road, Clapham Tunction, 

41, Guildford Street, W.C. 
y9, Piccadilly, W. 

10, St. Stephen's Road. Bayswater. W. 
51, Pembridge Villas, W. 
Greenhill, Hampstead, N.W. 
5Q. Foulden Road, Stoke Newington 

94, Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court, S.W. 
University College Hospital, Gower St., W.C. 
112, St. John's Road, Hoxton 
56, Guildford Street, Russell Square, W.C. 
106, Cannon Street Road, E. 
49, Norfolk Squa:-e, W. 
Park Lodge, East Fincbley 
23, St. Miry Abbotts Terrace, Kensington 
Iver Heath, Uxbndge 
Highbury Grove, N. 

27, Longridge Road, South Kensington, S.W. 
73, Albert Street, Regent's Park, N.W. 
6, Brunswick Place, N.W. 

2, Palace Road, Albert Embankment, S.E. 

12, Park Crescent, Portland Place, W. 

Shcnley, Barnet 

Merton Road, Wimbledon 

3, Sergeant's Inn, E.C. 
20, Wilion Street, W. 

St. Ann's Villas, Netting Hill, W. 
359, City Road, E.C. 
De Crespigny Park, S.E. 
19, Westbourne Square, W. 
17. Queen Anne Street, W. 
22, 'I.:.rilgar Road. S.E. 
15, Phillimore Place, W. 
5, Savile Row, W. 

MacLachlan, A., M.D. 

Macnamara, F. W., ^LB. 

Macready, J., Esq. 

McSwinney, G. H., M.D. 

MacRae, .Alexander C, M.D. 

Mackintosh, Hugh, M D 

Maine, W., Esq. 

Makuna, M. D., Esq. .. 

Mancor, A. F., M.B. .. 

Manthorpe, M. L., Esq. 

Marcet, William, M.D.. 

Markwick, A., Esq., . 

Marriott F. T., Esq. .. 

Marsh. E. A., Esq. ■ . 

Marsh, T. C, Esq. 

Marshall, J. B., Esq., 

May, Harry, M.D. 

Maybur>', H. M., ALD. 

Meagher, J. S., Esq. .. 

Meeham, W., Esq 

Meredith, W. A., M.B. 

Merrj-weather, J. W. C, Esq. 

Meyers, H. H. Esq. 

Middleton, R. W., M.D. 

Miller, J. D., Esq. 

Milles, W. J., Esq 

Mills, Joseph, Esq 

:\tivart, F. St. G., Esq.. 

Money, A., M.D. 

^loore, S. H. Esq. 

JNIorgan, J., Esq., 

Momson. John R., Esq. 

Mortimer, J. D. E,, Esq. 

:\Iosse, H. R., Esq. .. 

Mould. J. T., Esq. 

Moxon, Walter, I\L D. . . 

Mullen, J. F. L., Esq. .. 

Mumby, E. H., Esq. .. 

Murphy, T. C, Esq. . . 

Murray. John, M.D. 

Murrav. H. M.. Esq. .. 

Myers, A. T., M.D. .. 

Nash. J. P., M.D. 

Neale, W. H., ALB. ,. 

Neville, T,, 1\LD. 

Newmarsh, E. J., Esq. 

NichoUs, James, M.D. .. 

Nix. E. J., M.D. 

Noble, H. E., Esq. 

Noble, T. B., Esq. 

Noott, W. M., Esq. 

Norton, Algernon C. W., ALD. 

Norton, G. Everitt, Esql 

Nunn, T. W., Esq. 

Oakley, H. C, Esq. .. 

O'Connor, Bernard. M.D. 

Ormsby, G. H.. M.E. .. 

Orton, G. H., Esq. 

Onvin, A. W., Esq. 

Osborne, Hy., M.U. .. 

Ottley, W., M.B. 

Owen, Ed. E. M.D. 

Owen, Rayley, Esq. 

Paget, C. E., Esq. 

Palmer, H. Drake, Esq. 

Palmer. James F., Esq. 

Parr, E.. M.D. 

Parker, Wm. K., Esq., F.R.S. 

Parsons, H. F., M.D. .. 

Patmore, T D., Esq. . . 

Paterson, Rev. H. S.. M.D. 

Pearse, Walter, Esq. .. 

Pearson, David R., M.D. 

Pett, Alfred, M.D. 

Pettifer, Edmund Henry. F.svi. 

Phibbs, R. F. Esq. 

Phillips, J., M.D. 

Philpot, H. J., Esq. .. 

Philpot, J. H., Esq. .. 

Pickett, Jacob, M.D. .. 

Pilkington, F. S., Esq. .. 

Pitt, E. G., M.D. 

Pitt, F. D., Esq. 

Plaister. W. H., Esq. .. 

Pocock. Walter, Esq. . . 

Poland," J., Esq. 

Pollard, Joseph, Esq. . . 

Pollock, G D., Esq. 

Potter, J. B., M.D. 

Pope, J. J., Esq. 

Potts, Wm Esq. 

Poulain, Victor, M.D. .. 

Powell, JosiahT., M.D. 

Power, C. J., Esq. 

Prankerd, O. R., Esq. .. 
Price, W. E., Esq. 
Prince, J., Esq. 
Pritchard, S. E., Esq. . 
Pye-Smith. Philip H., M.D. 
Radclifl^e, C. E.,ALD. .. 
RamskiU, Jabez S., M.D. 

. 236, Old Kent Road, S.E. 

. 28, Palace Gardens 'Tercace, W. (resigns) 

. 125, Harley Street, W. 

Brook Green, W. 
119, Westbourne Terrace, W. 
. 84, BromptonRoad, S.W. 
. Clacton-on-Sea, Essex 
. 26, Charing Cross, W.C. 
. 338, Walworth Road, S.E. 
. Thorpe, Colchester. 

39, Grosvenor Street, W. 

I, Leinsler Square, \\'. 
. 46, Banner .Street, E.C. 
. 33, Bedford Road, Clapham, S.W. 
. 56, Filzroy Street, W. 

Nightingale Road, Clapton, E. 


303, Upper Street, Islington, N. 

10, Manchestej- Street. W. 
. 9. Taunton Place. N.W. 
. 6, Queen Anne Street. W. 

ir, North Crescent. W C- 

46, Woodstock Road. Finsbury Park, N. 

Fulham Road S.W. 
. I, St. Anns Road, Kottljig Hill, W. 

45, Devonshire Street. W. 

15, Henrietta Street, W. 

6, Devonport Street, Hyde Park, W, 

7, Pemberton Road, N. 
Holborn Union Infirmary, N. 

. 3, Sussex Place, Hyde Park Garden '' 

57, Cannon Street Road, L. 

Croydon Road, Anerley 

Bolingbroke House, Wandsworth Coir.; 

I, Onslow Crescent, S,W, 
. 6, Finsbur>' Circus, E.C. 

9, Mount Place, London Hospital, \.. 
257, Esse.x Road, N. 

28, Brunswick Square, W.C- 
. - 17, Westbourne Square, W. 

North Road, Highgate, N. 

24, Clarges Street, W. 

4I1 Portsdown Road, W. 

59, Queen's Gardens, Hyde Park, W. 

85, Pimlico Road, S.W. 

Hampton Wick 
, Chelmsford 

143 Great Portland Street, ^^^ 

Tasman Road, North Stockwell, S.W. 

33, Trinity Square, S.E. 
, 8, Kensington Park Road, W. 

112, Westbourne Grove. W. 

63, Upper Gloucester Place, W - 

8, Stratford Place, W. 

. Noi-thlands, Highgate, N. 
40, Brook Street, W. 
2, High Street, Wood Green, N. 
30, Lower Phillimore Phice, W. 

2, Ospringe Road, Tufnell Park. N.W. 

10, Churchfield Road, Ealing 
93, Ladbroke Grove, W. 

49, Seymour Street, W. 

61, Cle\-eland Square. Hyde Park, W. 
21B, Princes Street, Hanover Square, N\'. 
Nayland, Colchester 
. 8, Royal Avenue, Chelsea College, S.W. 
i8, Upper Phillimore Place, W. 
36, Claverton Street, S.W. 
Whitehall, S.W 

Il6, Conningham Road, Shepherd's Bu^i;. W . 
59, Cathcart Ro:.d S.W. 
St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, W 
23, Upper Phillimore Place, W. 
57, Avenue Road, N.W. 

50, Southgate Road, N. 
30, Sutherland Gardens,' W. 

14. Orchard Street, Portman Square, Vv'. 

Warwick Road, N.W. 

26, South Eaton Place, S.W. 

Colville Square, W. 

3, Merrick Square, S.E. 

17, Prince's Square, St. George s East, E. 

1, Brondesbur>- Terrace, N.W. 
Pembury House, Tottenham 
57, Effra Road, Brixton 

27A, Finsbury Square, E.C. 
59, Great Marlborough St. W. 
36, Grosvenor Street, W. 

20, George Street, Hanover Sqiare, W. 

4, South Crescent, W.C. 

2, Albert Terrace, N.W. 
124, Fulham Road, S.^^'. 
347, City Road, E.C. 

5letropolitan Free Hosuital, Gommerc' 
Street, E. ' ' "^ 

21, Church Crescent, South Hackp-y. '^. 
7, Soho Square, W. 


38, White Street, Ste-^' ey. I . 

56. Harley Street, W. 
25, Cavendish Square, ^^'. 

5, St. Helen's Place, E.C. 


[Dec. 29, 1883, 

iaper, W. A., M.D. ,. 
tawlins, H. A., Esq. .. 
lay, C, M.D. 
layner, W., Esq. 
lead, M., Esq. 

lecd, H. A., Esq. 
teeSj W., Esq. 

ieeve, H., Esq, 
Leeves, H. A., Esq. ,. 
Leid, A., M.D. 
:.eid, J., M.D. 
Uid, James, Jun., M.I). 
:eid, Robert W., M.D. 
:enner, Ch.irles, M.D. 
Leaner, William, Esq. .. 
Lenny, F. H., Esq. 
lichardson, A. J., Esq. 
Lichardson, Ralph, M.D, 
Lidse, J. J., M.D. 
Lidsdale, George, Esq- 
:obarts, H. P., Esq. .. 
:oberts, ArthufiM., Esq. 
Loberts, C, Esq. 
Loberts, C. H., Esq. .. 
:obeits, H., Esq. 
loberts, H. P., M D. .. 
.obertson, E. B„ M.E. 
.obinson. T., M.D. .. 
.oeckel, W. J., M.U. .. 
oper, G., M.D. 
■ose, W.. M.E. 
.OSS, D. M., Esq. 
.outh, A. J. M'C, M.D. 
.owland, J. T., M.D. .. 
.oworth, A. T., Esq. .. 
udd, L., M.D. 
udderforth, E. H., Esq. 
anders, Charles, Esq. . . 
anderson, Hugh J., M.D. 
avage, J. , Esq. 
:hafer, E. A., Esq.. F.R.S 
slons, E., M.D. 
fiadwell, St Clair B., Esq. 
fieehy, W. H. P., Esq. 
lepherd, Frederick, Esq. 
herrard, D. J,, M.iJ. .. 
bout, A. C, Esq. 
iiuter, J., M.B. 
ieveking, H. E., Esq. 
ilcock, A, Q., Esq. . . 
imon, John, Esq., CI- 
kinner, \V. ,-V. , Esq. 
mallpence, W. D., Esq. 
mirh, Charles Wyatt, Esq. 
milh, E. S., Esq. 
mith, Fred. M., M.D. 
mith, H., Esq. 
mith, H. .'\., Esq. 
mith, H. A., M.B. 
mith, Thomas, Esq. 
mith, W. "Wilbcrforce, M.D. 
myth, A. C. B., Esq. .. 
nell, Edmund G. C, Esq. 
quire, Balmanno, M.B. 
lanley, W. H. R., M.D. 
leavenson, W. E., M.B. 
teele, Frank, Esq. 
teer, W., Esq. 
tericker, W., M.B. 
levenson, James, M.D. 
levenson, N., Esq. 
tewart, H. C., Esq. 
tirling, W. B., M.D. .. 
toker, G., Esq. 
tott, T. S., Esq. 
trugnell, F. W., Esq. .. 
utton, H. G., M.B. .. 
iutton, R. S., M.D. .. 
>wain, E., Esq. 
iweeting, R. L). R., Esq. 
iwinson, G. N., Esq. .. 
lydney. H., Esq. 
iykes, J. F. J..M.B... 
yivester, H. T., M.D... 
jymonds, C. J., Esq. .. 
rait, G. A. F., Esq.. .. 
[apson, Alfred J., M.B. 
ieevan, H., Esq. 
hane, G. D., M.D. 
'homas, Llewelyn, M.D. 
rhomas, R. W., Escj. .. 
rhoiiias, W. Duncan, M.B. 
rhompson, J. Ashburton, M.D. 
fhomson, St. C, Esq. 
'horn. W., Esq. 
'hoinion, Wm. Pugin, Es(j. 
"irard, Nestor I, C., M.D. 
."omkin, T. M.. Esq. .. 
"ongeSniith, W., M.D. 
roTinscnd, E. B.,|Esq. .. 

Great Watering 

6, Sutherland Gardens, W, 

72, Bishop's Road, W. 

.1, Dorset Square, W. 

Hospital for Sick Children Great Ormond 

Street, W.C. 
y\. Trinity Square, S.E. 
129, Queen's Crescent, Haverstock Hill. 

286, Mile End Road, E. 
78, GroSvenor Street, W. 

29, Canonbury Park North, N. 
12, Bridge Avenue, Hammersmith 
Buckingham Palace, S.W. 

75, Palace Road. S.W. 

60, Portsdown Road, W. 

46, Woburn Place, W.C. 

London Hospital, E. 

Leylon, Essex 

10, Roland Gardens, South Kensineton, S.W. 


26, Endsleigh Gardens, W. 

31, G»eat Coram Street, Brunswick Sq., W.C. 

Buckhurst Hill 

2, Bolien Row, W. 

4, Cambridge Ten-ace, Westbourne Pari:. \\ . 
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, E.C, 

6, Eaton Gardens, Ealing, W. 
Grove Hill, South Woodford. 

5, Woburn Square, W.C. 

7. Grosvenor Street, W. 

West Street. Finsbury Square, E.C. 

50, Harley Street, W, 

54, Upper Berkeley Street, W. 
o, Upper Montagu Street, W. 

30, Gilston Road, S.W. 
Grays, Essex- 
Upper Norwood, S.E. 

6, Air Street, W. 

26, Upper Berkeley Street, W. 

High Street. Kensington, W. 


133, Adelaide Road, N.W. 


4, Claremont Square, NT. 

33, King Henry's Road N.W. 

7, Queens Road, St. John's Wood, N.\V'. 
Ch elms-ford 

Lawn House, Tufnell Park, N.W. (dead) 
17, ^Manchester Square, W. 

5. Graham Road. Dalstan, E. 
40, Kensington Square, W, 

45, Lower Belgrave Street, S.W. 
42, Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. 

149, High Street, Poplar, E. 
Carlton House, Pembridge Villas, W. 

Great Hadham 

82, Wimpole Street, W. 
9, Grange Park Crescent, Ealing, W. 

Christ's Hospital, E.C. 
. 5, Stratford Place, Oxford Street, W. 

14, Stratford Place, W. 

1, Hill Side, Crouch End, N. 
131, Green Street. E. 
24, Weymouth Street, W. 
29, Palace Road, S.E. 

15, Henrietta Street, W. 

22, Bloomsbury Street, W.C. 

St. Olave's Tower Road, Rotherhithe, S.E. 

24, ToUington Park, N. 

466, Edgware Road, W, 

51, Wimpole Street, W. 

22, North Kank, Regent's Park, N.W. 

86, High Street, Whitechapel, E. 

8, Cadogan Terrace, S.W. 
I, Highgate Road, N.W. 
45, Highgate Road, N.W. 

9, Finsbup'- Square, E.C- 
12, Granville Place, W. 

Three Counties Asylum, near Baldock. 

Fulham Hospital, S.W. 

.Ashwell, Herts 

Pownall Gardens, Hounslow 

7, Thayer Street, Manchester Square 

7, Bessborough Gardens, Pimlico S-W. 

16, St. Thomas' Street, S.E. 

38, Randolph Gardens, Maiden Vale, N.W. 
. 3G, Gloucester Gardens, W 
15, Upper Phillimore Place, W. 

15, Montague Street, W.C. 
^5t Weymouth Street, W. 
Rye Lane, Peckham, S.E. 

5, Hcathcote Street, Mecklenburg Sq., W.C. 

To. Delamcre Street, W. 

King's Collejje,, Ho-;pitaI, W.C. 

87, Harrow Road, W. 

10, Devonshire Street, W. 
King's College, W.C. 
Witham, Essex 

Lond'jn Fcvt;r Hospital, Islington, N. 

16, Colchester Street, S.W, 

Townsend, M.. Esq 

Trevor, E. Tull, Esq. . . 
Tudor-Risk, R. R., Esq. 
Tuke, T. Harrington, ^LD. 
Tunstall, A. C-, M.D. .. 
Turle, J., M.D 
Turner, Geo., Esq. 
Turner, G. R., Esq. ,. 
Turtle, F., M.D. 
Turtle, J. H., I\LD. .. 
Tyrrell, W.. Esq. 
Vance, W. J.. Esq. |.. 
Vintras, Achille, M.D. 
Wake, E. G., M.D. .. 
Wallford, W., Esq. 
Walters, F. R., I\LB. .. 
Waterhouse, W. D. , Esq. 
Waters, J., M.D, 
Watson, F. S., Esq. .. 
Weakley, S. J. J., Esq... 
Webster, F. R., Esq. .. 
Webster, H. W.. M.D... 
Wells, C, M.D. 
W;ells, J. R.,Esq. 
Wells, Sir Thos. Spencer. Bart. 
Westcott, W. W., M.B... 
Westland, A., M.D. .. 
Wheeler, J., M.D. 
White, A. D.. M.D. 
Wickers, H. A., Esq. .. 
Wilkins, G. H., Esq. .. 
Wilkins, H. G. G., Esq. 
Wilkins. J. C, Esq. .. 
Wilks. S., M.D.. F.R.S. 
Willams, W. Blundell, Esq. 
Williams, W. R., Esq. .. 
Willis. A. K., E^q. 
Wilson, Albert, M.B. .. 
Wilson, John, Esq. 
Wilson, J. S., Esq. 
W'ilson, S., Esq. 
Woodforde, Alfred, Esq. 
\\'oodhouse, T. J., E^q, 
Woodroffe, J. F., M.B. 
Word ey, A, W., Esq. .. 
Wright, Albert, Esq. .. . 
Wright, C. St. John, Esq. 
Wright, H. E., Esq. .. 
Wyatt. W. T.. Esq. 
Yeo, Gerald F., M.D. .. 

27, Upper Phillimore Place, Kensington, W. 
Hospital for Childten, Hackney Road, E. 
St. Ann's, H.-irrow 
37, Albemarle Street. W. 

2, Victoria Park Road, E. 
North Finchley, N.W . 

g, Sussex Gardens, Hyde Park, W, 
40, Green Street, Park Lane, W. 

35, High Street, Homerton 
95, Cromwell Road, S.W. 
North Woolwich, E. 
141, Regent Street, W, 

Lewisham House, Dartmouth Park Hill, N. 
io. Little Britain. E.C. 
29, Moorgate Street, E.C. 
18, Woodchurch Road. West Hampstead.N.W. 

15, Bedford Square, W.C. 
Small-pox Hospital, Stockwell, S.W*. 
Forest Gate, E. 

St. Albans 

St. George's Infirmary', Fulham, S.W. 
13, College Crescent, B-ilsize Park, N.W. 
20, Fitzroy Street, Fitzroy Square, W. 

3, Upper Grosvenor Street, W. . 
Torriano Avenue, Camden Road, N.W. 

16, Belsize Crescent, N.W. 
J, Pembridge Gardens, W. 
24, Sackville Street, W. 

15, Upper ToUington Park, N. 
134, Brixton Road, S.W. 
The Green, Ealin? 
112, Bri.icton Road, S.W. 
77, Grosvenor Street, W. 
Great Hadham 
62, Bush Hill Park, Enfield 
West End Lane, West Hampstead, N.W. 
Harpenden, Herts 

3. Woodberry Villas, Seven Sisters Road, N. 
-Mare Street, Hackney, E. 

S3, High Street, Fulham, S.W. ('resigned) 
ti, Mildmay Park. N. 
S, Gt. Suflfolk Street, S.E. 
Church End, Finch(ey, N. 
St. John's Road, Hornsey Rise, N. 
12S, Cromwell Road, S.W. 
I. Shaftesbury Villas, Stamford Hilli N 

(.See also South- Eastern and Thames Valley Branches.) 




Frcsiden t- Elect 


Hon. Sec/or Lciccstc 
.. Derby 
Lincoln . 

W. Wedb, M.D.. F.R.C.S., Wirksworth 
J. Beddard. M.B., Nottingham 
( iHOS. Wkight, M.D., Nottingham 
'( W. Elgar Buck, M D., Leicester 
Fr.\nk H. Hodges, Esq.. Leicester 
J. A. Sh.arp, Esq., Derby 
W. A. Carline, M.D., Lincoln 

I!oH.*kec.&' Tretuttrer for Branch L. W. Marshall, M.D., Nottingham 


Adam, A. M.. JI.T). 


Dolmaiij A. H., Esq. 

. . Derby 

Gaylor. E., Esq. 

. . Belper 

Pearce, G., M.D. 

. . Leicester 

Thomas, R. H., Esq. 

.. Ibstock 

Thompson, J., Esq. 

. . Nottingham 

Wilkinson, T. M., Esq. 


Wright, T., M.D. 

., Nottingham 


.\dam, K. Mercer. M.D. 

Adam, G. N., M.D. 

.\dsetts, J., M.D., Surgeon-^Iajor, 

A. M.D. .. 
Allen, Tosiah, Esq. 


Kcppingale, Lincolnshire 

The Barracks, Lincoln 
Ripley, Derby 

Dec. 29,1883.] 


A'.ien, Robert MarsnaH, Esq., Dep. 

Allen, R. Grammer, E?q. 
Alien, \V. Hamilton, Esq. 

Armstrong, S., Esq. 
Atkinson, F. H., Esq. .. 
Baird, John, Esq. 
Baker, J. W., Esq. 
Barclay, John, M.D. .. 
Barnes, G. F., .M.B. .. 
Barton, M. S., Esq. 
Bateman, Lewis P., Esq. 
Beddard, J., M.B. 
Bell, P. G., Esq. 
Bell, R. F.,£sq. 
Benfield, T. W., Esq. .. 
Benihell, W., M.B. .. 
Bentley, C. E., Esq. .. 
Belts, N. P., Esq. 
Bingham, J. J., Esq. .. 
Blakesley, H. J. Esq. .. 
Blunt, T., M.D. 
Borou;;h, F., Esq. 
Bosweil, A., M.D. 
Boulton, A. E., Esq. .. 
Boulton, G. S., Esq. 
Brady, J. C, Esq. 
Branson, Ferguson, M.D. 
Broadbent, J., Esq. 
Brocklehurst, T. H., Esq. 
Brook, C, Esq. 
Brookhouse, J. O., M.D. 
Broster, A., Esq. 
Bryan, C. K., Esq. 
Bubb, B. Esq. 
Buck, W. Elgar, M.D... 
BuckoII, E.G., Esq. .. 
Bumie, T., Esq. 
Cade, T. C., Esq. 
Calvert, C, Esq. 
Campbell, A. J., M.E. .. 
Campbell, A., Esq. 
Cant, W. J., Esq. 
Carline. W. A., M.D. .. 
Carnegie, J., M.D. 
Chawner, A., Esq. 
Chicken, R. C, Esq. 
Clifton, G., Esq. 
Collier, J. T., M.D. .. 
Collingwood, J. E., Esq. 
Collington, J. \V., Esq. 
Copestake, \V. G., Esq. 
Crossley, C., Esq. 
Curgenven, W. G., M.D. 
Dalton, C. G., Esq. 
Dawson, R. H., Esq. ., 
Denton, E. R., Esq. 
Dickinson, G. M., Esq. 
Dickson, F. K., M.D. .. 
Ditchett. W. D., Esq. .. 
Dixon, Francis, Esq. .. 
Dolman, A. H., Esq. .. 
Don Bavand, E. J., Esq. 
Donovan, W., Esq. 

Douglas, C, Esq. 
Dunn, C. B. N., Esq. .. 

Eaton, J. C, Esq. 
Eddowes, A. B. J., Esq. 

Eddowes, J. H., M.D... 
Elder, G., M.D. 

Ellam, J., Esq. 

Elliott, T., M.D. 

Emmerson, W. L., Esq. 

Emms, A. W., Esq. 

Ennais, C- T., Esq. 

Evans, C, Esq. 

Everard, H. N.. M.E. .. 

Fawssett, F., M.D. 

Fawssett, W., Esq. 

Fentera, T., Esq. 

Fielding, J. R., Esq. .. 

Finch, J. r. M.. M.D... 

Foulds, H. J., Esq. .. 

Franklin G. C., Esq. .. 

Fulshaw, R., Esq. 

Gaylor, E., Esq. 

Gentles, Thomas L., Esq. 

George, C. F., Esq. 

Gisborne, H. F., Esq. .. 

Graves, Thomas W., Esq. 

Grandison, A., M.B. 

Grant, F., Esq. 

Grimoldby, G. H., Esq. 

Greasley, J., Esq. 

Greaves, C. A., M.R. .. 

Griffiths, W. H., Esq. .. 

Hadden, J., M.D. 

Hall, J. B., Esq. 

Hamerton, Morgan F., r^I.E. 
'andford, Henry, il.D. 
Hper, R., Esq. 
•son, C M D. 

Welboum Hall, near Granthatn 
Greasley House, Belper 

Mailock Bath 
Beniiigton, near Boston 

Friar Gate, Derby 
Leicester (resigned) 
Strealham Common, S.W. 
Market Ra.sen 
Arboretum Terrace, Derby 
Park Row, Nottingham 
Etwall, Derby 
Infirmary, Derby 
Balham, S.W. 

Bowbridge Ho., Leicester 
St. Martin's, Leicester 

Ashbourne, Derby 
Ingham, Lincoln 

Baslow, Chesterfield 
South Collingham 
Darley Dale 
13, Silver Street, Lincoln 
"Wirks worth 
WVangle, Boston 

Sneinton Road, Nottingham 
19, Regent Street, Nottingham 
Spondon, Derby 

County Hospital Lincoln 
Haxengate, Lincoln 

Clay Cross, Chesterfield 

55, London Road, Leicester 

Corby, Grantham 
Eibworth, Leicestershire 

Scaitcliffe House, New Walk, Leicester 
Friargate, Derby 
Lancaster House, Lincoln 
.Saiindby, Notts. 

Paihon, Lutterworth 
Wye House, Buxton 
Louth, Lincoln'^hire 
Eastwood, Notts. 

1, Oak Villas, D-^rby Road, West Croydon 
Whitwick, Leicester 

New Walk, Leicester 

Crich, Belper 

An caster, Grantham 



2, Regent Street, Nottingham 

St. John Street, Mansfield, Notts 
Waitham, Melton Mowbray 
Belgrave, Leicester 
Upgate, Louth 
Cakewell, Derbyshire 
Infirmary, Leicester 
Westgate, Louth 
Bur brook 
Eyam, Derbyshire 

Borough Asylum, Leicester 
Friar Gate, Derby 
Earl Shilton 

London Road, Derby 
Derby (resigned) 

114, High Cross Street, Leicester 
Market Harborough 

St. Peter's Road, Leicester 

\\'aterhouses, Ashbourne 

Harrison, W., M.D. .. 
Harvey, George, Esq. .„ 
Hatherley, H. R., Esq. 
Higginbottom, M. H., Esq. 
Higgios, W. H., M.B... 
Highton, T., Esq. 
Hine, W. C, Esq. 
Hodges, Frank H., Esq. 
Holland, R. C. B., M.D. 
Hooper, Marshall, Esq. 
Hoskyns, Ed. J. H., Esq. 
Hough, C. H., Esq. 
Howe, F. C. P., M.D... 
Howltt. F.,M.D. 
Hunt, John, Esq. 
Hunt, J. -A.., Esq. 
Hunter, W. B., M.D. .. 
Hunter, W., M.B. 
Hutchinson, John. ALD. 
Huthwaite, C, M.D. . . 
Hynes, J. O. C, Esq. . . 
IlifFe, William, Esq. .. 
Innes, J. C, Esq. 
Jallaad, R. Esq. 
Jefi'reys, Richard, Esq. 
Job, S., Esq. 
Johnson, O., Esq. 
Johnson, T. G., Esq. .. 
Johnston, T., Esq. 
Johnston, W.. .\LD. .. 
Jones, John T., Esq. . . 

Knipe, Wm. ^L, Esq. .. 

Knox, John. M.D. 

Lankeater, H., Esq. 

Lanphier, R., M.B. 

Lee, John, Esq. 

Legge, William, Esq. . . 

Lett, R. A., M.B. 

Lindsay, J. M., iLD . . 

Littleton, P. R., Esq. 

Livesay, W., M.D. .. 

Lorimer, G., M.D. 

Lowe, S., Esq. 

Luscombe, W. E., Esq. 

MacAIevey, W. C., Esq. 

Mackem,"W., M.D. .. 

Mackinder, D., M.D. .. 

Maclean, J. Hugh, Esq. 

Marriott. C. H., M.D... 

Marriott, E. D., Esq. . . 

Marsh. J. W. Esq. .. 

Marshall, L. W., M.D. 

Marshall, W. J., Esq. . . 

Mason, F. J., Esq. 

Meadows, H., M.B. .. 

Measures, J. W., Esq. .. 

Milligan, W., Esq. 

Mitchinson, G., Eso. .. 

Moore, C. A., M.B. 

Morris, E., M.D. 

Morris, W. W., M.B. .. 

Mo.xon, W., M.D. 

Mutch, F. R., M.B. .. 

JIutch, Robert S., Esq. 

Myers, C.J. , Esq. 

Newman, W., M.D. .. 

Nmtall, H., M.D. 

Ogle, William, ^LD. .. 

O'Mullane, E. J., Esq. 

O'Neill, W., M.D. 

Osborne. J. H.. Esq, .. 

Palmer, E., M.D. 

Parke, J. Latimer, E.sq,, 

Paul, Reginald, Esq. . . 

Pearce, G., M.D. 

Penny, C. H., Esq. 

Penny, H. J., Esq. 

Phillimore, W. P., M.E. 

Pilcher. W. J., Esq., .. 

Pope, F., M.A., M.B.Cantab. 

Pope, F !SL, Esq. 

Powell, Lionel, Esq. 

Power, G. E., Esq. 

Rainbird, H., Esq. 

Ransom, W. H., M.D., F.R.S. 

Reckitt, Ed. Bass, Esq. 

Redmayne, Hugh, Esq. 

Rice, G., Esq. 

Roberts T. L., Esq. . . 

Roberts, James, Esq. . . 

Robertson, W. H., ALD. 

Robinson. Henry, Esq. 

Rowbotham. H. C, Esq 

Russell, A. P., M.B. .. 

Scriven, J. Swain, jiLD. 

Seaton, E., M.D. 

Sharpin, E. C, Esq. . . 

Sharp, John .\., Esq. . . 

Sharpley, Thomas, M.D. 

Shaw, H. S., Esq. 

Shipman, G. W,, Esq. . . 

Shipton, W. P., Esq. .. 

Parkside, Nottingham 
Shakespeare Street, Nottingham 
County Lunatic Asylum, Leicester 
Nomianton Street, Derby 
Swineshead, Spalding 



Bridge Street, Eelper 
Infirmar>-, Derby 


Matlock Bridge 


Claybrook, Lutterworth 

Stratford Square, Nottingham (dead) 







Heighington, Lincoln 


Upper Kent Street, Leicester 







Osmaston Street, Derby 

W'adingham, Kirton-in-Lindsey 

The Asylum, Mickleover, Derby 

Ashbourne, Derbyshire 

•Sudbury, Derbyshire 



North Gol'.ingham 

305, Belgrave Gate, Leicester 

Lpng Eaton 




90, St. Ann's Well Road, Nottingham 

County Asylum. Eracebridge 

2, East Circus Street, Nottingham 

Stanley Hall, Derby 

Tentercroft Street, Lincoln 


Long Sutton 

141, Breakspeare Rd., St. John's, London, S.E 


6, King Street, Leicester 


East Bridgford 

Knowleston Place, Matlock Bridge 



The Sycamore, North Sorasrcotes 

St. Martin's, Stamford 

Leicester (resigns) 




. Asylum, Bracebridge, Lincoln 

Tideswell. near Sheffield 
. Loughborough 

New Walk Gates, Leicester 
, Ansty, Leicester 
, Woodhouse Eqves 

Chiswick, Middless.^ 



Campbell House, Leicester 

Melton Mowbray 
, Hucknall-Torkard, Notts 

Saxelby, near Lincoln 


Ambleside, Westmorland 

Friar Gate, Derby 
, .Mfreton 

Melton Mowbray 


New Square, Chesterfield 


Hospital, Lincoln 
. Duffield 

8, Oxford Street, Nottingham 
. Lincoln 



Upgate, Louth 
. Grantham 
. Buxton 


iDec. 29, i8fi3 

Skipworth, H., Esq. 
Small, Thomas, Esq. . , 
Smith, E. McL., Esq. .. 
.Smith, R. B., Esq. 
Snaith, F., M.D. 
Sprott, W. J., Esq. 
Stanger, G. E., Esq, .. 
Steele, Richard, Esq. .. 
Stephenson .Appleby, M.D. 
Storey, J. A. Esq. ' 
Sutton, F., Esq. 
Swain, J. M., Esq. 
Swan, Richard J., Esq. 
Sympson, Thomas, Esq. 
Tate, \V. B., .M.D 
Taylor, .A. C, M.D 
Taylor, C. Bell, M.D. .. 
Taylor, C. V.. M.D. .. 
Taylor, Herbert O., M.D. 
Taylor, R. S., M.B. .. 
Theed, W C, Esq. 
Thimbleby, J., Esq. 
Thomas, R. H., E^q. .. 
Thompson, E. ^[., Esq. 
Thompson, Joseph, Esq. 
Tumour, H. E., M.D. .. 
Turle, A.. Esq. 
Tuxford, \., I\I.D. 
Tuxford, J. E., Esq. 
Vores, A., Esq. 
Walker, J. W., M.B. .. 
Wallace, A. C. Esq. . . 
Warren, S. H., Esq. .. 
Waterhouse, J. B. Esq. 
Webb, W., M.D. 
White, C. Haydon. Esq. 
White, G. B., Esq. 
White, Joseph, Esq. 
Wilkinson, T. M., Esq 
Williams, Edwd., Esq... 
Williams, H., Esq. 
Willan, G. T., Esq. 
Withers, O., Esq. 
Wood, R., Esq. 
Wood, W.J. H., Esq. .. 
Woolley, T. S., Esq. .. 
Woiton. H., Esq. 
Wray, D. C., M.D. 
Wray, G. B., Esq. 
Wrench, E. iM.,Esq. .. 
Wright, F. W.,Esq. 
Wright, James, Esq. .. 
Wright, T., M.D. 
Voiing, Johr, Esq. 


Anderson, W. S., M.D. 
Appleby. F. H., Esq. .. 
Ashby, A., Esq. 
Ashworth, James H., Esq. 
Bailey, H. B., Esq. .. 
Ball, Ancell, Esq. 
Bedford, C. F., Esq. .. 
Bell, Tliomas, Esq. 
Bluett, John, Esq. 
Blumer, P., Esq. 
Booth, C, M.D. 
Booth, G.. Esq. 
P.righam, J. K.. M.D. .. 
lirown, F. W., Esq. 
Burwood, J. Watson, Esq. 
Butler, James, Esq. 
Cartwright, H. G., Esq. 
Childs. C.. Esq. 
Coates, W. H.. Eso. .. 
Court, Josiah, Esq. 
Craig, James, M.B. 
Crofts, H. B., Esq. 
Danccy, Horace, M., Esq. 
Deu-ar, James, Esq. 
Drummond, E , M.D. .. 
Eaton, James, Esq. 
Elsom, F., Esq. 
Fagge, W. H., M.D. .. 
Fentem, P. S., Esq. 
Fewkes, J. M., Esq. 
Fleming, Chri.-itophcr, Esq. 
Foulds, Samuel, Esq. . . 
Francis, Alfred O., Esq. 
Fyfe, (;., M.D. 
Gentles, R. W., Esq. .. 
George. Hugh M.D. .. 
Hale. '1\ F., E^(i. 
Handsley, T. A., E<q. .. 
Hatchett. Joseph, M.D. 
Hatton, G. S., Esq. 
Heath, H. T., Esq. .. 
Hope, W. M., Esq. .. 
Hunter. W. M., M.D. .. 
Irwin, W. C. M.D. .. 
Jackson, J. C, Esq. 

Mountsorrel, Loughborough 

Shakespeare Street, Nottinghani 
Burbage, Hinckley 

Beeston, Notts 

Great Peatling, Lutterworth 
Burns Street, Nottingham 
Kirkton, near Bolton 
Long Ctawaon, Leicestershire 
Gosberton, Spalding 

'I'he Coppice, Nottingham 
Derby Road, Nottingham 
Park Road, Nottingham 
St. Ann's Well Road, Nottinghair. 
17, Castlegate, Nottingham 
Friar Gate, Derby 
I, Portland Street, Leicester 

I bstock, Ashby-de-la-Zoucb 
Billinghay, .Sleaford 
Oxford Street, Nottingham 
Market Rasen 

Enderly, Leicester (resigned) 
Wide Bargate, Boston 
24, High Street Boston 

County Hospital, Lincoln 
Tutbury, Derbyshire 
Great Peatiing, Lutterworth 
Wirks worth 

20, Shakespeare Street, Notlint^liam 
Colston Bassett 
Melton Mowbray 
New Basford, Nottingliam 

13, Pen Street, Boston 
Heanor, Derby 

Annesley, near Mansfield 
Baslow, near Chesterfield 
Full Street, Derby 
Bottesford, near Nottingham 


Chapel-en-le- Frith 

Newark ■ on-Trent 



35, High Street, Grantham 




Holywell Street, Chesterfield 

Ke>nvorth, near Nottingham 










Staveley, Chesterfield 

Eastwood, Nottingham 

262, Radford Road. Nottingham 

Southwell, Nottingham 


Buxton and Rome 

St. Peter's Hill, Grantham 

Whitwell, Chesterfield 


Bakewell, Derbyshire 

Great Glenn, Leicester 




Kincton, Warwick 

Normanton Street, Derby 


Barrow Hill, Chesterfield 

Park Lane, Alford, Lincolnshire 

Ravenstone, Ashby-de-la-Zoucli 



Infirmary', Stamford 

Eckington, Chesterfield 


Bourne, Lincolnshire 

leans, James, W., Esq. . . 
Tones, H. T., Esq. 
Jones, T., Esq. 
Jones, T. E., Esq. 
Kay, T. V., Esq. 
Knijrht, J. T., Esq. 
J.awrie, R., Esq. 
Lewis, J. I,, Esq, 
Ludiow, T. S., Esq. .. 
Mackenzie. D. J., M.D. 
McMunn, J., M.D., .. 
Manson, David, M.D. .. 
Marriott, John, Esq. . . 
Massey, Isaac, M.D. .. 
Moorhead, R. L., Esq. 
Morris, Heniy, Esq. .. 
Newton, Isaac, Esq. ,. 
Norman, Alfred B., Esq. 
O'Callaghan, M. Q., Esq. 
Orford, F. J., Esq. 
Palmer, Ambrose M.,Esq. 
Perry, M-irten, M.l>. . . 
Powel! E., Esq 
Pritchard, W., M.D. .. 
Rainey, W. B., Esq. .. 
Rhodes, James, Esq. . . 
Roberts, T. A., Esq. 
Rogers, C. E. H., Esq. 
Rose, John, M.D. 
Row, W., Esq. 
Russell. Arthur J., Esq. 
Sealy, W. B.. Esq. 
Sellers, J. William, Esq. 
Serjeant, W. R., Esq. .. 
Shea, John G., Esq. 
Smallman, B. F., Esq. .. 
Smith, F. M. G., Esq. .. 
Smith, W. H.. Esq. .. 
Stephenson, G. S-, M.B. 
Taplin, B. D.. Esq. 
Thomas, David P., Esq. 
Ti-uman, E. D., M.D. .. 
Weir, A. McC, Esq. .. 
Wigg, T. C, Esq. 
Williams. C. R., Esq. .. 
Wilson, R. Esq. 
Wood, J. A., Esq. 
Wright, William H., Esn. 


Hucknall Torkard 

Mansfield, -Xottingham 

Chapel-en-le- Frith 

Clay Cross, near Chesterfield 

Carlton, Nottingham 

Richmond V'illas, Osmaston Road. Derby 

45. Macklili Street, Derby 

Hinckley, Leicester 


Long Eaton 



'l"he Circus, Nottingham 

Carrington, Notts 

Gaslerton, Spalding 




Market Bosworth 

Whittington, near Chesterfield 


Borough Asylum, Nottingham' 

East Retford 

Hogsthorpe, Alford 


The Elms, Coningsby 



Market Overton, near Grantham 


Brant, Eroughton, Newark 

Sileby, Loughboro' 


Eastwood House, Ches'erfield 

.Sutterton, Spalding, Lincolnshire. 

Clown, near Che-tertield 

Wide Bargate. Boston, Lincolnshire 

202 Victoria Street, Grimsby 

Binbrooke. Market Rasen 

Market Bosworth 


Til, Arkwright Street. Nottingham 

Osmaston Road, Derby 



Sheepshed, Loughbcwnough 

RicJimond Terrace, Derby 





P resident-Elect 

IloHorayy Secretajy Or' Treasurer . 

Barron, J. W., IM.B. 
Broadbent, S. W., Esq. 
Eastwood, J. W., M.D. 
Foss, R. W., M.D. 
Morgan, G. B., Esq. 
Middlemiss, G., Esq. 
Oliver, Thoma":, M.D. 
Philipson, G. H., M.D. 
Williamson, G. E., Esq. 

.. W. H. Dixon, M.D., Sunderland 
,. James Munro, M.D., Barnard Castle 

( David Dkummond, M.D., Saville Place^ 
' "( Newcastle 


. Dalton-le-Dale, Sunderland 

. Stockton 
. Sunderland 
. Darlington 


Eldon Square, Newcasile-on-Tync 



Philipson, G. H., M.D. .. Newcastle-on-Tyne 


.■\damson, James, M.D. 
Aitchison, James, M.B. 
Alexander, Peter, Esq. .. 
Allan, H. B., Esq. 
Allen, W. C, Esq. 
Alworthy, Charles, Esq. 
.■\nderson, Robert, M.D. 
Anderson, E. C, M.D. 
Anderson, W. H., M.B. 
Angus, J. A., Esq. 
.'Vrmstrong, H. E., E.sq. 
.Armstrong, J. F., M.D. 
Armstrong, Luke, M.D. 

Hetton-Ie-Hole, Fence Houses 
145, Barras Bridge, Newcastle 
Earsdon, Newcastle 
Southwick, Sunderland 
Willington, Durham 
Toft Hill. Bishop Auckl.-ind 
.Seaton Delavel 
Wolsingham. Darlington 
Freshingficld. Durham 
North Ashfield, Newcastle 
Wentworih Place, Newcastle 
23, Victoria Terrace, South Shields 
Clayton Street. West Newcastle 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 


ArnLson, Charles, Esq. ,. 
Arn-son, W. C., M.D .. 
Atkinson, James. M.D. . . 
Atkinson, ]f., Esq. 
Barkus, Benjamin, M.D 
Bairon, T. W., M.B. 
Beaitie, J. W., M.B. .. 
Bcaity, T. C, jun., Esq. 
Beatiy, W. J., Esq. 
Bell, Anthony, Esq. 
Benson, T., Ksq. 
Bernard, Gerald, M.D. . . 
Berwick, J., Esq. 
Besant. W. H.^Esq. 
Blackett, W. C, Esq. 
Blair, C. S., M.B. 
Blandford, J. W., Esq. 
"Blumer, Luke, M.D. 
Bolton, W. T., Eiq. .. 
Bouts, Richard, Esq. , . 
Bowman, H. T., M.D. .. 
Boyd, William, Esq. 
Bradley, M. McW., M.D 
Brady, G. S., M.D. 
Brady, Hearj', Esq. 
Bramwell. J. \V., M.D. 
Broadbent,"L. G., M.D. 
Broadbent, S. W., E<o 
Brown, W. J., M.B. *.. 
Brumeil. Matthew, Esq. 
Brunskill, R. D., Esq .. 
Burdon, John, Esq. 
Callcott, J. T., M.B. .. 
Campbell, C. Mc ^., E.^q. 
Chisholm, William, M.D. 
Clark, Hugh, M.D, 
Colev. F., M.D. 
Cook, R. F., M.B. 
Copeland. William, jun., M. 
Craster, T. W.. M.D. . . 
Crease, J. R., Esq. 
Crisp, J. L., Esq. 
Currie. Thomas, E.sq. . . 
Dale. Ridley, Esq. 
Dale, John, Esq. 
Davies, H. W., Esq. .. 
Davis, John, Esq. 
Da\-is, R., Esq. 
Davison, R. S.. Esq. 
Dinsmore, G. H. J., M K 
Dixon, J. D., M.B. 
Di.xon, W. H., M.D. .. 
Dodd, Henrj*, Esq. 
Dodd, T. A. H., Esq. .. 
Dougias, Mordey, Esq. 
Douglass, George, M.D. 
Drinkwater, H., M.B. 
Drummond, David, M.D. 
Duncan, James, Esq. . , 
Eastwood, J. W., M.D. 
Eastwood. Lewis, Esq. 
Ellerton, John, M.D. 
Ellis, R., Esq. 
Fagge, T. W., Esq. .' 
Farmer, C, Esq. 
Farquharson. John, Esq. 
Fenwick, J. C. J., ALD. 
Fielden, Samuel, M.D. 
Fitzgerald. John, Esq. .. 
Flynn. E. F.. Esq. 
Foss, R. W., M.D. 
Fothergill, J. R., M.D. 
Fothergill, S. A., Esq. .. 
Frain, J., M.D. 
Galbraith, W,, Esq. 
Galloway, \V., Esq. 
Gammage, R. G., E.sq, .. 
Gardner, A. J., Esq. ' 
Gibb, C. J., M.D. '.; 
Gibbon, T., Esq. 
Gibson, C, M.D. 
Gibson, Charles, Esq. . \ 
Gowans, WUliam, Esq. . . 
Grant, John. Esq 
Hardcastle, Nicholas, Esq. 
Hawthorn, John, E'iq. 
Heath, G. Y., M.D. 
Hedley, John, Esq. 
Hepburn, W. A., Esq. .. 
Hind, Henry, Esq., 
Hopwood, Thomas F., Esq. 
Horam. John. Esq. 
Houseman, John, M.D. 
Hume, G. H.. M.D. 
Huntlev. R. E., M.D. 
Hurst, H. F., Esq. 
Hutchinson, Valentine. M.D. 
I'Anson, W. A.. Esq. 
Jackson, Daniel. M.D. .. 
Jackson, John, Esq. 
Jeaffreson. C. S., Esq. .. 
Jepson, Edward, Esq. .. 

.. Stanhope, Darlington 

.. Northumberland Street, Newcastle 

.. West Hartlepool 

.. Darlington 

.. Gateshead-on-Tyne 

.. Old Elvet, Durham 

.. North Shields 

. . Seaham Harbour «., 

.. Barrington Crescent, Stockton-on-Tees 

I, Eldon Square, Newcastle 
. . Stanley, Durham 
. . Silksworth, Durham 
. . Chester Road, Sunderland 
.. Whitley 
. . Durliam 
.. Jarrow-on-Tyne 
.. Norton, Stockton-on Tees 
.. North Bridge Street, Monkwearmouth 
. EbchesterHiil, by Bumopfield 
Richmond, V'orkshire 
Ne wcas tIe-on-Tyne 
Claypath, Durham 
2, Mowbray Villas, Sunderland 
High Street, Gateshead 
. Manor Terrace, Tynemonth 

Da!ion-!e-Dale, Sunderland 
. Chester-Ie-Street, Durham 
.. Morpeth 
. . Coxhoe, Durham 
Clendon. Sunderland 

5. York Street, Newxastle-on-Tyne [Hill 

Durham C:ounty Asylum, Sedgefield, by Ferry 
Hurworth, Darlington 
. . Ferry Hill, Durham 
. . Newcastle-on-Tj-ne 
. . Gateshead 

Staindrop, Darlington 
. . 2, Ogle Terrace, South Shields 

South Shields 
.. Ami e, Acklinjton 
.. J3, > icholson Street, Sunderland 
. , Slo<~'. ton 

. . .J2. Dorset Street, Jarrow-on-Tyne 
- . Mo: kwearmouth, Sunderland 

Lou- Fell, Gateshead 
. . Neubum, Scotswood-on-T>-ne 
Coundon, Bishop Auckland 
. Dei went Place, Newcastle 
. John Street, Sunderland 

Rilington, Malton, Yorkshire 
Bertinck Terrace, Newcastle 
. . 19, John Street, Sunderland 

. . Bishopswearmouth 
. . Northumberland Street, Newcastle 
, . Newbiggin-by-the-Sea 
. Dinsdale Park, Darlington 
. . North Road, Darlington 

Jliddles borough 
. Newcastleon-Tyne 
. We:t End House, Stockton-on-Tees 
. Hexham 

. Whitehall Place, Stockton-on-Tees 
. Durham 

Shildon. Darlington 
GilsIanJ Spa, Cumberland 
. Sunderland 


Haswell, Fence Houses 
South Shields 

Gosforth. Nc\vcasile-on-Tyne 
Eighton Banks, Gateshead 
. Villiers Street, Sunderland 
. Bank Top. Darlington 
Westgate Road, Newcastle 
Seaham Harbour 
Eldon Square, Newcastle 
Colbeck Place, Tynemonth 
Victoria Terrace, Soath Shields 
West Boldon, Durham 
West Clayton Street, Newcastle 
New Bridge Street, Newcastle 
Westgate Road, Newcastle 
Yester House, Middiesborough 
Coxhoe, Durham 
Bridge Road, Stockton-on-Tees 
9, Vine Place, Sunderland 
26, Bridge Street, Sunderland 
6S, Jesmond Road, Barras Bridge, Newcastle 
Westgate Street, Newcastle 

Bishop Auckland 
Westgate Road, Newcastle 

Elvet, Durha.Ti 

Jobson, John, Esq, 
Johnstone, G., >r.D. .. 
Kelly, M. F.,Esq. 
Kendal, C. R , Esq. 
Ketchen, W., M.D. 
Kilbum, W. B., Esq. .. 
Lawrence, James, M.D. 
Legat, A. E., Esq. 
Legat, Andrew, ^LD. 
Legat, H. T.,Esu. 
LePage.J. F., Esq.. . 
LimoDt, J., M.B. 
Logie, J. C, M.B. 
Longbotham, G., Esq. . 
Low, A. Bruce, M.B. .. 
Lownds, J. R., Esq. 
Lynn, R. D., M.D. 
Lyon, Walter, M.D. 
Macaulay, John, M.D. 
MacBean, S., Esq. 
McCloskey, James, M.B. 
McCoull, George, E.sq. . . 
McCullagh, T.. Esq. .. 
McCutcheon, Samuel, r^f.D. 
McDowall, T. W., M.D. 
McKane, G. O., Esq. .. 
Mackay, Alexander, .ALD. 
Mackay, J., Esq. 
McKechnie. Da\'id, Esq. 
Mackenzie, R. F.^M.D. 
Mackie, James, Esq. 
Mackenzie, John, ^f.B. 
Mackenzie, J. B., Esq. 
Mackinlay, J. E. H., Esq. 
Maclagan, James, McG., M.D. 
McLaren, Benjamin, Esq. 
Macneilaee, D., Esq. .. 
.McLean,^Hugh, M.D. .. 
Mears, W., M.D. 
Malcomson, J. A., M.D. 
Maling, E. A.. Esq. .. 
Maling. W. H., Esq. ., 
Mantle. A., M.D. 
Mason, H. W., Esq. .. 
Matthews, John, M.D... 
May, T. F., Esq. 
MerriT.veather, James, Esq. 
MiddJemiss, George, Esq. ' 
Milbum, C. H., ALB. .. 
Mitchell, John, M.D. .. 
Morgan, G. B., Esq. .. 
Morison, J. R., M.B. .. 
Morris, W. C, M.B. .. 
Munro, James, ALD. . 
Murray, J. C, M.D. . 
Murray, J. R., Esq. .. 
Murray, William, ^LD. 
Nattrass, Charles. iLD. 
Newton, R. C, Esq. .. 
Norman. T- E., Esq. 
Oliver, T.^ >LD. 
Oliver, W. H., Esq. .. 
Park, D. S.. M.D. 
Paxton. Tohn, Esq. 
Peart, R' S., M.D. 
Philipson, George H., iLD. 
Pilkington. George. Esq. 
Piper, S. E., Esq. 
Porteous, David, M.D. 
Proudfoot, T.. M.B. .. 
Purdie, R., M.B. 
Pyle,T. T., M.D. 
Raioe, G. R., M.D. .. 
Rawltngs, James, Esq... 
Redmond, J., Esq. 
Rennie, F., M.B, 
Renton, W. M., M.D. . . 
Ridley, W. H., Esq. .. 
Robinson, S., Esq. 
Robson, Adam, Esq. 
Robson, E. S., Esq. 
Robson, James, Esq. .. 
Robson, R. N., Esq. 
Russell, Hugh. M.D, .. 
Skrimshire, F. W., Esq. 
Smith, Andrew. M.D. .. 
Smith, James, Esq. 
Smith, James W., M.D. 
Smith, Robert, M.D. . 
Smith, R. A., M.D. ,. 
Spear, John, Esq 
Squance, T. C, Esq. .. 
Stainthorpe, Thomas, -\LD. 
Steele, J. C, M.B. 
Stewart, Peter, M.B. 
Stiven,E. W. F., M.D 
Strang, Wm., M^E... . 
Strang, Walter, M.B. .. 
Strachan, B., M.B. 
Sutherland, C. J.. Esq. 
Sutherland, J., Esq. 
Sutherland, Walter. M.D. 

.. Bishop Auckland 
. . Tow Law, -near Darlington 
.. Tara House, Felling-on-Tyne 
.. .\bbey Gate House, Hexham 

. . West Auckland (resigned) 

. . South Hylton, Sunderland 
.. South SIrields 

Stockton Hospital, Stockton-on-Tees 
Meadow field House, near Durham 
- . Newcast>e-on-T>ne 
Morpeth (dead) 

I, Marketplace, Middiesborough 
■ ' ^'.^olmside, Borongh Road, Sunderland 
. . Osborne Road, Newcastle 
Cumberland Row, Newcastle 
132, Rye Hill, Newcastle 
. . Jesmond Road, Nenxasile-on-Tyne 
. . Stockton 
. . 0\-ingdon, Pnidhoe 

Bishop Auckland, Durham 
Queen's Terrace, Middiesborough 
County Asylum, Morpeth 
. . Eyers Green, Durham 
. Crook, Ihirham 
West Hartlepool 
Coatham, Redcar 
• ■ Heighington, Darlington 

Bear Part, Durham 
.- t'rook, Durham 

Coatham; Redcar 
. . Riding MHI-on.T>-ns 

. . Saltburn*bj--Sea, Vorks. 
. . Corbridge 
48. John Street, Suftderland 
Infirmary', Sunderland 
.. Stanley, Chester-Ie-Street 
- . 151, Scotswood Row, Newcastle 
. . Guisborobgh 
. - Grange Road, Darlington 
. . County Infirmary, Durham 
. Barnard Castle 
. . Bishop wearmouth 

. Chester-Id- Street 

Barnard Castle 
. Newgate Street, Newcastle 

Grange Terrace, Norton, Stockton on-Ttes 
. Clayton Street West, Newcastle 
. . Villiers Street, Sunderiand 
18, Eldon Square, Newcastle 
H ebb um-on - T jTi e 
. Newcastle-on-Tyne 

. Houghton-le-Spring 

. North Shields 

Eldon Square, Newcastle 
. Middleton St. George, Darlington 
. North Seaton, Northumberland 
5, Lower Sej-mour Street, London, W. 
Bond Gate. Darllneton 
100, High Street, Hartlepool 
Ronlyn Terrace, Stockton-on-Tees 
Culiercoats. Newcastle-on-Tyne 
Shotley Bridge 
Hexham Road, Gateshead 
North Bridge Street, Sunderland 
3, Frederick Street, South Shields 
3, North Bailey, Durham 
Chapter Row, South Shields 

New Trimdon, Ferty Hil 

Whickham, Newcastle-on-Tyne 
Westmorland Terrace, Newcastle 

Durham County Asylum, Sedgefield 
Park Terrace, Sunderland 
Local Government Board. Whitehall. S W. 
Munon Colliery 
Langley Moor, Durham 
Dispensar\'. Newcastle 

M onkwearmou th 

Frederick Street, South Shields 

West Rainton, Fence Houses, Durham 

West Hartlepool 



[Dec. 29,1883. 

Sutherland, William, Esq. 
Swanwick, E. M., Esq.. 
Thornhill, John, Esq. .. 
Tinley, Thomas, Esq. .. 
Torrance, Robert, Esq. 
Trotter, W. O. Esq. .. 
Turnbull, T. J., Esq. .. 
Umpieby, Henrj-, ^I.D. 
Vann, A. M., Esq. 
Walker, Allan, M.B. .. 
Walker, Robert, M.D... 
Walker, Saoiuel. Esq. .. 
Walker, W. H., M.D. .. 
Ward, H. D., M D. .. 
Wardle, M. A., E^q. .. 
Waterston, James, Esq. 
Watson, P. H., Esq .. 
Watson, Thomas, jNI.B. 
Wear, A. T., Esq. 
Welford, C, M.B. 
Welford, George, Esq. . . 
Welford, G. E., M.D. .. 
Wickham, R. H. B., Esq. 
Wicks, W. C, M.B. .. 
Wilkinson, Auburn, Esq. 
Williams, W. J., M.D... 
Williamson, G. E., Esq. 
Wilson, Allan, M.D. .. 
Wilson, Francis, Esq. . . 
Wilson, James, Esq. .. 
Wilson, John, M.D. ,. 
Wilson, R. H., M.D. ., 
Wilson, Thomas, Esq. .. 
Wilson, W. T., M.D. ., 
Wood, J., Esq. 
Youno;, Christopher, M.D. 

„ Capheaton, Northumberland 

_ West Hartlepool 

,, NewcTstle 

« 22, Skinner Street, Whitby 

,, Saville Kow, Newcastle 

.. Stockton-on-Tees 

., North Shields 

,. Bedale 

.. Gilesgate, Durham 

,. Seaton Burn, Northumberland 

., Wooler, near Alnwick 

.. Middlesbro'-onTees 

. . Aldborough, Durham 

. . Blyth 

.. 4, Belvedere, Bishop Auckland' 

.. Frederick Street, Sunderland 

.. Newcastle 

.. George Street, South Stockton 

.. Newcastle 

.. Sunderland 

.. Sunderland 

., Park Terrace, Sunderland 

. . Co.\lodge Asylum, Newcastle 

.. Park Parade, Newcastle 

. . Tynemouth 

.. Grange Road, Middlesborough 


.. rilr.wick 


.. Villiers Street, Sunderland 

.. Lanchester 

. , Gateshead 

„ Wallsend, Newcastle 

.. Derwent Place, Newcastle 

Frederick Street, Sunderland 

. . Yarni 

Anderson, R. S., M.B... 
Arnold, Andrew, Esq. .. 
Arthur, James, Esq. 
Baumgariner, John R.. Esq. 
Benthall, A. E., Esa. ., 
Biggart, S., M.D. ' .. 
Birch, DeBurgh, M.D. 
Black, J. G.. M.D. 
Booth, Lionel, M.D .. 
Burman, C. C, Esq. 
Callender, J. H., Esq.*.. 
Candlish, Henrj-, M.D... 
Dall, J. C, Esq. 
Drummond, J., M.B. .. 
Edwards, S., Esq. 
Elliott, J. P., Esq. 
Forstcr, E. W., Esq. .. 
Fraser, G. Ross, Esq. ,. 
Eraser R. McLean, Esq. 
Garson, W. R.J"., M.B., 
Graham, J,, Esq. 
Green, C., M.B. 
HaU, E. Gordon, M.D. 
Hem. J., M.B. 
Holland, L., M.D. 
Hood, George, ^LD. .. 
Hoyle, W. E., Esq. .. 
Kilham, C. S„ Esq. 
Lanibie, Janies, ^LB. .. 
Lawrie, D. , Esq. 
Lidiard. S. R., Esq. .. 
K.nve. G., M.D. 
McEwen, F. A., M.B. .. 
-M.ithews, Samson, M.D. 
Maynard, I. C. M., Esq. 
Montgomery, W., Esq.. 
N^wby, C. H , Esq. .. 
Oliver, ). F., M.D. 
Page, F., Esq. 
Pocock, A. G. C, Esq... 
Rajaonah, J., Esq. ,. 
Rathbone, H. T., Esq.., 
Redmond, C. S. R., Esq. 
Sevier, A. H., Esq. 
Taylor, John, M.D. 
Vcitch, W. Y., Esq. 
Walker, William, Esq .. 
Watson, n. H Esa . , ^ 

Yarr, M. T., Esq. 



Bishop Auckland 

Wingate, Ferryhill, Durham 

106, Clayton Street, Newcastle 

The Hospital, Hartlepool 

West Hartlepool 

The Dispensary, Newcastle-on-Tyne 


Sherburn Hospital, Durham 

Belford, Northumberland 

10, Coting Terrace, North Shields 


Bedlington, Newcastle-on-Tyne 

40, Saville Street, South Shields 

Tudhoe, Durham 

Bellingham, Northumberland 

7, West Terrace, Darlington, 


Northgate, Darlington 


Barnard Castle 



Darlington Hospital 

82, Elswick Road, Newcastle 

Tow Law, Darlington 

West Pelton, near Chester-le-Street 

MeadoA field, near Durham 
Hospital, Darlington 
Moss Bank, Poolewc 
The Grange, Middlesborough 

West Hartlepool 

10, Gilesgate, Durham 

Saville Place, Newcastle-on-Tyne 

College of Medicine, Newcastle-on-Tyne 

Ingham Infirmarj'', South Shields 
Tyne Dock, South Shields 

Jackson Street, Gateshead 

Barnard Castle, Durham 

Chester le Street, Durham 


Coalham, Redcar 

Stockton-on Tees 

Langley Park, Durham 


Preshient .. .. .. Sir Willia.m Miller, M.D., Derry 

Vice-Presidents ... . . i \- ^- ^"^1 ^c-jnchv, M.B. Downpatrick 

tJoHN Fagan, Esq., Belfast 
Honorary Secretary „ .. .Vli-xandkr Dempsey, M.D., Clifton Street, 


Byers J. W., M.D. 

Charles, D. .A., M.D. 
Cuming, James, M.D. 
Dill, R. F., M.D. 
Dunlop, A., M.D. 
Graves, H., M.D. 
Gray, G., M.D. 
Kidd,A., M.D. .. 
M'Keown, William A., M.D. 
Palmer, J. M., Es(]. 
Smith. J. W. T., M.D. 
Thompson, G. C, 
Vesey, A. E., Esq. 
Whitla, Wm., M.D. 


33, Wellington Place, Belfast 
Fishen^-ick Place. Belfast 

Miller, Sir W. ., .. Londonderry 

Moore. J., M.D. .. Belfast 

Bernard, W., Esq. 
Browne, J. W., M.D. 

. Londonderry 

. Bclfas; 

Adamson, J. G., M.D. .. 
Aickin, W., M.D. 
•Allen, J. G., Esq. 
Anderson, R. J., M.D. .. 
Arnold, W., Esq. 
Ball,Thos., Esq. 
Barron, J., Esq. 
Barton, T. B., M.D. .. 
Beck. F. E., Esq. 
Bernard, W., Esq. 
Boyd, S. B., M.D. 
Eritton, John, M.D. 
Brown, D. J., Esq. 
Browne, J. W., M.D. .. 
Browne, T. J., M.B. .. 
Br>son, J. M., Esq. 
Burgess, R., M.D. 
Byers, J. W., M.D. 
Carre, F., Esq. 
Carre, G. E., Esq. 
Carson, A. T., M.D. .. 
Casement, B. N., M.B. 
Caw, J. M., M.D. 
Chambers, James, M.D. 
Charles, D. A.^ M.D., .. 
Christie. D., ?sq. 
Clarke, Joseph, Esq. 
Clurg, J. M., Esq. 
Clugston, W. A., M.D. . . 
Coates, S. B., Esq. 
Cordner, L. M., Esq. .. 
Core, W. S.,M.D. 
Corry, W., M.D. 
Craig, James, M.D. 
Creery, J. T., M.D. .. 
Cuming, J., M.D. 
Dempsey, A., M.D. 
Deverell, W. P.. M.D., 
Dickey, S., M.D. 
Dickson, L, M.D. 
Dickson, J. R., M.D. .. 
Dill, R. F., M.D. 
Donaldson, E., Esq. 
Duncan, T., Esq. 
Dunlop, A., M.D. 
Dunn, A., Esq. 
Elliott, W. H., Esq. .. 

Esler, Robert, M.D. .. 

Fagan, J., Esq. 

Fergus, S., M.D., 

Ferguson, H. S., M.D. 

Fleming, Hans, M.D. .. 

Fleming, H. B., M.B. .. 

Foreman, T. D., Esq. 

Forsyth, James, M.D. .. 

Frazer, H., M.D. 

Frier, W., M.D. 

Fulton, Thomas, M.D. 

George, George H., l-l^q. 

Gilmore, T. C, M.D. .. 

Graham, James, M.D. .. 

Graham, J. S., Esq. 

Graves H., M.D. 

Given, G. K.. M.D. 

Gray, G., M.D. 

Gray, R., Esq. 

Hall, J. C, M.C. 

Harkin, Alexander, M.D. 

Hawthorne, John, iM.D. 

Heatheringtnn, E., M.B. 

Heather, D. C. W.. Eso., Surg.-Maj. 

Hegarty, A.. M.D. ".. 

Henrj', R., M.B. 

Hunter, R. L., M.D. .. 

llroy, J. M., Esq. 

Jamison, D., M.D. 

lohnston, D., M.D. 

Johnston, H. M., M.D. 

Kevin, C., M.D. 
I Kidd, A.. M.D. 
I Kirker, G., M.D., Surgeon R.N. .. 



6, Murray's Terrace, Belfast 

Richill, CO. Armagh 

58, Wellington Park, Belfast 

Crescent House, Belfast 

Donegal Place, Belfast 

Tern pie pa trick 

Lifford, CO. Donegal (dead) 

Clarence Place, Belfast 


Ballymoney, co. Antrim 

Strabane. co. Tyrone 


College Square North, Belfast 


Limavady, co. Derry 

Coagh, Moneymore, co. Tyrone 

Lower Crescent, Belfast 
District Asylum, Letterkenny J 

Dispensary Asylum, Omagh 


Warwick Terrace, Belfast 

Fintona, co. TjTone 

Bellaghy, Co. Derr>' 

Carrygart \>y Letterkenny 
Barleborough, Co. Cavan 
Camcknow, Armagh 

Ballyclare, co. Antrim 

Great Victoria Street, Belfast 

.Aughnacloy. co. Tyrone 

Abbotsford Place, Belfast 

Carlisle, •Londonderry 
Church Street, Culeraine 

33, Wellington Place, Belfast 

26. Clifton Street, Belfast 
Ardglass. CO. Down 

10, Carli>le Terrace, Belfast 

Ballynahinch, co. Do^vn 

Broughshane, co. Antrim 

Fi5her\vick Place, Belfast 

Burt, Londonderry- 

Flhtona, Tyrone 

Holywood, Belfast 


Watersi-e, Londonderry 

Packenham Place, Belfast 

I, Glengall Place, Belfast 

Moy, Tyrone 

FLsherwick Place, Bel.rast 



Ballynahinch, co. Down 

Culmore, Londonderry' (dead) 

English Street, .-Armagh 

Waringstown, co. Down 

Sainifield, Co. Down 


Culduff House. Londonderry 

Donegal Pass, Belfast 

Ligonicl, Belfast 

Cookstown, CO. Tyrone 

Gortin, co. Tyrone 

Castlewellan, co. Down 

Russell Street, .Armagh 


5, College Square, Eelfa-t 

Banbridge. co. Down 


Waterside, Derrj- 

Kilrca, Dcrry 

Clones, Monaghan 

Lame, Antrim 

Lavin Cottage, Ballymoney, Antrim 

Newtown ards 

Clifton Street, Belfast 

Stranorlar, co. Donegal 

144, Donegal Pass, Belfast, 


KIM.S. "Iris," Portsmouth 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 


Kisby, W. J. Esq. ".. 
Lindsay, — , M.D. .. 
Little, Robert, Esq. 
Love, Andrew T., Esq. 
Love, William, Esq. 
Lcary, T., Esq. 
Loughnan, M., ALD. .. 
l-yndori, George, Esq.., 
Macarthur, P., ^LB. .. 
McBridc. H.. Esq. 
McCauI, G. B., Esq. .. 
McConncU. .\.. Esq. .. .. 

McClelland, R. B., M.D. 
McCuIlagh, J. A., RLE. 
McFa-^Iand, F. E., Esq., Siirg.- 

Major R.A. 
MacKenzie, Matthefr, Esq. 
WcKee, Samuel, Esq. .. 
McKeown, W. A., M.D. 
MacLaughlin, F. P., M.B. 
McLaughlin, T., Esq. .. 
McMa-ster, A., Esq. .. ■ 
McMeekin, J., Esq 
McMurtry, A. H. H., Esq. 
MacNau-ht, F. J., Esq. 
Macoiichy, J. K., M.B. 
MacParland, O. A. M., Esq. 
Masill, R., Esq. 
AL^rshall, Joseph, Esq. 
Manley, H. C., Esq. .. 
Martin, J., Esq. 
Mackenzie, W. S., M.D. 
Magill, E., Esq. 
AL^thers, A. A. C, M.D. 
Merrick, A. S., M.D. .. 
Meyiick,— M.D. 

Miller, Sir W. M. Knt., M.D. .. 
Moore, E. E., Esq. 
Moore, J. iL, Esq. 
Moore, R., M.D. 
Moorhead, W. R., M.D. 
Mnllan, A., M.D. 
McMurray, W., M.D. .. 
Murphy, E., Esq. 
Ni-'Ison, Joseph, M.D. .. 
O'Connor, L., Esq. 
O'Malley, M. R.. M.D. 
O'Neill, H., M.D. 
Orr, Gawin, M.D. 
Palmer, J. M., Esq. 
Parke, R. C, Esq. 
Picken, Jas., Esq. 
Purdon, H. S., M.B. ,. 
Purdon, R., M.D. 
Rea, J. H., Esq. 
Ross, R., M.D. 
Russell, P. C, Esq. .. 
St. George, G., Esq. 
Scott, \V., M.D. 

Sinclair, J., M.D.,Dep. Insp.-Gen. 
Smith, James. Esq. 
Smith, J. W. t ,M.D... 
Smyth, Brice, Esq. 
Smyth, James, Esq. 
Spedding, H. B., Esq... 
Sprgiille, T. W., M.D. 
Stewart, — M.D. 
Stewart, W., M.D. 
Stone, Ralph, Esq. 
Strahan, J., M.D. 
Stuart, J., M.D. 
Sweenic, W. F., Esq. .. 
Stephenson, S. S., Esq.. 
Taggart, W. J., M.D. .. 
Taylor, J., M.D. 
Taylor, W., Esq. 
Thetford, W. W., Esq... 
Thompson, D., Esq. 
Thompson, E. C, NLB. 
Thompson, V. C, M.D., LM.D. ., 
Thomson, W., M.D. .. 
Todd, J.. M.D. 
Twigg, W., M.D. 
Tyner, G. St. George, Esq. 
Vesey, A. B. , Esq. 
Vesey, T. A., M.B. „ 
Wadsworth, C., Esq. .. 
Wamock, Hugh, Esq. . . 
Warnock, H. T. A., Esq. 
Waters, Surg.-Maj., A.^t.D. 
Watsor, J. \V., M.D. .. 
Watts. J. Esq. 

Weir,C. J. , Esq., Surg.-Maj. A.M. D. 
West, G. F. Esq. 
Wheeler, T. K., M.D. .. 
Whitla, W., M.D. 
Wilson, D., Esq. 
Wilson, W. W., M.B. .. 
Wilson, W. W., M.B. .. 
Withers, T. J., M.D. .. 
Workman, C, M.D. „ 

Shantona^h, Castleblayney 
37, Victoria Place, Belfast 
LiflTord, CO. Donegal 
Killeter, co. Tyrone 

Castledertc, Co. Tyrone 
Cathniulleii, CO. Donegal 
Ballinagh, co. Cavan 
CJrey A^bbey, co. Down 
Gilford, CO. IJown 
Clarendon Street, Derry 
27, Great Victoria Street, Belfast 
Banbridge,co. Down 

Antrim Road, Belfast 
Lisburn, co. Antrim 
Mill Street, Belfast 
I, Gleng:;Ii Place, Belfast 
Strang ford 

Pump Street, Londonderry 
Baltygawley, co. Tyrone 
Mount Pottinger, Belfast 
Crumlin Ro.^d, Belfast 
County Infy, Londonderry 

Castlevvellaii, co. Doivn 
Dromore, co. Down 
Whitehouse, Belfast 
g, Clarence Place, Belfast 

Rastlewelbn, CO. Down 
Coteraine. co. Deny 
Hospital for Insane, Belfast 
District .Asylum, Belfast 
Pump Street, Londonderr>' 
Down Intirma.y, DownpatricI: 

Carlisle Ttrrace, Belfast 
Benburb, co. Tyrone 
Bally me na 

Templepatrick, co. .\ntriin 
Fahan, Londonderr\- 
Glengall Place, Belfast 

Clarence Place, Belfast 
College Square East, Belfast 
Ballylesson, Lisburn, Gavin 
Infirmary, Armagh 

6, Peckenham Place, Belfast 
College Square East, Belfast 
Gt. Victoria Street, Belfast 

7, Wellington Place, Belfast 

Li-^burn, co. Antrim 

The Bawn, Aughnacioy 


257, Shankhill Road, Belfast 

3, Glengall Place, Belfast 

College Square, Belfast 

EgUngton lerrace, Belfast 

Crumlin Road, Belfast 

Moville, CO. Donegal 

Glassborough, co. Monaghan 

Portadown, co. Armagh 


Greenmount Road, Belfast 


Newtown Cunningham 

Ardglass, co. Down 


Ta-.dragee. co. Armagh 

Downpatrick (dead) 

Strang ford 

Feeny Dispensary, Londonderry 



Hillsborough, co. Down 

Newtown Stewart, co. T>Tone 


Co. Asylum, Downpatrick 


Rostrevor, co. Devon 

Townsend Street. Belfast 

Clogher, CO. Tyaone 


Limavady. co. Derry 
Resident Surgeon, Union, Belfast 

Asylum, Omagh 
3, Clarendon Place, Belfast 
41. Great Victoria Place, Belfast 
Whiteabbey, Belfast 
Milbiirne, Buncrona, Donegal 
Kilkeel, co. Down 
Comber, co. Down 
2, Glengall T'lf-e, Belfast 

Bennett, W. H., M.B .. 
Bolton, R., M.D. 

Byrne, Jowph, Esq. ,. ^ 

Carson, J. C. L., M.D. 
Christal, J. , Esq. 
Cuane, J., Esq. .. 

Corbett, "T., Esq, ., , 

Crossii, R., Esq. , 

Cummg, T., M.D. ,. 
Daly, J. C, Esq. 
Davis, T., M.D. 
Davison, H. A., M.B. .. 
Diamond, C, Esq. ,. 

Dundee, C, M.D. 
Dysart, J., M.D. 
Eakin, S., M.D. 
Eccles, R. K., M.D .. 
Elliott, J. T., Esq. 
Evans, H. E., Esq. 
Fenwick, C., Esq. .. 

Flood, A. W., Esq. 
Forsythe, C, M.D. .. 
Fullarton, R., M.B 
Gage, R. C., M.B. 
Gaussen, J. L., M.D. .. 
Gilmore, S., Esq. 
Gordon, R., Eiq. 
Kenny, J. B., Esq 
Kay, M., Esq. '.. 

Kidd, A. N., M.D. 
McCaw, J. D., Esq. .. 
Mackinstrj-, R., M.D. .. 
McMullin, J., M.D. .. 
MacNeece,T.F., Esq., Sur. A.M.I). 
Meharry, W. J., Esq. .. 
Miller, J. E., M.D. ., 
Moore, Mark, Esq. 
Moore, Robert. M.D. .. 
Moore, T. T.. M.B. .. 
Murdoch, J., M.B. 
Norman, ConoHy, Esq., 
Olpherts, J. W.. Esq. .. 
Patterson, J,, M.B. 
Petit, J., Esq. 
Pratt, Joseph, Esq. 
Reid, J. Seaton, M.D,.. 
Robinson, J. J,, Esq, .. 
Robinson, W., Esq. 
Ross, J. R., M.D. 
Russell, P. C, Esq. .. 
Shackieton, E., Esq, .. 
Sheil, S., M.D. 
Smith, W. Ashe, Esq. ,, 
Sm>th, W., M.D, 
Stawell, J. C, M.B. .. 
Torrens, J. L,, Esq. 
Wales, G. F., M.D. .. 
Westropp, C. G., Esq. .. 
Wood, John, Esq. 
Young, A, G,, M.B. „ 


Bangor, co, Down 
Pump Street, Londonderry 

Coote Hill, CO. Cavan 
Scotatowrn, Monaghan 
CDokst9ft'n,.co. T>Tone 
Armagh r 

The Terrace, Borriskane 
Spencer Road, Londonderry 

Rasharkin, Belfast 
Eallycarry, co, Antrim 
Port Glenone, .Antrim 
Ballyhay, co. Monaghan 
Toomebridge, Antrim 
Smtthborough, Monaghan 

Killygordon, co. Donega 
Bundoran, co. Donegal 
Coleraii.e, co. Derry 

Newtofcn, Mount Kennedy 
Wellington Place, 
Castleblayney, co. Monaghar. { . 
Strabanc, co. Tyrone 
Kideshandra, co. Cavan 
Ciuugh, CO, Antrim 
Caledon, co. Tyrone 
Portg'cDone, Belfast 

l>i:ngannon, co. Tyrone 

64, Sbankhall Road, Belfast 

Cjrhsle Terrace, Belfast 
Kiilacoona, Clcnes 
Magherafelt, co. Derr>- 
District Asylum, Monaghan 
Lurgan, co. Armagh 
RameJtoD, co. Donegal 
Lunatic Asylum, Sligo 
Beech Hill, Armagh , 

LurgaD, CO.. Antrim 
Tand«^ce, co. Armagh 
Clogher, co. T>Tone 
Banbridge, co. Down 
Laghey, Donegal 
Connor, Ballymena 
York Street, Belfast 
Derrylin, Belturbet 
Carnbeg, Dundalk 
Mountnorris, Markethill, Armagh 




Hughes, Roger, Esq., Bala 
.. Pkichard, R. a., Esq.. Conway 
.. Llovd-Rob»rts, J., Esq., Denbigh 
.. Morris, W. Jones, Esq., Portmadoc 

COUNCIL. 1S33-4. 

Pres ident-EUct 
Honorary Secretary 
Honorary Treasurer 

Eyton-Jones, M.D. .. Wrexham 

Griffith, S., M.D. .. Portmadoc 

Rees, Hugh, Esq. .. Carnarvon 

Roberts, John, M.D. .. Chester 

Williams, Richard, Esq. Liverpool 


Eyton-Jones, T., M.D. .. Wrexham 


Carstairs, W. B. , M.B. 
Davies, Edward, M.D. .. 
Davies, H. E., Esq. 
Davies, H. LI., Esq. .. 
D.avies, Price Lloyd, Esq. 
Davies, R., Esq. ., 

Davies, T., Esq. 
Davies, Thomas, Esq. ,. 
Edmunds, R., Esq. 

Plas Newydd, Rhyl 





Llanfair, Abergele 


Prasw^'lfa, Colwyn Bay 

Cwmbran House, Pontoewvdd Newport 


[Dec, 29, 18S3. 

Edwards, Joshua, Esq. . . 
Evans, Henry, Esq. 
Evans, O. T., Esq. 
Evans, R. D. 
Evans, R. W. J-i Esq. .. 
Girdlestonc, W. T., Esq. 
Gobat, James T., Esq. . . 
Griffith, G. R., M.B. .. 
Griffith. J. T., Esq. 
Griffith, R., Esq. 
Griffith. Samuel, M.D... 
Grosholz. F. H. V., Esq. 
Harrison, Daraar, Esq. 
Hughes, D., Esq. 
Hughes, D. A., Esq. ,. 
Hughes, J. E., Esq. 
Hughes. John Robert, M.D. 
Hughes. J. T. D., Esq... 
Hughes, Robert, M.D. .. 
Hughes, Roger, Esq. 
Hughes, T. H., Esq. . . 
Hughes, T. \V., Esq. .. 
Humphreys, — Esq. 
Jenkins, Josiah R., M.D. 
Jones, D. R., Esq. 
Jones, Foulkes, Esq. 
Jones, J. E., M.D 
Jones, J. T., Esq. 
Jones, O. T.. Esq. 
Jones, Price, Esq, 
Jones, R., Esq. 
Jones, R. A., Esq. 
Jones, R. Langford, Esq. 
Jones, Richard O., Esq. 
Jones, Rees R.. Esq. .. 
Fones, T. Evans, Esq. . . 
Jones, T Eyton, M.D. .. 
ron-;. W Esq. 
Tones, W. Francis, Esq. 
Lewis, W. Parry, Esq. . . 
Lloyd. A. Eyton, Esq. ,. 
Lloyd, Edward J., M.D. 
Lloyd, Hugh I., Esq. .. 
Morris, P., Es'q. 
Morris, \V. Jone-;, Esq. . 
:\IouId, G. W., Esq. .. 
Owen, J. W., Esq. 
Owen, R. E., Esq. 
Owen, Owen Elias, Esq 
Palin, H. v., M.B. 
Price, E. Owen, Esq. 
Prichard, R. A., Esq. .. 
Prichard, R. M., M.D. .. 
Pring, P. B.,Esq. 
Rees, Hugh Esq. 
Richards, J., Esq. 
Richards, O., M.D. 
Roberts, G. W., Esq. .. 
Roberts, John, JLD. .. 
Roberts, John, M.D. .. 
Lloyd- Roberts, D., M.D. 
Roberts, J. Lloyd, M.B. 
Roberts, R., Esq. 
Roberts, R., Esq. 
Roberts, Robert, Esq. . . 
Rowlands, W., M.B. .. 
Shaw. T., Esq. . . $ 

Summerhill, T. H., Esq. 
fhomas, Wm., Esq.^ 
Tumour, Arthur E., M.D 
Walker, James R., Esq... 
White, Horsel. M.B. .. 
Williams, C, Esq. 
Williams, David Mark, Eso. 
Williams, E.,M.D. .. ' 
Williams, Evan, Esq. .. 
Williams, Evan, Esq., 
Williams, Humphrey L., Esq 
Williams, J., Esq. !. 

Williams, J. Llewelyn, M.B. 
Williams, Owen, Esq. .. 
Williams, O. T.. Esq. .. 
Willi.ims, R. Esq. 
Williams, Richard, Esq. 
Williams, W., M.D. 
Williams, W. J.. Esq. . 
Williams, W., M.D. 
WiUiams. W,. M.B. 
Williams, W. M., Esq. 


Br>'mbo, Wrexham 




Overton, Ruabon 

Castle Square, CarnarYon 







Bodafon, Llanfairfechan- 



Menai Bridge 




Dwylan, Llanengan. Pwllheli 

LI an fair 



Brynffynon, Dolgelly 

Bron-y-Graig, Corris 

Dinorwic, Bangor 


OakieviiHospital, Festinio* 

Maen Hir, Llanfair, Anglesey 




Pias Henar, Llanrwst 

Grosvenor Lodge, Wrexham 

Ty Newydd, Ruabon 




High Street, Bangor 


Colwyn Bay, Conway 


Colwyn Bay 

Llanrwst, Denbigh 


Glandwr, Llangefni, Anglesea 






5, Church Street, Carnarvon 


Vronheulog, Bala 

Fron Henlog and Festiniog 

Talarvor, Criccieth 

Abbey Square, Chester 




Llanfair, Abergele 


Stanley Hospital, Liverpool 

Bronderw, Colwyn B-ay 



. Corwen 

. Hen,g\vm, Duflryn, Merioneth 
Shaw Street, Liverpoc. 


Llangefni, Anglesey .. 

. Fronheulog, Dolgelly. 
. Holywell 


Rhosygear, Holyhead 

. Regent Place, Wre,\ham 

82, Rodney Street, Liverpool 
. Mold 
. Carnarvon 

. 58, Rodney Sti-eet, Livei-pool 
. Drim, Fishguard 

Penmachno, Beitws-y-Coed 


Burlingham, D. C, M.D. 
Crighton. A., M.D. 
Dalton, Thomas, M.D. .. 
Dinnen, W, T., l'",sq. 
Edw.-\rds, D., Esq. 
Edwards, J., Eiq. 
(Griffiths, Owen W., Esq. 
Hughes, Evan Thomas, Esq. 
hes, H. R. Grcig, Esq 

Hawarden. Flintshire 
Brymbo, Wrexham. 

Boston Street, Holyhead 

Walton Breck Road, Liverpool 
The Plas, Nevin 
Stanley Crescent, Holyhead 

Jones, R., Esq. 
Jones, Richard, Esq. 
Lodge, Llewelyn, Esq, 
Lovegrove, C, Esq. 
Manisty, F., Esij. 
Manisty, F. S., Esq. 
Meteyard, C. J., Esq. 
Morgan, W, T., IVLD. 
Owen, R. H., Esq. 
Owen, W. G., M.B. 
Parry, Robert, Esq. 
Pierce, Evan, M.D. 
Prytherch, H., Esq. 
Roberts, Evan, Esq. 
Roberts, J. G.. Esq. 
Roberts, W. W., Esq. 
Roden, T. C.,Esq. 
Williams, J., Esq. 
Wolstenholme, T. H.. 


High Street, iBangor 


.St. .A-saph 

Llanwddyn, near Llanfyllen, N. Wales 

The Retreat, Wrexham , 

Gresford, near 

Menai Bridge 


Plas-Coch, Bottwnog, Pwllheli (resigns) 


Castle Street, Carnarvon 


Menai Bridge 

Pen-y-groes. Camar\-on 

Amlwch, Anglesey 

Uxbridge Place, Caman'on 


Castle Square, Carnarvo.i 

Abergele, Llandulas 





. Ranald McCallum, UUapooi 


,, DuNCAK McIntyre. M.D., Fort ^^ 

Secretary and Tyeasnrcf 

.. J. W. NoKRis Mackav, M.D.,E!gi 


Adam, Charles, M.D. 

. Elgin 

Ailken, Thomas, M.D. 


Bruce, W., M.D. 

. Ding^\-all 

P.utler, A., M.B. 

. Forres 

Craig, Robert, M.D. 

. Glen Urquhart 

Forbes, Georse. M.D. 

. Fochabers 

Grant, 0., M.K., CM. 

. Inverness 

jie:mbers OF branch. (41). 

Adam, Ch. M.D. 

. . Elgin 

Adam, J., M.D. 

. . Dingwall 

Aitken, Ihomas, JI.D. .. 


Bruce, William, M.D. .. 

. . Dingwall 

Butler, .'inthony, M.B. .. 


Cameron, Alex.. M.B. .. 

. Glenlivat 

Craig, R., M.D. 

. . Glen Urquhurt 

Cruick.shank, E., M.D. . . 

. . Nairn 

Duff. George, M.D. 

. . Elgin 

Duguid, W. R.. M.D. .. 

. . Buckie 

Finlayson. A., Esq. 

. . Munlochy, Inverness 

Forbes, G., M.D. 


Galletly, W., M.D. 

. . Northvlew, Elgin 

Gibson. W. R., M D. .. 

.. 4, New Bank, Inverness 

Grant, John, M.D. 

. . Grantown 

Grant. 0., M.I!. 

.. Church Street, Inverness 

Grigor, John. M.D. 

.. Nairn, and Piaz7a-di-Spagna, Rome 

H.ardie, B., M.B. 

. . Wardens Place, Forres 

Hay, G. Petrie, M.D. .. 


Kennedy, W., M.D. 

. . Tain 

iWcCallum, Ranald, Esq. 

. . Ullapool 

McDonald, D. S., M.B. 

.. Church Street, Inverness 

McDonald, Wm.,M.D... 

. . Inverness 

McFadyen, D., Esq. .. 

. . Inverness 

Mclnt)-re, D., .M.D. .. 

.. Fort William, N.E. 

Mackay, J. W. N., M.D. 

. . Elgin 

Mackenzie, A. R., M.D. 

. . Fortrose 

Mackenzie, Colin, M.D. 

. . Tain, Ross 

Mackenzie, Finlay M.. Esn. 

. . Inverness 

McLachlan, M.B. 

. . Beauly 

McPherson, C, M.B. .. 

Botiar, Sutherlandshire 

McNee, J., M.D. 

. Inverness 

Murray, J., M.D. 

2, Ardross Street, Inve!:i^'.s> 

Ross, lames, M.D. 

. . Elgin 

SeIlar,'P. A., M.D. 


Simpson, W., M.H. 

. . Buckie 

Sutherland, A., M.B. .. 

. . Invergordon 

Turner, Robert Shand-.M.D. 

.. Keith 

V.ass, J.. M.D. 

. . Tain 

Walker, John, M.D. . 

. . Kingassi 

Whyte, Geo.,M.D. 

.. Elgin 


.\ustin, J. A., M.D. 

. . Tongue 

Banks, George, Esq. 

.. AVick 

Bl.ack, D., Esq. 

. . Poolewe, Gairloch 

Brown, James. Esq. 

. . Uig, Portree, Isle of SItye 

Burn, G. M.D. 

. . Lathcron 

Dewar, J., .M.B. 

Si. Margaret's Hope, Kirkwell 

Duncan, C, M.D. 

.. LocWasli 

Jcfleriss, W. R. S.. M.D. 

.. Burton-on-Trent 

Logic, James S. S., M.D. 

. . Kirkwall 

Mann, H.. Esq. 

.. Nairn, N.B. 

Dec. 29, 1S83.] 


McConaghy, J. F.. M.K. 
McDonald. J., M.D. .. 
Mackav. C G., M.B. .. 
Mackay, I)uncan, M.D. 
MacUay, G., M.D. 
Maclean, T-. M.D. 
McNeil!, b., Kstj. 
Macrae, C. .\I., M.D. '.. 
MacRae. J., .M.D. 
-McRobcrt. H.G., .M.D... 
Pole. A.. M.D. 
Ro^-, D.. .M.D. 
Ross, Roderick, Esq. 
Rutherford, D. J., M.I>. 
Skae, F. r». A.. M.D ,. 
Stephen, \V., M.D. 
Stewart, J., Esq. 
Stewart, W.. M.D. 
Stuart, R. W., Esq. 
Talloch, David. M.f!. .. 
Winchester, Henry. M.B. 
Vule, R. M., M.D. 

.. Sander>-, Orkney, N.B. . 

. . Orbost, Skye, 

.. Loch Carron. Dingw-all 

10, Ardross Terrace, Inverness 

I, Ardross rerrace, Inverness 
.. Orbost House,- Dunvcsan 

Holm, Kirkwall 
. . Stornoway, N JI. 


\V'estray, Orkney 
. . Lerwick, Shetland 
.. Portree. Skye. N.B. 

Lochs, Stornoway 
. . Brook Point, Harolclswick, Shetland 

. . Obbe Harris 
., Obbe. South Harris 

Kirkwall, Orkney 
.. Eoddam, Dunrossness, Shetland 


Tongue, Sutherlandshire 
.. Scalloway, Shetland 



.\cland, H.\V.,M.D.,D.C.L.,F.R.S. 

Baines. E. C. A.. Esq. .. 

Ballard, C, Esq.' 

Batt, Augustine, ^NLD. . . 

Beaumont. W. M., Esq. 

Hevers, Edmund Augustine, Esq. 

Boyton, J. E., E^q. 

Brooks, A. D'Oyley, Esq. 

Chapman, E., Esq, 

Cheatle, Thomas Henn". Esq. 

Darbyshire, S. D., M.B. 

Drinkwater, W., Esq. . . 

Gray, E. B., M.D. _.. 

Griffin, Innes, Esq. *.. 

Hutchinson, G. W., Esq. 

Mallam, Henry Parr, Esij. 

Morgan, W. Lewb, Esq. 

Orcen, A.H.. Esq. 

Sankey, R. H. H., Esq. 

Taylor, K, Esq. 

Thompson, H., Esq. 

Tuckxvell, Henry M., M.D. 

Ward, John B.. M.D. .. 

Winkfield, A., Esq. 

Wise. R. S.. M.D. 


Hen I e v-on-Thame s 

The Hill, Witney 
St. Giles' Road, Oxford 
Broad Street, Oxford 
Wathington, Oxfordshire 
Henley-on-Tha»nes (dead) 
Frewen Hall, O.\'ford 
Chipping Norton 
91, High Street, Oxford 
Exeter College Oxford 
Chipping Norton 
Woodstock, Oxon. 

Warneford Asylum, Oxford 
Beaumont Street, Oxford 




Presitien t- Elect 
//o flora ry Secretary 

Harrinson, Isaac, Esq. 
Maurice. O. C, Esq. 
Moore, G. E., M.B. 
Phillips. H. H-, M.D, 
Royds, W. A. S., Esq. 
Shea, John, M.D. 
Walford, T. L., Esq. 
\yells, E., M D... 
Young, W, B.. Esq. 

. E. Wells, M.D., Reading 

. G. E. Mr>OR2, M.B., Maidenhead 

. R. C. Shettle, M.D., London St., Reading 


,. Reading 
. Reading 

, Southampton Place, Readier: 

London Street, Reading 
. London Road, R,eading 
. Reading 
. Reading 
. Reading 

Orange, W., M.D. . . Broadmoor 

Phillips, H, H., M.D. .. Reading 


.\rmstrong, H. G., Esq. . 
Bateman. Francis, M.D. 
Birch, Robert, Esq. 
Bunny, Joseph, M.D. .. 
Cochran, C. H., Esq. .. 
Da\'is, E. H., Esq. 
Da%-is, G. H., Esq. 
Galpin, R., Esq. 
Gooch, James W., Esq. . 
<^'>raham, C. R., Esq. .. 

Whitchurch, Oxon 

Tower Street, West Hirtlepool 
Kelvedon, Essex 

Harrinson, Isaac, Esq. . . 
Hoi J^r-'iess, ^^'. Brown, Esq. 
Jeston, T. W., Esq. 
Little, H. S., B.A. 
Lockwood, J. Parker, Esq. 
Lousley, Oded, Esq. 
Major, Harr>' Pike, Esq., M.D. . 
McInt>Te, A. J., M.D... 
McIntjT-e, J., M.D. 
Maples, Reginald, Esq. 
Maurice, O. C. Esq. 
May, George, Esq. 
May, George, jun., M.B. 
Montgomery', E. C, ^LD. 
Moore, Adam Jas., Esq. 
Moore, G. E.. .M.B. .. 
Orange. William, M.D.. 
Phillips, Henry Heygale. M.D. 
Playme, Alfred, M.B. . . 
Richardson, W., Esq. .. 
Royds, W. A. S.. Esq. . . 
Shea, John. M.D. 
Shettle, R. C, M.D. . . 
Smith, Robert. Esq. 
Sutton, F. W..'Ksq. 
Swindale. John, Esq. . . 
Tench, C. H., M.D. .. 
Walford, T. L., Esq. .. 
Walker, J. F., f:sq. .. 
Walters, James Hopkins, Esq. 
Wells, Edward, M.D. . . 
Woodforde, W. T. Garrett, M.D.. 
Workman, John W., Esq. 
Young, W. B.. Esq. 




London Street, Reading 













Broadmoor, Wokingham 

Southampton Place, Reading 

Maidenhead ■ 


London Street, Reading 

King's Road, Reading 



Greenlands. Reading 

Binfield, Bracknell 

43.\, London Road, Reading 


Swallowfield, Reading 

Castle Street, Reading 


Oakbank, Spencer's Wood, Reading 




Armstrong, H., M.D. .. 
Baker, S. L, Esq. 
Barford, J. G., Esq. 
Breach, John, Esq. 
Burman, J. W., M.D. .. 
Casey, Edward, ^LD... 
Curwen, Cecil, Esq. 
Daly, J. H., Esq. 
DougUs, W. T. P., Esq. 
Ellison, James, M.D. .. 
Gossett, G., M.B. 
Greene, W., Esq. 
Isaac. John B., M.D. .. 
Tay, F. F., Esq. 
Marshall, John H., Esq. 
Martin, Paulin. Esq. 
Maskelj-ne, G. H.. Esq. 
Orsbom, John, M.D. . . 
Pearl, E., Esq. 
Russell, Jas.. il.D. .. 
Slack, R., >LD. 
Thomson, Geo. L., M D. 

. . Wick Hill, Bracknell 


Wokingham ? 

. . Aslon, Upthorpe 
. . Ramsbury, Hungerford 
. . Park Street, Windsor 

The Laurels, ^Maidenhead 

Kingston Bagpuize, Abingdon 

Ivy House, jSewburj' 

. . Abingdon 
, . High Street, Wallingford 

Broadmoor, Wokingham 
. . Slough 
.-. Wallingford 
. . Abingdon 

. . Sandhurst, Wokingham (dead) 
. - Windsor 

Sandhurst, Wokingham 

.. East Woodhay. Newbury 



Campbell, W. W.. M.D. 
Kynock, Patrick, Esq. . . 
McDougall, J. N., M.D. 
Macvie, S., M.B. 
McWatt, Robert C, M.D. 
Skinner. DaWd, Esq. . . 
Stuart, Charles, M.D. .. 
Turnbull, Matthew J., ISLD. 

Anderson, A. M., M.D. 
Anderson J. K., M.D. .. 
Campbell, .Alexander. M.B. 
Christie, James, M.D. . . 
Cowan, W. C, Esq. 
Crichton, James S., M.l'. 
Dewar, James A., M.D. 
Dewar, Michael. M.B. ., 
Dickson, Robert, Esq. .. 
Duncan, Andrew J., ^LD. 
Galloway, Wm.. Esq. .. 
Gray, R. A., M.D. 
Howden. James C, M.D. 
Macleod, J. E., M.D. .. 
McEwan, David, M.D. 
Miller, James W.. M.D. 
Moon, David S., Esa. . . 
Munro, R. H., M.B.' .. 







Hillside, Chirr.siJe 



- . Dundee 

.. 140, Nethergale. Dundee 





. . Carnoustie 
.. Nethergate, Dundee 
.. South Tay Street, Dundee 

47, John Street, Montrose 

Lunatic Asylum, Montrcsc 

Nethergate, Dundee 
. . Dundee 

. . Dundee 

Frockheim, Forfarshire 


[Dec. 29,1883. 

Paion, David, M.D. .. 
Sinclair, Rol>ert, M.D. .. 
Slcw.irl, D., M.D. 
Templeman, C , M.B. .. 
Traill, John, Esq. 
Urquharr, John, Esq. .. 
Watson, Wm. McC, jM.D. 
Wannan, W. A., Esq. .. 
Wcmyss, John W., M.D. 
Young, Peter, M.D. 

Aymer, James, Esq. 
B.'iird, Alexander, M.D. 
Beckett, J., M.D. 
Br.'imwell, James P., M.D. 
Calder, A. B., M.B. .. 
Crerar, Alexander. Esu., 
Dudgeon, J. M., M.B.' 
Ferguson, Jas., M.B. .. 
Fit/maurice, W. F. H., Esq. 
Gairdner, James, M.D. 
Ctirdrier, ^Matthew H., M.D. 
Hunt, Leigh, M.B. 
Irvine, W. S., M.D. .. 
Kennedy, D. Sinclair, .M.I'. 
Laing, H. W., M.D. .. 
Lowe, R., M.D. 
Lunan, Robert. Es*;. . . 
McCalium, P., E=q. .. 
Wackay, Join, M.D. .. 
McMillan. A., M.D. .. 
McNaus'hton, J.. M.D. 
Marshall, W., M.D. .. 
Meikle, Thomas H., M.D. 
Morrison. T. K . AI.D. ., 

Reid, J. W., M.B. 

Roy, William, M.D. .. 
Simpson, .■^., Esq. 1. 

Steven.-ion. W., Esq. 
Stirling, David H., M.D. 
Thorn. A., Esq. 

„ Carnoustie 

. . Dundee 

.. Lift", Dundee 

,. 47, Tay Street, Dundee 

.. Arbroath 

,, 150, High Street, Montrose 

,. 158, High Street, Montrose 

,. MarkeL Gate, Arbroath 

,. Broughty Ferry 

., Ellen Street, Dundee 


.. Bcrvie, N.B. 

.. Perth 

.. Dunblane, Perth 

.. Penh 

.. 24, Kemwell Street, Pertli 

.. Rannoch, Pitlochry 

., Rankeillor Street, Edinburgh 

11, Charlotte Street, Perth 
.. Dunning, Perthshire 
.. Cold wells, Cneff 
. . Crieflf 

i;, Athole Street, Perth 

. i.j^atin, Pitlochry 

.. Vor:; Place, Perth 
, . IJridge of Earn 
. . Cupar Angus 


Woulharaj St. Martin's 
. . Aberfeldy 
. . Stanley, Perth 
.. Perth 

.. 2. Wood Grove, Crieff (resigns) 
.. Crieff. '• ; 

.. ].>n!ining, Perthshire 
,. P->^^l:frto^ Perth 
.. Pitlochrj' 
,. 4, K ■'■^'s Place. Perth 
. . Crieff 
„ Perth 
.. Crieff 

{Sec also Aberdeen^ Border Counties, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Norik'^f S^dtiand 

Branches. } 


President .. .. .. E. Andrew, M.D., Shrewsbury 

President- Elect .. .. W. Bowen Dayies, Landrindod Well 

' Edward Cureton, Esq., Shrewsbury 

Honorary Secretaries . . 

Andrew, E., M.D. 
Barrett, T. B., Esq. 
Eddowes, William, Esq. 
Gwynn S. Tayleur, M.D. 
Harries J- 1^-, Esq 
Humphreys. J. R., Esq. 
Keyworth, G. H., Esq. 
Rider, J., Esq. .. 
Rope, H. J., Esq. 
Sankey, W. H. C, Est). 
Scott,, E. S., Esq. 
Tredinnick, E., Esq. 

' (Arthur Strange M.D. 


. Shrewsbury 

. Welshpool 

. Shrewsbury 

. Whitchurch 

. Shrewsbury 

. Swan Hill, Srewsbury 

Wem, Salop 
. Wellington 
. Shrewsbury 

. iJoreatton Park, Baschurch, Salop 
. St John s Hill, Shrewsburj' 

Old Strefford, Craven Arms, Saloi? 


Andrew, Edwyn, M.D. ■ 
Barrett, T. B., Esq. .. 
Bc-thell, Alfred, Esq. .. 
Blaikie, Robert, E^q. .. 
Blyth, Robert, Esq. .. 
Bralton, J., Esq. 
Bromfield, Jn., J'.sq. 
Brookes, A. G., Esq. .. 
Brookes, J., E.-^q. 
Brookes, W. P., Esq. .. 
Brooks, J. E., E'iq. 
Brown, G. A., Esq. 
Brown, John, Esq. 
Brown, J. L'O., Esq. .. 
Burd, Edward, M.D. ._ 
Calwcll, W., E^q. 
Cartwright, J. A. T., Esq. 
Cartwrighl, J. P. Esq. 
Chillingworth, A., Esq. 
Colics, A., M.B. 
Collins, G. D., Esq. ., 
Cook, C, A. Esq. 
Covemton, C. J., Esq. .. 


Swan Hill, Shrewsbury (dead) 

Council House, Shrcwsburj- (resigns) 
Much Wenlock 
M, Mill Street, Ludlow 
Shiffnal. Salop 
Lcintwardine, Salop 

Wellington, Somerset 
r.mseley, Salop 
Haschurch, Salop 

Cureton, E., Esq. « 

Davies, F. H., Esq. .. _ 

Davies, W. Bowen, Esq. » 

Douson, W., Esq. .. 

Drlnkwater, J. P., Esq. » 

Eddowes, Alfred, M.D. 
Eddowes, W , jun., Esq. ». 

Edwards, H. Nelson, Esq. 
Elkington, Ernest A., M.B. „ 

Elmslie, W. \V., Esq. .. 
Fairies- Humphreys, N. W., Esq... 
Fenton, Henry, Esq. .^ 
Fuller, Wm., M.D. .. 
Giles, B. F., Esq. 
Gill, J., Esq. 
Gillitlie, A., Esq. » 

Glover, J., Esq. ^ 

Groom, Thomas, Esq. . . ^ 

Grosholz, F. H. V., Esq. 
Gwynn, C. H., M.B. .. 
Gwynn, S. Tayleur, M.D. 
Hall.T. Lambert, Esq. 
Harries, J. D., Esq. 
Hart, F. J., Esq. 
Hawkhurst, H., Esq. .. 
Hodges, G., Esq. 
Hughs, 1. J., Esq. 
Humphreys, J. R., Esq. 
Jackson, A., Esq. 
Jones, J., Esq. -. 

[ordison, C, Esq. 
Keyworth, G. H., M.B. 
Lane, J. W., M.D. 
Lewis, W. A. A., Esq. 
Long, Mark, M.D. 
Lyon. John, M.B. 
MacLintock, J., M.D. .. 
M J!ey, A. Cowley, B.A., M.B. .. 
McCartney, T. L., Esq. 
Mackenzie, A. G., Esq. 
Mackey, Samuel, Esq... 
Jlathews, Wm., Esq. .. 
Mathias, Alfred, Esq. .. 
Monro, C. E., Esq. 
Morgan, T., Esq. .. ,. 

Pacher, W. H., M.D. .. 
Parr>', E. J.. Esq. 
Parry. W, M.D. 
Pidduck, T., Esq. 
Popham, Samuel Lane, M.D. 
Procter, James, Esq. .. 
Proctor, J. W., Esq. .. 
Rider, J., Esq. 
Rigby, W. B., Esq. 
Riley, J., Esq. 
Robertson, John, M.D. 
Roe, J. W., M.D. 
Rope, H. J., Esq. 
Sandford, FoUiott J., M.D. 
Sankey, W. A., Esq. 
Sankey, W. H. O., M.D. 
Scott, E. S., Esq. 
Skclding, H. J., Esq. .. 
Skinner, B. M., Esq.,A.M.D. .. 
Smith, A. P., Esq. 
Smith, J Onston, Esq. 
Soame, C. B. H., Esq. 
Stecdman, F. J., Esq. .. 
Steventon, W. J., Esq. 
Strange, .Arthur, M.D. 
Stubbs, Henry, Esq. .. 
Tait, Lawson, Esq. 
Thomson. J. A. Mulvilte, Esq. 
Thursfield, W. N., M.D. 
Tredinnick, E., Esq. .. 
Welsh, Joseph, Esq. 
Westwood, H. O., Esq. 
Whitfield, W. B., Esq... 
Whitwell, F., Esq. 
Whltwell, G. G., Esq .. 
Wiidiny, R., Esq. 
Wiiliams, C. Rice, M.D. 
WiKon, J. G., Esq. 
Withers, R. W. O., Esq. 

Bailey, J. Battersby, M.D. 
Biown, J. T. Escj. 
D.ivies, J. W., Esq. .. 
Ellesmere, E.. M.B. 
E.xham. A. R. F., M.B. 
Hall, Edward, Esq. 
Harrison, E. T. D., Esq. 
Hodges, G., Esq. — 

Howe, fonas, Esq. 
Lemon, Henry M., M.D. 
Manning, Leonard A., M.B. 
Meymott, H., Esq. 
Morgan, George, J., Esq. 
Snow, R., Esq. 
Sowerby, Thomas, Esq. 
Thompson. F. H., Esq. 


Liandnndod Wdls 
Intirmary, Shrewsbury 
Plas Guyfran, Llangollen 
Market Drayton 
3, The College, Shrewsbury 
Moreton House, Shrew.sbury 
Ne^wport, Salop 
Westbury, Salop 
Montgomerj' (resigns) 
Wem, Salop 
High Street, Welshpool 
Pontesbnry, Salop 
Dorrington, Sbn^wsbury 
Bridgnorth (resigns) 

The Priory, Much Wenlock 
Park Lane, Welchpool 
Burwarton. Bridgnorth 
All Siretton, Salop 

Swan Hill, Shrewsbury 
LlanfyHin, Montgomeryshire 
Malpas, (Chester 

Bishop's Castle, Salop 
Castle Buildings, Oswestry 
Diiiham, Ludlow 

Church Stretton (dead) 
Munslow, Salop 
Worthen, Salop 
Much Wenlock, Salo^ 
Baschurch, Salop 
Nantwich, Cheshire 
Dut)daroch, Aberroyte 
The Bank, Newtown, Moot. 

County A-iylum, Blxton Heath 
Swan Hill, Shrewsbury 
Caersws, Montgomeryshire 

Craiglockhart, near Edinburgh 
Iron bridge 

Foreetbr's Hall. Shrewsbury 
Pontesbury, Salop 

St, Mary Street, Shrewsbury 
Market Drayton 
Boreatton Park Baschurch, Salop 

Swan Hill, Shrewsbury 

10, East Castle Street, Bridgnorth (resigns) 



83. Wyle Cop, Shrewsbury 

Dawley Green, near Wellington 

Infirmary, Shrewsbury 


Salop County Asylum, Bicton Heath 


Great Charles Street, Birmingham 

Newport, Salop 


Old Strefford, Craven Arn'S 


Prees, Salop 



27. Castle Sreett, Shrewsbury 

Church StreUcn (dead) 



Claremort Hiil, Shrewsbury 



Tintern, Chepstow 



Brooklyn House, M.irket Drayton 





Bishop's Castle 



Kinncrly, Salop 

Caersus, Montgomeryshire 


Cleobury, Moriime 

Dec. 39, 1883.] 





'F. Bagshawe, M.D., St. Leonard's- on -Sea 
( Trollope, T., M.D., St. Leonard's-on-Sea 
\ pRN-HALL, J. T., M.D., St. Leonard"s-on-Sea 

J. H. Galton, M.D., AVoodside, Anerley 
Road, Norwood, S.E. 
/E. H. Galtos, Esq., Springfield House, 
] Brixton Hill. S.W. 

President « 
Vice Presidents 

Vice-Presidcn is- Elect 

Hon. Secretary and Treasurer 

District SecretarUs _ 

■"j J. S. Turner, Esq., Stanton House, Anerley 

\ Upper Nonvood, S.E. 
. Charles Parsons, M.1>., Dover 
(East A'e/tt—T. Whitehead Reid, Esq., 
Jl'est Kc7it—.\. W. NANKrvELL, Esq., St. 

Bartholomew's Hospital, Chatham 
East Surrey— }. Heruert StOwers, M.D., 

23, FJp.sbury Circus, E.C. 
West Surrey — A. A. Napper, Esq., Cranleigh 
East Sussex — T. J. Verrall, Esq., 95, 

Western Road, Brighton 
West Sussex— O^vxiX^G Bird Collet, Esq., 
V. Worthing 

Baylis, C. O.. M.D. 
Byass, Thomas Spry, ^I.D. . . 
Chaldecolt, Charles W., Esq. 
Eastes, Thomas, M.D. 
Ewart, Joseph, M.D. 
Fussell, Edward F., M.B. .. 
Galton, E. Hooper, Esq. 
Hayman, C. N.. M.B. 
Heiley, F., M.D. 
Hood, D. W. Charles. M.D. 
Humphrj', Fred. Abel, Esq. 
Joh.ison, j. M.D. 
Oldman. C. E., M.D. 
Penhall, John T.. M.D. .. 
Ranking, J. E., M.D. 
Raven, T. F., Esq. 
Rigden, G.. Esq. 
Roberts, Bransbv. M.D. 
Strong. H. J., M.D. 
Turner, T. Sidney, Esq. 
Tyson, W. J., M.Ii. 
Woodman, Samuel, Esq. 
Worship. John Luca~. Esq... 


, . Tunbridge Wells 

Cuckfield, Haj'ward's Heath 

23. Clifton Terrace, Brighton 
Eri.vton Hill, S.W. 
Grand Parade, Eastbourne 
Upper Norwood, S.E. 
43, Green Street, Park Lane, W. 
22. Marine Parade, Brighton 
Belmont Church Road, Tunbridge Wells 
The Grange. Bletchingley 
5j Eversheld Place, Brighton 
iSa, Mo'jnt Ephraim Road, Tunbridge Wells 

Burg,ite Street, Canterburj" 
North End, Croydon 
Stanton House, Anerley Road, S.E 

5. Prospect Terrace, Rarasgate 

Alien, B. H.. M.D. 
Cooke, J.. M.B. .. 
Gabb, C. B., Esq. 
Julius, S. A.. Esq. 
Mansell, E. R.. Esq. 
Ticehurst, A. R., Esq. 


41, W=llington Square, Hastings 
. . 59. Warrior Square, St Leonard's 
., 3, Castle Place, Hastings 

19, Cornwallis Gardens, Hastings 

Eellevue, Hastings 

I, Pevensey Road, St. Leonard's 

Holman, Constancine, M.D.. The Baron's, Reigate 

:\IEMBERS OF BR-\NCH. (457.) 

Abbott, G., Esq. 
Adams, Matthew A., Esq. 
.\dams, Thoiaa> Rutherford, M.D. 
(Brussels) . . .. .; 

.■\dkins. Edward J., Esa. 
Allen, Br>-an H., A.M. . . 
-Vllen, H. M., Esq. 
.\llfrey, C. H., M.D. .. 
Armstrong, John, M.D. 
Armstrong, J. Christopher, Esq. . . 
.\shbumer, H. J., Esq. . . 
.Ashenden, Charles, E*.q. 
Astley, Edward Ferrand, ALD. 
.\tkinson .A. J.. Esq 
Austen, Josiah, E.sq., R.N. 
Austin, Sydney-, C, Esq. 
Aveling, James H., M.D. 
Baber, E.C., M.B. 
Baber, H. A., Esq. 
Badcock, Lewis Carter. .\LD. 
Bagshawe, Frederick, M.D. 
Bailey, Thomas, Esq. . . 
Baker, W. Morrant. Esq. 
Barker, Edmund Tohn, M.D. 
Barnes, L. J. J., jll D. .. 
Barnes, T. H., M.D. .. 
Barrington, Nicholas W.. M.D 
Barrow, F. E., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 

Barron, G. E.. M.D. .. 
Barton, Francis E., Esq. 

Maitland House Parade, Tunbridge Wells 
Ashford Road, Maidstone 

78, St. James's Road, Croydon 

43, Mount Pleasant Road, Hastings 

41, Wellington Square, Hastings 

20, Regency Square, Brighton 
Si. ;Mar>- Cray, Kent 

Green Street Green, Dartford 

21. Harmer Street, Gravesend 
Horsham. Sussex 

41, High Street, Hastings 
Marine Parade, Dover 

Hish Street, Ramsgate 
Lingficld. East Grinsiead 

I, Upper Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square, W 
97, Western Road 
Langton, near Tunbridge Wells 
38. Buckingham Place, Brighton 
5, War-ior Square, St. Leonard's 
Fonterioy Road, Batham, S.W. 
26. W-mpole Street, Cavendish Square. W 

10, Pier Road, Erith 
54. London Road, West Croydon 
Heath Lodge, Bexlcy Heath. S.E. 
East India United Service Ctub, St. James" 

Square, S. \V. 
Winkfiela, Windsor 
Cambridge Terrace, Dover 

Barton, James E., £sq..« 

Basker^'ille, J. D., Esq. 
Baylis, C. O.. M.D. 
Beard, Charles Izard, M.D. 
Beeby, Walter T., M.D. 
Bell, James v., M.D. .. 
Bell, John Albert, Esq. 
Bemaj'S, Herbert L., Esq. 
Bemey, Edward, Esq. ., 

Berridge, W. .A, Esq. .. 
Billing, James Pymar, Esq. 
Bishop, William, Esq. . . 
Bisshopp. James, Esq. . . 
Blaker, Edgar S., Esq. 
Blaker, Nathaniel P., Es-j. 
Blaker. Walter C, Esq. 
Bostock, Edward Ingram, Lsu. 
Bourns, Charles, L.K..(j.Ci*. 
Bowles, Robert Leamon, .M.D. 
Bo.xaU, R., Esq. 
Boyce, Charles, M.B. .. 
Braid, Charles. M.B. .. 
Bright, John M., M.D. 
Brock, J., Esq. 
Brock, Alex. Cameron, ; 
Brockwell, John, Esq. . . 
Brown, J^hn Dan. M.iJ. 
Brown, Robert Ross, Esq. 
Browne, George, Esq. . . 
Browning, Benjamin, Esq. 
Buchanan, A., M.D, 
Buchanan, Walter. Esq. 
Buckell, Leonard.'M.D. 
Buckell, Arthur Edward, ^LD. 
Bums, John J. D., M.D., R.N. 
Burroughs, Thomas J., il.D. 
Burrows, Seymour, Esq. 
Burton, H. C, Esq. .. 
Burton, John M., Esq. .. 
Burton, JosephS.,Esq... 
Butler, Thomas ^L, Esq. 
Byass, Thomas Sprj-. M.D. 
Campbell, William, Esq. 
Carpenter, Alfred, !M.D. 
Carpenter. Henr\-. L.K.Q.C.P. 
Carter, G. R»e, L.K.Q.C.P. 
Caudle, .\dolphus W. AV., L-n. 
Chaldecott. Charles W,, Esq. 
Chaldecott, Horace, Esq. 
Chambers, Frederick, E.-.;!. 
Champneys, Hy. Montague, E>.- 
Chapman, Edmund, Esq. 
Chessall, Wm., M.D. .. 
Clapton, Edward, M.D. 
Clarke, W. Fairlie, :^LD. 
Cleaver, Henry A., Esq. 
Coates, W. H.. Esq. .. 
Coke, William Harriott, Ev^;. 
Coibeck, Thomas Wiiiiam, V.<\. 
Colebrooke, Henry, I\I.D. 
Coles, W.F., M.D. 
Collet, Golding Bird, Esq. 
Collins, C. E.. Esq. 
Colman, W. T., Esq. .. 
Cooke, John, M.B. 
Cooke, W. C, Esq., James, L.K.Q.C.P. 
Croft, John, Esq. 
Crompton, Samuel, !M.D. 
Crook, J. Evelyn, M.D. 
Crosskey, Walter F.. M.D. 
Crothers, R., M.D. 
Curling, Wiiiiam, Esq. . . 
Daniel, W. C, :^LD. .. 
Dartnell, W. A., Esq. 3.. 
Davev, R. Staines, M.D. 
Davies, Da\-id, M.D. . . 
Davies, Francis Pritchard, M.D. 

Da\-ies, Arthur JL, Esq. 

Da\-ison, Rashell Thomas, M.D. 

Dawson, Richard, M.D. 

Dearsley, H. Hanson, Esq. 

Diver, Ebeneier, M.D., 

Dixon, Toseph, Esq. 

Dring, W. E., Esq. 

Down, J. Langdon H.. M.D. 

Duke, Allen, M.D. 

Dukes, Major Charles, M.D. 

Duncan, P. T., M.D. .. 

Duntop, R., Esq. 

Eardley-Wilmot. R.. ^l.V.. 

Eastes, G., M.B. 

Eastes, Silvester, Esq. . . 

Eastes, Thomas, M,D. .. 

Eccles, W. S., Esq. 

Ede, Charles, Esq. 

EHiot, George H., Esq. 

Elliott, Thos., M.D. .. 

The Mount, Brookwood Asj'hnn, Woking 

High Street, Chatham 
Win<lsor Road, Southport 
35, FreshfieldTerrace, Queen's Pari.-, BrightOB 
Bromley, Kent 
Star Hill, Rochester 
King Edward Road, Rochester 
Rivoii, Old Charlton, S.E. 
Kirby Bedon, Lower Addiscombe Road, 


The Laurels, Hailsham, Hawkhurst 
Elham, Canterburj- 
Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells 
Rokeby, Famcombe Road, Worthing 
29, Old .Steine, Brighton 
Forest Bank. Lyndhurst, Hants 

Hull Hill, Oxted, Redhill 
West Terrace, Folkestone 
Broad Oak, Cranleigh 

3, Clarendon Place, Maidstone 
Burgess Hill, Hurstpierpoint 

The Glen, 1. WestfeoumeRd., Forest Hill,S.E. 

129, Ciapham Road 

Park End, Dorking 

Parkside, Gipsy Hill, Norwood, S.E. 

High Street. Rochester 

Strood, Rochester 

35, Monipellier Road, Brighton 

46, Lower Deptford Road, Rotherhithe 

High Street, Chatham 

Paddock House, Chatham 

The Pallant, Chichester 

The Infirmary, Chichester 

Borstal, near Rochester 

Crondall, Hants 

62, Old Steine, Brighton 

22, Lee rerrace, Lee, S.E. 

Lee Park Lodge, Lee, S,E. 

Woodland Lodge, Blackheaih S.E. 


Marshall's, Cuckfield 

40, Wellington Square, Hastings 

Duppas House, Croydon 

Godstone Green, Surrey 

Lynton House, Anerley, S.E. 

Henfieid, Hurstpierpoint 

Nower Lo'ige, Dorking 

Rose Hill House, Dorking 

11, Vicarage Crescent, East Margate 

Hamilton House, Penge, S.E. 

26, Buckingham Place, Brighton 

Horlej', Surrey 

io.\, St, Thomas's Street, Southwark, S.E 

Southborough, Tunbridge Wells 


Tunbridge Wells 

Whitfield House, Ashford^ 

Quay House, Dover 

Brightiands, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells 


5, The Steyne, Worthing 

East Grinstead, Sussex 

S7, Buckingham Road, Brighton 

Warrior Square, St. Leonard's-on-Sea 

4, Sidlaw Terrace, Bognor 
■Ightham, Sevenoaks 

4S, Brook Street, Gros\*enor Sq., London, W. 
Cranleigh, Guildford 
Northfleet, Gravesend 

2, Warrior Square Terrace, St. Leonard's-on-Sea 
Albion Hill House, Ramsgate 


13, St. I^Iargaret's Bank, Rochester 

Walmer, Deal 

i3, Magdalen Road, St. Leonard's 

Kent County Asjium, Barming Heath, near 

Surgeon .-Vrmy Medical Department. North 

Camp, Aldershot 
Battle, Sussex 

5, Second Avenue, Queen's Gardens. Brighton 
Warlingham, CrovdoB 

Kenley, Cate^-ham 

6, Lansdo>me Xeirace, Brighton 
Boughton, Faversham 

01, Karley Street, Cavendish Sq., LondoDiW, 

Wellesley Road, Cro^^don 
222, Upper Richmond Road, Putney, S.W. 
I, The Grove, Gravesend 
Pel worth 

69, Connaught Street, Hyde Park Square, W. 

3, Shakespeare Terrace, Folkestone 
Lyndhurst, Church Rd., Upper Korwood, S'.E. 
Wonersh Lodge, Guildford 

North Street, Chichester 

40, Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells 



[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Ellis, Heber Bowling, M.D. 

Evans, Henry, Ksq. 

Ewart, Joseph, M.D. 

Ewen, Harry Walter, Esq. 

Farnell, Henry Dawson, l£sq. 

Fear, W., Esq. 

Fenn, Edwin, Esq^. 

Ferrier, John Chrisiian, M.D. 

Firth, C, M.D. 

Fish, John Crockett. M.D. 

Fisher, Charles H., .M.D. 

Fisher, G., Esq. 

Fitzgerald, Charles Egerton, M.D. 

Forster, J. Cooper, Esq. 

Franks, John, Esq. 

Fry, John, \V. 

Fuller, riiomas, M.D. .. 

Furber, tieorge Henrj-, Esq. 

Funier, Edmund J., Esq. 

Furner, Willoughby, Esq. 

Fussell, Edward F., M.B. 

Gabb, Claude B., Esq. .. 

Galabin. Alfred Lewis, M.D. 

Gallon, John H.. M.D... 

Gallon, Edmund Hooper, Esq. 

Gandy, William Esq. 

iJange, Frederick A., M.D. 

Gargory. Caleb, Esq. 

Garraway, Edward, Esq. 

Gibbes, Francis R., Esq. 

Giffard, Douglas W., Esq, 

Gogariy, H. A., M.D. .. 

C>olding-Bird, Cuthbert H., M.B... , 

Goldsmith, John, M.D. 

Graham, '1'. H., Esq. 

Gramshaw, James Heniy, M.ti. 

Gravely, Richard, Esq. . 

Greasley, J., Esq. 

Ground, E., M.B. 

Habgood, H., M.D. .. 

Hackney, John, Esq. 

Hall, Altred, M.D. 

Hall, frank Algernon, Esq. 

Hall, Henry J., Esq. .. 

Hallowes, A. H. Blackwood, Esq. . . 

Hallowes, Frederick, B., Eso,. 

Hammersley. J., Esq. ., 

Harding, G. C. Esq. 

Harland, Henry, i\LD. . . 

Harmer, W. Mil-'^tead, Esq. 

Harris,Jas. Smith,.Esq.,L.K.Q.C.P. 

Harris William John, Esq. 

Hawken, G. Lockwood Lang, \l.sf\. . . 

Hayman, C. N., M.B. .. 

Hay ward, J. W., Esq. . . 

Hearnden, Wm. Alex. M.D. 

Henry, Alexander, M.D. 

Hetley, Frederick, M.D. 

Heiley, H. M.D. 

Hicks, J. Braxton, M.D., F.R.S. .. 

Hicks, Robert, Esq. 

Hinion, James Thomas, i\LD. 

Hoar, Charles E., M.D. 

Hodgson, G. Frederick, Esq. 

HoUis, William A., M.D. 

HoUis, W. Mellet, Esq. 

tlolman, Constantine, M.D. 

Holman, Henrj' Colgate, l'^,--4. 

Holman, Thomas, Esq. . 

Holt, H. J., M.D 

Holtlum, Charles, Esq. .. 

Hood, D. W. Chas., M.D. 

Hopcroft, Thomas Tay, Esq. 

Hope, S. Wilson, Esq. .. 

Houghtor., W. B., M.D. 

Hubbard, T. Wtlls, Esq. 

Huddart, Cuthbert H. C, M.B. . . 

Hudson, H. K., Esq. ., 

Hughes, D., Esq. 

Hugo, Edward Henry, Esq. 

Humphreys, Henry, AI.D. 

Humphry, Fredk. Abel, Esq. 

Hunter, Ricli.ird H., Esq. 

Huichinson, Thomas, S., I'^sij. 

Jackson, T., Esq. 

Jardine, John Lee, Esq. 

JeafTrcson, Horace, RLD. 

Jeffery, Geo. Augu.stus, M.D. 

Jessctt, Frederick B., Esq. 

Johnson, Jeffery Strudwicke, Estj. .. 

Johnson, John, ^LD. .. 

Jones, David Johnston, Esq. 

Joseph, S. W. Ior^vc^th, M.D. 

Joyce, 'I'homas, M.D. 

"jdlius, Stanley Alex.andcr, l!sq. .. 

Kelly, Charles, M.D. 

Kelsey, Artliur, Esq. 

Kcmpe, C. M., Esq. 

Kersey, Robert Cooper, .M.D. 

Knowles, John, Esq. 

Lammiman C. Esq. 

7 Howard Square, Eastbourne 

95, Buckingham Road, Brighton 

Montpelier Hall, Brighton 

Station Road, Rediull 

The Goffs, Eastbourne 


4, Camden Crescent, Dover 

1, Park Terrace, Selhursl Rd., South Norwood 
196, Parrock Street, Gravescnd 

qi', Wimpole Street, London, W. 


Sheie, Guildford 


29, Uppa- Grosvenor Street, London U'. 

120, High Street, Sevenoaks 

Wateringburj', Kent 

Longcrofts, near Shoreham 

7, Ashford Road, Maidstone 

111, King's Road, Brighton 

2, Brunswick Place, Brighton 

23, Clifton Terrace, Brighton 

3, Castle Place, Hastings 

13, St. Thomas's Street, London Bridge 

Woodside, Anerley Road, Norwood, S.E. 

Springfield House, Brixton Hill, S.W. 

The Hill Top, Gipsy Hill, S.E. 


Pembury,^ Tunbridge Wells 


Croydon Road, Anerley *■ 

44, Old Steine, Brighton 

16, St. George's Place, Canterbury 

i3,_St. Thomas's Street, Londou 

Highworth, Worthing 

Lamberburst, Hawkhurst 

Grave sen.d 

Newick» Lewes 

4, St. George's Place, Canterbury 
Gabriel's Hill Maidstone 

Scaflord House, Upperton Road, E:isiboume 
Hytlie, Kent 

22, St. John's Terrace, Hove 
4, Abion Street, Lewes 
Ma>'field, Suss(;x 
King Street, Maidstone 

2. Norfolk Villus, Catford, S.E. 
North Lawn, Westgate-on-Sea 
Cliiliingworth House. Tunbridge W=lls 
North Grove, Hawkhurst 
Min;ter, Ranisgale 
26. ."Marine Parade, Worthing 
Eastern House, Hurstpierpoinl 
Grand Parade, Eastbourne 
Western House, Whilstable 
Down House, Sutton, Surrey 
132, Highbury HiU, N. 
Norbury Lodt^e, Upper Norwood, S.E. 
Greystoke, Church Road, Upper Norwood 

24, George Street, Hanover Sq., London, W 
.\lbion Hill House, Ramsgate 

3S, High Street, Croydon 
2, Rocky Hill Terrace, Maidstone 
52, .Montpelier Road, Brighton 
Park Gate, Preston Road, Brightun 

7, St. George's Place, Brighton 

Lydfords, East Hoathly. Sussex 
Gate House, East Hoathley 
9, High Street, Bromley 

43, Green Street, Park Lane, V.'. 
Dorking, Surrey 
Warrior Square. St. Leonard's-on-Sea 
Lenham, Bromley, Kent 
Battle, Sussex 
Bedford House, Deal • 

I, Walton Place, New Brompton, Chailiatn 
9, St. Margaret's Terrace, St. Leonard's 

25, Marine Parade, Brighton 

Newington House, Newin^ton, Sittingbourne 
Brookside, New Thornton Heath, Croydon 
Cajicl, Dorking 

The Red House, Wandsworth, S.W. 
Trinity House, Eastbourne 
16, Upper Wimpole Street, W. 
105A, High Street. Croydon 
Belmont. Church Road, Tunbridge WelU 
Kent County Asyluni, Barming Heath, near 

II, Grand Parade, St. Lconard's-on-Sca 
Cranbrook, Staplehurst 

12, Vork Buildings, Hastings 

Broadwater Road, Worthing 


New Shoreham, Sussex 

Temple Villas, Dover 

West Kent General Hospit&I. .Maidstone 

8, .Mount Ephraim Road, 'I'unbridge Wells 

Lanchester, Henry 'J". ^LD. 
Langton, John, Esq. 
Langston, John, Esq. 
Lashmar, Charles, Esq. - . 
L.iw, W. T., M.D. 
Leachman, .\lbett Warren, M.D. .. 
Leggatt, R. S., Esq. . 
Lewis, Charles, Esq. 
Lewis, C. G. M., Esq. .. 
Lewis, Henry, RI.D. 
Lister, Charles ?Ienry, M.D. 
Lloyd, Thomas Franklin, Esq. 
Lochee, Alfred, ^LD. . . 
Locking, B., Esq. 
Long, .Arthur, Esq. 
Lorrimer, J. .■\., Esq. 
Lory, William John, Esq. 
Lovegrove. Charles, ALL). 
Lovell, W. F., Esq. 
Lowdell, Charle*:, Esq., Surg.-Maj. 
Lucas, Geo., Esq. 
Lyddon, R., Esq. 
Mackey, E., M.D. 
Macintosh, Matt., Esq. 
McKellar, E., M.D. .. 
McQueen, Thomas, M.B. 
Man-ning, Joseph, Esq. . . 
Mansell, E. R., Esq. . 
Mansell- Jones R. , Esq. 
Manser, Frederick, Esq. 
Marsack. Blackail, Esq. 
Marsh, Howard, Esq. . . 
Marshall, Edward, Esq. . . 
Marshall, John, Esq. 
Marshall, John James, Est[. 
Mai'tin, A. Rae, Esq. 
^Martin, Joseph Cooper, E-Li, 
Martin, Robert, M.D. .. ' 
JMartin, Timothy H., Esq. 
.Maynard, Foster F. M., Esq. 
Maynard, J. C, Esq. .. 
Medcalf, Ernest Sexton. Esq. 
.Menzies, J. A., M.D. .. 
Meredith, John Edward, !NL! >. 
Miles, E. J., .M.D. 
Miller, John N., .M.D. .. 
Miller, Richard .May, M.D. 
Monckton, Stephen, M.D. 
Montfort, .\. H., M.D. .. 
ISIoore, Daniel, M.D. 

i^Ioore, Ebenezer, Esq. 
Moore, W. Withers, M.D. 
JMorshead, E. G. A., M.D. 
Mortimer, J. D. E., Esq. 
Morton, John, M.B. 
Mankivell, A. Wolcot, Esq. 
Napper, Albert, Esq. 
Napper, A. .-Vrthur, Esq. 
Newington, Herbert F. H.. i -q .. 
Newth, Alfred, H., M.D. 
NichoUs. F., Esq. 
Micholson, .\rthur. HLD. 
Nisbett, R. Innes, Esq. . . 
Niven, W., M.D. 
Noad, Henry Garden, Esq. 
Oldham, C. J., Esq. 
Oldman, Charles E., M.D. 
Ord, George Rice, Esq. 
Ormsby, John, M.D. 
Osborn, Ashby G., I'"sq. 
Parish, Frank, Esq. 
Parr, Alfred, M.D. 
Parsons, Charles. M.D. . . 
Parsons, Francis Henrj-. ,M.D. 
Paul, John H., .^LD. .- 
Paxton, Francis Valentine, M.B. .. 
Payne, A., Bruce, Esq. 
Pearse, T, F., ALD. 
Penfold, Heni-y, Esq. 
Penhall, John 'P., M.D. 
Perkins, Charles E. Steele.'M.B. .. 
Perry, C. E., M.D. ..: 

Phillips, W. A.. M.D. 
Philpot,Chas. W.. .M.D. 
Pinching, C. J. W., Esq. 
Pittock, George ^L, M.B. 
Plomley, John Fred., M.lJ. 
Plowman, C. F. .M., M.D. 
Poole, George Kenneth, M.LL.Suri^. 
Major .-v. M.D. T. 

Porter, William Elliot. E>q. 
Price, William P., M.D . . 
Purvis, Prior, M.D. 
Rand, John, Esq. 
Ranking, John E., M.D. 
Rathill, R. Mostyn, Esq. 
Raven, Thomas F., Esq. 
Kay, E. Reynolds, Esq. 
Reid, J., Esq. 
Reid, T. Whitehcid, Esq. 
Richardson, Thomas .Arthur. Esq. . . 


2, Harley Street, Loudon, ^\*. 
Strood, Kent 
18, Warrior Gardens, St. Leonard's 
Petersfield, Hants 
Eastry, Sandwich 
67, Sandgate Road, Folkestone 
Wingham, Sandwich 
West Terrace, Folkestone 
Addiscombe Road, Croydon 

Oaten Hill House, Canterbury' 
8i, Cleopatra Grove, Blackhea.'- 

1, Priory Road, Dover 

33, Castle Street, Famham 
84, Beckenham Road, Penge 
The Oaks, Hythe 

Queen Street, Deal 

46, Kenilworth Road, St. Leonard's-on-Sea 

Uckfield, Sussex 

13, Albion Place, Ramsgate 

123, Western Road, Brighton 

Crowborough, Tunbridge Wells 

Woodleigh, Prestoti Road, Brighton 

Sussex House, Bolton Road, Eastbourne 

Wye, Ashford 

6, Belle Vue, West Hill, Hasrings 

All Saint's Cottage, Meads, Eattbourne 
Mount 2ion, Tunbridge Wells. 
Tunbridge Wells 
36, Bruton Street, W. 
Church House, Mitcham 
J 3, Liverpool Street, Dover 

West Hill, Dartford 
51, Queen .\nne St., Sq., W. 
Norihgate, Crawley 

Dinton V'illa, Baldslow Road, Hastings 
Erith House, Erith 
16 Hova Villas, Cliftonvillc, Brighton 
Cannes, France 
84, Week Street, Maidstone 

2, Hova Terrace, Brighton, West 
Heath End. Blackheath, S.E 
Brafield, Church Road, Uj^per Norwood 

Hospital, Canterbury 

Hastings Lodge, Dulwich V.'ood Park, 

Upper Norwood, S.E. 
Lifibrd Houi^e, Dartford 
i8, Brunswick Square, Brighton 
12, Quarry Street. Guildford 
Lennox House, Crovdon Road, S.E. 
Eastgate House, Guildford 
St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Chatham 
2, Chichester Place, Guildford 
Cranleigh, Guildford 
Ticehurst, Sussex . 
Ha^nvards Heath 
73> High Street, Croydon 
OS, Montpelier Road, Brighton 
Overcliff, Gravesend 

St. Margaret's, South Norwood Hill, S.E. 
Chesham Lotlge, Lower Norwood 

1, Brunswick Place, Brighton 
The Grange. Bletchingley 
Streatham Hill, S.W. 

7, Effingham Crescent, Dover 

2, Priory Road, Dover 

14, Steyne. Worthing (resigns) 
Ravenleigh, Betchworth, SuiTcy 

2, St. James's Street, Dover 

Mount Pleasant, Hastings 

The Terrace, Camberwell, S.E. 

West Street, Chichester 

5, Delta Villas, Walmer, Deal 

Liphook, Hants 

7, Brunswick Place, Brighton 

5, EversJield Place, St. Leonard's 

80, Kirkd.ile Road, Sydenham 

19, Guildhall Street, Folkestone 
4, Court Street, Faversham 

58, North End, Ouydon 

76, New Road. C.raveseud 

23, Cecil Stiuare, Margate 

Maidstone • 

Argj'll House, Percy Vale, Forest Hill, S.E. 

Anerley Hill, Upper Norwood 
Lindficld, Sussex 
1, Ethelbert Crescent, Margate 
5, Lansdown Place, Blackheath, S.E 
Walton Hmise, Grove Hill, Dulwich 
i8a, Mount Ephraim Road, Tunbrid;;*.' WulU 
Wcstcrham, Edcnbridge 
Barfield House, Broadstairs 
Dulwich, S.E. 
12, Bridge Street, Canterbury 

34. St. George's Place, Cantcr'jur>' 
2j, London Road, Croydon 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 

Richmond, Onslow R., Esq. 
Rigden, George, Esq. .. 
Rix Benjamin, Esq, 
Roberts, lir.insby, M.D. 
Robcrls, Henry William, Esq. 

Robinson, Tohn, JI.D. .. 
Robinson. M.ijor K.,M.D. 
Rogers. Robett James, Esq. 
Roper, .Mfred George, Esq. 
Roper, Anhur, Esq. 
Ross, D..\I.. M.D. 
Ross, John Harris, M.D. 
Roose, E. C. R., .M.D. .. 
Rosser, \Vaiter, .M.D. . . 
Rolh, Bernard .\Iathias Simon. F,s„' 

Routh, A. A. C, Esq. 
Rowe. T. Smith. .M.D. 
Russell, F. R., M.B. 
Russell, Geo. Ireland. Esq 
Rutter, Joseph, .M.D. 
Rjan, .M F., Esq. 
Sams, J. Sutton, Esq. .. 
.Sankey, William, M.D... 
Saunders, Edwin Dawes Esa 
Savin. T. D., M.D. 
Scholliclc. T. J., Esq. . . 
Schon, James Edward, Esq. 
Scott, .\ndrew James, M.D. 
SedK«-ick, Charles, Esq. 
Sells, C. J., Esq. 
Shaw William, M.D. .. 
Simp on. W. S., Esq. .. 
Slaughter, Thomas G.. Esc. 
Slauj.lter, G. .\I., Esq., Brig.-Sur..' 
Slom tn, Herbert, Esq. 
Sloman, Samuel G., Esq. 
Moman, Samuel G., junr. 
Smith, Edw.ard Kaye, Esq. 
Smith, E. .Xoble, Esq. 
Smith, F. .-Vubrey, Esq. 
^^mlth, G. J. Malcolm, M.D. 
Smith, G. L. Tyler, B.A., .M b' 

Smith. Heckstall, Esq. " 
Smith, I.. Esq. 
Smith, John P. M.. Ksq. 
Smith, Rowland, Esq. ,. 
Smith, Samuel Parsons, L.K O C P 
Smith, W. H..M., Esq. .. ^^■''' 
Smithers. Bartholomew D. Esq 
Soper, William, Esq. 
Spooner, Charles H., Esq. 
Spurrell, Flaxman.Esq. .. 
Stamford, William, Esq. 
Stedman, .A., Esq. 
Stedman, lames R., M.D. 
Steele, James D.. Esq. 
Stevens, A. F., Esq. 
Stilwell. Robert R., .M D 
Stone, H. $., M.B. 
Stowers, James Herbert, M.D. 
Strang, William Douglas Esq 
.Strong, Henry John, .M.D. 
Sutcliff, loseph H., Esq. 
Suttoa. William, .M.D. 
TaafTe. Rickard P. Burk-e, M.D. 
Tamplin. Charles Harris, Esq. 
Tapson, John, M.D. 
Taylor, Henr>- S., Esq. .] 
Taylor, John. Esq. 
Teevan, W. F., Esq. 
Terr^-, John Jenkin, Esq. 
Thompson, Charles Robert, Esq. '. ' 
Thompson, Henr>' George, M.D. 
Thomson, John B., Esq. 
Thornton, William H.. Esq. 
Thurston, Edward Whitfield, Esq 
licehurst, Augustus R., Esq. 
Tomkins, Charles P., Esq. 
Trent. Thomas, Esq. 
Treutler, William John, M.B 
Treves, W. Knight, Esq. 
Trollope, Thomas, .M.D. 
Turner, .Arthur, N., Esq. 
Turner, John Sidney, Esq. 



Lodgewood, Gravesend- 

Biir'ate Street, Canterburj- 
. 3, -Mount Ephraim Road. Tunbridge Wells 

l.adlesmere House, Eastbourne 
■ •^-'i'!'';'" ^"'^ Wickham Terrace, Lewisham 

High Road, S.E. 
. Midhurst, Sussex 
. Priori' Gate, Dover 
- 40. Cannon PUce, Brighton 
. 57. Xorth End, Croydon 

Lewisham Hill, S.F. 

9, Pavilion Parade, Brighton 

8, St. George's Place, Brighton 

9, Regency Square. Brighton 
t, Wellesley Villas, Croydon 
Kossmore, Preston Road, Brighton 

3?, Marina, Si. Leonard's onSea 

L'nion Crescent. Margate 

High Street, Guilford 

40, Harmer Street, Gravesend 

Codrington House, Brighton 

St. George's Retreat, Burgess Hill 

titham Road, Lee, S.E. 

Sutton Valence, Staplehurst 

Tenterden, .Ashford 

6, Harley Street, W. 

13, Haydon Place, Guihjford 

Littleboum, Wingham. Kent 

t,''^r^'^,^^^ Tenace, St. Leonard's^>n-Sea 

tiollingbonm. Maidstone 

White Hall, Guildford 

Tonbridge Road, Maidstone 

104, Marine Parade. Worthing 

Farningham, D.artford 

Herbert Hospital, Shooter's Hill. Kent 
27, West Street, Faroham 


39. West Street, Famham 
Eversfield Place. St. Leonard's-on'Sea 
24, Queeii .Anne Street, Cavendish Square W 
h.ast -Mailing 

Turner, Richard, Esq. 
Tyacke, Nicholas, .VLD. 
Tyson, William Joseph, M.B 
Underwood, John, M.D. 
Uhthoff, J. Caldwell, ,M.D 
Upton. Herbert C. Esq. 
V errall, Thomas Jenner, Esq 
Vernon, Mark H. H., Esq 
vipan, C. jun., Esq. 
VVacher, Frank, Esq. 
VVagstaffe. W. VV., M.B.' 
Wailbrd. Edward. Esq. 
VVallis, Frederic, Esq 
Wallis, F. JL, Esq. ;.■ 

The Drive, West Brighton 

3. Courtney Terrace, Hove, Brighton 

tver^leigh. Box Grove, Guildford 

"8, Western Road, Brighton 

Cobham, Surrey 

Park HjTst, Addiscombe Road, Croydon 

22, London Road, Croydon 
. Oak Villa, Ha>T>ard's Heath 

• 283, Clapham Road, London 
■ 15, Victoria Road, Clifton Terrace, Brighton 

• ^' ;:'<■"■=. Lessness Heath. Kent 

• Lollmgwood House, Tunbridge Wells 
. Ihe Croft Great Bookham. Leatherhead 
. somerset House, Guildford 
. Knap Hill, Woking 
. VVallington, Carshalton, Surrey 

Spnngcroft, Beckenham 
Holmfield, Reigate 

23, Finsbury Circus, E.C. 
13, Queen .Adelaide Road, Penee 
North End, Croydon 
Ripley, Woking Station 
Camden Crescent, Dovei' 
45, Old Steine, Brighton 
44. Royal Road, Ramsgate 
12, .St. German's Place. Blackheath, S.E 
rs, yuarrj- Street, Guildford 
licehurst, Hawkhurst 
12, Christchurch Road, Folkestone 
Ihe Cottage, Wittersham, .\shford 
Westerham, Edenbridge 
9, -Addiscombe Villas, Croydon 
38, Spencer Square. Ramsgate 
Berkeley Lodge. Margate 

8, Elnnck Road. Ashford 
Silchester House, St. Leonards 
Beddington, Croydon 
I-ower Tooting 
Fletching, Uckfield 
31, Daiby Square, Cliftonville, Margate 

9, Alaze Hill, St. Leonard's 
Egremont Thicket Road., Anerley, S.E. 
Stanton House, Anerley Road, Upper 'Nor- 

wood, S.C.. rr . 

22, School Hill, Lewes 
Westgate, Chichester 

10, Langhome Gardens, Folkestone 
41, Robertson Street, Hastings 

46, Western Road, Hove. Brighton 

23, -Medina V illas. West Brighton 
05. » estem Road, Brighton 

4;, Dyke Road, Brighton 

Kingsbridge, Canterbury. 

Purleigh, St John's Hill, Sevenoaks 

2. Paragon, Ramsgate 

Collington Little Common, Bexhill. Hastings 

Barrack HaH, Be.xhill, Hastings ^ 

VVallis, H., Esq. 
VVallis, William, Esq. 

Walter, Clement C, Esq. 

Walters, John, M.B. 

VVardell, John R., .VLD. 

VVatson, George Samuel, Esj. 

VVeekes, Henr>-, Esq. 

Wheeler, Thomas, Esq. 

White, Charles J., M.D. 

White, E. .A., M D 

White, R., -VLB. 

While, S. S., M.D. 

Whitling, Henry T., Esq. 

Whittle, E. G.. .VLB. 

Wilkin, John F., .VLD. .. 

Wilks, George, M.B. .. 

Williams, S. W. Duckworth, NLD 

Williams, Hutchins, Esq. 

Wiltshire, .Alfred, M.D. 

Winter-Fisher, S., M.D. 

Winter, John N., Esq. 

VVood, C, Esq. 

Woodman, Samuel, Esq. 
VVooldridge, William, Esq. 

V\ orship, John Lucas, Esq. 
Wright, J. C. Homsby, L.K.Q.C P 

Dep. Surg. Gen., A.M.D. 
V ate, Frederick, Esq. 
Young, .A., Esq. 
Voung, Edmund. Esq. . . 
Voung, Edward, Esq. 
Young, VV. W., M.D. 

Alfriston, .Sussex 

Oak Lea, Hartlield, Tunbridge Wells 

Fencester Street, Dover 

Church Stiect, Reigate 

Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells (resign.) 
.Vlount tphmim Road, 'iumbridge VVelK 

Mansion House, Erompton, Chatham 

Bridge House, Kexley S.E. 

Snodland, Rochester 

14. Cecil Sq., Margate 
r. Clarendon Place, .Vlaidstone 
41, VVarrior Square, St. Leonard's^>nS"a 

65, Dyke Road, Brighton 
Beckenham, S.E. 

County .Asylum. Haywards Heath 
Bloom\nlle, Lee 

57, Wimpole Street, Cavendish Square W 
135, Marine Parade, Brighton 
28, .Montpelier Road, Brighton 
The Hospital, Dover 
Prospect Terrace, Ramsgate 
Preston, Brighton 
Manor House, Riverhead 




Steyning, Hurstpierpoint 

The Hall House, Hawkhurst 


Adey, C A., iLD. 
Alden, E. W., Esq. 
.Alliott, A. J., M.D. 
Archibald, J., .M.D. 
Ashurst , VV. R., .VLD. 
-Ashworth, J. H., M.D. 
Atkey, VV. T.. Esq. 
-Atkins, F. Esq. 
Austin, Thomas J., Esq 
Baker, C. E., Esq. 
Barker, Robt. Esq. 
Barker, Samuel. ALD. 
Barnes, A. R., M.B. . 
Bartleet, VV., Esq 
Bell, VV. R., .M.D. '.'. 

Benson, .A.. ^LB. 
Benington, R. C., Esq." 
Eillinghurst, H., -VLD. 
Bird, W. v., -VLD. 
Bluett, G. .A., Esq. 
Bostock, .A. S., Esq. 
Bosworth, J. R., Esq. 
Bottrell. J. F. H., Esq. . 
Boyes, J. F., .VLB. 
Brodie, VV. H., M.D. 
Brookhouse, C. T., Esq. ' 
Brown, John, Esq. 
Brown, C. R., M.D. .. 
BrouTie, Charles, Esq... 
Browmrigg, J. .A., Esq. . . 
Bn-an, F. C. Esq. 
Bull, J. W., M.D. 
Burgess, VV. F. R., JLD. 
Buzzard, T. H., Esq. 
Carpenter. E., Esq. 
Cash, J. T., Esq. 
Chadwick, Chas., SLD. 
Chadwick, C. JL. Esq. 
Churi-hward, Albert. AI.D 
Clark, G. B., .VLD. 
Clark, R., Esq. 
Clitherow, R. E., Esq. 
Coates, VV. H., Esq. 
Cock, Edward, Esq. 
Cohen, A. A., M.B. . ' 
Coleman, C. -A., M.D. .. 
Collingridge, VV. , .VL B. . . 
Connelan, E.. Esq., Surg.-Maj. 
Connor, J. H. T.. Esq. 
Cook, T. D., M.B. 
Cooper, P., Esq. 
Coryn, VV. J., Esq. 
Cressy, VV. E.. M.B. 
Cronk, H. G., Esq. 
Curiing, T. B., Esq., F.R.S. 
Curtis, VV. K. Esq. 
Daldy, F. S., Esq. 
Daiidson. .A. D., Esq. 
Davies, R. C. X., Esq. . 
Davis, A. R., Esq. 
Davis, Theodore, Esq. . . 
Dell, J. F., Esq. .. 

Dickinson, W. G.. Esq. 
Dill, R„ M.D. ■ 

Dolton, VV. Blucher, Esq. 
Dorin, .A. F. L., Esq. 
Doubleday, James, Esq. 

■ . St. Leonards 

• 7. Oak Villas, Gipsy Road, S.E. 
■St. John's Hill, Sevenoaks 
. . Lynton House, Eri.xton Rise, S W 
. . Farningham 
. . Becketiham 
. Grafton Road. Worthin.^ 
Plumstead '^ 

' $''=-''«n' R>»d Pai-k, South Norwood S E 

. 33, New Cross Road, S.E. 
24, Eaton Place, Brighton 
. Pevensej' 

r, Ciistle Road, Deal 
. Shooter's Hill Road, Blackheath 
■ ^1°' ^- R- Bo5»'otih, Esq., Sutton, Surrey 
. Coplestone Road, S.E. ^ 

. Stedham Hall, Midhurst 
. Sydenham, S.E. 
. 66, Upper Wilbur\- Road, Brighton 
. Xorth Pailant, Chichester 
. Sutton, Surrey 
Old Charlton, Kent 
Cliftonville, Brighton 
. Dowming Street, Famham 
. 43, Manor Road. New Cross, S.E. 

St. John's Hill, New Wandsworth, S.W 

Hurst View, Coventry- Park, Streatham, S.W 

otreatnam Common 



Langham Cottage, Streatham 
New Brompton, Kent 

Albemarle Road, Beckenham 

Earsfield Road, Wandsworth Com , S VV 

Lynncourt, Broadwater Down, Tunb. Wells 

Tunbridge VV'ells 

Selhurst Road. S. Norwood, S.E. 

Thurlow, Park Road, Dulwich 

Lee Park, Blackheath 

Lancaster House, Peckham Rye, S.E 

Church Road, Tunb'ridge Wells 

Dean Street South, S.E. 

Burwash, Sussex 

Streatham Common. S.W. 

65. TressiUian Road. St. John's. S.E. 

Old Brompton, Chatham 

St. John's Hill, Battersea Rise 

IS, Paragon, New Kent Road 

Leyland Villa, Eltham Road, Lee, S E 

Acre Lane, BrLvton, S.E. 


Repton, near BurtonKin-Trenl 

27, Brunswick Souare, Brighton 

Burgate Street, Canterbury 


II, Somerset Place. Swansea 


Hythe, Kent 
Devon House, Caterham Valley 

Staplehurst, Kent 

High Street, VVandsworth 

'9. Regency Square. Brighton 

2. Blackheath Park Terrace, Blackheath 

Clapham Road 

Chicldingfold, Crtxialming 


Doudney, F,., Esq. .. « 

Drew, J., M.B., 
Duke, lienjamin, Esq. .. 
Dunbar, J. J. M., U.D. 
Dutlon, Thomas, Esq. .. 
Edw.-irds, E. N., Esq. .. 
Ellioi, John, Esq. 
Elliot, Norman, Esq. 
Embleton, D., M.D. .. 
Erskine, W., iM.D. 
Evershed, C L., Esq. .. 
Fisher, J. M., M.D.. ,. , 
Flint, A., Esq. 

Forsyth, Alexander, M.D. .. 

Francis, C. R., M.H- -. 
Frazer, Robert F.. M.D. 
Frj. J. W., Esq. 
Fuller, L. H., Esq. 
Gardner, S. C T., Esq. 
Garnharn, R. W.. Esq... 
Gooding, Ralph, M.D. .. 
Grayling, Francis, Esq... 
Greenway, A. S., M.L>. 
Gresham, F. C, M.D. .. 
Guthrie, James, M.D. .. 
Hague, ij.iinnel. M.D. .. 
Harrison, G., Esq. 
Harvey, T. P., Esq. .. 
Haughton, E., M.D. .. 
Heath. Richard, M.D. .. 
Hogan, J. C. M.D. .. 
Holmes, William, Esq... 
Hopcrolt, J. F., Esq. . . 
Hosking, Ethelbert, Esq. 
Howard, H., M.B. 
Hurd-Wood, John, M.D. 
"evers, E., M.D. 

ohnstone, AtholA. W,, Esq. 

ones, A. Lloyd, Esq. . . 

ones, Isaac S., Esq. .. 

ones, R. M., Esq. 
King, J. B., M.D. 
King, Thomas W., M.D. 
Kitching, \V., Esq. 
Lammiman, C., Esq. 
Lancaster, H F., M.D. 
Land W. J Esq. 
Langdale H. M., Esq. 
Lawrance, H. M., Esq. 
Lawson, R. L., Esq. 
Leeds, T., Esq. 
Leigh, T., Esq. 

LeMottee, G. H., Surg. A. M.D. .. 
Lewis, C. F., Esq. 
Lipscombe, A. A., Esq. 
Lowdrell, S. P., Esq. .. 
Lownds, T. M., M.D. .. 
Lund, G., M.D. 
Lyster, C R. C, Esq. .. 
McCombie, J., M.D. .. 
MacLean, .A., Esq. 
McNaul, H. H.J M.B. .. 
McNeecc, H., Esq. 
Macpher.^n, G. G., M.B. 
Markham, W. Orlando, M.D. 
Marriott, O. D., ^LB. .. 
Martin, Fred., M.D. .. 
Mason, R., Esq. 
Mathews, R., Esq. 
Maxwell, T., M.D. 
May, Augustus S., Esq. 
Medlicott, C. W. C. M., .M.D. .. 
Monckton, Marshall, Esq. 
Money, F. J., M.D. ... 
Morgan, Charles, Esq. .. 
Morris, J., Esq. 
Morton, S., M.B. 
Muggeridge, H. H., Esq. 
Murchison, F.. M.B. 
Murdoch, W., M.B. 
Murphy, T. C, Esq. 
Newingion, A. S. L., l>i|. 
Newingion, J. H.. Esq. 
Newman, .\. P., .M.D. . . 
Niven, Graham, Esq. . , 
Noble, H. B., Esq. 
No-ry, W A., Esq. .. 
O'Connor, A. B., Esq. . . 
Oliver, Josiah, Esq. 
Ormsby. J., M.D. 
Owen, F., Esq. 
Owen, H. K., M.D, .. 
Partridge, S. B., Esq. . . 
Passmorc. F. G., Esq. .. 
P.ayne, A. Bruce, Esq. . . 
Peard, H. J., Esq.. Surg. A M.D. 
Pccte, Thomas, M.D. ' . . 
Pollard, Clement, Esq. . . 
Power, Fred. D., Esn. .. 
Powell, H. A., Esq. ., 
PowcM, J. J., junr., E-uj. 



[Dec. 29, 1883. 

New Romney 

Pratt, A., M.D. 

.. Bletchingley 

Fo.xgrove Road, Beckenham 

Price, H. E., M.D. 

.. Tisbjry Road, West Brighton 

1, Cavendish Terrace, Clapham Common, S-W 

Purkiss, Arthur, M.B. .. 

. . S3, Kew Bridge Road 

Argyle House, Clapham Common, S.W 

Punieii, John J., Esq. .. 

.. Sireaiham Hill, S.W. 

Sidlesham, Chichester 

Rawlinsjs, A., Esq. 

Kerne Bay 

Goldsmid Road, Brighton 

Reed, H., Esq. 

.. Hlackheaih 


Rendle, Richard, Esq. ., 

.. Treverbjn House, Forest Hill, S.E. 

93, Denmark Road, S.E. 

Rice, G., M.B. 

.. Woolwich Infirmary, Plumstead 

Great Doods, Keigate 

Richards, S. A., Esq. .. 

- ■ i53j Upper Kennington Lane, S.E. 

Longton Grove, Sydenham 

Roberts, A. T.. M.D. .. 

.. Buckingham Road, Brighton 


Robey, S. H.,"Esq. 

New Wandsworth 


Robinson, F., Esq. 

Sussex Gardens, Eastbourne 

Adrian Square, Westgate-on-Sea 

Ross, C. E., Esq. 

.. 5, St. John's Hill, Wandsworth 

II, Park Terrace, Greenwich 

Rudd, Leonard, M.D. .. 

Upper Norwood, S.E. 

J, Nelson Terrace, Clapham 

Russell, W. J., M.B. .. 

.. 8S, Clapham Park Road 

Three Sisters' Terrace, LavenderHilt, Clapham 

Sainsbury, H., Esq. 

, . 5, Rectory Place, Clapham, S.W. 

Water ingbury 

Sandberg, A. G., Esq. .. 

Liverpool Lodge, Bri.vion HiM 

Streaihara Hill, S.W. 

Sangster C, Esq. 

, . 148, Lambeth Road 

Shelley Lodge, Worthing ('dead) 

Satchell, W. C, Esq. .. 

.. Tunbridge Wtlis 

74, Lowden Road, Heme. Hill, S.E. 

Scatliff, J. P., M.D. .. 

, . Clapham Common 


Schon, C. H., Esq. 

Bridge, Canterbury 


Serjeant, D. M., M.D. .. 

.. Terrace, Camberweli 

Abbey Road, Belvedere 

Shaw, T. Claye, M.D. .. 

.. Asylum, Banstead 

Bromley Common, Kent. 

Shaw, W., M.B. 

.. 45, Tunbridge Road, Maidstone 


Skimming. Robert, M.D 

. . Eleanor Villa. Manor Roadi.East Moulsey 

277, Southampton Street. Camberweli 

Smith, C. J., Esq. 

. . 54, Old Steine, Brighton 

ir, Paragon, Brixton Hill 

Smith, F. J. S., Esq. .. 

. . Piumstead 

St. Leonard'£ 

Smith, H. N., Esq. .. 

. . II, Pavilion Parade, Brighton 

Upper Norwood 

Smith, Henry, Esq. 

. . 13, Crescent Road, Plumstead 

St. Leonard's-on-.'^ea 

Smith, John, Esq. 

Addlestone, near Weybridge 

3, Redcliffe Gardens, South Kensington 

Smith, J. E., Esq. 

. . Snodland 

Cavendish Road, Sutton (dead) 

Smith, W. J., Esq. 

Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich 

Dorking, Surrey 

Smyth, F. S., Esq. 

.. Denmark House, Brockley, S.E. 

Tuxoers Hill, Sussex 

Smyth, Spencer T., M.D. 

. . Tyson Road, Forest Hill 

Fever Hospital, Stockwell 

Spence, J. B., M.D. .. 

Burntwood Asjdum, Lichfield 


Spitta, Robert J., M.D... 

Clapham t'ommon 

Tun bridge 

Stafford, r. F.,Esq. .. 

.. Windlesham. Bagshot 

61, Dyke Road, Brighton 

Stanley, W. H. R.,.M.D. 

. . ?9, Palace Road, S.E. 

327, New Cross Road, S.E. 

Stevens, J., M.D. 

7, Pavilion Road. Brighton 

Stocks, F., Esq. 

.. 421, Wandsworth Ro;id 

439, Brixton Road, S.W. 

Stormont, H. J., Esq. .. 

.. Cliftonviile, Brighton 

5, Old Steine, Brighton . 

Sturges, M. J., j\LD. .. 


The Terrace, Camberweli, S.E. 

Summerhayes, H., Esq. 

. . Brightling 

39, Old Town, Clapham 

Summerhayes, W., M.D. 

Brightling, near Kawkhur-rl 

8, JMount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells 

Swales, Edward, Esq. .. 


247, Lewisham High Road, S.E 

Tanner, W., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A. M.D. Dover 

Tun bridge 

Tayler, W. H., M.D. .. 

. . Anerley 

Uckfield, Sussex 

Taylor, F., M.D. 

T5, St. Thomas's Street. .S.E- 

Hudlow, near Tunbridge 

Taylor, W. B., Esq. .. 

.. Denmark Hill 

Barri' Road, Dulwich 

Thompson, Herbert, Esq. 

. . Sevenoaks 

I, Oxford Villas, Balham (resigns) 

Thorne, G. L., M.D. .. 

Lenham, near Maidstone, Kent 

Grand Parade, Brighton . 

Threadgale, R. E., M.D. 

. . High Street, Kilburn 


Townsend, K., Esq. 

168, Lewisham High Road,.3.E. 


Treves, E., Esq. 

. . 3. Courtenay Terrace, Hove,. Brighton 

c Dr. Walten, Church Street, Reijjale 

Trewhelia, H. EUery.M.D. 

.. Upper Norwood 

East Grinstead 

Tuck, Euckmaster J., Eso. 

. . Seaford 

Eg ham 

Tuke, G. M.,Esq. 

. . Sutton Valence 

De Crespigny Park, S.E. 

Turner, W.. Esq. 

Brunswick Place, Brighton 

Gisburn House, Belvedere, Kent 

Twort, W. H., Esq. .. 


Deptford Hospital, S.E. 

Upton, Alfred, Esq 

50, Lansdowne Place, Brighton 

Church House, Leatherhead 

Vance, W. J., Esq. 

2, High Street, North Woolwich 


Van Waterschoodt, C, M.T 

160, Lewisham High Road 


Vines, C, Esq. 

. . Durham Villa, Ramsgate 

7, Hova Terrace, West Brighton 

Vines, H. J. K., Esq. .. 

Ferry House, Littlehainpton 

9, Nightingale Lane, Clapham 

Walker, J. W., M.D. .. 

Peckham Rye 


Waller, C. B., Esq. 


J'he Priory, Sydenham, S.E. 

Ward, Frederick H., Esq. 

. . Surrey County Asylum, Tooling 

7, Rectory Place, Woolwich 

West, E. deL., M.B. .. 

Wilson House, Epsom, Surrey 


WeddelhJamesC, M.I>. 

. . Dartford 

Boxley Road, Maidstone 

Weld, C. H., Esq. 

.. Sandhurst. Kent 

27, Woolwich Common 

Wells, Robert. Esq., .. 

Randolph, Biddenden 

4, Gresham Villas, Forest Hill, S.E. 

White, Richard, M.D. .. 


Carlisle Road, Eastbourne 

White, W. H.,M.D. .. 

. . 4, St. Thomas' Street, S.E. 


White, W. R., M.B. .. 

Belmont, Wadhurst 

Dudley House, Barons' Court Road, S.W- 

Wilcox, Henry. M.B. .. 



Wildash, H.Cobb, M.D. 

'.'. Hythe 

30. Dorset Gardens, Brighton 

Wills, J. P., M.B. 

. . Be.xhili, Hastings 

Wellesley Villas, Croydon 

Wilton, F., Esq. 


7, New Rents, A.shford» Kent 

Wilton, John, M.D. ,. 

.. Sutton 

Banstead Downs 

Wise, W. C, M.D. 


County Asylum, Barmitig Heath 

W(Eten,E. W.,Esq. .. 

.. Alston Villa, College Road, Brighton 

2S, Brunswick Square W.C 

Wood, E. J., M.B. 

. . Yalding 

Ticehurst, Hawkhurst 

Woodman, W. E., Esq 

Northcote Road, West Croydon • 


Woodwc-ird, G-, Esq. 

The Chestnuts, Upper 'J'ooting . 

Stonedcne, Hawkhurst 

Wood, F., Esq. 

Kemp Town, Brighton . 

Udney House, Teddington 

Woollett, S. W., E.sq. .. 

.. Asylum, Baustead 

62, Tasman Road, North Stockwell, S.W. 

Worthington, G. F. J., Esq. 

.. Sidcup 

Church Street, Epsom . 

I, Cottage Green, Camberweli 


Effingham Crescent, Do.ver 


20, Palace Square, Upper Norwood 


I, Clarence Square, Brighton ., 
3, Delta Villa. Walmcr. Kent 


Holmstone Grays, KeiU- 

Tunbridgc Wells 


299, Cold Harbour Lane, S.W. 


Hcathlands, WeybrJdge - 



Dec. 29, 1883.] 



President . . 
Honorary Secretary 

R. H. KiNSF.v, Esq.. Bedford 

G. Hardav, Esq., West Haddon 

C. J. Evans, Esq., Northampton 

G F. KiRflY Smith. Esg., Korthampton 

G. H. Pekcival, Esq., Northampton 


IJr>*an, J. M , M.D. 
Bull, W. H., Esq. 
Buszard, Frank, M.D. 
Coombs, R. H., Esq. 
Goldsmith, G. P., M.D. 
Moxon, William, Esq. 
Robinson, Geo., Esq. 
Spurgin, H. B., Esq. 


Stony Stratford 

North amptoa 




..r— o— I --- — -■ — --.- Northampton 

With the President, President-Elect, Ex-President, Treasurer, and Hon. 


Br^-an, John M., M.D. 

Adams, S. H., M.D. .. 
Balding, Charles C. , Esq. 

Banks, P. H., Esq. 

Barr, William Alexander, M.D. . . 

Bayiey, Joseph, Esq. .. 

Blacker, E. J. Latham, M.D. 
Blenkarne, W.L'Heureux, Eb^. .. 
Bower, D., M.D. 
Brown, Fergus Malcolm, Esq. 
Br^-an. JohnM., M.D. 
Bull, William Henry, Esq. 
Buszard, Frank, M.D. .. 
Calcott, G. W. Berkeley, Esq. 
Carter, Jabez, Esq. 
Clark, William W., M.D. 
Cosan, L. F.. Esq. 
Coombs, R. H., Esq. .. 
Cox, Arthur, Esq. 
Crew, John, Esq. 
Culhane, F. W. S.. Esq. 
Deacon, W. B., E^q. .. 
De'Ath, Robert, Esq. .. 
Denton, Thcmas John, M.D. 
Deyns, Frederick, M.D. 
Eagles, Woodfield, Esq. 
Emmerson, J. B., M.B. 
Evans, C. J., Esq. 
Farmer. John, Esq. 
Forster, T., Esq. 
Gibbs, Robert, Esq. 
Goldsmith, G. P., M.D. 
Gieene, Richard, Esq. 
Grindon, G. H., Esq. .. 
Harday, George, Esq. . . 
Hawkins, B. L., Esq. .. 
Hedley, C, Esq. 
Hemming, J. H., Esq... 
Heward J. M., Esq. .. 
Heygate, F. R., Esq. .. 
Hicks. C. C, M.D. .. 
Hoopir, Charles, Esq... 
Johnson. Cottingham Greaves, Esq. 
fohnson, W. G.. Esq. .. 
Jones, .Arthur H., M.D. 
Kennedy, W., Esq. 
Kinsey. R. H., Esq. 
Lane. J. O.. M.B. 
Lawford, Edward, M.D. 
Lee, H. G., M.D. 
Lewis, D. G., Esq. 
McGachen, F. W. D., Esq. 
Mackie, W. J., Esq. .. 
Maguire, Thomas Stephen, Esq. . . 
Mahon, G. A. Der\-il!e, E-^q. 
Marsh.iH, F. H., Esq. .. 
Masters, William H.. Esq. 
Milligan William Wright, E-q. . . 
More, J., M.D. 
Morgan, F. J., Esq. 
Moxon, Wiiiiam, Esq. . . 
Muncaster, A. E., Esq. 
Nash. W. G., Efiq. 
Newman, W.. M.D. .. 
Percival, G. H.. M.B... 
Perkins, A. L., Esq. 
Prior. Charles Edward, M.D. 
Rae, William, Esq. 
Robinson. George, Esq. 
Rogers. Henrj* Cripps, E=o. 
Ryan, W. H.. Esq. .. * 
Sharpin, H. W., Esq... 
Smith, G. F. Kirby, Esq. 
Smith, H. W., Esq. 
Spackman, Frederick R., M.D. .. 
.Spencer, Charles, Esq. . . 
Spokes, Sidney, Esq. ., 


OF BRANCH (96). 
28, Ta%i<tocV Street, Bedford 
SheiToi\i. Beut'ordshire 
Ribele\-, near Bedford 

St. Andrew's Hospital, Billing Road, North- 

Springfield House, Bedford 

Stony Stratford, Buckinghamshire 

9, .St. Peter's Green, Bedford 
Sheep Street, Northampton 
Mill Street, Bedford 
Long Buckby, near Rugby 
Hii^ham Ferrers 

Priors Marston, Byfield, Northamptonshire 
Market Deeping, Lincolnshire 
Fenny Stratford 

Brackley. Northamptonshire 

Asylum, Berry Wood, Northampton 

West Haddon, Northamptonshire 

Welford, Rugby 
Kimbolton, Huntingdonshire 

41, Cromwell Houses, London, .S.W 

Harpur Street, Bedford 
68, High Street, Bedford 
32, Sheep Street, Nottingham 

Northampton Infirmary 
Leigh ton Buzzard 
Thame, Oxfordshire 
Moulton, Northamptonshire 
Brickwell House, Olney, Bucks. 

Stony Stratford 
Aspley Guise, Wobum 
.Moulton, Northampton 
Ctanficld, Beds 
RothweU, Northamptonshire 

Barton-le-Cley, Ampthill, Beds 
West Haddon, Rugby 
St. Martin's, Stamford 
Abington Street, Northampton 
Harpur Place, Bedford 
Newport Pagnell 
Hanslope, Stony Stratford 
Demgate, Northampton 
Harpenden. Hertfordshire 
Whitchurch, Buckinghamshire 
23, Hi^rh Street, Dunstable 

Spriggc, Charles, M.D. 
Spurgin, Herbert B., Esq. 
Sworder, Horace, Esq. . . 
Symington, W. D., ALB. 
Temple, T. C, Esq. .. 
Terrj', Charles, Esq. 
Terry, H., Esq, 
Thomson, David, M.D. 
Thumam, F. Wyatt, M.H. 
Tomlinson, Daniel WcLster, E-i 
Veasey, Henry, Esq. 
Walker, T. J., M.D. .. 
Walker. W. H., Esq. .. 
Watkins, R. W., Esq. .. 
Watts. Algernon N., E^m. 
Waugh, John. ALD. .. 
Wilcox, R. W., Esq. , 
Williams, A. F., Esq. ., 
Williams, D. M., Esq. . 
Winckworth, C. E., Esq. 

, . Great Barford, Bedfordshire 

. . Luton 

.. Shefibrd, Beds 

Newport Pagnell 
. . Northampton 
. . 17, Market Hill, Luton 
. . Vardley, Hastings 
. . Oundle 


. . Bugbrooke, Northamptonshire 

. . The Grange, Sharnbrook, Bedford>hLr 
. . Toddington, Beds. 
. . Ay!esbur>' 

, . Ravensthorpe, Northampton 
. . Olney 
, . Shefford, Beds 


Addis, Philip. Esq. 

Baxter, G, S. M., Esq. 

Bennett, C, Esq. 

Bond, W. J., Esq. 

Bowes, J. I., Esq. 

Brickwell, John, jun.. Esq. 

Burgess, R. E., M,D. .. 

Dickson, John D.. M.D. 

Dodd, Ed., Esq. 

Dufe>-, F., Esq. 

Finlay. W., Surg. A.M.D. 

Hedges, John A., Esq. 

Hoare, W. Parker, Esq. 

Humphry-, John, Esq. .. 

James. A., Esq. 

Keene, Frederick, Esq. 

Kirkland, A., M.D. .. 

Lewis, Samuel T., Esq. 

Mackey, S. W., Esq. .. 

Neate, C. P. W., Esq... 

Orr, J. W., Esq., 

Osborne, S., Esq. 

Pink, T. Esq. 

Re>Tiolds, L. W., Esq... 

Rew, James, Esq. 

Ruckley, H. R., Esq. .. 

Stokes, A. S., Esq. 

Thomas, John H., Esq. 

Thomson, Wm. A. Urquhart, Esq. 

Weir, James E., M.D... 


20, Ablion Street, Dunstable 
Brill, Bucks 
Great Marlow 
I, L'pton Villas, Slough 
Stony Stratford 
Sandhurst, Herts. 
Leighton Buzzard 
Water Newton, Wansford 
County Asylum, Stone, Aylesbury 
' Biggleswade, Beds 
Chalfont St. Peter 

ilarkyate Street, Dunstabl-; 

Woollaston, WelUugboiou^U 
Datchett. Bucks 
King's Cliff, Wansford 
High Wycombe 

77, Easton Street, High Wycombe 
Weldon, Wansford 
The '* Limes," Ampthill 
Silverstone. Towcester 




„ .. RiNGROSE Atkins, M.D., Waterford 

President . . — 


,,. „ . , ^ ( T. C. Shinkwin, ai.D., Cork 

Vtce-Pfesidents .. .- -^ j^ C'Reillv, M.D., Lismor« 

HoftorarySerreiaryandTreasnrer T. Gels ton Atkins, B..\., M.D., 


Creraen, P. J., M.D. 
' Burke, R. J., ALD. 
Corby, H., M.D. 
Cummins, W. J.. M.D. 
Curtis, J. G., M.D. 
Donovan, D. D.. Esq. 
Grattoi:, N., Esq. 
Har\-ey. C. A.. ^LD. 
Hayes, L R., M.D. 
Jones, H. M., M.D. 
O'Connor. .\., .M.D. 
O'Reilly, R., M.D. 
Sisk, J. O'Neill, M.D. 

Alccck, A. M., Esq. .. 
Allen. J. H. L., M.D. .. 
.A.tkins, Ringrose, M.D. 
Atkins, T. Gelston, M.D. 
Atkins, T. E., Esq. 
Belcher, W., Esq. 
Berry, Parsons, Esq. 
Bricknell, E. T., Esq. .. 
Brodie, Terence, M.D. . . 
Burke, R. J.. M.D. 
Cagney, D., Esq. 


. . Cork . 

Douglas, CO. Cork 

.. 62, South Mall, Cork 

. . II, South Mall, Cork 

. . Camden Place, Cork 

King Street, Cork 

. . 24, South Mall, Cork 

. . St. Patrick's Hill, Cork 

. . St. Patrick's Place, Tralee 

.. Blackrock, co. Cork 

. . Cork 

.. South Mall, Lismore 

. . Fermoy 


,. Innishannon 

. . Middleton, co. Cork 

. . Asylum, Waterford 

. . 20,' St. Patrick's Hill, Cork 

Fever Hospital, Cork 



East Beach. Queenstown 
. . Glanmore Road, Cork 

Douglas, CO. Cork 
.. CharTeville, co. Cork 



[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Connolly, W. R., M.B... 

Corby, H., M.D. 

Corbett. Robert He la Cour, M.D. 

Sur>;. -Major, A.M.U. 
Cremen, P. J., M.D., .. 
Cronin, J. D., M.D. .. 
Cummins, \V. J.. M.D... 
Currey, J. K., M.D. .. 
Curtis J. G., M.D. 
Donovan, D. D., E^q. . . 
£ames, J. A., M.D. .. 
titzgerald, E., Esq. 
Galway, P. J., M.D. .. 
Gratian, N., Esq. 
Griffin, L.T., Esq. 
Hadden, R. E., M.D. .. 
Harley. H. R., M.D. .. 
Harvey, C. A., M.D. .. 
Hayes, J. R., M.D. .. 
Hill, W. G.. Esq., Fleet-Surg. R.N. 
Hobart, N. J., M.D. .. 
Jones, H. Macnaughton, M.D. .. 
JLawton, M., Esq. 
Magner. E., M.D. 
Nunan, J. C., Esq. 
O'Connor, A., M.D. .. 
O'Flynn, D. B., M.D. .. 
O'Flynn, P., Esq. 
OReilly, R., M.D. 
O'SuHivan, M. J.. M.D. 
Pearson, C. Y., M.D. .. 
Riordan, T. F.. M.D. .. 
Ronayne, R. U.. Esq. .. 
Sandiford, T.. M.D. .. 
-Scott, D. H., M.D. 
Shinkwin. T. H. C, M.D. 
Sisk, J. O'Neil, M.D. .. 
Townsend, R. H., M.H. 
Townsend, W. C, M.D. 
Woods, O. T., M.D. .. 


62, South Mall, Cork 

Dum Dum, India 

.South Mall, Cork 
Lismore, co. Watford 
Camden Place, Cork 
KinR Street, Cork 
District Lunatic Asylum, Cork 
Mallow, CO. Cork (resigns) 
Tramore, Galway 
24, South Mall, Cork 
High Street, KilJarney 
Carrignavar, co. Cork 
St. Patrick's Hill, Cork 

South Mall, Cork 
St. P.atrick's Place, Cork 
Middleton, co. Cork 
Workhouse, Cork 
Greenhill, Kinsale 
Ulackrock, co. Cork 
2. Camden Place, Cork 
G Ian mire 

Lismore, co. Waterford 
.South M^all, Lismore 
Caslle Street, Tralee. (abroad) 
4z, King Street, Cork^ 
South Mall, Cork 
South Abbey, Youghal 
Castlemartyr, co. Cork 
North Mall, Cork 
57, South Mall, Cork- 
District Lunatic Asylum, Killavney 


Ahern, >L, Esq. 

Arthur, T. F., Esq. 

Barry,John,Esq.,Sur.-Maj. A.M.D, 

Baylie, J. J., Esq. 

Beamish, T., Esq. 

Buckley, D. F.. K^a. .. 

Charles, \. J., M.D .. 

Chester, W. L., Surg.-Maj. A.M.D. 

Conolly, K, E., Esq. 

Cotter, Jeremiah, ^LD. 

Counihan, J. F., Esq. .. 

Courtenay, E. M., M.B 

Creagh, J., Esq. 

Crowley, Timothy, M.D. 

Cutler, Peter, E>q. 

Daxon, W. M.D. 

Dillon, J. T., M.D. .. 

Donaldson, J.. M.D. .. 

Elmes, J. M.B. 

Evans, J. W., M.B. 

Falvey, F. J., Esq. 

Fenneliy. W., Esq. 

Foley, W., M.D. 

Forster, Frank, Esq. 

Gelston, R. R., M.D. .. 

Griffin, J.. M.D. 

Gwynne, G., Esq. 

Hamilton, W., M.D. .. 

Harvey, J. R., M.D. .. 

Heffernan, W. K., Esq. 

Jackson, B., M.D. 

Holland, J. C, Esq. . . 

Holmes, W. H., Esq. 

Kennedy, RL S., Esq. .. 

Keyes, W., Esq. 

Lavlor, W. H., M.D. . 

Leadci R. Radley, M.D. 

Lyne, D. J., Esq., J. P. .. 

McCraith, E., Esq. 

McDonnell, C, Esq. 

.Mackesy, G. L, ^LB. .. 

.Mackcsy, W. L., Esq. .. 

Macnamara, Patrick J., ALD. 

Madras, R. C, M.B. .. 

Martin, James, Esq. 

May, W., Esq. 

Mayberry, F. G., M.B. 

Miles. J. F. M.,Esq. ,. 

Minneii, J. R., .^LB. .. 

Molony, D., l-'.sq. 

Morgan. R.. E.sq. 

Moms.';y, T. J.. ^LD. . 

Moynihan, T. F., Esq. . 

Myles, G., Esq. 

Nadin, J. E. K., E.sq. .. 

Nolan, Wm., Esq. 

O'Brien, J. J., Esq. 

Province of Mints tcr.) 


Lakemount, Eandon, co. Cork 
Passage West, Cork 

Queen's College, Cork 
Barracks, Cork 
North Infirmary, Cork 
Frances Street, Kilrush 
District .Asylum, Limerick 
Mallow CO. Cork 
Anglesea Street, Cork 
Lady Lane, Waterford 
Lunatic Asylum, Ennis 
Listowel, Co. Kerry 
Fethard, co. Tipperary 
40, Thomas Street, Limerick 
Kjlrush, CO. Clare 
Kilkee, co. Claie 
Ovens, CO. Cork 
Tarbert, Kerry 
Royal Institution Cork 
Killenaule, Ttpperary 
Milford, Ballyduff 
.A.bbeyside, Dungarvan 

Keale House, Millstreet. co. Cotk 
Castletown, Beerhaven 
Glin, CO. Limerick 

Dripsey, Cork 

Callan, co. Kilkenny 

Ncn.igh, CO. Tipperai-y 
Cashel, co. Tipperar>'' 
B^llycotton, co. Cork 

Whitechurch, co. Cork 
George Street, Limerick 

O'Brien, P. C, Esq. .. 
O'Brien, R. R., M.D. .. 
O'Connell, M. D., Esq... 
O'Connolly, James, Esq. 
O'Connor, Denis C.,junr., Esq. 
O'Connor, Francis W., Esq. 
O'Connor, M. R.. M.D... 
O'Farrell, Nicholas S., M.B. 
O'Keefe, P.. M.D. 
O'Riordan, J. J., M.D... 
O'Ryan, E., M.D. 
O'Ryan, J. F., Esq. 
O'Sullivan, Stephen, ^LD, 
Pearson, W. W., M.D. .. 
Powell, B. C, M.B. .. 
Reardon, T., Esq. 
Riordan, P. A., Esq. «, 
Roome, Henrj-, M.D. .. 
Rooney, J. P., Surg.-Maj. A.M.D. 
Ryan, C. E., Esq. 
Sheedy. M. M., Esq. .. 
.Somerville, J. E., M.D. .. 
Starkie, R. F., M.D 
Stocker, J. R., Esq. 
Swanton, J. R., M.D. . . 
Townsend, E. R., M.D. 
Travers, R. B., Esq. 
Twiss, R., Esq. 
Vickeiy, George, M.D. . . 
Walton, J., M.B. 
Welply, J. I.. M.D. 
Whitaker, W. M.. M.B. 
Worrall, John, Esq. 

Dnrras, Bantry 
2, Camden Place, Cork 
72, George Street, Limerick 

Dunmore East, co. Waterford 
Spike Island 
Rathmore, co. Kerry 
Shannacoole, Youghal 

6, Camden Place, Cork 
Crosshaven, Cork 
Parkmore. Koscrca 

Cloyne, co. Cork 
Lota, Cork 

Station Hospital, Queenstown 
Emly, CO. Tipperary- 
Leap, CO. Cork 

■24, St. Patrick's Hill, Cork 

Glanmore, co. Cork 

6, Bridge Street, Baiidon 
Vaientia, Kerry 







Honorary Secretaries 


.. Edenezer Davies, Esg., Swansea 
.. Alfred Sheen, M.D., Cardiff 
.. Evan Jones, Esq., .^berdare 

( .-Vlfred Shken, M.D., Cardiff 
■" '( D. Akthlr Daviks, ^J.J1., Swaiises 

Brown, George A., Esti. 
Cresswell, P. R., Esq. 
Davies, .\ndrew, M.D 
Davies, Henry N., Esi[. 
Dyke. Thomas Jones, Esq. . . 
Edwards, William T., M.D. 
Griffiths T. D.. M.D. 
Hall, James Griffith, Esq. . . 
Jones, J. Talfourd, M.B. . 
Milward, James, !M.D. 
Russell, John, Esq. 
Webster, T. J., Esq. 


. . Dowlais 
. CardiflF 

. Cymer, Ponlypridd 


Davies, A., M.D. 
Sheen, A., M.D. 



.Anthony, T. G., Esq. .. 

Bevan, John Iron, M.B. 

Riddle, C, Esq. 

Brown, George A., Esq. 

Buckley, H. C, M.D. .. 

Buist, James Joseph, M.D. 

Byers, William, Esq. . . 

Campbell, Wm., M.X). .. 

Chater, Geo., Esq. 

Cooke, R., Esq. 

Couch, James, ICsq. 
! Covernton C. J., Esq. . , 
j Cresswell, Pearson R., Esq. 

Davidson, Alex.. M.D. 

Davies, A., M.D. 

Davies, D., Esq. 

Davies, D. Arthur, M.B. 
I Davies, Eleazar, Esq. . . 
j Davie.^, Ebenczer, Esq. 

. . Tredegar 

.. Church Park Hou^e, Oystennoutli 

. . Merthyr 



Crockherbtown, Carc:ff 

Penarth, Cardiff 

Roath, C.irdiff 

Tenby (dead) 

17S, Commercial RJ , Newport 

Christina Street, Swansea 

Knighton, Radnor 

Somerset Place, Swansea 
. . Cardiff 


St. Helen's Road, Sw.-in.sc3 

Fochriw, liA Cardiff 


J3ecj9, 1883.] 

JJavies, E. N., Esq 

iJavics, Lvan P., Esq. . 

Oavjes, F. J., Esq. 

iJavies, G. A., Esq. 

navies, H. N., Esq. '. ' 

JJavics, John, M.D. 

fJavics, Joseph, Esq., David Llewellyn, M.i; 
Davies, Naunton W., Esii, \V. H. Esq 
Davis, Evan Thomas, Esq. 
Dyke, Ihos. J., Esq. , ^ 
Edwards, D. T., Esq. 
tdwards, W. T., M.D. 
Esse.\, J. R.,E.sq. 
Evans, Edward Benyon, Esq. 
tvans, F. G., Esq. ' 

Evans, John, Esq. 
Evans, [ohn, Esq. 
Evans, John, Esq. 
Evans, M. G., M.D. 
Evans, Thomas, Esq. 
Evans, W. C , M.B? " 
Fiddian, A. P MB 

E["S7^". Ed. Mixicii; Esq. 
fry, J. Farrant, Esq. ' 

Gabe, J. B., Esq. 
Granger,F. VV., Esq. 
Onffith, George, Esq. W 
t.nffiths, D., M B 
GrifSths, G., Esq ' 
Griffiths, P. R., M B " 
Griffiihs, T. D M D 
Hall, J. a, Esq. ■ 

Hardyman, C. E., Esq. 
Havard, David, Esq. 
Hearder, G. J„ M.D. 

H'"";'^'T S. Hawkesford. M.B. 

Hopkins, Rees, Esq. 

Horder, T. G., Esq '" 

Humphries, W. C. Esq' 

Hutcheson, J. D M B 

.lames, John Davi'es, Eso 

. ames, James Rowland, M U 

James, John R., Esq. 

James, Philip Esq 

Jardine, J., M.B. 

Jenkins, J., Esq. 

.lenkins, Stuart, Esq. 

.Jennings, O. H., Es,i ' 

Jones, C. J., Esq. 

-jones, C. 51,, Esq. 

Jones, D. E., Esq 

Jones, Evan, Esq 

Jones, J. .Xrthur, M.I) ' 

Jones. J. Talfouid, .M D 

Jones, T. Evan, Esq. ' 

.[ones, T. .M., Esq. ' 

Jones, V. B., Esq. 

Jones, V. Llewellyn w'f;, ■ 

Jones, W. Clay, Esq. " ' ' 

Jones, W. Lewis, Esq '.'. 

J^'ng, E. P., Esq. 

Latimer, H. .A.. Esq. 

Leckie, J. L., Esq. ■■ 

Leigh, John, Esq. 

Leigh, R. H., Esq. 

Leigh, W. W. Esii 

Lcwellyn, John, Esq. 

Lewis, F. \V., Esq. 

Lewis, LA., Esq. 

Limbery, Thomas. Es,i 

Llewellin, G. J. Fsii 

Lloyd, William H.'; Esq' 

Lock, J. G., Esq. 

Lougher, R., Esq. 

Marsh, O. E. B., Esq. .' ' 

Mason, John, M.B 

Milward, James, M.D " 

Morgan, E. R. Esq. ' ' 

Morgan, L. W., M.D. ' 

Morgan, William, Esq." 

Morison Joshua Wil|?am, E<q 

-Morns, John A., Esq. ^ 

Morns, John W., Esq. ' 

Mulligan, J. W., JJ 7, ' 

^'e!l, R. F., Esq. 

O Conneil. D. V Jil D ' 

Owen, Robert, Esq. ' 




■ r1''^I"f" ^^"^^ "«" -Vewporl 
• f'-, High .Street, >fewporl. M,.-, 
Cymer . . 


Hafod Villa, Swan.sea 



Cwm Dros House, Newport 

Rhoscelj-n, Cowbridge 

Merlh>T Tydfil 

ialTs Well, Cardiff 



St. Thomas, Swansea 

J House, near Cardifi 
Canton, Cardiff 
32, Cradock Street; Swaiise.i 
Beaufort. Brecon 
Roath, Cardiff 
Cardiff (dead)i 
Saundcrsfoot, Pembrokeshire 
Bnghton Terrace, Cai'diff 

Paddon, J,, Vl B 
Padley, a, Esq." 
Palmer, H. L., Esq. ■'■ 
l"arr>-, T. W., Esq. "■ 
PegSe, C, Esq. 

Pvll""' f 1"'^'''' P'"°".' Esq 
Ph. ips, John Esq. 

Phillips, J. M., m:d. ■ 

Pia.n, A., M.B. 
Price, R. G., Esq. 
Pnce, W., M.B. 
Pnchsrd, W., Esq. 
"ing e, H. T., il.D ■■ 

Belvo.r, .Swansea 
Morriston, Sv'.-an.sea 

Milford Haven 
Pontardawe, .Swansea 
Cardiff Infirmarv 
Heame Lodge, Swansea 

=4, Crockherbtown, Cardiff 
Newport, Pembrokeshire 

Rrn".'A?"""'V?''>''"™' Carmarthen 
Broad Street, Hay, Brecon 

• y°<:H'>=>''«o»'n, Cardiff 

■ ■ Hospital, Swansea 
- . Aberdare 

• ■ Blackwood, .Monmouths:'.:re 

■ • Preorky, Pontypridd 

■ • Cwmavon, Taibach 

• |en?r^eb^cTlv,e'r'.';;^-^-^-'''''"'>-P^=^'l 
■ . Eastfield House, Bridgend 
•■ GowerRo.-id, near Swansea 

■ ■ Ton Pa^K"' •'^"'S''". Monmouthshire 
.. T?oed??h^;"^="^™=>''-"dd 

• • Crock herbiown, Cardiff 
. . Aberdare 




■ KilbyHou^e, I.oughor 
• . Llanboidy. WhitJand 

■ ■ gt. Clear's, Carmattheushire 

■ ■ benny Bridge, Brecon 

- . Chepstow 

■ KjnJ'^w!,'''"''^-— 

■ Llanfabon, Pontypridd 

■ Cwmbach, .Aberdare 

■ Llanfabon 

■ Caerphilly 
Cymer, Glam. 

■ ^'"vport. -Monmouthshire 

■ i\ $: Terrace, Bridgend 

■ Llandilo, Carmarthenshire 
Pen by 

• Cardiff (resigns) 
Bridge Street, Newport, Mon 

• Charles Street, Cardiff 

Mornston, S%vansea 

The Hafod, near Pontypridd 

t lydach, Swansea Valley 

i embroke 


Llanelly, Carmarthen 

^ bersychan. -Monmouthshire 

Penarth, Cardiff 

The Mumbles 


The Laurels, Swansea 


Neivtown, -Montgomery 


&T" "'^"^?,--^5y""ni, Briton FeiTj. 
High Street, Haverr,.rdwest ^ 


l"°S>' Road. Cardigan 
6. Windsor Place, Cardiff 
Ireorohy, Pontypridd 
Park Pkce. Cardiff 
County Asylum, Bridgend 

Probert, James, Esq. .. 
Prothero, David G., Esq 
yuirk, Martin, .M.D. 
Randall, Wyndham, Esq. 
Rawlings, J. A., E.sq. .. 
Redwood, T. H., \\ D 
Rees, Howell, Esq. 
Rees, Valentine, Esq. 
Reid, D. A., M.D. 
R.chards, T. W., M.B. 
Robinson, E., Esq 
Russell, F. M., Esq 
Russell, John, Esq. 
Ryding, George, .^LD 
Samuel, Richard, Esq. 
Scale, T. W., Esq. 
Shapley, F. , Esq. 
■Sheen, .Alfred JLD. 
Shepard, A. J. Esq. '. ' 
Sheppard, W. D. Esq . . 
Sknmshire, C. P., Esq. 
Smythe, R., Esq. 
Soper, J. H., Esq. 
Steel, Samuel Hopkins, ALE 
■Symes, James, Esq. 
Talpade, .A. D., M.D '" 
Taylor, William, iM.D. 
Thomas, .A. G., M.I) 
Thomas, D., M.D. 
Thomas, J. Raglan, Esq! 
1 homas, Jabez, Esq 
Thomas, O. D., Esq. 
Timmins, L -A. J i\I d" 
Treharne, J. LI., Esq! .! 
Vachell, C. T., M D 
Vachell, H. R., M.D " 
}'erity, A. f., Esq. 
Wallace, T., JNLD. 
Warburton, A. , Esq. 
Warburton, E. S.. Esq." 
Ward, J. L. W., Esq. .. 
Wathen, J. H., Esq 
Watkins, C. J., M.D 
Webster, T. J., Esq. ." 
'V.lliams, D. J., Esq 
Williams, Egbert. Esq 
Williams, James, Esq. .'. 
Williams, J., M.D. 
Williams, M., Esq' 
Williams, O., Esq ' 
Williams,Rojer, D., Esq. 
Williams, T. E., Esq. 
Williams, W. E., Esq " 
Willis, G. O., Esq. ^' " 
Wilson, G., Esq. 
Wootlett, C. J., Esq. 

.- -Mcrthyr Tydfil 

■• {;]^"''''''e. Carmarthenshire 
. . Biaenavon 


;; RhyX"°" ""'""'■ '""^" 

• . Tenby 

■ ■ Canton, Cardiff 

• • Park Lane, Welchpool 

■ • 30^ Caledonian Road, Clifton 


• - Greenfields, Llanelly 

•• £'°'5'" House, Aberdare 

" Hil'™"^^^C<"""'y Asylum, Erid..e.-d 

■ ■ Halswell House, Cardiff ' ™='^'-'' 

■ - Lsk 

" r?'''^''''yi!::„^^'="-"'yr Tidfil 
■ Y^ each Villa, near Abergavemv 
;; BraTn^«^"---^''-8aven1,y""^ 

Morriston, Swansea 

• ■ Crockherbtown, Cardiff 

■• V ',^"''8= Street. Newport 

• ),stalyfera, Swansea 
- Llanelly 


■ Pontypool (dead) 

• Charles Street, Cardiff 

: BVid-;«S^"'"°*"-'-^^"'iff --g-) 


■ J'^^f'^'',''"'. Pontypridd 
Ircherbert, Pontvpridd 

■ Clitr Brilt^o'f "• ^■''^'"- Town, Merthy, 

■ Llandaff Place, near Cardiff 
Brynglas, .MerthiT 

Kcnddu, Brecon 

Ventnor, L of Wight 

59, Crockhe.-htown, Cardiff 

Burryport, Llanc'h- 
Talgarth, Brecon 
Abertillery, Newport 



Brewer, H. M., Esq. 
Br.gstocke, Charles A.,' Esq. 
Brown, Henrj- O., Esq 
Brown, T. J. E.. Esq. 
David, W. W., Esq. 
Dawes, E. N., Esq. 
Davies, Henrv, Esq. 
Edwards, D., .M.B? " 
Evans, Thomas. M.D 
Evans. T. J., Esq. 
UJendinning, J., Esc. 
Griffiths, John, Esq. ' 
Hudson, H. R.. Esq. 
Hughes, John, Esq. 
Hughes, W. L., Esq. 
James, J. .A., Esq. 
James, J. B., Esq. 
.[ames, J. R., Esq. 
John, W., Esq. 
Jones, D. R., Esq. 
Jones, John M., Esq. 
Jones, Morris, Esq. 
Lloyd, Morgan. Esq. 
Mason, S. B., Esq. 
-Morgan, John, Esq. 
Pearse, R. T., Esq. 
Price, H. P., Esq. 
Ready W.J. M.. Esq.!; 
Richardson, R., Esq. 
Riordan, Daniel, .M.D 
Robathan E. Esq 
Robathan, G. B., Esq. ',' 
Rowlands, James, Esq 
Samuel, William, Esq 
Scott, R. I., Esq " 

Stamper, J. F., .M.D. ." 
Tham, Leslie, L., Esq... 
1 homas, D. H.. Esa 

wa!i..w.B.,E;q.'''- :: 

Whlttlngton, T. P., Esq. 
W.lhams, E., Esq. 
Williams, P Esq. 


Newport, Mo,. 
■ . Haverfordwest 
• ■ Knighton 

■ • Pen-Iihon, Newtown, .Mont. 


• • Gj', PontjTiridd 

• ■ Uoiiiston, Swansea 

■■ Gwastadgoed, Commins-Coch 
. - is' ewquay 

" h'lW ^""'' .L'^"<iilo, Carmarthen 
;: {rp?er'"'"''^^-'™'-^''=-S-enny 

■ M^hl^^-^r '■''"""*=" 

• •^''eramam, Glamorgan 

■ CouE°S''"''«''« °^^' '^=>"'°". Cardiff 

■ conn House, Haverfo'dwest 

■ c\^Ti', ^''^^'' Abers-stwith 

■ fe™"'-Elvet, Carmarthenshire 

■ Park I errace, Pontypool 
Pontrhyd.y-Groes, Aberjstwith 

■ Canton, Cardiff 

. Newport 

Plasmarl, Lajidore, Swansea 
Kisca (dead) 

Pontardawe. Swansea 
Newport, -Monmouthshire 
Pembroke Dock 
Longtown, -Abergavenny 
Heathfield House Swansea 
Ferryside, Carmarthen 



[Dec. 29,1883. 





Vice ■ Presidents 

ilonorarv Secretat y . , 

Aldridge, C. M.D. 
Ulomfield, A. M.D. 
Budd, W., Esq. .. 
Davy, H., M.B. .. 
Deans, J., Esq. .. 
Harper, Joseph, Esq. 
Harris, J. D.. Esq. 
Henderson, W., M.D. 
Hughes, R. H., M.B. 
fackson, G., Esq. 
Pycroft. G., Esq. 
Russel.Rende, E. M., Esq.. 
Shapter,lLewi5 P., M.D. . 
Swain, Paul. Esq. 
Woodman. John, Esq. 

C. Bui.TEKL, Esq.jStoneham 
Ltwis P. Shai'Ter, ALD., Exeter 

/W.J. Square, Esq., Plymouth 

C. Barham, M.D., Truro 
S. Bl'DD, M.D., E.xeter 

C- B. Nankivell, M.D., Torquay 

D. Thomson, Esq., Lannceston 
W. Pollard, Esq., Torquay 

7 J. Thompson, M.D., Bldeford 
J. Kempthorne, Esq., Callington 
Spencer Thomson, M.D., Torquay 
J. B. Montgomery, M.D., Penzance 
A. J. Gumming, Esq., Exeter 
R. Hogarth Clav, M.D.- Plymouth 
J. Harper, Esq., Barnstaple 

S. Rees-Philipps, i\LD., Exeter 





. North Tawton 

. Exeter 









Rees-Phillipps S., M.D. ., Exete« 


Ackland, W. H., M.D. .. 
Adams, James, M.D. 
Adkins, Joshua Edward, Esq, 
Aldridge, C. M.D. 
■ Alexander, J., M.D. .. 
Angove, E. S., Esq. 

Appleton, George, Esq. 
Armstrong, Leonard, Esq. 
Baker, Albert, M.D. .. 
Baker, A. de Winter, Esq. 
Bampton, A. H., M.D. .. 
Bankart, James, M.B. .. 
Barham, C, M.D. 
Barron, Geo.G., Esq. .. 
Eazeley, William, Esq. .. 
Bennett, Fred. C, Esq. 
Berry, F. C, M.B. ' .. 
Bisdee, A. J., Esq. 
Blamey, J., Esq. 
Blomfield, A.G., M.D... 
iJoase, Francis,- Esq. 
Bothwell, G. G., Esij. .. 
Boyle. T. Esq. 
Brushfield, T. N., M.D. 
Bn'den, R., Esq. 
Budd, Samuel, M.D. .. 
Budd, William Alexander, Esq. 
Eulteel, C, Esq. 
Bulteel, M. H., Esq. ,. 
Butlin, C. H., Esq. 
Butters, J. G., Esq. .. 
Carlyon, Thomas H., Esq. 
Carter, Godfrey, Esq. , . 
Cheves, Alexander Bruce, 
Chubb. Ch.W., E'^q. .: 
Clay, R. Hogarth, M.D. 
Cockburn, L. W., Esq.. 
Cooke, J. W., Esq. 
Coluuhoun, A. G., Esq. 
Corbctt, W. H., Esq., 

A.M.D. .. 
Crighton, Robert Wirkie, M.D, 
Cumming, A. J., Esq. . . 
Cumming, H. Gordon, l\s 
Dalby, W. B.,M.D. .. 
Daly, T., Esq. 
Davis, H.. Esq. 
D.ivson. F. .v. M.D. .. 
Da^T, H.. M.B. 
Da\T. J- H.. M.D. 
Deans, John, E'^q. 
Dc Lcgli, H., Esq. 
Dodge, W. H., Esq. .. 
Doidgc, J. G., Esq. 

, M.B. 

R.N. .. 


Lizard, Helstoa 
Newton Abbot 
' Plymouth 

19, Southernhay, Exeter 

2, Woodland Terrace, Plymouth 
Princess Square, Plymouth 

E\'ersleigh, Eanwell, Somerset 

Devon and Exeter Hospital. E.xeter 

Newquay, Cornwall 
Uffculme, near Collumpton 

20, Southernhay, Exeter 
23, Southernhay, Exeter 
Durnfoid Street. East Stonehouse 
Buckingham House, Stonehouse 

Durham House, Horrabridge, Devon 

South Devon and East ComWaU'- Hospital 

Millbrook, near Devonport 

Torpoint, near Devonport 


Dawlish, De\on 


H.M.S. " Pembroke," Chatham 


SoutheiTihay, Exeter 

Warwick House, Torquay 

Broad.stnne House, Dartmouth 
34, Southernhay, E.xeter 
North Tawton 
Lifton ■ 

Edlin, E. Holberton. E'^q. 

Edwards, H. J., Esq. .. 

Eller>-, Richard, Esq. . . 

Elliot, John, Esq. 

Fernie, A., .\LD. 

Finch, Thomas, M.D. . 

Furse, Edwin, Esq. 

Gamble, C. H., E^q. .. 

Gamble, Samuel, Esq. . . 

Gardner, F., Esq. 

Gervis, Walter S., M.D... 

Gill, J. W., Esq. 

Goodridge, J. T., Esq. .. 

Gould, John, Esq., 

Gray, F. A., Esq. 

Greenway, Henry, Esq. . . 

Grenfell, Henry, Esq. .. 

Hallett, C, Esq. 

Harden, H., Esq. 

Harper, Joseph, Esq. 

Harper, Thom:Ls, Esq. .. 

Harris, F. W. H. D., Esq. 

Harris, Henr>', M.D. .. 

Harris, J. Delpratt, Esq. 

Harrison, James, Esq. .. 

Hawkes, Anthony Mann, Esq. 

Haydon, Nathaniel T. J. Esq. 

Head, R. L. B., Esq. .. 

Henderson, Wm..M.D. .. 

Hichens, J. S., Esq. 

Kingston, Charles A., M.D. 

Hosking, R., Esq. 

Hounsell. H. S., M.D. .. 

Hudson, R. S., M.D. ., 

Hughes, R.H.. M.B. .. 

Hunt,_W. C, Esq. 

Hutchinson, T., Esq. 

Huxley, J. U., M.D. .. 

Jackson, George, Esq. 

Jackson, H., Esq. 

Jenkins, J. H., Esq. 

Jones, C. IMarchant, Esq. 

Karkeek, P. Q., Esq. .. 

Kempe, Arthur W., Esu_. 

Kemplhorne, John, Esq. 

Kerswill, G. Esq. 

Kerswill, J. Bedford, Esq. 

King, John, Esq. 

Laing, W. A. G., M.B. 

Lake, W. C, M.D. 

Lane, S. O., Esq. 

Langford, E. C, Esq. .. 

Lawton, J., Esq. 

Leverton, H. S., Esq. .. 

Lewis, Lewis, Esq. 

Liliies, Herbert, Esq. 

Littleton, P. R.. Esq. .. 

MacCarthy, J., M.D. .. 

Mackenzie, F., Esq. 

Magrath, J. A., IM.D. .. 

May. T. H. Souare, Esq. 

May, Joseph, Esq. 

May, J. jun., Esq. 

Meeres, Edward E., M.D. 

Michell, Sloanc, Esq. 

Michell, G. Aunger, Esq. 

Miles, G., Esq. 

Montgomery, James B., .M.D. 

Moone, John Esq. 

Mortimer, John, M.B... 

Mudge, J., Esq. 

Mudge, J., jun., Esq. .. 

Nankivell, C. A., M.B. .. 

Nankivell, C. B., M.D... 

Nettle, W., Esq. 

Norman, W. A., M.B. 

Norris, H. E.,Esq. 

Nourse, W. E C, Esq... .. ,,. 

O'Brien, T. M., Esq., Surg.-Maj 

A.M.D. .. .. 

Owen, A. W., Esq. . . 

Parsons, Arthur D., Esq. 
Pattinson, H. B., Esq. ., 
Pearcc, E. T., Esq. 
Pearse, W., Esq. .. 

Perkins, .\. R. S., Esq. 
Philipps, Sutherland Rees. M.D. .. 
Pollard, W., Esq. 
Potter, S. R., M.B. 
Powell, William.M.B. .. 
Pronger, E., Esq. 
Puddlcombe, E. M.. Esq. 
Pycroft, George, Esq. . . 
Quick, John, Esq. 
Quicke, John M., Esq.. 
Reade. Hubert T., V.C., A.M.D.. . 
Reed, T. S-, M.D. 
Rendle, C. B., Esq. 
Richardson, J. B.,RI.B... 
Rolston, Geo. Theodotus, 1 ], 
Rolston, John, M.D. . . 
Rolston. John R., Esq. . . 

6, Seaton Terrace, Plymouth 
Bank Street, Teignmouih 
Ridgway, Plympton 

St. r^lary Church, Torquay 
St. Germans 
Ottery St. Mary 
St. Mawes 
Prince town 
Trengweath, Redruth 
Southernhay, Exeter 

Polj-phant, Launcestcn 
Newton Abbot 
Tamerton Foliott, Plymouth 
iS, East Southernhay, Exeter 

Sus:,ex Terrace, Plymouth 
Redruth ('dead) 
12, Lockyer Street, Plymouth 
22, St. Tidwell's, E.xeter 

Hughes Terrace, Torqiuy 
North Road. Plymouth 

St. .Andrew's Terrace, PljTnouth 
I sea, Torquay 

St. Germans 
Stratton, Cornwall 
Mevigassey, Cornwall 

Mutley Plain, Plymouth 

Ashbourne, Derbyshire 
H.M.S. "'impregnable," Plymouth 

Melford House, Plymouth 

68, Albert Road. Stoke, Devonport 
1, St. Andrew's Terrace, Plymouth 

Upper Paul Street, Exeter 
St. Tidu ells, Exeter 
Mara? ion 


Black Torrington, Highamptou 


Hols worthy 

St. Tudye. Bodmin 
161, Sidwell Street, Exeter 
Wonford House, Exeter 



Hill Garden, Torquay 



Kenton! E.veter > 

96, East Street, Penzance 
M.-xnuairiead, Plympuiii 

Pool, t'amboriie 



Osborne \ill.-is, Si^kc, Devonporl 
Clarendon Villa, Stpket 'Devonport 
D even port 

Dec, 29, 1883.] 



Roper, Arthur C. Esq. .. 
Rouse, E/ekiel, Esq. 
Row, F. E., Esq. 
Russcl-Rendle, E. M. Esq. 
Salmon, Alfred L. Erq. 
Saunders, G. J. Symes, M.D. 
Scott, W. G., M.H. 
Searlc, G. C-, Esq. 
Shapley, K., Esq. 
Shaptcr, Lewis, ^{.D. .. 
Sharp, Edward, Esq. 
Snape, C, M.D. 
Somer, James, Esq. 
Square, William, Esq. .. 
Square, William Joseph, Esq. 
Staff, G. T. A., Esq. .. 
Slade-King, J., M.U. .. 
Stamp, J. E>., Esq. 
Steele, William Stott, M.D. 
Stephenson, Frank L., M.B. 
Sutcliffe, E.,M.D. 
Swain, W. P., Esq. 
Swale, Harold, M.B. .. 
Thorn, G., Esq. 
Thomson, Spencer, i\I.D. 
Thompson, David, Esq... 
Thompson, J., M.D. 
Tosswill, Louis H., M.R. 
Trimmer, Francis, Esq. . . 
Ubsdell, Henry, Esq. .. 
Walker, R.. M.D. 
Walter. E. W., Esq. 
Ward, T. ^^, Esq. 
Ware, J. W. L., Esq. .. 
Waters, A. J. (L, Esq. .. 
Watson, J. .\.,Esq. 
Wearne, W., Esq. • ,. 

Webb, W. H., Esq. 
Weller, John, Esq. 
Whipple, Connell, Esq. .. 
White, F., Esq. 
Whitley, F. G. H., Esq. 
Whitworth, W., Esq .. 
Wilson, G., M.D. 
Wolferstan, Sedley, Esq. 
Woodman, John,M D. . . 
Workman, C. J., M.D. .. 
Worth, Edwin James, Esq. 


22, Kerr Street, Dcvonport 
Newion Abbott 
Bamfield, Excier 


4, Port]:ind Square, Pl>Tnouth 
22, Portland Square, Plymouth 
St. Ives, Cornwall 
Ridgway, Plympton 
Mir.imar, Babbacombe 
Bradiiinch , Collumpton (gone) 
Great Torrington, Devon 
17, The Crescent. Plymouth 

St. Jean d'Acre Terrace, Devonpcrt 
.A,shton, Torquay 

Forest Gate, near London, E. 
Budleigh Saltertos 
Redruth (gone) 
Brandon, Suffolk 
H els ton 

Kingsbridge, South Devon 
Amersham, Bucks. 
Sussex Terrace, Plymouth 
19, Lockyer Street, Plymouth . 
St. Agnes 

St. Agnes, Cornwall 

Miitley Plain, Plymouth 
2, Chichester Place, Southernhaya Exeter 
7. Den Crescent, Teignmouth 


Archer, A. L., M.D. .. 
Baird, A., M.B. 
Barnes, G., Esq. 
Bennett, H. J. L., Esq. 
Bennett, \V. S., Esq. 
Branfoot, H. S., M.B. .. 
Browne, O. P., Esq. .. 
BuIImore, F. C., Esq. .. 
Caddy, Henr>', Esq. 
Campbell, Charles M., ^LD. 
Cash, Alfred M., M.D. .. 
Chilcote, H. Nicholas, Esq. 
Clarke. F. H., Esq. 
Clogg, S., Esq. 
Cooke. George R., Esq. , . 
Cornbill, John, Esq. 
Cowburn, G. H., Esq. .. 
Currie, J., M.D. 
Drew, C. L., Esq. 
Drew, C. W., Esq. 
Eccles, A., Esq. 
Eccles, George H., Esq. 
Elliot, R. L., Esq. 
Erskine, R., M.B. 
Faskally, G. B., Esq. . . 
Fawcett. E., M.B. 
Fisher, W. S.,,Esq., Fleet-Surg 
Fulford, W. eI, Esq. .. 
Furnivall, H. W., Esq. .. 
Gard, W. J., Esq. 
Gilbert, George R., Esq. 
Goodfellow, S. I.. M.D... 
Haig, Ale.v., M.B. 
Harris, J. Russell, Esq... 
Hawton. J. W. H., Esq., 
Heath, James, M.B. 
Heath, R. E., M.D. .. 
Jacob, J. B., Esq. 
Ley, J. W., Esq. 
Leah, T., Esq. 
Mackay, J. C, Esq. 
Marley, H. F., Esq. .. 
May, A. E., Esq. 
Millett, G. B.,Esq. 
Mason, E., Esq. 
Phillips, J. M., ^LD. .. 
Raby, J., Esq. 
Rae, G. A.. Esq. 
Reed, W. C, M.D. 
Rogers, James, %LD. 

Stoke, Devonpoct 


Castle Hill, Axminster 

Queen s Terrace, St. David's; Ei^eter (abr'oad) 


Torbay Hospital, Torquay 
H.M.S. *' Flirt," Devonport 


Probus, Cornwall 


Charlwood. Babbacombe 


East Looe, Cornwall 



I, Clarendon Villas, Exeter 

Totnes, Devon 


H-M. Convict Prison, Dartnioor 

Barton Road, Torquay 

Bedford Terrace, Plymouth 

TresilHan, Kingsbridge 


Belgrave, Sidmouth. Devon 


H.M.S. '^Belleisle," Devenport 

Wadebridge, Cornwall 

Woodburj-, E.\eier 

Stoke, Devonport 

Dunolly, Torquay 


Torbay Hospital, Torquay 

R.N. Hospital, PljTnouih 

Torbay Hospital, Torquay 

St. Leonard's-on-Sea 

Plyrsstock, near Plymouth 

Newton Abbott 

Stonehouse, Devon 

St. Columb 

Pads tow 

Moreton Hampstead 


Eampton, Tiverton 

6. Belgrave Terrace, Plymouth 


Stoke, Devonport 

0, Princes Square, Plymouth 


Runnalls, H. B., Esq. .. 
Scott, J. M. D. 
Shrimpton, C, M.D. 
Simon, ^L F., Esq. 
Smalley, H. Esq., 
Smith, G., Esq. 
Soper, R. W., Esq. 
Torbock, W. H., Esq. .. 
Twining, A, H., Esq. .. 
Vigurs, C. R. C, Esq. ., 
Vigurs, R., M.B; 
Warwick. R. A., M.D. .. 
Westbuo', H. P., B.A. .. 
Wild, T., Esq. 
Wills, W., Esq. 
Yates, Walter Esq. ^ 

.. 118, Fore Street, Saltash, Cornwall 

.. 7, St. Mar>' Vale, Chatham 

.. Torquay 

.. St. Mary Church, Devon 

H.M. Prison, Pentonville 
,. Axbridge, Somerset 
. . Dartmouth 

Polruan, Corn*'a!l 
.. Salcombe, South Devon 
.. Newlyn East 

.. Teignmouth (dead) 

Kingswood Park, Gunnislake 
.. Langstone Cliff, Starcross 
.. Orleigh Mount, Torquay (resigns) 
.. Tregew, My lor, Falmouth 



President ., 

President- Elect 
Vice-Presiden is 


.. W. C. M.\CLE.AN-, M.D,, C.B Surg.-General, 

Net ley 
.. W. Engl.\nd, aLD., Winchester. 

( A. G. Davev, M.D., Ryde. 
■• '( W, Curtis, Esq., Alton. 
_( J. Warp Cdlsins, M.D., Riversdale, Kent 

Honorary Secretary and Treasurer-^ Road, Southse; 


Southampton. — Theophilus W. Trend, M.D., Raeberry Lodge, Southampton 

Isle of Wight. — W. E. Green, Esq., Belgrave House, Sandown 

Winchester. — T. C. Langdon, Esq., Northgate House, Winchester 

South Wiltshire. — H. J. Manning, Esq., Laverstock, Salisbury 

South-East Hants. — J. Ward Cousins, M.D., Riversdaie, Kent Road, Southsea 

Alder, J. W. B., Esq. 
Brook, W. F., Esq. 
Darke, F. R. P., Esq. 
Dyer, Samuel S., ^LD. 
Leach, J. C, Esq. 



. Farebam 


Nicolson, D., M.D. .. Broadmoor 


Aitken. WilHam, M.D., F.R.S. . . 
Alder, J. W. B., Esq. .. 
Anderson, R., Esq., Surg.-Maj. .. 
Andrews, S., Esq. 
Archer, E. J., M.B. ... 
A.xford, W. H., M.B. .. 
Barker. W. H., Esq. .. 
Barrett, S. B. C, Esq. . . 
Barrow, Benjamin, Esq. 
Beaton, D., M.D. 
Beaumont, C. G., M.D. 
Beckingsale, T. Edgar, Esq. 
Bentham, .\ugustusL., Esq. 
Bentham, Samuel, Esq. 
Elackman, J. G., Esq. . . 
Blackmore, H. P.. M.D. 
Bland, W. C, Esq. .. 
Blair-Brown, D., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 
Bligh, Richard, Esq. .. 
Boileau, J. P. H., M.D.,Sur.-MaJor 
Bond, Florio St. Quintin, Esq. 
Brook, W. Frederick, Esv;. 
Broster, John. :M.D. .. 
Browne, J. H., M.D. .. 
Buckell, Edward, Esq.. 
Buck, T. A., M.B. 
Caesar, R. T., Esq. 
Canton, G. Anderson, Esq. 
Case, G. Henry, Esq. . . 
Castle, Hutton, M.B. .. 
Chatterton, W., M.D. .. 
Chinerj'-, E. Fluder, Esq. 
Clapperton, James, Esq. 
Clifton, James, Esq. 
Coates, F. W., M.D. .. 
Coates, H., Esq. 
Coates, W. M., Esq. . 
Coghill, J. G. Sinclair, M.D. 

OF. BRANCH. (207). 

Park Villa, Woolston, Southampton 
Audrey House, Gosport 
Cornwall House, Dorchester 

5, Portland Street, Southampton 
Arundel House. Clarence Parade. Southsea 
Knowlej Fareham, Hants 
Kneller's Court, Fareham 
Southlands, Ryde 

Newport, Isle of Wight 
Victoria Road, Southsea. 
Norfolk House, Southsea 
Land port 

Borough Asylum, Portsmouth 

75, Marland Place^ Sotitbamplon 
Kidgeway, Southampton 
High Street. Winchester, 
George Street, Ryde, Isle of Wight 
Shirley, Southampton 
Pier Terrace, Ryde 

Newport, Isle of Wight- 
3. The Terrace, Ryde, Isle of V\^:ght 
LjTntngton ■ 
H,M.S. " Trintonialee " 



[Dec. 29, \l 

Colt, T. A.. Esq. 

Corrie, A. P.. Esq., Surg. R.N. ., 

Cousins, J. Ward, M.D. 

Cross, R. Sliackleford, Esq. 

Curtis, William, junr., Esq. 

Dabbs, G. H. R., M.D. 

Darke, Fitz-Roy P., Esq. 

Davis, W. G., Esq. 

Davey, A. G., M.D. .. 

Dayman, Henr>-, Esq. . . 

De Chaumont, F. .S. B., M.D., 
F.R.S., Surg.-Maj. .. 

Doyle, Cowan, M.D. ,. 


Drew, C. W., Esq. 

Driver. F. J., M.D. .. 

Eddowes, C, Esi,;. 

Edwards. C. F., Em]. .. 

Ekens, Joseph \V., Esq. 

Elliott, Ernest, M.D. .. 

Elliott, Frederick H., M.B 

England, William, M.D. 

Ensor, J. A., Esq. 

Farmer, S., Esq. 

Flower, Frederic I.. Esq. 

Ford, A. v., Esq. 

Garrett, C. F., Esq. .. 

tJarrington, A. M., M.D. 

Garrington. W. Hawkins, Esq., J. P. 

Gibson, J. E., Esq. 

Giles, W. Foster, Esq. 

(rilmour, J. H., Esq, .. 

Gordon, J. H., M.D. .. 

Goss, Samuel, Esq. 

(lowing, B. C, Esq. 

Greaves, Henry, Esq. . . 

Green, James, Esq. 

Green, J. Lardner, Esq. 

Green, W. E., Esq. 

(ireening, F. J., Esq. .. 

Gribbon, G. C.., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Groves, Joseph, M.B. .. 

Hackman. L. K. H., M.D. 

Hann, H. F., Esq. 

Hannan, F. J., M.D. .. 

Haran, Timotheu^^ J., M.D., Dep. 

Inspec.-Gen., R.N. .. 
Hardin, Walter Esq. .. 
Harnett, Alfred, Esq. .. 
Harris. AUred E., Esq. 
Harvey, W. A., M.B. .. 
Hemming, W. D., Esq. 
Hemsted, Henry, Esq... 
Hill, J., M.D. 
Hoare, Wm., Esq. 
Hoffmeister, Wm., M.D. 
HoUis, Alfred, M.D. .. 
Hope, Henry, Esq. 
Hunter, E. J., Esq, .. 
Ir\'ing, G. C, Esq., Surg -Major 

A.M.D. .. .. 

Jackson, Alfred, M.D... 
lohnson, C. H., Esq. .. 
JoIlifFe, W. J..Esq. .. 
Jones, John, Esq. 
Kealy, J. R., M.D. .. 
Kell, G., Esq.. R.N. .. 
Kelland. J., M.B. 
Kendall, T., Esq. 
Knott, Charles. Esq. .. 
Lake, G. A., M.D. 
Land, J. S., 1\LD., Brig.-Surg. 

Langdon, Thomas C Esq. 

Langstaff, Charles, M.D. 

Laurenson, R. C. P., Esq., R.N. .. 

Lee. F. F., Esq. 

Leslie, Louis, ^LD. 

Lilley, George Herbert, M.D. '.' 

Lilly, J. Hayland, M.D. 

Lindsay. R., M.H. .. \\ 

Lloyd, David, lOsq. '.. 

Longmore, T., Surg.-Gen., C.B. .'.* 

Lord, F., Esq. 

Maclean, W. C., I^I.D., Surg.-Gen. 

Macclinton, W. F., Esq.,Dep.-Insp.- 

McDougall, Rev. Bishop, 
McDougall, H. A. H., Esq. 
McGregor, J., Esq. 
Mackinnon, C, Esq., Surfr-Mai. 

A.^LD. .. .. 

Mauley, John. M.D. .. 
Manning, H. J., Esq. .. 
Martin, H. A., M.D. ., 
Martin, J. H.. ^LD. .. 
.M.irtin, \V. T., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. .. ; 

Maybur>-, A. Victor, M.D. 
Mayburj*, Lysandcr, M.D. 
Meade, Warren, Esti., Surg. -Ma-.. 
A.M.D. ., .. 


H.M.S. "Cambridge," Devonport 

Riversdale, Kent Road, Soutiisea 



Castle View, Newport 


Heytesbury ■ 


Millbrook, Southampton 

Woolston Lawn, Southampton 
Bush Villas, Southsea 
Dockyard, Portsmouth 

Victoria Road, Southsea 

Ouiram Road, Southsea 
.A Ires ford 

Hillside, Purbrook, Cosham 

Southgate Road, Winchester 

Bums Street, Nottingham 
Broad Chalk, Salisbury 

St. Andrews Road, Southsea 
Elm Grove, Southsea 

Hythe, Southampton 
Hurstbourne-Tarrant, .A.ndover 

Windsor Terrace, Southsea 
-Avon House, Salisbury 
Bishop's, Waltham 
131, Commercial Road, Landport 

Belgrave House Sandown 
Melville Street, Ryde 

Carisbrook, Isle of Wight 
Buckland Road. Landport 
.\vonside, Downton 

Haslar Hospital, Gosport 
Leigh, Tunbridge, Kent 
5, Elliot Place, Gosport 

Glenalmond, Bournemouth 

Somerset Road, Southsea 

lownsend House, West Cowes 
Freshwater, L of W. 
72, Marland Place, Southampton 

Parkhurst, Isle of Wight 

Holmbeach, Grove Road, Southsea 


Yofford House, Newport, Isle of Wight 
Medina Road, West Cowes 
Ashley House, Gosport 

97, Crane Street, Salisbui-y 


Holly Bank House, Mile End, Landport 


70, RedcUffe Square, W. 
Norlheate House, Winchester 
The Chalet, Basset, Southampton 
H.M.S. "Hercules" 
81, Ann Street, Salisburj' 
Alton (resigned) 
H.M. Convict Prison, Portland 
Bitterne, Southampton 

Hinion House, Shanklln, Isle of Wij^ht 
Woolston, Southampton 
Landport Terrace, Southsea 
Rockstone Terrace, Southampton 


Milford Vicarage, Hants 

Royal Hants co. Hospital, Winchester 

Landport. Portsmouth 

Royal Hospital, Netley 

County Asylum, Fareham 

Lavcrstock House Asylum, Salisbury 


Cambridge House, Portsmouth 

East Park, Southampton 
Mile End Terrace, Landport 
15. Commercial Road, Southsea 

Meeres, C, Esq. 
Miller, F. D., Esq. .. 
Miller, J. W. M.. M.D 
Minchin, R. G., M.D... 
Modlin, R., Esq. 
Molony, P. J., M.D. .. 
Moore, Thomas, Esq. .. 
Morley, Frederick, Esq. 
Morris, F. H., M.D. .. 
Mortimer, E. T., Esq., Fleet-Surg., 

Neal, J,, M.D. .. \, 

Neili, Channing, M.D. 
Nicholson, D., M.D. .. 
Norman, B., Esq. 
Norman, Henry B., Esq. 
Norton-Taylor, A., Esq. 
Notter, J. L., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. .. 

Orsborn, John, M.D. .. 
Perks, E. Rogers, Esq. 
Pern, Alfred, Esq. 
Pike, W. Royston, Esq. 
Pletts, J. M., M.D. 
Pinniger, B., Esq. 
Pound, F., Esq. 
Power, R. E., Esq. 
Reid, Walter, M.D., Fleet-Sur". . 
Rich, E. A., M.D. 
Richards, W. Alsept, IvI.D. 
Roberts, T., Esq. 
Roe, Ed.. Esq. 
Rundle, Henry, Esq. . . 
Scott, George, M.D. .. 
Scott, R. R., Esq., Surg.-Maj-! 

A.M.D. .. .. 

Shiels, R., Esq. 
Slade, Robert, Esq. 
Smart, Sir William R. E., M.D., 

Insp.-Gen., R.N. 
Smith, G. H., M.B. .. 
Smith, H. R., Esq. 
Smith, J. Hume, M.D. 
Snowden, G. H., Esq. .. 
Sparrow, G. Gordon, Esq. 
Stephens, T. Palmer, Esq. 
Stevens, R. Stead Jones, M.D. .. 
Straton, C. R., Esq. .. 
Strong, R. G., Esq. 
Sykes, Walter J., M.D. 
Thomas, J. Lewis, M.D. 
Tizard, Henry, M.D. .. 
Tobin, R. F., Esq., Snrg.-Mai.'. 

A.M.D. .. 
Tracy, S. J., Esq. 
Trend, Theophilus W., M.D. 
Turner, G., Esq. 
Turner, W. F. J., Esq. 
Vardy, J. Lambert, Esq. 
Veale, H. R. L., M.D., Sure.-Ma]'. 
A.M.D. .. !. ^ 

Wade, A., M.B. 
Waterworth, A., jun., M.D. 
Way, F. Walter, Esq. ., 
Way, J. Palmer, Esq. .. 
Wh.-irton, H. Samuel, Esq. 
White, R. Dormer.M.B., Surg. R.N 
Whitehead, J. L., M.D. 
Wickhamj Charles T., Esq. 
Williams, H. F., M.D., Den. .Sur ■ 

Williamson, J. Mann, M.D 
Willis, J., Esq. 
Wilson, W. S.. Esq. . 
Woods, H. C, M.D., StaffSurg' 

Woodward, A., Esq. 
Woodford, E. R., M.D. 
Woolfryes, Surg.-Gen. J. A., M.D.* 

C.B., C.M.G. .. 

Wright, B., M.B. 
Wright, J. F., Esq. .. 
Wykes. Edwin, Esq. .. 

Manor House, Sandown 





Wickhani, near Fareham 

6, Lee Terrace, Blackheath, Kent 

45, High Street, Portsmouth 

Wellingborough, Northampton 

H.M.S. "Euryalus" 

Barcelona House Sandown 


Broadmoor, Wokingham 


Portland Lodge, Southsea 

St. Peter's Park, Southsea 



St. Georges Square, Portsea 

Botley, Southampton 

Rose Cottage, Green Road, Southsea 

Kent House, Ryde, Isle of Wight 

Luvulea, Fiji 

I, Anchorgate Terrace, Portsea 

George Street, Ryde, Isle of Wigh 
St. Thomas's Street, Wincnester 
^Twyford, near Winchester 
Warflete, Clarence Parade, Southsea 

5, Prospect Place, Southampton 

Shirley Lodge, Southampton 
Sutton Scotney 

21, Castletown Road, London, W 


Dover House, Southsea 

Knowle, Fareham 

Royal Hospital, Portsea 

Haslemere, East Southsea 


.Sway, Lymington 

Wilton, Salisbury 


Waverley Road, Southsea 

6, Anglesea Place, Southampton 
Clarence Buildings, Weymouth 

Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley 

17, Anglesey Crescent, Alverstoke, Hant.*; 

Raebury Lodge, Southampton 

Hoddesdon, Herts 



Netley Abbey Southampton 


Newport, Isle of Wight 

65, St. George's Square, Portsea 

Mile End, Landport 

Porch House, High Street, Gosport 

Queen Street, Portsea 


St. Thomas's Street, W"inchester 


South-Cliff. Ventnor 

82, Sutherland Gardens, Maida Vale, London 

Percy Lodge, Sandown 

.\lver stoke 
Bloomfield, Ryde 

Banwell, Somerset 

St. Simons Road, Southsea 
Westbrooke House, .\lton, Hants 


Anglesey, Gospoit 

Allchin, William H., M.B. 
.■\ilden, J. H., Esq. 
Balfour W. G., Esq. .. 
Barr, J. Coleman, Esq. 
Beaumont, C. G., M.D. 
Beevor, W.C, M.B. .. 
llrctt, James, Esq. 
Brown, R. G., M.B. .. 
Buckcll, L. Martin, Esq. 
Butler, G. W., Esq. .. 
CL^y, E., Esq. 
Cook, G. W. H., Esq. .. 
Coombs, M. L. B., Esq. 
Craven, R. M., Esq. .. 
Crouch, Edward Thomas,' Esq. 

Loders, Bridport 

Stow -on -the -Wold 
2, Cranmore Cottages, Aldershot 

Royal Hospital, Portsmouth 

Forton Barracks, Gosport 

West Meon, Hants 
Manor House, For.-int, Salisbury 

Newport, Isle of Wight 

Dec. 29, 1SS3.] 



Dixon, C. H., M.II. .. 

Dowding, A. W. Woodman, Esq. . . 

i;iiol, G., Ew). 

K.vans, G. Motile, Es([. 

J'-wart, C- Theodore, Km|. 

Kairland, S. T., Esq. .. 

Karr, S. 11., Esq. 

Fitzsimon, C. C, M.D 

Krank, P., M.D. 

Francis, J., Esq. 

< iibson, James E., Esq. 
<;rant, D., M.B. 

< Irimth, H. T., Esq. . . 
Hall, J. Lees, Esq., Surg.A.M.D. 
KatSeld. W. H.. Esq. .. 
H.^yes, H. R., Esq. .. 
Helsdon, C. V., Esq. . . 
J-iinkins, R. W., Esq. . . 

lones, T. Wharton, Esq., F.R.S. . 
"Keele, C. P., Esq. 
I-e^tie, Edward J. L., Esq. 
I.ithgow, T. O., Esq. .. 
Eu^h, W.J. H., M.D... 
Macnamara, W., M.D., Dep.Surg. 

Maturin, H., Evj. 
Palk. Henry, M.D. 
Phillips. W. Fleming. K^.- 
Uawle, F., Esq. 
Robertson, F. F. L.. M.l:. 
Robertson, R.. M.B. 
Robinson, J, .Esq., Sur.-Maj.,A.M 
Smith, Wm., M.D. 
Stainthorpe. W. W., M.D. 
Stickland, S., Esq. 
Trestrail, H. Ernest, Esq. 
Walker, G.E., Esq. .. 
Ward, Thomas, Esq. . . 
Webb, F., Esa. 
Westcoti, S., Esq. 
Williams, E. H., Esq. .. 
Wolrige, Herbert, E. R., Esq., 

Woodrriff, J. W., Esq. 
Wookcy, James. Esq. . . 

Station Hospital, Gosport 

Poplars Woolston, Southampton 

Fern Hill, CharmoutH 

B rid port 

Fisherton House, Salisbury 

Fovant, Salisbury 


6, Victoria Terrace, Aldershot 

.Minlcy Lodge. Hants 

Edeiiliam, Shaftesbury Road, Southsea 

West Cowes 


Chilby.>lton, Hanfc^ 

2. Southiea Terrace, Southsea 

. Basingstoke 

Weyhill, Andover 

. Ventnor. E of W. 

8, Prospect Place, Southampiqm 


. Fvfield 

Claremont, Millbrook, Southampton 
. Winchfield 

3, Sussex Place, Southampton 
St. Mary-Bourne, Andover 

. Tiichfield 


Royal Hospital fo.- Consumption, Ventnor 
,D. HiUea 
. Weyhill. Andover 

Kirkleatham, Redcar, Vorks 


6. Trinity Terrace, Victoria Road, AlJer^hot 

. 70, Marland Place, Southampton 

New Street, Basingstoke 

Royal Military Hospital, Xetley 

Haslar Hospital, Oospore 


East Cowes, I. of W. 






Honorary Secretat ies 
A uititor 

Arlidge, J. T., M.D. 
Boldero, F., E^q 
Gray, F. J., Esq. 
HartiU, J. T., Esq. 
Mc^Idowie, A. M., M.D. 
Mlllington. W., M.D. 
Morgan, H. M., Esq. 
Reid, G., M.B. .. 
Ritchie, J. J., Esq. 
Sharp, G. G., Esq. 
Thomson, Mulvillc, M.D. 
Wolfenden J. W., Esq. 

C. Orton*, M.D. 


* J. V. ToTKERiCK, M.D., Wolverhampton 
> J.IK. Wynne, Esq., Eccleshall 

* Vincent Jackson, Esq., Wolverhampton 
\}. G. U., West, Esq., Stoke-upon-Trent 

W. H. FoLKER. Esq., Hanley 


Stoke-upoa- Trent 
. . Penkridge 
. . Cannock 
, . Willenhall 
, . Stoke 

. Lichfield 
, . StatTord 
. Leek 
. . Walsall 

Newport, Salop 
, . Tutbury 


Orton, C, M.D. . . Newcastle-under-Lyme 

Spanton, W. D., Esq. .. Hanley 


Acton, Walter, Esq. 
Alcock, John. Esq. 
Archer, W. G., M.B. 
Arlidge, J. T., M.D. , 
Armson, C. G., Esq. 
.-V^tley, Daniel G., Esq. 
Atkinson, James, Esq. . 
Averill, .^., Esq. 
Baddeley, C. E.j Esq. 
Baddeley, G. .^., Esq. 



4, Waterloo Street, Birmingham 

Newcastle-under-LjTne, and Stoke -upon -Trent 

Yo.\all, Stoke-upon-Trent 



Longton, Staffordshire 



Bailey, J. C, Esq. 

Baird, J.T. W., M.B. .. 

Baldwin, G. P., Esq. . . 

Beales, R., >LD. 

Bodington, George F., M. I '. 

Boldero, F., Esq. 

Boothroyd, B., Esq. 

Browne, H. W. Langdon, V.<\. 

Bull, G Rhind, Esq. .. 

Bunch, J. J., Esq. 

Butler, S., Esq. 

Carter, A. H., M.D. .. 

Charlesworth, J., Esq. . . 

Clare, John, Esq. , . . 

Clendinnen, J. G., Esq. 

Coleman. J. M., M.B. .. 

Collier, W., Esq. 

Collins, E. T., Esq. 

Collis, R. W., Esq. 

Cooke, A., Esq. 

Cooke, John, M.D. 

Cookson, S., M.D. 

Crawford, C. H., M.D. .. 

Dakeyne, F. E., Esq. . . 

DambrillDavies, W. R.. Esq 

Davis, W. Hancock, M.D. 

Day, John, Esq., 

Duce, C. T., Esq. 

Eddowes, A., Esq. 

Edwards, J. P., Esq. .. 

Elk:ngton, E. A., Esq... 

Femie. E.. M.D. 

Flinn. David Edgar, Esq 

Folker, W. H., Esq. .. 

Foster, B. W., M.D. .. 

Eraser, J., M.D. 

Freer, John H.. Esq. . . 

Gaiiey, J. .A., -Sl.D. 

Garman, J. C, Esq. 

Garman, W. C.. Esq. . . 

Gibson, C, M.B. 

Goodall, Ralph, Esq. .. 

Gosling, S. F. Esq., J. P. 

Gray, Frederick J., Esq. 

Greaves, Charles H., Esq. 

Greatre.\. A. B., M.D. 

Greenslade, G., Esq. 

Greenwood, J. W., Esq. 

Griffiths, A. v., Esq. .. 

Gunning, J. E., Esq. . . 

Hales, T.. Esq. 

Hallam, W. H., Esq. .. 

Hamp, J. W., Esq. 

Hatton, G. S.. >LD. .. 

Hartill, John T., Esq. .. 

Hawthorn, F. J., Esq. . . 

Hayes, J., Esq. 

Herbert B. Hey wood, Esq. 

Hill, H. Gardiner, Esq. 

Hopkins, Geo. H., Esq. 

Hopkins, J. W., Esq. .. 

lackson, Vincent, Esq. . . 

Johnson, S., M.D. 

Lowe George, Esq. 

Lowe, Walter George, M.D. 

Lycett, J. Allan, Esq. .. 

Malet, H., M.D. 

Manby, F. E., Esq. 

Marsh, F., Esq. 

Mathews, W., Esq. 

May, C. T., Esq. 

McAIdowie, Alex. M., M.D. 

McMunn, Charles Alexander. M.D. 

Millington, W., M.D. .. 

Monckton, David H., M.D. 

Morgan, H. M., Esq. .. 

Moss, H., M.D. 

Munro, Sej-mour Hugo, M.D. 

Newnham, C. A., Esq. . . 

Oldham, S., Esq. 

Orton, Charles, Esq. 

Orton, R. J. W., Esq. .. 

Palmer, J. Henry, Esq. 

Parkes, -A.. Esq. 

Partington. W., M.B. .. 

Pater, William T., Esq. 

Phillips, Charles Henr>', Esq. 

Phillips, G. A., Esq. .. 

Reid, George, M.B, 

Ritchie, J. J., Esq. 

Scott, J. W., Esq. 

Sharp, G. G., Esq. 

Smith, C. R., M.B. .. 

Solomon, James Vose, Esq. 

Somer.iI!e, D. A., M.D. 

Spackman, W., M.D. .. 

Spanton, W. D., Fsq. . . 

Tait, Lawson, Esq. 

Taylor, James Mare, Esq. 

Taylor. Moses, Esq. 

Thomson, MuK-ille, ^LD. 

Totherick, J. y., M.D... 

RavcDshall, Betley 




.Ashwood House, Kingswinford 



West Kromwich 


56, Compton Road, Wolverhampton 


Newhall Street, Birmingham 

27, Birch Terrace, Hanley 







Cheslyn Hay, near Walsall 






Tean, Stoke-upon-Trent 

Hatherton House, Walsall 

B re wood 

Market Drayton 




Brownhills, Walsail 


Edgbaston, BirmiDgham 


Glan Catnlas, Rugeley 






Biddulph, near Congleton 

Hall Court, Cannock 

Eastgate Street, Stafford 

Lawton Villa, Church Lawton 

Rocester, Uttoxeter 

Hanley • 

Fountain Square, Fenton 


C^hurch Street, Burslem, Stafford 


Penn Road. Wolverhampton 

North Staffordshire Infirmary 

Manor House, Willenhall 

Oaken, Wolverhampton 

Manor House, Tittensor, Stgke-upon-Trent 


Coton Hill, Stafford 

Stone, Stafford 



5, Hill Street, Stoke-u pan-Trent 

Burton -on -Trent 

Burton ■ on -Tren t 

Graiseley, Wolverhampton 



Infirmarj-. Stafford 

Beam Street, Nantwich 



Waterloo Road, W'olverhair.pton 

Darlington Street, Wolverhampton 


Market Street, Lichfield 



Woi verhampton 

172, Wellington Road, Burslem, Staffordshire 






General Asylum, Staffo^d 







22, Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton 

Villafranca, Handsworth, BirminghaiB 


Penn Fields, Wolverhampton 

Charles Street, Hanley 




Bridge House, Newport. Salop 

Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton 



[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Tylecote, J. H., M.D. .. 
Tylecote, Edward T., M.D. 
Vaughan, W. E. Wedge, Esq. 
Warburlon, C. W., Esq. 
Warrington, F. W., M.D. 
Watts, E. C, Esq. |.. 
Webb, H. Langley, Esq. 
West, J. G. U..Esq. .. 
Weston, E. F., Esq. .. 
Willmore, F. W., Esq. .. 
Wilson, James Scott, Esq. 
Wilson, William Wright, Esq. 
Wolfenden, John William, Esq. 
Wynne. J. K., M.D. .. 
Yates, J. Esq. 


Ashmead, G., Esq. 
Baker, J. J., Esq. 
Bruton, G. H., M.B. .. 
Bu.xton, T., Esq. 
Carmichael, Wm., M.D, 
Chapman. G., Esq 
Crockett, E., Esq. 
Dawson, R. H., Esq. .. 
De Denne, T. V., Esq. 
Fairman, J. B., Esq. .. 
Goodwin, Arthur, Esq. . . 
Love, J. H., Esq. 
Mackenzie, J. W. H., Esq. 
Parsons, W. A., Esq. .. 
Ryan, M., Esq. 
Sculthorpe, .Alfred M., Esq. 
Sheedy, T., Esq. 
Shore, P., Esq. 
Slathers, G. N., Esq. ., 
Walker, J. S., M.D. .. 
Willcocks, J., Esq. 
Williams, R. W., Esq. .. 

Sandon, Stone 

Great Haywood 

Crewe Cottage, Crewe 

Hunsterson, Nantwich 


15, Charles Street, Wolverhampton 

Cheadle, Stoke-upon-Trent 

Stoke- upon -Trent 


30, Bridge Street, Walsall 


21, The Crescent, Birmingham 

Tutbury, Bur ton -on -Trent 


Newcastle- under-Lj-me 


Brierley Hill, Staffordshire 
Hurst Hill, near Bilston 
4, Hornington Street, Burton-on-Trent 
Fazeley, Staffs. 
Wyrley Grove, Walsall 

Saundley Grove. Gainsboro* 
Cradley Heath, Brierley Hill 
27, Albion Street, Hanley 


Rowley Park, Stafford 
Bradford Street, Walsall 

Overton, Hants 






.. M. C. Wahd, M.D., Saltbum, Twickenham 

( Th. Gl nther, M.D., Hampton Wick 
" \ G. Farr White, Esq., Moat House. Kingston 
Honorary Secretary <&^ Treasurer A. Roberts Law. M.D.. Richmond 

J. Lancdox Down, M.D. .. 39, Welbeck Street, W. 

Atkinson, F. P., M.D. 
Bateman, W. A. F., Esq. 
Down, J. Langdon, M.D. 
Graham, A. R., M.B. 
Jones, W. Price, M.D. 
Kane, N. H. K., M.D. 


,. Surbiton Road, Kingston' 
. . Rothesay House, Richmond 
Normansfield, Hampton Wick 
Holmwood. Weybridge 
. . Claremont Road, Surbiton 
Lanheme, Kingston 

Aldersey, W. Hugh, Esq. 
Atkinson, F. P., M.D. .. 
Barnes, G. R., M.D. .. 
Bateman, W. A. F., Esii. 
Biddic, D., Esq. 
Bookless, J. P., M.D. .. 
Boulter, H. B., Esq. 
Chaldecott, T. A., M.D. 
Child, E., Esq. 
Clark, \. Esq. 
Clark, W. Marslon, Esq. 
Coalbank, Isaac, Esq. . . 
Coleman, M. C, M.D. .. 
Cook, E. A., Esq., Ph.D. 
Corbelt, T., Esq. 
Crichton, G., M.B. 
Curtis, Albert, Esq. 
Down, J. Langdon, M.D. 
Fenn, E. L.. .M.D. 
Fcnton, F. E., Esq. 
Fcrgus.son, Jas., Esq. .. 
Franklin, C. Esq. 
Gibbcs, Cuthbert C, M.D 
Graham, A. R., M.B. .. 
Gramshaw. H., Esq. 
Gunthcr, T., M.D. 


7, St. James's Road, Surbiton 
. . Surbiton Road, Kingston 
. . Dorset House, Ewell 
. . Rothesay House, Friars Stile Road, Richmond 

. . Wimbledon 

.. Barnard HouSe. Richmond 
.. Harcourts, Chertsey 

New Maiden, Kingston 
.. Twickenhiim 

Crossdeep, Twickenham 
.. Somerset Road, Teddingtoa 

Victoria Terrace, Surbiton 

Sheen Park, Richmond 

Surbiton Road, Kingston 


. . 39, Welbeck Street. W. 

Portland Terrace, Richmond 

Ealing Dean , W. 
.. 0, Chiskhurst Villas, Richmond 

Upper Riclimond Road, Putney 
■■ ?■ Wyburn Villas, Surbiton 

Holmwood, Weybridge 

Blenheim House, Kcw 
,. Hampton Wick 

Hare, E. H., Esq. 
Hayes, T. C, M.D. 
Hogg, W. B. G., M.D. 
Holberton, H. N., Esq. 
Howell, T. S., Esq. 
Hunter, R. H., Esq. 
Jeaffreson, H., M.D. . . 
Jeynes, W., Esq. 
Jones, W. Price, M.D. .. 
Kane, N. H. K., M.D. .. 
Law, A. Roberts, M.D. 
Lawrence, J. E., Esq. .. 
Leeson, J. Rudd, M.B. 
Martyn, William, M.D... 
Milsome, J. R., M.D. .. 
Murphy, H. H., M.D. .. 
Newcombe, C, M.D. .. 
Norcott, W. B.. Esq. .. 
Page, W. J., Esq. 
Palmer, F. S., Esq. 
Powell, J. J., Esq., jun. 
Roots, W. H.,Esq. 
Rose, W., Esq. 
Scott, C. C, Esq. 
Seafer, M.D. 
Sealy, G. J., M.D. 
Se::ton, J., M.D. 
Seaton, J. J. J., Esq. .. 
Shirtcliff, E. M., Esq. .. 
Topping, J. P., Esq., M.B. 
Trouncer, J. H., ,M.D. .. 
Viney, J. E., M.D. 
Wadd. F. J., M.B. 
Ward, M. C. M.D. 
White. George Farr, Esq. 
Willett, E. S., M.D. .. 
Wyman, W. S., M.D. .. 


17, Clarges Street, W. 

Old Vicarage, Wandsworth 

West Hill, Wandsworth 
Norbiton, Kingston 
Claremont Road, Surbiton 
Kingston Hill 

6, Cliften Road, Twickenham 
inner Park Road, Wimbledon 
Addlestone, Weybridge 
The Barons, St. Margaret's, Twjckea'aam 

Clarence Villas, East Sheen 
Heathlands, Weybridge 

50, Harley Street, London 
Meadowcrofi, St. Margaret's 
Hampton Court 
Oak Hill, Weybridge 

Richmond Road, Kingston 

Cedar Hous«, Surbiton 

Hill Rise, Richmond 
Saitburn, Twickenham Common 
Moat House, Kingston 
Wyke House, Isleworth 
Upper Richmond Road, Putney 


Anderson, William,'M.D. 

Andrew, G., Esq. 

Beckingsale, Daniel Loftus, M.D.. 

Burn, S. S.,M.B. 

Collyns, R. T. P., Esq. 

Cundell, G. R., Esq. .. 

Duncan, P. T.. M.D. .. 

Hackney, J., Esq. 

Hewson, H., Esq. 

Lewis, J. R. M., M.D. .. 

Low, F. H., M.B. 

Luscombe, T. E., Esq. .. 

McGavin, J., Esq. 

Maybur>-, \. K., M.D... 

NeaJe, J. B., Esq. 

Norcott, W. B., Esq. .. 

Parsons, F. W., Esq. 

Parsons, T. E., Esq. 

Powell, H. M., Esq. .. 

Prince, John, Esq. 

Sheard, W. F., Esq. 

Shearman, P. E., Esq. . . 

Shurlock, Mainwaring, Esq. 

Slater, D. J., Esq. 

Thomas, O. R.,Esq. 

Tweedie, A., M.D., F.R.S. 

Tyte. E. C, M.D. 

Walker. A., M.D. 

Ward, W. A.. Esq. 

Whitsed, J., M B. 

Williams, P. H., Esq. .. 

Winchester, W. H. B., Esq. 


Sydney House, Bedford Park,Chiswick 
Tudor Lodge, Richmond 
Copse Hill, Wimbledon 
Cumberland Gate, Kew 

10, Chepstow, Villas, Twickenham 
Hampton Court 
Norbiton, Kingston 
Thames Ditton 

Roslea Drive, Glasgow 
Holly Lodge, Richmond 

Lingfield Road, Wimbledon 
Sunny Side, Winibledon 
2, South Vie\\', Wimbledon 
Clyde House, Putney 

6, The Grove, South Wimbledon 

Portinscale House, Putney 


Bute Lodge, Twickenham 



Church Road, Richmond 


7, Clarence Road, Windsor 



President .. .. .. R. J M.D., Galway 

Presideitl-EUct .. .. C. J. Payne, M.D., Clifdcn, Galway 

HonorayySecretary aitd Treasurer John I. Lvnham, M.D., Corrib View House 


Browne, J. V., M.D. 
Colahan, N. W., M.D. 
Fletcher, R. V., Esq. 
Hegarty, J., M.D. 
Lambert, \V. F., M.B. 
OKclly. J.. M.D. 
Pye, J. P., M.D. 
R'.itherford \V., M.D. 



. .■\thenr>* 

Mount Bellew-r.ridse 
. G.ilway 


Dec. 29, 1883.] 


Anderson, Richard J., M.D. 
Browne, J. Valentine, M.D. 
Burke, John, Esq. 
Colahan, N. W., M.D... 
Deeiy, W. B.. Esq. 
riet.rher, R. V., Esq. . . 
Flood, J. C, M.D. 
Gorham, J. J., M.D. .. 
Gorham, P. C., Esq. 
Hegarty, John, M.D. . . 
Kearney, A. B., Esq. .. 
Kinkead, R. J., M.D. .. 
Lambert, W. F., M.B. .. 
Lynham, John I., M.D, 
O'Kelly, Joseph, M.D... 
O'Reilly, R., Esq. 
O'Rorke, C. T. J., Esq, 
Payne, C. J., M.D. 
Pye, J. P., M.D. 
Rutherford, W., M.D. .. 
Wade, J. J., Esq. 

OF BRANCH. (21.) 
Queen's 05ltege,GaIway 

County Infirmary, Galway 

DomiDick Street, Galway 

District Asylum, Ballinasloe 
Headford, Galway (dead) 
Letterfrack, CO. Galway 
Koundstone, Galway 
Cloonbur, Galway 
Kilkieran, Recess, co. Galway 

Athenry, co. Galway 
Corrib View House, Galway 
Mount Bellew-Bridge, Galway 
Ball in robe 
Clifden, co. Galway 
Queen's College, Galway 
Forest Hill, S.E- 

{^Including Provifuc of Connaught.) 

Bingham, R A., Esq .. 
Bradshaw, R.. Surg.-Maj. 
Collins, T. T., Esq. .. 
Connolly, W. P., Esq... 
Dobson, R. J., Esq. 
DowHng, J. E.,M.D. .. 
Gallagher, T. M., Esq. 
Graham, P, F., M.D. .. 
Harrison, John, M.D. . . 
Kerr, Elias W., M.B. .. 
Laird, J., Esq. 
Longhead, W. H., M.B. 
Lyster, P. T., Esq. 
McDermott, S., Esq. .. 
MacDowell, E. C, M.D. 
Maguire, C. J. O. L., F^sq. 
Martyn, R. /., Esq. 
Nolan, A. O'Kelly, Esq. 
OBeirne, G. P., Esq. .. 
O'Callaghan. R. F. A., Esq. 
O'Donaghue, P., Esq. .. 
O'Donel, C, Esq. 
G'Farrell, G. P., M.D... 
O'Grady, F. R., Esq. .. 
Raverty, James, Esq. . . 
Rutherford, R. A., Esq. 
Scott, H. M., M.D. .. 
Shanley, Michael, M.B. 
Skerrett, F., Esq. 
Stafford, T. J., M.D. .. 
Walsh, P. C, Esq. 

Bangor, CO. Mayo (resigns) 
. . Society Street, BaUiniasIo^'. 

Bruff, CO. Limerick 

Molvill, CO. Leitrim 

Ballymoe, co. Galway 

Crossmolina, co. Mayo 

Cahirdavin, Limerick 


Bundoran, co. Leitrim 
. . Quay Street, Sligo 
.. Riverstown, co. Sligo 
.. Athlone 

. . Sligo 
. . Cong, CO. Mayo 

2, Castle Street, Sligo 

Gort, CO. Galway 
, . Athlone 

Bagnalstown, CO. Carlow 

. . Ellison Street, Castiebar 
. . Tangier, Boyle 

Swinford, co. Mayo 
. . Boyle 


Inniscrone, Ballina 
. . Strokestown, co. Roscommon (dead) 

Gort. CO. Galway 
. . Boyle 
.. Frenchpark, co. Roscommon 




President- Elect 

Honorary Secretary o:' Treasurer. . 

Honorary Secretary 

J. D. Adams, M.D., Martock 
G. G. NoRRis, Esq., Wiveliscombe 
W. M. Kelly, M.D., Taunton 
J. Prankerd, Esq., Langxxjrt 


Alford, H. J., M.D. 

. . Taunton 

Hensman, W., Esq. 

. . Taunton 

Kelly, W. M., M.D. 


Norris, G. R., Esq. 

. . Wiveliscombe 

Olivey, H. P., Esq. 

. . North Curiy 

Prankerd, J. Esq. . . 

Lan sport 

Prideaux, I.E. P., Esq. 

.. Welhngton 

Randolph, H. W. Esq. 

.. Milverton, nearW 


Rigden, G. W., Esq. 


Sincock, J. B., Esq. 

. . Bridgwater 

Prankerd, J., Esq. .. Langport 

Adams, J. D., M.D. 
Aldridge, R.. M.D. 
Alford, Henry, Esq. 
Alford, H. J., M.D. 
Brook, Henry, Esq. 



Hendford, Yeovil 
Mount Street, Taunton 
;o. The Crescent, Taunton 

Burrows, S. J. Esq 
Burt, G. R., Esq. 
Carter, R. W. F., Esq. .. 
Clark, Thomas, Esq. 
Colles, Abraham, M.D... 
Collyns, J. B., Esq. 
Cordwent, G., M.D. 
Cornish, G. B., M.D. .. 
Cornwall, John, Esq. 
Crocker, Jonathan, Esq. 
Edwards, Walter, Esq. . . 
Evans, Evan, Esq. 
Farmer, F., Esq. 
Farrant, Samuel, Esq. .. 
Flower, G. J. W., Esq. .. 
Gibson, H. C. M., Esq. . . 
Hayes, F. G., Esq. 
Hensman, W., Esq., Brigade-Sufg. 
A.M.D. .. .. T. 

Hunt, W. A., Esq. 
lies, A. R. Esq. 
Kelly, W. M., M.D. .. 
Kemmis, Henry M., Esq. 
Kinglake, J. H., M.D. .. 
Liddon, W., M.B. 
Marsden, T., Esq., 
Meredith, J., M.D. 
Morgan, J., Esq. 
Munden, Charles, Esq. . . 
Nash, Robert, Esq. 
Norris, G. R., Esq. 
Norris, Hugh, Esq. 
Olivey, H. P., Esq. 
Ollerhead, Thomas J.. Esq. 
Parsons, F. J. C, Esq. .. 
Pairman, Robert M.D. 
Paulin, W. B., Esq. 
Prankerd, J., Esq. 
Prideaux, T. Engledue P., Esq. 
Randolph, H. W., Esq... 
Reed, W. H., Esq. 
Rigden, G. W.. Esq. .. 
Salter, J. R., Esq. 
Sincock, J. B., Esq. 
.Spicer, Northcote W. Esq. 
Stephens, Edward, Esq. . . 
Stewart, J. Esq. 
Todd, W. J., Esq. 
Walter, W. H. Esq. 
Walter, W. W., Esq. .. 
Weller, J., Esq 
Winterbotham, W. L., M.B. 
Wybrants, Jonathan, M.D. 

Witheridge, N. Devon 



Dunster, near Taunton 





Manor House, Meare, Glastonbury 


Paignton, Devon 

Nether Stowey, Bridgwater 




The Elms, Ilchester 



Pen Villa, Yeovil 
East Gate, Taunton 

Biadford Place, Bridgwai^r 

King's Square, Bridgwater 

Hatch Beauchamp 
South Petherton 
North Curry, Taunton 
3, Blenheim Terrace, "Minehead 

Stogursey, Bridgwater 
Creech St. Michael 

Donhead St. Andrew, Salisbury 
Hospital, Taunton 
Newton .Abbot, Devon 

The Chantry, Ilminster 
SneydPark, Bristol 
North Petherton, Bridg\vater 
South Petherton 
Stoke-under-Ham, Ilminster 
Amersham, Bucks. 
Shepton Mallet (dead) 

Bayliffe, A. M., Esq. 
Ellerton, J. F. H., Esq 
Marsh, C. J., Esq. 
Penny, H. J., Esq. 
Wade, Reginald, Esq. 


Brent Knoll, Highbridge 








President .. .. . . S. S- RoPEN, M.D., Droitwich 

President-Elect .. .. T. Turner, Esq., Hereford . 

Honorary Secretary . . . . George W. Crowe, M.D., Worcester 


Atkinson, R., Esq. 
Averay- Tones, E., Esq .. 
Bainbrigge, W. P. Y., M.B. 
Bamett, S., Esq. 
Bates, Tom, Esq. 
Batten, W. S., Esq. 
Blyth, L. G., Esq. 
Brown, H. J.. Esq. 
Buck, J. R., Esq. 
Budd, H. G., Esq. 
Carter, A. H., M.D. .. 
Chapman, T. A., .M»D. . . 
Crowe, G. W., NLD. .. 
Cocks, C. C, M.D. 

Powick, near Worcester 

Fownhope near Hereferd 



Foregate Street, Worcester 


Martley, Worcester (dead) 

20, Foregate Street, Worcester 

Sidbury, Worcester 

High Street, Worcester 

Newhall Street, Birmingham 

County Asylum, Hereford 

Shaw Street, Worcester 




[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Cooke, E. M., NLB. ,. 
Coombs, S. W., Esq. 
Cowley, J. S., Esq. 
Cuthbertson, J. M., Esq. 
D.-ivenhilI, R. S., Esq. .. 
Dawson, W. H.,Esq. .. 
Dixey, — , M.I). 
Douly, J. H., Esq. 
Edwards, O^ Esq. 
Evans, D., Esq. 
Femie, \V. T., M.D. .. 
Fitch, F., RI.D. 
Fosbroke, 0. H., Esq. 
Foster, B., M.D. 
Foote, Gustavus, Esq. .. 
Gabb, J., Esq. 
Gilkes, M. DO., Esq. .. 
Greensill, J. N., Es(i. .. 
Hastings, G. W., Esq., M.P. 
Haynes, A. L., Esq. 
Haynes, H. E., Esq. 
Haynes, S. L., M.D. .. 
Henderson, A., Esq, 
Hill, Thos., Esq. 
Horton, H., Esq. 
Hughes, J. H., Esq. 
Hyde, G. E., Esq. 
Johnson, W., M.B. 
Knapp, E. M., Esq. 
MacCarthy, W. F., M.B. 
Marsh, F. B., Esq. 
Martin, A. H., Esq. 
Moore, H. C, Esq. 
Morris, J. G., Esq. 
Philhps, S. T,, Esq. .. 
Pike, Thelwell, M.D. .. 
Powell, W. H., Esq., .. 
Prothero. D. G., M.D... 
Rayner, T., M.D. 
Roden, S. S., M.D. 
Richards, G., Esq. 
Sarjant, J. J., Esq. 
Sheppard, G. A., Esq. .. 
Shirley, M.B., Esq. .. 
Siddall, J. B., M.D. .. 
Smith, A. R., M.B. .. 
Smith, S. \V., M.D. .. 
-Smith, W. R., M.D. .. 
Spofforth, J., Esq. 
Strange, A., M.D. 
Strange, \V., M.D. 
Swete, H., M.D. 
Tail, Lawson, Esq. 
Tanner, R. C., Esq. 
Thomason, R., Esq. 
Thompson, \V. H., Esq. 
Turner, T., Esq. 
Tyrrell, W., Esq. 
Vevers, H., Esq. 
Wadams, E., Esq. 
Walsh, T. \V., Esq. 
Walsh, W. A. S., Esq. .. 
Whitfeld, W. C, Esq. 
Wilding, L. J., Esq. 
Wood, J. H., M.B. 
Wood, M. A., Esq. 
Woodward, M., Esq. .. 

County Asylum, Powick 
Lowesmoor, Worcester 
Droit wlch 

St. John's House, Worcester 
Great Malvern 

The Nook, Great Malvern 
Chaddcsley-Corbett, Kidderminster 
Bidford, Redditch 

Kington, Hereford (resigns) 

General Infirmary, Hereford 
Great Witley, Stourport 

Barnard's Green, Malvern {Ffon. Member) 

Medhurst, Malvern 
Great Malvern 
Led burg 
Bromyard * " 
Ombersley, DroitwicK 

Malvernbury, Great Malvern 

Chestnut Walk, Worcester 

King Street, Hereford 

The Vinery, Wellington, Hereford 
Great Malvern 

Charedale, Ross, Herefordshire 
Enderley, Great Malvern 
Great Malvern 


Foregate Street, Worcester 
Infirmary, Worcester 
Duxmere, Ross 

58, Commercial Street, Hereford 
County Asylum, Shrewsbury 
Kempsey, Worcester 

Cradley, Stourbridge 
Great Malvern 

3i, Tything Worcester 
Tarriiigton, Ledbury 


Addenbrooke, E. H., Esq. 
Atkinson, T. R., Esq. .. 
Badley, J. P., Esq. 
Bayley, R. L., Esq. .. 
Boyce, W, S., Esq. 
Buckell, J. VV'., M.B. .. 
Bull, H. G., M.D. 
Cannon, Rev. F. J. 
Gillam, T. H., Esq. .. 
Grewcock, J. B., Esq. .. 
Hill, H.. Esq. 
Holbeacli, — , Esq. 
Isbell, R. W., Esq. 
Langford, H. E., M.D... 
Leacroft, J W.. M.B. .. 
Mcllwraith, E., Esq. ., 
Maile, C. E. D. Esq. .. 
Masterman, G. F.,Esq. 
Mill. Wm., Esq. 
Murray, W. B., M.D. .. 
Norman, J. W., Esq. 
Gates, J. P., Esq. 
Peirce, J. E., Esq., J. P. 
Powell, John, Esq. 
Roden, W., M.D. 
Rogers, John, Esq. 
Stallard, J. P., ^LB. . 
Weir, A., M.D. 
Weston, S. T. D. Esq , 
Whitcley, E. A.. Esq. .. 
Wilson, U., M.D. 
Woodward, W., Esq. .. 

. Mill Street, Kidderminster 

Madley, Hereford 
. Dudley 

, 4, Bridge Street, Leominster 


. , St. George's, Kidderminster 

Bromyard, Worcester 

Pershore, Worcestershire 
. Broad Street, Worcester 
. Malvern Wells 

Hereford (dead) 


Feckenham, Redditch 

Lye, Stourbridge 

Wcstbury, Wilts 


Halford, Shiptonon-Stour 

Ten bury 

Croft House, Ross 
. Malvern Wells 
. Redditch 
. Ewyas-Harold 
. Kiciderminster 
. Worcester 

. St. Mungho's, Malvern 
. Booth Street, Handsvvorlh 

DulTield , 

Dilwyn, Leominster 
. College Street, Worcester 



President .. _ .. Keeling, J. H., M.D., Sheffield 

President-Elect .. .. Knaggs, S., Esq., Huddersfield 

H HorooJy Secretar/jind Treasurer ARTHl'RjACKSON,Ebq. Wilkinson St.Sheffield 
/"Allbutt, T. C, M.D., F.R.S., Leeds 
Ball, Alfred, Esq., York 
BuKNiE, W., .-M.D., Bradford 
Babtolom^, M. Martin, de, M.D., Sheffield 
F^VELL, W. F., Esq., Sheffield 
Hav, S., Esq., Leeds 
Jackson, Arthur, Esq. 
"^ Matterson, Wm., M D., \oxV 
Meade, R. H., Esq., Bradford 
MlALt, f . E.. Evq., Bradford 
' North, S. W., Esq., York 
Tealh, Pridgin, Esq., Leeds 
Wheelhouse, C G., Esq., Leeds 
Uessop, T. R., Esq., Leeds 



Atkinson, E., Esq. 


Banham, H. F., M.B. 

. Sheffield 

Bowman, R. M., Esq. 


Britton, T., M.D. 

. HaW 

. NorffiTarade, Halifax 

Dolan, T. M., Esq. 

Dyson, W., M.D. 

. Sheffield 

Ford, W., M.D. .. 


Goyder, D., M.D. 

. Horton Road, Bradfoid 

Holdsworth, S., M.D. 

. West Parade, Wakefield 

Hutchinson, C. F., M.D. 


Knight, H. J., Esq. 


Jalland, W. H. Esq. 

. York 

Knagps, S., Esq. 

. Hudderefield 

Lee, F. B., M.D 


Rabagliati, A. C. F., M.D. 

. Bradford 

Scattergood, T., Esq. 

Park Square, Leeds 

Saddler, M.D. 


Jackson, \., Esq. .. Sheffield 


Alexander, William, M.D. 

Allbutt, T. Clifford, M.D. 

Allott, W. L., Esq. 

Appleyard, John, M. B. . . 

Arlidge, J. F., Esq. 

Atkin, Charles, Esq. 

Atkinson, Edward, Esq. 

Atkinson, Robert, Esq. 

Baker, Robert, M.D. . . 

Ball, Alfred, Esq. 

Banham, H. F., M.D. .. 

Barber, J.. Esq. 

Barrs. Alfred George, M.B. 

Bartolome, M. Martin de, M.D. ., 

Bates, W. R., Esq. 

Baxter, Robert, Esq. .. 

Bealey, Adam, M.D. .. 

Bell, J. H., M.D. 

Benson, John, Esq. 

Bird, William, M.D. .. 

Booth, W. H., Esq. .. 

Bowman, R. M., Esq. . . 

Bradbury, J. B. Esq. . . 

Braithwaite, James, M.D. 

Branson, John, Esq. 

lirition, Thomas, ALD. 

Bronner, Edward, M.D. 

Brownj Walter, Esq. . . 

Browning, George, Esq. 

Bryan, Edward, Esq. .. 

Bryson, M.. Esq. 

Burnie, \VilIiam, M.D. . . 

Butterfield H., Esq. 

Cameron, J. Spoltiswoode, M.D. . 

Carter, D'A. B., Esq. .. 

Carter, F. R., Esq. 

Carter, Joseph Barton, Esq. 

Charteris, William, Esq. 

Cheetham W. H., M.D. 

Churton, Thomas, M.D. 

Clarke, T. Kilner, Esq. 

Clarke, W., M.D. 

Clarkson, W. C, Esq. .. 

Clay, C, Esq. 

Cleaver, W.J. , M.B. .. 

Clements, E. H., Esq. .. 

Colby, W. Taylor, M.D. 

Coleman, G. E., Esq. . . 

Colem n H. W., Esq. .. 

Collier, Thomas, Esq. .. 

Cooke, R. T. E. B., Esq. 

Crocker, James, Esq. 

Cross, T. B., Esq. 

OF BRANCH. (274.) 


Carr Manor, Meanwood, Leeds 

Hoyland-Nether, near Barnsley 

Manningham, near Bradford 

Haworth, Keighley 

Infirmary, Sheffield 

3, Albion Place, Leed^ 

Ripponden, near Halifax 



Surrey Street, Sheffield 


Park Place, Leeds 

Eyre Street, ShetBeld 

Addingham, Leeds 

2, Howard Street, Bradford 
Oak Lea, Harrogate 
Hallfield Road. Bradford 
Broomhill, Sheffield 

3, St. Leonard's Place. York (dead) 
St. James's Street, Sheffield 

New Wortley, Leeds 
Clarendon Road, Leeds 

Manor Row, Bradford • 
ig. Queen Street, Leeds 
Oughtibridge, Sheffield 
I<ile, near Leeds 
St. Saviours, P.O. York 
Sevenoaks, Kent 
Portland Place, Huddersfield 

Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
Potter Newton, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 
Hipp^rholme, Halifax 
Guiseley, Leeds 

67, John William Sti-cet, Huddersfield 
Wentworth, Rotherham 
Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire 
RLinor House, Dewsbury 
, Broomhill, Sheffield 

Wetwang, Driffield (dead) 
The Mount, Malton 
Hemsworth, Pontefract 
Armley, near Leeds 
Wcstgate, Ripon 


Dec. 29, 1S33.] 



Crossley, William H., Esq. 
Dale, G. P., Esq. 
Davison, James E., M.D. 
Devillc, Titus, M.D. .. 
Dobie, William, M.D. .. 
Dobson, J., Esq. 
Dolan, Thomas M., M.D. 
Dowker, F. W., Esq. .. 
Drake. K. H.. Esq. 
Draper, William, Esq. . . 
Drew, Samuel, M.D. 
Dyson, William. M.D. .. 
Eastwood, f. W., M.D. 
Eddison, J. E., M.D. .. 
EUerton, J. E., Esq. 
Elliott, W.. M.D. 
Ellis, H. W. T., Esq. .. 
English, k. W., E->i. .. 
Farrer, Robert, Esq. 
Favell, Richard, Esq. .. 
Favell, William Fisher, Esq. 
Fawcitt, T. J., Esq. 
Fitzsimons, H., M.D. .. 
Foote, H. DO., M.D. .. 
Ford, A., Esq. 
Foster, John, M.D. 
Fothergill, T. P., M.D... 
Fowler, James, Esq. 
Garrard, W. A., Esq. .. 
Giddings, W. K., Esq. .. 
Gill, H. C. Esq. 
Goyder, D., M.D. 
Grabham, Charles, M.D. 
Greenwood, J. W., Eiq. 
Gwyone, C. Nelson., M.B. 
Haigh, T. A., Esq. 
Haley, W. H. 
Hall, F., M.D. 
Hall, John, Esq. 
Hall, William, Esq. 
Hallam, Arthur, Esq. 
Hallam, W., Esq. 
Handcock, George, Esq. 
Hardwacke, H. J., M.D. 
Hardwicke, J., M.D. .. 
Hargreaves, Edmund, M.K. 
Harrison, J. W., Esq. .. 
Hartley, R. N.. Esq. .. 
Hartley, J. F., M.B. .. 
Haworth, James, Esq. .. 
Hawthorne, H. J., Esq. 
Heald. B. Gray, Esq. .. 
Hebden, John, Esq. 
Hewetson, Richard, Esq. 
Hey, Samuel. Esq. 
Higgins, G. Hodgson, Esq. 
Hime, T. W., M.B. .. 
Hingston, J. T., Esq. .. 
Hirst, S. C, Esq. 
Hobson, L. J., M.D. .. 
Holdsworth. S., M.D. .. 
Hollings. Robert, M.D. 
Hood. William, Esq. 
Home, J. F., Esq. 
Home, John, M.D. 
Horsfall, John, Esq. 
Howard, James, Esq. . . 
Hunt, H. J., Esq. 
Hunter, W. L..M.B. .. 
Hutchinson, C. F., M.D. 
Ilcin, J. I., Esq. 
Inkster, S. M., M.D. .. 
Jackson, Arthur, Esq. ., 
Jacob, Ernest Heurj-, M.D. 
Jalland, W. H., Esq. .. 
Jessop, Adam, Esq. 
Jessop, T. R., Esq. 
Johnson, T., Esq. 
Johnston, S., M.D 
Johnstone, Thomas, MD. 
Jones, W, M., Esq. 
Jubb, Abraham, Esq. 
Kebbell, Alfred, Esq. .. 
Keeling. J. H.. M.D, .. 
Kemp, E. W.,Esq. 
Knaggs, Samuel, Esq. .. 
Knight, H. J., Esq. 
Lambert, John, Esq. 
Lavcr, A. H., Esq. 
Lawson, Joseph, ^I.E. . . 
Leach. Matthew, Esq. .. 
Leak, Thomas Mallorie, Esq. 
Lee, F. B., Esq.. F.R.C.P. 
Leeson, J. F., Esq. 
Libbey, H. Cornelius, Esq. 
Little, John Fletcher, Esq. 
Lodge, S., Esq. 
Loveridge, A. W,, Esq. 
Low, R. B., M.D. 
Lyih, J. B., Esq. 
McCaskie, Charles. Esq. 
McDowall, JohnGreig, M.D. 

Maltby, near Rotherham 

Falconer House, Huniriss Row, Scarborough 
Claremont House, Harrogate 
Queen Street, Keighley 

North Parade, Halifax 

Headingley, Leeds 
St. Leonard's, York 
Chapeltown, Sheffield 
Gcll Street, Sheffield 
Dinsdale Park, Darlington 
Park Square, Leeds 
Aberford, Leeds 
Sowerby Bridge 
Crowle, Doncaster 

Brighouse, Halifax 
Glossop Road, Sheffield 
Glossop Rijad, Sheffield 

Minster Yard, York 
Be dale 

South Parade, Wakefield 
Wellgate, Rotherham 

Asylum, P.ootham, York (dead) 
Horton Road, Bradford 
Ossett, Wakefield 
London Road, Sheffield 
Meltham. Huddersfield 
Garden Street, Wakefield (resigns) 
North Street, Leeds 
40, Victoria Street, Sheffield 
Hillarj' Place, Leeds 

The Wicker, Sheffield 
Chapeltown Road, Leeds 
Sharrow, Sheffield 
Chilton Lodge, Rotherham 

2, Eyre Street, Sheffield 
Cemeter)' Road, Sheffield 



Ecclesfield, Sheffield 

East Street, Leeds 

3, Princess Terrace, Ripon 
Bootham. York 

Albion Place, Leeds 

Beckett Terrace, Leeds 


North Riding Asylum, Clifton, York 

Bowling, Bradford 

10, Museum Street, York 

West Parade, Wakefield 

Grove House, Wakefield 

Castlegate, York 


15, Albemarle Road, Scarborough 


Attofts, Normanton 



South Cliff, Scarborough 

Park Place, Leeds 

Fulwood Road, Sheffield 

Wilkinson Street, Sheffield 

12, Park Street, Leeds 

St. Leonard's House, Museum Street, York 


Park Square, Leeds 



The Grove, Ilkley 


Aked'sRoad, Halifax 

Flaxton, York 

Giossop Road, Sheffield 

Castleford, Normanton 



Farsley, Leeds 

Cemeter>* Road, Sheffield 

Hebden Bridge . 

26. Surrey Street, Sheffield 
Hemsworth, Pontefract 
The Elms, Heckmondwike 
Ilkley Wells, WTiarfedale 
Horsfonh, Leeds' 

Ben Rhydding 
Bowling, Bradford 
Infy, Huddersfield 

27, Croft", Rotherham 
Wadsley, near Sheffield 

McGregor, Peter, Esq. . 

McKenzie, L. S., Esq. .. 

Major, Herbert C, M.D. 

March, F. K.,Esq. 

Margetson. W. E., Esq. 

Marshall. J. L F., Esq... 

Martin, John, Esq. 

Martin, J. W., M.D. .. 

Matterson, Wm. M.D. .. 

McGill, A. F., E-sq. 

Mead, E. P., M.D. 

Meade, Richard H., Esq. 

Merryweather, James, E^-:. 

Miall, P. E., Esq. 

Mickle, David, Esq. 

Mitchell, S., M.D. 

Mossop, Isaac, Esq. 

Muil, William, M.D. .. 

Murray, J. Ivor, M.D. .. 

Murray, W., M.D. 

Muscroft, Henry, iLD. 

Mynle, J. .\itken, M.D. 

xMyrtle, A. S., ^LD. .. 

Naylor, George F., Esq. 

Nevitt, J. G., Esq. 

Nickols. Thomas, Esq. . . 

Vorth, Samuel W., Esq. 

Nuttall, Ra'i^cline, Esq. 

Oakley, John, Esq. 

Packman, A. T. V., Esq. 

Payne, Henry, Esq. 

Pickles, J. J., Esq. 

Pinder, W. M.. ^LD. .. 

Porter, William S., Es<;. 

Preston, H. T., M.B. .. 

Price, W. N., M.D. 

Pritchett, Henry, Esq. . . 

Pve-Smith, R. J., Esq. .. 

Rabagliati, A. C. Francisco, M.D. 

Ramsay, James, >LD. .. 

Ramsden, W.T., Esq. .. 

Ramskill, Josiah, Esq. .. 

Reckitt, Edward Bass, Esq. 

Reckless, Alfred, Esq. .. 

Rhodes, G. W., Esq. .- 

Richardson, Charles, Esq. 

Richardson, J. N., Esq. 

Roberts, Arthur, Esq. . . 

Robinson, Edmund, Esq. 

Robinson, George, Esq. . . 

Robson, A. W. Mayo, Esq. 

Rowe, H., Esq. 

Rowley, C. O., Esq. 

Saddler, — ., M.D. 

Scattergood, Thomas, Esq. 

Scott, Thomas, M.D. 

Scott, W.. M.D. 

Scougal, E. Fowler, M.D. 

Shann, F., Esq. 

Shaw, Geo. H., Esq. . . 

Shera, Henry A., Esq. . . 

Sinclair, DaWd, M.B. .. 

Skinner, E., Esq. 

Smailes, Thomas, Esq. .. 

Smith, T. W.. Esq 

Smith, S. C, M.D. 

Smith, J. W., Esq. 

Snell, S., Esq. 

Spence, W. J., Esq. 

Spencer, H. E., Esq. 

Spencer, H. ^L Esq. 

Spowart, Thomas, Esq. . . 

Stanger, William, Esq. .. 

Statter, W. A., Esq. 

Swanson, George Isles, M.D. 

Sykes, John, Esq. 

Sykes, John, M.D 

Sykes, Wm., Esq. 

Svmes, E. ^Vest. Esq. . . 

Tacey, W. G., Esq. 

Tait, Lawson, Esq. 

Taylor, C. Henry, Esq. 

Taylor, G. Stamp, Esq... 

Taylor, G. Stopford, Esq. 

Taylor, Joseph. Esq. 

Taylor, John William, M D 

Taylor, W. C. E., Esq. 

Teale, J. W., Esq. 

Teale, Thomas Pridgin, M.B. 

Thomas, G. H. W., Esq. 

Thomas, W. R., M.D. .. 

Thomson, Edward W., Esq. 

Thorpe, G. K., Esq. 

Tibbits. Edward Thomas. .\LD. . 

Tordoff", Hardy, Esq. 

Trotter, C. J., Esq. 

Walker, B., Esq. 

Walker, L B., >LD. .. 

Walker,}. H.. Esq. 

Walker, T., Esq. 

Walton, R. S.. Esq. .. 

Warburton, E., Esq. 

. Huddersfceld 

, Bradford 
. Wakefield 

Tennyson Place, Bradford 


28, St. Saviour's Gate, York 
. York 

Brunswick Street, Sheffield 
. York 

. Whitby 
. Bradford 
. Guisborough 
. Bradford 

Kirklingion, Ripon 
. South Vorks Asylum, Wadsley, near Sheffield 
. Hallfield Road, Bradford 
. Kiiby-Moorside 
. 8, Huntrees Row, Scarborough 
. Burley-in-Wharfedaie 
. Pontefract 
. Harrogate 
. Harrogate 
. Wakefield 

Chapel AUerton, Leeds 

New Wortley 
. York 
. Bradford 

Holly House, Halifax 
. Sheffield 

. Loxiey, near Sheffield 
. 66, Ci»mp Road, Leeds 

Horsforth, Leeds 
. Glossop Road, Sheffield 
. Stanningley. Leeds 

Mount Pleasant, Leeds 

. Sheffield 
. 9, Walraer Villas, Bradford 

90, Minster Yard, York 
. Kavenihorpe, Mirfield (gone) 

29, Meadow Lane, Leeds 
Boston, Lincolnshire 
Shalesmoor, Sheffield 

. Brunswick Place, North Street, Leeds 

Infirmarj-, Huddersfield 
. Albert Street, Keighley 
. 42, Park Square. Leeds 

Bamgreave Road, Sheffield 


. Bamsley 

Park Square, Leeds 
. Ilkley 

Waverley House, Huddersfield 

Newmill.near Huddersfield 

71, Micklegate, York 

.Attercliffe, nepr Sheffield 

Glossop Road, Sheffield 

Great Horton, Bradford 

Eldon Hou9e, Sheffield 

Honley, near Huddersfield 

Hallgate, Doncaster 

St. John's House, Halifax 

Park Gate, Rotherham 

17, Eyre Street, Sheffield' 

Infirmarj", Bradford 
. York 

Peel Street, Bradford 

77, Montgomery Terrace Road, Sheffield 



Lawrence House, \''ork 

Springfield Terrate, Dewsbury 


Me.\borough, Rotherham 


6, Manningham Lane, Bradford 

7, Great Charles Street, Birmingham 
18, Manor Row, Bradford 
Meadow Lane, Leeds 

Surrey Street. Sheffield 
Hathersage, Sheffield 
Roihsay House, Scarborough 
34, Queen Street, Scarborough 
St. Nicholas Parade, Scarborough 
20, Park Row. Leeds 
Pocklingion, York 
CUrke House Road, Sheffield 
Broom Spring Lane, Sheffield 

Holmfirth, Huddersfield 
Mas borough 

Prospect House, (^Icar, Huddersfield 
Pickering, near York 
Bond Street, Wakefield 
Belmont Road, Scarborough 
Patcley Bridge 


Ward, Alfred. M.B 
Watson, A. .M., \i b 
Whalley, W., WD' 

WhMfhouse, C G..Esq 
W...cly J., Esq. 

w'ff"' '^'"'■8= William, 

\Vilm..t. Thomas, Esq 
W.n.pcnny, J., Esq. 
Wood, Arthur, Esq. 
Woolhouse, F.. Esq. 

Wright, t. A., M.B. 
Wnght, F., Esq. 
^^"Sl". J- H., Esq. 

Young, J., JI.JD. 


Adams, E. J., Esq. 
Amsley, T, G.. Esq. " 
A derton, H. C. Esq. . 
Allan. J., Esq 
Allan, W. W., Esq. ■" 
Allbult, Henrj' A., Esq 
-Anderson, A., M.D. 
Anthony, John, Esq. 
Arbuckle, H. \V., Jt.d'" 
Atkinson, Edward Tweddell 
Atkinson, G. P.. Esq 
Bacon, A. T., Esq " 

Barker, Elijah. Esq 
Barr, Joseph H., Esq. ' ' 
Bates. W. R., Esq. 
Behrendt. .M. R. I e,;,' 
Bell, Rev. David, M D 
Bevan, \V. L. P. Esq 
Beverley, \V. H.. Esq.' " 
Birchali T. B., .M R 
Bird, W., Esq. ' ' ;' 
Blythman, Clement S., M H 
Brewer T., Esq. ' 

Brown, !H., Esq. 
Brown, S., M.B 
Brown, W. Perrin, Esq." 
Browne, Andrew. Esq 
Buck, C. W., Esq •■ 

Euncle, A., M B 
Caley, J. W., Esq. 
Cameron, J. A M D 
•^"er. T., Esq. ' ' ' 
Cass, Wm. E., Esq. 
Cautley, W Clapham, Esq. 
Chadwiclc. G. F., Esq. ' 
Cheeswright, J. F., Esq. 
Chestnutt, J.. Esq. 
C arke, John C, Esq. .' 
Clarkson, F. R. Esq 
Clunn, T. R. H., gq. " 
Cockcroft, W.. Esq. 
Connon, W., M D 
Coombe, C. F.,'Esq. .'■ 
Corrie, J., Esq. 
Craig, J. W., .M.D. 
Crowther, G. H.,Esq. ." 
Dawson, C, Esq. 
Dearden.J. W.. Esq. ['. 
Denbv. T. C, Esq. 
Dennmg, John Vere C.,' Esq 
Denning, R. N., iM.B, 
Denton, A. H., Esq. ' 
JJiaraond. James, M.D 
Dobsor., H., M D 

Duncan, A. G., .m'.E. " 
Edgar, J. W., M.o • 

Edwards, J., Esq. 
rarquhar, f., .M.D 
Farrer, R. T., Esq. 
Foster, H., Esq. 
Fowler, A., M D 
Garrod, C. R. O.'. Esq ' ' 
Garson, T. W. H., Eiq. 

Goldie, G., Esq 
Gruggcn, \V., Esq, 
Green, T. B., Esq. . 

H? rr- ^^l"-;™ H^ry, Esq. 
Halhlay, John. Esq. ' 

Hamilton, A. A., E.sq. .V 
JHamilton, R., Esq 
Hargreaves, J. B., Esq" 
nargreaves. .M.K.. M H 
Harrison, H. )!., Esq ' 
Harrison, W. A., M.B " 
Hartley, Joshua, Esq. 
Hartley. Reginald, Esq.' 
H.-ufi..kl. W. H., Esq. .. 
Hepworth, Wm., Esq. .. 
Hellier. J. B., Esq 
Hi"-. .1. WnLrgq. ■ 
HinchlifTe, Matthew, M.D. 

^gJ^^^^J^^^^CAL youJiJVAL. 


Anston, Rotherham 
I Penistone 
. Bradford, Yorkshire 

Hiilarj' Place, Leeds 

Southgate, Wakefield 
• MetJiley, Leeds 
. <8, Micklegate, York 

infirmarj-, Bradford 

Holmfirth (resigned) 


Brook Hill, .Sheffield 

•Stamford Bridge 
Halifa.\- * 

Arundel Street, Sheffield 





Baronsldswick, Leeds 

Beckett Street, Leeds 

Guiseley, Leeds 

Sheepscar Street, Leeds 



Thorne, near Doncaster 
Kichmond, Yorks 
. . Ponlefract 
-■ Kirkstall Road, Leeds 

• ■ Pitsmoor, Sheffield 
•• Wyke, Bradford 

• • Addingham, Leeds 

■ . Eurrmgham, Doncaster 
■ . Coole 

■■ '"firmary, Huddersfield ■ 
■ • 5, Woodsley Terrace, Leeds 

•• Burngreave Road. Sheffield 

■ . bwinton, Rotherham 

■ ■ M^"u^,?"'' R^d, Huddersfield 
.. ivorthallerton 

• . Manor Row, Bradford 

. . Sowerbv Bridge 

•■ Mold Green. Huddersfield 

■• Gilleswick. Settle 

■ furstone, Pontefrart 

• ■ bubwith, .Selby 


■ - Richmond 

• • Goole 

■• Killinghall, Ripley 

• ■ The Infirmary, Dewsbury 
■ . Rawmarsh, Rotherham 


■ .^^".'^ Ho'ise, Morley, near Leeds 

• ^ockwiih, near York 

• y.ounty Asylum, Prestwich 
■• Cattenck 

• Dewsbury 

General Infirmary, Sheffield 

• t>urmantofts, Leeds 

• Bingley 

■ Wibsev, Bradford 
Rawdon, near Leeds 
Lowmoor, Bradford 
w .'?,''';" Terrace, Bradford 

St Philip's Road, Sheffield 

SeuTerYo^k:'' """''''"'''=''' 
H.M. Prison, Leeds 
Crighouse, York.s 
Green Hammerton, York's 
Carlm How, -Saltburn-by-the-Sea 
Hospital, Rotherham 

l^^H^dl^a^lf^e^f'P'^'^-O. Sheffield 

I-ittle Huthwaite, Sheffield 
Strickland Gate, Kendal 
Garden Street, Wakefield 

l.urley Road, Leeds 
Epworth, by Doncaster 
Cawood, Selby 
Armlcy, Leeds 

a™ij ^'reet, Leeds 
38, Hanover Square, Leeds 
New Alalton 

Thornhill, Dewsbury (dead) 
Yeadon, Leeds 
I, De Grey Terrace, Leeds 
Gargrave, Vorks. 
Wellington Road, Dewsbury 

Hindle, F. T Esq 
Holmes F., Esq. " 

Holt, J., Esq. ^ 

Horsfall, J. S., Esq. 
Hunt, R., Esq. ■■ 

Ingram, Amos, M D ' 

Ireland, Thos.B., Esq.'." 
'/ving, J., M.B. ^ 

Jackson, Alfred, Esq " 

Jackson, T., Esq " 

JcweJI, C. C , Esq. ■■ 

Johnson, \V. J. E.sq " 

-l°''."J'o°. J- So'meiville'.Esq 
Kcighley, Robert D., Esq 
Kemp, E., Esq ' '^' 

Keith, A. E., M.D. 
Kenny, Maurice .A Esq 
Kenyon, J. E., Esq. 
Kemot, Abraham B., Esq 
Lambert, John, Esq. 
Lascelles, R. M.. Esq 
Laverick. John V.. E^n ' 
Law, Edward, .M.D. 
Law, Joseph D., M.D." 
Leadman, A. D. H. E*u 
Le Tall, F. T., Esq. 
Lewis, W. B., Esq. 
Locke, Thomas W. S., Esq 
Lownds, H. A., Esq. 
Maclachlan, J. C, Esq. 
Mac.Master, James, M.B. 
Mason, James, Esq. 
Mawson, J. H., Esq. 
Meade, H., Esq. .'.' 

Megginson, A. .M., M.E. 
McCracken, John, Esq. 
-McGregor, A. G., M.D 
McSheehy, E. L., M D 
Marshall, T. H., Esq. 
Montgomerj-, Saml., Esq'. 
Morison, D., M.B. 
Morton, Samuel. Esti 
-Morton, T. H., -M.D. 
Mossman, R. .4., Esq 
Munro, A. B., M.D. ' .'. 
Noake, Samuel J., Esq 
Nowell, J., Esq. 
Nunr.eley, John A., M.B 
Opfes, I. H., Esq. 
O-Callaghan, G. H. K., Esq 
Og4esby, R. P. Esq 
Oldroyd, T. H., Esq. 
Oliver, G.', -M-D. 
ONeill, S L Esq., Surg. A.M. 
Orr, Hugh, Esq. . '^ 

Peirson, G. E., Esq. 
Pogson, W., Esq. 
Petch, R., -M-B. 
Pollard, G. E., Esq. " 
Porritt, N'., Esq. 
Ramsay, W., Esfq. 
Rhodes. G. S., Esq. 
Richardson, C. S., Esq.' 
Richmond, Sylvester, M.D 
Ritchie, Thomas. Esq. 
Roberts, A. M.. Esq 
Roberts, W. Lake. E=q 
Robinson. Edward, Esq 
Rose, R. D., Esq. 
Rowe, G. H., Esq. 
Rutherford. J. J., Esq 
Salter, F., Esq. 
Scatchard, T. E.. Esq 
Scott, Robert, M.D. 
Sedgwick, James, M.D. ' 
Shann, H. C, Esq 
Shives, J., M.D. 
Sime, Robert, Esq. 
Skinner, Wm., Esq. 
Smith, P. A., Esq. 
Steedman, P. A., Esq . 
Steele, S. F., Esq. ' . 
Stewart. W., Esq. 
Storrs, A., M.D. '.' 

Storrs, Robert, Esq. 
Strickland, F. G., Esq... 
•Sykes, Benjamin C, -^i.b. 
Sykes, Richard. Esq. 
Sykes, W. A. Esq. 
1 acey, D.altol^ Esq. .. 
T-|ylor,^dward, Esq., Surg.-M.y. 

Taylor, T., Esq. 
Jcasdale, \V., Esq. 
'1 hompson, Arthur H Eso 
Ihorburn, R., jM.E. ' '' 
Thornton, Jas. P., .M.B. 
Thorp, B.,*Esq. 
Tickler, R. P., Esq. 
TlPpets. -A M., Esq.,Brig.-Surg. " 
lireman, Henry, Esq. 
Todd, G. D., Esq. ' .; 

[Dec . 29, 1883. 

— Askers Doncaster 

-. Burmantofts, Leeds 

• • Oistleford, -N'ormanton 
•• Dispensary, York 

• • ^^^'' Street, Sowerby Bridge 
•• Brunswick Place, Leeds 
■■ Hawonh near Keighley 

• ■ 1 adcaster East 

" °,S' ^^"r'o."'' Road, Huddersfield 

■■ ^arket Weighton 

■ • jj."*"". near Brough 
;: BaSS^"-^ ='"'^ Accident Hosp., Scarborough 

• 80, Spital'Hill, Sheffield 
• . Batley 

■ K-u-kleatham, Redcar 
• . Selby 

• Bradford 

• Reeth, Richmond, Yorks. 
' • Bradford 

• Slingsby, near York 

• Poplar House, Hinderwell 

• I, Brocco Hill, Sheffield 

• Devonshire Street, Sheffield 

■ Borough Bridge 

• 'Wfoodhouse, Sheffield 

• West Riding Asylum, WaJtefield 
. Coatham, Redcar 

Kirkburton, near Huddersfield 

■ Halifax 
. Castleford 

Montgomery House, Sheffield 

l%li'- ^X,'"''''"S'°"' -'irmley, Leeds 
8, Eldon Place, Bradford 
•Snainton, Heslerton, Yc-.c 
Easingwold, Vorks 
Wilsden Bingley, near Leeds 
Ihomville. Knaresborough 
17, Hampton Place, Bradford 
Ovenden, Halifax 

Burngreave Road, Sheffield 
Don House, Brightsidc, Sheffield 
•Elloughton, Brough 

Hatton, near Leeds 
Woodlesford, Leeds 
22, Park Place, Leeds 
Public Dispensarj', Leeds 
Military Hospital, YorK 
Park Square L«eds 

,y«' End Park, Harrogate 
War Office, York 
.. Grove House, Filev, Yorks 
• . Sydenham Place, Holbeck. Leeds 
■ . Seacroft, Leeds 

- ■ Micklegate, York 

Corby, Grantham 
• . Infirmary, Huddersfield 
. . Hutton Buscel 

■ . Saltburn-bv-the-Sea 

■ ■ Oughtibrid'ge, near Sheffield 
■ ^o^thallerton 

. Otley 

-. Attercliffe. Sheffield 

- 6, Hallfield Road, Bradfo.-d 
. Rotherham 

• St- Leonard's House, York 
. Leeds 

• Shipley, Leeds 

• Boston, Tadcaster 
Infirmarj-, Halifax 

• ^"4';"='' House, Borough Bridge 
. 71, Micklegate, Yorks 

. Liversedge, Vorks 
. Ecclesfield, Sheffield 

174, St. George's Road, Sheffield 

» elbum. Castle Howard 
. Harewood, near Leeds 

^lorley, Leeds 

Highlield House. Bamsley 

Mexborough, Rotherham 

Hallgate, Doncaster 

14. Ward's End, Halifax 

Cleckheaton. N'ormanton 

Drighlington, Leeds 

Golcar, Huddersfield 

53, Hallgate, Doncaster 

Brotton, Saltburn-hy-the-Sea 


Great Ouseburn. Yorks. 

Fairfield, Scdburgh 

Eastbourne, Darlington 


Owston, Bawtry 



Gowthorpe, Selby, Yorkshire 


Dec. 29, 1883.] 


Trousdale, W. M., Esq. 
Unthank, R. E., Esq. .. 
Upton, Thomas Sisson, Esq. 
Veale. R. S.. M.D. 
Waddington, Frank, Esq. 
Waddington, Isaac, M.D. 
Walker, B., Esq. 
Walker, C. E., M.B. .. 
Wallace. E. J., M.D. .. 
Wallis, F., Esq. 
Ward, W. S., Esq. 
Watson, T. H.,M.E. .. 
Watt, T. M., Esq. 
Westbrook, Charles, E^q. 
Williams, Josiah, Esq. .. 
Wilson, A. C. J., Esq. .. 
Wilson, John, Esq. 
Wilson, J. M., M.B. .. 

(Sct'crai Members in the North of I 
Branch. Sec also East 

West Park, Harrogate 

Appleton, Wiske 



Armley, I.eed* 



Pine House, Hurworth-upon-Te'es, Darlington 

Cleckheaton, Yorkshire. 


Hiniilet RoaiJ, Leeds 

Westbourne Road, SheflieM 

Hovingham, Yorks. 

St, Philip's Road, Sheffield 

St. Philip's Road, Sheffield 

Penistone, Yorkshire 

Greenbank, Pudsey, near Leeds 

Thome Road, Doncaster ■ 1 , 

'o rksh ire a re included in the Nart/i of Eytg taiid 
York and Narth Lincoln Branch.) 

*»* Several of the '* Unattached " Members in the preceding Lists have joined the 
Branches of their respective Distrtas since the beginning of the year ; and som«: 
have ceased to belong to Branches, though remaining in the Association. 


MEMBERS. (545) 

Adcock, John, M.D., Rrig.-Surg. 

A.M.D. .. 
Adsetis, J., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 
Alcock, N., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. .. 
Allan, A., Esq.. Surg.-Maj. A.M.D. 
Allen, Robert Marshall, Esq., Dep. 

Insp.-Gen. (h.p.) 
Allen, William H., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
.Ambrose, J., Esq., Surg.-JM.-ij. 
Anderson, Alexa-nder, Esq., Surg. 

A.M.D . .. 
Anderson, D. H. B., M.D., Surg. 

A.M.D .. 
Anderson, J,, Esq., Surg.-Maj 

R.H..A. .. 
Anderson, J. Albert, M.D.. Surg.- 
Maj. A M.D. 
Anderson, I{,, Esq., Surg.-Major. , 
Anderson, W., Esq., Fleet Surg. .. 
Andrew, G., M.B.. Surg.-Maj. 

A..M.D. .. 
Archer, S., Esq., Surg.-Maj. jv.M.D. 
Amott, J., Esq., Surg.-Maj., 

Bainbridge, G., Esq., Surg. -Maj. 

LM.D. .. 
Barclay A., M.B Surg.Beng.Annv 
Barnes, R. W., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 
Barnes, W. G. K., M.D., R.N. .. 

A.M.D. .. 
Barnett, 0., Esq., Brie.-Surg., 

Barrow, F. E., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 
Barrow, H. J. \^^, Esq., Surg. 

Barry, J., Esq., Surg.-Maj., A.M.D. 
Bartley, A. G.. M.D., Surg.-Maj... 
Batho, R., Esq., Surg.-Maj. A.M.D. 
Beamish, R.T., M.D.. Surg.A.M.D. 
Beattie. J. F., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Beaumont , R. W. , Esq. , Fleet 

Surg. R.N. 
Berber, E., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 
Beelmore, Alfred J.,, Esq., Surg.- 
Maj., R. A 

Bennett, W. R., M.D., Fleet Surg. 

Berkeley, R.W., Surg.-Maj. A.M.D. 
Bernard, J., Esq., Insp.-Gen. R.N. 
Black, W T., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Blair-Brown, Dugald, Esq., Surg. 

A.M.D. .. 
Blood, R., M.D., Surg. A.M.D. .. 
Boileau, J. P. H., M.D., Staff Surg.- 
Maj. .. .. 7. 
Bolster, J. G.. Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Bookey, W. J. B..Esq., Surg. R.N. 
Boult, E. F., Esq., Surg.-Maj 

A.M.D. .. 
Eoulton, E. J., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. .. 

Bourke, G., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. .. 

31st Brig. Depot, Great Varu.outh 

Lincoln {M. Br.) 

Bailybrack. co. Dublin 

East Park Terrace, Southampton 

Welbourn Hall. Grantham (J/. Br.) 

Station Hospital, Belfast 
Lansdown Grove, Devizes 


Charisvllle, Portobello 

Governor General's Camp, Indi 

Care of Principal Medical Officer, Barbmoe* 
Dorchester {S. Br.) / ' 

Royal Marine Depot, Waliner' ■ 

Silapur, Oude 

Care of Messrs. King, Hamilton and Co. 

Civil Surgeon, Satara, Bombay 

Care 01 Messrs. Grindiay & C*., Calcutta 

H.M.S. " Northumbeiland " 

136, Sloane Street, S.W. 

. .; tDublin 
7. Victoria Terrace, North Circular Road, 

21. Weymouth Street, W. 
4, Alfred Street, Plymouth (S.Jf'.B^.) 
Cannanore, Madras 

Kurrachee, Bombay 


Pembroke Dock 

31, Springfield Road, N.W. (dead) 

Meerut, India 

37, Warwick Road, S.W, 

Edinburgh (£. Br.) 

14, Guildford Terrace, Dover 

(S. Br.) 

Halifax, New Scotia 
H.^LS. " Foxhound," China 

Malcolm Road, Penge 


Fulwood, Pi.-ston, Lanes. 

Bourke, U. J., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 
Bowen,R.,Esq.,Surg.-Gen. A.M.D. 
Bradshaw, A. F., Esq., Brig. -Surg. 
Brebner, A., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Brodie, J. F., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Brown, W., Esq., Surg. R.N. 
Browne, C. H., Esq.,- Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Browne, W. R., M.D., Surg. 3rd 

Hyderabad Contingent 
Buchanan, R. F., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. ■ 

Buckle, Fleetwood, M.D., Staff- 

Surg. R.N. 
Buckley, John, Esq., Staff- Surg. 

Burgess, P., M.B., Staff.-Surg.R.N. 
Burke, John R., M.D., Staff-Surg. 

Burnett, W. F., Esq., Surg.-M.-ij. 

Campbell, A. , Esq. , Surg.-Maj 

Campbell, G. A., M.D., Staff-Surg. 

Campbell, James, Esq., Suff-Surg. 

Campbell, J. A. Esq. Surg.->L-ij. 

A.M.D. .. 
Candy, John, M.D., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Carter, S. H., M.B. Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Chappie, R. A., Esq., Dep.-Surg.- 

Gen. A.M.D. 
Charlesworth, H., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Charlton, W.J. , Esq., Surg.A.M.D. 
Chesnaye, G. C, Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Bengal Army 
Churchill, C. H., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Clapp, W. H. E., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A. M.D. 
Clarke, A. F. S., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 
Clinch, J. v., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 
Close, H. A., Esq., Fleet Surg. 

Coates, Matthew, Esq., Dep. Insp.- 

Genl. Hospitals and Fleets 
Cockburn, Robert, Esq., Surg. -Gen. 

Bengal Army 
Codrington O., M.D., Surg.-Maj., 

A.M.D. .. .. .. 

Cogan, T. S., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Colahan, J., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Colan, T., M D., Insp-Genl. R.N. 
CoUis, William, Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Colquhoun, A. G., Esq., Staff-Surg 

Comyn, J. S., M.D., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Conolly,J.V.J.,M.B.,.Surs. A.M.D. 
Conolly, P. B., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 
Conway,J. K.,M.D.,St.-Surg.,R.N. 
Conry. W., Esq., Surg. 7th B.C. .. 
Corban, L., M.D., Surg.-AIajor, 

A.M.D. .. 
Corbett, Robert de la Cour, M.D., 

Surg.-Maj. A.M.D. .. 
Corbett, W. H., Esq., Brig.-Surg. 

A.M.D. .. 
Corker, T. M., M.D., Surg. A.M.D. 
Corkerj', W. A.. Esq., Surg. 

Cornish, W. R., M.D., Surg;-Gen. 
Corrie, A. T., Esq., Surg. R.N. .. 
Cotton,J.,M.D.,Dep.Insp. Gn.R.N. 
Cowan, Michael W., M.D., Fleet 

Surg. R.N. 
Craig, R. M., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Crane, Samuel L., M.D Surg.-Gen. 
Crawford, D. G., M.E., Surg. 

Crawford, Thomas, M.D,, Surg.- 
Gen. A.M.D. 
Creagh, S. H.. Esq.. Surg. A.M.D. 
Creagh, William, Esq., Brig.-Surg. 

A.M.D. .. 
Cree. P. K., Esq.. Snrg. R.N. .. 
Crocker, H. L., Esq., Surg. R.N. 
Crofts, James, M.D., Surg. .Madras 

Crowe, J. D. Esq., Surg.-Maj. R.A. 

South Camp, Aldershot 

Ridgway, Gloucestershire (.5. and B. Br.) 


Cherat, India 


Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth 


General Hospital, Madras 

7, York Crescent. Woolwich 

Care of Joseph Matts, Esq., Isleworlh 

H.M.S. "Tetr.eraire," Mediterranean 
21. Shardeloes Road, New Cross, S.E. 

H.M.S. " Emerald," Australia 

Dagshai, Punjab 


H.M.S. "^Hecla" 
Mavis Bank, Park Hill Rise, Croydon 
Jamaica (J^amaira Br.) 
Station Hospital, Portland 


Station Hospital, York 

Bakloh, Punjab 

St. Thomas's Mount, Madras 

.Sej-mour Grove via Trafford, Manchester 
6, Campden Hill Road, W. 
Curragh Camp 

H.M.S. '* Invincible," Malta (S. Bf.) 

Vancouver Lodge, Victoria Road North, 

42, Leamington Road Vinas,W.(^/£'/'.C(?. Br 




7, Arundel Street, W.C. 

Meean Meer, Moultan 

H.M.S, "Iris,' Mediterranean C.S".;P' Br) 

6, York Crescent, Woolwich 

H.M.S. "Liffey," Coquimbo 


Barrackpore, India (S. of I. Br, 

Bombay {S.U'. Br.) 
Bara Gulf, India 



Hospital, Isle of Ascension {S, Br.) 

Royal Hospital, Plymouth 

Forton, Gosport 


Care of Messrs. King & Co., Comhill, E C. 

15th Sikhs Mess, Delhi 


South Camp, .■Mdershot 

Wylde Green, Birmingham 
St. Johns Park, N. {Met. Br.) 
Sealcote, Punjab 
H.M.S. Swiftsure 


Culling, J. C.,' Esq., Surg. .^ M D' 
,S"'T'=. G. li., M.D., Urig.-Surg..: 
Uan=, Arthur H. <.., .M.U., Surg. 
Uombay Army 

Dav;e,G.S.,.\I.D., Surg. Mai. 
Dav,«, A. M Esq., Surg. A..M.I). 

r'n ' ^'^■' ^'"' ^"'8- 

'^AAJn*'""' ^^''" Surg.-Maj'. 

"^S.i '^•' MD-."S"rg.-Maj. 

Deakin, C. W. S., Esq!,' Surg. 
lJeChaumont,F. S. U.,.\1.D F R S 

Surg.-Maj. A..M.D. .. ' ' 

iJe Taiham, H., M.D., Surg.-Maj! 

Dick ForbeV, M.D., ' ■Surg..Mai'. 

Dimmock. H. P., Esq., Surgeon 

Indiaii f^r.Tiv 
Dixon, C. H.,'m.B. 
Donaldson, J. T., M.D., Sur^' ! 

°°""'". J- J- Lm M.D.; Inspector- 
General R.N. 

°*°m!d'. "■ '"■ ^"^' ^"'s- 

Douglas, Campbell RJellis, M.i) 
Surg. A.M.D., V.C. 

^S?''^' c"^- '^'•^■' Surg. Bengal 
J»led. Serv. 

Drew,G F.A.,Esq.,Fleet-Surg.R.N. 
Drury, R. M.U., Surg. A.M.D... 

A M.D.' '^^'' '^"'" ^"'«- ^^'•''■ 
Dustan, J.,Esq. Surg.-Maj.,A..M.b. 

Eames, W.J., Esq.. Fleet Surg., R.N 
A M d'^''""' "'^'■^•' S'"-g.-Maj. 

Elcum, D., Esq., Surg."l.M.D. 
»",!'?>"• ^■^■- ^'^■- Surg.Maj. 

Emerson, J. B., Esq., s'urg..\.M.D 
tmson. A., Esq., Surg. R N 
trskine, J. Low, .M.D., Dep. Surg.' 
Gen. A.M.D. ^ '' 


Exham, R., Esq., Surg.',' A.M.D. " 

A -M D '^' -'■' ^"'•' S"'S-^'^i- 

''"i"'»Tr,"'' t- ■^^''- Surg. Maj.' 
A.M.D. Senior Medical Officer 

A m'u ' ^'*- ^"'«- '^'^J- 

Faris, T.,'m.'b., Surg.,' A.M.D. 
farmer. E. D Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 

mU'Im.d''''^™' ''"'■• ^"'«- 


Faulkner A. S., Esq., IMS 
Ferguson, A. F., Esq., Surg.i'.M.S. 
Hanagan, J. . Esq. , !• leet Surg. R. N 

Sd' -'• ''''■ "•■ ^'^i^' S"^s- 

"■ A.m!i) ^'v. ^"J- "S"^8-Maj; 

Jf°lj"°". W.,'Surg.-Maj'.,' A.M.D. ' ' 

1 M:D^' — *''^" S"rg.-Maj. 

'''a'm d""' ■'■ ^■' ^'1' Surg. Maj! 

Fisher, John, Esq., Fleet-Surg.,R N 
Hood, Sam. J., Esq., Sur., A.M.'d.' 

Im.^'d "• ""■' *'-°- Surg. 
^' A.M.D. ^•■..'"■^■■"'^''^S.-Maj:, 
Forrester, J. S., Esq., Surg. A.M D ' 
f orsayeth,R.W.,Surg..Maj. A. M.d'. 
i""- ^V^-'?,?1- Surg. Maj. A. M.D. 
'■°^'j^',*>g^W.,M.B., Surg. .Maj. .. 

Franklin.p.F., Esq., Surg.. VM.D. 
'™l{j'5jK.J.,M.D., siTrg. Gen.; 

Iraser, A H., Esq., M.D., Dep 
Surg. -(.en.. . ^ 

' aTi' d" *''°" "'P- 'S"rg-Gcn'. 
FylTe, W.7. M:D Dep. 'Sur^.-Gen! 


Newbridge, Kildare 

Cheltenham (B.C. Br.) 
Polymedia, Liraassol, Cyprus 
Sealcote, Punjaub 
Trimulghcrry, becunderabad 


Broach, near Bombay 

Shorncliffe t'amp, Kent 


Royal Marine Infirmarj', Waimer 

Jhansi, Central India 

Shahiehanpur, India 

Woolston Lawn, Southampton (S. Br.) 

Baroda, Bombay 

CO. P.M.O., Madras 


Station Hospital, Gosport 

5th Fusiliers, .\gra 


Newbridge, co. Kildare 


Umballa, Bengal 

Dockyard, Ponsmouth (S. Br 1 

Natal ' 


Chanbatlia, Kumaon, N.W.P., India 
33, Headland Park, Plymouth 

5-i. Gillingham Street, S.W. 

United Service Club, Dublin 
H..M.S. "Eclipse," Aden. 

Surrey Road, Bournemouth 


Pachmorhi, C.P. India 


Nusseerabad, India 




Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh 
c.o. Grindby&Co., 55, Parliament St., S.W 
c.o. Onndiay, Groom, & Co., Bombay 
Brandon Road, Southsea 

Nasirabad, Rajputana 

14, Charlemort Terrace, Cork 
Lmballa, Punjaub 


.0, Prospect Road, Old Brompton, Chatham 
M..M Dockyard, Devonport 
Deolah, Bombay 

Elizabeth Castle, Jersey 

Peshawur, India 

Mhow, Bombay Presidency 
Birr Barracks, King's Co 

Hyderabad, India 


Dublin Castle 

/.■' • a' "»•*-'•. »-'ep. silrg.-tien. 


Gardner R.ft. Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 


Dolcr^ Square, Clifton (B.and D. Br.) 

c.o. P.M.O., Cairo 

*^a'm"d^^- ^■' *'-^- Surg.-Maj., 
°a!m:d^-.^-' ^^'-D-.S-'g-Maj.- 
Gib.son, J Esq., Surg.'.A.M.D. '.'. 
aIi'd ■ ^'■^•' Surg-Maj., 

'^a'!m"d^- ": *^' ^^l-.'Surg. Maj.' 

Goode, W. H.', Esq., R.N. 
Gordon, Charles A., M D C B 
Surg.-Geo. A.M.D. .. ' ' .'.' 

"^A M.d; ^:- "•'^- STg-Maj., 
Grant, R.", M.B., Staff Surg., R.N. 
A."lJi.D.- ""■ ^- ^'"'- S-gMaJ.. 
"^'""i'd"" ^^ Esq-,"Surg..Maj; 
*^a!K' ^■^■- E=q-.' Surg.-Maj;. 
^"hrh°- '^- M.B./Surg.-Maj; 

""Tu.^: '"::• e^-^-.W-mi^;. 

^Tsri) "■ '^'' ^"'•' ^'"■^- *'^j-' 

Gu^land A. 'd., M.D.;Brig.-Surg. 

Gunn, W., M.D., R.N " 

Hackett,-.R. D.,Esq.,Surg.,A.M.D; 
Hamilton, H., M.D , Surg. 
Haran, Timotheus J., .M.D Deo 
Insp.-Gen., R.N. .. ^' 

Hardie, Gordon Kenmure, .M.D.', 

[Dec. 29, 18S3. 

Uep.-Inspector-Gen. A.M.D 
Hare, G., Surg.-Maj. A..M.D. 
"^™3". W. M., M.B., Surg. .Maj'. 

Harte .Mark A., Esq.,' Staff.-Surg. 

R.N. .. ° 

Hartley, E. B., Esq., Surg.-Maj.V. 

Harvey,Christopher,Esq.,Surg R N 
Tm.'d^' "" -'^••^•. Surg -Maj.' 

Harvey, James D'Arcy.'ksq., Staff- 

Surg. R.N. 
Hassard, H. B., Esq., Dep.-Surs - 

Gen. A.M.D. ^' 

Hatch, W. K., M.B., Sui^g. A.M D 
Hay, R., M.D., StaffSurg., R.n; 
Hector, James, M.B., Surg.. Maj. 

Heffernan, W; F. , Esq.Sui^g. A. M. D ' 
Henderson, J., M.D., Dep. Insp. 

of Hospitals, R.N. .. 
Hensman, H. F., Esq., Surg..Mai 

I SI Life Guards 

"a M d' ^^■' ^^-^ ^"S-Surg. 

"^."fi'v. Augustus, Esq., Surg. 

.\.M.D. .. * 

Hewlett, T. Gilham, 'Esq., Dep! 

Surg.-Gen Bombay .■Vrmy 
H ckman, .\., M.D., Surg., .4 M D 
Hickson, George B., Esq., Surg ; 

Maj. .4.M.D. ^ 

^'^i^'P": ?,• C- C, M.D , Snrg;. 

Maj.A.M.D. * 

Hill, W. G., Esq., Fleet'-Surg. R n' 
Hinlon, James, Esq., Surg.-Mai 

.v'rb. '"■..'''■ ^- P-^"-. Suri: 
Holrastead, T., Esq., Siirg.-Maj 
H"TO':''S, J., M.D., Staff-Su^g', 

Hoskyns, E. j., .M.D.;'surg. Ben', 
gal Army . . 

"a*M D ^'' ^^■°' "Surg -Maj; 

Howell J. A., Esq., Surg.-Maj. '.'. 

AMD ^" ^"^- •'"S-Surg., 
Hubb.ard, H.W.,Esq.Su'rg.,A.M d' 

A^M D""' ""' *''°-' Surg-Maj. 
Hulseberg, John Wild.'Ssq., Brig '- 

Surg. A.M.D. ^ ' *■ 

Hume-Spry G. F., M.D., Surg.'- 

Maj. A.M.D. * 

Itungerford, R., Esq..'Surg..Geni 
Hunter, W. G., M.6., Sur|.-Gen ' 

Gen ^' ' ^"^- -DoP-'Surg 

'"a^m'^D ^^' ■'■' ^"''' S'-' 
'"aTd.'^'!. *'-°- "Su'-g.-Maj. 

Curragh Camp 
Saogor. C.P., India 

St. Helena 

'3, The Common, Woolwich 

Camden, Australia (.y. aiui .WS.!!'. Br.) 

'°<ion^"rf ° v'',V"' ^^'°"'"e «'"■ Lon- 
aon. w. (.i and Me! Co Br.) 

Secu-iderabad, Deccan 

H.M.S. -Duke of Wellington," Portsmouth 
55a, Grange Road, Edinburgh 

Cotehele Terrace, Stoke, Devonport 

Military Hospital, Gosport 

Barracks, Londonderrj-. 


Secunderabad, Madras 

Rathgar, Dublin 
-■VIexandria, Egypt 
=3rd Pioneers, Meean -Mean 

Haslar Hospital, Gosport (S. Br.) 

Ealing, W. 

Dagshai, Punjaub 

S;*''^'iii' '^°5'^i Adelaide," Devonport 

S%.hAW^' ^""■'^' Kingwilliamstown. 


Stonehouse, Devon 

H.M.S. " Constance," Pacific Station 

Newton, Stonehaven 
. Kingston, Jamaica 

. 2, Alexandra Road, Londonderry 

80, Gloucester Place, W. 

Taunton (//-' j". Br.) 



Station Hospital, Sanger 


Birr, Ireland 

Fermoy (0>". 0/ 1. Br.) 

Royal York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol 

Deesa, Bombay 
Hyderabad, India 

H.M.S. •• Minatour," Ch.annel Squadron 

Duffield, near Derby 

Belgaum, India 

Rawal. Pindi 
Fort Pitt, Chatham 

Boyne Cottage, Navan, co. -Meath 

Rosendale Road, West Dulwich, S E 

Barracks, Knightsbrldge, S.W. 
Hong Kong 
21, Norfolk Crescent, \\". 

Westbourne Road, Forest Hill 


Kiuermany, Aberdeen. N. E. 

'^"§ G. C, Esq., Surg.-Major 

Irving, James', M.D., Surg.-Gen " 

Tu.U. ^- "•'*•■ ^"S-Maj.- 

"'^r'^n"' ''°^''''°' Esq.'.'Staff.Surg. 

•''fe. ^:: ^^- ■s-'g-M^y. 

Jackson. R. \V., Esq.. C.B., Bri?'. 
Surg. .\.M.D. ' ^• 

Jennings C.B., Esq., Siirg.A.M.D; 
-^ S:d • *'■■ ^^''- Brig-Surg. 

■rohnff "■ ^■,''';; '^\''- S"rg.A.M.b: 

•^ A M S. ■'• '"■ ^^''- Surg.-Maj. 
Johnston, Joseph, M.D.^'Brig.-SuPg. 

-'"aTd ^' "•■ *'-'^- S"S- 

^°aTd "'•• "D-'Surg.-Maj: 
Johnsjon,- W. T., m:d., Surg-. 


^A!^h^- ^- ^'- ^'^1- S"g.; 

'^A^^.D^-' ^^- Surg..Maj.-; 
{^f y^> W., Esq., Surg.'A.M.D. '." 
Ke y, G , Esq., Slaff-Surg. R.N 
Ke ett, L. H., M.B., Surg RN ' 

Kidd, A Esq., Surg., R.N. 
Kirker, G M.D., Surg. R.X. '' 
I l'^- r"- Esq.,Staff-.Surg. R.N 
Lambert J Esq., Staff-Sur|..R N 
Lane W.L., Esq., M.B.,A.Mli 
Langdon, J. A. Esq., R.N 

Slip- ^- "■ ^- ^■^'- Surg- 

^rSi.i?- ^- MB.,-Su,g..Mai. 

Lewis, T. H., Esq., Surg. R.X ' 
Lewtas, J., M.B., Surg, AMD 
Ljghtfoot, W. S., Esq., R.N ■ 

Luhgow S A., Esq., M.D., Brig- 

Surg. A.M.D. * 

f'°><*' E- T.,Esq., Slaff Surg., R.N ■ 
5'5fi;*'*-^'.1-Snrg., A.M.D 
Lofthouse, Richard C, M D 

Bng.Surg., A.M.D. 
Long, A., Esq , Surg.-Maj. A.M d' 
Longmore, T., Surg.. Gen C B 
Love,R L.,M.D.:Surg.■k:MD• 
Love W. S., Esq.,'Surg^All D 
^^'^D., M.D.,De/lnsp..Gen., 
Lyons, R. T.Vm.D., Surg.-.Maj " 
R n"""' ''•■ '"•'^- Staff-IW. 

^a'm.d"'..-'- ^- *'''^- Surg.- 
McCreerj-, N., Esq., Su^. A..M D 

^'Cv'^"*' ^" ^-'Esq'iSarg.-Maj 
* a!m.'d'' -'°'"'' *'-°Vsurg..Maj 
"rM°D°"' .*^' ^^•.■■Surg..MaJ. 
Maclver, D.. M.D 
MacKinnon, W. A Esn r r" 
Surg. .Gen. ' "'■ *^•^•• 

Sladaren, J. F., M.B., i.M.S " 

'Get"A.M:D''-°- ^'■'- ^"S.- 
Maclean, W.C.,M.D.;c.B.,Insp'. 
McGrath E; J., Esq.,' Surg.-Mai' 
A mS''"' "• J- M-B-7W.- 
"ffl^-J- "^^^-S-g.-May. 


7, Royal lenace, Edinburgh 

Borstal, Rochester 

207, Piccadilly, W. 

Care of Grindlay and Co., Bombay 

Dublin (ZJ. Br.) 

Cape Colony 

Ringwood, Hants 

Lockwood, Bedford 

=4, St. John's Wood Park, N.W. (.T/,^ Sr.) 

2, Park View, Cork 

Cape of Good Hope 



The For', D«lhi, India 



^'w^"?;^. Park, Southsea 
"•"•S-. Moorhen," China 

Fyzalad^t'dif '' • P"--'»-n- King's Co, 
Downside Road, Clihon (B. a„d B. Br) 
Sullundur, Punjaub 

HmI "■^^°::^'"'-^ America 

n M.b. Ins. Porumouth (X. of E Br \ 

Station Hospital, York ' ^'^■' 

H.M.S. "Nelson- 

^toke, Devonport 

Poonamalles, Madras 

H.M.S. "Firefly" 

17, Campbell Terrace, Southsea 

h'mV'!??: ""=>■• Oxford 
n-iH.». <-ormorant," Australii 
Murdan, Punjaub '^"^tralia 

H.M.S. " Decoy," Mediterranean 

Pallasgreen, co. Limerick 


Bedford Street, Liverpool 

Woolston, Hants (S. Br ) 


!'j:°'gP"»''«. Cheltenham 
364, Rue bt. Honore-, Pai:s 

H.M.S. "Osprey," Pacific 
NortJi Finchley (Afe/. Br.) 

FX'Srr-O"'""'.-- Louth 


Antrim Road, Belfast ((.V. 0/ £ Br.) 

Government House, Madras 

gTf's*f°^f'»l. Netley(,9. fl..) 

H.M.S. Victor Emmanuel," Hong Kong 


Jullunder, Punjaub 

Halkirk, Caithness 



c/o Grindlay & Co., Calcutta 

Colaba, Bombay 

^'^^mar^, W., M.D., Dep. Surg. 

"i;sr.rM''D^- "■■ ■^•■i'- w;. 

McNeece, j.G.,Esq., Surg.A M D 

J »<:Neece,T.F.,Esq.',Sur|.,:i M D 
MacQuaid, P I p.„ ^ • 

Macrobin, .\. A \i"p c " 
A.M.D. . • ■^■' Surg. 

McShane, Charles, Esq., Deputy- 
Inspector-Gen., R.N ^ ' 


"l^ilj.j^Jam^s, M.D.; Surgeoi 
-Mair^ George, M.D., ' StafT-Surg. 
Maliy,-^R. N., Esq„- Surg.-Mai; 


Zmy "*•■ ^^'iS'Tg;, Bombay 

Mapleton,R.W.,M.B..Surg.A.M b 
Martin, John, Esq., Surg. A.M D 

"rMV- '■■ -^'D-.'urg.-^-. 

"S'r^n"^"' ^'d- Deputy i„;: 

''-Mi"AT?ir' ^^- S"^'- 

May, A. W., Esq. " 

' A^'m.d''- '''■• ^^O- ■S-S-Maj-. 


*'^ r'.H.'g ■ "■ ''• ^-^ "O- Surg. 


R 'n' -^ " ' ^'•°- f '«°-Surg. 

''Sa-m^^^"'™' ^■^''- E^-s-- 

Moffitt, A., Surg. A.M.'b. 

-VM'a' °: •^■' ^^^ B"S-Surg. 
-Moriarty, Matthew D.!'m.B SuV 

Bengal .^rmy ' 

^'llfk ""■' "-D-/ Surg.-Maj; 
* r"n""' ^' ^■* E^<l-.'*''="-Snrg; 
"rT" '^'^'■^'«-Esq.,>leet-Surg: 

Mosse, Charles Benjamin, C. B 
, Dep. Surg..Gen. A.M.D. 

"».d'- «•■ "•^•. '^"^■•^-.■• 

Mown, R.A.,M.D.,Staff;Surg.R.N" 
Muglesto«, T. C, Esq., Surg° K X 

A.'i.'li.^'r^' ^'-"^ ■ ^-« -"'•-i"' 

"r N**' ^''"'^'' '^- Esq , Surg.; 

'^'r n"''' -'°''"' *'-D-. Staff-Surg. 


^'r'n!'' ^- ^- Esq.,'Staff-Surg; 
Murray, John" Ross, M.D., Sur^.'. 

Major, -^.M.D. 
"^"Thy^M. W., Esq.," Surg.-Gen: 

''f^.'':- Esq..-Surg..Maj. 
Myers,A B R., Esq., Surg. A.HLD. 

A M.d"' .''■ "•■ ^'^- Surg, 
'^jjn^s. Belgrave, M. D.; "Fleet- Surg. 
Ni.von,'G. M.";m.B., Surg. LM.b" 

Xm'd^"' ^^''- ^"^-surg: 

°-AM"b^" !^'"' E^"-.' Surg.-Maj. 
OC=Jlagh"an,"G. H. K., Esq., A. M.'b. 

Claremont, Millbrook, Southampton 



Newnham House, Woolwich 
CO. Col. Hunter, Norton Barracks, Worcester 
c/o Dr. R. B. McVittie. Dublin 

Coldstream Guards Hosp,,al,VincentSq.,S.W. 
H.M.S. "Brilliant," Inverness 

Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley 

Allahabad, Bengal 

Kaira, Gujarab, India 
Netley (resigns) 
12, North Mall, Cork 

East Park, Southampton (S. Br.) 

h^'m^' ^""^ Scotia 

"■M.S. Alexandria," Mediterranean 

Anglesea, Gosport (S. Br.) 

Umballa, Bengal 

*?? m"^ ^^i^^"-''- Windsor 

".M.S. Northampton," Halifax, N.S. 

British Naval Hospital, Lisbon 


Salthill Road, Galway 


Barracks, Cork 

6, Mountjoy&iuare, Dublin (resigned)(0. Br.) 

H.M.S. "Euryalus," East Indies (.S. s,.) 

H.M.S. " Iron Duke," China 

108, Palace Gardens, W. 


Port WUliara, Calcutta 
Keyham Dockyard, Devonport 
H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth 

H.M.S. " Merlin " Greenock (B. Co. Br.) 


Sunday's Well, Coi^c 


e.o. King, King, & Co., Bombay 
Jamaica (D. Br.) 


Barracks, Winchester 
Exeter (i-. IF. Br) 
Station Hospital Barracks, Cork 


O'Connell, Ed., Esq., Surg.-Maj 

O'Conneil, M. D., Esq.] Surg.-Mojl 

O'Connor, D., Esq., Fleet Surg. .'.' 
Of^"<=ll.T., J. M.D., Surg..Maj. 

O'Flahertv, T. AIe.\., M.D., Staff- 

Surg. R.N. 
Ogilvie, Charles F., m'.D., SuJgs- 

Maj. Bombay Army .. 

^Sjl'fi'. J-. M.D., Dep-Surg. Gen. 
A.M.D. .. 

Oliver. J. R., Surg A..M.D. 
O'Neill, S. L., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 

Tm'd '^' ■'■' ^^'''' ^"'^■■^^''i- 

°T."i D ^' '"'"'' ^^y-' Surg-Maj: 

0'Sullivan,D., Esq., Surg, A M d' 
O'Sullivan, T., M.D., Staff-Surg 

Owen, C. W., Esq., Surg. I.M.D. 
Panic, P. D., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 
Paterson, A. McM.,Esq.,Surg.-Maj. 

Paterson, IH. >., M.D.''Surg.-Mai' 

A.M.D. .. .. 

Pedlow, J., M.D., Surg.' A.m'.d/' 
Peters, C. T., M.B., Surg.-Maj. . 
Pickthorn,.T. Russell, Esq., Insp . 

Gen. R.N 

Polden. R. J., Esq., I.Si D 

Pollard, E. R. H., Esq 

P°jlard, \V. H., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

Pollock. C. f'.; M.B., Surg. A.M.D. 
Poole, George Kenneth, M.D., Sure - 
Maj. A.M.D. ' *■ 

Poole, Walter C. J., M.B., A.M D 
Powell, James, Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 
Powell, W. L., Esq., Staff-Surg. 

Power, W. M.,Esq.,.Staff-Surg.R;N' 

Poynder, G. F.. Esq., Surg. A. M D ' 

Preston, A. F., H.B., Surg.. Mai' 

.\.M.D. .. . ^ 

"^AMD "" ^^v'/^fTS'-M^h 

Quinton.W. West,M.B.','Sure -Mai' 
A.M.D. .. ' * ":"<>•■ 

^Sb.^' ,^' '^^^-.''STg.-Maj. 

K^nsford, W.' J. R., 'Esq., Surg. 

Katigan A. H., Esq., Surg.-Maj. 

R.inkin,\V.J.,M.D.,Staff-Surg.R N, S. Key^^•orth, Esq., Surg:- 
Maj. .^.M.D. 

K^?de. H. T.,Esq.,V.C.','bep.'.Surg; 
Gen. A.M.D. 

^?tr'iJ.- ^- ^•' E^q-.'Surg.-Ge;,':' 

A.iVl, JJ. 

^r'n"''' ^■' ^=1-' S'aff.-Surg." 
Reiii, ). Watt, M.D.;'''l)ir. Gen' 

Navv Med. Depart. 
Reid, Walter, M.D., St.iff-Surg. "., 
Renton, David, M.D., SurffTMai 

Reynolds, J. H., M.E.,'iL.D. V C 

Surg.-Maj. A.M.D. .. •'■' 

Ring, James, M.D.. Surg. A.M d' 
Riordan, Robt. de B., Esq.; Sure-'. 
M.-ij. A.M.D. *■ 

'^'am"')^^' ^'' '^''^■•'Surg-Maj; 
Risk, E. ;. E.', Esq. s,;' ^.M d' 
Robbms. H J.. .M.E., Surg.-Maj. .. 
Roberts, Edmund H., Esq , Surir 
Maj. A.M.D. ^' ^' 

Robertson Alex. C, M.D., Sur'g.. 

M.-ij. j^.M.D. . * 

Robertson, G., M.D., Fleet-Surg.' 

Robertson, G. .S., Es^,., I.M.D. 

\"md' ''•' ■''"'•■""J'> 

Robinson, -Mark, Esq.,' Surg. Ma- 
dras .^rmy .. ' 

Robinson, R.H.,Esq., Surg. A.M tS' 

u°'' ;■ iV 't- ^-^'l-- ■''"'■K- A.M.D.' 
Roe, P. H., Esq., Surg.- Mai. 

i'.m'd.'^' ^"" E'"-' Surg-Mai: 
Roric, J., Esq., Flcet-Sii'rg. R.N " 
Rose, A. .S., MB., Surg. A.M.D." 
Ross, D. R., M.D., Surg. .4.M.D 


Quarry Road, Hastings 

H.M.S. "Superb," 

Loughrea, co. Galway 

t.O. Hallett & Co., St. Martin's Place, S.W. 

Warham Road, Croydon (J/</. Ur.) 

S.Sf'T?'''' ^T',£'' ^"' End, Aldershot , 

Station Hospital. Gosport 


' Bengal ' 

Glencorse, N.B. 


' CO. Messrs. Heminghara & Hollis, Mount St. 
17, Denny Street, Tralee 
Umballa, Punjab 
Doaba Outposts, Peshawar 

BangaI6i-e, India 
CO. King, iCing & Co., Bombay 

I, Wetherby Terrace, S.W. 

Simla, India 

H.M.S. " .-ilbatross," China Station 

54' Marina, St. Leonard's-on-Sea 
Military H6spital, Piershill, Edinburgh 

Jtontrose, Anerley Hill, Uppe/'^kf^TOo'd 
45, Rathgar;Road, Dublin (D. Br ) 
Herbert'* Hbspital, Shooter's Hill, S.E. 

H.M.S. " Assistance," Portsmouth 

26, Clarinda Park, 'W., Dublin (Z>. Br.) 

Care ofGrihdlay S: Co., Bombay 

Meerpt, N.W.P. India 

Meerut, India 


3, -Arthur Terrace, Belfast 

Portobello, Dublin 
:H,J1.S. ," Dryad," Aden 

Station Hospital, Sheerness 

:Bacbjtda^ ■■" 

Peshawi^r ' 

H.M.S. ''Reyis<,',"HuII(£-. J-. fi X.!.. Br. 

9, Kew Sire«, Spring'G.-irdens 
Haslar^. Br.) . 

Peitefmiu-it^'jiilrg, Natal 

^T^X^"^" 'Toxace, Kilmainham (£>. ^^ ^ , ,,. 

Union Club, Malta 

Ivy Bank. Villa, Gravcsend 
Chirat, Punjab 
Xurr^. Valley 

Royal Military Academy, Woolwich 
, Alderney 

3o.:Park Road Kilburn, N.W. 

H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth 
l^olhapur, Bombay 

Syif-y^if 5 "^'"8 ''' Co., Bombay 
Beulah Hill, Norwood 

Belturbet, CO. Cavan 

i*o°^'p M 0°T/^"''l! ?^'P"'"''' 
CO. l.M.O. Alexandr.a 

[Dec. 29, 1883. 

Russell, E. G., M.B., Surgeon, 

Bengal Service 
Russell.G. M.,M.B., Surg, -i M T) 

'^a.'ITlF' ^^- "■' ^'''" S"^s-'^i^J- 

Ruxton, John, M.B., Surg. A.M b' 
Ryan, M. R., M.D., Surg. A.M.D. 

.Si!d' •'' °' "•■ ^^-^^ ^"'^■ 

Sargent, A. F.', Esq., Surg. .Madra's 
Armv ... 

•Scanlan, H., .M.B.. Surg. R N 
Scanlan James, >i.B., Surg.-Maj.' 

Scott, H., M.'b., Surg. a'..M.D. .' ' 
Scott, J., Esq., Surg. A.M.D. 

AMD' ■^■' "^''''' ^'"•«-'^l='J' 
^a'iTd"'' ^'' ^'''■.'Brig.-Surg'. 
Seymour, C.,'Esq., Sur^. A.M.D." 
bhaw, J Esq., Inspec-Gen. Hospi- 
tals, Madras .iVrmy 
^ aIm.Jj: •'^" ^^- Surg.-Maj. 

Sibthorpe, C, Esq., Su'r'g. Madras 


a.m'd^' *'" ^^■^- '^"s-S"^g- 

Sinclair, j M.D., Dep'.'Surg.-Gen 
r,"! D '^''°'' '^'"■S-^I^J- 

^a''m"d^' ^■' '"^'■°-' "Surg.-Maj. 
^A.M.D^' '^'" '^•«-i''E"'Sr-SulE. 
Slaughter, C'h., Esql','Fleet-Surg;' 

Slaughter, G.' 'm., Esq.,' Brig. -Suri.' 

Smart, Sir W. R. E., M.D.Tk C B 

Insp.-Gen. R.N. . : ' 

^"a'm d ^'' '^'■■°'' ^"«-^'='-'°', 

Sparrow, H. 'r. S., Esii'.' 
Sparrow, J,, Esq., Surg.-M..i. '.', 

St. James's Square, S.W. 
Sealkote, Punjaub 

Manor House, Redbridge, Hants 
Station Hospital, Wre.vham 

Dum Dum, Calcutta 

AiLl'b^r '''"«■ ''^■"-**-"°'.'^°'"W 

Esq., Surj. 

Stafford, P. W 

A.M.D ., 
Staples, F. p., Esq.^ 'Surg.-Maj!,' 

Steele, w'm. H., M.D.','Surg. Mai 

.-V.M.D. .. .. ■'■ 

Stewart,J.McD.,Esq.,Surg.\ M b, Wm., M.D., Dep. Sure .' 

Gen. A.M.D. .. ^ 

Stock.J.N., Esq., Surg.-Maj. A .M D 
Stoker, R.N., Esq., Surg. Ben'gai 

Stokes. H. H.. m!h., .Sur" ' 

A.M.D. . .. ' =■' 

Stuart, H. O., Esq., Surg. .\ M D 
Sutherland, G. W. J. Esq., Fleet 

Surg. R.N. 

^"a'jvi'd''' ^'' ^"''■■Surg.-Maj'. 
Swayne, C. H., Esq., Surg. .AiM.D' ' 
Sweetnam, R. J., Esq., Staff-Surg. 

Sweetn.-im.S.. Esq.. Staff-Surg. R.n! 
^^1'^ ^^'" ^'l-' Surg. H.M.^. 

Pemeraire " 
Taylor, E., Esq., Sur.-Maj. A.M D ' 
lemple, Wm., M.B., V.C, Sure'. 

Maj. .i.M.D. .. . ' 

Thiele', C, Esq., .Sorg. .4.M.D. " 
Thorn, W., Esq., Surg.-Genl. 
Thomas, J. R., Esq., Surg. .Maj. 

Madras Army 
Thompson, J. J., Esq., Brig.-Surg. 

Thompson, V. C, M.D.,' I.M.D. "' 
Thomson, James, Esq., Fleet-Sure. 

R.N. .. ^_ , , 

Thomson, W. .\., Esq., Dcp.-Sure'' 

Gen., .A.M.D.j ^ f 6- 

'!"'',?'■?. K'. C- M.D.,"Surg.-Maj. 
Bombay Army 

'^A.M.rx' *!'■ '^"'" S-S-Maj'. 

lodd, H. J. M'C, Esq., H..M.S 

'Tm n"' ^' ^■' ^^''"' Sl"¥.--Maj. 
Townscnd, S.'c, Esq.,'bep. Surg'.'. 

Gen. Bengal Army .. 
T"^q>hook, G. R., .M.B., Surg...M.-,j; 

'^i.M'ib.^'."-'" ^='!'"S"^g-'^'a;. 

R. A. Barracks, Exeter 

CO. P.M.O. Pietermarilzburg 


Shirley Lodge, Southampton (.y. £r.) 

95, Oxford Gardens, North Kensington 

14, Thicket Road, Anerley, S.E. 
Tenby, Wales 

36, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin 
otoke, JJevonport 

102 Hereford Road, Bayswa,,-, 
Belfast (A: ,j/-/. £^.) 


Deolali Camp, Bombay 



Herbert Hospital, Shooter's Hill (S.£. Br.) 

^4:;CistIetown Road, Eondon,'" wV (2' fij 

.Ahmednagar, Bombay 
H.M.S. " Boscawen," Portland 

"pia'e*rrw.^.^j?;5'l;.f-' - ^^■-"'- 

Durban, Natal . ■ 

■ • '' './. 
Station Hospital, Gibraltar 

Curragh Camp 

Cosham, Hants 

Fort Attack, Punjab 

Port Said 

CO. Messrs. Hen.iingham and Hollisi'Mouni 


CO Messrs Henningham and 'Hollis,' MiiJ^i 
H.M.S. ■' lavincible," Mediterranean 

I- ..'1- . 11 1^. 
Mediterranean -; ,tl.i/ ,.( 

3, Belvoir Terrace, Scarboro 

Moray House, Southsea 
St. George's, Bermuda 
' 37. Avenue Kleber, Paris 


Hong Kong 

Royal Victoria Hospital, NetleyWi-. .*r.) 
6, Rue Castjghone, Paris ' 





The Dene, Hindon, Salisbury 

Dec. 29, 1883 ] 

TuIIy, t Esq., Surg. I.M.D. .. 
Tuohy, J. !••., M.D., Surg. l.M D 
lurnbull, A.,M.D.,FIeet-Surg. R X 
Turnbull, P. $., M.D., SurK-Mai.' 
i^ombay Army 

'^A.'m.'d'^' ^' ^"'•' Surg.-Maj'. 

T^hill Phineas B., W.D. Surg. 

Tyndall, J., Esq., Surg'.R.N. 
Vand,, S. C. Esq., Surg. I.M.D. 

RN '^ ''5'°"" E")' Surg. 

Vasey, J. A.,' Esq., Surg. R.N. ;; 
Vasey, S. W., Esq., Surg., R.N. 

A.AI D ''■ "- "D- Surg..Maj 
Wagho'rn,' Fred., M.D.,' Surg.-Ma).' ^^'''^^''''^y. Southampton(.S-. Br.) 

A aY'd '^'•^" Su'g-Maj., 


Guserat West, Bombay 

Nowshera, Punjab 
H.M.S. "Bacchante' 


Woolston, Southampton 

Muttra, N. \V. P., India 

Station Hospiul, Gibraltar 
K. N. Hospital,'HaulbowIine 

H\7q"''i''=^' ^''^''''''''"«'' Hong Kon- 
H.M.S. 'Seagull," Aden 

w^l^^'J,- ^- •"^ID.,'Surg..Gen: 

.AMD ■ ^'''■' S4-M:S. 

Ward, E. C R Esq., Surg.A.M.D. 

»r"S'.f J" '*'-°-- C-I.E., Surg.. 
Maj. Madras Array . . 

Waters.R.Esq Surg.-Maj.A.M.D. 

A.M^D •■ ^"^- S'^S-Maj. 

Watson, A., M.D., I„sp..Gen. R.N. 
-AMd"'"" ' ^"'•' S"rg.-.Maj. 

^=^^ j\- Es,: ,;g. A. m.d: 

.? M.D !" ''■■ Surg-G™- 

w n 'J-o"- ^^- Surg.-Maj. .. 


White, R. D., M.B., Surg. R.N.V. 


Station Hospital, Stirling 

Station Hospital, Gosport 
32, Bedford Square, W.C. 


49, Clifton Gardens, W. 

CO. Messrs. Holt & Co., ,7, Whitehall Place 
Bushmills, co. Antrim 

Sandgate, Kent 

Parkhurst Barracks, I. of W 

20, Ashtmrton Road, Southsea 

Bitterne, Southampton 
Armagh (.\-. 0/ 1. Br.) 

Royal Xaval Hospital, Haslar (3ftt. Ca-'Br.) 

Rajkote, Bombay 

Kemp Town, Brighton 

Clonmell, co. Tipperarj- 
Forton Barracks, Gosport (.y. Br. 



White, Samuel G 

Maj. A. M.D. 
White, W. O'B., Esq 
A.M.D. . ^ 

I ^^i',"^\"l,-'»''n H., Esq., Surg'. 
I .Maj. A..M.D. * 

I wln''r'?V^"';-^'"'«"'-"D. .': 

i rlLr'- "' '^- ^^■^- °=P- S"^- 

i ,*.','.'.'»"is, J.'O'B., Esq." 
\V, ,amson,J.G.,Esq.,Surg.A..M D 

a'm'd -'" *''^- S"4-Maj. 

^''"^K'b':.^- ^- '^^1- Surg. 
.^J^"""?'!- ^^1-, Suff.Surg. R.N- ■• 
Wood, O. G., M.B., Surf, t:\lu 
Wood,T M.D.,Surg...Mfi.A.M:D 
Woods,D., Esq., Surg.. Mai.A M D' 

' ^v"°f' ",• 9.- i^'-° • Staff.Surg. .' 

Woodward, G. P. M., M.D., Deo 

Surg.-Gen. ^' 

^^'^I'P'^'' J"*"" '^- *I-D., C.E.', 
,,,VM.G^ Surg.-Gen. A.M.D. 

i '^'&U^- '"■■ ^^■'- S-g.-.Maj. 


''a^II'd^' ^- Esq.;-Surg..Maj. 
Yoange.G. H.,Esq., Surg. A.M.ll. 





Supt. Central Prison Agra 

Suuon Hospital, ColchSter 

Soulhsea (S. Br ) 

J-leid lorce, Candahar 

Fort William, Calcutta 
Perth (S. £r.) 


>^orfolk House, Southsea 

77, Radcliffe Gardens W 
Alverstoke (5. Br.) 

Clarendon House, Heme Hill 



Folkestone (i".£'. Br.) 

Glanbrook Passage West, Cork 
Benares, India 

branches, a,ul -.vlwse names arc nutrked accordingly. 

f "■^t"f 7 f ^^^'•-'''"■'"" e^-V<.«r.../ Branches, usedln tU preceding List 
-B. a,^ ^., Bath and Bristol ; B.C., Border Counties ; B., Dublin ; 1, tZ^ 
E..U East Anghan ; E. Y. and N. L., East York and North Linc;in ■ L aZc' 
Lancashire and Cheshire Af. Midland ■ Met r« \r , r !, '' 

E Nnrfh „nr , J ,. ""•'"''■ '^''■' ■^^"'■opol'tan Counties; A^. of 

E North of England; A. ./ /. North of Ireland ; .y.. Southern ■ .S E South 
Eastern;, South of Ireland • ^.»^. South W^tern; 1' If'^f^"^ 
Sydney and New South Wales. «'« i> ..i . (K. 



President „ 
Howrary Treasurer 
Honorary Secretary 


•■ wr ^''■^''''^ "ir^^^- Esq., Adelaide 

- y-S,'"'^'"^''- ^'D., Adelaide 

" li- T • Sorbin, Esq., Adelaide 

.. W. LE.VNOX Clel.^nd, M.B., Adelaide 

Clindinneng, W. T., Esq 
Gosse, W., M.D. 
Stirling, E. C, M.D. 


North Terrace, Adelaide 

Kent Town 



Addison, G., Esq. 

Astles, H. Eustace, Esq.' 

Baily, F. W., Esq 

Baker, J. P., Esq 
Blood, M. H. Sm-th, Esq. 

Borthwick, T., M.B. 

Brummitt, R., Esq. 

Cawley, Thomas, M.D. ' 
Chown, J. W., M.B. 
Cleland, W. Lennox, M.B. 
Clindenning, W. *!,, Esq 
Cockbum, J. A., M.D 
Corbin, T. W., Esq. 
Creelman, J. A., Esq. 
Dunlop. J. D., M.B. ." 
Elliott, C. H., Esq. 
Ellison, S. R., Esq. 
Esau, H. C. F., Esq. 
Flood, J. W., M.B/ ■ 


,. Gawler 

.. Adelaide 

- . Norwood. -Adelaide 

. . Mount Pleasant 

.. Kapunda (dead) 

:: &ga' '''""'''■ s™"- A"^'^-'i=' 

. . Adelaide 

.. Jamestown 

.. Adelaide 

.. North Terrace, Adelaide 

• > Jamestown 

;; ^i^'Jg^^Vi'li^ Street, Adelaide 

.. Adelaide 

.. Adelaide 

. * Adelaide 

.. Woodside 

— V'orketown 


Gardner, W., M.D. 
Gething, R., M.D ' 
Giles, W. .A., M.B. 
Gorger, O., Esq. 
Gosse, C, Esq. 
Gosse, W., M.D. 
j Hamilton, A. A., Esq. ' 
I Hamilton, J. .A. G., M.B 
I Hamilton, T. K., M.D. 
' Haney, H. Frederick, Esq. 
Ha>ivard, W. T., Esq 
Henrj', A., M.D. 

James, Thomas, Esq. 

Jay, M., Esq. .'. 

McGowan. Robert, Esq. 

Jlclntyre, -A., Esq. 

M.ickintosh, J. S., M.D 

Maclachlan, Donald A., Esq 

Mann, James Esq. 

Markham, W., M.D 

Nesbitt, W. Peel, M.B." 

Owen, R. J., M.D. 

Parker, A. H., Esq. 

Parkinson, J. Taylor, M B 

Pendleton, R. W., Esq 

Popham, F. W. H. Esq 

Poulton, B., Esq., M.B. 

Robinson, W. Newman M D 

Sangster, J. T., Esq. .. 

SeabrooV, T. E. F., M.D. 

Smith, Otto Wien, M.B 

Sprod, J., Esq. 

Stewart, R., M.B. 
Stewart, Robert Walter Esq 
Stirling, E. C, M.D. . 
Toll, J. T., Esq. 
Thomas, David ,M.D. .. 
Thompson, C.. Esq 
Todd, C. E.. M.D. " ■ 
Verco, Joseph Cook, M.D. 

. . -Adelaide 

. . Port Adelaide 

.- Adelaide 

.. North Terrace, Adelaide 

. . Adelaide 

. . Kent Town 

. . Adelaide 

.. Laura, S.-A. 

■ ■ -Auburn 

. . Riverton 

■ . Adelaide 

• ■ xt""",*^' 5°'"'' Australia 
■ . North Adelaide 

■ . North Adelaide 

• • S?'?.","""^. Port -Adelaide 
. . aahsburj- 

.. -Adelaide 

.. Fort .Augustus 

. . Adelaide 

Ballarat, \'ictoria 

. . Port Lincoln 

■ ■ Crystal Brooke, South Australia 
- ■ rort Augusta 


■ ■ -Adelaide 

. . College Town 
. . Clare 
■ . Kensington 
.. Hindermarsh 

Port Pirie 
. . .Adelaide 
■ • Port -Adelaide 
. . -Adelaide 
. . -Adelaide 
. . Wellington Square, North Adelaide 



[Dec. 20, 188 J 

Walls, A., Esq. 
Way, E. W.- M.B. 
Welchman, J. A. C.» Esq. 
Wilson, J. S., M.D. .. 


North Terrace, Adelaide 



Blue, W. A. S., Esq. .. 
Cave, A., Esq. 
Curtis, H. C, Esq. 
Dawes, R. St. Mark, Esq. 
Dixon, H., Esq. 
Hicks, E.J. W., M.D. 
Jackson, James, M.D... 
Morison, B. Paynter, Esq. 
NickoII, K. S., Esq. .. 
Paoli, F., Esq. 
Robert'^on, R., Esq. 
Shand H. M.. M.D. .. 

Brompton, Adelaide 
Clarendon, Adelaide 

Mount Barker 

Port Elliot 

Mount Gambier 





Post Office, Adelaide 



President ,. . . A. R. Saunders, M.B., Kingsion 

P resident -EUct M. Stern, Esq., Kingston 

Honorary Secretary^ Treasurer M. Stern, Esq., Kingston 

Cargill, Jasper, M.D. 
Gayleard, Christopher, Esq. 
Ogilvie, J., Esq. ., 
Phillippo, J. C, M.D. 
Pringle, John, M.B. 
Ross, D. Palmer, M.D. 
Saunders, F., Esq- 


. Monaltre, St. .'Andrews 
, Kingston 



Port Maria 




Campbell, J. A., Ebg,, Surg.-Maj. 

A. M.D. .. 
Cargill, Jasper, M.D, .. 
Chaffey, E., Esq^ 
Cheyne, G. E., Esq. 
Clare, Hy. L., Esq. 
Clarke, J. H., Esq. .. 
Clarke, Thomas, M.D... 
Cooke, E. H., M.B. .. 
Cotter, A. H., Esq. 
Davis, B. W., M.D. .. 
De Leon, John, Esq. ,. 
Gayleard, Christopher, E*q 
Gibb, R. C, Esq. 
Gerrard, John, Esq. 
Harvey Octavius Charles M.D... 
Harvey, Richard Spence, M.D. .. 
McCormack, M. P. Cormac, Esq. 
Manners, Thomas, Esq. 
Martyn, G., Esq. 
Maunsell, H. E., M.B. 
Mosse, Charles Benjamin, Esq., 

C.B., Dep. Surg.-Gen. 
Mullen, — , Esq. 
Neyland, J., Esq. 
Neish, James, Esq. 
O'Connor, W. A., M.D.. 
Ogilvie, James, Esq. . . 
Peck, T. H., Esq. 
Phillippo, J. C, M.D. .. 
Pringle, John, M.B. .. 
Roberts, T. C. E., Esq., D. Palmer, M.D. 
Saunders, Arthur Rich., M.B. 
Saunders, F., Esq. 
Stem, M., Esq. 
Talbot, J. Bindley, Esq. 
Taylor, W., Esq. 
Thompson, J. J., Esq., Brig.-Surg. 

A.M.D. .. .. 

Tompsett, James, Esq. . . 
Vincent, F. M., Esq. .. 
Wilson, John, M.D. .. 


^lonaltre, St. Andrews 
Kingston , 

Public Hospital, Jamaica 
St. Elizabeth 
Belfield, Annoto Bay 
Chester Castle Post Office 
Kingston (dead) 
Morant Bay 
Savannah-la- Ma r 

Moneague Post Office 

Hrown's Town 

Golden Grove, Plantain Garden River, P.O. 
Stony Hill 

Linstead, Jamaica 
Port Maria 
Moneague, %%. Anns 

Spanish Town 
.^nnotio Bay 
Montego Bay 

Anderson, Izelt, W,, M.D. 
Diinscombe-Honiball O., M.D. 
Hillary, J., Esq 

McM.ihon, J. J., Esq. 
Miller, O. D., Esq. 
Nicholson, R. H., Surg. A.M.D. 
Scolt James, Es(|. 


Plaintain Gardens River 

Four Paths Post Office * 

St. Ann's Bay 


British Honduras 




President William Henry Cltts, M.D., Melbourne 

Vice-President James Edwakd Neild, M.D., Melbourne 

Honorary Treasurer ., George Graham, M.D., Richmond 

Honorary Secretary .. .. W. H. CuTTs, M.D., Melbourne 


A'Beckett, W. G., Esq. .. 

Adam, G. R, W., M.B... 

Alsop, T. O. F., M.B. .. 

Balls-Headley, W., M.D. 

Barker, W., Esq. 

Barnett, J. K., Esq. 

Bennie, P. B., Esq. 

Black, A. G., M.B. 

Bone, W., M.D. 

Bowen, T. A., Esq. 

Bradford, W. A., M.D... 

Browning, J. H., Esq .. 

Burke, S. J., Esq. 

Carstairs, J. G., M.B. .. 

Clark, C. D., Esq. 

Colquhoun, R.' Esq. 

Colquhoun, R., Esq. 

Croker, P. A., M.B. 

Cunningham, P H , Esq. 

Cutis, W. H. M.D 

Daniel, F., Esq. 

Dean, H. D., Esq. 

Dempster, J. J. Colquhoun, M.D. 

Dunn, R. H., Esq. 

Eccles, J. v., Esq. 

Embling, W. H., Esq. .. 

P'itzgerald, T. N. Esq. . . 

Fyffe, B., Esq. 

Galbraith, J., M.D. 

Garrard, W., Esq. 

Gillbee, W. Esq. 

Gowble, H. W. B., Esq. 

Grace, J. F., M.D. 

Graham, G., M.D. 

Haig, W.,Esq. 

Hardy, C. H., M.D. .. 

Harracks,— ., M.D. .. 

Harris, H. L., M.B. .. 

Harris, — , Esq. 

Hector, W. H. B., Esq. 

Heffernan, E. B., Esq. . . 

Henderson, Colin, M.D. 

Henry, Louis, M.B. 

Hewlett, T., Esq. 

Hora, T., Esq. 

Hudson, R. F., M.D. .. 
James, E. M., Esq. 
Jamieson, J., M.D. 
Jordan, F., M.D. 

Kirkland, J. D., Esq. .. 
Lawton, F., Esq. 
Lefevre, G., M.B. 

Lempriere, C. M'A.,Esq. 
Lucas, T. Pennington, Esq. 

McCrea, W., M.B. 
Mclnerney, J. R., Esq. 

McGillivray, P. H., Esq. 
McMillan, T. L., M.D. 
Malcolmson, R., Esq. .. 
Massey, E. H. C, Esq. 
Meyer, F. Esq. 
Morrison, A., Esq. 
IMueller, Baron F. von .. 
Neild, J. E., M.D. 
O'Hara, H. M., Esq. .. 
O'Neill, J., M.D. 
Owen, W. H., Esq. .. 
Pegus, W. T., M.B. .. 
Pinnock, R. D., M.B. ., 
Radcliffe, H. H.,Esq... 
Rae, W., Esq. 
Ramsey, J. K., Esq. 
Rankin, W. B., Esq. .. 
Robertson, R., Esq. 
Rohne, C. W., Esq. .. 
Rowan, T. Esq. 
Rudall, J. T., Esq. 
Ryan, C. S., M.B. 
Scott, Walter, Esq. 
Shields, Andrew, ^l.D. .. 
Skinner. D., M.D. 
Smyth. W. S., Esq. .. 
Steil, T. H., M.D. 
Stewart, C. A., Esti- 
Stewart, Douglas E., M.B. 
Talbot, R., M.D. 
Towle, F. W., Esq. .. 
Tremarne, J., Esq. 
Tuck, John, Esq. ., 

.. St. Kilda 

. . 36, Powlett Street East, Melbourne 

Hawthorn, Melbourne 
. . Collins Street East, Melbourne 
. . Albert Park, Melbourne 
. Tinialdra, Upper Murray 

Hotham, Melbourne 

Hotham, Melbourne 

Castlemaine, Victoria 
. . Collins Street, Melbourne 
. Ballarat, Victoria 

, . Hotham, Melbourne 

,. Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, N.S.W 


Hospital, Clunes, Victoria 

Yarra Street, Geelong 
. . Talbot 

Williaip Street, Melbourne 

North Fitzrcy 

East Charlton 
. St. Kilda 



Chapel Street East, St. Kilda 



Invercargill, New Zealand 

Collins Street East, Melbourne 

Collins Street East, Melbourne 
,. Walhalla 



Emerald Hill, Melbourne 

Collins Street East, Melbourne 

St. Kilda, Melbourne 


Muttaburra, Aramac, Queensland 
. South Yarra 

. Ararat, Victoria 

up, Collins Street, Melbourne 


Carlton, Melbourne 


Collins Street East, Melbourne 

Collins Street East, Melbourne 


Carlton, MelbouTTie 


. South Yarra 
. Emerald Hill, Melbourne 

Hawthorn, Melbourne 

Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 
, Sandhurst, Victoria 
. 15, Collins Street East Melbourne 
. Sandridge 
. Talbot, Victoria 

Lying-in Hospital, Melbourne 
, Albert Street East, Melbourne 

. Collins Street East. Melbournr 

Bay Street, Eng;hton 

North Fitzroy 
, Warnambool 

St. Arnaud 
Ballarat, Victoria 
Bacchus March 

Prahram, Victoria 
. St. Kilda 
. .St. Kilda 
. Bright 

, Collins .Street East, Melbourne 

i(?o, Collins St. Ea-st, Melbourne 
Queen's ClilT, Melbourne 


Alfred Hospital, Melbourne 

Sandridge, Melbourne 


Lai;nccsion, Tasmania 
Mount Bischoff, Tasmania 

Brunswick ■ ■ 

Hospital, Creswick 
. Sevmour 

Dec. 29, 1883.] 


Turner, D., Esq. 
Warren, W., Esq. 
Whitcombe. W. P., Esq. 
Williams, D. J., M.D. .. 
Willmott, J, E., Esq. .. 

Moonce Poods, Melbourne 
Richmond, Melboarne 
North Ballarat 


Kcaney J. G.. M.D. .. 
Courtenay, J. H., Esq... 
Day, J , Esq. 
Hutchinson, B. C, M.D. 
Jec, H. C, Esq. 
Peel, Robert, Esq. 
'I'homsOD, W., Esq. 


Rochester, Victoria 



Post Office, Melbourne 

130, Collins Street East, Melbourse 



Honorary Secretary 

C. W. Shirley Deakin, Esq., Allahabad. 

Armstrong, J., Esq., Surg., A. M.D. 
Ashton, Wm., Esq., Brig. Surg., 

A. M.D. .. 
Eigg. t;. Sterman, Esq., Sur^., 

A.M.D. .. 
Bushe, H. L., M.B., Surg.-Maj., 

A.M.D. .. 
Christian, H.G.,M.B., Surg.. A. M.D. 
Christison, Sir A., Bart., M.D., Surg. 

Gen., I. M.D. 
Conr>', \V., Esq., Surg. 7thB.C. 
D'Altcra, J. J., Esq.. Surg.-Maj. .. 
Davy.F. A., Esq., Sur.Maj.,A.M.D. 
Deakin, C. W. Shirley, Esq., Surg., 

I.M.D., .. 
Deane, A., M.D., Surg.-Maj., I. M.D. 
Deane, W., Esq., Surg., I.M.D. .. 
Dijig, -\., Esq., Surg.-Maj., A.M.D. 
Downie, K. M., M.D., Surg., I. M.D. 
Duncan, — ., M.D., 
Kreycr, P. J., M.D.. Surg. I.M.D. 
UaMwey, M. M., M.D., Surg.-Maj., 

A.M.D. .. 
GiSbons, J. B., Esq., Surg., I.M.D. 
Gillies, Walter, M.D. .. 
Gimlette, G. H. D., M.D., Surg., 

I.M.D. .. 
Gore. A. A., M.D., Surg.-Maj., 

A.M.D. .. 

Grant, D. W. J., M.B.,Surg.,I.M.D. 
Gr;int,G.,M.B., Surg.-Maj., A.M.D. 
Gunning, James D., Esq., Surg.- 
Maj., A.M.D. 
Hall, F. W., Esq., Surg., A.M.D. .. 
Hall, G.C., Esq.. Surg, I.M.D. .. 
Hall, J. Lees, Esq., Surg., A.M.D. 
Hawkins, F. D. C. Esq., Surg., 

Haysted, L.A., Esq., Brig.-Surg., 

A.M.D. .. 
Hendley, John, Esq., Dept -Sur-.Gen. 
Hoystead, J., E=q., Surg.-Maj. 

A.M.D. .. 
Hutcheson, G., Esq , Surg.-Maj., 

I.M.D. .. 
Jack. D. M., M.B., Surg.. I.M.D. 
Jones, J. M., Esq., Surg.. A.M.D... 
Kay, A. G., Surg., A.M.D. 
Lloyd, Ed. H., M.B. Surg.-Maj. 
Macdonald, T. R., M.B., Surg., 

McReddie. G. D., M.D. 
Mayne, T., Esq., Surg Madras 

^ledicaI Ser\-ice 
Morris, W. A., Esq., 
O'Brien, B., Esq., Surg., I.M.D. .. 
O'Connor, A. P., Esq., burg., A.M.D. 
Peevor, G. H., Esq. 
Peyton, J. L., M.B-, Surg., A.M.D. 
Planch, C., Esq., Dept.-Snrg. Gen., 

Raddock, C. E., Esq., Surg.-Maj., 

Richardson, J., M.E., Surg.-Maj. 
Robertson, G. S., I.M.D., 
Shearer, J., Surg., I.M.D. 
Smith, H. S., -M.B., Surg.-Mai- 

Smith, Julian, C, M-B., Surg., 





Sitapur, .\adh 



East Dulwich (dead) 

Care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co., Bontbay 

3, Summesville Terrace, North Circular Road. 

Care of Messrs. Grindlay & Co., Bombay 

Eareilly, N.W.P. India 

Dinapore, Bengal 

Rei Bareili, Audh- 
Shahjaharpore, N.W.P. India. 


Lucknow, India. 


No. 6, Bungalow, Allahabad 

Jabalpur,' India 
Chunar, N.W.P. India 
Royal InErmary, Dublin 

Nowgong, Bundel Rhand 


Clounar, N.W.P. India 

Allahabad, India 


Sweeny, M., Esq., Surg., I.M.D. 
Thomson, Jamci J., Esq., Surg. 

Thorbum, D. A. S., Esq., Sunr. 

Maj. A.M.D. .. f. 

Walker, W., M.D., Brig. Surg. 

I.M.D. .. .. 

Williams, A. H., M.B., Sure, 

A.M.D. .. 
Williamson, J. F., M.B. Sure 

A.M.D. .. * 

Wright, F. W., MB., Surg 

I..M.D. .. ■ £ 

Wright, Temple, Esq., Surg.L.M.D. 

Baraich, Oudh 

Baraich, Oudh 


Vice-Presidiu t 
Honorary Treasurer 
Honorary Secretary 


.. Arthur Renwick, M.D., Sydney 
., Andrew Moffitt, Esq., Sydney 
.. Horatio G. A. Wright. Esq., Sydney 
.. WALTER W. J. O'Reilly, M.D., Liverpool 
Street, Sydney 

Alessandra, P. C, M D. 
Belgrave, T. B., M.D . 
Bennett, C. M.D. 
Bestic, Edwin Henry, Esq 
Brady, Andrew J., Esq. 
Breton, H., Esq. 
Browne, Thomas, Esq. . . 
Chisholm, Edwin, M.D. 
Clune, M. J., Esq. 
Cox, James Charles, M.D. 
Day, H., Esq. 
De Vine, C. Leslie, M.D. 
Dixson, Craig, I^LB. 
Dixson, Thomas, ^LE. .. 
Dowe, J. A., M.B. 
Durham, J. Charles Crozier, Esq. . . 
Evans, O. S., Esq. 
Fiaschi, Thomas, M.D... 
Fortescue, G., M.B. 
Halket, Laurence T., Esq. 
Hastie, Thomas, M.B. . . 
Hoeg, Thomas, Esq. 
Jockell, L. C, Esq. .. 
Kyngdon, F. H., Esq. .. 
Laure. Louis. M.D. 
MacKellar, C. Kinnaird, M.B. 
Mackenzie, Walter Fawkes. Esq. . . 
Maclaurin, H. Norman. ALD. 
Marano, Gregory Vincent, ^LD. 
Markey, James, Esq. . . 
Marshall, George, M.D. 
Milford, Frederick, M.D. 
Moffitt, Andrew, Esq. .. 
Nott Thomas, M.D. 
Oakes, Arthur, Esq. 
O'Connor, Maurice J., Esq 
O'Reilly, W. W. J., M.D. 
Pickbum, T. J., M.D. .. 
Power, John J., M.B. .. 
Quaife, F. Harrison, M.D. 
Renwick, Anhur, M.D... 
Rowley, Charles Edward, Esq. 
Schuette, Rudolph B., M.D. 
Spark, James, ^I.D. 
Tarrant, Harman J., Esq. 
Ward, Robert D., Esq. 
Warren, W. Edward, M.D. 
Wright, Horatio G. A., Esq. 

OF BRANCH. (48.) 

Elizabeth Street, Sydney 


Elizabeth Street, Sydney 

Lyon's Terrace, Sydney 

Wentworth, Murray River, New South Wales 

Infirmar\', i>ydney 

Abergeldie, .Ashfield 

College Straei, Sydney 


Elizabeth Street, Sydney 


2, Clarendon Terrace, Sydney 

193, York Street, Sydney 


College Street, Sydney 

Darlington Street, Balmain 


Lyon's Terrace, Sydney 

Wvnyard Street, Sydney 

Infirmary, Sydney 

Newton Road, .Sydney 


St. Leonard's 


Liverpool Street, Sydney 

Lyon's Terrace, Sydney 

Macquarie Street, Sydney 

261, Elizabeth Street, Sydney 

William Street, Sydney 

Lyon's Terrace, Sydney 

Elizabeth Street, Sydney 

Lyons Terrace, Sydnay 



80, William Street, Sydney 

Liverpool Street, Sydney 

College Street, Sydney' 

College Street, Sydney 


Elizabeth Street, Sydney 


10, College Street, Sydney 

20, College Street, Sydney 


St. Leonards, Sydney 

Elizabeth Street, Sydney 

Winyard Street, Sydney 

Andrews, A., Esq. 
Barkas, W. J., Esq. 
Callaghan, Joseph, Esq. 
CajTuthers, C. U., Elsq. .. 
Casey, P., E.sq. 
Cuppaidge, J Loftus.. M.B. 
Dawes, R. St. Mark, M.B. 
Foreman, Joseph, Esq. 
Foucart. Dr. L. 
FuUerton, G., Esq. 
Gillman. H., Esq. 
Goode, George, M.D. .. 
Goode, W. H., F^q., R.N 
Heeley, J. T.. Erq. 
Hill. J. H.. M.D. 
Hodgson, Alfred, M.D. . . 
Hurst, G., E=q. 


. . .A.Idbury 

. Warialda 


, . Hay, z'ia Melbourne 
. St. George, Queensland 


Kew, Sydney 
. 23, Macquaree Street, Sydney 
. Wootlalvia 

. Wynyard Square, Sydney 
. Camden 
. Camden 

Voring, N.S.W. 
. Lampton, Newcastle 
. Sydney 



Jones, P. S., M.D. 
King, H. Kirwan.M.B." 
McDougall, R. M.B " 
McKillop, R., Esq. .'; 
Nash, J n., Esq., 
Newton, J. L., Esq. .' 
>iome. A., M D 
Read. R., M.D 
Rundle, G. E., Esq " 
Ryley, J. Rutherford, M.D 

ghenven, .Mfred, M D 

Smith, Jas., Esq. 

I""''', J- G., Esq. 

Soull, H., Esq. 

Scale, George John, Esq. 

Souter, J. c., M.D. 

Tnull, M. \v., Esq. " 

West, W. A., Esq!" 

Wigan, G., Esq. 


. lo, College Street, Sydney 
. Braemar, Moruya 



VVallseiid, N. S. Wales 


Blaviathal, Campbelltown, Sydney 

Singleton ■' 

Hillstone, Lachlan River 


College Street, Sydney 







Glebe Street, Sydney 



Acheson, J., M.D. 

Ady, James Charles, Esq. 

Aitken, L., M.D. . . \ 

Armstrong, H., Esq. 

Ball, B., M.D. 

Bancroft. J., M.D. 

Batchelor, F. C., Esq. ' 

Baliersby, C. H., Esq." 

Beck, Johannes H. M. M.B. 

Belvin, J.N., M.D. .. 

Bennett, A. C, M.D. 

Bennet, Henr>- J. L., M D 

Bennett, T., Esq. Surg.-Maj. 

Benson P. H., M.B., Residency 

Bessey, W. E., M.D. . 
Beviss, Charles, M.D 
Biden, W. Price, Esq. .. 
Bishop, Thomas, M.D. .. 
Blanchard, T., Esq 
Blanche, E,, M.D. 
Boddairt, Gustave, M.D 
Boggs, .^., M.D. 
Borah, S., M.B., I M.S' 
Bourne, W., M'D ' 

Brake, \V. N., Esq. '" 
Brandt, G. H., M.D. 
Bright, George C, M.d! 
Brown-Sfquard.C. E.,M D F R V 
Byrd, W. .4.,M.D. •■'■•'^:>- 

Caldwell, C. P., M.D 
Caldwell, R. A., Esq. .'.' 
Cameron, C. J., Esq. 
Cameron. Irving H., M.C 
Carey, W., M.B. 
Carlyon, T. B., Esq. 
Carroll, Alfred L., M.d' 
Cazau.\, J. M., M.D. 
Chauvin, P. S., M.B 
Chute, H. M., Esq. 
Clarke, [. H., Esq. 
Cleghorn, G., Esq, 
Cohn, Max, M.D. '" 
Colboume, Louis, M.B " 
Comeggs, Dr. G., „ 

Connolly, P., Esq. ,' 
Corbould, H. F., M.D*' 
Cordes, A., M.D. 
Corporaiidy, Francois, M D 
Cowic, .\. J.. M.D 
Cox, H. T., Esq. 
Croskery, Rev. Hugh 
Crossby, H. E. M.D. "' 
Da Cunha, J. G., Esq 
Dalton, H., M.D. 
Danjoy, — ., M.D. 
Daubeny, H., M.D. 
Davidson, A., Esq 
Dean, N. H. B., M.D " 
Dc Valcourt, T., M.D 
Dcy, Baboo K.inny Loll 
DciJouche, I., M.D 
Dick, H., M.D. " ■■ 
Didama, H. D., M D " 
Dodge, S., M.D 

MEMBERS. (253.) 

■ fi"pk'^- "U-'S^"'." Jamaica 
• m''^J'=„^';="' Rangoon 
=*■ Norfolk Street, Park Lane, \V 
Chanda, C.P. India 

Brisbane, Australia 
Dunedin, New Zealand 
Cannes, France 
Worcester, Cape Colony 
51, Kue de Lu.vembourg, Paris 
Griquatown, Griqualand West 
.V/^P.ada, West Indies 
Welhngton, New Zealand 


Montreal, Canada 

Pine Town, Durban, Natal 

Hyeres Var, France 

■M, Rue la Boetie, Champs Elysees Paris 

Linares, Jaen, Andalusia, Spain ' ^" 
■S, Rue des Pontes, Auteuil, Paris 
^2;\"'-''|=^"=ij'=5-Champs, Ghent 
362, Rue Sl Honorc, Paris 
Naga Hills, Assam 

0.0. I. W. Wells, Esq., Strand St.. Ca?e To-,, 

Drummond, James. M.ii. 
Duirs, David P., M,l> 
Duncan, Andrew, M.lj 
Duncan, William, Esq., 

Villa Claremont, Cannes 

15, Rue Soufflet, Paris {Hon. Jftm 1 

Quincy, III., U.S.A. ^■"m.) 

■ ■ 'i"''^^ County, Illinois, U. S A 

• 305. rifth Avenue, New York ' 
.. i\IontreaI 

:: De^hfi'dif'"^'''''"™"''^--''- 

■ ^"'"o Hospital, Buenos Ayres 

■ New Brighton, New York 
. Pans 
. Mauritius 
. King William's Town 

• ^, 'I'owmore, South Africa 

• Blenheim, New Zealand 

■ /-^'i, ,.1'" ■''"■asse, Wiesbaden 

• Calle Chacabuco, 200, Buenos Ayres 
. Cmcinnalti, Ohio "yres 

• Wanganni, New Zealand 
Georgetown Hospital, Demerara 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 

■ Vl"^",' Naval Hospital, Bermuda 

■ Skeldon, Berbice, British Guiana 

■ 7, Promenade des Anglais, Nice 
37, Hornby Row, Bombay 

7, Rue du Havre, Paris 
London and S.nn Remo, Italy 

RrtkV"*^^"'"'- Toronto, Canada 

Brighton, Ontario 

Rue de Rome, Paris 


Dunedin, New Zealand 

Care of .Meyer and Hirsch, Munich 

Syracuse, New York 

Halifax, Nova Scotia 

k'iJ),"';"'"-'"'"' ""^ Anglais, Nice 
Kimberley, South Africa 

,\,°/,;""<?'''y «t Co., Bombay 
"est Bank, Demerara 

Edmonds, F. H., Esq 
Edwards, E. H., M.B. " 
Eyde, Stonard, Esq. 
Ellis, J., M.D. ^ ■• 
Embleton, D. C, M.D 
Feamside, H., M.B. 
Eerguson, H. L., Esq. " 
Ferguson, R. A., Esq 
Finlayson, A., .M D 
Fish, H. A., M.B. ' " 
Fisher, F. C., Esq. 
Fitch, Simon, M.D 
Fitzherbert, Hon. T. M D 
Flanagan, H. E. B., Esq.,' 
Francis, E. G., Esq. 
Freeman, A. J., M.D 
Frend, J. A., Esq 
Furnell, M. C, M D " 
Caddy, J., M.D. ' ' 
Galgey, O., Esq. 
Garland, Albert I., Esq ' 
Gason, John, Esq. 
Gay, G. W., M.D. r 

Oilman, J. H., M.D. ' 
Giov-annmi, Giovanni, s'ignor 
Godfrey, J. E., M.B. 
Gonsalves, M. M., M D 
Goodall, W. P., Esq 
Gordon, R., M.D. 
Grabham, M. C., M.D " 
Grant, David, M.B. 
Grant, J. A, Sandilands.'iH.D 
Greathead, J. D. S.. Esq 
Grieve, Robert, M D 
GrifEth, R. Glyn, Esq. " 
Grigor, J., M.D. 
Gueneau de Mussy, H., M D 
Gueneau de Mussy, N M D 
Hartigan, W., Esq. ' ' 

Haslett, Dr. .. 
Hassall, Arthur Hill, M.'d 
Hay, G. W. R., M.D 
Henderson, E. Esq. 
Henderson, W. H., M.D 
Hetherington, G. .A. M B 
Hiron, W. N., M.D 
Hislop, G. B., Esq. ' 
Holton, Harry D., M.D 
Hormazdje, R. N., Esq.' 
Howard, A. C, M.D. .. 
Hubbard, Stephen G., M D 
Hudson, Jas., M.B. 
Humiston, C. B M D 
Hunt, J. H., M.D 
Hurford, C. H., M.D 
Hutchings, R. H., Esq." 
Hutson, Charles, .M.B 
Jelly, W., .M.D. 
Jenkins, J. F., M.D. ." 
Jones, J. R., .M.B. 
Kelly, T., .M.D. 
Kemp, William G., Esq ' 
Kilian, P.. M.D. ' 
Kynsey, ^Vm. R. Esq. 
Lea, J. A., Esq. " 

Leary, E. G., Esq. 
Learj', Samuel, Esq. 
Lebec, Edouard, M.D 
Lee, W. A., Esq.. I.M.S., 
Leech, J. R., M.D. 
Leeper, G. R., .M.B. 
Letcher, James H. M D 
Lindsay, A. W. H., M.D 
Loos, James, M.D. 
Lorans, H., M.B. 
Lovegrove, J. F.. Esq. "' 
Lovett, H. A., Esq. 
McCalman. R. G., .M.D. 
McConnell, J. F. P., M.D 
Macdonald, I. W., Esq " 
Macdonald, John, Esq.' 
MacHattie, A. G., M.D 
MacKeough, G. T., M B 
Mackern, G. M. D., • 
Mackie, James, M.B. 
Mackie, W., M.D. 
Macmillan, D., M B ' 
McPhun, J. F., M.B. 
McReddie, G. D., Esq. 
Makinson, W., Esq. 
Malloch, Archibald E M D 
Manson, P., M.D. 
Marcey, H. C, M.D. 
Massiah, Clarence H., Esq. 
Mathias, J., Esq. 
Mattice, R. J,, M.D 
.Maunsell, J., M.D 
Men/ies, J. A., M.D. 
Mercer, .Alfred, M.D 
Metcalfe, P. H., Esq. [ 
Mewburn, F. C, M.D. 
Milne, A., E.sq. 

[Dec. 29, 1883. 


■ S."''«f To*". British Guiana 

. Monte Video 

Anaheim, California 

■ i^J^^^'""'"^- Portland Place 
Post OfEce, Dunedin 
-Jlnaheim, los Angelos Co.. California 
Demerara, British Guiana 
Newcastle, New Brunswick 
Georgetown, British Guiana 
Halifax, Nova Scotia 



Rosario, South America (L. a<ui r Br ) 
Nungumbankum, Madras ' 

Lovett, Indiana, \j.S.\ 

of,!""' i'- ^"-f""' ^^'«' '"dies 
Uamaru, New Zealand 

8, Via St. Sebasliano, Rome 
tioston, Mass. 
Lowell, Mass. U.S.A. 
ht^"^?^^° '!' Komagna, Italy 
Colonial Hosqital, Georgetown, B. Guiana 
Georgetown, Demerara ^mms. 

Davos, Platz 

Malmesbury, South Africa 
Amoy, China 

Graham-s Town, Cape of Good Hope 
New Amsterdam, British Guiana 
■ • Dinapore re j> , 

:: Su^^ri^^-^^^'Ro-wc?;^ 

.■: So^g^ko^nT"'' ^"'^ ('''"'• ^''"•■) 

■ ■ c.o. Senior Medical Officer, Singaoore 
.. London and San Remo ■ ^'"Sapore 
-. Aden 

■ • SJianghai, China 
.. Kingston, Ontario 

■ ■ '^sfi/'y ^T 9^'=% •^"""'^ Co. , Canada 
" r-^'-v'J^'.'''''''' ^'»' Buenos Ayres 

' ' K^J, ?<^"". Cape of Good Hope 

.. Brattleborough, U.S..4. 

. . Ookeip Namaqua, South Africa 
.. Boston Mass, U.S.A. 

' • ^^^''' College, New Haven, U.S. 

. ■ , Nelson New Zealand 

■ . 1096, Pearl Street, Ohio, U.S A 

■ ■ HT'^? ^"'S"' Brooklyn, N.S. A. 
.. Uxbndge, Middlesex 

.. Delmar, Ce^'luu 

• • 17, Calle Hmt.ileza, Pral, Madrid 
. . Vonkers, New York 

. . Haslington, Demerara 
. . Wellington, New Zealand 
. . Aix-la-Chapelle 
. . Colombo, Ceylon 

• • West Coast. Demerara 

;: lue'Jf^'B^at'p'i^r^-^"'' '==""=''''«■ '«'«« 

. Mangolore, India 

, . Wimburg, Orange FreelState 

.. Debrugarb, Assam 

. . Henderson, Kentucky 

. - Halifax, Nova Scotia 

. Kandy, Ceylon 

. Port Louis, Mauritius 

: J™-?T"at2r"'"^'' ^--^"'-i 

. Oporto 

. Medical College, Calcutta 

. Antigonish, Nora Scotia 

. Dunedin 

. -Antigua 

. Chatham, Ontario 

• \'J' Caft.le Florida, Buenos .Ayres 
. Alexandria, Egj-pt ' 

Wisconsin Stre'ei, .Milwaukee, U.S A 

Montpelher, France 

Swatow, China 

Partalgurh, Oudh 

Maikonaite Ota^o, N.Z. (Z. a,uiC. Br.) 

Hamilton, Ont.ino, Canada 
Amoy. China 

m6, Boylston Street, Boston, U.S.A 

George I own, Demerara 
Sutherland, Cape Colony 
Sioux Falls, U.S.A. 

Maskclyea, Colombo 
Griantc, Italy, New York 
Norfolk IsLand 

^^- '',',■, K'^\"''^ Street, Toronto 
c.o. W. Watson & Co , Apollo Street, Bombay 

Dec. 29, iS83.] 


Moir, J. M., Esq. 

Mott. F. \V., Esq. 

MQUer, Franz, M.D. .. 

Nachtel, Henri. M.D. .. 

Neale, J. E., M.B. 

Nelson. D. T., M.D. .. 

Nkhol.s. H.,M.D. 

Nicholson, G. F., M.D. 

O'Conne!!, P., M.D. .. 

Oppert, Franz, M.D. .. 

Ostler, Prof. \V. 

O'Sullivan. J.,M.D. .. 

OSulIi%^, M. J.,M.D. 

Otis. F. X., M.D. 

Fallen, Montrose A., M.E., L.L.D. 

Parrish, J , M.D 

Partridge, T. d'O., Esq. 

Patterson, John, M.D. .. 

Paxton, J., M.D. 

Pedley, T. F.. M.D. .. 

Petrie, J., MB. 

Pfcillips, A. O. H., Eso. 

Plaxton, J. W.. Esq. 

Poison, J., M.D., 

Procter, .Samuel F., Esq. 

Putsey, Prof. FeKx 

Quimby, T. X.. M.D. .. 

Ray, J. J., Esq. 

Reeve, K. A., M.D. 

Ridgley, T., M.B. 

Romes, Barboza, M.D. 

Robb, J., M.B. 

Rverson, G. S., M.D. .. 

Sammut, J. B., M.D. .. 

Sarell, Richard. M.D. .. 

Schliep, Paul. M.D. .. 

Scott, John H.. M.D. .. 

Service, J., M.B. 

Shepherd, J., M.D. 

Silke, G. B., M.D. 

Sims. T. Marion. M.D. .. 

Sinclau-, A. W.. Esq. .. 

Sinclair, C. F., M.D. .. 

Siordet, Jas. L.. M.B. .. 

Sircar, M. L., M.D. .. 

Skae, F. W. A., M.D. .. 

Smart, W. F., Esq. 

Belize, Honduras 
Graz. .Austria 

Brunswick Hotel, 5th .\venue. New York 
Fort Xolloth, S. Africa 
2400, Indiana .\venue, Chicago, U.S.A. 
Dominica, West Indies 
Shahpur, Punjab 
Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A 

^^ontreal, Canada 
Bhosawal, Bombay (resigned) 
Fortitude Valley, Brisb?re (.S". 0/ 1. Br.) 
108, Wc-i ITiiny-fourth Si. N:w York 
New York 
New jersey, U.S.A. 
Dibrugarh, .Assam 
Karachi, Sind, Indi.-i 
Magila, Zanzibar 
Warwick, Brisbane 

Reddersburg, S. Africa 

Castries. St. Luda, West Indies (.!/<:/. €<?.) 
Leige, Belgium 
Jersey City, U.S.A. 
Aloghal Sana, India 
22, Shuter Street, Toronto. Canada 
Towns\*ille, Queensland 
Ruados Owiwes, 155 

Care of King, King & Co., Rio de Janeiro 
Valetta, Malta 
Baden Baden 
Dunedin, New Zealand 
Tharsis, HueK-a, Spain 
Rajpoot ana 

Wynberg, near Cape Town 
Madl~on Avenue, New York (dead) 

Dorking, Surrey 

13 and 14, SanfcaryToIlah Lane, Calcutta 
Wellington, New Zealand (dead) 
Georgetown, Demerara 

Snell, G., Esq. 
, Somershield, Oscar F. W., Esq. 

Spurway, C, Esq. 
' Stabell, F., .M.D. 
, Stanley, Ste%'ens C. H., Esq. 
' Stenhouse, W. M'S., M.D. 
I Stewart, J., M.B. 

Strang, Christopher, M B. 
! Stuart, S. R.. Esq. 
I Sturge, W. Allen. M.D. 
' Taberlet, Francis, M.D. 
' Thomson, A. C, Esq. .. 

Thomson. M., M.D. 

Thomson, William, M.D. 

Thomhill, Hayman, M.B. 
. Thomicrofl, T. C, Esq. 

Tidbury, J., M.D. 

Tritton, W. P., M.D. .. 
' Valentine, Rev. C. S. . . 

Van Derveer, Albert, M.D. 

Wadia, D. R., Esq. .. 

Warren, J. H., M.D. .. 
I Wells, Harr>-, M.D. 

WerdmuUer, V. W. T., M.B. 

WTiite, A. O., Esq. 

White, T. A., Esq. 
> White, T. G.,Esq. 
I WTiitely, G. E., M.D. .. 

Williams, C. J. B., M.D., F.R.S. 

Williams, A. H., U.B... 

Williams. M. W , Esfj. 

WiUon. W., M.B. 

Wright, John. M.D. .. 

Wrigley, F. H., Esq. .. 

Young, Da\'id, M.D. .. 

Berbice, British Guiana 
Kimbcrley, South Africa (J/c/. Co. Br.) 
Pegli, Reviera di Ponente, Italy 
Christiana, Norway 

Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand 
Picton, Nova Scotia 
Cradock, Cape of Good Hope 
Care of Inspector Stuart, Queensland 
.St. Swithins Lane, E.C. 
Haute Savoie 
Mhow, Central India 

Algiers, and Spa, Belgium 
Badulla, Ceylon 
Hiogo Kobe Japan, 
13, Strada Tommaso, Fiorina, Malta 
Umziuto, Xatal 
Jej-pore, Rajputana 

Pareil, Bombay 
51, Union Park, Boston 
San Ysidro, Buenos Ayres 
Bethulie, Orange Free State 

Veytaux, Vaud, Switzerland 
Colar Road Station, ilysore, India 

London and Cannes 

Medical Storekeep-ir, ?klian Mir, Punjab 

GeorgetowTi, Demerara 

Shanghai, China 

Wynberg, Cape of Good Hope 

Glebe, S. Australia 

Florence, Italy 

Tlus List includes several Members oj the Assoctttiion •mJw are Members 3/ 
BrancJuSy attd wltose tiames are marked accordiK^ty. 

Explanation of Abhreviatiotis of BratuJus itsed in the avo7'£ List, — Met. Co. t 
Metropolitan Counties; N.C. of S., Northern Coimties of Scotland ; S.E., South 
Eastern; .S". 0/ /., South of Ireland; L. attdC.f Lancashire and Cheshire. 


Airy, George B.. LL.D. 
Armstrong, Sir William, G.C.B. .. 
Bardeleben, A., M.D. .. 
Billroth, Theodor, M.D. 
Bro\™-Sequard,C. E.,M.D., LL.D. 

F.R.S. .. 
Carson, the Rev. Joseph, D.D. 
Cams, Viaor, M.D. .. 
Chadwick, Edwin, Esq., C.E. 
Chapman, Ed., Esq. 
Cilarcot, M. .. 
Chase, Rev. D. P., M.A. 
Clifton, Robert B.. M.A. 
Cox, Christopher C, M.D. 
De Pietra Santa, Prosper, AF.D. . . 
Eckhard, C. M.D. 
Esmarch, Fr.. M.D. 
Frerichs, F. T., il.D. .. 
Gallon, Capt. Douglas, C.B., R.E. 
George, T. W., Esq. . . 
Gordon, Right Hon. Lord 






Trinity' College, Dublin 



Frewen Hall, O.^ford 


St. Mark's Hall, Oxford 


Baltimore, U.S 








Grant, Sir Alexander, Bart.. LL.D. 

Gross, Samuel D., M.D., LL.D. 

Gueneau de Mussy, Noel, iLD. 

Hastings, George W., Esq., ^LP. 

Inglis, Right Hon. Lord 

Langenbeck, E., M.D. .. 

LarTe5', Baron Hippolyte 

Leighton, Rev. F. K., D.D. 
' Liebreich, Oscar. ^L^). .. 
' Liddell,theVeryRev.HenryG.,D.D. 
' Ludwig, Carl, M.D.' .. 

Marey, M., .. 

Mitchell, S. Weir, M.D. 

Neumann, S., ^LD. 

Pasteur, >L . . 


Ricord, Philip, M.D. .. 

Sayre, Lewis A., ILD. .. 

Sewell, Rev. James E.. D.D. 

Stokes. G. G., M.A.. F.R.S. 

Virchow, Rudolph, JLD. 




Barnard's Green, Malvern 






Christ Church, O.xford 








New York 

New College, Oxford 

University, Cambridge 







ox A 


Delivered at the Middlesex IIosj)ital, 

By J. W. HULKE, F.R..S., 
Surgeon to the Hospital. 

Gentlemen, — The case which I propose to review to-day is an 
instance of a very unusual injury — compound dislocation o£ the 
knee-joint ; or, more correctly, of the upper articular end of the 

The not«s of the dresser (Mr. B. Lawson) mention that the patient, 
44 years old, was admitted into Broderipp Ward on the 23rd of 
last month, having, within half an hour previously, been run over 
by a cab whilst crossing the street. He was not able to give a 
distinct account of the circumstances of the accident ; but from the 
torn and muddy state of his trousers, it was probable that the 
wheels passed across his legs. Mr. Harratt, our house-surgeon, 
found his left leg abducted on the thigh, and the head of the tibia 
displaced outwards. Over the inner border of this latter was a 
bruised, jagged wound, one and three-quarter inches long, from 
which synovia and venous blood oozed freely. This wound divided 
the internal lateral ligament, and it entered the joint, above and 
also beneath the internal semilunar cartilage, which was here separ- 
ated from the tibia, leaving this bare and rough. This was not the 
only injury ; for the head of the femur was dislocated upwards and 
backwards. It was clearly felt upon the dorsum ilii. The thigh 
also was inverted, adducted, and shortened to the extent of two and 
a half inches. 

Anassthesia having been induced with ether, both dislocations 
were easily reduced by manipulation. The wound and the interior 
of the knee-joint were thoroughly syringed with a 5 per cent, solu- 
tion of carbolic acid, a compress was put on for the arrest of the 
oozing, and the limb was fixed with a back, and a long outside 
splint. On the following morning, when I first saw the patient, his 
condition was satisfactory. He had slept. Temperature, 99.2° ; 
pulse, 96. As the dressings (boric charpie) were saturated with 
bloody serum and synovia, they were changed, and a drainage-tube 
was inserted to facilitate the escape of the discharge. On the even- 
ing of the second day after the accident (April 26th) he had a 
rigor, daring which his temperature rose to 102.2° Fahr., in the 
armpit ; two and a half hours later it had fallen to 9S.8° Fahr. 
Kelt day the knee was very swollen, and on pressure upon it much 
bloody, grumous fluid, slightly foetid, escaped from the wound. It 
was evident that the wound and the caWty of the joint were no 
longer aseptic. Incisions were therefore made into the joint at 
both sides of the knee, it was syringed for several minutes with a 
large quantity of a watery mixture of sulphurous acid of the 
strength |, and large drainage-tubes were put in. The original 
wound and the incisions were dusted with iodoform, and covered 
with protective oiled silk, over which was placed the usual carbo- 
lised gauze. For about one week these measures were followed by 
local and general improvement. Then the thigh swelled, and its 
cutaneous veins became very dilated ; the temperature again rose, 
and his strength began to decline, although his appetite continued 
iemarkably good. 

On May the 14th, as it had become manifest that any further 
attempt to save the limb would probably entail fatal consequences, 
he acceded to amputation, which was done by a modification of 
Teale's method. The main artery was twisted, and the vein, as it 

continued to bleed after twisting, was secured with a carbolised 
catgut ligature. The surfaces of the flaps and an abscess were 
washed with a watery solution of zinc chloride (forty grains to 
one ounce of water), four large drainage-tubes were put in, and the 
edge of the flaps brought together with aseptic ligatures. He bore 
the operation well, and next day expressed himself as feeling much 

On the morning of the third day an abscess broke near the lower 
border of the gluteus maximus in the left buttock, and gave escape 
to about two ounces of grumous bloody pus. Evidently this was 
not a bedsore. It was suspected that it might be connected with 
the injury of the hip-joint. However, on questioning him re- 
peatedly', he always replied that he did not feel any pain worth 
complaining of in the hip. For a week after the amputation, he 
maintained his strength, he had a good appetite, slept well, and 
was cheerful. 

On the 21st, hajmorrhaga occurred, and although the femoral 
arterj' was promptly compressed, he lost so large a quantity of 
blood, that he became deeply coUapsed. Having slightly rallied 
under a hypodermic injection of ether, the flaps were segmented, 
the clots removed, and a thread placed round the large vessels, as 
the bleeding seemed to have proceeded from their situation. He 
sank rapidly and died within about three-quarters of an hour, no 
further heemorrhage occurring. 

Dr. Fowler has famished the following notes of the inspection of the 
body. The end of the femoral artery where it had been twisted was 
softened, and it had a small cpening in it which had evidently been 
the source of the haemorrhage. The artery in its whole course was 
atheromatously tliickened, and no clot had formed in it. The 
femoral vein was plugged throughout its whole extent with an 
adherent thrombosis. At the inner side of the left buttock was an 
ulcer, from which a sinus extended tlirough a ragged hole in the 
glutajus maximus, of a size of a sixpence, near the ischial tuberosity, 
to the hip-joint. In the substance of this muscle were several ex- 
travasations of blood, varying in size from that of a pea to a chest- 
nut, and the space between this and the deeper muscles about the 
joint was filled with a grumous foetid fluid composed of pus, broken- 
down clot, and gangrenous muscle-fibre. 

The two other gluteal muscles and the pyriformis were uninjured 
by the accident, but shared in the inflammatory softening which in- 
volved all the muscles around the joint. The obturator internus and 
the geinelli were lacerated, but they were not torn through, as was 
also the obturator extemus. All these last named muscles were ex- 
tremely softened, so much so, that much of their tissue could be 
washed away by a stream of water. The quadratus was entirely 
ruptured. In the inferior and posterior part of the capsular liga- 
ment of the hip-joint was an extensive laceration, crossed, 
and divided into two parts by the tendon of the obturator extemus. 
The femoral attachment of the ligament had been torn from the 
bone, leaving only there a fringe of its synovial membrane about a 
quarter of an inch broad, whilst its attachment to the acetabulum 
had been preserved. The ligamentum teres was ruptured, and 
through the laceration in the capsule the head of the femur could 
be easily slipped out of the acetabulum beneath the lower border 
of the obturator intemns on to the dorsum, then resting there on 
this muscle and on the pyriformis. 

I need not trouble you with the report of the condition of the 
thoracic and abdominal viscera. It will be sufficient to remark that 
they were free from traces of pyajmic disorders. An examination 
of the amputsited knee revealed, in addition to the lesions already 
noticed, partial laceration of the anterior cervical ligament, inflam- 
matory swelling of the synovial membrane, and ulceration of car- 
tilage, particularly on those parts of the femoral condyles which were 
in contact with the tibia. 

I give you these details of the careful dissection made by Mr. B. 
Lawson, because the opportunity of ascertaining precisely the ana- 
tomical lesions in dislocations of the hip very rarely occurs, and 
there kas been much difference of opinion respecting the part taken 



[July 7, 1883. 

by the head of the bone ; but it is not my present intention to saj*i 
more cm this subject', excrept that the dissection confirms the opinion 
respecting the production of backward dislocation held by Mr. 
Morris, who has given much consideration to this matter, and .taught, 
it to you in his surgical course. 

A question of greater importance is: Why did suppuration of the 
joint and surrounding soft parts ensue upon the disIocationV-which'i 
was simple and uncomplicated by external wound .' I take itthat the 
explanation lies in the febrile condition provoked by the_ putrefac- 
tion and suppuration in the knee; for experiments hays' Semoh-' 
strated that subcutaneous operations, whicli, as you well lcnnw,:are 
in non-fevering animals very inapt to suppurate, will often sup- 
purate when inflicted on an animal in which fever has been pre- 
viously induced by a local septic inflammation. The influence, 
therefore, of the septic inflammation of the knee in the injury of thp 
hip may not be ignbred. . 

Here, the fact that the dislocation of the knee was complicated 
by a wound communicating with the joint, added immensely to tlie 
seriousness of the injury, for simple dislocations of this joint arc 
fSin^Tlarly free from risk; the inflammation which attends them is 
often very slight, and ultimate damage to the mechanism of the 
joint is much less than might be expected. It is remarkable how 
much displacement is possible without laceration of the coverings. 
Ihe two following cases narrated by Pitha are good examples of this. 

1. A countrywoman, carrying a heavy basket on her head, stumbled 
and fell on the bridge of Prague. Taken into the liospital, she was 
found to have a complete dislocation of the head of the tibia out- 
wards, to the degree, that four lingers could be placed on the upper 
articular surface. - ' ■ 

2. A young man jumped from a carriage, the liorses of which had 
bolted, and fell in front of the hospital. He was found to have sus- 
tained an outward dislocation of tlie upper end of the tibia, the dis- 
placement of whicli was so great, tliat an ordinary drinking-glass 
could be stood on its articular surface. 

la both these cases, replacement was easily effected by manipu- 
lation, and the patients made good recoveries, 
jiri the last ten j'ears, the three following cases have been ad- 
mitted into Broderipp Ward under my care. 

1. A plumber, aged iO, slipped through treading on a piece of 
orange-peel, and, falling heavily, twisted his left leg. Brought to 
the hospital, the liouse-surgeon found an inward luxation of tlie 
head of the tibia, to the extent that half the upper articular sm-face 
was internal to a line dropped vertically from the inner aspect of 
she'.corresponding femoral condyle. A large ecchymosis was present 
07er the inner side of the knee. 

i,_ A shoemaker, aged .'iS, was thrown in wrestling, his opponent 
falling heavily upon him. Unable to rise, by an injiuy to his right 
knee, he was brought directly to the hospital, where he was found 
to have sustained an inward and forward displacement of the head 
of the tibia. A large part of the upper articular surface of the tibia, 
internal to its spine, could be plainly felt. The femoral condyles 
projected backwards, notably behind "the plane of the tibia. The 
Ifeg was rotated outwards. 

:;. A very athletic man, about 20 years old, was knocked down, by 
a cab, one wlieel of which, lie thought, struck him on the right 
knee. Brought to tlie hospital, he was found to have a considerable 
inward_ displacement of the head of the tibia. In this way, the 
iiiner side of the joint was gr;izcd and very bruised. 

In all these three cases, reduction was easily effected by manipa-. 
lation. Very little inflammation followed the injury. The early 
treatment was innnobilisation of tlie limb and the extensive applipa- 
tlon of ice. Afterwards, the light mechanical support, with hinge- 
movement, was worn for a considerable time. In each instance, a 
very useful limb was retained. 

Tliesc given cases were instances of lateral dislocation, though in 
the last the ilisplacement was not purely transverse ; backward or 
forward dislocations are. from the relations of the popliteal vessels 
to the bones of the joint, much more grave, in a case of backward 
<Iislocation Of the tibia, recorded by Pitha, these vessels were 
cfushed, and on the third day, when he fii'st saw the patient, the 
skin of the ham was gangrenous. Here immediate amputation 
afforded the only chance of life. Ueviewing all tho circumstances 
of our present case, it is a matter of- regret tliat the old rule of 
primary amputation was not followed here. Only a few yeiu-sago, 
immediate amputation would have been unhesitatingly practised, 
but, inMucnoixl by the teachings of the anti.septic metlH«l, we tried 
to save, where formerly we should liave amputated ; and, the.result. 
has, unforttinale^jv Ptpvcd that JB face pf, the,. qoncurrcnl ^pjury tp. 
tic hip, the oia rule might have been'sSer., •.^'J^^VfT^!.^ ipriT-^,?- 

i ©neSwoirdv before I conclude, tbout the final hssmorrhagfe. Does it 

^prdve the grtater insecurity of totsion compared withligatnre ? I 
think not ; for, at the date at which this hajmorrhage occurred, the 
ligature, in prttecnce of the softened state of the end of the artery, 
and the total absence of clot within it, could not, I believe, have 
withstood the heightened arterial pressurg. consequent on the 
thrombosis of the vein. ' • <J j- v_kw-.ii^.-i. 




Physician to theitreueral HospitiiK Birrniugham. 

In fatty transformation of the kidney, there is a replacement of 
renal tissue by true adipose tissue, the contour of the organ being, 
to a varying extent, preserved. The condition is a rare one, and the 
oases on record are few. It has not, as far as I am aware, been 
before portrayed, numerous and excellent as are the illustrations 
of the various morbid changes in the kidney by Bright and 
otliers. t 

Whatever be the source of the fat, there can be no doubt that it 
is not degenerated renal parenchyma, and it is equally certain that 
the fat does not stamp out renal tissue. It seems probable that the 
fat is developed to fill up space created by the breaking down and 
discharge of renal substance, and that the process is one of physio- 
logical compensation, an effort of nature to prevent a vacuum. The 
origin of the fat maybe accounted for in three ways; 1, hyper- 
trophy of the circumrenal fat, which pushes its way into the 
interior of the organ at its hilum ; 2, hypertrophy of the fat, 
which normally is found in small amount in the interior of the 
organ between the apices of the pyramids ; 3, absorption of fat 
by the cells forming the stroma of the organ. 

Rokitansky, under hypertrophy of circumrenal fat, says that it may 
increase to such an extent as to force its way into the hilus of the 
organ, and when this condition has advanced to its highest stage, 
tlie kidnej' presents the appearance of a mere piece of fat, sur- 
rounded by a mass of adipose tissue, without the slightest trace 
of renal organisation, the urinary passages being a,trophicd and 
obliterated ; that excess of circumrenal fat accompanies atrophy of 
the organ, and is frequently found when tlie kidney is affected by 
moderate but lasting inflammation, especially that caused by calculi. 
Kayer, under fatty kidney, refers to a case observed by M. Briche- 
teau. A woman, aged 10, died with suppression of urine of fifteen 
days' standing ; the kidneys appeared plunged in the midst of an 
Immense quantity of fat ; they retained their form and natural 
bulk, but were transformed into two masses of compact fat, in which 
some vestiges of tubular substance were traceable. 

Dr. W. Roberts refers to a case by Godard, where the lower halt of 
one kidney was converted into a mass of ordinary adipose tissue. 
A ca^culus of large size was lodged in tlu^ dilated pelvis. 

In Dr. Browne's case {PatlwUii' SocUiifis Traiisactioiu, vol. 
xiii), small abscesses, communicating with each other, were foiun!) 
in the fat, and in one of the abscesses a calcuUis; there were sinuses 
in tho left groin, extending to the left, kidney, which was tlie one 

affected. ■-.f.lj'/JSl.J :•.,./ i-'l.s. .;■(•; .■ i • c: -i v Qi 

In Dr. Whipham's case iPqtholog^l Snt/ieti/'s fraiuactiont, .^^ 
xix), the right kidney was replacsd by a pure piece of fat, whicii 
was surrounded by an abscess. There was a discharging wound in 
the right thigh. ;',.,. ^o-.,. 

In Mr. Heath's case [Patlwlonlval tSuoirlifx J'ransaotiom, yoh xi, 
there was no renal artery from the aortji. — .;. ■ 

, In my case, from which the lithograph wastakon, there was a cai-t 
cuius in the centre of the fat representing tliC; kidney, and. a histoff) 
of calculus for twenty years. . ,■ : u . , ;,..■., :, ' .•■, l 

.Statistics, therefore, go to show that fatty transfyvmatiou oii^t^ 
kidney is frequently associated with reital: calculus,' Even in Dr. 
Wli'.pham's qasH, a calculus may have csgaped from the kidney, and. 
tonifdifs w,»y|Q|Ul;:Of thq body, tJirpugU the wound iji ,t,be:tl)igli.,. It- 
is reasauable- ito suppose.. the sequence of evente im such casex 

July 7, 1883.] 


to be renal calculus, suppuration, and discharge of renal parenchyma 

«nd its substitution by int. 

The condition under consideration, though a rare one, must not 
be left out of calculalion by the nephrectomist. 

Case. — Alfred Kowen, aged 24, was admitted into the BLrmingliam 
General Hospital February 16th, 1883. He was a broad-built, well- 
nourished man. When seen in the casualty-room at 10 A.M., he had 
extreme dyspnoia, sitting with his arms leaning on the arms of the 
chair. The ala; nasi and muscles of extraordinary respiration were 
working ; his face was covered with beads of perspiration, and a little 
dusky. His mother, in answer to questions, said : " Jly son was ope- 
rated on for stone in the bladder twenty years ago. For many years, 
he had known that his kidneys were diseased, becanse he sometimes 
pa&sed matter in the urine. Occasionally he wetted his bed. Up to 
three weeks ago, I considered him'a^stror.g man ; he never ailed, he ate 
well, and worked hard. Three weeks ago, he passed blood in his 
water, and vomited blood; he only vomited on that one occasion ; 
at that time, he commenced making a noise in his throat, especially 
when asleep at night, and so loud was it that it kept awake fellow- 
lodgers, and, in consequence, he had to sleep in a separate room. 
He said he could not help it, and that he felt as though he had 
thrushes and skylarks in his windpipe." During the last fortnight, 
he had been off work, and a great deal in the house. He had been 
very drowsy, sleeping during the day in his chair for two or three 
hours at a time. He had frequently played cards ; and, on many 
occasions, he had suddenly jumped up, and said : " I must leave off, 
I have got the cramps in my fingers and legs." The fingers and 
legs would be drawn during these cramps, which lasted about ten 
minutes at a time. 

When examined in the ward, his breathing was very laboured. 
The dyspncea was essentially inspiratory. The suprasternal notch, the 
lower intercostal spaces, and epigastrium, sank in during inspira- 
tion. Laryngeal stridor could be heard at the other end of the 
ward. He was unable to speak, but protruded his tongue when 
asked to do so. His pulse was 120; temperature 100°, respirations 
40. Nothing abnormal could be heard in connection with the 
heart. On rapidly examining the lungs, mucous crepitant rales 
were heard over both bases behind. Examination of the fauces 
showed nothing. His legs and feet were not [edematous. Two 
ounces of urine were obtained, which was found to be alkaline, and 
to contain albumen and a large amount of pus. He became more 
comatose, the dyspnoea greater, and the breathing more stridulous. 
At 1 P.M. tracheotomy was performed, apparently without pain, 
but without manifest relief. He died at 4 P.M. on the day of admission. 
Poxt Mortem Examination. — The body was well-nourished. The 
larynx was purple and cedematous. The lungs were oedematous. 
The heart was normal. The brain was not examined. The other 
viscera, except the kidneys, were free from morbid change. Both 
kidneys were imbedded in fat. The left kidney, which was half as 
large again as normally, on section, was found to be transformed 
into true adipose tissue. Its capsule was thin. At its hilum, there 
was a mass of tough, dense tissue, like cicatricial tissue, which ex- 
tended to the centre of the organ, and in it; was impacted a trian- 
gular calculus, the size of a tamarind stone ; this mass was found 
to be composed of the obliterated pelvis and ureter, with blood- 
Tessels mostly collapsed, and connective tissue. The adipose tissue 
was divided for the most part into pyramidal masses bypaths of 
connective tissue, which radiated from'the calculus. In this connec- 
tive tissue ran large blood-vessels. Th2 corpuscles of this tissue 
were proliferating, and absorbing fat. In two or three spots, near 
the periphery of the fatty mass, there were small patches of con- 
densed tissue, which the microscope showed to be the remnants of 
atrophied renal tissue. The ureter remained as an impervious cord. 
In the right kidney, there were areas in various stages of degenera- 
tion ; the secreting tissue was reduced to about one-third its normal 
amount, and this was intensely infiamed. There were circumscribed 
masses of putty-like matter, and several thick-walled empty sacs ; 
in one sac was a smooth, round calculus, the size of a pea. The 
pelvis, which was thickened and dilated, contained a calculus, 
weighing half an ounce.* 

Remarks.— The case shows that life and apparent health may be 
mamtained, when but a small amount of secreting tissue of one 
kidney only persists. The left kidney had been transformed into fat 
tor many years ; and doubtless, for some years, but a small portion 
of the right kidney had been capable of secretion. It appears that 
. !'**°?'y when the remnant of the secreting tissue was acutely 
mlUmed, about three weeks before death, that nrtemic symptoms 

manifested themselves. The immediate cause of death is obscure. 
The laryngeal stridor present on adiiission, and which was of three ^ 
weeks' standing, coupled with the fact that the dyspncea was essen- 
tially inspiratory, led to the belief that the dyspnoea was iiu: 
result of oedema of the larynx, and that the coma was due to im- 
perfect oxidation of blood ; the continuance of the dyspnoea and 
coma, after tracheotomy, went to show that the}' were due to some 
other cause, probably uraemia. 

' A section of the left kidney ie shown in the ^thograph. 




I!y E. VACY ash, M.B., L.E.C.P.Lond., 

Surgeon, Army Medical Department. 

Before comparing the epideioic of enteric fever that followed the, 
occupation oE the Transvaal in 1378, and the Zulu war in the fol- 
lowing year, with that of the late expedition in Egypt, I will put a 
few queries as to what is meant by enteric fever, its production, 
contagion, etc. 

Is it to be understood that a specific germ produces a specific and 
non-failing fever of unvarying type, as propounded by Bndd and 
others .' If so, I fear the following facts will lead to more perplexity 
than ever, and we shall fail to reconcile them with the modern out- 
breaks of this disease, be they civil or military. But, if the possi- 
hility be admitted that there may be more than one form of this fever, 
in the same way that there may be more than one form of malarial 
fever produced under certain circumstances, with factors common 
to different countries, manifesting, it may be, the usual intestinal 
characteristic comphcations, then these facts may be reconcilable to 
new theories, and, under abler hands than mine, backed by statis- 
tical knowledge, may be the means of throwing some light on this 
increasingly complicated subject. 

Modern research has effectually dispelled the idea of accident in 
the production of zymotic disease ; and, daUy, fresh discoveries pin 
down to a hard and fast hue germs as centres of disease. I do 
not, therefore, mean to say that no infectious germ is present in 
enteric fever, any more than in relapsing fever ; but, that causes 
foreign to the usual habits and customs necessary to the health of a 
man will produce certain symptoms recognisable as a fever which, 
for want of a more definite nomenclature, goes by the name of enteric 
at present. 

'• Contagium vivum sen animale," is as true now as in the days 
of the Romans, who firmly believed that poisons of malarial diseases 
consisted of living beings. Have tbey not received striking confirma- 
tion under the hands of Koch and others in their recent researches ? 

I cannot help thinking that a mo<t important point in the theory 
of the production of epidemics, be they typhoid, typhus, or any other 
fever, is the vitality of the germ; always- supposing, of course, that 
the presence of a germ is necessary to the production of infection, 
or of fever. One peculiarity of these germs is their rapid multiplica- 
tion. Whether it be by fermentatioQ, multiplication, by division, 
cell-contact, or some other pHn, it is certain that rapid reproduc- 
tion takes place, and with it infection. Now. can this reproduction 
take place in a perfectly healthy subject ? Can thegerms be carried in 
healthy blood for an indefinite time, subject to all the vicissitudes 
of climate and life, and still retain their reproducing or infective 
powers when favourable opportunities occur ? Or. must their habitat 
at once be found in a system so slightly physiologically imperfect, a 
balance so equal in fact, that the slightest introduction of a poison 
renders the system pathologic^al ? If thi.-* latter idea be probable,, 
then I can understand how a soldier taken from his quiet routine; 
work at home in comfortable barracks, to live in a tropical climate, 
or undertake a campaign, when, ia either case, exceptional duties 
are necessary under somewhat trying circumstances, may be a fit 
bed for the reproduction on an extension scale, of germs proditcing 
fever. But, is this fever typicd i nteric, or may it not be a variation 
of it 1 The atmosphere of Tel-el-Mahuta and Tel-el-Kebir produced 
no pestilence, although we slept on imperfet-tly buried bodies at the 
former place, and breathed .i loathsome atmosphere for days at the 
latter place. Dysentery and diarrhcea there was in abundance, but 
not enteric fever. True, time was wanting to develop the period of 
latency ; hut would the cond ition s ever have ended in enteric fever with- 
out the presence of others capable of producing a similar disease ? 
I use the word " develop " to refor to the reproduction of the specifio 
germ only. Then, again, we have no evidence that enteric fevaf 
I existed at those stations prior to their o::cupatioh by our troops. 



[July 7, 18§3. 

had, then, the epidemic which subsequently occurred in Cairo, its 
origin at those stations ? I am aware that it is within the limits of 
possibility that a special gerni may have accompanied the troops 
from Eni'land, for I know no limit at present to the vitality of these 
germs, but it is rather vague. 

This brings us to the question: Is enteric fever miasmatic, pytho- 
genic, contagious, or a combination of these ? I recollect a case in 
the Citadel Hospital, Cairo, where a man was admitted with a con- 
tusion over the nose. The cut did not heal rapidly, and he remained 
a considerable time in hospital. Three weeks after admission this 
man sickened and died from enteric fever, a most rapid and virulent 
case ; the truth of the diagnosis being verified by post mortem exa- 
mination ; and yet we are told that direct contagion is doubtful, for 
the poison, like that of cholera, so Pettenkofer and others say, must 
go through an intermediate stage of development before it becomes 
infective. Another example. Many of our nurses in the hospitals 
at the Citadel, Abbasseyab, and Alexandria, were attacked with a 
mild form of this fever, and so were several of the orderlies. It maj' 
be taken for granted that all the usual sanitary precautions recom- 
mended in such epidemics were adopted, and yet direct contagion 
would seem to have been present. It must be remembered that 
these same sisters had not gone through the campaign, so that the 
cause of their illness could neither be laid to the water of the sweet 
water canal, nor to the atmosphere of Tel-el- JIahuta, or Kebir. Possi- 
bly it might have been of the " abortive " typhoid type spoken of 
by Lieberneister, where the temperature rose to 104° for a few days 
and suddenly subsided, leaving the patient free from fever, and in 
a fair way to convalescence. Many such cases did occur tow.ards 
the end of the epidemic. But might this not have been another 
form of this fever of a contagious character ? The local conditions 
in the hospital were alike for all, and gave one the impression of a 
system becoming saturated with a fever- stricken atmosphere, and 
breaking down in consequence. Towards the end of convalescence, 
in more than one case I saw this " saturation " so to speak, or, to be 
more correct, " hospitalisation," where patients, kept all through the 
disease in one room, would persist in a supernormal temperature, 
and nothing would break it. neither dieting or medicine ; the very 
walls seemed to absorb the fever. A change to another room, or 
house, would break this at once. May not this have been the same 
fever seen among the nurses and orderlies ? 

We have hitherto been dealing with the contagion question. Kow 
is enteric fever pythogenic ? Decomposition, pure and simple, may, 
cause dj'sentery and diarrhcci, but can it produce the real enteric 
fever without the presence of the specific germ ? Any answer must 
necessarily be speculative, so I will leave it, and content myself 
with comparing the epidemics that have come under my personal 

If the advocates of the theory that simple decomposing organic 
matter will produce the fever under consideration really believe what 
they teach, how can they reconcile their doctrine to the epidemic 
in the Transvaal ? There were no dead bodies there, for a very good 
reason, there were no killed and wounded, and the water was as 
pure as one could desire ; and yet we got the inevitable epidemic, 
and that among troops seasoned by residence in Malta and the Cape, 
but unseasoned to tent -life, and with it to the duties and fatigues in- 
separable from campaigning. If putrefying animal matter will pro- 
duce enteric fever, why do not the Kafirs get it, who eat meat green 
from decomposition, and highly offensive to the smell ? The Kafir 
is as keenly alive to the truth of the old saying, "Cleanliness is 
next to godliness," as any civilised being, yet he will eat the meat 
in a putrid state; and, in spite of this, enteric fever is unknown 
among his race. Again, sureh' the custom of eating game " high," 
as it is called, which prevails in the ranks of society, would have 
some influence in the production of this fever, if such were possible ; 
blit it is not so. 

,' Now, let us look at the epidemic of this fever in Egypt. That the 
water was bad— unfit for drinking purposes, in fact — will be readily 
admitted. The foulness, however, was due chiefly to mud. I grant 
that dead bodies were occasionally found in the canal, but it was 
the exception, and their removal soon accomplished. The connec- 
tion between the water and the common intestinal diseases is plain 
enough : not so enteric fever, however, for, even it fxcal matter, in 
addition to the other foulness, were present, it by no means follows 
that the epidemic which followed in Cairo was so caused. It has 
yet to be proved that human excrement alone will produce this 
fever. And again, in the Transvaal and Zulu wars, where the water 
could not but be pure, the usual epidemic followed. 

Tropical heat in some way, unexplainable at present, must have a 
powerful influence on this disease ; for, go where we will — India 

China, Egypt, or South Africa — all produce their typhoid fever 
among recent arrivals in the countrj', especially when campaigning 
is commenced in the hot months ; for, strange to say, it does not ' 
accompany the troops for ever. We had no more enteric fever in 
the Transvaal after the epidemic had once expended its energy, 
even after a few weeks' rest, when we again set out on the march 
to Sikukuni's country, under as adverse circumstances as could well 
be conceived, as far as rations and tents were concerned. One 
great point, however, was always in our favour : a bountiful supply 
of pure water from the clear mountain streams was always pro- 

I am refraining from giving minute details as to the supposed 
causes of the outbreak ot enteric fever during the Egyptian occupa- 
tion, for they were exhaustive!}- dealt with by the special corre- 
spondents to the Bkitisii Medical Jouenal at the time. I hope 
now to bring forward a few more points not then noticed, more par- 
ticularly bearing on the water as a supposed cause, and to compare 
them with other epidemics where the water was not in that sus- 
picious state. 

There were several peculiarities about the Egyptian epidemic 
worthy of notice, not the least being the absence of the visual 
" curves " in the temperature-charts. One case I recollect, of att 
officer who began a very serious and prolonged attack with a per- 
sistent night and morning temperatui'e of 10-1° for three days, veri- 
fied by more than one thermometer ; then it broke down, and gave , 
a few characteristic variations, but never settled down to the typical 
" ups " and " downs," so to speak. 

In another case which I recollect came in, there was a high morn- 
ing and low evening temperature, which persisted for many days, 
when suddenly it changed round to the usual evening exacerbations, 
without materially influencing the progress of the case in any way- 
Now, either we must discard temperatures as a diagnostic sign 
altogether, or the cases met with may not have been the trup enteric 
fever, uncomplicated in character. 

It can hardiv be said that medicines influenced these cases, for ' 
little or none were given other than simple ones to combat some 
irregularity of the constitution ; and, even had they been given, 
it would be hard to believe that they would have influenced so 
pointedljthe course of the temperatures. Another marked peculiarity 
which may be said to have been almost persistent in this epidemic, 
was the slowness of the pulse, rarely rising above a hundred in the 
minute, except under excitement, or, later on in the case, from de- 
bility. It is to be regretted that 2>ost mortem examinations were not 
more systematically made. I know from experience how difiicult 
and how unpleasant these are in tropical countries ; but the idea was 
forced upon me that, had a skilled pathologist accompanied the ex- 
pedition, as was done in the Crimea, many points might have been 
solved, among them being this slow action of the heart. One more 
peculiarity, and I have done, as far as this question is concerned. 
Relapses are said to occur in about 8 per cent, of enteric cases. 
Both in South Africa and in Egypt relapses were the rule instead of 
the exception, and yet the cases under observation certainly did not 
come within the category of relapsing fever as noticed by Griesinger 
in Cairo in the year 18.50, in connection with the bilious typhoid and 
typhns then raging. They were simple relapses, accompanied by 
the usual gastric disturbances ; and yet we were supposed to be 
dealing with plain unvarnished enteric fever. 

We will turn to South Africa, and see how the case stands. It 
was about the middle of March, 1877, that the expeditionary force 
destined to overawe the Boers, and enforce the proclamation of an- 
nexation to be issued by Sir Theophilus Shepstone, left Pietermaritz- 
burg, Natal. This force consisted of the 1st battalion loth Light In- 
fantry, under Colonel Montgomery ; half a battery of Artillery, and 
details of Iloyal Engineers, Natal Jlounted Police, etc., making a 
brigaded total of 1,000 men and two guns, under the command of 
Colonel, now Sir Charles Pearson, K.C.M.G. 

It was in the days when the ranks were composed mostly »f twenty- 
one years'men — men who had served for some time previously in most 
trying climates. Of course, there was a sprinkling of six and twelve 
years' men ; but the majority were seasoned soldiers, who had seen 
a goodly lot of service, and some ot it in Malta, not the best 
school in the world for campaigning. The average age of the force 
I am unable to give ; but it could not have been as low as that in 
Egypt (twenty-four years about), for the short service had not then 
become general. Taking them all round, they were as fine a body of 
men as I ever saw begin a march. The truth of this was borne out 
by the few " casualties" on the line ot march. A fortnight's march- 
ing brought us to Newcastle, on the borders of the Transvaal. Camp 
was pitched on a hill overlooking the town, and separated therefrom 

July 7, 1883.] 


by a river o£ considerable size — one of those numerous rivers arising 
in the noble Drakensberg close by, and which intersect the colony 
so plentiliiUy. A rest of tliree weeks or so, awaiting orders to re- 
sume march from Sir T. Shepstone, was useful ; and then the force 
set out for I'retoria, distant about two hundred and twenty miles. 
For the fust thirty, the country traversed presented a series of 
mountain-spurs, each ravine having its mountain-stream fresh from 
the hills on the left. It is quite pos.sible that, had a microscopic ex- 
amination of the water been made, alg;c and diatomes could have 
been discovered ; but, as Professor De Chaumont says : " To condemn 
water on account of the presence of these living creatm-es, would be 
really to condemn all water, even rain." They may, therefore, be 
said to have contained pure water. Soon, however, this hilly country 
ceased, and a flat uninteresting plain took its place ; a few stagnant 
pools supplanted the beautiful running mountain streams, and precau- 
tions had to be taken to prevent the men from using them. This was 
not diflicult, as they did iiot suffer greatly from thirst. Night march- 
ing was resorted to; the men carried their rifles and ammunition only, 
and hourly halts were called. The result was little or no sickness, 
except tlie usual abrasions and excoriations. Diarrhijea was almost 
unknown, and sunstroke absolutely so. Even on this high flat plain 
— 3,000 feet above the level of the sea — one of those mountain- 
streams was met with about every ten miles, when the men could 
drink their full with impunity, and replenish their water-bottles. I 
cannot imagine campaigning under more favourable circumstances. 
The heat certainly was great at mid-day in the bell-tents ; but the 
nights were cool — so cool, in fact, that I often marched on foot in 
preference to riding. A fortnight sufficed to cover the two hundred 
and twenty miles, and Pretoria was reached on May 4th, 1877. Our 
camp was pitched above and on a higher level than the town, and 
had running tlurough it a clear mountain-stream, contamination 
being oat of the o,uestion ; the sanitary state of the camp and neigh- 
bourhood receiving special attention. 

We arrived at Pretoria on May 4th. On the 14th of the same 
month, there were nine cases of enteric fever in hospital, and two 
officers down with it, and this in a force of a thousand men all 
told. That it was enteric fever I will answer for, for I made jiost 
»ior?(;;« examinations on all fatal cases witli a small bush-knife; and 
the truth of the diagnosis was demonstrated by the condition of the 
small intestines, which were extensively attacked by the charac- 
teristic ulcerations. It was a sudden outbreak, and as suddenly ceased, 
but the cases were numerous enough in proportion to warrant the 
application of the term epidemic to it. Some positively affirm 
that for the production of enteric fever a specific agent must be 
present, and that common fajoal matter may produce diarrhoea, even 
of a febrile cliaracter, but not enteric fever. If this be correct, 
whence did the specific agent come in this case 1 The Trans- 
vaal had only been inhabited by Boers for a quarter of a century, 
and, as far I know, enteric fever was unknown among them. It 
comes to this, then either there was a specitic germ carried with the 
troops from one knows not where, awaiting certain favourable cir- 
cumstances for its growth, in whicli case this germ would be vir- 
tually everlasting, indestructible, capable of retaining vitality under 
almost any and every circumstance, in air, clothes, etc., capable of 
conveyance any distance and in any climate; or, there is no special 
germ producing enteric fever, but producing varied forms of fever 
with enteric complications, which fevers can be produced without 
specific agents, provided certain elements are in force dependent 
upon, and inseparable from, campaigning in tropical zones, or under 
somewhat similar states when an indi\idual goes from a home to a tro- 
pical climate. We will now look at the enteric fever which accompanied 
the Zulu war. It must be remembered that the men forming this 
force (twenty-five thousand strong) came out straight from England. 
Operations were carried on in a comparatively young country, so far 
as European residents were concerned, and a persistence of this 
fever was not ascertained. Whence did tlie specific germ come from 
in tliis case 1 The large force was divided into several columns, 
one at Lower Tugela, one at Helpmakaar, and another at Utrecht. 
In all these columns, enteric fever showed itself ; yet they were 
totally separate from one another, and the little communication between 
them that did exist was of the most indirect and roundabout form. 
Again, cases occurred at Maritzburg; men were left behind jost 
after landing, before the poison, if it had been absorbed in the 
country, could have had time to develop. Others, again, were attacked 
after a lengthened life in tents, when they came back into the 
towns and took up their residence. How is this accounted for, if 
the specific agent theory bo correct, or amenable to modern views ? 
Kather was it not, as has been suggested by others, that " the altered 
circumstances under which the men livrd led to an excessive phy- 

siological action, showing itself primarily on the intestines, and. 
overstepping the bounds of health, became pathological, expending 
its force in the form of a fever with the above manifestations V The- 
water in this case could hardly be blamed, for it was practically 
pure. True, the streams before reaching us had to pass through 
a few Kafir villages, for it follows that they must live near this 
commodity as well as other people ; still, I venture to repeat, that 
they are as cleanly in their habits, and as refined in their tastes, 
according to their lights, as the most refined civilian of the day. 
Contamination, therefore, was unlikely from them, even supposing, 
for the sake of argument, that faecal matter could produce enteric- 
fever. In my notes on this fever made at the time, I finrl my 
impression then was that the epidemic was caused by drinking stag- 
nant water. Subsequent experience has led me to doubt this im- 
pression, for it is very doubtful if much stagnant water was used 
by the men, even if it could have produced true enteric fever. 

It comes to this : either the germs, if this theory be entertained, 
were carried from afar, or it is not necessary to have the presence 
of a sjiecific poison to produce a fever, under special circura.'-tance!. 
manifesting intestinal complications. Here was an epidemic of 
enteric fever with pure water and fairly good sanitation. In Egypt, 
we also get it with impure water, but with other conditions similar. 
One thing was common to botli ; service under ftanvas, in a tropical 
or subtropical climate, under altered conditions from those in force 
in the native country of the men employed. Has the water so much 
to answer for 1 Are there not other and important factors at work 
producing similar results, and with equally fatal force ? I offer no 
opinion, but ask others to make their own deductions. 




By JOHN C. UHTHOFF, M.D.Lond., F.E.C.S., 

Surgeon to tlie Sussex Eye Hospital. 

Solutions of the extract of Calabar bean.for of its active principle 
eserine, have for some years been used for the purpose of contract- 
ing the pupil or stimulating the ciliary muscle ; but, as far as I can 
ascertain, these solutions have always been of a strength far greater 
than that of those, the use of which it is the object of this paper to 
advocate. Apparently, also, they have been recommended only in 
cases of decided paralysis of the pupil or the accommodation. Two 
important papers on the subject have been published. The first 
was read by Dr. Ai'gyU Robertson before the Edinburgh Mcdico- 
Chirurgieal Society in February 18G3, when the use of solutions of 
the extract of Calabar bean was first recommended for cases of 
weakness or paralysis of the ciliary muscle. The second was by the 
late Mr. Soelberg Wells, in the Medical Times and Gazette for May 
16th, 1863, recounting the effect on the pupil and accommodation of 
a strong solution of the extract (one minim corresponding to four 
grains of the bean; I may here mention that the yield of eserine is 
uncertain, so tliat the relative strength of it and the extract of the 
bean must be reckoned by the lesults of their application). Experi- 
ments were made upon Mr. Bowman, who graphically relates his 
own experience, and upon a patient with paralysis of the ciliary 
muscle and iris. Irregular and somewhat painful spasms of the 
muscle commenced after ten minutes, and continued for some hours, 
causing the nearer approach of both far and near points of vision. 
In Mr. Bowman's case, the pupil remained fully contracted for 
eighteen hours, and did not return to its normal size for three days. 
Attempts to use the eye while the drug was in full action caused 
much distress and pain in tlie eyeball. Mr. Wells ends his paper 
with the following remarks : " My next experiment will be to test 
the curative influence of the Calabar- bean upon paralysis of the 
pupil and accommodation; and to ascertain whether we cannot suc- 
ceed, by periodic applications of a very weak solution of the bean, 
in exciting the sphincter pupill* and ciliary muscle to gentle con- 
traction, without fatiguing and weakening them by over-stimula- 
tion." Accordingly, on reference to the last edition of his work on. 
Diseases of the Eije (1873), I find that he relates his experience of 
the drug applied in cases of ciliary paralysis. But he seems to have 
used comparatively strong solutions, for he says that the drug should, 
be applied of " a strength sufficient to cause considerable contrac- 
tion of the pupil, and should be used at intervals of several days." 
Mr. Nettleship, in the appendix to his work on Diseases of the Vifn^. 



[July 7, 1883. 

lately published, mentions solutions of eserine of two strengths 
(one grain and four grains to the ounce), and remarks : " A very 
weak solution acts only on the pupil, not on the accommodation," 
a statement which, I think, my further remarks will show to be 
generally incorrect. Cases of restored power after paralysis of the 
ciliary muscle, by the use of fairly strong solutions of eserine, are 
recorded by Mr. Hutchinson (Medical Times and Gazette, September 
1864), Mr.'Whartou Jones {Practitioner, September 1869), and I'ro- 
fessor Giibler {Medical Times and Gazette, vol. i, 1874, p. 174). 

I hare made experiments on myself and others with solutions of 
eserine, of strengths varying from gr. ^ to gr. 1 to the oz. (gr. J^, 
o^- Ti- S^- 5 r> SI"- viVi ?■■• Ti- g"^- \< ^°<i S^- l)i mast of the trials being 
on my own eyes, which are, I believe, nearly normal in every 

I will now give the general results of a number of experiments 
carefully recorded at the time of observation. First, as to the 
effect on the ciliary muscle. It is a somewhat difficult matter to 
separate the result of increased power of accommodation from that 
produced by contraction of the pupil, for either will cause a greater 
acuity of near vision. The following effect was interpreted to mean 
iacreased action of the ciliary muscle, independent of any contrac- 
tion of the pupil. A varying time after applying the solution to 
one eye, which, for distinction, we may call the affected eye, small 
type viewed with both eyes became indistinct, this being evidently 
due to dimness of the affected eye. When the latter was closed, 
the print was clearly seen by the normal eye ; when, on the other 
hand, this was closed, sight with the affected eye was at first dim, 
but on relaxing the accommodation, or bringing the type closer, 
vision again became clear. With the weaker solutions (gr. yV to 
gr. ^') this dimness was only noticed during near vision, letters at 
tweinty feet being perfectly distinct ; thus, I think, indicating that 
the action of these weak solutions is to cause increased irrita- 
bility, rather than a state oE spasm of the ciliary muscle, so that 
the same effort of accommodation causes a stronger contraction in 
the affected eye than in the otlier ; hence, while the normal eye is 
naturally accommodated correctly, the other is sighted for too near 
a point, and the type is therefore indistinct. From this mode of 
action arises their great value ; they do not cause an artificial state 
of myopia, such as is produced bj' a four- or even a one-gr.iin solu- 
tion, but only a more ready reaction of the ciliary muscle to nerve- 
stimulus, the very improvement that we desire when that muscle is 
deficient in tone. Kow, in my own eyes, this peculiar action on 
accommodation was distinctly, though but slightly, evident after 
tke use of the -j^, gr. solution, as also was the case in two other 
persons experimented upon ; while, in a third, neither this nor the 
j^ gr. solution had any effect. The accommodation commenced to 
be influenced from five minutes (gr. 1) to twenty minutes (gr. Jj) 
after instillation, and the effect lasted to a noticeable extent from 
two hours (gr. jL) to four hours (gr. 1). The full action of the one- 
grain solution was accompanied by the well known pain of an over- 
worked hypermetropic eye, but the use of the weaker solutions 
caused no pain or distress of any sort, another recommendation for 
their use in preference to those of greater strength. The pupil was 
in each case contracted to a degree corresponding to the effect on 
the accommodation. The contraction always commenced very 
shortly after that of the ciliary muscle, but lasted for a much longer 
period, even for two or three days after the use of the stronger 
solutions. In the case of the j'j gr. solution, the effect on the 
accommodation was noticeable for at least five minutes before the 
pupil could be seen to be contracted, and ceased long before the 
latter returned to its natural size, clearly proving that the increased 
power of near vision was not alone due to the smaller size of the 

All the solutions caused twitching of the palpebral portion of the 
orbicularis— very slight with the weakest, considerable with the 
strongest. This commenced in from five to fifteen minutes after 
instillation, and continued for from fifteen to forty minutes. The 
twitching was increased by straining the accommodation to near 
vision. Thus, when testiing the 1 gr. solution, I found that reading 
caused the twitching to recommence, though it had completely 
ceased when the eyes were at rest ; just as clinically we constantly 
meet with blinking in hypermetropic children who have strained 

<iir accommodation. Therefore, this drug acts peculiarly on two 

•lies supplied by the third nerve, and also on a third supplied by 

■iai ; and the action of the latter is increased by a nerve- 

(effort to accommodate) passing to one of tie former. 

stimulus of increa-icd light caused not only more con- 

■^e p.ipil, but also increased twitching of the eyelid.^ of 

\ and I need hardly call attention to the irresistible 

contraction of these inner fibres of the orbicularis under a strong 
light. The associated action well known to exist between the pal- 
pebral portion of the orbicularis and the ciliary muscle and pnpil 
is thus forcibly illustrated by the action of the eserine. The twitch- 
ing of the eyelids always commenced a few minutes before the 
pupil or the accommodation were influenced ; a fact which m.ay be 
accounted for by a more rapid absorption of the eserine through the 
conjunctiva than through the coats of the eyeball ; that is, sup- 
posing the drug to act directly on the muscular fibres, or on the- 
nerve end-organs. 

The therapeutic use of weak solutions of eserine was first 
pointed out to me by Mr. Bader, about a year ago ; and since then I 
have made trial of them in a large number of cases of failure of 
accommodation, and with very considerable success. I generally 
order a ^ grain solution to be used three times a day, and I warn 
the patient that he maj' experience some unpleasant twitching of 
the eyelids, and possibly a little dimness of sight, for a short time 
after applying the drops. In some cases benefit has accrued at 
once, has continued so long as the drops have been used, and has 
lasted for a varying period after their discontinuance. In some, the 
improvement has passed off, and I have been obliged to increase the 
strength of the solution in order to continue the effect. In other 
cases, and they have been few, no benefit whatever has resulted. 

I have found these solutions more especially beneficial in two 
classes of patients. 

The first and chief class consists of cases of slight hypermetropia 
in young adults, where the error of refraction has caused no defect 
of vision until — through some failure of general health, or perhaps 
from overtaxing the eyes by an excess of near work — the power of 
accommodation has failed, and then there has arisen an arr.ay of 
troubles sufficiently well known ; headache after near work, and 
inability to continue at it for any length of time, especially if by 
artificial light, being chief among the number. In such patients' 
the treatment is particularly valuable, and may keep the power of 
near vision at its normal standard, until, with rest and an improve- 
ment of the general health, the muscle recovers its normal power. 
As an example of this class I would mention the case of a young 
lady, who was sent to me suffering from all the troubles incident to 
the presence of an accommodating power insufficient to compensate 
for the slight amount of hj'permetropia (ID) which exi.sted. Her 
sight had been good until a few months before coming to me, when 
she thought she strained her eyes by doing an unusual amount of 
near work by artificial light. Her far vision was good, and she 
could read D Q.h Snellen for a short time with ease. The use of 
t\ grain solution of eseriije three times a day caused immediate 
improvement, and at the end of a fortnight she wrote to me sa-ying 
that she was able to paint and read steadily and with comfort for a 
much longer period ;than she had been able to for six months 

Secondly: patients with high myopia, even when fitted with glasses, are sometimes unable to use them with any comfort 
for near vision, this being often in great part due to the feeble ac- 
commodating pow.-r such myopic eyes possess. These persons will 
speak gratefully of the benefit they derive from the use of weak 
solutions of e.serine. 

Considering how large a proportion of all the patients seen by 
ophthalmic surgeons are suffering from some error of refraction or 
accommodatioii, I feel that I need no apology for bringing before the 
profession this simple method of treatment. 

West London Hedico-Chieuegical Society.— The members 
of this sooietv dined together on Thursday, June 14th, at the Star 
and Garter, Richmond.' Dr. E. Hart Vinen in the chair. The usual" 
loyal and other toasts were drank, and, in proposing the toast of the 
evening, namely, " Success to the Society," the chairman congratu- 
lated those present on the prosperity of the society, on the favour 
with which its formation had been received by the medical men of 
the district, on the steady increase in the number of members, on 
the character of the papers, on the enthusiasm of the discussions, 
on the attendance at each meeting, on the state of the finances, and 
on the excellent prospects for the future. 

DoMATioxs AND BEQUESTS. — Mrs. Alderson Lambert has given 
£2,000 to the Beckett Hospital and Dispensary, Barnsley.--Thc 
Gloucester Infirmary and the Gloucester Dispensary, have each re- 
ceived £1,486 l.'.s. (mJ., under the will of Mr. John Burgess.—" Mrs. 
fj., and Miss S.." have given a second £500 to the British Home for 
Incurables, for founding a Si.ster's Pension No. 2, of £20 jwr annum, 
to one of the present candidates. -Mr. Francis Marcct, of Stratton 
Street, has bequeathed £105 to University CoUege liospitol. 

July 7, 1883.-] 





Surgeon to the Ulster Hospital fur Children, Belfast. 

DURING a lcngtbcne<1 stay in Berlin, I hart the opportunity of ob- 
serving the following case, which presents some points of interest. 
G. R., a boy, ten years old, was brought into Professor Hirsch- 
ljer"-'s clinic on March 3th, for an amblyopia of the left eye. The 
mother said the eye had been struck with a snowball tlnree months 

On e.-?amination, the right eye was found normal. In the left eye, 
the external parts were normal ; he could only count fingers at two 
feet. The ophthalmoscope revealed peculiar opacities in the vitreous 
body, and two large infiltrations in the retina near the disc, which 
suggested to Professor Hirschberg the probability of a cysticercus in 
the retina not yet recognisable by the ophthalmoscope, being covered 
by the infiltration. After artificial mydriasis, a series of filmy 
opacities were visible, forming a polygon, distant from the retina 
about five millimetres (as observed by upright image). From this 
polygon other films proceeded towards the retina, the vitreous body 
beiagotherwisequite clear, as is the rulein recent cases of cysticercus. 
The disc, better seen in the inverted than upright image, appeared 
somewhat dim. There were two large retinal infiltrations in its 
neighbourhood, the lesser upwards and inwards, the greater imme- 
diately below. The most careful search could not detect a cysticer- 
cus either in the retina or in the vitreous body. There was no his- 
tory of taenia in the patient or in his family. 

The boy was attacked by a febrile angina after an error in diet, 
and discharged- on the second daj' of the .attack a long piece of 
tajnia solium, which, of course, strengthened the suspicion. 

March 29th. His general health was regained. Minute ophthal- 
moscopic search was made, and for the firs; time a cysticercus was 
detected free in the vitreous body. The films were present as be- 
fore. The disc was clearer in consequence of the retinal irritation 
subsiding after the escape of the parasite. The lesser area in the 
retina was unchanged, whitish but partially red and excavated. Pos- 
.sibly this was the primary seat of the entozoon. The larger, which may 
have been the last lodging, was also whitish with partial vasculari- 
sation and excavated centre. The cysticercus appeared four times 
as broad as the disc (about six millimetres) ; it lay free in the outer 
and lower part of the vitreous body, not far distant from the retina ; 
it was elliptical, with hydatid lustre at the edge. The head was 
within the Vision was better ; he could see fingers at five feet. 
The cysticercus was growing rapidly from day to day. 

An operation was performed on April 4th under chloroform. The 
outer canthus was divided to get more space. The conjunctiva bulbi 
was seized by forceps in the horizontal meridian, and the globe 
turned strongly upwards and Inwards. In the equatorial region be- 
tween the external and inferior recti, a flap of conjunctiva was 
turned over. Then a meridional section through the coats of the 
eye was made in the same region downwards and outwards, for about 
eight millimetres, by introducing Grjife's cataract-knife deeply 
enough to cut through the vitreous layers between the coats and tlie 
cyst. The incision was not quite completed when the cyst appeared 
in the wovmd, and was easily removed without any loss of vitreous 
matter. The conjunctiva was replaced and closed by a stitch, the 
oanthus likewise, and the usual bandage was applied. Healing took 
]>lace without any irritation. The stitches were removed on the 
lifthand fourth days respectively. The conjunctiva was always 
white and the vitreous body clear during the healing process. The 
cyst when lying on the table was somewhat flattened, and measured 
eight by six millimetres. 

Cmuliiion one Month after Operation.— Tho. eyeball wa.s tree from 
irritation. He could covmt fingers at seven and a half feet. The 
filmy opacities in the vitreous body were markedly diminished in 
number and size. The fundus was clearly visible. There were a 
few small blood-spots in the retina and vitreous body. The patient 
was discharged, and after a short time the taenia was expelled by 
oil of male-fern in the usual way. 

In the previous fourteen months, tw-o other vitreous cysticerci 
were extracted by Professor Hirschberg, the results of which may 
be briefly noted. 1. A young woman coidd see fingers, before the 
operation, at two or three feet. One year after extraction, she read 
l^neUen 3. There was moderate rcstrict-'on of the field of vision 

above, owing to preretinal new formations of connective tissue, but 
no trace of retinal detachment. '1. A young man had a large 
cysticercus. The patient declined operation for three or four 
mouths. Vision before the operation was verj' trifling. Extraction 
was difficult ; slow shrinking of the globe followed, and enucleation 
was done a few weeks later. 

Remarks. — In etiological respects, the case detailed above is 
noteworthy, as one in which the probability of self-infection is very 
manifest. Only in a small proportion of the cysticercus cases on 
record was it possible to determine the coexistence of taenia. Thus, 
A. von Griife (Jrc/t./iir <?y;/i^/(.. Band xii, part 2, 1866), in eighty 
cases, could only verify the presence of ta;nia in five. It is very 
likely, as suggested by Hirschberg (Eulenburg's Real EncycUpadic), 
that, were cysticercus patients carefully watched for a longer period 
than is usually permitted, the cases of self-infection would be found 
more numerous than some respected authorities are inclined to 
suppose (see Leuckart, Die Pariuitcn, Band i, p. 275). 

As facilitating a diagnosis, much value attaches to the pecnliav 
opacities in the vitreous body, which is otherwise quite clear. These 
were very characteristic in the above case, and created the first 
suspicion of the presence of an entozoon. Their importance is all 
the greater when it is remembered that they occur in sobretinal 
as well as vitreous cases. 

In the treatment employed, the feattire of interest is the spon- 
taneous escape of the cyst, obviating the introduction or repeated 
introduction of forceps and other extracting instruments. This 
advantageous occurrence was clearly due to the section passing 
deeply enough to divide the vitreous layers intervening between the and the coats of the eye ; and, further, to the incision being 
ample in size, and made at a point exactl}' corresponding to the 
seat of the cyst, as estimated by the ophthalmoscope. 

Considering that the prognosis, in cases where the deeper parts 
of the eye are concerned, is very grave, since vision is gradually 
and certainly lost in every case, the necessity of early diagnosing 
the presence of the parasite is apparent. If left alone, it grov.'s 
frequently, as in the above case, with great rapidity, until inflam- 
matory changes of a severe character are produced— not to mention 
the damage done to the delicate structures of the fimdus by the 
mere mechanical pressure of the cyst. Plastic iritis, or irido- 
choroiditis, followed b}- shrinking of the globe, is the commonest 
result ; less often, a glaucomatous condition. Sympathetic oph- 
tlialmia, much feared by some, has never been verified as the 
outcome of the inflammation caused ; though it may, of course, 
follow the operative measm-es used for the removal of the parasite. 
The early diagnosis and consequent operative interference may 
effect a considerable improvement in vision ; and, even where no 
great improvement follows the removal of the cyst, an eye is saved 
which otherwise would come to enucleation, as an examination of 
the three cases I 'note will show. Mr. Teale"s case, often quotetl 
as an exception to the rule tliat cysticerci always increase in size, 
is not considered by some Continental authorities as one of true 
cysticercus, but rather of a congenital formation in the vitreous 
boily (Hirschberg, in Eulenburg's Rial Eiicycloj>iTdie'). 

There seems to be an agreement of opinion that extraction is the 
only treatment admissible in recent cases. Anthelmintics generally 
or locally, injecting fluids of various kinds into the eyeball, elec- 
tricity, simple puncture of the cyst, etc., cannot be depended on, 
and usually do harm, without destroying the parasite. 

The meridional incision appears to be the favourite method for ex- 
traction now-a-days. A. von Griife, in the earlier period of his practice 
used an equatorial incision for his advanced cases; later, he applied 
his peripheral linear incision, followed by iiidectoniy and extraction 
of lens, the cyst being then drawn out by a blunt hook. Good and 
permanent vision resulted only in a few cases. He never operated 
on a subretinal cyst. Arlt, of Vienna (186G) w:is the first to do; 
this, and used a meridional incision, which has lifcn variously niodij-^ 
fled by others since. A. Griife (of Halle), for in;tance, whose expe-v. 
rience has been large, has operated many times with the best results 
by meridional incision, usually underneath an ocular muscle, which 
is first divided and reflected. In the foregoing case, the point 
selected was between two ocular muscles, which were in conse- 
quence untouched, thus excluding the possibility of subsequent 

The advantage of the meridional over the equatorial is, that the 
former much less often leads to shrinking of the globe ; and, as it 
suits for subretinal as well as for vitreous cases, its superiority over 
the x>Gripheral linear is obvious, apart from the smaller amount of 
disturbance of the vitreous body when the position of the meridional 
incision is well chosen. 


[July 7, 1883. 

Where great inflammation or shrinking exists, extraction is out of 
the question, for sympathetic ophthalmia is thereby favoured, with- 
out any compensatory improvement of vision. Enucleation only 
remains for such cases. 

A few items of a statistical nature may be added. Cysticercus in 
the eyeball is rarer in England than on the Continent, and especially 
few are the cases fiom English sources where the deeper parts of 
the eye were concerned. On the other hand, where the anterior 
parts were the seat, the number is relatively large. In North Ger- 
many, in von Griife's time, the jiroportion was 1 per 1,000; but, in 
the last few years, a decline has been observed by Hirschberg, who 
met with only three cases in 8,000 new eye-patients during fourteen 
aionths— 1SS2-S3. This is probably the result of the compulsory 
examination of flesh-meats, both in respect of trichina and of cysti- 
cercus, which obtains in Germany. The occurrence of the parasite 
is much rarer in southern Germany, Austria, Italy, etc. In Vienna, 
for example, T.Tsnia mediocanellata is the rule, T. solium the excep- 
tion. As Cysticercus mediocanellata infests oxen, and cannot thrive 
•in the human subject, it is never met with in the human eye. The 
only scolex found in the human eye is C. cellulosa;, and hitherto 
only one entozoon has been found in a given eye, though Becker 
(Mauthner's Oj)hthaliii.) says he has seen two in the same eye. The 
greatest size and age on record in the human eye are 15 milli- 
metres and two years respectively. 

The number of cases reported where an anatomical examination 
of the eye took place is about twenty, and of these, ten were sub- 
retinal, ten in the vitreous body. VonGrilfe thought that the original 
seat of the parasite was twice as often beneath the retina as in the 
Titreous body, the entozoon in a number of cases subsequently 
breaking through into the latter. 


Sf.rgeon to the Anco-its Hospital and Ardwick and Aucoats Dispensarj. 

In the British Medical Journal (July 1.5th, 18S2), the use of 
laminated plaster splints is recommended and very clearly described 
by Mr. Kurneaux Jordan. He advises their use in Pott's disease of 
the spine, in hip-disease, fractured femur, contracted knee, etc. ; 
and he points out the fact, which must be at once patent to every 
one, that their application requires only one movement of the patient 
— namely, that on to the surface of tlie splint ; and docs away en- 
-tirely with tlie very great annoyance and source of non-success in 
cases of fracture of the neck of the femur, that of constant relifting 
of the patient as each successive turn of tlie bandage has to bo 
■carried around the back. 

In this communication, I wish to deal entirely with cases of hip- 
disease and fracture of the neck of the femur. There are gojj 
reasons for bracketing these two classes of cases together., 
ia both there exists a necessity for some method of dressing which 
will allow the patient quickly and safely to get up. In hip-disease, 
the patients are generally already marasmic, and fresh air and a 
modicum of exercise are of immense importance to them. In frac- 
ture of the femoral neck, the accident usually occurs in elderly 
people, who bear confinement badly. Secondly, in both there exists 
a necessity for absolute immobility at the hip-joint. 

If these reasons be taken together, it will be seen that a method 
of treatment which will suit the one, cannot be far wrong if applied 
to the other. This being granted, two methods naturally occur to 
our minds as being most likely to fulfil the indications presented ; 
and both, at first sight, and on reading the papers of their intro- 
ducers, appear the thing required. I refer, of course, to Thomas's 
apUnt, and to some form of plaster apparatus, of which, without 
<loubt, Jordan's laminated splint affords the best e.xaraplo. 

I suppose that no method has ever perfectly fulfilled the hopes and 
predictions indulged in by their authors; no practice of any jilan 
proposed is so entirely couleur dc rose as the original theory; and I 
vrish to indicate certain points in which both these methods are 
likely to disappoint those who trust to either entirely — points in 
which, when used conjointly, each supplies the other's defect ; then, 
a3 io some combinations of drugs, powers reside which are sought 
for in vain when these are separate I will show that this conjunc- 
*ion renders possible a control over the limb, and, through it, over 
'the joint, whicli cannot be obtained when cither is used singly. 

From my own observation, I should say that most surgeons pay but 
little attention to the actual measurements given by Thomas as to 
the thickness of his splints ; or surely the weight of them would 
have been objected to long since. Probably, in the majority of cases, 
the size and weight are left to the instrument-maker, who proceeds 
on common-sense principles. In other cases, especially in the coun- 
try, the surgeon will choose his iron in the most convenient black- 
smith's shop, and be guided by his own ideas as to the weight his 
patient can carry, having it afterwards covered and padded by the 
local saddler ; but, if any one who has been doing this, with comfort 
and ease to his jiatient and satisfaction to himself, come, like myself, 
to have to dictate actual thicknesses and widths of iron to a profes- 
sional instrument-maker, and take them direct from Mr. Thomas's 
work, he will be amazed to find that he will have a splint which is 
so heavy that, in the majority of cases, instead of thereby enabling 
his patient to get up, he has still more certainly condemned him to 
bed, as the only place in which its weight can be supported. 

When we consider that a child with hip-disease is already weak- 
ened and emaciated by the pain it is sufEering, or has suffered, that 
its muscles are more or less degenerated by the state of tonic con- 
traction in which they are kept by the irritation of the branches of 
their own nerves supplied to the joint, as demonstrated by Hilton, 
it is perfectly evident that we have not much to fear from any sudden 
or powerful contraction of them ; and that the minimum amount of 
weight, compatible with the requisite rigidity, will be most conducive 
to the second object of the splint, that of allowing the patient fresh 
air and exercise. 

The amount of weight in a splint made for me, according to 
Thomas's directions, for a woman aged 2G, was 4 lbs. 5 oz., and she 
could only bear it on when in bed, or, if standing, for a few minutes. 

Rigidity, too, may be equally obt.ained by making the hinder rod 
still thinner, and supplementing its action by the side-rod recom- 
mended by Morris, in the last edition of Holmes's Surgery. He, 
however, merely carries the side-rod to the thigh clip ; whilst, for a 
reason which will be presently crident, I prefer to carry it to the 
lower or leg clip. 

But, apart from the weight, Thomas's splint has another draw- 
back — its readiness to slip round ; and the bad effects of this are far 
more evident when we have cases of fractured neck of the femur to 
deal with than in hip-disease. It does not fit closely to the body — 
closely, that is to say, in the sense of having any particular grip 
upon it. As I read Mr. Thomas, he seems to think that the way in 
which the upper or body clip is fixed or bent on the opposite side to 
the disease will suflice to prevent this. I c^n only say that I have 
never met an in-trument-maker who could give it this knowing set 
or bend ; and that, in one or two cases in which this was supposed 
to be done, the patient complained so forcibly of the impediment 
caused to the free action of his ribs, that the cunning bend had to 
be unbent, as the lesser of two evils, and the irritating tendency to 
swing round remained as before. 

This, I take it, is practically the great drawback in the use of 
Thomas's splint ; the weight can be regulated, but how is the tend- 
ency to slip rouml to be remedied ? 

Before answering this question, I should wish to examine the 
working of Jordan's laminated plaster. Will this take the place of 
the other ? Are there no faults to find with this ? 

The laminated plaster, as I began by saying, has a great advantage 
over all other methods, except perhaps the Bavarian, of applying 
plaster-of-Paris, in that the position of the limb can be fixed once 
for all, and not interfered witu again until the plaster has set. It is 
light, can be well padded, and, when dry, fits closely and firmly to 
pelvis and limb. Can anything further be required ? 

Well, practice does not bear out its perfect rigidity. It is extremely 
difficult to keep that part of it which is most important, the flexure 
of the hip, firm and uncracked ; indeed, I may say I have never seen 
one thai fully bore out its theoretical advantages. This, no doubt, 
may be due to several things ; bad plaster, unskilful application, 
etc. ; but, in ordinary practice, the fact remains that these splints 
frequently fail to give satisfaction from this sole fact, that they, as 
ordinarily applied, have not sufficient rigidity. 

Still, they have a good grip of the body and the limb ; they have 
no tendency to slip round, are light, and add no appreciable weight 
to the burden the patient has to carry. 

Thomas's si)li?it, then, has ioz adrania^ct : perfect rigidity; no 
possibility of flexion or extension at the hip-joint; for disad- 
riintaiji's : weight, if mada according to the original directions; 
want of grip; and tendency to rotation around an axis rcpre- 
.■■cutcd by a line drawn upwards through the main axis of the limb. 

July 7, 1883.] 


Jordan's splint has for arUmUages : lightness ; actual grip of the 
pelvis and limb; and no tendency to rotation; for dhndrantagcx : 
want of rigidity ; danger of flexibility over the most important 

As tabulated, each shows strength exactly where the other is 
weak. This alone might appear to point to the advisability of their 
combination ; but I would wish to point out that snch combination 
has one or two definite advantages. And first, as to the way in 
which they may be used together. It is not enough that the one 
should be merely superimposed upon the otiier ; not so are the best 
effects of their united action to be obtained. 

In making the Thomas's sphnt use iron of No. l."> gauge, for 
the uprights ; No. 21 for the clips ; and, in fixing the nprights, let 
the hinder one be placed as Thomas recommends, following his 
line. In addition to this, let a second be fixed so as to lie in the mid- 
line of the side of the body and lunb, hollowing it out in a curve 
over the trochanter, and riveting it to each of the three clips. It re- 
quires no padding, but a simple covering with leather, for the sake 
of appearance ; straps and buckles as originally directed. 

As to the laminated plaster, cut out five or six sheets of the stiff 
muslin used ; the inner two require nothing further beyond saturat- 
ing with plaster ; but the outer three or four should have slits cut in 
them, the width of half-inch tape, and directly opposite the iron 
uprights. Two slits, i.e., one opposite each upright, should be cut in 
three places : a, midway between the crest of the ilium ^nd the tro- 
chanter; J, midway between hip and knee; f, two inches below knee. 
The a tape should also have another point of exit in front, by means 
of which it should be attached to a ring on the front strap of the 
upper chp. Now, lay the tape between the inner two and outer four 
sheets, allowing a good loop to pass out at each slit ; and having 
saturated the sheets with plaster, and properly moistened them, lay 
the patient upon the whole. 

Fix the plaster splint carefully and allow it to dry, carefully draw- 
ing out each loop as far as it is free, and dividing. 

Thus, the upper tape will have three points of exit from the plaster 
splint: one behind, opposite the upright representing Thomas's 
original upright ; one on the outside of the limb affected, opposite 
the additional upright ; and one in front, opposite a ring attached to 
the strap connecting the upper or chest clip. The free ends of tape 
projecting from these openings are to be made fast to the points of 
Thomas's splint indicated ; and thus that splint can be rendered 
perfectly firm and immovable. 

The two lower tapes have each two points of exit, both opposite 
the respective uprights. Now it can easily be seen that, if the posi- 
tion of the limb with reference to the trunk be correct, by fastening 
these tapes such position is maintained : but, should there be too 
great eversion, by drawing the outermost tape up and over the an- 
terior surface of the leg, until, by passing round the inner side, it 
reaches the hinder upright, passing around this and drawing upon 
it, any amount of traction can be exerted and maintained by fixing 
the tape in this position; such tape cannot injuriously compress the 
tissues of the leg, as it is warded off them by the stiff plaster casing. 
Inversion can be treated in the reverse manner. 

Thus, then, the combination of the two splints permits of definite 
regulation of the amount of eversion or inversion of the limb. The 
upper part of the outer instrument is fixed in a definite position, 
from which it is impossible for it to slide: whilst the lower is thus 
made available as a rigid point or points, to and from which the leg 
can be drawn and fixed. 

Such control over the position of the limb, as to rotation, is im- 
possible with either of these appliances separately; combined, it is 
at once practicable and easy. To sum up : the advantages to be 
gained by the combination of the two splints are these. 

1 . It becomes possible so to lighten the weight of Thomas's splint 
that it can easily be borne by the weakest patient; and the weight 
of the laminated plaster is so inconsiderable, and so diffused over a 
large area, that the combined splints weigh about half the amount 
of an ordinary Thomas's splint, made after the original directions. 

2. Whilst the Thomas's splint supplies the requisite impediment to 
flexion and extension of the hip. the laminated plaster supplies the 
firm grip of pelvis and limb, and forms an admirable ^o(«< d'apjnd 
for any attempt at adjustment, in cases of fracture. 

.^. The combination permit of a more certain fixation of Thoma.s's 
splint itself, in any desired position ; and renders it not merely a 
safeguard against flexion and extension, but a verj' certain appliance 
for remedying excessive rotation, either external or internal. 

Of course, the patten on the opposite foot, the crutches, etc., are 
equally necessary, as they would be with the. Thomas's splint alone. 



Bt EDHUND ALLKYKE cook, L.R.C.P.Ed., F.C.S., etc. 

Dr. Gaekod, in his third I.umleian lecture, as reported in the 
Bbitish Medical JotTESAi., April 21st, 1SS3, gives a summary of 
some interesting experiments on the influence of hippuric and 
benzoic acids on the elimin.ation of uric acid, the conclusion he 
arrives at being that these two former, when in dilute solution, and 
alkaline, are capable of destroying the latter as a chemical experi- 
ment, and, when administered medically, of materially lessening the 
excretion. He gives some sets of experiments, which show that 
benzoates, when administered in set doses, have the effect of dimin- 
ishing the uric acid. I have repeated his experiments so far as re- 
gards the administration of benzoates, and do not get results similar, 
to his. On May 13th, the urine was collected, the diet having been 
regulated exactly for seven or eight days preriously. The collec- 
tions of 14th and succeeding days are as given in the following: 

Date. Urine. Specific Gravity. Uric Acid. 

May 14th... 38 ozs 1020 13 grains. 

„ 15th... 36 „ 1022 12.3 ., 

„ 16th... 26 10.30 13.0 „ 

„ 17th... 29 „ Not analysed 

„ l.Sth... 20 „ 1030 1.3.2 „ 

„ 19th... 32 , 1023 13.0 „ 

., 20th... 38 Not analysed 

., 21st... 40 „ 1023 12.4 ,. 

„ 22nd... 48 „ 1020 1.3.7 „ 

., 23rd... 40 „ 1026 14.0 ., 

„ 24th... 32 , 102.5 13.2 ., 

„ 25th... 28 „ 1025 Not analysed. 

On the 20th, 30 grains benzoate of soda in solution were taken at 
night in one dose. On the 21st, three doses, of 20 grains each, of 
benzoate of soda, G ovmces extra water. On the 22nd, two doses of 
20 grains. On the 23rd, three doses of 20 grains. On the 24th, 

The benzoate acted somewhat as a diuretic, although very little 
oxtra water was taken. The estimations of uric acid given were made 
by the zinc sulpb.ate precipitation process ; and to corroborate, 
quantities of the urine were precipitated by the zinc sulphate 
solution after removal of the phosphates, and the precipitate, washed 
and decomposed by dilute sulphuric acid, gave abundant crystals of 
uric acid, as proved by microscope and murexide test. 

Results so divergent as these are from these of Dr. Garrod, cer- 
tainly surprised me ; for although I have not seen his paper to the 
Royal Society, I have followed his directions closely, as given in his 
lecture-report. His process for estimation, as given in his first lec- 
ture, is the acidulation process, and I sought in this some explana- 
tion of our difference. 

A portion of the urine collection of the 21st, and also of the 22nd, 
23rd, and 24th, were set aside after acidulation. These urines gave 
very little crystallisation of uric acid— a scarcely perceptible trace 
appearing even after seventy-two hours' standing, with occasional 
stirring. Of the urine collection of the 21st, 20 ounces were acidu- 
lated ; and, on the 24th, the crystallisation from the whole 20 ounces 
was scarcely ponderable, but some feathery crystals were evident, 
probably benzoic acid. 

From this, it is evident that the presence of a benzoate, or even 
of benzoic acid, can prevent the crystallisation of uric acid from 
urine ; but it is also evident that it does not destroy it : and this 
result is in agreement with those of Kemer, and of Wohler and 
Keller, as quoted by Parkes. 

But Dr. Garrod states in his lecture that the uric acid is destroyed, 
and states that the murexide test failed to answer, after a mixtare 
of a benzoate and a urate in alkaline solution had stood some time 
at a temperature of the body. He states that a dilute solution is 
necessary, and from twenty-five to fifty times as much benzoate as 
urate. In his lecture, he gives nothing more definite thaii a dilute 
solution, but I took uric acid. 2 grains, benzoic acid, 60 grains, water, 
4 ounces, and dissolved till clear with caustic soda, the solution 
being alkaline to test-paper; the whole was put into a four-ounce 
bottle, and kept for nine hours at a temperature of 98° Fahr. One- 
half of this mixture, diluted and precipitated by zinc sulphate solu- 
tion, gave nearly one grain of uric acid. The other half, dilnteii 
ao-ain to 4 ounces, was kept for twelve hours at a temperature of 


[July 7, 1883. 

110" F.ihr., and then gave very markedly the murexidc test in a 
single evaporated drop. It was left twelve hours more at 100° Falir., 
and a;;ain tested, no change bein? apparent. It was then rendered 
more alkaline with a mixture of potassio and sodic carbonate, and 
left twelve hours at 100°, at the end of which time, one drop, evapo- 
rated, as before, gave faint evidence of uric acid by the murexide 

" Again, a weighed quantity of 1 grain of uric acid and CO grains 
of bertzdio acid were dissolved in G ounces of water with soda to a 
clear aihition, and left 12 hours at a temperature of 100°. One drop 
lifavc clearly the murexide test. A little mixed sodic and potassic 
carbonates were added, and the mixture again left 12 hours at 100°. 
There was now no evidence of uric acid, by the murexidc test ; but 
on precipitation with zinc sulphate solution, and solution of the 
precipitate in dilute sulphuric acid, abundant crystals deposited, of 
which a, minute quantity gave very markedly the murexide test. 

Againj a weighed quantity of one grain of uric acid was dissolved 
in G ounces of water by means of sodic and potassic carbonates in 
slight excess; and one drop of the solution evaporated rapidly (as in 
the other testings), gave a far fainter test sjjot of murexide than the 
drop from the same strength solution of the preceding experiment 
prior to digestion. This solution was then setaside,at 100° Fah.,forten 
hours. One drop then evaporated gave very slight evidence of uric 
acid by murexide test. After twelve hours, no evidence of uric acid 
could be obtained by this test. 

The results of the above experiments seem to point to the fact 
that tlie uric acid is not destroyed by benzoic acid, but exists in a 
state of combination (it may be as a compound acid), and when this 
combination is evaporated with nitric acid it gives no murexide 
with alkalies, and when it is precipitated by zinc sulphate solution, 
the uric acid combines with the zinc oxide. And the last experi- 
ment seems to demonstrate that an alkaline solution containing 
soda and potassa is capable of really destroying uric acid if kept at 
a, temperature 98"^ Fahr., even without the presence of benzoic or 
liippuric acids, probably by oxydation. This was a discovery of 
Sohunk, who found the products of decomposition to be oxalurio 
acid, and finally urea and oxalic acid ; and Dr. Basham has noticed 
tHal this takes place in the animal economj- when potash salts are 
administered, coincidently with the diminution of uric acid 
{Practitioner, vol. v, 1870). 

It is well known that there are many substances which, when pre- 
sent in a solution of uric acid, are capable of increasing its power 
of remaining dissolved, and benzoic acid certainly appears to be one 
<5f these. 

• I have not tried the effect of the administration of hippuric acid 
by month, because it is well known that if benzoic acid be adminis- 
tered, hippuric acid appears in the urine ; and if this hippuric acid, 
formed in the animal, did not diminish the uric acid (though it did 
prevent its precipitation by acid), neither would hippuric acid ad- 
ministered by the mouth be likely to do so. Moreover, we have no 
gaarantec whatever that hippuric acid, administered by the mouth, 
■will appear unchanged by the urine ; and, reasoning from the be- 
haviour pE uric acid when so administered or injected, it would cer- 
tainly not do so. 

'■Tt is tolerably certain that variations in diet will cause variations 
in- the'e.toretion of uric acid ; and, if a strong vegetable variation in 
the diet of mixed feeders will cause it to be replaced by hippuric 
acid, it is reasonable to suppose that the same cause, acting in a less 
degree, will produce the same effect in a less degree ; therefore, we 
may conclude that, in the urine of mixed feeders, we have more or 
less of a substalnce which will prevent the precipitation of free uric 
acid ; that the quantity, and therefore the eiTect, varies with the 
diet. It must be evident, therefore, that a' process of estimation, 
capable of being affected in this manner, cannot be reliable. 

Sanitaey Institute of Geeat Britain. — At an examination 
of- local surveyors and inspectors of nuisances, held June 7th and 
•Stli, the Institute's cerliticate of competency to discharge the duties 
iti local surveyors -ivas awarded to I'. F. Comber and B. G. Mawliey ; 
:»nd the certilicate of competency to discharge the duties of i'u- 
spectora of nuisances was awarded to \V. Dent, S. Edraondson, W. 
Uearne, G. Johnson, A. W. Merrie, and G. F.Wells. 

-"IjTJMINOUS Paint.— An ingenious use of luminous paint now pro- 

'•les, at the liyceum, a reassuring safeguard against panic. The 

■tions in the corridors and passages as to the " way out " are 

-5 legible in darkness as in light, and thus if from fire or 

■ocident the gas were suddenly cut off, the audience need 

no difficulty in finding their way to the .several exits. 


Surgeon to the Indian Medical Department, 2nd Punjab Cavalry. 

I'liE irablication of a leading article on the above subject in the 
JOUBNAL of March 3rd, 1883, leads me to now make this communi- 
cation, which I have been delaying until I should have cleared up 
in my mind certain points in connection with an organism I ha\ c 
been observing in the blood and tissues of cases of pneumonia. 

In February 1882, I was sent to do duty with the 4th Tunjali 
Infantry at Dera Ismail Khan, on the Punjab frontier, and found 
that there was then so great an amount of pneumonia among the 
troops, that it might be well called epidemic. Outbursts of pneu- 
monia of epidemic characteristics are not uncommon among 
native troops in this part of India, during the cold season, and there 
is a very generally diffused opinion among the medical officers of 
the Punjab frontier force, that the disease is, at any rate ocoasion- 
allj', communicated by contagion. 

At that time, I had not seen any notice of the observations 
alluded to in the Journal, but so many diseases had been recently 
demonstrated to be characterised by the presence of micro-organ- 
isms in the blood, that I was led to carefully examine the blood o£ 
my patients. 

On submitting the blood of a case to a power of about 800 diji- 
meters (Ross, ,V immersion •objective), I was surprised to find 
that it contained immense numbers of minute more or less spherical 
foreign particles ; and further careful observation of cases brought 
out the following facts. These particles are present from the very 
commencement to the end of the attack, and often persist in scanty 
numbers, far into convalescence. 

If the blood be examined in a case of pneumonia as soon as the 
earliest symptoms declare themselves, there will be observed a num- 
ber of miorococcus-like bodies about one-eighth to one-tenth of the 
diameter of a blood-corpuscle, i.e., about one micromillimetre. 
They appear spherical or nearly so, unless great care be taken in the 
adjustment of the lens. If examined in a warm, moist chamber, 
they will be found to iiossess two motions ; first, the ordinary 
Brunonian vibration, and secondlj', an independent locomotion of 
their own. On occasions when the adjustment of the screw-collar 
of the objective and the light have been favourable, I have made out, 
as they twist about, a pyriform outline, and have once or twice had a 
glimpse of an extremely fine lash springing from the smaller 
end. After two or three days, a second form appears, in the shape 
of a nucleated cell from two to three micromillimetres in diameter, 
the nucleus of which, in size and appearance, is much like one of 
the first described form. In these, no signs of locomotive jMwer 
have as yet been observed. The smaller kind are still found in great, 
numbers, and by this time will be often found joined into chains o£ 
from two to ten or more indi\-iduals. When this is the case, they 
too appear to have lost the power of locomotion. 

Coincidently with the appearance of this nucleated form (or stage, 
as I take it, of the micrococcus), a third appeai'ance manifests itself, 
in the shape of large colonies of the smaller sort, united together by 
a hyaline structureless material, forming masses as large as fifteen 
to twenty micromillimetres. These collections are probably zooglcca, 
and are of a consistence of some fu'nmess ; for, in specimens examined 
warm, I have not -nfrequently observed the red corpuscles to run 
against them, tlie corpuscle becoming altered in form, while the 
zoogloea-mass yielded scarcely at all. If the blood be dried on u 
cover and stained by " Koch's method,'' these micrococci will be 
found to stain well with most anilin dyes. That best suited is one 
I obtained some years ago under the name of " anilin blue." I am 
unacquainted -n-itii its exact name, but it is a different article from 
methyl blue. 

During the progress of the case, these zoogloea-masses commonly 
disappear, and a more or less distinct repetition of the same cycle 
may often bo observed ; but as a general rule the process appears to 
become confused. ' 

Tlie sputa, too, may, by Koch's method, be demonstrated to abso- 
lutely swarm with micrococci, and often, in fact, to be largely made 
up of them. 

After death, both in man and, as will be described below, in rab- 
bits, I have made out their presence in the tissues of all p.arts of 
the body, but especially in the capillaries of the lung, which are 
often found blockeil with clot containing immense numbers. 

In severe and fatal cases, I have frequently observed a curiou;>. 
circumstance. AMien the patient is at his worst, the drop of blood 

July 7, 1883.] 



for examination can only be made to flow with great difficulty ; and 
when it is examined, few or no micrococci will be found free in the blood, 
all present being either in the zooglcjea-stage, or, if single, firmly 
adherent to the red corpuscles, so as to make them, even in freshly 
drawn specimens, look like mulberries. 

If currents be produced under the cover by pressing on it with a 
needle, some of these may occasionally be seen to become detached, 
and to float about free ; but the moment they happen to come into 
contact with some corpuscle, they adhere to and are carried about 
by it. 

Now, the pneumonia seen here often runs an extremely rapid 
course, death sometimes taking place in as little as twelve hours, 
with signs of pulmonary engorgement ; but with no pronounced dul- 
ness on percussion, and, /)os< mortem, with only deep congestion of the 
lungs, and often extensive pulmonary apoplexy. It is in such, 
especially, that I have observed the appearance of blocking of the 

Is it carrying too far " the scientific use of the imagination'' to 
surmise, that this blocking may be caused by the corpuscles becom- 
ing matted together by the adherent micrococci, and by the infarc- 
tion of zoogloea-masses, many of which reach dimensions too great 
to allow their passing through the finer capillaries.? 

The presence of these microphytes in the blood and sputa ap- 
peared to me to lend considerable probability to the theory of com- 
munication by contagion ; and, with a view to test this, I performed 
the experiments described beiow. 

Experiment 1. — I injected into the pleural cavity of a rabbit a 
small quantity of the freshly ejected sputa of a pneumonic patient. 
Twenty-four hours later, immense numbers of the smaller or non- 
nucleated form of the micrococcus were present in the blood. In 
thirty-six hours after the injection, the animal died. Post mortem, 
there were present efliusions into the pericardium of clear fluid, and 
of a turbid fluid into both pleurae. The lung on the side of the in- 
jection was covered with lymph, and partly adherent. Both lungs 
were intensely congested ; the other organs were healthy. The blood 
and pleuritic fluid swarmed with the smaller form of micrococci. 
The next day, on examining some of the pleuritic fluid that had been 
put aside in a covered vessel, it was found to contain the nucleated 
form in addition. 

Experiment 2. — I injected some pneumonic sputa into the subcu- 
taneous cellular tissue of the back of a rabbit. As in the first 
experiment, the animal became ill. Micrococci, first of the smaller, 
and then of the nucleated form, appeared in the blood, and the ani- 
mal died, but not until four da)'s after the injection. Post, mortem, 
the pericardium and pleura; were tilled with a turbid fluid, and the 
lungs showed signs of pneumonia more advanced than in the first 
case. The other organs were healthy, and no sign of the point of 
injection could be made out. 

Dogs and rats proved incapable of being infected, either with the 
fluids of the dead rabbits, or with human pneumonic sputa. 

During the past cold season. Experiment 2 has been repeated, 
and the fluids from this animal proved infective to another rabbit. 

Potato- Cultivations. — A minute quantity of sputum was placed on 
a slice of boiled potato, after the method recommended by Koch 
for cultivating the anthrax and other germs. In a few days, a 
greyish-white scum was seen spreading out over the surface, from 
round the point of sputum. This scum, on microscopic examination, 
proved to consist of a micrococcus, of exactly similar size and ap- 
pearance to those already described in the blood. The cultivation 
of this micrococcus was carried on a potato to the seventh genera- 
tion ; and the experiment was several times repeated, and carried 
on through several generations, there being apparently no limit to 
the number. A minute speck of blood was placed on a slice of 
potato in the same way, and round it grew a scum of exactly similar 
appearances, consisting of micrococci exactly like those in the blood, 
or grown from sputum. 

A little of the third generation of one of the potato-cultivations 
from sputum was mixed with distilled water, and injected into the 
cellular tissue of a rabbit's back. The animal became obviously ill, 
and the blood for many days swarmed with micrococci — all three 
stages, nucleated, nonnucleated, and zooglo^a, being detected. It, 
however, recovered, and about three weeks after was used in an ex- 
)>eriment with the injection of sputa. The poison in this case must 
have been very virulent (the patient from whom it was taken died a 
few hours after it was collected), for this animal died within a few 
hours. Post mortem,, the lung was found to be in a state of recovery- 
after pneumonia. 

Afterwards, some of a sixth generation sputa-cultivation was in- 
jected. In this case, again, the animal became very iU — so obviously 

so, that I was much surprised at its recovery. Three weeks aft«r, il 
was killed, and the last traces of an attack of pneumonia were still 
apparent in the lungs. 

Since I first noticed these bodies in the blood, in February 1882, 
I must have seen them in about fifty or sixty cases. They appear to 
be constant, fori have found them in every case that I have examined. 

Under these circumstances, the posgibility of communication of 
pneumonia by contagion can scarcely be doubted. Whether such an 
occurrence be at all common, or usual, is a matter by no means so 
easy to decide. At least, it appears that it is advisable to carefull}- 
disinfect sputa in this disease, before disposing of them where they 
wOl probably become constituents of the dust which fills the air in 
dry cUmates suc'n as this. 

Before concluding, I should add that, in the pneumonia we meet 
with in this part of India, a large number of cases, while running the 
same course, as to pyrexia and general .symptoms, as seen in the 
typical acute pneumonia of Europe, are yet, as to physical signs, 
instances rather of lobular than of acute croupous pneumonia. 


By henry PABSON, M.R.C.S.Eng., 

Assistant Medical Officer to the Surrey County Hospital, Guildford. 

Perhaps the following particulars of a case of re-fracture of the 
patella, together with a description of the appliances used during 
the treatment, may be of interest. 

In December 1874, Mr. fractured his left patella at the junc- 
tion of the upper and middle thirds. In October 1880, he fractured 
the same bone at the junction of the middle and lower thirds ; and, 
in August 1882, he re-fractured the left patella at the seat of the 
last injury — viz., at the junction of the middle and lower thirds. 

This IJist accident occurred on August Gth, whilst staying at Am- 
sterdam. He was seen by a local surgeon, who applied suitable 
splints ; and the patient started for England on August 8th, reach- 
ing his home on the 0th. I was called in on the lllh, and found 
considerable swelling over the joint, with about three-fourths o£ an 
inch of separation between the fragments. The amount of separa- 
tion which existed directly after the accident, I could not ascertain. 
The lower fragment was small, and very movable. He was wearing 
a leather splint, with side supports, to which were strapped two 
semilunar soft leather pads. By drawing the pads together, and 
fastening them, I got the fragments into close apposition ; and the 
patient continued to wear this contrivance until the primary inflam- 
mation had subsided. , . ■- 

I then devised the appliance, of which an Ulustratiou is here givQn 

It consists of two semilunar pieces, made of some sound, nan-ow;, 
unyielding material, shaped to fit the edges of the lower and upper 
fragments. One piece slides on the other, and admits of closing and 
separating them by means of screws, and without anj' other move- 
ment : so that, when adjusted and fijmly strapped to the side sup- 
ports of a suitable splint prepared for it, the upper and lower pieces 
are perfectly rigid, one with the other ; it is then almost impossible 
for the patella to slip out of position. The semilunar pieces being 
narrow, they form grooves for themselves behind the fragments, and 
have a tendency to run under the bone, instead of over-riding, as 
most other appliances do : so that the pieces are kept firmly in good 
position, in their proper place, and have no tendency to tilting. 
This apparatus was applied about the end of the third week from 
the date of the accident, and the patient was removed to the couch^ 
At the end of the fourth week, he came dovm stairs with assist" 
ance, and went out in a Bath chair. At the fifth week, he walked 
round the garden with the aid of sticks. At the seventh week, he 
walked a mile with one stick. At the end of the eighth week, he 
returned to business, walking to and fro— that is, two miles daily! 
He could walk well wearing the appliance, and experienced very 
little inconvenience; and. to the best of my knowledge, the frag- 
ments never slipped once during the twenty weeks that he wore the 



[July 7, 1883. 

splint. The pressure was relieved at times by small tufts of cotton- 
wool, aud by wearing an old splint at night; but, during the latter 
part of the time, nothing was worn at night — thus, abrasions from 
ooatinued pressure were avoided entirely. 

The patient now walks well, and is not particular as to distance; 
but still wears a contrivance to s\ipport the knee-cap, and limit the 
movements of the joint. The advantages claimed for the appliance 
are these. 

1. As soon as the primarj- inflammation has subsided, and the 
apparatus firmly and properly adjusted, the patient can begin to 
move about, and in a short time follow his usual pursuits. 

2. The long confinement to be<l is avoided ; thus the patient re- 
tains his health and strength : and the condition is more favourable 
to the repair of tissues. 

3. Easy adjustment of fragments, and the keeping of them in 
good position, without fear of slipping when the patient is walking. 

4. The slight movement of knee in walking about prevents a 
stiff joint, and keeps up sufficient activity in the parts to complete 
the union. 

Lastly, but not least, as far as the patient is concerned, the 
" doctor's bill'' is reduced, as he will require much less attention. 

I consider the case here mentioned to be a good test case for try- 
ing the merits of the invention ; for, if the surgeon can secure a 
good union in a re-fracture, and under such adverse circumstances, 
surely the results will be far superior in the case of primary 

By T. M. KENDALL, B.A.Sydne3-, L.R.C.P.Ed. 

Many remedies have been suggested for the prevention of, and 
much time and patience have been expended in the attempt to 
relieve, sea-sickness. Dul-lng a recent voyage, I had under my care 
about 200 cases of sea-sickness, and, from treating them, I learnt 
the following facts. 

Many people, as soon as sea-sickness commences, have recourse 
to oranges, lemons, etc. Xow oranges are very much to be avoided, 
on account of their bilious tendency, and even the juice of a lemon 
should only be allowed in cases of extreme nausea. 

Champagiie, too, is a verj- common remedy, and, without doubt, 
in many cases does good ; but this appears to be chiefly due to its 
exhilarating effects, as, if it be discontinued, the result is bad, and 
a great amount of prostration follows. 

Creasote is a very old but still very good remedy, and, in cases 
accompanied by great prostration, is very useful; but, if given in 
the early stages of sea-sickness, it is often followed by very bad re- 
sults, and even increases the nausea. 

Bicarbonate of Soda is useful in slight cases, as it relieves nausea, 
and checks the frequent eructations which often follow attacks of 
sea-sickness; but, in severe cases, it is absolutely useless, and, in 
fact, it very often prolongs the retching. 

A very good remedy in the earlier stages of sea-sickness is a tea- 
spoonful of Worcester Satici: How this acts I cannot say ; but it, 
witiiout doubt, relieves the symptoms, and renders the patient easier. 
Ite action is probably of a stimulant nature. 

Hydrocyanic Acid is of very little service, and most acid mixttires 
are to be avoided, except that perhaps, for drinking purposes, when it 
ia best to acidulate the water with a small quantity of hydrochloric 

Of all the drugs used, I found that the most effectual was Bromide 
of Imodium. When bromide of sodium is given in doses of 10 grains 
three times a day, the attacks entirely subside, the appetite im- 
proves, and the patient is able to walk about with comfort. 

In all cases of sea-sickness, it is very desirable that the patient 
should take sufficient food, so that at all times the stomach may be 
comfortably full, for by this means, overstrainingduring fits of retching 
ia prevented, and the amount of nausea is diminished. Tlie practice 
of taking small pieces of dry biscuit is not of much use ; as, although 
the biscuit is retained by the stomach, yet the amount taken is 
never sufficient to comfortably fill the stomach. Soups, milk-pud- 
dings, and sweets are to be avoided, as they increase the desire to 
be sick, and are followed by sickening eructations. Fat bacon is 
easily borne, and does much good, if only the patient can conquer his 
aversion to it. When taken in moderate quantity, it acts as a charm, 
and is followed by very good results. 

Uut of all food, Curry is the most useful in sea-sickness, and is 
retained by the stomach when all other food has been rejected. 

Next to curry, I would place small sandwiches of cold beef, as they 
look nice on the plate, and are usually retained by the stomach. 

In conclusion, I would advise that brandy should be used very 
sparingly, as, in many cases, it induces sea-sickness ; and its chief 
use is confined to those casts where the prostration is very great, 
and even then, champagne is more effectual. 


The occipito-posterior position of the fcjetal head is by far the most 
frequent cause of tedious, lingering, exhausting labours. This posi- 
tion is estimated to occur, at the beginning of labour, in about one 
of every four cases ; as the head passes through the pelvis, rotation 
takes place in about ninety-six per cent, of these cases, the remain- 
ing four per cent, being expelled with the occiput still posterior. 

In cases of the first and second cranial positions, as the head 
enters the pelvis, the occiput presses against the pubcs, whilst the 
wide forehead is in contact with the posterior wall of the vagina. 
As labour proceeds, the forehead advances much more rapidly than 
the occiput, and occupies fully the highly sensitive (excito-motor) 
posterior vaginal wall, sweeping along and distending it as the head extends itself in an arc of a large circle, of which the 
occiput pressed against the pubes is the centre, thus irritating and 
exciting the expulsive uterine efforts. 

On the other hand, when the forehead is against the pubes, and 
the head being gradually forced downwards, the tendency is, not for 
the occiput to extend itself and sweejj over the hollow of the .sacrum, 
but for the forehead and face to be more and more advanced below 
the pubes ; the relations of the head for its movement of flexion and 
extension (Tyler Smith) being reversed. Thus, the posterior vaginal 
wall is not pressed on ; the expulsive efforts fail to be excited ; and 
the labour is tedious, unless rotation of the head take place, 
when the forehead is brought into the hollow of the sacrum, and 
active expulsion generally follows. 

The obvious remedj- would be to pull down the occiput, to make 
it occupy the hollow of the sacrum, whilst the forehead is neces- 
sarily made to recede, the head being flexed forwards by the move- 
ment. It is not easy to accomplish this with the forceps ; when 
traction is made, the whole head is advanced in its faulty position, 
and it is very ditiicult to bring the occiput down, to flex the hei^d 

I have for many years adopted the plan of delivering these cases 
with the whalebone fillet. The position of the head being exactly 
ascertained, the fore and middle fingers of the left hand are passed 
up until the posterior fontanelle is reached, and, if possible, are 
pressed against the occipital bone. The fillet, held in the right 
hand, is compressed, and advanced gently along the left palm and 
palmar surface of the fingers till it rests on the head. It is now 
allowed to expand, and is guided upwards and directed by the 
fingers until it is felt to embrace the occiput, on which it is generallj' 
possible to obtain a firm purchase. Gentle traction is then made 
during each pain, the fingers of the left hand being still on the 
head to inform the operator of its exact position; the occiput is 
brought down, the forehead recedes, expulsive pains are immediately 
excited (in some cases spontaneous rotation takes place, although 
this is rare), and the labour is quickly terminated. 

I select a few, from among a great many in my case-book, as ex- 
amples of the result of this treatment. 

Case i. — Second labour, at full term. Pains began at 4 a.m. At 
10 A.M. I found the os dilated, the membranes protruding; the head 
at the brim, in the third position. I ruptured the membranes, passed 
the fillet over the occiput, and made slight traction with each pain, 
which brought the vertex down at once. Forcing pains were caused, 
which expelled the child at 10.15 a.m., with the face towards the 

Case ii.— Ninth labour, at full term. At 4 p.m. I found slight 
pains, at long intervals ; the os was half dilated, and the head in the 
fourth cranial position ; the eyebrow was to be felt at the right side 
of the pubes. At .5 p.m. the os was fully dilateil. I passed the fillet 
over the occiput, and made traction with each pain. The head ad- 
vanced rapidly, and a large child was expelled, with the face for- 
wards, at 5.30. 

Case in. — Twin case, at seven and a half months. The first child 
was a footling ; the second child was in the third cranial position. 
There had been forcing, but inefficient pains, for some hours, under 
chloroform. At 5.45 I passed a Tdlet over the occipat, and made 

July 7, 1883.J 



traction during two pains, witli no effect ; then I rotated the head 
with the fillet, so as to turn the face to the left of the sacrum, and 
by the following pain, at 5.55, the child was expelled. 

Case IV. — Fifth labour, at full term. Small woman. The former 
labour was long and severe. At 10.15 a.m. I found the os dilated, 
the parts lubricated and soft, and the head at the brim in the fourth 
position. I ruptured the membranes and put a fillet on the occiput, 
making slight traction at each pain. The pains became expulsive 
directly; and, in twenty minutes, a large boy was born, with the face 

Case v. — Third labour, at full term. At 11.15 a.m. I found the 
pains regular, the os dilated, the vagina moist and capacious ; the 
head coming in the fourth position. I ruptured the membranes, and 
put a fillet on the occiput. With slight traction at each pain, the 
child was born in seven minutes. In coming through the pelvis, 
the head rotated spontaneously, and was expelled with the face to 
the perinpeum. 

Case vi. — Third labour, at full term. I found the os half dilated, 
the head in the fourth position ; the pains regular, but slight, and 
at long intervals. After she had walked the room an hour, I found 
the 05 dilated, the head at the brim, with the anterior fontanelle 
under the right side of the pubes. I passed a fillet over the occiput 
during a pain. At the next pain, with slight traction, the head 
came well into the pelvis. At the following pain, it distended the 
perinaeum, and, with a long expulsive effort, the child was born, face 
forwards, within ten minutes of the adjustment of the fillet. 

SUEGICAL ]\ie:\ioeanda. 

iJEVEEAL operations are performed in the dissecting-room which are 
.seldom, if ever, brought into more practical use. Properly carried out, 
at least two'important purposes are served by their performance ; sur- 
gical dexterity is acquired, and anatomy is learnt in a highh' practical 
manner. To fulfil these conditions, the operation should not be too 
easy ; it should present certain difiiculties. If the ligature of an artery 
be in question, it is best to practise upon a vessel which is not too 
accessible. Definite landmarks should be obtainable, and the ana- 
tomy of the region should be well-marked and constant. The method 
of ligature of the occipital artery which is about to be described 
seems to fulfil these conditions. Its relations are very constant ; its 
surgical landmarks are well defined ; and it affords certain difii- 
culties to be overcome. It possesses another advantage, from the 
point of view of a dissecting-room operation, that it requires an 
anatomical knowledge of a region of the body greatly overlooked by 
students. The reason for this may be, that no formal operative pro- 
ceedings are undertaken in this region. 

Before describing the operation of ligature of the occipital artery, 
it may be as well to glance at its anatomy. After its origin from 
the back of the external carotid, the artery ascends to the groove 
in the temporal bone beneath the mastoid process. After emerging 
from beneath this prominence, it lies in a triangle not usually men- 
tioned. The boundaries of this triangle are as follows : above is the 
attachment of the splenius capitis to tlie superior curved line of the 
occipital bone and mastoid process ; in front, the trachelo-mastoid ; 
and behind, the complexus. The triangle is covered in by the scalp 
and splenius. In it, the occipital artery lies upon the occipital bone 
and superior oblique muscle. A line drawn from the apex of the 
mastoid process to the external occipital protuberance would indi- 
cate the course of the artery at this point. 

To accomplish ligature of the occipital artery as it emerges from 
beneath the mastoid process, the following directions may be fol- 
lowed. The scalp having been shaved, an incision an inch and a 
half long should be made in the line of the artery from behind the 
mastoid process backwards towards the external occipital protu- 
berance. To enable the operator to do this, the body must either 
be placed upon its face or the head turned strongly to one side. 
The scalp having been cut through, the fibres of the splenius are 
seen ascending, and should be divided layer by layer. The artery 
vvill be found beneath, lying in its triangle. No particular direc- 
tions are required for the passing of the ligature. Although so 
briefly described, this operation will be found by no means easy to 

Circumstances can be imagined under which this method of 
operation might be of practical use. The thickness and great vas- 
cularity of the scalp would be sources of difficulty ; but another 

objection would certainly be, that, at the point of ligature, a branch 
is given off — the princeps cervicis. In practice, this branch might 
easily be included in the ligature. 

C. B. LocKWOOD, F.E.C.S., Surgeon to the Great Northern 
Hospital ; Demonstrator of Anatomy and Operative 
Surgery in St. Bartholomew's Hospital. 


Ix the British Medical Jottexal of June 30th, Surgeon Barnes, 
who appears to be serving in a part of India where stone is preva- 
lent, attributes it to the combined action of hot curries, dil (split 
peas), water of bad quality, and a squatting position during mictu- 
rition, especially to the latter cause. India is, however, a large 
country, or rather collection of countries ; and, while the factors he 
has enumerated are common to the whole of India, the prevalence 
of stone is far from being general. In the south of India the people 
eat hot curries, in which split peas are as common an ingredient 
as in Bengal ; the water is, to my personal knowledge, no better than 
elsewhere, and the men, as elsewhere, micturate in the position 
which is only usual with women in Europe. And yet stone is remark- 
ably rare ; the series of the Madras Medital Journal would show 
that it is a rare disease among the thirty or forty millions of 
southern Indians. My own impression is that stone is very preva- 
lent in certain districts of northern India (in the N. W. provinces 
if I mistake nof), but not elsewhere. Mr. Barnes is probably 
stationed in one of those districts. I can imagine that a Hindoo 
medical graduate visiting the hospital at Norwich might attribute 
the prevalence of stone to the unnatural EngUsh mode of passing 
urine standing, acting on constitutions predisposed by a diet of 
beef and beer ; but a more extended acquaintance with European 
hospitals would show him the error of his reasoning. After all, 
the error is of the same class as that which commonly ascribes the 
goitre -which is endemic in some parts of India to the use of water 
containing salts of lime in solution ; this idea would have been 
dispelled by examination of the drinking water in parts_ where 
goitre was unknown, for comparison with the results of examination 
in the places where it was endemic. 

Edward Nicholsox, S.Sc.Camb., 

Surgeon-Major, A.M. D., Guernsey. 

The bimanual examination of the bladder of children, in cases of 
stone, is mentioned by a much earlier author than any of those re- 
ferred to by Mr. Edwards in the JoUEXAL of June 30th. 

Celsus, the earliest writer who describes the operation of litho- 
tomy, suggests that the proper subjects for it are children between 
the ages of nine and fourteen. He directs that, preriously to being 
cut, the boy is to be placed in the lithotomy position, with assistants 
on each side to keep him steady. Then the surgeon, having care- 
fully pared his nails, is to introduce first the index, and afterwards 
the second finger of the left liand, into the anus, and to make pres- 
sui-e over the bladder with the right. In this way, the stone is to 
be felt for and brought down to the neck of the bladder, and its 
general shape ascertained. If it be found to be oblong, it is to be 
placed so as to come out endwise ; if flat, in a transverse direction ; 
if larger at one end, the smaller end is to be placed to come out 
first. Celsus later on says that the operation foe stone must not be 
undertaken till the calculus has been actually felt by the fingers, 
although other symptoms should indicate its presence. 

Edward E. Meeres, M.D., Plj-mouth. 



Ox the 13th of April, 18S3, 1 was engaged to attend a stout healthy 
youn" woman, aged 2S, in her second confinement, which was ex- 
pected about Ma'y 20th, her last period having occurred on August 
16th, 1882, and, according to her own statement, she quickened a 
few days after Christmas last. The labour, however, did not set in 
until June 20th, 1883, at 10 A.M., and delivery was completed at 3 
A.M. on the 21st idem. 

It was prolonged in the second stage, and the head rested on 
the perinajum for fully two hours, thoush the pains were very 
strono- durinf the whole time. The head presented in the first 


j;ee BRITISH, medical journal. 

[July 7, 1883. 

position, and just as I was preparing to administer chloroform and 
t-O apply the forceps; the hesul Was expelled by the natmral efforts, 
and a few minutes after the body was extracted with some diffi- 
culty, when it was found to be tliat of a highly developed and well 
nourished female child. The head was considerably elongated, the 
•■ caput succedaneum" being rather prominent. It weighed twelve 
pounds, and measured twenty-two inches in length; circumference 
of head fourteen inches, and round the shoulders fifteen inches. 
The pulse was rather quick after delivery, but a dose of ergot and 
kneading the uterus soon expelled the placenta without much he- 
morrhage, and she is now convalescent. In her previous labour she 
suffered from j)6st partum hiemorrhage, but made an excellent 

The only notable feature about her late lying-in, was the unusual 
prominence of the abdomen before labour, so much so that she 
feared she might have twins. If her history can be relied upon as 
to the probable date of conception — and I have not the slightest 
reason to doubt it — gestation must have been prolonged to near the 
end of the tenth month. 

K. N. Macdonald, M.D., etc., Cupar, Fife. 


The numerous letters in late numbers of the Joctbnal on the me- 
dicinal effects of this drug, show how very variously it operates on 
different individuals and in different doses. I have always 
had a fondness for it, and therefore venture to send a few lines 
giving my experience of its effects, both as a medicine and as a 

Of the poison first : some time ago, I ordered for a phthisical 
patient a drachm of the spirituous extract in an eight-ounce mixture, 
by mistake for the tincture. The chemist, doubting the correctness 
of the prescription, came to ask my orders, and not finding me at 
home, went to a neighbouring colleague of mine, who, not recognis- 
ing the mistake, advised the chemist to make up the mixture with 
half the quantity of the extract. This, as is usual, floated on the 
top of the mixture, and, as I afterwards found, it was nearly all 
swallowed with the first dose. Three hours afterwards I was called 
to the patient, who was said to be dying. The symptoms were, in 
some respects, those given in the authorities (Kinger to wit), and, in 
others, different from them. There was complete superficial an- 
aesthesia, the patient declaring that he could touch nothing. He 
felt as if dead ; could scarcely recognise anything. He had intense 
dread of death ; a frightened countenance ; the pupils were dilated, 
but contracted slightly to Ught. Vomiting, which was not present, 
was induced by mustard and water, and the green extract came up 
with the mucus of the stomach. During the whole time, I was 
cheered by the fact that the pulse did not fail, nor was there any 
clammy perspiration. The sight was so affected that all things ap- 
peared in multiple, and none of the senses acted true. I did not 
notice any of the sexual excitement mentioned by some authors. 
After a great deal of brandy, the patient, after.two hours of my 
watching him, was removed to bed, fell into a deep sleep, and when 
I called in the morning, lie was ravenously eating his breakfast. 

Medicinally, I have cause to be thankful to cannabis Indica. A 
relative of my own took it regularly for six months, with bromide 
of potassium, every night, with the effect of removing acute bodily 
torture and mental anguish completely for the night. Dr. Cloustou, 
some years ago, recommended large doses of cannabis with bromide 
of potaFsiura in mania. Although I have had no personal experience 
of it in acute mania, in cases of melancholia, and, indeed, in all 
cases of mental depression with sleeplessness, I have found a valu- 
able and almost certain ally in this drug. Half a drachm to a 
drachm of bromide, with a grain or two of the extract, or from 
twenty to thirty drops of its tincture, seldom fails in the object we 
have in view. It dulls the feeling of anxiety, relieves the depres- 
sion, and gives restfulness, if not sleep. Hyo.'^cyamus may be use- 
fully combined if there be any visceral pain or disturbance. 

A woman, in acute melancholia, said to me : " Doctor, I must kill 
my children. Send me to an asylum." I answered : " Will you 
promise not to kill them until I liave tried the effect of one medi- 
cine upon you?" She thought she could promise. A drachm of bromide 
of potassium, with half a tlrachm of tincture of cannabis, two or three 
times a day, in a fortnight caused so much improvement, and even 
cheerfulness, that she declared she could now see the window open 
without the almost irresistible desire to throw her children down on 
to the pavement, which had possession of her whole mind before. 

I think that this drug is seldom given in largo enough doses. 
liy usual dose is a grain of the extract, or from twenty to thirty 
minims of its tincture. 

William Steange, M.D., Senior Physician to the 
Worcester Infirmary. 

An instructive paper which appeared in the JotJBXAL of June 16th, 
by Dr. Quinlan, on the employment of this plant in the treatment 
of clironic ulcers, reminds me of some other uses to which it is put 
in parts of England, especially Kent and Hertfordshire. The fact 
of its having emanated, as in Dr. Quinlan's case, from the lay 
public, and of its having proved serviceable in cases of mammary 
cancer under my own observation, induces me to bring it under the 
notice of the profession. 

The following are the directions given for its employment by a 
gentleman in Hertfordshire, to a poor woman suffering from cancer. 
The bowels having been preriously cleared by aperient medicine, 
and the patient enjoined to live upon the most simple diet, five 
ounces of the juice of the plant, obtained by pounding and squeezing, 
are to be taken twice daily ; at the same time, an ointment of the 
juice is to be applied to the cancerous ulcer, laying bruised clivers 
over it, and keeping them constantly applied and renewed. The 
amendment is very gradual, so that steady perseverance in the use 
of both internal and external means is necessary. According to one 
account, in three months, the wound had healed perfectly. 

Oliver, or galium aparine, has also the reputation of reducing the 
size and diminishing the pain of cancer ; the latter I have noticed in 
a marked degree in a case in which I recently employed it locally ; 
my patient, indeed, rebuked me for not telling her of it sooner. 
It certainly seems to have power in arresting the ulcerative action, 
and in promoting a more healthy one. According to the Medical 
Digest, galium aparine was recommended by Dr. Winn in the 
Medical Times and Gazette, vol. i, p. 144, 1854 ; and vol. ij, p. 117. 
1864, in the treatment of cancer. 

ChABLES BorcE, M.B., Maidstone. 


On June 20th, 1S83, Mrs. W., aged 31, at about 6.45 A.M., put 
half an ounce of sulphur into a tea-cup, and upon it poured about 
half of an ounce paper-packet, labelled " Cream of Tartar." She 
had purchased this latter, two years before, in Barbadoes, and had 
never opened it till tliis day. She tasted it, but was not quite satis- 
fied with the flavour ; she then took out of the tea-cup about half of 
this powder and threw it away. The remainder was mixed with a 
quarter of a pound of treacle. This mixture was for her son of 6 
years, but as he was asleep and she did not feel very well, she took 
two teaspoonsful of the mixture herself. 

In a quarter of an hour she was purged twice in succession. This 
was followed by cold sweats and shivering, a peculiar sensation of 
numbness and pricking through the body ; more purging, four times 
in all. She had also violent vomiting from the first, on two occasions 
streaked with blood ; this continued tiU mid-day. 

I saw her at 9.4.i She had just vomited, was cold and shiver- 
ing, lying on her back with knees drawn up, face anxious, dark 
circles under her eyes, lips crimson, tongue clean, pulse feeble, no 
particular pain on pressure over the pit of the stomach, a general 
soreness from excessive vomiting ; she was excessively thirsty. She 
had felt no constriction of the throat nor burning sensation, but had 
a little pain at the pit of the stomach ; no dysuria. To counteract 
the shivering and coldness, a draught of Laudanum and ether was 
prescribed. She had taken some brandy, and had a hot water- 
bottle at her feet. For several days she felt much shaken, and her 
stomach was sore and sensitive to food or liquid. 

The powder had an acid smell and taste ; with hydrosulphuric 
acid, it gave the reaction for antimony. The paper, with its con- 
tents, was sent to Dr. Ferrier, who was kind enough to examine the 
powder for its exact composition, and found tartar emetic. 

On the supposition that a quarter of an ounce was mixed with a 
quarter of a pound of treacle, slic probably took at least 7.} grains 
of tartar emetic, possibly double that amount, which, if adminis- 
tered to her son, would most probably have produced fatal 

Charles Moore Jbssop, Fulwood Barracks, Preston. 

July 7, 1883.] 











(Under the care of Mr. G. E. Turner, Visiting Surgeon.) 
Albert Edward M., aged 31, a shipbuilder, was admitted on 
January 4th. Wliilst he was engaged in raising a mast out of an 
old ship, it gave way, and a portion falling about forty feet linocked 
him flat on the deck. He was picked up, and found to have a 
wound on the right side of his head. It is uncertain whether this 
was caused by the portion of the mast, or by his fall on deck. As 
he was brought to the Seamen's Hospital, he is said to liave 
" fainted," and to have been sick. 

On admission (at 6 P.M.), he was pale, rather cold, and slightly 
collapsed, but perfectly sensible and rational. Over the posterior 
superior angle of the right parietal bone was a small circular scalp- 
wound, through which the little finger could just be passed. At the 
bottom of this was a deep and well-marked funnel-shaped depres- 
sion of the skull, towards the apex of which sharp edges of bone 
could be felt. There escaped from the wound a small quantity of 
white substance, undoubtedl5' brain-matter. His pulse was 61, full 
and regular; his pupils equal, and slightly dilated. Respiration 
was quiet, and there was no paralj'sis of any kind. The wound was 
gently syringed out with carbolic lotion (1 in 40), carbolic gauze was 
loosely applied, and an ice-bag put to his head. Up to lli p.m., he 
vomited occasionally a green bilious matter, but had slept for short 
intervals. The pulse was 72 ; he was perfectly sensible ; the tem- 
perature was 99° Fahr. 

January 5th. He slept at intervals during the night, and .vas 
quite sensible in the morning. Occasional vomiting continued. The 
pulse was 56, full and irregular. The temperature was 99.6° Fahr. 
The tongue was coated. The wound looked quiet, but there was 
some blood-tinged discharge from it. In the evening, the tempera- 
ture was 99.4"-' Fahr., the pulse still slow and irregular, and the 
bowels were confined. 

January 6th. He slept fairly well during the night. The bowels 
were open after the administration of three grains of calomel. The 
pulse was 56, and occasionally intermittent. He vomited after try- 
ing to swallow some milk, complained of thirst, and was quite sensible. 
The temperature was normal. At 7 P.M., the pulse was 65, full, and 
more regular. At 12 p.m., he was asleep, and had only vomited once 
during the day. He slept well, and there was no sickness during 
the following night. The pulse was 56, and regular. The tongue 
was cleaning, and he looked better. The wound, which was dressed 
daily, looked very healthy, and there was but little discharge 
from it. 

January 8th. He had not again vomited, but he was slightly 
restless. The bowels were confined, and the tongue furred and the 
breath offensive. The pulse was 58, full and regular ; the tempera- 
ture was normal. Another mercurial purge was ordered. 

On January 10th, he complained of slight pain in the head. The 
pulse was 52 ; temperature remained about 99°. The bowels were 
not open. He was given another purge. 

January 14th. His pulse was still slow, varying between 52 and 
58, and there had been a slight rise of temperature to 100.2°. The 
wound was healthy, and there was rather more purulent discharge 
from it. He was slightly sick on January 15th after drinking a 
little tea. The temperature was 99° ; the pulse had not altered. 
From January ISth to 28th the bowels were very obstinate, but 
he progressed well. The wound was gradually healing. He com- 
plained of occasional dimness of sight, and there was slight con- 
junctival injection, but nothing else wrong with his eyes. The pulse 
remained slow (5:.'), but regular and free from intermission. The 
temperature was normal. 

He continued to do well, and his pulse gradually became more 
rapid. On February 6th the wound had nearlj- healed. On Feb- 
ruary 13th he complained of occasional pain when moving his head 
" sharply." He was allowed to get up on February 6th. He com- 
plained of slight dizziness on February 28th, so was put again on a 

low diet and ordered back to bed. The dizziness at once passed away, 
and by March 4th he was up and about. He had no return of this 
symptom, and remained quite well until his discharge on March 
22nd. He has since reported himself at intervals, and remains quite 
free from any head-symptoms. 





(Under the care of Mr. Holmes.) 
[Reported by Mr. G. R. TuKNEK, F.R.C.S., Joint Lecturer on Prac; 
tical Surgery, and late Surgical Registrar.] . ' :t 

G. C, aged 40, a wax-chandler, whilst driving a young horse, wa'S 
pitched out of a cart on to some iron railings, striking his head ; ii>> 
insensibility followed, and he was taken at once to St. George's 
Hospital. On admission, December 2nd, 1880, there was a small 
scalp-wound over the upper part of the right temporal region, leading 
down to a punctured fracture of the skull, through which the tip of 
the little finger could be passed. The dura mater could be seen 
pulsating, and there was a considerable discharge of thin bloods 
stained fluid from the wound ; the flow of this was increased on 
coughing. A small portion of undoubted brain-matter was found 
on some lint which had been used as a temporary dressing. The- 
lower jaw was fractured to the right of the symphysis. - This fracture 
united kindly, and no further mention of it is necessar\'. The man 
was hardly affected at all by the accident. There was no paralysis ; 
his pupils were equal, and responded to light; the pulse was quiet. 
He complained simply of " bruising " of his head. The margins of 
the scalp-woimd were brought together by three silver sutures, a 
horsehair drain introduced, and carbolic gauze applied as a dressing. 

The next day he complained of considerable frontal headache. 
He had slept fairly ; the temperature was 99° Fahr. ; the pul?e was 
88, and rather hard and full. The wound looked very quiet. 

December 4th. He had slept fairly. The pulse was SO, the tem- 
perature 99.4° Fahr. No pain in the head was complained of. The 
bowels were open. 

December 5th. The wound was dressed under a carbolic spray. It 
appeared nearly healed, and there was no irritation about the 
sutures. The pulsation of the brain caused an upheaval of the, 
integuments over the seat of fracture. 

On December 6th, the pulse was 60 or 64 ; he complained of; 
slight occasional headache. | 

December 7th. He complained of slight " numbness " of the 
head. His pulse remained about 60 to 64 for the next week ; the 
temperature was normal. Tlie sutures were removed on December 
10th, and the wound afterwards dressed mth carbolic lotion. 

After December 14th the slowness of the pulse ceased, and it re- 
mained subsequently between 70 and 80. 

By December 21st the wound had entirely healed, except for one 
small button of granulation. Around this was some bulging of the 
integuments. Pulsation could just be felt by placing the finger on 
the wound. He had no symptoms except occasional headache 
during the remainder of his stay in St. George's Hospital. _ - -, 

On February 16th, he went to the Convalescent Hospital atr 
Wimbledon. Vvhilst there he still complained of occasional head- 
ache and pain in the eyeballs, with some dimness of vision of the-f 
right eye. He was given a mixture containing, half a drachm of 
liquor hydrargjTri perchloridi, five grains of iodide of potassium, arid 
ten grains of bromide of potassium, internally, and a mustard 
poultice was applied to the nape of the neck. Under this treat- 
ment, these symptoms disappeared, and he was discharged on March 
16th, 1881. The wound had quite healed, but pulsation could be 
felt for some time afterwards over the scar. This, when he was last 
seen (a year and a half after the accident), had ceased to be per^ 
ceptible. He occasionally suffered from trifling giddiness, and very 
slight pain in the head, near the seat of the fracture, when the' 
weather was warm. With this exception, he was perfectly well. " 

Remarks by Mr. G. R. Turner. (The following remarks apply- 
to the two above cases of compound depressed fracture of the 
skull, both of which came under Mr. Turner's observation.) — Both 
of these cases, being instances of " punctured" fracture of the skull, 
belong to a class which many surgeons treat by the immediate 
application of the trephine, although there be no symptoms of com- ' 
pression of the brain. Of these patients, the one, under the care of 
Mr. Holmes at St. George's Hospital, was never unconscious ; the 
other, under my own care at the Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich, 



[July 7, 18S3. 

when first seen, was recovering from slight concussion, but other 
wise resembled Mr. Holmes's case in the absence of all symptoms. 
Slowness of the pulse for some time following the accident was 
observed in both. Some sickness for three days in mine. Except 
for this, both made an uninterrupted recovery. They could hardly 
have done better had they been trephined, and they have escaped 
the additional rislcs of a severe operation. Some considerable time 
has elapsed since Mr. Holmes's case was discharged, and no bad 
symptoms have resulted. The occasional giddiness experienced by 
the man in hot weather is very trifling, and such as is often seen 
after head-injury, even when no fracture has been diagnosed. Four 
mouths have passed since the accident to my patient — a short time, 
I admit ; but still he apparently is as well as ever he was. I think 
these cases are of interest as bearing on the question of trephining 
in cases of " punctured" fracture without symptoms. The notes on 
Mr. Holmes's case I took myself, when Surgical Registrar to St. 
George's ; and the progress of it led me to leave my patient also to 


Selectioks from the Works op the late J. Wabbubton 
Begbie, _M.D. Edited by Dyce Duckworth, M.D. The New 

Sydenham Society. 1882. 
THEeditorpreface^this volume by a brief memoir of Dr.WABBUR'ON 
Begbie, which will bespeak for the selection of papers or essays 
placed before the reader, his considerate indulgence and studious 
perusal. Dr. Begbie was no maker of books. Only once did he 
assume tliat character, and then met with small encouragement. 
His merits were those of a most industrious practical physician, 
admirably gifted by nature, and as admirably trained for his work ; 
and he restricted his ambition as a medical writer to the occasional 
produc'ion of essays, contributed to journals or to the proceedings 
of societies, which were the outcome of careful thought and clinical 
observation. In so saying, liowever, we must not forget that he 
made some approach to the position of a systematic writer by con- 
tributing several articles to Dr. Eussel'l Reynolds's System of 

The pathological papers brought together in the volume before us 
are on various subjects, some of greater, others of less importance, 
and, as a matter of course, must be read from the standpoint of 
pathological science existing at the date of their production, for 
science knows no pause, and the advanced views, or the guesses at 
truth, of any one year, will have grown into accepted truths, or have 
else been rejected as unsubstantial within the cycle of a few subse- 
quent years. But it is a marked feature of Dr. Begbie's papers 
that they are of an eminently practical character, and are founded 
on close and acute observation, and will consequently always possess 
material of value to the student of medicine, apart from" whatever 
theoretical element is to be found in them, or else is absent from 

Few men ever had more devoted personal friends and prof essional 
admirers than Dr. Warburton Begbie ; and this circumstance alone 
would furnish apology for collecting his contributions to medicine, 
even had they been devoid of the sterling value that unqucstionablv 
belongs to them. 

Eecollections of the Kabul Campaign, 1879 and 18S0. By 
JcsnuA Duke, F.R.A.S,, Surgeon, Bengal Medical Service. 
Pp. 4'2I. London : W. H. Allen and Co., 1883. 
Mb. Joshua Duke, who was already to some extent known as an 
author, by liis pamphlets on foods suitable for the mess-table in 
India, has now attempted a much more ambitions undertaking in 
the preparation of tliis volume, detailing his recollections of the°last 
Kabul cami)aign. He served as medical officer with three branches 
of the native army in Indi.n, viz., mountain-artillery, cavalry, and 
infantry, and for a short time with General Roberts's staff. The 
original notes were written during the winter and summer of 1881 
in the inho.spitable region of Gilgib, Cashmere, and were com- 
pleted after his return to Amritsar, in the Tunjab. The proof 
before being published, lias been submitted to (Jeneral Sir Frederick 
Roberts, who has permilted Mr. Duke to print in his preface a 
portion of a long letter in which the General has given his views 
of the book. The Commander-in-Chief of the expedition thinks 
that Mr. Duke has formed correct conclusions on some of tho most 
important points mentioned in the book, particularly as to the 
deductions he has drawn regarding the attack on the Erab.issy, and 

in his remarks about Yakoob Khan's conduct during the advance on 

The volume opens by describing the author's arrival, in March, 
1879, at the frontier station of Thull, whence he marched to Peiwar 
Kotul, and Ali Khej'l, and .spent some six months amidst the lofty 
mountains of the Sufaid Koh range. The pages which recount the 
expeditions made in this territory of grand scenery are interspersed 
with notes of the natural history of the region, of the animals and 
plants which were met with in the daily excursions, of the dangers 
in precipitous places, and from the ambushed treacherous Afghans, 
which were constantly incurred. In fact, during the whole twenty 
months of the author's stay in Afghanistan, his life, as was that of 
every officer and man of the expedition, was in perpetual peril, and 
these pages give a vivid description of the risks run by those who 
live amongst a fanatical, turbulent, and hostile populace. 

Upon the murder of Sir L. Cavagnari, and the other members of 
the British Embassy at Kabul, in September, 1879, of which a full 
account is given, and the subsequent advance of General Roberts 
over the Shutargardan Pass to the capital, Mr. Duke was selected 
to accompany the avenging army, and narrates the particulars o£ 
the advance, the meeting with the Ameer Yakoob Khan, the exa- 
mination and treatment of the wounds of General Daoud Shah, who 
had been injured by the infuriated Afghan soldiery on the day of 
the attack upon the Embassy, the battle of Charasiab, the entry 
into Kabul in October, 1880, and his impressions of the city and the 
surrounding country. Then follows an account of the abdication 
of Yakoob Khan, and his departure for India ; and of the explosion 
of the powder-magazines in the Bala Hissar, and of the wonderfnl 
escapes of officers and men. A chapter is given to the description 
of Kabul, its manufactures, markets, water-supply, and surround- 
ings, of the troops' winter cantonment at Sherpur, and of the fight- 
ing around Kabul in December, 1879, when the whole country 
seemed to have come together with a determined effort to oust the 
British, and when there was a loss of some Horse-Artillery and 
mountain guns, accompanied by fighting on the surrounding heights, 
and when the British in Sherpur were in\ested for some time, but 
eventually beat off the enemy, and received reinforcements, after 
which there was a lull for a time in tlie militarj" movements. 

The last chapters of the book describe the advent of the present 
Ameer, Abdul Rahman, to Kabul, and give a detailed account of the 
wonderful march of General Roberts's army from Kabul to Kandahar, 
and of the various incidents which befel the author and those with 
whom he was mostly associated during the march. There is a de- 
scription of the battle of Kandahar, and of the return march to 
India. Thus, it will be seen, there is a sufficiency of all the elements 
of stirring events in these pages to satisfy the longings of those who 
require a narrative of perilous adventures and hair-breadth escapes ;. 
but the dangers are never needlessly detailed, nor were the adventures 
undertaken for the mere gratification of sport, or from a mere love 
of the perilous ; they were those wliich befel a painstaking medical 
officer in the simple discharge of his duty, and were probably not al- 
together unlike the experiences of other men of the same professional 
rank in various parts of the world. The book contains a few notes 
which may be chietiy of interest to the medical man, but the great 
bulk of its pages are quite devoid of the professional element, and this 
will doubtless render it all the more interesting to the general public. 
It contains a map of Ivabul and the neighbouring country, a portrait 
of General Roberts, a picture of Mount Sika Ram, and six other 
illustrations drawn chiefly from photographs, and several appendices, 
which add much to the value of the work. 

Mr. Duke certainly deserves praise for the pains he has taken to 
put into permanent form this most interesting account of his recol- 
lections of the Kabul campaign. Nor can we altogether ignore the 
part played by the publishers in this undertaking. The typography 
is good, and the general get-up of the volume is excellent. 

Curvatures of the Spine. By E. Noble Smith, F.R.C.S.Ed. 

L.R.C.P.Lond., Senior Surgeon and Surgeon to the Orthopajdic 

Department of the Farringdon Dispensary. With Illustrations. 

London : Renshaw. 1883. 
It has been a pleasing occupation to read this small work apon 
curvatures of the spine, because it seems to contain a nearer 
approach to the practical solution of the question of " What is the 
best plan of treatment for lateral curvature of the spine ?'' than any 
which has hitherto been offered. 

Mr. Noble S.mith writes very clearly and practically ; he divests 
the subjects of all mystery, and points out the treatment whicli 
ought to be adopted in various cases. He advocates a plan of mus- 

July 7, 1883.J 



cular exercises to act specially upon the curves, -which is avowedly 
based upon strict anatomical principles, and he maintains that the 
exercises hitherto advised for that purpose are opposed to such 

Jlr. Smith disapproves of the old fashioned heavy constricting 
spinal machines, and advocates (for cases in which an instrument 
is really required) one which does not interfere with the use of the 
muscles, but which prevents the spine from subsiding into abnormal 
curves. This mono.arraph throws much light upon an obscure sub- 
ject. It is a very thoughtful and able production, and we recom- 
mend its perusal to our readers. 


On Bedside Urine Teiting: Qualitatire Albumen awl Sugar. By 
George Olivei!, M.D.Lond., M.R.C. P. London : H. K. Lewis. 1SS3. 
-This pamphlet of about fifty or sixty pages forms the first part of 
the work which Dr. Oliver, as he states in a prefatory note, began 
some time ago, with a view to facilitate urinary examination at the 
bedside. It is divided into three chapters. The first deals with the 
old and the new methods of testing; it speaks of the inconveniences 
which arise from can-ying about solutions of reagents, especially 
when they are caustic or corrosive, and of the advantages arising 
from the use of test-papers. In the next chapter, observations are 
made respecting the working of the old tests (nitric acid and heat) 
by the side of the new ones on the same urines, to the advantage 
altogether of the latter, which, in the instances cited, indicated the 
presence of albumen in each of twenty specimens, whilst nitric acid 
failed in sixteen, and boiling in fourteen instances of the same 
urines. The clinical aspects of the most sensitive albumen precipi- 
fants are next dealt with ; the albumen test-papers devised by Dr. 
Oliver are described, as are the modes of using them, the fallacies 
which may be encountered, the forms of albumen and peptones 
met with in urines, and the considerations which should guide one 
in the selection of this or that test-paper in the various cases that 
may require their use. In the last chapter, the detection of sugar 
by means of test-papers is discussed, indigo as a test for glucose is 
noticed, and the alkaline indigo-carmine test, the use of the papers 
charged with the reagent, the nature of the reaction in the presence 
of glucose, and the mode of testing, are all fully described. The 
results of the testing by the side of Fehling's solution, and a tabu- 
lated account of the behaviour of different tests when boiled in the 
presence of various substances contained in normal and abnormal 
urines, together with a notice of the clinical advantages of the in- 
digo-carmine test-papers in testing for glucose, bring this chapter 
and the pamphlet itself to a close, except for a short description of 
the apparatus which Dr. Oliver finds it convenient to use. The pam- 
phlet is in a handy portable form, and will be particularly wel- 
comed by all practitioners who would make it their constant prac- 
tice to examine urines in the various cases that are submitted to 
their diagmosis and treatment. 

The Daily Clinical Charts, designed by Dr. Sawvek, and pub- 
lished by Salt and Sons, Birmingham, are so arranged as to record 
and show at a glance, in an easily arranged tabular form, the 
patient's progress in respect to medicines, stimulants, sleep, excreta, 
etc. ; with a broad column for remarks. They are bound in paper- 
cover volumes ; and, so far as we know, these charts are more com- 
plete than anything of the kind hitherto issued, and will certainly 
be found very useful both in private and hospital practice. 

Bequests axd Doxatioss.— Mr. G. D. W. Digby has bequeathed 
.£1,000 to the Yeatman Hospital, Sherborne. — The Queen's Hospital, 
t.he General Hospital, and the General Dispensary, all at Birming- 
ham, have each received £300 under the will of Mrs. Sarah Jones. 
-The West London Hospital has received illOO from the Grocers' 
Company, ilOO Us. 4d. from St. Mary Abbotts Church, Kensington, 
and XlOo from Sir Charles J. Freake, Bart.— The Eoyal Hospital for 
Children and Women has received £1T) 9s. 6d., the proceeds of a con- 
cert by the Tulse Hill Choral Society, being the fourth amount from 
that source, and making a total of £286 os. 9d.— The General Hos- 
pital, Birmingham, has received £100, less duty, under the will of 
Mrs. Ann Hunter. — Mr. William Gadsby has bequeathed £100 to the 
Queen's Hospital, Birmingham. — The Grocers' Company have given 
£100 to the London School of 5Iedicine for Women. — University 
College Hospital has received £80 from the People's Contribution 
Frmd. — Mr. William Cook has given £52 IDs., and Lady Charles 
Wellesley £21, to Charing Cross Hospital. 






The lamp shown in the accompanj'ing figure has been designed by 
Dr. K. Barnes for use in gynaecological examinations. It is portable, 
and opens and closes. When opened, it is bo arranged as to stand 

firmly on the patient's bed. Wax caudle is burnt in it, and projects 
an excellent light through the speculum. The lamp is made Iqr 
Messrs. Wright and Co., of Xew Bond Street. 

This is an American preparation of cod liver oil emulsified with 
glj-cerine. From the formula printed on the label, it would appear 
that it contains fifty per cent, of pure Norwegian cod-liver oil, with 
six grains of hypophosphite of lime and three grains of hypophos- 
phite of soda to the fluid ounce. It is palatable ; and ws have no 
doubt that many patients who have a repugnance to ordinary cod- 
liver oil, would take it without difficulty. 

The beef peptonoids introduced by the Maltine Company have of 
late been largely used in America in cases of extreme debility of the 
digestive organs. It is alleged that a four-ounce packet is equal in 
nutritive value to ten pounds of an}- extract of beef prepared ac- 
cording to Liebig's formula. They are said to be the most concen- 
trated nutritive ever invented. They may be added to soups or 
other liquid food, or from one to two dessert-spoonfuls may be dis- 
solved in six ounces of warm water, and used as an enema. 

Messes. P. and P. W. Squire have recently introduced an improve- 
ment in travelling medicine-chests which deserves notice. In the 
older forms, great difficulty was experienced in avoiding leakage, 
especially if by any chance the bottles were inverted. In the new 
and improved case leakage is impossible, and the box may be carried 
upside down without the slightest fear of spilling the contentsi. The 
stoppers are all carefully ground down to the same level, and are 
retained in their places by a spring attached to a plate of cork in- 
serted in the cover of the case. We have carefully examined and 
tested several of the chests, and are satisfied that the improvement 
is of real value. 

Education op the Blind. — Mr. George Laupmann, formerly a 
student of the Blind College, Worcester, has obtained a Second Class 
in the Cambridge Mathematical Tripos. This is the first mathematical 
distinction which the Blind College has gained, since it is a branch 
of study which presents peculiar difficulties to a blind student; but 
Mr. Laupmann's industry and ingenuity overcame most of the 
obstaqles, and the mathematical literature which his success will be 
the means of creating will be available for all who follow. It i.<! 
expected that Jlr. Laupmann will take his place for a season as 
mathematical master in the Blind College. His tutor in mathe- 
matics at the Blind College ^a^.th^iRev. E.-II. Blair, rector. of ^^f 
Martin's, Worcegfer. • ' " . ., ------ ^-.-^ ■■- 



[July 7, 1883. 



SUBSCHIPTIONS to the Association for 1883 became duo on Jan- 
uary 1st. Members of Branches are requested to pay the same 
to their respective Secretaries. Members of the Association not 
belonging to Branches, are requested to forward their remittances 
to the General Secretary, 161a, Strand, London. Post Office Orders 
should be made payable at the West Central District Office, High 

f te tBritist) JEetiiml Journal, 

SATURDAY, JULY 7th, 1883. 

Though known for a long time in China and India, the history of 
cholera in this country may be said to date from the wide-spread 
epidemic of 1831-2. But though this may be true of the present 
century, there are those who believe that cholera, in the strictest 
sense of the term, was among the epidemics of the sixteenth and 
seventeenth centuries, and we must admit that the accounts given 
by S3-denham of the cholera epidemica of his day, lend no small 
support to this view. It is perfectly true that many cases of 
diarrhoea occur during hot weather, marked by vomiting, cramps 
and rice-water evacuations, identical with those of the exotic, and 
imported disease, though distinguished from it by an elevated tem- 
perature, and the absence of the symptoms constituting the algide 
stage ; such cases, too, easily yielding to opiates, and rarely proving 
fatal to otherwise healthy adults. But the epidemic of 1669 and 
following years, graphically described by Sydenham, was marked, 
not only by " ventris et intestinorum dolor vehemens, cardialgia, 
sitis, pulsus celer ac frequens, aut vix micans, nausea molestissima, 
seu vomitio enormis, crnrum et brachiorum contractura, spasmi 
diriissimi," etc., but also by "sudor frigidus, partium extremarum 
frigiditas," etc., which "etiam angusto viginti quatuor horarum 
spatio a!grum interimunt," in spite of his very rational treatment 
by full and frequent doses of laudanum and astringents. 

But, passing on to our own times, we find that cholera, which had 
from time to time decimated our Indian troops since 1808, extended 
beyond the limits of Hindostan in 1821, ravaging Persia and Arabia, 
and reaching Astraklian in 1823 : it then subsided, and did not re- 
appear in these quarters until three or four years later. In 1827-8, 
it again invaded Persia and Khiva, reaching Orenburg in September 
1829, and Perm in November of the same year. In 1830, it extended 
itself over the whole of Russia, following the lines of human inter- 
course and traffic, whether by road or river. Every effort was made 
to keep it back from the German frontier, but without avail ; and in 
1831 it broke out in every country of Europe, advancing with such 
rapidity that its appearances in the most distant places seemed 
almost simultaneous. 

The first cases in England occurred in July and August 1831, 
on board some vessels in the Medway, where nmnerous sail 
had arrived from Riga during the preceding weeks. In October, 
it broke out in Sunderland and Gateshead, speedily spreading to 
Newcastle and Edinburgh, and thence to Glasgow, Belfast, and 
Dublin, reaching London in February 1832, and the United States 
in June. The cold of winter did not check its progress, for the 
monthly deaths in England steadily rose from 97 in November to 
1,519 in March. But, from whatever cause, this epidemic did not 
assume the same proportions as that which occurred in 1848, 
entering Europe by the same route. After raging throughout 
Southern and Central Asia during the four previous years, it invaded 
Russia and European Turkey simultaneously in the autumn of 1847- 
The aggregation of 800,000 Austrian, Russian, and Hungarian troops 
on the Danube, and their dispersion at the close of the war, led to 

its extension during 1848 to Germany and Italy, though it did not 
reach Paris until March 1849. The first fatal case in London ap- 
peared in September, and in Edinburgh and Dublin in November ; 
and it was observed that, in many instances, the first cases in a 
town occurred in the same houses, and even in the same rooms, as in 
1832. New York was reached in December. 

Now, for the first time, the connection between cholera and un- 
sanitary conditions was fairly investigated by the Royal Commis- 
sioners, among whom were Dr. Southwood Smith and Mr. Edwin 
Chadwick, and the descriptions given by them in their report would 
startle many of us now. The whole of Lambeth and Bermondsey 
were intersected by " open ditches of the most horrible description." 
St. Olave's and St. Thomas's were " a disgrace to the civilised world." 
In 'Whitechapel " there was neither sewerage, drainage, cleansing, 
paving, nor a good supply of water." " The characteristics of the 
streets of Hackney were overflowing cesspools and privies, cow- 
yards and piggeries, with a loathsome ditch." The state of Batter- 
sea, Plumstead, and other low-lying districts was dreadful, and even 
parts of Kensington, Shepherd's Bush and Hampstead were not 
much better. 

The picture presented by the Report of the General Board of 
Health in 18.54 is, in all essential points, the same. Commissioners 
of sewers had been appointed, but no real improvement had been 
effected. Open tidal sewers, accumulations of filth, absence of 
sewers or drains in many places, and what there were no better 
than huge cesspools, offensive trades, slaughter-houses, piggeries 
and the like, still existed in the midst of dense populations, with 
defective water-supply, and pestilential effluvia arising from the 
river banks. 

Such was still the state of the metropolis when the cholera, which 
had never entirely disappeared from the Continent, and was then 
ravaging Russia and Germany, again invaded our shores. A few 
cases occurred during the summer and early in the autumn in the 
low-lying districts around London, but it was not until October and 
November, when with the declining temperature diarrhoea fell off 
that the cholera became serious. In October 335 deaths were re- 
ported in London alone, and 288 in November ; but from that time 
until the following June, they may be roughly said to have averaged 
one a week ; the mortality from diarrhcea, however, remaining 
unusually high meanwhile. 

Suddenly the cholera burst out in July, when 303 deaths were 
reported, exclusive of those from diarrhoea ; in August 3,513 ; and 
in September 6,084, of which 1,177 occurred in the first three days_ 
It declined towards the end of the month, and the deaths in October 
were 823 ; in November 52 ; and in December only 5. 

Taking the whole epidemic period of July 1853 — December 1854, 
we find that the mortality from cholera per 10,000 living varied 
greatly in the 135 subdistricts, viz., from 6, 10, and 11 at one ex- 
treme, to 142, 165, and 179 at the other ; the range in the mortality 
from diarrhoea being far less, or from 11 to 54. 

Density of population had no influence whatever on the" mortality 
from either disease in this epidemic, or in that of 1849. In the nine 
most sparsely peopled districts, with from 2 to 21 persons per acre, 
the mean mortality of the two epidemics was 65 by cholera, and 22 
by diarrhoea, in the 10,000. In the nine most densely populated, 
having from 196 to 290 per acre, the same rates are represented by 
41 and 19. But when we divide these districts into groups accord- 
ing to their elevation, irrespective of all other considerations, we 
find it quite otherwise, the mean cholera-mortality of the two 
periods being for the districts at, or below, high watermark, 156 per 
10,000, and for each successive terrace, 91, 44, 36, 23, 17, and 10 | not 
that elevation jifr ne made the difference, but elevation as offering 
greater or lesser facilities for the saturation of the soil, and the 
pollution of the ground water with the fajoal and specific matters 
Thus it was that, in 1853-4, the districts north of the Thames, with 
an aggregate population of 1,745,601, showed 5,440 deaths from 

JalyT, 1883.] 



cholera; those on the south side, with only 616,635 inhabitants, had 
no less than 6,221. The distribution of diarrhoea presented no such 
striking feature, 4,150 deaths having been reported from the 
northern, and 2,108 from the southern districts. 

But another factor than elevation, and its sanitary consequences, 
appears to have determined the incidence of the cholera, to a great 
extent at least. This was the pollution of the water-supply. The 
epidemic raged in proportion as the drinking water was im- 
pure. It was in the areas supplied by the Chelsea and the 
Southwark and Vauxhall Water Companies that the disease counted 
most of its victims. The water furnished by the former contained 
noless than 60 to 72 grains of residue, including 5.4 of organic matter, 
in the gallon ; and that by the latter, 40 to 45 and 3.6, respectively ; 
while the water supplied by the other companies did not show more 
than from one-third to one-half of these amounts. The Lambeth 
Company had, since the previous epidemic, removed its intake to a 
point higher up the river ; and as a consequence, while the mortality 
per 10,000 among the population supplied by it had fallen from 125 
to 37, that of the district dependent on the Southwark had risen 
from 118 in 1849 to 130 in this year. The test was a crucial one ; 
for the companies did not then enjoy the same monopoly they do 
now, and their districts intersected one another. Indeed, the 
Southwark water differed little from unfiltered Thames water that 
had been allowed to' stand for a few hours, being turbid with organic 
matter, and swarming with worms and Crustacea. In a small district 
in St. Saviour's, one thousand families had no water-supply at all, 
and even in Chelsea many persons took theirs direct from the river. 

Wells and pumps whose water, though free from visible — i.e., 
suspended — impurities were, in fact, fouler than the river itself, be- 
ing saturated with the organic matters contained in the sewage- 
sodden soil were in general use, and in some instances, as that of 
the Broad Street pump, in St. Giles's, in high favour, as sparkling 
with the carbonic acid evolved from adjacent graveyards. 

All these epidemics had entered Europe by the Caspian route, i.e., 
from Persia through Russia; but in ISO.i it came for the first time 
by the way of the Red Sea. Cholera had frequently broken out 
among the thousands of pilgrims, poor and filthy, who yearly 
assemble at Jlecca, from all parts of Asia and Africa, but it had 
not previously made its way directly, at least, to Western Europe. 
In June and July it appeared at Marseilles, Valencia and South- 
ampton, and at the same time entered Eastern Europe, by Constanti- 
nople and Odessa, whence it spread with fearful severity over Germany. 
From Germany it was carried to America, the first cases being observed 
there In October. In England, however, there were only two small 
outbreaks of cholera, that at Southampton, and a second near Ep- 
ping, whither it was brought by persons arriving from the first 
named place. 

Beyond a few solitary cases of direct importation from France or 
Holland, no more was heard of the cholera till Hay 1866, when it 
broke out among the German emigrants stopping at Liverpool en 
mute for America. During the following month it appeared at 
several other seaports, and in July a number of cases appeared 
simultaneously in London, the earliest in each locality being among 
seamen or others recently arrived from the Continent. The weekly 
mortality then rose with surprising rapiditj' from 6 in the last week 
of June to 904 in the last week of July, and 1,053 in the first week 
of Augiist, from which time it sank gradually. The total deaths 
reported in London as due to cholera from June to^December were 
5,548, half of which occurred in the second month of the epidemic. 
In its distribution, it differed remarkably from the preceding ones ; 
then the districts south of the Thames suffered most heavily, but 
now its full force fell on the East End. Of the 5,548 deaths, 
3,909 were in the eastern, 702 in the southern, 409 in the northern, 
329 in the central, and 160 in the western districts. As before, 
it bore no relation to density of population ; but, while in 
the metropolis generally the mortality seemed unaffected by 

the altitude, in the east and north-east, where the epidemic 
was most severe, it was, as formerly, strictly in inverse pro- 
portion to the elevation. Bat why did the epidemic fall 
so heavily on the eastern districts ? The sanitary condition of Lon- 
don as a whole had indeed greatly improved, but there were many 
areas in the south and south-west not a whit better, perhaps even 
worse, than Whitechapel, Stepney, and Poplar. The experience of 
1849 and 1854 had taught the important part played by the water- 
supply, and Mr. Ernest Hart turned his attention thereto, and de- 
spatched Mr. Netten Radcliffe to examine the sources and conditions 
of the local water-supply. Once more the polluted drinking water 
was convicted as the death-carrier to the population. He found 
that the sudden outburst which occurred in the fifth week of the 
epidemic was almost confined to an area conterminous with that 
supplied by the East London Water Company from their reservoir at 
Old Ford. In Whitechapel, which receives its water chiefly from 
that source, the mortality was 84 per 10,000 of the population, 
whereas in Shoreditch, supplied for the most part from the New 
River, it was only 10.7. Analysing the mortality of the population 
of Whitechapel living under conditions similar in every other re- 
spect, the deaths among those who drank the water from the East 
London works were to those who were supplied by the New River 
as seven to three. A closer inquiry revealed the following facts, 
which Mr. Ernest Hart and Mr. Radcliffe and Dr. William Farr 
concurred in considering as conclusive of the origin of the out- 
burst. The open reservoir at Old Ford is in close proximity to 
the river Lea, and liable to pollution by soakage therefrom. On 
certain days, and under a peculiar stress of circumstances, water 
from this basin had been passed into the covered reservoirs 
without filtration ; this was admitted by the engineer, and 
the live eels found in the mains left no room for doubt ; and 
lastly, a short time before the water from this open and foul 
basin was supplied to the district, the river Lea, about 600 
yards above the point where it approaches the reservoir, received 
the overflow of certain cesspools known to contain the faecal dis- 
charges of cholera patients, who had just before arrived at South- 
ampton by ship, and travelled onward to a house on the River Lea. 
It is true that objections of various kinds were urged against Mr. 
Radcliffe's view, but the weight of probability is indisputably in 
its favour. The identity of the areas of the outbreak and the par- 
ticular supply was too marked to have been due to accident, or to 
any other cause than the pollution of the drinking-water. The 
final report on the subject, by Dr. Farr, fully confirmed the facts, 
and left no room for doubt. 

Now that the question of the mode of election of the Council of 
the Royal College of Surgeons of England has been once more made 
the subject of much discussion, it is interesting to recall the 
opinions of members of the Council and others, as expressed in our 
pages, a few years since, when the still unsolved question was already 
a subject of debate. First of all, in June 1879 (see JotrnMAi,, vol. i, 
1879, page 957), Sir Spencer, then Mr. Wells, in answer to a letter 
from Mr. Reginald Harrison, stated his opinion t hat any Fellow had a 
right to inquire of candidates for election to the Council their opinion 
on the question of proxy-voting. Sir Spencer Wells also observed that 
the Council (of which he was then a member), at a meeting held a 
week previous to the issue of his letter, had replied to a petition, 
saying, that no alteration in the by-laws could alter the present 
mode of election, that being settled by charter. The question re- 
mained : Should an alteration in the charter, to legalise proxy- 
voting, be asked for .' Sir Spencer Wells expressed his readiness to 
promote a scheme by which proxy-voting could be arranged without 
abolishing the ballot. For the abolition of the ballot and voting by 



[July 7, 1883. 

post, which is not voting by proxy, would involve many evils. Clever 
circulars and stamped envelopes might lead many to promise their 
vote.«, even before they knew who all the candidates might be. After 
all the candidates had declared themselves, some such list as is now 
supplied in the library in July might be sent to every Fellow, and 
those who could not attend might return the list, marked, in a closed 
envelope, to be opened in the presence of the assembled Fellows. If 
such a plan would satisfy prosy-voters, Sir Spencer Wells believed 
that it could be introduced ; but expressed his hope that, if made 
law, it would not prevent prorincial Fellows from coming to 
the elections personally, whenever possible ; for bodily presence is 
the best kind of influence. More than a year later, in December 
1880 (see JOURNAL, vol. ii, 1880, page 944), Mr. Pollock turned at- 
tention to the present unsatisfactory method of election. He desired 
the legalisation of proxy-voting, with regulations to prevent the 
extei-.sion of the evil system of canvassing for votes. Mr. Tollock 
urged that each Fellow should be permitted to vote by proxy, if he 
so desired, hut not that this privilege be granted under the existing 
law of election to the Council. The following alterations he deemed 
necessary for the purpose. First, there should be established a "com- 
mittee of election," half of which was to consist of London Fellows, 
and the President and Vice-Presidents of the College should be 
er-ofici/) members ; this committee should consist of about thirty 
members. Secondly, the names of this committee of election 
should be advertised, and it should be summoned, as soon as 
convenient, to fill any vacancy in the Council caused by death or 
resignation. Thirdly, the same committee should appoint the Pre- 
sident and Vice-Presidents, the former to hold his office for five, the 
latter for two or three years. Lastly, the members of the Council 
should be appointed for seven years only ; and any Fellow who had 
held the appointment should be eligible for the presidential chair, 
or for the office of Vice-President, at any period after the termina- 
tion of his service on the Council. The committee of election should 
be empowered to elect the President and Vice-Presidents from any 
members of the Council, or any who may have served on the Council 
This arrangement would give more power to the general body of 
the Fellows, and make the offices of President and A'ice-President 
less a matter of mere seniority and rotation. A fortnight later 
(JouENAL, vol. ii, 1880, p. 1034), Mr. Holmes wTote in approval of 
Mr. Pollock's scheme. He spoke of the power and intelligence of 
the provincial Fellows, and stated that it was really a vital question 
for the College that the proportion between London and country 
Fellows on the Council should be settled by some manageable con- 
sultative body, and not by the haphazard process of a general elec- 
tion ; and for this object only Mr. Holmes was ready to welcome 
Mr. Pollock's scheme, whicli would satisfy the constantly claimed 
and thoroughly legitimate demand for a voice in the affairs of the 
College, desired by the country Fellows, and would tend to extin- 
guish the undignified system of personal solicitation which prevails 
under the present mode of election. But the difficulty of procuring 
a change in the College charter would require, -Mr. Holmes indicated,' 
strong support on the part of the Fellows and members of the Col- 
lege. It was, therefore, recommended, that the Branches of the 
Association should be consulted on the broad outlines of Jlr. Pol- 
lock's proposal. The change in the mapner of selecting a President 
was very advisable. Mr. Holmes also suggested that the Council 
should have more control over the details of the examinations, 
especially with regard to the Board. The College, too, should, he 
thought, be relieved of some part of the expense of maintaining 
the museum, a corresponding diminution could then be made in the 
diploma fee. Mr. Holmes finally urged some consideration of a 
scheme of amalgamation with the College of Physicians and Apothe- 
caries' Hall, but this matter has become altered in aspect since the 
Medical Act Amendment Bill has appeared on the horizon. Such 
are the opinions of these highly experienced, calm, and influential 
metropolitan surgeons with regard to pro.xy-voting and kindred 

topics, and at this moment it seems very opportune to recall them 
to the minds of our readers, before whom they were first laid. 

It has always been the hope and aim of those who have promoted 
this movement in our Association that the work should become in- 
ternational, and that it .should obtain general recognition as a 
means by which our knowledge of medicine may be greatly ad- 
vanced. It appears that this hope will shortly be realised. The 
work of collective investigation, we are glad to see, has already been 
taken up by the medical profession in Germany and in America. In 
each country, it has been brought before important societies ty 
leading men, and committees containing names of world-wide repu- 
tation have been appointed to promote the work. It it gratifying 
that, in each case, most graceful allusions were made to the example 
set by the British Medical Association to the medical profession 
throughout the world, of first inaugurating this new method of ob- 
servation and research ; in each case, it was determined to follow 
upon the lines laid down by our own Committee. 

At a meeting of a leading Berlin medical society (Verein fiir 
innere Medizin), held on May 21st, the President, Professor Leyden, 
submitted a report drawn up by Dr. Friintzel and himself, upon 
the subject of collective investigation, and suggested that an inquiry 
should be instituted concerning phthisis, of a very elaborate and ex- 
haustive nature, including its hereditary transmission, the sanitary 
and other conditions under which it occurs, its connection with dis. 
ease in the lower animals, its contagiousness, its curability, and its 
relation, if any, to acute pneumonia. 

If we may venture to give our German brethren a hint, it would 
be that they should beware lest they " strive after the shadow and 
miss the substance " in this matter. The chief aim of collective in- 
vestigation, as applied to the main body of the profession, should be 
to collect simple everyday facts that can be easily observed and 
recorded, and which are of value onlj' from their number, and not 
from the importance of individual observations. The questions sui'- 
gested for the profession in Germany are of a more intricate and 
difficult character, so that the value of each observation must be 
judged by the skill of the observer. It is not, however, our present 
purpose to discuss the proper aims of the work, which may be safely 
left to the excellent "^Central Committee " which was appointed by 
the Berlin Medical Society on June 4th, when the proposal of the 
President was considered. It was decided to enter upon the work, 
but the subjects of investigation are, we believe, still under con- 
sideration. The Berlin "Central Committee" consists of the follow, 
ing distinguished men: Professor Frerichs (President), Drs. Leyden 
and Friintzel, Herr Wernich, the librarian of the Society, and Drs. 
Litten, Ewald, Jastrowitz, Lowenstein, KaUscher, Zander, S. Gutt- 
mann, F. Strassmann, Boerner, and Lublinski. 

In America, great interest has been evinced in the movement by 
Dr. Billings of Washington, Dr. Austin Flint, Dr. Gross, and many 
others. At the recent meeting of the American Medical Association, 
held early in June, Dr. Billings brought the matter forward for con- 
sideration, and the subject was referred to a committee, charged 
with similar duties to those of our own Collective Investigation 
Committee. Of this committee, Dr. 'N. S. Davis of Chicago is 
chairman. Dr. Davis is to be the editor of the new journal of the 
American Association. 

We already, by the extent of our own Association, cover a ■wide 
area, throughout which observers are being co-ordinated, and induced 
to answer definite and precise questions with regard to various dis- 
eases as they appear, not only in the British Isles, but in Australia_ 
in India, in Jamaica, in Egypt, and in all parts to which the medical 
officers of our army and na^-j" are sent ; among officers alone, 
we number over 400 observers. In Australia, oar Association num- 
bers 240 members; and, in some of our Australian Branches, the 
work has already been taken up with enthusiasm. It now remains 

July 7, 1883.J 



for us to join hands with America and Germany, and we shall have 
a vast field for observation. Though each country will continue to 
work independently, it may be possible to arrange that similar ques- 
tions shall be asked about each disease, and a comparison of the 
replies obtained may then be made. 

Our own organisation has been in working order for some little 
time, and we are now looking forward with no little interest to its 
results, which will shortly be pi.blished. It is believed that they 
will do more than anything else can to prove that the labour 
bestowed on it haf not been in vain, and that the system can 
produce results worthy of the efforts that have been made to 
perfect it 

Letters continue to pour in on us from all parts of India, com- 
plaining bitterly of the treatment to which young medical officers 
are subjected in the matter of pay. It is quite impossible for us to 
find space for even a small portion of them ; nor, indeed, is it neces- 
sary to print more than one of them, for, substantiallj", the tale they 
tell is the same. As we have akeady .shown, it is only too obvious, 
first, that the young medicil officers who of late years have entered 
the medical service of India have done so under a complete mis- 
apprehension of the terms of the service. One and all of them be- 
lieved that what is called " unemployed pay," sometimes " un- 
attached pay." and occasionally " doing duty pay," is only to be 
drawn during the brief period of penal servitude embraced between 
the time of arrival in the country and the passing the prescribed 
examination in a native language, known as the " lower standard.'' 
Secondly, it is evident that this so-called "unemployed pay,' 
amounting to considerably less than 300 rupees per mensem, is not 
enough to maintain the young medical officers in the decent comfort 
essential to health in the climate of India; and that, if coved 
about from station to station, or sent on service, it falls so far short 
of their modest requirements as to land them in debt. This view 
of the case is stoutly supported by the most influential and the best 
informed newspapers in India. 

Is it useless to appeal once more to the Government of India to 
treat its medical officers with more justice and liberality? Ad- 
mitting the necessity of economy, on the score of justice to the 
people of India, we submit that, in the long run, to starve an im- 
portant branch of the public service into open discontent is not true 
economy, but something very much the reverse, as will be seen by-and- 
by, when young medical men of the class required for service in the 
army of India realise more than they have hitherto done what their 
prospects are if they commit themselves to serve in that army. 
We think it right to add that the discontent, of which we have the 
evidence before us, seems entirely confined to medical officers of 
less than five years' service — a fact which makes it more easy for 
the Government of India to deal with it in the only way in which it 
can be dealt with, viz., timely and just concession to a reasonable 

L)R. V.\ssiLIEFK has found, from experiment, that the presence of 
calomel, at least up to the amount of five grammes, in the alimen- 
tary canal, does not interfere with the gastric juice, nor affect the 
triple influence of the pancreatic fluid on albumen, fat, and starch ; 
on mixing the latter fluid with fibrin and calomel, the formation 
of certain products, indol, etc., always appearing as a result of 
prolonged digestion under normal circumstances, is prevented. The 
gases generated in the process of pancreatic digestion contain none 
of the usual products of fermentation and decomposition when calomel 
is present : sulphuretted hydrogen and pure hydrogen are absent, 
carbonic acid is diminished to from two to ten per cent. ; whilst, 
under natural circumstances, from fourteen to fifty-four per cent, is 

found in the gases evolved by the action of the pancreatic fluid. 
In fact, calomel prevents all other changes in nutritious substances, 
save those produced entirely by the digestive secretions, decomposi- 
tion and retrogressive processes in albumens being entirely checked. 
Calomel also prevents butyric acid fermentation, as VassiliefE found 
by experiments on cheese. The action of calomel readily explains 
the cause of the green colour of fjeces passed bj- patients to whom 
that drug has been administered. Hoppe-Seyler rightly attributed 
this coloration to t'ne presence of unaltered bile. Now, under 
normal conditions, bilirubin and biliverdin are changed, by a pro- 
cess of decomposition, into hydrobilirubin, and thus become no 
longer recognisable in the excretion ; but this process is arrested by 
calomel, and the colouring agents, unaltered, give the faeces their 
peculiar bright green hue. 

These researches are described at length by Dr. Vassilieff, in the 
Zfitschrift fur Physiologhche Chemie, vol. vi, page 112. He has 
found that this action of calomel is due to its power over the 
micro-organisms intimately associated with the process of decompo- 
sition which takes place in food during digestion. The drug prevents 
the development of micro-organisms in the digestive fluids, and also 
destroys any bacteria and micrococci already developed. This far' 
was proved first by artificial digestion. Vassilieff then made a sei ,.r^ 
of experiments to find whether calomel had the same influence i ^ 
natural digestion. Thirty grains of calomel were administered 
to a dog, in two doses, and the animal was killed a few hours later. 
Under all precautions, the contents of the intestines were then care- 
fully analysed. Neither indol nor phenol could be found ; and it 
will not be forgotten by those who study contemporaneous physiolo- 
gical research, that other agents — such as salicylic acid — prevent the 
formation of indol ; and that pancreatic mixtures, formed from 
natural pancreatic juice, or infusions of pancreatic glandular tissue, 
undergo septic changes with very great rapidity, in spite of all pre- 
cautions. None of these changes, nor any formation of indol, 
occurred in the food taken by dogs to which Vassilieff administered 
calomel. On the other hand, leucin and tyrosin were found in 
abundance. Under natural circumstances, these products of pan- 
creatic digestion are so rapidly decomposed, that they cannot be 
detected in semi-digested food. Hence calomel has no influence on 
the action of the digestive fluids, but entirely prevents those true 
retrogressive and putrefactive changes whereby the highly unstable 
products of these fluids are rapidly decomposed, and micro-organ- 
isms quickly developed in great numbers. When calomel enters the 
alimentary canal, leucin, t^-rosin, bilirubin, and other substances, 
remain unchanged, and bacteria are checked and killed. 

The Dean of Llandaff (Dr. Vaughan, Master of the Temple) will 
take the chair at Dr. Ralfe's address, at the Parkes Museum 
(Thur.sday, July 12th, at 8 P.M.), on the Hygiene of Schools. ' '; 

The Baly medal, for physiological research, has this year buen 
awarded by the College of Physicians to Dr. Brown -Sequard. It 
will be remembered that the last recipient of tliis medal was no 
less a person than Charles Darwin. 

An epidemic of scarlet fever is at present prevalent in the village 
of Strathaven. Several families have been attacked, and within the 
past week, three deaths have been recorded. 

We are informed that Sir T. Spencer Wells, Bart., will open the 
Hospital for Women, Liverpool, on the occasion of the annual meet- 
ing of the Association ; and it is hoped that the Countess of Sefton, 
who is patroness of the institution, will also take part in the pro- 



[July 7, 1883. 

The President of the Association, the Treasurer, and other mem- 
bers of Council, are expected to be present at the annual dinner of 
the Metropolitan Counties Branch at Greenwich on Wednesday next. 

The French Lunacy Commission leaves France for England at 
the end of September. The Commission will visit Broadmoor and 
Perth, and afterwards go to Gheel, in Belgium, to study the question 
of the, treatment of lunatics, with a view to a modification of the 
French law. 

The Boylston Prize Committee, appointed by the President and 
Fellows of the Harvard University (U.S.A.), have awarded this 
prize (two hundred dollars) to Dr. Braidwood of Birkenhead, for his 
essay on " Measles, German Measles, and their Counterfeits." 

Two new districts of the Metropolitan Counties Branch have 
hately been formed. One, the West Middlesex District, including a 
large portion of the western part of London, with the west part of 
..^ ''j^-dlesex, was formed at a meeting held last month at Netting Hill, 
mia meeting held at St. Alban's on Wednesday last, it was decided 
a ) form a Hertfordshire District, to include the county of Herts and 
.adjacent portions of Middlesex. 


We are informed that it is intended to confer the honom- of knight- 
hood on Dr. Pitman, Registrar to the College of Physicians, in 
recognition of his long and faithful services to that important body, 
and on Mr. Edwin Saunders, F.R.C.S., for many years dentist to the 
royal family, and a liberal benefactor of the public institutions con- 
nected with his profession. 

On June 8th, the profession in Russia saflEered a severe loss in the 
death of Dr. Dubrovo. the editor of the annals of the Moscow 
Chirurgical Society, who sacrificed his life while fulfilling his 
noble duty. On June 2nd, he was called upon to perform tracheo- 
tomy on a diphtheritic girl. He became infected by the sudden 
coughing out of diphtheritic naembranes from the patient's larynx. 
Six days later, he died of diphtheria. 

Not a single death has occurred from cholera among the British 
troops in Egypt. Abundant supplies of antiseptics were already on 
the spot, and additional stores have been forwarded. The epidemic 
is almost wholly confined to Damietta and the surrounding low- 
lying district, as shown by the telegrams published further on. 
As far as can be seen at present, the panic wliich has spread 
over Europe, and especially in France and Spain, is not justi- 
fied by the actual amount of disease in Egj-pt. As regards the 
treatment of the outbreak if it spreads to the British troops, the 
same precautions will be observed as under similar conditions in 

In a paper read at the Societfi de Chirurgie of Paris, M. Magitot 
lately called attention to the notching and erosions of the teeth in 
inherited syphilis, and on the relations of tliis disease to rickets. 
He thinks tliat the notch is not characteristic, and states that it is 
never found in some races frequently affected by syphilis, such as 
the Japanese and Peruvians. According to MagitOt, not only in- 
herited syphilis, but also all other serious troubles of nutrition, may 
cause diminution in the number and size of the teeth, or delay in 
the period of their eruption, but never erosion. Most frequently. 

the latter is caused by certain nervous affections of early childhood 
such as infantile convulsions, especially when accompanied by 
general debiUty. 

A DISCUSSION on the suppression of the hospital chaplains came 
before the Senate on Tuesday, and the eloquent appeal of M. Berenger 
against the proposal was the means of considerably lessening the 
victory of the Government. The order of the day, pure and simple, 
was voted by 136 against 120, the number of abstentions being sig- 
nificant. The reply of M. Waldeck Rousseau to M. Berenger, reveals 
the fact that the Cabinet is in a dilemma. The Minister of the In- 
terior was obliged to rely on legal technicalities to explain away 
what the clerical party naturally consider an act of tyranny and ag- 
gressive Jacobinism, M. Waldeck Rousseau declares that the 
requests to see clergymen were not so frequent as had been alleged. 
He added that proper measures had been taken to insure the hos- 
pital patients receiving religious consolation, and that, if any altera- 
tions in the present arrangements were found to be necessary, the 
Government would see that they were carried out. 


The President (Sir Joseph Fayrer) and Council gave a conversaziojw 
at the new building of the Society on Monday last. The proceedings 
were unusually interesting, inasmuch as His Royal Highness the 
Prince of Wales, I'riuce Lucien Bonaparte, and other distinguished 
guests, were present. The band of the Grenadier Guards performed 
an excellent selection of music. The President, Council, and Fellows 
of the Society are to be congratulated on the reiutusancc of this 
old institution in which they are assisting. 

Fob some time past, the Foreign OSice have, it is announced, been 
pressing upon the authorities in Egypt the desirability of relaxing the 
vexatious quarantine arrangements. Definite proposals were made to 
the effect either that the days of observation should be reduced to 
nine, which would practically free ships coming from India, or that 
vessels passing througli the canal without touching at any point should 
have a clear passage. The negotiations, which seemed to be ap- 
proaching a favourable conclusion, have been brought to a close by 
the outbreak of cholera, 


This College gave a coni-ersazione in Pall Mall on Wednesday even- 
ing. As usual at these meetings the attendance of visitors was large 
and distinguished. The guests, who were received by the President, 
Sir W. Jenner, K.C.B., Dr. Munk, and Dr. Lionel Beale, in- 
cluded Lords Chelmsford, Denman, and Crewe, Sir Spencer Wells, 
Sir W. Mac Cormac, Sir W. Smart, Bishop Macdougall, T. R. Hill, 
Esq., M.P., and others. At an early period of the evening, H.R.H. 
the Duke of Albany arrived, and was received and escorted round 
the College by the President and Censors. Among the many valu- 
able and interesting objects of art were some Wedgwood chessmen, 
designed by Flaxman, lent by Dr. Braxton Hicks, and an antique 
Moscow enamel, lent by Dr. Alfred Meadows. The President exhi- 
bited portrait etchings of George Eliot, Stuart Jlill, and Carlyle. 
Dr. Farquliarson, M.P., lent the exquisite drawing of the Royal 
Academy, May-Pole Dance, by Linley Sambourne. The brilliant 
gathering was enlivened by the spirited playing of the band of the 
Royal Artillery, led by the Cavaliere Zavertal. 


The medical officer of Do^er reports (June 5th, 1883) that, during the 
last nine weeks, the deaths from zymotic diseases had been low, only 
eight deaths being recorded from this class, four of which were referred 

July 7, 1883.] 



to whooping-cough, two to cronp, one to erysipelas, and one to scar- 
let fever. The death-rate from zymotic diseases during the last 
two months was ecjual only to X.ii per 1,000. The solitary death 
from scarlet fever was that of a gunner in the Royal Artillery, 
which took place at the Castle, where ten cases of mild sickness 
from this disease occurred, during the month of ilay, amongst the 
children of the soldiers stationed there. During the present month 
no fresh cases have been reported, prompt measures having been 
adopted by the military authorities for the suppression of the out- 
break. The town itself is happily free from this scooi^e, and if the 
same care continues to be exercised at the Castle, which has hitherto 
been manifested by the Deputy Surgeon-General and the staff medi- 
cal officers, it is reasonable to expect that the present trivial out- 
break will be properly nipped in the bud, without any risk of 
extension to the civil population. 


A COERESPOXDEST Writes from Wigan : — Speculation, in the form 
of insuring lives, exists to a much greater extent amongst the work- 
ing classes in towns, than is generally believed in. A case recently 
decided in the Wigan County Court, brings out this fact very pro- 
minently, for it was given in evidence that there had been eight 
policies taken out on the deceased member's life, amounting alto- 
gether to the sum of X222 6s. Six of these were effected by persons 
who had no interest in this man or his family, excepting in his 
death. It is, however, a pity that an industrial company should 
have a loop-hole by which it can evade payment of these poUcies, 
owing to no " insurable interest "' being at stake, for unfortunately, 
it is not due to the party effecting the insurance, so much as to the 
canvassing and forgery of agents emploj'ed by these offices, who 
take lives ad lihUum, the signatures of the insured being often 
forged, and no medical examination made or required. That insur- 
ance companies should take the premiums weekly from poor people, 
knowing full well that they need not pay the claim, being protected 
by Act of Parliament, is contemptible in the extreme, and demands 
that some steps should be taken to compel them to paj- all claims, 
or that there should be some law to prevent them from lending them- 
selves to this trafficking in lives to the extent that at present exists. 


A CosVALESCEST Home for the reception of London working men, 
requiring the benefit of a few days' rest at the seaside after their 
discharge from hospital, was opened by ilr. Samuel Morley, M.P., on 
Saturday, June 30th, at St. Margaret's, near Dover. The Home is in 
connection with the Hospital Saturday Fund, although not depend- 
ing upon it for finances, and is capable of accommodating six or 
seven hundred persons in the course of the year. A large company 
attended the opening ceremony, which took place in a marquee near 
the building. Mr. Frewer, secretary, explained that the establish- 
ment of the Home was the result of the adoption of a report by a 
large meeting of working men, presided over by Mr. Morley, in 
Exeter Hall, last year. The purchase of the freehold and seven 
acres of land involved an outlay of *2,500. The total receipts 
amounted to .£3,200, which was chiefly made up by a voluntary loan 
of £2,000 by Messrs. Hoare, bankers, and several handsome contribu- 
tions. There was a balance of .£100 in hand, which was considered 
barely sufficient to carry on the Home through the year. Mr. Samuel 
Morley said it was because the working men of London had made 
such a noble effort, that he felt so much pleasure in according his 
hearty encouragement in any ste;>' they might take with a ^^ew to 
self-action. He valued this movement, because it was the means 
of bringing classes together. He wished it to be clearly understood 
that there was no real connection, so far as finance was concerned, 
between this institution and the Hospital Saturday Fund, as he 
understood there was a little anxiety lest the funds might be 

trenched upon by this experiment. A resolution that the institution 
is worthy of the best efforts of working men, and another seeking 
the support of employers of labour, proposed by Jlr. Marriott, Q.C., 
M.l'. for Brighton, were unanimously carried. 


The following advertisement from the Hackney Express has been 
forwarded to us. "The Metropolitan Self-supporting Dispensary, 
60, St. John's Road, Hoxton, close to the new board-school. Dr. 
Meyers, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.M., registered physician and surgeon, 
attends daily ; mornings, 10.30 to 1.1.5 o'clock ; evenings, 6.30 to 9.15 
o'clock ; Sundays, 11 till 1 only. No letters of recommendation re- 
quired. Patients may rely on the best medical and surgical advice. 
Fees : Ad\ice and medicine, 6d., or Is. per week ; vaccination, two 
places, 6d. ; t^eth skilfully extracted, 6d. each. Special method of 
treatment of the liver and nervous diseases." It is held out as a 
special reason for maintaining the connection of the profession with 
the colleges at whatever cost, that in this way only can professional 
discipline be enforced, and a high standard of professional conduct 
maintained. Hitherto the profession has been chiefly indebted 
to the medical journals for their vigilance in noticing and influence 
in bringing public opinion to bear upon those who set at naught the 
recognised rules of professional conduct. May we not expect that 
the colleges will now show some of that interest in the proceedings 
of their Members and Licentiates, which they have long carefully 
exercised in respect to their Fellows ? We would commend this case 
and cases such as this, to their consideration. It would be inter- 
esting and highly important to have an authoritative decision from 
them on the subject. 


In his report on the South Yorkshire Asylum at Wadsley, near 
Sheffield, Dr. Mitchell, the medical superintendent, remarks that 
much might be done in promoting not only the bodily, but the 
mental health of the insane, if a greater number of men could be 
induced to employ themselves. Wanting the famUiar stimulus of 
wages, however, many obstinately refuse to begin work, s.^yulg that 
they have never worked without remuneration before, and will not 
do so now. The practice of paying the working patients a small 
proportion of the value of their labour has been found to answer 
well in prisons and at the State Asylum at Broadmoor, and would 
no doubt meet with equal success in other lunatic asylums generally, 
were it fairly tried in them. The Commissioners in Lunacy, to 
whom Dr. Mitchell referred the question of paying patients a small 
proportion of the value of the'ir work, doubt whether an expendi- 
ture under this head could be legally sustained, in the event of 
objection by guardians or others who have to defray the cost of 


Recently, at the meeting of the Islington Board of Guardians, a 
letter was received from the Local Goverimient Board, transmitting 
copies of a complaint from Mr. Wightman, of Hampton Road, Upper 
HoUoway, in reference to the death of his child, and also a letter 
from Dr. Thome-Thome, one of the Board's inspectors in the case. 
Mr. Wightman stated that, on April 18th, his child was vaccinated 
by Dr. Cotton, one of the medical officers for the parish, and it died 
nineteen days afterwards. He did not hesitate to say that the 
operation of the public vaccinator killed his child. It was thoroughly 
well up to the time of vaccination, but four days afterwards it was 
taken seriously ill. Vaccination was performed by four cuts in the 
arm, which rose up in most cases, but sank down in this, causing a 
depression of the size of a shilling. When the parents expressed their 
opinion that the death re.sulted from vaccination. Dr. Cotton did not 
deny it, but certified for death from convulsions. Dr. Thome-Thome, 
in his report, said he found that the vaccination was performed with 



[July 7„ 

Ijmph taken from another child, aged four months, but no lymph 
was taken from the child Wightman for subsequent vaccination. 
Dr. Cotton found some signs of fugitive erysipelas, but apparently 
attached no importance to them, seeing that the child liad been 
vaccinated the week before. The child from whom the lymph was 
taken was found to be an exceptionally healthy child. The Board 
passed a resolution expressing satisfaction with Dr. Thorne-Thorne's 
report, and their opinion that no blame could be attached to the 
vaccination-officer. ,,^.,- ^ 

With alaiuiing frequency we have lately heard of exhausted rail- 
way servants failing to keep awake at their posts. Last week, on 
one of the chief and busiest railroads in the kingdom, a disaster 
was imminent, because an engine-driver »nd his fireman fell asleep 
on their engine, in front of the Irish mail. We are informed that 
an engine had taken an excursion train to Bangor, and was return- 
ing with a train of empty carriages to Chester. Just after midnight 
this train left Llandudno Junction all right, and should have passed 
Colwyn some minutes afterwards, but, as half an hour elapsed and 
its passing was not signalled, the officials became alarmed. The 
Iriih ma'l from London to Holyhead was due to pass Llandudno 
Junction about one o'clock ; but, happily, the driver saw the lights 
against him and stopped his train. An inspector went down the 
line, and found the empty excursion train at a standstill on the 
rails. The driver and fireman were fast asleep on their engine, and 
the fire in the fire-box was nearly out. Had not the block system 
been in perfect operation an appalling accident might have resulted, 
as the mail train runs at great speed from Holyhead to Chester, 
without stopping. It is reported that the driver and fireman who 
fell asleep misrepresented at Bangor the time they had been on 
duty, or they would not have been allowed to proceed on their 
return journey. This striking instance again makes clear the peril 
to which the travelling public is exposed from the risk of exhausted 
railway servants succumbing to fatigue at their posts. The legisla- 
ture has long ago limitel by stringent enactment the hours of toil 
lu our factories but it still leaves the work of the railway servant 
unrestricted. If railway companies were liable to legal process for 
overworking their servants, and not merely for proved damages 
arising in consequence of such' overwork, and if efficient care were 
taken to reader misrepresentation impossible on the part of railwa}' 
servants, as to the time they have been on duty, it is not improbable 
that railway "accidents" might become less frequent. With in- 
creasing traffic on our railroads, and with increasing speed in trains, 
the points to which we h ive referred urgently demand general and 
complete revision and safe adjustment. 

The relation between a polluted water-supply and enteric and 
choleraic disease receives fresh confirmation from almost every in- 
quiry which is undertaken by competent authorities into outbreaks 
of typhoid fever and choleraic diarrhea. The last official report of 
.\Ir. W. H. Power to the Local Government Board, on an epidemic 
prevalence of typhoid or enteric fever in the Hitchin district, which 
is just issued by the medical department of the Board, can be 
summed up once more in the words "pollution of the water-supply." 
The most direct relation is traced between the intermittent circum- 
stances of pollution of the public water-service, owing to accidental 
difficulties, and the outburst of fever in the middle o£ January. The 
ciri.-umstances remind one somewhat of the history of the intro- 
duction of cholera into London on the occasion of the last outbreak 
at the East End. On that occasion, it was shown clearly enough 
that cholera was introduced into London and the epidemic was 
occasioned by the temporary disuse of certain filter-beils by a water 
company while alterations were in progress, and the taking of the 
water directly from the river Lea at a time when it was being pol- 

luted from a house in which resided a cholera patient who had been 
brought by ship to Southampton, and sent on to the banks of the 
Lea. So, at Hitchin, the special opportunity for pollution o£ thp 
public water-supply consisted in the circumstance that, at the 
pumping station, an 8-inch overflow pipe, contrived to convey surplus 
water from the receiving-tank and pumping-well into the river, 
permitted, on occasion, reflux of the river-water into the tank. 
" Discovery of this defect," says Mr. Power, " in January last, was 
not only startling, but was in a manner satisfactory to the sanitary 
authority, for it went far to explain a difficulty that had for some 
time troubled persons concerned with the waterworks, viz., that 
without obvious cause, suddenly and at uncertain intervals, the 
water in the pumping-well had been apt to become turbid." Tliis 
occasional turbidity of the water-service required coincidence of 
two separate conditions in reference to the level of the water in the 
river and in the tank, but this coincidence was not unfrequently pre- 
sent, and on these occasions the turbidity of the water was observed. 
It is significant to notice the vast importance of such turbidity in 
connection with the reports of Professor Frankland as to the tur- 
biditj' of the Thames water-supply for the drinking of Londoners, 
and the frequent turbidity of town waters generally. Chemical 
analysis and physical analysis can only indicate the presence of 
this slight impurity, due to what Professor Frankland technically 
describes as " previous sewage contamination." The most recent 
researches of Professor Angus Smith, however, sufficiently indicate 
that the " previous sewage pollution " is not sufficiently indicated by 
ordinary physical and economical methods, and such cases as these 
at Hitchin, and such incidents, which ought always to be kept fresh 
in our memory, as that of the introduction of a destructive epidemic 
of Asiatic cholera into London, by the mere accidental pollution, 
during three days, of the water-supply of one company, ought to 
inspire the utmost caution in the use of water subject to previous 
sewage-contamination, until careful precautions have been taken to 
scrutinise the antecedents of our drinking water. This peculiar careful- 
ness is especially necessary during seasons such as this, when the 
soil and the water, and the relative lowness of the rivers, afford 
special opportunities for the rapid development of any poisonous 
germs contained in the water, and at a moment when we are 
threatened with the possible introduction of choleraic disease from 
abroad, and when, owing to the character of the season, a great 
deal of summer and autumnal diarrhoea is undoubtedly to be 


However suitable, as a valuable tonic restorative, bathing in ih# 
open sea may be in the case of anj- particular person, the good effects 
of a sea-bath may be missed if the bather do not give heed t° cer- 
tain well ascertained rules which ought to guide his proceedings. 
The good effects of a plunge in the sea are in proportion to the 
vigour of the reaction which is excited in the bather's body by the 
shock of immersion. The more marked and prolonged the reaction 
the better ; it should be the bather's object, to quote the words of 
an eminent physician, to secure the greatest possible amount of 
stimulation, and to ensure as long as possible the persistence of the 
increased vigour of nutrition. The time of bathing is important. 
It is a common error to suppose it is best to bathe before breakfast. 
The very robust may possibly bathe then with impunity, but, even 
for them, the practice of plunging into the sea in the early 
morning, fasting, is not free from risk ; while, for the weakly, 
such course is positively prejudicial. After the long fast of 
the sleeping hours, the vital functions fall to a relatively 
low ebb, and they are liable to undue depression from such 
a severe shock as a cold sea-bath. Neither ought batliing to 
bo practised immediately after taking a meal ; it is then 
likely to cause troublesome symptoms by suddenly arresting ' the 
digestive processes. Probably the best results are obtainable 

July 7, 1883.] 



from sea-bathing at a time midway between breakfast and luncheon, 
that is, from two to three hours after the early morning meal, when 
the body has been nourished after the fasting of the night, and 
when the stomach has had time in great part to dispose of its con- 
tents. A bather should never enter the sea whilst under the influ- 
ence'of emotional excitement ; if the nervous force be unduly con- 
centrated in any single direction, a sea-bath is likely to produce 
nervous depression rather than stimulation. A bather should not 
stand hesitatingly by the water's edge until he becomes cold and 
shivering, but plunge boldly into the sea at once. It is another 
popular error to suppose that the skin should be cooled before enter- 
ing the sea; if the bather be chilled just before his bath, circula- 
tory depression rather than reaction is apt to arise, leaving him 
with a sense of coldness and weakness rather than of warmth and 
invigoration. To get its best results, a sea-bath must not be too 
prolonged. It has been laid down as a rule by a well known 
authority that no one bathing for health only should remain in the 
open sea for more than ten minutes. Even a shorter immersion than 
this \vill probably best suit all but the strongest persons. The bather 
must not stay in the sea until the reactive stimulation of his bath 
has passed awaj'. His object ought to be to excite an energetic 
reaction, and then to leave the water. From too long immersion in 
the open sea, the skin becomes unduly cooled, and the circulation 
and nervous system depressed, so that exhaustion, malaise, and 
shivering are apt to arise, instead of a feeling of renewed vigour, 
well-being, and warmth. 


The Annual Report of the Conservator, Professor Flower, to the 
Museum Committee, has jnst been is.<!ued. It contains details of 
the corrplete redecoration of the interior of the building, under- 
taken last year, and of the rearrangement of part of the osteo- 
logical collection, so that the fossil and recent bones are now incor- 
porated in one series. This improvement had been recommended 
by Professor Owen, and approved of by the Museum Committee in 
1842 ; but it was not until last year that the Conservator could find 
a convenient opportunity of carrying it into effect, during a thorough 
clearing out of the bones in the wall-cases. The first volume of the 
new catalogue of the pathological series has been issued since the 
last report ; and now the second, containing the series of morbid 
anatomy of the blood, and injuries and diseases of the organs of 
locomotion and the bones and joints, is printed, and will be ready 
for distribution in a few weeks. It has been carefully revised, in 
passing through the press, by Mr. Eve. A portion of the third 
volume is already in the printers' hands. The specimens themselves 
are undergoing a process of remounting after new and improved 
methods. Ko fewer than ninety new specimens have been added to 
the pathological series, including many tumours, prepared so as to 
be really instructive to visitors to the museum, and not mere records 
of surgical triumphs and scientific labour. The activity of gynaecolo- 
gists is once more manifested by a fine display of uterine and ovarian 
specimens. Sir. De Lautour sends from New Zealand a second 
preparation illustrating the remarkable taste of performing 
operations in abdominal surgery on live sheep, in which the Kea 
parrot (A'estor hypopoliiis) delights to indulge. The specimen sent a 
few years ago by Mr. De Lautour proved that the rapacious bird was 
sn expert colotomist ; this second example shows that it under- 
stands how to perform gastrostomy. Mr. Carr Roberts's specimen 
of tubo-uterine gestation is the first of its kind in the College collec- 
tion, and serves to complete the valuable series illustrating extra- 
uterine pregnancy. At the suggestion of Sir James Paget, it has 
been decided to form a collection of pathological drawings and 
photographs, as accessible to \'isitors as are the specimens them- 
selves ; and, in order to support the scheme in a practical form. Sir 
James Paget has generously presented to the museum a set of 
thirty-six boxes of appropriate size anu "onstruction, in which the 

drawings may be safely kept. The chief feature in the physio- 
logical department is a very interesting series of dissections, made 
by Mr. Pearson to illustrate Mr. Power's course of lectures on the 
"Lacrymal Apparatus and Accessory Organs of the Eye," prepared 
mostly from animals procured for the purpose by the lecturer. 
The osteoiogical series falls short of its usual display, owing to the 
articulator's time having been much taken up in the removal and 
replacing of skeletons during the alterations in the buildings, so 
that he has had little time at his disposal for the preparation of 
articulated skeletons ; but there are some valuable new skulls of 
savage races on view. The annual show of these specimens will be 
open tUl Monday, after which they will b?,,at,.,^r^ce transferred to 
their proper places in the museum. . , ,.. 


Un. DiDiox has chosen this subject for an inangural dissertation, 
and comes to the following conclusions. Typhoid fever produces a 
renal congestion, which plays an important part in the course of 
the disease. Albuminuria is almost constant, but generally slight 
and temporary ; when abundant, it is a sign of true nephritis. The 
renal inflammation is both parenchymatous and interstitial, and 
produces certain characteristic symptoms, such as asthenia, stupor, 
dryness of tongue, oedema of the face and legs, lumbar pains> 
cutaneous eruptions (pemphigus, ecthyma, boils), and an alteration 
in the urine, which has a reddish colour and the odour of boiled 
bread ; in the deposit, red and white blood-corpuscles are found, as 
well as casts ; the urine contains a large quantity of albumen. The 
diagnosis can easily be arrived at by the above-mentioned symptoms. 
The termination is often fatal, either from asthenia or ursemia. As 
to the treatment, Bouchard recommends carbolic acid and the sali- 
cylates, PoUi the sulphites, Klebs the benzoate of potash. Leeches, 
mustard poultices, and cupping in the lumbar region are useful ; but 
blisters, even with the addition of camphor, must be avoided. In 
certain cases, the disappearance of the symptoms is accompanied by 
abundant diuresis, which ought, therefore, to be favoured if possible ; 
but all diuretics are not equally good, those which possess irritating 
properties must be avoided. The best in these cases is milk, pure 
or mixed with water. Whatever may be the way in which it acts 
on the kidneys, it is always well borne, and its action is double ; it 
increases the secretion or urine, and hastens the elimination of toxic 
principles, without producing any irritation, even in the most 
acutely inflamed kidney. Subcutaneous iujection of pilocarpine 
might perhaps be useful : in one case, when the skin was dry and 
burning hot. Dr. Didion injected twice daily one-sixth of a grain of 
pilocarpine, and under its mfluence the skin became moist and 
abundant sweat was produced ; the tongue also was less dry than 
before ; the temperature fell in two days from 105.8^ to 98.6° F.; but 
three days later the patient died, after the temperature had once 
again reached 104° F. New investigations are necessary before we can 
arrive at definite conclusions. As for the cold baths, Gubler thinks 
that they are contraindicated in case of nephritis, but Libermann 
considers their use as surely beneficial in spite of it. Several 
patients who had been subjected to that treatment did not com- 
plain of any inconvenience, and cold lotions rapidly applied to the 
trunk and limbs with a sponge seem to relieve the patient, lower 
the temperature, and re-establish the functions of the skin. All 
these advantages must be weighed against the danger of a renal 
congestion ; but further experience alone can show which treatment 
is most advantageous. 


The part taken by the British Medical Joubsal, in common 
with the medical press of England generally, on the iinbappy rela 
tions which, for some time past, have existed between the authori- 
ties of British Guiana and the medical services of the colony, has 
given deep offence to the Government there. In a. discussion that 


[My 7, 1883. 

took place on the snbject at the Court of Policy of British Gniana, 
the Governor, Sir Henry Irving, and the Colonial Secretary, 
characterised the statements of this Journal as "slanderous," and 
we were accused of writing on information derived from " dis- 
carded " and " worthless " members of the medical service, and pro- 
moting discontent and insubordination. It seems necessary to remind 
the local officials we have named, that this Journal is the property 
and organ of the British Medical Association ; not the least of the 
duties which this powerful organisation has to perform, is towatchover 
and protect the interests of the medical profession overthe whole ex- 
tent of the British Empire, and it is mainly by means of this Journal 
that this duty is performed. It is due to ourselves, and the Associa- 
tion we represent, to say to those who have misrepresented our 
action and our motives, that, from first to last, the British Medical 
Journal has held no communication with, and derived no informa- 
tion from either " discarded " or "worthless " members of the pro- 
fession in British Guiana or elsewhere. It is Hot, and never has 
been the practice of this Journal to lend its pages for the unworthy 
purpose of fomenting discontent in any body of public servants, 
whether they belong to the medical profession or not. We have 
derived the information on which our remarks were based from 
sources open to the public, and from the accounts furnished to us 
by honourable men in no way connected with the profession, whose 
sense of justice was outraged by the contumacious treatment to 
which a body of indispensable public servants has been subjected, 
and who have been impressed by the way in which public interests 
have suffered thereby. We are not going to repeat, or dwell on, the 
facts which are now hardly in dispute, the insolent and offensive 
tone of the Government officials to its medical officers, the way in 
which they have been censured for not doing things that they have 
been forbidden to do by previous orders, as in the case of Dr. Mose- 
ley, now under appeal to the Colonial Office : the system of saving 
money at the expense of the medical officers by calUng them 
'• acting officers," and withholding nearly half their pay, and so 
on. Can om- readers suppose that a service can be in a whole- 
some condition in which, as shown, not by a " discarded " or a 
" worthless " member of the service, but by . the Hon. Mr. Rus- 
sell, a member of the Court of Policy, in a speech made in 
the presence of the Governor and the Colonial Secretary, between 
the years 1873 and 1881, out of twenty-five medical officers, 
only eleven remained in the service in the last named year, the rest 
having either died or resigned, or been " superseded .'" In the dis- 
cussion which followed Mr. Russell's speech, both the Colonial Sec- 
retary and the Governor took part. The speech of the first named 
official was very remarkable, and it throws a flood of light on at 
least one of the grievances which has gone far to make service 
under the government to which this gentleman is secretary intoler- 
able, viz., official insolence. After charging the medical press of 
London, in the manner already referred to, with making public the 
complaints of discarded servants, and giving a glowing description 
of the many and great advantages of the medical service of the 
country— adescription, by the way, which we observe to be largely dis- 
counted by leading articles very temperately expres.sed in the local 
press— the Secretary goes on to trace the imhappy condition of the 
service to the fact that the doctors are overpaid ! Who and what 
are they, says this gentleman, in effect, that they .should receive so 
much more money than they dcsei-ve, or Ls good for them ? " Men 
who, when they leave the hos-pitals, are glad to get iGO a year, to 
sleep in an attic, and take their meals in thenursery with the children." 
Have we written a line on the subject of this unhappy body of men 
and their treatment, half so well calculated to restrain those with an 
atom of self-respect from entering this service, as what we have 
yast quoted ? Our readers will be still further amused when thej- 
learn, from this gentleman's speech, that his scheme for rendering 
the service popular is mainly based on a considerable reduction of 
pay, more "discipline," or, as he elegantly expi-esses it, "putting 

the foot of Government down more firmly," or, in other words, 
trampling the colonial doctors under foot. Need we say more ? 
After this, can either this Colonial Secretary, or his master, the 
Governor, say, with truth, that it is the medical press alone that 
prevents respectable professional men from seeking a career in 
British Guiana ? 

No class have done so much for sanitation as the medical profes- 
sion, and, indeed, it is mainly by their efforts, aided immediately in 
mechanical matters by the gentlemen who describe themselves as 
sanitary engineers, that the progress has been effected in public and 
private sanitation wliich has resulted in the annual saving of 
many thousands of lives. This addition, we have lately been told, on 
the highest authority, amounts to a gain of two years added to every 
individual life, in relation only to the progress of the last ten years. 
It must, however, always be remembered, and this is a lesson which 
medical men, who are largely occupied in the homes of the people, 
as well as being public advisers of local commvmities, can enforce 
better than any other persons, that it is to the work of the individual, 
and to private initiative, that we must look for the major part of 
the further victories yet to be won. The State can do much in the 
way of regtUation and assistance, but it is for the householder, for 
the capitalist, for the philanthropist, for the working man, each in 
his own class and in his own capacity, to realise the vast importance 
of helping himself and helping his neighbour in this great 
work. Sir Thomas Brassey, speaking to the Working Men's 
Club and Institute Union, rendered an efficient service by 
bringing prominently under the notice of this influential union 
of working men the fact that, while it is admitted that 
sanitary matters ought properly to engage the attention of Parlia- 
ment, yet too much ought not to be expected from the action of the 
State ; for, while the State can ensure obedience to sanitary laws, 
it cannot raise the standard of living of a nation. The total 
loans advanced under the Artisans and Labourers' Dwellings Im- 
provement Act of 18.J7 cannot be compared with the amount ex- 
pended by the building societies of England and Wales. Between 
the returns of July, 1880, and those of May, 1S81, the aggregate 
income of those societies had increased from £16.417,000 to 
£18,694,000, and the aggregate assets from £31,864,000 to 
£37,000,000; and those statistics represent amostgratifying ameliora- 
tion in the homes of the people, compared with which the exertions 
of the State must have produced an insignificant result. As regarded 
the condition of the working classes. Sir Thomas said that, tak- 
ing into view the rate of wages, the hours of work, the cost of living, 
and the general abundance of employment, the position of the 
British workman at the present time compared favourably with 
that of working people, even in the United States. There was no 
reason to apprehend a reduction of wages in this country, and he 
would be sorry to see anything which could lead to a retrograde 
movement. On the contrary, he cherished the hope that the in- 
crease and the improved application of capital might admit of addi- 
tions to the reward of labour, but, at the same time, it was his duty 
to point out that the industrial position of this country was 
threatened in many quarters by those who were formidable rivals in 
skill and energy. 


The Western Moniini; A'ems, referring to the discussion on these 
Acts, and subsequent resolutions passed at the South Western 
Branch, says :— 

Surely no rational man can believe that a large and important 
body of professional gentlemen, such as the South Western Branch 
of the British Medical Association, can be utterly in the vctong when 
they are ab.solutoly imanimous. Yet we find this body passing a 
resolution condemning in unqualified terms Mr. St.ansfeld's motion, 
and deploring the action of the Government thereon^ alike in the 

July 7, 1888.] 



interests of health and morality. They are medical men who are 
daily brought into contact with the evils they deplore, and who have 
watched the result of the Acts and of the practical abrogation of 
them that has lately taken place. Are they all and altogether wrong 
— deceived or deceivers ? We knew how signally reformatory the 
operation of the Acts have been, but were scarcely prepared for 
llr. Square's startling statement, that of the patients received into 
the Royal Albert Hospital forty-five out of every hundred had been 
induced to retrain from returning to an evil life. The existing 
prejudice has very largely resulted from two causes. One is that 
the reclamatory influences, although exerted by agencies called into 
existence by the Acts, have not been specifically mentioned in the 
Acts themselves. This is a blunder and a blot, and has given colour 
to the base fabrication so often put forward that the Acts exist only 
to provide means for the gratification of sinful indulgence. Another 
fact not taken into account is this. Knowing the prejudice which 
existed against the agents of the Acts and all their operations, 
the agents have been accustomed to work by circuitous means and 
to rescue through the agency of third parties. It is clear that no 
law can be efficacious which is not stringently compulsory. But if, 
while effectively providing for the sanitary side of the question, the 
Acts could be so remodelled as to include vigorously repressive 
measures, and definitely provide for reformatory work, half the 
genuine objections to the Acts would vanish, and the spurious sen- 
timentahty of the remaining opposition would become palpable. 
Without compulsion in some form there can be no repression of 
disease, and without moral reform compulsion would not be tole- 
rated. The surgeon and the philanthropist must go hand in hand ; 
they may have hitherto done so in fact, they must now do so in 
avowal. Whether compulsion be applied as heretofore, or by en- 
larging the number of the diseases included in the schedule of the 
Act which punishes the wilful or negligent spread of fevers, etc., is 
a question rather of detail than of principle. Perhaps an extension, 
in the direction indicated, of the laws for preventing the propaga- 
tion of other infectious diseases would be the easiest and surest 
solution of the grave difficulty Mr. Stansfeld has created. 


The recommendations of the Eoyal Commissioners, contained in their 
report, that country hospitals should be provided for the reception 
of mild and convalescent cases of small-pox occurring in the metro- 
polis, and that, so far as practicable, severe cases should be " sent 
down the river Thames to hospitals in isolated position.s on its 
banks, or if this be found impracticable, to floating hospitals 
on the river itself," have met with the approval of the Local 
Government Board, who have advised the 5Ianagers of the 
Metropolitan Asylums District to provide one or more floating 
hospitals in addition to the Atlas, fifteen miles or more 
below London Bridge : adding that " probably land, at no 
great distance from the hospital-ships, could be secured for the 
erection of buildings to which convalescent patients could be trans- 
ferred." The managers considered it necessary to supplement floating 
hospitals, etc., by the estabhshment of convalescent or other hospi- 
tals on land within a reasonable distance of the metropolis, a 
step which the great success that attended the Darenth experiment 
would amply justify ; and they empowered their General Purposes 
Committee to institute inquiries with the view of ascertaining 
where such sites could be obtained. Dr. Dudfield refers in his 
report to the satisfactory progress that has been made in these 
matters, and to the fact that preliminary arrangements have been 
made for securing by purchase, with the approval of the Local 
Government Board (1) the "twin-ship" CastaUa, as an additional 
floating hospital capable of being fitted for the treatment of a large 
number of small-pox patients, for the sum of £5,300 ; (2) land to 
the extent of eight and a quarter acres at Long Reach, where the 
hospital-ships are moored, for the sum of i£l,000; and (3) the Gore 
Estate, consisting of 134 acres of land, adjoining the managers' 
property at Darenth, for the sum of £13,175. It is proposed, should 
the vessel be purchased, to moor her end-on to the Endymion, which 
would then serve as an administrative ship for both the Atlas and 
the CastaUa. It is proposed to establish a hospital for convalescent 
small-pox patients on the above-ment'oned Gore Estate, which is 

within easy distance of the river and the hcspital-ships at Long 
Reach. The land at Long Reach, proposed to be acquired, is im- 
mediately abreast of the hospital-ships, and, as there is here but 
little foreshore, the water is rapidly deepening. At comparatively 
little cost, a suitable pier could be constnicted (with a dummy 
rising and falling with the tides), from which convalescent patients 
from the ships could be disembarked at any time, and be conveyed 
bj' road to the contemplated hospital at Darenth. The land will 
also be suitable for the erection of buildings, if any be hereafter 
required in connection with the administration of the hospital-ships. 
The contemplated arrangements thus indicated 'will suffice for the 
provision of hospital accommodation for a very large proportion of 
the small-pox cases occurring in the metropolis, even in time of 
tolerably severe epidemic, should the estimate of the Hospitals Com- 
missioners prove correct, viz., that provision will be required for 
" 2,100, or by special exertions, 2,700 patients ; " seeing that it is in- 
tended to provide at each of the existing hospitals beds for a certain 
number of patients " too ill to take a long land journey." It is 
estimated that from 400 to 500 such cases would have to be provided 
for in a severe epidemic, the remaining cases, " being probably 
more than three quarters of the %vhole number" of 2,100, being " pro- 
vided for in two or three more country hospitals." The main diffi- 
culty hindering the collection of all cases capable of removal ou* 
of town, in the ships and at Darenth, is the distance that separates' 
a large portion of the metropolis from the river. For the cases 
occurring in the northern parts of London, probably an additional 
hospital, at some distance from the metropolis, will have to be pro- 
Wded. Patients that can be conveyed to the river will doubtless be 
provided for at Long Reach in the ships, and at Darenth in the 
proposed convalescent hospital. Dr. Dudfield observes that the 
above proposed arrangements are in complete harmony with the 
views which, in the early part of 1881, he brought under the notice 
of the managers, and of the Local Government Board, recommend- 
ing that mild and convalescent cases of small-pox should be removed 
for treatment to hospitals or satiatoria outside London. 


A FATAL case of poisoning by a druggist's assistant is reported 
from Partick, a suburb of Glasgow. The sad occurrence resulted 
from the substitution of a wrong drug for one in the prescription 
and, as a jiost mortem examination proved that this was actually 
the case, the assistant has been arrested on a charge of culpable 


During the month of June, in the district of Inverallan, which 
(including Grantom) has a population of 2,746, not a death was 
registered. The low death-rate of the district on one occasion 
formed the subject of a paper by the late Professor Adamson, of St. 


Last week, a painful occurrence took place in Edinburgh, in wbich, 
unfortunately, a number of students of medicine misconducted them- 
selves. For several years, numbers of the junior students have, on 
a few occasions, att«nded the theatres, and collectively have made 
matters in the gallery rather lively. These have sometimes been 
tolerated good-naturedly, but on some occasions, when there was a 
considerable portion of the " rough " element present, matters have 
gone unpleasantly far, and this was what occui-red in the Theatre 
Royal last week. Matters there went to such an extent, that several 
students, mostly medical, were apprehended and locked up for the 
night. They were tried at the police-court, found guilty, and fined 
heavily. The University authorities were compelled to take notice 



[July 7, 1883. 

o£ the affair. A thorough investigation was made, and, as a result, 
two students (one of law and one of medicine) have been rusticated 
for a summer and a winter session, while five others have been rus- 
ticated for the summer session. As evidence of the regret of the 
students in the University at this unhappy occurrence, in one day, 
nearly 300 of them signed a letter to the lessee of the theatre ex- 
pressing their regret, and repudiating, on the part of the mass of 
students, such misconduct as had been witnessed in the theatre. 


Membebs of the profession who have visited Orkney and Shetland, 
will remember a lonely island they passed between the two places 
mentioned, called the Fair Isle. It has lately experienced, among 
its inhabitants, a severe outbreak of measles, which is stated to be 
the most severe that has occurred there, so serious indeed that 
labour has been largely suspended. At Lockerbie there is also an 
outbreak of measles, which has effected the children to such an ex- 
tent that it is alleged 200 out of uOO have been prevented from at- 
tending the public school. One death has been recorded, and 
several of the cases are such as to cause anxiety. 

"An important case was last week decided by arbitration, in Edin- 
burgh, b}' Lord Kinnear, against the managers of the Koyal Edin- 
urgh Asylum, Morningside, who had raised an action against the 
Edinburgh Suburban Railway (at present under construction) for 
damage done to the Asylum by the construction of the railway- 
The sum of ill", .^50, with interest for nearly two years, was asked 
for by tlie managers. The railway company denied having done any 
damage. The merits of the case were fully entered into, and as 
a result, Lord Kinnear, as oversman in the arbitration, has issued 
his final award, which is that the managers of the Asylum are 
not entitled to compensation. 

The returns of the Registrar-General for the week ending June 23rd 
show that the death-rate in the eight principal towns was 23.3 
per thousand of estimated population. This rate is 2.9 above that 
for the corresponding week of last year, and 0.8 above that for the 
previous week of the present year. The lowest mortality was re- 
corded in Leith, viz., 17.6 per thousand ; and the highest in Glas- 
gow, viz., 29.6 per thousand. The mortality from the seven 
most familiar zymotic diseases was at the rate of 4.G per thousand, 
or O.S below the rate for the previous week. 51easles, whooping- 
cough, and scarlet fever, were the most prevalent of the epidemic dis- 
eases, the mortality from these diseases being most marked in Glas- 
gow. There were 5 deaths from measles in Greenock. The deaths 
from acute diseases of the chest numbered 88, being 21 less than in 
the previous week. The mean temperature was .02.1°, being 2,2° 
below that of the week immediately preceding, and 3.1° below 
that of the corresponding week of last year. 

A DEATH is reported from Glasgow arising out of the dangerous, 
and, we fear, too prevalent custom of resorting to the use of opiates 
and hypnotics as a remedy for sleeplessness, without the sanction 
of medical advice. The deceased had for some considerable time 
been in the habit of using laudanum to procure rest, but, on the 
recommendation ot a friend, he made trial of chloral instead, and 
he provided himself with some of the drug. He retired to rest in 
his usual health, but in the morning was found dead in his bed, 
and circumstances seemed to point to his having taken an overdose 
of the substance. Instances such as these should warn the general 
public against resorting to the use of medicines of whose modus 
ojjeraitdi they cannot but be ignorant, and which may be quite un- 

suited to the individual case ; while they point also to the need of 
some further restrictions being placed on the sale of drugs such as 
chloral, which are at present vended to the general public in a 
manner fraught with much danger to the community. 


Whether the work of the present session will allow of this measure 
being passed seems uncertain. The opposition to the Bill still con- 
tinues strong in Scotland, although the withdrawal of- the clauses 
which provided for the abolition of St. Andrew's University has done 
something to lessen that feeling. A memorandum issued by the 
committee of the General Council of Glasgow University shows, 
however, that that seat of learning disapproves entirely of the pro- 
posed legislation, on the grounds that the principles of the Bill are 
wrong, and that it will be unwise to confer on a body of commis 
sioners the power of making those changes in the constitutions of 
universities, which at present can only be done by Parliament 
Further, the memorandum points out how inadenuate the financial 
proposals of the Bill are, and that the contemplated grant should 
not only be increased, but should be placed on a more equitable 
footing. Writing on this subject, a correspondent of one of the 
daily papers gives some figures which are of interest He points out 
that the total number of students attending the four Scotch univer- 
sities during the past year was 6,612, while in the four English uni- 
versities last year it was 6,081. Taking the population of .Scotland 
at 3,734,000, and that of England and Wales at 25,968,000, the stu- 
dents in the former case are one to every 564 of the population; 
and in the latter, the university attendance is equivalent to one in 
4,270 of the population. It is clear, therefore, he says, from these 
figures, that the Scotch give a much larger support to their uni- 
versities than the English do, and that, judged by the population, 
there are nearly eight times as many university students north of 
the Tweed as there are south of it. 


The publication of the report for last year of the Registrar-General 
gives an opportunity of ascertaining the vital condition of Scotland 
and of any special features in the social and economic history of the 
country. In 1882, throughout the whole of Scotland, there were 
126,182 births, 72.966 deaths, and 26,574 marriages, which figures, 
on an estimated population of 3,785,400, indicate a percentage of 
3.33 births for every hundred, 1.93 deaths, and 0.70 marriages. 
This birth-rate is the lowest since 1855, while the death-rate is the 
lowest on record. The low average of births arises from a falling 
off in the small towns and rural districts, for the large towns still 
seem to keep up that steady increase in the population which has 
been noticed for some years, Greenock heading the list with 400 
births in every 10.000 inhabitants, while Edinburgh was the lowest 
with 314. Illegitimacy still unfortunately shows an increase over 
the previous year, there being 10,550 births, giving a proportion of 
8,4 per cent. The county of Banff seems the chief offender in this 
respect, the percent;ige being 16.7. An examination into the rela- 
tive proportion of the sexes shows that the tendency recently ob- 
served in England to a decrease in the male births is making its 
appearance in Scotland, where, last year, the proportion of boys to 
girls fell from 106 in the previous year to 101. S : that is to say, thai 
for every 100 girls born in ISSl, there were 106 boys, whereas in 
1882 the proportion was 104,8 boys to 100 girls. During last year, 
only two deaths took place from small-pox in the principal towns of 
Scotland; and the vaccination returns show that, of the 126,277 
children born in 1881, as many as 111,008 were successfully vaccin- 
ated, while 1,586 had their vaccination postponed, and 150 were de- 
clared to be conatitulionally unsusceptible of the vaccine virus. 
While the small towns and rural districts are responsible for the 
lower birth-rate, they must be credited with having kept the death- 
rate at the lowest point it has ever reached in the statistics for 

July 7, 1888.J 



Scotland, the numbers being 193 for every 10,000 of estimated popu- 
lation. The principal towns, taken by themselves, display a rate 
slightly in excess of the previous year, the mortality of Paisley 
being highest with 2o7 per 10,00(), and Glasgow only a shade better 
with 253. There seems no reason to doubt that a high marriage- 
rate is a very fair indication of the industrial prospcritj' of the 
country; and if this be taken as a standard, the record of 1882 is 
satisfactory, and speaks of a decided improvement in the social 
condition and surroundings of the people. The increase is most 
marked in great industrial centres like Glasgow, Dundee, Greenock, 
and Leith. A note, appended to the report of the Astronomer- 
Koyal, as to the connection between the death-rate and the prevail- 
ing weather, completes a document which furnishes the only reli- 
able and precise statistics that can be made available for ascertain- 
ing the real condition and tendencies of the country and its popu- 


DUBING the month of May there were registered in the eight prin- 
cipal Scottish towns the deaths of 2,780 persons, of whom 1,445 were 
males, and 1,.3.^5 were females; after making due allowance for 
proportional increase of population, tlxis number is 112 above the 
average for the same month during the preceding ten years. The 
respective mortality of each town was, per 1,000 of its population, in 
Edinburgh and Aberdeen, 19 ; in Perth, 22 ; in Leith, 24 ; in 
Greenock and Paisley, 27 ; in Dundee, 29 ; and in Glasgow, 32. Of 
children under five years of age, the deaths of 1,241 were registered, 
equal to 44.6 per cent, of the entire mortality, and the respective 
percenta.^e of such deaths in each of the towns mentioned, was in 
Aberdeen, 29 ; in Perth, 30 ; in Edinburgh, 36 ; in Paisley, 37 ; in 
Dundee, 39 ; in Glasgow, 50 ; and in Greenock and Leith, 52 per 
cent. Zymotic diseases contributed 545 deaths, or 19.6 per cent, of 
the whole, this rate was, however, exceeded in Leith and Glasgow. 
Measles proved the most fatal, having 7.6 per cent, of the entire 
mortality, while in Glasgow this disease alone caused 12.0, and in 
Greenock 8.1 per cent, of all deaths. Of 23 deaths due to fever, 5 
were registered as typhus, 17 as enteri