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Full text of "Kelly's Handbook to the Titled, Landed and Official Classes"



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Prcsentcb to 

Law Society of Upper Canada 



Self help. London." 60 YEARS. 

Cerrard 8303. 




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182, 183 AND 184, HIGH HOLBORN, W.C. ; 

Stationers' Hall Court, E.G. 



70 Dunn Avenue, Toronto 

(( ,iAN23 1964 

It is respectfully requested that any information respecting Changes by 
Births^ Marriages^ Deaths^ Appointments, Addresses^ and of any Addresses not 
given, may be communicated, as soon as possible thereafter, to the Publishers, 
Kelly's Directories Limited, 182, 183 & 184, High Holborn, London, W.C. 

KbXLY's DIBEOTOBIES LIMITED, Middle Mill, KiiigJtou-on-Thainea ; and High Holborn, Londou, W.G. 




Art furriers :— 

Grafton Fur Co. Limited Facing Front Cover 

Paquin Limited Inside Back Cover 

Artifirial limb makers : — 

J. & E.Ferris 10 

Artists— SJetal, vrood, stone &c. :— 

Jones & Willis Limited 12 

Benevolent institutions :— 

British & Foreign Sailors' Society 9 

Governesses' 2 

Irish Distressed Ladies' Fund 6 

Niitioual 6 

CorsetiSres :— 

Paquin Limited Inside Back Cover 

Craftsmen —Metal, wood, textile fabrics &c. :— 

Jones & Willis Limited 12 

Ecclesiastical artists : — 

Jones & WUlis Limited 13 

Embroidery artists : — 

Jones & Willis Limited '..... 12 

Furriers :— 

Grafton Fur Co. Limited Facing Front Cover 

Paquin Limited Inside Back Cover 

Goldsmiths : — 

Lambert <fe Co 11 

Homes : — 

Dr. Bamardo's 1 

British <fe Foreign Sailors' Society 9 

Orphan Working School & Alexandra Orphanage 6 
Rescue Society's 9 


Metropolitan 8 

Insurance companicB : — 

General Reversionary & Investment Ck>. Ltd ... 4 
London Asauranoe 4 

Jewellers :— 

Lambert*; Go 11 


Lingerie specialists :— 

Paquin Limited Inside Back Cover 


Paquin Limited Inside Back Cover 

Orphan homes :— 

Dr. Bamardo's 1 

Orphan Working School (fr Alexandra Orphanage 5 

Peeresses' robes manufacturers :— 

Paquin Limited Inside Back Cover 

Printers & publishers : — 

Kelly's Directoiies Ltd., Printers & publishers 
of the Post Office London Directory & County 

& Trades Directoiies Facing Back Cover 

dk pages 8 <fc 10 

School : — 

r phan Working School & A lexandra Orphanage 6 


Lambert & Co 11 

Societies :— 

Dr. Bamardo's Home 1 

British & Foreign Sailors' Society 9 

Governesses' Benevolent Institution 2 

Fri-h Distressed Ladies' Fund 6 

Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & Cattle 

Trough Association 5 

National Benevolent Institution 6 

Rescue 9 

Sons of the Clergy Corporation 7 

Temporary Home for Lost & Starving Dogs. . . . 7 

Staine<l glass artists :— 

Jones & Willis Limited 12 

Surgical appliances : — 

J. & B.Ferris 10 

Toilette specialists : — 

Paquin Limited Itutde Bach Covtr 

Woollen merchant :— 

W. Bill Inside Front 





] >i-. Baruardo's Homes 1 

JJill W., Woollen merchant Inside Front Cover 

British & Foreign Sailors' Society 9 

I) i^a'Home 7 

Ferris J. & E., Surgical appliances & artificial limb 

makers 10 

General Reversionary* Investment Co. Limited .. 4 

Governesses' Benevolent Institution 2 

Gralton Fur Co. Limited, Art furriers Facing 

Front Cover 

IiiBh Difltressed Ladies' Fimd 6 

Jones & W illis Ltd., Craftsmen & artists 12 

Kelly's Directories Ltd., Printers &. publishers of the 

Post OflBce London, County &c. Directories. ...Facing 

Back Cover & pages 8 <b 10 

Lambert & Co., Goldsmiths, silversmiths & jewellers 1 1 

London Assurance 4 

Metropolitan Drinking Fountain & Cattle Trough 

Association 5 

Metropolitan Hospital 3 

National Benevolent Institution 6 

Orphan Working School in Alexandra Orphanage .. .■> 
Paquiu Limited, Specialists in robes, modes <fec ..Inside 

Back Cover 

Bescue Society 9 

Sons of the Clergy Corporation 7 


Thb object of this work is to include in one Gbneral Alphabetical List all 
tliose who have any definite position arising either — 

].— From Hereditary Rank — Peers (with all their children), and Baronets; 

2, — From Titles or Orders conferred upon them by the SovereigTi : — Privy 
Councillors, Knights of the Garter, of the Thistle and of St. Patrick, 
Knights and Companions of the Orders of the Bath, of the Star of India, 
of the St. Michael and St. George and of the Indian Empire, Knights, 
Commanders, and Members of the Royal Victorian Order, and Members of 
the Order of Merit, and Knights Bachelor ; 

3. — From their positions as Members of Parliament ; 

4. — From any of the higher grades of the diplomatic, legal, military, naval) 
clerical, colonial, or civil services of the State — Governors of Colonies, 
Ambassadors, Judges, Generals, Admirals, Surgeon-Generals (but not under 
v^uch ranks, although the names may appear of those holding one of the 
other qualifications mentioned), Bishops, Deans and Archdeacons; 

5. — And Deputy-Lieutenants and Justices of the Peace for the Counties of 
England and Wales, King's Counsel, Presidents and Vice-Presidents of 
Learned Societies ; 

6. — And the chief landowners when they are both owners and occupiers 
OF one of the principal county seats. 

The distinguishing feature of the book is that, from its alphabetical 
ARRANGEMENT, auy oue Can at once ascertain from its pages whether there be any 
person bearing a particular title, and, if so, to what family he belongs, and his 


As the book embraces so many classes, the space for each entry in it must be at 
brief as possible; we are thus precluded from giving more than the most important 
services of each person whose name may be found in its pages, and the Heirs 
Apparent and Presumptive (where such exist) in the cases of every Peer and 

As in the previous editions, the proof of every entry has been submitted to the 
person to whom it has reference, and the correctness of the work is thereby 

At the commencement of the book will be found a list of all Peers of the United 
Kingdom arranged in order of dignity, with the date of their creation; a list of 
places returning members to the House of Commons ; the Foreign Ministers in 
England and British Ministers abroad, and the names of the Ministry. 


182, 183 & 184 High Holborn, W.C. 
December, 1914. 

*#* Changes which have occurred too late to be recorded in their proper places will 
be found on pages 60 to 64. 



Prepacb 6 

Abbreviations 8 

General Table op Precedence ... .11 

Relative Rank in Army and Navy 12 

Precedence among Ladies 18 

Table of Precedence of Colonial Officers 14 

Officers of Arms 15 

Lyon Office, Scotland 15 

Office of Arms, Ireland 15 

Forms of Epistolary Addresses ...... 16 

The King and Royal Family 21 

Indian Empire ... 26 

Union of South Africa 26 

Commonwealth op Australia 26 

Dominion of Canada 26 

Dominion op New Zeala.nd 26 

Colonies and Dependencies 27 

House op Peers 28 

House op Commons 42 

Clubs 60 

Foreign Ministers and Consuls in London, and British Ministirs Abroad . 61 

Ministry 69 

Additions and Alterations too late for Regular Insibtion CO 

General List op Names 65—1603 


A.A.G Assistant Adjutant General. 

A.A. and Q.M.G.Aspietant Adjutant and Quarter- 

A.B.A Associate of the British Archaeo- 
logical Association 

abp Archbishop. 

A.B. or B.A. ...Bachelor of Arts. 

adj Adjutant. 

adj.-gen Adjutai.t-General. 

adv.-gen Advocate- General. 

A.D.C Aide-de-Camp. 

A.O Attorney General. 

A.iKST.o.x Associate of the Institutioa of 

Civil Engineers. 

aldmn Alderman. 

A.M. or M.A. ...Master of Arts. 

A.M.8 Army Medical Service. 

A.Q.M.6 Assistant - Quarter - Master-Gkn- 


A.R.A Associate of the Royal Academy 

of Arts. 

A.R.A.M Associate of Royal Academy of 


A.s.c Army Service Corps. 

*^t,*;"fa°'^^«« [ Assistant-Commissary-General. 

B.A Bachelor of Arts. 

B.C.L. or LL.B. Bachelor of Civil Law. 

B.O.S Bengal Civil Service. 

Bo.G.S Bombay Civil Service. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

B.M. or M.B. ...Bachelor of Medicine. 

B.8 Bachelor of Surgery. 

B.8.C Bengal Staif Corps. 

B0.8.C Bombay Staff Corps. 

B.8C Bachelor of Science. 

b born. 

ban- Barrister. 

bt. or bart Baronet. 

bp Bishop. 

(c.) Conservative. 

c.A County Alderman. 

ohm Chairman. 

Comm Commander. 

C.B Companion of the Bath. 

CO County Councillor. 

CCS Ceylon Civil Service. 

CI Order of the Crown of India. 

CLE Companion of the Order of the 

Indian Empire. 

C.J Chief Justice. 

CM.G Companion of St. Michael and St. 


0.8.1 Companion of the Order of the 

Star of India. 

comm.-gen. ...Commissary-Gteneral. 

cv.o Commanders of the Royal Vic- 
torian Order. 

d. deceased. 

dau Daughter. 

dep.-adv.-gen...Deputy- Advocate-General. 

D.A.A.O Deputy-Assistant-Adjutant -Gen- 

D.A.CO Deputy - Assistant - Commissary- 

D.A.O Deputy -Adjutant-General. 

o.A.Q.M.G Deputy - Assistant • Quarter- 


OQ.M.G Deputy-Quarter-Master-General. 

D.L Deputy-Lieutenant for the County 


dow Dowager. 

D.CL Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D Doctor of Divinity. 

D.i.iTT Doctor of Letters. 

D.8C Doctor of Science. 

D.8.0 Companion of the Distinguished 

Service Order. 

Eng English. 

eng.rear-adml. .Engineer Rear- Admiral. 

ext Extinct. 

P.B.A Fellow of the British Academy. 

P.CA Fellow of the Institute of Cfliar- 

tered Accountants. 

P.C.8. Fellow of the Chemical Society. 

P.E.8. Fellow of the Entomological So- 

P.G.H.8 Fellow of the Genealogical and 

Historical Society. 

F.G.B Fellow of the Geological Society. 

P.i.D Fellow of thelnstitute ofDirectors 

P.i.inst. Fellow of the Imperial Institute. 

P.L.8 Fellow of the Linnean Society. 

P.M Field Marshal. 

P.P.8 Fellow of Philological Society of 

Great Britain. 

P.R.A.8 Fellow of the Royal Astronomical 


F.R.B.8 Fellow of Royal Botanic Society. 

F.R.Ci Fellow of the Royal Colonial In- 
stitute. Fellow of the Royal College of 


F.B.c.p Fellow of the Royal College of 







F.R.INST.B.A. . 




F.R.B.A.lrel. . 



















«t. B 



H.E.1.C.8 , 


heir pres 











..Fellow of the Royal College of 

..Fellow of the Royal Geographical 

..Fellow of the Royal Historical 

..Fellow of the Royal Horticultural 

.Fellow of the Royal Institute of 

British Architects. 
.Fellow of Royal Meteorological 

.Fellow of Royal Microscopical 

..Fellow of the Royal Society. 
..Fellow of Royal Society of Anti- 
quaries of Ireland. 
.Fellow of the Royal Society of 

.Fellow of the Royal Society of 

.Fellow of the Society of Anti- 
.Fellow of the Surveyors' Institu- 
..Fellow of the Statistical Society. 
..Fellow of the Society of Science 

and Art, of London. 
•Fellow of Zoological Society. 
.Knight Grand Cross of the Bath. 
.Knight Grand Commander of the 

Indian Empire. 
.Knight Grand Cross of St. 

Michael and St. George. 
.Knight Grand Commander of the 

Star of India. 
.Knight Grand Cross of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
.Great Master of the Bath. 
.Grand Master of the IndianErapire. 
.Grand Master of St. Michael and 

St. George. 
.Grand Master of the Star of India. 
..Great Britain. 

.Honorable Artillery Company. 
.His Excellency. 
.Honorable East India Company's 

.His Majesty's Indian Navy. 
.Heir presumptive. 
..Honorable by right of office. 
.half pay. 
.Home iluler. 

..His or Her Royal Highness. 
..Indian Civil Service. 
, Indian Staff Corps. 
.Imperial Service Order. 

msp.-gen^ o I i^gpector-general of hospitals. 

tr Irish. 

Irel Ireland. 

J.P ...Justice of the Peace for the 

county of. 

K.C King's Counsel. 

K.C.B Knight Commander of the Bath. 

K.o.i.E Knight Commander of the Indian 

K.c.M.G Knight Commander of St.Michael 

and St. George. 
K.c.s.i Knight Commander of the Star 

of India. 
i.c.T.s Knight Commander of the Tower 

and Sword. 
K.o.v.o Knight Commander of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 

K.G Knight of the Order of the Garter. 

K.P ; Knight of the Order of St. Patrick. 

Knt. leg. hon....Knight of the Legion of Honor. 

<.T Knight of the Order of theThistle. 

'<.T.8 Knight of the Tower and Sword. 

lieut. or It Lieutenant. 

It. -col Lieutenant-Colonel. 

(L.) Liberal 

li.c.J Lord Chief Justice. 

L.F.I. Inst Life Fellow Imperial Institute. 

LL.D Doctor of Laws. 

LL.M Master of Laws. 

L.R.c.P. Lon Licentiate of Royal College of 

Physicians, LondoB. 

(L.i'.) Liberal Unionist. 

M.A Master of Arts. 

M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 

M.C.8 Madras Civil Service. 

M.D Doctor of Medicine. 

M.INST.C.E Member of Institute of Civil 


M.p Member of Parliament. 

M.R.A.8 ^....Member of Royal Asiatic Society. 

M.R.c.p r.... Member of Royal College of 

M.R.c.s Member of Royal College of Sur- 
M.U.S.P.W.C. ...Member of Royal Society of 

Painters in Water Colours. 

M.S.C Madras Staff Corps. 

n married. 

marq Marquess. 

mil militia. 

mil. sec Military Secretary. 

M.R ....Master of the Rolls 

M.R.c.p.Lon. ...Member of the Royal College of 

Physicians, London. 

M.R.I Member of Royal Institution. 

M.R.I. A Member of Royal Irish Academy. 

M.R.i.P.w^.C. ...Member of Royal Institute of 

Painters in Water Colours. 

M.a Master of Surgery. 

ma. B Bachelor of Music. 

MUB.D Doctor of Music. 



M.T.o Member Boyal Victorian Order. 

(W.) Nationalist. 

K.I Native Infantry. 

O.M Order of Merit. 

preb prebendary. 

pres president. 

P.o Privy Councillor. 

P.E.S President of Royal Society. 

Q.C Queen's Counsel. 

Q.M.G Quarterroaster-General. 

Q.v Quod vide (which see). 

(r.) Radical. 

R.A Royal Artillery. 

R.A Royal Academician. 

R.A.M.C Royal Army Medical Corps. 

R.C .....Roman Catholic. 

E.D Royal Naval Reserve Officers' 


R.D Rural Dean. 

R.E Royal Engineers. 

R.P.A Royal Field Artillery. 

R.P. Res. A, ...Royal Field Res. Artillery. 

R.F.c Royal Flying Corps 

r, f. p retired on full pay. 

rec Recorder. 

rect Rector. 

n.Q.A Royal Garrison Artillery. 

u.H.A Royal Horse Artille-ry. 

R.I.M. Royal Indian Marine. 

R.M Royal Marines. 

R.M.A Roval Marine Artillery, 

R.M.S. Royal ^leteorological Society 

R.N Royal Navy. 

R.N.R Royal Navn) Reserve. 

tt.R.c Royal Red Cross 

(s.) Socialist. 

SCO Scotch. 

d.Q Solicitor-General. 

Rupt superintendent. 

T.D Territorial Officers' Decoration. 

r.K Dnite<l Kingdom. 

C.8. list on unemployed supernumerary 


vise Viscount. 

vol volunteers. 

v.c Victoria Cross. 

v.D Volunteer Officers' Decoration 

v.p Vice-President. 

Not*.— In order to save "iwce the word esquire has not been nd'led to any name, though of course such 
•hoiild be added \n every ctue when no iucou&isteut addition is adlxevl. 


The Sovereign. 

The Prince of Wales. 

The younger sons of the Sovereign. 

Grandsons of the Sovereign. 

Brothers of the Sovereign. 

Uncles of the Sovereign. 

Nephews of the Sovereign (according to the 

seniority of their fathers). 
Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Lord High Chancellor. 
Archbishop of York. 
The Prime Minister. 

The Lord Chancellor of Ireland (if a baron) 
Lord High Treasurer (no such office exists at 

Lord President of the Privy Council. 
Lord Privy SeaL 

Lord Great Chamberlain. 

Lord High Constable (no such office 

exists at present). 
Earl Marshal. 

O V 

•3 i 

Lord High Admiral (no such office exists 
%Z \ at present). 
^ '^ Lord Steward of the Household. 
<^ J Lord Chamberlain of the Household. 
Master of the Horse. 
Dukes of England. 

Scotland (none created since 1707) 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Duke of Leinster (being the only Irish Duke 

existing at the time of the union). 
Dukes of the United Kingdom (created since 

Eldest sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal (when 

they are not brothers, grandsons, uncles, or 

nephews of the reigning sovereign). 
Marquesses of England (marq. of Wiiichester). 
Marquesses of Scotland (none created after 1707). 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (created before 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created 

since 1801). 
Eldest sons of Dukes. 
Earls of England (anterior to 1707). 
■ Scotland (none created after 1707). 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

' Ireland (created before 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created since 

Younger sons of Dukes of the Blood Royal 

(when they are not brothers, grandsons, uncles. 

or nephews of the reigning sovereign). 
Eldest sons of Marquesses. 
Younger sons of Dukes. 
Viscounts of England (vise. Hereford). 
— Scotland (aiit«rior to 1707). 

Viscounts of Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

the United Kingdom (created since 

Eldest sons of Earls. 
Younger sons of Marquesses. 
Bishop of London. 

- Winchester. 

English Bishops (according to date of conse- 

Irish Bishops (who were such at the passing of 
the Disestablishment Act, according to date 
of consecration). 

Bishops Suffragan (according to date of con8o< 

Secretary of State (if a baron). 

Barons of England. 

Scotland (none created since 1707). 

Great Britain (1707-1801). 

Ireland (anterior to 1801). 

theUnited Kingdom(created since 1801) 

Lords of Appeal in Ordinary. 

Speaker of the House of Commons. 

Commissioners of the Great Seal (those persons 
who execute the office of Lord High Chan- 
cellor when it happens to be vacant). 

Treasurer of the Household. 

Comptroller of the Household. 

Vice-Chamberlain of the Household. 

Secretary of State (when not a baron). 

Eldest sons of Viscounts. 

Younger sons of Earls, 

Eldest sons of Barons. 

Knights of the Garter. 

Privy Councillors. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

Duchy of Lancaster. 

Lord Chief Justice, 

Master of the Rolls. 

Lords Justices of Appeal, ranking according to 
date of appointment. 

President of the Probate, Divorce, and Ad- 
miralty Division. 

Judges of the High Court of Justice, ranking 
according to date of appointment. 

Younger sons of Viscountg. 


- Legal Life Peers. 


Knights Grand Cross of the Bath. 

Knights Grand Commanders of the Star of India. 

Knights Grand Cross of St. Michael and St. 

Knights Grand Commanders of the Order of th» 

Tp d ji^ p £impiir6 



Knights GrandCross of theRoyalVictorianOrder. 
Knights Commanders of the Bath. 
Knights Commanders of the Star of India. 
Knights Commanders of St. Michael and St. 

Knights Commanders of the Order of the 

Indian Empire. 
Knights Commanders of the Royal Victorian 

Knights Bachelor. 

Commanders of the Royal Victorian Order. 
County Court Judges of England and Wales. 
Masters in Lunacy. 
Companions of the Bath. 
Companions of the Star of India. 
Companions of St. Michael and St. George. 

Companions of the Order of the Indian Empire. 

Members of the fourth class of the Royal Vic- 
torian Order. 

Companions of the Distinguished Service Order. 

Companions of the Imperial Service Order. 

Eldest sons of the younger sons of Peers. 

Eldest sons of Baronets. 

Eldest sons of Knights of the Garter. 

Eldest sons of Knights, according to the pre- 
cedence of their fathers. 

Members of the fifth class of the Royal Vic- 
torian Order. 

Younger sons of BaroneLs. 

Younger sons of Knights. 










Medical Director-General. 
Surgeon-Generals . 

Director-General Veterinary Depart- 


Chaplains, 1st class. 

Admirals of the Fleet. 
Vice- Admirals. 
Engineer Vice-Admirals. 

Rear- Admirals. 
Engineer Rear- Admirals. 
Inspectors-General of Hospitals an 



Deputy Judge Advocates. 
Surgeon-Lieutenant- Colonels. 
Chaplains, 2nd class. 

Lieutenant-Crlonels, but junior of that 


Veterinary-Ma j ors. 
Chaplains, 3rd class. 

Commodores, 1st and 2nd class. 
Captains of 3 years' seniority. 

Staff Captains of 4 years' seniority. 

Engineer Captains of 8 years' service. 

Deputy Inspectors-General of Hospitals and Fleets. 

Secretaries to Admirals of the Fleet. 

Captains under 3 years' service : Staff Captains under 
4 years' service. 

Engineer Captains under 8 years' service in that 

Secretaries to Commanders-in-Chief of 5 years' ser- 
vice in that rank. 
Commanders and Engineer Commanders. 

Fleet Surgeons. 

Fleet Paymasters. 

Secretaries to Commanders-in-Chief under 5 years' 
service in that rank. 

Naval Instructors of 15 years' seniority. 

Lieutenants of 8 years' seniority. 

Engineer Lieutenants of 8 years' seniority, qualified 
and selected. 

Staff Surgeons. 

Secretaries to Flag Officers other than Commanders- 
in-Chief, and to Commodores, 1st class. 

Staff Paymasters. 


Naval Instructors of 8 years' seniority. 

Carpenter Lieutenants of 8 years' seniority. 




Chaplains, 4th class. 

Lieutenants under 8 years' standing. 
Engineer Lieutenants under 8 years' seniority, or 
over that seniority, but not duly qualified or 
selected . 

Secretai-ies to Commodores, 2nd class. 
Assistant Paymasters of 4 years' seniority. 
NavaJ Instructors under 8 years' seniority. 
Carpenter Lieutenants under 8 years' seniority . 


The daughter of a peer does not lose her own rank should she marry a person not a peer ; 
but if she marries a peer her title and precedency are merged in his, e.g., if the daughter of a 
duke marries a baron, she takes the rank of a baroness. But if the widow of a duke marries a 
baron, she retains her own rank of duchess. The maids of honor to the Queen Regnant, the 
Queen Consort, or the Queen Dowager are styled honorable for life. The widow of a peer or 
knight may retain her title notwithstanding her second marriage, but she does so only by courtesy. 
The widow of a baronet, however, enjoys her precedence for life by right. Official rank and 
precedence is not communicable to the wife, but the wife of the Viceroy of Ireland and of a lord 
mayor has precedence derived from her husband's office. 

The Queen. 

The Queen Dowager. 

The Princess of Wales. 

The Princess Royal. 

The younger daughters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's younger sons. 

Grand-daughters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's grandsons. 

Sisters of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's brothers. 

Aunts of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's uncles. 

Nieces of the Sovereign. 

Wives of the Sovereign's nephews. 

Duchesses of England. 


Great Britain. 


the United Kingdom. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes of the Blood 

Marchionesses (in the same order as the 

Wives of the eldest sons of Dukes. 
Daughters of Dukes (while unmarried, or when 

married to commoners). 
Countesses (in the same order as the Duchesses). 
Wives of the younger sons of Dokesof the Blood 

Wives of the eldest sons of Marquesses. 
Daughters of Marquesses (while unmarried or 

when married to commoners). 
Wives of the younger sons of Dukes. 
Viscountesses (in the same order as Duchesses). 
Wives of the eldest sons of Earls. 
Daughters of Earls (while unmarried, or when 

married to commoners). 
Wives of the younger sons of Marquesses. 

Baronesses (in the same order as the Duchesses). 
Wives of the eldest sons of Viscoimts. 
Daughters of Viscounts (while unmarried or 

when married to a commoner). 
Wives of the younger sons of Earls. 
Wives of the eldest sons of Barons. 
Daughters of Barons (if unmarried, or when 

married to a commoner). 
Maids of Honor. 

Wives of the Knights of the Garter. 
Wives of the younger sons of Viscounts. 
Wives of the younger sons of Barons. 
Wives of the sons of Legal Life Peers. 
Wives of Baronets (according to the dates of 

the creation of titles held by their husbands). 
Wives of Knights Grand Cross of the Bath. 
Wives of Knights Grand Commanders of the 

Star of India. 
Wives of Knights Grand Cross of St. Michael 

and St. George. 
Wives of Knights Grand Commanders of the 

Indian Empire. 
Wives of Knights Grand Cross of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
Wives of Knights Commanders of the Bath. 
Wives of Knights Commanders of the Star of 

Wives of Knights Commanders of St. Michael 

and St. George. 
Wives of Knights Commanders of the Indian 

Wives of Knights Commanders of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
Wives of Knights Bachelor. 
Wives of Commanders of the Royal Victorian 

Wives of Companions of the Bath. 
Wiv#8 of Oompaniona of the Star of India. 



"Wives of Companions of St. Michael and St. 

Wives of Companions of the Inditin Empire. 
Wives of members of the fourth class of the 

Royal Victorian Order. 
Wives of Companions of the Distinguished 

Service Order. 
Wives of Companions of the Imperial Service 

Wives of the eldest sons of the younger sons of 


Daughters of the younger sons of Peers. 

Wives of the eldest sons of Baronet*. 

Daughters of Baronets. 

Wives of the eldest son? of Knights of the Garter, 

Wives of the eldest sons of Knights Bachelor. 

Daughters of Knights LJachelor. 

Wives of members of the fifth class of the Royal 

Victorian Order. 
Wives of the younger sons of Baronets. 
Wives of the younger sons of Knights. 
Wives of Esquires and Gentlemen. 


Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, or Officer ad- 
ministering the Government. 

Senior Officer in command of the Troops, if of 
the rank of a General, and the Officer in 
command of His Majesty's Naval Forces on 
the Station, if of he rank of an Admiral, their 
own relative rank being determined by the 
King's Regulations on that subject. 


Chief Justice. 

Senior Officer in command of the Troops, if of 
the rank of Colonel or Lieutenant-Colonel, and 
the officer in command of Hi^ Mi jetty's Naval 
Forces on the station, if of equivalent rank, 
their own relative rank being «ietermined by 
the King's regulations on that subject. 

Members of the Executive Council. 

Puisne Judges. 

President of the Legislative Council. 

Members of the Legislative Council. 

Speaker of the House of Assembly. 

Members of the House of Assembly. 

Colonial Secretary (not being in the Executive 

Commissioners or Government Agents of 
Provinces or Districts. 

Attorney- General. 

Solicitor- General. 

Senior Officer in command of the Troops, if 
below the rank of Colonel or Lieutenant- 
Colwnel, and the Senior Naval Officer of cor- 
responding rank. 


^-Treasurer, Paymaster-General, or Collector of 
Internal Revenue. 

*Auditor-General or Inspector-General of Ac- 

^Commissioners of Crown Lands. 

*Co lector of Customs. 

*ComptrollHr of Customs. 


Clerk of the Executive Council. 

Clerk of the Legislative Council. 

Cl^rk of the House of Assembly 

Not being members of the Executive Council, 



Queen Victoria Street, E.G. 

Eael Marshal — The Duke of Norfolk, k.«., p.c, 

Kings op Arms. 

Garter—Sir Alfred S. Scott-G^itty, K.c.v.O., F.S.A. 

Clarenceux — Wm. Hy. Weldon, c.v.o., F.s.A. 
Norroy — Hy. Faruham Burke, C.v.o., C.B., F.S.A. 

Six Heralds. 
Lancaster — ^Edward Bellasis, B.L. Tor^— Gordon Ambrose De Lisle Lee. 

Richmond— Ch2ir\e& Harold Athill, M.v.O,, F.S.A. Somerset — Everard Green, F.S.A. 
Windsor— Wm. Alex. Lindsay, K.C., M.A., F.S.A. L'Ae^r^er— Thos.MorganJosepliWatkin, m.A.,f.S.a. 

Four Pursuivants. 

RmigeCroix — ArthurWm.Steuar(Cochrane,M.V.O. I Rouge Dragon — Algar Hy. Sta,fford Howard. 

£/tteman«;e— Gerald Woods Wollaston, M.v.o. I PortcnlLh—l^^M\x Wm. Murray, f.s.a. 

Earl Marshal's Secretary — Go-don Ambrose de Lisle Lee. 

7?e^js<mr— Charles' Harold Athill, M.v.o., F S.a. 

♦«* Two Officers of Arms are in waiting at the College daily from 10 to 4 o'clock for the transaction 

of public business. 


H.M. General Register House, Edinburgh. 

Lton King of Arms — Sir Jas. Balfour Paul, Knt., c.v.o., ll.d. 


Ross — Andrew Ross, R.R.C. 

Rothenat/—Frns. Ja>». Grant, w.a, 

Albany — \Vm. Una Macdonahi, F.F.A. 


March — Capt. Geo. Sitwell Campboll Swinton. 

Unicorn — John Home Stevenson, M.A. 

CarricJc — Sir Duncan A. D. Campbell, Bart., c.v.o., F.S.A. 

Ltam Clerk and Keeper of Records — Fr-is. Jas. Grant, w.s. 

Procurator- fiscal— I). Scoit-Moucritff, w.s. Herald Painter— Graha.m Johnston. 

%♦ Hours, from 1st Oct. to 20th Dec. and from 5th Jnn. to 20th July, II to 3 except Saturday ; 

from 21st July to 30th Sept. and from 21st Dec. to 4th Jan. 11 to 2, on 

Wednesday and Friday only. 


Office of Arms, Dublin Castle. 

King op Arms. 

Ulster,— Capt. Nevile R. Wilkinson, c.v.o., F.s.A. , A.II.E. 


Athlone. — G. D. Burtchaell, M.A.. ll.b., m.r.i.a. (Registrar). 

Assistant Registrar.— Thof'. Ulick Sadleir, M.A., M.R.I.A. 

Herald Painter. — Major Thomas Shepliard, v.D. 

CUi'k and Engrosser.— B. J. Tinckler. 

Heralds of the Order of St. Patrick. 

Luhlin.-Ca-pt. Guillamore O'Grady, m.a. 

Cork — Capt. Ricbd. Alex. Lyonal Keith- 

*** Hours, 11 bo 4 ; Saturdays to 1. 



They have "Excellency " prefixed to their other titles, and their accredited rank added. 
Superscription. To His Excellency (title or rank), H.B.M. Ambassador Extraordinary and 

Plenipotentiary to . 

Commencement. According to rank. 

Conclusion. I have the honor to be, My Lord (or Sir), Your Excellency's, &c. 

The wives of Ambassadors are out of courtesy styled " Her Excellency. " 


Sup. To His Grace the Lord Archbishop of . 

Comm. My Lord Archbishop. 

Con. I remain, My Lord Archbishop, Your Grace's, <fec. 

He is addressed personally in conversation as " Your Grace." 

The Archbishop of Armagh is addiessed as " His Grace the Lord Primate of Ireland," 

The wife of an Archbishop has no title in right of her husband, but is simply Mrs. A. 


Sup. To the Venerable . 

Comm. Reverend Sir. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, <fec. 


Svp. To the Right Honorable Lady . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, &c. 

Baron's Daughter. 
She has the title of " Honorable " prefixed to her Christian name. If married the only 
change is in her surname ; if to a commoner, she is addressed as " The Honorable Mrs. ;" if to 
Baronet or Knight, " The Honorable Lady." 

Baron's Son. 
He has the title of " Honorable." 

Sup. To the Honorable Henry . 

Comm. Sir. 

The wife takes the title of " Honorable," and is addressed as " Th« Honorable Mr». Henry —." 

Baron's Widow. 

Sup. To the Right Honorable [Ethel] Lady . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, <fec. 

Sup. To Sir John B. Bart. 
Comm. Sir. 

The wife is "Lady B." Her letters commence with "Madam," and she is personallv 
addressed " Your Ladyship." 

Baronet's "Widow. 
Sup. Alice, Lady B. 
Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, (fee. 


Sup. To the Right Reverend the Lord Bishop of . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I remain, My Lord. Your Lordship's, <fec. 

The wife of a Bishop has no title in right of her husband, but it simply Mrs. 

Bishop Retired. 

Sup. To the Right Reverend Bishop . 

Comm. Right Reverend Sir. 

„., _. Bishop SuFFRAOAjr. 

Vtde Bishop. 



lip. His fiminence Cardinal . 

If he is also an Archbishop, His Eminence Cardinal , Archbistiop of , oi" 

His Eminence Cardinal Archbishop of . 

Comm. My Lord Cardinal, or My Lord. 

Con. I remain, My Lord, Your Eminence's, &c. 

Sup. To the Kev. Edward S. 
Comm. Sir. 

Colonial Bishops. 
Vide Bishop. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable the Countess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, Ac. 

County Court Juixiea. 
Vide Judges. 


Sup. To the Very Rev. , Dean of . 

Comm. Very Reverend Sir. 

Duchess, Royal. 

Sup. To Her Royal Highness the Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be. Madam, Your Royal Highness's, <fec. 


Sup. To Her Grace the Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be. Madam, Your Grace's, Ac. 

Duke, Royal. 

Sup. To His Royal Highness the Duke of . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I remain. Sir, Your Royal Highness's, <fec. 

The formal style of Dukes of the Blood Royal is " Most High, Most Mighty and Illuatrious 


Sup. To His Grace the Duke of . 

Comm. My Lord Duke. 

Con. I have the honor to be. My Lord Duke, Your Grace's, »fec. 

The formal style of Duke is "Most High, Potent, and Noble Prince." 

Duke's Daughteu. 
She has the title of " Lady " prefixed to her Christian name. If married to any person not 
being a Peer, she still retains her title and precedence, changing only her surname. Her letters 
commence " Madam," and she is personally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

Duke's Eldest Son. 
He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really a Marquis or an Earl. 

Duke's Younger Sons. 

They have the title of " Lord " prefixed to their Christian name. 

Sup. Lord William . 

Comm. My Lord. 

The wife takes the title of "Lady," and is addressed as " Lady William " 

Duke's Widow. 

Sup. To Her Grace [Adeline] Duchess of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Grace's, ifec. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable the Earl of . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con. I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 



Earl's Daughter. 
Vide Duke's Daughter. 

Earl's Eldest Son. 

He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really a Viscount or a Baron 

Earl's Younger Son 
Vide Baron's Son. 

Earl's Wife. 
Vide Countess. 

Earl's Widow. 

Sup. To the Eight Honorable [Mary] Countess of . 

Comm Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, &c. 

Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenifotentiary. 

Sup. To (according to rank), H.B.M.'s Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, 


Governors of Colonies. 

Sup. To His Excellency Governor Sir Edward , or To His Excellency Sir Edward 

Governor of Jamaica, or To His Excellency R. T. , esq., Governor and Commander-in-Chief 

of British Honduras. 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Sir, Your Excellency's, Ac. 

Chief Justice. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable the Lord Chief Justice, or To the Right Honorable Sir A. B., Lord 
Chief Justice of the King's Bench fCommon Pleas). 

Lord Justice of Appeal. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Justice , or To the Right Honorable Sir Edward . 

Puisne Judges. 
The Puisne .Tndges and the Barons of the Exchequer, who on the Bench are styled "My 
Lord," are Knights, and. in private intercourse, are addressed as such ; but the title of Judge being 
superior to that of Knight, it is usual to address them thus : — 
Sup. To the Honorable Mr. Justice. 
„ To the Honorable Mr. Baron. 

County Court Judges of England and Wales. 
Sup. To His Honor Judge. 

Sup. To the King's Most Excellent Majesty. 
Comm. Sire, May it please Your Majesty. 

Sup. To Sir James C. 
Comm. Sir, or Dear Sir James. 

The wife is "Lady C." Her letters commence with "Madam," and she is personally ad- 
dressed as " Your Ladyship." 

Lord Advocate. 
Letters are addressed with the prefix "Right Honorable," and commence with the word "Sir." 

Lord Justice Clerk. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Justice Clerk. 
Comm. My Lord. 

Lord Justice General. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable Lord Justice General. 
Comm. My Lord. 

Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 
Sup. His Excellency the Lord-Lieutenant. 

If a Duke, " His Grace the Lord-Lieutenant." 
Comm. My Lord (Duke, Marquess). 

The wife is by courtesy styled "Her ExceUency," but only when resident in Ireland. 


Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotlakd. 
Sup. To His Grace the Lord High Commissioner. 

Lord Mayor. 
Sup. To the Right Honorable the Lord Mayor. 
Comm. My Lord. 

The wife has the title of " Lady Mayoress." Her letters commence with " Madam," and she 
is personally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

In England there are eleven lord mayors, viz., those of London, York, Liverpool, Manchester, 
Birmingham, Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Bradford ard Norwich ; in Wales : 
Cardiff ; and in Ireland three, viz., Dublin, Belfast and Cork. In Scotland the heads of the 
corporations are called " provosts," but at Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee, Elgin and 
Perth, the title is lord provost. 

Lords op Session (Judges in Scotland). 

Sup. To the Honorable Lord . 

Comm. My Lord. 

The wife has the title of " Lady." Her letters commence with " Madam." and she is person- 
ally addressed as " Your Ladyship." 

Maids op Honor. 
They have the title of " Honorable," prefixed to their Christian name, if they have not it 
already by courtesy, and their letters commence with " Madam." 


Sup. To the most Honorable the Marchioness of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, <fec. 


Sup. To the most Honorable the Marquess of . 

Comm. My Lord Marquess. 

Con. I have the honor to be. My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 

The formal style of Marquess is " Most Noble and Potent Prince." 

Marquess's Daughter. 
Vide Duke's Daughter. 

Marquess's Eldest Son. 
He takes his father's second title, and is addressed as if he were really an Earl or a 

Marquess's Younger Sons. 

Vide Duke's Younger Sons. 

Marquess's Widow. 

Sup. To the most Honorable [Ellen] Marchioness of . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, &c. 

Mayor of a City. 

Sup. The Right Worshipful the Mayor of . 

Comm. Sir. 

Mayor op a Borough. 

Svp. The Worshipful the Mayor of . 

Comm. Sir. 

Military Officers. 
All officers in the army above Lieutenant and Sub-Lieutenant have their military rank 

prefixed to their name and title, e.g.., General The Right Honorable Lord , P.O., g.c.b., or 

General Rt. Hon. Sir Henry , P.O., G.C.B., or Major- General Sir James , G.c.8.1. 

Minister Resident. 

Sup. To , Esq. (or according to rank), H.B.m!!'8 Minister Resident, To . 

Comm. Sir. 



Moderator op the Established Church of Scotland. 

Sup. To the Right Reverend the Moderator . 

Comm. Rt. Rev. Sir. 

Naval Officers. 
Officers in the navy above Sub-Lieutenant have their naval rank prefixed to their name and 

title, e.g., Admiral Tiae Right Honorable Lord , P.O., G.c.B., or Admiral Rt. Hon. Sir John 

, P.C, G.c.B. , or Rear- Admiral Sir Richard , G.C.v.O. 

Pasha (Civil). 
Sup. His Excellency (Harry Jones) Pasha. 
Comm. Excellency. 
Con. I remain, Your Excellency's Obedient Servant. 

Pasha (Military, Egyptian Army). 

Sup. His Excellency Ferik (Lt.-General) Pasha, or His Excellency. 

Lewa ( Ma j. -General) Pasha. 

Comm. Excellency. 

Con. 1 remain, Your Excellency's Obedient Servant. 


Sup. His Royal Highness Prince . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I remain, Sir, Your Royal Highness's, Ac. 


Slip. To Her Royal Highness Princess . 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Royal Highness's, <fec. 

Privy Councillor. 

Sup. The Right Honorable James , 

or The Right Honorable Sir William . 

Comm. Sir. 

Con. I have the honor to be, Sir, Your, <fec. 

Svp. To the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. 
Comm. Madam, May it please your Majesty. 
Con. I remain, Madam, Your Majesty's »fec. 

Suffragan Bishop. 
Vide Bishop. 

Viceroy op India. 
Vide Governors of Colonies. 

Viceroy of Ireland. 
Vide Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland. 


Sup. To the Right Honorable Viscount . 

Comm. My Lord. 

Con, I have the honor to be, My Lord, Your Lordship's, Ac. 


Vide Countess. 

Viscount's Daughter. 
Vide Baron's Daughter. 

Viscount's Son. 
Vide Baron's Sod. 

Viscount's Widow 

Sup. To the Right Honorable [Gertrude] Viscountess 

Comm. Madam. 

Con. I Lave the honor to be, Madam, Your Ladyship's, &c. 



Q-EOKG-E Frederick Ernest Albert, King of the United Kingdom of G-reat Britain and 
Ireland, and of the British Dominions beyond the Seas, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of India, 
Sovereign of the orders of the Garter, the Thistle. St, Patrick, the Bath, Star of India, St. 
Michael and St. George, the Order of the Indian Empire, and the Royal Victorian Order, the 
Imperial Order of the Crown of India, the Order of Merit, the Distinguished Service Ord'-r, the 
Imperial Service Order, the Kaisar-I-Hind Medal, the Albert Medal, the Victoria Cross, the 
Royal Red Cross, the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England ; second 
but only surviving son of His Majesty King Edward VII., who died 6th May, 1910, by Princess 
Alexandra Caroline, dau. of Christian IX. {d. 29 Jan. 1906) King of Denmark ; succeeded to the 
throne 6th May, 1910, on the death of his father, King Edward VII.; crowned 22 June. 1911 ; b. 
3 June, 1865: m. 6 July, 1893, cousin H.S.H. Princess (Victoria) MARY, 6. 26 May, 1867 (Lady 
of the Most Noble Order of the G-arter, Order of Victoria and Albert (I class), Lady of the 
Imperial Order of the Crown of India, Lady of the Order of Louise of Prussia, Lady of Justice of 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem, d.musc, (hon.) Lond., ll.d. (hon.) Glasg., Col.-in-Chief o| the 18 
(Queen Mary'8 Own) Hussars from 1914 and of the 6 Pomeranian Hussars (Prince Bliicher of 
Wahlstatt), only dau. of H.R.H. the late Duchess of Teck, v. a., C.I., and of H.H. Duke of 
Teck, G.C.B. ; Knight of the Golden Fleece of Spain, St. Andrew of Russia, Black Etgle of 
Prussia, Elephant of Denmark, Annunciata of Italy, St. Hubert of Bavaria, the Crown of 
Saxony, and has the Grand Cordon of the Osmanie and other foreign orders ; ll.d. (hon.) 
Cantab., Lond. and Glas. ; Chancellor of the University of the Cape of Good H'^pe 1901, and 
of the University of Wales 1902-14 ; Adml. of the Fleet 1910, Fi-ld Mar.-^hal 1910, Personal 
Naval A.D.C. to Queen Victoria 1887-1901 and to King Edward VII. 1901-10, Col.-in-Chief of 
1st and 2nd Life Guards, of Royal Horse G-uards, of 10 (Prince of Wales's Own) Hussars, 
of King Edward's Horse (King's Oversea Dominions regt.) Yeo., of Duke of Lancaster's Own 
Yeo., of Norfolk Yeo., of Suffolk Yeo., of Royal Artillerv, of 5 London brig. R.F.A., of 
Royal Malta Art., of Royal Engineers, of Grenadier Guards, of Coldstream Guards, of Scot>< Guards, 
of Irish Guards, of Royal Fusiliers (City of London regt.), of Norfolk regt,, of Royal Welsh 
Fusiliers, of 8th (Isle of Wight Rifles) battn. Hampshire regt,, of Kind's Royal Rifle Corps, of 
Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, of Princess Victoria's (Royal Irish Fusiliers), of Royal 
Marines, of Officers' Training Corps, of Black Watch (R. Highlanders), of R. Lancas'er regt. from 
1913, Capt.-General and Col. of Hon. Art. Co., Hon, Col, 3 battn. Prince of Wales's Own (West 
Yorks regt.) ; of the 8th Rhenish Cuirassier regt., of 18 Regiment of Australian Light Horse, 
of 1 Duke of York's Own Lancers (Skinner's Horse), of 6th King Edward's Own Cavalry, of llth 
King Edward's Own Lancers (Probyn's Horse), of 18 King George's Own Lancers, of 26 King 
George's Own Light Cav., of 38th and 39th King George's Own Central India Horse, of 1 King 
George's Own Sappers and Miners, of 14 King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs, of 61 King 
George's Own Pioneers, of 102 King Edward's Own Grenadiers, of 130 King George's Own 
Baluchis (Jacob's Rifles), of 1 King George's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Malaun regt.) and of the 
2 King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Rifles), an Elder Brother of the Trinity 
House, Master 1893-1910, a Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, President of St. Bartholomew's Hospital 
1901 ; Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, England 1909, Hon. Admiral in Russian 
Fleet 1909, and in Danish Navy 1910, Hon. Col. of the 8th (Zamora) Infantry regt. of Spain 1911, 
and of the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company of Massachusetts, U.S.A. : Backinaham 
Palace^S.W. ; St. James's Palace, S.W. ; Windsor Castle; Balmoral, Aherdeenshire ; Fork Cottage, 
Sandrinffham, Kiriff's Lynn, Norfolk : has issue : — 

1. H.R.H. Edward Albert Christian Geo. Andrew Patrick. David Prince op Wales 
(1910), Duke of Cornwall (1337), and of Rothesay ri393) (Duke of Saxony, Prince of Saxe- 
Coburg and Gotha),Earl of Carrick (1469), and Earl of Chester (1910), Baron of Renfrew (1469), 
Lord of the Isles (1469), Great Steward of Scotland, K.G., b. 23 June, 1894 ; It, R.N. 1913, 2 It, 
gren, gds, 1914, a.d.c. to Field Marshal Sir J. D, P, French, q.o.b,, g.0,7.0., i^.cm.g, 1914. 


2. H.R.H. Prince Albert Fredk. Arthur Geo., b. 14 Dec. 1895. 

3. H.R H Princess Victoria Alexandra Alice Mary, b. 2o April, 1897. 

4 H R.H. Prince Henry Wm. Fredk. Albert, b. 31 March, 1900. 

5 H R H Prince George Edward Alex. Edmund, b. 20 December, 1902. 
6. H.R.H. Prince John Charles Fras., b. 12 July, 1905. 

Her Majesty Queen Alexandra. 

Alexandra Caroline, eldest dau. of Christian IX., King of Denmark (d 29 Jan 1906); 6. 1 
Dec 1844 • m. 10 March. 1863, King Edward VII., who d. 6 May, 1910 ; Lady of the Most Noble 
Order of the Garter, Order of Victoria and Albert (1 class). Lady of the Imperial Order of the 
Crown of India, Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem ; Col.-in-Chief of the 19 
(Queen Alexandra's O^n Royal) Hussars and of the Alexandra, Princ-ss of Wales's Own (York- 
shire Regiment) from 1914: Marlborough House, Pall Mall, S.U . : Sandrtngham, Kmg s Lynn, 

Sisters of His Majesty :— t^ , .,. t^ , , ^^^ 

H R.H. Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar, Prixcess Royal, b. 20 Peb., 186/ ; 
m. 27 July, 1889, Duke of Fife, K.G., K.T., P.O., G.C.v.o., Roval Victorian Chain (h. 10 November, 
1849; d. 29 January, 1912) ; member of Roval Order of Victoria and Albert (1 cla^s). Lady of 
the Imperial Order of Crown of India, Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem; 
Col.-iii-C ief of the 7 Princess Royal's Dragoon Guards from 1914 : lH Poriman square, W. ; 
MarL"d'ie. Bruemar, Scotland; Montcoffer House, Bavjf, N.B.; has issue : — 

1. H.H. Princess Alexandra Victoria Alberta Edwina Louise, Duchess of Fife, 6. 17 May, 
1891 ; m. 15 October. 1913. H.R.H. Prince Arthur of Connanght,, K.T., P.O., G.o.V.o., q.v. 

2. H.H. Princess Maud Alexandra Victoria Georgina Bertha, 6. 3 April, 1893. 

H.R.H. Princess Victoria Alexandra Olga Mary, 6. 6 July, 1868, v.a., C.i,, Lady of 
Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem. 

H.R.H. Princess Maud Charlotte Mary Victoria, Queen of Norway, v.a., C.i. (Lady of 
Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem); b. 26 Nov. 1«69 ; m. 22 July, 1896, cousin. Prince 
Charles of Denmark, elected King Haakon VII. of Norway, K.o., g.o.b., o.c.v.O., Honorary 
Admiral in His Majesty's Fleet from 1905, Knt. of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, 
Hon. Col. Norfolk Yeo. from 1905, 2 s. of Frederick VIII. King of Denmark, K.G., g.c.b., 
G.C.v.o. : Appleton House, King^s Lynn, Norfolk : has i«isue : — 

H.R.H. Prince Olaf, Crown Prince of Norway (Alexander Edwd. Christian Frederick), 
b. 2 July, 1903. 

Uncles and Aunts of His Majesty : — 

H.R. tt. Prince Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh and Earl of Ulster and Kent 
(186H), Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and Duke of Saxony, sue, his uncle Ernest II. as Reigning 
Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, &c. 22 Aug. 1893. k.g., k.t., K..P., G.C.B., G,c..M.«., G.c.s.i., G.c.i.E., 
G c.y.o., Adml, of the B'lf-et, second son of Queen Victoria; b. 6 Aug., 1844; d. 30 July, 1900, 
having m.. 23 Jan., 1874, Grand Duchess Marie Alexandrovna (b. 5 Oct., 1853 : member of the 
Royal Order of Victoria and Albert (1st class). Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, 
Chief of the Regt. of Lancers of Jambourg), only dau. of Alexander II. of Russia and cousin of 
Prince Louis of Hesse. He had issue : — 

1. H.R.H. Prince Alfred Alexander WiUiam Ernest Albert, K.6. (Hereiitary Prince of 
Saxe-C burg and Gotha), b. 15 Oct., 1874 : d. 6 Feb. 1899. 

2. H.R.H. Princess Marie Alexandra Victoria, b. 29 Oct., 1875 ; m. 10 Jan., 1893, Ferdi- 
nand, King of Roumania, G.C.B,. b. 24 Aug,. 1865, 

3. H.R.H. Princess Victoria Melita, b. 25 Nov., 1876; m. 1, 19 April, 1894, Ernest L. C. 
A. W., Duke of Hesse, K.G., marriage dissolved 1901 ; 2, Oct. 1905, H.I.H. The Grand 
Dukf Cyril Vladinurovitch of Russia. 

4. H.R.H. Princess Alexandra Louise Olga Victoria, C.I., b. 1 Sept., 1878 ; m. 20 April, 
1896,, Hereditary Prince of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, 6. 13 Sept., 1863 ; Prince-Regent of 
the Duchies of Snxe-Coburg-Gotha, &c., 1900-5. 

5. H.R.H. Princess Beatrice Leopoldine Victoria, b. 20 April, 1884 ; m. 15 July, 1909, Don 
Alfonso, Jnfante of Spain. 

H.R.H. Prince Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (1874), 
K.G., K,T., K.P., P,C,, G.M.B., G.C.8.I,, G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O., Royal Victorian Chain, v.D , third 
son of Queen Victoria, b. 1 May, 1850 ; 2nd tit. Earl of Sussex : m. 13 March, 1«79, H.R.H. 
Princess Louise Margaret Alexandra Victoria Agnes of Prussia, Lady of Justice of Order of St. 


John of Jerusalem (b. 25 July, 18fi0), 3 dau. of H.R.H. Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia, g.c.b. ; 
Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duke of Saxony. Knigrht of the Golden Fleece of Snain, Knight 
of the German Order of the Black Easrle, Prussian Military Order of " Pour le Merite," St. Andrew 
of Russia, Anunziata of ItUy, The Elephant of Denmark, thelmoerial Turkish Order of Osmanli, 
Grand Cross of the Wurtemburg Crown, and other foreign orders : Grand Prior and Bailiff of 
Egle, Order of the FTospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England : Field Marshal in the Army 
1902, Field Marshal Commdg.-in-Chief and High Commr. in the Medirerranean 1907-9, Commdr.- 
in-Chief of the Forces in Ireland 1890-1904. and the 3 Army Corps 1901-4, Col.-in-Chief of the 
Rif. Brig., of 6 (Inniskilling) drags., of the Highland Light Inf.. of R. Dublin Fus., of Supply and 
Transport Corps, of 13 Duke of Cunnauaht's Lancers (W;tr son's Horse), of 31 Duke of Connauu'ht's 
Own Lancers, of 7 Duke of Connaught's Own Rajputs and of 129 Duke of Connaught's Own 
Baluchis (Indian Army), late Col. Sco'sgds.. Col. of the Gren. trds.and of the Armv Service Corps, 
Hon. Col. Royal East Kent Yeo. (Duke of Counauirht s Own). 18 battn. County of London 
(London Irish) regt., of South Irish Horse (special res.), of Duke of Connaught's Own Hampshire 
and Isle of Wight R.F.Res.A., of Duke of Connaught's Own Sligo R.F.Res.A., of 3 (special res.) 
battn. R. West Kent regt., of 3 and 4 (special res.) battns. Highland Light Inf , of 6 battn. Hamp- 
shire regt. ; General Field Marshal in the German Armv, and General in the Swedish Army, Col. 
of the 3 Prussian (Zeithen) Hussars, Hon. Col. 4 Regiment Austrian Hussars, a la suite of the 28 
Russian Dragooris ; Personal A. DC to King EdwarH VII. 1901-10, an<l to King George V. from 
1910, Pres. Duke of York's Royal Mil. Sehoot. Dover, Bencher of Gray's Inn, President of Welling- 
ton College, of St. Thomas' Hospital and of Ro.>al Soc. of Arts, Ranger of Epping Forest from 
J879, Grand Master of the Freemasons of Enorlan 1 from 1S>0I. Master of the Trinity House from 
1910, Governor-General of Canada from 1911: Ottaiva, C-madn : Clarem^e //oase, St. James s, 
S.W.; Junior United Service, United Service^ Armtj and Naey, Guards', H^kite's, Naval and Military 
and Travellers clubs', Baffshot Park, Surrey : has issue :• — 

1. H.R.H. Princess Margaret Victoi'ia Augusta C'uarlotte Nora (Lad v of Justic of Order of 
St. John of Jerusalem in England); b. 15 Jan., 1«S2 ; m. 15 June, 190), H.R.H:. Prince Gistavus 
Adolphus, Crown Prince of Sweden, G.C.B., G.c.v.O., eld. son of Gastav V., King of Sweden, 
K.G., and has issue : — 

1. H.R.H. Prince Gustavns Adolphus (Duke of Westerbotton), b. 23 April, 1906. 

2. H.R.H. Prince Sigvard (Duke of Upland), b. 7 June, 1907. 

3. H.R.H. Princess Ingrid Victoria Sojjhia Louise Margaretha, b. 28 March, 1910. 

4. H.R.H. Prince Berril Gustaf Oscar Carl Eugen, b. 28 February, 1912. 

2. H.R.H. Prince Arthur Fred-^rick Patrick Albert. K.6.. K.T., Royal Victorian Chain, P.O.,- 
6.C.V.O., D.c.L. (hon.) Oxon., *. 13 Jan.. 1S83 ; lu. 15 October, 1913, H.H. D"chess of Fife 
(Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England) : Personal .\.i).<;. to King Edward 
VII. 1905-10, ard to King George V. from 1010. Lt. 7 Huss. 1903-7. Cipt. 2 Drairoons (R. Scots 
Greys) from 1907, Brevet Maj. 1913. a.d.c. to P.M. Sir J. D. P. Fr^nc'i, U.m.b. (commdr. in 
chef of the British Expdy. Force in France) 1914, Barrister Grav's Inn 1907, Kui^ht of Justice 
of Order of St. John of Jeru-alem in England : 54 .Mount street, W.; Mar Lodge, Eraemar, 
Scotland : has issue : — 

H.H. Prince Alastair Arthur, b. 10 Aug. 1914. 

3. H.R.H. Princess Victoria Patricia Helena Elizabeth, C.I., b. 17 March, 1886 ; Lady of 
Justice, Order of St. John of Jerusalem. 

H.R.H. Prince Leopold George Duncan Albert, 1 Duke of Albany, Earl of Clarence and 
Baron Arklow (1881), Prince of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and Duke of Saxony, K.G., K.T., u.C.s.i., 
6.C.M.G., P.C.. fourth son of Queen Victoria, 6. 7 April. 18.^3; d 28 March, 1884, having ?n. 27 
April, 1882, H.S.H. Princess Helen Fredenca Augusta, c.i. (6. 17 Feb. 1861). dau. of late H.S.H. 
Geo. Victor, Reigning Prince of Waldeck and Peyrmont : The Sckloss, Stuttyart. He had issue : — 

H.R.H. Princess Alice Marv Victoria Augusta Pauline, 6. 25 Feb., 1883; wi. 10 Feb. 1904, 
H.S.H. Prince Alexand^-r of Teck, G.C.V.O., D.s.o., and has issue: — 

1. H.S.H. P.incess May Helen Emma, 6. 23 Jan., 1906. 

2. H.S.H. Prince Rupert Alex. Geo. Augustus, 6. 24 Aug., 1907. 

3. H.S.H. Prince Maurice Fras. Geo., b. 29 Mar., 1910. 

H.R.H. Prince Leopold Charles E'lward George Albert, 2 Duke of Albany, K.G., G.o.v.o. ; 
b. 19 July, 1884; w. 11 Oct., 1905, Princess Victoria Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-QlUcks- 
burg ; sue. his uncle the Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gofia (Duke of Edinburgh) as Reigning 
Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Ac. 30 July, 1900 ; Col.-in-Chief of the Seaforth Highlanders 
(Ro88-shire Buffs, The Duke of Albany's) from 1905^ and ha^ issue : — 

1. H.H, Pj-ince Johann Leopold Wilhelm Albert Ferdinand Victor, b. 2 August, 1906. 


2. H.H. Princess Sibylle Calma Marie Alice Bathildis Feodora, 6. 18 Jau. 1908. 

3. H.H. Prince Dietmar Hubertus Wilhelm Friedrich Philip, b. 24 August, 1909, 

4. H.H. Princess Caroline Mathilde Ludwige Helene Auguste Beatrice, h. 22 June, 1912. 
H.R.H. Princess Victoria Adelaide Maria Louisa, Princess Royal, v. a., c.i., eldest daughter 

of Queen Victoria, h. 21 November, 1840 ; d. 5 August, 1901 ; having m. 25 January, 1858, 
Frederick IIL, German Emperor and King of Prussia, K.G., G.C.B., who d. 16 June, 1888, and had 
issue : — 

1. "William II., German Emperor and King of Prussia, K.G., O.c.v.o., b. 27 Jan., 1859 ; m. 27 
Feb., 1881, Princess Augusta Victoria, eld. dau. of Grand Duke of Schleswig-Holsteiu-Sonder- 

2. Princess Victoria Elizabeth Augusta Charlotte, b. 24 July, I860 ; m. 18 Feb., 1878, Bernard, 
Hereditary Prince of Saxe-Meiningen. 

3. Prince Albert Wilhelm Heinrich. G.C.B., b. 14 Aug., 1862 ; w». 24 May, 1888, Princess 
Irene M. L. A., 3 dau. of late Fredk. Wm. Louis, Grand Duke of Hesse, K.G. ; Admiral in the 
Imperial German Navy 1901 and Honorary Admiral of the Fleet in tlie British Navy 1910. 

4. Prince Francis Frederick Sigismund, b. 15 Sept., 18*54, d. 18 June, 1866. 

6. Princess Frederica Amelie Wilhelmina Victoria, b. 12 April, 1866 ; m. 19 Nov., 1890, Prince 
Adolpe of Schaumburgh Lippe, G.c.B. 

6. Prince Joachim Frederick Ernest Waldemar, b. 10 Feb., 1868, d. 27 March, 1879. 

7. Princess Sophie Dorothee U. A., b. 14 June, 1870; m. 27 Oct., 1889, Constantine, King of 
the Hellenes. 

8. Princess Margaret Beatrice Feodore, b. 22 April, 1872 ; m. 26 Feb., 1893, H.H. Prince 
Frederic Charles Louis Constantin of Hesse, g.(;,b. (hon.). 

H.R.H. Princess Alice Maud Mary, second daughter of Queen Victoria, b. 26 April, 1843; 
d. 14 Dec. 1878; having m. 1 July, 1862, H.R.H. Prhice (Frederick William) Louis IV., Grand 
Duke of Hesse, k.g. {b. 12 Sept., 1837; d. 13 March, 1892), grs. of late Louis II., Grand Duke 
of Hesse Darmstadt, having had issue — 

1. Princess Victoria Alberta Elizabeth Matilda Mary, b. 5 April, 1863 ; m. 1884, H.S.H. Prince 
Louis Alexander of Battenberg, G.C.B. , G.c.v.o., K.c.M.G., Admiral in British Navy 1912. 

2. Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Louise Alice, b. 1 Nov., 1864; m. 16 June, 1884, H.I.H. 
Grand Duke Sergius of Russia, G.c.B. {d. 17 Feb., 1905). 

3. Princess Irene Marie Louise Anna, 6. 11 July, 1866 ; m. 24 May, 1888, H.R.H. Prince Henry 
of Prussia, K.G. 

4. Prince Ernest Louis Charles Albert William, Grand Duke of Hesse, k.g., b. 26 Nov., 
1868; m. 1, 19 April, 1894, H.R.H. Princess Victoria Melita, 2 dau. (marriage dissolved 1900 
of Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Duke of Edinburgh) ; 2, 2 Feb., 1905, Princess Eleonore of 

6. Prince Frederick William, 6. 7 Oct., 1870, d. 29 May, 1873, 

6. Princess Victoria Alice Helena Louise Beatrice (Alexandra Feodorovna), b. 6 June, 1872 ; 
m. 26 Nov. 1894, H.I.M. Emperor Nicholas II. of Russia. 

7. Princess Maria Victoria Feodore Leopoldine, b. 24 May, 1874 ; rf. 15 Nov., 1878. 

H.R.H. Princess Helena Augusta Victoria, v.a., c.i., the Royal Red Cross, Lady of Justice 
of Order of St. John of Jerusalem, third daughter of Queen Victoria, b. 25 May, 1846 ; m. 6 July, 
1866, H.R.H. Frederick Christian Charles Augustus, Prince Christian of Schles wig- Hols tein, K.g., 
G.c.v.o., P.O. {b. 22 Jan., 1831), and has issue :— 

1. H.H. Prince Christian Victor Albert Ludwig Ernest Anton, G.C.B. (hon.) G.c.v.o., b. 14 
April, 1867 ; d. in South Africa 29 Oct., 1900. 

2. H.H. Prince Albert John Charles Frederick Alfred George, G.O.V.O., b. 2 Feb., 1869; 
Kmght of Justice, Order of Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, It. 1 Hessian drag. gds. 

3. H. H. Princess Victoria Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia Helena, b. 3 May, 1870 ; Lady 
of Justice of Order of St. John of Jerusalem. 

4. H.H. Princess Franzisca Josepha Louise Augusta Marie Christiana Helena, b. 14 August, 
1872; m. 6 July, 1891, H.H. Prince Aribert Joseph Alex, of Anhalt, g.c.b. ; marriage 
dissolved 10 December, 1900. 

5. H.H. Prince Frederick Christian Augustus Leopold Edward Harold, b. 12 and d. 20 May, 1876. 

H.R.H. Princess Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria, 6. 18 March, 
1848; m. 21 March, 1871,9 Duke of Argyll, k.g., k.t., p.c, g.u.M.g., g.c.v.o., R)yal Victorian 
Cham (6. 6 August, 1845; d. 2 May, 1914) ; of Roval Order of Victoria and Albert {U t 
Class), Lady of the Imperial Order of Crown of India, Royal Red Cross, Ladv of Justice of Orde ; 


of St. John of Jerusalem ; Col.-in-Chief of ithe Princess Louise's Argyll and Sutherland High- 
landers from 1914 : Kensington Palace W. 

H.R.H, Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, fifth daughter of Queen Victoria, h. 14 
April, 1857 ; m. 23 July, 1885, H.R.H. Prince Henry Maurice of Battenberg, K.G. (6. 5 Oct., 
1858; d. 20 Jan. 1896), 3 son of late H.G.D.H. Prince Alexander of Hesse, G.C.B., and H.S.H. 
Princess of Battenberg ; memb. of Royal Order of Victoria and Albert (1st class), Lady of the 
Imperial Order of Crown of India, Royal Red Cross. Lady of Justice of Order of St. John of 
Jerusalem, Capt.-G-eneral and Gov. of the Isle of Wight and Gov. of Carisbrooke Oastle from 
1896 : Kensington Palace W. : has issue : — 

H.H. Prince Alexr. Albert, g.C.v.o., b. 23 Nov., 1886 ; knt. of Justice, Order of St. John of 
Jerusalem, It. Grenadier Guards from 1913. 

H.R.H. Princess Victoria Eugenie Julia Eua, b. 24 Oct., 1887 ; m. 31 May, 1906, Alfonso XIII., 
King of Spain. 

H.H. Prince Leopold Arthur Louis, k.c.v.o., b. 21 May, 1889 ; 2 It, King's Royal Rifle Corps 
from 1914. 

H.H. Prince Maurice Victor Donald, k.c.v.o., 6. 3 Oct., 1891 ; d. 27 Oct. 1914. 

TThe other memberg of the Royal Family are inserted in the alphabetical Hat.] 


Ficerov and Governor- General— Lonn Haiidinge OP Pknshurst, rc, g.m.s.t., fi.M.i.i 
G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O., I.S.O., Vice-R'fful Lo<h/e, Delhi and Vice-Regal Lodge, Simla. 

M.I.E., G.C.B. 

Bbhar and Orissa. Sir Charles Stuart Bayley, 

K.C.S.I., i.s.o. 
Bengal, Calcutta. Lord Carmicliael, g.c.i.e., 


Bombay, Bombay. Lord "Willingdon, g.c.t.e. 
Burma, Rangoon and Mandalay. Sir Harvey 
Adamson, K.C.S.i. 

M \ DRAS. Madras. Lord Peutland, P.O., G.C I.E. _ 
United Provinces op Agra and Uhdh, Naini 

Tal, Lacknow and Allahabad. Sir J as. S. 

Mestoii, K.C.S.I. 
Punjab, Lahore. Sir Michael Fras. O'Dwyer, 



Govmor- General (and Uigh Commissioner for Smth Afrlca)-ViscOTJST Buxton, P.O., G.C.M.G. 

Cape op Good Hope. Cape Town. Hon. Sir! Orange Free State, Bloemjontein. Dr. Hon. 

N. F. de Waal, K.C.M.G. (administ.). I A. E. W.Ram.bottom (admiaist. ). 

Natal, Pietermkritzhurg. Hon. C. J. Smythe Transvaal, Prttona. Hon. J. F. R. Rissick 

(administ.). ! (administ.). 


Governor-General— Rt. Hon. Sir Ronald C.Munro Ferguson, p.c, g.c.m.g., Afelbourrie 

Victoria, Melbourne. Hon. Sir Arthur Lyulph 

Stanley, K.C.M.G. 
Western Australia, Perth. Maj.-Gen. Sir 

H^irry Barron, K.C.M.G., c.v.O., R.A. 
Territory of Papua, Poi-t Moresby. John 

Hubert Plunkett Murray, C.M.G. 

New South Wales, Sydney. Sir Gerald Strick- 
land (Count Hell a Catena), G.C.M.G. 

Queensland, Brisbane. Maj. Sir Hamilton J. 
Goold-Adanis, G.C.M.G., C.B. 

South Australia, Adelaide. Lt.-Col. Sir 
Henry L. Gahvav, K.C.M.G., d.s.o. 

Tasmania, Ilobnrt. Rt. Hon. Sir W. G. Ellison- 
Macartney, P.C., K.C.M.G. 


Governor-General— ¥i^L,Ti Marshal H.R.H. Duke of Connaught and Strathearn, k.g., k.t., 

K.P., P.c, G.M.B., 6.C.S.I., G.C.M.G., G.C.I.E., G.C.V.O., Ottawa. 

Alberta. (His Honor) Geo. H. V. Bulyea. -Ontario, Toronto. (His Honor) Lt.-Col. Hon. 
British Columbia, Victoria. (His Honor) T. John S. Heiidtie, c.v.o. ^, , ^ ,^^. 

W Patterson. j Prince Edward Island, CAar/o«€ To^pra. (His 

Manitoba, Winnipeg. (His Honor) Sir D. C. ! Honor) Benjamin Rogers ^ ^. ^ 

Cameron K.C.M.G." | Quebec, Unebec. (His Honor) Sir Francois 

N. Brunswick, /Ve(ieHc'«on. (His Honor) Josiah i Chas. S. Lmujelier. k c.m.g. 

^o^(j 1 Saskatchewan. (His Honor) George W. Bro\vn. 

N.Scotia, ^a/? /ox. (HisHonor)J.D.McGregor. Yukon Trrritories. (His Honor) A. Hen- 
N. W. Territories, Regina. (His Honor) Lt.- ! derson (Uommr.). 

Col. Fredk. White, c.M.G. (Commr.). I 


Governor— Eavli. op Liverpool, g.c.m.g., M.v.o., Wellington. 


With their Governors. 

Antigua, St. Jonn's, vide Leeward Islands. 
Arhanti, Coomassie. Frans. Chas. Bernard 

Dudley Fuller, c.M.G. (chief commr.). 
Bahamas, Nassau. George Basil Haddon- 

Smith, c.M.G. 
BARBAD08,Z^/"/rfg'ei!ow«. SirLeslieProbyn,K.C.M.G. 
Basutoland. Sir Herbert Cecil Sloley, k.c.m.g. 

(resident commr.). 
Bechttanaland Protectorate. Lt.-Col. Fras. 

William Panzera, C.M.G. (resident commr. ). 
Bermudas, The, Hamilton. Lt.-Gen. Sir Geo. 

Mackworth Bullock, K.C.B. 
British Guiana, Georgetoicn. Sir Walter 

Egerton, k.c.m.g. 
BRiTiSHHoNDURAS.fiefee. WilfredCollet.c.M.G. 
Caicos, vide Turks and Caicos Islands. 
<:eylon, Colombo. Sir Robert Chalmers, K.C.B. 
Cyprus, Nicosia. Maj. Sir John Eugene Clau- 

son, K.C.M.G., c.v.o. (high commr.), 
Dominica, Roseau,. EdA'ard Rawle Drayton, 

c.M.G. (administr.). 
East Africa Protectorate, Nairobi. Sir Hy. 

Conway Belfield, K.C.M.G. (and hi>(h commr. 

for Zanzibar Protectorate). 
Falkland Islands, Stanley. Wm. Lamond 

Allard3ce, c.M.G. 
Fiji Islands, Suva. Sir Ernest B. Sweet- 

Escott, K.C.M.G. (and high commr. and con.sul- 

gen. for W. P;iciric). 
Gambia, Bathvrst. Edwd. Jn. Cameron, c.m.g. 
Gibraltar, The Convent. Lt.-Gen. Sir Herbert 

Scott G. Miles, G.C.B., c.v o. 
Gold Coast, Accra. Sir Hugh Chas. Clifford, 


Gold Coast {Northern Territories of the). C^^it. 

Cecil Hamilton Armitage, C.M.G., D.s.o. (chief 

Grenada, w/c?e Windward Islands. 
Guernsey, St. Peter le Fort. General Sir 

Reginal'i'C. Har', v.c, K.C.B., K.c.v.o. 
Hong Kong, Victoria. Sir Francis Henry May, 


Isle of Man, Douglas. Lord Raglan. 
Jamaica, Kingston. Brig.-Gen. Sir Wm. Hy. 

Manning, K.C.M.G., c.B. (capt.-gen. and gov.- 

Jersey, St. Heliers. Maj.-Gen. Sir Alex. Nelson 

Rochfort. K.C.B., c.M.G. 
Labuan, vide Straits Settlements. 
Leeward Islands (Antigua, Dominica, Mont- 

serrat, Nevis, St. Kitts,' Virgin Islands). Sir 

Hy. Hesketh Joudou Bell, k.c.m.g. 
Malta, Valletta. Gen. Sir (H.M.) Leslie Rundle, 

g.c.b,, g.c.v.o., g. c.M.G., n.s o. 
Man, Isle of, vide Isle of Man. 

Mauritius, Port Louis. Maj. Sir John Robt. 

Cbancellor, k.c.m.g., d.s.o., r.e. 
MONTSERRAT, Plymouth. Lt.-Col. W. B. David- 
son-Houston, C.M.G. (commr.). 
Nevis, vide St. Christopher. 
Newfoundland, St. John^s. Sir Walter Edwd. 

Davidson, K.C.M.G. 
Nigeria. Sir Fredk.J. D. Lugard, g.c.m.g.,c.b., 

d.s.o. gov. gen. ; Alex. Geo. Bogle, c.M.G. and 

Chas. Lindsay Temple, c.M.G. lieut.-governors. 
Nyasaland Protectorate, Zomha. Sir Geo. 

Smith, K.C.M.G. 
Rhodesia (Southern), Salisbury/. Sir W. H. 

Milton, K.C.M.G., K.c.v.o. fadminist.). 
Rhodksia (Northern), Kalomo. Lautence Aubrey 

Wallacf, c.M.G. (administ.). 
Sr. Christopher and Nevis, Basseterre, St. 

Kitts. Thomas Lawrence Roxburgh, c.M.G. 

St. Helena. Jamestown. Maj. Harry Edwd. S. 

Cordeaux, c B., c.M.G. 
St. Lucia, Castries. Wm. Douglas Young, 

c.M.G. (administ.). 
St. Vincent, Kingstown. Hon. Chas. Gideon 

Murray (administ.). 
Seychelles Islands, Victoria, Mah6. Lt.-Col. 

L'has. Richd. M. O'Brien, C.M.G. 
Sierra Leone Protkctorate, Freetoion. Sir 

Edward Marsh Mecewetuer, K.c.v.o., c.M.G. 
Somaliland Protectorate, Ser/jera. Geoffrey 

Fras. Archer, c.M.G. (commr.). 
Straits Settlements, Singapore. Capt. Sir 

Arthur H. Young, k.c.m.g." (also high commr. 
• lor the Protected States in the Malay Penin- 
sula and Brunei, and British agent for the 

States of N. Borneo and Sarawak). 
Swaziland Protectorate. Robert Thome 

Co-yndon, c.M.G. (cnmmssr.). 
Trinidad, Port of Spain (and Tobago). Sir 

Geo. Ruthven Le Hunte. 6. c.M.G. 
Turks ani> Caicos Islands, Grana Turk.'Exedik. 

Hy. Watkins, l.^.O. (commisnr.). 
Uganda Protectorate, Entebbe. Sir Fredk 

John Jackson. K.c.m.g., c.b. 
Virgin Islands, Roadtown, Tortola. E. B. 

Jarvis (commssr.). 
Wei-hai-wei. Sir Jas.H.S. Lockhart, k.c.m.g. 

Westkrn Pacific. Sir Ernest B. Sweet-Escott, 

k.c.m.g. (high commr. and consnl-genl.). 
Windward Islands, St. George, Gr-nada 

(Grenada. St. Lucia and St. Vincent). G. B. 

Hafldon-Smith, c.M.G. 
Zanzibar Piiotectoratb Sir Hy. Conway 

Belfield, K.C.M.G. (uigh commr.). 






EARLS ' 143 






The undermentioned Noblemen sit 
nominally different from, as well 

as Peers of England, of Great Britain, or of the United 
as inferior to, those by which they are usually addressed. 

Superior Title. 
E. Aberdeen .... 

E. Arran 

L. Athlumney .. 

D. AthoU 

V. Barrington .. 
B. Bessborough.. 
V. Boyne 

D. Buccleuch.... 

E. Carrick 

M. Clanricarde . . 

V. Clifden 

M. Conyngham . . 
E. Cork & Orrery 
E. Courtown .... 
B. Crawford & ) 

Balcarres ., ) 
E. Dalhousie .... 
M. Donegall .... 
B. Donoughmore 

V. Downe 

M. Downshire . . 
E. Dunraven & ) 

Mountearl . . ) 
B. Eglinton .... 

Sits as 
V. Gordon 
L. Sudley 
L. Meredyth 
B. Strange 
L. Shute 
L. Ponsonby 
L. Brancepeth 
E. Doncast«r 
L. Butler 
L. Somerhill 
L. Mendip 
L. Minster 
L. Boyle 
L. Saltersford 

L. Wigan 

L. Ramsay 
L. Fisherwick 
v. Hutchinson 
L. Dawnay 
E. Hillsborough 

L. Kenry 

E. Winton 

Superior Title. Sits at 

V T3.„„„„i. ( L. Lovell & 

^•^g'"^^* i Holland 

M.Ely L. Loftus 

E. Enniskilleu .. L. Grinstead 

E. Erne L. Fermanagh 

E. ErroU L. Kilmarnock 

E. Galloway .... L. Stewart 

V. Galway L. Monckton 

E. Glasgow .... L. Fairlie 

E. Gosf ord L. WorUngham 

D. Hamilton .... D. Brandon 
M. Headfort L. Kenlis 

L. Henley L. Northington 

L. Henniker .... L. Hartismere 

B. Home. : L. Douglas 

M. Huntly L. Meldrum 

E. KinnouU .... L. Hay 

E, Leitrim L. Clements 

E. Limerick .... L. Foxford 
E. Listowel .... L. Hare 
M. Londonderry . E. Vane 
B. Longford .... L. Silchester 
M. Lothian .... L. Ker 

Superior Title. 

E. Loudoun .... 

V. Massereene ) 
& Ferrard . . ) 

E. Meath 

V. Midleton 

D. Montrose .... 

E. Moray 

L, Napier of ) 

Merchistoun ) 

E. Normanton .. 

L. Rollo 

D. Roxbnrghe .. 
B. Seafield 

E. Shannon . . . . 

L. Sheffield .... 

M. Sligo 

E. Southesk 

E. Stair 

R. Strathmore . . 
M. Waterford . . 

of whom 11 are 


Kingdom by titles 

Sits as 

iL. Botreaux & 

L. Oriel 

L. Chawortli 

L. Brodrick 

E. Graham 
( L. Stuart of 
( Castle Stuart 

L. Bttrick 

L. Somerton 

L. Dunning 

B. Innes 

L. Strathspey 

L. Carleton 

( L. Stanley of 

} Alderley. 

L. Monteagle 

L. Balinhard 

L. Oxenfoord 

L. Bowes 

L. Tyrone 

In the following list the above are arranged under the titles by which they git, their superior titles being 
placed immediately after in parentheses ; but in the alphabetical arrangement they will be found under 
those titles by which they are ordinarily known. 


Marked thus 

are Irish Representative Peers. Marked thus f are Scotch Representative Peers. 
Marked thus J are Peers for Life. 


Having special precedence under the Statute 31 Henry VIII. Creation. 

His Royal Highness Edward Albert Christian Geo. Andrew Patrick David, Prince of Wales, Duke of) ,-97 

Cornwall (1337) & Rothesay (1393) (Prince of Wale? and Earl of Chester, 1910), K.Q ( ^^**' 

His Royal Highness Arthur William Patrick Albert, Dike of Connaught, &c., K.G., K.T., K.P., P.O., 1 

G.M.B., G.C.S.I., G.C.M.G,,, G.C. V.0 1 

His Royal Highness Leopold Charles Edward George Albert, Duke of Albany, K.G., G.c.V.o. (Duke of ' 
Sa:ce-Goburg and Qotha) 




style, His Grace, Consecrated. "Translated. 

Right Hon. & Most Rev. i)r. Randall Thos. Davidson, of Canterbury, p.c, G.C.V.O. 1891 1896 & 1903 

Right Hon. & Most Rev. Dr. Cosmo Gordon Lang, of York, P.C 1901 1909 

DUKES (21). 

Style, Most Noble; His Grace. Title by Courtesy. 

Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

Henry Pitzalan-Howard , . . Norfolk, K.G., P.O., G.C.V.O 1483 E.of Arundel&Surrey 

Algernon St Maur Somerset 1646 L. Seymour 

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox ! "^G^cTa^aK (Duk?o?LenS 1 ^''' ^' «^ ^"^' 

Augustus Charles Lennox Fitz Roy Grafton, K.G.. C.B 1676 B. of Euston 

Henry Adalbert Wellington Fitz Roy Somerset . . Beaufort 1682 M. of Worcester 

Chas. Victor Albert Aubrey de Vere Beauclerk . . St. Albans 1684 E. of Burford 

George Godolphin Osborne Leeds 1694 M. of Carmarthen 

Herbrand Arthur Russell Bedford, K. 6 1694 M. of Tavistock 

Victor Christian William Cavendish Devonshire, P.C, G.C.V.O 1694 M. of Hartingtou 

Charles Richard John Spencer Churchill Marlborough, K.G., P.C 1702 M, of Blandford 

Henry John Brinsley Manners Rutland 1703 M. of Granby 

Alfred Douglas Douglas-Hamilton \ Brandon (Duke of Hamilton) 

1711 M. of Douglas & 

William John Arthur Chas. Jas.CavendishBentinck Portland, K.G., P.O., G.C.V.0 .". 1716 M. of Titchfield 

William Angus Drogo Montagu Manchester, PC 1719 V. Mandeville 

Henry Pelham A rchibald Douglas Pelham-Clinton Newcastle 1756 E. of Lincoln 

Henry George Percy Northumberland, K.G., P.c 1766 E. Percy 

His Royal Highuess Ernest A. W. A. G. F. Guelph Cumberland & Teviotdale, K.G 1799 E. of Armagh 

Arthur Chas. Wellesley Wellington, K.G., G.C.V.O 1814 M. of Douro 

Geo. Grauville Sutherland-Leveson-Gower Sutherland 1833 M. of Stafford 

Hugh Richd. Arthur Grosvenor Westminster, G.C.V.O 1874 E. Grosvenor 

Niall Diarmid Campbell Argyll 1892 M. of Lome 

MAItaUESSES (25). 

Style, Most Honorable. 
Henry Wm. Montagu Paulet Winchester 1651 E. of Wiltshire 

Henry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaunce { ^ aSr,°G!cJ.E.' ^'^' ' '^'^'^'^' ' } ^^^^ ^' ^^"^ 

John Jas. Dudley Stuart Townshend To wnshend 1786 V. Raynham 

Jaa. Ed wd. Hubert Gascoyne-Cecil Salisbury, P.a, G.C.V.O., C.B., t.d... 1789 V. Cranborue 

Thomas Henry Thynne Bath 1789 V. Weymouth 

James Albert Edward Hamilton Abercorn (Duke of Abercorn) 1790 M. Hamilton 

Geo. Fras. Alex. Seymour Hertford 1793 E. of Yarmouth 

John Crichton Stuart Bute 1796 E. of Dumfries 

William Thos. Brownlow Cecil Exeter 1801 L. Burghley 

William Biiigham Compton Northampton 1812 E. Compton 

John Charles Pratt Camden 1812 E. of Brecknock 

Charles Henry Alexander Paget Anglesey 1815 E. of Uxbridge 

George Henry Hugh Cholmondeley Cholmondeley, P.C 1815 E, of Rocksavage 

Geo. Wm, Jas. Chandos Brudenell-Bruce Ailesbury, D.S.0 1821 E. of Cardigan 

Frederick William Fane Hervey Bristol, M.V.0 1826 E. Jermyn 

Archibald Kennedy Ailsa 1831 E. of Cassillis 

Rev. Coustantine Charles Henry Phipps Normanby 1838 E. of Mulgrave 

Frederick Oliver Robinson Ripon, ac. V.0 1871 E. de Grey 

William Nevill Abergavenny, K.G., t.d 1876 E. of Lewes 

Gavin Campbell Breadalbane, K.G., P.G 1885 E. of Ormelie 

Terence John Hamilton Temple Blackwood .... Dufferin & Ava 1888 E. of Ava 

Lawrence Dundas Zetland, K.T., P.C 1892 E. of Ronaldshay 

Victor Alexander John Hope Linlithgow 1902 E. of Hopetoun 

Robt. Offley Ashburton Crewe Milnes Crewe, K.G., P.C 1911 E. of Madeley 

Charles Robt. Wynn-Carrington Lincolnshire, K.G., P.C, O.C.M.o .... 1912 V. Wendover 

EARLS (143). 

style, Right Honorable. Title by Courtesy 

Name. Title. Creation, of Eldest Song, 

Charles Henry John Chetwj-nd-Talbot Shrewsbury & Talbot, K.0.V.0 1442 V. Ingestre 

Edward George V 11 Iters Stanley Derby. P.O., G.C.V.O., C.B 1485 L. Stanley 

Warner Francis John Plautagenet Hastings Huntingdon 1629 V. Hastings 


Title by Conrteey 
j^aojg Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

Reginald Herbert .* Pembroke* Montgomery, M.V.O. .. 1661 L. Herbert 

Charles Pep.vs Courtenay Devon 1853 L. Lou rteuay 

Henry Molyneux Paget Howard Suffolk & Berkshire 1603 V. An over 

Rudolph Robert Basil Aloysius Augustine Feilding Denbigh, c.v.o ia^i 7' Rnlfh «h 

Anthony Mildmay J ulian Fane Westmorland 1624 L. Burghersh 

Montagu Peregrine Albemarle Bertie Lind>ey \JZt' ntlV® t n .^y.r. 

■RocrerGrev Stamford (« m/wor): 1628 L. Orey of Groby 

Henry Stormont Fincb-Hatton Winchil^ea & Nottingham 1628 V. Maidstone 

Ed wvn Franci. Scu.lamore-Stanhope Cbe.tertield. p.c , O.r.v.o «28 L. Stanhope 

Edward George Henry Montagu Sandwich. K.C V O 660 V. Hmchingbrook 

George Deverenx de Vere Capel] E^^^^ex 661 V. Maiden 

Geo. JosslynL'Es' range Howard Carlisle (« »m/or) ''"••; ^^^"^ V.Morpeth 

„ ,, ^ , o xi. 4 Dunca8ter(DukeofBuccleuchand I ,„„, ^ nf nalirpith 

John Ch; rle« Montagu-Douglas-Scott | Qupo„,berry ) \ ^^^ " L)»"Keun 

Anthony Ashley-Cooper SbafUssbury, K.P., KC V.0 1672 L. Asnley 

Randal Mowbray Thomas Berkeley Berkeley 1 67!» V. Dur?ley 

Montagu Arthur Bertie Abingdon 16X2 L. Norreys 

Aldred Frederick George Beresford Lumley Scnrbrough. K.C.B. 1690 V. Lumley 

Arnold Allan Cecil Keppel AUieuiarle, K.C.V.O., C.B 1696 V. Bury 

George William Coventry Coventry, P.C 1697 V. Deerhurst 

Victor Albert George Child Villiers lervey. P.C, G.C.B., G.C.M.G 1697 V. Villiera 

William John Lvdston Poulett I'oulett 1706 V. Hinton 

t John Francis Erskine Goodeve Erskine Mar Before 1404 L. Garioch 

tNorman Evelyn Leslie Roihfs 1427 L Leslie 

•fsholto George Watson Douglas Morton 1458 L. Aberdour 

fWalter John Francis Erskiue Mar & Kellie, K.T 16(»5 L. Erskine 

tGeorge Baillie-Haniiitou-Ardeu Haildington. li.T 1619 L. Binning 

tFrederick Henry Maitlaud Lauderdale 1624 V Maitland 

fDavid John Carnegie Northesk 1647 L. Roseliill 

fDouglasMackinuon Baillie Hamilton Cochrane.. Dundonald, K.C.B., K.C.V.0 1669 L.Cochrane 

Walter Knight Sliirley Ferrer" 1711 V. Tamwortb 

William Heneage Legge Dartmouth, P.C 1711 V. Lewi sham 

G«o. Montagu Bennet Taukcrville 1714 L. Bennet 

Charles Wig! itwick Finch Aylesford 1714 L. Gnernsey 

Jaa. Richd. Stanhope Stanliope 1718 V. Mahon 

Geo. Loveden Wm. Hy. Parker Macclesfield 1721 V. Parker 

Douglas Beresford Malise Ronald Graham Graham (D. of Montrose), K.T 1722 M.Graham 

William Frederick Waldegrave Waldegrave, P.C. 172!) V. Chewton 

Thomas Ashburnham Ashburnham 1730 V. St. Asaph 

Charles Augustus Stanhope Harrington 1742 V. Petersham 

Newton Wallop Portsmouth 1743 V. Lymington 

Francis Richard Charles Guy Greville Warwick & Brooke, T.D 1746 L. Brooke 

Sidney Carr Hobart-Hampden-Mercer-Henderson Buckinghamsldre 1746 L. Hobart 

Wm. Charles de Miuron Wentworth-Fitzwilliam... Fitzwilliam, K.C.V.O., D.S.0 1746 V. Milton 

Frederick George isortii Guilford 17ij2 L. North 

Charlps Alexander Yorke Hardwicke 1754 V. Royston 

Giles Stephen Holland Fox-Strangways Uchester 1756 L. StaVordale 

Gilbert Geo. Reginald Sackville De La WaiT 1761 L. Bnckhurst 

Jacob ^^leydell-Bouverie Piadnor 1765 V. Folkestone 

Charles Robt. Spencer Spiencer, K.O., P.C, G.C.V.0 1765 V. Althorp 

Seymour Henrj Bathurst Bathurst, C.M.G 1772 L. Apsley 

Arthur Wills John Wellington Blundell Tram- J rT,-ii„v,„...„„„v, / w ,>* r»„™«ov ^,«^ itto u n•uc\.^r.^r,r,^^ 

bull Sandys Roden Hill ! \ Hillsborough (M. of Downshire) .. .. 1772 E. Hillsborough 

Geo. Herbert Hyde Villiers Clarendon 1776 L. Hyde 

Alan David Murray Mansfield & Mansfield 1776 & 1792 L. Scone 

John James Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray Strange (D. of AthoU), K.T 1786 M. of Tullibardine 

William Henry Edgcumbe Mount-Edgcumbe, P.c. , G.O. V.0 1789 V. Valletort 

Hugh Fortescue Fortescue, K.C.B 1789 V. EbriniJton 

George Edward Stanhope Molyneux Herbert .... Carnarvon 1793 L. Porchester 

George Henry Cadogan Cadogan, K.G., P.C 1800 V. Clielsea 

James Edward HaiTis Malmesbury 1800 V. Fitz Harris 

•Anthony Francis Nugent Westmeath, P.C 1621 L. Delvin 

•Henry Ohas. PonsoLby Moore Drotjheda 1661 V. Moore 

>Ivo Pras. Walter Bligh Damley 172oL.Clifton ofRathmore 

•Chas. John Brinsley Butler Linesbf rough. M.V.0 1756 L.Newtown-Butler 

•Dermot Robert WyndhamBourke Mayo, k.P., p.c 1785 L. Naas 

•Ralph Fras. Howard Wicklow 1793 L. f lonraore 

•George ( has. Bingham Lucan 1795 L. Bingham 

•Jamei Francis Bernard f\^ Bandon. K.P 1 800 V. Bernard 

James Francis Harry St. Clair- Erskine Rosslyn 1801 L. Lougbborongb 

William George Robert Craven Craven 1801 V. XJffington 

181.5 V 


1815 V. 


18*21 V. 


1821 V. 


18-Jl V. 


1822 L. 


1822 V. 

Newry & Morne 

1823 V. 


1826 V. 


1827 V. 


1831 V. 



Title by Courtesy 
Name, Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

JRichd. Wm. Alan Onslow OnsJow 1801 V. Cranley 

Charles Marsham Rnmuey 1801 V. Marsham 

Jocelvn Brmlenell Pelham Chichester 1801 L. Pelham 

Arthur Geo. Bgerton Wilton 1801 V. Grey de Wilton 

George Charles Herbert Powis 1804 V. Clive 

Thomas Horatio Nelson Nelson 1 805 V. Merton 

•WilliaiTi Edvvd. Parsons Ro«se 1806 L. Oxmantown 

Chas. VVm. Sydney Pierrepout Manvers 1806 V. Newark 

Eobert Horace Walpole Orford 180(5 L. Walpole 

Albert Henry Geo. Grey Grey, p.c, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.C.V.O. 1806 V. Howick 

Hns/h Cecil Lowtlier Lonsdale 1807 V. Lowther 

John Herbert Dudley Ryder Harrowby 1809 V. Sandon 

Henrv Click Lascelles Harewood, K.C.V 1812 V. Lii^celles 

^ Kyn ynmound^^' ^''"""^ ^"™''* ^"i«*-^^"""^y- j Minto 1813 V. Molgund 

George Cathcart Cathcart 1814 L. Greenock 

James Walter Grimston Venilnm 1815 V. Grimston 

Adelhert Wellington BrovMilow Cust Brownlow, p.c 1815 V. Alford 

John Granville Connvallis Eliot St. Germans 1815 L. Eliot 

Edmund IJobert Parker :Morley 1816 V. Boringdon 

Geo. Cecil Orlando Bridgeman Bradford , 

William Lygon Beauchamp, K.G. , P.O., K.C.M.G .... 

John Scott Eldon 

■Richard George Penn Cnrzon .... Howe, G.C.V.O., T.D 

George Edward John .Mowbray Rous Stradbroke, C.VO , c.B., V D 

Algeciion William Stephen Go-e-Laugton Temple 

•Francis Charles Needham Kiltnorev, k.p 

Charles Stewart Vane-Tempest-Stewart \ ^"°f/^^,- °f,^*'°?';f ^^"^^' ^•^- \ 

Hugh Amherst Amherst 

John Dmicui Vaughan Campbell Cawdor (a minor) 

Aubrey FitzClarence Munster 

Robert Adam Philips Haldane Duncan- Haldane.. Camperdown 1831 V. Duncan 

Thomas Francis Anson Liclifield 1831 V. Anson 

John George Lambton Durham, K.6., P.O., G.C.V.O., V.D.... 1833 V. Lambton 

Granville George Leveson-Gower Granville, G.C.V.0 1833 L. Leveson 

Henry Alex. Gordon Howard Effingham 1837 L, Howard 

Henry John Moreton Ducie, P.O., G C. V.O 1837 L. Moreton 

Charles Alfred Worsley Pelham Yarborough, P.O 1837 L. Worsley 

Henry John Innes Ker Innes (D of Roxburghe) K.T,, M.V.O. 1837 M. of Bowmont 

Thomas William Coke Leicester, Q.C. V.O. , CM. G 1837 V.Coke 

Liotiel Fortescue Kin? Lovelace 1838 V. Ockham 

Charles William Francis Noel Gainsborousrh 1841 V. Campden 

John Francis Granville Scope Egerton Ellesmere, il.v.0 1846 V. Brackley 

Rev. Fras. Edmund Cecil Byng Stratford 1847 V. Enfield 

Kenelm Charles Edward Pepys Cottenham 1850 V. Crowhurst 

Henry Arthur Moruington Wellesley Cowley 1857 V. Dangan 

George Arnulph Montgomerie Winton (E. of Eglinton) 1859 L. Moutgomerie 

William Humble Ward { ^"^Jf y' ^ ^f- ^'^-B- «-C.M.G., \ ^^^^ y ^dnam 

John Francis Stanley Russell Russell 1861 V. Amberley 

John Wodehouse Kimberley 1866 L. Wodehouse 

Vesey Dawson Dartrey 1866 L. Cremorue 

William Ernest Duncombe Feversham 1868 V. Helrasley 

Francis John Montagu Stuart- Wortley-Mackenzie Whamcliffe 1876 V. Carlton 

Francis George Baring Northbrook 1876 V. Baring 

Wilfred Dallas Cairns Cairns 1878 V.Garmoyle 

Victor Alexander George Robert Lytton Lytton 1883 V. Knebworth 

Edward Wm. Bootle-Wilbraham Lathom (a miHor) 1880 L. Skelmersdale 

Lewis Arthur MilleP Sondes 1880 V. Throwley 

Wm. Waldegrave Palmer Selbome, K.G., P.C, G.CM.G 1882 V. Wolmer 

Walter Stafford Northcote Iddesleigh. C.B 1885 V. St. Cyres 

William Fra.s. Henry Denison !..: Londesborough, K.CV.O 1887 V. Raiucliflfe 

Gathorne Gathorne-Hardy Cranbrook 18i)2 L. Medway 

Gilbert Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby Ancaster j ^^^^ ^Er Jsbi""^*"^^ ^^ 

Hardinge Stanley Giffard Halsbury, P.c, 18.08 V. Tiverton 

EvelynBaring J ^'kSi.,''c^Le!; SV ^•^'''•''•' j 1901 V. Errington 

Bobert George Windaor-Olive Plymouth, P.c. i c.'b, . , 1905 L. Windsor 


Title by Courtesy 
jjame. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

Arthur William de Brito Savile Foljambe Liverpool, G.C.M.G., M.V.o 1905 V. Hawkesbury 

Archibald Philip Primrose | ^S'^lx.^^"' ^^'•y^'^'^- \ 1911 L. Dalmeny 

Robert Tbreshie Reid Loreb'urn, P.O., G.C.M.O }l}\ ^r r,-.^ 

Thomas Brassey Brassey. G.C.B 1911 V. Hythe 

XT xu • , o J Curzon of Kedle8ton,P.C.,O.C.S.I., ) 1011 v Scarsdale 

§George Nathaniel Curzon | o.C.l.E. ) v.ocarEoaie 

rXitchener of Khartoum, K-P., ) 

Horatio Herbert Kitchener < p.c,, o.cs.l., G.aii.G., > 1914 V, Broome 

\ O.C.I.B., o.M y 

§ Sits also as an Irish Representative Peer as Barou Curzon of Kedleston, but is counted with the Earls. 


style, Right Honorable. 

Robert Deverenx Hereford 1660 

Byron Plautagenet Gary Falkland 1620 

Vernon Henry St. John Bolingbroke (a minor) 1712 

Charles George Lyttelton Cobham 1718 

Evelyn Edward Thomaa Boscawen Falmouth, K-C.y.O.,aB 1720 

George Master Byng Torrington 1721 

Maurice FitzGerald Leinster (D. of Lelnster) 1747 M.of Kildare 

Grosveuor Arthur Alex. Hood Hood 17S»i; 

•Yvo Richd. Vesey De Vesci 1776 

•Maxwell Richd. Crosbie Ward Bangor 1781 

Rouald ClargeB Jervis St Vincent 1801 

Charles Saunders Dundas Melville, 1.S.0 1802 

Gerald Authony Pellew Bagnall Addington Sidmouth 1805 

«Hy.Edwd.MontaguDoringtonClotworthy Upton Tenipletown 1806 

John Campbell Gordon P P.t°G.C.Ml.foxrv^?^ "^'i 1814 L. H«ldo 

Edward Addington Hargreaves Pellew Exmouth 1816 

Richd. Walter John Hely-Hutchinson Hutchinson (E. of Donoughmore) . . 1821 V. Suirdale 

William Frederick Le-Poer-Trench Clancarty (E. of Clancarty) 1823 V. Dunlo 

Francis Lynch Wellington Stapleton-Cotton .... Combermere 1826 

Henry Charles Manners-Sutton Canterbury 1835 

Rowland Richd. Clegg-Hill Hill 1842 

Henry Charles Hardinge Hardinge, C.B 1846 

Hugh Gough Gough, K.C. V.0 1849 

Charles Lindley Wood Halifax 1866 

Arthur Wellington Alexander Nelson Hood Bridport, an 1868 

William Henry Berkeley Portman Portman 1873 

Thomas Walter Brand Hampden 1884 

Richard Assheton Cross Cross 1886 

Wm. Fredk. Danvers Smith Hambleden 1891 

Wm. Robt. Wellesley Pee! Peel 1896 

Sydney Holland Knutsford 1896 

Reginald Baliol Brett Esher, G.C.B., O.C.V.0 1897 

Greorge Joachim Goschen Goschen 1900 

Matthew White Ridley Ridley 1900 

Cliarles Robt. Wm. Colville Colville of Culroas 1902 

Victor Albert Francis Charles Spencer Churchill, G.C.V.0 1902 

Alfred. Milner Milner, P.C, G.C.B., O.C.M.G 1902 

Jas, Wm. Herschell Gully; Selby 1905 

Edward CeoU Goinness Iveagh, K.P., G.c.V.o 1905 

Michael Edward Hicks-Beach St. Aldwyn, p.c 1906 

John Morley Morley of Blackburn, P.C, 0.M 1908 

Henry Ernest Fowler Wolverhampton 1908 

Herbert John Gladstone Gladstone, P.c, O.CB., Q.O.M.G .... 1910 

Richard Burdon Haldane Haldane, K.T,, P.C g. .. 1911 

Montolieu Fox Oliphant Murray Elibank 1911 

Francis KnoUys; i ^^"U^^'/'h ^•^•®-' 0-C-V-O., j jgu 

Aretas Akers-Douglas Chilston, P.c 1911 

Wentworth Canning Blackett Beaumont Allendale, p.c 1911 

Richard Everard Webster Alverstone, P.O., G.C.M.O 1913 

James Bryce Bryce, P.O., o.M 1914 

iiydney Chas. Buxton Buxton, P.c, g.c.M.g 1914 


BISHOPS (24). 

Style, Right Recerend. 
The Bishops of London, Durham and Winchester take precetlence in right of their respective see? ; the other 
Bishops in the order of their cousecrHtioii. The Bisliop of Sodor and Man h *« no seat in P-irliaraent. The 
Statute 10 & 11 Victorias, cap IDS, enacts tliat, up"n a vacancy in an English or Welsh hishopric, the newly 
conse{rrate<l bi«hop (nnless electe<i to one of the archiepiscopal sees, or to one of the sees of Lon Ion, Durham or 
Winchester) shall not be entitled to sit ; but the summons is to be issued to such one of the other bishops as 
has not previously been summoned.* 

Consea Translated. 

Dr. Arthur Foley Winnington-Ingram London, P.C IS^iZ— 1901 

Dr. Hundley CarrGlvn Moule Durham IflOl 

Dr. Edward Stuart Talbot Winchester 1 83.") -1005 & 1911 

Dr. Francis John Jayiie Chester 1SS9 

Dr. Alfre<i George Ed v\-ards St. Asaph 1SS9 

Dr. Geo. Wyndham Keuuion Batli and Wells 18S2— 1894 

Dr. John Percival Hereford l!<9.5 

Dr. E.lgar Jacob ?t. Albans 189'J-1903 

Dr. Hon, E.lwanl Carr Glyn Peti>rl)orongh l>-07 

Dr. John Owen St. David's Hs'T 

Dr. George Rodney Eden Wakefield 1897 

Dr. Watkin HerDe'rt Wil.iams Banuor 1899 

Dr. Francis James Chavas-^e Liverp<iol 1900 

Dr. Charles (iore Oxford 1902 -190-5 & 1911 

Dr. Arc'iibald Robertson Exeter 19 "3 

Dr. Edmund A riHithuott Knox Manchester I8t4— 1903 

Dr. Eiwyn Hoskyns Southwell 1901-1904 

Dr. John William Dipgle C t is'e 1"0.5 

Dr. Hiiyshe Wolcott Yeatman-Biggs Worcester 1891—1905 

Dr. Edgar Chas. Suinmr (iibsou Gloucester 19 )•) 

Dr. Joshua Prit chard Hughes Llanda^T 1905 

Dr. John Reginald Harmer Uochester 19'>> 

Dr. P ederic Henry Chase Ely 1905 

Dr. Normau D meuil Jihn Straton Newcastle 1892—1907 

• The Bishops of Chiche-iter, Lincoln, Norwich, Southwark, Birmingham, Salisbury, Ripon, Truro, Lichfield, 
Chelmsford, St. Edmundsbury and Ipswich, Sheffield and Bristol have not, at present, seats iu the House. 

BARONS (381). 

St vie, Right llonoi-ublt. Title by Courtesy 

Name. Title. Creation, of B.dest Sons. 

Charles Botolph Joseph Stourtou Mowbray, Segrave & Stourton 1 '-^83 

Albert Edward Dclavel A.stley Hiwtings l-'89 

Edwanl Southwell Russell De Clifford (a minof) I'i99 

Chas. Jn. Robt.Hepburu-Stuart-Forbes-Trefusis. . Clinton 1"'.'99 

Cecil TaU)Ot Clifton Grey de Ruthyn 13-24 

Charles Edward Hastings Abney-Hastiugs Botreaux& Hastings (E.of Loudoun) I3<j8 V. Mauchline 

Ralph Frauci.-* Julian Stonor Camoys 13^3 (Istcr. 1264) 

Fras. Burdett Thos. Coutis-Xevill Lat mer '431 

Richard Greville Verney Willoughby de Broke 1492 

Hutx?rt George Charles Alostyu Vaux of Harrowden 1523 

Alr"re<l Thos. Towushend Veruey-Cave Braye 15'.J9 

William Henry John North North, T. D 1554 

Heury Beauchanip Oliver St. John St. John of Bletso 1558 

Thos. Evelyn Ellis Howard de Walden & Seaford 1597 

Lionel Geo. Carroll Petre Petre 1603 

Geoffrey Cecil Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes Saye & Sele 1603 

Edgar Cdfford Aruudell Arundell of Wardour 1605 

Roland John Dormer Dormer 1615 

Henry John Pldlip Sidney Roper-Curzon Tevnham 1616 

Francis Edward Fitzherbert Stafford Stafford, D.S.0 1640 

George Frederick William Byrou B\ rou 1643 

Auf>eron Tuo.s. Herbert T.uciis ( L. Dingwall In Scotland), P.C 1663 

Lewis Heury Hugh CUfford Clitlor.l of Chmlleigh ., 1672 

Heury De Vere Vane Barnard ..". 16t8 

fAlexaucler William Frederick Fraser >al'oun 1415 

tCharltt^ William St. Clair Sinclair 1 J49 

tJohn Forbes- .--enipill Seinpill 1489 

tJames Walter Torphii.-hen l-^i 

t Alexander Hugh Bruce | Balfour of Burleigh, E.T., p.c:,| ^g^^ 

( G.C M O '5'; 

tAioxaakr Chii. HimUt)U BilUiveu and Sceutoa ■,......■..- l-Ji? 


Title by Coartegy 
jj Title. Creation of Eldest Sons. 

nh*rl«i Snencer Cannine Boyle Boyle (B. of Cork .t Orrery) 1711 V. Dungaryan 

2;uKrF^u"o75?o^^^^^ Hay(E.ofKiuuoaU) 17U L. Hay of Kiafaurs 

Dishy Wentworth Ravard Willoiisthby Mi.liletou 17U 

Augustus Debonuaire Jobn Mousoa Mons.m ••••;••••;••••••••;•••;;•; *'^"* 

^ ( Ponsonby (B. of Bessborongh) j,^9 y jj QjjOQ 

Elward Poasonby ( CV.o.,C.B ) 

Rev. Alfred Nathaniel Holden Curzon Scarsdale 1761 

&i jo>rplr»vi.":::::::::::::::::::::::: Kri HoiULdiK'o. Egiioaij-;: .7«. v. peroe™i 

Georj^e Kras. AujruRtuB Venables-Vemon Vernon t'hi 

Edward Henry Trafalgar Digby Digby \l^o 

Martin Bladen Hawke Hawke 1776 

FitzaLanC has. John Foley Foley 1776 

Walter Fitz Ur.\ an Rice ?J^^7^\ ]lln 

Thomas de Grey Waltiingham 1780 

William Bagot Bagot 17H0 

Charles Henry Fitzroy Southampton 17»0 

John Richard Br iusley Norton Graniley 1/82 

George Brids^es llarley Guest Rodney Ro<iney I78i 

Arthur Herbert leuuypou Cocks Souiers 1784 

Thoma-= Henry Noel- Hill Berwick 1784 

Edwiird Lenox Outton Sherborae 1^84 

John De-la-Poer-Beresford Tyrone(M. of Waterfonl) (a minor) 178(. B. of Tyrone 

Richard Bernari Boyle Carleton ( K. of ShaunonKa »««««or; 1786 V.Boyle 

Charla. Harboid Suttield. C.B., M.V.o 1786 

Lloyd Tyrell-K.euy on Kenyon, K.C.v.O., T.D 1788 

Henry Neville Braybrooke 1788 

Bdwd. Arthur Donald St. George Hamdton ) piBi,ej.^.ick(M. of DonegaU) (a minor 1790 B. of Belfast 

ChlcheHter ) 

Henry Rainald Gape Gage ( V. Gage) (a minor) 17aO John Hovel] Thurlow -Gumming- Bruce.. Thurlo\\, P.C 17'.«^ 

William .vlor ton Kden Auckland 17M3 

Thos. (:ha«. Aj?ar-Robarte8 Meudip ( V. Clifdeu) 17!t4 

Morton Grav Stuart Stuart ( K. of M omy ) 17»(i L. Doune 

Ran.iolpli Honrv -t^-wart Stewart of Garliea (E. of GaJloway) 17!«6 L. Garlies 

James W.ilier Milles Stopford Saltersforl (K. of Courtowu) 17»b V. Stopford 

WiUi^iii >t John Kieinamle Brodrick brolrick (V. Midletou). I'.C 17H6 

Somerset Fre' Ik. <rou«h-Calthorv)e Calthorpe 1796 

Willought-y Merrik Gampt'ell Burrell Gwydyr 1796 

William Thob. Urde-Powiett Bo ton 1797 

John Powys Lilford 1797 

Thomas Lister Ril.blesdale, P.C 1797 

>Lucius Wni. O'Brien Inc-hiqiiin 1543 

•Arthur tvenlis MavwelJ Famham 1756 

•John Thomas William Massy Massy 1776 

•Han. Itou Matthew Tilsou Fitzmaurice-Deane- < vf„.,i,o,— „ itoi 

Morgan } ^uskerry 1781 

•John Kdw.l. Diane Browne Kilniaine 1789 

•LuKe Gerald Dillon Clonl.rock, K.P., P.C 1790 

•Hercules Edward Rowley Laugford, K.C.V.O 1800 

•Henry O'Callaghaii Prittie Duualley 1800 

•Frederick ( )liver Trench Ashtown IX' 

John Henry Loftus Loftns (M. of Ely) 1801 V. Loftus 

George Ralph UaU)pbell Abercromby Aberoroinby 1801 

Edward Downts Law Elleul)orough 1802 

Michael Edwin Marcus Sandys Sandys 1802 

Montagu Erskiiie Erskine 1806 

George Uliok Browne Mouteagle (M. of Sligo) 1806 E. of Altamont 

Bernard Arthur William Patrick Hastings Forbes Granard (E. of Granard), K.P., P.O.. 1806 V. Forbes 

Gardner Gardner(L. Gardner in Ireland).... 1806 

John Thomas Manners Manners 1807 

•Albert Ed wd. Handcock Castlemaine 1812 

•John Graham Hope De la Poer Beresford Decies, D.S.O Isl2 

Charles Gordon Meldrum (M. of Huntly). P.C 1815 B. of Aboyne 

Lowry Egertou Cole Grinstead (E. of Enniskillen), k:.P. . . 1816 V. Cole 

William Henry Edmond de Vere Sheaffe Pery . . Foxford ( E. of Limerick) 1815 L. Glentworth 

George Rol)ert (Jauniiig Harris Harris, o.c.s.i., G.C.LE. 1815 

Reginald Charles Edward Abbot Colchester 1817 

Roi«rt Schom berg Kerr ker ( M. of Lothian) 1821 E. of Ancram 

Victor Geo. Henry Francis Conyngham Minster (M. Conyngham) 1821 E. of Mount Charlei 

Jamea Bdward Williani Theobald Butler Ormonde (M. of Ormonde), K.P., P.a 1821 B. of Oaaory 


Title by Oourteij 
Nam*. Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons 

Hugo Richard WemyBS-Charteria-Douglai Wetnyss (K of Wemysa & March). . . . 1821 L. Eloho 

Thomas Pakenham P"Ml'^!^^.^;?!.^°ff?l^^.f;f:.' 1 1821 L. SUchester 

AJgemonWm.JohnClotworthyFoster-Skefflngton j ^'if^.^^^' ^^^^J^^'f^^^ ^^21 

Arthur Thomas Liddell Rayensworth 1821 

Hugh Cholmondeloy Delamere 1821 

Cecil Theodore Weld-Forester Forester 1831 

John William Strutt Rayleigh, P.O., O.M 1821 

Edgar Berkeley Gifford Giflford 1824 

Hubert George De Burgh-Canning Somerhill (M. of Clanricarde) 1826 L. Dunkellln 

David Alex. Edward Lindsay Wigan (B. of Crawford & Balcarres) 1826 L. Balniel 

Uchter John Mark Knox P^,?!?,'"^/^?- ''^^^^"^"''y^' ^•*'- 1 1826 V. Northland 

( (Irel.), G.C.M.G.. 

Charles Stuart Henry Abbott Tenterden 1827 

William Lee Plunket Plunket,G.C.M.G.,K.C.V.0 1827 

Leonard Holmes a'Court Heytesbury 1828 

Arthur Vesey Meade Clanwilliam (E. of Clanwilliam) 1828 L. Gilford 

Philip George Best Wynford 1829 

Charles Gore Hay Kilmarnock, K.T., C. B. (E. of Erroll) 1831 L. Kilmarnock 

Arthur James Plunkett Fingall (E. of Fingall), P.C 1831 L. Killeen 

Osbert Cecil Molyneux Sefton (E. of Sefton), P.C 1831 V. Molyneux 

Charles Clements Clements (E. of Leitrim) 1831 V. Clements 

Godfrey Thomas Taylour Kenlis (M. of Headfort) 1831 B. of Bective 

Ro(?inaLd Brabazon Chaworth (E. of Meath), K.P., P.O.. . 1831 L. Ardee 

Alex. Edwd. Murray Duumore( B.of Dunmore),V.o.,M.V.O. 1831 V. Fincastle 

Coplestone Richard George Warwick Bampfylde.. Poltimore 1831 

Llewelyn Nevill Vaughan Lloyd-Mostyn :\Iostyn 183;. 

Arthur Henry Chichester Templemore 1831 

Valentine Frederick Lawless Cloncurry 1831 

James St. Vincent Saumarez De Saumarez 1831 

Thomas Denman Denman, P.O., Q.C.M.G., K.O.V.O. .. 1834 

Shelley Leopold Lawrence Scarlett Abinger 1835 

Philip Sidney De L'Isle & Dudley 1835 

Francis Denzil Edward Baring Ashburton 1835 

Edward George Percy Littleton Hatherton, G.M.G 1835 

Archibald Brabazon Sparrow Acheson Worlingham (E. of Gosford), K.P. .. 1835 V. Achesou 

Hallyburton George Campbell Stratheden & Jampbell 1836 

Geoffrev Henry Browne Oranmore & Browne 1836 

Simon Joseph Fraser Lovat. K.C.V.O., C. B., D.S.O 1837 

William Spencer Bateman-Hanbury Batenian 1837 

Algernon Hawkins Thomond Keith-Falconer.... Kintore (B. of Kintorej, P.C.G.aM.Q 1838 L. Falconer 

Derrick Warner William Westenra Rossmore 1838 

Robert Shapland George Julian Carew Carew (Lord Carew in Ireland) .... 1838 

William Ashley Webb Ponsonby De Mauley 1838 

Victor Alexander Wrottesley Wrottesley 1838 

Charles Douglas Richard Hanbury-Tracy Sudeley, P.C 1838 

Paul Sanford Methuen Methuen, G.C.B., G.C.V.O., C.M.G.... 1838 

Edward Lyulph Stanley Stanley of Alderley (L. Sheffield), P.O 1839 

Francis Dudley Leigh Leigh 1839 

Richd. Thompson La wley Wenlock, C.B 1839 

William Brownlow Lurgan, K.C.V.O 1839 

Thomas Spring Rice Monteagle of Brandon, K.P 1839 

Jolm Reginald Upton Colbome Seaton 1839 

John James Hamilton Dalrymple Oxenfoord, (E. of Stair) 1841 V. Dalrymplt 

George Crespigny Brabazon Vivian Vivian 1841 

John Brooke Molesworth Pamell Congleton 1841 

*George Leopold Bryan Belle w 1848 

victor A.e^a» Bruce P'&.£., la'SSslaJS: 1 18« L. Bruce 

Arthur Reginald French De Freyne 1861 

Prank Edward Sugden St. Leonards 1852 

George FitzRoy Henry Somerset Raglan, C.B 1862 

Valentine Charles Browne Kenmare (E. of Kenmare), a v.O . . . . 1856 V. Ca«tlero«g« 

Algernon Henry Strutt Belper 1866 

Richard Wogan Talbot Talbot de Malahide 1856 

Robert Wellesley Grosvenor Ebury 1867 

John Comptou Cavendish Chesham (a minor) 1868 

Frederic John Napier Thesiger Chelmsford. 0.C.M.0 1868 

John Reginald Lopes Yarde-Buller Churston, M.V.0 1868 

CUas. Henry Wyndham Lecoufleld 1869 


Title by Courtwy 
jjame. Title. Creation, of Eldest Son*. 

Courtenny OharlM Evan Morgan T'^®^'' '/;;•.;; }!S 

Alan de Tatton Esrerron Eyertou of Tatton 1^69 

Courtenay Percy Vernon ^•^'^'"'f" •'r^r'" " VV VA S 

Henry Cbarles Brougham ^r^'"^",*.7*'^^;^?;I•^•„••i:^; V 

•' , f h.mnaird (L. Kinuaird in Scot-\ ,^-« 

Arthur Fitzgerald Klnnaird | land), K.T j ^ 

Richard Lattrpll Pilkington Bethell Westbnry 1861 

Charles Paeet Fitzhardinge Berkeley Fitzhardinge lH6l 

LukeWhit^ Annaly. 18r3 

Wm Gaspard Guy Romilly RomiUy (a miwor) 18b5 

James Herbert Gustavus Meredyth Somerville . . Merc«lyth ( L. Athlumney). 1866 

™. 3,. _ . ( Kenry (KofDuuraven & Mount- ) ,o-.« -y ij-„ 

Windham Thomas Wyndham-Qum j ^arl), K.P.,r.C. (Irel.), CM.o. j 1»66 V. Adare 

Henry Power Charles Stanley Monck IVlonck (V. Monck ) 1866 

Charles Henry Chaudos Heuuiker-Major Hartismere (Lord Henniker) 1866 

Hylton Geo. Hylton Jolliffe Hylton . 1866 

Edwd. Sholto Douglas-Pennant Penrhyn 1866 

Gustavus Wm. Hamilton-Ru8«ell Bmncepeth (Viscount Boyne) 1866 

John Henry Trollupe Kesteven 1868 

ArthurWalsh Ormothwaite 18rt8 

Edward O'Neill ONeill 1868 

Robert William Napip.r Napier of MapdjUa 1868 

Jenico Edwd. Joseph Preston Gornianston (V. Qormanston) .... 1868 

•Thomas Kane McUlintook-Bunbury Rathilunuell 1868 

Alex. Graham Lawrence La\\Teiice 1869 

John Rogerson RoUo Dunning (L. Rollo) 1869 

Charles Noel Carnegie Baliuhard (E of Sonthesk) 18e9 L. Carnegie 

William Hare Hare (E of Listowel), a.P 1869 V. Euuisiuore 

Francis Edward Fitzalan-Howard Howard of G lossop 1869 

Bernard Edward Baniaby FitzPatrick Castletown, K.P.,r.C.,CM.0 1869 

Richard Maximilian Dal berg- Acton Acton, M.v.o 1869 

Frederick Glyn Wi.lvertou 1869 

Chas. Beresford Fulke Greville Greville 1869 

Maurice Herbert Towueley Towneley-O'Hagan . . Hagan 1870 

William Mansfield Sandhurst, P.C, O.CS. I., O.a I.E.. .. 1871 

Eras. EdWil. Basil Napier Etlrick (L. Napier & 1M7'2 

Bidney James At^ar iromerton ( K. of Normautou) 1873 V. Somerton 

Henry CaTEpbell Bruce Aberdare 1873 

Jag. Arthur FitzHerbert MoncreifE Moucreiff 1874 

Bernard John Seymour Coleridge Coleridge 1874 

Thomas William Gaston Moused Emly 1874 

Thomas Francis Fremantle Cottesloe 1874 

Herbert Stuart Pakiugton Hauiitton 1h74 

Charles Alexander DouKlas-Home Doug ias (R of Home), K.T. 1875 L. Dunglass 

Arthur George Maule Ramsay Ramsay ( E. of Dalhousie) 1876 L. Ramsay 

Henry William Crichton i *^TVT,^D s o^V. .?.\ J'.^ ^.?.!l' I 1876 V. Crichton 

Geo. Ralph Chas. Ormsby-Gore Harlech ..' '. 1876 

Humphrey Napier Sturt Alington, K.C.V.0 1876 

Bentley Lyonel John ToUemache ToUeniache 1876 

Frederic John Gerard Gerard 1876 

Lionel Edward Sackville-West Sackville 1876 

Charles Leigii Adderley Norton 1878 

Walter Bulkeley Barrington Shute (V. Barrington) 1880 

Lawrence William Palk, Haldon 1880 

Ivor Churchill Guest Wim borne, P.C 1880 

Arthur Edward Guinness Ardilaun.l 1880 

Chas. Wallace Alex Napier Cochrane-Baillie .... Lamiugton, G.C.M.G., G.O.I.E 1880 

Arthur William Hill-Trevor Trevor 1880 

Wyndham Wentworth Knatchbull-Hugessen .... Brabourue 1880 

Arthur Oliver Villiers Russell Ampthill, G.CS.i.. o.c.l. E 1881 

William George Hay Tweeddale, (M. of Tweeddale) 1881 E. of Giftord 

Donald James Mackay , i Reay (L. Reay in Scotland),* jggi 

„ , ' ' ( K.T., P.O., Q.a9.L,G.C.LE. j 

Harcourt Vanden Bempde-Johnstone Derwent 1881 

Henry James Tufton Hothfield 1881 

Dudley Churchill Marjoribankfl Tweedmouth, M.V.O., D.S.0 1881 

Hallam Tennyson Tennyson, p.c, q.c.m.q 1884 

James Ogilvie Grant Strethspev (Earl of Seafleld) 1884 V. Beidharen 

John William Dodson Monk Bretton, c.B 1884 

Walter Henry James Northbourn* 1884 


Title by Courtesy 
Kama. Title. Creation, of Eldest Som, 

Arthur Jncelyn Charles Gk)re Sndley (E. of Arran), K.P 1884 V. Sudley 

Mervyn Richard Wingtield Powerscoiirt, M.V.O.(V.Powerscourt) 1885 

Frederic Henley Northiiieton (L. Henley) 1885 

Nathaniel Meyer Kothschild Rothschild, P.C., G.C.V.0 1886 

John Baring Rerelstoke, P.O., O.C.V.0 1885 

Robert Alfred Hardcastle Collier Monkswell 1885 

William Gibson Ashbourne 1886 

Rowland Winn St. Oswald 1885 

Robert Wilfrid de Yarburgh-Bateson Derainore 1885 

John Walter Edwd. Douglas-Scott-Montagu .... Montaeu of Beaulieu 1885 

Sidney Herbert Elphinstone PSSid^ ^.^i . !\^.'^\°'*?.''.'. !? 1 1886 

Rlchd. Parrer Herschell Herschell, M. V.O. 1886 

Charles Wil iam Mills Hiliintrdou 1886 

Charles Allsopp Hiiidlip 1886 

Ernest William Beckett Grinithorpe 1886 

Hugh Grosvenor Stalbridge 1886 

B"«^.E•iwarde. \'''Z"^.JS''±!^T!:':\ ^^' 

Gavin Geo. Hamilton Hamilton of Dalzell, K.T , C.v o.... 1886 

Claude George Bowes-Lyon Bowes (Earl of strathmore &c.) .... 1887 L. Glamls 

Geo. Edmund Milnes Monckton-Arundel Monckton (V. Galway), C.B., T.D. .. 1887 

John Towiishend St. Auhyn St. Levan C.V.O., C.B 1887 

Dudley Stuart McGarel- Hogg ,. Maglieramorue 1887 

George Limbrey Sclater-Booth Basing, CB 1887 

William Henry Fi'l'ioWKS De RHtnsev 1887 

Herbert Francis Baton Clieylesniore, ILC. V.0 1887 

Egerton Hubbard Ad'lingtnn 1887 

John Savile-Lumley-Savile Savile, K.C.V.0 1888 

George Stephen Mount Stephen, O.C.V.0 1891 

Samuel Cunlitf e Lister Masham 1891 

George Cubitt Ashcombe, P.C 1892 

Rev. Sholto Douglas Campbell Blythswood 1892 

Wdliam Brooks Crawsba w 1892 

Thomas Wodehouse Legh NeMton 1892 

Henry Lyle .MullioUand Dunleath 1892 

Jolin Maclean Rolls Llangattock 1892 

George James Playfair Play fair, c.V.O 1892 

Ernest Ambrose Vivian Swansea 1893 

Thomas Cecil Farrer Farrer 1893 

Geo. Artriur Maurice Hamilton-Gordon Stanmore 1893 

Reginald Earle VVelby Welby. pc, G.C.B 1894 

Edwd. Douglas Loch Loch. M.V.O., D.8.0 18.45 

James Williamson A.shton 1895 

Herbert Coulstoun Gardner Burghciere, P.O 1895 

David Robt. Plunket Rathmore, P.C 1895 

Alban Geo. Henry Gibbs Aldenliam 1896 

Edward Heneage Heneage, P.C 1896 

Hercules Arthur Temple Robinson Rnsmead 1896 

Alexander Smith Kinnear Kinnear, p.r 1897 

David Boyle Fairlie (E. of Glasgow), Q.C.M.o 1897 V. Kelburn 

Hugh Richard Dawnay j ^^^j^'/^^c. li .^???!!'!'. .^.™;: 1 ^^^^ 

Henry Ludlow Lopes Ludlow 1897 

Hans Wellesley Hamilton Holm Patrick 1897 

James Oleland Burns Invprclvde 1897 

James Henry Cecil Hozier Newlands 1898 

Horace Brand Farquhar Farquliar, P.C. O.C.V.0 1898 

J osslyn Fras. Pennington Miincaster(L. Muncaster in Ireland) 1898 

fGeo. Nathaniel Curzon \'''^;^S'^^X^^::^c:iS} ^«^8 V- Scandal. 

Joseph Henry Russell Bailey Glanusk, C.B., D.S.0 1899 

Bertram Francis (4urdon Cranworth 1899 

John Birkbeck Lubbock A vebury 1900 

tNathaniel Lindley Lindley, P.C 1900 

Martin Henry Fitzpatrick Morri« Killanin ]9i'0 

Patrick Balfour ,. Kinross 1902 

Ughtred James Kay-Shuttleworth Shuttleworth. P.C- 1903 

William Lawies Jackson Allerton, PC 1903 

Arthur Hugh Smith-Barry Barrymore, P.C 1903 

rrwcii WaUaca Grwtell GrenfeU, P.c. (Ir»l.),o.CB., o.CM.a. liK)2 


Title by Courtpey 
Name. Title. Oreatlon. of Blde«t Sonn. 

Algernon Bertram Preeman-Mitford Redesdale, o.c. v.o. , K.o. B 1902 

BdwardLawson Burnham K.C.v.0 1903 

Michael Biddulph Biddulph 1903 

Geo. Thos. John Sotheron-Bstcourt Bstcourt 1903 

Wm. Hy. Armstrong FitzPatrick Watson- Arm- ) Armstrong 1903 

strong f ,„„- 

Andrew Graham Mmray Dunedin, P.C , K.c.V.o 1905 

Alexander John Forbes-Leith Leith of Fyvie 1905 

*John Atkinson Atkinson, P.C 1906 

Charles Ritchie Ritchie of Dundee 1906 

Thos. Henry Sanderson Sanderson, G.C.B., K.C.M.O., I.S.O. . . 1905 

William Hood Walrond Waleran, P.C 1906 

Henry Meysey Meysey- Thompson Knaresborough 1906 

Alfred Charles Harmsworth NorthclifiEe 1!108 

HerbertStem . . . Michelham, K.CV.o 1906 

Edmund Beckett Faber Faber 1906 

William Henry Grenfell Desborouph, K c.V.0 1905 

Bdmond Geo. Petty Fitzmauriee Fitzmaurice, p.c 1906 

Philip Jaa. Stanhope Weardale 1906 

Arthur Divett Hayter Haversham, P.C 1906 

Stanhope Charles John Hemphill Hemphill 1906 

James Joicey Joicey 1906 

Charles Henry Wellesley Wilson Nunbarnholme, D.s.o 1906 

Edward Arthur Colebrooke Colebrooke, P c, C. V.O 1906 

Leonard Henry Courtney Courtney of Peuwith, P.C 1906 

Geo. John Shaw-Lefeyre Bversley, P.C 1906 

Wm. Jas. Pirrie Pirrie, K.P., P.C 1906 

John Jones Jenkins Glantawe 1906 

George Armitstead Arm'tstead 1906 

Albert Ernest Kitson Airedale 1907 

Louis Samuel Montagu Swavthling 1907 

James Blyth Blyth 1907 

Alexander Peckover Peckover of Wisbech 1907 

Antony Patrick MacDonnell . . . , MacDonnell, P.O., G.C.S.I., K.C.V.O.. 1908 

George Whiteley Marchamley, P.C 1908 

Ernest lllingworth Holden H olden of Alston 1908 

John Wynford Philipps St. Davids, p.c 1908 

John Sinclair Pentland, P.O., G.C.I.E 11*09 

Henry Gorell Barnes Gorell lf)09 

JThomas Shaw Shaw of Dunfermline, P.C 19« 9 

Hamilton John Apmondeeham Cuflfe Desart(Earl of Desartl.P.C, K.O.B.. IflOO V. Castlecuffe 

John Arbuthnot Fisher Fisher, cm., g.C.b., g.C. V.o Ifl09 

Arthur Godley Kilbracken, G.C.B ls<09 

John thas. Bigham Mersey, P.C 1910 

John Poynder Did* son-Poynder Islington, P.C, G.C.M.G., D.S.O 1910 

Richard Knight Causton South wark, P.C. 1910 

Balthazar Stephen Sargant Foster Ilkeston 1910 

Hudson Ewbanke Kea'ley Devonport, P.C 1910 

Wee- man Dickini-on Pearson Cow.lray 1910 

William Henry Holland Rotherh.'im 1910 

Marmaduke Fumess Furness 1910 

Freeman Freeman-Thomas Willingdon. G.C.I.E 1910 

i Hardiuge of Peushurst, P.C, ) 

Charles Hardin ge J G m.s.i., g.m.i.e., Q.c.b., > 1910 

( Q.C.M.O., l.s.o 3 

Charles Percy de Villiers de Villiers 1910 

J William Saowdon Robson Robson of Jesraond, P.O., G CM O . . 1910 

Edward Priaulx Tennant Gleucmuer.. 1911 

Edmund Somerset Butler Mountgarret (V. Mountgarret) .... 1911 

Coas. B njamiu Bright McLaren Abarconway, p.c, 1911 

Alex. FuUer-Acland-Hood St Au Iries. P.C 1911 

( Stamf >rdham, P.C, G.C.I.E.,) 

Arthur John Bigge i G.C v.o., K.c B., K.C.S.I., S 1911 

( K.c M.G., I.S O ) 

Herbert Clark Lewis Merthvr 1911 

James Lyle Mackay J ^K c?E ^'^ ^•^" ^^.S I., ) ^^^^ 

Archibald Cameron Corbett Rowallan *.'.*.',*.... 1911 

Thomas Gair As iton AshtonofHsde !.'....!.,.!. 1911 

Godfrey Rathbone Benson Charnwood.". 19U 

Alfred Emmott Emmott, p.c. O.C.M.O' 1911 


Title Vv Conrlcsj 
^ams. Titl9. Oreatiou. of Eldest Sons* 

Edward Strachey Strachle, P.C 1911 

Thomas David Gibson-Carmichael Gartnichael, G.CI.E., K.C.M.(} 1912 

Alfred Thomas Pontypridd 1912 

Samuel Hope Morley Hollenden 1012 

Chas. Ernt st Alfred French Somerset Butler Bntler (E. of Carrick) 191 2 V. Ikerrin 

William Gustavus Nicholson Nicholson, G.C.B 1912 

Francis Alliston C^iauning Channing of ^Vellingborough 1912 

Alex. Wm. Chas. Oliphant Murray Murray of Elibank, p. c 1912 

John Fletcher Moulton Mo -Iton of Bank, P.C 1912 

Thomas Banks Borthwick Whitburgh 1912 

^ f, 3 V /-,. L ( Syleuham of Ooombe, a.C.S.1., ) imo 

Cteo. Sydenham Clarke | a.c.M.a,, ac.i.E... .) 

George Kemp Rochdale 1913 

tRobert John Parker Parker of Waddington, P.C l!'13 

JJohn Andrew Hamilton Sumner, P.C 1913 

Bufus Daniel Isaacs Reading, P.C, K.C.V.0 1914 

Alexander Ure Strathcl>de, P.C li>14 

Charles Alfred Oripps Parmoor. P.«'., K.C.V.O., K.C 1914 

Harold Sidney Harmsworth Rothermere 1914 

Herbert Hardy Cozens-Hardy Cozens-Hardy, p.c 1914 

Edear Vincent D'Abernon, K.C.M. a 1914 

John Fielden Brocklehurst Banksborous^h, C.V.O., C B 1914 

Leonard Lyell Lyell 1914 

) Sits also aa Earl Curzon of Eedleston, in the Peerage of the United Kingdom, and is counted with the Earls. 



The dates given are those of their creation as Peers of Ireland but they only rank as Peers of the United Kingdom 

from the Union, 1st January, 1801. 


Anthony Francis Nugent Westmeath, P.c Ifi21 L. Delvin 

Henry Chas Pousonby Mocre Drogheda 16:J1 V.Moore 

Ivo Francis Walter Bligh Daniley j^.^^ ^ L.^n fton of Rath- 

Chas. John Briu'ley Butler Lanesbnrough, M.V.0 1756 L, Newtown-Butler 

Dermot Robert Wyndham Bourke- Mayo. K.P., P.C l'S5 L. Naas 

Ralph Francis Ho wara Wicklow 17H3 L. Clonmore 

George Chas. Bingham Lucan 1795 L. Bingham 

James Francis Bernard B indon, K. P 1800 V. Bernard 

William Edwd. Parsons Rosse 1806 L. < 'xinantown 

Francis Charles Needham Kilmorey, K.P 1822 V. iNev\ ry & Mom 


YvoRichd. Vesey De Vesci 1776 

Maxwell Richd. Croshie Ward Bangor 17SI 

Hy.Edwd.Montagu DoringtonClotworthy Upton . . Tenipletown 1806 


Lucius Wm. O'Brien Inchiquin 1543 

Arthur Kenlis Maxwell Farnham 17.',6 

John Thoma<» William Massy Massy 1776 

Hamilton Matthew Tilsou Fitzmaurice-Dean - ) w„^, „^ ,_a, 

Morgan ) MusKerry 1781 

John Edwd. Deane Browne KHmaine '. 1789 

LukeOeraid Ullon ClouOrock, K.P., P.C 17!«0 

Hercules Kdward Rowley Langford, K.C.V.0 1800 

Henry O'Callaghan Prittie DuuHlley isoQ 

Frederick Ohver Trench Ash- own ISoo 

Albert Edward Handcock ( astlemaine 1S12 

John Graham Hope De la Poer Beresford Uefis.DS.0 1S12 

Gtenffrey Henry Browjie Uranmore and Browne 1836 

Qeoge Le>poM Bryan Hellew 1>4S 

Thomas Kaue McCliutock-Bunbury RHtridouuell 1868 

5Geo. Nathaniel Curzon J ^ Q.l°L.,°ic.Kf ''.'!°!':. .."If '! i ^^^^ V. Soartdale 

J Sits also as Earl Curzon of Kedleston in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. 




The dates givsn are those of their creation as Scotch Peers, bat they only rank as Pears of Great Britain 

from the Union, 1st Jiay, 1707. 


Title by Courtesy 
jf jjjjjg Title. Creation, of Eldest Sons. 

John Francis Erskine-GoodeVe-Erskine Mar Before 1404 L. Garioch 

Normau Evelyn Leslie R-thes UJ7 L. Les le 

Sholto George Watson Doutjlas Morton U_>S L. A to dour 

Walter John Francis Krskiae Mar & l^elhe, K.T 15<.-» V. f enton 

6eorK'eBaillie-Hiiuiiltou-.^den H=iddington. K.T Ibl."^ LBinnng 

Fredorick Henry Maitland Lauderdale 024 V. ^aiMand 

David John* ^arncie Norilie:»k 1647 L. RosehiU 

Douglas Mackinnon BailUe flamUton Cochrane . . DunJonald. K.c. B., K.C. V.0 1669 L. Cochrane 

Byron Plantagenet Gary Falkland 1620 


Alexander William Frederick Fraser Saltoun 144« 

CliarleH William St. Clair Sinclwir M49 

John P( Sempill Se.npili 1»89 

James Waiter Sundilands Torplichen 1 64 

.,:,„.. T. S Balfour of Burleigh, K.T., P.C , ) ,-rt7 

Alexander Hugh Bruce j mj.M.u ,. | I®*'* 

Alexander Chas. Hamilton Belhaven and Steuton 1647 

(One vacancy) 



Date of Date of 
Title. Rank. Name. coming crea- 

of age. tion. 

Bolingbroke Viscount Vernon Hy. St. John 1017 1712 

Carletou Baton Bichd. Bernard Boyle (F,. of Shannon) 1918 1786 

Carlisle Earl Geo. Josslyn L'K.htranwe Howard 191« 16fil 

Cawdor Earl Jr.lin Duncan Vau^hnu Campbell 1921 1827 

Chesham Baron John Compton Cavendish 191'> 18-)8 

De Clifford Baron Hdwd. Southwell Russell 1928 1299 

Fi;herwick Baron Edwd. Arthur Donald St. George Hamilton Chichester 

(M. of D.neRall) 1924 1790 

Gnge Baron Henry Reginald Gage ( V. Gage) 1916 1790 

Lathom Earl Edwil. Wm. Bootle-Wilbnliam 1916 1880 

Roniilly Baron William Gaspard Guy Roinilly 1S20 1865 

Stamford Earl Poser (irey 1917 1628 

Ty rone Baron John Chas. de la Poer Beresford (M. of Waterford; 1923 1786 


Name. Title. Creation. 

Mary Frances Dawson (wife of Hon. Anthony L. Dawson) Barone's de Ros 1264 

Marcia Amelia Mary Pelham (wife of Earl of Yarborough) { ^roSSs' S^""'!:!..: •.:::::::: \m 

Mary Frances Katherine Petre Tonly chi'd of U Baron Petre) B'ronesa Furnivtll (o minor) 1295 

Darea Curzon (only daughter of 1 1 B:iron Zonche) Baroness Zouche 1308 

Mona J.ipephine Tempest atapletou (wiie of Hon. Bernard B. f t,„,„„_„ t,„„,.„„„* /-„ .„i„«,\ isaq 

Fityalan Howard) j Baroness Beaumont (o minor).. .. 1309 

Violet Ida Kvelyn Herbert ( wife of earl of Powis) .',. Baroness Darcy da Knayth 1588 

Eva Mary Fitzhardiuge Foley (wife of Maj. Frank Wigram Foley, f Baroness Berkeley 1431 

Emma Harriet Tyrw liitt (widow of Pir Hy. Thos. Trrwhltt, bart. ) Baroness Bemers 14M 

Ada Mai y MUbani* (ouly child at 3 Earl oi Lovelace)- Baronesa W«ntwortl» IM» 


Name. Title. Creation. 

Elizabeth Adeline Mary Bllgh (only child of 7 Earl of Darnley) . . . . { ^ B?om?vvSd?a mi^r)^^5.^!^.'? } ^^^^ 

Sibell Lilian Bluiit^M-ickenzie (wife of Maj. Edwd. Walter Blunt- ) countess of Cromartie 1861 

Mackenzie, R. A.) ) 

Frances Garnet Wolseley (onlv chil 1 of 1 Viscount Wol^eley) Viscountess Wolseley 1885 

Susan A.-nes Vlacdouald (widow of Right Hon. .Sir John Macionald ) Baroness Macdonald of Bamsclifle 1891 

bart. a.c. b. ) ) 

Marv Rothes Marearet Cecil .wife of L>rl VVm. Cecil, C.V.O.) .... Baroness Araherst of Hackney .... 1^92 

Nellie Lisa Bail lie (wife of Jas Evan B. BaiHie. M.v.o.) Baroness Burton 1897 

Henrietta Anne Car leton (wife of Maj.-Genl. Richd. Langford ) 3 j^^^.^,^ ^^j. jg^q 

Lier-Carlet/)n) S 

Prince-8 Alexandra Victoria Alberta Fdwina Louise (wife of H.R.H. ) T>.iMi«.a of T?ifo lonn 

P.iuce Arthurof i'..iuiau^'iit. K.o., K.l'.. P.C.. 0.(\v.-).) j i^ucness 01 rue iwu 

Margaret Cluu-lotte Howard (wife of Robt. J. B. Howard. M.D.) . . j ^ Koyar.f.'f!!'!!'??.''.*?^.^.'!"?.* ! ^^^^ 

Aileen Mary Eoberts (eld. dau of F.M. 1 Earl Roberts. K.Q., J Count^8sRob«rtV'*! !!!!!!.'..!.. 1901 


Elected December 1910. 






Total 670 

SPEAKER, The Right Honorable Jas. Wm. Lowther. 

Deputy-Chairman op Committees, Donald Maclean. 

ENGLAND & WALES (495 Members). 

A.NQLK9EA. North Wales. 
Rt. Hon. Bills Jones Griffith, K.C. 


Sir William Maxwell Aitken, knt. 

ASTON Manor, Warwickshire. 
Bvelyn Cecil 

Barrow-in-Furness, Lanc$. 
Charles Duncan 

Lord Alex. Geo. B. Thyune & Sir 

ChaB. R. Hunter, bart. 

Battersea &, Clapham, Surrey. 
Batter sea Division. — Rt. Hon. John 

Clapham Division.— GeoTge Deuison 

Faber, c.B. 

Fredk. Geo. Kellaway 

The N. or Bigqleswade Division.— 

Arthur Wm. Black 
The S. or Luton Division. — Cecil 

Bisshopp Harmsworth 

The N. or Abingdon Division.— 'iJL&i. 

Harold G. Henderson 
The S. or Newbury Division.— Wm. 

Arthur Mount 
The E. or WokingMm Division.— 

Ernest Ganlner 

Bethnal Green. 
The North East Z>ici«on.— Sir Edwin 

A. Cornwall, knt. 

The South West DivLvon-'Ma.]. Sir 

Mathewr R. H. Wilson, bart., CS.l. 
Birkenhead, Cheshire. 
Alfred Biglaud 
Birmingham, Warwicksh. The Edg- 

baston Division.— Sir Fras. Wm. 

Lowe, knt. 
The West Division.— "Rt, Hon. J. 

Austen Chamberlain 
7 he Central Division. — Ebenezer 

The North Division. — John Throg- 

morton Middlemore 
The East Dirixion. - Arthur H. D. 

T?ie Bordesley Division. — Rt. Hod. 

Jesse Ceilings 
me South Division.— Leopold 0. M. 

S. Amery 

Blackburn. Lancashire. 
Philip Snowden & SirHenry Norman, 

Bolton. Lancashire. 
Thos. Taylor & Robt. Tootill 

Boston. Lincolnshire. 
Chas. Harvey Dixon 

Bradford, Yorkshire. 
The West Division.— Fredi. Wm. 

The Ceiural Z>i»mon. —Sir Geo. Scott 

Robertson, K.C s.l. 
The East Division.— Sir Wm. Edwin 

Brlggd Prieotley, knt. 

Sidney Robinson 

Brighton, Sussex. 
Capt. Geo. C. Try on & Charles 


The West Division.— QeoTge Abraham 

T'teNorth Division.— Ut. Hon. Augus- 
tine Birrell, K.C 

The East Division.— m. Hon. Chas. 
Edwd. Hy. Hobhouse 

The South Division.— Sir Wm. Howell 
Davies, knt. 

2%e Noith or Buckingham Division. 

—Sir Harry Calvert Williams 

Yerney, bart. 
The Mid or Aylesbury Division. — 

Lionel Nathan de Rothschild 
The South or Wurombe Division. — 

Wm, Baring Du Pre 

Burnley, Lancashire. 

Philip Morrell 

Bury, Lancashire. 
Sir Geo. Toulmin, knt. 

Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk 
Hon. Walter Edwd. Guinness 

CamberwELL, CO. London. 
The North Division. — Tit . Hon. Thos. 

Jus. MaciiKmara, LL.D. 
The Heck him Z>tr i*iV)w. — AlbionHenry 

Herbert Richardson 
The Dulicich Division.— Fredk. Hall 

Almerlo Hugh Paget 

Cambridge University. 
John Fredk. P. Rawlinson, K.C. & Sir 
Joseph Larmor, knt. 

The iV. or' Wisbech Division.— 'Kon. 

Neil Jas. A. Primrose 
T?ie W. or Chesterton Division,— Hon. 

Edwin Samuel Montagu 
The E. or Neicmarket Division.— J. 

C. D. Denison-Pender 

Francis Bennett Goldney 

Oardipp District (comprising 
Cardiff, Cowbridge, Llantrissant, 
Aberdare, Llandaff), Glamorgan' 

Lord Ninian E. Crichton-Stuart 

Matthew L. Vanghan Davles 

Carlisle. Cumberland. 
Hon. Richd. Douglas Denman 

Carmarthen & Llanelly, 

Ca rmarthenshire. 

Wm. Llewellyn William?, K.C. 


The E. Division.— Hey. Josiah Towyn 

The W. Division.— John Hinds 

Carnarvon District {comprising 
Carnarvon, Conway, Criccieth, 
Pwllheli, Bangor dc Nevin'), Car- 

Rt Hon. David Lloyd George 

The S. or Eifion Z>i»mon.— Ellis Wm. 

The N. or Arf on Division. — Wm. Jones 

Chatham, Kent. 
G-erald Fitzroy Hohler, K,c. 

Chelsea, co. London. 
Samuel John Gurney Hoare 


Colchester, Essex. 
Laming Worthington Evans 

The W. or St. Ives Division.— Sir 

Clifford John Cory, bart. 
The N. W. or Camborne Division.— 

Francis Dyke Acland 
The Truro Division.— Geo. Hay 

Morgan, K.C. 
The Mid or St. Austell Division.— 

Hon. T. C. R. AgarRobartes 
The S. E. or Bodmin Division.— Lt.- 

Gen. Sir R. Pole-Oarew, K.C.B., 

The N. E. or Launceston Division.— 

Sir Geo. Croydon Marks, knt. 

Coventry, Warwickshire. 
David Marshall Mason 

Croydon. Surrey. 
Ian Zachary Malcolm 

The N. or Eskdale Z>it>i*f on. —Claude 

W. H. Lowther 
The Mid or Penrith Division.— m.. 

Hon. Jas. Wm. Lowther 
The Cockermouth Division. — Sir 

Wilfrid Lawson, bart. 
The W. or Egremont Division.— Ja.?. 

Augustus Grant 

Darlington, Durham. 
Herbert Pike Pease 

Denbigh District (comprising 
Denbigh, Holt, Ruthin «k Wrex- 
ham), Denbighshire. 

Hon. Wm. G. A. Ormsby-Gore 

The East Division.— Edwd. T. John 
The West Division.Sir John Herbert 
Roberts, bart. 

Deptpord, CO. London, 
Chas. Wm. Bower man 

Sir Thomas Roe, knt. & Jas. Hy. 

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. 
Jas. Tynte Agg-Gardner 
TTjtf Wirral Division. — Ger shorn 

The Eddisbury Division. — Harry 

The Macclesfield Division.— U.-CkA. 

Wm. B. Brocklehurst 
The Creice Division. — Ernest Craig 
The Northicich Division. — John 

Fowler Leece Brunner 
The Altriiicham Division.— G. G. 

Clements Hamilton 
The Hade Division. — Francis Neilson 
The Knutsford Division. — Lt.-Col. 

Alan John Sykes 

Robt. Armstrong Yerburgh 

Ohristchurch, Hampshire. 
H«nry Page Croft 


The High Peak Division. — Samuel 

The N.E. Division.— "Lt.-QoX. Geo. R. 

Hafhmd Bowden 
The Chesterfield Division. — Barnett 

The W. Z)i»mo7i.— Earl of Kerry, 

m.v.o., d.s.o. 
The Mid Division. — John Greorge 

The Ilkeston Division. — Co]. Rt. Hon. 

John E. B. Seely, D.s.o. 
The S. Division. — Sir Herbert Hy. 

Raphael, bart. 

Sir John Ja'-kson, knt., C.V.O. & Sir 
Clement Kinloch-Oooke, knt 

T?u E. or Honiton Division.— Ma]. 
Arthur Clive Morrison-Bell 


The iV. E. or Tiverton Division.— 

Hon. Wm. Lionel Ohas. Walrond 
The N. or S. Molt on Division.— Hi. 

Hon. Q«orge Lambert 
The N. W. or Barnstaple Division.— 

Sir Godfrey Baring, bart. 
The W. or Tavistock Division.— Sir 

John Ward Spear, knt. 
The S. or Totnes Division.— Fr&ncie 

Bin?ham Mildmay 
The Torquay Division.— Col. Chas. 

Rosdew Bum 
77ie Mid or Ashburton Division. — 

Capt. Ernest Fitzroy Morrison-Bell 

Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 
Rt. Hon. Walter Runciman 

The Northern Z)i»<Mon.— Sir Randolf 

Littlehales Baker, bart. 
The Eastern Division. — Capt. Hon. 

Frederick Edward Guest 
The Southern Division. — Angus 

Valdimah Hambro 
The Western Division.— Ooi. Robt. 


Dover, Kent. 
Vicount Duncauuon 

Dudley, Worcestershire. 
Sir Arthur S. T. Griffith-Boscawen, 

John Waller Hills 

Durham (County). 
The Jarr'ow Division.— G(^hey Mark 

The Houghton-le- Spring Div.- Thos. 

Edwd. Wing 
The Chest er-le-Street Division.— John 

Wilkinson Taylor 
The North Western Division.— 

Aueurin Williams 
Tiie Mid Division.— John Wilson 
The South Eastern Division.— Ey an 

The Bishop Auckland Division.— Sir 

Hy. S. M. Havelock- Allan, bart. 
The Ba rnard Castle Division. — Arthur 


The S. W. or Walthamsfow Division. 

— Rt. Hon. Sir John Allsebrook 

Simon, K.C.V.O., K.C. 
The S. or Romford Division.— Sir 

John Hy. Bethell, bart. 
The W. or Epping Division.— Col. 

Rt. Hon. A melius Richd. Mark 

Lockwood, CV.O. 
The N. or Saffron Walden Division.— 

A. Cecil Tyrrell Beck 
ITie N. E. or Hancich Division.— 

Harry Kottirgham Newton 
TJie E. or Maldon Division. — Sir J, 

Fortescue Flannery, bart. 
The Mid or Chelmxford Division.— 

Ernest G«oree Pretj man 
The S E. Division. Hon. Rupert 

Edwd. 0. L. Guinness, C.B., C.M.Q. 

Henry Edward Duke, K.O. 

Falmouth. See Penryn <t Falmouth. 

FINSBURY. CO. London. 
The Holbo?-n Division.— Jas. Far- 

quharson Remnant 
The Central Division.— M&j. Martin 

Archer-Sbee, D.s.o. 
The East Division.— Jsfb. Allen Baker 

FLINT District (compHsing Flint. 
Cacrgirrle, Cnerwys, Overtvn, 
Rhyddlan. Holywell, Mold Jt St. 
Asaph). Flintshire. 

Thoa. Henry Tarry 


Rt. Hon. John Herbert Lewis 

FOLHAM, CO Lmdon. 
l?t. Hon. \Vm. Hajes Fisher 

G-ATK3iiEAn, ro. Durham. 
Sir Harold Elverston, kut. 

The Eastern Division.— Allen Clement 

The Rtiondda Division. — Rt. Hon. 

Wm Abraham 
The W. or Gower Division.— John 

TheMid Division.— 3n. HnghEdwanis 
The Southern Division. — VV m Brace 

Qlodcesteh, Gloucestershire. 
Henry Terrell, K.c. 

The Mid or Stroud Division.— Tit. 

Hon. Chas, Peter Allen 
The N. orTeirkesburv Division. — Hon. 

Michael Hugh Hicks Beach 
The E. or Cirencester Division. — Hon. 

Allen B. Batliurst 
The Forest of Dean Division.— Henry 

The S. or Thomhury Division.— 

Athelstan Reudall 

Grantham, Linrx)lnshire. 
Sir Arthur Priestley, knt. 

Gravesekd, Kent. 
Sir Gilbert Parker, knt. 

GREEN'wrCH &c. CO. London. 
Ion Hamilton Benu 

Grimsby (C/w/), Lincolnshire. 
Thomas George Tickler 

Hackney, co. London, 
The North Division. — Walter Ray- 
mond Greene 
The Central Division.— Rt, Hon. Sir 

Albert Spicer, bart. 
The South Division.— Hector Morison 

Halifax. Yorkshire. 
Rt Hon. John Hy. Whitley & Jas. 
Hammersmith, co. London. 
Sir WUliam Bull, knt. 

Hampshire (exclusive of the Isle of 

t%e y. or Basingstoke Divirion.— 

Arthur Clavtll Salter, k.c. 
The W. or Andover Division, — Capt. 

Walter YaYasoor Fab«r 


The E. or Peters field Division.— Co\. 

VVm. G. Nicholson 
Thf S.or Farehtim Division,— Arthur 

Hamilton Lee 
T'le .v>»f Fornst Division.— "Walter 

Frank Perkins 

Ha-MPstkad. «o. London. 
John Samuel Fletcher 

HANLKY, iitarfordshire. 

Robt. Leonard Outhwaite 

The Hartlbpools. Durham. 
Sir Walter Ruuciman, birt. 

HASTiNas. Stssex. 
Arthur Philip du Cros 

Wm. Albert S. llewins 

The If. or Le>minst-r Divisioiu-lij. 

Fitz Herbert Wright 
The S. or H'lxf Divuioa.—Ca,pt. Percy 
Archer Clive 

ne N. or Hitchin Division.— Lot6 

(B. A.) Robert Cecil, K.c. 
The E. or Herir„r,i JHvUion.— Sir 

John F. L. Kollcston, k. t 
The .Hid or .St. .Mlmn* /Hrijiioa. — Sil 

Edwd. Hildred Curlilc, kut. 
The W. or W. I I/O rd Division.— Amoi'd 

Sand with VVard 

HcPDERSKrELn. Yorkshire. 
Arthur James Sherwell 

HVhh ( Kingston u.^on), Yorkshire. 
The East Division. — ^t. Hon. Thomas 

Robinson Ferens 
The Central Z>irmon.— Lt.-Col. Sir 

Mark Sykes, bart. 
Thf >r»'i^Z>irwi<m.— Hon.GuyGreville 

Wilson, u.«.o. 

The S. or Huntingdon Division. — 

John Cator 
The. N. or Ramsey Division.— Oliver 

S. LocKer-Latnpson 

Hytbe, Kent. 
Sir Philip A. G. D. Sassoon, bart. 

Ipswich, Suffolk. 
Sir Daniel Ford Goddard, knt. & 
Fras. J. C. Ganzoni. 

Islington, co. London. 
The North Division.— Q. A. Touche 
The East Division.— Geo. Heynes 

The iVest Division.— B.t. Hon.Thomas 

The South Division.— ThoB. Wiles 

Kensington, co. London. 
The North Division.— Alan Hughes 

TKe South Division.— "Lord ClaudJohn 


The W, or Sereno'.'MDivision.— 'Reniy 

Wm. Forater 
The N. W. or Dartford Division.— 

James Rowlands 

The S. W. or Tunhridge DtDiHon.-^ 

Capt H. H. Spcndpr-Clay 
The if id or Medioay Division,— Qol. 

Cha5. Edwd. Warde 
The .V. E or Fave'stinm Division,"— 

Granville Charles H. Wheler 
T/te S. or Division.— Rt. 

Hon. Laurence Hanly 
Thf E. or .V. A^i xuiive's Division.— 

Ronald John McNeill 
Thf Isle of Th'iin'i /[>i .-iiion.— Norman 

Carlyle Craig. K.C. 

KinnK'tMixsTKR. Worcestershire. 
Eric Aybhfurd Knight 

K I N ? 's L V N .N , Norfolk. 
Holcombe Ingleby 

Lambeth, CO. London. 
The Sort fi thiision.-'ilaj. Wm. Hy. 

Houghton Gastrell 
The \rnninaton Division. — Sir 

Stephen Collins, knt. 
TTie Hrixton Division. — Davison 

The .Vorivond /)i'*>.non. — Sir Harry 

Simon Samuel, knt. 

Lan'cashikk (North). 
The yorff,r^iv.Hd,i It Division.- George 

Bahr Haddock 
Thf Lanr.a.%ier Dirision.—Sir Nerval 

Watson Helmp, knr. 
The lilarkpool Z>frmo«.— WilfridWm. 

ThfChorlPv DiriHon.- Sir Ey. Flem- 

miug Hibbert, knt. 

Lancashire (North-East). 

The Dartcen Division.— John Ruther- 

The aitheroe Division.— Albert Pmith 

Thf Accrinatnn Division. — Haiold 
Trevor Baker 

Tlie Ros.tfnd<ile Dirision.-'Rt Hon. 
Lewis Harcourt 

Lancashire (South-east). 
The West Houghton Division.- Vfrn. 

Tyson Wilson 
The'Heyicood Z>»ci*um.— Harold Thos. 

The ifiitdlftnn Diri.non.— Sir Wm. 

Rylnnd Dent Adklns, knt. 
T/ie fiadclitf-cum- Fa rn worth Division, 

— Theodore C. Taylor 
The Eccles Division. - Sir Geo. Herbert 

Pollard, kTit., M D. 
TheSt ret ford Oirinon. — Harrr Nnttall 
The Gorton Division. — John Hodge 
The Prestwict, Z>t»t«on.— Sir Frederick 

Cawley, bart. 

Lancashire (South-West). 
The South) ort Division.- Lt.-Col. 

Godfrey Dalrymple White 
TheOrmsicirk Division.— Hon. Arthur 

Stanley, M.V.O. 
77ie Boot If Division. — Rt. Hon. 

Andrew Bonnr 
27!^ Wi.Jn«> Division.— Col. Wm. HftQ 

The Newton Division.^yisconnt 

Thf Inct ZXvWon.— Stephen Walsh 


Leigh DivtsioH.—Petet Wilson 
LBAMllfGTOX. See Warwick, 


The iVorth Z>t»wJort. —Rowland Hirst 

The Central Division.— Uoht. Armi- 

The East Z)j«iiiou.— James O'Grady 

The West Division,— Thos. Edmund 

The South Division.— WiWiam Middle- 

Jas. Ramsay Macdouald & Gordon 
Hewart, K.C. 

The E. or Melton Divi4on.—Col. 

Chas. E. Yate, C.S.I., C.M.G. 
2'he Mid or Loughbnro' Division.— Sir 

Maurice Levy, bart. 
The IV. or Boswo/th Division. — Hon. 

Henry Duncan McLaren 
The S. or Harhoroiujh Division. — 

John William Logan 

Lewisham. CO. Lo>'don. 
Maj. Sir Edwd.Feetliam Coates,bart. 

Chas. Hy. Roberts 


The West Lindsey or Oninshorough 
Division.— Geo. J. Bentham 

The Xorlh Limiseu or Briifo Division. 
—Sir W. Alfred Gelder, knt. 

The East Lindxen or Louth Division. — 
Timothy Davios 

The South Liudsev or Homcastla 
Z)trmott.— Mhj.W. E.g. Archibald 

The A'o7'lh Kesteren or Sleaford 
Division.— "Eilmvtnd Royds 

The South Kesteten or Stamford 
Division.— ^la.]. Hon, Claud Heath- 
cote Drummond Willoughby 

_y/w Holland or St>alding Division. — 
^on. Fras. W. S. McLaren 

Kirkdale Division.— Col. Gerald 

Kyffln- Taylor 
The Walton //irmon.- Rt.Hou.Fredk. 

Edwin Smith, K.C. 
The Evert on Division.— Sir Jolin 

Sutherland Harmond-Banner,kiit. 
The West Derby JHvision.—W'm. W. 

The Scotland Division. — Thomas 

Power O'Connor 
2%tf Exchiinge Division. — Leslie 

Frederic Scott, K.c. 
The Ahercrnmhij Division. — Col.Richd. 

Godolphin W. Ohalnner 
The East Toxteth Division.— "Edvfd. 

Marstiall-ITall, K.C. 
The West Toxteth Division. —Uobt. 

Fateraon Houston 

London, The City of. 
Rt. Hon. Arthur Jas. Balfour & Sir 
Fredk. G. Banbury, bart. 

London Untversity. 
Sir Philip Magnus, knt. 

LrxN. See King's Lynn. 
Maidstone, Kent. 
Viscount Ca-stlereagh, .M.V.O. 

Ma.vCHEStek, Lancashire. 
The North West Dioision.-^iv John 

S. Randies, knt. 
The Xorth Division.— Rt. Hon. SirC. 

E. Swann. bart. 
The North East Division.— 3 ohn'Robt. 

ITie East Division.— 3n. Edwd. Sntton 
Th" South Division.— Ca.\tt. Philip 

KirkLmd Glazebrook 
The South Wpxt /;if)i«o/t.— Christopher 
Thomas Need ham 

Maryleuoxe, CO. London. 
The En St Division.— J c\mes Boyton 
r/te West Division.— Sir Samuel B. 
Scott, bart. 

Hy. Haydn Jones 

Mkkthvr TYavil.,Glamorgan$hir6 
Edgar Rees Jones .fe Ja3. Ivcir Hardie 

Middles KRoaoH, Vorkshire. 
Col. Penry Williams 

The Enfield /Hnision.— John Robt. 

Pretyman Newman 
TlieVotieuhnm Division. — Percy Alden 
The llnrmseii Division. — Earl of 

The Harrow Division.— 'Sarry Mal- 

laby- Deeley 
The Ealing Division.— B.orhert Nield, 

The Brentford Division.— Wm. Joyn- 

sou- Hicks 
The Ucbridffe Division.— B-On. Chas. 

Thos. Mills 
Mon.mocth District (comprising 

Monmouth, Newport Jb Usk), Man- 

Lewis Uaslam 

Monmouthshire. , 
The Northern Dinision.—B,t. Hon. 

Reginald McKenna 
The We.sttrv Z>— Thos.Richards 
TheSouthern Division. — Mai. -Gen. Sir 

Ivor John Caradoc Herbert, bart., 

C.B., C.M.O. 

Montgomery District {com- 
prising Montgomery, Llonfyllin, 
Llanidloes, Machynlleth, Neirtown 
<b Welshi'onl). Montgomeryshire. 

Col. Edward Pryce-Jones 

David Davies 

Morpeth, Northumberland, 
Rt. Hon. Thomas Bnrt 

Nbwcastle-on-Tyne, Notthum' 

Edward Shortt,K.c.& Walter Hudson 

Josiah Clement Wedgwood 

The West Division.— C&^t. Cecil Wm. 

T?ie Walworth Division.— J&B. Arthur 


The North Western Division.— "Mwd. 

G. Hemmerde, K.C. 
The South Western Division.- Sir 

Richard Winfrey 
The Northern Division. — Noel Edward 

The Eastern Division. — Sir Robt John 

Price, knt. 
TTie Mid Division. — Wm.Lewis Boyle 
The Southei'v Division.— Axthni Wel- 

lesley Soames 

H. R Lees Smith & Chas. A.McCurdy 

The Northern Z)towiLin.—lIy. Leonard 

C. Brassey 
The Ea.itern Division.— Leo Q.Chiozza 

The Mid Division,— U&rry Maufield 
The Southern Division. — Hon. Edwd, 

Algernon Fitzroy 

The Wan^beck Divi.non.—B,t. Hon. 

Charles Fenwick 
The Tyneside Dirision.— John Mac- 

kiunon Robertson 
The Herham Division. — Richard 

Durning Holt 
The Berwirk-on-Ticeed Division.- Rt, 

Hon. Sir Edward Grey, bart.,K.G. 

Sir Fredk. Low, knt., K.C. & Geo. 
Hy. Roberts 

The West Division.— Sir Jas. Hy. 

Yoxail, knt. 
The East Division.— Sir J. D. Rees, 

K.C. LB., C.V.O, 
T?ie South /Hm.non.—'Lord Henry 
Cavendish Bentiuck 

The Bassetlnw Dicison.—Wm. Ellis 
i Hunie-WillJams, K.C. 
The Newark Division.— John Ralph 

The Rus/iclijfe Wt?i«on.—Leif child 
1 Stratten Jones 
The Mansfield DirlHon.— Sir Arth. 
Basil Markham, bart. 

Oldham, Lancashire. 
Wm. Barton & Edmund Robt. B. 
I Denniss 

1 Oxford. 

Viscount Valentia,c.B., M.V.O., T.D. 

Oxford University. 
Lord Hugh Richard H. Cecil & Row- 
land E. Frothero, M.v.o. 
The Northern or Banbury Division. — 
Hon. E. E. Twisleton-Wykeham. 
The Mid or Woodstock Division.— 
AUd. St. George Hamersley. K.c. 



The Souihern or Henley Division.— 
Valentine Fleming 

Paddington, CO. London. 

The North Division.— ArihMT Strauss 

The South Division.— Renrj Percy 

Peaibroke and Haverfordwest 
District op Borodghs {com- 
prising Fishguard, Haverfordwest, 
Mil/o/'d. Narberth, Pembroke, Tenby 
tt Wision), Pembrokeshire. 

Maj. Hon. 0. Heury C. Guest 

Walter Fras. Roch 

Penryn (& Falmouth), CornwuU. 
Ohas. Sydney Goldman 

'PnTERBOROVQB., Northamptonshire. 
Granville Geo. Greenwood 

Plymouth, Devonshire. 
Waldorf Astor & Arthur Shirley Benn 

PONTEFRACT, Yorkshire. 
Frederick Handel Booth 

Portsmouth, Hampshire. 
Adml.Lord Chas.W. de la Poer Beres- 
ford, 6.C.B., G.c.V.o. & Bertram 
G. Falle 

Preston, Lancashire. 
Maj. Hon. Geo. Fredk. Stanley & 
Alfred A.. Tobin. K.o. 

Sir Francis Edwards, bart. 

Reading, Berkshire. 
Gapt. Leslie Orme Wilson, D.9.0. 

Rochdale, Lancashire. 
Alex. Gordon C. Harvey 

Rochester, Kent. 
Sir Ernest H. Lamb, knt., C.M.G. 

John Gretton 

St. George's, Hanover Sq., co. 

Sir Alex. Henderson, bart. 

St. Helens. Lancashire. 
Rigby Philip Watson Swift, K.C. 

St. Pancras. CO. London. 
The North Division. — Rt. Ho a. 

Willoughby Hyett Dickinson 
The East Division.— Hon. Joseph 

Martin, K.C. 
The West Division.— Telix Cassel, K.C. 
The South Division.— C&T?t. Herbert 

Merton Jessel 

Salford, Lancashire. 
The North Division.— Sir William 

Pollard Byles, knt. 
The West DiviHon.— Sir Geo. Wm. 

Agnew, bart. 
The South Division.— C. A. Montague 


Salisbury, Wiltshire. 
G. L. T. Locker-Lampson 

Scarborough, Forkihire. 
Walter Russell R«a 

The Attercliffe Division. — 
The Brightside Division.— Sir John 

Tudor Walters, knt. 
The Central Division.— J&mes Fitz- 

alan Hope 
The Hallam Division.— B,l. Hon. 

Charles BeilbyStuart- Wortley.K.c. 
The Ecclesall Division. — Samuel 


Shorbditch, CO. London. 
The Hoxton Z>»»w»on.— Christopher 

Addison, M.D. 
The Haggerston Division.— Hy. (Jeo. 


Shrewsbury, Shropshire. 
George Butler Lloyd 

Shropshire, or Salop. 
The W. or Oswestry Division.— Vim. 

Olive Bridgeman 
TheN. or Newport Division.— Beyiile 

The Mid or Wellington Division.— ?<ir 

Chas. Solomon Henry, bart. 
TheS. or Ludlow Division.— Rowland 


The Norther?! Division. —Joseph King 
TheWells Division.— Geo. JohnS&ndya 
The Frome Division. — Sir John 

Einmott Barlow, bart. 
The Eastern ZMniwon.— ErnestJardine 
The Southern Division. — Hon. Aubrey 

N. H. M. Herbert 
The Bridgwater Division. — Robert 

Arthur Sanders 
The W. or Wellington Division.— l,t.- 

Col. Dennis Fortescue Boles 

Southampton, Hampshire. 
Col. Ivor Philippe, D.8.0. & Wm. 
Dudley Ward 

South Shields, Durham. 
Rt. Hon. Russell Rea 

Southwark, CO. London. 
The W est Division.— VAw&rd Anthony 

The Rotherhithe Division.— Knhert 

Wm. Culling Carr-Gomm 
The Bermondsey Division.— Raiold 
Jas. Glanville 

Sir Richard Walter Essex, knt 

77ie Leek Division.— Robert Pearce 
The Burton Divinon.—'Lt.-Col Robt. 

Fredk. Ratcliff, v.d. 
The Western Division.— George 

Ambrose Lloyd 
The North Western Division,— Albert 

The Lichfield Division.— Sir Thos. 

Courtenay T. Warner, bart. C.B. 
The Kingswinford Division.— Hy. 

Staveley Staveley-Hill 
The Handsworth Division.— Ernest 

Claude Meysay-ThompBon 

St alybridgb, Lancashire & Cheshire. 
John Wood 

Stockport, Cheshire. 
Geo. Jas. Wardle & Spencer L»igh 

Stockton-on-Tbbs, Durham. 
Jonathan Samuel 

Stoke-UPON-Trbnt, Staffordshire. 
John Ward 

Strand, co. London. 
Rt. Hon. Walter H. Long 

The N. or Lowestoft Division.— Sir 

Edward Benuchamp, bart. 
The N. E. or Eye Division.— Hon. W. 

H. M. Pearson 
Th^ N. W. or Stowmarket Division.— 

Frank Goldsmitli 
The S. or Sudbury Division.— Sir Wra. 

Eley Cuthbcrt Qnilter, bart. 
The S. E. or Woodb ridge Division.— 

Lt.-Col. Robt. Francis Peel 

Sunderland, Durham. 
Hamar Greenwood <fe Frank W. 

The N. W. or Chertsey Division.— 

Donald Macmnster, K.C. 
The S. W. or Guildford Division.— 

Wm. Edgar Home 
TheS. E. or Reigate Division.— Oo\. 

Richd. H. Rawson 
TTip Mid or Epsom Division.— Hy. 

The Kingston Division.— Geo. Cave, 

The N.E.or WimhledonDivision.—Rt. 

Hon. Henry Chaplin 

The N. W. or Horsham Division.— 

Earl Winterton 
The S.W. or Chichester Division.— 

Lt.-Ool. Lord Edmund B. Talbot, 

M.V.O., D.s.o. 
The N. or East Grinstead Division - 

Hy. Strother Cautley 
The Mid or Lewes Division.— Wm. 

Robt. Campion 
The S. or Eastbourne Division. — 

Rupert Sackville Gwynne 
TTie E. or Rye Division.— Geo. Loyd 


Swansea, Glamorganshire. 
Swansea Town.— Rt. Hon. Sir Alfred 

Moritz Mond, bart. 
Swansea District.— Rt. Hon. Sir David 

Brynmor Jones, knt., K.C. 

Taunton, Somersetshire. 
Sir GilbertiAlan H. Wills, bart. . 

Tower Hamlets, co. London. 

The Whitechapel Division.— Sir Stuart 
Montagu Samuel, bart. 

The St. George DivUion.-Yf. Wedg- 
wood Benn 

The Limehoiue Division.— Wnx.Ve&roe 

The Mile End Division.~Ron. Harry 
L. W. Lawson 

Z%« Stepney Divi*ion,^W7 . S. Qlyn- 



The Bow dc Bromley Division,— 

Reginald Blair 
The Poplar Division.— Altred 

William Yeo 

Tynemouth & North Shields, 

Herbert James Craig 

Wakefield, Yorkshire. 
Arthur Harold Marshall 

Walsall, Staffordshire. 
Sir Richd. Ashmole Cooper, bart 

Wandsworth, co. London. 
Samuel Samuel 

WARRINGTON, Lancashire. 
Harold Smith 

Warwick & Leamington, 


Ernest Murray Pollock, K.C. 


The N. or Tamworfh Division.— Y. 

A. Newdigate Newdegate 
The N. E. or Nuneaton Division.— 

William Johnson 
The S. W. or Stratford-on-Avon 

Division. — Philip S. Foster 
The S. E. or Rugby Division. — John 

Lawrence Baird, C.M.G. 

Wednesbitry, Staffordshire. 
John Norton Griffiths 

West Bkomwich, Staffordshire. 
Viscount Lewi sham 

West Ham, Essex. 
The North Division. — B iron DeForest 
The South Division. — William James 
Westminster, CO. London. 
Wm. Lehmiun Ashmead Bartlett- 
. Burdeit Coutts 

The N. or Appleby Division.— Lancelot 

Sanderson K.C. 
The S. or Kendal Divition.—Co\. 

John W. We.-ton 

Whitehaven, Cumberland, 
Thomas Eichardson 

WiGAN, Lancashire. 
Reginald James Neville Neville 

Wight (Isle of), Hampshire. 
Douglas Bernard Hall 

The N. or Cricklade Division.— 

Richard Cornthwaite Lambert 
The N. W. or Chippenham Division. 

— George Terrell 
The W. or Westbury Division.— B.on. 

Geoffrey W A. Howard 
The E. or Devizes Division.- -Basil 

Edwd. Peto 
The S. or Wilton Division .— Ch&s. 


Winchester, Hampshire. 
Maj. Hon. Guy Victor Baring 

Windsor (New), Berkshire. 
James Francis Mason 

Wolverhampton, Staffs. 
The West ZJiemon.— Alfd.Fredk. Bird 
The East Division. — Greo. Reuuie 

The South Division.— Col. Thos. 
Edgecumbe Hickman, C.B., D.s.O. 

Woolwich, co. London. 
William Crooks 

Edwd. Alfred Goulding 

ITie W. or Bewdley Division.— 

Stanley Baldwin 
The S. or Evesham Division. -Bolton 

M. Eyres Mousell 
The Mid or Droitwich Division.— 

Hon. Jolin C. Lyttelton 
The North»ru Diinsion.—B.t. Hon. 

John William Wilson 
The Eastern Division.— Frederick 

Leverion Harris 

Yarmouth <.Great), Norfolk <k 

Arthur Fell 

York, Yorkshire. 
Arnold S. Rowntree & John Geo. 
Butcher, K.C. 

Yorkshire {North Riding). 
The Thirsk d: Makon Division.— 

Viscount Helmsley 
The Richmond Division.— Ron. Wm. 

Geo. A. Orde-Powlett 

The Cleveland Division.— B.t. Hon. 

Herbert Louis Samuel 
The Whitby Division.— lion. Wm. 

Gervase Beckett 

Yorkshire (East Riding). 
The Holderness Division.— Axth.\xr 

Stanley Wilson 
The Buckrose Division. — Sir Luke 

White, knt. 
The Howdenshire Division. — Hy, 

Broadley Harrison-Broadley 

Yorkshire (West Riding), 

Northern part. 

The Skipton Division. — Wm. Clough 

The Keighley Division. —Sir Stanley 

Owen Buckmaster, knt. K.O. 
The Shipley Division.— Percy Holden 

The Sowerby Division. — John Sharp 

The Elland Division.— Cha.". Philips 


YORKSBIRE ( West Riding), 
Southern part. 
The Morley Division.— Grer&M Ash- 
burner France 
TheNormanton Division.— Fredk. Hall 
The Colne Valley Division.— Chas. 

Leach, D.D. 
The Holmfirth Division.— Sydney 

The Banisley Division. — Sir Joseph 

Walton, bart. 
The Hallamshire Division.— J otm. 

The Roiherham Division.— B.t. Hon. 

Joseph Albert Pease 
The Doncaster Division.— Sir Chas. 

Norris Nicholson, bart. 

Yorkshire ( West Riding), 

Eastern part. 

The Ripon Division.— Ron. Edwd. 

Fredk. Lindley Wood 
The Otley Division.— Sir James 

Hastings Duncan, kot. 
The Barhston Ash Division.— Qteo, 

Richard Lane-Fox 
The Osgoldcross Division.— Rt. Hon. 

Sir J . Gompton-Rickett, knt. 
The Pudsey Division.— Fred Ogden 
TheSfjen Valley Division.— B.t. Hon. 

Sir Thos. Palmer Whittaker, knt. 


SCOTLAND (72 Members). 

The Xorth iWeixfon.— Duncan Vernon 

Tfu' So'ifh Division.~Qeo. Birnie 


The East Divuion.—Wm. Hy. Cowan 
The West Division.— John Macdonald 

Andrew's (St.). See St. Andrew's 

Ac. ARBROATH, See Montrose. 
John Stirling Ainsworth 
Ayr, Irvine, Cambellton, In- 

verary & Oban District of 


Sir George Younger, bart. 

The North Division.— Caj>t. Duncan 

F. Campbell, D.s.O. 
The South Division— ?:ir Wm. 
Phipson Beale, bart., K.C. 
Capt Walter Waring 


Rt. Hon. Harold John Tenuant 

Harry Hope 

Robt. Leicester Harmsworth 
Clackmannan & Kinross-shires. 
Rt. Hon. Eugene Wason 

Crail (fee. See <S^. Andi-ew's. 

Cromar-1 y. See Ross <t 



Arthur A eland Allen 

DUMFRIES District of Burghs, 
comprising Dumfries, Annan, 
Kirkcudbright, Lochmaben it San- 

John William Gulland 

Percy Alport Mokeno 

Dundee City, Forfarshire. 
Rt, Hon. Winston L. Spencer 
Churchill & Alexander Wilkie 

Dysart. See Kirkcaldy dtc. 
Edinburgh, City. 


The East Division,- 

- James 

The West Division.— J amea Avon 

Clyde, K.C. 
The Central Division.— Chas. Edward 

The Soitth Division.— Ron. Chas. Hy. 

Edinburgh, County of 


Maj. John Augustus Hope 

Bdinburqh «fe St. Andrews 

Rt. Hon. Sir Robt. B. Finlay, 

G.C.M.G., K.C. 

Elgin Districts 
comprising Elgin, 

OF Burghs. 
Banff, CiUlen. 
Inverary, Kintore A P" 'head. 
John Ebenezer Sutherland 

Elginshire & N\irnshire. 
Sir Archibald Williamson, bart. 

P/(Lkirk District op Burohs, 
com/iHsing Falkirk, Aitdiie, 
Hamilton. Lanark Ar Linlithyoic, 

John A. Murray Macdonald 

The Eastern Division. — Rt. Hon. 

Herbert Hy Astjuith, K.C. 
T>te Western Z>i»w»ow. — Wm.AdamsDU 

James Falconer 

Galashiels. See Hatcick &c. 

Glasgow City. 

The Bridget on Division.— k. Mac- 

Callum Scott 
The Camlachie ZWr mow.— Half ord 

.John Mackindcr 
&. Rollux Division.— Hi. Hon. T. 

McKiunon Wood 
The Central Dimxion.—m. Hon.Chas. 

Scott Dickson, K.C. 
The College Division. — Henry 

Anderson Watt 
7%*" Tradeston Division.- J&s. Dundas 

White, LL.D. 
Ihe BlackjHars A Hutchesontown 

Division.— \jieo. N, Barnes 
Glasgow & Aberdeen Uni- 
Sir Henry Craik, K.C.B. 

Greenock, Renfrewshire. 
Godfrey I'attisou Collins 

(East Lothian). 
John Deans Hope 
Hawick, Galashiels & Selkirk 

District of Burghs. 
Sir John Nicholson Barran, bart. 
Inverness, Fortrose, Nairn & 

Forres District of Burgh.s. 
John Annan Bryce 

Sir John Alex. Dowar, bart. 
Kilmarnock. Dumbarton, Ren- 
frew, ruthkrgles & Port 
Glasgow District of Burghs. 
Wm. Gljnne Ciias Gladstone 


Capt. Hon. Arthur C. xUurray 
Kirkcaldy, Dysart, Kinghor'.x" 

& Burntisland District c k 

Rt. Hon. Sir Jas. Hy. Dalziel,knt 
KfrKCUDBRIGHT. Stewariry, 
Major Gilbert McMicking, C.M.G 


TV Ooniin /Hvision, — Daniel Turner 

Th* Fartick Division. —Sir Robi. 

Balfour, bart. 

The North Wftern DiviHon.- Wm. 

Mather R. Pringle 
7h^ Xo7th Eastern Division.— Jas. 

Duncan Millar K.C. 
The Mid Division.- John Howard 

The SoiUhern Division.— B.OD. Wm. 

Watson, K.C. 
Leith, Musselburgh & Porto- 

bello District of Burghs. 
Geo. Welsh Cu rie 

John William Pratt 
Montrose, Arbroath, Brechin, 

Forfar & Bervik District of 

Robt, Vernon Harcourt 

Orkney & Shetland Isles 
John Cathcart Wason 

Paisley, Renfrewshire. 
Sir John Mills McCallum, knt. 

Peebles and Selkirk 
(Counties of). 
Donald Maclean 

Perth, Perthshire. 
Alex. Fredk Whyte 

77jfi?a*/^?'«Z>irmo«. — William Young 
The Western Division.— llarq, of 
Tullibardine, M.V.O., D.s.O. 

Renfrew. See Kilmarnock. 

The Eastern Division.— Ca^t. John 

The Western Division.— Jaa Wm. 
Greig, C.B., k,c. 

Ross <fe Cromarty 
(Counties OF), 
Jas. Ian Macpherson 

Sir John Jardine, K.c.i.E. 

ST. Andrew's, Anstruther 
(Bast & West), Crail, Cupar, 


District of Burghs. 
Maj. Wm. Anstruther-Gray 

Selkirkshire. Sc? Peeblesshire 
A Selkirkshire. 

Fmrling, Culross, Dunferm- 
line, inverkeithing & South 
Arthur A. W. H. Ponsonby 
Wm. Allan Chappie. M.D. 

Alpheus Cleophtis Morton 
Wick, Cromarty, Dingwall, 
Kirkwall, Dornoch & Tain 
District of bchghs. 
Rt. Hon. Rol t. Munro, K.C. 



IKELAND (103 Members). 

The places marked C. are in the Province of Connaught ; thoie marked L. in the Province of 
Leinster ; M. in the Province of Munster : U. in the Province of Ulster. 

ANTRIM County, U. 
north Antrim.— ?eiQT Kerr Kerr- 

Mid AritT-im. — 
East Antii.m.—'Lt.-Qol. Robt. Chaine 

Alex. McCalmont 
South Antrim.— Chdis. 0. Craig 

Armagh County, U. 
North Armagh. — Wm. Moore. K.C. 
i/idJrwiff(7A,— Sir Ju.B. Lonsdale, bt« 
South Armagh.— C\iQs. O'Xeill, M.B. 

Belfast, County of Antrim^ U. 
The East Belfast DiHsion. — Ool 

Robt. G. Shirman-Crawford 
The South Belfast Division. — Jas. 

Chambers, K.C. 
The West Belfast ZWwmc^n.— Joseph 

Tfie North Belfast Division.— 'Robert 


Carlow County, L, 
Michael MoUoy 

Cavan County, U. 
West Cavan.— YiDcent Paul Kennedy 
East Capa«.— Samuel Young 

Clare County, M. 
East Cla?e.—Wm. H. K. Redmond 
West CZ«rf. — Arthur Alfd. Lynch 

Cork City, County of Cork, M. 
Wm. O'Brien & Maurice Healy 

Cork County. 
No7'th Cork. — John Guiuey 
North-East Cork.— Timothy Michael 

Healy, K.C. 
ifid Co/'/t.— Daniel D. Sheehan 
East Cork.— John Muldoon, K.C. 
West Cork.—J&s. Gilhooly 
South Cork.— John Walsh 
8outh-East Cor*.— Eugene Crean 

North Donegal.— v. O'Doherty 
West Donegal. — Hugh A. Law 
East Donegal.— Edv/ATd Kelly 
South Donegal.— John Gordon Swift 
MacKeill, K.C. 

Down County, U. 

North Down. — William Mitchell- 

East Z>ojcn.— Capt. Jas, Craig 

West Down. — Wm. John MacGeagh 

South Down.— J eiemi&h MacVeagh 

Dublin City, L. 
The College Green Division.— Joseph 

Patrick Nannetti 
ITie Dublin Harbour Division.— 

William Abraham 

The St. Stephen's Green Division. — 

Patrick Joseph Br.dy 
The St. Patrick's Division.— Vfm Field 

Dublin County, L. 
North Dublin.— Jn. j8ph.Clancy,K.C. 
South Dablin.—\\m. F. Lottou 

Dublin Umvkrsity, L. 
Rt, Hon. Sir Edward Hy. Carson, 
knt., K.C, & Rt. Hon. Jas. Hy. 
Mussen Campbell, K.C. 

Fermanagh County, IT. 
North Fermrnagh. — GoAiiey Fether- 

stonehaugh, K.C. 
South Fermanagh.- Patrick Crumley 

Galway City, C. 
Stephen Lucius Gwynn 

Galway County, C. 
Connemara.—Vfm. OMalley 
North Galway.— Richd. Hazleton 
East Qalicay.-— 
South Galway.— Wm. John Duffy 

Kerry County, M. 
North Kerry.— Michae] J. Flavin 
West Kerry.— Thos. O'Donnell 
South Kerry. — John Pius Boland 
East Kerr-y.-Thnothj O'Suilivan 

Kildare County, L. 
North Kildare. — John O'Connor 
South Kildare.— Denis Kilbride 

Kilkenny City, L. 
Patrick O'Brien 

Kilkenny County, L. 
North Kilkenny.— MichsLeX Meagher 
South Kilkenny.— ^atthQyj Keating 

King's County, L. 
5f rr— Michael Reddy 
Tullamore. — 

Leitrim County, C. 
North Leitrim.— Fran. Edwd.Meeban 
South Leitrim.— Thomas F. Smjth 

Limerick City, County of Lime- 

T-ick, M. 
Michael Joyce 

Limerick County, M. 
West Ztmmcjfc.— Patrick J.O'Shaugh- 

East Limerick.— Thos. Lundon 

Londonderry City, U. 
Rt. Hon. Sir James B. Dougherty, 
K.C.B , K,C.V.o. 
Londonderry County, I/. 
North Derry.— Hugh Thom Barrie 
South Derry.— John Gordon, K.C 

Longford County, L. 
North Longjord.—Jhs. P. Farrell 
South Z,owjr/o/-d.— JohnJ?hillips 

Louth County, L. 
North Z^»/7A.— Michael Aug. Roche 
South Zeu/A.— Joseph Nolan 

Mayo County, C. 
North il/ffyo.— Daniel Boyle 
West i/rti/o.— William Doris 
East Mavo. — John Dillon 
South Mayo. —John FitzGibbon 

Meath Codnty, L. 
North i/<rt//i.— Patrick Whitf 
South J/«f?A.— David Sbeehy 

MoNAGHAN County, U. 
North Monaghan. — Jas. O.R.Lardner 
South Monaghan.— J . McKean 

Newry, County of Down, U. 
John Joseph Mooney 

Queen's County, L, 
Ossory. — Wm. Delany 
Leix.— Patrick Joseph Meehan 

Roscommon County, C. 
North Roscommon. — Jamts Joseph 

South Roscommon.— John Patrick 

SLiGO County, C. 
North Sligo.-Thos. Scnnlan 
Somh Sligo.— John O'Dowd 

Tipperary County, M. 
North THpperary.- John Esmonde 

Mid THpperary. — John Hacketc 
South Tipperary.— John CuUinan 
East Tipper-ary. — Thos. Jspb. Condon 

Tyrone County, u. 
North Tyrone.— Rt, Hon, Thcs, 

Wallace Russell 
Mid Tyrone.— Richard McGhee 
East Tyrone.— Vfm. A. Redmond 
South Tyrone. — Andrew Long 
Horner, K.C 

Waterford City, M. 
John Edwd. Redmond 

Waterford County, M. 
West Waterford.— Jas. J. O'Shee 
East Water/ord.—M.artin Joseph 

Wkstmeath County, Z. 
No7-th jrej/me«M.— LaurenceGinnell 
So'ith Westmeath.—Bir Walter Richd. 
Nugent, bart. 

Wexford County, L. 
North ir^ar/b/'d.— Sir Thomas Henry 

G rattan Esmonde, bart. 
South Wexford.— Peter Ffrench 

WicKLOW County, L. 
West Wicklow.- John Thos. Donovan 
EfW Wicklow.— Anthony J. C. 



Albemarle, 37 Dover st. W. 

Army & Navy, 3fi to 39 Pall mall, S.W. 

Arthur's, 69 and 70 St. James' st. S.W. 

Arts, 40 Dover st. W. 

Athenaeum, 107 Pall mall, S.W. 

Authors', 2 Whitehall court, S.W. 

Bachelors', 11 and 12 Hamilton pi. Piccadilly, W. 

Badminton, 100 Piccadillv, W. 

Baldwin, 79a, Pall mall, S.W. 

Bath, 34 Dover st. W. and Berkeley st. W, 

Boodle's, 2S St. James' st. S.W. 

British Empire, 12 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Brooks's, St. James' st. S.W. 

Burlington Fine Arts, 17 Savile row, W. 

Caledonian, 33 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Carlton, 94 Pall mall, S.W. 

Carlyle, 211 Piccadilly, W. 

Cavalry, 127 Piccadilly, W. 

City Carlton, 24 to 27 St. Swithin's la. E.C. 

City Liberal, 5 and 6 Walbrook, E.C. 

City of London, 19 Old Broad st. E.C. 

Conservative, 74 St. James' st. S.W. 

Constitutional, Northtimberland avenue, W.C. 

Devonshire, 50 St. James' st. S.W. 

East India United Service, 16 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Garrick, 13 and 15 Garrick st. W.C. 

Golfers', 2a, Whitehall court, S.W. 

Guards', 70 Pall mall, S.W. 

Isthmian, 105 Piccadilly, W. 

Junior Army and Navy, Horse Guards avenue, 

Whitehall, S.W. 
Junior Athenaeum, 116 Piccadilly, W. 
Junior Carlton, 30 to 35 Pall mall, S.W. 
Junior Conservative. 4Graf ton st.NewBond st.W. 
Junior Constitutional, 101 to 104 Piccadilly, W. 
JuniorNaval and Military,96 and 97Piccadilly,W. 
Junior United Service, 11 and 12 Charles sd. St. 

James', S.W. 

Ladies' Army and Navy, 5 Burlington gdns.S.W 

Marlborough, 52 Pall mall. S.W. 

Municipal & Couuty, 2 Whitehall ct. S.W. 

National, 1 Whitehall gardens, S. W. 

National Liberal, Whitehall pi. S.W. 

Naval and Military, 94 Piccadilly, W. 

New Oxford and Cambridge, 68 Pall mall, S.W . 

New University, 67 «fe 58 St. James' st. S.W, 

Oriental, 18 Hanover sq. W. 

Orleans, 29 King St., St. James', S.W. 

Oxford and Cambridge, 71 to 76 Pall mall, S.W. 

Portland, 9 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Pratt's, 14 Park pi. St. James', S.W. 

Primrose, 4 and 5 Park pi. St. James', S.W. and 

15a, Arlington st. S.W. 
Public Schools, 19 Berkelev st. W. 
Reform, 104 Pall mall, S.W. 
Royal Automobile, 89 to 91 Pall mall, S.W. 
Royal Societies, 63 St. James' st. S.W. 
St. James', 106 Piccadilly, W. 
St. Stephen's, 1 Bridge st. S.W, and Victoria 

Embankment, Westminster, S.W, 
Savage, 6 and 7 Adeluhi terr. W.C. 
Savile, 107 Piccadilly.' W. 
Sports, 8 St. James' sq. S.W. 
Thatched House, 86 St. James' st. S.W 
Travellers', 106 Pall mall, S.W. 
Turf, 47 Clarges st. W. 
Union, Trafalgar sq. S.W. 
United Empire, 117 Piccadillv, W. 
United Service, 116 to 119 Pall mall, S.W. 
United Sports. 4 Whitehall court, S.W. 
United University. Suffolk st. S.W. & Pall mall 

east, S.W. 
Wellington, 1 Grosvenor pi. S.W. 
White's, 37 and 38 St. James' st. S.W. 
Whitehall, Princes st. Westminster, S.W. 
Windham, 13 St. James' sq. S.W. 

Caledonian United Service, 4 Shandwick pi. i Scottish Liberal, 109 & 110 Princes st. 

New, 85 Princes street. 

Scottish Conservative, 112, 113 & 114 Princes st. 

Northern, 91 George street. 
I University, 127 Prmces street, 

Catholic, O'Connell street. 
Dublin University, 17 Stephen's green, 
Hibernian United Service, 8 Stephen's green nth. 
Junior University, 46 Kildare 


Kildare Street club. 

Leinster, 29 Clare str«et. 

Sackville Street club. 

Stephen's Green, 9 Stephen's green north 




His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex., Min. Plen. ^ Consul- General, Capt. 
Hon. Wilfred Qiltert Thesiger, D.s.o. (Adis Ababa). 

AMERICA, UNITED STATES OF. Ambassador Ex. (f Plen., His Ex. Hon. Walter Hines Page, 6, 
Grosvenor sq. W 
First Secretary, Irwin B. Laughlin. 

Second Secretaries, Edward Bell, J. Herbert Stabler, P. Mott Gunther & 0. E. Stangeland. 
Third Secretary. Elbridge G. Greene. 
Secretary to Ambassador, Harold Fowler. 
Assistant Secretary to Ambassador, Clifford Nickels Carver. 
Military Attache. Lt.-Col. George Owen Sqmer, U.S.A. 
Naval Attache, Commdr. Powers Symington, u.s.N. 
Office of Embassy, 4 Grosvenor gardens, S.W. 
Despatch Agent, R. Newton Crane, 4, Trafalgar square, W.C, 
Deputy Despatch Agent, G. J. Petherick, 4, Trafalgar square, W.C. 

Consul- General, Robert P. Skinner ; office, Orient House, 42 to 46, New Broad street, E.G. 
Vice Consul- General, Richard Westacott. 
Deputy Consuls- General, Carl R. Loop, Herbert D. Jameson & Tracy Lay. 

His Majesty's representative — Ambas.-ador Ex. & Plen., His Ex. Rt.-Ilon. Sir 

Cecil A. Spring Rice, P.O., G.c.v.o., K.c.M.G. {Washington)', Councillor of 

Embassy, Colville A. de R. Barclay, M.V.o. 

ARGENTINE REPUBLIC. Envoy Ex. cj- Min. Plen., Don Vicente J. Dominguez, 2, Palace gate, W, 

Secretaries, Don Jacinto L. Yillegas & Don Luis H. Dominguez. 
Attache, Don Carlos M. Dominguez. 
Military Attache, Lt.-' ol. Don Enrique Feme. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Julian Irizar. 

Consul- General, Dr. Sergio Garcia Uriburu, 601, Salisbury house, Finsbury circus. E.C- 
Consul- Assistant, Don Aituro Parker. 

His Majesty's repre-enrativ-- — Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Resrinald Thos. Tower^ 
K.C.M.G., C.V.O. * {Buenos Ayres) ; Sec. oj Legation, H. W. Gaisfoid. 
* Sir Regiuald T. Tower, K.C.M.G., c.V.o., is also accredited as Minister to the Republic oi Paraguay, 

BELGIUM. Envoy Ex. 4" Min. Plen., Count de Lalaing, 15, West Halkin st. S.W. 

Councillor, Edm'^nd de Pi elle de la Nieppe. 
First Secretary. Gaston de Ramajx. 

Second Secretar es, Count G. de Henricourt de Grnnne & M. Jacques Davignon, 
Military Attache. Commandant R. Mat on. 

Consul-Gentral/or the i'fiited Kinijdovi, Edward Pollet, 40. Finsbury square, E.G. 
Vice-Covsul, Chevalier de Sauvage. 40, Finsbnry square. E.(^, 

Vice-Consul Uonoraire, Jules Wuidart, 26, 27 &. 28 Haiti* tt's buildings, Holborn crrcns, E,C^ 
His Majesty's representative— Env, Ex. & Min. Plen. Hon. t-ir Francis Hjde 
Villiers, G.c.v.o.. k.c.m.g., c.b. {Brussels); Sec. of Legation, 

BOLIVIA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Plen. and Consul- Genera I, Col. Doa Pedro SxxOrer, 
74, Compayne gardens West Hampstead, N.W. & Consulnte, 158, Fencnuicb street, E.G. 
Vice-Consvl, Ernest Walter H. Beaton, 14, Fencliurch strett, E.C 

His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. 4' Min. PUn. ^ Consul- Gene-nal, CeciL 
William Gustaf Gosling {La Paz). 



BRAZIL. REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Plen., Antonio de»Fontoura Xavier, 
First Secretary. Abtlardo Rocis. 

Second Hecreiaries, Adulpho da Silva Gordo and Vianna Kelsh. 
Karal Atfnche, 

Commtrcial Attache. Francisco Guimaraes, 
Legation Office. 44, Grofsvenor place, S.W. 

C6nsiil-(j'ent'r..L Francisco Alves Vieira. Coventry House, South Place, Finsbury, E.G. 
Vice-Conml cj' C/iaucetlor, Vict -r Ferrei'a da Cuntia. 

His M-ijHsty's representative— Env. Ex. & Min. Plan., Sir Lionel Edwd. Greslpy 

Garden, K.c.M.G. (fiio de Janeiro); Sec. of Legation, Malcolm Arnold 


BULGARIA. ICnv. Ex. 4 Min. Plen., P. Hadji-Mischeff, 51, Qaeen's gale, S.W. 
Serretarij, Gonstantin C. Miocoff. 
Third Secre'aru, Nicolas Yau<ol<'ff. 
Legation Office^ 3, Queeusberrj p ace, S.W. 

His Majesty s represen"t;iti»e -Env. Ex. <f Min. Plen. Sir Hy. Geo. O.Bax-Ironside, {Sojia) ; Sec. of Legation. 

CENTRAL AMERICA (except Costa Rica)— 5«e ''Guatemala," ''Honduras;' "Nicaragua'' 
^ " Salvador." 

CHILE, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Plen., Senor Don Augnstin Edwrards. 
Firat Secretary. Don Eniique Cuevas. 

Second Secretai ie-; Don Ricardo Pej^per & Don Dario Ovalle Castillo. 
Military .iff ache. 

Naval Attache. Li^'ut -Commdr. Luis Barrie 

Attache', Don Julio F. A. Bittencourt, Don Horacio Saui/ord k Don Santiago Monk. 
Financial Attache, Don Luis Waddingron. 
Legation 0(jice, 48, Grosvenor squ ire, \V. 
Consul, Vicente Eclieverria, 9i, Gracechurch st. E.G. 

His Majesty's representative— Env. Ex. & Min. Plen. Francis William Stronge 
{Santiago) ; Sec. of Legation, 

CHINA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Plen., Alfred Sze Sao Ke, 49, Portland place, W. 
Conncilloi-, Sir John McLeavy Brown, c.M.G. Secretary. Tsung \i Lo. 
Second Secretan/, Yea Sung Tsao. 
Third Secretaries, Yatson G. Yeng «fe Shih Kuei. 
Attaches, Lao Yu Ciieng &, Han Gnien. 
Chancellor, (-hansr Cbuuusenf;. 
Consul-O'ener I, John Forster. 88 Fenchurch street, E.G. 

His Majesty's representative - Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir John Newell Jordan, 

G.C.I. K.. K.C.B., K.c.M.G. (Pekin) ; Councillor of Legation, James William 

Ronald Macleay. 

COLOMBIA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. # Min. Plen., Senor Dr. Ignacio Gutierrez-Ponce, 42, 
Holland road, Kensington, W. 
Serretary. Dou S. Restrepo. 
Attache, Doctor Don Samuel Montaiia. 

Consul-tJeneral, Don Jos6 M. Nunez U. Sicilian House, Sicilian avenue, Southampton row, W.C. 
Secretary, Bai. omero Sauin Cano. 
CAance/^t;/-, Autonio J. Garo. 

His Majesty s representative— £f?r. Ex. (f Min. Plen. & Consul-GeneraLVercy 
Chas. Hugh Wyndhatn {Bogota). 

COSTA RICA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. i' Min. Plen., Wenceslao de la Guardia, 6G, Holland 
park. W. : Finannal Agency, 41, Threadneedle street, E.G. 
Consul-General, Wiliiam JuLn Le Lach-ur, .o.s, Lombaid street, E.G. 
His Majesty s reprcseuutivc— ^«e "Panama (Republic ofj." 



JA, REPUBLIC OF. Envot/ Ex. 4 Min. Plen., General Carlos Garcia Vslez. 

first Secretary, Miguel Angel Campa 

nrellor, Lnis Mazon y Norona 
Legntwn, 76, Victoria street, S.W. 

Consul, Gustavo Navarrete y Romay, 40, Trinity square, E.G. 
Chancellor, Julio A. Brodermann. 

His Majesty's representative — Envoi/ Ex. §• Min. Plen., Stephen Leech 

MARK, Envoy Ex, cj- Min. Plen., Henrik de Grevenkop-Castenskiold, G.c.v.o., 29 Pont at. S.W 
ea'cirny. Count Reventlow. 
Attaches, Baron P, J, Bertouch-Lehn & Torben de Bille. 

Chancery open 11 to 1. 
Consul- General. John Valdemar Faber, 8 & 9 By ward street, Great Tower street, E/.'. 
Vice-Con sril. Poul Nordlien. 
Seci'etary, Theodor Thorsen. 

His Majesty's representative — En v. Ex. & Min. Plen., Sir Henry Crofton 
Lowther, G.C.V.O., K.c.M.G. {Copenhagen)'., Secretary of Legation, Richd, 8. 
Seymour, M.v.o. 

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. Consul-Gcneral, Don Arturo L. Fiallo, 36, Mark lane, E.G. 

Consul. Sefior Octavio Ventura, 17, Coleman street, E.G. 
Vice Consul. Senor Alberto Ventura, 17, Coleman street, E.G. 
His Majesty's representative — See " Cuba.^^ 


Consul -General, Don C. Nevares, 9, Bishopsgate, E.G. 
Cancil/er, Don R. G. Llanos. 

His Majesty's representative — See " Peru." 


His Majesty's representative — Agent & Consul-General, Field -Marshal Earl 
Kitchener of Khartoum, K.P„ P.C., O.C.B., G.r.s.i., G.C.M.G., 6.C.I.E., O.M. 
{Cairo) ; Councillor, Milne Cheetham, o.M.G. 

ETHIOPIA— 5e« " Abyssinia.'' 

I&.NCE. REPUBLIC OF. Atnbassador Ex. cj- Plen., His Ex. Paul Cambon, g.o.v.o., Albert 
Gate House, S.W. 
'irst Secretary. A. de Fleuriau. 
econd Secretaries, F. Charles Roux, Roger Cambon & Baron de Barant©. 
hirrl Secretaries. Comte de Montliolon & Adrien Thierry. 
Attaches. Paul Morand & Jules Blondel. 

Co7i>-vl if Sei refnire Archiriate. J. Kiiecht. , 

Nnral Attache. Comte de Saint-Seine. 
Military Attache, Lieut.-Col. Vicomte de la PanouBe. 
Comm^iciol .■ittact'e Jean Perier. 
Consiil-tien., Maurice <le Copi et. 
Cons'd-Siippleant, Roger de Saint Jouan. 
Vice- Consul. Louis Mattei. 
Serretiiire A rchiriste, 

Attaches. Emile Lasfargues, Edouard Prestat, Jean Jacques Serre, Charles Leopold Bon jour 
& Pierre Lafnnd 
:. Olfice, 01, Bedford square, W.C. (open 10 to 4, Sat. 10 to 1). 
I^K His Majesty's represontatives^Amb. Ex. & Plen., His Ex. the Rt. H'^n. Sir 

I^B Francis L. Bertie, I'.c, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., G.C.v.o, {Paris): Councilor of 

I^H Embassy, Earl Granville, G.C.v.o. 


(S-REECE. En, Ex. # Min. Plen., Joannes Gennadius, U, De Tere gdn». W. 
First Secretary, Peter Delvanni. 
Second Secretary. Constantin Collas. 
yaval Attache, Capt. Nicolas J. Botas^is. 
Conxul- General. John J. Stavridi. 40 Obi Broad shreet, E.G. 
Secretary. Dr. M. Tlieodossius (hours 12 to 4, Sa^. 12 to 1). 

His Majesty's representatives— Env. Ex. & Min. Plen. Sir Francis Edmund 
Hugh Elliot, G.C.V.O., K.c.M.G. (^Athens) ; Secretary of Legation, Chas. 
Alban Young, M.v.o. 

Charrje d'Affaires tf- Consul-General^ Ssnor Don Jose Maria LardizAbal. 11, Queen 

Victoria street, E.G. ; office hours 2 to 6. 
Consul, D ivid Bowman. 

His Mijesty's representative— En. Ex. & Min. Plen. & Consul-General, Chas. 
Alban Young, M.v.o. {Guatemala). 

HAYTI. REPUBLIC OF. Minister Resident, Antoine Gonstantin Sansaricq, 76 Victoria 
stre':it, S.W. 
Secretary. Louis Ausrustin Guillaume. 
Consul, Maurice Erdmann, 32, Fenchurch street, E.C. 
His Majesty's representative — See " Cuba." 

HOLLAND. See " Netherlands." 


Consul-General, Mark Jamestown Kelly, 7 & 8, Idol lane, B.C. 
His Majesty's representative — See '* Guatemala.'^ 

IT,\LY. Ambassador Ex. (J- Plen., His Ex. Mirquis Imperial!, 20, Grosvenor square, W. 
Counnill'ir, Prince Livio Borghese. 
Third Secretaries, Paolo de Parente, Baron Pietro Arone di Valentino, Giuseppe 

S ipuppo «fc Camillo Tortora Brarda Conte di Policas'ro. 
Naval Attache, Capt. de Corv tte Count Carlo Rey di Villarey, R.I.N. 
Milit'irti Attache. Maj. Count Edward Greppi, R.H.A. 
Chancellor, Cavalipre Ugo Catani. 
Consul, Maichese Ale^sandro Faii di Bruno. 
Vice-Consul. Civaliere Utiiciale Pietro Francesio Righetti. 
Consulate Office. 44, Finsbury square, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative — Amb. Ex. & Plen,, His Ex. the Rt, Hon, 
Sir James Rennell Rodd. P.c., G.C.v.o., G.C.M.G., C.B. {Rome)-, Secretary of 
Embassy, H. G. N. Dering, M.v.o. 

JAPAN. Ambassador Ex. <f Plen., His Ex, Katsunosuke Inouye, 10, Grosvenor square, W. 
Councillor, Kumataro Houda. 
Second Secretaries, I. Yoshida & N. Sakenobe, 
Third Secretaries, Setsuzo Sawada & Nagakage Okab6. 
Attaches, M. Snigeraitsu & M. Yanb. 
Chancellors, S. Mashido & Kuramatsu Kishi. 
Naval Attache. Rear- Admiral f^guri, i.j.N, 
Military Attache, Col. Saburo Inagaki. 
Assistant Military Attache, Major Seiji Tanikawa 
Financial Commissioner, KenjiO Mori, 7 Bishopsgate, E.C. 
Acting Consul-General, Consul Keiichi Yamaski, 1, Broad Street place, E.C. 
j^leve Consul, Takezo Okamoto. 
Chancellor, Kwayichi Satow. 

His Majesty's rt-presentatire— Amb. Ex. & Plen,, His Ex. Rt, Hon. Sir Wm. 
Conynghara Greene, G. CM G.,K.c.B {Toklo) ; Councillor of Embassy, Herman 
Cameron Norman ; Japanese Secretary,Ernest Miles Hobart-Hampden,c.M.G. 

• The British Minister at Guatemala la also accredited to the Republics of Hondaras, Nicaragua & Salvador. 


LIBERIA, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. cf Mm. Flen., J. P. Cromnaelin, 13, Eaton place, 3.W. 
Consul, Jack Thomas Grein, 27, Mincing lane, E.G. 
Vice'Consul, Albert Edward Donaldson. 

His Majesty's representative — Consul-General, Reginald Chas. Fiilke Maugham 

IjUXEMBURG. Consul- General, H. S. J. Maas, K.N'.L., Finsbury Circus h'ju?e, Blomfield st. B.C. 

MEXICO, REPUBLIC OF. Minister in Charge, Mignel Covarrabia3, Finsbury Pavement ho. E.G. 
Consul, Miguel Govarrubias (acting), Finsbury Pavement house, E.C.(hour8 10 to 4, Sat. 10 to 1) . 
His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex, & Min. Plen., Charles Murray Marling, 
c.B.jC.M.G. (Mexico) ; Secretary of Legation, Thomas Beaumont Hohler,c.M.G. 

MONACO. Consul-General, Theodore Lumley, 37, Conduit street, W. 
Vice-Consul, Paul Cremiea-Javal, 39, Ennismore gardens, S.W. 

MONTENEGRO. Consul- General, Sir (John) Roper Parkington, Knt., 21, Mincing lane, E.G. 
His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Min. PJen., Count de Salis, K.C.M.G., 
C.v.o. (Cettinje). 

NETHERLANDS. Env. Ex. cj- Min. Plen., Jonkheer R. do Mareos van Swinderen, 32 Green 
street, Park lane, W. 
Secretary of Legation, Jonkheer Michiola de Verduynen. 
Attache, L. Regont. 

Chancellor, Hendrik Nicolaas Brouwer, 

Consul- General, Henry S. J. Maas, K.N.L., Finsbury Circus house, Blomfield street, E.G. 
His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Hon. Sir Alan Johnstone, 
G.c.v.o. {The Hague). 


Vice-Consul, M. J. Herrmann, 19, Eastoheap, E.G. 

His Majesty's representative — See *• Guatemala.'^ 

NORWAY. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Plen., P. B. Yogt, 25, The Boltona, South Kensington S.W. 
Secretary, John Michelet. 

Consid-Gen., Waldemar Eckell, 22, Gt. St. Helen's, E.G. 
Vice-Consul. Hans L. Broekstad. 
Secretary, Nicolai Aall. 
Assistant Secretary, Richard Momme Peterson. 

His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Mansfeldt de 0. Findlay, 
C.B., c.M.G. {Chrisfiania) • 1st Secretary of Legation, Hon. Francis 0. Lindley. 

PANAMA, REPUBLIC OF. Min. Residt., Senor Don Fabio Arosemena, 91d, Billiter buildings, E.G. 
Consul, Don Carlos Ramon Zachrisson, 9 Id, Billiter buildings, E.G. 
Vice-Consul, Henry Ernest George Wolffgang, 1, Fenchurch avenue, E.G. 

His Majesty's representative— Minister Resident and Consul-General (and for 
the Republic of Costa Rica), Sir Claude Coventry Mallet, knt., c.M.G. 


Consul-General, Alfred James, 18, Eldon street, E.G. 

His Majesty's representative — Min. Plen., Sir Reginald Thomas Tower, k.Cm.g., 
c.v.o. (and for Argentine Republic) {Buenos Ayres). 

PERSIA. Env. Ex. (f Min. Plen.,Wivza. Mehdi Khan Mushir-ul-Mulk, il, Bramham gdns, S.W. 
Counsillor, Mlrza Abdul Gaffar Khan. 
First Secretary, Ehtecham Humayoun. 
Third Secretary, Gholam AH Khan Ard<T.lani, 


Consul- G*mral, Harry Seymour Foster, d.l., j.p., 82, Victoria street, S.W. 
Consul, Roderick Mitchell, J.P., 16 *fe 17, WatliLg strfet, E.G. 

His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex, & Min. Plen. & Consul-Greneral, Sir 
Walter Beaupr6 Towuley, K.c.M.a. {Ttheran) ; Councillor of Legation, 

PERU, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Plen., Seiior Don Carlos G. Candamo (Resident in 
Charge d'AJTaires, Seiior Don Edmundo de la Fuent?. 

Attaches, Don P. Enrique Caballero, Don Carlos G. Gibson & Don Ricardo Balbin. 
Lf-Y^affo/t, 10-4. Victoria srreer, S.W. 
Naval Commsaiouer^ Don Carlos G. Estenos. 
Consul-Genera L, Enrique Zerallos (in charge), 104 Victoria street, S.W. 

His Maj^'pty's representative — Env. Ex. &, Minister Plen. (and for Ecuador Re- 
public), Eruest Amelius Rennie, Ji.v.O. {^Lima). 

PORTUGAL, REPUBLIC OF. Env. Ex. if Min. Plen., Manuel Teixeira Gomes, 12 Gloucester 
place. Portman square, W. 
First Strreinry of Legation. Pedro de Tovar. 
Second Secretary, Auapito Pedroso Ro'irique^. 
Naval Attache, Lieut.-Commdr. Joilo Manuel de Carralho 
Commercial Attache, Demetrio Cinatti. 

Conml-General, Demetrio Cinatti, 6, South street, Finsbury, E.C. 
Consul, Henry V)lt Watters. 
Vice-Consul, Major Martin Charles Victor Hertz. 

His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Hon. Lancelot D. Carnegie, 
M.v.o. {Lisbon) ; Secretary of Legation, George Youug, M.v.o. 

ROUMANIA. Env. Ex. tf Min. Plen., NicoLas Misu, 4, Cromwell place, South Kensington, S.W. 
First Secretaries. Michel B. Boeresco k Prince Antoine Bibesco. 
Third Secretary, Ca);t. Ma'ila Costiesco-Gbyka. 
Chancellor- lute preter, Marcu Beza. 
Commercial Attache, Cxt-ory^Q Boncesco. 

Consul-General, Lt.-Col. Sir Albert K. Rollit, knt., 3, Mincing lane, E.C. 
Vice-Consul, G. N. Gologan, 87a & 88a. Leadenhall street. E.C. 

His Majef-ty's representative — Env. Ex. k Min. Plen., Sir George Head Barclay, 
K.C.8.I., K.r.M.G., c.v.o. {Bucharest); Secretary of Legation, Hon. Areias 

RUSSIA. Ambassador Ex. cf Plen., His Ex. Count Alexandre Constantinovitch Benckendorff, 
G.c.v.o. Cliesham house, Ch«-f-ham place. S.W. 
Councillor of Embassy, NicholaH de Etter, C.v.o. 
First Secretary, W. 

Second Secretaries, Gabriel Wolkoff «fe Alexandre N6lidow. 
Attaches, Ben no de Siebert & Gregory Wilenkin. 
Military Attache, Lt.-Q^neral N. Yermoloff, K.C.v.o, * 
Assistant Military Attache^ Col. Alexander NiholaieflE. 
Naval Attache, Capt. Nicolas Wolkoff. 
Assistant Naval Attache, En ir.-Ool. Vladimir Sagovsky. 
Commercial Attache. M. do Routkowsky. 

Consul-General^ Baron Alphon-e Heyking, 30, Bedford square, W.C. 
Official Secretary, Cla.ier.s de Collongue. 
Vice- Consuls, Eruest Gambs & Osmond Capel Knapp. 

His Majestv's representative — Ambassador Ex. <t Plen., His Ex. Rt. Hon. Sir 

Geo. Wm. Buchanan, p.c., 6.C.M.G., G.c.v.o., C.b. {Petrograd) ; Councillor of 

Embassy, Hugh O'Beirne, C.v.o., c.b. 

SALVADOR, REPUBLIC OF. Chargi d'Afaires <f Consul-General, Dr. Don Arturo Ramdn 
Avila. 8, Union court, E.C. 
Chancellor, G. Le Bourdonnec. 

His Majesty's representative — See " Guaf.tmala." 


SANTO DOMINGO— iS#<f " Dominicm J?gpublic."' 

SAN MARINO, REPUBLIC OF. Contul-Gtneral, Commendater* Arthur Serena, J.P., F.R.G.S., 
34, Leadenhall street, E.G. 

SERVIA. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Pkn., Matheas Boschko^itch, 195, Queen's gate, S.W.J 
First Secretary. Alexandre V. Georgevitch. 
Attache. AVoislav M. Peti-ovitoh. 
Consular business attended to in London bv the Servian Legation. 

His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Mii). P en., Charles Louis des Graz 
{Belgrade) : Secretary of Legation^ D. E. M. Crackanthorpe. 

SIAM. Env. E.r. ^ Min. Plen., Phya Sadham Maitri, 23, Ashburn place South Kensington, S.W. 
Councillor of Leq-'tion, Wm. John Archer, 
First Secretary. Pbra Sanpakitch. 
Attache, M. Nai Tieui. 
Serretary- Interpreter . Lewis C. Bateman. 
Military Attach^, Capt. Prince Aiioratat. 
Financial Aaent, C. .1. Rivett-C irnac. 

Secretary to Financial Af/ent. W. A. Evan's, 23, As'iburn place, S.W. 
Consul -General, Sir John Anderson, knt., 5 Wiiitting avenue, E.G. 

His Majesfv's representative — Env. Ex. & Min. Plen. & Consul-Gen., Arthur 
Robt. Peel (Bangkok). 

SPAIN. Ambasmdor Ex. cf Plen., His Ex. Don Alfonso Merry del Val y Zulueta, 1, Grosvenor 
gardens, S.W. 
Minister and Councillor. Don Jos6 Gil Delgado, 
Second Secretary, Don Carlos Huerta. 

Attaches, Don Mmuel C=»8ulleras y Macazaga & Marques de Mds. 
Military Attarhe. Lt. Col. Julio Vicnns. 

Cornell I- General, Don Jop6 Congosto y Vaillant, 40, Trinity square, E.G. 
Vice-Con.iid, Jof=e Prieto del Rio. 
Chancelier, Austin William Steet. 

His Majesty's representative — AmbaFsador Ex. & Plen.. His Ex. the Rt. Hon. Sir 
Arthur Hy. Hardinge. P.O., G C.M.G., K.c.B. [Madrid] ; Councillor of Embassy, 
John Ghas. Tudor Vaughan, M.v.o. 

SWEDEN. Envoy Ex. 4- Min. Plen. Count Wiangel, G.C.v.O. 
Councillor of Legation, WoUmar Bostiom, M.v.o. 
Naval Attache, CoTunander Charles de Champ-, M.v.o. 
Secnd Secretary. Edward Liljewalch. 
Attache, Carl de Reuterskiold, 
Chamellor, J. N. Stille. 

Chaplain, Rev. J. Lindskog. Swedish church, Harcourt street, Marylebone, W. 
Office of file Legation, 73, Portland place, W. 

Consul-General. Chamberlain Fredrik Adolf Georg de Berencreutz. 
Vice-ConKul. Gu-taf Alexander Heinrich Achates von Platen. 
Secretaries Carl Osc^r Cederlof & Alof A'draes Hedman. 
Consulate Office. 63, Finsbnry pavement, E.G. 

His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Min. Plen, Esm6 Wm. Howard, C.t.o., 
C.M.G. (Stockholm). 

SWITZERLAND, CONFEDERATION OF. Env. Ex. ^ Min. Plen., Gaston Carlin, 3, Portland 
place, W. 
Councillor of Legation, Charles Rodolphe Paravicini 
Attache, Rene de Week. 
Chancellor. Theodore R'tter. 
Consular business attended toin London at the Swiss Legation. 

Hie Majesty's representative— Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Evelyn M. Grant Duff, 
C.M.G. (Berne). 



His Majetty'i repretentatire — flee " America^" 

URUGUAY, REPUBLIC OF. Snv. Ex. 4- Mm. PUn., Fedorico R. Vidiella, Trafalgar buildinga, 
Northumberland avenue, W.C. 
First Secretary of Legation, Don P. Requena Bermudez. 
Second Secretary, Carlos de Santiago, 

Consul-General, Don Jose Barboza Terra, 188 & 189, Strand, W.C. 
Secretary ^ Chancellor, Pedro Ruin Garcia. 
Auxiliar, Alfred Hy. Stone ham. 
Hon. Consul, Frank' Houlder, 102 Fenchurcb street, E.G. 

(All documents requiring legalization must be presented at the Consulate-General.) 
His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Min, Plen. and Consul Gen., Alfred 
Mitchell-Innes (Montevideo) ; Secretary of Legation, W. E. O'Reilly. 

VENEZUELA, UNITED STATES OF. Env. Ex. (f Min. Plen., Dr. Jose Ignacio Cardenas (Paris). 
Charge d' A f aires, Dr. Pedi-o C^sar Dominici, 34 Richmond mansions, Richmond road, S.W, 
Consul-General, S. C. Heyden, 10 Eastcheap, E.C. 

His Majesty's representative — Env. Ex. & Min. Plen., Frederic Dundas Harford 
C.v.o. (Caracas). 

Other Lords of His Majesty's Treasury... 


Prime Minister and First Lord of the Trea- ) ^^ ^ON. Herbert H. AtQUiTH, k.c, m.p. 

aury j 

Lord High Chancellor Rt. Hon. Viscount Haldaxb, k.t. 

Lord President of the Council Rt. Hoy, Earl Beauchamp, K.o.M.G. 

Lord Privy Seal and Secretary of State, j ^^^^ j^^^ Marquess of Crewe, k.g. 

Indian Department ) 

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rt. Hox. David Lloyd George, m.p. 

Secretary of State, Home Department. .. Rt. Host. REfifNALD McKenna, m.p. 

Secretary of State, Foreign Department.. Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Grey, Baut., K..G., m.p. 

Secretary of State, Colonial Department. Rt. Hon. Lewis Harcodrt, m.p. 

a i. r o^ i. TO- T^ 4. 4. (Field Marshal Rt. Hon. Earl Kitchener of- 

Secretary of State, War Department | Khartoum, K.P., g.c.b.,g.c.s.i., g.c.m.«.,g.c.i.k.,o.m. 

Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster ... Rt. Hon. Chas. F. G. Mastkrman, m.p. 

First Lord of the Admiralty Rt. Hon. Winston L. S. Churchill, m.p. 

Secretary for Scotland Rt. Hon. Thos. McKinnon Wood, m.p. 

President of the Board of Trade Rt. Hon. Walter Runciman, m.p. 

President of the Local Government Board Rt. Hon. Hbrbkrt L. Samuel, m.p. 
Presidenr, of the Board of Ag.iculture j ^^ ^^^ ^ORD LuCAS. 

and Fisheries ) 

President of the Board of Education Rt. Hon. Joseph Albert Pease, m.p. 

Chief Secretary for Ireland Rt. Hon. Augustine Birkell, k.c, m.p. 

Postmaster-General Rt. Hon. Chas. E. H. Hobhouse, m.p. 

First Commissioner of Works Rt. Hon. Loud Emmott, g.c.m.g. 

Attorney-General Rt.Hon.Sir John Allsbrook Simon,k.c.v.o.,k.c.,m.p. 

The above form the Cabinet. 

Paymaster-General Lord Strachib, p.c. 

f John W. G' lland, m.p. 

W. Wedgwood Benn, m.p. 

William Jones, m.p. 

Henry Webb. m.p. 
T . ^o . . i i.1. rri (Hon. Edwin Samuel Montagu, M.P. 

Joint Secretaries to the Treasury | p^^^.^ 3 Illisgworth, m.p. 

Adml. of the Fleet LordFisher, g.c.b.,g.c.v.o.,o.m. 


Rear-Adml. Fredk. Chas. T. Tudor, c.b. 

Capt. Cecil F. Lambert, r.n. 

Rt. Hon. Geo. Lambert, m.p. 

Rt. Hon. Sir Eras. J. S. Hop wood, g.c.m.g., k.c.b. 

Pari. Sec. to the Admiralty 'Rt. Hon. Thos. Jas. Macnamara, m.p. 

Pari. Under-Sec. of State. Home Dept.... Rt. Hon. Ellis J. Griffiths, k.c , m.p. 

Pari. Under-Sec. of State, Foreign Dept. Francis Dyke Acland, m.p. 

Pari. Under-Sec. of State, Colonial Dept. Lord Islington, p.c. 

Pari. Under-Sec. of State, War Deptmnt. Harold John Tennant, m.p. 

ParL Under-Sec. of Stare, Indian Dept... Chas. Henry Roberts, m.p. 

Financial Secretary of War Department. Harold Trevor Baker, m.p. 

Pari. Sec. to Board of Trade John M. Robertson, m.p. 

Pari. Sec. to Local Government Board... Rt. Hon. J. Herbert Lewis, m.p. 

^Ind FTshe\°ios''L^°^l.°.^..i^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^'^^^^ ^- ^- ^«P^«^'^' ^^^T., M.P. 

Pari. Sec. to Board of Education Christopher Addison, m.d., m.p. 

Assistant Postmaster-General Capt. Cecil W. Norton, m.p. 

Solicitor-General SiR Stanley O. Buckmaster, k.c, m.p. 

Lord Lieutenant of Ireland H.E. Rt.Hon.Earl ofAberdeen,k.T.,G.O.M.G.,O.C.v.o. 

Lord Chancellor of Ireland Rt. Hon. Ignatius J. O'Brien. 

Attorney-General for Ireland ... Rt. Hon. Jonathan Pim, k.c. 

Solicitor-General for Ireland James O'Connor, k.c. 

Lord Advocate for Scotland Rt. Hon. Robert Munro, k.c, m.p. 

Solicitor-General for Scotland Teos. B. MoRisoN, k.c. 

Loi-d Steward <>f the Household Earl of Chesterfield, p.c, 

Lord Chamberlain Lord Sandhurst, p.c, g.c.8.1., q.c.i.e. 

Master of the Horso Earl of Granard, k.p., p.c 

Vice-Chamberlain , Hon. Geoffrey W, A. Howard, m.p. 

er Lords of the Admiralty - 



Annesley, capt. hon. Arthur (vide p 
killed in action, Nov. 16, 1914, 

Boyle, capt. hon. James (ride p. 220) ; killed 
in action, nr. La Bass6e, France, Oct. 18. 1914. 

Brodie, capt. Ewen Jas. (vide p. 238) ; killed 
in acuon, Nov. 11. 1914. 

Bncking'bam, maj. Aubrey Webster (vide p. 
255) ; killed in actionj nr. Ypres, Nov. 17. 1914. 

Cadogran. m-ii. hon. Wm. Geo. S- dney, M.v.o. 
{v!de p. 279) ; killed in action, Nov, 1914, 

Congrleton, 5 baron. It. gren. gds. (vide p. 
363) ; killed in action, Nov. 10. 1914, 

Cradock, rear-adtnl. sir Chri-topb-r Geo. 
Maurice, K.C.v.o, (vide p. 3^6-6) ; killed in action 
off the coast of Chili in H.M.S, " Good Hope," 
Nov, 1. 1914. 

Crawley, maj. Eustace (vide p. 390) ; killed 
inaction, Oct. 1914. 1 

Daw^nay. maj. hon. Hugh, D s.o, (vide p, 
433) ; killed in action, Nov. 2, H)i4, 

Doring-ton. maj. Thos. Philip (vide p. 465-6) ; 
killed in action, nr. Ypres, Nov, 12, 1914. 

Foster, Wm. Augustus Portman (vide p. 
575) ; killed in action, Nov. 26, 1914. 

Fraucklin, flag capt. Philip. M.v.o., R.x. 
(r/ce p. 5"^0) ; killed in action on H.M.S. " Good 
Ho e," Nov. 1, 1914. 

Hamilton, capt. Mprvyn James (vide p. 685) ; 
d. Nov. 1914, from wounds received in action. 

Marker, col. Raymond John, d.s.o. (vid« p. 
996) ; d. Nov. 13, 1914, at Boulogne from wounds 
received in action. 

Richardson, capt. Sir Edward A.Stewart-, 15 
bart. (vide p. 1236); d. Nov. 28, 1914, from 
wouads received in action. 

Williams, engr.-capt. Walter Kent. M.v.o., 
R.N. (vide p. 15.57); killed by explosion on board 
of H.M,S. " Bulwark," Nov. 26, 1914. 


Berthon, Henry Edward, M.v.o. 4 class (1914), (1914). Taylorian prof, of the German language 
Taylorian lecturer in French literature in the and literature in the Univ. of Oxford. 
Univ. of Oxford. j Prendergrast, rear-adral. Robert J., A.D.C. to 

Fiedler, Hermann George, M.v.o. 4 class the King 1913-14, rear-adml. 1914. 


Aikman, lady.— Mary, wife of sir Robt. Smith 
Aikman. knt. (vide p. 7.4) ; d. Nov. 17. 1914. 

Arnell, Edwd. Geo., eld. e. of Edwd. Arnell, 
of Selsey, Sussex; b. 1861; m. 1*93. Fanny 
Rosalie, dau. of Edwin Fuller Baiton, co. 
Leicester; .i.P. (1914) Sussex: The Cottage, 
Selsey. Chichester (in lieu of entry on p. 101). 

Bigham, capt. hon. Cha«. Clive, c.M,G.(19.')l). 
eld. s. of 1 baron Mersey, P.c. ; b. 1872 ; m. 1904, 
Mary, 2 dau. of late Horace A, D, Seymour, c.B. ; 
dep. master of the Mint ; It. t-ren. gds, 1892-5 ; 
hon, attach^ to embassies at St, Petprsburg 1896. 
Constantinople 1897, Peking 189s.l«)00: Greco- 
Turkish war 1897, H. M. delegate in Thes-sjilv 
1897-8 (3 class Medjidie and O'der ( f : 
China expdn. 19(i0 : A, d.C. to lord lieut. of Ireland 
1901-2 ; attached to mil. intell. divn. H.Q. staff 
1901-4, capt. res. of "ff. 1902, brig. maj. bn<:ade 
of gds. and gen. staff officer, london dist. 191 1, 
Rec. to Roy. comnjns. on motor curs 1905-6, 
lighthouse admihstrn, 1906-8, and vivisection, 
1906-12. esq. of o der of St. Jo'm of Jeru-alem, 
J.P. (1910) CO. London: 22 Eaton pi. S.W. : 
United Service and Bachelors' clubs (in lieu of 
entrv on p. 181). 

Blunt. Wilfrid Scawen, s. of F. S. Blunt, of 
Crabbet Park, Sussex; b. 1840: m. 1869, lady 
Anne, only dau. (heir pres. to barony of Went- 
worth) of 1 earl of Lovelace (d. Ib93), by his 

first wife, hon. Ada Auensta (c7.1852), only child 
of Geo. Gordon, 6 lod Byron, the poet ; 6.1837 ; 
attac' 6 at the Hague, Athens, Frankfort, and 
Madrid 1859-62, third sec. at Paris, Lisbon, and 
Frankfort lKfi4-(:5, 2 s-ec. at Buenos Ayres 1867, 
Ben e 1869-70 : New Buildings Pl-^ce, South water, 
Su.^sex (in lieu of entry on p. 198). 

Bowden, It.-col. Geo. Robert Harland, It.-col. 
4 E. Ant^lian brig. R. F. A. torn 1914, M.p. (c.) 
N. E. Derbyshire from 1914 : 1 Victoria st. 
S. W. : Carlton and Jun. Army and Navy clubs ; 
Haze-d'^ne. St. Albans (in lien of entry on p. 213). 

Briffht. John Albert, eld. s. of rt. hon. John 
Bright, of One Ash. Rochdale, M.P. (d. 1889) : b. 
184?S; m. Iv83. Edith Eckersley, dan. of late 
Wm. Tuer Shaw^cr<>-s. of Foxhoks, Rochdale ; 
J.P. Larca shire and boro' of Uocbdale, M P. 
(LU.) Birm'ng'.am (Central divn. i 1889-95, (L.) 
Oldham 190H-10 : Reform club; One Ash, 
Rochdale (in lieu of entry on p. 234). 

Carlyon-Britton, Phfn'p Wm. Poole, f.s.a., 
F.R s.A. (Irel.), K.R.N. fi., e!d. s. of lite Hy. Wm. 
Bntion, of Caer Brito, Ashley hi I, Biistol; b. 
1863; lu. 1886. Agnes Cassandra, elH, dau. of 
late Chas. Alfred Canyon, B.a. (Cantab.), of 
Redland, Bri.-tol and of Kirby Muxloe, co. Lei- 
cester ; admitted a solicitor 'l886 (honours at 
final exaoan.), capt. 3 battn. (mil.) R Innis- 
killing Fus. 1896-8, maj. 14 battn.. West York- 



shire regt. 1914, lord of th^ manor of Wesfc Hin- 
him, GlJ8., J.p. (I89S) Middli. (shsdffi 1913-U). 
D.L. Grloac^3ter« li^e, d.L. cicy aid eo, of Bi-i«col 
and of Gloucester, pres. Brit. Xu'JiHinioio SiC. 
from 1904, assu ned by loyai licaaca ;id.lGl. na aa 
aad arms of irly .a ls9r : 43 Hi iford s^ W.C. ; 
Jan. Carlton cluo (in lieu of eatry on p. 29')). 

Cacil, hoa. mrs. Will am Amlierst, Grladrs, 
only child of C las. U/. B i.'^^jr aiay , of Hen her- 
hurst Gra igi, F.-inley, Surrey; in. 191 J, hofl. 
Wm. Anuerst Cecil, It.'gren. lids. (</. 1914) : 46 
Hai-rjngton gdns. S.W. (in lieu of entry on 
p. 3j9j. 

Charlemont, 8 vise. (166.). rr.), Jas. Elwd. 
Can fiiild, only s. of hoa. Macus Piers 
Caulf-;ild, 0. B. ((/. 189.)) and n p'aaw of 7 vise, 
(rf. 19l.i) ; b. H80; >n. 1914, Kvel^n, dau. of E. 
C. P. Hull, of Earl^uood Moimt, Redhili, 
Sarrey {Heir, cousin. Gae^s. E. St G. Caulfeild, 
b. 1887) : lo Warwick, gda-. K'nsingt)n. VV. ; 
Drumcairne, Stewarts own ; Hoxboro' Cattle, 
Moy ; Conay Islxul, M^a^liery, co. Armagh (in 
lieu of entry on p. 316). 

Clarke, Chas. li.raine Ca'los, s. of Chas. 
Calos CUrke; in. 191 1, laly Eileen ilaud J., 3 
dau. of 5 eat-l of Kanfurly, b. 1891 (in lieu of 
entry on p. 872). 

Clauson. uiij. sir JohnEuge'ie,K.c.M.a.(19]3j, 
c.v.o. (^1912;, R.E..J5.A. Lon ;..eli. .«. of late Cnas. 
Clausou ; b. l<6{i; m. 1890. iUry E., eld. da t. 
of sir Wm. Thos. Makin-s, 1 bart. : maj ii E 
1903, ret. p. 190!), sec. Coio iai defence com- 
mitiee 1900-6, chief sec. to govr. of Cypru>< 190 i- 
11, It. -gov. aud chief !?ec. to go.'t. of Mdti 
1911-14, high conimi'. of Gypius frou 1911 
Go\^ernmentllou<^e, iS'ikosia. Cyprus ; AthjiiSeiun 
Army and Navy and Savage cluoa (in lieu of 
entry on p. 338). 

CloseBrooks, John Chas., eld. s. of John 
Close-Brooks. J. P.. of Birtit-s tiall, Che-;hire (d. 
191 i); b. 1876; m. 19J4. Marie, dau. of maj.- 
gen. Beresford Lovett, c.B., c.s.r. ; j.p. (1911; 
Cheshire, It. 1 life gds. : Cavalry club; West 
Hank, Macolestidli (m lieu of entry on p. 345). 

Colville, adml. hon. sir Stanley Cecil Ja-s., 
K.c.B. (1912),(;.v.o. (19!)2),2s. of 1 visc.Colvdle 
(d. 1903) ; b. 1861 ; m. 1902, lady Adelaide Jane, 
younge•^t dau. of adml. of the tieet 4 earl ot 
Clanwilliam ; served in naval brigade in Zulu 
war 1879, in Egypt 1882, Nile expdn. 1884-6 
and 1896, a.d.c. to King Edwar.l Vll. 1905 6, 
commdg. Nore divn. fclom-i fleet in 1908, ihe tirst 
cruiser squadron 1909-11, and of the tirst 
battle squadron 191214, adml. 1914; 45 Cailo- 
gan pi. S. W. (in lieu of entry on p. 361). 

Conyngrham, lord Fredk. Wm. Burton, 2 s. 
of 4 marq.Cunyngham ; l>. 1690 ; vi. 1914, Bes^i •, 
dau. of late VV. A. Tob.n, Ausua la ; 2 It. 
Wesfmorlmd and Cumberland yeo. 191'^-] 1, 2 
It. R. Scots Greys 1911-1.', heir pies, to niar- 
quesa.e (in iieu oi entry on p. 365). 

Coagrleton, lord (6 biron, 1841, U.K.). John 
Brooce Molesworth Parnoll, 2 s. of 4 baron (d. 
19 Jo) an I ^)ro. of 5 ovroi (killed in action 1914; ; 
b. 189i; It. RK. 1913 {ff:ir, bro. hon. Wm. A. D. 
Parneil, q.v.) : 28 Grjen sfc. Grosveaor sq. W. 
(in lieu of entry on p. 3')3). 

Gorrie, maj. A f re 1 Wynne, 4 s. of late John 
M. Carrie, of Itchen Ab^as, Hants ; 6. 1856 ; m. 
1886, Caarlotte A'l .e, only dau. {d. lyl.}) and 
h-diress of late J icob Fletcher Fietch-r. of Peel 
fclill, Lanes; D.L., J.P. SaIoo (sheriff 1909). 
oomndg. Nitiond R -serve, Shrevsbury; lata 
rnij.S ir)ps*iirel. Y. : Marlborou^^h, C'arlton ind 
Orlems club> ; Park Hall, Oswestry (in lien of 
enti-y on p. ii76). 

Coomaraswamy, lady. — Elizabeth C, dau. 
of Itto W li. John Bieby ; m. 1875, sir Muiu 
Coomaraswam)', knt,, msmb.legisl. counc. Ceylon 
{d. 1879) : Eagle.-.den, B^nenden, Cranbrook, 
Kent (in li^u of entry on p. 368). 

Cour*xjwn, 6 earl of (1762, ir. ). James Walter 
Milles S:opford, eld. s. of 5 earl (d. 1914); *. 
1853; m. 1, 1876. eld. din. (d. 1884) of 4 biron 
B aybiooKe ; 2, 188 >, Gertrude, eld. dau. of gen. 
C. J. C. Mills; sits as baron Salc^-rsford (1796, 
Gt. 8.) ; 2ni title vise. Sco .ford ; J.P. co. Wex- 
fo.d (H.M.'s lieut. f rom 1901), It. -col. commdt. 
and uon. col. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Irish regt. 
1903 8 {H'iir, s. vitc. Stopford, q.o.): Carlton 
and Kilda e St. (Dubiiu) clubs; Courtov/n 
House, Gorey, Ireland (^in iieu of entries on pp. 
.38.1 aud 1389). 

Crj,wle7, lady Violet E., eld. dau. of 8 ^arl of 
Ay.esford; b. Is80; m. 1904, maj. Eustace 
Craw.oy, 12 lancers (killed in action 1914) (in 
lieu of entry on p. 390). 

Crichion. vise. John Henry Geo., eld. survg. 
s. of earl of E ne ; b. 1907 (in lieu of entry un 
pp. 393 an>l 3lt4). 

Grossman, Douglas, eld. s. of Alex. Grossman, 
of CokeUiCn, Royston, Herts ; b. 1870 ; m. 1, 
1895, E.eanor Mary Finch, eld. dau. (d. 1910) of 
ArtQur Fiuch Dawson, of Barrow Hill, ULtoxeter, 
Staffs; 2, 1912, Kathleen Prance^, 2 dau. of rev. 
A. Kirke Smitu, m.a., rect. of Boxworth, Cam- 
bridge ; J.P. (1902) Essex: Carlron and Junior 
ptr.ton clubs; Gratisden Hall, Sandy (in lieu 
'^f en cry on p. 4ol). 

Ox'ossmau, Rodt., eld. s. of maj.-gen. sir Wm. 
Cro-sman, K.C.M.G., of Cheswick, Northumb., 
M.P., J.p. (d. lyol) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1891, Elsie H., 
dau. (d. 1914) of late capt. E. L. Clogstoun, of 
Four Peaks, N. Zealand ; J.P. (1892) Heieford- 
s dre : Holybourne Lawn, Alton, Hants (in lieu 
of entry on p. 40l). 

Cuffe, .surg.-gen. sir Charles McDonogh, 
K.u.B. (1905),eld.s.of lateD.B. Cuffe, Dublin ; m. 
1883, Amy B., only chiLi of late W. J. Jones, of 
Jone^ville, Corozul, Central America ; in Kaffir 
war 1877-8, Zulu war 1879, Burmah war 1886-7, 
sur^.-gen. army med. staff 1896, ret. 1902, J.P. 
(1908) CO. London: 2 Cadogau court gdns. 



Sloaue sq. S.W. : Jun. United Service club (in 
lieu of entry on p. 404). 

CunliflPe of Headley, lord (1 baron 1914, 
r.K.)- Walter Cunliffe,M.A. Cantab.,s. of Roger 
Cunliffe, of Tyrrels Wood, Surrey, J.P. (c?. 1896) ; 
b. 1855; TO. 1, 1890, Mary A., youngest dau. 
(d. 1893) of Robert Henderson^ of Randalls 
Park, Sun-ey ; 2, 1896, Edith C, dau. of col. R. 
T. Boothby, St. Andrew's, N.B., one of H.M.'s 
Lieutenants for tbe City of London, sheriff of 
CO. London 1913, dir. of Bank of England from 
1895, dep. gov. 1911 and gov. 1913, raised to the 
peerage 1914 : 86 Brook st. W. ; New University 
club ; Headley Court, Epsom, Surrey (in lieu of 
entry on p. 407). 

Dalrymple, vise. John Dalrymple, eld. s. of 
earl of Stair ; b. 1906 (in lieu of entry on p.415), 

Dasent, lady. — Ellen, younger dau. and co- 
heiress of adml. of the fleet sir Henry J. Cod- 
rington, K.c.B. ; to. 1878, si' John Roche Dasent, 
kut., c.B. (d. 1914) : 26 Elvaston pi. Queen's 
gate, S.W. (in lieu of entry on p. 421). 

Davies, Joseph, 3 s. of Thos. S. Davies, of 
Stepaside, Pembrokeshire; b. 1866; to. 1894, 
Blanche, dau. of John Heron Wilson, of Cardiff, 
Glamorgan ; j.p. (1914) Glamorgan : Spring 
Cottage, Dinas Powis, Cardiff ; Bath, Reform 
and National Liberal clubs (in lieu of entry on 
p. 427). 

De Forest, baron (hereditary baron Austrian 
Empire), Maurice Arnold ; b. 1879 ; to. 1904, 
hon. Ethel Catherine H., only dau. of 2 baron 
Gerard, b. 1881 ; received the royal authority to 
use the title of baron in the United Kingdom 
4 Oct. 1900, hon. 2 It. in the army 1900, 2 It. 
P. W. O. Norfolk artill. mil. 1900-3, 2 lieut. 
Staffordshire I. Y. 1903-6, L.c.C. 1910-13, M.p. 
(L.) N. W. Ham from 1911, It.-commdr. temp. 
R.N.v.R. 1914 (ffeir, s. Alaric F. M.. b. 1905) : 59 
Grosvenor st. Mayfair, W. ; National Liberal 
and Marlborough clubs ; Hurst House,Kingston 
Hill, Surrey (in lieu of entry on p. 439). 

Dobson, Edmund Arthur, 4 s. of W. C. T. 
Dobpon, R.A. of Gentilshurst, Sussex ; b. 1857 ; 
TO. 1899, Jeannie Lydia, davi. of Arthur Crund- 
well, of Tunbridge Wells, Kent; J.p. (191-'i 
Sussex : Gentilshurst, Fernhurst, Sussex (irl 
lieu of entry on p. 461). ^ 

Dougherty, rt. hon. sir Jas. Brown, P.c. (irel. 
1908), K.C.B. (1910), K.C.v.o. (1911), M.A., eld. 
s. of Archibald Dougherty, m.f.c.s., of Garvagh. 
CO. Londonderry ; b. 1844; to. 1, 1880, Mai-y.dau. 
of Thos. Donaldson, of The Park, Nottingham ; 
2, 1889, Eliza, dau. of Henry W. Todd, of Oak- 
lands, CO. Dublin ; prof, of logic, belles lettres 
and rhetoric at Magee coll. Derry, 1879-95, 
educatl. endowment (Irel.) commr.l885-92.assist. 
und.-sec. for Ireland, clerk of privy council and 
dep. keeper of privy seal 1895-1908. permanent 
und. sec. to lord lieut. of Ireland 1908-14, M.P. 
(L.) Londonderry City from 1914, knighted 1902 
(in lieu of entry on p. 467). 

Dougrlas, hon. Wm. Sholto, 4 s. of 19 earl of 
Morton ; b. 1886 ; m. 1914,hon. Georgiana E. F., 
eld. dau. of 3 baron Raglan, b. 1889 (in lieu of 
entries on pp. 468 and 1357). 

Drake, Robt. Jas., K.c, B.A., ll.b. Trin. coll. 
Dub., 3 s. of late John Drake, of Dromore ; to. 
1897, Edith, only dau. of late W. J. Cooke, of 
Hereford ; barr. Middle Temple 1887, K.C. 1914: 
131 Victoria st. Westminster, S.W. ; 1 Essex 
court, Temple E.C. ; Royal Automobile club 
(Te/.Oentral No.l973) (in lieu of entry on p.472). 

Erne, 6 earl of (1798, ir.). Henry Wm. 
Crichton, M.v.o.4 class (1906), D.s.o. (1900), eld. 
s. of 4 earl, K.P., P.O. {d. 1914); b. 1872 ; to.1903, 
lady Mary C, eld. dau. of 1 duke of Westmin- 
ster, K.G., b. 1883 : sits as baron Fermanagh 
(1876, U.K.) ; 2nd title vise. Crichton ; served in 
S. African war 1899-1900 ; maj. R.H.G. from 
1910 and adjt. 1896-9, equerry to the prince of 
Wales (King George Y.) 1901-9 and extra equerry 
to His Majesty from 1909 (Beir, s. vise. Crichton, 
q.v.) : Turf club ; Crom Castle.Newtow n Butler, 
CO. Fermanagh (in lieu of entries on pp. 939 and 

Farqnhar, adml. sir Arthur Murray, k.c.b. 
(1914), c.v.o. (1903). eld. 8. of adml. sir Arthur 
Favquhar, K.c.B. .of Drumnagesk, Aberdeenshire, 
D.L., J.P. {d. 1908) ; b. 1855 ; m. 1893, Eva, eld. 
dau. of sir Malcolm McNeill, c.B. ; commd. 
H.M.'s ship "Renown " on occasion of T.R.H.duke 
and duchess of Conuaught's visit to India 1903, 
couimdg. Portsmouth divn. Home fleet 19lt7-8, 4 
cruiser squadron 1909-11, commdg. coast guard 
and reserves from 1912, adml. 1914 : Army and 
Navy club ; Granville Lodge, Aboyne, N.B. (in 
lieu, of entry on p. 534). 

Fisher, adml. Wm. Blake, c.B. (1900), s. of 
late capt. Wm. Edwd. Fisher, R.N., of Torquay ; 
b. 1853; TO. 1887, Edith L., dau. of late Eras. 
A'Beckett Chambers : commd. punitive expdn. 
agra natives of Malua, New Hebrides, 1884, 
Delagoa Bay blockading squadron in S. African 
war 1899-19b0, base during operations 
against Ogaden Somalis in Jubaland. E. Africa, 
1901, rear-adml. in Atlantic fleet 1908-9, adml'. 
on ret. list 1914 : Bembridge House, Osborne rd. 
Fareham ; United Service club (in lieu of entry 
on p. 553). 

Gaunt, rear-adml. Ernest Fredc. Augustus, 
c.M.G. (1902), 8. of his honor judg»- Gaunt, of 
Melbourne. Australia {d. 1905) ; b. 1865 ; m. 1899,. 
Louise G., dau. of late John Martyn, of Gregan's 
Castle, CO. Clare ; commr. for Wei-Hai and^ 
administr. of Lui-Knng-Tao 1898-9, suptdg.. 
transport officer at Wei-Hai during China war- 
1900,A.D.c. to the King 191.3-14, rear-adml. 1914 :■ 
United Service club (in lieu of entry on p. 604). 

Qilpin-Brown, Wm. Duniiag, F.S.I., s. of Geo.. 
Gilpin-Brown, of Sedbury Park, Yorks, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1889) ; b. 1851 ; to. 1, 1885, dau. {d. 1910). 
of late maj. -gen. F. Horsley, of Horsley Manor,. 
Glos ; 2, i9Uj Emily, widow of Thos. Burrows, 



of Uukwood. TaptoD Ville, Sheffield ; J. P. (1896) 
parts of Kesteven, Lines : Leek Wootton, War- 
wick (in lieu of entry on p. 615). 

Gormanstoii, 15 vise. (1478,ir.). JenicoEdwd. 
Joseph Preston, eld. s. of 14 vise., G.C.m.g. {d. 
1907); b. 1879; m. 1911, Eileen, dan. of late It.- 
gen. rt. hon. sir Wm. Butler, p.o. (irel.), g.c.b. ; 
sits as baron Gormanston (1868, U.K.) ; late 2 It. 
Manchester regt., 2 It. res. of officers 1904-13, 
D.L., J. P. CO. Meath {Eeir, s. hon. Jen'co W. R. 
Preston, q.v.) : Carlton and Sackville St. (Dub- 
lin) clubs ; Grormanston Castle, Balbriggan, co. 
Meath (in lieu of entry on p. 633). 

GraafP, hon. sir David Pioter de Villiers, 
1 bart. (1911), s. of late Petrus Novbertus Gn.aff, 
of Villiersdorp, Cane; b. 1859 ; m. 1913, Eileen, 
dau. of rev. J. P. Yan ?Ieeiden, of Cape Town ; 
naayor of Cape Town 1891-2, memb. Cape legisl. 
council 1891-9 (Western circle) and 1907-10, mio. 
without portfolio in the Merriman govt. 1908-10, 
memb. for Namaqualand and min.of public works, 
post and telegraphs in first Union parliament, 
1910, col. Cape Garrison Art. 1898, high commr. 
for the Union of S. Africa in London in 1914 : 
Ostende, Sea Point and De Grendel, Tijgerberg, 
Cape Town, S. Africa; City and Civil service 
(Cape Town) and National Liberal clubs (in lieu 
of entry on p. 637). 

Green, Eichd. Wm., eld. s. of Stephen Green, 
of Manchester; b. 1862; m. 1880, Mary A., dau. 
of Jas. Proctor, of Manchester ; j.p. (1914) 
Cheshire : The Elms, Wardle rd. Sale, Man- 
chester (in lieu of entry on p. 661 ;. 

Haddon-Smith, Geo. Basil, c.M.G. (1901), 
s. of late Hy. Basil Haddon-Smith ; b. 1861 ; m. 
1882, Izy Constance, dau of late col. Benjn. 
Hodson ; adjt. Lagos Haussa force 1886, served 
with Jebu expdn. 1892, Ashnnti expdus. 1895-6 
and 1900, asst. col. sec. Lagos 1894, actg. col. 
sec. 1895, chief asst. col. sec. of the Gold Coast 
1896-1901, actg. gov. of Gambia 1901, col. sec. 
of Sierra Leone 1901-12, gov. of the Bahamas 
1912-14 and of the Windward Islands from, 1914 : 
Government House, Grenada ; Travellers' club 
(in lieu of entry on p. 673). 

Hamilton, hon. Ralph Gerard Alex, (master 
of Belhaven), only s. of 10 baron Belhaven and 
Stenton; &. 1883; m.l904,Lady Grizel Winifred 
L., eld. dau. of It.-gen. 12 earl of Dundonald, 
C.V.O., C.B., b. 1880 : j.p. Lanarkshire, 2 It. gren. 
gds. 1901-3, It. 3 huss. 1906-8. maj. commdg. 
Essex R.H.A. from 1914: 1 St. James' terr. 
Regent's Park, N.W. ; Wishaw House, Wishaw, 
N.B. ; United fcervice club (in lieu of entry on 
p. 685). 

Hamilton-Hoare, mrs. May, wife of Hy. 
Wm. Hamilton-Hoare (vide p. 686) ; d. Nor. 20, 

Hegarty, lady. — Margaret, dau. of aldm. 
Michael Murphy, of Cork; m. 1891, sir Daniel 
Joseph Hegarty, knt., 1st mayor of Cork 1900 
{d. 1914) : Beechmount, Cork. 

Jaffray, sir John Henry, 3 bart. (1«92), 2 but 
eld. survg. s. of 2 bart. (d. 1914) ; b. 1893 (Heir, 
bro. Wm. E., b. 1895) : Skilts, Studley, Redditch 
(in lieu of entry on p. 810). 

Jaffray, lady. — Alice Mary, dan. of Eras, 
Gailowav, of Hereford ; m. 1889, as his 2 wife, 
sir Wm". Jaffray, 2 bart. (d. 1914) : Skilts, 
Studlev, Redditch (in lieu of entry on pp. 

Jones, Edwin, youngest s. of R. Jones, of 
Adwy, Denbighsliire ; b. 1849; ???. 1874, Mary 
Etchells, dau. of J. Ryder, of Macclesfield ; J.P. 
(1914) Denbighshire: Laurel Cottage, Adwy 
Clawdd, Wrexham (in lieu of entry on p. 831). 

Mackenzie, Wm., k.c, b. 1860; m. 1897, 
Lilian, eld. dau. of late W. H. Bradbury ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1886, K.c. 1914 : 9 King's bench 
walk. Temple, E.C. ; Reform club (in lieu of 
entry on p. 971). 

Morgan,Thos., s. of Jas. Morgan, of Pencnwe, 
Pembrokeshire; b. 1855; m. Margaret, dau. of 
W. Lewis, of Crinow, Pembrokeshire ; J.P. 
(1914) Pembrokeshire : Northfield, Narberth, 
Pembrokeshire (in lieu of entry on p. 1058). 

Peirse, vice-adml. sir Richd. Hy., k.o.b. 
(1914), M.v.o. 4 class (1903), s. of lato'lt.-col. C. 
H. Peirt^e ; b. 1860 ; m. 1889, Blanche M., only 
child of rev. E. J. Wemyss Whittaker, inc. of St. 
Maiy Magdalene, Bath ; served during Egyptian 
war 1882, at bombardment of Alexandria ; sen. 
officer on W. Coast of Africa during S. African 
war 1899-1900, A.D.c. to King Edward YII. 
1908-9, rear-adml. in the Home fleet 1910-11, 
commdr. -in-chief , E. Indies from 1912, vice-adml. 
1914, Prussian order of Red Eagle, 2 class (1904) 
(in lieu of entry on p. 1166). 

Petiierick, Geo. Gerald, eld. s. of Geo. T. 
Petherick, of Porthpean House, St. Austell, 
Cornwall; m. 1914, lady Jeane, eld. dau. of 
6 earl of Radnor, b. 1892 ; 2 It. R. 1st Devon 
yeo. from 1914 (in lieu of entry on p. 1179). 

Bichardson, sir Ian Rory Hay Stewart-, 16 
bart. (1630), eld. s. of 15 bart. (d. 1914), by lady 
Constance, 2 dau. of 2 earl of Cromartie ; b. 
1904 (Heir, bro. Cathel T. H., b. 1909) (in lieu 
of entry on p. 1236). 

Bicliardson, lady Constance, 2 dau. of 2 earl 
of Cromartie ; b. 1882 ; m. 1904, capt. sir Edwd. 
Austin Stewart-Richardson, 15 bart. (d. 1914) 
(in lieu of entry on p. 1236). 

Sherringr, Chas. Atmore, M.A.Cantab., 4 s. of 
rev. M. Atmrre Sherring, M.A., ll.b. ; h. 1868 ; 
m. 1899, Florence Rate, eld. dau. of Alfred 
Rixon, of The Plaine?, East Sheen, S.W. ; entd. 
Sudan C. S. (United Provinces) 1889, ret. 1914, 
J.p. (1914) Surrey : Sheen Mount, East Sheen, 
S.W. (in lieu of entry on p. 1326). 

Stair, 12 earl of (1703, sco.), John Jas. 
Dalrymple, onlv s. of 11 earl (d. 1914) ; b. 1879 ; 
m. 1904, Violet Evelyn, only dau. of col. Eredk. 
Hy. Harford, of Down Place, Berks ; sits as 
baron Oxenfoord (1841, U.K.) ; 2nd title vise. 



Dalrymple ; served in S. African war 1899-1902, 
maj. Scots ofds. from 19U, m.p. (g.) Wigtown- 
shir© 1906-1914:, J. p. Wigtownshire (fl'eiV, s.visc. 
Dalrymple, q.v.) : 17 Euon sq. S.W. : Carlton 
and Guards' clubs ; Locliiuch, Castle Kennedy, 
Wigtownshire ; Oxenfoord Castle, Dalkeith (in 
lieu of entries on pp. 415 nnd 1368). 

Stopford vise. James Rd. N'eville Stapford, 
F.B.C.I., eld. s. of earl of Conrtown ; b. 1877; 
7«. 1905, Cicely Mary, yonnger late J -ha 
Arden Birch and (Charlotte) vifcounte-s Bir- 
rington : Wendover House, Beaconstield, Bucks 
(in lieii of entry on p. l.l'^9). 

Turnbull, col. Chas. Frederic Alex., 3 8. of 
John Geo. Turnbull, Madras C. S. ; b. 1847 ; m. 

1890. Evelyn Selina, dau. of John L.Bronghton, 
of Tunstall. Salop : J.P. (19U), Surrey : Whit«5- 
ways, Runfold, Farnham, Surrey ; Jnn. United 
Se''vico club (in lieu of entry on p. 1464). 

Wills, sir Gilbert Alan Hamilton, 2 bart. 
(18lt7), M.A. Oxon., 2 but eld. survg. s. of sir 
Fredk. Wills, 1 i>art., of Northmoor, m.p., j.p. 
(d. 1909); b. 1880; w. 19U, Victoria May, 3 
dan. of late rear-ad ml. sir Edwd. Chichester ; 
.r.p. (1907) Somerset, cape. Roy. N. Devon veo. 
from 1913, M.P. (c.) Tauntou f rom 1912 (Heir, 
ho. Fredk. N. -H., />. 1887): Carlton, Jan. 
Carlton aul Jun. Naval and Mi itary clubs ; 
Northmoor, Dulverton, Somerset (in lieu of 
entry on p. 1563). 


Adams, maj. -gen. Thos. Edmund (vide p. 
71) : d. Nov. 1914 

Atkinson. Joun (vide p. 110) ; d. Nov. 29, 1914. 
Barrow, adml. Arthur (vide p. 142} ; d. Nov. 
22, 1914. 

Ba:^den, maj. -gen. Chas. Brenton (viJe p. 
146) ; d. Nov. 28, 1914. 

BeU- Marshall, Mark Bell (vide p. 165) ; d. 
May, 1914. 

Berkeley, Cecile, countess of (vide p. 173) ; 
d. Nov. 1, 1914. 

Bruce, It.-col. Courtenay Wm, (vide p. 250) : 
d. Nov. 27, 191 4. 

Burgress, George (vide p. 262) ; d. Nov. 26,1914. 

Chester-Master, Thos. Wm. Chester (due 
p. 322) ; d. Nov. 14, 1914. 

Chinnery, Henry Joseph (vide p. 326) : d. 
Nov. 15, 1914. 

Courtown, 5 earl of (vide p. 380) ; d. Nov. 
28, 1914. V i- ^ , 

Craven, Joseph (vide p. 38S) ; d. Nov. 29, 1914. 

Dasent, sir John Roche, c.B. (vide p. 421) ; 
d. Nov. 21, 1914. V F ; , 

Davis, Henry Wm. Banks, r.a. (vide p. 430) • 
d. Dec. 1, 11)14. ^ i' >' ' 

Deedes, mrs. Sarah M. S. (vide p. 439) : d. 
Nov. 19, 1914. ^ ^' 

de Palezienx-Falconnet, maj. -gen. Gren- 
ville Pulteney {vide p. 447) ; d. Nov. 23, 1914. 

Dibb, Arthur Knocker (vide p. 453) ; d. Nov 
19, 1914. ^ 

Du Cano, lady Florence V. (vide p. 476) ; d. 
Nov. 22, 1914. ^ ^' 

Dunn, rt.rev. Andrew Hunter, bp. of Quebec, 
1892-1914 (vide p. 486) ; d. Nov. 14, 1914 

Earle, gen. John March (vide p. 493) • d 
Nov. 22, 1914. ^ ' ' 

Ecroyd, Edward (vide p. 495); d. Nov. 13,1014. 

Emo, 4 earl of, K.P., P.O. (irel.) (vide p. 614) ; 
d. Dec. 2, 1914. 

Fitzjohn, rev. Thos. Lechmere Tudor, m.a. 
(vide p. 557j ; d. Nov. 12, 1914. 
I Fletcher, Chas. John (vide p. 561) ; d. Nov. 
;30, 1914. 

Qlegra-, Birkenhead (vide p. 618) ; d. Nov. 1914. 
I Harrisson, miss Elizabeth Matilda (vide p. 
I 707): d. Nov. 30, 1914. 

j tiegrarty, sir Daniel Joseph (vide p. 726) ; d. 
j Nov. 1914. 

I Hugrhes, col. John Sylvester (vide p. 786) ; d. 
Nov. 22, 1914. 

I Irwin, mrs. Lucy Frances (vide p. 805) ; d. 
Nov. 2.5, 1914. 

I Jaffray. sir William, 2 bart. vide pp. 810-11) ; 
d. Nov. 27, 1914. 

Lukin, maj -gen. Wm. Windham Augustus 
(vide p. 946) ; d. Nov. 25, 1914. 

Maokay, James, -J.P. (vide p. 968); d. Nov. 
29. 1914. 

Pirbright, lady (vide p. 1176) : tZ.Nov. 26, 1914. 
Kansom, William (vide p. 121«) ; d. Dec. 
1, 1914. 

Roberts, Chas. Edwin (vide p. 1246) ; d. 
Nov. 30, 1914. 
SneUinff, Henry(nV7ep.l354); rf.Nov.13.1914. 
Stair, 11 earl of (vide p. 1368) ; d. Dec. 2. 1914. 
Stansfeld. maj.-g<^n. Henry Hamer (vide p. 
1372) ; d. Nov. 30, 1914. 

Stokes, lady Marjorie (vide p. 1388) ; d. 
Dec. 1, 1914. 

Trotter, miss St. Clair Stuart Knox (vide p. 
1459) ; d. Nov. 28, 1914. 

Warburton, Joseph Wm. (r/c/e p. 1505) : d. 
Nov. 27, HI 14. 

Wooilcombe-Adams. It.-col. Edward (vid« 
p. 16«7) ; d. Nov. 30, 1914. 



iiW, 3mM m\A #)pdal ^hm% 


a Ababrelton, Robert, P.Ii.G.s.,r.s.s.,F.R.E.s., 
i-ell. Roy. col. Inst., Roy. soc. of Arts, priv. sec. to 
vise. Cranborne, M.i'. (now. marq. of Salisbury) 
1890-7 ; sec. to govt, commssns., etc., sec. lands 
commsD. and lands board (Natal) and Durban 
inner harbour comni. ; actg. reg. native liigh 
court; v.P.,S.A. ASSOC. 1906-7 : Pietermaiitzburg, 
Natal ; Authors' club. 

Abadie, maj.-gen. Henry Richd., c.b. n891) ; 
b. 1841 ; m. 1, Kate, dau. {d. 1883) of G. Sande- 
man ; 2, 1890, Caroline, dau. of late col. F. 
Gostling ; served in Abyssinian campaign 1867-8 ; 
Afghan war 1879-80 ;' special service W. C. of 
Africa in 1900,lt.-gov. of Jersey 1900-4, maj.-gen. 
1897 ; ret. p. 1904, hon. col. Cadet corps (Victoria 
coll. Jersey) Channel Islands mil. from 1904 : 
17 Cadogan gdns. S.W. ; United Service club. 

Abbott, hon. Chas. Stuart Anthony Rowland, 
s. of 4 baron Tenterden ; b. 1909. 

Abbott, Hy., j.p. (1908) Suffolk : Debenham, 

Abbott, brig.-gen. Hy. Alexius, C.B. (1898), 4 
s. of late maj.-gen. Augustus Abbott, C.B,, Bengal 
artill. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1883, Isabella A., 2 dau. of 
Robt. Laing, of Kinder, Kirkcudbrightshire ; 
served in Afghan war 1878-80, at Caudahar; 
Soudan campaign 1885 ; Miranzai expdn. 1891 in 
commd. 15 Sikhs ; operations on N.W. frontier, 
India 1897-8 ; temp, brig.-gen. on staff in India 
1903-6, on U.S. list 1906, col. 15 Ludhiana Sikhs 
from 1913, Ind. army, hon. rank of brig.-gen. 

AlDbott, Wm. F. : Thinghill, Withington, 

Abbott, Wm. Geo., s. of late Wm. Abbott; 
b. 1836 ; m. 1867, Fanny, dau, of late John Sims; 

actg. consul at Erzeroom 1856-7 ; attached as sec- 
interpreter to H.M.'s commsn. for settlement of 
Turco-Russian boundary in Asia Minor ; act. 
consul at the Daroanelles 1858-60 ; empJyd. in 
embassy at Constantinople in 1862, as priv. sec. 
to sir Hy. Bulwer (afterwards lord Bailing and 
Biilwer) ; actg. consul-gen. at Tabreez, Persia 
1863-4 ; emplyd. on special service on shores of 
Caspian sea, and at headquarters of Persian army 
at Asterabad, operating against Turcoman tribes ; 
consul at Resht 1865-75 ; consul-gen. at Tabreez 
1875-89 ; directed to proceed to Urumiah in 1880 
to inquire into condition of the Nestorian 
Christians and present when that town was in- 
vested by the Kurds ; transferred to Rio de 
Janeiro 1889, ret. 1895 : Oriental club. 

Abbott, maj.-gen. Wm. Hy., It.-col. commndg. 
(col. 1885) Ibattn.R.MunsterFus. 1883-7 ; ret. p. 

Abbott, lady. — Edith, dau. of J. Solomon ; m, 
1883, as his 2 wife, hon. sir Joseph Palmer Abbott, 
K.C.M.G., speaker of N. S. Wales legisl. assembly 
1892-1900 {d. 1901) : Tarella, St Leonard's, N. 
Sydney, N. S. Wales. 

Abbott, hon. Gwen Elfrida Penelope, dau. of 
4 baron Tenterden ; b. 1908. 

Abbs, Henry Cooper, eld. survg. s. of Cooper 
Abbs, of Monkwearmouth {d. 1872) ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1897, Dagmar Johanne, 3 dau. of S. Natvig, of 
Stavanger, Norway ; barr. Inner Temple 1868 ; 
J.p. (1879^ CO. Durham: 36 Burdon terr. New- 

Abdy, capt. sir Anthony Chas. Sykes, 3 bart. 
(1849;, 2 s. of 1 bart., M.P. (d. 1877) and bro. of 2 
bart. (d. 1910) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1886, hon. Alexandrina 
Victoria, 4 dau. of 4 baron Macoonald, 6. 1860 ; 
served in Egyptian war 1882, mily. attach^ at 




Vienna 1886, capt. late 2 life gds. {Hdry hro. 
Henry B., q.v.) : 100 Eaton sq. S.W. 

Abdy, brig -gen. Anthony John, c.b. (1911), 
K.A., eld. s. of John Thos. Abdy, ll.d., county 
court judge {d. 1899) ; 6. 1856 ;" m. 1888, Alice 
Laura, dau. of late John Bonham-Carter, of 
Ashurst St. Mary, Hants, M.P., d.l., j.p. ; served 
in S. African war 1899-1900, commd. E. H. and 
E. F, A., S. Africa, 1908-12, brig.-gen. (temp.) 
commdg. a brig, from 1914 : Naval and Military 

Abdy, Fanny, lady. — dau. of late Lehman n 
Louis Cohen ; m. 1, gen. Geo. Palmer Eobinson 
(d.) ; 2, 1909, as his 3 wife, sir Wm. Neville 
Abdy, 2 bart. {d. 1910); 3, 1913, Maurice Grant : 
57A, Cromwell rd. S.W. ; Melton Hall, Newdi- 
gate, Dorking. 

A'Beckett, (his honor) sir Thos., eld. s, of hon. 
Thos. Turner A'Beckett, memb. of exec, council, 
of Walmer House, Collingwood, Victoria {d. 
1892) ; h. 1837 ; m. 1875, Isabella, dau. of late 
hon. sir Archd. Michie, K.c.M.i., Q.c, of Mel- 
bourne, Victoria ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1859, puisne 
judge of supreme court of Victoria fi-om 1886, 
knighted 1909 : Karbarook, Orrongrd. Armadale, 
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

A'Beckett, lady. — Susannah Emily, dau. of 
late Benjn. Eccleston ; m. 1864, sir Albert 
A'Beckett, knt., assist, accountant-gen. of the 
Army 1898-1904 {d. 1904) : 6 Brompton sq. S.W. 

Aberconvray, lord (1 baron 1911, U.K.), sir 
Chas. Benjamin Bright McLaren, 1 bt. (1902), 
P.c. (1908), K.C., M.A. Edin., 3 a. of Duncan 
McLaren, of Newington House, Edinburgh, M.P. 
{d. 1886), by dau. {d, 1906) of late Jacob Bright, 
of Greenbank, Eochdale, Lanes, and sis. of late 
rt. hon. John Bright, M.P. ; h. 1850 ; m. 1877, 
Laura, only dau. of late Hy. Davis Pochin, M.P., 
of Bodnant, Denbighshire ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1874, Q.c. 1897, chm. of Metropolitan Ey. Co., 
of Tredegar Iron & Coal Co, Ltd., and of John 
Brown & Co. Ltd., and dir. of Sheepbridge Coal 
& Iron Co. Ltd. ; third class Japanese order of 
the Sacred Treasure ; j.p. (1904) Denbighshire, 
(1908) Surrey, (1909) Flintshire and (1913) 
Middlx. ; memb, of magistrates' advisory com- 
mittee, Denbighshire and Leicestershire ; M.P. 
L.) Stafford 1880-6, W. Leicestershire 1892-1910 
Heir, s. hon. Henry D. q.v,) : 43 Belgrave sq. 
;.W. ; 8 The Sanctuary, S.W. ; Eeform, Savile 
and Automobile clubs; Bodnant, Tal-y-Cafn, 
Denbighshire; Hilders, Haslemere, Surrey j 
Chateau de la Garoupe, Antibes. 

Al)erconi, 3 duke of (1868, ir.). James Albert 
Edward Hamilton, F.z.s., eld. s. of 2 duke, k.g., 
P.O., C.B. {d. 1913) ; b. 1869 ; m. 1894, lady Eosa- 
line C. C, only dau. of 4 earl of Lucan, h. 1869 ; 
2nd tit. and sits as marq. of Hamilton (1790, Gt. 
B.) ; capt. 1 life gds. 1896-1903, maj. North Irish 
Horse (special res.) 1903-10 and from 1914, 
treas. of the- household to King Edward VII. 
1903-5, M.P. (G.) Londonderry citv 1900-13 

{Heir, s. marq. of Hamilton, 7. «.) : 61 Green st. 
Grosvenor sq, W, ; Carlton club ; Coates 
House, Fittleworth, Sussex; Baron's Court, 
Tyrone, Ireland. 

Abercorn, dow.-duchess of, lady Mary A., 4 
dau. of 1 earl Howe ; m. 1869, 2 duke of Abercorn, 
K.G., P.C, C.B. {d. 1913). 

Abercromby, lord (4 baron 1801, U.K.), George 
Ealph Campbell Abercromby, eld. s. of 3 baron 
{d. 1852) ; b. 1838; m. 1858, lady Julia J. (one of 
Queen Victoria's ladies of the bedchamber in 

ordny. 18 85), dau. of 2 earl of Camperdown, 

b. 1840; D.L., J.P. CO. Clackmannan {Heir, hro. 
hon. John, q.v.) : 41 Brompton sq. S.W. ; Turf 

Abercromby, sir George William, 8 bart. 
(1636), eld. s. of 7 bart. (J. 1895) ; b. 1886 ; chief 
of the clan Abercromby {Heir, bro. Eobt. A., b. 
1895) ; It. Scots gds. 1909-12, It, res. of officers 
1912-14, capt. (temp.) [Service battn. 1914, J.P. 
CO, Banff : 36 St. James's st. S.W. ; Forglen 
House, Turriff, Aberdeenshire. 

Abercromby, hon. John, ll.d. Edin., 2 s. of 
3 baron Abercromby ; b. 1841 ; m. 1876, Adele 
Wilhehnine, dau. (div. 1879) of Chas. von 
Heidenstam, chamberlain to King of Sweden ; 
late lieut. rifle brigade ; heir presumptive to his 
brother : 62 Palmerston pi. Edinburgh ; Athe- 
naeum, Royal Societies and New (Edinburgh) 

Abercromby (rt. hon.), lady. — wife of 4 baron 
Abercromby : 39 Charles St. Berkeley sq. W. 

Aberdaxe, lord (2 baron 1873, U.K.) Henry 
Campbell Bruce, v.d., eld. s. of 1 baron, tf.c.B,, 
P.O. {d. 1895) ; b. 1851 ; vi. 1880, Constance Mary, 
dau. of late Hamilton Beckett, by dau. of 1 and 
last baron Lyndhurst ; D.L., J.P. Glamorganshire, 
maj. (hon. It.-col. 1900) 3 vol. battn. Welsh regt. 
1899-1901, hon.col.5 (Territ.) battu, Welsh regt. 
from 1910 {Heir, s. hon. Hy. Lyndhurst Bruce, 
q.v.): 83 Eaton sq. S.W.; Duffryn, Mountain 
Ash, S. Wales. 

Aberdeen, 7 earl of (1682, sco.). John Campbell 
Gordon, k.t. (1906), P.c. (1886), G.c.m.g. (1895), 
G.C.v.O. (1911), F.S.A. ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, hon. 
Ishbel Maria (LL.D, Queen's Univ. Kingston, 
Canada), dau. of 1 baron Tweedmouth, sits as 
vise, Gordon (1814, U,K,) ; 2nd tit. vise. For- 
martine and baron Haddo ; m.a. and D.c.L.Oxon. 
LL.D. M'Gill University, Montreal, Queen's 
University, Kingston, Ont., Princetown Univ. 
U.S.A. and Harvard Univ. U.S.A. ; D.L. Aber- 
deen City ; lord-lieut. of Aberdeenshire from 
1880 and pres. Territorial Force Assoc, from 
1908 ; Lord High commr. to gen. Assembly of 
Church of Scotland, 1881-2-3-4-5, lord-lieut. of 
Ireland Feb. to Aug. 1886, and from 1905, lord 
rect. of St. Andrews Univ. 1913, hon. col. 1 
Highland brig. R. F. A. from 1888, It. Roy. Co. 
of Archers from 1907, v.p. R. Colonial Inst, 
from 1891, gov.-gen. of Canada 1893-8; {Heir, 
s. lord Haddo, q.v.) : Vice-Regal Lodge, Phoenix 


^ark, l)nl)lin ; Brooks's and Bachelors' clubs ; 
Haddo House, Aberdeen ; House of Cromar, 
Tarland, N.B. ; Coldstream, Vernon, B. Columbia. 

Aberdeen and Orkney, bp. of. rt. rev. 
Anthonv Mitchell, D.D.Aberd. ; hebrew lectr. 
Ediuburgh Theolog. Coll. 1892-3, rect. of St. 
Andrew, Glasgow 1896-1903 and of St. Mark, 
Portobello 1903-5, Pautonian prof, and princpl. 
of Theological Coll. Edinburgh, and canon of St. 
Marj^'s Cath. 1905-12, bp. of Aberdeen and Orkney 
from 1912 : Bishop's Court, Aberdeen. 

Aberdour, lord. Sholto Chas. John Hay 
Douglas, only s. of Sholto Chas.. lord Aberdour 
{d. 1911) by Minnie Christina Brenda, dau. of 
adml. of the fleet lord John Hay, g.C.b. and 
grands, of earl of Morton ; 6. 1907. 

Aberdour (rt. hon.) Iad3\ — Minnie Christina 
Brenda, dau. of adml. of the fleet lord John 
Hay, u.C.B. ; m. 1905, Sholto Chas., lord 
Aberdour (d 1911) : Fulmer Place, Slough. 

Abergavenny, 1 marq. of (1876, U.K.). 
William Nevill, K.G. (1886), t.d. (1909), eld. s. of 
rev. 4 earl of Abergavenny {d. 1868) : b. 1826 ; m. 
1848, Caroline {d. 1892), dau. of sir J. Vanden- 
Bempde-Johnstone, 2 bart. ; 2nd tit. earl of 
Lewes ; formerly in 2nd life guards, capt. W. 
Kent Yeo. 1850-3, hon. col. from 1875, and of 
Sussex yeo. from 1901 ; J.P. Sussex (H.M.'slieut. 
1892-1905) and Kent (Heh; s. earl of Lewes, 
(/.v.) : 7a, Eaton sq. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Eridge 
Castle, Tunbridge Wells; Nevill Hall, Aber- 

Abernethy, Geo. Neill, M.inst. c.E., 2 s. of 
Jas. Abernethy, Past Pres. Inst. c.E., p.r.s.e., of 
Whiteness, Kent : b. 1854 ; m. 1883 ; J.P. (1901) 
Surrey : Caxton House, Tothill st. S.W, ; Jun. 
Carlton, St. Stephen's and Whitehall clubs; 
Broom Hall, Oxshott, Leatherhead. 

Abingrdon, 7 earl of (1682, Eng.). Montagu 
Arthur Bertie, eld. s. of 6 earl {d. 1884) ; b. 1836 ; 
m. 1, eld. dau. and co-heir (d. 1873) of Charles 
Towneley, of Towneley, Lancashire ; 2, 1883, 
Gwendeline Mary, dau. of late It.-gen. hon. sir 
J. C. Dormer, K.c.B. and sis. of 13 baron Dormer ; 
2nd tit. baron Norreys ; family trustee British 
museum, It.-col. commdt. Berks mil. 1863-80, 
hon. col. from 1880, J.P., d.l. Berks, j.p. Oxon., 
heir pres. to earldom of Lindsey, high steward 
of Abingdon(^etr, s. lord Norreys) : Carlton and 
Travellers' clubs. 

Abinger, lord (5 baron 1835, U.K.). Shelley 
Leopold Lawrence Scarlett, 8. of It.-col. Leopold 
Jas. Y. C. Scarlett (d. 1888), and cousin to 4 baron 
(d. 1903); b. 1872; m. 1899, Lila L. C, dau. of 
late rt.hon. sir Wm. White, g.c.b., g.c.m.g., and 
widow of late kammerherr C. E. de G-eijer, of 
Swedish diplomatic service; hon. attache to 
legation at Berne 1894, at Stockholm 1897, capt. 
(hon. maj. 1906) 3 battn. (mil.) Bedfordshire 
regt. 1897-1908, J.P. (1905) Hants iffeir, bro., hon. 
R. B. C. Scarlett, q.v.) : Carlton, Jun. United 
Service, Wellington and Garrick clubs ; Rown- 



Aran House, 

hams House, nr. Southampton 

Abing-er (rt. hon.) Helen, — lady, dau. of 
comm. Magruder, U.S. navy ; m, 1863, It.-gen. 
baron Abinger, c.B. (d. 1892) : 46 Cornwall gdns. 
S.W. ; Bedford, Ockley, Dorking ; Inverlochy 
Castle, Fort William, N.B. 

Abney, sir Wm. de Wiveleslie, k.c.b., 
D.CL., F.R.8., eld, s, of late rev. preb. Edward Hy. 
Abney, vicar of St. Alkmunds, co. Derby ; b. 1843 ; 
?n. 1, 1864, Agnes M., youngest dau. {d. 1888) of 
Edwd, Wm. Smith, of Tickton Hall, Yorks ; 2, 
1890, Mary Louisa, dau. of late rev. E. Mead, D.D., 
of St. Mary's, Scarboro', U.S.A. ; ret. capt. Pl.e. 
J.P. (1896) Derbyshire and Leicestershire, ex-pres 
R. Astronl. Soc, and vice-pres. from 1911, ex-pres. 
Physical Soc, ex-pres. Roy. Photographic Soc, 
director for science, science and art dept. 1893-9, 
prjnc asst. sec. Board of Education (secondary 
branch. South Kensington) 1899-1903, adviser 
to Board of Educn. in matters connected with 
science from 1903 : Rathmore Lodge, 10 South 
Bolton gdns. S.W. ; Athenaeum club ; Measham 
Hall, Atherstone. 

Aboyne, earl of (title which would be borne 
by eld. s. if any living, of marq. of Huntly). 

Abraham, bp., vide Derby. 

Abraham, John Geo., j.p. (1900) Oxfordshire; 
Orderof Mercy 1911 : Lower Court, Ohadlington 
Charlbury, Oxon. 

Abraham, rt. hon. Wm., p.c. (1911), s. of T. 
Abraham, a working collier ; b. 1842 ; is a 
Welsh "bard," and commonly known by his 
bardic name " Mabon, " worked in the mines at 
10 years of age, a miners' agent from 1873, v.p. 
of the S. Wales and Monmouthshire Conciliation 
Board, Pres. S. Wales Miners' Federation, treas. 
Miners' Federation of G.B., j.p. Glamorganshire, 
M.p. (L.) Glamorganshire (Rhondda divn.) from 
1885 : Bryn-y-Bedw, Pentre, Glam. ; Westmin- 
ster Palace Hotel, Victoria st. S.W. 

Abraham, Wm. ; b. 1840; m.p. (n.) W. 
Limerick 1885-92, N. E. Cork 1893-1910 and 
Dublin City (Harbour divn.) from 1910 : 26 Ash- 
mount rd. Hornsey lane, N. 

Abrahams, Lionel, c.B. (1908), only s. of M. 
Abrahams, London ; b. 1869 ; m. 1896, Lucy, dau. 
of N. S. Joseph, London ; asst. financial sec. at 
India office 1901-2, sec. 1902-11, and asst. und.- 
sec of state for India from 1911 : 18 Porchester 
terr. W. ; India office, S.W. 

Accra,bp,of,rt. rev. Mowbray StephenO'Rorke, 
D.D. Trin. coll. Dublin, s. of Wm. Jos. O'Rorke, 
of Nottingham ; b. 1869 ; curate of St. Paul, 
Jarrow-on-Tyne, co. Durham 1902-5, St. Mar- 
garet, Durham 1905-10, in charge of St. Paul's 
Cath. Rockhampton, Queensland 1910-12, bp. of 
Accra, Gold Coast from 1913. 

Aoheson, vise. Archibald Charles Montagu 
Brabazon Acheson, eld. s. of 4 earl of Gosford j 
b. 1877 ; m. 1910, Mildred, only dau. of John 
Ridgely Carter, U.States Bulgaria; served 



KeLlY'S HANbBOOK-1915. 

in a. African waf 1899-1901, It. Coldat. gds. 
1898-1902, D.L. CO. Armagh, knt. of grace of 
St. John of Jerusalem : Falmouth House, Hrde 
Park terr. W. ; Guards', Turf and R.Y.S. clubs. 

Aciieson, hon. Archibald Alex. John Stanley, 
8. of vise. Acheson ; b. 1911. 

Acheson, maj.-gen. hon. Edwd. Archibald 
Brabazon, s. of 3 earl of Gosford, K.P. ; b. 1844 ; 
m, 1869, Clementina, dau. of late gen. sirGaspard 
Le Marchant, K.C.B., g.c.m.g. ; served with 2 
battn. Coldst. gds. in Egypt 1882, maj. and 
It.-col. (col. 1886) Coldst. gds. 1882-7 ; ret. p. 1887 
with rank of maj.-gen. : 7 King st. St. James', 
S.W. ; Travellers' club. 

Acheson, lieut. hon. Patrick Geo. Edward 
Cavendish, M. v.o. 5 class (1904), R.N., s. of 4 earl 
of Gosford; b. 1883; It. R.N. 1904. 

Aclionry,bp.(R.c.)of, rt. rev.Patrick Morrisroe, 
D.D,, 8. of John Morrisroe, of Charlestovvn, co. 
Mayo ; b. 1869 ; bp. (r.C.) of Achonry from 1911 : 
St. Nathyn's, Ballaghadereen , co. Roscommon. 

Ackers, Beuj. St. John, only survg. s. of Jas. 
Ackers, of Prinknash Park, M.P. {d. 1868) ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1861,Loui8a M. J., dau. of late C. Brooke 
Hunt, of Bowden Hall, Glo'stershire, J. p., d.l.: is 
D.L., J.P. Glo'stershire (sheriff 1904), lord of the 
manor of Huntley, M.P. (c.) W. Glo'stershire in 
1885 : Carlton club ; Huntley Manor,Gloucester. 

Ackers, Chas. Penrhyn, m.a. Oxon, 
Durh., s. of Benjn. St. John Ackers, of Huntley 
Manor, Glo'stershire, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1882; j.P. 
(1909) Glo'stershire : Huntley Manor,Gloucester. 

Ackland- Allen, Chas., only survg, s. of Thos. 
Allen, of Freestone Hall, Pembrokeshire ; 6. 
1854 ; m. 1886, Gertrude, dau, of Hy. Bearcroft, 
of Hanbury, Worcestershire ; J. P. (1898) Carmar- 
thenshire and (1914) Glamorgan: St. Hilary 
Manor, Cowbridge, Glam. 

Acklom, commdr. Cecil Ryther, c.B. (1914), 
R.N. (ret.), served with Vitu expdu. E. Africa 

Ackroyd, vide Rawson-Ackroyd. 

Ackroyd, Geo., 2 s. of Geo. Ackroyd, of Brad- 
ford, Yorks ; b. 1851 ; m. 1902, Susan P.,»dau. of 
H. G. Earnshaw, of Court St. Lawrence, Mon- 
mouthshire ; J.P. (1905) W.R. Yorka: Harden 
Hall, Bingley. 

Ackroyd, Wm., eld. s. of late Thos. Ackroyd, 
Oakroyd Hall, Birkenshaw (dl877) ; b. 1849 ; m. 
1880, Eleanor, only dau. of W. M. Micklethwaite, 
of The Grove, Upper Hopton, Yorks ; J.P. 
W.R. Yorks : Nan-Tan, Wortley, Leeds. 

Ackroyd, lady. — Mary, eld. dau. of late Hy. 
Wm. Lucas ; m. 1880, sii Edwd. Jas. Ackroyd, 
knt., late puisne judge and actg. c.J. of supreme 
court, Hong Kong {d. 1904) : 8 Selborne rd. 
Hove, Brighton. 

Adand, Alfred Dyke, t.d, 1909, youngest s.of 
sir Henry Wentworth Acland, 1 bart., k.c.b. {d. 
1900) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1885, hon. Beatrice Danvers, 
dau. of 1 viscountess Hambleden; It.-col. R. 1 
Devon Yeo. from 1910, j.p. (1906) Herts, knt. 

of grace of St. Johh of Jerusalem : 306 St. 
James' court, Buckingham gate, S.W. ; Digswell 
House, Welwyn. 

Acland, rt, hon. Arthur Herbert Dyke P.O., 
M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 2 8. of rt, hon. sir Thos. Dyke 
Acland, 11 bart. P.c, M.p., D.L., J.P. {d. 1898) ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1873, Alice S., eld. dau. of rev. Fras. 
M. Cunningham, rect. of Witney, Oxon. ; sen. 
bursar of Balliol Coll. and steward of Christ 
Church, Oxford, from 1877, v.p. of comm. of 
council on educ, 1892-5, M.P. (L.) W.R. (Southern 
divn.) Yorks (Rotherham divn.) 1885-99, heir 
pres. to baronetcy : 29 St. James' court, 45 
Buckingham gate. S.W. ; Dunkery House. Felix- 
stowe, Suffolk ; Atheneeum and National Liberal 

Acland, sir Chas. Thos. Dyke, 12 bart. (1644), 
of Columb John, M.A. Oxon.; eld. s. of 11 bart., 
P.O., M.P., D.L., j.P. {d. 1898) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1879, 
Gertrude, 3 dau. of sir John Walrond, 1 bart., by 
youngest dau. of 2 baron Bridport ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1869 ; dept. warden of the Stannaries, 
maj. (hon. It.-col. 1886) 1 Devon yeom. 1883-93; 
capt. Devon mounted rifles 1866-77 ; J.P. Corn- 
wall, D.L., J.P. Somerset and Devon (sheriff 1903, 
c.A. from il889) ; sec. to board of trade and 2 
Church estates commr. in 1886, M.P. (l.) East 
Cornwall 1882-5, North Eastern divn. 1885-92 
{Heir, bro. rt. hon. Arthur H. D., q.v.) : 
Athenaeum, Cavendish and Travellers' clubs ; 
Killerton, Exeter ; Holnicote, Allerf ord, Somer- 

Acland, engr.-lt. Edwd. Leopold Dyke, 
M.v.o. 4 class (1913), R.N., eld. s. of rev. Hy. 
Dyke Acland, M.A., rect. of Luccombe, Somer- 
set {d. 1903) ; b. 1878 ; m. 1910, Phyllis M., dau. 
of late Connell Whipple, M.D. of Plymouth ; 
officer of H.M.'s Yacht " Victoria and Albert." 

Acland, Fras. Dyke, eld. and only survg. s. of 
rt. hon. Arthur Herbert Dyke Acland, P.O. ; b. 
1874 ; m. 1905, Eleanor Margaret, eld. dau. of 
Chas. Jas, Cropper, of EUergreen, Westmorland, 
by hon. Edith E^ eld. dau. of 1 vise. Knutsford, 
P.O., G.C.M.G. ; jun. examiner Educn. Office,1900-3, 
memb. senate Univ. of Loudon 1910, J.P." (1908) 
N. R. Yorks, fin. sec. to War office 1908-10 and 
iu 1911, parly, und, sec. for foreign affairs from 
1911, M.P. (L.) N. R. Yorks (Richmond divsn.) 
1906-10, N. W. Cornwall from 1910: 6 Cheyue 
pi. S.W. ; Brooks's, Travellers' and Athenaeiim 

Acland, John Dyke, 2 but eld. survg. s. of 
John Barton Arundel Acland, M.A., M.L.c. N. 
Zealand {d. 1904), by Emily Weddell, eld. dau. 
{d. 1905) of late bp. (Harper) of Christchurch, 
and primate of N. Zealand ; b. 1863 ; m. 1902, 
Mary Eveline, elder dau. of rev. canon H. W. 
St. Hill, of HawkesBay, N. Zealand ; J.P (1909) 
Somerset : Lynch Mead, Allerford, Somerset. 

Acland, capt. John Edwd., M.A.Oxon., F.S.A., 
2 s. of Arthur Hy. Dyke Troyte (formerly Acland), 
of Huntsham, Devon (rf. 1857) and grands, of sir 



Thos. Dyke Acland, 10 bart., m.p. {d. 1871) ; b. 
1848 ; wi. 1882, Norah L. Nugent, dau. of Hy. 
Hyde Nugent Bankes; is j.p. (1900) Dorset; 
curator of Dorset County Museum: WoUaston 
House, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Aclandl, John Richd., only s. of Edmund 
Acland, of Exmouth, Devon ; b. 1852 ; m. 1875, 
dau. of H. W. Perry, of Exmouth ; J.P. (1911) 
Devon : G Brunswick sq. Exmouth. 

Acland, sir Reginald Brodie Dyke, K.C., M.A. 
Oxon., 5 8. of sir Hy. W. Acland, 1 bart,, K.c.B. 
{d. 1900) ; b. 185G ; m. 1885, Helen E., dau. of 
rev. Thos. Fox, rect. of Temple Combe, Somerset ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1881, bencher 1913, K.c. 
1904, jun. counsel to the Admiralty 1897-1904. 
rec. of Shrewsbury 1901-3, of Oxford from 1903, 
judge advocate of the fleet from 1904, J.P. (1900) 
Berks (vice-chm. quart, ses?.), kniglited 1914: 
85a, Linden gdns. W. ; 2 Hare court, Temple, 
E.C. : Cold Ash, nr. Newbury. 

Acland, adml. sir Wm. Alison Dyke, 2 bfe. 
(1890), of Oxford, c.v.o. (1903), P.R.G.S., eld. s. of 
sir Hy. W. Acland, 1 bart., K.C.B. {d. 1900) ; b. 
1847 ; TO. 1887, hon. Emily Anna, dau. of late rt. 
hon. W. H. Smith, M.P., and 1 viscountess Ham- 
bleden ; attached to Chilian army in war 
between Chili and Peru 1881 ; dep. commnr. 
Pacific 1884; A.D.c. to Queen Victoria 1896-9; 
adml.-supdt. Gibraltar 1902-4 ; adml. 1908, ret. 
list 1911 ; J.P. (1887) Oxfordshire and (1905) 
Devon (^eir, s. Wm. Hy. D., 6. 1888): [Jnited 
Service and Athenaeum clubs ; Wilmead, Middle 
Warberry rd. Torquay. 

A'Court, vide Holmes- A'Court. 

A'Court Repington, It.-col. Chas., c.M.G. 
(1900), eld. s. of Chas. Hy. Wyndham A'Court 
Repington, of Amington Hall, Warwickshire, 
M.P. {d. 1903); b. 1858; served in Afghan war 
1878, Burma 1889. Nile expdn. 1898, S. African 
war 1899-1900, mily. attache at Brussels and the 
Hague 1900-1, and one of the British delegates at 
the peace conference at the Hague 1899, It.-col. 
(ret. 1901) late Rif. brig., commdr. order of 
Leopold, officer leg. hon. : Maryon Hall, Frognal 
lane, Hampstead, N.W. ; Naval and Military 

Acton, lord (2 baron 1869, U.K.), sir Richd. 
Maximilian Dalberg- Acton, 9 bart. (1644), M.v.o. 
4 class (1901), eld. and only survg. s. of 1 baron, 
K.C.V.O., D.C.L., LL.D., F.S.A., prof. of modern 
history at Cambridge (d. 1902), by Marie, dau. 
of count Arco Valley ; b. 1870 ; m. 1904, Dorothy, 
only dau. of late Thos. Hy. Lyon, of Appleton 
Hall, Cheshire, J.p. ; . 3 sec. in diplomatic service 
1896-1900, 2 sec. 1900-8, sec. 1908-11, charge 
d'affaires at the Hague 1908-9, at Darmstidt 
and Carlsruhe from 1911, councillor of embassy 
in diplomatic service from 1914, a lord in waiting 
to King Edward VII. 1905-10, to King George V. 
1910-11, 1st class Prussian Order of the Crown, 
Grand Cross of Dannebrog and grand officer 
leg. hon. (^e/r, s. hon. John E, H., q.v.); 

British Legation, Darmstadt ; Rutland Lodge, 
Rutland gdns. S.W. ; Athenaeum and Marl- 
borough clubs ; Aldenham Park, Bridgnorth, 

Acton, Augustus Wood-, s. of late J. Wood, 
of Martock, Somerset, by Mary, niece ©f T. P. 
Stackhouse- Acton ; b. 1842 ; m. 1880, Laura 
Charlotte, dau. of rev. R. Surtees, vicar of Holtby, 
Yorks ; J.P. Somerset and Salop, j.p., d.l. Here- 
fordshire ; assumed additional name of Acton 
by royal licence in 1874: Acton Scott Hall, 
Church Stretton, Salop. 

Acton, capt. Edwd. Wm. Fredk., eld. s. of It.- 
col. E. F. Acton, of Gatacre Park, Salop, J.P., 
D.L. {d. 1890); b. 1834; m. 1855, Helen, dau. 
{d. 1887) of W. P. Ranney, of St. John's, N. 
Brunswick ; J.p. Salop ; capt. late 76 foot : Con- 
stitutional club ; The Leasowes, Bridgnorth. 

Acton, Fredk., s. of Jas. Acton, of Elm aven. 
Nottingham; b. 1845; m. 1869, Fannie, dau. of 
Simeon Woodhouse, of Mapperley, Notts ; ad- 
mitted a solicitor 1871, j.p. Nottingham and 
Parts of Lindsey, Lines : Miramar, Seacroft, 
Skegness, Lines ; The Elms, 13 Mapperley road, 

Acton, hon. John Emerich Henry Dalberg-, 
eld. R. of 2 baron Acton ; b. 1907. 

Acton, hon. Richd. Horibert Dalberg-, 2 s. of 
2 baron Acton; b. 1909. 

Acton, Thos. Vincent, 2 s. of late Wm. Joseph 
Acton, of Wolverton Hall, Worcestershire ; b. 
1836 ; m. 1876, Margaret, dau. of late sir Arnold 
Knight, of Six Hills, Lincolnshire; J.P. (1910) 
Worcestershire : Berkeley House, Overbury, 

Acton (rt. hon.) dow. lady. — Marie, dau, of 
count Arco Valley ; m. 1865, 1 baron Acton, 
K.c.v.o,, D.C.L., LL.D., F.s.A. {d. 1902) : Tegem- 
see, Bavaria. 

Acton, hon. Annie Catherine Dalberg-, b. 1868 ; 
hon. Jeanne Marie Dalberg-, b. 1876 ; daus. of 1 
baron Acton. 

Acton, hon. Mario Immacul^e Antoinette 
Dalberg-, b. 1905; hon. Dorothy Elizabeth Anne 
Pelline Dalberg-, b. 1906 ; hon. Helen Mary Grace 
Dalberg-, b. 1910 ; hon. Gabrielle Made Leo- 
poldine Dalberg-, b. 1912 ; daus. of 2 baron Acton. 

Acutt, Ernest Leslie, C.M.G. (1902), s. of late 
Robt. Acutt ; b. 1855 ; m. 1890, Madeleine C, dau. 
of Hugh Gillespie ; mayor of Durban 1901 : 
Berea, Durban, Natal. 

Acworth, rev. Carr Glyn, M.A. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon., eld. survg. s. of late rev. Wm. Acworth, 
J.p. ; b. 1842; m. 1914, Adele L., dau. of late 
Caleb Barrett, F.R.C.S., of Gloucester ; J.P. 
(1913) Kent : British Empire club ; Moretou 
House, Westerham, Kent. 

Aoworth, Granville Lowther, s. of N. B. 
Acworth, of The Hook, Herts ; b. 1855 ; m. 1889, 
Alice, dau. of rev. A, S. Latter, of Downham 
Market, Norfolk: j.p. (1907) Glo'stershire 
Oriental club ; HiU Ash, Dymock, Gloucester. 



Acworth, Harry Arbutlmot, c.i.E. (1895), 2 s. 
of late N. B. Acworth, of Northaw, Herts, J.P. ; 
b. 1849 ; m. 1880, Anna M. G., 2 dau.of col. C. V. 
Jenkins, B. S. C. ; I. C. S. 1870-96, barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1870. municipal commr. for city of Bombay 
1890, ret. 1896, J.P. (1900) Worcestershire": 
The Mythe, Great Malvern. 

Adair, adml. Chas. Hy., 2 s. of gen. sir Chas. 
W. Adair, K.C.B., R.M. (d. 1897); b. 1851; vi. 
1893, Annette C, dau. of W. H. Wilson; It. of 
" Helicon " during naval and mily. operations in 
the Eastern Soudan, at Suakin 1884-5, a.d.c. to 
King Edward VII. 1904-5, commdg. reserve divn. 
at Sheerness and Chatham in 190(», commdg. 2 
cruiser squadron 1907-8. and 1 cruiser squadron 
1908-9, adml. 10 and i^et. list 15 May, 1913 : 
United Service club ; Hendon, Regent's park, 

Adair, capt, sir Frederick Edwd. Shaf to, 4 bt. 
(1838), eld. s. of 3 bt., M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1902) ; b. 
1860 ; J.P. Norfolk and Suffolk (sheriff 1910), late 
capt. 3 battn. Rif. brig. {Heir, bro. Robt. Shafto, 
b. 1862) : Authors', Carlton, Travellers' and 
Naval and Military clubs ; Flixton Hall. Bungay ; 
The Castle, Ballymena, co. Antrim ; Adair 
Lodge, Aldeburgh,' Suffolk. 

Adair, Harold, s. of Joseph Adair, of Gillfort, 
Cumberland; b. 1865; m. 1895, dau. of Joseph 
Jackson, of Calder House, Garstaug, Lanes ; J.P. 
(1908) Cumberland: Ringiugstoue, Egremont, 

Adair, rear-adml. Thos. Benjn. Stratton, 
served with naval flotilla on Sweetwater Canal 
during Eg5'ptian war 1882, asst. to dir. of naval 
ordnance 1894-5, ret. list 1907, rear-adml. on ret. 
list 1908. 

Adair, gen. sir William T., k.c.b. (1909), 
R.M.L.!., eld. s. of gen. sir Chas. W. Adair, k.(\r., 
R.M. (d. 1897); b. 1850; served in S. African 
war 1900, d.a.g. of R.M. forces 1907-11, gen. 
R.M.L.T. 1912, D.L., J.P. CO. Antrim : United Ser- 
vice club ; Loughanmore, Dunadry, co. Antrim. 

Adair, mrs. — Cornelia, dau. of gen. Wads- 
worth, of N. York (d. 1864) ; 7/1. 1, 1858, col. M. 
Ritchie (cZ. 1864); 2, 1867, John Geo. Adair, of 
Rathdaire, Queen's co., D.L., j.p. {d. 1885) : 11 
Portman sq. W. ; Glenveagh Castle. Churchill, 
CO. Donegal; Adair Place, Englefield Green, 

Adam, Benjamin Addington, s. of Beni. Adam, 
of Oakham {d. 1890) ; b. 1850 ; clerk of the peace 
and county council for Rutland : Oakham. 

Adam, sir Charles Elphinstone, 1 bart. (1882), 
M.A. Ch.Ch. Oxon, eld. s. of rt. hon. Wm. Patrick 
Adam, of Blairadam, p.c, M.P., c.i.E. (d. 1881) ; 
b. 1859 ; m. 1912, Edith, dau. of late Wm. Dob- 
son, Victoria, B. Columbia ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
and Inner Temple 1885, j.p. Kinross-shire(H.M.'8 
lient. 1909-n, convener 1893-1910), d.l.. j.p. 
Fifeshire ; priv. sec. to parly, sec. of treas. 1892- 
4, to lord privy seal and to chanc. of Duchy of 
Lancaster (late lord Tweedmouth) 1894-6, chm. 

CO. Kinross Territl. Force Assoc. 1908-9 and pres. 
1909-11: 5 New sq. Lincoln's inn, W. C. ; 
Brooks's, United University and National Liberal 
clubs; Blairadam House, Blairadam, Kinross- 

Adam, sir Frank Forbes, c.i.E. (1888), ll.d. 
Manch. Univ., s. of late James Graham Adam, of 
Denovan, Stirlingshire ; b. 1846 ; wi. 1883, Rose 
Frances, dau. of late Chas. Gurdon Kemball, 
judge of high court, Bombay ; trustee of Port of 
Bombay 1884-90, pres. of Bombay chamber of 
commerce 1884-9, pi-es. of Bank of Bombay 
18 — ; memb. of council of gov. of Bombay 
1884-90, knighted 1890; pres. Manchester Cham- 
ber of Commerce 1894-9 and 1903-5, D.L. Lan- 
cashire, j.p. Manchester, chm. of council of 
Manchester Univ., chm. Manchester and ( 'ouuty 
Bank from I914,vice-ciun. E. Lancashire Territl. 
Force Assoc. : Union club ; Hankelow Court, 
Audlcni. Cheshire. 

Adam, brig.-gen. Fredk. Archihald, c.B. 
(1913), 8. of Archibald Maclinloe Adam, of 
Glasgow; b. I860; in. 1884, Florenc«\ eld. dau. 
of late maj. gcTi. Thos. J. Watson, late l>engal 
('a v. ; served in S. African war 1899-1902, brig.- 
gen. commdg. Inf. brig. Malta from 1913: 
Auberge d'Aragon, Malta. 

Adam, brig.-gen. Fredk. John Stuart ; b. 1835 ; 
served in Crimean war 1856, Indian mutiny 
1858-9, Afghan war 1879-80, col. Ind. army 1886, 
0.8. list 1894, hon. brig.-gen. 1912 : Park JJouse, 
Park avenue, Dover. 

Adam, Peter, eld. s. of Wm. Adam, j.p., of 
Kidderminster {d. 1898); b. 1H:,5; m. 1880, 
Isabella, dau. of J as. Neilson, of Glasgow ; J.i'. 
(1906) Worcestershire : National Liberal club ; 
Cairndhu, Kidderminster. 

Adam, maj. Wm. Augustus, M.A. Dublin, eld. 
s. of rev. B. W. Adams, D.D., of Dublin ; b. 1865 ; 
m. 1912, lady Antonia Lillian, 7 dau. of 1 and last 
earl de Montalt ; resumed the ancient sjx'lling of 
his surname, served in S. African war 1899-1902, 
special service in Japan 1903-6, maj. 6 lancers 

1905, h.p., M.P. (C.) Woolwich in 1910 : Carlton 

Adam, lady. — Catharine Beatson, dau. of 
John Beatson Bell, of Glenfarg, Perthshire ; m. 
1861, Jas. Adam, a lord of session in Scotland 
{d. 1914) : 34 Moray pi. Edinburgh. 

Adam, hon. mrs. Lilian Theresa Claire, only 
survg. dau. of 4 baron Ashburton ; b. 1874 ; m. 

1906, maj. Fredk. Loch Adam, M.v.o., Scots 
gds., mily. sec (with temp, rank of It.-col.) to 
viceroy of India (d. 1907). 

Adams, vide Goold- Adams. 

Adam.s, vide Woollcombe- Adams. 

Adam.s, Adam, s. of Adam Adams, of Lowes- 
toft ; 6. 1834 ; m. 1860, Elizabeth, dau. of Dunham 
J. Hoy, of Mattishpll. Norfolk ; J.P. Suffolk and 
Lowestoft (mayor I <'.io.91, l.S'JG-7 and 1907-8): 
94 Denmark rd. Lo.vystoft, 



Adams, George North, j.p. (1898) Staffs : 8 
Summerfield rd. Wolverhampton. 

Adams. Jas., j.p. (1907) co. Pembroke: 
Glanteify, Kilgerran, co. Pembroke. 

Adams, John Ban-, 3 8. of Edwin Paul 
Adams, of Liverpool ; h. 1866 ; m. 1898, Frances 
Maude, dau. of lieut. Sweny, I.N. of Liverpool ; 
J.p. (1912) Denbighshire, chmn. of James Light 
it Sou Ltd., Liverpool : The Orchard, Gresford, 

Adams, eng.-rear-adml. (1910), John Hughes, 
ret. list 1914. . 

' Adams, John Loftus, eld. s. of capt. John 
Alex. Philipps Adams, late li.A., of Holyland, 
CO. Pembroke, J.p. {d. 1901) ; h. 1870 ; J.P. (1901) 

Adams, Joseph, J.P. (1909) Salop : Sandford 
Farm, Frees, Whitchurch, Salop. 

Adams, Joseph Oliver, eld. s. of Joseph Oliver 
Adams, of Bugbrooke, Northauts ; h. 1862 ; m. 
1897, Ethel Mary, dau. of W^m. Ashby, J.P., of 
Long Buckby, Northauts ; J.P. (1906) Northants : 
Whitehall, Weedon, Northauts. 

Adam.s, It.-col. Joseph Wood Richards, s. of 
E. R. Adams, D.L., J.P. ; J.P. Surrey and co. 
London; maj. (hon. It.-col. 1894) 6 battn. (mil.) 
Middlx. regt. 1890-99 : 15 De Vere gdns. W. ; 
Conservative and National clubs. 

Adams, Josiah Oake, m.d. Durh., F.R.C.S., 4 
s. of Andrew Lidstone Adams, of Plymouth ; h. 
1842; m. 1875, only dau. of F. Harvey, of 
Whitwick, Leicestershire ; J.P. (1907) co.London 
117 Cazonove rd. Stamford Hill, N. 

Adams, maj.-gen. sir Robt. Bellew, k.c.b. 
(1912), V.G., s. of lato major Robert Roy Adams, 
I.S.C. ; h. 1856 ; served in Afghan war 1879-80 ; 
Chitral relief force 1895 ; operations on N.W. 
frontier, India, 1897-8 ; a.d.c. to King Edward 
VII. 1901-6, commdr. Derajat brig. N. army, 
India 1906-7, maj.-gen. Ind. army 1906, ret. 1911. 
Adams, Samuel Allen, eld. s. of John Hervey 
Adams, of Northlands, co. Cavan, j.p. {d. 1871) ; 
h. 1847 ; m. 1871, Frances D., dau. of rev. D. W. 
Preston, rect. of Killinkere ; j.p. co. Cavan, late 
It. Tipperary mil. : Northlands, Carrickmacross, 

Adams, Tom Byron, 2 s. of Geo. Adams, of 
Wolverhampton, Staffs ; h. 1856 ; vi. 1879, Helen, 
dau. of John Riley, of Bedworth, Warwickshire ; 
J.p. (1904), Staffs : Compton Hall, nr. Wolver- 

Adaxus, maj.-gen. Thos. Edmund, s. of late 
hon. W. H. Adams, c.J, of Hong Kong ; h. 1837 ; 
m. 1859. Amelia E., dau. of late J. Howard, of 
Bombay ; served in Crimea 1855, at Sebastopol, 
It.-col. (col. 1885) Derbyshire regt. 1881-6, ret. 
f. p. 1886 : 51 Festing rd. Southsea. 

Adams, prof. Wm. Grylls, m.a.,, f.r.s., 
F.G.s. ; h. 1836 ; m. 1869, Mary, dau. of R. Dingle, 
of Lewannick, Cornwall ; p.p. and v. p. Physical 
Soc, p.p. Soc. of Electrical Engrs., emer. prof, of 

Natural Philosophy and Astronomy, King's coll. 
Lond. : Athenaeum club. 

Adams, Wm. Hy. Farr,eld. s. of W. H. Adams, 
of Plas Llyssyn, Mont. j.p. {d. 1904) ; l. 1868, m. 
1896, Evelyn, 2 dau. of Robt. G. Geach : Plfis 
Llyssyn, Carno, Mont. 

Adams, hon. mrs. Mildred M., only dau. of 1 
baron Coleridge ; h. 1847 ; m. 1885, as his 2 wife, 
Chas. Warren Adams [d). 

Adams-Connor, capt. Harry Geo., M.v.o. 4 
class (1909), s. of late verv rev. G. H. Connor, 
dean of Windsor; 6. 1859; m. 1898, Valerie 
EUinor, dau. of maj.-gen. sir Peter Scratchley, 
R.E., K.C.M.C4., high commr. of New Guinea ; 
served in Boer war 1881, capt. Connaught 
rangers 1885-99, commdr. order of St. Stanislas 
(Russia), Charles III. and Isabel la Catolica 
(Spain), D.L. (1907) Isle of Wight, chief con- 
stable of Isle of Wight from 1899 : The Rangers, 
Sandown, I. of W. ; Naval and Military club. 

Adam.son, Chas. Graham, s. of Geo. Archibald 
Graham Adamson, of Auburn, co. Westmeath, 
J.p. {d. 1900) ; h. 1878; m. 1897, Arabella Le B., 
dau. of Allan Cameron, of Lunvadra : Auburn, 
Glasson, Athlone. 

Adamson, It.-col. Chas. Hy. Ellison, c.i.b. 
(1889), s. of late Chas. Murray Adamson, of North 
Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 6. 1846; served 
with Burmese expdn. 1886-7 ; It.-col. I. S. C. 
1894-6, ret. 1896, commr. in Burma 1891-6, J.P. 
Newcastle-on-Tyne : E. I. United Service club ; 
North Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Adamson, sir Harvey, K.c.s.i. (1910), M.a. 
Aberd., s. of late rev. Alex. Adamson, of Kinner- 
mit ; h. 1854 ; m. 1892, Jane Charlotte, dau. of 
John Leslie, of Corsee, Nairn ; entd. I.C.S. 1877, 
jud. commr. of Upper Burma 1902-5, chief judge 
of chief court. Lower Burma 1905-6, memb. of 
council of gov.-gen. of India 1906-10, It.-gov. of 
Burma from 1910, knighted 1906: Government 
House, Rangoon, and Government House, 
Maudalay, Burma ; E.I. United Service club. 

Adamson, It.-col. John Geo., s. of Lawrence 
Wm. Adamson, of Linden, Northumb., D.L., J.P. 
{d. 1911); h. 1855; m. 1883, Caroline Sara, dau. 
of late rev. canon J. T. B. Landon, of Ledsham, 
Yorks; ret. maj. 2 in commd. K. O.Yorkshire 
L. I. 1898 ; D.L., J.P. CO. Leitrim (sheriff 1908), 
J.P. (1913) Northumberland: 36 Portland pi. 
W. ; Naval and Military, and Kildare St. (Dub- 
lin) clubs; Linden Hall, Long Ilorsley, North- 
umb ; Glenfarne Hall, Glenfarne, co. Leitrim. 

Adamson, col. Rushton Webber, eld. s. of 
William Rushton Adamson, of Rushton Park, 
Sussex, D.L., J.p. {d. 1898) ; h. 1868 ; J.P. Sussex, 
lt.-col. commdg. and hon. col. Sussex R.G.A. 
(mil.) 1902-6, ret. 1906: Great Sanders, nr. 
Sedlescombe, Battle, Sussex. 

Adamson, sir Wm., c.m.g. (1897), s. of late 
Ebenezer Adamson, of Glasgow ; in. 1859, 
Margaret, dau. of Andrew Hamiltou, of Glasgow ; 
late unoflacial memb. of legisl. council of Straits 



Settlements, a dir. Peninsular and Oriental 
Steam Navigation Co. ; kniglited 1907 : Roth- 
bury, 9 Avenue rd. Highgate, N. 

Adamson, Wm., orj^anizer of the miners and 
see. of the Fife Miners' Assoc, M.P. (lab.) W. 
Fifeshire from 1910 : Victoria st. Dunfermline. 

Adamson, Wm. Shaw, only s. of John 
Adamson, of Careston, Forfarshire ; b. 1851 ; m. 
1883, Nora Jane, dau. of late rt. hon. J. A. 
Campbell, P.O., D.L. of Stracathro, Forfarshire ; 
J. p. Forfarshire: Jun. Constitutional club; 
Careston Castle, Careston, Forfarshire. 

Adamson, mrs. — Fanny C, dau. of J. Deacon, 
of Elsinore, Denmark ; m. 1859, Wm. Rushton 
Adamson, of Rushton Park, Sussex, D.L., J.P. {d. 
1898) : Great Sanders, Sedlescombe, nr. Battle, 
Sussex {Stations, Robertsbridge and Battle). 

Adare, vise, (title which would be borne by 
eld. s. if any living, of earl of Dunraven). 

Adcock, Harry, J.P. (1909) Worcestershire: 
Thorne, Inkberrow, Worcester. 

Adcock, 8ir Hugh, c.m.g. (1897), L.R.C.P. Edin., 
M.R.0.8. Eng., 8. of Christopher Adcock, of London 
and Hunstanton, Norfolk; b. 1847 ;?m. 1, 1866, 
Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Watkins, of Newtown, 
Wales; 2, 1908, Florence Beatrice, eld. dau. of 
It. -col. G. Manera, I. A. (ret.); consulting phys. 
in chief to H.I.M. the late Shah of Persia, 189- 
1906, knighted 1901: Nymet House, Nymet 
Eowland, Lapford, N. Devon. 

Adcock, John Pearson, J.P. (1906) Leicester- 
shire : Rotherwood, Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 

Addams-Williams, Albert, f.s.a.,ll.m. Can- 
tab., 6s. of Wm. Addams-Williams, of Llangibby 
Castle, Mon. J.P. [d. 1885) ; b. 1864 ; m. 1906, hoii. 
Eleanor Mary, dau. of 16 vise. Hereford ; entd. 
LC.S. 1884, served in the Punjab as asst.commr., 
registrar chief court, dep. commr., and under sec. 
to govt. ; under sec. to govt, of India, foreign 
dept. in 1892, pol. agent, Haidarabad 1895, at 
Quetta 1897, offg. dep. sec. to govt, of India 
legisl. dept. 1899, dep. sec. home dept. 1901, and 
offg, sec. 1902, offg. judicial commr. N.W. 
Frontier Prov. Ind. 1903, offg. resdt. in Mysore 
1905, revenue and judicial commr. Baluchistan 
1905, offg. judge Punjab Chief court 1909-10, ret. 
1910, J.P. (1900) and C.C. (1913) Monmouthshire: 
Penpark House, Llangibby, nr. Newport, Mon. 

Addams-Williams, Alfred, 4 s. of Wm. 
Addams, of Monmouth {d. 1865), by cousin 
Mary, youngest dau. {d. 1868) of Wm. Addams- 
Williams ; b. 18 — ; J.P. (1889) Monmouthshire: 
Panteg Rectory, nr. Pontypool. 

Addams-Williams, Ernest Trevor, eld. s. of 
late Trevor Addams-Williams, of Clydach, 
Glam. ; b. 1869; J.P. (1909) Monmouthshire: 
Rockfield House, Monmouth. 

Addams-Williams, Harold, m.a. Cantab., 4 s. 
of Wm. Addams-Williams, of Llangibby Castle, 
Mon. J.P. {d. 1885), b. 1858 ; m. 1895, Alice G., 
only child of Ohas. Nicholson, of Llwyn-y-Celyn, 
Mon. J.P. ; late princ. of Bishop Cotton's schools, 

Bangalore, India, J.P. (1899) Monmouthshire : 
Glen Hailosr, Gwehelog, Usk, Mon. 

Adderley. hon. Hy. Arden, 2 s. of 1 baron 
Norton ; b. 1854 ; m. 1881, Grace, young, dau. of 
late W. B. Stopford-Sackville, of Drayton House, 
Northants. ; D.L., J.P. Warwickshire ; It. War- 
wickshire yeom. 1877-96, hon. capt. 1896 : 
Windham club ; Fillongley Hall, nr. Coventry. 

Adderley, Hubert John Broughton-, eld. s. of 
J. L. Broughton, of Tunstall Hall and Almington 
Hall, Staffs. ; b. 1860 ; m. 1886, hon. Florence 
Margaret, dau. of 4 baron Castlemaine; b. 1862 ; 
lord of the manors of Barlaston and Coton, 
Staffs. ; assumed addtl. name of Adderley in 
1886 : Barlaston Hall, Stoke, Staffs. 

Adderley, hon. Humi)hry Jas. Arden, 3 s. of 
2 baron Norton; b. 1882. 

Adderley, rev. canon the hon. Jas. Granville, 
M.A. Ch. Ch, Oxon, 5 s. of 1 baron Norton; b. 
1861 ; vicar of St. Gabriel's, Birmingham from 
1911, hon. canon of Birmingham from 1913 : St. 
Gabriel's Lodge, Birmingham. 

Adderley, hon. Ralph Bowyer, eld. s. of 2 
baron Norton ; b. 1872 ; m. 1899, Mary Louisa, 
dau. of Robt. Watson, of Bally darton, cb. Carlow, 
and widow of Inglis Brady. 

Adderley, hon. Randolph, 4 s. of 2 baron 
Norton ; b. 1881. 

Adderley, rev. the hon. Reginald Edmund, 
M.A., Ch. Ch., Oxon, ; 4 s. of 1 baron Norton ; b. 
1857: vicar of Chesterfield, 1888-92, Tait mis- 
sioner of Canterbury Ditxjese, 1892-4 ; rect. of 
Horselydown, S.E. 1891-7, vicar of Skirwith, 
Carlisle 1897-9, of St. Augustine's, Victoria Park, 
N.E. 1899-1905, of St. Peter's, Parkstone, Dorset, 
from 1910, dioc. missioner Birmingham dioc. and 
cliapln. to Soc. of The Incarnation, hon. canon 
of Birmingham Cath. 1909-10 : St. Peter's House, 
Parkstone, Dorset. 

Adderley, hon. Ronald Wolstan Fleetwood, 5 
8. of 2 baron Norton ; 6. 1885 : Brook House, 
Himbleton, Droitwich, Worcs. 

Adderley, hon. Anna Maria Margerette ; hon. 
Frances Georgina Mary ; hon. Evelyn Augusta ; 
daus. of 1 baron Norton : 30 Chester sq. S.W. 

Adderley. hon Gladys Isabel Annette, b. 
1881 ; dau. of 2 baron Norton. 

Adderley, lady.— Laetitia A. eld. dau. of hon. 
W. H. Hall, of Nassau, Bahamas ; in. 1857, sir 
Augustus Jn., K.C.M.G., J.P. (d. 1906) : 2 South- 
well gdns.. South Kensington, S.W. 

Addingley, John Hartley, j.p. (1908) W.R. 
Yorks : Elm Grove, Tanshelf, Pontefract. 

Addingrton, lord (2 baron U.K. 1887), Egerton 
Hubbard, v.D., m.a. Oxon, eld. s. of 1 baron P.O. 
{d. 1889), by dau. of 8 baron Napier of Mer- 
chistoun : b. 1842 ; m. 1880, Mary A., 3 dau. of 
sir Wyndham S. Portal, 1 bt. ; J.P. Bucks and 
county aldrm., hon. col. Buckinghamshire battn. 
Oxfordshire and Bucks L.I. from 1908, partner 
in John Hubbard and Co., London and Egerton 



Hubbard and Co., Pptersburer, m.p. (c.) Bucking- 
ham 1874-80, N. Bucks 1886-9 {Heir, s. hon. John 
G. Hubbard, q.v.): 7 Campden Hill court. 
Kensington, W. ; Carlton club ; Addington, 
Win slow, Bucks. 

Addington, hon. Gerald William, eldest s. of 
4 viscount Sidmouth; h. 1882; 2 It. 6 battn. 
Devon regt. from 1914 : Constitutional club ; Up- 
Ottery Manor, Honiton, Devon. 

Addingrton, col. hon. Harold Wm. 3 s. of 3 
vise. Sidmouth ; b. 1860 ; m. 1887, Constance, dau. 
of C. Clairmonte; It. -col. R.f.a. 1906-11, brevet 
col. 1909, ret. p. 1911 : Army and Navy club. 

Addinfrton, maj. hon. Herbert Hiley Stafford, 
2s. of 3 vise. Sidmouth; b. 1859 ; It. Glo'ster- 
shire regt. 1882-9, capt. R. Fus. 1889-96, ret. p. 
1901, capt. R. Garrison regt. 1902-3, maj. res. of 
officers 1902 : Army and Navy club. 

Addington, hon. Raymond Anthony, 2 s. of 4 
vise. Sidmouth ; b. 1887'; It. Ind. army 1909. 

Addingrton, hon. Eliza Anne, dau. of 2 vise. 
Sidmouth ; b. 1839. 

Addis, sir Chas. Stewart, 6 s. of rev. Thos. 
Addis, D.D., of Edinburgh ; b. 1861 ; m. 1894, 
Eba, dau. of Jas. Mclsaac, of Saltcoats, Ayr- 
shire ; censor State Bank of Morocco 1908, 
manager of Hongkong and Shanghai Banking 
Corporation, knighted 1913 : 6a, Primrose Hill 
rd. N.W. ; 9 Gracechurch st. E.G. ; Reform club. 

Addison, Christopher. M.i><^ B..S.Lond., f.r.c.S. 
Eng., s. of Robt. Addison, of Hogsthorpe, 
Lines. ; h. 1869 ; w. 1902, Isobel, dau. of late 
Archibald Gray ; late prof, of anatomy, Univ. 
coll. Sheffield, lecturer on anatomy, St. Bar- 
tholomew's Hosp., parly, sec. to Board of Educn. 
from 1914, m.p. (l.) Shoreditch (Hoxton divu.) 
from 1910 : 12 Gardner mans. Church row, Hamp- 
stead, N.W. ; Reform club. 

Addison, John Geo., s. of John Addison, of 
Monkwearmouth ; b. 1840; J. p. (1894) co. 
Durham : The Grange, East Boldon, nr. Sunder- 

Addison, John Joseph, s. of Joseph Addison, 
of Banks House {d. 1889); b. 1863; m. 1895, 
Barbara H. {d. 1907), dau. of Wm. Wareham ; j.p. 
(1899) Cumberland : Banks House, Low Row, 

Addison, Joseph McKeand, apptd. clerk in 
Foreign office 1903, actg. 3 sec. in diplomatic 
service 1906, actg. 2 sec. 1908. 

Addleshaw, Wm. Percy, b.a Oxon, s. of 
John Wm. Addleshaw, of Old Trafford, Lanes ; 
h. 1866 ; J.p. (1909) Sussex. 

Addy, Jas. Jenkin ; is J.P. (1895) W. R. 
Yorks : 33 Gawber rd. Barnsley. 

Adeane, Chas. Robt. Whorwood, only s, of 
H. J. Adeane, of Babraham Hall, co. Cam- 
bridge, M.p. {d. 1870), by eld. dau. of 4 earl of 
Hardwicke ; b. 1863 ; m. 1888, Madeline P. C. B. 
2 dau. of hon. Percy S. Wyndham, b. 1869 ; 
D.L., J.p. Cambridgeshire (vice-chm. quart, sess. 
from 1912) ; It. 4 battn. (mil.) Suffolk regt. 

1884-90, chra. co. Cambridge and Isle of Ely 
Territl. Force Assoc, from 1908 : 34 Cadogan 
sq. S.W. ; Babraham Hall, nr. Cambridge. 

Adeane, capt. Hy. Robt. Augustus, s. of 

iadml. Edwd. Stanley Adeane, C.M.ft. {d. 1902), 

I by Lady Edith Isabella, 2 dau. {d. 1909) of 11 

earl of Carnwath ; b. 1882 ; m. 1909, hon. 

Victoria Eugene, eld. dau. of 1 baron Stamford- 

I ham, P.O., G.c.r.E., G.c.v.o., k.c.b., k.c.s.i., 

K.C.M.G., i.s.o. ; capt. Coldst. gds. from 1911. 

j Adelaide, 4 bp. of (1847). rt. rev. Arthur 

Nutter Thomas, d.d. Cantab, eld. s. of Chas. Jas. 

I Thomas, of Blackheath, S.E. ; h. 1869 ; vi. 1904, 

1 Mary Theodora, dau. of rev. W. A. H. Lewis, 

j vicar of Upper Gornal, Staffs ; rect. of Guis- 

borough, Yorks, 1901-6, bp. of Adelaide from 

1 1906 : Bishop's Court,NorthAdelai(ie,S.Australia. 

I Adkins, sir Wm. Ryland Dent, B.A.Lond., 

I only survg. s. of late Wm. Adkins, of Northamp- 

t ton ; b. 1862 ; barr. Inner Temple 1890, jun. 

j counsel to the Post Office on Midland circuit 

j from 1908, rec. of Nottingham from 1911, J.p. 

I Northampton, vice-chm. Northants CO., v. P. 

I County Councils Association, m.p, (l.) S.E. 

{ Lancashire (Middleton divn.) from 1906, knighted 

1 1911 : 3 Paper bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; 9 Bridge st. 

I Westminster, S.W. ; Reform and Bath clubs ; 

Milton Manor, Northampton. 

Adlard, Edwd., J.P. (1901) Gloucestershire: 
Postlip, nr. Winchcombe, Glos. 

Adlington, mrs. — Emma Jean, 2 dau. of late 
rev. Chas. Campbell, vicar of Weasenham,Norfolk; 
m. 1856, capt. Hy. Smith Adlington, j.p. {d. 
1893) ; lady of the manor of Holme Hale : Holme 
Hale Hall,Thetford. 

Adrian, Alfred Douglas, C.B. (1895), K.C., 
B.A. Loud., only s. of late E. Adrian, formerly of 
Local Govt. Board ; b. 1815 ; m. 1885, Flora 
Lavinia, youngest dau. of Chas. Howard Barton, 
formerly of Castle Hill, Reading ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1869, K.C. 1904, assist, sec. to Local 
Govt. Board 1883-99, legal adviser 1899-1910 : 
40 Elsworthy rd. Primrose hill, N.W. 

Adshead, Thos. Willetts, 3 s. of Benjn.Willetts 
Adshead, of Dudley, Worcestershire ; h. 1863 ; 
m. 1887, dau. of Hy. Hand ; j.p. (1906) Worcester- 
shire : The Hollies, Dudley, Worcs. 

Adutt, Albert Leon, J.P. (1914) Kent, mayor 
of Margate 1912-13, deputy mayor 1913-14: 
Madeira rd. Cliftonville, Margate ; Constitu- 
tional club. 

Adye, maj. -gen. John, R.A., C.B. (1902), s. of 
gen. sir John Miller Adye, R.A., G.C.B., gov, of 
Gibraltar 1883-6 {d. 1900), by dau. of late adml. 
hon. sir Montagu Stopford, k.c.b. ; b. 1857 ; m. 
1899, Clara Joan, dau. of S. C.Evans Williams, late 
of Bryntirion, Rhayader ; served in Afghan war 
1879, Egyptian war 1882, 5 class Medjidie ; Nile 
expdn, 1881-5, E. Soudan 1885, S. African war 
1899-1902, gen. staff ;officer Headquarters of Army 
1907-11, maj. -gen. in charge of admin. E. commd. 
from 1912, maj.-gon. r.a. 1911 : Horse Guards, 



Whitehall, S.W. ; 2 Crescent mansions, Pelham 
cres. S.W. ; Jun. United Service club. 

Adye, col. Walter, c.b. (1909), 3 survg. s. 
of late maj.-gen. Groodson Adye, of Saddlewood, 
CO. Warwick ; b. 1858 : m. 1884, Camille, dan. 
of late Edmund Reyloff ; served in Afghan war 
1879-80, Transvaal war 1881. S. African war 
1899-1900, gen. staff officer (1 grade) at Army 
headquarters 1907-12, ret. p. 1913, dep. assist, 
dir. of remounts from 1914 : War office, S.W. ; 
Jun. United Service club. 

Affleck, sir Jas. Ormiston, M.D., LL.D. Edin., 
knighted 1911 : 38 Heriot row, Edinburgh. 

Affleck, sir Robert, 7 bt. (1782), eld. s. of f> 
bart. {d. 1882) ; h. 18o2 ; m. 1886, Julia G., 2 dau. 
(who obtained a div. 1914) of J. S. Prince, of 
Queen's Gate gdns. S.W. {Ueir, hro. John de L., 
h. 1800) : Turf, Boodle's and Yorkshire clubs. 

Africa, Western Equatorial, bp. in, vide 
Western Equatorial Africa. 

Agrar, hon. Francis William Arthur, 4 s. of 
3 earl of Normanton ; h. 1873; m. 1897, Laura 
Astley, dau. of Hy. S. Kennard, of Shopwyke 
House, nr. Chichester; It. 4 battn. (mil.) Bed- 
fordshire regt. 1892-4, 2 It. Sussex yoo. 1909-10 : 
Hammerwood, Mi<lhurst. 

Agrar, Joseph, eld. s. of Benj. Agar, of York ; 
h. 1882 ; m. 1, 186,5. Jane, dau. of Jas. Chadwick, 
J. p. of York ; 2, 1902. Emily Jane, dau. of T. G. 
Dickinson, Acres House, Nabum ; J.P. N.R. 
Yorks., J.P. and aldmn. York, lord mayor 1881-2 
and 1888-90 : Kilburn House, Fulford rd. York. 

Agrar, Samuel Hollingsworth, j.p. (1906) 
Warwickshire : Glendossil, Henley-in-Arden. 

Agrar, lady Georgiana Mary E. F., b. 1896 ; 
lady Alexandra Henrietta Alice, b. 1897: lady 
Caroline Amy Cora, b. 1899 ; lady Marj- Karen, 
b. 1901; lady Diana Julia, b. 1904; lady Amy 
Louise, b. 190.5 ; lady Rosemary Beatrice, 6. 1908 ; 
dans, of 4 earl of Normanton. 

Agar, lady Mary Beatrice, 2 dau. of 3 earl of 
Normanton ; b. 1859 : 22 Ennismore gdns. S.W. 

Agar, hon. mrs. Herbert Welbore Ellis, 
Helen M., dau. of late J. A. Gibson ; m. 1871, hon. 
Herbert Welbore Ellis Agar {d. 1901) : Stanton 
House, Stanton Fitzwarren, Wilts. 

Agar-Hobartes, hon. Alex. Geo., 6 survg. s. 
of 6 vise. Clifden ; h. 1896. 

Agar-Robartes. hon. Arthur Victor, 3 survg. 
s. of 6 vi.«c. Clifden ; b. 1887 : It. R. 1 Devon yeo. 
from 1914 : 1 Great Stanhope 8t. W. 

Agar-Bobartes, hon. Cecil Edwd., 4 survg. 
8. of 6 vise. Clifden; b. 1892. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Francis Gerald, M.v.o. 4 
class (1909), 2 8. of 6 vise. Clifden ; b. 1883; 
attache in diplomatic service 1907-8, 3 sec. 
1908-14, 2 sec. from 1914. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Thomas Chas. Reginald, 
eld. s. of G vise. Clifden : b. 1880 ; It. R. 1 
Devon yeo. 1912-13, 2 It. R. Bucks Uuss. yeo. 
from 1914, m.p. (l.) S.E. Cornwall 1906 (unseated 

on petition), St. Austell divn. from 1908 : 1 Gt. 
Stanhope st. W. ; Bachelors' club. 

Agar-Robartes, hon. Mary Vere, b. 1879 ; 
hon. Julia Caroline Everilda, b. 1880 ; hon. 
Edith Violet Kathleen, b. 1888 ; hon. Constance 
Margaret, b. 1890 ; daus. of 6 vise. Clifden. 

Agg, Arthur Wm., s. of col. Wm. Agg, 
late 51 regt., of The Hewletts, Gloucestershire, 
J.P. {d. 1901) ; b. 1865 ; vi. 1899^ Eleanor S., only 
child of late col. J. P. Harrison; J.P. (1901) 
Gloucestershire : Foxcote, nr. Andoversford, 

Agg-Gardner, Jas. Tynte, eld. s. of late Jas. 
Agg-Gardner, Hadley House, Cheltenham {d. 
1858) ; b. 1846 ; barr. Inner Temple 1873 ; J.p., 
c.A. Gloucestershire, lord of the manor of 
Cheltenham, m.p. (c.) Cheltenham 1874-80, 1885- 
95, 1900-6 and from 1911 : Carlton, Garrick and 
Jun. Carlton clubs ; 5 Regent st. Cheltenham. 

Agnew, sir Andrew Noel, 9 bart. (1629), 
LL.B. Cantab., eldest s. of 8 bart. {d. 1892) by 
dau. {d. 1883) of 1 earl of Gainsborough ; b. 
1850; m. 1889, Gertrude, dau. of the late hon. 
Gowran C. Vernon ; barr. Inner Temple 1874, 
D.L., J.P. Wigtownshire (vice-lieut. from 1893), 
capt. 1 Avrshire and Galloway vol. art. 1903-8, 
M.P. (L.IT.) S. Edinburgh 1900-6 (/Te/r, hro. maj. 
Chas. H., h. 1x59): 10 Smith sq. S.W. ; 
Lochnaw Castle, Stranraer, Wigtownshire. 

Agmew, Chas. ^wain, 4 b. of Thos. Agnew, 
of Manchester (</. 1871) ; b. 1836 ; w. 1864, Edith, 
only dau. {d. 1910) of Wm. Bradbury; j.p. (1907) 
Cheshire : Devonshire club ; Davenham Lodge, 

Agmew, Ernest, j.p. (1909) Cheshire : The 
Moss, Alderley Edge, Manchester. 

Agnew, sir Geo. Wm., 2 bart. (1895), m.a, 
Cantab., eld. s. of sir Wm. Agnew, 1 bart., M.P., 
J.P. (J. 1910); b. 1852; m. 1878, Fanny, dau. of 
J. 8. Bolton, of Oulton Hall, Norfolk ; is J.P. 
(1898) Lancashire, m.p. (l.) W. Salford from 
1906 {Ili'ir, $. John Stuart, q. r.) : 269 St. James' 
court, Buckingham gate, S.W.; Reform and 
Devonshire clubs; Rougham Hall, Bury St. 

Agnew, John Stuart, eld. s. of sir Geo. Wm. 
Agnew, 2 bart. of Rougham Hall, m.p. ; h. 1879 ; 
m. 1910, Kathleen, 3 dau. of late Isaac Wm. 
Hewitt White, of Meanwood, Yorks ; J.P. (1912) 
Suffolk, capt. Suffolk yeo. from 1914 : Isthmian 
and Cavalry clubs ; Battlies House, Rougham, 
Bury St. Edmunds. 

Agmew, Philip Leslie, m.a. Oxon., 4 s. of sir 
Wm. Agnew, 1 bart. M.P., J.P. {d. 1910) ; b. 1863; 
m. 1889, Alexandra Georgette, dau. of Ewan 
Christian, of Alexandria ; J.P. (1906) Northants : 
18 Gloucester sq. W. ; 10 Bouverie st. E.C. ; 
Littlecourt, Farthingstone, Weedon, Northants, 

Agnew, It.-col. Quentin Gmhara Kinnaird, 
M.v.o. 4 class ('1903), d.s.o. (1902), 4 s, of sir 
Andrew Agnew, 8 l)t. (d. 1892) by dau. (J.1883) of 
1 earl of Gainsborough ; b. 1861 ; m. 1899, Evelyn 



M., dau. {d. r.)13) of late capt. J. H. I. Alexander, 
R.N., c.B. ; served with Burmese expdn. 1885-6, 
Tirah expdy. force 1897, S. African war 1899- 
1901, asst. mil. sec. to gov. of Gibraltar (f.m. 
sir G. S. White) 1902-5, maj. Manchester resjt. 
1901-6, ret. p. 1906, It. -col. 3 battn. (special res.) 
R. Scots Fas. from 1910, one of H.M.'s hon. corps 
of gentlemen-at-arms from 1906, D.L., J.P. Wig- 
townshire, chm. CO. Wigtown Territl. Force 
Assoc, from 1908 : Naval and Military, and New 
(Edinburgh) clubs ; House of Knock, Portpatrick, 

Agrnew, sir Stair, k.c.b. (1895), M.A. Cantab., 
F.R.s.E. and F.s.A. Scot., 5 s. of sir A. Agncw, 7 
bart. ; b. 1831 ; m. 1870, Georgina, dau. of G. M. 
Nisbett, of Cairnhill ; late lieut. 9 foot ; j.p. 
Wigtownshire ; Scotch barr. 1860 ; legal sec. to 
Lord Advocate for Scotland 1861-6, and 1868- 
70 ; Queen's and Lord Treasurer's Remem- 
brancer for Scotland 1870-81 ; deputy clerk 
register, registrar-gen. and keeper of the records 
of Scotland 1881-1909 : 22 Buckingham ter. 

Agne"W, ong. rear-adml. Thos., asst. eng. of 
" Fly " during operations Malay Peninsula 1875-6, 
eng. rear-adml, 1909. 

Agrnew, Wm. Lockett, s. of Thos. Agnew, 
of Manchester ; b. 1858 ; m. 1884, Augusta, dau. 
of late F. Shell, of Bearforest, Mallow ; is J.P. 
Lancashire : Hallingbury Place, Bishop's Stort- 

Agmew, lady. — Beatrice, dau. of surg -gen. 
Fawcus. Indian med. dept, ; in. 1884, sir Wm. 
Thos. Fischer Agnew, knt., rec. of Rangoon 
1884-1900 (d. 1903). 

Aiken, Jas., eld. s. of John Aiken, of Dal- 
moak, CO. Dumbarton (d. 1875) ; J.P. Dumbarton- 
shire : Dalmoak, Dumbarton, 

Aikins, sir James Albert Manning, K.c. 
(Canada), M.P. Canadian House of Commons, 
knighted 1914. 

Aikman, vide Robertson- Aikman. 

Aikman, David Wann, c.i.E. (1912), s. of late 
Andrew Aikman, of Rathelpie, Fife; b. 1863; 
m. 1890, Marion D., sis. of sir H. J. U. Stewart, 
11 bart. ; Ind. public works dept. 1885, suptg.- 
eugr. from 1910. 

Aikman, sir Robt. Smith, M.A., ll.d., s. of late 
Andrew Aikman, of St. Andrews, N.B. ; b. 1844 ; 
m. 1877, Mary, eld. dau. of late Joseph Craig, 
of Tbree Crofts, Kirkcudbrightshire ; I.C.S. 
1865-1909, actg. judge of high court at Allahabad 
in 1892 and 1894-6, puisne judge 1896-1909, 
vice-chancellor. Allahabad univ. 1898, knighted 
1910 : E. I. United Service club. 

Ailesbury, 6 marq. of (1821, U.K.). Geo. Wm. 
Jas. Chandos Brudenell-Bruce, D.s.c, only s. of 
5 marq. {d. 1911) ; b. 1873 ; m. 1903, Sydney, onlv 
dau. of late Jolm Madden, of Hilton Park, co. 
Monaghan. by lady Caroline, sis, of 4 earl of 
Lcilriin; 2nd title earl of Cardigan; served iu 
S. African war 1899-1 9U0, with Impl. yeo., j.p. 

and c.c. Wilts., maj. 1 CoUuty of London yeo. 
from 1908 {Heir, s. earl of Cardigan, q. v.) : 
Arthur's, Badminton and Cavalry clubs ; Cad- 
bury, Yatton, Somerset ; Tottenham House, 
Savemake Forest, Marlborough. 

Ailesbury, Dorothy, marchioness of, vide 
David Waddel Webster. 

Ailsa, 3 marq. of (1831, U.K.). Archibald 
Kennedy, LL.D. Glasg., eld. s. of 2 marq. {d. 1870) ; 
b. 1847 ; wi. 1, 1871, hon. Evelyn, dau. {d. 1888) of 12 
baron Blantp-e: 2, 1891, Isabella, only dau. of 
late Hugh McMaster, of Kausani, N. W. P. 
India ; 2nd tit. earl of Cassillis : late capt. 
Coldstr. gds. ; It. commdg. r.n.a.v. Clyde brig. 
1887-92, hon. commdr. r.n.v.r. from 1904, and 
hon. It. R.N.R., D.L., J.P. CO. Ayr (Heir, s. earl of 
Cassillis, q.v.) : 65 Lancaster gate,W, ; Travellers' 
and R.Y.S. clubs; Culzean Castle, Ayr. 

Aingrer, Arthur Campbell, M.v.o. 4 class 
(1908), M.A. Cantab., s. of late rev. preb. Thos. 
Aiuger, incumbent of Hampstead ; b. 1841 ; asst. 
master at Eton Coll. 1864-1901, acted as hon. 
sec. of the new Memorial Building Fuud, Eton 
College : United University club ; Mustians, 
Eton, Windsor 

Ainley, Joseph Hefford, 2 s. of Hefford Ainley, 
of Kirkheaton, Yorks ; b. 1858 ; m. 1887, 
Catharine, dau. of hon. Luther Haven, of Chicago, 
U.S.A.; J.P. (1905) Lancashire: 23 Gloucester 
rd. Birkdale, Southport. 

Ainscougrh, Richd.,s. of Hugh Ainscough, of 
Lancaster House, Parbold ; 6.1856 ; in. 1892,Mary, 
dau. of Jas. Duckworth, of Accrington; is J.P. 
( 1894) Lancashire : Burscough Corn Mills,Lathom, 
Ormskirk, Lanes. 

Ainslie, Ainslie Douglas, 2 s. of J. C. Grant- 
Duff, of Eden, co. Aberdeen (d. 1868) ; b. 1838 ; 
m. 1863, Frances, dau. of E. J. Morgan ; in H.M.'s 
diplomatic service 1859-66, barr. Middle Temple 
1874, D.L. and formerly vice-lieut. Aberdeenshire; 
assumed in 1866 name of Ainslie in lieu of Grant- 
Duff : Athenneum and Reform clubs ; Delgaty 
Castle, Turriff, Aberdeenshire. 

Ainsworth., Geo., s. of Samuel Ainsworth, 
of Macclesfield, Cheshire ; b. 1850 ; m. 1873 
Annie E. S., dau. of Jas. Campbell, of Working- 
ton, Cumberland; is J.P. (1896) co. Durham : 
Consett Hall, Consett, co. Durham. 

Ainsworth, John, c.M.G. (1900), f.r.g.s., s. of 
John Dawson Ainsworth, of Urmston, Manches- 
ter ; b. 1864; m. 1897, Ina C, dau. of John 
Scott, of Brooklyn, U.S.A. ; H. M.'s sub-commr. 
for the Ukamba Prov., E. Africa Protectorate, 
1895, vice-consul 1896-1904, provncl. commr. E. 
Africa Protectorate from 1907 : Kisuma, East 
Africa Protectorate. 

Ainsworth, John Stirling, M.A. Lond., 2 s. of 
Thos. Ainsworth, of The Flosh,Cleator, Cumber- 
land, J.P. (d. 1881) ; b. 1844; m. 1879, Margaret 
C, dau. of Robt. Reid Macredie ; d.l., j.p. Argyll- 
shire, J.i'. Cumberland (sheriff 1891), It.-col. com- 
mandant 3 vol. battn. Border regt. 1898-1902, 



V.D., M.p. (l.) Argyllshire from 1903 : 55 Eaton 
pi. S.W. ; Reform club ; Ardanaiseig,Kilchrenan. 
Argyllshire ; The Flesh, Cleator and Harecroft, 
Gosforth, Cumberland. 

Ainsworth, col. Richd. Hy., only s. of late J. 
H. Ainsworth, of Moss Bank, Bolton; b. 1839; 
m. 1866, Isabella M., 3 dau. of rev. J. J. Vaugban, 
rect. of Gotham, Notts; It.-col. (hon. col. 1885) 
Duke of Lancaster's own yeom. 1884-90; J. p. 
Lancashire, sheriff for Northants 1882 : Oxford 
and Cambridge club ; Smithills Hall, and Moss 
Bank, Bolton ; Win wick Warren, Rugby. 

Ainsworth., Thos., b.a. Cantab., eld. a. of John 
Stirling Ainsworth, of The Flosh.and Harecroft, 
Cumberland, and Ardanaiseig, Argyllshire, M.P., 
J.P. ; h. 1886 ; m. 1911, lady Edeua Dorothy, 4 
dau. of 4 marq. Conyngham, h. 1888 ; 2 It. West- 
morland and Cumberland veo. from 1909, J.P. 
(1910) Cumberland : The Flosh, Cleator, Cum- 

Ainsworth, mrs. — Margaret,2 dau. of late II y. 
McCouuel, of Cressbrook, Derbyshire ; m. 1874, 
David Ainsworth, of The Flosh, Cumberland, and 
Wray Castle, Westmorland, M.P., i) L., j.p. {d. 
1906) : 29 Prince's gdns. S.W. ; Wray Castle, 
Ambleside, Westmorland. 

Aird, sir John, 2 bart. (1901), eld. s. of 1 bart., 
M.P. {d. 1911); h. 1861 ; m. 1886, Alicia Ellen, dau. 
of Jas. Hall Renton, of Park la. W. ; J.P. (1913) 
CO. London, one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the 
City of London, maj. Eng. and Railw. staff 
corps from 1902, order of the Osmanieh and 
Grand Cordon of order of Medjidie {Heir, s. 
John R., b. 1898) : 22 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Kentwell 
Hall, Long Melford ; Brandon Park, Brandon, 

Airedale, lord (2 baron 1907, U.K.), sir Albert 
Ernest Kitson, 2 bart. (1886), B.A.Cantab., eld.s. 
of 1 baron, P.c. {d. 1911); b. 1863; m. 1890, 
Florence, eld. dan. of late Edwd. Scliuuck, of 
Gledhow Wood, Leeds ; j.p. (1903) N.R. Yorks 
(Heir, bro. hon. Jas. C. Kitson, q v.): 3 Cadogan 
sq. S.W. ; Reform and Bath clubs ; Cober Hill, 
Cloughton, Yorks ; Gledhow Hall, nr. Leeds. 

Airedale, (rt. hon. ) Mary Laura, ladv, only 
dau. of Edwd. Fisher Smith, of The Priory, Dud- 
ley {d. 1892), by Mary (d 1886), dau. of late Jas. 
Roberts, of Heath House, West Bromwich ; vi. 
1881, as his 2 wife, 1 baron Airedale, P.c. (d, 
1911) : Stoner House, Petersfield, Hants. 

AirUe, 9 earl of (1639, sco.), David Lrulph 
Gore Wolseley Ogilvy, eld. s. of 8 earl, It.-col. 12 
lancers {d. 1900), by eld. dau. of 5 earl of Arran ; 
b. 1893 ; 2nd tit. baron Ogilvy ; 2 It. 10 huss. 
from 1912 (ffeir, bro. hon. Bruce A. A. Ogilvy, 
q. v.)]: Cortachy Castle, Kirriemuir, N.B. 

Airlie, dow.-countess of, Henrietta Blanche, 
dau. of 1 baron Stanley of Alderley, b. 1830 ; 
m. 1851, 7 earl of Airlie, K.T. (d. 1881) : 6 York 
terr. Regent's Park, N,W. ; Airlie Castle, Kirrie- 
muir, Forfarshire, 

Airlie, countess of, lady Mabell F., eld. dau. 
of 5 earl of Arran; b. 1866 ; m. 1886, It.-coL 8 
earl of Airlie, 12 lancers (d. 1900) ; lady of the 
bedchamber to the princess of Wales (Queen 
Mary) 1901-10 and extra lady to Her Majesty 
from 1910 : Cortachy Castle, Kirriemuir, Forfar- 

Aitchison, gen. Charles Ternngton, o.b. 
(1875), 8. of late gen. Andrew Aitchison ; in S. 
Mahratta 1844-5, brig. -maj. in Persia 1856-7, in 
Indian mutiny 1857-8, commd. Bombay dist. 
1877-84 ; gen. Ind. army 1889, on U.S. list 1881 : 
14 Redcliffe gdns. S. Kensington, S W. 

Aitchison, Hy. Hyslop, M.B.Edin.,s. of dr. 
Jas. Aitchison ; 6. 1859 ; m. 1895, miss Jemima 
Leslie, Coxlodgo Hall ; c.C, J.P. (1907) North- 
umberland and Wallsend : Park villa, Wallsend, 

Aitchison, Wm. Kinghorn, J.P. (1905) Essex : 
Willnett Lodge, Goodmayes, Ilford. 

Aitchison, lady. — Beatrice L., dau. of Jas. 
Cox, of Clement Park, Forfarshire and Cardean, 
Perthshire; in. 1863, sir Chas. Umpherston Aitchi- 
son. K.C.S.I., CLE. {d. 1896) : St. Christopher's, 
Banburv rd. Oxford. 

Aitken, Chas., b. 1869 ; dir. Whitechapel Art 
Gallorv 1900-11, keeper of the National (Tate) 
Gallery of British Art from 1911: 28 Church 
row, Hampst(>a<l, N.W. ; National Gallery of 
British Art, Mill bank, S.W. 

Aitken, Geo. Athertou, M.v.o. 4 class (1911), 
only s. of Jolm Aitken, of Barkingside, Essex ; 
b. 1860 ; m. 1903, Emma, dau. of Johu Cawthorne; 
an asst. sec. in Home Office : 21 Churcli row, 
Hampstead, N.W. : Home Office, Whitehall, 
S.W. ; Athenaeum club. 

Aitken, Jas. Bennett, youngest s. of Peter 
Aitken, of Stranraer, Wigtown, N.B. ; b. 1846 ; 
771. 1880, Ada Jane, dau. of John Holinger, of 
Withingtou, Lancaster ; J.P. (1907) Lancashire : 
Hall Nook, Penketh, Warrington. 

Aitken, Samuel, j.p. (1907) Glo'stershire : 
Mullion, Cornwall. 

Aitken, col. Wm., c.b. (1896), R.A., s. of late 
Jas. Aitken, of Gartcows, Falkirk ; 6. 1846 ; 771. 

1894, Susan, dau, of Geo. A. Coventry ; served 
in Afghan war 1878-80, Mahsood W uzeeree expdn. 
1881, Burmese expdn. 1886-7, Chitral relief force 

1895, Malakand field force 1897, a.d.C. to Queen 
Victoria 1897-1900. to the King 1901-3, ret. p. 
1903: Army and Navy club; Kemback, Cupar, 

Aitken, sir Wm. Maxwell, s. of rev. Wm. 
Aitken, presbyterian min. of Newcastle, New 
Brunswick, Canada; b. 1879; m. 1906, Gladys, 
dau. of brig.-gen. Chas. Wm. Drury, c.B., of 
Halifax, Canada ; pres. Porto Rico Railways Co. 
and of Roy. Securities Corporation of Canada, 
v.p. Demerara Electric Co. and of Caraaguey 
Electric Co. &c. &c., M.P.(o.) Ashton-under-Lyne 
from 1910, knighted 1911 : Carlton and Roy^l 
Automobile clubs,, 



Akers, Edward, s. of t. M. Akers, of Peutre- 
bane, Glamorgan; b. 1849; J.p. (1914) Gla- 
morgan : Peutrebane, St. Fagans, Cardiff. 

AJkers-Doug'ias, hon. Aretas, eld. s. of vise. 
Chilston, P.O. ; b. 1876 ; m. 1903, Amy, dau. of J. 
Jennings Bramley. late r.h.a. ; attache at 
Cairo 1899, 3 sec. in H.M.'s diplomatic service 
1900-5, 2 sec. 1905-12, first sec. from 1912. 

Akers- Dougrlas. hon. Geo. Alex., 2 s. of 1 vise. 
Chilston, P.O. ; b. 1878 ; m. 1909, Doris, dau. of 
Stanley Christopherson, of Gosden, Surrey ; 
served in S. Afiican war 1900, formerlv It. Argyll 
and Siithd. highrs. : 25 Tite st. Chelsea, S.W. ; 
Jun. Carlton club. 

Akers-Douglas,hon. Ethel Margaret, 6.1879 ; 
hon. Cara Mary. b. 1892 ; daus. of 1 vise. Chilston. 

Akroyd, John Bathurst. J.P. (1902) Bucks: 
15 Montagu pi. W. ; Birdingbury Hall, Rugby. 

Alabaster, Robi. Geo., j.p. (1893) co. London : 
The Hawthorns. 64 Amherst park, N. 

Alabaster, lady. — Laura, dau. of dr. D. J. 
Macgowan, of New York ; m. 1875, sir Chaloner 
Alabaster, K.C.M.G., H.M.'s consul -gen. at Canton 
1891-3 {d. 1898) : DH Aram, Sea rd. Boseombe, 

Albany, h.r.h. 2 duke of (1881), Leopold 
Charles Edward George Albert, K.G., G.c.v.o., 
only s. of 1 duke {d, 1884) and grandson of h.m. 
Queen Victoria {d. 1901) ; b. 19 July. 1884 ; m. 11 
Oct. 1905, princess Victoria Adelheid of Schleswig- 
Holstein-Sonderburg-Gliieksburg ; 2 tit. earl of 
Clarence, succ. his uncle Alfred as reigning duke 
of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, etc., 30th July, 1900, 
col-in-chief of the Seaforth highlanders from 1905: 
Claremont, Esher, Surrey ; Friedenstein, Gotha 
and Ehrenburg, Coburg, Germany. 

Albany, h.r.h. duchess of, Helen, C.i., dau. 
of H.s.H. George Victor, late reigning prince 
of Waldeck and Pyrmont ; b. 17 Feb. 1861; m. 27 
April, 1882, h.r.h. Leopold, 1 duke of Albany, 
E.G. {d. 28 March, 1884) ; lady of justice of order 
of St. John of Jerusalem : Claremont, Esher. 

Albemarle, 8 earl of (1696, Eng.), Arnold Allan 
Cecil Keppel, k.c.v.o. (1909), c.b. (1900), v.d. 
(1904), eld, s. of 7 earl, P.O., k.o.m.g., a.d.c. 
(d. 1894), by 2 dau. of hon. sir Allan N. Macnab, 
1 and last bart. ; b. 1858 ; m. 1881, lady Gertrude 
Lucia, only child of 1 earl Egerton of Tatton ; 
2nd tit. vise. Bury and baron Ashf ord ; It. Dorset 
mil. 1876, It. scots gds. 1878, col. commd. P.W.O. 
12Middlx. R.V. (Civil Service) 1892-1901, It.-col. 
commdg. City of London Imperial vol. S. African 
war 1900, hon, It.-col. in army 1900, hon. col. 4 
battn. (mil.) Norfolk regt. 1900-8, and of 5 battn. 
Norfolk regt. from 1906, brig, -gen, of Norfolk 
vol. inf. brig. 1901-6, a.d.c. to King Edward VII. 
1903-10, D.L., J.P. Norfolk, M,P. (o.) Birkenhead 
1892-4 {Heir, s. vise. Bury, q.v.) : 39 Belgrave sq. 
S.W. ; Guards' club ; Quidenham Park, Attle- 
boro', Norfolk. 

Albemarle, dow.-countess of. Sophia M. 2 
dau, of sir Allan Napier Macnab, 1 bart. Canada 

(ext,), prim. min. Of Canada and A.D.C, to Queen 
Victoria; ?«, 1855, 7 earl of Albemarle, P,o., 
K.C.M.O., {d. 1894) : 53 Lowndes sq. S.W, 

Albrierht, Geo.Stacey, 2 s. of Arthur Albright, 
of Edgbaston, co. Warwick ; b. 1855 : m. 1888, 
I. M., dau. of Smith Harrison, of Woodford, 
Essex ; J.p. Worcestershire : New University 
club ; Bromesberrow Place, Ledbury, 

Albrig-ht, Joseph Pearson, j,p. (1914) Nor- 
folk : 2U St. Nicholas st. Diss. 

Albu, sir Geo., 1 bart. (1912), eld. s. of late 
Simon Albu. of Berlin ; b. 1857 ; m. 1888, Gertrude, 
dau. of Max Rosendorff, of Berhn ; chm. and 
managing dir. General Mining and Finance Cor- 
poration Ltd Johannesburg (Heir, s. Walter G., 
b. 1892) : 6 Grosvenor pi. S.W. ; Johannesburg, 
Transvaal, S. Africa. 

Alcock, It.-col. Alfred Wm.,C.l.E. (1903), M.B., 
LL.D., P.R.S., 2 8. of late John Alcock, of Lee, 
Kent; b. 1859; m. 1897, Margaret F,, 3 dau. of 
late J. R. Cornwall, of Aberdeen ; Indian Med. 
Service 1885, served with Punjab Frontier force 
1886-8, It.-col. 1905, ret. 1907, surg.-naturalist to 
marine survey of India 1888-92 and to Pamir 
boundary commn. 1895, supdt. of the Indian 
Museum 1893-1907: 9 Erith rd. Belvedere, |Kent, 

Alcock, Chas., M.A., Ph.D., 4 s. -of John 
Alcock, of Brailsford Brook, Derbyshire ; b. 
1834 ; m. 1858, Alice, elder dau. of Christopher 
Hall, of Derby ; headmaster of Lord Weymouth's 
Grammar Schl., Warminster, 1864-95, J.P, (1908) 
Wilts : Byne House, Warminster, 

Alcock, capt, Philip Clayton, eld. s. of capt. 
Philip Savage Alcock, late 95 regt. by Catherine 
Annette,co-heiress of late Richd. Clayton Browne 
Clavton and nephew of Harry Alcock, of Wilton 
Castle, CO. Wexford, D.L,, J,P, {d. 1893) ; b. 1861 ; 
late capt, Gloucestershire regt., D.L., J.P. co. 
Wexford (sheriff 1900) : Kildare Street (Dublin) 
club ; Wilton Castle, Enniscorthy, co. Wexford. 

Alcock, Walter, M.v.o, 5 class (1911), Mus,Doe. 
Durh., s. of late Walter Wm. Alcock ; 6, 1861 ; 
m. 1893, Naomi Blanche, dau. of late rev. Chas. 
Halford Lucas, rect, of Edith- Weston, Stamford ; 
asst, organist at Westminster Abbey 1896, 
organist and composer to Chapels Royal 1902, 
organist at coronations of King Edward VII. in 
1902 and King George V. in 1911 : 11 The Cres- 
cent, Surbiton, Surrey ; Devonshire club. 

Alcock, hon. mrs. Evelyn E., 3 dau. of 1 baron 
St. Levau ; b. 1866 ; m. 1895, Nelson Chapman 
Alcock ((Z. 1900) : Greenfield, Marazion, Cornwall. 

Aldam, vide Warde-Aldam. 

Alden, Fredk. Heward, 3 s. of Hy. Alden, of 
Oxford {d. 1872) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1869, Elizabeth S., 
dau. of Edgar Hewlett, of Oxford ; J.P. (1907) 
Oxfordshire : Wheatley, Oxon. 

Alden, Percy, m.a. Oxon., s. of I. Alden, of 
Oxford ; b. 1865 ; warden of the Mansfield House 
Settlement 1891-1901 and v.p. from 1901, editor of 
the "Echo" 1901-2, m.p. (l. & lab.) Middlesex 



(Tottenham divn.) from 190G, hon. sec. llrit. 
lust, of Social Service : The Outlook, Woodford 
Green, Essex ; National Liberal club. 

Aldenham, lord ('2 baron, 1896, U.K.) Alban 
Geo. Hy. Gibbs, m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., f.s.a., eld. 
s. of 1 baron {d. 1907) ; b. 184G ; m. 1«73, Bridget, 
6 dan. (d. 1896) of late rt. hon. A. J. B. Beres- 
ford-Hope, of Bedgebury Park, Kent, m.p., d.l., 
J. p. ; sen. partner of firm of Antony Gibbs and 
Sons, merchants ; one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for 
the City of London, m.p. (c.) City of London 1892- 
1906, pres. London Institution 1906-13 {Heir, s. 
hon. Gerald H. B., q. v.) : 37 Portland pi. W. ; 
Carlton, City Carlton and Travellers' clubs ; 
Clifton Hampden, Abingdon. 

Aldersey, Hugh, b.a. Cantab., eld. s, of Thos. 
Aldersey, of Aldersey Hall,Cheshire ((/. 1899) ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1888, Evelyn, dan. of late rev. canon 
Eras. Coulman Royds, rect. of Coddington ; J. P. 
Cheshire, lord of the manors of Aldersey and 
Handley : Aldersey Hall, Chester. 

Alderson, Edward Hall, b.a. Oxon., s. of late 
Eras. J. Alderson aud grands, of late sir E. Hall 
Aldersou, a bai'ou of the Exchequer; m. 1900, 
Mary Emily, 2 dau. . of H. Cosmo Bonsor, of 
Kings-wood Warren, Sxu-rey ; barr. Inner Temple 
1890, priv. sec. to lord chancellor (earl of HaJs- 
bury) aud sec. of commus. 1895-1901, reading clerk 
and clerk of outdoor committees, House of Lords 
from 1901: Travellers' club; The Bed Lodge, 
Tadworth, Surrey. 

Alderson, It. -gen. Edwin Alfred Hervey, 
c.B. (1900), 8. of col. Edwd. Mott Alderson, of 
Poyle Hoube, Ipswich ; b. 1869 ; m. 1886, Alice 
Mary, dau. of rev. 0. P. Sergeant ; served in 
Boer war 1881, Egyptian war 1882, Nile expdn. 
1884-5, N. Mashonaland 1896, brig-sjen. on staff 
S. Africa 1899-1901, A.D.c. to King Edward 
VII. 1900-6, insp.-gen. of mounted inf. S. 
Africa 1902-3. commdg. Canadian contingent, 
It.-gen. 1914 :' Naval and Military and Marl- 
borough clubs. 

Alderson, lady.— Florence,dau.of late sirE.H. 
Alderson, a baron of the Exchequer ; m. 1877, 
maj.-gen. sir Hy. Jas. Alderson, R.A., K.c.B. 
{d. 1909) : Chavey Lawn, Lockes Ride, Bracknell. 

Alderson-Sniith, Geo., s. of late John Smith, 
of Burley House,Leeds,andBelvedere,Harrogate ; 
b. 1834 ; m. 1, 1860, Helen, dau. of John Alder, 
of Hull ; 2, 1900, Eleanor M. E., eld. dau. of late 
maj. Wm. Cookson, 80 regt. ; is D.L., j.p. N. R. 
Yorks : Wheatcroft Cliff, Scarborough. 

Aldous, Hugh Graham, 3 s. of late Jas. 
Robt. Aldous ; b. 1859 ; m. 1898, Ca. May Inez, 
dau. of late col. R. H. Travers, of Timoleague, 
CO. Cork ; J.p. (1906) Suffolk : Union club. 

Aldrich, adml. Pelham, c.v.o. (1902), eld. s. of 
Pelham Aldrich, M.R.c.S. (d. 1894) ; b. 1844; in. 
1875,Edith C. dau.of Wotton Isaacson,of Hunting- 
don: served as 1st It. H.M.S. "Challenger" on ex- 
ploring expdn. 1872, and H.M.S. "Alert" Arctic 
expdn.1875-6, adml.supt.of Portsmouth dockyard 

1899-1902, adml. 1907, ret. list \\m : TTuitod 
Service club ; The Croft, Gt. Bealiugs, Suffolk. 

Aldrich- Blake, rev. Fredc. Hooper, m.a. 
Cantab., eld. s, of rev. Fredc. Jas. Aldrich- 
Blake, patron and rect. of Welsh Bicknor, 
Herefordshire {d. 1904) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1897, Emily 
Edith, dau. of rev. R. W. Vigors, rect. of 
Llauwenarth Citra, Mon. ; patron of Welsh 
Bicknor, Herefordshire, rect. from 1898, of Llau- 
wenarth Citra, Abergavenny, Mon. 

Aldridge, It.-coL Arthur Russell, c.s.i. (1911), 
M.H., CM. Ediu., 8. of late J. H. Aldridge, m.d., 
J. p., of Southampton ; b. 1864 ; served iu 
Tibet 1903-4, iustr. sch. of army sanitation 
1910-13,; It.-col. R.A.M.C. 1906, ret. p. 1914: 
Jun. United Service club. 

Aldridge, Chas. Hy., j.p. (1901) Leicester- 
shire : Sketchley Hall, Burbage, Hinckley. 

Aldridge, maj. John m. 1871, Frances Mary, 
dau. of col.H.D.Cardc!D,Knightstown,Portarling- 
fcon ; J.P. (1882) Berks : Naval and Military club ; 
Inholraes Lodge, Hungerford. 

Aldridge, Walter, b. 1870; m. 1904; j.p. 
(1909) CO. London, land tax commr. : 92 Talbot 
road, Highgate, N. ; 7 Islington green, N. 

Aldworth, lady Mary, dau. of 3 earl of Ban- 
don ; b. 1837 ; to. 1863, col. Richd. Wm. Aid- 
worth, of Newmarket, co. Cork, J.P. {d. 1899) : 
Carrig-'rhu, Queenstown. 

Alexander, vise, (title which would be borne 
by eld. s.. if any living, of earl of Caledon). 

Alexander, * It.-col. Boyd Eras., 3 s. of late 
Boyd Alexander, of Ballochmyle {d. 1861), by 
dau. of late sir B. Hobhouse, 1 bart. ; b. 1834 ; m. 
1866, Mary, dau.(rf. 1906) of late David Wilson, 
of Castleton, Surrey ; It.-col. late rifle brigade ; 
in Indian mutiny 1867-8, at Cawnpore and 
Lucknow : Carlton club ; Swifts Place, Cran- 
brook, Kent. 

Alexander, sir Claud, 2 bart. (1886), of Bal- 
lochmyle, only s. of 1 bart. {d. 1899) ; b. 1867 ; 
TO. 1, 1889, lady Diana, youngest dau. (div. 1894) 
of 14 earl of Eglinton; 2, 1896, Rachel B., 
youngest dau.of late rev.Henry Holden, D.D.,rect. 
of South Luffenliam, Rutland ; is J.P. co. Ayr 
(^Heir, s. Wilfred A., b. 1892) : Fay Gate Wood, 
Horsham, Sussex. 

Alexander, David Lindo, k.c, b.a. Cantab., 
2 s. of Joshua Alexander ; b. 1842 ; to. 1866, 
Hester, eld. dau. (d. 1913) of late S. J. Joseph ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1866, bencher 1895, Q.C. 1892, 
pres. of the Jewish board of deputies, J.P. (1910) 
CO. London : 11 York gate, Regent's Park, N.W. 
Alexander, rev. David Mitchell, M.A. Oxon. ; 
J.p. W. R. Yorks, vicar of St. John, Bilton, from 
1900 : Bilton Vicarage, Harrogate. 

Alexander, David Thos. ; h. 1840 ; m. Marie, 
dau. of Evan Jones Griffiths, of Llandilo, Car- 
marthenshire ; J.P. (1903) Glamorgan: Bryn- 
eithon, Dinas Powis, Glam. ; West Cottage 
Southerndown, Bridgend, Glam. 



Alexander, maj. Dudley Hy., c.m.g. (1904), 
P.R.G.s., 6 s. of Hy. Alexander, of Forkhill House, 
CO. Armagh ((1. 1877), by lady Louisa J., 2 dau. {d. 
1896) of 2 earl of Ranfurly ; h. 1863 ; priv, sec. 
to gov. of N. Zealand (earl of Ranfurly) 1897- 
190-1, maj. W. Yorks regt. 1902-4, ret. p. 1904, 
esq, of order of St. Jolm of Jerusalem : 6 St. 
James' pi. S.W. ; United Service club. 

Alexander, sir Geo., ll.d. (hon.) Bristol; 
b. 1858 ; m. Florence Tbeleur ; actor and mana- 
ger St. James's Theatre, J.P. (1909) co. Lon- 
don, knighted 1911 : 57 Pont st. S. W. ; Garrick, 
Beefsteak, Royal Automobile and Green Room 
clubs ; Little Court, Chorley wood, Herts. 

Alexander, It.-col. Gerald D'Arragon, late 
K.A., 4 s. of maj. -gen. sir James Edward Alex- 
ander, knt., C.B., of Westerton, Stirlingshire 
{d. 1885) ; 6. 1859 ; m. 1893, Beatrice, dau. of 
Connell Whipple, of Plymouth, Devonshire ; 
J.P. (1911) Devonshire : Townsend House, Wink- 
leigh, Devonshire. 

Alexander, Granville H. J., eld. s. ofH. Alex- 
ander, of Forkhill House,co.Armagh,D.L. {d. 1877), 
by lady Louisa J., 2 dau. ((/. 1896) of 2 earl of 
Ranfurly, b. 1852 ; m. 1880, Daisy, dau. of M. 
Mathews, of San Francisco, California ; D.L., 
J.P. CO. Armagh (sheriff 1883), late 83 foot, capt. 
3 battn. (mil.) R. Irish fus. 1879-85: Carlton 
and White's clubs; Forkhill House, Forkhill, 

Alexander, hon. Harold Rupert Leofric Geo., 
3 s. of 4 earl of Caledon ; 6. 1891 ; It. Irish 
gds. from 1912. 

Alexander, col. Harvey, d.s.o. (1900), 4 s. of 
capt. Caledon du Pre Alexander, 1 life gds., of 
Auberies, Essex, d.l, {d. 1884) ; h. 1859 ; m. 
1890, Mildred Maria, youngest dau. of Chas. 
Prideaux-Brune, of Prideaux Place, Cornwall ; 
served in S.African war 1899-1901, It. -col.lO huss. 
1900-2, brevet col. 1904, ret. 1906, J.P. (1907) 
Dorset : Naval and Military club ; The Grange, 
' Chetnole, Sherborne. 

Alexander, hon. Herbrand Chas., 2 s. of 4 earl 
of Caledon ; b. 1888 j heir pres. to earldom, It. 5 
lancers from 1910. 

Alexander, John, eld. a, of late John Alexander, 
M.P., of Milford, co. Carlo w ; b. 1850; m. 1896, 
Ethel, youngest dau. of Kennett Bay ley, c.e., of 
Sevenoaks, co. Dublin; late maj. King's Drag, 
gds., J.P. CO. Carlow (sheriff 1891) : Naval and 
Military, and Kildare St. (Dublin)clubs ; Milford, 
€arlow, Ireland. 

Alexander, John Jas., m.a. Cantab,, 2 s. of 
late Joseph Alexander, J.P., of Imlick, co. 
Donegal ; h. 1865 ; m. 1895, Alice, dau. of J. P. 
Uran, of Plymouth, Devon ; J.P. (1912) Devon : 
Perranwell, Plymouth rd. Tavistock. 

Alexander, Joseph Tucker Burton-, only child 
of rev. Wm. Burton- Alexander, min. of Free 
Ch. of Scotland (d 1891), by Mary (d. 1903), 

only child of late J. Tucker, of Pavenham 
Bury, Beds,' d.l., J.r. ; h. 1879 ; hon. attache to 
embass}^ at Washington 1900-2, patron of 
Pavenham, J.P. (1901) Beds. 

Alexander, sir Lionel Cecil Wm., 6 bart. 
(1809) of Dublin, only s. of 6 bart. [d. 1896) ; b. 
1885 ; m. 1908, Noorovz Weston, eld. dau. of 
sir Ernest Cable, knt. ; It. gren. gds. 1908-9, 
commdg. headquarters and No. 1 section of 2 
London Territl. divnl. Signal Co. from 1913, capt. 
23battn.Londonregt.from \2ll{Heir,s. Desmond 
W. L., h. 1910) : Guards' club. 

Alexander, Philip Pembroke, s. of late Robt. 
Hy. Alexander, of Brandfold, Kent ; b. 1864; m. 
1891, Katharine G. dau. of late Jas. Tinker, of 
Hordle Cliff, Hants: J.P. (1894) and c.C. (1907) 
Devon : Oxford and Cambridge club ; Laywell, 
Brixham, Devon. 

Alexander, Reginald G^rvase, m.a. Cantab. 
M,D,, F.L.8., s. of Wm. Alexander, M.D., f.r.c.p. 
Lond., J.P. {d. 1888) ; m. 1879, Alicia Mary, only 
survg. dau, of late John Greenwood, of Castle 
Hall, nr. Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire ; is J.P. W.R. 
Yorkshire, author of "Treatment of Consump- 
tion," " The Art of Prolonging Life," and many 
other contributions ; declared by House of Lords, 
July 23rd, 1912, co-heir of the ancient baronies 
of Burgh (1529) and Cobham of Kent (1313), 
and also to Strabolgi jjeerage, May 7th, 1914 : 
Linnean Society, Burlington House, Piccadilly, 
W. ; Blackwall Lodge, Halifax, Yorkshire. 

Alexander, maj .-gen. Robt., r.a. (Madras), 
Zulu war, 1879, at Ulundi ; Afghan war, 1880 ; 
maj. -gen. 1897, ret. on pen. 1897 : 27 Trebovir 
rd. S.W. ; Naval and Military club. 

Alexander, rev. canon Sidney Arthur, m.a. 
Oxon.; b. 1866; m. 1891; lectr. of Keble Coll. 
Oxford 1890-2, tutor 1892-3, reader of the Temple 
1893-1902, select preach, to univ. of Oxford 
1901-3, univ. of Cambridge 1904 and 1909, canon 
res. of Gloucester 1902-9, canon and treas. of St. 
Paul's Cath. Lond. from 1909 : 2 Amen court, 

Alexander, col. hon. Walter Philip, a. of 3 
earl of Caledon ; b. 1849 ; m. 1882, Margaret 
Katherine, young, dau. of late rev. the hon. Fras. 
S. Grimston ; commd. 1 cav. brig. Boer war 1899, 
at crossing of Reit and Modder rivers, It.-col. 
(brevet col. 1900), 2 drags. 1896-1900, ret. p. 1904, 
adj. R. E, Kent yeom, 1884-9, J.P. (1903) Wilts : 
Carlton and Cavalry clubs ; Church Farm House, 
Sutton Veny, Warminster. 

Alexander, Wm., j.p. (1908) Northumber- 
land : Plover Hill House, Hexham. 

Alexander, Wm. Arthur, b.a. Oxon., only s, 
of late Wm. Alexander, of Grove Hall, Twyford, 
Berks ; b. 1876 ; m. 1900, Elizabeth Katherine, 3 
dau. of capt. Thos. Alexander, of Eastbum, 
Ayrshire; ban-. Inner Temple 1902, j.p. (1906) 
Dorset, capt, Dorset yeo. from 1913 : Isthmian 
club ; Downe Hall, Bridport. 



Alexandet, Wm. dleverly, 2 s. of Geo. Win. 
Alexander, of Woodhatch House, Surrey ; b. 1840 j 
m. 1861, Rachel A., dau. of Jeffery Lucas, of 
Hitchin, Herts. ; J.P. (1898) Sussex : Aubrey 
House, Campden Hill, Kens.W. ; Burlington Fine 
Arts club; Heath field Park, Heathfield, Sussex. 

Alexander, Wm. Geo., s.of Joseph Alexander, 
of Hungerford ; 6.1862; in. 1885, Elizabeth J., 
dau. of Thos. Brirtain,Loudon ; j.p. (1906) Berks : 
Diddenh^m Manor Farm, Reading. 

Alexander, Wm. Harrison, j.p. (1912) 
Cheshire : Lancelyn, Spital, Bromborough, 

Alexander, hon. Wm. S. P., 4 a. of 4 earl of 
Caledon ; h. 1895. 

Alexander, hon. mrs. Charles, Catherine, 
dau. of Chas. Stayner, of Halifax, Nova Scotia ; 
TO. 1880, It.-col hon. Chas. Alexander (J. 1909) : 
Caledon, co. Tyrone. 

Alexander, Edith, lady. — vide rev. Fredk. 
Wm. Thurlow, m.a. 

Alexander, dow. lady. — Eliza, dau. of late 
Alex. Speirs, of Elderslie, M.P., lord-lieut. of 
Renfrewshire ; m. 1803, maj.-gen. sir Claud 
Alexander, 1 bart., of Ballochmyle, M.P., d.l,. 
J.P. {d. 1899) : 24 Old Queen at. 6.W. ; Nedging 
Grange, Bildeston, Suffolk. 

Alexander, lady Emily, eld. dau. of 9 earl 
of Cork and Orrery ; ft. 1854 ; to. 1885, Jas. 
DalisoD Alexander, of Oakbank, Kent {d. 1914): 
70 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Oakbank, Sevenoaks, 

Alexander, hon. mre. llmily C, 4 dau. of 1 
baron Cottesloe ; b. 1838 ; to. 1882, rev. Chas. 
Leslie Alexander, rect. of Stanton, co. Derby 
(d 1888). 

Alexander, lady.— Mary Kathleen, dau, of 
rev. J. Dreaper, Northampton ; vi. 1877, as his 2 
wife, sir John Wallis Alexander, 4 bart. {d. 1888). 

Alexander-Sinclair, capt. Edwyn Sinclair, 
R.N., M.v.o. (4 class) 1908, only survg. s. of 
late capt. J. H. I. Alexander, r.n., c.b., of 
South Barr, Renfrewshire ; b. 1865; to. 1892, 
Julia M., youngest dau. of late col. C. V. 
Hamilton-Campbell, of Netherplace, Ayrshire : 
assumed by royal licence addtl. name of 
Sinclair 1894 ; D.L., J.P. Caithness-shire, capt. 
R.N. from 1905 : Naval and Military and Boodle's 
clubs ; Dunbeath Castle, Caithness, N.B. 

Alford, vise, (title which would be borne by 
eld. s., if any living, of earl Brownlow). 

Alford, maj . Henrv, s. of late Lewis Alford ; 
I. 1876 ; served with 'Nile expdy. force 1896, S. 
African war 1899-1901, capt. R. Scots Fus. 1901-2, 
maj. 3 battn. (special reserve) Cameron Highrs. 
from 1912, memb. R. Compy. of Archers (h.m.'s 
bodygd. for .Scotland) : Travellers', Naval and 
Military and Ranelagh clubs ; Dalcross Castle, 
Gollanfield, Inverness-shire. 

Alford, Robt., m.a. Oxon., 2 s. of rev. Walter 
Alford. vicar of Drayton, Somerset ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1890, Henrietta, dau. of rev. Chas. L. Grueber, 

vicar of Hambrid^e, Sotoet^et ; J.P. (1906) and 
c.c. (1910) Somerset : National Liberal club ; 
Heale House, Curry Rivel, Taunton. 

Alford, lady. — Helen, vide Edward Russell 

Algroma, 8 bp. of (1873). rt. rev. Geo. Thorne- 
loe M.A.. D.C.L., D.D., s. of rev. Jas. Thorneloe, 
of Coventry, co. Warwick; b. 1848; m. 1874, 
Marv Fuller, Lennoxville ; canon of Quebec Cath. 
1888-97, bp. of Algoma from 1897 : Bishop- 
hurst, Saulte Ste. Marie, Ont., Canada. 

Alin^on, lord (2 baron 1876, U.K.). Hum- 
phrey Napier Sturt, K.c.v.o. (1909), eld. s. of 1 
baron {d. I'.t04); b. 1859; w. 1883, lady Feodor- 
owna, eld dau. of 5 earl of Hardwicke, b. 1864; 
D.L., J.P. Dorset, and c.c, It. Dorset yeom. 1881- 
9, M.P. (c.) E. Dorset 1891-1904 {Heir, s. hon. 
Gerard P. M. N. Sturt, q.v.) : 38 Portman sq. 
W. ; Carlton club ; Crichel, Wimborne. 

Alin^ton, adral. Arthur Hildebrand, 3 s. of 
Geo. Marmaduke Alington, of Swinbope, Lines., 
D.L., J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 1839 ; to. 1870, Charlotte 
M., dau. {d. 1913) of rev. Chas. Moore, of Gar- 
lenick, Cornwall ; served in Baltic and Black 
seas during Russian war 1854-5, It. commdr. of 
'• Britomart " on Lake Erie during Fenian riots 
1866-8, commdr. of "Boxer" on W. coast of 
Africa 1877, Niger expdn., 2 in command Chan- 
nel squadron 1896-6, adml. 1904, ret. list 1899, 
J.P. (1900) Parts of Liudsey, Lines : United 
Service club ; Swinhope House, nr. North 
Thoresby, Lines. 

Alington, Chas. Edmund Argentine, eld. s. of 
Julius Alington, of Little Barford, Beds, j.p. (rf. 
1905) ; b. 1872 ; lord of the manors of Little Bar- 
ford, Letchworth and Stotfold, J.P. (1906) Hunts 
and (1907) Beds.: Orleans club j Little Barford 
House, nr. St. Neot's. 

Alingrton, rev. Cyril Argentine, M.A. Oxon., s. 
of rev. Hy. GiJes Alington, m.a., rect. of Candles- 
by, Lines ; b. 1872 ; vi. 1904, hon. Hester Mar- 
garet, youngest dau. of 4 baron Lyttelton, b. 
1874 ; fell, of All Souls' coll. Ox. 1896-1903, select 
preach, at Oxford univ. 1909-10, asst. master 
at Eton coll. 1899-1908, headmaster of Shrews- 
bury school from 1908 : School House, Shrews- 
bury ; The Cliantry, Ross-upon-Wye. 

Alingrton (rt. hon.) Evelyn H. lady. — dau. of 
late H. Blundell Leigh ; m. 1892, as his 2 wife, 1 
baron Alington (rf. 1904) : 41 Portland pi. W. 

Alison, sir Archibald, 3 bart. (1852), eld. s. of 
gen. sir Archibald Alison, 2 bart. G.C.B. (d. 
1907) ; b. 1862; m. 1888, Georgina, youngest 
dau. of late J. Bond-Cabbell, of Cromer Hall, 
Norfolk; capt. 5 battn. (mil.) Rifle brig. 1885-96, 
col. sec. and registrar-gen. of the Bermudas 
1888-1901 (Heir, s. It. Archibald, R.N., b. 1888) : 
Possil House, Copse Hill, Wimbledon, S.W^ ; 
Boodle's club. 

Alison, Henry, B.A.Cantab., s. of late R. E. 
Alison, J. p., D.L.' ; b. 1828 ; barr. Inner Temple 
1853, treas. of county palatine of Lancaster from 



1860 : Park Hall, Charaock Richard, Chorley, 
Lanes ; County o<fice3, Fishergate, Preston. 

Allan, vide Havelock- Allan. 

Allan, Alex., s. of Bryce Allan, of Aros. co. 
Argyll {d. 1874) ; b. 1844; m. 1866, Julia E., dau. 
of lace A. M'Ewen, of Sunderland, Island of Islay ; 
D.L.,J.P. CO. Argyll ; Jun. Carlton and New (Edin- 
burgh) clubs ; Aro3 House, nr. Tobermory, I. of 
Mull, N.B. 

Allan, sir Hugh Montagu, c.v.o. (1907), 2 s. 
of late sir Hugh Allan, of Ravenscrag, Mont- 
real ; b 1860; m. 1893, Marguerite Ethel, dau. 
of late Hector Mackenzie, of Montreal ; pres. 
Merchant's Bank of Canada and dir. of many 
Cos. ; in 1878 changed christian names from Hugh 
Andrew to Hugh Montagu, order of Rising Sun 
of Japan, 3 class, 1907, knighted 1904 : Jun. 
Carlton and St.James's and Mount Royal (Mont- 
real) clubs ; Ravenscrag, Montreal ; Montrose, 
Cacouna, Quebec ; Allancroft, Beaconsfield, 
Quebec, Canada. 

Allan, maj.-gen. "William, s. of Alex. Allan, of 
Hillside, Edinburgh ; b. 1832 ; m. 1, 1870, Anne 
Campbell Penney, dau. {d. 1876) of lord Kinloch, 
lord of session, Scotland ; 2, Jane Husey, dau 
of rev. Jas. Senior, afterwards Husey-Hunt, of 
Compton Castle, Somerset, rect. of Compton- 
Pauncefote - cum - Blackford ; served in Crimea 
1854-6, in 41 Welsh regt, at battles of Alma and 
Inkerman, assault on the Redan, siege and fall of 
Sebastopol, knt. Legion of Honour ; brig.-gen. 
commdg. troops in Cyprus 1890-4, ret. pay 1894, 
col. Welsh regt. from 1904 : Army and Navy 
and New (Edinburgh) clubs ; Hillside, Bid- 
borough, Kent. 

Allan, lady. — Jane, dau. of Walter Beattie, of 
Lockerbie, N.B. ; m. 1870, sir Wm. Allan, knt., 
D.L., J.P., M.P. (L.) Gateshead 1893-1903 (d. 
1903) : Scotland House, Sunderland. 

AUan-Woddrop, mrs. Harriette S., dau. of 
late rev. Jas. I. Beresford, of Macbie Hill, co. 
Peebles; m. 1856, col. Wm. Allan-Woddrop, 
of Garvald, Peeblesshire, D.L., J. P. {d. 1911): 
Garvald, Dolphiuton, N.B. 

Allanby, Hy. Chas. Hynman, eld. s. of H. H. 
Allenby, of Ken wick Hail, co. Lincoln, j.p. {d. 
1869) ; b. 1853 ; 7n. 1879, Mary Florence, dau. of 
Thos. Garfit, late M.p.; m.a. Oxon, capt. 3 
battn. (mil.) Lincolnshire regt. 1879-85, capt. 
(hon. maj. 1889) 3 battn. (mil.) Seaforth High- 
landers 1885-94, J.p. Parts of Lindsey, Lines, 
assumed the original spelling of surname : 
Boodle's club ; Monks Tower, Lincoln. 

Allanson-Winn, hon. Chas. Rowland, 2 s. of 
5 baron Headley ; b. 1902. 

Allanson-Winn, hon. John Valentine, 4 s. 
of 5 baron Headley ; b. 1904. 

Allanson-Winn, hon. Owain Gwynedd, 5 s. 
of 5 baron Headley ; b. 1906. 

Allanson-Winn, hon. Rowland Patrick John 
Geo., eld. s. of 5 barou Headlev ; b. 1901. 

Allanson-Winn, hon. Helen Margaretta ; 
hon. Margaretta Anne, sisters of 6 barou 
Headley : 217 Cromwell mans.Cromwell rd.S.W. 

Allard, Wm., j.p. (1913) Surrey : 6 Crescent 
rd. Kingston-on-Thames. 

Allardyce, Wm. Lamond, c.m.g. (1902), s. of 
col. Jas. Allardvce, ll.d., of Culquoich, co. 
Aberdeen {d. 1910) ; b. 1861 ; m. 1895, Constance 
A., 2 dau. of M. R. Greene, J.P., of Grey stones, 
Rowsley, Victoria : asst. col. sec. and receiver- 
gen. Fiji 1898-1902, col. sec. and receiver-gen. 
1902-4, administ. gov. 1901-1902, gov. of the 
Falkland Islands from 1904 : Government House, 
Stanley, Falkland Islands. 

Allason, vide Bannatine-Allason. 

Allaway, Wm. Rhys Powel. only s. of W. A. 
H. Kinnaird Allaway, of Craig-y-nos Castle, 
Breconshire, J.P. ; b. 1860; m. 1890, Gwladis 
Mary, dau. of H. Bullock Webster, of Elton 
Hall, Salop; j.p. (1907) Merioneth: Artro 
House, Llanbedr, Merioneth. 

AUbutt, sir (Thos.) Clifford, K.C.B. (1907), 

M.D., LL.D., D.SC, M.A., F.R.S., F.S.A. «S;C., 8. of 

rev. Thos. Allbutt, rect. of Debach, Suffolk ; b. 
1836 ; VI. 1869, Susan, dau. of Thos. England, of 
Headingley; D.L., J.p. W. R. Yorks, j.p. Cam- 
bridgeshire, a commr. in lunacy 1889-92, regius 
prof, physic at Univ. of Cambridge from 1892, 
It.-col. R.A.M.C. (1 Eastern Gen. Hosp.)from 1908 : 
Athenaeum club ; St. Radegund's, Cambridge. 

AUchin, Fredk. Albert, 6 s. of dr. W. H. 
Allchin, of Bayswater, W. ; b. 1855 ; m. 1879, 
Emily, 2 dau. of Jas. Cooper, of Sidcup, Kent; 
J.P. (1910) Cornwall : Tredudwell, Lanteglos- 
by-Fowey, Cornwall. 

Allchin, lady. — Margaret, eld. dau. of Alex. 
Holland, of New York, U.S.A. ; m. 1880,sir Wm. 
Hv. Allchin, knt., M.D., f.r.C.p., M.R.C.8., phys. 
extrady. to the King 1910-12 (d. 1912) : 5 Clian- 
dos St. Cavendish sq. W. ; Nut Tree Hall, Plax- 
tol, Kent. 

AUcroft, mrs. — Margaret J., only dau. of late 
gen. sir W. Russell, 2 bart., c.B. ; m. 1900, Her- 
bert John Allcroft, of Stokesay Court, Salop, 
J.p. {d. 1911) : Stokesay Court, Onibury, Salop.- 

Allebone, Abraham, j.p. (1909) Northants : 
The Limes, Easton Maudit, nr. Wellingborough. 

Allen, vide Ackland-Allen. 

Allen, brig.-gen. Alfred Jas. Whitacre, c.B. 
(1908), s. of late maj. John Whitacre Allen, of 
Parkfield Lawn, Cheltenham ; b. 1857 ; m. 1889, 
Mary Emily, dau. (d. 1913) of late It.-gen. sir 
John Hudson, K.C.B. ; served in Zulu war 1879, 
Soudan expdn. 1884-5, N.W. Frontier of India 
1897-8, Tirah expdn., brevet col. 1904, brig.- 
gen. commdg. troops in Ceylon 1909-13, ret. p. 
1913 with rank of brig.-gen. : Bearsted, nr. 

Allen, Arthur Acland, s. of Peter Allen, of 
Prestwich, Manchester ; ft. 1868; m. dau. of J. 
Douglas Walker. K.c. ; L.c.C. from 1899, and dep.- 
chm. 1908-9; M.P. (l.) Christchurch 1906-10, 




Dumbartoushire from 1910 : 13 Queen's Gate 
gdns. S,W. ; Reform, National Liberal and 
Royal Automobile clubs ; Tullybelton House, 
Bankfoot, Perthshire. 

Allen, fleet paymaster Bertram Cowles,M.v.o. 
4 class (1912), R.x. 

Allen, sir Chas., v.w. ; chm. sir Hy. Bessemer 
<fe Co. Ltd., v.p. Sheffield and Hallamshire Bank 
and dir. The Ebb w- Vale Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., 
Mon., J.r. (1898) Derbyshire, col. commdg. 3 W 
Riding brig. R.F.A. 1897-1909, knighted 1908: 
Jun. Carlton club ; Ecclesall, Sheffield. 

Allen, Chas. Fras. Egerton, b.a. Cantab, eld. 
survg. 8, of late Chas. Allen, of Tenby, Pembroke- 
shire, J. P., late memb. legisl. council of gov.-gen. 
of India; h. 1847; ?n. 1891, Georgina, eld. survg. 
dau. of late Wm. Wilcox, of Whitburn, nr. 
Sunderland ; barr. Inner Temple 1871, rec. of 
Rangoon 1883-84, J.P. Haverfordwest and '1907) 
Pembrokeshire (and c. A), M.P. (L.) Pembroke and 
Haverfordwest di8t.l892-5: Norton House, Tenby. 

Allen, rt. hon. Chas. Peter, P.c. (1912), s. of 
Peter Allen ; b. 18(U ; barr. Inner Temple 1888, 
a charity commr. Eug. and Wales from 1910; 
D.L. CO. Glo'ster, m.p. (l.) Mid Glo'stcrshire 
from 1900: 37 Grosvenor pi. S.W. ; Keform and 
National Liberal clubs ; Farmhill Park, Stroud, 

Allen, Clement Fras. Romilly, F.R.G.s. ; 4 b. of 
Launcelot Baugh Allen, of Cilrhiw, Pembroke- 
shire; b. 1844; jn. 1877. Edith L., dau. of rev. 
Robt. Wedgwood, of Dumbleton, Glos.; formerly 
consul at Foochow, China, J.P. (1900) Derby- 
shire : Royal Societies' club ; Southfield, Wood- 
chester, Stroud, Glos. 

Allen, Edwd. Launcelot Baugh, J.P. (1911) 
Pembrokeshire : Hill,LampetorVelf rey,Narberth, 

Allen, Fras., M.a. Oxon., eld. a. of late Fras. 
Sealy Allen, of Elfordleigh, Devon ; b. 1865 ; barr. 
Middle Temple 1894, J.P. (1909) Sussex : Union 
and Oxford and Cambridge clubs ; Bonwyck's 
Place Farm, Crawley, Sussex. 

AUen, Fras., 4 s. of Stafford Allen, of Park- 
field, Upper Clapton {d. 1889); b. 1862; m. 1, 
1879, Charlotte J., dau. of late Spencer N. 
Dickson, of Abbotts Redding, Westmorland ; 
2, 1913, Dorothy, 2 dau. of rev. Walter Combe, 
M.A. rect. of Oxborough, Norfolk ; lord of the 
manor and patron of Cockley Cley : Cockley 
Cley Hall, Swaffham, Norfolk. 

Allen, Geo. Edmund, s. of John Allen,of Cole- 
ridge House, Devon, D.L., J.P. {d. 1883) ; b. 1841 ; 
m. 1, 1872, Catherine R., 3 dau. of rev.W. Cooper 
Johnson, rect. of Diptford, Devon ; 2, 1894, Agnes 
C, 2 dau. of capt. R. J. Knox, late Carabineers, 
of Cahirleske, co. Kilkenny ; late capt. S. Devon 
mil. : Wickeridge, Woodland, Aehburton, Devon. 

Allen, Geo. Stafford, 2 b. of Edwd. Raneome 
Allen, of Stoke Newington, N. ; b. 1871 ; m. 
1900, Ida, dau. of Walter Robson, j.p. of 

Saffron Walden, Essex; J.P. (r.U.ij yiiffolk : 
Hill House, Long Melford, Suffolk. 

Allen, Geo. Thos.,c.M.G. ( 1913), i.s.o. (1904), 
s. of late Thos. Watts Allen ; b. 1862 ; sec. to 
Treasury Commonwealth of Australia from 
1901 and commr. of pensions from 1909 : Harrold, 
Selborne rd. Kew, Melbourne, Australia. 

Allen, sir Harry Brookes, M.D..B.s.Melbourue 
Univ. ; h, 1854 ; m. 1891, Ada, el-l. dau. of late 
Henry Mason, H.M.'s Customs, Liverpool ; prof, 
of ])athology from 190(5, an<l dean of faculty of 
Med. Univ. of Melbourne, knighted 1911: The 
University, Grattan st. Carlton, Melbourne, 
Victoria, Aust. 

Allen, Henry, 3 b. of Jas. Allen, of Somer- 
setshire; h. 1H72 ; m. 1895, hon. Fanny Sophia, 
2 dau. of late adml. 1 baron Hood of Avalon, 
G.C.B., b. 1860 : Ihoadway Lodge, Glastonbury. 

Allen, Henry Seymour, eld. survg. s. of S. P. 
Allen, of Cresselly House, d.l., j.p. {d. 1861), by 
dau. of 4 earl of Portsmouth; 6. 1847 ; late 1st 
life gda., D.L., J.P. Pembrokeshire (sheriff 1873) : 
Cresselly House, Jeffre.ston, Pembroke. 

Allen, Hugh Evelvn,2 s. of col. Fras. Sej^raour 
Allen; b. 1880; J.P. (1911) Pembrokeshire: 
Army and Navy club ; Cresselly, Begelly,S. Wales. 

Allen, John, J.P. (1914) Denbighshire; Bee- 
croft Gwersylt, Wrexham. 

Allen, John, s. of late John Allen, of Ivy- 
Ijridge, Devon ; h. 1835 ; j.p. (1903) Devon : 2 
Windsor ter. Plymouth. 

Allen, John, eld. s. of Wm. Allen, of Evenley 
Hall, Northants, J.P. {d. 1906) ; b. 1869 ; m. 1893, 
Mabel, 4 dau. of Beville Ramsay, of Croughton 
House, Northants, j.p. ; is J.P. (1896) Northants : 
White's club ; Brackley House, Brackley, 

Allen. John Edward, J.P. (1897) Middlx. : 
Denne Hill, nr. Canterbury. 

Allen, John Edwd. Taylor, M.A.Oxon., 3 s. of 
Peter Allen, of Manchester; h. 1864; m. 1891, 
Mabel, dau. of Fras. Sanders, of The Terrace, 
Oaken, Staffs; J.P. (1912) Cheshire: United 
University club; Holt Houge, Mobberley, 

Allen, John Richd., 2 s. of late Jas. Allen, 
of Shepton Mallet; b. 1855; J.P. Somerset: 
Highfield, Shepton Mallet. 

Allen, col. Newton Seymour, 5 s. of Seymour 
Allen, of C^'resselly, Pembi-okeshire, D.L., J.P. 
(rf. 1861), by dau. of 4 earl of Portsmouth; 
b. 1857 ; m. 1912, Gladys, eld.dau.of col. R. Mire- 
house, of The Hall, Angle, Pembrokeshire ; 
served with Egyptian expdn.l882,Soudan expdn. 
1884-5, col. (ret) commded. S. Staff, regt., J.P. 
(1914) Pembrokeshire: 7 Harley gdns. S.W. ; 
"Travellers' and Naval and MiUtary clubs j 
Parkeston, Pembroke. 

Allen, Richd., 2 s. of late Robt. Allen, of Birk- 
enhead. Cheshire; b. 1869; m. 1893, Hannah, 
dau. of late Geo. Davies,of Bebington, Cheshire ; 



J. p. (1912) Flints : Mountain View, Hope, 
nr. Wrexham. 

Allen, Kichd., 3 s, of late Geo. Allen, of Nor- 
wich ; h. 1850: m. 1881, Edith, dan. of H. W. 
Allen,of Saddlebow, Norfolk; J.P. (1909) Nor- 
folk : Chestnuts, Wiggenhall St. Germans, 
King's Lynn. 

Allen, Eichd. Wm., eld. s. of W. H. Allen, 
D.L., of Bromham, Bedfordshire and Dean's 
Yard, Westminster Abbey ; h. 1867 ; m. 1890, 
dau. of late W. J. Fedden, of Clifton, Glouces- 
tershire ; J.P and c.C. Bedfordshii-e : Blunham 
Grange, Sandy, Beds. 

Allen, Russell, eld. s. of Peter Allen, of Man- 
chester ; h. 1860 ; m. 1886, Blanche, eld. dau. of 
Joseph Moseley, J.P. of Manchester ; J.P. (1910) 
Cheshire, D.L. Anglesey (sheriff 1902) : 10 Victoria 
terr. Beaumaris ; Davenham Hall,nr.Northwich. 

Allen, Walker, j.p. (1898) Lancashire: 
Woodside, Stand, Whitefield, ur. Manchester. 

Allen, Walter Stott, only s. of late John Allen, 
formerly gov. of the County House of Correction. 
Leicester ; h. 1842 ; m. 1879, Mary, dau. of John 
Grundy, of Packington, Leicestershire ; J.P. 
(1904) Warwickshire : Rose Hill, Atherstone. 

AUen (his honor judge), Wilfred Baugh, 2 s. 
of Geo. Baugh Allen, of Cilrhiw, Pembroke- 
shire, D.L., J.P. {d. 1898) ; h. 1849 ; m. 1883, 
Anne S., 4 dau. of rev. Robt. Wedgwood, of 
Dumbleton, Glos. ; barr. Liner Temple 1882, 
judge of county courts (circuit No. 18) from 
1903, J.P. (1901) Pembrokeshire, Notts, Yorks 
and Mansfield : Bramcote, Nottingham ; Cilrhiw, 

Allen, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. Shepherd Allen, 
of Woodhead Hall, Staffs, D.L., J.P. ; 6. 1870 ; 
m. 1893, Jeannette, dau. of John Hall ; is J.P. 
Staffs,M.p. (L.) Newcastle-under-Lyme 1892-1900, 
capt. S. Australian M.L 1901 : 16 Upper George 
St. W. ; 1 King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.G. : 
Lloyds Bank chambers, Hanley ; Sports club ; 
Woodhead Hall, nr. Cheadle, Staffs. 

Allen, Wm. Bird, b.a. Cantab, eld. survg. s. 
of Joshua Bird Allen, j.p. (d 1880) ; h. 1851 ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1876, J.P. Pembrokeshire : 
Oxford and Cambridge club. 

Allen, Wm. Hy.. m.r.i., m.i.c.e., f.r.g.S., f.s.s.. 
P.I. inst., 8. of Wm'. Geo. Allen, of Cardiff, Glam. ; 
h. 1844 ; m. 1, Annie Mary Pemberton, dau. of 
Eichd. Thos. Howell, of Bryn-y-caerau Castle, 
Llanelly, Carmarthenshire ; 2, 1887, Madeline 
Agnew, dau. of W. J. Fedden, of Rockleaze Point, 
Stoke Bishop, Glos. ; is D.L., j.p. (1897) Beds 
(sheriff 1904): 1 Dean's yard, Westminster, S.W. ; 
Jun. Carlton, Hurliugham, Royal Automobile, 
and Town and County (Bedford) clubs; Brom- 
ham House, Bromham, Beds. 

Allen, Wm. Hy., m.a. Cantab, 2 s. of Wm. 
AUen, of Evenley Hall, Northants, j.p. {d. 1905) ; 
h. 1870 ; m. 1910, Florence Louisa, dau. of late 
Albert F. Style, of Boxley House, Maidstone, 
and widow of Charles J. Stratton j barr. Inner 

Temple 1899, It. R. Bucks yeom. 1889-97, capt. 
Edinburgh artill. mil. 1897-1905 ; J.P. (1905) 
Northants : White's club ; Evenley Hall,Brackley. 

Allen, Wm. Shepherd, s. of Wm. Allen, Wood- 
head Hall, Cheadle {d. 1871) ; h. 1831; m. 1869, 
Elizabeth P., only chUd, dau. of late J. Candlish, 
M.P. ; M.A. Oxon, D.L., J.p. Staffordshire, M.P. 
(l.) Newcastle-under-Lyme 186 5-8 6: Reform club; 
Woodhead Hall, nr. Cheadle, Staffs ; Annandale, 
Piako, N. Zealand. 

Allen, ven. Willoughby Chas., M.A. Oxon., 
s. of rev. Chas. Fletcher Allen ; b. 1867 ; m. 
1908, Catherine E., dau. of W. F. Green, of 
Wroxham, Norfolk ; chaplain and fell, of Exeter 
Coll. Ox. 1894-1908, lectr. Theology and Hebrew 
1895-1908, siib-rect. 1898-1904, princ. of Egerton 
Hall, Mauchester (Theology Coll.) from 1908, 
archdn. of Manchester from 1909 : Egerton Hall, 
Victoria Park, Manchester. 

Allen, hon. mrs. Fanny Sophia, vide Henry 

Allen, mrs. — Florence A.,. 3 dau. of late 
J. C. Warren; m. 1861, rev. Wm. Arthur Allen, 
of Stocklinch Manor, Somerset {d. 1881) ; patron 
of 2 livings and lady of the manor of Stocklinch 
Ottersey : Stocklinch Manor, Ilminster. 

Allen, mrs. — Frances M., dau. of late rev. W. 
Hulme, M.A., J.P., rect. of Brampton Abbotts, 
Herefordshire ; m. 1872, Evans Mynde Allen, 
late capt. 1 battn. R. Scots Fus., of Upton 
Bishop Manor House, Herefordshire, D.L., j.p. 
{d. 1912) : Ma«ior House, Upton Bishop, Ross, 

Allen, lady. — Margaret Watson, dau. of late 
Robt. Watson Mactaggart ; m. 1893, sir Chas. 
Geo. Hillersden Allen, knt., Ind. C.S. 1885-1910 
{d. 1910) : 2 Falkland House, Marloes rd. Ken- 
sington, W. 

Allen, lady. — Maud, dau. of late rev. J. Fisher 
Turner, rect. of Winkleigh, Devon j m. 1876, 
sir Geo. Wm. Allen, K.o.l.B. (</. 1900): 6 
Upper Belgrave st. S.W.. 

Allen- Hoblyn, capt. Cliarles Wm. Poyuder, 
eld. s. of late rev. Chas. Allen.vicar of Bushley, 
Worcs; h. 1851; w.1894, Zoe E., dau. of W. 
Paget Hoblyn, of 'f he Fti* Hill, Cornwall ; capt. 
R.N. on ret. list 1902, j.p. (1906) Worcestershire : 
The Ehydd, Hanley Castle, Worcester. 

Allen- Jefferys, Jefferys Charles, b.a. Cantab., 
s. of late rev. Wm. Jefferj^s Allen, j.p. ; b. 1847 ; 
m. Mary, only dau.of Thos. Dawson, of North- 
ampton, barr. Inner Temple, 1872, j.p. Somerset, 
lord of manor of Bawdrip, Somerset, assumed 
addtl. name of Jefferys, 1889 : Automobile and 
New University clubs. 

Allenby, maj.-gen. Edmund Hy. Hynman, c.b. 
(1902), s. of Hynman Allenby, of Felixstowe ; b. 
1861 ; m. 1896, Adelaide Mabel, dau. of H. E. 
Chapman, of Donhead House, Salisbviry ; served 
with Bechuanaland expdn, 1884-5, Zululand 1888, 
S. African war 1899-1902, commdg. a cav. brig. 
Brit, expdy. force in France 1914, col. 5 (R. 



Irish) lancers from 1912 : 107 Onslow sq. S.W. ; 
Naval and ilili ary club. 

Allenoy. cap , Fiedi. C'aiiie Hvnman, R.s. 
(ret.). 2 s. of tfvnu.n A.llenby, oi Felixsio ve 
Suffolk; b. U6i; m. 1901, Edith Mabel, eld. 
dau » f late J. M. Jaffiay, of Lyndburpt, Hants : 
mid. t.f the "Alexandra," at botnba'-diuent of 
Alexandria 1882, and during E.-yptian war; j. P. 
(1914) iNorrhumberland : Loan E. d House, 
Loan End, Berwick-upon-Tweed. 

Allenby, re tr-adml. ReginaM Arthur, M.v.o. 4 
class (1901), s. of maj. liobt. Alleuby, J. P. ot 
York ; b. 1861 ; m. 1896, Nina Jane, el i. dau. of 
maj. -gen. Hugh Shaw, v.c, c.B. ; «ub-lt. of 
"Ac 'illes" I uring Kgvptian war 1882. attach^ 
to Germany, Denmark and Holland 1903-6, rear- 
adml 1913: United Service club. 

Allenby, maj. B,obt.,J.P. (1888) W.R. Yorks : 
St. Mary's Lodge. York. 

Allendale, 1 vise. (vise. 1911 and baron 1906, 
U.K.), Wentworth Canning Blackett Beaumont, 
P.O. (1907), M. A. -Cantab., eld. s. of 1 baron (d. 
1907), by lady Margaret, 4 dau. (d. 188«) of 1 
marq. of Clanricarde ; 6. 1860; m. 1889, lady 
Alexandrina L. M., dau. of 5 marq. of London- 
derry, b. 1863 ; J. P. W. R. Yorks, d.l., J. p. 
Northumberland; formerly capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
R. Welsh Fas., cipt.. Yorkshire Huss. I. Y. 
1899-lyOl, hon. maj. 1901, vice-chamberlain of 
the household to King Edward VII. igo.v?, 
M.p. (L.) Northumberland (Hexham divn.) 189.j- 
1907, hon. col. Northumbrian ditl. T. & S. col. 
A.S C. 1909-13, capt. of the yeomen of the 
guard 1907-11, a lord in waiting to the King 
from 1911, chm. Northumberland Territl. Force 
Assoc, from 1908 (Heir, s. hon. W. H. C. 
Beaumont, q.v.) : 144 Piccadilly, W. ; Brooks's, 
Turf and Travellers' clubs'; By well Hall, 
Stocksfield-on-Tyne, Northumb. ; Bretton Park, 

Allendale (rt. hon.), dow. lady.— Edith 
Althea, eld. dau. of late It. -gen. Hy. Meade 
Hamilton, c.B.; m. 1, 1878, maj.-gen. sir Geo 
Pomeroy-Colley, K.c.s.i., c.B., c.m.g. {d. 1881) ; 
2, 1891, as his 2 wife, 1 baron Allendale (d. 
1907) : 32 Queen Anne's gate, S.W. 

AUerton, lord (1 baron U.K. 1902), Wm. 
Lawies Jackson, p.c. Eag. and Irel.(1890), eld. e. 
of late Wm. Jackson, of Leeds ; b. 1840 ; m. 1860, 
Grace, dau. {d. 1901) of Geo. Tempest; j.p. 
W. R. Yorks and Leeds, chm. of Gt. Northern 
Railway Co., M.P. (C.) Leeds 1880-5, Nortli divn. 
1885-1902, fin. sec. to treas. 1886-91, chief sec. for 
Ireland 1891-92, mayor of Leeds 1895-6, raised to 
the peerage 1902 (Heir, s. hon. G^o. Herbert 
Jackson, g-.w.): 41 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Carlton, 
Athenaeum and St. Stephen's clubs ; Allerton 
Hall, Chapel Allerton, nr. Leeds. 

Alleyne, Edwd. Fitzgerald Massy, L.a.c.P. & 
S.I., eld. 8. of late maj, R. A. Alleyne, Bombay 
Med. Staff; b. 1867; m. 1898, Rose H. F. H., 
only dau. of late rev. Fredk. Tucker, M.A., of 

Honiton and Horribridge, Devon; J.P, (1906 
Urvon : St. Patrick s, Cdlom .ton. 

.^Uayae, sir .John Mevuell, 4 bart. (1769). eld. 
s. of Reynold Hy. New" on Alleyne {d. 190.S) by 
Sus.nna. dau. of late J. MeNuell, of Meynell 
Lauifl^iy, Derbyshire and gran is. of sir John 
<>ay"Newton Alleyne, 3 bart. {d. 1912r. b. 1889; 
It. R.N. 1910 (Heir. bro. Reynold M., sub-It. R.N., 
b. 1892) : 27 Drayton court, Drayton gdns. S.W. ; 
Chevin, Belper, Derbyshire. 

AUfrey, Fredk. Wm., 3 s. of Edwd. Allfrey, 
of Saleiiurst, Sussex (rf. 1834) ; b. 1819 : m. 1845, 
Emily, dau. {d. 1886) of sir Robt. Moubray, K.H., 
of Cockairnie, Fife : Stanbury, Reading 

Allfrey. Herbert Cyril, eid. s. of maj. Goodrich 
Holmsdaie Allfrey, of Wokefield Park. Berks, 
late 2 drag, gds., .i.P. {d. 1898) ; b. 1874 ; m. 1897, 
Norah, <iau. of John Gilbert Meiggs, of 123 
Cromwell rd. S.W. ; j.p. (1899) Berks and (1902) 
N. R. Yorks : Bun'ough Court, Melton Mowbray. 

Allfrey, capt. Moubray, eld. s. of Fredk. Wm. 
Allfrey, of St>inbury, Berks, by Emily, dau. of 
sir Robt. Moubray, K.H., of Otterstone and Cock- 
airnie ; b. 1853; m. 1881, hon. Beatrice E. A., 
eld. dau. of 17 baron Saye and Sele, b. 1857 ; late 
oapt. 16 huss. : Naval and Mditary club ; 
Greenways, Chippenham, Wilts. 

Allgrood, capt. Adrian Geo., R.N. (ret.), eld. 
s. of maj.-gen. Geo. Allgood, C.B., B.S.c, of 
Blindburn, Wark-on-Tvne (d. 1906); b. 1867; 
in. 1901, Dorothfa, 2 dau. of col. G. Waterfield, 
commr. of Peshawar. India ; naval cadet of 
" Agincourt" during Egyptian war 1882, sub-It. 
of •• Racer " during operations at Suakin 1888- 
89, capt. ret. 1908 R.N., j.p. (1909) Northumber- 
land : Naval and Military club ; Blindburn, 
Wark-o n - Ty ne . 

Allgrood, Robt. Lancelot, eld. s. of rev. 
James Allgood, M.A., of Nunwick,Northumb. (d. 
1910) ; b. 1855 ; m. 1891, Isabel Eveljn, 2 dau. 
of late Nathaniel Geo. Clayton, of Chesters, 
Northumb.: Nunwick, Humshaugh - on -Tyne, 
Northumb. ; Titlington Hall, Alnwick. 

Allhusen, Augustus Henry Eden, eld. s. of 
Henry C. Allhusen (d. 1871) and ii rands, of 
Christian Allhusen, of Stoke Court, Bucks, D.L., 
J.p. {d. 1890) ; b. 1«67 ; m. 1896, Dorothy, 
younger dau. of lady St. Helier by her first 
husband, late col. hon John Stanley ; late 2 It 
Bucks yeom., D.L., J.P. Bucks (sheriff 1913). asst. 
priv. sec. (unpaid) tort. hon. W. St. John Brodrick 
(sec. of state for India) in 1905, M.P. (c.) 
Salisbury 1897-1900, Hackney (Central divn.) 
1900-6 : Carlton, Boodle's and White's clubs ; 
Stoke Court, Stoke Poges, Bucks. 

Allhusen, Wilton, 3 s. of Christian Allhusen, 
of Stoke Court, Bucks, D.L., J.P. (d. 1890) ; b. 
1840; 7)1. 1«74, Adelaide, dau. of maj. Tnos. 
Pakenham Vandeleur, of Limerick : Arthur's 
club ; Pinhay, Lyme Regis. 

Allison, Harold, 3 s. of Wm. Hy. Allison, of 
Parkend, Lockerbie, N.B. and Undercliff, co. 



Durham, D.L.jJ.P. ; b. 1870 ; ?n, 1894, lady Diana, 
youngrest dau. of 14 earl of Eglinton. 

Allison, Hy. Thos. J.P. (1907') N. R. Yorks : 
Low House. Sf anyhow, Boosbeck, Yorks. 

Allison, Jas.,eld. s. of Wm.Hy. Allison, V.D., of 
Undercliff, co. Durham, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1854 : 
m. 1, 1882, Edith H., youngest dau. of latp 
rev. Alex. Napier, vncar of Holkham, Norfolk ; 
2, 1884, Edith B.,Hld. dau. of late R. M. Davidson, 
of High Cross. Newcastle-on-Tyne ; J.P. (1893) 
CO. Durham, maj. (hon. lieut.-col. 1895) 3 battn. 
(mil.) Durham L. I. 1890-1900 : 4 Sydenham 
terr. Newcastle-on-Tyne ; United Service club. 

Allison, sir Robt. Andrew, eld. survg. s. of 
Joseph Allison, of Stanwix, Carlisle {d. 1843) ; b. 
1838; m. 1, 1867, Laura A., younger dau. {d. 
1892) of J. M. Atkinson, of Thorp Arch, co. York ; 
2, 1897, Sara Eudora, only dau. of late rev. canon 
Hy. Slater, of Goathland, Bournemouth; D.L., 
J.P. Cumberland (sheriff 1908), m.p. (l.) N. Cum- 
berland 1885-1900, knighted 1910 : New Univer- 
sity and National Liberal clubs ; Scaleby Hall, 

Allison, Wm. Henry, v.d., s. of Jas. Allison, 
of Undercliff, co. Durham {d. 1865) ; b. 1827 ; 
m. 1852, Margaret, dau. of John Clay, of Cleadon 
Meadows ; d.l., j.p. (1875) co. Durham, hon. 
col. Newcastle-ou-Tyne vol. engineers (r.e.) 
1889-1908 : Undercliff, nr. Sunderland. 

Alliston, lady. — Mary, younger dau. of Thos. 
Loader, of Margate; m. 1871, a-s his 2 wife, sir 
Fredk. Prat Alliston, knt. {d. 1912). 

Allix, Chas. Israel Loraine, eld. s. of Chas. 
Peter Allix, of Swaffham Prior House, Cambs, 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 1872 ; m. 1906, hon. Hilda, 3 dau. 
of 2 baron Belper, b. 1879; d.l., j.p. (1894) 
Cambridgeshire : Jun. Carlton and Cambridge 
County clubs ; Penmadown, St. Germans, Corn- 

Allix, Charles Peter, only s. of col. Chas 
Allix, of Swaffham Prior House. Cambs. {d. 
1862) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1866, Laura A. W., dau. of 
Richd. Lee Bevan, of Brixworth Hall, Northants ; 
D.L., J.P. Cambridgeshire : Jim. Carlton and 
Cambridge County clubs ; Swaffham Prior 
House, nr. Cambridge. 

AIlix,col. Noel Charles Noel, only s. of Fredk. 
Wm. Allix, of Willoughby Hall. Lines, D.L., 
J.P. {d. 1894) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1871, Helen, eld. dau. 
{d. 1889) of Edwin Taunton, of Bromborough, 
Cheshire ; D.L., J.P. Lincolnshire, knt. of the 
orders of the Medjidie and the Osmanieh. 

Allman,Robt.,c.M. G. (1901), L.R.C.8.I..I-.R. C.P.I. , 
s. of late rev, Wm. Allman, m.a., m.d., of Lurgy 
Vale. Kilmacrenan ; b. 1854; m. 1893, Constance 
Maude, 2 dau, of late Edmund Murphy, j.p.. 
chief receiver court of chancery, Ireland ; apptd. 
princ. med. officer, Oil Rivers Protectorate (now 
Southern Nigeria) Sept. 1891 and organized med. 
dept., princ. xnt^d. officer Cross River, Eket and 
Okrika expdns. l.s9.")-6, Benin Citv esi du. 1897. 
Oran expdn. 1897, Ekuri expdn. 1897-8, Ubiuni 

and Ishau expdna. 1899, also of the Amo expdn. 
1901-2, memb. committee at Colonial Office for 
re-orga'iization of the W. African med. staff 
Oct. 1901 : 2 Cowper villas, Palmerston Park, 

AUom, sir Chas. C, memb. of firm of White, 
xlllom <fe Co., interior decorators, memb. of R. 
coinmn. for the Brussels, Rome and Turin Ex- 
hibitions, knighted 1913 : 15 George st. Hanover 
sq. W. 

Allott, Herbert, J.P. (1912) W. R. Yorks: 
Ivy Cottage, Hoyland Common, Barnsley. 

Allott, John Geo., eld. s. of late rev. J. Allott, 
of S. Kirkby, Yorks, and rect. of Maltby, Lines, 
J.P. {d. 1888); m. 1871, Louisa, eld. _ dau. of 
M. Staniland, of Harrington Hall, Lines, ex- 
M.p. ; J.P. Lincolnshire : Jun. United Service 
club ; Eastfield House. Louth, Lines. 

Allott, Wordsworth Leach, J.p. (1912) W. R. 
Yorks : Fieldhead, Hoyland Nether,nr. Barnsley. 

Allport, Howard Aston, s. of sir Jas. Joseph 
Allport, knt. {d. 1892) ; b. 1842 ; ?w. 1, 1872. Sarah, 
dau. (<?, 1897) of Thos. Coote, of Oakland?, Hunts ; 
2, 1901, Marguerite Katharine Mary, dau. of Geo. 
L. Bokenham, London ; j.p. (1897) W. R. 
Yorks : Reform and United Empire clubs ; Dod- 
wortb Grove, nr. Barnsley, Yorks ; Woodmoor, 
Branksome Park, Bournemouth. 

Allport, Wm. Sandford, only s. of Samuel 
Allport, of Padstow, Cornwall ; b. 1852 ; m. 
1880, Ellen Birchall, dau. of Jas. Mollard, of 
Portreath, Cornwall; j.p. (1912) Cornwall: 
St. Petroc, Padstow, Cornwall. 

AUright, Alfred Edwd., j.p. (1911) Berks: 
High st. Hungerford. 

Allsebrook, Robt. Pole, eld. s. of W. P. J. 
Allsebrook, of Wollaton, Notts; b 1868; m. 
1894, Edith Annie, dau. of G. Bryer, of Markea- 
ton Park, Derbyshire ; J.P. (1912) Leicester- 
shire : Prestwold, Loughborough. 

Allsebrook, Wilton, 4 s. of Wm. Pole Jones 
Allsebrook, j.p. (d 1906); fe. 1875 j J.p. (1907) 
Notts : Wollaton, Nottingham. 

Allsopp, hon. Alfred Percy, 7 s. of 1 baron 
Hindlip ; b. 1861 ; m. 1890, Lilian Maud, eld. dau. 
of late rev. J. Stanley Chesshire, rect. of Hindlip ; 
chm. of S. Allsopp & Sons, Lim., Burton-on- 
Trent 1895-1900; D.L. Staffs., J.P. Worcestershire 
and Worcester (mayor 1892-3, 1894-5, and 1909- 
10), M.P. (C.) Taunton 1887-95. 

Allsopp. hon. Chas. Samuel Victor, s. of 3 
bai-on Hindlip ; b. 1906. 

Allsopp, hon. Frederic Ernest, late R.A., 6 s. 
of 1 baron Hindlip ; b. 1857 : White's club. 

Allsopp, hon. Henry Richard, s. of 3 baron 
Hindlip ; 6. 1912. 

Allsopp, capt. hon. Herbert T., 5 s. of 1 baron 
Hindlip ; b. 1855 ; m. 1891, Edith M., 4 dau. of H. 
C. Okeover, of Okeover, Staffs, j.p., by dau. of 3 
baron Waterpark ; capt. 10 huss. 1887-90 ; in 
Afghan war 1878-9. at Ali-Musiid ; and in Soudan 
expedn, 1884, at El Teb and tamai, J.P. (19U2) 



Staffordshire : Naval and Military club ; Walton 
Bury, nr. Stafford. 

.Ailsopp, hon. Diana Joan, h. 1908; hon. 
Nancy Marion, h. 1910 ; dans, of 3 baron Hindlip. 

AUsopv, lady Mildred, 3 dau. of 8 earl of 
Shaftesbury, 6. 1867 ; m. 1895, hon. George 
Higginson Allsopp, M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1907): 
14 Hallam st. Portland pi. W. 

Allsopp, hon. mrs. Ranulph, Margaret, dau. 
of late Wm. Whitbread ; m. 1898, It.-col. hon. 
Ranulph Allsopp {d. 1911); Ayrefield, Boume- 

Allwood, Jas., c.M.G. (1903), collector- gen. of 
customs, excise and internal revenue of Jamaica 
1877-1904, ret. 1904. 

Alxnack, Henry Horn, only 8. of R. Almack, 
of Long Melford, Suffolk, j.p. {d. 1875) ; b. 1835 ; 
J.P. and c.c. Suffolk : Long Melford, Suffolk. 

Almond, John, eld. s. of Wm. Almond, of 
Famworth, Lanes; h. 1809; m. 1888, dau. of 
John Edmondson, of Lytham, Lanes ; J.P. (1907) 
Lancashire : Park View, Bolton rd. Famworth, 
nr. Bolton, Lanes. 

Alston, Alex. Rowland, f.r.o.s., eld. s. of 
sir Fras. Beilby Alston, k.c.m.g., j.p. (rf. 1906) ; 
h. 1863 ; m. 1898, Muriel, eld. dau. of lato rev. 
canon Thos. Blundell, of Halsall, Lanes, hon. 
chapln. to His Majesty ; J.P. (1903) Beds : 
Travellers' and Marlborough clubs ; The Tof te, 
Shambrook, Beds. 

Alston, Beilby Fras., c.B. (1913), 2 s. of sir 
Fras. Beilby Alston, K.C.M.G., J.P. (</. 1906); 
h. 1868 ; m. 1900, Hilda, dau. of late maj.-geu. 
Gream ; sen. clerk in Foreign office 1907, actg. 
3 sec. in diplomatic service 1895, actg. 2 sec. 
1896-7, actg. councillor of embassy in diplomatic 
service 1911 : 19 Draycott avenue, Chelsea, S. W. ; 
Travellers' club. 

Alston, Rowland Crewe, b.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of Crewe Alston, of Odell Castle, Beds., j.p. [d. 
1901) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1882, Mary E. A., only dau. 
of late R. A. Johnson and co-heir of R. Alison, 
of Woolton Heys, Liverpool, j.p. ; is j.p. Beds. : 
Arthur's and Wellington clubs; Odell Castle, 
nr. Bedford. 

Alston, Wm. Chas., eld. s. of W. C. Alston 
ofElmdonHall,co. Warwick., D.L., j.p. ((i.1862); 
b. 1842; D.L., J.P. Warwickshire (sheriff 1884), 
maj.and hon. It.-col. Warwick yeom. 1899-1901 : 
Arthur's club ; Elmdon Hall, nr. Birmingham. 

Alston-Stewart, Aubrey Keith, 4 s. of capt. 
Benjn. H. Boxer, 80th regt. : h. 1861 ; m. 1905, 
Rose Evelyn, dau. of Wm. Mclnroy, of Lude, 
Perthshire ; assumed the surname of Alston- 
Stewart in lieu of Boxer : House of Urrard, 
Moulin. Pitlochry, Perthshire. 

Altamont, earl of. Ulick de Burgh Browne, 
only s. of marq. of Sligo ; b. 1898. 

Altliam,maj.-gen. Edwd. Altham, c.B. (1904), 
c.M.G. (1901), 2 s. of Wm. Surtees Altham, late 
maj. 83 foot (d. 1887); b. 1856; m. 1880, 
Georgina B., dau. of Wm. David Nicol, of 

Inverness; served with Bechuanaland cxpdn. 
1884-5, S. African war 1899-1900, A.q.M.g. Army 
headquarters 1901-4, brig.-gen., genl. staff, 
H. Q., S. Africa 1907-8, iu charge of admin. N. 
commd. 1908-10 and in S. commd. from 1911, 
maj. -gen. 1910: United Service club ; Rother- 
wood, Salisbury. 

Altham, Jesse Liddel, B.Sc. Victoria Univ., 
s. of late Abraham Altham, j.p. of Burnley, 
Lanes ; h. 1869 ; m. 1895, dau. of Robt. Walton, 
of Burnley, Laucs ; j.P. (1908) Lancashire, 
memb. Ulverston rural dist. council 1912 : 
Summerhill, Greeuodd, via Ulverston. 

Althorp, vise, Albert Edwd. John Spencer, 
eld. 8. of earl Spencer, K.G., P.O., by dau. of 1 
baron Revelstoke ; b. 1894 ; 2 It. 1 life gds. 
from 1914. 

Altman, lady. — Margaret Eliza, eld. dau. of 
Thos. Vernon, of Clapham, S.W. ; m. 1869, sir 
Albert Joseph Altman, knt., one of H.M.'s 
Lients. for City of London {d. 1912) : 44 
Pattison rd. Hampstead, N.W. 

Alton, paymaster-in-chief Fras. Cooke, R.N., 
C.B. (1902), 8. of late Fras. Cooke Alton, chief 
insp. of machinery K.N. ; b. 1856 ; m. 1884, Lina, 
dau. of lute Ernest Barclay, of Madras ; sec. to 
adml. sir E. H. Seymour in '* Centurion " 1897- 
1901, ami served with naval brig, iu relief of 
Pekin 1900, paymaster-in-chief ii.N. 1908, ret. 

Alvarez, Justin Charles Wm., i.s.o. (1908), s. 
of late prof. Win. Thos. Alvarez, of Victoria 
Univ., Manchester; b. 1859; m. 1884, Mary, 
dau. of late hon. Geo. Panziris Efendy, a judge 
of court of appeal and memb. of patriarchal 
council, Constantinople ; entd. consular service 
1877 and served at Salonica and Constantinople 
1880-90, consul at Benghazyl890, vice-consul for 
Spain there 1898, both till 1904, consul-gen. at 
Tripoli 1904-13, judicial reform commr. Crete 
1896-7, memb. Roy. Asiatic Soc, F. Lnp. Inst. : 
ret, on pens. 1913 : 27 Victoria avenue, Sliema, 

Alverstone, 1 ^'i8C. (vise. 1913, and baron 1900, 
U.K.), sir Richard Everard Webster, 1 bart. (1900), 
P.C. (1900^, G.c.M.G. (1893), LL.D. (hon.), M.A. 
Cantab., Edin, & Aberd., d.c.l. Oxon., 2 s. of 
late Thomas Webster, Q.c. ; 6. 1842 ; m. 1872, 
Louisa M., only dau. {d. 1877) of Wm. Chas. 
Calthrop, of Withern, co. Lincoln ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1868, Q.c 1878, v.p. of Trinity coll., Lond. 
from 1891^ j.p. Surrey, knt. of grace of St. 
John of Jerusalem, A.g. 1885-6, 1886-92 and 
1895-1900, M.P. (c.) Launceston in 1885, Isle 
of Wight 1885-1900, knighted 1885, M.R. in 1900, 
L.C.J, of England 1900-13 : Carlton, Athenaeum 
and United University clubs ; Winterfold, Cran- 
leigh, Surrey. 

Amberley, vise, (title which would be borne 
by eld. s., if any living, of earl Russell). 

Ambler, Alfred, J.P. (1899) W. R. Yorks : 
Royd House, Wilsden, Bradford, Yorks. 



Ambrose, Rub! . L.K.c.rJidin., l.r.c.s.,b.a., 3 
s. of late Michael Ambrose, of Newcastle West, 
CO. Limerick: b. 1855; M.P. (n.) W. Mayo 1893- 
1910 : The Mount, Shoot-up hill, Brondesbury, 
N.W. ; National Liberal club. 

Axncotts, vide Cracroft-Amcotts. 

Ameer Ali, rt. hon. Syed, P.C. (1909), C.I.E. 
(1887), M.A. Calcutta Univ., ll.d. (hon.) Camb. ; 
B. of Syed Saadat Ali, of Mohan ; b. 1849 ; m. 
1884, Isabelle Ida, dau. of late H. Konstam, of 
64 Gloucester pi. Portman sq. W. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1873 : memb. Bengal legisl. council 
1878-83, of supreme legisl. council 1884-5, a 
puisne judge of high court of judicature in 
Bengal 1890-1904, memb. judicial comm. of P.C. 
from 1909 : 2 Cadogan pi. S.W. ; Reform club. 

Am.ery, Leopold Chas. Maurice Stennett, eld. 
s. of late Chas. F. Amery, lud. Forest dept. ; b. 
1873 ; m. 1910, Florence, dau. of late John Hamar 
Greenwood, of Wliitby, Ontario, Canada ; priv. 
sec. to rt. hon. L. H. Courtnev, M.P. (after- 
wards lord Courtney) 1896-7, fell, of All Souls 
coll. Ox. 1897, on staff of "The Times" 1899- 
1909, edited " The Times History of the War in 
S. Africa," author of " The Problem of the 
Army" (1903), "Union and Strength" (1912), 
&c. &c. barr. Inner Temple 1902, M.P. (u.) S. 
Birmingham from 1911 : 9 Embankment gdns. 
Chelsea, S.W. ; Athenaeum, Alpine, Bath, Carlton 
and United Empire clubs. 

Ames, Fredk. ; b. 1836; J.P. Worcestershire, 
late It. rif . brig. : Hawford Lodge, Worcester ; 
Junior United Service club., Louis Eric, eld. s. of H. M. Ames, of 
Linden, Northumb. {d. 1874); b. 1855; m. 1881, 
Margaret W., young, dau. of late W. J. Hamil- 
ton, by dau. of 13 vise. Dillon ; J.P. Northum- 
berland : latp It. 2 life gds. : 24 Sussex man.sions, 
South Kensington, S.W. ; Ghyllheugh, Long- 
horsley, Nortbumb., maj. Oswald Hy., s. of Lionel Ames, of 
The Hyde, Bedfordshire ; b. 1862 ; m. 1901, Violet 
D., 2 dau. of late lord Fras. H. P. Cecil, of 
Stocken Hall, Rutland; J.P. (1908) Norfolk, 
maj. 2 life gds. 1902, ret. 1906 : Turf and 
Bachelors' clubs ; The Manor House, Thorn- 
ham, Lynn. 

Ames, Walter, J.P. (1912) Kent: Newlyn 
House, Swanscombe, Greenhithe, Kent., mrs. — Alice C, eld. dau. of sir Philip 
Miles. 2 bart. ; to. 1, 1870, Geo. Duppa, of 
Hollingbourne, Kent {d. 1888) ; 2, 1889, It.-col. 
Gerard V. Ames, late 1 R. drag., of Ayot St. 
Lawrence, Herts, j.p. (d. 1899) ; patron of living 
of Ayot St. Lawrence: Ayot St. Lawrence, 

Ames, mrs. — Eliza S., dau. of late rev. W. S. 
Robinson, Dyrham, Gloucester; vi. 1863, Chas. 
H. Ames, of Remenham Place, Berks {d. 1878) : 
Underwood, Henley-on-Thames. 
• Amherst, 4 earl (1826, U.K.). Hugh Amherst, 
a s. of 2 oarl {d. 1886) and bro. of 3 earl {d. 

1910) ; b. 1856 ; m. Uuii. Elranor C, 1 dau. of 1 
baron St. Lovan, b. 1869 ; 2nd tit. vise. Holmes- 
dale ; capt. Coldst. guards 1887-90, regtl. adjt. 
1887-90, ret. p. 1890 {Heir, s. vise. Holmesdale, 
q.v.) : Montreal, Sevenoaks. 

Amherst, hon. Humphrey Wm., 2 s. of 4 
earl Amherst ; b. 1903. 

Amherst, Alice, countess, eld. dau. of 
Edmund Probyu, of Huntley Manor, Glos. ; m. 

1, 1878, as his 2 wife, 5 earl of Lisburne {d. 1888) ; 

2, 1889, as his 2 wife, 3 earl Amherst {d. 1910) : 
15 Basil mansions, Basil st. S.W. ; Pl^s Harlech, 
North Wales. 

Am.herst, ladv Joan Gertrude Elizabeth, b. 
1899 ; lady Mary Evelyn, b. 1902 ; daus. of 4 earl 

Amherst, lady Margaret Catherine, b. 1848 ; 
lady Charlotte Florentia, b. 1851 ; daus. of 2 earl 
Amherst : 15 Seymour st. W. 

Am.herst, hon. Sybil Margaret (lady of 
justice of St. John of Jerusalem) ; hon. Florence 
Margaret (lady of justice of St. John of Jeru- 
salem) ; hon. Margaret Mitford (lady of justice 
of St. John of Jerusalem) ; daus. of 1 baron 
Amherst of Hackney. 

Amherst of Hackney (rt. hon.), lady (2 
baroness, 1892, U.K.). Mary Rothes Margaret 
Cecil, eld. dau. and heir of 1 baron Amherst of 
Hackney (J. 1909); b. 1857 {Heir, (/rands. ^Ym.. 
A. Cecil E , b. 1912) ; vide lord Wm. Cecil, C.v.o. 

Amherst of Hackney (rt. hon.), dow. lady. 
— Margaret Susan, only child and heiress of 
late adml. Robt. Mitford, of Mitford Castle, 
Northumberland, and Hunmanby Hall, Yorks ; 
7)1. 1856, 1 baron Amherst of Hackney {d. 1909) ; 
lady of justice of St. John of Jerusalem : 23 
Queen's Gate gdns. S.W. ; Foulden Hall, nr. 
Stoke Ferry, Norfolk ; Lou Casteu, Yalescure, 
St. Raphael, Yar, France. 

Amies, Ernest, 3 s. of late Thos. Amies, 
J.p., of Stafford ; b. 1863 ; m. 1891, Margaret P., 
dau. of B. P. Wright, of Stafford; J.P. (1912) 
Staffordshire : Rowley Bank House, Stafford. 

Amigro, bp. (r.c), vide Southwark. 

Amory, vide Heathcoat-Amory. 

Amos, Alfred, 3 s. of Jas. Amos, of Boughton 
Aluph, Kent; b. 1855; m. 1881, dau. of Wm. 
Gillow, of Woodnesborough, Kent; j.p. (1911) 
and CO. Kent: Spring Grove, Wye, Kent. 

Amphlett, maj. Chas. Grove, D.s.o. (1900); b. 
1862; j.p. (1898) Staffs, and (1903) Salop, served 
in S. African war in comd. 1 Mounted Inf. regt. 
1899-1900, maj. N. Staffs regt. 1901, ret. v. 1902 : 
Naval and Military club ; Four Ashes Hall, nr. 

Amphlett, Edwd. Greenhill, m.a. Oxon., 
F.C.S., M.R.I., eld. s. of Edwd. Amphlett, of 2 
Queen's Gate terr. S.W., It. Scots Greys [d. 1887) ; 
b. 1853 ; m. 1882, Amye, youngest dau. of T. B. 
Charlton, of Chilwell Hall, Notts. D.L., J.P. ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1879, J.P. (1900) Sussex: 3 
Union pi. Worthing ; Oxford and Cambridge club. 



AmpMett, John, M.a. Oxon., only s. of J. 
Amphlett, of Clent (d. 1868) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1869, 
Eliza A., only child of E. B. Baylie, of Clent Cot- 
tage, Stourbridge barr. Inner Temple 1870, J.P. 
Worcestershire : Clent, Stourbridge. 

Axnphlett, John, Junr. eld. s. of John Amph- 
lett, of Clent, CO. Worcester; b. 1872; J.P. (1909) 
Worcestershire : Clent Cottage, Clent, Stour- 

Amphlett, (his honor judge) Eichard Holm- 
den, K.C., eld. 8. of S. H. Amphlett (rf. 1857), 
and nephew of rt. hon. sir Richard Paul Amph- 
lett, P.C., of Wychbold Hall, Worcestershire {d. 
1883) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, Sophy E., 2 dau. of J. 
Shapter, Q.c. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871. bencher 
1903, g.c. 1896, J.P. (1892) Worcestershire 
(vice-chm. quart, sess.) and (1912) Warwick- 
shire, rec. of Worcester 1891-1908, county court 
judge (circuit No. 45) in Jan. 1908 and (cir- 
cuit No. 21, Birmingham) from Feb. 1908 : 
Wychbold Hall, Droitwich. 

Amptliill, lord (2 baron, 1881. U.K.), Arthur 
Oliver Villiers Russell, G.c.s.i. (1904), G.c.I.E. 
(1900), eld. 8. of 1 baron, g.c.b., g.c.m.g., p.C. (t/. 
1884); b. 1869; m. 1894, lady Margaret, C.I., 3 
dau. (lady of the bedchamber to the Queen 
from 1911) of 6 earl Beauchamp, by only dau. 
of 6 earl Stanhope, b. 1874 ; D.L., J.P. Beds, It. 
R. 1st Devon yeom. 1893-7, hon. the army 
1900, It.-col. commdg. 3 battn. (special reserve) 
Bedforashire regt. from 1908, chm. Bedfordshire 
Territrl. Force Assoc, from 1908, priv. sec. to rt. 
hon. J. Chamberlain (sec. of state for the colonies) 
1896-1900, gov. of Madras 1900-5, viceroy and 
gov.-geu. of India (ad interim) May to Dec. 
1904 {Heir, s. hon. John H. Russell, (?.r.) : 65 
Ennismore gdns. S. W. ; Brooks's club ; Milton 
Ernest Hall. Bedford. 

Ampthill, Emily, lady.— v.a., 3 dau. of 4 earl 
of Clarendon, K.G. ; b. 1843 ; m. 1868, 1 baron 
Ampthill, G.C.B., G.C.M.G., P.C, ambassador at 
Berlin 1871-84 {d. 1884) : one of Queen Victoria's 
ladies of the bedchamber in ordy. 1885-1901 : 86 
Eaton sq. S.W. ; Ampthill Park, Ampthill, Beds. 

Amycla,bp. [r.c] of,rt. rev. Patrick Fenton, 
v.G. and provost ; b. 1837 ; titular bp. of Amycla 
and auxiliary for Westminster from 1904 : 30 
Morpeth mansions, Westminster, S.W. 

Ancaster, 2 earl of (1892, U.K.) and 25 baron 
Willoughby de Eresby (cr. by writ 1313 Kng.), 
and a bart. (1733) ; sir Gilbert Heathcote- 
Drummond-Willoughby, t.d. (1910), eld. s. of 1 
earl, p.c.((f. 1910); 6.1867; m. 1906, Eloise, eld. 
dau. of late W. L. Breese, of New York ; 2nd 
title baron Willoughby de Eresby ; j.p. Rutland 
and parts of Kesteven, Lines, chm. of Kesteven 
quart, sess. from 1912, D.L. Perthshire, It.-col. 
Lincolnshire yeo. from 1911, m.p. (c.) Liucoln- 
shire (Horncastle divu.) 1894-1910, joint here- 
ditary lord great chambln. of England (Eeir, s. 
lord Willoughby de Eresby, q.v.) : Carlton and 
Turf clubs ; Grimsthorpe Castle, Boume,Linc8 ; 

Drummond Castle, Crieff, N.B.; Glenartney 
Lodge, Comrie, Perthshire. 

Ancaster, dow. countess of, lady Evelyn 
Elizabetli. 2 dau. of 10 marq. of ; »i. 
186.^, 1 earl of Ancaster, P.O. (rf. 1910) : Norman- 
ton Park, Stamford. 

Ancram, earl of, vide marq. of Lothian. 

Anderdon, ride Murray- Anderdon. 

Anderson, ride Duncombe-Anderson. 

Anderson, bp. (J. G.), vide Moosonee. 

Anderson, bp. (E. A.), ride Riverina. 

Anderson, maj.-gen. Alex. Dingwall, R.A. 
(Bengal), served in Afghan war 1879-80, maj.- 
gen. June 1897, ret. Aug. 1897. 

Anderson, lord (of session), Andrew Macbeth 
Anderson, M.A., i.l'b. Edin., eld. s. of Chas. 
Enverdale Anderson, provost of Coupar Angus, 
Perthshire ; b. 1862 ; m. 1901, Kate, dau. of Geo. 
Mackay,of Bellavista, Midlothian ; advocate 1889, 
advocate depute 1906-11, K.c. 1908, s.G. for Scot- 
land 1911-13, M.P. (L.) N.. Ayrshire 1910-11, 
senator of coll. of justice ami judge of superior 
court of Scotland (with judicial title of lord 
Anderson )from 1913: 3 Drumsheugh gdns. Edin- 
burgh ; Reform club. 

.Aoiderson, Archibald, M.A. Oxon., f.s.a. 
(Soot.), s. of late Thos. Scott Anderson. "W.s. ; 
b. 1835; m. 1870, Georgina M., dau. («Z. 1910) of 
late rev. Edmund Ru.-^sell, of All Saints, Ponte- 
fract ; Scotch barr. 1860 ; registrar of friendly 
.societies for Scotland 1874-9 ; final editor of 
Gen. Index to Acts of Parliament of Scotland j 
memb. of gen. council of Univ. of Edinburgh : 
30 Oxford sq. W. ; United University, and New 
(EdinburgTi) clubs; St. Helens, Dean Park, 

Anderson, maj.-gen. Arthur William Leslie, 
served with Burmese expdn. 1885-7, maj.-gen. 
1898, ret. 1899, Madras Inf., col. 63 Palamcottah 
L.I. from 1904, Ind. army : Leslie Lodge, St. 
John's avenue, Boscombe, Bournemouth. 

Anderson, It. -gen. Chaa. Alex., E.A., C.B. 
(1904), 8. of Robert Carew Anderson, M.D., 
dep. insp.-gen. of hosp. ; b. 1857 ; m. 1893, Ellen 
K., younger dau. of Geo. Bevan Russell, m.d. ; 
served with Jowaki Afreedee expdn. 1877-8, 
Afghan war 1878-80, Burmese expdn. 1885-6, 
N.W. Frontier of India l>'97-8, expdn. against 
the Zakka Khel and Mohraanrts 1908, commdg. 
troops in S. China 1910-13, commdg. 7 (Meerut) 
divn. N. armj', India from 1913, It.-geu. 1914 : 
Mussoorie, India. 

Anderson. David, m.a., ll.b., 2 s. of Joseph 
Anderson, LL.D. ; b. 1864 ; advocate 1891, sheriff 
of Dumfries and Galloway from 1913 : 12 India 
St. Edinburgh. 

Anderson, capt. David Murray, R.N., M.v.o. 
4 class (1910), served with expedn. against King 
Koko, of Nimby, on River Niger 1895, capt. 
R.N. 1911, H.M.'s Yacht " Victoria and Albert." 

Anderson, capt. David Murray, eld. s. of Jas. 
Warren Hastings Anderson, of Bourhouse, Had- 


dingtonshire, n.L., J. P. {d. 1896); 6.1867; w. 
1908, Alice Helen M., dau. of rev. Edwd. Cheese, 
rect. of Haughton-le-Skerne, co. Durham ; capt. 
8 Husa, 1895-7, D.L., J.P. Haddingtonshu-e : 
Cavalry club ; Bourhouse, Dunbar, N.B. 

Anderson, sir George, s. of John Anderson, of 
Fraserburgh, Aberdeenshire {d. 1868) ; b. 1845 ; 
m. 1870, Mary, dau. of Alex. Anderson, London ; 
treas. of Bank of Scotland, formeily pres. of 
Institute of Bankers in Scotland, dir. of Scottish 
Widows' Fund ; J.P. Aberdeenshire and Mid- 
lothian, knighted 1905 : Beechmounl, Murray- 
field, Midlothian ; Bank of Scotland, Edinburgh. 

Anderson, Geo., m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., s. of T. 
Anderson, of Little Harle Tower, J.P., D.L. (d. 
1872) ; 6. 1843: m. 1885, Alice M., 8 dau. of C. 
H. Cadogan, of Brinckburn Priory, Northumb. ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1872 : J. P., D.L. Northum- 
berland (sheriff 1886) : Little Harle Tower, 

Anderson, Geo. Buckton, old. s. of late rev. 
Wm. Anderson, rect, of Old Romney, Kent ; b. 
1861 ; 171. 1887, Caroline Pullev, dau. of dr. Wood, 
of New Romney, Kent ; j.P. (1914 ) Kent, West 
Lawn, New Romney, Kent. 

Anderson, Geo, Henry, m.a. and m.d. Aber- 
deen ; J.P. N. R. Yorks : Loftus, Yorks, 

Anderson, Geo. Knox, only s. of late 
John Andrew Ander^'on, J.P., of Faversham, 
Kent ; b. 1854 ; m. 1883, Mary Ada, dau. of 
John T. Prall, of Rochester, Kent ; D.L., j.p. 
(1902) Kent : Jun. Carlton and Constitutional 
clubs ; Bridge Hill House, nr. Canterbury, Kent. 

Anderson, gen. Harry Cortlandt, C.B. (1907), 
s. of late maj. Philip Cortlandt Anderson, 64 
Native inf, Bengal ; b. 1826 ; m, 1, 1859, 
Catherine L., 3 dau. {d. 1861) of maj. Fredk. 
Angelo; 2,1868, Alice F., eld. dau. ((/. 1911) of 
surg.-gen. Wm. Baker Taylor ; served in Sutlej 
campaign 1845-6, at Ferozeshah, in Indian 
mutiny 1857-8, late commdg. Mooltan brig., gen. 

1894, on U.S. list 1887, col. 4 Prince Albert 
"Victor's Rajputs from 1901, Ind. army: E. I, 
United Service club. 

Anderson, Henry Aiken, c.S.i. (1897), s. of 
late Findlay Anderson, of Inchyra Grange. 
Stirlingshire ; b. 1851 ; m. Ethel A., 2 dau. (d 
1908) of J. W. Macnabb, of Arthurstone, Berks ; 
entd. I.C.S. (Punjab) 1873, on special duty with 
Waziristan delimitation commn. in 1894 and 

1895, commr. and supt. Punjab 1899-1906, ret. 
1906 : 2 Lansdowne cres. Edinburgh. 

Anderson, maj. Hy. Archibald, 2 s. of capt. 
Hy. John Anderson, 34 Madras L. I. ; b. 1852 ; 
m. 1885, Harriet, dau. of John Hughes ; served 
in 1 and 2 battns. R. Fus. 1873-84, 4 battn. ( mil. ) 
1884-95, maj. and 2 in commd. 20 battn. Impl. 
yeo. in S. African war 1900-1, j.p. (1912) Herts : 
Aspendeu, Buntingford, Herts, 

Anderson, Hugh Kerr, m,a., M.D.Cantab., 
F.R.s,, s, of Jas. Anderson ; b. 1865 ; m. Jessie, 
dau. of late surg.-gen. F. W. Innes, c.B. ; Univ. 

lectr. in physiology, and fellow and lectr. Gon- 
ville and C:iius Coll. Camb. 1903-12, master of 
Gonville and Caius Coll. from 1912 : Gonville and 
Caius College Lodge, Cambridge. 

Anderson, sir John, K.c.B, (1913), G.C.M.G. 
(1909), M.A. and LL.D. (hou.) Aberd., LL.D.(hon,) 
Edin., s, of late John Anderson, of Aberdeen ; b. 
1858 ; attached to staff of British agent for the 
Behring Sea arbitration in London and Paris 
1892-3, 1st class clerk in Colonial Office 1896, 
principal 1897, rep. of Colonial Office on staff of 
Prince of Wales clurine his Colonial tour in 1901, 
sec, to Colonial conf, 1897 and 1902, gov, of Straits 
Settlements, high commr. for the Protected 
States in the Malay Peninsula and Brunei 
1906-11, and British agent for the States of 
British North Borneo and Sarawak 1904-11, 
perm. und,-sec. of state for the Colonies and sec. 
of the Order of St. Michael and St. George from 

1911 : Colonial Office, Downing st. S.W. 
Anderson, sir John, head of Guthrie and Co. 

Ltd, East India mers., unofficial memb. legisl. 
council. Straits Settlements 1886-8 and 1905- 
9, consul-gen. for Siam in London, knighted 

1912 : 5 Whittington avenue, E.C. ; Eastcote 
Place, Eastcote, nr. Pinner, Middlx. 

Anderson, John Alex., j.p. (1903) Cumber- 
land : 5 Curzon st. Mary port, Cumberland. 

Anderson, John Wm. Stewart, M.v.o. 4 class 
(1911), s. of late Geo. Yuille Anderson ; b. 1874 ; 
a principal clerk see's dept. Admiralty from 
1909 : Admiralty, S,W.; 28 Argyll rd. Ken- 
sington, W. ; Union club, 

Anderson, Joseph Edwd., 3 but 2 survg. 
s. of Wm. Anderson, of Rimswell, Stockton, 
CO. Durham, J.p., C.C. (d. 1910); b. 1866; m. 
1895, Effie Jane, dau, of Geo. Douglas Leng, of 
Greencroft, Stockton-on-Tees, co. Durham ; 
J.P. (1910) N. R. Yorks: 42 Acklam terr. 

Anderson, sir Kenneth Skelton, K.C,M,G. 
(1909), s. of late Jas. Anderson, of Hilton House, 
Aberdeen ; b. 1866 ; m. 1894, Louisa Mary, 4 dau, 
of late Jas. Cochran Stevenscn, M.P., of Eltham 
Court, Kent ; sen. partner, Anderson, Anderson 
and Co., man. Orient Steam Navigation Co., 
dir. Bank of Adelaide : Stamford House, 
Wimbledon Common, S.W. 

Anderson, Lionel, 4 s. of Robert Anderson, 
of Peterhead. Aberdeenshire ; b. 1820 ; m. 1844, 
Jane, dau. of capt Penny, of Peterhead, Aber- 
deenshire ; J.P. (1907) We'^itmorland : Green 
Bank, Kendal ; Westmorland County club, 

Anderson, surg.-gen. Louis Edwd., c.B, 
(1913), L.E. C.P.I,, L.E,C,S,I,, eld, s, of late Louis 
John Anderson, dep, insp. Rov. Irish Consta- 
bulary ; b. 1861 ; m. 1888. Em'ily, only dau, of 
Henry Fisher, of Liverpool ; served with Soudan 
expdn. 1884-6 ; on N, W. Frontier of India 
1897-8 and in S, African war 1899-1902, dep. 



<lir. Died, services, Irel. from I'JIS, surg.-gcn, 
1912,-A. M. S. : The Castle, Dublin. 

Anderson, sir Eobt., k.c.b.(1901), ll.d. Dub., 
8. of Matt. Anderson, crown solr., of Dublin ; b. 
1841 ; in. 1873, lady Agnes A., sis. of 9 earl of 
Drogheda : barr. King's Lin, Dublin, 1863, and 
of Middle Temple, 1870, j.p, co. London, asst. 
commr. and head of Criminal Livestigation 
Dept. of Metropol. police 1888-1901 : 39 Linden 
gdns., Bayswater, W. ; National club. 

Anderson, Robt., c.m.g. (1903), m.i.c.e.,s. of 
late David Anderson, of Mount Pleasant, 
Cambuslang, Glasgow ; h. 1858 ; m. 1884, Susan, 
dau. of Donald McNicol, of Loch Awe, N.B. ; 
dep. chief engr. Uganda Govt, railway 1900-3, 
chief engr. 1903-4. 

Anderson, sir Robt., 1 hart. (1911), s. of late 
Jas. Anderson, of Corbofin, co. Monaghan ; b. 
1837 ; Hi. 1890, Wilhelmina, dau. of rev. Andrew 
Long, of Monreagh, co, Donegal ; chm. of 
Anderson and M'Auley Ltd., J.P. co. Antrim 
and Belfast (aldm., sheriff 1903 and lord mayor 
1907-8), sheriff co. Monaghan 1911, knighted 
1903 : Parkmoimt, Belfast ; Mullaghmore, co. 

Anderson, sir R. Rowand, ll.d., h. U.S.A., 
F.R.I.B.A., F.ri.s.E., 8. of late Jas. Anderson, of 
Edinburgh ; b. 1834 : m. 1863, Mary, dau. of Hy. 
Ross, of Kinnahaird, Ross-shire ; knighted 
1902 : 16 Rutland sq. Edinburgh ; Allermuir 
House, Colinton, Midlothian ; Roynl Societies 
and Empire, S.W. and Conservative (Edinburgh) 

Anderson, Rupert Damley, s. of Thos. Damley 
Anderson, of Waverley Abbey, Surrey, j.p. (rf. 
1876) ; b. 1859 ; w. 1889, Amy D. K., 2 dau. of late 
rev. canon Edwd. Harland, of Bishton Hall, 
Staffs ; J.P. (1892) Staffs, D.L., J.P. (1901) Surrey : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Waverley Abbey, Farnham, 

Anderson, Stuart Gordon, younger s. of late 
col. Jas. Anderson ; h. 1873 ; m. 1907, hon. 
Rosamond, dau. of 1 baron Hothfield, h. 1877 : 
5 Cambridge sq. W. 

Anderson, Thos. Wm., b.a. Cantab., eld. 
survg. s. of Jas. Anderson, of Grace Dieu, co. 
Waterford, j.p. (J. 1867) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1, 1879, 
Constance A. J. ((/. 1881); 2, 1907, Ellen 
Carew, another dau. of very rev. A. L. Kirwan, 
D.D. dean of Limerick; D.L., j.p. co. Waterford 
(sheriff 1885), j.p. co. Kilkenny : Kildare St. club, 
Dublin ; Grace Dieu, Waterford. 

Anderson, sir Wm. Maurice Abbot, M.v.o. 4 
class (1906), M.B,, B.s. Durh., m.r.c.s. Eug., b. 
1861; sm-gu. to h.r.h. The Princess Royal 
and household, knighted 1912 : 36 Harley st. W. ; 
2 Medina House, Medina terr. Hove, Sussex; 
Jun. Carlton and Beefsteak clubs. 

Anderson, It. -col. Wm. Patrick, c.m.g, 
(1913), chief engr. dept. of Marine and Fisheries, 

Anderson, Yarljorough, M.A., Ll.b. Camb., 
2s.ofWm. C.Anderson, of York; b. 1850; barr. 
Inner Temple 1876 ; J.P. N. R. Yorks : 105 Pall 
Mall ; Reform, Oxford and Cambridge and 
Albemarle clubs ; 57 Esplanade, Scarborough. 

Anderson, lady Agnes A., vide sir Robt. 
Anderson, K.C.B., LL.D. 

Anderson, hon. lady. — Augusta C, 2 dau. of 
3 baron de Saumarez ; in. 1, 1859, 5 baron 
Boston (d 1877); 2, 1883, as his 2 wife, sir Hy. 
Percy Anderson, K.C.B., k.c.m.g. {d. 1896) ; 
Tannheim, Wimborne rd. Bournemouth. 

Anderson, lady. — Margaret R. dau. of A. 
Ronaldson, of Glasgow ; vi, 1864, sir Thos. 
Mcl'all Anderson, knt., M.D. ((/.1908): 6 University 
gdns. Glasgow. 

Anderson, lady. — Mary D. 8., dau. of late S. 
J. Clutaam, M.D. ; in. 1871, sir Wm. John 
Anderson, knt., c.J. of Trinidad and Tobago 
1900-3 (f/. 1908). 

Anderton, Edwd., s. of late John Anderton, 
of Radclirt'e, Laacs. ; h. 1837 ; vi. 1864, Anne, 
dau. of late Thos. Phillips, of Westdowu, N. 
Devon; J.P. (1905) Devon: Trimstone House, 
Westdown, N. Devon. 

Anderton, Wilfrid Francis, youngest s. of 
Jas. Fras. Anderton, of Haigliton, Lanes, {d. 
1863) ; b. 1844 ; m. 1, dau. of late H. Tempest, 
Newland Park. Yorks. ; 2, 1880, Mary L. F., 
only dau. of J. F. Tempej^t, of Ackworth Grange, 
Yorks.; J.P.Lancashire : Haighton,Preston,Lancs. 

Anderton, maj. Wm. Arthur Alpbonsus 
Joseph luce, s. of Wm. Michael Ince Anderton, 
of Enxton, Lanes, D.L., J.P. {d. 1884), by 2 dau. 
of 9 earl of Fingall ; h. 1855; m. 1887, Mary 
Winefred, dau. of late L. J. Johnstone, of 
Barnard Castle, Yorkshire; J.P. (1897) Lanca- 
shire, maj. Gren. gds. 1893-6, ret. 1896 : Euxton, 
Chorley, Lanes. 

An<loe, lady. — Beatrice R., dau. of T. Bromley 
and granddaii. of adml. sir R. H. Bromley, 3 
bt, ; in. 1880, adml. sir Hilary G. Audoe, K.C.B. 
((/. 1906) : Aslie. Asliburtoii, Devon. 

Andover, vise, Cbas. Hy. Geo. Howard, 
eld. s. of earl of Suffolk ; b. 1906. 

Andrew, Walter J., f.s.a., s. of Ely Andre^v, 
of Cadster, Whaley Bridge, J.P. {d. 1909); 
m. 1883, Sara, dau. of John Roebuck, of 
Mushroom Hall, Sheffield ; pres. British 
Numismatic Soc. 1909 : The Old House, Michel- 
mersh, nr, Romsey, Hants, 

Andre-wes, miss. — Mary Henrietta Turner 
Hution Andrewes, only dau. of rev. Wm. 
Andrewes Uthwatt, of Maids Moreton and Gt. 
Linford Place, Bucks, {d. 1879),by Mary 0^?. 1885) 
and Co-heire.<s of rev. Jas. Long Hutton Long ; h. 
1839 ; lady of the manor and patroness of the 
living of Maids Moreton : The Manor, Maids 
Moreton, Buckingham. 

Andrews, bp., vide Hokkaido. 

Andrews, I'ide Gen ge- Andrews. 



Andrews, Alfred John, J.i'. (1908) Hants : 
Hamilton House, Tot ton, Southampton. 

Andrews, Arthur, 3 s. of late W. Andrews, 
of Ryde, I. of W. ; b. 1862; m. 1887, Harriet, 
dau. of late A. Pearsall, of Bilston, Staffs ; J. P. 
(1910) Hants : St, James' House. Ryde, I. of W. 

Andrews, Fredk., 3 s. of John Andrews, 
of Sunderland ; b. 1850 ; m. 1877, Anna Maria, 
dau. of Wm. Lean, of Birmingham ; j.p. (1906) 
W.R Yorks : Ackworth school, Pontefract. 

Andrews, Geo., j.P. (1911) Kent : Harman's 
Corner, Borden, Sittingbonrne. 

Andrews, Hugh, d.l., j.p. Northumberland 
(sheriff 1901), J.P. Gloucestershire, patron of 
two livings : 18 Rutland court, Rutland gdns. 
S.W. ; White's, R. Aero, R. Automobile, and 
R.Y.S. (Cowes) clubs ; Toddington Manor, 
Winchcomb, Glos. 

Andrews, It.-col. J as. "Walker, eld. s. of late 
Thos. Andrews, F.R.S., v.p. of Queen's Coll. 
Belfast ; b. 1845 ; m. 1877, Emily, dau. of Fredk. 
W. Allfrey, of Stanbury, Berks'; served as brig.- Afghan war 1878-80, late Devonshire regt. 
ret. p. 1891, j.p. (1896) Sussex : Army and 
Navy club ; Bantony, Robertsbridge, Sussex. 

Andrews, John, eld. s. of late Richd. Andrews, 
of Modbury, Devon ; b. 1858 ; J.P. (1903) Devon : 
Train e, Modbury, Ivy bridge. 

Andrews, John Pickersgill, 2 s. of J. R. 
Andrews, of Billingborough, Lincolnshire ; b. 
I860; m. 1885; J.P. (1912) Derbyshire: Mans- 
field rd. Heanor. 

Andrews, rt. hon. Thos., P.O. (Frel.), 4 s. of 
late John Andrews, of Comber, co. Down ; b. 
1843 ; vi. 1870, Lizzie, only dau. of late Jas. A. 
Pirrie, of Little Clandeboye, co. Down ; D.L. 
CO. Down (sheriff 1912, chm. c.c. from 1902), chm. 
Belfast and co. Down Railw. Co. from 1895, 
rdemb. of appeal commn. under local govt. (Irel.) 
act 1898 and of Arterial drainage commn. (Irel.) 
1905 : Ardara, Comber, co. Down ; Ulster Reform 
and Ulster (Belfast) and County (Downpatrick) 

Andrews, Thos., j.p. (1912) Devon : Camp 
Moor, Broad wood Widger, Devon. 

Andrews, rt. hon. "Wm. Drennan, P.O. Irel. 
(1897), LL.D. Trm. Coll. Dub., 2 s. of late John 
Andrews, of Comber, co. Down ; b. 1832; m. 
1857, Eliza, 2 dau. {d. 1901) of late John Galloway, 
of Monkstown, co. Dublin ; Irish barr. 1855, Q.c. 
1872, hon. bencher King's Inns 1910, a judge of 
high court of justice in Ireland (Exchequer divn.) 
1882 and King's bench divn. with probate 
business assigned 1897-1910 : 51 Lower Leeson 
8t. Dublin. 

Angrell, Herbert Heathcote, b. 1859 ; J.P. 
(1913) Hants: 71 Portsmouth rd. "Woolston, 

Angerstein, John Richd. Juiius,2 s.of "William 
Angerstein. d.l., j.p., of Weeting Hall, Norfolk 
{d. 1897) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1892, Georgiana, eld. dau. 
of late Reginald Burton ; is j.p. Norfolk and 

Suffolk : Brooks's and Marlborough clubs ; Hol- 
brook, Wincanton. 

Angrelo, maj.-gen. Fredk. "Wm. Pakenham, b. 
1857 ; served with Soudan expdn 1885, Chitral 
relief force 1895, China expdn. 1900-1, brig-gen. 
commdg. Nowshera (Cav.) brig. N. army 1909-11, 
maj.-gen. Ind. army 1911, ret. 1911, col. 9 
Hodson's Horse from 1912. 

Angrers, hon. sir Auguste Real, P.O. (Canada, 
1892), s. of lateFranc;ois Real Angers, of Quebec ; 
b. 1837; m. 1, 1869, Julia M., dau. (d. 1870) of 
late Eugene Chinic, senator ; 2, 1890, Emilie, 
dau. of late Alex. Lemoiue ; Canadian barr. 
1860, Q.C. 1874, s.G. Quebec 1874-6, A.G. 1876-8, 
puisne judge super, court 1881, It. -gov. Quebec 
1887-92, senator and min. of agricult. Canada 
1892-5, pres. of council in 1896, knighted 1913: 
35 St. James's st. Montreal ; "Westmount, nr. 
Montreal, Canada. 

Angrier, sir Theodore Vivian Samuel, s. of 
Samuel Haynes Angier, London {d. 1869) ; 
b. 1843 ; VI. 1897, Lilian Maud, dau. of Edmund 
Routledge, London ; trustee to Baltic Mercantile 
Exchange, memb. Thames Conservancy board, 
capt. Middlx. yeo. 1880-96, It. r.n.v.r. from 
1905, late pres. Chamber of Shipping and Genl. 
Shipowners' Soc. 1895-6 ; knighted 1904 : Hill 
Crest, Dyke rd. Brighton ; Ranelagh, Bath and 
United Empire clubs. 

Angrlesey, 6 marq. of (1815, Gt. B,), Chas. 
Hy. Alex. Paget, eld. a. of lord Alex. Victor 
Paget {d. 1896) by bon. Hester A.,2 dau.of 2 vise. 
Combermere, and cousin to 5 marq. ((/. 1905) ; b. 
1885; in. 1912, lady Victoria Marjorie H., eld. 
dau. of 8 duke of Rutland ; 2nd tit. earl of Ux- 
bridge; It. r.h.g. 1905-7, It. res. of officers from 
1908 (Heir, bro. Viqtor Wm. Paget, q.v.) : Carlton 
and Turf clubs ; Beau Desert, Rugeley ; Plasne- 
wydd, Llanfair-Pwll, Anglesey. 

Anglesey, Lilian, marchioness of, vide John 
Fras. Gilliat. 

Anglesey, Mary L., marchioness of, dau. of 
late hon. John P. King, of Augusta, Georgia, 
U.S.A. ; m. 1, 1872, hon. Henry Wodehouse {d. 
1873) ; 2, 1880, as his 3 wife. 4 marq. of Anglesey 
{d. 1898) : 27 Faubourg St. Honore,Paris,France. 

AngUm, Jeremiah, 4 s. of Thos. Anglim, of 
Newcastle West, co. Limerick ; b. 1868 ; m. 1889, 
Bedilia, dau. of Wm. M'Donough, of Kiltimagh, 
CO. Mayo ; J.P. (1910) co. London : 111 Lisson 
grove, St. John's Wood, N.W. ; Irish club. 

Angst, sir Hy., k.o.m.g. (hon. 1906), D.Ph., 
LL.D. (hon.) Harvard univ., s. of John Angst, of 
Regensberg, Zurich ; b. 1847 ; m. 1873, Margaret, 
dau, {d. 1912) of late J, C. Jennings, of Congres- 
bury ; consul at Zurich 1886-96, consul-gen. there 
from 1896, director of the Swiss National Museum 
at Zurich 1892-1902 : British Consulate General, 
Zuricli. SAvitzerland. 

Angus, Geo. Michael, j.p. (1913) Northum- 



Angrua, Jonathan Robt.,J.P.(1907) co.Durham: 
Sheraton Hill, Castle Eden. 

Angus, col.Wm. Math win. c.b. (1902), v.d.,2 8. 
of late Geo. Angus, of G^sforth, Northumb ; b. 
1851 ; VI. 1, 1876, Julia, dau. of late Thos. Dutton, 
of Manchester ; 2, 1884, Sarah, dau. of late 
Edmund Graham, of Coifield, Gateshead; D.L., 
J.P.(1901) Northumberland,j.P.(1890) Newcastle- 
on-Tyne, It.-col. (hon. col. 188.')) commdg. 1 New- 
castle-on-Tyne R.G.A. (vols.) 1886-1907 : Benwell 
Cottage, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Reform club. 

Ann, lady. — Sophia, dau. of John M. Eastland, 
late of Margate ; m. 1884, sir Edwin Thos. Ann, 
knt., J.P., mayor of Derby 1905-G {d. 1913) : 
West Parkfields, Wheeldon avenue, Derby. 

Annaly, lord (3 baron 1863, U.K.). sir Luke 
White, K.c.v.O. (191'^). eld. s. of 2 baron, K.P. 
{d. 1888) ; b. 1867 ; m. 1884, hon. Lilah 
Georgina A. C, only dan. of 3 vise. Clifden ; b. 
18G2; D.L. CO. Longford. D.L., J. P. Northants, 
capt. 1 battn. Scots gds. 1888-96, capt. and hon. 
maj. R. Bucks. Huss. I. Y. 1896-1902, It.-col. 
commdt. (hon. col. 1905) Northants yeo. 1902-7, 
hon. col. of the regt. from 1908, lord of the 
bedchamber to the Prince of Wales (King George 
V.) 1908-10, permanent lord in waiting to ilis 
Majesty from 1910 {Heir, s. hon. Luke H. White. 
qA\): 48 Berkeley sq. W. ; Turf and Guards 
clubs ; Holdenby House, Northampton. 

Annaly (rt. hon.), Emily. lady. — dau.of James 
Stuart ; m. 1863, 2 baron Annaly, K.P. (rf. 1888). 

Annand, col. John Harvey, only s. of A. 8. 
Annand, of Brighton, Sussex ; b. 1840 ; in. 1870. 
Alice Gertrude, dau. of W. Beckwith, of Seacox 
Heath, Sussex; col. R.A.1888-90. ret. 1890. J.p. 
(1907) Surrey : Field Place, Compton, Guildford. 

Annandale, Jas., s. of James Annandale, 
of Shotley Grove, co. Durham (d. 1882) ; 6. 1840 ; 
J.p. CO. Durham : The Briary, Shotley Bridge, 

Anne, maj. Ernest Lambert Swinburne, 2 
8. of Wm. Hv.Charlton,of Hi>slevside,Northumb,, 
D.L., J.P. {d. 1880); b. 18.V2;'w. 1885, Edith, 
4 dau. of sir Thos. Geo. Augustus Parkyns, 5 
bart. ; assumed name of Anne in lieu of (^harlton 
by royal warrant 1883, late capt. 65 foot and maj. 
3 battn. (mil.) Derbyshire regt., lord of the manor 
and patron of Burghwallis : United Service club ; 
Burghwallis Hall, Doncaster. 

Annesley, vide Ly ttelton-Annesley. 

Annesley,6 earl (1789, Ir.). Francis Anneslev, 
only 8. of 6 earl (d. 1908) : b. 1884 ; m. V.m, 
Evelyn Hester Harrison, eld. dau.of A. E. Miller 
Mundy, of Shipley Hall, Derby; 2nd tit. vise. 
Glerawly; sub-It. (temp.) r.n.v.r. from 1914 
{Heir, cousin, Walter B. Annesley, q.v.) : Castle- 
wellan, and Donard Lodge, co. Dow^n. 

Annesley. capt. hon. Arthur, eldest s. of 11 
vise. Valentia ; b. 1880 ; served in S. African 
•war 1900-2, A.D.C. to maj. -gen. hon. J. H. G. 
Byng (commdg. the forces in Egypt) 1912-14, 
capt. 10 hufs. 1907. 

Annesley, hon. capt. Caryl Arthur Jas., 2 s. 
of 11 vise. Valentia; b. 1883; A.D.C. to gov. of 
Madras in 1912, and to gov. of Bengal 1912-13, 
It. Oxf. and Bucks L.I. 1905-13, capt. special res. 
irom 1914. 

Annesley, Eras. Chas. Cowper, eld. s. of capt. 
Eras. Chas. Annesley, 28 regt. ; b. 1866 : m. 1895, 
hon. Mabel, sis. of 4 baron Newborough, b. 1872. 

Annesley, Walter Beresford, only s. of hon. 
Wm. Octavius Beresford Aui>esley (d. 1875) and 
cousin ami heir pres. to 6 earl Annesley : 6. 1861 ; 
in. 1893. Maud Fleming, dau. of Haynes Bingham 
Higginson,of Rock Ferry, Cheshire. 

Annesley. hon. mrs. Arthur. Clara, dau. of 
G. Weston. Norwich ; m. 1867, hon. A. Annesley 
(4 8. of 3 earl Annesley^ (d. 1881). 

Annesley, hon. Altisidora V., dau. of 10 vise. 
Valentia : 7 St. (Jeorge's sq. S.W. 

Annesley, lady Clare, 6. 1893 ; lady Constance 
Mary, b. 1m95 ; dans, of 5 earl Annesley. 

Annesley, Priscilla, countess, dau. of late 
Wni. Arniitagc Moore, of Arumore, co. Cavan ; 
HI. 1«92, as his 2 wife, 5 earl Annesley {d. 1908) : 
44 Gt. Cumberland pi. W. 

Annesley, hon. nirs. Sydney. Helen Sydney, 
younger dau. of late (xrifflth Richards, g.c. ; 
m. 1864, col. hon. Algernon Sydney Arthur 
Annesley(f/. I9(i8) : 5 Leinster gdnsl^Hvde Park,W. 

Annesley, hon. Violet Kathleen, 6. 1882 ; hon. 
Hilda Cecil, b. 1889; hon. Dorothy, b. 1892; 
dans, of 1 1 viact. Valentia. 

Anning-, Wm., j.p. (1898) Monmouthshire: 
Hatherleigh, Maindee, Newport, Mon. 

Ansell, Maurice, p.r.g.s., s. of late A. Ansell, 
of Clifton gdns. W. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1896, Evelyn, 
dau. of Vincenzo Bartolucci and w^idow of 
ad ml. rt. hon. -sir Astley Cooper Key, P.O., 
G.c.B. (d. 1888): 55 Elm Park gdns. S.W.; 
Beaconsfield terr. Hythe, Kent. 

Ansell, Wm., s. of Wm. Ansell, of Corsygedol, 
Merioneth, j.p. {d. 1899); b. 18.56; m. 1907, 
Mari, youngest dau. of late EUia Rees, of 
Byrdir, Dyffryn, Merioneth ; j.p. (1900) 
Merioneth : Plas Ucha, Aberdovey, Merioneth. 

Anson, vise. Thomas Edwd. Anson, eld. s. of 
earl of Lichfield ; 6.1883; m. 1911, Evelyn, only 
dau. of col. Edwd. Keppel, of Sprowston Grange, 
Norwich ; A.D.C. and actg. master of the horse to 
lord lieut. of Ireland (earl of Aberdeen) 1906-10 : 
6 H yde Park sq. W. 

Anson, hon. Alfred, 8 s. of 2 earl of Lichfield ; 
b. 187() : m. 1912, Lela, widow of J. J. Emery, 
land dau. of gen. C. T.Alexander, of Washington : 
5 East 68th street, New York, U.S.A. ; White's 
and Marlborough clubs. 

Anson, maj. -gen. sir Archibald Edwd. 
Harbord, K.C.M.G. (1882), R.A., s. of late gen. 
sir Wm. Anson, K.C.B.. 1 bart. ; b. 1826 ; m. 1, 
1851. Elizh., dau. {d. 1891) of late R. Bourchier ; 
2. 1906. Isabelle Jane, dau. of late Robt. 
Armitstead. of Dunscar. Lanes. ; in Crimea 
at Sebastopol, 5 class Medjidie, insp.-gen. police, 



Mauritius 1 858. special miss, to "Madagascar 1 882. 
lieui.-sfov, of Penang in 1867, Malar Peninsuia 
wnr 1875, admiziist. of Straits Settlements 
1871-9, J.P. Sussex: Southfield, Silverhill, St. 
Leo ri ards-« m- Sea. 

Anson, hon. Arthur Augustus, 2 s. of 3 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1887. 

Anson, rear-adml. Chas. Eustace, M.v.o. 
4 class (1901), s. <>f rev. canon Fredk. Anson, 
canoa of Windsor {d. 1885) ; h. 1859 ; m. 1, 
1888, Maria Evelyn, dan. {d. 1905) of late H. S. 
Boss, of Port-mouth ; 2, 190G, Kthel Kate, dau. 
of T. May ; at bombardment of Alexandria 
1882 ; commdg. H.M. Yacht " Osborne " 1901-3. 
younger broiher of Trinity House 1907, capt. in 
charge and King's Harbour master Portland 
1908-12, rear-adml. 1911 : Jan. United Service 

Anson, hon. Claud, 5 s. of 2 earl of Lichfield ; 
h. 1864 ; TO. 1901, lady Clodagh, 3 dau. of 5 marq. 
of Waterford, b. 1879 ; D.L., J.P. co. Waterford 
(sheriff 1909) : Ballysaggartmore, Lismore, co. 

Anson,hon. Francis, 6 s. of 2 earl of Lichfield ; 
b. 1867 ; TO 1892, Caroline, 2 dau. of Geo. Cleve- 
land, of Coleman, Texas, U.S.A. : Velinnewydd 
House, Talgarth, Breconshire. 

Anson, hon. Frederic Wm., 4 s. of 2 earl of 
Lichfield ; b. 1862 ; m. 1886, Florence L. J., eld. 
survg. dau. {d. 1908) of late col. Bagot Lane, of 
King's Bromlev Manor, Lichfield ; J.P. Herts : 8 
Pall Mall, S".W. ; Marlborough club ; Cell 
Barnes, St.Albans. 

Anson, Fredk. Hy., C.E., eld. s. of rev. Fre;lk. 
Anson, canon of Windsor (d. 1885) ; h. 1848 ; m. 
1885, Agnes Henrietta, dau. of late rt. hon. sir 
Thos. Dyke Acland, 11 bart. ; J.P. (1907) co. 
London: 72 St George's sq. S.W. ; Athenseum 

Anson, capt. hon. Geo. Augustus, M.v.o. 4 
class (1907), 2 s. of 2 earl of Lichfield ; b. 1867 ; 
m. 1884, Blanche, dau. of late G. Miller, of 
Brentry, Gloucestershire : capt. r.a. 1885-8, d.l. 
Sraffs, chief constable ' of Staffs from 1888 : 
Naval and Military club ; Staffs County Con- 
stabulary Headquarters, Eastgate House, Staf- 
ford ; Green Hall, Stafford. 

Anson, It.-col. Geo. Wemyss, eld. s. of maj. 
Octavius Hy. St. George Anson (d. 1859); h. 
1848 ; TO. 1, 1878, cousin Katherine H., 3 dau. of 
sir Wm. Muir, K.c.s.i. ; 2, 1912, Gertrude Anne, 
dau. of late Wm. Nicholson, d.l., J.P. of Basing 
Park, Hants; It.-col. ret. 1903, Ind. army, j p. 
(1904) Kent : Garvock, Kippington, Sevenoaks. 

Anson, sir John Hy. Algernon, 5 bart. (1831), 
eld. 8. of rear-adml. A. H. Anson, J.P. {d. 1913), 
by hon. Adela, 6 dau, of 6 baron Vernon, and 
cousin of sir Denis G. W. Anson, 4 bart. {d. 
1914) ; h. 1897 {Heir, hro. Edward R., h. 1902) : 
Baron's Down, Lewes, Sussex. 

Anson, hon. Rupert, 3 s. of 3 earl of Lich- 
field ; b. 1889 ; 2 It. 7 battn. R. Fus. from 1914. 

Anson, hon. Thos. Wm. Arnold, s. of vise. 
An on ; b. 1913. 

Anson, hon. William. 7 s. of 2 earl of Lich- 
field ; b. 1872 : Texas. U.S.A. 

Anson, lady Adelaide Audrey, youngest dau. 
of 4 earl of Harrowby, b. 1875 ; to. 1902. maj. hon. 
Hy. Jas. Anson, Highland L.L {d. 1904) : High 
Ashurst. Dorking. Surrey. 

Anson, hon, mrs Adela, 6 dau. of 6 baron 
Vernon ; b. 1870 ; m. 1896, rear-adml. Algernon 
Horatio Anson, J.P. {d. 1913) : Baron's Down, 
Lewes, Sussex. 

Anson, hon. mrs. Caroline M., dau. of 5 baron 
Vernon ; b. 1826 ; to. 1845, rev. canon Fredk. 
Anson, M.A. canon of Windsor and rect. of 
Sudbury, Derby, {d. 1885) : Carfax, Windsor. 

Anson-Horton, Henry, M.A. Oxon., eld. s. of 
rev. A. H. Anson, of Potter Hanworth Rectory, 
Lines. ; h. 1853 ; to. 1886, Katharine E., dau. of 
Thornton Warner, Trinidad Colonial Service; 
entd. Colonial Service 1880 as stipdy. magist., 
protector of Immigrants 1882 ; actg. col. sec. 
1885 ; J.P. Derbyshire, assumed addtl. name of 
Horton 1899 : Travellers' club ; Catton Hall, 

Anstey, eng. rear-adml. (1913) Wm. John. 

Anstice, sir (J.) Arthur, k.c.b. (1909), v.d., s. 
ot John Anstice,of Madeley Wood Hall, Salop {d. 
1867) ; b. 1846 ; to. 1891, Agnes P., eld. dau. of 
Ferdinand Unna, of 12 Lancaster gate, W. ; It.- 
col. commdg, (hon. col. 1886) 1 vol. battn. 
Shropshire L. I. 1881-1904, and hon. col. of the 
(now 4) battn. from 1904, chm. Glo'stershire 
Territrl. Force Assoc, from 1908, d.l., j.p. (1876) 
Salop, and (1906) Glo'stershire: Jun. Carlton 
club ; The Old Grange, Dymock, Gloucestershire. 

Anstice, maj. John Christian Appold, s. of 
John Anstice, of Madeley Wood Hall, Salop 
{d. 1867) ; b. 1861 ; m. 1895, Annie Wemyss, 
dau. of late maj. -gen. Hy. Holden Steward, 9 
Lancers and Queen's Bays ; served in S. African 
war 1901, maj. 6 dns. 1901, ret. 1902, J.P. (1910) 
Devon : Naval and Military, and Roy. Western 
Yacht (Plymouth) clubs; Warleigh, Tamerton- 
Foliot, Crown Hill, Devon. 

Anstice, Richd. Edmund, j.p. (1888) Salop : 
Bryher, Tower rd. Branksome Park, Bourne- 

Anstice, col. sir Robt. Hy., K.c.b. (1910), 
M.A. Oxon., 4 s. of late John Anstice, of Made- 
ley Wood Hall, Salop {d. 1867) ; b. 1843 ; maj. 
ret. p. late Bord. regt., It.-col. and hon. col. 1 
Aberdeenshire R. E. (vols.) 1891-1904, ret. 1904, 
hon. col. Highland Divl. Engrs., r.b. from 1914 : 
Jun, United Service, Jun. Army & Navy\ and 
University (Aberdeen) clubs ; Westbourne House, 
64 Queen's road, Aberdeen. 

Anstie, Edwd. Louis, eld. s. of E. B. Anstie, 
of Devizes, Wilts {d. 1896) ; b. 1867 ; to. 1896, 
Mildred, dau. of late F. M. Lush, of Devizes, 
Wilts ; J.P. (1901) Wilts : Shore House, Tinhead, 
Westhury, Wilts. 



. Anstie, Geo. Kdmond, j.p. (1909) Wilts: 
Fairlawn, Walton-by-Clevedon, Som. 

Anstie, James, k.c, s. of late James O. Ajistie, 
of Devizes, Wilts ; b. 1836 ; m. 1867, Sarah Anne 
Selfe, dau. of Lindsey Winterbotham, of Stroud, 
CO. G-lo'ster ; barr., Lincoln's Inn, 1859 ; Q.c. 
1882, a charity commr. 1884-92 : Millandreath, 
87 Southbourne road, Bournemouth. 

Anstruther, Arthur Wellesley, C.b. (1908), 4 
8. of col. sir Robert Anstruther, 5 bt. {d. 1886); 
6. 1864; TO. 1, 1893, hon. Mary Elma, dau. {d. 
1894) of 5 baron Thurlow ; 2, 1001, Louise Adele 
Rose, dau. of W. H. Trapmann, of Roland gdns. 
S.W. ; formerly capt. Fife art. mil., an assist. 
sec. to Board of Agriculture and Fisheries from 
1902 : 4 Whitehall pi. S.W. ; Hook Heath Farm, 

Anstruther, col. Basil Lloyd, 4 s. of J. H. 
Lloyd Anstruther, of Hintlesham Hall, Suffolk, 
J).L., J.P. {d. 1882) ; h. 1852 ; m. 1899, Adela M., 
youngest dau. of sir R. Loder, 1 bart, and widow 
of maj.-gen. hon. Alex. Stewart {d. 1896) ; It.-col. 
commdg. (brevet col. 1898) 1 battn. Manchester 
regt. 1894-8, ret. p. 1899 : 36 Lennox gdns. S.W. ; 
Tendring Hall, Stoke by Nayland, Colchester. 

Anstruther, col. Ohas. Fredk. St. Clair, 
M.v.o. 4 class (1905), d.s.o. (1900), 2 and eld. 
survg. s. of John Anstruther-Thomson, of 
Charleton, co. Fife, j.p. (</. 1904); b. 1855 ; m. 
1882, Agnes D., 3 dau. of Jas. Alex. G-uthrie, of 
Craigie, co. Forfar ; served in S. African war 
1900-1, It.-col. commdg. 2 life gd^. 1903-7, brev.- 
col. 1905, ret. p. 1907, discontinued the addtl. 
surname of Thomson 1909, esq. of order of St. 
John of Jerusalem, officier Legion d'honneur. 
knt. commdr. of the Sword of Sweden, and of 
Isobel la catolica of Spain ; J.p. co. Fife : 
Rutland House, Rutland gdns. S.W. ; Charleton, 
Colinsburgh, co. Fife. 

Anstruther, Henry Torrens, 2 s, of col. sir 
Robt. Anstruther, 5 bart. {d. 1886) ; 6. 1860 ; to. 
1889, hon. Eva L H., eld. dau. of 4 baron Sudeley, 
b. 1869 ; advocate, Edinburgh, 1885 ; J.P. co. Fife, 
a jun. lord of the treas. 1895-1903, M.P. (l.u.) St. 
Andrew's Burghs 1886-1903, British representa- 
tive on Suez Canal board from 1903 ; alderman 
L.C.C. 1905-10 : Cowley House, 9 Little College 
St. Westminster, S.W. ; Brooks's, and New 
(Edinburgh) clubs. 

Anstruther, Jas. Lloyd Anstruther, 3 s. of 
J. H. Lloyd Anstruther, of Hintlesham Hall, 
Suffolk, D.L., J.P. {d. 1882) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1907, 
hon. Eleanora, eld. dau. of 7 vise. Chetwynd : 12 
Chesham pi. S.W. ; Travellers' club ; Knapp 
House, Gillingham, Dorset. 

Anstruther, sir Ralph Wm., 6 bart. (1694), 
T.u. (1910), eld. s. of 5 bart., M.P. {d. 1886) ; b. 
1858 ; TO. 1886, Mildred H., younger dau. of E. 
Hussey, of Scotney Castle ; d.l., j.p. cos. Fife and 
Caithness, served in Egyptian expdn. 1882 and 
Bechuanaland expdn. 1884-5, capt. r.e. 1888-90, 
It.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 1905) 7 (T.F.) battn. 

Black Watch 1900-13, hon. col. of the battn. from 
1914 {Heir, s. Robt. Edwd., b. 1890) : 10 Evelyn 
mans. Carlisle pi. S.W. ; Brooks's club ; Bal- 
caskie, Pittenw^eem, Fife. 

Anstruther, capt. Robt. Hamilton, R.N., 
C.M.&. (1907), 3 s. of col. sir Robt. Anstruther, 5 
bart. {d. 1886) ; b. 1862; to. 1890, Edith Flora, 2 
dau. of late Wm. Peel, of Hawley Hill House, 
Blackwater ; sen. naval officer in Newfoundland 
waters 1906, capt. R.N. 1904. 

Anstruther, sir Windham Fredk. Carmichael- 
(n bt. 1694 and 1798), only s. of 10 bt. {d. 1903) 
by Sylvia, youngest dau. of late rt. hon. sir Fredk. 
M. Darley,'p.G., g.c.m.g., It.-gov. and c.j. of N. S. 
Wales; b. 1002; hered. carver to and one of 
the masters of royal household in Scotland {Heir, 
kinsman, Windham Eric F., b. 1900) : 96 West- 
bourne terr. W. ; Carmichael House, Thanker- 
ton, N.B. 

Anstruther, lady Carmichael-,Sylvia, vide 
maj . hon. Algernon Hy. Chas. Hanbury-Tracy. 

Anstruther-Duncan, mrs.— Catharine H. A., 
only child and heir of late Adam Alex. Duncan 
(who assumed addtl. name of Morison) and late 
mrs. Morison-Duncan, of Naughton, co. Fife : m. 
1897, col. Alex. Wm. Anstruther, R.A. who 
assumed by deed-poll addtl. name of Duncan 
in 1897 and d. 1902 : Naughton, Wormit, Dun- 
dee, N.B. 

Anstrdther-Grough-Calthorpe, Fitz Roy 
Hamilton, only s. of Robt. Hamilton Lloyd 
Anstruther; D.L., J.P. ; b. 1872; to. 1898, hon. 
Rachel Gough, eld. dau. of 6 baron Calthorpe, 
b. 1871 ; assumed by- royal licence '1910 surname 
of Anstruther only in lieu of Lloyd Anstruther, 
and by further royal licence in the same year the 
addtl. surname of Gough- Calthorpe, J.P. (1914) 
Hants : Elvetham Hall, nr. Winchfield, Hants. 

Anstruther-G-ray, maj. Wm.. 3 s. of John 
Anstruther-Thomson, of Charleton, co. Fife, D.L., 
J.p. (d. 1901) ; b. 1859 ; to. 1891, Clayre, dau. of 
Andrew Tennant, of Essenside, Glenelg, S. 
Australia ; assumed addtl. name of Gray 1904 ; 
maj. late r.ii.g., a.d.c. to gov. of S. Australia 
1889-91, served as commdt. of dist. of Knysna, 
Cape Colony, and insp. of Burgher camps, 
Transvaal, during S. African war, j.p. Fife, 
Lanarkshire and Glasgow, M, p. (u.) St. Andrew's 
Burghs 1906-10 and from 1910 : 9 Eaton sq. 
S.W. ; Bachelors', Marlborough and Naval and 
Military clubs ; Kilmany, Cupar-Fife ; .St. 
Adi-ians, Crail, Fife. 

Anthonisz, Jas. Oliver, c.m.g. (1914), treas. 
of the Straits Settlements. 
Anthony, tide Bu-rell- Anthony. 
Anthony, Edwyn, M.A. Oxon., 2 s. of late 
Chas. Anthony, formerly of The Elms, Hereford ; 
b. 1843; barr. Inner Temple 1877, j.p. (1893) 

Anthony, Wm., J.p. (1907) Carnarvonshire : 
The Lodge, Pwllheli. 



Antigua, 7 bp. of (1842). rt. rev. Edwd. 
Hutson, u.D. Durh., s. of veu.Eyre Hutson, M.A., 
archdn. of Virgin Islands; h. 1873; rect, of St. 
Paul, St. Croix, Danish West Indies 1904-10, 
canon of St. John's Oath. Antigua 1906-10, exam, 
cliaplii. to bp. of Antigua 190(5-10, bp. of Antigua 
from 1911 : Bishop's Lodge, Antigua, W. I. 

Antill, col. John Macquarie, C.B. (1900), 2 
s. of late John M. Antill, of Jarv^isfield, Picton, 
N. S. Wales ; b. 1866 ; m. 1901, Agnes M., eld. 
(lau. of Tho3. P. Willsallen, of Gunnible, Gun- 
nedah, N. S. Wales ; served with N. S. Wales 
Mounted Rif. in S. African war 1899-1901, a.d.c. 
to gov.-gen., late chief instr. Aust, Light Horse, 
8taif Commonwealth mily. forces : Australian 
club, 8ydney, N. S. Wales. 

Anton, Jas. Ross, J.P. (1897) Dorset. 

Antrim, 6 earl of (1785, 2nd creation, ir.). 
William Randall McDonnell, eld. s. of 5 earl 
{d. 1869) ; h. 1851 ; m. 1875, Louisa (lady of the 
bedchamber to Qu^een Victoria 1891-1901, to 
Queen Alexandra from 1901), dau. of late gen. 
hon. Chas. G-rey ; 2nd tit. vise. Dunluce ; D.L. 
CO. Antrim {Heir, s. vise. Dunluce q. v.') : Glenarm 
Castle, Larne, Antrim. 

Antrobns, col. sir Edmund, 4 bart. (1815), 
eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 1899) ; h. 1848 ; m. 1886, 
Florence C. M., dau. of J. A. Sartoris, of Hops- 
ford Hall, Warwickshire ; It.-col. (col. 1888) (3 
battn.) Gren. gds. 1893-7, ret. p. 1903, J.P. (1898) 
Wilts {Heir, bro. Cosmo G., h. 1859) : Travellers' 
club ; Amesbury Abbey, Amesbury, Wilts. 

Antrobns, John Coutts, eld. s. of late G. C. 
Autrobus, of Eaton Hall, D.L. ; b. 1829 ; m. l,dau. 
of C. Swetenham, of Somerford Booths, Cheshire ; 
2, dau. of G. J' Shakerley; 3, 1875, Mary E., 
younger dau. {d. 1911) of late gen. hon. sir Jas. 
Lindsay, K.C.M.G. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1857, J.P. 
Cheshire, maj. (hon. lt.-co\.) Cheshire yeom. 
1872-87 : Eaton Hall, Congleton. 

Antrobus, sir Reginald Laurence, k.c.m.g. 
(1911), C.B. (1898), B.A. Oxon., eld. s. of late rev. 
Geo. Antrobus, vicar of Beighton, Derbyshire ; 
b. 1853; TO. 1, 1880, Selina, dau. {d. 1890)' of late 
rev. A. Leighton Irwin ; 2, 1894, Edith Marion, 
dau. of late John Park Robinson, of Liverpool ; 
apptd. clerk in Colonial Office 1877 ; assist, priv. 
sec. to earl of Kimberley 1880-2 ; priv. sec. to 
earl of Derby 1882-5, to rt. hon. F. A. Stanley 
M.P. (afterwards earl of Derbj') 1885-6, to earl 
Granville in 1886 ; adminstd. govt, of St. Helena 
1889-90 ; princ. clerk 1896 ; assist.-und.-sec. of 
state, Colonial Office 1898-1909, crown agent 
for the Colonies from 1909 : 19 Cranley gdns. 
S.W. ; 4 Whitehall gdns. S.W. 

Anwyl, Robt. Chas., s. of Evan Anwyl, of 
Lligwy, Merioneth {d. 1872) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1886, 
Harriette, dau. of late John Hamilton, maj. 
Black Watch; is D.L., J.P., C.c. co. Merioneth 
(sheriflE 1900), j.p. co. Montgomery, late It. 
Mont. yeo. cav. : Jun. Conservative club ; Lligwy, 
Pennal, Merioneth. 

Anwyl-Passingrham, maj, Robt. Townshend, 
eld. s. of maj. Robt. Townshend Anwyl-Passing- 
ham, of Bryn-y-groes, Merioneth, D.L., J.P. {d, 
1893), by Lucy Emma [d. 1909), eld. dau. and co- 
heiress of late Jeffreys Badger, of Kingsland, 
Salop ; h. 1867 ; m. 1906, Charlotte Angle Bigoe, 
only dau. of late capt. Bigoe Williams, 4 R. 
Irish, drag. gds. ; served with Burmese expdn. 
1886-9, Burma 1889-92, maj. Indian army 1904, 
ret. 1907, J.P. (1910) Merioneth: E. L United 
Service club. 

Aplin, maj. John Geo. Orlebar, C.M.G. (1899), 
s. of late maj .-gen. Aplin; 6. 1863; to. 1899, 
Alberta L., dau. of late maj. F. Surrey, of 
Hastings ; granted local rank of maj. whilst 
emplyd. with W. African frontier force, 1899, 
capt. (hon. maj. 1904) 3 battn. (mil.) D. of Corn. 
L. I. 1888-1906. 

Aplin, Wm. Holmes, j.p. (1903) Devon: 
York House, Beer, Axminster. 

Appelbe, col. Edwd. Beuj., c.B., (1902), 2 s. 
of late Edwd. A, Appelbe, of Kildarra House, 
Bandon ; h. 1855 ; to. 1, 1885, Annie Margaret, 
eld. dau. {d. 1905) of late David Napier, of Mur- 
chiston, Natal; 2, 1907, Helen Florence Mabel, 
(twin) dau. of late brig.-surg. Thos. Wright, 
A.M.s. ; served in Zulu campaign 1879, during 
Boer war 1881, with Soudan expedns. 1884-5 and 
1888-9 as sen, ordnance store officer, present at 
action of Gamaizahl (3 class Medjidie 1892), and 
in S. Africa 1899-1902, present at relief of Lady- 
smith ; was sen. ord. st. officer, Egyptian army 
1887-93 (3 class Osmanieh) ; ret. 1907 : The 
Grove, Crineleford, nr. Norwich. 

Apperley, Newton Wynne, m.v.o. 4 class 
(1903), s. of col. W. W. Apperley, 4 Bengal cav., 
of Morben, Machynlleth, N. Wales ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1880, Mary, dau. of Alan Wm. Hutchinson, of 
Hollingside, Durham ; J.P. co. Durham, capt. 
(hon. maj. 1886) Montgomeryshire yeom. 1881-6 ; 
pri. sec. to the marq. of Londondei-ry : Jun. Con- 
stitutional club ; South End, Durham. 

Apperly, Chas. Alfred, eld. s. of sir Alfred 
Apperly, knt., of Rodborough Court, Glo'ster- 
shire, J.P. (d. 1913) ; h. 1872 ; to. 1912, Florence 
Mary, dau. of Joseph Lees, j.p. ; is j.p. (1906) 
Glo'stershire : Cotsmoor, Stroud, Glos. 

Apperly, lady. — Marie, dau. of H. C. Paice, 
of Egham, Surrey ; to. 1865, sir Alfred Apperly, 
knt., of Rodborough Court, Glos., J.P. ((/.1913)': 
Rodborough Court, Stx'oud, Glos. 

Appleby, John Stanley, eld. s. of Thos. 
Appleby, of Greatham,co. Durham, j.p. {d. 1909) ; 
6. 1873 ; m. 1900, AVinifred I. Wynn, youngest 
dau. of late ven. archdn. J. Hughes-Games, vicar 
of Hull ; J.P. (1900) CO. Durham : Carlton club ; 
Elton Hall, Stockton-ou-Tees. 

Apple&ate, Frank, s. of John Wm. Applegate, 
of Bradford-on-Avon, Wilts, and Weston-super- 
Mare, Somerset ; b. 1830 ; to. 1873, Edith Warlow, 
dau. of brig.-gen. Watt, Osmanli cav. (col. 6th 
Bengal Lt. cav.), of Pine Hill, co. Antrim, by dau 



of maj.-gen. sir Henry Worsley, g.c.b. ; j.p, 
(1897) Wilts : WooUey Hill House, Bradford-on- 
Avon, Wilts. 

Appleton, Robt. Carlisl-^, s. of Jas. Appleton, 
of Hemlington Hall, N. Yorks ; j.p. (1907) E. R. 
Yorks and (1892) Beverley : Bar House, Beverley ; 
Mol^s-roft House, Molescroft, Beverley. 

Appleton, Thos. Hy., j.p. (1914) N. E. 
Yorks : Beverley House, Clifton, York. 

Appleton, Tom, j.p. (1906) E. R. Yorks : 
Donnybrook, Hessle, Yorks. 

Apps, engr.-capt. Wm. Richd., r.n., m.v.o. 4 
class (1906), s. of late Ctias. Apps, of Chichester ; 
h. 1862 ; m. 1885, Florence, dau. of late T. Lidiard, 
of Bath ; served on Gambia River, W. Coast of 
Africa 1894 and 1901 ; during S. African war 
1899-1900; engr.-commdr. H.M.S. "Renown" 
during visit of T R.H.prince and princess of Wales 
(King George V. and Queen Mary) to India 
1905-6 ; engr.-commdr. R.x. 1899, ret. with 
permission to assume rank of engr.-capt. 1912. 

Apsley, lord, Allen Algernon Bathurst, eld. 
s. of earl Bathurst ; b. 1895 ; 2 It. Gloucester- 
shire yeo. from 1914. 

Arathoon, It. -col. Robt. Lewis, s. of late John 
Arathoon, of Madras ; h. 1844 ; m. 1879, Mary J., 
dau. of late sir John Haggerston, bart. ; It.-col. 
late 2 North'n regt., j.p. (1905) Kent: Court 
Lodge, Gillingham, Kent. 

Arbuckle, hon. sir "Wm., s. of late Wm. 
Arbuckle, Stirlingshire ; h. 1839 ; m. 1865, 
Henrietta, eld. dau. of late Hy. Shire, of Natal ; 
5 times mayor of Durban, treas. for Natal 1897- 
1902, prea. legisl. council of Natal 1902-4, agent- 
gen, for Natal in London 1904-9, knighted 1902. 

Arbuthnot, Chas. Geo., 3 s. of John Alves 
Arbuthnot, of Coworth Park, Berks, j.p. [d. 
1875) ; h. 1846 ; a director of the Bank of England 
1884 : 69 Eaton sq. S.W. : Athenaeum and Carlton 
clubs ; Bedwell Park, Hatfield, Herts. 

Arbuthnot, ven. Geo., d.d. Oxon., eld. s. of 
Geo. Clerk Arbuthnot, of Mavisbank, Midlothian 
{d. 1876) ; h. 1846 ; m, 1885, Margaret Evelyn, eld. 
dau. of late very rev. H. Mortimer Luckock, 
D.D., dean of Lichfield; M.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 
vicar of Arundel, Sussex 1873-9, of Stratford- 
on-Avou, Warws. 1879-1908, archd. of Coventry 
from 1908 : United University club ; Comyn 
House, Leamington. 

Arbuthnot, sii- George G., s. of late Archibald 
Eras. Arbuthnot; h. 1848; m. 1873, Isabella A., 
dau. of rev. the hon. R. C. Boyle; knighted 1901. 

Arbuthnot, Gerald Archibald, only s. of maj.- 
gen. Wm. Arbuthnot c.B. {d. 1893), by his 2 wife, 
Selina, dau. {d. 1877), of sir Thos. Moncreiffe, 7 
bart. ; b. 1872 ; m. 1894, Mary Johanna A. D., 
younger dau. of late Chas. Oppenheim ; mid. R.x. 
1887-91, priv. sec. to pres. of Board of Agricul- 
ture 1895-9, asst. priv. sec. to pres. of Local Govt. 
Board 1901-2, and to priv. sec. to chief sec. for I 
Ireland 1905-6," M.P. (c.) Burnley in 1910 : 43 
Prince's gdns. S.W. ; Carlton club. 

Arbuthnot, maj.-gen. Henry Thos., R.A., c.B. 
(1907), -. of Geo. Arbuthnot, of the Treasury ; b. 
1834 ; m. 1862, Anna J., dau. {d. 1909) of B. H. 
Mowbray, of Surbiton, Surrey ; in Crimea 1854-5, 
at Alma, Inkerman and Sebastopol, knt. leg. hon. 
Indian mutiny 1857-8 at Lucknow ; ret. p. 1887 ; 
j.p. Sutton Coldtield : 2 St. Germans pi. Black- 
heath, S.E. ; United Service club. 

Arbuthnot, Jas. Woodgate, eld. survg. s. of 
Geo. Arbuthnot, of Elderslie, Surrey {d. 1895) ; b. 
1848 ; in. 1877, Annie, dau. of sir Chas. Jackson, 
judge of high court of Calcutta : was formerly a 
banker in Madras (ret. 1884), J.p. (1901) Surrey : 
Athenaeum club ; Elderslie, nr. Dorking. 

Arbuthnot, maj. John Bernard, M.v.o. 5 class 
(1902), eld. s. of col. Geo. Arbuthnot, r.a. (ret.), 
of Norton Court, Glos., d.l., j.p. (d. 1912) ; b. 
1875 ; m. 1903, Olive, only dau. of sir Hy. A. 
Blake, g.c.m.g. ; served in S. Africa 1900-1 : 
maj. Scots gds. 1911-13, ret. p. 1913, gen. staff 
officer (temp.) 1914: Carlton and Guards' clubs. 

Arbuthnot, rear-adml. sir Robt. Keith, 4 bt. 
(1823), M.v.o. 4 class (1904), eld. s. of 3 bt. {d. 
1889) ; b. 1864 ; m. 1897, Lina, only dau. of col. 
Alex. C. Madeay, c.B., 3 Seaforth Highrs. ; a.d.c. 
to the King 1911-12, rear-adml. 1912 {Heir, bro. 
maj. Dalrymple, h. 1867): 51 Elsworthy rd. 
Hampstead, N.W. ; Travellers' and Automobile 

Arbuthnot, lady. — Constance A., youngest 
dau. of sir Wm. Milman, 3 bart. ; m. 1899, as his 
2 wife, sir Alex. John Arbuthnot, K.c.s.1., c.i.e. 
{d. 1907) : Newtown House, nr. Newbury. 

Arbuthnot, mrs. — M. Rosa, eld. dau. of J. 
Campbell, of Kilberry, Argyllshire ; m. 1865, as 
his 2 wife, Wm. Arbuthnot, of Coworth Park, 
Berks. D.L., J.P. {d. 1896) : The Ham Manor, 
Newbury, Berks. 

Arbuthnot- Brisco, capt. Robt. John Wastel, 
only s. of late maj. Robt. Christopher Ai-buthnot, 
of Hollow Dene, Erensham, Surrey ; b. 1877 ; vi. 
1905, Winefride Teresa, dau. of A. Boursot, of 12 
Vicarage gate, Kensington, W. ; J.P. (1904) 
Montgomeryshire, served in S. African war 1899- 
1900, late Hbattn. Yorkshire regt., capt. 7 battn. 
R. Welsh Eus. from 1908 : Newtown Hall, New- 
town, Montgomeryshire. 

Arbuthnott, 12 vise. (1611, sco.). William 
Arbuthnott, 4 s. of 9 vise. {d. 1891) by dau. of 
6 earl of Airlie and bro. of 10 vise. {d. 1895) and 
of 11 vise. {(l. 1914) ; b. 1849 {Heir, cousin, It.-col. 
AValter C. W., b. 1847) : Arbuthnott House, nr. 
Fordoun, Kincardineshire. 

Arbuthnott, Jas. Camegy-, eld. s. of Arthur 
Risdon Capel (who assumed addtl. names of 
Carnegy-Arbutlmott and d. in 1899) by Mary A. 
J., 4 dau. {d. 1906) of Jas. Carnegy-Ai-buthnott, 
of Balnamoon and Eindowrie, co. Forfar, d.l., 
J.p.{d. 1871) : 34 Roland gdns. South Kensington, 
S.W. : Balnamoon House, Brechin, Forfarshire. 

Arbuthnott, John Campbell, c.i.e. (1898), s. 
of late It.-col. hon. Hugh Arbuthnott ; b. 1868 ; 



m. 1887, Jeannie S., dan. of late Robt. Hamilton, 
of Elmhurst, Kent ; I.C.S, (Assam) 1879, asst. 
commr. 1883, dep. commr. 1890. 

Arbuthnott, hon. mrs. Hugh, Susan, dau. of 
late John Campbell, of Greenock ; m. 1854, col. 
hon. Hufrb Arbuthnott {d. 1866). 

Archambault, hon. sir Horace, c.J. of the 
Prov. of Quebec, Canada, knighted 1914. 

Archdale, rt. hon. Edwd. p.c. (Irel. 1913), 
B.A. Oxon., C.E., eld. s. of rev. Hy. Mcntgomery 
Archdale, of Willow Bank, Kingstown {d. 1898) 
an<l nephew of Wm. Humphreys Merv\n-Arch- 
dale, of C>*-tle Archdale, co. Fermanagh, M.P.. 
D.L., J.P. [d. 1899); h 1850: m. 1908, Elizabeth, 
2 dau. of late Nicholas Harwood, II. M. Dock- 
yard, Pembroke, and widow of capt. W. Wing- 
field Clarke ; is n.L., J.P. co. F rma- ag»t (shpiiflf 
1902). J.P. CO. Tyrone (sheriff ]90()) and H M.'s 
lieut. from 1913 : Ca-^tle Archdile, Irvinest.iwu, 
CO. Fermanagh ; Trillick Lodtje, co. Tyrone. 

Archdale, Edwd. Mervyn, eld. s. of Nicholas 
Montgomery Archdale. of Crock na Grieve, co. 
Fermanagh, J. P.(rf. lH77) ; b. 1853 ; m 1880, Alice 
B., youngest dau. of late Quintin Fleming ; It. 
(ret.) R.N., D.L., J.P. CO. Fermanagh (>heriff 
1884). M.P. (C.)N. Fermanagh 1898-1903 : Kildare 
St. (Dublin) club; Riversdale, Ballinamallard, 
CO. Fermanagh. 

Archdale. brig.-gen. Hugh Jas., c.B. (1902), 2 
8. of capt. Mervyn Edwd. Archdale, of Castle 
Archdale, co. Fermanagh {d. 1895) ; b. 1854 ; m. 
1, Minnie, eld. dau. (d. 1888) of late capt. Hugh 
Montijompry Archdale, late 52 L. I. ; 2, 1894, 
Helen Evelyn T., eld. dau. of capt. Boscawen 
Trevor Griffith-Boscawen, of Trevalyn Hall, 
Denbighshire. D.L., J.P. ; served in Soudan cam- 
paign 1885. Burmese expdn. 188G-7, S. Afdcan 
war 1899-1902, brig -gen. commdg. N. Midland 
divn. of Territl. army 1908-11, ret. p. 1911, hon. 
rank of brig.-gen. 1912 : Naval and Military club. 

Archer, It.-col. Cha-les, c.s.i. (1911), <m.e. 
(1906), s. of Thos. Archer, c.M.o., agent-gen. in 
Enerland for Queensland [d lH05) ; 6. 18ti3 ; m. 
1900, Alice, dau. of Hy. G. H.ves,of Washington, 
U.S.A.; Zhob Valley expdn. 1890. lieut. -col. 1903, 
Ind. army, pol. agent Baluchistan from 1909, 
actg. as rendt. and agt. to gov.-gen. in 
Baluchistm Jan. 1911. 

Archer, Geoffrey Fras., c.m.q. (1913), served 
in Uganda with the actg. commr. 1901, attached 
to the secretariat of E. Africa Protectorate 
1902, dist. commr. 1907, offr. in charge of North- 
ern Fr -ntier 1911-12, sen. dist. commr. Somali- 
land Protectorate 1912-14, actg. commr. 1913, 
commr. and <'ommdr.-in-cf)ief Somaliland Prot. 
from 1914 : The Residency, Berbera, Somaliland 
Prot^-ctorate. E. Africji. 

Archer Geo., .i.P. (1914) Lincolnshire (Parts 
of Lin'^sey) : Queen st. Epworih, Doncaster. 

Archer, maj. Hy. Fairfax Best, eld. a. of late 
maj. Wm. Hy. Archer, 16 Lancers, by Frances, 

youngest dau. of late Thos. Fairfax Best, of 
Chilston Park and Wierio'i, Kent ; b. l!S58: m. 
1886, Cath rine M., eld. dau. of late col. A. N. 
Scott, R.A. (Mtdras), capt. (hon. maj. lS9(i) 3 
bat'n. Hampshire regt. 1881-95, J.P. (1904) 
Suffolk : Nairn. N.B. 

Archer, Philip Addis Edwd., eld. s. of Addis 
Edwd. Archer, and grands, of Edwd. Archer, of 
Trelaske, Cornwall, d.l., J.P. (d. 1885) ; 6. 1884 : 
Trelaske. Launceston, Cornwall. 

Archer, Walter E., c.B. (1911), 4 s. of Clement 
R. Archer, of Hill Hou-e, Hampton. Middlx. ; 6. 
1855 : m. 1878, Alice L., dau. of late Robt. Hay 
Murray, of Spinfield. Bucks, D.L., J.P. : insp. of 
salmon fisheries for Scotland 1892-98. chief insp. 
of fisheries to board of trade (England and 
Wales) 1898-1903. asst. hoard of agriculture 
and fisheries 1903-12. pres. of council of Inter- 
national Explorations of the North Sea; 
commdr. (2 clasj.) Order of Dannebrog of Den- 
mark : 17 Sloane Couit west, S.W. ; Uni n club. 

Archer. Wm. John, c.M.G. (1902), f.r.g.8.. s. 
of lae assr. roma.iss. gen. Wm. S. Archt-r; b. 
1«61 ; m. 1892, Chiistina C. dau. of rev. Roger 
Burrow ; barr. Middle- Temple 1894. vice-consul 
at Chiengmai, Siam 1891-6 an-^ con-^ul 1896-7, 
actd. as charge d'affaires at Bangkok 1 Aug. to 
6 Sept. 1896. 7 Dec. to 28 May, 1897. and 4 July, 
1900 to 31 Dec. lOOl.consul at 'Bangkok 1«97-1963, 
judge of H.M.'s court for Siam 1903-4. of the 
mixed courts in Egypt 1904-6, 3 clas- Qsmanieh 
1907: 3 class White El-phant of Sam 1907, 
commdr. (2 ciass) Norwegian Order of Sr. Olaf, 
and (2 clas>) Dani.-h Order of the Dannebrog, 
councillor of the Siamt-s» Legation in London from 
1906 : 23 Ashburn pi. Sou;h Kensin-ton, S.W. ; 
Oriental cub. 

Archer-Shee. maj. Martin, D.s.o. (1900), eld. 
s. of Martin Archer-Sbee {d. 1913) ; b. 1«73 ; m. 
1905.Frances, only dau. of late Alfred Pell, of New 
York, U.S.A. ; mid.R.N. 1886-90, capt. and brevet 
maj. 19 buss. 1902. ret. 1905, serve.i in S. African 
war 1899-1902, M.P (c.) Finsbury (Central divn.) 
from 1910: Ca»lton, Cavalry, Cunstitntional and 
Naval and Military clubs ; Ashurst Lodge, 
Sunninghill, Ascot. 

Archibald, Wm. Fredk. Alphonf'e M.A. Oxon., 
eld. survg. s. of sir Thos. Dicksot, Archibald, judge 
of Queen 8 bench and Common pleas, 1873-6 
{d. 1876) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1873, Florence, 2 dau. of 
late Chas. Wallroth, of Blackheath, S.E. : late 
Feredny fell, of St. John s coll. Ox., barr. Inner 
Temple 1874, a master of Supreme court of 
iudicature from 1890 : Royal Courts of Justice, 
Strand, W.C. 

Archibald, mrs. — Isabel, 2 dau. of late Robt. 
Falcon, M.D. ; m. 1864, Chas. Wm. Archibald, of 
Rusland Hall, Lanes, J.P. {d. 1893) : Rusland 
Hall, Ulverston, Lanes. 

Ardagh and Clonmacnoise, bp. (R.c.)of. rt. 
r T. Joseph Hoare, D.D., s. of John floare, of 
Ballymahon, co. Longford ; b. 1842 ; bp. (R.C.) of 



Ardagh and Clonmacnoise from 1895 : St. Mel's 
College, Longford, Ireland. 

Ardee, It. -col. lord. Reginald le Normand 
Brabazon, eld. s. of 12 earl of Meath ; h. 1869; 
m. 1908, lady Aileen M., 3 but only survg. dau. 
of 4 earl of Dimraven, h. 1873 ; It.-col. gi-en. 
gds. from 1912 : 2 Gloucester sq. W. 

Arden, Douglas, 2 but only survg. s. of Richd. 
Edwd. Arden, of East Burnham House, Bucks, 
and Sunbury Park, Middlx., D.L., J.P. {d. 1894) ; 
b. 1844 ; ml 1872, dau. of rev. canon Drummond 
Eawnsley, of Halron Holgate, Lines ; J.P. (1903) 
Bucks : XJnited University club ; East Burnham 
House, nr. Slough. Bucks. 

Ardilaun, lord (1 baron 1880, U.K.), sir Arthur 
Edward Guinness, 2 bart. {cr. 1867) eld. s. of sir 
Benj. Lee Guinness, 1 bart. [d. 1868) ; b. 1840 ; 
m. 1871, lady Olivia Charlotte, dau. of 3 earl of 
Bantrv; M.A., ll.d. (hon.) Dublin, M.p. (c.) 
Dublin 1868-9 and 1874-80, D.L., J.P. co. Galway, 
CO. Dublin and co. Kerry : raised to the peerage 
in 1880 (Heir to barony none, to baronetcy, 
Algernon Arthur St. Lawrence Lee Guinness, b. 
1883) : 11 Carlton House ter. S.W. ; Carlton, St. 
Stephen's, Garrick, and Kildare St. and Univer- 
sity (Dublin) clubs ; St. Anne's, Clontarf, Dublin; 
Ashford, Cong, co. Galway. 

Ardingr, Alfred Chas., b.a. Oxon., 3 s. of Edwd. 
"Wells, of Wallingford, Berks, J.P. ; h. 1858 ; m. 
1880, Florence M., dau. of Edwin D. Maddy, of 
10 Queen's Gate ter. S.W. ; J.P. Berks., assumed 
by royal licence name of Arding in lieu of Wells, 
1890 : The Folly, Woodcote, Reading. 

Ardron, John, C.b. (1906), s. of John Ardron, 
of Queniborough, Leicestershire ; b. 1843j m. 1873, 
dau. of John Jas. Ridge, M.D., of Gravesend,Kent; 
asst. sec. to G.P.O. 1897-1906, commdr. Danish 
order of Dannebrog : Nordra, Stanmore, Middlx. 

Ardwall, lady. — Christian Robison, dau. of 
John G. Brown, of Lochanhead, and niece and 
heir of Walter McCulloch, of Ardwall, co. Kirk- 
cudbright {d. 1892) ; m. 1875, Andrew Jameson, 
a judaic o^^ court of session in Scotland (with 
title of lord Ardwall) 1905-11 {d. 1911) : 14 Moray 
pi. Edinburgh ; Ardwall, Kirkcudbrightshire. 

Argentina and Eastern So. America, bp, 
cf, rt. rev. Edwd. Fras. Every, D.D. Cantab., 2 
8. of sir Hy. Flower Every, 10 bart. {d. 1893) ; 
b. 1862 ; vicar of St. Cuthbert, Bensham, Gates- 
head 1899-1902, bp. of the Falkland Islands 1902- 
10 and of Argentina and Eastern So. America 
from 1910 : c/o Rector of St. John's Church, 
Calle 25 de Mayo, Buenos Ayres. 

Argles, Cecil Geo., eld. s. of rev. canon Geo. 
Marstiam Argles, of York : h. 1872 ; m. 1898, 
Munel, 3 dau. of Wm. Waiies, of Bath; J.P. 
(1909) Beds Cavendish club; Wrest Park 
Lodge, Ampthill. 

Argles, Thos. Atkinson, m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon, 
only s. of Frank Atkinson Argles, of Eversley, 
Westmorland, D.L., J.P. {d. 1885) ; b, 1859 ; m. 
1893 Agnes, youngest dau. of lata Wm. Hy. 

Wakefield, of Sedgwick House, Kendal ; bari*. 
Lincoln's Inn 1883, D.L., J.P. Westmorland(sherifI 
1891), maj. 4 battn. Border regt. 1908-12, ret. 
1912, maj. Territl. Force Res. (Inf.) from 1913 : 
Carlton club ; Eversley, Milnthorpe, Westmor- 
land ; Haregate, Leek, Staffs. 

Argyll, 10 duke of (1701, Sco.). Niall Diarmid 
Campbell, only s. of lord Archibald Campbell {d. 
1913) and nephew to 9 duke, K.G , K.T., P.c. Ac. 
{d. 1914) ; h. 1872 ; sits a^ duke of Argyll (1892, 
u. K.) ; 2nd tit. marq. of Lome ; chief of tbe 
clan Campbell; hered. master of the King's 
household in Scotland and keeper of the great 
seal of Scotland, hered. keeper of the royal 
castles of Dunoon, Dunstaffnage and Carrick, 
hered. sheriff of Argyllshire, hon. col. 8 battn. 
Argyll and Suth'd. Highrs. from 1914, D.L. 
Argyllshire (^Heir, cousin, Douglas W. Campbell, 
b. 1877) : 28 Clarges sc. W. : Coombe Hill Farm, 
Kingston-on-Thames ; Kil Katrine, Inveraray, 
Argyllshire; Dalchenna, Inveraray, Argyll- 
shire ; Roseneath, Helensburgh, Dumbartonshire. 

Argyll. H.R.H. princess Louise, duchess of, 
vide Ro5"ai Family. 

Argyll, dowager duchess of, v. a., Ina, 
youngesc dau. of late Archibald McNeill, of 
Colonsay, Argyllshire and iniece of late baron 
Colonsay ; m. 1895, as his 3 wife, 8 duke of 
Argyll, K.G., K.T., P.c. {d. 1900) ; woman of the 
bedchamber and priv. sec. to Queen Victoria 
1888-95, order of Victoria and Albert : 54 
Cadogau sq. S.W. ; Macharioch, Argyllshire. 

Argyll and The Isles, bp. of, rt. rev. Kenneth 
Mackenzie, d,d. Oxon., s. of late lord Mackenzie, 
senator of Coll. of Justice, Scotland ; b. 1803 ; 
m. 1897, Alice, dau. of late Jas. F. White, of 
Balruddery, co. Forfar ; exam, chapln. to bp. of 
Brechin, and rect. of St. Paul, Dundee 1900-7 ; 
provost of cath. ch. of St. Paul, Dundee 1905-7, 
bp. of Argyll and The Isles from 1907 : Ard- 
connel, Oban. 

Arkell, Thos., eld. s. of J. Arkell, of Kings- 
down, Wilts; b. 1834; J.P. (1895) Wilts: Beech 
Croft, Kingsdown, Stratton St. Margaret, Swin- 
don, Wilts, 

Arkell, Wm. Cobbett, 2 s. of John Arkell, of 
Kingsdown, Wilts ; b. 1835 ; m. 1864, 2 daii. of 
Wm. Wakefield, of Fairford, Gloucestershire ; 
J.P. (1909) Gloucestershii-c : The Close, Fairford, 

Arkwright, Arthur Chandos, 6 s. of J. Ark- 
Wright, of Hampton Court, co. Hereford, j.P. {d. 
1858) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1870, Agnes M., dau. of Wm. 
M. Tufnell, of Hatfield Place, Chelu^sford : j.p. 
Salop and E.S3ex, late It, 2 life gds.. maj. and hon. 
It.-col. Shropsh. yeom. 1889-90 : Hatfield Place, 
Witham, Essex. 

Ark-wright, Bertram Harry Godfrey, j.p. 
(1912) Derbyslure : Masson House, Matlock 

Arkwright, rev. Ernest Hy., M.v.o. 4 class 
(1911), M.A. Oxon., 4 s. of rev, Geo. Arkwriglit„ 



I'ect. of Peucombe, iterefordsliire {d. 1877), by 
hon. Elizabetli, 3 dau. of 3 baron Kenyon ; b. 
18G8 ; m. 1912, Bei'tha Elais, dau. of late canon 
Scarth, of Bearsted, Kent; asst. chapln, Clifton 
Coll. 1901-3, R. N. Coll.. Osboi'ne 1903-5 and 
R. N. Coll., Dartmouth 1905, 2 master at R. N. 
Coll., Dartmouth from 1905 : Royal Naval 
College, Dartmouth. 

Arkwrig-ht, Fras., s. of rev. G. H. Ark- 
wright, of Sutton Scarsdale {d. 1866); b. ISiG ; m. 
1, 1868, dau. {d. 1873) of late H. Milbank ; 2, 1875, 
hon. Evelyn, dau. of 3 vise. Sidmoath, b. 1852 ; 
late 100 foot, J. P. Derbyshire, lord of manor of 
Churchover, co. Warwick, M.P. (c.) E. Derby- 
shire 1874-80 : Carlton club ; 26 Wimborne rtl. 

Arkwrig-ht, Frederic Chas., only s. of i'redc. 
Arkwright, of Willersley {d. 1874) ; b. 1853 ; m. 
1883, Rebecca O., 3 dau of sir John Gay New- 
ton Alleyne, 3 bart. ; d.l., J.p. Derbyshire (sheriff 
1887), capt. 2 Derbyshire R. V. 1882-7 : Willers- 
ley, Matlock, Derbyshire. 

Arkwright, John Peter, 2 and eld. survg. s. 
of John Thos. Arkwright, of Hatton House, 
Warwickshire, D.L., J.P. (d 1906); b. 1864; m. 
1906, Violet Catherine, 4 dau. of Albert Brassey, 
of Heythrop, Oxon., j.p., by hon. Matilda M., 
dau. of 4 baron Clanmorris ; late It. Warwick- 
shire yeom. ; J.P. (1901) Warwickshire: Hatton 
House, nr. Warwick. 

Arkwright, John Stanhope, only s. of John 
Hungerford Arkwright, of Hampton Court, 
Herefordshire, lord-lieut. (d. 1906) ; b. 1872 ; vi 
1905, Helen Muriel Stephanie, youngest dau. of 
Steohen Robinson, of L>nhales, Kington, Here- 
fordshire ; barr. Inner Temple 1898 ; D.L., J.P. 
Herefordshire, M.P. (c.) City of Hereford 1900-12: 
56 St. George's sq. S.W. ; Kinsham Court, 
Presteign, Radnorshire. 

Arkwright, Loftus Joseph Wigram, eld. s. of 
L. W. Arkwright, of Parndon Hall, and Mark 
Hall, Essex, j.p. [d. 1889) ; b. 1866 ; is patron of 
3 livings and lord of the manor of Little Parn- 
don : Parndon Hall, Little Parndon, Harlow, 

Arkwright, Richard, m.a. Cantab, 2 s. of late 
J. Arkwright, of Hampton Court, Herefordshire, 
J.P. {d. 1868); b. 1835; m. 1862, lady Mary C. 
C, dau. of 2 earl of Strafford, b. 1838 ; barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn 1859, d.l. Herefordshire; M.P. (c.) 
Leominster 1866-75 : Carlton club ; Heme 
House, Windsor. 

Arkwright, Richd. Alleyne, eld. s. of Fredc. 
Chas. Arkwiight, of Willersley, Derbyshire, D.L., 
J.P., by Rebecca Olton, 3 dau. of sir John Gay 
Newton Alleyne, 3 bart. ; b. 1884 ; m. 1912, 
Marjorie, 2 dau. of late Frank Hardcastle ; J.P. 
Derbyshire ; It. Coldst. gds. from 1904 : Willers- 
ley, Matlock, Derbyshire. 

Arkwright, Wilfred Lionel Tyrell, eld. s. of 
Arthur Chandoa Arkwright, of Hattield Place, 

Essex, J.P. ; 6. 1871 ; J.p. (1900) Essex : WeUing- 
ton club. 

Arkwrigrht, Wm., only s. of maj. W. Atk- 
wright, 6 drag. {d. 1857) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1884, Agnes 
M., eld. dau. of hon. John Somers Cocks; sheriff 
of Derbyshire, 1890 ; lord of the manor of Sutton 
Scarsdale : White's club : Sutton Scarsdale, 

Arkwright, hon. mrs.— Elizabeth, 3 dau. of 
3 baron Kenyon ; b. 1837 ; m. 1860, rev. George 
Arkwright, rector of Pencombe, Herefordshire 
(d. 1877): Firlands, Easthampstead, Bracknell, 

Arkwrigrht, miss. — Emily Elizabeth, eld. dan. 
of Alfred Arkwright, of Wirksworth, J.P., D.L. 
{d. 1887) : Gate House, Wirksworth, Derby. 

Armagrh, HI archbp. of (444), most rev. John 
Baptist Crozier, D.D., m.a. t.c.d., s. of rev. Baptist 
Barton Crozier, 3. A., of Rock view. Bally haise, co. 
Cavan ; b. 1853 ; m. 1877, Alice Isabella, dau. of 
rev. John W. Hackett, m.a., of Bray, co. Wicklow; 
canon of Wicklow in St. Pat. cathdl. Dub. 1896-7, 
vicar of Holy wood, co. Do«n 1880-97, chaplain 
to lord-lieut. of Ireland 1891-7, bp. of Ossory, 
(fee. 1897-1907, of Down, &c. 1907-11, archbp. of 
Armagh and primate of all, Ireland from 1911 : 
Royal Societies, Ulster (Belfast) and University 
(Dublin) clubs ; Palace, Armagh. 

Armagh, archbp. (r.c.) of, his eminence the 
most rev. cardinal Michael Logue, d.d. ; b. 1840 ; 
bp. of Raphoe 1879, coadjutor for Armagh 
1887-8, archbp. and primate (r.c.) of all Ireland 
from 1888, cardinal 1893 : Armagh. 

Armfield, Joseph John,s. of Joseph Armfield, 
of Croham Mount, Croydon, Surrey ; b. 1852 ; 
in. 1877, Margaret, dau. of John Maxwell, of 
Penzance, Cornwall ; J.P. (1906) Hants : Christ- 
church rd. Ringwood. 

Armidale, 4 bp. of (1867), rt. rev. Hy. Edwd. 
Cooper, D.D. Trin. coll. Dub. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1879, 
dau. of dr. Holthouse, of Ballarat ; archdn. of 
Hamilton 1884-94, and vicar 1884-93, rect. of 
Warrnambool, Victoria 1895-6 and 1897-1901, 
archdn. of Western archdny. 1893-1901, suffragan 
bp. of Ballarat 1895-1901, bp. of Grafton and 
Armidale, New S. Wales 1901-14, of Armidale 
from 1914 : Bishopscourt, Armidale, N.S. Wales. 

Armitage, Alfred, 2 s. of Wm. J. Armitage, of 
Faraley Hall, Leeds ; b. 1867 ; w. 1890, dau. of 
S. Thompson, of Muckamore, co. Antrim; J.P. 
(1906) Somerset : Royal Automobile club ; The 
Court, Worcester Park, Surrey. 

Armitage, Arthur Calrow, s. of John Armi- 
tage, of Woodville Hall, Forest Hill ; b. 1847 ; 
m. 1877, Alice Barbara, dau. of William Morris, 
D.L., J.P. of Halifax, Yorks ; J.p. W. R. Yorks, 
D.L., J.p. Stewartry of Kirkcudbright ; late maj. 
2 West York yeom. cav. : Conservative club; 
Kirroughtree, Newton Stewart, N.B. 

Armitage, Benjamin, nephew of sir Elkanah 
Armitage, of Hope Hall, Lanes, j.p., d.l. {d. 




1876) ; b. 1830 ; m. 1856, Maiy, 2 dau. of Martin 
Middleton, of Manchester; j.p. (1886) Lan- 
cashire : Stoneleigh, 14 Duke at. Southport. 

Armitage, Benjn., j.p. (1907) Derbyshire : 
Holme Hall, Bakewell. 

Armitagre.capt.Cecil Hamilton, c.M.G. (1911), 
D.S.O. (1901),s. of late S.H.Tatham Armitage,M.D. 
of 39 Grosvenor st. W. ; b. 1869 ; served with 
Ashanti expdn. 1895-6, Ashanti Field force 1900, 
W. Africa 1897-8, capt. late 3 battn. S. Wales 
Bord., chief commr. of the Northern Territories 
of the Gold Coast from 1910: Tamale, Northern 
Territories, Gold Coast ; 76 Jermyn st. S.W. 

Arnxitagre, Charles Ingram, s. of Joseph 
Taylor Armitage, J.P., D.L. {d. 1880) ; b. 1849 ; 
m. 1877, Jane E., dau. of late capt. Coates, 98 
foot ; J.P. W. R. Forks : Isthmian club ; High- 
royd, Honley, Yorks. 

Armitage, col. Edwd. Hume, c.b. (1912), 
R.A., s. of late rev. Edwd. Armitage ; b. 1859 ; m. 
1908, Cecil E,., dau. of late maj. Geo. Young- 
husband, 14 Bengal Lancers, and widow of It-col. 
Arthur Geo. Glanville, R.F.A. ; served with 
Burmese expdn. 1886-9, and in S. African war 
1899-1901, col. in charge of R.H. and R.F.A. 
records 1910-14, col. 1905, h. p. 1914 : Wilming- 
ton House, nr. Dartford, Kent ; Army and Navy 

Armitage, Geo. Faulkner, 5 s. of Wm. 
Armitage, of Altrincham, Cheshire ; b. 1849 ; m. 
1879, S.Ann, 2 dau. of John Rigby, of Altrincham, 
Cheshire ; J.P. (1894) Cheshire, mayor of Altrin- 
cham 1914: National Liberal and Manchester 
Reform clubs; Stamford House, Altrincham, 

Armitage, Geo. Pollard, eld. s. of J. A. 
Armitage, of Storthes Hall and Milnsbridge. 
Yorks, J.p. {d. 1898); b. 1867; m. 1912, Coralie 
Eugenie, youngest dau. of late rev. W. Chastel 
de Boinville, vicar of Burton. Westmorland ; 
J.p. (1902) W. R. Yorks: Netherfield House, 
Kirkburton, Yorks. 

Arm.itage, Joseph John, 2 s. of late Samuel 
Fox Armitage, of Nottingham; b. 1866 ; wi. 1880, 
dau. of .loseph Smith, of Olton, VVarwickshire ; 
J.p. (1906) Notts : Blenheim House, St.Ann's hill, 

Armitage, Robt., b.a. Cantab., s. of Wm. J. 
Armitage, of Farn'ey Hall, Leeds ; 6. lfc)66 ; 
«i. 1891, Caroline Katherine, youngest dau. of 
Dudley H}'. Ryder, of Westbrook Hay, Hemel 
Hempstead, Herts ; barr. Inner Temple 1889, 

i'oint man. dir. Farnley Iron Co. Ltd., ohm. 
Jrown Bayley's Steel Works, Ltd., j.p. (1904) 
Leeds (lord mayor 1904 5), m.p. (l.) Leeds 
(Central divn.) from 1906 : Reform and National 
Liberal clubs ; Farnley Hall, Leeds. 

Armitage, Robt. Ayrey, youngest s. of Elijah 
Armitage, Manchester ; m. Mary Howard, 
youngest dau. of John Marshall, ArdvvicK ; j.p. 
Lancashire, Manchester and Saiford : The Syca- 
mores, Broughton Park, Manchester. 

Armitage, Samuel Rigby, 5. of Wm 
Armitage, of Altrincham; 6.1854; J.P.Lanca- 
shire : Groombridge House,Altrincham, Cheshire. 

Armitage, Ziba, s. of Wm. Armitage, of 
Altrincham ; b. 1842 ; J.P. Lancashire, Cheshire 
and Warrington : National Liberal club ; New- 
ton Bank, Preston Brook, nr. Warrington. 

Armitage, mrs.— Isabel J., dau. of late Dudley 
M. Perceval, by dau. of gen. sir Richd. Bourke, 
K.c.B. ; m. 1851, Arthur Armitage, of Dadnor, 
Herefordshire, D.L. J.P. (d. 1892): Dadnor. 
Bridstow, Ross, Herefordshire. 

Armitstead, lord (1 baron 1906, U.K.), 
Geo. Armitstead, 2 s. of late G. Armitstead, 
of Riga, merchant ; b. 1824 ; m. 1848, Jane E., 
eld. dau. (dl918) of Edwd. Baxter, of Kincaldmm, 
Forfar ; d.l., j.p. Forfar, j.p. Perthshire ; D.L. 
Dundee; M.p. (L.) Dundee 1868-78 and 1880-5, 
raised to the peerage 1906 : 4 Cleveland sq. S.W. ; 
Reform, National Liberal and New Liberal 
(Edinburgh) clubs ; Butterstone House, Dun- 
keld, N.B. 

Armitstead, rev. John Hornby, m.a. Oxon., 
eld. s. of rev. canon John Richd. Armitstead, of 
Cranage, Cheshire, vicar of Sandbach ; b. 1868 ; 
J.p. Cheshire, vicar from 1899 of Holmes Chapel, 
Crewe, Cheshire. 

Armitstead, rev. canon John Richd., m.a. 
Oxon., eld. s. of rev. John Armitstead, vicar of 
Sandbach, Cheshire. J.P. {d. 1865) ; 6. 1829 ; vi. 
1866, Frances M., eld. dau. {d. 1887) of late Wm. 
Hy. Hornby, m.p., of Poole Hall, Cheshire ; hon. 
canon of Chester from 1898, Cheshire C.C. from 
1896, lord of the manor of Cranage, patron and 
vicar from 1865 of Sandbach, Cheshire. 

Armstead, Thos., only s. of Thos. Armstead, 
of Bury, Lanrs ; b. 1866 ; J.P. (1914) Glamorgan : 
Ely rd. Llaudaif, Cardiff. 

Arm.strong, bp. vide Wangaratfci. 

Armstrong, vide Heaton-Armstrong. 

Armstrong, vide Watson- Armstrong. 

Armstrong, vide Wright- Armstrong. 

Armstrong, lord (1 baron U.K. 2nd creat. 
1903), Wm. Hy. Armstrong Fitz Patrick Watson- 
Armstrong, M.A. Cantab., d.c.i- (hon.) Durham, 
T.D. (1910), only s. of John Wm. Watson, of 65 
Eccleston sq. S.W. and Adderstone Hall, Belford, 
J.p. {d. 1909), and great-nephew to 1 and last 
baron Armstrong, C.B., p.r.r. (of the 1st 
creation, who d. in 1900); 6. 1863; m. 1889, 
Winifreda, eld. dau. of late gen. sir John M. 
Adye, g.c.b. ; D.L., J.P. and CO. Northumberland 
(sheriff 1899), J.P. Newcastle-on-Tyne ; maj. 
Northumb lluss. Yeo. 1902-10 ; grand cordon of 
Medjidie; assumed by royal licence addtl. name 
of Armstrong 1889, raised to the peerage 1903 
{Heir, s. hon. Wm. J. M. Watson- Armstrong, 
q.v."): Carlton and Constitutional clubs ; Crag- 
side, Rothbury, Northumb ; Bambui-gh Castle, 

Armjstrong, sir Andrew Harvey, 3 bart. 
(1841), of aaUen, eld. s. of 2 bart. {d. 1899) ; b. 



1866; J.P.King's co., late capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
I/cinster resrt., served with 17 battn. Impl. 
yeom , S African war 1900-1 (//e/>, bro. Nesbitt 
William, b. 1875) : Gallen Priory, Ferbane, 
King's Co. 

Armstrong, maj. Arthur John, late 16 
(Queen's) lancers, J.P. (1907) Warwickshire: 
Army and Navy club ; Morville, Sherborne, 

Armstrongr, sir Ohas. Herbert, addtl. raemb. 
of council of gov.-gen. of India, knighted 1913. 

Armstrong:, maj .-gen. Edward Francis Hun- 
ter, s. of late gen. Edwd. Armstrong, C.B., j.p., 
of Folkestone, Kent ; b. 1834 ; m. 1, Matilda B., 
dan. of late gen. Jas. FitzG-erald, Indian army ; 
2, Florence A. E., dan. {d. 1890) of late col. Hy. 
Colbeck, Indian army and sen. magist. of Madras ; 
late 11 Madras N.I., and dep.-commr. Mysore 
commn., ret. 1884, M.S.C. : 31 Clarendon villas, 
Hove, Brighton. 

Armstrongr, sir Geo. Elliot, 2 hart.. (1892), 
eld. 8. of capt. sir Greo. Carlyon Hughes Arm- 
strong, 1 bart. {d. 1907) ; b. 1866 ; m. 1890, 
Edith A., dau. of late Adolphus Fass, of Chal- 
font Grange, Chalfont St. Peters, Bucks ; chief 
of the editorial dept. of the (ilobe newspaper 
1895-1907 ; lieut. R.N. {Heir, .«. G^o. C, b 1890) : 
24 Hans rd. S.W. ; Carlton, Marlborough. Naval 

d Military and Beefsteak clubs ; Wiuloed, 
gbourne, Berks. 
rmstrong, Hy., .i.p. (1899) co. Durham : The 

rove, Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Armstrong-, Henry Edwd., Ph.n., ll.d., 
F.R.8., V.P.C.S., s. of late Richd. Armstrong, of 
Mark lane, E.G. : 55 Granville park, Lewisham, 
S.E. ; Athenaeum club. 

Armstrong, John Scobell, eld. s. of rev. John 
Annstrong-, rect. of Dindei', Somerset, and prebj. 
of Wells {d. 1862), by his wife, Mary Anne, dau. 
of late John Scobell, of Nancealverne, Corn- 
wall; 7w. Fanny, only dau. of It. Daniel Wood- 
ruffe, R.N.; entd. I.C.S. (Bengal) 1865, ret. 1892 : 
5 Montagu st. Portman sq. W. ; St. James' club ; 
Nancealverne, nr. Penzance, Cornwall. 

Armstrong, Marcus Beresford, eld. s. of Wm. 
Armstrong, of Ballydavid, co. Waterford (J. 1889) 
and cousin of Edwd. Marcus .Armstrong, of 
Moyaliffe, co. Tipperary, D.L., j.p. {d. 1899) ; b. 
184- ; wi. 1888, Rosalie C , dau. of Maurice Maude, 
of Lenaghan, co. Fermanagh ; late capt. 8 brig, N. 
Irish divn. R.A., j.p. co, Sligo, D.L., J,p. co. 
Tipperary : Kildare Street club, Dublin ; 
Moyaliffe, Thurles, co. Tipperary; Ghaffpool. 
Ballymote, co. Sligo. 

Armstrong, sir Walter, b.a. Oxon., hon. 
R.H.A., 8. of late Walter Armstrong, of Eunismore 
gdns. S.W. ; b. 1850 ; m. 1873, E. Rose, dau. of C. 
C. Ferard, of Ascot Place, Berks, J.P. : author 
of many works on art, J.p. co. Dublin, direcor 
of the National Gallery of Ireland 1892-1914, 
knighted 1899: ('<"auchor }]nx\^<\ Bnilv. co. 


Dublin ; Burlington F. A., Jun. Athenseum and 
Cosmopolitan clubs 

Armstrong, Wm., M.i.C.E., M.i.Mech.R,, j.p. 
(1895) CO. Durham: Elmfield Lodge, Gosforth, 

Armstrong, Alice, lady. — (Alice FitzRoy) 
dau. of late rev. Chas. Joseph Furlong, m.a. ; m. 
1865, capt. sir Geo. Carlyon Hughes Armstrong, 
1 bart., of Ashburn pi. {d. 1907) : 39 Cadogan 
sq. S.W. 

Armstrong-Jones. Robt., M.D.Lond., f.b.c.P. 
Lond., F.R.c.s.Eng., P.8.A., eld. s. of rev. Thos. 
Jones, of Eisteddfa, Oriccieth, co. Carnarvon ; b. 
1857 ; m. 1893, eld. dau. of Sir Owen Roberts, 
D.O.L., LL.D., &c. ; J.P. Essex: Athenseum and 
Reform clubs ; Claybury, Woodford Bridge, 
Essex ; Plas Dinas, Carnarvon, N. Wales, 

Armytage, col. Arthur Hy., late r.h.a. 2 s. of 
sir Geo. Armytage. 5 bart, (rf. 1899), by dau. of sir 
Joseph Radcliffe, '2 bart.; 6. 1845; m. 1879, 
Katharine H., 2 dau. of Ralph Creyke. of Raw- 
cliffe and Marton, Yorks ; J.P. (1898) E.R. 
Yorks : Army and Navy and Yorkshire clubs ; 
The White House, Clifton, York. 

Armytage, sir Geo. John, 6 bart. (1738), 
F.S.A., eld. s. of 5 bart. (d. 1899) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1, 
1871, Ellen (d. 1890), dau. of late rev. A, Fawkes, 
of Farnley Hall, Yorks ; 2, 1893, Mary G., eld. 
survg, dau. of late Hy. Anthony Littledale, of 
Bolton Hall, Craven, Yorks; chm. Lancashire 
and Yorkshire Railway Co. ; D.L. W. R. Yorks, 
sheriff of Yorkshire 1907 (Jleir, s. capt. Geo. 
Ayscough, b. 1872) : 27 Cambridge sq. W. ; 
Windham club ; Kirklees Park, Brighouse, Yorks. 

Armytage, Percy, m.v.o. 4 class (1911), eld. 
s. of It. -col. Hy. Armytage, late Coldst. gds. {d. 

1901) by hon. Fenella, dau. of 1 baron Fitz- 
hardinge ; b. 1853 : m. 1888, Rosetta P., dau. {d. 

1902) of late col. Cameron, of Danygraig, Glam. 
and widow of capt. C. E. Eustace, of Roberts- 
bridge, CO. Kildare ; gentleman usher to King 
PMward VII. 1903-10, to King George V. from 
1910 ; leg. hon. (4 class) : 6 Buckingham Palace 
mansions, S.W. 

Arnell, Edwd. Geo,, J.P. (1914) Sussex: 
Selsey, Chichester. 

Arnell, Wm. Thos., v.ix, 2 s. of late Benj. 
Arnell, of Emsworth, Hants ; 6. 1852; m. 1878, 
Henrietta, dau. of late Thos. Gibbings, of 
Chichester; j.p. (1903) Hants, maj. late 5 vol. 
battn. Hants regt, : Whitecliff, Sandown, I. W. 

Amfield, Thos. Owen, eld. s. of late Joseph 
Arnfield, j.p., c.c, of New Mills, co. Derby ; h. 
1852 ; m. 1879, Julia, dau. of Richd. Brayue, of 
Douglas, I. of Man; J.P. (1906) Derbyshire: 
Redgatc, New Mills, Derbyshire. 

Arnold, vide Coape- Arnold. 

Arnold, Bernard, P.L.R., eld. s, of G^o. 
Matthews Arnold, of Milton Hall, Kent, P.L., 
J.P., K.8.G. {d. 1908) ; b. 1862 : m. 1886. Mary C, 
dau. of Jas. Prendergast ; J.P. (1895) Kent: 
Milton Hall, Gravcscnd. 



Arnold, Geo. Fredk., c.i.K. (1911), b.a.Oxou,, 
B. of late Geo. B, Arnold Mus.D.Oxon., of Win- 
chester ; b. 1870 ; Ind. C, S. 1894, rev. sec. to 
govt, of Burma 1906-11. dep. coramr. of Burma 
from 1911, memb. legisl. council 1909-11 : 47 
Southgate st. Winchester ; E. I. United Service 

Arnold, Henry Wm.,j.P. (1914) Kent : Nickle 
House, Chartham, Canterbury. 

Arnold, John, 3 s. of John Arnold, of 
Timperley, Cheshire ; b. 1869 ; ni. 1893, Annie, 
dan. of Geo. Hankinson, of Timperley, Cheshire ; 
J.P. (1909) Cheshire: Belmont, Timperley, 

Arnold, Joseph Albert, M.i.xiech.E., 6 s. of 
Joseph Arnold, of Moreton, StafEs ; b. 1857 ; vi. 
1880, dau. of Wm.Hamblev, of Hayle. Cornwall ; 
J.P. (1901) Derbyshire : Cleve Hall, Champion 
Hill, S.E. 

Arnold, Sydney, s. of W. A. Arnold, of 
Manchester ; b. 1878 ; parly, priv. sec. to rt. 
hon. J. A. Pease (pres. of Board of Educn.) 
from 1914. M.p. (L.) W. R. Yorks., Southern Part 
(Holmfirth divn.) from 1912: National Liberal 
club ; Westbourne, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire. 

Arnold, Thos. Walker, c.i.e. (1912), Litt.D., 
M.A. Cantab., 3 s. of Fredk. Arnold, of Devon- 
port, Devon ; b. 1864 ; m. 1892, Celia MarN*, 
dau. of late G. Hickson, of London ; prof, 
of philosophy, Govt. Cull. Lahore 1898-1904, 
asst. librarian, India ottice, 1904-9, educatl. 
adviser to Indian students from 1909, prof, of 
Arabic, Univ. Coll. Lond. from 1904 : India 
Office, Dept. of Educational Adviser to Indian 
Students, 21 Cromwell rd. S.W.; 24 Launceston 
pi. Kensington, W. 

Arnold, maj. Wm. Ileginald,eld. s. of It. -col. 
W. Arnold, of Nethercott, Devon. n.L., j.p. and 
C.A. {d. 1901) ; b. 1865 ; served on N.W. Frontier 
of India 1897-8 with Tirah expdv. force, S. 
African war 1900-2, maj. ret. p. late Dorset regt. : 
Naval and Military club ; Nethercott, Iddes- 
leigh, Devon. 

Arnold, lady.— Amelia, dau. of late capt. H. 
B. Hyde, 96 regt., of Castle Hyde, co. Cork; m. 
1867, sir Arthur Arnold, knt., ll.d., m.p., d.l., 
J.p. (d. 1902) : 45 Kensington park gdns. W. 

Arnold, lady. — Kurokawa Tama, dau. of 
Kurokawa Mankichi, of Tokyo, Japan ; ?«. 1897, 
as his 3 wife, sir Edwin Arnold, k.c.i.e., c.s.i. 
(d. 1904) : 69 Prince of Wales mansions, 
Battersea Park, S.W. 

Arnold, mrs. Stanley, only dau. of Bobt. 
Edwards, of Beech Hill Park, Essex; m. 1869, 
col. Stanley Arnold, C.b., j.p., of Barton House, 
Warwickshire (d. 1906) : Barton House, nr. 

Arnold-Forster, Edward Penrose, t.d.(1912), 
eld. 8. of late Wm. Delafield Arnold, direc. of 
public instn. in Punjab, and adopted s. of late rt. 
hon. Wm. Edwd. Forster, of Burley-in-Wharfe- 
dale, Yorks, M,p. ; b. 1851 ; 7n. 1875, Edith Mary, 

dau. of late Wm. Ford, c.s.i., of Ford Park, 
Devon ; is D.L., J.P. W. R. Yorks, It.-col. ret. 
list vols., hon. col. 6 battn. West Riding regt. 
from 1909 : 63 High st. Portsmouth ; Athenaeum 

Amold-Forster, Wm. Howard, 2 b. of Edwd. 
Penrose Arnold-Forster, of Burlev-iii-Wh:irfe- 
dale. Yorks, d.l., j.p.; b. 1881 ; 7h.'1909, Angela 
M. W., diu. of Harry W. T. Garnett, J.P., of 
Otley, Yorks ; J.P. (1910) W. R. Yorks : Weet- 
wood, Menston, nr. Leeds. 

Arnott, vide FitzGerald-Arnott. 

Amott, sir John Alex., 2 bart. (1896), eld. s. 
of 1 bart. and knt., m.p., d.l., j.p. {d. 1898) ; b. 
1854 ; 7/j. 1881, Caroline S., eld. dau. of sir Fredk. 
M. Williams, 2 bart. of Tregullow, Cornwall ; 
D.L., J.P. (189S) CO. Cork, J.r. co. Dublin, 
formerly maj. and hon. It.-col. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Cheshire regt. (fleir, s. John, b. 1885) : 12 
Merrion sq. Dublin ; Carlton, and Kildare Street 
(Dublin) clubs. 

Arnott. mrs. — Maria Jane, dau. of Thos. 
Bottiug, Aberdare, Glam. ; 7h. 1866, Edw. Arnott, 
of The Garth, Monmouth, j.p. {d. 1906) : The 
Garth, M(»nm(mth. 

Amould, lady. — Anne, dau. of late maj. J. 
W. Carnegie, C.B. ; m. 18t)0, as his 2 wife, sir 
Joseph Arnould, puisne judge at Bombay 1859-69 
(fi. 1886). 

Arran, G earl of (1762, ir.). Arthur Jocelyn 
Chas. Gore, K.P. (H'01>), only s. of 5 earl, k.p. {d. 
1901), by hon. Edith, younger dau. (t/. 1871) of 
Robert, vise. Jocelyn, and granddan. of iJ earl 
of Roden ; b. 1868 ; m. 1902, Maud J. M. B., only 
dau, (lady of grace of St John of Jerusalem) of 
baron Huysson de Kattendyke, of Kattendyke, 
Holland ;' sits as baron Sudley (1884, U.K.): 
2nd tit. vise. Sudley; D.L., J.P., late maj. 
Egyptian cav., capt. (brevet-maj. 1900) R.u.G. 
1895-1903 and adjt. 1893-6, served in S. African 
war 1900, capt. and brevet maj. res. of officers 
1908-14, It.-col. commdg. 16 battn. County of 
London (Civil Service) regt. 1904-8, and It.-col. 
(temp.) from 1914, It.-col. commdg. the contin- 
gents of officers' trainuig corps in Ireland 
1910-11, knt. of grace of St. John of Jerusalem 
(//e/>, s. vise. Sudley, q.v.) : Turf, Travellers', 
R.Y.S. and Garrick cluhs ; Castle Gore, Mayo ; 
Hyde Hall, Sawbridgeworth, Herts ; Ravens- 
dale Park, Newry, co. Louth. 

Arran, Winifred, countess of, 3 dau. of 
late John Reilly, of St. Bridget's, co. Dublin, by 
dau. of 1 baron St. Leonards ; m. 1, 1881, hon. 
John Montagu Stopford, It. gren. gds. {d. 1886) ; 
2, 1889, as his 2 wife, 6 earl of Arran, K.P. {d. 
1901) ; lady-in-waiting to H.R.H. princess Chris- 
tian of Schleswig-Holstein 1886-9 : Queen Anne's 
Mead, Windsor. 

Arrol, lady. — Elsie, 2 dau. of late Jas. Robert- 
son, of National Bank of Scotland, London ; 
m. 1910, as his 3 wife, sir WiHi^in Arrpli ki^t., 



LL.D., M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1913): Barons Court, 
IJampstead Heath, N.W. ; Dennistoun,Grlasgow. 
Arrow, Wm., eld. s, of sir Fredk. Arrow, 
int. of Pil^im's Hall, Essex {d. 1875) ; b. 1851 ; 
m. 1885, Nora, dau. of late Sheffield Neave ; is 
J.P. (1900) Essex : Union club ; Langtons, South 
Weald, Essex. 

An'owsmith,Thos. , 6 s. of Thos. Arrowsmith, 
of Whitchurch, Salop; b. 1840; in. 18G0, 
Hannah, dau. of Henry Thomas, of Burslem, 
Staffs; J.P. (1900) Buisiem and (1907) Staffs: 
National Liberal club ; Lymewood, Wolstanton, 

Arthur, sir Allan, s. of Allan Arthur, of Glas- 
gow ; b. 1857 ; sheriff of Calcutta 1889 ; pres. of 
Bengal chamber of commerce 1894-1900, memb. 
of viceroy of India council 1898-1901, knighted 
1900 : c/o Messrs. Ewing and Co., Calcutta. 

Arthur, sir Geo. Compton Archibald, 3 bt. 
(1841), M.v.o. 4 class (1909), eld. s. of 2 bt. 
(d. 1878), by 4 dau. of 10 earl of Kinnoull ; b. 
1860 ; m. 1898, Kate Harriette, 3 dau. of late 
Horatio Brandon and widow of Arthur Kay- 
mond Yates; It. 2 life gds. 1880-6, served 
iu Egj'pt 1882 and Nile expdn. 1884-5, S. 
African war 1900-1, with Impl. yeom. and on 
staffs hon. It. in the army 1901, It. Herts I.Y. 
1886-1902, hon, capt. 1902 (Heir, cousin. Edward 
M.. h. 1874): 23 The Boltons, S. Kensington, 
S.W. ; Carlton and Marlborough clubs. 

Arthur, sir Matthew, lbt.(1903). of Carlung, 
eld. s. of Jas. Arthur, of Carlung, Ayrshire, and 
Barshaw, Renfrewshire ; b. 1852 ; m. 1879, Janet 
Stevenson Bennett, dau. of Alex. Bennett 
McGrigor, ll.d., of Cairnoch, Stirlingshire ; 
ii.L., J.P. Ayrshire and Glasgow, memb. Roy. 
Compy. of Archers (King's bodyguard for Scot- 
land), chm. of Arthur & Co. Ltd., chm. of 
Western Infirmary, Glasgow, pres. Scottish 
Unionist Assocn. 1914, was convener Western 
Divisl. Council of that Assocn. 1913 and chm. 
West of Scotland Liberal Unionist Assocn. 1893- 
1912 (Heir, s. Jas. Cecil, b. 18^3) : Fullarton, 
Troon, Ayrshire ; Brooks's, Carlton, Windham 
and Boodle's clubs. 

Arthur, Wm. Cresswell Ernest, s, of laterear- 
adml. Wm. Arthur, of Bakeham Grange, Egham ; 
6. 1855; m. 1879, Ellen, dau. of J. E. Langham, 
of Westdown, Eastbourne ; is J.P. (1894) Devon. 

Arthur,rev. Wm. Wills, m.a. Cantab., s. of rev. 
Thos. Freke Arthur, of Hawley, Barnstaple (d. 
1897) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1880, Florence, dau. (d. 1913) 
of late Wm. Startin ; lord of the manor and rect. 
(from 1881) of Atherington, Umberleigh, North 

Arthur, hon. mrs. Aileen, sis. of 2 baron 
Monteagle ; b. 1844 ; m. 1864, John Rajmor 
Arthur, late I.C.S. (d. 1903) : The Well House, 
Banstead, Surrey. 

Arton, Wm. Denb?, m.a. Oxon., only s. of 
Thos. Arton. of Tanfield Lodge, Yorks (d. 1911) ; 
b, 1864 ; w.' 1910, El^ie, dau. of late C. A. 

Yewdall, of Calverley, Yorks ; barr. Inner Temple 
1889, lord of the manors of West Tanfield and 
Well, J.P. (1904) N.R. Yorks : Royal Auto- 
mobile club : Micklefield House, Rawdon, 
Leeds ; Tanfield Lodge, Bedale. 

Arunachalam, sir Ponnambalam, m.a. 
Cantab., 3 s. of Arunachalam Ponnambalam, of 
Colombo, Ceylon ; b. 18 S ; m. 1885, Sv^rnam, 
dau. of S. Namasiv^yam, of ( o jmbo ; Ceylon 
Civil Service 1875, barr. of Lincoln's Inn 1875, 
late registrar-gen. of Ceylon, knighted 1914. 

Arundel, sir Arundel Tagg, k.c.s.i. (1904), 
B.A. ; b. 1843 ; m. 1875, Catherine H., dau. of late 
J. D. Sim, C.S.I., M.C.S, ; I.C.S. (Madras) from 
1865, sec. to Madras govt., rev. dept. 1896, chief 
sec. 1897, memb. of council 1898-1901, of council 
of gov.-gen. of India 1901-6, J.P. (1911) Surrey : 
Glebefields, Edgeborough rd. Guildford. 

Arundel and Surrey, earl of, Bernard 
Marmaduke Fitzalau-Howard, eld. s. of duke of 
Norfolk, b. 1908. 

Arundell, vide Hunter- Arundell. 

Arundell of Wardour, lord (14 baron, 1605, 
Eng.). Edgar Clifford Arundell, 2 but eld. survg. 
s. of Theodore Arundell {d. 1868) and cousin to 
rev. 13 baron (d. 1907) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1895, Ellen, 
widow of J.Melbourne Evans ; a count of the Holy 
Roman Empire (Jleir^ bro. Gerald A., q.v.) : 
Wardour Castle, Tisbury, Wilts. 

Arundell, Gerald Arthur, 3 but 2 survg. s. 
of Theodore Arundell {d. 1868), and bro. and heir 
pres. to 14 baron Arundell of Wardour ; b. 1861 ; 
m. 1906, Ivy, only dau. of late capt. W, F. 
Segrave ; J.P. (1906) Wilts : Wardour Castle, 
Tisbiiry, Wilts. 

Arundell of Wardour, (rt. hon.)lady. — Anno 
Lucy, dau. of John Errington, of High Warden 
Northumberland ; m. 1862, 12 baron Arundell 
of Wardour {d. 1906). 

Arundell, hon. Cecily Mary, b. 1845 ; a nun ; 
hon. Gertrude Mary, b. 1848, daus. of 11 baron 

Ascroft, sir William, eld. s. of Robert Ascroft, 
of Preston, Lancashire {d. 1876); b, 1832; m. 
1858, Christiana, dau. {d. 1907) of Charles 
Walker, of Whitley Lower, Yorks ; admitted a 
solicitor 1855, J.P. Westmorland, knighted 1908 : 
Overleigh House, Preston, Lanes ; The Wyke, 
Grasmere. Westmorland. 

Ascroft, mrs. — Wilhelmina H., dau. of late G. 
Barlow, J.P., of Oldham ; m. 1872, Robt. Ascroft, 
M.P. (C.) Oldham 1895-9 (d. 1899) : Broxton House, 
Chilbolton, Hants. 

Ash, vide Beresford-Ash. 

Ash, col. Alfred, v.D., youngest s. of Thos. 
Ash. of Ashted, Birmingham ; b. 1841 ; m. 1867, 
Matilda, 2 dau. of Wm. Clayton, of Saltley, 
Warwickshire ; J.P. Warwickshire ; J.P. and 
aldmn. for the city of Birmingham ; It.-col, 
commdt. (hon. col. 1898) 2 vol. battn. R. War- 
wickshire regt. 1897r8 : Midland club, Bir» 



Ash, Tho9. Hy., eld. s. of Jospph Ash, of 
Leamington Spa. Warwickshire : b. ISol ; m. 
1«80. Aniiif- J iRH, dau, of J. Guest, J. P., of 
W St Bromwich, Staffs: J. P. (1:»02) Warwick- 
shire : Richmoud Hill road, Edsfbaston, Bir- 

Ash, Thos. Linnington, L.R.c.P.Edin., M.R.C.R. 
Bng., L.S.A., 8. of Robt. Knott Ash, of Stratton, 
Cornwall; b. 1837; J.P. Devon (and c.C.) and 
Cornwall : Constitutional and Devon and Exeter 
clubs ; P^nroses. Holsworthy, Devon! 

Ash, Wm. Hy., eld. s. of late Wm Ash; b. 
1843; J.P. (1903) CO. Lon-'On : 61 Hamilton terr. 
N.W. ; 5 to 9 Broad st. Golden sq. W. ; Fern- 
bank. Heathfield. Sussex. 

AshboTxme, lord (2 baron, 1885, V.TS..). 
William Gibson, M.A. Oxon. and Dubl.eld.s. of 
1 baron, P.O.. lord chancellor of Irelmd 1885-G, 
1886-1*2. and I no-igoS {d. 1913) ; b. 1868 ; m. 
1896, Marianne, dau. of M. de Monbrison, of 
Paris ; J.P. cos. Meath and Dublin {Heir, bro. 
hon. Edwd. G. M. Gib<0'i, q.v.) : Athenaeum 
club ; Moorhur^t, Holmwood, Surrey ; 57 Avenue 
Montai<,'ne, Paris. 

Ashbourne (rt. hon.). Frances, lady. — 2d.iu. 
of Hy. Cope Colles : m. 1868, 1 baron Ashbourne, 
P.O., lord chancellor of Ireland 1885-6. l8«6-92. 
and 1895-1905 (d. 1913) : 5 Grosvenor cres. S.W. 

Ashbrook, 8 vise. (1751 : ir.). Robt. Tho^ 
Flower, 3 s. of 5 visn. (./. 1871) and bro. of 7 vi-c. 
(c?. 1906) b. 1836 : m. 1866. Gertrude 8., dm. {d. 
1911) of late rev. Sewell Hamilton, Bath; maj. 
(hon. It.-col. IH8-4) 4 ha tn. (mil.) f/einster regt. 
1884-H {Heir. s. hon. Llowar.-.h R. Flower, q.v.): 
Ca>tle Durrovv and Knuckairina House. Durrow, 
Queen s Co. 

Ashbumer. capt. Lionel Forbps,M.v.o. 4 cla«s 
(1906), D.S.O. (1900), s of late Lionel Ashburner, 
C.R.I., l!jd. (\ S. ; b. 1874; m. 1908, Eth 1 H., 2 
dan. of sir Chis. t*. Bayley,; .served in 
S. Afrian wir 1899 1900 a d 1902 : hon. a.d.c. 
to prince of Wales during Indian tour 190.V6, 
brig. maj. Naj-irabad brig., S. army, India. 1910- 
13, cai.t. R Fua. from 1901 and" adjt. 1906-7 : 
Armv Hud Navy club. 

Ashbumhain, 6 earl of (1730, Gt.B.), Thomas 
Ashhurahira, 6 s. of 4 earl {d. 1878) and bro. of 
5 earl d 1913) ; b. 1855 ; m. 1903. Maria Eliza- 
beth. 2 dau. of W. H. Anderso-.. of Fredericton, 
NewBru'iswick ; 2nd tit. vise. St. Asaph; with 
expedy. force in Egypt 1882. 5 class Me'ijidie ; 
capt. 7 huss. 188f;-9, ret. 1889, extra .\.d.c. to 
viceroy of Ireland ' earl of Carnarvon) 18x5-6 and 
(earl of Aberdeen) in 1886 ; Ashbumham Place, 
Battle. Sussex; Pembrey House, Burry Poit, 

Ashbumham maj.-gen. sir Cromer, k.c.b. 
(1882 1, 4 s, of rev. sir Jotin Ashburnb*m, 7 bart. 
{d 1854) ; b. 1831 ; m. 1864, Urith A., 3 dau. ot 
la^e capt. G. B. Martin, r.n., c.b., of East B 'dge- 
ford. N'»ft«. : with 60 rifle.- in Indian mutiny cam- 
paign 1857-8, at «i«ge of Delhi, au4 in Rohilguud ; 

Afghan war 1878-80, Boer war 1881, a.d.O. to 
Queen Victoria 1882-6. with expedy. force in 
Egypt 1882. 3 class Medjidie, Eastern Soudan 
campaign 1884: a. A. and y.M.G., S.E. dist. 1884-6, 
ret. p. 1886, col. commdt. King's R. Rif. C. from 
1907: 165 Coleherne court, S.W. 

Ashbumham, hon. mrs. John. — Maud Mary, 
pld. d:iu. of late Chas. Royal Dawson, of S. 
E. Wynaad. Madras Pres. ;' m. 1907, hon. John 
Ashbumham {d. 1912). 

Ashbumham.lady Mary Catherine Charlotte, 
only child of 5 earl of Ashbumham ; b. 1890 ; 
a nun. 

Ashbumham-Clement. sir Anchitel Piers. 9 
bart. (1661). eld. s. of sir Anchitel Ashbumham, 
8 bart. (d. 1899); b. 1861; m. 1895. Elizabeth 
Ellen, only survg. child of late G. B. Clement, of 
Silverhill House, St. Leonai-ds-on-Sea ; is j.p. 
Sussex, assumed by royal licence addtl, name of 
Clement 1899 {Heir, bro. Reginald Ashbumham, 
6. 1865) : Agmerhur-it, Ashbumham, Battle, 
Susse.K : Broomham, Hastings. 

Ashburton, lord (5 baron, 1835, U.K.). Eras. 
Denzil Baring, eld. s. of 4 barou {d. 1889), by 
dau. of 9 ba-on Digbv ; h. 1866 ; »,. 1, 18S9, hon. 
Mabel E., eld. dau. {d. 1904) of 4 vise. Hood, b. 
1866 ; 2, 1906, Frances, dau. of J. C. Don ellf-, of 
New York ; D.L. Hants, maj. Hampshire (Cara- 
biniers) yeo. from 1907 {Hnr s. hon. Alex. F. S, 
Bir>ntr, y.r.) : Carlton, Turf and Cavalry clubs j 
The G' auge. Northington, Alresford, Hants. 

Ashburton (rt. hon.), dow.-ladv. — Leonora 

1 C, dau. of 9 b:iron Digby ; b. ISU; m. 1864. 4 

baron Ashburton (rf. 1889) : 16Cadogan sq. S.W. 

Ashby. Edmund, eld. s. of A. Ashby, of 
Mitcham. Surrey : 6. 1844 ; J.P. Somerset: Oak- 
field, Winscomi.e, Somerset. 

Ashby, col. Geo. Ashby, o.B. (1900), eld. s. 
of Geo. Ashby Ashby, of Nasebv Wolleys, 
Nortt.ants, j.p.,* D.L. (rf. 1890) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1888, 
Mabel C, dau. of late It.-col. P. C. Anderson, 
R.A. (Bengal); served with Egyptian expedn. 
1882. at battles of El Magfar, Tel-el-Mahuta, and 
at Ka^sas-in and Tel-el-Kebir ; Nile expedn. 
1884-5 ; and in S. African war 1899-1902, col. 1908, 
comradg. 13 battn. Durham L. I. of new army 
from 1914. 

Ashby, John, s. of Skidmore Ashbv, of 
Staines ; b. 1849 ; m. 1870, Ellen, dau. of Fredk. 
Warner, of Melbourne, nr. Chelmsford ; D.L., 
J.P. Middlesex : The Close, Staines. 

Ashby, Joseph, J.P. (1907) Warwickshire: 
The Orchards, Lower Tj'soe, Warwick. 

Ashby.Skidmore John, eld. s. of John Ashby, 
of Staines. Miodlx. ; 6.1875; m. 1906, DiisieM., 
dau. {d. 1914) of Herbet Kilby, of Aldeburgh, 
Suffol<; J.P. (1912) Midilx. : Sports club; 
S;aiuton House, Staines. 

Ashby, Wm., s. of Wm. Ashby, of Long 
Backby ; b. 1844 : m. 1869, Elizabeth, dau. of 
Robt. A&hby, of Watford, Nortbanta ; ii j.f . 



(1895) Northants : The Mill House,Long Buckby. 

Asiiby, ladv. — Catherine, dau. of late F. R. 
Magenis ; m. 1873, sir Jas. Wm. Murray Asliby 
K.C.B., J.P. paymaster-in-chief R.N. (ret.) {d. 
1911) : Little Park, Ninfield. Battle, Sussex. 

Ashby St. Ledgers, lord, vide Wimborne. 

Ashcoxabe. lord (1 baron, 1<S92, U.K.). George 
Cubitt, P.C. (i880). s. of Thos. Cubitt, of Den- 
bies {d. 1855) : h. 1828 ; m. 1853, Laura {d. 1904), 
dau. of rev. .T. Joyce, vicar of Dorking; m.a. 
Cantab.. D.L. Middlx.. D.L., J.P. Surrey. M.P. (o.) 
W. Surrey 1860-85, Mid. divn. 1885-92, 2 church 
estates commr. 1874-9, chm. House of Laymen, 
Prov. of Canterbur}^ 1895-1905, hon. col, 5 
battn. R. W. Surrey regt, from 1894, raised to 
the peerage 1892 (ifeh\ s. hon. Henry Cubitt, 
(/.v ) : 17 Prince's gate, S.W. ; Fallapit,Allington 
East, S. Devon. 

Ashe, miss. — Thermuthis Mary,dau. of rev. R. 
M. Ashe, of Langley House, Wilts, J.P. {d. 1885) : 
lady of the manor of Langley Burrell : Langley 
House, near Chippenham, Wilts. 

Asher, Samuel Garcia, s. of late Asher Asher, 
M.D. ; b. 1868 ; m. 1903, Lillie, only dau. of late 
H. Baruato ; one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the 
City of London : 30 Berkeley sq. W. ; Ascot 
Place, Ascot, Berks, 

Ashford, Cyril Ernest, m.v.o. 4 class (1911), 
M.A. Cantab., p. of Wm. Wooll^^y Ashford. of 
Edgbaston, Warwickshire; b, 1867; m. 1899. 
Leila, dau. of Alfred AU'iusen, of Beadndl 
Tower, Northumb ; assist, master at Clifton coll. 
1892-4. at Harrow 1894-1903. headmaster of the 
Royal Naval coll. O.sborne 1903-5 of the Roval 
Naval coll. Dartmouth, from 1905 : Royal So- 
cieties and Alpine clubs ; Royal Naval College, 

Ashford, John Butters Newton, Millaton, 
Bridestowo, Devon. 

Ashhurst, Wm. Henry, eld. s. of J. H. Ash- 
hurst, of Watftrstock, Oxon, d.l„ J.P. (d. 1885) ; 
b. 1851 ; TO. 1882, Catherine Sophia, 2 dau. (d. 
1890) of A. H. C. Brown, of Kingston Blount. 
Oxon, D.L., J.P. ; D.L., J.P. Oxon (sheriflE 1891) : 
Carlton club ; Waterstock House, Wheatley, 
nr. Oxford. 

Ashley, lord, Anthony Ashley, s. of earl of 
Shaftesbury ; b. 1900. 

Ashley, hon. (Anthony) Cecil, 4 survg. s. of 7 
earl of Shaftesbury ; b. 1849 ; D.L. Dorset : 
Stumble Holt, Holmwood, Dorking. 

Ashley, Geo. Randolph, s. of late rev. preb. 
G. E. Ashlev, of Stretton Rectory, HerefoT-d ; b. 
1858 ; TO. 1882. Alice Louisa, dau. {d. 1897) of 
Robt. Owen Davies, of Cyffty and Pencraig ; 
J.P. Carnarvonshire, late maj. 3 vol. battn. R. 
Welsh Fus. 1897-1900 : Constitutional and Jun. 
Conservative clubs ; Llugwy Cottage, Bettws- 

Ashley, Lionel Owen Randolph, 0"ly s, of 
maj. George Randolph Ashley, of Cyffty, Den- 

bighshire ; b. 1883 ; to. 1907, Marjorie Ruthven 
B., dan. of rev. C. B. Griffith, of Plas Caer Groes, 
Denbighshire; J.P. (1908) Denbighshire and 
(1910) Carnarvonshire : Plas Caer Groes, Llan- 
rwst, Deubighshire ; South Lodge, Branksome 
Park, Bournemouth. 

Ashley, Wilfrid Wm., eld. s. of rt. hon. 
(Anthony) Evelyn Melbourne Ashley, P.O., M.P., 
n.L., J.P. {d. 1907), and grands, of 7 earl of 
Shafte.«*bury ; b. 1867: m,. 1, 1901, Amalia Mary 
Maud (d. 1911), only child of rt. hon. sir Ernest 
Cassel.P.C, G.C.B.," G.C.M.G., G.C.v.o. ; 2, 1914, 
Muriel Emily, eld. dau. of Walter Spencer, of 
Fownhope Court Hereford ; is n.L., J.P. (1904) 
Hants ; M.P. (c.) N. Lanca^^hii-e (Blackpool divn.) 
from 1906 : Brooks's, Carlton and Travellfrs' 
clubs ; The Grove, Stanmore, Middlesex ; Broad- 
lands,Romsey,Hantg ; Cassiebawn,Sligo,Ireland. 

Ashley, lady Alice E., dau. of 3 earl of 
Enuiskillen; 6. 1853 ; to. 1891, as his 2 wife, rt. 
hon. (Anthony) Evelyn Melbourne Ashley, of 
Broadlauds, Romsey, Hants, P.O., M.P., d.l., j.p. 
(d. 1907) : 13 Cadogan sq. S.W. 

Ashley, lady Mary Sibell, b. 1902; lady 
Dorothea Louise, b. 1907; ladv Lettice Mildred 
Ma-v, b. 1911 ; daus. of 9 earl of Shaftesburv. 

Aishman, sir Fredk. Herbert, 2 bart. (1907), 
eld. 8. of 1 bart. {d. 1914); b. 1875; w. 1898, 
Alice B., dau. of Wm. Ansell Todd, of Portishead, 
Somerset : Thirlmere, Minehead, Somerset. 

Ashman, Eli/a, lady. — dau. of F. G. Lorenzen, 
of Bristol : to. 1874, sir Herbert Ashman, 1 bart. 
{d. 191-1) : Cook's Foil}', Stoke Bishop, Bristol. 

Ashmore, maj. Edwd. Bailev, m.v.o. 4 class 
(1911), R.A., eld. s. of late Fitzroy Paley Ash- 
more ; b. 1872 ; served in S. African war 1899- 
1900, gen. staff offr. (2 grade) War Office 1909- 
12, maj. R.F.A, 1909-13, asst. mil. sec. to gen. 
sir I. S. M. Hamilton, GC.B., D.S.O. (insp.-gen. 
of Oversea forces and gen. oflt'r. commdg. -in- 
chief Mediterranean commd.) from 1913: Army 
and N.ivy, and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs. 

Ashmore, Wm. Caldwell. c.i.E. (1913), s. of 
late Kdwia Ashmore, of Wakefield, Yorks ; b. 
1866 ; ?rt. 1892, Lilian A., dau. of Jas. Thomson, 
of Simla ; served with Hazara expdn. 1888, in 
Chitral 1895, and in S. African war 1899-1901, 
ret, 1905 as hon. capt. ; dep. sec. to govt, of India, 
milv. finance dept. from 1910 : Delhi and Simla, 
Ii dia. 

Ashmore, lady, — Dorothy E. A., youngest 
dau. of lace rev. Chas. J. K. Shaw ; to, 1897, sir 
Alex. Murray Ashmore, K.C.M.G., It.-gov. and 
col. sec. of Ceylon 1904-6 (d. 1906). 

Ashplant, Wm., j.p. (1895) Devon: Palmer 
House, Gt. Torrington, Devon. 

Ashton, vide Burchardt-Ashton. 

Ashton, vide Mackenzie-Ash ton. 

Ashton, lord (1 baron 1895, U.K.). Jas. 
Williamson, s. of late J. Williamson, of Park- 
tield, Lancaster, J.P. ; b. 1842; to. 1, 1869. 
Margaret, eld. dau. {d. 1877) of J. Gater, of 



Keswick; 2, 1880, Jessy Henrietta, 2 dau. (d. 
1904) of J. Stewart, Clapham, Yorks ; 3, 1909, 
riorence Maude, dau. of late rev. R. Daniel, 
vicar of Osbaldwick, Yorks, and widow of col. J. 
Lawson Whalley. of Richmond House, Lancas- 
ter ; D.L. Lancashire (sheriff 1885) ; a manufac- 
turer, M.P. (l.) N, Lancashire (Lancaster divn.) 
1886-95, raised to the peerage 1895 {Heir, none) : 
Alford House, Prince's gate, S.W, ; Ashton Hall 
and Ryelands. Lancaster. 

Ashton, Alfred, J. P. (1889) Cheshire. 

AsMon, Arthur J., K.c, eld. s. of Walter 
Ashton, of Warrington, Lanes ; b. 1855 ; m. 1890, 
Emma, dau. of dr. Thos. Burnie, of ISTottingham ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1881, K.c. 1906, rec. of Man- 
chester from 191-4 : 4 Ladbroke sq. W. ; 2 Mitre 
Court bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; Lavender walk, Rye, 
Sussex : Reform and Garrick clubs. 

Ashton, Charles, M.A. Oxon, late 12 lancers ; 
eld. s. of S. Ashton, of Prestwich, Lanes. J. P. 
(d. 1867) ; 6. 1838 ; m. 1, eld. dau. of N. E. Hurst, 
Higham G-range. Leicestershire ; 2, Josephine, 
2 dau. (c/. 1911 ) of R. Henty, Nazing Park, Essex ; 
3, 1913, Frances de Satur, 3 dau. of late lly. 
Smythe, of Newtown, co. Lonth : J.P, Leicester- 
shire and Herts : The Grove, Bournemouth East. 

Ashton, Edmund, j.P. (1882) Cheshire. 

Ashton, Henry D., eld. s. of W. T. Ashton, of 
Darwen, Lanes. ; b. 1861 ; m. 1886, Louisa, dau. 
of E. C. Deakin, of Belmont, Lanes. ; J.P. (1905) 
Lancashire : EUerslie, Darwen. 

Ashton, John, s. of Geo. Ashton, of Luben- 
ham, Leicestershire ; b. 1833 ; m 1856, Mary Ann, 
dau. (rf. 1899) of W. H. Upsall. of London ; is j.p. 
(1894) Leice-tershire : Manor House. Lubenham, 
Market Harborough. 

Ashton, sir Ralph Percy, s. of Ralph Shorrock 
Ashton. J.P. (ret.), of 19 Belmont park, Lee, 
Kent : h. 1860 ; m. Emma, 2 dau. of Robt. Eras. 
Rendell, of Kingston House, Staverton. Devon : 
m mb. legisl. counoil o^ govt, of India 1901 ?nd 
1902. pres. Mining and Geological Inst, of India 
1911, knighted 1911 : The Quarry. Oxted, Surrey. 

Ashton, Robert How, s. of Robt. How Ashton, 
of Castleton ; b. 1837 ; m. 1866, Thomasine, dau. 
(d. 1914) of late Jsph. Hall, of Castleton: j.p. 
Derbyshire (c.A. 1893-1913) : LosehiU HalL 
Castleton, via Sheffield. 

Ashton, hon. Thos, Hy. Raymond, 2 but only 
survg. s. of 1 baron Ashton of Hyde ; b. 1901, 

Ashton, Wm., j.p. (1906) Montgomeryshire : 
Green Villa, Llanidloes. Mont. 

Ashton, Wm., j.p. (1912) Middlx. : 2 Zetland 
Villas. Greenway, Uxbridge. 

Ashton, mrs!, lady of the manor of King- 
thorp : Kingthorp Hall, Pickering. 

Ashton, hon. Margaret Joan, dau. of 1 baron 
Ashton of Hyde. 

Ashton of Hyde, lord (1 baron 1911, U.K.). 
Thos. Gair Ashton, eld. s. of T. Ashton, of Ford 
Bank, Lanes, d.l., j.p. {d. 1898); b. 1855; m. 
1886, Eva M., dau. pf John Hy, James, of Kings- 

wood, Watford, Herts. ; J.P.Lancashire, Cheshire 
and Sussex; M.P, (L.) Cheshire (Hyde divn.) 
1885-6, S. Beds. 1895-1911, raised to the peerage 
1911 (Heir, s. hon. Thos. Hy. R., q.v.) : 39 
Princes gdns. S.W. ; Brooks's, Athenaeum and 
Reform clubs ; Hyde, Cheshire ; Vinehall, 
Robfrtsbridge, Sussex. 

Ashtovm, lord (3 baron, 1800, ir. Rep. peer). 
Frederick Oliver Trench, grands, of 2 baron {d. 
1880) ; b. 1868 ; m. Jan. 11, 1894, Violet, youngest 
aau. of col. R. A. G. Cosby, of Stradbally Hall, 
Queen's co. : D.L., J.P. co. Galway (Heir, s. hon. 
Frederic S. Trench, q.v.) : Woodlawn, co. 
Galway ; Glenabeiry Lodge, co. Waterford. 

Ashwell, Amos Lewis, eld. s. of Jas. Amos 
Ashwell, of Bishop's Stortford, Herts ; b. 1835 ; 
m. 1861, Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Etty, of Amwell 
Bury, Herts ; J.P. (1913) Herts : Widbury 
Villa, Jeffries rd. Ware. 

AshTvln, James, eld. s. of Wm. Hy. Ashwin, 
of Bretforton, Worcs. D.L., J.P. {d. 1892) ; b. 1860 ; 
m. 1890, Clara, dau. of late Geo. Watson, of 
Donisthorpe House, Yorks, J.P. ; is j.p. Glouces- 
tershire and Worcestershire (sheriff 1914-15) : 
Bretforton Manor, Honeybourne, Worcestershire. 

Ashworth, Fras., 2 s. of Edwd. Ashworth, 
of Manchester; b. 1840 ; m. 1872 (widower) ; j.p. 
(1903), Cheshire, J.P. (ex-off.) 1898-1901, pres. 
Manchester (Chamber of Commerce 1908-9 and 
1909-10 : Tbe Mount, Legh rd. Knutsford. 

Ashworth, Fredc, s, of late Thos. Ashworth, 
of Todmorden Hall, Lanes ; b. 1852 ; vi. 1882, 
Sarah, dau. of Peter Ormeroi, of Pex House, 
Todmorden, Lanes.; j.p. (1906) W.R. Yorks: 
Arden Croft, Ilkey in Wharfedale. 

Ashworth. John, s. of Richard Ashworth, of 
Bank st. Rawtenstall, Lanes ; b. 1841 ; m. 1865, 
Alice Ann, dau. of Richd. Rostron, of Stack 
Steads, Lancashire : is (1896) J.P. Lancashire : 
Mill Field House, Thora Hill, Rawten8tall,Lanc8. 

Ashworth, Jordan, J.P. (1908) Derbyshire: 
Pinxton, Alfreton. 

Ashworth, Philip, 3 s. of late Richd. Ash- 
worth, of Latham, Lanes; b. 1860; m. 1888, 
Marion, dau. of late Andrew McFarlane, j.p., 
of Alexandria, Dumbartonshire ; J.P. (1909) Lan- 
cashire : Dunarden, Sunny Brow rd. Middleton, 

Ashworth, PhQip Henry, M.A. Ch.Ch.Oxon., 
only. child of Alfred Ashworth, of Horsley Hall, 
Denbighshi7-e, J.P. {d. 1910), by Edith, dau. of 
late Fredk. Bower, of West Dean Park, Chiches- 
ter ; b. 1885 ; m. 1909, Dorothy Muriel C, 2 dau. 
of sir Wm. Vincent, 12 bart. ; It. Cheshire yeo. 
1906-10, It. gren. gds. 1914, J.P. (1912) 'Denbigh- 
shire (sheriff 1913): 25 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; 
Carlton and Wellington clubs ; Horsley Hall, 
Gresford, Denbigh.shire. 

Ashworth, Richd., s. of Geo. Ashworth, of 
Ashlands, Lanes.; b. 1848; m. 1877, Jane, dau. 
of Robt, Worswick, of Greenbank, Rawtenstall, 







ucs. ; J. P. (1904) Lancashire : Ashlands, New- 
church, nr. Manchester. 

Aske, sir Robt. Wm., ll.d. Lond., a. of Edwd. 
ke; b. 1872: admitted a solicitor 1891, 
hted 1911 : Saxby House, The Park, and 
ce, 17 Parliament st. Hull ; National Liberal 

Askew, David Huofh Watson, b.a. Oxon., 2 
but eld. survg. s. of Watson Askew-Robertson, 
of Pallinsburn, Northumb.,D.L., J.P. {d. 1900), by 
hon. Sarah, eld. dau. and co-heir of David 
Robertson, 1 and last baron Marjoribanks, of 
Ladykirk; h. 1863; barr. Inner Temple 1888, 
.l.P. and c.c. Berwickshire. J.P, (1907) and C.A. 
Northumberland (sheriff 1912) : Carlton, Gon- 
er rati ve and New University clubs ; Castle 

ills, Berwick-on-Tweed. 

Askew, Thos. Hordon, J.P. (1908) North- 
berland : 1 Park parade, Whitley Bay, 

Askew, mis?. — Frances Louisa, only survg. 
dau, of Hy, Wm, Askew, of Burwood Park, 
Surrey, J.p! (d. 1890), by Lucy, 3 dau, of late 
rt, rev, the hon. Hugh Percy, D.b. bp, of Carlisle, 
and niece of 6 duke of Northumberland : Bur- 
wood Park, Walton-on-Tha • es, Surrey, 

Askew-Robertson, hon. mrs. Sarah, eld. dau. 
of 1 and last baron Marjoribanks ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 185G, Watson Askew, wbo assumed by royal 
licence in 1890 addtl. name of Robertson in 
accordance with the will of late Wm. Robertson, 
of Ladykirk, on his wife succeeding to th^ 
Ladykirk estates, and d. in 1906 : Ladykirk 
House, Berwickshire. 

Askwith, Arthur Albert, 3 s. of Wm. Askwith, 
of Middlesbrougli, Yorks ; b. 1868; m. 1896, 
Elizabeth Jane, dau, of. .J. E, Day, of Hartlepool, 
CO, Durham; J.P, (1914) Northumberland: 
yal Automobile club ; The Croft, Waterloo, 

,yth, Northumb. 

Askwith, sir Geo. Ranken, k.c.b. (1911), 
K.c, D.c.L. (hon.) Oxon,, eld. survg. s. of late 
geii, W. H. Askwith, col. commdt. r.a. ; b. 1861 ; 

(I. 1908, Ell^^u, dau. of Archibald Peel, of 
estlea, Broxbourne, and widow of maj. Hy 

raham, 20 huss. ; barr. Inner Temple 1886, K.C. 

908, counsel to H.M. commrs. of works, asst. 
sec. to Board of Trade (railway dept. ) 1907-9, 
comptr.-geh. of the commercial, labour and 
statistical depts. 1909-11, chm. fair wages 
advisory comttee. from 1909 and chief industrial 
commr. from 1911, mayor of St. Ives, Hunts 
1913: 12 Hans cres. S.W. ;office, Chief Industrial 
Commrs.' Dept. 5 Old Palace yard, Westminster, 
S.W.; Athenaeum and University clubs; The 
How, St. Ives, Hunts. 
Aspden, Newton Hartley, youngest s. of late 

ichd. Aspden, of Clitheroe, Lancashire ; b. 

858 ; m. 1885, Kate, dau. of W. Crowther, of 
Mansfield, Notts ; J.P. (1913) co. London : The 
Hermitage, Leigham Court rd, Streatham, S, W. ; 
"ational Liberal club, 

Aspinall, Butler, k.c, b.a. 2 s. of late 
Burler Cole Aspinall, barr. and late A.G. of 
Melbourne, Victoria ; b. 1861 ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1884, bencher 1901. Q.c. 1899 : 2 Pauer 
bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; 6 Lowndes st. S.W. ; 
Brooks's, Be fsteak, Fox and Reform clubs. 

Aspinall, rev. Geo. Edwd., m.a. oxon., s. of 
Edwd. Aspinall, of Hall Ings, Yorkshire ; b. 
1842 ; m. 1882. Caroline, dau. {d. 1907) of John 
Holden, of Turton, Lanes ; J.P. W. R, Yorks : 
Jun. Constitutional club ; Hall Ings, South- 
owram, Halifax, 

Aspinall, John Ralph, eld. s. of Ralph 
John Aspinall, of Standen Hall, Lanes, D.L., J.P. 
{d. 1913) ; b. 1878 ; m. 1901, Augusta, 3 dau. of 
col. G. B. H. Marton, of CJapernwray, Lanes ; 
J.P, (1905) Lancashire, maj, Lancashire Huss, 
yeo, from 1914 : Banaclough House, Clitheroe. 

Aspland, Arthur Brook, J.P. (1900) Cheshire : 
Whitegates, Gee Cross, Hyde, Cheshire. 

Asquith, Herbert, 2 s. of rt. hon. Herbert 
Hy. Asquith, P.c, M.P. ; b. 1881; m 1910, lady 
Cynthia Mary E., eld. dau. of 11 earl of Wemyss ; 
b. 1888 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1907 : 8 Sussex pi. 
N.W. ; 1 New sq. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

Asquith, rt. hon. Herbert Henry, P.C. (1892), 
K.c, F.R.S., D.c.L. Oxon. and Durh., ll.d. Camb. 
and Edin., 2 s. of late J. D. Asquith, of Croft 
House, Morley, Yorks ; b. 1852 ; m. 1, 1877, Helen, 
eld. dau. (d. 1891) of late Fredk. Melland,of Park 
cres. Manchester ; 2, 1894, Emma Alice Margaret, 
6 dau. of sir Chas. Tennant, 1 bart. ; barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn 1876, Q.c 1890, hon. fell. Balliol coll. 
Ox. from 1908, lord rect. of Glasgow univ. 1907-8, 
of Aberdeen univ. 1908, an elder brother of 
Trinity House from 1909, M.P. (L.) E. Fifeshire 
from 1886, sec. of state home dept. 1892-5, an 
ecclesiastical commr. 1892-5, chanc. of the 
Exchequer 1905-8, prime min. and first lord of 
the Treasury from 1908 and also sec. of state for 
war in 1914 : 10 Downing st. S.W. ; 1 Paper 
bldgs. Temple, E.C. ; Brooks's, Athenaeum and 
Reform clubs. 

Asser, Samuel Bayly Verney, J.P. (1889) 
Surrey : Westwood Place, Windlesham, Surrey, 

Assheton, Ralph Cockayne, eld. s. of Ralph 
Assheton. of Downham Hall, Lanes, M.p., D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1907); b. 1860 ; m. 1898. Mildred E. S., 2 
dau. of John Hy. Master, of Petersham, Surrey, 
J.P. ; is J.P. and ca. Lanes, J.P. W. R. Yorks, 
dir. Lane, and York. Ry. Co., lord of the manor 
of Downham : Carlton club ; Downham Hall, 

Assheton-Smith, lady. — Sybil Mary, dau. of 
late It. -col. Hy. Wm. Verschoyle, of Kiberry, co. 
Kildare ; m. 1903, as his 3 wife, sir Chas. Garden 
Assheton-Smith, 1 bart., D.L., J.P. (d. 1914). 

Astbury, Frerlk. Wolfe, J.P. (1911) Lancashire: 
Newlands, Hilton la. Prestwich, Manchester. 

Astbury, sir John Meir, m.a. b.c.l. Oxon,, 
eld. s. of Freok. Jas. Astburv, of Hilton Park, 
Prestwich, Lanes. (</. 1901) ; 6. 1860; m, 1888, 



Evelyn, eld. dau. of late Paul Sasmann, of Man- 
chester; barr. Middle Temple 1884, bencher 1903, 
Q.C, 1895, M P. (l.) S.W. Lanca-hire (Soutbport 
divn.) 1906-JO, a judge of chaucery divn. of high 
court of justice from 1913, knighted 1913: 8 
Piinces gate, S.W. ; Athenasum and Reform 
clubs ; Turville Court, Henley-on-Thames. 

Astbury, Joseph, 2 s. of Thos. Astbury, of 
Northop, Flints ; b. 1841 : m. 1868, Sarah Jane, 
youngest dau. of Thos. Burton, of Grantham, 
Lines, ; J.P.(1907)Flints: Galchog,Northop,Fiints, 

Astbury, Wm., 3 s. of Thos. Astbury, of Gal- 
chog, Flints; b. 1843; J.P. (1909) Flintshire: 
Cralchog, Northop, Flints. 

Astell, John Hy. St. Quintin, 2 s. of John 
Harvev Astell, of Woodbury Hall, co. Cambridge, 
M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1887): b. 1863; J.P. (1898) 
Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire: 23 De Vere 
gdns. W. : Wellington club ; Carlton, Sham- 
brook. Beds. 

Astell, capt. Somerset Chas. Godfrey Fairfax, 
D.s.o. (1900), only s. of maj.-gen. Chas. Edwd. 
Astell. of West Lodge, Dorset, J.P. (d. 1901); 
b. 1866 ; m. 1903, Freilerica Beatrice, only child 
of Jas. Frederick Roberts, c.m.g., H.B.M.'« con- 
sul-gen. at Barcelona : J.P. (1898) Dorset, served 
in Dongola expedn. 1896, S. African war 1900-02. 
J.P.Transvaal, capt, 1 battn. N. Staffs regt. 1895- 
1903, ret. p. 1903: West Lodge, Piddlehinton, 
Dorchester. Dorset. 

Astle, Marcus Jas., eld. s. of Marcus Astle. 
late of Wilne, Derbyshire; b. 1864; m. 1891, 
Florence M., drm. of 'W. F. Wallett, of Beeston, 
Notts; J.P. (1903) Derbyshire: Atiewell House, 
Draycott, nr. Derby. 

Astley, hon. Cliarles Melton, 3 s. of 20 baron 
Hastings; b. 1885 j It. Northumberland (Hubs.) 
yeo. from 1913. 

Astley, Delaval Graham L'Estrange, eld. s. of 
capt. Fredc. Bernard A-tley, of Burgn Hall, 
Norfolk (d. 18/6); b. 1868; J.P. (1904) Norfolk, 
late It. Welsh regt.; late maj. N. bomerset L Y. : 
Plumstead Hall, Norwich. 

Astley, hon. Edwd. Delaval Hy., s. of 21 
baron Hastings ; b. 1912. 

Astley, Hubert Delaval, M.A. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 
2 s. of It.-col. F. L'Estrange Astley (rf. 1866), by 
5 dau. of sir R Frankland-Russell, hart. ; h. 
1860; m. 1895, Edith Constance, dau. of sir 
Vincent R. Corbet, 3 bart., and widow of sir 
Richard P. Sutton, 5 bart. ; formerly in orders 
in Ch. of England and rect. of Ellesboruugh, 
Bucks, 1896-9 : Brinsop Court, Hereford. 

Astley, hon. Jacob John, 2 s. of 20 baron 
Hastings ; b. 1884 ; 2 It. 16 lancers 1903-6. 

Astley, hon. Alexandra Rboda, b. 1886 ; hon. 
Hester, b. 1899 : daus. of 20 baron Hastings. 

Astley, hon. Helen Elizabeth Delaval, h. 
IS'07 ; hon. Arrayne Margaret, b, 1909: daus. of 
21 baron Hastings. 

j Astley, hon. mrs. Henry. Sybil, 2 dau. of late 
I Chas. Geo. Fountaine ; m. 1»91, hon. Hv. Jacob 
Astley {d. 1909). 

Astley-Corbett, sir Fras. Edmund Geo., 4 
bart. (1821), eld. s. of sir John D. Astley, 8 
bart (d. 1894), by only dau. {d. 1897) and heir of 
late Thos. George Corbett, of Elsham Hall, 
Lincolnshire ; b. 1859 : m. 1882, lady Augusta 
Gertrude, only dau. of 3 earl of Yarborough, 6" 
1861 ; late It. Scots gds., D.L., J.P. Lincolnshire : 
assumed bv roval licence additional name of 
Corbett, 1889 (Heir. .<. John D. P. h. 1883): 45 
Cadogan gdns. S.W. ; Arthur's and Guards' 
clubs ; Elsham Hall, Grimsby, Lincolnshire. 

Aston, archdn. of (Birmingham), vide ven. 
Geo. Lawrence Ilarter (Tardner, M.A. 

Aston, Alfred Withall. s. of Benjn. Richd. 
Aston, barr.-at-law, of the Ecclesiastical commn. ; 
b. 1852 ; m. 1879. Frances Amy, dan. of R. G. 
Hennell ; J.P. (1906) Surrey : Woodcote Gro^e, 
Wi'Odcote. Ep.som. 

Aston, brig.-gen. sir Geo. Grey, K.c.B. (1913), 
R.M.A., 8. of laie 't.-col. Hy. Aston, Ind, army; 
b. 1861 ; TO. 1909, Dorothy, dau. of vice-adml. Wm. 
Wilson, of Manor House, Clyffe Pypard, Swin- 
don ; served with expdn. to Soudan 1884, S. 
African war 1899-1900. A.D.c. to the King from 
1911, brig.-gen. conimdg. ii. M.A. divn. from 1914, 
col. commdt. R.M.a. 1914: Naval and Military 

Aston, Hy. Fanre, eld. s. of late It.-col. Hy. 
Aston, Ind. army ; b. 1846 ; m. 1873, Augusta O. 
A., dau. of col. Hy. Creed, Bombay Hor>^e artill., 
of Bucknalls, Herts, by 2 wife, Cecilia A., eld. 
dnu. of marq. de Bourbel ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1884, entd. I.C.S. 1869, memb. legisl. council of 
govt, of Bombay 1899, judge of high court 
Bombay 1903-6, ret. 190G. 

Aston-Ije\(ris, col. Wm. Hy. Denys, v.d., 
M.A. Oxon.. P. of Wm. Aston-Lewis, M.l). ; b. 
1854 ; m. lHOO, Gertrude E.,dau. of Glinn Pridham, 
of Plymouth; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1880, col. 3 
vol. battn. Essex regt. 1901-3, J.P. (1912) Corn- 
wall : United University club ; Penley, King- 
sand, Plymouth. 

Aster, Waldorf, eld. s. of Wm. Waldorf Astor, 
of Hever Castle, Kent, by Mary Dahlgren, dan. 
{d. 1894) of late Jas. W. Paul, of Philadelphia, 
U.S.A.; 6 1879; m. 1906, Nancy Witcher, d*u. 
of Chiswell Dabney Langhorne, of Mii-ador, 
Greenwood, Virginia, U.S.A. and widow of Robt. 
Gould Shaw ; M.p, (c.) Plymouth from 1910 : 4 
St. James' sq. S.W. ; Carlton, Royal Automobile 
and Marlborough clubs ; Cliveden,Taplow,Buck8. 

Astor, Wm. Waldorf. F.8.S., orilv child of John 
Jacob Astor, of New York, U.S.A. {d. 1890), by 
Charlotte Augusta, dau. {d. 1887) of late Thos. 
Stanyame Gibbes : b. 1848 ; m. 1878, Mary 
Dahlirren, dau. {d. 1894) of late Jas. W. Paul, of 
Philadelphia, U.S.A.: 18 Carlton House terr. 
S.W. ; Carlton and Marlborough clubs ; Hever 
Castle, Edenbridge, Kent. 



Atcherley, It.-col. Liewellyu Wm., m.v.o. -1 
class (1912), 4 s. of It.-col. Fras. Topping Atcher- 
ley {d. 1875) ; b. 1871 ; m. 1897, Eleanor Frances, 2 
dau. of late Richd. Micklethwaite, d.l., j.p., of 
Ardsley House, Yorks ; served with Ashanti 
expdn. 1895-6 and in S. African war 1899-1902, 
maj. 1905, ret. p. A.S.G. 190«, It.-col. (temp.) 
and A.Q.M.G. 1914 ; chief constable of Shropshire 
1906-8, of W. R. Yorks from 1908 : Haddon Lej's, 
Sandal Magna, Wakefield ; Headquarters, West 
Riding Constabulary, Cliff lane, Wakefield. 

Atchison (councillor), John D., Preston House, 
Sidley, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. ( Telegrams, Sid- 
ley, Bexhill, Sussex.) 

Atchley, Chewton, c.m.g. (1911), r.s.o. (1902), 
s. of late Wm. Hy. Atchley, of The Treasury ; h. 
1850 ; m. 1879, Alice, dau. of Hy. Whitehouse, 
of Highgate, N. ; ent. Colonial Office 1868 and 
librarian from 1880 : 21 Broadhurst gdns. Hamp- 
Btead, N.W. 

Atliabasca, bp. of, rt. rev. Edwin Fredk. 
Robins, D.D. St. John's coll. Winnipeg, s. of 
John Crawley Robms ; b. 1870 ; inc. of All SS., 
Athabasca Lauding, Alberta, Ca., and dioc. 
sec. and examg. chapln. to bp. of Athabasca 
1909-10, vie. of Thorpe-le-Soken, Colchester 
1902-10, archdn. of Athabasca 1910-12 and bp. 
from 1912 : Athabasca Landing, AlU, Canada. 

Atherden, Thos. Henry, j.p. (1899) Salop and 
(18 — ) Ludlow: 27 Broad at. Ludlow; Peaton 
Hall, Delbury, Salop. 

Atherley, Arthur Harry Howard, only child of 
col. Francis Hy. Atherley, of Landguard Manor, 
L of W., J.P. (d. 1897), by lady Isabel Julia 
Elizabeth, eld. dau. {d. 1910) of 17 earl of Suffolk 
and Berkshire; b. 1865; m. 1902, Eleanor 
Gertrude, 2 dau. of Jas. Forbes Lumsden, of John- 
stone House, Aberdeen ; D.L., J.P. Hants : 
Bachelors', Travellers', Brooks's and Pratt's 
clubs ; Landguard Manor, nr. Shanklin, I. of W. 

Atherley-Jones (his honor judge), Llewellyn 
Archer, K.C., B.A. Oxon, 3 a. of late Ernest Jones, 
chartist, poet and barr.-at-law, by Jane, dau. of 
E. Gibson Atherley, of Barfield Cumberland ; b. 
1851 ; m. 1880, dau. of late T. Lambert, of 
Durham ; barr. Inner Temple 1875. bencher 1907, 
Q.O. 1896, rec. of Newcastle-on-Tyne 1906-14, 
judge of City of London and Central Criminal 
Courts from 1914, M.P. (l.) co. Durham (North- 
Western divn.) 1885-1913: 4 Paper bldgs. 
Temple, E.C. ; Devonshire and Savage clubs ; 
Staverton Lodge, Brav Wick, Berkshire. 

Atherton, Thos. Geo., 2 s. of Thos. Geo. 
Atherton, of Wanboroiigh, Wilts ; b. 1863 ; m. 
1897, dau. of Jason Austin, of Gt. Shefford, 
Berks; j.p. (1911) Wilts: Manor Farm, Rams- 
bury, Hungerford. 

Atherton, col. Thos. Jas., c.B. (1900), s, of late 
sir William Atherton, m.p. ; b. 1856 ; m. 1892, 
Mabel L., dau. of late sir Edwd. J. Dean Paul, 
3 bt. ; served in S. African war 1899-1902 ; It.- 
col. (brevet col. 1904) 12 lancers 1900-4, ret. p. 

1904 : Naval and Military club ; Bridge House, 
Cookham, Berks. 

Atherton, misses Catharine and Henrietta, 
dans, of Chas. Bernard Atherton (rf. 1904), and 
sis. and co-heirs of Hy. Holder Atherton, of 
Taynron House, Gloucestershire {d. 1913) : 
Taynton House, Taynton, Gloucester. 

Athill, Charles Harold, M.v.o. 4 class (1911), 
F.S.A., 4 s. of late Geo. Athill ; m. Katherine 
Mildred, youngest dau. of late ven. Benjamin 
Fredk. Smith, archd. of Maidstone and canon 
of Canterbury cathedral ; apptd. H.M. Richmond 
Herald 1889, registrar of the College of Arms 
from 1911, was Blue mantle Pursuivant of Arms 
1882-9 : College of Arms, E.C. ; The Firs, Seven- 

Athlumney, lord (2 baron, 1863, ir.). sir Jas. 
Herbert Gustavus Meredyth Somerville, 6 bt. 
(1748), only survg. s. of 1 baron {d. 1873) ; b. 
1865 ; sits as baron Meredyth (1866, U.K.) ; J.P. 
CO. Meath ; 4 class Mediidieh, It. 1 battn. Coldst. 
gds. 1886-97, served with Dongola expedn. 1896, 
4 class Osmanieh ; S. African war 1900, capt. 
(hon. maj. 1897) Kent R.G.A. (mil.) 1897-1902, 
A.D.c. to lo'd lieut. of Ireland (earl Cadogan) 
1895-1902 (Heir to barony none) : 3 Charles st. 
Berkeley sq. W. ; Guards', White's, Turf, and 
Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; Somerville, Balrath, 

Atholl, 7 duke of (1703, sco.). John James 
Hugh Henry Stewart-Murray, K.T., only s. of 6 
duke, K.T. (d. 1864); b. 1840; m. 1863, Louisa, 
eld. dau. {d. 1902) of sir Thomas Moncreiffe, 7 
bt. ; sits as earl Strange (1786, Gt. B.); 2nd tit. 
marq. of Tullibardine : heredi. sheriff of Perth- 
shire, late It. and capt. Scots gds. ; hon. col. 3 
battn. (special res.) Black Watch from 1903, 
pres. CO. Perth Territrl. Force Assoc, from 1908 ; 
lord lieut. Perthshire from 1«78, chanc. of 
order of the Thistle from 1913 {Heir, s. marq. 
of Tullibardine, q.v.) : 84 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Carl- 
ton, Guards', Marlborough, and Bachelors' clubs ; 
Blair Castle, Blair Atholl, and Dunkeld, Perth- 

Athorpe, Marmaduke, only s. of Marmaduke 
Athorpe {d. 1872) and nephew of rev. Geo. 
Middleton Athorpe, of Dinnington Hall, Yorks 
{d. 1910) ; b. 1872 ; m. 1897, Anne Davidson, dau. 
of Gordon Pyper, of Ceylon ; patron of the living 
and lord of the manors of Dinnington and 
Morthen : Dinnington Hall, near Rotherham. 

Athy, Edmond Joseph Philip Lynch, only s. 
of Randle Edmond Lynch Athy, of Renville, co. 
Galway {d. 1875) ; 6. 1859 ; m. 1881. Annette M., 
dau. of Richd. Gradwell, of Dowth Hall, co. 
Meath ; late capt. Galway artill., J.P. co. Galway 
(sheriff 1904) : Renville, Oranmore, co. Galway. 
Atkin, .=ir Jas. Richd., eld. s. of late Robt, 
Atkin, of Fernhill, co. Cork ; 6. 1867 ; m. Lucy 
Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Hemmant, formerly col. 
treas. of Queensland ; barr. Gray's Inn 1891, 



bencher 1S06, K.c. 1906, a judge of King s bench 
divn. of high court of justice from 1913, 
knighted 1913: 44 Evelyn gdns. Kensington, 
S.W. ; 2 Pump court, Temple, E.G. 

Atkin, Peter Wilson, M.A., LL.M. Cantab., 2 
8. of Geo. Atkin, of Egerton Park, Eock Ferry, 
Cheshire; b. 1859; barr. Inner Temple 1883, 
J. p. (1908) Birkenhead, stipndy. magist. at 
Salford from 1913: Town Hall, Salford, 

Atkin-Boberts, Malcolm Roberts, only s. of 
maj. John Roberts Atkin- Roberts, of Glassen- 
bury Park, Kent, J.P. {d. 1913) ; b. 1876: Jun. 
Carlton club; Glassenbury Park,Cranbrook,Kent. 

Atkins, vide Bumaby-Atkins. 

Atkins, vide Martin- Atkins. 

Atkins, Ernest Clive, eld, s. of late Arthur 
Atkins, of Hinckley, Leicestershire ; b. 1870 ; m. 
1900, Agnes, dau. of lute rev. Benju. Pidcock, of 
Easton, Hants ; j.p. (190G) Leicestershire : 
Stretton House, Hinckley. 

Atkins, Samuel Ralph, J.P. (1908) Wilts : 17 
Elm Grove rd. Salisbury. 

Atkinson, lord (baron 1905, life i^eer), John 
Atkinson, p.c. (Eng. and irel.), eld. s. of Edwd. 
Atkinson, M.D., j.p., of Glenwilliam Castle, co. 
Limerick and Skea House, Enn'skillen (d. 1876) ; 
6. 1844 ; m. 1873, Rowena, dau. {d. 1911) of Richd. 
Chute, M.D., of Tralee; Irish barr. 1865, Q.c. 
1880 ; bencher of King's Inn 1885 ; barr. Inner 
Temple lh90, bencher 1906 ; S.G. for Ireland 
1889-92, A.G. in 1892 and 1895-1905, M.P. (c.) N. 
Londonderry 1895-1905, a lord of appeal in ordi- 
nary from 1905: 39 Hyde Park gate, S.W. ; 
Carlton, and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs. 

Atkinson, Arthur Joseph, only s. of late 
Joseph Atkinson, J. P., of Brough, Yorks; b. 1864 ; 
m. 1891, Bertha, dau. of David Haughton, J.P., of 
Sutton Hall, E. Yorks; j.p. (1912) E. R. Yorks, 
Austio-Hungarian and Italian consul for Hull 
and E. Riding : Royal Automobile club ; 
Elloughton, Brough, Yoiks. 

Atkinson, hon. Cecil Thos., b.a. Trin. coll. 
Dub., 2 and eld. survg. s. of lord Atkinson, a 
lord of appeal in ordy. ; b. 1876 ; vi. 1903, 
Florence, dau. of Godfrey L. Taylor, j.P., of 
Grangeville, co. Wexford { Irish barr. 1901 : 49 
Lower Leeson st. Dublin ; Drummany, Grey 
Stones, CO. Wicklow. 

Atkinson, Chas. Edwd.,7«. 1906,Beatrice, dau. 
of Walter Symington, of Crowbill, Lanarkshire 
and Villa Inge.Nice, France ; J.P. (1905) Kent : 
Algoa Lodge, Beckenham j 1 Chats worth gdns. 

Atkinson, Chas. Milner, m.a., ll.m. Cantab, 
eld. 8. of Jas. Geo. Atkin80n,M.D., of The Grange, 
Rotherham, Yorks ; b. 1854; barr. Inner Temple 
1878^ j.p.(1902) W. R. Yorks, stipndy. magist. 
for Leeds from 1894 : Town Hall, Leeds. 

Atkinson, Cyril, k.c, ll.d., 2 s. of Leonard 
Wm. Atkinson, of Altrincham, Cheshire; b. 
1874 ; m. 1900, Kathleen, dau. of Michael Long- 

ridge, of Dunham Masfeey, Cheshire ; barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn 1897, K.C. 1913 : 4 Harcouit bldgs. 
Temple, E.C. 

Atkinson, rev. Edwd., d.d. Cantab., fell, of 
Clare coll. 1842-56, s. of late Edwd. Atkinson, of 
Leeds ; b. 1819 ; m. 1856, Frances, dau. {d. 1908) 
of late rev. R. Carter-Smith, of Old Charlton, 
Kent : master of Clare coll. Camb. from 1856 : 
Master's Lodge, Clare College, Cambridge. 

Atkinson, Edwd. Tindal, k.c, 4 s. of Hy. 
Tindal Atkinson, 8.L., county court judge 1870-88 
{d. 1890) : b. 1847 ; barr. Middle Temple 1870, 
bencher 1892, q.c. 1886; 8.G. of co. palatine of 
Durham 1887-1901 and a.g. from 1901, rec. of 
Leeds from 1896 : 2 Tanfield court, Temple, E.C. 

Atkinson, It. -col. Edwin Hy. De Yere, CI.E. 
(191;}), U.E., s. of late E. F. T. P. Atkinson, 
C.I.K., l.c.s. ; b. 1867 ; m. 1896, Etheldred F. M., 
dau. of Ernest Steward, of Winton House, Rich- 
mond, Surrey ; served with Lushai expdn. 1889, 
Chin Lushai expdn. 1889-90 ; operations of Zhob 
Field force 1890 ; principal of Thomason Coll., 
Roorkee. U. P., India from 1901 : Thomason Col- 
lege, Roorkee, United Pro v., India. 

Atkinson, brig.-gen. Fras. Garnett, cb. 
(19(»8), s. of late rev. Tlios. Atkinson, rect. of 
Kirby Sigston, Yorks; b. 1857; 7«. 1883, Eliza, 
dau. of Franklin Prestage ; served with Egyptian 
expdn. 1882, and on N. W. Frontier, India 1897- 
8, comind. Bangalore cav. brig. 1906-9, col. 
Indian army 1901, ret. 1914 with hon. rank of 
brig.-gen. : E. I. United Service club. 

Atkinson, Frank Buddie, j.p. (1892) North- 
umljerland : Gallowhill Hall, Bolam, Northumb. 

Atkinson, capt. hon. Hector John, 3 s. of lord 
Atkinson, a lord of appeal ; b. 1879 ; in S. African 
war 1899-1902, capt. R. Irish Fus. from 1909. 

Atkinson, (his honor, Judge) Hy. Tmdal, eld. 
s. of Hy. Tindal Atkinson, s.L., county court 
judge 1870-88 (d. 1890) ; b. 18— ; to. 1873, Marion 
A., eld. dau. of E. B. Hale Lewin, of Holly Hill, 
Wanstead, Essex ; barr. Middle Temple 1865, 
bencher 1896, j.p. Herts, judge of county courts 
(circuit No. 38) Essex from 1901 : 3 Clanri- 
carde gdns. W. ; 3 Dr. Johnson's bldgs. Temple, 
E.C. ; Reform club. 

Atkinson, capt. hon. Hubert Rowan, 4 s. of 
lord Atkinson, a lord of appeal in ordy. ; b. 1882 : 
m. 1907, Mabel Coralie, dau. of late Geo. Gerald 
Tyrrell, of Dover; capt. Conn. Rang, from 1910, 
othcer of a company of gentlemen cadets R. 
Mil. Coll. from 1914. 

Atkinson, James, s. of John Atkinson, of 
Hyde ; b. 1838 ; m. 1869, Lucy ^., dau. of John 
Hill, of Wistaston Manor, Cheshire ; is j.p. 
Cheshire and Crewe : Mirion House, Crewe. 

Atkinson, John, j.p. (1907) Northumberland ; 
Newbiggin, Hexham. 

Atkinson, John Anthony, j.p. (1907) West- 
morland : The Villa, Crosby Garrett, nr. Kirkby 



Atkinson, sir John Nathaniel, K.c.s.r. (1912), 
p. of late Richd. Atkinson, of Temple Sowerby, 
' Westmorland ; h. 1857 ; m. 1885, Constance, dau. 
of rev. Robt. John Banks, of St. Catherine's,Don- 
caster ; Ind. C.S. 1878, chm. harbour trust board, 
Madras, 1897, addtl. memb. legisl. council 1901, 
1903 and 1905, memb. board of rev. 1903, commr. 
of rev. settlement and dir. of land records and 
agric. 1904, commr. of land rev. 1905, sec. to 
govt. (rev. dept.) 1906, memb. board of rev. and 
commr. of rev. settlmt. 1908-9, actg. chief sec. to 
govt. Feb. 1908, memb. of council of govt, of 
Madras 1909 : Monteith House, Madi-as. 

Atkinson, John Parkinson, m.d. Glasg., 
L.K.c.P. Lond., eld. s. of late Joseph Robt 
Atkinson, of Louth, Lines ; 6. 1838 ; m. 1, 1865 
Julia, 2 dau. of Chas. Brownlow ; 2, 1871. Mary, 
dau. of late Wm. Morley, of Brize Norton, 
Oxfordshire; J. P. (1912), Essex: 37 High st. 
Saffron Walden ; Constitutional club. 

Atkinson, maj.-gen. John Richd. Breeks, 
served in Afghan war 1878-80, maj.-gen. 1894 
Bengal inf., ret. 1895. 

Atkinson, Ralph Walker, J.P. (1909) Essex : 
The Limes, Hempstead, Saffron Walden. 

Atkinson, col. Stephen Edward ; b. 1841 ; 
col. ret. (1891) M.S.C., J. p. Gloucestershire : 11 
Randolph rd. W. 

Atkinson, Thos.,J.P.(1912) Northants : Manor 
House, Hemiugton, Oundle. 

Atkinson, maj. Thos. Hy. Hollis Bradford-, 
eld. 8. of It.-col. Ralph (Bradford) Atkinson, of 
Angerton, Northumb. J.P. {d. 1888) ; b. 1860 ; 
J.P. Northumberland, maj. 1 battn. gren. gds. 
1897-9: 13 Little Grosvenor st. W. j Guards' 
and Turf clubs. 

Atkinson, Thos. Richd. Durbin, 3 but 2 
survg. s. of Edwd. Atkinson, M.D., J. p., of Glen- 
william Castle, co. Limerick, and Skea House, 
Enni>killen {d. 1876); h. 1863; m. 1884, Sophie 
M., dau. of capt. Wilkinson, 30 regt., of St. 
Oswald's, CO. Limerick ; D.L., J.P. co. Limerick 
(sheriff 1888): Kildare Street club, Dublin; 
Glenwilliam Castle, Ballingany, co. Limerick; 
Skea House, Enniskillen. 

Atkinson, Wm., j.p. (1910) co. Durham : 129 
Dans Castle, Tow Law, co. Durham. 

Atkinson, Wm., b. 1855: J.p. (1901) West- 
morland : Gaisofill, Tebay, Westmorland. 

Atkinson, Wm., s. of late Wm. Atkinson, of 
Sherburn, co. Durham; h. 1857 ; m. 1877, Sarah, 
dau. of Ralph Penrose, of Hilderthorpe House, 
E. Yorks; j.p. (1907) W. R. Yorks : Constitu- 
tional club ; Birklauds, Handsworth, Yorks. 

Atkinson, Wm. Rhodes, 3 s. of Wm. Atkin- 
son, of Ryecroft, Yorks ; b. 1865 ; m. 1880, dau. 
of Wm. Newton, of Glenlee, Yorks ; J.P. (1910) 
W. R. Yorks : The Ridge, Bingley. 

Atkinson-Clark, Geo. Dixon, b.a. Oxon, 
eld. 8. of rev. Wm. Atkinson-Clark, of Belford 
Hall (d 1880) ; b. 1836 ; m. 1874, Mary C, 5 dau. 
{d. 1912) of late hon. Hy. Coventry; barr. Lin- 

coln's Inn 1860, J.P., t).L. Northumberland 
(sheriff 1883), chm. quart, seas. : Carlton and 
Marlborough clubs ; Belford Hall, Northumber- 
land ; Port-an-Eilean and Bohally, Pitlochry, 

Atkinson-Clark, Hy. Geo., eld. aurvg. s. of 
Geo. Dixon Atkinson -Clark, of Belford Hall, 
Northumberland, D.L., J.P. ; h. 1877 ; in. 1904, 
Rachel Cicely, 4 dau. of sir Thomas Charlton 
Mevrick, 1 bart., K.o.B. ; J.P. (1905) Northumber- 
land : Windham club ; Tickhill Castle, Tickhill, 

Atkinson-Willes, ad ml. sir Geo. Lambart, 
K.c.B. (1905), 2 survg. s. of late rev. Thos. Atkin- 
son, rect. of Kirby Sigston, Yorks, by Henrietta 
Jane, dau. of late capt. Geo. Wicken Willes, R.N. ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1883, Alice, 2 dau. of late Thos. 
Mort, of Greenoakes, Darling Point, Sydney, and 
of Bodalla, Province Dampier, N.S.W. ; entd. 
R.N. 1861, served in naval brig, during Abyssin- 
ian war, present at capture and destruction of 
the fortress of Magdala 1868, directed the attack 
of a mixed naval and mil. force against the 
Dervishes 1904, at the storming and cai)ture of 
Illig April 1904 ; naval commdr.-in-chief on 
Somaliland coast 1903-4, A. D c. to Queen Victoria 
1899-1901, and to King Edward VII. in 1901, 
commdr.-in-chief on East Indies station 1903-5, 
adml. 1908, ret. 1912, assumed addtl. name 
of Willes 1901 : Travellers' and United Service 
clubs ; The Stroud, Haslemere. Surrey. 

Attenborougrh, Heniy Arthur, 2 and only 
survg. s. of late Geo. Attenborough, of 193 Fleet 
St. City, E.C. {d. 1892) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1875, Maude, 
dau. of Robert Borras, of Old Change, E.C. ; 
patron of the living and lord of the manor of 
Catesby, and lord of manor of Helidon, j.p. 
(1895) Nortiiants: 12 Buckingham gate, S.W. ; 
Catesby House, Catesby, nr. Daventry. 

Attenborough, Walter Annis, M.A., ll.m. 
Cantab., 2 s. of 1 ite Robt. Attenborough,London : 
b. 1850 ; m. 1877, Eliza Scarlett, eld. dau. of 
late Edwd. Jas. Cutler, London ; ban-. Middle 
Temple 1874, j.p. (1904) Beds, M.P. (C.) Bedford 
Jan. -Nov. 1910: 2 Pump court. Temple, E.C; 
Carlton, St. Stephen's, and 1900 clubs; flol- 
brook, De Pary's avenue, Bedford 

Atterbury, Fredk., C.b. (1910), 2 s. of Benjm. 
John Atterbury, of Hampstead, N.W. ; b. 1853; 
m. 1889, Charlotte, elder dau. of T. L. Forbes ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1886, comptr. of stamps and 
taxf'S for Ireland 1901-3, asst. sec. to Board of 
Inland Rev. 1903-9, sec, contr. of stamps and 
registrar of joint stock comps. 1909-13, con- 
troller of H.M. Stationery Otiice and King's 
printer of Acts of Parliament from 1913 : 2 Upper 
terr. Hampstead Heath, N.W. ; H.M. Stationery 
Office, Princes st. Storey's gate, S.W. ; Union 

Atterbury, mrs. lady of the manor of West 
Haddon : Manor House, West Haddon, Rugby. 



Atthill, capt. Anthony "Wm. Maunsell, M.v.o. 
4 class (1907), hM. s. of Hy. Mauns- 11 Atthill, 
of St, Pierre, Guernsey ; b. 1861 ; served in S. 
African war 1901-2, hon. capt. in the army 190 ', 
late res. of officers, chm. Royal Norfolk Veterans' 
Association : Crossways, Acle, Norwich. 

Attwell, Adolphus, ynungest s. of Adolphus 
AttwelljOf Camberwell, S.E. ; b. 1854 ; m. 1879, 
Isabella, 2 dau. of Alfred Attwell, of Hamr stead, 
N.W. ; J,P, (1912) Essex : Elm Lodge, 276 Forest 
rd. Waltnamstow, N.E. 

Attwood, Llewellj'n Carless Foulkes, only s. 
of Algernon Attwood and grands, of Thos. 
Attwoofi, of Birmingham ; b. 1854 ; m. 1879, 
Rachel Edith, d u, of A. A. Corspllis, of Wands- 
worth, Surrey ; J. P. Monmomhsiiire : Ty Derl- 
wyn, Paiidy, nr. Abersjavenny. 

Attwood, Thos. Arthur Carless, M.A. Oxon.. 
F.8.A., only child of late T. Aurelius Attwood, of 
Lincoln's Inn, and grands, of late Thos. Attwood, 
M.P, ; b. 1863 ; m. 1892, hon. Hilda Evelyn (who 
obtained a decree of nullity of marriage 1902), 
only survg. dau. of 6 vise. Harberton, b. 1866 : 
Isthmian club; Siou Hill, Wolveiley, Worcee- 

Attwooll, Abel, J,P. (1912) Dorset : 105 
Fortunes Well, Portland, Dorset. 

Aubertin, It.-col. Peter, s. of rev. Peter Auber- 
tin, of Chipstead ; m. 1, Ema Louisa, dau. of gen. 
sir T. B. Spurgin, k.cb,, cs.i, ; 2, Sybil M. M. 
only dau. of E. Huntly Hooper, of Langtons, 
Hants, J. p., by dau. of 4 earl o Castlestuart ; ret. 
p, 2 drag, gds. 1885, J.P. Hants : Cavalry club ; 
The Weir House, Alresford, Hants. 

Aubrey-Fletclier, Hy. Lancelot, m.v.o. 5 
class (1910), 2 but only survg. s. of sir Lancelot 
Aubrey-Fletcher, 5 bart. ; b. 1887 ; m. 1911, Mary 
Augusta, elder dau. of rev, Robt, Wm, Chilton, 
M,A., vicar of VVormingford, Essex ; It. gren.gds. 
from 1911 : 29 Cambridge sq. Hyde Park, W, 

Aubrey-Fletcher, sir Lancelot, 5 bart, (1782), 
4 s, of sir Hy. Fletcher, 3 tart. {d. 1851) and 
bro. of rt. hon, sir Hy, Aubrey-Fletcher, 4 bart., 
P.O., M.P, JD.L,, J,P.' {d. 1910); b. 1«46; m. 1. 
1875, Gertrude Isabella, dau. {d. 1878) of John 
Howell; 2, 1882, Emily Harriet, dau, {d. 1911) 
of late rev, canon Nugent Wade ; 3. 1913, Aileen 
Mary, youngest dau. of late John Macpherson ; 
assumed by ros-^al licence addtl. name of Aubrey 
1910 {Heir, s. Hy. L. Aubrey-Fletcher, q.v.): 
Union club ; Ellesborough Manor, Bucks. 

Aubrey-Pie teller, Agnes, lady. — dau. of late 
col. sir J. Morillyon Wilson, C.B., k.h. ; m 1859, 
rt. hon, sir Hy. Aubrey-Fletcher, 4 bart., P.c, 
M,P., D.L., J.P. (d 1910) : 1 Upper Belgrave st. 
S. W. ; Ham Manor, Angmeiing, Sussex. 

Auchinleck, mis. — Charlotte M., only dau. 
of late R. W. Scott, of Dungannon, co. Tyrone ; 
m. 1902, capt. Daniel Geo. Harold Auchinleck. 
Inniskilling Fus. (d 1914), of Crevenagh, co. 
Tyrone : Crevenagh, Omagh, co. Tyrone. 

Auckland, lord (5 baron, 1793, Gt. B.). capt. 
Wm. Morton Eden, eld. s. of 4 baron {d. 1890) ; b. 
1859 ; m. 1891, Sybil C, eld. dau. of col. G, M. 
Hut' on. of Gate Burton, Lines., D.L., j.p. : j.p. 
W.R. Yorks, capt. 2 battn. Dorset regt. 1889-91; 
capt. 3 battn. (mil.) Yorkshire regt. 1891-2 {Heir, 
s. hon. Wm. Alfred M. Eden, q.v.) : Naval and 
Military club. 

Auckland, 5 bp. of (1869), rt. rev. Alfred 
Walter Averill. D.D, Oxou,, eld. s. f-f Hy. Averill, 
of Stafford ; b. 1865 ; curate of St. George, 
Hanover sq. W. 18«8-91, II. Triuity, Dalston, 
N. E. 1891-3, hon, canon of Christchurch Cath, 
1902-9, archdu. of Akaroa 1903-9, and of Christ- 
church 1909-10, vi. arof St. Michael a d A. A. 
Christchurch, N, Zealand 1891-1909, bp. of 
Waiapu, N. Z, 1909-13, of Auckland, N.Zealand, 
from 1913: Bishop's Court, Parnell, Auckland, 
N, Zealand, 

Auckland, archd. of (Durham), vide ven. 
Percy Augustus Derry, M.A. 

Auckland (rt, hon.), Edith, lady, vide Philip 

Aunger, Wm, John, j,p, (1912) co. Durham : 
1 Station rd. Hetton-le-Hole, co. Durham. 

Austen, vide Godwin-Austen. 

Austen, vide ttoberts-Au-ten. 

Austen, Edmund, j.p.(1912) Sussex: Coleman 
House, Brede, Broadoak, Sussex. 

Austen, mrs, - Georgiana F,, eld. dau, of C. 
Ptarse ; m. 1868, as his 2 wife, John Fras. Austen, 
of Capel Manor, Kent, j.p. {d, 1893) : Capel 
Manor, Horsmonden, Kent, 

Austen-Iieigh., Edwd. Compton, j.p. (1901) 
Buck- : Eton College, Eton, Bucks. 

Austin, vide Hicks-Austin. 

Austin, Charles, only survg, s. of Charles 
Austin, Q.C, D.L,, J.p. (d. 1875); b. 1868; m. 1, 
1891, Harriet, dau. (d. 1910) of late Jas. Richer 
2, 1911, Eileen Marion, dau. of late Robt. 
O'Callaghan. f,r.c.s., of Harley st. W. ; j.p. 
Suffolk : Brandeston Hall, Wickham Market. 

Austin, It.-col. Herbert Hy., R.E., c.M.G. 
(1901), D.s.o. (1899), 2 8, of col, E. Au.stin. late 
Ind. army ; b. 1868; m. 1912, Winifred, eld. dau. 
of It.-col. W. H. McCausland, of Arncliffe, 
Bournemouth ; served with Waziristan expdn. 
1894-5, Uganda 1897-8, gen. staff offr. (1 giade) 
Staff Coll. Qiietta, India from 1914, It.-col. R.E. 
1914 : Staff College, Quetta, India ; 23 Beaufort 
rd. Clifton, Bristol ; Jun. United Service club. 

Austin, John Standish '\ hos. Joseph, 2 s. of 
-ir John Austin, 1 bart., M.P., J, P. (d. 1906) ; b. 
1875 ; m, 1908, Gwendolyne A. B., dau. of late 
capt. B. Beverley Robinson, of Hyde Lodge, 
Winchester; J.P. (1901) W. R. Yorks: Vine 
House, Gt. Ousebum, York. 

Austin. Samuel Peter, s, of Samuel P. Austin, 
of Sunderland ; b. 1842 ; m. 1868, M^riai. Yorke, 
dau, of prof. Spooner, of London; D,L.,J.P. co. 
Durham (sheriff 1898), j.p. W. R. Yorks, Liberty 



of Ripon and Sunderland : Carlton and Constitu- 
tional clubs ; Hollin Hall, Ripon. 

Austin, Selwyn Percy, b.a. Cantab., s. of 
Samuel Peter Austin, of Cocken Hall, co. Dur- 
ham, D.L.. J.P. ; b. 1871 ; m. 1899, Maud, dau. of 
sir Wm. Grantham, knt. a justice of high court 
of justice ; J.P. (1900) co. Durham : Jun. Carlton 
club ; Wilton House, Darlington. 

Austin, Walter G-eo., clerk of the peace and of 
the county council for Middlx. from 1909 : 
Guildhall, Broad Sanctuary, Westminster, S.W. 

Austin, sir Wm.Michael Byron,2 bart. (1891), 
eld. s. of 1 bart., m.p., j.p. {d. 1906) ; b. 1871 ; 
m. 1896, Yiolet I., 2 dau. of Alex. Fraser, of 
Westerfield House, Suffolk ; is j.p. (1894) W.R. 
Yorks, capt. Yorkshire mtd. brig. T. & S. Col. 
A.S.C. 1908-10 {Heir, s. John B. Y.,b. 1897) : 
Gurthalougha, Borrisokane, co. Tipperary. 

Australia, Nortli West, bp. of (1910), rt. rev. 
Gerard Trower, d.b. Oxon, s. of late rev. Arthur 
Trower, rect. of St. Marv-at-Hill, City, E.C.; b. 
1860; rect. of Ch. Ch. Sydney, N.S.W. 1895- 
1901 ; bp. of Likoma (renamed Nyasaland), 
British Central Africa, 1901-10, of N.W. Aus- 
tralia from 1910 : Broome, N.W. Australia. 

Ava,earl of (title which would be borne by eld. 
s., if any living, of marq.of Dufferin and Ava). 

Avant, Frcdk. Wm.,4 s. of Jolm Avant, of 
Dawlish, Devon : b. 18.52 ; m. 1880, Florence 
Marie, dau. of Beuj. Bragg, of New Orleans, 
U.S.A. ; J.P. (1913) CO. London : 60 Onslow 
gdns. Muswell Hill, N. ; Magistrate's club. 

Avebury, lord (2 baron 1900, U.K.), sir John 
Birkbeck Lubbock, 5 bart. (1806), eld. s. of 1 
baron, p.c, D.C.L., ll.d., f.r.s. (d 1913) ; b. 18.58 ; 
D.L. Kent(//(^«r, bro. hon. Norman Lubbock, q.vS) : 
14a, Berkeley st. W. ; Arthur's club ; High 
Elms, Down, Faruborough, Kent ; Kingsgate 
tie, Kingsgate, Broad stairs, Kent. 
vebury (rt. hon.), lady. — Alice A. L., dau. 
late It. -gen. A. H. Lane Fox-Pitt- Rivers, by 
dau. of 2 baron Stanley of Alderley ; m. 1884, as 
his 2 wife, 1 baron Avebury, P.O., u.O.L., LL.D., 
F.R.S, {d. 1913): High Elms, Down, Kent; 
Kingsgate Castle, Kingsgate, Broadstairs, Kent. 

AveUng:, Thos. Lake, j.p. (1911) Kent : 

ley Hill House, Rochester. 

" verill, bp. vide Auckland. 

Avery, sir Wm. Eric Thos., 2 bart. (1905), 
only s. of 1 bart. (cZ. 1908) ; b. 1890 ; It. army 

ptor res. of officers from 1909 : University 
ege, Oxford ; Oakley Court, Windsor. 
very, lady. — Suzanne Mathilde Irma, dau. 

late Pierre Crets, of Paris ; m. 1, 1902, as his 2 
wife, sir Wm. Beilby Avery, 1 bart. (d. 1908) ; 2, 
1911, Michel Marghiloman, member of Rou- 
manian Parliament : 44 Rue Scheffer, Avenue 
Henri Martin, Paris, France ; 11 Rue Lascar 
Catargi, Bucharest, Roumania. 

Avis, John, m.v.o. 5 class (1905), s. of late 
John Avis, of Shoreham,Sussex; b. 1851; m.l878, 
Fanny E., dau. of late John Wildman ; continen- 


mo te 

tal tratlic manager of theS.E.tfe Chatham railway ; 
order of Royal Crown of Germany (1908), knt. 
Roy. Crown of Gotha (1908), commdr. Roy. 
Order of Isabella la Catolica of Spain (1910), 
chev. Order of Leopold of Belgium (1910) : chev. 
Legion of Honour (1913) : Phillimore, 15 Copers 
Cope rd. Beckonham, Kent. 

Avison, Jas., 4 s. of Jas. Avison, of Ashton- 
under-Lyne, Lanes ; b. 1840 ; m. 1868, Hannah, 
dau. of Joseph Schodeld, m.r.c.s., of Dukinfield, 
Cheshire; j.p. (1907) Cheshire': 13 King st. 

Avonmore, viscountess, Mabel Sara, 2 dau 
of Geo. Evans, of Gortmerron, co. Tyrone, late 
of Toronto, Canada ; to. 1890, 6 and last vise. 
Avonmore {d. 1910). 

Avory, sir Horace Edmund, ll.d. Cantab,, 
2 s. of Hy. Avory ; b. 1851 ; w. 1877, Maria L., 
only survg. dau. of late Hy. Castle, of Wands- 
worth, S.W. ; barr. Inner Temple 1875, K.c. 1901, 
rec. of Kingston-upon-Thames 1902-10, a justice 
of the King's bench divn. of high court of justice 
from 1910, knighted 1910: 29 Gloucester sq. W. ; 
Royal Coiu'ts of Justice, Strand, W.C. 

Awdry, Chas. Selwyn, eld. s. of Chas. Awdry, 
of Shaw Hill, Notton, and Lavington Manor, 
Wilts, D.L., J.r. {d. 1912) ; b. 1877 ; m. 1903, Con- 
stance Lilias, 2 dau. of J. Edwin Bateson, of 
Heston Hall, Middlx ; served in S. African war 
1900-1, hon. It. in the army 1901, maj. R. Wilts 
Yeo. from 1909 ; J.P. (1905) Wilts : Hitcham- 
bury, Taplow, Maidenhead. 

Awdry, sir Richard Davis, k.c.b. (1902), 
s. of late rev. Chas. R. E. Awdry, rect. of Dray- 
cot, Wilts.; b. 1843; m. 1, Annie M., dau. {d. 
1900) of T. Allgood; 2, 1901, Katharine L. 
James, of Brithdir Hall, Berriew ; asst. sec. to 
the Admiralty 1885-96, acct. gen. of navy 1896- 
1901: 63 Victoria rd. Kensington, W. ; St, 
Stephen's club. 

Awdry, Robt. Wm., b.a. Oxon.,. 3 s. of Chas. 
Awdry, of Lavington Manor, Wilts, D.L., J.p. {d. 
1912) ; /;. 1881 ; m. 1913, Olive Muriel, dau. of 
L, H. Tosswill, of Exeter ; It. R. Wilts yeo. from 
1901 ; J.P. (1914) Wilts: Manningfold Manor, 
Pewsey, Wilts. 

Ayers, engr.-capt. Robt. Bell, R.N., M.v.o. 4 
class (1908), engr.-commdr. R.N. 1904, ret. 1913 
with perm, to assume rank of engr.-capt. 

Aykroyd, Wm. Hy., j.p. (190G), W.R. Yorks : 
Cliffe Hill, Lightcliffe, Halifax; Ingerthorpe 
Grange, Markington, via Leeds. 

Aylesford, 8 earl of (1714, Eng.), Charles 
Wightwick Finch, 2 s. of 6 earl and bro. of 7 
earl {d. 1885) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1, dau. of 3 baron 
Bagot ; 2, 1879, Ella V., younger dau. of late J. 
Ross and widow of capt. J. H. Linton, of Heming- 
ford Abbots, Hunts ; 2nd tit. baron Guernsey ; 
J.P. Kent, D.L., J.p. Warwickshire, maj. 3 and 4 
battns. (mil.) S. Staffordshire regt. 1881-5, hon. 
col. of the 3 battn. 1899-1905, of the 4 battn. 
from 1899, capt. (hon. maj. 1892), Warwickshire 




yeo. 1886-06 {Heir, s. lord Guernsey, q.v.) : U 
Eaton pl.S.W. ; Carlton and Marlborough clubs ; 
Packington Hall, Coventry. 

Aylesworth, hon. sir Allen Bristol, k.c.m.g. 
(1911), K.c. (Canada),s. of John Bell Aylesworth, 
of Newburgh, Lennox and Addington County, 
Ont. ; b. 1854 ; 7n. 1878, Adelaide Augusta, dau. 
of late Cephas H. Miller, of Newburgh ; 
memb. Canadian Dom. Pari, for N. R. York, On- 
tario, postmaster-gen. Canada 1906, min. of 
justice, Canada 1906, British agent in N. Atlan- 
tic Coast Fisheries Arbitration at the Hague 
1910: Toronto and Ottawa, Canada: Toronto 
and Rideau (Ottawa) clubs. 

Ayling, (hon.) Wm. Bock, Ind. C.S. 1889, a 
puisne judge of high court of judicature, 
Madras from 1912 : Madras. 

Aylmer. lord (8 baron, 1718, Ir.), Matthew 
Aylmer, eld. s, of 7 baron {d. 1901) ; b. 1842; m. 
1875, Amy, 2 dau. of (hon.) J. Young, of Mont- 
real ; late It. 7 foot, col. and gen. Canadian 
mil., commdg. 1900, insp.-gen. Canadian forces 
1904-7 {Heir, s. hon. John F. W., q.v.) : Queen's 
Bay, Columbia, Canada. 

Aylmer, sir Arthur Percy FitzGrerald, 13 bart. 
(1621), eld. 8. of capt. Fenton J. Aylmer, 97 regt. 
(d. 1862), and grands, of 12 bart. (rf. 1885) ; b. 
1858; OT. 1, 1878. Anne, dau.((Z. 1884) of J. San- 
ger ; 2, 1885, Anne, dau.(marriage dissolved 1886) 
of J. Douglas Reid, of N. York and divorced 
wife of Geo. Stelle, of Chicago (iZeir, iro. raaj.- 
gen. Fenton J. Aylmer, q.v.): Donadea Lodge, 
Westend, South Hants. 

Aylmer, hon. Basil Adolphus, 3 s. of 8 baron 
Aylmer; 6. 1886. 

Aylmer, col. Edmund Kendal Grimston, c.b. 
(1902), 4 s. of John Harrison Aylmer, of Wal- 
worth Castle, CO. Durham, d.l., j.P. {d. 1868) ; 
6. 1859 ; served in Egyptian war 1882, Soudan 
expdn. 1884, Nile expdn. 1884-5, S. African war 
1899-1902, It.-col. 19 huss. 1901-5, brevet col. 1904, 
ret. p. 1907 : Naval and Military club. 

Aylmer, maj.-gen. Fenton John, v.c, c.b. 
(1907), R.E., 3 s. of capt. Fenton J. Aylmer, 97 
regt (o?. 1862) and bro.and heir sir Arthur 
Percy FitzGerald Aylmer, 13 bt. ; b. 1862 ; served 
in Burma 1886-7, Hazara field force 1891, Hunza- 
Nagar expdn. 1891-2, Isazai field force 1892, 
Chitral relief force 1895, commdg. Quetta Inf. 
brig., S. army, India, 1907-10, adjt.-gen. in India 
from 1912, maj.-gen. 1909 : Simla,India ; Naval 
and Military club. 

Aylmer, hon. Fredk. Whitworth, s. of 7 baron 
Aylmer ; b. 1850: m. 1899, Emma M., dau. of R. 
Lang ; capt. Canadian mil. : Golden, British 

Aylmer, Gerald Percy Yivian, eld. survg. 
s. of J. H. Aylmer, of Wahvorth Castle, co. Dur- 
ham, D.L., J.P. {d. 1868), by dau. of vice-adm. sir 
Josiah Coghill, 3 bart. ; b. 1856 ; D.L., j.p. co. 
Durham (sheriff 1887), served in S. African war 

1899-1900, formerly It.Pembroke I.Y. : Bachelors' 

Aylmer, Hans Hendrick, b.a. Trin. Coll. 
Dub., 2 s. of M. Aylmer, of Courtown, co. Kil- 
dare {d. 1885), by Charlotte, dau. of Hans Hen- 
drick, of Kerdiffstown; b. 1856; m. 1886, 
Florence, dau. of late Alex. Edwards, of Bally- 
hire, CO. Wexford ; Irish barr. 1880, assumed 
addtl. name of Hendrick 1889, J.P. co. Kildare 
(sheriff 1894) : Kerdiffstown, Sallins,co. Kildare. 

.^^Imer, hon. Henry, s. of 7 baron Aylmer ; 
b. 1843 ; TO. 1870, Louisa B. F., dau. of lateHy. A. 
Howe, LL.D., Sise Carroll, Montreal; late It. 
R.M.A., It-col. Canadian mil. : Felixstowe, Rich- 
mond, Quebec, Canada. 

Aylmer, maj. John Algernon, eld. s. of M. 
Aylmer, of Courtown, co. Kildare {d. 1885) ; b. 
1853; TO. 1886, Blanche, 3 dau. (d. 1895) of Jn. 
Eveleigh Wyndhara, of Clearwell Court,Glo'ster- 
shire,and widow of capt.Geo.Montgomery,R.H.A. ; 
D.L., J.P. CO. Kildare (sheriff 1x96), served in 
Egypt 1882, maj. 4 drag. gds. 1891-4, ret. 1894: 
Naval and Military and Cavalry, and Kildare 
St.(Dublin) clubs : Courtown.Kilcock,co. Kildare. 

Aylmer, hon. John Fredk. Whitworth, eld. 
s. of 8 baron Aylmer ; b. 1880. 

Aylmer, hon. Kenneth Athalmer, 2 8. of 8 
baron Aylmer ; b. 1883. 

Aylmer, hon. Amelia Winifred, b. 1876 ; 
hnn. Florence Gwendolen, b. 1891 ; daus. of 8 
baron Aylmer. 

Aylmer, miss. — Caroline M., only snrvg. child 
of sir Gerald G. Aylmer, 10 bart. {d. 1883) : 
Donadea Castle, Kilcock, co. Kildare ; Sesame 
club. 29 Dover st. W. 

Aylmer, hon. mrs. Isabella, dau. of 7 baron 
Aylmer ; b. 1845 ; to. 1872, cousin, Henry Lovell 
Aylmer {d. 1882) (s. of maj.-gen. Hy. Aylmer, 
R.A.: Melbourne, Quebec, Canada. 

Aylward, vide Toler-Aylward. 

Aylward, Geo., j.p. (1908) Hants : Portsdown 
House, C'o.sham, Hants. 

Aynsley, vide Murray- Aynsley. 

Ajmsley, John, J.P. (1900) Staffs : Portland 
House, Blyth Bridge, Stoke-on-Trent. 

A3m9ley, Robt. John, eld. s. of late Mark 
Aynsley, of Cambo, Northumb. ; b. 1853; m. 1, 
1881, Ada Maria, dau. {d. 1906) of late Samuel 
Hy. Farrer, of Gosforth, Northumb. ; 2, 1911, 
Ellen, 2 dau. of late John Wm. Stanley, j.P., of 
Wisbech, Cambs ; J.p. (1908) and c.A. North- 
umberland : Union club, Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 
Fencer Hill, Gosforth, Northumb. 

Ayre, Algernon Sydney, s. of Wm. Ayre. of 
Hull ; b. 1839 ; to. 1867, Rachel Maria, dau. of Ed. 
Eariy, of Witney, Oxon. ; j.p. (1900) E. R. 
Yorks : National Liberal club ; The Cottage, 
Tower hill. Hessle, Hull. 

Ayrton, Edwd., 2 s. of late W.Scrope Ayrton, 
J. p., commissioner in bankruptcy for Leeds dist.; 
b. 1850 ; TO. 1888, Kate, dau. of late rev. Robt. 
Bourne, B.A., rect. of Little Ellingham, Norfolk ; 



j.r. (1010) Lancasliire and (1910) W. R. Yorks : 
Bridjjfe House, Lower Bentliam, nr. Lancastor. 

Ayscough, rev. preb. Thos. Ayscough, m.a. 
Cantab, s. of Ayscough Smith, of Leesthorpe ; 
b. IS'60 ; m. 1858, Ethel Anna, dau. of J. P. Fearon, 
of Cuckfield ; is J.P.Worcestershire, vicar of Ten- 
bury, Worcs. 1860-92, preb. of Hereford from 
1886, rect. from 1892 of Cradley, Herefordshire 

Azariah, bji. vide Dornakal. 

Azopardi, Jas. Trendo, M.v.O. 5 class (1909), 
younger s. of Pasqualo Frendo Azopardi, LL.D., 
of (32 Strada Mezzodi, Valletta, Malta ; b. 1866 ; 
m. 1902, Dorah, dau. of late C. Borg ; .son. asst. 
supt. Malta police from 1906 : 62 Strada Mezzodi, 
Valletta, Malta. 

Azopardi, sir Vincent Frendo, c.M.G. (1908), 
iJj.D. Malta Univ., s. of Pasqii^lo Frendo Azo- 
pardi, LL.D., of 20 Sti-ada Forni, Valletta, 
Malta ; b. 1865 ; m. 1892, Caterina, dau. of late 
M. A. de Giorgio, ll.d. ; barr. Malta 1887, advo- 
cate for the poor, Malta 1895, prof, of law, Malta 
Univ. 1899-1905, magist. of judicial police 1900, 
asst. Crown advocate 1903-5, Crown advocate 
from 1905, memb. exec, and legisl. councils from 
1905, knighted 1912 : Valletta, Malta. 

Babbagre, maj. -gen. Henry Prevost, s.of late 
Charles Babbage, f.r.s., Lucasian professor at 
Cambridge ; b. 1824 ; m. Mary, dau. of col. Brad- 
shawe : in Sutlej campaign 1845-6, against hill 
tribes in Assam 1848, and in Peshawur Valley 
during Indian mutiny, in civil employ in Punjab 
1857-74,ret. 1874, f. p. as lt.-col.B.S.C. : Mayfield, 
Lansdown pi. Cheltenham. 

Babington, It.-col. David Melville,R.A., c.i.e. 
(1907), s. of late maj. -gen. Richd. Clarke Bab- 
ington ; b. 1863 ; m. 1898, Violet Mary, dau. of 
col. Wm. Lees Greenstreet,R.E. ; lt,-col.R.A.1911. 

Babingrton, Francis Evans, s. of Matthew 
Babington, of Rothley, Leicestershire, J. P. ; b. 
1830 ; j.p. Suffolk : South Lodge, Halesworth, 

Babing-toiijmaj.-gen. Jas. Melville,c.B.(1907), 
CM.G. (1906), s. of It.-col. Wm. Babington, late 
7 huss., of Brooklands, Sarisbury Green, Hants 
{d. 1913) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1897, Eleanor, dau. of late 
Thos. Lawson, of Prospect, N.S.W. ; served Avith 
Bechuanaland expdn. 1884-5, S. African war 1899- 
1901, at Magersfontein, A.A.G. India 1896-99, 
commdt. (with local rank of maj.-geu.) defence 
force, N. Zealand 1902-07, ret. p. 1907 with hon. 
rank of maj.-sren., col. 16 Lancers from 1909, 
hon. col. 5 Mtd. Rif. (Otago Hnss.) N. Z., 
commdg. Lowland mounted brig, of Terri- 
torial army 1908-13 : United Service club. 

Babtie, surg.-gen. Wm.. v.c. (1899), c.b. 
(1912), c.M.G. (1899), s. of John Babtie, of Dum- 
barton ; b. 1859; m. 1903, Edith M., dau. of 
late Wm. H. Barry, j.p. of Ballyadam, co. 
Cork ; served in Crete 1897-8, as sen. med. off. 
and on staff Natal field force 1899-1900, asst. 
dir.-gen. Army Med. Service 1901-6, insp. of 
piedical services 1907-10, dep. dir.-gen. A. M. S. 

1910-14, dir. of med. services in India from 1914, 
surg.-gen. 191 1, hon. surg. to the King from 1914, 
knt. of grace of St. John of Jerusalem : Army 
Headquarters, Simla, India; Jun. United Service 
club ; Manor House, Sutton Park, Guildford. 

Bache, John R., j.p.(1908) Radnorshire : Stud 
Farm, Knighton. 

Back, Alfred, m.a. Oxon., s. of Alfred Back, of 
Valley House, Stratford St. Mary, Suffolk; 6. 
1857; barr. Inner Temple, 1882, j.p. (1895) 
Sussex : Reform club. 

Back, William Hy., s. of H. Back, of Hethersett 
Hall, Norfolk, J.p. (d 1878); b. 1853; m. 1885, 
Marion E., youngest dau.of late John Hy.Browne, 
of Hethersett ; lord of the manor of Hethersett : 
Huni House, Hethersett, Norwich. 

Backhouse, Chas. Hubert, 2 s. of Edmund 
Backhouse, of Trebah, Cornwall, j.p. {d. 1906) ; 
b. 1856 ; m. 1880, Maude C, dau. of H. Ritchie, 
of Ceylon ; j.r. (1898) co. Durham : Woolaston 
Rectory, Lydney, Gloucestershire. 

Backhouse, Chas. Jas., s. of Wm. Backhouse, 
of St. John's, CO. Durham {d. 1869) ; b. 1848 ; to. 
1874, Lucy, eld. dau. of late maj. Vincent, Hems- 
worth, CO. York ; J.P. co. Durham : St. John's, 
Wolsingham. co. Durham. 

Backhouse, Edward, eld. s.of late Jas. Edwd. 
Backhouse, of Hurworth Grange, co. Durham ; 
b. 1876 ; TO. 1902, Lucy, dau. of E. B. Mounsey, 
of Black well Hill, co. Durham ; J.p. (1906) co. 
Durham : Blackwell Manor. Darlington. 

Backhouse, sir Jonathan Edmund, 1 bart. 
(1901), eld. s. of Edmund Backhouse, of Trebah, 
Cornwall, J.P. {d. 1906); b. 1849; in. 1871, 
Florence, dau. {d. 1902) of sir John Salusbury 
Trelawny, 9 bart. ; D.L., j.p. N.R. Yorks., and co. 
Durham (He'u; s. Edmund Trelawny, b. 1873) : 
Oxford and Cambridge club ; The Ilookery, 
Middleton-Tyas, Yorks. 

Backhouse, capt. Roger Roland Chas., c.b. 
(1914), R.X., 4 s. (twin) of sir Jonathan E. Back- 
house, 1 bart. by Florence, dau. {d. 1902) of sir 
John Salusburv Trelawny, 9 bart. ; 6. 1878 ; m. 
1907, Dora L.,'6 dau. of late J. R. Findlay, of 
Aberloiir, Banffshire; capt. R.x. 1914: Lang- 
brook, Langston road, Havant, Hants. 

Bacon, Edward, eld. s. of gen. Anthony Bacon, 
K.T.s. {d. 1864),by Charlotte Mary,dau. of 5 earl of 
Oxford (ext.) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1865, Alice, dau. of W. 
J. Lawrence, j.p. of Adelaide, S. Australia ; D.L., 
J.p. Herefordshire, late 18th hussars ; capt. 1 
Herefordshire R.V. 1880-5 : 6 Westbourne ores. 
Hyde Park, W. ; Jan. Carlton club. 

Bacon, F. J., Treasury valuer and insp. of 
rates from 1909 : Rating of Government Property 
Department.Treasury chambers, Whitehall, S.W. 

Bacon, Henry, 2 s. of rev, Fras. Bacon, of 
Much Hadham Hall, Herts {d. 1882) ; b. 1865 ; 
J. p. (1898) Herts : Windham club ; Much Hadham 
Hall. nr. Ware, Herts. 

Bacon, sir Hickman Beckett, 11 and 12 bart. 
(1611 and 1627), F.S.A., eld. s. of 10 and 11 bart. (d. 




1872) ; h. 1855 ; premier bart. of England, late 
gren. gds. ; J.P., D.L. Lines (sheriff 1887) {Heir, 
bro. Nicholas H., q.v.) : Queen Anne's mans. 
S.W. ; Thonock Hall, Gainsborough. 

Bacon, Kenrick Verulam, only s. of Kenrick 
Bacon, of Roehampton and Hale, Surrey ; b. 1838 ; 
TO. 1862, Jessie, dau. of Thos. Wing, of Gray's Inn, 
and Hampstead, Middlx. ; is J. P. (1896) Surrey, 
late capt. 29 regt., served in suppression of the 
Indian mutiny 1857-8 : Jun. United Service 
club ; The Lodge, Hale, Farnham. 

Bacon, Nicholas Henry, 2 s. of sir Henry 
Hickman Bacon, 10 and 11 bart. {d. 1872) ; b. 
1857 ; TO. 1893, Constance A., youngest dau. of 
Alex. S. Leslie-Melville, of Branston Hall, Lines, 
D.L., J.P., by dau. of 6 vise. Midleton ; capt. 4 
drag.gds. 1882-4,served with 4 drag. ::ds. in Egypt 
1882, D.L., J.P., c.c. Norfolk (sheriff 1895), heir 
pres. to baronetcy ; Carlton, Naval and Military 
and Wellington clubs; Raveningham Hall, 

Bacon, rear-adml. Reginald Hugh Spencer, 
C.v.o. (1907),D.8.O. (1897),s. of rev. Thos. Bacon ; 
b. 1863 ; TO. 1894. Cicely Isabel.dau, of Hy.Surtees, 
of Redworth Hall, co. Durham ; served with 
Benin exjidn. 1897, naval asst. to the first sea 
lord 1904-5, dir. of naval ordnance and torpedoes 
1907-9, A.D.C. to King Edward VII. 1908-9, rear- 
adml. July, 1909, ret. list Nov. 1909: United 
Service club. 

Bacon, Richd. Castell, m.a. Cantab., 5 s. of sir 
Hy. Hickman Bacon, 10 and 11 bart. {d. 1872) ; 
b. 1866; J.P. (1901) Parts of Lindsey, Lines, 
D.L. Lincolnshire (sheriff 1914-15) : Carlton, Jun. 
Carlton, Wellington and Bath clubs ; Willingham 
House. Gainsborough. 

Bacon, Thos. Walter, 4 s. of sir Hv. Hickman 
Bacon, 10 and 11 bart. {d. 1872) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1901, 
Edith M., 4 dau. of Alex, S. Leslie-Melville, of 
Branston Hall, Lincoln, by dau. of 6 vise. Midle- 
ton ; J.P. (1901) Essex : Union club ; Ramsden 
Hall, Billericay, Essex. 

Bacon-Grey, miss. — EmQy Caroline, dau. of 
Chas. Bacon-Grey, of Styford, Northurab., J.P. 
{d. 1855), and sis. and co-heiress (with her sis. 
Lucy, who married Michael Grace Guiry) of 
Edwd. Bacon-Grey, of Styford {d. 1886) : Styford 
Hall Riding Mill, Northumb. 

Badcock, Daniel, s. of Robt. Gibson Badcock 
of The Elms, nr. Taunton ; j.p. Somerset : Jun. 
Constitutional club ; Kilve Court, Kilve, ur 
Bridgwater, Somerset. 

Badcock, Henry Jeffries, s. of Henry Badcock, 
of Wheatleigh, Taunton, j.p. {d. 1888) ; b. 1838 ; 
J.P. Somerset : Broadlands, Taunton. 

Badcock, Jasper Capper, c.B. (1899), s. of late 
John Badcock, of Chelsea, S.W. ; b. 1840 ; m. 1864, 
Mary, dau. of Edwd. Gower Burton, of Chelsea, 
S.W. ; controller of London Postal Service dept. 
G.P.O. 1892-1905, ret. 1905 : Springfield, 37 Brod- 
rick rd. Upper Tooting, S.W. 

Badcock, Joshua Cory, 4 s. of John Badcock, 
of Barnard Castle, CO. Durham ; b. 1857; to. 1899, 
Helen Julia, dau. of David Fox, of Darlington ; 
J.p. (1908) CO. Durham : Bank House, 49 and 50 
High St. Stockton-on-Tees. 

Baddeley, aldm. sir John Jas., eld. s. of John 
Baddeley, of Hackney, co. London ; b. 1842 ; to. 
1, 1868, Mary, dau. of Wm. Locks, of Hackney, 
CO. London ;'2, 1912, Flonmce, dau. of J. Douglass 
Mathews, of Highbury, N. ; J.P.(1905) co.London, 
sheriff of the City of London 1908-9, aldm. of 
Farringdon within from 1912, knighted 1909 : 
Lakefield, 32 Woodberry Down,Stoke Newington, 
N. ; Constitutional club. 

Baddeley, Vincent Wilberforco, c.B. (1911), 
M.A. Oxon., s. of rev. Joseph J.Badileley, rect. of 
Chelsfield, Kent ; 6.1874 ; a principal clerk see's 
dept. Admiralty 1910-11, asst. sec. for finance 
duties from 1911, priv. sec. to successive first 
lords of the Admiralty (lords Selhorno, Cawdor 
and Tweedmouth, and rt. hon. R. McKenna) 
1901-11: 5 Barton st. Westminster, S.W. ; 
Union and Travellers' clubs. 

Baddeley, Welbore St. Clair, 3 s. of It. -col. 
Jn. Eraser Lodington Baddeley, R.A.; b. 1856; 
w. 1894, Helen Georgiana, 2 dau. of Owen Grant ; 
J.p. (1903) Gloucestershire : Garrick club ; Castle 
Hale, Painswick, Glos. 

Baden-Powell, Hy. Warington S., K.c, s. of 
late rev. Baden- Powell, k.r.s., of Oxford and of 
Langton, Kent, by dau. of adml. W. H. Smyth, 
K.S.K. ; b. 1847; to. 1913, Cicelv Hilda, dau. of 
late J. Farmer, of Brownhills, Fife ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1876, Q.C. 1897, It. r.n.r., author of works 
on naval subjects : Chelsea court, Chelsea em- 
bankment, S.W. ; Athenseum club. 

Baden-Powell, It.-gen. sir Robt. Stephenson 
Smyth, K.c.B. (1909), K.C.v.o. (1909), LL.n. (hon.) 
E<iin., F.R.G.8., 7 8. of late prof. Baden-Powell, 
K.R.S., of Oxford and of Langton, Kent, by dau. 
of adml. W. H. Smyth, K.8.F. ; b. 1857 ; to. 1912, 
miss Olave St. Clair Soames, of Gray Rigg, 
Parkstone, Dorset ; served in 13 hrs. 1876-97, 
conomd. 5 dgn. gdp. 1897-9, served in Afghanistan 
1880-81, Zululand 1888, expdn. to Ashanti 1895, 
operations in Matabeleland, S. Africa 1896 
coramd. Mafeking Frontier force 1899-1900; 
insp.-gen. S. African Constabulary 1900-3 ; insp, 
gen. of cav. in Gt. Britain and Ireland 1903-7 ; 
It.-gen. 1907, ret. p. 1910, founded boy scouts 
1908, col. 13 huss. from 1911, knt. of grace of 
St. John of Jerusalem, master of the Mercers 
Co. : 32 Prince's gate, S.W. ; Cavalry club ; 
Ewhurst Place, nr. Hawkhurst. 

Badge, Matthew Holiday, eld. s. of Jas. Badge, 
of Newbridge, co. Monmouth; b. 1864; m. 1891, 
Alice, dau. of J. Hammonds, of Newbridge, co. 
Monmouth; j.p. (1909) Monmouthshire: 22 
Meredith terr. Newbridge, Newport, Mon 

Badock, Walter, c.s.i. (1911), eld. s. of late 
Wm. Fredk. Badock, of Manor House, Westbury- 
on-Trym, Gloucestershire ; b. 1854 ; dep.- 



accountaut-gen. and assessor of income tax at 
India office 1905-7, accountant-gen. from 1907, 
also dir. of funds and official agent to the 
administrators-gen. in India 1909 : India Office, 
Whitehall, S.W. ; E. I. United Service club. 

Bagreliot, mrs. "Walter. Eliza, dau. of late rt. 
hon. Jas. Wilson, M.P. ; m. 1858, Walter Bagehot, 
j.p. {d. 1877) : 4 Melbury rd. Kensington, W. ; 
Herds Hill, Langport, Somerset. 

Bairenal, Beauchamp Fredk., eld. survg. s. of 
Philip Bagenal, of Benekerry, co. Carlow, J.P. {d. 
1855) ; b. 1846 ; ?n. 1870, Ethel C. Mary, 3 dau. of 
late K. W. Hall-Dare, of Newtownbarry, co. Wex- 
ford, D.L. ; served with 45 (Sherwood Foresters) 
regt. in Abyssinian campaign 1868, It. ret. 1870, 
D.L., J.P. CO. Carlow (sheriff 1871) : Benekerry 
House, Carlow, Ireland. 

Bagrenal, Philip Hy., b.a. Oxon. (1871), 4 and 
youngest s. of Philip Bagenal, of Benekerry, co. 
Carlow, J.P. (d. 1855) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1884, Hariot J., 
2 dau. of Walter Hore, formerly of Kilmeany, co. 
Carlow; Irish barr. 1874,barr. Inner Temple,1881, 
official priv. sec. to mr. Chaplin, board of ag. 
1890-2, priv. sec. mr. Chaplin, loc. govt. bd. 1895-6, 
genl. insp. local govt. bd. from 1896 : Constitu- 
tional club. 

Baggrallay, Ernest, m.a. Cantab, 3 s. of rt. hon. 
sir Rd. Baggallay, P.O., a lord justice of appeal 
1875-85 {d. 1888) ; b. 1850; m. 1876, Emily C.E., 
dau. of sir Walter W. Burrell, 5 bart. ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1873, M.P. (c.) Lambeth (Brixton 
divn.) 1885-7, J.P. co. London and Home Coun- 
ties, police magist. at West Ham 1887-1901, 
metropol. police magist. at Greenwich and 
Woolwich 1901-8, at Tower Bridge 1908-10, at 
Lambeth 1910-14 : United University club ; 
Ashurst Wood House, East Grinstead. 

Bagge, sir Alfred Thos., 3 bart. (1807), ret. 
(1893) capt. it.N. ; 2 s. of sir Wm. Bagge, 1 bart., 
M.P.; b. 1843 ; m. 1872, Millicent C, dau. of J. 
Grant Morris, Allerton Priory, Lancashire ; in 
China war 1867-61, capture of Canton 1857, Taku 
forts 1858 and 1860 ; D.L., J.P. Norfolk (fTetV, ,s\ 
Alfred Wm. Fras., b. 1875) : Stradsett Hall, 
Downham Market. 

Bagge, Eichd. Ludwig, d.s.o. (1900), only s. of 
Herbert Bagge, by Maria A. R., 2 dau. of Louis 
Duquesnoy,of Autwerp,and grands. of late Richd. 
Bagge, of Gay wood Hall, Norfolk, d.l., j.p. ; vi. 
1904, Anna V. W.,dau.of late maj. W.G.Mansergh, 
of Rocksavage, co.Cork ; served in S.African war 
1900-2, hon. capt. in the army 1902, maj. 3battn. 
(mil.) Norfolk regt. 1903-5, patron of 3 livings, 
lord of the manors of Gay wood, Haveless, 
Islington, Bawsey and Leziate, J.P. (1898) 
Norfolk : Carlton club ; Gaywood Hall, King's 

Bagge, Stphn. Salisbury, c.m.g. (1907), 2 s. of 
rev. Philip Salisbury Bagge, rect. of Walpole St. 
Peter's, Norfolk {d. 1890) ; b. 1859 ; in service of 
Impl. Brit. E. Africa Co. 1890-3, dist. oflEr. 
Uganda Prot. 1894-1902, prov.-commr. E. Africa 

Protectorate 1902-10, chief pol. officer Nandi 
field force 1906 : 60 Lowndes sq. S.W. ; Wind- 
ham club. 

Bagge, Alice, lady. — vide Wm. Wainwright. 

Bagley, Wm., s. of Jas. Bagley, of Hunslet, 
Leeds ; b. 1841 ; m. 1, 1866, Anne, dau. of Geo. Gill, 
of Old Swan, Liverpool ; 2, 1901, Cariclia, eld. dau. 
of Hy. Devine, of Athens; 'is j.p. (1894) W. R. 
Yorks : The Chestnuts, Knottingley, Yorks. 

Bagnall, Richd. Samuel, eld. s. of late Richd. 
Bagnall, J.P. ; b. 1845 ; m. 1878, Emily Eliza- 
beth, youngest dau. of late rev. Thos. Dayrell, of 
Shudy Camps Park, nr. Cambridge; J.P. (1895) 
Worcestershire : Ryall Hill, Upon-on-Severn, 

Bagnall, capt. Walter Geo., 4 s. of late coun. 
Wm. Bagnall, of Manchester, and Aim^e A. M. 
Bagnall {d. 1912), of Paris and Aspenshaw Hall, 
Derbyshire, and grands, of late Wm. Bagnall, of 
Painsley Hall, Staffs ; b. 1866 ; m. 1, 1894, Edith 
J., elder dau. ((/. 1895) of Jonathan Jowett, of 
Lower Hall, Mellor, Derbyshire ; 2, 1902, Ellen 
F. H. Bradbury,of HawthorpeHall, Colne Valley, 
Yorks ; is J.P. (1896) Derbyshire and j.P. (1909) 
and c.c. (1913) W. R. Yorks, capt. 7 battn. W. 
Riding regt. from 1910 : Royal and Lanes. Auto- 
mobile clubs ; Hawthorpe Hall, Uppermill, 
Yorks ; Ucheldre, Llandudno, N. Wales. 

Bagnall-Wild, Ralph Bagnall, m.a. Cantab, 
2 s. of Wm. Kirkby ; b. 1845 ; m. 1871, Alice, dau. 
of R. A. Pfeil, of Guildford ; barr. Inner Temple 
1870, assumed by royal licence surnames of 
Bagnall-Wild in lieu of Kirkby 1868, J.P. Notts : 
Manor House, Costock, Loughborough. 

Bagnold, col. Arthur Hy., C.B. (1907),R.E., s. of 
late maj. -gen. Michael Edwd. Baguold, ii.E.i.c.s.; 
b. 1854 ; m. 1888, Ethel, dau. of W. H. Alger ; 
served in Boer war 1881, Nile expdn. 1884-5, supt. 
bldg. works Ord. Factories 1903-11, col. 1903, ret. 
p. 1911 : Jun. United Service club ; Warren 
Wood, Shooter's Hill, Kent. 

Bagot, lord (4 baron 1780, U.K.). Wm. Bagot, 
eld. s. of 3 baron {d. 1887) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1903, 
Lilian, dau. of late Hy. May, of Maryland, 
U.S.A. ; D.L., J.P. Staffs and Derbyshire, capt. 
(hon. maj. 1890) 3 battn. (mil.) S. Staffordshke 
regt. 1879-84, lt.-col. 2nd in commd. Staffordshire 
I. Y. 1898-1901, A.D.C. to gov.-gen. of Canada 
(marq. of Lome) 1878-83, a gentleman usher of 
the privy chamber 1885-7, lord in waiting to 
Queen Victoria 1896-1901 (Heir, bro. maj. hon. 
Walter L. q.v.) : Carlton, Travellers' and Turf 
clubs ; Blithfield, Rugeley ; Pool Park, Ruthin. 

Bagot, sir Alan Desmond, 1 bart. (1913), only 
s. of col. Josceline FitzRoy Bagot, of Levens 
Hall, Westmorland, M.P., D.L., j!^P. (d. 1913), by 
Theodosia, 3 dau. of sir John Leslie, 1 bart. ; b. 
1896 : Levens Hall, Milnthorpe. 

Bagot, John Christopher, eld. survg. s. of John 

1 Lloyd Neville Bagot, of Aughrane Castle, and 

Ballyturin, co. Galway, J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 1856 j 



m. 1891, Anna C,, only datt. of It.-col. Fleming, 
Mayfield, Ashbourne, Derbyshire ; J.P. co. Gal- 
way : Ballyturin, Gort, co. Gal way. 

Bagot, maj. hon. Walter Lewis, D.a.O. (1900), 
2 8. of 3 baron Bagot ; h. 1864 ; m, 1892, Margaret 
J. C, youngest dau. of late hon. Fredk. Wm, 
Cadogan, and granddau. of 1 marq. of Anglesea; 
J.P. (189-i) Staffs., capt. gren. gds. 1895-8, regtl. 
adjt. 1893-7, A.D.c. * to gov. of S. Australia 
(earl of Kintore) 1891-2, served in S. African 
war 1900-2 with Imp], yeom., hon. maj. in the 
army 1902, heir pres. to baroay : Guards' and 
Travellers' clubs. 

Bagot, hon. Barbara, dau. of 4 baron Bagot : 
h. 1905. 

Bagot, lady. — Lucy Francesca, dau. of late 
Edmund Geo. Hornby, of Dalton Hall, Westmor- 
land; m. 1851, sir Chas. Samuel Bagot, knt., 
J. P., legal commr. in Lunacy 1877-1902 {d. 
1906) : The Gables, East Sheen, S.W. 

Bagot, lady. — Theodosia, 3 dau. of sir John 
Leslie, 1 bart. ; in. 1885, It.-col. Josceline Fitzroy 
Bagot, Levens Hall, Westmorland, m.p., d.l., 
J.P. {d. 1913); granted (1913) rank and pre- 
cedence as widow of a bart. her husband having 
died before the letters patent conferring on him 
the dignity of a baronet had passed the great 
seal; R.ll.C, and la<ly of grace of St. John of 
Jerusalem : Levens Hall.Milnthorpe. 

Bagsha'we, vide Bradshaw - Isherwood- 

Bagsha'we, most rev. archbp. Edwd. Gilpin, s. 
of late Hy. Ridgard Bagshawe, Q.c, of London ; 
6. 1829 ; bp. (R.c.) of Nottingham 1874-1902, tit- 
ular bp. of Hipaepa 1902-4, archbp. of Seleucia 
from 1904: Convent of the Little Company 
of Mary, Gunnersbury House, Hounslovv. 

Bagshawe, Ernest, 2 s, of Thos. Carver, j.p., 
of The Hollius, Marple, co. Chester {d. 1911) ; 
h. 1860 ; m. 1886, Frances A. D., 2 dau. and co- 
heir of W. H. Greaves-Bagshawe, d.l., j.p., of 
Ford Hall, Chapel-en-le-Frith, co. Derby {d. 
1913) ; assumed by royal licence 1914 name of 
Bagshawe in lieu of Carver, j.p. (1900) Cheshire : 
Poise House, Hazel Grove, Cheshire. 

Baguley, John, j.p. (1912) Salop: Aston 
Manor Farm, Chetwynd Aston, Ne,vport, Salop. 

Bagwell, capt. John, M.v.o. 6 class (1909), 
only s. of Wm. Bagwell, of East Grove, co. Cork, 
J.P. ; 6. 1881 ; m. 1914, Mary Ethel, 2 dau. of 
late Samuel Kingan, of Glenganagh, co. Down ; 
capt. Norfolk regt. 1912-14, capt. 3 battn. 
(special res.) Norf. regt. from 1914. 

Bagwell, Richard, m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon. ; eld. s. 
of late J. Bagwell, M.P. ; h. 1840; m. 1873, 
Harriette, 4 dau. of P. J, Newton, of Dunleckney, 
CO. Carlow ; barr. Inner Temple, 1866 ; j.p., d.l. 
CO. Tipperary (sheriff 1869), j.p. co. Waterford : 
AthenoBum and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs; 
Marllield, Clonmel,co. Tipperary. 

Baikie, Alfred, youngest s. of Wm.L. Cowan, 
by niece of late Jas. Baikie, of Tankemess, co. 

Orkney; h. 1861 ; in. 1, 1888, Annie Traill, dan. 
(rf. 1896) of Ralph Fotheringhame, of Kirkwall ; 
2, 1902, Mary Anne S., dau. of late Thos. Traill, 
of Holland, Orkney, d.l., j.p. ; assumed name of 
Baikie, in lieu of Cowan 1898, D.L., j.p. co. 
Orkney and Shetland (vice-lieut. from 1907 and 
pres. and chm. Territrl. Force Assoc, from 1908) ; 
Hall of Tankemess, Kirkwall, co. Orkney. 

Bailey, vide Miles-Bailey. 

Bailey, sir Abe, k.c.m.g. (1911), only b. of hon. 
Thos. Bailey, of Queenstown, Cape Colony ; h, 
1864; m. 1. 1894, Caroline M. S., dau. of John 
Paddon, of Sydenham ; 2, 1911, hon. Mary, only 
dau. of 5 baron Rossmore, b. 1890 ; one of H.M.'s 
lieuts. for the City of London, J.P. (1902) Sussex, 
capt. Sussex I.Y. 1902-8, late memb. legisl. 
assembly, Capo Colony : Marlborough club ; 
Yewhurst, East Grinstead; Clewer House, 
Johannesburg, S. Africa, and Rust-en- Vrede, 
MuiztMiberg, Cape Colony. 

Bailey, Albert Heuson, eld. s. of Jaboz 
Bailey, of Finedon, Northants ; 6. 1858 ; in. 1883, 
dau. of Wm. Ellson, of Finedon, Northants ; J.P. 
(1906) Northants: Tho Woodfield, Finedon, 

Bailey, Alfred Jas., s. of Thos. Bailey, of 
Scredingtou, co. Lincoln ; h. 1868 ; m. 1899, dau. 
of A. .t. Batt, of Sheffield, Yorks; j.p. (1908) 
W. R. Yorks and (1912) Sheffield : 55 Burngreavo 
rd. Sheffield. 

Bailey, Amos, J. p. (1913) Lancashire: Miltoa 
Lodge, Fleetwood, Lanes. 

Bailey, hon. Arthur, 3 s. of 1 baron Glanusk ; 
6. 1868. 

Bailey, Arthur Anthony Wm., s. of B. 0. 
Bailey, of Norwich ; 6. 1861 ; m. 1896, Helen 
Margaret, dau. of Thos. Edwd. Yorke, of Bewer- 
ley Hall and Halton Place, Yorks; j.p. (1896) 
Norfolk, late capt. and hon. maj. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Lincolnshire regt.: Wramplingham Hall, nr. 

Bailey, Benjn., eld. s. of Thos. Bailey, of 
Chedington, Somerset; h. 1856; m. 1885, Ada 
Aurelia, eld. dau. of H. Mundy, of Broadwey 
Dorset; J.p. (1906) Essex: Rodenhurst, 33 
Coventry rd. Ilford ; 85 London Wall, E.C. 

Bailey, hon. Bernard Michael, 3 s. of 2 baron 
Glanusk ; b. 1899. 

Bailey, Charles Fredk., eld. s. of late C. Bailey, 
of Lee Abbey, Devon; b. 1836 ; to. 1863, Emily 
Jeannette,eld. dau. of lateChas. Norris Wilde, b^ 
hon. Emily T, C, only dau. of 1 baron Truro ; is 
D.L., J.p. Devon : Lee Abbey, Lynton, N. Devon. 

Bailey, Charley, j.p. (1914) E.R. Yorks : 
Homestead, Cardigan rd. Bridlington. 

Bailey, It.-col. Edmund Wyndham Grevis, 
eld. s. of rev. Jas. Sandford Bailey, M.A. {d. 1912), 
by dau. [d. 1875) Of late D. Grevis-James, of 
Ightham Court, Kent, d.l., J.p. ; b. 1858 ; m. 
1885, Alberta Sylva, only dau. of late Jas. 
Evelyn, capt. gren. gds.; j.p. Kent, served in 
Malta during S. African war 1900-1, hon. It.-coL 



in the army 1901, late commdg. 3 battu. (mil.) 
K, W. Kent regt. 1901-6, lord of the manors 
Ightham, Wrotham and Stansted : Jun. Con- 
stitutional and Jun. United Service clubs ; 
Ightham Court, Sevenoaks, Kent, 

Bailey, capt. Fredk. Geo. Glyn, r.a., 2 s. of 
sir Jas. Bailey, knt., M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1910) ; b. 
1880 ; m. 1908, hon. Janet L., 2 dau. of 1 baron 
luclicape ; served in S. African war 1900-1 with 
Impl. yeo., capt. r.a. 1911. 

Bailey, Fredk. Manson, c.m.g. (1911), s. of late 
John Bailey, colonial botanist of S.xiustralia; b. 
1827; m. 1856, Anna M,, dau. of rev. Thos. Waite, 
M.A. ; colonial botanist of Queensland, Australia : 
Eckley, Sherwood rd. Toowong, Brisbane, 

Bailey, hon. Gerald Sergison, 2 s. of 2 baron 
Glanusk ; h. 1893. 

Bailey, Hy. Jas., s. of late Joseph Bailey, 
of Easton Court, Herefordshire, J. P., bro. to 1 
baron Glanusk; b. 1844; m. 1871, Edith Anne, 
dau. of Jsph. Tarratt ; d.l., j.p. Herefordshire: 
Oxford and Cambridge club; Rowden Abbey, 
Bromyard, co. Hereford, 

Bailey, hon. Herbert Crawshay, 4 s. of 1 
baron Glanusk; b. 1871; m. 1908, Kathleen 
Mary, 2 dau, of sir Shirley H. Salt, 3 bart. ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1897 : Palace chambers. 
Bridge st. Westminster, S,W. ; The Lodge, 
Llandaff and 36 Park pi. Cardiff. 

Bailey, Horace Thos., f.j.i., s. of late Wm. 
Bailey, of Weston-super-Mare; b. 1852 ; m. 1, 
Charlotte Josephine E., only dau. (d. 1897) of 
late Wm. Johnson Whichelo ; 2, Mary Aphra, 
dau. of late S. Stackpoole Furnell, of Victoria, 
Australia, and widow of capt. R. E. Hamilton, 
R.E. ; vice-chm. Monmouth Schl. Board 1899- 
1904; editor-proprietor "Monmouthshire 
Beacon," j.p. (1909) Monmouthshire: The 
Willows, Monmouth ; United Empire, Mon- 
mouth and County (Monmouth) clubs. 

Bailey, Irvine, s. of late C. I, C, Bailey, of 
Brondesbury, co. London ; b. 1864 ; 771. 1897, 
Ellen, dau. of W. Boodle, of Cheltenham ; J.p. 
(1903) Warwickshire : Wilnecote Hall, Tarn worth. 

Bailey, John Cann, s. of E. C. Bailey, of Nor- 
wich ; b. 1864; m. 19(10, hon, Sarah Kathleen, 5 
dau, of 4 baron Lyttelton, b. 1870 ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1892, asst, priv. sec. to rt, hon, Geo. 
Wyndham, M.P. (und. sec. of state for war) in 
1900 : 34 Queen's Gate gdns. S.W. ; Athenaeum 
and Windham clubs. 

Bailey, John Cuthbert, s. of John Bailey, 
of Odd Rode, Cheshire ; b. 1856 ; m. 1880, Sidney 
Marie J. , dau. of late Thos. Alcock, of New York ; 
J.P. (1900) Staffs : New Park, Trentham, Staffs. 

Bailey, hon. John Launcelot, 5 s. of 1 baron 
Glanusk ; 6. 1878 ; m. 1903, Vivien D., 2 dau. of 
late F. G. Carey, of Frogmore, Ceylon : The 
Hermitage, Guernsey. 

Bailey, Joseph, j.p. (1913) Lancashire: 25 
Wilson Patten rd. Warrington. 

Bailey, Percy Hy.Havclock, j'oungers. of col. 
Bailey, late R.E. ; b. 1883 ; m. 1908, hon. Isabel 
Nora Gwendoline, dau. of 1 baron Kinross, b. 
1885; It. Ind. army from 1904. 

Bailey, sir Rowland, c.B. (1911), M.V.O. 5 class 
(1902), I.S.O. (1904) ; b. 1852 ; controller of 
Stores, H.M. Office of Works 1883-1905, controller 
H.M. Stationery Office and King's printer of 
Acts of Parliament 1905-13, knighted 1913. 

Bailey, Thos., J.P. (1907) E.R. Yorks: Kings- 
ton Lodge, Hessle, Yorks. 

Bailey, Walter Samuel, D.L., J.P. (1905) 
Middlx. ; J.P. (1883) E. R. Yorks : Poulett Lodge, 
Cross Deep, Twickenham ; 14 Brunswick terr. 
Brighton ; , Conservative club. 

Bailey, hon. Wilfred Russell, eld, s. of 2 
baron Glanusk, D.S,0, ; b. 1891 ; It. gren, gds. 
from 1912. 

Bailey, maj. hon. Wm., 2 s. of 1 baron 
Glanusk; b. 1867; maj. 11 huss. 1904-8, ret. p. 
1908, J.r. (1909) Brecknockshire : The Bungalow, 
Glanusk, Crickhovvcll. 

Bailey, rt. hon. Wm. Fredk., P.C. (Irel. 
1909), o.B. (1906), B.A., eld. s. of William Bailey, 
M.D., R.N., of Castletown Conyers, co. Limerick; 
b. 1857 ; Irish barr. 1881, estates commr. under 
the Land Acts, Ireland, from 1903, gov. of 
National Gallery, Ireland, from 1914: Reform 
and Royal Societies clubs ; 3 Earlf ort terr. Dublin , 

Bailey, Wm. Geo., j,p. (1905), Lancashire : 
May Villa, Failsworth, Manchester. 

Bailey, hon. Dulcie Editha, dau. of 2 baron 
Glanusk, D.s.o. ; b. 1896, 

Bailey, hon. Elizabeth Mabel, b. 1862 ; hon, 
Margaret Elinor, b. 1873 ; hon. Gwladys Mary, 
b. 1875 ; daus. of 1 baron Glanusk. 

Bailey, hon. mrs. Isabel N. G., vide Percival 
Hy. Havelock Bailey. 

Bailey, hon. mrs. Janet L., vide capt. Fredk, 
G. G. Bailey. 

Bailey, lady.— Lily, 2 dau. of late Adolphua 
Fas«, of 32 Queen's Gate gdns. S.W, ; ?n, 1896, as 
his 2 wife, sir Jas. Bailey, knt., M.P., D.L., j.p. 
[d. 1910) : Rickling House, Newport, Essex, 

Bailhache, sir Clement Meacher, ll.b. 
Lond., s. of rev. Clement Bailhache, baptist 
min. ; b. 1856 ; barr. Middle Temple 1889, 
bencher 1912, K.C. 1908, a judge of King's bench 
divn. of high court of justice from 1912, knighted 
1912: St. Margarets, High rd. Whetstone, N. 

Bailie, maj. -gen. Thomas Maubourg, s, of col. 
Thos.Maubourg Bailie,H.B.i.c.s.; b. 1844 ; to. 1886, 
Amy E., dau. of sir Wm. Miller, 1 bart., of 
Mandcrston, co. Berwick ; maj.-gen. 1893, ret. p. 
1896; J,p. Berks : 54 Sloane st. S.W. ; Naval and 
Military club ; Caldecot House, Abingdon. 

Bailie, mrs, — Charlotte J., eld. dau. of capt. 
Wm. Cossart Carleton ; m, 1850, cou6in,maj. Jas. 
Bailie, 87 R.I. Fus., of Ringdutterm, co. Down, 
J.p. {d. 1896) : Ringdufferin, nr. Killyleigh, co. 

Baillie, vide Buchanan-Baillie-Hamiltoix, 



Saillie, vide Cochrane-Baillie. 

Salllie, vide Murray Baillie. 

Baillie, eir Adrian \Vm. Maxwell, 6 bart. 
(1823), of Polkemmet, 2 s. of 4 bart. {d. 1907) 
and bro. of 5 bart. (d. 1914); b. 1898 {Heir, 
uncle, William, b. 1861) : Polkemmet, Whitburn, 

Baillie, rev. canon Albert Victor, M. a. Cantab., 
3 s. of Evan P. Montagu Baillie((Z. 1874), by dau. 
of 7 earl of Elgin, and grands, of Evan Baillie, 
of Dochfour, Inverness-shire {d. 1883) ; 6. 1864 ; 
m.1898, hon. Constance E., dau. of 8 visc.Boyne, 
6. 1866 ; hon. canon of Worcester cath. 1906-8, 
priest canon and chancellor of St. Michael's 
Collegiate ch. Coventry, 1908 and vicar and sub- 
dean from 1912: Vicar's Croft, Davenport rd, 

Baillie, hon. Arthur Malcolm Augustus, 2 s. 
of 2 baroness Burton by Jas. Evan B. Bitillio, 
M.v.o. ; b. 1896; 2 It. Inverness-shiie R.H.A. 
from 1914. 

Baillie, sir Duncan Colvin, k.c.s.i. (1914), s. of 
Peter Baillie, of rnverness : 6, 1856 ; m. 1887, Julia 
Louisa, dau. of late rev. Ib-iiry Stern, r(;ctor of 
Brampton ; Ind. C. S. 1879, supt. of census 
operations, N. W. Provinces 1889, dep. commr. 
and settlement otticer 1892, dir. of land records 
and agriculture 1895, sec. to board of revenue 
1896, opium agent Benares 1899, ofFg. memb. 
board of revenue United Provinces 1907, 
memb. board of rev. and of council of It.-gov. of 
the United Provinces, India, 1909 : Allahabad, 
United Provinces, India ; E. I. United Service 

Baillie, hon. Geo. Evan Michael, eld. s. of 2 
baroness Burton by Jas. Evan B. Baillio, M.v.o. ; 
b. 1894. 

Baillie, gen. Jas. Cadogan Parkinson, s. of J. 
Thoy Baillie : in Indian mutiny 1857-9, gen. 
1894, Ind. army. 

Baillie, Jas. Evan Bruce, M.v.o. 4 class (1905), 
v. I). ( 1 906), eld. s. of Evan P. Montagu Baillie {d. 
1874), by dau. of 7 earl of Elgin, and grands, of 
Evan Baillie, of Dochfour, Inverness-shire (d. 
1883) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1894, Nellie Lisa, 2 baroness 
Burton in her own right, only child and heir of 1 
baron Burton, K.c.v.o. (d. 1909), b. 1873; 
Inverness, M.P. (c.) Inverness-shire 1895-1900, 
late capt. 3 battn. i^mil.) North'd. Fus., maj. 
and hon. col. Inverness-shire Il.H.A. from 190S, 
vice-chm. co. Inverness Territrl. Force Assoc, 
from 1908 : 71 South Audley st. W. ; Carlton 
club ; Dochfour, Inverness, N.B. 

Baillie, Eonald Hugh, eld. s. of gen. D. Baillie, 
R.H.G., of Loch Loy, co. Nairn {d. 1890); b. 1863 ; 
m. 1897, Elizabeth M., dau. of maj. J. Rose, of 
Kilravock, formerly lord lieut. of co. Nairn ((/. 
1909) ; Scottish advocate 1887, D.L., Nairn, 
sheriff substitute of Roxburgh, JBerwick and 
Selkirk 1897: Carlton and New (Edinburgh) 
clubs ; Jedbank, Jedburgh, N.B. 

Baillie, mrs. Duncan. Anna G., younger dau. 
of late rev. G. A. Burnaby, of Somerby Hall, 
Leicestershire; m. 1862, It.-gen. Duncan Jas. 
Baillie, of Loch Loy, Nairnshire, D.L. (d. 1890) : 
Loch Loy, Nairn, N.B. 

Baillie, lady.— Isabel, dau. of David E. Wilkie, 
of Melbourne, Australia and Ratho Byres, 
Midlotliian ; vi. 1887, sir Robt. Alex. Baillie, 
4 bart., of Polkemmet {d. 1907) : Polkemmet, 
Whitburn, Linlithgowshire. 

Baillie, hon. Victoria Frances Maud, only 
dau. of 2 baroness Burton by Jas. Evan B. 
Baillie, M.v.o. ; b. 1899. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Chas. Wm., 2 s. of 
lord Binning; b. 1900. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Geo., eld. s. of lord 
Binniuir ; b. lS;il : 2 It. 2 drags, from 1914. 

Baillie-Hamilton, capt. hon. Henry Robt. 
Arden-, 3 s. of 11 earl of Haddington ; b. 1862; 
capt. coldst. gds. 1897-8, ret. 1898, j.p. (18—) 
Berwick.shire and (1902) Cheshire : Arderne 
Hall, Tarporley. 

Baillie-Hamilton, James, youngest 8. of 
adm. Wm. Alex. Baillie-Hamilton {d. 1881), by 
lady 1 larriet, only sis. of 1 duke of Abercorn, k.g. ; 
b. i850 ; VI. 1886, lady Evelyn, 4 dau. of 8 duke 
of Argyll, KM., K.T., 'b. 1855. 

Baillie-Hamilton, sir Wm. Alexr., K.c.M.d. 
(1897), CH. (1892), eld. survg. e. of adml. Wm. 
Alex. Baillie-Hamilton {d. 1881) by lady 
Harriet, only sis. of 1 duke of Abercorn,; 
b. 1844 ; in. 1871, Mary A., only dau. of rev. 
J. Mossop ; sec. to the Colonial conference 
1887 ; priv. sec. to sec. of state for the Colonies 
1886-92, chief clerk, Colonial office 1896-1909, 
officer of arms of order of St. Michael and St. 
George from 1901, gentleman usher of tlu; blue 
rod from 1911 ; It.-col. and hon. col. Lothians and 
Berwickshire I.Y. 1896-1906 : 55 Sloane st. S.W. 

Baillie-Hamilton, lady Frances, dau. of 10 
earl of Haddington ; b. 1829 : Mjiynard Cottage, 
West Malvern. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. mrs. Harriet F., dau. 
of 5 l»aron Polwarth ; b. 1845 ; m. 1872, hon. 
Henry Baillie-Hamilton, ret. commdr. u.N. (J. 
1S95), 4 s. of lO earl of Haddington : Lennel 
Bank, Coldstream, Berwickshire. 

Baillie-Hamilton, hon. Helen, dau. of lord 
Binning ; b. l«9:j. 

Baillie-Hamilton, lady Ruth, b. 1855 ; lady 
Grisell, b. 1861 ; lady Cecely, b. 1868, daus. of 11 
earl of Haddington. 

Bailward, John, eld. s. of Thos. Hy. Methuen 
Bailward, of Horsington Manor, Somerset, j.p. {d. 
1913); b. 1883; It. 19 huss. from 1912 : Manor 
House, Horsington, Bath. 

Bain, Fredk. Donald, eld. s. of David Wise 
Bain, of Portreath, Cornwall, j.p. {d. 1898) ; b. 
1858; ?rt. 1897, Evelyn Mary, dau. of Clement 
Conington, of Hagworthingham, Lincolnshire ; 
J.P. (1898) Cornwall, capt. and hon. maj. 1 vol. 



battn. Duke of Cornwall's L.I. 1895-1907 : Fair- 
field, lUogan, Redruth, Cornwall. 

Bain, John Dove, eld. s. of sir J. Bain, knt., of 
Crofthead, Cumberland, M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1898) ; 
b. 1848 ; J.P. Cumberland and Lanarkshire. 

Bain, John Hitchins, 2 s. of David Wise 
Bain, of Portreath, Cornwall, J.P. {d. 1898) ; h. 
1860 ; m. 1907, Winifrid Annandale, eld. dau, 
of Wm. Town, J.P. Torks ; J.P. (1898) Devon: 
Trevenson, Carn Brea, Cornwall. 

Bainbridge, Cuthbert, only s. of Richd. 
Martin, of Wolsingham, co. Durham ; b. 1860 ; m. 
1889, 2 dau. of T. E. Fenwick, of Wolsingham, 
CO. Durham, J.P. ; is J.P. (1897) co. Durham. 

Bainbridgre, brig.-gen. Edmond Guy Tulloch, 
c.B. (1913), eld. s. of late col. sir Edmond Bain- 
bridge, K.G.B., R.A. of Normanhurst,Sheringham, 
Norfolk ; b. 1867 ; m. 1905, Alice May, dau. of 
col. M. H. Goldio, R.B., of Wallington Lodge, 
Fareham ; served with Dongola expdn. 1896, 
Nile expdns. 1897-8 and in S. African war 1899- 
1900, gen. staff officer, 1 grade, W. commd. 1912, 
col. 1912, temp, brig.-gen. J 914: The Shrub- 
lands, Oliester ; Naval and Military club. 

Bainbridgre, ma j. -gen. Fredk. Thos., s. of late 
Hy. Bainbridge, of Kensington ; b. 1834 ; m. 1, 
1869, Ann, dau. of dr. Collins, Lidian med. dept. ; 
2, 1879, Blanche, dau. of col. Dring, a.p.d. ; 3, 
1910, Annie Cowen, dau. of Wm. Hudspith, J.P. ; 
served throughout Indian mutiny 1857-9, Sikkim 
1860, Abyssinian expdn. 1867-8, Hazara field force 
1868, Afghan war 1878-9, Wuzeeree expdn. 1881, 
maj. -gen. Ind, army, on U.S. list 1892 : 8 Pelham 
cres. S.W. ; E. I. IJnited Service club. 

Bainbridgre, surg.-gen. Geo., m.d. Durh., 
surg.-gen. Ind. Med. Est. (Bombay) 1897-1902, 
ret. 1902. 

Bainbridgre, George Bargate, s. of late 
Emer.son M, Bainbridge, of Eshott Hall, 
Northumb., j.p. ; 6. 1850 ; m. 1873, dau. of John 
Gibson, of Newcastle-on-Tyne ; is J.P. North- 
umberland : Espley Hall, Morpeth ; Glenfinnan, 

Bainbridge, Isaac, s. of late Thos. Bain- 
bridge, of Bvough Castle, Westmorland ; b. 1850 ; 
m. 1879, Mary, dau. of T. Dawson, of Kirkby 
Stephen. Westmorland ; J.P. (1912) Westmor- 
land : Harcourt House, Kirkby Stephen, West- 

Bainbridgre, lady. — Maria Kate, dau. of John 
Page, of Southend, Essex, J.P.; m. 1881, as his 2 
wife, col. sir Edmond Bainbridge, K.C.B., R.A. 
((Z. 1911) : Haddou Lodge, Sheringham, Norfolk. 

Baines, bp. vide Natal. 

Baines, Arthur, j.p. (1900) Gloucestershire: 
Uloy House, Dursley, Glos. 

Baines, Arthur Paine, J.p. (1907) W. R. 
Yorks : Reform club ; The Heath, Adel, nr.Leeds. 

Baines, It.-col. Cuthbert Johnson, 2 s. of It.- 
col. Baines, 82 regt., of Hove, Sussex, D.L. ; b. 
1856 ; m. 1884, Ada Cornelia, dau. of col. H. 

B. O. Savile, C.B., j.p. of Clifton, Glos. ; j.p. 
Glo'stershire : The Lawn, Shirehampton, nr. 

Baines, Frank, M.v.o. 6 class (1911) : Alicon, 
Church Hill, Loughton, Essex. 

Baines, sir Jervoise Athelstane, c.s.i. (1894), 
s. of late rev. Edwd. Baines, vicar of Yalding, 
Kent ; b. 1847 ; ?n.l874, Constance, dau. of late 
Hy. Pyne; LC.S. (Bombay) 1870-95, ret. 1895, 
aldm. L.c.c. 1898-1902, knighted 1905 : Reform 
and Unionist clubs; Home Close, Kidlington, 

Baines, Matthew Talbot, m.a. Cantab., eld. 
s. of L. T. Baines, of Westbrook, Horsham, Sussex, 
J.p. {d. 1905); b. 1863 ; m. 1892, H. Eveleigh, eld. 
dau. of Wm. Rose Holden, of Victoria park, 
Dover ; J.P. (1888) W. R. Yorks and (1899) 
Wiltshire, late sen. small holdings commr. Board 
of Agriculture and Fisheries ; agent for the 
marq. of Lansdowne, K.G. : New University 
club ; Buckhill House, Calne, Wilts ; "Westbrook, 

Baines, Thos., s. of John Baines, of Hallaton, 
CO. Leicester; b. 1838; m. 1880, Sarah, dau. of 
John Berry, of Daventry, Northampton ; J.P. 
(1913), Herts : Dulcamara, Boxmoor, Hemel 

Baines, mrs. — Mary A. V., 4 dau. of P.Russell 
Dixon, of Auckland, New Zealand ; m. 1855, Wm. 
Mortimer Barnes, of Bell Hall, Naburn, Yorks 
{d. 1912) ; lady of the manor of Wigginton and 
joint lady of the manor of Deighton : Bell Hall, 

Baird, sir Alex., 1 bart. (1897) of Urie, eld. s. of 
J. Baird {d. 1870), D.L., J.P. of Urie, Stone- 
haven, N.B. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1873, hon. Annette M., 
elder dau. {d. 1884) of 1 baron Haldon ; lord- 
lieutenant of Kincardineshire,D.T..Inverness-shire 
and Aberdeen City, pres. co. Kincardine TerritrL 
Force Assoc, from 1908 QIFeir, s. John Lawrence, 
q.v.) : Urie, nr. Stonehaven, N.B. ; Carlton club. 

Baird, Alex., eld. s. of Geo. Baird, of Mars 
Hill, Alloa, CO. Clackmannan ; b. 1841 ; m. 1809, 
Elizabeth H., dau. of H. M. Davidson, of Holme 
House, CO. Haddington; J.P. (1908) Pembroke- 
shire : The Willows, Wickhambreaux, Canter- 

Baird, capt. sir David, 4 bart. (1809) of 
Newbyth, M.v.o. 4 class (1909), eld. s. of 3 
bart. of Newbyth (d. 1913), by hon. Ellen, 2 
dau. of 12 and last baron Blantyrc ; b. 1865; in. 
1901, Lilian Gertrude, dau. of maj. -gen. Jas. 
Davidson, and widow of maj. Ernest Maxwell 
Willshire, Black Watch ; d.l. Haddingtonshire, 
capt. late 1 battn. Black Watch {Heir, bro. 
Wm. Arthur, q.v.) : 7 Grosvenor cres. Edin- 
burgh ; Newbyth, Preston Kirk, Haddington- 
shire ; Carlton and Naval and Military clubs. 

Baird, col. Edwd. Wm. David, 6 s. of Wm. 
Baird, of Elie, co. Fife, m.p. {d. 1864); b. 1864 ; m. 
1893, Millicent B., 2 dau. of maj.-gen. sir Stanley 



de A. C. Clarke, g.g.V.O., C.M.g. ; is J. P. (1897) 
Suffolk, late capt. 10 huss., served with Impl. 
yeom., S. African war 1900, hon. maj. in the 
army 1901, It.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 1906) 
Suffolk Huss. I. Y. 1901-G : 108 Lancaster 
gate, W. ; Turf club ; Forse House, Latheron, 
Caithness, N.B. 

Baird. John G-eo. Alex., t.d. (1909), 3 s. of late 
Wm. Baird, of Elie, co. Fife, M.p. {d. 1864); b. 
1854 ; m. 1880, Susan Georgiana, elder dau. of 
rt. hon. sir Jas. Fergusson, 6 bart., p.c, G.C.S.I., 
K.C.M.G. ; D.L., J.P. CO. Ayr and G-lasgow, D.L. 
CO. Haddington, late 16 lancers, It.-col. commdg. 
(hon. col. 1908) Ayrshire yeo. 1901-9, vice-chm. 
CO. Haddington Territrl. Force Assoc, from 
1908 ; M.P. (c.) Glasgow (Central divn.) 1886- 
.1906: 89 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Carlton club; Cols- 
toun, Haddington ; Wellwood, Muirkirk, N.B. 

Baird, John Lawrence, C.M.G. (1904), eld. s. 
of sir Alex. Baird. 1 bt. of Urie, by eld. dau. {d. 
1884) of 1 baron Haldon ; b. 1874 ; m. 1905, lady 
Ethel Sydney, eld. dau. of 10 earl of Kintore, 
b. 1874; formerly 2 It. Lanarkshire I. Y., maj. 
Scottish Horse yeo. from 1912 ; D.L., J.P. Kin- 
cardineshire, sec. in diplomatic service from 
1902, actg. agent and consul-gen. in Abyssinia 

1904, M.P. (c.) S.E. Warwickshire from 1910 : 
26 Chester st. Grosvenor pi. S.W. ; Carlton and 
Turf clubs ; Bilton House, ur. Bugby. 

Baird, Wm., eld. survg. s. of W. Baird, of Elie, 
CO. Fife, M.P. {d. 1864) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1883, Caroline 
M., dau. of late J. A. B. Callander, of Preston 
Hall, Midlothian ; J.P co. Fife, D.L., j.p. co. Avr 
and Rutland (sheriff 1894), late M. P.H.Cottesmore, 
Rutland, It.-col. commdt. (hon. col. 1889) Fife 
R.G.A. (mil.) 1889-96, hon. coL of the regt. from 
1904: Carlton, Turf and Conservative clubs; 
Elie House, Fife; Deanscroft, Oakham, Rutland. 

Baird, Wm. Arthur, 2 s. of sir David Baird, 
3 bt. of Newbyth, by hon. Ellen, 2 dau. of 12 
and last baron Blantyre ; b. 1879 ; m. 1908, lady 
Hersey Constance E., 3 dau. of 4 marq. Con- 
yngham, b. 1887 ; d.l.,J.p. Renfrewshire, J.P. East 
Lothian, capt. Lothians and Border Horse Yeo. 
from 1910, heir pros, to baronetcy : Artluirs, 
Caledonian, and New (Edinburgh) clubs ; Len- 
noxlove, Haddington ; Wedderlie, Gordon, Ber- 

Baird, col. sir Wm. Jas. Gardiner, 8 bart. 
(1695) of Saughton Hall, only sm-vg. s. of 7 
bart. of Saughton Hall {d. 1896) ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1879, hon. Arabella R., eld. dau. of 1 baron 
Newlands ; j.p. and commr. of supply Midlothian, 
J.P. East Lothian; late It. 7 huss.: It.-col. 
commdg. (hon. col. 1903) Lothian and Berwick- 
shire I. Y. 1901-6, ret. (Heir, s. Jas. Hosier G., 
6. 1883) : Carlton, and New (Edinburgh) clubs; 
Glendalough, North Berwick, N.B. 

Baird, lady. — Constance Barbara, eld. dau. 
of late Edwd. Clarke, of Avishays, Chard ; in. 

1905, adml. sir John Kennedy Erskine Baird, 

K.c.E. {d. 1908) : Woodside, Wootton, Isle of 

Baird, hon. lady.— Ellen, 2 dau. of 12 and 
last baron Blantyre ; b. 1846 ; m. 1864, maj. sir 
David Baird, 3 bart. of Newbj^th (d 1913). 

Bairnsfatlier, maj. Thos. Hy., youngest s. of 
Peter Bairnsfather, D.L., J.P. ; m. 1886, Amelia 
Jane, youngest dau. of It.-col. Edwd. Every- 
Clayton, of Rowley, Lanes ; J.P. (1912) co. 
Warwick : Bishopton, Stratford-on-Avon. 

Bairstow, Arthur Wm.,'K.C., b.a. Cantab., 
eld. s. of. Jas. Bairstow, of Halifax ; b. 1855 ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1878, K.c. 1908 : 221 Crom- 
well mans. Cromwell rd. S.W. ; 3 Dr. Johnson's 
bldgs. Temple, E.C. 

Bairstow, Jas., j.p. (1903) W. R. Yorks : 
Springfield, Cross Hills, nr. Keighley. 

Bairstow, Walter, s. of Thos. Bairstow, of 
Suttou-in-Craven, Yorks ; b. 1857 ; m. 1882, 
Marion, dau. of Alfred Sharp, J.P. of Bingley, 
Yorks; J.P. (1909) Northants (sheriff 1908-9): 
The Lodge, Towcester. 

Baker, vide Croft-Baker. 

Baker, Alfred John, j.p. (1897) Kent : St. 
Brannocks, Beckenham, Kent. 

Baker, Arthur, j.p. (1912) Cheshire: Hillside, 
Audlem, Nant\vich. 

Baker, sir Augustine F., M.A. Trin. coll. Dub,, 
8. of Hugh Baker, of Lismacue, co. Tipperary ; 
admitted a solicitor. Irel. 1878, pres. Incorporated 
Law. Soc. Irel. 1903, knighted 1903 : 56 Merrion 
sq. Dublin ; Constitutional, and University 
(Dublin) clubs. 

Baker, vice-adml. Casper Joseph, only survg. 
s. of late adml. Jas. Vashon Baker ; b. 1852 ; m. 
Hai-riet Penuel, youngest dau. of lat'^ prof. John 
Hutton Balfour, M.D., F.R.S., Queen's botanist 
for Scotland; vice-adml. on ret. list 1913, J.P. 
(1911) Somerset : Oaklauds, South Pethertou, 

Baker, Eras., b. 1843 ; m. 1869, EUzabeth, dau. 
[d. 1898) of late J. Roseby, of Haverholme 
House, Brigg ; J.P. N. R. Yorks : Westwood End, 
Scarborough, Yorks. 

Baker, Geo. Edwd., only s. of rev. Geo. 
Baker, M.A., of Freshford, Somerset ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1880, Jessie Ella Sophia, dau. of J. W. Cusack, 
of Knockbane, co. Gal way ; fell, of Magdalen 
coll. Oxford, and of St. Nicolas coll. Lancing, 
J.p. (1911) Somerset: Union, and Bath and 
County clubs ; The Old House, Freshford. Bath. 

Baker (his honor judge), sir Geo. Sherston, 4 
bart. (1796) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1, 1873, Jane Mary, dau. 
{d. 1909) of late F. J. Fegen, R.K., C.B., of Ballin- 
lonty, CO. Tipperary; 2, 1912, Mary Josephine, 2 
dau. of late Hy. Bacchus, of Manor House, Lilling- 
ton, Warwickshire ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, rec. 
of Helston 1886-9, of Barnstaple and Bideford 
from 1889, J.P. Lines. Gt. Grimsby, Boston, 
Lincoln, Barnstaple and Bideford, assoc. of Inst, 
de Droit Internl. 1879, author of several treatises 
on municipal and international lajF, late editor of 



the Law Magazine and Review, county court judge 
Lincolnshire (circuit No. 17) from 1901 (IIelr,s. 
Dodington Geo. R. S., b. 1877) : The Castle Moat 
house, Lincoln ; Devonshire club. 

Baker, H. Brereton, m.a.,, f.r.s., 2 
s. of late rev. John Baker, of St. John's, Black- 
bum, Lanes ; m. Muriel, only child of Harry Jas, 
Powell ; demonstrator in chemistry at Balliol 
Coll. 1883-5, head of science side, Dulwich Coll. 
1885-1902, headmaster of Alleyn's Sch. Dulwich 
1902-3. Lee's reader in chemistry in Univ. of 
Oxford 1903-12, prof, of gen. chemistry and dir. 
of chemical laboratories, Impl. Coll. of Science 
and Technology, S. Kensington, S.W. from 1912 : 
Imperial College of Science and Technology, S. 
Kensington, S.W". ; Latchmoor House, Gerrard's 
Cross, Bucks. 

Baker, Harold Trevor, s. of sir John Baker, 
kut. of Portsmouth, M.P.(tZ. 1909); b. 1877 ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1903, parly, priv. sec. to isec. of 
state for war (vise. Haldane, P.O.) 1910-12, fin. 
sec. to War office from 1912, M.P. (l.) N. E. Lan- 
cashire (Accriugtou divu.) from 1910 : 42 Queen 
Anne's gate, S.W. ; Brooks's club ; Sawley Lodge, 
Clitberoe, Lanes. 

Baker, Hy. Minter, eld. s. of John Baker, of 
Sandwich ; h. 1839 ; m. 1863, dau. of Hy. Tutt, of 
Dover ; j.p. (1897) Kent : Pett Farm, Bridge, 
Canterbury ; 2 Camden crescent, Dover. 

Baker, Henry William Clinton, eld. s. of Wm. 
Clinton Baker, of Bayfordbury, Herts, J.P. (d. 
1903); b. 1805; is J.P. (1895) Herts: Union 
club ; Bayfordbury, Hertford. 

Baker, Herbert Arthur, b.a. Oxon.,2 s. of sir 
John Baker, of Portsmouth, M.P. (d 1909) ; b. 
1875 ; m. 1903, Madeleine, dau. of Joseph McGaw, 
of Kooba, New South Wales ; barr. Inner Temple 
1902, J.P. (1908) CO. London : 7 New sq. Lincoln's 
Inn, W.C. ; Ranelagh and Oxford and Cam- 
bridge clubs ; Greyfriars, Tilford, Surrey. 

Baker, Hugh, 3 s. of Lawrence J, Baker, of 
BrambridgePark, Hants, J.P. ; b. 187G ; J.P.(1908) 
Wilts. : Reform club ; Chedglow Manor, Crud- 
well, Malmesbury. 

Baker, Jas., youngest s. of late Thos. Baker, 
of Otheiy, Somerset; b. 1848 ; m. 1872, Caroline, 
only dau. of late Tbos. Gregory, of Tiverton, 
Devon; j.p. (1906) and C.A. Somerset: Manor 
House, Othery, Bridgwater. 

Baker, John, j.p. (1911) Devon : Downhayes, 
Spreyton, Devon. 

Baker, Joseph Allen, s. of late Joseph Baker, 
of Maple Ridge Farm, Trenton, Out., Canada ; 
b. 1852 ; ?n. 1878, Elizabeth, dau. of Richd. 
Moscrip, of Morebattle, Kelso, N.B, ; dim. of 
Joseph Baker and Sons, Ltd., of Willesden 
Junction, N.W. and City rd. E.C. ; L.c.c. 1895- 
1907, J.P. (1907) Middlx., order of Mercy 1911. 
M.P. (l.) E. Finsbury from 1905 : Donnington^ 
Donnington rd. Harlesden, N.W. ; National 
Liberal club. 

Baker, Joseph Fitze, el<l. s. of John Mitchell 
Baker, of Ashburton, Devon ; b. 1859 ; m. 1891, 
Annie, dau. of Henry J. Daw, of Ashburton, 
Devon ; J.P. (1912) Devon ; Hillcrest, Ashburton. 

Baker, rear-adml. Julian Alleyne; 7n. 1893, 
Geraldine Eugenie, 3 dau. of gen. sir Archibald 
Alison, 2 bart., G.C.B. ; accompanied sir Samuel 
Baker during hisespdn. to the Nile 1873, 3 class 
Med j idle ; served with naval brig, in Soudan 
with the Nile expdn. for relief of gen. Gordon at 
Khartoum 1884-5 ; ret. 1898, rear-adml. on ret. 
list 1903 : Rowden House, Bromyard, Hereford- 

Baker, Lawrence Ingham, s. of Lawrence Jaa. 
Baker, of Brambridge Park, Hants, J.p. ; b. 1862 ; 
TO.! 1885, Helen Agnes, youngest dau. of late sir 
Samuel Morton Peto, 1 bt. ; J.P. (1903) Somer- 
setshire : Way ford Manor, Crewkerne, Somer- 

Baker, Lawrence Jas., eld. s. of late John 
Law. Baker, of Eastcote Lodge, Middlx., late 
Indian army ; b. 1827 ; m. 1, 1857, Ellen C. 
Thompson; 2, 1871, Susan Taylor; J.P. (1894) 
Surrey (sheriff 1898), M.P. (L.) Somerset (Frome 
divn.) 1885-6 : 10 Ennismore gdns. S.W. ; Bram- 
bridge Park, Eastleigh, Hants, 

Baker, sir Randolf Littlehales, 4 bart. (1802) 
of Ranston, only s. of rev. canon sir T. H. B. 
Baker, 3 bart. {d. 1900) ; b. 1879 ; maj. Dorset 
yeo. from 1914, D.L., J.P. (1904) Dorset, M.P. (c.) 
N. Dorset from 1910 {Heir, none) : 18 Berkeley 
st. W. ; Carlton, Bath and Arthur's clubs ; Ran- 
ston, Blandford, Dorset. 

Baker, maj .-gen. Robert John, ret. f. p. 1877 
as lt.-col. M. S. C. 

Baker, Samuel Sidney, eld. s. of John Baker, 
of Hockley. Essex; b. 1847 : J.P. (1906) Essex : 
Bull wood House, Hockley, Essex. 

Baker, Stephen Leonard, J.P. (1912), Mon- 
mouthshire : Lower Grange Farm, Magor, New- 
port, Mon. 

Baker, Thos., j.p. (190G) Haverfordwest : Sea 
View, Little Haven, Pembrokeshire. 

Baker, It. -gen. Thos. Norris, served in Sonthal 
campaign, 1855 ; Indian mutiny, 1857-8 ; Afghan 
war, 1878-9; Burmese expdn., 1885-6, lt.-gen.l894, 
Ind. army, on U.S. list 1894 : Baraset, Langley 
rd. Surbiton, Surrey. 

Baker, Walter Reginald, c.v.o. (1911), s. of 
Stephen Baker ; b. 1852 ; local freight and 
passenger agent, Canadian Central Railw. 1873-4, 
priv. sec. to marq. of Dufferin (gov.-gen. of 
Canada 1874-9), asst. to pres. and sec. of Canadian 
Pacific Railw. ; had charge of tours through 
Canada of prince and princess of Wales (King 
George V. and Queen Mary), 1901, prince Arthu 
of Connaught 1906 and prince Fushimi of Japan 
1907 ; 3 class of Japanese order of Sacred 
Treasure, esq. of order of St. John of Jerusalem*: 
773 Sherbrook st. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Baker, Wm. Alfred, j.p. (1908) Glo'stershire. 



Baker, Wm. Edmund, J.p. (1906) Devon : 
Eydal Mount, Courteuay rd. Tavistock. 

Baker, Wm. Fredk., s. of Hy. Baker, of Willes- 
den, Middlx. (d 1899); m. 1883, Isabel M., dau. of 
Wm. Benson, of Allerwash, Northumberland ; 
sen. master Supreme Court Taxing office : Royal 
Courts of Justice ; 22 Kensington court, W.; Jun. 
Carlton club. 

Baker, Wm. Meath, m.a. Cantab., s. of rev. 
Ralph Bourne Baker, j.p. (d. 1875) ; b. 1867; m. 1, 
188-4, H. Mary, only dau. (d. 1906) of R. J. 
Corbett, ret.capt. Indian staff corps, of La Pinedo, 
Hyeres, France ; 2, 1909, Sibyll Agatha, youngest 
dau. of late W. Wyrley-Birch, of Wretham Hall, 
Norfolk, D.L., J.P. ; is j.p. Gloucestershire (sheriff 
1896-7) : Windham club, Hasfield Court, near 

Baker, lady. — Amy Susan, dau. of It.-col. 
Marryat ; m. 1875, as his 2 wife, rev. canon sir 
Talbot Hastings Bendall Baker, 3 bart. of Ran- 
ston (d. 1900) : Ranston, Blandford, Dorset. 

Baker, lady.— Florence, dau. of Finian von 
Sass; m. 1860, as his 2 wife, sir Samuel White 
Baker, pasha and maj.-gen. of Ottoman Empire, 
a distinguished African traveller and discoverer 
of the Albert N'Yanza, knt. Medjidie, and Os- 
mani6, commd. exped. to suppress slave trade in 
Central Africa, 1869-74, d.l., j.p. (d. 1893) : Sand- 
ford Orleigh, Newton Abbot. 

Baker, lady. — Mildred M., dau. of late col. 
Salusbury Trevor, r.e. ; m. 1884, sir Edwd. 
Norman Baker, K.C.8.I., It. -gov. of Bengal 1908- 
11 (d. 1913) : Berkeley Court, Lansdown, Chel- 

Baker, mrs., widow of rev. F. W. Baker: 
Sparkeswood, Rolvenden, Kent. 

Baker-Baker, Richd., b.a. Cantab., eld. s. of 
Eras. Baker, of Headon Lodge, Brompton, Yorks ; 
b. 1873 ; m. 1896, Annette Lucie, dau. of rev. Hy. 
Arthur Mitton, master of Sherburn hosp. Dur- 
ham ; J.P. (1904) N. R. Yorks: Ebberston, 
Snainton, Yorks. 

Baker Baker, rear-adml. Wm. Hy., 6 s. of 
Henry John T.aker Baker, D.L., J.P., of Elemore 
Hall, CO. Diirham (J. 1871); b. 1862; m. 1910, 
Harriett Constance, 2 dau. of H. N. Middleton, 
D.L., J.P. ; served in Egyptian war 1882 and witli 
expdn. against the Saltan of Vitu, in E. Africa, 
1890, 2 class order of Red Eagle of Prussia 1907, 
rear-adml. 4 June and ret. 1 Dec. 1913: Naval 
and Military club ; Buston House, Lesbury, 

Baker Baker, miss. — Eva Conyers, 2 dau. of 
Henry John Baker Baker, D.L., j.p., of Elemore 
Hall, CO. Durham(r/. 1871) : ElemoreHall,Durham. 

Baker-Carr, maj. Robt. Geo. Teesdale, M.v.o. 
4 class (1903), eld. s. of late rev. Robt. Jas. Baker- 
Carr, of Abberton Hall, co. Worcester (d 1886), 
by Rose L. L., only dau. of It.-gen. H. G. Tees- 
dale, R.H.A. ; b. 1867 ; A.D.c. to viceroy of India 
(earl of Elgin) 1894-9 and (lord Curzon of Kedle- 

ston) 1899-1905, maj. Rif. brig. 1904-6, ret. p. 
1906 : 22 Ryder st. St. James", S.W. ; Army and 
Navy, Bachelors' and Pratt's clubs. 

Baker- Cresswell, Addison Eras., eld. s. of 
capt. Oswin C. Baker-Cresswell, late 3 huss., of 
Cresswell, Northumb. j.p. (d. 1886), by eld. dau. 
(who m. 2, 1892, 2 earl of Ravensworth) of late 
hon. R. Denman ; b. 1874 ; m. 1899, Idonea, 2 dau. 
of S. F. Widdrington, of Newton Hall, Northum- 
berland; D.L., J.p. (1900) Northumberland, late 2 
It. Scots gds., capt. Northumberland Huss. I.Y. 

Baker-Cresswell, Gilfrid Geo., 2 s. of Oswin 
A. Baker-Cresswell, of Cresswell, Northumber- 
land {d. 1856) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1876, Alice Astley, 
dau. of sir Astley Paston Cooper, 2 bart. ; J.P. 
(1886) Worcestershire and (1911) Northumber- 
land : Jun. United Service club ; Barndale, Aln- 

Baker-Cresswell, miss Elizabeth J. I., 2 dau. 
of Addison John Baker-Cresswell, of Cresswell, 
Northumb. d.l., j.p. {d. 1879) : Preston Tower, 
Cha thill, Northumb. 

Baker-Wilbraham, sir Philip Wilbraham, 6 
bart. (1776), M.A. Oxon., 2 but only survg. s. of 
sir Geo. Barrington Baker-Wilbraham, 5 bart. 
(d. 1912), by Katliarine F., only child and heir of 
gen. sir Richd. Wilbraham, K.O.B. of Rode Hall, 
Cheshire; b. 1875; in. 1901, Joyce Christabel, 
younger dau. of rt. lion, sir John H. Kennaway, 
3 bart., P.c. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1901 (Heir, s. 
Randle J., b. 1906) : 5 Lancaster st. Hyde Park. 
W. ; 15 Old sq. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 

Baker-Wilbraham, Katharine, lady.— only 
child and heir of gen. sir Richd. Wilbraham,K.c.B., 
of Rode Hall, Cheshire (d. 1900); m. 1872, sir 
George Barrington Baker-Wilbraham, 5 bart., 
j.P.(rf. 1912) : Rode Hall, Scholar Green,Cheshire. 

Balden, Robt. Swan, eld. s. of John Balden 
of Hexliam, Northumb.; b. 1857 ; m. 1895, Julia, 
dau. of Wm. Whitelev, of Hanging Heaton, 
Yorks : J.p. (1901) W. R. Yorks : By well, Leeds 
rd. Hanging Heaton, Dewsbury. 

Balderston, Wm., b.a., eld. s. of rev. W. 
Balderston, vicar of Stalling Busk, Yorks ; b. 
1864 ; m. 1895, Annie K., dau. of rev. T. Lodge, 
of Beckcrmouds, Yorks ; j.p. (1908) N. R. Yorks ; 
Yore Bridge House, Bainbridge.Askrigg, Yorks. 

Balding, Daniel B., v.d., f.r.c.s., eld. s. of 
Jas. Balding. M.R.C.8., of Barkway, Herts; b. 
1830 ; is J.P. Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshii-e, 
H.M.'s coroner for Herts, surg.-lt.-col. ret. 1 
(Hertfordshire) vol. battn. Bedfordshire regt. : 
Royal Societies club ; The Beeches, Royston, 

Baldook, maj.-gen. Thos. Stanford, R.A., C.B. 
(1902), 8. of Wm. Baldock; b. 1854; m. 1885, 
Eleanor, dau. of maj.-gen. Markham Le Fer 
Taylor, r.a.; served in S. African war 1900-2, 
commdg. West Riding Divn. (Territorial) Force 
from 1911, maj.-gen. 1910 : MonkFryston Lodge, 
South Milford, Yorks. 



Baldry, Hy. Osborne, 2 s. of late Jas. Danford 
r.aldry, of 2 Queen Square pi. Queen Anne's mans. 
S.W.; J. P. (1906) Beds : 21 Queen Anne's gate, 
S.W. ; St. Stephen's club; Eushmere Lodge, 
Leighton IBuzzard. 

Baldwin, gen. Fredk., r.m.l.1. ; 6.1846 ; served 
in China 1867-9, Egyptian war 1882, 4 class 
Medjidie ; Suakin 1881, gen. May, 1910, ret. list 
Dec. 1910. 

Baldwin, Ivo Wm., s. of Jas. Baldwin, of 
Gloucester ; b. 186(5 ; in. 1888, dau. of 0. Mason, 
of Ruardean, co. Gloucester ; j.p. (1908) Glo'ster- 
shire : Oakleigh, Ruardean, Micheldean, Glos. 

Baldwin, Jas., j.r. (1895) Worcestershire; 
maj. late Q. 0. Worcestershire Huss. Yeo. : Grove- 
ley, Northfield, co. Worcester. 

Baldwin, maj. John Grey, c.B. (1912) ; b. 1867 ; 
H.M.'s consul-gen. at Dakar for French Western 
Africa (with exception of Colony of Dahomey), 
also for the German Colony of Togoland and for 
Portuguese Guinea 1908-9, consul-gen. for Liberia 
1909-12, for Roumania from 1912: British Con- 
sulate-General, Galatz, Roumania. 

Baldwin, John Herbert Lacy, eld. s. of late 
John Baldwin, of Broomfield, Halifax; b. 1863; 
TO. 1890, Mary Beatrice, dau. of late rev. Wm. A. 
NoiTis, vicar of Floore, Northants ; is (1892) j.p. 
W.R. Yorks : Thornton Hall, nr. Tickering ; St. 
Oswald's, Filey, Yorks. 

Baldwin, Stanley, s. of Alfred Baldwin, of 
Wilden House, Worcs, M.P., D.L., J.p.(ri 1908) ; b. 
1867 ; TO. 1892, Lucy, eld. dau. of Edwd. L. J. 
Ridsdale, of The Dene, Rottingdean ; j.p. (1897) 
Worcestershire, m.p. (c.) W. Worcestershire from 
1908 : 9.-i Eaton sq. S.W. ; Carlton, Athenaeum 
and United University clubs ; Astley Hall, nr. 

Baldwin, Wm. ; b. 1842 ; j.p. (1906) Kent : 
Fairholrae, The Drive, Tonbridge. 

Baldwin, col. Wm. Jn. Atkinson, eld. s. of 
late rev. John Baldwin, of Dalton-in-Furness, 
Lanes ; b. 1845 ; barr. Middle Temple 1876 ; J.p. 
Lancashire (and C.A.) and Cumberland, vice- 
chm. Lancaster quart, sess., chm. Kent Fishery 
Board ; It.-col. commdg. (hon.col. 1888) 3 battn. 
(mil.) Border regt. 1887-92 : Carlton and Jun. 
United Service clubs ; Dalton-in-Furness, Lanes. 

Baldwyn-Childe, mrs. Frances C, dau. of 
sir Baldwin Leighton, 7 bart. M.P. ; m. 1862, 
preby. Edwd. Geo. Baldwyn-Childe, of Kyre 
Park, Worcs.^.P. (d. 1898) : 3 Wilton pi., Bel- 
grave sq., S.W. ; Kyre Park, Tenbury, Wor- 

Bale, lady. — Margaret Annie, dau. of late W. 
F. Beming, of Natal ; m. 1904, as his 2 wife, 
hon. sirHy. Bale, K.c.M.a., c.j. of Natal 1901-10 
(d. 1910) : Hillside, Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

Balfe, Michael Joseph, eld. s. of P. J. Balfe, of 
South Park, co. Roscommon, j.P. {d. 1886) ; b. 
1849; m. 1885, Kathleen, 4 dau. of late J. 
O'Connell, D.L ; D.L., J.P. co. Roscommon (sheriff 

1876 and 1890), hon. maj. ret. 5 battn. (mil.) 
Connaught Rangers, re-apptd. capt. 1890, ret. 
1899 : South Park, Castlerea, co. Roscommon. 

Balfour of Burleigh, lord (6 baron, 1607 : 
Sco. rep. peer). Alex. Hugh Bruce, P.c. (1892), 
K.T. (1901), G.c.M.G. (1911); b. 1849; m. 1876, 
lady Katherine, dau. of 5 earl of Aberdeen, b. 
1852; M.A., D.c.L. (hon.) Oxon., capt. Highland 
borderers (mil.) 1872-80, J.P. Stirling, Perth, and 
Fife, D.L., J.P. Clackmannan ; chm. of educa- 
tional endowments R. commission 1882-9, of 
Welsh Sunday closing comm. 1889, of London 
water supply comm. 1892-3, of local taxation 
comm. 1896-1900, of food supply in time of war 
1 903-5, of closer trade relations between Canada 
and W. Indies 1909-10 ; a lord-in-waiting to 
Queen Victoria 1887-9, parly, sec. to board of 
trade 1889-92 ; sec. for Scotland and v.p. of 
comm. of council on educ. for Scotland 1896-1903, 
lord rect. of Edinburgh univ. 1896, chancellor 
St. Andrew's Univ. 1900 ; lord warden of the 
Stannaries in Cornwall and Devon from 1908 
and memb. of the council of H.R.H. the prince 
of Wales (King George V.) 1908-10 and of 
H.R.H. Edward, prince of Wales, from 1910; 
established claim to title 1868, on reversal (1869) 
of attainder of 1716 {Heir, s. hon. Geo. John G. 
(master of Burleigh) q.v.') : 47 Cadogan sq.S.W. ; 
Carlton, Athenaeum and New (Edinburgh) clubs ; 
Kennet House, Alloa, Scotland. 

Balfour, Andrew, c.m.g. (1912), m.d. Edin.,, s. of Thos. Alex. G. Balfour, M.D., of Edin- 
burgh ; h. 1873 ; to. 1902, Grace, youngest dau. 
of late Geo. Nutter, of Sidcup, Kent ; dir.-in- 
cliief Welcome bureau of scientific research, 

Balfour, rt. hon. Arthur Jas., P.c. (1886), f.b.a., 
eld. s. of Jas. Maitland Balfour, of Whittinge- 
hame, Haddingtonshire (d. 1866), and lady 
Blanche, 2 dau. of 2 marq. of Salisbury, K.G. ; b. 
1848 ; memb. of senate of Lond. univ. 1887, hon. 
Lr..D. St. And. 1878, Edin. 1881, Cantab. 1888, 
Dub., Glas. 1891, Manchester 1908, Liverpool 
1909 and Birmingham 1909, Sheffield 1912, hon 
D.c.L. Oxon. and Durh. and M.A. Cantab., F.u.S. ; 
D.L. East Lothian ; lord rect. of St. Andrew's univ. 
1886, and of Glasgow univ. 1890 ; chanc. of Edin- 
burgh univ. 1891; pres. Brit. Assoc. 1904-5 ; elder 
brother of Trinity House ; pres. of Local Govt. 
Board 1886-6 ; sec. for Scotland and v.p. of 
comm. of council on educ. for Scotland, 1886-7 ; 
chief sec. for Ireland, 1887-91 ; first lord of the 
Treasury and leader of the House of Commons 
1891-2 and 1895-1902 ; prime min., first lord of 
the Treasury and leader of House of Commons 
1902-5, lord privy seal 1902-3 ; M.P. (c.) Hertford 
1874-85, E. Manchester 1886-1906, City of 
London from 1906; author of "A Defence of 
Philosophic Doubt," "Essays and Addresses," 
"The Foundations of Belief, being Notes In- 
troductory to the Study of Theology," etc. etc. : 
4 Carlton gdns. S.W. ; Carlton, Travellers' 



Athenaeum, New (Ediuburgh), etc., etc. clubs; 
Whittingehame, Prestonkirk, N.B. 

Balfoiir, Blayney K,e3Tiell Townley, m.a. 
Cantab., eld. s. of B. Townley Balfom*, of 
Townley Hall, J.P. {d. 1882) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1906, 
Madeline Elizabeth, eld, dau. of John Kells 
Ingram, ll.d., late vice-provost of Trin. coll. 
Dublin ; D.L., J.P. co. Louth, J.P, co. Meath and 
Drogheda: Sackville St. (Dublin) club ; Townley 
Hall. Drogheda, co. Louth. 

Balfour, Chas. Barrington, s. of Chas, Balfour 
of Balgonie, Fife, and Newton Don, Berwickshire, 
J.P. {d. 1872), by 5 dau. of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 
1862 ; m. 1888, lady Helena, yoimgest dau. of 10 
earl of Antrim, b. 1805 ; J.P. Roxburghshire, U.L., 
J.P., C.c. Berwickshire (chm. Territl, Force Assoc. 
from 1908) ; is a dir. of British Linen Bank and 
Scottish Widows Fund Life Assurance Soc. ; 
served in Egyptian war 1882 at Tel-el-Kebir, 
lieut. Scots gds. 1881-90, capt. R, gds, res, regt. 
1900, capt, 2 vol. battn. K.O.S. Bord. 1891-5, M.P. 
(C.) Middlx, (Hornsey divn.) 1900-7 : 14 Gros- 
venor cres. S.W. ; Carlton, Bachelors', Guards' 
and NeAv (Edinburgh) clubs; Newton Don, 
Kelso, N.B. 

Balfour, hou. David AndreAv, 2 s. of 2 baron 
Kinross ; b. 1906. 

Balfour, Edwd., eld. survg. s. of John Balfour, 
of Balbirnie, co. Fife, D.L., J.P, Qd. 1895), by 2 
dau. of 1 earl Cawdor ; b. 1849 ; m. 1879, Isabella 
Weyman Hooper, of Boston, U.S.A. ; d.l., j.p. 
CO, Fife : 7 Grosvenor pi. S.W ; Carlton, Turf, 
Marlborough and New (Edinburgh) clubs ; Bal- 
birnie, Markinch, N.B, 

Balfour, Fras., eld, s. of maj, Fras. Walter 
Balfour, of Fernie Castle, Fifeshire, D.L,, J,P. 
(d 1909), by Jane Emilia, 2 dau. (d. 1898) of late 
Patrick Small Keir, of Kindrogan, co, Perth, 
D,L., J,P, ; b. 1867; m. 1903, Katliarine M., eld. 
dau. of Harry W. Chubb, of Burlingham, Chisle- 
hurst ; J.P. co, Perth and co, Fife : Balnakeilly, 
Kirkmichael,Blairgowrie ; Kindrogan, Enochdhu, 
Pitlochry, N,B, 

Balfour, Fredk. Robt, Stephen, M.A. Oxon., 
eld. survg. s. of Alex. Balfour, of Mount Alyn, 
Denbighshire, J.P. {d. 1886) ; b. 1873 ; m. 1904, 
Gertrude, only dau. of F. H. Norman, D.L., J,P,, 
of Moor Place, Much Hadham, Herts ; a memb, 
of the King's Scottish bodyguard, J,P, Peebles- 
shire : 39 Phillimore gdns, W. ; Bachelors', 
Brooks's, and New (Edinburgh) clubs ; Dawyck, 
Stobo, Peebles-shire. 

Balfour, rt. hon. Gerald Wm., P.O. (Eng, 1900 
and Irel. 1895), m.a. Cantab., 4 s. of Jas. Maitland 
Balfour, of Whittingehame, Haddingtonshire {d. 
1856), by 2 dau. of 2 marq, of Salisbury, k.g. ; b. 
1853 ; TO. 1887, lady Betty, eld, dau. of 1 earl of 
Lytton, b. 1867 ; chief sec. for Ireland 1895-1900, 
pres, of Board of Trade 1900-5, of Local Govt. 
Board in 1905, M.P, (c) Leeds (Central divn.) 
1885-1906 : Carlton and Athenaeum clubs ; 
Fishers Hill, Woking, 

Balfour, hon, Harry Robt, Chichester, b.a. 
Oxon., 4 s. of 1 baron Kinross, P.c. : h. 1882 ; a 
clerk in Home Office, asst. priv. sec. to home 
sec, (rt, hon, R. McKenna) from 1913. 

Balfour, hon, Jas, Moncreiff, b.a, Oxon,, 2 s, 
of 1 baron Kinross, p,c, ; b. 1878 ; ?u, 1908, 
Madeline Maude, dau, of Jas, Graham Watson, 
of Kingston Grange, Midlothian, N.B, ; capt. 
Scottish Horse yeo. from 1914. 

Balfour, John, only s. of John Osborne 
Balfour {d. 1870) ; b. 1853 ; m. 1878, Ada Lissie, 
dau. of maj. Wm. John Bampfield, late 90 L.I, : 
3 Albion st. Hyde Park, W. ; Moor Hall, Harlow, 

Balfour, col. John Edmond Heugh, d.s.o. 
(1900), eld. 8. of late Geo. E. Balfour, of Sid- 
mouth Manor, Devon ; b. 1863 ; to, 1910, Evelyn, 
2 dau. of hon, Robt. Gerard-Dicconson, of 
Wrightington Hall, nr. Wigan, and grand- 
dau. of 1 baron Gerard ; capt. 11 hues. 1891-2, 
served in S. African war 1899-1900, maj. Res. of 
officers from 1902, It.-col.commdg. R, 1st Devon 
Yeo, 1905-10, J,p. Devon: Arthur's, Boodle's, 
Turf and Cavalry clubs ; Sidmouth Manor ,Devon. 

Balfour, hon, John Patrick Douglas, eld. a. of 

2 baron Kinross ; b. 1904. 

Balfour, hon. John Ramsay Blair, B.A. Oxon., 

3 s. of 1 baron Kinross, p.c. ; b. 1881. 
Balfour, John Scott, b. 1845; j.p. (1909) 

Middlx. : 51 Mount Pleasant villas, Stroud 
Green, N. ; City Liberal club. 

Balfour, Kenneth Robt., 2 s. of late Geo. 
E. Balfour, of Sidmouth Manor, Devon ; b. 1863 ; 
771. 1, 1888, Margaret, only dau. {d. 1901) of late 
C.Rogerson ; 2, 1903, May Eleanor, dau. of col. 
A. Broadwood, c.v.o. ; 'is J.P. (1895) Dorset, 
capt. 1 R. drag. 1892-8, maj. Impl. yeom, S. 
Africa 1900, M.P. (c.) Christchurch 1900-6 : 
Carlton club ; Kingston House, Dorchester. 

Balfour, rev. the hon. Norman Fredk. Wm., 
M.A. Oxon., 5s. of 1 baron Kinross, P.O.; b. 1884 ; 
curate of St. Anne's, Thorburn sq, Bermondsey, 
S.E., from 1911. 

Balfour, sir Robt,, 1 bart, (1911), s. of late 
Jas. Balfour, of Pilmuir, Largo, Fifeshire ; b. 
1844 ; m. 1881, Josephine Maria, dau. of late 
Jas. Beazley, of Liverpool ; M.P. (l.) Lanarkshire 
(Partick divn.) from 1906 {Heir, s. Alex., b. 
1882) : 7 Princes gate S.W. ; 2 Gt, St, Helens, 
E,C. ; Bath, Reform, National Liberal, Ranelagh 
and City of London clubs. 

Balfour, col. Wm. E. Ligonier, late r.a., eld. 
s. of col. Jas, Wm. Balfour, of Balfour and 
Trenaby, co. Orkney, d.l., J.P.;,(d 1907) ; b. 1855 ; 
TO. 1887, Florence A. C, E. only dau. of Frederic 
Bernal, CM.G., late H.M.'s consui-gen. at Havre ; 
D.L., J.P, Orkney, served with Bechuanaland 
expdn. 1884-5, col, commdg. r.a., Ceylon 1901-6, 
officer in charge of R,G.A, records, Dover 1907- 
11, ret. p. 1911 : Boodle's, Pratt's and New 
(Edinburgh) clubs ; Balfour Castle,Kirkwal],N.B 



Balfour, Wm. Keir, 2 s. of maj. Fras, Walter 
Balfour, of Fernie Castle, Fifeshire, D.L., j.p. 
(d. 1909), by Jaue Emilia, 2 dau. {d. 1898) of 
late Patrick Small Keir, of Kindrogan, co. Perth, 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 1869 ; m. 1910, Mary, 6 dau. of sir 
Michael B. Nairn, 1 bart. ; j.P. co. Fife : Feruie 
Castle, Mouimail, Ladybank, Fife. 

Balfour, lady Betty, vide rt. hon. Gerald 
Wm. Balfour. 

Balfour, lady Frances, 5 dau. of 8 duke of 
Argyll, K.G., K.T., P.O. ; m. 1879, Eustace Jas. 
Anthony Balfour, F.S.A., F.R.i.B.A. {d. 1911): 
32 Addison rd. Kensington, W. 

Balfour, mrs. — Janet, dau. of late rev. John 
Roxburgh, D.D., of Grlasgow ; m. 1864, Alex. 
Balfour, of Liverpool, J.P. {d. 1886) : Dawyck, 
Stobo, N.B. 

Balfour, hon. Pamela Lilias, b. 1907 ; hon. 
Rosemary Jean, b. 1910 ; daus. of 2 baron Kinross. 

Balgronie, lord (title which would be borne 
by eld. s., if any living, of earl of Leven and 

Balinhard, baron ; vide Southesk. 

Ball, Chas. Arthur Kinahan, M.D., Dub- 
lin, F.R.C.S.I., eld. s. of sir Chas. Bent Ball, 1 bart. 
and knt., M.D. ; b. 1877 ; m. 1907, Elizabeth 
Smyth, dau. of J. Smyth Wilson, of Berkeley, 
California: 22 Lower Fitzwilliam st. Dublin. 

Ball, sir Chas. Bent, 1 bart. (1911), m.d,,, 
P.R.C.S.I., F.R.c.s. (hon.) Eng. youngest s. of 
Robert Ball, ll.d., of Dublin (rZ, 1857) ; 6.1851 ; 
w. Annie Julia, dau. of late Daniel Kinahan, J.P., 
of Roebuck Pai-k, co. Dublin ; reg. prof, of 
surg. Trinity coll. Dublin, memb. Gen. Med. 
Council, late memb. of advisory Board for Army 
Med. Service, hon. surg. to King Edward Vli. 
1904-10, and to King George Y. in Ireland from 
1910, knighted 1903 {Heir, s. Chas. A. K., q.v.) : 
21 Merrion sq. north, and Kildare Street club, 
Dublin ; White House, Killybegs, co. Donegal. 

Ball, Edwd., J.P. (1906) Lancashire : White- 
hall Farm, Shcvington, Wigan. 

Ball, Edward, J.P. (1913) co. London : 57 
Lewisham hill, S.E. 

BaU, Edwd. Ash, eld. s. of Edwd. Ash Ball, 
of Rolls Park, Essex ; b. 1853 ; j.p. (1904) Essex : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Egg Hall. Epping. 

Ball, Geo. Shorland, j.p. (190.3) Westmorland : 
Under Fell, Burton, Westmorland. 

Ball,'^Geo. Wm., J.P. (1914) Hants : Parklands, 
Park rd. Cowes, I. of W. 

Ball, John, J.p. (1890) Derbyshire ; Dobson 
House, Hkeston. 

Ball, Joshua, J.P. (1913) Lancashire: South- 
worth Hall, Warrington. 

Ball, Thos., C.M.G. (1901), s.of late Wm. Ball ; 
b. 1846 ; m. 1, 1869, Emily J., dau. of J. Dunkley, 
of Hereford; 2, 1890, Louise E., dau. of John 
Wilson and widow of Oscar Braumuller ; mavor 
of Cape Town 1898. 1899 and 1900, dep. mayor 
1901 : Grantham, Rondebosch, Cape Town, S. 

Ball, Thos., b. 1855; m. 1879, dau. of John 
Watson, of Eastwood, Notts ; J.P. (1913) Notts : 
Gladstone Villa, Queen st. Eastwood, Notts. 

Ball, Wm. Hawkins, B.A. Oxon., eld. s. of W. 
St, James Ball {d. 1883) ; b. 1874 ; J.P. co. Clare 
(sheriflE 1900), late It. South of Ireland I.Y. : 
Fort Fergus, Ballinacally, Ennis. co. Clare ; 
Wellington and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs. 

Ball, lady. -Frances E., dau. of late W. E. 
Steele; m. 1868, sir Robt. Stawell Ball, knt., 
LL.D., F.R.S. (d. 1913). 

Ballance, Arthur Wm., Park Lodge, Black- 
heath Park, S.E. ; Herringswell Manor House, 
Mildenhall, Suffolk. 

BaUance, Chas. Alfred, M.v.o. 4 class (1906), 
M.S. Lond., F.R.c.s. Eng., s. of Chas. Ballance, 
of Stanley House, Clapton, Middlx. ; b. 1856 ; m. 
1883, Sophia, dau. of Alfred Smart, of The Priory, 
Blackheath, Kent ; Koniglicher Kronen Order, 3 
class (1905), capt. R.A.M.O. (2 Lond. Gen. Hosp.) 
from 1908 : 106 Harley st. W. ; Athenaeum and 
Royal Automobile clubs. 

Ballantine, Wm, Hy. Walter, ll.b, Cantab., 
s.of Serjeant Wm. Ballantine {d. 1887) ; b. 1847 ; 
m. 1878, Eleanor, widow of T. A. Mitchell, 
M.P. ; barr. Inner Temple 1871, M.P. (L.) Coven- 
try 1887-95. 

Ballantine-Dykes, Frecheville Hubert, s. of 
Lamplugh Frecbeville Ballantine-Dykes, of 
Dovenby Hall, Cumberland, D.L., J.P. {d. 1893), 
by Edith G., youngest dau. of late R. Howard- 
Brooke, of Castle Howard, co. Wicklow ; b. 
1881 ;■ m. 1911, Winifred Mary, elder dau. of late 
W. Pitt Miller, of Thistleton, Lanes ; j.p. (1905) 
Cumberland, It. Scots gds, 1903-9, It. res. of 
officers from 1909 : Guards' club ; Dovenby Hall, 

Ballantyne, sir Henry, d.l., j.p. Peeblesshire, 
partner in D. Ballantyne & Co. woollen manufrs., 
knighted 1906 : Minden, Peebles, N.B. 

Ballarat, 2 bp. of (1875), rt. rev. Arthur 
Vincent Green, ll.d. Melb,, s, of rev. S. Dutton 
Green ; b. 1867 ; m. 1880, Matilda, 2 dau, of 
late ven. J. K. Tucker, D.D., archdn. of Beech- 
worth and Sale, Victoria ; archdn. of Ballarat 
and vie. of Ch. Ch. Pro-Cath. Bal. Victoria, 
Australia 1890-4, bp. of Grafton and Armidale, 
N. S. Wales 1894-1900, of Ballarat, Victoria, 
from 1900 : Bishopscourt, Ballarat, Victoria, 

Ballard, Fredk., eld, s. of late StephonBallard, 
M.i.c.E., of Colwall, CO. Hereford; b. 1860; m. 
1906, Beatrice, dau. of sir Chas. Macara, 1 bart,, 
St, Annes-on-Sea, co. Lancaster; j.P. (1912) 
Herefordshire : National Liberal club ; Broad- 
wood, Colwall, Malvern. 

Ballard, Geo., 2 s. of late Stephen Ballard, 
M.I.C.E., of The Winnings, Colwall, Hereford- 
shire ; b. 1864 ; m. 1907, Hilda Mary, only dau 
of rev. Edwd. Aldous Lane, m,a., vicar of Lind- 
ridge, Worcs. ; j.p. (1906) Worcestershire : The 
Lowe, Stockton, Worcester. 



eld. s. of late gen. J. A. Ballard, c.B. ; b. 1862; 
m. 1898, Mary Frances, dau. of late J. Paterson, 
of Whitelee, Selkirk ; served during naval and 
mil. operations in E. Soudan 1884, Burma war 
1885-6, China war 1900, 3 class Japanese order 
of Sacred Treasure, dir. of the operations divn. 
of the Admiralty War staff 1912-14, commodore 
1st class, as adml. of patrols 1914, a.d.c. to the 
King from 1913: 53 Hollycroft avenue, Hamp- 
stead, N.W. ; Naval and Military club. 

Ballard, capt. Henry, c.m.g. (1901), s. of Hy 
Jas. Ballard, of Southampton ; b. 1840 ; m. 1, 
1868, Harriett E. J., eld. dau. of Robt. Richardson, 
of New Cross, S.E. ; 2, 1877, Sarah E,, 3 dau. of 
Jas. Wroe, of Potter's Bar, Middlx. ; port capt. 
and shipping master, Durban, Natal 1884-1904 : 
54 Howard rd. Freemantle, Southampton. 

Ballard, Leonard Davis, youngest s. of Wm. 
Hy. Ballard, of Poole, Dorset ; h. 1858 ; m. 1884, 
dau. of W. Meadus, of Hamworthy, Dorset ; J.P. 
(1912) Dorset: G-rasmere, Seldown, Poole. 

Ballard, Montague, m. 1906, Emily Harriett, 
dau. of M. Merryweather, of Clapham, S.W., and 
widow of sir John Blundell Maple, 1 and last 
bart. and knt., M.p. (d 1903) : 8 Clarence terr. 
Regent's Park, N.W. ; Bydews, Tovil, nr. Maid- 

Balls, Robt., J.P. (1913) Essex: Augusta 
House, Castle Hedingham, Essex. 

Bally, maj.-gen. St. John, ret. p. 1887 : Naval 
and Military club. 

Bally, maj.-gen. Wm., served in Abyssinian 
campaign 1867-8 ; ret. p. 1887 : 13 Sion hill, 

Balzue, vide Jones-Balme. 

Balniel, lord, David A.lex. Robt. Lindsay, 
eld. s. of earl of Crawford and Balcarres ; b. 1900. 

Balston, Chas. Hy., 2 s. of Richd. Jas. 
Balston, of Springfield, Maidstone, Kent ; h. 
1873 ; .T.p. (1906) Kent, lieut. R. East Kent Yeo. 
from 1908 : Union club ; Upper Barty, Bearsted, 
nr. Maidstone. 

Balston, Richd. Jas., eld. 8. of R. E. P. Balston, 
of Springfield, Kent {d. 1888) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1862, 
Emily Parker, dau. of J. Robinson ; d.l., j.p. 
Kent (sheriff 1894) : Constitutional club ; Spring- 
field, Maidstone : Bilsington Priory, nr. Ashford, 

Bam, vide Stewart-Bam. 

Bamber, col. Chas. Jas., M.v.o. 4class (1911), 
L.R.c.p. Lend., M.R.C.s.Eng. ; b. 1855; served 
with Mahsud Waziri expdn. 1881, Burmese 
expdn. 1886-7, N. W. Frontier of India 1897-8, 
insp.-gen. of civil hospitals, Punjab 1911, memb. 
Coronation Durbar committee 1911. 

Bamber, Hy. Kelway Gwyer, J.P. (1913) 
Kent : Ingress House, Greenhithe, Kent. 

Bam.ber, Herbert Kelway, m.v.o. 5 class 
(1906), s. of Hy. Kelwav Bamber, of 9 Victoria 
St. S.W. ; h. 1862 ; m. 1893, Eliza, eld. dau. of late 

maj. John MacGregor, lud. Med. Stiiff : 6 Hyde 
Park mansions, Marylebone rd. N.W. 

Bamford, John, 3 s. of Hy. Bamford, of 
Uttoxeter, Staffs. ; b. 1854 ; m. 1883, dau. of dr. 
H. Hawthorne, of Uttoxeter, Staffs. ; J.P. (1904) 
Staffs ; Oldfields Hall, Uttoxeter, Staffs. 

Bamford, Samuel B., eld. s. of late Henry 
Bamford, of Uttoxeter, Staffs; b. 1845; m. 1, 
1875, Dorothy,dau. {d. 1910) of Henry Hawthorne, 
surgeon, Uttoxeter; 2, 1912, Annie Mary, dau. 
of late C. Cottenham Farmer, surgeon, Hexham, 
Northumberland ; senior member of Bamford's, 
agricultural engineers, Uttoxeter, j.p. (1894) 
Staffs: Hawthornden Manor, Uttoxeter, Staffs. 

Bamford-Slack, lady. — vide Banister Flight 

Bampfylde, hon. Arthur Blackett Warwick, 

2 s. of 3 baron Poltimore ; h. 1883. 
Bampftrlde, hon. Charles Warwick, 2 s. of 2 

baron Poltimore ; b. 1867 ; m. 1891, Edith A., dau. 
of Edwd. Browne. 

Bampfylde. hon. Francis Warwick, 3 s. of 2 
baron Poltimore ; b. 1885 ; 2 It. 4 battn. (mil.) 
Devonshire regt. 1905-8, 2 It. 3 battn. (special 
res.) Devonshire regt. from 1914 : Poltimore Park, 

Bam.pfylde, hon. Geo. Weutworth Warwick, 
eld. s. of 3 baron Poltimore ; 6. 1882 ; m. 1910, 
Cynthia Rachael, only dau. of hon. Gerald Wm. 
Lascelles. and granddau. of 4 earl of Harewood, 
h. 1885 ; It. greu. gds. 1905-9, capt. R. N. Devon 
yeo. from 1914, J.P. (1909) Devon : Court Hall, 
North Molton, Devon. 

Bampfylde, lion. Hugh De Burgh Warwick, 

3 s. of 3 baron Poltimore ; h. 1888. 

Banarji, Albion Raj Kumar, c.i.E (1911), 
M.A. Oxon., Ind. C.S. 1895, diwan of Cochin from 

Banarji, sir Pramada Charan, B. A., B.L., puisne 
judge of high court of judicature, N. W. Pro v. 
India from 1893, kniglited 1913. 

Banbury, capt. Cecil Edmund, F.R.G.S., F.Z.S., 
2 s. of Geo. Banbury, of 61 Lowndes sq. S.W; 
b. 1878; m. 1905, baroness Lily de Brieuen, 2 
dau. of late baron de Brienen, of Clingendaal, 
The Hague, Holland ; served as adjt. to 15 regt. 
Impl. yeo. in S. African war ; J.P. (1912) audcc. 
Sussex : Pippingford Park, Nutley, Sussex. 

Banbury, Edmund, 3 s. of Fredk. Banbury, 
of Shirley House, Surrey {d. 1890) ; b. 1853; m. 
1913, lady Beatrice M., 2 dau. of 6 earl of Essex, 
b. 1870 : 16 Hans pi. Chelsea S.W. 

Banbury, sir Fredk. Geo., 1 bt. (1902), eld. 
8. of late Fredk. Banbury, and grands, of William 
Banbury, of Warlies Park, Waltham Abbey; b. 
1850 ; m. 1873, Elizabeth R., 2 dau. of late Thos. 
Barbot Beale, of Brettenham Park, Suffolk ; a 
dir. of GL. Noi-thern liailw. and of London and 
Provincial Bank, j.p. (1902) Hunts and (1905) 
Wilts, M.p. (c.) Camberwell (Peckham divn.) 
1892-1906, City of London from 1906 : 41 Lowndeg 



St. S.W. ; Carlton and City of London clubs ; 
Warneford Place. Highwortb, Wilts. 

Banbury, Richd., 2 s. of Thos. Banbury, of 
North Petherwiu, Devon ; b. 1844; m. 1871, dau. 
of John Coad, of Treliddon. Cornwall ; J. P. 
(1908) Cornwall : Trewolsta, Tideford, St. Ger- 
mans, Cornwall. 

Bance, col. Edward, v.d., youngest s. of John 
Bance, of Newbury, Berks. ; 6. 1842 ; m. 1866, 
Mary, dau. of Samuel Cox, of Southampton ; J.P. 
Southampton, d.l. Hants, ret. hon. col. Hamp- 
shire R.G.A. (Ter.), hon. col. Southn. batfn. 
National res. : Rose Mount, Westwood Park, 
Southampton ; Whitehall club. 

Bancroft, Jas., j.p. (1907) Cheshire : Town 
lane, Diikinfield. 

Bancroft, John, s. of John Bancroft, of Ship- 
brooke, Cheshire ; b. 1834 ; m. 1863, Sarah, dau. 
of Wm. Chrimes, of Weaverham, Cheshire ; is 
J.P. (1894) Cheshire. 

Bancroft, sir Squire Bancroft, s, of late 
Secundus Bancroft- Rutterfield, of Netherthorpe : 
authorised by Royal licence to use for himself 
and issue the surname Bancroft only, which was 
assumed in 1860 ; b. 1841 ; m. 1867, Marie Effie 
Wilton (the famous actress), dau. of late Robt. 
Pleydell Wilton, of Gloucester; a distinguished 
actor, and for twenty years lessee and manager 
of the old Prince of Wales's and Haymarket 
Theatres ; knighted 1897 for notable services 
to his profession : 18 Berkeley sq. W. ; Athe- 
naeum, Marlborough and Garrick clubs; Underlea, 
Sandgate, Kent. 

Bancroft, Wm., s. of Thos. Harper Bancroft, 
of Chorlton, Cheshire; b. 1850; J.P. (1908) 
Cheshire : Stocker lane, Darnhall, Winsford, 

Bandaianaike, sir Solomon Dias Abeywick- 
rama Jayetilleke Senewiratne Rajakuma'-un- 
Kadukeralu-, c.m.g. (1902). only s. of late D. C. 
H. Dias Bandaranaike, j.p., of Ceylon ; b. 1862; 
m. Daisy E., eld. dau. of hon. S. C. Obeyesekere. 
memb, legisl. council Ceylon; J.P. and maha 
mudaliyar of Ceylon, native A.D.c. to the gov. ; 
extra a.d.c. to King George V. (when duke of 
York) during visit to Ceylon 1901, knighted 
1907 : Horagolla, Veyangoda, Ceylon. 

Bandini. hon. Lorenzo Maria Giustiniani-, 2 

of 9 Earl of Newburgh ; b. 1898. 

dini, lady Christina Giustiniani-, 6.1866 ; 
y Maria Cecilia Pia Giustiniani-, b. 1869, 
daus. of 8 earl of Newburgh. 

Bandini, lady Maria Sofia G. Giustiniani-, 6. 
1889 ; hon. Gieuseppe Maria Giustiniani-, b. 
1896 ; daus. of 9 earl of Newburgh. 

andon, 4 earl of (1800 : ir. rep. peer), James 
ncis Bernard, k.p., only s. of 3 earl {d. 1877) ; 
850 ; TO. 1876, hon Georgiana, only child of 7 

ron Carbery ; 2nd tit. vise. Bernard ; hon. col. 
Cork art. mil. (S. div. of R.A.) fiom 1878: .i.P. 
"71) CO. Cork (H.M.'a lieut. from 1877) {Heir, 

I^By M 



cousin, capt. R. P.H.Bernard, q.v.) : Carlton club ; 
Castle Bernard, Bandon, co. Cork. 

Banerjee, sir Gurudas, M.A.. d.l., Ph.D., s. of 
Ramchandra Banerjee, of Narikeldanga ; 6. 1844 ; 
a judge of high court of Calcutta 1888-1904, 
vice-chanc. Calcutta Univ. ,1889-91 ; knighted 
1904 : 28 Sastitala rd. Narikeldanga, Calcutta. 

Banfleld, Eldred Wilks, j.p. (1899) for Scilly 
Islands (Cornwall) : Holyvale.St. Mary's (Scilly), 

Banfield, col. Rees John Eras., c.B. (1900), 
8. of late Rees S. P. Banfield, of Chiswick; b. 
1850 ; m. 1877, Marie L., dau. of J. G. Upton, of 
Ealing; served in S. African war 1899-1901, brig.- 
gen. in charge of administration Gibraltar, 
1903-6, ret. p. 1906, commdg. vol. inf. brig. 1906-8, 
commdg. S. Wales brig, of the Territorial Force 
1908-10, vice-chm. Glamorgan Territorial Force 
Assoc, from 1908 : 42 Poole rd. Brauksome, 

Bangror, 6 vise. (1781 . ir. Rep. peer). Maxwell 
Richard Crosbie Ward, 3 but only survg. s. of 5 
vise. {d. 1911) ; b. 1868 ; m. 1905, Agnes E., 3 dau. 
of late Dacre Hamilton, of Cornacassa, Mona- 
ghan;maj. R.A. 1906-12, ret. p. 1912, It.-col.Antrim 
R. G. A. (special res.) 1913-14 (Heir, s. hon. 
Edwd. Hy. H. Ward, q.v.') : Army and Navy and 
Roy. Ulster Yacht clubs ; Castle Ward, Down- 
patrick, co. Down. 

Bangror, dowager viscountess, Elizabeth, only 
survg. dau. and heiress of latemaj. HughEccles, 
of Cronroe, co. Wicklow ; m. 1874, as hi* 2 wife, 
5 vise. Bangor {d. 1911) : Beechwood, Killiney, 
CO. Dublin. 

Bangror, 72 bp. of (516). rt. rev. Watkin Herbt. 
Williams, m.a. Ch.Ch. Oxon, 2 s. of sir Hugh 
Williams, 3 bart., of Bodelwyddan {d. 1876) ; b. 
1845 ; m. 1879, Alice, dau. of late gen. Hy. Monck- 
ton ; vicar of Bodelwyddan, Flints, 1872-92, 
archdn. and cnnon resid. of St. Asaph 1889-92, 
dean 1892-98. bp. of Bangor from 1899 : 60 (~'arlisle 
mans. Carlisle pi. S.W. ; A-th- ngeum and Oxford 
and Cambridge clubs : Pant Eidal, Machynlleth ; 
Glyn Garth. Menai Bridge, Anglesey. 

Bangror. archd. of, vide ven. John Moreran. 

Bangror.dean of, vide very rev.Griflfith Roberts. 

Banister, bp., vide Kwangsi. 

Bankart. Arthur Reginald, c.v.o. (191 1\ M.B., 
M.c. Edin., D.P.H. (Lond.) 1905, s. of Inte Arthur 
Bankart, of Eastbourne ; b. 1^68 ; memb. first 
class order of Saxe Ernestine ; 4 class Osmanieh ; 
fleet surg. R.N. from 1907. hon. phys. to King 
Edward VII. 1905-10, to King George V. from 
1910 : Royal Societies and Royal Naval (Ports- 
mouth) clubs. 

Bankart, Samuel Nevins, b.a. Cantab., j.p. 
(1904) Leicestershire: Hallaton Hall, nr. Up- 

Bankes, capt. Edwd. Nugent, j.p. (1914) 
Warwickshire: Me-iden Hall. nr. Coventry. 

Bankes, Geo. Hildyard, only survg. s. of 
Wm. John Murrav, of Rosemount, co. Ross, 



who assumed name of Bankes in lieu of Murray 
and d. in 1884, by Eleanor S. L., eld. dau. (d. 
1907) of late Meyrick Bankes, of Winstanley 
Hall, Lanes., J.p. ; h. 1867; m. 1898, Amy 0. 
S., 2 dau, of late Chas. Robertson, of Kindeace, 
CO. Ross ; J.P. (1909) Lanes., Ross and Cromarty : 
Carlton and Royal Automobile clubs ; Winstan- 
ley Hall, nr. Wigan ; Balcouie Castle, Ross-shire, 

Bankes, sir John Eldon, b.a. Oxon, eld. s. of 
J. S. Bankes, of Soughton Hall, Flints., d.l., j.p. 
{d. 1894) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1882, Edith, eld. dau. of 
Robt. Peel Ethelston, of Hinton, Salop ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1878, bencher 1899, K.c. 1901, 
chanc. of dioc. of St. Asaph 1908-10, a justice 
of the King's bench divn. of the high court of 
justice from 1910. D.L., J.P. Flintshire, knighted 
1910 : 45 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Sough- 
ton Hall, Northop, Flints. 

Bankes, Ralph Vincent, K.c, 3 s. of J. S. 
Bankes, of Soughton Hall, Flints, D.L,, j.p. (d. 
1894) ; b. 1867 ; m. 1895, Ethel Georgina, dau. 
of late W. G. Mount, m.p., d.l., j.p., of Wasing 
Place, Berks ; barr. Inner Temple 1890, K.c. 
1910 : 39 St. George's sq. S.W. ; 3 Hare court, 
Temple, E.G. ; Oxford and Cambi'idge club. 

Bankes, Robt. Wynne, b.a. Oxon., s. of sir 
John Eldon Bankes, knt., a justice of the high 
court, of Soughton Hall, Flints ; b. 1887 ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1911, j.p. (1912) Flints, 2 It. 
Montgomeryshire yeo. from 1913 : 45 Eaton sq. 
S.W. ; 3 Hare court, Temple, E.C. 

Bankes, Williamson Geo., eld. survg. s. of late 
Geo. Vernon Bankes, of Birch House, Hereford- 
shire, D.L., j.p. ; b. 1859 ; m. 1889, Madeline 
Bertha, younger dau. of late rev. Loftus Stevens 
Gray, of Sedgeberrow, Worcestershire ; j.p. 
(1905) Herefordshire : Birch House, Much Birch, 
nr. Hereford. 

Bankes, mrs. — Henrietta J., dau. of late Wm. 
Thomson Eraser ; to. 1897, Ralph Walter Bankes, 
of Corfe Castle, Kingston Lacy and Studland 
Manor, Dorset, D,L., J.P. (d. 1904) : Kingston 
Lacy, Wimbome ; The Manor House, Studland, 

Banks, Edwin Hodge, m.a. Cantab, 2 s. of 
Wm. Banks, of Highmoor, Wigton, Cumb. ; b. 
1847 ; barr. Inner Temple 1873, D.L., j.p. Cum- 
berland (sheriff 1889), capt. Westmorland and 
Cumb. yeom. 1893-5 : Grosvenor club. 

Banks, Geo., J.P. (1911) Hants: Vine Cottage, 
Broughton, Stcckbridge. 

Banks, maj. Herbert Delamark, only s. of 
Wm. John Banks, of Oxney Court, Kent, j.p. 
{d. 1901) ; in Afghan war 1878-80 ; Marri expdn. 
1880, Boer war 1881, maj. ret. p. K. R. Rif., j.p. 
Kent : Jun. Carlton club ; Oxney, near Dover. 

Banks, Wm,, Hemingborough Hall, Howden, 

Banks, Wm. Hartland, m.a. Cantab., only s. 
of Richd. Wm. Banks, of Ridgeboume, Hereford- 
shire, J p. {d. 1891) J b. 1867 ; m, 1894, Dorothy, 

eld. dau. of rev. B. H. Alford, of St. Luke's 
I Vicarage, Nutford pL W. ; is D.L., J.P. Hereford- 
; shire, j.p. Radnorshire (sheriff 1892) : Hergest 
Croft, Kington, co. Hereford. 

Banks, lady. — Elizabeth Rathbone, dau. of 
John Elliott, of Liverpool ; m. 1, 1874, sir Wm. 
Mitchell Banks, knt., M.D., ll.d., f.r.c.S. Eng., 
J.p. {d. 1904) : 13 Buckland cres. Belsize Park, 
Hampstead, N.W. 

Banks, mrs. — Eliza Catherine, eld. dau. of late 
Jonathan Stables Harrison, D.L., J. P., of 
Brandesbm-ton Hall, Yorks ; m. 1876, Geo. Jas. 
Banks, barr.-at-law, of St. Catherine's, Yorks 
{d. 1901) : St. Catherine's, nr. Doncaster. 

Banna tine- Allason, maj.-gen. Richd., r.a., 
c.B. (1904), s. of late R. Bannatine, of Glaisnock, 
N.B. ; b. 1855 ; assumed addtl. name of Allason 
1885; served in Afghan war 1879-80, Soudan 
expdn. 1885, S. African war 1899-1902, a.a.g. 
headquarters 1903-5, commdg. Nowshera brig., 
N. army, India, 1910-14, maj.-gen. 1909 : Naval 
and Military club ; Logan, Ayrshire, N.B. 

Bannatyne, Jas. Fitzgerald, j.p. (1899) for 
Devon, d.l, for the co. and city of Limerick, 
sheriff for co. Limerick 1897 ; Jun. Carlton, Bath 
and Kildare Street (Dublin) clubs j Haldon 
House, Kenn, Exeter. 

Banner, vide Harmood-Banner. 

Bannerman, maj. sir Alex., 11 bt. (1682), 
R.E., only s. of 10 bt. (d 1901) ; b. 1871 ; served 
in S. African war 1899-1902, attached to Japanese 
Army 1904-5 at siege of Port Arthur, gen. staff 
officer (3 grade) at War office 1907-10, commdt, 
air battn. 1910, maj. B.E. 1911, ret. p. 1912 {Heir, 
cousin, maj. Wyndham P., b. 1870) : United Ser-- 
vice club. 

Bannerman, It. -col. Arthur D'Arcv Gordon, 
O.v.o. (1911), C.I.B. (1903), s. of col. Patrick Wil- 
son Bannerman, Ind. army; h. 1866; m. 1898, 
Virginia Emilie, dau, of W. G. Bedford ; see. 
exec, committee, Coronation Durbar, Delhi, 1902-3, 
resdt. at Jaipur and pol. agent in Alwar 1910, It.- 
col. Ind. army 1911. 

Bannerman, Jas. Campbell, eld. s. of Jas. 
Alex. Bannerman, of Bent Hill, Prestwich, Lanes 
{d. 1906), by Louisa, only dau. {d. 1873) of late 
sir Jas. Campbell, knt., of Stracathro, Forfar- 
shire, and nephew of rt. hon. sir Henry Camp- 
bell-Bannerman, G.G.B., M.P., D.L., J.P., of Bel- 
mont Castle, Perthshire, and Hunton Court, Kent 
{d. 1908) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1883, Frances Louisa, dau. 
of Henry Joy, of Woodtowu, co. Dublin; lord 
of the manor of Hunton, J.P. (1909) Kent : Carl- 
ton and Oxford and Cambridge clubs ; Hunton 
Court, nr. Maidstone. 

Bannerman, Jas. MuiTay, b.a. Oxon, s. of J. 
Bannerman, of Wyaston Leys, Mon. ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1880, Louise Mary, youngest dau. of late R. 
Wheeley, of The Pentre, Mon. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1874, capt. Monmouth eng. mil. 1877-84, 
D.L., J.P. cos. Hereford and Monmouth (sheriff 



1879) : Jun. Carlton. Hui'linj^'liam and Jun. Con- 
servative clubs ; Lhvyu Una Hall, Wrexham. 

BanAerman, surg.-gen, Wm. Burney, c.s.i. 
(1911), Ml) Edin., f.r.p. Edin., s. of late 
rev. dr. Jas. Bannerman, prof, of tlieology New 
coll. Edinburgh ; b. 1868; »i. 1889, Helen, dau. 
of late rev. R. Boog Watson, ll.d. Edinburgh ; 
served in Burmese War 1887-9, late dir. Bombay 
Bact Laborat., surg.-gen. Ind. Med. Serv. from 
1911, hon. phvs. to the King from 1918 : Madras 
club, Madias, India. 

Bannister, Alfred, J. p. (1912) Lincolnshire 
(parts of Lindsey) : Saxon House, St. Peter's 
avenue, Cleethorpes. 

Bannister. Edwd., 2 s. of John Bannister, of 
Hull, Yorks ; b. 1821 ; in. Mary H., dau. (d. 1910) 
of S. Horrabiu ; J.P. (1897) "parts of Lindsey, 
Lines, and (1868) (xrimsby : Springfield, Grimsby. 

Bannister, miss, youngest dau, of John 
Samuel Bannister, of Weston House, Pembridge, 
CO. Hereford {d. 1869) : Church House, Lyons- 
hall, Kington, Herefordshire. 

Banon, Awly Edwd., s. of Andrew Banon, of 

Iiishtown, CO. Westmeath, J.P. (d 1892) ; b. 

>';G : 49 Kingsley rd. Prince's Park, Liverpool ; 

ishtown, Ballynacargy, co. Westmeath. 

Banon, Christopher Jas., eld. s. of late Edwd. 

^eph Banon, of Broughall Castle, King's co., 

I.. ; b. 1863 ; D.L., J.P. King's co. (sheriff 1904) : 

: nighall Castle,Tullamore,Frankford,King's co. 

Bantock, Albert Baldwin, 2 s. of late aldm. 
Thos. Bantock, of Wolverhampton, StafiFs ; h. 
1862 ; m. 1889, dau. of aldm. Jos. Jones, of Wol- 
verhampton, Staffs ; J.P. (1907) Staffs : Merri- 
dale House, Bradmore road, Merridale, Wolver- 

Bantry, countess of. Kosamond C, vide lord 

Baptie, Thos. Proctor, s. of late John Wills 
Baptie, of Glasgow ; b. 1848 ; m. 1885, Mary P., 
only child of John Strachan, K.c. ; is D.L., J.P. 
Middlx., J.P. CO. London ; capt. Tower Hamlets 
Rif. brig. 1879-85 : 12 Powis grove, Brighton ; 
Reform club. 

Barbados, 6 bp. of (1824), rt. rev. Wm. Proctor 
Swaby, Ji.i). Durham, vicar of St. Mark, Millfield. 
Sunderland, 1884-93, bp. of B. Guiana 1893-9, of 
Barbados from 1899 : Bishop's Court, Bridge- 
town, Barbados. 

Barber, Geo. Wm., eld. s. of late Geo. Henley 
Barber, of The Elms, Hounslow, Middlx., J.P.; b. 
1858 ; admitted a solicitor 1882, J.P. (1896) and 
c.c. Middlx., clerk to the Broderers' Co. from 
1889 : Jun. Carlton, St. Stephen's and City Carl- 
ton clubs; Park House, Englefield Green, Surrey. 

Barber, Henry, ll.b. Lond., 4 s. of John 
Barber, of Nottingham, J.P. ; b. 1857 ; m. 1884. 
Charlotte Everitt, 3 dau. of G. T. Soley, of 
Liverpool ; admitted a solicitor 1879, clerk of the 
peace, and of the County Council of Hampshire 

from 1895 and clerk of the Lieutenancy fiom 
190U : The Castle, Winchester ; Cavendish club. 

Barber, John, J.P. (1902) Cheshire: Little 
Heys, Bromborough, Cheshire. 

Barber, Robt. Alex., m.d.r.u.i., 4 s. of Wm. 
J. Barber, of Lisnogree, co. Armagh ; b. 1857 ; 
VI. 1909, Harriet Ann, only dau. of J. R. John- 
son, J. p., C.C, of Hounscliffe, Unstone ; J.P. 
(1908) Derbyshire: Fair View.Dionfield.Sheffield. 

Barber, Thos. Philip, J.P. (1902) Notts (sheriff 
1907): Lamb Close Hou8e,Eastwood,Nottingham. 

Barber, Wm. Linney, j.p. (1896) Warwick- 
shire and (1907) Birmingham : 103 Bristol rd. 
Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Barber, miss Rosamond Anne, dau. of Robt. 
Hartshorne Barber, of Hayton Castles, Notts, 
barr. Middle Temple {d. 1870) : Hayton Castles, 

Barbour, sir David Miller, k.c.s.1. (1889), 
s^.c.M.G.(1889),s. of late Miller Barbour, of Calkill, 
Ireland ; b. 1841 ; m. 1883, Katherine C. dau. of 
late Thos. Gribble, of Harrow ; B.C.S. 1863-93, 
sec. to govt, of India in finance and commerce 
dept. 1882-87, ordy. memb. of council of gov.-gen. 
of India 1887-93 : Athenaeum and E. I. United 
Service clubs ; Tiitwood, Crawley Dov\Ti,Sussex. 

Barbour, George, m.a. Cantab, only s. of Robt. 
Barbour, of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire, J.P. {d. 
1885) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1869, Caroline E., dau. of late 
R. A. Macfie, of Dreghom, co. Midlothian ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1865, D.L., J.P. Cheshire (sheriff 
1890), hon. maj. Cheshire yeom, 1887 : Carlton 
and New University clubs ; Bolesworth Castle, 
Tattenhall, Chester. 

Barbour, Robt., m.a. Cantab., only s. of Geo. 
Barbour, of Bolesworth Castle, Cheshire, D.L., 
J.P. ; b. 1876 ; m. 1909, Ida L., dan. of Arthur 
Payne, J.P., of Staflaeld Hall, Cumberland ; 
J.P. (1901) Cheshire, served in S. African war 
1900-1 with Impl. 3'eo., hon. It. in the army 
1901, maj. Cheshire yeo. from 1913 : Jun. Carlton 
and New University clubs ; Bankhead, Broxton, 

Barchard, Eras, eld, s.of Elphinstone Barchard 
{d. 1893) and nephew of Eras, Barchard, of Hor- 
sted, Sussex, d.l., J.P. {d. 1904) ; b. 1863 ; m. 
1901, Maud Agnes, eld. dau. of It.-col. Divie K. 
Robertson, late Norfolk regt. ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1888, J.P. (1895) Sussex: Union club j 
Horsted Place, nr. Uckfield, Sussex. 

Barclay, capt. Cameron, 4 s. of Hy. Ford 
Barclay, of Monkhams, Essex, d.l., J.p. {d. 1891) ; 
b. 1865 ; TO. 1892, hon. Charlotte, youngest dau. 
of 3 baron Decies, 6. 1871 ; served in S. Afiican 
war 1901-2, capt. 10 huss. 1892-1902, adjt. 1892-4, 
;-et. p. 1902 : Marlborough club. 

Barclay, Colville Adrian de Rune, m.v.o. 4 
class (1903), 3 s. of sir Colville Arthur Durell 
Barclay, 11 bart., c.m.g. {d. 1896) ; b. 1869 ; 2 sec. 
in diplomatic service 1900-7, sec. 1907, coun- 
cillor of embassy from 1913 : St. James' club. 
^ 9» 



Barclay, sir David Jldwd. Durell, 12 bart. 
(1668), eld. s. of 11 bart., c.M.G. {d. 1896), by 
Louise Melanie, dau. of E. J. de Belzim, of 
Mauritius; b. 1858 ; wi. 1889, Letitia, dau. of lion. 
Amias Chas. Orde-Powlett ; served in Egypt and 
Soudan, late capt. 19 liuss.(^eir, bro. Robt. Cecil 
de B., b. 1862) : The Grove, Middleham, Yorks. 

Barclay, Edwd. Exton, m.a. Cantab., 4 s. of 
Joseph Gurney Barclay, of Ley ton, Essex {d. 
1898) ; 6. 1860 ; m. 1883, Elizabeth Mary, dau. of 
Wm. Fowler, of 43 Grosvenor sq. W. ; J.P. (1898) 
Herts, M.F.H. Puckei-idge Hounds : Boodle's 
club ; Brent Pelham Hall, Buntingford, Herts. 

Barclay, Eras. Hubert, youns;est s. of Joseph 
Gurney Barclay, of Lejton, Essex (d 1898) ; b. 
1869 ; m. 1900. Hannah M., dau. of E. N. Buxton, 
of Buckhurst Hill, Essex ; J. p. (1900) Norfolk : 
Royal Societie.s club ; The Warren, Cromer. 

Barclay, sir Geo. Head, k.g.s.i.(1913), k.c.m.g. 
(1908), c.v.o. (1906), 3 s. of Hy. Ford Barclay, of 
Monkhams, Essex, D.L., J.P. {d. 1891) ; b. 1862 ; in. 
1891, Beatrix M. J., dau. of late Hy. G. Chapman, 
of New York ; 2 sec. to Embassy at Madrid 1894-8, 
at Constantinople 1898-1902, sec. at Tokyo 1902-5, 
and councillor 1905-6, transferred to Constanti- 
nople 1906, charge d'affaires in 1908, min. plenipo. 
in diplomatic service 1908, env. ex. and min, 
plenipo. to Persia and consul-gen. at Teheran 
1908-12, env. ex. and min. plenipo. to Roumania 
from 1912: British Legation, Bucharest, Rou- 

Barclay, col. Henry Albert, c.v.o. (1906), t.d. 
(1909), 2 survg. s. of Joseph Gurney Barclay, of 
Leyton, Essex {d. 1898) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1881, 
Marion L., only dau. of late Fras. Hoare, of 5 
Buckingham Palace gdns. S.W. and Cromer, 
Norfolk ; J.P. Norfolk, d.l. Surrey, commdr. 
Royal order of St. Olaf of Norway, late col. 
commdg. King's Own Roy. Norfolk veo. which he 
raised 1901, ret. 1913, a.d.c. to King^Edward VII. 
1907-10, to King George V. from 1910 : Cavalry, 
Automobile and Norfolk County clubs ; Han- 
worth Hall, Norfolk. 

Barclay, Hy. Noble, j.p. (1912) Herts : Whit- 
ney Wood, Stevenage. 

Barclay, It.-col. Hubert Fredk., eld. s. of col. 
Hanbury Barclay, of 34 Queen's Gate gdns. S. W., 
J.P. (<Z. 1909) ; b. 1865 ; m. 1890, Edith Noel, dau. 
of It.-col. Hy. Daniell ; J.P. (1898) Herts ; served 
in S. African war 1900, hon. capt. in the army 
1902, maj. ( 1906) 4 battn. Bedford regt. 
1903-13, ret., maj. (temp.) Service battn. 1914 : 
Essendon Old Rectory, Hatfield, Herts. 

Barclay, Hugh Gurney, m.v.o. 4 class (1909), 
v.D. (1908), eld. s. of Hy. Ford Barclay, of 
Monkhams, Essex, D.L., J.P. {d. 1891) ; b. 1851 ; 
m. 1880, Evelyn L., dau. {d. 1899) of sir Stuart 
Hogg; J.P. Norfolk (sheriff 1905) and Norwich, 
It.-col. commndg. (hon. col. 1903) 4 battn. Norfolk 
Territ. regt. 1902-10 : Colney Hall, Norwich. 

Barclay, col. Reginald, c.b. (1911), 3 s. of 
Hedworth David Barclay, of Eastwick Park, 

Surrey {d. 1873) ; h. I86l ; Served in S. Afridail 
war 1901-2, It.-col. commdg. (hon. col.) 3 battn. 
(special res.) Wilts regt. 1903-14: Arthur's, 
Windham and Orleans clubs ; Wi8perp,Midhurst, 

Barclay, Robt., eld. s. of Jsph.Gurney Barclay, 
of Leyton, Essex {d. 1898) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1868, 
Elizabeth E., dau. of T. Fowell Buxton, of 
Eusneye, Herts ; J.P. Herts (sheriff 1893) : 54 
Lombard st. E.G. ; High Leigh, Hoddesdon, 

Barclay, Robt. Grenfell, 3 s. of John Barclay, 
of Falmouth, Cornwall {d. 1889) ; ^>.1850 ; m. 1875, 
Margaret J. dau. of late John Isitt, of Bradford, 
Yorkshire ; is J.P. (1893) co. Durham : Cauldwell 
Sliotley Bridge, co. Durham. 

Barclay, Robt. Leatham, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of Robt. Barclay, of High Leigh, Herts, J.P. ; 
b. 1869 ; m. Alice Eugenia, 4 dau. of late H. J. 
Smith-Bosanquet, of Broxbornebury, Herts ; J.P. 
(1907) Herts and (1911) Suffolk : 54 Lombard st. 
E.C.; Gaston House, Bishop's Stortford ; Higham, 
Bury St. Edmunds. 

Barclay, Robt. Wyvill, eld. s. of Robt. 
Barclay, of Bury Hill, Surrey, D.L., J.P. {d. 1913) ; 
b. 1880 ; TO. 1904, Elsa Mary, only dau. of Edwd. 
Bray, county court judge; maj. Surrey yeo. 
from 1912, patron of 1 living, J.P. (1914) Surrey : 
Bachelors' club ; Logmore, Dorking. 

Barclay, sir Thos., ll.b. Paris, Ph.D. Jena, eld. 
8. of Geo. Barclay, ll.d., of Bonvil, Cupar Fife 
(d. 1909); b. 1853; m. 1877, Therese, dau. of 
Reinhold Teuscher, M.D., of Rio de Janeiro and 
Jena ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1881, correspondent of 
'■ The Times " in Paris 1876-82, memb. and sen. 
vice-pres. Inst, of International Law, vice-pres. 
of the International Law Assoc, pres. British 
Chamber of Commerce in Paris 1899-1900, ofl&cer 
leg. hon., author of "Problems of International 
Practice and Diplomacy," " Turco-Italian War 
and its Problems," and other books and writings 
on international law and politics, M.P. (l.) Black- 
burn in 1910 ; knt. of order of Leopold and grand 
offr. of Persian order of the Lion and the Sun ; 
knighted 1904 : 60 Nevern sq. S.W. ; 13 Old sq. 
Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; Reform and Athenaeum 
clubs ; 17 rue Pasquier, Paris. 

Barclay, sir Thos., 2 s. of Jas. Barclay, of 
Sunderland, co. Durham; b. 1839; m. 1, 1861, 
Mary Anne, 2 dau. of late Rott. Jaques, M.R.c.s., 
of Osmotherley, Yorks ; 2, 1893, Mary Dingley, 
2 dau. of late Edw^d. Pethybridge, J.P., of Laun- 
ceston, Cornwall ; is J.P. (1894) Warwickshire 
and (1906) City of Birmingham and Worcester- 
shire, knighted 1908 : National Liberal club ; 
The Uplands, Blackwell, nr. Bromsgrove. 

Barclay, lady. — Louise M61anie, youngest dau. 
and co-heir of E. J. de Belzim, of Mauritius ; m. 
1865, sir Colville Arthur Durell Barclay, 11 bart., 
C.M.G. (d. 1896) : 6 Avenue Marceau, Paris. 

Barcroft, Wm. Greer, 4 s. of John P. Barcroft, 
Stangmore House, co. Tyrone ; b. 1841 ; m. 1872, 



Ellen, dau. of John Park, of Birkenhead, Cheshire; 
is J. P. (1896) Flints: Caverhill, Claughton, Bir- 

Bardwell, Thos. Newman Fredk., m.a., s.c.l. 
Oxon., only s. of late F. Bardwell, of Bolton 
Hall, Yorks, J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 1860 ; m. 1880, 
Lucy S., eld. dau. {d. 1899) of rev. W. B. Garneit- 
Botfield, M.A., J. p., of Decker Hill and Bishops 
Castle, Salop ; barr. Inner Temple 1877 ; D.L., j.p. 
E. R. Yorks., lord of the manor of Bolton : 5 
Tortland pi. W. ; St. James', Ranelagh and 
Yorkshire (York) clubs; Bolton Hall, Wilber- 
fo3s, York. 

Barefoot, Wm., eld. s. of Geo. Barefoot, of 
Ktading, Berks; b. 187'^; m. 1899, Susan, dau. 
of late Wm. Miller, of Woolwich, S.E. ; j.p. 
(1913) CO. London : 3 New rd. Woolwich, S.E. 

Barfield, John Chas. Feinaigle, j.p. (1903) 
Middlx. : Thatcham, Gt. North rd. Whetstone.N. 
Barliam, col. Arthur Saxby, younger s. of 
sir Geo. Barham, knt., j.p., of Suape, Sussex {d. 
1913) ; b. 1869 ; m. 1893, Annie G., 3 dau. of late 
Edwd. Hy. Edwards ; late It. -col. commdt. and 
lion. col. 19 Middlx. V. R. C, maj. (temp.) 9 
County of London battn. London regt, 1914 : 3 
Whitehall court, S.W. ; Hole Park, Rolvendeu, 
Cranbrook, Kent. 

Barham, Geo. Titus, eld. s. of sir Geo. 
Barham, knt., j.p., of Snape, Sussex (d 1913) ; 
h. 1860 ; ?n. 1896, Florence E., dau. of late Wm. 
Peter Yosper, of Plympton, Devon : Snape, 
Wadhurst, Sussex. 

Baring:, vise, (title which would be borne ; 
by eld. s., if any living, of earl f>f Northbrook). j 
Baring:, hon. Alex. Eras. St. Vincent, s. of 5 
baron Ashburton ; b 1898. 

Baring:, hon. Alexander Henry, 3 s. of 4 baron 
Ashburton; b. 1869; J.P. (1902) Hants: The 
Giange, Alresford. 

Baring: hon. Carjl Digby, 5 a. of 4 baron 
Ashburton ; b. 1880 ; m. 1907, Ivy, dau. of H. B. 
Firmin, of 4 Herbert crts. S.W. ; served in S. 
Africa 1899-1902, It. Coldst. gds. 1900-7 : 35 
Gloucester pi. W. 

Baring, hon. Cecil, m.a. Oxon., 2 survg. s. of 
1 baron Revelstoke; b. 1864; m. 1902, Maude, 
dau. of late Pierre Lorillard ; heir pres. to 
barony : Lambay Island, co. DulDlin. 

Baring-, hon. Evelyn, 3 s. of 1 earl of Cromer ; 
h. 1903. 

Baring:, It. -col. hon. Everard, c.v.o. (1903), 3 
survg. s. of 1 baron Revelstoke ; b. 1865 ; m. 
lady Ulrica, 4 dau. of 1 earl of Feversham ; 
served in Soudan expdn. 1898 ; maj. (brevet It.- 
col. 1903) 10 huss. 1900-5, ret. p. 1905; mily. 
sec. to viceroy of India (lord Curzon of Kedle- 
ston) 1899-1905: 26 Hyde Park st. W. ; Naval 
and Military club. 

Baring:, maj. Eras. Chas., eld. s. of Wm. Hy. 
Baring, late capt. Coldst. gds., of Norman Court, 
Hants, J.P. {d. 1906) ; b. 1852: m. 1880, Isabella 
^ ignsta, eld. dau. (div. J899) of Samuel Leo 

Schuster ; maj. late 3 battn. (mil.) Hampshire 
regt., J.P. (1904) Hants: 21 Parkside, Albert 
gate, S.W. ; Travellers' club ; Timsbury Manor, 
Romsey, Hants. 

Baring:, hon. Eras. Hy., 2 survg. s. of 1 baron 
Northbrook ; b. 1850; m. 1878, lady Grace Eliza- 
beth, 2 dau. of 9 earl of Cork, b. 1856 ; sheriff 
of Surrey 1888, heir pres. to barony : 34 Gt. 
Cumberland pi. W. ; Brooks's and Athenaeum 

Baring:, hon. Frederick Arthur, 2 s. of 4 baron 
Ashburton ; b. 1867 ; m. 1890, Laura L. dau. of 
late — Hobson and stepdau. of Arthur Yates ; 2 
It. 5 batt. (miL)R. Fus. 1887-90, capt Hampshire 
yeo. 1902-10, capt. Territl. Force Res. from 1910 : 
Candover House, Brown Candover, Hants. 

Baring, sir Godfrey, 1 bart. (1911), only s. 
of It.-gen. Chas. Baring, late Coldst. gds. {d. 
1890), by Helen, 3 dau. of late rt. hon. sir Jas. 
Graham", 2 bart. ; b. 1871 ; m. 1898, Eva H., dau. 
of late Alex, ^neas Mackintosh, of Mackintosh ; 
J.p. (1894) Hants (sheriff 1897), D.L., c.A. Isle of 
Wight (chm. c.c. from 1898), parly, priv. sec. 
(unpaid) to und.-sec. of state for the Colonies 
(It. -col. J. E. B. Seely, m.p.) 1908-10, to pres. 
of Board of Education (rt. hon. J. A. Pease, 
M.p.) from 1911, M.p. (L.) Isle of Wight 1906-10, 
N. W. Devon from 1911 {Heir, s. Chas. C, b. 
1898) : 14 Harrington gdns. S.W. ; Bachelors'. 
Brooks's, Travellers' and R. Y. S. clubs ; Nubia 
House, Baring rd. Cowes, I. of W. 

Baring, (Godfrey) Nigel Everard, 4 s. of 
Thos. Chas. Baring, of High Beech, Essex, D.L., 
J.P., M.P. {d. 1891); b. 1870; m. 1908, hon. Ada 
Sybil, only child of 2 baron Fermoy, b. 1879. 

Baring, maj. hon. Guy Victor, 4 s. of 4 baron 
Ashburton; b. 1873; m. 1903, Olive, youngest 
dau. of Hugh C.Smith, of Mount Clare, Roehamp- 
ton, S.W. ; served in S. African war 1899-1900, 
Brit. East Africa 1901, maj. Coldst. gds. 1911-12, 
maj. res. of officers from 1913. m.p. (c.) Win- 
chester from 1906 : 16 Cadogan sq. S.W. ; Carlton 
and Guards' clubs ; St. Cross Mill, Winchester. 

Baring, Harold Herman John, eld. s. of Thos. 
Chas. Baring, of High Beech, Essex, D.L., j.p., 
m.p. {d. 1891) ; h. 1869; m. 1898, Mary, dau. of 
John Augustus Churchill, of New York, U.S.A. : 
12 Bruton st. W. : Walls grove House, High 
Beech, Loughton, Essex, 

Baring, hon. Hugo, 5 survg. s. of 1 baron 
Revelstoke; b. 1876; m. 1905, lady Evelyn 
Harriet, 2 dau. of 8 earl of Shaftesbury, and widow 
of 2 baron Magheramorne, b. 1865 ;" served in S. 
African war 1900, 2 It. 4 huss. 1896-8, It. res. of 
officers 1899-1911 : 53 Lancaster gate, W. 

Baring, hon. Maurice, 4 survg. s. of 1 baron 
Revelstoke ; b. 1874 ; 3 sec. in diplomatic ser- 
vice 1900-5 : 32 Old Queen st. Westminster, S.W.; 
Brooks's club. 

Baring, Walter, 10 s. of Hy. Baring {d. 
1848); b. 1844; sec. legation at Athens 1885-6, 



charge d'affaires at Cettiuj^ 1886-93, min. res. 
and consul-gen. in Uruguay 1893-1906. 

Baring, hon. Windham, 2 s. of 1 earl of 
Cromer; b. 1880; »?. 1913, lady Gweneth F., 3 
dau. of 8 earl of Bessborough, b. 1888 : Brooks's 
and Turf clubs. 

Baring:, hon. Alice, b. 1833 ; dau. of I baron 
North brook : 6 Belvidere terr. Bxighton. 

Baring-, hon. Eosemary Ethel, b. 1908; bon. 
Violet Mar}', b. 1911 ; daus. of vise. Erriugton. 

Baring, hon. Venetia Marjorie Mabel, 6. 1890 
(maid of honour to the Queen from 1911) ; hon. 
Aurea Vera, b. 1891 ; hon. Angela Mildred, b. 
1893 ; daus. of 5 baron Ashburton. 

Baring-Gotild, rev. Sabine, m.a. Cantab., s. 
of Edwd. Baring-Gould, of Lew Trenchard, 
Devon, j.p., d.l. ; b. 1834 ; m. 1868, Grace, dau. of 
Joseph Taylor, of Horbury ; J.P. Devon, author 
of "Lives of the Saints," »fec. <fcc., patron and 
rector from 1881 of Lew Trenchard, Devon. 

Barker, vide Raymond-Barker. 

Barker, vide Vaudrey-Barker-Mill 

Barker, Arthur Rowland, 2 8. of nv. \V. <r. 
Barker, of Sidcup, Kent ; b. 1842 ; m. 1869, Ada, 
dau. of O. Humphrey Papps, of Ipswich, Suffolk ; 
J.P. (1904) Middl.x. : Grove House, Southgate, 
If. ; 11 Buckingham st. Strand, W.C. ; Royal 
Societies club. 

Barker, Fras., youngest s. of late Joseph 
Barker, of Loose, Maidstone (rf. 1878) ; b. 1854 ; 
in. 1885, Kate, dau. of John Harrington, of 
Hertford; J.P. (1912) Middlx. : Chatsworth 
Lodge, Grove Park, Chiswick, W. 

Barker, col. sir Fras. Wni. Jas., U.A., eld. a. 
of late \Ym. Barker, of 21 Hatch st. Dublin, and 
The Fort, Kilkeel, co. Down ; b. 1841 ; ni. 1873, 
Charlotte J., only child of late John Foster; 
served ui Abyssinian war 1867-8, assault and 
capture of Magdala; late supt. Roy. Small Arms 
Factory at Birmingham, knighted 1906 : Essex 
Lodge, Cherry Garden avenue and Radnor club, 

Barker, sii- Fredk. Eustace, d.c.l., s. of late 
Enoch Barker, of Sheffield, New Brunswick ; 
b. 1838 ; m. 1, 1865, JiUia, dau. of Edwd. Lloyd, 
R.E. civil staff; 2, 1877, May Ann, dau. of late 
B.^E. Blacli, of Halifax, N.S. ; barr. 1860, Q.c. 
1873, puisne Judge of supreme court of New 
Brunswick 1893-1908, c.J. 1908-13, knighted 
1913 : The Cedars, St. John, New Brunswick, 

Barker, col. Fredk. Geo., eld. s. of Alfred 
Gresley Barker, of Stanlake Park, Berks ; b. 1866; 
m. 1895, Lucile, dau. of C. Harrison, of Bi-amlev, 
Hants; barr. Inner Temple 1894, j.p. (19li) 
Berks, It.-col. commdg. 3 battn. R. Berks, regt. 
from 1909 : 2 Hare court. Temple, E.C. ; Oxford 
and Cambridge club ; Stanlake Park, Twyford, 

Barker, maj.-gen. sir Geo., k.c.b. (1911), r.e., 
s. of col. Geo. Barker, h.e.I.c.s. ; ^'.1849 ; m. 1888, 
hon. Clemency, dau. of 1 baron Addington, 6, 

1856 ; served in Egypt 1882, battle of Tel-el- 
Kebir, Medjidie ; Bechuanalandexpd. 1885, insp. 
of R.E. 1904-8, commdg. Eastern Coast defences 
1909-11, maj.-gen. 1906, ret. p. 1911 : United Ser- 
vice club ; Stanford Place. Faringdon, Berks. 

Barker, John, 3 s. of Richd. Barker, of Rod- 
ington, Salop; b. 1847; m. 1, 1871, Mary Ann, 
widow of G Preston, Birmingham ; 2", 1893, 
Martha D., dau. of Thos. Rogers, of Shrews- 
bury ; is J.P. (1895) Salop and Shrewsbury: 
Old Grammar School House, Shrewsbury. 

Barker, sir John. 1 bart. (1908), eld. s. of 
Joseph Barker, of Loose, Maidstone («/. 1878) ; b. 
1840 ; m. 18()4, Sarah, dau. {d. .1906) of Wni. 
WasiK?, of Tuddenham, Suffolk; aldm. co. Lon- 
don 1889-92, founder and chmn. John Barker A- 
Co. Ltd., Kensington, W., and of Paquin Ltd., 
liOndon and Paris, M.P. (l.) Penryn and Fal- 
mouth 1906-10: Reform, National Liberal and 
Royal Automobile clul»s ; The Grange, Bishop's 
S tort ford. 

Barker, capt. John Stafford, m.v.o. 4 class 
(1911), R.B.,s. of John Finder Barker, of Broad- 
stairs ; b. 1879 ; m. 1906. Mary G.,<lau. of liy. L. 
Moysey, I.s.o., late Ceylon (.'.S. ; garrison engr. 
Quetti, on special duty, Coronation Durbar, 
Delhi, 1911, capt. R.E. 1907. 

Barker, maj.-gen. John Stewart Scott, u.a., 
C.B. (1903), 8. of gen. sir Geo. Digby Barker, 
K.C.B., J.P. ; b. 1853 ; m. 1885, Agnes Mary, dau. 
of maj. Laurence Peel, late Oxfordshire L.I. ; 
served in S. African war 1901-2, a.a.g. 6 divn. 2 
army corps 1902-4, commdg. Jhansi brig. S. 
Arui3', India 1907-11, and U.A. Malta and memb. 
exec, council from 1912, maj.-gen. 1909 : Malta ; 
Naval and Military club. 

Barker. Joseph, 2 s. of Joseph Barker, of 
Loose, Maidstone {d. 1878) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1867, 
Isabella, dau. of Thos. Castle, of Snodland, Kent ; 
J.P. (1895) Kent (chm. Bearsted divn. 1910) and 
(1897) Maidstone (mayor 1895-6 and 1897-8); 
aid. from 1898: National Libenil club; Hill 
House. Loose, Maidstone. 

Barker, Joseph Hurton Aveling, s. of Joseph 
Hurton Barker, of Mattimore House, Lines., J.P. 
(d. 1884) ; b. 1865 : St. Germans Hall, Lynn, 

Barker, Rayner Childe, c.r.E. (1889), s. of 
late rev. T. C. Barker, rect. of Carleton, Yorks ; 
b. 1858 ; j/j. 1894. Ella G. younger dau. of It.-col. 
S. Moores ; in Indian Telegraph dept. 1879-96 ; 
served with Burma expdn. 1886, Hazara 1888 
and 1891, engineer and electrician Indo-Euroneaii 
Telegraph dept. 1896-8, dir. of the Persian 
section 1898-1911 and of the Persian Gvdf sec- 
tion 1911, dir.-in-chief India office from Nov. 
1912 : India Office, S.W. 

Barker, Tom Birkett, m.i.m.e., 4 s. of late 
John Barker, of South Yardley, Worcestershire ; 
b. 1852; m. 1885, M .riinue. dau. of M. H. Allen, 
of Handsworth, Staffs. ; j.p. (1010) War- 



Baxker, very rev. "Wm., d.d., 3 s. of J. 0. 
Barker, of Ellicombe, Somerset ; b. 1838 ; 7n. 
dau. of late sir Jas. Ross, of Aston Abbotts, 
Bucks ; vicar of West Oowes, I. of W. 1873-82, 
cliapln. to Queen Victoria 1876-80, canon of 
-^t. Paul's cath. 1885-8, hon. cbapln. to tbe King 
lom 1901. R.D, of St. Marvlebone 1905-8 and 
vet. 1882-1908, dean of Carlisle from 1908 : The 
Deanery, Carlisle. 

Barker, It.-col. Wm. Frank, c.m.g. (1907), 
D.s.O. (1900), served in S. African war 1899-1902 ; 
commdg. S, African Light Horse: Box 4444, 
Johannesburg, S. Africa. 

Barker, Wm. Holroyd. eld. s. of Wm. Barker, 
of Otley, Yorks ; b. 1857 ; m. 1878, Elizabeth, 
dau. of W. Stirk, of Otley, Yorks; J.P. (1903) 
W. R. Yorks : Rutland House, Otley. 

Barker, lady. — Katherine Weston, eld. dau. of 
Edwd. Golding Elwes ; m. 1902, as his 2 wife, 
gen. sir Geo. Digby Barker, G.C.B., J.P., of Clare 
Priory, Suffolk {d. 1914). 

Barker-Hahlo, Hermon, b.a. Cantab., only 
s. of Geo. Hahlo, of Victoria Park South, Man- 
chester, J.P. (c?. 1912), by Fanny, dau. of late 
Nathl. Barker, of Westbourne, Manchester ; b. 
1873 ; wi. 1, 1897, Josephine Christie, eld. dau. 
(rf. 1906) of Hy. Thos. Crofton, late of Man- 
chester ; 2, 1909, Sheila Ginevra H.M., eld. dau. 
"f sir Reginald W. Proctor-Boauchamp, 5 bart. 
'/. 1912), by lady Violet J., only child of 5 earl 
ui Rodcn ; barr. Inner Temple 1897, late capt. 7 
battn. Hants regt. : Camerton Court, nr. Bath ; 
Langley Park, Norwich. 

Barkingr, bp. of, rt, rev. Thos. Stevens, d.d. 
Cantab., F.S.A., s. of Thos. Ogden Stevens, of 
Clifton ; b. 1842 ; m. 1866, Ann E., dau. of Geo. 
Bertram, of St. Hellers, Jersey, and sis. of sir 
Greo. Bertram, late bailiff of Jersey ; vicar of St. 
John, Stratford, E. 1889-1901, hon. canon of St. 
Albans from 1891, archdn. of Essex from 1894 ; 
bp. suffragan of Barking (dioc. of Chelmsford) 
from 1901 : Wanstead, Essex. 

Barkly, lady. — Anne M., dau. of late gen. sir 
T. Simson Pratt, K.c.B. ; m. i860, as his 2 wife, 
sir Hy. Barkly, G.C.M.G., K.C.B., m.p. (c.) Leomin- 
ster 1845-9, gov. of B. Guiana 1849, Jamaica 1853, 
Victoria 1856, Mauritius 1863, of Cape 1870-6 
(d. 1898) : 1 Collingham pi. South Kensington, 

Barkworth, Algernon Hy., 2 s. of Hy. 
Barkworth, of Tranby House, Yorks; b. 1864; 
J.P. (1903) E. R. Yorks: Tranby House, Hessle, 
E. Yorks. 

Bark-worth, Edmund, s. of Henry Barkworth, 
of Tranby House. E. Yorks ; b. 1859 ; m. 1890, 
Clara Adelaide, dau. {d. 1912) of T. Maitland 
Reid, of Leckhampton, Gloucestershire ; is j.p. 
Dorset : Hilly mead, Seaton, Devon. 

Barlow, bp., vide Goulburn. 

Barlo-w, vide Pratt-Barlow. 

Barlow, Alex. Kay, 2 s. of Wm. Barlow, of 
Ashford, Wilraslow, Cheshire and Chorlton, 

Lanes ; b. 1855 ; m. 1890, Sophia Matilde, dau. 
of Hy. Salmonson, of Manchester ; j.p. Essex : 
Wivenhoe Hall, Colchester. 

Barlow, Algernon, eld. s. of late rev. J. M. 
Barlow, rect. of Ewhurst, Surrey ; h. 1856 ; m. 
1893, Essex Frances, dau. of maj. R. Thompson, 
of Walworth Hall, co. Durham; J.p. (1912) 
N.R. Yorks : United University club ; Bossall 
Hall, York. 

Barlow, Chas., j.p. (1909) Northants : The 
Yews, Burton Latimer, Kettering. 

Barlow, adml. Chas. Jas., d.s.g. (1887), s. of 
Arthur Barlow, of Dublin; b. 1848; m. 1892, 
Elizabeth H,, dau. of Arthur Dight, of Queens- 
land and N.S. Wales; served with Egyptian 
expdn. 1882 ; 4 class Osmanieh ; Burma war 
1885-6, 2nd in commd. of Home Fleet 1904-5, 
supt. of Devonport Dockyard 1906-8, admiral 
Feb. and on ret. list July, 1911. 

Barlow, Clement Anderson Montague, ll.d., 
M.A. Cantab., s. of very rev. Wm. H. Barlow, 
D.D., J. P., dean of Peterborough 1901-8 {d. 
1908) ; barr. Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn 
1895, M.P. (C.) S. Salford from 1910, official to 
the archdeacons of London, Lewisham etc., 
partner in firm of Sotheby, Wilkinson and 
Hodge : 13 Wellington st. Strand, W.C. ; Carlton 
and National clubs. 

Barlow, Frank, 2 s. of Thos. Barlow, of 
Torkington Lodge and Bradwell Hall, Cheshire, 
and Bryn Eirias, N. Wales, j.p. (d. 1897) ; b. 
1859 ; VI. 1883, Mary, eld. dau. of Thos. Carver, 
of Marple, Cheshire, J.P. ; is j.p. (1898) Cheshire 
(and c.A.) : Woodville, Marple, nr. Stockport ; 
Ystymcolwyn Hall, Meifod, nr. Welshpool. 

Barlow, Fredk., 2 s. of late Edwd. Barlow, 
of Rothwell ; b. 1855 ; m. 1876, Suzanne, dau. of 
John Wyman, of Clipston,Northants ; J.p. (1894) 
Northants : White House, Rothwell, Kettering, 

Barlow, col. sir Hilaro Wm. Wellesley, 6 
bart. (1803), of Fort William, Bengal, c.b. (1913), 
R.A. ; b. 1861 ; m. 1891, Victoria Katherine, eld. 
dau. of late col. Hugh Hibbert, late 7 R. Fus., of 
Birtles Hall. Cheshii-e ; supt. R. Laboratory, 
Woolwich, from 1902, It.-col. R.A. 1905, col. 1910 
{Heir, s. Richd. H., b. 1904) : 18 Kidbrook grove, 
Blackheath, S.E. ; Royal Arsenal, Woolwich; 
Naval and Military club. 

Barlow, Jas.,j.p.(1906) Lancashire : Dearden- 
gate Farm, Haslingden, Manchester. 

Barlow, Jas. Alan Noel, m.a. Oxon., eld. s. 
of sir Thos. Barlow, 1 bart., K.c.v.c, M.D., 
F.R.C.P. ; b. 1881 ; m. 1911, Emma Nora, younger 
dau. of Horace Darwin, F.R.S., of The Orchard, 
Cambridge, by hon. Emma Cecilia, only dau. of 1 
baron Farrer ; J.P. (1909) Bucks : 16 Lansdowne 
rd. W. ; Boswells, Wendover. 

Barlow, col. John, m.v.o. 4 class (1909), v.d. 
(1910), hon. col. 8 (Ardwick) battn. Manchester 
rcgt. from 1906, v.p. and memb. council National 
Rifle Association, 



Barlo"wr, sir John Emmott, 1 bart. (1907'*, 
eld. s. of Thos. Barlow, of Torkington Lodge and 
Brad v\ all Hall, Cheshire, and Bryn Eirias, X 
Wales, J. P. (d. 1897) ; b. 1857; m. 1895, hon. Anna 
M. H.,si3. of B baron Denman; barr. Inner Temple 
1884, partner in firm of Thomas Barlow and 
Brother, of Manchester and London, and of Bar- 
low and Co., Calcutta, Shanghai, Singapore and 
Kuala Lumpnr, merchants, J. P. (1886) Cheshire 
(and C.A.) and (1896) Somerset, M.P. (L.) Somer- 
set (Frome divn.) 1892-5 and from 1896 {Heir, s. 
John D., b. 1898) : Brooks's, Devonshire and 
National Liberal clubs ; Torkington Lodge, nr. 
Stockport ; Bryn Eirias, Colwyn Bay, X, Wales. 

Barlow,John Robt., s. of Jas.Barlow, of G-reen- 
thorne,Edg worth, Lanes, J. P. {dASS7) ; b. 1852 ; 
is J. P. Lancashire : G-reenthorne, Edg worth, nr. 
Bolton, Lanes. 

Barlow, Percy, m.a. Cantab., 4 s. of Thos. 
Barlow, of Torkington Lodge and Bradwall Hall, 
Cheshire,an 1 Bryn Eirias,N.Wales, j.p. (d. 1897) ; 
b. 1867; rn. 1892, Clara Frances, eld. dau. of 
late Wm. Staple Lee Midelton, of Somerset ; barr. 
Inner Temple I«92, J.P. (1904) Middlx., M.P. 
(L.) Bedford 1906-10 : Torkington House, Acton, 
W. ; 5 Essex court. Temple, E.C. ; Bath, Reform, 
Royal Automobile and National Liberal clubs. 

Barlow, sir Thos., 1 bart. (1902), K.c.v.o. (1901), 
M.D. Lond., F.R.S., F.R.c.P. Lond., M.R.C.S. Eng., 
LL.D. Aberd., Toi onto, Harvard, Vict.; eld. s. 
of Jas. Barlow, of Greenthorne, Edgworth, Lanes, 
J.P. (c? 1887) ; b. 1845 ; 7n. 1880, Aoa Helen, dau. 
of Patrick Dalmahoy, w.s., of Edinburgh ; con- 
sulting phys. to University Coll. Hosp., to Queen 
Victoria's Household 1896-1901, phys. extrady. 
to Queen Victoria 1899-1901, phys. to King 
Edward VII.'s Household 1901-10, phys. extrady. 
to King George V. from 1910, Pres. R.c.P. Lond. 
from 1910, It.-col. 3 Lond. Gen. Hosp. R. Army 
Med. C. 1908-12 (Heir, s. Jas. Alan N.,q.v.) : 10 
Wimpole st. W. ; Athenaeum club ; Boswelli, 

Barlow, Wm., c.m.g. (1914), ll.d., Irish barr. 
1858 and Adelaide barr. 1870, vice-chancellor of 
the Univ. of Adelaide, S. Australia from 1896 : 
Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Barlow, mrs.— Emily, 2 dau. of Jas. Jardine, 
of Alderley Edge, d.l., j.p. ; m. 1884, Wm. 
Wycliffe Barlow, of Pitt Manor, Hants, j.p. (d. 
1913) : Pitt Manor, nr. Winchester. 

Bamaby, sir Nathaniel, k.c.b. (1885), s. of late 
Naihl. Barnaby, insp. of shipwrights, Chatham 
and Sheerness Dockyards ; b. 1829 ; m. 1855 
Sarah, dau. (rf. 1910) of John Webber, of Birming- 
ham ; chf. naval architect 1872, director of 
naval constrn. 1876-85, v.p. Inst, of Naval 
Architects : Moray House, Lee, S.E. 

Barnard, lord (9 baron 1698, Eng.). Henry 
de Vere Vane, eld. s. of sir H.M. Vane {d. 1886) ; 
b. 1854 ; m. 1881, lady Catherine S., 4 dau. of 3 
marq. of Exeter, b. 1861 ; b.a. Oxon.. D.c.L. (hon.) 
Durham, barr. Inner Temple 1879 ; D.L., j.p. 

CO. Durham, It. 3 battn. (mil.) Northants regt. 
1876-84, hon.col. 4 battn. (mil.) Durham L.I. from 
1906 ; chm. Tee-? Fishery board, and of govng. 
body of Shrewsbury Sch., a gov. of Queen 
Anne's Bounty ; patron of 17 livings ; prov. G-.M. 
of Freema-sons for Durham, raemb. of senate of 
Durham Univ. from 1912; sue. his kinsman, 
4 and last duke of Cleveland, K.G., in barony 
of Barnard 1891 (Heir, $, hon. Henry C. Vane, 
q.v.) : 20 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Brooks's and 
Oxford and Cambridge clubs; Raby Castle, 
Darlington ; Glenside, Saltburn-by-Sea, Yorks. 

Barnard, Alfred Philip, 2 s. of Lazarus 
Barnard, of Hardingham, Norfolk ; b. 1847 ; m. 
1868. Adelaide, dau. of G. Fisk,' of Ipswich, 
Suffolk; J.P. (1906) CO. London: 300 Amhurst 
rd. Stoke Newington, N. ; 309 Hackney rd. N.E. 
Barnard, Andrew Bigoe, c.r.E. (1911), 
s. of late col. W. A. M. Barnard, gren. gds. and 
96 rcgt. ; b. 1862; m. 1903, Florence A., eld. dau. 
of Ja-. Worrall, J. P., of West well, Tenterden, 
Kent ; dep. insp.-gen. Indian police and dep. 
dir. crimmal intell. govt, of India 1905, ret. 
1914 : Windham club ; Withersdane Hall, Wye, 

Barnard, Edmund Broughton, m.a. Cantab., 
s. of Wm. Barnard, of Harlot', Essex and Saw- 
bridgeworth, Herts ; b. 1856 ; m. 1886, Alice 
Maud,dau.(rf.l907)ofC.Richar(l8On,of Wimbledon, 
Surrey ; j.p. (1908) Essex, d.l., j.p. (1900) Herts 
(C.A.), chm. Lee Conservancy board from 1909, 
and of Metropol, Water board from 1908, 
M.P. (l.) Kidderminster 1906-10: Reform and 
National Liberal clubs ; Fair Green House, Saw- 
bridgeworth. Herts. 

Barnard, Frank Stewart, J. P.(1902)Carnarvon- 
shire (sheriff 1903) : Tne Wilderness, Earley. 
Berks ; Bryn Bras Casf.le, Llanrug. N. Wales. 

Bamard,sir Herbert, f.s.a., s. of JohnBarnard, 
of Ham, Surrey ; b. 1831 ; m. 1854, Ellen, dau. 
ofWm. Wyndham,of Dintoi), Wilts ; J.P.Surrey, 
CO. London and, late chm. Public 
Works Loan commn. 1884-1908 ; knighted 1-^98: 
23 Portland pi. W. ; Burrows Lea, Gomshall, 
Guildford, Surrey. 

Barnard, Herbert Edwd. ell. s. of Arthur 
Barnard, of Stowmarket, Suffolk ; b. 1871 : m. 
1896, 3 dau. of S. R. Austin, of West Norwood, 
S.E. ; J.p. (1912) Essex : High st. Ongar, Essex. 

Barnard, John, only a. of John Barnard, 
F.S.A., of Sawbridgeworth, Herts ; b. 1868 ; J.P. 
(1906) and C.C.Herts : Alston Oak,Harlow, Essex. 

Barnard, Joseph Terence Owen,c.i.E. (1913), 
asst. supt. for the Kachin Hills, Myitkyina dist. 

Barnard, Sidney Chas., 2 s. of late Geo. 
Haydon Barnard, of Newport, Essex ; b. 1858 ; 
J.P. (1909) Essex: Braeside, Newport, Essex. 

Barnard, Thos. Henrv.only s.of Thos. Barnard, 
of Cople House, Beds, m'.P., d.l., j.p. {d. 1909) ; 
b, 1866 ; m. 1897, Bertha Mary, eld. dau. of late 



Hy. Ralph Lambton, of Redfield, Bucks ; j.p. 
Beds (sheriff 1914) : Kempston Hoo, nr. Bedford. 
Barnard, maj.-gen. Wm. Osborne, s. of late 
Greo. Barnard, of Cross Deep. Twickenham ; b. 
1838 ; m. 1872, Isabella, dau. of Fras. Tacker, of 
11 Dorset sq. ; in 96 regt. 1856-86, commd. 53 
regtl. dist. 1887-8, brig.-gen. commdg.Nerbudda 
dist. Bengal 1888-93, commdg. troops, Mauritius 
1896-6, maj.-gen. commdg. 2 inf. brig. Aldershot 
1896-9, ret. p. 1899, col. Manchester regt. from 
1904 : Army and Navy club. 

Barnard, Wm. Tyndall, K.c, eld. s. of late 
Wm. Tyndall Barnard, of South Hornsey, N. ; b. 
1855 ; barr. G-ray's Inn 1879, bencher 1896, K.c. 
1905, treas. 1905-6 : Somerset Lodge, Manor Way, 
Blackheath, S.E. ; 13 King's Banch walk, 
Temple, E.G. 

Barnard, miss. — Ursula Maiy F. B., only 
child and heir of Chas. Edwd. Gr. Barnard, of 
Cave Castle. Yorks, j.p, {d. 1894), by Sophia L., 
5 dau. {d. 1910) of late hon. Andrew Godfrey 
Stuart ; lady of the manor of South Cave : 
Cave Castle. South Cave, Yorks. 

Bamardiston, col. Nathl., eld. s. of Nathl. 
Clarke Barnardiston, of The Ryes, Sudbury, 
Suffolk, D.L., J.p. [d. 1883) ; b. 1832 ; m. 1858, lady 
Florence, dau. of 4 earl of Dartmouth, b. 1838 ; late 
27 foot, J.P. Essex, D.L., j.p. Suffolk ; chm. quart, 
sess. (from 1876) and of c.c. (1889-99) for W. 
Suffolk, brig.-commdg. Harwich vol. inf. brig. 
1890-99 : Jun. United Serv-ce club ; The Ryes, 
near Sudbury, Suffolk. 

Barnardiston, brig.-gen. Nathl. Walter, m. v.o. 
4 class (I904),eld. s. of col. Nathl. Barnardiston, of 
The Ryes, Suffolk. D.L., j.p., by lady Florence, 5 
dau. of 4 earl of Dartmouth ; b. 1858 ; m. 1892, 
Sarah Hall, 3 dau. of late hon. D. R. Floyd- 
Jones, of Fort Neck House, Long Island, U.S.A. 
and formerly It.-gov. of New York ; j.p. Suffolk, 
served in S. African war 1901-2, gen. staff officer 
(Ist grade) at War office 1910-14, brig.-gen. 
commdg. troops in N. China from 1914, col. 1907, 
commd r. order of Osmanieh (1901), commdr. order 
of Sword (1904), of order of Dannebrog (1904), of 
order of Leopold of Belgium (1906) and of order 
of St. Olaf of Norway (1906) : Tientsin, N. China ; 
Naval and Military club. 

Bamardiston, adml. Thomas, 2 s. of late 
Nathl.Clarke Barnardiston, of The Rves,Sudbury, 
Suffolk, D.L., J.p. {d. 1883) ; b. 1833 ; to. 1864, 
Lucy Mary, dau. of late adml. Chas. Wise ; in 
Burmese war 1852-3 ; Baltic 1854-5 ; Abyssinian 
expdn. 1868 ; adml. on ret. list 1897. 

Bamby, lady.— Edith Mary, dau. of It.-col. 
J. W. Silverthorne, D.L., j.P,, cf Ashurst, Kent 
{d. 1902) ; TO. 1878, sir Joseph Barnby, knt., 
principal of Guildhall School of Music 1892-6 
{d. 1896). 

Bame,capt. Miles, eld. s. of col. Fredk.St. John 
Newdegate Barne, of Sotterley Park, Suffolk, M.P., 
J.p. {d. 1898), by dau. of 5 marq. of Hertford; 
b. 1874 ; w. 1904, Violet Ella, eld. dau. of air 

Archibald E. Orr-Ewing, 3 bart. by hon. Mabel, 
dau. of 3 vise. Sidmouth : served in S. African 
war 1900-2, capt. Scots gds. 1901-4, ret. p. 1904, 
maj. Suffolk Yeo. from 1906, patron of 3 livings, 
jJ.P. (1905) Suffolk: Guards' club; Sotterley, 
Wangford ; Dunwich, Saxmundham. 

Barne, lady Constance, dau. of 5 marq. of 
Hertford, b. 1852 ; m. 1871, It.-col. Fredk. St. 
John Newdegate Barne, late Scots Fus. gds., of 
SotterleyParkjSuffolk, J.P., M.p.(c?.1893) : Rowler, 
Brackley, Northants. 

Bameby, Philip Bartholomew, 2 s. of Wm. 
Barnebv, of Siltmarshe Castle and Clater Park, 
Herefordshi'e, D.L., j.p, {d. 1895); h. 1875; m. 
l905,LouisaGeraldine,dau.ofRobt,Wood Ingham, 
judge of county courts, of Sugwas Court, 
Herefordshire ; j.p. (1902) Monmouthshire : 
Trewyn, Abergavenny (railway station, Pandy, 
G.W. Ry.). 

Bameby, Richard Hicke, eld. survg. s. of Wm. 
Hy. Bameby, of Longworth, Herefordshire, D.L., 
J.p. («i. 1914), by 3 dau. of late sir Michael Hicks- 
Beach, 8 bart., M.P. ; b. 1875 ; m. 1908, Margaret 
Elizabeth, dau. of rev. H. F. Howard, rect. 
of Bright Walton, Berks ; D.L., J.P. (1896) Here- 
fordshire : Jun. Carlton club ; Tne Manor House, 
Stackpole, Pembroke. 

Bameby, Wm. Theodore,eld. s. of W. Bameby, 
of Sakmarshe Castle and Clater Park, Hereford- 
shire, D.L., J.P. {d. 1895) ; b. 1873 ; to. 1912,Verena, 
youngfst dau. of Algernon Turnor, c.B., j.p,, by 
lady Henrietta, 6 dau. of 9 earl of Galloway; 
barr. Inner Temple 1898, D.L., j.p. (1896) Here- 
fordshire (sheriff 1904) : Jun, Carlton club ; 
Saltmarshe Castle, Bromyard, Worcester (railway 
station, Bromyard; telegraph office, Tedstone- 

Barnes, Arthur Gorell, M.A. Cantab., eld. s. of 
Alfred Barnes, of Ashgate Lodge, Derbyshire, 
M.P., D.L.,J.P.((i,1901); 6.1855; to. 1891,Everilda 
M., 5 dau. of Henry F. Beaumont, of Whitley 
Beaumont, Yorks, m.p. ; J.p. Derbyshire, capt, 
(hon. maj, 1892) 3 battn. (mil,) Derbyshire regt. 
1877-93 : Reform and Brooks's clubs ; Glapweli 
Hall, Chesterfield. 

Barnes, Edmund, d.l., j.p. (1894) co. London : 
220 Camden rd, N,W. 

Barnes, E. Wilson,M.A. Cantab.,only s, of late 
Edmund Barnes, of Ashgate House, Chesterfield 
{d. 1870) ; b. 1855 ; to. 1881, Evelyn M., eld. dau, 
of rev, R. K. Bolton, rect, of Newbold ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1880, J.p, (1882) Derbyshire and Notts : 
Leemount, Carrigrohane, co, Cork, 

Barnes, Edwin, eld. s, of late Joseph Barnes, 
of Chorley, Lanes; j.p, (1908) Lancashire: 28 
Chorley New rd. Horwich, Lanes. 

Barnes, Edwin Clay, 4 s, of Alfred Barnes, 
of Ashgate Lodge, Chesterfield, M.P., d.l., J.p, 
{d. 1901) ; h. 1864 ; barr. Inner Temple 1890, J.P. 
(1904) Derbyshire : Oxford and Cambridge and 
Reform clubs ; Ashgate Lodge, Chesterfield. 



Baxnes, Fras.Edwd. s.of "Wm.Bames, of Forest 
Hill, Kent ; h. 1841 ; m. 1, 1864, Elizabeth E. 
dau. {d. 1905) of Edwin Denham. of Guernsey ; 
2, 1905, Edith West, of Monks Risborough ; J. p. 
Surrey, mayor of Reigate 1897-1902 and 
1910-11 : Normanton, Reigate Heath, Surrey; 
Aldeburgh, Suffolk. 

Barnes, Fredc. Gorell, m.a. Cantab., f.R.g.s., 
only survg. s. of Chas. Barnes, of Mossley Hill, 
Lanes., J.P. (d. 1886) ; m. 1894, Caroline Anne 
Roper, only dau. of sir Roper Lethbridge, 
K.C.I.E., of Exbourne Manor, Devon ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1885, D.L., J.P. (1897) Kent, M.P. (C.) 
N. E. Kent 1895-1900 : Carlton, Garrick and 1900 
clubs ; Eyot "Wood, Shiplake, Oxon. 

Barnes, G^o. Nicoll, s. of — Barnes, of 
Lochee, Forfar ; h. 1859 ; asst. sec. to Amalga- 
mated Soc. of Engineers 1892-5, gen. sec. 
1896-1908, M.P. (lab.) Glasgow (Blackfriars and 
Hutchesontown divn.) from 1906 : 2 Alderbrook 
rd. Balham, S.W. 

Barnes, Geo. Stapylton, c.B (1909), eld. 8. of 
late Geo. Carnac Barnes, c.B. ; 6. 1858 ; m. 1887, 
Sybil de Gournay, dau. of late Chas. Buxton, 
M.P., of Foxwarren, Surrey ; comptroller of 
companies dept. Board of Trade 1904-11 and 
comptr.-gen. of labour and statistical depta. 
1911-13, 2 sec. Board of Trade from 1913: 
Board of Trade, Gwydyr House, Whitehall, 
S.W. ; Brooks's, Reform and Alpine clubs ; 
Foxholm, Cobham, Surrey. 

Barnes, Henry, m.d.,ll.d.,p.r.8.e..s». of Joseph 
Barnes, of Aikton, Cumberland; h. 1842; m. 
1873, Emily Mary, dau. of Thos. Barnes, of 
Bolton, Lancashire : J.P. Cumberland and 
Carlisle; v.p. (formerly Pres.) Brit. Med. 
Assoc. : 6 Portland sq. Carlisle. 

Barnes, sir Hugh Shakespear, k.c.s.1. (1903), 
K.c.v.o. (1903), 8. of late Ralph Jas. Barnes, 
I.C.S. ; h. 1853 ; 7w. 1, 1888, Winifred, eld. dau. 
{d. 1892) of sir John Strachey, G.c.s.i., c.i.e. ; 
2, 1894, Edith H., dau. of late rev. canon 
Reginald Barnes; entd. I.C.S. 1874, priv. sec. 
to Financial memb. of Council 1896, on special 
duty foreign dept. 1879, political officer Kandahar 

1880, asst, to agent to gov.-gen., Baluchistan 

1881, political agent Quetta 1883, rev. commr. 
1891, agent to gov.-gen. 1896, foreign, sec. to 
govt, of India 1900-3, It. -gov. of Burma 1903-5, 
memb. of Indian council 1905-13 : E. I. United 
Service club ; Woodlands Corner, West By- 
fleet, Surrey. 

Bames,'^John Fredk. Evelyn, c.M.G. (1901), 
M.I.C.E., s. of late Fredk. Piers Barnes ; h. 1851 ; 
m. 1879, Mary S. Graves ; engr. and surveyor 
Abercorn estates, Ireland 1873, govt, surveyor 
Natal 1880, boro' engr. Durban 1882, asst. col. 
engr. and surveyor-gen. Natal 1888 with seats on 
exec, and legisl. councils ; chief engr. of public 
works dept. of Natal 1894-1910, ret. on p. 1911 : 
rend, valuable asst. to mily. during Boer war 
1899-1902, commr. for Natal at St. Louis Exhib. 

1904, maj. on sup. staff 1907, commdg. Natal 
Engrs. 1910 : 45 Burger st. Pietermaritzburg, 

Barnes, col. Osmond, c.B. (1893), s. of John 
Barnes, of Chorleywood House, Rickmansworth 
{d. 1865) ; 6. 18.34 ; m. 1862, Emily, dau. {d. 1912) 
of gen. Edwd. R. Mainwaring ; served in Indian 
mutiny, 1857-9 ; Abyssinian campaign, 1868 ; 
Afghan war, 1878-9 ; with Zhob Valley expdn. 
1884, Ind. army : 40 Mount Park rd. Ealing, W. 

Barnes, hon. Ronald Gorell, 2 s. of 1 baron 
Gorell, P.c. ; b. 1884 : barr. Inner Temple 1909 ; 
on editorial staff of "The Times " ; heir pres. to 
barony : 10 Old sq. Lincoln's Inn, W.C, 

Barnes, Thos., youngest s. of Wm. Barnes, 
of Stoaehouse, Devon ; 6. 1853; m. 1876, dau. 
of Samuel Thome, of Shebbear, Devon; J. p. 
(1910) Devon: 10 Wolseley terr. Houndiscombe 
rd. Plymouth. 

Bamea, Thos. Underwood, s. of John Barnes, 
of Leicester; b. 1857; J.P. (1908) Derbyshire: 
Trent House, Long Eaton, Nottingham. 

Barnes, Wm. Middleton, j.p. (1906) Cumber- 
land : Carswell House, Ellenborough. Maryport. 

Barnes, hon. Aura Ellida Gorell, dau of 1 
baron Gorell, P.c. ; b. 1887. 

Barnes, mrs.— Ellen, 2 dau. of late John 
Cheetham, of Eastwood, Cheshire ; m. 1864, Jas. 
Richardson Barnes, of The Quinta and Brookside, 
Salop. J.P. (r/. 1899) : Brookside, Weston-Rhyn, 

Barnes, mrs. — Mary Emma, only dau. of 
Augustus Marsden Barnes, of Natal, S. Africa ; 
m. 1887, Henry Durell Barnes, of Berkeley, Kent 
{d. 1906) : Berkeley, Dunkirk, Favershani, Kent. 

Bamett, Alfred John, M.v.o. 5 class (1912), 
s. of Samuel Bamett ; b. 1857 ; sen. pilot (King's), 
Portsmouth Dockyard : The Dockyard, Ports- 

Bamett, Andrew Ketchan, 2 s. of John 
Bamett, of Chacewater; b. 1852; m. 1878, 
Tryphena J. Uren, of Penzance; J P. (1911) 
Cornwall : 11 Penrose terr. Penzance. 

Bamett, Charles Edward, eld. s. of Chas. G^o. 
Bamett, of Sunninghill, Berks, j.p. (J. 1896); b. 
1848 ; m. 1872, hon. Augusta Rosa, 2 dau. of 1 
baron Ormathwaite : 18 Courtfiold gdns. S.W. ; 
Arthur's club. 

Bamett, capt. Geo. Hy.. eld. s. of Frank 
H. Barnett, of Glympton, Oxon, J.P. {d. 1907) ; 
b. 1880; m. 1904, Mary Dorothea, dau. of late 
rev. Robt. Lowbridge Baker, of Ramsden House, 
Oxon. ; served in S. African war 1900-2, Somali 
land- expdn. 1903, capt. King's R. Rif. Corps 
from 1907, j.p. (1909) Oxfordshire: Boodle's 
club ; Glympton Park, Woodstock. 

Barnett, Geoffrey Arthur. 4 s. of Chas. E. 
Barnett, of 18 Courtfield gdns. S.W., by hon. 
Augusta R., 2 dan. of 1 baron Ormathwaite ; 
h. 1880 ; m. 1907, lady Aline, 3 dau. of 3 earl of 
Verulam, h. 1883 : 40 Draycott pi. Chelsea,S.W. 



Barnett, Walter, lord of the manor of Bilton : 
Bilton Hall, nr. Eugby. 
Barnewall, hon. Ohas, Aloysius, 2 s. of 18 

baron Trimlestown ; h. 1899. 

Barnewall, sir John Eobt., 11 bart. (1622), 
eld. s. of John Barnewall (d. 1890) and kinsman 
of 10 bart. [d. 1909) : b. 1860 ; vi. 1884, Grace, 
dau. of Arthur R. Blennerhassett, of Essendon, 
Victoria {Hi'ii\ s. Reginald J., b. 1888) : Upper 
Thornton Station, Victoria, Australia. 

Barnewall, hon, Reginald Nicholas Fras. 
Mary, eld. s. of 18 baron Trimlestown ; b. 1897. 

Barnewall, hon. Annie ; hon. Marcella ; sis, 
of 18 baron Trimlestown. 

Barnewall, hon. Ivy Esmay Myee, b. 1890 ; 
hon. Marcella Hilda Charlotte, b. 1893 ; hon. 
Letitia Anne Margaret, b. 1895; daus. of 18 
baron Trimlestown. 

Bamham, Henry Dudley, c.M.G. (1897), s. of 
late Chas, Windham Barnham, of War Office ; 
b. 1851 : TO. 1897, Rosalie Mary, 2 dau. of John 
Best Newton, c.E., of Kingston-on-Thame? ; 
consul at Aleppo, Turkey, 1894-1906, consul- 
gen, at Ispahan, Persia, 1906-8, at Smyrna from 
1908 : BritishConsulate-General, Smyrna, Turkej'. 

Bamsley, sir John, v.d., eld. s. of late Tbos. 
Barnsley, of Edgbaston, Warwickshire, J. p. ; b. 
1858; m. 1882, Ellen Rutherford, dau. of late Robt. 
Davis, of Wandsworth, Surrey, J. P. ; is J.P. (1895) 
Warwickshire and Birmingham, It.-col. commdg. 
5 battn. R. Warwick regt. 1908-11. It.-col. T. F. 
Res. from 1914, knighted 1914 : Earlsfield, Wood- 
bourne rd. Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Bamsley, Milne, 4 s. of late Geo, Barnsley, 
of Liverpool ; h. 1864; m. 1890, Katharine, dau. 
of J. M. Cheetbaiu, of Eyford Park, Glo's ; .i.r. 
(1906)Glo*stei-sliire: Coldicote,Moreton-iu-Marsh. 

Barnstaple, archdeacon of (Ex.), vide bp. of 

Bamston, Harry, m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 8. of 
maj. Wm. Bamston, of Crewe Hill,, J.P. {d. 1872) ; 
b. 1870; barr. Inner Temple 1898, J.P. (1897) 
Cheshire, loi'd of manor of Farndon. capt. 
Cheshire I. Y. in 1906, M.P. (c.) Cheshire 
(Eddisbury divn. ) from 1910 : Carlton and Bath 
clubs ; Crewe Hill, Farndon, Cheshii-e. 

Barr, It.-col. sir David Wm. Keith, K.c.s.i. 
(1902), s. of late It.-gen. H. J. Barr, I.S.C. ; b. 
1846 ; m. 1871, Constance, dau. of late maj. -gen. 
J.G. Scott, Bombay Army ; served in Abyssinian 
campaign 1868, agent to the gov.-gen. in Central 
India 1894-1900, resident, Hyderabad, 1900-5, 
memb. of council of India from 1905 : 92 
Onslow gdns. S.W. ; United Service club. 

Barr, sir Jas., m.d. Glas., f.r.c.p. Lond., 
F.R.s. Edin., LL.D. Liverpool and Toi'onto, eld. s. 
of late Samuel Barr, of Claremont, co. Tvrone, 
J.P. ; b. 1849; m. 1882, Isabella, . dau. ^f J. 
Woolley, of Liverpool; It.-col. R.A.M.C. (1 
AVcstern Gen. Hosp.) from 1908: v. p. British 
Med. Assoc. ; knighted 1905 : 72 Rodney st. 

Barr, John, s. of John Barr, of Campsie 
Glen, Stirlingshire ; i. 1852 ; m. 1894, Kate, dau. 
of John McAdam, of Bridge of Weir ; is j.p. 
(1895) Derbyshire : Dinting Lodge, Glossop. 

Barr, John, m.b. Glasg., s. of late Samuel 
Barr, of Claremont, co. Tyrone, j.p. ; b. 1853 ; 
7?i. 1875, Minnie, dau. of Geo. Hewson Appleby, 
of Scarborough ; j.p. (1893) Lancashire : Willow 
Grange, Rishton, Lanes. 

Barran, Alfred, 4 s. of sir John Barran, 
1 bart. (d. 1905) ; b. 1851 ; m. 1, 1883, Lilly 
Maria, dau. (d. 1885) of late Thos. Scattergood, 
M.R.c.S. ; 2, 1904, Anne Mabel, only dau. of 
late capt. T. C. Wharton, 97 regt. ; j.p. (1905) 
W. R. Yorks and Leeds : Reform and Alpine 
clubs ; Giggleswick, Settle. 

Barran, Chas.. 3 s. of sir John Barran, 1 bt. (d. 
1905) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1876, Louisa A. dau. of late 
John McNab, of Midton House, Renfrewshire ; 
J.p. (1894) Devon, chm. Dart dist. board of 
conservator? : Manor House, Berry Pomeroy, 
Totnes. Devon ; Roy. Western Yacht club, 

Barran, Henry, m.a., ll.m. Cantab. 5 s. of 
sir John Barran, 1 bt. (d. 1905) ; b. 1856 ; m. 
1891, Rosalie M., dau. {d. 1914) of late Edgar 
Flower, of MiddlehUl, Worcestershire ; barr. 
Inn^-r Temple 1886, j.p. (1903) W. R. Yorks: 
Reform club; Shad well Grange, Moor Allerton, 
nr. Leeds. 

Barran, sir John Nicholson, 2 bt. (1895), 
B.A.Cantab, eld. s. of John Barran (d. 1886) and 
grands, of 1 bt. (r/. 1905) ; b. 1872 ; m. 1902, 
Alice Margarita, eld. dau. of rev. Leighton Parks, 
D.D., of New Yori?, U.S.A. ; parly, sec. to 
chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster 1909-10, 
to postmaster-gen. 1910-14, and to pres. of Local 
Govt. Board from 1914, M.P. (L.) Hawick 
Burghs from 1909, J.P. (1910) W. R. Yorka (Heir, 
s. John Leighton, b. 1904) : Reform club; Sawley 
Hall, nr. Ripon, Yorks. 

Barran, Rowland Hirst, 6 s. of sir John 
Barran, 1 bt. (fZ. 1905) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1, 1887, 
Rose Cardew, dau. (marriage dissolved 1899) of 
rev. Gilbert Bradley ; 2, 1909, Louise, dau. of 
J. Stevenson Brown, of Montreal, Canada ; dir. 
of John Barran & Sons Ltd. merchants, gov. 
of Leeds Gram. Schl., memb. of Court, of Leeds 
Univ., M.P. (L.)N. Leeds from 1902 : 24 Queen's 
gate, S.W. ; Reform, Bath, and Ranelagh clubs ; 
Beechwood, Roundhay, nr. Leeds. 

Barran, Eliza, lady. — c'au. of Wm. Brown, 
Helensburgh, N.B. ; m. 1, John Bilton, of Scar- 
borough (d. 1872) ; 2, 1878, as his 2 wife, sir 
John Barran, 1 bart. (d. 1905) : Chapel Allerton 
Hall, nr. Leeds. 

Barrass, Matthew, j.p, (1914) co. Durham : 
Church Yilla, Wheatley Hill, Thornley, co. 

Barratt, vide Layland-Barratt. 

Barratt, Walter Edwd., 2 s. of Jas. Barratt, 
of Kersal, Lanes ; b. 1850 ; m. 1887, Ethel, dau. 



of Gilbert McMicking, of Miltoni8e,Wigtonsliire; 
J.p. (1897) Salop: Linley Hall, nr. Bishop's 
Castle, Salop. 

Barratt, col. Wm. Cross, C.B. (1911), d.s.o. 
(1897), 3 s. of late Jas. Barratt, of Hanslope, 
Bucks ; b. 1862 ; m. 1907, Katharine M. Gold- 
smith, formerl)' of Betton Hall, Market Dray- 
ton ; served with Soudan expdn. 1885, Zhob 
Valley expdn. 1890, Waziristan expdn. 1894-5, 
and in commd, of Indian contingent in E. Africa 
1895-6, in Uganda 1897-8, in China 1900 and 
against Darwesh Khel Waziris 1902, col. Ind. 
army 1909 : E. I. United Service club, 

Barratt, Wm. Isaac, youngest s. of Wm. 
Barratt, of Coniston, Lancashire, J.P. {d. 1881); 
h. 1855 ; m. 1882, Etbel, youngest dau. of late 
J.Wood, of Manchester; j.p. (1886) Cumber- 
land and (1893) Lancashire: Kepplewray, 

Barrett, vide Moulton-Barrett. 

Barrett, Alex. Gould, 2 s. of maj. Wm. 
Barrett, of Moredon, Somerset, D.L., i.V.{d. 1914); 
b. 1866; m. 1909, Dorothy, 2 dau. of lute rev. 
A. R. Cartwright, rect. of Hornblotton, Castle 
Gary; maj. W. Somerset yeo. 1904-11, J.P. 
Somerset: North Curry, Taunton. 

Barrett, It. -gen. sir Arthur Arnold, K.c.B. 
(1908), K.c.v.o. (1912), 3 s. of late rev. Alfred 
Barrett, d.d. ; b. 1857; in. 1, 1894, Mary. dau. 
{d. 1897) of Jas. Haye, of Fowey, Cornwall : 2, 
1907, Ella, 3 dau. of Hy. Lafone, of Knockholt, 
Kent; served in Afghan war 1879-80, Hazara 
expdn. 1888. Miranzai (2nd) expdn. 1891, Hunza- 
Nagar expdn. 1891, Tirah 1897-8, Bazar Valley 
an<l Mohmand expdns. 1908, adjt.-gen. in India 
1909-12, commdg. 6(Pooua) divn. S. army, India 
from 1912, It. -gen. 1911, Ind. army: Poona. 

Barrett, Chas. Rollo, s. of late capt. S. G. 
Barrett ; b. 1854 ; m. 1882, Mary Delmar, dau. 
of Alfred Barry, of Sevenoaks. * Kent; is J.P. 
(1894) CO. Durham : WhitehiU Hall, Pelton Fell, 
CO. Durham. 

Barrett, P. A., an asst. sec. Board of Inland 
Rev. from 1912 : Secretaries' office, Somerset 
House, W.C. 

Barrett, Fredk. Whitfield, youngest s. of late 
W. Barrett, of Silver Spring House, Cork ; b. 
1875 ; m. li904, hon. Isobel Caroline, 5 dau. of 
4 baron Kensington, b. 1879; It. 15 huss. fiom 
1899 : Silver Spring House, co. Cork. 

Barrett, Hy. Augustus Scott, eld. s. of Wm. 
Scott Barrett, of Abbotsgate, Blundellsands, 
n.L., J.P. ; 6. 1875 ; m. 1903, Evelyn Mary 
Vickers ; J.P. (1909) Lancashire: Linden, 
Blundellsands, Liverpool. 

Barrett, Jas. Fras., m.b. R.U.I., j.p. (1909) 
Middlx. : Edburga House, The Bank. High st. 
Highgate, N. 

Barrett, Jas. Wm., c.m.g. (1911),m.d.,m.r.c.8. 
Eng ,s. of la'e Jas. Barrett, M.D..of S. Melbourne, 
Aust. ; b. 1862 ; m. 1888, Marian, dau. of Chas. 

Rennick, of Melbourne ; memb. of the council 
and lecturer of the Univ. of Melbourne; 105 
Collins St. Melbourne ; Heimath, Toorak, Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Barrett, It.-gen. John ; ret. f. p. 1880. 

Barrett, Robt. Bell, youngest s. of late capt. 
Barrett, of Heighington House, co. Durham ; b. 
18 — : m. 1893, Frances, M., youngest dau. of 
late Wm. Robinson, of Reedley Hall, Burnley ; 
J.P. Westmorland : Royal Automobile and New 
clubs ; Skipton Castle, Skipton, Yorks. 

Barrett. Thos. Lawrence, 2 s. of Henry Barrett, 
of Chelaea, Middx. ; 6. 1841 ; m. 1863, 2 dau. of 
Wm. Adams, of Milton, Cambridgeshire ; J.P. 
Liberty of Peterborough : Long Causeway, Peter- 

Barrett, Wm., t.d. (1909), eld. s. of maj.Wra. 
Barrett, of Moredon, Somerset, d.l., J.p.(rf.l914); 
b. 1863; »t. 1908, Gwerfyl, 2 dau. of rev. canon 
I. Grey Lloyd, .M..\. of Cresbo rough, Haverford- 
west ; D.L., J.P. Somerset, late It. 5 drag, gds., 
It.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 1901) W. Somerset 
Yeo. 1900-11 and hon. col, of the regt. from 
1911 : CJavalry club ; Somerleigh, Minehead, 

Barrett, sir Wm. Fletcher, f.r.b. Lond. and 
Edin., etc., s. of rev. W. G. Barrett {d. 18()5) ; 
b. 1844 : asst. to prof. Tyndall 1863, science 
master Internation il Coll. 1867, lectr. on physics, 
Roy. Sell. Naval Architecture 1869, prof, of 
physics, Roy. Coll. of Science for Ireland 
1874-1910, e£-pres. S >c. for Psychical Research, 
J.P. CO. Dublin, knigh*ed 1912: Di Vesci terr. 
Kingstown, Dublin ; Carrigoona, nr. Bray, co. 
Wicklow : National Liberal club. 

Barrett, sir Wm. Scott, s. of late J. C. Barrett, 
of Leeds ; 6. 1843 ; m. 1869, Julia L., youngest 
dau. of late rev. A. A. Colvile, of Livermere, 
Suffolk; is D.L., J.P. and c.A. for Lancashire 
(chm. iiiiart. sess. and chm. c.c), knighted 1913 : 
National Liberal club ; Abbotsgate, Blundell- 
sands, Lanes. 

Barrett, lady Maud E. Gundreda, 2 dau. of 9 
earl of Cavan ; b. 1869 ; m. 1892. Hy. John Barrett 
{d. 1901) : Finches, Rustington, Sussex. 

Barrett- Iien.nard,(hon. )FiennesCecil Arthur, 
eld. 8. of capt. Tiios. Barrett-Lennard, 5 drag, 
gds. {d. 1908) ; b. 1880 ; served in S. African 
war 1899-1913, barr. Lincoln's Inn 1905, puisne 
judge of supreme court of Gold Coast from 1913 : 
Accra, Gold Coast. 

Barrett - Liennard., Richd, Fiennes, m.a. 
Cantab., 2 s. of sir Thos. Barrett-Lennard, 2 bt. 
of Belhus ; b. 1861 ; m. 1892, Lepel J., eld. dau. 
of late rev. Hy. Thornton Pearse, of 33 Evelyn 
gdns. S.W.; J.P. (1888) Essex: 233 Eastern rd. 
Kemp Town, Brighton ; United University, and 
Union (Brighton) clu^■8. 

Barrett-Iiennard, sir Thos., 2 bt. (1801), of 
Belhus, grands, of 1 bt. {d. 1857) ; b. 1826 ; m. 
1863, Emma, dau. of rev. sir John Page Wood, 
ivL.p,, 2 bt,, and niece of I baron Hatherley : m.a. 



' .ahtab., t).t. 60. Moiaagkatl (sheriff 1866), D.L., 
J. p. Essex (sheriff 1865), {Heir, 3. Thos. B., q.v.) : 
Belhus, Aveley, Purfleet, Essex; United Uni- 
versity and Brooks's clubs ; 7 Lewes cresc. 

Barrett-Lennard, Thomas, eld. s. of sir 
Thomas Barrett-Lennard, 2 bt. ; b. 1853 ; m. 
1884, Mary, only survg. dau. of late rev. canon 
Price, vicar of Llanarth, Mon.; barr. Middle 
Temple 1879, J.P., d.l. Essex, J. P. Norfolk: 
Brooks's and Travellers' clubs ; Horsf ord Manor, 

Barrie, Hugh Thorn, b. 1860 ; j.p. and c.c. 
Londonderry, chm. County Agriculture and 
Technical comm., M.P. (c.) N. Londonderry from 
1906: Constitutional (Lond.),and Ulster (Belfast) 
clubs ; The Manor House, Coleraine, Ireland. 

Barrie, sir Jas. Matthew, 1 bart. (1913), M.A., 
LL.D.Edin., 3 s. of David Barrie, of Kirriemuir, 
Forfarshire ; b. 1860 ; novelist and playwright : 
1 to 3 Robert st. Adelphi, W.C. ; Athenaeum 
club ; Kirriemuir, Forfarshire. 

Barringrtoa, 9 vise. (1720, ir.), WalterBuIkeley 
Barrington, only s. of 8 vise. {d. 1901) by only 
dau. and heir of Tiilly Higgins ; b. 1848 ; ni. 1, 
1870, Mary Isabella, 2 dau. {d. 1903) of late rev. 
R. Bogue, rect. of Denbury, S. Devon ; 2, 1905, 
Charlotte Mary L., dau. of late maj. Geo. 
Montagu Stopford, R.E., and widow of John 
n Arden Birch ; sits as baron Shute (1880, U.K.) ; 
^ D.L., J.P. Berks, j.p. Northants and Bucks {Heir, 
s. hon. Wm. R. S., q.v.): 101 Eaton sq. S.W. ; 
Carlton and Travellers' clubs ; Beckett House, 
Shrivenham, Berks. 

Barrington, Alfred Edwd., J.P. (1912) Devon : 
Tor Royal, Princetown, Devon. 

Barringrton, hon. sir (Bernard) Eric E., k.c.b. 
(1902), s. of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 1847 ; m. 1879, 
Christina, youngest dau. of late Wm. Graham ; 
clerk in foreign office, priv. sec. to pari, und.-secs. 
for foreign aff. (A. J. Otway and vise. Enfield) 
1869-74, precis writer to foreign sec. (earl of 
Derby) 1874-8, and to marq. of Salisbury 1878- 
80, and priv. sec. 1885-6, 1887-92, and 1895-1900, 
to marq. of Lansdowne (sec. of state for foreign 
affairs) 1900-5, actg. 2 sec. of embassy in diplom. 
service abroad in 1878, asst. under-sec. of state 
for foreign affairs 1906, ret. 1907 : The Old 
Lodge, Wimbledon, S.W. ; St. James's and 
Travellers' clubs. 

Barringrton, sir Chas. Burton, 5 bt. (1831), 
M.A. Dublin, eld. s. of 4 bt. {d. 1890) ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1895, Mary R., dau. of late sir Hy. Hickman 
Bacon, 10 and 11 bt., premier bt. of England ; is 
D.L., J.P. CO. Limerick (sheriff 1878), hon. col. 
Limerick City R. F. Res. A. from 1908 {Heir, s. 
Chas. B., b. 1902) : Carlton, Union, and Kildare 
Street (Dublin) clubs ; Glenstal, Limerick. 

Barrington, surg.-gen. John Leslie, E.N. 
(ret.), L.R.c.P. & 8.1. , dep. surg.-gen. 1910, ret. 
list 1912 with perm, to assume rank of surg.-gen. 

Barrington, hoh. Rupert Edwd. Selbotne, 3 s. 
of 9 vise. Barrington; b. 1877; m. 1903, Mary 
Georgiana, 2 dau. of col. Geo, Arthur Ferguson, 
of Pitfour, Aberdeenshire, d.l., J.P., by hon. 
Nina M., dau. of gen. 1 vise. Bridport, G.C.B.; 
served in S. African war 1900-1, with 11 battn. 
Imp. Yeo., hon. It. in the army 1901, capt. 
Scottish Horse yeo. from 1914. 

Barrington, Russell Hy., eld. s. of rev. canon 
the hon. Lowther John Barrington {d. 1897) by 
lady Catherine G., dau. {d. 1885) of 2 earl of 
Chichester; h. 1840; vi. 1868, Etnilie Isabel, 
youngest dau. of late rt. hon. Jas. Wilson, M.P. ; 
is J.P. (1906) Somerset : 4 Melbury rd. Kensing- 
ton, W. ; Herds Hill, Langport, Somerset. 

Barrington, hon. Walter Bernard Louis, 2 s. 
of 9 vise. Barrington ; b. 1876 ; m. 1901, Eleanor 
Nina, 2 dau. of his honor judge sir Thomas 
Snagge, K.C.M.G., d.l.: Carlton club; Manor 
House, Little Bookham, Surrey. 

Barrington, hon. sir Wm. Augustus C, 
K.c.M.G. (1901), 8. of 6 vise. Barrington ; b. 1842 ; 
charge d'affaires Argentine Republic 1883-4, in 
Peru 1884-5, consul-gen. for Hungary 1886-8, sec. 
to embassy at Madrid 1889-92, at Vienna 1892-6, 
envoy extrady. and min. plenipo. to Argentine 
Republic and to the Republic of Paraguay 1896- 
1902, to Sweden and Norway 1902-4 : 17b, Gt. 
Cumberland pi. W.; Travellers', Turf, St. James's 
and Bachelors' clubs. 

Barrington, hon. Wm. Reginald Shute, eld. 
s. of 9 vise. Barrington; b. 1873; J.P. (1906) 
Berks, capt. 4 battn. (special res.) Oxfordshire 
and Bucks L.I. from 1897: Bachelors' club; 
Medlar Cottage, Shrivenham, Berks. 

Barrington, hon. Florence, dau. of 7 vise. 
Barrington ; b. 1850. 

Barrington - Kennett, It.-col. Brackley 
Herbert Barrington, b.a. Trin. Coll. Camb., 2 s. 
of late capt. Vincent F. Kennett, of Manor 
House, Dorchester, Oxon., and last survg. dau. of 
sir J. Barrington, K.c, M.P., judge of admiralty ; 
b. 1846; in. 1884, EUinor Frances, dau. of F. L. 
Austen, of Brightwell Park, Oxfordshire, and 
granddau. of sir Hy. Austen, w.l., of Shalford 
Park, Surrey ; served in Jowaki Affredi campaign 
1877, Afghan war 1878-81, It.-col. late K.O.L.I., 
one of H.M.'s Body guard from 1895, J.P. (1901) 
Sussex : Army and Navy and Leander clubs ; 
Tillineton House, nr. Petworth, Sussex. 

Barrington-Ward, Fredk. Temple, barr, 
Lincoln's Inn 1905, rec. of Hythe from 1914 : 2 
Douro pi. Kensington, W. ; 2 Harcourt bldgs. 
Temple, E.C. 

Barrington- White, Jas., eld. s, of late Thos. 
Hy. White, J. P., of Orange Hill, Tandragee, co. 
Armagh, by Mary, dau. of Edwd. Barrington, 
D.L., of Fassaroe, co. Wicklow ; b. 1856 ; m. 1884, 
Mary, dau. (d. 1914) of John Kane Boyd, of 
Cultra House, co. Down ; assumed addtl. name 
of Barrington in 1893, J.P, co. Armagh (sheriff 
1898) and Herts, late It. Herts, yeom,, lord of 



the manor of Temple Dinsley, Herts : 15 Princes 
Gate, S.W. ; Carlton, Wellington, Garrick and 
Cavalry clubs. 

Barron, Claud Alex., c.i.k. (1911), p.R.g.s., 
s. of late col. W. Barron, B.S.C.; b. 1871 ; m. 
1912, Ida Mary, dau. of E. H. Ewart, c.i.E., 
D.S.o. ; Ind. C. S. (Punjab) 1892. und.-sec. to 
Punjab govt. 1896, dep. commr. 1902, sec. to 
Survey of India comttee. 1904-5. dep. commr. 
Delhi 1909-11, chief sec. Punjab govt, from 1912 : 
Lahore, India ; E. I. United Service club. 

Sarron, maj.-gen. sir Harry, r.a., k.c.m.G. 
(1909), G.Y.O. (1907). s. of Chas. Barron, of Den- 
mark Hill, S.E. ; h. 1847 ; m. 1877, Clai-a Emily, 
dau. of late maj.-gen. Thos. Conyngham Kelly, 
C.B., of Loughbrown, co. Kildare ; maj.-gen. 
commdg. r.a. at Malta 1904-8, ret. r- 1909, gov. 
of Tasmania 1909-13, of W. Australia from 1913 : 
Government House, Perth, W. Australia. 

Barron, Willie Netterville, m.v.o. 4 class 
(1912), M.R.C.S., L.R.c.p. Lond., 3 s. of Gerald 
Edwd. Barron. M.D., of Oranboume Corner, 
Ascot, Berks ; h. 1872; m. 1905, Lucy, 2 dau. of 
rev. dr. Coghlan, of Mourne Abbey, Mallow, 
Ireland ; phy. in ordy. to T.R.H. prince and 
princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein from 
1912 : Royal Societies club ; Cranbourne Corner, 
Ascot, Berks. 

Barrow, adml. Arth., It. of " Charybdis " 
during operations in the Lingie and Lukat 
rivers, against Malays, in Straits of Malacca 
1874, asst. dir. of Naval Intell. 1892-5 and 1897, 
A.D.C. to King Edward VII. 1901-3, ret. 190G, 
adml. on ret. list 1911. 

Barrow, Bridgman Langdale, 4 but only 
survg. s. of R. Bridgman Barrow, of Sydnope 
Hall {d. 1876) ; b. 1844 ; m. 1880, Jane Margaret, 
eld. dau. of C. H. Cakes, Holly Hurst, Riddings, 
Derbyshire ; j.P. Derbyshire : Sydnope Hall, 
near Matlock. 

Barrow, gen. sir Edmund Geo., G.c.B. (1909), 
s. of late maj.-gen. J. L. Barrow, c.B., K.\. 
(Madras) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1882, Marion Letitia, dau. 
of late rev. Wm. Story, of Corick, Clogher, co. 
Tyrone ; served in Afghan war 1878-9 ; Egyptian 
war 1882 ; operations on N. W. frontier, India, 
1897-8, China expdy. force 1900-01, sec. to govt, 
of India, mily. dept. 1901-4, commdg. 1 (Pesha- 
wur) divn. N. commd. in India 1904-8, commdg. 
forces Southern army, India 1908-12, a.d.c. Gen. 
to the King 1911-13, mily. sec. India office from 
1914, gen. 1909, col. 7 Duke of Connaught's Own 
Rajputs from 1904, Ind. army: 17a, Onslow 
gdns. S.W. ; Jun. United Service club. 

Barrow, sir Eras. Laurence John, 4 bart. 
(1835), only s. of 3 bart. {d. 1900) ; h. 1862 ; m. 
1890, Winifred S., 2 dau. of Wm. C. Steward, of 
Cartgate, Whitehaven (-ffeir, s. Wilfred John 
Wilson Croker, b. 1897). 

Barrow, Leonard Norman, 4 s. of John Jas. 
Barrow, of Holmewood, Kent, j.p. {d. 1903) ; b. 
1861 ; J.p. (1902) Notts, maj. Needles divn. sub- 

marine miners, R.E. fmil.) 1893-1903 rNormantott 
Hall, Southwell, Notts. 

Barrow, Oscar Theodore, c.s.i. (1907\ s, of 
.Jacob Barrow; b. 1854; m. 1888, Helen E. W., 
eld. dau. of late Reginald Reynolds, of Clarendon 
Square, Leamington ; i.C.S. 1877, asst. acctnt.- 
gen. Bombay 1887, dep. acctnt.-gen. 1887, offg. 
acctnt.-gen. and dep. coramr. paper currency N. 
W. ProV. 1888, acctnt.-gen. Bengal 1891, of 
Bombay 1894, oflfg. comptr. and auditor-gen. 
Calcutta 1897, 1898, 1903-4 and 1906-10, ret. 
1910 : Hurlinghaui and Isthmian clubs. 

Barrow, sir Reuben Vincent, p.r.g.s., s. of 
John Barrow, of Berraondsey, S.E. {d. 1864) ; b. 
18.38; m. 1859, Mary A., dau. of Edwd. Aggett, 
of Adelaide, S. Australia; j.p. Surrey (chra. 
Croydon county bench from 1894) and co. Lon- 
don, an aldm. of Croydon, M.p. (l.) Southwark 
(Bermondsey di^^l.) 1892-5, knighted 1912: 
Engadine, 9 Park Hill rd. Croydon ; Weston st. 
Berraondsey, S.E. ; Reform club. 

Barrow, Samuel, J.p. (1903) co. London: 
Burningfold Hall, Dunsfold, Godalming. 

Barrow, Samuel, jun., eld. s. of Samuel Barrow, 
of Dunsfold, Surrey, J. P. ; b. 1859 ; m. 1884 ; 
J.P. (1906) Surrey and (1908) co. London : 
National Liberal and Royal Automobile clubs ; 
The Grove, Carshalton, Surrey. 

Barro"w, Thos. Samuel Lloyd-, M.D., eld. s. 
of T. Waller Barrow, insp.-gen. of army hosp. 
((/. 1900); b. 1842 ; m. 1868, Catherine M., dau. 
(rf. 1911) of late Geo. Rees Bevan, of Pengay, 
Carmarthenshire, and niece and co-heir of late 
D. Watkins Lloyd, of Aberllech Hall ; It.-col. 
R.A.M.c. ret., served with 4 drag. gds. in Egyptian 
war 1882, at Tel-el-Kebir and capture of Cairo, 
assumed additl. name of Lloyd 1882, J.P. co. 
Brecknock : Barrodene, Weymouth ; Cefn Park, 
Brecon, S. Wales. 

Barrow, col. Wm. Eras., v.d., 2 survg. s. of late 
maj.-gen. de S. Barrow, Ind. army; b. 1855; 
m. 1889, Alice, dau. of H. Were, of Broadclyst, 
Devon; J.p. (1914) Bucks: Jun. Army and 
Navy,IndianI]mpire and M.C.C.clubs ; Ancoats, 
Iver Heath, Bucks. 

Barrow, mrs. — Dorothea N., dau. of late rev. 
Jas. Deans, vicar of Exminster ; m. 1867, John 
Jas. Barrow, of Holmewood, Kent, j.p. {d. 
1903) : 35 Hyde Park gdns. W. ; Holmewood, 
Langton Green, Kent: Northfield, Dornoch, 

Barrow-in-Furness, bp. of, rt. rev. Camp- 
bell West Watson, M.A., d.d. (hon.) Cantab., s. 
of Adam West Watson, of Liverpool; b. 1877 
m. 1905, Emily Mabel, dau. of late rev. Hy 
Monsarrat, formerly vicar of St. Thomas', 
Kendal ; bursar and lectr. of Ridley Hall, Cam 
bridge 1902-3, fell., chapln. and lectr. of Em 
manuel ColL Cambridge 1903-9, dean 1907-9 
exam, chapln. to bp. of Carlisle from 1905, canon 
res. of Carlisle from 1909, proc. in cony, from 



1012, bp. suffragan of Barrow-in-Furness (for 
(Uoc. of Carlisle) from 1909 : The Abbey, Carlisle. 

Barrowclifif, Herbert, eld. s. of late aldm. 
Marmaduke Barrowcliff, of Loughborough,Leices- 
tershire ; b. 1856 ; vi. 1880, Annie, dau. of late 
aldm. J.P.Ford, J.P., of Nottingham ; j.p. (1907) 
Leicestershire : Broxtowe, Blaby, Leicester- 

Barrows, Clement Herbert, 3 s. of Joseph 
Barrows, of Himley, Staffs, J.P. {d. 1903) : b. 
1864; J.P. (1894) Staffordshire: Oakfield, Soli- 
hull, Warwickshire. 

Barrows, Fredk. Welch, 5 s. of Joseph 
Barrows, of The Poplars, Yardley, Worcs, J.P. 
[d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; m. 1864, dau. of J. T. Thomas, 
of Wynols Hill, Coleford, Glos. ; J.P. (1897) 
and C.c. Staffs : Dean Court, Hands worth Wood^ 

Barrows, Joseph, eld. s. of Joseph Barrows, of 
The Poplars, Yardley, Worcs, J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 
1831 ; m. 1870, Sarah Margaret, dau. (d. 1898) of 
Chas. Edge, of Edgbaston, co. Warwick ; is J.p. 

(1895) Warwickshire and (1890) City of Birmmg- 
ham : Ferndale, Edgbaston, Warwickshire ; 
Church Hill Cottage, The Lickey Hills, Worces- 

Barrows, Thos. Welch, 2 s. of late Joseph 
Barrows, of The Poplars, Yardlev, Worcs, j.p. 
{d. 1890) ; b. 1833 ; m. 1860, Jeanie Murdock, 2 
dau. of dr. Walton, of Handsworth, Staffs ; 
J.p. (1901) Oxfordshire : The Aubreys, Warding- 
ton, Banbury. 

Barry, vide Smith-Barry. 

Barry, vide Wolfe Barry. 

Barry, Edwd., s.of late Garratt Barry, of New 
Mill^ Rosscarbery, co. Cork ; b. 1852 ; m. 1882, 
Marianne, dau. of late Timothy Sullivan ; is a 
farmer, j.p. (1893) co. Cork, m.p. (n.) S. Cork co. 
1892-1910 : Rathbarry, Rosscarbery, co. Cork. 

Barry, sir Edwd. Arthur, 2 bart. (1899), 
S-.s.A., eld. survg. s. of sir Eras. Tress Barry, 1 
bart. (baron de Barry), of St. Leonard's Hill, 
Berks, m.p., d.l., j.p. {d. 1907) ; 6. 1858; m. 1, 
1883, Kathleen E., eld. dau. (d. 1885) of late P. 
Bicknell, of Gurteen, Shinrone, co. Tipperary ; 2, 
1891, Eleanor M., elder dau. of col. Courtenay 
H. S. Scott, of Pennant Hall, Montgomeryshire ; 
baron de Barry in Portugal, J.P. Berks (sheriff 
1907), It-col. Berks yeo. 1910-14 {Heir, s. 
Claude F., b. 1883) : Cavalry club] Ockwells 
Manor, Bray, Berks. 

Barry, Harold Philip Harold, eld. survg. s. of 
John Harold-Barry, of Ballyvonare, co. Cork, 
D.L., j.F.{d. 1898); b. 1865; m. 1895, Helen F. 
M., dau. of John Gerard Riddell, Hermeston 
Hall, Notts : Ballyvonare, Buttevant. co. Cork. 

Barry, Henry Robt. Bruno Standish, s. of 
Chas. Standish Barry, of Leamlara, co. Cork, j.p. 
(d. 1897), by hon. Margaret M., sis. of 4 vise, 
Southwell; b. 1873; m. 1899, Eleanor Lilian 
Helena, dau. of maj.-gen. 0. B. Lucie-Smith ; J.P. 

(1896) CO. Cork : Leamlara,Carrigtwohill,co. Cork. 

Barry, maj, Jas. David, R H.A. (ret.), m. 1895, 
hon. Florence M., 2 dau. of 4 baron Clan morris 
and widow of J. PoUok, of Lismany, co. Galway ; 
D.L., J.p. {d. 1891) : Will3brook,Lucan,co. Dublin. 

Barry, Jas. Grene, eld. s. of Jas. Barry, of 
Bellevue, co. Limerick (d. 1856) ; b. 1841 ; m. 
1881, Mary, only dau. of Thos. Kane, M.D., J.P., 
of Whitehall, Limerick ; D.L., J.P. co. Limerick : 
Sandville House, Ballyneety, co. Limerick. 

Barry, Jas. Robt. Bury- (MacAdam Barry), 
only s. of capt. Robt. Bury, 7 drags., and grand- 
nephew of St. Leger Barry, of Ballyclough (Mac- 
Adam Barry), J.P., late capt. 65 regt. {d. 1888) ; b. 
1875 ; m. 1906, Judith Isabel, only dau. of 
Wm. Ringrose Ringrose-Voase, J. p., of Anlaby 
House, Yorks ; assumed addtl. name of Barry 
1888, J.P. (1896) CO. Cork (sheriff 1910) : Bally- 
clough, Kilworth, co. Cork. 

Barry, John, s. of Thos. Barry, of Poulrane, 
CO. Wexford : b. 1847 ; a manufacturer at Kirk- 
caldy, N.B. ; M.P. (H.R.) CO. Wexford 1880-5; (n.) 
for South divn. 1885-93, J.P. co, Fife : 9 and 10 
Old Bailey, E.C. ; National Liberal club ; Beu- 
nochy Park, Kirkcaldy, N.B. 

Barry, sir John Edmond, eld. s. of late John 
Barry, mercht. of Mid Abbey st. Dublin ; b. 
1828 ; m. 1849, Teresa, dau. of late John Keefe, 
of Ifferknock, co. Meath ; pres. of Dublin Cham- 
ber of Commerce 1897-98-90, memb. of Dublin 
Port and Docks Board 1867-97 and 1899-1903, 
ex-chm. of Board of Superintendence of Dublin 
hosps., ex-go V. of Roy. Hibernian Mily. School, 
knighted 1899 : 12 Mount joy sq. Dublin. 

Barry, John Warren, s. of rev. John Barry, 
rect. of Gt. Smeaton ; b. 1851 ; J.P. N. R. Yorks : 
Fyling Hall, Robin Hood's Bay, Yorks. 

Barry, Patrick Henry, eld. s. of late Wm. 
Henry Barry, of Ballyadam, co. Cork, J.P. ; b. 
1862 : Ballyadam, Carrigtwohill, co. Cork.] 

Barry, Thos. Garrett, eld. s. of late Wm 
BaiTy, M.D,, 68 regt. and countess Lucia K., dau. 
of late col. count Rivarola ; m. 1905, Muriel W., 
youngest dau. of maj.-gen. C. B. Lucie-Smith, of 
The Acacias, Worthing : Greenville, Carrigtwo- 
hill, CO. Cork. 

Barry, Wm. Jas., 3 s. of sir Eras. Tress Barry, 
1 bt. (baron de Barry), of St. Leonard's Hill, 
Windsor, M.P., D.L., J.p. {d. 1907) ; b. 1864 ; wi. 
1896, lady Grace, 3 dau. of 7 earl of Dunmore, 
b. 1873; J.P. (1911) Norfolk (sheriff 1912): 
Witchingham Hall, Norwich. 

Barry, Wm. Norton, only s. of maj. Wm. 
Norton Barry, 8 huss. of Castle Cor, co. Cork, 
J.p. {d. 1871) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1, 1881, Constance M., 
3 dau. of Fredk. J. Walker, of The Priory, 
Bathwick ; 2, 1899, Adelaide M., dau. of sir 
John Wrixon Becher, 3 bart. ; J.P. (1882) co. 
Cork : Castle Cor, Kanturk, co. Cork. 

Barry, lady.— Elizabeth Annie, dau. of late 
rev. canon H. J. Maltby, rect. of Eaglescliffe, 
CO, Durham ; m. 1881, vice -ad ml. sir Hy. Deacon 



Barrj, k.c.S'.o. {d. 1908): Hampton Court 
Palace, Middlx. 

Barry, hon. mis. Florence M., ride maj. Jas. 
David Barry. 

Barry, hon. mrs. Margaret M. Stancish, sis. 
of 4 vise. Southwell ; b. 1843 ; m. 1869, Chas. 
Standish Barry, of Leamlara, co. Cork, J. P. {d. 

Barry, dovv.-lady. — Sarah Douglas, only child 
of late Arthur Herron, of Northiam, Sussex; 
VI. 1861, sir Fras. Tress Barry, 1 bart. M.P., D.L., 
J. p., baron de Barry {d. 1907) : St. Leonard's 
Hill, Clewer, Windsor. 

Barrymore, lord (1 baron 1902, U.K.). Arthur 
Hugh Smith-Barry, p.c. (Irel. 1896), eld. s. of 
J. H. Smith-Barry, of Fota Island, co. Cork (d. 
1857) ; b. 1843 ; 7n. 1, 1868, 2 dau. {d. 1884) of 3 
earl of Dunraven ; 2, 1889, dau. of late gen. 
Wadsworth, mily. gov. of Washington during 
civil war, and widow of Arthur Post, of New 
York ; M.P. (L.) Cork 1867-74, (c.) S. Hunting- 
donshire 1886-1900 ; J.P. (1875) Cheshire (.-heriflF 
1883), D.L., J.P. (1867) CO. Cork (sheriflp 1886) 
and Hunts : i-aised to the peerage 1902 : 20 Hill 
St. W. ; Fota Island, Queenstown ; Marbury 
Hall, Northwich. 

Barstow, Geo. Lewis, c.b. (1913), 2 s. of H. 
C. Barstow, of Hazelbush, York ; b. 1874 ; m. 
1904, Enid, dau. of sir Alfred T. Lawrence, a 
judge of high court of justice, a principal clerk 
in the Treasury from 1909 : 36 Sussex gdns. W. ; 
The Treasury, S.W. ; Union club. 

Barstow, J. J. Jackson-, s. of late rev. T. N. 
Jackson, of Trinity coll. Cambridge and Sarah K. 
Barstow,of Acomb, York ; b. 18 — ; m. 1888, Maiy, 
eld. dau. of late sir A.Woodiwiss, of The Pastures, 
Derby ; assumed by royal licence addtl. name of 
Barstow 1881, d.l., j.p. Somerset : The Lodge, 
Weston-super- Mare. 

Bartelt, Friedrich Ludwig, s. of Jacob 
Bartelt, of Stargard, Pomerania ; b. 1852 ; 7n. 1878. 
dau. of S. S. Hodgson, Sunderland, co. Durham ; 
is J.P.(1895) Somerset : Corston Lodge,nr. Bristol. 

Barter, maj. -gen. Chas. St.Leger,c.v.o.(1904), 
C.B. (1900), s. of rev. J. T. Barier, of Berehaven, 
CO. Cork ; b. 1857 ; served in Ashanti expdn. 
1895-6, Tirah expdn. 1897-8, S. African war 
1899-1901, mil. sec. to gov. Cape Colony and to 
high commr. S. Africa 1894-5, a.q.m.g. W. 
commd 1905-6, commdg. a divn. Territl. force 
from 1914, maj .-gen. 1909 : United Service club. 
Barter, sir Richard, eld. s. of Richd. Barter, 
M.D. {d. 1870) ; h. 1837 ; m. 1874, Anna Madeline, 
dau. of rev. Wm. Jameson, m.a., of Dublin; 
hon. sec. Munster Dairy Sch. 1881-92, v. p. from 
1903, pres. Co. Cork Agricultural Soc. 1897, 
1898-1899, of Agricultural section of Cork Exhib. 
1902, of Muskerry Light Railw. from 1887, J P. 
CO. Cork, knighted 1911 : Ardcaein, St.Ann's Hill, 
CO. Cork ; Cork and Royal Cork clubs. 

Barth., (hon.) Jacob Wm.. m.a.,s. of late Wm. 
Wright Barth ; b. 1871 ; barr. Middle Temple 

1900, a judge of H.M.'s high court of British 
East Africa 1905-14, A.G. of E. Africa Protec- 
torate from 1914 : Nairobi, E.Africa Protectorate. 

Bartholome-w, Charles W., c.e., m.a. Cantab, 
M.R.Agl.s.. L.M.8.Art8, s. of Chas. Bartholomew, 
C.E., of Castle Hill House, Ealing {d. 1895) ; b. 
1850 ; »«. Lucy, dau. of late It.-col. E. Lee Ussher, 
51 N. I. (H.E.I.C.S.), CO. Waterford: National 
Union, Automobile, and Royal Societies clubs ; 
Blakesley Hall, nr. Towcester. 

Bartholome-w, Wm. Hammond, c.e., s. of 
late Thos. Hammond Bartholomew, c.E. ; 6. 1831 ; 
»i. 1860, dau. of late John Wilson, of High Wray, 
Windermere, .r.p. ; is j.p. (1892) W. R. Yorks : 
Ridgeway House, Headingley, Leeds. 

Bartleet, col. Harold Stock, v.d.. eld. s. of 
Robt. Smith BartUet, of The Shrubbery, Red- 
ditch, Worcs.,D.L.. J.P. (rf. 1902); b. 1853 ; m. 1880, 
Edith E., dau. of E. W. Kemp, of Castleford, 
Yorks, J.P. ; col. commdg. 2 vol. battn. Worces- 
tershire regt. 1901-3 (ret. 1903), J.P. co. Worces- 
ter : Woodhurst, Headless Cross, Redditch. 

Bartlenxan. maj .-gen. Woodburn Fras., served 
with 13 Light Inf. in Indian mutiny 1858, maj.- 
gen. Ind. army 1893, on U.S. list 1895: E. I. 
United Service club. 

Bartlet, John Henry, m.d. Lond., J.P. Suffolk : 
Birkfield. Belstead rd. Ipswich. 

Bartlet, Philip Perring de Ludbroke, m.a. 
Oxon.. 3 and only survg s. of rev. John Moysey 
de Ludbroke Bartlet, of Ludbrooke, Devon {d. 
1905), by Charlotte, dau. of genl. John Alex. 
Philips, R.M.A. ; b. 1868 ; lord of manor of Lud- 
brooke : Ludbrooke Manor House, Ermington, 
Ivybridge, Devon. 

Baxtlett, Edwd. Noel Napier, eld. s. of John 
Edwd. Bartlett, of Peverel Court, Bucks ; b. 
1870 ; m. 1894, Dorothy, dau. of sir Philip F. 
Rose, 2 bt., of Rayners. Bucks; J.P. (1902) 
Bucks : St. Margaret's Cottage, Penn, High 

Bartlett, Geo, Wm., 2 s. of late G. W. Bartlett, 
of Darlington, co. Durham ; b. 1844 ; »». 1877, 
dau. of late John Williamson, of Darlington ; 
J.P, (1911) CO Durham and Darlington: Brent- 
more, CoriisclifFe rd. Darlington. 

Bartlett, sir Herbert Henry, 1 bart. (1913), 
s. of Robt. Bartlett, of Hardington, Somerset 
(d. 1885) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1874, Ada C, dau. of J. 
Barr, of Ampthill sq. N. W. (Heir, s. Herbert E., 
b. 1875) : 54 Cornwall gdns. Kensington, S.W. 

Bartlett, sir Herbert Fogelstrom, I.8.O., s. of 
Edwin Thos. Bartlett, of Plymouth, Devon ; b. 
1847 ; m. 1876, Frances M., dau. of R. Linwood, 
of Bath, Somerset ; assist, sec. to Board of 
Inland Revenue 1897-1903, controller of Stamps 
and registrar of Joint Stock Companies, 1903-9, 
commr. of inland rev. 1909-13, knighted 1911 : 9 
Helena rd. Southsea. 

Bartlett, John, j.p. (1911) Bucks: Turville, 
North End, Bucks. 



Bartlett, rev. John Edwd. Parker, J.P. (1914) 
Norfolk, reet. of Barnhara-Broom and vicar of 
Bixton and Kimberley, Norf . from 1887 : 
Bamham-Brooni Rectory, Wymondham. 

Bartlett. lady Ashraead. — Frances C, dau. of 
H. E. Walsh ; m. IS?-!, sir Ellis Ashmead Bart- 
lett, knt., M.P. (d. 1902). 

Bartley, lady. — Mary C, 3 dau. of late sir 
Henry Cole, k.c.b. ; m. 1864, sir Geo. Christopher 
Trout Bartley, K.C.B., M.P., J. p., founder of the 
National Penny Bank {d. 1910) : 57 Victoria st. 
S.W, ; Shovelstrode, East Grinstead. 

Barton, col. Baptist Johnston, only s. of 
Baptist Johnston Barton, of Greenfort. co. 
Donegal, J.P. {d. 1851) ; b. 1848 : ?«. 1875, Isabel, 
dau. of Robt. McClintock, of Dunmore, co. 
Donegal, d.l. ; late It. 33 regt., It.-col. commdg. 
and col. 5 battn. (mil.) R. Inniskilling Fas. 1891- 
1908, A.D.c. to King Edward VII. 1905-10, to King 
George V. from 1910, D.L., J.P. co. Donegal 
(sheriflE 1877) : Greenfort, Letterkenny, and 
Portsalon, co. Donegal. 

Barton, Chas. Robt., eld. s. of It.-col. Hugh 
Wm. Barton, 2 life gds., of The Wateifoot, co. 
Fermanagh, D.L., J.P. (d. 1870) ; b. 1832 ; m. 
1872, Henrietta M. M., dau. of Hy. Mervyn 
Richardson, of Rossfad, co. Fermanagh, d.l. ; 
formerly capt. Fermaiaagh mil., D.L., J.P. co. 
Fermanagh, d.l. co. Donegal : The Waterfoot, 
Pettigo, CO. Fermanagh. 

Barton, hon. Dunbar Plunket, s. of T. H. 
Barton [d. 1878), by 3 dau. of 3 baron Plunket ; 
b. 1853: 7u. 1900, Marv, dau. of late Joseph 
Manly, of 17 Clyde rd. Dublin; Irish barr. 1880, 
Q.c. 1889, and barr. Gray's Inn 1893, bencher of 
Gray's Inn and of King's Inn, J.P. Dublin 
city and co. Armagh, s.G. for Ireland 1897-1900, 
M.P. (c.) Mid Armagh 1891-1900, a judge of high 
court of Justice (King's bench divn.) in Ireland 
1900-4 and (Chancery divn.) from 1904: 19 
Clyde rd. Dublin. 

JBarton, rt. hon. sir Edmund, P.C. (1901), 
G.c.M.G. (1902), K.c, D.C.L. (hon.) Oxon., ll.d. 
(hon.) Cantab, et Edin., m.a. and fell, of senate 
of Sydney univ., s. of Wm. Barton, of Sydney ; 
b. 1849 ; m. 1877, Jean Mason, daa. of David 
Ross ; memb. legisl. assembly N. S. Wales 1879- 
87 (speaker 1883-87). m.L.C. 1887-91,M.L.A. 1891-4, 
M.L.C. 1897-8, M.L.A.'l898-9, a.g. 1889 and 1891-3, 
memb. Fedn. Conventions 1891 and 1897-8, first 
prime min. and min. for external affairs, 
Federated Australia 1901-3, sen. puisne judge 
of high court of Australia from 1903 : Avenel, 
Darling Point rd. Sydney, N. S. Wales. 
• Barton, capt. Fras. Rickman, c.M.G. (1905), s. 
nf late rev. Gerard Barton, of Fundenhall 
Grange, Norfolk ; b. 1865 ; formerly capt. West 
India regt., piiv. sec. to It.-gov. of B. New 
Guinea 1900-2, commdt. armed native con- 
stabulary 1900-2, residt. magist. central divn. 
1902-4, administr. of govt, of the Territory of 
Papua 1904, first min. to Sultan of Zanzibar 

1908, orders of El Aliyeh (1 class) and of Brilliant 
Star (1 class) : Zanzibar, E. Africa. 

Barton, maj.-gen. sir Geoffry, K.C.v.o. (1906), 
c.B. (1889), c.M.G. (1900), younger s. of late C. C. 
Barton, of Rownhams, Hants {d. 1894); b. 1844 ; 
OT. 1890, Beryl, ooly child of cil. Philippe Mac- 
kenzie, of Downham Hall, Suffolk and Auchens- 
keoch, Kirkcudbright; served in Ashanti war 
1874, Zulu war 1879, Egypt 1882, Soudan 1885, 
mily. sec. in China 1884, 4 class Osmanieh, 
commd. fusilier brig, in S. Africa 1899-1900, col. 
R. Fus. from 1900 ; maj.-gen. 1898, ret. p. 1904, 
J.P. Dumfriesshire, knt. of grace of St. John 
of Jerusalem : United Service, Wellington, 
and Dumfries and Gallo vay (Dumfries) clubs; 
Craigs, Dumfries, N.B. 

Barton, Henry John Hope, only s. of J. Hope 
Barton, of Stapleton Park, Yorks, and of Saxby 
Hall, CO. Lincoln, J. P., D.L. {d. 1876), by Florence, 
dau. of late Henry J. Ramsden, of Oxton Hall, 
Yorks, and hon. Frederica S., 5 dau. of 1 baron 
Ellenborough (mrs. Barton jn. 2, 1887, Frank S. 
Hatchard, s. of late bp. of Mauritius) ; b. 1873 ; 
m. 1903, Emma Alice, 4 dau. of late Geo. W. 
Lowther, and sis. of sir Cha3. B. Lovvther, 4 bt. ; 
J.P. (1897) W. R. Yorks, sheriff of Lincolnshire 
1913 : Stapleton Park, Pontefract ; Saxby Hall, 

Barton, maj.-gen. Howard Jas. ; served in 
Afghan war 1878-80, ret. 1885, B.S.C. 

Barton, Jas Kingston, m.r.o.p. Lond., s. of 
late Geo. Kingston Barton, of Falbeck, Grant- 
ham ; 6. 1854 ; ?/i. 1891, Georgina, 2 dau. of rev. J. 
Marshall, J. P., baron de Prigny de Querieux, in 
France, of Baronne Court, co. Tipperary {d. 
1865) and widow of col. Wm. Grogan Graves, of 
Cloghan Ca&tle King's co., D.L., j.p. {d. 1890) ; 
i'^ J.P. King s CO. : 14 Ashburn pi. Courtfield rd. 
S W. 

Barton, sir John Geo. c.B., (1900), f.s.i., 
M.T.C.E., s. of Jas. Barton, of Farndreg, Dundalk ; 
advising engr. for Railways, Board of Works, 
Irel. 1890-3, commr. of valuation, and chief 
boundary surv. in Ireland 1893-1914, knighted 
1902 : Windham, and United Service (Dublin) 
clubs ; AltOQ Grange, Foxrock, co. Dublin. 

Barton, maj. Montagu, s. of late C. C. Barton, 
of Rownhams, Hants {d. 1894); in. 1874, Susan 
Maria, 2 dau. (d. 1907), of late rev. F. G. Middle- 
ton, of Medstead, Hants ; late 85 foot ; J.P. (.1885) 
Hants : The Polygon Hotel, Southampton. 

Barton, Sidney, c.M.G (1913), s. of capt. 
Jas. Barton, late R.A. ; b. 1876 ; m. 1904, Mary 
E. W., dau. of Alex. Palmer MacEwen ; Chines3 
sec. to British Legation at Peking from 1911 : 
British Legation, Peking, China. 

Barton, Thos., J.P. (1895) Lancashire : Ince, 
Wigan, Lanes. 

Barton, Thomas Allday, s. of Thomas E. W. 
Barton {d. 1879), J.P. ; b. 1845 ; lord of the manor 
of Threxton: Threxton Hoixse, nr. Watton, 




Barton, Win., s. of — Barton, of Glasgow ; b. 
1862 ; m. dan. of — Boyd, of Manchester ; head 
of Wm. Barton and Co., calico printers, Man- 
chester, M.P. (L.) Oldham from 1910: 53 George 
St. Manchester. 

Barton,Wm.Pell, CLE. (1914), Ind. C.S.1894, 
sec. to chief CO mmr. of N. W. F. Pro v. Ind. 1911, 
offg. judl. commr. 1912. 

Barton, hon. mrs. Charlotte, dan. of 3 baron 
Plunket; w. Thos. Hy. Barton {d. 1878), s. of 
Dnnbar Barton, Rochestown, co. Tipperary : 2 
Holmbush rd. Putney Hill, S.W. 

Bartram, Geo. Thos. Thorpe, J.p. (1908) 
Essex : Bank street, Braintree. 

Barttelot, Brian Barttelot, 2 s. of Geo. 
Barttelot, of Stopham, Sussex (d. 1872) ; b. 1833 ; 
m. 1864, Mary D., eldest dau. (d. 1899) of late J. 
F. La Trobe Bateman, of Moor Park, Surrey ; 
J.p. Sussex : Ditton, Torquay. 

Barttelot, capt. sir Walter Balfour, 3 bart. 
(1875), eld. 8. of 2 bart. {d. 1900); 6. 1880; m. 
1903, Gladys St. Aubyn, youngest dau. of Wm. 
Collier Angrove, of 83 Onslow gdns. S.W. ; 
A.D.O. to 3 baron Denman(gov.-gen. of Australia) 
1911-13 and mily. sec. 1913-14, capt. Coldst. 
gds. from 1910 (lleir, s. Walter de Stopham, b. 
1904) : Carlton, Boodle's and Guards' clubs. 

Barttelot, lady,— Georgiana M., ride Beville 
Molesworth-St. Aubyn. 

Barwell, maj.-gen. Wm. Barwell, s. of capt. 
W. Barwell, R.n. ; b. 1842 ; m. 1872, countess 
Elise Victorine Leiningen, dau. (who obtained a 
div. 1895) of count Charles Leiningen-Wester- 
bourg ; It.-col. 2 battn. Oxf . L. I. (52 foot) 1877- 
82, ret. 1882: Naval and Military and Garrick 

Barwell, mrs. Barkfold House, Kirdford, 
Billingshurst, Sussex. 

Barwlck, sir John Storey, 1 bart. (1912), s. of 
Wm. Barwick {d. 1890) ; h. 1840 ; m. 1872, 
Margaret, dau. of late Geo. Short, of Sunderland ; 
.T.p. (1894) CO. Durham and N. R. Yorks, director 
of several important collieries and of the North- 
umberland Shipbuilding Co. (Heir, s. John S., 
b. 1876) : Reform and National Liberal clubs ; 
Ashbrooke Grange, Sunderland ; Thimbleby 
Hall, Northallerton. 

Basden, maj.-gen. Charles Brenton, s. of late 
adml. Basden ; served in Bundelcund 1844-5 and 
throughout the Indian mutiny 1867-8 ; apptd. 
to commd. of Station and Frontier of Delira 
Ismail Khan and officiating commd. of 5 Punjab 
cav. 1859-60, and repelled with the cavalry 8,000 
Mahsood Wuzeries ; commd. 45 Rattray's Sikhs 
1865 ; ret. f. p. 1878 as It.-col. B.S.C., hon. rank 
of maj.-gen. 1879; coL 45 Rattray's Sikhs from 
1913: 21 The Drive, Hove, Sussex; Hove 
(Brighton) club. 

Basham, Thos,, j.p. (1909) Monmouthshire : 
Park Seymour, Penhow, Newport, Mon. 

Bashford, mr?, — Anne Argentine, younger 
dau, of Jolin Fryer, of Wimborne Minster,'Dorset ; 

7)1. Chas. Brome Bashford, J, p., capt. 9 R. Lancers, 
col.and A. Queen Victoria and King Edward 
Yll.(d. 1902) : Soberton Towers, Droxford,Hant8. 

Basiner, lord (2 baron, 1887, U.K.), col. Geo. 
Limbrey Sclater-Booth, c!b. (1902), eld. s. of 1 
baron, P.c. {d. 1894); b. 1860 ; m. 1889, Mary,2 dau. 
(d. 1904) of late col. John Hargreaves, of Maiden 
Erlegh, Berks, and Whalley Abbey, Lanes, J.P. ; 
served in S. African war 1900, It.-col. (brevet 
col. 1904) 1 drags. 1902-6, ret. p. 1906, D.L., J.p, 
(1901) Hants {Heir, s. hon, John L. R Sclater- 
Booth, q.v.)', Arthur's and Naval and Military 
clubs ; Hoddington, Winchfield, Hants, 

Baskerville, lt,-col. Herbert Witherstone 
Mynors, 2 s. of T. B. Mynors-Ba.'^kerville, of 
Clyro Court, M.P,, J,P., d.L. ((Z.1864); b. 1841; ret. 
p. as maj. and hon. It.-col. Norfolk regt. (9 foot) 
1881, J.p. Herefordshire, Radnorshire and Mont- 
gomeryshire : Berthddu, Llandinam, Mont- 

Baskerville, col. John, s. of late Hy. Basker- 
ville, Crowsley Park {d. 1877) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1869, 
Caroline, dau. of Wm. Chas. Henry, F.R.S., J.p., 
of Haflield House, Herefordshire; maj. late 14 
huss., It.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 1888) Oxon 
yeom. 1885-92, d.l., j.p. Oxon ; Jun. United Ser- 
vice and Cavalry clubs ; Crowsley Park, Henley- 

Baskerville, Ralph Hopton, only s. of W. T. 
Mynors Baskerville, of Clyro Court, co. Radnor, 
D.L., j.p. {d. 1897), by Berth Maria, only child of 
John Hopton. of Cannonffrome Court, co. Here- 
ford ; 6. 1883; J.P. (1904) Radnorshire. 

Baskervyle-Glegrgr, John, only s. of John 
Baskervyle-Glegg, of Old Withington Hall, and 
Gayton Hall, Cheshire, J.P. {d. 1877) ; ft. 1876 ; 
m. 1901, Florence Linda Maud, eld, dau. of Alfred 
Ashton, J.p, of Tarporley, Cheshire ; j.p. (1900) 
Cheshire, 2 It. Cheshire yeom. 1898-1901 : Raleigh, 
Cavalry and White's clubs; Wistaston Hall, 
Nantwich, Cheshire. 

Bass, sir Wm. Arthur Hamar, 2 bart. (1882), 
eld. and only survg. s. of Hamar Alfred Bass, of 
Byrklsy Lodge and Needwood House, Staffs, 
M.P., D.L., J.P. ((/. 1898), bv hon. Louisa, eld. 
survg. dau. of 3 baron Bagot; b. 1879 ; vi. 1903. 
lady Wilmot Ida Noreen, dau. of 13 earl or 
Huntingdon, b. 1880 ; served in S. African war 
1900-2, It. 10 huss. 1899-1904, It. res. of officers 
from 1906, J.P. (1905) Staffs ; sue. to baronetcy 
held by his uncle, lord Burton, 1909 : 17 Berkeley 
St. W. 

Bassano, Alfred Hill, b.a. Oxon, eld. s. of 
Walter Bassano. of Haden Cross, Staffs, j.p. (d. 
1903) ; b. 1862 ;'to. 1892, Agnes, 2 dau. of Geo. 
Allan ; j.p. Staffs : Hadenholme, Old Hill, Staffs. 

Bassano, Chas. Walter, b.a. Oxon., 2 s. of 
Walter Bassano, of Haden Cross, Staffs, j.p. 
{d. 1903) ; 6. 1863 ; ?«. 1892, Philomena, dau. of 
Franz I. Steffen, of Liicerne, Suisse; J.P. (1900) 
Staffs : Haden Cross, Old Hill, Staffs. 



Basset, Alfred Barnard, M.A., f.r.s., only s. 
of Alfred Basset, and grands, and heir of late 
John Swinford Basset, of Stamford Hill, 
Middlx. ; h. 1854 ; m. 1882, Edith S.I., only child 
of late Thos. Gr. de Chaundre, of Rouen and 
Dublin ; scholar of Trin. Coll. Camb. 187G, barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1879, v.p, London Mathematical 
Soc. 1892-4 : United University club ; Fled- 
borough Hall, Holyport, Berks. 

Basset, Arthur Fras., s. of Gustavus Lambart 
Basset, of Tehidy, Cornwall, D.L., J. P. {d. 1888) ; 
b. 1873 ; m. 1898, Rebecca H. B., dau. of sir Wm. 
L. S. Trelawny, 10 hart. ; D.L., J.P. (1898) Corn- 
wall (sheriff 1901) : Tehidy Park, nr. Camborne, 
Cornwall ; 7 Carlos place, W. 

Basset, mrs. — Harriet Mary, sis. and co-heir 
of rev. Arthur Crawfurth IDavie-Basset, of 
Umberleigh, Devon {d. 1880) ; m. 1858, Chas. 
Hy. Basset, M.P,, d.l., j.p. (who assumed name 
of Basset in lieu of Williams 1880 and d. 1908) : 
Watermouth Castle, Ilfracombe. 

Bassett, Theodore, eld. s, of Fras. Bassett, 
of The Heath, nr. Leigh ton Buzzard. Beds, M.P., 
J.P. {d, 1899) ; h. 1848 ; m. 1871, Augusta, dau. 
of Fredk. Drayson, of Framfield, Sussex : j.p. 
(1906) Herts : Reform club ; The Gate House, 
Hatfield, Herts. 

Bassett, Theodore Bromhead, 2 s. of Fredk. 
Bassett, of The Knolls, Leighton Buzzard, Beds., 
J.p. ; h. 1874 ; m. 1910, Alice Letitia, 2 dau. of 
late capt. Phillips Cosby Lovett, of Liscombe 
Park, Bucks; j.p. (1909) Bucks; capt. Beds, 
yeo. 1904-12 : The Hatch, Heath and Reach, 
Leighton Buzzard. 

Bassett-Smitli, fleet-surg. Percy Wm., c.B. 
(1911), R.N., M.B.c.P.Lond., M.R.c.S.Eng., s. of 
Wm. Bassett-Smith : h. 1861 ; m. Constance B., 
dau. of rev. F. Hastings; surg. of "Rambler" 
during naval and mily. operations in E. Soudan, 
at Suakin 1884-5, fleet-surg. R.N. 1899 : 2 Talbot 
pi. Blackheath. S.E. 

Bastard, Wm., j.p. (1911) Devon : Higher 
Coltscombe, Slapton, nr. Kingsbridge. 

Bastard, William Edmund Pollexfen, only s. 
of rev. Wm. Pollexfen Bastard, of Kitley and 
Buckland Court, Devon, formerly rect. of Lezant, 
Cornwall ; h. 1864 ; m. 1890, Rosamond I., only 
dau. of late A. B. Foster, of CanwellHall, Staffs. ; 
D.L., J.p. Devon ; It. Roy. 1 Devon. Yeom. 1886-94, 
maj. Devon Fort. R.K. from 1908, brevet It. -col. 
1913: Jun. Carlton club; Lyneham. Yealmpton, 

Bastard, rev. Wm. Pollexfen, m.a. Oxon,, 3 
and only survg. s. of E. P. Bastard, of Kitley 
and Buckland Court, Devon, m.p. {d. 1838) ; h. 
1832; m. 1859, Caroline, 2 dau. of vice-adml. 
Woollcombe, of Hemerdon, Devon ; vicar of 
Brixton, Devon 1862-6, rect. of Lezant, Cornwall 
1866-96, lie. preacher dioc. Exeter from 1898 : 
Cofflete, Woodend rd. Torquay ; Buckland Court, 
Ashburton, Devon. 

Batchelor, Allan Edwd., b.a. Oxon., 2 s. of 

late T. B. Batchelor, of Maindee, Newport, Mon- 
mouthshire ; h. 1853 ; m. 1896, V'eronica, dau. of 
late sir Wm. Thomas Makins, 1 bt. of R-ther- 
field Court, Henley-on-Thames ; j.p. (1898) War- 
wickshire : Greystoke, nr. Warwick. 

Batchelor, Reginald Lewis, eld. s. of late rev. 
F. T. Batchelor, of Jacobstow Rectory, Cornwall, 
j.p. and aldm. for that co. ; h. 1857 ; m. 1889, 
Catherine, dau. of Wm. Hasler ; j.p. (1900) 
Devon : Royal Western Yacht club, Plymouth. 

Batchelor, Richd .David, s. of Henry Batchelor, 
of Luton, Chatham ; b. 1855 ; m. 1877, Annie, dau. 
of Reuben Glover, of Luton, Chatham ; J. p. (1894) 
Kent, mayor of Cliatham 1906-7 : 73 Queen Vic- 
toria St. E.C. ; National Liberal club ; Artois 
WorkSjChatham ; DarlandHou3e,Chatham,Kent. 

Batchelor, (hon.) sir Stanley Lockhart, b.a. 
Lond. univ. ; m. 1905, M lud Alice, eld. dau. of 
Herbert Batty, judge of high court, Bombay 
1902-8; I.C.S. 1889, puisne judge of high court 
of judicature at Bombay from 1904, knighted 
1914 : Bombay. 

Batchelor, Sydney James, 4 s. of Benjn. 
Batchelor, of Newport, Mon. ; h. 1824; m. 1854, 
Sarah, 3 dau. of Geo. Reese, of Kemeys, Mon. ; 
is J.P. Glamorgan : Rotherfield, Sussex. 

Bate, Fras., s. of Hy. Fras. Bate, m.d. of 
London ; 6. 18 — ; m. 1894, Laura Ellen, dau. of J. 
L. Fairless, of Kensington, co. London ; j.p. 
(1906) Berks : Applegarth Studios, Augustine 
rd. Brook Green, W. ; Beenham Hatch House, 
Bucklebury Common, nr. Reading. 

Bate, Geo. Paddock, m.d. Brux., l.r.c.p. and 
F.R.c.s. Edin., M.R.c.s. Eng., j.p. (1898) co. 
London : 2 King Edward rd. Hackney, N.E. ; 365 
Bethnal Green rd. N.E. 

Bate, sir Hy. Newell, s. of late Hy. Newell 
Bate, of Trennick House, Truro ; b. 1828 ; m. 1852, 
Catherine, dau. of Alan Cameron, and gi-anddau. 
of late sir Duncan Cameron, knt. of JHassiefern 
House, Fort William, Scotland ; dir. of Bank of 
Ottawa, pres. of Russell Co. Ltd. and of other 
COS., chm. of the Ottawa improvement commsn. 
1909, knighted 1910 : Trennick House, Ottawa, 

Bate, John Pawley, ll.d., eld. s. of rev. G. 0. 
Bate ; h. 1857 ; m. 1895, Mary Anne, dau. of John 
Sexton, of Ashburton, Devon, and widow of sir 
Chas. Wathen, knt., of Cook's Folly, nr. Bristol ; 
formerly fellow Trinity Hall, Camb., barr. Lin- 
coln's Inn 1894, J.P. (1908) Devon: 8 Stone 
bldgs. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; Lambpark, Honiton, 

Bate, Thos., 2 but only survg. s. of Thos. Bate, 
of Kelsterton, Flints, D.L., j.p. {d. 1910), by 
Perenna, dau. of W. Owen, of Blessington, co. 
Wicklow, j.p. : b. 1889 : Kelsterton, nr. Flint. 

Bate, col. Thos. Elwood Lindsay, c.i.b. (1902), 
L.R.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I. ; 6. 1852 ; in. Mary, dau. (d. 
1904) of — ; inspr.-gen. of prisons, Punjab 1891, 
and of civil hosp. 1906, col. 1905 Indian Med. 
Service (Bengal), ret. 1910. 




Bateman, vide Jones-Bateman. 

Bateman, lord (3 baron 1837/ U.K.). Wm. 
Spencer Bateman-Hanbury, eld. s. of 2 baron 
{d. 1901) by Agnes, dau. of late gen. sir E. 
Kerrison, 1 bt., K.C.B., M.P., and sis. and co-heir 
of air B. C. Kerrison, 2 and last bt. ; b. 1856 ; »i. 
1904, Marian Alice, dau. of Jas. JeflErey Graham, 
of New York, and widow of Hy. Cabot Knapp, 
of New York, U.S.A. ; served in Egypt 1882, 
capt. 2 life g(ls. 1885-95, ret. 1896, J.P. Hereford- 
shire and Suffolk (^Heir, hro. hon. Chas. S. M. 
Bateman-Hanbury, q.v!) : Marlborough club ; 
Broome Hall, Eye. 

Bateman, sir Alfred Edmund, K.c.M.G. (1900), 
7 s. of late rev. John Bateman, rect. of E. and 
W. Leake, Notts. ; b. 1844 ; m. 1868, Edith E., 
only child {d. 1909) of late J. E. Hobson, of 
Haverfield, Kew ; barr. Inner Temple 1872, 
contr.-gen. for commerce, labour and statistics 
at Board of Trade 1897-1908, chm. of advis. 
comm. on commrcl. intell. 1901-5, sec. to R. 
Anglo-French Treaty Commn. 1881-2, sec. to 
International sugar confce. 1887-8, to Treaties 
committee 1890-2, v. P. R. Statistical Soc, pres. 
1897, memb. 11. comm. on food supply in war, 
on shipping rings and on imperial trade, a chra. 
of labour arbitration courts aud of advisory 
comtte. on labour exchanges, joint manager 
Impl. Inst., British delegate to patents conf. 
1911 and to exhibitions conf. 1912 : Woodhouse, 
Wimbledon Park ; Windham, National, Albe- 
marle and Ranelagh clubs. 

Bateman, Colin, j.p. (1914) Norfolk : South 
View, Attleborou h, Norfolk. 

Bateman, Fred. Osborne Fitz Herbert, only 
child of T. O. Bateman, of Hartington Hall, co, 
Derby, D.L., j.p. {d. 1874) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1886, 
Evelyn M., eld. dau. of maj. Wilkinson, of Scar- 
borough ; J.P. (1882) CO. Derby : Windham club ; 
Hartington Hall, Buxton. 

Bateman, Robt., 3 s. of Jas. Bateman, late of 
Biddulph Grange, Staffs., D.L., j.p., f.r s id 
1897) ; 6. 1842 ; m. 1883, Caroline Octavia, dau. of 
late very rev. the hon. Henry Howard, dean of 
Lichfield; is J.P. (1892) Salop : Savile and Jun. 
Constitutional clubs ; Nunney Delamere, Frome. 

Bateman,(rt.hon.) dow.-lady.— Agnes Burrell, 
3 dau. of gen. sir Edwd. Kerrison, 1 bt., G.C.H.. 
K.c.B. {d. 1853), and bis. and co-heir of sir Edwd. 
Clarence Kerrison, 2 and last be, M.p. (</. 1886) ; 
m. 1854, 2 baron Bateman, lord lieut. of Here- 
fordshire {d. 1901) : Brome Hall, Eye, Suffolk- 
Oakley Paik, Eye, Suffolk. ' 

Bateman, hon. mrs. Jessy Caroline, sis. of 1 
earl of Lathom ; b. 1836 ; m. 1865, Joim Bateman, 
of Brightlingsea Hall, Essex, d.l., j.p. (d. 1910) '• 
The Hail, Britrntlintisea, Colchester. 

Bateman-Hanbury, rev. preby. the hon. 
Arthur Allen, m.a. Oxou, s. of 1 baron Bateman ; 
b. 1829 : m. Mary, dau. {d. 1895) of J. Davenport, 
of Foxley: preby. of Hereford from 1866; rect. 

from IBb^ of Shobdon, Herefordshire : Jun. Con- 
servative club. 

Bateman-Hanbury, hon. Charles Stanhope 
Melville, 5 s. of 2 baron Bateman (d. 1901) and 
bro. and heir pres. to 3 baron Bateman ; b. 1877 ; 
D.L., J.P. Norfolk, D.L. Norwich, capt. Norfolk 
yeo. 1908-10, capt. Territ. force res. from 1912 : 2 
Deanery st. W. ; Bachelors' and New clubs. 

Bateman-Hanbury, hon. Agnes Rosamond ; 
dau. of 2 baron Bateman. 

Bates, col. Chas. Loftus, d.s.o. (1900), 3 s. of 
Thos. Bates, of Aydon ; 6. 1863; m. 1892, 
Katharine, eld. dau. of Edwd. Leadbitter, The 
Spital, Northumb. ; served in S. African war 
1899-1902 with 5 battn. Impl. yeom., maj. res. of 
oificers from 1902, capt. late 1 drag, gds., It.-col. 
commdg. and hon. col. Northumberland yeo. 
1905-13, ret. 1913, hon. col. of the regt. from 
1913, D.L., J.P. (1902) Northumberland: The 
Spital, Hexham, Northumberland. 

Bates. Gilbert Thompson, 2 s. of sir Edwd. 
Bates, 1 bart., M.P., d.l., j.p., of Manydown 
Park, Hants {d. 1896) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1876, Char- 
lotte T., dau. of late Geo. Warren, of Woolton, 
Liverpool : j.p. Henfrewshire : Oriental club ; 
Mells Park, Frome. 

Bates, col. Henry Stratton, 8. of late rev. J. 
E. Bates, m.a. ; m. 1866, Frances Henrietta, dau. 
of sir John Rivett-Camac, 2 bart. ; j.p. Glouces- 
tershire and Hants, served on staff in New 
Zealand war ; capt. late 8 huss., It.-eol. commdg. 
(hon. col. 1886) 3 battn. (mil.) Yorkshire regt. 
1886-9: United Service club; Langtons, Aires- 
ford, Hants. 

Bates, sir Percy EUy, 4 bt. (1880), 2 s. of 2 
bt., D.L.. j.p. {d. 1899) aud bro. of .{ bt. (d. 
1903) ; h. 1»79 : m. 1907, Mary Ann, younger dau. 
of very rev. Wm. Lefroy, d.d., dean of JNorwich 
(Heir, s. Edwd. Percy, b. 1913): Hinderton 
Hall, Neston, Cheshire. 

Bates, Sidney, j.p. (1914) Northumberland: 
Prudboe Grange, Ovingham, Northumb. 

Bates, Sydney Eggers, 3 s. of sir Edwd. 
Bates, 1 bart., m.p., d.l.. j.p. (</. 1896) ; b. 1851 ; 
m. 1878, Elizabeth Jessie, 3 dau. of col. Geo. 
Grenville Malet, Bombay cav. ; j.p. (1904) Hants 
and (1897) co. London : 29 Hyde Park sq. W. ; 
Manydown Park, Basingstoke. 

Bates, aldm. Wm. Taylor ; b. 1849 ; m. 1878, 
Charlotte Mario Johnsen, of Rendsburg, Schles- 
wig-Holstein ; J.P. (1908) Warwickshire : Coton 
rd. Nuneaton. 

Bates, lady.— Constance E., 2 dau. of late S. 
R. Graves, M.P. ; m. 1876. sir Edwd. Percy Bates, 
2 bart., D.L., J.P. (d. 1899) : Beechenhurst, Aller- 
ton, Liverpool ; Gyrn Castle, Llanasa, Flints. 

Bates, mrs. Cadwallader John, Josephine, 2 
dau. of late Eras. J. D'Echarvine, of Talloiree, 
Savoy ; m. 1895, as his 2 wife, Cadwallader John 
Bates, of Aydon, Northumb., D.L., J.P. {d. 
1902) : Langley Castle, Langley-on-Tyne, 



Bateson, Alex. Dingwall, k.c, barr. Inner 
Temple 1891, K.C. 1910, jun. counsel to the 
Admiralty for Admiralty divsn. work 1909-10 : 
30 Phillimore gdns. S.W. ; 2 King's Bench 
walk, Temple, E.G. ; United University club. 

Bateson, hon. Eustace de Yarburgh-, 3 s. of 2 
baron Deramore ; b. 1884. 

Bateson, hon. Geo. Nicholas de Yarburgh-. 2 
s. of 2 baron Deramore ; J. 1870 ; m. 1900, Muriel 
K., youngest dau. of Arthur Duncorabe, of 
Sutton Hall, Yorks ; heir pres. to his bro., J. p. 
(1907) E. K. Yorks : Carlton, Arthur's and 
Yorkshire clubs ; North Cliff, Filey, Yorks. 

Bateson, Wm., m.a. Cantab., f.r.s., s. of late 
rev. W. H. Bateson, D.D.. master of St. John's 
coll. Camb. ; b. 1861 ; m. 1896, Beatrice, dau. 
of late Arthur Durham ; hon. fell. St. John's 
coll. Camb., prof, of biology at Cambridge 
1908-10, dir. of John Innes Horticultural Instn. 
from 1910 : Manor House, Merton, Surrey ; 
Athenaeum club. 

Bateson, hon. Mary Lilla de Yarburgh-, h. 
1863 ; hon. Katherine Hylda de Yarburgh-, b. 
1869 ; dans, of 2 baron Deramore : The Lodge, 
Heslington, York. 

Bateson, hon. Moira Faith Lilian de Yar- 
burgh-, dau. of 3 baron Deramore ; h. 1898. 

Bath, 5 marq. of (1789, Gt. B.). Thomas Henrv 
I'hynne, eld. s. of 4 marq. {d. 1896) ; b. 1862 ; m. 
1890, Violet C, dau. of sir Chas. Mordaunt, 10 
hart., and niece of Georgina, countess of Dudley, 
b. 1869 ; 2nd tit. vise. Weymouth ; j.p. Wilts 
(chm. c.c. from 1906) and Somerset (lord lient. 
from 1904 and pres. Territl. Force Assoc, from 
1908), It.-col. commdg. and hon. col. Wilts yeo. 
1906-11; M.p. (c.) Somerset (Frome divn.) 
1886-92 and 1895-6, und. sec. of state for India 
in 1905 (Hei?; s. vise. Weymouth, q.v.) ■ 29 
Grosvenor sq. W. ; Longleat, Warminster, Wilts. 

Bath, archd. oi,vide ven. Lancelot John Fish, 


Bath, engr.-capt. Geo. Clark, r.n., m.v.o. 4 
class (1908), s. of late John Bath, of Sheviock, 
Cornwall ; b. 1862 ; tn. 1889, Maria, only dau. of 
late Hector J. Davidson, of Devonport ; engr.- 
capt. R.N. 1912. 

Bath, marchioness dowager of, hon. Frances 
I.e., eld. dau. of 3 vise. de Vesci ; m. 1861. 4 marq. 
of Bath {d. 1896) : 15 Manchester sq. W. 

Bath, mrs. — Esther, eld. dau. of John Williams 
James, of Brynbriallu, Swansea; m. 1874, Edwd. 
Hy. Bath, of Alltyferin, Carmarthenshire, D.L., 
J.p. (d. 1908) : Alltyferin, Nantgaredig, Carmar- 

Bath and Wells, 69 bp. of (909). rt. rev. Geo. 
Wyndham Kennion, d.d. Oxon, k.r.g.S., s. of 
Geo. Kennion, m.d., f.R.C.P., of Harrogate; b. 
1845 : TO. 1882, Henrietta D., 3 survg. dau. of 
eir Chas. Dalrymple Fergusson. 5 bart. ; vicar of 
8t. Paul's, Sculcoates, Hull 1873-6, of All 
Saints', Bradford 1876-82; bp. of Adelaide, 

1882-94, of Bath and Wells from 1894 : The 
Palace, Wells, Somerset. 

Bathurst, 7 earl (1772, Gt. B.). Seymour 
Henry Bathurst, c.m.g. (1902). eld. s. of 6 earl 
{d. 1892), by dau. of 2 baron deTabley ; b. 1864 ; 
TO. 1893, hon. Lilias M. F., only dau. and heir 
of 1 and last baron Glenesk ; 2nd tit. baron 
Apsley ; D.L., J.P. Glo'stershire ; It.-col. (hon 
col. 1903) 4 battn. (mil.) Gloucestershire regt. 
1898-1908, hon. col. 5 battn. Gloucestershire 
regt. from 1908, late pres. Gloucestershire 
Territl. Force Assoc. {Heir, s. lord Apsley, 
q.v.) : Bathurst House, 12 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; 
Bachelors' and Carlton clubs ; Cirencester 
House, Cirencester ; Franks, Farningham, Kent. 

Bathurst, 3 bp. of (1869). rt. rev. Geo. 
Merrick Long, m.a. Trin. coll. Melb., miu. of 
Foster, Victoria 1899-1902,curate of Holy Trinity, 
Kew, Vic. 1902-7, canon of Melbourne 1910-11, 
head mast, of Trin. Gram. Scb., Kew, Vic, 
Australia 1902-11, bp. of Bathurst, N. S. Wales 
from 1911 : Bishop's Court, Bathurst, N. S. W. 

Bathurst, hon. Allen Benjamin, 3 s. of 6 earl 
Bathurst ; b. 1872 ; /». 1902, Augusta Ruby, eld. 
dau. of lord Edward Spencer-Churchill ; formerly 
maj. 4 bsttn. Gloucf^stershire regt., hon. capt. in 
the army 1901, It.-col. commdg. 5 battn. Glou- 
cestershire regt. 1908-13 and from 1914, parly, 
priv. sec. (-unpaid) to posrmaste--gen. (marq. of 
Londonderry) 1901-3. d.l. Gloucestershire, M.P. 
(C.) E. Gloucestershire 1895-1906 and from 1910 : 
29 Chesham st. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Polebrook, 
Hever, Kent. 

Bathurst, Chas., m.a. Oxon.. f.c.s., eld. s. of 
Chas. Bathurst, of Lydney Park. Gloucestershire, 
J.P. {d. 1907) ; b. 1867 ; m. 1898, hon. Bertha 
Susan, youngest dau. of 1 baron Ludlow, p.c. ; 
barr. Inner Temple 1892, lord of the manors 
of Lydney and Aylburton, a verderer of H.M, 
Forest of Dean from 1907, J.p. Gloucestershire, 
capt. R. Monmouthshire (special res.) Engrs. 
from 1914, M.P. (c.) S. Wilts from 1910: 60 
Denbigh st. S.W. ; Carlton, Oxford and Cam- 
bridge and Burlington Fine Arts clubs ; Lydney 
Park, Gloucestershire. 

Bathurst, capt. sir Fredk. Edwd, Wm, 
Hervey-, 5 bart. (1818), eld. s. of 4 bart., M.p., 
It.-col. late gren. gds. {d. 1900), by only dau. of 
late sir J. Ribton, 3 bart. ; 6. 1870 ; to. 1901, hon. 
Moira. 2 dau. (div, 1912) of 14 baron Inchiquin, 
b. 1876 ; capt. gren. gds. 1899-1906, ret. p. 1906 
(Heir, s. Fredk. Peter M., h. 1903) : Naval and 
Military club ; Somborne Park, Stockbridge. 

Bathurst, Henry Villebois, eld. s. of late capt. 
Bathurst, 23 R. Welsti Fus. and gt. gt. grands, of 
bp. (Bathurst) of Norwich; b. 1862: Carlton 
and Jun. Carlton clubs ; Marham House, Down- 
ham, Norfolk. 

Bathurst, hon. Lancelot Julian, 2 s. of 6 earl 
Bathurst; b. 18G8 : 41 Lowndes sq. S.W. ; 
Bachelors' club. 



Bathtirst, hon. Ralph Hy., 3 s. of 7 earl 
Bathurst ; b. I90i. 

Bathurst, lion. "William R. Seymour, 2 s. of 7 
earl Bathurst ; b. 1903. 

Bathtirst, Evehm, countess, dau. of late G. 
Barnard Hankey, of Fetcham Park, Surrey : m. 
1874, as his 2 wife, 6 earl Bathurst {d. 1892) : 
41 Lowndes sq. S.W. ; St. Hilda, Sea View, 

1. of W. 

BatliurBt, lady Meriel Olivia, dan. of 7 earl 
Bathurst ; b. 1894. 

Batson, col. Herbert, c.b. (1900); b. 1853; 
served in S. African war 1899-1900. lt.-col. (brevet 
col. 1901) Devonshire regt. 1900-4, ret. p. 1904 : 
Chelfham, Stoke Rivers, Devon. 

Batt. Charles Dorrington, m.b. Lond. (ret.), 
J.P. Oxfordshire : The Hill, Witney, Oxon. 

Batt, Chas. Lyons, 5 s. of Thos. Batt, of 
Rathmullan, co. Donegal, d.l., j.p. (d. 1897) ; b. 
1860 : Rathmullan House, Rathinullan, co. 

Batt, lt.-col. Reginald Cossley, M.v.o. 4 clas? 
(1906), s. of Wm. Forster Batt, of Cae K< 
Abergavenny ; b. 1872 ; m. 1, 1903, Violot,yo 

dau. {d. 1910) of Robt. Millington Kno. 

D.L., J. P., of Colston Bassett Hall, Notts; 2, 
1913, Eileen, only dau. of Hy. Wm. Ruesell 
Domvile. of Pontre Cottage, Abergavenny ; capt. 
R. Fus. 1899-1907 and adjt. 1900-4, adjt. 3 vol. 
battn. Norfolk regt. 190.5-7, ret. p. 1907, lt.-col. 6 
battn. (special res.) R. Fus. from 1913. patron of 
livings of Barningham Norwood and Ingworth, 
lord of the manors of Banningham, Colby, Ing- 
worth, Tattington-with-Ci-ackford, East Beck- 
ham-Isaacs, East Beckham-Marriotts, Barning- 
ham Norwood, Runton Hayes and Dilham : 
Army and Navy club; Gresham Hall, nr. 

Batten, vide Chisholm-Batten. 

Batten, col. Herbert Cary Greo., B..\. Cantab., 
3 8. of John Batten, of Alaon, Somerset, F.8.A., 
D.L., J.P. {d. 1900) ; b. 1849 ; m. 1, 1878, Frances 
E., dau. of John Beardmore, of Uplands, Hants; 

2, 1898, Isabel Frances, dau. of late gen. sir Robt. 
Bright, G.C.B.; J.P. Somerset, d.l, j.p. (1906) 
Dorset, lt.-col. commdt. and hon. col. 3 battn. 
(special res.) Dorset regt. 1902-9, hon. col. of 
the battn. from 1909 : New University club ; 
Leigh Lodge, Abbots Leigh, nr. Bristol ; Keyford, 
North Coker, Yeovil. 

Batten, Herbert Copeland Cary, B. A. Cantab., 
2 8. of col. H. C. G. Batten, of Abbots Leigh and 
Keyford, Somerset, d.l., j.p. ; b. 1884 ; ?«. 1912, 
Dorothy Lilian Hyde, 3 dau, of rev. E. A. Milne, 
of Chilfrome, Dorset ; J.P. (1912) Dorset; New 
University club ; Ryme Intrinseca, Sherborne, 

Batten, Herbert Phelips, b.a. Oxon, only s. 
of Herbert Butler Batten, of Hollands, Somerset, 
J.P., D.L. {d. 1899) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1, 1892, Josephine 
Constance, 2 dau. {d. 1911) of late sir Joseph 
Cocksey Lee, knt. ; 2, 1913, Gladwys Mary, only 

dau. of Arthur Egerton Leigh, of The Manor 
House, Sherborne, Dorset ; j.p. Somerset : Rane- 
lagh and Travellers' clubs ; Lufton Manor, nr. 
Yeovil ; Hollands, Yeovil, Somerset. 

Batten, col. John Mount, c.b. (1903), eld. s. of 
John Batten, of Aldon, Somerset, F.S.A., D.L., 
J.P. (<f. 1900); b. 1843; m. 1, 1873, Margaret A., 
dan. {d. 1893) of rev. J. Brooks; 2, 1895, Mary 
E., eld. dau. of Jas. Sant, R.A., and widow of 
Howard Fredk. Nalder : maj. late 1 batt. and 
lt.-col. (hon. col. 1895) 3 battn. (mil.) The King's 
(Liverpool regt.), hon. lt.-col. in the army from 
1902, served in S. African war 1902, pres. and 
cbm. Dorset Territl. Force Assoc, from 1908; 
J.P. Dorset (sheriff 1903, lord lieut. from 1906, 
C.A.) and Somerset : 123 North End rd. West 
Kensington, W. ; Army and Navy club ; Up- 
cerno, Dorchester, Dorset. 

Batten, Lauriston Leonard, k.c, a. of R. W. 

Batten, k.R.c.p., of Gloucester ; b. 1863 ; m. 

I 1900, Helen, dau. of late G. Monck Gibbs, of 

Ai.lin.r-inn Manor, Gloucestersliire ; barr. Inner 

^n6, bencher 1914, K.C. 1905 : 2 Paper 

, Temple, E.C. ; 29 Brompton sq. S.W. ; 

(iarnck dub; Driffield, Cirencester. 

; Batten-Fooll, Robt. Pool! Henry-, only s. 

I of Joseph Langford, of Timsbury, Somerset {d. 

1878); L 1850; m. 1879, Sophia Hastings, eld. 

I dau. of Duncan Macrae, Kames Castle, 1. of 

Bute ; is d.l., j.p. Somerset, j.p. Wilts (sheriff 

1896) ; a.H8umed name of Henry-Batten-PooU in 

1871 ; lord of the manors of Road and Wolver- 

I ton ; capt. N. Somerset yeora. 1875-88 : Carlton 

! and Jun. Carlton clubs ; Road Manor, Bath. 

I Battenber^, h.u.h. princess Henry of, 

! Beatrice, 5 dau. of Queen Victoria ; b. 14 April, 

! 1867 ; m. 23 July, 1885, H.R.H. prince Henry of 

Battenberg, K.(;". (d. 20 Jan. 1896); raemb. of 

Royal Order of Victoria and Albert (1st class), 

Lady of the Imperial Order of Crown of 

India, Royal Red Cross, lady of justice of St. 

John of Jerusalem, capt.-gen. and gov. of the 

Isle of Wiglit : Kensington Palace, W. 

Battenberg, adml. h.s.h. prince Louis of, 
P.C. (1914), G.C.b. (1887), G.C.v.O. (1901), 
K.c.M.G. (1905), 8. of H.G.D.H. prince Alexander 
of, G.C.b. ; b. 1854 ; m. 30 April, 1884, 
princess Victoria {b. 5 April, 1863), eld. dau. 
of H.R.H. grand duke of Hesse and h.r.h. 
Princess Alice of Gt. Britain ; It. of " Inconstant " 
during Eg>'ptian war, 1882 ; naval adviser to 
insp.-gen. of fortifications 1893-4, asst. dir. of 
Naval In tell. 1899-1901, director 1902, comradg. 
2 cruiser squadron 1905-7, 2 hi commd. of 
Mediterranean fleet 1907-8, commdr.-in-chief of 
the Atlantic fleet 1908-10, commdg. 3 and 4 
divns. Home fleet in 1911, second sea lord of 
the Admiralty 1911 and first sea lord 1912-14, 
hon. A.D.o. to Queen Victoria 1896-1901, personal 
naval a.d.C. to King Edward VIL 1901-10, to 
King George V. from 1910, an elder brother of 



the Trinit}^ House from l',t04, knight of justice, 
order of St. John of Jerusalem, adml. 1912 : 
United Service, Naval and Military, Bachelors', 
Bath and Athenaeum clubs. 

Battensby, Eobt. Mowbray, s. of John 
Batteusby, of High Grange, Shincliffe, co. Dur- 
ham ; h. 18i4 ; m. 1868, Mary Jane, dau. of B. 
Hill, of Durham ; j.P. (1909) co. Durham : Albion 
House, Durham. 

Batterbee, Matthew, j.p. (1913) N. K. 
Yorks: Studley House, Church sq. Guis- 
borough, Yorks. 

Batters, Chas. James ; h. 1853 ; m. 1890, 
Catherine Ellen, dau. of John Lewis, of Llan- 
rhystyd, Aberystwith ; j.p. (1909) Flints : Tan- 
Ian Hall, Llanasa, Holywell. 

Batters by, John, only s. of Wm. Battersby, of 
Manchester ; b. 1857 ; /«. 1882, Emma, 2 dau. of 
John Taylor, of Huyton, Lanes ; J.P. (1912), 
Cheshire : Dane House, Dane rd. Sale, Cheshire. 

Battersby, maj.-gen. John Prevost, s. of col. 
F. Battersby, C.B., of Listoke, Drogheda ; b. 1826 ; 
m. 1857, Louisa W., dau. {d. 1897) of sir W. 
Dillon, 4 bart. ; A.D.C. to Insp.-gen. of Inf. 1862 ; 
A.A.G. Madras 1868-70, It.-col. (col. 1876) 60 
rifles, commdt. E.M. Asylum 1871-80, assist, 
director of mily. educ. 1880-85, ret. p. 1885 : 
Lyncroft, Portmore Park, Weybridge. 

Battersby, John Radcliff, a, of late Geo. 
Battersby, ll.d., of Loughbavvn. co. Westmeath, 
judge of Consistorial Court, Dublin (J. 1880) ; b. 
1839 ; m. 1873, Augusta, dau, of John Rynd, of 
Reynella, co. Westmeath ; Irish barr. 186'!, barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 18t)5, J.P. cos. Meath and West- 
meath : Loughbawn, nr. Collinstown, co, West- 

Battersby, maj.-gen. Thos. Preston, only s. 
of late Chas, John Battersby, of Cromlyn, co. 
Westmeath ; b. 1850 ; m. 1884, Agnes Janet, 
dau. of John Eveus, of The Haven, Kent ; insp. 
(temp. brig,-gen.) of equipmt. and ord. stores, 
headquarters of army and of army ord. services. 
War Office 1909-13, principal ord. officer (hon, 
rank of maj.-gen.) and dir. of equipmt. and ord. 
stores 1913-14 : Cromlyn, Rathowen, Ireland. 

Battersby, Wm. John, j.p. (1906) Chesliire : 
Strathclyde, Stockport. 

Battersea (rt. hon.), lady. — Constance, eld. 
dau. of late sir Anthony de Rothschild, 1 bart. ; 
m. 1878, 1 and last baron Battei-sea {d. 1907); 
order of Mercy: 10 Connaught pi. W. ; Aston 
Clinton, Tring. Bucks ; The Pleasaunce, Over- 
strand, nr. Cromer, 

Battie-Wrightson, Robt. Cecil, only s. of 
Wm. Hy. Battie-Wrightson, of Cusworth Park, 
Yorks, D,L,, J,P. {d. 190;i), by lady Isabella 
Georgiana K., dau. of 3 marq. of Exeter ; h. 
1888; m. 1914, Louie Evelyn, dau. of Henry 
Bunting ; It. 5 battn. King's Own Yorkshire L.I, 
1907-12 : Cusworth Park, Doncaster, 

Battie-Wrightson, lady Isabella Georgiana 
K., dau, of 3 marq. of Exeter ; b. 1853 ; m. 1884, 
Wm, Hy, Battie-Wrightson, of Cusworth Park, 
I'orks, D.L., J.P., sheriff 1900 {d. 1903) ; patron 
of 3 livings : Cusworth Park, Doncaster ; The 
Villa, Wothorpe, Stamford ; Warmsworth Hall, 

Battiscombe, rear-adml. Albert Hy. Wm., 2 s. 
of late rev, Richd. Battiscombe, of Hactons, 
Essex ; b. 1831 ; m. 1866, Lucy, dau. of late sir 
Henry Robinson,knt.,of Knapton House,Norfolk, 
D.L,, J.P,; served in operations against Bruni, 
Borneo 1846; at capture of piratical junks m 
MirsBay, Cochin-China 1850, at bombardment of 
Bomarsund and of Sveaborg ; with naval brig, 
on Burmese frontier 1858 ; in N. Zealand 1860-1 ; 
rear-adml. ret. list, 1887 : Eastwood, Weston- 

Battiscombe, Percy Francis, eld. s. of R. W. 
P, Battiscombe, of Shaw Well, Sevenoaks, Kent ; 
b. 1857 ; m. Aurea, 4 dau. of M. Lambarde, D.L., 
J. P., of Beechmont, Sevenoaks, Kent; J.P. (1901) 
Kent : Shaw Well, Sevenoaks. 

Battle, dean of (Chichester), vide very rev. E. 
R. Currie. 

Battley, It.-col. D'Oyly Cade, eld. s. of maj. 
D'Oyly Wm. Battlev, late 77 regt., of Belvedere 
Hall, CO. Wicklow {d. 1887) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1868, 
Annie C, dau, of Wm, Hy. Jackson, of Inane, 
CO. Tipperary ; d,l co, Wicklow, j,p. cos. Cork, 
Dublin (sheriff 1911 ) and Wicklow (sheriff 1889), 
lt,-c6l, late 3 battn. Middlx. regt. : United Ser- 
vice and Constitntional clubs ; Belvedere Hall, 
Bray, co. Wicklow. 

Batty, Herbert, m.a., b.l, Cantab., 6 s. of 
Geo. Batty, of Crouch End, N. ; b. 1849 ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1881, entd. I.C.S. (Bombay) 1870, 
served in Bombay as asst, coUr. and magist., prof, 
of logic and moi-al philosophy in the Deccan coll., 
Poena (1872-5), and asst. judge and sess. judge ; 
und.-sec. to govt, of Bombay, pol, &c. depts,, and 
sec. to legal council 1885 ; remembrancer of legal 
affairs 1892, memb, legisl. council 1893 and 1895, 
a judge of high court of judicature at Bombay 
1902-8, ret, 1908. 

Battye, vide Trevor-Battye. 

Battye, maj.-gen. Hy. Doveton, 3 s. of Geo, 
Wynyard Battye {d. 1881); h. 1833; m. 1862, 
Susan, dau. {d. 1863) of J. J. Boswell, M.D. ; 
served in Indian mutiny 1857-9, B,S,C, ret. 1884. 

Baucbop, It.-col. Arthur, cm, g. (1902), 3 s, of 
late Robt, Bauchop, of Port Chalmers, N. Zea- 
land ; b. 1871 ; m. 1912, Mary Jean, only dau. of 
Hy. R. Elder, of Waikanae, New Zealand ; 
served in S, African war 1900-2 with New Zea- 
land contingents ; officer commdg. Wellington 
mily. dist. : Defence Office, Wellington, N. 

Baumann, Arthur Anthony, b.a. Oxon, 2 s. 
of Wm. Baumann, Hyde Park sq, W. {d. 1888) ; b. 
1856; barr. Inner Temple 1881: M.P. (c.) Cam- 



berwell (Peckham divn.) 1886-02 : 44 Hyde Park 
sq. W. ; Carlton club. 

Baumgartner, gen. Tho?. Mowbray, 6 s. of 
John T. Baumgartner, M.D., of Godmancbester 
[d. 1874) ; b. 1824 : in Indian mutiny 1857-8 ; 
gen. 1894, Ind. army, on U S. list 1890. 

Bawden, Moses, J. p. (1900) Cornwall: Taniar 
View, Tavistock. 

Bax-Ironside, sir Henry CTeo.Outram,K.C.M.G. 
(1911), only s. of J. H. Bax-Ironside, C.B., of 
Houghton-le-Spring, co. Durham {d. 1879), by 
dau. of maj.-gen. R. G. Hughes, of Llvnon Hall, 
Anglesey, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1859; to. 1, 1902, Marta 
Uedwig J., 2 dau. {d. 1910) of count Fereen 
Gyldenstolpe, of Stockholm, Sweden ; 2, 1913, 
Fanny Agnes, 2 dau. of It.-gen. M. W. Wil- 
loughby, C.S.I., Ind. army, and •widow of Jas. 
Jardine, K.c. ; sec. to legation at Pekin 1897- 
1900, Stockholm 1900-2, min. res. to the Republic 
of Venezuela 1902-7, env. extrady. and min. 
plenipo. in Chili 1907-9, 'o Swi^s (5onfederation 
1909-11, env. extrady. and min. plenipo. to Bul- 
garia from 1911 : British Legation, Sofia, Bul- 
garia ; Travellers', Marlborough, St. James's 
and New University clubs ; Heronden House, 
Eastry, Kent. 

Baxendale, Fras. Hugh, s. of late Lloyd 
Baxendale, of Greenham, Berks ; b. 1862 ; m. 
1883, Emily, dau. of late Thos. Nicholls ; is J.P. 
Sussex : Jun. Carlton club ; Framfield Place, 
Framfield, Uckfield, Sussex. 

Baxendale, Joseph Wm., m.a. Oxon., only s. 
of Joseph Hornby Baxendale, f.r.g.s. of 
Worplesdon Place, Surrey {d. 1886); b. 1848 ; m. 
1874, Frances M. J., only survg. child of late hon. 
Francis Scott, of Sendhurst Grange. Surrey; 
D.L., J.P. (1891) Hants (irheriff 1893) : 78 Brook 
St. W. ; Jun. Carlton club ; Preshaw House, 
Upham, Southampton. 

Baxendale, Lloyd Harry, s. of Lloyd Baxen- 
dale, of Greenham, Berks; b. 1858;' m. 1896, 
Constance L., dau. of late Chas. Raymond Felly ; 
is J.P. (1886) Beiks ; Conservative and Orleans 
clubs ; Greenham Lodge, Newbury. 

Baxter, Edward Armitstead, eld. s. of rt. hon. 
Wm. Edwd. Baxter, p.c, M.P., of Kincaldmm, 
Forfarshire {d. 1890) ; 6. 1848 ; in. 1879, Isobel, 
dau. of Wm. Scott Elliot, of Arkleton, co. Dum- 
fries : D.L., J.P. CO. Forfar: E'incaldrum House, 
Forfar, N.B. 

Baxter, sir Geo. Washington, ll.d.. younger 
p. of rt. hon. W. E. Baxter, p.c, M.p., of 
Kincaldrum, co. Forfar {d. 1890); h. 1853; m. 
1889, Edith, dau. of maj.-gen. J. L. Fagan ; j.p. 
Forfarshire, U.L., j.p. Dundee, knighted 1904 : 
Invereighty, Forfar, N.B. ; Devonshire club. 

Baxter, Ned, eld. s. of Jas. Baxter ; b. 1852 ; 
m. eld. dau. of Joseph Horsfall, of Longwood, 
nr. Hnddersfield ; J.p. (1907) W. R Yorks: 12 
Chapel hill, Linthwaite, Hiiddersfield. 
; Baxter, Thos., j.p. (1909) Cheshire: Hill 
Cliff, Warrington. 

Baxter, sir Wm. Jas., s. of Samuel Baxter, 
j of Tattykeel, Cookstown and of Ballymoney (d. 
1880) ; TO. 1892, Mary, 2 dau. of rev. Robt. 
j Wallace, of Beresford villas, Coleraine ; pres. 
County and City of Derry^ Liberal Assoc, of 
Coleraine Y.M.C. Inst., and of Pharmaceutical 
Soc. of Ireland 1910-11-12, D.L., j.p. co. London- 
derry, knighted 1907 : 25 Church st. and Avon- 
dale, Coltra'ne, co. Londonderry. 

Baxter, Wynne Edwin, f.g.s., f.r.m.s., eld. s. 
of Wm. Edwin Baxter, of Lewes, Sussex {d. 
187:?) ; b. 1844 ; to. 1868, Kate Bliss, dau. 
of Fras.Haslock Parker, of Northampton, mayor 
1849-50-51 (d. 1898) ; admitted a solicitor 1867, 
under-sheriff of London and Middix. 1876-7-8-9, 
1885-6; V. p. Prov. Newspaper Soc. 1873-6, chm. 
Law and City Courts com. of Corporation of 
London 1876-7 ; high constable of Lewes 
1877-8-9-80-1 ; first ma\or of Lewes 1881-2; d.l. 
Tower Hamlets; j.p. co. Loudon; coroner for 
Sussex 1879-87,E.Middlesex 1886-8 and E. Loi.don 
from 1888, and of Tower of London and Liberties 
from 1891, master of the Founders' Co. 1911-12, 
clerk to the Farriers' Co. 1876-1906, of the Gold 
and Silver Wyredrawers' Co. from 1878, and of 
the Shipwrights' Co. 1882-1913; treas. r.m.s. 
190(M3 : 170 Church st. Stoke Newington. N. ; 
9 Laurenre Pouutney hill, E.C. ; The Gianvilles, 
Stroud, Gloucestershire ; Constitutional club. 

Bayford, Robert Augustus, K.C, M.A. Cantab, 
only 8. of Augustus Fredk. Bayford ; b. 1838 ; w. 
1868. Emily J., younger dau. of John Deverell, 
of Purbrook Park, Hants : barr. Inner Temple 
1863. bencher 1891, Q.o. 1885, J.p. (1900) Hants : 
13 King's Bench walk. Temple, E.C; Netley 
Hill, Botley. Hants. 

Bayley, Chas. Butterworth, c.v.o. (1912), 6 s. 
of sir Steuart Colvin Baylf-y, G.c.s.i., c.i.R. ; b. 
1876 ; TO. 1913, Violet, dau. of late D. T. Brett ; 
special correspondent to " The Daily Telegraph 
and Pioneer" (AllahaV)ad) with Tibet mission 
1903-4. also to " The Daily Mail " with Mohmund 
expdn. 1908, priv. sec. to It.-^ov. of Bebar and 
Orissa from 1912 : Bankipore, India. 

Bayley, Chas. Clive-, s. of sir Edwd. Clive- 
Bavlev, K.c.s.i., c.i.E., of The Wilderness, Ascot 
((/.*1884) ; b. 1864 : to. 1910, Constance Evelina, 
dau. of Francis Ricardo, of The Friary, Old 
Windf^or; consul-gon. at Moscow from 1913: 
Britij^h Consulate General, Moscow, Russia. 

Bayley, sir Chas. Stuart, k.c.s.i. (1908), i.s.o. 
(1912), s. of late capt. Daniel Bayley, H.E.i.c. S. ; 
b. 1854 ; m. 18^0, Sarah Corstanc, dau. of mnj.- 
gen. A. E. Campbell, Ind. army ; barr. Lincoln's 
Inn 1877. entd. l.C.S. 1877, agent to gov.-gen. in 
Central India 1900-5, residt. Hyderabad 1905-11, 
It.-gov. of E. Bengal and Assam 1911-12 and of 
Behar and Orissa from 1912. 

Bayley, maj. Edwd. Chas., c.i.e. (1911), 4 a. 
of late Geo. Bayley, W.S.Edinburgh; b. 1867; 
served with Somaliland field force 1903-4, maj. 
Ind. army 1905, priv. Eec. to It.-gov. of N.W. 



Prov. and Oudh 1899-1901 and to It.-gov. of the 
Punjab from 1907 : Government House, Lahore, 

Bayley. Edwd. Hodson, s. of late rev. dr. 
Bayley ; b. 1841 ; m. 1891, Josephine, dan. of 
count von SchM'arzenbercj ; chm. of Bayley's Ltd. 
wagon builders, 42 Newington causeway, chm. of 
London Improved Cab Co. Ltd. &c. ; J.p. (1894) 
CO. London ; M.P. (l.) N. Camberwell 1892-6 : 42 
Newington Causeway, S.E. ; Reform club; Elles- 
mere. Bromley, Kent. 

Bayley, Hy. Dennis, 2 s. of Thos. Bayley, 
of Lenton Abbey, and Langar Hall, Notts, M.P., 
j.p. {d. 1906), and Annie Mary Bradley, dau. and 
co-heiress of Hy. Farmer, of Lenton, Notts ; h. 
1878 ; m. 1903, Audrey Cecil, dau. of sir John 
Turney, knt., of Gedling, Notts.; j.p. (190G) 
Notts : Reform, Royal Automobile and Notts 
County chibs ; Lenton Abbey, nr. Nottingham ; 
Grimston Garth. Yorkshire. 

Bayley, James, eld. s, of J. S. Bayley, of 
Willaston Hall, Cheshire {d. 1859) ; 6. 1867 ; m. 
1880, Ellen, dau. of G. Andrews ; J.P. Cheshire : 
Willaston Hall, Nantwich. 

Bayley, sir Steuart Colvin, G.C.S.I. (1911) 
CLE. (1882), 5 s. of late W. B. Bayley ; h. 1836 ; 
m, 1860, Anna, dau. of R. N. Farquharson, B.C.S.; 
entered B.C.S. 1856 ; commr. Patna divn. during 
Bengal famine 1873-4 ; sec. to govt, of Bengal 
1877, on special duty with govt, of India during 
Madras and Mysore famine 1877, res. at 
Hyderabad 1881-2, ord. memb. of council of 
gov.-gen. of India 1882-7, It.-gov. of Bengal 
1887-90, sec. in political and secret dept. of India 
Office 1890-5, memb. Indian council 1895-1905, 
ret. 1905 : Athenaeum club ; The Old House, 
Brentwood, Essex. 

Baylis, Wm. Mortimer ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1875, J.P. (1906) Herefordshire (chm. of Bred- 
•vsardine petty sess.) and (1908) Radnorshire, c.c. 
Radnorshire : Parcgwyn, Glasbury, Hereford. 

Bayliss, Samuel, 2 a. of Wm. Bavliss, of 
Torquay, Devon ; h. 1848 ; vi. 1872, dau."^of Wm. 
Butler, of Wolverhampton, Staffs; J.P. (1907) 
Staffs : Claregate, Tettenhall, Wo'verhampton. 

Bayliss, Thos. Abraham, eld. but only survg. 
s. of late aldm. Thos. R. Bayliss, of Northfield, co. 
Worcester, J.p. ; 6. 1862; m. 1887, Henrietta T., 
dau. of Jas. McNally, of Belfast ; J.P. (1909) 
Worcestershire : Oxford and Cambridge and 
Jun. Constitutional clubs ; St. John's, Warwick. 

Bayliss, Wm. eld. s.of Wm.Bayliss,of Mayfield, 
Wolverhampton ; h. 1840 ; m. 1865, Mary, dau! 
{d. 1909) of rev. Jas. Clapham, of Cheetham Hill. 
Manchester; j.p. (1894) Staffs: The Woodlands! 

Bayliss, Wm. Maddock, m.a., (Oxon.), 
F.R.s., g. of Moses Bayliss; b. 1860; m. 1893, 
Gertrude E., dau. of "^Matthew Hy. Starling ; 
Univ. prof, of gen. physiology in Univ. coll. 
London, Roy. Medallist' 1911 : St. Cuthberts, 
West Heath rd. Hampstead, N.W. 

Bayly, maj.-gen. sir Alfred Wm. Lambert, 
K.c.B. (1911), C.S.I. (1909), D.S.O. (1887), s. of 
late maj. Geo. Bayly, 35 regt. ; b. 1856 ; m. 1, 1877, 
Ada M., dau. {d. 1880) of late maj.-gen. S. 
Thacker, Bo. S.C. ; 2, 1889, Eva, dau. of late John 
Nay lor, of Leighton Hall, Mont. ; served in 
Afghan war 1879-80, Soudan expdn. 1885, Bur- 
mese war 1886-7, S. African war 1899-1900, 
A.D.c. to King Edward VII. 1903-6, sec. army 
dept. govt, of India from 1906, maj.-gen. 1906, 
ret. 1912, col. 126 Baluchistan Inf. from 1907, 
Ind. army : United Service club. 

Bayly, rear-adml, Chas. Hy., ret. list 1907 : 
Hinton Manor, Cathermgton, Horndean, Hants. 

Bayly, capt. Edwd. Archibald Theodore, eld. 
s, of It.-col. Edwd. Richd. Bayly, of Ballyarthur 
CO. Wicklow, D.L., j.p. (r/. 1907) ; h. \%11 ; served 
in S. African war 1899-1902, capt. R. Welsh 
Fus. from 1907, attached Egyptian army 1908 : 
Ballyarthur, Avoca, co. Wicklow. 

Bayly, vice-adml. sir Lewis, K.c.B. (1914), 
c.v.o. (1907), s. of late capt. Neville Bayly, 
R.H.A. ; b. 1857 ; m. 1892, Yves Henrietta Yoyse^ 
Stella, dau. of late Hy Annesley Voysey ; navi- 
gating mid. of "Encounter" during Ashantee 
war, landed and took part in expdn. against 
pirates up the River Congo 1875, Egyptian war 
1882, A.D.c. to King Edward VII. in 1908, 
commdg. first battle-cruiser squadron 1911-13 
and first battle squadron from 1914, vice-adml. 

Bayly, rev. Paget Lambart, m.a. Cantab., 
only s. of gen. John Bavlv, C.B., col.-commdt. b.e. 
((/.■l905) ; h. 1863 ; m. 1896, hon. Blanche Louisa, 
dau. of 13 baron Inchiquin, k.p. ; vicar of Nether- 
bury, Dorset 1901-7, rect. of Newton St. Loe, 
Somerset, from 1908 : Oxford and Cambridge 
club ; Rectory, Newton St. Loe, nr. Bristol ; 
Browfort House, Devizes. 

Bayly, col.hon.Zachary Stanley, c.M.G. (1880), 
commdt.-gen. Cape Colonial forces 1881-92, 
hon. col. Cape Mounted Rifles, late memb. legisl. 
council of Cape of Good Hope. 

Bayne, Chas. Ger^ien, c.s.i. (1901), b. of late 
Peter Bayne, ll.d. ; h. 1860 ; m. 1890, Alice A., 
dau. of late rev. G. C. Hodgkinson ; tntd. I.C.S. 
(Bui-ma) 1880, revenue sec. 1893-1901, chief sec. 
to govt, of Burma 1901-3, commr. 1903-6, ret. 
1906 : E. I. United Service club. 

Bayne, Jas. Ernest, j.p. (1899) Norfolk. 

Bayne, Wm. Thirlwall, ll.d. Cantab, f.c.s., 
only s. of late W. J. Bayne, M.D., of Bury St. 
Edmunds ; b. 1838 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1863, 
j.p. Devon : Brockhill, Broadclyst, Exeter. 

Baynes, rt. rev. bp. Arthur Hamilton, d.d. 
Oxon. and St. Andrews, s. of late rev. J. A. 
Baynes ; h. 1864 ; m. 1894, youngest dau. of late 
canon Crompton, of Natal; vie. St. Jas. Nottm. 
1884-8, dom. chapl. to archbp. Benson 1888-91, 
six pieacher in Cant. Cathl. 1891-3, vicar of 
Ch. Ch. Greenwich 1892-3, and of St. Mary's, 
Nottingham 1901-13, bp.of Natal 1893-1901, asst. 



bp. of Southwell 1901-13, lion, canon of Saciista. 
Southwell Cathedral 1905-13, rect. of St. Philip 
Cathedral Church, Birmingham and asst. bp. of 
Birmingham from 1913 : The Cathedral Rectory, 
St. Philip's pi. Birmingham. 

Baynes, sir Christopher Wm., 4 bt. (1801), 
eld. 8. of 3 bt. (d. 1897) ; *. 1847 ; ?/». 1872, 
Amy Ruperta, eld. dau. of Edwd. Colston, of 
Roundway Park, Wilts (ffeir, .«. Wm. Edwd. 
Colston, b. 1876) : 27 Lowndes sq. S.AV. 

BayTies, Fredk., 4 s. of Fredc. Baynes, of 
Blackburn, Lanes; b. 1848; m. 1879, Anna A., 
dau. of Tbos. Simpson, of Fox Hill Bank, Church, 
Lanes; d.l. Lancashire (sheriff 1900) : Summer- 
hill. Kidderminster. 

Baynes, rear-adml. Hy. Compton Anderson, 
ret. list 1907. 

Baynes, hon. Joseph, o.m.g. (1902), s. of late 
Richd. Bavnes, of Settle, nr. Pietermaritzburg ; 
b. 1842; m. 1, 1874, Maria H., 2 dau. of Paul 
Hermanns Zietsman, j.p. ; 2, 1878, Sarah A., 
dau. of late Edwd. Tomlin8on,.r.p. ; memb. legisl. 
council of Natal 1890-3 and 1904, sen. memb. 
for the Ixopo 1893-1903, chm. (1902) of the 
Indian Immigration Trust Boaixl and memb. 
of the board from 1887, min. of lands and 
works 1903-4: Austerwick House, Pieterraaritz- 
burg,Natal ; Nel's Rust Estate, Natal {Telef/rnms, 
Station Nel's Rust ; Telephone, Trunk Line, 2G9). 

Bazeley, Geo. Paulle, s. of G^eo. Bazelev, of 
Penare, Penzance ; b. 1851 ; j.p. (1894) Cornwall: 
Penare, Penzance. 

Bazeley, Wm. Jas., j.p. (1908) Cornwall : The 
Cliff, Penzance. 

Bazley, Charles Henry, s. of R. Bazley, 
of Manchester {d. 1845) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1870, Alice 
E., only dau. of Elias Doming, of Pendlebury ; 
J.p. Lancashire. 

Bazley, sir Thomas Sebastian, 2 bart. (1869), 
M.A. Cantab, only s. of sir T. Bazley, 1 bart., 
M.P. {d. 1885) ; b. 1829 ; m. 1855, Elizabeth, 2 
dau. (d. 1890) of R. Gardner, of Chaseley, Man- 
chester ; D.L., J.p. Gloucestershire. J.P. Cheshire 
(Heir, (/rands. Thos. Stafford, b. 1907) : Kilmorie, 

Bazley- White, John,eld. survg. s. of late John 
Bazley White, j.p. Kent (d. 1893) ; b. 1847; m. 
1876, lady Grace, youngest dau. of Mary 
Elizabeth, in her own right 18 countess of Rothes 
(d. 1893), by her marriage with late capt. 
Martin Haworth-Leplie, 60 Rifles ; hon. 
col. 3 vol. (Kent) brig. Cinque Ports divn. 
B.A. 1887, ret. 1892; D.L., J.P. Kent : M.P. (c.) 
Gravesend 1885-1892; assumed addtl. surname 
of Bazley 1887 : 50 Lexham gdns. S.W. ; Carlton 
and Arthur's clubs. 

Beach, vide Hicks-Beach. 

Beach, maj. Archibald Wm. Hicks, eld. s. of 
rt. hon. Wm. Wither Bramston Beach, Oakley 
Hall, Hants, and Keevil House, Wilts, P.O., m.p., 
D.L., J.P. (d. 1901) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1888, Violet L, 
only dau. {d. 1891) of hon. Slingsby Bethell, C.B. ; 

lord of the manors of Deano and Oaklo}', 
Hants, and Keevil, Wilts, patron of one living, 
J.P. (1902) Hants : Naval and Military club ; 
Eathorpe Hall, Leamington. 

Beach, Ell ice Michael Hicks, 2 s. of rt. hon. 
Wm. Wither Bramston Beach, of Oakley Hall, 
Hants, and Keevil Manor, Wilts., P.O., M.P., d.l., 
J.P. ((/. 1901) ; b. 1875 ; 2 sec. in diplomatic ser- 
vice 190()-13, 1 sec. from 1913. 

Beachcroft, sir Richd. Melvill, eld. s. of Richd. 
Beachcroft {d. 1872), by Henrietta, dau. of sir Jas. 
MeWill, K.c.B. ; b. 1846; m. 1877, Charlotte 
Emily, 3 dau. of Robt. Maurice Bonnor-Maurice, 
of Bodynfoel. Mont ; admitted a solicitor 1868, 
solr. to Christ's heap, from 1873, L.c.c. from 
1889, dep. chm. 1896. vice-chm. 1897, chm. 
1909, 1st chm. Metropolitan Water board 1903-8, 
master of Clotliworkers Compy. 1913. knighted 
1904 : 24 Palace Court, W. ; 9 and 11 Theobald's 
rd. W.C. ; Conservative and Alpine clubs ; 
Littlemount, Cookham Dean, Berks. 

Beadle, Charles, s. of Chas. Beadle, late of 
Sutton-Hone, Kent ; b. 1834 ; m. 1862, Ellen, dau. 
of Clias. Hide, of Broadwater, Sussex ; is J.P. 
Kent : 38 Onslow eq. S.W. ; Wood Hall, Arkes- 
den, Newport, Essex. 

Beadle. Fras. John, 2 s. of Chas. Beadle, 
of Erith, Kent; b. 1842 ; m. 1864, dau. of John 
Clayton, of Marylebone, N.W.; J.P. (1900) Kent : 
Automobile club ; The Oaks, Belvedere, Kent. 

Beadnell, maj. Chns. Edwd., F.c.s.,eld. survg. 
8. of late John Beadnell, of Lincoln's Inn, and of 
Castel-y-Dail, Mont. ; b. 1841 ; m. 1871, Louie, 
youngest dau. of late John Marsh, of Tybrith, 
Camo, Mont. ; maj. r.a. (1862-91), ret. p. 1891, 
J.P. (1906) Montgomeryshire: Jun. United 
Service club; Hafod, LI audi nam, Mont. 

Beadon, It.-col. John Hammet, only s. of John 
Hammet Beadon, of Gotten House, Somerset (d. 
1879); b. 1847; m. 1884, Harrietce, 2 dau. of 
late Wm. Kave ; maj. and hon. It.-col. 3 battn. 
Somerset L.l. 1871-97, J.P. (1898) Devon and 
(1899) Somerset : Jun. United Service club; 
Gotton House, West Monkton, Somerset. 

Beadon, mrs. — Marian Eva Hustler, only dau. 
of rev. Reginald Edwd. Beaumont (rf. 1890), by 
Marian, only child {d. 1893) of Wm. Thos. 
Hustler, of Acklam Hall, Yorks, Sladnor Park, 
Devon, and formerly of Newsham Hall, co. 
Durham, D.L., J.P. (rf. 1909) ; m. 1908. Fredk. 
Scarth Beadon (elder s. of Fredk. Watson, of 
Longley Hall, Yorks) : Newsham Hall, Winston, 

Beal, Chas., late sen. registrar of the Chancery 
divn. of the supreme court of Judicature : 14 
Pall Mall, S.W. 

Beal, Edmund John, 3 s. of John Beal, of 
Uford, Essex; b. 1843 ; m. 1, 1869, Frances, dau. 
of Richd. Brand, of Barking, Essex ; 2, 1906, 
Ellen, dau. of W. Jos. Brown, of Stock, Es^ex ; 
J.P. (1897) and C.A. Essex : Kingston House, 
Coventry rd. Ilford. 



Beale, Harry Lausdowne, M.A.Cantab., 4 s. of 
W. Lansdowne Beale, d.l., of Waltham St. 
Lawrence, Berks ; h. 1878 ; J. P. (1914) Essex : 
Bath club; Tindon End, Grt. Sampford, via 
Saflfron Walden, Essex. 

Beale, sir Wm. Phipson, 1 bart (1912), K.c, 
F.G.8., eld. 8. of Wm. J. Beale, of Bryntirion, 
Merioneth ; b. 1839 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1867, 
bencher 1892, Q.o. 1888, M.p. (l.) S. Ayrshire 
from 1906 ; 2 Whitehall court, S.W. ; 6 Stone 
bldgs. Lincoln's Inn, W.C. ; Reform, Garrick 
and Savile clubs ; Drumlamford, Barrhill, 

Beaman, (hon.) Frank Clement Offley, i.c.s. 
1879, a puisne judge of high court at Bombay 
from 1907 : Bombay, 

Beamish, maj.-gen. Chas., 2 s. of John 
Beamish, M.D., of Bandon, co. Cork; h. 1831, ret. 
f. p. 1866, as It. -col. 35 foot with hon. rank of 

Beamish, Richd. H., eld. s. of Richd. Pigott 
Beamish, of Ashbourne, co. Cork, D.L. {d. 1899), 
by Hulda E. C, only dau. {d. 1892) and heiress 
of Chas. G. Mozauder, Knt. North Star of 
Sweden ; m. 1903, Violet, only dan. of maj.- 
gen. Wm. Pitcairn Campbell, c.B. ; D.L.. J.P. City 
of Cork (sheriff 1906 and 1911) : Reform club ; 
Ashbourne, Glounthaune, co. Cork. 

Bean, Geo., b. 1855 ; m. 1879, only dau. of 
late John Harper, of Dudley ; .T.P. (1909) 
Worcestershire and Dudley (mayor 1911-12 and 
1912-13) : The Hill, Dudley ; Vaynol, Rhosneigr, 

Bean, Wm., j.p. (1902) Northants (sheriff 
1910) and (190-) Liberty of Peterborough : 
92 Cromwell rd. S.W. ; The Firs, Easton-on-the- 
Hill, Stamford. 

Bean, mrs. — Anne, dau. of T. Jackson, of 
Eltham, Kent ; m. 18—, Alfred Wm. Bean, of 
Danson Park, Kent, j.P. {d. 1890) : Danson 
Park, Welling, Kent. 

Bearcroft, col. Edward Hugh, c.B. (1903), 
only s. of Edwd. Bearcroft, of Mere Hall, Wor- 
cestershire, D.L., J.P. {d. 1886) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1877, 
Catherine E., only dau. of capt. G. Philipps, of 
CwmgwillijCO. Carmarthen ; served in S. Airican 
war in commd. of his regt. 1901-2, hon, It.-col. in 
the army 1902, It.-col. commdt. and hon. col. 6 
battn, (mil.) Worcestershire regt. 1897-1905 ; 
J.P. Worcestershire : Jun. United Service club ; 
Mere Hall, Droitwich. 

Bearcroft, Geo. Edwd. Hy., only s. of Henry 
Bearcroft, of Hanbury Mount, Worcestershire ; h. 
1869 ; m. 1890, dau. of rev. W. P. A. Campbell, 
of Fladbury, Worcestershire ; J.P. (1904) Wor- 
cestershire ; Fepsinton, Himbleton, Droitwich. 

Bearcroft, adrnl. John Edwd., c.B. (1900), 
M.v.o. 4 class (1904), s. of late rev. Jas. Bearcroft, 
rect. of Hadzor, Worcs ; b. 1851 ; m. 1892, Katha- 
rine, dau. {d. 1898) of It.-col. W. P. Howell, 
of Penrheol, Carmarthenshire ; served on East 
Coast of Africa in suppression of slave trade 

1871-80 ; China and Japanese war 1894-5 j S. 
African war 1899-1900, ret. 1906, adml. on ret. 
list 1913 : United Service club. 

Beard, Chas. Thos., i.s.o. (1903), b.a. Trin. 
coll. Dublin, s. of late C. T. Beard, of Horfield, 
Glo'stershire ; 6. 1858 ; «i. 1, 1884, Alice C, dau. 
(d. 1886) of J. Mackay ; 2, 1891, Gertrude A. M., 
dau. of E. J. Figgis, J,P. ; Civil Service 1877, has 
been jiriv. sec. to successive und.-secs. for 
Ireland, chief clerk at Irish Office, London, and 
priv. sec. to chief sec. for Ii-elaud, sec. to Irish 
land commn. from 1910 : Falmore, Shankill, co. 
Dublin ; office, 24 Upper Merrion st. Dublin ; 
University (Dublin) club. 

Beard, Fredc, m.v.o. 5 class (1902), s. of 
late Richd. Beard, of Richmond, Surrey : h. 
1849 ; m. 1876, Ellen S., dau. of late Hy. Ett- 
ridge, of Attleborough, Norfolk ; supdt. A divn. 
Metropol. police, ret. 1906 : 45 Warrington rd. 
Harrow, Middlx. 

Beardmore, sir Wm., 1 bart. (1914) : Flichity, 
Daviot, Inverness-shire. 

Beardoe-Q-mndy, James B., youngest s. of 
late rev. Geo. Docker Grundy, m.a. Oxford, 
vicar of St. John's, Lees, Lancashire {d. 1901), 
and maternal gds, of Jas, Beardoe, of Man- 
chester ; b. 1846 ; to. 1869, Mary Jane, dau. 
of late Robt. Eastwood, of Meltham, Yorks ; 
J.P. Lancashire, adopted addtl. name of Beardoe 
in 1867 : Stockton Range, Chorlton-cum- 
Hardy, Manchester, 

Beare, vide O'Sullivan-Beare. 

Beart, Wm. Fredk. s. of Robt. Beart, of 
Godmanchester, Hunts ; b. 1848 ; m. 1871, Amy, 
dau. of F. J. Howson ; is J.P. Hunts : The 
Chestnuts, Godmanchester, Huntingdon. 

Beart, mrs.— Violet Julia,dau. of gen. Robt.J. 
Baumgartner, c.B., of Godmanchester, Hunts (d. 
1895) ; TO. 1891, Fredk. R. Beart, of The Chest- 
nuts, Godmanchester (d. 1895): Island Hall, 
Godmanchester, Hunts. 

Beasley, Chas., s. of late T. C. Beasley, of 
Harston. Leicestershire, J.P. ; b. 1840 ; m. 1871, 
Florence P. P., dau. of late T. Piatt, of Lincoln's 
Inn ; is J.P. (1896) Leicestershire : Harston, 

Beasley, It. Eras. Adams, R.N., M.v.o. 4 class 
(1911), 2 s. of R. St. John Beasley, of Usk, Mon, ; 
b. 1881; It. Roy. Naval coll. Dartmouth: Jun. 
Naval and Militarv club; The Lawns, Usk, Mon. 

Beastall, Geo., 2 s. of Wm. Beastall, of Oaker- 
thorpe, Derbyshire ; b. 1859 ; m. 1883, Annie, 
dau. of Wm. Rowe, of Somercotes, Derbyshire ; 
J.P. (1912) Derbyshire: Royal Automobile 
club ; Oporto House, Somercotes, Alfreton. 

Beaton, Robt. Milne, M.B., CM. Aberd., 
J.P. (1906) CO. London: 33 Highbury New 
park, N. 

Beatson, col. Chas. Hy., C.B. (1907), l.R.c.p., 
L.R.c.s. Edin., 2 s. of surg.-gen. Geo. Stewart 
Beatson, c.B., m.d. {d. 1874); h. 1851; m. 
Geraldine Mary, dau. of late rev. T. Wilson ; 



Manipur expdn. 1891, col. 1905, Ind. med. 
serv., ret. 1911 : Jun. Naval and Military club. 

Beatson, brig.-geu. Finlay Cochrane, c.b. 
(1902), s. of surg.-gen. Geo. Stewart Beatson, 
C.B., M.D. {d. 1874); b. 1865; m. 1890, Eliza 
Maud, dau. of late G. H. Errington, of Chadwell 
Hall, Essex ; served in S. African war 1899-1902, 
brig.-gen., gen. staff in India 1910-12, ret. p. 1912 
•with hon. rank of brig.-gen. 

Beatson, col. sir Geo. Thos., m.d. Edin., 
K.C.B. (1907), V.D., eld. s. of late surg.-gen. Geo. 
Stewart Beatson, c.B., M.D. (d. 1874): b. 1848 ; 
hon. consult, surg. Glasgow Western Infinnary, 
sen. surg. Glasgow Cancer Hospital, niemb. of 
British Ked Cross Soc, It.-col. comradg. (hon. 
col. 1905) Glasgow Companies R.A.M.C. (vols.) 
1901-8, col Territl. Force (ret. 1912) ; D.L. Glas- 
gow, chm. council Scottish Branch of British Red 
Cross Soc. : 7 Woodside cres. Glasgow ; Jun. 
Constitutional club. 

Beatson, lady. — Edith C, dau. of late lt.-gen. 
sir Wm. K. Elles, k.c.b. ; m. 18^9, maj.-gen. sir 
Stuart Brownlow Beatson, K.O.B., K.C.8.I., 
K.c.v.o. (d. 1914) : The Cottage,Slaugham, Craw- 
ley, Sussex. 

Seattle, Joseph Cordner, B.A. Lond., 5 s. of 
Geo. Wilson Beattie, of Northampton ; b. 
1865 ; m. 1896, Ellen Bertha, dau. of David Sher- 
well, of Northampton; j.p. (1912) Flints: 
Epworth College, Rhyl. 

Beatty, rear-adml". sir David, K.C.B. (1914), 
M.v.o. 4 class (1905), d.s.o. (1896), s of David 
Longfield Beatty, of Borodale, Wexford; b. 1871 ; 
m. 1901, Ethel, only dau. of Marshall Field, of 
Chicago, U.S.A. ; served with Dongola expdn. 
1896, Nile expdn. 1897-8, 4 class Medjidieh ; 
Chiua expdn. 1900, A.D.c. to King Edward VII. 
1908-10, naval sec. to first lord of the Admiralty 
in 1912, commdg. first battle-cruiser squadron 
from 1913, rear-adml. 1910 : Hanover Lodge, 
Hanover gate, Regent's Park, N.W. ; Brooksby 
Hall, nr. Leicester ; Invercauld House, Braemar, 

Beatty, Haslitt Michael, c.m.g. (1902). chief 
locomotive supt. govt, railways, Cape of Good 
Hope : Rosclare, Rondebosch, S. Africa. 

Beatty. maj.-gen. Robt. ; maj.-gen. 1890, on 
U.S. list 1893. Madras N.I. 

Beauchamp, 7 earl (1815 U.K.). Wm. Lygon, 
K.G. (1914), P.O. (1906), K.c.M.G. (1899), eld. s. of 
6 earl, P.O. {d. 1891), by only dau. (d.) of 5 earl 
Stanhope ; b. 1872 ; vi. 1902, lady Lettice M. E.. 
sis. (lady of grace of St. John of Jerusalem) of 
2 duke of Westminster, b. 1876 ; 2nd tit. 
Elmley; J.P. Gloucestershire (lord lieutenant 
from 1911 and pres. of the Territl. Force Assoc), 
D.L., J.p. Worcestershire, mayor of Worcester 
1895-6, gov. of N. S. Wales 1899-1901. capt. of 
the corps of gentlemen-at-arms 1906-7, lord 
steward of the household to King Edward 711. 
1907-10, and to King George V. in 1910, lord 
pres. of the council in 1910 and from 1914, 

first commr. of works 1910-14, an ecclesiastl. 
commissr. for England from 1911, hon. col. 2 S. 
Mid. brig, from 1902 and of 5 battn. (Cinque 
Poits) R. Sussex regt. from 1914, constable of 
Dover Ca.stle and lord warden of the Cinque 
Ports from 1913, knt. of grace of St. John of 
Jerusalem (ffeir, s. vise. Elmley, q.v.) : 13 
Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Travellers' club : Madresfield 
Court. Malvern Link ; Walmer Castle, Kent. 

Beauchamp, Edmund Beauchamp, eld. s. of 
rev. Marwood Tucker, M.A., of Coryton Park, 
and rect. of Widworthy, Devon (d. 1894) ; b. 
1833; m. 1, dau. of B. Persse, Moyode Castle, 
CO. Galway ; 2, 1873, Gertrude, dau. of D. 
Persse, Roxborough, co. Galway; 3, 1877, Louisa 
Ellen, 3 dau. of rev. H. Longueville Jones, H.M. 
Insp. of Schools for Wales ; D.L., j.P. Cornwall 
(sheriff 1870), assumed name of Beauchamp in 
lieu of Tucker 1874 : Trevince, Gwennap, 

Beauchamp, sir Edwd., 1 bart (1911), s. of rev. 
Wm. Henry Beauchamp, rect. of Chedgrave and 
incumb. of Langley, Norfolk (d. 1863), and 
grandF. of adml. sir Wm. Beauchamp-Proctor, 
3 bart. : h. 1849 ; m. 1, 1875, Frances Mary, eld. 
dau. [d. 1886)of late Jas. Stephen, LL.D., judge of 
county courts ; 2, 1890, Betty, dau. of Archibald 
Woods, of Columbus. Ohio, U.S.A. : chm. of 
LlovH's 1905, J.p. (1907) Norfolk, m.p. (l.) N. 
Suffolk 1906-10 and from 1910 (Heir, s. Edwd. 
A., b. 1891): 26 Grosvenor pi. S.W. ; Union 
club ; Elderton Lodge, Gunton, Norfolk. 

Beauchamp, Frank Beachim, J.P. (1914) 
Somerset : Woodborough House, Camerton, Bath. 

Beauchamp, col. sir Horace Geo. Proctor-, 
6 bart. (1744), c.b. (1902), 3 s. of 4 bart. {d. 
1874), by dau. of 2 baron Radstock. and bro. of 
5 bart. {d. 1912) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1892, Florence, 
dau. of late Henry M. Leavitt, of New York, 
U.S.A. ; served in Soudan campaign 1885, Soudan 
frontier field force 1885-6, Suakin 1888, 3 class 
Medjidie ; S. African war 1902, It.-col. 20 huss. 
1899-1903, brevet col. 1903, ret. p. 1904 {Heir, 
bro. rt'V. Montagu H., b. 1860). 

Beauchamp, dow.-countess. Emily Annora 
C, eld. dau. of 3 earl Manvers ; b. 1853 ; m. 1872, 
as his 2 wife, 6 earl Beauchamp, P.c. (d. 1891) : 
41 Eaton sq. S.W. ; Homme House, nr. Ledbury. 

Beauderk, lord Osborne de Vere, 2 s. of 
10 duke of St. Albans ; b. 1874; capt. 17 Lancers 
1901-2, maj. S. Nottinghamshire (Huss.) veo. 
1904-10, D.L. co.Waterford: 101 Mount st. W. 

Beauclerk, lord Wm. de Vere, 3 s. of 10 duke 
of St. Albans ; b. 1883. 

Beauderk, lady Alexandra de Vere, dau. of 
10 duke of St. Albans ; b. 1878. 

Beauford, John Salmon, s. of Hy. Williams 
Beauford, of Sudborough, Northants, J P. ; b. 
1846 ; m. 1887. Emily Charlotte, dau. of It.-col 
Ricketts, of Bath, Somerset; J.P. (1898) Lan- 
cashire : The Warrens, Formby, Lancashire. 



Beauford, Wm. Fredk., 2 s. of Hy. Williams 
Beauford, of Sudborough, Northants, j.p. ; b. 
1842 ; in. 1874, Emily, dau. of Hy, Browning, of 
73 Grosvenor st. W. ; j.p. (1900) Hunts and 
(1912) Sussex: Union club; Horeham Grange, 
Horeham Road, Sussex. 

Beaufort, 9 duke of (1682. Eng.). Henry Adel- 
bert Wellington Fitzroy Somerset, t.d. (1909), 
eld. s. of 8 duke, K.G. {d. 1899) ; b. 1847 ; m. 1895, 
Louise E., 2 dau. of late Wm. Hy. Harford, of 
Oldown, Glos, d.l. j.p., and widow of baron Carlo 
de Tuyll, b. 1864 ; 2nd tit. marq. of Worcester ; 
capt. R.H.G. 1869-77, D.L., j.p. Monmouthshire, 
Glo'stershii-e, and Brecknockshire, It.-col. 
commdt. (hon. col. 1888) Glo'ster yeo. 1887-1904, 
hon. col. of the regt. from 1904, col. a.d.c. to 
Queen Victoria 1899-1901, to King Edward VII 
1901-10, to King George V. from 1910, high 
steward of Bristol from 1899 {Heir, s. marq, of 
Worcester, q.v.) : Carlton, Boodle's, Turf and 
Marlborough clubs ; Badminton Park, Badmin- 
ton, Glo«. ; Llangattock Park, Crickhowell. 

Beaufort, (hon.) Leicester Paul, M.A.and b.c.l. 
Oxon., 2 s. of rev. Daniel Augustus Beaufort, 
M.A. {d. 1898), by Emily K, 2 dau. of late sir 
John Eras. Davis, 1 barb, (ext.), k.c.b., d,c.l,, 
F,R.s. ; b. 1858; m. 1883, Edith M., dau. of rev. 
C. H. Griffith, of Stratbfield Turgis, Hants; 
barr. Inner Temple 1879, gov. of Labuan 1895-9 ; 
judge of high court, N.E. Rhodesia from 1901 : 
Fort Jameson, N.E. Rhodesia, S. Africa. 

Beaufoy, Mark Hanbury, F.z.s., only s. of late 
Geo. Beaufoy, of S. Lambeth ; b. 1854 ; m. 1884, 
Mildred, dau. of Robt. Tait, of 14 Queen Anne 
St. W. ; head of firm of Beaufoy and Co., vinegar 
and british wine makers ; j.p, Wilts (sheriff 
1900), CO. London and Surrey, M,P, (L.) Lambeth 
(Kennington divn.) 1889-95 : Coombe House, 

Beaumont, capt. Alfred Philip, only s. of late 
Alfred Beaumont, of 47 Gloucester ter. W. ; b. 
1854 ; m. 1878, dau. of Phillip Pavy, of 19 West- 
bourne ter. W. ; J.P, (1899) Hants : Conservative 
club ; Great Testwood, Totton, Southampton. 

Beaumont, hon. Edwd. de Grey, 2 s. of 1 baron 
Allendale (c?. 1907) by lady Margaret, 4 dau, of 

I marq, of Clanricarde ; b. 1862. 
Beaumont, Eras. Hy., M.A, Oxon., eld. s. of W. 

F. Beaumont, of Buckland Court, Surrey {d. 
1837): b. 1834; m. 1866, Mary E., dau. of late 
Evan Baillie, of Dochfour, N.B., by dau. of 5 
duke of Manchester ; county treasurer for 
Surrey 1879-1903, D.L., j.p. and c.A. Surrey : 
Carlton club ; Buckland Court, Betchworth, 
Beaumont, capt. sir Geo. Arthur Hamilton, 

II bart. (J660), only s. of 10 bart. {d. 1914); b. 
1881 ; capt. King's R. Rif. C. from 1912 (Heir, 
uncle, Fredk. L. M. ; b. 1862). 

Beaumont, Hy. Hamond Dawson, b.a, Oxon., 
3 6. of late rev. T. G. Beaumont, rect. of Chel- 
mondwton, Suffolk, j.p, ; b. 1867 ; m. 1908, 

Henrietta, dau. of late col. Baldwin Wake, 21 
lancers ; 2 sec, in diplomatic service 1898-1905, 
sec. 1905-9, councillor 1909, charg^ d'affaires 
Montenegro 1909-10, British delegate on the 
international financial commn. in Greece 1910-18, 
councillor of embassy at Constantinople 1913-14 : 
22 Thurloe sq. S.W. ; Brooks's and St. James' 

Beaumont, Henry Ralph, eld. s. of Henry 
Fredk, Beaumont, of Whitley Beaumont, Yorks, 
M,P,, D.L., J,P. {d. 1913) ; b. 1865 ; m. 1904, Mary 
Helen, 4 dau. of sir Jas. Hy. Gibson-Craig, 3 
bart. ; D.L., J.P. W.R. Yorks : Brooks's, Turf, 
Bachelors', and Yorkshire (York) clubs ; Whitley 
Beaumont. Huddersfield ; Tetworth, Ascot. 

Beaumont, hon. Hubert Geo., 3 s. of 1 baron 
Allendale ((/. 1907) by lady Margaret, 4 dau. 
of 1 marq. of Clanricarde: b. 1864; m. 1900, 
Elisa Mercedes, eld. dau. of Michael Paul Grace, 
of 40 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; J.P. (1913) Bucks, 
M.P. (R.) S. Sussex 1906-10 : 6 Buckingham gate, 
S.W. ; Reform, Brooks's and Garrick clubs ; 
Wotton House, Aylesbury. 

Beatimont, adml. sir Lewis Anthony, G.C.B. 
(1911), K.C.M.G. (1901), F.R.G.S. ; b. 1847 ; ni. 
1889, Mary Eleanor, dau. {d. 1907) of Chas. 
Perkins, of Boston, U.S.A. ; served in Arctic 
expdn. 1875-6, naval attache for Europe 1882, 
priv. sec. to first lord of Admiralty (lord North- 
brook) 1882-5, dir. of naval intell. 1894-9, A.D.C. 
to Queen Victoria 1895-7, commdr.-in-chief on 
the Pacific station 1899-1900, Australian station 
1901-3, Plymouth station 1905-8, first and prin- 
cipal A.D.C. to the King 1911-12, adml. 1906, 
ret. list 1912 : United Service club ; St. George's, 
Hur-tpierpoint, Sussex. 

Beaumont, capt. Lindesay Beaumont, 3 s. of 
late ma j. -gen. R. H. J. B. Beaumont ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1879, Alice Gibbs, dau. of late Humphrey Bran- 
dreth,of Houghton Hall, Beds, j.p. ; capt, late 32 
regt. ; J.P. Beds : Crossland Fosse, Kempston, nr. 

Beaumont, hon. Ralph Edwd., 2 s. of 1 vise. 
Allendale, by lady Alexandrina L. M., 3 dau. of 
5 marq. of Londonderry, K.P., b. 1901. 

Beaumont, Somerset Archd., f.r.g.s,, 3 s, of 
late T, Wentworth Beaumont, of Bretton. co. 
York, M.P. ; b. 1836 ; M.P. Newcastle-on-Tyne 
1860-5, Wakefield 1868-74 ; d.l. Northumberland : 
Travellers' and St. James' clubs. 

Beaumont, hon. Wentworth Hy. Canning, eld. 
s, of 1 vise. Allendale, by lady Alexandrina L, M,, 
3 dau. of 5 marq, of Londonderry, K,P. ; b. 1890 ; 
It. 2 Life gds, from 1914. 

Beaumont, Wm. Hastings, s. of Wm. Coppard 
Beaumont, of St. John's House, N.W. ; b. 1869 ; 
m. 1895, Eva Celestine, dau. of It. -gen. W. 
Hill, of Sutherland avenue, W.; admitted a 
solicitor 1892, clerk to the Cutlers' Co. from 
1909: Cutlers' Hall, 4 Warwick la. E.G.; 23 
Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C. ; Lammas Cottage, 
Esher. Surrey. 



Beaumont, hon, sir Wm. Hy., s. of It. -col. 
Wm. Beaumont, 23 Madras L.I., of Chudleigh, 
Devon ; h. 1851 ; m. 1896, Alice, dau. of hon. 
John Millar, M.L.O. of Durban, Natal ; It. 75 
regt. 1871-5, ret. 1875, served on the Lan- 
galibalele expdn. 1873, commr. of special court 
for treason trials 1901, col. commdt. of dist. No. 
1 Natal, Zulu war 1878 and Jan. 1879, commdt. 
of combined Rifle Assocns. Pietermaritzburg, 
Boer war 1899-1900, first puisne judge of supreme 
court of Natal 1902-10, actg. c.J. and administr. 
June, July and Aug. 1907, knighted 1910 : 
Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

Beaxunont, Wm. Hustler, youngest s. of rev. 
Reginald Edwd. Beaumont {d. 1890), by Marian, 
only child {d. 1893) of Wm. Thos. Hustler, of 
Sladnor Park, Devon ; Acklam Hall, Yorks and 
of Newsham Hall, co. Durham, D.L., j.p. (tZ. 
1909) ; h. 1886 ; m. 1910, Lurline W., dau. of 
Wm. P. Ingham, of Coatham, Yorks : Wrelton 
Hall, Pickering, Yorks. 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), lady (11 baroness, 1309, 
Eng.) Mona Josephine Tempest Howard, eld. 
dau. of 10 baron Beaumont, It.-col. 20 huss. {d. 
1895), by only child of sir Chas. H. Tempest, 
1 and last bare, of Heaton ; b. 1894 ; the right 
to the barony confirmed by Letters Patent, 1st 
June, 1896 (J7eir,5/s. hon. Ivy M. Stapleton, q.v.) ; 
vide hon. Bernard Edwd. Fitzalan Howard. 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), Ethel M., lady. — only 
child of sir Chas. H. Tempest, 1 and last bart. 
of Heaton ; m. 1893, 10 baron Beaumont, late 
lt.-col. 20 huss. {d. 1895) : Carlton Towers, 
Carlton, Yorks. 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), Isabella Anne, lady. — 
eld. dau. of 3 baron Kilmaine ; m. 1844, 8 baron 
Beaumont [d. 1854). 

Beaumont, Lillie E., lady. — 2 dau. of late 
maj.-gen. Geo. Ayton CJraster, B.e. ; m. 1880, 
cajjt. sir Geo. Howland Wm. Beaumont, 10 bart. 
{d. 1914). 

Beaumont, hon. Margaret Helen, b. 1892 ; 
hon. Aline Mary de Burgh, b. 1895 ; hon. Agatha 
Violet, b. 1903 j dans, of 1 vise. Allendale. 

Beaumont (rt. hon.), Violet, lady. — only 
dau. of F. W. Isaacson, m.p. of 18 Up. Grosvenor 
St. W. (d 1898) ; m. 1888, 9 baron Beaumont {d. 
1892) : 49 Eaton place, S.W.; Slindon House, nr. 

Beaumont- Nesbitt, Edwd. John, b.a. Oxon., 
eld. s. of late rev. T. G. Beaumont, rect. of Chel- 
mondiston, Suffolk, 1863-88, J.P. ; b. 1860 ; m. 
1890, Helen, youngest dau. of late Fredk. 
Freeman Thomas, of Ratton, Sussex; is d.l., 
J.p. King's CO. (sheriff 1892) ; assumed addtl. 
name of Nesbitt 1886 ; Travellers' and Kildare 
St. (Dublin) clubs : Tubberdaly, Edenderry, 
King's CO. 

Beavan, col. Reginald, 2 s. of capt. Robt. 
Beavan, H.E.i.C.8. ; b. 1843 ; wi. 1873, Annie H. 
H., dau. of capt. Wm. E. P. Bignell, H,E.T.C,8. ; 

lt.-col. Ind. S. C. 1886, col. 1890, ret. 1892, 
J.p, (1909) Radnorshire: Brynrhydd, Llowes, 
via Hereford. 

Beavan, mrs. — Anne Eliza, dau. and heir of 
late S. Beavan, of Glascwm, co. Radnor; m. 
1879, Arthur Dixon, d.l., J.p., who assumed 
name of Beavan in lieu of Dixon 1879 and died 
in 1895: The Court, Glaacwm,Builth,Brecon8hire. 

Beaven, bp. vide Mashonaland, 

Beaven, Edwin Chas., 3 s. of Thos. Beaven, 
of Holt, Wilts ; m. 1870, dau. of Geo. Ellison, of 
Threelands, Birkenshaw, Yorks ; J.P. (1912) 
Wilts : National Liberal club ; Arboyne, Holt, 
nr. Trowbridge, Wilts. 

Beaven, Fredk. Thos., 2 8. of late Thos. Beaven. 
of Holt, Wilts ; 6. 1844 ; m. 1867, Fanny, dau. of 
Thos. Nicholl, of Halifax, Yorks ; J.P. Wilts : 
The Retreat, Holt, Trowbridge. 

Beaver, It. Hy. Allen, R.N., M.v.o. 5 class 
(1903), chief gunner r.n. 1896, It. R.N. 1903. 

Beaver, John Hy., only s. of late A. Beaver, 
of Oxenhope, Yorks ; b. 1854 ; m. 1884, Sarah, 
only dau. of late C. Simpson, of Chapel Town, 
Yorks: J.P. (1906) and c.c. W. R. Yorks: 
Gledhow, Oxenhope, nr, Keighley. 

Beazer, Cornelius Edwd., only s. of Daniel 
Beazer, of Castle Combe, Wilts ; 6. 1837 ; m. 
1868, Susannah, dau. of Amice Bertram, of 
Grouville, Jersey : j.p. Lancashire : Hindley, 

Becher, sir Eustace Wm. Windham Wrixon-, 
4 bart. (1831), eld. s. of 3 bart. {d. 1914) and 
lady Emily, dau. of 2 earl of Listowel ; b. 1859 ; 
m. 1907, hon. Constance, 2 dau. of 6 baron Cal- 
thorpe, b. 1877 {Heir, bro. Edgar, b. 1862): 
Brooks's club ; Roxborough, Limerick ; Bally- 
giblin. Mallow ; Creagh, Skibbereen, co.. Cork. 

Becher, lady Emily C, 2 dau. of 2 earl of 
Listowel ; m. 1867, sir John Wrixon^Becher, 3 
bart. (c/. 1914). 

Beck, hon. sir Adam, h. 1857 ; m. 1898, Lilian, 
only child of late C. J. Ottaway ; rnemb. legisl. 
assembly Prov. of Ontai'io, Canada from 1902, 
min. without poi'tfolio, mayor of London, Out. 
1902, .1903 and 1904, knighted 1914 : Headley, 
London, Ontario, Canada. 

Beck, Arthur Cecil Tyrrell, eld. s. of late 
Arthur Wm. Beck, of S. Africa ; 6. 1876 ; m. 
Florence M., only child of late W. F. Cooper ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1898, j.p. (1906) Hunts and 
(1908) Beds, mayor of St. Ives, Hunts, 1905-6, 
priv. sec. to H. J. Tennant, m.p. (financial sec. 
to the War Office and und. sec. of state for war) 
1911-14, parly, sec. to P. H. Illingworth, M.P. 
(patronage sec. of the Treasury) from 1914, M.P. 
(l.) N. Cambridgeshire 1906-10, N. Essex from 
1910 : 26 Buckingham gate, S.W. ; Reform and 
Brooks's clubs ; Harrold, Bedford. 

Beck, Edwd. Anthony, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of late John Redin Beck, of Castle Rising, Nor- 
folk ; b. 1848 ; in. 1874, Emily M., dau. of Jas. 
Clark, of Winchmore Hill, Middlx. ; master of 



Trinity ilall, Caaib. from 1902, vice-chancellor 
of the University 1904-5 and 1905-6: The 
Master's Lodge, Trinity Hall, Cambridge. 

Beck, Frank Reginald, M.v.o. 4 class (1901), 
s. of late Edmund Beck, of Sandringham, Nor- 
folk ; b. 1861 ; m. 1891, Mary P., dau. of capt. 
Clifford Wilson, Connaught Rangers ; land agent 
on the King's Sandringham Estate, capt. 5 battn. 
Norfolk regt. from 1906 : Sandringham, Norfolk. 

Beck, Geo. Water?, eld. s. of G-eo. Morris 
Beck, of Gt. OrmesbY, Norfolk; h. 1872; J.P. 
(191-1) Norfolk : Winterton Hall, Gt. Yarmouth. 

Beck, hon. sir John Meiring, M.D., s. of 
Cornelias Beck, J. P., of Worcester, Cape Prov. 
{d. 1876) ; h. 1855 ; to. 1885, Mary Emily, dau. 
of Willem Ruijs, of Napier, Cape ; memb. 
council Univ. Cape of Good Hope, ex-pres. Cape 
Med. Council, formerly memb. legisl. assembly 
Cape of Good Hope, delegate S. A. National 
Convention 1908-9, senator Union Parliament, S. 
Africa from 1910, knighted 1911: De Oude 
Drostdij, Tulbagh, Cape Prov., S. Africa; 
(^ivil Service club. Cape Town. 

Beck, Peter Arthur, 2 s. of J. Beck, of Kings- 
land, Salop {d. 1873) ; h. 1829 ; m. 1864, Frances 
A., eld. dau. of late Robt. G. Temple, of The 
Lache, Cheshire, and judge of county courts of 
N. Staffs ; J.P, Warwickshire and Montgomery- 
shire (sheriff 1886): Trelydau Hall, Guilsfield, 

Beck, sir Raymond, s. of Morris Beck, of 
t hislehurst, Kent ; b. 1861 ; m. 1912, Elsie Mary, 
2 dau. of C.J. Whittington, of Sandhills, Betch- 
worth, Surrey ; partner in Morice and Beck, 
insurance brokers, clim. of Lloyd's 1910-11, 
knighted 1911: Bath club ; Fryleigh, Betch- 
worth, Surrey. 

Beckett, brig. -gen. Chas. Edwd., c.b. (1898), 
s. of C. W. Beckett, of Thorne ; b. 1849; m. 1881, 
Louisa A., dau. {d. 1900) of late f.m. sir John 
Michel, G.C.B., of Dewlish, Dorset : served in 
Egyptian war 1882 in commd. of mily. mounted 
police, at action at Kassassin, and at battle of Tel- 
el-Kebir, 4 class Medjidie ; Nile expdn. 1884-5, 
with Light Camel regt. ; It. -col. 2 drag. gds. 
1892-5, 3 Huss. 1892-8, asst. dir.-gen, of ordnance 
at headquarters 1898-9, a.a.G. Natal 1899-1900, 
A.Q.M.G. headquarters 1900-3, brig.-gen. in charge 
of administration, Malta, 1904-6, ret. p. 1906, 
hon. rank of brig.-gen. 1912, commdg. 2 S. 
Western Mtd. brig. S. commd. Territl. Force 
1908-12: Cavalry club; Pydeltrenthide Manor, 

Beckett, hon. Ralnh Wm. Ernest, only s. of 
2 baron Grimthorpe ; h. 1891 ; m. 1914, Mary, 
dau. of col. Archdale, late 12 Lancers ; 2 It. 
Yorkshire Huss. yeo. from 1913. 

Beckett, hon. Rupert Evelyn, 3 s. of Wm. 
Beckett (-Denison), of Nun Appleton, Yorks, 
M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1890), by dau. of 2 baron 
Feversham and bro. of 2 baron Grimthorpe; b. 
1 870 ; TO. 1896, Muriel Helen F., dau. of lord 

Berkeley C. S. Paget: d.l., j.p. (1897) W. R. 
Yorks, maj. Yorkshire Huss. I. Y. 1903-4: 34 
Grosvenor st. W. ; Stone House, Moor Allerton, 
Leeds ; 12 High st. Doncaster. 

Beckett, col. Stephen, c.b. (1885), s. of late 
capt. J. 0. Beckett, h.b.I.c.S. ; b. 1840 ; m. 1, 1875, 
Cecilia, dau. {d. 1889) of P. Griffith ; 2, 1894, 
Ida M., eld. dau. of John Macfarlane, of 2 Lexham 
gdns. W. ; in Oude campaign 1858-9, Eusofzie 
expdn. 1863, in charge of transport from India 
with Suakin expdn. 1885, B.8.C., ret. 1889: 23 
Grange rd. Ealing, W. 

Beckett, Walter Ralph Durie, c.M.G. (1909), 
s. of col. Wm. Hy. Beckett, formerly Ind. army ; 
b. 1864 ; m. 1911, Ivy N., dau. of H. R. Goring; 
consul 1903-13 (local rank of first sec. in diplo- 
matic service 1904) and consul-gen. at Bangkok 
in 1913, charg^ d'affaires on many occasions in 
absence of env. ext. and min. plen., consul-gen. 
at Batavia, Java from 1913 : British Consulate 
General, Batavia, Java. 

of Nun Appleton, Yorks, M.p., D.L., J.P. {d. 
1890), by dau. {d. 1896) of 2 baron Feversham 
and bro. of 2 baron Grimthorpe ; b. 1866 ; to. 
1896, hon. Mabel T., onl> dau. (rf. 1913 )of late vise. 
Helmsley and granddau. of earl of Feversham, b. 
1877 ; capt. Yorkshire Huss. yeo. from 1914, m.p. 
(c.) N. R. Yorks (Whitby divn.) from 1906 : 28 Gt. 
Cumberland pl.W. ; Bachelors', Carlton, Garrick 
and White's clubs ; Kirk dale Manor, Nawton, 

Beckett, hon. Helen Louisa, eld. dau. of Wm. 
Beckett (-Denison), of Nun Appleton, Yorks, 
M.p.-, D.L., J.P. (d. 1890), by dau. of 2 baron 
Feversham and sis. of 2 baron Grimtliorpe : 
Pinehurst, Eridge Green, Tunbridge Wells. 

Beckett, miss, elder dau. of late sir Thos. 
Beckett, 3 bart. {d. 1872), by dau. {d. 1878) of J. 
Beckett, Barnsley, York : Somerby Hall, Gains, 

Beckley, Wm., j.p. (1911) Devon: West 
Hamsworthy, Pancrasweek, Holsworthy, Devon. 

Beckton, rev. Arthur Curtis, m.a. Oxon, eld. 
s. of late Joseph Beckton, of Didsbury, Lan- 
cashire ; b. 1864 : m. 1889, Alice E., dau. of Geo. 
Peak, of Titley, Herefordshire ; J.P. (1901) Derby- 
shire, vicar of Alfreton, Derbyshire 1897-1902, of 
Beeston, Notts 1902-6 : Silcotes, Exmouth. 

Beckwith, Arthur, eld. s. of E. L. Beckwith, 
of The Knoll, Eastbourne, Sussex, J.P. ; 6. 1860 ; 
TO. 1890, Edith, dau. of Heckstall Smith, of Hove, 
Sussex ; J.P. Brecknockshire : Moor Park, 
Llanbedr, Crickhowell. 

Beckwith, Henry John, s. of late rev. H. 
Beckwith, b.a. rec. of Eaton Constantine, Salop; 
b. 1840 ; TO. 1876, Kathleen E., dau. of R. Craven 
Wade, of Clonebraney, co. Meath ; capt. late 63 
foot : J.P. CO. Durham, lord of the manor of 
Trimdon, co. Durham : Naval and Military and 
Royal Automobile clubs ; Millichope Park, 
Craven Arms, Salop. 



BeckwithjCapt. Wm. Malbisse, onlvs. of Hy. 
John Beckwith, of Millichopa Park, Salop, and 
of Trimdon, and Silks wor:h, co. Durham, J.r. ; 
b. 1877 ; m. 1904, lady Muriel Beatrix, 3 dau. of 
7 duke of Richmond, C.B., b. 1884 : served ia S. 
African war 1899-1900, capt. Coldst. gds. from 
1907 : 33 Queen's gate gdns. S.W. 

Bective, earl of. Terence Geoffrey Thos. 
Taylour, eld. s. of marq. of Headfort ; b. 1902. 

Bective, countess of. lady Alice Maria, dau. 
of 4 marq. of Downshire, b. 1842 ; jn. 1867, 
Thomas, earl of Bective {d. 1893), eld. s. of 3 
marq. of Headfort : 29 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Lune- 
field, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmorland. 

Beddard, Arthur Philip, m.a.,m.d. Cantab., 
F.R.c.P. Loni., s. of Jas. Beddard, of Notting- 
ham ; b. 1868 ; m. 1896, hon. Evelyn Maud, 4 
dau. of 1 baron AUerton, P.c. : 117 Gl ucester pi. 
Portman sq. W. ; Arts, Savile and Princes clubs. 

Beddoe. Wm., J.p. (1914) Pembrokeshire : 
Cambrian House, Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire. 

Beddoes, Wm. Fras., m.a. Ch. Ch. Oxon., 
eld. s. of Wm. Minton Beddoes, M.D.,of Minton, 
Salop {d. 1870) ; b. 1858 ; m. 1898, Alicia, only 
child of late rev. Wm. Lempriere Lewis, fell. 
Triu. coll. Oxford ; barr. Inner Temple 1884; 
J.p. (1902) Salop: 9 Stone bldgs. Lincoln's 
inn, W.C. ; United University club ; Ickleton, 
Cambridgeshire ; Minton, Church Strecton, Salop. 

Bedford, 11 duke of (1694, Eng.), Herbrand 
Arthur Russell, k.g. (1902), F.R.S., 2 s. of 9 duke, 
K.G. {d. 1891) and bro. of 10 duke {d 1893) ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1888, Mary du Caurroy (lady of grace 
of St. John of Jerusalem), dau. of' late ven. 
Walter Harry Tribe, m.a., archdn. of Lahore 
1885-92 (d. 1909); 2nd tit. marq. of Tavis- 
tock ; formerly It. 2 battn. gren. gds., A.D.c. to 
viceroy of India (marq. of Dufferin) 1884-8, 
It.-col. commdg. (hon. col. 1902) 3 battn. (mil.) 
Beds regt. 1897-1908, a.d.c. to King Edward 
VIL 1908-10, to King George V. from 1910, 
pres. Middlx. Territl. Force Assoc, from 1908 ; 
D.L., J.P. Beds (aldm. and chm. c.c), H.M.'s 
lieut. for Middlx. from 1898, mayor of metroo. 
boro' of Holborn 1900, a trustee of the British 
Museum from 1906 {Heir, s. marq. of Tavistock, 
q.v.) : 15 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Woburn Abbey, 
Beds ; Endsleigh, Tavistock, Devon. 

Bedford, archd. of (St. Albans), vide rt. rev. 
Edwd. Noel Hodges. 

Bedford, It.-col. sir Chas. Hy.,, 
M.D.,, M.R.c.s.Eng., younger s. of late 
F. W. Bedford, D.C.L., LL.D., of Edinburgh ; b. 
1866; m. 1900, Jane Beatrice, only child of 
Wm. Allan Carter, m.inst.c.e., j.p., of Edin- 
burgh and Stamford Hall, Gullane, Haddington- 
shire ; Ind. Med. Service 1889-1911, ret. 1911: 
c/o National Bank of India, 26 Bishopsgate, 
E.C. ; E.r. United Service club. 

Bedford, maj.-gen. Jsph. Herbt., r.e. ret. 
(Bombay), F.R.G.8., eld. b. of Joseph Richd. Bed- 
ford, surgeon H.E.l.C.s. (d. 1866) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1869, 

Eliza Piercy, dau. of capt. John Gardiner, late 5 
drag, gds.; Indian mutiny 1858;, ret. 1887: 2 
Tennison rd. South Norwood, S.E. 

Bedford, surg.-gea. Walter Geo. Augustus, 
C.M.G. (1900), M.B., M.R.C.S., s. of late vice-adml. 
G. A. Bedford ; b. 1858 ; m. ]SiO, Harriette A., 
dau. of late rev. D. J. Drakeford ; served in S. 
African war 1899-1901, dep. dir. med. service S. 
Africa from 1913, surg.-gen. A.M.S. 1914 : 
Pretoria, S. Africa. 

Bedford, Wm., s. of Wm. Bedford, of Boston, 
Lines (d. 1912) ; b. 1871 ; m. 1897, Lilian B., 
dau. of T. Thistlethwaite, of Boston, Lines ; j.p. 
(1909) Parts of Holland, Lines. 

Bedford, Adeline M.. duchess of, dau. of 3 earl 
Somers(ext.);6. 1852; ?«. 1876, 10 duke of Bed- 
ford {d. 1893) ; lady of grace of St. John of 
Jerusalem : 61 Berkeley sq. W. ; Woodside 
House, Chenies, Rickmansworth, Herts. 

Bedford, lady— E:hel, dau. of E. R. Turner, of 
Ipswich ; m. 1880, adml. sir Fredk. Geo. Denham 
Bedford, G.C.B., G.C.M.G.. gov. of W Australia 
1903-9: (d. 1913); lady of grace of St. John 
of Jerusalem : Swiss Cottage, Weybridge. 

Bedingrfeld, sir Henry Edward Paston-, 8 bt. 
(1661), eld. s. of 7 bt. {d. 1902), by Augusta 
Lucy, dau. and heiress of Edwd. Clavering, of 
Callaly Castle, Northumb. ; h. 1860 ; m. 1904, 
Sj^bil, eld. dau. of late H. A. C. Lyne-Stephens, 
of Upper Grove House, Roehampton, S.W. ; 
maj. 3 battn. (mil.) Liverpool regt. 1902-4, J.P. 
(1905) Norfolk (Heir, s. Hy. Stephen A., b. 1906) : 
JuD. United Service club ; Oxburgh Hall, Stoke 
Ferry, Norfolk. 

Beding-feld, capt. Jas., s. of late rev. J. Bed- 
ingfeld, rect. of Bedingfeld, by dau. {d. 1881) of 
3 baron Henniker ; b. 1845; It. R.N., ret. 1872, 
J.P. Suffolk. 

Bedingfeld, dow. lady Paston-, Augusta Lucy, 
dau. and heiress of Edwd. Clavering, of Callaly 
Castle, Northumb ; m. 1859, sir Henr}' Geo. 
Paston- Bedingfeld, 7 bt. ((/. 1902) : 45 Cromwell 
rd. S.W. 

Bedwell, Horace, c.m.G. (1913), B.a. Cantab., 
s. of late Fras. Alfred Bedwell, London ; b. 1868; 
m. 1, Constance B., dau. {d. 1901) of Bransby 
Roberts, of Eastbourne; 2, 1911, Edith I., dau. 
of late Geo. Jas. Caple, London ; provincial 
commr. S. Nigeria 1906. 

Beebee, J as. AUgood, 2 survg. s. of late rev. 
Meyrick Beebee, of Womaston, co. Radnor; 
and rect. of Simonburn, Northumberland ; 
b. 1846 ; m. 1890, Sarah Matilda, 3 dau. of late 
rev. Richd. Leigh, rect. of Walton-on-the-Hill, 
Lanes. ; J.p., D.L. Radnorshire (sheriff 1889) : 
Womaston, Walton, Radnorshire. 

Beeby, John Henrj-, eld. s. of Alex. Beeby, 
of Peterborough ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, Annie M., 
dau. of Chas. Roberts, of Peterborough ; is j.p. 
Liberty of Peterborough and Hunts, sheriff of 
Cambridgeshire and Hunts 1914: The Gables, 



Beech, Geo., h. of Wm. Beech, of Birmingham; 
1835 ; m. 1872, Florence, dau. of Chae. Doll- 
nan, of Birmingham ; J.p, (1900) Warwickshire, 

ipt. 1 vol. battn. R. Warwickshire regt. 1880 : 
'rimrose, S.W., Conservative and Midland 
Birmingham) clubs ; Jesmond Grove, Edgbas- 

u, Birmingham. 

Beech,lt.-col. John Robt.,c.M.ft. (1888), d.p.O. 
1S91), s. of J. Beech ; b. 1860 ; m. 1892, Alexan- 
dra M., dau. of late Kenneth Mackenzie, of 
-^Lornoway and widow of John Bullough, of Meg- 
: -rnie Castle, Perthshire ; served in Egyptian 
war 1882, in vet. dept. Soudan expdn, 1884, 
Nile expdn. 1884-5, with mission to King of 
Abyssinia 1887, 4 class Medjidie 1888 ; with 
Egyptian expdty. force 1891 at capture of Tokar ; 
4 clas3 Osmanieh 1892 ; army vet. dept. 1881-8, 
-apt. 20 huss. 1889-94, ret. 1894, transport officer 
-. Africa 1900, It.-col. Scottish Horse Yeo. 
i'.H)9-14 and from 1914, dep. assist, dir. of 
remounts W. commd. 1907-9 : Scottish Horse, 
Dunkeld, Scotland. 

Beech, Rowland Auriol Jas., eld. s. of Row- 
land John Beech, of Brandon Hall, Warwick- 
shire, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1888; .i.P. (1910) Warwick- 
shire, It. 16 lancers from 1908 : Brandon Hall, 
nr. Coventry. 

Beech, Rowland John, t.d. (1909), s. of J. 
Beech, of Brandon Hall, Warwickshire, D.L., j.p. 
{d. 1883); b. 1853; m. 1885, Adelaide F., only 
dau. of late Robt. Capel Cure, of Blake Hall, 
Essex ; D.L., J.P. Warwickshire (sheriff 1890), J.P. 
Staffs, sub-It. 16 lancers 1875-8 ; It. 2 life gds. 
1878-86, served in Camel corps in Soudan 1884-6, 
It.-col. commdg. Warwickshire Yeo. 1908-11 : 71 

dogan sq. S.W. ; Carlton, Arthur's, Pratt's and 
helors' clubs ; Brandon Hall, nr. Coventry ; 
e Shawe, nr. Cheadle, Staffs. 

Beecham, sir Joseph, 1 bart. (1914), s. of Thos. 
Beecham,of Southport, Lanes, {d. 1907) ; b. 1848 ; 
m. 1878, Josephine, dau. of Wm. Burnett,London ; 
J.P. (1894) Lancashire, mayor of St. Helens 1899- 
1900, 1910-11 and 1911-12, knighted 1912, order 
"" St. Stanislaus of Russia 1914 : 9 Arkwright 
Hampstead, N.W. ; Ewanville, Huyton, 


Beaching, maj.-gen. Frank, s. of S. Beeching, 
of Tunbridge Wells ; 6.1839 ; w. 1870, Marianne, 
dau. of P. Mathews, of Brighton ; maj.-gen, 1894, 
Indian army, on U.S. list 1894 : 13 Highland rd. 
Norwood, S.E. 

Beeching:, very rev. Hy. Chas., d.d. Oxon., 
D.Litt., s. of Jas. Plumer Geo. Beeching, of Bex- 
hill, Sussex ; h. 1859 ; m. 1890, Mary, dau. of late 
rev. A. J. Plow ; rect. of Yattendon, Berks 1885- 
1900, chapln. of Lincoln's Inn 1900-3, preacher 
1904, prof, of pastoral theology in King's coll. 
Lend. 1900-3, canon of Westminster 1902-11, 
exam, chapln. to bp. of Carlisle 1904-11, dean of 
Norwich from 1911 : The Deanery, Norwich. 

Beeforth, Geo. Lord, P.s. a., only s. of capt. 
Geo. Beeforth, of Scarborough ; b. 1823 ; m. 1854, 

,, It.-c 





i 1 9 


Helen, dau. {d. 1894) of Alex. Crawford, of Scar- 
borough ; one of H.M. Lieutenants for the City 
of London, J.P. N.R. Yorks and Scarborough 
(mayor 1893-4) : The Esplanade. Scarborough. 

Beer, col. Jas. Hy. Elias, c.i.e. (1909), v.d., 
8. of Jas. Beer ; b. 1848 ; commdt. Mussoorie 
Vol. Rif. : Mussoorie, India. 

Beever, capt. Hv. Holt, late r.a. ; capt. r.a. 
1887, ret. p. 1896, J.P. (1914) Dorset : Littleton 
House, Blandford. 

Beever, Wm. Fredk. Holt, b.a. Oxon., eld. s. of 
late rev. Wm. Holt Beever, M.A., of Pencraig 
Court, Herefordshire; b. 1H54 ; m. 1884, Lucie 
Evelyn, dau. of Thos. Browning, of Sale, 
Cheshire; J.P. (1897) Bucks: Travellers' and 
Oxford and Cambridge clubs ; Yewden, Hamble- 
den, Bucks. 

Beevor, sir Hugh Reeve, m.d., f.r.c.p.. 5 bart. 
(1784), eld. survg. s. of 4 bart. {d. 1885) ; 6. 1858 ; 
m. 1894, Emily G., eld. dau. {d. 1909) of sirWm. 
Foster, 2 bart,, of Norwich ; late maj. R.A.M.C. 
(4 London Gen. Hosp.) (ZTeir, s. Thos. Liihbock, 
6. 1897) : Hargham Hall, Attleborough, Norfolk. 

Beevor, lt.-col. Walter Calverley, c.m.g.(1901 ), 
M.B., 3 8. of late John Beevor, M.D., of Newark- 
on-Trent ; b. 1858 ; m. 1890, Ella B., eld. dau. of 
Chas. Taylor, j.p, ; served in Soudan campaign 
1885, Ashanti 1895, N.W. frontier, India 1897-8, 
Tirah expdy. force, S. African war 1900, surg.- 
maj. Scots gds. 1898-1904, princ. med. officer S. 
African Constby. 1901-2, and on personal staff of 
H.R.H. duke of Connaught to India 1903, lt.-col. 
R.A.M.C. 1904-13, ret. p. 1913 : Guards' and 
Naval and Military clubs. 

Begrbie, lt.-col. Alfd. Glynn, r.e. ; b. 1842 ; m. 
1873, Henrietta Edith, 2 dau. {d. 1911) of late col. 
John Allen Lloyd-Philipps [d. 1884), of Mabws, 
Cardiganshire, and Dale Castle, co. Pembroke ; lt.- 
col. R.E. 1888-93 : 22 Kidbrook grove. Black- 
heath, S.E. ; Mabws, nr. Aberystwith. 

Begrbie, maj.-gen. Elphinstone Waters, c.B. 
(1896), D.s.O.(1891), s. of late maj.-gen. P. J. Beg- 
bie, Madras Art. ; b. 1842 ; with. Abyssinian 
expdn. 1867-9, Duffla expdn. 1874-5, Burmese 
expdn. 1885-6, maj.-gen. 1898, on U.S. list 1902, 
Madras Inf. 

Begrbie, sir Jas., s. of Wm. Begbie, of Dundee 
(d. 1890) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1901, Rhoda, dau. of A. W. 
Campbell, of Bombay ; sec. and treas. Bank of 
Bombay, memb. of legisl. council of gov. of 
Bombay, memb. of roy. commn. on Indian 
finance and currency 1913, knighted 1911 : 
Bombay ; Oriental club. 

Begg:, Ferdinand Faithfull, F.R.s. Edin. ; s. of 
late rev. Jas. Begg, D.D., of Edinburgh ; b. 1847 ; 
m. 1873, Jessie Maria, dau. of F. A. Cargill, of 
Dunedin, N.Z. ; a stockbroker, M.P. (c.) Glasgow 
(St. Rollox divn.) 1895-1900 : 24 Lansdowne rd. 
W. ; Carlton and Gresham clubs. 

Behrens, sir Charles, 2 s. of sir Jacob Behrens, 
knt., of Bradford, Yorks {d. 1889); b. 1848; m. 
1883, Emily Milnes, only dau. of Samuel Shaw, 



J. p., of Brd-.klands, lir. Halifax, Yorks ; J, P. 
Manchester (lord mayor 1909-10 and 1910-11), 
memb. of cou't of Yictoria Univ. etc., partner in 
lirm of Sir Jacob Behrens & Sons. dep. chmn. 
Union Bmk of Manchester Ltd., knighted 1912 : 
Reform (London), and Clarendon and Reform 
(Manchester) clubs ; Holmacre, Altrincham, 

Behrens, capt. Clive, s. of Edwd. Bebrens, of 
The Oaks, Fallowfield, Manchester (d. 1905) ; b. 
1871 ; m. 1899, hon. Charlotte Louisa Adela 
Evelina, only dau. of 1 baron Rothschild, b. 1873 ; 
lateicapt. r.a., j.p. (1906) N.R. Yorks : 34 Prince's 
gats, S.W. ; Svvinton Grange, Malton, Yorks. 

Behrens, GTeo. Benjn., 3 s. of late Edwd. 
Behrens, of Fallowfield, Lancashire; b. 1864; 
m. 1890, Helen Elizabeth, dau. of John Morgan, 
D.L., J. P., of Froodvale, Carmarthenshire; J.P. 
(1914) Denbighshire : Vron Yw, Denbigh. 

Beilby, Geo. Thos., LL.D. Glas., P.R.S., F.c.s., 
P.I.C., 8. of G. T. Beilby, M.D., of Edinburgh; 
b. 1860 ; m. 1877, Emma C, eld. dau. of rev. S. 
Newman; pres. sue. of Chemical Industry 1899, 
of chemical section of British Assoc, at S. 
African meeting 1905 and of Inst, of Chemistry 
1909. chm. of Glasgow and W. of Scotland 
Technical coll., memb. of R. commn. on oil fuel 
from 1912 : 11 University gdns. Glasgow. 

BelcJaer, It.-col. Robt., cm.g. (1900), s. of late 
Robt. Toovev Belcher, of 76 Park st. (ji-rosvenor 
sq. W. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1>^80, Maggie, dau. of Donald 
McLeod ; served in rebellion of half-breeds and 
Indians 1885, S. Africa 1900-1 as 2nd in commd. 
of Lord Strathcona's corps, It.-col. comdg. 6 
cav. brig., j.p. for N. W. Territories, Canada : 
Edmondton, Alberta, Canada. 

Beldazu-Johns, Fredk. Meadows, s. of late 
Wm. Nash Woodham, J.P., of Shepreth, Cam- 
bridgeshire ; J.P.Cambridgeshire; assumed name 
of Beldam-Johns, in lieu of Nash Woodham 
1867 : Fowlmere Manor, Roystoii. 

Belfast, earl of (title which would be borne 
by eld. s., if any. of marq. of Douegall). 

Belfield. maj.-gen. Edward, in Kaffir war 

1850-2 ; commdr. R.E. at Halifax 187 81 ; ret. 

f. p. 1881 as col. R.E. : 3 Dagmar rd. Exmouth, 
Devon ; Junior United Service club. 

Belfield. sir Hy. Conway, K c.M.G. (1914), B.A. 
Oxon., ^ld. s. of Jobn Finney Belfield, of Primley 
Hill, Devon j.p. {d. 1896) : b. 1855 ; 7n. 1884, 
Florence, 4 dau. of rev. Jas. Rathborne, rect. of 
Wt-st Tythcrley, Hants ; barr.Inner Temple 1880, 
commr. of lands and mines. Federated Malay 
States 1896, actg. Britis'i res. Selangor at various 
periods from Mar. 1897 to Sept. 1901, Brit. res. 
Negri Sembilan April 1901, Selangor Aug. 1902, 
g V. of th^ E. Africa Protect rate 'r-m 1912, 
and also high commr. for Zanzibar Protectorate 
from 1914, J.P. (1^02) Devon : Guvernment. 
House, Nairobi, E. Af.ica j Jun. Carlton and 
Ranelagh club.s ; Primley Hill, Paignton, Devon. 

Belfield, Ifc.-gen. sir iS^erbert Ever.«ley, li.C.S. 
(1914), D.s.o. (1902), s. of capt. Wm. Belfield. of 
Malmains,Gloucestershire, j.p. {d. 1909) ; b. 1857 ; 
m. 1, 1882, Emilv M., dau. of late bp. (Binney) of 
Nova Scotia ; 2, 1888, Evelyn M., dau. of lite 
Albon Taylor, of Elm Grove, Barnes, S.W. ; 
served with expdn. to A-^^hanti 1896, S. African 
war 1899-1902, col. W. Riding regt. from 1909, 
It.-gen. 1912, ret. p. 1914: Fox Lodge, Ash, 
Surrey ; Army and Navy club. 

Belfield, maj. Sydnev, 8 s. of John FinneA' 
Belfield, of Primlev Hill, Devon, j.p. (d. 1896)'; 
b. 1862; m. 1902, Annie, eld. dau. of Chas. 
Mitchell, of Jesmond Towers, Northumb. ; J.P. 
(1911) Somerset, maj. late R.H.A. : Army and 
Navy, United Empire and Hurlingham clubs; 
Bagborough. Hou«e, nr. Taunton. 

Belgrave, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. Belgrave, of 
Preston, Rutland; b. 1855; m. 1904, Rachel 
Agatha, 4 dau. of rev. Chas. H. Lucas, of Edith 
Weston, Rutland; j.p. Rutland (sheriff 1909- 
10) : Preston House, Uppingham, 

Belhaveu, master of, vide hon. Ralph G. A. 
Hamilt' n. 

Belhaven and Stenton, lord (10 baron 1647, 
Sco. rep. peer), col. Alex. Chas. Hamilton, R.B., 
T.D. (191U), 2 s. of Wm. J. Hamilton, M.P., F.R.8. 
{d. 1867), by 2nd wife, hon. Margaret F., dau. of 
13 vise. Dillon, and kinsman of 9 baron {d. 18'j3) ; 
b. 1840; m. 1880, Georgina K., dau. of Legh 
Richmond ; served in Zulu war 1879, ret. p. 1887, 
brigadier commdg. Surrey vol. inf. brig. 1887-1902, 
hon. col. Lowland divl. eugrs., R.E. 1903-14, 
D.L., J.p. Lanarkshire {Heir, s. hon. Ralph G. A. 
Hamilton (o aster of Belhaven), q.v.) : 41 Lennox 
gdns. S.W. ; United Service club ; Wishaw House, 
Wishaw, N.B. 

Belhaven and Stenton, (rt. hon.) dow. lady. 
— Georgina, 4 dan. of late sir John Watson, 1 
bart. ; m. 1877, 9 barou Belhaven and Stenton {d. 
1893) : 8 Eglinton cres. Edinburgh. 

Bell, vide Lynden-Bell. 

Bell, vide Morrison-Bell. 

BeU, Alfred, J.P. (1901) Cheshire : Bramhall 
Lodge, Stockport. 

Bell, Alfred Ernest, eld. s. of Thos. Bell, of 
Newcastle, J.P. ; b. 1867; m. 1893, Elizabeth M., 
dau. of Edwd. Stout, of Newcastle ; j.p. (1908) 
Northumberland : Low Gosforth House, New- 

tieU, Archibald Graeme, c.M.G. (1914), M.inst. 
C.E. dir. of public works and insp. cf mines of 
Trinidad and Tobago. 

BeU, Chas.. youngest s. of late Thos. Bell, of 
Brockton Hall, Eccleshall. Staffs ; b. 1864 ; m. 

1878, Frances M., dau. of Fredk. W. Tunnicliffe, 
of Biana, Eccleshall, Staffs ; j.p. (1904) Cheshire: 
Norley Hall, Froishnm, Cheshire! 

Bell, Gnas. Geo. Harla. d, c.M.G. (1902), s. of 
late It.-col. Chas. Harlaud Bell; b. 1«63 ; m. 

1879, Mary E., eld. dau. of col. Chas. Duncan 
Griffith, c.M.G. : entd. Colonial C. S. 1871 : 

KELLY*S HANb600k-1d15. 


sen've'l in Basuio war 1881, special commr. during 
Langberg war 1897, civil commr. and res. magist. 
of Mafeking, and subsequently col. commdg. 
town guard, Uiteuhage, during' S. African war 
1901 : civil commr. and res. raagist. of Port 
Elizabeth from 1905: The Residency, Port 
Elizabeth, S. Africa. 

Bell, Chas. Loraine, s. of late rev. J. Bell, 
u.p. vicar of Rothwell, Yorks, andhon. canon of 
Ripon, by only dau. of sir Chas. Loraine, 5 bart. ; 
D.L., J. p. Xorthumberland (sheriff 189.")), patron 
of 1 living : Woolsington, nr.Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Bell, Chas. Wentworth, only survg, s. of late 
Chas. Bell, of Chapel Allerton, nr. Leeds ; b. 
1857 ; m. 1891, hon. Edith M., dau. of 1 baron 
Biddulphj D.L., J. p. Herefordshire: Bronsil, 
Eastnor, nr. Ledbury, Herefordshire. 

Bell, Frank, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of late 
John Fras. Bell, of Northend, Durham ; b. 1878 ; 
m. 1913, Esther Mary, dan. of Newton Wynne 
Apperley, of Southend, Durham; j.p. (1908) co. 
Durbam : Northend, Durham. 

Bell, It. -col. Geo. Jas. Hamilton, c.i.E. (1914), 
M.H. Edin. ; b. 18G1 : served with Burmese expdn. 
1887-9, Lnshai expdn. 1889 ; insp.-gen. of prison?, 
Burma. It. -col. Ind. Med. Serv. 1906. 

Bell, Geo. Symes, j.p. (1905) Middlx. 

Bell, Henry, eld. s. of Henry Bell, of Green- 
field, We^tKirbv, Cheshire,J.P. (d. 1891); b. 1843 ; 
.J.P. (1900) Cheshire : Greenfield, West Kirby, 

Bell, Henry, d.l., j.p. (1892) Cheshire: Heath- 
tield, Stockport, Cheshire. 

Bell, sir Henry, 1 bart. (1909), of Mynthurst, 
eld. 8. of John Bell, of Glasgow ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1883, Lizzie F., dau. ((/. 1895) of T. C. Eastman, 
of New York, U.S.A.; j.p. (1906) Surrey, chm. 
Buenos Ayres Western Railw. Ltd. {Heir, s. 
Eastman, b. 1884) : 36 Hertford st. W. ; Reform 
club ; Mynthurst, Reigate. 

Bell, sir Hy. Hesketh Joudun, K.C.M.G. (1903), 
eld. s. of Hy. A. J. Bell ; b. 1864 ; administr. of 
Dominica 1899-1905, gov. of Uganda 1907-9, of 
N. Nigeria 1909-12, of the Leeward Islands from 
1912: Government House, St. Johns, Antigua. 

Bell, Hy. Oswin, v.d., s. of Hy. Bell, of Tyne- 
mouth, Northumb.. j.p.; b. 1856; m. 1891, 
Margaret E., dau. of Chas. B. Goldson, of Bio 
Norton Hall, Norfolk ; is J.P. Northumberland, 
capt. Tynemouth vol. artill. (W. divn. of r.a.) 
1882-94, maj. Northumbrian divsnl. T. & S. Col., 
A. S. 0. 1908-11, brig. -maj. Northumberland brig. 
T. F. 1907-10 : 1 Northumberland terr. Tyne- 
mouth, Northumb. 

Bell, Herbert Wright, admitted a solicitor 
1883, town clerk and clerk to the Urban Dist. 
Council and rec. of Hartlepool : Heortnesse, The 
Cliff, Hartlepool. 

Bell, sir Hugh, 2 bart. (1885), ll.d. (hon.) 

ds, D.c.L. (hon.) Durham, f.s.a., eld. s. of sir 

wthian Bell, 1 bart. {d. 1904) ; b. 1844 ; m. 

1867, Mary, dau. {d. 1871) of late John Shield, 



of Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 2, 1876, Florence E. E., 
dau. of late sir Josf^ph OUiffe, knt. m.d. ; j.p. 
Middlesbrough (mayor 1874. 1883 and 1911), N. 
R. Yorks (lord lieut. from 1906); D.L., J.P. co, 
Durham (sheriff 1895) ; pres. N. R. York Territl. 
Force Assoc, from 1908, memb. senate Durham 
Univ. from 1909 {ffeir, s. maj. Maurice H. L., 
q.v.) : 95 Sloane st. S.W. ; Rounton Grange, 
Northallerton, Yorks. 

Bell, sir Jas., 1 bart. (1895), s. of John Bell, of 
Glasgow ; b. 1850 ; m. 1875. Helen, eld. dau. (d. 
1909) of Wm. Findlay, of Hallhill, co. Lanark ; 
lord provost and H.M.'s lieut. of Glasgow 1892-6, 
vice-lieut. 1913, D.L., j.p. Lanarkshire and Glas- 
gow. D.L. CO. Ayr, hon. co). 1 Lanarkshire R. V. 
1893-1902 {Heir. s. John, b. 1876) : Carlton. Jun. 
Carlton, and Western (Glasgow) clubs ; Mont- 
greenan, Kilmarnock, ]S.B. 

Bell, sir Jas., 3 s. of Wra. Bell, M.D., of Preston, 
Lanes ; b. 1866 ; m. 1893, Evelyn CUfford, dau. of 
S. T. Aveling, of Rochester, Kent ; admitted a 
solicitor 1888, town clerk of Leicester 1894-1902, 
of the city of London from 1902, one of H.M.'s 
Lieutenants for the city of London, Roy. order of 
Isabella the Cathol-c of Spain, The Crown of 
Italy, The Redeemer of Greece and of Portugal, 
knighted 1911 : Guildhall, E.G. ; New club; Hill 
Place, Farnham Royal, Bucks. 

Bell, maj. -gen. sir Jas. Alex. K.c.v.o. (1911) ; 
b. 1856 ; served in Afghan war 1878-9, pol. residt. 
of Aden, and gen. offr. commdg. Aden brig, from 
1910, maj. -gen. Ind. Army 1911, col. 42 Deoli 
regt. from 1912 : Aden. 

BeU, Jas. Reed, 2 s. of Jas. R. Bell, c f Little 
Corby, Cumberland ; b. 1864 ; m. 1894, dau. of 
E. Arkle, of Denton Bum, Northumberland ; 
vice-pres. Cumberland and Westmorland Assocn. 
on Tyneside and ex. National Pres. A. S. Railway 
Servants, J.P. (1907) co Durham : 13 Queen's 
Park avenue, Edinburgh. 

BeU, John,eld. s. of Reginald Bell, of The Hall, 
Thirsk, Yorks ; b. 1879 ; m. 1906, Irene Clare, 
eld. dau. of lord Alex. Kennedy and granddau. 
of 2 marq. of Ailsa ; J.P. (1900) N.R. Yorks : 
Isthmian, and Yorkshire (York) clubs ; Park 
Lodge, Kimbolton, Hunts. 

Bell, John, s. of John Bell, of Enterldne, d.l., 
J.p. (cf. 1871); b. 1841; m. 1868, Margaret C, 
eld. dau. {d. 1902) of Wm. Cooper, of Failford, 
Ayrshire ; D.L., J.P. Ayrshire, late capt. Ayrshire 
yeo. : Enterkine, Tarbolton, Ayr, N.B. 

Bell, John, j.P. (1912) Derbyshire: Spring 
Vale, Ashby rd. Melbourne, Derby. 

Bell, sir John Chas., 1 bart. (1908), s. of late 
Thos. Bell; 6. 1844; m. 1, 1867, Caroline Eliza- 
beth, eld. dau. (c^. 1912) of Thos. Clare, of En- 
field ; 2, 1914, Ellen, dau. of late John James, of 
Burgess Hill, Sussex ; one of H.M.'s Lieutenants 
for the city of London (sheriff 1901-2 and lord 
mayor 1907-8), aldm. of Coleman St. ward from 
1894, J.P. (1907) Bucks, commdr. of Red Eagle 
of Germany (2 class with itar), grand officer 




Icgiou of honour, knighted 1902 : Cit}' Carlton, 
Jun. Carlton and Rauelagh clubs : Framewood, 
Stoke Poges, Bucks. 

Bell, John Henry, eld. s of John Bell, of Hick- 
ling, Notts.; b. 1843; m. 1873, eld. dau. of W. 
Hutchinson, of Westfield, Retford, Notts. ; J.P. 
(1910) Notts : The Park,Stapleford, Nottingham. 

Bell, John Lowthian, 4 s. of late Thos. Bell, 
of Crosby Court, Yorks, J.P. ; b. 1853 ; m. 1879. 
Mary E., dau. of late Thos. Lambert, of Tel- 
ham Court. Sussex; J.P. Northumberland. 

Bell, It. -col. JohnWm., c.M.G. (1900), v.D., s. 
of Wm.BelljOf Dumfries, N.B. and Crahamstown, 
S. Africa ; b. 1848 ; ?«. 1873, Eliza J. B., 4 dau. 
of Edwd. Mortimer Turvey ; served during native 
war 1877-8, S. African war 1899-1900, It.-col. 
commdg. Queenstown R.Y. from 1891, master 
of the supreme court of the Transvaal 1901-6 : 
Nairobi, British East Africa. 

Bell, maj. Matthew Gerald Edwd., only s. of 
capt. Matthew John Bell, late 13 Light Inf., 
b.L., J.P. (d. 1902) and grands, of Matthew Bell, 
of Bourne Park, Kent, d.l., j.p. (d. 190.3) ; b. 
1871 ; m. 1905, hon. Mary, 2 dau. (a maid of 
honor to Queen Alexandra 1901-5) of rt. hon. 
sir Wm. Hart Dyke, 7bart., P.C, by eld. dau. of 
7 earl of Sandwich, b. 1875 ; served on N, W. 
Frontier, India 1897-8, Somaliland 1903-4, capt. 
Rif. brig. 1900-09, maj. 6 battn. (special res.) 
Rif . brig, from 1914 : Marlborough club ; Os- 
walds, Bishopsbourne, Canterbury. 

Bell, maj. Maurice Hugh Lowthian, T.D. (1911), 
eld. s. of sir Hugh Bell, 2 bart., D.L., J.P. ; b. 1871 ; 
D.L., J.P. (1895) N. R. Yorks, served in S. 
Africa 1900, hon. capt. in the army 1901, It-col. 
A battn. Yorkshire regt. from 1913 : Rounton 
Grange, Northallerton. 

Bell, Nicholas Dodd Beatson-, c.i.e. (1906), 
B.A. Oxon. ; m. 1911, Jeannie, eld. dau. of John 
Campbell Arbuthnott, c.i.e. ; Ind. C. S. 1889, 
mag. and collr. E. Bengal and Assam 1906, dir. 
of land records and agriculture 19C6. 

Bell, Peter, j.p. (1912) Cumberland : Glenesk, 
Longtown, Cumberland. 

Bell, Reginald,v.D.,eld. s. of rev. Henry Smith, 
vicar of Easton Maudit, Northants; m. 1878, 
Henrietta E., dau. of late A. B. Markham, North- 
ampton ; assumed name of Bell in 1876; capt. 
4 battn.(mil.)Yorks.regt.l879-84,capt. (hon.maj. 
1894) 1 vol. battn. Yorks regt. 1884-1908 ; j.p. 
N.R. Yorks: Jun. Carlton, and ire (York) 
clubs ; The Hall, Thirsk, Yorks. 

BeU, Richd., s. of C. Bell, of Merthyr Tydvil, 
Glam. ; b. 1859 ; in G. W. Railway Co. service 
1876-91, gen. sec. Amalgamated Soc. of Rail- 
way Servants 1897-1910, J.P. (1907) Middlx., 
M.P. (LAB.) Derby 1900-10, divisional officer 
Labour Exchange 1910, insurance officer, Board 
of Trade Unemployment Insurance 1912: Elms- 
wood, Bounds Green rd. New Southgate, N. 

Bell, Robt., I.S.O. (1904), m.d., McGill 
Univ., (hon.) Camb., ll.d. (hon.) Queen's 

Univ. Kingston, F.H.8., s of late rov. Andrew 
Bell ; b. 1841 ; m. 1873, Agnes, dau. of lata 
Alex. Smith, of Westbourne, nr. Glasgow ; prof, 
of chemistry and natural science, Queen's Univ 
Kingston 1863-7, memb. R. commn. on mineral 
resources of Ontario 1888-9, accompanied govt, 
expdns. to Hudson Bay 1884-97, dir. of dept. 
of Geological survey, Canada : 1B6 Maclaren st. 
Ottawa, Canada ; Rideau club, Ottawa. 

Bell, Robt., J.P. (1907) Cumberland: Malls- 
gate, Longtown, Cumberland. 

Bell, Robt. Anning, a.r.a. (1914), R.w.s., 
Associate of International Soc. of Sculptors, 
Pniuters and Gravers, prof, of design at Glasgow 
Sch. of Art : Arts club ; Upper Cross, East 
Hagbourne, Didcot, Berks. 

Bell, very rev. Thos., M.A. Oxon, hon. canon 
of Winchester from 1889,dean of Guernsey from 
1892, rect. from 1859 of St. Michael du Valle, 

Bell, Wm., C.I.E. (1904), m.a. Edin.,s. of Wm. 
Bell, of Arbroath, N.B. ; b. 1860; m. 1887, Isa- 
bella, dau. of Samuel Maclvor, of Middlefield, 
Edinburgh ; principal, central training coll. 
Lahore 1885, prof, in the govt. coll. there 1888, 
princ. 1892, insp. of schools, Lahore Circle 1896, 
dir. of public instrn., Punjab, and und. sec. to 
govt, educl. dept. from 1901, also insp. of Chiefs' 
colleges in India from 1904 : Lahore, Punjab. 

Bell, Wm., s. of John Bell, of Uppingham ; b. 
1838 ; m. 1868, Helen Hilaire Barbara, dau. of 
gen. Butcher, R.M.; is J.P. (1892) Cheshire: 
Rutland House, New Brighton, Cheshire. 

BeU, Wm., j.p. (1914) Cheshire: HiU Crest, 
Disley, Stockport. 

Bell, Wm. A., lord of the manor of Bletch- 
ingley : 8 Park st. W. ; New University club ; 
Pend'ell Court, Bletchingley, Surrey. 

Bell, Wm. Conway, s. of Wm. Bell, of Spital, 
Rhuddlan, -Flints ; m. 1887, Isabel Clayton, only 
dau. of late capt. Hv. Edmund Stanley, 23 R. 
Welsh Fus. : J.p. (1907) Flints. 

Bell, capt. Wm. Cory Heward, r.a. (ret.), 
elder s. of Wm. Heward Bell, of Cleeve House, 
Wilts, D.L., J.P. ; b. 1875 ; m. 1903, Violet Mary, 
elder dau. of late capt: Jas. Devereux Bowly, 
R.E. ; served in S. African war 1902, capt. R.A. 
1901, ret. 1911, lord of the manor of Winford : 
Jun. Carlton and Jun. United Service clubs ; 
Winford Manor, Winford, Bristol. 

Bell.Wm. Heward, F.s. A. ,F.G.s.,eld.s. of Wm.H. 
Bell, of Pelton House, co. Durham, (c?. 1881) ; b. 
1849 ; m. 1874, Hannah, eld. dau. of late W. Cory, 
of Devonshire Place House, London ; d.l., j.p. 
Wilts (sheriff 1912) : Carlton, Jun. Carlton and 
Royal Societies clubs; Cleeve House, Seend, 

Bell, lady. — Bertha Diana, only survg. child 
of late G. Torr, of Garbrand Hall, Surrey ; m. 
1882, sir Wm. Jas. Bell, kut., d.l., j.p. {d. 1913). 

Bell, lady. — Margaret Miller, eld.dau. of Wm. 
McTaggart D'Orsey, m.d., of Grantham, Ipswich, 




eensland ; m. 1861, hon. sir Joshua Peter Bell, 
.M.G., of Jimbour, Darling Downs, Queens- 
d {d. 1881). 

Bell-Irving:, Jas. Jardine, j.p. (1910) N.R. 
Yorks : Rokebv Park, Barnard Castle. 

BeU- Marshall, Mark Bell, eld. s. of late 
ger Marshall, of Marlborough House, Lanes. ; 

1853 : ni. 1882, Florence A., dan. of late Hy. 
A. Holloway, of The Hill, Stroud ; assumed 
addtl. surname of Bell by deed poll 1908; J.P. 
Gloucestershire : Jun. Carlton and Primrose, 
S.W., and Gloucester and Stroud clubs ; Ridlees, 
Eldorado rd. Cheltenham. 

Bellairs, commdr. Carlyon, R.x. (ret.), 3 s. of 
It.-gen. sir Wm. Bellairs, K.C.M.G., C.B, (d. 1913) ; 
h. 1871 ; m. 1911, Charlotte, dau. of col. H. L. 
Pierson, of Laurence, Long Island, U.S.A. ; It. 
ret. 1902 and reed, permission to assume rank of 
comnodr. 15 March, 1911, M.p. (l.) King's Lynn 
1906-9 and (C.) 1909-10, L.C.C. from 1912 : 35 
Wilton pi. S.W. ; Carlton club ; Boughton 
Place, nr. Maidstone. 

Bellairs, col. Geo. Clarke, v.d., 2 s. of Geo. 
Bellairs, of Stockerston and The Newarke, co. 
Leicester; b. 1826; ?n. 1875, Eleanor C, 2 dau. 
(d. 1913) of late rev.G. E. Bruxner, of The Holt, 
Thurlaston, co. Leicester ; it. -col. (ret. hon. col. 
1886) 1 vol. battn. Leicestershire regt. 1882-6, 
.i.p. CO. Leicester. Southbourne-on-Sea, Hants. 

Bellairs, Hamon d'Albini, M.v.n. 4 class 
(1906), 2 s. of capt. Edmund Hooke Wilson Bel- 
lairs, of Mulbarton, Norfolk and of Mouriscot, 
Biarritz, j.p. {d. 1896) ; vice-consul at Biarritz, 
France from 1896 : British Vice- Consulate, Biar- 
ritz, France. 

Bellairs, lady. — Blauche St. John, eld. dau. 
of late Fras. Adolphus Moschzisker, Ph.D., of 
Leipzig ; ?«. 1867, as his 2 wife, It.-gen. sir Wm. 
Bellairs, K.C.M.G., O.B. (J. 1913) ; authoress of 
" Gossips with Girls,"" etc. : Clevedon, Somerset. 

Bellamy, sir Joseph Arthur, only s. of late 
Joseph Bellamy, of Plymouth ; b. 1845 ; m. 1867, 
Susan Mill, dau. (d. 1908) of Wm. Saull Wills 
of Plymouth; J.P. Plymouth (mayor 1901-2), 
chm. Plymouth and Stonehouse Gas Co., chm. 
Sutton Harbour Co., knighted 1904 : Yalta, 
Tavistock rd. Mannamead, Plymouth. 

Bellasis. vide Oliver- Bellasis. 

Bellasis, Edward, b.l., 2 s. of late mr. serjt. 
Edwd. Bellasis, j.p. {d. 1873) ; i. 1852 ; barr. 
Lincoln's inn 1873, blue-mantle pursuivant 1873- 
82, dep. regist. of coll. of arms 1879-80, regist. 
1894-9, librarian of printed books 1887, sec. to 
garter missions to Spain 1881 and Saxony 1882, 
Lancaster Herald from 1882 : College of Arms,E.C. 

Bellasis, Wm. Dalglish, 3 s. of mr. serjt. 
Edwd. Bellasis, j.p. {d. 1873); 6.1853; m. 1, 
1877, Mary, old. dau. {d. 1888) of late Thos. 
Walmesley, of Lilystone Hall, Essex ; 2, 1892, 
Marie Sophie N.. 2 dau. of marq. de Guerry de 
Lauret, of Pondicherry, E. Indies, and widow of 

.8. Campsie Dalglish, of Campsie, N.B., and of 

N. S. Wales ; assumed by royal licence addtl. 
name of Dalglish 1896, j.p. (1908) Leicestershire : 
White's club ; Sundorne Castle, Shrewsbury. 

Belle"w, vide Grattan-Bellew. 

Bellew, lord (4 baron 1848, ir. Rep.peer),George 
Leopold Bryan, 3 but eld. survg. s. of 2 baron 
{d. 1895) and bro. of 3 baron {d. 1911) ; b. 1857 ; 
J.P., D.L. CO. Kilkenny, served in Afghan war 
1878-9, Nile expdn. 1884-5, maj. (ret.) 10 hussars, 
2nd in commd. of a battn. Impl. yeom., S. Africa 
1900, assumed name of Bryan in lieu of Bellew 
1881 (Heir, bro. hon. Eichd. E. Bellew, q.v.) : 
Army and Navy, Bachelors', Marlborough. Turf, 
and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; Barmeath Castle, 
Dunleer, co. Louth ; JenkinstownPark, Kilkenny. 

Bellew, hon. Richd. Eustace, 4 s. of 2 baron 
Bellew {d. 1895), bro. of 3 baron (d. 1911) and 
bro. and heir pres. to 4 baron ; b. 1858 : m. 
1, 1887, Ada, younger dau. {d. 1893) of late H. P. 
Gilbey, of Stanstead, Essex, j.p. ; 2, 1895, 
Gwendoline, eld. dau. of W. R. J. F. Herbert, 
of Clytha, Mon., D.L., j.p. : Marlborough club ; 
Mount Firoda, Castlecomer, Ireland. 

Bellew, mrs. — Ada, dau. of late Wm Llewellin, 
F.S.A., of Glanwern, Pontypool ; m. 1885, Harry 
Bawden Bellew, of Oakhampton Manor, Somer- 
set [d. 1904) : Oakhampton Manor, Wivelis- 
combe, Somerset. 

Bellew (rt. hon.) lady.— Mildred MaryJoseph- 
ine, eld. dau. of late sir Humphrey de Trafford, 2 
bart. and lady Marv Annette, sis. of 17 earl of 
Shrewsbury; 7?i. 1883, 3 baron Bellew (<i. 1911) : 
Barmeath Castle, Dunleer, co. Louth. 

Bellingrhain, sir Henry, 4 bart. (2nd cr. 1796), 
eld. s. of 3 bart. (d. 1889) ; b. 1846 ; m. 1, 1874, 
lady Constance, dau. {d. 1891) of 2 earl of Gains- 
borough ; 2, 1895, hon. Lelgarde H. F., dau. of 
23 baroness Grey de Ruthyn, b. 1870 ; M.A. Oxon, 
barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1875; commr. Natl. educ. 
Ireland; senator of Royal University ; capt. 
6 battn. (rail.) R. Irish Rif. 1872-84, priv. 
chamberlain to Leo XIII. 1898-1903, Pius X. from 
1903 ; j.p. CO. Louth(H.M.'8 lieut. from 1911), M.P. 
(C.H.R.) CO. Louth 1880-5 (ffelr, s. Edwd. Hy. 
Chas. Patrick, b. 1879) : United University, and 
Jun. Travellers' and United Service (Dublin) 
clubs ; Castle Bellingham, co. Louth. 

Bellis, Edwin, 4 s. of Chas. Bellis, of Holt, 
Denbighshire ; b. 1855 ; j.p, (1896) Denbighshire : 
Holt, nr. Wrexham. 

Belloc, Hilaire Joseph Peter Rene, s. of Louis 
S wanton Belloc ; b. 1870 ; in. 1896, Elodie Agnes 
Hogan (d. 1914), of Napa, California ; served as 
a private in a French art. regt.; journalist, M.P. 
(L.) S. Salford 1906-10 : Reform club ; Kings 
Land. Shipley, nr. Horsham, Sussex. 

BellviUe, Frank Ashton, 3 s. of late Wm. 
John BellviUe; b. 1870; jh. 1901, dau. of A. 
Chester-Master, of Knole Park, Glo'stershire : 
Boodle's and White's clubs ; Papillon Hall 
Lubenham, Market Harborough ; The White 
House, Bembridge, I. of W. 



Bellville, Hy. Archibald: Tedstoce Court, 
nr. Worcester. 

Bellwood, Geo. Archer, eld. s. of late Robt. 
Bellwood, of Bishop Norton, lines ; b. 1860 : 
m. 1881, Isabella Hanna, dau. of Wm. Grant, of 
Oban, CO Argyll ; J.P. (1912) Lincolnshire (Parts 
of Lindsey) : Farmers' club ; Bishop NorDon, 

Bellyse, Edwin Reginald, M.A.Oxon, s. of late 
E. S. Bellyse, M.D., f.r.c.s., l.r.a.. of Oaktield, 
Stapeley, nr. Nantwich ; b. 1866 ; m. 1889, Ku- 
phemia H., eld. dau. (</. 191-1) of late Jas. 
Mackenzie, of 209 Cromwell rd. S.W. ; J.P. 
Cheshire : Oakfield, Stapeley, nr. Nantwich. 

Belmore, 5 earl (1797: Ir.), Armar Lowry- 
Con-y, M.A. Cantab., eld. s. of 4 earl, p.c, 

G.C.M.G. {d. 1913) ; b. 1870 ; D.L., J.P., C.C. CO. 

Fermanagh (sheriiT 1895), j.p. co. Tyrone 
(sheriff 1901), barr. Inner Temple 1897, capt. 3 
battn. (mil.) R. Inniskilling Fus. 1893-6 : {Heir, 
bro. hon. Cecil Lowry-Corry, qj\) : Castlecoole, 
Enniskillen ; Carlton, Northern Counties, 
Fermanagh, Tyrone County, and County Cavan 

Belmore, countess, Anne Elizabeth Honoria, 
2 dau. of late capt. John N. Gladstone, R.N., 
M P., and niece of late rt. hon. W. E. Gladstone, 
P.O., M.p. ; 7rt. 1861, 4 earl Belmore, P.c, g.C.m.g. 
(d. 1913) : Castlecoole, Enniskillen. 

Belper, lord (3 baron 1856, U.K.). Algernon 
Henry Strutt, 3 and only survg. s, of 2 baron 
Belper, p.c. (d. 1914), by lady Margaret, 6 dau. 
of 2 earl of Leicester; 6. 1^83; m. 1911, hon. 
Eva Isabel M., 3 dau. of 2 baron Aberdare, b. 
1892; J.P. (1905) Nottinghamshire, 2 It. Notts 
I. Y. 1903-6, capt. 2 Life gds. from 1910 (Heir, s. 
hon. Alex. R. G. Strutt, q.v. ) : Bachelors' and 
Marlborough clubs ; Kingston Hall, Kegworth, 

Belper, (rt. hon.) do w. -lady.— lady Margaret, 
6 dau. of 2 earl of Leicester'; b, 1852; m. 1874, 
2 baron Belper, p.c. (d. 1914). 

Belsey, lady.— Kate, dau. of John Morrison ; 
m. 1, -Tas. Foster, of New York ; 2, 1897, sir Fras. 
Flint Belsey, knt., j.p., pres. Sunday Sch. Union 
(d. 1914) : 12 Russell sq. W.C. 

Belsham, Hy. Isaac, j.p. (1908) Essex: 
Lowthian House, Railway st. Braintree. 

Belsham, Oliver Daniel, s. of Isaac Belsham. 
of Heybridge, Essex ; b. 1845 ; j.p. (1902) and 
c.A. Essex : Heybridge, Maldon. 

Belshaw, Edwd.. i.s.o. (1903), s. of Thos. 
Belshaw, of Manchester ; b. 1844; m. 1875, Mary 
Ann, eld. dau. {d. 1909) of late Jas. Couchman, 
of Kensington, W. ; late chief clerk to Board of 
Educn. S. Kens. ; 49 Lee ter. BlacVheath, S.E. 

Bemrose, It.-col. Wm. Wright, v.d., eld. s. of 
Wm. Bemrose, of Derby, J.p., p.s.a. (d. 1908); 
b. 1859 ; m. 1889, Mary E., dau. of T. Litherlan'd, 
of Ashby, Lejcefjtershire ; j.p, (1908) Derbyshire ; 

It.-col. (and hon. col.) commdg. 5 batlu. Notts. 
andDerbys. regt. 1902-9, ret. 1909: Tue Cedars, 
LittleoverHill, Derby. 

Benbow, sir Henry, K.C.B. (1902), D.8.O. 
(1891), s. of late Jas. Benbow, of Tnornton 
Heath; Surrey ; b. 1838 ; m. 1892, Elizabeth J., 
dau. of late Hy. Bird, of Uxbridge ; served in 
Nile expdn. 1884-5, chief insp. of machinery 
u.N.1888-93,ret.l893 : OsbomeHouse,Ea8tbourue. 

Bence, Edwd. Starkie, eld. s. of Edwd. Robt. 
Starkie Bence, of Kpntwell Hall, Suffolk, D.L., 
J.p. {d. 1889) ; b. 1862 ; D.L., J.P. Suffolk, capt. 
3 battn. (mil.) Suffolk regt. 1885-7 : Carlton and 
Wellington clubs ; Kencwell Hall, LongMelford, 

Bence-Jones, Archibald Bence, m.a. Oxon., 
only survg. s. of late Hy. Bence-Jones, M.D., f.r.s., 
n.C.L., of Brook st. W. ; b. 1857 ; m. 1901, hon. 
Susan Ludlow, eld. dau. of 1 baron Ludlow ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1881 : 56 Upper Berkeley st. W. : 
11 King's Bench walk. Temple, E.C. ; 5 West 
terr. Folkestone ; Garrick and Athenaeum clubs. 

Bence-Jones, Reginald B., only survg. s. of 
Wm. Bence-Jones, of Lisselan, co. Cork, J.P. {d. 
1882) ; b. 1865 ; w. 1890, Ethel A., youngest dau. 
of late D. C. Da Costa, of B irbados ; D.L,, J.P. 
CO. Cork (sheriff 1894) : Lisselan, Clonakilty, co. 

Bence-Ijambert, col. Guy-Lenox, c.m.g. 
(1902), s. of late A. C. Lambert, of Brook Hill, 
Claremorris, D.L., j.p.; b. 1856; m. 1884, Ida, 
dau. of late H. A. S. Bence, of Tborington Hall, 
Suffolk, D.L., J.P. ; assumed by royal licence 
addtl. name of Bence, 1884 ; D.L. Suffolk, j.p. 
Suffolk and co. Galway, hon. It.-col. in the army 
1901, late commdg. 3 battn. (mil.) Connaught 
Rangers : Carlton club ; Tborington Hall, 
Darsham, Suffolk; Dernasliggan, Leenane, co. 

Bendall, Ernest Alfred, eld. s. of Alfred 
Bendall, of Shortlands, Kent; b. 1846 ; m. 1868, 
Agnes, dau. of W. Chatterley, of Clapham, 
S.W. ; examiner of plays for the Lord Chamber- 
lain from 1912 : Lord Chamberlain's office, St. 
James's Palace, S.W. ; Queen Anne's mans. 
Queen Anne's gate, S.W. ; Garrick club. 

Bendall, Chas. Fewster, 2 s. of Stephen 
Parsloe Bendall, m.r.c.s., of Wotton-under-Edge, 
Glos ; b. 1848 ; m. 1874, Kate, dau. of Thos. 
Cummins, of Oaklands, Brecknockshire ; J.P. 
(1911) Gloucestershire : Merlin Haven, Wotton- 
under-Edge, Gloucs. 

Bendigo, 2 bp. of (1902), rt. rev. John Douse 
Langley. d.d. Trin. coll. Dub., s. of Hy. Langley, 
of Ballyduff, co. Waterford, Ireland ; b. 1836 ; m. 
186G, dau. of Jorn H. Keys, of Bengalla, Mus- 
wellbrook, N.S.W. ; inc. of Berrima, N.S.W. 
1873-5, St. David, Svdney 1876-82, rect. of St. 
Philip, Sydney 1882-1907, R.D. W. Sydney 1885- 
1907, archdn. of Cumberland 1895-1907, canon 
of St. Andrew's cath, Sydney 1902-7, bp. o( 



Bcudigo, Victoria, from 1907 : Bishopscourt, 
Wliite Hills, Bendigo. Victoria, Australia. 

Bendlxson, Harald, eld s. of Wilhelm Ben- 
(lixson, of Stockholm, Sweden ; b. 1858 ; vi. 
1898, Evelyn Agatha, dau. of Edm. G. Johnson, 
of Middlx ; J.P. (1913) H^rts : Devonshire, City 
Liberal and Burlington Fine Arts clubs ; Boxley 
House, Willian, Herts. 

Benett-Stauford, John Montague, only s. of 
Vere Benett-Stanford, of Pyt House and Norton 
Bavant, Wilts, M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1894), by only 
dau. and heir of late Wm. Stanford, of Preston 
Place, Sussex ; 6. 1870 ; m. 1893, Evelyn, only 
child of late capt. Burchall Helme, of Broad- 
field Court, Herefordshire : J.P. Dorset and Wilts 
(C.c. from 1904) ; It. 1st R. drags. 1891-2, of R. 
Wilts I.Y. 1892-1900, capt. commdg. 1 S.W. 
mtd. brig. T. and S. Col. 1908-13: White's and 
United Service clubs ; Hatch House, Tisbury, 

Beney, Wm. Augustus, eld. s. of Wm. George 
Beney, of Brighton ; b. 1849 ; m. 1882, dau. of 
E. W. Cooke, of Brighton ; J.P. (1911) Kent: 40 
Wickham road, Beckenham ; Whitehall club. 

Beugougrh, maj.-geu. sir Harcourt Mortimer, 
K.C.B. (1908), 38. of G. Bengough, of The Ridge, 
CO. Gloucester (d. 1856) ; b. 1837 ; m. 1876, 
Christina, dau. of H. May bery, of Brecon, Wales ; 
served in Crimea 1855, Zulu war 1879, at 
[Jlundi ; with Burmah expdn. 1886-6 : a.a.g. 
Madras 1882-7, brig.-gen. commdg. 2 class dist. 
Madras army 1887-91, commdg. troops in 
Jamaica in 1894, an inf. brig, at Aldershot 1894-7, 
ret. p. 1898 : Hyde Brae, Chalford, co. Gloucester. 

Benjamin, John, j.p. (1914) Kent: Wesley 
House, Burham, Rochester. 

Benn, Arthur Shirley, eld. s. of late rev. J. 
W. Benn, m. A., rect. of Oarrigaline and Dou^'las, 
CO. Cork ; b. 1858 ; M.p. (C.) Plymouth from 
1910 : 18 Bolton gdns. S.W. ; Carlton club. 

Benn, Ion Hamilton, 3 s. of late rev. J. W. 
Benn, reqt. of Oarrigaline and Douglas, co. 
Cork ; b. 18G8 ; m. 1885, Frances Chirlotte. dau. 
of N. Bridges, of Wallington Manor and Black- 
heath Park. Kent ; hon. col. 20 (co. of London) 
battn. London regt. (T. F.) 1906-13. It.-commdr. 
(temp.) R.N.R. 1914, mayor of Greenwich 1901-2, 
memb.Metrop. Water Board 190.-5-6, L.c.c. 1907-10, 
memb. of first London Port Authority 1909, M.P. 
(c.) Greenwich from 1910 : 17 CoUingham gdns. 
S.W. ; Carlton, Jun. Carlton, Royal Automobile, 
E. T. Y., Constitutional, City of Londen and 
City Carlton clubs. 

Benii, sir John Williams, 1 bart. (1914), s. of 
rev. Julius Benn, Congregational min., London 
(</. 1884) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1874, Lily, dau. of John 
Pickstone, of Silver Hill, Hyde, Cheshire ; dir, of 
Benn Bros., Ltd., publishers, .31 Christopher st. 
Finsbury sq. E.C., L.c.c, chm. 1904-5, D.L., j.p. 
(1904) CO. London, M.p. (l.) To\\er Hamlets (St. 
George div».) 1892-5, Devonport 1904-10, 

knighted 1906 {heir, s. Ernest J. P., b. 1875) : 
National Liberal club ; The Old Knoll, Black- 
heath, S.E. 

Benn, It.-col. Robt. Arthur Edwd. c.i.f. 
(1904), s. of Chas. Edwd. Benn. of Ro-s1and, B. 
Columbia ; b. 1867 : m. 1898, Edith Fraser. 3 dau. 
of maj.-gen. Neville Fraser Parker, Bengal Inf. ; 
It.-col. 1913, Ind. army, vice-consxxl for Seis-tan 
and Kain, Persia 1900-2, and consul for same 
dists. 1902-3, consul at Muscat from 1914 : British 
Consulate, Muscat. 

Benn, W. Wedgwood, b.a. Lond., 2 s. of sir 
John Williams Benn, 1 bart., D.L., J.P. ; b. 1877 ; 
priv. sec. (unpaid) to rt. hon. Reginald McKenna, 
successively at Treasury, Board of Education 
and Admiralty 1906-10, a jun. lord of the 
Treasury from 1910, M.p. (l.) Tower Hamlets 
(St. George divn.) from 1906 : Old Knoll, Black- 
heath, S.E. 

Bennet, It.-col. Edwd. Gully, eld. s. of Richd. 
Gully Bennet, of Tresillian House, Cornwall, D.L., 
J.p. (c7. 1910) ; b. 1849 ; ret. 1893 Northampton- 
shire regt., J.P. Cornwall : Army and Navy club ; 
Tresillian House, Summercourt, Grampound 
Road, Cornwall. 

Bennet, col. Ferdinando Wallis, r.e. (ret.), 
vounger s. of Richd. Gully Bennet, of Tresillian 
House, Cornwall, D.L., j.p. {d. 1910) ; b. 1860 ; 
m. 1896, Evelyn. Mary, dan. of late maj.-gen. 
H. S. Palmer, R.E. ; served with Egyptian expdn. 
1882, Soudan expdn. 1884-5, S. African war 1899- 
1901, ret. p. 1901 ; j.p. (1905) Devon : Fairlea, 
Northam, N. Devon. 

Bennet, Geoffrey F. P., s. of Philip Bennet, 
of Rougham Hall, Suffolk, D.L., j.p. {d. 1875) ; 
b. 1863; 771. 1888, Beatrice G., dau. of hon. H. 
Harbord, of Elderton Lodge,Gunton ; J.P.Suffolk. 

Bennet. hon. Geo., 2 s. of 7 earl of Tanker- 
ville; b. 1903. 

Bennet, lady Corisande Olivia, J. 1855, dau. of 
6 earl of Tankerville. 

Bennett, vide Wheeler-Bennett. 

Bennett, Andrew Percy, c.m.g. (1912), m.a 
Cantab., s. of late rev. Auga.^tus Fredk. Bennett, 
of St. Leonard.s-on-Sea ; b. 1866; m. 1896 
Winifred May, dau. of E. C. Youell. of Galatz, 
Roumania ; consul at New York 1896-9, actg. 
consul-gen. there in 1897 and 1898, Roy. commr. 
1909 for International Exhibs. at Brussels in 
1910, and at Rome and Turin in 1911 : 5 Devon- 
shire terr. Hyde Park, W. ; Foreign Office, S.W. ; 
St. James' club. 

Bennett. Chas., eld. s. of Chas. Bennett, of 
Falfield, Gloucs ; b. 1854 ; m. 1885, Alma, only 
dau. of Robt. Shipp, of Iron Acton, Gloucs ; J.r, 
(1911) Gloucestershire: Lorridge, Berkeley, 

Bennett, sir Courtenay Walter, c.i.e. (1900), 
s. of late John Nicholas Bennett, of Ford Paik, 
Plymouth; b. 1855 ; consul at Guatpmala 1883, at 
Rio Grande 1885, at Reunion 1890-1900, • at 
BUb^Q, Spain, 1900-1, consul-gen. at San Fran^ 



Cisco 1901-7, at New York from 1907 : British 
Consulate-G-eneral, New York, U.S.A. 

Bennett, Ernest Nathaniel, Fellow of Hert- 
ford coll. Oxford, explored Socotra 189t), war 
correspondent in Crete 1897, Soudan 1898, 
Tripoli 1 til, served in S. African war 1902, in 
commd. Oxfordshire vols., capt. 4 battn. Oxford- 
shire and Bucks. L.I. from 1904, press censor on 
Turkish staff, Balkan war 1912-13, M.P. (l.) Mid 
Oxfordshire 1906-10, J.P. (1909) Oxfordshire : 
Bath and National Liberal clubs; Hertford 
College, Oxford. 

Bennett, sir Fras. Sowerby, 3 s. of Joseph 
Bennett, of Louth, Lines., M.P., J.P. {d. 1908) ; 
b. 1863 ; m. 1891, Julia Elizabeth, dan. of Thos. 
Ouston, of Leeds, Yorks. ; J.P. (1907) Parts of 
Lindsey. Lines, and (1903) Grimsby, knighted 
1912: Fryston, Bargate, Grimsby"; Oxcombe 
Manor, Horncastle. 

Bennett; Fiedk. Joseph, eld. s. of Fredk. 
Bennett, of Gloucester ; b. 1856 ; m. 1886, Clara, 
dau. of G. H. Price, of Matson, Gloucestershire ; 
J.P. (1913') Gloucestershire: Credenhill, Leck- 
hampton rd. Cheltenham. 

Bennett, Fredk. Wm., 2 b. of Joseph Bennett, 
of Louth, CO. Lincoln, M.P., J.P. {d. 1908) ; b. 
1859 ; m. 1896, Eliza G., dau. of Thos. B. Parke, 
of Withnell, Lanes ; J.P. (1908) parts of Lindsey, 
Lines : Elmhurst, Crow Tree lane, Louth, Lines. 
Bennett, Geo. Locking, m.a., ll.m. Cantab,, 
B.A. Lond., 3 s. of sir Henry Bennett, knt., of Gt. 
Grimsby, Lines, D.L., j.p. {d. 1895); b. 1866; 
solicitor and shipowner, J.P. (1897) parts of 
Lindsey, Lines, commr. of income tax, capt. (hon. 
maj. 1906) 1 Lines r.g.a. (vols.) 1895-1906: 
Westlands, Grimsby, Lines. 

Bennett, Geo. Wheatley, i.s.o. (1903), 8. of 
Richd. Wheatley Bennett, of Newington, Surrey ; 
b. 1845 : m. 1875, Kathleen, dau. of Chas. Glenton ; 
accountant and comptroller-gen. of Customs 
1902-6 : Constitutional club. 

Bennett, engr.-rear-adml. Jas. Martin 
Cameron, M.T.o. 4 class (1903), asst.-engr. of 
''Modeste" during operations in Malay Penin- 
sula, Perak expdn. 1875-6 ; engr.-rear-adml. 1908, 
ret. list 1909: Bolderwood,Winn rd.Southampton. 
Bennett, John Rose, j.p. (1907) Norfolk : 
Ashville, Downham Market. 

Bennett, John Ryan, s. of Henry Bennett, of 
Bedminster, Bristol, J.P. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1879, 
Florence R. dau. of Hope Smith, of Highbury, 
N. ; is J.P. (1894) Somerset : 3 Upper Belgrave 
rd. Clifton, Bristol. 

Bennett, Joseph, b.a. Lond., s. of Joseph 
Bennett, of Louth, M.P., j.p. (d. 1908); b. 1854; 
J.P. (1900) parts of Lindsey, Lines : Deighton 
Close, Louth, Lines. • 

Bennett, Richd., only s. of Wm. Bennett, of 
Wilderswood, Lanes. ; b. 1849 ; m. 1878, Caroline 
Rebecca, elder dau. of John Sharpies, of Man- 
chester ; D.L. Anglesey (sheriff 1900; : Windham 
club ; Edge Grove, Aldenham, Herts, 

Bennett, Richd. Alex., elder s. of late rev. 
Alex. Sykes Bennett, m.a., vicar of St. Stephen, 
Bournemouth ; b. 1872 ; m. 1899, Albinia, dau. 
of late Antony Gibbs, of Tyntesfield, Somerset ; 
J.P. (1911) Gloucestershire: Oxford and Cam- 
bridge chib ; Thornbury Park, Thombnry, Glos. 

Bennett, Samuel Armitage, 4 s. of J. M. 
Bennett, Buile Hill, Pendleton, Lanes ; 6. 1856 ; 
m. 1884, Mary I., dau. of J. A. Bannerman, of 
Prestwich, Lanes : J.P. (1908) Cheshire : Burn- 
side, Alderley Edge, Manchester. 

Bennett, Seymour John, i.s.o. (1909), eld. s. 
of rev. W. R. Bennett, rect. of Glenorchy, 
Tasmania ; 6. 1848 ; ?n. 1876, Hannah, dau. of 
J. S. Howell, of the Bermudas ; principal of 
stamping dept. Somerset House ; J.P. (1911) co. 
London : 245 Camden rd. N. 

Bennett, S. W., j.p. (1909) Dorset : The 
Bridge, Warehani. 

Bennett, Thos. Geo., eld. s. of Thos. Bennett, 
of Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire ; b. 1848 ; m. 
1878, Hannah Sarah, dau. of Geo. Bennett, of 
Fishguard, Pembrokeshire; j.p. (1907) Pem- 
brokeshire : Fontane House, Fishguard, Pem- 

Bennett, Thos. Jewell, c.i.E. (1903), s. of late 
J. T. Bennett, of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire ; b. 
1852; propr. and late editor of the "Times of 
India," Bombay: Carlton and Oriental clubs ; 
Harwarton, Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells. 

Bennett, Wm., eld. s. of sir Hy. Bennett, knt., 
of Grimsby, Lines., D.L., J.P. {d. 1895) ; b. 1854 ; 
m. 1887, only dan. of late H. J. Farmer- Atkin- 
son, of Woo'dcote Place, Epsom, M.P., D.L., J.P. ; 
dir. London Joint Stock Bank Ltd. ; J.P. Parts 
of Lindsey, Lincolnshire (sheriff 1909), capt. 
(hon. maj. 1893) 1 vol. battn. Lincolnshire regt. 
1889-94: 32 Kensington sq. W. ; Bargate, 
Grimsby ; MeadowBrow,Grasmere,VVestmorland. 

Bennett, Wm. Albert, eld. s. of Benju. 
Bennett, of Coleford, Glos ; h. 1863 ; ?«. 1896, 
Susan, 2 dau. of Wm. Dawe, of Kuardoau, Glos ; 
J.p. (1906) Gloucestershire : Joys Green, Ross, 

Bennett, Wm. Edwin, s. of Wm. Bennett/ 
of Castle Hill, Dinas Cross, Pembrokeshire ; b. 
1863 ; 111. 1889, only dau. of Evan Rees, of Fern- 
dale, Glamorgan; J.P. (1907) Pembrokeshire: 
Ash Grove, Dinas Cross, Pembrokeshire. 

Bennett, Wm. Exall Tempest, O.8.T. (1912), 
M.T.c.B. 8. of late John Bennett, of Balmangan, 
Kirkcudbrightshu-e ; b. 1858 ; m. 1883, Charlotte 
I., dau. of late John Turbette ; late chief engr. 
and sec. to govt, of Punjab, pultlic works dept. 
(irrigation branch). 

Bennett. Wm. Hart, c.m.g. (1909), s. of Hart 
Bennett, c.E. ; b. 1861 ; yn. 1899, Ella Mary, dau. 
(d. 1914) of lite Chas. E. Tuck, j.p., of Nor- 
wich ; Col. office 1878, asst. sec. Cyprus 1884, col. 
sec. Falkland Islands 1900-5, col. sec. Bahama 
Islands from 1905 : Nassau, Bahamas. 



BsnnettjSirWm. Hy., K.c.v.o. (1901), f.r.c.s. 
Eng., eld. s. of Wm. Fras. Bennett, of Chilmark, 
Wilts : b. 1852 ; m. 1,1882, Isabel, dau. id. 1911) 
of T. Dickinson, of Sloane st., S.W. ; 2, 1914, 
Gladys Florence, only dau. of rev. Stewart Allen 
Hartigan, of St. Leonards-on-Sea, and Monks- 
town, CO. Dublin: knt. of grace of St. John of 
Jerusalem, commdr. of R. order of the Redeemer 
of Greece : 1 Chesterfield st. Mayfair, W. ; 
Athanseam, Jun. Carlton and Royal Automobile 

Bennett, lady Curtis. — Emily J., dau. of late 
Fredk. Hughes-Hallett, of Brooke Place, Ash- 
ford, Kent ; m. 1878, sir Hy. Curtis Bennett, 
knt., chief metropol. police magist. at Bow st. 
{fj. 1913) : 118 Lexham gdns. W. 

Bennion, John Rowe, only s. of late J. 
Bennion ; h. 1836 ; m. 1872, Harriet, dau. of W. 
Topham, of The Limes, Cheshire ; commr. of 
land tax from 1890, J. P. (1908) Hants: Nursted 
House, nr. Petersfield. 

Bennitt, Saml., s. of Joseph Bennitt. of 
Dudley. Worcs, J.P. ; b. 1832 ; m. 1860, Harriet, 
dau. of Wm. Robinson, D.L., of Summerhill, 
Staffs ; J.P. Worcestershire : Clent House, Har- 
borne, Birmingham. 

Bennitt, col. Wm. Ward, 2 s. of capt. Wm. 
Bennitt, of Stourton Hall, Worcestershire, D.L., 
J.P. ; b. 1839 ; m. 1, Augusta J. D'A. dau. {d. 
1905) of late J. D'A. Samuda, of Loud water, 
Herts, M.P., D.L. ; 2, 1908, Julia, widow of capt. 
hon. Hugh Tyrwhitt, R.N., C.S.I., M.V.O., and dau. 
of late W. Orme Foster, of Apley Park, Salop : 
served with Inniskilling drag, in Boer war 1881, 
commd. an escort with sir Evelyn Wood to Zulu- 
land ; served in Beohuanaland expdn. 188-1, 
commd. 5 lancers 1885-9, ret. p. 1894, J.P. (1891) 
Bucks and (1914) Berks : Army and Navy club ; 
Faringdon House, Faringdon, Berks. 

Benskin, Joseph Clemson, eld. s, of Joseph 
Benskin, of Watford, Herts ; 6. 1844 ; m. 1881, 
Selina, dau. of Richard Pugh, of Watford, 
Herts; j.p. (1906) Herts: Crooklog House, 
Oxhey, Watford. 

Benson, Arthur Christopher, c.v.o. (1907), 
M.A. Cantab., F.R.eist.s., P.R.S.L.,s. of archbp. 
(Benson) of Canterbury {d. 1896); h. 1862 ; pres. 
and fell. Magdalene Coll. Camb., master at Eton 
coll. 1885-1903 : Athenaeum, Royal Societies and 
Alpine clubs ; The Old Lodge, Magdalene 
College, Cambridge ; Tremans, Horsted Keynes, 

Benson, Cecil Foster, 2 s. of Wm. Benson, of 
Langtons, Hants ; b. 1857 ; m. 1881, Constance M.. 
dau. of G. B. O'Neill, of 16 Young st. Kensington, 
W. ; J.P. Liberty of Peterborough: Hatfield, 

Benson, gen. Chas. Annesley, 2 s. of Wm. 
Hy. Benson, B.C.S. : b. 1831 ; m. 1, 1861, Grace 
J., dau. of Mathew Sankey, of Bawnmore, co. 
Cork : 2, 1883, Frances A., dau. of John Vizard, 

of Ferney Hill, Gloucestershire ; Madras inf., 
gen. on U.S. list 1896. 

Benson, hon. Christopher Godfrey Asquith, 
2 s. of 1 baron Charnwood ; h. 1910. 

Benson, Florance John, j.p. (1898) Gla- 
morgan : Fairy Hill, Reynoldston, Glam. 

Benson, maj.-geu. sir Fredk, Wm., k.CB. 
(1910), 3 s. of late hon. J. R. Benson, Canadian 
Senate ; b. 1849 ; m. 1881, Caroline G. J. E., eld. 
dau. of late sir Geo. Couper, 2 bt. K.c.s.i., C.B., 
CLE. ; served in Canadian mil. during Fenian 
raid, Canada 1866, S. African war 1899-1901, in 
charge of admin. S. commd. 1907-9, ret. d. 1909, 
col. 21 lancers from 1909 : 5 Hartfield rd. East- 
bourne ; Army and Navy club. 

Benson, Hy. Thos. ; j.p. (1899) Parts of 
Kesteven. Lines : Market Deeping, Lines. 

Benson, maj. Hy. Wightman, D.s.o. (1900), 3 
s. of late gen. H. R. Reason, C.B., of Fairy Hill, 
Glam. ; b. 1855 ; served in S. African war 1899- 
1902, maj. E. Surr. regt. 1895-1903, ret. p. 1903, 
J.p. (1906) Glamorgan : Naval and Military 
club; Fairy Hill, Reynoldston, Glam, 

Benson, Jas. Bourne, ll.d., b.a. Lond., s. of 
Samuel Miles Benson ; m. 1874, Eveline E. Bell, 
granddau. of sir A. G. Hazlerigg, 1 1 hart. ; 
Univ. law scholar 1871, Doctor's gold medallist 
1873, fell, and for many years memb. of council 
of L^niv. coll. Lond., barr. Lincoln's Inn 1906, 
J.P. (1908) CO. London : 28 Cleveland sq. Hyde 

i park, W. ; Reform club. 

' Benson, Jas. Fredk., j.p. (1914) Essex : 

: Toppesfield Hall, Castle Hedingford, Essex. 

j Benson, sir (John) Hawtrey, M.D., ll.d. (hon. 

j causa) Dub., f.r.c.p.i., l.r.g.s.i., s. of prof. Chas. 
Benson, M.D., pres. Rov. Coll, of Surg. Irel. (</. 

I 1880) ; h. 1843 ; m. 1871, Dorothea A. D., dau. of 

j rev, T. Power, M.A., inc. of Templeree, co. 

j Tipperary ; cons, pliys. to R. City of Dublin hosp. 

j and to Monkstown hosp. ; med. adviser for 
Ireland to Colonial office, and to the Transvaal 
govt., pres. Roy. Coll. of Phys, Irel, 1910-12, 
knighted 1912 : 67 Fitzwilliam sq. Dublin; 
University (Dublin) club. 

Benson, It.-col. John Musgrave ; lord of the 
manor of Oswaldkirk : Juu, United Service club ; 
Oswaldkirk Hall, Malton, Yorks. 

Benson, rev. John Peter, m.a. Oxon, s. of rev 
J. P. Benson, of Witheridge. Devon {d. 1875) ' 
b. 1855; lord of the manor of Bradford Tracey 
J.P. (1903) Devon, R.D, of S, Molton 1898-1902, 
vicar from 1893 of Witheridge, Morchard 
Bishop, Devon. 

Benson, hon, John Roby, eld, s, of 1 baron 
Charnwood; h. 1901. 

Benson, Joseph, s, of Joseph Benson ; b. 1843 ; 
J.p. (1906) CO. London : 18 Crouch Hall rd. 
Crouch End, N. 

Benson, Lvde Ernest, 4 s. of M. G. Benson, 
of Lutwvche Hall, Salop, D.L., J.P. {d. 1871) ; b. 
1845 ; VI. 1885, Emily Harriet, 3 survg, dau. of 



late rev. F. H. Hotham, rect, of Rushbury, 
Salop ; barr. Inner Temple 1872 ; J. P. Salop : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Larden Cottage, Much 

Senson, Matthew, M.D.Brux., youngest s. of 
Matthew Benson, of Wigan, Lanes ; h. 1861 ; m. 
1894 ; J. P. (1908) Lancashire : Wyndholme, 

Benson, surg.-gen. Percy Hugh, M.B.Aberd. ; 
h. 1852 ; surg.-gen. lud. Med. Serv. 1904, ret. 
1911 : 97 Dover rd. Lower Walmer, Deal. 

Benson, sir Ralph Sillery, M.A., ll.b. Trin. 
coll. Dub., 8. of Chas. Benson, M.D.. of Fitz- 
williani pq. Dublin ; b. 1851 ; m. 1876, Fanny 
C. A., dan. of rev. W. G-ilbert-Cooper, M.A., 
chapln. Indian Ecclesiastical Est. ; I.C.S. from 
1873, vice-chancUr. Madras Univ. 1905, a judge of 
high court of judicature at Madras 1896-1913; 
knighted 1906. 

Benson, Robert Henry, m.a. Oxon., eld. s. of 
Robert Benson (ri. 1875); b. 1850; m. 1887, 
Evelyn, 2 dau. of late Robt. S. Holford, M.P., 
D.L., J. P., of Westonbirt, Glos. and Dorchester 
House, Park lane, W. ; j.p. (1909) Sussex, a 
trustee of the National Gallery from 1912, son. 
partner of Robert Benson «fe Co., merchant 
bankers, London : 16 South st. Park la. W. ; 
Brook>i's, Turf, Bath and Burlington Fine Arts 
clubs ; Buckhurst Park, Withyham, Sussex. 

Benson, Robt. Seymour, only s. of Robt. 
Braithwaite Benson, of St. Mary Church, D-iVon ; 
h. 1858 ; m. 1895, Lilian Dora, dau of Theodore 
Crewdson, J. P., of Norcliffe Hall, Cheshire; j.p. 
(1905) CO. Durham : Riverside, Middleton St. 
Greor;re, co. Durham. 

Benson, col. Starling Meux, eld. s. of late gen. 
Hy. Roxby Benson, c.B., of Fairv Hill, G'am ; 
b. 1846 ; m. 1, 1868, Elizabeth, dau. {d. 1902) of 
late A. Tawke, of The Lawn, Rochford, Essex. 
D.L.,J,P.; 2, 1908, Eleanor, youngest dau. and 
co-heir of late R. Surtees, of Hamsterhiv Hall, 
CO. Durham, and widow of 5 vise. Gort {d. 1902) ; 
It. -col. 17 Lancers 1886-92, col. 1890, ret. 1897, 
J.p. Glamorgan: 15 Grosvenor gdns. 8.W. : 
United Service, Naval and Military, and R. Y. S 
(Cowes) clubs ; Fairy Hill. Reynoldston, Glam. ; 
East Cowes Castle, t. of W. ; Hamsterley Hall, 
Rowlands Gill, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Benson, Thos, b.a. Cantab., eld. s. of John 
Benson, of Clifton, Gloucestershire; h. 1846; 
I.C.S. (N. \V. Prov. and Gudh) 1868-96, ret. 
1896, J.p. (190a) Devon: E. I. United Service 
club ; Egremont, Tavistock. 

Benson, Walter John, 3 s. of Wm. Benson, of 
Allerwash, Northuoib. ; b. 1859 ; m. 1902, Helen 
Marjorie, dau. of rev. Arthur Blenkinsop Coul- 
son, of Branxton, Northumb. ; J.P. (1914) 
Northumberland: Newbrough Hall, Fourstones, 

Benson, (his honor judge) Wm. Denman, b.a. 
Oxon, LL.D. Sheffield, 2 s. of late gen. Hy. Roxby 
Benson, C.B., of Fairy HiU, Glaqi. ; h. 1848 ; m. 

1876, Jane, 2 dau. of Thomas Penrice, of 
Kilvrough, Swansea ; barr. Inner Temple 1874, 
J.p. (1880) Glamorganshire, judge of county 
courts (circuit No. 13, SlieffieM Ac.) from 1907 : 
10 William st. Lowndes sq. S.W. ; 3 King's 
Bench walk. Temple, E.G.; The Club, Norfolk 
St. Sheffield. 

Benson, hon. Antonia Mai-y Boby, h. 1903; 
hon. Eleanor Theodora Roby, b. 1906; daus. of 
1 baron Charnwood. 

Bensnsan, Samuel Levy, eld. s. of J. S. L. 
Bensusan, of Bexhiil, Sussex ; b. 1872 ; m. 1909, 
Marian, only dau. of Russell Prichard, of Haver- 
stock Hill, N.W. ; author and journalist, J.P. 
(1914) Essex: The Brook, Hammersmith, W. ; 
Devonshire and Authors' clubs ; Duton Hill, 
Dunmow, Essex. 

Bent, Baldwin Harry, j.p. Lancashire and W. 
R. Yorks : Goodworth House, Clatford, Andover. 

Bent, Buckley, s. of Buckley Bent, of Dob- 
cross : b. 1833; m. 1863, dau. of John Bradbury, 
of Brown Hill, Saddleworth ; J.P. W. R. Yorks : 
Dobcross. via Oldham. 

Bentall, Edmund Ernest, s. of Edwd. Ham- 
mond Ben tall, of Heybridge, Essex. M.P. {d. 1898) ; 
h. 1855 ; m. 1885, Maude Alice, dau. of W. Chas. 
Miller, of Liverpool ; J.P. (1900) and c.c. Essex, 
late It. army motor res. : The Towers, Heybridge, 

Benthall, Ernest, eld. survg. vS. of late Edwd. 
Benthall, of Sherborne, Dorset, J.P. ; b. 1843 ; vi. 
1876, Jane Rogers, eld. dau. of late Wm. Price, 
M.R.O.S., of Glan Twrch, Brecknockshire, J.P. ; 
J.p. Brecknockshire and Glamorganshire: Glan 
Twrch, Ystalyfera, Swansea Valley, Glam. 
Primrose club. 

Bentham, Geo. Jackson, only survg. s. of 
Wm. Jackson, of Hull; ft. 1863; m. 1886, dau. 
of Thos. Marshall, of Hull ; J.P. (1914) E. R. 
Yirksand Hull, M.P. (L.) Lincolnshire (Gains- 
borough divn.) from 1910 : National Liberal 
club; Svvanland, Brough, E. Yorks. 

Bentham, insp.-gen. Robt., R.N.(ret.), l.r.c.P., 
L.R.c.s. Edin., ret. list 1907 with hon. rank of 
insp.-gen. of hosp. and fleets. 

Bentinck, maj. baron (of the Netherlands) 
Wnlter Guy BontincV, c.M.G. (1912), D.s.O. 
(1902), eld. s. of 13 baron {d. 19 »1) ; h. 1864 ; m. 
1904, Anne E., 3dau. of late It.-col. Wm. Burnett- 
Ramsay, of Banchory ; served in S. African 
war 1899-1902, maj. Rif. brig. 1902-5, ret. p. 1905, 
received royal licence to use the title of baron 
in the United Kingdom 1911, J.p. Kincardine- 
shire, late asst. Impl. sec. to high commr. for 
S. Africa : Naval and Military and Travellers' 
clubs: Larachmore, Strachan, Banchory, N.B. 

Bentinck, maj. lord Charles Cavendish, 3 bro. 
of 6 duke of Portland ; b. 1868 ; m. 1897, Cicely 
M. (lady of grace of St. John of Jerusalem), 
youngest dau. of Seymour Grenfell, of Elibank, 
Taplow; served in S. African war 1899-1900, and brevet njaj. 9 lancets 1900-6, *djt, B,, 



Gloucestershire Hu^s. I. Y. 1901-4, ret. p. 1906 : 
%. 8 Grosvenor sq. W. ; Ranby Hall, Lincoln. 
I Bantinck, count Chas. Hy., 2 s. of count Hy. 

Chas. A. F. W. Aldenburg Bentinck (d. 1903) ; 
/)'. 1879 ; attach^ 1904, 3 sec. iu diplumatic service 
190G-10, 2 see. from 1910. 

Bentinck, lord Fras. M. Dallas Cavendish, 2 s. 
of 6 duke of Portland ; h. 1900. 

Bentinck, Fredk. Cavendish, M.A. Cantab., 
F.S.A., 2 3. of rt. hon. G. A. F. Cavendish 
Bentinck, of Brownsea Island, Dorset, P.O., M.P., 
J.P. {d. 1891) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1887, Rath St. Maur ; 
barr. Lincoln's Inn 1879, a family trustee of 
British Mu-eum andmemb, of standing comttee., 
J.P. Dorset : 78 Harley st. W. ; 4 Paier bldgs. 
Temple, E.C. ; Morton's House, Corfe Castle, 

Bentinck, Henry Aldenbnrg, b.a. Oxon, only 
s. of C. A. Bentinck, of Indio, Devon, j.p. {d. 
1891) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1890, Alma, eld. dau. of 
adml. lord Clarence Paget ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1877, D.L. Norfolk, j.p. (1906) Devon : 60 Cado- 
gan sq. S.W. ; Arthur's, United University and 
Travellers' clubs ; ludio, Bovey Tracey, Devon. 

Bentinck, lord Henry Cavendish, T.D. (1909), 
eld. bro. of 6 duke of Portland; b. 1863 ; m. 1892, 
lady Olivia C. A. (lady of grace of St. John of 
Jerusalem), only survg. child and heiress of 
Thomas, late earl of Bective, b. 1869 ; d.l., j.p. 
Westmorland, served with Impl. yeom.. S.African 
war 1900, It. 3 battn, (mil.) Derbyshire regt. 
1881-6. It.-col. Derbyshire yeo. from 1912, hon. 
col. 4 battn. Bord. regt. from 1893; M.P. (c.) 
N.W. Norfolk 1886-92, S. Nottingham 1895-1906 
and from 1910; 53 Grosvenor st. W. ; Carlton, 
Turf and Marlborough clubs ; Underley Hall, 
Kirkby Lonsdale. 

Bentinck, lady Victoria Alexandrina Violet 
Cavendish, only dau. of 6 duke of Portland ; b. 

Bentley, It.-col. Alfred Wilson, J.P. (1S99) 
Herts and Middlx : The Grove, Hadley, Barnet. 

Bentley, Fras. John Royds, eld. e. of late 
John Bentley. of Birch House, Lanes, D.L., J.P. : 
b. 1850 : m. 1886, Edith, dau. of J. Birkbeck, of 
Settle, Yorks ; j.p. (1909) Somerset : Woodlaa is, 
Wellington, Somerset. 

Bentley, Horace, eld. s. of Jas. Wm. Bentlev, 
of Knottingley, Yorks; b. 1883; m. 1911, 
Gertrude, eld. dau. of T. E. Ingle, of Knotting- 
ley, Yorks; j.p. (1912) W.R. Yorks: Bridge 
Houses, Knottingley, Yorks. 

Bentley, Jas. Wm., 3 s. of late John Skipwith 
Bentley, of Knottingley, Yorks; b. 1850 ; m. 1882, 
Helena, only dau. of late Mark Stainsby, of 
Knottingley; j.p. (1893) W.R. Yorks: Quarry 
House, Knottinglej', Yorks. 

Benton, Chas. Hy., s, of Geo. Benton, of Stret- 
ford, Lanes ; b. 18(59 ; m. 1891, Esther, dau. of 
Alex. Hodges, of Shropshire; j.p, (1903) 
Chesbire • The Terrace, Knutsford, 

Benton, sir John, k.c.i.e. (1911), m.i.c.e., s. 
of late John Benton ; b. 1850 ; ?n. 1885, Margaret 
F., dau. of ex-provosv Dick, of Rothes, Moray- 
shire ; Indian Public works dept. 1873, suptg. 

I engr. Mandalay 1897-1902, chief engr. and sec. to 

j Gov. Irrigation branch, Public works dept. 

; 1902-5, insp. -gen. of Irrigation 1906-12, ret. 1912. 

\ Benton, John Smith, j.p. (1906) Kent : 2 King 
Edward rd. Rochester ; National Liberal club. 

I Benyon, Jas. Herbert, only s. of Jas. Fellowes, 

j of Kingston House, Dorset, D.L., j.p. (d. 1889) : 
b. 1849 : TO. 1875, Edith Isabel, dau. (Order of 

I Mercy 1911) of sir J. W. Walrond, 1 bart. ; barr. 

j Inner Temple 1875, D.L., j.p. Dorset (sheriff 
1892), J.p. B^rks. (lord lieut. from 1901), pres. 
Berks Territorial Force Assoc, from 1908, 
assumed by Royal licence name of Benyoa in 
lieu of Fellowes 1897 : 35 Pont st. S.W. ; *Engle- 

1 field House, nr. Reading, Berks. 

I Benyon. It.-col. Joseph Spencer, 3 s. of Thos. 

• Benyon, of Gledhow Hall, Yorks ; b. 1843 ; m. 

\ 1880, Ida Mabel, dau. of Hugh Astley, of East- 
leigh, Wilts; It.-col. 5 lancers, ret. 1884; J.P. 
(1908) Northants : Islip House, Thrapston. 

Berens. Alex. Aug., s. of O. A. Berens ; 
b. 1842 ; m. 1866, Louise W., dau. of rev. Edwd. 
Stewart, of Sparsholt, nr. Winchester ; j.p. 
Northants, capt. (hon. maj. 1886) 3 and 4 battns. 
(rail.) Northanrs regt. 1874-88 ; ret. as maj. : 50 
Eaton sq. S.W. ; White's and New University 

j Berens, Richd. Benyon, M.A.Oxon, eld. s. of R. 

' B. Berens, of Kevington, Kent {d. 1859) ; b. 

! 1834 ; TO. 1860, Fanny G., dau. of A. Atherton 

i Park, master of common pleas ; D.L., J.P. Kent 

I (sheriff 1893) : Oxford and Cambridge club ; 

' Kevington, St. Mary Cray, Kent. 
Beresford, vide Massy-Beresford. 

I Beresford, vide Pack-Beresford. 

i Beresford, adml. lord Charles Wm, de la 

: Poer, G.c.B, (1911),G.c.v.o. (1906), p.r.c.i., ll.d. 
(hon.) Liverpool Univ., 2 s. of 4 marq. of Water- 

] ford ; b. 1846 ; to. 1878, Mina, eld. dau. of 
late Rd. Gardner, M.P. ; served at attack on 
forts at Alexandria, 1882, 3 class Medjidie, naval 

I A.D.C. to gen. lord Wolseley (commanding forces 

i io Egypt) 1884-5, in Soudan expdn. 1886 ; M.P. 

i (c.) co.Waterford 1874-80, E. Marj^lebone 1886-9, 

I York city 1898-1900, Woolwich 1902-3, Ports- 
mouth from 1910. a naval lord of the admiralty 

j 1886-8, apptd. to commd. of H.M.S. " Dn- 

j daunted," Nov. 1889, A,D,c, to Queen Victoria 
in 1897, 2 in commd. in the Mediterranean 

I 1900-2, commdr.-in-chief of Channel squadron 

: 1903-5, on Mediterranean station 1905-6, of the 

j Channel fleet 1906-9, adml. 1906, ret. list 1911, 
grand cross Red Eagle of Germany, of Redeemer 

j of Greece, of St. Olaf of Norway, and of Legion 

i of Honour of France : 1 Gt. Cumberland pi. W. ; 
Carlton, Athenaeum, Marlborough, and Uoited 

I Service clubs, 



Beresford, hon. Heary Wm. Walter Horsley-, 
4 s.of 3 baron Decie- ; b. 1876 ; m. 1904, Constance, 
widow of Michael Levenston ; served in S. 
African war 1901, hon. capt. in the army 1901, 
capt. 4 battn. (rail.) Notts and Derby regt. 
1901-6, 2 It. 13 hus". in 1897, emplyd. with Brit. 

5. African Police 1897-1900: New club. 
Beresford, lord Hugh Tristram de la Poer, 3 

6. of 6 marq. of Waterford ; h. 1908. 
Beresford, maj. -gen. John Beresford ; b. 1828 ; 

OT. dau. of B. Savile, M.A., Shillingford, Devon ; 
in Punjaub campaign 1848-9, ret. f.p. as It.-col. 
B.S.C. 1877, J. P. CO. Londonderry, assumed by 
deed poll name of Beresford in lieu of Smyly 1888: 
Craig Dhu YaiTcn and Glena Moyle Lodge, co. 

Beresford, John Stuart, Ci.E. (1900), s. of 
Th03. Beresford; b. 1845; ?». 1872, Elizabeth, 
dau. of Wm. Quinton : Indian Public works dept. 
1867-1900, chief engr. and sec. to govt., Punjab 
1896-1900, sec. govt, of India and insp.-gen. of 
Irrigation 1898, ret. 1900 : M^ythorne. St. 
Stephen's rd. Ealing, W. ; E. 1. United Service 

Beresford, Marcus Hy. de la Poer, c.m.g. 
(1911), l.s.o. (1904), -2 s.of coL Marcus Wvlly 
de la Poer Beresford. col. (ret.) 49 foot {d. 1902) ; 
b. 1867 ; m 1882, Margery Mary, dau. of rev. John 
Connell, formerly rect. of the G-renadines, St. 
Yincent, W. Indies ; asst. residt. N. Nigeria 
1900, asst. sec. to administration 1900 and sec. 

Beresford, lord Marcus Talbot de la Poer, 
O.v.o. (1909)j 4 s. of 4 marq. of Waterford ; b. 
1848; w. 1895, Louisa K., eld. dau. of maj. -gen. 
Chas. Ridley; late 7 huss. : extra equerry to 
King Edward VII. and manager of H.M.'s 
thoroughbred stud 1890-1910, extra equerry to 
King George V. and manager of H.M.'s 
thoroughbred stud from 1910 : 59 St. James' 
St. S.W. ; Bishopsgate, Englefield Green. 

Beresford, Robt. de la Poer, J.P. (1912) 
Salop : Derwent Grange, Oswestry. 

Beresford, hon. (Seton) Robt. de la Poer 
Horsley-. 3 s. of 3 baron Decies ; b. 1868 ; m. 
1899, Delia, dau. (who obtained a div. 1908) of 
Daniel O'Sullivan, of co. Kerrj', Ireland ; served 
in S. Africa 1900 as special war correspondent, 
It. 4 battn. (mil.) Derbyshire regt. 1890-4, heir 
pres. to his bro. : Bell House, Dulwich Tillage, 
S. E. : Wellington club. 

Beresford, hon. Wm. Arthur Horsley-, 5 s. 
of 3 baron Decies ; h. 1878; 7n. 1901, Florence, 
dau. of Gardner L. Miller, of Providence, R. I., 
U.S.A. ; served in Roberts' Horse at Kimberley 
and Paardeberg. 

Beresford, lord Wm. Mostyn de la Poer, 2 
8. of 6 marq. of Waterford ; f. 1905 ; heir pres. 
to marquessate. 

Beresford, lady Blanche Maud de la Poer, b. 
1898 ; lady Katherine Nora de la Poer, b. 1899 ; 

lady Beatrix Patricia de la Poer, b. 1902 ; daus. 
of 6 marq. of Waterford. 

Beresford, hon. Eileen Vivien de la Poer, b. 
1912 ; hon. Catherine Moya de la Poer, b. 1913.; 
daus. of 5 baron Decies. 

Beresford- Ash, col. Wm. Randal Hamilton, 
eld. survg. s. of John Barre Beresford, of Lear- 
mount Park, CO. Londonderry, D.L., J.P. {d. 1895), 
hv Caroline, only child (</. 1901) and heir of 
Wm. and lady Elizabeth Hamilton Ash, of 
Ashbrook : b. 1859 ; m. 1886, lady Florence, 3 
dau. of 5 marq. of Sligo ; assumed by royal 
licence addtl. name of Ash 1901, served in Bur- 
mese expdn. 1885-6, Hazara expdn. 1891, S. 
Africixn war 1899-1901, it.-col. R. Welsh Fus. 
1904-8, brevet col. 1907, ret. p. 1908, D.L. co. Lon- 
donderry (sheritf 1912) : Naval and Military 
club ; Ashbrook, nr. Londonderry. 

Beresford-Hope, Harold Tho?., only s. of 
Chas. Thos. Beresford-Hope (J. 1906) ; b. 1882 : 
attache in diplomatic service 1907-9, 3 sec. from 

Beresford-Hope, Philip Beresford, eld. s. of 
vt. hon. A. J. lieresford-Hope, of Bedgebiiry Park, 
Kent, M.P.,, J.P. {d. 1887), by dm. of 2 marq. 
of Salisbury; b. 1851 ; m. 1883, "Evelyn, dau. (</. 
1900) of gen. Frost, of St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.; 
J.P. Kent, lord of the manor of Beresford Hall, 
Staffs, capt. (hon. maj. 1895) W. Kent yeom. 
1891-8 : 2 C^Iuraberland mansions, Upper George 
St. W. ; Carlton and Turf clubs. 

Beresford-Peirse, maj. Hy. Bernard de la 
Poer, D.s.o. (1900), H.A. Oxon., eld. s. of sir Hy. 
Monson de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, 3 bart., by 
dau. of 3 earl of Bandon ; b. 1875 ; m. 1904, lady 
Mabel Marjorie. 2 dau. of 3 earl Cawdor, ft. 
1876; served in S. African war 1900-1 with 
Impl. veom., hon. maj. in the army 1901, late It. 
Yorkshire Huss. I. Y.. J.P. (1902) N. R. Yorks, 
under treasurer. Middle Temple : The Cross- 
way.s, Hickley, Kent. 

Beresford-Peirse, sir Henry Monson de la 
Poer. 3 bart. (1814), nephew of 2 bart. (d. 1873) ; 
ft. 1850 ; m. lady Adelaide M. L., 5 dau. {d. 1884) 
of 5 earl of Bandon ; J.P., D.L. N. R. Yorks ; 
It. 1 vol. battn. Yorks regt. 1878-85 {Heir, i. 
maj. Hy. de la P.. </.?;.) : Carlton club; Aiskew 
House, Ai.skew, Bedale. 

Beresford-Peirse, rev. Richd. Windham de 
la Poer, M.A. Oxon., 2 s. of sir Hy. Monson de 
la Poer Beresford-Peirse, 3 bart., by dau. of 3 
earl of Bandon; ft. 1876; m. 1910, "lady Lilian 
K., 3 dau. of 3 earl Cawdor, ft. 1879; vicar of 
St. Mary of Etou,Hackney Wick, N.E. from 1906 : 
Eton House, Hackney Wick, N.E. 

Berger, maj. -gen. Ernest Archibald, s. of late 
L. Berger, of Reigate ; ft. 1839; m. 1867, Mar- 
garet C, dau. [d. 1893) of Thos. Brereton, R.M., 
of Rathurless, Nenagh, co. Tipi-)erary ; It.-col. 
commdg. (col. 1885) 2 battn. Lincolnshire regt. 
18S1-6, ret. p. 1886: Winstone. 7 Auckland rd. 
cast, Southsea. 



Bergrne, lady,— Mary a' Court, dan. cf late 
rev. 6. B. Bergne ; m. 1878, sir (Johu) Henry 
G. Bergne, K.c.B., K.c.M.G. {d. 1908) : 13 Pem- 
broke rd. Kensington, W. 

Ber&ne-Coupland, Alex. Hugh, s. of Ed. 
Coupland Bergne-Coupland, of Skellingthorpe 
Hall, Lines., D.L., j.P. {d. 1895) ; b. 1871 ; m. 1905, 
Dorothy, 4 dan. of late rev. C. H. K. Long, 
vicar of Swindei-by, Lincoln ; j.P. (1903) Parts of 
Kesteven, Lines : Skellingthorpe Hall, Lincoln. 

Berington, Wm., <4d. s. of Chas, Michael 
Berington, of Little Malvern, Worcs, D.L., J.P. 
{d. 1897), by his 2 wife, Mary L. P., eld. dan. of 
late M. A. Coxon, B.c.s. ; b. 1873 ; m. 1903, 
Katherine Wilhelmina, dau. of Wm. Purcell, of 
Saltillo, Mexico ; J.P. (1899) Worcestershire, hon. 
capt. in the army 1903, capt. 5 battn. (mil.) 
Worcestershire regt. 1900-5: Little Malvern court, 
Malvern Wells. 

Berkeley, 8 earl of (1679, Eng.). Randal Mow- 
bray Thos. Berkeley, only child of 7 earl {d. 
1888) 5 b. 1865 ; ?«. 1887, Kate {d 1898), widow 
of Arthur Jackson ; 2nd tit. vise. Dursley, It. R.N. 
ret. 1887 : Army and Navy club ; Foxcombe, 
Boar's Hill, Wootton, Berks. 

Berkeley, It.-col. Edmund Hy., 4 s. of late 
Chas. Berkeley, youngest bro. of late Wm. 
Berkeley, of Cotheridge Court, Worcestershire ; 
b. 1844 ; m. 1881, Lucy Sophia, 3 dau. of late 
Geo. Churchill, of Alderholt Park, Dorset; is 
J.P. (1895) Somerset, maj. Dorset regt., ret. p. 
1883 with hon. rank of It.-col. : Army and Navy 
and Roy. Dorset Yacht clubs ; West Coker 
House, nr. Yeovil, Somerset. 

Berkeley, Ernest Jas. Lennox, c.B. (1897), 
s. of Geo. Rawdon Lennox Berkeley ; b. 1857 ; ni. 
1897, Nelly, dau. of late sir Jas. C. Harris, 
K.c.v.o., British consul at Nice, France ; consiil 
at Zanzibar 1886-95, commr. and consul-gen. for 
the Protectorate of Uganda and the adjoining 
territories 1895-9, consul-gen. at Tunis from 
1899 : British Consulate General, Tunis, N. 
Africa ; Travellers' club. 

Berkeley, Geo. FitzHardinge, only child of 
maj. Berkeley ; b. 1870 ; m. 1899, Cara Isabel, eld. 
dau. of Jas. Mason, of Eynsham Hall, Oxon ; 
J.P. (1906) Oxfordshire : Hanwell Castle, nr. 

Berkeley, sir Hy. Spencer, k.c, 3 s. of late 
hon. T. B. Hardtman Birkelev, C.M.G., of 
Shadwell, St. Kitts ; b. 1851 ; in. 1878, Katharine, 
dau. of Fredk. Slater Cassin, of Gray's Hill, 
Antigua ; barr. Inner Temple 1873, c.J. of 
Fiji and chief judicial commr. for W". Pacific 
1889-1902, A.G. of Hong Kong 1902-7, 'K.c. Hong 
Kong 1906 ; knighted 1896 : Jun. Carlton club. 

Berkeley, maj.-gen. Jas. Cavan, c.i.b. (1888), 
3. of gen. S. H. Berkeley ; b. 1839 ; in. 1, 1860, 
Anna Sophia, dau. {d. 1886) of capt. Middlecoat, 
Madras artill. ; 2, 1892, Maud, youngest dau. of 
W. Tomlinson, P.R.A.s. of York and Sandown, 
I. of W. ; resident Gwalior 1883, Kashmir" 1884, 

Nepal 1885, agent to the gov.-gen. Baroda 1886-7 : 
United Service club ; Priestlands, Sherborne, 

Berkeley, John Fras., j.p. (1906) Lancashire : 
Leagrim Hall, nr. Preston, Lanes. 

Berkeley,Maurice Hy., 2 s. of Robt. Berkelev, 
of Spetchley Park, Worcs, D.L., J.P. (d. 1897), 
by dau. of 3 earl of Kenmare ; b. 1856 ; D.L., J.P. 
(1898) Worcestershire, served in S, Africa 1901-2, 
late capt. and hon. maj. 6 battn. (mil.) Worces- 
tershire regt. : Jun. Confctitutionalclub ; Foxcote, 
Shipston-on-Stour, Worcs. 

Berkeley, Robt. Valentine, f.s.a., eld. s. of 
Robt. Berkeley, of Spetchley, Wore, D.L., J.P. 
{d. 1897). by dau. of 3 earl of Kenmare ; b. 
1853 ; m. 1891, Rose, dau. of Fredk. Willmott, of 
Warley Place, Essex ; D.L., J.P., c.c. Worcester- 
shire, (sheriff 1909), maj. Worcestershire mil. 
(ret.) : Jun. Carlton club ; Spetchley Park, 

Berkeley, Rowland Comyns, s. of rev. Wm. 
Comyns Berkeley, of Cotheridge Court, Worcs. 
{d. 1885) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1880, Mildred C. P., 
adopted child of rev. C. J. Sale, rect. of Holt, 
Worcs. and 3 dau. of late rev. A. Paris, rect. 
of Ludgvan, Cornwall ; patron of Cotheridge : 
I Cotheridge Court, Worcester. 
I Berkeley, It.-col. Thos. Mowbray Martin, 3 
s. of Robt. Berkeley, of Spetchley, Wore, d.l., 
J.P. (rf. 1897), by dau. of 3 earl of Kenmare ; b. 
1859 ; m. 1912, Helen, widow of capt. Geo. 
Jackson ; served in Soudan expdn. 1884-5, S. 
African war 1899-1902, maj. R. Highrs. 1896- 
I 1903, brevet It.-col. 1900, ret. p. 1903, one of 
H.M. body guard of hon. corps of gentlemen- 
at-arms from 1909 : Manor House, Sutton Park, 
I Guildford. 

I Berkeley, Cecile, countess of, dau. of count 
I Edouard de Melfort ; m. 1, 1851, as his 2 wife, 
' adml. hon. sir Fleetwood B. R. Pellew, G.c.H., 
I c.B. (div. 1859) ; 2, 1860, 7 earl of Berkeley {d. 

I Berkeley (rt. hon.) lady (16 baroness 1421, 
I Eng.) Eva Mary Fi-zhardinge Foley, only child 
of Louisa M., 15 baroness Berkeley (in her own 
right) {d. 1899) and maj.-gen. G. H. L. Milman, 
R.A. (ret.) ; b. 1875 ; barony confirmed by letters 
patent 1893, co-heiress to barony of Braose of 
Gower and heir gen. to earldom of Ormonde 
(Irel.) : vide maj. Frank Wigram Foley, d.S.O. 

Berkeley, lady Mary Catherine, dau. of '3 earl 
of Kenmare ; b. 1829 ; m. 1851, Robt. Berkeley, of 
Spetchley Park, Worcs, D.L., J.P. (d. 1897) : Fox- 
cote, Shipstou-on-Stour, co. Worcester. 

Berkshire, archdn. of (Oxf.); vide ven. Wm. M. 
G. Ducat. 

Berlein, Julius, eld. s. of M. Berlein, of Roten- 
burg, Germany; b. 1852; m. —; J.P. (1912) 
Herts : Cross Oak, Gt. Berkhamsted. 

Bemal, Frederic, c.m.g. (1891). youngest s. of 
Ralph Bemal, many years chairman of com- 
mittees of House of Commons ; b. 1828 ; m. 1850, 



Charlotte Augustd, daii. {d. 1903) of late J. 
Brewster Cozens, of Woodham Mortimer Lodge, 
Maldon, Essex ; H. B. M.'s consul at Madrid 
1854-8, at Carthagena, S. America 1858-60, at 
Baltimore 1860-66, and at Havre 1866-83, and 
consul-general there 1883-96 : 94 Cheriton rd. 
Folkestone ; Radnor (Folkestone) and R.Y.S. 
(hony.) clubs. 

Bernard, bp., vide Oesory. 

Bernard, vise, (title which would be borne by 
eld. p., if any living, of earl Bandon). 

Bernard, Arthur Fras., 8. of late W. H. 
Bernard, of Combe Raleigh, Devon; b. I860; m. 
1877, Mary L., only child of maj.-gen. sir C. 
D'Oyly, 9 bart.; late 23 foot, maj. (hon. It.-col. 
1891) W. Somerset yeom. 1886-92, lord of the 
manors of Combe Raleigh and Luppitt, Devon 
and Heathfield, Somerset; J. P. Devon: Naval 
and Military club ; Combe Raleigli, Honiton. 

Bernard, Arthur Mountague, b.a. Oxon, 
younger s. of late rev. Thos. Dehany Bernard, of 
High Hall, Wirabome, Dorset; b. 1851; barr. 
Inner Temple 1878, J.P., c.A. Suffolk : Athe- 
naeum club ; Copdock, Ipswich. 

Bernard, Edward J. B. Morrogh-, eld. s. of 
John Morrogh (-Bernard), D.L., J.P. {d. 1866), by 
only dau. (d. 1888 ) and heiress of Joseph Blount, 
of Tarrant House, Hants; b. 1843; 7/1. 1880, 
Matilda A. W., eld. dau. of S. J. Brown, of 
Loftus Hill, Yorks ; j.p. co. Kerry (sheriff 
1870) : Fabagh Court, Beaufort, co. Kerry. 

Bernard, rev. Edwd. Russell, m.a Oxon., eld. 
s.of rev. canon T. D. Bernard ; 6. 1842 ; m. 1878, 
Ellen I., eld. dau. of AVm. Nicholson, of Basing 
Park, Hants ; canon res. of Salisbury 1889-1910, 
chancellor of the Cathl. from 1894, hon. chapln. 
to Queen Victoria 1899-1901, to King Edward 
VII. 1901-10 and to King George V. 1910-11 
chapln. in ordy. to H.M. from 1911 : High Hall, 

Bernard, col. Edgar Edwin, u.M.t:. (1906), a 
Pasha of Egypt, eld. s, of col. count Bernard ; b. 
1866 ; m. 1893, Beatrice Mary, dau. of Edwd. 
Carington Wright, j.p.; served with Ashaiiti 
expdn. 1895-6, Nile expdn. 1898, as d.a.a.g. on 
staff of gen. officer commdg.-in-chief, present at 
battle of Khartoum ; brevet-col. 1913, ret. p. 1914, 
A.S.C. ; is a Pasha of Egypt ; fin. sec. to Sudan 
govt, (with rank of col.) from 1900, 2 class 
Medjrdie and 3 class Osmanieh : Khartoum, 
Soudan ; Cairo, Egypt ; United Service club. 

Bernard, Fras. Tyringham Higgins, s. of 
Joseph Napier Higgins, q.c, j.p. (d. 1899), by 
dau. and co-heiress of sir Thos. Tyringham 
Bernard, 6 and last bart. of Winchendon Priory, 
Bucks : b. 1864 ; m. 1897, Evelyn Georgiana, eld. 
dau. of Philip J. D. Wykeham, of Tythrop House, 
Oxon ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1899, j.p. Bucks, capt. 
K. Bucks huss. yeom. 1889-94, maj. 18 Middlx. 
R.V. 1902-5, It.-col. 3 battn. (special res.) 
Oxford and Bucks I.T. from 1912. assumed bv 

deed-poll addtl. nariie of fierr.ard t897 : White's 
and Boodle's clubs ; Chearsley Hill, Aylesbury. 

Bernard, John Mackay,,f.r.3.k.,f.r.s.g.s., 
younger s. of late Thos. Bernard, of Holme House, 
Haddingtonshire ; 6. 1857 ; vi. 1888, Ellen Anne, 
youngest dau. of late Edmund Thos. Wedgwood 
Wood, of Henley Hall, Salop ; pres. of 
Meteorological Soc. of Scotland, master mariner 
(passed in steam), commr. of income tax, 
commr. of supply. Royal Scottish archers. King's 
Body Guard for Scotland, J.P. Perthshire and 
Haddingtonshire: Boodle's and Windhani 
(Lood.) and New and University (Edin.) clubs ; 
Dunsinnan, Perth. 

Bernard, capt. Ronald Percy Hamilton, eld. 
8. of Percy Brodrick Bernard, M.P., D.L., j.p. 
((/. 1912), and cousin and heir pres. to 4 earl of 
Bandon, K.p. ; h. 1875; m. 1904, Lettice M., 2 
dau. of Gerald C. S. Paget ; served in S. African 
war 1902, capt. Rif. brig. 1901-11 : Bury 
Green, Clieshunt, Herts. 

Bernard, lady Louisa, b. 1841 ; lady Emily, 
b. 1843; lady Emma, b. 1844; daus. of 3 earl 
of Bandon : 78 Chester sq. S.W. 

Bernard, lady.— Susan Capel, dau. of late rev. 
Richd. Tawney, of Willoughby, Warwickshire ; 
m. 1862, sir Chas. Edwd. Bernard, K.c.s.i., chief 
commr. of B. Burma 1880-7 {d. 1901): Hurst 
Lodge, Sunningdale, Berks. 

Bemays, Adolphus Vaughan, b.a. Cantab., 
M.B. ; J.p. (1907) Warwickshire: The Gables, 
Solihull, Birmingham. 

Bemers, (rt. hon.) lady (7 baroness, 1456, 
Eng.). Emma Harriet, dan. of late rev. the hon. 
Robt. Wilson, and niece of 6 baron (d. 1871) ; 
m. 1853, sir Henry The. Tyrwhitt, 3 bart. {d. 
1894) {Ileir, s. hon. sir Raymond R. Tyrwhitt- 
Wilson, 4 bt., q.v.) : Ashwell Thorpe, Norwich. 

Bemers, Charles Hugh, only s. of capt. Hugh 
Bemers, u.N., of Woolverstone Park, Suffolk {d. 
1891) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1867, Mary, youngest dau. (d. 
1911) of sir Ralph Anstruther, 4 bart. ; D.L., j.r. 
Suffolk (sheriff 1895), high steward of Harwich, 
knt. of grace of St. John of Jeru.salem : 42 
Lennox gdns. S.W. ; Carlton and Travellers' 
clubs ; Woolverstone Park, Ipswich. 

Bemers, John Anstruther, eld. s. of Chas. 
Hugh Bemers, of Woolverstone Park, Suffolk, 
D.L., J.p. ; b. 1869; m. 1893, Ethel Charlotte, 5 
dau. uf Lawrence Jas. Baker, of Brambridge Park, 
Hants ; j.p. (1905) Suffolk, late It. 1 drag. gds. : 
Hellesdou House, Norwich. 

Bemey, Geo. Augustus, 2 but only survg. s. 
of Augustus Berney, of Bracon Hall, Norfolk {d. 
1910), by Matilda Lavinia, dau. of col. John Geo. 
Nathl. Gibbes ; 6. 1865 : Bracon Hall, Norwich. 

Bemey, sir Thos. Reedham, 10 bart. (1620), 
eld. s. of capt. Thos. Hugh Berney {d. 1900) and 
grands, of 9 bart. {d. 19u7) ; b. 1893 {Heir, bro. 
Richd. G. G., 6. 1897) : The Hollies, Winkfield 
Row, Bracknell, Berks. 

KELLY'S hlAND6O0K-1915. 


fieifiidy, lady.— Jane Doi'othy, dau. of late rev. I 
Andrew Blosam, M.A., rect. of Harborough 
Magna, Warwickshire ; m. 1866, sir Hj. Hanson 
Bemey, 9 bart. (d. 1907) : 9 Clarendon cres. 

Berrang-^, maj. Christian Anthony Lawson, 
C.M.G. (1902), s. of late Christian Berrange, of 
Graaff Renick, Cape Colony ; b. 1864 ; m. 1897, 
dau. of John McEwan Lang ; served in Gealeka 
war 1879, Basutoland 1881, Bechuanaland 1896-7, 
S. African war 1899-1902, with Cape Police, maj. 
and insp. Cape Mtd. police : Kim'ierley, S. Africa. 

Berridge, Richd., s. of Richd. Berridge, of 
Ballynahinch Castle, co. Gal way {d. 1887) ; b. 
1870 ; D.L., J.P. CO. Galway (sheriff 1894) : 
Ballynahinch Castle, Connemara, co. Galway. 

Berridgre.Thos., only s. of Jas. Thos. Berridge, 
of Derby; b. 1861 ; m. 1904, Edith, dau. of J. 
Eltringham, of Sunderland, co. Durham ; j.p. 
(1914) Warwickshire: 24 Avenue rd. Leaming- 
ton ; National Liberal club. 

Berridgre, sir Thos. Hy. Devereux, s. of rev. 
W. Berridge, vicar of St. Maiy'p, Lowton, Lanes 
{d. 1897) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1887, Agnes, dau. ((/. 1909) 
of Fredk. Campion, of Frenches, Redhill ; 
admitted a solicitor 1878, M.P. (l.) Warwick and 
Leamington 1906-10, knighted 1912 : 29 Elm Park 
gdns. S.W. ; 11 Old Broad st. E.C. ; Reform, 
National Liberal, Eighty and Royal Automobile 
clubs ; Greenwood, Alkham, nr. Dover. 

Berriedale, lord (title which would be borne 
by eld. s., if any, of earl of Caithness). 

Berry, bp., vide, Killaloe. 

Berry, Elias Sumner, j.p. (1908) Lancashire : 
Lostock Grove, Leyland, Preston. 

Berry, John Jackson, eld. s. of late Jas. Berry, 
of Oak Leigh, Swinton, Lanes ; h. 1860 ; vi. 1890, 
dau. of A. J. Barrat, of Ruabon, Denbighshire ; 
J.P. (1912) Lancashire : West Dene, Station 
rd. Pendlebury, Manchester. 

Berry, John Mathias, J.P. (1906) Glamorgan : 
Gwaelodygarth, Merthyr Tydfil. 

Berry, Walter Wheeler, j.p. (1906) Kent: 
National Liberal club ; Gushmere Court, Selling, 

Berry, Wm., b.a., ll.b. Cantab., eld. s. of late 
Jolin Berry, of Tayfield, co. Fife, J.P. ; b. 1864; 
m. Wilhelmina, dau. (d. 1907) of Allan Barns 
Graham, of Craieallian and Lymekilns, N.B. ; 
advocate 1889, j.p. Fifeshire : Tayfield. Newport, 
Fife, N.B. 

Berry, hon. sir Wm. Bisset, ir.D.Aberd., ll.d., 
s. of late Jas. Berry, of Aberdeen ; b. 1839 ; m. 
1864, Marion, dau. {d. 1884) of late Wm. Beale, of 
Hemel Hempstead, Herts : mem. legisl. assembly 
1894, speaker of House of Assembly, Cape of 
Good Hope 1898-1908, memb. legisl. assembly, 
Unonof S. Africa 1910, knighted 1900: Queen's 
Town, Cape of Good Hope. 

Berryman, Fredk. Hy., s. of late Fredk. 
Berryman, of Shepton Mallet; b. 1869; barr. 
Mid. Temple, capt. Cardigan r.f.a. 1903-9, res. 

of officers from 1909, J.p. (1906) and C.C. Somer- 
set : Jun. United Service club ; Field House, 
Shepton Mallet. 

Bertie, vide Towneley-Bertie. 

Bertie, lord (title which would be borne 
by eld. s., if any, of earl of Lindsey). 

Bertie, rev. the hon. Alberic Edwatd, M.a. 
Oxon., s. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1881, lady Caroline E., eld. dau. of 5 earl of 
Antrim, b. 1853; R.D. (1903) and rector from 
1887 of Gedling, Nottingham. 

Bertie, hon. Arthur Michael, 2 s. of 7 earl of 
Abingdon ; b. 1886. 

Bertie, hon. Chas. Claude, 5 s. of 6 earl of 
Abingdon, b. 1851 ; m. 1890, Adelaide, youngest 
dau. {d. 1903) of late rev, Jeremiah Burroughes, 
of Lingwood Lodge, Norfolk ; late It. 47 foot. 

Bertie, rt. hon. sir Francis Leveson, P.c. (1903), 
Ct.c.b. (1908), G.c.M.G. (1904), g.c.v.o. (1903), s. 
of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1844 ; m. 1874, lady Feo- 
dorowna, dau. of 1 earl Cowley, b. 1840 ; a sen. 
clerk in For. Office 1889-94, pri. sec. to pari, 
under sec. of state (hon. R. Bourke) 1874-80, 
acting sec. of legation in diplom. service abroad 
1881, assist, und. sec. of state for foreign affaira 
1894-1903, ambassador at Rome 1903-4, at Paris 
from 1905 : British Embass}-, Paris ; Brooks's, 
Travellers', Turf and St. James' clubs. 

Bertie, lt,-col. hon. Geo, Aubery Vere, s. of 6 
earl of Abingdon ; b. 1850 ; m. 1885, Harriet B. 
E., dau. of sir Walter Farquhar, 3 bart.; served 
in Zulu war, 1879 ; maj." and It.-col. Coldst. gds. 
in 1881 : 2 Draycott pi. Cadogan gdns. S.W.; 
Travellers' and R.Y. Squad, clubs. 

Bertie, hon. Jas. WiUoughby, 3 s. of 7 earl of 
Abingdon; b. 1901. 

Bertie, col. hon. Reginald Hy., c.B. (1900), 
6 s. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; b. 1856 ; m. 1892, 
lady Amy Evelyn, eld. dau. of late Hy. R. lord 
Courtenay and sis. of 14 earl of Devon, b. 
1865; served with China expdn. 1900, It.-col. 
commdg. 2 battn. R. Welsh fus. 1899-1903, adjt. 2 
battn. 1878-82 and 3 battn. 1885-91 ; brevet col. 
1903, ret. p. 1904 : Naval and Military and Wel- 
lington clubs ; Luckington Court, Chippenham, 

Bertie, Richd. Fredc. Norreys,only s. of capt. 
Fredc. A. Bertie, of Weston-on-Green Manor 
House, Oxfordshire {d. 1885), by Rose E., younger 
dau. of late John de Montmorency, of Castle 
Morres, co. Kilkenny ; b. 1876 : Manor House, 
Weston-on-Green, Bicester. 

Bertie, lady Elizabeth Emily, eld. dau, of 6 
eai-1 of Abingdon ; b. 1838, 

Bertie, lady Fi-ances Evelyn, 3 dau, of 6 earl 
of Abingdon ; b. 1848 ; a nun : Convent of the 
Yisitation, Harrow-on-the-Hill. 

Bertie, lady Muriel Felicia Vere, dau. of 12 
earl of Lindsey ; b. 1893. 

Bertram, Anton, s. of rev. R. A. Bertram, 
Congregational min. ; m. 1902, Edith Marion, 
dau. of Rees Jone.=, of Cardiff ; fell, of Gonville 



and Caius Coll., Canib. 1891, bair. Lincoln's Inu 
1893, A.G. Balamas 1902-7 and Ceylon from 1911, 
puisne judge, Cyprus 1907-11 : Colombo, Ceylon. 

Bertram, sir Geo. Clement, m. a. Cantab., oul v 
s. of G-eo. Bertram, of St. Martin, Jersey ; 6. 
1841 ; 7M. 1866, Anna M., eld. dau. of ^en. E. 
Lawder, M.s.c. ; barr. Inner Temple 186.5, A.G. 
of Jersey 1880-84, bailiff of the Island 1884-98, 
knighted 1885 : Grove Cottage, Kye, Sussex. 

Bertram, Julius, b.a. Oxon., s. of late Julius 
Alfred Bertram, of 29 York terr. Regent's Park, 
N.W. ,- b. 1866 ; m. 1907, Marjorie, dau. of sir Hy. 
Sutton, knt., a justice of high court of justice ; 
admitted a solicitor 1893. J.p. (1907) Herts, M.P. 
(L.) N. Herts 1906-10 : 14 Suffolk st. Pall Mall. 
S.W. ; Reform club ; Sishes, Stevenage, Herts. 

Bertram, Louis John, c.m.g. (1904), auditor. 
Gold Coast 1884-93, of Windward Islands 1893-6, 
of Leeward Islands 1896-7, auditor-gen. of 
Jamaica from 1897, memb. legisl. council from 
1906,and of the privy council : Kingston,Jamaica. 

Berwick, lord (8 baron 1784, Gt.B.). Thos. Hy. 
Noel-Hill, only s. of rev. the hon. Thos. Noel 
Noel- Hill (twin bro. of 7 baron Berwick, d. 1897), 
rect. of Berrington, Salop, 1874-85 (<i. 1888); b. 
1877 : hon. attache at H.M. Embassy, Paris, from 
1903, It. Shropshire yeo. 1 903-1 0,lt. yeo. Territl. 
force res. from 1910 {Heir, cousin, Chas. M. W. 
Noel-Hill, q.v.): Carlton, Bachelors' and St. 
James' clubs. 

Berwick, (rt. hon.) lady. — Ellen, eld. dau. of 
Bruckspatron Nystrom, of Malmoe, Sweden ; m. 
1869, 7 baron Berwick (d. 1897) : 43c, Clanricarde 
gdns, W. 

Bescoby, Thos., eld. 8. of Stephen Bescobv, 
of East Retford, Notts ; b. 1841 ; m. 1870, Sarah 
Ann, dau. of Geo. Padley, of Retford, Notts : 
J.P. (1909)Nottiughauishire and Retford : Ordsall 
Lodge, London rd. Retford. 

Bessborough, 8 earl of (1739, ir.). Edward 
Ponsonby, C.v.o. (1902), c.B. (1895), eld. s. of 
rev. 7 earl of Bessborough (d. 1906), by dau. of 
3 earl St. Geimans; b. 1851 ; m. 1875, Blanche 
v., youngest dau. of late sir J. Guest, 1 bart. ; 
2nd tit. vise. Duncannon ; sits as baron Ponsonby 
(1749, Gt. B.) ; ret. It. R.N., barr. Inner Temple 
1879 ; J.p. Middlesex, co. London- and co. Car- 
low (sheriff 1898), D.L., j.p. (c.c. 1897-1900) co. 
Kilkenny, sec. to speaker of House of Commons 
fmr. now vise. Peel) 1884-95, knt. of gi-ace 
of St. John of Jerusalem (ffeir, s. vise. Dun- 
cannon, q.v.) : 17 Cavendish sq. "W. ; Bessborough, 
Piltown, Ireland. 

Best, vide Haden-Best. 

Best, hon. Jas. Wm., 4 s. of 5 baron "Wyn- 
ford ; b. 1882 ; to. 1914, Florence Mary B., eld. 
dau. of late sir Elliott, 1 bart., D.S.O., M.P. (d. 
1 908) ; India forest service : Jun. Carlton club. 

Best, Jas. Wm., b.a. Cantab., eld. s. of rev. 
Jas. Kershaw Best, of Lane End, Bucks ; b. 1840 : 
M. C. S. 1862, ban-. Inner Temple 1880, a judge of 
high court of judicature at Madras 1893-95. 

Best, It. hon. Matthew Robt., H.N., M.v.o. 4 
class (1910), 3 s. of 5 baron Wynf ord ; 6.1878; 
m. 1908, Annis Elizabeth, 2 dau. of C. F. Wood 
of Lee Priory, Littlebourne, Dover ; It. 1900. 

Best, bou. sir Robt. Wallace, K. c.m.g. (1908), 
s. of Robt. Best, Customs dept. ; h. 1856 ; m. I, 
Jane, dau. (d.) of hon. G. D. Langridge ; 2. 
Maude Evelyn, dau, of Geo. Crocker Smith, of 
St. Kilda;'barr. Victoria 1881, memb. legisl. 
assembly, Victoria 1888-1901, pres. of Board of 
Land and Works, min, for Lands and commr. 
for Trade and Customs 1894-9, one of six senators 
for Victoria 1901-10, chm. of committees in the 
senate of the tirst Federal Parliament 1901-3, 
v.p. exec, council and leader of senate, Australia 
1903-9, min. for Trade and Customs 1909-10, 
memb. House of Rep. from 1910 : The Wattles. 
Belmore rd, Balwyn, Victoria, Anst. 

Best, hon. Samuel John, 2 s. of 5 baron 
Wynford; b. 1S74 ; m. 1914, Miss Evelyn May ; 
heir pres. to baronv. 

Best, Thomas 6eo., 8. of Thos. Best, of Red 
Rice, Hants, D.L., J.P. {d. 1886), by Louisa E., 2 
dan. [d. 1908) of rev. sir G. Shiffner, 3 bart. ; b. 
1861 ; m. 1889, Annie L., dau. of late Wm. Tod, of 
Ay ton House, Perthshire ; J.P. Hants, late capt. 
R.A., capt. Hants yeom. 1892-7 : Carlton and 
Naval and MUitary clubs. 

Best, capt. Wm., only s. of capt. hon. John 
Cbas. Best, r.N. (ret.), J.P. {d. 1907), by Marj-, 
dau. of late Wm. Wagstaff, of Vivod, Denbigh- 
shire ; b. 1874; m. 1903, Constance Adela, dau. 
of late col. Cbas. Wingfield, of Onslow, Salop ; 
J.P. (1903) Denbighshire, capt. late R. Welch 
Fus.: Vivod, Llangollen. 

Best, hon. Grace Janet Mary, b. 1907 ; hon. 
Eya Constance Edith, b. 1909; hon. Mary 
Jemima, b. 1912; dans, of 6 baron Wynford. 

Best, hon. mrs. John Chas., Mary, dau. of 
late Wm. Wagstaff, of Plas-yn-Vivod, Denbigh- 
shire ; 771. 1873, capt. bon. John Chas. Best, R.N. 
(ret.), J.P. (rf. 1907) : Plas-yn-Vivod, Llangollen. 

Best, hon. Margaret Mary, b. 1872 ; hon. 
Gertrude Emma, b, 1 876 ; hon. Bertha Beatrice, 
b. 1884 ; hon. Marion Frances, b. 1887 ; daus. of 
5 baron Wynford. 

Best, hon. mrs. Thomas W., Harriet Royds, 
:? survg dau. of late H. A. Grey, of Meole 
Brace,. Shrewsbiiry ; m. 1879, raaj. hon. Thos. 
Wm. Best (d. 1909) : 47 Prince of Wales man- 
sions, Battersea Park, S.W. 

Best-Dalison, rev. Chas. Edmund Waller, 
M.A, Oxon., 3 s. of Maximilian Hammond 
Dalison, of Hamptons, Kent, J.P. {d. 1902) ; b. 
1858 ; m. 1899, Harriet Emily Hardinge Best, 4 
dau. of late. Jas. Whatman Bosanquet. of Clays- 
more, Middlx. and niece and heir of late maj. 
Mawdistly Gaussen Best, J. P., of Park House, 
Boxley, Kent; af^sumed by royal licence addtl. 
name of Best 1907. rect. of "Bletsoe, Bedford 
1897-9, cur. of Boxley, Kent, 1899-1909, permiss. 



to otiic. dioc. Canterbury from 1910 : Park 
House, Boxley, Maidstone. 

Beswick, mrs. Myers-, Agnes Elizabeth, dau. 
of John Eraser, of Leeds ; m. 1876, Wm. Bes- 
wick Myers-Beswick, of Gristhorpe Manor, 
Yorks, J. P. {d. 190-4) : G-risthorpe Manor, Filey, 

Beswioke-Boyds, mrs. — Mary Alice Gibson, 
only child of late John Halliwell Beswicke, of 
Pyke House, Lanes ; m, 1867, capt. Clement 
Robt. Nuttall Hjyds (who assumed addtl. sur- 
name of Beswicke by sign manual 1868 and d. in 
1911) : Pyke House, Littleborough, Manchester. 

Bethell, hon. Albert V.,4 s. of 2 baron West- 
bury ; 6. 1864 : 71 Jermyn st. S. W. 

Bethell, vice-adml. hon. sir Alex. Edward, 
K.c.B. (;i914), K.c.M.G. (1912), 2 s. of 2 baron 
Westbury ; b. 1855 ; m. 1890, Hilda M., youngest 
dau. of B. Huntsman, of WestRetford Hall,Notts ; 
asst. dir. of torpedoes at the Admiralty 1903-7, 
A.D.c, to King Edward VII. 1907-8, dir. of 
naval intell. 1909-12, commdr. -in-chief, E. Indies 
in 1912, in commd. Roj'al Naval War Coll., 
Portsmouth 1912-14, vice-adml. commdg. 
battleships, third fleet-from 191 4, vice-admL 1908: 
Naval and Military club. 

Betliell,AlfredJas., youngest s.of Wm. Frogatt 
Bethell, of Rise Park, HnU, D.L., J.P. {d. 1879) : 
b. 1862 ; m. 1887, Maud, dau. of R. Bower, of 
Welham, Yorks ; served in 82 regt. on sir C 
Warren's staff in Bechuanaland expdn. and 
subsequently with sir F. Carrhigton raised the 
Bechuanaland border police, j.P. (1892) W. R. 
Yorks: Naval and Military, Brooks's and Burling- 
ton Fine Arts clubs ; The Abbey, Storrington, 
Pulborough, Sussex. 

Bethell, hon. Arthur John, 3 s. of 2 baron 
Westbury ; b. 1860. 

Bethell, capt. Geo. Richd., r.n. (ret.), s. of 
Wm. Frogatt Bethell, of Rise Park, Bull, D.L., 
J.P. (J. 1879); b. 1849; It. of "Challeoger" 
during her surveying expdn. 1872-6, of "Mino- 
taur" during Egyptian war 1882, commdr. R.N. 
1884; M.P. (c.) E. R. Yorks. (Holderness divn.) 
1885-1900, J.P. (1901) E. R. Yorks : Yorkshire, 
Naval and Military and Arthur's clubs : Siggles- 
tho^ne, Hull. 

Bethell, sir John Henry,l bart.(1911),eld. s. of 
Geo. Bethell, of South Woodford, Essex ; b. 
1861 ; m. 1895, Florence, dau. of J. W. Wyles ; 
J.P. (190.=i) Essex, M.P. (L.) S. Essex from 1906 
knighted 1906 (Heir, s. Prank H., b. 1896 ) : Reform 
and National Liberal clubs ; Park House, Wan- 
stead, Essex. 

Bethell, hon. Richard, only son of 3 baron 
Westbury; b. 1883; in. 1911, Evelyn Lucia M., 
dau. of late col. Geo. Morland Hutton, C.B., D.L., 
J. p., of Gate Burton Hall, Lines : 2 It. Scots 
gds. from 1914 : 18 Lower Seymour st. W. 

Bethell, sir Thos. Robt., 2 s. of Geo. Bethell, 
of South Woodford, Essex (d. 1908) ; b. 1867 ; 
barr. Middle Temple 1897, J.P. (1909) Essex, m.p. 

(l.) E. Essex 1906-10, knighted 1914 : 2 Garden 
court. Temple, B.C. ; National Liberal and Re- 
form clubs ; The Firs, South Woodford, N.E. 

Bethell, William, eld. s. of late Wm. Frogatt 
Bethell, of Rise Park, Hull, D.L., j.p. {d. 1879) ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1880, hon. Marie Myrtle, dau. {d. 
1900) of 8 baron Middleton, b. 1859 ; D.L., J.P. 
E. R. and j.p. N. R. Yorks : Carlton and York- 
shire clubs ; Rise Park, Hull. 

Bethell, hon. Ada Natalie, 2 dau. of 2 baron 
Westbury; b. 1858. 

Bethell, hon. mrs. Slingsby, Laura B., eld. dau. 
of rev. F. W. Maunsell, rect. of Symondsbury, 
Dorset ; 771. 1888, as his 2 wife, hon. Slingsby 
Bethell, c.b. {d. 1896) : 18 Montpelier cres., 

Bethell, hon. mrs. Walter, Ada M., dau. of 
late rev. Chas. Welfitt Blathwayt ; 771. 1, Thos. 
Hole ; 2, 1900, hon. Walter John Bethell, k.a. 
(c/. 1907). 

Bethune, hon. Archibald Lionel, 2 s. of 11 
earl of Lindsay ; b. 1842 ; m. 1900, Ethel, dau. of 
W. A. Tucker, of Boston, U.S.A. 

Bethune, It.-gen. Edwd. Cecil, c.v.o. (1909), 
C.B. (1905), 2 s. of late adml. C. R. D. Bethune, 
of Balfour, co. Fife ; b. 1855 ; m. 1890, Maiy 
Lilian, dau. of col. Eliott Lockhart ; served in 
Afghan war 1879-80, Transvaal campaign 1881, 
S. African war 1899-1902, gen. officer commg. W. 
Lane, divn., W. Commd. 1909-12, dir.-gen. of 
the Territorial Force from 1912, col. 4 (R. Irish) 
Dragn. gds. from 1908, It.-gen. 1908 ; hon. col. 4 
W. Lanes. (Howitzer) brig. R.F.A.from 1914 : 16 
Walpole St. S.W, ; Naval and Military club. 

Bethune, maj. Hy. Alex., eld. s. of maj. Robt. 
Bethune, late 92 Highrs.. of Nydie. en. Fife, j.p. 
{d. 1904); b. 1866; m. 1902, Elinor Mary, 
youngest dau. of late John Brown Watt, of 
Sydney, N. S. Wales ; brevet maj. ret. p. Gord. 
Highrs., maj. 7 battn. Black Watch Territl. Force 
1905-10, j.p. CO. Fife : Bath and Naval and Mili- 
tary clubs ; Mountquhanie, Cupar, Fife, N.B. 

Bett, fleet-surg. Wm., m.v.o. 4 class (1911), 
R.N., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., eld. 8. of John Bett, of 
Strood. Kent: b. 1863; m. 1903, Rosellen Gret- 
chen, dau. of J. J. Torre, of Snydale, Yorks ; 
fleet-surg. H.M.S. Dreadnought : Juu. United 
Service club. 

Bettmann, Siegfried, youngest s. of Meyer 
Bettmann, of Nuremberg, Bavaria : b. 1863 ; m. 
1895, Annie, dau. of Thos, Meyrick, of Shifnal, 
Shropshire ; J.P. (1908) Warwickshire : National 
Liberal club ; Elm Bank, Stoke Park, Coventry. 
Betts, : Samuel, 3 s. of J. Betts, cf King's 
Langley, Herts {d. 1871) ; b. 1827 ; m. 1855, Eliza- 
beth A., only child (d. 1893) of late S. Scott, of 
Little Hadham ; is J.P. Herts: Bury Green, Little 
Hadham, Ware. 
Bevan, vide Evans-Bevan. 
Bevan, Arthur Talbot, 6 s. of Chas. Jas. 
Bevan ((/. 1882) : b. 1843 ; m. 1870, Magdalen F., 




dau. of sir Wm. Coote Seton, 7 bart., of Pit- 
medden; J P. (1897) Kent : Dormers, Bessels 
Green. Sevenoaks. 

Bevan, Bertrand Yorke, 2 s. of Fras. Augustus 
Bevan, of Fosbury, Wilts and of Trent Park, 
Middlx., J.P. ; b. 1867 ; m. 1889, Georgiana L. F., 
2 dau. of Geo. F. Malcolmson, of Norrjsbury, 
Herts ; J.P. (1905) Sussex : Woodcroft, Cuckfield, 

Bevan, Cosmo, eld. s. of Fras. Aug. Bevan, 
of Fosbury, Wilts, and of Trent Park, Middlx. 
J.P. ; b. 1863 ; m 1891, Marion L., youngest dau. 
of rev. Filmer Sulivan ; D.L. Middlx. 

Bevan, David Augustus, 4 s. of Richd. Lee 
Bevan, of Brixworth Hall, Northants, J.P. {d. 
1900) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1885, hon. Maud E., 5 dau. of 1 
vise. Hampden, G.C.B., 6.1856; J.P. (1901) Cam- 
bridgeshire : Burloes, Royston, Herts. 

Bevan, Edmund Henrv, 2 s. of Thos. Bevan, 
of Stone Park, Kent, D.L.,' J.P.{d. 1907) ; b. 1862; 
m. 1903, hon. Joan Mary C, eld. dau. of 5 baron 
Grantley, b. 1879; J.P. (1896) Kent, sheriff of 
Northants 1912: Arthur's club; Brampton 
Bryan Hall, Herefordshire. 

Bevan, veu. Edwd. Latham, m.a. Oxon., 2 
s. of ven. W. L. Bevan, of Brecon ; b. 1861 ; 
chapln. Gordon Boys' Home, Woking. 1891-6, 
R.D. of Brecon (1st part) from 1902, archdn. of 
Brecon fi-om 1907, vicar of St. John and perp. 
curate of St. Mary, Brecon, from 1897 : West- 
minster club ; TheVicarage, Brecon. 

Bevan, Edw>Ti Robt., 7 s. of R. C. Lee Bevan, 
of Fosbury, W'ilts, and Trent Park, Herts, J.P. 
{d. 1890) ; b. 1870 ; in. 1896, hon. Mary, youngest 
dau. of 3 baron Radstock, b. 1871 : Sun House 
Chelsea Embankment, S.W. 

Bevan, rev. Ernest Cbas., M.A. Oxon., 5 s. of 
Chas. Jas. Bevan {d. 1882); b. 1839; m. 1. 1869, 
Frances J., dau, (<f. 1895) of rev, Stephen Bridge, 
rect. of Droxford ; 2, 1898, Agnes Carus Wilson, 
dau. of late rev. D. Barclay Bevan, of Tunbridgc 
Wells and widow of sir Jas. Naesmyth, 5 bart. 
{d. 1896) ; vicar of Send, Surrey, 1875-89 : CJnited 
University club ; Northgate House, Bury St. 

Bevan, Ernest George, m.a. Cantab.,eld. survg. 
s. of Geo. Innes Bevan, of Faim Hall, Godman- 
chesttr, Hunts {d. 1884); b. 1848; m. 1877, 
Florence, dau. of late Philip Tillard, of Stukeley 
Hall, Hunts, D.L., J.P. ; J.P. Hunts : Hemingford 
Grey, St. Ives, Hunts. 

Bevan, Francis Augustus, 2 s. of R. C. Lee 
Bevan, of Fosbury, Wilts and of Trent Park 
Herts, J.P. {d. 1890) ; b. 1840 ; m. 1, 3 dau. of 
lord Chas. Jas. F. Russell ; 2, youngest dau. of 
rt. hon. sir Jas. W. Hogg, 1 bart. ; 3, 1875, 
Maria, dau. (d. 1903) of John Trotter, of Dyrham 
Park, Hei'ts ; one of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the 
City of London, J.P. (1898) Middlx. (sheriff 1899), 
knt. of grace of St. John of Jerusalem : 1 Til- 
ney st. Park la. W. 

Bavan, Geo., s. of Silvanus Bevau, of Over- 
ton. Glamorgan ; b. 1861 ; m. 1887, Mary, dau. 
of Levi Fish, of Preston, Lanes; J.P. (1908) 
Denbighshire : Overton House, Colwyn Bay. 

Bevan, ven. Henry Edward James, m.a. 
Cantab., s. of late Hy. Bevan, of Shrewsbury ; 
b. 1854 ; m. 1883, hon. Charlotte J. E., 2 dau. 
of 8 vise. Molesworth, b. 1864 ; rect. of Chelsea 
from 1902; Gresham prof, of Divinity 1888- 
1904 ; examining chaplain to bp. of London from 
1894, R.D. of Chelsea 1897-1906, preb. of St. 
Paul's from 1900 ; archdn. of Middlx. from 
1903: The Rectory, Chelsea, S.W. ; office, 
23 Knigbtrider st. E.G. ; Quatford Castle, 
Bridgnorth, Salop. 

Bevan, Richd. Alexander, s. of late Richd. 
Bevan, of Brighton ; b. 1834 ; m. 1861, Laitra M., 
dau. (d. 1906) of late Edwd. Polhill, of Brighton ; 
J.P. Sussex : Horsgate, Cuckfield, Sussex. 

Bevan, rev. Richd. Aubrey Chichester, m.a. 
Cantab., 5 s. of Richd. Lee Bevan, of Brixworth 
Hall, Northants, j.P. (d. 1900); 6. 1860; m.. 1, 
1891, Emily M., only dau. of late col. Ald.idge ; 
2, 1900, lady Mary Wilfreda, eld. dau. of 9 earl 
Waldegrave, b. 1875 ; rect. of Hui-stpierpoint, 
Sussex, 1898-1909, from 1909 of Binfield, Brack- 
nell, Berks. 

Bevan, Roland Yorke, 4 s. of R. C. Lee Bevan, 
of Fosbury. Wilts, and Trent Park, Herts, j.P. (rf. 
1890) ; b. 1848; m. 1874, hon. Agneta O., 4 dau. 
of 10 baron Kinnaird : 9 Rutland gate, S.W. 

Bevan, Thos., 3 s, of Wm. Bevan, of Hirwain. 
Glamorgan ; h. 1842 ; m. 1867, dau. of rev. David 
Da\-ie8, wes. min., of Llangwrig, Montgomery- 
shire ; J.P. (1914) Glamorgan : The Shield House, 
Cowbridge, Glam. 

Bevan, Wilfred, m.a. Cantab., 3 s. of late 
Thos. Bevan, of Stone Park, Kent, D.L., J.P. {d. 
1907) ; ft. 1866 ; m. 1894 Ethel Marion, dau. of 
late E. H. Watts, of Bishop's Stortford, Herts ; 
J.P. (1904^ Suffolk : United University club ; 
Plashwood, Haughley, Suffolk. 

Bevan, Wm., j.P. (1903) Carnarvonshire: 
Gowerdale, Llandudno. 

Bevan, hon. mrs. Alice M., eld. dau. of 3 vise. 
Sidmouth, b. 1849 ; m. 1894, as his 2 wife, Jas. 
Johnstone Bevan, of Bury St. Edmunds, j.p. {d. 

Bevan, lady.— Louise, dau. of Niven Kerr, 
H.M.'s consul at DunkLi-k ; ?». 1864, sir Alfred 
Hy. Bevan, knt. sheriff for City of London 1899- 
1900 (d. 1900). 

Beveridgre, Wm. Hy., only s. of Hy. Beveridge 
(Bengal C. S.ret.),of Pitfold,8hottermill, Surrey; 
0. 1879 ; barr. Inner Temple 1904, director of 
Labour Exchanges and asst. sec. Board of Trade, 
from 1909 : 27 Bedford gdns. W. ; Union club ; 
Pitfold, Shottermill, Surrey. 

Beverley, bp. of. rt. rev. Robt. Jarratt Cros- 
thwaite, D.D.' Cantab, s. of rev. Benj. Crosthwaite, 
M.A., vicar of Knaresborough, and hon. canon of 
Ripon : 6, 1837 ; m. 1, 1867, Eleanor F., dau. of 



rev. Philip Simpson, M.A,, of Metham Hall, E. 
Yorks ; 2, 1887, Anne E., eld. dau. of late rev. 
Wm. Moore Crosthwaite, M.A., preb. of Cork 
and rect. of Drimoleague, co. Cork ; archd. of 
York from 1884, vicar of St. Lawrence, York. 
1883-85, rector of Bolton Percy, W. Yorks, from 
1885, bp. suffragan of Beverley from 1889, prolo- 
ciitor of lower house of York convocation from 
1908 : Rectory, Bolton Percy, Yorks. 

Beverley, Addison, 3 s. of late Wm. Beverley, 
of Burley, Leeds ; b. 1841 ; i7i. 1864, Elizabeth, 
2 dau. of late Geo. Bray, of Dihvyn, co. Hereford; 
J. p. (1908) Somerset : Havre, Portishead, Somer- 

Beverley, Henry, m.a. Cantab., in B.C.S. 1861- 
97, dist. judge in Bengal 1878-85, a puisne judge 
of high court of judicature at Calcutta 1885-97. 
ret. 1897. 

Seville, It.-col. Eras. Granville, c.i.e. (1908); 
b. 1867 ; It.-col. Ind. army 1912, asst. commr. 
Merwara 1898, pol. agent "Bundelkhand 1900-4, 
in Bhopawar from 1905. 

Seville, lady.— Eva, dau. of late capt. Edwd 
Grove and Olivia Halliday Parry-Crooke, of 
Kempshott Park, Hants ; m. 1873, gen. sir Geo. 
Eras. Beville, k.c.b., Ind. army {d. 1913) : 41 
Ashley gdus. S.W. 

Bewicke-Copley, brig. -gen. Robert Calverley 
Alington, c.b. (1900) ; b. 1855 ; m 1886, Selina E., 
eld. dau. and co-heiress of late sir Chas. Watson- 
Copley, 3 bart. (mrs. Bewicke-Copley is lady 
of the manor and patron of the living of Sprot- 
borough); nerved with Nile expdn. 1884-6, 
Chitral relief force 1895, in the operations in 
Kurram Valley and relief of Gulistan 1897, 
Tirah expdn. 1898, in S. African war 1899-1902, 
brig.-gen. commdg. 17 Inf. brig Irish commd. 
1909-12, ref. p. 1912 with hon. rank of brig.- 
gen., D.L. N.R. Yorks, J. P. W.R. Yorks ; assumed 
by royal licence addtl. name of Copley 1892 : 
Sprotborough Hall, Doncaster ; Coulby " Manor, 
Marton, N. Yorks. 

Sewley, lady. — Anna Sophia, dau. of Henry 
Cope Colles ; m. 1866, sir Edmund Thos. Bewley, 
knt., M.A., LL.D., F.S.A., J. P., judge of Supreme 
court of judicature, Ireland, and judicial commr 
of Irish Land commn. 1890-8 {d. 1908) : Green- 
holm, Hindhead, Surrey. 

Besmon, vide Protheroe-Beynon. 

Beynon, John Wyndham, only s. of Thos. 
Boynon, of Brvn Ivor Hall. Mon.', D.L., J. p. {d. 
1892) ; b. 1864 ; J.P. (1909) Monmouthshire : 
Constitutional and Royal Automobile clubs ; 
Bryn Ivor Hall, Castleton, Cardiff. 

Beynon, Richd. j.p. (1906) Berks : Cheriton, 
Stroud green, Newbury. 

Shownagrgree, sir Mancherjee Merwanjee, 
K.c.i.E. (1897) ; b. 1851 : barr. Lincoln's Inn 1885, 
J.p. Bombay, commr. at the Colonial and Indian 
Exhib. 1886, Paris 1900. and other exhibitions, 
author of " The Constitution of the East India 
Co," and of a translation into Gujarati of H.M. 

the late Queen-Empress's "Leaves from the 
Journal of Our Life in the Highlands," fell. 
Bombay Univ., of the Soc. of Arts, and of Impl 
Inst., founded Nurses' Home, Bombay, and 
Bhownaggree corindor, Impl. Inst, in memory of 
his sister, m.p. (c) N.E. Bethnal Green 1895- 
1906 : 177 Cromwell rd. S.W. ; Carlton and Con- 
stitutional clubs. 

Sibby, Frar]k,s. of J. J. Bibby, of Hardwicke 
Grange, Salop, d.l., j.p. {d. 1897) ; b. 1857 ; m. 
1890, Edith M., eld. dau. of late maj.-gen. sir 
Stanley deA. C. Clarke, G.c.v.o.. c.m.g. ; is D.L., 
J.p. Salop (sheriff 1900) : 39 Hill st. Mayfair, 
W. ; Hardwicke Grange, Hadnall, Shrewsbuiy. 

Sickerdike, Wm. Edwd., s. of Robt. Bicker- 
dike, of Lancaster ; 6.1843 ; 7«. 1877, Bessie, dau. 
of J. Eccles, of Darwen, Lanes : J.P. (1903) Lan- 
cashire : Bryers Croft, Wilpshire, nr. Blackburn. 

Bickerstaflte-Dre-w, rt. rev. monsignor count 
(Eras. B. D.), s. of late rev. Harry Lloyd Bicker- 
staffe and Mona Brougham, dau. of rev. Pierce 
Drew, of Heathfield Towers, co. Cork ; b. 1868 ; 
assumed addtl. name of Drew 1879 ; private 
chamberlain to Leo XIII. 1891-1903, to Pius X. 
from 1903 : cr. domestic prelate to His Holiness 
1904, and Protonotarv Apostolic 1912, cross of 
Leo XIII., Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice 1901 ; knt. 
of the Holy Sepulchre and count 1909.grand cross 
of Holy Sepulchre 1913 ; examiner in and memb. 
of special council of University of Malta from 
1899; memb. of Pontifical Chamber of Malta 
from 1899; sen. (r.c.) chapln. to the forces, 
Salisbury Plain, from 1905 : Newgrange, nr. 
Andover, Hants ; Authors' dub. 

Bickersteth, Cecil Eras., eld. s. of late H. C. 
Bickersteth, J.P., of Ripon, and gi-andson of rt. 
rev. bp. Bickersteth ; b. 1880 ; m. 1907, Mary, 
elder dau. of J. T. Gillins', J. P., of Ripon ; j.p. 
(1906) Liberty and City of Ripon, dir. of Robert 
Kearsley & Co. Ltd. : National Liberal, Eighty 
and Argentine clubs. 

Bickersteth, John Joseph, b.a. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon., 3 s. of rt. rev. bp. (Bickersteth) of Ripon {d 
1884) ; b. 1850 ; m. 1882, lady Margaret, 2 dau. of 
4 earl of Ashburnham, b. 1861 ; barr. Inner 
Temple, 1875, clerk of the peace for E.R. of York 
from 1882 : Brooks's club ; Cottingham House, 
Cottingham, East Yorks. 

Bickersteth, Robt., eld. s. of rt. rev. bp. 
(Bickersteth) of Ripon {d. 1884); b. 1847; m. 
1883, lady Lavinia, 2 dau. of 6 earl of Abingdon ; 
one of H.M. Insp. of Eactories 1873-80, pri. sec. 
to sec. of state (earl of Kimberley) for the 
Colonies 1880-2, for India 1882-5, capt. Sherwood 
Rangers 1878-82, It.-col. commdg. Middlx. yeom. 
1891-2, M.p. (L.) N. Shropshire 1885-6 : Down- 
gate House, Wadhurst, Sus>ex. 

Bickerton, Henry Nield, J.P. Ashton-under- 
Lyne : Thornycroft Hall. Chelford, Cheshire. 

Bickford, adml. Andrew Kennedy, o.M.G. 
(1885), 8. of late Wm. Bickford. of Newport 
House, S. Devon ; b. 1844 : m. 1868, Kathleen L., 




dau. [d. 1910) of lateD. E. Dore, m.d. ; at Simon- 
oseki 186-, at action with Peruvian rebel ironclad 
" Huascar " 1877, in charge of naval transport 
arrangements at Alexandria during Egyptian war 
1882, 3 class Medjidie ; negotiated release of 
captive crew of " Nisero " who were in hands of 
rajah of Tenom, a.d.c. to Queen Victoria 1896-9, 
commdr. -in-chief on Pacific station 1900-3, adml. 
March, 1908, ret. list May, 1908, J.P. (1907) 
Sussex : United Service club ; The Grange, 
Uckfield, Sussex. 

Bickford, maj. Arthur Louis, CLE. (1911), 
s. of adml. Andrew Kennedy Bickford, O.M.G., 
J.P., of The Grange, Uckfield, Sussex ; b. 1870 ; 
served withTirah expdn. 1897-8, and Baza Valley 
exDdn. 1908.commdt. KyberRif., maj. Ind. army 
1908 : Khyber Pass, India. 

Bickford, John Wm. Furze, s. of John Bick- 
ford, of Bickington, Devon; b. 1832; m. 1855, 
Emma, dau. of Thos. Tozer, of Bickington, 
Devon; J.P. (1905) Devon: Barton, Bickington, 
Newton Abbot. 

Bickford, maj. Wm. Wilfrid, CLE. (1913), 1 8. 
of late Thos. L. Bickford, staff surg. R.N. ; b. 
1871 ; m. 1903, Ethel J. A., dau. of late capt. 
Chas. Wilbraham Ford, h.e.i.cs. ; served with 
expdn. against the Ogaden, Somalis, Brit. E. 
Africa 1898, late commdt. Zhob mil. Baluchistan, 
maj. Ind. armv 1009. 

Bickford-Smith, John Clifford, J.P. (1909) 
Cornwall : Redbrooke, Camborne. 

Bickford-Smitli, mrs. — Anna M., 2 dau. of G. 
H. Bond, of Radford, Notts ; m. 1870, as his 2 
wife, Wm. Bickford-Smith, of Trevamo, Corn- 
wall, J.P., M.P. {d. 1899) : Trevamo, Helston. 

Bickham. Spencer Henry, eld. s. of Spencer 
H. Bickham, of Bowdon, Cheshire ; b. 1840 ; m. 
1865, Emmeline, dau. of Wm. Horsfall, of 
Altrincham, Cheshire ; J.P. Herefordshire : Un- 
derdown, Ledbury. 

Biddulph, lord (1 baron U.K. 1903), Michael 
Biddulph, eld. s. of Robt. Biddulph. of Ledbury, 
CO. Hereford, j.p., d.l. {d. 1864) ; b. 1834 ; m. 1, 
dau. of rt. hon. gen. Jonathan and lady Alice 
Peel ; 2, lady Elizabeth P., dau. of 4 "earl of 
Hardwicke, and widow of Hy. John Adeane,M.P. ; 
D.L., J.P. Herefordshire, J.P. Gloucestershire, 
partner in Cocks, Biddulph and Co., bankers, 
M.P. (l.) Herefordshire 1865-85, Southern divn. 
1885-6 and (l.u.) 1886-1900, raised to the 
peerage 1903: 19 Ennismoregdns. S.W.; Reform 
and Brooks's clubs ; The Park, Ledbury, Here- 
fordshire ; Manor House, Kemble, nr.(3irencester. 
Biddulph, hon. Claud, 2 s. of 1 baron Bid- 
dulph ; b. 1871; TO. 1906, Margaret, dau. of Alfred 
Howard, of Worton Hall, Isleworth ; d.l. co. 
Hereford : 9 Chesham pi. S.W. ; Rodmarton, 

Biddulph, Geo. Tournay, 5 s. of Robt. Bid- 
dulph, of Ledburv, co. Hereford. D.L., J.P. (d. 
1864); b. 1844; m. 1883, lady Sarah Wilfreda, 
youngest dau. {d. 1910) of 1 earl of Selborae, 

b. 1854 ; partner in Cocks, Biddulph and Co., 
bankers, knt. of grace of St. John of Jerusalem : 
Douglas House, Petersham, Surrey. 

BiddTilph, (iol. John, 3 s. of Robt. Biddulph, 
of Ledbury, co. Hereford, d.l., j.p. {d. 1864) ; b. 
1840 ; m. 1882, Julia Errington, dau. of late sir 
Ranald Martin ; served in Indian Mutiny 1858-9, 
col. Ind. army 1888-96, on U.8. list 1896, J.P. 
(1906) Surrey: Grey Court, Ham Common, 
RichmoHd, SuiTey. 

Biddulph, hon. John Michael Gordon, eld. s. 
of 1 baron Biddulph ; b. 1869 ; m. 1896, Marjorie, 
dau. of late col. Wm. Mure, of Caldwell, by dau. 
of 1 baron Leconfield ; d.L.,J.p. (1896) Hereford- 
shire : 6 Eaton pi. S.W. ; Ledbury House, Led- 
burv, Herefordshire. 

Biddulph, It.-col. Middleton Westenra, eld. 
survg. s. of Eras. Marsh W. Biddulph, of Rath- 
robin, King's CO., J.P. {d. 1868) ,b. 1849; m. 1891, 
Vera Josephine, 2 dau. of late sir Wra. Hy. 
Flower, K.CB., F.R.S. ; served in Afghan war 
1880, maj. 1 battn. (5) Northumberland fus. 1885- 
95, It.-col, ret. p. 1895, d.l., j.p. King's co. 
(sheriff 1901) : Naval and Military club; Rath- 
robin, Tullamore, King's co. 

Biddulph, gen. sir Robt. g.cb. (1899), G.c.m.o. 
(1886), R.A. ; 2 s. of Rt. Biddulph of Ledbury, co. 
Hereford, D.L., J.P. (d. 1864); b. 1835; m. 1864, 
Sophia, dau. {d. 1905) of rev. A. L. Lambert, rect. 
of Chilbolton, Hants, and widow of R. S. Palmer; 
in Crimea, at Alma, Balaklava, Sebastopol and 
Kertch ; in Indian Mutiny at Lucknow ; mil. sec. 
with China expedn. 1860, at capture of Taku forts 
and fall of Pekin ; asst. boundary commr. under 
Reform Act, 1867 ; priv. sec. to sec. of state for 
war 1871-3 ; on special service in Cyprus 
1878; high commr. and commr.-in-chief in 
Cyprus 1879-86 ; col.-commdt. R.A. from 1895 ; 
gov. of Gibraltar 1893-1900; ret. p. 1902: 83 
Cornwall gardens, S.W.; United Service club. 

Biddulph, sir Theophilus George, 8 bart. 
(1664), s. of 7 bart. (d 1883), by dau. of 17 baron 
Somerville (ext.) ; b. 1874 ; m. 1907, Eleanor, 
youngest dau. of late Samuel Thompson, of 
Muckamore Abbey, co. Antrim {Heir, kinsman, 
Wm. Hugh, b. 1869) : Birdingbury Hall, Rugby. 
Biddulph, Thos. Hy. Stillingfleet, CLE.(1907), 
s. of late rev. Fras. John Biddulph, of Anu'Oth 
Castle, Pembrokeshire ; b. 1846 ; m. 1878, Lydia 
Beatrice, dau. of late col. S. Becher, Ind. army ; 
joined financial dept. govt, of India 1871, 
latterly acctnt.-gen., specially deputed to re- 
organize finances of Mysore State, and later 
those of the Patiala State, ret. 1905 : E.I. United 

Biddulph, hon. Violet Maud, 3 dau. of 1 
baron Biddulph. 

Biddulph-Oolclouerh, miss.— Lucy Wilmot 
M. S. B., only survg. child and heir of mrs. 
Louisa M. S. Biddulph-Colclough, of Tintern 
Abbey, co. Wexford {d. 1912), by capt. Franc. 

Il^by Biddulph {d. 1895); b. 1890: Tintern 
JbbeV, Ballycullane, co. Wexford. 
Bide, vide Dampier-Bide. 
Bidwell, Charles, m.a. Cantab., s. of Chas. 
Uriel Bidwell, of Ely ; b. 1845 ; m. 1869, dau. 
H. R. Evans, of Ely ; J. P. Isle of Ely : St. 
Mary's st. Ely ; Constitutional club. 

Bidwell, Hayward John, M.v.o. 5 class (1909), 
6. of John Bidwell ; b. 1849 ; sec. Royal Almonry 
1886-1909 ; Tomlinscote, Frimley, Farnborough. 
Bigg, maj. Fredk., r.a. (ret.), 4 s. of late 
Smith Henry Bigg, of Swallowfield, Sussex ; b. 
1846; m. 1885, Rose, dau. of Fredk. Curtis, of 
Northbrook, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex : Naval 
and Military club ; Swallowfield, Nuthurst, 
Bigrgr, mrs., The Hyde, Slaugham, Sussex. 
Biggre, hon. John Neville, s. of 1 baron Stam- 
fordham, P.C ; b. 1887 ; It. King's Roy. Rif. 
from 1909. 

Biggre,8ir Lewis Amherst Selby-, K.C.B. (1913), 
M.A.Oxon. (late fell. Univ. Coll.), barr.I.T. 1891, 

2 s. of Chas. Selby-Bigge, of Linden. Northumb. 
and IghthamMote, Kent, J.P. (d. 1889) ; b. 1860 j 
m. 1885, Edith Lindsay, dau. of late rt. hon..J. R. 
Davison, Q.c, M.p., judge advocate-gen., of 
Underriver House, Kent; principal asst. sec. 
Board of Education 1908-12 and permanent sec. 
from 1912, j.p. (1905) Northauts : 7 Wilbraham 
pi. S.W. ; Brooks's club ; Manor House, King's 
Sutton, Banbury. 

Bigge, sir Wm. Egelric, m.a. Oxon., hon. d.c.L. 
Durh., 4 s. of rev. J. F. Bigge, vicar of Stam- 
fordham, Northumb. (d. 1885) ; b. 1850 ; barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1891, offg, rec. Rangoon 1898-1900, 
a judge of chief court of Lower Burma 1900-8, 
ret. 1908, knighted 1909 : Queen Anne's mansions, 
. S.W. 

"Bigge, hon. Margaret, 2 dau. of 1 baron 
Stamfordham ; b. 1885. 

Biggs, maj. sir Arthur Worthington, 4 s. of 
late Wm. Biggs. M.P. ; b. 1846 ; m. 1872, Lilian, 

3 dau. {d. 1891) of late Chas. Holland, of Liscard 
Vale, Cheshire ; late 6 Lancashire V, A. , knighted 
1906 : Carberry, Alan rd. Wimbledon, S.W. ; 
National Liberal club. 

Bigham, capt. hon. Chas. Clive.c.M.G. (1901), 
eld, s. of 1 baron Mersey, P.C. ; b. 1872 ; m. 1904, 
Mary, 2 dau. of late Horace A. D. Seymour, c.b., 
dep. master of the Mint ; It. gren. gds. 1892-5 ; 
hon. attache to embassies at St. Petersburg 1896, 
Constantinople 1897-, Peking 1898-1900 ; Greco- 
Turkish war 1897, H. M. delegate in Thessaly 
1897-8 (3 class Medjidie and order of Saviour), 
China expdn. 1900 • a.d.c. to lord lieut. of Ireland 
1901-2 : attaclied to mil. intell. divu. H.Q. staff 
1901-4, capt. res. of off. 1902, sec. to Roy. 
commns. on motor cars 1905-6, lighthouse 
adminstrn. 1906-8, and vivisection, 1906-12. esq. 
of order of St. John of Jerusalem, J.P. (1910) 
CO. London : 22 Eaton pi. S.W. ; United Service 

d Bachelors' clubs. 



Bigham, hon. Frank Trevor Roger, m.a. 
Oxon. ; 3 but 2 survg. s. of 1 baron Mersey, P.C. ; 
b. 1876 ; w». 1901, Frances Leonora, 2 dau. of 
late John Leonard Tomlin, of Richmond, Yorks ; 
ban-. Middle Temple 1901, chief constable 
Metropolitan police 1909-14, asst. commr. from 
1914, J.P. (1914) CO. London : 6 Cheyne walk, 
S.W. ; New Scotland yard, Whitehall, S.W. ; 
Oxford and Cambridge and Union clubs. 

Bigland, Alfred, 4 s. of Edwin Bigland, of 
Birkenhead, Cheshire ; b. 1855; ?». 1879, Emily 
Jane, dau. of W. B. Arkle, of Birkenhead, 
Cheshire ; M.P. (c.) Birkenhead from 1910 : 68 
Jermyn st. S.W. ; Constitutional and 1900 clubs; 
Wexford Lodge, Merefarm rd. Birkenhead. 

Bigland, Geo. Braddyll, only s. of Geo. Big- 
land. of Bigland Hall, Lanes (d. 1901), and of 
Editha B. Hinde, eld. dau. of late Peter Fox 
Andr6 ; b. 1891 : Bigland Hall, Ulverston, Lanes. 

Bigland, John, s. of late Benjn. Bigland, of 
Maryport, Cumberland ; m. 1858, Matilda, dau. of 
John Hallam, of Bishop Auckland ; J.P. (1906) co. 
Durham : Henknowle, Bishop Auckland. 

Bignold, sir Arthur, ll.b. Cantab., youngest 
s. of sir Samuel Bignold, M.P. for Norwich {d. 
1875) ; b. 1839 ; ?h. 1, 1866, Mary, eld. dau. {d. 1901) 
of late Thos. Lake, of Armagh ; 2, 1906, Emily 
Florence, eld. dau. of late Thos. Agar, of 
Leicester ; elected chief of Gaelic Soc. in Scotland 
in 1899, J.P. Ross-shire, M.P. (c.) Wick Burghs 
1900-10, knighted 1904 : 2 Curzon st. Mayfair, 
W. ; Carlton, Jun. Carlton, Constitutional and 
Kennel clubs ; Loch Rosque Castle, Achnasheen, 

Bignold, Chas. Arthur Bathurst, eld. s. of It.- 
col. Chas. Edwd. Bignold, of Harford Lodge, 
Norfolk, D.L., J.P. {d. 1895) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1, 1880, 
Louisa, dau. [d. 1881) of maj.-gen. Jas. Cockbum, 
of Bracondale, Norwich ; 2, 1891, Henrietta C, 
younger dau. of R. B. Longe, of Spixworth 
Park, Norfolk, J.P. ; is D.L., j.p. Norfolk, J.p. 
Norwich : Carlton and Constitutional clubs ; 
Eaton Hall, Norwich. 

Bigwood, Ernest Jas., s. of Jas. John Bigwood, 
of Bath, Somerset ; b. 1858 ; m. 1880, Emily, 
youngest dau. of Wm. Partridge, of Bromsgrove 
Lickey, Worcestershire {d. 1909) ; is J.P. (1896), 
aldm. for Worcestershire : The Berrow, Barnt 
Green, nr. Birmingham. 

Bigwood, James, m.a. Cantab. ; b. 1839 ; m. 
1862, Marian {d. 1909) ; memb. Thames Con- 
servancy Board, d.l., j.p. (and co. aldm.) 
Middlsx., J.p. CO. London, M.P. (c.) E. Finsburv 
1885-6,Middle3ex(Brentforddivn.) 1886-1906 : 11 
King's Bench walk. Temple, E.C. ; The Lawn, 
Twickenham; Carlton club. 

Bigwood, Jas. Edwd. Cecil, m.a, Cantab., eld. 
s. of Jas. Bigwood, of Twickenham, Middlx., d.l., 
J.P. ; 6. 1863; J.P. (1892) co. London : 11 King's 
Bench walk. Temple, E.C. ; 3 Sundial House, 
Kensington High 'st. W. ; Conservative and 
United University cliibs. 



Bilbrougrk, Arthur, eld. s. of Brooks Priestley 
Bilbrough, of Croydon, Surrey ; h. 1840 ; m. 1863, 
Agnes dan. of I. Hodgson, of Kirby Frith, 
Leicestershire, J.P. ; is J.P. (1897) Middlx : 
Camden Court, The Common, Chislehurst ; St. 
Stephen's club. 

Biles, sir John Harvard, ll.d.,, s. of 
John Biles, of Portsmouth; b. 1854; m. 1876, 
Emma J., only child of late Richd. Hoskyn 
Lloyd, of Pembroke : consulting naval architect 
to India Office and to govt, of Australia, prof, 
of naval architecture at Glasgow Univ. from 
1891, assessor at Titanic inquiry 1912, chm. of 
departmental comttee. on Safety of Life at Sea 
1912, v.p. Inst, of Naval Architects, knighted 
1913 : 2 Whitehall court, S.W. : National 
Liberal and New (Glasgow) clubs ; 'I'ighnamara, 
Wemyss Bay, Renfrewshire. 

Biliotti, sir Alfred, K.c.M.G. (1896), c.B. (1890), 
8. of late Chas. Biliotti, vice-consul at Maori, &c. ; 
h, 1833 ; vice-consul at Rhodes 1856-73, Trebizond 
1873, consul for both Pashaliks Treloizond and 
Sivas 1883, consul for Crete 1885-99, consul- 
gen, there in 1899 and for Vilayets of Salonica, 
Monastir, Janina and Cossova and for the 
Musketil of Serrvidche (Servia) 1899-1903. 

Bill, Charles. M.a. Oxon, only s. of J. Bill, of 
Farley Hall, Staffs., J.P. {d. 1853) ; h. 1843 ; m. 
1870, Ellen M. H., 2 dan. of It. -col. R. H. Fitz- 
Herbert, of Somersal Herbert, co. Derbv : barr. 
Lincoln's Inn 1868; j.p.; It.-col. (hon.col. 1897) 4 
battn. (mil.) N. Staffs, regt. 1893-8, hon. col. of 
the battn. from 1898, M.p. (c.) Staffordshire 
(Leekdivn.) 1892-1906 : 29 Palace gate, Kensing- 
ton, W. ; United University club ; Farley Hall, 
Oakamoor, Staffs. 

BiU, Robt. Wm., 2 s. of Charles Horsf all Bill, of 
Storthes Hall, Yorks. and Priory, Tetbury, 
Glo'stershire, J.P. {d. 1908) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1884, 
Annie C, dau. of rev. R. W Bulmer, rect. of 
Belleau, Lines. ; J.P. parts of Lindsey, Lincs.,capt. 
3 battn. (mil.) Lines, regt. 1883-92. 

BiUiat, Joseph, only s. of Joseph Billiat, of 
Barkston House, Grantham, Lines, and Sapley, 
Hunts (d 1863) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1885, Eveline A. 
S.,eld. dau. of late rev. Thos. Tweeddale, vicar 
of Shernbourne and Fring, Norfolk ; lord of the 
manor of Sapley, Hunts and patron of one living, 
J.P. (1897) parts of Lindsey, Lines, served S! 
Africa 1902, formerly lieut. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Lincolnshire regt. : Jun. Carlton club. 

Billingrton, miss, Kennington House, nr. Ash- 
ford, Kent. 

Bills, Jas., 2 s. of Wm. Bills, of Queenborough, 
Kent; b. 1855; m. 1877, Mary, dau. of Wm. 
Lawrence, of Greenwich, Kent ; j.p. (1908) co. 
London: Clovernook, 43 Tressillian rd. St 
John's, S.E. ; Wbitehouse Farm, Eastchurch, 
Shep.ie5% Kent. 

Billson, Henry, youngest s. of late Wm. 
Billson, of Leicester ; b. 1844 ; m. 1875, Emma, 
dau. of late Geo. Webb, of Buckingham; j.p. 

(1908) Leicestershire : Manor House, Burbage, 

Bilney, Wm. Alfred, only s. of Jas. Bilney, 
of Barnstaple, Devon ; b. 1863 ; m. 1887, Maud 
Hope, 2 dau. of John Gillham, of Windlesbam, 
Surrey ; admitted a solicitor 1877, i.P. (1906) 
Surrey : 102-106 Temple chambers. Temple aven., 
E.C. ; Ronneby, Weybridge. 

Bilsland, Robt., J.P. (1908) Suffolk : Church- 
gate Farm, Lakenheath, Brandon. 

Bilsland, sir Wm., 1 bart. (1907), ll.d. Glasg. 
univ., 8. of Jas. Bilsland, of Ballat, Stirlingshire ; 
b. 1847 ; m. 1885, Agnes, A., 3 dau. of late Alex. 
Steven, of Provanside, Glasgow ; D.L., J.P. 
Lanarkshire and Glasgow (lord provost of Glas- 
gow 1905-* and lord lieut.) {Heir, s. Alex. S., b. 
1892) : 28 Park circus, Glasgow. 

Binder, Chas. Ernest, 2 s. of Hy. Binder, of 
Oundle, Northants ; //. 1859 ; vu 1896 ; J.P. (1907) 
Noi-thants : Albion House, Oundle. 

Bingrham, lord. Geo. Chas. Patrick Bingham, 
eld. s. of earl of Lucan ; b. 1898. 

Bingrhazn, hon. Albert Edward, 5 s. of 4 earl of 
Lucan ; b. 1866 ; m. 1892, Christine Graham, dau. 
of Archibald Smith : 2h Montagu mans. Portman 
sq. W. 

Bingrham, Alfred John, only s. of Reuben 
Bingham, of Addiscombe, Surrey ; b. 1853 ; m. 
1878, Annie, dau. of late Edwd. Cotterell, of 
Kensington, Middlx.; is j.p. (1897) Berks: 6 
Bolton St. W. ; Jun. Athenseum club ; Naldei' 
Hill House, Speen. Newbury, Berks. 

Bingrlxaxn, capt. hon. Arthur Maurice Robt., 
eld. s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1879 ; m. 1907, 
Leila, 4 dau. of Gordon Cloete, j.P., of Rose- 
bank, Cape Town ; capt. 5 Lancers 1905-9, ret. 
p. 1909, capt. 4 battn. (special res.) R. Irish Rif. 

Bingham, brig.-gen. hon. Cecil Edward, c.v.o. 
(1909). c.B. (1914), 2 8. of 4 earl of Lucan; b. 1861; 
m. 1, 1884, Rose Ellinor, dau. {d. 1908) of late 
Jas. Guthrie, of Craigie, Forfarshire; 2, 1911, 
mrs. Sloane Chauncey, dau. of late col. Hy . Mont- 
gomerie Carr, of Kentucky, U.S.A. ; It. 3 hus«. 
1882-6, adjt. 1883-6, It. 2 life gds. 1886-92 and 
adjt. 1888-92, It.-col. 1 life gds. 1906-10, col. 1910, 
brig.-gen. commdg. 4 cav. brig., E. commd. from 
1910, accompanied mission to emperor Menelik 
II. of Ethiopia 1897, 3 class Star of Ethiopia, 
served in S. African war 1899-1900, j.p. (1903) 
Northants : Canterbury, 

Bing-ham, Denis Geo. Broad, eld. s. of Denis 
Chas. Arthur Bingham (d. 1876) and grands, of 
Denis Bingham, of Bingham Castle, co. Mayo, 
J.P. {d. 1902) ; 6. 1875 ; m. 1909, Ina Mary, dau. 
of capt. Geo. Alex. Broad, M.v.o., R.N. (ret.): 
Bingham Castle, Belmullet, co. Mayo. 

Bingham, lieut. hon. Edward Barry Stewart, 
R.N., 3 s. of 5 barou Clanmorris ; b. 1881 ; It. R.N. 

Bingham, col. hon. Fras. Richd. R.A., 3 
s. of 4 earl of Lucan ; b. 1863 ; m. 1896, Kath- 




n, younger dau. of gen. sir C. Mansfield 
rke, 3 bart., G.C.B., G.C.v.o. ; chief instr. 
_ orsc and Field Sch. of Gunnery, Shoeburyness 
1911-13, asst. dir. at War office' from 1913, col. 
1!)13: War Office, S.W. 

Bingrhaxu, hon. Geo. Koderick Bentinck, 6 s. 
of 5 baron Claniuorris ; h. 1894. 

Bingrham. hon. Hugh Terence De Burgh, 4 s. 
' 'f 5 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1885 ; in. 1912, Dorothea 
U., dau. of late J. A. Sinclair, of Lahore, India. 

Bingrhaiu, capt. hon. John Denis Yelverton, 

2 s. of 5 baron Clanmorris ; h. 1880 ; capt. 16 
huss. from 1908. 

Bingham, hon. John Edwd., 2 s of 5 earl 
i Lacan ; h. 1901. 

Bingham, col. sir John Edwd., 1 bt. (1903), 
V.D., s. of Edwd. Bingham, of Broomgrove 
Lodge, Sheffield {d. 1880); h. 1839; m. 1863, 
Maria, dau. of late Wm. Fawcett, of Clarke Rouse. 
Sheffield; J.P.Sheffield, master cutler (1881 and 
1884), hon. col. West Riding divsnl. r.E: from 
1900 {Heir, s- Albert E., b. 1868) : West Lea, 
Ran moor. Sheffield. 

Bingham, hon. Lionel Ernest, 6 s. of 4 earl of 
Lucan : b. 1876. 

Bingham, rear-adml. hon. Richard, s. of 3 
earl of Lucan ; b. 1847 ; m. 1, 1877, Mary E., dau. 
((/. 1908) of late Edwd. Cole, of Stoke Lyne, 
Oxon., and lady Henry Moore, widow of 2 s of 1 
marq. of Drogheda ; 2, 1914, Ida, dau. of Chas. 
Galtcn, Ind. C.S. (ret.) ; capt. R.N. 1891-7, ret. 
list 1897, rear-adml. on ret. list 1904 : 8 Den- 
mark terr. Brighton. 

Bingham, hon. Richd. Gerald Ava, 7 s. of 5 
baron Clanmorris ; b. 1896. 

Bingham, Wm., j.p. (1893) Cheshire : Ling- 
dale House, ToUemache rd. Birkenhead. 

Bingham, Wm., j.p. (1906)co. London : High- 
worth, Brockley Park, Foresc Hill, S.E. 

Bingham, hon. mrs. Albert Yelverton, Jean 
Crawford, only child and heir of late T. Service, 
of Stonebyres, co. Lanark ; vi. 1883, as his 2 wife 
hon. Albert Yelverton Bingham, d.l. {d. 1907), 6 
s. of 3 baron Clanmorris : Kitley, Yealmpton, S. 
Devon ; Empress club, W. 

Bingham, lady Barbara Violet, b. 1902 ; lady 
Margaret Diana, b. 1905 ; dans, of 5 earl of 

Bingham, hon. mrs. Barry John, Pauline, 
dau. of late rev. C. B. Yelverton, of Ballea, 
King's CO. by hon. Louisa C, 3 dau. {d. 1891) of 
1 baron Clanmorris ; m. 1, R. A. G. Da\'ies, of 
Rhedinick, Cornwall, j.p. ; 2, 1866, hon. B. J. 
Bingham (d. 1868), s. of 3 baron Clanmoms : 
Shirley, Carshalton, Surrey. 

Bingham, hon. mrs. Burton, Frances Matilda, 

3 dau. of Burton Robert P. Persse, of Moyode 
Castle, CO. Gal way ; m. 1895, hon. Burton Percy 
Bingham (J. 1898). 

Bingham, hon. Eleanor Clare Alice, dau. of 
5 baron Clanmorris ; b. 1892. 

Bingham, hon. Isabella, dau. of 3 baron 
Clanmorris ; b. 1843. 

Bingham, lady Rosabelle Millicent, eld. dau. 
of 5 earl of Rosalyu by first wife ; b. 1891 ; to. 
1912, David Cecil Bingham, It. Coldst. gds. 
(killed in action at Soi-'sons in 1914). 

Bingley, col. Alfred Horsford, C.i.E. (1909), 
s. of late Peregrine Taylor Bingley ; b. 1865; 7n. 
1893, Mabel Katlierine, dau. of late col. Geo. 
Augustus Way, C.B., Ind. army ; served in Burma 
1891-2, China 1900, dep. sec. army dept. govt, 
of India 1906-9, gen. staff offr. (1 grade) Head- 
quarters, India from 1911, col. Ind. army 1911 : 
E. I. United Service club. 

Binloss, Jas. Backhouse, J.P. (1892) Lanca- 
shire : Elm Bank, Buxton. 

Binmore, Hy. Colmer, j.p. (1909) Devon: 
Spring Bank, Kingswear, Dartmouth. 

Binney, Jas., m.a. Cantab., 3 s. of late E. W. 
Binney. f.r.s., of Ravenscliffe, Isle of Man, and 
Worksop, Notts ; 6. 1868 ; m. 1, 1894, Cecilia de 
Anyers, dau. (d. 1897) of H. R. d'Anyers Willis, 
of Halsnead, Lanes, D.L., J.P. ; 2, 1907, lady 
Violet Louisa Marjory, 2 dan. of 5 marq. of 
Ailesbury, b. 1880 ;' barr. Middle Temple 1894, 
D.L., J.P. (1896) Cambridgeshire, sheriff of 
Cambs and Hunts 1903, late capt. 3 battn. (mil.) 
Liverpool regt. 1892-1901 : Union and Bath 
clubs : Pampisford Hall, nr. Cambridge. 

Binney, Thos. Godfrey, 2 s. of la'e E. W. 
Binney. f.r.s., of Ravenscliffe, Isle of Man, and 
Worksop, Notts ; b. 1861 ; m. 1882, Susan Lock- 
hart, dau. of late rev. canon W. T. Hobson, 
rect. of Playden, Sussex ; lord of the manor of 
Tolleshunt Gynes,otherwise Tollesbury : Guisnes 
Court, Tollesbury, Witham, Essex. 

Binnie, sir Alex. Richardson, s. of Alex. 
Bionie ; b. 1839 ; m. 1865, Mary, dau. {d. 1901) of 
late — Eame^, M.D., of Londonderry ; chief 
engineer to L.c.C. 1890-1901, knighted "1897 : 77 
Ladbroke grove, W. ; St. Stephen's House, Vic- 
toria Embankment, S.W. 

Binning, col. lord. Geo. Baillie-Hamilton, 
c.B. (1904), M.v.o. 4th class (1902), eld. s. of 
earl of Haddington ; b. 1856 ; m. 1892, Katharine, 
only child of W. Severin Salting, of Heath End, 
Ascot ; D.L., J.P. Haddingtonshire and Berwick- 
shire (loi-d lieut. from 1900), a.d.c. to viceroy 
of India (marq. of Dufferin) in 1888, to gov. 
of Madras (lord Connemara) in 1889, It.-col. 
commdg. Lothians and Border Horse yeo. from 
1906, It.-col. R.H.G. 1899-1903, brevet col. 1903, 
ret. p. 1907, pres. co. Berwick Territorial Force 
Assoc, from 1908 : Carlton c]ub ; Mellerstain, 
Kelso, N.B. 

Binning, Wm. Walter Riddell, j.p. (1896) 
City of Carlisle and (1912) Cumberland: Rivers- 
caur, Stanwix, Carlisle. 

Binns, Everett, j.p. (1908) W. R. Yorks : 
Ashfield, Cowling, via Keighley. 

Binns, Joseph Fredk. Wm., s. of John Binna 
of Gloucester; b. 1863 : m. 1887, Sarah Vann 



dau. of J. Wilkes, c.E.. of Pelsall, Staflfs ; J.r. 
(1907), c.c. Staffs : National Liberal club ; Oak- 
lands, Pelsall, Walsall. 

Binyon, Chas. Arthur, 4 s. of rev. F, Binyon, 
of Grange-over-Sands, Lancashire: b. 1874; 
J. P. (1912) Worcestershire ; Badsey, Evesham, 

Binyon, Thos. Wakefield, only s. of Thos, 
Binyon, of Henwick Grove. Worcester: h. 1852 ; 
m. 1876. Edith E., dau. of Hy. Crossfield, of 
Aigburth, Liverpool ; j.p. (191 2) Worcestershire : 
Old Colwall, nr. Malvern. 

Birch, Albert Ed wd. Hy., b.a. Cantab,, only s. 
of rev. canon Hy. Mildred Birch, rect. of Prest- 
wich, Lanes {d. 1884), by Harriet J., dau. and 
co-heir of late Thos. Drink water, of Irwell 
House, Lanes: h, 1868; j.p. (1903) Norfolk: 
Jun, Carlton club ; Watlington Hall, Downham 

Birch, col. de Burgh, C.B. (1909), V.D., M.D. 
Edin. ; s. of de Burgh Birch, M.D., late Madras 
Medical Service; b. 1852; m. 1883, Laetitia 
Elizabeth, dau. of Charles Milner, of Startforth 
Hall, Yorkshire ; prof, of physiol. in Leeds 
University from 1884 ; col. asst. dir. of Med. 
Serv. W. Riding Territorial div. N. commd. 
1908-12, hon. col K.A.M.C. of W. Riding div. 
(T. F.) from 1913: 8 Osborne terrace, and 
School of Medicine, University of Leeds, Leeds ; 
Leeds club. 

Birch, maj. Ernest Mawbey, youngest s. of rev. 
Geo. Royds Birch, by eld* dau. of sir Wm. 
Russell, 1 bart, {d. 1864) of Charlton Park, 
Gloucestershire ; b. 1863 ; m. 1889, only dau. of 
Wm. Dobson, of Oak wood, Bath; j.p. (1904) 
Dorset, maj. 5 battn. R. Fus. 1908-9 : 6 Lygon 
place, Grosvenor gdns. S.W. : Jun. United Ser- 
vice club. 

Birch, sir Ernest Woodford, K.c.M.G. (1911), 
s. of late J. W. Woodford Birch, British resident, 
Perak; b. 1867; vi. 1882, Margaret, dau. of 
Laurence Niven ; actg, British res., Selangor 
1892-3, sec. to govt, of Perak 1893, actg. res. 
1895-6, Brit, res. Negri-Sembilan 1897-1900, gov. 
of Labuan 1900-4, and of British North Borneo 
1901-4, British res. at Perak from 1904 : British 
Residency, Perak, Straits Settlements ; 30 Har- 
rington gdns. S.W. 

Birch, Francis Herrick, b.a. Cantab., 2 s. of 
It. -col. Geo. Fras. Birch, of Clare Park, Hants 
B.L., J.p. {d. 1908) ; b. 1866 ; m. 1903, Constance 
Somer\ille, dau. of late gen. sir Chas. Cameron 
Shute, K.C.B., D.L., J.p,, of 12 Brunswick pi 
Brighton; j.p. (1912) Hants: Clare Park, 
Crondall, Hants. 

Birch, Fras. Jacob Peregrine, youngest s. of 
late Peregrine Birch, of The Priory, Forest Row, 
Sussex, and grands, of Wyrlev Birch, of Wre- 
tham Hall, Norfolk ; b. 1860 : J.'p. (1907) Suisex : 
Union and Windham clubs ; Ooldharbour Manor, 
Forest Row, Sussex. 

Birch, Henry Wm., 2 s. of J.W. Birch, j.p. (J. 
1897), by eld. dau. of late J. Arden, of Rick- 
mansworth Park, Herts ; b. 1854 : Garrick club ; 
The Grove, Old Windsor ; Loud water, Rick- 

Birch, John Hy. Stopf ord, 3 sec. in diplomatic 
service from 1910. 

Birch, Richd. Elwj-n, b.a, Cantab., b. 1870 ; 
j.p. (1903) Denbighshire and (1907) Flints : Jun, 
Carlton club : Bryncelyn, St. Asaph. 

Birch, Richard Frederick, b.a. Cantab., 3 s. of 
John Birch, of Lees Hall,Wenieth, Lancashire ; 
maj. 3 battn. (mil.) R. Welsh Fus., 1876-80 ; 
D.L., J.p. (1864) Denbighshire, J.P. (1872) Flint- 
shire : Jun. Carlton club ; Maes Elwy, St. Asaph, 

Birch, Walter de Hoghton Lea, J.P. (1913) 
Lancashire : Cooper Hill, Walton-le-Dale, Lanes. 

Birch, mrs.— Emma Edith Malet, dau. of late 
Jas. (^rant Lumsden, Bo.C.S. by lady Mary, sis. 
of 8 earl of Stamford ; m. 1864, col. Chas. Birch, 
of Lympstone Grange, Devon, J.P. {d. 1899) : 
L3^mpstone Grange, S. Devon. 

Birch, mrs. — Julia, eld. dau. of late J. Arden, 
of Rickmans worth Park, Herts ; m. 1852, John 
Wm. Birch, J.P. (d 1897) : Rickmansworth Park, 
Rickmansworth, Herts. 

Birch, lady. — Mary, dau. of capt. Geo. Burden : 
in. 1808, as his 2 wife, It.-gen. sir James Hoi well 
Birch, k.c.b. {d. 1875). 

Birch-Reynardson, col; Chas. only s. of C. 
T. S. Birch-Revuardson, D.L., of Holywell Hall, 
Lines, {d. 1889) ; b. 1845 ; m. 1875, Emma M.. eld. 
dau. of late rev. W. fetracey-Clitherow, of Boston 
Bouse, Brentford: J.P. Lincolnshire, sheriff of 
Rutland 1895, It.-col. (col. 1886) gren. gds. in 
1889 : Carlton and Guards' clubs ; Holywell Hall, 

Birch- Rejoiardson, Vere Hy., only s. of col. 
Edwd. Birch-Eejnardson, of Rushington Manor, 
Hampshire, C.B. {d. 1896) ; h. 1864 ; m. 1892, 
Eva A. J., 2 dau. of late Hy. M. E. Crofton, of 
Inchinappa, co. Wicklow ; late capt. 3 battn. 
Hants regt. : Rushington Manor, Totton, South- 

Birch-Reynardson, Wm. John, b.a. Oxon, 
eld. s. of Hy. Birch-Reynardson, of Adwell 
House, Oxon., j.p. {d. 1884) ; b. 1849 ; vi. 1889, 
Violet, 2 dau. of Thos. Maxwell, of AYest Hill 
House, Guildford : barr. Inner Temple, 1875, 
J.P. Oxfordshire (sheriff 1913) : United Uni- 
versity club ; Adwell House, Tetsworth, Oxon. 

Birchall, Chas. Herbert, only s. of late Chas. 
Birchall, of Egremont, Cheshire ; b. 1869 ; m. 
Flori, dau. of late T. W. Read, of Liverpool; 
J.P, (1912) Cheshire : 37 Walbrook, E.C. ; 17 
James st. Liverpool ; Inveresk, Wellington rd. 
New Brighton, Cheshire. 

Birchall, John Dearman, s, of John Dearman 
Birchall, of Bowden Hall, Glos, j,p. {d. 1897); 



A. 1875; w). 1900, Adela Emily, 8 dau. of Philip 
J. D. Wykeham, of Tythrop House, Oxford- 
shire ; J. P. (1898) Gloucestershire, capt. Glou- 
cestershire yeo. from 1912 : Jun. Carlton club ; 
Bowden Hall. nr. Glo'ster. 

Biroham, vide Halsey-Bircham. 

Bircham, Fras. Thos., 2 s. of Fras, Thos. 
Bircbam, of Burhill. Waltou-on-Thames ; b; 
1841 ; in. 1871, dau. of W. Parry Okeden, of 
Turnworth. Dorset; J.p. (I90(i) Monmouthshire: 
Army and Xavy club ; Gwentland, Chepstow. 

Bixcham, Samuel, s. of Fras. Thos. Biroham, 
of Burhill, Walton-on-Thames ; b. 1838 ; m. 1863, 
Caroline E., dau. of H. W, R. W. Halsey, of 
Henley Park, Surrey ; is J.P. Norfolk : 46 Parlia- 
ment St. S.W. ; Old Brewery House, Reepham, 
Norfolk ; Yarrowfield, Mayford, nr. Woking. 

Birchenough, J. Henry, c.M.G. (1905), M.A., 2 
s, of late John Birchenough. J.P., of The Elms, 
Macclesfield ; b. 1853 ; m, 1886, Mabel, 3 dau. of 
late very rev. G. G. Bradlev, D.D., c.v.o.. dean of 
Westminster 1881-1902; is^ j.p. (1896) Cheshire, 
Imperial commr. on trade to 8. Africa 1903, 
memb. Roy. commn. on Shipping Rings 1907 
and of advisory council to Board of Trade, dir. 
of Brit. S. Africa Chartered Co., etc. etc. : 79 
Eccleston sq. S.W. ; Brooks's club. 

Birchenoug-h, William Taylor, eld. s. of late 
John Birchenough, of The Elms, Macclesfield, 
Cheshire ; b. 1850 ; «?. 1881, Jane, dau. of late R. 
Peacock, of Gorton Hall, Lanes., M.P. : J.P. 
Cheshire and Macclesfield, It. Cheshire I.Y.'l890- 
1901 : Cavalry club. 

Bird. Alfred Fredk., s. of Alfred Bird, v.c.s., 
of Edgbaston, co. Warwick; b. 1849; m. 1875, 
Eleanor F., dau. of R. L. Evans, of Birchlields ; 
J.P. (1908) Warwickshire, m.p. (c.) W. Wolver- 
hampton from 1910 : 75 Victoria st. S.W, ; Carlton 
club ; Tudor Grange, Solihull, Birmingham. 

Bird, Arthur, 2 s. of Geo. Bird, of Pinner 
Hall, Middlx. ; b. 1843 ; m. 1869, Jane Mary, 
dau, {d. 1909) of Samuel Shepheard, of Eathorpe 
Hall, Warwickshire ; was clerk to the Tylers' 
and Bricklayers' Co. 1864-1907, J.P. (1911 )Surrey : 
Alpine, Constitutional and Jun, Constitutional 
clubs ; The Grange, Great Bookham, Surrey. 

Bird, Chas. Pavin, s. of rev. Thos. Hugh 
Bird, vicar of Yarkhill and of Dry bridge House, 
CO. Hereford ; b. 1847 ; m. 1877, Agnes A. B.,dau. 
of rev. J. Cole, vicar of He Brewers, co. Somerset ; 
I.C.S. (Punjab) 1869-1896, ret. 1896, barr. Middle 
Temple 1869; j.p. (1900) Herefordshire: Dry- 
bridge House, Hereford ; Primrose and Here- 
fordshire clubs. 

Bird. Christopher John, c.M.G. (1901), eld. s. of 
late John Bird, C.M.6., Natal C.S, : b. 1855 ; 
m. 1887, Edith, dau. of late Wm. Armstrong, 
M.R.c.s.K. ; entd. Natal C.S. 1874, j.p. (1887) 
Natal. as8t,-col, sec. 1888-1893, princ. und.-sec, 
from 1893, chm. of Natal C, S. Board from 1901 
and perm, head of Natal C.S. from 1903 : Pieter- 
maritzburg, Natal. 

Bird, Cliiibrd Hy., admitted a solicilor 1901, 
clerk of the peace and to the County Council for 
Worcestershire from 1914 : Shirehall, Worcester. 

Bird, Ebenezer, j.p. (1909) Herefordshire: 
Belmont, Kington. 

Bird. Edwd, Chas,, eld, s. of Edwd. Wheler 
Bird, ret. Indian C.S,. of Clifton, Bristol ; b. 1847 ; 
m. 1891, dau. of col, T. Biggs, R.A., of Wrington, 
Somerset ; govt, telegraphs in India, Public 
Works dept, (ret),; j.p. (1907) Somerset: The 
Portugals, Chew Magna, Somerset. 

Bird, Elliot Beverley, L.R.C.P.I., L.R,C.S.T., 
L.M., only s. of Geo. Beverley Bird, late 51 K. O. 
Yorkshire Light Inf.; b. 1881; »j. 1909, hon. 
Gladys, eld. dau. of 6 barou Dynevor ; capt 3 
Wessex Field Ambulance from 1913 : 15 Clarence 
parade, Southsea. 

Bird, Hy. Busby, eld. s. of Thos. Jas. Tolman 
Bird, of Islington, N. ; b. 1856 ; to. E. L, dau. of 
Robt. Stoodley, of Henford Hill, Yeovil, Somer- 
set ; mayor of Shoreditch (1903-4, 1904-5', 1907-8, 
1910-11. 1911-12. 1912-13and 1913-14), j.P. (1910) 
CO. London : 33 Lordship park, Stoke Newing- 
ton, N. ; Magistrates' club. 

Bird, It. -col. Robt., c.i.e. (1905),m.v.o. 4 class 
(1912), M.D. Lond., f.r.c.8,, s. of Geo. Bird, of 
Blackheath, S.E. ; b. 1866 ; ?«. 1909, Harriet 
Ellen, dau. of late It.-col. Jas. R. J. Dewar, 
R.A. ; prof, of surg. at Med. Coll. Calcutta, surg. 
to viceroy of India 1904, lt,-col. 1911, Ind. med. 
service : 2 Middleton row, Calcutta ; E, I. United 
Service club. 

Bird, It.-col. Stanley, M.v.o, 4 class (1906), s, 
of col. Stanley Geo. Bird, c.b., hon. col. 1 Middlx. 
V.R.C. {d. 1905); b. 1864; m. 1892, Martha P., 
dau, of late Joseph Azarian, of Boston, U.S.A. ; 
served in Nile expdn. 1898, battle of Khartoum ; 
It.-col. commdg. 1 battn. R. Fus. 1905-9, ret. p. 
1909 : 7 Park pi, St. James' st. S,W, ; Naval 
and Military club ; Parkhurst, Newport, I. of W. 

Bird, Thos., s. of John Bird, of Kettering, 
Northants ; b. 1840 ; m. 1868, dau. of Geo. 
Spence, of Raunds, Northants; J.P. (1900) 
Northants : Sarnia House, Kettering. 

Bird, Wm. Barrott Montfort, 2 s. of Wm. 
Fredc. Wratislaw Bird, of Wilmington, Kent. 
b. 1855 ; m. 1895, Martha Elizabeth, widow of 
James Henry Murray ; j.p. (1912) Sussex (sheriff 
1912-13) : Windham club ; Eartham House, 

Bird, lady. — Emily E., dau. of late maj.-gen. 
Hv. D. Manning ; m. 1872, gen. sir Geo. Corrie 
Bird, K.C.T.E., C.B, (d. 1907), 

Birdsall, Geo, Bradshaw, eld, s, of late 
Robert Birdsall, of Stretford, Lanes. ; b. 1850 ; 
m. 1872, Mary, eld. dau. of late John Sunter, of 
Manchester; j.p. (1907) Lancashire: Whalley 
Range, Manchester. 

BirdwoodjSir Geo. C. M., m.d. Edin. ; K.c.i.E. 
(1887), 0,8.1, (1877), hon, LL,D, Cantab,; Officer 
Leg, Hon. and of Instn,. French Acad,, eld. 
s, of late gen, Christ, Birdwood, Indian army ; 



b. 1832 ; m. 1856, Frances A., eld. dau. of late E. 
Tolcher, R.N., of Harewood House. Plympton St. 
Mary, Devon ; entd. Hon. E. India Co.'s serv. 
on the Bombay med. staff 1854, served in Persia 
1856-7. with dr. Bhan Daji and others founded 
Victoria Museum and Gardens, Bombay, sheriff 
of Bombay 1864, commiss. govt. Bombay, Paris 
Exhib. 1868 ; Royal commr. and memb. of Fin. 
comttee. Colonial and Indian Exhib. 1886, 
ohm. of comttee. of Ind. section, Paris Exhib. 
1889, and of organizing comttee. of the 9th 
internatl. congress of Orientalists, London, 1892, 
memb. of Royal commn. for Chicago Exhib. 1893 ; 
of Mansion House com. Antwerp Exhib. 1894 
and Roy. commr. Paris Exhib. 1900 ; served 
in rev. statistics, and commerce dept., India 
Office, 1871-1902 ; with prof. Chenery and others 
founded " Primrose Day," knt. of grace of St. 
John of Jerusalem ; knighted 1881 : 5 Windsor 
rd. Ealing, W. 

Birdwood, maj.-gen. Wm Riddell,c.B. (1911), 
c,s.l. (1910), CLE. (1908), D.s.o. (1908), s. of 
Herbert Mills Birdwood, c.s.i., M.A., ll.d., j.p., 
judge of high court andmemb. of council, Bombay 
1885-96 ((f. 1907); h. 1865; m. 1894, Janette H. 
G., eld. dau. of col. sir Benjn. P. Bromhead, 4 
bart., c.B. ; served in Hazara expdn. 1891, Isazai 
expdn. 1892, N. W. Frontier of In-lia 1897-8 
Tirah expdn. ; S. African war 1899-1902 ; chief 
staff officer, Mohmand expdn. 1908 ; mil. sec. to 
commdr.-in-chief, India (gen. vise. Kitchener) 
1905-9, commdg. Kohat brig., N. army, India 
1909-12, Q.M.Cr. in India 1912. sec. to govt.*of 
India, army dept. and memb. of gov.-gen.'s coun- 
cil from 1912, A.D.C. to King Edward VII. 1906- 
10, to King George V. 1910-11, maj.-gen. 1911: 
Simla, India. 

Birkbeok, Geoffrey, 4 s. of late Henry Birk- 
beck, of Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk ; b, 1876 ; m. 
1904, Dora. dau. of T. C. Wilson, of Lownook, 
Westmorland ; J.p. (1914) Norfolk : Stoke Hall, 
Stoke Holy Cros->, Norwich. j 

Birkbeck, Henry, eld. s. of Hy. Birkbeck, of 
Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk. J.p. (d. 1895): 
b. 1853; m. 1881, Ysabel C, 4 dau. of late R. 
Elvves, of Congham, Norfolk: Westacre High 
House. S waff ham, Norfolk. 

Birkbeck, capt. John. s. of John Birkbeck, 
of Anley, Settle, Yorks, j.p.; h. 1872; m. 1903, 
Helen Muriel, youngest dau. of Jas. Braithwaite, 
M.D. of Leeds ; j.p. (1905) W.R. Yorks ; hon. 
capt. in the army 1901, It.-col. 6 battn. D. of Wel- 
lington's West Riding regt. from 1910 : Cair- 
holme, Settle. 

Birkbeck, Martin, s. of late Henry Birkbeck, 
of Stoke Holy Cross, Norfolk ; h. 1873 ; patron 
of living of Poringland: Poringland House, Gt. 
Poringland, Norwich. 

Birkbeck, maj.-gen. Wm. Hy., c.B. (1902), 
C.M.G. (1906), youngest s. of Joseph Birkbeck, of 
Settle, Yorks'; b. 1863; m. 1905, Mabel, only 
dau. of Alex. D. Shaw, of Staten Island, U.S.A,, 

and widow of G. L. Myers, of New York ; 
served in Hazara expdn. 1888,Chin-Lushai expdn. 
1889-90, S. African war 1899-1902, attached 
to the Japanese force in Manchuria 1905, 3 class 
of order of Rising Sun (1905); It.-col. in the 
army 1900, brevet col. 1904, d.a.a.g. at Hend- 
quai-ters 1903-5, commdt. Cavalry School 1907-1 1 , 
a dir. at War Office from 1912, maj.-gen. 1913 : 
War Office, S.W. ; Naval and Military club ; 
South Hall, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. 

Birkbeok, Wm. John, f.s.a., only s. of Wm. 
Birkbeck, of Thor^.e, Norwich, j.p. ((/. 1897) ; b. 
1859 : m. 1883, Rose K.,dau. of sir Somerville A. 
Gurney, K.c.v.o., of North Runcton Hall, 
Lynn ; is D.L.. j.P. Norfolk (sheriff 1910) : Strat- 
ton Srrawless Hall, Norwich. 

Birkbeck, hon. lady.— Iklary Augusta, 6 dau. 
of 1 baron Hylton, P.C. ; m. 1865, sir Edwil. 
Birkbeck, 1 and last bart. K.C.v.o.. M.P.. D.L., 
J.p. (d. 1908) : 9 Wilton cres. S.W. ; The Mill, 
Lamas, Norfolk. 

Birkbeck, mr-i.— Rachel W., dau. of late G. 
Stansfeld ; vi. 1867, John Birkbeck, of Anlev, 
Yorks. J.I', (rf. 1892) ; Anley. Settle, Yorks. 

Birket, vide Higgin-Birket. 

Birkett, Danl. Maule, M.A.Ch.Ch. Oxon., only 
survg. s. of Richd. Birkett, of Upper Clapton, 
CO. London ; h. 1849; m. 1878, Edith, dau. of T. 
E. Smith; is J.P. (1900) and C.C East Sussex: 
Leigh Holme, Hastings rd. Bexhill-on-Sea ; 
Constitutional club. 

Birkett, aldm. John Robt., 2 s. of Robt.Birkett, 
of Morecambe, Lanes ; h. 1854 ; m. 1886, Mary, 
dau. of dr. Chas. Siitcliffe, of Todmorden, Yorks ; 
mayor of Morecambe 1903-4, 1904-5, 1905-6, 1909- 
10 and 1910-11 ; J.P. (1905) Lancashire : 5 More- 
cambe terr. Morecambe, Lanes. 

Birkett. Percival,3s. of John Birkett, f.r.c.8., 
F.L.S., of Green st. W. ; h. 1850 ; m. 1879, Viokt, 
dau. of Thos. Pemberton, of Heathfield, Hands- 
worth. Staffs ; J.P. (1907) Middlesex : 4 Lincoln's 
Inn Fields, W.C. ; Ropes, Fernhurst, Sussex. 

Birkln, It.-col. Chas. Wilfrid, T.u., 4 s. of sir 
Thos. I. Birkin, 1 bart., of Ruddington Grange, 
Notts, D. L,, J.P. ; b. 1866; m. 1892, Claire 
Llojd, dau. of late A. C. Howe, of New Vok, 
U.S.A. ; D.L., J.P. (1912) Notts ; It.-col. commdg. 
7 battn, Notts and Derby.shire regt. from 1901 : 
Boodle's club ; Lamcote House, Radcliffe-on- 
Trent, Nottingham. 

Birkin, It.-col. Richd. Leslie, d..s.o. (1900), 
3 s. of sir Thos. Isaac Birkin, 1 bart., D.L., J.P. ; 
b. 1862 ; served in S. African war 1900-2 with 
Inpl. yeotn. ; hon, It.-col. in the army 1902, J.P. 
(1907) Notts : Edale House, The Park, Not- 

Birkin, sir Thos. Isaac, 1 bart. (1905), a. of 
Richard Birkin, of Aspley Hall, Notts., J.P. (d. 
1870) ; b. 1831 ; m. 1856, Harriet, dau. of M. 
Tebbutt, of Bluntisham ; is D.L., J.P. Notts, 
(sheriff 1892) (Heir, s. Thos. Stanley, q.v.) : 
Reform club ; The Grange, Ruddington, Notts. 



Birkin, Thos. Stanley, eld. s. of sir Thomas 
Birkin, 1 bart., of Ruddington Grange, Notts, 
D.L., J.P. ; b. 1857; m. 1894, hou. Margaret 
Diana H., 3 dau. of late capt. hon. Henry W. 
Otletw^^ld, R.N., and sis. of 8 vise. Chetwvnd, 
b. 1870; i J.P. (1896) Notts : Aspley Hall, Not- 

Birks, Arthur Rawson. b.a. Cantab., 2 s. of 
late rev. Thos. Rawson Birks, vicar of Trinity, 
Camb. and prof, of moral philosophy, Camb. ; b. 
1850; 7/1. 1876, Jane K., dau. of rev. Isaac 
Dun-ant. of London ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1885, 
a judge of chief court of Lower Burma 1900-5, 
ret. 1905. 

Birley, Arthur John, eld. s. of Thos. Birley, 
of Burnley, Lanes; b. 1860; m. Jane Nancv, 
dau. of C. Barrett, of Earby, Yorks ; j.p. ( 1912) 
W. R. Yorks : Throstle's Nest, Thornton-in- 
Craven, Skipton. 

Birley, Chas. Fair, eld. s. of Chas. Addison 
Birley, of Bartle Hall, Lanes, J.P. {d. 1908), by 
Gertrude Emily, eld. dau. of ThoF. Fair, of 
Clifton Hall, Lanes ; b. 1889 ; lord of the manor 
of Woodplumton, 2 It. Duke of Lancaster's Own 
yeo. from 1910 : Bartle Hall, Preston, Lanes. 

Birley, Fredk. Hornby, s. of Hugh Hornby, 
of Broom House, Eccles, Lanes ; b. 1837 ; m. lS6b, 
Josephine, dau. of Richd. Birley, of Pendleton ; 
J.P. (1880) Lanes : 20 St. Michael's rd. Bedford. 

Birley, Hy. Langton, eld. s. of T. L. Birlev, 
of Carr Hill, Lanes., J.P. {d. 1874) ; b. 1837 : Carr 
Hill, nr. Kirkham, Preston, Lancashire. 

Birley, Hugh Arthur, eld. s. of Hugh Birley, 
of Moorland, Lanes., M.P., j.p., d.l. {d. 1883) ; b. 
1846 ; w. 1874, Amy, eld. dau. of W. H. Chichester, 
of Grenofen, Devon ; J.P. Cheshire, It. -co!. 
Cheshire I.Y, r^t. : Woodside, Knutsford. 

Birley, Hugh Fras., eld. s. of Joseph Hornby 
Birley, of Newton-le-Willows, Lanes., j.p. ; b. 
1855; m. 1879, Elizabeth, dau. of G. McCorquo- 
dale. of Gladlys, Anglesey; is J.P. (1892) Flint- 
shire: 41 Circus rd. St. John's Wood, N.W. ; 
Raleigh club ; The Mount, St. Asaph. Flintshire. 

Birley, Hutton, 2 s. of T. L. Birley, of Carr 
Hill, Lanes., j.p. {d. 1874) ; b. 1840 ; m. 1865. Alice 
M., dau. {d. 1875) of J. Hy. Howard ; J.P. Lan- 
cashire : Wrea Green, Kirkham, near Preston, 

Birley, Leonard, c.i.e. (1914;, Ind. CS. 1898, 
magist. and collr. of Dacca, Bengal. 

Birley, Percy Langton, 2 s. of Hutton Birley, 
of Wrea Green, Lanes; b. 1868; m. 1902, Mary 
Emily, dau. of Hy. Hassali, of Bebington, 
Cheshire : j.p. (1903) Lancashire : Wrea Green, 
Kirkham, Lanes. 

Birley, col. Richd. Kennedy, c.b. (1902), v.d., 
s. of late Richd. Birley, of Manchester, d.l., 
J.P. ; 6. 1845 ; m.l870, Jane G., dau. of latd John 
Blaikie, of Craigiebuckler, Aberdeenshire ; late 
It. R Lane. mil. artill.. It. -col. commdg. hon. 
col. 2 East Lancashhe brig. R.F.A. 1891-1909, 
hoD. col. of the brig, from 1909, D.L. (1908) 

Lancashire : Seedley Lawn, Pendleton, Man- 
ches'er; Athenaeum and Jun. Army and Navy 

Birley, mrs. — Eliza, dau. of late John Has- 
tings, of Downpatrick, CO. Down, j.p.; m. 1854, 
Wm. Birley, of The Larches, Lanes, D.L., J.p. {d. 
1894) : The Larches, Ashton-upon-Ribble, Pres- 
ton, Lanes. 

Birmingrham, archd. of, vide ven. Chas. M. 
Owen, M.A. 

Birmin^haxn, 2 bp. of (1905), rt. rev. Henry 
Russell Wakefield, D.D., only s. of F. Wake- 
field, of Broomfield, co. Wicklow ; b. 1854; 
m. 1878, Frances Sophia, dau. of Henry 
Dalloway ; curate in charge of All Saints, 
Swanscombe, Kent 1881-3, vicar of St. Michael 
and All Augels, Lower Sydenham, S.E. 1883-8, 
St. Paul, Sandgate, 1888-94, preb. of Finsbury 
in St. Paul's Cath. 1908-9, rect. of St. Mary, 
Bryanston sq. W. 1894-1909, dean of Norwich 
1909-11, bp. of Birmingham from 1911 : Bishop's 
Croft, Birmingham. 

Birmingham, 1 archbp. (r.c.) of (1911), 
most rev. Edwd. Ilsley, s. of Chas. Ilsley ; b. 
1838 ; titular bp. of Fesse and auxiliary for Bir- 
mingham 1879-88, bp. of Birmingham 1888-1911 
and archbp. from 1911 : Bishop's House, and 
Oscott College, Birtoingham. 

Biron, Henry Chartres, s. of Robt. John 
Biron, (^c. (d. 1895) ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1886, 
metropol. police magist. at Old Street 1906-14, 
at Lambeth from 1914 : 28 Montpelier sq. S.W. 

Birrell, rt. hon. Augustine, p.c. (Eng, 1905 
and Irel. 1907), KG., ll.d., b.a. Cantab., ll.d. 
(hon.) Liverpool Univ., youngest s. of late rev. 
Chas. M. Birrell, of Liverpool; b. 1850; m. 1, 
1878, Margaret, dau. {d. 1879) of late A. Mirrie- 
lees, of St. Petersburg ; 2, 1888, Eleanor, dau. of 
Fredk. Locker, by dau. of 7 earl of Elgin, and 
widow of hon. Lionel Tennyson (c?. 1886) ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1875, q.c. 1894, J.p. (1895) Norfolk, 
pres. of Board of Educn. 1905-7, chief sec. for 
Ireland from 1907, M.P. (L.) W. Fifeshiie 1889- 
1900, N. Bristol from 1906, lord rector of Glasgow 
Univ. 1911 : Chief Secretary's Lodge, Phoenix 
Park, Dublin ; 70 Elm Park rd. S.W. ; Athenaeum 
and New University clubs ; The Pightle, Shering- 
ham, Norfolk. 

Birrell- Anthony, Hy. Anthony, v.d., assumed 
by deed poll addtl. name of Anthony 1906, 
J.p. Monmouthshire, It.-col. 1 bttn. Monmouth- 
shire regt. f rom 1914: Glenthorne,Thame, Oxon. 

Birt, Geo. Hogarth Douglas, J.P. (1907) 
Pembrokeshire : Havenhurst, Milford Haven. 

Birt, lady. — Constantia Mary A., eld. dau. of 
Matthew Watson Thomas, of Walthamstow, 
Essex; m. 1872, sir Wm. Birt, knt., gen. man. 
of G.E.R. 1880-99 and a director 1899-1911 {d. 
1911) : 4 Bricket rd. St. Albans, Herts. 

Birtwistle, Albert, j.p. Lancashire : Spring- 
field House, Preston New rd. Blackburn, Lanes. 



Birtwistle, Aitliur, J.i'. (1908) Lancasbire : 
Cliffe House, Gt. Harwood, Blackburn. 

Birtwistle, Arthur, j.p. (1908) Lancashire : 
The Willows, Blackburn, Lanes. 

Bischoffeheinx, mrs. — Clarissa L., dau. of late 
J. Biedermann, of Vienna ; m. 1856, Hy, Louis 
Bischoffsheim, of Warren House, Stanmore, d.l. 
{d. 1908) : Bute House, South Audley st. W. ; 
Warren House, Stanmore. 

Biscoe, Henry Staiford Tyndale, eld. s. of W. 
E. Biscoe. of Holton Park, Oxon., D.L., j.p. {d. 
1895) ; 6. 1857 ; m. 188-4, Frances E., only child 
of late F. N. Primrose, of Bixley Hall, Norfolk ; 
is J.P. (1883) Oxon. : Road, Oxford Automobile 
and County (Oxford) clubs. 

Biscoe, Thos. Ramsay, b.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of T. P. B. Biscoe, of Newton, co Inverness, 
J. p., D.L. {d. 1881) ; h. 1850 ; m. 1879, Cecilia L., 
youngest dau. {d. 1892) of late A. Meetkerke, of 
Julians, Herts, and widow of rev. A. Ewing ; 
J. p., D.L. Inverness-shire : Kingillie, Inverness. 

Biscoe, It.- sen. William Walters, o.B. (1896), 
9. of rev. W. Biscop, of Exhall. Warwickshire ; h. 
1841 ; m. 1880, Minnie M. M., dau. of maj.-gen. 
Murray ; served in Afghan war 1879-80 ; with 
Miranzai expdn. 1891, Bengal cav. It.-gen. 1900, 
ret. 1901, col. 19 lancers from 1904, Ind. army : 
United Service club. 

Bisdee. Thos. G., s. of Alfred H. Bisdee. 
of Hutton Court, Somersetshire (f/. 1898) : 6.1852 ; 
m.. 1878, dau. of J. S. Mitchell, of Sydney. N. S. 
Wales, Australia ; lord of the manors of Hutton 
and Oldmixon : Hutton Court, nr. Weston-super- 

Bishop, Chas. Joseph, s. of Chas. Bishop, 
of St. Helens, Lanes ; h. 1851 ; m. 1874, Ann 
Jane, eld. dau. of sir David Gamble, 1 bart. ; j.p. 
(1906) Lancashire : Edenhurst, Roby, Lanes. 

Bishop, Chas. Thos. j.p. (1896) Warwick- 
shire : 8 Carpenter rd. Edgbaston. Birmingham. 

Bishop, maj. Chas. Willoughby, 3 s. of Jas. 
Bishop ; h. 1859 ; m. 1896, Helen, dau. of rt. hon. 
Henrv Bruen,of Oak Park, Carlow ; maj. 9 lancers 
1879-1901 ret., j.p. (1903) Gloucestershire : Naval 
and Military and Arthur's clubs : Barton 
Abbotts, Tetbury, Glos. 

Bishop, Claude Edwd. Stanley, J.P. (1910) 
Sussex : Devonshire club. 

Bishop, Edwd. Jas., j.p. (1914) Kent : Kyrle 
House, Upper Folkestone rd. Sandgate, Kent. 

Bishop, Hy. Prosser, j.p. (1910) Radnorshire : 
Maesyronen, Glasbury, 

Bishop, Jas. Watson, 2 s. of Fredc. Bishop, 
of Cannes, and late of The Mount, Penkhull, 
Stoke-on-Trent, j.p. {d. 1891) ; h. 1847 ; m. 1876. 
Adelaide Mary, eld. dau. of Harry Coghill, of 
Coghurst Hail, Hastings, and Brampton Tree 
House, Neweastle-under-Lyme, j.p. {d. 1897) ; 
is j.p. (1884) Statf ordshire : Jun. Constitutional 
club ; Oulton House, Stone, Staffs. 

Bishop, John Hy., j.p. (1907) Devon : 86 Durn- 
ford St. East Stonehouse, Plymouth. 

Bishop, rev. Thos.. M.A. Cantab., s. of Chas. 
Bishop, of Shipton Hall, Salop {d. 1913); h. 
1855 ; m. Averiil J. J., dau. of late John Eills 
of Liverpool ; vicar of St. Peter, Fennbv, Lanes 
from 1894 : Shipton Hall, nr. Much Wenloek, 

Bisset, Walter Fa viere Elrington-, s. of maj. 
Maurice Elrington-Bisset, of Lessendrum, Aber- 
! deenshire, j.p. {d. 1909) ; h. 1889 : Lessendrum, 
Huutly. N.B. 

Bisset, col. sir Wm. Sinclair Smith, K.c.i.E. 
(1897), R.E., s. of late rev. Jas. Bisset d.d. ; h. 
1843 ; m. 1888, Henrietta M., eld. dau. of late gen. 
Wm. P. LaTouche, Ind. army ; served in Afghan 
war 1878-80, dep. consulting engr. for railways 
1872-5, manager of Rajputana Malwa state 
railways 1875-84, agent for Bombay, Baroda and 
Central India railway system 1885-94, sec. to 
govt, of India Public 'works dept. 1894-7, govt, 
director of Indian guaranteed railway cos. 1897- 
1901, col. ret. on Indian pens. 1898 : United 
Service club ; Hill House, Stoke Poges, Bucks. 

Black, Arthur Wm., eld. s. of late W. E. 
Black, of Nottingham ; h. 1863 ; m. 1887, dau. 
of late John Spence, of Paisley, N.B. ; J.P. 
Nottingham, sheriff 1898-9, mavor 1902-3, M.P. 
(L.) N. Bedfordshire froml 906: National Liberal 
club ; Springfield, Alexandra Park, Nottingham. 

Black, David, eld. s. of Thos. Black, late of 
Livingstone, Linlithgowshire ; h. 1874; m. 1898, 
Kate, dau. of late A. Sommerville, of Seafield, 
Linlithgowshire; j.p. (1907) Suffolk: Red 
House, Bacton, Stowmarket. 

Black, sir Fredk. Wm.,c.B. (1908), b.a. Lond., 
2 s. of late Fred. W. Black, of Newport, I. of 
Wight ; h. 1863 ; m. 1890, Sarah Isabella, dau. of 
Jas. Davisson, of Folkestone ; dir. of Naval stores 
1903 and of Navy contracts from 1906, knighted 
1913 : Admiralty, S.W. ; Shirley House, Brighton 
rd. Sutton, Surrey. 

Black, maj. -gen. Jas. ; in S.Mahratta campaign 
1844-5, pol. agt. Mahee Kaant 1859-74, ret. f. p. 
1874, as col. Bo. S.C. : 13 Campden Hill rd. 
Kensington, W. ; East India United Service ehib. 

Black, John, s. of John Black, of Ford West- 
field, Northumb ; h. 1864 ; m. 1896, dau. of John 
Turnbull, of Newcastle-on-Tyne ; J.P. (1909) 
Northumberland : Sea House, Scremerston, 

Black, maj. Robe. Barclay, m.b. Edin,, s. of 
late J. Milue Black; h. 1876; m. 1914, lady 
Marcia V., 2 dau. of 7 earl of Rodeu, h. 1891 ; 
served in S. African war 1899-1902, and Soudan 
1908, maj. R.A.M.C. 1912. 

Black, Robt. Wilson, 6 s. of Robt. Black, of 
Twynholm, Kirkcudbrightshire; h. 1871; m. 
1901, Louie, dau. of Jonathan North, J.P. of 
Stoueygate, CO. Leicester ; j. P. ( 1909) co. London : 
North Lodge, Westleigh avenue, Putnev Hill, 
S W. ; Twynholm House, 326 Lillie rd. Fulham 
Cross, S.W. 



Blaok, maj.-gen. Wm. Campbell; h. 1846; 
Burma 1886, commd. Nagpore, Doesa and Oude 
dists. 1898-1904. maj.-gen. 1902, ret. 1904, col. 101 
Grenadiers from 1908, Ind. army : Queen Anne's 
mans. Queen Anne's gate, S.Vy. ; E. I. United 
Service club. 

Black, lady^ — widow of maj.-gen. sir Wilsone 
Black, K.c.B. {d. 1909) : 6 York House, Church 
st. Kensington, W. 

Blaokbtirn, archd. of (Manchester), vide ven. 
R. C. Fletcher. 

Blackburn, Arthur Kershaw, J. P. (1907) and 
c.c. W.R. Yorks ; Ease Ardsley, nr. Wakefield. 

Blackbtirn, Harold Bellas,' 4 but 3 sui-vg. s. 
of Edwd. Blackburn, of Haine, co. Devon {d. 
1887) ; h. 1859 ; m. 1895, Constance V., dan. of 
rev. R. T. Blagden ; lord of the manor of Stow- 
ford : Donhead Hall, nr. Salisbury; Hayne, 
Stowford, Lew Down, North Devon. 

Blackburn, John Wm., j.p. (1908) W. R. 
Yorks : Hallwood House, Todmorden. 

Blackburn, Robt. Leslie, K.C, s. of late Robt. 
Blackburn ; b. 1864 ; m. 1893, lady Constance, 
dau. of 13 earl of Strathmore, 6. 1865 ; advocate 
1887, K.C. 1906: 13 Ainslie pi. Edinburgh. 

Blackbume, Eras. Wm., eld. s. of Wm. M. 
Blackburne, of Tankardstown, co. Meath [d. 
1868) ; h. 1851 ; m. 1895, Olivia B. L., dau. of J. 
Anstruther Thomson, of Charleton, Fife ; J.P. 
CO. Meath (sherifiE 1898) : Oxford and Cambridge 
and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; Tankardstown, 
Slane, co. Meath. 

Blackburne, Robert Ireland, c.b. (mil. 1902), 
only 8. of col. John Ireland Blackburne, of 
Hale Hall, Lanes, m.p., d.l., j.p. {d. 1893); h. 
1850 ; m. 1885, Georgina V., youngest dau. of 
late It.-col. sir Gustavus Hume, knt. ; is d.l., 
J.p. (1893) Lancashire, hon. col. 3 battn. (special 
res.) S. Lanes regt. 1903-14, late It.-col. commdg. 
(1896-1903), hon. It.-col. in the army 1901, served 
in S. Africa 1900-1 : Carlton, United Service and 
St. James' clubs ; Hale Hall, nr. Liverpool. 

Blacker,Edwd.Carew,eld.survg. s. of rev.Robt. 
Shapland Carew Blacker, of Carrickblacker, co. 
Armagh, and Woodbrook, co. Wexford, J.P. {d. 
1913) ; h. 1863 ; D.L., j.p. co. Wexford (sheriff 
1908) : Woodbrook, Killanne, co. Wexford. 

Blacker, capt. Fredk. St. John, only survg. s. 
of Wm. Blacker, of Castle Martin, co. Kildare, 
j.p. {d. 1907) by his 1 wife hon. Mary, 4 dau. ((/. 
1885) of 3 baron Cloncurry ; h. 1881 • m. 1910, 
Sheela Maude, dau. of late John PoUok, of 
Lismany, Ballinasloe, co. Galway ; served in 
S. African war 1899-1902, capt. Rif. Brig. 
1906-10, ret. p. 1910, and capt. of the 5 battn. 
(special res.) from 1910 : Castle Martin, New- 
bridge, CO. Kildare. 

Blacker - Douglass, Maxwell Vandeleur, eld. 
s. of St. John Thos. Blacker-Douglass, of Grace 
Hall, CO. Down and Elm Park, co. Armagh, d.l., 
J.p. {d. 19U0) ; b. 1859 ; m. 1891, Alice, only child 
of Robt.Macgeough.of Silver Bridge,co.Armagh ; 

assumed by royal licence of Douglass 
1880: Elm Park, Killylea,co. Armagh; Bellevue 
Park, Killiney, co. Dublin ; Lareen, Kinlough, 
CO. Leitrim. 

Blackett, capt. Henry, B.N., 4 s. of John 
Chas. Blackett, R.N., of Thorpe Lea, Egham {d. 
1896) ; b. 1867 ; m. 1906, hon. Pamela Mary, 3 
dau. of adml. of the fleet 1 baron Fisher, o.M., 
G.C.B., G.C.v.o. ; capt. R.x. 1907 : Army and 
Navy club. 

Blackett. sir Hugh Douglas, 8 bart. (1673), 
eld. s. of maj.-gen. sir E. W. Blackett, 7 bart., 
C.B. {d. 1909), by hon. Julia, 5 dau. of 17 baron 
Somerville ; b. 1873 ; m. 1903, Helen Kath- 
arine, 3 dau. of late Geo. Wm. Lowther ; j.p. 
(1911) Northumberland (sheriff 1914-15), (ffeir,s. 
Ohas. Douglas, b. 1904) : Matfen Hall, Corbridge, 

Blackett, lady.— Alethea R. A., vldeK. F. G. 

Blackett^ hon. lady. — Julia, 5 dau. of 17 baron 
Somerville ; b. 1844 ; m. 1871,maj.-gen.sir Edwd. 
Wm. Blackett, 7 bart., c.b. {d. 1909). 

Blackett- Ord, John Reginald, eld.s. of Andrew 
John Blackett-Ord, of Whitfield Hall, Northumb. 
J.p. (f/.1899) ; b. 1885; j.P.(1907)Northumberland: 
Whitfield Hall, Whitfield, Northumb. 

Blackbanx, Jas., f.c.a., 2 s. of late Geo. 
Blackham, of Stafford House, Handsworth, 
Staffs ; b. 1855 ; m. 1S79, Martha, dau. (d. 1914) of 
late John Nutt, sen., of White House, Fillongley, 
Warwickshire, and niece of late Hy. Barnett 
Bellison, of Hollyberry Hall, Meriden, Warwick- 
shire; C.c. Warwickshire from 1892 : National 
Liberal club ; Fillongley Mount, Fillongley, nr. 

Blackham, maj. Robt. Jas., c.i.e. (1913), 
L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. Edin., s. of late Wm. Blackham, 
of Belfast ; b. 1868 ; m. 1897, Eleanor, elder dau. 
of capt. Fredk. Hy. Mahony ; served with Tirah 
Field force 1897-8, Khyber brig. 1898-9, hon. 
surg. to viceroy of India : v. P. League of Mercy, 
barr. Middle Temple 1908, editor of Indian 
Ambulance Gazette, knt. of grace of St. John of 
Jerusalem, maj. r.a.m.c. 1907: Jntogh, Simla, 

Blackledgre, Jas., 2 s. of late Jas. Black- 
ledge, of Waterloo, Lanes ; 6.1861 ; m. 1887,Lucy, 
dau. of late Thos. Heditch, of Dover, Kent ; J.P. 
(1910)Lanca3hire : Rose Hill, Lydiate,Liverpool. 

Blacklock. Joseph Herbert, eld. s. of Wm. 
Thos. Blacklock, of Hopefield, Pendleton, 
Lancashire, J.P. ; b. 1855 ; m. 1876, Julia, dau. of 
Chas. Corser, of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire ; 
is J.P. Northants : New University club ; Over- 
thorpe House, Banbury. 

Denbighshire, J.P.; 6. 1866 ; m. Christian Stewart, 
dau. of John Stewart Jackson, of Valparaiso, 
Chile, S. America; j.p. (1904) Denbighshire and 
(1908) Carnarvonshire : Hendre House, Llanrwst, 



BlackwalL John Blackwall Evans- ; h. 1837 ; 
TO. 1871, L'Tcy, dau. of R. Eaton ; J.P. Derbyshire : 
Blackwall, Kirk Ireton. Derby. 

Blackwell, Edwcl. Baird Hay, 4 s. of surg.- 
maj. J. H. Blackwell. h.ei.c.s., of St. Andrews, 
CO. Fife (d. 1894) ; b. 1866 ; m. 1909, Ruby M., 
dau. of ma]. H. Gr. Fenton-Ne wall, of Hare Hill, 
Lanes; J. p. (1912) Worcestershire: Hillhamp- 
ton Farm, Gt. Witley, Worcester 

Blackwell, Ernley Robertson Hay, c.b. (1911), 
s. of late Jas. Hay Blackwell, of St. Andrews. 
N.B. ; b. 1868 ; barr. Inner Temple 1892, asst.' 
und. sec. of state for Home dept. 1906-13, legal 
asst. und, sec. from 1913: 28 St. James' court, 
Buckingham gate, S.W. ; Home Office, White- 
hall, S.W. 

Blackwell, maj.-gen. Jas. Edwd., r.a., It.-col. 
(col. 1885) R.A. 1881-6, ret. p. 1886 •. 6 York road, 

Blackwell, Samuel John, j.p. (l901)Middlx. : 
Manor House, Chipperfield, King's Langley 

Blackwood, capt. sir Francis, 4 bart. (1814), 
R.N., bro. of 3 bart. {d. 1864); b. 1838; m. 1, 
1861, Laura 0., 2 dau. of R. S. Palmer ; 2, 1871, 
Dorothy F., dau. of late rev. E. H. Quicke, of 
Newton St. Gyres, Devon ; capt. r.n., ret. 1886 
{ffeir, f/rands. Hy. P. Temple, b. 1896): 
United Service club. 

Blackwood, capt. lord Fdk. Temple Hamilton- 
Temple-, D.s.o. (1900), 4 s. of 1 marq. of Dufferin ; 
b. 1875 ; ?n. 1908, Brenda, only dau. of Robt. 
Woodhouse, of Orford House, Bishops Stortford ; 
served in S. African war 1899-1900, adjt. S. Notts. 
Huss. Yeo. 1907-10, capt. 9 lancers 1904, ret. 
p. 1912, mily. sec. to rt. hon. sir R. C. Munro 
Ferguson, g.C.m.g. (gov.-gen. of Australia) 
from 1914 : Melbourne, Australia ; White's club. 

Blackwood. Harry Officer, 3 s. of Richd. 
Blackwood {d. 1881); b. 1868; m. 1892, Isla 
Jessie, 2 dau. of W. D. Mackenzie, of Fawley 
Court, Bucks and Farr, Inverness ; late capt. 4 
battn. (mil.) Lincoln regt., J.P. (1903) Oxford- 
shire : Arthur's club ; West Monkton House, 

Blackwood, lord (Ion) Basil Gawen 
Temple-, 3 s. of 1 marq. of Dufferin ; b. 1870; 
barr. Inner Temple 1897, dep. judge advoc. S. 
Africa 1900-1, sec. to gov. of Orange River 
Colony 1901-3, asst. col. sec. there 1903-7, col. 
sec. in Barbados 1907-9, asst. gen. man. Labour 
Exchanges from 1910, heir pres. to marquesate : 
12 Barton st. Westminster, S.W. ; Birketts, 
Abinger, Sun-ey. 

Blackwood, maj. Price Fredk., late r.a., 3 s. of 
rev. the hon. Wm. Stear Blackwood, vicar of 
Ballinderry, co. Antrim {d. 1874) ; b. 1841; yn. 
1880, Henrietta, only child of late Albemarle 
Bertie Cator; ret. capt. and hon. maj.*R.A. 1880, 
J.P. Berks and Northants : 52 Queens Gate ter. 
South Kensington, S.W. ; Carlton, Naval and 
Military and Hurlingham clubs. 

Blackwood, lady Doris GwendolineHamilton- 
Temple-, b. 1895 ; lady Ursula FlorenceHamilton- 
Temple-, b. 1899 ; lady Patricia Eth»-1 Harailton- 
Templi^"-, b. 1902 ; dans, of 2 marq. of Dufferin 

Blackwood, lady Hermione Catherine Helen 
Hamilton-Temple-, dau. of 1 marq. of Dufferin ; 
b. 1869 : 14 Paulton's sq. Chelsea, S.W. ; 
Clandeboj'-e, co. Down. 

Blades, Geo. Rowland, only s. of Rowland 
Hill Blades, of Sydenham, Kent ; 6. 1868 ; m. 
1907, dau. of Arthur Reiner, of Sutton, Surrey ; 
J.P. (1914) CO. London : 23 Abchurch la. E.G. 
and Leonard st. E.G. ; City Carlton, Royal 
Automobile and Jun. Constitutional clubs ; 
Grange Mount, Leatherhead, Surrey. 

Blades, John Horton, s. of late Brownlow 
W. Blades, West Bromwich ; b. 1841 ; m. 1866, 
Sarah, eld. dau. of Edmund Collumbell, Derby ; 
J.P. (1907) Staffs and W. Bromwich (aldm. from 
1885), pres. of several temperance socs., m.p. (l.) 
W.Bromwich in 1886 : Oakhurst, WestBromwich. 

Bladworth, John, j.p. (1905) W. R. Yorks : 
Percy Lodge, Goole. 

Bladworth, John Coulman, s. of Thos. 
Bladworth, of Whitgift Hall, Yorks (d. 1901) ; 
lord of the manor of Whitgift : Whitgift Hall, 
Reedness, Yorks. 

Blagrdon-B.icb.ards, Hy. Evan, youngest s. of 
late aldm. R. W. Richards, of Carmarthen ; b. 
1868 ; m. 1894, dau. of Thos. Rees, J.P., of 
Glanyrafonddu, nr. Talley, Carmarthenshire ; 
J.P. (1914) and c.C. Carmarthenshire: Castle 
House, Picton terr. Carmarthen ; National 
Liberal and Eighty clubs. 

Blagrave, Hy. Barry, 2 and eld. survg. s. of 
John Hy. Blagrave, of Calcot Park, Berks, D.L., 
J.P. (d. 1895) ; b. 1848 ; m. 1885. Margaret, 3 dau. 
{d. 1906) of Eugene Moran, of New York,U.S.A. : 
The Cottage, Calcot Park, Tilehurst, Reading. 

Blagrave, John Gratwicke, 3 and 2 survg. s. 
of John Hy. Blagrave, of Calcot Park, Berks (d. 
1895) ; b. 1853 ; vi. 1898, Fanny Julia, 7 dau. of 
late sir Alex. Beaumont Churchill Dixie, 10 bart., 
and widow of lord Hy. Edwd. Brudenell Somerset 
(d. 1897) ; lord of the manor of Barrow Gurney, 
Som., capt. and hon. maj. N. Somerset I.i. 
189S-1903 : Cavalry club. 

Blagrrove, col. Hy. John, c.b. (1900), s. of Hy. 
John Blagrove, of Cardiff Hall, Jamaica and 
Gloucester pi. W. ; b. 1854 ; m. 1, 1884, Alice 
E., dau. {d. 1897) of late rev. E. Boothby, of 
Whitwell, Derbyshire ; 2, 1904, Violet, dau. of 
Fredk. Walton, of Gwmllecoediog,Mont. ; served 
in Afghan war 1879-80, Egyptian war 1882, S. 
African war 1899-1901, It.-col. (brevet col. 1900) 
13 hu.'s. 1896-1901, ret. p. 1901 : Army and Navy 
and Cavalry clubs. 

Blain, Thos., J.P. (1913) Cumberland : The Old 
Vicarage, Maryport. 

Blaine, sir Chas. Fredk., eld. s. of late Benj. 
Blaine, M.D., of Natal ; m. Helen M., dau. (d 1913) 
of Thos. Howie ; rendered imj;ortant services 



to govt, of Cape of Good Hope in promoting 
S. African Customs Union, knighted 1889 : Ober- 
hofeu, Lake Thuu, Switzerland. 

Blaine, lady. — Letitia P., 5 dau. of sir 
Timothy Vansiltart Stonhouse, 14 bart. ; m. 
1881, as his 2 wife, sir Robt. Stickney Blaine, 
knt., mayor of Bath 1872-3, M.P. (c.) Bath 
1885-fi {d. 1897). 

Blair, bp., vide Falkland Islands. 

Blair, Claude Herbert, 2 s. of Chas. Blair, 
of Manchester ; b. 1852 ; m. 1872, Annie M., dau. 
of W. Antonio Murray, of Moss Side, Man- 
chester; j.p. (1907) Lancashire: Sanderson 
House, Atherton, Manchester. 

Blair, rt. rev. sir David Hunter-, 5 bart. 
(1786), M.A. Oxon. eld. s. of 4 bart. {d. 1896) ; h. 
1853 ; in holy orders of Church of Rome, a 
monk of the Benedictine order and abbot of Fort 
Augustus [Heir, hvo. capt. Edwd. Hunter-Blair, 
q.v.) : St. Benedict's Abbey, Fort Augustus, 
Inverness, N.B. 

Blair, capt. Edwd. Hunter-, R.N.(ret.), 4 but 2 
survg. s. of sir Edwd. Hunter, Blair, 4 bart. {d. 
1896) ; b. 1858 ; ?n. 1886, Cecilia D., dau. of sir 
Wm. Jas. Farrer, knt. ; D.L.. j.p. co. Ayr, capt. 
K.N. 1895-1908, ret. 1908, heir pres. to baronetcy : 
Naval and Military club ; Blairquhan Castle, 
Sfaybole, N.B. 

Blair, col. Frederick Gordon, C.B. (1900), 
T.D. (1909), only s. of capt. Wm. Fordyce 
Blair, r.n., d.L., J.p., of Blair, Ayrshire (d. 
1888); b. 1852; m. 1880, Mary E., dau. of 
Wm. Baird, of Elie and Rosemount ; D.L., 
J.p. Ayrshire, j.p. Rutland (sheriff 1886), 
and vice-chm. Territorial Force Assoc, from 
1908, late capt. 16 lancers, commd. mounted 
troops 8 divn. S. Africa 1900-1, It.-col. in the 
armj' 1900, It.-col. commdg.andhon. col.Leicester- 
shire T.Y. 1895-1904, hon. col. of the regt. from 
1906, .\.D.c. to the King from 1914 : Turf club; 
Ashwell Hall, Oakham ; Blair, Dairy, Ayrshiie. 

Blair, Hunter, j.p. (1907) Northumberland : 
Moor End, Gosforth, Newcastle-ou-Tyne. 

Blair, Reginald, youngest s. of late G. M. Blair, 
of Glasgow; b. 1881; M.P. (c.) Tower Hamlets 
(Bow and Bromley divn.) from 1912 : The Her- 
mitage, Harrow "Weald, Middlx. 

Blair, sir Robt., m.a. Edin., Loud.; 6. 
1859; VI. 1883, Ida Kathleen, dau. of late J. B. 
Westrup, of Kensington Park rd. W. ; education 
officer L.C.C. from 1904, knighted 1914: London 
County Council Education Oflfices, Victoria em- 
bankment,iW.C. ; 8 Crediton hill, Kilburn, N.AV. 

Blair, maj.-gen. Walter Chas. Hunter-, R.A., 
6 s. of sir Edwd. Hunter-Blair, 4 bart. (d. 1896) ; 
b. 1860 ; m. 1888, Ethel M., dau. of David Logan ; 
served in Soudan 1898, a.a.g. War Office 1913-14, 
maj.-gen. 1914. 

Blair, mrs.— Mary, dau. of late G. Y. Blair, of 
Drumrauck Hall, Hutton Rudby, Yorks ; m. 
1888, Percy Alex. Field Sadler, j.p. who assumed 

name of Blair in lieu of Sadler 1892, and d. iu 
1906) : Linden Grove, Hutton Rudby, Yarm. 

Blair-Imrie, capt. Hew Eras., eld. s. of col. 
Hy. Eras. Blair, r.e. late Bengal (d. 1908), and 
nephew of Wm. Thos. Taylor Blair-Imrie, of 
Lunan House, Forfarshire, j.p. (d. 1910) ; b. 
1873 ; m. 1907, Gladys, 3 dau. of late col. Eyre 
M. S. Crabbe, C.B., gren. gds., of Glen Eyre, 
Hants ; J.P. Forfarshire : Lunan House, Ar- 
broath, N.B. 

Blake, vide Aldrich-Blake. 

Blake, vide Jex-Blake. 

Blake, Arthur Carter, j.p. (1913) Gloucester- 
shii'e : The Deverells, Nailsworth, Stroud, Glos. 

Blake, Arthur Maurice, o.b. (1897), V.D., s. 
of late col. F. R. Blake, C.B., and nephew of 
late W. J. Blake, Danesbury, Welwyn ; b. 1862 ; 
in, 1881, Isabel, 2 dau. of J. S. Crawley, of 
Stockwood, Beds. ; capt. late gren, gds., It.-col. 
(hon. col. 1891) 1 vol. battn. Bedfordshire regt. 
1880-1900 ; D.L., J.P. Herts, sheriff of Rutland 
1887 : East Close, Hinton Admiral, Hants. 

Blake, col. Benjn. Watson, s. of W. Blake, 
of Wraxhall House, Wilts {d. 1879) ; b. 1846 ; 
m. 1874, Edith Georgiana, dau. (d. 1912) of late S. 
Pitman, of Oulton Hall, Norfolk ; J.P. Devon ; 
commd. 20 huss. 1885-9, ret. p. : Naval and 
Military club ; Bellair, Heavitree, Exeter. 

Blake, Chas. Fredk. Sapte, eld. s. of late Edwd. 
Fredk. Blake, of Shanklin Towers, I. of W. ; b. 
1869 ; m. 1893, Annie Ethel, 2 dau. of late John 
Rogerson, J.P. of Croxdale Hall, co. Durham ; 
admitted a solicitor 1902 : Cocoa Tree club ; 
Great Budbridge Manor, Godshill, I. of W. 

Blake, Chas, Joseph, b.a. Dublin, 2 s. of V. 
O'C. Blake, of Towerhill, co. Mayo, D.L., J.P. {d. 
1879) ; b. 1839 ; Irish barr. 1862, J.P. Queen's co. 
(sheriff 1895) and co. Galway : Raleigh and 
Stephen's Green clubs ; Heath House, Mary- 
borough, Queen's co.; Bunowen Castle, Clifden, 
CO. Galway. 

Blake, hon. Chas. Wm. Joseph Hy., eld. s. 
of 4 baron Wallscourt; b. 1875 ; m. 1897, Ellen, 
dau. of Joseph Mayo and widow of P. Boisset. 

Blake, sir Ernest Edwd., k.c.m.g. (1901), s. 
of rev. Edmund Blake, of Bramerton, Norfolk ; 
b. 1845 ; m. 1874, Catharine Isabella, dau. {d. 
1902) of late Alfred Blyth ; entd. Colonial Office 
1863, Crown Agent for the Colonies 1881-1909: 
Hawkshill, Leatherhead, Surrey. 

Blake, col. sir Eras. Douglas, 1 bart. (1907), 
B.A. Oxon., eld. s. of F. Blake, of Tillmouth 
Park, Northumb. {d. 1861); b. 1856; m. 1886, 
Selina C, eld. dan. of Jas. Cleland Burns, of 
Glenlee, Hamilton, N.B. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1881, D.L., J.P. (1901) Northumberland, It.-col. 
commdt. (hon. col. 1904) Northumb. r.g.a. (mil.) 
1901-8, hon. col. Northumb. b.f.rcs.a. from 
1908, hon. col. Northern Cyclist battn. from 
1913, vicechm. Northumberland Territorial 
Force Assoc, from 1908 {Heir, s. Eras. E. C, b. 



1893) : United University club ; Tillmouth Pk., 

Blake, col. Greo. Pilkington, only s. of J. B. 
Blake, of Thurston House, Suffolk, J.P. {d. 1874), 
by 4 dau. of late sir Thos. Pilkington, 7 bart. ; 
b, 1835 ; m. 1, 1860, Adeline, 3 dau. (d 1890) of 
Jas. King King, of Staunton Park, Leominster ; 
2, 1893, Adela Mary, dau. of Theobald Theobald, 
of Sutton Courtney Abbey, Abingdon, and 
widow of Thos. Duffield ; in Indian mutiny 
1857-8, It.-col. comdg. (hon. col.) Suffolk yeom. 
1876-87, J.P. Suffolk. 

Blake, Henry, 4 s. of late Alfred Blake, of 
Codford, Wilts, J.P. ; h. 1851 ; m. Catherine Eva, 
dau. of J. Gay ton, of Trowbridge, Wilts; J.P. 
(1905) Wilts : Elmhurst, Hilpertoa rd. Trow- 

Blake, sir Henry Arthur, g.C.M.G. (1897), 
p.R.G.s., eld. s. of Peter Blake, of Corbally 
Castle, CO. Gal way {d. 1851) ; h. 1840 ; m. 1, 1862, 
eld. dau. {d. 1866) of A. Irwin, of Ballymore, 
Boyle ; 2, 1874, Edith, eld. dau. of Ralph Bernal- 
Osborne, of Newtown Anner, co. Tipperary ; entd. 
R. Irish Constablj'. 1859, res. magist. ' 1876, 1 
of the 5 sped. res. magist. selected by govt, in 
1882; knt. of justice of ^St. John of Jeru- 
salem, D.L., J.P. CO. Cork, gov. of the Bahamas 
1884-7, of Newfoundland 1887-8, of Jamaica 
1888-97, of Hong Kong 1897-1903, of Ceylon 
1903-7 : Myrtle Grove Youghal, co. Cork ; Marl- 
boroughjBrooks's, and Kildare St.(Dublin) clubs. 

Blake, Henry Claude, M.v.o. 5 class (1903), 
3 s. of late John Lane Blake and nephew of sir 
Henry A. Blake, g.c.m.g., gov. of Ceylon 1903-7 ; 
b. 1874 ; VI. 1906, Emilie Jerrard ; Athlone 
pursuivant of Arms 1899-1907, late It. 3 vol. 
battn. R. Welsh Fus. ; esq. of order of St. John 
of JerusaleHi. 

Blake, Hy. Thos., 2 s. of Wm. Blake, of Ro3s. 
CO. Hereford; b. 1855; J.P. (1912) Hereford- 
shire : Rose Bank, Cantilupe rd. Ross, Here- 

Blake, capt. sir Herbert Acton, k.c.v.o. 
(1914), only s. of John Geo. Blake, of Win- 
chester ; b 1857 ; m. 1897, Lucy Grace, dau. of 
Jas. Thin, London ; deputy master of Trinity 
House from 1910, J.P. (1910) co. London: 48 
Kensington mansions, Trebovir rd. S.W. ; 
United Service club ; Puck's Croft, Rusper, 

Blake. John Heritage, j.p. (1900) Wilts: 
Beechfield, Melksham. 

Blake, John Wm., eld. s. of John Garson 
Blake, of Gosport, Hants ; b. 1845 ; J.P. (1908) 
Hants : Landguard, Anglesey rd. Alverstoke, 

Blake, It.-col. 'Llewellyn, only survg. s. of 
Maurice Blake, of Ballinafad, co. Mayo {d. 18 — ), 
by dau. and heiress of Marcus Lynch, of 
Cloghballymore, co. Galway ; b. 1842 ; maj. 
and hon. It.-col. late 3 battn. (mil.) Connaught 

Rangers, d.l. co. Mayo, J.P. co. Galway : 
Ballinafad, Drum, co. Mayo ; Cloghballymore, 
Kilcolgan, co. Galway. 

Blake, Luttrell Bruce, eld. s. of surg.-maj. 
Walter Blake {d. 1881) ; h. 18—; m. 1904, Lucy 
C. E., only dau. {d. 1907) of John N. Moore ; 
J.P. (1903) Carmarthenshire: PwUywhead, 
Whitlaud, Carmarthenshire. 

Blake, col. Malachi Locke, v.d., s. of Wm. 
Blake, of Bridge, Ilminster ; b. 1848 ; J.P. and 
c.A. Somerset : Bridge,South Petherton, Somerset. 

Blake, col. Maurice Chas. Joseph, c.B., eld. s. 
of V. O'C. Blake, of Towerhill, J.P., D.L. {d. 1879) ; 
b. 183S ; m. 1863, Jeannette, only dau. of R. P. 
O'Reilly, of Sans-Souci, co. Dublin ; J.P. co. 
Galway, J. P., D.L. co. Mayo (sheriff 1864), It.-col. 
(hon. col. 1886) commdg. 3 battn. (mil.) Con- 
naught rangers 1885-97 : United Service (Dublin) 
club ; Towerhill, Ballyglass, co. Mayo. 

Blake, sir Patrick James Graham, 5 bart. 
(1772), only s. of late rev. H.B. Blake, by only dau. 
of H. J. "Oakes of Nowton Court," Bury St. 
Edmunds, and grands, of 4 bart. ((/. 1880) ; b. 
I8t»l ; m. 1883, Emma Gertrude, only dau. of late 
Thns. Pilkington Dawson, of Groton House, 
Suffolk, lord of the manor of Bardwell, J.P. 
Suffolk; It. 3 battn. (mil.) Suffolk regt. 1880-4 
{IIeir,s. Cuthbert Patrick, b. 1885) : Orleans club ; 
Bardwell Manor, Ixworth, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Blake, Robt., eld. survg. s. of Hv. Blake {d. 
1858) ; 6. 1834 ; sheriff of Galway 1892 : Bally- 
glunin Park, Athenry, co. Galway. 

Blake, Robt., j.p. (1908) Somerset : Teabridge 
House, South Petherton, Somerset. 

Blake, Thos. Joseph, b.a. Trin. coll. Dub., 5 
s. of Valentine O'Connor Blake, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1879) ; b. 1849 ; Irish barr. 1873, memb. of Dub. 
Chamber of Commerce : Bunowen Castle, 
Clifden, co. Galwa}-. 

Blake, sir Thos. Patrick, 15 bart. (1622), of 
Menlough, eld. and only survg. s. of 14 bart. {d. 
1912); b. 1870; m. 1903, Evelyn Winifred, 
youngest dau. of Lewes Gower Stewart, of 
Ilfracombe {Heir, s. Ulick Temple, b. 1904). 

Blake, Wm. Earevvell, eld. s. of late Wm. 
Blake, of South Petherton, Somersetshire, D.L., 
J.P. {d. 1901) ; b. 1846 ; J.P. (1897) Somerset- 
shire : Bridge House, S. Petherton, Som. 

Blake, Wm. Heitland, M.A., 2 s. of rev. H. 
W. Blake, of Thurning, Norfolk ; b. 1852 ; m. 
1880, Catherine, dau. of rev. J. P. Hammond, 
of Sopley, Hants; J.P. (1908) Norfolk: Jun. 
Constitutional club ; Billingford Hall, North 
Elmham, Norfolk. 

Blake, dow. lady. — Camilla Eugenia, dan. of 
Harvey Combe, M.C.S. ; m. 1864, maj. sir 
Valentine Blake, 14 bart. of Menlough (d. 1912) : 
The Cottage, Hatch End, Middlx.^ 

Blake, hon. mrs. Mary Josephine, dau. of 3 
baron de Freyne ; b. 1860 ; ?». 1880, Valentine J. 
Blake, 3 s. of V. O'C. Blake, of Towerhill, co. 
Mayo, J.P., D.L. {d. 1879). 



Blake-Humfi'ey, It-col. Thos., 2 s. of Kobt. 
Blake-Humfrey, of Wrexham, Norfolk {d. 1886) ; 
b. 1844; served in Afghan war 1880, Burmese 
expdn. 1886-7, late The King's (Liverpool) regt., 
on ret. p., j.p. (1900) Norfolk: Naval and 
Military club ; HeggattHall, Horstead, Norwich. 

Blakemore, Benjn., J.p. (1910) Lancashire : 
Ingleside, Tyldesley, Manchester. 

Blakeney, Robt. John, 2 s. of John Blakeney, 
of Abbert and Castle Blakenev, co. Galway, d.l,, 
J.P. {d. 1901); b. 1858; m. 1897, Katherine E., 
dau. of Wm. Batt, of Cackenfy, and widow of 
Fredk. H. Windham : Abbert, Ballyglunin, co. 

Blaker, sir John Geo., s. of J. G. Blaker, 
of Brighton ; 6. 1864 ; m. 1890, Lily, dau. of 
Samuel Cowell ; j.p. Brighton, aldm, from 1892, 
mayor 1895-6,1896-7 and 1897-8, knighted 1897 : 
The Romans, Stanford avenue, Brighton. 

Blakesley, Geo. Blockley, j.p. (1904) Derby- 
shire : 89 Market st. Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 

Blakesley, Geo. Holmes, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. 
of late very rev. J. W. Blakesley, dean of 
Lincoln ; b. 1846 ; m. 1878, Alice A., youngest 
dau. of late rev. canon Wm. S. Gilly, vicar of 
Norham; barr.Lincoln's Inn 1872, chancellor of 
the diocese of Peterborough 1891-1907, clerk to 
the Mercers' Co. from 1907 : 14Nevern rd. S.W. ; 
Mercers' Hall, 4 Ironmonger lane, E.C. 

Blakeway, ven. Chas. Edwd., d.d. Oxon., 
2 s. of Roger Chas. Blakeway, of Wootton Hall, 
Salop ; 6. 1868 ; m. 1894, Martha, dau. of Albert 
Antisdel, of Chicago, U.S.A. ; asst. master at 
Malvern College, Worcs. 1895-1902, asst. curate 
at the Priory, Gt. Malvern 1900-02, vie. of Dun- 
ston with Coppenhall, Stafford from 1902, archd. 
of Stafford from 1911 preb. of Ufton Decani in 
Lichfield Cath. 1912-14, canon res. of Lichfield 
Cath.from 1914 exam, chapln. to bp.of Lichfield 
from 1913: Dunston Vicarage, Stafford; The 
Close, Lichfield. 

Blakeway, maj. Denys Brooke, c.i.E., (1908), 
served with expdn. against the Zakka Khels and 
Mohmands 1908. 

Blakiston, rev. Herbert Edwd. Douglas, d. d. 
Oxon., eld. and only survg. s. of rev. Douglas 
Yeoman Blakiston, m.a., late vicar of East 
Grinstead, Suss-ex ; b. 1862 ; fell., lectr. and tutor 
of Trin. Coll. Ox. 1887-1907, jun, bursar 1898- 
1907, pro-proctor 1896-7, jun. proctor 1899-1900, 
Univ. auditor 1902-13, pres. of Trinity coll. 
Oxon. from 1907 : Trinity College, Oxford. 

Blakiston, sir Horace Nevile.5 bart. (1763), 
nephew of 4 bart. (d. 1883) ; b. 1861 {Heir, bro. 
Chas. Edwd., b. 1862) : Lynton, Westby rd. Bos- 
combe, Bournemouth. 

Blakiston-HoTiston. John, eld. s. of R. B. 
Blakiston-Houston, of Orangefield, co. Down {d. 
1857) ; b. 1829 ; m. 1859, Marian, dau. {d. 1893) 
of R. S. Streatfeild. of The Rocks, Sussex ; j.p., 
D.L. and H.M. vice-lieut. of the co. Down (sheriff 

1860), M.P. (c.) N. Down 1898-1900: Carlton 
club ; Orangefield and Reddens, Belfast. 

Blaksley, maj .-gen. John, It.-col. commdg. 
(col. 1885) The Buffs, 1882-6, ret. p. 1886 : Jun. 
United Service club. 

Blarney, John Hitchens, 2 s.of Philip Blamey, 
of Cusgarne, Cornwall ; b. 1852 ; m. Anna Mary, 
dau. of W. P. Cubitt, of Bacton Grange, Nor- 
folk ; J.p. (1914) Cornwall: National Liberal 
club ; Pencubitt, Li-skeard, Cornwall. 

Blamey, Wm. Collider, j.p. (1908) Cornwall : 
Penare, Veryan, Cornwall. 

Blanc, lady.— Stella, dau. of Eyre Burton 
Powell, C.S.I. ; m. 1877, dep. surg.-gen. sir 
H}-. Julius, Blanc. K.c.v.o., M.D., Ino. med. serv. 
{d. 1911) : Villa Manonka, Cannes, France. 

Bland, vide Davison- Bland. 

Bland, Chas., j.p. (1908) E.R. Yorks : Wesley 
pi. Howden. 

Bland, maj. -gen. Edwd. Loftus, r.e., s. of rev. 
R. W. Bland, of Abbeyville, Whiteabbey ; b. 
1829 ; m. 1859, Emma F. dau. of R. F. Franks, 
of Jerpoint, co. Kilkenny ; ret. p. 1887 : Wood- 
bank, Whiteabbey, co. Antrim. 

Bland. Fras. Lawrence, eld. s. of Fras. Maltby 
Bland, of Emneth, Norfolk, D.L., j.p. ; b. 1873 ; m. 
1899, Mabel Barbara, dau. of late John V. G och, 
of Bracknell, Berks; j.p. (1900) Isle of Ely: 
Public Schools club ; Rookwood, Copdock, 

Bland, Fras. Maltby, eld. s. of late Fras. 
Lawrence Bland, of Snaresbrook, Essex ; b. 1845 ; 
m. 1872, Fdith R., eld. dau. {d. 1910) of late 
H. F. Barclay, of Monkhams, Essex, D.L.. j.p. ; 
is D.L. Cambridgesbire, J.P. Norfolk and Isle of 
Ely, dep. chm. of quart, sess. for Isle of Ely : 
Isthmian and Public Schools clubs; Inglethorpe 
Manor, Emneth, Norfolk. 

Bland, Humphrey Loftus, s. of John Loftus 
Bland, of Blandsfort, Queen's co., D.L., J.P. 
{d. 1908) ; b. 1869 ; m. 1900, Muriel Elsie, only 
dau. of late John Scott, of Elmstead Grange, 
Chislehurst ; sheriff co. Wicklow 1905, D.L., J.P. 
Queen's co. (sheriff 1912), late It. 5 Fus.. Kildare 
St. (Dublin) club ; Blandsfort, Abbejleix, 
Queen's co. 

Bland, Robt. Norman, c.m.g. (1910), b.a. 
Trin. coll. Dub., eld. s. of maj.-geu. Edwd. 
Loftus Bland, R.E., of Woodbank, Whiteabbey, 
CO. Antrim ; b. 1859 ; m. 1895, Laura, eld. dau. 
of late Thos. Shelford, C.M.G. ; residt. councillor 
Penang, Straits Settlements 1907-10, ret. 1910: 
Sports club. 

Bland, Thos. Elsey, J.P. Essex : The Friary, 

Bland-Sutton, sir John, f.r.c.s. Eng., ll.d. 
(h.iu.) Aberd., s. of Chas. Wm. Sutton, by 
Elizabeth, dau. of Joseph Wadsworth, of Long 
Buckby, Northants ; 6. 1855 ; in. as his 2 wife, 
Edith Heather-Bigg (ladv of grace of St. John 
of Jerusalem) ; surg. to Middlx. Hosp.. memb. of 
cancer investig. comttee. and of council E. Coll. 




of Surg. England, knighted 1912: 47 Brook 
itreet, W. ; Garrick club. 

Blandford, marq. of, John Albert Edwd. 
Wm. Spencer Churchill, eld. s. of duke of Marl- 
borough ; b. 1897. 

Blandford, Joseph Whitfield, l.r.c.p. Edin., 
M.R.c.s. Eng., v.D. (1903), 4 8. of Thos. Blandford, 
of Corbridge, Northumb, ; h. 1847 ; in. 1875, 
dau. of Jas. Fowler, J. p., of Durham : col. 1902, 
late asst. dir. of medical forces, Northumbrian 
Territorial divn., hon. physician to the King 
from 1910, J.P. (1904^ and c.A. co. Durham : 
Auxiliary Forces club ; The Manor, Norton, 

Blandford, marciiioness of, lady Alberta F., 
dau. of 1 duke of Abercom, K.G. ; m. 1869, 
marq. of Blandford (afterwards 8 duke of Marl- 
borough, d. 1892) (she obtained a divorce 1883) : 
108 Park at. W. 

Blandy, Henry Bilson, 2 b. of Wm. Blandv, 
of Westwood, Berks, J. p. {d. 1873) ; b, 1828 ; m. 
1854, Jane, only dau. {d. 1912) of late Griffiths 
Williams Morris, of Barnet, Herts and Clyn- 
saithman, Cardiganshire ; J.P. Berks and Reading 
(mayor 1871, 3 and 1878, 80, hon. freedom con- 
ferred 1907) : Jun. Constitutional, Primrose and 
Berkshire clubs ; Mertonford, Wokingham. 

Blajidy, misses Grace E. F. and Agnes M. C. 
A., daus. of late Fredc. Blandy, of Birchamp 
House, Gloucestershire, j.p. {d. 1896) : Birchamp 
House, Newland, Coleford, Glos. 

Blandy-Jenkirus, col. John, eld. s. of late J. 
Blandy, of Kingston Bagpuize, Berks ; b. 1839 ; 
m. 1, 1861, Alice M., 3 dau. {d. 1895) of late C. W. 
Faber, of Northaw, Herts ; 2, 1897, Elizabeth N. 4 
dau. of late maj.-gen. G. Drurv, R.M.L.I., of 
North Huish, Devon ; is j.p. Glamorgan, D.L.. 
J.P. Berks (sheriff 1866); assumed, by royal 
licence, name of Jenkins, 1858 ; It.-col. (hon. col. 
18S7)3battn (mil.) R. Berks regt. 1886-8 : Union 
club ; Llanharan House, Pontyclun, Glamorgan. 

Blane, commdr. sir Chas. Rodney, 4 bart. 
(1812), R.N., eld. 8. of capt. Arthur Rodney 
Blane, R.N. {d. 1890), and nephew to It.-gen. 
sir Seymour John Blane, 3 bart., c.B. (rf. 1911) ; 
6. 1879 ; m. 1912, Amy, dau. of col. G. F. Leverson ; 
commdr. R.N. 1912, officer of order of St. 
Maurice and St. Lazarus {Eeir, bro. Jas. P., b. 
1883) : Naval and Military club. 

Blane. Edwd., j.p. (1912) Flints : York bldgs. 
Connah's Quay, nr. Chester. 

Blane, capt. Gilbert Gordon, eld. survg. s. of 
Gilbert Jas. Blane {d. 1881) j b. 1851 ; m. 1888, 
Mabel A., 8 dau. of late adml. hon. Keith Stewart, 
C.B., and granddau. of 8 earl of Gallo\\ay, k.t. ; 
late capt. Scots gds., j.p. (1886) Berks : Guards' 
and Wellington clubs ; Seaforth, Nairn, N.B. 

Blane, lady.— m. 1, Henry Biake, of Boston, 
Massachusetts; 2, 1903, It.-gen. sir Seymour 
John Blane, 3 bart., c.B. (d. 1911) : 37 Lowndes 

fot. s.w. 

Blanshard, Joseph Dixon, s. of ThoS. 
Blanshard, of North Killingholme, co. Lincoln ; 
h. 1849 ; in. 1873, Emma, dau. of Jas. Field, of 
Liverpool ; J.P. (1908) Parts of Lindsey, Lines : 
Alderlea, Bardney, Lincoln. 

Blatliwasrt, Geo. Wm. Wynter, 2 s. of rev. 
WynterThos. Blathwayt, M.A. of DyrhamPark, 
co.Glo.s. (J. 1909^ ; b. 1853; m. 1893, Grace, dau. 
of maj. ChadwicK, of Findhorn House, Forres, 
N.B. ; J.p. (1908)Wilt8 : Brooks's and Wellington 
clubs ; Melksham House, Melksham. 

Blathwayt, Robt. Wynter, eld. s. of rev. 
Wynter Thos. Blathwayt, of Dyrham Park, 
Glo'stershire (J. 1909); h. 1850; m. 1879, 
Margaret Ermentrude, dau. of Hy Chandos- 
Pole-Gell, of Hopton Hall. co. Derby : j.p. 
(1911) Gloucestershire : Boodle's club; Dyrham 
Park, Chippenham. 

Blaxland, vice-adml. John Edric, s. of Geo, 
Blaxland, of Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C; b. 184^ 
m. 1894, Alison Johnstone, dau. of late sir Jas 
Roffey, K.C.B., chief insp. luiichinery, R.N. ; mid 
of "Euryalus" at bombardment of Kagosima, 
Japan, 1863, and of batteries at Simonseki 
18r)4, first It. of *' Alexandi-a " at bombardment of 
Alexandria 1882, landed with naval brig, and 
present at action of Tel-el-Kebir; ret. 1902, 
vice-aflml. on ret. list 1907 : The Grange, Peters- 
field, Hants. 

Blaydes, Thos. John, j.p. (1894) parts of 
Lindsey, Lines : Rose Villa, Epworth, Doncaster. 

Bleasby, Hy., eld. s. of Wm. Bleasby, of 
Hambleton, Yorks ; b. 1849 ; m. 1900, dau. 'of F. 
Winnicott, of Plymouth, Devon ; j.p. (1907) co. 
London : National Liberal and City Liberal clubs. 

Blech, Edwd. Chas., c.m.g. (1910), s. of late 
Joseph E. Blech, of Dulwich ; b. 1861 ; m. 1895, 
Helen L., dau. of late capt. David S. Ogilvy, of 
Corrimony, Inverness-shire ; consul at Jerusalem 
1906-9, consul-gen. at Port Said from 1909: 
British Consulate-General, Port Said. 

Bleokly, John Jas., 2 s. of Hy. Bleckly, of 
Daresbury Lodge, Altrincham, Cheshire, J.P. {d. 
1890) ; b. 1842 ; m. 1871, Emma, dau. of John 
Rylands, of Thelwall, Cheshire; J.P. Lanca- 
shire : Daresbury Lodge, Altrincham. 

Blenoowe, Geo. ; b. 1843 ; m. 1880, Lucy, dau. 
of F. W. King, of Bury St. Edmunds ; J.P. 
Suffolk : Ixworth Abbey, Bury St. Edmunds ; 
Abbey Hill, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Blenoo'we, Hy. Prescott (Jeo., eld. a. of late 
Everard Blencowe ; b. 1858 ; m. 1908, Hannah 
Mary, eld. dau. of Joseph Jowitt, of Bishop 
Thornton, Yorks, and widow of Nicholas 
Fabyan Dawe ; is j.p. (1888) Essex ; late maj. 3 
battn. (mil.) Bord. regt.: 40 Montagu sq. W. ; 
Jan. Carlton club ; Thoby Priory, Brentwood 

Blencowe, John Ingham, j.p. (1903) Sussex : 
Cinder Farm, Chailey, Sussex. 

Blencowe, Robt. Campion, eld. s. of John 
Geo. Blencowe, of Bineham, Sussex, M.p., D.L., 



1.1\ (d. 1000); b. 186S; in. 1886, Augusta 
Frederica, 3 dau. (d. 1905) of F. Newton Dicken- 
son, of Syston Court, Bath; J.P. (1901) Hants: 
Xaval and Military club ; Bineham, Chailey, 

Blenkin, very rev. Geo. Wilfrid, M. A. Cantab., 
only s. of late rev. canon G. B. Blenkin, of 
Boston, Lines : h. 1861 ; vi. 1903, Katherine 
Anne, dau. of late Owen March, of Rochdale. 
Lanes ; vicar of Hitchin, Herts 1913-14, dean of 
St. Albans from 1914 : The Deanery, St. Albans. 

Blenkinsop, Edwd. Robt. Kaye, c.i.E. (1911), 
Tnd. C.S. 1892, commr. of settlts. and dir. of land 
records, Central Pro v. from 1909. 

Bleiikinsop, Wm. Edmund Brandford, s. of 
Hy. Blenkinsop, of Warwick ; b. 1866 ; m. 1879. 
Eliza A., dau. of EyareKing, of Barbadoes, W.I.; 
J.P. Surrey and co. London: 29 - Earlslield rd. 
Wandsworth Common, S.W. ; Church rd. Batter- 
sea, S.W. 

Blennerhassett. Arthur, only s. of C. J. A. W. 
Blennerhassett, of Ballyseedy, co. Kerry, j.P. {d. 
1859) ; b. 1856 ; in. 1882, Clara Nesta R., only 
dau, of the Knight of Glin, of Glin Castle, co. 
Limerick, d.l. ; D.L., J.P. co. KeiTy (sheriff 1878), 
late maj. 4 battn. (mil.) R. Munster Fus. : Bally- 
aeedy House, nr. Tralee, co. Kerry ; Kildare St. 
club, Dublin. 

Blennerliassett, sir Arthur Chas. Fras. 
Bernard, 5 bart. (1809), B.A. Oxon., eld. s. of 4 
bart., P.C. {d. 1909) by countess Charlotte, only 
dau. of count de Leyden ; b. 1871 ; m. 1899, 
Mary Frances, only dau. of late baron von 
Aretin, of Haidenbm-g, Bavaria; entd. Ind. C.S. 
1895, asst. commr. and und. sec. Central Prov. 
(Heir, s. Marmaduke C. H. J., b. 1902) : Savile 
and Wellington clubs. 

Blennerhassett, col. Blennerhassett Mont- 
gomerie, c.M.G. (1896), L.R.c.P.i.; b. 1850 ; served 
in Ashanti expdn. 1895, col. R.A.M.C. 1902-6, ret. 
p. 1906 : Naval and Military club. 

Blennerhassett, Richd. Fras. Ponsonby, only 
s. of Rowland Ponsonby Blennerhassett, K.c, 
of Kells, CO. Kerry, M.P., j.P. {d. 1913) ; b. 1879 ; 
m. 1914, Silvia, only dau. of late Fredc. W. H. 
Myers, of Leckhampton, Cambridge ; assoc. 
memb. of Inst. Civil Engrs. and Inst. Electrical 
Engrs : 52 Hans pi. S.W. ; Brooks's club ; Kells, 
CO. Kerry. 

Blennerhassett, dow. lady. — Countess 
Charlotte, only dau. of count de Leyden ; m. 
1870, rt. han. sir Rowland Blennerhasgett, 4 bart., 
P.O., M.P., D.L., J.P. (d. 1909). 

Blewitt, maj. -gen. Wm. Edwd., C.B. (1908), 
C.M.G. (1900), II.A., s. of late Wm. Blewitt, of tbe 
Dove House, Pinner ; 6. 1864 ; m. 1884, Harriett 
A., dau. of late Jas. Rigby, of Moss House, West 
Derby, and widow of R. A. FitzG^rald ; served 
in S. African war 1899-1900, commdg. Southern 
coast defences from 1911, maj. -gen. 1911 : 
Government House, Portsmouth; Army and 
Navy club. 

Blezard, Geo. onlv 3. of Robt. Blezal'd, Pool 
Park, Ruthin, J.P. (di906) ; b. 1865 ; in. 1889, hon. 
Katharine Frances, 2 dau. of 7 vise. Chetwynd, 
b. 1865 ; capt. (hon. maj. 1895) late Denbighshire 
huss. yeom., J.P. (1886) Denbighshire : 40 Gros- 
venor pi. S.W. ; Carlton, Jun. Carlton and 
Cavalry clubs ; Cloverley, Whitchurch, Shrop- 

Bligrh, hon. Arthur Frederick, 3 s. of 6 earl of 
Damley ; b. 1865 : 8 Berkeley House, Hay Hill, 
Berkeley sq. W. 

Bligrh, Lodovick Edwd., s. of rev. the hon. 
Edwd. Vesey Bligh, of Fartherwell, Kent, d.l., 
J.P. (d. 1908), and grands, of 5 earl of Darnley ; 
b. 1864 ; m. 1886, Marion, dau. of rev. F. A. 
Stewart-Savile. of Kilmorie, Devon ; J.P, Kent, 
capt. (hon. maj 1887) 3 battn. (mil.) The Buffs 
(E. Kent regt.) 1872-89 : Constitutional club ; 
Cambria House, Minehead, Somerset. 

Bligrh, hon. Noel Gervase, 2 s. of 8 earl of 
Darnlev; b. 1888; m. 1912, Mary Jack, dau. of 
late capt. G. A. Frost ; It. Rif. brig, in 1911, It.- 
gen. res. of officers from 1912. 

Bligrh, Stanley Price Morgan, only s. of Oliver 
Morgan Bligh, of Cilmery Park, co. Brecon, J.P. 
{d. 1886) ; b. 1870 : m. 1898, Matilda A., dau. of 
maj. John Wilson, late R. Scots Greys; barr. 
Inner Temple 1895, J.P. Brecknockshire : 28 
Grosvenor rd. S.W. ; 4 Pump court, Temple, 
E.C. ; Cilmery Park, Llanganten, Builth, Breck- 

BHgrh, lady Dorothy Violet, dau. of 8 earl of 
Darnley ; b. 1893. 

Bligrh, lady Alice, dau. of 6 earl of Damley 
b. 1860. 

Bligh, hon. mrs. Henry.— Anne E. D., 3 dau. 
of late It.-col. Butler, 36 foot ; m. 1883, as his 2 
wife, rev. the hon. Henry Bligh {d. 1905), s. of 5 
earl of Darnley ; Prior's Barton, Winchester. 

Bligh, lady Isabel Mary Frances, 3 dau. of 4 
earl of Abergavenny ; b. 1831 ; m. 1854, rev. the 
hon. Edwd. Vesey Bligh, of Fartherwell, Kent, 
D.L., J.P. {d. 1908) : Portman sq. W. ; Farther- 
well, West Mailing, Kent. 

BUgrht, Wm. Walter, j.p. (1911) Devon: 
Byron Villa, Admirals Hard, East Stonehouse, 

Bliss, maj. Chas., c.i.E. (1914); b. 1871; 
served with "Tibet expdn. 1903-4, commdt. Naga 
Hills mily. police battn. Assam, maj. Ind. army 

Bliss, sir Hy. Wm., k.c.i.b. (1897), b.a. Oxon., 
s. of rev. J. Bliss, rect. of Manningiord Bruce, 
Wilts; b. 1840 ; m. 1, 1863, Mary, dau. (d. 1876) 
of Edmund Rendle, M.D., of Plymouth ; 2, 1879, 
Edith, dau. (d. 1898) of late Jas. Wheeler, of Gt. 
Cumberland pi. W. ;-3, 1900, Florence, dau. of 
sir Fredk. J. Bramwell, 1 and last bart. {d. 1903) ; 
I.C.S. 1863-98, memb. of board of rev. and commr. 
of salt and Abkdri and separate rev. 1886-91, land 
rev. commr. 1891-3, memb. of council of gov. of 




Madras 1893-8, 1901-7 ; J.P. (1909) Berks: 
Carlton club ; The Abbey, Abingdon. 

Bliss, maj. Jas. Arthur ; b. 1870 ; served in 
operations in Chin Hills. Burma 1892-8, Tirah 
expdn. 1897-8, S. African war 1900-2, and Tibet 
1903-4, maj. Ind. army 1908. 

Bliss, Joseph, eld. 8. of rev. Joseph Bliss, of 
Carlisle, Cumberland ; b. 1853 ; m. 1891, Margaret, 
dau. of J. McClymont, of Borgue Hall, Kirk- 
cudbrightshire ; J.P. (190(5) Lancashire : Royal 
Societies and National Liberal clubs ; Boarbank 
Hall, Grange-over-Sands, Lanes. 

Blissett, Henry Frederick, c.m.g. (1874), s. of 
late capt. Hy. Blissett, 77 regt. ; b. 1847 ; in. 
Ellen M., dau. of late John Rogers Wheeler ; 
clerk in war dept. 1867-9, trans, to African Com- 
missariat as assist, commiss. 1869, commiss. 1876, 
ret. 1882, priv. sec. and clerk of council. Gold 
Coast 1870-1, clerk of council, actg.-treas. and 
actg.-col. sec. 1871-2, control off. with capt. sir J. 
H. Glover's force in Ashanti war 1873-4, auditor- 
gen. W. African Settlements 1876-81, J.i'. Sierra 
Leone 1880, commr. for accounts Falkland Islands 
1882-3, Gold Coast 1884-6. 

Blizard, Geo. Pearce, J.P. (1913) co. London : 
Cotswold, Rusholme rd. Putney Heath la., B.W. 

Block, sir Adam Samuel Jas.. k.c.m.g. (1907), 
s. of late Adam H. G. Block, l.C.S. ; b. 1856 ; m. 
1882, Louisa C, eld. dau. of late Robt. Cumber- 
batch, consul at Smyrna ; entd. the Levant 
confrular service 1877, vice-consul, Beyrout 1882, 
interpreter to embassy, Constantinople 1885, 
Oriental sec. and chief dragoman 1894, sec. of 
legation 1902, elected by council of foreign bond- 
holders to be delegate of British bondholders on 
council of the Ottoman debt at Constantinople 
1903, of which he is alternative pres., dir. of 
National Bank of Turkey and of the Salonica 
Junction Railw., rep. of Bank of England on 
board of Constantinople Quay Co., pres. of 
British chamber of commerce of Turkey ; grand 
cordon of order of Osmanieh (1905) : 'Constan- 

Bloexnfontein, 6 bp. of (1863). rt. rev. Arthur 
Chandler, m.a. Oxon., fell, and tutor of Brasenose 
coll. Oxon. 1883-90, rect. of Poplar, E. 1891-1901, 
bp. of Bloemfontein, S.A. from 1901 : Bishop'p 
Lodge, Bloemfontein, S. Africa. 

Blofeld, John Calthorpe, only s. of Thos. 
Calthorpe Blofeld, of Hoveton House, Norfolk, 
J.P. {d. 1908); b. 1875; J.P. (1903) Norfolk: 
Hoveton House, Norwich. 

Blofeld, rev. Robert Singleton, m.a. Cantab, 
2 8. of rev. T. J. Blofeld, of Hoveton, Noi-folk, 
D.L., J.P. {d. 1881) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1867, Fanny L., 
dau. of rev. Wm. Boycott, rect. of Burgh St. 
Peter, Norfolk ; j.p. Norfolk ; rect. from 1894 of 
Sparham, Norwich. 

Blois, rev. Gervase Yanneck, M.A. Cantab., 6 
8. of sir John Ralph Blois, 8 bart. {d. 1888) ; 6. 
1881 ; m. 1914, hon. Hester Murray, 5 dau. of 3 

baron Hampton (d. 1906); K 1893; rect. frOm 
1913, of Easton, "SVickham Market, Suffolk. 

Blois, sir Rnlph Barrett Macnaghten, 9 bart. 
(1686). eld. s. of 8 bart. {d. 1888) ; b. 1866 ; m. 
1898, Winifred G. H., young, dau. of col. E. 
Hegan Kennard, of 3 Chesterfield gdns. W. ; 
D.i.., J.P. Suffolk (sheriff 1905), It. Scots gds. 
1886-96, capt. reserve of officers from 1902 
{Heir, 8. Gervase Ralph Edmund, b. 1901): 
33 Dover st.W. ; Cockfield Hall,Yoxford,Suffolk. 

Blois, dow.-iady. — Eliza E., dau. of capt. A. 
Cbapman,R.N. ; m. 1865, sir John R.Bloie, 8 bart. 
{d. 1888) : 8 Ennisraore gdns. S.W. 

Bloznefield, Edwd. Hugh, m.v.o. 4 cla?3 
(1914), 2 8. of rev. Samuel Edwd. BlomefieM, 
rect. of Buraham Sutton and vicar of Overy, 
Norfolk {d. 1903), and grands, of sir Thos. Wm. 
Blomefi.ld, 2 bart. (rf. 1858); h. 1852; »t. 1888, 
Lilian Emily, dau. of late rev. Hy. Augustus 
Marsh, vicar ofj Tuxford, Notts; Lloyd's agent 
and marine supt. of S.E. and Chatham Railway 
Co. at Calais, vice-consul at Calais from 1898 : 
British Vice-Consulate, Calais, France. 

Blomefield, sir Thomas Wilmot Peregrine, 4 
bart. (1807), c.B. (190;<), eld.s. of 3 bart. ; 6. 1848; 
TO. 1874, Lilias, dau. of maj. hon. Chas. Napier ; 
priv. sec. to pres. of board of trade 1878-80, asst. 
sec. board of trade (finance dept.) 1901-08 (//e/r, 
g. commdr. Thos. Chas. Alfred, R.N., b. 1876) : 
Windmill House, Lichfield. Staffs. 

Blomfield, Alfred, s. of late Joseph L. Blom- 
field, of Half-tead ; m. 1901, Florence, youngest 
dau. of late Josejih Sankey, of Goldthorn House, 
Wolverhampton; J.P. (1906) Essex: Orange 
Hall, Gosfield, nr. Halstead. 

Blomfield, maj. -gen, Chas. Jas., c.B. (1904), 
D.R.o. (1x98), 2 8. of late rev. Geo. Jn. Blomfield, 
of Aldington. Kent, and of Isabella, dau. of rt. 
rev. Chas. Jas. Blomfield, late bp. of London ; b. 
1855 ; m. 1881, Henriette, dau. of maj. Edwd. 
Briscoe, 20 regt. ; served with Soudan expdn. 
1898, S. African war 1899-1901, commdg. 1 
(Peshawar) divn. N. army, India from 1912, maj.- 
gen. 1907, col. Lancashire Fus. from 1914 : 
Ch'-rat. India ; Army and Navy club. 

Blomfield, Reginald, ii.A. (1914), A.R.A. (1905), 
M.A. Oxon., F.S.A., 3 g. of late rev. Geo. Johi: Blom- 
field, of Aldington, Kent, and of Isabella, dau. 
of rt. rev. Chas. Jas. Blomfield, late bp. of Lon- 
don ; b. 1856 ; m. 1886, Frances, dau. of late Henry 
Burra, of Springfield, Rye, Sussex ; hon. fell, of 
Exeter coll. Oxford, pres. Roy. Inst, of Brit. 
Architects 1912-14, otiicier de I'instruction 
publique et des beaux arts: 51 Frognal, Hamp- 
stead; Newcourt, Temple, E.G.; Athenaeum and 
Arts clubs ; Point Hill, Rye, Sussex. 

Blomfield, rear-adml. sir Richd. Massie, 
K.C.M.G. (1904), 3. of late rev. G. B. Blomfield, 
of Mollington Hall, Chester ; b. 1835 ; m. 1877, 
Rosamund Selina. dau. of late rt. rev. Chas. 
Graves, D.D., bp. of Limerick ; served throughout 
Crimean campaign 1854-6, Azoff expdn. 1855, 



nerved in Egyptian war 1882, rear-adnil. ret. list 
1889, controller Poi-t of Alexandria 1879-87, dep. 
controller-gen. of Egyptian ports and lighthouses 
and controller Port of Alexandria 1888-1900, 
controUer-genl. E.P. and L.H. 1901-5 and director- 
gen. 1905-8 ; 3 class Osmanieh, 1 class Medjidie, 
rot. 1908 : 35 Holland Park avenue, W. ; United 
Service club. 

Blomfield, lady. — Sara L., dau. of late M. J. 
Rj'an ; m. 1887, as his 2 wife, sir Arthur Wai. 
Blomfield, knt., a.r.a,, ((/. 1899). 

Blood, gen. sir Bindon, G.c.B. (1909), R.E., eld. 
8. of Wm. Bindon Blood, of Cranaher, co. Clare, 
J. p. {d. 1894); b. 1842; m. 1883, Charlotte E. 
dau. of sir Auckland Colvin, K.c.S.i., K.C.M.G.; 
served in Jowaki Afreedee expdn. 1877-8; Zulu 
war 1879; Afghan war 1880; Egyptian war 1882 ; 
chief staff officer, Chitral relief force 1895, 
commd. Malakand field force 1897 and the Buner 
field force 1898, commd. a divn. in 8. African war 
1901; gen. 1906. ret. 1907, col. commdt. R.E. 
from 1914 : 183 St. James' court, Buckingham 
crate, S.W. ; Naval and Military, Marlborough 
irul ilanelagh clubs. 

Blood, Chas. Fitzgerald, eld. s. of John Blood, 
of Ballykilty, co. Clare (d. 1912); b. 1879; 
m. 1914, Gladys, elder dau. of sir Jas. Thos. 
V.''oodhouse, knt. : Ballykilty, Quin, co. Clare. 

Blood, John Neptune, M.A., b.c.l. Oxon., v.d., 
only s. of Fr^s. Gamble Blood, maj. G9 regt. {d 
1881) ; b. 1869 ; barr. Inner Temple 1893, maj. 5 
bittn. Gloucestershire regt. 1908-9 : Huntley 
Coutt, nr. Gloucester. 

Blood, hon. mrs. Geraldine Mary, eld. dau. of 
14 baron Inchiquin ; m. 1. 1886, Thos. Geo. 
Stacpoole Mahon, of Corbally, co. Clare, D.L., 
J.P. {d. 1906); 2, 1908, John Blood, of Bally- 
kilty, CO. Clare {d. 1912) : Corbally, Quin, co. 

Bloomfield, col. Alfred, 3 s. of late capt. 
Ed A-in Bloomfield, of Gt. Glemham, Suffolk ; b. 
1837 ; m. 1877, Amy C, dau. of Gordon Forlong, 
of New Zealand ; B.S.C., served 8 yrs. in Royal 
Scots and 27 yrs. in B.S.C., 25 yrs. dist. magis- 
trate and J.P. Cent. Provinces, India ; J.P. 
Suffolk and c.C. E. Suffolk rural dist. council, 
Plomesgate dist. : Glemham Grove, nr. Sax- 

Bloomfield, maj. Fredk. "Wm., late 6 drag,, s. 
of — Bloomfield; b, 18— ; ?n. 1886, hon. Ethel 
L., 2 dau. of 1 baron Playfair, p.c, K.c.B. 

Bloor, Jas., 2 s. of Thos. Bloor, of Congleton, 
Cheshire; j.p. (1901), Brecknockshire : Plasgeler, 
Brynmawr, Brecknockshire. 

Blosse, Edwd. Falconer Lynch-, 3 s. of vei-y 
rev. Hy. Lynch-Blosse, dean of Llandaff {d. 
1879) ; b. 1853; m. 1883, Eiith C, dau. of rev. 
Geo. Alfred Walker, vicar of Chidham, Sussex ; 
J.P. (1901) Glamorganshire. 

Blosse, sir Henry Lynch-, 11 bart. (1622), 
eld. 8. of 10 bart. {d. 1893) by dau. of 2 marq. 
of SUgo ; b, 1857 ; D.I^., j.p. CO. Mayo (sheriff 

1897) {Heir, bro. capt. Robt., 6. 1861) : Kildare 
St. and Roy. St George's Yacht clubs ; Atha- 
vallie, Balla, co. Mayo. 

Blount, vide Riddell-Blount. 

Blount, Edwd. Aston Chas. Marie, only s. 
of Hy. Edmund Blount, d.l. (d. 1911), and 
grands, of sir Edwd. Chas. Blount, k.c.b., of 
Imberhorne Manor, Sussex (d. 1905) ; b. 1874 ; 
tn. 1897, Clara Maret, dau. of due de Bassano ; 
J.P. (1900) Sussex: Imberhorne Manor, E. Grin- 
stead, Sussex. 

Blount, Hugh Fras., 5 s. of sir Edwd. Blount, 
8 bart. {d. 1881) ; 6. 1844; vi. 1883, Frances, dau. 
of Samuel Johnson, M.D.; J.P. (1907) Worcester- 
shire : Sodington Rock, Bewdley. 

Blount, Stephen, 3 s. of sir Edward Blount, 
8 bart. {d. 1881); b. 1840; m. 1874, Elizabeth, 
dau. of W. Worswick, of Noi-manton Hall and 
Birstall, co. Leicester ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1863, 
J.P. Staffordshire : Loxley Hall, Uttoxeter. 

Blount, sir Walter de Sodington, 9 bart. 
(1642), eld. 8. of 8 bart. {d. 1881) ; b. 1833 ; m. 
1870, Bessie, dau. of J. Z. Williams ; D.L., J.P. 
Worcestershire {Heir, s. Walter Aston, 6. 1876) : 
Brooks's club. 

Blowey, Fredk., j.p. (1911) Devon: Stoke 
Hill, Yelverton, Devon. 

Bloxam, Fredk. Turnet, 2 s. of Richd. Bloxam, 
of Eltham, Kent; b. 1860; m. 1887, Harriet 
Louisa, dau, of Jas. Fletcher, of Eling, Hants ; a 
registrar of the Chancery divn, of the supreme 
court of judicature from 1906 : Chancery Regis- 
trai-'s Office, Royal Courts of Justice, W,C, ; 
Juu. Carliou club. 

Bloxam, John Astley, j.p. (1903) Bucks : 
Vineleigh, Wellend, Bourne End, Bucks. 

Bluett, col. Chas. Edwd. Lane, 3 a. of late 
P. F. Bluett, formerly of Holcombe Court, Hol- 
combe Rogus, Devon ; b. 1836 ; m. 1867, Anna, 
dau. of late J, Cooke, of Clifton, Gloucester- 
shire ; col, ret. 1888, late 22 foot (Cheshire regt,), 
J.p. Devon : Tor Mohun House, "Torquay, Devon. 

Bluett, Edmonds Jas., only s, of late Jas. 
Bluett, of St. Mary's, Isles of Scilly, Cornwall; 
b. 1852 ; J.P. Cornwall : Bank, St. Mary's, Isles 
of Scilly. 

Blundell, vide Moss-Blundell. 

Blundell, vide Weld-Blundell. 

Blundell, Fras, Nicholas, oaly s, of Fras. 
Nicholas Blundell {d. 1884), and nephew of Wm. 
Joseph Blundell, of Crosby Hall, Lanes, {d. 
1909) ; b. 1880 ; J.P. (1912) Lancashire : Arthur's 
and Wellington clubs ; Crosby Hall, Blundell- 
sands, Liverpool; Manor House, Blandford, 

Blundell, col. John Eyles, c.b. (1897), s. of 
late maj. G. S. Blundell, Bengal army ; b. 1843 ; 
served in China during "Taeping rebellion 1863 ; 
Afghan war 1879-80; Burmese expdn. 1885-7; 
coramd. expdn. in Kachin Hills 1891, against 
rebels Khaulang and prince Shaw-Yan-Naing ; 
ret. p. 1900 : Army and Navy club. 



Blondell-Hollinshead-Blundell, Ciithbert 
Leigh, only s. of rev. canon Thos. Blundell- 
Hollinshead-Blundell, rect. of Halsall, Lanca, 
(d. 1905), by Adelaide Fanny A., 3 dau. {d. 1900) 
of sir Fras. Dugdale Astley, 2 bart., and nephew 
of coL Hy. Blundell-Follinshead-BlundelK c.B., 
M.P., D.L., of Deysbrook, Lanes (</. 1906) ; h. 1879 ; 
in. 1907, Marjorie Gfrtrude M., eld. dau. of sir 
Fras. E. G. Astley- Corbett, 4 bart., by lady 
Augusta Gertrude, only dau. of 3 earl of Yar- 
borough, b. 1886 ; late It.gren. gds. : Deysbrook, 
nr. Liverpool. 

Blunden, sir Wm., 4 bart. (1776) ; b.m. Dub., 
L.R.C.8. Irel., L.M.K. and Q.c.P. Irel., eld. s. of 3 
bart. {d. 1890); b. 1840; m. 1879, Florence C, 
dau. of Hv. Shuttleworth, of N. Zealand ; sheriff 
00. Kilkenny 1904 {Heir, s. John, b. 1880): 
Castle Blunden, Kilkenny. 

Blunt, vide Tillyer-Blunt. 

Blunt, rev. canon Alex. Colvin, M.A. Ch. Ch. 
Oxon, s. of late E. W. Blunt, Kempshott Park, 
Hants ; b. 1831 : m. 1865, lady Susanna, dau. (</. 
1900) of 2 earl Nelson, b. 1829: rect. of Millbrook 
1865-89, R.D. of Southampton 1877-89, of Kings- 
clere from 1889, hon. canon of Winchester from 
1889, rect. from 1889 of Burghclere with New- 
town, Newbury : Burghclere Rectory, Newbury. 

Blunt, col. Ernest, R.K., C.B. (1907), s. of lato 
Hy. Blunt ; b. 1851 ; m. 1884, Moua Mabel 
Coape, dau. of col. Hy. Coape Smith, Ind. army; 
served in Afghan war 1878-80, Mahsood Wuzeeree 
expedn. 1881, N. W. Frontier 1897-8, ch. engr. in 
India 190()-7, ret. p. 1908: United Service club. 

Blunt, Gerald Hy., j.p. (1914) Sussex : Spring- 
field Park, Horsham. 

Blunt, sir John Elijah, c.B. (1878), s. of Chas. 
Blunt; b. 1831; m. 1858, Fanny, dau. of D. Sandi- 
son ; served in Crimea as chief interpreter to 
cav. divn. ; vice-consul at Volo 1855; at Uscup 
1857-62 ; at Philippopolis 1862 ; at Adrianople 
1862-72 ; consul at Monastir 1872 ; at Salonica 
1872-7 ; at Adrianople 1877-8 ; consul-pen. for 
Vilayets of Salonica, Monafetir, Janina and 
Cossova and the Mutessarylik of Serfidj6, 1879- 
99; at Boston, U.S.A. 1899-1902, ret. 1902, 
knighted 1902 : Athenaeum, and Union (Malta) 

Blunt, sir John Harvey, 8 bt. (1720), only 
sui-vg. s. of Wm. Blunt, B.c.S. {d. 1859). and bro. 
of 7 bt. {d. 1902) ; h. 1839 ; m. 1870, Susan, dau. 
of P. Hoad ; late capt. 1 battn. R. Dub. Fus., 
served with 1 battn. R. Welsh Fus. through the 
Indian Mutiny 1857-8, present at taking of 
Futteghur, operations on the Ramgunga, and 
during the siege and capture of Lucknow (Heir, 
s. John H., h. 1872). 

Blunt, Wilfrid Scawen, s. of F. S. Blunt, of 
Crabbet Park, Sussex ; 6. 1840 ; m. 1869, lady 
Anne, onlv dau. (heir pres. to baronv of Went- 
worth) of 1 earl of Lovelace {d. 1893) by his 

first wife, hon. Ada Ausrusta {d. 1852),onlv child 
of Geo. Gordon, 6 lord Byron, the poet ; b. 1837 ; 
attach^ at the Hague, Athens, Frankfort, and 
Madrid 1859-62, third .sec. at Paris, Lisbon, and 
Frankfort 1864-65, 2 sec. at Buenos Ayres 1867, 
Berne 1869-70 : 37 Chapel st. Belgravo sq. 
S W. ; New buildings Place, Southwater, Sussex. 

Blunt, lady Florence, dau. of 6 marquis of 
Hertford ; b. 1845 ; m. 1872, rev. Jas. St. John 
Blunt, M.A., master of St. Katherine's hosp. 
Regent's pk. N.W. 1878-89 (rf. 1889) ; maid of 
honour to Queen Victoria 1864-70 : Hill House, 
Westcott, Dorking. 

Blunt- Mackenzie, maj. Edwd. Walter, R.A., 
eld. 8. of maj.-gen. Chas. Harris Blunt, R.A. 
(Bengal), c.B. {d. 1900); b. 1860; m. 1899, Sibell 
Lilian, countess of Cromartie in her own right, 
eld. dau. and heir of 2 earl of Cromirtie {d. 
1893) ; served with expdn. to Ashanti 1895 and 
Sierra Leone 1908 ; maj. r.a. 1898, ret. p. 1901, 
D.L., J.P. Ross and Cromarty; assumed addtl. 
name of Mackenzie : Castle Leod, Strathpeffer, 

Blunt-Mackenzie, hon. Walter, 2 s. of 3 
countess of Cromartie, by maj. Edwd. Walter 
Blunt-Mackenzie; b. 1906. 

Blunt-Mackenzie, lady Isobel, dau. of 3 
countess of Cromartie, by maj. Edwd. Walter 
Blunt-Mackenzie ; b. 1911. 

Blyth, lord (1 baron 1907, U.K.), sir Jas. 
Blyth, 1 bart. (1895), eld. s. of Jas. Blyth, of 
Chelmsford ((i.l852), and Caroline, dau. of Hy. 
Gill)ev, of Bishop Stortford ; h. 1841 ; m. 1865, 
Eliza,' dau. (</. 1894) of Wm.Mooney,of Clontarf, 
CO. Dublin ; on council of London Chamber of 
Commerce ; has the orders of Leopold of Belgium, 
of the Medjidie, of the Sacred Treasure of Japan, 
and of the Grand Cross of the Merito Agricola 
of Portugal (of which last he is a knight com- 
mander), all conferred for his services to agri- 
culture ; is pres., vice-pres. or gov. of many 
agric. socs., gov. of Gordon Memorial Coll. at 
Khartum, and of St. Bartholomew's Hosp. ; on 
the exec, of Brit. Empire League, also of Roy. 
Natl. Hosp., Tentuor and Natl. Assoc, for Preven- 
tion of Consumption (has lent two farms to the 
government for the investigations of the Royal 
commission on tuberculosis) ; vice-pres. and on 
the council of the Soc. of Arts ; chm. organising 
com. Franco-British Exhib. 1908, Japan-British 
Exhib. 1910 and Coronation Exhib. 1911, pres. 
Latin-British Exhib. 1912 ; a dir. of W. and 
A. Gilbey, Lim. ; J.r. Essex and Herts {Heir, s. 
hon. Herbert Wm. Blyth, q.v.) : 33 Portland pL 
W. ; Devonshire and Athenaeum clubs; Blyth- 
wood, Stansted, Essex. 

Blyth, Arthur, s. of Wm. Blyth, of Howden, 
Yorks ; b. 1856 ; m. 1889, dau. of capt. Bentlev, 
of Goole, Yorks; .i.p. (1905; W, R. Yorks; 
Chestnuts, Goole. 



Blyth, hon. Herbert Wm., eld. s of 1 baron 
Blyth; h. 1868; a dir. of W. and A. Gilbey, 
Ltd., J.P. (1907) Essex: 33 Portland pi. W. ; 
Devonshire, Royal Antomobile and Hurlingham 
clubs ; Blythwood, Stansted, Essex. 

Blyth, hon. Rupert Alfred, 3 s. of 1 baron 
Blyth; h. 1877; It. Essex yeo. 1912-13 and 
from 1914 : 33 Portland pi. W. ; Bachelors' and 
Bath clubs ; Blythwood, Stansted, Essex. 

Blyth, hon. mrs. Jas. Audley, Ethel Jane, 
dau. of rt. hon. sir John Brunner, 1 bart., r.c, 
D.L. ; m. 1903, hon. Jas. Audley Blyth {d. 1908) : 
9 Enuismore gdns. S.W. ; Silverlands, Chertsey. 

Blyth, hon. Millicent Catherine, 4 dau. of 1 
baron Blyth ; b. 1882 : 33 Portland pi. W. 

Blythe, Chas., 6 s, of — Blythe, of Audenshaw, 
Lanes ; b. 1860 ; m. 1884. Elizabeth, dau. of Jas. 
Hargreaves, of Ashtoc, Lanes ; j.p. (1909) 
Lancashire : Craiglea, Audenshaw rd. Auden- 
shaw, Manchester. 

Blythswood, lord (2 baron, 1892, U.K.), rev. 
Sholto Douglas Campbell, M.A. Cantab., bro. of 
1 baron Blythswood {d. 1908) ; b. 1839 ; m. 1889, 
Violet, 2 dau. {d. 1908) of late gen. lord Alfred 
Paget, C.B. ; assumed addtl. name of Douglas 
1868, but discontinued same in 1908, vicar of 
Nonington, Kent, 1871-2, and of All Saints, 
Derby, 1872-79, rect. of All Souls, St. Maryle- 
bone, 1879-86, incumbent of St. Silas, Glasgow, 
1886-99, J.P. Lanarkshire {Heir, bro. maj.-gen. 
sir Barrington B. D. Campbell-Douglas, K.C.B., 
q.v.): Blythswood House, Renfrew; Carlton, 
National, Western (Glasgow), Conservative 
(Glasgow) and New (Edinburgh) clubs. 

Blythswood, (rt. hon.) lady. — hon. Augusta, 
dau. of 2 baron Carrington ; b. 1841 ; m. 1864, 1 
baron Blythswood {d. 1908): 11 Hobart pi. 
S.W. ; Dunally Lodge, Shepperton-on-Thames. 

Boajdman, adml. Fredk. Ross, c.b. (1886), s. 
of Fredk. Boardman, of Liverpool ; b. 1843 ; m. 
1881, Sophia A., dau. of hon. Jas. Cogswell, of 
HalifaXjN.S.; commd." Salamis " duringEgyptian 
war, 1882, in commd. of naval flotilla, Nile 
expdn. for relief of Khartoum 1884-5 ; rear-adml. 
1898, ret. list 1899, adml. on ret. list 1907: 
United Service club. 

Boardman, Hy. Birkett, j.p. (1898) West- 

Boatman, Arthur Wilsion, s. of Jas. Boatman, 
of Orsett, Essex ; b. 1856 ; m. 1882, dau. of John 
Phillips, of Exmouth, Devon ; J.P. (1907) Essex : 
Lyntou, Palmer's avenue. Grays, Essex 

Booking, dean of, vide very rev. J. S. Brown- 
rigg or very rev, Fras. E. Carter. 

Bocquet, Roland RoscoeChas., c.i.e. (1878), s. 
of Fras. S. Bocquet, of Liverpool ; b. 1839 ; m. 
1863, Edith, dau. {d. 1902) of John Bampton,_ of 
Coventry ; formerly gen. man. Scinde, Punjab 
and Delhi Railway at Lahore : St, Leonards, 
Spring Vale, Ryde, I. of W. 

Boddington, Harry, J.p. (1904) Staffs : Oulton 
Grange, Stone, Staffs. 

Boddingrton, Henrv, eld. s. of Hy. Bodding- 
ton, of Silverdale, Carnforth {d. 1886) ; b. 1849 ; 
m. 1878, Emily, dau. of D. Butterworth, of Eccles, 
Lanes ; is J.P. (1891) Cheshire and Manchester : 
Strangeways Brewery, New Bridge st. Man- 

Boddingrton, Samuel, j.p. (1911) co. War- 
wick : Hillfield Hall, Solihull, Birmingham. 

Boden, Harry, eld. s. of Henry Boden, of The 
Friary, Derby, D.L., j.P. (d. 1908) ; b. 1867 ; m. 
1893, Madge Helen, dau. of J. Blyth, of Ray 
Cottage, Maidenhead ; j.p. (1894) Somerset : 
Windham, Orleans and Pratt's clubs ; The 
Beeches, Sherborne, Dorset. 

Boden, Reginald Sam, 3 s. of Hy. Boden, of 
The Friary, Derby, d.l., j.p. (d. 1908) ; b. 1872 ; 
m. 1899, Georgina Pauline M., dau. of Jas. 
Mackintosh-Gow, of Edinburgh; J.P. (1908) 
Derbyshire : Bath club ; Aston Lodge, Aston- 
on-Trent, Derby. 

Bodenham, John, s. of John Bodenham, of 
Stapleton, Herefordshire ; b. 1832 ; m. 1, 1868, 
Ann, dau. of J. C. Hill, of Edamond, Salop ; 2, 
1900, Helen, dau. of J. W. Slack, of Putney ; J.P. 
(1906) Salop : Edgmond, Newport, Salop. 

Bodger, John Adams Guy, j.p, (1908) Essex : 
73 Cranbrook rd. Dford. 

Bodniy, Frank, barr. Middle Temple 1889, a 
puisne judge of high court of judicature at Cal- 
cutta 1904-7. 

Bodington, ven. Eric Jas., M.A. Oxon., 2 s. of 
Thos. Bodington, of Harborne, Staffs ; 6. 1862 ; 
m. 1890, Katharine Elizabeth, dau. of rev. Henry 
T-heodore Cavell, of Staverton, Wilts ; vicar of 
Calne, Wilts from 1907, archdn. of Wilts from 
1913: Vicarage, Calne, Wilts. 

Bodington, lady. — Eliza, 3 dau. of late sir 
John Barran, 1 bart. ; m. 1907, sir Nathan Bod- 
ington, knt., Litt.D., LL.D., J.P., vice-chancellor 
of Victoria Univ. 1896-1900 and of Leeds Univ. 
1904-1911 {d. 1911) : 81 Onslow sq. S.W. 

Bodkin, Archibald Hy., 5 s. of Wm. Peter 
Bodkin, of West Hill Place, Highgate, d.l., j.p. 
{d. 1900); -6. 1862; barr. Inner Temple 1885, 
rec. of Dover from 1901 : 98 Fellows rd. S. 
Hampstead, N.W. ; 5 Paper bldgs. Temple, E.C. 

Bodkin (his honor judge),Matthias M'Donnell, 
K.C.. s. of Thos. Bodkin, M.D., F.R.C.S., of Eastland 
House, Tuam, co. Galway; 6. 1850; m. 1885, 
Arabella, dau. of Fras. Norman, of Dublin ; Irish 
barr. 1877, K.C. 190-, M.p. (n.) N. Roscommon 
1892-5, county court judge of Clare from 1908 : 
52 Upper Mount st. Dublin. 

Bodkin, lady. — Sarah Constance, dau. of late 
J. J. Mile^, J.p., of Highgate, N. ; m. 1, 1865, as 
his 2 wife, sir Wm. Hy. Bodkin, knt. (d. 1874) ; 
2, 1875, as his 2 wife, Stephen Wm. Silver (d. 



Bodle, It.-col. Wm., c.m.g. (1901), s. of C. 
Bodle, of A'friston. Sussex; b. 1855; served in 
Zulu war 1879, Basuto war 1880-1, Matabele cam- 
paigns 1893 and 1896, S. African war 1899-1901, 
comrndt. Bri'ish S. Africa Police, Matabeleland 
from 1898 : Buluwayo, Matabeleland. 

Bodley, John Edwd. Courtenay, M.A. Oxon., 
eld. survg s. of E. F. Bodley, of Dane Bank 
House, Cheshire, J.P. (rf. 1881) ; b, 1853 : m. 1891, 
Evelyn F., eld. dau. (div. 1908) of late J. Bell, of 
Eushpool Hill, Yorks ; barr. Inner Temple 1874 ; 
priv. sec. to pres. of Local Govt. Board 1882-5; 
sec. to E.. commn. on Housing of Working Classes 
1884-5; is author of "France" (1898); cor. 
memb. of the French Institute (1902) : Chateau 
de Bellefoutaine, Biarritz (Basses Pyr6n6es), 
France ; 2 Adelaide mans. Hove, Sussex. 

Bodmin, archd. of (Truro), vide ven. Hy. 
Houssemayne Du Boulay. 

Bodvel-Boberts, Arthur John, eld s. of late 
J. H. Bodvel- Roberts, of Oefnycoed, Carnarvon 
{d. 1904) ; b. 1871 ; m. 1907, Eva Madeline Kay, 
2 dau. of late John Menzics, of Menaibank, Car- 
narvon ; clerk of the peace and clerk to the 
lieutenancy for Carnarvonshire : Tanrhos, nr. 

Body, Chas. Ash, eld. s. of Chas. Augustus 
Body, of Peckham, S.E. ; 6. 1844 ; m. 1883, dau. 
of Thomas Hornsey, of Petorboro, Northampton ; 
J.P. (1913) CO. London : The Cedars, Sydenham 
Hill, S.E. ; Royal Automobile club. 

Boelim, sir Edgar Collins, 2 bart. (1889), 
F.R.G.S., only 8. of sir Joseph Edgar Boehm, 1 
bart., R.A., sculptor in ordinary to Qu-^en Victoria 
{d. 1890) : b. 18fi9 : Automobile, Bath and Wel- 
lington clubs ; Bentsbrook, Dorking. 
Boevey, vide Crawley-Boevey. 
Bogrer, Alnod John, eld. s. of Hext Boger, of 
Inceworth, Plymouth, Devon [d. 1884) : 6. 1871 ; 
m. 1911, Yenetia Constance W.,dau. of late Wm. 
J. Wadham, of Clifton ; J.P. (1910) Cornwall: 
United University club ; Wolsdon, Antony, Tor- 
point, Cornwall. 

Boilean. col. Eras. Wm.. c.b. (1891). s. of late 
maj.-gen. F. B. Boileau ; 6.1835; m. 1861, Mary 
L . dau. (>i. 1913) of late rev. Wm. M. Kirkwall, 
Bradford ; served as adjt. of rajah Jawahir 
Singh's contingent with force under gen. Yan 
Courtlandt, 1857 ; in 2 Sikh cav. with brig. 
Troup's column, 1858 ; with 12 Bengal cav. in 
Abyssinian campaign 1868 ; Afghan war 1878-9 ; 
U.S. list 1893^ Ind. army : Elstowe, Camberley, 

Boileau, sir Maurice Colbome, 3 bart. (1838), 
M.A. Oxon., eld. survg. s. of 2 bart. {d. 1900). by 
eld. dau. of sir G-eo. Nugent, 2 bart. ; 6. 1865*; 
D.L., J.P. Norfolk, D.L. Norwich {Heir,bro. Ray- 
mond Fredc, q.v.) : Travellers' club ; Ketter- 
ingham Park, VYymondham, Norfolk. 

Boileau, maj. Raymond Fredc, 4 but 2 1 
aurrg. f--. of sir Fras. Geo. Manningham Boileau, 2 

I bart. (d. 1900); b. 1868; m. 1905, Ethel Mary, 
' only child of late rev. Jas. Fo-ter Young ; late It. 
Northamptonshir'^ reyt., capt. (hon. maj. 1901) 
P.W.O. Norfolk R F.A. from 1902, j.p. (1904) 
Norfolk, heir pres. to baronetcy : 21 Draj'cott 
aven. Chelsea, S.W. 

Boileau, lady. — Lucy H., eld. dau. of sir Geo. 
Nugent, 2 bart. ; m. 1860, sir Eras. Geo. Man- 
ningham Boile.ui, 2 bart. {d. 1900) : Kettering- 
ham Park, Wymondham. 

Boia, sir Stanley, s. of late Hy. Bois of Beulah 
Hill, Up. Norwood, S.E. ; b. 1864 ; m. 1895, Isa 
Gordon, dau. {d. 1910) of late Gabriel Rcss, of 
Sutherlandshire ; memb. Municipal council of 
Colombo 1901-3, memb. legisl. council of Ceylon 
from 1903, chm. Ceylon cliamber of commerce 
1900-3 and 1911, commr. -gen. for Ceylon to St. 
Louis exhib. 1904, knighted 1905 : Hunupitiya 
Cottage, Colombo, Ceylon. 

Bolam, Bertram, 4 s. of Geo. Bolam, of Birt- 
ley, CO. Durham ; b. 1864 ; m. 1888, Eleanor, dau. 
of John King, of Birtley, co. Durham ; j.P. 
( 1912) CO. Durham : Rockvi le, Birtley, co. Dur- 

Boland. John Pins, M.A, Oxon., h.a. Lond., 2 
s. of late Patrick Boland, of Dublin ; b. 1870 ; 
m. 1902, Eileen, dau. of late Patrick Moloney, 
.M.B., of Melbourne, Australia ; barr. Inner Temple 
1897, M.P. (N.) S. Kerry from 1900 : 40 St. George's 
sq. S.W. 

Bolckow, Carl Ferdinand Henry, nephew of 
late H. W. F. Bolckow, m.p. ; b. 1835 : m. 1863, 
Margaret, dau. {d. 1908) of Wra. Chambers, of 
Doncaster; is D.L., J.P. N.R. Yorks, knt. of grace 
of St. John of Jerusalem : Kentisknowle, Tor- 
quay, Devon hire. 

Bolckow, Henry Wm. Ferdinand, eld. s. of 
Carl F. H. Bolckow, of Marton Hall, Yorks, 
D.L., J.P.; b. 1865 ; m. 1890, Bessie M., 3 dau. of 
sir Raylton Dixon ; D.L., J.P. N.R. Yorks : 
Brackenhoe, Marton, Yorks. 

Bolden, John Leonard, m.a. (Trin. coll.) 
Camb., s. of W. B. Bolden, of Hyning, Cam- 
forth, D.L., J.P. {d. 1895) ; b. 1841 ; 7n. 1874, 
Caroline E., eld. dau. of rev. P. G. McDouall, 
M.A., rect. of Cosgrove, Northants ; barr. Inner 
Temple 1867; J.P. for Lancashire and Cornwall ; 
late surveyor-gen. and dep.-receiver-gen. of the 
Duchy of Lancaster, memb. of the council of 
the Duchy from 1912, lord of the manor of War- 
ton-with-Lindeth : 28 Lansdowne rd. W. ; Hyn- 
ing, Carnforth. 

Boles, It.-col. Dennis Fortescue, youngest s. of 
late rev. J. T. Boles, of Ryll Cour^ Exmouth, 
Devon and Moyge, co. Cork; b. 1861 ; m. 1894, 
Beatrice Ringiose youngest dau. of late John 
Lysaght, of Hengrave Hall, Suffolk ; j.p. (1907) 
Somerset, It.-col. commdg. 3 battn. Devonshire 
regt. from 1910, M.P. (c.) W. Somerset from 
1911 : Carlton, Jun. United Service, Ranelagh 
and Royal Automobile clubs ; Watts House, 
Bishop's Lydeard, Taunton, 

^^■Boles, of Ryll Court, Exmouth, Devon and 
^TToyge, CO. Cork ; b. 1853 ; m. 1884, Charlotte 
Annie, 2 dau. of late W. C. Jones, of The Elms, 
"Warrington ; J. P. Glamorganshire : Boodle's 
club ; Rackenford Manor, Morchard Bishop, N. 

Bolingrbroke, 6 vise. (1712, Gt. b.). Vernon 
Henry St. John, s. of 5 vise. {d. 1899) ; b. 
1896 [Heir, kms7nan, Hy. Percy St. John, b. 
1864) : Lydiard Park, near Swindon. 

Bolingrbroke, viscountess, Mary Emily Eliza- 
beth, dau. of Robt. Howard ; m. 1893, 6 vise. 
Bolingbroke {d. 1899) : Lydiard Park, near 

Bolitlio, Thomas Bedford, only s. of E. 
Bolitho, of Trewidden, Cornwall, j.p. {d. 1890) : 
b. 1835; m. 1893, Frances J. 3 dau. of Edwd. 
S. Carus-Wilson, of Penmount, Truro ; D.L., 
J.P. Cornwall (sheriff 1884) and Devon ; M.P. 
(L.U.) W. Cornwall 1887-1900: Union club; 
Trewidden, Penzance ; Greenway House, Brix- 
ham, S. Devon, 

Bolitho,Thomas Robins, B.A.Oxon, eld. s. of T. 
S, Bolitho, of Trengwainton, J. P., D.L. {d. 1887), 
by dau. and co-heir of T. Robins, of Liskeard ; 
b. 1840 ; m. 1870, Augusta J., 3 dau. of late R. 
B. Wilson, of Cliffe Hall, Yorks ; j.p., d.l. 
Cornwall (sheriff 1890): Athenaeum club; 
Trengwainton, Heamoor, Cornwall. 

Bolitho, Wm. Edwd. Thos., D.s.o. (1900), eld. s. 
of Wm. Bolitho, of Polwithen, CornwalJ {d. 
1895) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1888, Ethel G.. dau. of late 
R. B. ^. Macleod, of Cadboll. N.B. ; j.p. Corn- 
wall, served with Impl. 3^eom. in S. African wai 
1899-1901, hon. maj. m the army frono 1901, maj. 
Roy. 1 Devon yeo. 1902-4 and capt. from 1914 : 
Carlton club ; York House, Penzance ; Hanna- 
ford, Ashburton, S. Devon. 

Bolster. John, c.i.e. (1907), dep. commr. N. 
India Salt rev. dept. 1904, ret. 1910. 

Bolton, lord (4 baron, 1797, Gt.B.). Wm. Thos. 
Orde-Powlett, t.d. (1914), eld. s. of 3 baron (d. 
1895) ; b. 1845; m. 1868, lady Algitha Fredeiica 
Mary, dau. of 9 earl of Scarbrough ; b. 1847 ; 
D.L., J.P. and c.A. N.R. Yorks, j.p. Hants, It.-col. 
comm^g. Yorkshire (Alexandra, Princess of 
Wales's Own) Hussars yeo. 1898-1903, hon. col. 
of the regt. from 1913, knt. of grace of St. 
John of Jerusalem (Heir, s. hon. Wm. Geo. A. 
Orde-Powlett, M.p.,5'.w.) : Carlton, Junior Carlton, 
and Yorkshire (York) clubs ; Bolton Hall, Ley- 
burn, Yorks. 

Bolton, Chas. Perceval, 2 s. of Chas. Newport 
Bolton, of Mount Bolton, co. Waterford [d. 
1884) ; b. 1849 ; J.P. co. Waterford (sheriff 
1893) : Brook Lodge. Halfway House, Waterford. 

Bolton, Chas. Walter, c.s.i. (1897). s. of dr. J. 
Bolton ; b. 1850 ; m. 1, 1881, Alice, dau. (d. 1895) 
of late R. R. Wilford Brett, 2 Bombay Cav.; 2, 
1898, Jessie L., eld. dau. ((i. 1905) of late maj.- 
geij. J. Templeton Brett; 3, 1909, Violet, dau. 



of R. J. Graham, of Edmoud Castle, Cumberland; 
entd. I.C.S. (Bengal) 1872, chief sec. to govt, of 
Bengal 1896-1900, memb.board of rev. 1900, addtl. 
memb. of vicerov's legisl. council Nov. 1900 to 
Aug. 1903, oSg". chief commr. of Assam 1903, 
ret. 1905, J.P. (1909) Eastbourne: Avonmore, 

Bolton, Edwd., eld. s. of late Edwd. Bolton, 
of Manor Farm. Finstock, Oxon. ; b. 18.57 ; m. 
1881, Gertrude, dau. of Alfred Groves, of Miltou- 
under-Wychwood, Oxon. ; J.P. (1911) Oxon. : 
Litchfield Farm, Enstone, Oxon. 

Bolton, Edwin, s. of Joseph Cheney Bolton, 
of Carbrook and West Plean, Stirlingshire, 
D.L. J.P. {d. 1901); b. 1858; m. 1888, Elinor 
E., dau. of sir J. H. N. Graham, 1 bart., of 
Larbert House, co. Stirling : West Plean, Ban- 
nockburn, Stirlingshire. 

Bolton, Eras. Alfred, 2 s. of Alfred Sohier 
Bolton, of Moor Court, Staffs, J.P. {d. 1901) ; 
b. 1866; J.P. (1902), c.\. (1907) Staffordshire, 
lord of the manor of Cheadle Grange : Royal 
Automobile club ; Moor Court, Oakamoor, N. 

Bolton, sir Frederic, s. of late Wm. Treache 
Bolton, of Highbury, N. ; b. 1851 ; m. 1876, Ann 
Haycroft, eld. dau. of late Wm. Pearse, of 
Plymouth ; ex-chm. of Lloyds, knighted 1908 : 
Westridge, 3 Prince Arthur rd. Hampstead, 
N.W. ; Reform and City of London clubs. 

Bolton, Hy. Hargreaves, a. of Hy. Eargreaves 
Bolton, of Newchurch-in-Rossendale, Lanes., J.P. 
(d. 1905) ; b. 1856 ; m. 1885, Florence E., dau. of 
Thos. Allen, of Thurmaston Manor House, 
Leicestershire ; is J.p. (1895) Lancashire : High 
Brake, Huncoat, Accrington, Lanes. 

Bolton, John, admitted a solicitor 1863, clerk 
of the peace and to the County Council for 
Westmorland : 14 Kent st. and Hollin Garth, 
Queen's rd. Kendal. 

Bolton, Thos., eld. s. of Alfred Sohier Bolton, 
of Moor Court, Staffs. J.P. {d. 1901); b. 1858; 
m. 1880, Nina, 3 dau. of Benson Rathbone, 
Liverpool ; J.P. Staffs, lord of the manor of 
Cheadle : Lightoaks, Oakamoor, North Staffs. 

Bolton, Thos. Hy., onlv s. of late Thos. Bolton, 
of Canonbury, N. ; 6. 1841 ; m. 1861, Elizabeth 
A., dau. {d. 1907) of late Wm. Wegg ; admitted 
a solicitor 1869, M.p. (l.) N. St. Pancras 1885-6 
and (L.U.) 1890-5, taxing master, high court of 
justice and master of the supreme court from 
1896 : Royal courts, Strand, W.C. ; Garrick club. 

Bolton!| Walter Hy., youngest s. of John S. 
Bolton, of Oulton Hall, Norfolk (d. 1889) ; b. 
1854 ; J.P. Norfolk : Oulton Hall, nr. Aylsham, 

Bolton. Wm., only s. of Wm. Bolton, of The 
Island, CO. Wexford (d. 1853) ; b. 1815 ; m. 1843, 
Susan, dau. (d. 1886) of M. Westropp, of 
Limerick ; D.L.. J.P. co. Wexford (sheriff 1856) 
The Island, Oulart, Gorey, co. Wexford. 

Bolton, lady.— Julia, vide Wm. A, Rixon 



Bombay, 7 bp. of (1836), rt. rev. Edwin 
Jas. Palmer, d.d. Oxon., only s. of ven. Edwin 
Palmer. D.D., archdn. of Oxford (d. 1895) and 
nephew of 1 earl of Selbome ; b. 18G9 ; m. 1912, 
Hazel, youngest dan. of col. E. H. Hanning-Lee, 
of Bighton Manor, Hants ; fell, and tutor of 
Balliol Coll. Oxford 1891-1908, examg. chapln. 
to bp. of Southwell 1899-1904, to bp. of Rochester 
1904-5, to bp. of Southwark 1905-8; bp. of 
Bombay from 1908 : Malabar Hill, Bombay ,India. 

Bom"ford,surg.-gen. sir Gerald, k.c.i.e. (1909), 
M.D., 4 s. of Samuel Boraford, 8 drag. gds. ; b. 
1851 ; m. 1881, Mary Florence, dau. of maj.-gen. 
F. Eteson ; served with Perak expdn. 1875-G, 
surg.-gen. 1904 Indian Med. Service and dir.-geu. 
from 1905, principal of Medical college, Qalcutta 
1893-1904 : HillerRdon House,Godwyne rd Dover. 

Bomford, G^o. Lyndon, eld. s. of John Fras. 
Bomford, of Oakley Park, co. Meath, J. P. ('/. 
1911) ; b. 1867 : m. 1897, Helen Maude M., 3 dau. 
of rev. John Warren Corbould- Warren, rect. of 
Talcolneston, Norfolk ; J. P. co. Meath : Oakley 
Park, Kells, co. Meath. 

Bomford, capt. John Geo.North-, only child of 
capt. John North-Bomford, of Gallow Ferrans, 
CO. Meath, j.p. (d. 1905) by 2 wife, Mary W. C, 
eld. dau. of late sir Wm. S. JB. Kaye, Q.C, C.B. ; b. 
1883 ; m. 1909, Hilda Frances, youngest dau. of 
late rev. Geo. Shaw Mutin, rect. of Madresfield. 
Worcs ; is capt. 7 battn. and capt. ret. K. Fus. : 
Gallow Ferrans, Kilcock, co. Meath ; Kildare St. 
(Dublin) club. 

Bomford, Raymond 2 s. of late Benj. Bom- 
ford, of Pitchill, Warwickshire; b. 1853; ??». 
1889, eld. dau. of late rev. R. Perkins, vicar of 
Stoke St. Milburgh, Salop ; j.p. (1918) Warwick- 
shire : Bevington Hall, Evesham. 

Bonar, Henry Alfred Constant, c.M.G. (1912), 
s. of Hy. Bonar, of Paris ; b. 1861 ; m. 1893, Lilias, 
dau. of late hon. Wm. Napier ; barr. Middle 
Temple 1894, consul for consular dist. of Yoko- 
hama 1898-1903, for consular dist. of Kob6, 
Japan, 1903-9 : consul-gen. for Corea from 1909 : 
British Consulate-General, Seoul, Corea., contessa Federico, lady Maria, 
dau. of 9 coixntess of Newburgh ; b. 1825 ; m. 
1851, conte Federico Pucci Boncambi,of Perugia, 

Bond, vide MacGeough-Bond. 

Bond, Chas. Hubert,,m.d. Edin., m.r.c.p, 
Lond., eld. s. of late rev. Alfred Bond, of Powick, 
Worcs ; /;. 1870 ; m. 1900, Janet Constance, only 
dau. of Fred R. Laurie, of Worcester ; Emeritus 
lect. in psychiatry, Middlx.Hosp., memb. Faculty 
of Med. Univ. Lond., medl. supt. London Co. 
Asyl., Long Grove and of Ewell Colony, Epsom. 
1903-12, commr. in Lunacy 1912-14, commr. of 
Board of Control from 1913 : Board of Control, 
Yictoria st. S.W. ; Union club ; Cevenna, Hall 
rd. Bushey, Herts. 

Bond, maj.-gen. Edmund Edwd., (1913). 
D.s.o. (1898), engr.-commdr. R.N. 1904, rot. 1907, 

s. of Edmund Bond ; b. 1865 ; served with flotilla 
of gunboats on the Nile expdn. 1898, late dir. of 
steamers Sudan govt., maj.-gen. in the Egyptian 
army, 2 class Medjidie, 3 class Osmanieh : Khar- 
toum, Sudan ; Jun. Naval and Military club. 

Bond, Edwd., m.a. Oxon., eld. s. of late Edwd. 
Bond, of Hampstead, N.W. ; b. 1844; fell. 
Queen's coll. Ox. 1869 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1871, 
asst. charity commr. 1884-91, one of the founders 
and chm. of the East End Dwellings Co., L.C.c. 
(Hamp.stead) 1805-1901, M.p. (c.) E. Nottingham 
1895-1906 ; 43 Thurloe square, S.W. ; Albemarle, 
Athenaeum and Burlington Fine Arts clubs. 

Bond, brig.-gen. Fras. Geo., R.E., c.B. (1902), 
s. of late rev. F. H. Bond; b. 1856; m. 1881, 
Alice M., dau. of W. Vivian ; served in Zulu war 
1879, Egyptian war 1882, Hazara expdn. 1891, 
N.W. Frontier India 1897-8, Tirah expdy. force, 
S. African war 1899-1902, dir.-gen of mily. 
works in India 1908-11, brig.-gen. comradg. Se- 
cunderabad 1 (inf.) brig. S. army, India 1911- 
13, ret. with Ind. pens. 1913 and hon. rank of 
brig.-gen., asst. dir. (temp.) at War Office 1914 : 
United Service club. 

Bond, Geo. Morton, eld. s. of late Morton Bond, 
of Ashborne, co. Derby; b. 1845; m. 1872, 
Sarah, dau. of late Richd. Warner, J.P. of 
Muchall Hall, Staffs ; J.P. Derbyshire : Con- 
stitutional and Derby County clubs ; Alrewas 
House, Ashborne. 

Bond. Gerald Denis, 3 s. of Nathaniel Bond, of 
Creech Grange. Dorset, D.L., J.P. (d. 1910), by 
lady Selina, 5 dau. (rf. 1891) of 2 earl of Eldon ; 
b. 1869 ; J.P. Dorset ; capt. 1 vol, battn. Dorset 
regt. 1892-9 : Holme, Wareham. 

Bond, Henry, li,.d., only 8. of late William 
Bond, J. P., of Cambridge ; b. 1853 ; m. 1903, 
May, dau. of late E. 8. Shuckburgh, of Cam- 
bridge ; J.P. (1906) Cambridgeshire : Middlefield, 
Gt. Shelford, Cambridge; Trinity Hall, Cam- 

Bond, Hy. Coulson, eld. s. of Frank Walters 
Bond, of Wargrave Court, Berks, D.L., J.P. (d. 
1912) ; b. 1864 ; m. 1891, Frances E., dau. of maj. 
Bulkeley, of Linden Hill, Berks ; J.P. (1896) Car- 
marthenshire : .34 Wilton pi. S.W. ; Wargrave 
Court, Wargrave, Berks. 

Bond, Hy. Pomeroy, 2 s. of rev. H. Bond, 
vicar of South Petherton. Somerset {d. 1875), 
by Editha A. M., dau. (d. 1899) and heir of 
late hon. Hy. Pomeroy ; 6. 1855 ; ni. 1883, 
Maud Francis, dan. of Warren Wm. Richd. Pea- 
cocke, of Efford Park, Hants ; J.P. (1903) Dorset : 
Jun. Carlton club ; Moigne Combe, Dorchester, 

Bond, Jas. Willoughby, only survg. s. of W. 
Bond, of Farragh, J.P., D.L. {d. 1876) ; b. 1837 ; 
m. 1864, Emma G. C, dau. {d. 1911) of W. H. 
Little, of Llanfair Grange, co. Monmouth ; J. P., 
D.L. CO. Longford (sheriff 1870); Farragh. Long- 
ford, Ireland. 



Bond. John Gregory, eld. survg. s. of John 
Bond, of Pennyburn/ Londonderry, Irel. {d. 
1849), by Sophia, youngest dau. of late John 
Gregory Crump, of Allan Bank, Westmorland ; 
b. 1839 ; m. 1875, Emilia Loiusa, dau. and co- 
heir of late Alfred Pett, and widow of C. E. 
Stanger-Leathes : Great wood, Penryn, Cornwall ; 
L'Olivetta, Porto Fino, Ligui-e, Italy : Jun. 
Constitutional, Royal Automobile and R.T.Y. 

Bond, John Wentworth Gameys, eld. s. of 
Nathaniel Bond, of Creech Grange, Dorset, D.L., 
J.P. (<L 1910), by lady Selina, 5 dau. (d. 1891) 
of 2 earl of Eldon ; b. 18G5 ; m. 1909, Helen 
"Violet, youngest dau. of late Fredc. Fane, of 
Moyles Court, Hants ; ban*. Inner Temple 
1893, clerk in the House of Commons, D.L., J.P. 
Dorset: Wellington and Travellers' clubs; 
Creech Grange, Wareham. 

Bond, Richd., J.P. (1907) Wilts : Stafford 
House, Wootton Bassett, Wilts. 

Bond, rt. hon. sir Robt., P.O. (1902), K.c.M.G. 
(1901), LL.D. (hon. 1902) Edin., s. of late John 
Bond, of Torquay, Devon; ft. 1857 ; speaker 
Newfoundland house of assem. 1884, memb. of 
exec, council and col. sec. 1889-94, col. sec. 
1895-7, prem. and col. sec. 1900-9, official delegate 
to London on Fishery question 1890, and to 
Washington on Reciprocity question 1890 and 
190?, memb. Colonial conference, London, 1902 : 
St. John's and Whitbourne, Newfoundland. 

Bond, col. Robt. John, 2 s. of late Robt. 
Bond, of Glenview, co. Tyrone, J.P. ; b. 1838 ; m. 
1881, Florence Annie, dau. (d. 1914) of W. B. 
Eastwood, of Kings wood, Surrey ; served in 
Egyptian war 1882, ret. 1891 ; J.P. co. Kildare : 
Naval and Military club ; Moorefield, New- 
bridge, CO. Kildare. 

Bond, col. Wensly Jas. Hod son, G.B. (1900) ; 
b. 1854; served with Burmese expdn. 1886-7, 
Chin-Lushai expdn. 1889-90, Chitral relief force 
1895, Dongola expdn. 1896, Tirah expdy. force 
1897-8. operations in China 1900-1, col. Ind. 
array 1905, U.S. list 1911. 

Bond, maj.-geu. Wm. Dunn, c.B. (1886), eld. s. 
of late R. Bond, of Dullerton House and Glen- 
view, CO. Tyrone, j.p. ; b. 1836 ; served in Zulu 
war 1879, Boer war 1881, col. on staff at Natal 
1884-6. ret. p. 1893 : Army and Navy club ; 
Dullerton, Londonderry. 

Bond, Wm. Henry, eld. s. of rev. H. Bond, 
vicar of South Petherton, Somerset {d. 1875), 
by Editha A. M., dau. (d. 1899) and heir of 
late hon. Hy. Pomeroy ; b. 1852 ; m. 1878, Mary 
C, 2 dau. of late sir H. S. Meysey-Thompson, 1 
bart., and sis. of 1 baron Knaresborough ; is 
J.P. (1895) Dorset and (1896) Hants, late It. 1 
battn. R. Scots regt. : Army and Navy club : 
Tyneham. Wareham, Dorset. 

Bond. Willoughby Jas., eld. s. of Jas. W. Bond, 
of Fan-agh. co. Longford. D.L., J.P. ; b. 1867 ; m. 
1892, Mary K., eld. dan. of capt. Wm.Bond, 

of Newtown Bond, Longford ; is j.p. co. Long- 
ford : Ballygarive, Longford, Irel. 

Bond-Oabbell, mrs. Benjamin, Evelyn B., 
dau. of late Michael Phillips Grazebrook, of 
Hagley House, Stourbridge, Worcs. ; m. 1883, 
Benjn. Bond Bond-Cabbell, of Cromer Hall, 
Norfolk, D.L., J.P. {d. 1892) : Cromer Hall, Norfolk. 

Bone, Samuel, 3 s. of late Samuel Bone, of 
Liskeard, Cornwall. J.P. ; b. 1840; J.P. (1901) 
Cornwall : The Parade, Liskeard. 

Bone, Wm. Arthur,, Ph.D., F.R.S., s. of 
Christopher Bone, of Stockton-on-Tees ; 6. 
1871 ; m. Kate, dau. of late Richd. Hind, J.P. of 
Stockton-on-Tees ; elected Berkeley Fellow of 
Owens coll. and Fellow of Victoria Univ. 1892, 
lectr. in chemistry and metallurgy, Owens coll. 
Manchester 1898-1906, prof, of applied chemistry 
and Livesey prof, of coal gas and fuel 
industries Leeds Univ. 1906-12, of chemical 
technology (fuel and refractory materials). Impl. 
Coll. of Science and Technology, S. Kensington, 
from 1912; inventor of the Bonecourt system of 
flameless incandescent surface combustion : 
Imperial College of S -ience and Technology, S. 
Kensington, S.W. ; Montrose, Harpenden rd. St. 
Albans, Herts. 

Bonham, capt. Eric Hy., m.v.o. 4 class (1912), 
2 ';ut eld. survg. s. of sir Geo. Fras. Bonham, 2 
Lart., by Louisa, 3 dau. of rfc. hou. sir A. 
Buchanan, 1 bart., P.O., G.C.B. ; 6.1875; m. 1910, 
Ethel, younger dau. of late col. Leopold 
Seymour ; served in S. Africa 1901 with Impl. 
yeo., capt. 2 drag. (R. Scots greys) from 1911, 
comptroller and equerry to H.R.H. Prince 
Arthur of Connaught, K.G., K.T., P.O., G.C.v.o. 
from 19l:i. 

Bonham, sir Geo. Frans., 2 bart. (1852). 
only s. of 1 bart., K.c.B. (d. 1863) ; 6. 1847 ; ?n'. 
1871, Louisa, 3 dau. of rt. hon. sir A. Buchanan, 
1 bart., G.C.B., P.O. ; M.A. Oxon, sec. of embassy 
at Madrid 1893-7, at Rome 1897-1900, env. 
extrady. and min. plenipo. to Servia 1900-5, to 
Swiss Confederation 1905-9, J.P. Surrey (Heir, s. 
capt. Eric Hy., q.v.) : 33 Lowndes sq. S.W. ; 
Travellers' and St. James's clubs ; Knowle Park, 
Cranleigh, Guildford. 

Bonham, It. -col. Harry Walter Musgrave ; b. 
1852; J.P. Herts and Suffolk, late It.-col. gren. 
gds., served in Soudan 1884-5, S. African war 
1900-1 with 20 battn. Impl. yeom. : Arthur's club. 

Bonham, col. John, c.B. (1906), 2 s. of rev. 
John Bonh'.im. of Ballintaggart. co. Kildare, J.P. 
{d.lS75) : VI. 1870, Mary, 2 dau. (<^. 1891) of Philip 
Wroughton, of Woolley Park, Berks ; J.P. cos. 
Kildare and Wicklow, sheriff co. Carlow 1900 ; 
at defence of Residency at Lucknow 1857, col. 
R.A. ret. : 9 Sloane Court west, S.W. ; United 
Service, S.W., and Kildare St. (Dublin) clubs ; 
Ballintaggart, nr. Colbinstown, co. Kildai'e. 

Bonham-Carter, Arthur Thos., 8. of John 
Bonham-Carter, of Adhurst St. Mary, Hants, 
M.P., v.h., J.P. {d. 1884), by his 2 wife, hon. 



Mary, eld. dan. (</. 1906) of 1 baron North- 
brook ; 6. 1869 ; served in Hampshire regt. in 
8. African war 1900, barr. Inner Temple 1891, 
magist. at Mombasa 1905-6, a puisne judge of 
high court of British E Africa from 1906 : 
Nairobi. Brit. E. Africa. 

Bonham-Carter, Edgar, c.m.g. (1909), 5 s. of 
Hy. Bonham-Carter, of 5 Hyde Park sq. W. ; b. 
1870 ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1895, legal sec. to the 
Sudan govt, from 1699, 3 class Osmanieh : Khar- 
toum, Sudan. 

Bonham-Carter, Lothian Geo., 3 s. of John 
Bonham-Carter, of Adhurst St. Mary, Hunts, 
M.P., D.L., J.P. {d. 1884) by his first wife Laura 
M., 2 dau. (d. 1862) of Geo. Nicholson, of 
Waverley Abbey, Surrey; b. 1858: w. 1882, 
Emily M., dau. of late rev, .folni M. Sumner, 
rect. of Buriton, Hants; J. p. (1914) Hants: 
Buriton House, Buriton, Petersfield, Hants. 

Bonn, Leo, s. of B. Bonn, of Frankfurt-on- 
Main ; b. 1850 ; m. 1880, Ida Amalie, dau. of 
Louis Eltzbacher, of Cologne : 22 Upper Brook 
St. W. ; Newbold Revel, Stretton-un<ler-Fosse, 

Bonner, Geo. Albert, 2 s. of late Cbas. Foster 
Bonner, of Spalding, Lines; b. 1862; »/». 1896, 
Eveleen, dau. of late F. T. Lewis, of Whiteliall 
Court, S.W. ; barr. Inner Temple 188.J, a master 
of the supreme court of Judicature from 1905 : 
78 Ashley gdus. S.W. ; Roy. Courts of Justice, 
Strand, W.C. ; Oxford and Cambridge club. 

Bonney, Frederic, s. of late rev. Thos. Bonney* 
of Rugeley ; J.P. StaflEs : The Hollies, Rugeley. 

Bonney, rev. Thos. Geo., Cantab., ll.d., 
F.R.S., F.G.S., F.S.A., eld. s. of late rev. Thos. 
Bonney, M.A. of Rugeley, Staffs. : b. 1833 ; Pres. 
G.S. 1884-6, of Brit. Assoc. 1910-11, prof, of 
geology, Univ. coll. London 1877-1900, hon. 
canon of Manchester from 1887 : 9 Scroope 
terr. Cambridge ; Athenaeum club. 

Bonnor-Maurice, Edwd. Arthur, b.a. Oxon, 5 
s. of late R. M. Bonnor-Maurice, of Bodynfoel ; 
b. 1848 ; m. 1876, Edith Jessie, 2 dau. of rev. 
F. F. Fawkes, of Upton park. Bucks ; J.P. Mont- 
gomeryshire (sheriff 1894) : 6 Hamilton House, 
Hall rd. N.W. ; 46 Parliament st. S.W.; United 
University club; Bodynfoel, Oswtstry. 

Bonsall, vide Hughes-Bonsall. 

Bonsall, Henry, 3 s. of Thos. Bonsall, of Glan 
Rheidol, Cardiganshire, d.l., J.P. (d. 1875) : b. 
18 32 ; J.P. (1907) Cardigaushu-e : Pendibyn, 

Bonsall, Hugh Edwd., 2. s. of John Geo. 
Wm. Bonsall, of Fronfraith, co. Cardigan, J.P. 
(d. 1900) ; b. 1863 ; m. 1896, Gertrude E., 2 dau. 
of John T. Morgan, of Nantcaerio, Cardigan- 
shire ; J.P. Cardiganshire and Montgomeryshire, 
capt. (hon. maj. 1896) Cardigan artill. (mil.) W. 
divn. of R.A. 1881-97, instr. of artill. 1888-93 : 
Jun. Constitutional club : Galltyllan, Machyn- 
lleth, Mont. 

Bonsall, maj. John Joseph, eld. s. of John 
Geo. Wm. Bonsall, of Fronfraith, Cardiganshire, 
J.P. (d. 1900); b. 1854; m. 1879, Emily F., only 
surviving dau. of late rev. J. Hughes, M.A. ; D.L., 
J.P. Cardiganshire (sheriff 1904) and Mont- 
gomeryshire, maj. Cardigan artill. (mil.)W. divn. 
of R. A. 1887-95 : Jun. Constitutional club ; 
Fronfraith. Llanbadamfawr, Aberystwith. 

Bonsall, Thos. Wm., eld. s. of Thos. Bonsall, 
Glan Rheidol, Cardiganshire, J. p., D.L. {d. 1875); 
h. 1851 ; m. 1884, Eleanor I., 2 dau. of David 
Howell, of Craigydon, Aberdovey ; J.P. cos. 
Cardigan, Merioneth and Montgomery : Morben, 
M.achynlleth, Mont. 

Bonser, Arthur Howard, b. 1855; ♦;», 1879, 
Alice, dau. of late Samuel Sims HoUoway ; J.P. 
(1907) Notts : Forest Lodge, Sutton-in-Ashfield, 

Bonser. Geo. Gershom, 4 s, of late Wm. 
BouPi-r, of Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts ; b. 1851; 
m. 1880, Dorothy Ann Mary, dau. of Samuel 
Sims, of Holloway, Derbyshire; J.P. (1910) 
Notts, last chra. of S.-in-A. local board and 
first chm. of U. D. C. : Kirkstedo, Church st. 
Sutton -in- AshfieM, Notts. 

Bonser, rt. hon. sir John Winfield, P.c. (1901), 
M.A. Cantab., only s. of rev. John Bonser, of 
Bath ; b. 1847 ; m. 1. 1883, Bertha M. L., 2 dau. 
(d. 1894) of late John Nanson, of Carlisle; 2, 
1899, Mary C, only dau. of late col. hon. sir W. 
J. Colville, K.C.V.O., c.B. ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 
1872. C.J. of the Straits Settlements in 1893, of 
Ceylon 1893, memb. of judicial comm. of P.C. 
from 1902 : knii^lited 1894 : 3 Eaton pi. S.W. 

Bonsey (his honor judge), Henry Dawes, 
B.A. Cantab.. 3 s. of late Wm. Hy. Bonsey, of 
Slough. Bucks; 6. 1850; m. 1898, Helen Jane, 
dau. of late Archibald Dymock, of Louth, 
Lines ; barr Inner Temple 1875, rec. of Bedford 
1910-12, county court judge (circuit No. 2) 
from 1911: 1 Tanfield court, Temple, E.G.; 
Oxford ;md Cambridge club. 

Bonsor, Henry Cosmo Orme, s. of late Joseph 
Bonsor, of Pole.'^den, Surrey ; b. 1848 ; m. 1, 1872, 
Emily G., dau. {d. 1882) of late Jas. Fellowes, of 
Kingston, Dorset ; 2, 1886, Mabel G., dau. of Jas. 
Brand, of Sanderstead Court, Croydon, J.P. ; one 
of H.M.'s Lieutenants for the City of London, 
chm. of income tax commn. for the City, chm. of 
S.E.R. and director of the Bank of England ; 
D.L., J.P. Surrey, M.P. (c.) N.E.Surrey 1885-1900: 
38 Belgrave sq. S.W. ; Carlton and Turf clubs. 

Bontein, Jas. Shelley, f.s. a. (Scot.), only s. of 
late Jas. Bontein, gentleman usher and clerk of 
the robes to Queen Victoria, by Katherine, 
granddau. of sir John Shelley, 6 bart. ; b. 1869; 
m. 1889, Emilie, only dau. of Eras. Edwards, of 
Pickerage, Bucks, and widow of Hans Sloane- 
Stauley, of Paultons Park, Hants ; memb. of 
King's body guard for Scotland, J.P. Argyll : 31 
Montagu sq. W. ; Turf, Marlborough and New 
(Edinburgh) dubs ; Glencruittep, Oban, 

KELLY'S HAND600K-1915. 


£bntin6, lion, mrs. Anne, sis. of 14 baron 
EJphinstone ; b. 1828 ; m. 1851, Wm. Cunnins:- 
haine Bontine. of Gartmore. co. Perth, J. P., d.l. 
{d. 1883) : 39 Chester sq. S.W. 

Bonus, maj.-gen. Joseph, R.E. (Bombay), s. of 
John Bonus ; b. 1836 ; m. 1, dan. of Wm. Hart, 
I.C.S.; 2, 1891, Marion S., eld. dau. of Prof. R. 
Stuart- Poole, ll.d., of the British Mu-eum ; in 
Indian mutiny 1857-8; Afghan war 1878-9, ret. 
on pens. 1888, J.P. (1898) MiddU.: Southtield 
House, Frome, Somerset. 

Bonython. sir J. Langdon, c.M.G. (1908), 
s of G. Lingdon Bonython (formerly of Corn- 
wall axd descended from the Bonythons of 
Bonython and Carclew) ; b. 1848 ; v\. f870, Marie 
L. F., dau. of D. F. Balthasar, of Berlin ; propr. of 
Adelaide Advei'tiser and other newspapers ; 
elected in 1901 member of the first Federal 
Parliament of Australin, receivinir the eecond 
highest number of votes recoided in S. Aus- 
tralia, and returned unopposed to succeeding 
Parliaments ; pres. S. Australian Sch. of Mines 
and Industries from 1887; ohm. Adelaide Sch. 
Board 1883-1901 : chm. Govt. Agricultural Coll. 
1895-1902; pres. S.A. branch R.G.S. 1903-7; chm. 
Commonwealrh Literary Fund ; knighted 1898 : 
Carclew, Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Booker, Geo. Edwd. Nussey, 2 s. of late rev. 
Geo. Booker, M.A., and nephew of late Josias 
Booker, of Wessington Court, Herefordshire ; b 
1867 ; m. 1892, Edith Mary, 3 dau. of Hy. F. 
Tiarks, of Foxhury, Chislehurst ; formerly It. 
5 drag, gds., j.P. (1909) Herefordshire : 93 Eaton 
pi. S.W. ; Naval and Military club. 

Booker, John Lee, eld. s. of late Septimus 
Booker, of Swarthdale House, Liincs. ; barr. 
Inner Temple 1884, j.p. (1898) Lancashire : 
Swarthdale House, nr. Carnforth, Lanes. 

Booker, Josias Antony Nussey, eld. s. of 
late rev. Geo. Booker. M.A., and nephew of late 
Josias Booker, of Wessington Court, Hereford- 
shire ; h. 1865 ; m. 1887, Blanche Mabel, younger 
dan. of maj. Richd. Brettingham, of Waveney 
Lodge, Brighton ; D.L., J.P. (1892) Herefordshire, 
It. Montgomeryshire yeom. 1887-96 : Juu. Carl- 
ton club ; Woodfield, Weston-under-Penyard, 
Ross, Herefordshire. 

Bookey, col. John Thos. Brownrigg, c.b. 
(1900), T..R.C.P. Edin., l.r.c.s.i. ; 6. 1846 ; served 
with 6 Punjab Inf. in Jowaki Afreedee expdn. 
1877-8 ; Mahzood Wuzeeree expdn. 1881 ; Bur- 
mese expdn. 1886-8; Hazara expdn. 1888; 
Miranzai expdn. 1891 ; Waziristan field force 
1894-5 ; N.W. Frontier, India 1897-8 with Mala- 
kand field force ; operations in China 1900-1 
Indian Med. Service, princ. med. offcer, Kohat, 
ret. 1905. 

Boon, Wm. Hy., j.p. (1909) Warwickshire: 
Caldecote Hill Cottage, Caldecote, Nuneaton. 

Boone, Alfred, youngest s. of Alfred Boone, 
of Hanley, Staffs; 6. 1843; m. 1878, May, 
youngest dau. of Wm. Marson, of Hardiwick, 

Staffs; J.P. (1912) Salop: Shackerley House, 
Albrighton, Wolverhampton. 

Boord. sir Wm. Arthur, 2 bart. (1896), f.r.g.8., 
el'^. s. of 1 bart.. V.D..M.P.. J.P. [d. 1912) ; b. 1862 
{Heir, bro. Harry Percy, b. 1868) : 17 Holland 
park, W. ; Jun. Carlton club. 

Boord, lady. — Margaret dAlmaine, elder dau. 
of late Thos. Geo. Mackinlay, f.s.a. ; in. 1861, sir 
Thos. Wm. Boord. 1 bart., v.d., m.p., J.T.{d. 1912) : 
17 Holland park, W. 

Boorman, S, Staines, 3 s. of late Hy. Boorman, 
J. P.. of Tenterden, Kent ; b. 1865 ; »j. 1895, 
Gertrude, youngest dau. of late T. J. Lacy, of 
Guildford, "Surrey ; J.P. (1911) Surrey: Heath 
Farm, Send. nr. Woking. 

Boosey. Wm., j.p. (1906) Cheshire : Brook- 
field, Middlewich. 

Boot, sir Jesse, s. of John Boot, of Notting- 
ham ; b. 1850; m. 1886, Florence, dau. of Wm. 
Rowe, of Jersey : chm. Boots' Cash Chemists 
Ltd., knighted 1909 : St. Heliers, The Park, 

% Boote. James Burgess, eld. s. of Jas. Boote, 
of Hankelow, Cheshire; b. 1843; m. 1879, Lucy 
Helen, younger dau. of Wilson Jacobs, of Buenos 
Ajres, Argentina; j.p. (1910) Radnorshire 
(shei'iff 1913): Argentine club; Gwernaffel 
House. Knighton, Radnorshire. 

Booth,vide Haworth-Booth. 

Booth, vide Sclater-Booth. 

Booth, Abraham, j.p. (1906) W. R. Yorks : 
High Cross House, Kirkburton, Huddersfield. 

Booth, Arthur Wm., j.p. (1902) Kent : Scalers 
Hill, Cobham. nr. Gravesend. 

Booth, commdr. Augustus Burton Clavell, 
R.N. (ret.), s. of late capt. J. R. Booth, R.N,, 
pres. of Moniserrat, W.I. ; b. 1841 ; m. 1871, 
Margaret, 3 dau. (d. 1910) of late rev. J. R. Bogue, 
rect. of Denbury, Devon ; j.p. (1908) Bucks : 
United Service club ; The Gore Cottage, Burn- 
ham. Bucks. 

Booth, Benjn. Brodie, j.p. Suffolk: Hill 
House, Stowmarket, Suffolk. 

Booth, rt. hon. Chas., P.c. (1904), P.R.s,, 
(hon.) Camb., D.c.L. (hon.) Oxon., s. of Chas. 
Booth, of Liverpool ; b. 1840 ; m. 1871, Mary, 
dau. of Clias. Z. Macaulay ; partner in Alfred 
Booth and Co. Liverpool, chm. of the Booth 
Steamship Co., author of "Life and Labour of 
the People in London," and of several works 
on Pauperism, pres. Roy. Statistical Soc. 1892-4 : 
28 Campden House court, Kensington, W. ; 
Athenaeum and Reform clubs ; Gracedieu Manor, 
Whitwick, Leicestershire. 

Booth, Charles, m.a. Cantab., eld. s. of It.-col. 
Hy. Booth, K.H., 43 L.L ; 5.1828; m. 1, 1860, 
dau. of dr. H. Ebner, of Frankfurt ; 2, 1867, Eliza- 
beth, dau. of J. Stavenley-Shirt, late 4 K.O.R.,of 
Wales, Rotherham ; barr. Lincoln's Inn 1858 ; 
J.p. W.R. Yorks : United University club. 

Booth, Chas. Hy., eld. s. of Chas. Booth, of 
Dukinfield, Cheshire ; b. 1853 ; m. 1896, Clara, 'Z 



dau, of Tlios. Bowers, of Ashton-undor-Lyne, 
Laucs. ; J. p. (1901) Cheshire : The Bungalow, 

Booth, Fredk. Handel, s. of John Booth, of 
Bolton; b. 1867; chm. Yorkshire Iron & Coal 
Co. Ltd., M.P. (L.) Pontefract from 1910 : 100 
Grosvenor rd. S. W. ; National Liberal club ; 
Brotherton Hall, Ferrybridge, Yorks. 

Booth, Geo., M.d. Durh., eld. s. of revr. Geo. 
Booth, of Skelmanthorpe, Yorks; b. 1840; J. P. 
(1908) Derbyshire and (18S.")) Chesterfield: 
Holywell House, Chesterfield. 

Booth, Geo. Jaa., 2 s. of Jas. Booth, of Roch- 
dale, Lanes ; h. 1848 : m. 1874, Mary Jane, dau. 
of Tbos. Quarton, of York; J.P. (1907) Lanca- 
shire and (1885) Rochdale: Storrs Hall, Ark- 
holme, Kirkby Lonsdale. 

Booth, James, 2 s. of Jas. Booth, of Edgbas- 
ton ; m. 1871, Louisa, dau. of Wm. Rayner ; J.r. 
Warwickshire : Ardencote, Claverdon, Warwick- 

Booth, maj. John, v.d., eld. s. of Jas. Booih, 
of Turton, Lanes., j.p. ; b. 1854 ; m. Mary Agnes, 
dau. of R. S. Taylor, of Bury, Lanes. ; J.P. (1907) 
Lancashire : Hazel Bank, Turton, nr. Bolton, 

Booth, sir Josslyn Augustus Ricbd. Gore-, G 
bart. (17G0), eld. s. of 6 bart. {d. 190(») ; 6. 18»;9 ; 
m. 1907, Mary, dau. of rev. Savile Richd. Wm. 
L'Estrange-Malone, Mus.Bac., rect. of Dalton 
Holme, Yorks ; D.L., J.P. co. Sligo {Heir, $. 
Michael Savile, h. 1908) : Lissadel, Sligo. 

Booth, Leonard Wm., c.M.o. (1913), s.of Geo. 
Booth, of Grosvenor House, Twickenham ; />. 
1856 ; m. 1883, Mary E., dau. of Herm.ann Ran- 
dall von Dadelszen, of Ceylon : Ceylon C.S. 1878, 
actg. col. sec. Ceylon I9il-12,an<l 1912-13: Hoe 
Place, Woking, Surrey ; Colombo, Ceylon. 

Booth, Nathan, J.p. (1896) Norfolk : Outwell 
House, Wisbech. 

Booth, Philip Hy., eld. s. of Hy. Booth, of 
Gildersome, Yorks ;' b. 1851 ; m. 1874, Julia, dau. 
of Robt. Holliday, of Gildersome, Yorks ; j. p. 
(1906) and c.A. W. R. Yorks : Moorfield House, 
Gildersome, nr. Leeds. 

Booth, Samuel Lawson, R.C.A., J.P. (1907) 
Lancasliire : Camden House, Roe lane,Southport. 

Booth, It.-col. Tbos. Geo., 4 s. of John Booth, 
of Glendon Hall, Northants, D.L., j.p. (rf. 1848) ; 
b. 1843 ; m. 1879, Frances Jane W., dau. of late 
Henry Christopher Metcalfe, of Hawstead House, 
Suffolk ; served in Perak expdn. 1875, Egyptian 
war 1882 ; late (10) N. Lincolnshire regt,, in army 
pay dept. 1878-98 ; j.P. (1871) Northants : Haw'- 
stead House, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Booth, maj.-gen. Wm., R.A. (ret.), s. of late It.- 
col. Booth, K.H., 43 Light Inf. ; b. 1832; m. 1861, 
Eliza Emma, dau. of late gen, Russel, r.a. ; 
served in Crimea, 1855 ; ret. p. 1887 : Army 
and Navy club ; Rose Duryard, Exeter. 

Booth, maj. Wm. Henry, D.s.o. (1900), only s. 
of maj.-gen. Wm. Booth, r.a. (ret.), of Rose 

Duryard, Exeter; h. I8»i2 ; ?«. l905, Kathloou 
Isabel, 4 dau. of sir Jn, Chas. Holder, 1 bart., of 
Pitmaston, Birmingham ; served in S. African 
war 1899-1900 as a.D.c, maj. The Buffs (E. 
Kent regt.) 1901, ret. 1906; j.P. (1909) Here- 
fordshire : Army and Navy club ; Brynmelyu, 
Hay, Herefordshire. 

Booth, lady Gore-, G^orgina Mary, only dau. 
of late col. Chas. John Hill, of Tickhill Castle ; 
m. 1867, sir Hy. Wm. Gore-Booth, 5 bart. {d. 
1900) : Ardeven, Sligo. 

Booth,mr8. — Margaret Home, younger dau. of 
John (libsou Reeves, of Mo8eley,Worcestershire ; 
;»». 1860, Richd. Booth, of Glendon Hall, 
Northants, J.P. {d. 1898) ; lady of the manors of 
Glendon aud liarford, and patroness of Glendon ; 
Glendon Hall, Kettering. 

Boothby, sir Chas. Eras., 12 bart. (1660), 2 s. 
of 10 bart. ((/. 1865) and bro. of 11 bart (d. 1913) ; 
b. J«58 {Heir, bro. rev. Herbert Cecil, b. 1863). 

Boothby, It. Fredk. Lewis Maitland, u.n., s. 
of Alex. Cunningham Boothby, c.K. {d. 1888); 
m. VM)t<, ladT Mary Katliarino L., 2 dau. of 3 earl 
of Limerick^ h. 1880 ; It. R.N. 1903. 

Boothby, Josiah, cm.q. (1878), 6 s. of late 
hon. ! ■'■ ■ ■ Boothby, of Adelaide; b. 1837 ; 

m. 1>' 11 H.,dau. of late W.J. Lawrence, 

of A'l' rm. under-sec. for S. Australia, 

1><68-8U, cummr. at Paris exhibn. 1878^ knt. 
leg. hon. : li^^ Barnard st. North Adelaide, S. 

Booty, capt. Edwd. Leonard, R.N., m.v.o. 4 
class (1911), 8. of late Edwd. Booty, of St. 
Leonanis-oii-Sea, Sussex ; b. 1871; served with 
M'weli exi)dn. 1885, Brass River expdn. 1895, 
Benin expdn. 1x97, master of the fleet for the 
Coronation naval review 1911, capt. R.N. 1908: 
Unite<l Service club. 

Boothroyd, Joseph Senior, m.d. Edin., J.P. 
(1907) CO. London : Chevening, Brent Gardefa 
Village, Finchley, N. 

Boothroyd, Wm. Jolley, 4 s. of late Samuel 
Boothroyd, j.p., of South port. Lanes; b. 1847; 
w. 1871, Sarah, dau. of Joseph Carnley, of West 
Melton. Yorks ; j.p. (1905) Southport and (1910) 
Lancashire : 30 Leyland rd. Southport. 

Bor, col. Edwd. John, u.E. (ret.), 3 s. of late 
E<lwd. John Bor, D.L., J.P., of Balliudolan, co. 
Kildare ; 6. 1850 ; m. 1892, Katharine, dau. of R. 
Morrow, of Halifax, Nova Scotia ; brevet col. 
R.K. 1901, ret. p. 1902, J.P. (1912) Sussex : Jun 
United Service club ; Deepspring, Westbourne, 

Boraston, John, J.P. (1902) Kent, unionist 
principal agent from 1912 : St. Stephen's cham- 
bers, Westminster, S.W. ; Ringwood, 31 South- 
end rd. Beckenham, Kent ; Carlton club. 

Borden, hon. sir Fredk. Wm., k.c.m.g. (1902), 
P.O. (1896 Canada), M.D. Harvard Med. Schl., 
D.C.L..LI..D,, s. of J. Borden ; b. 1847 ; m. 1,1873, 
Julia M., dau. {d. 1880) of 3. H. Clarke ; 2, 1884, 
B«88ie B. Clarke j knt. of jfrace of St. John of 



ijcrusa.lem in JEugland, sarg. It.-col. 6S battn. 
King's County mil. and hon. col. Canadian army 
med. corps, min. of militia -and defence Canada 
1896-1911, hon. siirg.-gen. in the army 1911 : 
Canning, Nova Scotia ; Sti-adacona Hall, Ottawa, 
Ont. ; Kideau (Ottawa) and Halifax (Halifax, 
N. S.) clubs. 

Borden, rt. hon. sir Robt. Laird, P.c. (1912), 
6.C.M.G. (1914), K.c. (Canadian), d.c.l. (hon.) 
Queen's Univ. Out.,LL.D. Sc. Francois Univ., eld. 
survg. s. of late Andrew Borden, of Grand Pre, 
Nova Scotia ; b. 1854 ; m. 1889, Laura, youngest 
dau. of late T. H. Bond, of Halifax, Nova Scotia ; 
Nova Scotia barr.1878, Q.c. 1891,pres.Nova Scotia 
Barristers' Soc. 1893-1904, Canadian M.p. 1896- 
1900, 1905 and from 1908, prim. min. of Canada 
from 1911 : '201 Wurtemburg, Ottawa, Ont., 
Canada ; Rideau (Ottawa) and Halifax (Halifax, 
N.S.) clubs. 

Boreel, sir Jacob Wm. G-ustavus, 10 bart. 
(1644), only s. of 9 bart. {d. 1883) ; b. 1852; m. 1, 
1878, Maria C, dau. {d. 1891) of baron Schimmel- 
pennick Yan der Oye ; 2, 1898, Cornelie Marie van 
Weede ; chamberlain to the queen of the Nether- 
lands {Heir,[kinsman, Alfred M., b. 1849) : Water- 
land, Velsen, Holland. 

Boringrdon, vise, (title which would be borne 
by eld. s., if any living, of earl of Morley). 

Borlase, Wm. Hy., 2 s. of John Borlase, of 
Truro, Cornwall ; b. 1851 ; vi. 1873, Rebecca, 
dau. of John Corin, of Botreva, Ludgvan, Corn- 
wall ; J. P. (1910) Westmorland: Greenside 
Lodge, Glenridding, Penrith. 

Borlase, misses Lydia Harris and CaroUne 
Anne, daus. and co-heirs of John Borlase, of 
Castle Horneck, Cornwall, J. p. {d. 1889) : Castle 
Horneck, Penzance. 

Borough, John, only a. of late Wm. Borough, 
of Derby, solicitor ; 6. 1831 ; m. 1, 1862, dau. {d. 
1863) of rev. J. Maxwell Dunn, of Stapenhill, 
Derbyshire ; 2, 1867, dau. of J. Curgenven, of 
Plymouth ; is J. P. (1893) Derbyshire ; capt. late 
3 battn. (mil.) Sherwood Foresters (Notts and 
Derbyshire regt. ) 1866-81 ; registrar of dioc. 
Southwell : County club, Derby ; Eaton Bank, 
nr. Duffield, Derby ; Diocesan Registry, Derby. 

Borouirli, John Sidney Burton, m.a. «k.oh. 
Oxon., eld. s. of J. C. B. Borough, b.a., of Chet- 
wynd Park, Salop, J.P. {d. 1894) ; b. 1852 ; m. 1889, 
Edith F. M., youngest dau. of rev. Hy. Gladwyn 
Jebb, of Firbeck Hall, Yorks ; is J.P. Salop 
(sherifE 1901) : Carlton club ; Chetwynd Park 
Newport, Salop. 

Borradaile, col. Geo. Wm., c.b. (1882), r.a. 
(late Bombay), 3 s. of Harry Borradaile, Bo.C.S. ; 
b. 1838 ; m. 1864, Catherine C, dau. {d. 1912) of 
eurg.-gen. Chas. Doyle Straker, Bo. Med. Serv. ; 
•served in Egypt 1882, 3 class Medjidie, A.A.G., 
B.A. Bombay 1884-9, ret. 1894 on pens.: Oriel 
■Lodge, Burkes rd. Beaconsfield, Bucks. 

Borrer, Arthur Hardress, 4 s. of rev. canon. C. 
H. Borrer, m.a., rect. of Hurstpierpointj Sussex 

(d. 1898) ; b. 1854 ; m. 1881, Dorothea Caroline, 
dau. of Maximilian Hammond Dalison, of Hamp- 
tons, Kent ; a registrar of high court of justice 
(chancery divn.) from 1906 : 6 Durham pi. 
Chelsea, S.W. ; Chancery Registrar's Office, 
Royal Courts of Justice, W.C. 

Borrer, major Cary Hampton, eld. s. of rev. 
canon C. H. BoiTcr, M.A.. rect. of Hurstpierpoint, 
Sussex {d. 1898) ; b. 1838 ; m. 1871, Alice, only 
survg. child of late J. E. Downe ; late capt. 
King's R. rifles ; adjt. of volunteers 1869-84 ; d.l., 
J.P. Sussex : Somerhill Lodge, Hove, Sussex ; 
Naval and Military and St. Stephen's clubs. 

Borrer, John Hamlyn, only s. of J. H. Borrer, 
of Sunte, nr. Lindfield, Sussex {d. 1851) ; b. 1849 ; 
Trt.l, 1883,Kathleen M.,eld. dau. of It.-col. Crosbie, 
of Ballyheigue Castle, co. Kerry (which marriage 
was afterwards annulled) ; 2, 1914, Stella Mar- 
guerite, dau. of late John Birney Worgan, of 
Darjeeling, E. Indies, and widow of maj. A. F. 
Acheson Lyle {d. 1902) ; J. p. Gloucestershire : 
Angeston Grange, nr. Dursley. 

Borrer, Wm., eld. s. of Wm. Borrer, of Cow- 
fold, Sussex, m.a., b.l.,j.p. {d. 1898) ; b. 1846 ; m. 
1883, Frances Elizabeth, eld. dau. of late Wm. 
Piers Thomas ; J.P. Sussex : Athenaeum club ; 
Pakyns Manor, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. 

Borrett, maj.-gen. Herbert Chas., C.B. (1902), 
3 s. of Thos. Borrett, of Cransford, Suffolk {d. 
1875) ; b. 1841 ; m. 1867, Annie, eld. dau. of late 
maj. John Bennett, 1 Bombay Fus. ; served in 
Abyssinian campaign, at capture of Magdala ; 
insp.-gen. for recruiting at headquarters 1899- 
1903, maj.-gen. 1898, ret. p. 1903: Lancaster 
Lodge, Bath rd. Reading ; United Service club. 

Borrett, mrs.— Jane E., 3 dau. of Robert 
Rygate, M.D. of Wellington, N. S. Wales ; vi. 
1889, Thos. Percy Borrett, of Cransford Hall, 
Suffolk, J.P. {d. 1913) : Cransford Hall, Sax- 

Borron, Chas. Bell Ford, 3 s. of W. G. Borron, 
of Seatield Tower, Ayrshire, J.P. ; b. 1840 ; m. 
Muriel Frances, dau. of rev. Jas. Carson, m.a., 
rect. of Newton-in-Makerfield, Lanes ; J.P. (1907) 
Lancashire : The Heights, Golbome, Newton- 

Borrowes, It.-col. sir Kildare Dixon, 10 bart. 
(1646), eld. s. of 9 bart. (d. 1898) ; b. 1862 ; m. 1886, 
Julia Aline, youngest dau. of late Wm. Holden, of 
Palace House, Lanes. ; maj. 11 huss. 1886-95, It.- 
col. ret. p. 1895, maj. (hon. It.-col 1909) South 
Irish horse 1903-8, D.L., J.P. co.» Kildare (sheriff 
1902), late a.d.c. to lord lieut. of Ireland (jffeir, 
bro. Eustace, b. 1866) : Kildare St, club, Dublin ; 
Barretstown Castle, Ballymore Eustace, Naas. 

Borrowes, dow.-lady.— Florence E., dau. of 
Wm. Ruxton, of Ardee House, Ardee ; m. 1887, 
as his 2 wife, sir Erasmus Dixon Borrowes, 9 
bart. {d. 1898): Ivy Lodge, Aylestone Hill, 

Borthwick, hon. Jas. Alex., 2 s. of sir Thoi. 



Borthwick, 1 hart. ((/. 1912) und bro. of 1 baron 
Wbitburgh ; h. 1876 ; heir pres. to baronetcy. 

Borthwick, hon. (Malcolm) Algernon, 4 s. of 
sir Thos. Borthwick, 1 bart. {d. 1912) and bro. of 
1 baron Whitburgh ; b. 1881 ; m. 1905, Blanche 
B., dau. of Hy. Gorrie, of Auckland, New Zea- 
land : 32 Barkston gdns. South Ken?ington, 
S.W. ; Melbourne, Australia. 

Borth-wick, hon. Wm., 3 s. of sir Thos. 
Borthwick, 1 bart. {d. 1912) and bro. of 1 baron 
Whitburgh ; b. 1879 ; m. 1909, Ruth Margery, only 
dau. of late Jason Rigby, m.inst.o.e., of Wim- 
bledon : Lynewood, Aigburth drive, Liverpool. 

Borth-wick, hon. Gabrielle Margaret, b. 1866 ; 
dau. of 16 baron Borthwick. 

Borthwick, (rt. hon.) Harriet A. lady. — dau. 
of T. Hermitage Day, of Rochester; m. 1865. 
16 baron Borthwick {d. 1885) : Raveustoce 
Castle. Whithorn, Wigtownshire, N.B. 

Borthwick. (rt. hon.) lady. — Susanna Mary, 4 
dau. of sir Mark McTaggart-Stewart, 1 bart. ; 
m. 1901, 17 baron Borthwick {d. 1910, barony 
dormant) : 22 Charles st. Berkeley sq. W. 

Borthwick, hon. Isolde Frances, dau. of 17 
baron Borthwick {d. 1910, barony dormant) ; b. 

Borthwick, hon. Sybil, 3 dau. of sir Thos. 
Borthwick, 1 bart. {d. 1912) and sis. of 1 baron 
Whitburgh : 39 Upper Grosvenor Ft. W. 

Borton, col. Chas. Edwd., c.B. (1902), s. of 
gen. sir Arthur Borton, G.G.B., (i.c.M.u., gov. 
of Malta (d. 1893) ; b. 1857 ; m. 1893, Amy Louisa, 
dau. of Richd. Cotton Levin, i.C.s. ; served in 
Afghan war 1879-80, Burmese expdn. 1887-9, S. 
African war 1899-1902, It.-col. (brevet col. 1904) 
Norfolk regt. 1901-5, ret. p. 1905, commd, vol. inf . 
brig. 1906-8 : Maitlands, Old Heath rd. Col- 
chester ; Naval and Military club. 

Berwick, sir Robt. Hudson, eld. survg. s. of 
late Geo. Borwick, of Torquay, Devon ; b. 1845 ; 
m. 1872, Caroline, dau. of rev. R. D. Johnston, 
Kurnool, S. India ; J.P. co. London, knighted 
1902 : 16 Berkeley sq. W. ; Carlton club ; Eden 
Lacy, Lazonby, Cumberland. 

Bosanquet, vide Smith-Bosanquet. 

Bosanquet, adml. sir Day Hort, G.c.M.a. 
(1914), G.c.v.o. (1907), K c.B. (1905), 2 s. of rev, 
Robt. Wm. Bosanquet, of Rock Hall, Alnwick, 
J.P. {d. 1880) ; b. 1843 ; m. 1881, Mary, 3 dau. 
of col. Thos. Bromhead Butt; D.L., j.p.Hereford- 
ehire, commdr.-in-chief. East Indies 1899-1902, 
N. American and W. Indies 1905-7. and at Ports- 
mouth 1907-8, adml. 1905, ret. 1908, gov. of S. 
Australia 1909-14, G.c. of order of the Swords 
of Sweden (1906) and Red Eagle of Prussia 
(1907): United Service club; Broom-y-clos, 
Llandinabo, Hereford. 

Bosanquet, Edmund Fletcher, 6 s. of S. R. 
Bosanquet, of Dingestow Court, Mon.and Forest 
House, Essex, d.l., J.p. {d. 1882) ; b. 1840 ; m. 
1876, Louisa, dau. of maj. Hy. Christopher 
Marriott, of Avonbank, Worcestershire ; mrs. 

Bosanquet is lady of the manor and of the 
Castle of Goodrich, and patron of Long Grove, 
Herefordshire : Thd Court, Wotton-under-Edge, 

Bosanquet, Eustace Fulcrand, s. of late rev. 
Claude Bosanquet, of Folkestone; b. 1871; m. 
1894, Harriet M., dau. {d. 1901) of late F. W. 
Moore, of Buenos Ayres ; is J.P. Wilts : 
National club ; Woodsgate, Pembury, Tunbridge 
Wells, Kent. 

Bosanquet, sir Fredk. Albert, K.c, m.a. 
Cantab., 4 s. of S. R. Bosanquet, of Dingestow 
Court, CO. Monmouth, D.L.,* J.P. {d. 1882) ; 
6.1837; m. 1, 1871, Albinia Mary, eld. dan. (d. 
1882) of late J. Curtis Hay ward, of Quedgeley 
House, CO. Glo'ster ; 2, 1885, Philippa, youuge&t 
dau. of late Wm. Ben ce- Jones, of Lisselan, 
CO. Cork ; barr. Inner Temple 1863 ; beucher 
1889 : Q.c. 1882 ; recorder of Worcester 1879-91, 
of Wolverhampton 1891-1900, common serjeaut 
of city of London from 1900 ; j.p. (1882) co. 
Monmouth and (1905) E. Sussex (chm. quart 
sess. from 1912), chm. of council of law reporting, 
knighted 1907 : 12 Grenville place, S.W. ; Guild- 
hall, E.C. ; 3 Paper bldgs. Temple, E.G. ; Cobbe 
Place, Lf^wes. 

Bosanquet. Oswald Yivian, c.s.i. (1914), CLE. 
(1910), 3 s. of Arthur Bosanquet,of Cleddon Hall, 
CO. Monmouth, j.p. (d. 1885) ; b. 1866 ; Ind. C. S. 
1887, asst. residt. at Hyderabad 1890-3, 1 asst. to 
gov.- gen. 's agent in Rajputana 1893-5, und. sec. 
to govt, of India (foreign dept.) 1895-9, pol. 
agent Bhopawar 1899-1900, residt. Indore 1903-7 
and at Baroda 1909, agent to the gov.-gen. in 
Central India. 

Bosanquet, Percival, 3 s. of A. H. Bosanquet, 
of Osidge, E. Barnet (d. 1877) ; b. 1831 ; m. 1859, 
Charlotte Louisa, 3 dau. (d. 1911) of R. Bevan,of 
Brighton ; is D.L., J.P. Herts (sheriff 1896), j.p. 
Middlx. : Ponfield, Little Berkhamsted, near 

Bosanquet, Samuel Courthope, eld. s. of S. R. 
Bosanquet, of Dingestow Court, Mon. and Forest 
House, Essex, D.L., j.p. {d. 1882) ; b. 1832 ; m. 
1862. Mary, 2 dau. {d. 1914) of late J. Arkwright, 
of Hampton Court,Herefordshire ; barr.Lincoln's 
Inn, 1867, D.L., J.p. Monmouthshire (sheriff 1898, 
chm. quart, sess. 1890-1912) : National club ; 
Dingestow Court, Monmouth. 

Bosanquet, Samuel Ronald Courthope, LL.B. 
Cantab., eld. s. of Saml. Courthope Bosanquet, of 
Dingestow Court, Mon., D.L., j.p. ; b. 1868 ; in. 
1911, Mary Acland, eld. dau. of F. H. Anson, of 
72 St. George's sq. S.W. ; barr. Inner Temple 
1893, J.P. (1913) Monmouthshire (dep. chm. 
quart, sess. from 1913) : 38 Kensington Park rd. 
W. ; 1 King's Bench walk. Temple, E.G. ; Athe- 
naeum club ; Dingestow Court, Monmouth. 

Bosanquet, Theodore, 4 s. of Augustus Hy. 
Bosanquet, of Osidge, East Barnet, Herts {d. 
1877) ; b. 1833 ; m. 1867, Merelina Laetitia Mary, 
dau. (d. 1909) of Jas. Whatman Bosanquet, of 



Claysmore, Enfield ; in Bo.C.S. 1854-80, j.p. 
(1885) Devon : Poplar House, Bletchingley, 

Bosanquet, Victor Foulcrand, 2 s. of Arthur 
Bo«anquet, of Cleddon Hall, co. Monmouth, j.p. 
{d. 1885) ; b. 1863 ; w. 1890, Amy Caroline, eld. 
dau. of It. -col. Justice, of Castleton, co, Mon- 
mouth : chief constable of Monmouthshire from 
1893: County Constabulary office, 3t) Monk st. 
Abergavenny ; Red Hill, Penpergwm, Aber- 

Bosanquet, Wm. David. 8 s, of Samuel Richd. 
Bosanquet, of Dingestow Court, Mon.and Forest 
House, Essex. d,l., j.p. (J. 1882); b. 1849; m. 
1872, Elinor, 3 dau. of Geo. Hamilton Verity : 
Ripsley, Milland. Sussex, 

Boscawen, vide Griffith-Boscawen. 

Bosca'wen, rev. Arthur Townshend. J.P. 
(1897) Cornwall, rect, from 1893 of Lndgvan, 
Penzance, Cornwall. 

Boscawen, hon. Evelyn Hugh John, eld. s, of 
7 vise. Falmouth; b. 1887; 2 It. Coldst, gds, 
from 1912. 

Boscawen, hon. Geo. Edwd., 2 s. of 7 vise. 
Falmouth ; b. 1888 ; extra A,D,C. (temp, rank of 
capt. 1913) F.M, H.R.H. duke of Counaught 
(gov. gen. of Canada) from 1912, It. R, A. from 

Boscawen, hon. John Richard de Clare, 3 s. 
of 6 vise, Falmouth ; b. 1860 ; m. 1890, lady 
Margaret F, L.,dau. of 2 earl of Strafford, b. im) : 
D.L., J.p. Cornwall (and c.a.) and Kent, formerly 
capt, (hon. maj. 1893) 4 battn. (mil.) Oxford- 
shire L. I. : i2.\, Curzon st, Mayfair, W. ; 
Bachelors' club ; Tregye, Perranwell, Cornwall. 

Boscawen, hon. Mildmay Thos,. 4 s. of 7 vise. 
Falmouth ; b. 1892 : 2 It. Ri"f. brig, from 1913. 

Boscawen, hon. Vere Douglas, 3 s. of 7 vise, 
Faluiouth ; 6, 1890 ; 2 It. Coldst, gds. from 1914. 

Boscawen, hon. Kathleen Pamela Mary 
Coron V, dau. of 7 vise. Falmouth ; 6. 1902. 

Boscawen, lady Mary, 3 dau. of 6 earl 
Fitzwilliam: b. 1844; m. 1872, hon. Hugh Le 
Despencer Boscawen {d. 1908): 20 South st. 
Park la. W. 

Bosher, Thos., s. of Bcnjn. Bosher, of Middles- 
brough, Yorks; h. 1858; m. 1881, Hannah, dau. 
of John Turner, of Middlesbrough, Yorks; J.P. 
(1908) N, R. Yorks : Albert House, South Bank, 

Bostock, Edwd. Ingram, eld. s, of late John 
Stileman Bostock, of Horsham, Sussex; 6,1842; 
wi. 1873, Sarah Southev, eld. dau. of late dr. Baker, 
of Cranbrook, Kent; j.p. (1904) Sussex : 28 The 
Canseway, Horsham. 

Bostock, capt. Robt. Ashton, only survg. s. 
of late Jolin Ashton Bostock, C.B., y.H.s., dep, 
surg.-gen, Scots gds.; b. I860; m. 1, 1892, 
Catherine, dau. {d. 1902) of late Geo. Perry, dep. 
surg.-gen. late Scots gds. ; 2, 1895, Mary C. 
Haden ; j.p. (1898) Glamorgan, surg. -capt. Scots 

gds. 1886-98 : Army and Naw club ; Penmaen, 

Bostock, Samuel, s. of Samuel Bostock, of 
The Hermitage. Walton Heath, Surrey ; b. 1868 ; 
m. 1893, Kate, dau. of late sir Chas. E. Pollock, 
knt. , baron of the Exchequer, of Putney, Surrey ; 
J.P. (1906) Hants : United University and Sports 
clubs ; Lainston House, nr. Winchester. 

Boston, lord (6 baron 1761, Gt. B.). George 
Florance Irby, eld. s. of 6 baron {d. 1877) ; b. 
1860; m. 1890, Cecilia C, dau. (Order of Mercy 
1911) of late hon. Augustus A, F. Irby, of 
Hillingdon Grove, Uxbridge; D.L.Anglesey, a 
lord-in-waitiug to Queen Victoria 1885-6 {Heir, 
hro. hon. Cecil S. Irby, q.