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Full text of "Barretts Directory of Burnley and District 1893"


This populous manufacturing town is pleasantly situated on the banks 
of the small river Brun, near its confluence with the Calder, and is an 
important station on the Lancashire and Yorkshire line of railway. 
The Leeds and Liverpool canal passes through the town, which is dis- 
tant 6 miles from Accrington, 11-J- B.N.E. from Blackburn, 5J S.S.VV. 
from Colne, 28£ N. from Man3hester, 43J from Leeds, 47 N.E. from 
Liverpool, 22£ from Preston, and 217 N.W. from London. The town 
is abundantly supplied with coal, stone, and water, and its manu- 
factures and commerce have advanced with rapid strides during the 
last forty years. The cotton trade is carried on very extensively, both 
in the town and neighbourhood, and there are also iron foundries, 
machine and loom makers, collieries, a paper mill, stone quarries] 
breweries, &c. 

Burnley is a county, parliamentary, and municipal borough, a 
market town, parish and poor law union of 26 townships. Its first 
representative in Parliament was Bichard Shaw, Esq., who was 
returned in 1868. At his death, in 1876, Peter Bylands, Esq., was 
elected as his successor; on the death of Mr. Bylands, in 1887, John 
Slagg, Esq., was returned, who resigned on account of ill-health, in 
February, 1889, shortly after which he died. On the resignation, this 
year (1893), of J. S. Balfour, Esq., the Hon. Philip Stanhope was 
elected in his stead. The population of the township of Burnley in 
1801 was 3,305 ; 1811,4,368; 1821,6,387; 1831,7,551; 1841,10,699. 
In 1851, the population of the township was 14,706, and that of 
Habergham Eaves, 12,549. In 1861, a Charter of Incorporation was 
granted, the population of the newly constituted borough bein"- 
28,700 ; in 1871, it had advanced to 40,858. In 1881, the population 
of the parliamentary borough was 63,502, and of the municipal 
borough 58,882; and in 1891 the figures were 86,000 and 87,058 
respectively. The borough was enlarged in 1889 by including portions 
of Beedley Hallows, Habergham Eaves, Burnley, Briercliffe, and 
Ightenhill Park. It now covers an area of 4,015 acres, and its 
population is estimated at upwards of 90,000, and the rateable value 
is £307,000. 

The Corporation have taken preeauti©ns against the pollution of the 
river Calder by sewage, by the construction of sewage disposal works 
at Duckpits for the treatment of the sewage from about 76,000 of the 
population, and separate works at Altham for the treatment of the 
sewage from the remainder of the population are in contemplation. 
The system of sewage disposal adopted is that known as precipitation, 
with subsequent intermittent downward filtration. The total area of 
land at Duckpits is about 70 acres, and that of the proposed Altham 
works 15 acres. The extension of the borough necessitated an 
extension of the system of intercepting sewers, and these are now 
in hand. 


The township of Burnley has an area of 1,996 acres, and 
Habergham Eaves contains 4,217 acres; the principal landowners 
being the Eight Hon. Lady O'Hagan, T. T. Townley-Parker, Esq., 
Sir U. J. Kay-Shuttleworth, Bart., M.P., and the Exors. of the late 
Colonel Hargreaves. The Duke of Buccleuch is lord of the manor. 
The borough is divided into 12 wards, viz., St. Andrew's, Dane's 
House, St. Paul's, Fulledge, Burnley Wood, St. Peter's, Stoneyholme, 
Healey, Trinity, Whittlefield, Gannow, and Lowerhouse Wards. The 
number of burgesses is 14,960, and of parliamentary voters 12,826. 

The corporate body now comprises 12 aldermen and 36 councillors. 


William Parkinson, Esq., Mayor. 

Aldermen.— George Keighley, J. Howorth, J. Greenwood, George 
Sutcliffe John Baron, William Nowell, William Parkinson, Christian 
Mitchell', William Collinge, Thomas Thornber, Thomas Burrows, and 
Alfred Lancaster. 


St Andrew's Ward— J. M. Ferguson, S. Macfarlane, W. Armistead. 
Dane's House Ward—G. Metcalfe, C. Thornber, D. Holmes. 
St. Peter's Ward— J. L. Altham, J. W. Harker, C. Barritt. 
stoneyholme Ward— E. Johnson, T. Hartley, J. Baldwin. 
Fulledge Ward— E. Bradshaw, A. Carrington, E. Dickinson. 
Burnley Wood Ward—W. C. Hargreaves, W. Lupton, W. Witham. 
Healey Ward— John Williams, S. Thornber, William Dickinson. _ 
St. Paul's Ward— Charles Parsons, J. S. Sutcliffe, J. L. Smirthwaite- 

Trinity Ward—R. Slater, J. West, D. D. Dickinson. 
Whittlefield Ward— Eichard Holdsworth, J. Bibby, T. H. Eoberts. 
Gannow Ward— J. Parsons, M. Watson, W. Hartley. 
Lowerhouse Ward— Eobinson Mercer, J. Heap, T. Bayne. 

Town Clerk, W. T. Fullalove; Borough Surveyor, F. S. Button (Assoc. 
M.Inst.C.E.) ; Borough Treasurer, L. Woodhouse ; Gas Engineer, 
J P Leather; Chief 'Constable, J. Harrop ; Waterxoorks Manager, 
W. Williamson ; Medical Officer, T. Dean, M.D. ; Swpt. Sanitary 
Inspector, C. Slater ; Markets Superintendent, W. Waddmgton ; 
Baths Manager, A. Suthers; Cemetery Registrar, G. Houlden. 

The Town Hall, situated in Manchester Eoad, is an imposing 
edifice, designed by Messrs. Holton & Fox, of Dewsbury. The founda- 
tion st'one was laid 24th October, 1885, and the building was opened 
in October, 1888. The structure includes municipal offices, magisterial 
and police departments, public baths, &c. The principal or front 
elevation facing Manchester Eoad is three stories high, and rising 
over this is a clock tower, octagonal in shape, finished with circular 
dome and turret, the top being about 90 feet from the ground. The 
clock was supplied by Messrs. Potts, of Leeds. The large bell weighs 
about 25 cwt. ; and the Westminster chimes are struck on the four 
smaller oells, which weigh over 32 cwt. The whole of the stone m 
the front is cleansed Ashlar (sandstone),, and that used in the remaining 


-elevations, including the baths, is Yorkshire parpoints. In the prin- 
cipal entrance is a vestibule, rectangular in shape, having four red 
polished granite columns supporting the ceiling, and being lined with 
Bath stone. On this floor are the town clerk's, borough surveyor's, 
and borough treasurer's departments. On the next floor above are the 
mayor's apartments, council room, committee room, and borough 
surveyor's drawing office ; and on a still higher floor are the banqueting 
room, ante room, kitchen and service rooms. The entrance to the 
police department is in Yorke Street. On this floor are the inspectors' 
and detectives' rooms, day room, weights and measures office and 
shop, cells, &c. On the floor above are the two borough courts, magis- 
trates' rooms, school board, magistrates' clerks, and chief constables' 
offices, and waiting room for witnesses. Behind the Town Hall is a 
public mortuary, including mortuary proper and post-mortem room. 
The total cost of the building was about £50,000. 

The Borough Police Force was established in 1887, and it consists 
of 1 chief constable, 5 inspectors, 7 sergeants, and 67 constables. It 
possesses ample official accommodation for its various departments in 
the rear portion of the Town Hall. Mr. J. Harrop is chief constable. 

The Public Baths , which form a portion of the Town Hall premises, 
w«ra opened in 1888. There are two plunge baths (1st and 2nd 
■classes), measuring 18 yards by 7 yards and 21 yards by 8 respectively; 
13 first-class and 13 second-class slipper baths, and 3 vapour baths; 
and an addition is now being made to supply 8 slipper baths for 

The Waterworks now consist of five reservoirs capable of containing 
a total of 190,000,000 gallons of water. To supply the increasing 
demands occasioned by the rapid increase of the population, a new 
reservoir, on a most extensive scale, has been constructed at Cant 
Clough. It covers an area of 63£ acres, and the holding capacity of 
the basin is 250,000,000 gallons. The contractors for the work were 
Messrs. Fotherby & Son, of Burnley. The first sod was cut by Alder- 
man Sutcliffe, on December 31st, 1884, and it was completed and first 
filled with water October 4th, 1892. The embankment is 370 yards 
long, 90 feet in height at the centre, and at the base 165 feet in 
breadth. The boundary wall is 2,545 yards long, and 7 feet high. The 
total cost of the construction of the works was about £150,000. 

Gas Works were established in 1823, and were transferred in 1855 
to the Burnley Improvement Commissioners. At that time the works 
were capable of producing 384,000 cubic feet of gas in 24 hours, 
whereas when the present extensions are completed the works will be 
capable of producing 3,700,000 feet in the same time. There are six 
gas holders, capable of containing 2,220,000 cubic feet of gas, and 
there are about 16,000 consumers. The number of public lamps is 
1,734. Gas is sold to consumers afc 2s. 9d. per 1,000 feet, subject to a 
discount of 3d. per 1,000. Mr. J. P. Leather, manager. 

The Corporation have, this year (1893), established an electric light 
system. The works are situate in Aqueduct Street. 

The Public Park, the land for which was given by Sir J. H. Thursby, 
Bart., is situated at The Eidge, on the westerly side of the town, 
and is 28 acres in extent. There are carriage roads, 42 feet wide, 
all round the outside of the park, which is triangular in shape. 


Gymnasia, bowling green, and tennis greens are provided; and the 
remainder of the area is laid out in ornamental walks, terraces, &e. 

Another park is to be laid out on the southerly side of the town, 
adjoining Coal Clough Lane, on what is known as the Hood House 
Estate. The town will be indebted for this park to the generosity of 
the late Alderman Scott, who left a sum of money to be expended on 
behalf of the people of Burnley ; and the amount now in the hands 
of the trustees is close upon £17,000. 

Eecreation grounds are being provided in various parts of the 
borough, and laid out in a manner suitable to the districts in which 

they are situated. 

Altogether the town will be well provided with open spaces for 
recreative purposes. The total cost of the several works (including 
Alderman Scott's bequest) is estimated at £65,000. 

The Cemetery, near Eose Grove, about 2 miles S.W. from the town, 
was opened on the 1st June, 1857. It comprised up to recently 18 
acres, but in 1889-90 an additional eight acres were enclosed, so that 
the area now is 26 acres. There are three mortuary chapels. 

The weekly Market is held on Mondays and Saturdays, and every 
day in the Market Hall— a large and convenient building, opened to 
the public, January 1st, 1870. The Corporation erected in 1879 large 
abattoirs and a Pig Market in Eoyle Eoad. A Cattle Market is held 
on ground situate in Parker Lane every alternate Tuesday. 

The Victoria Hospital, Briercliffe Eoad, is one of the most useful 
institutions in the town. It was opened with considerable eclat, by 
H.E.H. Prince Albert Victor of Wales, on the 13th October, 1886. 
The building comprises complete administrative departments, out- 
patients' department, six ward blocks of equal area, and a smaller 
block used as a children's ward. A new children's ward was opened 
in 1891, to accommodate 20 cots, at a cost of £3,500, including fur- 
nishing. The administrative block occupies the centre of the site, and 
connected with it by a corridor are buildings of one storey, comprising 
kitchen, scullery, and other domestic offices. Spacious corridors 
connect the administrative and ward blocks. The main wards are 
circular in plan, having an internal diameter of 60 feet, and are capable 
of accommodating 20 patients each. The Hospital is heated and ven- 
tilated throughout on the most approved modern principles. The 
entrance lodge and mortuary are arranged to the street line on the 
north side. All the buildings are substantially erected in stone upon 
a bed of concrete covering the entire building site and to a distance of 
three feet beyond the walls. The architects were Messrs. W. Wad- 
dington & Son, of Burnley. The cost of the original buildings was 
about £18,000, and the principal contributors to the fund were the 
late Eev. W. Thursby, who gave £1,000, and two acres of land for the 
site; John Butterworth, Esq., £1,500; the late Abraham Altham, 
Esq!, £500; like sums from Messrs. Tunstill Brothers and W. F. 
Ecroyd & Sons; Miss Barnes, £1,000; Sir U.J. Kay-Shuttleworth, 
Col. Dugdale, and Thomas Brooks, Esq., £500 each; and the working 
classes of the town and district contributed £4,500. The total number 
of patients under treatment during the year 1891 was 1,519 ; of these, 
the in-patients numbered 643, and the out-patieats 876. N. P. Gray, 
Esq., J. P., Hon. Treasurer; Joshua Eawlinson, Esq., Hon. Secretary ; 


A. Macgregor Sinclair, M.B., House Surgeon; Miss Piggott, Matron; 
Thomas Shepley, Secretary and Collector. 

The Blind Institute, 5 Eastwood Street, is a very deserving society. 
Its objects are to search out and visit the blind at their homes; to 
provide a library of books in raised type for their use ; and otherwise 
to assist in their elevation and improvement. Mrs. Eawlinson, Hon. 
Secretary; Mr. John Barrett, Teacher. 

There are four Banks in Burnley, viz., the Craven Bank, the Man- 
chester and County Bank, the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, and 
the Union Bank of Manchester. 

The Parish Church (St. Peter's) is a large venerable fabric, dating 
from about the year 1120. It was granted in the reign of Henry I. 
to the Priory of Pontefract, but subsequently reverted to Stanlawe 
Abbey. The church was rebuilt in 1533, and restored in 1789, and 
again in 1854. It comprises a spacious nave, chancel, north and south 
aisles, baptistry, and a handsome tower, which contains a peal of 
eight bells. The chancel window is filled with beautifully-stained 
glass, in memory of Archdeacon Master, M.A., the late rector. The 
chancel itself was rebuilt in 1873, in memory of the late General 
Yorke-Scarlett, and a porch was added in 1889. The Towneley Chapel 
contains several ancient tablets and monuments, amongst which is one 
to Charles Towneley, founder of the " Towneley Collection," in the 
British Museum. The number of sittings is 1,550, all of which are 
free. The benefice is a rectory, of the annual value of £2,218, in the 
patronage and incumbency of the Rev. Canon Arthur Townley Parker, 
M.A., Rural Dean. Population of parish in 1891, 13,277. 

Holy Trinity Church, Accrington Road, is a substantial stone edifice, 
erected in 1835-6. In 1873, a chancel was added, the church re-seated 
and decorated, and a stained glass window put in to the memory of 
the late Mr. and Mrs. Dugdale, of Ivy Bank. The cost of the im- 
provements amounted to upwards of £2,000. A new organ was pre- 
sented in 1886,. by John Collinge, Esq., and his sister, as a memorial 
to their mother. It was built by Bryson, of London, at a cost of 
about £800. The church consists of nave, north and south aisles, 
chancel and vestry. The tower is 80 feet high, and in 1889 a peal of 
eight bells was placed here, the cost being £600. There are 1,090 
sittings, of which 600 are free. The benefice is a vicarage, of the 
annual value of £478, in the patronage of Hulme's Trustees, and held 
by the Rev. John Maurice Dorset Owen, M.A. 

St. James' Church, Bethesda Street, is of the Tudor style of architec- 
ture, and was consecrated in 1849. It is internally very attractive. 
A tower and spire were added in 1869, at a cost of £1,000, and in 1890 
vestries and organ chamber were added, stained glass windows were 
put in, new pews were erected, the church yard laid out, and the 
church restored generally, at a cost of £2,200, making the entire cost 
of the church and fittings about £8,500. It contains 559 sittings, of 
which 289 are free. The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of 
£367, in the patronage of the Crown and Bishop alternately, and now 
held by the Rev. Benjamin Winfield, B.A. Population of the parish 
in 1891, 4,476. The schools adjoin the church, and contain accom- 
modation for 673 scholars. 

St. PauVs Church, Saunder Bank, is a neat edifice, in the Norman 


style of architecture, erected in 1853, at a cost of £2,500. In 1874,. 
the chancel was rebuilt, and a new pulpit, organ chamber, and three 
galleries erected, at a cost, including decorations, of about £2,300. 
It contains 1,000 sittings, of which 349 are free. The benefice is a 
vicarage, of the annual value of £388, in the patronage of the Crown 
and Bishop alternately, and held by the Eev. William Elton, M.A. 
Population in 1891, 13,907. 

St. Andrew's Church,Golne Eoad,was erected in 1867, at a cost of about 
£4,000, exclusive of site, which was given by the late Eobert Townley- 
Parker, Esq., who laid the fouudation stone on the 8th September, the 
year previous. It is in the Early English style, and consists of nave, 
north and south aisles, chancel, and a graceful spire. The east 
window is filled with stained glass. There are 558 sittings, all free. 
The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of £339, in the 
patronage of the Bishop of Manchester, and held by the Eev. Herbert 
Harold Eobinson, M.A. 

St. Stephen's Church, Oxford Eoad, consecrated 1st February, 1879, 
is a handsome edifice, in the Gothic sfcvle of architecture of the 13th 
century, from the designs of Mr. James Green. The cost of its 
erection was about £8,500, and it possesses sitting accommodation for 
about 620 worshippers. The tower contains a clock, erected by the 
Exors. of the late Mrs. Parkinson, of Hollingreave, who also have 
presented a stained glass window, representing the Martyrdom of St. 
Stephen. The church was much beautified in 1888. The benefice is 
a vicarage, of the annual value of £350, in the patronage of the Rector 
of Burnley, and the incumbent is the Rev. James Cranbrook, B.A. 

St. John the Baptist's, Gannow Lane, erected in 1880, is a Gothic 
edifice, of handsome appearance, designed by Messrs. Wm. Wadding- 
ton & Son, of Burnley. The cost of erection, amounting to £8,000, was 
defrayed by the late Rev. William Thursby and Lady Scarlett. In 
1892 the church was completed, at an additional cost of £7,000, 
defrayed by the original donors, and the additions comprise tower and 
clock, and handsome reredos. The improvements were carried out 
under the supervision of Messrs. Waddington & Son, of Burnley. It 
contains 750 sittings, all free. The organ is a good instrument, which 
cost £550. The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of £300, in 
the patronage of the Rector of Burnley, and held by the Eev. William 
Joseph Gerratt. In connection with this church new day and Sunday 
schools were erected in 1890. The portion at present completed cost 
£1,500. The building comprises a central hall, with class-rooms 
grouped around it, each class having a separate class-room, and, being 
divided from the main hall by glass screens, will enable the principal 
teacher to overlook the whole. 

St. Matthew's Church, off Manchester Eoad, also designed by 
Messrs. W. Waddington & Son, was erected in 1879, at a cost of 
£8,000, defrayed by subscriptions. It contains 527 sittings, all free. 
The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of £350, in the 
patronage of the Eector of Burnley, and held by the Eev. William 
Edward Durham, M.A. Population in 1891, 5,370. 

As foreshadowed by the Eector of Burnley, some three years ago, 
when the proposed Bishopric Bill was first made public, three 
additional churches are about to be erected in the town. A site has 



already been secured for the first— presented by T. T. Townley-Parker, 
Esq. — near Abel Street Board School, and it is anticipated that the 
other two will be built in Fulledge and Whittlefields districts respec- 

All Saints' Church, Habergham, about two miles from Burnley, is 

in the Early English style, and was erected in 1849, and rebuilt in 
1868. It contains 754 sittings, of which 400 are free. The benefice 
is a vicarage, of the annual value of £200, in the patronage of the 
Crown and Bishop alternately ; Rev. Charles Jones, curate-in-charge. 
Service is also held in the following places : Back Lane School, 
Carlton Road School, Mitre Street School, Sandygate School, Woodtop 
School, Healey Wood School, Pickup Croft School, and Stoneyholme 


St. Mary's Catholic Church, Yorkshire Street, was opened for divine 
service on the 2nd of August, 1849. It consists of nave, aisles, 
chancel, and a low tower, containing one bell. It will accommodate 
over 1,000 persons. The site of this sacred edifice was given by the 
late Peregrine Towneley, Esq., and the cost of its erection amounted 
to nearly £15,000. It was decorated in 1872 at a cost of £1,000. The 
altar is an excellent piece of workmanship, and the whole of the 
interior is very beautiful. The Towneley Chapel was built as a 
memorial to the late Richard Towneley, Esq., the last male heir of 
this ancient family, who died at Rome, in 1877, and to his father, the 
late Colonel John Towneley. The entrance to the chapel is of 
magnificently-wrought brass, and the other alterations consist prin- 
cipally of two stained glass windows and a mahogany carved altar 
piece, doubly gilt, by Boulton, of Cheltenham. The cost was about 
£2,500, and the designs were supplied by the Very Rev. Canon Scruton, 
of Bradford. The priests in charge of the mission are the Very Rev. 
Dean James Morrissey, M.R., Lawrence Johnson, and Lionel O'Kelly. 
A School-chapel was built in Barracks Road, at a cost of £1,600, in 
1883. It is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, and is under the 
pastoral care of the Rev. O. Raymond; another School (St. Thomas') 
is situated in King Street, and at Burnley Lane a new mission has just 
been formed, under the patronage of St. John the Baptist, and the 
pastoral care of the Rev. John Aukes. 

The Nonconformists are a numerous body in Burnley and district, 
and many of their churches are handsome and commodious edifices. 

The Congregational Church, Westgate, a handsome building in the 
Lombardic or Byzantine style, was erected in 1859, at a cost of about 
£6,000, exclusive of the site, which was given by the late Lord Massey, 
Esq. It will seat 1,000 worshippers. Rev. T. J. Hosken, minister. 

Salem Congregational Church, Manchester Road, is another good 
building, erected in 1850. Rev. J. B. Parry, minister. This body 
erected a School-chapel in Hollingreave Road, in 1888, at a cost of 
£3,000. Rev. W. Robinson, minister. 

Bethesda Congregational Church was erected in 1814, and rebuilt in 
1878. Rev. Thomas R. Davies, minister. A new Sunday school on 
the site of the old building was erected this year (1893). It is of stone, 
in the Italian Renaissance style, from designs by Mr. Victor 
Dunkerley, of Burnley, and contains 20 class-rooms, superintendent's 
room, and library, and accommodation is provided for 800 scholars. 


The Ebenezer Baptist Chapel is a good building in Colne Eoacl, 
erected in 1860, at a cost of nearly £3,000, and which has accommoda- 
tion for 860 worshippers. 

Enon Baptist Chapel, Eed Lion Street, was erected in 1851. Sion 
Baptist Chapel, Yorkshire Street, was erected in 1862, superseding one 
dating from 1831. Eev. T. A. Plant, B.A., minister. Mount Pleasant 
Baptist Chapel, Hammerton Street, dates from 1863. Eev. Eobert 
En soil, minister. The Particular Baptists have a chapel in Boot 
Street, and the Scotch Baptists have a chapel in Argyle Street, built 
in 1877. The Baptist School-chapel, Broughton Street, is a Gothic 
building, designed by Mr. S. Keighley, of Burnley. The foundation 
stone was laid June 25th, 1892. It will seat 400 persons, and the 
cost of erection was about £2,000. 

The Wesleyans have large chapels in Hargreaves Street, Todmorden 
Eoad, Accrington Eoad, and Colne Eoad, and smaller ones in Cog 
Lane, Whittlefield, Lane Bridge, Park Hill, Ightenhill, Brooklands 
Eoad, and Piccadilly Eoad. The ministers of the circuit are Eevs. 
John Clegg (superintendent), George England Sheers, B.A., James 
Dixon, and S. B. Beattie. Wesleyan Methodism took its rise in Colne 
Eoad in July, 1863, when a class was formed in a cottage in Back 
Birley Place. In the following November, a Sunday school was begun 
in a rented room near the Toll Bar. Land having been purchased 
from the Bxors. of Colonel Hargreaves, a school capable of accom- 
modating about 400 was built, and opened in May, 1872, the cost 
being about £2,200, including land. In June, 1880, the handsome 
chapel, with its tower, which will seat about 615 persons, was opened. 
About £3,500 was expended in its erection. A Mission Boom was 
erected in Florence Street, in 1892. 

Brunswick United Methodist Free Church, Manchester Eoad, is a 
capacious building erected in 1867-9, at a cost of about £13,500. It 
will seat 1,750 persons, and has superseded the old chapel in 
Hammerton Street, which was sold to the Baptists. Eev. William 
Edmondson, minister. In 1882 a neat Gothic chapel was erected in 
Old Hall Street, at a cost of £1,100, which will seat 400 persons. In 
Lincoln Street, Healey Wood, is another chapel belonging this body. 
It is a neat building, "erected in 1883, at a cost of £800, and is a 
branch from Brunswick chapel. In Claremont Street) a handsome 
chapel was erected in 1891, at a cost of £2,500. It was designed by 
Mr. Victor Dunkerley, and Messrs. Smith Brothers, of Burnley, were 
the contractors. It will seat 750 persons. Eev. Edwin Hall, minister. 
Handsome and commodious schools have also been built in Claremont 
Street. They were opened in 1889, the cost of erection being £3,400. 
Bethel Primitive Methodist Chapel, Hammerton Street, was erected 
in 1850. Eev. Jonathan Bell, minister. This body have also chapels 
in Padiham Eoad and Oxford Eoacl, both built in 1869 ; Lane Head, 
built in 1867 ; and Colne Eoad, built in 1878. Eev. Eobert Fletcher, 

minister (No. 2 Circuit). 

The Unitarian Chapel, Trafalgar Street, was built in 1871, and was, 
along with School, enlarged this year (1893). at a cost of about 
£1,200; Eev. John Boughey, minister. The Independent Methodist 
Chapel, Eobinson Street, is a plain stone structure, erected in 1890-91, 
at a cost of £1,200. It is formed of two sections, one being used as a 


chapel, with seats for 300 persons ; and the other, as Sunday school, 
will hold 200 scholars. In Calder Street there is another chapel 
belonging to this body. The New Jerusalem Church, Briercliffe Eoad, 
was erected in 1887. The Spiritualists' Hall is situate in Hammerton 
Street. The Salvation Army have barracks at Fulledge, Burnley 
Lane, and Trafalgar. There are a Gospel Temperance Mission Boom 
in Bivell Street, a Mission Boom in Smirthwaite Street, and a Good 
Templars 7 Mission Boom in Plumbe Street. 

The Grammar School, Bank Parade, rebuilt in 1874, was opened on 
the 3rd of August of that year. It occupies a commanding position 
adjacent to the ancient Parish Church of St. Peter, the site being 
near that of the old school, founded in the 16th century. The building 
is of the 15th century style, from the designs of Mr. Waddington, of 
Burnley, and presents the characteristic features of collegiate 
architecture. There is accommodation for 120 scholars. The governing 
body consists of 14 persons, the Mayor of Burnley being one (ex-officio), 
.and there are seven representative and six co-optative members. The 
endowment is about £256 a year, of which the headmaster receives 
£120 as a fixed stipend, and a capitation fee of £3 10s. for each boy. 
The provisions of the scheme direct that " not more than 10 per cent, 
of the boys shall be exempt from payment/' The cost of the building 
was about £4,000. Sir U. J. Kay-Shuttleworth, Bart., M.P., is 
chairman of governors. Mr. J. L. Ward, M.A., headmaster. 

The Burnley School Board was constituted in January, 1871. and 
splendid schools have been erected by this authority in Abel Street and 
Burnley Wood. The schools in Abel Street were opened in September, 
1891, the cost, including site and furnishing, amounting to close upon 
£12,000. Accommodation is provided for 1,248 scholars. The principle 
adopted is what is called the "Central Hall" system, each school 
having a large central hall for the assembling and dismissing of the 
children for drill, collective lessons, &c, and round this are grouped 
the class-rooms ; the mixed school having eleven, and the infants' 
school five. The whole of the buildings are faced with Catlow 
parpoints, with ashlar dressings. The whole of the work was designed 
and carried out under the personal inspection of Mr. Thomas Bell, of 
Burnley, Mr. Thomas Holt being the clerk of works. 

The Burnley Wood Schools have the principal entrance in Branch 
Road, and were opened March 7th, 1892, the cost being about £10,000. 
The buildings comprise large central hall, 50 feet square, with eight 
class-rooms opening into the hall, and separate cookery kitchen. The 
infants' school consists of central marching corridor, with six class- 
rooms. The external walls are faced with parpoints and ashlar 
dressings, from Hipperholme. The designs were supplied by Mr. 
G. B. T. Lawrence, of London, and Mr. Thomas Holt, of Burnley, 
was the clerk of works. Claremont Street School, having accom- 
modation for 800 children, has just been taken over by the Board on 
a lease of seven years, at a rental of £145 per annum. The total 
accommodation provided in the elementary schools now amounts to 
17,826, an excess of 2,741 over that required. When the Board 
commenced operations in 1871, the total number of children on school 
rolls was 5,676; whilst, in November, 1891, the corresponding number 
was 17,204. The office of the Board is in the Town Hall, and the 


chairman is W. C. Hargreaves, Esq. ; Mr. J. Eawlinson, clerk. 
The Burnley Mechanics' Institution and School of Science and Art,.. 
Yorke Street and Manchester Eoad, is a commodious building, in the 
Italian Eenaissance style of architecture. The original building was 
erected at a cost of £7,000. The foundation stone was laid by the 
late Colonel Towneley, on the 25th November, 1851. The building 
was enlarged on the south side (Manchester Eoad) in 1887, and a new 
entrance made to the large hall, and the new wing (Yorke Street), 
consisting of Science and Art School, was opened in 1888. The whole 
scheme of enlargement and internal alterations has been carried out 
at a cost of £10,000. The exchange and reading rooms occupy a large 
portion of the ground floor ; there is also a billiard room provided. 
The number of members of exchange and institution is over 2,500. 
The library contains 16,000 volumes, embracing most of the recent 
works on science and general literature. The circulation is over 40,000 
volumes per annum. There has been provided, in connection with the 
new wing, a chemical laboratory for 32 students, fitted up with the 
most modern requirements. The class-rooms of the institution now 
afford accommodation for 800 students. There is a large number of 
classes conducted in almost every branch of science and art, in con- 
nection with the Science and Art Department, South Kensington. The 
technical classes are in connection with the City and Guilds of London 
Institute. There are also classes in commercial and general subjects, 
and an elementary school in connection with the Education Depart- 
ment, "Whitehall. The large hall, or assembly room, will now 

seat 1,500. 

Technical School, Elizabeth Street.— During the past year (1892) the 
technical instruction committee of the Burnley Corporation have re- 
constructed the old Municipal Buildings, and built a new shed on the 
land adjoining, converting the whole into a well-equipped Technical 
School, with several varieties of looms, including jacquards, dobbies, 
fustian, and looms for plain goods, joiners' benches and tools, 
plumbers' benches and tools ; also wood carving, and apparatus and 
accommodation for practical cookery and laundry ; a museum room 
and other lecture and class rooms — altogether giving accommodation 
for 500 students. The building has been altered and furnished by the 
technical instruction committee of the Burnley Corporation, under the 
direction of F. S. Button, Esq., C.E., borough engineer, from the grants 
obtained under " The Customs and Excise Act," at a cost of about 
£4,000. This is carried on under the same management as the 
Mechanics' Institution, with a representation from the Burnley 
Corporation. The president is the Eight Hon. Sir Ughtred J. Kay- 
Shuttleworth, Bart., M.P. ; honorary secretary, Mr. C. M. Foden ; 
librarian, Mr. T. Hartley. 

The Church of England Literary Institution, Manchester Eoad, con- 
tains a library of 8,000 volumes, reading room, lecture hall capable of 
seating 700 persons, billiard room, and class rooms. The Institution 
was established about the year 1848, and is in a flourishing condition, 
there being now 230 members. Eev. Canon Parker, president; 
Mr. J. E. Ainsworth, secretary; Mr. "W. Edmondson, librarian. 

The Burnley Literary and Scientific Club was established in 1873 ; 
Mr. A. E. Grant, honorary secretary. 


The newspapers published in Burnley are : — The Burnley Gazette, 
established in 1863, published on Wednesdays and Saturdays; Mr. 
Benjamin Moore, publisher. The Burnley Express is published by the 
Express Printing Co., Bull Street, on "Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
The Lancashire Daily Post, the Northern Daily Telegraph, and the 
Lancashire Evening Express have also branch offices here. 

Burnley is amply provided with places of amusement. The Victoria 
Opera House, St. James Street, is a commodious building, with hand- 
some stone front. The interior is elegantly fitted up, and is warmed, 
lighted, and ventilated on the best principles. It will seat 1,800 
persons, and there is standing accommodation for 400 more. Mr. W. 
C. Horner, manager. The Gaiety Theatre, Parker Lane, is comfort- 
ably arranged in the interior, and is a very popular place of amuse- 
ment. Mr. Thomas Culeen, proprietor. 

St James' Hall, used principally for balls, &c, will accommodate 500 
persons, and the Co-operative Assembly Boom, Hammerton Street, 
which is specially adapted for lectures, concerts, &c, has accommoda- 
tion for 550 persons. 

There are also in the town several Music Halls, Skating Einks, &c. 
There are numerous clubs, social and political, in the town. The 
Union Club, is held in Manchester Eoad. The Reform Club is located 
at Nelson House, a handsome and commodious building, off Man- 
chester Road, and the Central Conservative Club is held in St. James' 

The County Court is held every alternate Thursday at the Couro 
House, Bank Parade. P. C. Gates, Esq., Q.C., judge; W. H. Hartley, 
Esq., registrar. The County Police Station is in Bank Parade, and 
here a Court is held for the trial of prisoners when occasion requires. 
Mr. E. J. Artindale, clerk to magistrates. 

A Court for the Borough is held at the Town Hall daily for the 
hearing of summonses and trial of prisoners, and Sessions are held 
every Wednesday. Mr. T. Nowell, clerk to magistrates. 

County Magistrates. 

Sir J. Hardy Thursby, Bart., Col. Le Gendre N. Starkie, Col. J. 
Tertius Dugdale, Right Hon. Sir U. J. Kay-Shuttleworth, Bart., M.P., 
"William Dugdale, nenry Waddington Hartley, John Howorth, Henry 
Briggs, M.D., J. O. S. Thursby, C. E. Every-Halstead, John Riley, 
R. Handsley, R. Thompson, Charles J. Massey, George Sutcliffe, 
John Baron, W. P. Robinson, Daniel Drew, John W. Phillips, 
H. Stuttard. Mr. E. J. Artindale, clerk, 4 Hargreaves Street. 

The Borough Bench of Magistrates was constituted in 1872, 
and is composed of the following : — 

The Mayor ("William Parkinson), John Howorth, R. Handsley, 
George Sutcliffe, Benjamin W. Briggs, Joseph C. Brumwell, M.D., 
John Baron, Robert John Hurtley, John S. Collinge, W. Lancaster, 
Thomas Thornber, James Duckett, J. W. Phillips, James Kay, George 
Storey, Thomas Edmondson, Henry <J obling, John Butterworth, 
Obadiah Folds, James Greenwood, William Collinge, William Dickin- 
son, Joshua Rawlinson, Nathan P. Gray, George Keighley, James 
Grimshaw, Thomas Hirst, J. S. Veevers, F. J. Grant, W. Berry, John 
Witham, Robert Hartley, Thomas Burrows, Thomas Hoghton, Thomas 


C. Holden, John Parsons, George S. Pullon, George Walmsley, John 
Brown, Cornelius M. Foden, William C. Hargreaves, David Holmes, 
Alfred Lancaster, Benjamin Moore, "William No well, Alfred Strange, 
John Thornton. Mr. Thomas Nowell, clerk, Town Hall. 

The Barracks, Padiham Eoad, are occupied by the 30th Eegimental 
District; Colonel W. J. Frampton, commanding officer. Here are 
also the headquarters of the 5th Royal Lancashire Militia, now 
merged in the 30th Regimental District ; Major A. J. A. Wright, 
adjutant. The 2nd Vol. Batt. have their headquarters in Bank Parade; 
Capt. W. J. Langford, adjutant. 

The Burnley Union covers an area of 63,734 acres, and contained 
in 1891 a population of 163,000. It comprises 26 townships, viz. : — 
Burnley, Altham, Barley-with-Wheatley Booth, Barrowford Booth, 
Briercliffe-with-Extwistle, Cliviger, Colne, Dunnockshaw, Foulridge, 
Goldshaw Booth, Habergham Eaves, Hapton, Heyhouses, Higham- 
with-West Close Booth, Huncoat, Ightenhill Park, Marsden (Great 
and Little), Old Laund Booth, Padiham, Bead, Reedley Hallows, 
Filly Close and New Laund Booth, Bough Lee Booth, Simonstone, 
Trawden, Wheatley Carr Booth, and Worsthorne-with-Hurstwood. 
The offices of the Board are in Nicholas Street. — a good building, the 
foundation stone of which was laid by the late James Roberts, Esq., 
30th August, 1866. 

The Workhouse, Burnley Lane Head, is a large handsome building, 
occupying a pleasant situation about a mile and a quarter from the town, 
and standing on a site of about ten acres of land. The foundation 
stone was laid in 1873, and the house was opened for the reception of 
inmates in March, 1876; the cost of its erection being about £20,000. 
All the rooms in the building are lofty and well ventilated. The 
Infirmary is a short distance from the main building, and is one of the 
most perfect of its kind in the country. This year (1893), a new 
Infirmary to accommodate nearly 200 inmates has been erected on a 
site adjoining the present building. Considerable improvements have 
been effected, including new laundries, offices, &c, at a cost of over 
£1,200. Six cottage homes are provided for the children. The num- 
ber of inmates is about 450. The designs were furnished by Mr. 
William Waddington, of Burnley. T. Bdmondson, Esq., J. P., is 
chairman of the Board of Guardians, and Mr. J. S. Horn is clerk. 


Ahbatoir, Boyle Boad ; George Astin, superintendent. 

All Souls' Home, Fulledge House ; in charge of Order of Our Lady of 

Good Council 
Barracks, Padiham Boad; Col. W. J. Frampton, com. officer. 2nd 

Vol. Batt., head quarters, Bank parade; Capt. W. J. Langford, 

Baths, Bath Street; Alfred Suthers, manager 
Bellman; Thomas Nuttall, 27 Boot Street 

Blind Institute, 5 Eastwood Street ; Mrs. Bawlinson, hon. sec. 
Borough Auditors ; George Proctor and Richard Watson 
Borough Police Station, Town Hall ; Joseph Harrop, chief constable 
Borough Treasurer's Office, Town Hall ; Lister Woodhouse 
Borough Surveyor's Office, Town Hall; F. S. Button 


Burnley and District News Agents' Association; Joseph Pickles, sec, 

5 Pine Street 
Burnley Football Club, 8 Ormerod Street; A. F. Sutcliffe, sec. 
Burn/eg Literary and Scientific Club, Technical School; Mr. W. A. 

Waddington, president; A. E. Grant, hon. sec. 
Burnley Masters' Association ; J. Rawlinson, sec, 7 Grimshaw Street 
Burnley Photographic Society, Bank Chambers ; John Butterworth, 

Esq., president 
Cemetery, near Rose Grove; George Houlden, registrar 
Certifying Factory Surgeon; Thomas Dean, M.D., 84 Manchester 

Church of England Literary Institute, Manchester Road ; J. R. 

Ainsworth, sec ; W. Edmondson, librarian 
Clerk to County Magistrates; office, 4 Hargreaves Street; E. J. 

Clerk to Borough Magistrates ; office, Town Hall ; Thomas Nowell. 
Collector of Assessed Taxes ; W. Whittingham, 3 St. Matthew Street. 
Conservative Registration Association (Borough), 12 St. James' Row; 

G. Rogerson, agent 
Conservative Registration Association (County), 1 Ormerod Street; R. 

Harrison, agent 
County Court Office, 1 Grimshaw Street ; H. W. Hartley, registrar 
County Police Station, Bank Parade ; Thomas Barnett, superintendent 
Court Houses (Borough), Town Hall : (County), Bank Parade 
Cricket Groimd; Turf Moor, Yorkshire Street; W. Brown, sec 
E. L. Regt. Dist. Employment Association, Church Street; Major 

Wright, hon. sec 
Exchange ; Mechanics* Institution 

Fire Brigade Station, Manchester Road; Sergt. G. Dunn, supt. 
Gaiety Theatre, Parker Lane ; Thomas Culeen, proprietor 
Gas Office, Coke Street; J. P. Leather, manager 
Grammar School, Bank Parade; J. Langfield Ward, M.A., head 

H.M. Inspector of Factories ; A. Piatt, 312 Padiham Road 
Home for Friendless Girls, 60 Bank Parade, Sisters of Charity 
Inland Revenue Office, 22 Nicholas street; John Barnes, supervisor 
Law Society ; R. T. Sutcliffe, hon. sec , Bank Chambers 
Liberal Registration Association (Borough), 1 Yorke Street ; W. Lord, 

Liberal Registration Association (County), 1 Yorke Street; J. Lons- 
dale, sec. 
Licensed Victuallers 1 Association ; E. Bridge, sec, 27 Rawcliffe Street 
Market Superintendent, William Waddington, 86 Rectory Road 
Mayor's Parlour, Town Hall 
Mechanics' Institution, Manchester Road; C. M. Foden, sec; T. 

Hartley, librarian 
Medical Officer of Health, Thomas Dean, M.D., 84 Manchester Road 
Medical Officer (Union), J. C. Brumwell, M.D., Hargreaves Street 
Medical Officer (Union), Alfred Sutcliffe, F.R.C.S., 24 Trinity Place 
Miners' Association ; W. Crook, sec, 33 Allen Street 
National Telephone Co., Limited, 20 Hargreaves Street; Jas. Myers, 

local manager 


National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children (Burnley Aid 
Committee) ; T. G. Sandy and J. E. Holmes, joint hon. sees., 9 and 
14 Grimshawe Street — Children's Shelter, 33a Parker Lane ; James 

Miller, inspector. 
North and North-East Lancashire Cotton Spinners and Manufacturers 

Association; J. Eawlinson, sec, 7 Grimshaw Street 
Notary Public, H. B. Creeke, Cliviger Street 
Overseers' Offices, Nicholas Street; A. Astin, assistant overseer for 

Burnley, and W. H. Kay for Habergham Eaves 
Post 0(/ice, Manchester Eoad; J. Birnie, postmaster 
Raihuay Stations, Bank Top, Manchester Eoad, Towneley, and Eose 

Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages, Eobert Munn, 29 and 31 

St. James' Street , . 

Believing Officers; (St. Peter's District) E. Moorhouse, (Trinity 

District) John Hargreaves ; offices, Nicholas Street ; (Sfc. Andrew's 

District) J. Oyer, 23 Elm Street 
St. James' Hall, St. James' Bow ; John Haywood, hall-keeper 
SaJiitary Inspector's Office, 41 Yorkshire Street ; Christopher Slater 
Sanitary Inspector's Office (Sural), Nicholas Street ; S. Edmonson 
School Board Office, Town Hall ; W. C. Hargreaves, Esq., chairman ; 

J. Eawlinson, clerk 
Sheriff's Officer, A. J. Mossop, 1 Ormerod Street 
Spinners' Association, St. James' Lane ; J. Eoche, secretary 
Superintendent Registrar's Office, Nicholas Street ; William Haworth 

Surveyor of Income Taxes, Office, 22 Nicholas Street; M. D. Golden., 

Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall ; W. T. Fullalove 

Town Hall, Manchester Eoad 

Trades' Council; T. Etherington, sec, 65 Belgrave Street 

Tramway Company's Office, 45 St. James' Street; Henry Mozley 

Union Offices, Nicholas Street; J. S. Horn, clerk to Guardians; 

Workhouse, Briercliffe Eoad ; A. Howarth, governor 
Vaccination Officer, Geo. Moorhouse, Nicholas Street 
Veterinary Inspector, J. H. Carter, F.E.C.V.S., Church Street 
Victoria Hospital, Briercliffe Eoad; A. M. Sinclair, M.B., house 

surgeon; J. Eawlinson, sec, T. Shepley, asst. sec. 
Victoria Opera House, St. James' Street ; W. C. Horner, manager 
Weavers' Association, Charlotte Street ; M. Moorhouse, sec. 
Watenoorks Office, Yorkshire Street; Wm. Williamson, manager 
Y. M. C.A., St. James' Eow 

Y. W. G.A., St. James' Street; Miss S. J. Brereton, resident super- 


Blue Ribbon Army Club, 8 Nicholas Street 

Burnley Unionist Club, St. James' Street ; G. Needham, sec. 

■Conservative Club (Central), 12 St. James' Eow; A. Halstead, sec 

Do. (Trinity), Trafalgar Street; J. Ingham, sec 

Do. (Fulledge), Plumbe Street; A. E. Edmonson, sec. 

Do. (Yatefield), Cog Lane ; G. Simpson, sec 

Do. Lane Head; E. Procter, sec. 



Conservative Club (Whittlefield), Dale Street; Thos. Howarth, sec. 

Do. (Burnley Wood), 49 Brunswick Street ; H. Lord, sec. 

Do. (Healey), 2 Healey Eow 

Do. (St. Andrew's), Colne Eoad 

Garrison Club, 5 Dale Street 

Reform Club (Gladstone), Nelson Square; Joseph Brown, sec. 

Do. (Burnley Wood and Fulledge), Oxford Eoad; T. A. 

Bonser, sec. 

Do. (Burnley Lane), Hebrew Eoad; Fred. Hartley, sec. 

Do. (West End), Cog Lane; Chas. W. Green, sec. 

Irish National League, Nelson Square ; Dr. O'Sullivan, president 
Oddfellows' Club (G.U.O.), Bank Parade; Thos. Cross, secretary 
St. Matthew's Parish Men's Club, Piccadilly Eoad 
Union Club, 5 Manchester Eoad; E. Watson, secretary 
Working Men's Club, 9 Halstead Street; Thomas Heap, secretary 
Working Men's Club, 4 Brown Street; Martin Sabille, secretary 

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Co., 
from the Stations, Bank top, Man- 
chester rd, Burnley Barracks, Towne- 
ley, and Rose grove 

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co., Man- 
chester road; John Turner, agent; 
Rose grove, Wm. Sheppard, agent 

Sutton & Co. (F. Bellingham & Sons, 
agents), 49 St. James street 

Globe Parcel Express (J. Duckworth, 
agent), 6 Manchester road 

Accrington and Blackburn — New Red 
Lion, Mondays 

Austivick, Gisbum, Settle, &c. — New 
Red Lion, Wednesdays 

Bacup and Rochdale — New Red Lion, 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 

Barnoldswick — New Red Lion, Mondays 
and Fridays 

Clitheroe, Bolton-by-Bowland, Gisbum, 
dc. — New Red Lion, Mondays and 

Colne, Brier field, and Nelson. — New Red 
Lion, daily, Saturdays excepted 

Crawshawbooth — New Red Lion, daily 

Holmes Chapel, Hebden Bridge, Halifax, 
Portsmouth, Todmorden, and Roch- 
dale — Swan Inn, Mondays, Wednes- 
days, and Fridays 

List of Carriers. 

Higham — New Red Lion, daily 

Lumb and Newchurch-in-Rossendale— 
Boot Inn, Mondays, Wednesdays. 
Thursdays, and Fridays 

Netochurch-in-Pendle — Sun Inn, Mon- 
days, Wednesdays, and Fridays 

Nelson and Brierfield — St. Leger Inn, 

Padiham— New Red Lion, daily 

Pendle\Forest (Fence and WJieatley Lane) 
— New Red Lion, daily 

Rimmington — Boot Inn, Thursdays 
Skipton — New Red Lion, Fridays 

Twiston — Greenwood's Mill, Mondays, 
Wednesdays, and Saturdays 

Water, Lumb, and Newchurch — York- 
shire Hotel, Mondays 

Teams run to Padiham and Nelson from 
front of Obelisk, St. James street, 
daily, commencing each morning 
(Sundays excepted), at 7-30, and con- 
tinuing up to after 10 p.m. The first 
Tram on Sundays starts at 9 o'clock 




J. Birnie, Postmaster. 

Sub-Offices ;— Accrington Boad, Bank Top, Burnley Wood, Colne Road, Habergham 
Eaves, Lowerhouse, Parliament Street, Rose Grove, Padiham Road, St. 
Andrew's, Stoneyholme, Todmorden Road, and Trafalgar Street. 

Pillar Boxes .-—Bank Top Station, Bank Parade, Carlton Road Church Street, 
Healev Wood, Manchester Road Station, Gannow, Brennand Street, Bridge 
End, Market Hall, Hulling Lane, Old Hall Street, Colne Road, Hollingreave 
Road, Habergham, Padiham Road, Reedley, and St. James' Street. 


Colne, Brierfield, Nelson, Padiham 

Rural Posts 

Hapton and Town delivery 

Manchestei '""' Vr*Vi""V"*o""i; 'a 

Manchester, Preston, Normanton, London, Midland, South, and 

Western Counties, Durham, and Northumberland 

Blackburn, Liverpool, Preston, Cumberland, Westmorland, Scotland, 

and North of Ireland 

Oldham and Todmorden •• •■■••• ;;*',';"" 

Accrington, Liverpool, Blackpool, Preston, Manchester, Bolton, 

Rochdale, Stalybridgc, Stockport, London, and South 

Bradford, Hull, and Leeds 

Skipton, Colne, and Ne!son ........ 

Accrington, Bury, Manchester, Padiham, and Nelson 


Blackburn, Liverpool, and Brierfield 


Colne and Nelson 

Accrmgtoi^ Oldham, Brierfield, Padiham, and Hapton... 

Blackburn and Colne * • 



Preston, London, and the South 

Night Mail to ail parts ...-• " •""•'"'VV T'" 

Manchester, Blackburn, Accrington, and the North, Ashton-under- 
Lyne, Liverpool, Birmingham, Altrincham, Bolton, Bury, Hudders- 
field, Oldham, Rochdale, Stalybridge, Stockport, Preston 

Sundays— Night Mail to all parts 

Latest hour 

of Posting at 

Head Office. 

5 10 a.m. 

5 10 

6 45 

7 55 



9 20 

10 10 
10 30 





11 35 




12 45 p.m. 

1 15 


1 50 


2 50 


3 10 


3 30 


3 50 


4 30 


5 35 


5 35 




8 45 



9 30 



Delivered by 
Postman at 

London and all parts, Night Mail 

Ireland and Night Mail from the North 

Brierfield, Nelson, and Padiham, and Rural Districts 

Accrington, Blackburn, Bury, Colne, Liverpool, Manchester, and 

Todmorden * 

Brierfield, Nelson, and Padiham -- «.. 

London Daily Mail— Accrington, Blackburn, Bury, Oldham, Liver- 
pool, Manchester, Preston, Skipton, Keighley, Halifax, Bradford, 
and Leeds *.A.7"7; ........................... 

Manchester, Liverpool Accrington, Blackburn, Bradford, Preston, 
Colne, Nelson, Brierfield, and Padiham... 

Sundays— London and all parts, Night Mail 

7 a.m. 
12 45 p.m. 

12 45 

12 45 






6 15 

7 a.m. 



Roads, Lanes, Squares, Terraces, Courts, &c. 


Abbey street, HoJme road 
Abel street, 74 Hebrew road 
Accrington road, 120 Westgate 
Acre street, 167 Briercliffe road 
Adamson street, 65 Gannow lane 
Adelphi street, Cuerden street 
Adland street, 22 Tunnel street 
Adlington court, Adlington street 
Adlington street, Church street 
Aigburth street, 21 Tunnel street 
Albany terrace, 27 Napier street 
Albatross terrace, 77 Albion street 
Albert street, 56 Yorkshire street 
Albert terrace, Manchester road 
Albion street, 42 Trafalgar street 
Albion terrace, Albion street 
Allen court, 13 Meadow street 
Alien street, 78 Colne road 
Allerton street, 17 Tunnel street 
Alma street, Brunswick street 
Alnwick court, Alnwick street 
Alnwick street, Slater street 
Altham street, 5 North street 
Ambrose street, 11 Frankland street 
Angle street, 3 North street 
Anne street, 6 Todmorden road 
Anthony street, Briercliffe road 
Aqueduct street, Grimshaw street 
Arch place, Curzon street 
Arch place, 74 Curzon street 
Arch yard, Arch street 
Ardwick street, Abel street 
Argyle street, 42 Whittlefield street 
Arthur street, 96 Westgate 
Arundel street, Haslam street 
Ash grove, Colne road 
Ash street, 34 Plumbe street 
Ashfield road, 13 Westgate 
Ashley street, 54 Canning street 
Ashworth street, 13 Temple street 
Astley yard, 235 Accrington road 
Athol street, 100 Accrington road 
Austin street, 54 Piccadilly road 
Back court, Boot street 
Back lane, Rose grove 
Back Ince court, Ince court 
Baker street, Piccadilly road 
Baldwin street, Sutcliffe street 
Bamford street, Bridge street 
Bank chambers, Hargreaves street 

Bank parade, 21 Bridge street 
Bank street, 220 Accrington road 
Bank villas, Colne road 
Bankfield villas, Colne road 
Bankhall terrace, Colne road 
Bankhouse street, Bank parade 
Bar street, 25 Briercliffe street 
Bark street, Leeds street 
Barnes court, Parker street 
Barnes street, Parker street 
Baron terrace, Rumley road 
Barracks road, 168 Padiham road 
Barritt street, Hebrew road 
Bartle street, 98 Gog lane 
Bartlett terrace, Clifton street 
Basket street, 29 Yorkshire street 
Bath street, Ormerod street 
Baxter court, Gannow lane 
Bear row, Lowerhouse 
Bear street, Lowerhouse 
Bedford street, Keppel street 
Bee street, 20 Marlboro' street 
Beech grove, Coal Glough lane 
Bell's arcade, Hebrew road 
Belford street, Merton street 
Belgrave street, 27 Canning street 
Bell Vuc place, 106 Westgate 
Bell Vue street, 102 Westgate 
Belvedere road, 72 Yorkshire street 
Berkeley street, Canning street 
Berry court, Victoria street 
Berry street, Spring Hill road 
Berwick street, Shaw street 
Bethesda court, Bethesda street 
Bethesda street, 115 St. James street 
Birchall street, 30 Allen street 
Birley place, 63 Hebrew road 
Birtwell street, 4 Trafalgar street 
Birtwistle yard, 43 Sandygate 
Bishop street, 82 Briercliffe road 
Bivell street, 98 Padiham road 
Blackburn court, Blackburn street 
Blackburn street, Brown street 
Blair street, 117 Accrington road 
Blakey street, 2 Belvedere road 
Blannell street, 22 Accrington road 
Blenheim street, 44 Rectory road 
Blenheim terrace, 306 Padiham road 
Blind lane, 189 Manchester road 
Bond street, Dane's House road 




Boot court, Boot street 
Boot passage, Boot street 
Boot street, 8 Parker lane 
Boot yard, Parker lane 
Boundary street, Briercliffe road 
Boundary terrace, 221 Golne road 
Bracewell street, Brennand street 
Bradley street, 226 Accrington road 
Branch road 52 Plurube street 
Bread street, Bivell street 
Brennand street, 205 Golne road 
Brick street, Bethesda street 
Brick Croft yard, Brick street 
Bridge street, 51 St. James street 
Brief street, 4 Devonshire road 
Briercliffe road, 129 Colne road 
Bright street, Briercliffe road 
Brighton parade, 237 Padiham road 
Brook street, Royle road 
Brooklands road, Hufling lane 
Brooklands Road terrace, Brooklands rd 
Broughton street, Redruth street 
Brougham street, 57 Canning street 
Brown hill, Bank parade 
Brown street, 133 St. James street 
Brown's square, Hawk street 
Brown's yard, Norton street 
Bruce street, Howard street 
Brun street, 34 Curzon street 
Brunshaw court, Brunshaw road 
Brunshaw place, Brunshaw road 
Brunshaw road, Yorkshire street 
Brunswick street, Oxford road 
Brush street, 258 Accrington road 
Buccleuch street, Coal Clough lane 
Buccleuch alley, Coal Clough lane 
Buck court, 14 Boot street 
Buck street, Howard street 
Bulcock street, Townley street 
Bull Hotel yard, Manchester road 
Bull street, 11 Manchester road 
Burdett street, 4 Peace street 
Burleigh street, 38 Canning street 
Burleigh terrace, Coal Clough lane 
Burns street, Berkeley street 
Burrow's yard, 51 Gannow lane 
Burton street, Swainbank street 
Bush street, Tunstill street 
Butler street, 82 Colne road 
Byerden lane, 166 Colne road 
Byerden street, 137 Colne road 
Byerden terrace, Colne road 
Byron street, 207 Accrington road 
Byron street, Habergham 
Cable court, Brook street 
Cable street, Brook street 
Calder street, 147 St. James street 
Calder terrace, 17 Todmorden road 
Calder Vale road, 187 St. James street 
Cambridge street, 181 Accrington road 
Cameron street, Elm street 
Campbell street, 6 Barracks road 
Canal street, King street 
Canal yard, 83 Manchester road 

Canal terrace, Healey Wood road 

Canning street, Curzon street 

Cannon court, Cannon street 

Cannon street, Bridge street 

Cardinal street, Golne road 

Carey street, Derby street 

Carlton road, 149 Manchester road 

Carr street, Baker street 

Carter street, Oak street 

Castle street, 59 Canning street 

Casual street, Briercliffe road 

Catlow street, Piccadilly road 

Cattle market, Parker lane 

Cavalry street, 64 Padiham road 

Cavour street, 12 Holme road 

Cedar street, 40 Plumbe street 

Cemetery lane, Back lane 

Chadwick street, Cog lane 

Chaffer street, Eastwood street 

Chaffer yard, Adlington street 

Chancery court, 4 Chancery Street 

Chancery street, 85 St. James street 

Chalk street, Brook street 

Chapel street, 22 Yorkshire street 

Charles row, Edward street 

Charles square, Charles row 

Charles street, Bridge street 

Charlotte street, 35 Whittam street 

Cheapside, Padiham road 

Cherry street, 247 Accrington road 

Church court, 57 Church street 

Church street, end St. James street 

Clare street, Wilfield place 

Claremont street, 235 Padiham road 

Claremont villas, 185 Accrington road 

Clarence place, 171 Accrington road 

Clarendon terrace, 63 Coal Clough lane 

Clarence street, 111 Todmorden road 

Clarke street, 40 Whittlefield street 

Clay street, Bush street 

Cleaver street, Cobden street 

Clegg street, 21 Elm street 

Clegg Street east, Grey street 

Clifton square, Clifton street 

Clifton street, 37 Westgate 

Cliviger court, Cliviger street 

Cliviger street, 2 St. James street 

Clock street, 32 Sandygate 

Clock yard, Parker lane 

Clough street, 147 Accrington road 

Clyde street, 30 Barracks road 

Coal Clough lane, Sandygate 

Coal street, 78 St. James street 

Cobden street, 11 Briercliffe road 

Cog lane, 44 Gannow lane 

Cog square, Cog lane 

Cog street, Hargher street 

Coke street, Pinsleygate 

Coke yard, 16 Coke street 

Colne road, Church street 

Collier court, Collier street 

Collier Street, 208 Accrington road 

Colville street, 84 Hebrew road 

Cook street, 45 Padiham road 



Cooper street, 27 Finsleygate 

Co-operative buildings, Lowerhouse 

Cop row, Lane head 

Cornwall terrace, 25 Barracks road 

Cotton street, 114 Junction street 

Cow lane, 132 St. James street 

Cowpcr street, 23 Gog lane 

Cranmer street, Westgate 

Craven place, Craven street 

Craven street, Plumbe street 

Craven terrace, 36 Albion street 

Craven terrace, 338 Colne road 

Cree yard, Roper street 

Cricket street, 3 Finsleygate 

Croft court, Croft street 

Croft street, 13 Yorkshire street 

Cronkshaw street, Danes House road 

Cross Gun alley, 72 Gannow lane 

Cross Hill terrace, 476 Padiham road 

Cross street, Vulcan street 

Crossley court, Mitre street 

Crow court, Peel street 

Crow nest, 172 St. James street 

Crow Wood terrace, Holme road 

Crown place, Mosley street , 

Crowther street, 58 Parliament street 

Cuerden street, Curzon street 

Cuerden terrace, 35 Accrington road 

Cumberland terrace, 132 Manchester rd 

Curzon alley, 19 Howe street 

Curzon street, 105 St James street 

Curzon yard, 53 Curzon street 

Cyprus place, Cog lane 

Daisy bank, Pike hill 

Dale street, Padiham road 

Dall street, 72 Parliament street 

Dane street, Monk Hall street 

Danes House road, Hebrew road 

Dawson square, Church street 

Dean street, Pomfret street 

Delph square, Lane head 

Delph street, 99 Sandygate 

Dent row, 4 Trafalgar street 

Derby street, 76 Trafalgar street 

Devons place, Briercliffe road 

Devonshire road, 22 Hebrew road 

Devonshire terrace, 75 Devonshire road 

Dial street, Horace street 

Dickson street, 112 Gannow lane 

Diligent street, Shaw street 

Disraeli street, 392 Colne road 

Dixon terrace, Hyde street 

Doctor street, 114 Finsleygate 

Dover street, 37 Bankhouse street 

Drift yard, 36 Parker lane 

Duckett street, Blannell street 

Duckett terrace, 105 Accrington road 

Duerden street, Shaw street 

Dugdale street, 5 Bed Lion street 

Duke street, 16 Kirkgate 

Dulwich street, 5 Rumley road 

Earl street, 117 Colne road 

Eastham place, 50 Yorkshire street 

Eastham street, Eliza street 

Eastwood court, Eastwood street 
Eastwood street, 74 Church street 
Edmund street, Briercliffe road 
Edward street, 33 Bridge street 
Eliza street, 14 Todmorden road 
Elizabeth street, 56 Manchester road 
Ellis street, 87 Piccadilly road 
Elm place, 320 Gannow lane 
Elm street, 12 Colne road 
Elmwood street, 112 Accrington road 
Elmwood terrace, 116 Accrington road 
Emily street, Springfield road 
Emmett court, Howarth street 
Emmett street, Healey row 
Engine street, Church street 
Engine court, Engine street 
Escar street, Sackville street 
Escott street, 11 Hebrew road 
Evan street, Laithe street 
Every street, Albion street 
Exmouth street, Finsleygate 
Extwistle street, 126 Colne road 
Fairholme terrace, Park lane 
Fair View road, Todmorden road 
Farrer place, 154 Sandygate 
Fell street, 21 Finsleygate 
Fern road, Shackleton street 
Fielden street, Clough street 
Finsley alley, 25 Finsleygate 
Finsleygate, 68 Manchester road 
Finsley passage, Finsleygate 
Fir street, Helena street 
Firth street, Croft street 
Fleece street, Bank street 
Fleet street, Market street 
Fletcher row, Parker lane 

Florence street, Moorhouse street 
Florentine street, 221 Colne road 
Folds street, Gordon street 
Ford street, 143 Colne road 
Forest street, Hawk street 
Forest view, Tunnel street 
Foulridge street, 213 Colne road 
Frankland street, Hyde street 
Fraser street, Briercliffe road 
Free Trade street, Holden street 
Gannow lane, 168 Padiham road 
Garden street, Market place 
Garfield terrace, Thursby square 
Garstang street, Tunnel street 
Gas street, Brown street 
Gas street, Lowerhouse 
George street, Canal street 
George Street west, Clough street 
Gilbert court, Meadow street 
Gill street, Clifton street 
Gillowe street, Hull street 
Gladstone street, 446 Colne road 
Gladstone terrace, 316 Colne road 
Glebe street, 75 Hufiing lane 
Glebe terrace, Dall street 
Glen street, Ashfield road 
Glen view, Manchester road 
Godly street, Forest street 



Gordon street, 57 Canning street 
Granby street, Bivel street 
Grange street, Montague road 
Grant street, Buccleuch street 
Granville street, Danes House road 
Granville terrace, 190 Colne road 
Green street, Brennand street 
Green yard, Roper street 
Greenhalgh place, Zion street 
Greenhalgh street, Zion street 
Greenhill yard, 262 Gannow lane 
Greenwood street, Gog lane 
Gresham place, 32 Trafalgar street 
Grey street, Old Hall street 
Griffin street, Back lane 
Grimshaw street, 34 Manchester road 
Grosvenor street, 56 Rectory road 
Grove passage, 89 Lowerhouse lane 
Grove street, 161 Accrington road 
Grove terrace, 65 Rosegrove lane 
Guildford street, Derby street 
Gulliver street, Gog lane 
Gunsmith lane, Church street 
Guy court, Cog lane 
Guy street, Barracks road 
Hall street, 1 St, James street 
Hallwell street, 79 Colne road 
Halstead court, Halsteacl street 
Halstead street, Manchester road 
Hambledon view, Habergham 
Hamer's terrace, Briercliffe road 
Hammerton court, 6 Hammerton street 
Hammerton street, 102 St. James street 
Hammerton yard, Hammerton street 
Hampden street, 183 Oxford road 
Hanover street, King street 
Hapton street, Back lane 
Hardy street, Lord street 
Hargher fold, Hargher street 
Hargher street, 166 Accrington road 
Hargreaves street, 25 Manchester road 
Harlow street, Hartley street 
Harriet street, Montague road 
Harrison street, 4 St. Stephen street 
Hart street, Hawk street 
Hartley court, 14 Thorney Bank street 
Hartley street, 236 Accrington road 
Hartley's buildings, Cog lane 
Haslam street, Barracks road 
Hatter street, 18 Boot street 
Hattersley street, 43 Westgate 
Haugh street, 257 Colne road 
Havelock place, Padiham road 
Hawk street, 24 Adlington street 
Haydock street, Briercliffe road 
Hazel mount, 451 Padiham road 
Healey court, Healey Wood road 
Healey grove, 165 Manchester road 
Healey place, Healey Wood road 
Healey row, Healey Wood road 
Healey Wood road, 82 Manchester road 
Heap street, 139 Colne road 
Heath street, Ribblesdale street 
Hebrew road. 30 Colne road 

Hebrew square, 9 Hebrew road 
Helena street, 12 Todmorden road 
Herbert street, Montague road 
Higgin street, Brunshaw road 
High street, Hulme street 
Highbi-ake terrace, 229 Padiham road 
Higher Ridge view, 270 Padiham road 
Higher Water street, Lowerhouse 
Highfield terrace, 120 Manchester road 
Hill Marton street, 20 Marlboro' street 
Hill Top court, Hill Top street 
Hill Top street, Church street 
Hill passage, Hill Top street 
Hind street, 273 Colne road 
Hilary street, 124 Hurtley street 
Hirst street, 46 Brunswick street 
Hobart street, 50 Albert street 
Holbeck street, Abel street 
Holden street, 49 Hammerton street 
Hollingreave road, 86 Parliament street 
Hollin bank, Towneley station 
Hollins street, 191 Colne road 
Holly mount, St. Matthew street 
Holly street, Helena street 
Holmby street, Pratt street 
Holme road, 100 Rectory road 
Holme view, 34 Colne road 
Holmes street, 63 Todmorden road 
Holton street, 103 Oxford road 
Holyoake street, Lowerhouse lane 
Homer street, 205 Accrington road 
Hope street, Briercliffe road 
Hope terrace, 90 Accrington road 
Hopwood street, Westgate 
Horace street, 10 Sand street 
Hornby street, 67 Plumbe street 
Hornby street, 314 Colne road 
Horner place, 42 Barracks road 
Horsfall street, Buccleuch street 
Howard street. 30 Hargher street 
Howarth court. Meadow street 
Howarth street, Meadow street 
Howe street, Market street 
Howsin street, Grey street 
Hubie street, 63 Canning street 
Hudson street, Howard street 
Hurling court, Waterloo road 
Hurling lane, Todmorden road 
Hughes street, Healey Wood road 
Hull street, 44 Plumbe street 
Hulme street, Whittlefield street 
Humphrey street, 224 Accrington road 
Hunslet street, Albert street 
Hurtley street, 160 Colne road 
Hyde street, 11 Livingstone street 
Iddesleigh terrace, 275 Colne road 
Ightenhill terrace, 239 Padiham road 
Ince court, 83 Sandygate 
Ince street, 79 Sandygate 
Ivory street, Padiham road 
Ivy street, 181 Colne road 
Ivy terrace, Cook street 
Jackson street, 86 Colne road 
Jib hill, Lane head 



Job street, Leeds street 
Jockey street, 27 Cog lane 
John street, Galder street 
John street, Habergham 
Joint street, Bankhouse street 
Jubilee terrace, Ormerod road 
Jubilee terrace, 263 Briercliffe road 
Junction street, 7 Padiham road 
Kay street, Vulcan street 
Keith street, 7 Aclamson street 
Kendal street, Glen street 
Kent street, 2 Belgrave street 
Keppel street, Whittaker street 
Kidrow lane, Lowerhouse 
King street, Whittam street 
King's terrace, Oporto street 
Kingsland road, 4 Hufling lane 
Kirkgate, Waterloo road 
Kitfield terrace, 35 Ooal Clough lane 
Knightsbridge grove, 1 Colne road 
Knotts lane, Mill street 
Laburnum terrace, Park lane 
Laithe street, Spring Hill road 
Lancaster street, 52a Plurnbe street 
Lane head, Briercliffe road 
Lane yard, 40 Parker lane 
Larch street, 304 Padiham road 
Lark hill, 177 Manchester road 
Latham street, 14a Briercliffe road 
Laurel bank, Park lane 
Laurel street, 139 Oxford road 
Lawrence street, 109 Cog lane 
Laycock street, 7 Todmorden road 
Layfield street, 50a Plumbe street 
Lee street, 72 Colne road 
Lee Green street, 1 North street 
Leeds street, 102 Finsleygate 
Lees hill, Lane head 
Leven street, 58 Todmorden road 
Leyland road, Blakey street 
Light street, Finsleygate 
Lime Kiln bank, 36 Yorkshire street 
Lincoln street, Marlborough street 
Lindsay street, 59 Church street 
Lisbon street, Derby street 
Livingstone street, Barracks road 
Lodge street, Calder Vale road 
Lomas street, 55 Sandygate 
Lonsdale yard, Gannow lane 
Lord street, 124 Trafalgar street 
Lord's yard, 30 Sandygate 
Lome street, 11 Gannow lane 
Lome terrace, Briercliffe road 
Lower Water street, Lowerhouse 
Lowerhouse fold, Lowerhouse lane 
Lowerhouse lane, Gannow lane 
Lutner street, 65 Plumbe street 
Lyall street, Todmorden road 
Lydia street, 53 Sandygate 
Mabel terrace, 141 Oxford road 
Maden fold, Gannow lane 
Malt Kiln street, Hill Top street 
Manchester chambers, 17a St. James 
Manchester road, 46 St. James street 


Maple terrace, 102 Accrington road 
Mar street, Murray street 
Margaret street, Elm street 
Market place, Market street 
Market street, 61 St. James street 
Market hall, Market place 
Marlborough street, 28 Healey Wood road 
Marlborough terrace, 318 Padiham road 
Maries street, 113 Colne road 
Marquis place, Woodland street 
Marsden road, Lane head 
Martin street, Poulridge street 
Mary street, 55 Brunshaw road 
Mason street, Oak Mount street 
Massey street, Bank parade 
Master street, Parker street 
May street, 18 Kirkgate 
Meadow street, 5 Mount Pleasant street 
Mercer street, Habergham 
Merton street, Kent street 
Midgley court, 10 Finsleygate 
Mile street, 110 Trafalgar street 
Mill street, Lowerhouse 
Mill street, Charles street 
Miller street, Pilling street 
Milner street, Elm street 
Milton street, 5 Temple street 
Milton terrace, 321 Padiham road 
Mitre place, 2 Accrington road 
Mitre street, 6 Accrington road 
Monk Hall street, Danes House road 
Monmouth street, Shale street 
Montague road, Manchester road 
Moore street, Habergham 
Moorfield street, Briercliffe road 
Moorhouse street, Hartley street 
Moorhouse terrace, 59 Accrington road 
Morley street, Crowther street 
Morpeth street, Shaw street 
Mosley House road, Hufling lane 
Mosley street, 22 Parker street 
Moss street, 25 Lord street 
Mount court, Mount Pleasant street 
Mount Pleasant street, 63 Hammerton 

Murray street, 314 Colne road 
Muschamp yard, 16 Finsleygate 
Myers street, 4 Old Hall street 
Nairne street, 88 Accrington road 
Napier street, Barracks road 
Nelson square, 97 Manchester road 
Neptune court, 29 Sandygate 
Neptune street, 27 Sandygate 
New Ground court, Lane head 
New Hall street, Abel street 
Newcastle street, Cuerden street 
Newton street, Park lane 
Nicholl street, 60 Abel street 
Nicholas street, 11 Red Lion street 
Nisbett terrace, Clifton street 
Norman street, Monk Hall street 
North street, 92 Hebrew street 
North View terrace, Habergham 
Norton street, Yorkshire street 



Nowell street, 32 Howe street 

Nuttall street, Waterloo road 

Nutford place, 51 Todmorden road 

Oak bank, Todmorden road 

Oak Hill street, 37 Gog lane 

Oak mount, Westgate 

Oak Mount street, Ashfield road 

Oak Mount terrace, 56 Westgate 

Oak street, 292 Padiham road 

Oak terrace, 128 Accrington road 

Old Duke terrace, Briercliffe road 

Old Hall street, Elm street 

Oldham street, Healey Wood road 

Olive street, Junction street 

Olive terrace, 151 Accrington road 

Oporto street, 108 Sandygate 

Orchard bridge, Calder Vale road 

Orchard place, Calder Vale road 

Ormerod road, 67 Church street 

Ormerod street, Hargreaves street 

Osborne terrace, 60 Albion street 

Oswald street, Brougham street 

Oxford court, 186 Oxford street 

Oxford road, 3 Temple street 

Oxford terrace, 185 Oxford road 

Pack Horse yard, Calder street 

Padiham road, Westgate 

Palace street, 328 Padiham road 

Palatine square, Albion street 

Palm street, 155 Accrington road 

Paper street, Calder Vale road 

Paradise street, 2 Hammerton street 

Park Hill terrace, Habergham 

Park lane, Bridge street 

Park lane (Ightenhill), 291 Padiham road 

Park street, Parker street 

Park square, 59 Bridge street 

Park parade, 283 Padiham road 

Park villas, Padiham road 

Parker lane, 18 St James street 

Parker street, Standish street 

Parkinson street, Springfield road 

Parliament street, Todmorden road 

Parsonage terrace, 99 Curson street 

Patten street, 36 Trafalgar street 

Peace street, 127 Accrington road 

Peace terrace, 125 Accrington road 

Pear street, Hull street 

Peart street, 311 Colne road 

Peel street, Lowerhouse 

Peel street, 3 Crow nest 

Pendle street, 4 Cook street 

Pendle view, Coal Clpugh lane 

Penistone street, Shale street 

Penny street, Finsleygate 

Perseverance terrace, 305 Padiham road 

Perth street, 128 Accrington road 

Peter street, 16 Parker lane 

Pheasantford street, Colne road 

Piccadilly road, 145 Manchester road 

Pickup court, 14 Pickup street 

Pickup street, 21 Yorkshire street 

Pickup terrace, 151 Manchester road 

Pike hill, Brunshaw road 

Pilling court, Pilling street 
Pilling street, Norton street 
Pine street, 36 Plumbe street 
Pitt street, King street # 
Plane Tree alley, 2 Westgate 
Plane Tree houses, Lane head 
Pleasant court, Mount Pleasant street 
Pleasant place, 67 Hammerton street 
Plover street, Broughton street 
Plumbe street, 53 Yorkshire street 
Pollard's yard, Peter street 
Pomfret street, 8 Accrington road 
Pompey court, Healey Wood road 
Poplar street, Burleigh street 
Pratt street, 336 Colne road 
Primrose bank, 224 Accrington road 
Primrose street, Briercliffe road 
Princess street, Bankhouse street 
Princess terrace, 188 Accrington road 
Print street, Ashfield road 
Prospect view, Colne road 
Prospect terrace, 56 Yorkshire street 
Providence terrace, 67 Padiham road 
Pump street, Cranmer street 
Purchon place, 342 Padiham road 
Quarry street, Starkie street 
Queensgate, 305 Colne road 
Queen street, Canal street 
Queen's terrace, Colne road 
Queen Victoria road, Briercliffe road 
Queensberry road, Herbert street 
Radcliffe court, 17 Red Lion street 
Radcliffe terrace, Barracks road 
Raglan road, 56 Piccadilly road 
Railway street, Curzon street 
Railway terrace, Arundel street 
Rake head, Briercliffe road 
Rake foot, 52 Church street 
Randall street, Brennand street 
Rawcliffe street, 86 Church street 
Rawlinson street, Springfield road 
Raws court, South street 
Raws street, 58 Bank parade 
Rawson street, Poulridge street 
Rectory road, Canning street 
Red Lion street, 10 Manchester road 
Reed street, 68 Parliament street 
Reedley street, Marsden road 
Reedley terrace, 380 Colne road 
Redruth street, 145 Padiham road 
Regent street, Rectory road 
Renshaw street, Brennand street 
Reservoir street, Laithe street 
Ribblesdale street, 39 Briercliffe road 
Richard street, Oxford street 
Richmond hill, 132 Sandygate 
Rider court, 99 Todmorden road 
Ridge road, 54 Belvedere road 
Ridge row, Brunshaw road 
Riding street, Starkie street 
Riley street, 36 Hufling lane 
Riley's square, Lowerhouse lane 
River entrv, 40 Hammerton street 
River street, 20 Hammerton street 



Robert street, 26 Parker street 
Robert square, Water street 
Roberts row, Manchester road 
Roberts yard, Water street 
Robinson street, 74 Hebrew road 
Rochester street, Salford 
Rodney street, Market place 
Roebuck street, 128 Padiham road 
Roebuck square, Roebuck street 
Roper court, Roper street 
Roper street, 53 Bridge street 
Rose Grove lane, Gannow lane 
Rose Grove terrace, 306 Gannow lane 
Rose Hill road, 144 Manchester road 
Rose terrace, 109 Accrington road 
Rose terrace, Gannow lane 
Rosebery street, 396 Colne road 
Rosebery terrace, 396 Colne road 
Rowley street, 48 Trafalgar street 
Royal terrace, 201 Padiham road 
Royle road, Brown street 
Royle terrace, 49 Rectory road 
Rumley road, 34 Healey Wood road 
Russell street, Oxford road 
Rydal mount, 116 Manchester road 
Rylands street, 145 Colne road 
St. Andrew's street, 17 Ford street 
St. Andrew's terrace, 148 Colne road 
St. James lane, 4 St. James row 
St. James row, 70 St. James street 

St. James Street. 
St. John's road, 222 Padiham road 
St. Mary's gate, Todmorden road 
St. Mary's street, 55 Yorkshire street 
St. Matthew street, Manchester road 
St. Paul's court, Saunderbank 
St. Paul's gate, Saunderbank 
St. Stephen street, 160 Oxford road 
Sackville street, 26 Trafalgar street 
Sagar court, Hill Top street 
Salford street, Bankhouse street 
Salisbury street, Colne road 
Salisbury terrace, Coal Clough lane 
Salmon street, Parker street 
Sand street, 65 Padiham road 
Sandhurst street, 46 Albert street 
Sandygate, 172 St. James street 
Saunderbank, 58 Manchester road * 
Saxifield terrace, Colne road 
Saxon street, Monk Hall street 
Scar court, Hill Top street 
Scar place, Church street 
Scar top, Church street 
Scarlett street, Coal Clough lane 
Schofield court, Croft street 
School court, Habergham 
School lane, 92 Church street 
School street, Lowerhouse 
Scott street, Habergham 
Sefton terrace, Albion street 
Sep Clough lane, Manchester road 
Shackleton street, Briercliffe road 
Shakspere terrace, 101 Albion street 
Shale street, Bivel street 

Shaw street, Slater street 

Sharp street, Brennand street 

Shed street, Cow lane 

Shelley street, 6 Byron street 

Shepherd street, 121 Cog lane 

Ship alley, 38 Finsleygate 

Shorey bank, Ormerod road 

Shorey street, Church street 

Short street, 91 Piccadilly road 

Shuttleworth street, 303 Colne road 

Simpson street, Dale street 

Slagg street, St. John's road 

Slater street, 79 Westgate 

Slater's terrace, 31 Sandygate 

Smalley street, Oxford road 

Smirthwaite street, 142 Cog lane 

Smith street, 31 Clifton street 

South parade, Manchester road 

South street, Parker street 

Southey street, Waverley street 

Southey Street west, Cog lane 

Spencer's court, Pickup street 

Spenser street, Cameron street 

Spring terrace, Habergham 

Springfield road, Oxford road 

Springfield terrace, 49 Padiham road 

Spring Hill road, Manchester road 

Spruce street, Leeds street 

Squire street, 107 Colne road 

Stafford street, 12 Elm street 

Staith street, Bivel street 

Standish street, Market place 

Stanhope street, Royle road 

Stanley court, Stanley place 

Stanley place, 10 Stanley street 

Stanley street, 74 Manchester road 

Stanley terrace, 146 Oxford road 

Stanley terrace, 79 Coal Clough lane 

Stanworth street, Elm street 

Starkie street, 166 Sandygate 

Steer street, Ivy street 

Stephenson square, 26 Barracks road 

Stock street, Dale street 

Stoneyholme, Rectory road 

Stoney street, Hufling lane 

Stoop street, 39 Cog lane 

Stuttard street, 209 Colne road 

Sunny bank, 171 Manchester road 

Susan street, Cow lane 

Susan yard, Cow lane 

Sussex street, 127 Waterloo road 

Sutcliffe court, Canal street 

Sutcliffe street, Cow lane 

Swainbank street, 56 Parliament street 

Swamp top, Lane head 

Swinless street, 115 Briercliffe road 

Sydney street, Bankhouse street 

Talbot lane, Church street 

Talbot street, Forest street 

Tanner street, Hammerton street 

Tarleton street, Parliament street 

Tate's terrace, Curzon street 

Tay street, 23 Nairn street 

Taylor street, 10 Abel street 



Temple street, 22 Plumbe street 
Tennis street, Thursby square 
Tentre street, 9 Temple street 
Tennyson street, Waverley street 
Thomas street, 15 Red Lion street 
Thompson street, 152 Padiham road 
Thorn hill, 143 Manchester road 
Thorn Hotel yard, Market street 
Thorn street, 78 Hebrew road 
Thorney court, Thorney Bank street 
Thorney Bank street, 2 Trafalgar street 
Thornhill street, Lowerhouse 
Thursby road, 75 Briercliffe road 
Thursby square, 61 Colne road 
Thurston street, Albert street 
Titus yard, Collier street 
Todmorden road, Yorkshire street 
Top street, 17 Finsleygate 
Topper street, 14 Sutcliffe street 
Townson street, Hall street 
Townley street, 84 Briercliffe road 
Towneley villas, Brooklands road 
Trafalgar street, Manchester road 
Travis street, Danes House road 
Trinity place, 24 Accrington road 
Trinity terrace, 8 Accrington road 
Trout street, Grey street 
Tunnel street, 20 Junction street 
Tunstill street, 160 Colne road 
Turf street, 49 Yorkshire street 
Turf yard, Turf street 
Turner street, 270 Accrington road 
Union court, Union street 
Union street, 18 Brown street 
Union street, Haslam street 
Valley street, Back lane 
Varley street, 29 Trafalgar street 
Veevers street, 8 Brown street 
Vernon street, Bankhouse street 
Vicarage place, 123 Accrington road 
Vicarage street, 128 Cog lane 
Victoria buildings, 112 St James street 
Victoria court, Victoria street 
Victoria street, 16 Hargreaves street 
Victoria terrace, 47 Westgate ■ 
Victoria terrace, Lowerhouse 
Victoria terrace, Briercliffe road 
Villiers street, Cog lane 
Violet street, 139 Grey street 
Vulcan street, Cow lane 
Walshaw lane, Lane head 
Walshaw street, 32 Allen street 
Walton street, Cow lane 

Ward street, 50 Westgate 
Warwick street, Canning street 
Water street, 33 St. James street 
Waterbarn street, Colne road 
Waterloo road, 32 Parliament street 
Waverley street, 42 Accrington road 
Webster terrace, Briercliffe terrace 
Well House street, Adlington street 
Wellington street, Lowerhouse 
Wellington street, 25 Brunshaw road 
Wellington terrace, Belvedere road 
West End villas, Padiham road 
Westgate, St. James street 
Westmorland street, Nairn street 
West Parade view, 11 Padiham road 
West View terrace, Colne road 
Whip street, 15 Finsleygate 
Whitaker street, 52 Trafalgar street 
White Bull street, 25 Gannow lane 
Whitefield terrace, Mosley House road 
Whitley street, Mosley House road 
Whittam alley, Meadow street 
Whittam street, Hammerton street 
Whittlefield street, 25 Padiham road 
Wiliield place, 13 Accrington road 
Wilfield street, 20 Padiham road 
Wilfield terrace, 22 Padiham road 
Williams' road, 151 Briercliffe road 
Willis street, 50 Piccadilly road 
Wilkinson street, Lane head 
Willow bank, Brooklands road 
Willow street, 26 Clifton street 
Wilton street, Briercliffe road 
Windle court, Slater street 
Windsor terrace, 129 Accrington road 
Winn alley, Sandygate 

Wiseman street, 28 Westgate 
Witbarrow terrace, 168 Accrington road 
Wood street, Robinson street 
Woodbine terrace, 348 Padiham road 
Woodbine road, 67 Gannow lane 
Woodland street, Healey Wood road 
Woodman square, 115 Todmorden road 
Woodside, 159 Todmorden road 
Woodvine terrace, 146 Accrington road 
Wool court, Mount Pleasant street 
Wynotham street, Briercliffe road 
Yarm place, Parker street 
Yatefield fold, Cog lane 
Yorke street, 41 Manchester road 
Yorkshire street, Church street 
Zion street, 5 Dale street 
Zion terrace, Greenhalgh street 


General Alphabetical Directory 



Abbott Robert, carter, 35 Eowley street 

Abraham William, coal dealer, 26 Morley street 

Ackroyd Charles, mechanic, 44 Lord street 

Ackroyd John Henry, taper, 21 Lee street 

Ackroyd Obadiah, furniture broker, 93 Abel street 

Acombe John, upholsterer (j.), 1 Godly street 

Adam Harvey, gardener, Bank Hall gardens 

Adams James, draper, 22 Whittlefield street 

Adlum Peter, weaver, 225 Padiham road 

Agar Uriah, cab driver, 69 Lindsay street 

Aggett William, yeast dealer, 83 Parliament street 

Aikin Arthur, grocer and beerseller, 258 Gannow lane 

Ainsworth Frederick, grocer and provision dealer, 142 Padiham road 

Ainsworth Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 1 Holton street 

Ainsworth John Richard, solicitor's clerk, 14 Mary street 

Ainsworth Miss Margaret, leather dealer, 3 Parker lane 

Ainsworth Matthew Henry, clothlooker, 27 Eliza street 

Alcock Joseph, beerhouse, Free Gardeners' Arms, 31 Mosley street 

Alcock Richard, filemaker, 38 Pickup street 

Aldersley Aaron, overlooker, 19 Lee street 

Aldersley Arthur, salt and ice merchant, 276 Colne road 

Aldersley Anthony, confectioner, 20 Old Hall street 

Aldersley Mrs. Margaret, confectioner, 8 North street 

Alderson James, coal dealer, 42 Coal Clough lane 

Alderson James, glass and china dealer, 81 Oxford road 

Alderson John, stocking maker, 18 Kirkgate 

Alderson Thomas, coke dealer, Tentre street 

Alderson Mr. Thomas, 75 Berry street 

Alderson William, shopkeeper, 82 Abel street 

Alfrey Henry, sign writer, 4 Lord street 

Alfrey James, mechanic, 30 Raglan road 

All Souls 1 Home, Fulledge house, Todmorden road, Order of Our Lady 

of Good Counsel 
Allen Felix, shopkeeper, May street 
Allen Mrs. Hannah, 81 Colne road 
Allen John, school board visitor, 24 Queensberry road 
Allen Mr. John, 54 Clarence street 
Allen John William, weaver, 51 Coal Clough lane 
Allen Joseph, cabinet works manager, 10 Elm street 
Allen. Mrs. Mary Ann, 4 Lydia street 


Allen Matthew, draper's traveller, 89 Leyland road 

Allen William, herb beer maker, Turf street ; h. 4 Peace street 

Allen William Bamford, lamp and oil dealer, 25 Standish st 

Allinson Thomas, builder (Gill & Allinson) ; h. 91 Reed street 

Allison Mrs. Ann, 5 Todmorden road 

Allison Eichard Henry, overlooker, 84 Brunswick street 

Almond George, shopkeeper, 52a Plumbe street 

Almond John James, grocer, 1 Herbert street 

Alston Albert, commercial day and evening 1 school, 9 Grimshaw 

Street ; h. 87 Albatross terrace, Albion street 
Alston Mr. James, 40 Barracks road 
Altham Abraham, tea merchant, Market buildings ; branches, 22 

Market place, 136 Colne road, 7b Padiham road ; warehouse, Bed 

Lion street 
Altham Miss Ellen, dressmaker, 470 Padiham road 
Altham Henry, weaver, 78 Springfield road 

Altham Jesse Liddell, tea merchant (Abraham Altham), Market place 
Altham Peter Holgate, tea merchant (A. Altham) ; h. 17 Carlton road 
Anderson Andrew, shopkeeper, 48 Waterloo road 
Anderson Charles, police inspector, 14 Helena street 
Anderson Chas. Arthur, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon (Watson & 

Anderson), 89 Rectory road 
Anderson George, printer's manager, 8 Hattersley street 
Anderson Mrs. Mary Ann, 45 Brunshaw road 
Anderton John, weaver, 40 Crowther street 

Anderton John James, tea merchant's manager, 297 Colne road 
Andrews Charles, draper, 64 Dale street 

Andrews Miss Mary, dress and mantle maker, 99 Curzon street 

Anforth Henry, shopkeeper, 2 Townley street 

Anforth Miss Mary Ann, dressmaker, 30 Colville street 

Appleby J. & Sons, corn millers, Hill Top mill 

Armistead George, vict., Hall Inn, 2 Church street 

Armistead William, tea merchant's manager, 36 Belvedere road 

Armitt James, lithographer (j.), 18 Escott street 

Armstrong & Layeoek, wholesale and retail smallware dealers, 
13a Howe street and 13 Curzon street 

Armstrong Thomas (Armstrong & Laycock) ; h. 22 Berkeley street 

Arnold James, warehouseman, 76 Springfield road 

Arnold John, smallware dealer, 17 Blenheim street 

Arnold Thomas, overlooker, 135 Albert street 

Arnold Thomas, tripe dealer, 11 Standish street 

Arnold William, coach painter (j.), 88 Rectory road 

Arnold William, bookkeeper, 131 Burns street 

Arrowsmith John Henry, boot and shoe maker and clogger, 32a 

Parliament street 
Arthur Mrs. Fanny, clothes dealer, 2 Clock street 
Artindale Miss Annie, Green hill, 163 Manchester road 
Artindale & Southern, solicitors, 4 Hargreaves street 
Artindale Edward James (Artindale & Southern), clerk to County 

Justices and to governors of Burnley Grammar School ; h. Healey 

hall, Manchester road 
Ashburner John, joiner (j.), 26 Berkeley street 


Ashton John, coal dealer, 9 Warwick street 
Ashworth Admiral, cabinet maker, 53 Sandygate 

Ashworth Alfred William, palisade maker (Thomas Ashworth) ; h 77 
Albion street ' 

Ashworth Mrs. Alice, 232 Come road 

Ashworth Mrs. Amelia, 3 Victoria terrace, Lowerhouse 

Ashworth Mrs. Annie Jane, 4 Clifton street 

Ashworth Mrs. Betsy, shopkeeper, 21 Shackleton street 

Ashworth Edmondson, grocer, 25 Whittam street 

Ashworth Edward, chapel keeper, 65 Hammerton street 

Ashworth Edwin, palisade maker (Thos. Ashworth) ; h. 6 Sackville st 

Ashworth Mrs. Eliza Ann, 4 Albion street 

Ashworth George, mechanic, 64 Brougham street 

Ashworth George Eenton, B.A., head master of Carlton Road School ; 

h. 114 Hollingreave road 
Ashworth & Holme, pawnbrokers, 10 Hammerton street 
Ashworth Howarbh, draper, 124 Padiham road 

Ashworth Jas., manager of Co-operative Society; h. 90 Accrington rd 
Ashworth James (Ashworth & Holme) ; h. 4 Shorey bank 
Ashworth James, traveller, 15 Oak Mount street 
Ashworth James Henry, bookkeeper, 356 Colne road 
Ashworth John, gas engineer, 22 Carlton road 
Ashworth John, mill manager, 11 Hollingreave road 
Ashworth John, assuiance agent, 17 Hughes street 
Ashworth John, clothlooker, 8 Clow bridge 
Ashworth John, overlooker, 22 Crowther street 
Ashworth John Smith, clog and shoe maker, 149 Padiham road 
Ashworth John William, painter (Plane & Ashworth); h. 76 

Eobinson street 

Ashworth Josiah, mechanic, 61 Healey Wood road 

Ashworth Mrs. Martha, 54 Glebe terrace 

Ashworth E., assurance agent, Craven street 

Ashworth Richard, fried fish dealer, 16 Kirkgate 

Ashworth Eichard, salesman and cashier, 13 Sefton terrace 

Ashworth S. F., assurance agent, 52 Westgate 

Ashworth Miss Sarah Wright, 55 Todmorden road 

Ashworth Mrs. Sarah, 346 Colne road 

Ashworth Sutcliffe, taper, 64 Coal Clough lane 

Ashworth Thomas, palisade maker, Eirth street 

Ashworth Thomas, grocer, 33 Bridge street ; h. 58 Daneshouse road 

Ashworth Thomas Amsworth, joiner (j.), 3 Westgate 

Ashworth William, grocer, 2 Carey street 

Ashworth William, confectioner, 46 Standish street 

Ashworth Mr. William, 58 Daneshouse road 

Ashworth William, iron broker, 20 Ashfield road 

Aspden Benjamin, painter (j.), 66 Hollingreave road 

Aspden Miss Frances, 302 Padiham road 

Aspden John, shopkeeper, 12 Brunshaw road 

Aspden John, greengrocer, 135 Padiham road 

Aspden John, clothlooker, 9 Mosley House road 

Aspden Eichard, commercial traveller, 53 Clifton street 

Aspin James, coal and clothing club agent, 137 Accrington road 


Aspinall William, painter, gilder, decorator, and plasterer, 7 St. James 

row ; h. 38 Todmorden road 
Astin Andrew, assistant overseer for Burnley, 18 Nicholas street ; h. 

59 Bank parade 
Astin Benjamin, plasterer (j.), 24 Elm street 
Astin Mr. Charles, 19 Thurston street 
Astin Charles, assurance agent, 87 Brunswick street 
Astin Dyson, shopkeeper, 229 Manchester road 
Astin George, L.E.C.P., L.E.C.S., L.E.P.S.G., physician and surgeon, 

11 Briercliffe road 
Astin George, superintendent, abbattoir, Eoyle road 
Astin Henry, beerhouse, Park Tavern, 30 Mosley street 
Astin John, hairdresser, 50 Abel street 
Astin John, shopkeeper, 20 Healey Wood road 
Astin Joseph, town missionary, 7 Sussex street 
Astin Mrs. Mary, 311 Padiham road 
Astin Eichard, beamer, 17 Bankhouse street 
Astin Sandy, grocer and provision dealer, 139 Colne road 
Astin Mrs. Susan, farmer, Hollins 
Astin Thomas, grocer, 4 Blannell street 
Astin Thomas, shopkeeper, 4 Peel street 
Astin Thomas, dogger, 202 Accrington road 
Astin William, stone merchant, builder, and contractor, 3 Bank Hall 

Astin William, shopkeeper, 46 Gannow lane 
Astin William, boatman, 3 Adamson street 
Astin William, overlooker, 124 Hurtley street 
Astin William, hairdresser, 201 Accrington road 
Astwell Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 198 Padiham road 
Astwood George, bookkeeper, 4 St. Stephen street 
Atherton Mrs. Esther Mary, 129 Manchester road 
Atherton John (J. & S. Atherton) ; h. 129 Manchester road 
Atherton J. & S., joiners and builders, and steam saw mill proprietors, 

Stanley street — (See Advt.) 
Atherton Samuel (J. & S. Atherton) ; h. 129 Manchester road 

Atkins Thomas, overlooker, 132 Branch road 

Atkinson Mrs. Ann, confectioner, 24 Abel street 

Atkinson Mrs. Ann, beerhouse, Plane Tree, Habergham Eaves 

Atkinson Brothers, hop ale brewers, Bank parade 

Atkinson Frederick, blacksmith (j.), 196 Padiham road 

Atkinson Henry, draper, 61 St. James street ; h. 5 Albion terrace 

Atkinson Herbert, draper's assistant, 3 Cedar street 

Atkinson James (Atkinson Bros.) ; h. 13 Brown square 

Atkinson James, boot and shoe maker, 20 Clow bridge 

Atkinson James Henry, taper, 1 Kendal street 

Atkinson Mrs. Jane, 20 Helena street 

Atkinson John (Atkinson Brothers) ; h. 10 Mosley street 

Atkinson John, miner, 208 Padiham road 

Atkinson John Alban, overlooker, 16 Hattersley street 

Atkinson Joseph, hawker, 25 Hart street 

Atkinson Lawrence, steam laundry proprietor, Old Hall street ; h. dJ 

Colne road 


Atkinson Mrs. Ehoda, tea and fancy goods dealer, 23 Abel street 

Atkinson Eobert, mechanic, 151 Colne road 

Atkinson Eobert, taper, 3 Thursby road 

Atkinson Eobert, plumber, glazier, gas and water fitter, 50 Padiham rd 

Atkinson Mr. Thomas, 43 Eliza street 

Atkinson Thomas, superintendent school board visitor, 12 Lord street 

Atock Benjamin Thomas, overlooker, 269 Colne road 

Atock Levi, overlooker, 2 Garr street 

Austerberry Stocks, painter (j.), 65 Curzon street 

Aukes Eev. John (Catholic), St. John the Baptist's, 10 Thursby square 

Auty Matthew, shopkeeper, 46a Plumbe street 

Ayrton John S., police sergeant, 27 Brougham street 

Backhouse & Procter, solicitors, 10 Ormerod street 

Bacon Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 31 and 33 Eumley road 

Badger Mark Harold, tea agent, 6 Spencer street 

Baguley Mrs. Emma, hairdresser, 88 Trafalgar street 

Bagley & Wright, cotton manufacturers, Wood Top mill ; and Oldham 

Bailey Edward, engraver (j.), 91 Accrington road 

Bailey Mrs. Ellen, 12 Laurel bank, Park lane 

Bailey Harry, loan office manager, 12 Ormerod street 

Bailey John, cabinet maker (j.), 133 Accrington road 

Bailey John, baker and confectioner, 35 Yorkshire street and 42 St. 

James street 
Bailey John Thomas, fruiterer and egg dealer, 144 Colne road 
Bailey Joseph, assurance agent, 19 Daneshouse road 
Bailey Mrs. Mary, 49 Daneshouse road 
Bailey Miles & Son, bakers and confectioners, 97 Westgate 
Bailey Miles E., greengrocer, 7 and 9 Livingstone street 
Bailey Eichard, fish dealer, 42 Parker street 
Bailey Eobert, clogger, 40 Yorkshire street 
Bailey Mrs. Sarah, 27 Todmorden road 
Bailey Thomas, pawnbroker, 172 St. James street 
Bailey Thomas, traveller, 6 Godly street 
Bailey William, mill manager, 18 Smalley street 
Bainbridge James, chimney sweeper, 108 Sandygate 
Bainbridge William, travelling draper, 13 Hattersley street 
Baker Benjamin, greengrocer, 24 Hollingreave road 
Baker George, vanrnan, 8 Holme road 
Baker Samuel, tripe dealer, 35 Parker street 
Baker William, sorter at post office, 13 Ormerod road 
Baldwin Alexander Eedmayne, solicitor (Procter & Baldwin) ; h. 

Coldweather house, near Brierfield 
Baldwin Alfred, tinplate worker, Trafalgar street; h. 73 Albert street 
Baldwin Mrs. Alice, London, Birmingham, and Sheffield goods dealer, 

2 Hammerton street ; h. 434 Colne road 
Baldwin Arthur, florist, Healey bank, Springhill road 
Baldwin Arthur, fruiterer (L. Crossley); h. 9 Eectory road 
Baldwin Mrs. Catherine, 45 Gordon street 
Baldwin Mr. Edward, 19 Hollingreave road 
Baldwin Elisha, engine tenter, 61 Stoney street 
Baldwin (Ellen) & Holgate, drapers and milliners, 139 St. James st 
Baldwin Mrs. Hannah, 7 Albion terrace 


Baldwin James, shopkeeper, 108 Gannow lane 

Baldwin John ( W. & J. Baldwin) ; h. Hazel mount, 453 Padiham road 

Baldwin John, painter and decorator, 15 Yorkshire street 

Baldwin John, brushmaker, 49 Rectory road 

Baldwin John, chapel keeper, 12 Belvedere road 

Baldwin John, bookkeeper, 139 Oxford street 

Baldwin John, foreman joiner, 56 Curzon street 

Baldwin John, clock repairer, 15 Accrington road 

Baldwin Joseph, commercial traveller, 80 Hollingreave road 

Baldwin Lord James (W. & J, Baldwin) ; h. Ill Curzon street 

Baldwin Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 17 Cannon street 

Baldwin Eichardson (Baldwin & Riley) ; h. 2 St. James street 

Baldwin & Riley, grocers and provision dealers, 2 St. James street and 

106 Colne road 
Baldwin Samuel, engineer and millwright, Bethesda street ; h. 61 

Colne road 

Baldwin Starkie, nurseryman, seedsman, and florist, Woodbine 
nurseries, Padiham road 

Baldwin Thomas, brushmaker, Eailway street 

Baldwin Thomas Edward, commercial traveller, 21 Cuerden street 

Baldwin "William, optician, Market hall 

Baldwin William, shopkeeper, 62 Church street 

Baldwin Wm. & Son (John), coachbuilders and wheelwrights, Cow lane 

Baldwin W. & J., brush manufacturers, 90 St. James street; works, 

Borough works, Curzon street 
Ball Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 34 Ashfield road 
Balls Mrs. Mary Ann, 39 Albion street 
Bamford Mrs. Alice, 426 Colne road 
Bamford Sergeant Miles, 5 Hattersley street 
Bamford William, sawyer, 17 Brunshaw road 
Bancroft James, shopkeeper, 1 Duke street 
Bancroft Eobert, hardware dealer, 15 Abel street 
Bancroft Mrs. Sarah, 4 Howard street 
Bancroft William, cotton manufacturer, North Bridge mill, Elm 

street ; h. 175 Colne road 
Bangay William, shopkeeper, 37 Fraser street 
Banks Henry, farmer, Lower Primrose bank 
Banks John, boot and shoe maker, 50a Plumbe street 
Banks John, herb beer maker, 8 Sandygate, 87 Westgate, and 178 

Accrington road 
Banks Joshua, tea dealer, 154 St. James street 
Banks Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 2 Craven street 
Bannister Benjamin, coachman, 49 Master street 
Bannister Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 61 Master street 

Bannister James, egg and yeast merchant, 19 Cuerden street 

Bannister Mrs. Mary Ann, grocer, 114 and 116 Accrington road 
Bannister Eobert, butcher, 72 Accrington road 
Bannister Eobert, cigar dealer, 3 Devonshire road 
Bannister Eobert, overlooker, 70 Plumbe street 

Bannister Samuel, rent and debt collector and commission 
agent, 23 and 25 Bankhouse street, and 22 Mill street, Padi- 
ham. — {See Advt.' 


Bannister & Simpson, pianoforte dealers, Bell's arcade 

Bannister Thomas, rope maker (j.), 29 Hart street 

Bannister William, grocer and provision dealer, 14 Elm street 

Barber Eobert, supt. Wesleyan Assurance Co., 66 Oak Mount terrace, 

Barber Eobert, coachman, 2 Springfield road 

Barcroft (Thomas) & Crabtree, photographers, 334 Colne road 

Bardley Edward, weaver, 71 Coal Clough lane 

Bardsley Robert Smith, hatter, hosier, and gent's mercer, 
41 Manchester road 

Bardsley Mr. Squire, 54 Gordon street 

Bardsley William, millwright (j.), 14 Kendal street 

Barker Mrs. Alice, 526 Padiham road 

Barker John, vict., Yorkshire Hotel, 34 Yorkshire street 

Barker J. G. & Bros., joiners and cabinet makers, Springfield road 

Barker Eobert, coal dealer, 76 Gannow lane 

Barker Thomas, engine tenter, 18 Escar street 

Barker William, dogger, 18 Branch road 

Barker William, mill manager, 276 Padiham road 

Barker W., assurance agent, 76 Hirst street 

Barlow James, shopkeeper, 33 Spencer street 

Barlow Joseph Alexander, chemist and druggist, Westgate, 159 Padi- 
ham road, and 63 Oxford road 

Barlow William, paper mill manager, 10 Berkeley street 

Barlow William Henry, cotton salesman, 18 St. Matthew street 

Barnes Arthur, cooper, 140 Oxford road 

Barnes Emmanuel, grocer and draper, 25 High street 

Barnes Frank, overlooker, 8 Newcastle street 

Barnes Frank, clothlooker, 2 Cuerden street. 

Barnes George, slater (j.), 105 Piccadilly road 

Barnes James, shopkeer, 25 Haslam street 

Barnes James, weaver, 84 Rectory road 

Barnes John, supervisor of Inland Revenue, 22 Nicholas street; h. 
14 Rose Hill road 

Barnes John, wringing machine maker, Royle foundry ; h. 19 Calder 
Vale road 

Barnes John, assurance agent, 52 Athol street 

Barnes John Charles, joiner (j.), 50 Talbot street 

Barnes Joseph, draper, 35 Piccadilly road 

Barnes Mrs. Mary Ann, vict., Corporation Hotel, 31 Oxford road 

Barnes Mrs. Susannah, 23 Lindsay street 

Barnes Robert, rope, twine, and cotton band manufacturer, 177 St. 
James street ; works, Woodbine ropery, Padiham road 

Barnes William Henry, clothlooker, 10 Willow street 

Barnett Francis, collier, 67 Accrington road 

Barnett Thomas, superintendent, county police, Bank parade 

Baron Arthur (James Baron & Sons), h. Albert terrace, Manchester rd 

Baron James, fried fish dealer, 28 High street 

Baron James & Sons, cotton waste merchants, Finsley mill 

Baron John, Esq., J. P. (James Baron & Sons) ; h. Lark hill, 179 Man- 
chester road 

Baron Robert, grocer's assistant, 54 Heath street 


Barracks, Padiham road (30th Regt. Dist.) — Col. W. J. Frampton,. 

commanding officer 
Barrett Anthony, grocer and provision dealer, 1 Berry street 
Barrett Eli, mechanic, 33 Grimshaw street 
Barrett Jacob, watchman, 22 Brougham street 
Barrett John, beerhouse, Cross Guns, 50 Gannow lane 
Barrett John, sewing machine agent, 7 Clifton street 
Barrett John, teacher, Blind Institute, Eastwood street 
Barrett Mrs. Sarah, 159 Branch road 
Barrett William, assurance agent, 81 Parliament street 
Barritt Benjamin, church keeper, 27 Sandhurst street 
Barritt Charles, butcher, 4 Yorkshire street 
Barritt Brothers, weighing machine makers, 3 Water street 
Barritt Miss Elizabeth Ann, grocer, 30 and 32 Bank parade 
Barritt James, church keeper, 1 Saunder bank 

Barritt John, electrical engineer and scale maker, 27 & 29 Yorkshire st 
Barritt John Thomas, steward of Oddfellows Club ; h. 20 Sandhurst st 
Barritt Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, 13 Tunnel street 
Barritt Joseph, grocer's assistant, 70 Burns street 
Barritt Mrs. Louisa, 86 Healey Wood road 
Barritt Mrs. Sarah, 236 Padiham road 
Barritt "William, butcher (j.), 44 Eectory road 

Barrowclough Henry, hairdresser, 6 Hammerton st ; h. 62 Belford st 
Barrowclough John (Barrowclough & Pollard) ; h. Park villa, 353 

Padiham road 
Barrowclough and Pollard, solicitors, 4 Grimshaw street 
Barrowclough Tom, sharebroker (Brown & Barrowclough) ; h, 57 

Ormerod road 
Barrowclough William, gentleman, 57 Ormerod road 
Barry James, fried fish dealer, 94 Finsleygate 
Barton John, vict., Scarlett Arms, 46 and 48 Howe street 
Barton Mrs. Sarah, lamp and oil dealer, 14 Finsleygate 
Basnett Henry, overlooker, 47 Clarence street 
Basnett Eichard, builder, 71 New Hall street 
Bastow David, overlooker, 68 Gordon street 

Bates Miss Harriet, hosier and berlin wool dealer, 77 Gordon 

Bates John, millwright (j.), 2 Smith street 

Batson Joseph, assurance agent, 84 Hurtley street 

Bath Mrs. Isabella, 22 Raglan road 

Battey Mrs. Elizabeth Frances, dressmaker, 21 Granville street 

Batman William S., show case maker, 5 Parker lane 

Batten Richard, shopkeeper, 4 Briercliffe road 

Baxter Henry, butcher, 60 Gordon street 

Baxter Mark, painter, 36 Gannow lane 

Baxter Thomas, refreshment rooms, 49 Rose Grove lane 

Bayliff James, rug maker, 25 Lord street 

Bayliff Thomas, beerhouse, Marlborough Inn, 6 Parker lane 

Bayne & Son, woollen merchants, 43 St. James street 

Bayne Thomas (Bayne & Son) ; h. Ighten grange, 389 Padiham road 

Bayne William S. (Bayne & Son) ; h. Rydal mount, 118 Manchester rd 

Bazaar Tea Company, tea dealers, 94 St. James street 


Beastow John, laundry, Glen view 

Beattie Eev. S. B. (Wesleyan), Colne road 

Beaumont Frank, manager for W. H. Smith & Son, booksellers; h. 11 
Stafford street 

Beaumont John, overlooker 75 Coal Clough lane 

Bebbington John E., draper, 29 and 31 Westgate 

Beckett John, weaver, 92 Accrington road 

Bee John, greengrocer, 107 Piccadilly road 

Beecham Eichard, hairdresser, 23 Plumbe street and 18 Elm street 

Beesting Mrs. Henrietta, tailoress, 8 Kendal street 

Beesting Samuel, dogger, 15 Brown street 

Beetham John, reedmaker (j.), 4 Berry street 

Bell Mrs. Betsy, 27 Golne road 

Bell Edward (S. A. Bell & Sons) ; h. 25 Fair View road 

Bell Mrs. Eleanor, 21 Hargreaves street 

Bell George, carter, 48 Berry street 

Bell George Edward, paper bag manufacturer, paper and twine mer- 
chant, and printer, 3a Parker lane, and 31 Thomas street, Manchester; 
h. 60 Belvedere road 

Bell Mrs. Jane, 3 Forest street 

Bell John, mason (p, 39 Hollingreave road 

Bell Eev. Jonathan (Primitive Methodist), 104 Manchester road 

Bell Eichard, builder and contractor, 3 Eeservoir street 

Bell S. A. & Sons, silk mercers, drapers, hosiers, and hatters, 28 and 
30 Manchester road 

Bell Samuel, blacksmith (j.), 207 Padiham road 

Bell Mrs. Sarah, 210 Colne road 

Bell Mrs. Sarah Ann, 90 Manchester road 

Bell Thomas, architect and surveyor, 14 Grimshaw street; h. 43 
Ormerod road 

Bell William, overlooker, 78 Plumbe street 

Bell William Thomas, clerk, 77 Healey Wood road 

Bellingham Mrs. Frances (F. Bellingham & Sons) ; h. 1 Bank Hall ter 

Bellingham Arthur Allen, middle class school, 51 Colne road 

Bellingham F. & Sons, indiarubber, fancy goods dealers and 
cycle depot, 126 Victoria buildings and 49 St. James street 

Bellingham Henry Herbert (F. Bellingham and Sons) ; h. 1 Bank 

Hall terrace 
Bellingham John George (F. Bellingham & Sons) ; h. 1 Bank Hall ter 
Bellingham Wm. Eichard (F. Bellingham & Sons) ; h. 1 Bank Hall ter 
Benjamin Mrs. Jane, 26 Raglan road 

Benn Arthur, leather dealer, 38 St. James st ; h. 1 Shuttleworth st 
Bennett Alfred, assurance agent, 48 Burns street 
Bennett Charles, farmer, Sand bed 

Bennett & Co., milliners and baby linen dealers, 53 Hebrew rd 

Bennett George, engine tenter, 141 Grey street 

Bennett George Edward, mill manager, 284 Padiham road 

Bennett Harry Thomas, assurance agent, 368 Colne road 

Bennett Mrs. Jane, 316 Gannow lane 

Bennett John, chipped potato dealer, 85 Sandygate 

Bennett Walter, shopkeeper, 76 Lowerhouse lane 

Benson Thomas, chimney sweeper, 4 Cranmer street 


Bentham William, general insurance agent, 27 Fairholme ter, Park In 

Bentley Mrs. Catherine, grocer, 44 Gannow lane 

Bentley Samuel, mechanic, 6 Austin street 

Bentley William, moulder, 138 Sandygate 

Berks Thomas, salesman, 5 Elmwood street 

Berry Abraham, newsagent, 66 Hurt-ley street 

Berry B. (Exors. of), cotton manufacturers, Tunnel Hill shed and 

Albion mill 
Berry Mr. Daniel, 72 Standish street 
Berry Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Berry street 
Berry Miss Ellen, teacher of music, 72 Standish street 
Berry Jas., manager of Union Bank of Manchester; h. Brookside house 
Berry James, warehouseman, 23 Todmorden road 
Berry James, clothlooker, 35 Villiers street 
Berry James, herb beer maker, 122 Padiham road 
Berry John, clothlooker, 35 Gordon street 

Berry Jonathan, clog and shoe maker, 43 Abel street i 

Berry Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 314 Colne road 
Berry Bobert, weaver, 206 Colne road 
Berry & Shoesmith, confectioners, 1 Heath street 
Berry Smith, clerk, 65 Brierclifie road 

Berry & Smith, brick manufacturers, Healey Wood Brick works 
Berry Thomas, butcher, 112 Trafalgar street 

Berry William, temperance hotel, 13 St. James row and Coal street 
Berry William, shopkeeper, 62 Briercliffe road 
. Berry William, bookkeeper, 21 Stafford street 
Berry William, Esq., J.P. (Berry & Smith) ; h. Southfield house, Nelson 
Bertwistle B. & Co., Limited, stock and share brokers, 2 Hargreaves 

street and Colne ; J. Duckworth, manager 
Bertwistle Jonathan, joiner (j.), 46 Albert street 
Bertwistle Mrs. Mary, 16 St. Matthew street 
Best John, shirtmaker, 22 Thomas street ; h. 37 Parker lane 
Beswick Amos, overlooker, 27 Lee street 
Beswick Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Harriet street 
Bevan Arnold, eating house, 17 Hebrew road 
Betts Samuel, assurance agent, 74 Hufiing lane 
Betham James, stocking maker, 103 Leyland road 
Bewley Mrs. Jennett, dressmaker, 8 Smith street 
Bibby & Baron, Limited, patentees and paper bag makers by machinery, 

Newtown mills, Cow lane 
Bibby Miss Elizabeth Ellen, 35 Todmorden road 
Bibby James, overlooker, 86 Hollingreave road 
Bibby James (Thos. Bibby & Son); h. 24 Westgate 
Berry Mrs. Jane, clothes dealer, 110 Trafalgar street 
Bibby John Eay, assistant superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., 

10 Ashley street 
Bibby John Thomas, traveller, 11 Ashfield road 
Bibby Mrs. Pemlear, eating-house, 16 Grimshaw street 
Bibby Peter, upholstererer, 7 Willow street 
Bibby Thomas, warehouseman, 114 Leyland road 
Bibby Thomas & Son, reed and heald makers, Church street ; and 

marine store dealers, Calder Street mill 


Billington Eichard, lamp and oil dealer, and shopkeeper, 237 and 238 
Accrington road 

Bingham John, mechanic, 54 Piccadilly road 

Binney Eichard, salesman, 28 Berry street 

Binnington Henry, fish and fruit dealer, 37 Hebrew road 

Binns Joseph, clerk, 69 Healey Wood road 

Binns Mrs. Mary, clothes dealer, 27a Standish street 

Binns Squire, butcher, 242 Colne road 

Birch Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, 37 Ashworth street 

Birchall Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, upholstress, 28 Standish street 

Bird Mr. Albert Edward, 11 G-rimshaw street 

Bird Charles, overlooker, 44 Hart street 

Bird Thomas, army pensioner, 6 Slater street 

Bird Walter, overlooker, 40 Hart street 

Birkenshaw Edward, mechanic, 38 Grimshaw street 

Birkett John, music seller, 106 Westgate 

Birkett Matthew, civil engineer, 25 Ormerod road 

Birley Arthur (Exors. of Thomas Birley) ; h. 43 Colne road 

Bhiey Frederick, chimney sweeper, 81 Abel street 

Birley J. & J., cotton spinners, New Hall mill, Elm street 

Birley James (J. & J. Birley); h. 11 Bank Hall terrace 

Birley John (J. & J. Birley) ; h. Colne 

Birley Thomas (Exors. of), cotton spinners, Lodge mill 

Birnie Joseph, postmaster, Manchester road; h. 81 Todmorden road 

Birtwistle Mrs. Alice, 7 Park lane 

Birtwistle Mrs. Mary, 42 Belvedere' road 

Birtwistle Eichard Dearden, fried fish and potato dealer, 20 Sandygate 

Bishop Ernest, manufacturer of small burst-off bottles, &e., 
Glass Bottles works, Rake foot, Church street 

Blackburn Eev. Arthur, curate of Holy Trinity, Habergham 
Blackburn Hargreaves, overlooker, 60 Belgrave street 
Blackburn Henry, fish dealer, 78 Abel street 

Blackburn James, fish and fruit salesman, 74 Trafalgar street 

Blackburn John, grocer, 31 Richard street 
Blackburn Joseph, tailor (j.), 85 Brunswick street 

Blackburn Robinson, fruiterer, 124b Colne road, and 27 and 29 
Abel street 

Blackburn Thomas, roller coverer, 50 Croft street 
Blackwell James, overlooker, 12 Cameron street 
Blackwell Thomas, coachmaker (j.), 182 Accrington road 
Blades Mrs. Bethsheba, 125 Parliament street 
Blades Robert, currier (j.), 93 Hollingreave road 
Blake James, draper, 34 Curzon street 

Blake John, slater & general property repairer, 9 Granville st 

Blakeborough Eobert L., ticket collector, 24 Cuerden street 
Blakeborough Samuel, mechanic, 106 Rectory road 
Blakelock Benjamin, hairdresser, 44 Padiham road 
Blakey Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 18 Brown street 

Blakey J. & R., cotton manufacturers, Sandygate, Hope mill and Rake 

Head mill 
Blakey John, fitter, 39 Forest street 
Blakey John Henry, joiner (j.), 30 Helena street 


Blakey Miss Margaret, confectioner, 44 Abel street 

Blakey Mrs. Martha, confectioner, 20 Bankhouse street 

Blakey Eobert (J. & E. Blakey) ; h. 28 Westgate 

Blakey Miss Buth, dressmaker, 20 Bankhouse street 

Blakey Thomas, hairdresser, 55 Brunshaw road 

Bland Miss Jane, butcher, 6 Yorkshire street 

Bland Eeuben, painter (]".), 105 Brougham street 

Bland Thomas Tennant, commercial traveller, 11 Hawk street 

Bland Tom, grocer and provision dealer, 49a Bankhouse street 

Blaylock George, joiner (]'.), 11 Brown street 

Blaylock Joseph, foreman joiner, 100 Church street 

Bleakley Mr. Alfred, 66 Prospect terrace, Yorkshire street 

Bleakley Mr. Edwin F., 113 Manchester road 

Bleasdale "William Thompson, confectioner, 107 Parliament street 

Blezard Henry, mineral water manufacturer and vict., Ship 
Inn, Parker lane and 34 Finsleygate 

Blezard Henry, junior, tripe dealer, 24 St. James street 

Blezard Jonas Henry, farmer, Habergham hall 

Blezard John, farmer, Holme farm 

Blezard Walton (Exors. of), fruit preservers, Eose grove 

Blind Institute, Eastwood street ; Mr. Eawlinson, hon. secretary 

Blythe John, dogger, 7 Hampden street 

Blythe Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 28 Barracks road 

Boal William, wood turner, Hammerton street ; h. 50 Piccadilly road 

Boardwell Mrs. Lucy Ann, 18 Clifton street 

Boddy Nicholas, shopkeeper, 11 King street 

Bold David Nuttall, grocer, 2 Leyland road 

Bolton E. & Son, wholesale grocers, Standish street 

Bolton Edgar, mining engineer, 76 Bank parade 

Bonaldi Guiseppe, ice cream dealer, 62 Parker lane 

Bond Daniel, county police sergeant, Bank parade 

Bond David, tram driver, 149 Colne road 

Bond Mrs. Grace, shopkeeper, 31 Hargher street 

Bond John & Co., Limited, wholesale drapers and fent merchants, 

Market place 
Bond John, weaver, 77 Parliament street 
Bond Jonathan & Son (John), fruit preservers, 4 Victoria street; h. 80 

Eectory road 
Bonser Thomas Agar, clothlooker, 15 Dall street 
Bontoft John, clerk, 41 Canning street 
Booth Miss Alice Gertrude, dressmaker, 60 Osborne terrace, Albion st 

Booth Mrs. Betty, 13 Crow nest 

Booth Charles, violin maker and dealer in musical instruments, 
27 Standish street 

Booth James, bank cashier, Ivy cottage, 97 Todmorden road 

Booth John, professor of music, 54 Gladstone street 

Booth John, weaver, 224 Colne road 

Booth John William, assurance agent, 3 Coal Clough lane 

Booth Joseph, cellarman, 2 Whittam street 

Booth Levi, taper, 3 Hardy street 

Booth Mrs. Maria, lodgings, 8 Bankhouse street 

Boothman John, overlooker, 46 Hull street 


Boothman Mr. John, 214 Colne road 

Boothman Thomas, stationer and confectioner, 2 Bylands street 

Boothman Thomas, roller coverer, 28 Hull street 

Boothman William, draper, 13 Hull street 

Boothman William, assurance agent, 142 Abel street 

Borough Land and Building Society, Ltd., 12 Nicholas street and 

Colne ; Joseph Pickles, sec. 
Borough Police Station; Joseph Harrop, chief constable 
Borwick Joseph, clothlooker, 3 Escott street 
Bostock Thomas, farmer, Long syke 

Bostons, Limited, provision merchants, 164 St. James street 
Bottomley Harry, chimney sweeper, 8 Squire street 
Bottomley William, overlooker, 40 Elm street 

Boughey Eev. John (Unitarian), 95 Albatross terrace, Albion street 
Bowe George, newsagent, 15 Rochester street 
Bowes Christopher, pattern maker, 30 Gordon street 
Bowes James, beerhouse, Black Swan, 35 Royle road 
Bowes Mrs. Eose Hannah, shopkeeper, 19 Brown street 
Bowker George Edward, overlooker, 26 Cavour street 

Bowker James, tobacconist, 6 Bridge street ; h. 79 Eectory road 

Bowker James Chadwick, beamer, 3 Reed street 

Bowker John, weaver, 44 Hollingreave road 

Bowker John, farmer, Woodbine farm 

Bowker Joseph, solicitor's clerk, 126 Brougham street 

Boynton Edward, grocer and beerseller, 1 Swainbank street 

Boynton Robert, grocer and beerseller, 63 Hufling lane 

Boys Richard, hatter and cricketers' outfitter, 103 St. James street 

Bracewell Albion, yardsman, 7 Halstead street 

Bracewell Emmanuel & Son, builders and contractors, 31 Albert street 

Bracewell Hartley, grocer and provision dealer, 23 King street 

Bracewell Mr, Humphrey, 316 Blenheim terrace, Padiham road 

Bracewell Humphrey, black and white smith, machinist, 
horse shoer, wringing* machine maker and repairer, oven 
and boiler fitter, Lower Rakehead ironworks, Briercliffe road 

Bracewell Mr. James, 5 Cameron street 
Bracewell Mrs. Jane, 34 Eectory road 
Bracewell J., bookkeeper, 1 Print street 
Bracewell John, clothlooker, 177 Accrington road 
Bracewell John, greengrocer, 75 Piccadilly road 
Bracewell Joseph Henry, hairdresser, 164 Padiham road 

Bracewell Mrs, Martha, milliner and mantle maker, Curzon 

street and market hall ; h. 9 Todmorden road 
Bracewell Samuel, hairdresser, watch and clock repairer, 42 

Briercliffe road 

Bracewell William (B. Bracewell & Son) ; h. 21 Albert street 

Bracewell William, blacksmith, Calder street 

Bracewell William, timber merchant, coachbuilder, wheelwright, and 

manufacturer of prepared joinery, Mitre works, Westgate ; h. 310 

Blenheim terrace, Padiham road 
Bracewell William, club steward, 33 Parkinson street 
Brackin William, goods department foreman, 39 Clifton street 
Bradbury Horace James, compositor, 49 Cavour street 



Bradley Frederick William, cabinet maker (j.), 14 Wilton street 
Bradley George, cabinet maker (j.), 61 Curzon street 

Bradley John, auctioneer and valuer (valuations for probate 
and legacy duty), 21 St. James street ; h. Sunny holme, 393 

Padiham road 

Bradley Joseph, grocer and butcher, 54 and 178 Sandygate, 151 St. 

James street, and Padiham road 
Bradley William, shopkeeper, 226 Accrington road 
Bradshaw Albert, mill secretary, 6 Elm street 
Bradshaw Mrs. Ann, black pudding maker, 100 Eectory road 
Bradshaw Henry, hatter, 88 St. James street 

Bradshaw James, machinist (Cooper Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 81 Eectory road 
Bradshaw James, bird dealer, 2 Westgate 

Bradshaw John, stationer and newsagent, 42 Yorkshire street 

Bradshaw John, salesman, 286 Padiham road 
Bradshaw Joseph, coal dealer, 117 Abel street 
Bradshaw Bichard, provision merchant, 24 Market place 
Bradshaw Eobert, stoker, 205 Padiham road 
Bradshaw Eobert, overlooker, 46 Lindsay street 
Bradshaw Samuel, overlooker, 3 Cameron street 
Bradshaw Thomas, engine tenter, 6 Hardy street 
Bradshaw William, builder, 6 Elm street 
Bradsworth Charles, wood carver, 5 Crow nest 
Brady Thomas, cutler, Market hall 

Bramold Thomas William (from Smedley's, Matlock) ; Turkish 
and Hydropathic Baths, Matlock House, opposite Barracks 
Station. Baths open daily from 10 to 8-30 ; Sundays from 
8 to 12 noon. Closed on Tuesdays. Special attention given 
to massage treatment. 

Branch Mrs. Ann, 29 Lindsay street 

Branch Fred., vict., White Horse Hotel, 81 St. James street 

Brecknall Frank, commercial traveller, 50 Brougham street 

Brecknall Mrs. Hannah, ladies outfitter, 153 Oxford road 

Brelsford Charles, chief rate collector, 6 Sefton terrace 

Brelsford Mrs. Maria, fried fish dealer, 1 Hargher street 

Brennan Michael, grocer and provision dealer, 42 Bridge street 

Brennan William, clothier, 156 St. James street 

Brennand John, grocer, 12 Market street ; h. 45 Bankhouse street 

Brennand Peter, overlooker, 52 Eeed street 

Brennand Thomas, coal dealer, 4 Short street 

Brereton Miss S. J., res. supt. Y.W.C.A., 100 St. James street 

Bretherick Mrs. Isabella, school keeper, 44 Croft street 

Bride Louis, tailor and draper, 25 Padiham road 

Bride Mrs. Mary Jane, lodgings, 50 Grimshaw street 

Bridge Alfred, authorised plumber and glazier, 310 Colne road 

Bridge Elijah, auctioneer (Eawcliffe & Bridge) ; h. 16 Smalley street 

Bridge David, grocer and beerseller, 51 Daneshouse road 

Bridge Henry, colliery salesman, Clifton staith ; h. 6 Carlton road 
Bridge Martin Henry, fireman, 156 Colne road 
Bridge Miss Mary Ann, draper, 40 Temple street 

Bridge Ealph, quarry master (Tomlinson, Bridge, and Brotherton) ; h. 
28 Scott street, Habergham 



Bridge Thomas, engine fitter, 8 Berkeley street 
Bridgland Frank, commercial traveller, 17 Castle street 
Briercliffe John Thomas, tripe dealer, 62 Manchester road 

Briereliffe William, dealer in birds, poultry, pigeons, and dogs, 
8 Calder Vale road 

Brierley Benjamin, shopkeeper, Cop row 

Brierley Edward, police constable, 20 Temple street 

Brierley George Henry, mill manager, 20 Rectory road 

Brierley James Thomas, engineer (j.), 13 Ashfield road 

Brierley William, cotton manufacturer, Calder Vale shed; n. l± 

Rectory road ,-,*«,, ,., t 

Brierley William, beerhouse, Roebuck Inn, 128 Padiham road 

Brierley William, collier, 33 Hollingreave road 

Briggs Alfred Francis, asst. schoolmaster, 59 Coal Clough lane 

Brings Grace and Jemima, confectioners, 305 Padiham road 

Briggs Henry, boot and shoe maker, 105 St. James street 

Briggs Henry, overlooker, 9 xAccrington road 

Briggs Henry, overlooker, 216 Padiham road 

Briggs James, taper, 9 Thursby road 

Briggs James, shopkeeper, 80 Padiham road 

Briggs James, broker, 68 Bridge street 

Briggs John, mechanic, 315 Padiham road 

Briggs Mr. Joseph, 214 Padiham road 

Briggs Robert, boot and shoe maker, 92 Padiham road 

Briggs Mrs. Sarah Ann, 23 Hollingreave road 

Briggs Thomas, yarn agent, 32 Accrington road 

Briggs William, vict., Reedley Hallows Hotel, 93 Byerden lane 

Briggs William, shopkeeper, 25 Lydia street 

Briggs William and Benjamin, hop ale and herb beer manufacturers, 

104 Sandygate 
Briggs William, overlooker, 126 Abel street 
Brindle James, grocer's assistant, 3 Nisbett terrace 
British & Colonial Meat Co., 87 and 112 St. James street 
Brittlebank Henry, shopkeeper, 114 Piccadilly road 
Broad Misses Jane, Lavinia A., and Dinah, milliners and dressmakers, 

25 Hulme street 
Brogan Martin, shopkeeper, 6 Roper street _ 

Brogden Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, 11 Abel 
street and 45 Milner street 

Bromley James, shopkeeper, 23 Mount Pleasant street 

Brook Mrs. Ruth Dunn, 51 Lindsay street 

Brooks Albert, bookseller and stationer, 142 St. James street 

Brooks Mrs. Charlotte, 106 Trafalgar street 

Brooks Christopher, cabinet maker (j.), 372 Colne road 

Brooks Eli & Co., authorised plumbers and sanitary engineers, 60 

Abel street 
Brooks Mr. Henry, 104 Brunshaw road 
Brooks Mrs. Jane, 323 Milton terrace, Padiham road 
Brooks John, plumber and glazier, 34 Trafalgar street 
Brooks John, photographer, 40 Parliament street 
Brooks & Pickup, colliery proprietors, manufacturers of white and 

coloured glazed bricks, Towneley collieries and Fire Clay works 


Brooks Mrs. Sarah, photograher, 8 Healey Wood road 

Brophy Denis, confectioner, 8 Todmorden road 

Brotherton George, bookseller's assistant, 16 Tennis street 

Brotherton Horsfield, newspaper reporter, 2] Albion street 

Brotherton James, engine tenter, 33 Gordon street 

Brotherton Lawrence (Express Printing Co.), 3 Bull st; h. 7 Ormerod rd 

Brotherton Richard, beamer, 8 Rowley street 

Brotherton William, quarry master (Tomlinson, Bridge, & Brotherton) ; 

h. Pendle street, Padiham 
Broughton Ambrose, foreman baker, 13 Bank parade 
Broughton Miss Dorothy, shopkeeper, 45 High street 
Broughton Miss Jane, dressmaker, 34 Allen street 
Broughton John, tailor, 115 Brougham street 
Broughton John, bookkeeper, 42 Piccadilly road 
Broughton John Carr, miner, 131 Colne road 
Broughton Joseph, joiner (j.), 88 Dall street 
Broughton Rebecca, grocer, 340 Golne road 
Broughton Robert & Co., confectioners, 23 Market street; h. Pern 

bank, Brooklands road 
Broughton Samuel, mason (j.), 102 Hollingreave road 
Broughton Mr. Thomas, 1 Adamson street 
Broughton Thomas, clothlooker, 197 Padiham road 
Brown Albert, grocer's assistant, 54 Brunswick street 
Brown Alexander, tailor and draper, 26 Mile street 
Brown Alfred Henry, fishmonger, 147 Padiham road 
Brown Mrs. Ann, pawnbroker, 7 Fleet street ; h. 37 Lindsay street 
Brown Mrs. Annie, greengrocer, 187 St. James street 
Brown & Barrowclough, stock and share brokers, 16 Ormerod street 
Brown Birkett, joiner (j.), 135 Dall street 

Brown Cephas, music teacher and pianoforte dealer, 16 Holme 

Brown Charles Frederick, draper's assistant, 43 Padiham road 
Brown Christopher, milk dealer, 14 Gannow lane 
Brown Daniel, foreman carter, 81 Bank parade 

Brown David, beerhouse, General Havelock Inn, 103 Aeerington 

Brown David, travelling draper, 98 Rectory road 
Brown Edward, solicitor's clerk, 39 Master street 
Brown Francis Sedgwick, weaver, 191 Oxford road 
Brown George, teacher of music. 62 Padiham road 
Brown George, furnisher's manager, 85 Todmorden road 
Brown George, overlooker, 7 Hattersley street 
Brown George, tailor, 164 Accrington road 
Brown Harry, vict., Borough Hotel, Halstead street 
Brown Henry, jeweller, 12 Church street 

Brown James, master British school, North street ; h. 416 Colne road 
Brown James, butcher, 117 Accrington road 
Brown James, colliery manager, 34 Accrington road 
Brown James, builder and contractor, 8 Acre street 
Brown Miss Jane, confectioner, 137 Grey street 

Brown (John, Esq., J. P., M.D., JF.E.C.S.) & Mackenzie, physicians 
and surgeons, 68 Bank parade ; surgery, 4 and 6 Bankhouse street 

BURNLEY. ' 49 

Brown John, travelling draper, 80 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 

Brown John Henry, taper, 54 Daneshouse road 

Brown John Robert, contractor's foreman, 9 Kendal street 

Brown John Thomas, overlooker, 44 Devonshire road 

Brown Jonas Metcalf, pork butcher, 58 Abel street 

Brown Joseph, overlooker, 127 Rectory road 

Brown Joseph Calverley, grocer, 29 and 31 Finsleygate 

Brown Martin, grocer and beerseller, 80 Cotton street 

Brown Peter Henry, police constable, 30 Belford street 

Brown Richard, herbalist, 140 Sandygate 

Brown Richard, mechanic, 1 Disraeli street 

Brown Robert, joiner, contractor, timber merchant, and wood turner, 

Borough Saw mills, Talbot street ; h. Myrtle cottage, Ormerod road 
Brown Robert, tailor (j.), 100 Hollingreave road 
Brown Robert, beerhouse, Meadows Inn, 2 King street 
Brown Robert, engineer (j.), 12 Parker lane 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, 19 Clarence street 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, 5 Crow Wood terrace 
Brown Thomas, hairdresser, 6 Sand street 
Brown Thomas, labourer, 4 Newton street 
Brown Walter, coal dealer, 24 Daneshouse road 
Brown William (Brown & Barrowclough) ; h. 390 Reedley terrace, 

Colne road 
Brown William, cellarman, 12 Branch road 

Brown Wilson, weaver, 117 Healey Wood road 

Broxup Edward Heaton, joiner (j.), 45 Red Lion street 

Broxup Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, 31 Parker street 

Broxup James, watchmaker, 7 Plumbe street ; h. 24 Parliament street 

Broxup James, mechanic, 60 Queensberry road 

Broxup John Bradley, clog and shoe maker, 103 Oxford road 

Broxup Thomas, cashier, 6 Laurel bank, Park lane 

Broxup William, clerk, 5 Ivory street 

Brumbley Charles, sub market inspector, 58 Master street 

Brumwell Jph. Cownley, Esq., J.P„ M.D., surgeon, 13 Hargreaves st 

Brunskill Robert, black pudding maker, 9 Princess street 

Brunskill James, porter, 10 Herbert street 

Brunt Thomas, overlooker, 154 Oxford road 

Brunt Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 94 Branch road 

Brunton James, labourer, 10 Stanhope street 

Brunton John, hairdresser, 107a Oxford road 

Brunton John William, assurance agent, 11 Pear street 

Brunton Robert, beerhouse, Finsley Inn, 58 Finsleygate 

Brunton William, weaver, 13 Berry street 

Buchanan John, travelling draper, 39 Hammerton street ; h. 106 

Manchester road 
Buck Mrs. Alice, 21 Fair View road 
Buck Mrs. Charlotte, dressmaker, 31 Berkeley street 
Buck Francis, firewood maker, 115 Briercliffe road 
Buck William, weaver, 25 Belgrave street 
Buckley Charles, smallware dealer, 101 St. James street 
Buckley George, hosier and smallware dealer, 111 Parliament street 
Buckley Richard, labourer, 19 Blakey street 


Buckley Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 6 Accringtou road 
Buglass Mrs. Ellen, 21 Brougham street 
Bulcock Mrs. Elizabeth, 10 Hattersley street 

Bulcock Henry, solicitor and commissioner for oaths, 9 Har greaves- 
street ; h. 175 Manchester road 

Buleoek James, electrical bell hanger, telephone erector, and 
hot water engineer, 19 Manchester road 

Bulcock James, iron and steel merchant, builder's, contractor's, mill, 
colliery, furnishing and general ironmonger, 19, 31, and 33 Man- 
chester road; h. 19 Carlton road 
Bulcock James, fried fish dealer, 56 Church street 
Bulcock John, gentleman, 105 Manchester road 
Bulcock John, compositor, 56 Daneshouse road 

Bulcock Law (Bulcock & Threlfall) ; h. 107 Shakespeare ter, Albion st 
Bulcock Robert John, butcher, 199 Accrington road 
Bulcock Thomas, commercial traveller, 20 Waterbarn street 
Bulcock & Threlfall, cotton manufacturers, Springfield shed, Waterloo rd 
Bulling Thomas William, draper, 9 Westgate; h. 79 Albatross terrace, 

Albion street 
Bullock James, overlooker, 14 Holbeck street 
Bullock John, hairdresser, 84 Curzon street 
Bullock John Whittaker, manager, 36 Accrington road 
Bullock Joseph, iron broker, Brown street; h. 27 Curzon street 
Bullock William, manager, model lodging house, 1 Calder street 
Bullock William (Exors. of), builders and contractors, 6 and 8 Hart st 
Bullough James William, police sergeant, 24 Hart street 

Bullough William, beerhouse, Coaehmakers' Arms, 2 and 4 
Adelphi street 

Bundy Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 87 Piccadilly road 

Burgess Henry, furniture dealer, 58 Manchester rd; h. 25 Herbert st 

Burgess William, tailor (j.), 384 Colne road 

Burghope & Strange, manufacturing stationers, publishers, letterpress, 

copperplate, and lithographic printers, 50 St. James street 
Burnett Henry, boot and shoe maker, 13 Adelphi street- 
Burnett Hartley, beerhouse, Owl-in-the-Wood, 5 Springfield road 
Burnip Michael, engine driver, 342 Colne road 
Burnley Association for care of Friendless Girls, 60 Bank parade; 

Sisters of Mercy 

Burnley Bill Posting* Co., Limited, 7 Church street; T. H. 

Hargreaves, secretary 
Burnley Brick and Lime Co., Limited, Grey street; W. H. Procter, sec 
Burnley Building Society, 12 Grimshaw street; W. Lewis Grant, sec 
Burnley Carriage Co., Limited, livery stable proprietors, coach builders, 

carriers and furniture removers, 44a St. James street and Plumbe 

street; E. Dickinson, managing director; J. Bawlinson, secretary 
Burnley Coal Dealers Association, Limited, coal merchants and colliery 

agents, 119 Manchester road; James Eoberts, secretary 
Burnley Clothing Club Company, 51 Westgate 
Burnley Conservative Registration Association (borough), 12 St. James 

row; George Eogerson, agent 
Burnley Conservative Registration Association (Clitheroe Division), 1 

Ormerod street; E. Harrison, agent ' . . 



Burnley Cricket Club, Turf moor; W. Brown, secretary 
Burnley and District Advance Co., 21 St. James row; Walter 
Sagar, manager 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative and Industrial Society, Ltd., 
grocers, drapers, boot and shoe makers, doggers, bakers, 
house furnishers, gents' outfitters, butchers, tailors, &c, 
eentral stores and offices, Hammerton street ; branches : 

Hebrew road, Bivell street, Oxford road, 40 Trafalgar street, 
Accrington road, Old Hall street, Clarence street, Healey wood, 
Canning street, Brennand street, Whittlefield street, Eliza street, 
Lindsay street, Hattersley street, Springfield road, Harle syke, 
New Hall street, Albert street, Padiharn road, and Piccadilly road ; 
James Ashworth manager; William Isherwood, secretary. Educa- 
tional Department ; Thomas Haunam, secretary 
Burnley Gazette Office, Bridge street; Benjamin Moore, publisher and 

Burnley Grammar School, Bank parade; J. Langfield Ward, M.A., 

head master 
Burnley Iron Works Co., Limited, iron and brass founders, engineers 

and millwrights, King street; Peter Pickup, manager 
Burnley Liberal Association (borough), 1 Yorke street; William Lord, 

Burnley Liberal Registration Association (Clitheroe Division), 1 Yorke 

street ; John Lonsdale, secretary 
Burnley Liberal Unionist Association, 69a St. James st; J. Ellison, sec 
Burnley Liberal Unionist Club, 69a, St. James street; G. Needham, sec 
Burnley Literary and Scientific Club, Technical School; W. A. Wad- 

dington, president; A. E. Grant, hon. sec. 
Burnley Paper Works Co., Limited, paper makers, Calder Vale road; 

John Hacking, sec. 
Burnley Miners 1 Council; William Crook, sec, 33 Allen street 
Burnley Oyster Co., 128 Victoria buildings, St. James street 
Burnley Post Office, Manchester road ; Joseph Birnie, postmaster 
Burnley Publishing and Advertising Co., 6 Nicholas street 
Burnley Eubber Co., Chancery street 

Btirnley School Board Office, Town Hall; J. Rawlinson, clerk 
Burnley Self- Help Cotton Spinning and Manufacturing Co., Limited; 

Healey Royd mill ; James Bancroft, manager ; A. Bradshaw, sec. 
Burnley Spinners' (Operative) Association, St. James lane ; John 

Roche, sec. 
Burnley and District Tramways Co., Limited, 45 St. James street; 

Henry Mozley, sec. 
Burnley Trades' Council', Thomas Etherington, sec, 65 Belgrave st 

Burnley Tradesmen's Billposting* and Advertising 1 Co., Limited, 

25 Fleet Street ; Joseph Kay, manager and sec. 
Burnley Weavers' , Winders' , and Beamers' Association, Charlotte st ; 

M. Moorhouse, sec 
Burns John, L.R.C.P., physician and surgeon, Fulledge house, 

Todmorden road 
Burrell Alfred, carter, 3 Sandhurst street 
Burrell Mrs. Ann, 14 Belgrave street ... 
Burrell Howarth, hairdresser, 17 Fleet street 


Burrell James, overlooker, 4 Hardy street 

Burrell John, fried fish and chipped potato dealer, 7 Gannow lane 

Burrell Joseph, fried fish dealer, 41 Standish street 

Burrows Alfred, moulder, Sep Clough lane 

Burrows Benjamin, bookseller and stationer, 109 Oxford road 

Burrows Henry, weaver, 26 Albion street 

Burrows Thomas, Esq., J. P., cotton manufacturer, Calder Vale shed; 

h. South view, Brier cliff e 
Burrows William, cotton manufacturer, Gannow and Whittlefield 

sheds; h. 347 Ightenhill terrace, Padiham road 
Burrows William, tripe dealer, 76 Parliament street 
Burrows William, footballer, 29 Sandhurst street 
Burrows William, spinner (j.), 94 Plumbe street 
Burrows William Henry, salesman, 26 Padiham road 

Burstein Nahum S., dental rooms, 59 Abel street 

Burton Charles, clerk, Higher ridge 

Burton Edwin, joiner (j.), 34 Piccadilly road 

Burton James, overlooker, 239 Briercliffe road 

Burton John, grocer, 756 Padiham road, Habergham 

Burton Miss Sabina, 20 Berry street 

Burton Mrs. Susannah, 120 Abel street 

Burwin Benjamin, mill manager, 8 Hallwell street 

Bury James, overlooker, 40 Shaw street 

Busfield Mrs. Rose, 9 Stafford street 

Bush James, fried fish dealer, 131 Gannow lane 

Butcher Mrs. Grace, 137 Colne road 

Butler Mrs. Ann, 32 Belgrave street 

Butler Miss Mary Elizabeth, dressmaker, 31 Rectory road 

Butson John, shopkeeper, 2 Newcastle street 

Butterfield Frederick Halstead, grocer, 260 Accrington road 

Butterfield Hartley (John Butterfield & Son) ; h. 58 Gurzon street 

Butterfield Mrs. Jane, 54 Curzon street 

Butterfield Mr. John, 41 Ormerod road 

Butterfield John & Son, estate, commission, and insurance 
agents, 58 Curzon street 

Butterworth & Dickinson, iron and brass founders, machinists, and loom 

makers, Trafalgar Street and Saunder Bank Ironworks 
Butterworth & Dickinson, cotton manufacturers, Westgate shed, 

Butterworth Miss Ellen, Sunny bank, 8 Brooklands road 
Butterworth James, overlooker, 104 Branch road 
Butterworth James, shopkeeper, 13 Cobden street 
Butterworth John, Esq., J. P. (Butterworth & Dickinson) ; h. Oak 

bank, Todmorden road 
Butterworth Miss Margaret Alice, dressmaker, 35 Holbeck street 
Butterworth Mrs. Martha Ann, 15 Dulwich street 
Butterworth Richard, stonemason (j.), 192 Accrington road 
Butterworth Richard, warehouseman, 63 Lindsay street 
Butterworth Samuel, grocer, wine and spirit dealer, 67 Springfield rd , 
Buttter worth Wm., foundry manager, Willow bank, 35 Brooklands rd 
Button Fred Smith, A.M.I.C.E., borough surveyor, Town Hall ; h. 13 

Palatine square 


Buxton John, post office clerk, 94 Hollingreave road 
Buxton Matthew, post office stamper, 33 Parkinson street 
Byrne Patrick, shopkeeper, 116 Finsleygate 
Cadman Charles, mechanic, 85 Healey Wood road 
Cadwallader Francis, bootmaker (j.), 289 Colne road 
Cairns Ann, shopkeeper, 101 Sandygate 

Caldwell William, cooper, Peel street ; h. 72 Padiham road 

Calverley Mrs. Fanny, 14 Arlington street 
Calverley George, cabinet maker (j.), 57 Gordon street 
Calverley Louis, cycle maker and agent, Grimshaw street 
Calverley Mrs. Mary, 9 Ormerod road 
Calverley Mr. Thomas, 18 Piccadilly road 
Calvert Benjamin, weaver, 22 Accrington road 
Calvert Edwin, eating house, 44 Oxford road 

Calvert James, livery stable proprietor, 2 Adlington street ; and con- 
fectioner, 46 Church street 
Calvert James, clogger, 57 May street 
Calvert Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 13 Russell street 
Calvert John A., mill manager, 38 Brennand street 
Calvert Mrs. Mary, 19 Fair View road 
Calvert Eobert, overlooker, 6 Ridge road 
Camm Charles, joiner (j.), 60 Canning street 
Camm William, yeast dealer, 14 South street 

Campbell Henry, vict., George IV., 708 Padiham road, Habergham 
Campbell James, vict., Trafalgar Inn, 42 Trafalgar street 
Campbell James, mechanic, 39 Rectory road 
Campbell James, grocer, 27 and 29 Waterloo road 
Campbell Mrs. Jane, 266 Padiham road 
Campbell John, letter carrier, 9 Catlow street 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, 15 Briercliffe road 
Campbell William, tailor, 17 Albion street 
Canby Miss Matilda, 12 Westgate 
Candlish Jas., inspector of weights and measures (rural), 75 Burns st 

Capstiek Edwd., beerhouse, Cricketers' Arms, Lowerhouse lane 

Capstick William, engineer (j.), 8 Blenheim street 

Carey Mrs. Harriet W., farmer, Top o'th close 

Carey James, assurance canvasser, 9 Cronkshaw street 

Carey William Henry Brooker, bank clerk, 298 Padiham road 

Carl Fergus, engineer (j.), 43 Daneshouse road 

Carlton Bo&d School; George F. Ashworth, B.A., head master 

Carlyon Mrs. Avis, shopkeeper, 135 Ardwick street 

Carman Walter, carter, 360 Colne road 

Carr Daniel, butcher, 24 Lindsay street • 

Carr Thomas, draper, 38 Parker lane 

Carrington Albert, commercial traveller, 65 Ormerod road 

Carruthers Thomas, joiner (j.), 15 Forest street 

Carter & Co., drapers, 14 St. James street 

Carter Mrs. Elizabeth, lodgings, 24 Gorton street 

Carter Mr. James, Carter street 

Carter Joseph Henry, F.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon and shoeing 

forge, 35 and 37 Church street and Adlington street, and Nelson 

and Padiham 


Carter Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 18 Curzon street 

Carter Peter, assurance agent, Elmwood street 

Carter Thomas, carter, 28 Talbot street 

Carton William, storekeeper, 52 Piccadilly road 

Cartwright James, draper, 189 Colne road 

Cartwright Mrs. Sarah, 183 Colne road 

Cash & Co., hatters and umbrella makers, 55 St. James street 

Casson Samuel, draper, 260 Colne road 

Casson Thomas, assurance agent, 15 Guildford street 

Catlow C. & Sons, cotton manufacturers, Spring Hill shed 

Catlow Christopher (C. Catlow & Sons) ; h. 42 Berry street 

Catlow Edward, overlooker, 6 Gill street 

Catlow Mrs. Elizabeth, 42 Eaglan road 

Catlow Mrs. Elizabeth, eating house, 16 Standish street 

Catlow Mrs. Grace, 5 Dulwich street 

Catlow Hargreaves, beerhouse, Bee Hive Inn, 5 Holmes street 

Catlow James, overlooker, 26 Eowley street 

Catlow & Howker cotton manufacturers, Healey Royd mill 

Catlow John, umbrella maker, 47 Angle street 

Catlow Mr. John, 21 Grant street 

Catlow John Thomas, weaver, 52 Brunswick street 

Catlow Joseph (Catlow & Howker) ; h. 79 Hollingreave road 

Catlow Lawrence, overlooker, 4 Murray street 

•Catlow Mrs. Margaret, 42 Berry street 

Catlow Mrs. Mary, 35 Hollingreave road 

Catlow Mr. Eichard, 39 Eowley street 

Catlow Samuel (C. Catlow & Sons) ; h. 65 Laithe street 

Catlow Thomas, roller coverer, 7 Murray street 

Catlow Thomas, cotton manufacturer (John Williams & Co.) ; h. 65 

Coal Clough lane 
Catton Mrs. Elizabeth, stay maker, 4 Sandygate 
Catton Ernest Joseph, chemist and druggist, 5 Berkeley street 
Catton Gilbert, painter (j.), 259 Padiham road 

Catton Mrs J., stay maker, 77 St. James street 

Catton William, stay maker, 15 Hebrew road 

Cawtherley John, waste dealer, 11 Blackburn street ; h. 14 Sefton ter 

Cayley Joseph, sawyer, 7 Brown square 

Cayton Joseph, overlooker, 14 Forest street 

Cemetery, Back lane ; George Houlden, registrar 

Chadwick Albert, confectioner and tobacconist, 8 and 10 Abel street 

Chadwick Miss Ann, dressmaker, 9 Briercliffe road 

Chadwick Benjamin, dogger, 32 Temple street 

Chadwick Charles Herbert, warehouseman, 81 Burns street 

Chadwick Mrs. Elizabeth, 195 Oxford road 

Chadwick Mrs. Ellen, 136 Accrington road 

Chadwick Mr. Hitchon, 7 Helena street 

Chadwick Hitchon, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Ed., physician and surgeon, 

41 and 43 Oxford road 
Chadwick James, beerhouse, Fox and Pheasant Inn, 1 Cow lane 
Chadwick James, assurance agent, 39 Devonshire road 
Chadwick James, twister, 252 Padiham road 
Chadwick James Eli, shopkeeper, 33 Mosley House road 


Chadwick John, painter and plasterer, 13 Hebrew road 

Chadwick John Thomas, joiner (j.), 23 Bankhouse street 

Chadwick Lawrence, herbalist, 52 Howe street 

Chadwick Mrs. Mary, 41 Rectory road 

Chadwick William, collier, 38 Piccadilly road 

Chadwick William, engine tenter, 20 Accrington road 

Chadwick William, master of Bbenezer Baptist school; h. 71 Colne rd 

Chaffer Mr. Benjamin, 2 Chapel street 

Chaffer Mrs. Ellen, 34 Standish street 

Chaffer John, carrier, Plumbe street ; h. Toclmorden 

Chaffer Walter, carrier, 97 Hollingreave road 

Chambers Mrs. Elizabeth, mantle warehouse, 48 Hebrew road 

Chambers Henry, grocer, 111 Todmorden road 

Chambers Rufus, cabinet maker (Edmondson & Chambers) ; h. 47 

Spenser street 
Chapman John, beerhouse, Traveller's Best, 5 Coke street 
Chappies Hind, machinist, 1 and 3 Eectory road 
Chappies Robert, beerhouse, Wheat Sheaf, 27 Croft street 
Charles John, foreman mechanic, 107 Gordon street 
Charles Robert, joiner (j.), 55 Padiham road 
Chase Henry Thomas, county court bailiff, 8 Berry street 
Cheeseborough Mrs. Polly, dressmaker, 11 Shackleton street 
Chegwhidden Mrs. Susan, 56 Gordon street 
Chell Nathan, labourer, 528 Padiham road 

Cherry John Nelson, dyer and cleaner, 54 Standish street; 
works : Calder Vale road 

Cherry Mrs. Lucy Ann, shopkeeper, 21 Duke street 

Cheshire Alfred, tailor and outfitter, 84 St. James street; h. Daisy 

bank, Padiham road 
Chester Simeon, cabinet maker (j.), 13 Willow street 
Chew Charles, vict., Parker's Arms, 10 Croft street 
Chew Thomas, pattern maker, 53 Coal Clough lane 
Chew Mr. William, 14 Bankhouse street 

China Merchants Co., Limited, tea merchants, 59 Manchester road 
Chippendale Miss Sarah Jane, 40 Parker lane 
Chisnall Joseph, school keeper, 73 Piccadilly road 
Church of England Literary Institution, 35 Manchester road ; John E. 

Ainsworth, secretary; William Edmondson, librarian 
Clark Albert, boot and shoe maker, 56 Padiham road 
Clark Miss Elizabeth Ann, 37 Todmorden road 
Clark Elkanah, overlooker, 1 Lancaster street 
Clark Mrs. Ellen, 5 Berry street 

Clark Mrs. Ellen, grocer and provision dealer, 73 Westgate 
Clark Jefferson, joiner (j.), 17 Brougham street 
Clark Henry, deputy borough treasurer, 12 Berry street 
Clark Henry, engine tenter, 41 Hart street 
Clark John & Sons, drapers, 48 Trafalgar street 
Clark Thomas, assurance agent, 10 Hawk street 
Clarke Edward, foreman lamplighter, 128 Finsleygate 
Clarke John Robert, taper, 118 Accrington road 
Clarke Robert, dyer and cleaner, 30 Westgate 
Clarke Rev. Samuel Edmond, M.A., curate of St. Peter's, 77 Ormerod rd 



Clarke Thomas, loom oiler, 7 Hollingreave road 
Clarke Thomas, painter (j.), 6 Leyland road 
Clarke Thomas Henry, labourer, 17 Hollingreave road 
Clarkson Mrs. Alice, confectioner, 35 Newcastle street 

Clarkson James, grocer, 67 Waterloo road and 40 Ford street 

Clarkson Joshua L., grocer's manager, 29 Belgrave street 
Clarkson William James, grocer, 37 Thorn street 
Claxton George, furniture broker, 69 Waterloo road 
Clayton Eobert, cab proprietor, 21 Merton street 
Clayton Eobert, assurance agent, 17 Cavour street 
Clayton Mr. Thomas, Albert terrace, Manchester road 
Cleator Mrs. Mary Ellen, shopkeeper, 1 Merton street 
Clegg Abraham (Clegg Bros.); h. 18 Forest street 

Clegg Alfred, cricket bat maker, Crown place 

Clegg Arthur (Clegg Bros.); 84 Belvedere road 

Clegg Austin Mitchell, grocer, 55 Coal Clough lane 

Clegg Mrs. Betty, 64 Bectory road 

Clegg Brothers, joiners and builders, Blakey street 

Clegg Charles Albert, cricket bat maker, Eobert st ; h. 15 Thurston st 

Clegg Edwin, bricklayer (j.), 3 Thurston street 

Clegg Edmund, overlooker, 100 Belvedere road 

Clegg Edward, compositor, 10 Holly street 

Clegg Mrs. Elizabeth, 13 Padiham road 

Clegg Mrs. Esther, shopkeeper, 12 Brown street 

Cleg-g- Hartley, cycle agent and repairer, 6 St. James street 

Clegg Hartley, grocer and provision dealer, 39 Old Hall street 

Clegg Hartley, warper, 4 Stafford street 

Clegg Henry, eating house, 10 and 11 Curzon street 

Clegg Henry, overlooker, 12 Hollingreave road 

Clegg Henry, mechanic, 45 Todmorden road 

Clegg James, overlooker, 106 Hollingreave road 

Clegg James, boot and clog maker, 288 Gannow lane 

Clegg James, bookkeeper, 57 Devonshire road 

Clegg James, grocer and stationer, 19 Tunnel street ; and milliner, 
88b Accrington road 

Clegg James William, overlooker, 24 Myers street 

Clegg Mrs. Jane, temperance hotel, 66 Curzon street 

Clegg Eev. John (Wesleyan), 23 Palatine square 

Clegg John, builder (Skeith, Kenyon & Clegg) ; h. 292 Come road 

Clegg John, chapel keeper, 30 Colne road 

Clegg John, shopman, 12 Forest street 

Clegg John Thomas, foreman of lime works, 36 Yorkshire street 

Clegg John Thomas, engine fitter, 9 Thurston street 

Clegg John William, overlooker, 15 Branch road 

Clegg Jonathan, assurance agent, 22 Lee street 

Clegg Joseph, clerk, 272 Padiham road 

Clegg Joseph, wheelwright (j.), 64 Daneshouse road 

Cleg-g Lewis, cricket bat maker and athletic outfitter, 75 
Standish street 

Clegg Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, 104 Padiham road 

Clegg Mrs. Martha, 28 Catlow street 

Clegg Eobert Clarke, commercial traveller, 160 Abel street 


Clegg Mrs. Sarah, 116 Rectory road 
Clegg Mrs. Sarah Ann, 115 Oxford road 
Clegg Seth, traveller, 32 Devonshire road 

Cleg*g: Mrs. Susannah, grocer and draper, 113a Abel street 

Clegg Thomas, post office clerk, 26 Merton street 

Clegg Thomas, brewer's agent, 55 Brennand street 

Clegg Thomas, shopkeeper, 1 Townley street 

Clegg Thomas, storekeeper, 73 Colne road 

Clegg Thomas, assurance agent, 15 Calder street 

Clegg William, grocer, 66 Calder Vale road 

Clegg William, cotton manufacturer (Hartley Tatham & Co) ; h. 3 

Bush street 
Clegg William, overlooker, 15 Aigburth street 
Clegg William Thomas, deputy registrar of births, &c, 29 and 31 St. 

James street 
Clerk to the Board of Guardians Office, 18 Nicholas street ; J. S. Horn 
Clerk to the Borough Magistrates' Office, Town Hall ; Thomas Nowell 
Clerk to County Magistrates 1 Office, 4 Hargreaves st; B. J. Artindale 
Cliff John, mechanic, 18 Gordon street 
Cliviger Coal and Coke Co., colliery proprietors, Cliviger ; depots 

Manchester road 
Clough Anthony, butcher, 25 Hebrew road and 106 Abel street 
Clough Mrs. Elizabeth, hosier, 17 Market hall 

Clough George, foreman moulder, 3 Nicholas street • 

Clough James, beerhouse, The Old House at Home, 166 Sandygate 
Clough James, taper, 95 Eeed street 
Clough John, shopkeeper, 2 Hartley street 
Clough Joseph, weaver, 12 Newton street 
Clough Martin, colliery manager, 99 Rose Grove lane 

Clough Mary Ann & Ellen, confectioners, 82 & 84 Briereliffe rd 

Clough Richard Henry, grocer, 41 Abel street 

Clough Samuel, clerk, 24 Ley land road 

Clough Thomas, grocer, 20 Richard street 

Coar Edward, blacksmith, 4 Dane street 

Coates Edwin, chief gas clerk, 140 Manchester road 

Coates James, shopkeeper, 43 Cog lane 

Coates Thomas, manager, Burnley "Union farm, Spout House farm 

Coates Udolphus Aylmer, chemist, 9 Sefton terrace 

Coates William, confectioner, 5 Albert street 

Cockburn Mr. Bryan, 1 Bacon street, Park lane 

Cockcroft Richard Henry, clothier's manager, 67 Brougham street 

Cocker Frederick James, dogger, 146 St. James street 

Cocker Tames, joiner (j.), 10 Nairne street 

Cocker John Stanley, clog and shoe maker, 37 Merton street 

Cocker Lazarus, dogger, 13 Park lane 

Cocker Mrs. Sarah Ann, shopkeeper, 63 Abel street 

Cocker William, tripe dealer, 163 Padiham road 

Codd William, shopkeeper, 18 Holly street 

Codie Thomas, tailor and draper, 3 Grimshaw street 

Cody Michael, tailor, Bethesda court 

Coghlan Patrick, inland revenue officer, 2 Hallwell street 

Colbert Mrs. Martha, 8 Raglan road 


Colbran John, assistant surveyor, 163 Woodside, Todmorden road 
Colbran William Henry, estate agent for the Exors. of Colonel Har- 

greaves, 78 Bank parade 
Coleman Harry, commission agent, 137 Eectory road 
Coleman John, confectioner, 73 Standish street 
Collinge Bros., cotton manufacturers, Burnley Wood mill, Oxford rd 

Collinge Bros., authorised plumbers, gas and hot water 
engineers, and glaziers, 1 Briereliffe road 

Collinge Mrs. Caroline, shopkeeper, 96 Brunshaw road 

Collinge Mrs. Eleanor, 10 Carlton road 

Collinge Frederick, plumber (Collinge Bros.) ; h. 24 Bar street 

Collinge Giles, farmer, Coal Clough farm 

Collinge Henry, overlooker, 213 Colne road 

Collinge James, draper, 51 St. James street; h. 45 Brooklands road 

Collinge John, coal proprietor (Cliviger Coal Co.) ; h. Spring hill, 112 

Manchester road 
Collinge John, farmer, Higher and Lower Holes farm 
Collinge John, gardener, 190 Accrington road 
Collinge John Sutcliffe, Esq., J.P. (Collinge Bros.) ; h. Park house, 73 

Todmorden road 
Collinge John William, plumber (Collinge Bros.) ; h. 3 Briereliffe road 
Collinge Mrs. Martha, shopkeeper, 160 Manchester road 
Collinge Eobert, shopkeeper, 20 Ridge row 
Collinge Mr. Eobert, 54 Canning street 
Collinge Eobert, butcher, 18 Canning street 
Collinge Eoger, grocer and beerseller, 15 and 17 Blakey street 

Collinge William, butcher and cattle dealer, 98 St. James 

Street ; h. 28 Eectory road 
Collinge Mr. William, 6 Heath street 
Collinge William, Esq., J.P. (Collinge Bros.) ; h. Towneley villa, 21 

Brooklands road 
Collinge W. & J. S. & Co., Limited, cabinet makers and upholsterers, 

110 St. James street 
Collins George, tailor's manager, 43 Canning street 
Collins James, hardware dealer, 4 Hobart street 

Collins Joseph & Co., Limited, chemists and druggists, 122 
Hebrew road 

Collis Mrs. Emma, shopkeeper, 14 Calder road 
Collison Samuel, blacksmith, Peter street ; h. 9 Hart street 
Comory William, draper's assistant, 5 Brougham street 
Comstive Arthur George, shuttle maker ; h. 67 Albion street 
Comstive Mrs. Elizabeth, tobacconist, 7 Westgate; h. 2 Sefton ter 
Comstive Joseph, solicitor's clerk, 63 Todmorden road 
Comstive Mrs. Sarah, 10 Todmorden road 
Comstive Thomas, shuttle maker, Calder Vale road 
Conservative Club (Central), 12 St. James row; k. Halstead, secretary 
Conservative Club (Trinity), Trafalgar street; James Ingham, sec. 
Cnnservative Club (Yatefield), Cog lane; George Simpson, secretary 
Conservative Chib (Fulledge), Plumbe street ; A. Edmondson, sec. 
Conservative Club (Whittlefield), Dale street; Thomas Howarth, sec. 
Conservative Club (Burnley Wood), 49 Brunswick street; Haworth 
Lord, secretary 


Conservative Club (Lane Head) ; Edward Proctor, secretary 

Conservative Club (Healey), 2 Healey row 

Conservative Club (St. Andrew's), Colne road 

Constantine Mr. Benjamin, 30 Belvedere road 

Constantine James, grocer, 2 Marlborough street 

Constantine John, pointsman, 34 Dall street 

Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Yorkshire street 

Conway Mrs. Catherine, shopkeeper, 22 Richard street 

Cook John, confectioner, 86 Curzon street 

Cook John, pipe and salt dealer, 1 Cuerden street 

Cook Thomas & Son, excursion, tourist, shipping, and emigration 

agents, 92 St. James street; A. Millington, manager 
Cook Thomas, overlooker, 55 Hollingreave road 
Cook Thomas, moulder, 33 Hammerton street 
Cook "William, pointsman, Hobart street 
Cook William, greengrocer, 215 Manchester road 
Cooke Edward, moulder, 25 Lindsay street 
Cooke S. & Co., oil and grease manufacturers and refiners and tallow 

merchants, Stanley street 
Cooke Samuel (S. Cooke & Co.) ; h. 5 Carlton road 
Cooke Mr. William Davenport, 16 Nelson square 
Cooney John, assurance agent, 52 Padiham road 
Cooper Alfred, tripe dealer, 124 Colne road and 33 Abel street 
Cooper Benjamin Hartley, commercial traveller, 2 Laburnum terrace 
Cooper Brothers, Limited, ironfounders, loom makers, and general 

machinists, Bethesda Street foundry 
Cooper Edward, fried fish dealer, 17 Brown street 
Cooper Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Sefton terrace 
Cooper George, clothlooker, 35 Calder Vale road 
Cooper George Henry, carrier, 14 Richard street 
Cooper Henry, collier, 122 Parkinson street 
Cooper James (Exors. of), rope, twine, and cotton band manufacturers, 

Scar Top works and 38 St. James street. — (See Advt.) 
Cooper James, moulder, 26 Stafford street 
Cooper James R., cotton manufacturer, Scar Top shed ; h. Osborne 

grove, lieedley Hallows ♦ 

Cooper Joseph, engine driver, 300 Colne road 
Cooper Mrs. Rosanna, 100 Trafalgar street 
Cooper Thomas, painter and decorator, 75 Brunshaw road 
Cooper "William, shopkeeper, 157 Accrington road 
Cooper "William Giles, watchmaker and tobacconist, 161 St. James st 

Coppoek Brothers, egg and yeast importers, 21 Bankhouse st 

Cork Christopher, eating house, 143 St. James street 
Cornett David, coach builder (j.), 7 Belgrave street 
Cornforth John, commission agent, 250 Colne road 
Corporation Baths ; Alfred Suthers, superintendent 
Corry & Co., clothiers, 3 Chancery street 
Cottingham Anthony, collier, 62 Branch road 
Cottingham John, draper and milliner, 173 Oxford road 
Couch John, joiner (j.), 139 Dall street 

Coulston William, bookseller and stationer, 118 Victoria buildings, St. 
James street ; h. 3a Ormerod road 



Coultate Arthur William, engineer (j.), 17 Clarence street 

Coulthard Joseph, tailor (j.), 11 Eichard street 

Coulthurst Thomas Pelham Agar, taper, 30 Mile street 

County Court Office, 1 Grimshaw street; P. C. Gates, Esq., Q.C., 

judge; W. H. Hartley, Esq., registrar and high bailiff 
Coupe John, plasterer, 6 King street 
Coupe Mrs. Margaret, 61 Tarleton street 
Coupe Richard, gardener, 40 Raglan road 
Coupland Mr. Solomon, 97 Albatross terrace, Albion street 
Court Rouse and Police Station (borough), Town Hall 
Court House and Police Station (county), Bank parade 
Cousins John, confectioner, 229 Accrington road 
Cowan Homer, travelling draper, 112 Westgate 
Cowban Arthur, shopman, Helena street 
Cowban Miss Elizabeth, 11 Brunshaw road 
Cowban Thomas, carter, 28 Plumbe street 

Cowell James, vict., Bay Horse Hotel, 58 St. James st.— (See Advt.) 
Cowell James, artist's colourman and fancy dealer, 56 St. James street 
Cowell William, brassfounder, Calder Vale Brass works; h. 3 

Orchard place 
Cowen William, weaver, 90 Plumbe street 
Cowgill Bryan Horatio, chemist and druggist, 48 Manchester road; 

h. 6 Palatine square 
Cowgill Mrs. Elizabeth, Springfield house, 71 Todmorden road 
Cowgill Joseph, painter (j.), Ill Albert street 

Cowgill & Smith, iron, steel, and hardware merchants, and 
ironmongers. 41 St. James street 

Cowley Miss Martha, mistress, infants' school, Habergham 
Cowling James, furniture broker, 42 Plumbe street 
Cowpe Alexander (Thomas Cowpe & Sons) ; h. Pendle view, 150 
Coal Clough lane 

Cowpe George Duncan (Thomas Cowpe & Sons) ; h. 39 Canning street 
Cowpe Isaac, farmer, Hollins, Ightenhill park 

Cowpe John Aspden, cotton manufacturer (Walton & Cowpe) ; h. 280 
Padiham road 

Cowpe Thomas (Thomas Cowpe & Sons) ; h. 341 Ightenhill terrace, 
Padiham road 

Cowpe Thomas, junr. (Thomas Cowpe & Sons) ; h. 129 Rectory road 
Cowpe Thomas & Sons, cotton manufacturers, Woodfield mill, 

Trafalgar street, and Albert shed, Canning street 
Cox John Jukes, tailor and clothier, 102 St. James street 
Coxhill Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 3 Blind lane 
Coyne Michael, travelling draper, 18 Stafford street 
Crabtree Abraham, rate collector, 88 Healey Wood road 
Crabtree David, photographer (Barcroft & Crabtree) ; h. 326 Colne rd 
Crabtree James, cotton manufacturer (Wm. Jackson, Sons & Co.); h. 

Bankfield villas, .16 Colne road 
Crabtree James, assurance agent, 46 Coal Clough lane 
Crabtree Robert, beerhouse, Clough Spring Hotel, 8 Parker lane 
Crabtree Mr. Robert, 12 Piccadilly road 
Crabtree Robert, overlooker, 14 Ashley street 
Crabtree Thomas, grocer and draper, 35 Parliament street 

BURNLEY. ' 61 

Crabtree Wilkinson, weaver, 260 Padiham road 
Crabtree William, draper and hosier, 35 Westgate 
Crabtree William, overlooker, 21 Lydia street 

Crabtree William and Arthur, furniture dealers, 220 Padiham road 
Cragg Eobert, butcher, 6 Sandygate, and 15a Hurt-ley street 
Crago John, bricklayer (Taylor & Crago) ; h. 22 Eobinson street 
Crago Thomas, stonemason, 82 Healey Wood road 
Crain William, farm bailiff, Causeway end 
Cramphorn William, painter, 2 Napier street 

Cranbrook Rev. James, B.A., vicar of St. Stephen's, 69 Todmorden rd 
Cranshaw William, reservoir inspector, 80 Clow bridge 
Craven Bank, Limited, Hargreaves street, and St. James row; John 
Thornton, manager 

Craven Jonathan, traveller, 17 Park lane 

Craven William, pattern maker, 65 Albion street 

Craven William, overlooker, 22 Williams road 

Crawshaw Mrs. Annie, 325 Milton terrace, Padiham road 

Crawshaw Mrs. Catherine, confectioner, 2 Berkeley street 

Crawshaw Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 9 Grey street 

Crawshaw Frederick, joiner (j.), 222 Colne road 

Crawshaw Harry, overlooker, 51 Standish street 

Crawshaw Jabez, dining rooms, 3 Market hall ; h. 325 Padiham road 

Crawshaw John, master, Wesleyan school, Eose grove ; and grocer, 

320 Gannow lane 
Crawshaw Eichard, grocer and provision dealer, 47 Devonshire road 
Creek Benjamin, yeast dealer, 59 Holbeck street 
Creeke Anthony Buck (Creeke & Son), and perpetual commissioner; h. 

Creeke Herbert Buck (Creeke & Son), and notary public ; h. Westwood 
Creeke & Son, solicitors, Cliviger street 

Crewdson George, cabinet maker and undertaker, 8 Slater st 

Criman John Eichard Mort, stationer, 144 Accrington road 

Crompton James, chapel keeper, 5 Ormerod street 

Cronkshaw Miss Elizabeth, 11 Nicholas street 

Cronshaw John, Commercial Hotel, 8 Grimshaw street 

Cronshaw John, beerhouse, Weavers Arms, 148 St. James street 

Cronshaw Philip, colliery foreman, 11 Carter street 

Crook Edward, chimney sweeper, 7 Adelphi street 

Crook Bros., cotton manufacturers, Thorneybank mill, Trafalgar street 

Crook Campbell (Crook Bros.) ; h. 64 Osborne terrace, Albion street 

Crook David, chimney sweeper, 13 Finsleygate 

Crook James, weaver, 16 Mile street 

Crook James William, carter, 20 Adlington street 

Crook John, butcher, 8 Briercliffe road 

Crook John, chimney sweeper, 148 Hurtley street 

Crook Miss Mary Adeliza, draper, 10 Temple street 

Crook Thomas (Crook Bros.) ; h. 4 Eose Hill road 

Crook William, general carrier and furniture remover (by 
van), 24 Adlington street 

Crook William, secretary of Miners' Union, 33 Allen street 

Crook William, butcher and provision dealer, 26 and 28 Mosley street 

Cropper Jesse, collier, 28 Hollingreave road 


Cropper John, overlooker, 28 Albion street 

Crosier, Joseph, chapel keeper, 7 Altham street 

Cross Alfred, draper, 25 Manchester road 

Cross James, hairdresser, 9 Gannow lane 

Cross Thomas, contractor, 28 Hunslet street 

Crossland John, photographer, 133 Westgate 

Crossley Mrs. Alice, refreshment rooms, Cemetery lane 

Crossley Arthur (J. Crossley & Sons) ; h. 14 Harriet street 

Crossley Bartholomew, grocer, 33 "Westgate and 26 Yorkshire street 

Crossley & Duckworth, confectioners, 131 St. James street 

Crossley Edmund, boiler inspector, 78 Eectory road 

Crossley Elijah, fruiterer (L. Crossley) ; h. 4 Carlton road 

Crossley Elisha, mill manager, 14 Laurel bank, Park lane 

Crossley Esban Lacy Hartley, mill secretary, 4 Laurel bank 

Crossley Frederick Eustace, surgeon, 306 and 308 ladiham road 

Crossley George, fish, fruit, game and poultry dealer, and 
seedsman, 131a St. James st and Market place ; h. 8 Nelson sq 

Crossley Henry, sexton of parish church, 20 Lindsay street 
Crossley John, rate collector, 86 Belvedere road 
Crossley John, victualler, Wellington Arms, 2 Todmorden road 
Crossley Joseph (J. Crossley & Sons) ; h. Bleak house 

Crossley Joseph, teacher of violin and viola, 28 Bar street 
Crossley Joseph & Sons, fruit and potato merchants, Coal 

street and Holden street, and at Nelson 
Crossley Lawrence, fish, fruit and game dealer, 53 St. James st 

Crossley Peter, clothlooker, 35 Daneshouse road 

Crossley Beuben, coal dealer and shopkeeper, 182 Gannow lane 

Crossley Eichard, confectioner, 16 Hebrew road 

Crossley Bobert, bookkeeper, 5 Burton street 

Crossley Miss Euth, grocer, 23 Accrington road 

Crossley Samuel, plumber (Watterson, Hargreaves and Crossley) ; h. 

44 Finsleygate 
Crossley Mrs. Sarah, 117 Eectory road 
Crossley Mrs. Susan, 74 Hollingreave road 
Crossley Thomas, greengrocer, 53 Brennand street 
Crossley "Walter, shopkeeper, 41 Tunnel street 
Crossley "William Handel, assistant manager, 17 Granville street 
Crossley William Henry, overlooker, 42 Woodbine road 
Croston William, shopkeeper, 36 Hufling lane 
Crouch Mrs. Elizabeth, hosier, 17 Market hall 
Crouch George Henry, inland revenue officer, 72 Eectory road 
Crowther Alfred G., artist, 17 Standish street 
Crowther Charles, shopkeeper, 79 Clark street 
Crowther Eleazer, clogger, 32 Finsleygate 

Crowther Frederick, fish salesman, Market hall 

Crowther Mrs. Jane, 39 Bankhouse street 

Crowther Miss Sarah Ann, grocer, 2 Guildford street 

Crowther William, overlooker, 94 Brunshaw road 

Croxford Septimus, police constable, 96 Eeed street 

Cruickshank William A. C, professor of music, Knightsbridge grove, 

Colne road 
Crummetb James, clothes dealer, 40 Bridge street 


Crump Thomas Greenwood, M.B., physician and surgeon, 62 

Prospect terrace 
Crumpton Miss Ruth, school, 21 Palatine square 
Cryer James Alfred, taper, 41 Cog lane 

Cryer John, grocer and provision dealer, 189 Accrington road 
Cryer Joseph, relieving officer (St. Andrew's District), 149 Abel street 

Cryer Mrs. Margaret Jane, eommereial dining rooms and 
restaurant, Millstone Inn, 25 St. James street 

Cryer Thos., clog and shoe maker, 45 Sandygate and 4 Whittlefield st 
Cubitt Thomas, collier, Sep Clough lane 

Cubbon Edmund, boot and* shoe maker, 13 Standish street 
Cubbon John, boot and shoe maker, 19a Oxford road; h. 4 Go'dly st 
Cubbon William, grocer, 16 Forest street; and butcher, 24 North st ■ 
Cudworth George Hitchon, vict., Spread Eagle Inn, 15 Temple street 
Culeen Thomas, proprietor of Gaiety Theatre; h. Ivy cottage, 181 

Colne road 
Culpan Mr. Abraham, 64 Hufling lane 
Cunliffe Abraham, baby linen dealer, 27 Canning street 
Cunliffe Arthur, foreman mason, 109 Burns street 
Cunliffe Hitchon, foreman mason, 178 Branch road 
Cunliffe James, hairdresser, 44 Parker lane 
Cunliffe James, pipemaker (j.), 46 Lord street 
Cunliffe James, milliner, tailor, and draper, 141 Padiham road 
Cunliffe Mrs. Margaret, 23 Eliza street 

Cunliffe Mrs. Martha, vict., Healey Wood Inn, 28 Healey Wood road 
Cunliffe Mrs. Mary Ellen, 13 Every street 

Cunliffe Samuel, joiner and builder. Bank parade; h. 15 

Bankhouse street 

Cunliffe Thomas, weaver, 316 Colne road 

Cunliffe Thomas Massey, fried fish dealer, 50 Brunswick street 

Cunliffe William Thomas, grocer, 44 Waterloo road 

Cunningham Charles, clothes dealer, 29 Bridge street 

Cunningham John Mackenzie, watchmaker and jeweller, 27 Man- 
chester road 

Curedale William, traveller, 69 Brierdiffe road 

Curl John, joiner and builder, la Calder street; h. 37 Calder Vale road 

Curl Mr. Thomas, 50 Rectory road 

Curl Walter, fish and fruit dealer, 153 St. James st; h. 22 Westgate 

Curry John, shopkeeper, 37 Piccadilly road 

Curtis Edward Joseph, school keeper, 9 Parker lane 

Cutler James, shopkeeper, 44 Albert street 

Dalby Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 122b Oxford road 

Dale Edwin, clerk, 104 Accrington road 

Dale George, stationer and draper, 100 Westgate 

Dale John, coal dealer, 11 Norton street 

Dale Mrs. Mary Ann, Stoneyholme cottage, Holme road 

Dale William, engineer (j.), 4 King street 

Dale William, overlooker, 3 Chaffer street 

Daley Edward, dogger, 42 Glebe terrace 

Daniel Robert, painter and decorator, 38 Heap street 

Dann William, assurance agent, 246 Padiham road 
Davenport Charles, traveller, 44 Piccadilly road 



Davenport George, mechanic, 26 Queensberry road 

Davenport James Smich, clerk, 113 Healey Wood road 

Davenport Eobert Davis, sawyer, 9 Reed street 

Davidson Andrew, wood turner (j.), 140 Finsleygate 

Davidson John Edward, joiner (j.), 101 Eeed street 

Davidson John William, engine fitter, 88 Branch road 

Davies Mrs. Sarah, 51 Oxford road 

Davies Eev. Thomas Robert (Congregational), 19 Ormerod road 

Davies Rev. William (Congregational), 3 Hilary street 

Davies William, tailor's cutter, 27 Newcastle street 

Davis Mrs. Ellen, 53 Brougham street 

Davis James Arthur, joiner (j.), 12 Ashley street 

Davis John, bank clerk, 2 Rose Hill road 

Davis Samuel, gasworks foreman, 35 Brougham street 

Davis Silas, clerk, 69 Gordon street 

Davis William, tailor, 85 Gordon street 

Davison Mrs. Hannah, 25 Albert street 

Davison William, labourer, 12 Mile street 

Davy David, stocking manufacturer, Market hall and 6 Ashfield road 

Davy John, traveller, 6 Print street 

■Davy William, painter and decorator, 21 Abel street 

Davy William, tinplate worker, 116 Colne road 

Davye Mrs. Martha, confectioner, 16 Trafalgar street 

Dawber John, fried fish dealer, 25 Abel street 

Dawson C, assurance agent, 130 Hurtley street 

Dawson David & Johnson, hardware dealers, 69 Parliament street 

Dawson Felix, spinner (j.), 76 Belvedere road 

Dawson Harry Walker, professor of music and organist, 246 
Colne road 

Dawson James Edward, traveller, 12 Thorn street 

Dawson John, fried fish dealer, 220 Colne road 

Dawson Thomas, shopkeeper, 3 Sand street 

Dawson Thomas, labourer, 12 Hart street 

Dawson Wilkinson, draper, 119 Westgate 

Dean Albert, overlooker, 23 Blenheim street 

Dean Alice Ann, shopkeeper, 9 Cannon street 

Dean Benjamin (Richard Dean & Sons) ; h. 149 Oxford road 

Dean Charles, cycle agent and repairer, and sewing machine 
agent, 55 Westgate 

Dean Charles, stationer and newsagent, 14 Padiham road 

Dean Miss Esther Ellen, confectioner, 6 Church street 

Dean Frederick, engineer (j.), 127 Burns street 

Dean George, greengrocer, 129 Padiham road 

Dean Henry, mechanic, 45 Brougham street 

Dean Henry, police constable, 53 Canning street 

Dean Hitchon, weaver, 70 Queensberry road 

Dean James, greengrocer, 40 Abel street 

Dean James, marine store dealer, 6 and 8 Cannon street 

Dean Job, vict., Albion Inn, 22 Eed Lion street 

Dean John (Eichard Dean & Sons) ; h. 12 Smalley street 

Dean John, farmer and carter, Park villa, Ightenhill Park 

Dean John, market; gardener, Byerden lane 


Dean John, shopkeeper, 2 Mitre street 

Dean John Addison, weaver, 6 Duckett street 

Dean Miss Margaret Ann, dressmaker, 29 Eeetory road 

Dean Mrs., Daisy bank 

Dean Mrs. Mary, 12 Elm street 

Dean Mrs. Pythinia, shopkeeper, 32 Bridge street 

Dean Richard & Sons, builders contractors, timber merchants and 

wood block flooring manufacturers, Plumbe Street Saw mills 
Dean Robert, grocer and beerseller, 9 North street 

Dean Seth, brushmaker, Holmes street; h. 39 Todmorden road 

Dean Sheridan, L.R.C.P., surgeon, 32 Oxford road 

Dean Thomas, M.D., medical officer of health and certifying factory 

surgeon, 84 Manchester road 
Dean William, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 13a St. James street; 

h. 112 Rectory road 
Dearden Benjamin, greengrocer, 165 Colne road 
Dearden Edward, overlooker, 66 Leyland road 
Dearden Moses, farmer, Cherryfold, and Stoops farm 
Dearden Smith, billposter's manager, 74 Briercliffe road 
Dearden William, bookseller and stationer, 22 Abel street ; h. 

8 Thursby square 

Dearden William Edward and Richard Henry, proprietors of Jubilee 

skating rink, Hammerton street 
De Bruan Johan Lewis Antony, gardener, 25 Mosley House road 
Delooze William, iron and tinplate worker, 140 Accrington road 
Demaine Richard H., carpenter, 3 Hallwell street 
Denbigh George, tripe dealer, 88 Curzon street 
Denner Richard, sub-manager, 8 Clifton street 
Dent Alfred, joiner (j.), 16 Talbot street 
Dent Mrs. Ann, oatcake baker, 14 Rowley street 
Dent & Holt, machinists, Crow nest 
Dent James (Dent & Holt); h. 17 Rowley street 
Dent James, brickmaker, Byerden lane ; h. 2 Tennis street 
Dent Henry, foreman brickmaker, 75 Briercliffe road 
Dent Mrs. Janet, 40 Allen street 
Dent John, clothlooker, 35 Devonshire road 
Dent William, bread baker, 8 Daneshouse road 

Dent William George, fruiterer & florist, 24 and 26 Hebrew rd 

Dent William Henry, cabinet maker, 68 Leyiand road 

Dent Willie, overlooker, 68 Eobinson street 

Denton James, shopkeeper, 4 Accrington road 

Dewhurst & Crossley, tailors and outfitters, 147 St. James street 

Dewhurst Eli, beerhouse, Inkerman Inn, 236 Accrington road 

Dewhurst James, weaver, 151 Eeetory road 

Dewhurst John, vict., Griffin Hotel, and farmer, near Cemetery 

Dewhurst Mrs. Mary, 67 Curzon street 
Dewhurst Mrs. Rachel, 49 Brougham street 

Dick Miss, milliner, 74 Colne road 

Dickinson & Co., watchmakers and jewellers, 20 Manchester road 
Dickinson Mrs. Deborah, shopkeeper, 25a Hulme street 
Dickinson Doctor David, vict., Waterloo Hotel, 89 Trafalgar street 
Dickinson Miss Emma, eating house, 46 Padiham road 


Dickinson Greenwood, livery stable foreman, 25 Cedar street 

Dickinson John Henry, watch and clock maker and jeweller, 
123 St. James street, and 10 Market street; h. Glen lea, 

Padiham road 
Dickinson Levi, tripe dealer, 25 Finsleygate 
Dickinson Margaret and Agnes, confectioners, 6 Padiham road 
Dickinson Mr. Richard, 58 Prospect terrace, Yorkshire street 
Dickinson Thomas, overlooker, 10 Smith street 
Dickinson Thomas, baker, 153 Accrington road 
Dickinson William, Esq., J. P. (Butterworth & Dickinson); h. 22 

Palatine square 
Dickinson William, collier, 38 Berry street 

Diggle Herbert, boot manufacturer's manager, 149 St. James street 
Dillon Miss Bridget, mistress, St. Mary Magdalene's Catholic school, 

Barracks road 
Dillon Frank, timekeeper, 113 Leyland road 
Dillon Mrs. Mary, 254 Padiham road 
Dillon Martin, bootmaker (j.), 50 Hollingreave road 
Dilworth Richard, labourer, 172 Oxford road 
Dimond Charles William, stoker, 23 Herbert street 
Dingle William Henry, contractor, 25 Raglan road 
Dinsdale James, shopkeeper, 25 Laithe street 
Dinsdale John, police constable, 314 Gannow lane 
Dinsdale Miss Isabella, shopkeeper, 22 Carter street 
Ditchfield James, vict., Clock Face Inn, 32 St. James street 
Dixon Arthur, engineers and machinists' pattern maker, Victoria st 
Dixon Mrs. Dorothy, shopkeeper, 27 Brunshaw road 
Dixon Mrs. Ellen Maria, 24 Piccadilly road 
Dixon Henry, weaver, 132 Rectory road 

Dixon Harry Alcock, M.R.C.S., Loud. ; surgeon, 141 & 143 Oxford rd 
Dixon Herbert, printer (j.), 82 Belvedere road 
Dixon James, overlooker, 2 Raglan road 
Dixon James, compositor, 90 Rectory road 
Dixon Rev. James (Wesleyan), 30 Padiham road 
Dixon John, printer and stationer, Borough Printing works, Victoria 

street; h. 105 Shakespeare terrace, Albion street 
Dixon John Wright, farmer, 113 Abel street • 
Dixon Mark, furniture broker, 48 Carr street 
Dixon Matthew, furniture broker, 15 Parker street 
Dixon Robert, foreman printer, 12 Harriet street 
Dixon Robert, oatcake baker, 6 Ardwick street 
Dixon Robert, watchmaker, 32 Abel street 
Dixon Robert Henry, assurance agent, 185 Colne road 
Dixon Mrs. Susannah, 59 Curzon street 
Dixon Mr. Whitaker, 91 Dall street 

Dixon William, caretaker, Union offices, 15 Thomas street 
Dixon William, farmer, Further barn 
Dixon William, warehouseman, 28 Lord street 

Dixon William Bentley, brassfounder, Robert street 

Dixon William Bentley, beerhouse, Derby Arms, 29 Standish street 
Dobing William, inland revenue officer, 52 Todmorden road 
Dobson Thomas B., draper's assistant, 42 Belgrave street 


Dockley Bichard, carter, 77 Brougham street 

Dodgeon David, draper, 702 Padiham road, Habergham 

Dodgeon Eli, overlooker, 40 Healey Wood road 

Dodgeon Hezekiah, milk dealer, 42 Healey Wood road 

Dodgeon John, shopkeeper, 33 St. John's road 

Dodgeon Thomas, roller coverer, 92 Every street 

Donovan William, shopkeeper, 95 Leyland road 

Dooley Joseph, plumber, 7 Padiham road 

Dorrington Charles, joiner (Greenwood & Dorrington); h. 10 Oxford rd 

Dorrington George, joiner (j.), 18 Abbey street 

Douglas Eobert, patent medicine dealer, 24 Grimshaw street 

Dower James, clog and shoe maker, 82 Hurtley street 

Downey John Thomas, tailor, 64 Reed street 

Downey Richard, tailor and draper, 25 Oxford rd ; h. 318 Padiham rd 

Downham Furnishing Stores (W. & J. S. Collinge & Co., Limited, 
proprietors), 13 Howe street 

Downham Mr. John, 88 Oak Mount terrace, Westgafce 

Downham Robert, wrought steel screwkey maker, Calder 
Vale road 

Drabble^ James, shopman, 13 Newcastle street 

Dracutt Miss Harriet Mary, dressmaker, 54 Abel street 

Dransfield Arthur, police sergeant, 6 Merton street 

Drant Joseph, blacksmith (j.), 135 Oxford road 

Draper Walkden, engineer (j.), 45 Cavour street 

Draper William, boatman, 30 Forest view, Tunnel street 

Drennan Alexander M., B.A., assistant master, Grammar school; h. 

17 Fair view road 
Drew Alexander & Sons, calico printers, Lowerhouse 
Drew Alexander, junr. (A. Drew & Son) ; h. Holme lodge 
Drew Daniel, Esq., J. P. (A. Drew & Sons); h. Lowerhouse 
Drewitt William Henry, plumber (j.), 38 Helena street 
Driffield George, gardener, 107 Todmorden road 

Driver & Co., organ builders, Hammerton street ; and KetghUy 

Driver Elizabeth M. & Susannah, confectioners, 52 Gordon street 

Driver George, mechanic, 31 Belgrave street 

Driver Henry, fruiterer and greengrocer, 74 Accrington road 

Driver James, grocer and provision dealer, 29 Whittlefield street 

Driver John, weaver, 98 Accrington road 

Driver John, weaver, 82 Dall street 

Driver John, shopkeeper, 3 Meadow street 

Driver Michael, farmer, Pike hill 

Driver Miss Sarah, 10 Cog lane 

Driver Miss Susannah, dressmaker, 57 Standish street 

Driver Thomas, vict, Angel Inn, 80 Accrington road 

Driver William, clothlooker, 15 Albert street 

Driver William, butcher, 106 St. James street ; h. 42 Westgate 

Drury Alfred, lithographic printer, 6 Norman street 

Drury William Bichard, compositor, 33 Daneshouse road 

Duckett Alfred (James Duckett & Son) ; h. Fern Eoyd, Padiham road 

Duckett James, Esq., J. P. (James Duckett & Son); h. Woodleigh, 

Manchester road 
Duckett Mr. James, 112 Accrington road 



Duckett James & Son, builders' merchants, brick and tile makers, and 

timber merchants, Mitre works, Blannell street 
Duckworth Alfred, beerhouse, Cambridge Inn, 68 and 70 Oxford road 
Duckworth Caleb, grocer, 29 and 31 Clifton street 
Duckworth Christopher, collier, 21 Clarence street 
Duckworth Edmund, grocer and provision dealer, 1 Berkeley street 
Duckworth Mrs. Elizabeth, 34 Canning street 

Duckworth Mrs. Ellen, tobacconist and confectioner, 30 Hebrew road 
Duckworth Fred, foreman, 58 Padiham road 
Duckworth Mr. James, 312 Gannow lane 
Duckworth James, mill manager, 32 Cameron street 
Duckworth James, mechanic, 10 Clow bridge 
Duckworth John, carter, 273 Colne road 

Duckworth John William, draper's manager, 17 Bectory road 
Duckworth Joshua, tobacconist, agent for Globe Parcel office, 6 

Manchester road ; h. 20 St. Matthew street 

Duckworth Mrs. Lavinia, clothes dealer, 8 Brown street 

Duckworth Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 109 Curzon street 

Duckworth Moses, cotton manufacturer (Stansfield & Duckworth); h. 

18 Hollingreave road 
Duckworth Eichard, overlooker, 48 Colville street 
Duckworth Eobert, commercial traveller, 128 Accrington road 
Duckworth Eobert, clothlooker, 28 Hulme street 
Duckworth Smith, stonemason (j.), 93 Brougham street 

Duckworth Mrs. Sophia, eating 1 house, 1 Howe street 

Duck worth. William, vict., Adelphi Hotel, Adelphi street 

Duerden iUfred, fried fish dealer, 6 Howe street 

Duerden Mrs. Alice, confectioner, 27 and 29 Adelphi street 

Duerden Brothers, news agents, 20 Elm street 

Duerden Charles, traveller, 82 Gordon street 

Duerden Foster, ironmonger, 26 and 28 Abel street 

Duerden Foster (Duerden & Garnett) ; h. 131 Eectory road 

Duerden & Garnett, boot, shoe, and clog* makers, 109 Colne rd 

Duerden George, overlooker, 6 Newton street 

Duerden Hartley Baldwin, ale and porter bottler, 2 Fir street 

Duerden James, carrier, Finsley cottage, Finsleygate 

Duerden James, farmer, Towneley High park 

Duerden James, shopkeeper, 175 Padiham road 

Duerden James Smith, wholesale grocer, Aqueduct street ; h. 60 

Prospect terrace 
Duerden Job, paper bag manufacturer (Bibby & Baron, Ltd.) ; h. 2 

Catlow street 
Duerden John, mill manager, 9 Latham street 
Duerden John, overlooker, 212 Colne road 
Duerden John, weaver, 131 Eectory Eoad 
Duerden John, overlooker, 79 Abel street 
Duerden John, market gardener, 73 Eobinson street 
Duerden Joseph, jobber, 36 Hollingreave road 
Dugdale Abraham, mechanic, 74 Ley land road 
Dugdale Mrs. Ann, Eose hill, Manchester road 
Dugdale Mrs. Elizabeth, 136 Eichmond hill 
Dugdale Henry, overlooker, 19 Bar street 


Dugdale James T. Esq., J. P. (John Dugdale & Bros.) ; h. Ivy bank 
Dugdale John & Brothers, cotton spinners and manufacterers, Lower 
House mills ; warehouse, Carlton buildings, Cooper st, Manchester 
Dugdale Joseph, auctioneer, 21 Boot street 
Dugdale Joseph, overlooker, 96 Dall street 
Dugdale Simeon, butcher, 67 Westgate 

Dugdale William, spindle maker, Eoyle foundry; h. 2 Carlton road 
Dumville Edwin Charles, clerk, 75 Brougham street 
Dumvill Mr. Thomas, 108 Barracks road 
Duncalf Samuel, boot and shoe maker, 21 Hurtley street 

Dunkerley Elias, boot and shoe maker, 47 and 82 St. James 

street ; h. 87 Todmorden road 
Dunkerley Victor, M.S. A., architect, surveyor, and valuer, Bank 

chambers, Hargreaves street ; h. 87 Todmorden road 
Dunkin James, assurance agent, 62 Hirst street 
Dunn George, police sergeant (fire brigade), 44 Manchester road 
Dunn Williamson, engineer (j.), 52 New Hall street 
Dunning Thomas, milliner, 162 St. James street 
Durham Eev. "William Edward, M.A., vicar of St. Matthew's ; vicarage, 

114 Manchester road 
Dutton Thomas, blacksmith (j.), 26 Castle street 
Dutton Thomas Nixon, cabinet maker, 54 Bank parade 
Duxbury Daniel, engineer (j.), 10 Hebrew road 
Duxbury Ezra John, assurance agent, 13 Forest street 
Duxbury Hilton, hairdresser, 25 Healey Wood road 
Duxbury Mrs. Susie, dressmaker, 7 Cedar street 

Duxbury William, refreshment room, Market ground ; h. 18 Godly st 
Dyson Edward, collier, 64 Todmorden road 
Dyson Edward, shopkeeper, 18 Brief street 
Dyson Gabriel, hawker, 49 Grey street 
Dyson J., assurance agent, 9 Harrison street 
Dyson John, confectioner, 199 Padiham road 
Dyson John, butcher, 3 Westgate ; h. 10 Clifton street 
Dyson John, weaver, 16 Lord street 
Dyson John, taper, 88 Brougham street 

Dyson John Charles, beerhouse, Prince of Wales Inn, 79 Sandygate 
Dyson Luther, butcher, 45 Westgate 

Dyson Mrs. Mary, stationer and newsagent, 9 Standish street 
Dyson Robert, foreman porter, 53 Albion street 

Dyson Mrs. Sarah Ann & Co,, coffee tavern and commercial 
hotel, 2 Chancery street 

Dyson Thomas, herbalist, 280 Colne road 

Dyson Tom, butcher, 160 Oxford road 

Dyson William, boot and shoe maker, 13 Brougham street 

Dyson William, butcher, 60 Trafalgar street 

Earnshaw David, joiner (j.), 35 Brunshaw road 

Earnshaw James Albert, hairdresser, 74 Abel street 

Earson & Eairhurst, drapers and milliners, 57 St. James street 

Earson William Edward (Earson & Eairhurst) ; h. 57 St. James street 

East Lancashire Regimental District Employment Association, Church 

street ; Major A. J. A. Wright, hon. sec. 
Eastham Mr. Edward, North View terrace, Habergham 


Eastman's, Limited, butchers, 11 St. James street and 10 Chancery st 

Easton William, brush manufacturer, wire and Venetian blind 
manufacturer, 28 and 30 St. James street ; h. 34 Clifton street 

Eastwood Charles, commercial traveller, 9 Saxon street 
Eastwood Miss Elizabeth A., milliner, 50 Canning street 
Eastwood Fred., stationer and newsagent, 215 Padiham road 
Eastwood George, music seller, 263 Briercliffe road 

Eastwood Henry, printer, stationer, and music seller, 40 St. 
James street ; h. 1 Laurel bank 

Eastwood Heury, confectioner, 27 Westgate 

Eastwood Henry, grocer and provision dealer, 31 North street 

Eastwood Henry, farmer, Towneley Lodge farm 

Eastwood James, draper, 90a Branch i"oad 

Eastwood James, palisade maker (j.), 137 Albert street 

Eastwood James, beamer, 3 Baker street 

Eastwood J., printer (j.), 27 Eowley street 

Eastwood John, blacksmith (j.), 36 Raglan road 

Eastwood John (Eastwood & Mawdsley) ; h. Thorn hill, 1 Piccadilly rd 

Eastwood John Robert, brickmaker (j.), 30 Albion street 

Eastwood John, tobacconist, 132 Padiham road 

Eastwood John Thomas, fried fish dealer, 95 Parliament street 

Eastwood & Mawdsley, cotton manufacturers, Canal Street shed 

Eastwood Peter, mineral water manufacturer and liv.ery stable pro- 
prietor, Cooper street; h. 102 Manchester road 

Eastwood Robert, greengrocer, 184 Colne road 

Eastwood Thomas, commission agent, 84 Oak Mount ter, Westgate 
Eastwood William, cab driver, 35 G-rimshaw street 
Eastwood William, joiner (j.), 8 Albion street 
Eastwood William, bookkeper, 20 Smalley street 
Eastwood William, chipped potato dealer, Hobart street 
Eastwood William, mechanic, 20 Willow street 
Eccles Edmund, weaver, 83 Waterloo road 

Eccles James, boot and shoe maker and dogger, 18 Old Hall street. — 
(See Advt.) 

Eeeleston Henry, tripe dresser and neatsfoot oil manufacturer, 
43 Standish street ; works, Stanley street 

Eckersall Henry, smith and machinist, authorised gas and water fitter, 
Canal bank, Wiseman st, and Hargher clough ; h. 6 Hattersley st 

Eckersley Thomas Henry, commercial traveller, 146 Accrington road 

Ecroyd Mrs. Jane, 70 Belvedere road 

Edlestone Eev. Alfred Blakey, curate of St. Peter's, 20 Piccadilly road 

Edmondson Alfred, cotton waste dealer, Stanley place 

Edmondson Benjamin, grocer, fruiterer, and coal dealer, 23 Catlow st 

Edmondson Bernard, wine and spirit merchant, 6 St. James row and 
Bull street; h. Lower Hood house, Manchester road 

Edmondson Edmund, fried fish dealer, 170 Colne road 

Edmondson Mrs. Elizabeth, 103 Eectory road 

Edmondson Mrs. Ellen, dressmaker, 21 Peter street 

Edmondson Henry, farmer, Kibble bank 

Edmondson James, assurance agent, 5 Milton street 

Edmondson James, farmer, Lane head 

Edmondson James, overlooker, 69 Accrington road 



Edmondson James, boot and shoe maker, 27 Daneshouse road 

Edmondson Mrs. Jane, vict., Black Bull, Lane head 

Edmondson J., clerk, 8 Helena street 

Edmondson John & Thomas, fruiterers, 57 Hammerton street 

Edmondson John Milner, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 14 

Yorkshire street 
Edmondson Jonas, shopkeeper, 6 Halstead street 
Edmondson Jonas, engine fitter, 11 Kendal street 
Edmondson Stephen, rural sanitary inspector, 18 Nicholas street; h. 

117 Briercliffe road 

Edmondson Thomas, Esq., J.P., coal proprietor (Cliviger Coal Co.); 
h. Fern hill, 147 Manchester road 

Edmondson Thomas, beerhouse, Millers' Arms, 34 Parker street 
Edmondson William, farmer and cattle dealer, 23 Fair View road 
Edmondson William, librarian, Church of England Literary Institute; 
h. 35 Forest street 

Edmondson Rev. William (U.M.F.C.), 1 Albion terrace 
Edmondson William, shopkeeper, 221 Manchester road 
Edmondson (Wm. Henry) & Chambers, cabinet makers, 62 Hebrew rd 
Edmondson William Robertshaw, farmer and cattle dealer, Brun- 
shaw house 

Edmupdson Manna duke, tinplate worker, 2 Thomas street and Coke 

street; h. 59 Rectory road 
Edmundson William, tinner (j.), 7 Coke street 

Edwards James, painter and decorator, 15 St. James street 

Edwards Thomas, fried fish dealer, 30 Oxford road 

Edwards William, hairdresser, 56 Clarence street 

Egar James, livery stable proprietor, Elizabeth street; h. 35 Croft st 

Egar John, vict., White Hart Hotel, 45 Church street 

Elee John William, grocer, 83 Manchester road 

Elcoate Thomas, compositor, 61 Cavour street 

Ellershaw John, contractor, 47 Brunswick street 

Ellershaw Mrs. Mary, 125 Oxford road 

Ellen Henry, bricklayer, 9 Clarence street 

Elliott Arthur, cabinet maker (j.), 127 Dall street 

Elliott John, newsagent, 2 Mill street, Lowerhouse 

Ellis John Nutter, butcher, 124a Colne road; and grocer, 6 Brier- 
cliffe road 

Ellison Mrs. Alice, shopkeeper, 28 Old Hall street 

Ellison Thomas, chapel keeper, 24 Temple street 

Elsworth Samuel, vict., Duke of York Hotel, 129 Colne road 

Eltoft Mrs. Ann, milliner, 38 Daneshouse road 

Eltoft John, bookkeeper, 32 Lindsay street 

Eltoft Joseph, tripe dealer, 44 Hebrew road 

Eltoft Mrs. Sarah Ann, 227 Colne road 

Elton Eev. William, M.A., vicar of St. Paul's, 167 Manchester road 

Elwood Richard, cabinet maker, Rectory road ; h. 35 Elmwood st 
Emerson Brothers, grocers and tea dealers, 2 Sandyg-ate and 
107 Manchester road 

Emerson Edward J. (Emerson Brothers); h. 2 Sandygate 
Emerson Thomas, shopkeeper, 68 Barracks road 
Emerson William (Emerson Brothers) ; h. 2 Sandygate 


Emmett Bernard, mechanic, 77 Westgate 

Emmett Mrs. Elizabeth, 63 Accrington road 

Emmett Edward Frederick Peter, solicitor, 13 Eed Lion street 

Emmett Henry, draper, 189 Briercliffe road 

Emmett Mr. James, 33 Todmorden road 

Emmett Joseph, taper, 122 Branch road 

Emmett Miss Margaret Alice, grocer, 1 and 3 Daneshouse road 

Emmett Oliver, joiner, builder, slay maker, and ironmonger 43 Healey 

Wood road; works: Emmett street 
Emmett Eichard, overlooker, 85 Laithe street 
Emmett Robert, rope works manager, 8 Shorey bank 
Emmett Samuel, brewer (j.), Swallow hall, Bridge street 
Emmett Timothy, taper, 15 Hughes street 
Emmett Thomas, chemist's assistant, 4 Berkeley street 
Emmett Thomas, moulder, 5 Brougham street 
Emmett William, butcher, 126a Branch road 
Emmott Amos, clerk, 5 Brunshaw road 
Emmott Mrs. Elizabeth, 105 Curzon street 

Emmott Hartley, cotton manufacturer (Rt. Emmott); h. 5 Thursby rd 
Emmott James Henry, grocer, 2 Barritt street 
Emmott John, assurance agent, 98 Brougham street 
Emmott Robert, greengrocer, 3 Newcastle street 
Emmott Robert, cotton manufacturer, Stanley mill, Shackleton street; 

h. 17 Thursby road 
Emmott Thomas, cotton manufacturer (Rt. Emmott); h. 7 Thursby rd 

Emmott William, post office clerk, 8 Herbert street 

Ensoll Rev. Robert (Baptist), 126 Hollingreave road 

Entwistle Andrew, engine tenter, 24 Mile street 

Entwistle Charles, assurance agent, 129 Dall street 

Entwistle Edward, engine driver, 3 Lydia street 

Entwistle Herbert, head master, Burnley and District Teachers' 

Central Classes; h. 476 Padiham road 
Etherington Robert, farmer and carrier, Lower Rose grove 
Etherington Thomas, secretary to Trades Council, 65 Belgrave street 
Evans Ernest, science teacher, 293 Colne road 

Evans George, French polisher (furniture repolished), 40 
Standish street 

Evans Thomas, chemist and druggist, 24 Manchester road 

Evans Thomas, fish and fruit dealer, 16 Piumbe street 

Evans William, private enquiry officer and house agent, 5 Piumbe st; 

h. 144 Parkinson street 
Evans "William Henry, butcher, 61 Berry street and Branch road 
Everson Mr. Charles, 11 Albion terrace 

Everson Miss Clarinda, school, 60 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 
Exley Allen, confectioner, 34 Briercliffe road 
Express Printing Co., proprietors and publishers of the Burnley 

Express, 3 Bull street 
Eyard Col. Sergeant Charles, 13 Colville street 
Eairbrother John, paper maker (j), 11 Gill street 
Fairless Eobert, herbalist, 84 Oxford road 
Fairey Isaac, weaver, 279 Padiham road 
Falshaw Thomas, joiner (j.), 16 Eaglan road 


Falshaw William, greengrocer, Sandygate; h. 15 Catlow street 

Faraday, Hall, & Co., wholesale druggists, 6 Victoria street 

Faraday Thomas (Faraday, Hall, & Co.); h. Barrowford 

Faraday William, draper, 115 Parliament street and Market hall 

Farnworth George, grocer and provision dealer, Clow bridge 

Farnworth John, master, Baptist school, Clow bridge 

Farrar David, music agent, 354 Colne road 

Farrar John, taper, 85 Dall street 

Farrar John, junior, taper, 87 Dall street 

Farrar Mr. Oates, 2 Hollingreave road 

Farrell James, clothes dealer, 7 Curzon street 

Farrer Adam, overlooker, 174 Accrington road 

Farrer Baxter, house agent, 40 Piccadilly road 

Farrer George, clog and shoe maker, 746 Padiham road, Habergham 

Farrer G., accountant, rent and debt collector, estate, in- 
surance and commission agent, 21 Nicholas street; h. 180 

Accrington road. — (See Add.) 
Farrer James, co-operative secretary, Thornhill street 
Farrer John, stationer and newsagent, 72 Curzon street 
Farrer Mrs. Margaret, 186 Accrington road 
Farrer Margaret Jane and Sarah, confectioners, 131 Westgate 
Farrer Richard, clerk, 12 Hawk street 
Farrer Samuel (W. T. Farrer & Son); h. Burton street 

Farrer Samuel, baker and wholesale confectioner, 181 St. 
James street 

Farrer Septimus, engine tenter, 31 Padiham road 
Farrer William, blacksmith (j.), 56 Lindsay street 

Fanner W. T. & Son, wholesale and retail confectioners and bakers, 
Borough bakery, Burton street. — (See Advt.) 

Farrer Wm. Thos. (W. T. Farrer & Son) ; h. Fern bank, Brooklands rd 

Farrow Jacob, overlooker, 115 Burns street 

Fawcett George, tailor, 28 Hurtley street 

Fawcett Mrs. Grace, 93 Eose Grove lane 

Fawcett James, mattress maker, Scar top, Church street 

Fawcett James (Exors. of), palisade makers, Calder street 

Fawcett James William, coachman, 105 Albert street 

Fawcett Richard, butcher, 239 Accrington road 

Fawell John William, commercial traveller, 123 Rectory road 

Fawell Miss Mary Jane, mistress, infants' school, Brougham street 

Feargrieve Thomas, cabinet maker (j.), 41 Albert street 

Fearing John, wheelwright, Barracks road 

Fegans Samuel, tailor and shopkeeper, 84 Burns street 

Fell Mrs. Olive, 5 Halstead street 

Fellows Charles Daniel, confectioner and yeast dealer, 134 Colne road 

Fellows Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 83 Colne road 

Fellows William Ewart, police constable, 12 Heath street 

Fenton Andrew, roller coverer, 79 Belgrave street 

Fenton James, draper, 55 Hufling lane 

Fenton Levi, shopman, 101 Gordon street 

Ferguson Alexander, gardener, 42 Rectory road 

Ferguson James M., L.R.C.P., physician and surgeon, Ash grove, 70 
and 72 Colne road 


74 burnijEY. 

Fern Manufacturing Co., Limited, cotton manufacturers, Junction 

Street shed; Thomas Moorhouse, manager 
Fernandes Guy David Luis, brewer (John Hargreaves & Son) ; h. 

Hesketh park, South/port 
Fielden Daniel, shopkeeper, 39 Clark street 

Fielden Mrs. Lydia, grocer and provision dealer, 179 Padiham road 
Fielden Eobert, foreman smith, 42 Crowther street 
Fielden Smith, stationer and newsagent, 151 Padiham road 

Fielding- Charles Edward, fruit and potato salesman, 37 
Murray street 

Fielding Mrs. Hannah, 7 Forest street 

Fielding W. H., assurance agent, 8 Wellfield street 

Fieldstead Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth, 8 Harriet street 

Fifield James Lamb, labourer, 12 Lydia street 

Finley Francis James, tailor and general broker, 59 Bridge street 

Fire Brigade Station, Manchester road; Sergt. G. Dunn, supt. 

Fishwick John, clerk, 14 Hebrew road 

Fishwick Mrs. Mary, 4 Slater street 

Fishwick Septimus, beerhouse, Coach and Horses, 48b Church street 

Fishwick William Ince, commercial traveller, 54 Brougham street 

Fitzpatrick James, stationer and newsagent, 3 Padiham road ; h. 23 

Padiham road 
Fitzpatrick Mrs. Mary, 54 Temple street 
Fitton Mrs. Alice, 41 Coal Clough lane 
Fitton Walter, ironmonger's assistant, 26 Hull street 
Flack Mrs. Lucy, 113 Accrington road 

Flack William Henry Douglas, bank manager, 15 Fair View road 
Fleming William, farmer, Whittlefield farm 
Fletcher Edward, drug stores, 179 St. James street 
Fletcher Edward Alfred, county court officer, 22 Adlington street 
Fletcher Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner, 33 Trafalgar street 
Fletcher George, butcher (j.), 19 Whittam street 

Fletcher James, electrical engineer, 17a St. James street 

Fletcher James, mill secretary, 103 Rose Grove lane 

Fletcher John, tailor (Redmond & Fletcher) ; h. 66 Albion street 

Fletcher John Williamson, traveller, 147 Oxford road 

Fletcher Jonas S., vict., Royal Butterfly Hotel, 83 Hufling 

lane. — (See Add.) 
Fletcher Mr. Joseph, 7 Pomfret street 
Fletcher Mrs. Mary, 11 Berkeley street 
Fletcher Mrs. Mary, 3 Brougham street 

Fletcher Rev. Robert (Primitive Methodist), 23 Thursby road 
Fletcher Samuel, chemist and dentist, 33 Parker lane 
Fletcher Wilson, overlooker, 18 Hattersley street 
Flewitt Robert, plumber (j.), 121 Manchester road 
Flyn Cornelius, pensioner, 21 Grimshaw street 
Foden Cornelius Morell, Esq., J. P., district goods superintendent, 

L. & Y. Railway Co., 4 Sefton terrace 
Foden Edward, chartered accountant, 18 Hargreaves street; h. 4 

Palatine square 
Foden Eli, moulder, 13 Blakey street 
Foden Mrs. Sarah, 16 Carlton road 


Folds James (0. & J. Folds) ; h. Brunshaw 

Folds Obadiah, Esq., J. P. (0. & J. Folds) ; h. Fir grove, Todmorden rd 
Folds 0. & J., cotton spinners and manufacturers, Rishton mill, Gun- 
smith lane, Trafalgar shed, and Pentridge mill 
Ford Alfred, land agent, Gawthorpe Estate office; h. Cornfield 
Ford Charles, electrical engineer, 66 New Hall street 
Ford John, rate collector, 17 Albert street 

Forrest A. J., land agent, Towneley Estate office; h. Barcroft hall, 

Forrest James, shopkeeper, 23 Nairne street 
Forrest Samuel, shopkeeper, 176 Cog lane 
Forsyth Thomas, colliery foreman, 117 Oxford road 
Forshaw Thomas, foreman joiner, Canal yard, Hollingreave road 
Fort Mrs. Mary Ellen, lodgings, 11 Boot street 
Fort Mr. William, 120 Brougham street 
Forth John, butcher's manager, 3 Bacon street, Park lane 
Foster Albert, shopkeeper, 52 Nairne street 
Foster Mrs. Alice, 21 Cedar street 
Foster Charles, shopman, 83 Gordon street 
Foster Miss Ellen, dressmaker, 2 Woodbine road 

Foster Frederick, accountant, auditor, auctioneer, and valuer, 20 
Thomas street: h. 15 Carlton road 

Foster George, chemist and druggist, 12 Yorkshire street; h. 15 Tod- 
morden road 
Foster Harry, commercial traveller, 14 Carlton road 
Foster James, confectioner and assurance agent, 42 Waterloo road 
Foster John, painter (j.), 7 Lorn as street 
Foster John, carter, 10 Hull street 
Foster Thomas, clothier's manager, Pendle view, 152 Coal Clough lane 

Foster William, watch and clock maker, 9 Angle street 

Fotherby Charles Thomas (H. Fotherby & Son) ; h. 19 Colne road 
Fotherby Henry & Son, contractors, St. James hall, St. James row 
Fotherby Henry (H. Fotherby & Son) ; h. Stoneyholme cottage 

Foulds Arthur, painter and deeorator, 111 Colne road; h. 2 

-Heath street 
Foulds Dan, overlooker, 5 Murray street 
Foulds Emmanuel, overlooker, 64 Devonshire road 

Foulds George Henry, photographer, 69a Curzon street ; h. 69 

Tarleton street 
Foulds James (Foulds, Thornber & Co.) ; h. 6 Colne road 
Foulds James, butcher, 9 Cuerden street 
Foulds James, overlooker, 118 Branch road 

Foulds James Ashworth, cabinet maker, upholsterer, house 
furnisher, undertaker, agent for Mossman's Patent Air-tight 
Coffin, 85 and 87 Colne road 

Foulds John Thomas, school board officer, 111 Gordon street 

Foulds Thomas, agent, 119 Shakespeare terrace, Albion street 

Foulds Thomas, butcher, 40 Parker street 

Foulds Thomas, weaver, 9 Devonshire road 

Foulds Thomas, overlooker, 25 Whitaker street 

Foulds Thomas, baker and confectioner, 13 and 15 Old Hall street 

Foulds, Thornber & Co., cotton manufacturers, Healey Wood shed 



Foulds William, draper, 113 Padiham road 

Foulds William, hatter, 18 Hebrew road 

Foulkes Thomas, engine tenter, 13 May street 

Fox Mrs. Ann, 77 Albert street 

Fox Mrs. Caroline, 55 Belgrave street 

Fox Charles J., pianoforte dealer and tuner, 110 Colne road ; 

and Nelson 
Fox James, L.R.C.P., L R.C.S., physician and surgeon, 11 Yorkshire 

Fox John, assurance agent, 156 Accrington road 
Fox Mrs. Mary, 28 Clifton street 
Fox Michael, coal dealer, 11 Crow nest 
Frampton Mr. John, 19 Forest street 
Frampton Col. William John, Coal Clough house 

Francis & Co. (late Thomas), chemists and wholesale druggists* 
oil merchants, and artists' colourmen, 7 Manchester road 

Francis & Co., agents for Lawrence & Co.'s herbal pills, 7 
Manchester road 

Francis John Beattie, assurance agent, 9 Gillowe street 

Fraser Francis E., land agent, Worst-home Estate office, St. James 

hall; h. Dyneley lodge, Cliviger 
Frankland Henry, butcher, 103 Parliament street 
Frankland John, butcher, 8 Market hall; h. Worsthome 
Frankland Miss Martha, dressmaker, 19 Hampden street 
Franks & Oldham, brushrnakers, 27 and 29 Church street 
Franks Frank William (Franks & Oldham) ; h. 59 Abel street 
Freeman, Hardy & Willis, boot manufacturers, 96 St. James street 
Freshney Crain, labourer, 104 Dall street 
Frodsham Mrs. Emma, 2 Cedar street 
Frodsham Mr. Henry, 23 Yorkshire street 

Frost John, landscape gardener, 8 Dane street 

Fullalove William Thomas, town clerk, and clerk to the Urban 
Sanitary Authority, Town Hall; h. Holly mount, 1 St. Matthew st 
Fulton Charles, warp dresser, 31 Hufling lane 
Fulton Knapton, wholesale grocer (Midgley & Fulton); h. Hollin hill, 

Fulton Mrs. Mary Ann, grocer, 1 Brougham street 
Fulton Mr. William Knapton, Willow bank, 29 Brooklands road 
Furniss John, house agent, 21 Padiham road 
Gahegan Miss Emma, 7 Brunshaw road 
Gaiety Theatre, Parker lane; Thomas Culeen, proprietor 
Gall James, wholesale confectioner, Arthur street; h. Boot street 
Gallagher Michael, beerhouse, Lord Nelson Tavern, 39 Bridge street 
Gallagher Michael, carter, 12 Holden street 
Galloway John William, hairdresser, 1 and 3 Brown street 
Garbett John, commission agent, 22 Whitaker street 
Gardner Mark Vernon, fried fish dealer, 105 Oxford street 
Gardner Robert, fellmonger (j.), 37 Forest street 
Gardner Robert William, bookkeeper, 117 Grey street 

Garner Joseph, Oak Mount Steam laundry, Arthur street ; h. 

108 Westgate 
Garner Thomas, farmer, Yatefield 


Garnett Abraham Langhom, solicitor (Hodgson & Garnett) ; h. 

Healey villa, Manchester road 
Garnett James, bootmaker (Duerden & Garnett) ; h. 4 Pheasantford st 
Garnett Joseph, assurance agent, Morley street 
Garnett Thomas Hebden, butcher, 80 Oxford road 
Garrison Club, 5 Dale street 

Garstang Miss Elizabeth Ellen, confectioner, 65 Oxford road 
Garstang Thos., cotton manufacturer, Fulledge mill ; h. 3 Clarence st 
Gastoorks, Finsleygate ; J. P. Leather, manager 

Gaukroger Frank, master, Board school, Abel street; h. 428 Colne rd 
Gaukroger John, shopkeeper, 9 Lindsay street 
Gaukroger Titus, taper, .125 Dall street 
Gaukrodger Miss Sarah Eleanor, grocer, 49 Burns street 
Gaukrodger John Charles, rate collector, 5 Belford street 
Gaul John Edward, professor of music, 14a Piccadilly road 
Gawthorne Benjamin Josiah, commission agent, 46 Bar street 
Gawith John, cab proprietor, 30 Newcastle street 
Geldard Moses, caretaker, 9 Nicholl street 
Geldard Nicholas, farmer, Holme end 
Geldard Thomas, horsekeeper, 2 Hawk street 
Geldard William, carrier and farmer, Rose grove 
Gendall Robert Smith, accountant, 10 Laurel bank 
Gent John, coachman, 98 Church street 
Gent Stephen, plumber and glazier, 59 Westgate 
George Heury, post office clerk, 170 Branch road 

Gerratt Rev. William Joseph, vicar of St. John's; vicarage, Gannow In 
Gibson George Henry, engine tenter, 56 Queensberry road 

Gibson Harry, auctioneer and furniture broker, 8 Yorkshire street and 
46 Church street 

Gibson James, district superintendent, British Workman Assurance 

Company, 9 Grimshaw street; h. 480 Pacliham road 
Gibson James Henry, overlooker, 7 Whitaker street 
Gilfillan Thomas, beerhouse, Old Wheat Sheaf Inn, 112 Colne road 
Giffen Samuel M., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., physician and surgeon, 64 

Bank parade 
Giles William, watch repairer, 86 Hurtley street 
Gill & Allinson, builders and contractors, Wood street 
Gill George, manager of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank; h. 

Woodleigh, Manchester road 
Gill Peter (Gill & Allinson) ; h. 43 Angle street 
Gill Thomas (Exors. of), builders, 58 Holbeck street 
Gill William, plumber, 20 Mary street 

Gillespy James, vict., New Market Hotel (music hall), 25 Market st 
Gilmartin John Mark, clerk, 120 Hollingreave road 
Gilyard William Henry, watchmaker, 5 Yorkshire street 
Glancy John, draper, hosier, wholesale lamp and oil dealer, 42 

Oxford road 
Gledhill Arthur, compositor, 5 Hunslet street 
Gledhill Joseph, brickworks manager, Rock house, Towneley 
Glossop (Mrs. Mary) & Scrimshaw, milliners, &c, 79 St. James street; 

h. 10 Piccadilly road 
Golden M. D., surveyor of taxes, 22 Nicholas street; h. 7 Fair View rd 


Goldstone Fabian, picture framer aud glazier, 8 Temple street 
Golley Samuel James, fried fish dealer, 81 Grey street 
Goodall Mrs. Hannah, shopkeeper, 42 Tentre street 
Goodchild Eichard, warehouseman, 11 Angle street 

Goodchild William, confectioner, 81 Manchester road 

Goodman Mrs. Mary Ann, 28 Belgrave street 

Goodson's mantle warehouse, 73 St. James street 

Goodson Benjamin, bootmaker's manufacturer, 71 St. James street 

Goodwill William, cab driver, 71 Lindsay street, 

Goodwin Joseph, brass moulder, 22 Lydia street 

Goodwin Eichard Price, earthenware dealer, 52b Trafalgar street and 

28 Hebrew road 
Goom Wm. Gilbert, hallkeeper, Mechanics' Institute, 19 Grimshaw st 
Goom Henry, chapel keeper, 10 Albion street 

Gordon Furnishing Co., 144 St. James street 
Gordon Joseph, locksmith, 27a Church street 

Gordon William, butcher, 4 Temple street and 20 Plumbe street 

Gormley Mr. James, 4 Blenheim street 

Gorton Hugh, shopkeeper, 42 Croft street 

Gott Heaton, carter, 110 Eectory road 

Gott Thomas, mill manager, 90 Hollingreave road 

Gough James, overlooker, 110 Brougham street 

Goulding James, cai*penter (j.) ? 35 Albert street 

Government Inspector of Factories; A. Piatt, Esq., 312 Blenheim 

terrace, Padiham road 
Govers Miss Frances, weaver, 44 Smalley street 
Gowers Samuel, fireman, 52 Glebe terrace 

Gowers Mrs. Isabella, grocer and confectioner, 59 Canning street 
Graham Mr. Crossley, 420 Colne road 

Graham David, clog and shoe maker, 32 Healey Wood road 
Graham George, blacksmith and palisade maker, New Hall street ; h. 

25 Lee street 
Graham George, mechanic, 231 Padiham road 
Graham James, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent, 47 Belgrave st 

Graham John, pianoforte dealer, 65 Colne road 

Graham Mr. Miles, 14 Cuerden street 

Graham Eichard, musician, 32 Sandygate 

Graham Thomas, machine broker, "Veevers street ; h. 38 Oxford road 

Graham Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 84 Anne street 

Graham William, boot and shoe maker, 50 Shaw street 

Graham William, mechanic, 24 Ashfield road 

Graham William W., tailor and draper, 99 St. James street 

Grainger Miss Kate, school, 15 Berry street 

Grant Mrs. Alice Ann, 36 Lindsay street 

Grant Frederick John, Esq., J. P., secretary to Exors. of Colonel 

Hargreaves, 74 Bank parade 
Grant Mrs. Hannah Maria, 14 Palatine square 
Grant James, printer and stationer, 14 Manchester road; h. 126 

Manchester road 
Grant James, clothes dealer, 20 Brown street 

Grant Peter, dogger, 48a Church street, 20 Parker st, and 2 Calder st 
Grant Terence, milliner and draper, 19 Oxford road 



Grant "William Lewis, secretary to the Burnley Building Society, 

12 Grimshaw street ; h. 24 Carlton road 
Grave Mr. George, 81 Piccadilly road 
Graves David, police constable, 284 Accrington road 
Gravett Thomas, chemist and druggist, 109 Parliament street 
Gray Mrs. Annie, 32 Berry street 

Gray Fred., painter and decorator, Springhill road; h. 48 Laithe st 
Gray George, painter and decorator, Healey Wood road 
Gray John, coal dealer, 9 Eylands street 
Gray Nathan Parr, Esq., J. P., manager of the Manchester and 

County Bank; h. Healey grove, 169 Manchester road 
Gray Thomas, shopkeeper, 12 Briercliffe road 
Gray Thomas Townley, wheelwright (]..), 1 St. John's road 
Gray William, joiner (j.i, 3 Brown square 

Greaves Rev. Herbert T., M.A., curate of Holy Trinity, Accrington rd 
Green Edward, post office clerk, 335 Milton terrace, Padiham road 
Green Mrs. Ellen, 58 Laithe street 

Green George John, rent and debt collector, 27 Brunswick street 
Green James, fish dealer, 128 Hurtley street 
Green James, builder, 20 Green street 
Green John, grocer, 78 Finsleygate and 24 Herbert street 
Green John, vict., Garrison Hotel, 66 Padiham road 
Green John, engine driver, 51 Hufling lane 
Green John, overlooker, 46 Hollingreave road 
Green John William, smith (j.), 2 Moss street 
Green Joseph, confectioner, 328 Colne road 
Green Mrs. Margaret, 28 Elm street 
Green Mrs. Mary, 16 Merton street 
Green Matthew, weaver, 261 Colne road 
Green Roger, fried fish dealer, 94 Westgate 
Green Sidney Herbert (Green & Smith) ; h. Clegg street 

Green & Smith, mineral water manufacturers, Old Hall street 

Green Thomas, secretary to Massey's Brewery, Limited; h. 337 Milton 

terrace, Padiham road 
Greenhalgh Benjamin, fruiterer's assistant, 9 Helena street 

Greenhalgh Hugh S., dyer and cleaner, 14 Standish street; 
works, Calder Vale road 

Greenhalgh Mrs. Margaret, 29 Hollingreave road 

Greenhalgh Miss Margaret Ann, dressmaker, 92 Church street 

Greenhalgh Mrs. Maria Frost, dyer's agent, 2 Willis street 

Greenhalgh Mr. Eichard, 32 Westgate 

Greenhalgh Thomas, vict., Bull and Butcher Inn, Manchester road 

Greenhalgh William, cashier, 148 Colne road 

Greenhalgh Willis, fruiterer, 25 Rectory road 

Greenough James, hairdresser, 146a St. James street 

Greenwood Alfred, photographer, 77 Standish street 

Greenwood Mrs. Ann, Tarleton house, Todmorden road 
Greenwood Mrs. Amelia, 64 Glebe terrace 
Greenwood Mrs. Ann, 87 Hollingreave road 
Greenwood Miss Ann, greengrocer, 175 Branch road 
Greenwood Arthur, butcher, confectioner, and tobacconist, 109 and 
111 Hollingreave road 


Greenwood Brothers, builders and contractors, 185 Accrington road 

Greenwood Charles, grocer and provision dealer, 91 Brunswick street 

Greenwood Charles (Greenwood & Dorrington); h. 9 Ash street 

Greenwood Charles, confectioner, 171 Padiham road 

Greenwood & Co., mineral water manufacturers, Elizabeth street 

Greenwood & Dorrington, joiners and wood turners, Oxford road 

Greenwood Er., collier, 21 Buccleuch street 

Greenwood George Henry, weaver, 37 Rowley street 

Greenwood Mr. Gibson, 116 Briercliffe road 

Greenwood Mrs. Hannah, 4 Bar street 

Greenwood Hartley, overlooker, 130 Branch road 

Greenwood Henry, cabinet maker, 37 Westgate 

Greenwood James, Esq., J. P., 138 Manchester road 

Greenwood Jas. (John Greenwood & Sons, Led.) ; h. Crow Wood house 

Greenwood James, confectioner, 134 Branch road 

Greenwood James, warehouseman, 34 Hulme street 

Greenwood James, agent, 35 Hufling lane 

Greenwood James, horse keeper, 76 Brunshaw road 

Greenwood John, furniture dealer, 16 Padiham road 

Greenwood Mr. John, 72 Prospect terrace, Yorkshire street 

Greenwood John, eating house, 32 Howe street 

Greenwood John, overlooker, 11 Catlow street 

Greenwood John, assurance agent, 15 Emmett street 

Greenwood John & Sons, Limited, corn millers, Pillingfield mill, 

Aqueduct street; and Junction mill, Whittlefield 
Greenwood John Hall, traveller, 20 Napier street 
Greenwood John Thomas, school board visitor, 9 Catlow street 
Greenwood Joseph, cordial manufacturer, 192 Padiham road 
Greenwood Joseph, warehouseman, 23 Tarleton street 
Greenwood Josiah, weaver, 2 Whitefield terrace 
Greenwood Levi, grocer and provision dealer, 2 Belford street 
Greenwood Mrs. Margaret, 43 Lindsay street 
Greenwood Miss Martha Ann, dressmaker, 112 Briercliffe road 
Greenwood Mrs. Mary, 41 Rowley street 
Greenwood Mrs. Mary, 11 Cedar street 

Greenwood Miss Mary, srnallware dealer, 177 Branch road 

Greenwood Mrs. Mary, 20 Albert street 

Greenwood Miss Mary, 12 Tentre street 

Greenwood Mrs. Mary Alice, 38 Mile street 

Greenwood Paul (Greenwood & Co.); h. 4 Nicholas street 

Greenwood Rennie, clerk, 3 Halstead street 

Greenwood Robert, dairyman, 40 Milner street 

Greenwood Robert Heyworth, builder (Greenwood Bros.); h. 185 
Accriugton road 

Greenwood Samuel, cotton manufacturer, Canal Street shed; h. 19 

Ashfield road 
Greenwood Mrs. Sarah Ann, 65 Hufling lane 
Greenwood Mrs. Sarah Ellen, 77 Todmorden road 
Greenwood Stephen, mill manager, 26 Westgate 

Greenwood Stephen, hosier, glover, and hatter, 60 Hebrew rd 

Greenwood Thomas, weaver, 101 Curzon street 
Greenwood Thomas, shopkeeper, 162 Hurtley street 



Greenwood Vbgil, tailor's manager, 34 Berry street 

Greenwood Wads worth, beamer, 54 Coal Clough lane 

Greeuwood William, brushmaker, 14 Church street; h. 20 Carlfcon rd 

Greenwood William, vict., Alma Inn, 235 Accrington road 

Greenwood William, stationer, 68 Trafalgar street; h. 38 Eaglan road 
Greenwood William, furniture dealer, 22 Hebrew road 
•Greenwood William, overlooker, 39 Eliza street 
•Greenwood William, oil and lamp dealer, 25 King street 
Greenwood William, shopkeeper, 1 Clark street 
Greenwood William, grocer and draper, 46 Hulme street 
GreeDwood William, taper, 36 Plumbe street 
Greenwood William, shopkeeper, 41 Marlborough street 
Greenwood William Henry, painter and decorator, 63 Colne road 
Greenwood William M., clerk, 24 Merton street 
Greenwood William Thomas, cashier, 51 Master street 

Gregg James Martin, high-class ladies' and gent.'s tailor, 49 

Westgate.— (See Advt.) 

Gregory Abraham, clog and shoe maker, 6 Daneshouse road; h. 26 
Cleaver street 

•Gregory James, overlooker, 12 Moss street 

Gregory James, mill manager, 18 Mile street 

Gregson Heury, reedmaker (j.), 3 Eliza street 

Gregson James, overlooker, 9 Chaffer street 

Gregson John, shopkeeper, 2 Livingstone street 

Grey George Herbert, mill manager, 59 Colne road 

•Grey James Mitchell (John Grey) ; h. 35 Colne road 

Grey Mrs. Jane, 12 Knightsbridge grove, Colne road 

'Grey John, cotton manufacturer, Livingstone mill, Elm street 

Grice William, draper, 2 Joint street 

^Griffin Charles William, teacher of music, 32 King street 

'Griffin Mrs. Emma, confectioner, 122 Trafalgar street 

Griffin George, lathmaker (j.), 40 Accrington road 

Griffin Jesse, ice cream maker, 18 Cobden street 

Griffin William, moulder, 80 Dale street 

Griffiths Edward, tripe dresser, 3 Yorkshire street; h. 69 Church st 

Griffiths Mrs. Esther Ann, vict., Talbot Hotel, 67 Church street 

-Griffiths Mrs. Mary, 20 Raglan road 

Grime William, clerk, 65 Devonshire road 

•Grimshaw Mrs. Alice, 7 Herbert street 

Grimshaw Mrs. Esther, 134 Manchester road 

Grimshaw Mr. Henry, Oak mount, 15 Westgate 

Grimshaw James, Esq., J. P., ale and porter brewer and wine and 

spirit merchant, Keirby brewery, Church street, and 4 Chancery 

street; h. Ileedley grove 
Grimshaw Mr. John, 64 Belvedere road 
Grimshaw Mrs. Mary Ann, lodgings, 30 Curzon street 
Grimshaw William, loan office, 14 Red Lion street ; h. 134 Manchester 


Grimshaw William, grocer and beerseller, 62 Parliament street 
Grindrod William, fried fish dealer, 19 Plumbe street 
Groarke Thomas, manager, London Rubber Co. ; h. 322 Padiham rd 
<Grocott Ralph, leather dealer, 8 Hammerton street 


Groom George, fruit, fish, and game dealer, 8 Manchester 

road; h. 16 Mary street 
Grundy Alexander, gasfitter, 18 Coke street 
Grundy Michael, postman, 18 Southey street 
Grundy Eobert, beamer, 291 Colne road 
Grundy Frederick Thomas, weaver, 123 Oxford road 
Grundy William, meter inspector, 62 Parkinson street 
Gudgeon Adolphus, weaver, 58 Lindsay street 
Gudgeon William, woodman, 90 Milton street 
Guest Arthur, draper's manager, 114 Eectory road 
Guinney John, fried fish dealer, 312 Colne road 
Gunn Mrs. E. A., tripe dealer, 25 Brougham street 
Guthrie Mr. John, 251 Padiham road 
Guthrie Mrs. Margaret, midwife, 55 Parliament street 

Gutteridg-e John Dixon (late J. Nuttall & Co.), wholesale and 

retail Stationer, bookseller and newsagent, 1 Market street ; h. 

85 Eectorv road 
Hackenley Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 102 Colne road 
Hacking Mrs. Amelia, confectioner, 70 Trafalgar street 

Hacking- Cunliffe, confectioner &c, Market hall; h. 14 Kibbles- 
dale street 

Hacking- Jas., tobacconist and confectioner, 25 Accrmgton rd 

Hacking John, paper mill manager, 71 Rectory road 

Hacking William Edward, machinist and ironfounder, Oxford road ; 

h. 7 Hufiing lane 
Haffner George, pork butcher, 33 Yorkshire street 

Haggas Thos., hosier and draper, 31 Market hall and 123 Accrmgton rd 
Hague James, mechanic, 38 Talbot street 
Haigh Mrs. Clara Louisa, clothes dealer, 2 Calder Vale road 
Haigh William Frederick, corn, hay, and straw dealer, 136 St. James 

street; h. 62 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 
Haigh Willis, clerk, 49 Gordon street 
Hale Mr. Henry, 20 Parker lane 
Hale Mr. John, 123 Dall street 
Hall Benjamin, painter (j.), 19 Rowley street 
Hall Ernest Arthur, pawnbroker's assistant, 130 Trafalgar street 
Hall Foulds, wholesale druggist (Faraday, Hall, & Co.); h. 122 

Rectory road 
Hall Rev. Edwin (U.M.F.Ch.), 314 Blenheim terrace, Padiham road 

Hall George Henry, brick works manager, 446 Colne road 

Hall Isaac, hairdresser, 143 Westgate 

Hall John, mill furnisher and general ironmong-er, 124 Victoria 
building-s, St. James street ; h. 53 Colne road 

Hall John Henrv, overlooker, 6 Mosley House road 

Hall Rev. Matthew William, curate of St. Peter's, 1 Fair View road . 

Hall Mr. Richard, 206 Padiham road 

Hall Richard, cashier and salesman, 147 Accrmgton road 

Hall William, compositor, 5 Brown square 

Hall William, overlooker, 58 Queensberry road 

Hall William Harrison, butcher, Tunnel street; h. 147 Accrmgton rd 

Hall William Henry, joiner (j.), 29 Brunswick street > 

Hall William Henry, pattern maker (j.), 139 Accrmgton road 

BURNLEY. " 83 

Halliday Mrs. Agnes, 201 Albert terrace, Manchester road 

Halsall Edward, confectioner and baker, 111 Oxford road 

Halstead Albert, shopkeeper, 10 Healey Wood road 

Halstead Banister, overlooker, 160 Grey street 

Halstead Benjamin, joiner and builder, 12 Canning street 

Halstead Edmund, cotton manufacturer, Bishop's House mill, Rylands 

street ; h. 301 Colne road 
Halstead Ellen, shopkeeper, 57 Leyland road 
Halstead George, farmer, Oaken eaves 
Halstead George, sizer (j.), 11 Halstead street 
Halstead George Henry, storekeeper, 55 Daneshouse road 
Halstead Halstead, wheelwright and blacksmith, Yorkshire street ; h. 

16 Belvedere road 
Halstead Hartley, farmer, Nutshaw 
Halstead Isaac, moulder, 4 Cue r den street 
Halstead James, foreman bricklayer, 8 Rectory road 
Halstead Mr. James, 86 Brunshaw road 
Halstead James Hartley, twister, 124 Grey street 
Halstead Mrs. Jane, 51 Clifton street 
Halstead Mrs. Jane, tripe dealer, 56 Parliament street 
Halstead John, roller coverer, 61 Standish street 
Halstead John Archibald, printer (j.), 18 Rowley street 
Halstead John, roller coverer, 42 Daneshouse road 

Halstead Joseph, draper, 14 and 16 Abel street, and 16 West- 
gate ; h. 3 Ormerod road 
Halstead Mrs. Mary Ann, 12 Carlton road 
Halstead Richard, machine broker, 14 Brown street 
Halstead Robert, mill secretary and salesman, 299 Colne road 
Halstead Robert, overlooker, 18 Hart street 
Halstead Robert, overlooker, 60 Glebe terrace 
Halstead Robert, coal dealer, 4 Chalk street 
Halstead Mrs. Sarah, 11 Albert street 

Halstead Miss Sarah Ann, 131 Windsor terrace, Accrington road 
Halstead Mrs. Sarah Ann, 1 Brennand street 
Halstead Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, 6 St. Andrews street 
Halstead Thomas, spinner (j.), 6 Willow street 
Halstead William, beerhouse, Victoria Inn, 84 and 86 Colne road 
Halsted Miss Amelia, Hood house, Manchester road 
Halsted Mr. Halsted, 1 Park lane 
Halsted Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, 6 Belvedere road 
Halsted William Henry, chemist and druggist, 31 Trafalgar street 
Ham James Henry, agent (Walls & Ham); h. 133 Padiham road 

Ham Walter Lewis, practical pianoforte maker and tuner, 194 
Colne road 

Ham William, furniture dealer, 133 Padiham road 
Ham William Henry, shopkeeper, 56a Junction street 
Hamer Albert Edward, clothlooker, 100 Briercliffe road 
Hamer Alfred, grocer's traveller, 77 Eectory road 
Hamer Arthur, poliie sergeant, Saunder bank 
Hamer Mrs. Catherine Fanny, nurse, 21 Oak Mount street 
Hammond Robert (Hammond & Yates) ; h. 13 Adamson street 
Hammond Thomas, grocer's assistant, 15 Belgrave street 


Hammond & Yates, mattress manufacturers, Trafalgar street 

Hanby George, overlooker, 173 Branch road 

Handley George, confectioner, 44 Church street, 44 Abel street, and 

91 Westgate 
Handsley Robert, Esq., J. P., principal agent for the Exors, of Colonel 

Hargreaves ; h. Recdley lodge 
Hannam John, vict., New Hotel, 20 Cog lane 
Hannam Joseph, warehouseman, 70 Tentre street 
Hannam Thomas, librarian, Co-operative stores; h. 99 Eeed street 
Hannam Thomas, overlooker, 5 Raglan road 
Hannan Mrs. Elizabeth, Oak mount, 23 Ashfield road 
Hanson Miss Eliza, 49 Clifton street 
Hanson Henry, foreman joiner, 3 King street 

Hanson John, joiner and builder, Stanley st; h. 10 Nelson square 
Hanson John Benjamin, clothlooker, 117 Brougham street 
Hanson Richard, hairdresser, 28 Church street 

Hanson William, marine store dealer, Turf street; h. 19 Todmordenrd 
Hard-acre Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 24 Finsleygate 
Hard acre Mr. Thomas, 150 Oxford road 

Hardcastle Miles Thomas, hairdresser and umbrella maker, 
251 Briereliffe road 

Harding Charles, grocer's manager, 36 Smalley street 

Hardman Joseph, chip potato dealer, 5 V Hammerton street 

Hardmau Mrs. Sarah E., shopkeeper, 106 Hebrew road 

Hardman Thomas, moulder, 12 Smith street 

Hardwick James, ironmonger (Cowgill & Smith) ; h. 51 Ormerod road 

Hardwick Thomas, ironmonger (Cowgill & Smith) ; h. 71 Church st 

Hargreaves Mrs. Ann, 42 Craven terrace, Albion street 

Hargreaves Miss Ann, 32 Hart street 

Hargreaves Arthur, clerk, 21 Slagg street 

Hargreaves Benjamin, grocer, 81 Sandygate 

Hargreaves Benjamin, assurance agent, 33 Colne road 

Hargreaves Benjamin, quarrymau, 88 Brunshaw road 

Hargreaves Booth, confectioner, 73 Oxford road 

Hargreaves Charles Frederick, ironmonger, 157 St. James street ; h. 

22 Belvedere road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Charlotte, 11 Smith street 
Hargreaves Colonel (Exors. of), colliery proprietors, Burnley and 

Habergham collieries; office, 72 Bank parade; Eobert Handsley, 

Esq., J. P., principal agent 

Hargreaves Elias, beerhouse, Pedestrian Inn, 30 Parker lane 
Hargreaves Mrs. Elizabeth, 2 Hebrew road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Elizabeth, 67 Rectory road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Elizabeth, 38 Lord street 
Hargreaves Mrs. Elizabeth, 99 Hollingreave road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Elizabeth, 12 Herbert street 
Hargreaves Elijah, boot and shoe maker, 2 Merton street 
Hargreaves Elijah, clothlooker, 47 Canning street 
Hargreaves Enoch, grocer and provision dealer, 2 Forest street 
Hargreaves Miss Frances Elizabeth, 20 Belvedere road 
Hargreaves Frederick Augustus, chartered accountant (Rawlinson & 
Hargreaves) ; h. 56 Prospect terrace 


Hargreaves George, overlooker, 38 Whitaker street 

Hargreaves George, stationer aad newsagent, 22 Old Hall street 

Bargreaves Mr. George, 86 Gaunow lane 

Hargreaves Greenwood, stonemason (j.), 103 Hollingreave road 

Hargreaves Hamlet, taper, 45 Devonshire road 

Hargreaves Henry, solicitor's managing clerk, 56 Prospect terrace 

Hargreaves Henry, overlooker, 15 Ford street 

Hargreaves Henry, carter, 29 Rowley street 

Hargreaves Henry, beerhouse, Forgeman's Arms, 5 Sutcliffe street 

Hargreaves Henry, engineer (j.), 23 Belgrave street 

Hargreaves Henry, shopkeeper, 91 Byerden lane 

Hargreaves Henry, foundry manager, 22 Hollingreave road 

Hargreaves James (Thomas Hargreaves & Son); h. Hesandford house 

Hargreaves James, cabinet maker (j.), 19 Herbert street 

Hargreaves James, overlooker, 46 Hilary street 

Hargreaves James, shopkeeper, 142 Oxford road 

Hargreaves James & Eobert, wholesale and retail small ware dealers, 7 

Parker lane 
Hargreaves James Henry, spinner (j.), 15 Albion street 
Hargreaves Miss Jane, lodgings, 16 Godly street 
Hargreaves Mrs. Jane, beerhouse, Grimshaw Arms, 5 Temple street 
Hargreaves Joe, iron and tin plate worker, 48 Padiham road 
Hargreaves John, relieving officer for Habergham Eaves, 20 Nicholas 

street; h. 110 Westgate 
Hargreaves John, overlooker, 90 Healey Wood road 
Hargreaves John, mason (j.), 97 Dall street 
Hargreaves John, beerhouse, Bull's Head, 25 Riding street 
Hargreaves John, farmer, Four Lane ends 
Hargreaves John, vict., Gretna Green Inn, Coal Clough lane 
Hargreaves John, assurance agent, 3 Latham street 
Hargreaves John & Son, ale and porters brewers, Old brewery, 

Bridge street 
Hargreaves John Thomas, overlooker, 30 Stafford street 
Hargreaves John Thomas, oat cake baker, 9 Barracks road 
Hargreaves John T. (R. Hargreaves & Sons); h. 25 Brooklands road 
Hargreaves Jonathan, joiner (j.), 73 Lindsay street 
Hargreaves Joseph, weaver, 62 Plumbe street 
Hargreaves Joshua W. (R. Hargreaves & Sons); h. 343 Ightenhill 

terrace, Padiham road 
Hargreaves L. & J., painters and decorators, 110 Springfield road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Maria, grocer and beerseller, 65 Padiham road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Margaret, 7 Sefton terrace 
Hargreaves Mrs. Martha, 184 Accrington road 
Hargreaves Mrs., 88 Oxford road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Mary, 24 Canning street 
Hargreaves Moses, cotton waste dealer, Grimshaw street; h. 20 

Hollingreave road 

Hargreaves Richard, tea and coffee merchant, 83 St. James st 

Hargreaves Eichard, blacksmith (j.), 20 Norman street 

Hargreaves Richard, joiner (j.), 50 Dall street 

Hargreaves Richard (Exors. of), farmers, Nook 

Hargreaves Richard Edwin (R. Hargreaves & Sons); h. 120 Rectory rd 


Hargreaves & Sods, tea and coffee merchants, 15 and 17 St. James 

row ; and 136 Fenchurch street, London 
Hargreaves E., assurance ageut, 55 Salisbury terrace 
Hargreaves Eobert, shopman, 2 Escar street 
Hargreaves Eobert, overlooker, 10 Rowley street 
Hargreaves Robert, confectioner, 45 Hammertou street 
Hargreaves Robert, clog and shoe maker, 51 Yorkshire street 
Hargreaves Robert, weaver, 111 Healey Wood road 
Hargreaves Robinson, greengrocer, 207 Accrington road 
Hargreaves Samuel, plumber (Watterson, Hargreaves, & Crossley) ; h. 

184- Howard street 
Hargreaves Mrs. Sarah, corn miller, Old mill, Bridge street; and 

grocer, 12 Manchester road 
Hargreaves Mrs. Sarah, sewing machine agent, 56 Standish street 
Hargreaves Sutcline, chipped potato dealer, 23 Mosley House road 
Hargreaves Thomas, gentleman, 146 Stanley terrace, Oxford road ^ 
Hargreaves Thomas, junior, grocer and tea dealer, 144 Oxford road 
Hargreaves Thomas, whitesmith (].), 9 Hawk street 
Hargreaves Thomas, sewing machine agent, 22 Market hall; h. 29 

Robert street 

Hargreaves Thomas, butcher, 173 Padiham road 

Hargreaves Thomas, vict., Woodman Inn, 127 Todmorden road 

Hargreaves Thomas, overlooker, 27 Ardwick street 

Hargreaves Thomas, beerhouse, Park Yiew Inn, 3 Higgin street 

Hargreaves Thomas, mechanic, 36 Padiham road 

Hargreaves Thomas, overlooker, 10 Berwick street 

Hargreaves Thomas & Son, corn millers and provision mer- 
chants, 4, 9, 11, and 13 Church street 

Hargreaves Thomas Haworth, secretary to Burnley Billpostmg Co., 
Limited, 7 Church street; h. 8 Clarence street 

Hargreaves Thomas Walker, pianoforte dealer, 127 Westgate 

and 37 Yorkshire street . 

Hargreaves Walter Joseph (R. Hargreaves & Sons); h. 4 Coine road 
Hargreaves William, clothlooker, 1 Stafford street 
Hargreaves William, beerhouse, Craven Heifer, 17 Holden street 
■ Hargreaves "William, warehouseman, 76 Burns street 
Hargreaves William, overlooker, 241 Colne road 
Hargreaves William Carey, Esq., J. P., cotton manufacturer (William 

Jackson, Sons, & Co.) ; h. Bankfield villas, 14 Colne road 
Hargreaves Willie, booking clerk, 22 Adelphi street 
Harker Anthony, cab driver, 11 Godly street 
Harker James Julian, bookkeeper, 59 Hollingreave road 
Harker Misses Ellen & Frances, 34 Belvedere road 
Harker Mrs. Hannah, grocer, 10 Old Hall street 
Harker John Charles, colour mixer, 57 St. John's road 
Harker John William, ironmonger and tiuplate worker, 35 and 155 

St. James street 
Harker Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, dressmaker, 12 Bankhouse street 
Harker Robinson, fried fish dealer, 34 Barracks road 
Harker Thomas, foreman joiner, 264 Accrington road 
Hailing Mrs. Alice, 130 Manchester road 
Harling Mrs. Alice, 15 Hattersley street 


Harling James (Harling & Todd) ; h. 120 Manchester road 

Harling John Todd, foreman moulder, 38 Albert street 

Harling John, joiner (j.), 125 Albert street 

Harling Johnson, foreman moulder, 105 Rectory road 

Harling Mrs. Mary, 162 Accrington road 

Harling Ralph (Harling & Todd) ; h. 38 Westgate 

Harling Richard, yarn salesman, 8 Carlton road 

Harling & Todd, ironfounders, machine and power loom makers, 

Calder foundry, Harnmerton street 
Hardwick John Winter, police constable, 177 Oxford road 

Harlow Samuel, funeral undertaker, joiner, and builder, 140 
St. James street ; works : Albion mills, Cooper street 

Harlow Mrs. Margaret, register office for servants, 140 St. James st 

Harper & Starkie, cotton manufacturers, Bishop's House shed 

Harris Albert, joiner (j.), 52 Rectory road 

Harris Alfred, overlooker, 105 Sandygate 

Harris Charles, grocer and provision dealer, 21 Finsleygate 

Harris Mrs. Emma, 68 Lindsay street 

Harris Frederick, grocer and provision dealer, 56 Rectory road 

Harris Joseph, saw sharpener and hammerer. 27 Harnmerton street 

Harrison Abel, warehouseman, 27 Gavour street 

Harrison Adam, engine tenter, 136 Finsleygate 

Harrison Mrs. Alice, draper, 1 Lydia street! 

Harrison Andrew, farmer, Higher Saxifield farm 

Harrison Arthur & Hartley, farmers, Red Lees farm 

Harrison Benjamin, auctioneer and valuer, 43 Clifton street; 

and Nelson 
Harrison Benjamin, confectioner, 50 Curzon street 
Harrison Charles, carpenter (j.), 42 Grimshaw street 
Harrison Oragg, overlooker, 7 Laurel street 
Harrison David, farmer, Palace liouse farm 
Harrison Edmund, fitter, 20 Trafalgar street 
Harrison Mrs. Ellen Henrietta, 39 Gordon street 
Plarrison Mr. Francis, 86 Brunswick street 
Harrison George, farmer, 151 Oxford road 

Harrison Plenry, builder (Heap & Harrison) ; h. 7 Bamford street 
Harrison Horatio, gardener, 65 Gordon street 
Harrison James (Harrison & Son) ; h. 16 Harriet street 
Harrison James, twister, 270 Padiham road 
Harrison James Dilworth (J. D. Harrison & Brother) ; h. 173 Sunny 

bank, Manchester road 
Harrison J. D. & Brother, cotton manufacturers, Mount Pleasant mill 

Harrison John (Exors. of), tallow chandlers and oil merchants, 

7 Bridge street 
Harrison John, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, Market 

hall ; h. 40 Layfield street 
Harrison John, weaver, 57 Rectory road 
Harrison John, overlooker, 76 Briercliffe road 

Harrison John, livery stable proprietor, Bank parade ; h. 30 Parker st 
Harrison John, woollen draper, 25 Market hall; h. 6 Dall street 
Harrison John, carrier, 59 Healey Wood road 
Harrison John B., grocer's manager, 96 Brougham street 


Harrison Jonathan, overlooker, 44 New Hall street 

Harrison Joseph, clerk, 21 Grange street 

Harrison Joseph, shopkeeper, 73 Huflinglane 

Harrison Misses, confectioners, Market hall 

Harrison Miss Mary Ann, 187 Lark hill, Manchester road 

Harrison Mrs. Nancy, 12 Brougham street 

Harrison Peter, shopkeeper, 30 Whittlefield street 

Harrison Robert, agent for County Conservative Registration Associa- 
tion, 1 Ormerod street . 

Harrison Robert, lime burner and boat builder, Yorkshire street ; h. 
Hazel mount, 453 Padiham road 

Harrison Robert, bricklayer and contractor, 55 Gordon street- 
Harrison Robert & Son, confectioners and tobacconists, 24 
Church street 

Harrison Samuel, quarryman, 88 Godly street 

Harrison Misses Seliua & Emily, dressmakers, 9 Richard street 

Harrison & Son, cabinet makers, upholsterers, and decorators, Red 

Lion street ; works, Albion mills, Stanley street 
Harrison Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 52 Trafalgar street 
Harrison Thomas, furniture broker, 17 Oxford road 
Harrison William, earthenware dealer, 4 Mason street 

Harrison William Cliff a, teacher of pianoforte, 39 Gordon st 

Harrop George Henry, police clerk, 75 Ormerod road 

Harrop Joseph, chief constable, Borough Police station ; h. 75 

Ormerod road 
Harrop William, collier, 48 Hollingreave road 

Hartley Abraham & Son, painters and decorators, 76 Hebrew road 
Hartley Albert, taper, 10 Gordon street 
Hartley Alfred, shopkeeper, 77 Brennand street 

Hartley Mrs. A., milliner, 58 Standish street 

Hartley Mrs. Ann, 71 Ormerod road ,,«„„,«,.,. . 

Hartley Arthur, French polisher, Chaffer yard ; h. 26 Talbot street 

Hartley & Baldwin, screw bolt makers, Light street 

Hartley Cyrus, professor of music, 42 Todmorden road 

Hartley Daniel, butcher, 56 Hurtley street 

Hartley Mrs. Deborah, 245 Colne road 

Hartley David, shopkeeper, 33 Garstang street 

Hartley Edmund, salesman, 106 Accrington road 

Hartlev Edward, furniture broker, 20 Hammerton street 

Hartley Edward, butcher, 1 Market hall 

Hartley Mrs. Elizabeth, vict., Plane Tree Inn, 4 Westgate 

Hartley Mr. Ellis, 68 Curzon street 

Hartley Francis (Hartley & Whitehead), and commissioner for oaths; 

h. Prospect house, 43 Albion street 
Hartley Hartley, chapel keeper, 388 Colne road 
Hartley Henry, plasterer, 9 Spring Hill road 

Hartley Henry, watchmaker and vict., Prince Albert Inn, 91 Gurzon st 
Hartley Henry, grocer and provision dealer, 21 Allen street 
Hartley Henry, gardener, 21 Wood street 
Hartley Henry, beerhouse, Craven Heifer, Cop row 
Hartley Henry & Sons, cotton waste spinners and manufacturers, 

Jewel mill 


Hartley Horatio, butcher, 9 Market street 

Hartley Isaac, fitter, 54 Croft street 

Hartley Mrs. Isabella, shopkeeper, 15 Calder street 

Hartley James, beerhouse, Bridge Inn, 162 Gannow lane 

Hartley James (Hartley & Baldwin) ; h. la Ormerod road 

Hartley James, overlooker, 69 Albion street 

Hartley James, shopkeeper, 94 Master street 

Hartley James, grocer and confectioner, 123 Manchester road 

Hartley James, clerk, 14 Berkeley street 

Hartley James Judson, solicitor's clerk, 158 Colne road 

Hartley Mrs. Jane, 33 Belgrave street 

Hartley Jesse, farmer, Gibfield 

Hartley J., station master, Burnley Barracks station 

Hartley John, tailor and draper, 72 Abel street 

Hartley John, draper, 124 Trafalgar street 
Hartley John, butcher, 70 St. James street 
Hartley John, foreman packer, 16 Mosley street 

Hartley John, cab proprietor, eoaehbuilder, and wheelwright, 
Bank Top house, Railway street 

Hartley John, confectioner, 218 Colne road 

Hartley John, confectioner, 50 Plumbe street 

Hartley John, weaver, 378 Golne road 

Hartley John, joiner, (j.), 288 Golne road 

Hartley John, shopkeeper, 10 Parliament street 

Hartley Mr. John, 349 Ightenhill terrace, Padiham road 

Hartley John, cowkeeper, 291 Padiham road 

Hartley Mr. John, 45 Belgrave street . 

Hartley John Henry, vict., Princess Eoyal Hotel, 47 Yorkshire street 

Hartley John Whittam, overlooker, 109 Sandygate 

Hartley John Thomas, assurance agent, 39 Daneshouse road 
Hartley John William, bookkeeper, 8 Hebrew road 

Hartley Joseph, timber dealer, Waterbarn street, and fruiterer 
and poultry dealer, 200 Colne road 

Hartley Joseph, mill manager, 41 Colne road 

Hartley Joseph, livery stable foreman, 19 Hart street 

Hartley Joseph, overlooker, 63 Eliza street 

Hartley Joseph, taper, 76 Parkinson street 

Hartley Jude, overlooker, 38 Brougham street 

Hartley Miss Martha, dressmaker, 63 Laithe street 

Hartley Mrs., apartments, Bank Top house, Railway street 

Hartley Mrs. Mary, 64 Hollingreave road m 

Hartley Mrs. Mary, 45 Clifton street 

Hartley Mrs. Mary, 64 Queensberry road 

Hartley Miss Mary Ann, 247 Colne road 

Hartley Pollard, overlooker, 38 Whittam street 

Hartley Mrs. Rebecca, beerhouse, Millers' Arms, 20 Junction street 

Hartley Richard, overlooker, 29 King's terrace 

Hartley Robert Burns, bone setter and specialist in local 
external ailments, 52 Bank parade 

Hartley Robert, Esq., J. P., cotton waste dealer, Bankhouse street; 

h. 62 Colne road 
Hartley Mrs. Ruth, 11 Todmorden road 



Hartley Samuel, grocer and provision dealer, 14 Travis street 
Hartley Thomas, librarian, Mechanics' Institution ; h. 22 Nelson sq 
Hartley Thomas, painter and plasterer, 9 Spring Hill road 
Hartley Thomas, ironmonger, 20 Abel street 

Hartley Thomas, wholesale drysalter, yeast merchant, and 
livery stable proprietor, Adlington street ; h. 1 Hawk street 

Hartley Thomas, farmer, Spout house 

Hartley Thomas, grocer, 35 and 37 Spencer street 

Hartley Thomas, engineer (j.), 22 Tennis street 

Hartley Thomas Heap, master, Claremont Street school; h. Fair 
holme, Park lane 

Hartley & Whitehead, solicitors, 14 Nicholas street 

Hartley William, butcher, 228 Accrington road 

Hartley William, coal dealer, 7 Allen street 

Hartley William (Hartley & Baldwin) ; h. Thorn hill, Manchester rd 

Hartley William Harry, solicitor and registrar of County Court, 1 
Grimshaw street ; and Coins 

Hartley William Henry, grocer, 183 Gannow lane 

Hartley William Holdsworth, dresser, 380 Colne road 

Harwood Jeremiah, taper, 188 Accrington road 

Harwood Mrs. Mary Ann, 65 Accrington road 

Harwood Eichard, assurance agent, 96 Hollingreave road 

Harwood Titus, cabinet maker (j.), 15 Smith street 

Harwood Titus Holden, M.D., physician and surgeon, Willfield house, 
22 Padiham road 

Haslam Brothers, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Yatefield mill, 
Cog lane 

Haslam George (Exors. of), wine and spirit merchants, 36 Man- 
chester road 

Haslam Thomas (Haslam Bros.) ; h. Healey mount, Manchester road 

Haslam William Henry (Haslam Bros.) ; h. Brown hill 

Hastwell John, mechanic, 243 Colne road 

Hastwell Mrs. Margaret, 366 Colne road 

Hastwell Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 26 Grimshaw street 

Hatch James, shopkeeper, 1 Cowper street 

Hawkswell Mrs. Alice, 52 Hollingreave road 

Haworth Adam, deputy superintendent registrar, 20 Nicholas st 

Haworth Mr. Edmund, 46 Glebe terrace 

Haworth Edward, butcher, 29 Trafalgar street 

Haworth Mrs. Elizabeth, 4 Gunsmith lane 

Haworth George, shopkeeper, 44 Derby street 

Haworth George Hargreaves, furniture broker, 156 Sandygate; h. 45 
Accrington road 

Haworth Halstead, overlooker, 2 Eenshaw street 

Haworth Henry, machinist and smith, Plumbe st ; h. 80 Belvedere rd 

Haworth Henry, engine tenter, 34 Junction street 

Haworth James, van driver, 10 Stafford street 

Haworth James, tripe dresser (j.), 35 Eectory road 

Haworth James, overlooker, 9 Boundary street 

Haworth James, engine tenter, 132 Abel street 

Haworth James, coal dealer and carter, 11 Pheasantford street 

Haworth John, joiner and builder, Calder Vale road ; h. 8 Gill street 



Haworth John Henry, grocer and confectioner, 72 Parliament street 

Haworth Mrs. Margaret, stocking maker, 85 Parliament street 

Haworth Matthew, blacksmith, High street; h. 40 Junction street 

Haworth Richard, labourer, 71 Hollingreave road 

Haworth Robert, cabinet maker, 71 Gannow lane 

Haworth Samuel, yeast dealer, 128 Parkinson street 

Haworth Thomas, overlooker, 6 Murray street 

Haworth Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 87 Hufling lane 

Haworth Thomas William, clogger (at Briercliffe), 58 Spencer street 

Haworth William., superintendent registrar of births, deaths, and 

marriages, 20 Nicholas street 
Haworth William, traveller, 60 Burns street 
Haworth William, tripe dealer, 126 Branch road 
Haworth William, confectioner, 114 Trafalgar street 
Haydock Samuel, bookkeeper, 6 Laburnum terrace 
Haydock Stephen, foreman, 1 Starkie street 

Hayes Benjamin, grocer and provision dealer, 159 St. James street 
Hayes Simeon, overlooker, 84 Dall street 
Hayes William Henry, school board visitor, 38 Hufling lane 
Hayhurst Arthur, cab proprietor, 48 Croft street 
Hayhurst Henry, plumber (j.), 15 Lindsay street 

Hayhurst Mrs. Elizabeth, saddler, 26 St. James street ; h. 12 

Thomas street 
Hayhurst William, clamp maker, 1 Gatlow street 
Haynes Mrs. Mary Jane, milliner, 58 Hurtley street 
Haythornthwaite Edwin James, clerk, 100 Healey Wood road 
Haythornthwaite E. & E., cotton manufacturers, Spring Hill shed 
Haythornthwaite Eichard (E. & R. Haythornthwaite); h. 14 Berry st 
Haythornthwaite Eobert (E. & E. Haythornthwaite); h. Nelson 
Haythornthwaite Thomas Septimus, asst. superintendent, Prudential, 

254 Colne road 
Hayward William Henry, M.E.C.S., surgeon, 30 and 32 Smalley st 
Haywood John, caretaker, St. James hall; h. 22 Eectory road 
Hazlewood William, shopkeeper, 5 Mount Pleasant street 
Headquarters 2nd Vol. Batt. E. L. Regiment, Bank parade; Captain 

W. J. Langford, adjutant 

Heald John & Son, wholesale druggists, drysalters, oil mer- 
chants, and lozenge manufacturers, Hill top ; h. 444 Queensgate, 

Colne road 

Heald William Tillotson (John Heald & Son) ; h. Queensgate 

Healey Wood Mill Co., Limited, cotton waste spinners and manu- 
facturers.; John Heap, manager and secretary 

Heap Abraham, farmer, Lower Cross hill 

Heap Albert, butcher, 91 Parliament street 

Heap Mrs. Alice, 36 Todmorden road 

Heap Alfred, butcher (j.), 2 Holly street 

Heap Andrew, farmer, Todmorden road' 

Heap Benjamin, overlooker, 87 Parliament street 

Heap & Co., cotton manufacturers, Lower Rake Head mill 

Heap Edmund, stone merchant and contractor, 3 Yorke street ; h. 
Ashridge house, Thursby square 

Heap Edmund, butcher, 6 Todmorden road 

92 • BURNLEY. 

Heap Edward, butcher, 162 Oxford road 

Heap Edward (Thomas Heap & Sons) ; h. 56 Holme view, Come road 

Heap Mrs. Elizabeth, vie*"., Eeindeer Hotel, Adelphi street 

Heap Miss Florence, 21 Adamson street 

Heap Frederick, mill manager, 61 Todmorden road 

Heap Harry, fried fish dealer, 98 Westgate 

Heap Hartley, builder and contractor, 56 Todmorden road 

Heap Hartley, carter, 121 Oxford road 

Heap & Harrison, builders and contractors, 22 Clifton street 

Heap James, grocer and beerseller, 1 Marlborough street 

Heap James, assurance agent, 25 King's terrace • 

Heap James, builder (Thomas Heap & Sons) ; h. 277 Colne road 

Heap James, builder and contractor, 23 Murray street 

Heap James, poultry dealer, Yatefield fold 

Heap James, wringing machine maker and oatcake baker, 
Elm street ., 

Heap James (Heap & Co.) ; h. 45 Colne road 

Heap James Henry, quarry manager, 4 Tennis street 

Heap Mrs. Janet, grocer, 18 Todmorden road 

Heap John, cotton mill manager, 2 Nelson square 

Heap Mr. John, 130 Accrington road 

Heap John, vie*., Junction Hotel, Rose grove 

Heap John, stonemason (j.), 55 Albion street 

Heap John, tripe dealer, 22 Elm street 

Heap John "William (Heap & Harrison) ; h. 25 Oak Mount street 

Heap Joseph, builder and contractor, 171 Woodside, Todmorden roaci 

Heap Lewis, overlooker, 52 Dall street 

Heap Mrs. Lucy Ann, 10 Brown street 

Heap Miss Mary, mistress, Holy Trinity school, Cranmer street 

Heap Moses (Heap & Harrison) ; h. 22 Clifton street 

Heap Mrs. Priscilla, 440 Colne road 

Heap Mrs. Ruth, 288 Padiham road 

Heap Thomas, tailor, 16 Tarleton street 

Heap Thomas & Sons, builders and contractors, Colne road 

Heap Mr. William, 143 Colne road 

Heap William, farmer, Higher Micklehurst 

Heap William, engine tenter, 20 Sussex street 

Heath William, coal dealer, 52 Clarence street 

Heaton Anthony Turner, beamer, 56 Hollingreave road 

Heaton Arthur, beamer, 9 Elmwood street 

Heaton Charles, foreman moulder, 9 Willow street 

Heaton James, iron and tinplate worker, 42 Hammerton street 

Heaton John (M. Heaton & Son) ; h. 73 Rectory road 

Heaton John, commercial traveller, 46 Daneshouse road 

Heaton John, foreman moulder, 99 Rectory road 

Heaton John Robert, grocer, 3 Brunswick street 

Heaton Mrs. Martha, 1 Palatine square 

Heaton M. & Son, chemists and druggists, 121 St. James street 

'Heaton Tom, solicitor and commissioner for oaths, 8 Ormerod street ; 

h. 1 Palatine square 
Heaton William Robert, butcher (j.), 70 Lindsay street 

Hebden George, fried fish dealer, 80 Abel st ; and milliner, 37 Abel st 


Hebden Stephen, pea saloon, market hall 

Hedges Alfred, wholesale grocer and provision merchant, Coal street 

Hedges Rev. Isaac (Primitive Methodist), 15 Clarence street 

Hedges Wilfred, teacher of music, 67 Cavour street 

Helks Thomas, assurance agent, 128 Swinless street 

Helliwell Frederick, traveller, 22 Patten street 

Helm Joseph, assurance agent, Rose Grove lane 

Helm Joshua, stocking knitter, 6 Carter street 

Helm Richard, grocer, 71 Albion street 

Hennessey Mrs. Ann, 103 Albert street 

Hensby James, general carrier, 32 Aqueduct street 

Hensby William, carrier, 183 Padiham road 

Hensman Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Blakey street 

Hepworth J. & Son, Limited, tailors and outfitters, 17 Market street 

Hepworth Thomas Adam, vict., Princess Alexandra Hotel, and livery 

stable proprietor, 78 Colne road 
Herbert George, tailor and draper, 77 Church street 
Heseldon Mrs. Alice, 50 Coal Clough lane 
Heseldon James, assurance agent, 47 Daneshouse road 
Heselwood Robert T., tailor and clothier, 127 and 129 St. James street 
Hesketh James, milliner, 80 St. James street; and furniture dealer, 

17 Calder street 

Hesketh Mrs. Jennett, 102 Accrington road 

Hesmondhalgh David, shopman, 13 Gordon street 

Hesson Michael, clothes dealer, 69 Manchester road 

Hetherington John, joiner (j.), 272 Colne road 

Hetherington Thomas, stationer, 22 Hammerton street 

Hewes Henry Samuel, grocer's assistant, 40 Rectory road 

Hewett William Henry, boot and shoe maker, 2 Lutner street 

Hewitt John, labourer, 11 Padiham road 

Hewitt John Alfred, saddler (j.), 19 Red Lion street 

Hey Arthur, joiner (j.), 67 Brunshaw road 

Hey Miss Elizabeth Dean, grocer, 62 Anne street 

Hey Mr. James, 181 Lark bill, Manchester road 

Hey James, collector, 386 Colne road 

Hey James, tailor, 68 Dall street 

Hey Miss Martha Elizabeth, grocer, 1 Coal Clough lane 

Hey Stephen, fishmonger, 20 St. James street ; and confectioner, 43 

Parker lane 
Heys George Henry, fish and fruit dealer, 163 Oxford road 
Heys John, confectioner and tobacconist, 6 Byerden lane 
Heys John, tripe dealer, 149 Finsleygate 

Heys John, fancy goods dealer, Market hall ; h. 52 Peter street 
Heys John, weaver, 317 Padiham road 
Heys Joseph, assurance agent, 80 Healey Wood road 
Heys Michael, fish dealer, 83 Tentre street 
Heys Peter, overlooker, 57 Spencer street 
Heys Richard, chapel keeper, 17 Helena street 
Heys Richard, fried fish dealer, 18a Bivell street 
Heys Tom, overlooker, 1 Ivory street 
Heywood John, miller (j.), 37 Dall street 
Heywood Veevers, overlooker, 9 Hebrew road 


Heywood Zenas, shopkeeper, 78 Accrington road 
Heyworth Mrs. Emma, 58 Glebe terrace 
Heyworth Henry, shopkeeper, Roebuck street 
Heyworth James, spinner (j.), 3 Willow street 
Heyworth James, butcher, 222 Padiham road 
Heyworth James Albert, weaver, 33 Gannow lane 
Heyworth Miss Jane, draper, 117 Padiham road 
Heyworth Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 135 Sandygate 

Heyworth Thomas butcher and cattle dealer, 167 Oxford road, 
and 8 Curzon street 

Hickey A., assurance agent, 20 Oak Hill street 

Hickey John, engine tenter, 3 Leyland road 

Hiddersley Thomas, bootmaker's manager, 121 Eectory road 

Higgin Charles William, saddler, 10 Nicholas street 

Higgin David, confectioner, 5 Adelphi street 

Hig-gin George, sand and salt merchant, flock cleaner and 

tobacco pipe maker, 6 Paper street 
Higgin John, ironmonger's assistant, 16 Herbert street 

Hig-gin John, saddle and harness maker, 1, 3, and 5 Church st 

Higgin Thomas, farmer, Best Pasture farm 

Higgin William Hunter, solicitor, sec, Padiham, Harwood, and 

District, 475th and 524th Starr-Bowkett Building Societies, 19 Har- 

greaves street ; h. 72 Belvedere road 
Higgins James, shopkeeper, 30 Grosvenor street 

Hig-gins Thomas, skin eurer, 28 Reg-ent street 

Higham John, assistant superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co., 

320 Padiham road 
Higham Thomas Harvey, eating house, 125 Westgate 
Higher Rake Head Steam and Power Co. ; Edward Eoden, sec, 18 
* Hargreaves street 

Higson James, professor of music, 49 Colne road 
Higson Holdsworth, professor of music, 265 Briercliffe road 
Higson J., fried fish dealer, 37a Oxford road 
Higson Samuel, herbalist, 4 Cow lane 

Higson Thomas, butcher, 137 St. James street and 103 Sandygate 
Hill Mr. Frederick Henry, Thorn hill, 143a Manchester road 
Hill Henry, decorator (j.), 5 Godly street 
Hill J. B., master, All Saints' school, Habergham 
Hill John, police constable, 11 Cronkshaw street 
Hill Robert Percy, foreman compositor, 60 Daneshouse road 
Hill Mrs. Sarah, tea dealer, 38 Temple street 
Hill Top Mill Co., Limited, cotton spinners and manufacturers; T. 

Judson, manager and secretary 
Hilton Robert, fish dealer, Market hall 

Hilton Stephen, boot and shoe maker, 113 St. James street 
Hind James Henry, shopkeeper, 17 Boot street 
Hind Shuttleworth, vict., Crown Inn, 34 Bridge street 
Hindle Mrs. Ann, 12 Clifton street 

Hindle Emmanuel, roller coverer, 14 Hollingreave road 
Hindle Hartley, weaver, 29 Thursby road 
Hindle James, carrier, 18 Marlborough street 
Hindle James, pawnbroker, 23 Parker street ; h. 55 Bank parade 


Hindle Miss Margaret Hannah, confectioner, 54 Manchester road 

Hindle Thomas, shopkeeper, 11 Old Hall street 

Hindle "William, commercial traveller, 2 Shorey bank 

Hird Mrs. Selina, milliner, 15 Boot street 

Hird Thomas, collier, 306 Gannow lane 

Hirst Benjamin, hardware dealer, 102 Rectory road 

Hirst Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 44 Brunswick street 

Hirst Frederick William, clerk, 3 Pomfret street 

Hirst Frank, confectioner, 30 Abel street 

Hirst Henry, overlooker, 15 Thursby road 

Hirst Henry, engine tenter, 8 Nicholl street 

Hirst James, boiler inspector, 35 Pheasantford street 

Hirst Robert, cabinet maker, upholsterer and undertaker, Elm 
Street Saw mills, and 116 and 118 Hebrew road 

Hirst Thomas, Esq., J. P., Ashfield house, Westgate 

Hirst William, tea merchant's manager, 31 Thursby road 

Hitchen Mrs. Eliza, shopkeeper, 137 Padiham road 

Hitchen George William, shopkeeper, 25 Stoney street 

Hitchen James, fish dealer, Market hall 

Hitchen John, fish dealer, 87 Springfield road 

Hitchen Richard, labourer, Daisy bank 

Hitchen Eobert, mill manager, 26 Smalley street 

Hitchin Robert, chemist and brush maker, 54 and 86 St. James street; 

h. 47 Ormerod road 
Hitchon Frederick, clothlooker, 9 Gill street 

Hitchon George Henry (Hitchon, Son & Lancaster) ; h. Oaklands, 

Hitchon Samuel, weaver, 40 Berry street 

Hitchon, Son & Lancaster, architects, surveyors, and estate 
agents, 46 Manchester road ; and Bacup 

Hitchon Thomas, mechanic, 75 Parliament street 

Hitt John, paper maker (j.), 145 Rectory road 

Hocking John, millinerand baby linen dealer, 76 Accrington road 

Hocking Richard, sanitary engineer, 171 Colne road 

Hodder Harry, beerhouse, Malakott Tavern, 50 Trafalgar street 

Hodkinson William Arthur Tancred, bank clerk, 33 Brooklands road 

Hodgson Alexander, draper's assistant, 48 Whitaker street 

Hodgson Elizabeth and Martha Ann, grocers, 36 Trafalgar street 

Hodgson Isaac, clog and shoe maker, 109a Accrington road and 31 

Cog lane 
Hodgson James (Hodgson & Garnetfc) ; h 
Hodgson & Garnett, solicitors, 1 Yorke street 
Hodgson John, shopkeeper, 34 Brunshaw road 

Hodgson John, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., physician and surgeon, 20 Gannow 
lane and 109 Accrington road 

Hodkin George, draper, 17 and 19 St. James st ; h. 5 Ormerod road 

Hodson William, joiner (j.), 102 Brougham street 

Hoghton Thomas, Esq., J. P., wholesale grocer and Italian warehouse- 
man, 66 St. James street; h. 1 Carlton road 

Holbrook Samuel, clothes dealer, 91 Abel street 

Holden Ashworth, farmer, Wholaw 

Holden Albert, overlooker, 18 King street 


Holden Albert, engine tenter, 11 Belford street 
Holden Albert, foundry manager, 11 Sefton terrace 

Holden Alexander, boot and shoe repairer, Brim street ; h. 4 

Calder Vale road 
Holden Frank, plumber and glazier, 36 Daneshouse road 
Holden George H., assurance agent, 162 Branch road 
Holden James, tailor (j.), 1 Cronkshaw street 
Holden James Sagar, cashier, 16 Moore street, Habergham 
Holden J. E., assurance agent, 227 Padiham road 
Holden John, fried fish dealer, 60 Hirst street 
Holden John, weaver, 78 Dall street 
Holden John, engine tenter, 85 Brougham street 
Holden Jonas, engine tenter, 42 Smalley street 
Holden Joseph, shopkeeper, 22 Elmwood street 

Holden Luke, joiner, coffin maker, and undertaker, 23 Barracks road 
Holden Miss Margaret, baby linen dealer, Market hall 
Holden Mrs. Martha Ann, beerhouse, Union Hotel, 145 Padiham road 
Holden Martin, beerhouse, General Williams Inn, 231 Manchester rd 
Holden Mrs. Mary, 20 Godly street 
Holden Mrs. Pathenia, 42 Holme view, Colne road 
Holden Peter, taper, 18 Gannow lane 

Holden Ralph, gentleman, Towneley villa, 23 Brooklands road 
Holden Richard, agent, 11 Forest street 

Holden Samuel, grocer and provision dealer, 141 Westgate 

Holden Samuel, mill manager, 38 Accrington read 
Holden Thomas, dentist, 17 Hargreaves street 
Holden Thomas, medical dispenser, 18 Tennis street 
Holden Thomas, shopkeeper, 58 Ardwick street 
Holden Thomas, beerhouse, Bee Hive Inn, 20 Marlborough street 
Holden Thomas & Co., coachbuilders, Acre street 

Holden Thomas Chaffer, Esq., J. P., wholesale ironmonger, Holden 
street ; h. 165 Manchester road 

Holden Tom, butcher, 90 Colne road 

Holden William, hairdresser, 91 Oxford road 
Holdsworth Albert, painter (j.), 22 Trafalgar street 
Holdsw 7 orth Benjamin Schofield, painter (j.), 5 Laurel street 
Holdsworth Christopher, painter, Thorney Bank street ; h. 127 

Manchester road 
Holdsworth Mrs. Emma, Myrtle grove, Padiham road 
Holdsworth Ernest Arthur, bookkeeper, 57 Branch road 
Holdsworth E., assurance agent, 10 Nicholl street 
Holdsworth Harrison, painter (j.), 87 Healey Wood street 
Holdsworth Henry, overlooker, 67 Coal Clough lane 
Holdsworth Henry, butcher, 10 Manchester road; h. 27 Ormerod road 
Holdsworth John, butcher, 4 St. James street and 31 Hebrew road 
Holdsworth John, clothlooker, 7 Ivory street 
Holdsworth John William, clothlooker, 47 Berry street 
Holdsworth Joseph, fried fish dealer, 82 Trafalgar street 
Holdsworth Mrs. Maria Ann, 14 Smalley street 
Holdsworth Matthew, twistej , 28 Pear street 

Holdsworth Matthew, manager, Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly 
Society, 12 Standish street 


Holdsworth Mr. Richard, 237 Padiham road 

Holdsworth Richard & Nephew, cotton manufacturers, Woodfield mill, 

Trafalgar street ; h. 63 Coal Clough lane 
Holgate Albert, butcher, 97 St. James street 
Holgate Benjamin, commercial traveller, 5 Smith street 
Holgate Bros,, Limited, cotton manufacturers, Bankfield shed, Brun st 
Holgate Miss Catherine, 103 Manchester road 

Holgate & Co., wholesale grocers and provision merchants, 6 Bull st 
Holgate Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, 1 Fraser street 
Holgate Frank, butcher, 67 Manchester road 
Holgate Frederic, grocer's assistant, 56 Burns street 

Holgate Harry, pork butcher, 117 Westgate 

Holgate Mr. Henry, 36 Barracks road 

Holgate James, manager for Nuttall & Co., printers, 1 Albert street 

Holgate James, tea dealer's manager, 3 Elm street 

Holgate James, photographer, 11 Westgate 

Holgate James, confectioner, 2 Cameron street 

Holgate Mrs. Jane, milliner (Baldwin & Holgate) ; h. Westgate 
Holgate Job, overlooker, 70 Rectory road 

Holgate John, corn mill manager, 326 Padiham road 

Holgate John Whitaker, overlooker, 84 Canning street 

Holgate Mrs. Mary, 1 Devonshire terrace 

Holgate Eichard (Holgate Brothers, Limited) ; h. 4 Belvedere road 

Holgate Smith, mill manager, la Stafford street 

Holgate Thomas (Holgate & Co.) ; h. 23 Colne road 

Holgate Thomas, bookkeeper, 10 Belvedere road 

Holgate William, joiner, builder, and contractor, Old Hall 
Street sawmills ; h. 156 Abel street 

Holgate William, railway guard, 15 Newcastle street 

Holgate William Henry, labourer, 309 Padiham road 

Holland Albert, tripe dresser, 16 Canning street 

Holland Charles, tripe dresser, Stanhope street and 30 Yorkshire 

street ; h. 81 Ormerod road 
Holland James, cotton waste dealer, 82 Manchester road 
Holland John (J. & A. Holland) ; 16 Manchester road 
Holland J. & A., milliners and drapers, 16 Manchester road 
Holland John Thomas, overlooker, 9 Hattersley street 
Holland Thomas, tripe dresser, 11 Lindsay street 
Holland Thomas, hairdresser, 71 Parliament street 
Holland William Henry, painter (j.), 21 Blakey street 
Hollingreave Manufacturing Co., cotton manufacturers, Clifton shed, 

Ashfield road 
Hollows Joshua, weaver, 36 Parkinson street 

Holme Albert, pawnbroker (Ashworth & Holme), Hammerton street 
Holme Mrs. Elizabeth, 23 Ormerod road 

Holmes Mx. David, J. P., president, Weavers' Association, 43 Bank- 
house street 

Plolmes & Holmes, solicitors and commissioners for oaths, 9a 
Grimshaw street * 

Holmes Henry James Ernest (Holmes & Holmes) ; h. 12 Palatine sq 

Holmes James, science teacher, 35 Murray street 

Holmes John, station master, Eose Grove station 


Holmes Joseph, overlooker, 9 Murray street 

Holmes Eichard Marmaduke (Holmes & Holmes) ; h. 17 Palatine sq; 

Holroyd Frederick, mechanic, 7 Eaglan road 

Holroyd Mr. Tom, Wood grove, 74 Todmorden road 

Holt Mrs. Alice, 6 Adlington street 

Holt Edward, clogger, 21 Parker lane 

Holt Miss Elizabeth, vict., Mitre Inn, 120 Westgate 

Holt Ephraim, furniture broker, 118 Trafalgar street 

Holt George, clogger, 20 Anne street 

Holt Mr. Henry Singleton, 15 Hardy street 

Holt James, grocer and provision dealer, 21 Lord street 

Holt James, mechanic, 3 Albion street 

Holt James, blacksmith, 4 Sutcliffe street 

Holt James, shopkeeper, Cog lane 

Holt James, clothlooker, 45 Crowther street 

Holt Mr. John, 28 Grimshaw street 

Holt John, glass, china, and earthenware dealer, 3 Rake foot 

Holt John, mechanic, 4 Lindsay street 

Holt John, horse slaughterer, 49 Church street 

Holt John Eobert, railway foreman, 20 Warwick street 

Holt Joseph, machinist (Dent & Holt) ; h. 66 Master street 

Holt Joseph Henry, bookkeeper, 6 Holme road 

Holt Richard Crawshaw, F.R.C.S., surgeon, Byerden house, 191 

Colne road 
Holt Robert, hay, straw, and com dealer ^ and cab proprietor,. 

Trafalgar street ; h. 49 Cuerdeu terrace, Accrington road 

Holt Thomas, machinist and blacksmith, Cow lane ; h. 5 Shaw street 

Holt Thomas, M.B., G.M., physician and surgeon, 36 Holme view, 

Golne road 
Holt Thomas, machinist (Cooper Bros., Ltd.); h. 61 Rectory road 
Holt Thomas, assurance agent, 43 Devonshire road 
Holt Thomas, architect, surveyor, and ventilating engineer, 5 

Briercliffe road 
Hood John, sawyer (j.), 44 Talbot street 
Hoole William, cabinet maker, 20 Padiham road 
Hooper Charles, pattern maker, 32 Lord street 
Hooper Mrs. Emma, 17 Shaw street 

Hope John William, butcher, 61 Church street; h. 14 Godly street 
Hopper Edmund, grocer and provision dealer, 52 Plumbe street 
Hopper Matthias, butcher, 6 and 65 Plumbe street 
Hopwood George, shopman, 1 Crowther street 
Hopwood Rushton, weaver, 51 Padiham road 
Hopwood William, bootmaker (j.), 63 Burns street 
Horn Joseph Stephenson, clerk to Board of Guardians, to the Rural 

Sanitary Authority, to Assessment Committee, and to School 

Attendance Committee, 18 Nicholas street; h. 15 Palatine square 
Hornby Christopher, shopman, 30 Hart street 
Hornby John, hairdresser, 79 Oxford road 
Home Arthur, overlooker, 17 White Bull street 
Home Mrs. Eliza, 204 Padiham road 

Home Henry & Son, painters, decorators, and paperhangers, 
145 Padiham road . 



Home James, overlooker, 6 Herbert street 

Home John Robert, twister, 65 Hollingreave road 

Home Mrs. Martha Ann, 30 Devonshire road 

Home Robert, weaver, 31 Hollingreave road 

Home Robert, draper's assistant, 12 Berkeley street 

Home Thomas, mechanic, 148 Accrington road 

Horner Mr. David, 67 Standish street 

Horner Miss Jane, vocalist, 54 Rectory road 

Horner John, joiner (j.), 52 Queensberry road 

Horner John, farmer, White moor 

Horner Mrs. Sarah Jane, 54 Rectory road 

Horner Thomas, mill manager, 67 Standish street 

Horner William, farmer, Broadhead moor 

Horner William Charles, fancy stationer, 29 Manchester road 

Horridge Miss Martha, milliner, 134 Abel street 

Horsfall Philip, farmer, Maries farm 

Horsfall Thomas, overlooker, 55 New Hall street 

Horsfield John, tobacconist and confectioner, 40 Heap street 

Horsfield Mrs. Sarah, 36 Lord street 

Hosie Walter, draper's traveller, 9 Rowley street 

Hosken Rev. Thomas John (Congregational), 25 Fairholme terrace,. 
Park lane 

Hosker William, weaver, 61 Albert street 

Hough Jonathan, beamer, 112 Brougham street 

Hough Thomas, shopkeeper, 40 Belgrave street 

Hough William & Co., tanners, curriers, strapping and picking band- 
manufacturers, 6 Elizabeth street; works, Finsley tannery; h. 21 
Ormerod road 

Houlden George, registrar of cemetery, Cemetery lane 

Houlden John William, master, St. John's school, Accrington road 

Houlding Edward, cotton manufacturer, Central mill, Albert street;, 
h. Beechwood, Beedley Hallows 

Houlding Miss Sarah, 151 Pickup terrace, Manchester road 

Houlding Mrs. Susan, 305 Queen's gate, Colne road 

Howard Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 12 Garden street, and 45 
Curzon street 

Howard James, wheelwright (j.), 1 Willow street 
Howarth Adam, governor of workhouse, Briercliffe road 

Howarth Alfred Arthur, hairdresser and umbrella maker, 52- 
Curzon street 

Howarth Christian, mill manager, 374 Colne road 

Howarth Elizabeth & Alice Ann, eating house, 76 Trafalgar street 

Howarth Forrester, clothlooker, 20 Abbey street 

Howarth George, engine tenter, 33 Newcastle street 

Howarth George, fried fish dealer, 39 Abel street 

Howarth Hartley, grocer and baker, 102 Finsleygate 

Howarth Mr. Hartley, 28 Hart street 

Howarth Henry, shopkeeper, 234 Accrington road 

Howarth Henry, overlooker, 128 Brougham street 

Howarth Henry, shopman, 15 Every street 

Howarth Henry, butcher, 106 Barracks road 

Howarth Mrs. Isabella, milliner, 82 Oxford road 



Howarth James, draper, 13 Lindsay street 

Howarth Jeremiah, taper, 45 St. John's road 

Howarth John, furniture broker, 96 Finsleygate ; h. 63 Springfield rd 

Howarth John, weaver, 122 Hollingreave road 

Howarth John, iron and tinplate worker, 7 Standish street 

Howarth John, tailor and draper, 257 Boundary terrace, Colne road 

Howarth John Thomas, practical umbrella maker and repairer, 
114 Victoria buildings, St. James street ; h. 92 Belvedere road 

Howarth Eichard, fruiterer, 12 Eowley street 
Howarth Thomas, tape sizer, 6 Shorey bank 
Howarth Thomas, overlooker, 10 Plover street 
Howarth Thomas, carpet fitter, 30 Dall street 
Howarth Thomas, shopkeeper, 39 Brown street 
Howarth William, grocer and beerseller, 141 Abel street 

Howe James, tobacconist and confectioner, 258 Colne road 

Howker Enoch, keeper of Town Hall, 62 Leyland road 

Howker Jonas, cotton manufacturer (Catlow & Howker) ; h. 13 Hill 

Marton street 
Howker Joseph, farmer, 60 Leyland road 

Howker Percy, master, Congregational school, Westgate; h. 68 
Belvedere road 

% Howker William, farmer, Higher Eidge farm 

Howley Mrs. Mary, milliner, 16 Temple street 

Howorth Bulcock, butcher, 19 Temple street 

Howorth Mrs. Elizabeth, milliner, 93 Oxford road 

Howorth John, Esq., J.P., Park view, Todmorden road 

Howorth Miss, Park view, Todmorden road 

Hoy Henry, engine driver, 410 Colne road 

Hoyle James, overlooker, 19 Merton street 

Hoyle James, collier, 114 Branch road 

Hoyle John, shopkeeper, Clow Bridge 

Hoyle Mrs. Mary Ann, 24 Nelson square 

Hoyle Eichard, overlooker, 147 Colne road 

Hoyle William James, burial society agent, 121 Burns street 

Hubbersty William Bradley, grocer, 2 Norton street 

Huck William, master, Healey Wood National school ; h. 78 Hollin- 
greave road 

Hudson Abraham, miller (j.), 89 Albert street) 

Hudson Miss Agnes Mary, shopkeeper, 58 Temple street 

Hudson Fred, shopman, 27 Saxon street 

Hudson George Frederick, Temperance and Commercial Hotel, 
9 Curzon street 

Hudson Mrs. Isabella, 23 Dulwich street 

Hudson Mr. James, 4 Laburnum terrace 

Hudson James, leather dealer, 2 Bridge street ; h. Holme hill 

Hudson Miss Jeanette, grocer, 108 Leyland road 

Hudson Jeremiah, furniture broker, 72 Gannow lane 

Hudson Mr. John, Beechwood, Beedley Hallows 

Hudson Matthew, shopkeeper, 109 Cog lane 

Hudson Samuel, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 17 Bridge street ; h. 
14b Piccadilly road 

Hudson Samuel, assurance agent, 336 Colne road 


Hudson Solomon, confectioner, 1 Altham street 

Hudson Thomas, coachman, 187 Colne road 

Hudson Thomas, engine driver, 65 Standish street 

Hudson William, beerhouse, Cheshire Cheese Inn, 8 Edward street 

Huggon Matthew, plasterer (j.), 51 Albert street 

Hughes & Holgate, lithographic artists, designers, and 
illuminators, Bank chambers, Hargreaves street 

Hughes Robert, assistant surveyor, 71 Reed street 

Hugill Christopher, matmaker, 75 Oxford road 

Hugill George, collier, 81 Dall street 

Hugill John, collier, 83 Dall street 

Hull Mr. James, 46 Todmorden road 

Hulme Joseph, paper maker (j.), 153 Rectory road 

Humphreys William, cabinet maker (j.), 17 Herbert street 

Hunt George, gardener, 44 Temple street 

Huntington Henry, overlooker, 28 Albert street 

Huntington Richard Edward, overlooker, 5 Branch road 

Hurley John, eating house, 4 Hammerton street 

Hurtley John & Son, cotton spinners and manufacturers, North Bridge 

mill, Elm street 
Hurtley Robert John, Esq., J. P. (John Hurtley & Son); h. Sunny 

bank, 171 Manchester road 
Hurst Thomas, compositor, 84 Leyland road 
Hussey Edward, photographer's agent, 15 Regent street 
Hutchinson John, weaver, 362 Colne road 
Hyde John, overlooker, 25 Sackville street 
Hyde John William, moulder, 52 Grimshaw street 
Hyslop John William, fried fish dealer, 31 Yorkshire street ' 

Ibbotson James, broker, 17 Tarleton street 
Ibbotson Robert, shopkeeper, 40 Finsleygate 
Ideson Edward, clog and shoe maker, 174 Sandygate 
Ideson Mrs, Ellen, 1 Escar street 
Ideson Simon, clog and shoe maker, 99 Sandygate 
Ightenhill Park Boivling and Tennis Club, Padiham road 
Ince Mrs. Jane, 67 Hufling lane 
Ingham Benjamin, coal dealer, 80 Junction street 
Ingham Christopher, clothlooker, 300 Gannow lane 
Ingham Fred., twister, 228 Colne road 
Ingham Frederick, assurance agent, 43 Albert street 
Ingham James, colliery manager, 88 Hollingreave road 
Ingham James, warehouseman, 307 Padiham road 
Ingham James, engine tenter, 5 Victoria terrace, Lower house 
Ingham John, traveller, 19 Hobart street 
Ingham John, hairdresser, 4 Abel street 
Ingham John, overlooker, 30 Southey street 
Ingham John, draper, 70 Parliament street 
Ingham Jonathan, shopkeeper, 25 Back lane 
Ingham Lawrence, overlooker, 38 Hollingreave road 
Ingham Lord, confectioner, 60 Clarence street 
Ingham M. H., assurance agent, 96 Helena street 
Ingham Peregrine, boot and shoe maker, 13 Smalley street 
Ingham Richard, beamer, 44 Belford street 



Ingham SamL, beerhouse, New White Horse, 14 and 16 Hammerton st 

Ingham Thomas, coal dealer, 364 Accrington road 

Ingham Walter, overlooker, 58 Gordon street 

Ingham William, draper, 68 Hebrew road 

Ingham William, engine tenter, 72 Branch road 

Ingham William, coal dealer, 5 Laithe street 

Ingram Mrs. Alice, draper, 38 Leyland road 

Inland Revenue Office, 22 Nicholas street; John Barnes, supervisor 

Ion Mrs. Jane, 39 Parkinson street 

Ion William, tailor, 4 Todmorden road 

Irvin Mrs. Sarah, 304 Padiham road 

Irving Robert, herbalist, 26 Bridge street 

Isherwood Robert Thomas, assurance superintendent, Bank chambers, 

Hargreaves street ; h. 23 Fairholme terrace 
Isherwood William, sec. to Co-operative Society; h. 51 Devonshire rd 
Ives William, manager, 26 Bear street, Lowerhouse 
Iveson Edward, shopkeeper, 7 Colville street 
Iveson Edward, dogger, 92a Colne road ; h. 45 Old Hall street 
Jack Richard, engineer (j.), 23 Rectory road 
Jackson Adam, shopkeeper, 18 Cog lane 
Jackson Albert, clothlooker, 44 Berry street 
Jackson Alfred, mill manager, 59 Tarleton street 

Jackson Mrs. Ann, lodging house keeper, Green Bank house, 
51 Bank parade 

Jackson Mrs. Ann, 28 Smalley street 

Jackson Miss Annie, baby linen dealer, 56 Manchester road 

Jackson Daniel, earthenware dealer, 49 Marlborough street 

Jackson Mr. Daniel, 59 Eussell street 

Jackson Edward, grocer and draper, 59 Albert street 

Jackson Edward, joiner (j.), 49 Albert street 

Jackson Fred., weaver, 209 Padiham road 

Jackson Hartley (William Jackson, Sons & Co.) ; h. Moseley house, 

Eose Hill road 
Jackson Hartley, shopkeeper, 7 Jackson street 
Jackson Isaac, carter, 12 Adlington street 

Jackson James, dentist (Jackson & Sons), 23 Hargreaves street 
Jackson James, beerhouse, Peel's Arms, 107 and 109 Padiham road 
Jackson James, travelling draper, 32 Brougham street 
Jackson James, mill sub-manager, 101 Hollingreave road 
Jackson James, moulder, 32 Merton street 
Jackson James, weaver, 92 Brunshaw road 
Jackson James, weaver, 34 Hart street 
Jackson Mrs. Jane, draper, 5 St. James street 
Jackson John, police inspector, 47 Albion street 
Jackson John, fried fish dealer, 23 Keppel street 
Jackson John, shopkeeper, 33 Carr street 
Jackson John, weaver, 26 Patten street 
Jackson John, shopkeeper, 23 Carmon street 
Jackson John, coal dealer, 4 Wilton street 

Jackson John & Co., cotton manufacturers, Scar Top shed; h. 5 St." 

James street 
Jackson John Sutcliffe, overlooker, 56 Dall street 

BURNLEY. . 103 

Jackson John Thomas, pawnbroker, clothier and house 
furnisher, 38, 40 and 42 Hebrew road, lb Padiham road, and 
10 Plumbe street 

Jackson John Thomas, superintendent London and Manchester In- 
dustrial Assurance Co., 16 Accrington road 
Jackson Jonathan, compositor, 20 Leyland road 
Jackson Mrs. Margaret, 147 Abel street 
Jackson Mrs. Nancy, 40 Lindsay street 
Jackson Mrs. Nanny, 8 Elm street 

Jackson Eobert, auctioneer and furniture broker, 36 Finsleygate 
Jackson Eobert, weaver, 98 Healey Wood road 
Jackson Eobert Harry, solicitor, 10 St. Matthew street 

Jackson Misses S. A. & B., Commercial Hotel (2 minutes' walk 
; from Bank Top station), 33 and 35 Standish street 

Jackson, Son & Co., mantle warehouse, 1 Chancery street 

Jackson & Sons, dentists, 23 Hargreaves street 

Jackson Thomas, dentist (Jackson & Sons), 23 Hargreaves street; h. 
96 Eectory road 

Jackson Thomas, junior, dentist (Jackson & Sons), 23 Hargreaves st 

Jackson Thomas, vict., General Campbell Inn, 20 Barracks rd 

Jackson Thomas, painter, 40 Oxford road 

Jackson Thomas Hosea, sexton of St. Stephen's, 158 Oxford road 
Jackson Tom, collier, 169 Branch road 

Jackson Walter (Jackson, Son & Co.); h. 5 Devonshire terrace 
Jackson William (John Jackson & Co.) ; h. 34 Hart street 
Jackson William, overlooker, 5 Clarence street 
Jackson William, sawyer, 13 Holling reaves road 

Jackson William, clog and shoe maker, 107 Oxford road; h. 38 
Smalley street 

Jackson William, Sons & Co., cotton manufacturers, Hand Bridge, 

New Hall and Eake Head mills 
Jackson Willie, overlooker, 73 Berry street 
Jackson Young, fried fish dealer, 136 King street 
Jee Charles, L.E.C.P., L.E.C.S., physician and surgeon, Bridge house, 

91 and 93 Manchester road, and 33 Bankhouse street 
Jardine William, travelling draper, 3 Herbert street 
Jefferson Miss Euth, dressmaker, 36 Standish street 
Jemson Thomas, land surveyor, Ighten grove, Padiham road 
Jenkins Arthur, oiler, 74 Springfield road 
Jenkins Eichard, shopkeeper, 4 Hill Marton street 
Jennings William Henry, joiner (j.), 1 Pleasant place 

Jepson, Shaw Bros., opticians, Market hall and 70 Standish 

Street, and Arcade, Nelson 
Jepson Eichard Henry (Jepson, Shaw Bros.) ; h. 70 Standish street 
Jinks Thomas B. (Bazaar Tea Co.) ; h. 69 Ormerod road 
Jobling Albert (Henry Jobling & Son) ; h. 59 Ormerod road 
Jobling Mrs. Ann, 78 Brunshaw road 

Jobling Henry, Esq., J.P. (Henry Jobling & Son); h. Spring Woodhs. 
Jobling Henry & Son, architects, land agents, land and mineral 

surveyors, 91 Eectory road 

Jobling John William, colliery manager, Clifton colliery 
Jobling Matthew, butcher, 35 Lindsay street 

104 . BURNLEY. 

Johnson Mrs. Christiana, shopkeeper, 32 Trafalgar street 

Johnson Edwin, butcher, 73 Manchester road; h. 108 Manchester rd 

Johnson Henry, road surveyor, 5 Herbert street 

Johnson James, coal dealer, 2 Valley street 

Johnson James, saddler, 32 Church street 

Johnson John Arthur, chief clerk to Town Clerk ; h. 73 Coal Clough hi 

Johnson J. P., shoemaker, Plumbe street 

Johnson Eev. Lawrence (Catholic), St. Mary's presbytery, Todmor- 

den road 
Johnson Moses, commercial traveller, 20 Clifton street 
Johnson William Henry, coach trimmer, 10 Oxford road 
Johnstone Mrs. Annie, shopkeeper, 37 Clarence street 
Johnstone James, overlooker, 2 Austin street 
Johnston James, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 9 Knightsbridge 

grove, Colne road 
Jolly Mrs. Elizabeth Ellen, 117 Albert street 
Jolly James, fitter, 18 Herbert street 
Jolly William, coal dealer, 9 Wood street 
Jolly William Henry, broker, 59 Master street 
Jones Miss Ann, milliner, 4 Standish street 

Jones Carl Seymour, hosier and ladies' outfitter, 7 Chancery street 
Jones Eev. Charles, B.A., curate-in-charge of All Saints, Habergham, 

Stockbridge house, Padiham 
Jones Charles Lewis, bookkeeper, 4 Holme road 
Jones Daniel, grocer and provision dealer, 51 Finsleygate 
Jones D., assurance agent, 2 St. Stephen's street 

Jones Edward, master, Fulledge Wesleyan school; h. 70 Prospect ter 
Jones Mrs. Emma, milliner and dressmaker, 36 Piccadilly road 
Jones John, fried fish dealer, 156 Trafalgar street 
Jones Miss Louisa, dressmaker, 34 Westgate 

Jones Eichard, pawnbroker, 49 Hammerfcon street ; h. 28 Belvedere rd 
Jones Samuel, engineer (j.), 44 Colville street 
Jones Thomas, police sergeant, 40 Pear street 
Jordan Edward, postman, 6 Eaglan road 
Jordan James, boot and shoe maker, 73 Albion street 
Jordan Patrick, grocer and beerseller, 32 Plumbe street 
Jowett John, tea dealer, 53 Hollingreave road 
Jowett Mashac, beerhotlse, Greyhound Inn, 10 Cannon street 

Jowett W. & M., dealers in poultry, pigeons and dogs, 4 
Calder street 

Joynson Owen Fenner, B.A., M.D., & B.S., physician and surgeon, 35 

Padiham road 
Judson Timothy, cotton mill manager, 73 Church street 
Jump James, overlooker, 8 Belford street 
Kay James, Esq., J. P. (John Kay & Sons); h. Towneley villa, 60 

Todmorden road 
Kay James, engine driver, 119 Albert street 
Kay James, rate collector, 138 Branch road 

Kay James Sellers, solicitor, 22 Nicholas street ; h. 2 Palatine square 
Kay John & Sons, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Spafield, and 

Burnley Wood mills 
Kay Joseph, secretary to Tradesmen's Billposting Co. ; h. 7 Renshaw st 


Kay Mrs. Nancy, 119 Oxford road 

Kay Robert, draper, 8 Mason street 

Kay William Henry, assistant overseer for Habergharn Eaves, 20 

Nicholas street; h. 34 Smalley street 
Kay-Shuttleworth Right Hon. Sir Ughtred James, Bart., M.P., 

Kearsley James, builder and contractor, 9 Ivory street 
Kearton John, shopkeeper, 49 Kirkgate 

Keers Robert, grocer and provision dealer, 292 Padiham road 
Keeling Edward James, artist, 57 Brougham street 
Keighley Daniel, pattern maker, 30 Cavour street 
Keighley Elijah, foreman engineer, 51 Rectory road 
Keighley George, Esq., J. P., ironfounder, engineer, and machinist, 

Bankhouse works, Canning street ; h. Woodfield house, Clifton st 
Keighley Gilbert, assistant architect, 72 Brougham street 
Keighley Gilbert, foreman engineer, 53 Rectory road 
Keighley Green Mill Co., Limited, cotton spinners, Bank parade; E, 

L. H. Crossley, sec. 
Keighley John warehouseman, 20 Branch road 

Keighley Misses Mary Ann & Elizabeth, dressmakers, 102 Trafalgar st 
Keighley Samuel, architect and surveyor, 25 and 27 Nicholas street ; 

h. 68 Osborne terrace, Albion street 
Keighley "William, foreman engineer, 7 Crow Wood terrace 
Kellett Mrs. Jane, 113 Rectory road 
Kellett William, berlin wool and fancy repository, 22 Manchester rd ; 

and tailor and draper, 7 Yorke street 
Kelly James, assurance agent, 9 Anne street 
Kelly Thomas, moulder, 3 Escar street 

Kendal Richard, surgeon dentist, 64 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 
Kendall Francis, collier, 21 Hollingreave road 
Kendall William, boot and shoe maker, 138 Accrington road 
Kendle James, laundry, Reedley street 
Kendrick Thomas, mill secretary, 48 Coal Clough lane 
Kennedy Mrs. Elizabeth, 267 Colne road 

Kennedy James (Shee & Kennedy, Limited), 18 Manchester road 
Kennedy Thomas, baker (j.), 266 Colne road 

Kennerley William & Co., painters and decorators, 14 and 16 
Parker lane 

Kenyon Christopher, assurance agent, 295 Colne road 

Kenyon Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer, 55 Sandygafce 

Kenyon Fred, station master, Towneley station 

Kenyon Henry, club steward, 40 Helena street 

Kenyon James, vict., Tim Bobbin, Padiham road 

Kenyon Joseph, overlooker, 157 Briercliffe road 

Kenyon Miss Margaret, vict., Railway Hotel, Rose grove 

Kenyon Samuel, army pensioner, 41 Padiham road 

Kenyon Mrs. Sarah Alice, grocer, 78 Trafalgar street 

Kenyon William, builder (Skeith, Kenyon, & Clegg); h. 12 Renshaw st 

Kenyon William Henry, chapel keeper, 26 Clifton street 

Kerr Robert, cabinet maker, 95 Manchester road 

Kerrigan James, tinplate worker, 48 Church street 

Kershaw Alfred, weaver, 45 Healey Wood road 


Kershaw Edward Thomas, watch and clock maker, 71 Abel st 

Kershaw Miss Eleanor, dressmaker, 62 Oxford road 

Kershaw Hartley, coal dealer, 3 Dane street 

Kershaw Henry, grocer and provision dealer, 1 Norman street 

Kershaw Henry, mechanic, 17 Eegent street 

Kershaw Philip, weaver, 6 Eowley street 

Kershaw "William Hall, bank clerk, 93 Albatross terrace, Albion street 

Kidd James, assurance agent, 28 Berkeley street 

Kidd Mrs. Euth, 8 Colne road 

Kidd Thomas, mechanic, 21 Eed Lion street 

Kiely Mr. Michael, 9 Crow nest 

Kilburn Thomas, grocer, 43 Kirkgate 

Kilshaw John, foreman moulder, 86 Westgate 

Kilroy J., assurance agent, 45 Marlborough street 

King Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, tobacconist, 52a Trafalgar street ; h. 11 

Carlton road 
King John, club steward, 68 Padiham road 
King Miss Martha Ann, shopkeeper, 43 Sandygate 
Kippax Alfred, mill manager, 10 Eectory road 
Kippax Miss Alice, 2 Belvedere road 
Kippax Elijah, laundry manager, 72 Grey street 
Kippax Mr. James, 26 Accrington road 

Kippax James, berlin wool, underclothing, & fancy repository, 
37 St. James street, and 71 Oxford road 

Kippax James, bookkeeper, 15 Leyland road 

Kippax John, pawnbroker, 10 Parker lane ; h. 31 Colne road 

Kippax John, general carrier, 14 Ardwick street 

Kippax John, beamer, 283 Padiham road 

Kippax Mr. Luke, 37 Colne road 

Kippax Luke, mill manager, 38 Merton street 

Kippax Mrs. Maria, 21 Colne road 

Kippax Mark, cotton spinner and manufacturer, Salford mill and 

Maries shed, Colne road 
Kippax Mrs. Mary, 13 Todmorden road 
Kippax Mrs. Mary Martha, shopkeeper, 4 Acre street 
Kippax Robert, mason, 4 Leyland road 
Kippax Whittam, weaver, 53 Padiham road 
Kirby Herbert, fried fish dealer, 204 Accrington road 

Kirk John William, viet., Dragoon Hotel, 72 and 74 Hebrew rd 

Knape John, coachbuilder, Eailway street and Cuerden street 
Knape Mrs. Sarah, 65 Rectory road 

Kneeshaw Henry, assistant schoolmaster, 15 Stafford street 
Kneeshaw John William, master, Burnley Wood National school; h. 

31 Todmorden road 
Knight James, brewer's traveller, 5 Spring Hill road 
Knight James, grocer's assistant, 40 Talbot street 
Knowles Mrs. Alice, 108 Springfield road 
Knowles Charles, greengrocer, 3a Padiham road 
Knowles Daniel, warehouseman, 13 Carter street 
Knowles Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, 76 Church street 
Knowles Mrs. Esther, draper, 48 Abel street 
Knowles John, engine tenter, 12 Patten street 


Knowles John, overlooker, 78 Gordon street 
Knowles John James, overlooker, 14 Holton street 

Knowles Peter, grocer and beerseller, 2 Blenheim street 

Knowles Eobinson, moulder, 33 Albert street 

Knowles Sam, tobacconist, 49 Standish street 

Knowles Thomas Henry, commission agent, 92 Hollingreave road 

Knowles William, confectioner, 64 Trafalgar street 

Knowles Mr. William, 100 Brougham street 

Knowles William, weaver 8 King street 

Knox William, police constable, Higher ridge 

Knox Eev. William Ferguson, M.A., curate of St. Paul's, Albion street 

Kyan Algernon, contractor (H. Fotherby & Son) ; h. 29 Ormerod road 

Lacy Edward, draper, 33 Master street 

Lacy Harvey, shopkeeper, 18 Fir street 

Lacy Eobert Henry, bookkeeper, 31 Brunshaw road 

Lacy Mrs. Eosannah, 11 Austin street 

Ladell Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 2 Branch road 

Laity John, miner, 138 Trafalgar street 

Lamb Henry, gardener, 95 Eose Grove lane 

Lambert Christopher, weaver, 13 Sackville street 

Lambert Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 28 Leyland road 

Lambert Eobert, coal agent, 99 Healey Wood road 

Lambert Thomas, tobacconist, 120 St. James street, and 7 Yorkshire 

street; h. 41 Todmorden road 
Lambert Thomas, timekeeper, 144 Branch road 

Lancashire Decorative Art Furnishing' Co., 145 St. James street 

Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Limited, Hargreaves street and 

Nelson ; George Gill manager 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Boot Eepairing Company, 8 Church street 
Lancashire Evening Post (branch), 3 St. James row; John C. 

Marshall, agent 
Lancashire Evening Express and Blackbtim Standard Office (branch), 

Bethesda street 
Lancaster Alfred, Esq., J.P. (Lancaster Brothers) ; h. Fern bank, Coal 

Clough lane 
Lancaster Bros., cotton manufacturers, Springfield shed, Waterloo rd 

Lancaster Caleb, overlooker, 4 Patten street 
Lancaster Evan Ei chard, hairdresser, 37 Oxford road 
Lancaster Frederick, mill manager, 256 Colne road 
Lancaster James (Lancaster Brothers) ; h. 27 Oarlton road 
Lancaster James William, bookkeeper, 54 Devonshire road 
Lancaster Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 64 Parliament street 
Lancaster John, furniture broker, 75 Hufling lane 
Lancaster Jobn, vict., Eoyal Oak Hotel, 107 St. James street 
Lancaster John, draper and clothier, 134 St. James street and 3 

Market street 
Lancaster John Thomas, overlooker, 11 Eliza street 
Lancaster Jonathan, surveyor (Hitchon, Son, & Lancaster) ; h. 159 

Woodside, Todmorden road 

Lancaster Miss Lillie, artist, 208 Colne road 

Lancaster Mrs. Mary Hannah, dressmaker, 21 Temple street 
Lancaster Smith, roller coverer, 100 Eeed street 


Lancaster Thomas, grocer and draper, 2 Holme road 

Lancaster William, Esq., J. P., 13 Carlton road 

Lancaster William, cotton waste dealer, Bank parade 

Lancaster William, junior (Lancaster Brothers) ; h. 25 Carlton road 

Landless Alfred, engine fitter, 40 Sussex street 

Landless Brothers, cotton manufacturers, Clow bridge 

Landless John, mining engineer, 79 Ormerod road 

Landless John William (Landless Brothers) ; h. 88 Clow bridge 

Landless Ralph (Landless Brothers) ; h. 90 Clow bridge 

Landless Stephen (Landless Brothers); h. Clow farm 

Landless William (Landless Brothers); h. Alma villa, Clow bridge 

Lane Mrs. Margaret, grocer and dining rooms, 16 Yorkshire street 

Lang* Alexander, viet., Dog and Duck Inn (choice wines and 
spirits, Massey's Sparkling Ales), 95 St. James street 

Langford Capt. William John, adjutant 2nd Vol. Batt. E.L. Regiment, 

Glencairn, 391 Padiham road 
Langstaff Thomas, overlooker, 31 Brougham street 
Larkin Henry, foreman, tram depot, 422 Colne road 
Lascelles John, upholsterer, 6 Harriet street 
Latham Adam, carter, 15 Hart street 
Latham Honry, boiler coverer, 10 Lincoln street 

Latham John Thomas, baker and confectioner, 37 Hurtley st 

Latham John, twister, 28 Dall street 

Latham &Kippax, earthenware dealers, 13 Abel street 

Latham Mrs. Mary Ann, 70 Osborne terrace, Albion street 

Latham Norman, painter and decorator, 216 Colne road 

Launder John, furniture dealer, 8 Croft street ; and herbalist, 20 

Yorkshire street 
Lavender James, fried fish dealer, 37 Brown street 
Law Ebenezer, canvasser, 3 Spencer street 
Law Mr. Henry, 17 Brooklands road 
Law John, french polisher, 189 Oxford road 
Law J. B. & Co., photographer, 26 Church street 
Law Mr. John Eichard, 91 Gannow lane 
Lawrie Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 1 Folds street 

Lawrie Robert, boot and shoe maker, 12 Market place 
Laws George, coal dealer, furniture remover and waggonette 
proprietor, Wood street 

Laws John, coal dealer, 21 Grey street 

Lawson Mrs. Alice, 35 Berkeley street 

Lawson Anthony, cattle spice manufacturer, Veevers street; h. 48 

Eectory road 
Lawson Fielden, taper, 2 Newton street 
Lawson James, market gardener, 412 Colne road 
Lawson John, overlooker, 247 Padiham road 
Lawson Jonathan, overlooker, 21 Cameron street 
Lawson Samuel, tea dealer, 7a Market street 
Lawson Smith, solicitor, 23 St. James row, and 31 Manchester road, 

Lawson Thomas, joiner, 32 Grimshaw street 
Lawson Thomas, fruiterer, 18 Yorkshire street 
Lawson Thomas, french polisher, 49 Padiham road 


Lawson William, joiner (j.), 37 Lindsay street 

Lawson William Matthew, boot aad shoe maker, 68 Parliament street 

Lay Sergeant- Major George, 19 Brunshaw road 

Laycock Daniel & Sons, builders and contractors, 3a Ormerod road 

Laycock Daniel junior (D. Laycock & Sons) ; h. 53 Parkinson street 

Laycock Mrs. Dora, dressmaker, 32 Bar street 

Laycock Eli, sewing machine agent, 17 Healey Wood road 

Laycock James, draper's assistant, 21 Thurston street 

Laycock John, farmer, Back lane 

Laycock John, butcher, 304 Gannow lane 

Laycock Joseph, smallware dealer (Armstrong & Laycock) ; h. 126 
Rectory road 

Laycock Mrs. Mary, 36 Allen street 

Laycock Richard, shopkeeper, 23 Glen street 

Laycock Thomas, draper, 57 Curzon street 

Laycock William (D. Laycock & Sons) ; h. 30 Talbot street 

Laycock William, boot and shoe maker, 6 Clifton street 

Layfield Henry, foreman rope maker, 55 Lindsay street 

Layfield Mr. Humphrey, 49 Oxford road 

Layfield Mr. James, 17 Todmorden road 

Layfield John (M. & J. Layfield) ; h. 54 Tentre street 

Layfield Joseph, leather and clog iron dealer, 46 Abel street 

Layfield M. & J., boiler makers, Plumbe Street Boiler works 
Layfield Massey (M. & J. Layfield) ; h. 21 Gillowe street 

Layfield Richard, vict, Bowling: Green Inn, 25 Clifton street 

Layfield Thomas, weaver, 25 Forest street 

Layton Edmund, reedmaker (j.), 19 Stafford street 

Lea Mr. Lewis, 66 Osborne terrace, Albion street 

Lea Eichard S. & Co., tea dealers, 69 Oxford road, 79 Westgate, and 

96 Colne road ; h. 22 Piccadilly road 
Leach Edward, assurance agent, 46 Berry street 
Leach Miss Jane Sutcliffe, dressmaker, 19 Yorkshire street 
Leach John George, yarn agent, 111 Shakespeare terrace, Albion st 
Leach Miss Mary Ann, dressmaker, 6 Belford street 
Leak William, pianoforte maker (j.), 4 Norman street 
Leather John Petty, engineer and manager of Gas works, Finsleygate 
Leaver James, clothlooker, 35 Thurston street . 
Leaver James, cotton manufacturer (Whitehead & Leaver) ; h. Harle 


Leaver Peter, master, St. James school; h. 135 Eectory road 

Leaver Eobert, hawker, Eeedley street 

Lee Allan, draper, Keith street 

Lee Edward, dyer and bleacher, Victoria street) 

Lee Frederick, assistant schoolmaster, 2 Murray street 

Lee George (James Lee & Brother) ; h. 1 Tennis street 

Lee Henry, overlooker, 5 Escar street 

Lee Henry Gibson, weaver, 12 Oxford street 

Lee Mr. James, 57 Todmorden road 

Lee James, shopkeeper, 51 Piccadilly road 

Lee James (James Lee & Bror.) ; h. 5 Knightsbridge grove, Colne rd 

Lee James & Brother, cotton manufacturers, Elm Street shed 

Lee John, sawyer, 11 Hallwell street 


Lee John Lawrence (Edward Lee) ; h. 96 Manchester road 
Lee Mrs. Margaret, 96 Manchester road . 

Lee Mrs. Margaret, 29 Colne road 

Lee Nathan, teacher of violin and viola, 33 Murray street 
Lee Richard, baker and confectioner, 42 Brougham street 

Lee Mr. Richard, 96 Manchester road 

Lee Eobert, butcher, 219 Briercliffe road 

Lee Robert, joiner, Lees hill 

Lee Robert, farmer, Lower Saxifield 

Lee Robert Whittam, butcher, 180 Colne road, and 10a Briercliffe rd 

Lee Thomas, butcher and farmer, Lowerhouse 

Lee Thomas, weaver, 33 Rowley street 

Lee Thomas, shopkeeper, 139 Manchester road 

Lee Whitham, butcher, 1 Belford street, and 4 Ridge road 

Lee Wilkinson, joiner (j.), 15 Hobart street 

Lee William, coal dealer, 1 Colville street 

Lee William, beerhouse, Oxford Inn, 1 Temple street 

Leedam James, tailor and draper, 5 Red Lion street ; h. 4 Hawk st 

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Co., Manchester road; John Turner, agent 

Leeming John, miner, 21 Thursby road 

Leeming John, miner, 26 Grey street 

Leeming William, grocer (sub-post office), Lowerhouse 

Lees John, clerk, 53 Cavour street 

Lees Thomas Lister, assurance agent, 17 Briercliffe road 

Leigh Mrs. Ann, 155 Pickup terrace, Manchester road 

Leigh Miss Mary Ann, confectioner, 75 Abel street 

Leslie Mrs. Fanny, teacher of music, 30 King street 

Leslie & Nightingale, builders and contractors, Beech grove, Coal 

Clough lane 
Leslie James (Leslie & Nightingale) ; h. Beech grove, Coal Clough In 
Lewis Henry, blacksmith, 14 Stafford street 
Lewis John, shopkeeper, 85 Anne street 
Lewis John, dyer and cleaner, 127 Abel street 
Lewis Richard, fried fish dealer, 74 Padiham road 
Lewis Thomas, hosier, 71 Standish street 
Lewis William, weaver, 14 Albion street 
Leyland Francis, mechanic, 46 Piccadilly road 
Leyland John, clogger, 78 Curzon street 
Liddle Thomas, hawker, 6 Croft street 

Liddy Mrs. Ellen, apartments, 5 and 7 Rectory road 

Lilley Joseph, professional cricketer, 76 Leyland road 
Line William Weller, boot and shoe maker, 38 Waterloo road 
Lingard John, mechanic, 12 Albion street 
Lingard Eobert, blacksmith (j.), 59 Belgrave street 
Lingard Miss Ruth, confectioner, 87 Accrington road 
Lingwood Miss Jane, 37 Red Lion street 

Linney William Edward, district superintendent,Provident Association 
of London, Bank chambers, Hargreaves st ;. h. 82 Hollingreave road 
Lipton Thomas J., tea and provision merchant, 15 Market street 
Lister Charles, fried fish dealer, 29 Clark street 
Lister Frank, weaver, 226 Colne road 
Lister George William, engineer (j.), 30 Cedar street 



Lister Mrs. Jane, 14 Belvedere road 

Lister Mr. Thomas, 15 Sefton terrace 

Little Andrew, M.B., CM., physician & surgeon (oculist),62Bank par 

Little Fred, joiner (j.), 54 Dall street 
Little Peter, tailor, 98 Brougham street 
Littlefair Mrs. Emma, 32 Albert street 
Littlehales Mrs. B., Ferndene, 161 Manchester road 

Littlehales R. H., ship share broker, Ferndene, 161 Man- 
Chester road 

Littlewood Henry, viet, Sparrow Hawk Hotel (every accom- 
modation for commercial gentlemen), Church street 

Liversedge Robert, miner, 99 Colne road 
Livsey Edward James, coal dealer, 64 Springfield road 
Livsey Peter, house furnisher and cabinet maker, 33, 35, 41, 43, and 
45 Springfield road 

Livesey Mrs. Annie, baby linen dealer, 55 Abel street 

Livesey James, engine tenter, 34 Hollingreave road 

Livesey John, shopkeeper, 41 Royle road 

Livesey Mary, shopkeeper, 5 Athol street 

Lockwood George, salesman, 90 Belvedere road 

Lockwood Thomas, collier, 140 Branch road 

Lloyd Arthur C, solicitor's clerk, 28 Brougham street 

Lloyd John, baker, confectioner and eating house, 194 and 196 

Accrington road 
Lloyd John William, fried fish dealer, 67 Padiham road 

Loder Charles, labourer, 34 Temple street 

Loder Charles, beerhouse, Eifle Volunteers' Inn, 1 Smalley street 

Loder Mrs. Hannah, shopkeeper, 52 Cotton street 

Loder Henry, milliner, 127 Oxford road 

Lodge Benjamin, shopkeeper, 84 Hebrew road 

Lofthouse Mrs. Alice, dressmaker, 160 Sandygate 

Lofthouse John, police constable, 5 Every street 

Lomas John, coal dealer, 30 Glebe street 

Lomas Thomas Henry, confectioner, 10 Hargreaves street ; h. Stoney- 

holme villa 
Lomax John Wild, shopkeeper, 58 Springfield road 
London Eubber Co., 65 St. James street"; Thomas Groarke, manager 
Long Mrs. Jane, 258 Accrington road 
Long William, collier, 13 Lydia street 
Lonsdale Daniel, overlooker, 177 Briercliffe road 
Lonsdale Henry, professor of music, 57 Colne road 
Lonsdale John, secretary to County Liberal Registration Association,. 

1 Yorke street; h. 19 Park lane 
Lonsdale John C, printer (j.), Lowerhouse lane 
Lord Miss Alice, shroud maker, 26 Standish street 
Lord Amos (Lord Brothers) ; h. 154 Accrington road 
Lord Mrs. Ann, grocer, 86 Church street 
Lord Brothers, cotton manufacturers, Wood Top mill 
Lord David, blacksmith (j.), 42 Sussex street 
Lord Mr. Edward, 5 Albion street 
Lord Frederick, mill manager, 15 Parkinson street 
Lord Mrs. Hannah, grocer, 76 Colne road 


Lord Howarth, clerk, 2 Brooklands road 

Lord James, pawnbroker, 1 Croft street 

Lord James, filemaker, 27 Plumbe street ; h. 11 Berry street 

Lord James, cashier, 17 Colne road 

Lord James William, grocer, 84 and 86 Grey street 

Lord Jeremiah, timekeeper, 3 Southey street 

Lord Mr. John, 17 Knights Bridge grove, Colne road 

Lord John, overlooker, 5 Gill street 

Lord John, plumber, 29 Howe street 

Lord Jonathan, taper, 104 Hollingreave road 

Lord Lawrence, mill manager, 66 Devonshire road 

Lord Robert, clog and shoe maker, 15a Boot street 

Lord Samuel, watchmaker and clothier, 5 Curzon street 

Lord Sylvanus (Lord Brothers) ; h. 33 Villiers street 

Lord Wilfrid, cloth salesman, 11 Saxon street 

Lord William, Borough Liberal Registration agent, 1 Yorke street; h. 

158 Accrington road 
Lord William, draper, 11 Daneshouse road 
Lord William, hairdresser, 133 Parliament street 
Love Clough Co-operative Stores (branch), Clow bridge 
Lovett Frank, overlooker, 27 Berry street 

Lowcock James Winstanley, colliery under manager, Bee Hole lodge 
Lowcock Joseph, tailor (j.), 97 Colne road 
Lowcock Robert, overlooker, 6 Broughton street 
Lowerhouse Industrial Co-operative Society, Limited, grocers, &c, 

Lowerhouse and Gannow lane ; James Turner, secretary 
Lowery Henry, upholsterer, 15 Cow lane 
Lowery Robert Alexander, cabinet maker, 7 Every street 
Lowthian William, foreman porter, 16 Rose Grove lane 
Lucas Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 4 Ashworth street 
Luking Thomas, taper, 320 Colne road 
Lund Richard, grocer, 74 Church street 
Lund Thomas, confectioner, 6 Princess street 
Lund Mrs. Urania, 103 Dall street 

Lupton Albert (Lupton Brothers) ; h. 58 Holme view, Colne road 
Lupton Arthur (Lupton Brothers) ; h. 12 St. Matthew street 
Lupton Benjamin, cotton waste manufacturer (Whitaker & Lupton); h. 

136 Manchester road 
Lupton Brothers, booksellers, stationers, and music sellers, 38 and 40 

Manchester road, and Market hall 
Lupton Francis, saddler and harness maker, 114 Colne road 
Lupton George, shopkeeper, 35 Bank parade 
Lupton Halstead, saddler and harness maker, 16 Westgate 
Lupton Joseph Townend (Lupton Brothers); h. 7 Carlton road 
Lupton William, cotton waste dealer (James Holland) ; h. 109 Mand- 

chester road 
Lush Thomas, tea agent, 11 Rawson street 
Lush William, coal dealer, 7 Print street 
Luxton Miss Sarah A., dressmaker, 25 Todmorden road 
Lynch James, cabinet maker (j.), 32 Cedar street 
McBurney Snowden, coachsmith (j.), 109 Rectory road 

Macadam Mrs. H., milliner, 37 Standish street 


"Maccabe John, tobacco pipe maker, Old Turnpike 

McCann and Trummell, tailors and habit makers, 76 St. 
James road 

McCave James, carter, 172 Accrington road 

McConnell James, agent, 10 Mary street 

McCleave William, army pensioner, 26 Carter street 

McCreesh Joseph, plumber's manager, 55 Burns street 

HcCullough Mrs. Sarah, 22 Lord street 

McCutcheon James, french polisher, 115 Manchester road 

Macdonald Ehoderick, vict., Britannia Inn, 107 Oxford road 

McDonnell John, cabinet maker, Adlington street 

McDonough Thomas, shopkeeper, 30 Warwick street 

McDonough Mr. William, 53 Standish street 

McDowell John, boot manufacturer's manager, 62 St. James street 

MacEvoy Francis, draper, 91 and 183 St. James street 

McFadden Hugh, grocer, 107 Anne street 

McFarlane James, overlooker, 94 Dall street 

McFarlane Sidney, auctioneer, 44 Holme view, Colne road 

McGourty Mrs. Margaret, 50 Holbeck street 

McGowan James, vocalist, 16 Arthur street 

Mackenzie James, M.D. (Brown & Mackenzie), 66 Bank parade 

Mackie Mr. Alexander, 14 Lord street 

Mackie James, taper, 59 Padiham road 

Mackie James Alex., preserve works manager, 221 Gannow lane 

Mackie John Stephenson, manager of Burnley Gazette, 61 Coal Clough In 

Mclnerney John, groundsman, 21 Brunshaw road 

Mackay John, livery stable proprietor and confectioner, 95 Oxford road 

Mackay John, jun., cab driver, 7 Burton street 

Mackay William, tobacconist, 131 Parliament street 

Mackrell Fred., professor of music and pianoforte dealer, 6 
Standish street 

Mackrell Mr. George, 25 Gordon street 

McLeod Miss Christina, mistress, St. Stephen's infant school; h. 38 
Belvedere road 

McMahon Arthur, draper's manager, 75 Hurtley street 

McMahon John, grocer's assistant, 71 Albert street 

McMaster Samuel, head gardener, Gawthorpe 

McNicol James, watchmaker, 47 Standish street 

McNulty Michael, hawker, 18 Leyland road 

McQuaker William, draper's assistant, 11 Hattersley street 

McTurk Mrs. Annie, professional nurse and bone setter, 45 
Carter street 

.Machin George, carter, 8 Mile street 

Maddicks Albert L., manager, Burnley Express, 104 Eectory road 

Maddock Samuel, confectioner, 36 Oxford road 

Maden Hargreaves & Sons, corn dealers, 9 Eed Lion street ; h. Thorn 

cliff, Manchester road 
Maden James, farmer, Higher Oaken eaves 
Maden John, overlooker, 17 Merton street 
Maden John, chapel keeper, 3 Saunder bank 
Magee Hugh, joiner (j.), 63 Curzon street 
Magnall James, grocer, 145 and 147 Cog lane 



Magnall John, beerhouse, Shepherds' Arms, 71 Cog lane 
Magnall Joseph, clerk, Hobart street 

Magnall Thomas, grocer and beerseller, 198 Accrington road 
Magnall William, shopkeeper, 26 Cobden street 
Makinson Seth, shopkeeper, 208 Accrington road 
Mallinson Samuel, shopkeeper, 42 Gannow lane 

Manchester & County Bank, Limited, Grimshaw street; N. P. Gray,, 

Mangham Michael, labourer, 2 Handy street 

Mann Eobert, carter, 20 Hawk street 

Mann Mrs. Susannah, 13 Nicholas street 

Marland Mrs. Martha, 32 Yorkshire street 

Marquis Thomas, beerhouse, Coal Clough Hotel, 19 Coal Clough lane 

Marquis Thomas, shopkeeper, 2 Clough street 

Marriott John M., solicitor, 21 Nicholas street; h. 106 Clayton street,. 


Marsden Edward, carter, 188 Colne road 

Marsden Frederick William, L.E.C.P.E., L.E.C.S.E., physician and 

surgeon, 54 Holme view, Colne road 
Marsden Henry, tripe dealer, 36 Hammerton street 
Marsden James, joiner (j.), 29 Todmorden road 
Marsden Mrs. Jane, 107 Hollingreave road 
Marsden Joseph, grocer, 61 Milton street 
Marsden Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, 215 Colne road 
Marsden Thomas & Co., family grocers, Italian warehousemen and 

wholesale confectioners, Newtown mills, Cow lane; branches, 2. 

Accrington road, Padiham road, 8 Plumbe street, Bell's arcade, and 

157 Oxford road 

Marsh Eobert, assistant schoolmaster, 27 Murray street 
Marshall Mrs. Ann, 344 Purchon place, Padiham road 
Marshall Arthur, newsagent, 1 Newcastle street 

Marshall Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 82 Gordon street 

Marshall James, school keeper, 51 Kirkgate 

Marshall John C, reporter, 55 Eeed street 

Marshall John, chimney sweeper, 18 Peter street 

Marshall Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 51 Albion street 

Marshall Eichard, builder (Townend & Marshall) ; h. Southey street 

Marshall Samuel, farmer, Brickhouse farm 

Marshall Simeon, taper, 29 Parkinson street 

Marshall Thomas, pointsman, 20 Castle street 

Marshall Thomas, overlooker, 32 Forest view, Tunnel street 

Marshall William, warehouse manager, 55 Springfield road 

Marshall William, sewing machine agent, Market hall ; h. 188 Padiham 

Marsland Mrs. Ellen, 88 Manchester road 

Martin Charles, boot and shoe maker, 17 Lomas street 

Martin Edward Hanson, assurance agent, 66 Coal Clough lane 

Martin Nicholas J., paint warehouse manager, 132 St. James street 

Martin Eichard, assurance manager, 32 Clifton street 

Martin William, boot and shoe maker, 4 Sand street 

Martin William James, draper, 19 Hebrew road 

Martlew John, hairdresser, 9 St. James row ; h. 69 Cavour street 



Maskrey Samuel, family grocer, 94 Colne road and 29 Old 
Hall street. (Families specially waited upon by travellers.) 

Mason Mrs. Arabella, berlin wool dealer, 171 St. James street 

Mason Fergus, shopkeeper, 119 Waterloo road 

Mason George, coal dealer, 7 Clarence street 

Mason Henry, sewing machine agent, 9 Hollingreave road 

Mason James, shopkeeper, 24 Springfield road 

Mason John, coal dealer, 89 Brunswick street 

Mason Jonathan, club steward, 73 Burns street 

Mason Mrs. Martha, 30 Hull street 

Mason Nathan, beerhouse, Derby Inn, 162 Colne road 

Mason Ralph, neatsfoot oil manufacturer, tripe dresser, &c, 
Exmouth street ; branches, 95 Westgate, 7a Plumtae street, 
119 St. James street, and 95 Westgate 

Mason Kichard, greengrocer, 28 Parker laue 
Mason Thomas, assurance agent, 6 Hilary street 
Massey Mr. Charles, 281 Padiham road 

Massey Mrs. Mary Ann, 51 Cuerden terrace, Accrington road 
Massey William Wood, healdmaker, Brown street ; h. 25 Thurston st 
Massey's Burnley Brewery, Limited, brewers, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, Bridge End brewery; stores, 70 Temple street 

Mather Henry C, optician, 18 Market hall and Nelson 

Matthews Eobert Henry, carver and gilder, and picture dealer, 9a Red 

Lion street ; h. 8 Belvedere road 
Maud Jonas, butcher, 163 St. James street, and 76 Padiham road 
Maudsley John, shopkeeper, 49 Lowerhouse lane 
Maudsley John William, surveyor, 5 Fair View road 
Maxfield Metcalf, stationer, 60 and 129 Parliament street 
Maxfield Richard, mill manager, 273 Padiham road 
Maxfield Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 26 Hart street 
Maxwell William, shopkeeper, 1 Norton street 
May John, paper maker (j.), 129 Accrington road 
Maychell Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 19 Holton street 
Maylard Mrs. Christiana, nurse, 13 Cameron street 
Mayor William, beerhouse, Pack Horse Inn, 6 and 8 Calder street 
Maypole Dairy Co., 89 St. James street 
Meads William Edward, compositor, 10 Canning street 
Mechanics' Institution, Manchester road; C. M. Foden, Esq., J. P., 

hon. secretary ; Thomas Hartley, librarian 
Medley Henry Hartley, joiner, (j.), 85 Hollingreave road 
Medley Mrs., milliner, 56 Brunswick street 
Meller Mrs. Rachel, shopkeeper, 3 Fielden street 
Meller Thomas, solicitor's managing clerk, 442 Colne road 
Mellor Abednego, general draper, 26 Parker lane 
Mellor Joseph Jepson, draper; 18 Helena street 
Mellor Thomas, overlooker, 5 Abbey street 
Mellor William, overlooker, 54 Forest view, Tunnel street 

Mennell John James, hatter and athletic outfitter, 10 Stan- 
dish street 

Mennell Thomas, tailor, la Clifton street 

Mercer Cornelius, joiner (j.), 30 Hollingreave road 

Mercer Mr. James, 5 Kidrow lane, Habergham 



Mercer James Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 8 Bridge street and 93 

Parliament street 
Mercer Mrs. Margaret, beerhouse, Foresters Arms, 16 Bank parade 
Mercer Mr. Robinson, 478 Padiham road 
Mercer Thomas, police constable, 103 Healey Wood road 

Mercer William Bury, pianoforte tuner and repairer, 53 

Meredith Mrs. Elizabeth, shirtmaker, 57 Burns street 

Meredith Charles Lewis, coachmaker (j.), 119 Parliament street 

Meridew Alfred, fried fish dealer, 63 Plumbe street 

Merrifield Mrs. Selinda, fruiterer and confectioner, 243 and 245 

Accrington road 
Metcalfe Albert, pattern maker, 61 Piccadilly road 
Metcalfe Charles, carver and gilder (j.), 34 Hebrew road 
Metcalfe Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, 109 Leyland road 
Metcalfe George, brass moulder, 5 Ashfield road 
Metcalfe George, confectioner, 120 Colne road 
Metcalfe James W., newspaper agent, 7 Hammerton street 
Metcalfe John, labourer, 25 Clarence street 
Metcalfe John, engineer (j.), 6 Carr street 
Metcalfe John, boot and shoe maker, 22 Belgrave street 

Metcalfe Matthew, boot and shoe maker, 90 Curzon street 
Metcalfe & Pearson, grocers, tea dealers and Italian ware- 
housemen, 52 St. James street and 58 Hebrew road 

Metcalfe Peter W., cashier, 60 Brougham street 
Metcalfe Kichard, pointsman, 22 Herbert street 

Metcalfe Thomas, dental surgeon, 11 Knightsbridge grove, 
Colne road 

Metcalfe "William, joiner (j.), 49 Lindsay street 
Metcalfe William, coal dealer, 17 Duckett street 
Middlemiss Mrs Jane, lodgings, 19 Berkeley street 
Middleton Simpson, wheelwright (j.), 69 Coal Clough lane 
Middleton Wil iam, assurance agent, 30 Townley street 
Midgley Charles William, head master Wesleyan school, Eed Lion 
street ; h. 7 Palatine square 

Midgley Miss Elizabeth, dressmaker, 151 Oxford road 

Midgley & Fulton, wholesale grocers and provision merchants, 

Whittam street 
Midgley Giles (Midgley & Fulton) ; h. 159 Oxford road 
Midgley Mrs. Louisa, milliner, 159 Oxford road 
Miles John, grocer and pavior, 5 Devonshire road 
Miles Mrs. Sarah Ann, 28 Eowley street 
Miller John W., draper's assistant, 122 Brougham street 
Miller John, inspector to Society for P. CO., 33a Parker lane 
Miller Mrs., dressmaker, 23 Hart street 
Millin William, fireman, 37 Duke street 

Milling'ton Harriet & Rebecca, baby linen dealers, 14 Market pi 

Millington Alfred, tourist office manager, 92 St. James street 
Millington John, commercial traveller, 99 Albion street 
Mills Arthur, bookkeeper, 43 Eibblesdale street 
Mills Edmund, private tutor, 6 Helena street 
Mills Henry, wood carver, 4 Talbot street 


Mills James, fruiterer, 66 Parliament street 

Mills Jesse, elogger, 39a Waterloo road 

Mills Mrs. Sarah, 29 Belford street 

Milton Mr. Geoffrey, 3 Smalley street 

Mitchell Alfred, taper, 364 Colne road 

Mitchell Alfred, butcher, 2 Carter street 

Mitchell Christian, silk mercer and glover, 19 Market street; h. 9 

Bank Hall terrace 
Mitchell Cyrus, fried fish dealer, 6 Abel street 
Mitchell Edward, vict., Barracks Tavern, 64 Padiham road 
Mitchell George, weaver, 133 Colne road 
Mitchell George, warper, 41 Daneshouse road 
Mitchell Henry, beamer, 12 Clegg street 
Mitchell James, grocer, 11 and 13 Baker street 
Mitchell James, greengrocer, 294 Colne road 
Mitchell Mr. John, 282 Padiham road 
Mitchell Mrs. Mary Ann, 243 Padiham road 
Mitchell Matthew, draper, 4 Sackville street 
Mitchell Michael, pensioner, 4 Ellis street ■ 
Mitchell Mrs. Eose Hannah, 22 King street 
Mitchell Thomas, baker, 39 Whittlefield street 
Mitchell Thomas, grocer and beerseller, 6 Regent street 
Mitchell Thomas, draper's assistant, 66 Brougham street 

Mitchell Thomas Edward, pork butcher, 2 Abel street 

Mitchell Walter, musician, 19 King's terrace 
Mitchinson Joseph, engineer (j.), 5 Nisbett terrace 

Model Lodging House Co., 1 Calder street; William Bullock, manager 

Motfatt John, gardener, 289 Padiham road 

Moffatt Mrs. Mary, dressmaker, 52 Branch road 

Molloy James, assurance agent, Blenheim street 

Monchier Edward, chimney sweeper, 6 Morphet street 

Monk James, shopman, 40 Albert street 

Monk James, taper, 1 Ribblesdale street 

Monk John James, commercial traveller, 294 Padiham road 

Mooney William, grocer and stone carver, 259 Colne road 

Moor Frank (T. & J. Moor); h. 75 Eectory road 

Moor Joseph (T. & J. Moor) ; h. 11 Eectory road 

Moor Mrs. Martha, 75 Rectory road 

Moor T. & J., fruiterers, Market square 

Moor Thomas (T. & J. Moor* ; 108 Rectory road 

Moor William, market gardener, 137 Ardwick street 

Moore Alfred, butcher, 125 St. James street ; h. 47 Albion street 

Moore Mrs. Alice, vict., Grey Mare, 110 Gannow lane 

Moore Benjamin, Esq., J. P., publisher and proprietor of the Burnley 

Gazette and East Lancashire Advertiser, Bridge street ■ h. 20 

Palatine square 
Moore Edward, grocer and provision dealer, 182 Colne road 
Moore George, tailor and draper, 5 Chancery street; h. 32 Raglan rd 
Moore Jesse, weaver, 80 Brunswick street 

Moore John, master, Holy Trinity school; h. 113 Accrington road 
Moore John William, draper's assistant, 16 Clifton street 
Moore Miss Mary, 3 Spring Hill road 


Moore Mrs. Mary, 7 Briercliffe road 

Moore Robert, labourer, 99 Todmorden road 

Moore Mrs. Susy, 108 Trafalgar street 

Moore Mr. Thomas, 23 Grange street 

Moore Thomas, joiner (j.), 30 Lord street 

Moore William Henry, mechanic, 73 Healey Wood road 

Moorhouse Miss Esther, 18 Nelson square 

Moorhouse George, vaccination officer, 37 Todmorden road 

Moorhouse Henry, greengrocer, 55 Plumbe street 

Moorhouse James, weaver, 94 Accrington road 

Moorhouse Mr. John, 43 Briercliffe road 

Moorhouse John, glass and china dealer, 3 Howe street; h. 27 

Brooklands road 
Moorhouse John Wilson, mill manager, 7 Berry street 
MoDrhouse Joseph P., surgeon dentist, 58 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 
Moorhouse Mrs. Margaret, 227 Padiham road 
Moorhouse Mason, secretary to Weavers' Association, Charlotte street ; 

h. 46 Coal Clough lane 
Moorhouse Robert, boiler maker (j,), 50 Temple street 
Moorhouse Robert, overlooker, 2 St. Stephen street 
Moorhouse Roger, relieving officer for Burnley, 18 Nicholas street ; h. 

53 Todmorden road 
Moorhouse Samuel Thomas, mineral water manufacturer's assistant, 

Moorhouse street 
Moorhouse Thomas, mill manager, 37 Accrington road 
Moorhouse Thomas, tobacconist and newsagent, 124c Colne road ; h. 

11 Every street 
Moorhouse William, mineral water manufacturer, Moorhouse street 

Moorhouse William, butcher, 66 Trafalgar street; and grocer, 127 

Accrington road 

Morcombe John, collier, 60 Hollingreave road 

Morley James, overlooker, 111 Rectory road 

Morris Allen, police constable, 43 Cavour street 

Morris John, dogger, 127 Waterloo road 

Morris Joseph H., paper maker (j.), 8 Brougham street 

Morris Mrs. Mary Ann, 157 Pickup terrace, Manchester road 

Morris Thomas, tobacconist, 39 Manchester road 

Morris & Wilkinson, ironmongers and tinplate workers, 63 
Manchester road 

Morris William (Morris & Wilkinson) ; h. 34 Lancaster street 
Morrissey Very "Rev. Dean James, M.R., St. Mary's presbytery, 

Todmorden road 
Morrison William, overlooker, 267 Padiham road 
Morton George, engineer (j.), 64 Shaw street 
Morton William, assurance superintendent, 18 Rectory road 
Mosedale Brothers, underclothing manufacturers, Hart street 
Mosedale Mrs. Jane, 8 Ormerod road 
Mosedale John (Mosedale Brothers) ; h. 18 Albert street 
Mosedale John Thomas, photographer, 185 Padiham road 
Mosedale Ward (Mosedale Brothers) ; h. 10 Tennis street 
Mosley Thomas, wholesale grocer, 29 and 31 Springfield road 
Moss Mr. Arthur, 91 Albatross terrace, Albion street 


Moss Edmund, clothlooker, 45 Coal Clough lane 
Moss James, draper, 67 Devonshire road 
Moss Joseph, commission agent, 74 Heath street 
Moss Miss Margaret, dressmaker, 352 Colne road 
Moss Matthew, stonemason (j.), 47 Coal Clough lane 
Mossman Mrs. Harriet, pie maker, 6 Stanley street 
Mossman William, wheelwright (j.), 13 Albert street 
Mossman William, stocking maker, 34 Branch road 

Mossop Albert J., F.A.L, auctioneer, valuer, accountant, and 
sheriffs officer, 1 Ormerod street ; h. 183 Lark hill, Man- 
chester road 

Mossop Mrs. Mary Ellen, 183 Lark hill, Manchester road 

Moston William Knight, accountant, 47 Kirkgate 

Moulton Mrs. Hannah, 230 Colne road 

Mozley Henry, secretary to Burnley Tramways Co., Ltd., 45 St. James 

street ; h. 432 Queen's gate, Colne road 
Mulligan J., assurance agent, 8 Ship alley 
Mulloy John, overlooker, 1 Old Hall street 
Munn Eobert, chemist and druggist, and registrar of births, deaths, 

and marriages, 29 and 31 St. James street 
Murgatroyd John, engine fitter, 37 Clifton street 
Murgatroyd Mr. Sharp, 244 Colne road 
Murphy Mrs. Clara, dressmaker, 7 Harrison street 
Murray James, police constable, 21 Sandhurst street 
Murray Eobert, park superintendent, 133 Albert street 
Murtagh Hugh, jeweller, 36 St. James street 
Murton Isaac, loan office, 33 Boot street 
Murton Ralph, timekeeper, 13 Hall well street 
Muscutt John, assurance agent, 11 Bivell street 
Myers Charles, foreman mechanic, 30 Queensberry road 
Myers Frederick, professor of music, 18 Sandygate 
Myers James, local manager, Telephone Co., 20 Hargreaves street 
Myers James, clothes dealer, 9 Fleet street 
Myers Job, beerhouse, Black Dog Inn, 4 Cannon street 
Myers Mr. Stephen, 4 Hall well street 
Myers Tom, hairdresser, 64 St. James street 
Myers William T., teacher of music, 10 Belgrave street 
Myers William, fruiterer, 22 Curzon street 
Nadin George, engine tenter, 1 Evan street 
Nadin Joseph, fried fish dealer, 19 Marlborough street 
National Telephone Co., Limited, 20 Hargreaves street; James Myers, 

local manager 
Naylor Edward, bird dealer, 24 Standish street 
Neal James, vict., Old Eed Lion Hotel, 2 and 4 Manchester road 
Neary Anthony, beerhouse, New Inn, 10 Roper street 
Needham George, mill manager, 27 Blenheim street 
Nelson James, furniture broker, 42 Padiham road 
Nelson Peter, shopman, 257 Padiham road 
Nelson William, boot and shoe maker, 28 Temple street 
Nennis John, clerk, 50 Belford street 
Nelthorpe Robert, engine tenter, 29 Padiham road 

Ness Frank, ironmonger, 1 Bridge street 



Nevms William John, professor of music, 56 Coal Clough lane 

Newall Miss Mary, dressmaker, 11 Whittam street 

Newbold James, overlooker, 43 Hollingreave road 

Newsham Mrs. Jane, 138 Padiham road 

Newton George, moulder, 12 Merton street 

Newton James, joiner (Nuttall, Whittaker, and Newton) ; h. 61 

Plumbe street 
Newton John, bookkeeper, 25 Slagg street 
Newton Louisa, shopkeeper, 76 Milton street 
Newton Samuel, draper and hosier, 117 St. James street 
Nichol John, hosiery manufacturer, 27a Market street 
Nicholson J., gardener, 15 Brunshaw road 
Nicholson Lawrence, grocer, 44 Trafalgar street 
Nicholson Thomas, overlooker, 25 Dale street 
Nicholson Thomas, clerk, 9 Oak Mount street 

Nicoll Peter Lyon, draper, 15 and 17 Manchester road; h. Stoney- 
holme villa 

Niemeyer Joseph, bootmaker's manager, 63 Leyland road 

Nightingale Noah, beerhouse, Wood Top Inn, 197 Aeering- 
ton road 

Nightingale Thomas, builder (Leslie & Nightingale) ; h. Beech grove, 
Coal Clough lane 

Nightingale Mr. William, 115 Shakespeare terrace, Albion street 
Nixon Charles, engine driver, 3 King's terrace 
Nixon Josiah, herb beer maker, 115 Ardwick street 
Nixon Eobert, police constable, 24 Laithe street 

Noble Simpson, vict., Derby Hotel, and hay and straw dealer, 177 
Padiham road 

Norman Edwin, superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co., Prudential 
buildings, 104 St. James street ; h. 15 Knightsbridge grove, Colne rd 

Norman James, fish dealer, Market hall ; h. 13 Thurston street 

Norman William J., compositor, 14 King street 

Norris James, fried fish and potato dealer, 3 Eidge road 

North Frederick, working jeweller, 115 Eectory road 

Northcott Mrs. Jane, 44 Healey Wood road 

North and North-East Lancashire Cotton Spinners' and Manufacturers' 
Association ; J. Eawlinson, secretary, 7 Grimshaw street 

Northern Daily Telegraph Office (branch), 7 Hammerton street; James 
W. Metcalfe, agent 

Norwood Thomas Henry, canvasser for M. E. Co., 63 Padiham road 

Nothard George, Queen dining* rooms and restaurant, 76 
Curzon street (near Bank Top station) 

Nothard J., assurance agent, Thurston street 

Noton Henry, butcher (j.), 7 Short street 

Noton John Henry, clothlooker, 10 Austin street 

Nowell Charles, weaver, 22 Berry street 

Nowell James, butcher, 129 and 131 Oxford road 

Nowell Eichard Edward, house agent, 61 Lindsay street 

Nowell Thomas, solicitor, clerk to borough magistrates and perpetual 

commissioner, 11 Hargreaves street ; h. Healey grange 
Nowell Thomas, butcher and cattle dealer, 213 Padiham road 
Nowell William, Esq., J.P., Hunter's oak, Ightenhill Park 



Nowell William Henry, gardener and florist, 14 Herbert street ■ 

Nuttall Miss Alice, milliner, 2 Standish street 
Nuttall Miss Betsy, stocking knitter, 59 Lai the street 
Nuttall Charles Thomas, weaver, 108 HoIIiugroave road 

Nuttall & Co., lithographic and letterpress printers, commercial 

stationers, and paper merchants, 14 and 16 Bridge street 
Nuttall David, engineer (j.), 3 Emmett street 
Nuttall Edward, beerhouse, Hope and Anchor, 18 Eoyle road 
Nuttall Edward, clothlooker, 25 Hurtley street 
Nuttall Miss Eleanor, draper, 47 Springfield road 
Nuttall Mrs. Eliza, 3 Every street 
Nuttall Mrs. Elizabeth, 29 Merton street 
Nuttall George, assurance agent, 408 Colne road 
Nuttall George Henry, traveller, 2 Gillowe street 
Nuttall George Robert, police constable, 14 Marlborough street 
Nuttall .James, warehouseman, 3 Godly street 
Nuttall James, bookkeeper, 37 Haslam street 
Nuttall James W., confectioner, 206 Branch road 
Nuttall John (Nuttall, Whittaker & Newton) ; h. 14 Branch road 
Nuttall John, printer (j.), 57 Bank parade 
Nuttall John, painter (j.), 13 Richard street 

Nuttall Miss Mary E., mistress, St. Peter's Infants' school, Church st 
Nuttall Mrs. Mary Ann, 4 Belgrave street 
Nuttall Robinson, warehouseman, 61 Master street 
Nuttall S. H., assurance agent, Clow bridge 
Nuttall Thomas, fried fish dealer, 52 Carr street 
Nuttall Thomas, bellman, 27 Boot street 
Nuttall Thomas, engine tenter, 1 Leyland road 
Nuttall, Whittaker & Newton, joiners and builders, Lutner street 
Nuttall William, overlooker, 61 Accrington road 
Nuttall William Arthur, painter, 2 Blannell street 
Nuttall William Henry, asst. supt., Prudential Ass. Co., 26 Rectory rd 
Nutter Abraham, architect and surveyor, 23 Nicholas street; h. 424 
Queensgate, Colne road 

Nutter Christopher, greengrocer, 67 Oxford road and 112 Hurtley st ' 
Nutter Dan, watchmaker, 19 and 20 Market hall; h. 36 Rectory road 
Nutter Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, shopkeeper, 28 Derby street 
Nutter George, machinist and blacksmith, Elm Street Iron works; h. 

26 Hurtley street 
Nutter Hamlet, taper, 116 Hollingreave road 
Nutter Hartley, weaver, 77 Colne road 
Nutter Henry, cloth salesman, 438 Colne road 
Nutter Henry, butcher, 7a Padiham road and 23 Hulme street 
Nutter Henry, dogger, Cop row 

Nutter James, boot and shoe maker, 189 Padiham road 
Nutter Mrs. Jane, 67 Berry street 
Nutter John, shopkeeper, 57 High street 

Nutter John Thomas, watchmaker, jeweller, and optician, 23 

St. James Street; h. 10 Shorey bank 
Nutter Joshua, eating house, 130 Victoria buildings, St. James street 
Nutter Mrs. Martha, shopkeeper, 28 Royle road 
Nutter Reginald, overlooker, 15 Devonshire road 




Nutter Ei chard, tailor, 65 Bridge street 

Nutter Thomas, wholesale and manufacturing- confectioner, 
119 Padiham road ; works : Bread street 

Nutter William, confectioner and tobacconist, 71 Manchester road 
Nutter Mr. William, 29 Park lane 
Nutter William, carpet maker, 16 Lydia street 
Nutter William, boot and shoe maker, 14a Briercliffe road 
Oakes & Leigh, patent loom makers, 53 Calder Vale road 
Oakes Peter (Oakes & Leigh) ; h. 91 Gordon street 
Oates Mrs. Ann, 6 Stafford street 
Oates Mrs. Alice, 48 Temple street 
Oates Frederick, brushmaker (j.), 57 Lindsay street 
Oates James, stonemason (j.), 50 Hulme street 
Obertello Paul, ice cream dealer, 1 Standish street 
O'Boyle Felix, tailor and clothier, 13 Market street 
O'Brien Thomas, egg and butter dealer, 105 Leyland road 
O'Connor Mrs. Martha, 23 Hobart street 
O'Donoghue George, police constable, 5 Emmett street 
Ogden George Chester, vict., Thorn Hotel (commercial and posting 
67 St. James street 

Ogden Samuel, bird dealer, 65 and 75 Bank parade 

Ogden Mr. Thomas, 277 Padiham road 
Ogle David, bookbinder (j.), 117 Leyland road 
O'Hagan The Eight Hon. Lady Alice Mary, Towneley Hall 
O'Kelly Eev. Lionel (Catholic), St. Mary's presbytery, Todmorden rd 
Oldcorn Joseph, storekeeper, 142 Branch road 
Oldfield John, shopkeeper, 1 Clyde street 
Oldfield Eichard, medical assistant, 42 Accrington road 
Oldfield Wilson, weaver, 2 Mile street 

Oldham John, brushmaker (Franks & Oldham); h. 75 Burnley road 
Oldham William, vict., Turf Hotel, 49 Yorkshire street 
Oldman George, master, St. Andrew's school; h. 309 Queensgate, 
Colne road 

Oldman Mrs. Nancy, mistress, St. James' Infants' school, Bethesda st 

Oldman Patrick C, photographer's agent, 28 Cavour street 

Olive Mount Mill Company, Limited, cotton manufacturers, Junction 

street; M. Shackleton, manager; John Stansfield, secretary 
Ollerenshaw James, hatter and hosier, 122 Victoria buildings, St. 

James street; h. 109 Shakespeare terrace, Albion street 
O'Malley Patrick Charles, cashier, 46 Belvedere road 

O'Meara Eowland Cooke, L.E.C.P., L.E.C.S., physician and surgeon, 
99 Manchester road 

Onion Mrs. Martha Ann, hosier, 7 Ashfield road 

Ormerod Adam, shopkeeper, Spring Hill road 

Ormerod Bannister, moulder, 29 Sackville street 

Ormerod Brothers, builders and contractors, 1 Broughton street 

Ormerod Mr. Haworth, 187 Accrington road 

Ormerod Mr. George, 40 Hollingreave road 

Ormerod John, overlooker, 322 Colne road 

Ormerod John Thomas, station master (Manchester Eoad), 30 
Berry street 

Ormerod John Thomas (Ormerod Brothers) ; h. 1 Broughton street 



Ormerod Mrs. Martha,coal merchant, Manchester road : and 
Railway yard, Nelson ; and Railway yard, Colne ; Thomas 

WoIIendeu, manager 
Ormerod Mrs. Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 54 Gannow lane 
Ormerod Wilkinson (Ormerod Brothers) ; h. ] Plover street 
Ormerod William, carter, 3 Turf yard 

Ormerod William beerhouse, Rose and Crown Inn, 180 Manchester rd 
Ooulhvan Daniel A., B.A., L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S.I., physician and 

surgeon, Oak mount, 39 Westgate 
Overseers' Offices, 18 and 20 Nicholas street; A. Astin, assistant over- 

seer for Burnley, and W. H. Kay for Habergham Eaves 
Outhwaite Matthew, coal agent and grocer, 93 Piccadilly road 
Outlaw Mrs., shopkeeper, 57 Brunshaw road 

Overton George Edward, mill furnisher and general com- 
mission agent, 50 Holme view, Colne road 

Owen & Co., Ltd., authorised plumbers, sanitary engineers and gas- 
utters, 5 Yorke street & 
Owen James, overlooker, 9 Pear street 

Owen Rev. John Maurice Dorset, M.A. (Surrogate), Holy Trinity 
vicarage, Accrington road - 

Owen William, plumber, 2a Ashley street 

Oxford Mill Co., Limited, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Oxford 
road ; Thomas Horner, manager and secretary 

Oxley Daniel, grocer aud provision dealer, 27 Finsleygate 

Palfrey Walter, vict., Stork Hotel, 102 Westgate 

Palmer Frederick, greengrocer, 179 Oxford road and 78 Brunswick st 
Palmer Henry, greengrocer, 7 and 68 Abel street 

Palmer John & Sons, wholesale chair and cabinet makers 
Calder Vale road ' 

Palmer Miss Mary, ladies' school, 3 Raw's street 

Palmer William, painter, 3 Lee Green street 

Parker Adam, builder (J. & A. Parker) ; h. 84 Church street 

Parker Adam, builder (A. & R. Parker) ; h. 13 Thursby road 

Parker Rev. A. H. Neville, B.A., curate of St. Matthew's, 177 

Manchester road 
Parker A. & R., builders and contractors, Thursby road 
Parker & Co., printers and stationers, 22 Hargreaves street 
Parker Rev. Canon Arthur Townley, M.A., rector of Burnley and 

Rural Dean, Royle hall 
Parker Benjamin, farmer, Copy farm 
Parker Christopher, shopkeeper, 79 Parliament street 
Parker Daniel, weaver, 155 Colne road 
Parker Edwin, tailor, 55 Staudish street 

Parker Francis, beerhouse, FJeece Hotel, 213 Accrington road 

.Parker Mrs. Hannah, 10 Accrington road 

Parker Hartley, stonemason (j.), 4 Adlington street 

Parker Henry Herbert, confectioner, 21 and 23 Oxford road 

Parker James, moulder, 2 Willow street 

Parker James, vict., Sun Inn, 4a Bridge street 

Parker James, painter (j.), 155 Oxford road 

Parker James, egg and yeast merchant, 88 Master street 

.Parker James, warehouseman, 27 Castle street 



Parker James & Adam, builders and contractors, 14 Hawk street 

Parker John, chapel keeper, 3 St. John's road 

Parker John, overlooker, 21 Branch road 

Parker Joseph, weaver, 176 Accringfcon road 

Parker Mrs. Margaret, 38 Hammerton street 

Parker Parker, tailor, 56 Bridge street 

Parker Eichard Hartley, commercial traveller, 19 Kendal street 

Parker Robert, painter and decorator, 24 Horace street 

Parker Robert, earthenware dealer, 197 Oxford road 

Parker Robert, overlooker, 25 Ford street 

Parker Samuel, mechanic, 13 Dulwich street 

Parker Mrs. Sarah, fried fish dealer, 42 Church street 

Parker Mrs. Sophia, vict., New Sparrow Hawk, 82 and 84 Church st 

Parker T. & P., boot and shoe manufacturers, 9 Chancery street, and 

Parker Walter (Parker & Co.); h. 22 Hargreaves street 
Parker William, grocer, 1 Every street 
Pai'ker William, farmer, Widow hill 
Parker William, dogger, Waterloo road 
Parker William, collier, 41 Hollingreave road 

Parkinson Albert Washington, commercial traveller, 45 Ormerod road 
Parkinson Arthur, photographer, Monk Hall street; h. 72 Hurtley st 
Parkinson Benjamin Joseph,, miner, 20 Albion street 
Parkinson Frank, traveller, £5 Cuerden terrace, Accrington road 
Parkinson Henry, greengrocer, Market hall 
Parkinson Isaiah (R. Parkinson & Sons) ; h. 61 Ormerod road 
Parkinson Joseph Edward, cashier, 118 Hollingreave road 
Parkinson Mrs. Mary, 74 Manchester road 
Parkinson Parkinson, shopkeeper, 26 and 28 Boot street 
Parkinson R. & Sons, wholesale druggists and drysalters, Curzon st 
Parkinson Stephen, goods agent, L. & Y. R. Co. ; h. 118 Brougham st 
Parkinson William, Esq., J.P. (R. Parkinson & Sons) ; h. Clevelands, 

Manchester road 
Parry Fred. William, overlooker, 74 Belgrave street 
Parry Rev. Jonathan Barrow (Congregational), 31 Ormerod road 
Parry Mrs., 66 Glebe terrace 
Parsons Charles, architect, surveyor, and valuer, valuer to the Burnley 

Union, 9 Grimshaw stieet; h. 28 Trinity place, Accrington road 
Parsons John, Esq., J. P., L.R.C.P., F.R.C.S., physician and surgeon, 

56 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 
Parsons Mrs. Pamela, 53 Cuerden terrace, Accrington road 
Parsons William, labourer, 36 Healey Wood road 
Parsons Mr. William, 286 Colne road 
Pascoe Samuel, miner, 34 Rowley street 
Patchett Isaac, grocer, 41 Brown street 
Pate Mrs. Esther, 16 Adlington street 

Pate Ethelbert, beerhouse, Cricketers* Arms, 53 Anne street 
Pate Eielding, grocer, 1 Carr street 

Pate James, tallow chandler's manager, 233 Padiham road 
Pate John, mechanic. 90 Dall street 
Pate John, mechanic, 4 Austin street 
Pate John, grocer's assistant, 37 Hufling lane 


Pate Lindley, farrier and horse shoer, Cobden street ; h. 19 

Briercliffe road 
Pate Lord, postman, 27 Sackville street 
Pate Mrs. Margaret, 23 Parker lane 
Pate Robert (Exors. of), shoeing smiths, Boot yard 
Pate Thomas, hairdresser, 3 and 5 Fleet street ; h. 7 Hart street 
Pate Whittaker, blacksmith (j.), 36 Hart street 
Patten Joseph, assistant schoolmaster, 121 Dall street 
Patterson Hartley, butcher, 70 Curzon street 
Patterson James, chapel keeper, 2a Berkeley street 
Patterson Smith, butcher, 1 Baker street 
Paull Misses Kate & Emily, 108 Accrington road 
Pawsey Mrs. Mary, 4 Ormerod road 

Pawson John William, beerhouse, Horse and Farrier, 14 Cannon st 
Payne John, overlooker, 3 Lomas street 
Peacock Simon, collier, 26 Sussex street 

Pearce Miss Emily Margaret, upholstress, 117 Manchester road 
Pearce Thomas, traveller, 44 Dall street 
Pearson George, bookkeeper, 117 Colue road 

Pearson Henry, grocer ( Metcalfe & Pearson) ; h. 58 Hebrew road 
Pearson James, hosier, 35 Duke street 

Pearson James T., engineer, St. James hall; h. 72 Oak Mount terrace* 

Pearson John, teacher of pianoforte and harmonium, 9 

Taylor street 

Pearson Lawrence, labourer, 2 Harriet street 

Pearson Robert, fried fish dealer, 114 Gannow lane 

Pearson Mr. Thomas, 82 Rectory road 

Pearson West, surgeon's assistant, 26 Hunslet street 

Pearson William, overlooker, 29 Murray street 

Peacock William, roller coverer, 34 Woodbine road 

Peart Mrs. Mary Ann, 22 Albert street 

Pedder William, foreman gasmaker, 32 Queensberry road 

Pedley John W., bookkeeper, 55 Brougham street 

Pedley Robert, collier, 185 Oxford road 

Peel Miss Isabella, 6 Berkeley street 

Peel Jas., hosier and smallware dealer (sub-post office), 56 Trafalgar st 

Peel James, foreman engraver, North View terrace, Habergham 

Peel James Edward, overlooker, 7 Ellis street 

Peel Richard, overlooker, 138 Abel street 

Peel William, fried fish dealer, 92 Hebrew road 

Peers Cyrus, greengrocer, 172 Colne road 

Pegg John, shopkeeper, 1 Free Trade street 

Pemberton Abraham, foreman dogger, 111 Dall street 

Pemberton & Co., ironfounders and machinists, Waterloo foundry, 
Trafalgar street 

Pemberton Bros., house furnishers, 42 and 44 Manchester road 

Pemberton Ernest, traveller, 13 Herbert street 

Pemberton Samuel Walker (Pemberton & Co.) ; h. 350 Padiham road 

Pemberton William (Pemberton & Co.) ; h. 2 Piccadilly road 

Pennington Thomas, moulder, 63 Bank parade 

Percival Mrs. Ann, 21 Forest street 



Percival Dorothy, shopkeeper, 29 Elm street 

Perkin Mr. Thomas Marsh, 1 Crow Wood terrace 

Perrin Eichard, weaver, 23 King's terrace 

Perry Edward, boot and shoe maker, 2 Peace street 

Perry George, shopman, 22 Mile street 

Perry William, grocer and coal dealer, 65 Gannow lane 

Peters Mrs. Laura A., mantle maker, 27 Market st ; h. 25 Berkeley st 

Peters William John, boot manufacturer's manager, 63 Cavour street 

Phillips B. & Co., waterproof garment manufacturers, 152 St. James st 

Phillips David, commercial traveller, 12 Hattersley street 

Phillips Miss Elizabeth, 27 Rectory road 

Phillips Francis, overlooker, 45 Bar street 

Phillips Mrs. Hannah, fruiterer and gardener, 56 Hebrew road 

Phillips John William Esq., J. P. (P. Phillips & Son); h. Brown hill 

Philllips P. & Son, stock and share brokers, 5 Grimshaw street 

Phillips Thomas, greengrocer, 60 Spencer street 

Pickard Arthur, clothier's manager, 265 Padiham road 

Pickard Samuel, spinner (j.), Pine street 

Pickering John, shopkeeper, 12 Milton street 

Pickering Samuel A., surveyor's assistant, Beech grove, Coal Clough In 

Pickles Arthur Robert, head master, Burnley Wood Board school ; h. 

50 Todmorden road 
Pickles Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, 140 Trafalgar street 
Pickles Enoch, fried fish dealer, 21 Healey Wood road 
Pickles Greenwood, confectioner, 2 Rectory road 

Pickles Isaac Firth, bookseller, stationer, and general dealer, 

2 and 4 Oxford road 
Pickles Ishmael, engine tenter, 22 Hart street 
Pickles James, cloth salesman, 12 Hallwell street 
Pickles John, accountant, 68 Devonshire road 
Pickles John, draper and mantle maker, 85 St. James street 
Pickles John, travelling draper, 23 Brennand street 
Pickles John, weaver, 271 Padiham road 

Pickles John, bookseller, stationer, and newsagent (sub-post office), 21 
Hebrew road 

Pickles John Thomas, shopkeeper, 27 Warwick street 

Pickles Joseph, confectioner, 1 and 3 Lee street 

Pickles Joseph, secretary to the Borough Land and Building Society, 

Limited, 12 Nicholas street; h. 38 Allen street 
Pickles Joseph, secretary to Newsagents Association, 5 Pine street 
Pickles Mrs. Margaret, draper, 13 Thomas street 
Pickles Mr. Onyas, Sandy villa, Manchester road 
Pickles Eichard, taper, 19 Saxon street 

Piekles Robert, Limited, cotton and linen manufacturers, 
dyers, finishers, bleachers, and flannel raisers, and shuttle 
makers, Cairo and Bueeleuch mills, Whittlefield 

Pickles Eobert, grocer, 15 Oxford road 
Pickles Samuel, compositor, 20 Heath street 
Pickles Thomas, cashier, Timber hill 

Pickles Thomas, wholesale and retail confectioner and baker, 
31 Bankhouse street 

Pickles Thomas, mill manager, 11 Eeed street 


Pickles Thomas, cotton manufacturer; h. 30 Accringfcon road 

Pickles Thomas, overlooker, 137 Branch road 

Pickles Thomas, greengrocer, 16 Hirst street 

Pickles Whitaker, beerhouse, Cottage in the Wood, 36 Rawlinson st 

Pickles Mr. William, 6 Hollingreave road 

Pickles William, mill manager, 51 Hollingreave road 

Pickles William, clothlooker, 22 Bivell street 

Pickles William Alty, weaver, 84 Brunshaw road 

Pickles William Henry, stonemason, 90 Brunshaw road 

Pickles Zacharias, boot and shoe maker, 22 Standish street, 9 and 

11 Bridge street, and 25 Red Lion street 
Pickover James, commercial traveller, 61 Hollingreave road 
Pickover Johnson, commercial traveller, 40 Branch road 
Pickover Thomas, palisade maker (j.), 156 Oxford road 
Pickover William, commercial traveller, 12 Rose Hill road 
Pickthall Miss Elizabeth, stocking knitter, 17 Eliza street 
Pickthall Henry, draper, 78a Brunswick street 

Pickthall James & Son (Henry), painters and decorators, 68 and 70 

Hurtley street 
Pickthall Joseph, overlooker, 62 Springfield road 
Pickthall William, stocking knitter, 97 Grey street 
Pickthall William, painter and decorator, 168 Accringfcon road 
Pickup Ashworfch Nuttall, chipped potato dealer, 56 Laithe street 
Pickup George, mechanic, 135 x^ccringfcon road 
Pickup Hartley, butcher, 27 Oxford road 

Pickup James, chipped potato dealer, 129 Sandygate 

Pickup James, surveyor's assistant, 89 Dall street 

Pickup James, assurance agent, 83 Brennand street 

Pickup John, saddler, 50 Yorkshire street; h. 7 Thurston street 

Pickup John, cashier, Sunny bank, 10 Brooklands road 

Pickup John Crabtree, joiner (j.), Daisy bank 

Pickup John Keirby, colliery foreman, 2 Hill Marton street 

Pickup John William, plasterer (Shuttleworth & Pickup); h. 155 

Rectory road 
Pickup Miss Margaret, confectioner, 101 Waterloo road 
Pickup Mrs. Margaret, 268 Colne road 
Pickup Misses Mary & Amelia, 145 Accringbon road 
Pickup Peter, foundry manager, 40 Westgate 
Pickup Thomas, grocer and draper, 51 Springfield road. 77 Hulling 

lane, and 70 Hollingreave road 
Pickup William, mechanic, 6 Hulling lane 
Pidgeon William, overlooker, 1 Martin street 
Piggott Miss, matron, Victoria Hospital 

Pilkington Miss Eliz., baby linen dealer, Market hall; h. 11 Park lane 
Pilkington Frank, chipped potato dealer, 37 Anne street 
Pilkington Halstead, engine fitter, 1 Nisbett terrace 
Pilkington Mrs. Isabella, 131 Manchester road 
Pilkington James, mechanic, 34 Lord street 
Pilkington James, weaver, 181 Accrington road 
Pilkington James, overlooker, 17 Hurtley street 

Pilkington James, beerhouse, Baltic Fleet Inn, 47 and 48 
Briercliffe road 


Pilkingtou John Hubie, surveyor's assistant, 10 Eose Hill road 
Pilkington Jonathan, solicitor's managing clerk, 39 Cuerden terrace, 

Accrington road 
Pilkington Mrs. Margaret, 195 Padiham road 
Pilkington Miss Mary, shopkeeper, 59 Back lane 
Pilkington Moses, overlooker, 3 Plover street 
Pilkington Eichard, overlooker, 1G Helena street . 
Pilkington Thomas, moulder, 43 Coal Clough lane 
Pilkington West, weaver, 1 Gillowe street 
Pilling Isaac, club steward, 108 Brougham street 
Pilling William, overlooker, 142 Hurtley street 
Pineham Frank, clothlooker, 9 Adamson street 
Pinless James, assurance agent, 133 Eectory road 
Pitt Eev. Thomas (Wesleyan), 58 Bank parade 
Pitts Miss Margaret, 23 Thurston street 
Place Mrs. Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 12 Sandygate 
Place James Sagar, moulder, 39 Grimshaw street 
Place Eobert Henry, machinist, 221 Padiham road 
Place Eobinson, clogger, 43 Eoyle road 

Plane & Ashworth, painters and decorators, Plumbe street 

Plane William Smith (Plane & Ashworth) ; h. 30 Clifton street 
Plant John Henry, meter inspector, 2a Ellis street 
Plant Eev. Thomas Agenet, B.A. (Baptist), 13 Fair View road 
Plant William, chimney sweeper, 56 Springfield road 
Piatt Ammon, H.M. insp. of factories, 312 Blenheim ter, Padiham rd 
Pletts Mr. David, 46 Craven terrace, Albion street 
Pletts Jonathan, brewer, wine and spirit merchant, ale and porter 
bottler, Borough brewery, Stanley street; h. 14 St. Matthew street 
Pletts Mr. Tom, 99 Albatross terrace, Albion street 
Plummer John Eobert, baby linen dealer, 9 Abel street 
Podesta Augustus, hawker, 23 Finsleygate 

Pollard Albert, teacher of violin, 68 Standish street 

Pollard Albert, taper, 119 Dall street 

Pollard Albert, clothlooker, 121 Ardwick street 

Pollard Alderson, engineer (j.), 18 Eed Lion street 

Pollard Mrs. Alice, 345 Ightenhill terrace, Padiham road 

Pollard Andrew, weaver, 265 Colne road 

Pollard Mrs. Ann, 1 Orchard place 

Pollard Mr. Barker, 30 Piccadilly road 

Pollard Crossley, beerhouse, Clifton Hotel, 127 Padiham road 

Pollard Mr. Ebenezer, 33 Hebrew road 

Pollard Edward, telegraph clerk, 211 Padiham road 

Pollard Mrs. Ellen, 43 Forest street 

Pollard George, brassfounder, Eoyle foundry ; h. 78 Brougham street 
Pollard George, moulder, 41 Clifton street 
Pollard George, farmer, Wellfield, Ightenhill park 
Pollard George, engine tenter, 122 Finsleygate 
Pollard Mrs. Hannah Maria, shopkeeper, 25 Brunshaw road 
Pollard Henry, blacksmith (j.), 9 Brunshaw road 
Pollard Henry, bookseller and stationer, 82 Colne road 
Pollard James, ironfounder and millwright, Atlas foundry, Calder 
Vale road 


Pollard James, brewer's traveller, 48 Cobden street 

Pollard James, blacksmith (j.), 14 Lindsay street 

Pollard James, palisade maker (j.), 53 Brunshaw road 

Pollard James, coal dealer, 47 Church street 

Pollard James, joiner, 11 Hart street 

Pollard James, overlooker, 398 Colne road 

Pollard James, collier, 258 Padiham road 

Pollard James, rent collector, 25 Brunswick street 

Pollard James Henry, police constable, 48 Cameron street 

Pollard Mrs. Jane, dressmaker, 10 Cuerden street 

Pollard Miss Jane, draper, 16 Elm street 

Pollard Job, grocer and beerseller, 62 and 64 Abel street 

Pollard John, engiueer ; h. 20 Westgate 

Pollard John, beerhouse, Golden Lion, 30 Boot street 

Pollard John Charles, solicitor (Barrowclough & Pollard) ; h. Colne 

road, Brier field 
Pollard John Henry, overlooker, 54 Lindsay street 
Pollard John, assurance agent, 14 Perth street 
Pollard Joseph, overlooker, 183 Briercliffe road 
Pollard Joseph Richard, assurance agent, 29 Eliza street 
Pollard Mrs. Margaret, 8 Sefton terrace 
Pollard Miss Mary, shopkeeper, 57 Gannow lane 
Pollard Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 211 Padiham road 
Pollard Mrs. Mary, dogger, 23 Trafalgar street 
Pollard Miss Mary Jane, 67 Colne road 

Pollard Nicholas, grocer & provision dealer, 321 Milton ter, Padiham rd 
Pollard Parker, weaver, 45 Oxford road 
Pollard Parker, overlooker, 24 Spencer street 

Pollard Peter, vict., Star Inn, 2 Hill Top street, and 21 Church street 
Pollard Richard, cabinet maker, 27 Brown street ; h. 38 Rectory road 
Pollard Richard Henry, fancy goods dealer, Market hall ; h. 35 Abel st 
Pollard Robert, grocer, 10 and 12 Argyle street 
Pollard Spencer, assurance agent, 58 Belvedere road 
Pollard Thomas, weaver, 1 Hind street 
Pollard Thomas, pianoforte dealer and repairer, 33 Market street ; h. 

10 Bankhouse street 
Pollard Williom, engineer; h. 36 "Westgate 
Pollard William, grocer and yeast merchant, 33 and 35 Clifton street 

Pollard William, marine store dealer, Brook street 

Pollard William, miner, 248 Padiham road 

Pollict Cephas, hatter, 57 St. James street; h. 18 Belvedere road 
Pomfret Thomas, cotton spinner (Varley & Pomfret) ; h. 28 Willfield 
terrace, Padiham road 

Pomfret William, butcher, 139 Padiham road 
Poncher Charles, fish dealer, 96 Abel street 
Porrett Mrs. Elizabeth Alice, la Hart street 

Porrett Walter, grocer and provision dealer, 8 Chaneery st 

Porteous Mrs. Susannah, 24 King street 

Porter Mrs. Bennett, grocer and confectioner, 50 Church street 

Porter John, bookkeeper, 20 Hebrew road 

Porter Mrs. Margaret Ann, stationer, 34 Church street 

Porter Peter, newspaper reporter, 88 Belvedere road 


Porter William, fried fish dealer, 98 Pacliham road 
Postlethwaite Thomas, overlooker, 42 Branch road 
Potter James, glass and china dealer, 2 Market hall; h. Padiham 

Potter William Bramley, rent and debt collector, and com- 
mission agent, 2 Hattersley street 

Pounder John, warehouseman, 137 Manchester road 

Pouuder Robinson, spinner, 48 Talbot street 

Powell Hugh, mechanic, 12 Escar street 

Pratt James, driver, 15 Richard street 

Pratt John, draper, 2 and 4 Nairne street 

Prattley Daniel, carrier and contractor, 28 King street 

Precious John, cooper (j.), 45 Lindsay street 

Preece Miss Marion, 16 Hobart street 

Presley Mrs. Frances, lodgings, 15 Master street 

Preston Mrs. Dianah, 60 Holme view, Colne road 

Preston Henry John, cotton manufacturer (R. Walton & Co.) ; h. 43 

Accrington road 
Preston James Lawson, grocer, 22 Bankhouse street ^ 
Preston Jeremiah, tea dealer's manager, 11 Devonshire road 
Preston John, artist, 5 Sefton terrace 
Preston John Willie, mill manager, 30 Elm street 
Preston Mrs. Margaret, weaver, 16 King street 
Preston Mrs. Sarah, 37 Daueshouse road 
Preston & Son, painters and decorators, Queen Anne's corner, 16 

Hargreaves street 
Preston Thomas (Preston & Son) ; h. 92 Manchester road 
Preston William, bookkeeper, 17 Devonshire road 
Preston William, mill manager, 10 Hart street 
Preston William Edwin, overlooker, 13 Tunstill street 
Price George Henry, grocer and beerseller, Horace street 
Price Gerard, beerhouse, Old Duke Inn, 56 Briercliffe road 
Priestley David, greengrocer, 62 Trafalgar street 
Pritchard Thos., surveyor (Hitchon, Son, & Lancaster), and auctioneer 

and valuer, 46 Manchester road ; h. 18 Palatine square 
Procter Mrs. Ann, 37 Devonshire road 
Procter Aquila, painter and plasterer, 17 Lee street 
Procter & Baldwin, solicitors and commissioners for oaths, 14 

Ormerod street 
Procter Miss Catherine, lodgings, 1 King street 
Procter Mrs. Eliza Jane, confectioner, 10 Yorkshire street 
Procter Henry, oat cake baker, 3 Oxford road 
Procter Tshmael, painter, 10 Yorkshire street 
Procter Mr. James, 41 Brougham street 
Procter Mr. James, 396 Colne road 

Procter James Henry, mill manager, 80 Brunshaw road 
Procter James Henry, greengrocer, Padiham road 
Procter John, mill manager, 62 Gordon street 
Procter John, assistant sanitary inspector, 45 Rectory road 
Procter John, greengrocer, Albert street 
Procter Knight, blacksmith (j.), 161 Branch road 
Procter Mr. Moroni Smith, 9 Park lane 
Procter Mr. Peter, 1 Spring Hill road 



Procter Mrs. Phcebe, 48 Devonshire road 

Procter Kichard, solicitor (Procter & Baldwin) ; h. Oak mount, 43 

Procter Kichard, solicitor (Backhouse & Procter), commissioner for 

oaths and clerk to Brierfield Local Board ; h. Nelson 
Procter Robert, shopkeeper, Wellhouse street 
Procter Samuel, accountant, secretary, Bast Lancashire Mutual Aid 

Association, Ltd. ; secretary, Burnley 57th Economic Building 

Society, 20 Hargreaves street, and Padiham 
Procter Thomas, farmer, Haulgh head 
Procter William Henry, secretary to Burnley Brick and Lime Co., 

Ltd. ; h. 179 Colne road 
Proctor George, chartered accountant, secretary to 1st and 2nd 

Burnley Starr-Bowkett Building Societies, 6 Grimshaw street 
Proctor Mrs. Hannah, 48 Todmorden road 
Proctor Henry, herb beer maker, 54 Church street 
Proctor James, patent mechanical stoker and self-cleaning fire bars 

manufacturer, Hammerton Street Iron works ; h. 6 Piccadilly road 
Proctor James, pork butcher, 49 Carbon street 

Proctor John, cotton manufacturer, Stoneyholme shed; h. 87 Rectory 

Proctor Thomas Hartley, confectioner and cask dealer, 1 
Bethesda street 

Proctor Walter, engineer, 81 Albatross terrace, Albion street 

Proctor William, grocer, 45 Kirkgate 

Proger David, commercial traveller, 10 Holme road 

Proudlove John, draper and milliner, 46 Trafalgar street and 139 

Proudlove John, junr., draper's manager, 32 Mile street 
Proudlove Thomas, furniture broker, 89 Oxford road 

Provident Clothing Club, 158 St. James street; G. W. Wirne, 


Prudom William, draper, milliner, and mantle warehouse, 48 

St. James Street; h. 35 Ormerod road 
Pugh Mrs. Emily, vest maker, 25 Grimshaw street 
Pullon George S., Esq., J. P., M.B., surgeon, 114 Westgate 
Purday Mr. George, 101 Todmorden road 
Purday Mrs. Jane, milliner, 107 Todmorden road 
Purton Mrs. Martha Mary, 1 Forest street 
Pye John, clog and shoe maker, 57 Westgate 
Pyne & Co., undertakers, 8 Oxford street ; Chas. Dorrington, manager 

Quarmby William Arthur, architect and surveyor, Manchester 
chambers, 17a St. James street ; h. 285 Colne road 

Quinn William, beerhouse, Eailway Tavern, 62 Bridge street 

Race Harry, M.R.C.V. 3., veterinary surgeon, Red Lion street; h. 9 

Nicholas street 
Race Joseph, underclothing manufacturer (Sutoliffe & Race); h. 12 

Nelson square 
Radcliffe Arthur, beerhouse, Calder Vale Inn, 6 Calder Vale road 
Radcliffe Arthur Robert, weaver, 12 Hunslet street 
Radcliffe John Dent, painter and decorator, 129 Westgate 
Radcliffe Robert, mill manager, 34 Albert street 

132 J3URNLEY. 

Radeliffe Thomas Smith, painter, paperhanger and decorator, 
185 St. James street 

Rainey Mr. John, 33 Forest street 

Ralph Jim, joiner (j.), 99 Dall street 

Ralph Joseph, taper, 12 Accrington road 

Ralph Thomas, greengrocer, 23 Hurtley street 

Ralph Tom, cabinetmaker (j.), 114 Healey Wood road 

Ramshottom Francis, butcher, 22 Lindsay street 

Ramsbottom William, clerk, 4 Helena street 

Ramsden Arthur, cabinetmaker (j.), 72 Leyland road 

Ramsden Mrs. Jane, 6 Rose Hill road 

Ramsden Mrs. Susannah, 7 Rowley street 

Rankin Matthew, tailor and draper, 35 Hammerton street 

Ranshaw John Frederick, tailor and draper, 8 St. James street 

Ratcliffe Abraham Nicholls, tobacconist and cigar merchant, 

63 St. James street ; fa. 128 Manchester road 
Ratcliffe David, ironmonger's manager, 9 Carlton road 
Ratcliffe Mrs. Elizabeth, 290 Padiham road 
Ratcliffe James, overlooker, 77 Dall street 
Ratcliffe Richard, foreman dogger, 42 Hoilingreave road 

Rawcliffe & Bridge, auctioneers and valuers (established 
1866), 27 Nicholas street 

Rawcliffe Mr. George, 333 Milton terrace, Padiham road 

Rawcliffe George Birkbeck, architect, 5 Nicholas street ; h. The 

Sycamores, Manchester road 
Rawcliffe Hindle, cotton mill manager, 7 Victoria terrace, Lowerhouse 
Rawcliffe James, gentleman, "West End villa, Padiham road 

Rawcliffe James Hawkins, grocer and tea dealer, 65 Man- 
chester road 

Rawcliffe Mrs. Jane, 307 Queensgate, Colne road 

Rawcliffe John (Rawcliffe & Bridge) ; h. 1 Ormerod road 

Rawcliffe Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth, dressmaker, 65 Parliament street 

Rawcliffe Robert, labourer, 5 Thurston street- 

Rawcliffe Thomas, draper, 239 Padiham road 

Rawcliffe Thomas Hindle, grocer, 44-Standish street, 29 Oxford 
road, 138 Colne road, and 161 Padiham road ; h. 11 Thursby rd 

Rawlinson Barton, confectioner, 32 Byerden lane 

Rawlinson Christian, cabinet maker (j.), 271 Colne road 

Ravvlinson Edward, clerk, 14 Westgate 

Rawlinson Mrs. .Ellen, 14 Newcastle street 

Rawlinson & Hai'greaves, chartered accountants, estate and insurance 

agents, 7 Grimshaw T street 
Rawlinson John, grocer, 17 and 19 Parker street; h. 60 Curzon street 
Rawlinson John, machine broker, Sandygate; h. 3 Knightsbridge 

grove, Colne road 
Rawlinson John, clothlooker, 121 Parliament street 
Rawlinson Joshua, Esq., J.P. (Rawlinson & Hargreaves) ; and clerk to 

Burnley School Board, secretary to the North and North-Bast 

Lancashire Cotton Spinners' and Manufacturers' Association ; h. 

Oak bank, Todmorden road 
Rawlinson Richard, cabinet maker (j.), 17 Lindsay street 
Rawlinson Robert, plasterer, 23 Brougham street 


Eawlinson Thomas, boiler coverer, Wellhouse sfc ; h. 2 Ashfielcl road 

Eawlinson Thomas, engineer (j.), 21 Glen street 

Eawlinson Walter, shopman, 27 Branch road 

Eawlinson William Thomas, warehouseman, 11 Boundary street 

Eawson Edwin, taper, 269 Padiham road 

Eawson James, overlooker, 2 Dall street 

Eawson Joe, bookkeeper, 119 Rectory road 

Eawson Mrs. Mary, 105 Colne road 

Eawson Eobert, bookkeeper, 32 Sussex street % 

Eawson William, overlooker, 90 Brougham street 

Eawstron Ernest, police inspector, 18 Berry street 

Raymond Rev. Octave (Cath.), St. Mary Magdalen's, 261 Padiham rd 

Read Ashworth, cotton manufacturer and waste dealer, Spruce mill, 

Finsleygate; h. Park side, 14 Brooklands road 
Read David, waste dealer (A. Read) ; h. 169 Woodside, Todmorden rd 
Read Mrs. Emily, confectioner, 6 Chancery street 
Read George & Son, builders and contractors, 36 Clifton street 
Read Huntley, assistant schoolmaster, 24 Berry street 
Read John, lodgings, 11 Croft street 
Read Jesse, pavior, 1 Smith street 
Read Mr. Richard, Park side, 12 Brooklands road 
Read Richard, school board visitor, 16 Hawk street 
Redfearn Walter, weaver, 14 Patten street 
Redfern William, plumber, 97 Parliament street 
Reclford George R., vict., Rose and Thistle Hotel, 13 Grimshaw street 

Redford Mrs. Mary, 14 Adelphi street 

Redford Samuel R., vict., Cross Keys Inn, 170 St. James street 

Redman James, confectioner, 90 Trafalgar street 

Redman John, butcher, 77 Sandygate 

Redman Misses, milliners and drapers, 98 Colne road 

Redman Mrs. Mary, 10 Sefton terrace 

Redman Miss Mary, confectioner, 136 Padiham road 

Redman Mrs. Mary Ann, 43 Dall street 

Redman Norman, overlooker, 89 Brougham street 

Redman Mrs. Sarah, 13 Helena street 

Redmond Edmund (Redmond & Fletcher) ; h. 57 Anne street 

Redmond & Fletcher, tailors and drapers, 34 St. James street 

Reed Charles, coal dealer, 1 Tunnel street 

Reed William, apartments, 62 Bank parade 

Reeder Reuben, vict., Nelson Hotel, 9 Trafalgar street 

Reform Club (Gladstone), Nelson square; Joseph Brown, secretary 

Reform Club (Burnley Wood and Fulledge), 61 Oxford road ; T. A. 
Bonser, secretary 

Reform Club (Burnley Lane*, Hebrew road; Fred. Hartley, secretary 

Reform Club (West End), Cog lane ; Charles W. Green, secretary 

Reform Club (Lane Head) ; Jonas Harrison, secretary 

Reid Mrs. Harriet, 16 Hart street 

Reid James, painter and decorator, 134 Padiham road 

Rennard Emmanuel, painter and decorator, 59 Hartley street 

Reudall James, assurance agent, 384 Padiham road 

Renfren Mrs. Mary Hannah, dressmaker, 9 Altham street ' 

Renfrey William, boot and shoe maker and dogger, 120a Oxford road 



Eenwick Mrs. Amelia, confectioner, 88 Accrington road 

Eeynolds Henry, professional cricketer, 13 Brunshaw road 

Rhodes Edward, clerk, 7 Berkeley street 

Ehodes Mrs. Esther, 18 Cuerden street 

Ehodes Hilton, fried fish dealer, 104 Colue road 

Ehodes James, carter, 20 Cuerden street 

Ehodes James Frederick, cashier, 1 Aqueduct street 

Ehodes John Thomas, grocer and confectioner, 12 Starkie street 

Ehodes Nelson, shopkeeper, 139 Gannow lane 

Ehodes William, railway cashier, 18 Hawk street 

Rhymes James, grocer and beerseller, 84 Abel street 

Eice Peter, roller coverer, 31 Forest street 
Eice William, assurance agent, 2 Bush street 
Eice William Statton, agent, 6 Nicholl street 
Eichards Charles Eardley Cecil, artist, 23 Abbey street 
Eichardsou Charles, mechanic, 30 Gresham place 
Eichardson Mrs. Fanny, dressmaker, 76 Brunswick street 
Eichardsou John William, carter, 25 Shaw street 
Eichardson Mr. Thomas, 133 Manchester road 
Eiches Edward, coachman, 102 Church street 
Eichmond Mrs. Agnes, 94 Eectory road 

Eichmond Arthur, accountant and auditor, Manchester chambers, 
17a St. James street 

Eichmond Henry, tinner (j.), 41 Forest street 

Eichmond Mr. James, 199 Albert terrace, Manchester road 

Richmond Thomas & Co., consulting- engineers and machinery 

exporters, 79a St. James street 
Richmond Thomas, patent agent, 79a St. James street ; h. 177 

Colne road 
Eichmond Tom and Walter, grocers, 5 Market hall ; h. Eectory road 
Eichmond William, commercial traveller, 36 Craven terrace, Albion st 
Eidehalgh Edward, vict., Waggoners' Inn, Manchester road 
Eidehalgh Mrs. Ellen, shopkeeper, 71 Lowerhouse lane 
Eidehalgh William Whittaker, club steward, 28 Whitaker street 
Eiddiough John, overlooker, 1 Spencer street 
Eidihough Thomas, farmer, Eose Grove farm 
Eiding John, chapel keeper, 34 Mile street 
Eiding Mrs. Mary Ann, 34(5 Purchon place, Padiham road 
Eiding William, lodging house keeper, 12 Water street 
Ridley John Eobinson, chipped potato dealer, 27 Eiding street 
Eigby Mrs. Grace, 153 Pickup terrace Manchester road 
Eigby James, clerk of Holy Trinity Church, 5 Pomfret street 
Eigg Abraham, shopkeeper, 1 Napier street 
Ei^g James, miner, 7 Smalley street 

Rigg James, nurseryman and florist, Whitegate nurseries ; h. 

North View terrace, Habergham. — (See Advt.) 
Eiley Abraham, clothlooker, 5 Shaw street 

Eiley Alexander Commercial Hotel (Exley's), 74 Standish street 
Eiley Miss Ann, grocer, 338 Colne road 
Eiley Mrs. Ann, 34 Cavour street 
Eiley Mrs. Ann, 35 Dall street 
Eiley Arthur Samuel, clothlooker, 5 Hollingreave road 


Riley Darius, earthenware dealer, 13 Yorkshire street 

Riley Mrs. Elizabeth, 290 Colne road 

Riley Mrs. Elizabeth, beerhouse, Great Eastern Inn, 15 Stanley street 

Riley Mrs. Elizabeth, 34 Grirnshaw street 

Riley Mrs. Elizabeth, 59 Plumbe street 

Riley Mrs. Emma, 113 Shakespeare terrace, Albion street 

Riley Mrs. Frances, greengrocer, 10 Finsleygate 

Riley George, cabinet maker and broker, 2 Brennand street ; 

h. 4 Green street 
Riley Mrs. Hannah, 36 Clarence street 

Riley Hargreaves, painter and decorator, 13 Daneshouse 

street ; h. 75 Devonshire road 
Riley Henry, grocer (Baldwin & Riley) ; h. 2 St. James street 
Riley Henry, mechanic, 8 Hollingreave road 
Riley Henry, stonemason, 29 Berkeley street 
Riley Henry, confectioner, 50 Sandygate 

Riley Holden, wine and spirit merchant (J. Taylor & Co.); h. 5 
Ormerod road 

Riley James, vict., Exchange Hotel, 24 Nicholas street 

Riley James, overlooker, 57 Hollingreave road 

Riley James, smallware dealer, 52 Master street 

Riley James, dogger, 72 Finsleygate 

Riley James H., assurance agent, 33 Cavour street 

Riley James, grocer, 1 Whittlefield street 

Riley James, clerk, 15 Sackville street 

Riley John, mill manager, 12 Sand street 

Riley John, tailor, 1 Hart street 

Riley John, dogger, 77 Abel street ; h. 76 Ardwick street 

Riley Mr. John, 37 Old Hall street 

Riley John, clothlooker, 5 Kendal street 

Riley John, tape sizer, 17 Padiham road 

Riley John, clothes dealer, 27 Whittlefield street 

Riley John Henry, assurance agent, 255 Padiham road 

Riley John Thomas, butcher, 85 Abel street 

Riley Joseph, cashier, 58 Canning street 

Riley Joseph, mill manager, 14 Merton street 

Riley Joseph, tailor's cutter, 20 Mile street 

Riley Mrs. Margaret, 42 Albert street 

Riley Mrs. Margaret, 25 Bankhouse street 

Riley Miss Margaret Ann, 96 Padiham road 

Riley Mrs. Martha, vict., Stanley Hotel, 164 Oxford road 

Riley Mrs. Martha, stocking knitter, 22 Whittam street 

Riley Mrs. Nancy, 17 Yorkshire street 

Riley Robert, overlooker, 118 Bums street 

Riley Robert, weaver, 26 Albert street 

Riley Shorrock, shopkeeper, 2 Queen street 

Riley Mrs. Thersa, shopkeeper, 107 Lowerhouse lane 

Riley Thomas, artist and photographer, 52 Manchester road 

Riley Thomas, pig dealer, 13 Bankhouse street 

Riley Thomas, engine tenter, 16 Hardy street 

Riley William, grocer, 44 Goal Clough lane 

Riley William, clothlooker, 2 Gill street 


Riley William, overlooker, 203 Padiham road 

Riley William, hairdresser, 45 Standish street 

Riley William, butcher, 712 Padiham road, Habergham 

Riley Mr. William, 2 Lomas street 

Riley William, watchmaker and jeweller, 16 Market place 

Riley William, shopman, 36 Hebrew road 

Riley William, clothlooker, 101 Colne road 

Riley William Henry, stationer, 2 Lindsay street 

Roberts Alexander Hargreaves, bank clerk, 25 Palatine square 

Roberts Alfred, greengrocer, 38 Belgrave street 

Roberts Miss Alice, 24 Belvedere road 

Roberts Charles, gentleman, Tarleton house, Todmorden road. 

Roberts Edmund, foreman joiner, 212 Padiham road 

Roberts George, porter, 13 Emmett street 

Roberts Hugh, gardener, 8 Belgrave street 

Roberts James, stationer, 186 Colne road 

Roberts James, secretary to the Burnley Coal Dealers' Association, 119 

Manchester road 
Roberts Jas., milliner, 5 and 6 Garden street and 23 and 25 Curzon st 
Roberts Miss Jane, milliner, 37 Market street 
Roberts John, hosier and milliner, 125 Padiham road; h. 55 St. 

John's road 
Roberts John William, newsagent, 82 Parliament street 
Roberts Mrs. Margaret, 66 Dall street 
Roberts Richard, joiner (j.), 8 Westgate 

Roberts Richard, authorised plumber, glazier, gas and steam 
fitter, baths, lavatories, &c, fixed, 18 Padiham road 

Roberts Thomas, butcher, 150 St. James street 

Roberts Tom Hartley, solicitor, 1.6 Nicholas st ; h. 24 St. Matthew st 

Roberts William, labourer, 7 Albion street 

Robertshaw Mrs. Sarah Ann, 49 Calder Vale road 

Robertshaw William, overlooker, 30 Cleaver street 

Robins George Ernest, mechanic, 6 Ellis street 

Robins Mrs. Hannah Mary A., 11 Willow street 

Robins Madame, music teacher and vocalist, 5 Smith street 

Robinson Albert, overlooker, 9 Sussex street 

Robinson Alfred, cab proprietor, 15 Coal street 

Robinson Mrs. Ann, 32 Napier street 

Robinson Arthur, architect and surveyor, 274 Padiham road 

Robinson Dewhurst, commission agent, 36 Ford street 

Robinson Eastwood, joiner and builder, Canal yd ; h. 70 Manchester rd 

Robinson Miss Florence, 85 Albatross terrace, Albion street 

Robinson Frederick, pipe moulder, 33 King's terrace 

Robinson Frederick, basket and skip maker, 21 Adelphi street 

Robinson Friend, photographer, enlarger, and picture framer, 89 

Parliament street 
Robinson George, assurance agent, 34 Stafford street 
Robinson George, stationer, 14 Todmorden road 
Robinson George Hargreaves, cashier, 14 Nelson square 
Robinson Mrs. Grace, 18 Carlton road 
Robinson Misses Gertrude, Florence, and Beatrice, milliners, 28 

Yorkshire street 



Robinson Hampden, grocer and beerseller, 49 Springfield road 
Robinson Mrs. Harriet, 97 Healey Wood road 
Robinson Henry, blacksmith (j.), 13 Godly street 

Robinson Rev. Herbert Harold, M.A., vicar of St. Andrew's; vicarage, 
32 Colne road 

Robinson Israel, overlooker, 102 Springfield road 

Robinson James, out-porter and furniture remover (by van), 
62 Standish street 

Robinson James, yeast dealer, 86 Hirst street 

Robinson Mrs. Jane, grocer, 39a Oxford road 

Robinson John, draper and milliner, 34 Oxford road 

Robinson John, cabinet maker and furniture dealer, 135 Westgate 

Robinson John, verger of St. Andrew's, 135 Colne road 

Robinson John, commercial traveller, 134 Accrington road 

Robinson John, furniture broker, 24 Stanley street 

Robinson John Charles, shopkeeper, 7 Patten street 

Robinson Joseph, draper, 2 Crowther street 

Robinson Joseph Henry, agent, 21 Whittam street 

Robinson Mrs. Louisa, 64 Prospect terrace, Yorkshire street 

Robinson Mrs. Sarah Maria, 252 Colne road 

Robinson Thomas, basket and skip maker, 32 Newcastle street 

Robinson Thomas Tetley, painter (j.), 16 Branch road 

Robinson William, bootmaker's manager, 62 Belgrave street 

Robinson William, overlooker, 4 Willow street 

Robinson Rev. William (Congregational), Hollingreave road 

Robinson William, beerhouse, Devonshire Hotel, 9 Boot street 

Robinson William Cornforth, taper, 115 Dall street 

Robinson William Henry, pawnbroker's assistant, 11 Newcastle street 

Roche John, boot and shoe maker 15 Parker lane 

Roche John, grocer and beerseller, 35 Ashworth street 

Rogers Mrs. Ann, 45 Albert street 

Rogers Mrs. Mary, 9 Berkeley street 

Rogers Thomas, butcher (j.), 9 Brown square 

Rogerson George, Borough Conservative Registration agent, 12 St. 

James row; h. 62 Bank parade 
Rornney John, joiner, 18 Lome street 
Rook Thomas, yeast dealer, 125 Waterloo road 
Room Thomas, clothes dealer, 9 Water street 
Roper William, provision merchant (Boston's, Limited); h. Hazel 

mount, 457 Padiham road 
Rostron John Thomas, master, Lane Head school ; h. 303 Colne road 
Rostron Leonard, grocer, 29 Raglan road 

Rothwell Colin (late W. A. Weston), confectioner & restaurant, 

20 Market place 
Rothwell James Henry, wholesale & retail smallware dealer, 

18 Abel street 

Rowbottom William H., broker, 31 Bank parade 
Rowbotham Arthur, overlooker, 39 Piccadilly road 
Rowbotham Richard Edwin, weaver, 24 Reed street 
Rowe Miles, labourer, 27 Clarence street 
Rowell John, club steward, 7 Albert street 
Routledge Anthony, joiner (j.), 59 Lindsay street 


Rowlands Henry, coachman, 8 Adlington street 

Eoylance Charles, horsekeeper, 47 Lindsay street 

Eudduck Aaron, furnisher's manager, 77 Piccadilly road 

Eudman Walter, clerk, 30 Ashfield road 

Eukin Joseph, farmer, Widow hill 

Eushton Burnett, drysalter, 82 Accrington road 

Eushton Charles, bookkeeper, 28 Newcastle street 

Eushton George, fish dealer, 90 Gannow lane 

Eushton Henry, joiner (j.), 224a Padiham road 

Eushton James, twister, 278 Padiham road 

Eushton James, fish dealer, 25 Barracks road 

Eushton Miss Mary Ann, 329 Milton terrace, Padiham road 

Eushton Eichard Tattersall, grocer, 23 and 25 Gannow lane 

Eushton William, agent for Philanthropic Society, 33 Padiham road 

Eushton William, oveilooker, 11 Acrrington road 

Eushworth George, engineer and machine broker, 20 Bridge street 

Eush worth George (John Eushworth & Sons) ; h. 50 Athol street 

Eushworth Mrs. Jane, 20 Grimshaw street 

Eushworth John, draper and hosier, 69 Westgate 

Eushworth John & Sons, coachbuilders, wheelwrights and blacksmiths, 

Accrington road 
Eushworth Joshua, overlooker, 159 Colne road 
Eushworth Laban, printer (j.), 201 Padiham road 
Eushworth Eobert, weaver, 9 Sandhurst street 

Eushworth Samuel, butcher, 12 Todmorden road ; h. 35 Belgrave st 
Eushworth Stephen, stonemason (j.), 157 Colne road 
Eushworth William, dogger, 163 Colne road 

Eushworth William, dogger, 4 Byerden lane 

Eushworth William Henry (John Eushworth & Sons); h. 171 Accring- 
ton road 
Eusius John, mechanic, 5 Sussex street 
Euth Henry, shopkeeper, 162 Sandygate 
Euttle Eobert, surgeon (oculist), 77 Manchester road 
Eyan Joseph, tailor, 107 Albert street 
Eycroft Eichard, shopkeeper, 80 Hebrew road 
Ey croft William, taper, 6 Hebrew road 
Eycroft William, skin dealer, 68 Hollingreave road 
Eyder Jacob, boot and shoe maker, 118 Grey street 
St. James' Hall, St. James' row ; John Haywood, keeper 
St. Mattheto's Parish Men's Chib, Piccadilly road 
Sadd Miss Caroline, milliner, 21 Manchester road 
Sagar Dick, vict., Neptune Inn, 29 Sandygate 
Sagar Elijah, grocer and provision dealer, 81 Westgate 
Sagar Henry, wheelwright, Eobinson street ; h. 2 Dane street 
Sagar James, butcher, 104 Springfield road 
Sagar James, wheelwright (j.), 45 Berry street 
Sagar James, butcher, 7 Eose Grove lane 
Sagar John, overlooker, 104 Springfield road 
Sagar John Alpha, tax collector, 22 Oxford road 
Sagar Mrs. Lucy, 123 Albert street 

Sagar Marshall (Sagar & Wilson) ; h. 65 Lindsay street 
Sagar Oates, grocer and provision dealer, 55 Anne street 


Sagar Mrs. Sarah, beerhouse, Commercial Inn Cop row 

Sagar & Son, art decorators and sign writers, 15 and 17 
Grimshaw street 

Sagar Taylor, weaver, 36 Berry street 

Sagar Mrs. Trypheua, 17 Stafford street • 

Sagar Walter, loan office manager, 21 St. James row 

Sagar Mr. William, 106 Brougham street 

Sagar William, gardener 82 Brunshaw road 

Sagar William, farmer, Wood farm 

Sagar William, weaver, 10 Moss street 

Sagar William Fielding, gentleman, Spring bank, 75 Todmorden road 

Sagar & Wilson, coachbuilders, Stanley street 

Salisbury Edward, weaver, 4 Lomas street 

Salisbury James, eating house, 86 Trafalgar street 

Salisbury Mr. William, 151 Accrington road 

Salkeld Joseph, assurance agent, 61 Laithe street 

Salmon William, musician, 24 Crowther street 

Salter & Salter, boot manufacturers, 71 St. James street 

Sanders William, assurance agent, 103 Curzon street 

Sanderson Christopher, overlooker, 51 Brougham street 

Sanderson Edward J., butcher, 53 Yorkshire street 

Sanderson Miss Martha Jane, milliner, 142 Colne road and 23 
Hebrew road 

Sand ham Miss Sarah, milliner, 52 Abel street 

Sandygate Mill Co., Limited, cotton spinners and manufacturers, 

Sandygate; R. Halstead, secretary 
Sandy Thomas Guinan, solicitor and commissioner fcr oaths, 14 

Grimshaw street ; h. Limefield house, Brierfteld 
Sargent Robert Kendal, assistant schoolmaster, 204 Colne road 
Saul James, hosier, 14 Oxford road 
Saul Robert, confectioner, 40 Coal Clough lane 

Saunby Edward, grocer and fruiterer, 1 Burleigh street 

Saunby John William, carter, 14 Holme road 

Saunders David, boot and shoe maker, 1 Saxon street 

Saville Martin, warehouseman, 12 Gresham place 

Scales Thomas Henry, grocer's assistant, 139 Rectory road 

Schofield Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 141 Colne road 

Schofield Mrs. Betty, 53 Albert street 

Schofield Clark, clothlooker, 18 Whittam street 

Schofield Christie, tobacconist and cigar merchant, 1 1 
Market street 

Schofield Mrs. Elizabeth, 124 Accrington road 
Schofield Henry, farmer, 144 Manchester road 
Schofield James, tailor, 38 Lindsay street 
Schofield John, vict., Caual Tavern, 68 Manchester road 
Schofield Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 24 Red Lion street 
Schofield Miss Mary Jane, milliner, 61 Brougham street 

Schofield Robert, beerhouse, Lancashire and Yorkshire Hotel, 
Padiham road 

Schofield Robert, overlooker, 302 Colne road 
Schofield Thomas, shopkeeper, 130 Leyland road 
Schofield Thomas, shopkeeper, 48 Springfield road 


Schofield William, builder's merchant (Whitaker & Schofield) ; h. 

Schofield Wilson, weaver, 89 Hollingreave road 
Scholfield, Preston & Co., cotton manufacturers, Elm Street shed and 

Bake Head mill 
Scholfield Robert (Scholfield, Preston & Co.); h. 13 Devonshire road 
Scholfield Mr. Robert, 1 Sefton terrace 
Schum Charles, pork butcher, 155 Padiham road 
Scoble James Bartie, coal agent, 15 Park lane 
Scott Alexander, collier, 175 Accrington road 
Scott Archibald, moulder, 20 Berkeley street 
Scott Edwin, engineer (j.), 63 Brougham street 
Scott John William, musician, 55 Albert street 
Scott Joseph, chemist and druggist (Burnley Wood Drug Co.), 175 

Oxford road ; h. 11 Fair View road 
Scott & Simpson, milliners, 47 Westgate 
Scott Mr. Thomas, 263 Padiham road 
Scott Thomas, junior, farmer, Lower Clifton farm 
Scott Walter, overlooker, 92 Brougham street 
Scott William, authorised plumber, gasfitter, iron and tinplate worker, 

25 Yorkshire street 
Scowby Mr. Francis, Craven Bank, Hargreaves street 
Sculthorpe Charles, gardener, 19 Mosley House road 
Seaman Mr. David, 10 Clifton street 
Sears Henry, painter (j.), 13 Rectory road 

Seddon Jonathan, grocer and provision dealer, 27 Padiham road 

Seddon Peter, chimney sweeper, 57 Plumbe street 

Sedgwick Samuel, mechanic, 41 Eliza street 

Seed James, tape sizer, 29 Thurston street 

Seed Mrs. Jane, 97 Rectory road 

Sefton Robert, confectioner, 125 Accrington road 

Sellers Arthur, bookkeeper, 41 Allen street 

Sellers Mr. John Wilkinson, 25 Thursby road 

Senior John, hairdresser, 2 Red Lion street 

Senior Swales, hairdresser, 14 Sandygate and 86 Accrington road 

Senior William, hairdresser (j.), 6 Master street 

Shackleton Albert, authorised plumber, 35 & 37 Bankhouse st 

Shackleton Miss Alice Ann, confectioner, 47 Padiham road 
Shackleton Edmund (Shackleton & Widdup) ; h. 33 Ormerod road 
Shackleton Edmund, overlooker, 15 Whittlefield street 
Shackleton Mrs. Elizabeth, 56 Brennand street 
Shackleton Henry, hairdresser, 63 and 65 Westgate 
Shackleton Mr. James 155 Accrington road 
Shackleton James, joiner and builder, 106 Belvedere road 
Shackleton Jamei-, clothlooker, 5 Whittlefield street 
Shackleton John, hairdresser, 92 and 94 Trafalgar street 

Shackleton John, furniture broker, wringing* machine maker, 
and cycle agent, 35 Berkeley street 

Shackleton Mr. John, 124 Parkinson street 

Shackleton John Eichard, yeast dealer, 230 Padiham road 

Shackleton Mrs. Mary, 15 Rectory road 

Shackleton Mitchell, mill manager, 8 Newton street 


Shackleton Peter, foundry manager, 69b Curzon street 

Shackleton & Widdup, wholesale and retail bakers and confectioners, 

Aqueduct street 
Shackleton William, black and whitesmith, and mechanic, Holmes 

street ; h. 55 Ashworth street 
Shackleton William, beerhouse, Derby Hotel, 44 Grimshaw street 
Shackleton William, glass and china dealer, 21 Bridge street; h. 

Ashleigh, 315 Colne road 
Shanley John, mason (j.), 95 Hollingreave road 
Sharp Matthew, weaver, 26 Hollingreave road 
Sharp Mr. Thomas, 101 Dall street 

Sharpe Miss Sarah, mistress, Wesleyan Infant school, High street 
Sharpe William, club steward, 25 Sandham street; 
Sbarphouse James, tailor (j.), 2 Godly street 
Sharpies Mrs. Eachel, weaver, 18 Lord street 

Sharpley Albert, grocer, baker, aud butcher, 55 and 57 Laithe street 
Sharrocks John, master, St. Peter's school; h. 5 Bank Hall terrace 
Sharrocks William, overlooker, 38 Crowther street 
Shaw Alfred, beerhouse, Oddfellows' Tavern, 18 Boot street 
Shaw Archibald, police constable, 42 Cavour street 
Shaw Mrs. Bessie, dressmaker, 68 Brougham street 
Shaw Mrs. Isabella, confectioner, 79 Church street 
Shaw James, commercial traveller, 18 Colville street 
Shaw J., master, St. Paul's school, Saunder bank 
Shaw John, fruiterer, 30 Master street 
Shaw John, foreman moulder, 130 Rectory road 
Shaw Robert, collier, 253 Padiham road 
Shaw Smith, certified bailiff, 79 Church street 
Shaw William, underclothing manufacturer, Victoria street; h. 11 

Spring Hill road 
Shaw William Henry, clerk, 11 Clarence street 

Shawcross William, pianoforte ag*ent and repairer, and 
assurance agent, 100 Abel street 

Shea Mrs. Annie, tobacconist, 22 Yorkshire street and 36 Howe street 

Shea John, painter, 34 Howe street ; h. 75 Hollingreave road 

Shee & Kennedy, Limited, tailors, habit makers, and clerical outfitters, 

18 Manchester road 
Sheers Rev. George England (Wesleyan), 68 Prospect terrace 
Shepherd Mrs. Barbara, 58 Hollingreave road 
Shepherd John, overlooker, 83 Hollingreave road 
Shepherd John, engine tenter, 61 Crowther street 
Shepherd Eobert, weaver, 7 Todmorden road 
Shepherd Walter, gentleman, Eowley hall 
Shepley Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 12 Colne road 
Sheppard William, canal agent, Rose grove 
Sherburn Richard, taper, 9 Forest street 
Sherwood George B., vict., Salford Hotel, 2 Royle road 

Shield^ William, boot and shoe maker, 128 and 190 Colne road 

and 10b Briercliffe road 
Shipley William Oakley, saddle, harness, and portmanteau 

maker, 138 St. James Street and 3 Padiham road; and Nelson 

Shoesmith Frank, grocer and provision dealer, 100 Colne road 



Shoesmith Fred., bookkeeper, 10 Newton street 

Shoesmith James, authorised plumber, 79 Manchester road 

Shorrock Thomas, yeast dealer, 15 Padiham road 
Shorrock Thomas, shopkeeper, 111 Gatmow lane 
Shutt Robert, shopkeeper, 766 Padiham road, Habergham 
Shutfc William, colliery sub-manager, 6 Hallwell street 

Shuttleworth John (Exors. of), painters and decorators, 48 
Standish street 

Shuttleworth John W. (Shuttleworth & Pickup) ; h. 50 Daneshouse rd 
Shuttleworth & Pickup, plain and ornamental plasterers, 50 Danes- 
house road 

Shuttleworth Mrs. Pollie, 5 Pear street 

Shuttleworth Thomas, painter and decorator, 41 Biding street 

Simmersgill Joseph, reporter, 2 Hebrew square 

Simms John, assurance agent, 134 Eectory road 

Silverwood Mrs. Meshullemith, 8 Heath street 

Sunpkiu Thomas, furniture dealer and washing-machine roller turner, 
8 Stark ie street 

Simpkin Mr. Thomas, 327 Milton terrace, Padiham road 

Simpson A. F., assurance agent, Eaglan road 

Simpson Mrs. Ann, 14 Clifton street 

Simpson Benjamin, overlooker, 94 Brougham street 

Simpson Benjamin, boot and shoe maker, 15 Trout street 

Simpson Bros., electrical engineers, 3 Hammerton street 

Simpson Bros., cotton manufacturers, Higher Bake Head mill 

Simpson Miss Dorothy Sarah, tailoress, 18 Blenheim street 

Simpson Miss Elizabeth, baby linen dealer, 29 Market hall 

Simpson Mrs. Emma, 48 Piccadilly road 

Simpson Mrs. Grace, 19 Ash street 

Simpson Mrs. Hannah, 82 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 

Simpson James, cashier, 6 Nelson square 

Simpson James, stonemason, 61 Albion street 

Simpson James, cordial maker, Ashfleld road ; h. 17 Oak 

Mount street 
Simpson James, overlooker, 26 Lord street 
Simpson James, engine tenter, 65 Springfield road 
Simpson Mrs. Jane, 150 Accrington road 

Simpson Jesse, cotton manufacturer, Albion mill, Whittlefield ; h. 2 

Laurel bank, Park lane 
Simpson John, basket maker, Market hall 

Simpson John, wholesale fruit and potato merchant, Trafalgar street ; 
and Padiham 

Simpson John, commercial traveller, 51 Gordon street 

Simpson John, cotton manufacturer (Simpson Bros.) ; h. 350 Colne rd 

Simpson John, clog block maker, Brunshaw road 

Simpson John Charles, club steward, 89 Baglan road 

Simpson Jonathan, dogger (j.), 3 Hattersley street 

Simpson Mrs. Louisa, 163 Branch road 

Simpson Mrs. Margaret, nurse, 17 Ashfield road 

Simpson Moses & Bros., builders, 28 Cleaver street 

Simpson Richard, joiner, builder, and contractor, North street ; h. 2 
Byerden street 


Simpson Eobert, cotton mill manager, Rose cottage, Todmorden road 

Simpson Robert, overlooker, 22 Grey street 

Simpson Robert, bookkeeper, 2 Kendal street 

Simpson Smith, overlooker, 56 Branch road 

Simpson, Stansfield & Co., ike wood manufacturers, Brick street 

Simpson Stephen, grocer and beerseller, 12 Abel street 

Simpson Thomas, music and musical instrument dealer 

and publisher of Burnley Tune Book, 23 Manchester road 
Simpson Thos., cotton manufacturer (Simpson Bros.); h. 287 Colne rd 
Simpson Thomas, bookkeeper, 154 Abel street 
Simpson Thomas, weaver, 8 Willow street 
Simpson Thomas Henry, grocer, 70 Hebrew road and 28 Heath street 

Simpson Turpin, cabinet maker and house furnisher, 60 
Standish street; h. til Westgate 

Simpson Turpin, lodging house keeper, 5 Bridge street 
Simpson & West, cotton manufacturers, Belle Vue shed, Westgate 
Simpson William, chapel keeper, 123 Parliament street 
Simpson William, cabinetmaker, 196 Colne road 
Simpson William, coal dealer and shopkeeper, 1 Arundel street 
Simpson William, beamer, 11 Dall stoeet 
Simpson William, overlooker, 14 Hardy street 

Sinclair Alexander Macgregor, M.B., CM., house surgeon, Victoria 

Singer Manufacturing Co., sewing machine depot, 110 St. James 

street; Robert Smith, manager 
Singleton Joseph, cabinet maker, 148 Oxford road 
Singleton Samuel, greengrocer, 42 Standish street 
Singleton Samuel, assurance agent, 31 Belgrave street 
Skeith, Kenyon & Clegg, builders and contractors, Ivy street 
Skeith Robert (Skeith, Kenyon & Clegg) ; h. 32 Ivy street 
Sircombe John, hairdresser, 31 Abel street 
Skelton George William, warehouseman, 8 Glen street 
Skidmore Samuel, core maker, 62 Coal Clough lane 
Skinner John, pattern maker, 382 Colne road 
Skipper Mr. Constable, 124 Rectory road 

Skipper Harry, taxidermist, 40 Cavour street 

Skipper Mr. Urban Thomas, 1 Hurtley street 
Skirrow Benjamin Tomise, shopkeeper, 59 Branch road 
Skrine Rev. Walter de Vere, B.A., curate of St. Andrew's, 7 Knights- 
bridge grove, Colne road 
Slack Frederick, tailor y'.), 7 Gresham place 
Slater Bros., boot and shoe makers, 39 St. James street 
Slater Charles, draper's assistant, 8 Stafford street 
Slater Christopher, sanitary inspector, 41 Yorkshire street ; h. 96 

Belvedere road 
Slater Mrs. Fanny, confectioner, 24 Hulme street 
Slater Frederick N. (Slater Bros.) ; h. 6 Brunshaw road 
Slater Henry, grocer and draper, 81 Padiham road 
Slater Lieut. -Col. Hubert, J. P., Whittlefield house 

Slater James, ale and porter bottler, 207 and 209 Colne road 

Slater John, shopkeeper, 110 Hollingreave road 
Slater Mr. John, 56 Brougham street 


Slater Mrs. Margaret, greengrocer, L20 Oxford road 

Slater Mrs. Sarah, 107 Eectory road 

Slater Thomas, shopkeeper, 75 Whittlefield street 

Slater Thomas, clerk, 68 Queensberry road 

Slater Walter, grocer's manager, 69a Curzon street ' 

Slater William (Wm. Slater & Son) ; h. Wood nook, 41 Brooklands rd 

Slater William, tax collector, 18 Accrington road 

Slater William, black pudding maker, 173 St. James street 

Slater William Henry, towel manufacturer, 61 Calder Vale road 

Slater William & Son, cotton manufacturers, Calder Vale shed 

Slinger Francis, soapmaker, Lutner street 

Slocket John, moulder, 20 Eowley street 

Smallpage Mrs. Catherine, 3 Palatine square 

Smallpage Isaiah (Exors. of), cotton spinners and manufacturers, 

Parsonage mill, Bank parade 
Smallpage Josiah, cotton broker, 23 St. James row 
Smallshaw Mrs. Ann, 152 Colne road 
Smallshaw Henry, warehouseman, 17 Forest street 
Smelt Walter, compositor, 36 Albert street 
Smirthwaite-Black John Lyell, M.B., CM., physician and surgeon, 14 

Hargreaves street and 46 Colne road 
Smith Albert E., traveller, 22 Newcastle street 

Smith Albert, secretary to Warpdressers' Association, 1 Altham street 
Smith Alfred, joiner (j.), 24 Rowley street 
Smith Alfred, cabinet maker, 155a Accrington road 

Smith Alfred Harrison, bookseller and stationer, 65 Abel street 

Smith Mrs. Alice, grocer, 1 Blenheim street 

Smith Miss Alice, 311 Queensgate, Colne road 

Smith Andrew, overlooker, 249 Padiham road 

Smith Arthur, overlooker, 11 Belgrave street 

Smith Mrs. Ann Jane, shopkeeper, 55 Stoney street 

Smith Arthur King, bookkeeper, 19 Albert street 

Smith Benjamin, grocer and tripe dealer, 1 Mile street 

Smith Benjamin, builder and contractor, 71 Cavour street 

Smith Benjamin, weaver, 13 Spring Hill road 

Smith Bros., builders and contractors, Eastham place 

Smith Mrs. Catherine Lang, 40 Todmorden road 

Smith Charles, tailor (j.), 17 Ellis street 

Smith Charles, builder's assistant, 66 Springfield road 

Smith & Co., tailors and clothiers, 9 Manchester rd and 10 Market pi 

Smith Crawshaw, painter and decorator, 8 Canning street 

Smith Crossley, blacksmith (j.), 4 Cog lane * 

Smith Daniel, vict., St. Leger Inn, 15 Eed Lion street 

Smith Denis, secretary to the Burnley Model Building Society, 6 

Nicholas street ; h. 37 Onnerod road 
Smith Dent, mill manager, 110 Accrington road 
Smith Edward (Smith Bros.) ; h. 18 Hufling lane 
Smith Edward, boot and shoe maker, 23 Swainbank street 
Smith Mr. Eleazer, 48 Belvedere road 

Smith Eli, boot and clog maker, 42 Barracks rd and 51 Gannow lane 
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, 29 Hobart street 
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, 134 Trafalgar street 


Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, 38 Patten street 
Smith Mrs. Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 28 Curzon street 
Smith Miss Elizabeth, milliner and dressmaker, 53 Oxford road 
Smith Elizabeth & Susannah, milliners, 89 Westgate 
Smith Mrs. Ellen, 52 Accrington road 
Smith Mrs. Ellen, 23 Cedar street 

Smith Miss Ellen, shopkeeper, 1 Victoria terrace, Lowerhouse 
Smith Mrs. Frances, confectioner, 32 Barracks road 
Smith Frederick, coachman, 40 Lord street 

Smith Frederick Nelson, tailor and gentlemen's outfitter, 2 Yorkshire 
street; h. 63 Ormerod road J 

Smith Fred. Norton, joiner, builder, and undertaker, Canning 

Street; h. 21 Berkeley street 

Smith George (George Smith & Sons); h. 46a Redruth street 

Smith George, weaver, 47 Clifton street 

Smith George & Sons, joiners, builders, contractors, and timber mer- 
chants, Redruth Street sawmills, off Padiham road 

Smith George William, hay and straw dealer's assistant, 145 Abel st 

Smith Mr. Hartley, 6 Hornby street 

Smith Henry, weaver, 62 Hollingreave road 

Smith Henry, overlooker, 84 Reed street' 

Smith Henry, beerseller, 4 Lincoln street 

Smith Henry, loom oiler, 98 Hollingreave road 

Smith Henry, machine broker, 5 and 7 Canning street 

Smith Henry Grimshaw, stationer, 23 Canning street 

Smith Jabez, weaver, 1 Reed street 

Smith James, solicitor, solicitor to the First and Second Burnley Starr- 
Bowkett Building Society, 3 Yorke street ; h. 122 Manchester road 

Smith James, iron and tinplate worker, Crow nest; h. 69 Rectory road 

Smith James, butcher, 79 Brougham street 

Smith James, meter inspector, 6 Brougham street 

Smith Mr. James, 31 Cedar street 

Smith James, beamer, 23 Raglan road 

Smith James, earthenware dealer, 161 Accriugton road 

Smith James, beerhouse, Three Horse Shoes, 22 Boot street 

Smith James, fried fish dealer, 4 Trafalgar street 

Smith James Henry, paper and paper bag* merchant and com- 
mission agent, 3 and 18 Stanworth street 

Smith James Robert, mechanic, 18 Moss street 

Smith James Robert, bookkeeper, 41 Cuerden terrace, Accrington rd 

Smith Mrs. Jane, 106 Padiham road 

Smith Jeremiah (George Smith & Sons) ; h. 2 Park lane 

Smith J. A., assurance agent, 73 Tarleton street 

Smith John (Smith Bros.) ; h. 1 Thurston street 

Smith John & Co., tobacconists, 13 St. James street 

Smith John, painter, 55 Curzon street; h. 79 Brougham street 

Smith John, beerhouse, Bank Top Inn, 2 Parker street 

Smith John, confectioner, 297 Briercliffe road 

Smith John, plumber and glazier, 21 Curzon st ; h. 141 Manchester rd 

Smith John, greengrocer, 84 Accriugton road 

Smith John, overlooker, 116 Branch road 

Smith John, confectioner, 8 Branch road 


Smith John, shopkeeper, 1 Maltkilu street 

Smith John, mechanic, 13 Ilalstead street 

Smith John, weaver, 32 Eowley street 

Smith John, grocer and provision dealer, 17 Finsleygate 

Smith John, baker, cab proprietor, and carter, Old Hall Inn, 16 Old 

Hall street 
Smith Mr. John, 1 Thurston street 
Smith John Henry, overlooker, 59 Villiers street 
Smith John Henry, mason (j.), 94 Healey Wood road 
Smith John Henry, foreman tinner, 12 Rectory road 
Smith John Thomas, draper, 6 Temple street 
Smith John Robert, farmer, Ightenhall park 
Smith John Thomas, colliery sub-manager, 48 Brennand street 
Smith John Thomas, photographer, 79a St. James street 
Smith John William, tailor and draper, 32 Anne street 
Smith John William, joiner (j.), 5 Ellis street 
Smith Joseph, oatcake baker, 15 Barracks road 
Smith Joseph, joiner (j.), 4 Newcastle street 
Smith Joseph, lodging house keeper, 45 and 49 Bridge street 
Smith Lawrence, grocer and provision dealer, 28 Ashfield road 
Smith Lawrence, cabdriver, 28 Mile street 
Smith Lee, cashier, 9 Victoria terrace, Lowerhouse 
Smith Mrs. Margaret, 2 Berry street 
Smith Mrs. Mary, 22 Willow street 
Smith Mrs. Mary, confectioner, 1 Sutcliffe street 
Smith Miss Mary, dressmaker, 59 Standish street 
Smith Mrs. Mary Ann, 12 Holme road 
Smith Matthew, roller coverer, 18 Lindsay street 
Smith Painter, painter, 11 Albion street 
Smith & Patterson, dressmakers, 29 Hurtley street 
Smith Reginald, vict., Swan Hotel, 44 St. James street 
Smith Mr. Richard, 141 Manchester road 
Smith Richard, draper, 7 St. James street ; h. 47 Colue road 
Smith Robert (George Smith & Sons) ; h. 21 Fairholme ter, Park lane 
Smith Mr. Robert, 482 Padiham road 

Smith Robert, plasterer and mastic cement manufacturer, 

Ashfield road ; h. 29 Castle street 
Smith Robert, foreman cabinet maker, 17 Clifton street 
Smith Robert, manager for Singer & Co. ; h. 7 Brougham street 
Smith Robert, currier (j.), 25 Hobart street 
Smith Robert, shopman, 35 Healey Wood road 
Smith Robert, fruiterer, 46 Rectory road 
Smith Robert & Son (Arthur Henry), painters, 97 Oxford road; h. 81 

Hollingreave road 
Smith Robinson, watchmaker, 48 Plumbe street 
Smith Mrs. Sabina, 275 Padiham road 
Smith Samuel (Smith Bros.) ; h. 16 Albert street 

Smith Samuel & Sons, fellmongers and leather dressers, 
Plumbe street ; and Golne 

Smith Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, 2 Horace street 
Smith Mrs. Sarah, 104 Trafalgar street 
Smith Mrs. Sarah Ann, 53 Plumbe street 


Smith Stephen, tobacco manufacturer and tobacconist, 1 Market 

street and Curzon street 
Smith Theophilus, mill manager, 66 Plumbe street 

Smith & Thomas, mineral water manufacturers, 25 and 27 
Byerden lane. — (See Advt.) 

Smith Thomas, builder and contractor, Brunswick street; h. 112 

Hollingreave road 
Smith Thomas, tobacconist's manager, 27 Thurston street 
Smith Thomas, collier, 136 Branch road 
Smith Thomas, warehouseman, 67 Parliament street 
Smith Thomas, travelling draper, 1 Bread street 
Smith Mr. Thomas, 178 Padiham road 
Smith Mr. Thomas, 60 Devonshire road 
Smith Thomas, rag dealer, 5 Cornwall terrace 
Smith Thomas tinplate worker, 2 Old Hall street and Plumbe street 

Smith Thomas, taxidermist, 27 Bridge st ; and confectioner, 
40 Daneshouse road 

Smith Thomas (William Smith & Son); h. 2 Maries street 

Smith Thomas Porter (Smith & Co.); h. 9 Manchester road 

Smith Valentine, beamer, 41 Calder Vale road 

Smith Watson, vict., Engineers' Arms, 13 Parker street 

Smith William, draper, 21 and 23 Fleet street ; h. 436 Queensgate, 

Colne road 
Smith William, hay and straw dealer, Robinson street; h. 143 Abel st 
Smith William, watchmaker, 119 and 121 Colne road 
Smith William, coal dealer, Cop row 
Smith William, draper, 210 Padiham road 
Smith William, assurauce agent, 44 Albion street 
Smith William, bookkeeper, 24 Bear street, Lowerhouse 
Smith William, coachsmith (j.), 17 Adamson street 
Smith William, mill manager, 38 Grey street 
Smith Mr. William, 23 Anne street 
Smith William, overlooker, 3 Gordon street 

Smith William Barker, boot and shoe maker, 58 Trafalgar st 

Smith William & Son, wheelwrights and smiths, Earl street 

Smith W. H. & Son, booksellers, Railway station ; F. Beaumont, mgr. 

Smith William Henry, tobacconist, 7 Padiham road 

Smith William Henry, tailor, 41 Hammerton street 

Smith William Shepherd, traveller, 47 Gordon street 

Smith William Thos., leather dealer, Roberts' yard; h. 60 Rectory rd 

Smithson Henry, fish dealer, 55 Spencer street 

Smithson William, machinist and smith, Pilling Street works; h. 98 

Belvedere road 
Snape James, assurance agent, 171 Branch road 
Snape James, overlooker, 35 Parkinson street 
Snape Robert, assurance agent, 262 Padiham road 
Snape Mr. Thomas, 313 Padiham road 
Snowden Christopher, cotton manufacturer, Fulledge mill ; h. 47 

Eliza street 
Snowden James, loomer, 20 Herbert street 
Snowden John, overlooker, 19 Brunswick street 
Snowden John, cotton manufacturer, Fulledge mill ; h. 13 Annie st 



Snowden Thomas, joiner (j.), 71 Accringfcon road 

Snowdeu Turner, hairdresser, 105 Lowerhouse lane 

Socket Mrs. Alice, 6 Lydia street 

South James, blacksmith, Briercliffe road; h. 402 Colne road 

Southern Walter, solicitor (Artindale & Southern), and clerk to 

borough justices of Nelson; h. Palace house 
Southwell Henry, clothlooker, 53 Burns street 
Southworth James Henry, confectioner, 183 Oxford road 
Sowden Martin, labourer, 41 Albion street 
Sowerby Ralph, coal dealer, 5 Warwick street 
Sparling John, collier, 124 Hollingreave road 
Speak Mrs. Mai^y, shopkeeper, 19 Holden street 
Speak Thomas, shopkeeper, 88 Robinson street 
Speake Walter, provision merchant, 70 St. James street 
Spear William, draper, 54 Waterloo road 
Spence William C, police clerk, 128 Rectory road 
Spencer Barrowclough, hairdresser, 79 Colne road 
Spencer David J., assurance agent, 2 Holtou street 
Spencer Mrs. Eleanor, 95 Colne road 
Spencer Frank, draper, 64 Belgrave street 
Spencer Hargreaves, painter (j.), 4 Rowley street 
Spencer Hartley, i*eed and heald manufacturer, Stanley street ; h. 4 

Nelson square 
Spencer Hartley, heald knitter, 46 Devonshire road 
Spencer Henry, professor of music, 136 Trafalgar street 
Spencer Henry, winder and yarn dealer, Curzon street ; h. 10 

Hollingreave road 
Spencer Henry, dresser, 241 Padiham road 
Spencer Mr. James, 2a Stafford street 
Spencer James, weaver, 6 Lord street 
Spencer James, contractor, 20 Brunswick street 
Spencer James, reedmaker (j.), 16 Berry street 
Spencer James, engine tenter, 91 Piccadilly road 
Spencer John, cotton manufacturer, Queen's mill, New Hall street; h. 

64 Holme view, Colne road 
Spencer Mr. John, junior, 430 Colne road 
Spencer John, tailor, 64 Hurtley street 
Spencer John, tailor, 27 Fairholme terrace, Park lane 
Spencer John, basket maker (j.), 250 Padiham road 
Spencer John, taper, 256 Padiham road ^ 

Spencer John, painter (j.), 40 Padiham road 
Spencer John S., assurance agent, 12 Cuerden street 
Spencer John Edward, traveller, 17 Dulwich street 
Spencer Joseph, tea dealer, 111 Padiham road 
Spencer Joseph, overlooker, 24 Albert street 
Spencer Joseph, tailor and draper, 1 Yorkshire street 
Spencer Joshua, assui'ance agent, 7 Carter street 
Spencer Mr. Lawrence, 26 Gordon street 
Spencer Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 58 Marlborough street 
Spencer Mrs. Mary, 10 Lord street 

Spencer Robert, boot and shoe maker, 732 Padiham road, Habergham 
Spencer Samuel, shopkeeper, 1 Byerden lane 


Spencer Thomas, furniture broker and certified bailiff, 29 Boot street 

Spencer Thomas, shopkeeper, 51 Robinson street 

Spencer Thomas, grocers assistant, 3 Church court 

Spencer Thomas, market gardener, Hollin hill 

Spencer Whiteley, collier, 15 Hollingreave road 

Spencer William, dogger, 96 Westgate 

Spencer William, weaver, 1 Devonshire road 

Speucer Wilson, warehouseman, 5 Carter street 

Spink Mrs. Susannah, 7 Godly street 

Spurr James, pattern maker, 13 Kendal street 

Spurr Mrs. Jane, beerhouse, Dog and Partridge, 90 Westgate 

Stackhouse William, taper, 2 Gordon street 

Stafford & Northampton Boot Co., 149 St. James st ; H. Diggle, mgr. 

Stamford Henry, cabinet maker, 31 Lindsay street 

Stamp Henry, labourer, 15 Cuerdeu street 

Standige Edmund, engine tenter, 19 Thursby road 

Standring Francis, grocer and provision dealer, 115 Padiham road 

Stanley John M., watchmaker and jeweller, 72 St. James street 

Stansfield Albert, cotton manufacturer, Bishop's House mill, Eylands 

street ; h. 136 Eectory road 
Stansfield & Duckworth, cotton manufacturers, George Street shed 
Stansfield Hartley (Stansfield & Son) ; h. 30 Belgrave street 
Stansfield Houghton, commercial traveller, 16 Blenheim street 
Stansfield John (Stansfield & Duckworth) ; h. 5 Palatine square 
Stansfield Mrs. Mary Ann, 103 Colne road 
Stansfield Richard, shopkeeper, 1 Lincoln street 
Stansfield Eobert, overlooker, 27 Hollingreave road 
Stansfield Silas, firewood maker, Adlington street; h. 22 Swinless sfc 
Stansfield & Son, plumbers and glaziers, 15 Curzon street 
Stansfield Thomas F. (Stansfield & Son) ; h. 50 Parkinson street 

Stanworth Adam, butcher, 42 and 128 Abel street 

Stanworth Mrs. Emily, confectioner, 22 Plumbe street 

Stanworth George, painter and decorator, 11 Plumbe street; h. 46 

Temple street 
Stanworth Harry, monumental mason, Monk Hall street; h. 12 

Eibblesdale street 
Stanworth James, clerk, 27 Herbert street 
Stanworth James, coal dealer, 9 Lydia street 

Stanworth John, joiner, builder, and contractor, St. Andrew's 

Timber yard, Tunstill street ; h. 153 Colne road 
Stanworth Joseph, butcher, 64 Hebrew rd and 1 Bell's arcade 

Stanworth Levi, furniture dealer, 146 Branch road 

Stanworth Miss Mary Maud, dressmaker, 2 Saxon street 

Stanworth Stephen, road inspector, 2 Stafford street 

Stanworth Smith, stone merchant, Accrington road ; h. 18 Westgate 

Stanworth William, slate merchant, Curzon street ; h. Brierfield. — 

(See Aclvt.) 
Stanworth William, monumental mason, 2 Saxon street 
Stanworth William, inspector for Corporation, 400 Colne road 
Stark John Robert Philip, mason (].), 24 Bush street 
Stark William, roller coverer, 1 Hallwell street 
Starkey William, grocer, 29 Eichard street 



Starkie Edward, warehouseman, 10 Ormerod road 

Starkie Jas., cab proprietor, fish dealer, and greengrocer, Barracks rd 

Starkie John, fish dealer, 8 Crown place 

Starkie Joshua, cab proprietor, Boot yard, Parker lane 

Starkie Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, 22 Sandygate 

Starkie Ridley, mechanic, 93 Healey Wood road 

Starkie Miss Roseanna, 67 Todmorden road 

Starkie Sam, cotton manufacturer (Harper & Starkie) ; h. 8 Murray st 

Starkie William, overlooker, 40 Hilary street 

Starkie Willie, shopkeeper and beerseller, 164 Colne road 

Staveley Elijah, furniture dealer, 27 and 29 Barracks road 

Staveley Mrs. Elizabeth, 56 Temple street 

Stead & Simpson, Limited, boot manufacturers, 62 St. James street; 

John McDowell, manager 
Stedman Thomas, police sergeant, 59 Albion street 
Steel Mrs. Ellen, 47 Cuerden terrace, Accrington road 
Steele Frederick William, solicitor, 2 Nicholas street ; and Padiham 
Steele Henry Peter & Co., sculptors, Monk Hall street ; h. 42 Bar st 

Steen Thomas, weighing- machine maker, Bank parade ; and 

St. Peter street, Blackburn 
Stell Alexander, assistant schoolmaster, 81 Parkinson street 
Stell David, painter and decorator, 53 Bank parade 
Stell Frederick, monumental mason (j.), 244 Padiham road 
Stell Henry, smallware dealer, 140 Padiham road 
Stell Robert, slater (j.), 15 Spring Hill road 
Stephens Tom Albert, clothier's manager, 48 Albion street 
Stephenson Adam, overlooker, 8 Howson street 
Stephenson Albert, overlooker, 8 Clegg street 
Stephenson Ephraim, beamer, 14 Clegg street 
Stephenson George Nelson, farmer, Lower Haulgh head 
Stephenson James, grocer and provision dealer, 200 Accrington road 

and 2 Valley street 
Stephenson John, tobacco manufacturer, 8 Victoria street; works, 

Stephenson John, mill manager, 5 Granville street 
Stephenson John, draper, 108 St. James street; h. 54 Belvedere road 
Stephenson Joseph, beamer, 1 Thursby road 
Stephenson Joseph Huddart, farmer, Lower Haulgh head 
Stephenson Mrs. Mary, 1 Pomfret street 
Stephenson Nicholas, engine tenter, 18 Willow street 
Stephenson Thomas, bricklayer, 17 Richard street 
Stephenson William, beerhouse, Flying Dutchman, 18 Engine street 
Stevens Edward Kent, tailor and draper, 80 Trafalgar street 
Stevens Mrs. Mary, 4 Herbert street 
Stevens William, mechanic, 57 Red Lion street 
Stevenson Mrs. Ann, 34 Raglan road 
Stevenson Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 2 Griffin street 
Stevenson Edward, grocer's manager, 19 Gillowe street 
Stevenson Fred, monumental mason, Cemetery lane 
Stevenson John William, coal dealer, 154 Sandygate 
Stevenson William, fried fish dealer, 94 Springfield road 
Stewart James, tailor, 12 Temple street 


Stirk John William, compositor, 12 Godly street 

Stirling Alfred, beerhouse, Mechanics' Arms, 8 Finsleygate 

Stockdale Arthur, butcher, 11 Gannow lane 

Stockdale Mr. James, 8 Laburnum terrace 

Stockdale Richard, butcher, 100 Padiham road 

Stockdale William, stationer, 57 Saudygate 

Stonehouse Charles, junr., draper, 29 Curzon street and 52 Hebrew rd 

Stones Miss Alice, milliner, 23 Newcastle street 

Storah William Charles, commercial traveller, 101 Eectory road 

Storey Francis Robert, inland revenue officer, 92 Rectory road 

Storey George, Esq., J. P., land agent, 11 Coal street 

Stott Frederick, fruiterer, 52 Church street 

Stott Henry, brewer's traveller, 27 Lindsay street 

Stott John Charles, painter (j.), 49 Red Lion street 

Stott Samuel, police constable, 10 Adlingtcn street 

Stott Mrs. Sarah Esther, pawnbroker, 126 Trafalgar street 

Stowe William, house agent, 2 Clifton street 

Stowe William Thomas, wood turner (j.), 20 Oxford road 

Stowell Mrs. Ann, shopkeeper, 82 Helena street 

Strang William, travelling draper, 9 Coal street 

Strange Alfred, Esq., J. P., printer, &c. (Burghope & Strange) ; h. 

Greenfield house, 149 Manchester road 
Stroyan Mrs. Elizabeth, ladies' school, Brunshaw seminary 
Stuttard Alfred, shopkeeper, 128 Sandygate 
Stuttard Mrs. Alice, 189 Lark hill, Manchester road 

Stuttard Mrs. Amelia, viet., Royal Hotel, 107 Colne road 

Stuttard Mrs. Ellen, 48 Holme view, Colne road 

Stuttard Francis, joiner (j.), 118 Rectory road 

Stut:ard James, cashier, 283 Colne road 

Stuttard James, warper, 2 Herbert street 

Stuttard Mr. James, lOi Leyland road 

Stuttard John, cloth salesman, 279 Colne road 

Stuttard Luther, overlooker, 57 Cavour street 

Stuttard Miss Mary Matilda, shopkeeper, 24 Parker lane 

Stuttard Mrs. Mary, beerhouse, Tradesman's Arms, 210 Accrin<>ton rd 

Stuttard Mrs., 152 Accrington road 

Stuttard Richard, cotton manufacturer, Byerden mill, Florentine 

street ; h. 43 Allen street 
Stuttard Richard, farmer, Waterbarn farm 
Stuttard Samuel, assurance agent, 49a Rectory road 
Stuttard Thomas, vict., Masons' Arms, 60 St. James street 
Stuttard Thomas, chemist's assistant, 6 Berry street 
Stuttard William, smith and chain maker, Chaffer yard ; h. 58 

Church street 
Stuttard William, farmer, Walshaw lane 
Stuttard William, warehouseman, 92 Branch road 
Stuttard William, umbrella maker, 31 Calder Vale road 
Stuttard William, shopkeeper, 57 Bridge street 
Sudders Mrs. Sarah Jane, toy dealer, 2 Devonshire road 
Sunderland John, master St. Mary's Catholic school; h. Mosley hill 
Sunderland Joseph, herbalist, 17 Standish street 
Sunderland Robert, assurance agent, 74 Canning street 


Sunter Matthew, butcher, 58 Parliament street and Oxford road 
Superintendent Registrar's Office, Nicholas street; W. Haworth, 

superintendent registrar ; A. Haworth, deputy superintendent 
Surveyor of Taxes Office, Nicholas street ; M. D. Golden, surveyor 
Sutcliffe Albert, cotton mill manager, 94 Belvedere road 
Sutcliffe Albert, watchmaker, 27 Parkinson street 
Suteliffe Alfred, F.R.C.S. (district medical officer for Union), 24 

Trinity place, Accrington road 
Sutcliffe Mrs. Ann, farmer, Lower and Higher Howarth fold 
Sutcliffe Arthur Frederick (John Sutcliffe & Sons), and commissioner 

for oaths ; h. 32 Belvedere road 
Sutcliffe Benjamin (Sutcliffe Brothers) ; h. 6 Thursby square 
Sutcliffe Brothers, cotton manufacturers, Elm Street shed 
Sutcliffe Charles, insurance agent, 26 Piccadilly road 
Sutcliffe Charles Edward (John Sutcliffe & Sons) ; h. 75 Church street 
Sutcliffe & Co., tea dealers, 12 St. James street 
Sutcliffe Daniel (Sutcliffe & Whitaker) ; h. 84 Hollingreave road 
Sutcliffe Mr. David, Daisy cottage, Queensberry road 
Sutcliffe Mr. Edward, 34 Holme view, Colne road 
Sutcliffe Miss Elizabeth Ann, confectioner, 75 Manchester road 
Sutcliffe Emmanuel, overlooker, 3 Hobart street 
Sutcliffe Frank, brewer's traveller, 28 Merton street 
Sutcliffe George, Esq., J.P., cotton spinner (Temple & Sutcliffe) ; h. 
Oakhill, Todmorden road 

Sutcliffe George, foreman smith, 2 Thursby square 

Sutcliffe George, shopkeeper, 48 Ashworth street 

Sutcliffe George Henry, agent, 14 North street 

Sutcliffe Helme, cotton spinner (Temple & Sutcliffe) ; h. 47 Brook- 
lands road 

Sutcliffe Henry (Sutcliffe Brothers) ; h. 102 Belvedere road 

Sutcliffe Herbert, cycle agent (Whittaker & Sutcliffe) ; h. 102 
Belvedere road 

Sutcliffe James, vict., Bull Hotel (posting and commercial house), I 
Manchester road — (See Advt.) 

Sutcliffe James, bookkeeper, 29 Devonshire road 

Sutcliffe James, basket and skip maker, Bank parade 

Sutcliffe James, overlooker, 29 Hunslet street 

Sutcliffe James, moulder, 9 Merton street 

Sutcliffe John (John Sutcliffe & Sons), and commissioner for oaths ; h. 
94 Manchester road 

Sutcliffe John, cotton manufacturer, Fulledge mill, Holmes street 

Sutcliffe John, shopkeeper, 130 Cog lane 

Sutcliffe Mr. John Stansfield, 39 Hargreaves street ; h. Causeway end 

Sutcliffe John & Sons, solicitors, 8 Hargreaves street 

Sutcliffe Joseph, draper, 21 Market street ; h. 21 Rectory road 

Sutcliffe Misses, dressmakers, 3 Devonshire terrace 

Sutcliffe Mrs. Mary, 19 Brooklands road 

Sutcliffe Pearson, tripe dealer, 126 Hurtley street _ 

Sutcliffe & Race, underclothing manufacturers, Elizabeth street 

Sutcliffe Richard Thomas, solicitor and honorary secretary to Law 
Society, Bank chambers, Hargreaves street ; h. 19 Brooklands road 

Sutcliffe Stott, overlooker, 68 Healey Wood road 


Sutcliffe Mrs. Susan, 59 Todmorden road 
Sutcliffe Mrs. Susan, 86 Manchester road 

Sutcliffe Sutcliffe, watchmaker and jeweller, 118 Colne road 

Sutcliffe Thomas, shopkeeper, 24a Parker street 

Sutcliffe Tom, overlooker, 13 Tennyson street 

Sutcliffe & Whi taker, plumbers, glaziers, &c, 74 Parliament street 

Sutcliffe Whittam, builder and contractor, pavior, &c, 69 
Berry street 

Sutcliffe William, cotton manufacturer, Waterloo shed, Trafalgar 

street; h. 124 Manchester road 
Sutcliffe Mr. William, 11 Ormerod road 
Sutcliffe William, lamp and oil dealer, 11 Parker street 
Sutciiffe William, photographer, Elm street ; h. 7 Bank Hall terrace 
Suthers Alfred, superintendent Corporation baths, Bath street 
Suthers Mrs. Alice, 29 Anne street 
Suthers George, stonemason (j.), 36 Merton street 
Sutton George, draper, 139 Parliament street 
Swallow William, overlooker, 17 Berry street 
Swann George, solicitor's clerk, 17 Thurston street 
Swann John William, bookbinder, 5 Goal street; h. 12 Newcastle st 
Swarbrick Misses Ellen and Ann, confectioners, 21 Standish street 
Swift Charles, grocer and provision dealer, 59 Church street 
Swinbank William, butcher, 15 Standish street; h. 1 Thursby square 
Swindells John, fried fish, &c, dealer, 78 Parliament street; and 

draper, 17 Marlborough street 
Swindlehurst Christopher, weaver, 143 Rectory road 
Swire Hezekiah & Sons, grocers and provision dealers, 27 Red Lion 

street, and 39 Brougham street 

Swire William, hosier and smallware dealer, 6 Market street ; 

h. 7 Devonshire terrace 
Sykes Miss Caroline J. B., teacher of dresscutting, 70 Oak Mount 

terrace, Westgate 
Sykes Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, 6 Albion street 
Sykes Thomas, farmer, Higher Smallshaw 

Talbot Henry, coal merchant and furniture remover, 39 Brunswick st 
Talbot Richard, clothlooker, 19 Regent street 
Talbot William Henry, confectioner, 7 Old Hall street 
Tamlyn John, shopkeeper, 38 Healey Wood road 
Tanner William Henry, grocer, 25 Charlotte street 
Tapper John, tailor (j.), Pear street 

Tapper Thomas, painter and decorator, 5 Taylor street 

Tate William, cotton manufacturer (John Williams & Co.); h. 40 
Albion street 

Tatham Hartley & Co., cotton manufacturers, North Bridge mill, 

Elm street 
Tatham John (Hartley Tatham & Co.) ; h. 5 Stanworth street 
Tatham Joseph, grocer and draper, 109 Grey street 
Tatham Robert William, tram driver, 173 Colue road 
Tattersall Abraham, confectioner, 92 Colne road 
Tattersall Mrs. Alice, 56 Glebe terrace 
Tattersall Amos, taper 1 Granville street 
Tattersall Anthony, grocer, 52 Hull street 


Tattersall Amos, newsagent, 31 Elmwood street 

Tattersall Daniel, farmer, Higher Primrose bank 

Tattersall Miss Eleanor, dressmaker, 264 Padiham road 

Tattersall George, smallware dealer, 122 Colne road 

Tattersall George, farmer, Clough tenement 

Tattersall (grimshaw, coal dealer, 98 Briercliffe road 

Tattersall Henry, fried fish dealer, 38 Bridge street 

Tattersall James, farmer, Cornfield and Lower Close farms, Ightenhill 

Tattersall James, drysalter, 200 Padiham road 

Tattersall James, cloth salesman, Bulcock street 

Tattersall James, draper, 33 Townley street 

Tattersall Joseph, hay and straw dealer, Cedar st ; h. Old Hall farm 

Tattersall Joseph, carrier and grocer, Lane head 

Tattersall Joseph, overlooker, 69 Piccadilly road 

Tattersall Lillie & Maggie, dressmakers, 72 Trafalgar street 

Tattersall Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 27 Bankhouse street 

Tattersall Martin, cabinet maker, upholsterer, and undertaker, 
113 Colne road 

Tattersall Mrs. Mary, 20 Merton street 

Tattersall Richard, confectioner, 198 Colne road 

Tattersall Richard, mill manager, 2 Wiseman street 

Tattersall Richard, herbalist, 1 Haugh street 

Tattersall Mrs. Rose, vict., White Bull, 27 Gannow lane 

Tattersall Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, 86 Briercliffe road 

Tattersall Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, 25 Plumbe street 

Tattersall Mr. Thomas, 35 Grant street 

Tattersall Thomas, twister, 66 Townley street 

Tattersall Thomas, caretaker, Recreation grounds, 3 Park lane 

Tattersall William, mechanic, 4 Nicholl street 

Tattersall William Hodgson, shopkeeper, 284 Gannow lane 

Taylor Albert, confectioner, Market hall 

Taylor Arthur (A. & S. Taylor) ; h. 161 Oxford road 

Taylor A. & S., house furnishers and shopfitters, 2 Temple street and 

161 Oxford road 
Taylor Charles, confectioner, 5 Westgate ; h. 39 Calder Vale road 

Taylor & Crago, bricklayers and builders, Robinson street 

Taylor Doctor, weaver, 77 Hollingreave road 

Taylor Mrs. Eleanor, 2 Riley street 

Taylor Miss Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 12 Hull street 

Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, draper, milliner, and dressmaker, 105 Parlia- 
ment street 

Taylor Mrs. Ellen Bradshaw, 30 Whitaker street 

Taylor George, stonemason, 33 Albion street 

Taylor George, warehouseman, 9 Sydney street 

Taylor George, labourer, 152 Oxford road 

Taylor George Henry, assurance agent, 49 Whittlefield street 

Taylor Henry, assurance agent, 150 Colne road 

Taylor Henry, hot pea saloon, Parker lane 

Taylor Henry, chemist and druggist, 70 Abel street 

Taylor Mr. James, 20 Cedar street 

Taylor James, shopkeeper, 2 Boundary street 

Taylor James, colliery manager, 47 Hollingreave road 


Taylor James, refreshment bar, 33a Market street 

Taylor James Abraham, bricklayer (j.), 145 Colue road 

Taylor Miss Jane Alice, dressmaker, 24 Berkeley street 

Taylor Jeremiah, joiner (j.), 37 Holbeck street 

Taylor John, assurance agent, 117 Waterloo road 

Taylor Mr. John, 25 Newcastle street 

Taylor J. & Co., wine and spirit merchants, 1 and 3 St. James street 

Taylor John William, weighing machine maker, Canning street 

Taylor John William, bricklayer (j.), 282 Colne road 

Taylor Joseph, overlooker, 65 Cavour street 

Taylor Miss Judith Ann, weaver, 19 Albion street 

Taylor Miss N., dressmaker, 4 Tentre street 

Taylor Mrs. Martha, 36 Stafford street 

Taylor Mrs. Mary Ann, 194 Accrington road 

Taylor Eichard, weaver, 37 Albion street 

Taylor Eichard, railway foreman, 43 Brougham street 

Taylor Eobert, blacksmith (j.), Hollin bank 

Taylor Eobert (Taylor & Crago) ; h. 20 Hilary street 

Taylor Mrs. Sarah Ann, 54 Todmorden road 

Taylor Seth (A. & S. Taylor) ; h. 2 Eiley street 

Taylor Thomas, bookkeeper, 53 Belgrave street 

Taylor Thomas, overlooker, 117 Parliament street 

Taylor Torn, bookkeeper, 12 Hebrew road 

Taylor William, joiner and builder, Burns street ; h. 132 Brougham st 

Taylor William, moulder, 57 Padiham road 

Taylor William, overlooker, 17 Aigburth street ' 

Taylor William, commercial traveller, 193 Oxford road 

Taylor William, beerseller, 3 Derby street 

Taylor William, shopkeeper, 26 Eochester street 

Teale Auderton, boot and shoe maker, 39 Standish street 

Teale David, police inspector, Witton cottage, 48 Queensberry road 

Teale Thomas Henry, cabinet works manager, 13 Howe street 

Tee Joseph Manley, butcher, 97 Manchester road 

Tee William, solicitor's clerk, 19 Bankhouse street 

Tempest John, twister, 120 Branch road 

Tempest Eobert, loomer, 30 Branch road 

Temple Mrs. Mary, Park hill 

Temple Eobert (Temple & Sutcliffe) ; h. Park hill 

Temple & Sutcliffe, cotton spinners and manufacturers, Eose Grove 
mills, Gannow lane 

Tennant Arthur, bookkeeper, 90 New Hall street 

Tenuant William, hawker, 3 Adlington street 

Terrell Mr. Thomas, 9 Every street 

Terry Thomas, butcher's mauager, 4 Eaglan road 

Thersby George, joiner (j.), 60 Oxford road 

Thistlethwaite James, draper and baby linen dealer, 5 Abel street 

Thistlethwaite John Eobert, labourer, 18 Lydia street 

Thistlethwaite John, overlooker, 115 Grey street 

Thistlethwaite Mrs. M., shopkeeper, 139 Grey street 

Thistlethwaite Miss Sarah Ellen, mistress Baptist infants' schoo 
Colne road 

Thistlethwaite Thomas, mill manager, 179 Briercliffe road 


Thistletkwaite Thomas, mill manager, 392 ColneTroad 

Thomas Alfred, fireman, 75 Westgate 

Thomas Fred., clerk, 14 Stoney street 

Thomas John William, pianoforte dealer, 12 Raglan road 

Thomas Richard, overlooker, 14 Accrington road 

Thomas Robert, tea mixer, 101 Abel street 

Thomas Samuel, mineral water manufacturer (Smith & Thomas); h, 

29 Byerden lane 
Thomas Mr. Thomas, 3 Sefton terrace 
Thomas William Arthur, oat cake baker, 202 Colne road 

Thomas Tom Ormerod, wholesale and retail tobacconist, 
1 Padiham road 

Thompson Brothers, tailors and clothiers, 93 St. James street 
Thompson David, shopman, 34 King street 

Thompson James, magnetic belt maker and lung* invigorator, 
14 Swinless street 

Thompson James, master, Wesleyan school, Accrington road ; h. 328 

Padiham road 
Thompson James Witham (William Thompson & Sons); h. Oak bank, 

Todmorden road 
Thompson Jonathan, weaver, 76 Dall street 
Thompson Mr. Joseph, 83 iUbatross terrace- Albion street 
Thompson Mrs. Mary, 1 Elm street 
Thompson Mrs. Mary Ann, 160 Accrington road 

Thompson Mrs. Mary Jane, teacher of non-pareil system of 
dressmaking*, 218 Padiham road 

Thompson Thomas, herbalist and medical botanist, 121 West- 
gate, and 9 St. James Street, and 69 Burnley road, Padiham 

Thompson Thomas (Thompson Brothers) ; h. 73 Ormerod road 

Thompson Walter, greengrocer, 135 Parliament street 

Thompson William, cabinet maker, 1 Violet street 

Thompson William, registered glyxtrine soapine manufacturer. 
King 1 Street Soap works 

Thompson William (William Thompson & Sons) ; h. Oak bank, 

Todmorden road 
Thompson William & Sons, cotton spinners and manufacturers, 

Trafalgar mill and Hope shed 
Thompson Wilson, cooper (j.), 125 Eectory road 
Thomson George William Wyville, M.D., L.F.P.S.G., L.S.A., London, 

physician and surgeon, Oak mount, 23 Ashf.etd road 

Thorburn Matthew, plain and ornamental pla-terer, 29 Ford st 

Thornber Benjamin & Sons, cotton spinners and manufacturers, 

Daneshouse, Throstle and Old Hall mills 
Thornber Caleb (B. Thornber & Sons) ; h. 38 Holme view, Colne road 
Thornber Hargreaves, taper, 21 Devonshire road 
Thornber James, cotton manufacturer (Foulds, Thornber, & Co.) ; h. 

62 Albion street 
Thornber James, clothlooker, 15 Herbert street 
Thornber John, cotton manufacturer (Foulds, Thornber, & Co.) ; b. 18 

Harriet street 
Thornber Mrs. Sai*ah Ann, 10 Colne road 
Thornber Shackleton, engineer (j.), 38 Craven terrace, Albion street 


Thornber Sharp, cotton manufacturer (Foulds, Thornber, & Co.) ; h. 
101 Albion street 

Thornber Thomas, mechanic, 14 Hattersley street 

Thornber Thomas, Esq., J.P. (Benjamin Thornber & Sons); h. The 

Thornber William, joiner (j.), 26 Adelphi street 

Thorn borrow Samuel, plumber (j.), 36 Grimshaw street 

Thornley Joel, army pensioner, 7 Plover street 

Thornton Benjamin, traveller, 113 Albert street 

Thornton Mrs. Catherine, shopkeeper, 3 Oak Mount street 

Thornton Charles, warehouseman, 11 Oak Mount street 

Thornton Elias, tripe dealer, 73 Parliament street 

Thornton Mr. Hartley, 6 Lindsay street 

Thornton Hartley, tripe dealer, 73 Abel street 

Thornton F. B., agent for the Scottish Equitable Insurance Co., 
Craven Bank 

Thornton Henry, joiner (j.), 12 Willow street 

Thornton John, Esq., J. P., manager of the Craven Bank; h. 
The Poplars 

Thornton John, assurance agent, 78 Healey Wood road 
Thornton John, bootmaker (j.), 33 Thurston street 

Thornton John Henry, grocer and provision dealer, 2 South st 
Thornton Joseph, commercial dining" rooms, restaurant, and 
temperance hotel, 3 Bridge street 

Thornton Joseph, overlooker, 31 Gannow lane 

Thornton Josiah & Arthur, confectioners, 10 Sandygate 

Thornton Mary Ann & Martha, grocers, 2 Dean street 

Thornton Mrs. Mary Jane, milliner, 30 Church street 

Thornton Richard, shopkeeper, 15 Bush street 

Thornton Mr. Robert, 38 Sussex street 

Thornton Robert, grocer's assistant, 33 Ardwick street 

Thornton Robert, assistant civil engineer, 33 Rectory road 

Thornton Mrs. Sarah, 23 Grimshaw street 

Thornton Mrs. Sarah Ann, fried fish dealer, 61 Finsleygate 

Thornton Thomas, viet., Well Hall Hotel, 22 Church street 

Thornton Thomas, auctioneer and broker, 107a Accrington road 

Thornton Uriah, grocer, 50 Bridge street 

Thornton William, clog and shoe maker, 36 Church street 

Thornton William Robert, clerk, 24 Rectory road 

Thorp James, carter, 2 Talbot street 

Thorp John, furnisher's manager, 65 Leyland road 

Thorp Thomas, draper and silk mercer, 11 Manchester road 

Threlfall Mrs. Ann, confectioner, 70 Church street 
Threlfall Jph., shipping, emigration, and tourist agent, 61 Padiham rd 
Threlfall William J., cotton manufacturer (Bulcock & Threlfall) ; h. 79 
Toclmorden road 

Thursby Sir John Hardy, Bart., Ormerod house, Worsthorne 

Thursby John Ormerod Scarlett, Esq., J. P., Bank hall 

Tilling George Edward, watchmaker, 107 Sandygate 

Tillotson Daniel, pawnbroker, jeweller, and clothier, 51 and 53 

Hammerton street ; h. 58 Todmorden road 
Tillotson Edward, coal dealer, 135 Manchester road 



Tillotsou John, overlooker, 55 Devonshire road 

Tillotson Joseph Edward, confectioner (j.), 121 Branch road 

Tillotson William, weaver, 59 Sandygate 

Tillotson William Harvey, butcher and cab proprietor, 132 Colne road 

Tillotson Wilson, jeweller, 10 Smalley street 

Timms Henry, beerhouse, Lamb Inn, 33 Bed Lion street 

Tindall Charles, pattern maker, 13 Vulcan street; h. 68 Eectory road 

Titherington Mrs. Margaret, draper, 95 Piccadilly road 

Titheriugton Miss Mary Ann, 8 Accrington road 

Titterington Thomas, weaver, 194 Padiham road 

Todd James Eawlinson, farmer, 52 Waterloo road 

Todd Peter, butcher, 27 and 29 Hebrew road and 34 Cameron street 

Tomblin Henry, clerk, 14 Smith street 

Tomblin Joseph Henry, clerk, 15 Norman street 

Tomlinsou Albert Edward, overlooker, 49 Brunshaw road 

Tomlinsori, Bridge & Brotherton, stone merchants, Whitegate 

quarry ; and Lumb wood 
Tomlinson Mrs. Ellen, 192 Colne road 

Tomlinson Miss Isabella, shopkeeper, 121 Brougham street 
Tomlinson James, hairdresser, 9 Yorkshire street 
Tomlinson Jesse, druggist, 110 Padiham road 

Tomlinson J. & W., coal merchants and colliery agents, Manchester 
road ; M. Outhwaite, agent 

Tomlinson Thomas (Tomlinson, Bridge & Brotherton); h. North View 
terrace, Habergham 

Tomlinson William, pianoforte dealer, agent for Pohlman's pianos, 64 

and 66 Oxford road 
Tomlinson William, fried fish dealer, 15 Daneshouse road 
Tomlinson Mr. William, Glen view 
Tootell Eichard, joiner (j.), 96 Church street 
Tootle Ashworth, beamer, 14 x\*hworth street 

Torkington Alfred, joiner and builder, Trafalgar street; h. 49 Coal 
Clough lane 

Torkington Baleigh, joiner (j.), 12 Padiham road 
Totterdell William, smallware dealer, 26 Elm street 
Tout James, fish dealer, 34 Waterloo road 

Towers Adam, manager, Eoyal Liver Friendly Society, 79a St. James 
street; h. 37 Canning street 

Towler Abraham & Son, nurserymen, florists, and seedsmen, 
New Hall nurseries 

Towler Abraham, tailor and draper, 47 Ardwick street 
Towler Mrs. Elizabeth Louisa, 134 Sandygate 
Towler Fred, commercial traveller, 3 Brunshaw road 
Towler George, tea dealer, 4 Bull street ; h. 44 Belvedere road 
Towler Jane & Fanny J., dressmakers, 4 Hebrew square 
Towler John, weaver, 23 Brunswick street 

Towler John, butcher, 27 St. James street ; h. 21 St. James row 

Towler Levi, assurance agent, 48 Brougham street- 

Towler William (William Towler & Sou); h. 228 Padiham road 

Towler William (Abraham Towler & Son) ; h. 83 Abel street 

Towler William & Sou, spindle and temple makers, Galder "Vale road 

Town Charles, engine fitter, 9 Escar street 


Town Hall, Manchester road ; W. T. Fullalove, town clerk 
Townend Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Crow Wood terrace 
Townend James (Townend & Marshall) ; h. Ill Accrington road 
Townend George, warp manufacturer, Fulledge mill ; h. 158 Man- 
chester road 

Townend & Marshall, joiners and builders and mortar dealers, Yate- 

field fold 
Townley Miss Blanche, milliner and dressmaker, 121 Accrington road 
Townley Charles Edward, grocer, 18 Ardwick street 
Townley John, optician, 59 Brougham street 
Townley Eobert, sewing machine agent, 30 Allen street 
Townson Emmanuel, hairdresser, 80 Colne road 

Townson Mrs. Nancy, shopkeeper and beerseller, 1 Milner st 

Travis Henry, cabinet maker (j.), 20 Hornby street 

Trethewey Thomas, assurance a^ent, 100 Accrington road 

Trickett James, shopkeeper, 21 Hargher street 

Trotter Robert, assurance agent, 9 Hill Marton street 

Trotter William, shopkeeper, 48 Canning street 

Trummell Henry, tailor (Mc.Cann & Trummell), 76 St. James street 

Tuck Fred., painter, decorator, picture and fine art dealer, 77 
Oxford road 

Tunstill John, cotton manufacturer (Thos. Tunstill) ; h. 8 Laurel bank 
Tunstill Robert, cotton manufacturer (Thos. Tunstill) ; h. West bank, 

Padiham road 
Tunstill Mrs. Sarah, West bank, Padiham road 
Tunstill Thomas, cotton manufacturer, Spa mill, Whittlelield 
Tunstill Thomas Joseph, cotton manufacturer (Thos. Tunstill); h. 

West bank, Padiham road 
Tunstill William Henry, cotton manufacturer (Thomas Tunstill) ; h. 

West bank, Padiham road 
Turnbull William, plumber (j.), 4 Willis street 

Turner Abraham, butcher, 2 Daneshouse road and 19 Healey 
Wood road 

Turner David, fried fish dealer, 7 Lindsay street 

Turner Edward Ealph, county court clerk, 245 Padiham road 

Turner Mrs.. Eliza, Hulling hall, 69 Hufiing lane 

Turner George, joiner (j.), 28 Adelphi street 

Turner Henry, beerhouse, Old Bank House Inn, 29 Bankhouse street 

Turner Mr. Henry, 348 Colne road 

Turner James, general carrier and furniture remover, 1 and 3 Spring- 
field road 

Turner James, beamer, 37 Hollingreave road 

Turner John, agent for the Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co., 87 and 89 
Manchester road 

Turner John, cabinet maker, 8 Standish street 

Turner John, overlooker, 17 Daneshouse road 

Turner Jonadab, blacksmith (j.), 41 Bankhouse street 

Turner Joseph, greengrocer, 96 Trafalgar street 

Turner Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, 21 Yorkshire street 

Turner Mrs. Martha, dressmaker, 35 Canning street 

Turner Oates, cotton manufacturer, Sandygate ; h. 132 Accrington rd 

Turner Richard, beamer, 57 Coal Clough lane 


Turner Samuel, cutler (from Sheffield), 30 Bridge street 

Turner Thomas, cabinet maker (j.), 6 Castle street 

Turner William, beerhouse, Bridge Inn, 2 Bank parade 

Turner William, chip potato dealer, 63 Hammerton street 

Turver Frank, coal dealer and furniture remover, 67 Laithe street 

Tweedale Mrs. Sarah Ann, 101 Manchester road 

Twigg Miss, mistress Wesley an school, Lowerhouse 

Twistleton James, roller coverer, 6 Patten street 

Tyzzer John, stonemason (j.), 24 Tunnel street 

Udall William, head master Mechanics Institute; h. 21 Todmorden rd 

Union Club, 5 Manchester road ; E. Watson, secretary 

Union Bank of Manchester, Limited, Manchester road; James 

Berry, manager 
Union Loan office, 12 Ormerod street ; Harry Bailey, manager 
Unionist Club (Stoneyholme), 27 Rochester st ; J. W. Holgate, sec. 
Unsworth George Henry, station master (Bank Top), 13 Stafford st 
Ure William, commercial traveller, 52 Belvedere road 
Utley William, grocer and provision dealer, 54 Trafalgar street 
Uttley Arthur, engine fitter, 3 Smith street 
Uttley Frank, vict., Hole-in-the-Wall Hotel, 122 Sandygate 
Uttley Isaac, overlooker, 116 Belgrave street 
Uttley John William, joiner (j.), 13 Castle street 
Uttley Mrs. Susannah, 41 Grimshaw street 
Vallance John W., beamer, 30 Rowley street 

Vann Joseph & Co., brush manufacturers, 108 Colne road and 
Birley place ; h. 140 Abel street 

Varah George, pointsman, 3 Crow Wood terrace 
Varah Joseph, shopkeeper, 19 Cavour street 
Varah William, engine driver, 93 Rectory road 
Varah William, hawker, 60 Lindsay street 
Varley Alfred, mechanic, 4 Mile street 
' Varley Mrs. Bridget Ann, greengrocer, 10 Church street 
Varley Benjamin, overlooker, 99 Brougham street 
Varley Mrs. Elizabeth, 47 Oxford road 
Varley Mrs. Gilles, 132 Trafalgar street 

Varley Henry (Varley & Pomfret) ; h. Rydal mount, 116 Manchester rd 
Varley James, weaver, 84 Healey Wood road 
Varley John, mechanic, 10 King street 

Varley & Pomfret, cotton spinners, Albert mill, Trafalgar street 
Varley Richard, millwright (j.), 95 Rectory road 

Varley Richard, oil and lamp dealer, 116 Abel street 

Varley Mr. Thomas, 2 Reservoir street 

Varley Thomas, bootmaker and draper, 203 and 205 Accrington road 

Varley William, clog and shoe maker, 10 Mill street, Lowerhouse 

Varley William, taper, 52 Belford street 

Veevers Albert, grocer's assistant, 7 Crowther street 

Veevers Mr. Alfred, 6 Tennis street 

Veevers Mrs. Ann, 3 Albert street 

Veevers Benjamin, greengrocer, 51 North street 

Veevers Herbert, compositor, 22 Smalley street 

Veevers John Sharpies, Esq., J. P., Lower Beedley 

Veevers Miles, painter (j.), 63 Standish street 



Veevers Peter, fruiterer and florist. Market hall ; h. 20 Nelson sq 

Veevers & Shaw, baby linen dealers, 13 Market hall 

Veevers Thomas, gentleman, Ashleigh house, 313 Colne road 

Vernon John, hairdresser, 16 St. James street 

Vernon William, hairdresser, 33 Finsleygate 

Verity Miss Clara J., dressmaker, 105 Gordon street 

Vessey George, mill manager, 40 Hulme street 

Victoria Opera House, St. James st ; W. C. Homer, managing director 

Victoria Mill Co., Limited, cotton spinners and manufacturers, 

Trafalgar street ; Thomas Kendick, secretary 
Victoria Hospital, Briercliffe road ; Alexander Macgregor Sinclair, 

M.B., CM., house surgeon; Thomas Shepley, secretary 
Vinton Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 Ashfield road 
Vitey John, draper, 81 Accrington road 
Waddington Mrs. Alice, 2 Colne road 
Waddington Mrs. Ann, 154 Colne road 

Waddington Henry, boot and shoe maker, 34 and 76 Abel street 
Waddington Henry, baker (j.), 147 Kectory road 
Waddington Mrs. Isabella, 28 Raglan road 
Waddington James Charles, solicitor and clerk to Barrowford Local 

Board, 3 Ormerod street; and Padiham and Nelson; h. The Ridge 
Waddington Mrs. Jane, Thorn hill, 143 Manchester road 
Waddington Mrs. Jauet, grocer, 160 Colne road 
Waddington Mr. John, 13 Albion street 
Waddington John, blacksmith (j.), 45 Forest street 
Waddington Nicholas, overlooker, 27 Thursby road 
Waddington Nicholas, colliery manager, Habergham 

Waddington Robert, professor of music, 5 Shaekleton street 

Waddington Thomas, chief clerk, County Court office, 1 Grimshaw 

street; h. 9 Albion terrace 
Waddington Thomas Henry, joiner (j.), 1 Ellis street 
Waddington William, market superintendent, 86 Rectory road 
Waddington William, clerk, 1 St. Andrew's street 
Waddington William, baker and grocer, 16 Royle road 
Waddington William & Son, architects and surveyors, 5 Grimshaw 

street ; and St. Anne's square, Manchester 
Waddington William Angelo (William Waddington & Son) ; h. Thorn 

hill, 145 Manchester road 

Wadds Mrs. Emily, professional cook, and commercial dining 
rooms, Towneley restaurant, 20 Standish street 

Wade John, clothlooker, 8 Short street 
Wade John, clock repairer, 8 Warwick street 
Wade Patrick, labourer, 38 Forest view, Tunnel street 
Wade Reuben, overlooker, 63 Hollingreave road 
Wadge George, coal dealer, 34 Hornby street 
Wadge John, contractor's assistant, 13 Branch road 
Wadge Joseph, pavior and contractor, 5 Willow street 
Wadge Kichard, pavior, 95 Dall street 
Wadsworth Mrs. A., 68 Berry street 
Wadsworth John, hairdresser, 114 Hebrew road 

Wadsworth Mrs. Margaret Ann, milliner, 37 Manchester road ; 

h. 18 Thomas street 

162 ■ .BURNLEY. 

Wagner George Henry, pork butcher, 13 Briercliffe road 
Waite Ann & Isabella, milliners, 16 Sandygate 

Waite Richard, grocer and provision dealer, 68 and 70 Temple street 
Walbank William, draper, 88 Colne road 
Walkden James, assurance agent, 78 Belvedere road 
Walkden William, assurance agent, 19 Park lane 
Walkden William, draper, 130 Colne road; h. 66 Belvedere road 
Walker Charles, hairdresser, 8 Brown street 
Walker George, plumber (j.), 7 Adamson street 
Walker Henry, overlooker, 9 Belford street 
Walker James, overlooker, 53 Gordon street 
Walker James, overlooker, 17 Ribblesdale street 
Walker Miss Jane, lodgings, 21 Newcastle street 
Walker Miss, head mistress, Higher Grade school, Eed Lion street 
Walker John Henry, shopkeeper, 89 Cog lane 
Walker John, joiner and builder, Cog lane • 
Walker John, greengrocer, 45 Ford street 
Walker Mrs. Martha, pork butcher, 57 Springfield road 
Walker Mrs. Mary, midwife, 21 Leyland road 
Walker Sandford, chemist and druggist, 1 Abel street 
Walker Walter, wool dealer, 37 Coal Glough lane 
Walker William, weaver, 54 Queensberry road 
Walker William, overlooker, 65 Brougham street 

Wall Brothers, hairdressers, perfumers, and artists in hair, 50 
Manchester road 

Wall Josiah (Wall Brothers), 50 Manchester road 

Wallbank Albert Edward, beamer, 37 Grimshaw street 

Wallbank Mrs. Esther, shopkeeper, 116 Trafalgar street 

Wallbank Thos., coachbuilder, wheelwright, and blacksmith, Haslam 

street, Barracks road 
Walley Frederick, baker, 25 Berry street 
Walling Mr. Jonathan, 43 Todmorden road 
Walls Mrs. Alice, 14 Mile street 

Walls & Ham, rent and debt collectors, house and commission 
agents, 23 St. James row, and Padiham 

Walls Robert H. (Walls & Ham) ; h. 22 Clough street 

Wallwork Edmund painter (j.), 92 Dall street 

Wall work James, shopkeeper, 18 Brunshaw road 

Walmsley George, Esq., J.P. (J. Walmsley & Sons); h. Holly bank t 

Rose grove 
Walmsley George, clothlooker, 107 Brougham street 
Walmsley James, paper maker (j.), 66 Gordon street 
Walmsley John, fried fish dealer, 241 Accrington road 
Walmsley John, furniture broker, 9 Plumbe street 
Walmsley John, mill manager, Mosley hill 
Walmsley Josias (J. Walmsley & Sons) ; h. 203 Albert terrace, 

Manchester road 
Walmsley J. & Sons, cotton manufacturers, Hargher clough and 

Stonyholtne sheds 
Walmsley Matthew, painter and decorator, 27 Trafalgar street 

Walmsley Bichard, assurance agent, Raglan road 
Walmsley Robert, bookkeeper, 143 Accrington road 


Walmsley Thomas, beerhouse, Cross Gates Inn, 2, 4 and 6 Coke street 
Walmsley Thomas, draper, 165 Oxford road, 101 Parliament street, 

and 75 Hurtley street 
Walmsley William, clothlooker, 82 Brougham street 
Walsh Daniel, carver and gilder (j.), 110 Leyland road 
Walsh George Ernest, bookkeeper, 73 Devonshire road 
Walsh Jacob, weaver, 79 Piccadilly road 
Walsh Mr. James, 61 Briercliffe road 
Walsh Joe Milton, patent medicine dealer, Hobart street 
Walsh Michael, assurance agent, 56 Parkinson street 
Walsh Thomas, tailor and clothier, 7 Market street; h. 197 Albert 

terrace, Manchester road 

Walsh Thomas, assurance agent, 2 Clay street 
Walters Thomas Henry, bearner, 25 Pear street 

Walton & Cowpe, cotton manufacturers, Pendle View shed, Whitfclefield 
Walton Eli, blacksmith (j.), 47 Brougham street 
Walton Mrs. Elizabeth, 11 Thurston street 
Walton Harry, cotton manufacturer ; h. 55 Colue road 
Walton Ingham, charcoal and blacking maker, Barracks road 
Walton Jamas, Limited, cotton manufacturer, New Hall shed and 
Bishop House mill 

Walton James (James Walton, Ltd.) ; h. Thornleigh, 317 Colne road 

Walton James William, taper, 19 Rectory road 

Walton John, warehouseman, 414 Colne road 

Walton Mr. John, 10 Daneshouse road 

Walton John, cloth salesman, 169 Colne road 

Walton Joseph, tailor and clothier, 52 Brennand street 

Walton Jude, confectioner, 36 Abel street 

Walton Levi, grocer and provision dealer, 38 Parker street 

Walton Mrs. Margaret, vict., Boot Inn, 18 St. James street 

Walton Mrs. Nancy, shopkeeper, 16 Whitaker street 

Walton N., assurance agent, 7 Essex street 

Walton Richard, overlooker, 14 Grey street 

Walton Robert, grocer and provision dealer, 106 Springfield road 

Walton Rt., cotton manufacturer, Spring Hill shed; h. Willow bank 

Walton Robert, shopkeeper, 5 Clifton street 

Walton Robert & Co., cotton manufacturers, Stoneyholme shed; h. 66 
Rectory road 

Walton Smith, shopman, 86 Oxford road 
Walton Thomas (Walton & Cowpe) ; h. 20 Ivory street 
Walton Thomas, grocer and beerseller, 12 Slater street 
Walton Thomas, draper, 17 and 19 Abel street; h. 69 Colne road 
Walton Walter, cloth salesman, 4 Elm street 

Walton William, ironmonger, iron and steel merchant, 75 St. James 
street ; and palisade maker, Stanley st ; h. Walverden house, Nelson 
Walton William, butcher, 38 Abel street 

Warburton James, grocer and provision dealer, 2 Stanworth st 
Warburton William, wholesale and retail draper, Market hall; 

h. 55 Ormerod road 
Ward Alfred, mechanic, 31 Albion street 

Ward & Co., wholesale & retail ironmongers, colliery & mill 
furnishers, and screwkey manufacturers, 115 St. James st 



Ward Miss Grace, confectioner, 2 Bond street 

Ward James Langfield, M.A., head master of Grammar school ; h. Ill 

Manchester road 
Ward Mr. Percival, 9 Fair View road 
Ward Thomas, coachman, 21 Herbert street 
Ward William, cow keeper, 66 Lindsay street 
Ware George, police constable, 16 Adelphi street 
Wardley James, burial society agent, 3 Florence street 
Wardley Thomas, assurance agent, 8 Athol street 
Wareing Joseph, salesman, 80 Brougham street 
Wareing Mr. Levi, 36 Belgrave street 
Wareing William, assurance agent, 11 King's terrace 
Waring Richard, mineral water manufacturer, Cow lane ; h. 100 

Manchester road 
Warren Matthew, weaver, 294 Padiham road 
Warrington John, clothlooker, 12 Daneshouse road 
Waterworks Office, Yorkshire street; W. Williamson, manager 
Waterhouse Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker, 324 Colne road 
Waters Henry, shopman, 30 Hunslet street 

Waterworth Mrs. Ada, milliner and dressmaker, 69 Standish street 
Waterworth James, shopkeeper, 32 and 34 Albion street 
Waterworth Mr. James, 70 Dall street 
Waterworth James, farmer, Lower ridge 

Waterworth Thomas, earthenware dealer, 1 Oak Mount street 
Watson Albert (Henry Watson & Sons) ; h. 95 Parkinson street 
Watson (Andrew Alexander, L.R.C.P.) & Anderson, physicians and 

surgeons, 68 Holme view, Colne road and 89 Rectory road 
Watson Miss Annie, dressmaker, 57 Church street 
Watson Charles, furniture broker, 4 and 6 Boot street 
Watson Darcy, shopkeeper, 2 Scarlett street 
Watson Mrs. Fanny, confectioner, 39 Parker lane 
Watson George, moulder, 5 Smalley street 
Watson Henry, twister, 28 Oxford road 

Watson Henry & Sons, cabinet makers, 40 Hammerton street 
Watson Hiram, ironmonger's manager, 141 Rectory road 
Watson James, overlooker, 3 Pine street 
Watson John, overlooker, 77 Parkinson street 
Watson John, overlooker, 19 Hurtley street 
Watson John, joiner, Plumbe street ; h. 25 Richard street 
Watson John & Son, cotton waste dealers, Sandygate, ; h. 1 Raglan rd 
Watson John Walter, shopkeeper, 126 Colne road 

Watson Joseph, cotton manufacturer (John Williams & Co.) ; h. 78 
Rectory road 

Watson Joseph, overlooker, 12 Granville street 

Watson Mrs. Margaret, 4 Hollingreave road 

Watson Mrs. Margaret, 79 Bank parade 

Watson Matthew, picture frame maker, 3 Red Lion street ; and 

photographer, near Towneley station ; h. 105 Hollingreave road 
Watson Matthew, mill architect, valuer and auctioneer, Bank 

chambers, Hargreaves 6treet ; h. Blackpool 
Watson Matthew, builder and contractor, 45 St. Matthew street 
Watson Matthew, overlooker, 13 Clarence street 


Watson Nathaniel, assurance agent, 7 Escar street 
Watson Richard, chartered accountant, auditor, and insurance agent, 
- 12 Hargreaves street 
Watson Robert, Esq., professor of music, Palace house 

Watson Sidney & Spns, naturalists & seedsmen, 58 Standish st 

Watson Thomas, dogger, 53 Ashworth street ; h. 62 Belvedere road 

Watson Thomas, joiner (j.), 34 Smalley street 

Watson Thomas, weaver, ]0 Mile street 

Watson Walter, warehouseman, 217 Padiham road 

Watson William, assurance agent, 7 Holton street 

Watson William, overlooker, 99 Helena street 

Watson William, pointsman, 40 Dall street 

Watson William Wilson, weaver, L2 Swainbank street 

Watterson, Hargreaves & Crossley, authorised plumbers, 
glaziers, gas and water fitters, and sanitary, steam, and hot 
water engineers, 11 Bank parade 

Watterson Mrs Elizabeth, vict., White Lion, 22 St. James street 

Watterson William Henry (Watterson, Hargreaves & Crossley) ; h. 

42 Bar street 
Watts Fred, Limited, boot and shoe manufacturers, 74 St. James 

street and 123 Westgate 
Watts James, mill manager, 98 Dall street 

Watts James N., blacksmith, Waterloo road ; h. 24 Smalley street 
Watts John, cotton waste dealer, Exmouth street ; h. 6 Belvedere rd 
Webb Charles, warehouseman, 29 Cavour street 
Webb Edwin, tailor, 10 Patten street 
Weber Fritz Charles, vict., Empress Hotel, Market place 
Webster Charles Henry, pawnbroker, 33 St. James street, 2 Lorne 

street, and 19 Bridge street 
Webster John, draper, 20 Kirkgate 
Webster Mrs. Maria, 3 Devonshire terrace 
Webster & Spencer, carriers, Rum ley road 
Webster Tom, shoemaker (j.), 219 Padiham road 

Webster Robert, butcher, 122 and 122a Oxford road and 13 Temple st 
Weir (John) & Allen (James), travelling drapers, 20 Curzon street 
Welburn William Francis, watchmaker (j.), 62 Burns street 
Welch Charles, weaver, 40 Smalley street 
Welch George, general draper, 7 and 9 Springfield road 
Welch James, overlooker, 18 Morley street 
Welch Joseph, bookkeeper, 48 Daneshouse road 
Wellington Mrs. Melinda, 105 Brunshaw road 
Wellock George, twister, 24 Duckett street 
Wellock Mr. John, 20 Hattersley street 

Wells Arthur & Richard, fruiterers and florists (wreaths and 
crosses made to order), Market hall 

Wells Arthur William (A. & E. Wells) ; h. 117 Burns street 

Wells Mr. Cunliffe, 105 Burm* street 

Wells Edwin, boot and shoe maker, 38 Brunswick street 

Wells Miss Martha Ann, confectioner, 2 Helena street 

Wells Mr. Bichard,107 Burns street 

Wells Bichard James (A. & R. Wells) ; h. 29 Newcastle street 

Wells Mr. Thomas, 4 Mosley House road 


Wells Mr. William, 4 Rectory road 
West Mrs. Alice, grocer, 25 Anne street 

West John, cotton manufacturer (Simpson & West) ; h. 121 Shakes- 
peare terrace, Albion street 
West Richard Hargreaves, grocer, 44 Yorkshire street 
West Mrs. Sarah, 49 Ormerod road 
West William, engine tenter, 46 Plumbe street 
Westall Mr. George, 352 Padiham road 
Westerman James Henry, mechanic, 69 Hollingreave road 
Wetherell James, wood carver, 27 Belgrave street 
Wetlierell John, labourer, 23 Clarence street 
Whalley Abel, confectioner, 4 Bell's arcade 

Whalley Mrs. Ellen, grocer, 16 Rectory road 

Whalley Reuben Parker, tailor's mauager, 40 Belvedere road 

Whalley Richard, cotton waste dealer, 50 Belvedere road 

Whalley Smith, overlooker, 69 Devonshire road 

Whalley Thomas B., fried fish dealer, 19 Standish street 

Whalley William, weaver, 73 Hollingreave road 

Whalley William, overlooker, 5 Escott street 

Wharf George William, draper, 86 Leyland road 

Wharf J., grocer's assistant, 42 Dall street 

Wharf Miss Sarah, mistress, Wesleyan school, High street 

Wharton Mr. Thomas, 161 Woodside, Todmorden road 

Wheelhouse James, shopkeeper, 15 Dale street 

Whipp John Thomas, overlooker, 14 Junction street 

Whipp Thomas, assurance agent, 79 Coal Clough lane 

Whitaker Misses A. & C, milliners, 3 Berkeley street 
Whitaker Mrs. Alice & Sons, machinery, loom, and furniture 
removers, coal dealers, and general carriers, Tunstill street 

Whitaker Miss Alice, confectioner, 17 Hufling lane 

Whitaker Bartholomew, cashier, 40 Holme view, Colne road 

Whitaker Benjamin, watchmaker, 85 Westgate 

Whitaker Bernard, butcher, 4 Howe street 

Whitaker Bros., cab proprietors, hay, straw, and provender dealers, and 

general carters, Curzon street 
Whitaker Edmund, fried fish dealer, 44 Croft street 
Whitaker Edwin, coal agent and confectioner, Springfield road 
Whitaker Mrs. Elizabeth Jane, 23 Forest street 

Whitaker Misses Elizabeth and Mary, milliners, 113 Parliament street 
Whitaker George (Whitaker & Sutcliffe) ; h. 32 Hollingreave road 
Whitaker Hargreaves, engine tenter, 10 Branch road 
Whitaker Hargreaves, watchman, 25 Hollingreave road 
Whitaker Henry, farmer, Higher Timber hill 
Whitaker Henry Rawlinson, bookkeeper, 20 Tennis street 
Whitaker Henry, boot and shoe maker, 12 Plumbe street, 86 Parlia- 
ment street, and 137 Westgate ; h. 4 Brunshaw road 
Whitaker Henry, ale and porter bottler and wine and spirit merchant, 
12 Parliament street and 2 and 4 Eawlinson street 

Whitaker & Hindle, mantle makers, 3 Abel street 

Whitaker James, clerk, 72 Hollingreave road 

Whitaker James, butcher, 94a Colue road 

Whitaker James Samuel, rent and debt collector, 133 Oxford road 


Whitakor Misses Jane and Mary Ann, 109 Todmorden road 
Whitaker John (Whi taker & Lupton) ; h. 3 Albion terrace 
Whitaker James, schoolmaster, 167 Woodside, Todmorden road 
Whitaker John, clothlooker, 13 Hufling lane 
Whitaker John, vict., Queen's Hotel, 80 and 82 Curzon street 
Whitaker, John Edwin, blacksmith, Plumbe street; h. 11 Ash street 
Whitaker John Thomas (S. Whitaker & Son) ; h. 72 Oak Mount 

terrace, West-gate 
Whitaker Jonathan, marble and monumental mason, 29 and 31 

Church street 
Whitaker Joseph Henry, commercial traveller, 8 Piccadilly road 
Whitaker Joshua, beamer, 74 Branch road 
Whitaker & Lupton, cotton waste spinners and manufacturers, 

Caledonia mill, Sandygate 
Whitaker Mrs. Margaret, 55 Canniug street 
Whitaker Mrs. Martha, grocer, 2 Belgrave street 

Whioaker Mrs. Mary Ann, grocer and provision dealer, 15 Hull street 
Whitaker Miss Mary Elizabeth, dressmaker, 64 Standish street 
Whitaker Ormerod (Whitaker & Schofield); h. 275 Iddesleigh terrace, 

Colne road 
Whitaker Richard, smallware dealer, 42 Thorn street 

Whitaker & Schofield, builders' merchants, stone and slate 
merchants, concreters and asphalters, Bank Hall yard, 
Colne road 

Whitaker Septimus (S. Whitaker & Son); h. 159 Manchester road 
Whitaker S. & Son, cotton manufacturers, Wo'odfield shed, Trafalgar st 
Whitaker Mrs. Susannah, grocer and draper, 169 Accrington road 
Whitaker & Sutcliffe, builders and contractors, 32 Hollingreave road 

Whitaker Thomas, butcher, 58 Rectory road 

Whitaker Thomas, mechanic, 87 Church street 

Whitaker William, bookkeeper, 25 Colne road 

Whitaker William, cotton manufacturer, Jewel mill; h. 1 Myers street 

Whitaker William, assurance agent, 43 Rectory road 

Whitaker William, sewing machine agent, 94 New Hall street 

Whitaker William Dent, clerk, 6 Ormerod road 

Whitaker William George, taper, 9 Berry street 

White & Co., mineral water manufacturers, Hammerton street 

White Edward, fruiterer and rabbit dealer, 62 Red Lion street 

White Mrs. Susan Ellen, 3 Hart street 

Whitehead Adam, coal dealer, 15 Berkeley street 

Whitehead Charles Edward, printer (j.), 13 Accrington road 

Whitehead Dauiel Taylor, beerhouse, Footballers' Arms, 55 Yorkshire st 

Whitehead David, engineer (j.), 91 Finsleygate 

Whitehead Mrs. Elizabeth Jane, 23 Forest street 

Whitehead George Edward, plumber, 48 Gaunow lane 

Whitehead Miss Grace, eating house, 16 Curzon street 

Whitehead James, cotton manufacturer, Queen Street mill; h. 55 

Rectory road 
Whitehead James, labourer, 3 Berry street 
Whitehead James, labourer, 1 Hampden street 
Whitehead James, weighing machine keeper, 14 Arthur street 
Whitehead James Henry (Whitehead & Leaver); h. 37 Thursby road 


Whitehead John, druggist's assistant, 40 Hufling lane 

Whitehead John, shopkeeper, 74 Curzon street 

Whitehead John Henry, cloth salesman, 37 Thursby road 

Whitehead John William, dentist, 14 Old Hall street 

Whitehead Mr. Johnson, 15 Adamson street 

Whitehead Mr. Joseph, 235 Padiham road 

Whitehead & Leaver, cotton manufacturers, Higher Eake Head mill 

Whitehead Ralph, confectioner (j.), 229 Padiham road 

Whitehead Richard, miller (j.), 33 Brunshaw road 

Whitehead Richard, carter, 2 Acre street 

Whitehead Thomas Arthur, solicitor (Hartley & Whitehead) ; h. 

Hazel mount, 455 Padiham road 
Whitehead William, bookkeeper, 62 Rectory road 
Whitehead William, boot, shoe, and clog maker, 66 Hebrew road, and 

87 Abel street 
Whitehouse Samuel, compositor, 57 Albert street 
Whitehorn James, club steward, 8 Bartle street 

Whitehurst Albert, dental surgeon, 15 Hargreaves street 

Whiteside John James, confectioner, 82 Brunswick street 

Whiteside Robert, foreman platelayer, 122 Accrington road 

Whitham Aimer, waste dealer's manager, 16 Willow street 

Whitham James, traveller, 51 Burns street 

Whitham John L., earthenware dealer, 40 Church street 

Whitham John, overlooker, 31 Elm street 

Whitham Mrs. Martha, 103 Shakespeare terrace, Albion street 

Whitham Milton, confectioner, 24 Kirkgate 

Whitham Percy B., tobacconist, 135 St. James street 

Whitham Robert, hay and straw dealer, 47 Parker lane 

Whitham Robert Musgrave, M.B., M.Ch., physician and surgeon, 

Craven lodge, Piccadilly road 
Whitham Thomas, mill manager, 69 Brougham street 

Whitham William Challenger, vict., Commercial Hotel, 133 
St. James street 

Whitham William, town missionary, 9 Belgrave street 
Whitney Mrs. Esther Agnes, 8 Palatine square 

Whitney Thomas, grocer, 2a Temple street, 181 Oxford road, and 

34 Parliament street 
Whittaker Edward, coal agent, Manchester road 

Whittaker Mrs. Elizabeth, beerhouse, Globe Inn, 47 Bankhouse street 
Whittaker George, sand dealer, 5 Yatefield fold 
Whittaker Hartley, assurance agent, 4 Holbeck street 
Whittaker James, pattern maker, 48 Cavour street 
Whittaker James, engine driver, 233 Colne road 
Whittaker John, greengrocer, 67 Leyland road 
Whittaker John, beerhouse, Britannia Inn, 9 Roper street 
Whittaker John, joiner (Nuttall, Whittaker & Newton) ; h. Raglan rd 
Whittaker John, moulder, 26 Berry street 

Whittaker John Thomas, fried fish dealer, 119 Accrington road 
Whittaker Jonas, local superintendent, Refuge Assurance Co., 74 and 

76 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate 
Whittaker Lawrence, shopkeeper, 290b Golne road 
Whittaker Mrs, Margaret, 22 Grimshaw street 


Whittaker Mrs. Nancy, 102 Dall street 
Whittaker Nathaniel, confectioner, 11 Livingstone street 
Whittaker Sagar, rate collector, 49 Hollingreave road 
Whittaker Mrs. Sarah, dressmaker, 8 Bedford street 
Whittaker Septimus, overlooker, 22 Merton street 
Whittaker Mrs. Susannah, greengrocer, 83 Padiham road 

Whittaker & Sutcliffe, cycle and insurance agents, 25 Church 

street ; works, Yorkshire street 
Whittaker Thomas, grocer and beerseller, 58 Townley street 

Whittaker Welbourne, grocer and confectioner, 54 Church street 
Whittaker William, mechanical stoker maker, Pickup Croft mill; h. 83 
Ormerod road 

Whittaker William, grocer and beerseller, 166 and 168 Padiham road 

Whittall Mr. Edward, 40 Grimshaw street 

Whittam Mrs. Ellen, 5 Park lane 

Whittam John, fried fish dealer, 37 Brougham street 

Whittam John, herbalist, 21 Plumbe street 

Whittam Jonas, overlooker, 68 Plumbe street 

Whittam Lawrence, mechanic, 52 Talbot street 

Whittam Mrs. Mary, 211 Accrington road 

Whittam Mrs. Mary Jane, 47 Todmorden road 

Whittingham William, tax collector, 3 St. Matthew street 

Whittle Albert Edward, hairdresser, 6 Oxford road 

Whittle James, hairdresser, 88a Accrington road 

Whittle Peter, overlooker, 287 Padiham road 

Whittle Samuel, fried fish dealer, 26 Swainbank street 

Whittle Thomas, hairdresser, 111 Sandygate 

Whittlefield Mill Co., Limited, cotton spinners and manufacturers, 

Junction street ; Eobert Simpson, manager and secretary 
Whitworth Mr. George, 132 Manchester road 
Whitworth John, mill manager, 35 Accrington road 
Whitworth John Harry, tobacconist, 55 Oxford road 
Whitworth Miss Lilian, draper, 175 St. James street 
Whitworth Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, 142 Accrington road 
Whyatt George, salesman, 92 Junction street 
Whynall James, grocer, 4 Brunswick street 
Widdop John Robert, clerk, 83 Ardwick street 

Widdup Hodgeon, baker (Shackleton & Widdup); h. 33 Ormerod road 
Wigg Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, 45 Albion street 
Wiggin James, greengrocer, 159 Accrington road 
Wigglesworth Charles, overlooker, 96 Accrington road 

Wi i??!? s A ^° rth Geop g* e Bannister, hosier, &c, 8 Market street ; 

h. 89 Albion street 
Wigglesworth James Edward, mechanic, 34 Laithe street 
Wigglesworth Jeremiah, cotton waste dealer, Massey street 
Wigglesworth Robert, machine broker, and beerhouse, Foresters' Arms 

49 Todmorden road 

Wigglesworth Thomas, weaver, 35 Thursby road 
Wignall John, shopkeeper, 114 Rumley road 
Wignall John William, watchmaker, 406 Colne road 
Wilcock Alfred, traveller, 14 Short street 
Wilcock Levi, railway guard, 60 Belford street 



Wild Frank D., steam laundry proprietor, 23 and 25 Waterloo road 

Wild Mark, gardener, 76 Todmorden road 

Wild Eobert, cabinet maker, 7 Temple street 

Wild Eobert, second-hand bookseller, 38 Standish street 

Wildman Giles, hairdresser, 51 Bankhouse street 

Wilkinson Ashworth, labourer, 54 Hollingreave road 

Wilkinson Mrs. Betsy, beerhouse, Tacklers' Arms, 13 Temple street 

Wilkinson David Henry, smith (j.), 187 Oxford road 

Wilkinson Edward, overlooker, 13 Hart street 

Wilkinson Mrs. Ellen, 117 Shakespeare terrace, Albion street 

Wilkinson Frank, shopman, 34 Elm street 

Wilkinson George, loomer, 62 Devonshire, road 

Wilkinson George, stonemason (j.), 170 Accrington road 

Wilkinson Henry, spinner (j.), 67 Hollingreave road 

Wilkinson Isaac, furniture broker, 1 Clock street 

Wilkinson James, furniture broker, clothier, and rent and debt 

collector, 102 Padiham road 
Wilkinson James, beerhouse, Corporation Arms, 47 Curzon street 
Wilkinson James, taper, 45 Daneshouse road 
Wilkinson James, cab proprietor, 3 Helena street 
Wilkinson James, chapel keeper, Habergham 
Wilkinson Mr. James, 24 Eaglan road 
Wilkinson J., assurance agent, 7 Hobart street 
Wilkinson Mr. John, 46 Smalley street 
Wilkinson John, assurance agent, 3 Elrnwood street 
Wilkinson John, pianoforte dealer, 153 Padiham road 
Wilkinson John, cabinet maker (j.), 6 Hawk street 
Wilkinson John, overlooker, 81 Healey Wood road 
Wilkinson John Allen, draper, 26 Holbeck street 
Wilkinson Joseph, photographer, 125 Manchester road 
Wilkinson Joseph, club steward, 10 Warwick street 
Wilkinson Mrs. Julia, dining rooms, 165, 167, and 169 St. James st 
Wilkinson Leonard, knitted hosiery maker, 44 Accrington road 
Wilkinson Luther, tinplate worker (Morris & Wilkinson); h. 28 

Lancaster street 
Wilkinson Eichard, draper, 80 Parliament street 
Wilkinson Eobert, mechanic, 2 Sackville street 

Wilkinson Spurgeon, machine engineer and file grinder, Brown 

street ; h. 19 May street 
Wilkinson Thomas, mason, Pasture Gate farm, Coal Clough lane 
Wilkinson Thomas B., clothlooker, 4 St. Andrew's street 
Wilkinson Waddington, engineer (j.), 4 Thursby square 
Wilkinson William, vict., Cattle Market Hotel, 8 Elizabeth street 
Wilkinson William, weaver, 10 Godly street 
Wilkinson William Charles, musician, 43 Calder Vale road 
Wilkinson William Taylor, assurance agent, 165 Woodside, Tod- 
morden road 
Wilkinson William, stone carver (j.), 221 Colne road 

Willan Alfred, practical upholsterer, 4 Devonshire road 

Willan Ernest Edwin, upholsterer, 35 Trafalgar street 
Williams Evans, tripe dealer, 43 Brown street 
Williams Mrs. Elizabeth, 58 Branch road 


Williams John & Co., cotton manufacturers, Trafalgar shed and Bank- 
field mill ; h. Hambledon view, Padiham road 
Williams Eichard, police inspector, 28 Helena street 
Williams Richard, shopkeeper, 27 Springfield road 
Williams Robert, mechanic, 71 Brougham street 

Williams T. H. & Co., Ltd., paint and colour merchants, 132 Victoria 

buildings, St. James street 

Williams Zachariah, grocer and provision dealer, 18 Parker lane 

Williamson John, tailor, 19 Boundary street 

Williamson Mrs. Mary Ann, 9 Dulwich street 

Williamson William, waterworks manager, Yorkshire street; h. 26 
Belvedere road 

Willis Frederick, joiner (j.), 12 Lindsay street 
Willis George, meat pie maker, 17 Cedar street 
Willis Mrs. Harriet, 15 Cedar street 
Willis Richard, foreman platelayer, 12 Rose Grove lane 
Willis W., meat pie manufacturer and confectioner, Cedar street 
Willman Alfred, grocer and provision dealer, 35 Hirst street 
Willman Robert, clothlooker, 53 Waterloo road 
Wills Albert, painter (j.), 108 Branch road 
Wills John, weaver, 5 Gresham place 
Wills Joseph Thomas, moulder, 3 Gresham place 
Wills Matthew, mason (j), 1 Rowley street 

Wilman Miss Elizabeth, ladies 1 school, Oak mount, 41 Westgate 
Wilshaw George M., cashier, 248 Colne road 
Wilshaw John, baby linen dealer, 140 Colne road 
Wilson Alfred, shopkeeper, 121 Lowerhouse lane 
Wilson Alfred, schoolmaster, Clow bridge 
Wilson Arthur, compositor, 92 Gordon street 
Wilson Edmund & Son, chairmakers, Cooper street 
Wilson Edward, tram inspector, 263 Colne road 
Wilson Mrs. Fanny Jane, 17 Cuerden street 
Wilson Gabriel, draper, 89 Colne road 

Wilson George, beerhouse, Friendship Inn, 19 Blackburn street 
Wilson James Calvert, surveyor, 83 Todmorden road 
Wilson John, mechanic, 4 Cardinal street 
Wilson John, grocer and beersellej, 14 Whitaker street 
Wilson Peter, gardener (j.), 117 Sandygate 
Wilson Robert, dogger, 75 Sandygate; h. 58 Nairne street 
Wilson Robert, travelling draper, 52 Standish street ; h. 37 Rectory rd 
Wilson Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 268 Padiham road 
"Wilson Thomas, grocer, baker and confectioner, 21 Hart street and 4 
Market hall 

Wilson Thomas, weaver, 16 Hollingreave road 
Wilson Thomas, overlooker, 43 Spencer street 
Wilson Thomas, shopkeeper, 25 Regent street 

Wilson Thomas J., coachbuilder (Sagar & Wilson) ; h. 53 Eliza street 
Wilson Thomas William, wood carver, 6 Lutner street 
Wilson William, overlooker, 11 Robinson street 
Wilson William Battersby, newspaper overseer, 65 Berry street 
Wiison William Emmott, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., surgeon, 78 Oak Mount 
terrace, Westgate 



Wilson William Henry, coal dealer, 123 Branch road 

Wilson William W., butcher's manager, 62 Belgrave road 

Winder Albert Edward, dogger, 30a Padiham road and 11 Tunnel st 

Winder Thomas, solicitor's clerk, 21 Tunstill street 

Windle Henry, chimney sweeper, 24 Hammerton street 

Windle John, cotton manufacturer, Elm Street shed 

Windle William, overlooker, 35 Albion street 

Winfield Rev. Benjamin, B.A., vicar of St. James', 15 Ormerod road 

Winkley Bros., tripe dressers, Plumbe street and 84 Trafalgar street 

Winter John, vict., New Eed Lion, 13 Manchester road 

Winterbottom Mrs. Mary, 75 Colne road 

Wirne George William, manager, Clothing club, 158 St. James street 

Wiseman Albert, joiner (j.), 63 Healey Wood road 

Wiseman Miss Annie, dressmaker, 32 Kectory road 

Wiseman Mrs. Elizabeth, 65a Hammerton street 

Wiseman James, joiner, builder, and timber merchant, Hammerton 

Street Sawing and Planing mills ; h. 72 Manchester road 
Wiseman John, coal dealer, 20 Whitaker street 

Wiseman John, joiner and builder, Wiseman street; h. 32 Eectory rd 
Wiseman Misses Margaret & Jane, grocers, 83 Brunswick street 

Wiseman Leonard, joiner and builder, Sandygate; h. 63 

Albion street 
Wiseman Richard, engine tenter, 91 Hollingreave road 
Wiseman Thomas, joiner and builder, Stanley street; h. 3 Rowley st 
Wiseman Thomas, junior, joiner (j.), 4 Whitaker street 

Witham Bros., cotton spinners and manufacturers, Finsley mill and 

Plumbe Street shed 
Witham Mrs. Elizabeth Ellen, Fern grove, Ormerod road 
Witham John, Esq., J. P. (Witham Bros.) ; h. Rockwood, Todmorden rd 
Witham William (Witham Bros.); h. Rockwood, Todmorden road 
Wolfenden John Thomas, weaver, 74 Dall street 
Wolfenden Thomas, coal merchant's manager, 9 Austin street 
Wolstencroft William, painter and decorator, 231 Accrington road 
Wolstenholme Cornelius, stationer and newsagent, 93 Westgate 
Wolstenholme James, butcher, 10 Padiham road 
Wolstenholme John Thomas, police constable, 24 Holme road 

Wolstenholme Heber, vict., Lane Ends Hotel, Lowerhouse lane 

Wood Adam, taper, 7 Oak Mount street 

Wood Ebenezer, farmer, Bullion's close 

Wood Edward, butcher, 83 Westgate and 121 Padiham road 

Wood Mrs. Elizabeth, 8 Eose Hill road 

Wood Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, pie dealer, 117 Todmorden road 

Wood Isaac, plasterer, 18 Oxford road 

Wood James, consulting engineer, Willow bank, 31 Brooklands road 

Wood Mr. James, 63 Rectory road 

Wood Mr. James, 4 Croft street 

Wood John, beerhouse, Waggoners' Inn, 168 Colne road 

Wood Jonathan, pork butcher and confectioner, 109 and 111 

St. James street 
Wood Joseph, overlooker, 274 Colne road 
Wood Joseph, draper, 27 Mosley House road 
Wood, Landless & Co., patent bath appliances, 23 Church street 


Wood Mrs. Marian, dressmaker, 132 Grey street 

Wood Mrs. Margaret Hannah, milliner, 16 Bankhouse street 

Wood Martin, brewer, 13 Westgate 

Wood Mrs. Mary, 229 Colne road 

Wood Moses, clerk, 49 Briercliffe road 

Wood Mrs. Nanny, 161 Colne road 

Wood Robert B., cotton manufacturer, Higher Rake Head mill 

Wood Thomas, engineer, 104 Belvedere road 

Wood Thomas, printer (j.), 141 Accriugton road 

Wood Top Room and Power Co., Limited; R. Watson, secretary, 

12 Hargreaves street 
Wood William, engineer (j.), 330 Colne road 
Wood William Thomas, mill manager, 46 Burns street 
Woodhead Charles, fruiterer, 10 Bridge street and 5 Hammerton 

street ; h. 13 Coal street 
Woodhead David Henry, coachman, 84 Master street 
Woodhouse Lister, A.C.A., A. I. A., borough treasurer, and registrar of 

stock, Town hall ; h. 9 Palatine square 
Woods Robert, tinplate worker, 36 Briercliffe road 
Woods William, pork butcher, 50 Hebrew road 
Woodward R. P. & Co., cotton manufacturers, Lane Bridge mill 
Woolley Arthur, bookkeeper, 69 Albert street 
Wooller Christopher, baker and confectioner, 55 Holbeck street 
Wooller James, butcher, and beerhouse, Bridge Inn, Clow bridge 
Worden Albert Vincent, tailor, 80 Leyland road 
Workhouse, Briercliffe road ; Adam Howarth, governor 

Working Men's Club (G.U.O. Oddfellows), Bank parade; Thomas 

Cross, secretary — {See Advt.) 
Working Men's Club, 4 Brown street ; Martin Saville, secretary 
Working Men's Club, 9 Halstead street; Thomas Heap, secretary 

Wormwell Henry, butcher, 24 Devonshire road 

Wormwell John, canal bank ranger, 31a Sandygate 

Wormwell Luke, commercial traveller, 34 Lindsay street 

"Wormwell Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 2 Norman street 

Wormwell Mrs. Margaret, smallware dealer, 36 Cobden street 

Wormwell Eobert, farmer, Higher Haulgh head 

Worsh William, fireman, 59 Hufling lane 

Worswick Joseph, weaver, 8 Lord street 

Worthington Eobert, commission and assurance agent, 15 Kendal st 

Wrathall James, carter, 17 Ash street 

Wrathall John, draper, 73 Sandygate 

Wrathall John, railway inspector, 157 Eectory road 

Wrathall Eobert, confectioner, 137 Parliament street 

Wrathall Timothy, cab proprietor, 7 Richard street 

Wray James, theatrical bill inspector, 26 King street 

Wrigley William, overlooker, 162 Abel street 

Wright Alfred, labourer, 115 Accrington road 

Wright Miss Annie, baby linen dealer, 120b Oxford road 

Wright Major Archibald John Arnott, Broomieknowe, Padiham road 

Wright Mrs. Elizabeth, 30 Albert street 

Wright Evan, confectioner, 41 Healey Wood road 

Wright James, overlooker, 5 Hart street 



Wright James, milk dealer, 342 Purchon place, Padiham road 
Wright John, lodgings, Scar house, Church street 

Wright John Walter, chemist, druggist, dentist, and dealer in photo- 
graphic materials, 141 St. James street; h. 83 Eectory road 
Wright Pickles, engine driver, 404 Colne road 
Wright Eichard, fish and fruit dealer, 33 Oxford road 
Wright Eoger, shopkeeper, 32 Branch road 
Wright Thomas Walker, hairdresser, 123 Padiham road 
Wright Walter, M.D., L.S.A., surgeon, 56 Oak Mount ter, Westgate 

Wright William, furniture broker and picture framer, Sandy- 
gate ; and grocer, 24 Lord street 

Wroe Dent, master, National school, Back lane ; h. 4 Harriet street 

Wroe James, shopkeeper, 28 Hirst street 

Wyld James, pattern maker, 6 Eectory road 

Wyld Mr. John, 20 Hart street 

Wynne Abraham, joiner (j.), 13 Norman street 

Yarwood William, boot and shoe maker, 26 Manchester road 

Yates Charles, milliner, 3 and 5 Standish street 

Yates James, fried fish dealer, 101 Oxford road 

Yates James Henry, assurance agent, 223 Padiham road 

Yates John, beerhouse, Brickmakers* Arms, 52 Yorkshire street 

Yates Joseph, overlooker, 56 Belvedere road 

Yates Lawrence, monumental mason and builder, Accrington road ; 

h. 339 Ightenhill terrace, Padiham road 

Yates Miss Mary Ann, shopkeeper, 1 and 3 Trafalgar street 

Yates Eoger, chipped potato dealer, 19 Saunder bank 

Yates Mrs. Sarah Ann, grocer, 130 Padiham road 

Yeadow John, steam boiler inspector, 23 Stafford street 

Yelland Miss Elizabeth, mistress, St. Peter's Infants' school, Boot st 

Young Alexander, agent for Prudential, 760 Padiham rd, Habergharn 

Young John, tailor and draper, 71 Westgate ; h. 68 Oak Mount terrace 

Young Mens Christian Association, 11 St. James row 

Young* Women's Christian Association and Boarding House, 

100 St. James Street ; Miss S. J. Brereton, resident supt. 
Zacharias Moritz, picture framer, 10 Westgate 




Academies and Schools. 

Alston Albert (commercial day, 

and evening school), 9 Grim- 

shaw street 
Batpist, Colne road (mixed), William 

Chadwick; (infants') Miss Sarah B. 

Baptist, Clow Bridge (mixed), John 

F am worth 
Board School, Claremont street (mixed), 

Thomas H. Hartley ; (infants') Miss 

Martha Holdsworth 
Board School, Burnley wood, Branch 

road (mixed), Arthur R. Pickles; 

(infants') Miss Marion Lee 
Board School, Abel street (mixed), Frank 

Gaukroger, ; (infants') Miss Mary 

British^ North street (mixed) , James 

Brown ; (infants') Miss Evelina 

Carlton Road School, George F. Ash- 
worth, head master; H. Stephenson, 

second master 

Catholic Schools : — 
St. Mary's, Yorkshire street (boys'), John 

Sunderland; (girls' & infants') Sisters 

of Mercy 
St. Thomas's, King st, Sisters of Mercy 
St. Mary Magdalen's, Barracks road 

(mixed and infants), Miss B. Dillon 

Colne Road Middle-Class School, Arthur 

A. Bellingham, principal 
Crumpton Miss Ruth, 21 Palatine square 
Everson Miss Clarinda, 60 Oak Mount 

terrace, Westgate 
Grainger Miss Kate, 15 Berry street 
Grammar School, Bank parade, J. Lang- 
field Ward, M.A., head master; A. M. 

Drennan, 13. A., second master; M. E. 

Carman, B.A., E. E. Dyson, and J. W. 

Lund (language), assistant masters 
Independent, Westgate (mixed) , Percy 

Howker; (infants') Miss F. Eastwood 
Mills Edmund (private tutor), 6 Helena st 
Palmer Miss Mary, 3 Raw street 

National Schools : — 
All Saints', Habergham (mixed), J. B. 

Hill; (infants') Miss Mary Cowley 

Back Lane, St. Matthew's (mixed), Dent 

Wroe; (infants') Miss Myra Hawkes 
Clow Bridge (mixed), Alfred Wilson 
Healey Wood (mixed), William Huck, 

Lane Head (mixed), John Thos. Rostron; 

(infants') Miss Margaret Roberts 
St. Andrew's, Colne road (mixed), Geo. 

Oldman ; (infants') Miss Mary Morris 
St. James 7 , Bethesda street(mixed), Peter 

Leaver; (infants') Mrs. Nancy Oldman 
St. John the Baptist, Accrington road 

(mixed), John W. Houlden; (infants') 

Miss Rebecca Guthrie 
St. Paul's, Saunder bank (mixed), J. 

Shaw ; (infants') Miss Lydia Whitham 
St. Peter's, Church street (mixed), John 

Sharrocks ; (infants') Miss Mary E. 

Nuttall ; (infants') Boot street, Miss 

Eliz. Yelland ; (infants') Brougham 

street, Miss Mary J. Fawell 
St. Stephen's (Burnley wood), Tarleton 

street (mixed), J. W. Kneeshaw ; (in- 
fants') Miss Christiana McLeod 
Trinity (boys'), Sandygate, John Moore; 

(girls' and infants') Cranmer street, 

Miss Mary Heap 
Stroyan Mrs. Eliz., Brunshaw seminary 
Technical School, Elizabeth street, C. 

M. Foden, hon. secretary 

Wesleyan Schools : — 

Fulledge, Eliza street (mixed), Edward 
Jones ; (infants) Miss M. E. Newton 

Red Lion street (mixed), Charles Wm. 
Midgley, head master ; (infants'), Miss 
E. Hayes; (higher grade, girls') Miss 
Walker, head mistress 

Accrington road (mixed), James Thomp- 
son ; (infants'), Miss Edith Robinson 

Lowerhouse (mixed and infants'), Miss 

Rose Grove (mixed), John Crawshaw; 
(infants'), Miss Sarah A. Whitehead 

Whittlefield (mixed and infants'), Miss 
Sarah Sharp 

Wilman Miss Elizabeth, Oak Mount, 41 




Farrer George, 21 Nicholas street. 

— (See Advt.) 
Poden Edward (chartered), 18 Har- 

greaves street 
Poster Frederick, 20 Thomas street 
Mossop Alfred J., 1 Ormerod street 
Moston William K,, 47 Kirkgate 
Pickles John, 68 Devonshire road 
Proctor George (chartered), 6 Grim- 

shaw street 
Procter Samuel, 20 Hargreaves street 
Rawlinson & Hargreaves (chartered), 7 

Grimshaw street 
Richmond Arthur, Manchester chmbrs, 

17a St. James street 
Watson Richard (chartered), 12 Har- 
greaves street 

Agents (Miscellaneous.) 

(See also Fire and Life Insurance 

Agents, House Agents, and Sewing 

Machine Agents.) 
Bannister Samuel (rent and debt 

collector, &c.), 23 and 25 Bank- 
• house street and Padiham. — (See 

Burghope & Strange (Milner's safes), 50 

St. James street 
Butterfield John & Son (estate and 

commission), 58 Curzon street 
Coleman Harry (com.), 137 Rectory rd 
Cook Thomas & Son (excursion, tourist 

and shipping), 92 St. James street; 

Alfred Millington, manager 
Cornforth John (com.), 250 Colne road 
Crossley J. & Sons (com.), Coal street 
Dunkcrley Victor (estate), Bank chmbrs., 

Hargreaves street 
Eastwood Thomas (com.), 84 Oak Mount 

terrace, Westgate 
Evans William (pinvate enquiry), 5 

Plumbe street 
Farrer George (estate, and rent 

and debt collector), 21 Nicholas 

street. — (See Advt.) 
Foulds Thomas (com.), 119 Albion street 
Garbett John (com.), 22 Whitaker street 
Gawthorne B. J. (com.), 46 Bar street 
Graham Thomas (com.), Veevers street 
Green George J. (rent and debt collector), 

27 Brunswick street 
Hitchon, Son & Lancaster (estate), 46 

Manchester road 
Kelly James, 9 Anne street 
Knowles Thomas H. (com.), 92 Hollin- 

greave road 
Littlehales R. H., Perndene, 161 Man- 
chester road 
Mc.Connell James (com.), 10 Mary st 
Moss Joseph (com.), 74 Heath street 
Mossop Albert J. (general), 1 

Ormerod street 

Overton George E. (com.), 50 Colne road 

Pickles J. (estate), 68 Devonshire road 

Pollard James (rent and debt collector), 
25 Brunswick street 

Potter Wm. B. (rent and debt collector), 
2 Hattersley street * 

Rawcliffe & Bridge (general), 27 
Nicholas street 

Rawlinson & Hargreaves (estate), 7 
Grimshaw street 

Richmond Thomas (patent agent), 
79a St. James street 

Robinson Dcwhurst (com.), 36 Ford st 

Robinson Joseph Henry, 21 Whittam st 

Threlfall Joseph (shipping and tourist), 
61 Padiham road 

Turner John (Leeds and Liverpool 
Canal Co.), 87 and 89 Manchester rd 

Walls & Ham (rent and debt col- 
lectors), 23 St. James row 

Watson Matt, (estate), Bank chambers, 
Hargreaves street 

Wilkinson James (rent and debt col- 
lector), 102 Padiham road 

Whitaker James S. (rent and debt 
collector), 133 Oxford road 

Worthington Robt. (com.), 15 Kendal st 

Wright J. W. (for Jeye's disinfectants), 
141 St. James street 

Ale and Porter Merchants. 

(See Wine and Spirit Merchants.) 

Architects and Surveyors. 

Bell Thomas, 14 Grimshaw street 
Dunkcrley Victor, M.S. A., Bank chmbrs, 
Hargreaves street 

Hitchon, Son & Lancaster, 46 Man- 
chester road and Bacup 
Holt Thomas, 5 Briercliffe road 
Jobling Henry & Son, 91 Rectory road 
Keighley Samuel, 25 and 27 Nicholas st 
Maudsley John W., 5 Fair View road 
Nutter Abraham, 23 Nicholas street 
Parsons Charles, 9 Grimshaw street 
Quarmby Wm. A. , Manchester chambers, 

17a St. James street 
Rawcliffe G. B., 5 Nicholas street 
Robinson Arthur, 274 Padiham road 
Waddington W. & Son, 5 Grimshaw 
street ; and Mansfield chambers, St. 
Ann's square, Manchester 
Watson Matthew, Bank chambers, 
Hargreaves street 


Keeling Edward J., 57 Brougham street 
Lancaster Mrs. Lillie, 208 Colne road 
Preston John, 5 Sefton terrace 

Artists' Colourmen. 

Cowell James, 56 St. James street 
Francis & Co., 7 Manchester road 



Athletic Outfitters. 

Boys Richard, 103 St. JarrTes street 
Clegg* Lewis, 75 Standish street 
Mermell John J., 10 Standish street 

Auctioneers and Valuers, 

Bradley John, 21 St. James street 
Dugdalc Joseph, 21 Boot street 

Poster Frederick, 20 Thomas street 

Gibson Harry, 8 Yorkshire street and 

46a Church street 
Harrison Benjamin, 43 Clifton 

street ; and Nelson 
Harrison William, 4 Mason street 
Jackson Robert, 36 Finsleygate 

Maofarlane Sidney, 44 Holme view, 
Colne road 

Mossop Albert J., F.A.I., 1 Orme- 

rod street 
Pritchard Thomas, 46 Manchester road 

Rawcliffe & Bridge (Established 

1866), 27 Nicholas street 
Thornton Thomas, 107a Accrington rd 
Watson Matthew, Bank chambers, Har- 

greaves street 


Dunkerley Victor, Bank chambers, Har- 
greaves street 

Maudsley J. W., 5 Fair View road 
Parsons Chas. (to the Burnley Union), 

9 Grimshaw street 
Rawcliffe G. B., 5 Nicholas street 

Baby Linen, &e M Dealers. 

Bennett & Co., 54 Hebrew road 

Brecknall Hannah, 153 Oxford road 
Cunlifre Abraham, 27 Canning street 
Farraday William, Market hall 
Hesketh James, 80 St. James street 
Holden Margaret, Market hall 
Jackson Annie, 56 Manchester road 
Jones C. S., 7 Chancery street 
Kippar James, 37 St. James street 
Livesey Annie, 55 Abel street 
Millington Harriet & Rebecca, 14 Mar- 
ket place 
Pilkington Elizabeth, 11 Market hall 
Plummer John R., 9 Abel street 
Sadd Caroline, 21 Manchester road 
Shaw William (manfr.), Victoria street 
Simpson Elizabeth, 29 Market hall 
Sutcliffe Joseph, 21 Market street 
Sutclifle & Race (manfrs.), Elizabeth st 
Veevers & Shaw, 13 Market hall 
Walkden W. & Co. (manfrs.), Scar top 
Whitworth Lilian, 175 St. James street 
Wilshaw John, 140 Colne road 
Wright Annie, 120b Oxford road 


Bailey John, 35 Yorkshire street and 92 
St. James street 

Bailey Miles & Son, 97 Westgate 
Broughton Robert, 23 Market street 
Crossley Richard, 16 Hebrew road 
Dent Ann (oatcake), 14 Rowley street 
Dent William, 8 Daneshouse road 
Dixon Robert (oatcake), 6 Ardwick st 
Farrer Samuel, 181 St. James st 
Farrar Wm. T. & Son, Borough bakery, 

Burton street. — (See Advt.) 
Foulds Thomas, 13 and 15 Old Hall st 
Goodchild William, 81 Manchester road 
Hal sail PJdward, 111 Oxford road 

Hargreaves John T. (oatcake), Hyde st 
Heap James (oatcake), Elm street 
Higgin David, 5 Adelphi street 
Latham John Thomas, 37 Hartley st 
Lee Richard, 42 Brougham street 
Mitchell Thomas, 39 Whittlefield street 
Nutter Thomas, 119 Padiham road 
Pickles Thomas, 31 Bankhouse st 
Shackleton & Widdup, Aqueduct street 
Sharpley Albert, 55 and 57 Laithe st 
Smith John, 16 Old Hall street 
Smith Joseph (oatcake), 15 Barracks rd 
Sutcliffe E. A , 75 Manchester road 
Thomas Wm. A. (oatcake), 202 Colne rd 
Waddington William, Royle foundry 
Walley Frederick, 25 Berry street 
Wooller Christopher, 55 Holbeck street 


Craven Bank, Ltd., Hargreaves st and 
St. James row (draw on Prescott, 
Dimsdale & Co., Ltd., London) ; John 
Thornton, manager 

Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Ltd., 
Hargreaves st (draw on the London 
and Westminster Bank, Ltd., London); 
George Gill, manager 

Manchester and County Bank, Limited, 
Grimshaw street (draw on the Union 
Bank of London) ; Nathan P. Gray, 

Union Bank of Manchester, Ltd., Man- 
chester road (draw on Glyn, Mills, 
Currie & Co., London) ; James Berry, 

Basket and Skip Makers. 

Blind Institute, Eastwood street 
Robinson Fred, 21 Adelphi street 
Simpson John, Market hall 
Sutcliffe James, Bank parade 


Corporation Baths, Bath street ; Alfred 

Suthers, superintendent 
Bramald Thos. Wm. (Turkish and 

hydropathic), 24 Padiham road 

Bath Appliances. 

Wood, Landless & Co., 23 Church street 




Baltic Fleet, James Pilling, 46 and 48 

Brierclifle road 
Bankhouse Inn, Henry Turner, 29 Bank- 
house street 
Bank Top Inn, John Smith, 2 Parker st 
Bee Hive Inn, Thomas Holden, 20 

Marlborough street 
Bee Hive Inn, Hargreaves Catlow, 5 

Holmes street 
Black Dog Inn, Job Myers, 4 Cannon st 
Black Swan, Jas. Bowes, 3 and 5 Royle rd 
Brickmakers' Arms, John Yates, 52 

Yorkshire street 
Bridge Inn, Wm. Turner, 2 Bank parade 
Bridge Inn, James Hartley, 162 Gan- 

now lane 
Bridge Inn, Jas. Wooller, Clow Bridge 
Britannia, John Whittaker, 9 Roper st 
Bull's Head, John Hargreaves, 25 

Riding street 
Calder Vale Inn, Arthur Radcliffe, 6 

Calder Vale road 
Cambridge Inn, Alfred Duckworth, 68 

and 70 Oxford road 
Cheshire Cheese, William Hudson, 8 

Edward street 
Clifton Hotel, Crossley Pollard, 127 

Padiham road 
Clough Spring Hotel, Robert Crabtree, 

8 Parker lane 

Coach and Horses Inn, Septimus Fish- 
wick, 48b Church street 
Coachmakers' Arms, William Bullough, 

2 and 4 Adelphi street 
Coal Clough Hotel, Thomas Marquis, 19 

Coal Clough lane 
Commercial Inn, Sarah Sagar, Cop row 
Corporation Arms, James Wilkinson, 47 

Curzon street 
Cottage in the Wood, Whittaker Pickles, 

36 Rawlinson street 
Craven Heifer, William Hargreaves, 17 

Holden street 
Craven Heifer, Henry Hartley, Cop row 
Cricketers' Arms, Ethelbert Pate, 53 

Anne street 
Cricketers' Arms, Edward Capstick, 

Lowerhouse lane 
Cross Gates, Thomas Walmsley, 2 and 4 

Coke street 
Cross Guns, Jno. Barrett, 50 Gannow In 
Derby Arms, William B. Dixon, 29 

Standi sh street 

Derby Hotel, William Shackleton, 44 

Grimshaw street 
Derby Inn, Nathan Mason, 162 Colne rd 
Devonshire Hotel, William Robinson, 

9 Boot street 

Dog and Partridge, Jane Spur, 90 


Finsley Inn, Robert Brunton, 58 Fins- 

Fleece Hotel, Francis Parker, 213 
Accrington road 

Flying Dutchman, William Stephenson, 
18 Engine street 

Footballers' Arms, Daniel Taylor White- 
head, 55 Yorkshire street 

Foresters' Arms, Robert Wigglesworth, 
49 Todmorden road 

Foresters' Arms, Margaret Mercer, 16 

Bank parade 
Forgemans' Arms, Henry Hargreaves, 

5 Sutcliffe street 
Fox and Pheasant, James Chadwick, 

1 Cow lane 
Free Gardeners' Inn, Joseph Alcock, 31 

Mosley street 
Friendship Inn, George Wilson, 19 

Blackburn street 
General Havelock, David Brown, 

103 Accrington road 
General Williams, Martin Holden, 231 

Manchester road 
Globe Inn, Elizabeth Whittaker, 47 

Bankhouse street 
Golden Lion, John Pollard, 30 Boot st 
Great Eastern Inn, Elizabeth Riley, 

15 Stanley street 
Greyhound Inn, Meshach Jowett, 10 

Cannon street 
Grimshaw Arms, Jane Hargreaves, 5 

Temple street 
Hope and Anchor, Edward Nuttall, 18 

Royle road 
Horse and Farrier, John W. Pawson, 

14 and 16 Cannon street 
Inkerman Inn, Eli Dewhurst, 236 

Accrington road 
Lamb Inn, Hy. Timms, 33 Red Lion st 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Hotel, 

Robert Schofleld, Padiham rd 
Lord Nelson Tavern, Michael Gallacher, 

39 Bridge street 
Malakoff Tavern, Harry Hodder, 50 

Trafalgar street 
Marlborough Inn, Thomas Bayliff, 6 

Parker lane 
Meadows Inn, Robert Brown, 2 King st 
Mechanics' Arms, Alfred Stirling, 8 

Finsleygate / 

Millers' Arms, Thomas Edmondson, 34 

Parker street 
Millers' Arms, Rebecca Hartley, 20 

Junction street 
Millstone Inn, Margaret J. Cryer, 25 St. 

James street 
New Inn, Anthony Neary, 10 Roper st 
New White Horse, Samuel Ingham, 14 

and 16 Hammerton street 
Oddfellows' Tavern, Alfred Shaw 18 

Boot street 
Old Duke, Gerard Price, 56 Brierclfie rd 
Old Hall Inn, John Smith, 16 Old Hall st 
Old House at Home, James Clough, 166 





Old Wheat Sheaf, Thomas Gilfillan, 112 

Colne road 
Owl in the Wood, Hartley Burnett, 5 

Springfield road 
Oxford Inn, William Lee, 1 Temple st 
Pack Horse, William Mayor, 6 and 8 

Calder street 
Park Tavern, Henry Astin, 30 Mosley st 
Park View Inn, Thomas Hargreaves, 

3 Higgin street 
Pedestrian Inn, Elias Hargreaves, 30 

Parker lane 
Peel's Arms, James Jackson, 107 and 

109 Padiham road 
Plane Tree, A. Atkinson, Habergham 
Prince of Wales Inn, John C. Dyson, 79 

Railway Tavern, William Quinn, 62 

Bridge street 
Rifle Volunteers' Inn, Charles Loder, 1 

Smalley street 

Roe Buck Inn, William Brierley, 128 
Padiham road 

Rose and Crown, William Ormerod, 180 

Manchester road 
Shepherds' Arms, John Magnall, Cog In 
Tacklers' Arms, Betsy Wilkinson, 13 

Temple street 
Three Horse Shoes, James Smith, 22 

Boot street 
Tradesmen's Arms, Mary Stuttard, 210 

Accrington road 
Travellers' Rest, John Chapman, 5 

Coke street 
Union Hotel, Martha Holden, 145 

Padiham road 
Victoria Inn, William Halstead, 84 and 

86 Colnc road 
Waggoners' Inn, John Wood, 168 

Colne road 
Weavers' Arms John Cronshaw, 148 St. 

James street 
Wheat Sheaf, Robt. Chappies, 27 Croft st 
Wood Top Inn, Noah. Nightingale, 

197 Accrington road 

Berlin Wool and Fancy 

Kellett William, 22 Manchester road 
Kippar James, 37 St. James street 
Mason Arabella, 171 St. James street 

Bill Posters. 

Burnley Bill Posting Co., Limited, 7 
Church st; Thos. H. Hargreaves, sec. 

Burnley Tradesmen's Bill Posting and 
Advertising Co., Limited, 25 Fleet 
street ; Joseph Kay, secretary 

Bird Dealers. 

Bradshaw James, 2 Westgate 
Briercliffe William, 8 Calder Vale road 
Joweit W. & M., 4 Calder street 

Naylor Edward, 24 Sfcandish street 
Ogden Samuel, 65 Bank parade 
Watson & Sons, 50 Sfcandish street 

Bird and Animal Preservers. 

Skipper Harry, 40 Cavour street 
Smith Thomas, 27 Bridge street 
Watson & Sons, 50 Standish street 

Blacking- Makers. 

Heald John & Son, Hill Top street 
Walton Ingham (charcoal), Barracks rd 


Baldwin Samuel, Bethesda street 
Baldwin William & Son, Cow lane 
Bracewell Humph., Briercliffe rd 
Bracewell William, Calder street 
Carter J. H. (shoeing forge), Adlington st 
Collison Samuel, Peter street 
Dean James, Cannon street 
Downham Robert, Calder Vale road 
Eckersall Henry, Canal bank, Wiseman 

street, and Hargher clough 
Gordon Jph. (locksmith), 27a Church st 
Graham George, New Hall street 
Halstead Halstead, 38 Yorkshire street 
Haworth Henry, Plumbe street 
Haworth Matthew, High street 
Holt Thomas, Cow lane 
Laycock Daniel & Sons, Plumbe street 
Nutter George, Elm street 
Pate Lindley, Cobden street 
Pate Robert (Exors. of), Parker lane 
Rushworth John & Sons, Accrington rd 
Sagar Henry, Robinson street 
Shackleton William, Holmes street 
Smith William & Son, Earl street 
Smithson William, Pilling street 
South James, Briercliffe road 
Stuttard William, Adlington street 
Watts James N., Waterloo road 
Wallbank Thomas, Haslam street 
Whitaker John E., Plumbe street 


Drew A. & Sons, Lowerhouse 
Lee Edward, Victoria street 
Pickles Robert, Limited, Cairo 
mill, Whittlefield 

Boat Builder. 

Harrison Robert, Now Hall yard 

Boiler Coverers. 

Latham Henry, 10 Lincoln street 
Rawlinson Thomas, Wellhouse street 

Boiler Makers. 

Layfield M. & J., Plumbe Street Boiler 



Bolt and Screw Makers. 

Hartley & Baldwin, Finsleygate 

Bone Setter. 

Hartley R. B., 52 Bank parade 


Swann John William, 5 Coal street 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

(Marked * are also Newsagents.) 

* Berry Abraham, 66 Hurtley street 
•Boothman Thomas, 2 Rylands street 
•Bower George, 15 Rochester street 
•Bradshaw John, 42 Yorkshire street 
*Brooke Albert, 142 St. James street 
Burghope & Strange, 50 St. James st 
♦Burrows Benjamin, 109 Oxford road 
*Clegg James, 88b Accrington road 
Coulston William, 118 Victoria build- 
ings, St. James street 
•Crinan J. R. M., 144 Accrington road 
•Dale George, 100 Westgate 
*Dean Charles, 14 Padiham road 
•Dearden William, 22 Abel street 
*Duerden Brothers, 20 Elm street 
*Dyson Mary, 9 Standish street 
•Eastwood Fred., 215 Padiham road 
Eastwood Henry, 40 St. James street 
•Edmondson John M., 14 Yorkshire st 
•Elliott John, Lowerhouse 
•Farrer John, 72 Curzon street 
•Fielden Smith, 151 Padiham road 
•Fitzpatrick James, 3b Padiham road 
•Graham James, 47 Belgrave street 
Grant James, 14 Manchester road 
•Greenwood William, 68 Trafalgar st 
•Gutteridge J. D., 1 Market street 
•Hargreaves George, 22 Old Hall street 
•Hetherington Thos., 22 Hammerton st 
Horner Wm. C. (fancy stationer), 29 

Manchester road 
Lupton Brothers, 38 and 40 Manchester 

road and Market hall 
♦Marshall Arthur, 1 Newcastle street 
•Maxfield Metcalfe, 60 and 129 Parlia- 
ment street 
•Moorhouse Thomas, 124c Colne road 
Parker & Co., 22 Hargreaves street 
•Pickles Isaac F., 2 Oxford road and 3 

Temple street 
•Pickles John, 21 Hebrew road 
•Pollard Henry, 82 Colne road 
•Porter Margaret A., 34 Church street 
•Riley William Henry, 2 Lindsay street 
•Roberts James, 186 Colne road 
•Roberts John W., 82 Parliament street 
Robinson George, 14 Todmorden road 
•Slater Thomas, 75 Whittlefield street 
•Smith Alfred H., 65 Abel street 
•Smith Henry G., 23 Canning street 

•Smith W. H. & Son, Railway station; 

F. Beaumont, manager 
•Stockdale William, 57 Sandygate 
•Tattersall Amos, 31 Elmwood street 
Wild Robt. (secondhand), 38 Standish st 
•Wolstenholme Cornelius, 93 Westgate 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Arrowsmith John Hy.. 32a Parliament st 
Ashworth John S., 149 Padiham road 
Atkinson James, 20 Clow bridge 
Baxiks John, 50a Plumbe street 
Beesting Samuel, 15 Brown street 
Berry Jonathan, 53 Abel street 
Briggs Henry, 105 St. James street 
Briggs Robert, 92 Padiham road 
Broxup John B., 103 Oxford road 
Brunt Thomas, 94 Branch road 
Buckley Samuel, 6 Accrington road 
Burnley Co-operative Society, Limited, 

Hammerton street 
Burnett Henry, 13 Adelphi street 
Clark Albert, 56 Padiham road 
Clegg James, 288 Gannow lane 
Cocker Frederick Jas., 146 St. James st 
Cocker John S., 37 Merton street 
Cryer Thomas, 45 Sandygate and 4 

Whittlefield street 
Cubbon Edmund, 13 Standish street 
Cubbon John, 19a Oxford street 
Dawson Thomas, 9 Cuerden street 
Dower James, 82 Hurtley street 
Duerden & Garnett, 109 Colne road 
Duncalf Samuel, 21 Hurtley street 
Dunkerley Elias, 47 and 82 St. James st 
Dyson William, 13 Brougham street 
Edmondson James, 27 Daneshouse road 
Eccles Jas., 18 Old Hall st— (See Advt.) 
Farrer George, 746 Padiham road, 

Freeman, Hardy, & Willis, Limited, 96 

St. James street 
Graham David, 32 Healcy Wood road 
Graham Thomas, 84 Anne street 
Graham William, 50 Shaw street 
Grant Peter, 48a Church street 
Gregory Abraham, 6 Daneshouse road 
Hargreaves Elijah, 2 Merton street 
Hargreaves Robert, 51 Yorkshire street 
Hewett William Henry, 2 Lutner street 
Hilton Stephen, 113 St. James street 
Hodgson Isaac, 109a Accrington road 
Holden Alexander, Brun street 
Hopwood William, 63 Burns street 
Ideson Edward, 174 Sandygate 
Ideson Simon, 99 Sandygate 
Ingham Peregrine, 13 Smalley street 
Jackson William, 107b Oxford road 
Johnson J. P., Plumbe street 
Jordan James, 73 Albion street 
Kendall William, 138 Accrington road 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Boot Repair- 
ing Co., 8 Church street 
Laurie Robert, 12 Market place 



Lawson William M., 68 Parliament st 
Laycock William, 6 Clifton street 
Line William W., 38 Waterloo road 
Lord Robert, 15a Boot street 
Lucas Thomas, 4 Ashworth street 
Martin Charles, 17 Lomas street 
Martin William, 4 Sand street 
Mercer James T., 8 Bridge street 
Metcalfe John, 22 Belgrave street 
Matcalfe Matthew, 90 Curzon street 
Nelson William, 28 Temple street 
Nutter James, 189 Padiham road 
Nutter William, 14a Briercliffe road 
Parker T. & P., 9 Chancery street 
Perry Edward, 2 Peace street 
Pickles Zacharias, Standish street and 

25 Red Lion street 
Renfrey William, 120a Oxford road 
Riley John, 77 Abel street 
Roche John, 15 Parker lane 
Ryder Jacob, 118 Grey street 
Salter & Salter, 71 St. James street 
Saunders David, 1 Saxon street 
Shields William, 128 & 190 Colne road, 

and 10b Briercliffe road 
Simpson Benjamin, 15 Trout street 
Slater Brothers, 39 St. James street 
Smith Edward, 23 Swainbank street 
Smith Eli, 42 Barracks rd & 51 Gannow In 
Smith William B., 58 Trafalgar street 
Spencer Robert, 732 Padiham road, 

Stafford & Northampton Boot Co., 149 

St. James street 
Stead & Simpsons, Ltd., 62 St. James st 
Teal Anderton, 39 Standish street 
Thornton William, 36 Church street 
Varley William, Lowerhouse 
Varley Thomas, 203 Accrington road 
Waddington Henry, 34 and 76 Abel st 
Watts Fred, Limited, 74 St. James street 

and 123 Westgate 
Whitaker Henry, 12 Plumbe street, 86 

Parliament street, and 137 Westgate 
Whitehead William, 66 Hebrew road 

and 87 Abel street 
Yarwood William, 26 Manchester road 


(See also Iron and Brass Founders.) 

Cowell William, Calder Vale works 
Dixon "William B., Robert street 
Pollard George, Royle foundry 


Grimshaw Jas., Keirby brewery, Church 

Hargreaves John & Son, Old brewery, 

Bridge street 
Massey's Burnley Brewery, Limited, 

Bridge End brewery, Westgate 
Pletts Jonathan, Borough brewery, 

Stanley sfreet 

Bricklayers and Builders. 

Green James, 20 Green street 
Harrison Robert, 55 Gordon street 
Smith Bros., Eastham place 
Taylor & Crago, 20 Hilary street 


Berry & Smith, Hcaley wood 

Brooks & Pickup (firebricks, &c), 

Towneley colliery 
Burnley Brick and Lime Co., Limited, 

Grey street; W. H. Procter, secretary 
Dent James, Byerden lane 
Duckett James & Son (and tile), Mitre 

works, Blannell street 


Baldwin Thomas, Bank Top Brush 

works, Railway st; and Nelson 
Baldwin W. & J., 90 St. James street 
and Borough Brush works, Curzon st 
Dean Seth, Holmes street 
Easton William, 28 and 30 St. James st 
Pranks & Oldham, 27 and 29 Church st 
Greenwood William, 14 Church street 
Hitchin Robert, 86 St. James street 
Room Thomas, Water street 
Vann Joseph & Co., 108 Colne road 
and Birley place 

Builders' Merchants. 

Duckett James & Son, Mitre works, 

Blannell street 
Hocking Richard, 171 Colne road 
Whitaker & Schofield, Bank Hall 


Building Societies. 

Borough Land and Building, 12 

Nicholas street ; Joseph Pickles, sec. 
Burnley, 12 Grimshaw street; W. Lewis 

Grant, secretary 
Burnley Model, 6 Nicholas street ; D. 

Smith, secretary 
Burnley 57th Economic, 20 Hargreaves 

street ; S. Procter, secretary 
Economic, Bank chambers, Hargreaves 

street; C. Stonehouse, secretary 
East Lancashire Mutual Aid Society, 

Limited, 20 Hargreaves street ; S. 

Procter, secretary 
Starr-Bowkett (1st and 2nd) ; George 

Proctor, secretary, 6 Grimshaw street 
Padihawi, Harwood, and District (475 

and 524 Starr-Bowkett) ; W. H. Higgin, 

solicitor. 19 Hargreaves street 


Bannister Robert, 72 Accrington road 
Barritt Charles, 4 Yorkshire street 
Baxter Henry, 60 Gordon street 
Berry Thomas, 112 Trafalgar street 




Binns Squire, 242 Colne road 
Bland Jane, 6 Yorkshire street 
Bradley Joseph, 178 Accrington road and 

157 Padiham road 
British and Colonial Meat Co., 87 and 

112 St. James street 
Brown James, 117 Accrington road 
Brown Jonas M. (pork), 58 Abel street 
Bulcock Robert J., 199 Accrington road ( 
Burnley Co-operative Society, Limited, 

Hammerton street 
Clough Anthony, 25 Hebrew road and 

106 Abel street 
Collinge Robert, 18 Canning street 
Collinge Wm., 98 St. James street 
Cragg Robert, 6 Sandygate and 15a 

Hurtley street 
Crook John, 8 Briercliffe road 
Crook William, 26 Mosley street 
Cubbon William, 24 North street 
Driver William, 106 St. James street 
Dugdale Simeon, 67 Westgate 
Dyson John, 3 Westgate 
Dyson Luther, 45 Westgate 
Dyson Tom, 160 Oxford road 
Dyson William, 60 Trafalgar street 
Eastman's, Limited, 11 St. James street 

and 10 Chancery street 
Ellis John N., 124a Colne road 
Emmett William, 126a Branch road 
Evans William Henry, 61 Berry street 

and 179 Branch road 
Fawcett Richard, 239 Accrington road 
Foulds James, 9 Cuerden street 
Foulds Thomas, 40 Parker street 
Frankland Henry, 103 Parliament st 
Frankland John, 8 Market hall 
Garnctt Thomas H., 80 Oxford road 
Gordon William (and pork), i Temple 

street and 20 Plumbe street 
Greenwood Arthur, 109 Hollingreave rd 
Haffner George (pork), 33 Yorkshire st 
Hall William PI., Tunnel street 
Hargreaves Thomas, 173 Padiham road 
Hartley Daniel, 56 Hurtley street 
Hartley Edward, 1 Market hall 
Hartley Horatio, 9 Market street 
Hartley John, 70 St. James street 
Hartley William, 228 Accrington road 
Haworth. Edward, 29 Trafalgar street 
Heap Albert, 91 Parliament street 
Heap Edward, 162 Oxford road 
Heap Edmund, 6 Todmorden road 
Heyworth James, 222 Padiham road 
Heyworth Thomas, 8 Curzon street and 

167 Oxford road 
Higson Thomas, 137 St. James street 

and 103 Sandygate 
Holden Tom, 90 Colne road 
Holdsworth Henry, 10 Manchester road 
Holdsworth John, 4 St. James street 

and 31 Hebrew road 
Holgate Frank, 67 Manchester road 
Holgate Harry (pork), 117 Westgate 

Holgate Albert, 97 St. James street 
Hope John William, 61 Church street 
Hopper Matthew, 6 and 65 Plumbe st 
Howarth Henry, 106 Barracks road 
Howorth Bulcock, 19 Temple street 
Jobling Matthew, 35 Lindsay street 
Johnson Edwin, 73 Manchester road 
Laycock John, 304 Gannow lane 
Lee Robert, 219 Briercliffe road 
Lee Robert, W., 180 Colne road and 10a 

Briercliffe road 
Lee Thomas, Lowerhouse 
Lee Whitham, 1 Belford street and 4 

Ridge road 
Maud Jonas, 163 St. James street and 76 

Padiham road 
Mitchell Alfred, 2 Carter street 
Mitchell Thomas E. (pork), 12 Abel st 
Moore Alfred, 125 St. James street 
Moorhouse William, 66 Trafalgar street 

and 127 Accrington road 
Nowell James, 129 Oxford road 
No well Thomas, 213 Padiham road 
Nutter Henry, 7a Padiham road and 23 

Hulme street 
Patterson Hartley, 70 Curzon street 
Patterson Smith, 1 Baker street 
Pickup Hartley, 27 Oxford road 
Pomfret William, 139 Padiham road 
Proctor James (pork), 49 Curzon street 
Ramsbottom Fras., 22 Lindsay street 
Redman John, 77 Sandygate 
Riley John Thomas, 85 Abel street 
Riley William, 712 Padiham road, 

Roberts Thomas, 150 St. James street 
Rushworth Samuel, 12 Todmorden road 

Sagar James, 7 Rose Grove lane 
Sagar James, 104 Springfield road 
Schum Charles (pork), 155 Padiham rd 
Sanderson Edward, 53 Yorkshire street 
Sharpley Albert, 55 and 57 Laithe street 
Smith James, 79 Brougham street 
Stanworth Adam. 42 and 128a Abel st 
StanwoKh Joseph, 64 Hebrew road and 

I Bell's arcade 

Stockdale Arthur, 11 Gannow lane 
Stockdale Richard, 100 Padiham road 
Sunter Matthew, 58 Parliament street, 

Oxford road 
Swinbank William, 15 Standish street 
Tee Joseph M., 97 Manchester road 
Tillotson William H., 132 Colne road 

Todd Peter, 27 and 29 Hebrew road and 
34 Cameron street 

Towler John, 27 St. James street 
Turner Abraham, 2 Daneshouse road 

and 19 Healey Wood road 
Wagner George Henry (pork), 13 Brier- 
cliffe road 
Walker Martha (pork), 57 Springfield rd 
Walton William, 38 Abel street 
Webster Robert, 122a Oxford road and 

II Temple street 



Whitaker Bernard, 4 Howe street 
Whitaker James, 94a Colne road 
Wolsfcenholme James, 10 Padihain road 
Wood Edward, 83 Westgate and 121 

Padiham road 
Wood Jonathan (pork), 111 St. James st 
Woods William (pork), 50 Hebrew road 
Wooller James, Clow bridge 

Cabinet Makers. 

(Marked * are also Upholsterers.) 

*Ashworth Admiral, 53 Sandygate 
Barker J. G. & Bros., 98 Springfield road 
Bibby Peter (upholsterer only), 7 

Willow street 
Birch all E. A. (upholsterer only), 28 

Standish street 
•Burnley Co-operative Society, Limited, 

Hammer ton street 
•Collinge W. & J. S. & Co., Limited, 110 

St. James street and Howe street 
Crewdson George, 8 Slater street 
*Dean William, 13a St. James street 
Edmondson & Chambers, 62 Hebrew rd 
Elwood Richard, Rectory road 
*Poulds James A., 85 and 87 Colne road 
Gordon Furnishing Co., 144 St. James st 
* Greenwood Henry, 37 Westgate 
•Harrison & Son, Red Lion street; 

works, Albion mills, Stanley street 
•Hirst Robert, Elm street 
Hoole William, 20 Padiham road 
Howarth Robert, 71 Gannow lane 
•Hudson Samuel, 17 Bridge street 
•Jackson John T., Hebrew road, lb 

Padiham road and 10 Plumbe street 
*Kerr Robert, 95 Manchester road 
Launder John, Croft street 
Livsey Peter, 33, 35, 41, 43 and 45 

Springfield road 
McDonnell John, Adlington street 
Palmer John & Sons, Calder Vale road 
•Pemberton Brothers, 42 and 44 Man- 
chester road 
Pollard Richard, 29 Brown street 
Riley George, 2 Brennand street 
*Hobinson John, 135 Westgate 
•Simpson Turpin, 60 Standish st 
Simpson William, 196 Colne road 
Singleton Joseph, 148 Oxford road 
Smith Alfred, 155a Accrington road 
•Tattersall Martin, 113 Colne road 
•Taylor A. and S., 2 Temple street and 

161 Oxford road 
Thompson William, 1 Violet street 
Turner John, 8 Standish street 
•Watson, Hy. & Sons, 40 Hammerton st 
Willan Alfred (upholsterer only), 4 

Devonshire road 
•Willan Ernest E., 35 Trafalgar street 

Calico Printers. 

Drew A. & Sons, Lowerhouse 


Batten Richard, 4 Briercliffe road 
Burnley Carriage Co., Ld. (and furniture 
removers), 44a St. James street, and 
Plumbe street 
Chaffer John, Plumbe street 
Cooper George Henry, 14 Richard street 
Cowban Thomas, 28 Plumbe street 
Crook William (and furniture re- 
mover by van), 24 Adlington st 
Duerden James, Finsleygate 
Etherington Robert, Lower Rose grove 
Forrest James, 23 Nairne street 
Gallagher Michael, 12 Holden street 
Geldard William, Rose Grove 
Harrison John, 59 Healey Wood road 
Hensby William, 183 Padiham road 
Hensby James, 32 Aqueduct street 
Hindlo James, 18 Marlborough street 
Jackson Isaac, 12 Adlington street 
Kippax John, 14 Ardwick street 
Laws George (furniture remover), 

Wood street 
Machen George, 8 Mile street 
Marsdcn Edward, 188 Golne road 
Ormerod William, 3 Turf yard 
Perry William, 65 Gannow lane 
Prattley Daniel, 28 King street 
Richardson John W., 25 Shaw street 
Robinson Jas. (out-porter and fur- 
niture remover), 62 Standish st 
Smith John, 16 Old Hall street 
Talbot Henry (and furniture remover) 

39 Brunswick street 
Tattersall Joseph, Lane head 
Tattersall Martin (furniture re- 
mover), 113 Colne road 

Turner James (and furniture remover), 

1 and 3 Springfield road 
Turver Frank, 67 Laithe street 
Webster & Spincer, Rumley road 

Whitaker Bros., Curzon street 
Whitaker A. & Sons (furniture &c. 

removers), Tunstill street 
Whitehead Richard, 2 Acre street 
Wrathall James, 17 Ash street 

Carver and Gilder. 

Matthews Robert Hy., 9a Red Lion st 

Cattle Dealers. 

Edmondson William, 23 Fair View road 
Edmondson Wm. R., Brunshaw house 
Collinge William, OS St. James street 
Nowell Thomas, 213 Padiham road 

Cattle Spiee Maker. 

Lawson Anthony, Veevers street 

Chair Makers. 

Burgess Henry, 58 Manchester road 
Palmer John & Sons, CalderVale rd 
Wilson E. & Son, 13 Cooper street 



Chemists and Druggists. 

Barlow Joseph A., 1 Accrington road, 63 

Oxford road, and 159 Padiham road 
Catton Ernest J., 5 Berkeley street 
Collins Jph. & Co., Ltd., 122 Hebrew rd 
Cowgill Bryan H., 48 Manchester road 
Evans Thomas, 24 Manchester road 
Fletcher Samuel, 33 Parker lane 
Foster George, 12 Yorkshire street 
Francis & Co. (late Thomas), 7 

Manchester road 
Gravett Thomas, 109 Parliament street 
Halsted William Hy., 31 Trafalgar st 
Heaton M. & Son, 121 St. James street 
Hitchin Robert, 54 St. James street 
Munn Robert, 29 and 31 St. James st 
Scott Joseph, 175 Oxford road 
Taylor Henry, 70 Abel sireet 
Walker Sandford, 1 Abel street 
Wright John Walter, 141 St. 
James street 

Chimney Sweepers. 

Bainbridge James, 108 Sandygate 
Benson Thomas, 4 Cranmer street 
Birley Frederick R., 81 Abel street 
Bottomley Henry, 8 Squire street 
Crook David, 13 Finsleygate 
Crook Edward, 7 Adelphi street 
Crook John, 148 Hurtley street 
Marshall John, 18 Peter street 
Monchier Edward, 6 Morpeth street 
Plant William, 56 Springfield road 
Seddon Peter, 57 Plumbe street 
Windle Henry, 24 Hammerton street 

Clamp Maker. 

Hayhurst William, 1 Catlow street 


Arrowsmith John Hy., 32a Parliament st 
Ashworth John S., 149 Padiham road 
Astin Thomas, 202 Accrington road 
Bailey Robert, 40 Yorkshire street 
Barker William, Waterloo road 
Beesting Samuel, 15 Brown street 
Berry Jonathan, 43 Abel street 
Blythe John, 7 Hampden street 
Broxup John B., 103 Oxford road 
Buckley Samuel, 6 Accrington road 
Burnley Co-operative Society, Limited, 

Hammerton street 
Calvert James, 57 May street 
Chadwick Benjamin, 32 Temple street 
Clegg James, 288 Gannow lane 
Cocker Frederick J., 146 St. James st 
Cocker John S., 37 Merton street 
Cocker Lazarus, 13 Park lane 
Crowther Eleazer, 32 Finsleygate 
Cryer Thomas, 45 Sandygate and 4 

Whittlefield street 
Cubbon Edmund, 13 Standish street 

Dower James, 82 Hurtley street 
Duerden & Garnett, 109 Colne road 
Eccles Jas., 18 Old Hallst.— (See Advt.) 
Edmondson James, 27 Daneshouse road 
Farrer Geo., 746 Padiham rd, Habergham 
Foster Joseph, 21 Hurtley street 
Graham David, 32 Healey Wood road 
Grant Peter, 48a Church street, 20 

Parker street, and 2 Calder street 
Gregory Abraham, 6 Daneshouse road 
Hargreaves Robert, 51 Yorkshire street 
Hodgson Isaac, 109a Accrington road 

and 31 Cog lane 
Holt Edward, 21 Parker lane 
Holt George, 20 Anne street 
Ideson Edward, 174 Sandygate 
Ideson Simon, 99 Sandygate 
Iveson Edward, 92a Colne road 
Jackson William, 107b Oxford road 
Lawson William M., 68 Parliament st 
Leyland John, 78 Curzon street 
Lord Robert, 15a Boot street 
Mercer James Thomas, 8 Bridge street 

and 93 Parliament street 
Mills Jesse, 39a Waterloo road 
Morris John, 127 Waterloo road 
Nutter Henry, Cop row 
Place Robinson, 43 Royle road 
Pollard Mary, 23 Trafalgar street 
Pye John, 57 Westgate 
Renfrey William, 120a Oxford road 
Riley James, 72 Finsleygate 
Riley John, 77 Abel street 
Rushworth William, 4 Byerden lane 
Saunders David, 1 Saxon street 
Shields William, 128 Colne road and 10a 

Briercliffe road 
Smith Eli, 42 Barracks road and 51 

Gannow lane 
Spencer William, 96 Westgate 
Thornton William, 36 Church street 
Varley Thomas, 203 Accrington road 
Watson Thomas, 53 Ashworth street 
Whitehead William, 66 Hebrew road 

and 87 Abel street 
Wilson Robert, 75 Sandygate 
Winder Albert E., 30a Padiham road 

and 11 Tunnel street 

Clog* Iron Maker. 

Room Thomas, 9 Water street 

Clothes Dealers. 

Arthur Fanny, 2 Clock street 
Bibby Jane, 110 Trafalgar street 
Binns Marv, 27a Standish street 
Crummett James, 40 Bridge street 
Cunningham Charles, 29 Bridge street 
Duckworth Lavinia, 6 Brown street 
Farrell James, 7 Curzon street 
Grant James, 20 Brown street 
Haigh Clara L., 2 Calder Vale road 
Hesson Michael, 69 Manchester road 



Holbrook Samuel, 91 Abel street 
Myers James, 9 Fleet street 
Pickles Zacharias, 11 Bridge street 
Room Thomas, 9 Water street 
Wilkinson James, 102 Padiham road 

Coach Builders. 

Baldwin William & Son, Cow lane 
Bracewell Wm, Mitre works, Westgate 
Burnley Carriage Co., Ltd., Plumbe st 
Hartley John, .Railway street 
Holden & Co., Acre street 
Knapc John, Railway street 
Rushworth John & Sons, Accrington rd 
Sagar & Wilson, Stanley street 
Wall bank Thomas, Haslam street 

Coach and Cab Proprietors. 

(Marked * are Funeral Undertakers.) 

* Burnley Carriage Co., Limited, 44a St. 

James street and Plumbe street ; R. 
Dickinson, managing director 

* Calvert James, 2 Adlington street 
Clayton Robert, 21 Merton street 
*Eastwood Peter, Cooper street 
*Egar James, Elizabeth street 

G a with John, 30 Newcastle street 
Harrison John, Bank parade 
Hartley John, Railway street 
*Hartley Thomas, Adlington st 
Hayhurst Arthur, 48 Croft street 
Hepworth Thomas A., 78 Colne road 
Holt Robert, Trafalgar street 
.Laws George, Wood street 
*Mackay John, 95 Oxford road 
Robinson Alfred, 15 Coal street 
Smith John, 16 Old Hall street 
Starkie James, Barracks road 
Starkic Joshua, Parker lane 
Tillotson William H., 132 Colne road 
Whitaker Brothers, Curzon street 
Wilkinson James, 4 Mary street 
Wrathall Timothy, 7 Richard street 

Coach Trimmer. 

Johnson William Henry, 10 Oxford road 

Coal Dealers* 

Abraham William, 26 Morley street 
Alderson Thomas (coke), Tentre street 
Alderson James, 42 Coal Clough lane 
Ashton John, 9 Warwick street 
Barker Robert, 76 Gannow lane 
Bradshaw Joseph, 117 Abel street 
Brennand Thomas, 4 Short street 
Brown Walter, 24 Daneshouse road 
Crossley Reuben, 182 Gannow lane 
Dale John, 11 Norton street 
Dean James, Cannon street 
Edmondson Benjamin, 23 Catlow street 
Gray John, 9 Ry lands street 
Hals.tead Robert, 4 Chalk street 

Hawkins David, 22 Tentre street 
Hartley William, 7 Allen street 
Heath William, 52 Clarence street 
Ingham Benjamin, 80 Junction street 
Ingham Thomas, 364 Accrington road 
Ingham William, 5 Laithe street 
Jackson John, 4 Wilton street 
Johnson James, 2 Valley street 
Kershaw Hartley, 3 Dane street 
Laws George, Wood street 
Laws John, 21 Grey street 
Lee William, 1 Colville street 
Livsey Edward J., 64 Springfield road 
Lomas John, 30 Glebe street 
Lush William, 3 Print street 
Mason John, 89 Brunswick street 
Metcalfe William, 17 Duckett street 
Nutter Carey, 112 Hurtley street 
Perry William, 65 Gannow lane 
Pollard James, 47 Church street 
Reed Charles, 1 Tunnell street 
Simpson William, 1 Arundel street 
Smith William, Cop row 
Sowerby Ralph, 5 Warwick street 
Stanworth James, 9 Lydia street 
Stevenson John W., 154 Sandygate 
Talbot Henry, 39 Brunswick street 
Tattersall Grimshaw, 98 Brierciiffe road 
Tillotson Edward, 135 Manchester road 
Turver Prank, 67 Laithe street 
Wadge George, 34 Hornby street 
Whitaker A. & Sons, Tunstill street 
Waterworth Thomas, 1 Oak Mount st 
Whitehead Adam, 15 Berkeley street 
Williams Richard, 27 Springfield road 
Wilson William Henry, 123 Branch road 
Wiseman John, 20 Whitaker street 

Coal Merchants. 

(Marked * are Colliery Proprietors.) 

•Brooks & Pickup, Towneley colliery; 

depot, Manchester road 
Burnley Coal Dealers' Association, 119 

Manchester road ; Jas. Roberts, sec. 
*Cliviger Coal and Coke Co. ; dep6t, 

Manchester road; E. Whitaker, agent 
*Hargreaves Col. (Exors. of), Burnley 

and Habergham collieries ; office, 72 

Bank parade; Robert Handsley, Esq., 

principal agent 
Ormerod Martha, Manchester rd; 

Thomas Wolfenden, manager 
Tomlinson J. & W., Manchester road; 

Matthew Outhwaite, agent 


Aldersley Anthony, 20 Old Hall street 
Aldersley Margaret, 8 North street 
Ashworth William, 46 Standish street 
Atkinson Ann, 24 Abel street 
Bailey John, 35 Yorkshire street 
Berry & Shoesmith, 1 Heath street 
Blackburn William T., 107 Parliament st 



Blakey Martha, 20 Bankhouse street 
Blakey Margaret, 44 Abel street 
Briggs G. & J., 305 Padiham road 
Brophy Denis, 8 Todmorclen road 
Broughton Robert & Co., 23 Market st 
Brown Jane, 137 Grey street 
Broxup Elizabeth, 31 Parker street 
Calvert James, 46 Church street 
Chadwick Albert, 8 and 10 Abel street 
Clarkson Alice, 35 Newcastle street 
Clough Mary A. & Ellen, 82 Briercliffe rd 
Coates William, 5 Albert street 
Coleman John, 73 Standish street 
Cooke John, 86 Curzon street 
Cousins John, 229 Accrington road 
Crawshaw Catherine, 2 Berkele> street 
Crossley & Duckworth, 131 St. James st 
Crossley Richard, 16 Hebrew road 
Davye Martha, 16 Trafalgar street 
Dean Esther E., 6 Church street 
Driver E. M. & S., 52 Gordon street 
Duerden Alice, 27 and 29 Adelphi street 
Duckworth Ellen, 30 Hebrew road 
Duxbury John, 199 Padiham road 
Eastwood Henry, 27 Wostgate 
Exley Allen, 34 Briercliffe road 
Farrer M. J. & S., 131 Westgate 
Farrer Samuel, 181 St. James st 
Farrer William T. & Son, 1 and 3 Burton 

street. — (Sea AdvL) 
Fellows Charles D., 134 Colne road 
Fellows Mary, 83 Colne road 
Fletcher Elizabeth, 33 Trafalgar street 
Foster James, 32 Waterloo road 
Foulds Thomas, 13 and 15 Old Hall st 
Gall James, Oak mount, Westgate 
Garstang Elizabeth E., 65 Oxford road 
Goodchild William, 81 Manchester road 
Gowers Isabella, 59 Canning street 
Greenwood Charles, 171 Padiham road 
Greenwood James, 134 Branch road 
Greenwood Arthur, 109 and 111 Hollin- 

greave road 
Griffin Emma, 122 Trafalgar street 

Hacking Amelia, 70 Trafalgar street 
Hacking Cunliffe, Market hall 
Hacking James, 25 Accrington road 
Halsall Edward, 111 Oxford road 
Handley George, 44 Church street, 44 

Abel street, and 91 Westgate 
Hargreaves Booth, 73 Oxford road 
Hargreaves Robert, 45 Hammerton st 
Harrison Benjamin, 50 Curzon street 
Harrison Misses, Market hall 
Harrison Robert & Son, 24 Church st 
Hartley John, 50 Plumbe street 

Hartley John, 218 Colne road 
Hartley Thos. (wholesale), Hawk st 
Haworth William, 114 Trafalgar street 
Hoy Stephen, 43 Parker lane 
Heys James, 6 Byerden lane 
Higgin David, 5 Adelphi street 
Hindle Margaret H., 54 Manchester rd 
Hirst Frank, 30 Abel street 

Hitchin Eliza, 137 Padiham road 
Holgate James, 2 Cameron street 
Howe James, 258 Colne road 
Hudson Solomon, 1 Altham street 
Ingham Lord, 60 Clarence street 
Knowles William, 64 Trafalgar street 
Ladell Mary, 2 Branch road 
Latham John Thomas, 37 Hurtley st 
Lee Richard, 42 Brougham street 
Leigh Mary Ann, 25 Abel street 
Lingard Ruth, 87 Accrington road 
Lloyd John, 194 and 196 Accrington rd 
Lomas Thomas Henry, 10 Hargreaves st 
Mackay John, 95 Oxford road 
Maddock Samuel, 36 Oxford road 
Marsden Thomas & Co. (wholesale), 

Newtown mills, Cow lane 
Merrifield Selinda, 245 Accrington road 
Metcalfe George, 120 Colne road 
Mossman Harriet (meat pie), 6 Stanley 

Nuttall James W M 206 Branch road 
Nutter Thomas, 119 Padiham rd 
Nutter William, 71 Manchester road 
Parker Henry H., 21 and 23 Oxford road 
Pickles Greenwood, 2 Rectory road 
Pickles Joseph, 1 and 3 Lee street 
Pickles Thomas, 31 Bankhouse st 
Pickup Margaret, 101 Waterloo road 
Procter Eliza J., 10 Yorkshire street 
Rawlinson Barton, 32 Byerden lane 
Read Emily, 6 Chancery street 
Redman James, 90 Trafalgar street 
Redman Mary, 136 Padiham road 
Renwick Amelia, 88 Accrington road 
Richmond Tom & Walter, Market hall 
Rhodes John T., 12 Starkie street 
Rothwell Colin (late Weston), 20 

Market place 
Saul Robert, 40 Coal Clough lane 
Sefton Robert, 125 Accrington road 
Shackleton Alice A., 47 Padiham road 
Shackleton & Widdup, Aqueduct street 
Shaw Isabella, 79 Church street 
Slater Fanny, 24 Hulme street 
Smith Frances, 32 Barracks road 
Smith John, 8 Branch road 
Smith John, 297 Briercliffe road 
Smith Mary, 1 Sutcliffe street 
Smith Thomas, 40 Daneshouse road 
Southworth James H., 183 Oxford road 
Stanworth Emily, 22 Plumbe street 
Sutcliffe Elizabeth A., 75 Manchester rd 
Swarbrick Ellen & Ann, 21 Standish st 
Talbot William Henry, 7 Old Hall st 
Tattersall Abraham, 92 Colne road 
Tattersall Richard, 198 Colne road 
Taylor Albert, Market hall 
Taylor Charles, 5 Westgate 
Taylor James, 33a Market street 
Thornton Josiah & Arthur, 10 Sandygate 
Threlfall Ann, 70 Church street 
Walton Jude, 36 Abel street 
Ward Grace, 2 Bond street 




Watson Fanny, 39 Parker lane 
Wells Martha A., 2 Helena street 
Whalley Abel, 4 Bell's arcade 
Whitaker Edwin, Springhill road 
Whiteside John J., 82 Brunswick street 
Whitham Milton, 24 Kirkgate 
Whittaker Nathaniel, 11 Livingstone st 
Willis W. (and meat pie manufacturer), 
Cedar street 

Wilson Thomas, 21 Hart street 
Wood Jonathan, 109 St. James street 
Wooller Christopher 55 Holbeck street 
Wrathall Robert, 137 Parliament street 


Brown Robert, Talbot street 
Cross Thos. (excavating), 28 Hunslet st 
Dean Richard & Sons, Plumbe street 
Ellershaw John (scavenging), 47 Bruns- 
wick street 

Fotherby H. & Son, St. James hall 
Hocking Richard, 171 Colne road 
Miles John (paving), 5 Devonshire road 
Prattley Daniel, 28 King street 
Read George & Son (paving, &c), 
Clifton street 

Smith George & Sons, Redruth street 

Spencer James (scavenging), 20 Bruns- 
wick street 

Sutcliffe Whittam (paving and sewer- 
ing), 69 Berry street 

Wadge Joseph (paving, &c), 5 Willow st 


Barnes Arthur, 140 Oxford road 
Caldwell William, Peel street 

Corn and Flour Dealers. 

Haigh William R, 136 St. James street 
Hargreaves Sarah, 12 Manchester road 
Hargreaves Thomas & Son, 4, 9, 11 and 
13 Church street 

Holt Robert, Trafalgar street 

Maden Hargreaves & Sons, 9 Red 

Lion street 
Smith William, Robinson street 

Corn Millers. 

Appleby J. & Sons, Hill Top mill 
Greenwood John & Sons, Ltd., Aqueduct 
street and Junction mill, Whittlefield 
Hargreaves Sarah, Old mill, Bridge st 

Cotton Broker. 

Smallpage Joseph, 23 St. James row 

Cotton Manufacturers. 

Bagley & Wright, Wood Top mill, 

Villiers street 
Bancroft William, North Bridge mill, 

Elm street 

Berry B. (Exors. of), Tunnel Hill shed 

and Albion mill, Whittlefield 
Blakey J. & R., Sandygate shed, Hope 

shed, Trafalgar street, and Rake head 
Brierley William, Calder Vale shed 
Bulcock & Threlfall, Springfield shed, 

Waterloo road 
Burnley Self-Help Co., Ltd., Healey 

Royd mill ; Jas. Bancroft, manager 
Burrows Thomas, Calder Vale mill 
Burrows William, Gannow shed and 

Whittlefield shed 
Butterworth & Dickinson (drills, jean- 

nettes, twills, &c), Westgate shed, 

Catlow C. & Sons, Spring Hill shed 
Catlow & Howker, Healey Royd mill 
Collinge Brothers, Burnley Wood mill 

Oxford road 
Cooper J. R., Scar Top shed, Hill top 
Crook Brothers, Thorneybank mill, Tra- 
falgar street 
Cowpe Thomas & Sons, Woodfield mill, 

Trafalgar street, and Albert shed, 

Canning street 

Eastwood & Mawdsley, Canal Street 

Emmott Robert, Stanley mill, Shack- 

leton street 
Pern Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Junction 

Street shed; Thos. Moorhouse, mgr. 
Poulds, Thornber, & Co., Healey Wood 

Garstang Thos. (plain and fancy cloth), 

Pulleclge mill, Todmorden road 
Grey John, Livingstone mill, Elm st 
Greenwood Samuel, Canal Street shed 
Halstead Edmund, Bishop's House mill 
Harper & Starkie, Bishop's House mill 
Harrison J. Dilworth & Bros., Mount 

Pleasant mill 
Hartley Henry & Sons, Jewel mill 
Haythornthwaite R. & R., Spring Hill 

Heap & Co., Lower Rake Head mill 
Holdsworth Richard & Nephew, Wood- 
field mill, Trafalgar street 

Holgate Brothers, Ltd., Bankfield shed, 

Brun street 
Hollingreave Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 

Clifton shed, Ashfield road 
Houlding Ed., Central mill, Albert st 
Jackson John & Co., Scar Top shed 
Lancaster Brothers, Springfield shed, 

Waterloo road 
Landless Brothers, Clow Bridge mill 
Lee James & Brother, Elm Street shed 
Lord Bros., Wood Top mill, Villiers st 
Olive Mount Mill Co., Whittlefield; 

J. Stansfield, sec. 
Pickles Robert, Ltd. (and linen), Cairo 

mill, Whittlefield 
Proctor John, Stoneyholme shed 
Read Ashworth, Spruce mill, Pinsleygate 



Scholfleld, Preston, & Co.. Elm Street 

shed and Rake Head mill 
Simpson Bros., Higher Rake Head mill 
Simpson Jesse, Albion mill, Whittlefield 
Simpson & West, Belle Vue shed, 

Slater Wm. H. (towel), Calder Vale rd 
Slater William & Son. Ashfield shed, 

Calder Vale road 
Snowden Christopher, Fulledge mill, 

Todmorden road 
Snowden John, Fulledge mill Tod- 
morden road 
Spencer Jno., Queen's mill, New Hall st 
Stansfield Albert, Bishop's House mill 
Stansfield Duckworth, George Street 

Stuttard Richd., Byerden mill, Colne rd 
Sutcliffe Bros., Elm Street shed 
Sutcliffe John, Fulledge mill, Holmes st 
Sutcliffe William, Waterloo shed, Tra- 
falgar street 
Tatham Hartley & Co., North Bridge 

mill, Elm street 
Tunstill Thomas, Spa mill, Whittlefield 
Turner Oates, Sandygate shed 
Walmsley J. & Sons, Hargher Clough 

and Stoneyholmc sheds 
Walton & Co., Stoneyholme shed 
Walton & Cowpe, Penclle View shed, 

Walton James, Limited, New Hall shed 

and Bishop's House mill 
Walton Robert, Spring Hill shed 
Whitaker S. & Son, Woodfield shed, 

Trafalgar street 
Whitehead & Leaver, Higher Rake 

Head mill 
Williams John & Co., Trafalgar shed 

and Bankfield mill 
Whitehead James, Queen Street mill 
Windle John, Elm Street shed 
Wood Robt. B., Higher Rake Head mill 
Woodward R. P. & Co., Lane Bridge mill 

Cotton Spinners and Manu- 

(Marked * are Spinners only.) 

*Birley J. & J., New Hall mill 
Birley Thomas (Exors. of), Lodge mill 
Dugdale John & Bros., Lowcrhouse mills 
Folds 0. & J., Rishton mill, Gunsmith 

In, Trafalgar shed, and Pentridge mill 
Haslam Bros., Yatefield mill, Cog lane 
Healey Wood Mill Co., Limited (waste) ; 

John Heap, secretary 
Hill Top Mill Co., Limited; T. Judson, 

manager and secretary 
Hurtley John & Son, North Bridge mill, 

Elm street 
Jackson William, Sons & Co., Hand 

Bridge, New Hall, and Rake Head 


Kay John & Sons, Spa Field and Burn- 
ley Wood mills 

*Keighley Green Mill Co., Ltd., Bank 
parade ; E. L. H. Crossley, secretary 

Kippax Mark, Salford mill, Royle road, 
and Maries shed, Colne road 

Oxford Mill Co., Limited, Oxford road ; 
Thomas Horner, manager 

Sandygate Mill Co., Limited; Robert 
Hal stead, secretary 

Smallpage Isaiah (Exors. of), Parsonage 
mill, Bank parade 

Temple & Sutcliffe, Rose Grove mills, 
Gannow lane 

Thompson William & Sons, Trafalgar 
mill and Hope shed 

Thornber Benjamin & Sons, Danes- 
house, Throstle, and Old Hall mills 

*Varley & Pomfret, Albert mill, Trafal- 
gar street 

Victoria Mill Co., Ltd., Trafalgar street; 
Thomas Kendrick, secretary 

Whitaker & Lupton (waste), Caledonia 
mill, Sandygate 

Whittlefield Mill Co., Ltd.; Robert 
Simpson, secretary 

Witham Brothers, Finsley mill and 
Plumbe Street shed 

Cotton Waste Dealers. 

Baron James & Sons, Finsley mills 
Cawtherley John, Blackburn street 
Edmondson Alfred, Industry mill, 

Stanley street 
Hargreaves Moses, Grimshaw street 
Hartley Robert, Bankhouse street 
Holland James, 82 Manchester road 
Lancaster William, Bank parade 
Read Ashworth, Spruce mill, Finsleygato 
Watson John & Son, Sandygate 
Watts John, Exmouth street 
Whalley Richard, 50 Belvedere road 
Wigglesworth Jeremiah, Massey street 

Cow Keepers. 

Hartley John, 291 Padiham road 
Ward William, 66 Lindsay street 

Crieket Bat Makers. 

Clegg Alfred, Bamford streot 
Clegg Charles A., Robert street 


Hudson James, 2 Bridge street 
Hough William & Co., 6 Elizabeth st 


Brady Thomas, Market hall 
Turner Samuel, 30 Bridge street 



Cycle Agents. 

Bellingham F. & Sons, 126 Victoria 

buildings, St. James street 
Calverley Louis, Grimshaw street 
Clegg Hartley, 6 St. James street 
Dean Charles, 55 Westgate 
Shackleton John, 35 Berkeley street 
Whittaker & Sutcliffe, 25 Church 



Fletcher Samuel, 33 Parker lane 
Holden Thomas, 17 Hargreaves street 
Jackson & Sons, 23 Hargreaves street 
Kendal Richard, 64 Oak Mount terrace, 

Metcalfe Thomas, 11 Knights Bridge 

grove, Colne road 
Moorhouse Joseph P., 58 Oak Mount 

terrace, Westgate 
Whitehead John W., 14 Old Hall street 
Whitehurst Albert, 15 Hargreaves 


Wright John W., 141 St. James street 


Adams James, 22 Whittlefield street 
Andrews Charles, 64 Dall street 

Ash worth Howarth, 124 Padiham road 
Atkinson Henry, 61 St. James street 
Baldwin & Holgate, 139 St. James street 
Barnes Joseph, 35 Piccadilly road 
Bebbington John E., 29 and 31 Westgate 
Bell S. A. & Sons (and carpet ware- 
housemen), 28 and 30 Manchester rd 
Bennett & Co., 59 Hebrew road 
Blake James, 34 Curzon street 
Bond John & Co., Ltd. (and fent mer- 
chants), Market square 
Boothman William, 13 Hull street 
Bracewell Martha, 12 Curzon street 
Bridge Mary Ann, 40 Temple street 
Broad Misses, 25 Hulme street 
Buckley George, 111 Parliament street 
Bulling Thomas W., 9 Westgate 
Burnley Co-operative Society, Ld., 

Hammerton street 
Carr Thomas, 38 Parker lane 
Carter & Co., 14 St. James street 
Cartwrigh James, 189 Colne road 
Casson Samuel, 260 Colne road 
Clark John and Sons, 48 Trafalgar st 
Clegg James, 88b Accrington road 
Collinge James, 51 St. James street 
Cottingham John, 173 Oxford road 
Crabtree William, 35 Westgate 
Crook Mary A., 10 Temple street 
Cross Alfred, 25 Manchester road 
Cunliffe James, 141 Padiham road 
Dawson Wilkinson, 119 Westgate 
Dodgeon David, 702 Padiham road 
Earson & Fairhurst, 57 St. James street 

Eastwood James, 90a Branca road 
Emmctt Henry, 189 Briercliffe road 
Farraday William, 115 Parliament st 
Fenton James, 55 Hufling lane 
Foulds William, 113 Padiham road 
Glancy John, 42 Oxford road 
Goodson's (mantles), 73 St. James street 
Grant Terence, 19 Oxford road 
Greenwood William, 46 Hulme street 
Grice William, 2 Joint street 
Haggas Thomas, 123 Accrington road 
Halstead Joseph, 14 and 16 Abel street 

and 116 Westgate 
Harrison Alice, 1 Lydia street 
Hartley John, 124 Trafalgar street 
Heyworth Jane, 117 Padiham road 
Hodkin George, 17 and 19 St. James st 
Holland J. & A., 16 Manchester road 
Ingham John, 70 Parliament street 
Ingham William, 68 Hebrew road 
Jackson Jane, 5 St. James street 
Jackson Son & Co. (mantles), 1 Chan- 
cery street 
Jones C. S., 7 Chancery street 
Kay Robert, 8 Mason street 
Kippax James, 71 Oxford road 
Knowles Esther, 48 Abel street 
Lacy Edward, 33 Master street 
Lancaster Thomas, 2 Holme road 
Laycock Thomas, 57 Curzon street 
Lee Allan, 151 Padiham road 
Loder Henry, 127 Oxford road 
Lord William, 11 Daneshouse road 
McEvoy Fras., 91 and 183 St. James st 
Martin William J., 19 Hebrew road 
Mellor Abednego, 26 Parker lane 
Mellor Joseph J., 18 Helena street 
Mitchell Christian, 19 Market street 
Mitchell Matthew, 4 Sackville street 
Moss Jane, 67 Devonshire road 
Newton Samuel, 117 St. James street 
Nicoll Peter L., 15 and 17 Manchester rd 
Nuttall Eleanor, 47 Springfield road 
Peel James, 56 Trafalgar street 
Peters L. A. (mantles), 27 Market street 
Pickles John, 85 St. James street 
Pickles Margaret, 13 Thomas street 
Pickthall Henry, 78a Brunswick street 
Pollard Jane, 16 Elm street 
Pratt John, 2 and 4 Nairne street 
Prowdlove John, 46 Trafalgar street and 

139 Westgate 
Prudom Wm. (and mantle ware- 
house), 48 St. James st 
Rawcliffe Thomas, 239 Padiham road 
Roberts John, 125 Padiham road 
Robinson John, 34 Oxford road 
Robinson Joseph, 2 Crowther street 
Rushworth John, 69 Westgate 
Smith John Thomas, 8 Temple street 
Smith Richard, 7 St. James street 
Smith William, 21 and 23 Fleet street 
Smith William, 210 Padiham road 
Spear William, 54 Waterloo road 



Spencer Frank, 64 Belgrave street 
Stephenson, John, 108 St. James street 
Stonehouse Charles jun., 29 Curzon 

street and 52 Hebrew road 
Sutcliffe Joseph, 21 Market street 
Sutton George, 139 Parliament street 
Swindells John, 17 Marlborough street 
Tattersall James, 33 Townley street 
Taylor Elizabeth, 105 Parliament street 
Thistlethvvaite James, 5 Abel street 
Thorp Thomas, 11 Manchester road 
Titherington Margaret, 95 Picadilly road 
Varley Thomas, 203 Accrington road 
Vitey John, 81 Accrington road 
Waddington William, 16 Royle road 
Walbank William, 88 Colne road 
Walkden William, 130 Colne road 
Walmsley Thos., 165 Oxford road, 101 

Parliament st, and 75 Hurtley st 
Walton Thomas, 17 and 19 Abel street 
Warburton William, Market Hall 
Webster John, 20 Kirkgate 
Welch George, 7 and 9 Springfield road 
Whitworth Lillian, 175 St. James street 
Whitaker & Hindle (mantles) 3 Abel st 
Wigglesworth G. B., 8 Market street 
Wilkinson John A., 26 Hoi beck street 
Wilkinson Leonard, 44 Accrington road 
Wilkinson Richard, 80 Parliament street 
Wilshaw John, 140 Colne road 
Wilson Gabriel, 89 Colne road 
Wood Joseph, 27 Mosley House road 
Wrathall John, 73 Sandygate 
Yates Charles, 3 and 5 Standish street 
Young John, 71 Westgatc 

Drapers— Travelling. 

Bainbridge William, 13 Hattersley st 
Brown David, 98 Rectory road 
Brown Jno., 80 Oak Mount ter,Wcsfcgate 
Buchanan John, 39 Hammerton street 
Cowan H., 112 Westgate 
Coyne Michael, 18 Stafford street 
Jackson James, 32 Brougham street 
Jardine William, 3 Herbert street 
Pickles John, 23 Brennand street 
Smith Thomas, 1 Bread street 
Strang William, 9 Coal street 
Weir & Allen, 20 Curzon street 
Wilson Robert, 52 Standish street 

Druggists and Drysalters — 


Faraday, Hall & Co., 6 Victoria street 

Fletcher Edward, 179 St. James street 

Francis & Co. (late Thomas), 7 
Manchester road 

Hartley Thomas, Adlington street 
Heald John & Son, Hill Top street 
Parkinson R. & Sons, Curzon street 
Rushton Burnett, 82 Accrington road 
Tattersall James, 200 Padiham road 
Tomlinson J. & Sons, 110 Padiham road 

Dyers and Cleaners. 

Cherry John N., 54 Standish. street 

and Calder Vale road 
Clarke Robert, 30 Westgate 
G-reenhalgh H. S., 14 Standish. 

street and Calder Vale road 
Lewis John, 127 Abel street 

Dyers— Warp. 

Lee Edward, Victoria street 
Pickles Robert, Limited, 
mill, Whittlefield 


Eating House Keepers. 

Baxter Thomas, 49 Rose Grove lane 
Bevan Arnold, 17 Hebrew road 
Bibby Pemlear, 16 Grimshaw street 
Calvert Edwin, 44 Oxford road 
Catlow Elizabeth, 16 Standish street 
Clegg Henry, 10 Curzon street 
Cork Christopher, 143 St. James street 
Crossley Alice, Cemetery lane 
Cryer Margaret J., 25 St. James st 
Crawshaw Jabez, 3 Market hall 
Dickinson Emma, 46 Padiham road 
Dickinson M. & A., 6 Padiham road 
Duckworth Sophia, 1 Howe street 
Dyson Sarah A. & Co. (coffee 
tavern and commercial hotel), 2 
Chancery street 
Grimshaw John, 32 Howe street 
Higham Thomas H., 125 Westgate 
Howarth E. & A. A., 76 Trafalgar street 
Hurley John, 4 Hammerton street 
Lambert Thomas, 120 St. James street 
Lane Margaret, 16 Yorkshire street 
Lloyd John, 194 and 196 Accrington rd 
Nothard George, 76 Curzon street 
Nutter Joshua, 130 St. James street 
Rothwell Colin (late Weston), 20 Market 

Salisbury James, 86 Trafalgar street 
Thornton Joseph, 3 Bridge street 
Wadds Emily, Towneley res- 
taurant, 20 Standish street 
Wilkinson Julia, 165, 167, and 169 St. 

James street 
Whitehead Grace, 16 Curzon street 
Wilson Thomas, 4 Market hall 

Engineers — Civil. 

Button Fred S., A.M.I.O.E. (borough 
surveyor), Town hall 

Engineers— Electrical. 

Barritt John, 27 and 29 Yorkshire street 
Bulcock James, 19 Manchester rd 
Fletcher James, Manchester cham- 
bers, St. James street 
Simpson Brothers, 3 Hammerton street 



Engineers — Consulting*. 

Keighley Samuel, 25 and 27 Nicholas st 
Pearson James T., St. James hall 
Richmond Thomas & Co., 79a St. 

James street 
Wood James, 31 Brooklands road 
Wood Thomas, 104 Belvedere road 

Engineers and Millwrights. 

(See also Iron and Brass Founders, and 

Machine Makers.) 

Baldwin Samuel, Bethesda street 
Burnley Ironworks Co., Limited, King 

street ; Peter Pickup, manager 
Keighley George, Bankhouse works, 

Canning street 
Pollard James, Atlas foundry, Calder 

Vale road 
Rushworth George, Bridge street 

Fancy Goods Dealers. 

Atkinson Rhoda, 23 Abel street 
Baldwin Alice, 2 Hammerton street 
Bellingham F. & Sons, 49 St. James 

street and Victoria buildings 
Cowell James, 56 St. James street 
Horner William C, 29 Manchester road 
Pollard Richard H., 35 Abel street and 

Market hall 


Astin Susan, Hollins 

Atkinson Ann, Plane tree 

Banks Henry, Lower Primrose bank 

Banks Charles, Sand bed 

Bennett Charles, Sand bed 

Blezard John, Holme farm 

Blezard Jonas Henry, Habergham hall 

Bowker John, Woodbine farm 

Bostock Thomas, Long syke . 

Burnley Union, Spout house 

Carey Harriet, Top o' th' close 

Collinge Giles, Coal Clough farm 

Collinge John, Higher and Lower Holes 

Collinge William, Lower haulgh 
Coupe Isaac, Ightenhill Park 
Crossley Joseph, Hillock farm 
Dean John, Byerden lane 
Dean John, Park villa, Ightenhill Park 
Dearden Moses, Cherry fold and Stoops 

Dewhurst John, Griffin hotel 
Dixon William, Further barn 
Driver Michael, Pike hill 
Duerden James, Towneley High park 
Eastwood Henry, Towneley Lodge farm 
Edmondson Henry, Kibble bank 
Edmondson James, Lane head 
Edmondson W. R., Brunshaw house 
Edmondson William, Causeway end 
Etherington Robert, Lower Rose grove 

Fleming William, Whittlefield 
Garner Thomas, Yatefield 
Gelclard William, Rose grove 
Geldard William, Lower Small hazels 
Greenhalgh Thomas, Bull and Butcher 
Halstead George, Oaken eaves 
Halstead Hartley, Lower Nutshaw 
Hargreaves John, Lane Ends farm 
Hargreaves Richard (Exors. of), Nook 
Harrison Andrew, Higher Saxifield 
Harrison Arthur & Hartley, Red Lees 

Harrison David, Palace House farm 
Harrison George, 151 Oxford road 
Hartley Jesse, Gibfield 
Hartley Thomas, Ridge bottom 
Heap Abraham, Cross Lower hill 
Heap Andrew, Todmorden road 
Heap William, Higher Micklehurst 
Higgin Thomas, Best pasture 
Holden Ashworth, Wholaw 
Horner William, Broadhead moor 
Horner John, White moor 
Howker Willie, Ridge 
Laycock John, Back lane 
Lee Robert, Lower Saxifield 
Lee Thomas, Lowerhouse 
Maden James, Higher Oaken eaves 
Marshall Samuel, Brick house 
Nowell William, Hunter's oak, Ighten- 
hill Park ( 
Parker Benjamin, Copy farm 
Pollard George, Ightenhill Park 
Procter Thomas, Haulgh head 
Ridehalgh Edward, Wholaw nook 
Ridihough Thomas, Rose grove 
Rukin Joseph, Widow hill 
Sagar William, Wood farm 
Schofield Henry, Manchester r ad 
Scott Thomas, jun., Lower Clifton farm 
Smith John Robert, Ightenhill Park 
Stephenson Joseph H., Haulgh 
Stuttard Richard, Waterbarn farm 
Stuttard William, Walshaw lane 
Sutcliffe Ann, Lower & Higher Howarth 

Sykes Thomas, Higher Smallshaw 
Tattersall Daniel, Higher Primrose bank 
Tattersall George, Clough tenement 
Tattersall James, Cornfield and Lower 

Close farms 
Tattersal Joseph, Old Hall farm 
Todd James R., Home farm, Towneley 
Waterworth James, Ridge 
W r hitaker H., Higher Timber hill 
Whifcaker Joseph, Riley and Yew tree 
Whittam John, Higher Nutshaw 
Wolstenholme Corn., Four Lane ends 
Wood Ebenezer, Bullion's close 
Wormwell Robert, Higher Haulgh head 


\ Smith Samuel & Sons (and leather 
dressers), Plumbe st and Colne 



File Cutters. 

Alcock Richard, Pickup street 
Lord James, Plumbe street 
Wilkinson Spurgeon (file grinder), 
Brown street 

Fire and Life Insurance Offices 

and Agents. 

Accident; Brown & Barrowclough, 16 
Ormerod street ; F. Foster, 20 Thomas 
street; F. Bellingham & Sons, 49 St. 
James street ; Whittaker & Sutcliffe, 
25 Church street 

Alliance (Fire) ; N. P. Gray, Manchester 
and County Bank ; P. Phillips & Son, 

5 Grimshaw street 

Atlas; E. F. P. Emmett, 13 Red Lion 
st ; J. Butterfield & Son, 58 Ourzon st 

Boiler; N. P. Gray, Manchester and 
County Bank; W. Lewis Grant, 12 
Grimshaw street 

British Empire Mutual (Life) ; It. H. 
Littlehales, 161 Manchester rd 

British Workman; Jas. Gibson, district 
superintendent, 9 Grimshaw street; 
Fredk. Ingham, 43 Albert st ; Spencer 
Pollard, 58 Belvedere road ; John 
Greenwood, 15 Emmett st; Edward 
Leach, 46 Berry street; Thomas Holt, 
43 Devonshire road ; Joshua Spencer, 
7 Carter street 

Burnley Conservative Sick and Burial 
Society, 12 St. James row; R. Watson, 

Caledonian, Barrowclough & Pollard, 4 
Grimshaw street ; Thomas Wilson, 
208 Padiham road 

Church of England; Tom Heaton, 8 
Ormerod street 

City of Glasgow (Life) ; II. J. E. Holmes, 
9a Grimshaw street 

Commercial Union; M. Watson, Bank 
chambers, Hargreaves street 

County (Fire) ; Edward Foden, 18 Har- 
greaves street 

English and Scottish Law (Life) ; Smith 

Lawson, 23 St. James row 

Economic (Fire) ; Whitaker & Sutcliffe, 

25 Church street 

Employers Liability ; Charles Sutcliffe, 

26 Piccadilly road; W. Bentham, 

27 Fairholme terrace ; Whittaker & 
Sutcliffe, 25 Church street; John T. 
Jackson, 16 Accrington road 

Engine and Boiler; W. Bentham, 27 

Fairholme terrace 
Eguitable (Fire and Accident) ; W. 

Bentham, 27 Fairholme terrace 
General; Rd. Watson, 12 Hargreaves st 
Glasgow and London ; George Proctor, 

6 Grimshaw street 

Globe) Brown & Barrowclough, 16 
Ormerod street 

Great Britain (Fire) ; Bellingham & 

Sons, 49 St. James street 
Gresham; J. Butterfield & Son, 58 

Curzon street ; Whittaker & Sutcliffe, 

25 Church street 

Guardian; A. J. Mossop, 1 Ormerod 

street ; Rawlinson & Hargreaves, 7 
Grimshaw street 

Hand-in-Hand ; W. Bentham, 27 Fair- 
holme terrace 

Imperial; Rawlinson & Hargreaves, 7 
Grimshaw street ; P. Phillips & Son, 
5 Grimshaw street 

Lancashire; F. W. Steele, 2 Nicholas 
street; W. Lewis Grant, 12 Grimshaw 
street ; Rawlinson & Hargreaves, 7 
Grimshaw street ; F. Foster, 20 
Thomas street 

Lancashire and Yorkshire (Accident) ; 
N. P. Gray, Manchester and County 

Lancas hire Trus t and Mortgage ; T . 
Heaton, 8 Ormerod street 

Lata Union; Procter & Baldwin, 14 
Ormerod street 

Law Guarantee ; T. Heaton 8 Ormerod 

Life Association of Scotland; J. C. 

Waddington, 3 Ormerod street; W. 

Bentham, 27 Fairholme terrace ; 

Thomas A. Whitehead, 14 Nicholas 


Leeds and General Friendly Society ; 
Samuel Betts, 74 Hufling lane 

Liverpool and London and Globe; 
Hodgson & Garnett, 1 Yorke street ; 
George Proctor, 6 Grimshaw street; 
W. Lewis Grant, 12 Grimshaw street; 
Rawlinson & Hargreaves, 7 Grimshaw 
street; Bellingham & Sons, 49 St. 
James street 

Liverpool (Plate Glass) ; J. Butterfield 
and Son, 58 Curzon street 

Liverpool Victoria Legal Friendly 
Society; Matthew Hoidsworth, mngr., 
12 Standish street; John Ashworth, 
17 Hughes street; Wm. Bullough, 2 
Adelphi street; Thomas Moorhouse, 
124c Colne road ; John S. Spencer, 12 
Cuerden street ; James Kelly, 9 Anne 
street; William Wareing, 11 King's 
terrace ; James Rendall, 384 Padiham 
road; J. W. Pickup, 155 Rectory 
road; Joseph Spencer, 111 Padiham 
road ; David J. Spencer, 2 Halton st ; 
Robert Trotter, 9 Hill Marton street 

Liverpool Protective ; Michael Walsh, 
56 Parkinson street 

London and County ; George Proctor, 6 
Grimshaw street 

London and Lancashire; Procter and 
Baldwin, 14 Ormerod street ; Rawcliffe 
and Bridge, 27 Nicholas street; W. 
Bentham, 27 Fairholme terrace 



London and Manchester Industrial ; 
John T. Jackson, superintendent, 16 
Accrington road; Thomas Mason, 6 
Hilary street; Thos. Casson, 15 Guild- 
ford street ; Jph. Helme, Rose Grove 
lane ; Richard Walmsley, Raglan 
road ; Geo. H. Taylor, 49 Whittlefield 
street ; Wm. Middleton, 30 Townley 

London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow; R. T. 

Isherwood, supt., Bank chambers; 

William Whitaker, 43 Rectory road; 

James Riley, 33 Gavour street ; 

Whittaker & Sutcliffe, 25 Church st 
London Guarantee and Accident; Rd. 

Watson, 12 Hargreaves street; Geo. 

Proctor, 6 Grimshaw street ; F. Foster, 

20 Thomas street 
London Assurance Corporation ; J. But- 

terfield & Son, 58 Curzon street; J. 

Threlfall, 61 Padiham road 
National and Provincial (Horse and 

Carriage) ; Geo. Farrer, 21 Nicholas 


Manchester (Fire) ; N. P. Gray, Man- 
chester and County Bank; W. Lewis 
Grant, 12 Grimshaw st; C. Kenyon, 
295 polne road; J. T. Jackson, 16 
Accrington road 

Mortgage Insurance Corporation; J. C. 
Waddington, 3 Ormerod street; Bar- 
rowclough and Pollard, 4 Grimshaw 

Mutual (Life); P. PhiUips & Son, 5 
Grimshaw street ; C. Kenyon, 295 
Colne road 

National (Burglar) ; J. T. Jackson, 16 
Accrington road 

National Provincial (Plate Glass) ; Geo. 
Farrer, 21 Nicholas street 

North British and Mercantile; J. C. 
Waddington, 3 Ormerod street; Raw- 
linson & Hargreaves, 7 Grimshaw st ; 
Geo. Farrer, 21 Nicholas street ; W. 
Bentham, 27 Fairholme terrace 

Northern ; Jonathan Pilkington, 4 
Hargreaves street; Tom Heaton, 8 
Ormerod street ; George Proctor, 6 
Grimshaw street ; Rawlinson & Har- 
greaves, 7 Grimshaw street 

Norwich Union (Fire) ; R. M. Holmes, 
9a Grimshaw street 

Ocean, Railway, and General ; Geo. 
Farrer, 21 Nicholas street 

Palatine; Procter and Baldwin, 14 
Ormerod street 

Patriotic; Whittaker & Sutcliffe, 25 
Church street 

Pelican (Life) ; Barrowclough & Pollard, 
4 Grimshaw street 

Pearl; Wm. Morton, district superin- 
tendent, 18 Rectory rd. ; John Simms, 
134 Rectory road ; Levi Towler, 48 
Brougham street; John Emmot, 98 

Brougham street; Jonathan Clegg> 
22 Lee street; Thomas Tretheway, 
100 Accrington road 
Philanthropic (Blackburn) ; Jas. Green- 
wood, 35 Hufling lane; William J. 
Hoyle, 121 Burns street ; Christopher 
Kenyon, 295 Colne road: William 
Rushton, 33 Padiham road; James 
Hatch, 1 Cowper street ; Jas. Wardley, 
3 Florence street 

Provincial; Richard Watson, 12 Har- 
greaves street 

Provident (Life); E. Foden. 18 Har- 
greaves street 

Provident Association of London ; 
W. E. Linney, district superintendent, 
Bank chambers ; J. Nothard, Thurston 
street; J. Muscett, Bivell street; A. 
Foster, 52 Nairne street ; John Taylor, 
17 Waterloo road 

Prudential (Life) ; John M. Marriott, 
21 Nicholas street 

Prudential ; Edwin Norman, supt., 
Prudential buildings, 104 St. James 
st ; assistant supts., Wm. Hy. Nuttall, 
26 Rectory road ; Thos. S. Haythorn- 
thwaite, 254 Colne rd ; John Higham, 
320 Padiham road ; John R. Bibby, 
10 Ashley street; agents, John Fox, 
156 Accrington road ; Robert Clayton, 
17 Cavour st ; Samuel Stuttard, 49 
Rectory road ; James Pinless, 133 
Rectory rd ; Alfred Bennett, 48 Burns 
st; James Kidd, 28 Berkeley street; 
Nathaniel Watson, 7 Escar st ; Thos. 
Clark, 10 Hawk st ; James Walkden, 
78 Belvedere road; John B.Francis, 
9 Gillowe st ; Jas. Snape, 171 Branch 
rd ; James Edmondson, 5 Milton st ; 
Joseph Pollard, 29 Eliza st ; Edward 
Martin, 66 Coal Clough lane ; Harry 
Thos. Bennett, 368 Colne road ; Geo. 
Nuttall, 408 Colne road ; Benjamin 
Hargreaves, 33 Colne road ; George 
Robinson, 34 Stafford street; John 
Thomas Hartley, 39 Daneshouse rd ; 
Thomas L. Lees, 17 Briercliffe road ; 
William Dann, 246 Padiham road ; 
Robert Snape, 262 Padiham rd; John 
Henry Riley, 255 Padiham rd ; James 
Yates, 223 Padiham road ; William 
Walkden, 19 Park lane ; Alex. Young, 
760 Padiham road, Habergham ; J. 
Foster, 42 Waterloo rd ; J. B. Harri- 
son, 96 Brougham st; R.Worthington, 
15 Kendal st ; J. Dyson, 9 Harrison 
street ; D. Jones, 2 St. Stephen's st ; 
J. E. Holden, 227 Padiham road ; T. 
Wardley, 8 Athol st ; J. T. Pollard, 
14 Perth street ; S. H. Nuttall, Clow 
Railway Passengers' ; A. J. Mossop, 1 

Ormerod street ; John Proudlove, 
46 Trafalgar street 



Refuge ; Jonas Whittaker, local supt., 
74 Oak Mount terrace, Westgate ; Jas. 
Heselton, assistant supt., 47 Danes- 
house road ; agents, Henry Taylor, 150 
Colne road ; James Heap, 25 King's 
terrace ; Charles Entwistle, 129 Dall 
street; William T. Wilkinson, 165 
Woodside, Todmorden road ; John 
Thornton, 78 Healey Wood rd ; Joseph 
Salkeld, 61 Laithe st; Wm. Smith, 
44 Albion street ; James Chadwick, 39 
Devonshire road ; William Boothman, 
142 Abel street; Joseph Bateson, 84 
Hurtley street ; William Rice, 2 Bush 
street ; Thomas Helks, 28 Swinless 
street ; George H. Holden, 162 
Branch road; Jas. Crabtree, 46 Coal 
Clough lane ; Peter Carter, Elmwood 
street ; John W. Booth, 3 Coal Clough 
lane ; John Taylor, 5 Harrison street ; 
William Watson, 7 Holton st ; John 
Barnes, 52 Athol st ; Joseph Garnett, 
Morley street; John Wilkinson, 3 
Elmwood street ; Joseph Bailey, 49 
Daneshouse road ; James Pickup, 86 
Brennand st ; Robert Sunderland, 74 
Canning street ; Hartley Whittaker, 
41 Holbeck street ; Samuel Singleton, 
31 Belgrave street 

Rock (Life) ; Tom Heaton, 8 Ormerod 
street ; J. Butterfield & Son, 58 
Curzon street 

Royal; George Gill, Lancashire and 
Yorkshire Bank ; J. Sutcliffe & Sons, 
8 Hargreaves street ; W. H. Higgin, 
19 Hargreaves street ; Smith Lawson, 
23 St. James row ; W. Lewis Grant, 
12 Grimshaw street ; Joseph Pickles, 
12 Nicholas street ; Rawlinson & Har- 
greaves, 7 Grimshaw street ; W. 
Bentharn, 27 Fairholme terrace 

Royal Exchange; W. Bentharn, 27 
Fairholme terrace; J. T. Jackson, 16 
Accrington road 

Royal Liver Friendly Society ; Adam 
Towers, mngr.,79a St. James st; agents, 
J. A. Smith, 73 Tarleton street ; W. 
Barker, 76 Hirst street ; J. W. Booth, 
3 Coal Clough lane; Robert Saul, 60 
Coal Clough lane; Thomas Whipp, 79 
Coal Clough In ; William Shawcross, 
100 Abel st ; J. T. Boothman, 142 Abel 
street ; Ezra J. Duxbury, 13 Forest st ; 
C. Dawson, 130 Hurtley street ; Chas. 
Astin, 87 Brunswick street ; Richard 
Harwood, 96 Hollingreave road ; Levi 
Stan worth, 146 Branch road ; Joseph 
Heys, 80 Healey Wood road ; William 
Sanders, 103 Curzon street ; John 
Hargreaves, 3 Latham street ; R. Ash- 
worth, Craven street ; John Cooney, 
52 Padiham road ; James Trickett, 21 
Hargher st ; Thomas Walsh, 2 Clay 
street; J. H. Riley, 32 Cavour street; 

W. H. Fielding, 8 Wellfield street ; J. 
Mulligan, 8 Ship alley; J. Kilroy, 45 
Marlborough st; R. Hargreaves, 55 
Salisbury terrace ; A. F. Simpson, 
Raglan road ; J. Wilkinson, 7 Hobart 
street ; M. Allen, 87 Leyland road ; A. 
Hickey, 20 Oak Hill street; S. F. Ash- 
worth, 52 Westgate ; M. H. Ingham, 
96 Helena street; E. Holdsworth, 10 
Nicholl street; A. Heap, 25 King's 
terrace ; Levi Walton, 38 Parker st ; 
Samuel Newton, 150 St. James street ; 
J. T. Whittaker, 119 Accrington road ; 
James Dunkin, 62 Hirst street ; J. G. 
Whittaker, 133 Oxford road; Thomas 
Clegg, 15 Calder street 

Scottish Amicable (Life) ; N. P. Gray, 
Manchester and County Bank ; John 
M. Marriott, 21 Nicholas street 

Scottish Alliance ; J. T. Jackson, 16 
Accrington road 

Scottish Accident; J. T. Jackson, 16 
Accrington road 

Scottish Equitable; F. E. Thornton, 
Craven Bank ; Richard Watson, 12 
Hargreaves street ; C. Kenyon, 295 
Colne road 

Scottish Metropolitan; J. T. Jackson, 16 
Accrington road 

Scottish Temperance (Life) ; W. Bent- 
ham, 27 Fairholme terrace 

Scottish Union and National; J. Pil- 
kington, 4 Hargreaves st ; Backhouse 
& Procter, 10 Ormerod street 

Security (Fidelity, Guarantee, and 
Burglary) ; A. Richmond, Manchester 

Standard; John Sutcliffe & Sons, 8 
Hargreaves street 

Star (Life) ; John Proudlove, 46 Tra- 
falgar street 

Sun; John Thornton, Craven Bank; 
Walls & Ham, 23 St. James row; John 
M. Marriott, 21 Nicholas street 
Union ; A. Richmond, Manchester 
chambers, St. James street ; Hitchon, 
Son, & Lancaster, 46 Manchester rd ; 
Whitaker & Sutcliffe, 25 Church 

Wesleyan and General; Robert Barber,, 
superintendent, 66 Oak Mount terrace, 
Westgate ; William Barrett, 81 Parlia- 
ment street ; John Proudlove, 46 
Trafalgar street 

Yorkshire; John Sutcliffe & Sons, 8 
Hargreaves street; J. C. Waddington, 
3 Ormerod street; Walls & Ham, 23 
St. James row ; J. Butterfield & Son, 
58 Curzon street 

Yorkshire Provident; R. Martin, mngr., 
32 Clifton street; J. W. Brunton, 
11 Pear street; S. Hudson, 336 
Colne road ; R. H. Dixon, 185 Colne 





(Marked * are also Game Dealers.) 

Bailey Richard, 42 Parker street 
Blackburn James, 74 Trafalgar street 
Blackburn Henry, 78 Abel street 
Blackburn Robinson, 124b Golne road, 

and 27 and 29 Abel street 
Brown Alfred, 147 Padiham road 
Brown Annie, 187 St. James street 
•Crossley Geo., 131a St. James st 
*Crossley Lawrence, 53 St. James street 

Crowther Fred., Market hall 
Curl Walter, 153 St. James street 
Evans Thomas, 16 Plumbe street 
Green James, 128 Hurtley street 
Groom George, 8 Manchester road 
Hey Stephen, 20 St. James street 
Heys George Henry, 163 Oxford road 
Heys Michael, 83 Tentre street 
HitcTien John, 87 Springfield road 
Hitchen James, Market hall 
Hilton Robert, Market hall 
Mills James, 66 Parliament street 
Norman James, Market hall 
Nutter Christopher, 67 Oxford road 
Rostron James, 25 Barracks road 
Rushton George, 90 Gannow lane 
Smithson Henry, 55 Spencer street 
Starkie James, Barracks road 
Starkie John, 8 Crown place 
Tout James, 34 Waterloo road 
Varley B. A., 10 Church street 
*Woodhead Charles, 10 Bridge street 
Wright Richard, 33 Oxford road 

Flannel Raisers. 

Pickles Robert, Limited, Cairo mill, 


Baldwin Arthur, Springhill road 
Baldwin Starkie, Woodbine nurseries, 

Padiham road 
Hartley Henry, 21 Wood street 
Dent Wm. G., 24 & 26 Hebrew rd 
Nowell William Henry, Market hall 
Spencer Thomas, Hollin hill 
Veevers Peter, Market hall 
Wells Arthur & Rd., Market hall 

French Polishers. 

Evans George, 40 Standish street 
Hartley Arthur, Chaffer yard, Adlington 

Lawson Thomas, 49 Padiham road 
Lowery Henry, 15 Cow lane 

Fried Fish, &c, Dealers. 

Ashworth Richard, 16 Kirkgate 
Barry James, 94 Finsleygate 
Baron James, 28 High street 
Bennett John, 85 Sandygate 

Birtwistle Richard D., 20 Sandygate 
Bonaldi Guiseppe, 62 Parker lane 
Bulcock James, 56 Church street 
Bulsford Maria, 1 Harghor street 
Burrcll John, 7 Gannow lane 
Burnill Joseph, 41 Standish street 
Bush James, 131 Gannow lane 
Cooper Edward, 17 Brown street 
Cunliffe Thomas M., 50 Brunswick st 
Dawber John, 25 Abel street 
Dawson John, 220 Colne road 
Duerden Alfred, 6 Howe street 
Eastwood John T., 95 Parliament street 
Eastwood William, Hobart street 
Edwards Thomas, 30 Oxford road 
Edmondson Edmund, 170 Colne road 
Gardner Mark V., 105 Oxford road 
Golley Samuel J., 81 Grey street 
Green Roger, 94 Westgate 
Grindrod William, 19 Plumbe street 
Guinney John, 312 Colne road 
Hardman Joseph, 57 Hammerton street 
Harker Robinson, 34 Barracks road 
Heap Henry, 98 Westgate 
Hebden George, 80 Abel street 
Heys Richard, 18a Bivel street 
Higson J., 37a Oxford road 
Holden John, 60 Hirst street 
Holdsworth Joseph, 82 Trafalgar street 
Howarth George, 39 Abel street 
Hyslop John W., 31 Yorkshire street 
Jackson John, 23 Kcppel street 
Jackson Young, 36 King street 
Jones John, 156 Trafalgar street 
Kirby Herbert, 204 Aocrington road 
Lavender James, 37 Brown street 
Lewis Richard, 74 Padiham road 
Lloyd John W., 67 Padiham road 
Merridew Alfred, 63 Plumbe street 
Lister Charles, 29 Clark street 
Mitchell Cyrus, 6 Abel street 
Nadin Joseph, 19 Marlborough street 
Norris James, 3 Ridge road 
Nuttall Thomas, 52 Carr street 
Pickles Edoch, 21 Healey wood road 
Parker Sarah, 42 Church street 
Pearson Robert, 114 Gannow lane 
Peel William, 92 Hebrew road 
Pickup Ashworth N., 56 Lai the street 
Pickup James, 129 Sandygate 
Pilkington Frank, 37 Anne street 
Poncher Charles, 96 Abel street 
Rhodes Hilton, 104 Colne road 
Ridley John R., 27 Riding street 
Porter William, 98 Padiham road 
Smith James, 4 Trafalgar street 
Sowerby Ralph, 5 Warwick street 
Stevenson William, 94 Springfield road 
Swindells John, 78 Parliament street 
Tattersall Henry, 38 Bridge street 
Thornton Sarah A., 61 Finsleygate 
Tomlinson William, 15 Daneshouse rd '. 
Turner David, 7 Lindsay street 
Turner William, 63 Hammerton street 



Walmsley John, 241 Accrington road 
Whalley Thomas B., 19 Standish street 
Whitaker Edmund, 46 Oroft street 
Whittaker John Thos, 119 Accrington rd 
Whittam John, 37 Brougham street 
Whittle Samuel, 26 Swainbank street 
Yates James, 101 Oxford road 
Yates Boger, 19 Saunder bank 

Fruit Preservers. 

Blezard Walton (Exors. of), Rose grove 
Bond J. & Son, 4 Victoria street 

Fruiterers and Greengrocers. 

Aspden John, 135 Padiham road 
Bailey Miles R., 7 and 9 Livingstone st 
Bailey John Thomas, 144 Colne road 
Baker Benjamin, 24 Hollingreave road 
Bee John, 107 Picadilly road 
Billington Henry, 37 Hebrew road 
Blackburn James, 74 Trafalgar street 
Blackburn Robinson, 124b Colne road 

and 27 and 29 Abel street 
Bracewell John, 75 Picadilly road 
Brown Annie, 187 St. James street 
Cook William, 215 Manchester road 
Crossley Geo. (wholesale), Market 

Crossley J, & Sons (wholesale), 

Coal street and Holden street 
Crossley Lawrence, 53 St. James street 
Curl Walter, 153 St. James street 
Dean George, 129 Padiham road 
Dean James, 40 Abel street 
Dearden Benjamin, 165 Colne road 
Dent William G., 24 and 26 Hebrew rd 
Driver Henry, 74 Accrington road 
Eeatwood Robert, 184 Colne road 
Edmondson Benjamin, 23 Catlow street 
Edmondson J. & T., 57 Hammerton st 
Emmott Robert, 3 Newcastle street 
Evans Thomas, 16 Plumbe street 
Falshaw William, Sandygate 
Fielding Charles E., 37 Murray street 
Grecnhalgh Willis, Market hall 
Greenwood Ann, 175 Branch road 
Groom George, 8 Manchester road 
Hargreaves Robinson, 207 Accrington rd 
Hartley Joseph, 200 Colne road 
Hey Stephen, 20 St. James street 
Heys George Henry, 163 Oxford road 
Knowles Charles, 3a Padiham road 
Mason Richard, 28 Parker lane 
Merrifield Selinda, 243 Accrington road 
Mills James, 66 Parliament street and 

1 Parkinson street 
Mitchell James, 294 Colne road 
Moor T. & J. (wholesale) Market place 
Moorhouse Henry, 55 Plumbe street 
Myers William, 22 Curzon street 
Nutter Christopher, 67 Oxford road 
Palmer Henry, 7 and 68 Abel street 

Palmer Frederick, 179 Oxford road and 
78 Brunswick street 

Parkinson Henry, Market hall 
Peers Cyrus, 172 Colne road 
Phillips Hannah, 56 Hebrew road 
Phillips Thomas, 60 Spencer street 
Pickles Thomas, 16 Hirst street 
Priestley David, 62 Trafalgar street 
Procter John, Albert street 
Procter James Henry, 114 Padiham rd 
Ralph Thomas, 23 Hurtley street 
Riley Frances, 10 Finsleygate 
Roberts Alfred, 38 Belgrave street 
Saunby Edward, 1 Burleigh street 
Shaw John, 30 Master street 
Simpson John (wholesale) , Trafalgar 

street and Padiham 
Singleton Samuel, 42 Standish street 
Slater Margaret, 120 Oxford road 
Smith John, 84 Accrington road 
Smith Robert, 46 Rectory road 
Starkie James, Barracks road 
Stott Frederick, 52 Church street 
Thompson Walter, 135 Parliament st 
Turner Joseph, 96 Trafalgar street 
Varley B. A., 10 Church street 
Veevers Benjamin, 51 North street 
Veevers Peter, Market hall 
Walker John, 45 Ford street 
Wells Arthur and Rd., Market hall 
Wells Richard J., 29 Newcastle street 
White Edward, 62 Red Lion street 
Whittaker John, 67 Leyland road 
Whittaker Susannah, 101 Padiham rd 
Wiggin James, 159 Accrington road 
Woodhead Charles, 10 Bridge street and 

5 Hammerton street 
Wright Richard, 33 Oxford road 

Furniture Brokers. 

Ackroyd Obadiah, 93 Abel street 
Bannister & Simpson, Bell's arcade 
Briggs James, 68 Bridge street 
Burgess Hy., 58 and 60 Manchester rd 
Claxton George, 69 Waterloo road 
Cowling James, 42 Plumbe street 
Crabtree W. & A., 220 Padiham road 
Dixon Mark, 48 Carr street 
Dixon Matthew, 15 Parker street 
Finley Francis J., 59 Bridge street 
Gibson Harry, 8 Yorkshire street and 

46a Church street 
Greenwood John, 16 Padiham road 
Greenwood William, 22 Hebrew road 
Ham William, 133 Padiham road 
Harrison Thomas, 17 Oxford road 
Hartley Edward, 20 Hammerton street 
Haworth George H., 156 Sandygate 
Haworth Robert, 71 Gannow lane 
Hesketh James, 17 Calder street 
Hirst Robt., 116 & 118 Hebrew rd 
Holt Ephraim, 118 Trafalgar street 
Howarth John, 96 Finsleygate 




Hudson Jeremiah, 72 Gannow lane 
Ibbotson James, 17 Tarleton street 
Jackson Robert, 36 Finsleygate 
Lancaster John, 75 Hufiing lane 
Launder John, 7 Croft street 
Jolly William H., 59 Master street 
Livsey Peter, 33, 35, 41, 43, and 45 

Springfield road 
Nelson James, 42 Padiham road 
Pollard Richard, 27 Brown street 
Proudlove Thomas, 89 Oxford road 
Riley George, 2 Brennand street 
Robinson John, 135 Westgato 
Robinson John, 24 Stanley street 
Rowbottom William H.,31 Bank parade 
Shackleton John, 35 Berkeley street 
Simpkin Thomas, 8 Starkie street 
Spencer Thomas (and certified bailiff), 

29 Boot street 
Stanworth Levi, 146 Branch road 
Staveley Elijah, 27 and 29 Barracks rd 
Thornton Thomas, 107a Accrington road 
Walmsley John, 9 Plumbe street 
Watson Charles, 4 and 6 Boot street 
Wild Robert, 7 Temple street 
Wilkinson Isaac, 1 Clock street 
Wilkinson James, 102 Padiham road 
Willan Ernest E., 35 Trafalgar street 
Wright William, 34 Sandygate 

Gardeners— Market. 

Baldwin Arthur, Springfield road 

cle Bruan John L. A., 25 Moslcy House 

Dean John, Byerden lane 
Duerden John, 73 Robinson street 
Frost John (landscape), 8 Dane street 
Hartley Henry, 21 Wood street 
Lawson James, 412 Colne road 
Moor T. & J., Spring gardens 
Moor William, 137 Ardwick street 
Nowell William Henry. 14 Herbert st 
Phillips Hannah, 56 Hebrew road 
Spencer Thomas, Hollin hill 

Glass Bottle Maker. 

Bishop Ernest, Rake foot 

Glass, China, and Earthen- 
ware Dealers. 

Alderson James, 81 Oxford road 
Blackburn Robinson, 27 Abel street 
Goodwin Richard P., 28 Hebrew road 

and 52b Trafalgar street 
Harrison John, Market hall 
Harrison William, 4 Mason street 
Holt John, 3 Rake foot 
Jackson Daniel, 49 Marlborough street 
Latham & Kippax, 13 Abel street 
Moorhouse John, 3 Howe street 
Parker Robert, 197 Oxford road 
Riley Darius, 13 Yorkshire street 
Shackleton William, 21 Bridge street 

Smith James, 161 Accrington road 
Waterworth Thomas, 1 Oak Mount st 
Whitham John E., 40 Church street 

Grocers and Provision 

(Marked * are Wholesale.) 

Aikin Arthur, 258 Gannow lane 
Ainsworth Frederick, 142 Padiham road 
Almond John J., 1 Herbert street 
Ashworth Edmondson, 25 Whittam st 
Ashworth James, 33 Bridge street 
Ashworth William, 2 Carey street 
Astin Sandy, 139 Colne road 
Astin Thomas, 4 Blannell street 
Baldwin & Riley, 2 St. James street and 

106 Colne road 
Bannister William, 14 Elm street 
Barnes Emmanuel, 25 High street 
Barrett Anthony, 1 Berry street 
Barritt Eliz. A., 30 and 32 Bank parade 
Barritt Joseph, 13 Tunnel street 
Bentley Catherine, 44 Gannow lane 
Berry Mary, 314 Colne road 
Billington Richard, 237 Accrington road 
Bland Tom, 49a Bankhouse street 
Blackburn John, 31 Richard street • 
Bold David N., 2 Leyland road 
* Bolton E. & Sons, Standish street 
Boynton Edward, 1 Swainbank street 
Boynton Robert, 63 Hufiing lane 
Bracewell Hartley, 23 King street 
Bradley Joseph, 54 and 56 Sandygate 

and 151 St. James street 
Bradley William, 226 Accrington road 
Bradshaw Richard, 24 Market place 
Brennand John, 12 Market street 
Brennan Michael, 42 Bridge street 
Brogden David, 51 Daneshouse road 
Brogden Samuel, 11 Abel street and 45 

Milner street 
Broughton Rebecca, 340 Colne road 
Brown Joseph C, 29 Pinsleygate 
Brown Martin, 80 Cotton street 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative 
Society, Limited; central stores, 
Hammerton street ; James Ash- 
worth, manager; Wm. Isherwood, sec. 
Burton John, 756 Padiham road, 

Butterfield Fred. H., 260 Accrington rd 
Butterworth Samuel, 67 Springfield rd 
Campbell James, 29 Waterloo road 
Chambers Henry, 111 Todmorden road 
Clark Ellen, 73 Westgate 
Clarkson James, 67 Waterloo road and 

40 Ford street 
Clarkson William J., 37 Thorn street 
Clegg Austin M., 55 Coal Clough lane 
Clegg Esther, 12 Brown street 
Clegg Hartley, 39 Old Hall street 
Clegg James, 19 Tunnel street 
Clegg Susannah, 113a Abel street 



Clogg William, 66 Oalder Vale road 
Olough Richard Henry, 41 Abel street 
Clough Thomas, 20 Richard street 
Coates James, 43 Gog lane 
Collinge Roger, 15 and 17 Blakey street 
Conway Catherine, 22 Richard street 
Con^tantine James, 2 Marlborough st 
Crabtree Thomas, 35 Parliament street 
Crawshaw John, 2 Rose Grove lane 
Crawshaw Richard, 47 Devonshire road 
Crook William, 28 Mosley street 
Crossley Bartholomew, 33 Westgate and 

26 Yorkshire street 
Crossley Ruth, 23 Accrington road 
Crowther Sarah A., 2 Guildford street 
Cubbon William, 16 Forest street 
Cunliffe William Thos., 44 Waterloo rd 
Cryer John, 189 Accrington road 
Dalby Thomas, 122b Oxford road 
Driver James, 29 Whittlefield street 
Duckworth Edmund, 1 Berkeley street 
*Duerden James S., Aqueduct stroet 
Dyson Edward, 18 Brief street 
Eastwood Henry, 31 North street 
Edmondson Benjamin, 23 Catlow street 
Elco John W., 83 Manchester road 
Ellis John N., 6 Briercliffe road 
Emerson Brothers, 2 Sandygate and 107 
Manchester- road 

Emmett Margaret A., 1 and 8 Danes- 
house road 

Emmott James Henry, 2 Barrett street 
Parnworth George, Clow bridge 
Pielden Lydia, 179 Padiham road 
Forrest James, 23 Nairne street 
Gaukroger Eleanor, 49 Burns street 
Gowers Isabella, 59 Canning street 
Green John, '78 Finsleygate and 24 
Herbert street 

Greenwood Charles, 91 Brunswick street 
Greenwood Levi, 2 Belford street 
Greenwood William, 46 Hulme street 
Grimshaw William, 62 Parliament st 
Hargreaves Benjamin, 81 Sandygate 
Hargreaves Enoch, 2 Forest street 
Hargreaves Maria, 65 Padiham road 
Hargreaves Sarah, 12 Manchester road 
Hargreaves Thomas, jun., 144 Oxford rd 
*Hargreaves Thomas & Son, 9, 11, and 13 

Church street 
Harker Hannah, 10 Old Hall street 
Harris Charles, 21 Finsleygate 
Harris Frederick, 56 Rectory road 
Harrison Thomas, 52 Trafalgar street 
Hartley Henry, 21 Allen street 
Hartley James, 123 Manchester road 
Hartley Samuel, 14 Travis street 
Hartley Thomas, 35 and 37 Spencer st 
Hartley William Hy., 183 Gannow lane 
Haworth John Henry, 72 Parliament st 
Haworth Thomas, 87 Hufiing lane 
Hayes Benjamin, 159 St. James street 
Heap James, 1 Marlborough street 
Heap Janet, 18 Todmorden road 

Heaton John Robert, 3 Brunswick st 
*Hedges Alfred, Coal street 
Helm Richard, 71 Albion street 
Hey Elizabeth D., 62 Anne street 
Hey Martha E., 1 Coal Clough lane 
Hirst Elizabeth, 44 Brunswick street 
Hodgon Elizabeth and Martha A., 36 
Trafalgar street 

*Hoghton Thomas, 66 St. James street 
Holden Samuel, 141 Westgate 
*Holgate & Co., 6 Bull street 
Holt James, 21 Lord street 
Hopper Edmund 52 Plumbe street 
Howarth Hartley, 102 Finsleygate 
Howarth William, 141 Abel street 
Hubberstey William B., 2 Norton street 
Hudson Jeannette, 108 Leyland road 
Ibbotson Robert, 40 Finsleygate 
Jackson Edward, 59 Albert street 
Jones Daniel, 51 Finsleygate 
Jordan Patrick, 32 Plumbe street 
Keers Robert, 292 Padiham road 
Kenyon Elizabeth, 53 Sandygate 
Kenyon Sarah A., 78 Trafalgar street 
Kershaw Henry, 1 Norman street 
Kilburn Thomas, 43 Kirkgate 
Knowles Peter, 2 Blenheim street 
Lancaster Thomas, 2 Holme road 
Lancaster Jane, 64 Parliament street 
Lane Margaret, 16 Yorkshire street 
Leeming William, Lowerhouse 
Lord Ann, 86 Church street 
Lord Hannah, 76 Colne road 
Lord James W., 84 and 86 Grey street 
Love Clough Co-op. Stores, Clow Bridge 
Lowerhouse Industrial Co-op. Society, 

Lowerhouse and Gannow lane 
Lund Richard, 74 Church street 
Mc.Fadden Hugh, 107 Anne street 
Magnall James, 145 Cog lane 
Magnall Thomas, 198 Accrington road 
Mallinson Samuel, 42 Gannow lane 
*Marsden Thomas & Co., Newtown mills, 
Cow lane, and 2 Accrington road, 
Padiham road, 8 Plumbe street, Bell's 
arcade, Hebrew rd, and 157 Oxford rd 
Maskrey Samuel, 94 Colne road 

and 29 Old Hall street 
Maxfield Thomas, 26 Hart street 
Metcalfe & Pearson, 52 St. James 

street and 58 Hebrew road 
*Midgley & Fulton, Whittam street 
Mitchell James, 11 Baker street 
Mitchell Thomas, 6 Regent street 
Mooney William, 259 Colne road 
Moore Edward, 182 Colne road 
Moorhouse William, 127 Accrington rd 
"Mosley Thomas, 29 & 31 Springfield rd 
Nicholson Lawrence, 44 Trafalgar street 
Nutter Christopher, Hurfcley street 
Outhwaite Matthew, 93 Piccadilly road 
Oxley Daniel, 27 Finsleygate 
Parker William, 1 Every street 
Patchett Isaac, 41 Brown street 




Pate Fielding, 1 Carr street 
Perry William, 65 Accrington road 
Pickles Robert, 15 Oxford road 
Pickup Thomas, 51 Springfield road, 77 

Hurling lane and 70 Hollingreave road 
Pollard Job, 62 and 64 Abel street 
Pollard Nicholas, 321 Padiham road 
Pollard Robert, 10 and 12 Argyle street 
Pollard William; 33 and 35 Clifton street 
Porrett Walter, 8 Chancery street 
Porter Bennett, 50 Church street 
Preston James L., 22 Bankhouse street 
Price George Henry, 40 Horace street 
Proctor William, 45 Kirkgate 
Rawcliffe James H., 65 Manchester road 
Eawclifio Thomas H., 44 Standish street, 

29 Oxford road, 138 Colne road and 

161 Padiham road 
Rawlinson John, 17 and 19 Parker st 
Rhodes John T., 12 Starkie street 
Richmond T. & W., Market hall 
Rhymes James, 84 Abel street 
Riley Ann, 338 Colne road 
Riley James; 1 Whittlefield street 
Riley William, 44 Coal Clough lane 
Robinson Hampden, 49 Springfield road 
Robinson Jane, 39a Oxford road 
Roche John, 35 Ashworth street 
Rostron Leonard, 29 Raglan road 
Rushton Richard T., 23 and 25 Gan- 

now lane 
Rycroffc Richard, SO Hebrew road 
Sagar Elijah, 81 Westgate 
Sagar Oates, 55 Anne street 
Saunby Edward, 1 Burleigh street 
Secldon Jonathan, 27 Padiham road 
Sharpley Albert, 55 and 57 Laithe street 
Shepley Thomas, 12 Colne road 
Shoesmith. Frank, 100 Colne road 
Simpson Stephen, 12 Abel street 
Simpson Thomas H., 70 Hebrew road 

and 28 Heath street 
Slater Henry, 81 Padiham road 
Smith Alice, 1 Blenheim street 
Smith Benjamin, 1 Mile street 
Smith John, 17 Finsleygate 
Smith Lawrence, 28 Ashfield road 
Standring Francis, 115 Padiham road 
Starkev William, 29 Richard street 
Stephenson James, 200 Accrington road 

and 2 Valley street 
Swift Charles, 59 Church street 
Swire Hezekiah & Sons, 27 Red Lion 

street and 39 Brougham street 
Tanner William Henry, 25 Charlotte st 
Tatham Joseph, 109 Grey street 
Tattersall Anthony, 52 Hull street 
Tattersall Margaret, 27 Bankhouse st 
Thornton John Henry, 2 South street 
Thornton M. A. & M., 2 Dean street 
Thornton Uriah, 50 Bridge street 
Townley Charles E M 18 Ardwick street 
Turner Joseph, 21 Yorkshire street 
Utley William, 54 Trafalgar street 

Waddington Janet, 160 Colne road 
Waddington William, 1G Royle road 
Waite Richard, 68 and 70 Temple street 
Walton Levi, 38 Parker street 
Walton Robert, 106 Springfield road 
Walton Thomas, 12 Slater street 
Warburton James, 2 Stanworth street 
West Alice, 25 Anne street 
West Richard H., 44 Yorkshire street 
Whalley Ellen, 16 Rectory road 
Whitakor Martha, 2 Belgrave street 
Whitaker Mary Ann, 15 Hull street 
Whitaker Susannah, 169 Accrington rd 
Whitney Thomas, 2a Temple street, 181 

Oxford road, and 34 Parliament st 
Whittaker William, 166 Padiham road 
Whittaker Welbourne, 54 Plumbe street 
Whynall James, 4 Brunswick street 
Williams Zachariah, 18 Parker lane 
Willman Alfred, 35 Hirst street 
Wilson John, 14 Whitaker street 
Wilson Thomas, 21 Hart street 
Wilson Thomas, 268 Padiham road 
Wiseman Margaret & Jane, 83 Bruns- . 

wick street 
Wormwell Margaret, 2 Norman street 
W T right William, 24 Lord street 
Wroe James, 28 Hirst street 
Yates Sarah A., 130 Padiham road 


Astin John, 50 Abel street 
Astin William, 201 Accrington road 
Baguley E., 88 Trafalgar street 
Barrowclough Henry, 6 Hammerton st 
Beeeham Richard, 23 Plumbe street and 

18 Elm street 
Blakey Thomas, 55 Brunshaw road 
Brace well Joseph Hy., 164 Padiham rd 
Bracewell SamL, 42 Briercliffe rd 
Brown Thomas, 6 Sand street 
Brunton John, 107a Oxford road 
Bullock John, 84 Curzon street 
Burrell Howarth, 17 Fleet street 
Cross James, 9 Gannow lane 
Cunliffe James, 44 Parker lane 
Duxbury Hilton, 25 Healey Wood road 
Edwards William, 56 Clarence street 
Earnshaw James A., 74 Abel street 
Galloway John W., 1 and 3 Brown st 
Greenough James, 146a St. James st 
Hall Isaac, 143 Westgate 
Hanson Richard, 28 Church street 
Hardcastle Miles T., 249 Briercliffe road 
Holden Willtam, 91 Oxford road 
Holland Thomas, 71 Parliament street 
Hornby John, 79 Oxford road 
Howarth Alfred A., 52 Curzon street 
Ingham John, 4 Abel street 
Lancaster Evan R., 37 Oxford road 
Lord William, 133 Oxford road 
Martlew John, 9 St. James row 
Myers Tom, 64 St. James street 




Pate Thomas, 3 and 5 Fleet street 
Riley William, 45 Standish street 
Senior John, 2 Red Lion street 
Senior Swales, 14 Sandygate and 86 

Accrington road 
Shackleton Henry, 63 and 65 Westgate 
Shackleton John, 92 Sandygate 
Sircombe John, 31 Abel street 
Snowden Turner, 105 Lowerhouse lane 
Spencer Barrow clough, 79 Colne road 
Tomlinson James, 9 Yorkshire street 
Townson Emmanuel, 80 Colne road 
Vernon John, 16 St. James street 
Vernon William. 33 Finsleygate 
Wadsworth John, 114 Hebrew road 
Walker Charles, 8 Brown street 
Wall Brothers (and artists in hair), 50 

Manchester road 
Whittle Albert E., 6 Oxford road 
Whittle James, 88a Accrington road 
Whittle Thomas, 111 Sandygate 
Wildman Giles, 51 Vernon street 
Wright Thomas W., 123 Padiham road 

Hardware Dealers. 

Baldwin Alice, 2 Hammerbon street 
Bancroft Robert, 15 Abel street 
Blakelock Benjamin, 44 Padiham road 
Brady Thomas, Market hall 
Collins James, 4 Hobart street 
Dawson, D. & J., 69 Parliament street 
Gordon Joseph, 27a Church street 
Harker John W., 155 St. James street 
Heys John, Market hall 
Hirst Benjamin, 102 Rectory road 
Sefton Robert, 125 Accrington road 


Bardsley Robert S., 41 Mancheeter rd 
Bell S. A. & Sons, 28 and 30 Man- 
chester road 
Boys Richard, 103 St. James street 
Bradshaw Henry, 88 St. James street 
Cash & Co., 55 St. James street 
Foulcls William, 18 Hebrew road 
Greenwood Stephen, 60 Hebrew road 
Mennell John J., 10 Standish street 
Ollerenshaw, James, 122 St. James st 
Pollitt Cephas, 59 St. James street 

Hay and Straw Dealers. 

Barker John, 34 Yorkshire street 
Calvert James, 2 Adlington street 
Haigh William F., 136 St. James street 
Holt Robert, Trafalgar street 
Maden Hargreaves, & Sons, 9 Red Lion 

Noble Simpson, 171 Padiham road 
Smith William, Robinson street 
Tattersall Joseph, Cedar street 
Whitaker Brothers, Curzon street 
Whitham Robert, 47 Parker lane 
Wood John, 168 Colne road 

Herb Beer Makers. 

Allan William, 4 Peace street 
Banks John, 8 Sandygate and 87 West- 
Berry James, 122 Padiham road 
Briggs W. & B., 104 Sandygate 
Nixon Joseph, 115 Ardwick street 
Proctor Henry, 54 Church street 
Simpson James, 1 Ashfield road 


Brown Richard, 140 Sandygate 
Caldwell William, 72 Padiham road 
Chadwick Lawrence. 52 Howe stree 
Dyson Thomas, 280 Colne road 
Fairless Robert, 84 Oxford road 
Higson Samuel, 4 Cow lane 
Irving Robert, 26 Bridge street 
Launder John, 20 Yorkshire street 
Lockett John J., 209 Accrington road 
Sunderland Joseph, 17 Standish street 
Tattersall Richard, 1 Haulgh street 
Thompson Thomas, 9 St. James 
street, 121 Westgate, & Padiham 
Whittam John, 21 Plumbo street 

Hosiers and Glovers. 

Bardsley Robert S., 41 Manchester road 
Bell S. A. & Sons, 28 & 30 Manchester rd 
Burnley Co-operative Society, Limited, 

Hammerton street 
Greenwood Stephen, 60 Hebrew rd 
Jones Carl S., 7 Chancery street 
Ollerenshaw James, 122 St. James st 
Smith P. N., 2 Yorkshire street 
Swire William, 6 Market street 
Wigglesworth G. B., 8 Market street 

Hotels, Inns, and Taverns. 

Adelphi Hotel, William Duckworth, 

Railway street 
Albion Inn, Job Dean, 22 Red Lion st 
Alma Inn, Wm. Greenwood, 235 

Accrington road 
Angel Inn, Thomas Driver, 80 

Accrington road 
Barrack Tavern, Edward Mitchell, 64 

Padiham road 
Bay Horse Hotel, James Cowell, 58 St. 

James street — (See Advt.) 
Black Bull Inn, Jane Edmondson, Lane 

Boot Inn, Margaret Walton, 18 St. 

James street 
Borough Hotel, Harry Brown, Halstead st 
Bowling Green Inn, Richard Layfield, 

25 Clifton street 
Britannia Inn, Rhoderick Macdonald, 

107 Oxford road 
Bull Hotel (posting and commercial), 

James Sutclifie, 1 Manchester road — 

(See Advt.) 



Bull and Butcher, Thomas Greenhalgh, 
Manchester road 

Canal Tavern, John Schofield, 68 Man- 
chester road 

Cattle Market Hotel, Wm. Wilkinson, 
8 Elizabeth street and Parker lane 

Clock Face Inn, James Ditchfield, 32 
St. James street 

Commercial Hotel, Wm. C. Whitham, 
133 St. James street 

Corporation Hotel, Mary Ann Barnes, 
31 Oxford road 

Cross Keys Inn, Samuel R. Redford, 170 
St. James street 

Crown Inn, Shuttleworth Hind, 34 
Bridge street 

Derby Hotel, Simpson Noble, 181 Padi- 
ham road 

Dog and Duck Inn, Alexander 
Lang*, 95 St. James street 

Dragoon Hotel, John William Kirk, 72 
and 74 Hebrew road 

Duke of York Hotel, Samuel Elsworth, 
129 Colne road 

Empress Hotel, Fritz C. Weber, Market 

place and Chancery street 
Engineers' Arms, Watson Smith, 13 

Parker street 

Exchange Hotel, James Riley, 24 

Nicholas street 

Garrison Hotel, John Green, 66 Padi- 
ham street 

General Campbell Inn, Thomas Jackson, 

20 Barracks road 
George IV., Henry Campbell, 708 Padi- 

ham road, Habergham 

Gretna Green Inn, John Hargreaves, 

Coal Clough lane 
Grey Mare, Alice Moore, 110 Gannowln 
Griffin Hotel, John Dewhurst, 

Rose grove 
Hall Inn, George Armistead, 2 Church 

Healey Wood Inn, Martha Gunliffe, 28 

Healey Wood road 
Hole-in-the-Wall Hotel, Prank Uttley, 

122 Sandygate 
Junction Hotel, John Heap, Rose Grove 


Lane Ends Hotel, Heber Wolsten- 
holme, Lowerhouse lane 

Masons' Arms, Thomas Stuttard, 60 St. 
James street 

Mitre Inn, Elizabeth Holt, 120 Westgate 
Nelson Hotel, Reuben Reeder, 9 
Trafalgar street 

Neptune Inn, Dick Sagar, 29 Sandygate 
New Hotel, John Hannam, 20 Cog lane 
New Market Hotel, James Gillespy, 25 
Market street 

New Red Lion, John Winter, 13 Man- 
chester road 

New Sparrow Hawk, Sophia Parker, 82 
and 84 Church street 

Old Red Lion Hotel, James Neal, 2 and 

4 Manchester road 

Parker's Arms, Chas. Chew, 10 Croft st 

Plane Tree Inn, Elizabeth Hartley, 4 

Prince Albert Inn, Henry Hartley, 91 

Curzon street 
Princess Alexandra Hotel, Thomas A. 

Hepworth, 78 Colne road 
Princess Royal Hotel, John Hy. Hartley, 

47 Yorkshire street 
Queen's Hotel, John Whitaker, 82 

Curzon street 
Railway Hotel, Margaret Kenyon, 1 

Rose Grove lane 

Reedley Hallows Hotel, William Briggs, 
93 Byerden lane 

Reindeer Hotel, Eliz. Heap, Railway st 

Rose and Thistle Hotel, George R. Red- 
ford, 13 Grimshaw street 

Royal Hotel, Amelia Stuttard, 107 
Colne road 

Royal Butterfly Hotel, Jonas S. 

Fletcher, 83 Hufling la,ne—(See 

Royal Oak Hotel, John Lancaster, 107 
St. James street 

St. Leger Inn, Daniel Smith, 15 Red 
Lion street 

Salford Hotel, George B. Sherwood, 2 
Royle road 

Scarlett Arms, John Barton, 46 and 48 
Howe street 

Ship Inn, Henry Blezard, 34 

Sparrow Hawk Hotel, Henry 
Iattlewood, Church street 

Spread Eagle Inn, George H. Cudworth, 
15 Temple street 

Stanley Hotel, Martha Riley, 164 Ox- 
ford road 

Star Inn, Peter Pollard, 21 Church 
street and 2 Hill Top street 

Stork Hotel, Walter Palfrey, 192 West- 

Sun Inn, James Parker, 4a Bridge st 
Swan Hotel, Reginald Smith, 44 St. 

James street 
Talbot Hotel, Esther A. Griffiths, 67 

Church street and Ormerod road 
Thorn Hotel (commercial and posting), 

George C. Ogden, 67 St. James street 
Tim Bobbin Inn, James Kenyon, Padi- 

ham road 

Trafalgar Inn, James Campbell, 42 
Trafalgar street 

Turf Hotel, William Oldham, 49 York- 
shire street 

Waggoners' Inn, Edward Ridehalgh, 
Wholaw nook 

Waterloo Hotel, Doctor D. Dickinson, 
39 Trafalgar street 

Well Hall Hotel, Thomas Thorn- 
ton, 22 Church street 




Wellington Arms, John Crossley, 2 

Todmorden road 
White Bull, Rose Tattersall, 27 Gannow 

White Hart Hotel, John Egar, 45 

Church street 
White Horse Hotel, Fred. Branch, 81 

St. James street 
White Lion, Elizabeth Watterson, 22 

St. James street 
Woodman Inn, Thomas Hargreaves, 127 

Todmorden road 
Yorkshire Hotel, John Barker, 34 York- 
shire street 

House and Estate Agents. 

Bradley John, 21 St. James street 
Butterfleld John & Son, 58 Cur- 
zon street 

Evans William, 5 Plumbe street 
Farrer Baxter, 40 Piccadilly road 
Farrer George, 21 Nicholas st. — 

(See Advt.) 
Purniss John, 21 Padiham road 
Nowell Richard E., 61 Lindsay street 
Potter William B., 2 Hattersley street 
Stowe William, 2 Clifton street 
Walls & Ham, 23 St. James row 


Hughes & Holgate, Bank chmbrs, 
Hargreaves street 

India Rubber and Waterproof 
Garment Dealers. 

Bellingham F. & Sons, 49 St. 
James street 

Burnley Rubber Co., Chancery street 

London Rubber Co., 65 St. James st 

Phillips B. & Co., 152 St. James street 

Iron and Brass Founders. 

(See also Br ass founders, Engineers, and 
Machine Makers.) 

Ashworth Thos., Vulcan works, Firth st 
Burnley Ironworks Co., Limited, King 

street ; Peter Pickup, manager 
Butterworth & Dickinson, Globe works, 

Trafalgar st, and Saunder Bank works 
Cooper Brothers, Ltd., Bethesda Street 

Hacking William E., Oxford road 
ITarling & Todd, Calder foundry, Ham- 

merton street 

Keighley George, Bankhouse works, 

Canning street 
Pemberton & Co., Waterloo foundry, 

Trafalgar street 

Pollard James, Atlas foundry, Calder 
Vale road 

Iron Gate & Palisade Makers. 

Ashworth Thos., Vulcan works, Firth st 
Fawcett James (Exors.), Calder street 
Graham George, New Hall street 
Walton W 7 illiam, Stanley street 


Bulcock James (mill, colliery, furnishing 
and general), 19, 31 and 33 Man- 
chester road 
Cowgill & Smith (and iron and 
steel merchants), 41 St. James st 
Davy William, 116 Colne road 
Duerden Foster, 26 and 28 Abel street 
Emmett Oliver, 43 Healey Wood road.— 

(See Advt.) 
Hall John (and mill furnisher), 124 St. 

James street 
Hargreaves Charles F., 157 St. James st 
Harker John W., 35 and 155 St. James st 
Hartley Thomas, 20 Abel street 
Holden Thomas C. (wholesale), Holden st 
Morris & Wilkinson, 63 Man- 
chester road 
Ness Frank, 1 Bridge street 
Walton W. (and iron and steel mer- 
chant), 75 St. James street 
Ward & Co. (wholesale and retail), 
115 St. James street 

Iron and Tinplate Workers. 

Baldwin Alfred, Trafalgar street 

Davy William, 116 Colne road 

Deloose William, 140 Accrington road 

Edmundson Marmaduke, 2 Thomas 
street and Coke street 

Hargreaves Joe, 48 Padiham road 
Harker John W., 35 St. James street 
Heaton James, 42 and 44 Hammerton st 
Howarth John, 7 Standish street 
Kerrigan James, 48 Church street and 
Market hall 

Morris & Wilkinson, 63 Manchester road 
Scott William, 25 Yorkshire street 
Smith James, Crow nest 

Smith Thomas, Plumbe street and 2 
Old Hall street 

Woods Robert, 36 Briercliffe road 

Joiners and Builders. 

Atherton J. & S., Stanley st.— (See Advt.) 
Barker J. G. & Bros., 98 Springfield road 
Bracewell Wm, Mitre works, Westgate 
Brown Robert, Talbot street 
Clegg Brothers, Blakey street 
Cunliffe Samuel, Bank parade 
Curl John, Calder street 
Dean Richard & Sons, Plumbe street 
Emmett Oliver, 43 Healey Wood road 

and Emmett street. — (See Advt.) 
Greenwood & Dorrington, Oxford road 
Halstead Benjamin, Rectory road 



Hanson John, Stanley street 

Harlow Samuel, Albion mills, 

Stanley street 
Haworth John, Calder Vale road 
Holden Luke, 19 and 23 Barracks road 
Holgate "William, Old Hall street 
Lawson Thomas, 32 Grirnshaw street 
Nutt&ll, Whittaker & Newton, Lutner st 
Pollard James, 11 Hart street 
Robinson Eastwood, Canal yard 
Romney John, 18 Lome street 
Shackleton James, 106 Belvedere road 
Simpson Richard, North street 
Smith Fred. Norton, Canning st 
Smith George & Sons, Redruth street 

St an worth John, Tunstill street 
Taylor A. & S. (and shop fitters), 2 

Temple street and 161 Oxford road ; 

works, Todmorden road 
Taylor William, Burns street 
Torkington Alfred, Trafalgar street 
Townend & Marshall, Yatefield fold, 

Cog lane 
Walker John, Gog lane 
Watson John, Plumbe street 
Wiseman James, Hammerton street 
Wiseman John, Wiseman street 
Wiseman Leonard, Sandygate 
Wiseman Thomas, Stanley street 

Lamp and Oil Dealers. 

Allen William B., 25 Standish street 
Barton Sarah, 14 Finsleygate 
Billington Richard, 238 Accrington road 
Glancy John (wholesale), 42 Oxford road 
Greenwood William, 25 King street 
Hcaton M. & Son, 121 St. James street 
Jackson Robert, 36 Finsleygate 
Sutcliffe William, 11 Parker street 
Valley Richard, 116 Abel street 

Land Agents and Surveyors. 

Bell Thomas, 14 Grirnshaw street 
Colbran William Hy. (to the Exors. of 

Col. Hargreaves), Bank parade 
Ford Alfred, Gawthorpe Estate office 
Forrest Arthur J., Towneley Estate 

Fraser Francis E., Worsthorne Estate 

office, St. James' hall 
Hitchon, Son and Lancaster, 46 Man- 
chester road 
Jobling Henry & Son, 91 Rectory- road 
Parsons Charles, 9 Grirnshaw street 
Storey George, 11 Coal street 

Laundry Proprietors. 

Atkinson Lawrence, 12 Old Hall street 

Bcastow John, Glen view 

Garner Joseph, Oak Mount Steam 

laundry, Arthur street 
Wild Prank D., 23 and 25 Waterloo rd 

Law Stationer. 

Farrer George, 21 Nicholas street 

Leather Dealers. 

(See also Curriers.) 

Ainsworth Margaret, 3 Parker lane 
Benn Arthur, 38 St. James street 
Grocott Ralph, 8 Hammerton street 
Hough William & Co., 6 Elizabeth street 
Hudson James, 2 Bridge street 
Layfield Joseph, 46 Abel street 
Smith Wm. T., Roberts' yd., Water st 

Lime Burner. 

Plarrison Robert, Yorkshire street 

Lithographic Artists. 

Hughes & Holgate, Bank chmbrs., 
Hargreaves street 

Loan Offices. 

Burnley and District Advance Co., 21 
St. James row ; W. Sagar, manager 

Grirnshaw William, 14 Red Lion street 

Murton Isaac, 33 Boot street 

Union, 12 Ormerod street; Harry Bailey, 


Bell Mrs. Eleanor, 21 Hargreaves street 
Booth Mrs. Maria, 8 Bankhouse street 
Bride Mary J., 50 Grirnshaw street 
Carter Mrs. Elizabeth, 24 Gordon street 
Cayton Mrs., 14 Forest street 
Eastwood Mrs. Mary J., 84 Oak Mount 

terrace, Westgate 
Fletcher George, 19 Whittam street 
Fort Mrs. Mary E., 11 Boot street 
Hargreaves Miss Jane, 16 Godly street 
Hartley Mrs., Bank Top house, Railway 

Liddy Mrs. Ellen, 5 and 7 Rectory road 
Middlemiss Mrs. Jane, 19 Berkeley st 
Presley Mrs. Frances, 15 Master street 
Procter Miss Catherine, 1 King street 
Purton Martha M., 1 Forest street 
Read John, 11 Cross street 
Reed William, 62 Bank parade 
Walker Miss Jane, 21 Newcastle street 
Wilkinson James, 24 Adelphi street 
Wright John, Scar house, Church street 

Machine and Iron Brokers. 

Ashworth William, 20 Ashfield road 

Bullock Joseph, Brum street 

Graham Thomas, 10 Union street and 

Veevers street 
Halstead Richard, 14 Brown street 
Rawlinson John, Sandygate 
Riley George, 2 Brennand street 



Rushworth George, 20 Bridge street 
Smith Henry, 5 and 7 Canning street 
Wigglesworth Robert, 49 Todmorden rd 

Machine Makers. 

(Marked * are Power-Loom Makers.) 

Baldwin Samuel, Bethesda street 
Bracewell Humphrey, Briercliffe 


*Butterworth & Dickinson, Globe works, 
Trafalgar street, and Saunder Bank 

Chappies Hind, 1 and 3 Rectory road 
*Cooper Brothers, Ltd., Bethesda Street 

Dent & Holt, Crow nest 
Eckersall Henry, Canal bank, Wiseman 

street, and Hargher clough 
Hacking William E.. Oxford road 
*Harling & Todd, Calder foundry, Ham- 

merfcon street 
Haworth Henry, Plumbe street 

Holt Thomas, Cow lane 

*Keighley George, Bankhouse works, 

Canning street 
Nutter George, Elm street 
*Oakes & Leigh, Calder Vale road 
*Pemberton & Co., Waterloo foundry, 

Trafalgar street 
Proctor James (patent mechanical stoker 

and self-cleaning fire-bars) , Ham- 

merfcon Street ironworks 
Shackleton William, Holmes street 
Smithson William, Pilling Street works 
Whittaker William (mechanical stoker), 

Basket street 

Machinery Exporters. 

Richmond Thos. & Co., 79a St. James st 


Massey's Burnley Brewery, Ltd., Bridge 
End brewery, Westgate 

Marine Store Dealers. 

Bibby Thomas & Son, Calder street 
Dean James, 6 and 8 Cannon street 
Graham Thomas, Veevers street 
Hanson William, Turf street 
Pollard William, Brook street 
Riley George, 2 Brennand street 
Smith Thomas, Barracks road 

Mattress Makers. 

Fawcet James, Scar top, Church street 
Hammond & Yates, Trafalgar street 

Milliners and Dressmakers. 

Adams James, 22 Whittlefield street 
Altham Ellen, 470 Padiham road 
Allen Mary Ann, 81 Golne road 

Andrews Mary, 99 Curzon street 
Anforth Mary A., 30 Colviile street 
Astwell Elizabeth, 198 Padiham road 
Baldwin & Holgate, 139 St. James street 
Ball Mary, 34 Ashfield road 
Bannister Elizabeth, 61 Master street 
Battey Elizabeth F. T 21 Granville street 
Bennett & Co., 54 Hebrew road 
Bell Misses, 27 Colne road 
Bewley Jennett, 8 Smith street 
Bibby Elizabeth E., 7 Willow street 
Blakey Ruth, 20 Bankhouse street 
Booth Alice G., 60 Albion street 
Bracewell Martha, 12 Curzon street 
Broad Misses, 25 Hulme street 
Brooks Martha, 8 Healey Wood road 
Broughton Jane, 34 Allen street 
Buck Charlotte, 31 Berkeley street 
Butler Elizabeth, 31 Rectory road 
Butterworth Margaret A., 35 Holbeck st 
Chambers Elizabeth, 48 Hebrew road 
Gheesbrough Polly, 11 Shackleton street 
Clegg Martha, 104 Padiham road 
Collinge James, 51 St. James street 

Cottingham John, 173 Oxford road 
Crawshaw Elizabeth, 9 Grey street 

Cunliffe James, 141 Padiham road 
Dawson Wilkinson, 119 Westgate 
Dean Sarah J., 12 Smalley street 
Dean Margaret A., 29 Rectory road 
Dick Miss, 74 Colne road 
Dixon Lavinia, 185 Colne road 
Dracup Harriet M., 54 Abel street 
Driver Susannah, 57 Slandish street 
Duckworth Mary, 109 Curzon street 
Dunning Thomas, 162 St. James street 
Duxbury Susie, 7 Cedar street 
Earson & Pairhurst, 57 St. James street 
Eastwood Elizabeth, 50 Canning street 
Edmondson Ellen, 21 Peter street 
Eltoft Ann, 38 Daneshouse road 
Fawcett Jane A., 28 Hurtley street 
Pish wick Mary, 4 Slater street 
Poden E., 13 Blakey street 
Poulds Sarah PJ., 23 Whitaker street 
Frankland Martha, 19 Hampden street 
Glossop & Scrimshaw, 79 St. James st 

Grant Terence, 19<Oxford road 
Greenhalgh M. A. & M. E., 92 Church st 
Greenwood Martha A., 112 Briercliffe rd 
Halstead Jane, 6 Belvedere road 
Hardwick Juan, 177 Oxford road 
HarkerMary E., 12 Bankhouse street 
Harrison S. & E., 9 Richard street 
Hartley A., 58 Standish street 
Hartley Martha, 63 Laithe street 
Haynes Mary J., 58 Hurtley street 
Hebden George, 37 Abel street 
Hesketh James, 80 St. James street 
Heyworth Jane, 117 Padiham road 
Hindle Sarah, 12 Clifton street 
Hird Selina, 15 Boot street 
Hocking John, 76 Accrington road 
Holland J. & A., 16 Manchester road 




Horridge Martha, 134 Abel street 
Howard Elizabeth 12 Garden street and 

45 Curzon street 
Howley Mary, 16 Temple street 
Howarth Isabella, 82 Oxford road 
Howarth Elizabeth, 93 Oxford road 
Jackson Jane, 5 St. James street 
Jefferson Ruth, 36 Standish street 
Jones Ann, 4 Standish street 
Jones Emma, 36 Piccadilly road 
Jones Louisa, 34 Westgate 
Keighley Mary A. & E., 102 Trafalgar st 
Kershaw Eleanor, 62 Oxford road 
Lancaster Mary H., 21 Temple street 
Laycock Dora, 32 Bar street 
Leach Jane S., 19 Yorkshire street 
Loder Henry, 127 Oxford road 
Lofthouse Alice, 160 Sandygate 
Lord Alice, 26 Standish street 
Luxton Sarah A., 25 Todmorden road 
McEvoy Prank, 91 St. James street 
Macadam H., 37 Standish street 
Marshall Elizabeth, 82 Gordon street 
Maychell Margaret, 19 Holton street 
Meads Ellen, 10 Canning street 
Medley Mrs., 56 Brunswick street 
Midgley Louisa, 159 Oxford road 
Midgley Elizabeth, 151 Oxford road 
Miller Mrs., 32 Hart street 
Moffatt Mary, 52 Branch road 
Monk Agnes, 1 Ribblesdale street 
Moss Margaret, 352 Oolne road 
Murphy Clara, 7 Harrison street 
Newall Mary, 11 Whittam street 
Nuttall Alice, 2 Standish street 
Oldcom Frances, 142 Branch road 
Pickles John, 85 St. James street 
Pollard Elizabeth A., 14 Lindsay street 
Pollard Jane, 10 Cuerden street 
Proudlove John, 46 Trafalgar street and 

139 Westgate 
Prudom William, 48 St. James st 
Purday Jane, 101 Todmorden road 
Rawcliffe Margaret E., 65 Parliament st 
Redman Misses, 98 Col no road 
Eenfrey Mary H., 9 Altham street 
Richardson Fanny, 76 Brunswick street 
Roberts James, 5 and* 6 Garden street 

and 23 and 25 Curzon street 
Roberts Jane, 37 Market street 
Roberts John, 125 Padiham road 
Robinson G. P. & B., 28 Yorkshire st 
Robinson John, 34 Oxford road 
Sadd Caroline, 21 Manchester road 
Sanderson Martha Jane, 142 Colne road 

and 23 Hebrew road 
Sandham Sarah, 52 Abel street 
Scott & Simpson, 47 Westgate 
Schofield Mary J., 61 Brougham street 
Shaw Bessie, 68 Brougham street 
Shepherd Margaret, 83 Hollingreave rd 
Simpson Florence, 17 Ashfield road 
Slater Annie, 68 Queensberry road 
Smith Elizabeth, 53 Oxford road 

Smith Eliz. & Susannah, 89 Westgate 
Smith Florrie, 4 Newcastle street 
Smith Mary, 59 Standish street 
Smith & Patterson, 29 Hurtley street 
Stanworth Mary M., 2 Saxon street 
Stones Alice, 23 Newcastle street 
Sutcliffe Misses, 3 Devonshire terrace 
Sutcliffe Eleanor, 28 Merton street 
Sykes Miss C. J. B. (teacher of dress- 
making), 70 Oak Mount ter, Westgate 
Tatham Agnes, 173 Colne road 
Tattersall Eleanor, 264 Padiham rd 
Tattersall L. & M., 72 Trafalgar street 
Taylor Elizabeth, 105 Parliament street 
Taylor Jane A., 24 Berkeley street 
Taylor N., 4 Tentre street 
Thompson Mary J. (teacher of 

dressmaking"), 218 Padiham rd 
Thornton Mary J., 30 Church street 
Thorp Thomas, 11 Manchester road 
Towler J. & F. J., 4 Hebrew square 
Townley Blanche, 121 Accrington road 
Turner Martha, 35 Canning street 
Verity Clara J., 105 Gordon street 
Wadsworth Margt. A., 37 Manchester rd 
Waite Ann & Isabella, 16 Sandygate 
Waterhouse Elizabeth, 324 Colne road 
Waterworth Ada, 69 Standish street 
Watson Annie, 57 Church street 
Whitaker A. & C, 3 Berkeley street 
Whitaker E. & M., 113 Parliament st 
Whitaker Mary E., 64 Standish street 
Whittaker Sarah, 8 Bedford street 
Wiseman Annie, 32 Rectory road 
Wilkinson Mary, Coal Clough lane 
Wood Margaret H., 16 Bankhouse street 
Wood Marian, 132 Grey street 
Woodhead Sarah, 13 Coal street 
Yates Charles, 3 and 5 Standish street 


(See Engineers and Millwrights.) 

Mineral Water Manu- 

Atkinson Brothers, Bank parade 
Blezard Henry, Parker lane 
Briggs W. & B. (hop ale), 104 Sandygate 
Eastwood Peter, Cooper street 
Green & Smith, Old Hall street 
Greenwood & Co., Elizabeth street 
Greenwood Joseph (cordial), 192 Padi- 
ham road 
Moorhouse William, Moorhouse street 
Simpson James (cordial), Ashfield road 
Smith & Thomas, Byerden lane. — (See 

Waring Richard, Cow lane 
White & Co., Hammerton street 

Monumental Masons. 

Stanworth Harry, Monk Hall street 
Stanworth William, 2 Saxon street 



Steele Henry P. & Co. (sculptors), Monk 

Hall street 
Stevenson Fred., Cemetery lane 
Whitaker Jonathan, 29 & 31 Church st 
Yates Lawrence, Accrington road 

Music and Musical Instrument 


Bannister & Simpson, Bell's arcade 
Birkett John, 106 Westgate 
Booth Cnarles, 27 Standish street 
Brown Cephas, 16 Holme road 
Eastwood Henry, 40 St. James street 
Eastwood George, 268 Briercliffe road 
Eastwood Eichard, 100 Abel street 
Parrar David (agent), 354 Colne road 
Fox Charles J., 110 Colne road; and 

Graham John, 65 Colne road 
Ham Walter L., 194 Colne road 
Hargreaves Thomas W., 127 Westgate 

and 37 Yorkshire street 
Lupton Brothers, 38 and 40 Manchester 

road and Market hall 
Mackrell Fred., 6 Standish street 
Mercer William B., 53 Westgate 
Pollard Thomas, 33 Market street 
Simpson Thomas, 23 Manchester road 
Thomas John W., 12 Raglan road 
Tomlinson William, 64 and 66 Oxford rd 
Wilkinson John, 153 Padiham road 

Music Teachers. 

Berry Ellen, 72 Standish street 
Booth John, 54 Gladstone street 
Boothman John, 331 Padiham road 
Brown George, 62 Padiham road 
Brown Cephas, 16 Holme road 
Crossley Joseph, 28 Bar street 
Cruikshank William A. C, 1 Knights- 
bridge grove, Colne road 
Dawson Harry W-, 246 Colne road 
Gaul John Edward, 14a Piccadilly road 
Griffin Charles W., 32 King street 
Hartley Cyrus, 42 Todmorden road 
Harrison William C, 39 Gordon street 
Hedges Wilfrid, 67 Cavour street 
Higson James, 49 Colne road 
Higson Holdsworth, 265 Briercliffe road 
Lee Nathan, 33 Murray street 
Leslie Fanny, 30 King street 
Lonsdale Henry, 57 Colne road 
Mackrell Fred., 6 Standish street 
Mitchell Walter, 19 King's terrace 
Myers Fred., 18 Sandygate 
Myers William T., 10 Belgravc street 
Nevins William J., 56 Coal Clough lane 
Pearson John, 9 Taylor street 
Pollard Albert, 68 Standish street 
Pollard Thomas, 33 Market street 
Robins Madame (and vocalist), 5 

Smith street 
Salmon William, 24 Crowther street 

Simpson Thomas, 23 Manchester road 
Spencer Henry, 136 Trafalgar street 
Waddington Robert, 5 Shackleton street 

Newsagents and Stationers. 

(See Booksellers.) 


Burnley Express (Sat. and Wed.) ; The 

Express Printing Co., Bull street 
Burnley Gazette and East Lancashire 

Advertiser (Sat. and Wed.) ; Benjamin 

Moore, publisher and proprietor, 

Bridge street 
Lancashire Evening Express (branch), 

Bethesda street 
Lancashire Evening Post (branch), 3 St. 

James row; John C. Marshall, agent 
Northern Daily Telagraph (branch), 7 

Hammerton st; James W. Metcalfe, 


Notary— Public. 

Creeke Herbert Buck, Cliviger street 

Nursery and Seedsman. 

Baldwin Starkie, Woodbine nurseries, 

Padiham road 
Rigg James Whitcgate nurseries. — (See 

Towler Abraham & Son. New Hall 

Oil and Tallow Merchants. 

Cooke Samuel & Co., Stanley street 
Eccleston Henry (neatsfoot) , 43 

Standish street 
Francis & Co., 7 Manchester road 
Holland Chas. (neatsfoot), Stanhope st 
Heald John & Son, Hill Top street 
Harrison John (Exors. of), 7 Bridge st 
Mason Ralph (neatsfoot), Ex- 
mouth street 
Overton George B. (agent), 150 Colne rd 

Organ Builders. 

Driver & Co., Hammerton street 


Baldwin William, Market hall 

Jepson Shaw Brothers, 9 Market 

hall and 70 Standish street 
Mather Henry C, Market hall 
Nutter John T., 23 St. James st 


Brennan William, 156 St. James street 
Burnley Clothing Club Co., 51 Westgate 
Cheshire Alfred, 84 St. James street 
Dewhurst & Crossley, 147 St. James st 
Hepworth J. & Son, Ltd., 17 Market st 



Lancaster John, 3 Market street 
O'Boyle Felix, 13 Market street 
Provident Clothing Club, 158 St. James 

Smith & Co., 10 Market place 
Spencer Joseph, 1 Yorkshire street 
Thompson Brothers, 93 St. James st 
Tillotson Daniel, 51 & 53 Hammerton st 
Walsh Thomas, 7 Market street 
Wilkinson James, 102 Padiham road 

Oyster Dealers. 

Burnley Oyster Co., 128 St James st 
Crossley Lawrence, 53 St. James street 
Eltoft Joseph, 44 Hebrew road 
Slater William, 173 St. James street 

Paint and Colour Merchants. 

Francis & Co. (late Thomas), 7 
Manchester road 

Williams T. II. & Co. Ltd., 132 St. 
James street 

Painters and Decorators. 

Alfrey Henry, 4 Lord street 
Aspinall William, 7 St. James row 
Baldwin John, 15 Yorkshire street 
Baxter Mark, 36 Gannow lane 
Chad wick John, 13 Hebrew road 
Cooper Thomas, 75 Brunshaw road 
Cramphorn William, 2 Napier street 
Daniel Robert, 38 Heap street 
Davy William, 21 Abel street 
Eastham Norman, 216 Colne road 
Edwards James, 15 St. James street 
Foulds Arthur, 11 Colne read 
Gray Fred., Spring Hill road 
Gray George, Healey Wood road 
Greenwood William Hy.„63 Colne road 
Hargreaves L. & J., 110 Springfield rd 
Hartley Abraham & Son, 76 Hebrew rd 
Hartley Thomas, 9 Spring Hill road 
Holdsworth C, 1 Thorneybank street 
Home H. & Son, 45 Padiham road 
Jackson Thomas, 40 Oxford road 
Kennerley Wm. & Co., 16 Parker lane 
Latham Norman, 216 Colne road 
Nuttall William A., 2 Blannell street 
Palmer William, 3 Lee Green street 
Parker Robert, 24 Horace street 
Pickthall James & Son, 68 Hurtley st 
Pickthall William, 168 Accrington road 
Plane & Ashworth, Plumbe at 
Preston & Son, 16 Hargreaves street 
Procter Ishmaol, 10 Yorkshire street 
Radcliffe John D., 129 Westgate 
Radcliffe Thos. S., 185 St. James st 
Reid James, 134 Padiham road 
Rennard Emmanuel, 59 Hurtley street 
Riley Hargreaves, 13 Daneshouse road 
Sagar & Son, 15 & 17 Grimshaw st 
Shea John, 34 Howe street 

Shuttleworth John (Exors. of), 48 

Standish street 
Shuttleworth Thomas, 41 Riding street 
Smith Crawshaw, 8 Canning street 
Smith John, 55 Curzon street 
Smith & Son, 97 Oxford road 
Stanworth George, 11 Plumbe street 
Stell David, 53 Bank parade 
Tapper Thomas, 5 Taylor street 
Tuck Fred., 77 Oxford road 
Walmsley Matthew, 27 Trafalgar street 
Wolstencroft William, 231 Accrington rd 

Paper Makers. 

Burnley Paper Works Co M Ltd., Calder 
Vale ; John Hacking, secretary 

Paper Bag* Makers. 

Bell George E., 3a Parker lane and 31 

Thomas street, Mancliester 
Bibby & Baron, Ltd. (by machinery), 

Newtown mills, Cow lane 
Nuttall & Co., 14 and 16 Bridge st 
Smith James Henry, (dealer), 3 

Stanworth street 

Paper Merchants. 

Bell George E., 3a Parker lane 
Nuttall & Co., 14 and 16 Bridge st 
Smith James Hy., 3 Stanworth st 

Pattern Makers. 

Dixon Arthur, Victoria street 
Tindall Charles, Vulcan street 


Ashworth & Holme, 10 Hammerton st 
Bailey Thomas, 172 St. James street 
Brown Ann, 7 Fleet street 
Hindle James, 23 Parker street 
Jackson John Thos., 38, 40 and 

42 Hebrew road 
Jones Richard, 49 Hammerton street 
Kippax John, 10 Parker lane 
Lord James, 1 Croft street 
Smith Elizabeth, 28 Curzon street 
Stofct Sarah E., 126 Trafalgar street 
Tillotson Danl., 51 and 53 Hammerton st 
Webster Charles H., 33 St. James street, 

19 Bridge street, and 2 Lome street 


Barcroft & Crabtree, 334 Colne road 
Brooks John, 40 Parliament street 
Brooks Sarah, 8 Healey Wood road 
Crossland John, 133 Westgate 
Crowther Alfred G., 18 Standish street 
Foulds George Hy., 69a Curzon street 
Greenwood Alfred, 77 Standish street 
Holgate James, 11 Westgate 
Law J. B. & Co., 26 Church street 
Mosedale John T., 185 Padiham road 



Parkinson Arthur, Monk Hall street 
Pickles Zacharias, 22 Standish street 
Riley Thomas, 52 Manchester road 
Robinson Friend (enlarger), 84 Parlia- 
ment street 

Smith John Thos,, 79a St. James street 

Sutcliffe William, Elm street 

Watson Matthew, 3 Red Lion street and 

near Townley station 
Wilkinson Joseph, 125 Manchester road 

Physicians and Surgeons. 

Anderson Charles Arthur, M.B., O.M. 

(Watson & Anderson), 89 Rectory rd 
Astin George, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 11 

Briercliffe road 
Brown (John, M.D.) and Mackenzie 

(James, M.D.), 66 and 68 Bank par 
Brumwell Joseph C, M.D., 13 Har- 

greaves street 
Burns John, L.R.O.P, M.R.C.S., Full- 
edge house, Todmorden road 
Chadwick Hitchon, L.R.O.P., L.R.C.S., 

41 and 43 Oxford road 
Crosslcy Frederick E., 306 and 308 

Padiham road 
Crump Thomas G., M.B., 62 Prospect 

terrace, Yorkshire street 
Dean Sheridan, L.R.O.P., L.F.P.S., 

32 Oxford road 

Dean Thomas, M.D., (medical officer of 

health), 84 Manchester road 
Dixon Harry Alcock, M.R.C.S. Lond., 

141 and 143 Oxford road 
Ferguson James M., L.R.C.P., Ashgrove. 

70 and 72 Colne road 

Fox James, L.R.O.P., L.R.C.S., 11 York- 
shire street 

Giffen Samuel M., L.R.O.P., L.R.C.S., 
64 Bank parade 

Harwood Titus H., M.D., Willfield 

house, 22 Padiham road 
Hayward William Hy., M.R.O.S., L.S.A., 

30 and 32 Smalley street 
Hodgson John, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 20 

Gannow lane and 109 Accrington road 
Holt Richard 0., F.R.C.S., Byerden 

house, 191 Colne road 

Holt Thomas, M.B.C.M., 36 Holme view, 
Colne road 

Jee Charles, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., Bridge 
house, 91 and 93 Manchester road, and 
33 Bankhouse street 

Johnston James, M.B., CM., 9 Knights- 
bridge grove, Colne road 

Joynson Owen F., B.A., M.B., B.S., 35 
Padiham road 

Little Andrew, M.B.O.M. (oculist), 62 

Bank parade 
Marsden Frederick William, L.R.O.P., 

L.R.C.S., 54 Holme view, Colne road 
O'Meaza Rowland Cooke, L.R.C.S., 

L.R.C.P., 99 Manchester road 

O'Sullivan Daniel A., B.A., L.R.C.P., 

L.R.C.S., Oak mount, 39 Westgate 
Parsons (John, F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P.) and 

Wright, 56 Oak Mount ter., Westgate 
Pullon George S., M.B., 114 Westgate 
Ruttle Robt. (oculist), 77 Manchester rd 
Sinclair Alex. M., M.B. C.M., (house 

surgeon), Victoria Hospital 
Smithwaite-Black John L., M.D., CM., 

14 Hargreaves street, and 46 Colne rd 
Sutcliffe Alf., F.R.C.S. (district medical 

officer for Union), 24 Trinity place, 

Accrington road 

Thomson George William W., M.D., 

L.F.P.S.G., Oak mount, 23 Ashfield rd 
Watson (Andrew Alexander, L.R.O.P.) 

and Anderson, 68 Holme view, Colne rd 
Whitham Robert M., M.B., M.Ch., 

Craven lodge, Picadilly road 
Wilson William E., M.R.C.S., 78 Oak 

Mount terrace, Westgate 
Wright Walter, M.D., L.S.A. (Parsons 

and Wright), 56 Oak Mount terrace, 


Picture Frame Makers. 

Cowell James, 56 St. James street 
Crossland John, 133 Westgate 
Goldstone Fabrian, 8 Temple street 
Greenwood Alfred, 77 Standish street 
Matthews Robert H., 9a Red Lion st 
Robinson Friend, 84 Parliament street 
Watson Matthew, 3 Red Lion street 
Wright William, 34 Sandygate 
Zacharias M., 10 Westgate 

Picture Dealers. 

Booth Charles, 27 Standish street 
Matthews Robert Hy., 9a Red Lion st 
Tuck Fred., 77 Oxford road 
Watson Matthew, 3 Red Lion street 


Aspinall William, 7 St. James row 
Chadwick John, 13 Hebrew road 
Coupe John, 6 King street 
Hartley Thomas, 9 Spring Hill road 
Pickthall James & Son, 68 Hurtley st 
Preston & Son, 16 Hargreaves street 
Rawlinson Robert, 23 Brougham street 
Shuttleworth John (Exors. of), 48 
Standish street 

Shuttleworth & Pickup, 50 Daneshouse 

Smith Robert (and mastic cement 
manufacturer), Ashfield road 

Thorburn Matthew, 29 Ford street 
Wood Isaac, 18 Oxford road 

Plumbers, Glaziers, &c. 

Atkinson Robert, 50 Padiham road 
Bridge Alfred, 310 Colne road 

Brooks Eli & Co., 60 Abel street 



Brooks John, 34 Trafalgar street 
Colling-e Bros., 1 Briercliffe road 
Dooley Joseph, 7 Padiham road 
Gent Stephen, 59 Westgate 
Gill William, 20 Mary street 
Holden Frank, 36 Daneshouse road 
Lord John, 29 Howe street 
Owen & Co., Limited, 5 Yorke street 
Redfern William, 97 Parliament street 
Roberts Richard, 18 Padiham road 
Scott William, 25 Yorkshire street 
Shackleton Alb., 35 and 37 Bankhouse st 
Shoesmith James, 79 Manchester road 
Smith John, 21 Curzon street 
■Stansfield & Son, 15 Curzon street 
Sutcliffe & Whisker, 74 Parliament st 
Watterson, Hargreaves & Cross- 
ley, 11 Bank parade 
Whitehead George E., 48 Gannow lane 

Portmanteau Maker. 

•Shirley Wm. O., 138 St. James st 

Printers— Letterpress. 

Bell George E., 3a Parker lane 
Burghope & Strange (and lithographers, 

&c), 50 St. James street 
Dixon John, Victoria street 
Eastwood Henry, 40 St. James street 
Express Printing Co., Bull street 
Grant James, 14 Manchester road 
Moore Benjamin, Bridge street 
Nuttall & Co. (and lithographers), 

14 and 16 Bridge street 
Parker & Co., 22 Hargreaves street 

Provision Merchant. 

Bolton E. & Sons, Standish street 
Boston's, Limited, 164 St. James street 
Bradshaw Richard, 24 Market place 
Hargreaves Thomas & Son, 4, 9, 11, and 

13 Church street 
Hedges Alfred, Coal street 
Hoghton Thomas, 66 St. James street 
Lipton Thomas J., 15 Market street 
Midgley & Fulton, Whittam street 
•O'Brien Thomas (egg and butter), 105 

Leyland road 
Maypole Dairy Co. (butter), 89 St. 

James street 
Mosley Thos., 29 and 31 Springfield rd 
Richmond Tom & Walter, Market hall 
Speake Walter, 78 St. James street 

Reed and Heald Makers. 

Bibby Thomas & Son, Church street 
Massey William W. (heald), Brown st 
Spencer Hartley, Stanley street 

Register Offices for Servants. 

Eastwood Mrs., 40 St. James street 
Farrer Mrs. Sarah A., 72 Curzon street 

Harlow Mrs. Margaret, 140 St. James st 
Hudson Mrs., 9 Curzon street 

Rope and Twine Makers. 

Barnes Robert, 177 St. James street and 
Woodbine ropery, Padiham road 

Cooper James (Exors. of), Scar Top 
works & 38 St. James st.— (See Advt.) 

Rug and Mat Makers. 

Bayliff James, 25 Lord street 
Blind Institute, Eastwood street 
Hugill Christopher, 75 Oxford road 

Saddlers and Harness Makers. 

Hayhurst Elizabeth, 26 St. James st 
Higgin Charles, 10 Nicholas street 
Higgin John, 1, 3, and 5 Church, st 
Johnson James, 32 Church street 
Lupton Francis, 114 Colne road 
Pickup John, 50 Yorkshire street 
Shirley William O., 138 St. James 
street and 3 Padiham road 

Salt Dealers. 

Aldersley Arthur, 276 Colne road 

Cook John, 1 Cuerden street 

Higgin George (and sand), 6 Paper st 

Saw Sharpener. 

Harris Joseph, 26 Hammerton street 

Saw Mills. 

Atherton J. & S., Stanley street 
Brown Robert, Talbot street 
Dean Richard & Sons, Plumbe street 
Holgate William, Old Hall street 
Smith George & Sons, Redruth street 
Wiseman James, Hammerton street 

Screw Key Makers. 

Downham Robert, Calder Vale road 
Ward & Co., 115 St. James street 

Sewing* Machine Agents and 


Barnett John, 7 Clifton street 
Dean Charles, 55 Westgate 
Hargreaves Sarah, 56 Standish street 
Hargreaves Thomas, Market hall 
Marshall William, 10 Market hall 
Mason Henry, 9 Hollingreave road 
Singer Manufacturing Co., 110 St. James 

street ; Robert Smith, manager 
Townley Robert, 30 Allen street 
Whittaker William, 94 New Hall street 

Sheriff's Officer. 

Mossop Albert J., 1 Ormerod street 



Ship Share Broker. 

Littlehales R. H., 161 Manchester 


Ainsworth Jane, 1 Holton street 
Alderson William, 82 Abel street 
Allen Felix, May street 
Almond George, 52a Plumbe street 
Anderson Andrew, 48 Waterloo road 
Anforth Henry, 2 Town ley street 
Ashworth Betsy, 21 Shackleton street 
Aspden John, 12 Brunshaw road 
Astin Dyson, 229 Manchester road 
Astin John, 20 Healey Wood road 
Astin Thomas, 4 Peel street 
Astin William, 46 Gannow lane 
Auty Matthew, 46a Plumbe street 
Bacon Elizabeth, 31 Rumley road 
Baldwin Henry, 17 Cannon street 
Baldwin James, 108 Gannow lane 
Baldwin William, 62 Church street 
Bancroft James, 1 Duke street 
Banks Margaret, 2 Craven street 
Bangay William, 37 Eraser street 
Bannister Mary A., 114 Accrington road 
Barnes James, 25 Haslam street 
Batten Richard, 4 Briercliffe road 
Bennett Walter, 76 Lowerhous lane 
Berry Mary, 314 Colne road 
Berry William, 62 Briercliffe road 
Birch Ellen, 37 Ashworth street 
Blakey Jane, 18 Brown street 
Blythe Margaret, 28 Barracks road 
Boddy Nicholas, 11 King street 
Bond Grace, 31 Hargher street 
Bowes Rose Hannah, 19 Brown street 
Bradley William, 226 Accrington road 
Brierley Benjamin, Cop row 
Briggs James, 80 Padiham road 
Briggs William, 25 Lydia street 
Brittlebank Henry, 114 Piccadilly road 
Brogan Martin, 6 Roper street 
Bromley James, 23 Mount Pleasant st 
Broughton Dorothy, 45 High street 
Brown Sarah, 19 Clarence street 
Butterworth James, 13 Cobden street 
Butson John, 2 Newcastle street 
Byrne Patrick, 116 Finsleygate 
Cairns Ann, 101 Sandygate 
Calvert Jane, 1'3 Russell street 
Carlyon Avis, 135 Ardwick street 
Carter Mary Ann, 18 Curzon street 
Chad wick Jas. E., 33 Mosley House rd 
Cherry Lucy Ann, 21 Duke street 
Cleator Mary E., 1 Merton street 
Clegg Esther, 12 Brown street 
Clegg Martha, 160 Manchester road 
Clegg Thomas, 1 Towneley street 
Clough John, 2 Hurtley street 
Coates James, 43 Cog lane 
Codcl William, 18 Holly street 
Collinge Caroline, 96 Brunshaw road 

Collinge Robert, 20 Ridge row 
Collis Emma, 14 Calder street 
Conway Catherine, 22 Richard street- 
Cooper William, 157 Accrington road 
Coxhill Elizabeth, 3 Blind lane 
Crossley Reuben 182 Gannow lane 
Crossley Walter, 41 Tunnel street 
Crowther Charles, 79 Clark street 
Curry John, 37 Piccadilly road 
Cutler James, 44 Albert street 
Dawson Thomas, 3 Sand street 
Dean Alice A., 9 Cannon street 
Dean John, 20 Mitre street 
Dean Pythinia, 32 Bridge street 
Dean Robert, 9 North street 
Denton James, 4 Accrington road 
Dickinson Deborah, 25a Hulme street. 
Dinsdale Isabella, 22 Carter street 
Dinsdale James, 25 Laithe street 
Dixon Dorothy, 27 Brunshaw road 
Donovan William, 95 Leylancl road 
Driver John, 3 Meadow street 
Duerden James, 175 Padiham road 
Dyson Edward, 18 Brief street 
Edmondson Jones, 6 Halstead street 
Edmondson William, 221 Manchester rd 
Elliott John, 2 Mill street, Lowerhouse 
Ellison Alice, 2S Old Hall street 
Emerson Thomas, 68 Barracks road 
Fegans Samuel, 84 Burns street 
Fielden Daniel, 39 Clark street 
Forrest James, 23 Nairne street 
Forrest Samuel, 176 Cog lane 
Foster Albert, 52 Nairne street 
Fulton Mary A., 1 Brougham street 
Gaukroger John, 9 Lindsay street 
Goodall Hannah, 42 Tentre street 
Gorton Hugh, 62 Croft street 
Gray Thomas, 12 Briercliffe road 
Greenwood Thomas, 162 Hurtley street 
Greenwood William, 41 Marlborough st. 
Greenwood William, 1 Clark street 
Grcgson John, 2 Livingstone street 
Hackcnley Elizabeth, 102 Colne road 
Ham William Henry, 56a Junction st 
Halstead Albert, 10 Healey Wood road 
Halstead Ellen, 57 Leyland road 
Halstead Susannah, 6 St. Andrew's st 
Hardacre Ann, 24 Finsleygate 
Hardman Sarah E., 106 Hebrew road 
Hargreaves Henry, 91 Byerden lane 
Hargreaves James, 142 Oxford road 
Harrison Joseph, 73 Hufling lane 
Harrison Peter, 30 Whittlefield street 
Hartley Alfred, 77 Foulridge street 
Hartley David, 33 Garstang street 
Hartley Isabella, 15 Calder street 
Hartley James, 94 Master street 
Hartley John, 10 Parliament street 
Hastwell Margaret, 26 Grimshaw street 
Hatch James, 1 Cowper street 
Haworth George, 44 Derby street . 
Hazlewood Wm., 5 Mount Pleasant st 
Heyworth Henry, Roebuck street 



Heyworth Margaret, 135 Sandygate 
Higgins James, 30 Grosvenor street 
Hind James Henry, 17 Boot street 
Hindle Thomas, 11 Old Hall street 
Hitchen Eliza, 137 Padiham road 
Hitohen George William, 25 Stoney st 
Hodgson John, 24 Brunshaw road 
Holden Joseph, 22 Elmwood street 
Holden Thomas, 58 Ardwick street 
Holgate Ellen, 1 Praser street 
Holt James, Cog lane 
Hopwood Zenas, 78 Accrington road 
Hough Thomas, 40 Belgrave street 
Howarth Henry, 234 Accrington road 
Howarth Thomas, 39 Brown street 
Hoyle John, Clow bridge 
Hudson Agnes M., 58 Temple street 
Hudson Matthew, 109 Cog lane 
Ibbotson Robert, 40 Finsleygate 
Ingham Jonathan, 26 Back lane 
Iveson Edward, 7 Colville street 
Jackson Adam, 18 Cog lane 
Jackson Hartley, 7 Jackson street 
Jackson John, 33 Carr street 
Jackson John, 23 Cannon street 
Jenkin Richard, 4 Hill Marton street 
Johnson Christiana, 32 Trafalgar street 
Johnstone Annie, 37 Clarence street 
Kearton John, 49 Kirkgate 
King Martha A., 43 Sandygate 
Kippax Mary M., 4 Acre street 
Knowles Ellen, 76 Church street 
Lacy Harvey, 18 Pir street 
Lancaster Jane, 64 Parliament street 
Laurie Jane, 1 Folds street 
Laycock Richard, 23 Glenn street 
Lee Thomas, 139 Manchester road 
Lewis John, 85 Anne street 
Livesey John, 41 Royle road 
Livesey Mary, 5 Athol street 
Loder Benjamin. 84 Hebrew road 
Loder Hannah, 52 Cotton street 
Lomax John W., 58 Springfield road 
Lupton George, 35 Bank parade 
McDonough Thomas, 30 Warwick street 
Magnall William, 26 Cobden street 
Makinson Seth, 208 Accrington road 
Marquis Thomas, 2 Clough street 
Marsden Sarah, 215 Colne road 
Marshall Mary Ann, 51 Albion street 
Mason Fergus, 119 Waterloo road 
Mason James, 24 Springfield road 
Mason Richard, 28 Parker lane 
Maudsley John, 49 Lowerhouse lane 
Maxwell William, 1 Norton street 
Mellor Rachel, 3 Fielden street 
Metcalfe Ellen, 109 Leyland road 
Miles John, 5 Devonshire road 
Newton Louisa, 76 Milton street 
Nutter Elizabeth A., 28 Derby street 
Nutter John, 57 High street 
Nutter Martha, 28 Royle road 
Oldfield John, 1 Clyde street 
Ormerod Adam, Spring Hill road 

Ormerod Mary, 54 Gannow lane 
Outlaw Mrs., 57 Brunshaw road 
Parker Adelaide, 10 Arthur street 
Parker Christopher, 79 Parliament st 
Parkinson Parkinson, 28 Boot street 
Patchett Isaac, 41 Brown street 
Percival Dorothy, 29 Elm street 
Pegg John, 1 Free Trade street 
Pickering John, 12 Milton street 
Pickles Ellen, 140 Trafalgar street 
Pickles John Thomas, 27 Warwick st 
Pilkington Mary, 59 Back lane 
Place Elizabeth, 12 Sandygate 
Pollard Hannah M., 25 Brunshaw road 
Pollard Mary A., 211 Padiham road 
Pollard Mary, 57 Accrington road 
Priestley David, 62 Trafalgar street 
Procter Robert, Wellhouse street 
Rhodes Nelson, 139 Gannow lane 
Ridehalgh Ellen, 71 Lowerhouse lane 
Rigg Abraham, 1 Napier street 
Riley Shorrock, 2 Queen street 
Riley Thersa, 107 Lowerhouse lane 
Robinson John C, 7 Patten street 
Rushworth John, 99 Accrington road 
Ruth Henry, 162 Sandygate 
Rycrofc Richard, 80 Hebrew road 
Schofield Ann, 141 Colne road 
Schofield Margaret, 24 Red Lion street 
Schofield Thomas, 130 Leyland road 
Schofield Thomas, 48 Springfield road 
Shorrock Thomas, 111 Gannow lane 
Shutt Robert, 766 Padiham road, 

Simpson William, 1 Arundel street 
Skirrow Benjamin T., 59 Branch road 
Slater John, 110 Hollingreave road 
Slater Thomas, 75 Whittlefield street 
Smith Ellen, 1 Victoria ter, Habergham 
Smith John, 1 Malt Kiln street 
Smith Mary, 1 Sutcliffe street 
Smith Sarah, 2 Horace street 
Speak Mary, 19 Holden street 
Speak Thomas, 88 Robinson street 
Spencer Mary, 58 Marlborough street 
Spencer Robert, 732 Padiham road, 

Spencer Thomas, 51 Robinson street 
Stansfield Richard, 1 Lincoln street 
Starkie Mary, 22 Sandygate 
Starkie Willie, 164 Colne road 
Stevenson Ann, 2 Griffin street 
Stowell Ann, 82 Helena street 
Stuttard Alfred, 128 Sandygate 
Stuttard Mary, 24 Parker lane 
Stuttard William, 57 Bridge street 
Sutcliffe George, 48 Ashworth street 
Sutcliffe John, 130 Cog lane 
Sutcliffe Thomas, 24 Parker street 
Tamlyn John, 38 Healey Wood road 
Tattersall Joseph, Lane head 
Tattcrsall Susannah, 25 Plumbe street 
Tattersall Susannah, 86 Briercliffe road 
Tattersail William H., 284 Gannow lane 



Taylor Elizabeth, 12 Hull street 
Taylor James, 2 Boundary street 
Taylor William, 26 Rochester street 
Thistlethwaite Mary, 139 Grey street 
Thornton Richard. 15 Bush street 
Thornton Catherine, 3 Oak Mount street 
Tomlinson Isabella, 121 Brougham st 
Townson Nancy, 1 Milner street 
Trotter William, 48 Canning street 
Trickett James, 21 Hargher street 
Varah Joseph, 19 Cavour street 
Walker John Henry, 89 Cog lane 
Wallbank Esther, 116 Trafalgar street 
Wallwork James, 18 Brunshaw road 
Walton Nancy, 16 Whitaker street 
Walton Robert, 5 Clifton street 
Waterworth James, 32 Albion street 
Watson Darcy, 2 Scarlett street 
Watson John W., 126 Colne road 
Wheelhouse James, 15 Dale street 
Whitaker Thomas, 58 Townley street 
Whitehead John, 74 Curzon street 
Whittaker Catlow, 1 Byron street, 

Whittaker Lawrence, 290b Colne road 
Whitworth Susannah, 142 Accrington rd 
Wignall John, 114 Rumley road 
Williams Richard, 27 Springfield road 
Wilson Alfred, 121 Lowerhouse lane 
Wilson Thomas, 25 Regent street 
Wright Roger, 32 Branch road 
Wroe James, 28 Hirst street 
Yates Mary A., 1 Trafalgar street 

Show Case Maker. 

Batman W. S., 5 Parker lane 

Shuttle Makers. 

Comstive Thomas, Calder Vale road 
Pickles Robert, Ltd., Buccleuch 
mill, Whittlefield 

Skin Curer. 

Higgins Thomas, 28 Regent street 


Blake John, 9 Granville street 
Stanworth William (and slate mer- 
chant), Curzon street. — (See Advt.) 
Whitaker & Sehofield (and slate 
merchants), Bank Hall yard 

Slay Maker. 

Emmctt Oliver, 43 Healey Wood road 
and Emmett street. — (See Advt.) 

Smallware Dealers and 

(Marked * are Stocking Knitters,) 

Arnold John, 17 Blenheim street 
Armstrong & Laycock (wholesale), 13 
Curzon street and 13a Howe street 

*Bates Harriet, 77 Gordon street 
*Bentham James, 103 Leyland road 
Buckley Charles, 101 St. James street 
* Buckley George, 111 Parliament street 
*Crouch Elizabeth, 17 Market hall 
*Davy David, 4 and 6 Ashfield road and 

Market hall 
*Glancy John, 42 Oxford road 
Greenwood Mary, 175 Branch road 
Hargreaves J. & ~R. (wholesale), 7 

Parker lane 
*Haggas Thomas, 123 Accrington road 
*Haworth Margaret, 85 Parliament st 
*Helm Joshua, 6 Carter street 
*Howarth James, 13 Lindsay street 
Lewis Thomas, 71 Standish street 
*Mossman William, 34 Branch road 
*Nichol John, 27a Market street 
*Nuttall Betsy, 59 Laithe street 
*Onion Martha A., 7 Ashfield road 
*Pearson James, 35 Duke street 
Peel James, 56 Trafalgar street 
Pickthall Elizabeth, 17 Eliza street 
*Riley Martha, 22 Whittam street 
Riley James, 52 Master street 
Rothwell James Henry, 18 Abel street 
*Saul James, 14 Oxford road 
Stell Henry, 140 Padiham road 
Swire William, 6 Market street 
Tattersall George, 122 Colne road 
Walker Walter, 37 Coal Glough lane 
Totterdell William, 26 Elm street 
Whitaker Richard, 42 Thorn street 
Wilkinson Leonard, 44 Accrington road 
Wormwell Margaret, 36 Cobden street 

Soap Makers. 

Slinger Francis, Lutner street 
Thompson William (glyxtrine 
soapine), King- street 


Artindale & Southern (and clerks to 

County Magistrates), 4 Hargreaves st 
Backnouse & Procter, 10 Ormerod street 
Barrowclough & Pollard, 4 Grimshaw st 
Bulcock Henry, 9 Hargreaves street 
Creeke & Son, Cliviger street 
Emmett Edward P. P., 13 Red Lion st 
Fullalove William T. (town clerk), 

Town hall 
Hartley & Whitehead, 14 Nicholas st 
Hartley William H. (registrar of County 

Court and high bailiff), 1 Grimshaw st 
Heaton Tom. 8 Ormerod street 
Higgin William H., 19 Hargreaves st 
Hodgson & Garnett, 1 Yorke street 
Holmes & Holmes, 9a Grimshaw street 
Kay James Sellers, 22 Nicholas street 
Lawson Smith, 23 St. James row ; and 

Marriott John M., 21 Nicholas street 



Nowell Thomas (and clerk to Borough 

Magistrates), 11 Hargreaves street 
Procter <fe Baldwin, 14 Ormcrod street ; 

and Nelson 
Roberts Tom Hartley, 16 Nicholas st 
Sandy Thomas G., 14 Grimshaw street 
Smith James, 3 Yorke street 
Steele Frederick W M 2 Nicholas street 
Sutcliffe John & Sons, 8 Hargreaves st 
Sutcliffe Richard T., Bank chambers, 

Hargreaves street 
Waddington James C, 3 Ormerod street 

and Padiham and Nelson 

Spindle and. Fly Makers. 

Dugdale William, Royle Foundry 
Towler William & Son, Calder Vale rd 

Stay and Corset Makers. 

Gatton Elizabeth, 4 Sandygate 
Catton J., 77 St. James street 
Catton William, 15 Hebrew road 

Stock and Share Brokers. 

Bertwistle B. & Co., Ltd., 2 Hargreaves 

street and Colne 
Brown & Barrowclough, 16 Ormerod st 
Phillips P. & Son, 5 Grimshaw street 

Stone and Flag Merchants. 

Astin William, 3 Bank Hall terrace 
Heap Edmund, Yorke street 
Stanworth Smith, Accrington road 
Tomlmson, Bridge & Brotherton, 

White g-ate quarry 
Whitaker & Schofield, Bank Hall 


Stonemasons & Contractors. 

Allinson Thomas, 91 Reed street 
Astin William, 3 Bank Hall terrace 
Basnett Richard, New Hall street 
Bell Richard, 3 Reservoir street 
Bracewell Emmanuel & Son, 31 Albert st 
Brown James, 8 Acre street 
Bullock William (Exors. of), 6 and 8 

Hart street 
Gill & Allinson, Wood street 
Gill Thomas (Exors. of), 58 Holbeck st 
Green James, 20 Green street 
Greenwood Bros., 185 Accrington road 
Heap Edmund, Yorke strefet 
Heap & Harrison, 22 Clifton street 
Heap Hartley, 56 Todmorden road 
Heap James, 23 Murray street 
Heap Joseph, 171 Woodside, Todmor- 
den road 
Heap Thomas & Sons, Colne road 
Kearsley James, 9 Ivory street 
Laycock D. & Sons, 3a Ormerod road 
Leslie & Nightingale, Beech grove, Coal 
Clough lane 

Ormerod Brothers, 1 Broughton street 
Parker A. & R., 13 Thursby road 
Parker J. & A., 14 Hawk street 
Pickles Wm. Hy., 90 Brunshaw road 
Read George & Son, 36 Clifton street 
Riley Henry, 29 Berkeley street 
Simpson James, 61 Albion street 
Simpson Moses & Bros., 28 Cleaver st 
Skeith, Kenyon, and Clegg, Ivy street 
Smith Benjamin, 71 Cavour street 
Smith Brothers, Eastham place 
Smith Thomas, 112 Hollingreave road 
Sutcliffe Whittam, 69 Berry street 
Taylor George, 33 Albion street 
Watson Matthew, 45 St. Matthew street 
Wilkinson Thomas, Coal Clough lane 
Whitaker & Sutcliffe, 32 Hollingreave rd 
Yates Lawrence, Accrington road 


(See Physicians and Surgeons.) 


(Marked * are Drapers also.) 

*Brennan William, 156 St. James street 
*Bride Louis, 25 Padiham road 
Broughton John, 115 Brougham street 
*Brown Alexander, 26 Mile street 

*Burnley Co-Operative Society, Ltd., 
Hammerton street 

*Cheshire Alfred, 84 St. James street 
Clampett William, 17 Albion street 
•Codie Thomas, 3 Grimshaw street 
*Corry & Co., 3 Chancery street 
*Cox John J., 102 St. James street 
*Cunliffe James, 141 Padiham road 
Davis William, 85 Gordon street 
*Dewhurst & Crossley, 147 St. James st 
Downey John Thomas, 64 Reed street 
•Downey Richard, 25 Oxford road 
Fawcett George, 28 Hurtley street 
Fegans Samuel, 84 Burns street 
Pinley Francis J., 59 Bridge street 
•Graham William W., 99 St. James st 
•Gregg James HL, 49 Westgate 
•Hartley John, 72 Abel street 
Heap Thomas, 16 Tarleton street 
Heap William, Cop row 
*Hepworth J. & Son, Ltd., 17 Market st 
•Herbert George, 77 Church street 
*Hcselwood Robert T., 127 and 129 St. 

James street 
Hey James, 68 Dall street 
*Howarth John, 257 Colne road 
*Ion William, 4 Todmorden road 
*Kellett William, 7 Yorke street 
•Lancaster John, 3 Market street and 

134 St. James street 
*Leedam James, 5 Red Lion street 
Little Peter, 98 Brougham street 
*McCann & Trammel, 76 St. James st 
•Moore George, 5 Chancery street 
Nutter Richard, 65 Bridge street 



*0'Boyle Felix, 13 Market street 
*Parker Edwin, 55 Standish street 
Parker Parker, 56 Bridge street 

* Rankin Matthew, 35 Hammerton street 
♦Ranshaw John P., 8 St. James street 
*Redmond & Fletcher, 34 St. James st 
Riley John, 1 Hart street 

Schofield James, 38 Lindsay street 
*Shee & Kennedy, Ltd., 18 Man- 
chester road 

* Smith & Co., 9 Manchester road and 

10 Market place 
♦Smith F. N., 2 Yorkshire street 

* Smith John William, 32 Anne street 
Smith William Hy., 41 Hammerton st 
Spencer John, 64 Hurtley street 
Spencer John, 27 Fairholme terrace 
*Spencer Joseph, 1 Yorkshire street 
♦Stevens Edward K., 80 Trafalgar street 
Stewart James, 12 Temple street 
♦Thompson Brothers, 93 St. James st 
♦Towler Abraham, 47 Ardwick street 
♦Walsh Thomas, 7 Market street 
Walton Joseph, 52 Brennand street 
Williamson John, 19 Boundary street 
Worden Alban V., 80 Ley land road 
♦Young John, 71 Westgate 

Tallow Chandlers. 

Harrison John (Exors. of), 7 Bridge st 


Hough William & Co., 6 Elizabeth street 
and Finsley tannery 

Tea Dealers. 

(See also Grocers.) 

Altham Abraham, Market buildings and 
22 Market place, 136 Colne road and 
7b Padiham road; warehouse, Red 
Lion street 
Atkinson Rhoda, 23 Abel street 
Banks Joshua, 154 St. James street 
Bazaar Tea Co., 94 St. James street 
China Merchants Co., Ltd., 59 Man- 
chester road 

Hargreaves Richard, 83 St. James street 
Hargreaves R. & Sons, 15 and 17 St. 

James row and 136 Fenchurch street, 

Hill Sarah, 38 Temple street 
Jowett John, 53 Hollingreave road 
Lawson Samuel, 7a Market street 
Lea R. S. & Co., 79 Westgate, 96 Colne 

road and 69 Oxford road 
Lipton Thomas J., 15 Market street 
Metcalfe & Pearson, 53 St. James 

Spencer Joseph, 111 Padiham road 
Sutcliffe & Co., 12 St. James street 
Towler George, 4 Bull street 
Walsh James M., Market hall 

Telephone Exchange. 

National Telephone Co., Ltd., 20 Har- 
greaves st ; Jas. Myers, local manager 

Temperance and Commercial 


Berry William, 13 St. James row 
Clegg Jane, 66 Curzon street 
Cronkshaw John, 8 Grimshaw street 
Dyson Sarah A. & Co., 2 Chancery- 
Hudson George F., 9 Curzon street 
Jackson S. A. & B., 33 and 35 

Standish street 
Riley Alex., 74 Standish street 
Thornton Joseph, 3 Bridge street 

Temple Makers. 

Towler William & Son, Calder Vale rd 

Ticket Writer. 

Bell George E., 3a Parker lane 

Timber Merchants. 

Bracewell Wm., Mitre works, Westgate 
Brown Robert, Talbot street 
Dean Richard & Sons, Plumbe street 
Duckett James & Son, Mitre works, 

Blannell street 
Hartley Joseph, Waterbarn street 
Smith George & Sons, Redruth street 
Wiseman James, Hammerton street 

Tobacco Manufacturers. 

Smith Stephen, Curzon street 
Stephenson John, 8 Victoria street and 


Bowker Thomas, 6 Bridge street 
Brooks Albert, 142 St. James street 
Chadwick Albert, 8 and 10 Abel street 
Comstive Elizabeth, 7 Westgate 
Cooper William G., 161 St. James street 
Duckworth Ellen, 30 Hebrew road 
Duckworth Joshua, 6 Manchester road 
Eastwood John, 132 Padiham road 
Greenwood Arthur, 14 Hollingreave rd 
Hacking James, 25 Accrington road 
Harrison Robert & Son, 24 Church st 
Horsfield John, 40 Heap street 
Howe James, 258 Colne road 
King Elizabeth A., 52a Trafalgar street 
Knowles Sam, 49 Standish street 
Lambert Thomas, 7 Yorkshire street 

and 120 St. James street 
Lancaster Evan R., 37 Oxford road 
Mackay William, 131 Parliament street 
Nutter William, 71 Manchester road 
Moorhouse Thomas, 124c Colne road 
Morris Thomas, 39 Manchester road 



Proctor Henry, 54 Church street 
Ratcliffe Abraham N., 63 St. 

James street 
Schofield Christie, 11 Market street 
Shea Annie, 36 Howe street and 22 

Yorkshire street 
Smith John & Co., 13 St. James street 
Smith Stephen, 1 Market street 
Smith William Henry, 7 Padiham road 
Thomas Tom O., 1 Padiham road 
Whitham Percy B., 135 St. James st 
Whitworth John H., 55 Oxford road 

Tobacco Pipe Makers. 

Higgin George, Glen view 
Maccabe John, Old Turnpike 

Toy Dealers. 

Baldwin Alice, 2 Hammerton street 
Dnerdcn Foster, 26 Abel street 
Heys John, Market hall 
Hirst Benjamin, 102 Rectory road 
Pickles Isaac P., 2 Oxford road 
Pollard Richard H., 35 Abel street and 
Market hall 

Sudders Sarah J., 2 Devonshire road 


Tripe Dealers. 

(Marked * are Dressers.) 

Arnold Thomas, 11 Standish street 
Barker Samuel, 35 Parker lane 
Blezard Henry, junr., 24 St. James st 
Briercliffe John T., 62 Manchester road 
Burrows William, 76 Parliament street 
Chew William, 131 Padiham road 
Cooper Alfred, 124 Colne road 
Cocker William, 163 Padiham road 
Denbigh George, 88 Curzon street 
Dickinson Levi, 25 Pinsleygate 
*Eccleston Henry, 43 Standish st ; 

•works, Stanley strest 
Eltoft Joseph, 44 Hebrew road 
Griffiths Edward, 3 Yorkshire street and 

Talbot street 

Gunn E. A., 25 Brougham street 
Halstead Jane, 56 Parliament street 
Ha worth William, 126 Branch road 
Heys John, 140 Pinsleygate 
•Holland Charles, Stanhope street, 

Yorkshire street, and Westgate 
•Holland Albert, 16 Canning street 
Marsden Henry, 36 Hammerton street 
*Mason Ralph, Exmouth street, 
95 Westgate, 7a Plumbe street, 
and 117 fc>t. James street 
Slater William, 173 St. James street 
Sutcliffe Pearson, 126 Hurtley street 
Thornton Elias, 73 Parliament street 
Thornton Hartley, 73 Abel street 
Williams Evan, 43 Brown street 
•VVinkley Brothers, Plumbe street 

Umbrella Makers. 

Baldwin John, 15 Accrington road 
Cash & Co., 55 St. James street 
Catlow John, 47 Angle street 
Howarth John Thomas, 114 Victoria 

buildings, St. James street 
Stuttard William, 31 Calder Vale road 

Underclothing 1 Manufacturers. 

Best John, 22 Thomas street 
Bracewell Martha, 12 Curzon street 
Mosedale Brothers, Hart street 
Shaw William, Victoria street 
Sutcliffe & Race, Elizabeth street 
Walkden W. & Co., Scar top 


Foulds Jas. A., 85 and 87 Colne rd 
Harlow Samuel, 140 St. James st 
Hirst Robert, Elm street 
Holden Luke, 19 and 23 Barracks road 
Pyne & Co., 8 Oxford road 
Smith Fred. Norton, Canning st 
Tattersall Martin, 113 Colne road 

Venetian Blind Maker. 

Easton William, 28 and 30 St. James st 

Veterinary Surgeons. 

Carter Joseph Hy., F.R.C.V.S., 35 and 
37 Church street ; and Nelson and 

Race Harry, M.R.C.V.S., Red Lion st 

Watchmakers and Jewellers. 

Bracewell Samuel, 42 Briercliffe road 
Brown Henry, 12 Church street 
Broxup James, 7 Plumbe street 
Cooper William Gh, 161 St. James street 
Cunningham John M., 27 Manchester rd 
Dickinson & Co., 20 Manchester road 
Dickinson John H., 123 St. James street 

and 10 Market street 
Dixon Robert, 32 Abel street 
Poster William, 9 Angle street 
Giles William (repairer), 86 Hurtley st 
Gilyard William H., 5 Yorkshire street 
Hartley Henry, 91 Curzon street 
Kershaw Edward T., 71 Abel street 
Lord Samuel, 5 Curzon street 
McNichol James, 47 Standish street 
Murtagh Hugh, 36 St. James street 
North Fred, (working jeweller), 115 

Rectory road 
Nutter Dan, Market hall 
Nutter John Thos., 23 St. James st 
Riley William, 16 Market place 
Smith Robinson, 48 Plumbe street 
Smith William, 119 Colne road 
Stanley John M., 72 St. James street 
Sutcliffe Sutcliffe, 118 Colne road 



Tilling George E., 107 Sandygate 
Tillotson Wm. (jeweller), 10 Smalley st 
Whitaker Benjamin, 85 Westgate 
Wignall John William, 406 Oolne road 

Weighing* Machine Makers. 

Barritt Brothers, 3 Water street 
Barritt John, 27 and 29 Yorkshire street 
Steen Thos., Bank parade & Blackburn 
Taylor John W., Canning street 


Baldwin William & Son, Cow lane 
Braoewell Wm., Mitre works, Westgate 
Fearing John, Barracks road 
Halstead Halstead, 38 Yorkshire street 
Hartley John, Railway street 
Rush worth John & Sons, Accrington rd 
Sagar Henry, Robinson street 
Smith William & Son, Earl street 
Wallbank Thomas, Haslam street 

Wine, Spirit, Ale, and Porter 


Butterworth Samuel (dealer), 67 Spring- 
field road 

Duerden Hartley B. (ale and porter), 2 
Fir street 

Edmondson Bernard, 6 St. James row 
and Bull street 

Emerson Brothers (agents for Gilbeys), 

2 Sandygate 

Grimshaw James, 20 and 22 Church 
street and 4 Chancery street 

Haslam George (Exors. of), 36 Man- 
chester road 

Massey's Burnley Brewery, Limited, 

Bridge End brewery & 70 Temple st 
Metcalfe & Pearson (agents for 

Gilbey's), 52 St. James street 
Pletts Jonathan, Stanley street 
Slater James (ale and porter), 207 and 

209 Colne road 
Taylor John & Co., 1 and 3 St. James st 
Whitaker Henry (ale and porter), 12 

Parliament street 

Wire Worker. 

Easton William (agent for Jas. Starkie), 
28 and 30 St. James street 

Wood Carvers. 

Bradsworth Charles, 5 Crow nest 

Mills Henry, 4 Talbot street 

Wilson Thomas William, 6 Lutner st 

Wood Block Flooring* 

Dean Richard & Sons, Plumbe st 

Wood Turners. 

Boal William, Hammerton street 
Brown Robert, Talbot street 
Greenwood & Dorrington, Oxford road 

Woollen Drapers. 

Bayne & Son, 43 St. James street 
Harrison John, Market hall 

Wringing* Machine Repairers. 

Ackroyd Obacliah, 93 Abel street 
Barnes John, Royle foundry 
Bracewell Humph., Briercliffe rd 
Heap James, Elm street 
Shackleton John, 35 Berkeley street 
Simpkin Thomas, 8 Starkie street 

Yarn Dealers and Winders. 

Spencer Hartley, Stanley street 
Spencer Henry, Curzon street 

Yarn Agents. 

Bannister Samuel, 23 & 25 Bank- 
house street. — (See Advt.) 
Baron James & Son, Finsleygate 
Briggs Thomas, 32 Accrington road 
Leach John G., Ill Albion street 
Overton G. E., 50 Colne road 

Yeast Dealers. 

[Marked * are also Egg Importers.) 

Aggett William, 83 Parliament street 
*Bannister James, 19 Cuerden street 
Camm William, 14 South street 
*Coppock Brothers, 21 Bankhouse street 
Creek Benjamin, 59 Holbeck street 
Fellows Charles D., 134 Colne road 
Haigh William F., 136 St. James street 
•Hartley Thomas, Adlington st 
Haworth Samuel, 128 Parkinson street 
*Parker James, 88 Master street 
Pollard William, 23 Clifton street 
Robinson James, 86 Hirst street 
Rook Thomas, 125 Waterloo road v 
Shackleton John R., 230 Padiham road 
Shorrock Thomas, 15 Padiham road 


Containing the Names arranged in the order of the members on the Doors 


14 Chew J., police cons 
16 Howarth T., moulder 

13 Dorrington Gv, jnr (j) 

20 Howorfch F., cloth lkr 
28 Richards C. E. C, 


21 Steel J., mechanic 

5 Milton T., overlooker 


2 Mitchell T. E., p btchr 

4 Ingham J., hairdresser 

6 Mitchell C., frd fish dlr 
8 and 10 Chadwick A., 

Taylor street 
12 Simpson S., grocer 

14 & 16 Halstead J., drapr 
18 Rothwell J. H., small- 
ware dealer 

20 Hartley T M ironmonger 

22 Dearden W., stationer 
24 Atkinson Mrs. A., enfr 
26 and 28 Duerden P , 

30 Hirst F., confectioner 
32 Dixon R., watchmaker 
34 and 76 Waddington H., 

36 Walton J., confectnr 
38 Walton W., butcher 

Old Hall street 
40 Dean J., fruiterer 
42 and 128 Stanworth A., 

44 Blakey Miss M., confr 
46 Layfield J., leather dlr 
48 Knowles Mrs. E., drpr 
50 Astin J,, hairdresser 
52 SandhamMissS.,mlnr 

54 Dracup Miss H. M., 

56 Thornton D., weaver 
58 Brown J. M., p butcher 
60 Brooks E. & Co., plmrs 

Nichol street 
62 & 64 Pollard J., grocer 
66 Ounliffe W., labourer 
68 Palmer H M fruiterer 
70 Taylor H., chemist 
72 Hornby J., tailor 

74 Earnshaw J. A., hair- 
78 Blackburn H., fish dlr 
80 Hebden G., frd fish dlr 
82 Alderson W., shopkpr 
Hurtley street 

84 Rhymes J., grocer 

92 Wilkinson Mrs. Isabel. 
96 Poucher C, fish dealer 

100 Shawcross W., agent 

102 Hartley Mrs. Isabella 
104 Nuttall Mrs. Susannah 
106 Clough A., butcher 

116 Varley R., lamp dealer 
120 Barton Mrs. Susannah 

126 Briggs W., overlooker 

St. Philip street 

Board School 

130 Pickthall J M painter 

132 Haworth J.,eng tenter 

134 Horridge Miss M., 

138 Peel R , overlooker 

140 Vann Mrs. Matilda 

Violet street 

142 Boothman W., agent 

144 Hargreaves Mrs. R. 

146 Hudson Mr. Wm. 

Gamier on street 
154 Simpson T., bookkpr 
156 Holgate W., builder 
160 Clegg R. C, traveller 
162 Wrigley W., overlooker 

How son street 
149 Cryer J., relvng officer 

147 Jackson Mrs. Margaret 

145 Smith George William 

143 Smith W., hay dealer 

New Hall street 

141 Howarth W., grocer ; 

127 Lewis J., dyer 

123 Gapstick W., eng tntr 

117 Bradshaw J., coal dlr 

Holbeck street 
113aClegg Mrs. S., grocer 
113 Dixon Mr. John W. 

103 Dyson William 

101 Thomas R., tea mixer 

93 Ackroyd O., broker 

91 Holbrook S., clothes dlr 
87 Whitehead W., boot- 

85 Riley J. T., butcher 


83 Towler W., florist 

81 Birley F. R., chimney 

79 Duerden J., overlooker 
77 Riley J., dogger 
75 Leigh Miss M. A., 

73 Thornton H., tripe dlr 
71 Kershaw E. T., watch- 
65 Smith A. H., stationer 
63 Cocker Mrs. S. E., 

59 Burstein Nahum S. 
55 Livesey Mrs. A., baby 

linen dealer 
43 Berry J., dogger 
41 Clough R. H., grocer 
39 Howarth G., fried fish 

37 Hebden G., milliner 
35 PollardR.H.,fancydlr 
33 Cooper A., trip6 dealer 
31 Sircombe J., hairdrsr 
27 A 29 Bl aokburn R. , f rutr 
25 Dawber J., frd fish dlr 
23 Atkinson Mrs. R., tea 

21 Davy W., painter 
17 & 19 Walton T., draper 
15 Bancroft R., hardware 

13 Latham & Kippax, 

china dealers 
11 Brogden S-, grocer 
9 Plummer J. R., draper 

7 Palmer EL, fruiterer 

5 Thistlethwaite, J.,drpr 

3 Whitaker & Hindle, 

mantle makers 

1 Walker S., chemist 


2 MarsdenT. &Co.,grcrs 

4 Denton J., shopkeeper 

6 Buckley S., bootmaker 

Mitre street 

Holy Trinity Church 

Pomfret street 

Trinity terrace 

8 TitheringtonMissM.A. 
10 Parker Mrs. Hannah 



12 Ralph J., taper 
14 Thomas R., overlooker 
16 Jackson J. T., assur- 
ance superintendent 
18 Slater W., tax collector 
20 Chadwick W., engine 

22 Calvert B., weaver 
Blannell street 
Trinity place 
24 Sutcliffe A., F.R.C.S. 
26 Kippax Mr. James 
28 Parsons 0., architect 
30 Pickles Mr. Thomas 
32 Briggs T., yarn agent 
34 Brown J., colry mngr 
36 Bullock J. W-, mngr 
38 Holden S., manager 
40 Griffin G., lath maker 
42 Oldfield R., med asst 

Waverley street 
44 Wilkinson L., draper 
52 Smith Mrs. Ellen 
72 Bannister R., butcher 
74 Driver H., fruiterer 
76 Hocking J., milliner 
78 Hopwood Z., shopkpr 
80 Driver T., Augel Inn 

82 Rushton B., druggist 
84 Smith J., fruiterer 
86 Senior J. , hairdresser 
88 Renwick Mrs. A., con- 
88aWhittle J., hairdresser 
Stan worth S., quarry 
Nairne street 
88bClegg J., draper 
Hope terrace 
90 Ash worth J., co-op mgr 
92 Beckett J., weaver 
94 Moorhouse J., weaver 
96 Wigglesworth C, over- 
98 Driver J., weaver 
100 Trethcway T., agent 
Atkol street 
Maple terrace 
102 Hesketh Mrs. J. 
104 Dale E., clerk 
106 Hartley E., salesman 
108 Paull Misses 
110 Smith D., manager 
112 Duckett Mr. James 
Elmwood street 
Elm-wood terrace 
114 and 116 Bannister 

Mrs. M. A., grocer 
118 Clarke J. R., taper 
120 Thistlethwaite J. H., 

122 Whiteside R.,plasterer 
124 Schofield Mrs. Eliz. 














Owen Rev. J. M. O., 

Trinity vicarage 
Perth street 
Oak terrace 
Duckworth R., travlr 
Heap Mr. John 
Turner Mr. Oates 
Robinson J., traveller 
Chadwick Mrs. Ellen 

Glough street 
Kendall W., bootmkr 
Deloose W., tinner 
Whitworth Mrs. S., 

Woodvine terrace 
Crinan J. R., stationer 
Eckersley T. H.,trvlr 
Home T., turner 
Simpson Mrs. Jane 
Stuttard Mrs. 
Lord Mr. Amos 
Fox J., agent 
Lord Mr. William 
Thompson Mrs. M. A. 
Harling Mrs. Mary 
Brown G., tailor 
Greenhalgh R., miner 

Hargher street 
Pickthall W., painter 
Wilkinson J. ,mason (j) 
McCave J., carter 
Farrer A., overlooker 
Parker J., weaver 
Banks J., herbalist 
Farrer G., accountant 
Blackwell T., coach- 

inaker (j) 
Hargreaves Mrs. M. 
Farrer Mrs. Margaret 

Princess terrace 
Harwood J., taper 
Collinge J., gardener 
Butterworth R., 

mason (j) i 

Taylor Mrs. Mary A. j 
Lloyd J., confectioner 
Magnall T., grocer 

Cog lane 
Stephenson J., grocer 
Astin T., dogger 
KirbyH., fried fish dlr 
Makinson S V) shopkpr j 
Stuttard Mrs. M., 

Tradesman's Arms 
Bank street 
Humphrey street 
Bradley W., shopkpr 
Hartley W., butcher 

Bradley street 
Bingham R., shopman 
Howarth H., shopkpr 
Dewhurst E., Inker- 
man Inn 

Hartley street 

238 Billington R., lamp dlr 
258 Long Mrs. Jane 
Brush street 
260 Butterfield F., grocer 
264 Harker T., joiner 
284 Graves D., police con. 
364 Ingham T., coal dealer 
366 Woods H., watchman 
245 Merrifield Mrs. S M 

241 Walmsley J., fried fish 

237 Fawcett R., butcher 
237 Billington R., shopkpr 
235 Greenwood W., Alma 

231 Wolstencroft W M pntr 
222 Cousins J., confectnr 
213 Parker ¥., Fleece Hotel 
211 Whittam Mrs. Mary 
209 Lockett J. J., herblst 
207 Hargreaves R., green- 
Homer street 
203 and 205 Varley T., 

201 4 s tin W., hairdresser 
199 Bulcock R. J., butcher 
197 Nightingale N., Wood 

Top Inn 
Yates L., monl. mason 
Cog lane 
189 Cryer J., grocer 
187 Ormerod Mr. Haworth 
185 Greenwood R. H., bldr 
St. John's School 
< ambridge street 

Clarence street 
181 Pilkington J., weaver 
179 Stansfield J., moulder 
177 Bracewell J., clothlkr 
175 Scott A., miner 
173 Simister Mr. 
171 Rushworth Mr. W. H. 
169 Whitaker Mrs. S., 

163 to 167 Co-op. stores 

Grove street 
161 Smith J., china dealer 
159 Wiggin J., confectnr 
157 Cooper W., shopkeeper 
155aSmith A., cabinet rnkr 

Olive terrace 
155 Shackleton James 
153 Dickinson T., baker (j) 
151 Salisbury Mr. William 

C lough street 
Wesleyan Chapel and 
Windsor terrace 
147 Hall R., salesman 
145 Pickles Misses 
143 Walmsley R., bookkpr 
141 Wood T., printer (j) 



139 Hall W. H., patn mkr 
137 Aspin J., agent 
135 Pickup G., mechanic 
133 Bailey J., cabt mkr (j) 
131 Halsteacl Miss S. J. 
129 May J., paper mkr (j) 
Peace street 

Perry E., bootmaker 
127 Moorhouse W., grocer 
125 Sefton R., confectnr 
123 Haggas T., hosier 
121 Townley Miss B., mlnr 
119 Whittaker J. T M fried 
fish dealer 
Blair street 
117 Brown J., butcher 
115 Wright A., labourer 
113 Flack Mrs. Lucy 

Rose terrace 
111 Townend J., builder 
109 Hodgson J., L.R.C.P. 

Duckworth terrace \ 

109aHodgson I., clogger 
107aThornton T., broker 
105 Ormerod L, labourer 
103 Brown D M General 
Haveloch Inn 
Barracks road 
99 Rush worth J., grocer 
91 Bailey E., engraver 
89 Stevenson T., joiner (j) 

85 Lingard Miss R., confr 
85 Cooper Mrs. Jane 
83 Dean J., cabt mkr (j) 
81 Vitcy J., draper 
Moorhouse terrace 
Rushworth J. & Sons, 
71 Snowden T., joiner (j) 

69 Edmondson J., overlkr 
67 Barnett F., miner 
65 Harwood Mrs. M. A. 
63 Emmett Mrs. Eliz. 
61 Nuttall W., overlooker 
Ctierden terrace 

55 Parkinson F., traveller 
53 Parsons Mrs. Pamela 
51 Massey Mrs. Mary A. 
49 Holt R., cab proprietor 
47 Steele Mrs. Ellen 
45 HaworthG., furn. dlr. 
43 Preston Mr. Henry J. 
41 Smith J. R M bookkpr 
39 Pilkington Mr. Jon. 
37 Moorhouse T., mangr. 
35 Whitworth J., manager 

Wilfield place 
31 Sagar Mrs. Elizabeth 
29 Ashworth Mrs. Eliz. 
25 Hacking J., tobcnst 
23 Crossley Miss R., grcr 
15 Baldwin J., clock rpr 
13 Whitefield C. E M 

painter (j) 

11 Rush ton W., overlkr 

9 Briggs H., overlooker 

\ 5 Bayliss Mrs. Maria 

1 Barlow J. A., chemist 


2 Whitehead R., carter 

4 Kippax M. M., shpkpr 

8 Brown J., builder 

20 Oldham J., mason 

22 Hoiden & Co., coach 


1 Broughton Mr. Thos. 

3 Astin W., boatman 

5 Lyons A., spinner 

7 Walker G., plumber (j) 

9 Pineham F M clothlkr 
11 Hawthorn D., miner 

13 Hammond R., mat- 

tress maker 

15 Whitehead Mr. Jhnsn. 
17 Smith W., smith (j) 

21 Heap Miss Florence 


2 and 4 Bullough W., 

Goachmakers Arms 

14 Redford Mrs. Mary 

16 Ware G., police cons 

22 Hargreaves W., clerk 
24 Wilkinson J., lodgings 

26 Thornber W., joiner (j) 
28 Turner G., joiner (j) 

Heap Mrs. E., Rein- 
deer Hotel 
Railway street 

Duckworth W., Rail- 
way Hotel 

27 and 29 Duerden Mrs. 

A., confectioner 

21 Robinson M., skip mkr 

13 Burnett H., shoemkr 

7 Crook E., chmny swpr 

5 Higgin D., baker 


2 Calvert J., cab propr 

4 Parker H., mason (j) 

6 Holt Mrs. Alice 

8 Rowlands H.,coachmn 
10 Stott S., police cons 
12 Jackson J., carter 

14 Calverley Mrs. Fanny 
16 Pate Mrs, Esther 

18 Hey worth J., weaver 
20 Crook J. W., carter 

22 Fletcher, E. A. ; bailiff 
24 Crook W., carrier 

Hawk street 
Hartley T., livery stbls 

McDonnell J., cabinet 
Chaffer yard 
Hartley A (> french 

Stuttard W., smith 
3 Tennant W., hawker 
Carter J. H., shoeing 


16 Smith S., builder 
18 Mosedale Mr. John 
20 Greenwood Mrs. Mary 
22 Peart Mrs. Mary A. 
24 Spencer J., overlooker 
26 Riley R., weaver 
28 Huntington H., ovrlkr 
30 Wright Mrs. Elizabeth 
32 Littlefair Mrs. E. 
34 Radcliffe R., manager 
36 Smelt W., compositor 
38 Harling J. T., moulder 
40 Monk J., shopman 
42 Riley Mrs. Margaret 
44 Cutler J., shopkeeper 
Houlding E., Central 

46 Bertwistle J., joiner (j) 

Sandhurst street 

Hobart street 

Bunslet street 

Thurston street 

139 Co-operative stores 

137 Eastwood J., palisade 

135 Arnold T., overlooker 
133 Murray R., gardener 
131 Thompson Mrs. Ann 
125 Harling J., joiner (j) 
123 Sager Mrs. Lucy 
121 Wyld S., porter 
119 Kay J., engine driver 
117 Jolly Mrs. E. E. 
115 Lord A. H., weaver 
113 Thornton B., traveller 
111 Cowgill J., painter (j) 
107 Ryan J., tailor 

105 Fawcet J. W , coach- 

103 Hennessey Mrs. Ann 
101 Sherrin J., tailor 
89 Hudson A., miller (j) 
87 Lee Mrs. Matilda 
77 Fox Mrs. Ann 
73 Baldwin A., tinner 
71 McMahon J. , shopman 
69 Woolley A., clerk 
61 Hosker W., weaver 
59 Jackson E., grocer 
Ridge road 
Procter J., fish dealer 
57 Whitehouse S., comp. 



55 Scott J. W., musician 
53 Schofield Mrs. B. 
51 Huggon M., plasterer 
49 Jackson E., joiner (j) 
45 Rogers Mrs. Ann 
43 Ingham P., agent 
41 Peargrieve T., cabinet 

maker (j) 
39 Shorrock R., weaver 
37 Goulding J., comp. 
33 Knowles R., moulder 

31 Brace well E., builder 

25 Harrison Mrs. H. 

21 Bracewell W., builder 

19 Smith A. K., cleric 

17 Pord J., rate collector 

15 Driver W., cloth looker 

13 Mossman W., wheel- 

wright (j) 

11 Halstead Mrs. Sarah 
9 Parkinson J., weaver 

7 Rowel 1J., club steward 

5 Coates W., confectnr 

Blakey street 

3 Veevers Mrs. Ann 

1 Holgate Mr. James 


2 Campbell J., Trafalgar 


4 Ash worth Mrs. Elixa A. 

6 Sykes Mrs. Mary E. 

8 Eastwood W., joiner (j) 
10 Goom PI., chapel kpr 

12 Lingard J., mechanic 

14 Lewis W., weaver 

16 StradlingsC.H.,tailr(j) 

18 Kemp J., weaver 

20 Parkinson B. J., miner 
24 Baldwin Mrs. Mary 

26 Burrows Hy., weaver 
28 Dunn Mrs.' Eleanor 
30 Eastwood J. R., brick 

maker (j) 

32 and 34 Waterworth J., 

Craven terrace 
:6 Richmond W.,trvlr 
Thornb r S., engnr 
40 Tate Mr. William 
42 Hargreaves Mrs. A. 
44 Smith W M agent 
46 Pletts Mr. David 
48 Stephens Mr. T. A. 

Piccadilly road 
Osborne terrace 
(>0 Booth Miss A. G. 
62 Thornber Mr. Jas. 
64 Crook Mr. Campbell 
66 Lea Mr. Lewis 
68 Keighley Mr. S. 
70 Latham Mrs, M. A. 
St. Matthew street 


Shakespeare terrace 
121 West Mr. John 
119 Foulds T., agent 
117 Wilkinson Mrs. E. 
115 Nightingale Mr. W. 
113 Riley Mrs. Emma 
111 Leach J. G., agent 
109 Ollerenshaw Mr. J. 
107 Bulcock Mr. L. 
105 Dixon Mr. John 
103 Whittam Mrs. M. 
101 Thornber Mr. S. 
Albatross terrace 
99aMillington Mr. J. 
99 Pletts Mr. Tom 
97 Coupland Mr. S. 
95 Boughey Rev. J. 
93 Kershaw W.H., bank 

91 Moss Mr. Arthur 
89 Wigglesworth Mr. 

G. B. 
87 Alston Mr. Albert 
85 Robinson Miss P. 
83 Thompson Mr. Jph. 
81 Proctor Mr. Walter 
79 Bulling Mr. T. W. 
77 Ashworth Mr. A. W. 
Montague road 
Every street 
73 Jordan J., bootmaker 
71 Helm R. grocer 
69 Hartley J., overlooker 
67 Comstive A. G., shuttle 

65 Craven W., pattrn mkr 
63 Wiseman L., builder 
61 Simpson J., mason 
59 Stedman T., pol sergt 
55 Heap J., mason (j) 
53 Dyson R., porter 
51 Marshall M. A., shopkr 
49 Moore A., butcher 
47 TrummellH., tailor 
45 Wigg Mrs. Eliz. A. 
43 Hartley Mr. Prancis, 

Prospect house 
41 Sowden M., labourer 
39 Balls Mrs. Mary A. 
37 Taylor R., weaver 
35 Windle W., overlooker 
33 Taylor G , mason 
31 Ward A., mechanic 
29 Cropper J., mechanic 
27 Byron J. W., weaver 
25 Greenwood T., spinner 
23 Bearshaw J., beamer 
21 BrothertonH., jornalst 
19 Taylor Miss Judith A. 
17 Clampett W., tailor 
15 HargreavesJ.H.,spinr 
13 Waddington Mr. J. 
11 Smith P., painter 
9 Gorton R. ? miner 

7 Roberts W., labourer 
5 Lord Mr. Edward 
3 Holt J., mechanic 


1 Edmondson Rev. Wm. 
3 Whitaker Mr. John 
5 Atkinson Mr. Henry 
7 Baldwin Mrs. Hannah 
9 Waddington Mr. Thos. 
11 Everson Mr. Charles 


30 Townley R M agent 

34 Broughton Mr. James 

36 Laycock Mrs. Mary 

38 Pickles Mr. Joseph 

40 Dent Mrs. Janet 

43 Stuttard Mr. Richard, 
Holme house 

41 Sellers A., bookkeeper 
33 Crook Mr. William 

21 Hartley H M grocer 
7 Hartley W., coal dlr 
3 Clarke R., miner 


1 Hudson S., confectnr 
7 Crozier J., chapelkpr 
9 Renfren Mrs. M. H., 


9 Poster W., watchmkr 
11 Goodchild R M ware- 
43 Gill P., builder 
47 Catlow J., umbrella 


20 Holt G., dogger 
32 Smith J. W., tailor 
62 Hey Miss E. D., grcr 
64 Miller W., joiner (j> 

84 Graham T., bootmaker 
107 Mc.Padden H., grocer 

85 Lewis J., shopkeeper 
57 Redmond E.> tailor 
55 Sagar O., grocer 

53 Pate E., Cricketers' 

37 Pilkington P., fried 

fish dealer 
29 Suthers Mrs. Alice 
25 West Mrs. A., grocer 
23 Smith Mr. William 
9 Kelly J., agent 


Duerden J. S M grocer 
Shackleton & Widdup, 




1 Rhodes J. P., cashier 
Greenwood J. & Sons, 

Ltd., millers 
Lawson T., joiner 
Electric Lighting statu 
32 Hensby J., carrier 
10 Duerden Mrs. Eliz. 


4 Taylor J., mason (j) 
6 Dixon R., baker 
14 Kippax J., carrier 

18 Townley C. E., grocer 
52 Riding J., brush mkr(j) 
58 Holden T., shopkeeper 

104 Allen R., mason (j) 
116 Dixon J. J., joiner (j) 
137 Moor W., gardener 
135 CarlyonMrs.A.,shpkpr 
121 Pollard A., clothlooker 
115 Nixon J., confectioner 
83 Widdop J. R., clerk 
61 Dearden Mr. James 
47 Towler A., tailor 
35 Thornton A., shopman 

27 Hargreaves T., ovrlkr 


10 and 12 Pollard R.,grcr 
Mission Room 


10 Parker Mrs. A., shpkpr 
14 Whitehead James 

16 Mc.Gowan J., vocalist 
Garner J., steam lndry 
Gall J., confectioner 


7 Greenwood T., weaver 
9 Greenwood C, turner 

11 WhittakerJ.H., smith 

17 Wrathall J., carter 

19 Simpson Mrs. Grace 


2 Rawlinson T., engr (j) 
Burrows T., Calder 
Vale mill 
4 and 6 Davy D., hosier 
Print street 
14 Smith S., painter (j) 

20 Ashworth W., broker 

24 Graham W., mechanic 

28 Smith L., grocer 
30 Rudman W., clerk 

34 Ball Mrs. M.,dressmkr 
Hollingreave Manu- 
facturing Co., Ltd., 
Clifton shed 

Hirst Mr. Thos., J.P., 
Ashfield house 

23 Hannan Mrs. Eliza- 
beth, Oak mount 

23 Thomson G. W. W., 
M.D., Oak mount 

21 Vinton Mrs. Elizabeth 

19 Greenwood Mr. Saml. 

17 Simpson Mrs. Margfc. 
Glenn street 

15 Watson J., twister 

13 Brierley J. T., engr 

11 Bibby J. T., traveller 
9 Whittaker J., labourer 

7 Onion Mrs. Martha A. 

5 Metcalfe G., moulder 

3 Ashworth T. A., jnr (j) 
Oak Mount street 

1 Greenwood Mr. Henry 
Smith R., plasterer 


2a Owen W., plumber (j) 

4 Cavell J., carter 

6 Chadwick J., cooper (j) 

8 Dean P., carter 
10 Bibby J. R., agent 

12 Davis J. A., joiner (j) 

14 CrabtreeR., overlooker 


14 Lucas T., bootmaker 

40 Harrison George B. 

48 Sutcliffe G., shopkpr 

57 Cochran T., sawyer 

55 Shackleton W., smith 

53 Watson T., dogger 

37 Birch Mrs. E., shopkpr 

35 Roche J., grocer 


5 Livesey M., shopkpr 
31 Pound S-, miner 

33 Ashworth Richard 
42 Jones J., plumber (j) 


2 Johnston J., overlooker 
4 Pate J., mechanic 

6 Bentlev S., mechanic 

10 Noton J. H., clothlkr 

11 Lacy Mrs. Rosannah 

9 Wolfenden Mr. Thos. 

3 Ellis J., weaver 

1 Bertwistle R., weaver 



National Sclwol 
59 Pilkington Miss M., 

25 Ingham J., shopkeeper 
11 Laycock J., farmer 

Valley street 

2 Stephenson J., shop- 

2 Johnson J., coal dlr 
Griffin street 
2 Stevenson Mrs. A., 
Dewhurst J., Griffin 


Park lane, 

2 Hartley Mr. Thomas 

H., Fairholme 
1 Cockburn Mr. Bryan 

3 Forth J M salesman 


1 Patterson S., butcher 
3 Eastwood J., beamer 

11 & 13 Mitchell J., grcr 


7 Harrison H., builder 
9 Ashworth Mrs. Mary 
Croton place 
8 Starkie J., fish dlr 
Clegg A., cricket bat 


2 Turner W., Bridge Inn 
16 Mercer Mrs. M., 

Fores ters' Arms 

Edward street 
Head - quarters, 2nd 

V.B.,E. L.Rcgt. 

Charles street 
30 and 32 Barritt Miss 

E , grocer 
Roper street 
42 Lancaster W„ waste 


52 HartleyR.B.,boncsettr 
Parker street 

54 Dutton Mr. Thos. N. 

58 Pitt Rev. Thomas 
Raws street 

3 Palmer Miss M.,schl 

60 Friendless Girls 1 Home', 
Sisters of Mercy 

62 Little Andrew, M.B. 

62 Reed Mr. William 

64 Giffon S. M.,L.R.C.P. 

66 Mackenzie J., M.D. 

68 Brown J., M.D. 

70 Roberts T., cashier . 

72 Hargreaves Colonel 
(Exors. of), colliery 
proprtrs; R. Hands- 
ley, Esq., princ agt 

74 Grant Mr. P. J., J.P. 

76 Bolton E., mining eng 



78 Colbran W. H., estate 

Haslam Mr. W. H., 

Brown hill 
Phillips Mr. J. W..J.P, 

Brown hill 
Colne road 
Grammar School ; Mr. 

J. L. Ward, M.A., 

head master 
81 Brown D., carter 

79 Watson Mrs. Margt. 
77 Turner Mrs. T. 

69 Steen T., weighing 

machine maker 
67 Meldrum Mrs. Margt. 
65 Ogden S., bird dealer 
63 PenningtonT., moulder 
59 Astin A., asst. overseer 
57 Nuttall J., printer 
55 Hindle Mr. James 
53 Stell D., painter 
51 Jackson Mrs. Ann 
Keighley Green Mill 

Co., Limited 
35 Lupton G., shopkeeper 
31 Rowbottom W. H., 

County Police Station] 

T. Barnett, supt. 
Bond I., police sergt. 

Massey street 

Smallpage I. (Exors. 
of), Parsonage mill 
Wigglesworth J . , 
23e Atkinson Bros., mine- 
ral water manufctrs 
Harrison J., livery 

stable proprietor 
G. U. O., Oddfellows 1 
Club ; T. Cross, sec. 
15 Broughton R., baker 

13 Broughton A., baker 

11 Watterson,Hargreaves 

& Crossley, plumbers 
9 Cunliffe S., joiner 


4 and 6 Brown & Mac- 
kenzie (surgery) 
South street 
8 Booth Mrs. Maria 
Salmon street 
10 Pollard Mr. Thomas 
Mosley street 

12 Harker Mrs. M. E., 

Robert street 

14 Chew Mr. William 

Master street 

1.6 Wood Mrs. M. H.,mlnr 

Yarm place 

20 Blakey Mrs. M M confr 

Standish street 

22 Preston J. L., grocer 

Curzon street 
Sydney street 

Williams J. & Co., 
Bankfield mill 
51 Wildman G.,hairdrsr 
49aBland T., grocer 
47 Whifctaker Mrs. E M 
Globe Inn 
Joint street 

2 Grace W., draper 
Princess street 

6 Lund T., confectnr 
9 Brunskill R., pud- 
ding maker 
45 Brenmm I Mr. John 
43 Holmes Mr. Dvd., J.P. 
41 Turner J., smith (j) 
39 Crowther Mrs. Jane 

Dover street 
35 and 37 Shackleton A., 

33 Gee Charles, L.R.C.P. 
81 Pickles T., confectnr 
29 Turner H., Old Bank 

House Inn 
27 TattersallMrs.M.,grcr 

23 & 25 Bannister S., agnt 

21 Coppock Bros., yeast 

19 Tee W., clerk 
17 Astin R., beamer 
15 Cunliffe S., joiner 
13 Riley T., pig dealer 


1 Bellingham Mrs. Frncs 
3 Astin W., builder 
5 Sharrocks J., schlmstr 
7 Sutcliffe W., phtgrphr 
9 Mitchell Mr. Christian 
11 Birley Mr. James 


2 Catlow S., weaver 
4 Greenwood Mrs. Hnh 
6 Lord Mrs. Betty 
18 Pollard J., smith (j) 

22 Hirst J., taper 

23 Collingo F., plumber 

28 Crossley J., music prof 
32 Laycock Mrs. D., 

36 Stowe Mr. Thomas 
42 Steele H. P., sculptor 

44 Dawber J., taper 

46 Gawthorne B. J., agnt 

45 Phillips F., overlooker 

29 Thistlethwaite F., 

27 Brierley W., painter (j) 

19 DugdaleH., overlooker 
1 Gill William John 


20 Jackson T., General 

Campbell Inn 
28 Blythe Mrs. Margaret, 
Clyde street 

1 Oldffeld J., shopkpr 
Napier street 
32 Smith Mrs. F., cnfctr 
34 Harker R., frd fish dlr 
36 Holgate Mr. Henry 
38 Pollard Mrs. Elizabeth 
40 Alston Mr. James 
42 Smith E., bootmaker 
68 Emerson T., shopkpr 
Haslam street 

Starkie J., cab propr 
Wallbank T., coach 
Catholic School Chapel 
Guy street 

Walton I., blacking 


106 llowarth H., butcher 

108 Dumville Mr. Thomas 

FearingJ., wheelwright 

27 & 29 Staveley E., frnshr 

Roebuck street 
25 Rushton J., fish dealer 

Cornwall terrace 
23 Hold en L., joiner 
21 Hartley Mrs. Jane 
15 Smith J., baker 
9 Hargreaves J. T., baker 
5 Smith T., baker 


Scott W., tinner 
Whitfcaker W., mchnst 
Barritt J., scale maker 



PtMic Baths ; 

Suthers, supt 
Police Station; J. Har- 

rop, chief constable 


8 Whitfcaker S.,dressmkr 
13 Astin J., mechanic 


2 Greenwood L., grocer 
6 Leach Miss M. A., 

8 Jump J., overlooker 
18 Briscoe Mrs. Mary 
30 BrownP. H., police con 
44 Ingham R., beamer 



50 Nevins J., clerk 
52 Varley W., tapej 
54 Plant Mrs. Mary 
60 Wilcock L., guard 
62 Barrowclough Mr. Hy. 

33 Mills A., bookkeeper 

29 Mills Mrs. Sarah 

15 Baldwin B., fitter 

11 Holden A., eng tenter 

9 Walker H., overlooker 

5 Gaukroger J. C, rate 


1 Lee W., butcher 


2 Whitaker Mrs. M.,grcr 

Kent street 
4 Nuttall Mrs. Mary A. 

6 Nuttall G., weaver 
8 Roberts J. W M raechnc 
8 Roberts H., gardener 

10 Myers VV. T., mus prof 
14 Burrell Mrs. Ann 
22 Metcalfe J., bootmkr 
26 Dawson Mrs. Eliz. 
28 Goodman Mrs. Mary A. 
30 Stansfield Mr. Hartley 
32 Butler Mrs. Ann 
34 Blackburn G., carter 
86 Wareing Mr. Levi 
38 Roberts A., fruiterer 

Burleigh street 
40 Hough T., shopkeeper 
42 Dobson T. B., draper's 


46 Uttley I., carter 
60 Blackburn H., overlkr 
62 Wilson W. W., 

butcher's manager 

64 Spencer F., draper 
70 King Mrs. Nancy 
74 Parry F. W., overlkr 
79 Fenton A., roller cov 
69 Marsh J., mechanic 

65 Etherington Mr. Thos. 
59 Lingard R., smith (j) 
55 Fox Mrs. Caroline 
53 Taylor T., bookkeeper 

47 Graham J., stationer 
45 Hartley Mr. John 
43 Smith G., mason 
33 Hartley Mrs. Jane 
31 Driver G., mechanic 
27 Clarkson J. L., grocer's 

27 Wetherell J., carver 
25 Buck W., weaver 
23 Hargreaves H M eng (j) 
17 Shaw R., paper mkr (j) 
15 Hammond T., shopmn 
13 Parsons T., weaver 
11 Smith A., overlooker 
9 Whitham W., missnry 

7 Cornet D.,coachbldr (j) 

1 Pollard R., weaver 


2 Edmondson & Cham- 
bers, furnishers 

4 Whalley A., confectnr 
6 & 9 Bannister & Simp- 
son, music sellers 

11 War pdr esse rs* Club ; 
A. Smith, secretary 

1 Stanworth J., butcher 


2 Kippax Miss Alice 
4 Holgate Mr. Richard 
6 Halsted Mrs. Jane 

8 Matthews Mr. R. H. 
10 Holgate T., bookkeepr 

12 Baldwin J., chapel kpr 
14 Lister Mrs. Jane 
16 Halstead Mr. Halstead 
18 Pollitt Mr. Cephas 
20 Hargreaves Miss F. E. 
22 Hargreaves Mr. C. F. 
24 Roberts Miss Alice 
26 Williamson Mr. Wm. 
28 Jones Mr. Richard 
30 Comstive Mr. Bcnj. 
32 Sutcliffe Mr. A. F. 
34 Harker Misses 
36 Armistead Mr. W. 
38 McLeod Miss C. 
40 Whalley Mr. R. P. 
42 Birtwistle Mrs. M. 
44 Towler Mr. George 
46 O'Malley P. C, cashier 
48 Smith Mr. Eleazer 
50 Whalley R., waste dlr 
52 Ure W., com traveller 
54 Stephenson Mr. John 

Ridge road 
56 Yates J., overlooker 
58 Pollard S., agent 
60 Bell Mr. George B. 
62 Watson Mr. Thomas 
64 Grimshaw Mr. John 
66 Walkden Mr. William 
68 Howker Mr. Percy 
70 Ecroyd Mrs. Jane 
72 Higgin Mr. W. H. 
76 Dawson P., spinner (j) 
78 Walkden J., agent 
80 Haworth Mr. Henry 

Hobart street 
82 Dixon H., printer 
84 Clegg A., builder 
86 Crossley J., rate colctr 
88 Porter P., journalist 
90 Lockwood G., salesmn 
92 Howarth Mr. John T. 
94 Sutcliffe A., manager 

96 Slater C, san inspector 
98 Smithson Mr. William 
100 Clegg E., overlooker 
102 Sutcliffe Mr. Henry 
104 Wood T., engineer 
106 Shackleton J., joiner 


2 Smith Mrs. Margaret 
4 BeethamJ.,reedmkr(j) 
6 StuttardT., chemist's 

8 Chase H. T., bailiff 
10 Berry Mrs. Elizabeth 

12 Clark Mr. Henry 

14 Haythornthwaite Mr. 


16 Spencer J., reedmkr (j) 
18 Rawstron E., polinsp 
20 Burton Miss Sabina 
22 Nowell C, weaver 
24 Read H., schoolmaster 
26 Whittaker J., moulder 
28 Binney R., salesman 
30 Onnerod J. T., station 

32 Gray Mrs. Annie 
34 Greenwood V., tailor's 

36 Sagar T., weaver 
38 Dickinson W., miner 
40 Hitchon S., weaver 
42 Catlow Mrs. Margaret 
44 Jackson A., clothlooker 

46 Leach Mrs. Olive 
48 Bell George, carter 

Reservoir street 
79 DeardenS.,brckmkr(j) 
77 Evans Mrs. Mary 
75 Alderson Mr. Thomas 
73 Jackson W., overlooker 
71 Brown J., mechanic 
69 Sutcliffe W., contractor 

67 Nutter Mrs. Jane 

65 Wilson W. B., printer 

63 Wadsworth Mrs. 

61 Evans W. EL, butcher 

57 Woods F., painter (j) 

55 Tillotson R., weaver 

47 Holds worth J. H., 

45 Sagar J., whlwright (j) 
27 LovettF., overlooker 
25 Walley F., baker 
17 Swallow W., overlooker 
15 Grainger Miss K., schl 
13 Brunton W., weaver 
11 Lord J., filemaker 
9 Whitaker W. G., taper 
7 MoorhouseJ. W.,mngr 
5 Clark Mrs. Ellen 
3 Whitehead Mr. James 
1 Barrett A., grocer 



2aPatterson J., chaplkpr 

2 Crawshaw Mrs. C, 


4 EmettT.jChemst'sasst 

6 Peel Miss Isabella 

8 Bridge T., fitter 

10 Barlow W., manager 
12 Horn R., draper's asst 

14 Hartley J., clerk 
16 Talbot J., weaver 

18 Wakefield J., butohr(j) 

20 Scott A., moulder 

22 Armstrong Mr. Thos. 

24 Taylor Miss J. A., 

2(1 Ashburn J., joiner (j) 

28 Kidd J., agent 

35 Shackl eton J., broker 

35 Lawson Mrs. Alice 

33 Hall J., labourer 

31 Buck Mrs. C.,dressmkr 

29 Riley H., mason 

25 Peters Mrs. L. A. 

23 Tomlinson \V . , mch anc 

21 Smith F. N., builder 

19 Middlemiss Mrs. Jane 

15 Whitehead A., coal dlr 

11 Fletcher Mrs. Mary 

9 Rogers Mrs. Mary 

7 Rhodes E., clerk 

5 Catton E. J., chemist 

3 Whittaker Misses, 

1 Duckworth E., grocer 


Baldwin S., engineer 
Congregational Church 
St. James's Chtcrch and 
Cooper Bros., Limited, 

Lancashire Evening 
Express Office 
1 Procter T. H., confctr 
Brick street 

Simpson, Stansfield 
& Co., firewood 


18 Co-operative stores 
ISaHeys R., fried fish dlr 
22 Pickles W., clothlkr 
Shale street 

Mission Hall 


11 Cawtherley J., waste 




19 Wilson G., Friendship 


11 Hensman Mrs, Eliz. 
13 Foden E., moulder 

15 & 17 CollingeR, grcr 
19 Buckley R., labourer 

21 Holland W. H., pntr (j) 


2 Nuttall W. A., painter 
4 Astin T., grocer 
Duckett J. & Son, 
Mitre works 
Dean street 

2 Thornton M. A. & 
M., grocers 


2 Knowles P., grocer 

4 Gormley Mr. James 

6 Irvin D., mechanic 

8 Capstick W., engr (jj 

10 Naylor Mrs. Ann 

16 Stansfield H., traveller 
18 Simpson Miss D. S. 

22 Simpson J., mechanic 
27 Ncedham G., manager 

23 Dean A., overlooker 

17 Arnold J., smallware 

15 Downham S.,plmbr (j) 

11 Marshall Mrs. Martha 

9 Barber C, painter 

7 Whitaker W., mechnc 

5 Baldwin J., smith 

1 Smith Mrs. A., grocer 


4 & 6 Watson C, broker 
Par. Baptist Chapel 
Buck court 
Croft s treet 

18 Shaw A., Oddfellows' 

Hatter street 
Pickup street 
22 Smith J., Three Horse 

Norton street 
30 Pollard J., Golden Lion 
Miller street 
Aqueduct street 
33 Murton I., loan office 
29 Spencer T., broker 
27 Nuttall T., bellman 
21 Dugdale J., auctioneer 

19 Gall J., confectioner 
17 Hind J. H., grocer 

St. Peter's Infants' School 
15aLord By, cloggcr 

15 Hird S., milliner 
11 Port Mrs. Mary E. 

9 Robinson W., Devon- 
shire Hotel 


2 Taylor J., shopkeeper 
21 Bracewell B., mechnc 

19 Williamson J., tailor 

11 Rawlinson Mr.Wm.T. 
9 Ha worth J . , overlooker 


2 Ladell Mrs. M., confr 

4 Ashworth J., weaver 

5 Ashworth G., weaver 
8 Smith J., confectioner 

10 Whitaker H., engine 

12 Brown W.,cellarman 
14 Nuttall J., joiner 

16 Robinson T.T., pntr (j) 
18 Barker W., clogger 

20 Keighley T.,warehsmn 
24 Jackson J. R., mason (j) 
26 Morecombe J., weaver 
28 Brotherton J., twister 
30 Tempest R., loomer 
32 Wright R., shopkeeper 
34 Mossman W., hosier 
38 Parsons G., weaver 

40 Pickover J., traveller 
42 Postlethwaite T., over- 
44 Horsfall S., warper 
50 Sowerby J., carter 
52 Moffatt R., bootmkr (j) 
56 Simpson S., overlooker 
58 Williams Mrs. Eliz. 
62 Cottmgham A., miner 
72 Ingham W., eng tenter 
74 Whitaker J., beamer 
80 Birtwistle J. T., weaver 
88 Davidson J. W., engine 

OOaEastwood J., draper 

Springfield road 
92 Stuttard W., whsman 
94 Brunt T., bootmaker 
104 Butterworth J., ovrlkr 
108 Wills A., painter (j) 
114 Hoyle J., miner 
116 Smith Mr. John 
118 Poulds J., overlooker 
120 Tempest J., twister 
122 Emmett J., taper 
126 Haworth W., tripe dlr 

Brunswick street 
130 Greenwood H., ovrlkr 
132 Atkins T M overlooker 
134 Greenwood J., enfetnr 
136 Smith T., miner 
138 Kay J., rate collector 
























Lockwoocl T M miner 

Oldcorn J., storekeeper 
Lambert T., weigher 
Stan worth L., furn dlr 
Cunliffe R., boatman 

George H., clerk 
Cunliffe H , mason 
Widdup J., dresser 

Clarence street 
Sussex street 
Nuttall J. W., enfetnr 
Rees H., gardener 

Hufling lane 
Evans W. H., butcher 
Greenwood Miss M., 

smallware dealer 
Greenwood Miss A., 

Burnley Wood Board 

Hanby G., overlooker 
Snape J., agent 
Jackson T., miner 
Simpson Mrs. Louisa 
Procter R., smith (j) 
Barrett Mrs. Sarah 
Pickles T., overlooker 
Wilson H., overlooker 
Tillotson J. E.,cnfr(j) 
Hargreaves W., weaver 
Berry W., butcher (j) 
Skirrow B. T., shpkpr 
Holdsworth E. A., 

Hugil] Mrs. Elizabeth 
Rawlinson W., shpmn 
Parker J., overlooker 
Wilson J., coach 

painter (j) 
CleggJ. W., overlooker 
Wadge J., contractor 
Huntington R. E., 

Barker C, cab driver 


Blakey J. & R., Rake 

Head mill 
Simpson Bros., Rake 

Head mill 


4 Nutter W., enfetnr (j) 
Nutter T., confectioner 
3 Massey Mrs. Sarah 

1 Smith T., draper 


2 Riley G., furnisher 
Go-opcrative stores 

14 SchofielclT., overlooker 
38 Calvert J., manager 
48 Smith J. T., colliery 

52 Walton J., tailor 

56 Shackleton Mrs. Eliz. 
77 Hartley A., shopkeeper 

61 Leaver J., taper 
-55 CleggT., agent 

53 Grossley T., greengrcr 
23 Pickles J., draper 

7 Foulds Mrs. Mary 

1 HalsteadMrs. Sarah A. 


2 Hudson J., leather dlr 
4a Parker J., Sun Inn 

6 Bowker J., tobacconist 

8 Mercer J". T., bootmkr 
10 Woodhead C, fshmngr 

Howe street 
14 and 16 Nuttall & Co., 
Hargreaves J. & Son, 

Hargreaves S., miller 

20 Rush worth G., enginr 

26 Irving R., herbalist 
30 Turner S., cutler 

32 Dean Mrs. P., shopkpr 
34 Hind S., Crown Inn 

38 TattersallH.,fd fish dlr 
40 Crummett J.,clothsdlr 
42 Brennan M., grocer 
50 Thornton U., grocer 

56 Parker P., tailor 

Bamford street 

62 Quinn W., Baihoay 

Park lane 
68 Briggs J., broker 
65 Nutter R., tailor 
59 Finley F. J., tailor 

57 Stuttard W., shopkpr 
45-49 Smith J., lodg house 

39 Gallagher M., Lord 

Nelson Tavern 
Edioard street 

33 Ashworth J., grocer 

27 Smith T., naturalist 
23 Burnley Gazette Office ; 

B. Moore, publisher 

21 Shackleton W., china 

19 Webster C.H.,pwnbkr 
17 Hudson S., cabnt mkr 

9 and 11 Pickles Z., 

clothes dealer 

7 Harrison J. (Exorsof), 

tallow chandlers 
5 Simpson T., lodg house 

3 Thornton J., restuarnt 
1 Ness P., ironmonger 


4 Batten R., shopkeeper 

Byerden street 
6 Ellis J. N., grocer 
8 Crook J., butcher 
Heap street 
Ford street 
lOaLee R. W., butcher 
lObShields W., bootmaker 

Rylands street 
12 Gray T., shopkeeper 
14aNutter W., bootmaker 

Latham street 
34 Exley A., confectioner 
36 Woods R., tinner 
42 Braoowell S„ hairdrsr 
Moorfield street 

Heap & Co., Lower 
Rake Head mill 
46 & 48 Pilling J., Baltic 
Fleet Inn 
Anthony street 
Bright street 
56 Price G., Old Duke Inn 

Hope street 
62 Berry W., shopkeeper 

Bracewell H., smith 
74 Dearclen Mr. Smith 
76 Harrison J., overlooker 
82 & 84 Clough Misses, 
Brennand street 
86 Tattersall Mrs. S., 
South J., smith 
Bishop street 
Higher Rake Head Mill 
Whitehead & Leaver 
Jackson W M Sons, & 

Scolfield, Preston, & 

Wood Robert B. 
Fraser street 
Townley street 
98 Tattersall G., coal dlr 
Wynotham street 
100 Hamer A. E., clothlkr 
112 Greenwood Miss M. A., 
Boundary street 
116 Greenwood Mr. G., 
Lome terrace 
Workhouse ; A. Ho- 
warth, governor 
Lane head 
297 Smith J., confectioner 
Primitive Methodist Chapel 

Tattersall D., farmer 
285 Injectious Hospital 
Casual street 
Jubilee terrace 
283 Whitaker J., weaver 



265 Higson H., music prof 

268 Eastwood G., music sir 
Primrose street 

249 HardcastleM.T., hair- 

239 Burton J., overlooker 
Hay clock street 
Wilton terrace 

219 Lee R., butcher 

209 Wilkinson S., beamer 
Wilton street 
4 Jackson J., coal dlr 

189 Emmett H., draper 
Queen Victoria road 
Victoria Hospital A. 
M. Sinclair, M.B., 
house surgeon 

187 Bower J. , engine tenter 

188 Pollard J., overlooker 
179 Thistlethwaite T., mgr 
177 Lonsdale D., overlkr 
167 Liversedge J. H., over- 

Acre street 
157 Kenyon J., overlooker 
Williams road 
22 Craven W., overlkr 
143 Tattersall J., twister 
New Jerusalem Church 
117 Edmondson S., sani- 
tary insp., Swinless 

Stainless street 
115 Buck P., firewood dlr 
Tharsby road 
75 Dent Hy., foreman 
73 Austin T., painter (j) 
69 Curedale W. traveller 
67 Holt J M joiner (j) 
64 Berry S., clerk 
61 Walsh Mr. James 
55 Pate J. S., painter (j) 
53 Procter Mrs. Elizabeth 
51 Gray W., foreman 
49 Wood M., clerk 
43 Moorheuse Mr. John 
41 Bush W., joiner (j) 

Ribblesdale street 

37 Heap P., taper 

Bar street 

21 Starkie J., loomer 
19 Pate L., smith 
17 Lees T. L., agent 
15 Campbell Mrs. Margt. 
13 Wagner G. H., p btchr 

Cobden street 
il Astin G., L.R.C.P. 
9 Chadwick Miss A., 

7 Moore Mrs. Mary 
5 Holt T., architect 
1 & 2 Collinge Bros., 


2 Lord H., clerk 
Wesleyan School Chapel 
8 Butterworth Miss E., 
Sunny bank 
10 Pickup Mr. J., Sunny 

12 Read Mr. R., Park side 
14 Read Mr. A., Park side 

Todmorden road 
47 Sutcliffe Mr. Helme 
45 Collinge Mr. James 
41 Slater Mr. William, 
Wood nook 
Parrer Mr. Wm. T., 

Fern bank 
Broughton Mr. Rt., 
Pern bank 
35 Butterworih Mr. Wm. 
33 HodgkinsonWm.A.T., 
bank clerk 

31 Wood J. } engineer 

29 Fulton Mr. Wm., K. 

27 Moorhouse Mr. John 

25 Hargreaves Mr. Thos. 
23 Holden Mr. Ralph, 

Towneley villas 

21 CollingeMr.Wm.,J.P., 
Towneley villas 

19 Sutcliffe Mrs Mary 
19 Sutcliffe Mr. R. T. 
17 Law Mr. Henry 
Brooklands Road terrace 


St. Peter's Infants' School 
6 Smith J., meter insp 
8 Morris J, PL, p a P er 
maker (j) 
12 Harrison Mrs. Nancy 
14 Tootle A., beamer 

22 Barrett J., watchman 

26 Astin C, agent 

28 Lloyd A. C, clerk 

30 Bradshaw Miss E. R. 

32 Jackson J., draper 
38 Hartley J., overlooker 

Burleigh street 
42 Lee R., confectioner 
48 Towler L., agent 
50 Brec knell F., traveller 
54 Fishwick W. L, trvlr 
56 Slater Mr. John 
58 Dent R., weaver 
60 Metcalfe P. W., cashier 
62 Lang Mrs. Jessie 
64 Ash worth G., mchnic 
66 Mitchell T., shopman 
68 Shaw Mrs. B., drsmkr 
70 Harrison C-, painter (j) 
72 Keighley G., assistant 

76 Davis W., weaver 

78 Pollard Mr. George 

Folds street 
80 Waring W., salesman 
82 Walmsley W., clothlkr 
88 Dyson J., taper 
90 Rawson W., overlkr 
92 Scott W., overlooker 
94 Simpson B., overlooker 
96 Harrison J. B., grocer's 

98 Little P., tailor 

98 Emmott J., agent 

100 Knowles Mr. William 

102 Plodson W., joiner (j) 

106 Sagar Mr. William 
108 Pilling J., club steward 
110 Gough J., overlooker 

112 Hough J., beamer 

Osioald street 
118 Parkinson Mr. Stephen 

120 Fort Mr. William 

122 Miller J. W., drpr'sasst 
126 Bowker J., clerk 
128 Howarth H., overlookr 
130 Gray C, smith (j) 
132 Taylor W., builder 
Bums street 

121 Tomlinson Miss Isab., 

117 Hanson J. B., clothlkr 
115 Broughton J., tailor 

113 Cherry J., dyer (j) 

107 Walmsley G. ; clothlkr 
105 Bland R , painter (j) 

103 Moss Mrs. Lucy 

101 Beaghan L., weaver 

99 Varley B., overlooker 
93 Duckworths., masn (j) 
89 Redman N., overlooker 
87 Redman W«, weaver 
85 Holden J., eng tenter 
79 Smith J., butcher 

75 Dumvill C, clerk 
71 Williams R., mechanic 
69 Whithara T., manager 
67 Cockcroft R. H., shop- 
65 Walker W., overlooker 
63 Scott E., engineer (j) 
61 Schofield Mrs. Mary 
59 Townley J., optician 
57 Keeling E. J., artist 
55 Pedley J. W., bookkpr 
53 Davis Mrs. Ellen 
51 Sanderson C, overlkr 
49 Dewhurst Mrs. Rachel 
47 Walton E., smith (j) 
45 Dean H., mechanic 
43 Taylor R., foreman 
41 Procter Mr. James 
39 Swire H., grocer 
Bwieigh street 
37 Whittam J., fd fish dlr 
35 Davis S., foreman 



31 Langstaff T., overlookr 
27 Ayrbon J. S., pol sergt 
25 Green Mrs. E. A., tripe 

23 Rawlinson R., plastrer 
21 Buglass Mrs. Ellen 
17 Clark J., joiner (j) 
13 Dyson W., bootmaker 
11 Emmett T., moulder 

5 Comery W., drpr's asst 

3 Fletcher Mrs. Mary 
1 Fulton Mrs. M. A., 



1 Ormcrod J. T., builder 
Baptist School Chapel 

6 Lowcock R., overlookr 


4 Working Men's Club 

6 Duckworth L., clothes 

8 Walker C., hairdresser 
Gas street 
Wilkinson S.,fi>egrndr 

Veevers street 
10 Heap Mrs. Lucy A. 
12 Clegg Mrs. E., grocer 
14 Halstead R., broker 
18 Blakey Mrs. J., shpkpr 

Union street 
20 Grant J., clothes dlr 
28 Simons 0., painter (j) 
Blackburn street 
Royle foundry 

Pollard G., brassfndr 
Barnes J., machinst 
Dugdale W., spindle 

Waddington W., 

Massey W. W M heald 

m iker 
Haigh W. F.,corn dlr 
Royle road 
43 Williams S., tripe dlr 
41 Patchett I., grocer 
39 Howarth T., shopkpr 
37 Lavender J., fd fish dlr 

Brun street 
27 Pollard R., cabnt mkr 
19 Bowes Mrs. 11. H., 

17 Cooper E M fd fish dlr 
15 Beesting S., dogger 
Brick street 
I and 3 Galloway J. W., 


1 Thornton Mrs. 

3 Gray W., joiner (j) 

5 Hall W., compositor 
7 Gayley J., sawyer 
9 Rogers T. ? butcher (j) 

11 Blaylock G., joiner (j) 

13 Atkinson James 


Holden A., bootmaker 
Holgate Bros., Bank- 
field shed 
Bullock J., broker 


3 Towler P., traveller 
5 Emmott A., clerk 
7 Gahegan Miss Emma 
9 Pollard H., smith (j) 
11 Cowban Miss Elizabth 
13 Reynolds H., cricketer 
15 Nicholson J., gardener 
17 Bamford W., sawyer 
19 Lay Sergt. Major G. 
21 Mclnerney John 
23 Hirst Henry, weaver 
25 Pollard Mrs. H. M., 
Wellington street 
27 Dixon Mrs. D., shpkpr 
29 Crook T., miner 
31 Lacy R. H., bookkeeper 
33 Whitehead R.,millr(j) 
35 EarnshawD., joiner (j) 
37 Harrison Mrs. Ann 
39 Riley S., tinner (j) 
41 Haslam S., mason (j) 
45 Anderson Mrs. Mary A. 
47 Blakey J., labourer 
49 Tomlinson A. E., over- 
51 Palmer Mrs. Sarah 
53 Pollard J., palisde mkr 
55 Blakey T., hairdresser 

Mary street 
51 Outlaw Mrs., shopkpr 
75 Cooper T., painter 

105 Wellington Mrs. M. 
Higgin street 

3 Hargreaves T., Park 

View Inn 
Edmondson W. R., 
cattle dealer, Brun- 
shaw house 
Pike hill 

106 Heap A., labourer 
104 Brooks Mr. Henry 
102 Wilkinson J., joiner (j) 

98 Hargreaves A., firemn 
96 Collinge Mrs. C, shop- 
94 Crowther W., overlfcr 
92 Jackson J., weaver 
90 Pickles W. H., mason 

88 Hargreaves B., quarry- 
86 Halstead Mr. James 
84 Pickles W. A., weaver 
82 Sagar W., gardener 
78 Jobling Mrs. Ann 
76 Greenwood J. ,horsekpr 
Simpson J., clog block 
34 Hodgson J., shopkpr 
18 Wallwork J., shopkpr 

Brunshaw court 
12 Aspden J., shopkeeper 
Brunshaw place 
8 Stroyan Mrs. E., 

6 Slater Mr. Frederick 
4 Whitaker Mr. Henry 
2 Folds Mr. James 
Lowcock James W., 

Bee Hole colliery 
Cricket and Football 


4 Whynall J., grocer 
10 Tuck B., baker (j) 
20 Birtwistle W., mechnc 
20 Spencer J., contractor 
38 Wells E M bootmaker 
44 Hirst Mrs. E., grocer 

Waterloo road 
50 Cunliffe T. M., fried 

fish dealer 
52 Catlow J. T., weaver 
54 Brown A., shopman 
56 Medlev Mrs., milliner 
60 Terry D., police con 
76 Richardson Mrs. F., 


Crowther street 
78 Palmer F., fruiterer 
78aPickthall H., draper 
80 Moore J., weaver 
Branch road 

82 Whiteside J. J., confctr 

Parkinson street 

84 Allison R. H., overlkr 

86 Harrison Mr. Francis 

Heed street 

Ball street 

Hollingreave road 

91 Greenwood C, grocer 

89 Mason J., coal dealer 

87 Astin 0., agent 

85 Blackburn J., tailor 

83 Wiseman Misses, grcrs 
79 Brace well H., weaver 
49 Conservative Club 

4=1 Ellershaw J., contr. 
39 Talbot H., coal mercht 
31 Dent A. J., weaver 
29 Hull W. H., joiner (j) 



27 Green G. J., agent 
25 Pollard J., agent 
23 Towler J., weaver 
21 Clarke J., miner 
19 Snowden Mr. John 

9 FreakleyJ.,bricklyr(j) 

3 Heaton J. R., grocer 


4 Towler G., tea dealer 

Ormerod street 
6 Holgate & Co., whole- 
sale grocers 
Edmondson B., wine 
3 Express Office; L. 


1 Saunby E., grocer 


46 Wood W. T., manager 

48 Bennett A., agent 

50 Lawson VV., turner (j) 

56 Holgate F., shopman 

60 Ilaworth W., traveller 

62 WelburnVV. P., watch- 

70 Barritt J., shopman 
76 Hargreaves W., ware- 
84 Pegans S., tailor 
118 Riley R., overlooker 

120 Nutter D., weaver 
Taylor W., builder 

131 Arnold W., bookkeeper 
127 Dean F., engineer (j) 

121 Hoyle W. J., agent 
117 Wells Mr. Arthur W. 
115 Farrow J., overlooker 
111 Thornton J., carter 
109 OunlifEe A., mason 
107 Wells Mr. Richard 
105 Wells Mr. Cunliffe 

81 Chadwick C. H M ware- 

75 Candlish J., inspector 
of weights, &c. 

73 Mason J., club steward 
63 Hopwood W., bookmkr 
57 Meredith Mrs. E., 

shirt maker 
55 McCreesh J., plumber's 

53 Southwell H., cloth- 
51 Whittam J., traveller 
49 Gaukroger Miss S. E., 


1 and 3 Parrer W. T. & 
Son, bakers 

5 Crossley R., bookkpr 
7 Mackay J., junr., cab- 
22 Sawley J., labourer 
24 Alderson T., miner 


2 Rice W., agent 
18 Benson J., smith 

24 Stark J. R P., mason 
15 Thornton R.,shopkpr 

3 Clegg W-, overlooker 


2 Varley Mrs. Maria 

4 RushworthW., dogger 
6 Heys J,, confectioner 
8 Riley A., beamer 

32 Rawlinson B., confetr 
Whitaker Mrs. A. & 

Sons, Lodge farm 
Birley F. (Exors. of), 
Lodge mill 
93 Briggs W., Reedley 

Halloius Hotel 
91 Hargreaves H., shop- 
Dent J., brickmaker 
Dean J., gardener 
29 Thomas Mr. S. 
25 & 27Smitb & Thomas, 

mineral water mfrs 
11 Hartley J. E., overlkr 
1 Spencer S., shopkeeper 


2 Simpson R., builder 
4 Crossley N., labourer 

16 Whitehead E., ware- 

20 Wilshaw W., miner 
26 Wilkinson Mrs. Mary 
28 Whitehead Mrs. Mrgt. 


4 Jowett W. & M., bird 

6 and 8 Mayor W., Pack 


14 Callis Mrs. E.,shopkpr 
Pack Horse yard 

BibbyT.& Son, marine 
store dealers 

17 Hesketh J., furndlr 

15 Hartley Isab.,shopkpr 
Bracewell W., smith 
Fawcett J. (Exors. of), 

palisade makers 
Grant P., clogger 
la Curl J., joiner 


2 Haigh Mrs. C. L., 
clothes dealer 

4 Holden A., boot maker 
6 Radcliffe A., Calder 

Vale Inn 
8 Briercliffe W., bird dlr 
40 Barlow J., mechanic 
Slater W. & Son, Ash- 
field shed 
Brierley W., Calder 

Vale shed 
Comstive T., shuttle 

Towler W. & Son, 
spindle makers 
Ashfield road 

Lodge street 
66 Clegg W., grocer 

Burnley Paper Works 
Co., Ltd. ; J. Hack- 
ing, secretary 
Greenhalgh H. S., dyer 
Paper street 

6 Higgin G., salt mcht 
Palmer J. & Sons, 

chair makers 
Downham R., screw 

key maker 
Slater W. H., towel 
53 Oakes & Leigh, loom 
Cherry J. N., dyer 
49 Robertshaw Mrs. S. A. 
47 Palmer Mr. John 
43 Wilkinson W. C, 

41 Smith V., beamer 
39 Taylor Mr. Charles 
37 Curl J., joiner 
33 Nutter Mrs. Alice 

31 Stuttard W., umbrella 

21 Eltoft Mrs. Mary 
19 Barnes J., mechanic 
Orchard bridge 
Orchard place 

1 Pollard Mrs. Ann 

3 Cowell Mr. Wm. 
Cowell W., brass fndr 
Haworth J., builder 
Pollard J., Atlas fndry 


2 Halgate J., enfetnr 

12 'Blackwell J., overlkr 

32 Duckworth J., mngr 
34 Todd P., butcher 

48 Pollard J. H., pol con 
21 Lawson J., overlooker 

13 Mayland Mrs. Chrstna 
5 Bracewell Mr. James 



3 Bradshaw S., overlkr 
1 Pinder J., miner 


Eastwood & Mawdsley, 

cotton mfrs 
Greenwood S., cotton 
George street 

Stansfield & Duck- 
worth, cotton mfrs 


8 Smith C, painter 
10 Meads Wm. E., comp 
12 Halstead B., builder 
16 Holland A., tripe drsr 
18 Collinge R., butcher 

Brougham street 
20 & 22 Co-operativeStores 
24 Hargreaves Mrs. Mary 

34 Duckworth Mrs. Eliz. 
48 Trotter W., shopkpr 
50 Eastwood Miss E., 


54 Collinge Mr. Robert 

Ashley street 

58 Riley J., cashier 
60 Camm 0., joiner (j) 

84 Holgate J. W., overlkr 

Wesleyan Chapel 

Hubie street 

63 Butterworth J., paper 

maker (j) 

Castle street 

59 Gowers Mrs. I., enfr 

Gordon street 

55 Whitaker Mrs. Margt. 
53 Dean H., police cons 
47 Hargreaves E., clthlkr 
43 Collins G., tailor 

41 Bontofi J., clerk 

39 Cowpe Mr. George D. 

37 Towers Mr. Adam 

35 Turner Mrs. M., dress 


Belgrave street 
27 & 29 Cunliffe A., draper 
23 & 25 Smith H. G., 
Berkeley street 
Smith P. N., builder 
Cowpe T. & Sons, 

Albert shed 
Keighley G., Bank- 
house Iron works 
5 & 7 Smith H., broker 
Taylor J. W., weighing 
machine maker 


4 Myers J., Black Dog 


6 & 8 Dean J., broker 
10 Jowett M., Greyhound 

14 & 16 Pawson J. W., 

Horse and Farrier 

23 Jackson J M shopkpr 

17 Baldwin M., shopkpr 
9 Dean A. A., shopkpr 


2 East W., boat bldr (j) 
4 Wilson J., mechanic 


2 Dugdale Mr. William 

4 Crossley Mr. Elijah 

6 Bridge Mr. Henry 

8 Harling R., salesman 

10 Collinge Mrs. Eleanor 

12 Halstead Mrs. M. A. 

14 Foster Mr. Harry 

16 Foden Mrs. Sarah 

18 Robinson Mrs. Grace 
20 Greenwood Mr. Wm. 
22 Ashworth Mr. John 

24 Grant Mr. W. Lewis 
Carlton Road School 

27 Lancaster Mr. James 

25 Lancaster Mr. W.,jun 

19 Bui cock Mr. James 

17 Altham Mr. Peter H. 

15 Foster Mr. Frederick 

13 Lancaster Mr. W., J. P. 

11 King Mrs. Elizabeth A. 

9 Ratcliflo Mr. David 

7 Lupton Mr. Joseph T. 

5 Cooke Mr. Samuel 

1 Hoghton Mr. T., J. P. 


2 Atock L., overlooker 

6 Metcalfe J., engineer 
48 Dixon M., broker 

52 NuttallT., fd fish dlr 
33 Jackson J., shopkeeper 

1 Pate F., grocer 


2 Mitchell A., butcher 

6 Helm J., hosier 

22 Dinsdale Miss L, shop- 

26 McCleavey W M pensnr 
45 McTurk Mrs. Annie 
13 Knowles D., ware- 

11 Cronshaw P., foreman 

7 Spencer J., agent 
5 Spencer W., ware- 

Carter Mr. James 


3 Wrathall W., carter 

4 Wright J., weaver 

8 Turner T.,cabt mkr (j) 
20 Marshall T., pointsman 

28 Dutton T., smith (j) 

29 Smith R., plasterer 
17 Bridgeland F., travlr 

9 Brown T., moulder 

1 Uttley J., moulder 


2 Duerden Mr. Job 

6 Hargreaves T., labr 

24 Nutter J., weaver 

28 Clegg Mrs. Mary 

23 Edmondson B., grocer 
15 Falshaw W., greengcr 

11 Greenwood J., overlkr 
9 Campbell J., postman 

7 Greenwood J. T., school 

board officer 
1 Hayhurst W., clamp 


12 Parkinson J., coachmn 

26 Bowker G. E., overlkr 
23 Oldman P. C, agent 

30 Keighley D., patn mkr 
34 Riley Mrs. Ann 

37 Armitage W. H., fitter 
40 Skipper H., naturalist 

42 Shaw A., police cons. 
46 Sharratt L., boot top 


48 Whittaker J., patn mkr 
71 Smith B., builder 

69 Martlew Mr. John 

67 Hedges W., mus prof 

65 Taylor J., overlooker 

63 Peters W. J., manager 

61 Elcoate T., comp. 

57 Stuttard L., overlooker 

53 Lees J., clerk 

51 Mellor J., mechanic 

49 Bradbury H. J., comp 

Ashley street 
45 Draper W-, engineer 

43 Morris A., police cons 
33 Riley J., agent 

29 Webb C, warehouse- 


27 Harrison A., ware- 


25 Baldwin W., brush-] 

maker (j) 
19 Varah J., shopkeeper 
17 Clayton J., agent 
15 Lowe B., paper mkr (j) 
7 Cherry Mrs. Maria 




2 Frodshaw Mrs. Emma 
Tattersall J., hay dlr 

16 Willis W., pie manfctr 

20 Taylor Mr. James 

30 Lister G. W., engr (j) 
32 Lynch J., cabinet mkr 

31 Smith Mr. James 

27 Thompson E., cabdrvr 
25 Dickinson Greenwood 
23 Smith Mrs. Ellen 

21 Foster Mrs. Alice 

17 Willis G., pie maker 
15 Willis Mrs. Harriet 
13 Salkeld J M collier 
11 Greenwood Mrs. M. 

7 Duxbury Mrs. S. 
5 Hawke T., collier 

3 Atkinson EL, shopman 


Stevenson P., monu- 
mental mason 

Crossley Mrs. A., eat- 
ing house 

Cemetery ; G. Houl- 
den, registrar 


2 Aspden J., taper 

3 Dale W., overlooker 

5 Townson A., yardsman 
9 Gregson J., overlooker 


2 DysonMrs. S. A. coffee 


4 Grimshaw J., spirit 


6 Read Mrs. E., confctnr 

8 Porrett W., grocer 
10 Eastman's, Limited, 

Weber P. C, Eynpress 

Burnley Rubber Co. 

9 Parker T. & P., boot 


7 Jones C. S., hosier 

5 Moore G., tailor 

3 Corry & Co., clothiers 

1 Jackson, Son, & Co., 

mantle warehouse 


25 Tanner W. H., grocer 
Weavers' Association ; 
M. Moorhouse, sec. 


2 Armistead G., Hall Inn 

4 Hargreaves T. & Son, 

corn dealers 

6 Dean Miss E. E., confr 
8 Lancashire and York- 
shire Boot Repairing 

10 Varley Mrs. B. A., fish 

12 Brown H., jeweller 
14 Greenwood W., brush 

20 Grimshaw J., spirit mer 
22 Thornton T., Well Hall 

24 Harrison R. & Son, 

26 Law J. B. & Co., photrs 
28 Hanson R., hairdresser 
30 Thornton Mrs. M. J., 

32 Johnson J., saddler 
34 Porter M. A., stationer 
36 Thornton W., bootmkr 
38 Cooper J. (Exors. of), 

rope manufacturers 
Bibby T. & Son, reed 

40 Whitham J. L., china 

42 Parker Mrs. S M fried 

fish dealer 
44 Handley &., confctnr 
46 Calvert J., confectionr 
46aGibson Harry, auctinr 
48 Kerrigan J., tinner 
48aGrant P., dogger 
48bFishwick S., Coach & 

50 Porter B., grocer 
52 Stott P., fruiterer 

Bishop E., bottle mkr 
54 Procter H., tobacconst 
56 Bulcock J., fd fish dlr 
58 Stuttard W., smith 
60 Holland C, tripe dealr 
62 Baldwin W., shopkpr 
70 Threlfal Mrs. A., confr 
74 Lund R., grocer 
Eastwood street 
76 Knowles Mrs. E., shop- , 

keeper I 

82 and 84 Parker Mrs. S., 

New Sparrow Hawk 
86 Lord Mrs. A., grocer 
Ratocliffe street 
Parish Church and 

School lane 
92 Greenhalgh Misses, 

96 Tootell R. J., joiner (j) 
98 Gent J., coachman 
100 Blaylock J., joiner 
102 Pickles E., coachman 
Colne road 

Thursby J. O. S.,Esq. 

J. P., Bank hall 
87 WhitakerT., mechanic 
79 Shaw Mrs. E., confcnr 
77 Herbert G., tailor 
75 Sutcliffe Mr. Chas. E. 
73 Judson T., manager 
71 Hardwick Mr. Thos. 
69 Griffiths Mr. Edw. 
67 Griffiths Mrs. E. A., 

Talbot Hotel 

Ormerod road 
63 amd 65 Littlewood H., 

Sparrow Hawk Hotel 
61 Hope J. W., butcher 

Lindsay street 
59 Swift C, grocer 
57 Watson Miss A., dress- 

Church court 
49 Holt J., horse slaughtr 
47 Pollard J., coal dealer 
45 Egar J., White Hart 

Adlington street 
E. L. Reg. Dist. Office; 

Major A. J. A. 

Wright, hen. sec. 
35 CarterJ.H.,P.R.C.V.S. 
33 Webster Mr. Chas. H. 

Engine street 
29 and 31 Whitaker J., 

marble mason 
Fawcett J..mattrs mkr 
27aGordon J., locksmith 
27 Franks & Oldham, 

brush makers 
Wright Mr. John, Scar 

25 Whittaker & Sutclifie, 

cycle agents 
23 Wood,Landless,&Co., 

bath appliances 
21 Pollard P., Star Inn 

Hill Top street 

Gunsmith lane 
Grimshaw J., Keirby 

9, 11, 13 Hargreaves T. 

and Son, prov merts 

7 Burnley Bill Posting 

Co., Limited 
1, 3, 5 Higgin J., saddler 


U. M. F. Church and 
3 Heys Mrs. Betty 
5 Berridge J. ? lurry drivr 


8 Hargreaves Mr. T. H. 
12 Edmondson Mrs. Alice 



14 Gallender P., bricklyr 

16 Moore Mrs. Mary 

36 Riley Mrs. Hannah 
48 Kershaw J., bricklyr (j) 

Waterloo road 
50 Co-operative stores 
52 Heath W., coal dealer 
54 Allen Mr. John 
56 Edwards W.,hairdrssr 

May street 
60 Ingham L., confectnr 

47 Basnett H., overlooker 

37 Johnstone Mrs. A., 


27 Rowe M., labourer 

25 Metcalfe J., labourer 

23 Wetherall J., labourer 
21 Duckworth C, miner 
19 Brown Mrs. S., shpkpr 

17 Coultate A. W., engi- 

neer (j.) 

15 Hedges Rev. Isaac 

13 Watson M., overlooker 

11 ShawW.H., clerk 

9 Ellen H., bricklyr. (j.) 

7 Mason G., coal dealer 
5 Jackson W., coal dlr. 
3 Garstang Mr. Thomas 


1 GreenwooclW.,skopkpr 

29 lister C., frd. fish dlr. 
39 Fielden D., shopkpr. 
79 Crowther C, shopkpr. 


24 Pilling Mrs. Ellen 

26 Gregory Mr. Abraham 

28 Simpson M., builder 

30 Robertshaw W.,ovrlkr. 
44 Cowgill Mrs. Margt. 
46 Hocking J., miner 


Hirst R., cabt. mkr. 

8 Stephenson A., ovrlkr. 

12 Mitchell H., beamer 

14 Stephenson E . , beamer 
19 Watson J., weaver 

5 Wakefield T., porter 

3 Ash worth E., weaver 

1 Jcelieving Office ; J. 



2 Stowe Mr. William 

4 Ashworth Mrs. A. J. 

G Tiaycock W., bootmkr. 

8 Denner R., manager 
10 Seaman Mr. David 
12 HindleMissS.jdrsmkr. 
14 Simpson Mrs. Ann 

16 Moore J. W., shopman 
18 Boardwell Mrs. L. A. 
20 Johnson M., traveller 
22 Heap M., builder 

Clifton square 

Artisan's Home 
26 Kenyon W. H, chapel 

Willow street 

28 Fox Mrs. Mary 

30 Plane Mr. William 

32 Martin Mr. Richard 
34 Easton Mr. William 

36 Read G., contractor 
Keighley Mr. George, 

J.P., Woodficld hs. 
Bartlctt terrace 
53 Aspden R., traveller 
51 Halstead Mrs. Jane 
49 Hanson Mrs. Eliza 
47 Smith G., weaver 
45 Hartley Mrs. Mary 

43 Harrison B.> auctionr. 

41 Pollard G., moulder 

39 Brackin W., foreman 

Gill street 

37 Murgatroyd J., fitter 

33 and 35 Pollard W.,grcr 

29 and 31 Duckworth C, 


Smith street 

25 Layfield R., Bowling 
Green Inn 

17 Smith R., foreman 
7 Barrett J., agent 

5 Walton R., shopkeeper 
laMennell T., tailor (j) 


Creeke & Son, solicitrs 
9 and 11 Lord J., pwnbkr 


Hedges A., wholsle grcr 

Paradise street 
Aspinall W., painter 
5 Swann J. H., bkbinder 
Orossley J. & Sons, 
9 Strang W., draper 
11 Storey G., land agent 
13 Woodhead Mr. C. 
15 Robinson A., cab propr 
Berry W., temp hotel 


Bucchleuch street 
21 Greenwood B., miner 

40 Saul R., confectioner 

42 Alderson J., coal dealer 

44 Riley W., grocer 
Queensbcrry road 

46 Moorhouse Mr. Mason 
48 Kendrick T., manager 
50 Heseldon Mrs. Alice 
Scarlett street 

2 Watson D., shopkpr 
54 Greenwood W., beamer 
56 Nevins W.J. , music pro 
58 Harrison Mr. William 
62 Skidmore S., core mkr 
64 Ashworth S., taper 
66 Martin E. H., agent 

St. Matthew street 
90 Booth J., coke burner 

Lancaster Mr. A., J.P., 
Fern bank 

Wilkinson T., mason 

Hudson Mr. James, 
Holme hill 

Walton Mr. Robert, 

Willow bank 
Berry Mr. Jas., Brook- 
side house 
Crossley Mr. Joseph, 
Hill top 
Pendle view 
150 Cowpe Mr. A. 
152 Foster Mr. Thomas 
Four Lane ends 
Hargreaves J., Gretna 
Green Lin 

Collingo G., farmer 

Beech grove 

Pickering S. A., 

Leslie J., builder 
Nightingale T., 
Frampton Col. W. J., 
Coal Clough house 
Stanley terrace 
89 Rushton J., labourer 
83 Robinson W. E., 
Clarendon terrace 
75 Beaumont J., overlkr 
73 Johnson Mr. John A. 
71 Bradley E., weaver 
69 MiddletonS., wheel- 
wright (j) 
67 Holdsworth Hoover- 
65 Catlow Mr. Thomas 
63 Holdsworth Mr. Rd. 
Burleigh terrace 
61 Mackie Mr. John S. 
59 Briggs A. F., school- 
57 Turner R., beamer 
55 Clcgg A. M., grocer 
53 Chew T., patrn mkr 
51 Allen J. W., weaver 
49 Torkington A.,]oiner 
Kitfield terrace 
47 Moss M., mason f'j) 



45 Moss E., clothlooker 
43 Pilkington T., 

41 Fitton Mrs. Alice 
39 Riley J., miner 
37 Walker W., worsted 


19 Marquis T., Coal 

C lough Hotel 

1 Hey Miss M. E., grocer 


2 Leaver J., joiner (j) 

12 Anderson J., police con 
18 Griffin J., ice cream dlr 

20 Lee E., beamer 

26 Magnall W., shopkpr 
36 Wormwell Mrs. M., 

small ware dealer 
48 Pollard J., traveller 

13 Butter worth J., shop- 

Pate L., smith 


4 Smith C, smith (j) 
6 Rigg A., labourer 
10 Driver Miss Sarah 
18 Jackson A., shopkpr 
20 H anna in 3. ) New Hotel 
Walker J., joiner 
130 Sutcliffe J., shopkpr 
176 Forrest S., shopkeeper 
Four Lane ends 

Hargreaves J., farmr 
Holt J., shopkeeper 

Back Lane School 
U. M. F. Church 
167 Leeming E., miner 
153 Benson R., miner 
151 Turner J., labourer 
145 & 147 Magnall J., gcr 
109 Hudson EL, shopkpr 
89 Walker J. H., shopkpr 
71 Magnall J. , Shepherds' 

43 Coates J., shopkeeper 
41 Cryer J. A., taper 
31 Hodgson L, dogger 
Southey street west 
Haslam Bros., Yate- 
ffeld mill 
Reform Club 


2 and 4 Walmsley T., 
Cross Gates Inn 
Coke yard 
18 Grundy A., fitter 
Gasworks ; 3. P. 
9 Astbury Mrs. Ann 

7 Edmundson W,, 
tinner ij) 

Edmundson M., tinner 
Light street 

5 Chapman J., Travellers' 


Job street 


builders' merchants 
2 Waddingfcon Mrs. A. 
4 Hargreaves Mr. W. J. 

6 Poulds Mr. James 

8 Kidd Mrs. Ruth 

10 Thomber Mrs. S. A. 
12 Shepley T., grocer 

Elm street 
14 Hargreaves Mr. W. 0., 

Bankfield villas 

16 Crabtree Mr. James, 

Bankfield villas 

Baptist Chapel and School 

30 Clegg J., chapel keeper 

Hebrew road 
32 Robinson Rev. H. H., 
M.A., Vicarage 
Holme view 
34 Sutcliffe Mr. Edwd. 
36 Holt Thomas, M.B. 
38 Thomber Mr. Caleb 

40 WhitakerB., cashier 
42 Holden Mrs. P. 

44 McParlane Mr. S. 
46 Smirthwaite - Black, 

J. L., M.B. 
48 Stuttard Mrs. Ellen 
50 Overton G. E„ mill 

52 Grey Mrs. Jane 
54 Marsden P. W., 

56 Heap E., builder 
58 Lupton Mr. Albert 
60 Preston Mrs. Dinah 
62 Hartley Mr. Rt.,J.P. 
64 Spencer Mr. John 
68 Watson A. A., 

70 & 72 Ferguson J. M., 
L.R.C.P., Ash grove 
Lee street 
74 Dick Miss, milliner 
76 Lord Mrs. H., grocer 
78 Hep worth T. A., Prin- 
cess Alexandra Hotel 
Allen street 
80 Townson E., hairdrsr 
82 Pollard H., stationer 

Butler street 
84 and 86 Halstead W., 
Victoria Inn 
Jackson street 

Wallbank W., draper 
90 Holden T., butcher 
92aIveson E., clogger 
92 Tattersall A., confctr 
94 Maskrey S., grocer 
34aWhibaker J., butcher 
96 Lea R. S. & Co., tea 

98 Redman Misses, mlnrs 
100 Shoesmith F., grocer 
102 Hackenley Mrs. E., 

104 Rhodes H., frd fish dlr 
106 Baldwin & Riley, gcrs 
108 Vann&Co.,brushmkrs 
110 Fox C. J., music seller 
112 GilfillanT., Old Wheat 

114 Lupton F., saddler 
116 Davy W., tinner 
118 Sutcliffe S., watchmkr 
120 Metcalfe G., confectnr 
122 Tattersall G., small- 
ware dealer 
124 Cooper A., tripe dealer 
124aEllis J. N., butcher 
124bBlackburn R M fruiterer 
124cMoorhouseT., stationer 

Extwistle street 
126 Watson J. W., shopkpr 
128 Shields W., bootmaker 
130 Walkden W., draper 
132 Tillotson W. H.,btchr 
134 Fellows C. D., confctr 
136 Altham A., tea mercht 
138 Rawcliffe T. H., grocer 
140 Wilshaw J., baby linen 

142 Sanderson Miss M. J., 

144 Bailey J. T., fruiterer 

St. Andrew's terrace. 
148 Greenhalgh W M cshr 
150 Taylor H., agent 
152 Smallshaw Mrs. Ann 
154 Waddington Mrs. Ann 
156 Bridge M. H., fireman 
158 Hartley J. J., clerk 
160 Waddington Mrs. J., 


Hurtley street 

TtmstUl street 
162 Mason N., Derby Inn 
164 Starkie W., shopkpr 

Byerden lane 
168 Wood J., Waggoners* 

170 Edmondson E., fried 

fish dealer 
172 Peers C, fruiterer 
Conservative Club 
180 Lee R. W M butcher 
182 Moore E., grocer 
184 Eastwood R., fruiterer 


186 Roberts J., stationer 
188 Marsden E., carter 
190 Shields W. f bootmaker 
192 Tomlinson Mrs. Ellen 
194 Ham W. L., piano tnr 
196 Simpson W., cabt mkr 
198 Tattersall R., cnfctnr 
200 Hartley J., fruiterer 
202 Thomas W. A., baker 
204 SargeantR. K., school- 
206 Berry R., weaver 
208 Lancaster Miss L., 

210 Bell Mrs. Sarah 
212 Duerden J., overlooker 
214 Boothman Mr. John 
216 Latham N., painter 
218 Hartley J., confecmr 
220 Dawson J., frd fish dlr 
222 CrawshawF., joiner (j) 
224 Booth J., weaver 
226 Lister F. weaver 
228 Ingham P., twister i 
230 Moulton Mrs. Hannah 
232 Ashworth Mrs. Alice 
234 McElwee J., driver 
242 BinnsS., butcher 
244 Murgatroyd Mr. S. 
246 Dawson H. W., music 
248 WilshawG.M., cashier 
250 Cornforth J., agent 
252 Robinson Mrs. S. M. 
254 Haythornthwaite Mr. 

T. S. 
256 Lancaster F., manager 
258 Howe J., confectioner 
260 Casson S., draper 
262 Clough S., weaver 
264 Proctor Mrs, Sarah 
266 Kennedy T., baker (j) 
268 Pickup Mrs. Margt. 
270 Richardson J. T., wevr 
272 Hetherington J., wevr 
274 Wood J., overlooker 
276 Aldersley A., salt dlr 
278 Lavender J., driver 
280 Dyson T M herbalist 
282 Taylor J. W., bricklr (j) 
284 Demaine Mrs Ellen 
286 Parsons Mr. William 

288 Hartley J., joiner (j) 
290 Riley Mrs. Elizabeth 

290aSagar Miss Susannah 
290bWhittaker L M shopkpr 
292 Clegg J., builder 

294 Mitchell J., fruiterer 
298 Thornber N., miner 
300 Cooper J., eng driver 
302 Schofield R., overlkr 
304 Butson T., joiner (j) 
306 Blackburn J., spinner 
308 Stansfield W. J., wevr 
310 Bridge A., plumber 


312 Guinnoy J., frd fish dlr 
314 Berry Mrs. M., shopkr 
Murray street 
Gladstone terrace 
316 Cunliffe T., weaver 
318 Bridge W., fireman 
320 Luking T., taper 
322 Ormerod J., overlooker 
324 Waterhouse Mrs. Eliz. 
326 Crabtree D., photogr 
328 Green J:, confectioner 
330 Wood W., engrvr (i) 
332 Wilson T., driver 
334 Barcroft T., photogr 
336 Hudson S., agent 
Pratt street 

1 Bland W., mason 
Craven terrace 
338 Riley Miss A., grocer 
340 Broughton R. grocer 
342 Burnish M., eng drvr 
344 Pemberton Y., grinder 
346 Ashworth Mrs. Sarah 
348 Turner Mr. Henry 
350 Simpson Mr. John 
352 Moss Miss M., drsmkr 
354 Parrar Mr. David 
356 Ashworth J. H., book- 
358 Tattersall J., weaver 
360 Carman W., carter 
362 Hutchinson J., weaver 
364 Mitchell A., taper 
366 Hastwell Mrs., Margt. 
368 Bennett H. T., agent 
372 Brooks C, cabt mkr (j) 
374 Howarth C, manager 
376 Pickthall H., painter 
378 Hartley J~. , weaver 

Reedley terrace 
380 Hartley W. H., dresser 
382 Skinner J., patrn mkr 
384 Burgess W., tailor (j) 
386 Hey J., collector 

388 Hartley H., chapel kpr 
390 Brown Mr. William 
392 ThistlethwaiteR., mgr 
Disraeli street 
1 Brown R., mechanic 
Tramway Co.'s Depdt 
Rosebery street 
Rosebery terrace 
396 Procter Mr. James 
398 Pollard J., overlooker 
400 Stanworth Mr. Wm. 
402 South J. , smith 
404 Wright P., engine dvr 
406 Wignall J. W., watch- 
408 NuttallG., agent 
410 Hoy H., engine driver 
412 Lawson J., gardener 
414 Walton J., warehouse- 


416 Brown J., schoolmstr 
420 Graham Mr. Crossley 
422 Larkin H., foreman 
424 Nut/ter Mr. Abraham 
426 Barnford Mrs. Alice ' 
428 GaukrogerP.,schlmstr 
430 Spencer Mr. John 
432 Mozley Mr. Henry 
434 Baldwin Mrs. Alice 
436 Smith Mr. William 
438 Nutter H., salesman 
440 Heap Mrs. Priscilla 
442 Miller Mr. Thomas 
444 Heald Mr. John 
446 Hall G. H, brickworks 
Gladstone street 

54 Booth J., music prof 
317 Walton Mr. James, 

Thornleigh house 
315 Shackleton Mr. Wm., 

Ashleigh house 
313 Veevers Mr. Thomas, 
Ashleigh house 
Peart street 

1 Marsden Mr. Thos. 

311 Smith Miss Alice 
309 Oldman G., school- 
307 RawclifEe Mrs. Jane 
305 Houlding Mrs. Susan 
Shuttleworth street 
1 Benn Mr. Arthur 
Iddesleigh terrace 
303 Rostron J., schoolmstr 
301 Halstead Mr. Edmund 
299 Halstead R., salesman 
297 Andcrton J. J., mngr 
295 Kenyon C, agent 
293 Evans E., science tchr 
291 Grundy R., beamer 
289 Cadwallader P., boot- 
287 Simpson Mr. Thomas 
285 Quarmby Mr. Wm. A. 
283 Stuttard J., cashier 
281 Glegg T. E., manager 
279 Stuttard J., salesman 
277 Heap J., builder 
275 Whitaker Mr. Ormcrop 
Hind street 
1 Pollard T., weaver 
273 Duckworth J., carter 
271 RawlinsonC.,cabtmkr- 
269 Atock B., overlooker 
267 Kennedy Mrs. Eliz. 
265 Pollard A., weaver 
263 Wilson E., tram in sp 
261 Green M., weaver 
259 Mooncy W. f carver 
Haulgh street 

1 Tattersall R., hrblst 
Boundary terrace 



257 Howarth J., tailor 
255 Thornton B M weaver 
253 Burton J., weaver 
251 Bridge C, carter 
249 Proctor Miss 4_nn 
247 Hartley Miss M. A. 
245 Hartley Mrs. Deborah 
243 Hastwell J., mechanic 
241 Hargreaves W . , o verlkr 
239 Hartley S., weaver 
237 Hartley Mrs. Nancy 
235 Baldwin Mrs. Mtha A. 
233 Whittaker J., er.g drvr 
231 Kippax J., weaver 
229 Wood Mrs. Mary 
227 Eltoft Mrs. Sarah A. 
225 Peel T., carter 
223 Cook J., weaver 
221 Wilkinson W., carver 
Florentine street 

Stuttard R.,Byerden 
215 Marsden Mrs. S., shpkr 

Foulriclge street 
213 Collinge H., overlooker 

Stuttard street 
207 and 209 Slater J., ale 
and porter bottler 

Brennand street 
205 Terry Mrs. Mary 
203 Holland J M weaver 

Hollins street 
191 Holt R. C, F.R.C.S., 

Byerden house 
189 Gartwright J., draper 
187 Hudson T., coachman 
185 Dixon R. H., agent 
183 Cartwright Mrs. Sarah 

Ivy street 
181 Ouleen Mr. Thomas, 

Ivy cottage 
179 Procter W. H., cashier 
177 Richmond Mr. Thos. 
175 Bancroft Mr. William 
173 TathamR. W.,tramdr 
171 Hocking R M sanitary 

169 Walton J., salesman 
165 Dearden B., fruiterer 
163 Rushworth W., dogger 
161 Wood Mrs. Nanny 
159 Rushworth J M overlkr 
157 Rushworth S., mason 
155 Parker D., weaver 
153 Stanworth J., builder 
151 Atkinson R., mechanic 
149 Bond D., tram driver 
147 Royle R., overlooker 
145 Taylor J. A.,brklyr (j.) 

Ilylands street 
Primitive Methodist 

Ford street 
143 Heap Mr. William 

141 Schofield Mrs. A., 
Heap street 
139 Astin S., grocer 
137 Butcher Mrs. Grace 
Byerden street 
St, Andrew's Church 
and Schools 
135 Robinson J M verger 
133 Mitchell G., weaver 
131 Broughton J. C, miner 
129 Elsvvorth S., Duke of 
York Hotel 
Brier cliff e road 
Pheasantford street 
Co-operative Stores 
119 and 121 Smith W„ 
watch maker 
Earl street 

Smith W. & Ron, 
117 Pearson G., bookkeepr 
Maries street 

Kippax M., Maries- 
Held shed 
113 TattersallM.,cabtmkr 
111 Foulds A., painter 
109 Duerden & Garnett, 
Squire street 

8 Bottomley H., chim- 
ney sweep 
107 Stuttard Mrs. A., Royal 

105 Rawson Mrs. Mary 
103 Stansfield Mrs. M. A. 
101 Riley W., clothlooker 
99 Liversage R., miner 
97 Lowcock J., tailor (j.) 
95 Spencer Mrs. Eleanor 
93 Townend C, weaver 
91 Spencer Mrs. Mary 
89 Wilson G., draper 

Allen street 
85 and 87 Foulds J. A., 

cabinet maker 
83 Fellows Mrs. M M confr 
81 Allen Mrs. Hannah 

Hallwell street 
79 Spencer B., hairdressr 
77 Nutter H., weaver 
75 Winterbottom Mrs. M. 
73 Clegg T., storekeeper 

Bank Hall Colliery 
71 Chadwick W.,schlmstr 
69 Walton Mr. Thomas 
67 Pollard Miss Mary J. 
65 Graham J"., music selr 
63 Greenwood W. H., pntr 
Bellingham A. A., 

Thursby square 
61 Baldwin Mr. Samuel 
59 Greg G. H., manager 

57 Lonsdale H M mus prof 
55 Walton Mr. Henry 
53 Hall Mr. John 
49 Higson J., mus prof 

47 Smith Mr. Richard 
45 Heap Mr. James 

43 Birley Mr. Arthur 

41 Hartley J., manager • 
39 Atkinson Mr. Lwrnce 
37 Kippax Mr. Luke 
35 Grey Mr. James M. 
33 Hargreaves B., agent 
31 Kippax Mr. John 

29 Lee Mrs. Margaret 
27 Bell Mrs. Betsy 

25 Whitaker Mr. William 
23 Holgate Mr. Thomas 
21 Kippax Mrs. Maria 
19 Fotherby Mr. Chas. T. 

17 Lord J., cashier 
Knightsb ridge grove 
15 Norman Mr E. 
13 Grey Mrs. Jane 

11 Metcalf T., dentist 
9 Johnston J., M.B. 
7 Skrine Rev. W. 
5 Lee Mr. James 
3 Rawlinson Mr. John 
1 Cruickshank W.A.C. 
music professor 


18 Shaw J., traveller 

30 Anforth Miss M. A. 


44 Jones S M engineer (j.) 

48 Duckworth R., overlkr 
13 Eyard Sergeant C. 

7 Iveson E., shopkeeper 
1 Lee W., coal dealer 


Eastwood P. & Co., 

livery stables 
Harrison & Son, cabt 

Harlow S., joiner 
Wilson E. &Son, chair 

Lancaster W., waste 



Hartley H., Craven 

Heap W., tailor 
Brierley B., shopkepr 
Nutter II. t clogger 
Sagar Mrs. S M Com- 
mercial Inn 
Smith W., coal dealer 




Walton & Coupe, Pen- 
die View shed 

Berry B. (Exors. of) 
A bion mill 

Simpson J., Albion mill 

Pickles Robert, Ltd., 
Cairo & Buccleugh 

32 Barker W., taper 

52 Loder Mrs. Ti., shpkpr 

80 Brown M., grocer 


4 Higson S., herbalist 
Marsden T. & Co., 

Waring II., mineral 

water manufacturer 
Baldwin W. & Son, 

coach builders 
Holt T., smith 

Kutcliffe street 
Bibby & Baron, Ltd., 

Newtown mills 
Vulcan street 

Tindall C, ptrn mkr 
1 Chad wick J., Fox and 



4 Benson T., chimney 
Holy Trinity Girls' School 


1 Wood Mr. James 

8 Liddle T., hawker 

10 GhewC., Par leer's Arms 
42 Gorton H., shopkeeper 

Boot street 

44 Brotherick Mrs. Isab. 

46 Whitaker E., fried fish 

48 Hayhurst A., cab propr 
50 Blackburn T., rolr cov 
Bed Lion street 
Firth street 

Ashworth T., Vulcan 
54 Hartley L, fitter 
Schofield court 
35 Egar Mr. James 

27 Chappies R., Wheat 

Croft court 

11 Read J., lodgings 

7 Launder J., broker 
1 Lord J., pawnbroker 


1 Holden T., tailor (j) 

9 Carey J., canvasser 

11 Hill J., police cons 
27 Salisbury Mr. Robert 

31 Meldrum J. W., 
mason (j) 

35 Mackruth Mrs. Alice 


Smith J., tinner 
Dent & Holt, machnsts 
15 Booth T., smith (j) 

13 Booth Mrs. Betty 

11 Fox M., coal dealer 
9 Kiely Mr. Michael 

5 Bradsworth C, carver 


2 Robinson J., draper 

12 Stowe W. E., weaver 

14 Wisdom W., labourer 
22 Ashworth J., overlkr 
24 Salmon W., musician 

32 Richmond J., pntr (j) 

38 Sharrocks W., overlkr 
40 Anderton J., weaver 

42 Fielden R., smith 
Springfield road 

61 Shepherd J. ,eng tenter 
45 Holt J., clothlooker 

43 Holmes J., miner 

39 Pascoe W., labourer 

7 Veevers A., shopman 

1 Hopwood G., shopman 


2 Barnes F., clothlooker 
4 Halstead J., weaver 

6 Leeming J., weaver 

10 Pollard Mrs. J., dress- 

12 Spencer J. S., agent 

14 Graham Mr. Miles 

16 Whittam W., weaver 

18 Rhodes Mrs. Esther 

20 Rhodes J., carter 
24 Blakeborough R. L., 

ticket collector 
26 Duckworth Mrs. M., 

21 Baldwin T. E., travlr 

19 Bannister J , yeast 


17 Wilson Mrs. Fanny J. 

15 Stemp H., labourer 

11 Knape J.,coachbuilder 
9 Dawson T., bootmaker 

3 Dixon W., butcher (j) 

1 Cook J., salt dealer 


2 and 4 Lancaster J., 

Boyal Oak Hotel 

8 Hey worth T., butcher 

10 Clegg H., eating house 
12 and 14 Bracewell Mrs. 

M., milliner 
16 Whitehead Miss G., 

eating house 
18 Carter Mrs. M. A., 

20 Weir & Allen, drapers 
22 Myers W., fruiterer 
28 Smith Mrs. E. ? pawn- 
34 Blake J., draper 
Bran street 
Mission Room 
Smith S., tobacco mfr 
Spencer EL, winder 
Parkinson R. & Sons, 
wholesale druggists 
BankJiouse street 
50 Harrison B., confectr 
52 Howarth A. A., hair- 
54 Butterfield Mr. James 
56 Baldwin J., joiner 
58 Butterfield J. & Sen, 

60 Rawlinson Mr. J. R. 
62 Greenwood Mr. Alfred 
66 Clegg Mrs. J., tem- 
perance hotel 
68 Hartley Mr. Ellis 
70 Patterson H., butcher 
52 Farrer J., stationer 
74 Whitehead J., shopkpr 

Arch street 
16 Nothard G., eating hs 
78 Leyland J., dogger 
80 and 82 Whitaker J., 

Queen's Hotel 
84 Bullock J., hairdresser 
86 Cooke J., confectioner 
88 Denbigh G., tripe dlr 

90 Metcalfe M., bootmkr 
Stan worth W., slate 

Whitaker Bros., hay 

and straw dealers 
Railway Goods station; 

S. Parkinson, agent 
113 Baldwin W. & J., brush 

111 Baldwin Mr. Lord S. 
Cuerden street 
Parsonage terrace 
109 Duckworth Mrs. Mary 
107 Smith Mr. Stephen 
105 Emmott Mrs. Eliz. 
103 Sanders W., agent 
101 Greenwood T., weaver 
99 Andrews Miss M., 

95 Cook T., labourer 

91 Hartley H., Prince Al- 

bert Inn 



69 Duckett J. & Son, 
builders' merchants 
69aSlater W., manager 
69aPoulds G. H., photr 
69bShackleton P., mangr 
67 Dewhurst Mrs. Mary 
65 Austerberry S., pntr (j) 
63 Magee EL, joiner (j) 
61 Bradley G., cabt mkr 
59 Dixon Mrs. Susannah 
57 Laycock T., draper 

Parker street 
55 Smith J., painter 
49 Proctor J., pk butcher 

Market street 
47 Wilkinson J., Corpora- 
tion Arms 
45 Howard Mrs. E., mlnr 
29 Stonehouse C, jun., 

27 Bullock J., broker 
23 & 25 Roberts J., mlnr 
21 Smith J., plumber 
15 Stansfield&Son,plmrs 
13 Armstrong & Laycock, 
smallwaro dealers 
Howe street 
9 Hudson G. P., tem- 
perance hotel 
7 Farrell J., clothes dlr 
5 Lord J., watchmaker 


Hitchen R., labourer 
Pickup J., joiner (j) 
Dean Mrs. 


5 Garrison Club 
15 Wheelhouse J., shopkr 
19 Eastwood T., smith (j) 
25 Nicholson T., overlkr 

39 Conservative Club 


2 Rawson J., overlooker 
18 Reynoldson T., miner 
28 Latham J., twister 
30 Howarth T., upholstr 
34 Constantine J., points- 

40 Watson W M postman 

Springfield road 
42 Wharf J., shopman 
44 Pearce P., traveller 
50 Hargreaves R., jnr (j) 
52 Heap L., overlooker 
54 Little F., joiner (j) 
56 Jackson J. S., overlkr 
64 Andrews C, draper 
66 Roberts Mrs. Margt. 
68 Hey J., tailor 
70 Waturworth J., overlkr 

74 Wolfenden J. T., wevr 

Brunswick street 
76 Thompson J., weaver 
78 Holden J., weaver 
80 Griffin W., moulder 
84 Hayes S., overlooker 
88 Broughton J., joiner (j) 
90 Pate J., mechanic 
92 WallworkE.,painter(j) 
94 McFarlane J., overlkr 

96 Dugdale J., overlooker 

98 Watts J., manager 

100 Kearton E., miner 

102 Whittaker Mrs. N. 
104 Freshney G M labourer 

Board School 
141 Jackson A., vanman 
139 Couch J., joiner (j) 
135 Brown B., joiner (j) 
129 Entwistle C, agent 
127 Elliott A., cabt mkr (j) 
125 Gaukroger T , taper 
123 Hale Mr. John 
121 Patten J., schoolmstr 
119 Pollard A., taper 
117 Holden W., weaver 
115 Robinson W. C, taper 
113 Booth R., miner 
111 Pemberton A., clogger 
107 Bridge J., joiner (j) 

103 Lund Mrs. Urania 

101 Sharpe Mr. Thomas 

99 Ralph J., joiner (j) 

97 Hargreaves J., msu (j) 
95 Wadge R., pavior 

93 Dixon Mr. Whitaker 

91 Dixon J., moulder 

89 Pickup J., assistant 

87 Farrar J., jun., taper 
85 Farrar J., taper 
83 Hugill J., miner 
81 Hugill G., miner 
79 Wilkinson H., weaver 
77 Rate! iff c J., overlooker 
75 Roberts J., joiner (j) 
47 Watson F., cabt mkr (j) 
43 Redman Mrs. M. A. 
37 Heywood J., miller (j) 
35 Riley Mrs. Ann 
15 Bonser T. A., clothlkr 
11 Simpson W. beamer 
1 Dearden Mrs. Nanny 



2 & 4 Turner A., butcher 
6 Gregory A., bootmaker 
8 Dent W., baker 
10 Walton Mr. John 
12 Warrington J., clthlkr 
24 Brown W., coal dealer 
Travis street 
14 Hartley S., grocer 
Bond street 

2 Ward Miss G., enfr 
36 Holden F., plumber 
38 Eltoft Mrs. A., milliner 

Granville street 
40 Smith T M confectioner 

42 Haistead J., roller covr 

46 Heaton J., traveller 

48 Welch J., bookkeeper 

50 Shuttleworth J. W., 

52 Knowles J., spinner 

54 Brown J. H M taper 
56 Bulcock J., compositor 
58 Ashworth Mr. William 
60 Hill R. P., compositor 
62 Ormcrod J., weaver 
64 Glegg J., whlwright (j) 

Monk Hall street 

55 Haistead G. H., store- 

Thoniber B. & Sons, 
Daneshouse mill 

51 Bridge D., grocer 

49 Bailey Mrs, Mary 

47 Heselton J., agent 
45 Wilkinson J., taper 

43 Carl F., engineer (j) 
41 Mitchell G M warper 
39 Hartley J. T., agent 
37 Preston Mrs. Sarah 
35 Orossley P., clothlkr 
33 Drury W. R., comp. 

Travis street 
27 Edmondson J., boot- 
19 Holmes J., weaver 
17 Turner J., overlooker 

Grey street 
15 Tomlinson W., fried 

fish dealer 
13 Riley H., painter 
11 Lord W M draper 
9 Gregson W M weaver 
5 Parkinson S.,paintr (j) 
1 and 3 Emmett Miss 
M. A., grocer 

2 Sagar H., wheelwright 

4 Coar E., smith (j) 
8 Frost J., gardener 

7 Myers J., plasterer (j) 

5 Thomas Mrs. Isabella 

3 Kershaw H., coal dlr 

1 Hargreaves Miss Mary 


28 Nutter E. A., shopkpr 
44 Haworth G., shopkpr 

3 Taylor W., beerseller 

Carey street 

2 Ashworth W., grocer 




2 Sudders Mrs. S. J., toy 

Willan A., upholsterer 
Brief street 
18 Dyson E., shopkpr 

24 Worm well H., butcher 
30 Home Miss Martha A. 
32 Clegg S., traveller 

42 Smith C., whlwright (j) 

44 Brown J. T., overlookr 

46 SpencerH.,healdknitr 

48 Procter Mrs. Phoebe 

54 Lancaster J. W., book- 


56 Woodhead Mrs. Jane 
58 Sutcliffe Mrs. Sarah 

60 Smith Mr. Thomas 
62 Wilkinson G., loomer 

64 Poulds E., overlooker 

66 Lord L., mill manager 

68 Pickles John, accntnt 
75 Riley A., weaver 

73 Walsh G. E., bookkpr 
71 Pemberton Mrs. Mrgt. 

69 Whalley S., overlooker 

67 Moss J., draper 

65 Grime W., clerk 

61 Sutcliffe Mrs. Jane 

57 Clegg J., bookkeeper 

55 Tillotsou J., overlooker 
53 Winterbottom W., 

brushmaker (j) 

49 Whiteside Mr. Chrstpr 

47 Crawshaw R., grocer 

45 Hargreaves H., taper 

43 Holt T . , agent 

41 Procter W., twister 
39 Chad wick J., agent 
37 Procter Mrs. Ann 
35 Dent J., clothlooker 
29 Sutcliffe J., bookkeepr 
27 Sutcliffe EL, weaver 

25 Dodgson Mrs. Martha 
21 Thornber H., taper 

19 Hudson R., weaver 
17 Preston W M bookkeepr 
...15 Nutter R., overlooker 
13 Sehofield Mr. Robert 
11 Preston J., tea dealer's 


9 Poulds T., weaver 
7 Holmes W., clerk 
5 Miles J., shopkeeper 
3 Bannister R., cigar dlr 
1 Spencer W., weaver 



1 Holgate Mrs. Mary 

. 3 Webster Mrs. Maria 

5 Jackson Mr. Waiter 

- 7 Swire Mr. William 


4 Watson Mrs. Ann 

6 Dean John A., weaver 

10 Inman Mrs. Sarah 

22 Crawshaw Mrs. 

24 Wellock G., twister 


1 Bancroft J., shopkpr 
19 Parker T., painter (j.) 
21 Cherry Mrs. L. A., 

35 Pearson J., hosier 
37 Millin W., fireman 


1 Ellison F., miner 
3 Sellers J., weaver 

5 Catlow Mrs. Grace 

7 Duxbury H., weaver 

9 Williamson Mrs. M. A. 

13 Parker S., mechanic 

15 Butterworth Mrs.M. A. 

17 Spencer J. E., travelr 

19 Sugden J., labourer 

21 Balmforth W., weaver 

23 Hudson Mrs. Isabella 


Halstead H M smith 
Smith Bros., builders 
Clegg Bros , builders 
Hargreaves Col. 

(Exors.), Rowley 



3 Bisburn P., mechanic 
5 Blind Institute 

4 Nutter J., wtchmkr(j.) 


3 Gregson H., reed 
maker (j.) 

11 Lancaster J. T M ovrlkr 
17 Pickthall Misses, hosrs 
27 Ainsworth M. H., cloth 

29 Pollard J., agent 
31 Co-operative Stores 
39 Greenwood W., ovrlkr 
41 Sedgwick J., mechanic 
43 Atkinson Mr. Thomas 
45 Greenwood J., spinner 
47 Snowden Mr. Chris. 
49 Noonan M., joiner (j.) 
51 Wilson T., coach bldr 
55 Witt G., carter 
63 Hartley J., overlooker 
Holly street 
Fulledge Wes. School 


Technical School 
Nicholas street 
Thomas street 
6 Hough W. & Co., 

8 Wilkinson W., Cattle 
Market Hotel 
Parker lane 
Egar J., livery stables 
Greenwood & Co., 
mineral water mfrs 

3 and 5 Sutcliffe & Race, 

underclothing mfrs 


2a Plant J. A., meter ins 

4 Mitchell Mr. Michael 

6 Robins G. E., mech 

16 Allum Mrs. Harriet 
18 Paul W., carter 

17 Smith C, tailor 

7 Peel J. E M overlooker 

5 Smith J. W., joiner (j.) 
1 Waddington T. H., 

joiner (j.) 


4 Walton W., salesman 

6 Bradshaw W., builder 

8 Jackson Mrs. Nanny 
10 Allen J., manager 
12 Dean Mrs. Mary 

Stafford street 
14 Bannister W., grocer 

Devonshire road 
16 Pollard Miss J., draper 

18 Beecham Mr. Richard 

20 Duerden Bros., news 

22 Heap J., tripe dealer 

21 Astin B., plasterer (j.) 
26 Totterdell W., hosier 
28 Green Mrs. Margaret 
30 Preston J. W., mangr 
32 Bailey T., warper 

34 Wilkinson B 1 ., shopman 
40 Bottomley W.,overlkr 
Daneshouse road 
Elm Street shed 

Lee James & Bro. 
Sutcliffe Bros. 
Winclle John 
Scholfield, Preston & 
Heap J., baker 
Bancroft W., North 

Bridge mill 
Tatham H. & Co., 
North Bridge mill 
Walton James, Ltd., 
New Hall shed 



Grey John, Living- 
stone mill 
Birley J. & J., New 

Hall mill 
Hurtley J. & Son, 

North Bridge mill 
Harrison R., boat bldr 
33 Campbell Mrs. Mary 
31 Whitham J., overlkr 

Nutter G., machinist 
23 Hirst R., cabinet mkr 
Clegg street 
Sutcliffe W., photogr 
3 Holgate J., tea dealer's 

1 Thompson Mrs. Mary 


9 Holden J., shopkeeper 

11 Scragg J., weaver 

31 Tattersall A., newsagt 
22 Holden J., shopkeeper 
35 El wood Mr. Robert 
5 Berks T., manager 


2 Herd J., weaver 

12 Hargreaves Mrs. S. E. 

14 Green W., pavior 


2 Haworth T., weaver 
Emmott 0., builder 

3 Nuttall D.. enginr (j) 
5 O'Donoghue G., police 


13 Roberts G., porter 
.15 Greenwood J., agent 


2 Hargreaves R., shop- 


8 Barker T., eng tenter 
12 Powell H., mechanic 

9 Town C, fitter 

7 Watson N., agent 
5 Lee IT,, overlooker 

3 Kelly T., moulder 
1 Ideson Mrs. Ellen 


18 Armitt J., lithogrphr 
18 Smith Mrs. Sarah 

15 Bland J., mason (j) 

9 Gregory P., painter (j) 
5 Whalley W., overlkr 
3 BorwickJ.,clothlooker 


Mason R., tripe dresser 
Watts J., waste dealer 


1 Parker W., grocer 
3 Nuttall Mrs. Eliza 
5 Lofthouse J., pol con 
7 Lowery R. A., cab mkr 
9 Terrell Mr. Thomas 
11 Moorhouse Mr. Thos. 
13 Gunliffe Mrs. Mary E. 
15 Howarth H., shopman 
17 Lacy C., weaver 
19 Wilkinson B., weaver 
92 Dodgeon T., roller cov 


1 Hall Rev. Matthew W. 
5 Maudsley J. W., survr 

7 Golden Mr. M. D. 
9 Ward Mr. Percival 

11 Scott Mr. Joseph 

13 Plant Rev. T. A., B.A. 
15 Flack Mr. W. H. D. 
17 Drennan Mr. A. M., 

19 Calvert Mrs. Mary 
21 Buck Mrs. Alice 

23 Edmondson William, 

cattle dealer 
25 Bell Mr. Edward 


8 Stirling A., Mechanics 1 

10 Riley P., greengrocer 

14 Barton S., lamp dealer 

Muschamp yard 

24 Hardacre A.,shopkpr 
28 Bowers B., currier (j) 
32 Growther E., dogger 

Parker lane 
34 Blezard H., Ship 
36 Jackson R., broker 
Ship alley 
Coke street 
40 Ibbotson R., shopkpr 
58 Brunton R., Finsley 
Light street 

Hartley & Baldwin, 
72 Riley J., clogger 
Finsley passage 

Woodhouse R. P. & 
Co., Lane Bridge 
94 Barry J., fried fish dlr 
96 Howarth J., furntr dlr 
102 Howarth H., grocer 
Leeds street 

Hough W. & Co., 
Spruce street 

Read A M Spruce mill 

Doctor street 
116 Byrne P., shopkeeper 
122 Pollard G., eng tenter 
128 Clarke E., foreman 
136 Harrison A., eng tenter 
140 Davidson A., turner (j) 
140 Heys J., tripe dealer 
Duerden J., carrier 
Canal yard: T. For- 

shaw, foreman 
Witham Bros., Finsley 
71 Whitehead D., enginr 
69 Greenhalgh J., coach- 
man i3] 
Baron J. & Sons, Fins- 
ley mills 
Exmouth street 
61 Thornton S. A., fried 

fish dealer 
51 Jones D., grocer 
33 Vernon W., hairdressr 
29 Brown J. C, grocer 

Cooper street 
27 Oxl ey D., grocer 

Finsley alley 
25 Dickinson L., tripe dlr 
23 Podesta A., hawker 

Fell street 
21 Harrison C. grocer 
Top street 

17 Smith J., grocer 

IV hip street 

13 Crook D., chinny swpr 

Penny street 

Crickid street 


2 and 4 Duerden H. B.,. 

ale & porter hottler 
1 Barker Mrs. Catherine 
5 Gawthorp M., dresser 

18 Lacy H., shopkeeper 


1 Smith S., tobacconist 

3 and 5 Pate T., hairdrsr 
7 Brown Mrs. A.,pwnbkr 
9 Myers J., clothes dealer 

17 Burrell J. H., hairdrsr 

25 Burnley Tradesmen's 

Bill Posting Co., Ltd. 


2 Fielding W., joiner (j) 
36 Robinson D., agent 
40 Clarkson J., grocer 

45 Walker J., fruiterer 
29 Thorbum M., plasterer 
25 Parker R., overlooker 
15 Hargreaves H., overlkr 




2 Hargreaves E., grocer 
6 Rawlinson Mrs., Car. 

8 WoodheadJ. W., shop- 


10 Sullivan Miss Mary A. 

12 Clegg J., shopman 

14 Cay ton J., overlooker 

Godly street 

16 Cubbon W., grocer 

18 Clegg A., builder 

Talbot street 
45 WaddingtonJ.,smith(j) 

43 Pollard Mrs. Ellen 

41 Richmond H., tinnr(j) 
39 Blakey J., fitter 
37 Gardner R M shopman 
35 EdmondsonP., spinnr 
33 Rainey Mr. John 
31 Rice P., roller coverer 
29 Hamilton J., coachmn 
27 Ridehalgh W., weaver 
25 Lay field T., weaver 
23 Whitehead Mrs. E. J. 
21 Percival Mrs. Ann 

19 Prauipton Mr. John 

17 Smallshaw H., ware- 


15 Caruthers T., joiner 

13 Duxburry E. J., agent 

11 Holden R M agent 

9 S herb urn R., taper 

7 Fielding Mrs. Hannah 
5 Jackson C, sawyer 

3 Bell Mrs. Jane 

1 Purton Mrs. M. J. 


1 HolgateMrs. E., shpkr 
87 Bangay W M shopkpr 


14 Brown C, milk dealer 

18 Holden P., taper 

20 Hodgson J., L.R.O.P. 
36 Baxter M., painter 

42 Mallinson S., shopkpr 

44 Bentley Mrs. C, grocer 

Gog lane 
46 Astin VV., shopkeeper 
48 Whitehead E., plumber 
50 Barrett J., Cross Guns 
54 Ormerod Mrs. M., shop- 
72 Hudson J., broker 
Cross Gun alley 
Burrows W., Gannow 
Rose terrace 
76 Barker R M coal dlr 
82 Tattersall R., overlkr 
86 Hargreaves Mr. Geo. 

108 Baldwin J., shopkpr 
Gerratt Rev. W. J., 

110 Moore Mrs. A., Grey 

114 Pearson R., frd fish dlr 

Dickson street 
162 Hartley J., Bridge Inn 

182 Crossley R., shopkpr 
258 Aikin A., grocer 

Greenhitl yard 
276 Lowerhouse Co-opera- 
tive stores 
284 Tattersall VV. H., shop- 
288 Clegg J., bootmaker 
300 Ingham C M clothlkr 
304 Laycock J., butcher 

Rose Grove terrace 
306 Hird T. miner 
308 Greaves, J., labourer 
312 Duckworth Mr. James 
314 Dinsdale J., police con 
316 Bennett Mrs. Jane 
320 Crowther J., schlmstr 
Rose Grove lane 
Blezard W. (Exors.), 
fruit preservers 
221 Mackie J. A., manager 
Wesleyan School 

183 Hartley W. H., grocer 
139 Rhodes N., shopkeeper 
131 Bush J., frd fish dlr 

Temple & Sutcliffe, 
Rose Grove mills 
111 Shorrock T., shopkpr 
91 Law Mr. John Rd. 
83 Welch J., overlooker 
71 Howarth R., cabt mkr 
St. 3ohn?s Church 
Adamson street 
65 Perry W., coal dealer 
57 Pollard Mrs. M.,shopkr 
55 Jenkins T., miner 

Burrows yard 
51 Smith E., bootmaker 
35 Hall T., caretaker 
31 Thornton J., overlkr 
29 Longbottom J., labr 
27 Tattersall Mrs. R M 
White Bull 
White Bull street 
23 & 25 Rushton R. T., 
Lome street 
11 Stockdale A., butcher 
9 Cross J., hairdresser 

7 Burrell J., frd fish dlr 


2 Riley W., clothlooker 

4 Coates J., miner. 

6 Catlow E., overlooker 

8 Ha worth J., joiner 

11 Pairbrother J M paper 
maker (j) 
9 Hifcchon P., clothlkr 
7 Burrill W., weaver 
5 Lord J., overlooker 

1 Haworth W., weaver 


2 Nuttall G. H., trvlr 

1 Pilkington W., weaver 
5 Layfield Mrs. Mary 

9 Francis J. B., agent 
15 Jackson C.S., tripe drsr 
19 Stevenson E., manager 
21 Layfield M., boiler mkr 
23 Chadwick T., carter 


42 Daley E M clogger 
44 Pomfret Mrs. Isabella 
46 Haworth Mr. Edmund 
48 Bowker T., fireman 
52 Gowers S., fireman 
54 Ashworth Mrs. M. 
56 Tattersall Mrs. Alice 
58 Heyworth Mrs. Emma 
60 Halstead R., overlkr 
62 Baldwin Mrs. Alice 
64 Greenwood Mrs. A. 
66 Parry Mrs. 


1 Ward Mrs. Elizabeth 

21 Rawlinson T., engr (j.) 
33 Laycock R., shopkpr 

8 Skelton G. W., ware- 


2 Sharphouse J., tlr (j.) 

4 Cubbon J., bootmaker 

6 Bailey T., traveller 

8 Hargreaves S., quarry- 


10 Wilkinson W M weaver 

12 Stick J. W., comp. 

14 Hope J. W., butcher 

16 Hargreaves Miss Jane 
18 Duxbury Mr. William 
20 Holden Mrs. Mary 

22 Smith T„ labourer 
24 Dodson T., collier 

17 Wilkinson Miss E. 

15 Hartley J., carter. 

13 Robinson H., smith (j.) 

11 Harker A., cabman 

9 Smith C. W., twister 

7 Spink Mrs. Susannah 

5 Hill EL, painter 

3 Nuttall J., wrhseman 
1 Acomb J., upholsterer 




2 Stackhouse W., taper 
10 Hartley A., taper 
18 Cliff J., mechanic 
22 Jones Mrs. Charlotte 
24 Carter Mrs. Elizabeth 
26 Spencer Mr. Lawrence 
30 Bowes C, pattern mkr 
52 Driver Misses, confers 
54 Bardslev Mr. Squire 
56 Chegwhidden Mrs. S. 
58 Ingham W., overlooker 
60 Baxter 11. , butcher 
62 Preston J., manager 
66 Walmsley J., paper 
makea (j.) 

68 Bastow I)., overlooker 
78 Knowies J , overlooker 
82 Duerden C, traveller 

Folds street 

1 Lawrie J., shopkpr 
..92 Wilson A., compositor 
111 Foulds J. T., school 

board officer 
107 Charles J., mechanic 

105 Verity Miss C. J. .dress- 

101 Fen ton L., shopman 
91 Oakes Mr. Peter 
85 Davis W., tailor 

77 Bates Misss If., hosier 

69 Davis S., clerk 
65 Harrison H., gardener 

57 CalverleyG.H., cabinet 

maker (j.) 
55 Harrison R., builder 
53 Walker J., overlooker 
51 Simpson J., traveller 
49 Haigh W., clerk 
47 Smith W. S., traveller 
45 Baldwin Mrs. Cath. 
39 Harrison Mrs. E. H. 
35 Berry J., ciothlooker 
33 Brotherton J.,engtntr 
25 Mackrell Mr George 

13 Hesmonclhalgh D., 

3 Smith W., overlooker 

3 Whalley T., fd fish dlr 
1 Tattersall A., taper 


4 Riljy G., cabinet mkr 
10 Johns P., tram driver 
12 Hunter W., butcher (j.) 
14 Green H., mason (j.) 
20 Green J., builder 


10 Tlirelfall R., shopman 
12 Saville M., whseman 
30 Richardson C, mech 
7 Slack P., tailor (j.) 

5 Wills J., weaver 

3 Wills J. T., moulder 


21 Catlow Mr. John 

35 Tattersall Mr. Thomas 


2 Clough Mrs. Eve 

4 Calvert J., pointsman 
12 Watson J., overlooker 
21 Batley Mrs. E. P., 

17 Crossley W. H., mngr 
9 Blake J M slater 

5 Stephenson J., mngr 







Walton J"., taper 
Taylor W., joiner (j) 
Walton R., overlooker 
Massey E., beamer 
Simpson R. , overlooker 
Halstead H., mason (j) 
Leeming J., miner 
Smith W., manager 
Sedgwick J., mechanic 
Jackson R., beamer 
Kippax E., laundrymn 
Caunce Mrs. Isabella 
and 86 Lord J. W., gcr 
Nicholl street 
118 Ryder J., bootmaker 
124 Halstead J. H., twister 
132 Wood Mrs. M., dress- 

Neio Hall street 
160 Halstead B.,overlkr 

Cannon street 
141 Bennett G., eng tenter 
139 Thistlethvvaite Mrs., 
Violet street 
137 Brown Miss J., confr 
131 Slater G., fitter 
117 Gardner R. W., book- 

115 Thistlethvvaite J., over- 

100 Tatham J., grocer 

Holbeck street 

97 Pickthall W., hosier 

95 Gilmore A., painter (j) 

81 Golby S-, fried fish dlr 

' 49 Dyson G., hawker 

41 and 43 Co-op. stores 

37 Holmes W., dresser 

21 Laws J., coal dealer 

17 Shuttleworth P., 

painter (j) 

15 Edmondson W. EL, 

cabinet maker 

11 Harrison J., carter 
9 Crawshaw Mrs. E., 


7 Baldwin J., weaver 


4 Barrowclough & Pol- 
lard, solicitors 
Dugdale street 

6 Proctor G,, accountant 

8 Cronkshaw J., com- 
mercial hotel 
Nicholas street 

Manchester & County 
Bank ; N. P. Gray, 

12 Burnley Building So- 
ciety; W. L. Grant, 

14 Sandy T. G., solicitor 
14 Bell T., architect 

Parker lane 
16 Bibby P., eating house 
20 Rushworth Mrs. Jane 
22 Whitaker Mrs. Margt. 
24 Douglas R., patent 

medicine dealer 
26 Hastwell M., shopkpr 

Croft street 
28 Holt J., smith (j) 
32 Lawson T., joiner 

34 Riley Mrs. Elizabeth 

36 Thornborrow S., 

plumber (j) 

38 Birkenshaw E., mech 

40 Whittall Mr. Edward 
42 Harrison C, joiner (j) 
44 Shackleton W., Derbxj 

50 Bride Mrs. Mary J. 
52 Hyde J. W., moulder 
56 Hargreaves M., waste 

Aqueduct street 
Calverley L., cycle 

41 Uttley Mrs. S. 

39 Place J., moulder 

37 Wallbank A. E., 


35 Eastwood W., cabdrvr 
33 Barrett E., mechanic 
31 Long W. G., weaver 
25 Pugh E., vest maker 
23 Thornton Mrs. S. 

21 Plyn Sergt. C. 
19 Goom W. G., hall kpr 
15 & 17 Sagar & Son, pntrs 
13 Redford G. R., Rose . 

and Thistle 
11 Bird Mr. Albert E. 

Thojnas street 
9aHolmes & Holmes, 




y British Workman's As- 
surance Co. 
9 Parsons C, architect 
9 Alston A., coml school 
•7 Rawlinson & Har- 

greaves, accountants 
5 Phillips P. & Son, 

5 WaddingtonW.&Son, 
"3 Godie T., tailor 
s 1 County Court Office ; 
W. H. Hartley, regr 


30 Higgins J., shopkeeper 
Proctor J., Stoney- 

holme shed 
Walton & Co., Stoney- 

holme shed 
Walmsley J. & Sons, 

Stoneyhoime shed 


2 Crowther S. A., grocer 
10 Sutcliffe R., weaver 

Sandy passage 
15 Casson T., agent 
. . 1 Hey worth J., weaver 

V ■ 


Folds 0. & J., Rishton 
4 Haworth Mrs. Eliz. 


Padiham road 
.. Park Hill Wes. Chapel 
All Saints' Church dt School 
Waddington N., 
col iery manager 
702 Dodgeon D., draper 
708 Campbell H., 
George IV. 
712 Riley W., butcher 
732 Spencer R., shopkpr 
746 Farrer G., bootmaker 
756 Burton J., grocer 
760 Young J., agent 
766 Shutt R., shopkeeper 
796 Tipping Mrs. Jane 
800 Greenwood J., miner 

North Vieio terrace 
806 Peel J., engraver 
808 Eastham Mr. Edward 
810 Tomiinson Mr. Thos. 
814 Rigg J., florist, &c. 
■ Tomiinson, Bridge & 
Brotherton, quarry 
A Kidrow lane 

3 Roberts W., coach- 

5 Mercer Mr. James 
Byron street 

1 Whittaker C, shop- 

Scott street 

2 Holgate G., twister 
12 Duxbury E., engine 

20 Boardwell J., labourer 
28 Bridge R., quarry mstr 
Poet's road 

9 Nay lor Benj., bldr 


2 Goghlan P., in rev offr 

4 Myers Mr. Stephen 
6 Shutt W., colliery sub- 

8 Burwin B., manager 

10 Rawson R., bookkpr 

12 Pickles J., salesman 
15 Lambert J., miner 

13 Murton R., timekeeper 

11 Lee J., sawyer 

3 Domain R. H., jnr (j) 

1 Stark W., roller covr 


6 Edmondson J., shopkpr 

8 Driver Mrs. Margaret 
Halstead court 

14 Brown H., Borotigh 

Railway Station 
Dent row 

13 Smith J., mechanic 

11 Halstead G., sizer (j) 

9 Working Men's Club 

7 Bracewell A., yardsmn 

5 Pell Mrs. Olive 

3 Greenwood R.,shopmn 


2 Baldwin A., fancy dlr 

Paradise street 

4 Hurley J., eating house 

6 Barrowclough H., hair 

Hammerton court 

8 Grocott R., leather dlr 
10 Ashworth & Holme, 


12 Co-operative stores 

Hargreaves street 

14 & 16 Ingham H., New 

White Horse 
Primitive Methodist Chapel 
Proctor J., stoker mfr 
Skating Rink 
Hading & Todd, Calder 
River street 

20 Hartley E., broker 
22 HetheringtonT.,statnr 
24 Windic H., chimney 

26 Harris J., saw shrpner 
36 Marsden H., tripe dlr 

38 Parker Mrs. Margt. 

40 Watson H. & Sons, 

cabinet makers 
42 Heaton J., tinner 
Manchester road 
Pleasant place 

1 Jennings W. H., 
joiner (j) 
65 Ashworth iii., chapel 

Baptist Chapel 
Wiseman J., builder 
Boa! W., turner 
D liver & Co., organ 
65aWiseinan Mrs. E. 

Mount Pleasant street 
63 Turner W., frd fish dlr 
61 Quinn J., weaver 
57 Hardman J.,frdfishdlr 
57 Edniondson J. & T., 
. fruiterers 
Hammerton yard 
White & Co., mineral 

water mfrs 

Spiritualists' Hall . 

51 & 53 Tillitson D., clothr 

Whittam street 

1 1 olden street 

49 Jones R., pawnbroker 

45 Hargreaves R., en fctnr 

41 Smith W. H., tailor 

39 Buchanan J., draper 
35 Rankin M., tailor 

33 Cook T., moulder 

Burnley Co-operative 
Soc (Central Stores) 
Tanner street 
7 Northern Daily Tele- 
graph Office 

5 Woodhead C, fruiterer 

3 Simpson Bros., elec- 

trical engineers 


2 Pritchard W., miner 
20 Smith B., miner 
19 Frankland Miss M., 

7 Blvthe J., dogger 

1 Whitehead J., labourer 


2 Mangham 3YL, labr 

4 Burrell J., overlooker 

6 Bradshaw T., eng drvr 

8 Etchells G., collier 



10 Sunderland Mrs. S. 

14 Lupton W., overlooker 
16 Riley T., engine tenter 

15 Holt Henry S. 

5 Rapley H., maltster (j) 

3 Booth L., taper 


1 Brelsford Mrs., fried 

fish dealer 

21 Trickett J., shopkeeper 
31 Bond Mrs. G., shopkpr 

Walmsley J. & Sons, 
Hargher Clough shed 
Cog street 

Eckersall H., smith 
Clough street 
2 Marquis T., shopkpr 


2 Bertwistle B. & Co., 

Ltd., share brokers 

4 Artindale & Southern, 

4 County Magistrates* 
Clerk* 's office 
Ormerod street • 
Wesley an Chapel 
St. James row 

8 Sutclifre J.<fcSons,solrs 

10 Lorn as T. H., enfetnr 
12 Watson R., accountant 

14 Smirthwaitc-Black J. 

L., M.D. 
Victoria street 

16 Preston & Sons, pntrs 

18 Foden E., accouatant 

20 National Telephone 

Co., Ltd. 

22 Parker & Co., printers 
Hammerton street 

25 Co-operative Stores 

23 Jackson & Sons,dntsts 

21 Bell Mrs. Eleanor 

19 Higgin W. H M solr 

17 Holden T., dentist 

15 Whitehurst A., dentist 
12 Brumwell J. C, M.D. 

Coal street 
Craven Bank, Ltd.; J. 

Thornton, manager 
Scowby Mr. Francis 

St. James row 

11 Nowell T M solicitor 

9 Bulcock H., solicitor 
9 Sutcliffe Mr. J. S. 

Lancashire & York- 
shire Bank; G. Gill, 
Bank chambers 

Watts m M., archt 
Sutclifie R. T., solr 
Dunkerley V., archt 

Hughes & Holgate, 
litho artists 

Ishervvood R. T., 

Linney W. E., agent 

Burnley Photo Soc 


2 Pearson L., labourer 

4 Wroe D., schoolmaster 
6 Lascelles J., foreman 

8 Fieldstead Mrs. M E. 
10 Beswick Mrs. Elizabth 
12 Dixon R., printer 

14 Crossley Mr. Arthur 
16 Harrison Mr. James 
18 Thornber Mr. John 


6 and 8 Bullock W. 

(Exors. of), builders 

10 Preston W., manager 

12 Dawson T., labourer 

14 Bridge Miss M. A. 

16 Reid Mrs. Harriet 

18 Halstcad R., overlookr 

20 Wyld Mr. John 

22 Pickles L, eng tenter 

24 Bullough J. W., police 

Hawk street 

26 Maxfield T., grocer 

28 Howarth Mr. Hartley 
30 Hornby C, shopman 
32 Hargreaves Miss Ann 
34 Jackson J., weaver 

36 Pate W., smith 

38 Atkinson R., spinner 

40 Bird W., overlooker 

42 Pickles Mrs. 

44 Bird C, overlooker 
46 Griffin J., mechanic 

Mosedale Bros., under- 
clothing manufebrs 

45 Riley W., engineer (j) 

43 Hitchen J., weaver 

41 Clark H., eng tenter 

39 Bradshaw J., labourer 

37 Wharton T.H., laborer 

29 Bannister T., rope- 

maker (j) 

27 Binns J., weaver 

25 Atkinson J., hawker 

23 Miller Mrs., dressmkr 

21 Wilson T., grocer 

19 Hartley J., stableman 

17 Atock L., overlooker 

15 Latham A., carter 

13 Wilkinson E., overlkr 

11 Pollard J., joiner 

9 Collison S., smith 

7 Pate Mr. Thomas 

5 Wright J., overlooker 

3 White Mrs. S. E. 
laPorrett Mrs. E. A. 
1 Riley J., tailor 


1 Haslam J M cab proptr 

. WallbankT.,coachbldr 
7 Smith J., beamer 

25 Barnes J., shopkeeper 
37 Nuttall J., bookkeeper 
St. Mary Magdalen's 
Cath. School-chapel 
Arundel street 

1 Simpson W M shpkpr 


Potter W. B., agent 
Chester F., baker (j) 
Eckersall Mr. Henry 
Anderson Mr. George 
Bulcock Mrs. Elizabth 
Phillips D., traveller 
Thornber T., mechanic 
Atkinson J. A., overlkr 
Fletcher W., overlookr 
Wei lock Mr. John 
Harling Mrs. Alice 
Bainbrid^e W., draper 
McQuaker W., drapers' 

Holland J. T., overlkr 
Brown G., overlooker 
Bamford Sergeant M. 
Simpson J., clogger 
Co-operative Stores 

















2 GeldardT., horsekeepr 

Hart street 
4 Leedam J., tailor 
6 Wilkinson J., cabtmkr 
Lindsay street 

10 Clark T., agent 
12 Farrer R., clerk 
14 Parker J., builder 
16 Read R., Schl Bd offer 
18 Rhodes W., clerk 
20 Mann R., carter 

Forest street 

11 Bland T.T.,coml travlr 
9 Hargreaves T.,smith(j) 
1 Hartley Mr. Thomas 


Woodland street 
8 Brooks Mrs. S., photr 
10 Halstead A., shopkpr 
Catlow and Howker, 

Healey Royd mill 
Burnley Self "Help Co., 
Limited, Healey 
Royd mill 



Hughes street 
20 Astin J., shopkeeper 

Henley court 
28 Cunliffe Mrs. M., 

Hcaley Wood Inn 
Marlborough street 
32 and 34 Graham D., 

Rumley road 
36 Parsons W., labourer 
38 Tarnlyn J., shopkeeper 
40 Dodgeon E., overlookr 
42 Dodgeon E-, milk dlr 
44 Northcott Mrs. Jane 
46 Haslam J. H., weaver 
60 Oat low J M carter 
64 Carter Mrs. Jane 
66 Nuttall R., weaver 
68 Sutcliffo S., overlooker 
70 LockwoodG.H., police 

78 Thornton J., agent 
80 Heys H., agent 

80 Heys J., agent 

82 Crago T., mason 

84 Varley J., weaver 

86 Barritt Mrs. Louisa 

88 Crabfcree A., rateeolctr 

90 Hargreaves J., overlkr 

92 Ilothwell J., miner 

94 Smith J. H., mason 
96 Wilkinson T., labourer 

98 Jackson R., weaver 

100 Haythornthwaite E. 

J., clerk 

102 Hick S., labourer 

104 Thompson Mrs. 

108 Bailey J. T., weaver 

110 Rayner J., weaver 

112 Pickup R., weaver 
114 Ralph T.,cabntmkr(j) 
117 Brown W., weaver 

113 Davenport J. S., clerk 

111 Hargreaves R,, weaver 

109 Riley Mrs. Olive 

Reservoir street 

105 Walton W., weaver 

103 Mercer T., police con 

101 Burrows T., spinner 

99 Lambert R., agent 

• 97 Robinson Mrs. Harriet 

95 Scaum R., labourer 

93 Starkie R., mechanic 

91 Hirst E., weaver 

89 Duerden Mrs.. 

87 HoldsworthH.,pntr(j) 

85 Cadman C, mechanic 

83 Yates Mrs. Mary 

81 Wilkinson J., overlkr 
79 Sharpies J., taper 

77 Bell W. T., clerk 
75 Eastwood Mrs. Eliz. 
73 Moore W. H., mech 
69 Binns J., clerk 

67 Laycock E., agent 
65 Weston G., weaver 
63 Wiseman A., joiner 
Healey Wood National 

61 Ashworth J., mechanic 
59 Harrison J., carrier 
47 Smith W. A., weaver 
45 Kershaw A., weaver 
43 Emmett 0., builder 
41 Wright E., confr 

35 Smith R., shopman 
25 Duxbury H.. hairdrsr 
21 Pickles E., fd fish dlr 
19 Turner A., butcher 
Foulds, Thorn ber& Co. 

Healey Wood shed 
Healey Wood Mill Co., 


2 Schofield Mrs. A., 

4 Horsfall Mrs. Mary 
38 Daniel R., painter 
40 Horsfall J , tobacconst 
31 Wood Mrs. Elizabeth 

19 Jones T., mason 

11 Jones T., engine driver 


4 Vaughan J., plmbr (j.) 
6 Collinge Mr. William 

8 Silverwood Mrs. M. 

12 Fellows W. E., pol con 
18 Blackburn Mrs. Mary 

20 Pickles S., comp 

28 Simpson T. EL, grocer 
50 Weston J., tailor 
54 Baron R., shopman 

62 Wilkinson T., joiner 
74 Moss J., agent 

9 Smith J., mechanic 

3 Narcross J. T., beamer 

1 Berry & Shoesmith, 



2 Hargreaves Mrs. Eliz. 

4 Duxbury G., eng drvr 
6 Ryecroft W., taper 

8 Hartley W., bookkpr 
10 Duxbury D.,enginr(j.) 
12 Taylor T., bookkeeper 
14 Fishwick J., clerk 
16 Crossley R M confr 
18 Foulds W., hatter 
20 Porter J., bookkeeper 
22 Greenwood W., frnshr 
24 and 26 Dent W. G. f 

28 Goodwin R. P., baby 

linen dealer 
30 Duckworth Mrs. E. 

34 Metcalf C, carver (j.) 
36 Riley W., shopman 
* Daneshouse road 
38 and 40 Jackson J. T., 

44 Eltoft J., tripe dealer 
46 Marsden T. & Co., grcs 
48 Chambers Mrs. E., 

mantle maker 
50 Woods W., pork butchr 
52 Stonehouse C , draper 
54 Bennett & Co M baby 

linen dealers 
56 Phillips Mrs. H., frutr 
58 Metcalfe & Pearson, 

60 Greenwood S., hosier 
62 Edmondson & Cham- 
bers, furnishers 
Bell's arcade. 
64 Stan worth J., butcher 
66 Whitehead W„ btmkr 
68 Ingham W., draper 
70 Simpson T. H., grocer 
72 and 74 Kirk J. W., 
Dragoon Hotel 
Robinson street 
76 Hartley A. & Sons, 
Reform Club ; F. 
Hartley, sec 
Thorn street 
84 Loder B., shopkeeper 

Colville street 
92 Peel W., fried fish dlr 

North street 

106 Hardman S. E M shpkr 

114 Wadsworth J., hairdrsr 

116 and 118 Hirst R-, frnshr 

122 Collins & Co., Ltd., 


Colne road 

Barrett street 

2 Emmott J. H., grcr 
Jackson street 
Butler street 
37 BinningtonH., fish dlr 
33 Pollard Mr. Ebenezer 
31 Holdsworth J., butchr 
27 and 29 Todd P., butchr 

L/ee street 
25 Clough A., butcher 
23 Sanderson Miss M. J., 

21 Pickles J., stationer 
19 Martin W. J., draper 
17 Bevan A., eating house 

15 Catton W , staymaker 
13 Chad wick J., painter 
Escott street 




2 SimmersgillJ.,reportr 
4 Towler Misses, dress- 
6 Pinder VV., whlwrfc (j.) 
9 Heywood V., overlkr 

1 Cragg Mrs. Mary 

80 RycroftR., shopkeeper 


2 Wells Miss M. A., enfr 
4 Jiamsbottom W., clerk 

6 Mills E., tutor 

8 Edmundson J., clerk 
10 Riley T., twister 

16 Pilkington R., overlkr 
18 Mellor J. J., draper 

Wellington street 
20 Atkinson Mrs. Jane 
26 Cowban A., shopman 

28 Williams R., pol inspr 
30 Blakey J. H., joiner (j) 
38 Drewitt W. H., 

plumber (j) 
40 Kenyon H., club stvvrd 
44 Davis P., mason (j) 
Mary street 

82 StowelIMrs.A.,shpkpr 
102 Pollard J., smith 

99 Watson W., overlooker 
Holly street 
Fir street 

17 Keys R., chapel keeper 

15 Haworth S., painter (j) 

13 Redman Mrs. Sarah 

9 Greenhalgh B., asst 

7 ChadwickMr. Hitchon 


2 Stuttard J., warper 
4 Stevens Mrs. Mary 
6 Home T., overlooker 

8 Emmott W., clerk 
10 Brunskill J., porter 

12 Hargreaves Mrs. Eliz. 

14 Nowell W. II., florist 

16 lliggin J., shopman 

18 Jolly J., fitter 

20 Snowden J., loomer 

22 Metcalfe R., pointsmn 

24 Green J., grocer 

Queensberry road 

29 Stanworth J., clerk 

25 Burgess Mr. Henry 

23 Dimond C. W., stoker 

21 Ward T., coachman 

19 Hargreaves J., cabinet 


17 Humphreys W., cabnt 


15 Thornber J., clothlkr 

13 Pemberton E., travllr 

7 Greenwood Mrs. Alice 

5 Johnson H-, road sur 
3 Jardine W., draper 

1 Almond J. J., grocer 


1 Holt G., engine tenter 
25 Barnes E., grocer 

45 Broughton Mrs. T., 

Baptist Mission Room 
53 Haworth M., smith 
57 Nutter J., shopkeeper 
28 Baron J., clothes dlr 
Wesleyan School 


6 Mason T., agent 
20 Taylor R., builder 

40 Starkie W., overlooker 

46 Hargreaves J., overlkr 
48 Pickover S., beamer 

3 Davies Rev. William 


2 Pickup J. K., foreman 

4 Jenkin R., shopkeeper 

15 Co-operative stores 

13 Wilkinson J., moulder 


2 Pollard P., Star Inn 
Hill Top Mill Co., Ltd. 
Heald John & Son, 


16 Pickles T., greengrocer 

28 Wroe J., shopkeeper 

60 Holden J., fdfishdlr 

Clarence street 
86 Robinson J., yeast dlr 
35 Willman A., grocer 


4 Collins J., hardware cllr 
16 Preece Miss Marion 
Magnall J., clerk 
Hay hurst J., overlkr 
Walsh J. M., patent 

medicine vendor 
Eastwood W., fried 
fish dealer 

29 Smith Mrs. Elizabeth 
25 Smith R., currier (j) 
23 O'Connor Mrs. M. 

19 Ingham J., traveller 


6 Sutoliffe Mr. Hudson 

14 Bullock J., overlooker 

26 Wilkinson J. A., draper 
32 Wood D., dresser 
50 Mc.Gourty Mrs. M. 
58 Gill Mrs. Amelia 

55 Wooller C, confectnr 

37 Taylor J., joiner (j) 

35 Butterworth Miss M. 

A , dressmaker 

1 Whitaker J., taper 


Holden T. C, ironmgr 
12 Gallagher M., carter 
Crossley J. & Sons, 
Free Trade street 

1 Pegg J., shopkeeper 

19 Speak M., shopkeeper 

17 Hargreaves W., Graven 



Fulton Mr. Knapton 
Taylor R., smith (j) 
Spencer T., florist 


2 Parrar Mr. Oates 

4 Watso-i Mrs. Margt. 
6 Pickles Mr. William 
8 Riley H., mechanic 
10 Spencer Mr. Henry 
12 Clegg H., overlooker 
14 Hindle E., roller cov 
16 Wilson T., weaver 

18 Duckworth Mr. Moses 

20 Hargreaves Mr. Moses 
22 Hargreaves H., book- 

24 Baker B., greengrocer 
26 Sharpe M., weaver 
28 Cropper J., miner 
30 Mercer C, joiner (j) 
32 Whitaker G., builder 

Sitfingfield road 
34 Livesey J., eng tenter 

36 Duerden J., jobber 

38 Ingham Ij., overlooker 
40 Ormerod Mr. George 
42 RatcIifEe R., clogger 
44 Bowker J., weaver 

46 Green J., overlooker 

48 Harrop W., minor 

50 Dilton M.,bootmkr (j) 

52 Hawkswell Mrs. Alice 

54 Wilkinson A., labourer 

56 Heaton A. T., beamer 
58 Shepherd Mrs. Barb; 
60 Morcombe J., miner 
62 Smith H. t weaver 

64 Hartley Mrs. Mary. • 



66 Aspden B., painter (j) 

68 Rycroft W., skin dlr 

B rvn.nvick street 

Congregational Chapel 


70 Pickup T., grocer 

72 Whitaker J., clerk 
74 Crosslcy Mrs. Susan 

78 Huck W., schoolmstr 

80 Baldwin J., traveller 

82 Linney Mr. W. E. 

84 Sutoliffe D M plumber 

86 Bibby J M overlooker 
88 Ingham J., coll mangr 

90 Gott T., mill manager 

92 Knowles T. H., agent 

94 Buxton J., clerk 

96 Harwood R., agent 

98 Smith H., oiler 

100 Brown R M tailor (j) 

102 Broughton S., msn (j) 

104 Lord J., taper 

106 Clegg J., overlooker 
108 Nuttall C. T.. weaver 
110 Slater J., shopkeeper 

Clarence street 
112 Smith T M builder 
114 AshworthG.F., school- 
116 Nutter H., taper 
118 Parkinson J. E., cashr 
120 Gilmart'in J. M., clerk 
122 Howarth J., weaver 
124 Sparling J., miner 
126 En soil Rev. Robert 
Mosley House road 
107' and 109 Greenwood A., 

107 Marsden Mrs. Jane 

105 Watson Mr. Matthew 

103 Ilargreaves G.> msn (j) 

101 Jackson J., manager 

99 Hargreaves Mrs. Eliz. 

97 Chaffer W., carter 

95 Shanley J., mason (j) 

93 Blades R., currier (j) 

91 Wiseman R., cng tntr 

79 Schofield.W., weaver 

87 Greenwood Mrs. Ann 

85 Medley H. H., jnr (j) 

83 Shepherd J., overlkr 

81 Smith R., painter 
79 Catlow Mr. Joseph 
77 Taylor D M weaver 
95 Shea J., painter 

73 Wh alley W., weaver 

71 Haworth R., labourer 

69 Westerman J. H., 


67 Wilkinson H., spinner 
65 Home J. R., twister 
63 Wade R., overlooker 
61 PickoTer J., traveller 
59 Harker J. J., bookkpr 

57 Riley J., overlooker 
55 Cook T M overlooker 
53 Jowett J., tea dealer 
51 Pickles W., manager 
49 Whitaker S M clerk 
47 Taylor J., sub-man gr 
45 Flintoff — 
43 Newbold J., overlooker 
41 Parker W., miner 
39 Bell J., mason 
37 Turner J., beamer 
35 Catlow Mrs. Mary 
33 Brierley W., miner 
31 Home R., weaver 
29 Greenhalgh Mrs. Mrgt. 
27 Stansfield R., overlkr 

25 Whitaker I-I.,watchmn 

23 Briggs Mrs. Sarah A. 

21 Kendall F., miner 

19 Baldwin Mr. Edward 

17 Clarke T. H., labourer 

15 Spencer W., miner 

13 Jackson W., sawyer 

11 Ash worth J., manager 
9 Mason EL, agent 

7 Clegg T., oiler 

5 Riley A. 3., clothlkr 

3 Co-operative stores 

Canal yard 


2 Heap A., butcher (j) 
10 Clegg E., compositor 

14 Waddington P., mason 

18 Codd W., shopkeeper 


2 Lancaster T., grocer 

4 Jones C. L., bookkpr 

6 Holt J. H., bookkeeper 

8 Baker G., van man 
10 Proger D., traveller 

12 Smith Mrs. Mary A. 

Cavotir street 
14 Saunby J. W M carter 

16 Brown C, music prof 

22 Howarth T.> miner 

24 Wolstenholme J. T., 

police constable 

26 Stancombe R-, horse 

Lomas Mr. Thos. Hy., 

Stoneyholme villa 
Nicholl Mr. P. L., 

Stoneyholme villa 
Potherby Mr. Henry, 

Stoney holme cottage 
Dale Mrs. Mary A., 

Stoneyholme cottage 
Moor T. & J., gardnrs 
Greenwood Mr. James, 

Crow Wood house 

Parker Rev. Canon, 

M.A., Royle hall 
Crow Wood terrace 
1 PerkinMr.Thos.M., 
3 VarahG., pointsman 
5 Brown Mrs. Sarah 
7 Keighley W., engnr 
9 Townend Mrs. Eliz. 


Sutcliffe J., Fulledge 

Dean S., brush maker 
Shackleton W., smith 

5 Catlow H., Bee Hive 


1 Smith T., labourer 


2 Spencer D., collector 
4 Salkeld W., collier 

14 Knowles J. J., overlkr 
16 Willershaw C, coach 
painter (j) 

18 Wray R-, eng tenter 
22 Gardner Mark V., 

19 Maychell Miss M., 


1 Ainsworth Mrs. J., 



2 Smith Mrs. S., shpkpr 
24 Parker R., painter 

40 Price G. H., grocer 


6 Smith Mr. Hartley 
10 Freeman J M carter (j) 

20 Travis H., cabtmkr'(j) 
24 Fletcher S., miner 

34 Wadge G., coal dealer 


(See also Market place) . 

1 Duckworth Mrs. S;, 
eating house 

3 Moorhouse J., china 

6 Duerden A., fd fish dlr 

4 Whitaker B., butcher 
32 Grimshaw J., eating hs 
34 Shea J., painter 

36 Shea Mrs. A., tobcnst 

Curzon street 
46 and 48 Barton J., 

Scarlett Arms 

Curzon yard 
52 Chadwick L., herbalist 
29 Lord J., plumber 



13a Armstrong &Laycock, 
smallware dealers 

13 Collinge W. & J. S. & 
Co., Ltd., cabt mkrs 


3 Smith, Mrs. A. 

7 Stordy G. H., mech. 
11 Simpson R., brick- 
maker (j.) 
13 Simpson J., joiner (j.) 
19 Gillott R., sawyer 
25 Smith J., joiner (j.) 


6 Pickup W.j mechanic 
36 Croston W., shopkpr 

Riley street 
38 Hayes ' W.,- School 

Board officer 
40 Whitehead J., shopmn 

58 Brimblecombe J., rnnr 

60 Boden M., miner 

64 Culpan Mr. Abm. 

74 Bctts S., agent 

Brooklands road 
Brooks & Pickup, 
Towneley collieries 
Towneley station; F. 
Kenyon, station mstr 
109 Turner J., miner 
91 Holmes R., platelayer 
87 Ha worth T., grocer 
Mosley House road 
83 Fletcher J. S., Royal 

Butterfly hotel 
77 Pickup T., grocer 

Glebe street 
30 Loin as J., coal dlr 

75 Lancaster J., draper 
73 Harrison J., shopkpr 
69 Turner Mrs. Eliza 
67 Ince Mrs. Jane 

65 Greenwood Mrs. S. A. 

Branch road 
63 Boynton R., grocer 

61 Smith N., spindle mkr 

59 Worsli W., fireman 

57 White W. R., bolt 

maker (j.) 
55 Fenton J., draper 

51 Green J., engine driver 
49 Woods W., miner 
47 Weston T., miner 
45 Whittaker J., weaver 
43 Kershaw J., boltmkr 
41 Heyworth J., miner 
39 Doney W., labourer 

Duke street 
37 Pate J., grocers asst 
35 Greenwood J., agent 
33 Ash worth Mrs. H. 
31 Fulton 0., dresser 

29 Schofield A., weaver 

Waterloo road 
17a Whitaker Miss A., 

13 Whitaker J., clothlkr 
9 Peacock Mrs. Eliz. 
7 Hacking Mr. Wm. E. 
1 Parker Mrs. Mary 


5 Heys Mrs. Mary 

7 Law J., weaver 

9 Taylor F., weaver 

15 Emmett T., taper 

17 Ash worth J,, agent 

19 Hudson A., weaver 


10 Foster J., carter 

12 Taylor E., shopkeeper 
26 Fitton W., shopman 
28 Boothman T., rolr cov 

30 Mason Mrs. Martha 
38 Wareing T., weaver 
40 Bullock J., carter 

42 Procter J., painter (j.) 
46 Boothman J., overlkr 
52 TattersalL A., grocer 
15 Whitaker Mrs. M. A., 

13 Boothman W., draper 
9 Truan J., labourer 


24 Slater Mrs. F., confr 
28 Duckworth R., clothlkr 
32 Wilkinson Mrs. Margt. 

34 Greenwood J., whsemn 
36 Simpson F., weaver | 
38 Park J., pointsman 
40 Vessey G., manager 
46 Greenwood W., grocer 
50 Oates J., mason 
52 Riley J., taper 
60 Peacock Mrs. Mary 
25a Dickinson Mrs. D., 

25 Broad Misses, millinrs 

23 Nutter H., butcher 


12 Radcliffe A. R., weaver 

26 Pearson W.,srgn's asst 

28 Cross T., contractor 
30 Waters H., shopman 

29 Sutcliffe J., overlooker 
5 Gledhill A., comp 

1 Gledhill W. H., mech 


2 Clough J., shopkeeper 

24 Bower J. W., dresser 

26 Nutter G , smith 

28 Fawcett G., tailor 

40 Hirst G., engine tenter 
56 Hartley D., butcher 

58 Haynes Mrs., M. J„ 

64 Spencer J., tailor 
66 Berry A., newsagent 
68 Pickthall J. & Son, 

72 Parkinson A., photo 
82 Dower J., bootmaker 
84 Bateson J., agent 

86 Giles W., clock repairer 
112 Nutter C, fruiterer 
112 Nutter C, coal dealer 
114 Shuttleworth Mrs. A. 
124 Astin W., overlooker 

Hilary street 
126 Sutcliffe'P., coal dlr 

128 Green J., fish dealer 
142 Pilling W., overlooker 
148 Crook J., chim sweeper 
162 Greenwood T., shopkpr 

77 Davy W., tinner 
Angle street 

75 Walmsley T., draper 

59 Rennard E., painter 
53 Smith C, foreman 

North street 
Colville street 
Robinson street 
37 Latham J. T.,confectr 

29 Smith & Patterson, 

Ardioick street 
25 Nuttall E., clothlkr 

Grey street 
23 Ralph t., fruiterer 
21 Duncalf S., bootmkr 
21 Foster J., clogger 

Travis street 
19 Watson J., overlooker 
17 Pilling J., overlooker 

Myers street 
15aCragg R., butcher 

1 Skipper Mr. Urban T. 


1 Heyes T., overlooker 
5 Broxup W., clerk 
7 Holdsworth J., cloth- 
9 Kearsley J., builder 
19 Walton J. H., weaver 


16 Spencer Mrs. Sarah 
28 Fothergill J., mason (j) 
32 Skeith R., builder ' 
36 Turner T. H., taper 
38 Brown W., joiner (j) 




Greenwood J. & Sons 

Limited, millers 
Clifton Staith ; H. 
Bridge, manager 
10 Hoole B-, cabt mkr (j) 
14 Whipp J. T., overlkr 
16 Spencer J. T., weaver 
20 Hartley Mrs. R., 
Millers' Arms 
34 Ha worth IX., eng tntr 
40 Haworth M., smith 
42 Bardsley B., engr (j) 

High street 
56aHam W. H., shopkpr 
74 Greenwood F M mech 
80 Ingham B., coal dealer 
92 Whyatt G., salesman 
Pern Manufacturing 
Co., Ltd., Junction 
Street shed 
TunstillTbos., Spa mill 
Whittkfield Mill Co., 

Olive Mount Mill Co., 


2 Simpson R., bookkpr 

4 Riley R M weaver 

6 Pilkington H M bcamer 

8 Bessting Mrs. H. 

10 Blakev B., weaver 

14 Bardsley W., mill- 

wright (j) 
20 George Mrs. Betsy 
19 Parker R. H.. traveller 

15 Worthington R., agent 

13 Spur J., pattern mkr 

11 Edmonclsoii J., fitter 

9 Brown J. R , foreman 

5 Riley J., clothlookcr 

1 Atkinson J. H., taper 


2 Brown R., Meadows 

4 Dale \V., engineer (j) 

6 Coupe J., plasterer 

8 Knowles W., weaver 
10 Varley J., mechanic 

12 Lister W., mechanic 

14 Norman W., comp 

16 Preston Mrs. Margt. 
18 Holden A , overlooker 
22 Mitchell Mrs. R. H. 
24 Porteous Mrs. S. 

26 W ray J., bill inspector 

28 Prattley D., carrier 

30 Leslie Mrs. Fanny 

32 Griffin C. VV\, musician 

34 Thompson D., shopmn 

36 Jackson Y., frd fish dlr 
Canal street 
Burnley Ironworks Co., 
Peel street 
25 GrosvenorW., lamp dlr 
Thompson W., soapine 
23 Bracewell H., grocer 
11 Boddy N., shopkeeper 
Sutcliffe street 
Catholic School 
Baldwin street 
3 Hanson H., foreman 

1 Procter Misses 


3 Mixon C, engine drvr 

5 Aspden A., fitter 

7 Ingham A., labourer 
9 Crab tree J., weaver 

11 Wareing W., agent 

19 Mitchell W., musician 
23 Perrin R., weaver 

25 Heap J., agent 

27 Briggs Mr. Win. 

29 Hartley R., overlooker 

31 Kenyon J., weaver 

33 Robinson P., pipe mkr 


16 Ashworth R., fried fish 

18 Alderson J., hosier 
May street 

20 Webster J., draper 

Branch road 

22 Foster W., joiner (j) 

23 Whitharn M., enfetnr 

Parkinson street 
51 Marshall J., school kpr 
49 Kearton J., shopkpr 
47 Moston W. K., acnt 
45 Proctor W., grocer 
43 Kilburn T., grocer 


2 Cooper B. H., traveller 

4 Hudson Mr. James 

6 Haydock S., bookkpr 

8 Stockdale Mr. James 


1 Clarke E , overlooker 

17 Carr A., fireman 

28 Cawthorne T., tailor 

32 Litherland T., picture 


34 Morris Mr. Wm. 
Lancaster Bros., 

Springfield shed 
Bulcock & Threlfall, 
Springfield shed 


2 Procter S., weaver 

4 Dickinson W., joiner (j) 

10 Cansfeld I., joiner (j) 
14 McBurney W. J., plmr 

24 Nixon R., police cons 
34 Wigglesworth J, E., 

46 Butterfield Miss A. 
48 Gray F., painter 
52 Mitchell W. J., weaver 
56 Pickup A. N. f fried 

fish dealer 

58 Green Mrs. Ellen 

60 ChadwickJ., police con 
Evan street 

1 Nadin G., eng tntr 
85 EmmettR., overlooker 
67 Turver F., coal dealer 
65 Catlow Mr. Saul 
63 Hartley Mrs. M., dress- 

61 Salkeld J., weaver 

59 Nuttall Miss B., hosier 
55 and 57 Sharpley A., 


25 Dinsdale J., shopkpr 
21 Ingham J., labourer 

7 Hensby A., porter 

5 Ingham W., coal dlr 
1 Worsick J., weaver 


Edmondson Mrs. J. 

Black Bull 
Tattersall J., grocer 
Conservative Club 
Lee R., joiner 
Proctor Mr. James 
National School 
Reedley street 

Leaver R., hawker 
Kendie J., laundry 
Reform Club 


1 Hodgson J., joiner (j) 

3 Hargreaves j., agent 
9 Newton J., mechanic 
9 Duerden J., manager 

11 Heap P., mason (j) 


4 Harrison Mrs. S. 

10 Hargreaves J., fireman 

12 Brown W., butcher (j) 

11 Eminett H., carter 

9 Jackson It. B., weaver 
7 Harrison C, overlooker 

5 Holdsworth B. S., 

painter (j) 
1 Wilson Mrs. Susan 




27 Mason J., labourer 
34 Read W., carter 
40 Mason J., labourer 



2 Rukin R., carter 

4 Simpson J., smith (j) 

6 Harrison R., mechanic 
. 8 Worthy G., tailor (j) 
14 Robertshaw Mrs. Ellen 
20 Hartley Mrs. Ann 

22 Clegg j., agent 

33 Barker G., french pol 

27 Beswick A., overlooker 
25 Graham G., smith 

.21 Ackroyd J. H., taper 

19 Aldersley A., overlkr 

17 Procter A., painter 
9 Nicholl Mrs. Ann 

7 Spencer B , hairdressr 

1 and 3 Pickles J., confr 



2 Bold D. N., grocer, 
4 Kippax R., mason 

6 Clarke T., painter (j) 

18 McNuloy M., hawker 
24 Clongh S M clerk 

28 Lambert M M shopkpr 
38 Ingram A., draper 
60 Howker J., farmer 

Ridge road 
62 Howker E., town hall 

66 Dearden E., overlooker 
68 Dent VV. H., cabinet 

maker (j) 
72 Ramsden A., cabinet 

maker (j) 
74 Dugdale A., mechanic 
76 Lilley J., cricketer 
80 Worden A. V., tailor 
84 Hurst T., compositor 
86 Wharf G. W., draper 

108 Hudson J., grocer 

Hobart street 
110 Walsh D., carver (j) 

114 Bibby T., wrhouseman 
130 Schofield T M shopkpr 
117 Ogle D., binder (j) 

109 Metcalfe E., shopkpr 
105 O'Brien T., butter dlr 
103 Bethom J., hosier 
101 Stuttard Mr. James 

95 Donovan W M shopkpr 
67 Whittaker J., grngrocr 
65 Thorpe J., manager 
63 Niemeyer J., manager 
57 Halstead E., shopkpr 
21 Walker Mrs. Mary 
15 Kippax J., bookkeeper 

3 Hickey J., eng tenter 
1 Nuttall T., eng tenter 


1 Stansfield R., shopkpr 

4 Smith IT., beerseller 
10 Latham H., boiler covr 

Methodist Chapel 


2 Riley W. H., stationer 
4 Holt J., mechanic 

6 Thornton Mr. Hartley 
10 Blakey J., weaver 
12 Willis P., joiner (j) 
14 Pollard J., smith (j) 
18 Smith M., roller covrer 
20 Grossley H., sexton 
22 Ramsbotfcom P., btchr 
24 Carr D., butcher (j) 
26 Pate VV., weaver 
30 Co-operative stores 

Hawk street 
32 Elfcoft J., bookkeeper 
34 WormwellL., traveller 
36 Grant Mrs. A. A. 
38 Schofield J., tailor 
40 Jackson Mrs. Nancy 
46 Bradshaw R., overlkr 
50 Pollard J., weaver 
52 Pickles 0., weaver 

54 Pollard J. H., overlkr 

56 Parrer W., smith 

58 Gudgeon A., weaver 

60 Varey W., hawker 
66 Ward W., cowkeeper 

68 Harris Mrs. Emma 

70 HeatonW. R., btchr (j) 
73 Hargreaves J., joiner(j) 

71 Goodwill W., cab driver 

69 Agar U., cab driver 
65 Sagar M., coach buiklr 
63 Butterworth R., ware- 

61 Nowell R , agent 

59 Routledge A., joiner (j) 

57 Oates P., brus'hmkr (j) 

55 Layfield H., foreman 
51 Brook Mrs. R. D. 
49 Metcalfe W., joiner (j) 
47 Roylance C. horsekpr 
45 Precious J., cooper (j) 
43 Greenwood Mrs. Mrgt. 
41 Parker Miss Esther E. 
39 Cliffe R., cab driver 
37 Lawson W., joiner 
35 Jobling M., butcher 
33 Carr T. C, driver 
31 Stamford H., cbnt mkr 
29 Bianch Mrs. Ann 
27 Stott H., traveller 
25 Cooke E., moulder 
23 Barnes Mrs. S. 

21 Edmondson J., mchnc 
19 Layfield H., weaver 
17 Rawiinson R., cabinet 
maker (j) 

15 Hayhurst*H.,plmbr (j) 

13 Howarth J., draper 

11 Holland T., tripe dressr 

9 Gaukroger J., shopkpr 

7 Turner D., fried fish dlr 

5 Baxter Mrs. Ellen 

3 Astin G. W., dresser 


2 Gregson J., shopkeeper 
7 and 9 Bailey M. B., 
11 Whiteside N.,confctnr 


2 Riley Mr. William 

4 Salisbury E., weaver 
25 Watson J., overlooker 
17 Martin C, bootmaker 

11 Sutcliffe Mrs. Eliz. 

9 Briggs Miss Margaret 

7 Poster J., painter (j) 

5 Holdsworth Joseph 

3 Payne J., overlooker 
1 Driver J., weaver 


4 Alfrey H., painter 

6 Spencer J., weaver 

8 Worswick J., weaver 
10 Spence Mrs. Mary 

12 Atkinson T., school 

board visitor 
14 Mackie Mr. Alexander 
16 Dyson J., weaver 
18 Sharpies Mrs. Rachel 
20 Dixon W M warehsinn 
22 McCnllonghMrs.Sarh. 

24 Wright W., grocer 

Lomas street 
26 Simpson J., overlooker 
28 Nutter Mrs. Susannah 
30 Moore T , joiner 
32 Hooper C, pttrn mkr 
34 Pilkington j., mchnic 
36 Horsfi«ld Mrs. Sarah 
38 Hargreaves Mrs. Eliz. 
40 Smith P., coachman 
44 Ackroyd C., mechanic 
46 Cunliffe J., pipe maker 
48 Williams J., brick 
maker (j) 

25 Bay! iff J., mat maker 
21 Holt J., grocer 


2 Webster C. H., pawn- 



18 Romney J., joiner 
30 Pearson Mrs. Mary A. 


Canal wharf, W. 

CapstickE., Cricketers 1 
121 Wilson A., shopkeeper 
107 Riley Mrs. T., shopkpr 
105 Snowden T., hairdrssr 
Wolstenholme H., 

Lane Ends Hotel 
26 Bennett W., shopkpr 
Lonsdale John C, 
calico printer (j) 
71 Ridehalgh Mrs. E., 

49 Maudsley J., shopkpr 
Lowerhouse Go-opera- 
tive Society 
Lowerhouse school 
9 and 11 Leeming W-, 

Mill street 

2 Elliott J., shopkpr 

8 and 10 Varley W., 

Lee T., butcher 
Dugdale J. & Bros., 
Lowerhouse mills 
Bear street 
24 Smith W., bookkpr 
26 Ives W., manager 
Victoria terrace 

1 Smith Miss E., shop- 

3 AshworthMrs.Amla. 
5 Ingham J., eng tntr 
7 Rawcliffe H., mngr 

9 Smith L., cashier 
Knotts lane 

Drew A. & Sons, 

calico printers 
Drew Mr. Danl., J. P. 


2 HewettW. H.,shoemkr 
6 Wilson T. H., carver 
Slinger F., soap maker 
Nuttall & Co., builders 


4 Allen Mrs. Mary A. 

6 Socket Mrs. Alice 
12 Fifield J. L., labourer 
16 Nutter W., carpet mkr 
18 Thistlethwaite J. R., 

20 Hunt Mrs. 

22 Godwin J., moulder 
25 Briggs W., shopkeeper 

21 Crabtree W., overlkr 

13 Long W., collier 

9 Stanworth J., coal dlr 
3 Entwistle E., eng drvr 
1 Harrison A., draper 


1 Smith J., shopkeeper 
Appleby J. & Sons, 

Cooper J. R., Scar 

Top shed 
Jackson J. & Co., Scar 

Top shed 
Cooper J. (Exors. of), 

rope manufacturers 
Engine street 

Stephenson W., Fly- 
ing Dutchman 


2 and 4 Neal J., Old 

Red Lion Hotel 
6 Duckworth J., tobenst 
8 Groom G., fishmonger 
10 Holds worth H.,btchr 

Red Lion street 
12 Hargreaves Mrs. S., 

14 Grant J., printer 

16 Holland J. & A.,mllnrs 
18 Shee & Kennedy, Ltd., 

20 Dickinson & Co., jwllrs 
22 Kollett W M berlinwool 

24 Evans T., chemist 
26 Yarwood W., bootmkr 
28 and 30 Bell S. A. & 

Sons, drapers 

Grimshaw street 

36 Haslam G. (Exors. of), 

wine merchants 
38 and 40 Lupton Bros., 

42 and 44 Pemberton 

Brothers, furnishers 
46 Hitchon, Son & Lan- 
caster, architects 
46 Pritchard T., auctionr 
48 Cowgill B. H., chemist 
Congega tional Church 
Post Office; J. Birnie, 

50 Wall Bros., hairdrsrs 
52 Riley T., photogrphr 
54 Hindle Miss M. H., 

56 Jackson Miss A., baby 

linen dealer 

Elizabeth street 
U. M. Free Church 

Saunder bank 
58 & 60 Burgess H.,furnr 

62 Briercliffe J. W., tripe 

64 Dunn G., police sergt 
Fire Brigade Station 
68 Schofield J., Canal 

70 Robinson E., joiner 
72 Wiseman J., builder 
74 Parkinson Mrs. Mary 

Stanley street 
82 Holland J., waste dlr 

Healey Wood road 
84 Dean Thomas, M.D. 
86 Sutcliffe Mrs. Susan 
88 Marsland Mrs. Ellen 
90 Bell Mrs. S. A. 
92 Preston Mr. Thomas 
94 Sutcliffe Mr. John 
96 Lee Mrs. Margaret 
100 Waring Mr. Richard 
102 Eastwood Mr. Peter 
104 Bell Rev. Jonathan 
106 Buchanan Mr. John 
108 Johnson Mr. Edwin 
Manchester Road siding 
Brooks & Pickup, 

coal proprietors 
R. Lambert, agent 
Cliviger Coal Co. ; E. 

Whi taker, agent 
Tomlinson J. & W-, 
coal merchants ; 
M. Outhwaite, agt 
Ormerod Mrs. M., 
coal merchant ; T. 
Wolfenden, mngr 
Spring Hill road 
Wilkinson J., photogr 
112 Collinge Mr. John, 
Spring hill 
Pickles Mr. Onyas, 

Sandy villa 
Haslam Mr. Thomas, 
Healey mount 
114 Durham Rev. W. E., 
Parkinson Mr. Wm M 
118 Bayne Mr. William S., 
Rydal mount 
Artindale Mr. Edward 

J., Healey hall 
Highfield terrace 
120 Harling Mr. James 
122 Smith Mr. James 
124 Sutcliffe Mr. William 
126 Grant Mr. James 
128 Ratcliffe Mr. Abm. N. 
130 Harling Mrs. Alice 

Garnett Mr. Abm. L., 

Healey villa 
Cumberland terrace 
132 Whitworth Mr. George 



134 Grimshaw Mrs. Esther 

136 Lupton Mr. Benjamin 

138 Greenwood Mr. J., J.P. 

140 Coates Mr. Edwin 

144 Schofield H., farmer 

Rose Hill road 

Dugdale Mrs. A., Rose 

Wesleyan Chapel 
160 Glegg Mrs. M., shopkpr 
180 Ormerod \Y. y Rose and 


Beastow J., laundry 
Higgin G., pipe maker 
Tomlinson William 
Ridehalgh E., Wag- 
goners 1 Inn 

Greenhalgh T., Bull 

and Butcher 
Maden Mr. H., Thorn 
Sep Clough lane 
CubittT., miner 
Burrows A., moulder 
Walton Mr. R., Willow 
231 Ho] den M., General 

William Inn 
229 Astin D., shopkeeper 
221 Edmondson W., shop- 

215 Cook W., greengrocer 
Duckett Mr. Jas., J,P., 

Gill_ Mr. Geo., Wood- 
Albert terrace 
203 Walmsley Mr. J. 
201 Halliday Mrs. A. 
199 Richmond Mr. J. 
197 Walsh Mr. Thomas 
Clayton Mr. Thomas 
Baron Mr. James 
Halsted Miss A., 

Higher Hood house 
Edmondson Mr. B., 
Lower Hood house 
Blind lane 
L'vrk hill 
189 Stuttard Mrs. A. 
187 Harrison Miss M. A. 
185 Townsend Mr. G. 
183 Mossop Mrs. M. E. 
181 Hey Mr. James 
179 Baron Mr. John, J.P. 
177 Parker Rev. A. H. N. 
St. Matthew street 
Sunny bank 
175 Bulcock Mr. Henry 
173 Harrison Mr. J. D. 
171 Hurfcley Mr. R. J M J.P. 

Healey grove 
169 Gray Mr. N. P., J.P. 
167 Elton Rev. William 

165 Holden Mr. Thomas C. 
Rawclifie Mr. G. B., 
The Sycamores 
163 Artindale Miss A., 

161 Littlehales Mrs. E., 

Pern dene 
161 Littlehales Mr. R. H., 
Fern dene 
Pickup terrace 
159 Whitaker Mr. S. 
157 Morris Mrs. M. A. 
155 Leigh Mrs. Ann 
153 Rigby Mrs. Grace 
151 Houlding Miss Sarah 

Carlton road 
149 Strange Mr. A., J.P., 

Greenfield house 
147 Edmondson Mr. Thos., 
J.P. Fern hill 
Piccadilly road 
Thorn hill 

145 Waddington Mr. 

W. A. 
143 Waddington Mrs. J. 
143aHill Mr. F. H. 
141 Smith Mr. Richard 
139 Lee T., shopkeeper 
137 Pounder J., warehsmn 
135 Tillotson E., coal dlr 
133 Richardson Mr. T. 
131 Pilkington Mrs. Isab. 

Halstead street 
129 Atherton Mrs.E. M. 
127 HoldsworthC., painter 
125 Wilkinson J., photogr 
123 Hartley J., grocer 
121 FlewittR., plumber (j) 
119 Burnley Coal Dealers* 

Association, Limtd. ; 

J. Roberts, secretary 
117 Pearce Miss Emily M. 
115 McCutcheon J., french 

113 Bleakley Mr. E. F. 
Ill Ward Mr. J. L., M.A. 
109 Lupton Mr. William 

Trafalgar street 
107 Emerson Bros., grocers 
105 Bulcock Mr. John 
103 Holgate Miss Cath. 
101 Tweedale Mrs. S. A. 
99 O'MearaR.CL.R.C.P. 

Nelson square 
97 Tee J. M., butcher 
95 Kerr R., cabinet mkr 
91 and 93 Jee Charles, 

L.R.C.P., Bridge hs 
87 and 89 Leeds & Liver- 
pool Canal Co. ; J. 
Turner, agent 

Canal yard 
83 Elce J. W., grocer I 
81 Goodchild W., confetr 

79 Shoesmith J., plumber 
77 Ruttle Robert, oculist 
75 Sutcliffe Miss E. A M 

73 Johnson E., butcher 

Ilammerton street 
71 Nutter W., confectnr 
69 Hesson M., clothes dlr 
67 Holgate F., butcher 
65 Rawcliffe J. H., grocer 
63 Morris & Wilkinson, 

59 The China Merchants 
Co., Lim., tea dlrs 
Town Hall 

W. E. Fullalove, 

town clerk 
F. S. Button, bor- 
ough surveyor 
L. Woodhouse, bor- 
ough treasurer 
School Board Office; 
J. Rawlinson 
Mechanics' Institute ; 
C. M. Foden, sec; 
T. Hartley, librarian 
Yorke street 
41 Bardsley R. S., hosier 

39 Morris T., tobacconist 
37 Wadsworth Mrs. M. 

A., milliner 

35 Church of England 

Literary Institute ; 

J. R. Ainsworth, sec; 

W. Edmondson, li- 

29 Horner W. C, statnr 

27 Cunningham J. M., 


Hargreaves street 

25 Cross A., draper 

23 Simpson T., music sir 

21 Sacld Miss C, milliner 

19 Bulcock J., ironmonger 
15 & 17 Nicoll P. L., drpr 
13 Winter J., New Bed 
Bull street 
11 Thorp T., draper 
9 Smith & Co., clothiers 
7 Francis & Co., chemists 
5 Union Club ; R. Wat- 
son, secretary 
Union Bank of Man- 
chester, Ltd. ; J. 
Berry, manager 
1 Sutcliffe J., Bull Hotel ' 


1 Hartley E., butcher 

2 Crawshaw J., eating hs 

4 Wilson T., eating hs 

5 & 6 Richmond T. & W. , 





■ 8 Frankland J., butcher 
9 Jepsons' Shaw Bros., 

10 Marshall W., sewing 

machine agent 

11 Pilkington Mrs. E., j 

baby linen dealer 

13 Veevers & Shaw, baby 

linen dealers 

14 Kerrigan J., tinner 

15 & 16 Lupton Bros., 


17 Crouch E., hosier 

18 Mather H. 0., optician 

19 NutterD. ^watchmaker 

22 Hargreaves T., sewing 

machine agent 

23 Davy D., hosier 

24 "Lewis" stall 

25 Harrison J., draper 

26 Bracewell Mrs. M., 


27 Grant T., milliner 

28 McEvoy F., dressmkr 

29 Simpson Miss E., baby 

linen dealer 

30 Roberts Miss J., mini 

31 Haggas T., hosier 
Veevers P., fruiterer 
Wells A. & R., fruitrs 
Haworth E., butcher 
Hacking C, cnfctnr 
Holclen Miss M., baby 

linen dealer 
Dawson D. & J., hard- 
ware dealers 
Taylor A., confectioner 
Harrison J., china dlr 
Baldwin W., optician 
Harrison Miss, cnfctnr 
Pollard R. H.. toy dlr 
Greenhalgh W., fruitr 
Simpson J., basket mkr 
Heys J., toy dealer 
Smith Mrs. M., cnfr 
Walsh J. M., tea dlr 
Stuttard W., umbrella 

Brady T., cutler 
Crowther P., fishmngr 
Hitchen J., fishmonger 
Norman J., fishmonger 
Hilton R., fishmonger 
Warburton W., draper 
Faraday W. , baby linen 

Parkinson H., green- 


Fleet street 

1 Smith S., tobacnst 
3 & 5 Pate T., hairdrsr 

1 Gutteridge J.D.,statnr 

.3 Lancaster J., clothier 

7 Walsh T., clothier 

' 7aLawson S., tea dealer 

9 Hartley H., butcher 

Howe street 

11 Schofield G M tobacnst 

13 O'Boyle P., clothier 

15 Lipton T. J., provmcht 

17 Hep worth J. & Son, 

Ltd., clothiers 

19 Mitchell C., draper 

21 Sutcliffe J., draper 

23 Broughton R. & Co., 


25 Giilesby J. f New Market 

27 Peters Mrs. L., mantle 

27aNichol J. hosier 
Market buildings 
Altham A., tea mrcht 
33 Pollard T., music seller 
33aTaylor J., confectioner 

Standish street 

37 Roberts Miss J., mlnr 

Market Hall 

12 Brennand J., grocer 
10 Dickinson J. H, jewlr 

8 Wigglesworth G. B., 

6 Swire W., hosier 

Robinson A., cab propr 


Howe street 
10 Smith & Go., clothiers 
12 Lawrie R., bootmaker j 

14 MillingtonMisses,baby 

. linen dealers 

16 Riley W., watchmaker 

20 Rothwell G., confctnr 

22 Altham A., tea mercht j 

24 Bradshaw R., prov met 
Weber P. G., Empress 

Crossley G M fruiterer 
Garden street 

Moor T. & J., fruitrs 
5 and 6 Roberts J M 
Bond J. & Co., Ltd., 
12 Howard Mrs. E., 


2 Constantine J., grocer 
14 Nuttall G. R., pol con 

18 Hindle J., carrier 

20 Holden T., Bee Hive 
Bee street 

Hill Marton street 
58 Spencer Mrs. M., shop- 
Brooks & Pickup, Pins- 
ley coal wharf 
Lincoln street 
49 Jackson D., earthen- 
ware dealer 
43 Kilroy J., agent 
41 Greenwood W., shpkpr 
39 Co-operative stores 

19 Nadin J., fried fish dlr 
17 Swindells J., draper 

1 Heap J., grocer 


4 Wilkinson J,, cab propr 
8 McMahon Mr. John 
10 McGonnell J., agent 

12 Holden J., tinner (j) 

14 Ainsworth J. R., clerk 
16 Groom G., fruiterer 

20 Gill W., plumber 


6 Senior W., hairdrsr (j) 

30 Shaw J., fruiterer 

32 Barritt Mrs. Drusilla 

52 Riley J., smallware dlr 
54 Lord Mrs. Harriet 

56 Baron Mrs. Mary 

58 Brumbley G., market 

sub. inspector 
64 Baron Mrs. Mary 
66 Holt Mr. Joseph 
82 Robertshaw Mrs. E. 
84 Woodhead D. H., 

88 Parker J., egg dealer 
94 Hartley J., shopkeeper 
61 Nuttall R., warehsmn 

59 Jolly W., broker 

53 Robinson R., confer (j) 
51 Greenwood W. T., 

49 Bannister B., coachmn 

Bankhouse street 
39 Brown B., clerk 

33 Lacy E., draper 

31 Lee L., joiner (j) 

19 Atkinson Mrs. Sarah 

15 Presley Mrs. Prances 

13 Knight C, tailor (j) 


1 Smith J., carter 

13 Fulkes T., eng tenter 
Allen P., shopkeeper 

57 Gal vert J., dogger 


2 Hargreaves S.,bootmkr 
4 Hargreaves J., tinnr (j) 



12 Newton G., moulder 
14 Hiley J., manager 
16 Green Mrs. Mary 

18 Burne Mrs. Isab. 

20 Tattersall Mrs. M. 

22 Whittaker S., overlkr 

24 Greenwood W.M.,clrk 
26 Clegg T., clerk 

28 Sutcliffe F., traveller 
32 Jackson J., moulder 

36 Suthers J., mason (j) 
38 Kippax L., manager 

Burleigh street 

37 Cocker J. S., bootmkr 

29 Nuttall Mrs. Elizabeth 

21 Clayton R., cab proptr 

19 Hoyle J., overlooker 

17 Maden J., overlooker 
9 Sutcliffe J., moulder 

5 Wilson A., joiner (j) 

1 Cleator Mrs. M. E M 


1 Smith B., grocer 

2 Oldfield W., weaver 
4 Varley A., mechanic 

6 Beesley Miss Mary A. 
8 Machin G., carter 

10 Watson T., weaver 
12 Davison W., labourer 
14 Walls Mrs. Alice 
16 Crook J., weaver 
Lomas street 

18 Gregory J., overlooker 
20 Riley J., tailor's cutter 
22 Perry G., shopman 

24 Entwistlc A., eng tntr 
26 Brown A., tailor 
28 Smith L., cab driver 
30 Coulthurst T. P. A., 

32 Proudlove Mr. J. 

34 Polding J., chapel kpr 

36 Stott Mrs. H. E. 

38 Greenwood Mrs. M. A. 


1 Townson Mrs. N., 

5 Crook R., roller coverer 
45 Brogden S., grocer 
40 Greenwood R., dairy- 


Parkinson A., photo 
Steele H. P. & Co., 

Stanworth H., monu- 
mental mason 


Moorhouse W., mineral 
water manufacturer 
Moorhouse S. T., asst 


6 Coates T., weaver 

12 Turner J. ? weaver 

18 Welch J., overlooker 

26 Abraham W.> coal dlr 
28 Clarke W., miner 

13 Brunt P., weaver 

9 Alderson W., weaver 
1 Kershaw J. W., bolt 
maker (j.) 


4 Wells Mr. Thomas 

6 Hall J. H., overlooker 
33 Chad wick J. E., shpkr 

27 Wood J., draper 

25 De Bruan J. L. A., 

23 Hargreaves S., shpkpr 

19 Sculthorpe C, gardnr 
9 Aspden J., clothlooker 

7 Bethell T., shunter 

5 Briggs J., miner 


Walmsley J M manager 
Sunderland J., school- 

Pickles T., cashier 

Timber hill 
Gledhiil J., manager 

Rock cottage 


2 Singleton Mrs. Martha 
12 Pickering J., shopkpr 
76 Newton L., shopkpr 
90 Gudgeon W., woodman 
61 Marsden J., grocer 

5 Eclmondson J"., agent 


10 Atkinson Mrs. John 
16 Hartley J., packer 
26 Crook W., shopkeeper 

30 Astin H., Park Tavern 
42 Grant P., dogger 

31 Alcock J., Free Gar- 

deners* Anns 


5 Hazlewood W., shpkpr 
23 Bromley J., shopkpr 
Harrison J. D. & Bror., 
Mount Pleasant mill 


2 Lee P., schoolmaster 

4 Catlow L., overlooker 

6 Howarth T., overlkr 

8 Starkie Mr. Sam 

22 Hutchinson J., engnr 
30 Sutcliffe J., taper 

37 Fielding C. E., frutr 

35 Holmes J., science tchr 
33 Lee N., music prof 

29 Pearson W , overlooker 
27 Marsh R. A., schlmstr 

23 Heap J., builder 

9 Holmes J., overlooker 

7 Catlow T., roller covrer 

5 Foulds D., overlooker 


2 and 4 Pratt J., draper 

10 Cocker J., joiner (j) 

38 Thompson L., joinr (j) 
40 Atkinson J., labourer 
52 Poster A., slaopkeeper 
23 Forrest J., shopkeeper 
21 Dickinson R., carter 

11 Hartley J., weaver 


2 Cramphorn W., paintr 
14 Blackburn Mrs. M. A. 
20 Greenwood J. H., trvlr 
32 Robinson Mrs. Ann 

1 Rigg A., shopkeeper 


2 Heap J., manager 

4 Spencer Mrs. Hartley 

6 Simpson J., cashier 
8 Crossley Mr. George 

10 Hanson Mr. John 

12 Race Mr. Joseph 

14 Robinson G. H., cashr 
16 Cooke Mr. William D. 
18 Moorhouse MissEsther 
20 Veevers Mr. Peter 
22 Hartley Mr. Thomas 
24 Hoyle Mrs. M. A. 
Gladstone Reform Club 
Irish National League Club 


Spencer John, Queen's 

44 Harrison J., overlooker 
46 Crompton J., caretaker 
52 Dunn W., engineer (j) 
66 Poud C, electrician 
68 Grimshaw W., taper 
82 Clegg T., beamer 
90 Tennant A., bookkpr 
92 Lord W., taper 
94 Whitaker W., agent 


108 Graham G. 3 smith 
55 Horsfall T., overlooker 
Christian Mission room 
Co-operative stores 

5 Dyson W. H M joiner (j) 


2 Bulson J M shopkeeper 
4 Smith J., joiner (j) 

8 Barnes F., overlooker 

12 SwannJ. W.,bookbndr 

14 Rawlinson Mrs. Ellen 
16 Pollard J. T., moulder 

22 Smith A. E., traveller 

28 Rushton 0., clerk 
30 Gawith J., cab propr 

32 Robinson T., skip mkr 
35 Clarkson A., confectnr 

33 HowarthG.,eng tenter 

29 Wells R. J., fruiterer 
27 Davies W„ talr's cutter 
25 Taylor Mr. John 

23 Stones Miss A., millnr 
21 Walker Miss J., lodgs 

15 Holgate W., guard 

13 Drabble J., shopman 

11 Robinson W. H., shop- 


3 Emmott R., fruiterer 

1 Marshall A M stationer 


2 Lawson P., taper 

4 Brown T., labourer 

6 DuerdenG., overlooker 
8 Shackleton M., mangr 

10 Shoesmith F., bookkpr 

12 Clough J., weaver 


2 Steele P. W., solicitor 
4 Greenwood Mr. Paul 
6 Burnley Publishing, 

&c, Co. 
8 Blue Ribbon Army Clvb 
10 Higgin G M saddler 

Grimshaw street 
12 Borough Land and 
Building Society; J. 
Pickles, secretary 

14 Hartley & Whitehead, 


18 Union offices; J. S. 
Horn, clerk ; A. 
Astin, asst. overseer ; 
S. Edmon.ison, san. 
inspector ; R. Moor- 
house, reiving officer 

20 Superintendent Regis- 
trar's office ; W. 

20 Kay W. H , asst oversr 


20 Hargr eaves J., reiving 

22 Kay J. S., solicitor 
22 Inland Revenue office ; 

J. Barnes, supervisor 

22 Stirveyor of Taxes office; 

M. D. Golden 

24 Riley J., Exchange 

Elizabeth street 
27 Rawcliffe & Bridge, 

25 and 27 Keighley S., 


23 Nutter A., architect 

21 Farrer G., agent 

21 Marriott J. M., solictr 

13 Mann Mrs. Susannah 

11 Cronkshaw Miss E. 

9 Race H... M.R.O.V.S. 

5 Rawcliffe G. B., archt 

3 Glough G., moulder 


4 Tattersall W., mechnc 

6 Rice Mr. William S. 

8 Hirst H., eng tenter 

10 HoldsworthE., dresser 
17 Rawson J., overlooker 

9 Geldard M., caretaker 
1 Greenwood A., weaver 


1 Pilkington H., fitter 

3 Brindle J., shopman 

5 Mitchinson J.,engnr(j) 


2 Wormwell Mrs. M., 


4 Leak W., pianoforte 

maker (j) 

6 Drury A., lith printr (j) 

12 Tomblin H., shunter 

14 Thornton Mrs. Ann 
20 Hargrcaves R., smith 

15 Tomblin J. H., clerk 

13 Wynne A., joiner (j) 

7 Holden G., eng driver 
1 Kershaw H., grocer 


8 AldersleyMrs.M.,confr 

14 SutcliffeG. H., agent 
Simpson R., builder 

24 Cubbon W., butcher 
51 Veevers B., fruiterer. 
31 Eastwood H., grocer 

11 Preston J., painter (j) 

9 Dean R., shopkeeper 
British School 
Particular Baptist 



1 Maxwell W. , shopkcepr 
11 Dale J., coal dealer 

2 Hubberstey W., B. f 



1 Waterworth T., china 


3 Thornton Mrs. C., 


5 Radcliffe J. W., weaver 
7 Wood A., taper 
9 Nicholson T., clerk 

11 Thornton C.,warehsmn 

13 Moorhouse W. H. M., 


15 Ashworth J., traveller 

17 Simpson J., cordial mfr 

21 Hamer Mrs. G. F. 
25 Heap J. W., builder 


Jackson W., Sons, & 
Co., cotton mnfctrs 
Elm street 

Green & Smith, minrl 
water manufacturs 

2 Smith T., tinner 
Holgate W., builder 

Myers street 

10 Harker Mrs. H., grocer 

12 Atkinson L., steam 


14 Whitehead J. W., 


16 Smith J., baker 

Ardwick street 

18 Eccles J., bootmaker 
18aDean J., greengrocer 

Abel street 
20 Aldersley A., confetnr 

22 Hargrcaves G.,stationr 

Thorn street 
Colville street 

28 Ellison Mrs. A., shpkpr 
41 Whittaker H., taper 
39 Clegg H., grocer 

37 Riley Mr. John 

29 Maskrey S., grocer 
27 Co-operative stores 

U.M.F. Church 

13 andl5FouldsT.,confr 

11 Hindle T., shopkeeper 

7 Talbot W. H., confetr 
1 Mulloy J., overlooker 


8 Heaton T., solicitor 

8 Football Club Office; 
A. P. Sutclifie, sec. 



10 Backhouse & Procter, 

12 Union Loan office 

14 Procter & Baldwin, 


16 Brown & Rarrow- 

clough, share brokrs 
Bath street 

5 Crompton J., chaplkpr 

3 Waddington J. C, solr 
1 Mossop A. J.,auctionr 

1 County Conservative 

Registration Office ; 
R. Harrison 


2 Griffiths Mrs., Talbot 


4 Pawsey Mrs. Mary 

6 Whitakcr W. D., clerk 
8 Mosedale Mrs. Jane 

10 Starkie Mr. Edward 
Public Park entrance 

• Brown Mr. Robert, 
Myrtle cottage 
83 Whittaker Mr. Wm. 
81 Holland Mr. Charles 
79 Landless J., mingengr 
77 Clark Rev. S. E. 
75 Harrop J., chief cons. 
73 Thompson Mr. Thos. 
71 Hartley Mrs. Ann 
69 Jinks Mr. Tom B. 
67 Witham Mrs. E. E., 

Pern grove 
65 Carrington Mr. Albert 
63 Smith Mr. Fred. N. 
61 Parkinson Mr. Isaiah 
59 Jobling Mr. Albert 
57 Bairowclough Mr. W. 
55 Warburton Mr. Wm. 
53 Riley Mr. Holden 
51 Hardwick Mr. James 
49 West Mrs. Sarah 
47 Hitchin Mr. Robert 
45 Parkinson Mr. A. W. 
43 Bell Mr. Thomas 
41 Butterfield Mr. John 
39 Harrison J., (Exors. of) 

37 Smith D., solcrs clerk 
35 Prudom Mr. William 
33 Shackleton Mr. E. 
31 Parry Rev. Jon. 
29 Kyan Mr. Algernon 
27 Holdsworth Mr. Hy. 
25 BirkettM., civil engnr 
23 Holme Mrs. Elizabeth 
21 Hough Mr. William 
19 Davies Rev. T. R. 

17 GreenhalghH.S.(Exrs) 

15 WinfieldRev. B., B.A. 
13 Baker Mr. William 

11 Sutcliffe Mr. William 

9 Calverley Mrs. Mary 
9 Brotherton Mr. L. 
5 Hodkin Mr. George 
3aLaycock D., builder 
3 Halstead Mr. Joseph 
laHartley Mr. James 

1 Rawcliffe Mr. John 


2 &4 Pickles I. P., stnr 
G Whittle A. E., hair dsr 
8 Pye & Co., undertakers 

10 Johnson W. H. coach 

12 Lee H. G., weaver 
14 Saul J., hosier 
18 Wood J., plasterer 
20 Stowe W. T., turner (j) 
22 Sagar J. A., tax colltr 
28 Watson H., twister 
30 Edwards T.,frd fish dlr 
32 Dean EL, L.R.C.P. 

34 Robinson J., draper 
36 Maddock J., confcnr 
38 Graham Mr. Thomas 
40 Jackson T., painter 
42 Glancy J., draper 
44 Calvert E., eating hse 
46 Smith W., grinder 
48 Ward J., collier 
50 Hall P., tailor (j) 
52 Redfern E., fireman 
60 Thersby G., joiner (j) 
62 KershawMissE.,drsmr 
64 & 66 Tomlinson W., 
pianoforte dealer 

Hull street 
68 & 70 Duckworth A., 

Cambridge Inn 
72 Bromley G., labourer 
80 Garnett T. H , butcher 
82 Howarth Mrs. I., mlnr 

Ilichard street 
84 Fairless R., herbalist 
86 Walton S., shopman 
88 Hargreaves Mrs. 

Holmes street 
90 Co-operative stores 
Parliament street 
Collinge Bros., Burnley 
Wood mill 
Springfield road 
120 Slater Mrs. M., grngcr 
120aRenfrey W., bootmkr 
120b Wright Miss A., baby 

linen dealer 
122 & 122a Webster R., 

122bDalby T., butcher 

Russell street 
140 Barnes A., cooper 
142 Hargreaves J., shpkpr 

Brunswick street 
144 Hargreaves T.,jun.,gcr 

Stanley terrace 
146 Hargreaves Mr. Thos. 
148 Singleton J., cabt. mkr 

150 Hardacre Mr. Thomas 
152 Taylor G., labourer 

154 Brunt T., overlooker 

156 PickoverT.,palsdemkr 

158 Jackson T. H., verger 

160 Dyson T., butcher 
St. Stephen's street 
St. Stephen's Church 

Smalley street 
Clarence street 

162 Heap E., butcher 

164 Riley Mrs. M., Stanley 

168 Beaumont Mrs. M. 
170 Sanderson J., labourer 

172 Dil worth R., labourer 
180 Baldwin J. C, carter 

Oxford court 
Todmorden road 
llufling lane 
197 Parker R., china dlr 

Oxford terrace 
195 Chadwick Mrs. Eliz. 
193 Taylor W., traveller 
191 Brown P. E;, weaver 
189 Law J., french polr (j) 
187 Wilkinson D. H., 

smith (j) 
185 Pedley R., collier 
183 Southworth J.H.,confr 
Hampden street 

151 Whitney T., grocer 
179 Palmer F., fruiterer 
177 HardwickJ.W.,pol.con 
175 Scott J., chemist 

173 Cottingham J., draper 
167 Hey worth T., butcher 

165 Walmsley T., draper 

163 Heys G. H M fruiterer 

161 Taylor A. & S M frnsrs 

Mabel terrace 

159 Midgley Mrs. L., mlnr 

157 Marsden T. & Co.,grcrs 

155 Parker J., painter 
153 Brecknall Mrs. H., 

ladies* outfitter 
151 Harrison G., farmer 
151 Midgley Miss E., dress- 
149 Dean Mr. Benjamin 
147 Fletcher J. W., travlr 
141 & 143 Dixon Henry A., 
Laurel street 
139 Baldwin J., bookkpr 
1 135 Drant J., smith (j) 
133 Whitaker J. S., agent 
129 & 131 Nowell J., btchr 
Brunswick street 



127 & 137 Loder EL, millnr 
125 Ellershaw Mrs. Mary 
123 Grundy F. T., weaver 
121 Heap H., carter 
119 Kay Mrs. Nancy 
117 Forsyth T., foreman 
115 Clegg Mrs. S. A. 
Ill Halsall E;, confctr 
109 Burrows B., stationer 
107bJackson W., clogger 
107aBrunton J., hairdrsr 
107 Macdonald R., 

Britannia Inn 
105 Gardner M. V., fried 
fish dealer 
Holton street 
103 Broxup J. B., clogger 
101 Yates J., fried fish dlr 
97 Smith & Son, painters 
95 Mackay J., livery stable 

93 Howarth Mrs. E., mlnr 
91 HoldenW., hairdresser 
89 Proudlove T., broker 
Parliamentary street 
Oxford Mill Co., Ltd. 
81 Alderson J M china dlr 
79 Hornby J., hairdresser 
77 Tuck F., painter 
75 Hugill G.,mat maker 
73 Hargreaves B., confr 
71 Kippax J., draper 
69 LeaR.S.&Co ; , tea dlr 
67 Nutter C, fruiterer 
65 Garstang Miss E. E., 

63 Barlow J. A., chemist 
61 Reform Club 
57 & 59 Co-op. Stores 
55 Whitworth J. H., 

53 Smith Miss E., mlnr 
51 Davies Mrs. Sarah 
49 LayfieldMr. Humphrey 
47 Varlev Mrs. Elizabeth 
45 Pollard P., weaver 
41 & 43 Chadwick H., 

39aRobinsonMrs. J., grcr 
37aHigson J., fd fish dlr 
37 Lancaster E. R., hair- 
33 Wright R., fish dealer 
31 Barnes Mrs. M. A., 
Corporation Hotel 
29 Rawcliffe T. H., grocer 
27 Pickup H., butcher 
25 Downey R., tailor 

Cedar street 
21&23 Parker H.H, confr 
19bGriffiths E., tripe dlr 
19aCubbon J., bootmkr 
19 Grant T., draper 
Ptne street 

17 Harrison T., broker 

15 Pickles R., grocer 

Ash street 
Greenwood & Dorring- 
ton, turners 
3 Procter H M baker 


6 Dickinson Misses, 

eating house 
10 Wolstenholme, J., 

12 TorkingtonR. joiner (j) 
14 Dean C, stationer 

16 Greenwood J., broker 

18 Roberts R., plumber 
20 Hoole W., cabinet mkr 

Wilfield street 

HarwoodT., L.R.C.P., 

Willfield house 

Wilfield terrace 

24 BramaldT.W., Turkish 


26 Burrows W. H., sales- 
28 Pomfret Mr. Thomas 
30 Dixon Rev. James 
30a Winder A. E., clogger 
32 Hargreaves J., weaver 
36 Hargreaves T., mchnc 
40 Spencer J., painter (j) 
42 Nelson J., broker 
44 Blakelock B., hairdrsr 
46 Dickinson Miss E., 

eating house 
48 Hargreaves J., tinner 
50 Atkinson R., plumber 
52 Cooney J., agent 
56 Clark A., bootmaker 
58 DuckworthF., foreman 
60 Barras J., labourer 
62 Brown G M music prof 
64 Mitchell E., Barracks 
Cavalry street 
Military Barracks 
66 Green J M Garrison 

68 King J., club steward 
72 Caldwell W., cooper 
74 Lewis R., fried fish dlr 
76 Maud J., butcher 

Dale street 
80 Briggs J., shopkeeper 
92 Briggs R., bootmaker 
96 Riley Miss Margaret A. 
98 Porter W.,frd fish dlr 
Bivell street 
100 Stockdale R., butcher 
102 Wilkinson J., furnbrkr 
104 Clegg Mrs. M.,dressmkr 
106 Smith Mrs. Jane 
108 Whittam J., weaver 

110 Tomlinson J., chemist 
114 Dickinson Mrs. Ann 

Procter J.H. , greengrcr 
122 Berry J . , herb beer mkr 
124 Ashworth H., draper 
128 Brierley W., Roebuck 

Roebuck street 
130 Yates Mrs. S. A., grocer 
132 Eastwood J., tobacenst 
134 Reid J., painter 
136 Redman Miss M., confr 
138 Newsham Mrs. Jane 
140 Stell H., smallware dlr 
142 Ainsworth F., grocer 
144 Whitehead J., labourer 
146 Robinson J., spinner 
148 Sharpies P., labourer 

Thompson street 
160 Varley J., carter 
164 Bracewell J. H M hair- 
166 & 168 Whittaker W., 

Barracks road 
Gannoto lane 
178 Smith Mr. Thomas 
188 Marshall Mr. Wm, 
190 Moore J., labourer 
192 Greenwood J., cordial 

194 TitteringtonT., weaver 
196 Atkinson F., smith (j) 
198 Astwell Mrs. E., dress- 
200 Tattersall J M drysalter 
202 Hale Mr. William 
204 Home Mrs. Eliza 
206 Hall Mr. Richard 
208 Atkinson J., miner 
210 Smith W., draper 
212 Roberts E., joiner 
214 Briggs Mr. Joseph 
216 Briggs H., overlooker 
218 Thompson Mrs. M. J. 
220 Crabtree W. & A., 

furniture dealers 
222 Heyworth J., butcher 

St. John's road 
224 Co-operative Stores 
227aRushton H., joiner (j) 
228 Towler Mr. Wm. 
230 Shackleton J. R M yeast 

236 Bai*ritt Mrs. Sarah 
244 Stevenson F., monu- 
mental mason 
246 Dunn W., agent 
248 Pollard W., miner 
250 Spencer J M basket mkr 
252 Ashworth J., twister 
254 Dillon Mrs. Mary 
256 Spencer J., taper 
258 Pollard J., miner 



260 Orabtree W., weaver 
262 Snape R., agent 
264 Tattersall Miss E., 

266 Campbell Mrs. Jane 
268 Wilson T., grocer 
Woodbine road 
Higher Ridge view 
270 Harrison, J., twister 
272 Clegg J., clerk 
274 Robinson A., architect 
276 Barker W., manager 
278 Rushton J., twister 
280 Cowpe Mr. John A. 
282 Mitchell Mr. John 
284 Bennett G. E., mngr 
286 Bradshaw J., salesman 
288 Heap Mrs. Ruth 
290 Ratcliffe Mrs. Eliz. 
292 Keers R., grocer 

Oak street 

East view 
294 Monk J. J., traveller 

296 Warren M., weaver 
298 Carey W. H., clerk 
300 Clegg Miss Mary 
302 Aspden Miss Frances 
304 Irvin Mrs. Sarah 
Larch street 
Blenheim terrace 
306 & 308 Crossley F. EL, 

310 Bracewell Mr. William 
312 Piatt A., factory insptr 
314 Hall Rev. Edwin 
316 Bracewell Mr. H. 

Marlborough terrace 
318 Downey Mr. Richard 
320 Higham J., assn supt 
322 Groarke, T., manager 
326 Holgate J., manager 
328 Thompson J., school- 
Palace street 
Ptcrchon place 
342 Wright J., milk dealer 
344 Marshall Mrs. Ann 
346 Riding Mrs. M. A. 
Woodbine terrace 
350 Pemberton Mr. S. W. 
352 Westall Mr. George 
354 Barnes R., rope mnfr 
384 Rendall J., agent 
386 Baldwin S., Woodbine 
Watson Mr. R., Palace 

Southern Mr. W., 

Palace house 
Creeke Mr. A. B., West- 
468 Harrison D., farmer 
470 Altham Miss E., dress- 












Cross Hill terrace 
Entwistle Mr. Herbert 
Mercer Mr. Robinson 
Gibson J., agent 
Smith Mr. Robert 
Marshall S., farmer 
Barker Mrs. Alice 
Chell N„ labourer 
Thomas J. W., traveller 
Temple Mrs. Mary, 

Park hill 
Jemson T., surveyor, 

Ighten grove 
Roper Mr. William, 

Hazel mount 
Whitehead Mr. Thos. 

A., Hazel mount 
Baldwin Mr. John, 

Hazel mount 
Harrison Mr. Robert, 

Hazel mount 
Tattersall J., farmer 
Wright Major A. J. A., 

Bradley Mr. John, 

Sunny holme 
Langford Capt. W. J., 

Bayne Mr. Thomas, 

Ighten grange 
Tunstill Mrs. Sarah, 

West bank 
Tunstill Mr. William 

H., West bank 
Rawcliffe Mr. James, 

West End villa 
Duckett Mr. Alfred, 

Pern royd 
Cheshire Mr. Alfred, 

Daisy bank 
BotolingS Tennis Club 
Holdsworth Mrs.. 

Emma, Myrtle grove 
Williams Mr. John, 

Wimbledon view 
Dickinson Mr. John H., 

Glen lea 
Barrowclough Mr. 

John, Park villa 
Ightenhill terrace 
Hartley Mr. John 
Burrows Mr. William 
Pollard Mrs. Alice 
Hargreaves Mr. Joshua 
Cowpe Mr. Thomas 
Yates Mr. Lawrence 

Milton terrace 
Green Mr. Thomas 
Green E., clerk 
Rawcliffe Mr. George 
Boothman J., music 

Rushton Miss M. A. 
Simpkin Mr. Thomas 

325 Grawshaw Mrs. Annie 
323 Brooks Mrs. Jane 
321 Pollard N., grocer 

Kenyon J., Tim Bobbin 
317 Heys J., weaver 
315 Briggs J., mechanic 
313 Snape Mr. Thomas 
311 Astin Mrs. Mary 
309 Holgate W.H., labourer 
307 Ingham J., war ehsmaa 
305 Briggs Misses, confrs 

Ightenhill Park lane 
291 Hartley J., cowkeeper 
289 Moffatt J., gardener 
387 Whittle P., overlooker 
285 Tatham J., weaver 
283 Kippax J., beamer 
281 Massey Mr. Charles 
279 Fairey Isaac, weaver 
277 Ogden Mr. Thomas 
275 Smith Mrs. Sabina 
273 Maxfield R., manager 
271 Pickles J., weaver 
269 Rawson E., taper 
267 Morrison W,, overlkr 
265 Pickard A., manager 
263 Scott Mr. Thomas 
261 Raymond Rev. Octave 
259 Catton G., painter (j) 
257 Nelson P., shopman 
255 Riley J. H., agent 
253 Shaw R., collier 
251 Guthrie J., pensioner 
249 Smith A., overlooker 
247 Pawson J,, overlooker 
245 Turner E. R., clerk 
243 Mitchell Mrs. Mary A. 
241 Spencer H., dresser 
239 Rawcliffe T., draper 
237 Holdsworth Mr. Richd. 

Claremont street 
235 Whitehead Mr. Joseph 
233 Pate J., manager 
231 Graham G., mechanic 
229 Whitehead R.,confr(j) 
227 Moorhouse Mrs. M. 
225 Adlam P., weaver 
223 Yates J. H., agent 
221 Place R. H., mechanic 
219 WebsterT.,bootmkr(j) 
217 WatsonW., warehsman 
215 Eastwood P., stationer 
213 Nowell T., butcher 
211 Pollard E., clerk 
209 Jackson P., weaver 
207 Bell S., smith (j) 
205 BradshawR., stoker 
203 Riley W., overlooker 
201 RushworthL.,printr(j) 
199 Duxbury J., confctnr 
197 Broughton T., clothlkr 
195 Pilkington Mrs. Margt. 
193 Malone W., cab driver 



191 Bridge A., oiler 
189 Nutter J., bootmaker 
187 Matthews A., miner 
185 Mosedale J. T., photr 
183 Hensby W., carrier 
179 Eielden Mrs. L., grocer 
177 Noble S-, Derby Hotel 
175 Duerden J., shopkpr 
173 Hargreaves T., butcher 
171 Greenwood C, confctr 
163 Cocker W., tripe dealer 
161 RawcliffeT. H., grocer 
159 Barlow J. A., chemist 
157 Bradley J., butcher 
155 SchumC, pork butcher 
153 Wilkinson J., music dlr 
151 Fielden S., stationer 
149 Ashworth J. S., boot- 
147 Brown A., fish dealer 
Redruth street 
Smith G. & Sons, 
145 Holden Mrs. M. A., 

Union Hotel 
141 Cunliffe J., tailor 
139 Pomfret W., butcher 
137 Hitchen Mrs. B., shop- 
135 Aspden J., fruiterer 
133 Ham W., furniture dlr 
131 Chew W M tripe dealer 
129 Dean G., fruiterer 
127 Pollard C., Clifton 

125 Roberts J M hosier 
123 Wright T. W., hairdrsr 
121 Wood E., butcher 
119 Nutter T., confectioner 
117 Hey worth Miss J., drpr 
115 Standring P., grocer 
113 Foulds W., draper 
111 Spencer J., tea dealer 
109 Jackson J., PeeVs Anns 
Bivell street 
83 Whifctaker S., greengcr 
81 Slater H., grocer 

Dale street 
67 Lloyd J. W., tripe dlr 

Sand street 
65 Hargreaves Mrs. Maria 
63 Norwood T. H., agent 
61 Threlfall J., agent 
59 Mackie J., taper 
57 Taylor W M moulder 
55 Charles R., joiner (j) 
53 Kippax W., weaver 
51 Hopwood R., weaver 
49 LawsonT.,frenchplshr 
47 Shackleton Miss A. A., 

45 Home H. & Son, pntrs 
43 Brown C.F.,drpr'sasst 
41 Henry S., pensioner 

39 EdmondsonA., weaver 
37 Knowles J., labourer 
35 JoynsonOwenF.,B.A., 

33 Rush ton W., agent 
31 Farrer S.,engine tenter 
29 Nelthorpe R., eng tntr 
27 Seddon J., grocer 
Whittlefield street 
25 Bride L., tailor 

21 Furness J., agent 

19 Rowley T., traveller 

17 Riley J., taper 

15 Shorrock T., yeast dlr 

13 Clegg Mrs. Elizabeth 

11 Hewitt J., labourer 

9 Schoficld R., Lanca- 
shire and Yorkshire 
Burnley Barracks 
Station; J.Hartley, 
station master 
7bAltham A., teamrchnt 
7 Smith W. H., tobenst 
7aNuttcr H., butcher 

Junction street 
7 MarsdenT.&Co.jgrors 

7 Dooley J., plumber 
3bFitzpatrick J., stationr 
3aKnowles C, fruiterer 
3 Bracewell Mr. 
lbJackson T. J., furnshr 

3 Shirley W. 0., saddler 

1 Thomas T. 0., tobenst 


2 Kay Mr. James S. 

4 Foden Mr. Edward 

6 Cowgill Mr. B. H. 

8 Whitney Mrs. Esthr.A. 

12 Holmes Mr. H. J. E. 

14 Grant Mrs. H. M. 

18 Pritchard Mr. Thomas 

20 Moore Mr. Benj., J.P. 

22 Dickinson Mr. W., J.P. 
25 Roberts Mr. A. H. 

23 Clegg Rev. John 

21 Crumpston Miss R., 

17 Holmes Mr. R. M. 

15 Horn Mr. Joseph S. 

13 Button Mr. Fred. S. 

9 Woodhouse Mr. Lister 

7 Midgley Mr. Chas. W. 

5 Stansfield Mr. John 

3 Smallpage Mrs. Cath. 
1 Heaton Sirs, Martha 


( Ightenhill) . 

2 Smith J., builder 
Laurel bank 
1 Eastwood Mr. H. 

4 Crossley E. L. H., 

6 Broxup T., cashier 
8 Tunstill Mr. John 
10 GlendaleR.S., clerk 
12 Bailey Mrs. Ellen 
14 Crossley E., mangr 
2 Simpson Mr. Jesse 
29 Nutter Mr. William 
NowellMr. Wm, J.P., 
Hunter's oak 
Fairhohne terrace 
27 Spencer J., tailor 
27 Bentham W., agent 
25 Hoskin Rev. T. J. 
23 Isherwood Mr. R. T. 
21 Smith R., builder 

19 Walkden W., agent 

17 Craven J., traveller 
15 Scoble Mrs. Grace 

13 Cocker L., dogger 

11 Pilkington Miss Eliz. 
9 Procter Mr. Moroni S. 

7 Birtwistle Mrs. Alice 

5 Whittam Mrs. Ellen 

3 Tattersall T. , caretaker 
1 Halsted Mr. Halsted 


Boot yard 
Pate R. (Exors. of), 

Starkie J., cab propr 

6 Bayliff T., Marlboro 


8 Crabtree R., Clough 

Spring Hotel 
Boot street 
10 Kippax J., pawnbroker 

12 Brown R., engineer (j) 

14 and 16 Kennerley W. & 

Co., painters 
Peter street 

18 Williams Z., grocer 

20 Hale Mr. Henry 

24 Stuttard M., shopkpr 
26 Mellor A., draper 
Red Lion street 
28 Mason R., fruiterer 
30 Hargreaves E., Pedes- 
trian Inn 
Drift yard 
32 Nichol R. J., sadlr (j) 
38 Carr T., draper 
40 Chippendale Miss S. J. 

Lane yard 
44 Cunliffe J., hairdresser 
Grimshato street 
Gaiety Theatre ; T. 

Taylor H., pea saloon 
Wesley an Mission Chapel 
Ship alley 



68 Blezard Hy., Ship Inn 


Fletcher row 

Saunder bank 
Elizabeth street 
49 Wilkinson W., Cattle 

Market Hotel 
47 Whitham R., hay dlr 
43 Hey S., confectioner 
39 Watson P., confectnr 
37 Best Mr. John 
35 Baker S., tripe dealer 
3S&N.-S. P. Cruelty to 
Children; J. Mi'ller, 
33 Fletcher S., chemist 
31 Bedford G. JR., Rose 

and Thistle 
25 Pate Mrs. Margaret 
21 and 23 Holt E., dogger 
15 Roche J., bootmaker 
13 Smith D., St. Leger 
Wes. Higher Grade School 
9 Curtis E. J., school kpr 
7 Hargreaves J. & R., 

smallware dealers 
5 Batman W. S., case 

3 Ainsworth M., leather 

3aBell G. E., paper mcht 

Clock yard 


2 Smith J., Bank Top Inn 
Bridge street 

20 Grant P., dogger 

Mosley street 

24 Sutcliffe T., shopkpr 

Robert street 

30 Harrison J., cab propr 

Master street 
34 EdmondsonT., Millers' 
Yarm place 
38 Walton L., grocer 

Standish street 
40 Poulds T., butcher 
42 Bailey R., fish dealer 
Barnes street 

31 Broxup Mrs. E., confr 

21 & 23 Hindle J., pawn- 

17 and 19 Rawlinson J., 

15 Dixon M., broker 
13 Smith W., Engineers' 

11 Sutcliffe W., lamp dlr 


22 Heap R., twister 
36 Hollows J., weaver 











Springfield road 
Walsh M., agent 
Grundy W., meter insp 
Hartley J., taper 
Brnnsioick street 
Pickles P., joiner (j) 

Cooper H., miner 
Shackleton Mr. John 
Haworth S., yeast dlr 

Clarence street 
Evans W., agent 
Watson A., upholstr 
Stell A M schoolmaster 
Watson J., overlooker 
Laycock D., jun., bldr 
Kershaw W., miner 
Ion Mrs. Jane 
Snape J., overlooker 
Buxton M., postman 
Marshall S., taper 
Sutcliffe A., watch- 
maker (j) 

Bracewell W. W.,club 

Ford F., manager 
Sweeney J. P., polishr 
Fuller J., manager 
Mills Mr. James 


Kay J. & Sons, cotton 
Tarleton street 
10 Hartley J., shopkpr 
12 Whitaker H., ale and 
porter bottler 
Rawlinson street 
32 Proudlove T., broker 
32aArrowsmith J. H., 
Waterloo road 
34 Whitney T., grocer 
40 Brooks J., photogrphr 
Sioainbank street 
Crowther street 
58 Sunter M., butcher 
60 and 129 Maxfield M., 
Branch road 
62 Grimshaw W., grocer 
64 Lancaster Mrs. J., gcr 

Parkinson street 
66 Mills J., fruiterer 
66aMcEvoy F., draper 
68 Lawson W. M., boot- 
Reed street 
70 Ingham J., draper 
72 Haworth J. H., grocer 

Dall street 
94 Sutcliffe & Whitaker, 

76 Burrows W., tripe dlr 
78 Swindells J., fried fish 

80 Wilkinson R., draper 
82 Roberts J. W., statnr 
84 Robinson F., photogr 
86 Whitaker H., bootmkr 
Hollingreave road 
139 Sutton G., draper 
137 Wrathall R., confectr 
135 Thompson W., green- 
133 Lord W., hairdresser 
131 Mackay W., tobaensfc 
125 Rigg W., weaver 
125 Blades Mrs. B. 
123 SimpsonW. , chapel kpr 
121 Rawlinson J., clothlkr 
119 Meredith C. L., coach- 
maker (j) 

117 Taylor T., overlooker 
115 Farraday W., draper 
113 Whitaker Misses, 

111 Buckley G., hosier 
109 Gravett T., chemist 
107 Bleasdale W. T., confr 
105 Taylor Mrs. E., draper 
103 Frankland H., butchr 

Phimbe street 

101 Walmsley T., draper 

99 Greenwood J., clogr (j) 

97 Redfern W., plumber 

95 Eastwood J. T., fried 

fish dealer 
93 Mercer J. T., dogger 
91 Heap A., butcher 
87 Heap B., overlooker 
85 Haworth Mrs. M., 

83 Aggett W., yeast dealr 
81 Barrett W., agent 
79 Parker C, shopkeeper 
77 Bond J., weaver 
75 Hitchon T., mechanic 
73 Thornton E., tripe dlr 
71 Holland T., hairdressr 
69 Dawson D. & J., hard- 
ware dealers 

67 Smith T., warehseman 
65 Rawcliffe Mrs. M. 

55 Guthrie Mrs. Margaret 
35 Crabtree T., grocer 
Jackson W., Sons & Co. 

cotton manufactrs 


4 Lancaster C. , overlookr 
6 Twistleton J. , roller cov 
8 Pitton Mrs. Alice 

10 Webb E. tailor 

12 Knowles J., eng. tentr 



14 Eedfearn W., weaver 

22 Helliwell F. traveller 
38 Smith Mrs. Elizabeth 

7 Robinson J. C, shopkr 

5 Berry Mrs. J. 


24 Raby E. C, weaver 
28 HoldsworthM., twister 
40 Jones T., police sergt 
27 Wilkinson J., weaver 

25 Walters T. H.,beamer 

23 Hill H., beamer 
21 Burrows J., twister 
11 Brunton J. W., agent 

9 Owen J., overlooker 
5 Shuttleworth Mrs. P. 
1 Tapper J., tailor 


4 Astin T., shopkeeper 
Caldwell W., cooper 


4 Haworth J. labourer 

Collison S., smith 

Pollard's yard. 

18 Marshall J., chimney 


21 Edmondson Mrs. E. 

9 Blezard H., tripe dealr 



1 RawlinsonE. , joiner (j) 

11 Haworth J., coal dealr 

35 Hirst J., boiler inspctr 
Horsfall P., Maries 



2 Pemberton Mr. Wm. 

6 Proctor Mr. James 

8 Whitaker J. H. travlr 

10 Glossop Mrs. 

12 Crabtree Mr. Robert 
14aGaul J. E., mus. profr 
14bHudson Mr. Samuel 
18 Galverley Mr. Thomas 
20 Edleston Rev. A. B. 

22 Lea Mr. Richard S. 
24 Dixon Mrs. Ellen M. 
26 Sutcliffe Mr. Charles 
28 Barnes J., manager 
30 Pollard Mr. Barker 

Albion street 
34 Burton E., joiner (j) 

36 Jones Mrs. Emma 
38 Chad wick W., miner 
40 Farrer B., agent 

42 Broughton J., clerk 

44 Davenport C, travel lr 
46 Leyland F., mechanic 
48 Simpson Mrs. Emma 

50 Boal W.. turner 

Willis street 
52 Carton W., storekeeper 

64 Bingham J., mechanic 

Austin* street 
56 Co-operative stores 
Raglan road 
St. Matthew's club 

94 Brown Mrs. Alice 

114 Brittlebank H., shopkr 
107 Bee J., greengrocer 
105 Barnes J., slater 

95 Titherington M., drapr 
93 Outhwaifee M., grocer 

Short street 
91 Spencer J., eng. tenter 
77 Bundy Mrs. E. dress- 

C allow street 
81 Graves Mr. George 
79 Walsh J., weaver 
77 Ruddick A., shopman 
75 Bracewell Mrs. M. A. 
73 Chisnall J., schl keepr 
71 Bracewell Mrs. J. A. 
69 Tattersall J., overlookr 
61 Metcalfe A., patt. mkr 

51 Lee J., shopkeeper 

39 Rowbotham A., overlkr 

37 Curry J., shopkeeper 
35 Barnes J., draper 

Baker street 

29 Whitham R. M., M.B., 

Craven lodge 
Wesley an School Chapel 
1 Eastwood Mr. John 

Thorn hill 


Pickujy court 

38 Alcock R., file maker 


Miller street 
SmithsonW., machinist 


8 Dixon P., weaver 

10 Hutchinson E., weaver 

30 Tomlinson T., collier 
32 Swainbank J., collier 
21 Beaumont J. T., labr 

11 Pickles P., labourer 

5 Pickles J., newsagent 
3 Watson J., overlooker 
1 Pickard S., spinner 


1 Ormerod W., builder 
3 Pilkington M., overlkr 

7 Thomley J., pensioner 
10 Howarth T., overlkr 
16 Hargreaves J., weaver 


4 Laycock D. & Son, 

6 Hopper M., butcher 

8 MarsdenT.&Co.,grcrs 
10 Jackson J. T., furnishr 
12 Whitaker H. bootmkr 
16 Evans T., fruiterer 

20 Gordon W., butcher 
22 Stan worth E., confetr 

Temple street. 

28 Cowban T., carter 

32 Jordan P., grocer 

Conservative club 

Ash street 

36 Greenwood W., taper 

Pine street 
40 Eastwood R., yardsmn 
Plane & Ash worth, 
Cedar street 
42 Cowling J., broker 

Hull street 
46aAuty M., shopkeeper 
46 West W., engine tenter 

Bichard street 
48 Smith R., jeweller 
50 Hartley J., confectionr 
50aBanks J., bootmaker 

Layfield street 

52 Hopper E., grocer 

52aAlmond G., shopkeeper 

Lancaster street 

Branch road 

54 Whittaker W., grocer 

56 Astin A., weaver 

62 Hargreaves J., miner 
66 Smith T., manager 
68 Whittam J., overlooker 
70 Bannister R., overlkr 
78 Bell W., overlooker 
80 Taylor P., mason (j) 
90 Cowen W., weaver 
94 Burrows W., spinner 

Parliament street 
Witham Bros., Plumbe 
street shed 
Lutner street 
65 Hopper M., butcher 

63 Merriclew A., fried fish 

61 Newton J., joiner 
59 Riley Mrs. Elizabeth 

57 Seddon P., chim swpr 

55 Moorhouse H., frtr 
Layfield M. & J., 

boiler makers 
53 Smith Miss S. A. 

Smith S. & Sons, fell 



Winkley Bros., tripe drs 
Ha worth H., smith 
Dean R. & Sons, bldrs 
Good Templars' Miss. Room 
Chaffer J., carrier 
Burnley Carriage Co. 
Craven street 
2 Banks M.,shopkeepr 
Watson J., joiner 
Whitaker J. E., smith 
Smith T., tinner 
Lord J., file maker 

25 Tattersall S., shopkpr 

23 Bcecham R., bairdrsr 
21 Whittam J., herbalist 
19 Grindrod W., firied fish 

19aJohnson J. P.,bootmkr 
11 Stan worth G., painter 
9 Walmsley J., broker 
7aMason R., tripe dealer 
7 Broxup J., watchmakr 
5 Evans W., agent 


1 Stephenson Mrs. Mary 
3 Hirst Frodk. W., clerk 

5 Rigby James, verger 
7 Fletcher Mr. Joseph 


6 Davy J., traveller 

7 Lush W., coal dealer 

1 Bracewell J., bookkpr 


Whitehead J., cotton 

2 Riley S., shopkeeper 


24 Allen J., schl brd offer 

26 Davenport G., mchnc 
28 Cave J., weaver 

30 Myres C, foreman 
32 Pedder W., foreman 
48 TealeD., pol inspr 
50 Walker J., labourer 
52 Horner J., joiner (j) 
54 Walker W M weaver 
56 Gibson G. H., eng tntr 
58 Hall W., overlooker 
60 Broxup J., mechanic 
62 Haworth W., labourer 
64 Hartley Mrs. Mary 
68 Slater T., clerk 
70 Dean H., weaver 

Sutcliffe Mr. D. M., 
Daisy cottage 

31 Brooks W., brick- 

maker (j) 

25 Mullineaux J., labr 

7 Hunt 0., joiner (j) 


2 Dixon J., overlooker 

4 Terry T., btchr's mngr 

6 Jordan E., postman 

8 Colbert Mrs. Martha 
10 Hargreaves J. 

12 Thomas J. W., mus dlr 
Every street 
Montague road 
16 FalshawT., joiner (j) 
18 Langley J., file cutr (j) 
20 Griffiths Mrs. Mary 

22 Bath Mrs. Isabella 

24 Wilkinson Mr. James 

26 Benjamin Mrs. Jane 

28 Wacdington Mrs.Isab. 
30 Alfred J., mechanic 

32 Moore Mr. George 
34 Stevenson Mrs. Ann 
36 Eastwood J., smith 
38 Greenwood Mr. Wm. 
40 Coupe R., gardener 
42 Catlow Mrs. Elizabeth 
89 Simpson J. 0., club 


29 Rostron L., grocer 

25 Dingle W. H., contr 

23 Smith J., beamer 

7 Holroyd F . , mechanic 

5 Hannam T., overlkr 

1 Watson Mr. John 


Baldwin T., brush mfr 
Turner J., cabt maker 
Hartley J., coach prpr 
Knape J.,coachbuilder 
Heap Mrs. E., Reindeer 

Duckworth W., Rail- 
way Hotel 
Railway Station 

G. H. Unsworth, 
station master 
Smith W. H. & Son, 


2&4 Whitaker H., botlr 
36 Pickles W., Cottage in 
the Wood 


2 Pickles G., confectionr 
4 Wells Mr. William 

6 Wyld J., pattern mkr 

8 Halstead J., bricklayer 

10 Kippax A., manager 
12 Smith J. H., foreman 

Regent street 
16 Whalley Mrs. E., grocr 
18 Morton W., agent 
20 Brierley G. H., mangr 
22 Hayward J., caretaker 
24 Thornton W. R., clerk 
26 Nuttall Mr. Wm. Hy. 
28 Oollinge Mr. William 
30 Richmond Mr. Tom 
32 Wiseman Miss A., 

34 Bracewell Mrs. Jane 
36 Nutter Mr. Dan 
38 Pollard R., cabt mkr 
40 Hevves H. S., shopman 
42 Ferguson A., gardener 
44 Barritt W., butcher (j) 

Blenheim street 
46 Smith R., fruiterer 
48 Lawson Mr. Anthony 
50 Curl Mr. Thomas 
52 Harris A., joiner (j) 
54 Horner Mrs. Sarah J. 
56 Harris F., grocer 
Qrosvenor street 
58 Whitaker T., butcher 
60 Smith Mr. William T. 
62 Whitehead W., bkkpr 
64 Clegg Mrs. Betty 
66 Walton Mr. Robert 
68 Tindall Mr. Charles 
70 Holgate J., overlooker 
72 Crouch G. H., inland 

revenue officer 
74 Brierley Mr. William 
76 Watson Mr. Joseph 
78 Crossley E., boilr inspr 
80 Bond J., coachman 
82 Pearson Mr. Thomas 
84 Barnes J., weaver 
86 Waddington ^ W., 

market superintendent 
88 Arnold W., coach pntr 
90 Dixon J., compositor 
92 Storey F. R., inland 

revenue officer 
94 Richmond Mrs. Agnes 
96 Jackson Mr. Thomas 
98 Brown D., draper 
100 Bradshaw Mrs. Ann 

Holme road 
102 Hurst B., toy dealer 
104 Maddicks Mr. Albert 
106 Blakeborough S., 

108 Moor Mr. Thomas 
110 Gott H., carter 
112 Dean Mr. William 
114 Guest Mr. Arthur 
116 Clegg Mrs. Sarah 
118 StutfcardF., joiner (j) 
120 Hargreaves Mr. R. E. 






















Hall Mr. Foulds 
Skipper Mr. Constable 
Laycock Mr. Joseph 
Spence W. C, pol con 
Shaw J M moulder 
Dixon H., weaver 
Simms J., agent 
Stansfield Mr. Albert 
Wrathall J., raily insp 
Pickup J. W., plasterer 
Hulme J., paper mkr(j) 
Dewhurst J., weaver 
Waddington H.,hakr(j) 
Hitt J., paper mkr (j) 
Swindlehurst 0., weavr 
Watson H., ironmon- 
ger's manager 
Scales T. EL, shopman 
Coleman H., agent 
Leaver P., schoolmstr 
Pinless J., agent 
Duerden J., weaver 
Cowpe Mr. Thomas 
Brown J., overlooker 
Thompson W.,coopr(j) 

Ashley street 
Fawell J. W., traveller 
Hidderley T., manager 
Rawson J., bookkeeper 
Crossley Mrs. Sarah 
North F., jeweller 
Kellett Mrs. Jane 
Morley J., overlooker 
McBurney S-, smith (j) 
Slater Mrs. Sarah 
Harling J., moulder 
Edmondson Mrs. Eliz. 
Storah W. C, traveller 
Heaton J., moulder 

Seed Mrs. Jane 
Varley R., engineer (j) 

Varah W., eng driver 

Jobling H. & Son, land 

Brougham street 
Watson and Anderson, 

physicians & surgns 
Proctor Mr. John 
Gutteridge Mr. J. D. 
Wright Mr. John W. 
Bradshaw Mr. James 
Bowker Mr. James 
Hamer A., traveller 
Moor Mrs. Martha 
Heaton Mr. John 
Hacking Mr. John 
Smith Mr. James 
Hargreaves Mrs. Eliz. 
Knape Mrs. Sarah 
Wood Mr. James 
Holt Mr. Thomas 
Edmondson Mr. M. 

53 Keighley G., engineer 
51 Keighley E., engineer 
49aStuttard S., agent 
49 Baldwin Mr. John 

Berkeley street 
45 Procter J., asstsan insp 
43 Whitaker W., agent 
41 Chadwick Mrs. Mary 
39 Campbell J., mechanic 
37 Wilson Mr. Robert 

33 Thornton R., assistant 

civil engineer 
31 Butler Miss M. E., 

29 Dean Miss M. A M 

27 Phillips Mrs.Elizabeth 
25 Greenhalgh W., fruitr 

23 Jack R., engineer 

21 Sutcliffe Mr. Joseph 
19 Walton Mr. James W. 

17 Duckworth J. W., 

draper's manager 
15 Shackleton Mrs. Mary 

13 Sears H., painter (j) 
11 Moor Mr. Joseph 

9 Baldwin Mr. Arthur 
5 and 7 Liddy Mrs. E., 

1 and 3 Chappies H., 

Halstead B., builder 
Elwood R., cabnt mkr 
Fawcett J., mattrs mkr 


2 Senior J., hairdresser 
Race H., M.R.C.V.S. 
Harrison and Son, 

cabinet makers 
Wesleyan Schools ; C. 
Parke?- lane 

14 Grimshaw W., loan 


18 Pollard A., engineer (j) 

22 Dean J. , Albion 

Croft street 

24 Schofield M., shopkpr 
62 White E., fruiterer 
49 Stott J. C, painter (j) 
47 Barton H. B., weaver 
45 BroxupE. H., joiner (j) 
37 Lingwood Mrs. Jane 
33 Timms H., Lamb 

Enon Baptist Chapel 
27 Swire H. & Sons, grcrs 

25 Pickles Z., bootmaker 
21 Kidd T., mechanic 

19 Hewitt J. A., saddler (j) 

Thomas street 

13 EmmettE.F.P.,solctr 

11 Altham A., tea mercht 

Nicholas street 

9aMat thews R. H., carvr 

9 Maden H., corn dealer 

Dtigdale street 
5 Leedam J., tailor 
3 Watson M.,pctrframer 










Westwell J., weaver 
Rowbotham R. E., wvr 
Buxton J., clogger (j) 
Satterthwaite R., 

plumber (j) 
Springfield road 
Wilkinson T., mason 
Brennand P., overlkr 
Downey J. T., tailor 
Brunswick street 
Smith H., overlooker 
Barnes J. H., weaver 
Hargreaves J., weaver 
Croxford S., police con 
Lancaster S., roller cvr 
Davidson J. E., joinr(j) 
Hannam T., librarian 
Clough J., taper 
Thompson P., mason(j) 
Allinson T., mason 
Howarth R., weaver 
Hughes R., surveyor 
Wiseman W., tanner (j) 
Marshall J. C, journlst 
Benyon F. W., bolt 

maker (j) 
Read I., dresser 
Pickles T., manager 
Davenport R. D., 

Bowfcer J. C., beamer 
Smith J., weaver 


6 Mitchell T., grocer 

24 Beanland J., mechanic 
28 Higgins T., skin curer 

25 Wilson T., shopkeeper 

23 Hargreaves E.,mouldr 
19 Talbot R., clothlooker 
17 Kershaw H., mechanic 

15 Hussey E., agent % 

1 Bradshaw W., mecn 


2 Haworth H., overlookr 
12 Kenyon W., builder 

16 Whitworth J., mech 

24 Ken von W., builder 

i i 





3 Bell R., builder 

2 Varley Mr. Thomas 


2 Hal stead D., mason (j) 
Heath street 

12 Stan worth H., mason 
14 Hacking 0., confctnr 
18 Whitaker F. S., fitter 
43 Miles A., bookkeeper 
35 Smith L., joiner (j) 
17 Walker J., overlooker 
11 Maudsley R. printer (j) 

1 Monk J., taper 


14 Cooper G. H., carrier 

16 Damms E., spinner 
20 Olough T., grocer 

22 Conway Mrs. C, grocer 
31 Blackburn J., grocer 
29 Starkie W., grocer 
25 Watson J., joiner 

17 Stephenson T.,bricklyr 

15 Pratt J., driver 

13 Nuttall J., painter (j) 
11 Coulthard J., tailor (j) 

9 Harrison Misses S.&E, 

7 Wrathall T., cabpropr 

5 Nuttall T. H.,bookkpr 

3 Kitch S., collier 


25 Hargreaves J., Bull's 

27 Ridley J. JR., fried fish 


41 ShuttleworthT.,paintr 


4 Lee W., butcher 

6 Calvert R., overlooker 
3 Noras J., fried fish dlr 


Burton Mr. Charles 
Knox W., police con 
20 Collinge R., shopkpr 
Waddington Mr. J. C, 
Ridge house 


1 Kilburn G., miner 

2 Taylor Mrs. Eleanor 


Dixon W. B., brassfndr 
Clegg C. A., cricket bat 

Howarth J., tinner 
29 Hargreaves T., mech 

31 Lord Mrs. Elizabeth 


2 to 12 Smith W., hay, 
&c, dealer 

Spiritualists* Hall 
68 Dent W., overlooker 
76 Ashworth J. W., pntr 
73 Duerden J., gardener 

Methodist Chapel 
51 Spencer T., shopkeeper 
11 Wilson W., overlooker 

3 Hartley A., painter (j) 
1 Dean G., smith (j) 


16 Hodgson W.,horsebrkr 

26 Taylor W., shopkeeper 

27 Unionist Club 

15 Bo we G., newsagent 


Prim. Methodist Chapel 

32 Hey worth H., shopkpr 


6 Brogan M., shopkpr 
10 Neary A., New Inn 

9 Whittaker J., Bri- 

tanrvia Inn 
Edward street 

8 Hudson W. t Cheshire 
Cheese Inn 


2 Crawshaw J., grocer 

6 Perry J., miner 
10 Nicholls A., miner 
12 Willis R, platelayer 

16 Lowthian W., porter 
18 Nicholls J., calico 

printer (j) 
Rose Grove station 

Holmes J., station mstr 
Geldard W., carrier 
103 Fletcher J., labourer 
101 Marsden J., platelayer 
99 Clough M., colry mngr 
95 Lamb H., gardener 
93 Fawcett Mrs. Grace 

Grove terrace 
63 Heap J., Junction 

59 Hardman Mrs. Margt. 
49 Baxter T., eating hs 
47 Yates R., weaver 
21 Dugdale E., spinner 

7 Sagar J., butcher 
1 Kenyon Miss M., 

Railway Hotel 

Drew Mr. A., Holme 


Holly bank 


2 Davis J., bank clerk 
4 Crook Mr. Thomas 
6 Ramsden Mrs. Jane 
8 Wood Mrs. Elizabeth 
10 Pilkington J. H., assis- 
tant surveyor 
12 Pickover W., traveller 
14 Barnes J., inland rev- 
enue supervisor 
Nowell Mr. Thomas, 

Healey grange 
Jackson Mr. Hartley, 
Mosley house 


4 Spencer H., painter 
6 Kershaw P., weaver 
8 Brotherton R., beamer 
10 Hargreaves R., ovrlkr 

12 Howarth R., fruiterer 
14 Dent A., baker 

18 Halstead J. A.,prntr(j) 
20 Slocket J., moulder 

22 Hudson Mrs. Mary 
24 Smith A., joiner (j) 

26 Catlow J., overlooker 

28 Miles Mrs. Sarah A. 

30 Vallance J.W., beamer 

32 Smith J., weaver 

34 Pascoe S., miner 
41 Green Mrs. Mary 

39 Catlow R., overlooker 
37 Greenwood G. H., wvr 

35 Abbott R., carter 

33 Lee T., weaver 

31 Ashworth G., weaver 

29 Hargreaves H., carter 

27 Eastwood — , prntr (j) 

23 Layfield W., overlookr 

19 Hall B., painter (j) 

17 Dent J., machinist 
13 Tupman T., labourer 
11 Benjamin Mrs. Jane 

9 Hosie W., traveller 
7 Ramsden Mrs. S. 
3 Wiseman T., joiner 

1 Wills J., mason 


2 Sherwood G., Salford 


16 Waddington W., grocer 

18 Nuttall E., Hope and 

Brook street 

28 Nutter M., shopkeeper 



Bnrnley A battoir ; G. 
Astin, supt 
43 Place R., dogger 
41 Livesey J., shopkeeper 
3 & 5 Bowes J., Black 
Kippax M., Salford 


2 Gray G., painter 

8 Boothman W., weaver 
Berry & Smith, brick 


30 & 32 Co-op. stores 

Hill Marion street 

114 Wignall J., shopkpr 

31 & 33 Bacon Mrs. E.,gcr 

Baron terrace 


22 Lord T., miner 
59 Jackson Mr. Daniel 
57 Brockhouse E.,labrer 
49 Wray W., miner 
45 Taylor J., weaver 
43 Bray J., carter 

13 Calvert Mrs. J., shpkpr 


2 Boothman T., stationr 
Halstead E., Bishop's 

House mill 
Stansneld A., Bishop's 

House mill 
Walton James, Ld., 

Bishop's House mill 

9 Gray J., coal dealer 


1 Wadclington W., clerk 

3 Jenkinson J., eng tntr 

4 WilkinsonT.B.,clthlkr 
6 Halstead Mrs. S., 



2 Baldwin & Riley, gcrs 
' Cliviger street 

4 Holdsworth J., butchr 
6 Clegg H., cycle agent 
8 Ranshaw J. P., tailor 

12 Sutcliffe&Co.,teadlrs 

14 Carter & Co., drapers 

16 Vernon J., hairdresser 
18 Walton Mrs. M., Boot 

Parker lane 
20 Hey S., fishmonger 
22 Watterson Mrs. E,, 

White Lion 

24 Blezard H., jun., tripe 

26 Hayhurst Mrs. E., sdlr 
28 & 30 Easton W., brush 

32 DitchfieklJ., Clock • 

34 Richmond & Fletcher, 

36 Murtagh H., jeweller 
38 Benn A., leather dlr. 
40 Eastwood H., printer 
42 Bailey J., baker 
44aBurnley Carriage Co., 

44 Smith R M Swan Hotel 
46 Neal J., Old Red Lion 

Manchester road 
48 Prudom W., draper 
50 Burghope & Strange, 

52 Metcalfe & Pearson, 

54 Hitchin R., chemist 
56 Co well J., fancy dealer 
58 Cowell J., Bay Horse 

60 Stuttard T., Masons' 

62 Stead & Simpsons, Ld., 

boot manufacturers 
64 Myers T., hairdresser 
66 Hoghton T., whol gcr 
70 Hartley J., butcher 

St. James 7 row 
72 Stanley J. M.,wtchmkr 
74 WattsPred., Ltd., boot 

76 McCann & Trummell, 

78 Speake W., prov.mcht. 

Coal street 
80 Hesketh J., milliner 
82 Dunkerley E., btmkr 
84 Cheshire A., clothier 
86 Hitchin R., brush mkr 
88 Bradshaw H., hatter 
90 BaldwinW.&J.,brush 

92 Cook T. & Son, tourist 

94 Bazaar Tea Co. 
96 Freeman, Hardy, and 

Willis, boot mnfrs. 
98 Collinge W., butcher 
100 Y. W. C. Assoc. ; Miss 

Bretherton, res supt 
102 Cox J. J., clothier 
Hammei'ton street 
104 Przcdential buildings 

Norman E., supt 
106 Driver W., butcher 
108 Stephenson J., draper 

110 Singer Manfctrng Co. 
110 Collinge W. & J. S. & 
Co., Ltd., house frnrs 

Victoria buildings 
112 British and 

Colonial Meat Co 
114 Howarth J. T., 

umbrella maker 
Victoria Opera Hse> 

W. E. Horner, 

managing director 
118 Coulston W., 

120 Lambert T., 

122 Ollerenshaw J., 


124 Hall J., irnmgr 
126 Bellingham & 

Sons, cycle agents 

125 Burnley Oyster 

130 Nutter J., eating 

132 Williams T. H. 

& Co. Ltd., paint 


Goto lane 

134 Lancaster J., clothier 
136 Haigh W. F., corn dlr 
138 Shirley W. 0., saddler 
140 Harlow S., undertaker 
142 Brooks A., stationer 
144 Gordon Furnishing Co 
146 Cocker P. J., dogger 
146aGreenough J., hairdrsr 
148 Cronshaw J., Weavers' 

150 Roberts T., butcher 
152 Phillips B. & Co., 

waterproof mfrs 

154 Banks J., tea dealer 
156 Brennan W., clothier 
158 Provident Clothing Clb 

162 Dunning T., milliner 
164 Boston's Ltd., provn 

170 Redford S. R., Cross 


172 Bailey T., pawnbroker 


187 Brown Mrs., fruiterer 
185 RadcliffeT.S., painter 
183 McEvoy F., draper 

181 FarrerS., confectioner 
179 Fletcher E., druggist 
177 Barnes R., rope mfr 

155 WhitworthMissL., 


173 Slater W., tripe dlr 

171 Mason Mrs. A., berlin 

wool dealer 



165-169 Wilkinson Mrs. J., 

eating house 
163 Maud J., butcher 
161 Cooper W.G.,wtchmkr 
159 Hayes B., grocer 
157 Hargreaves C. F., 

155 Harker J. W., irnmgr 
153 Curl W., fishmonger 
151 Bradley J., grocer 
149 Stafford & Northamp- 
ton Boot Co. 
C alder street 
147 Dewhurst & Crossley 

145 Lancashire Decorative 

Art Furnishing Co. 
143 Cork C, eating house 
141 Wright J. W., chmst 
139 Baldwin & Holgate, 

137 Higson T., butcher 
135 WhithamP. B.,tbcnst 
133 Whithorn W. C, Com- 
mercial Hotel 

Brown street 
131aCrossley G., fruiterer 
131 Crossley & Duckworth 

127 & 129 Heselwood R. T. 

125 Moore A., butcher 
123 Dickinson J. H., jwllr 
121 Heaton M. & Son, 

119 Mason R., tripe dealer 
117 Newton S., draper 

Bethesda street 
115 Ward & Co., ironmgrs 
113 Hilton S., bootmaker 
109 & 111 Wood J., pork 
butcher and confr 
107 Lancaster J., Royal 
Oak Hotel 
Gutzon street 
105 Briggs H., bootmaker 
103 Boys R., hatter 
101 Buckley C.,smlwredlr 
99 Graham W. W., tailor 
97 Holgate A., butcher 
95 Lang A., Dog & Duck 
93 Thompson Bros., talrs 
91 McEvoy F., draper 
89 Maypole Dairy Co. 
87 British & Colonial 
Meat Co. 
Chancery street 
85 Pickles J., draper 
83 Hargreaves R., tea dlr 
81 Branch F., White 

Horse Hotel 
79aTowers A., supt Royal 

79aSmith J. T., photgrphr 

79aRichmond T. & Co., 

79aRichmond T., ptnt agt 
79 Glossop & Scrimshaw, 

77 Catton Mrs. J., stay 

75 Walton W., ironmngr 
73 Goodson's mntle whse 
71 Salter & Salter, boot 

Liberal Unionist Club 
67 Ogden G. C, Thorn 

65 London Rubber Co. 
63 Ratcliffe A. N., tbncst 

Market street 
61 Atkinson H., draper 
59 Pollitt 0-, hatter 
57 Earson & Fairhurst, 

55 Cash & Co., hatters 
53 Crossley L., fishmngr 

Bridge street 
51 Collinge J., draper 
49 Bellingham & Sons, 

fancy goods dealers 

47 DunkerleyE.,bootmkr 
45 Burnley & District 

Tramway Co.; H. 

Mozley, secretary 
43 Bayne & Son, woollen 

41 Cowgill&Smith,irnmgs 
39 Slater Bros., bootmkrs 
37 Kippax J.,berlin wl rep 
35 Harker J. W., irnmgr 
Water street 

33 Webster C.H.,pwnbkr 
29 & 31 Mann R., chmst 
27 Towler J., butcher 
25 Cryer Mrs. M. J., 

eating house 
23 Nutter J. T., jeweller 
21 Bradley, J., auctioneer 
17 '^Manchester Chambers 
Richmond A., accnt 
Fletcher J., electron 
17 & 19 Hodkin G., drpr 
15 Edwards J., painter 
13aDean W., upholsterer 
13 Smith J. & Co.,tbcnsts 
11 Eastman's Ltd., btchrs 
9 Thompson T., herblst 
7 Smith R., draper 

5 Jackson Mrs. J., drpr 
1 & 3 Taylor J. & Co., 

spirit merchants 


6 Edmondson B., wine 

Bull street 

12 Boro. Cons. Begn. Office; 
G. Rogerson 

12 Conservative Club 
Hargreaves street 

23 Walls & Ham, agents 
23 Lawson S., solicitor 
23 Smallpage J., cotton 

21 Burnley and District 

Advance Co. 
21 Towler J., butcher 

Craven Bank, Limited 
15 & 17 Hargreaves R. & 

Sons, tea merchants 

13 Berry W., temp hotel 
11 Y. M. C. Association 

9 Marti ew J. , hairdresser 
7 Aspinall W., painter 
3 Lancashire Evening 

Post Office 
St. James 7 hall 

Fraser F. E . , land agt 
Pearson J., engineer 
Fotherby & Son, 


2 Whittaker B., weaver 
Co-operative stores 

22aRiley W., weaver 

57 Hartley J. G, coir mixr 
55 Roberts Mr. John 

53 Whyatt J., shopkeeper 
45 Howarth J., taper 
33 Dodgeon J., shopkpr 

3 Parker J., chapel kpr 
1 Grey T., wheelwright (j) 


1 Fullalove Mr. W. T., 
Holly mount 

10 Jackson Mr. Robt. H. 
12 Lupton Mr. Arthur 
14 Pletts Mr. Jonathan 
16 Bertwistle Mrs. Mary 
18 Barlow Mr. Wm. Hy. 

20 Duckworth Mr. Joshua 
24 Roberts Mr. Tom H. 
45 Watson M., builder 

3 Whittingham W., tax 



Burnley Wood National 


2 Moorhouse R., overlkr 

4 Astwood G., clerk 


2 Wilkinson R., mech 
4 Mitchell M., draper 
6 Ashworth Mr. Edwin 
29 Ormerod B., moulder 



27 Pate L., postman 
25 Hyde J., overlooker 

15 Riley J., clerk 

13 Lambert C, weaver 


4 Martin W., boot maker 
6 Brown T., hairdresser 

8 Colson Mrs. Ellen 
10 Leedam J., tailor (j) 
12 Riley J., manager 

14 Thornton D., weaver 

3 Dawson T., shopkeeper 


20 Barritt J. T., club stwd 

29 Burrows W., footballer 
27 Barritt B., verger 

25 Sharpe W., club stwd 

21 Murray J., police con 

9 Rushworth R., weaver 

3 Burrell A., carter 


2 Emerson Bros., grocers 

4 Catton E., stay maker 
6 Cragg R., butcher 

8 Banks J., herbalist 
10 Thornton J. & A., con- 
12 Place E., shopkeeper 
14 Senior S., hairdresser 

16 Waite Misses, milliners 
18 Myers F., music prof 
20 Birtwistle R. D., fried 

fish dealer 
King street 

22 Starkie M., shopkeeper 

30 Ingham A., labourer 
32 Graham R., musician 

Clock street 

2 Arthur F., clothes dlr 
1 Wilkinson I., broker 
Wright W., broker 
Watson J. & Son, 

waste dealers 
Rawlinson J., broker 
Whitaker & Lupton, 
Caledonia mill 
50 Riley H., confectioner 
Trinity school 
Trafalgar street 
54 & 56 Bradley J., grocer 
104 Briggs W. & B., hop 
beer manufacturers 
108 Bainbridge J., chimney 
Oporto street 
King's terrace 
122 Uttley F., Hole in the 

Wall Hotel 
128 Stuttard A., shopkpr 
Richmond hill 

134 Towler Mrs. E. L. 
136 Dugdale Mrs. Eliz. 
138 Bentley W., moulder 
140 Brown R., herbalist 
142 Barrowclough W., wvr 
152 Ashby W., tailor (j) 
154 StevensonJ.W.,coaldlr 

Farrer place 
156 Haworth G. H., broker 
160 Lofthouse Mrs. A. 
162 Ruth H., shopkeeper 
166 Glough J., Old Home 
at Home 
Starkie street 
Coal C lough lane 
174 Ideson E., clogger 
176 Sanders J. W., joiner (j) 
178 Bradley J., butcher 
Accrington road 

135 Heyworfch M., shopkpr 
129 Pickup J. , fried fish dlr 

Wiseman L., builder 
Falshaw W., fish dealer 
125 Stephenson J. H.,masn 
117 Wilson P., gardener 
111 Whittle T., hairdresser 
109 Hartley J. W-, overlkr 
107 Tilling G.E.,watchmkr 
105 Harrison A., overlkr 
103 Higson T., butcher 
101 Cairns A., shopkeeper 

Blannell street 
99 Ideson S., clogger 

Delph street 
85 Bennett J. ,fried fish dlr 

Ince court 
81 Hargreaves B., grocer 

Ince street 
79 Dyson J. C, Prince of 

Wales Inn 
77 Redman J., butcher 
75 Wilson R., clogger 
73 Wrathall J., draper 

Mile street 
59 Tillotson W-, weaver 
57 Stockdale W., stationr 

Lomas street 
55 Kenyon E., grocer 
53 Ashworth A., cabt mkr 

Lydia street 
45 Cryer T., clogger 
43 King M. A., shopkpr 
Dickinson D. D., 
Waterloo Hotel 
Sandygate Mill Co., Ld 
Slater's terrace 
31aWormwell J M canal 
Blakey J. & R., cotton 
Neptune court 
29 Sagar D., Neptune Inn 
Turner O., cotton mfr 
Winn alley 

Butterworth & Dickin- 
son, cotton mfrs 


Butterworth & Dickin- 
son, ironfounders 
Parker lane 
Leather J. P., gas mngr 
Coke street 

19 Yates R., fried fish dlr 

St. Paul's school 
St. PauVs court 

3 Maden J., chapel keepr 

1 Barritt J., verger 


2 S bam worth W., mason 

4 Hamilton W., weaver 
14 Heap R., porter 

20 Price P., mason (j) 
27 Hudson F., shopman 
19 Pickles R., taper 

11 Lord W., salesman 
9 Eastwood 0., traveller 

5 Shackleton J., smith (j) 
1 Saunders D., bootmkr 


1 Scholfield Mr. Robert 

2 Gomstive Mrs. Eliz. 

3 Thomas Mr. Thomas 

4 Foclen Mr. C. M., J.P. 

5 Preston J., artist 

6 Brelsford Mr. Charles 

7 Hargreaves Mrs. M. 

8 Pollard Mrs. Margaret 

9 Coates U. A., chemist 

10 Redman Mrs. Mary 

11 Holden A., manager 

12 Cooper Mrs. Elizabeth 

13 Ashworth R., salesman 

14 Cawtherley Mr. John 

15 Lister Mr. Thomas 


Emmott R., Stanley 
5 Waddington R., music 
11 Cheesebrough Mrs. P., 

21 Ashworth Mrs. B., 



5 Riley A., clothlooker 
17 Hooper Mrs. Emma 
25 Richardson J. W.,cartr 
40 Bury J., overlooker 
50 Graham W., bootmkr 
60 Massey A., moulder 
54 Morton G., engineer (j) 



82 Moore Mrs. Mary 
Morphet street 

6 Monchier E. chim sw 


2 Hindle W., traveller 
4 Ashworth Mr. Jarnes 

6 Howarth T., taper 

8 Emmett R., manager 
10 Nutter Mr. John T. 
Adam H. T,, gardener 


4 Brennand T., coal dlr 
8 Wade J., clobhlooker 

14 Wilcock A., traveller 

7 Noton H., butcher (j) 

5 Holt T., smith 


21 Hargreaves A., clerk 

23 Hargreaves G M carter 

25 Newton J., bookkeeper 

27 Jackson W., weaver 


4 Fish wick Mrs. M., 

6 Bird T., pensioner 

8 Grewdson G.,cabt mkr 

Shaw street 
12 Walton T., grocer 

26 Morton T., moulder 
Slater Col. Hubert, 

Whittlefield house 
Fleming W., farmer 


10 Tillotson W., jeweller 

12 Dean Mr. John 

14 Holdsworth Mrs. M. A. 
16 Bridge Mr. Elijah 
18 Bailey W., manager 
20 Eastwood W., bookkpr 

22 VeeversH., compositor 

24 Watts Mr. James N. 
26 Hitchen R., manager 

28 Jackson Mrs. Ann 

30 & 32 Hay ward W. H., 

34 Watson T., joiner (j) 
36 Harding C, manager 
38 Jackson W., clogger 
40 Welch C, weaver 
42 Holden J., eng tenter 
44 Gowers Miss Frances 
46 Wilkinson Mr. John 

Waterloo road 

13 Ingham P., bootmaker 

11 Metcalfe J., labourer 

9 Baron J., overlooker 

7 Rigg J., miner 

5 Watson G., moulder 
3 Mitton Mr. Geoffrey 

1 Loder M Iiifle Volun- 

teers' Inn 


2 Bates J., millwright (j) 

6 Berry Mrs. Sarah J. 

8 Bewley Mrs. J., drmkr 

10 Dickinson T., overlkr 
12 Hardman T., moulder 
15 Harwood T., cabinet 

maker (j) 

11 Hargreaves Mrs. 


5 Holgate B., traveller 

3 Utley A., fitter 


2 Thornton J. H., grocer 
8 Pate J., cabinet mkr (j) 

14 CammW., yeast dealer 


1 Brook S., cooper (j) 

3 Lord J., timekeeper 
Marshall R., joiner 

15 White W.,brickmkr (j) 
17 Saunby G., brickmkr 
20 Ingham J., overlooker 

8 Grundy M M postman 


6 Badger Mrs. Margaret 
8 Bainbridge A., dresser 

24 Pollard P., overlooker 

32 Thorpe J., smith (j) 
40 Thistlethwaite J., 

58 HaworthT.W., clogger 
60 Phillips T., greengrocer 
75 Stansfield J. ,eng tenter 
57 Heys P., overlooker 

55 Smithson H., fish dlr 

47 Chambers R., cabt mkr 
43 Wilson T., overlooker 
35 & 37 Hartley T., grocer 

33 Barlow J., shopkeeper 
3 Law E., canvasser 

1 Riddiough J . , overlookr 


2 Barber R., coachman 

Tarleton street 
24 Mason J., shopkeeper 
42 Ashworfch A., collier 

48 Schofield T., shopkeepr 

56 Plant W., chim swpr 

Waterloo road 
62 Pickthall J. .overlooker 
64 LivseyE. J., coal dealer 
66 Smith 0., builder's asst 

68 PollardJ.S.,painter(j) 
74 Jenkins A., oiler 

76 Arnold J., warehsmn 
78 Altham H., weaver 
84 Spencer J., weaver 

86 Whittles., friedfishdlr 
88 Stansfield Miss 

94 StevensonW.,fd fish dlr 

Crowther street 

Primitive Methodist School 

Branch road 

98 Barker J. G.& Bros., jrs. 
100 Buck R., labourer 
Parkinson street 

102 Robinson J., overlooker 
104 Sagar J., overlooker 
104 Sagar J., butcher 

Reed street 
106 Walton R., grocer 
108 Knowles Mrs. Alice 

Dall street 
110 Hargreaves L.&J.pntrs 

Hollingreave road 

112 Wiseman G., tanner (j) 

Emily street 

87 Hitchen J., fish dealer 
71 Wilson E., chairmakr 

69 Go-operative stores 

67 Butterworfch S., grocer 
65 Simpson J., eng tenter 
63 Howarth J., furnisher 
57 Walker Mrs. M., pork 

55 Marshall W., manager 
51 Pickup T., grocer 
49 Robinson H., grocer 

Swainbank street 
il' Nuttall Miss E., draper 
33-45 Livsey P., furnisher 
29 & 31 Mosley T., whole- 
sale grocer 
27 Williams R M shopkpr 
7 & 9 Welch G., draper 
5 Burnett H., Oiolinthe 

1 & 3 Turner J., carrier 


1 Procter Mr. Peter 
3 Moore Miss Mary 
5 Knight J., traveller 
9 Hartley T., plasterer 
11 Shaw Mr. William 
13 Smith B., weaver 
15 Stell R., slater 

Haythornthwaite R. & 
R M cotton manuftrs 
Walton R., cotton 

Catlow C. & Son, cotton 

Gray P., painter 
Whittaker E., confetr 
Baldwin A., florist 




2aSpencer Mr. James 
2 Stanworth S., rd inspr 
4 Clegg H., warper 

6 Oates Mrs. Ann 

8 Slater C, draper's asst 

10 Haworth J., driver 

14 Lewis H., smith 

18 Ooyno M., draper 

22 Fellows Mrs. Eliz. 
26 Cooper J., moulder 

30 Hargre,aves J. T., over- 
34 Robinson G., agent 
36 Taylor Mrs. Martha 

23 Yeadon J., boiler inspr 

21 Berry W., bookkeeper 

19 LaytonE.,reedmkr (j) 

17 Sagar Mrs. Tryphena 

15 KneeshawH.,schlmstr 

13 UnsworthG.H. station 


11 Beaumont F., managr 

9 Busfield Mrs. Rose 

7 Astin 0., tinner 

1 Hargreaves W., cloth- 

laHolgate S., manager 


2 NuttallMiss A., millnr 
6 MackrellF.,mus seller 

8 Turner J., cabt maker 
10 Mennell J.. J., hatter 

12 Holdsworth M., agent 

14 Greenhalgh H. S. 

(Exors. of), dyers 

16 Catlow Mrs. E., eating 


18 Crowther A. G., artist 

20 Wadds Mrs. E., rstarnt 

22 Pickles Z., photo 

24 Naylor E., bird dealer 

Parker street 
26 Lord Miss A., shroud 

28 Birchall E. A., upholsr 
32 Hetherington Mr., Jos 
34 Chaffer Mrs. Ellen 
36 Jefferson R., dressmkr 
38 Wild R., bookseller 
40 Evans G., Fr polisher 
42 Singleton S., fruiterer 
44 Rawcliffe T. H., grocr 
46 Ashworth W., confectr 
48 ShuttleworthJ.(Exors. 

of), painters 
50 Watson & Sons, 

52 Wilson R., draper 
54 Cherry J. N., dyer 
56 Hargreaves Mrs. S., 

sewing machine agnt 

58 Hartley Mrs. A., millnr 

60 Simpson T., cabnt mkr 

62 Robinson J., outporter 

64 Whittaker Miss M. E., 


68 Pollard A., music prof 

70 Jepson R. H., optician 

72 Berry Mr. Daniel 

74 Riley A., temp hotel 

Cuerden street 
77 Greenwood A., photo 

75 Clegg L., athletic out- 


73 Coleman J., confectnr 

71 Lewis T., hosier 

69 Waterworth Mrs. Ada, 

67 Horner Mr. David 

65 Hudson T., eng driver 

63 Veevers M., painter (j) 

61 Halsted J., roller covr 

59 Smith Miss M., dress- 

57 Driver Miss S., drsmkr 
55 Parker E., tailor 
53 McDonough Mr. Wm. 
51 Crawshaw H., overlkr 
49 Knowles S„, tobacconst 
47 McNicol J., watchmkr 
45 Riley W., hairdresser 
43 Eccleston H., tripe dr 
41 Burrill J., fried fish dlr 
39 Teal A., bootmaker 
37 Mc Adam Mrs. H. milnr 
33 & 35 Jackson Misses, 

temperance hotel 
Exchange buildings 
Bolton E. & Sons, 

wholesale grocers 
29 Dixon W. B., Derby 

27aBinns Mrs. M., clothes 

27 Booth C, music seller 
25 Allen W. B., lamp dlr 
21 Swarbrick Misses, enfr 
19 Whalley T. B., fried 

fish dealer 
17 Sunderland J., herblst 
15 Swinbank W., butcher 
13 Cubbon E., bootmaker 
11 Arnold T., tripe dealer 
9 Dyson Mrs. M., statnr 

7 liowarth J., tinner 

3 & 5 Yates C, milliner 

1 ObertelloP.,ice cream 



2 Smith Mrs. Hannah 

8 Wetherhead H., join (j) 
10 Brunton J., labourer 

Holland C, tripe dresr 


6 Mossman M., pie shop 
Sagar & Wilson, coach- 

Stanhy place 

Edmondson A., In- 
dustry mill 
24 Robinson J., broker 
15 Riley 'E. i Great Eastern 
Spencer H., reed mnfr 
AthertonJ.&S., blders 
Wiseman T., builder 
Walton W., palisade 

Pletts J., brewer 
Cooke S. & Co., oil 

Hanson J., builder 


2 Warburton J., grocer 
5 Tatham Mr. John 

11 Home W., dresser 

3 Smith J., paper mrcht 


1 Haydock S., foreman 

8 Simpkin T., broker 
Rhodes J. T., grocer 


14 Thomas P., clerk 
24 Taylor W., miner 
61 Baldwin E., eng tentr 
55 Smith Mrs. Mary J. 
29 WhitakerW., joiner (j) 
27 Schofield Mrs. Ann 


2 Jones L., miner 

14 Thornton J., miner 

Duke street 
18 Naylor J., joiner (j) 
20 Heap W., eng tenter 
22 Barton J., smith (j) 
26 Peacock S., miner 
32 RawsonR., bookkeeper 
34 Lord E., labourer 
36 Harker W., miner 
38 Thornton Mr. Robert 
40 Landless A., fitter 
42 Lord D., smith (j) 

Branch road 

9 Robinson 4.., overlkr 

7 Astin J., missionary 
5 Rusius J., mechanic 

3 Schofield Mrs. Ellen 
1 Baker J., labourer 




4 Holt J., smith 

6 DeardenR.H.,mineral 
water manufacturer 
8 Baldwin W., coachbldr 
Topper street 

5 Hargreaves H., Forge- 

man's Arms 
1 Smith M., confectnr 


12 Watson W. W., 

26 Whittle S., fried fish 


23 Smith E., bootmaker 

1 Boynton E., grocer 


6 Binns R., joiner (j) 
14 Thompson J., mag- 
netic belt maker 

22 Stansfield Silas 

24 Hirst George 
28 Helks T., agent 


2 Thorp J., carter 
4 Mills H., carver 

6 Baldwin Miss Ann 
8 Smith J., rope mkr (j) 
16 Dent A., joiner (j) 

22 Howarth J., sawyer 
26 Hartley A., french pol 
28 Carter T., carter 

30 Laycock W., builder 
32 Butterworth E., collr 
38 Hague J., mechanic 
40 Knight J., shopman 
44 Hood J., sawyer 
48 Pounder R., spinner 
50 Barnes J. C, joiner (j) 
52 Whittam L., mech 
Brown R., builder 


16 Heap T., tailor 

17 Ibbotson J., broker 

23 Greenwood Mr. J. 
59 Jackson A., manager 
61 Coupe Mrs. Margaret 
73 Smitn J. A., agent 
79 Grimshaw R., twister 


8 Hartley J., weaver 
10 Music Club 

9 Pearson Mrs. Mary 

7 Hirst P., confectioner 


2 Taylor A. & S., frnshrs 
2aWhitney T., grocer 
4 Gordon W., pork bchr 
6 Smith J. P., draper 
8 Goldstonc P., picture 
frame r 

10 Crook Miss M. A., drpr 

12 Stewart J., tailor 

16 HowleyMrs.M.,millinr 

20 Brierley E., pol con 
24 Ellison T., chapel kpr 
28 Nelson W., bootmaker 
30 Pedesta J., weaver 

32 Chadwick B., dogger 
34 Loder C, labourer 
36 Taylor H., labourer 
38 Hill Mrs. S., tea dealer 
40 Bridge Miss S. A., dpr 
44 Hunt G., gardener 
46 Stan worth G., painter 
48 Oates Mrs. Alice 
50 Moorhouse R., boiler 

maker (j) 
52 Healey Mr. Robert 
54 Pitzpatrick Mrs. Mary 
56 Staveley Mrs. Eliz. 
58 Hudson Miss A. M., 

64 Smith R., collier 

68 & 70 Waite R., grocer 
70 Massey's Burnley 

Brewery, Ld., spirit 

Todmorden road 

21 Lancaster Mrs. M. H., 


17 & 19 Howorth B., bchr 
15 Cudworth G. H., 

Spread Eagle Inn 
Ashioorth street 

13 Wilkinson Mrs. B., 

T adders 1 Arms 

11 Webster R. t butcher 

Tentre street j 

7 Wild R., cabinet mkr 

Milton street 

5 Hargreaves Mrs. J., 

Grimshaw Arms 

3 Pickles I. P., stationer 

Oxford road 
1 Lee W., Oxford Inn 


1 Lee Mr. George 

2 Dent J., brickmaker 

4 Heap J. H., quarry 


6 Veevors Mr. Alfred 

8 Whalley T., boat 

builder (j) 
10 Mosedale Mr. Ward 
16 Brotherton Mr. Geo. 

18 Holden T., med dspns 
20 Whitaker H. P., book- 
22 Hartley T., engineer (j) 
28 Baldwin W., smith 
34 Tate J., mechanic 


4 Taylor Miss N., drsmkr 

12 Greenwood Miss M. 
22 Hawkins D., coal dlr 
42 GoodallMrs.H.,shpkpr 

Alderson T., coke dlr 
48 Parker J. H., sawyer]* 
48aHaworth R., beamer 
52 Hall T., painter (j) 

57 Layfield J., boiler mkr 

58 Butterworth S., miner 
70 Hannam J., wrhsemn 

11 Layfield J. ,rope mkr (j) 


7 Hewson T, H.,engtntr 

13 Sutcliffe T., overlooker 
27 Corbett W., weaver 


2 EdmundsonM., tinner 

4 Slater J, T., cabdriver 

12 Hayhurst Mrs. Eliz. 

18 Wadsworth Mrs. M. A. 

20 Foster P., accountant 

22 Best J., shirt manfr 

24 Ingham J., beamer 
15 Dixon W., caretaker 

13 Pickles M., draper 


12 Dawson J. E., traveller 
42 Whitaker R., hosier 
37 Clarkson W. J., grcr 
27 Ralph Mrs. Alice 

17 TattersallW., twister 


1 Stephenson J., beamer 

3 Atkinson R., taper 

5 Emmott Mr. Hartley 
7 Emmott Mr. Thomas 
9 Briggs J., taper 

11 RawcJiffe Mr. Thos. H. 

13 Parker A., builder 
15 Hirst H., overlooker 
17 Emmott Mr. Robert 

19 Standige E.,eng tenter 

21 Leeming J., miner 

23 Fletcher Rev. Robert 

25 Sellers Mr. John W. 
27 Waddington N., ovrlkr 
29 Hindle H., weaver 

31 Hirst Mr. William 



35 WigglesworthT.,weavr 

37 Whitehead J. H., 



1 Swinbank Mr. Williara 

Garfield terrace 

2 Sutcliffe G., smith 

4 Wilkinson W.,engr (j) 

6 Sutcliffe Mr. Benj. 

8 Dearden Mr. William 

10 Aukes Rev. John 

12 Heap E., builder 


1 Smith Mr. John 

3 Clegg E., bricklayer (j) 

5 Rawcliffe R., labourer 

7 Pickup Mr. John 

9 Clegg J. T., fitter 

11 Walton Mrs. Eliz. 

13 Norman Mr. James 
15 Clegg Mr. Charles A. 

17 Swann G., solicitor's 


19 Astin Mr. Charles 

21 Laycock J., shopman 
23 Pitts Miss Margaret 
25 Massey Mr. Wm. W. 
27 Smith T., shopman 
29 Seed J., taper 
31 Co-operative Stores 
33 Thornton J., boot- 
maker (j) 

35 Leaver J., clothlooker 


2 Crossley J., Wellington 


4 Ion W., tailor 

6 Heap E., butcher 

Anne street 

8 Brophy D., confectnr 
10 Comstive Mrs. S. 

Helena street 

12 Rushworth S., butcher 

14 Robinson G., stationer 

Wesley an Chapel 
Eliza street 

18 Heap Mrs. J., grocer 

20 & 22Burns J.,L.R.C.P., 

Fulledge house 
All Souk 1 Home 
Towneley Estate Office; 
A. J. Forrest 
Ly all street 

36 Heap Mrs. Alice 

38 Aspinall Mr. William 
40 Smith Mrs. Cath. L. 
42 Hartley O, music prof 
46 Hull Mr. James 

48 Proctor Mrs. Hannah 
50 Pickles A. R.,schlmstr 

52 Dobing W., inland 

revenue officer 
54 Taylor Mrs. Sarah A. 
56 Heap H., builder 
58 Tillotson Mr. Daniel 
Leven street 
Kay Mr. James, J. P., 
Towneley villa 
62 Taylor A. & S., joiners 
64 Dyson E., miner 

Simpson Mr. Robert, 
Rose cottage 
74 Holroyd Mr. Tom, 

Wood grove 
76 Wild M., gardener 
Crane W., farm bailiff, 
Causeway end 
171 Heap J., builder 
169 Read Mr. D. 
167 Whitaker Mr. J. 
165 Wilkinson W.T.,agt 
163 Colbran John, surv 
161 Wharton Mr. T. 
159 Lancaster Mr. J. 
Brooklands road 
Sutcliffe Mr. George, 

J.P., Oak hill 
Butterworth Mr. John, 

J. P., Oak bank 
Thompson Mr. James 

W., Oak bank 
Rawlinson Mr. Josh., 

J. P., Oak bank 
Witham Mr. John, J.P., 

Rock wood 
Witham Mr. W., Rock 

Howorth Mr. John, 

J. P., Park view 
Howorth Miss, Park vw 
Folds Mr. Obadiah, 
J. P., Fir grove 
Hufling lane 
127 Hargreaves T., Wood- 
man Inn 
Woodman square 
117 Wood Mrs. E. A. 
Clarence street 
111 Chambers H., grocer 
109 Whitaker Misses 
107 Driffield G., gardener 
101 Purday Mr. George 
Rider court 
99 Moore R., labourer 
97 Booth J., cashier, Ivy 
Greenwood Mrs., 
Tarleton house 
87 Dunkerley Mr. E. 
85 Brown G., manager 
83 Wilson J. C, surveyor 

Brunswick street 
81 Birnie J., postmaster 

79 Threlfall Mr. William 
77 Greenwood Mrs. S. E. 
75 Sagar Mr. William F. 

Spring bank 
73 Collinge Mr. John,J.P., 

Park house 
71 CowgillMrs.Elizabeth, 
Springfield house 
Springfield road 
69 Cranbrook Rev. J.,B.A. 
67 Starkie Miss R. 
Parliament street 
Garstang T., Fulledge 

Snowden J., Fulledge 

Snowden C, Fulledge 


Holmes street 
63 Comstive J., clerk 
61 Heap F., manager 
59 Sutclifie Mrs. Susan 
55 Lee Mr. James 
55 Ashworfch Miss S. W. 
53 Moorhouse R., reliev- 
ing officer 
51 Heap Mrs. Janet 

Richard street 
49 Wigglesworth R., 

Foresters' Arms 
47 Whittam Mrs. M. J. 
45 Clegg H., mechanic 
43 Walling Mr. Jonathan 
41 Lambert Mr. Thomas 
39 Dean S., brush maker 
37 Clarke Miss Elizabeth 
35 Bibby Miss Eliz. E. 
Hull street 

Colder terrace 
33 Emmett Mr. James 
31 Kneeshaw J. W., 

29 Marsden J., joiner (j) 
27 Bailey Mrs. Sarah 
25 Luxton Miss S. A., 

23 Berry J., warehsmn 
21 Udall W., schoolmstr 
19 Hanson W., marine 

store dealer 
17 Layfield Mr. James 

Temple street 
15 Foster Mr. George 
13 Kippax Mrs. Mary 
11 Hartley Mrs. Ruth 
9 Brace well Mrs. M. 

Laycock street 
7 Shepherd R., weaver 
5 Allison Mrs. Ann 
3 St. Mary's Presbytery ; 
Very Rev. Dean Mor- 

risey, M.R., Revs. 

Lawrence Johnson, 

and L. J. O'Kelly 




2 Anforth H., shopkeepr 
30 Middleton W., agent 

58 WhitakerT.,shopkpr 

66 Tattersall T., twister 
Bulcock street 

Tattersall J., salsmn 

33 Tattersall J., draper 
1 Clegg J., shopkeeper 


Thorney Bank street 

Holdsworth C, pntr 
Birtwell street 
4 Smith J., fried fish dlr 
16 DavyeM., confectioner 
20 Harrison E., fitter 
22 Holdsworth A., painter 
Sackville street 
Butterworth & Dickin- 
son, machine mkrs 
32 Johnson C, shopkeepr 
GresJiam place 

34 Brooks J., plumber 

36 Hodgson E. & M. A., 
Patten street 
38 and 40 Co-op stores 

42 G&mpbellJ., Trafalgar 

Albion street 
44 Nicholson L., grocer 
46 Proud] ove J., draper 
48 Clark J. & Sons, draprs 

Botvley street 
50 Hodder H., Malakoff 

52aKing E . A. , tobacconist 
52bGoodwin R. B., china 

52 Harrison T., grocer 

Whitaker street 
54 Utley W., grocer 
56 Peel J., hosier 
58 Smith W. B., bootmkr 
60 Dyson W., butcher 
62 Priestley D.,greengrcr 
64 Knowles W., confectnr 
66 Moorhouse W., butchr 
68 Greenwood W., statnr 
70 Hacking A., confectnr 
72 Tattersall L. and M., 

74 Blackburn J., fish dlr 
76 Howarth E. & A. A., 

eating house 

Derby street 
78 Kenyon S. A., grocer 
80 Stevens E. K., tailor 
82 Holdsworth J., fried 

fish dealer 
84 Winkley Brothers, 

tripe dealers 

86 Salisbury J., eating hs 
88 Baguley E., hairdrsr 
90 Redman J., confectnr 

92 and 94 Shackleton J., 

96 Turner J., greengrocer 
Unitarian Chapel 

100 Cooper Mrs. Rosanna 
102 Keighley Miss Mary A. 
104 Smith Mrs. Sarah 
106 Brooks Mrs. Charlotte 
108 Moore Mrs. Susy 
110 Bibby J., clothes dealer 

Mile street 
112 Berry T., butcher 
114 Haworth W., confctnr 
116 Wallbank E., shopkpr 
118 Holt E., broker 
122 Griffin E., confectioner 
124 Hartley J., draper 

Lord street 
126 and 128 Stott S. E., 

130 Hall E. A., shopman 
132 Varley Mrs. Gilles 
134 Smith Mrs. Elizabeth 
136 Spencer H., music prof 
138 Laity J., miner 
140 Pickles E., shopkeeper 
Holdsworth R. and 

Nephew, Woodfield 

Cowpe T. and Sons, 

Woodfield mill 
Whitaker S. and Son, 

Woodfield mill 
156 Jones J., fried fish dlr 
Simpson J., fruiterer 
Conservative Club 
Baldwin A., tinner 
Torkington A., joiner 
Hammond and Yates, 

mattress makers 
Holt R., hay # corn dlr 
Victoria Mill Co., Ltd., 

spinners & manfctrs 
Pemberton and Co., 

Waterloo foundry 
39 Dickinson D. D., 

Waterloo Hotel 

35 Willan E. E.,upholstr 
33 Fletcher E., confectnr 
31 HalstedW.H.,chemst 
29 Haworth E., butcher 

Varley street 

27 Walmsley M., painter 
23 Pollard M., dogger 
Varley and Pomfret, 

Albert mill 

W 7 illiams J. & Co., Tra- 
falgar shed 

Folds O. & J., Trafal- 
gar shed 

Thompson W. & Sons, 
Trafalgar mill 

Sutcliffe W., Waterloo 

Blakey J. & R., Hope 

Crook Bros., Thorney 
Bank mill 
9 ReederR., Nelson Hotel 
1 &3YatesM.A.,shpkpr 


1 Fishwick Mrs. Eliza 
3 Heap J., machine dlr 
5 BroxupR.,cbntmkr(j) 
15 Simpson B., bootmakr 


Adland street 
24 Tyzzer J., mason 
Forest view 
30 Draper W., boatman 
32 Marshall T., overlkr 
34 Mellor W.,overlookr 
36 Clegg J., overlooker 
38 Wade P., labourer 
Cotton street 
Berry B. (Exors. of), 
Tunnel Hill shed 
Aigburth street 
41 Crossley W., shopkpr 
19 Clegg J., grocer 
13 Barritt J., grocer 
11 Winder A. E., dogger 
9 Hall W. H., butcher 

1 Reed C, coal dealer 


2 Smith G., joiner (j) 
Stanworth J., builder 
Whitaker Mrs. A. and 


43 Lord J., engine tenter 

21 Winder T M clerk 

13 Preston W. E., overlkr 


Hanson W., marine 
store dealer 
Turf yard 

3 Ormerod W., carter 


Lawson A., cattle spice 

Graham T., broker 


Lord Bros., Wood Top 



Bagley & Wright, Wood 
Top mill 

19 Smith J. H.,overlkr 
33 Lord Mr. Sylvanus 
35 Berry J., clothlooker 


1 ThompsonW., cabmkr 

7 Jackson Mrs. Alice 

8 Spencer A., weaver 


4 Bond J. & Son, fruit 

6 Faraday, Hall & Co., 

8 Stephenson J., tobac 
Dixon J.., printer 
Dixon A., pattern mkr 
Shaw William, under- 
clothing manufactr 
Lee E., dyer 


8 Wade J., clock repr 
10 Wilkinson J., club std 

20 Holt J. R., foreman 
30 McDonoughT.,shopr 
27 Pickles T., shopkeeper 

9 Ashton J., coal dealer 

5 Sowerby R., coal dlr 


3 Barritt Bros., weighing 

machine makers 
Roberts' yard 

Smith W.T., leather 
9 Room J., clothes dlr 
12 Riding W., lodging hs 


20 Bulcock T., traveller 
26 Dent Mrs. Isabella 
30 Varley G., dresser 
39 Rawlinson E., beamer 
Hartley J., timber dlr 


34 Tout J., fish dealer 
38 Line W. W., bootmkr 

Brunswick- street 
42 Foster J., confectioner 

Laurel street 
44 and 46 Cunliffe W. T., 

48 Anderson A., shopkpr 

52 Tocld J. R., farmer 

Smalley street 
54 Spear W., draper 

Clarence street 

Nuttall street 
Barker W., clogger 
Watts J. N., smith 
Sussex street 
127 Morris J., clogger 
125 Rook T., yeast dealer 
119 Mason F., shopkeeper 
117 Taylor J., agent 
101 Pickup Miss M., confr 
95 Whitehead J., collier 
93 Jepson E M weaver 
87 Calvert Mrs. Mary 
83 Eccles E., weaver 
79 Slinger F., soap maker 
69 Claxton G., furn dlr 
67 Clarkson J., grocer 
63 Ashworth J., paintr (j) 
57 Riley W-, weaver 
53 Willman R., clothlkr 
39aMllls J., clogger 
Primitive Meth. Chapel 

Springfield road 
27 & 29 Campbell J.,gcr 
23 and 25 Wild F. D., 
steam laundry 

15 Redhead M., quarry- 



Procter R., shopkpr 
Rawlinson T., boiler 


2 Bradshaw J., bird dlr 

Plane Tree alley 
4 Hartley Mrs. E., Plane 

Tree Inn 
8 Roberts R., joiner (j) 
10 Zacharias M., picture 

12 Canby Miss Matilda 
14 Rawlinson E., clerk 

16 Lupton H., saddler (j) 
18 Stanworth S., stone 

20 Pollard Mr. John 
22 Curl Mr. Walter 
24 Bibby Mr. James 
26 Greenwood S., mngr 
28 Blakey Mr. Robert 

~Wiseman street 
80 Clarke R., dyer 
32 Greenhalgh Mr. Rd. 
34 Jones Miss, dressmakr 
36 Pollard Mr. William 
38 Hading Mr. Ralph 
40 Pickup P., foundry 

42 Driver Mr. William 
Congregational Church 

and Schools 
Ward street 

Oak Mount terrace 
56 Parsons J., F.R.C.S. 
58 MoorhouseJ. P., dentist 
60 EversonMisslE.,school 
62 Haigh Mr. Wm. F. 
64 Kendal R., dentist 
66 Barber R M assur supt 
68 Young Mr. John 
70 Sykes Miss C. J. B. 
74 & 76 Refuge Assurance 

Office ; J.Whittaker, 

local superintendent 
78 Wilson W.E.,L.R.C.P. 
80 Brown J., draper 
82 Simpson Mrs. Hannah 
84 Eastwood T., agent 
86 Kilshaw J., foreman 
88 Downham Mr. John 
90 Spurr Mrs. J., Dog and 

94 Green R., fried fish dlr 
96 Spencer W., clogger 

Arthur street 
98 Heap H., fried fish dlr 
100 Dale G., draper 
102 Palfrey W., Stork Hotel 
Belle Vue street 

Simpson & West, 
Belle Vue shed 
106 Birkett J., music seller 
108 Garner Mr. Joseph 
110 Hargreaves J., relg ofcr 
112 Cowan H., draper 
114 Pullon Geo. S., M.B. 

116 Halstead J., draper 

Trafalgar street 

120 Holt Miss R.yMUrelnn 

Padiham road 
143 Hall J., hairdresser 
141 Holdcn S., grocer 
139 Proudlove J., draper 
137 Whitaker H., bootmkr 
Bracewell W., timber 

135 Robinson J., cabt mkr 
133 Crossland J., photr 
131 Fraser Misses, confrs 
129 Radcliffe J. D., painter 
127 Hargreaves T. W., 

pianoforte dealer 
125 HighamT.W.,eatinghs 
123 Watts Fred.,Ld., boot 


121 Thompson T., herbalist 
119 Dawson W., draper 

117 Holgate H., pork bchr 
97 Bailey M.& Son, bakrs 
95 Mason R., tripe dresser 
93 Wolstenholme C, 

91 Handley G., confectnr 
89 Smith Misses, millinrs 
87 Banks J., herbalist 
85 Whitaker B., wtchmkr 



83 WoodE., butcher 
81 Sagar E., grocer 
Slater street 
79 LeaR. S. & Co., tea 

77 Emmett B., mechanic 
75 Thomas A., fireman 
73 Clark Mrs. E., grocer 
71 Young J., tailor 
69 Hush worth J., hosier 
67 Dugdalc S., butcher 
63 & 65 Shaokleton H., 

61 Simpson Mr. Turpin 
59 Gent S., plumber 
57 Pye J., clogger 
55 Dean C., cycle agent 
53 Mercer W. B., piano- 
forte tuner 
51 Burnley Clothing Club 
49 Gregg J. M., tailor 
47 Scott & Simpson, 

45 Dyson L., butcher 

Hattersley street 
43 Procter Mr. Richard, 

Oak mount 
41 Milman Miss E., Oak 

39 O'Sullivan D. A., 


Clifton street 
37 Greenwood H., cabinet 

35 Crabtree W., draper 
33 Crossley B., grocer 
29 & 31 Bebbington J.E., 


27 Eastwood H.,confr 

15 Grim sb aw Mr. Henry, 

Oak mount 
Ashfield road 

13 Wood Mr. Martin 
Massey's Burnley 

Brewery, Ld. 
11 Holgate J., photogrphr 
9 Bulling T. W., draper 
7 Comstive Mrs. E., 


5 Taylor C, confectioner 

3 Dyson J., butcher 

1 Holland C, tripe dlr 


4 Wiseman T., junr., 

joiner (j) 

6 Greenwood W., mason 

14 Wilson J., grocer 

16 Walton N., grocer 
20 Wiseman J., coal dlr 
■22 Garbett J., agent 

26 Crane R., tailor (j) 

28 Ridehalgh W. W., club 


30 Taylor Mrs. E. B. 

38 Hargreaves G.,ovrlkr 

48 Hodgson A., shopman 
25 Poulds T., overlooker 
23 Foulds S. E.,dressmkr 

9 Watson R., weaver 

7 Gibson J. PL, overlkr 


2 Booth J., cellarman 
Meadow street 

18 Schofield C, clothlkr 

20 Edmondson T., frtr 
22 Riley M., hosier 

38 Hartley P., overlooker 

Charlotte street 
King street 
25 Ash worth E., grocer 

21 Robinson J. H., agent 

19 Fletcher G., lodgings 

11 Newall Miss M. 

9 Midgley & Fulton, 
wholesale grocers 


4 Cryer T., clogger 

22 Adams J., draper 

30 Harrison P., shopkpr. 

42 Co-op. stores 

75 Slater F., shopkeeper 

49 Taylor G. H., agent 
45 Winder Mrs. Caroline 

39 Mitchell T., baker 
37 Smith J. T., twister 
33 Burrows Mrs. Alice 
29 Driver J., grocer 

27 Riley J., clothes dealer 

15 Shackleton E., ovrlkr 

13 Lonsdale Mrs. Kate 
9 Lord J., taper 

5 Shackleton J., clthlkr 

1 Riley J., grocer 


2 Greenhalgh Mrs. M. F. 
4 Turnbull W.,plmbr(j) 

6 Hudson L., weaver 

7 Whitell J., weaver 


2 Parker J. r moulder 
4 Robinson W., overlkr 
6 Halstead T., spinner 

8 Simpson T., weaver 
10 Barnes W. H., clothlkr 

12 Thornton H., joiner (j) 

14 Bradley F. W., cabinet 

maker (j) 

16 Whitham A., manager 
18 Stephenson N., engine 


20 Eastwood W., mechnc 
22 Smith Mrs. Mary 


13 Chester S., cabt mkr (j) 

11 Robins Mrs. H. M. A. 
9 Heaton C, moulder 

7 Bibby P., upholsterer 
5 Wadge J., contractor 
3 Hey worth J., spinner 

1 Howard J. ,whlwrght(j) 


2 Tattersall R., manager 
Wiseman J., builder 
EckersallH., mchnst 


9 Jolly W., coal dealer 
2 Law G., coal dealer 
Gill & Allinson, buildrs 


2 Poster Miss E . , drsmkr 
26 Smith P., weaver 

34 Peacock W., roller cvr 
36 Crossley W., twister 
40 Crossley Miss R. 
42 Crossley W.H., overlkr 


Conservative Club 
Cowper street 

1 Hatch J., shopkeeper 

Townend & Marshall, 
5 Whittaker G., sand dlr 

Heap J., poultry dealer 


1 Hodgson & Garnett, 

1 Borough Liberal Asso- 
ciation; W. Lord,agt 

1 County Libei-al Asso- 

ciation; J. Lonsdale, 

3 Smith J., solicitor 
Heap E., builder 

5 Owen&Co.,Ltd.,plmbr 

7 Kellett W., tailor 


2 Smith P. N., tailor 

4 Barritt C, butcher 

6 Bland J., butcher 

8 Gibson H., auctioneer 
10 Procter I., painter 

12 Poster G., chemist 

14 Edmondson J. M., 

stationer ' 
16 Lane M., grocer 
18 Lawson T., fruiterer 



20 Launder J., herbalist 
22 Shea A., tobacconist 

Chapel street 

2 Chaffer Mr. B. 
26 Crossley B., grocer 
28 Robinson Misses,mlnrs 
30 Holland C, tripe drssr 
32 Marland Mrs. Martha 
34 Barker J., Yorkshire 

Gunsmith lane 

Harrison R., lime brnr 
36 Clegg J. T., foreman 
38 Halstead H., smith 
40 Bailey R., dogger 
42 Bradshaw J., stationer 
44 West R. H-, grocer 

Eastham place 
50 Pickup J., saddler 
52 Yates J., Brickmakers' 

Watenoorks office ; A. 

Williamson, managr 

Albert street 

Prospect terrace 
56 Hargreaves Mr. H. 
58 Dickinson Mr. R. 
60 Duerden Mr. J. S. 
62 Crump Ths.G.,M.B. 
64 Robinson Mrs. L. 
66 Bleakley Mr. A. 
68 Sheers Rev. G. E. 
70 Jones Mr. Edward 
72 Greenwood Mr. J. 
Catholic Church and 

Convent of Sisters of 
55 Whitehead D. T., Foot- 
ballers 9 Arms 
Phimbe street 
53 Sanderson E. J., btchr 
51 Hargreaves R., clogger 

Turf street 
49 Oldham Vi., Turf Hotel 
47 Hartley J. H., Princess 

41 Sanitary Inspector's 
office] C. Slater 

37 Hargreaves T. W., 

music dealer 
35 Bailey J., baker 
33 Haffner G., pork btchr 
31 Hyslop J. W., fish dlr 

Basket street 
27 and 29 Barritt J., 

electrical engineer 
Norton street 
25 Scott W M plumber 
23 Frodsham Mr. Henry 
21 Turner J., grocer 

Pickup street 
19 Leach J. S., dressmkr 
17 Riley Mrs. Nancy 
15 Baldwin J., painter 
13 Riley D., china dealer 

Croft street 
11 Fox James, L.R.C.P. 
9 Tomlinson J., hairdrsr 
7 Lambert T., tobaconst 
5 Gilyard W. H„ watch- 
3 Griffiths E., tripe drssr 
1 Spencer J., clothier 


Is a township and chapelry in the Accrington parliamentary division 
and Briercliffe county council division. It is 5 miles from Burnley, 
and covers an area of 1,440 acres, mostly the property of the repre- 
sentatives of the late F. E. Walton, Esq. Its population in 1851 was 
426; 1361,410; 1871,4811881,395; and 1891, 427; and its rateable 
value is £7,216. The Church, dedicated to St. James, is an ancient 
structure, existing from about the middle of the 12th century. In 
1859 the tower was erected, the chancel rebuilt, and the nave and 
aisles restored. The font was presented by the last abbot of Whalley. 
There is also preserved in the church an ancient piscina. The chancel 
window is filled with stained glass, to the memory of John Harking, 
the inventor of the carding engine ; and two stained windows have 
been recently erected to the memory of the late vicar, Rev. Wm. Sharp. 
Here are also mural tablets, commemorating the Lomax, Walton, and 
other local families. The organ, which cost £250, is a sweet-toned 
instrument. The church contains 342 sittings, of which 180 are free. 
The benefice is a vicarage of the annual value of £203, in the gift of 
the trustees of the late F. R. Walton, Esq., and held by the Rev. 
Henry Haworth, M.A. The school is endowed with the interest of 
£1,000, bequeathed by the late Mr. Walton. 

Letters via Accrington. 

Altham Brick & Tile Co. Ltd., brick and ' Briggs Mr. Edward 

Greears David, schoolmaster 
Elce George, colliery manager 
Hannam John, vict., Walton Arms 
Goodwin William, bricklayer 

tile manufacturers — (See AdvL] 
Altham Colliery Co., coal proprietors 
Ashton James, stonemason 
Bond George, foreman miller 



Hartley Mr. Robert Burns 
Haworth James, Esq., Moorside house 
Haworth Rev. Henry, M.A., vicar 
Howson Edward, timber merchant and 

Ingham William, stonemason 
Macintosh James, vict., Greyhound Inn 
Metcalfe John, cashier, Higher Syke side 
Metcalfe John, manufacturing* 
chemist, tar and ammonia dis- 
tiller, Moorfield works; h. The 
Moore Thos., mineral water manufactr 
Robinson Baldwin, modeller 
Rushton Edmund, Rose Bank quarry 
Saggerson Thomas, police constable 
Stanesby Martin, paper mill manager 
Towers Thos., wood turner, Church lane 
Stephenson Henry, brickworks manager 
Walmsley Rt., asst. overseer and sexton 
Westwell Robert, quarry master 
Whitehead Matthew, agent for Refuge 
Whittaker Mr. Henry, Prospect house 

Whittaker John Cox, mineral water 


Briggs Mrs., Bold Venture farm 
Campbell Robert 
Cockburn John, Holker house 
Greenwood Robinson, Houghton barn 
Hartley James, Dutch barn 
Haworth William 
Holden Michael, Moor side 
Ingham Robert 
Lancaster John, Lane side 
Mawdsley Margaret & Betty 
Metcalfe" William (Exors. of), Syke side 
Nutter Henry, Altham hall 
Pickup William, Old engine 
Pilkington John, Higher firs 
Robinson Joseph, Sefton cottage 
Suclell John Thomas 
Swale Thomas, Clough bank 
Threlfall Thomas, Mill farm 
Threlfall Peter, Lower Clough bank 

Barley- with- Wheatley Booth 

Is a township in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe and county 
council division of Barrowford. It contains 2,625 acres, mostly the 
property of H. W. Hartley, Esq., and John Howarth, Esq. Here is a 
small Wesleyan chapel built in 1884. Eateable value £2,288. Its 
population in 1871 was 354 ; 1881, 314 ; and 1891, 303. 

Letters via Burnley.* 
Bentley Bros., cotton waste spinners, Hargreaves Edmund, Brown house 

Narrowgate mill 
Hargreaves James, shopkeeper 
Haworth James, vict., Pendle Inn 
Oldham James, grocer 
Robinson Mrs. M. 
Taylor John, grocer 
Whitham Hugh, shopkeeper 


Aldersley William, Higher White hough 
Baines John, Ogden 
Bentham Robert, Salt pie 
Berry James, Foot House gate 
Boothman Moses, Cross lane 
Boothman Thomas, Stang laithe 
Burton George, Ogden's farm 
Collinge J. E., Under Pendle 
Dewhurst Thomas, Black moss 
Driver James, Windy harbour 
Famworth Edward, Barley 
Foster John, Barley house 
Fothergill George, Mankland's Ing 
Garnett John (and assistant overseer 
Wilkinson's farm 

Hargreaves Edward, Barley farm 
Hargreaves Rd. & Sons, White hough 
Hargreaves William, Mire hole 
Hartley Bernard, Narrow gate 
Hartley John, Higher laithe 
Haworth James, Pendle Inn 
Haworth William, Stang top 
Jackson John, Ing ends 
Laycock William Henry, Black moss 
Pate Bernard, Foot House gate 
Pate William, Far banks 
Robinson Edmund, Black moss 
Robinson John, Pendle house 
Robinson Thomas, Pendle side 
Scott Mrs. Elizabeth, Barley green 
Simpson William, Firber 
Slater Mary Ann & Jane, Buttock 
Smith Joseph, Upper houses 
Smith Robinson, Ing head 
Smith Richard, Upper houses 
Smith Thomas, Buttock 
Starkie James, Cross 
Tattersall Henry, Under Pendle 
Whalley William, Ing ends 



This is a populous manufacturing village and township, 2 miles W. of 
Colne, and in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe. It is the head 
of a county council division comprising 15 townships. It contains the 
hamlet of Blacko, and a great number of dispersed dwellings. The 
township is governed by a Local Board formed in June, 1892. It 
consists of nine members, the chairman being R. H. Wiseman, Esq., 
and the clerk Mr. J. C. Waddington. The acreage is 2,365 acres ; and 
its rateable value amounts to £L6,562 15s. The population in 1851 
was 2,875; 1861,2,880; 1871,3,110; 1881, 3,842 ; and 1891, 4,776. 
The principal landowners are Edward Every Clayton, Esq., John 
Barrowclough, Esq., and Messrs. Berry. The Chtcrch, dedicated to St. 
Thomas, was erected in 1841, and enlarged in 1855. Various impor- 
tant improvements were recently effected, including a new chancel, 
new seating in body of church, oak pulpit, oak reredos, and a five-light 
traceried window in chancel, of beautifully stained glass, the total cost 
being about £3,000, which was defrayed by the late Thomas Barrow- 
clough, Esq. There are 450 sittings, of which 172 are free. The 
benefice is a vicarage of the annual value of £343, in the patronage of 
Hulme's trustees, and held by the Eev. Alfred Freeman Studdy 
Studdy, B.A. A Wesleyan Chapel was erected here in 1800, but) 
having become inadequate for the requirements of the congregation, it 
has been replaced by a new and handsome edifice recently opened. 
The new chapel is situated in Higherford, on a site presented by Mr. 
Eobert Wiseman, and cost £4,500, to which Mr. W. Tunstill contri- 
buted the sum of £500. It wall seat 650 persons. The old building is 
now utilised as a Sunday school. This body have another chapel — a 
very neat building — at Eeedyford, erected by William Tunstill, Esq. 
The Congregational Chapel, built in 1880, at a cost of about £4,000, 
has superseded the old chapel, now used as a Board School. ^ It is 
under the ministry of the Eev. Edward Gough, B.A. The Primitive 
Methodists have a neat chapel in the village, erected in 1892, at a cost 
of £1,000. This has superseded the old chapel, dating from 1836 ; Eev. 
W. Dinning, minister. The Independent Methodists have a neat 
chapel, erected in 1880. The village is lighted with gas supplied by 
the Nelson Corporation. A School Board for the united district of 
Barrowford and Brogden-with-Admergill was formed in December, 
1874. The Board consists of seven members, and has under its con- 
trol three schools. Since its formation, the number of children has 
more than doubled. Mr. Daniel Nutter, chairman of the Board, and 
Mr. Humphrey W. Haworth, clerk. 

Post and Money Order Office; Benjamin. Thomas, postmaster. Letters arrive via 
Nelson 7-30 a.m., 12-30 p.m., and 6-30 p.m., and are despatched 9-30 a.m., 1-0 pm., 
and 8-0 p.m. 

Ainsworth James, warehsmn., Mount st 

Ainsworth Robert (Hartley & Ainsworth); 

h. Cooper side 
Aitken Jas., coal merchant, Spring grove 

Aitken James, grocer, Garnett street 
Albert Mills Spinning Co., cotton spinners 

Armistead Mrs. Ellen, The Ferns 
Atkinson Mr. Bernard, 6 Garnett street 
Atkinson Christopher & Co., cotton 

manufacturers, Lower Clough mill 
Atkinson Hy., mill secretary, Thorn hill 
Atkinson James, grocer, 59 Gisburn rd 



Atkinson Jas., shopkpr., 93 Gisburn rd 
Atkinson John, clothlooker, 88 Garnet st 
Atkinson Robert, plasterer, slater, and 

contractor, Mount street 
Atkinson Robt., overlooker, 17 Pasture In 
Baldwin Alice, shopkeeper, Blacko 
Baldwin Geo., overlooker, 2 Rushton st 
Baldwin Mr. Henry, 33 Church street 
Baldwin Mrs. Margaret, 7 Sharp street 
Bannister Mrs. Mgt., gcr., 96 Gisburn rd 
Barrett Joseph, grngcr., 24 Duckworth st 
Barrowclough John, Esq., The Oaklands 
Barrowford Progressive Co-operative 
Society, Ltd., grocers, drapers, boot- 
makers, &c, Pasture lane; branches : 
Gisburn road, Blacko, and 4 Pendle 
street ; A. H. Tattersall, manager ; G. 
W. Hamilton, secretary 
Barrowford Industrial Co-op. Society, 
Gisburn road and Maud street; H. W. 
Haworth, secretary 
Battrum Arthur, shopkpr., Smithy farm 
Berry Henry, grocer, 150 Gisburn road 
Berry James (R. Berry & Son) ; h. Oak 

Berry Miss Lucy, Holmfield 
Berry R. & Son, cotton manufacturers, 

Victoria mill 
Berry Mrs. Mary, Victoria house 
Binns John Wm., overlooker, 6 May st 
Blair William, traveller, 40 Gisburn rd 
Blakey Benjamin, grocer, Gisburn rd 

Blakey Jesse, bookseller, stationer, 
and ironmonger, 134 and 136 
Gisburn road 

Board School, Church street; (mixed) 

William Henry Webber ; (infants) 

Miss L. MacMorran 
Bolton Ezra, plumber and tinner, 211 

Gisburn road 
Bolton James, shopman, 23 Pasture In 
Bolton John, painter, 68 Gisburn road 
Bolton Mr. Joseph Holroyd, Beanfield hs 
Bonner John, butcher, 19 Nora street 
Booth Misses, dressmakers, 4 Ford st 
Booth William Thomas, fish and fruit 

dealer, 120 & 122 Gisburn road 
Boughey Samuel, gardener, 3 May st 
Bowers Daniel, gardener, 2 Ford street 
Bracewell Mrs. Eliz., Thorney clough 
Bracewell Fred., mngr., 149 Gisburn rd 
Bracewell Robt., chapel keeper, 5 Ford st 
Broughton Enos, overlooker, New bridge 
Brown Mr. Joseph, 203 Gisburn road 
Brown Richard Henry, pianoforte tuner, 

199 Gisburn road 
Brown William Henry, sharebroker, 

205 Gisburn road 
Bullock & Hartley, bldrs. and contrctors 
Buckle Miss Ann, grocer, 100 Gisburn rd 
Buckle Wm., shopkeeper, 109 Gisburn rd 
Buller Jas., shopkeeper, 51 Gisburn road 
Butterfield Hartley, shopkeeper, 241 

Gisburn road 

Butterfield Heaton,boot and shoe maker, 
Gisburn road 

Butler Edwin, plasterer, & cement 
merchant; allkinds of concreting 
work executed ; 3 Sharp street 
Cant Wm., police sergeant, 6 Maud st 
Clegg Mr. James, 165 Gisburn road 
Conservative Club, Gisburn road ; John 
Barrowclough, Esq., chairman; Henry 
Hatton, secretary 

Corbishley Samuel, tailor and draper, 

129 Gisburn road 
Corbishley Mr. Thomas, 1 Prospect pi 
Corlass Miss Ellen Ann, Croft house 
Crabtree Hartley, beerhouse, Rising 

Sun, Blacko 

Craven Bank, Limited, Gisburn road 
(open Mondays and Fridays) 

Crompton Mr. George, Laund house 

Cummings Edwd., boot and shoe maker, 
3 Nora street 

Dinning Rev. Wm. (Primitive Meth.), 
Park house 

Dixon Joseph, market gardener, Lower 
Park hill 

Dixon Robt , stationer, newsagent, 
and general dlr., 143 Gisburn rd 

Duckworth Bulcock, joiner and builder, 

whlsl. cnfcr. and grocer, 38 Church st 

Duckworth Timothy, grcr., 70 Gisburn rd 

Duckworth & Walker, dressmakers, 81 

Gisburn road 

Dugdale Jas. ,asst.overseer,173 Gisburn rd 
Dugdale Jas., agt. for Refuge, 21 Nora st 
Dugdale Peter, wool cllr., 191 Gisburn rd 
Dugdale William, overlooker, 3 Peter st 
Dyson John Wm., warehouseman, 50 

Gisburn road 
Eastwood Geo., butcher, 145 Gisburn rd 
Eastwood Wm., bookkeeper, 10 Harry st 
Emmott John, mineral water manu- 
facturer, 84 Gisburn road 
England Martin, joiner & builder, Calder 

Vale works; h. 1 Lee street 
England Abraham, joiner (j), 13 Lee st 
Faraday Thos., grocer, 12 Halstead lane 
Pell Mrs. Ann, vict., Fleece Inn, Gis- 
burn road 

Fletcher Mr. Hezekiah, Carr hall 
Foulds Alfred, wheelwright, David street 
Frankland Miss Janet, 159 Gisburn road 
Gabbott Mrs. Ellen, 42 Gisburn road 
Gabbott Wm., overlooker, 24 Garnett st 
Gabbott John, coal dealer, 2 Garnett st 
Garde Thomas, watchmaker, 128 

Gisburn road 
Gott Thomas, draper, 195 Gisburn road 
Gough Rev. Edwd,B.A. (Congregational), 

Auburn house 
Greenwood James, overlooker, 25 Ford st 
Greenwood Wm., overlooker, Garnett st 
Grimshaw Henry, builder, 11 Pendle st 
Grimshaw Thos. (Exors. of), commission 

agents, Crow trees 



Hall Chas., agent for Refuge, 11 Lee st 
Hall Cardus, agent for Refuge, 61 Gar- 

nett street 
Halstead Wm., beerhouse, Bridge Inn, 

146 Gisburn road 
Hamilton William Henry, plasterer, 21 

Garnett street 
Hancock Mrs. Alice, 259 Gisburn road 
Hanson Peter Ormerod, bookkeeper, 225 

Gisburn road 
Hargreaves Wm., butcher, 103 Gisburn rd 
Harper Mrs. Ann, confctr., 100 Gisburn rd 
Harper Mr. Richard W., Brookdale 
Harper Stephen, bootmaker, 100 and 105 

Gisburn road 
Harrison Wm., market gardener, Garr 

Hall gardens 
Hartley & Ainsworth, cotton manu- 
facturers, Calder Vale shed 
Hartley Gabriel, grocer, 75 Gisburn road 
Hartley Mr. Henry, 82 Gisburn road 
Hartley W. Price, mill secty., 4 May st 
Hartley John, plumber, 143 Gisburn rd 
Hartley Mr. Robinson, 31 Ford street 
Hatton Henry, gardener, 15 Lee street 
Haworth Humphrey Waddington, clerk 

to School Board, 8 Sharp street 
Haworth Jas., engine tenter, 74 Gisburn rd 
Heap Miss Margt., shopkpr., New bridge 
Heyes J., painter, 130 Gisburn road 
Holgate Mr. Thomas, 92 Gisburn road 
Holt Mrs. Charlotte, 275 Gisburn road 
Holt John, gentleman, The Grove 
Holt J. E., agt. for Prudential, 1 Ford st 
Holt Mrs. Margt., shopkeeper, 1 Ford st 
Holt Mrs. Martha, confr., 142 Gisburn rd 
Horsfield James, traveller, 7 James st 
Horsfield Rd., gardener, 21 Pasture lane 
Horslcy Benjamin, painter, Gisburn rd 
Howarth Robert, wheelwright, Old row 
Howarth John, shopkpr., Barrowford rd 
Howarth Saml., shopman, 65 Gisburn rd 
Howarth William and Mary Alice, victs., 

George and Dragon, Gisburn road 
Jackson Jas., tobacconist, 126 Gisburn rd 
Jackson Wm., butcher, 96 Gisburn road 
Kenyon John, brewer, Clough Spring 

Kinder Hartley, bookkeeper, Mount st 
King Joseph, auctioneer and vict., Old 

Sparrow Hawk 
Laycock George, wheelwright and smith, 

213 Gisburn road 
Lee Miss Ada, confctnr., 118 Gisburn rd 
Lee Robt., fried fish dlr., 99 Gisburn rd 
Lee Wm., assurance agent, 25 Church st 
Liberal Club, Water street ; Henry 

Rushworth, secretary 
Local Board Office, Church st; R. H. 

Wiseman, Esq., chairman; Mr. J. C. 

Waddington, clerk 
Lord John, L.R.C.P., surgeon, Stanley pi 
Lowcock Tom, boot, shoe and clog mkr., 

107 Gisburn road 

Manchester and County Bank, Limited, 
Gisburn rd (open Mondays & Fridays) 
Midgley Betsy, vict., White Bear, Gis- 
burn road 
Moore Thos., coal dealer, 10 Church st 
Musgrave Joseph, tailor and out- 
fitter, 101 Gisburn road 
National School, Church street; (mixed) 
William C. Walton; (infants) Mrs. A. 
Newsham Jph., clothlooker, 4 Gisburn rd 
Nuttall Henry, grocer, 215 Gisburn road 
Nutter Daniel butcher, 112 Gisburn rd 
Nutter Daniel, joiner and cabinet mkr., 

Old row 
Nutter John, shoemaker, Blacko 
Nutter Rd., warehsman., 223 Gisburn rd 
Osborne Harry, grocer 
Pate Fredk., hairdresser, 85 Gisburn rd 
Pate Robert, beerhouse, Victoria Hotel, 

Gisburn road 
Pidgeon Hy., overlooker, 67 Garnett st 
Peel Mrs. Margaret, 7 Church street 
Pirn de Becho, surgeon, 147 Gisburn rd 
Pickles Mr. Albert, Oak villas 
Pickles Mr. John Henry, Oak villas 
Pollard Mr. John 

Preston Emmanuel, joiner (j), 8 Maud st 
Proctor Bros , joiners and builders, 39 

Gisburn road 
Ridehalgh Thos., manager, 72 Gisburn rd 
Ridehalgn Tom, grocer & proven- 
der dealer, 87 Gisburn road 
Riding William, overlooker, New bridge 
Riley & Sons, drapers, 102 Gisburn road 
Robinson John, overlooker, New bridge 
Robinson John, grocer, 1 Garnett street 
Rowley John, overlooker, 13 Pendle st 
Rushton James, hatter, 79 Gisburn road 
Rushton Thomas, hairdresser, 1 Nora st 
Rushton Thomas, agent for Royal Liver, 

May street 
Rushworth James, warehouseman, 209 
Gisburn roai 

Shackleton Mrs. Alice, shopkeeper, 3 
Foulds street 

Sharp Mrs. Ann, milliner and baby linen 
dealer, 110 Gisburn road 

Sharp Jonas, boot and shoe maker, 114 
and 116 Gisburn road 

Shoesmith John, overlooker, 127 Gis- 
burn road 

Silverwood Mrs. Sarah Ann, Foreside 

Simpson Francis, agent for Prudential, 
17 Ford street 

Singleton James, greengrocer, 13 Hal- 
stead lane 

Skinner John, overlooker, 23 David st 

Smallman Wm. John, agent for Refuge, 
46 Gisburn road 

Smirthwaite Hy., boot and shoe maker, 
1 David street 

Smith Miss Ellen, apartments, 
19 Ford street 



Smith & Wiseman, cotton manufactrs., 

Higherford shed 
Stansfield Mrs. Jane, 179 Gisburn road 
Stansfield Jonathan, grocer, David st 
Stansfield Robert, joiner and builder, 

David street 
Starkie Mrs. Mary, 97 Gisburn road 
Starkie Richd., overlooker, 21 Church st 
Starkie Wm., engine tenter, 10 Sharp st 
Stow Mrs. Sarah, Dorset house 
Strickland J., maltster, The Grange 
Studdy Rev. Alfred Freeman Studdy, 

B.A., The Vicarage 
Sutcliffe Hartley, btchr., 143a Gisburn rd 
Sutcliffe Wm., butcher, 21 Gisburn road 
Swannell Rev. Chas. (Wes.), Thorn hill 
Sykes William, stonemason and builder, 

6 Duckworth street 
Tattersall Wm., tailor, 73 Gisburn road 
Thomas Benjamin, chemist, druggist, 

and wine & spirit mercht., Gisburn rd 
Thackray John, carter, Mount street 
Tunstill Hy., blacksmith, Barrowford rd 
Uttley Mrs. Alice, Higher Causeway 
Wallbank James, clothlooker, 9 Lee st 
Walshaw Mrs. Sarah Ann, 197 Gisburn rd 
West Hill Manufacturing Co., Limited, 

cotton manufacturers 
Wesleyan Sclwol, Reedyford (mixed) ; 

John Woodward 
Wilson & Hartley, Ltd.; cotton manu- 
facturers, Lower Clough mill ; W. Price 

Hartley, secretary 
Wiseman John, joiner & builder, Ford st 
Wiseman Robt. H. (Smith & Wiseman) ; 

h. Bank house 
Wood Sutcliffe, overlooker, 4 Victoria st 


Aitken James, Lower Park hill 
Aldersley James, Higher Paddock 

Bracewell Fred., Whittlecroft 
Blezard William, Lower clough 
Brown John, Blacko 
Brown Jonathan, Wheathead 
Brown David, Wheathead 
Clark Broughton, Higher Wheathead 
Coates William, Lower lane 
Crabtree James, Spout house 
Crabtree Richard, Blacko laith 
Farnell James, Great Stone edge 
Foulds John, Pasture house 
Foulds Robert, Blacko 
Garnett Jonathan, East Stone edge 
Halstead Hartley, Laund 
Halstead William, Black Hill side 
Hargrcaves William, Higher Park hill 
Harrison James & Richard, Height house 
Hartley George, Fulshaw 
Haythornthwaite William, Parrock 
King Joseph, Rushton thorn 
Maude Jonas, West pasture 
Moore Thomas, Blacko Hill side 
Nowell James, Hole house 
Nutter Thomas, Growtrees 
Nutter Thomas, Middleton laith 
Pickles William, Trough laith 
Pollard Daniel, Higher ridge 
Ridehalgh James, White Bear 
Robinson Thomas, Higher Slipper hill 
Sharp Paul, Green hill 
Sharp Samuel, Water meetings 
Simpson James, Halstead farm 
Speak Harrison, Spout house 
Strickland John, The Grange 
Sutcliffe Hartley, Clough 
Sutcliffe Hartley, Malkin tower 
Thompson Hartley, New house 
Thompson Thomas, Higher Oakland 
Thompson Thomas, Wheathead 
Thompson William, Burnt house 
Waite Sutcliffe, Flax moor 



Smith & Wiseman, cotton manufactrs., 

Higherford shed 
Stansfield Mrs. Jane, 179 Gisburn road 
Stansfield Jonathan, grocer, David st 
Stansfield Robert, joiner and builder, 

David street 
Starkie Mrs. Mary, 97 Gisburn road 
Sfcarkie Richd., overlooker, 21 Church st 
Starkie Win., engine tenter, 10 Sharp st 
Stow Mrs. Sarah, Dorset house 
Strickland J., maltster, The Grange 
Studdy Rev. Alfred Freeman Studdy, 

B.A., The Vicarage 
Sutcliffe Hartley, btchr., 143a Gisburn rd 
Sutcliffe Wm., butcher, 21 Gisburn road 
Swannell Rev. Chas. (Wes.), Thorn hill 
Sykes William, stonemason and builder, 

6 Duckworth street 
Tattersall Wm., tailor, 73 Gisburn road 
Thomas Benjamin, chemist, druggist, 

and wine & spirit mercht., Gisburn rd 
Thackray John, carter, Mount street 
Tunstill Hy., blacksmith, Barrowford rd 
Uttley Mrs. Alice, Higher Causeway 
Wallbank James, clothlooker, 9 Lee st 
Walshaw Mrs. Sarah Ann, 197 Gisburn rd 
West Hill Manufacturing Co., Limited, 

cotton manufacturers 
Wesleyan School, Reedyford (mixed) ; 

John Woodward 
Wilson & Hartley, Ltd.; cotton manu- 
facturers, Lower Clough mill ; W. Price 

Hartley, secretary 
Wiseman John, joiner & builder, Ford st 
Wiseman Robt. H. (Smith & Wiseman) ; 

h. Bank house 
Wood Sutcliffe, overlooker, 4 Victoria st 


Aitken James, Lower Park hill 
Alclersley James, Higher Paddock 

Braoewell Fred., Whittlecroft 
Blezard William, Lower clough 
Brown John, Blacko 
Brown Jonathan, Wheathead 
Brown David, Wheathead 
Clark Broughton, Higher Wheathead 
Coates William, Lower lane 
Crabtree James, Spout house 
Crabtree Richard, Blacko laith 
Farnell James, Great Stone edge 
Foulds John, Pasture house 
Foulds Robert, Blacko 
Garnett Jonathan, East Stone edge 
Halstead Hartle}', Laund 
Halstead William, Black Hill side 
Hargreaves William, Higher Park hill 
Harrison James & Richard, Height house 
Hartley George, Fulshaw 
Haythornthwaite William, Parrock 
King Joseph, Rushton thorn 
Maude Jonas, West pasture 
Moore Thomas, Blacko Hill side 
Nowell James, Hole house 
Nutter Thomas, Crowtrees 
Nutter Thomas, Middleton laith 
Pickles William, Trough laith 
Pollard Daniel, Higher ridge 
Ridehalgh James, White Bear 
Robinson Thomas, Higher Slipper hill 
Sharp Paul, Green hill 
Sharp Samuel, Water meetings 
Simpson James, Halstead farm 
Speak Harrison, Spout house 
Strickland John, The Grange 
Sutcliffe Hartley, Clough 
Sutcliffe Hartley, Malkin tower 
Thompson Hartley, New house 
Thompson Thomas, Higher Oakland 
Thompson Thomas, Wheathead 
Thompson William, Burnt house 
Waite Sutcliffe, Flax moor 


Is an extensive township, extending from 2 to 5 miles N.E. from 
Burnley, and covering an area of 4,277 acres. It is in the Clitheroe 
parliamentary division. Briercliffe gives its name to a county council 
division, containing also the townships of Altham, Huncoat, Hapton 
(rural), Habergham Eaves, Dunnockshaw, Cliviger, and Worsthorne- 
with-Hurstwood. T. T. Townley-Parker, Esq., is the principal land- 
owner, but a portion is also owned by the Halsted, Smith, and 
Spencer families. The population of the township in 1851 was 1,612 ; 
1861, 1,332; 1871, 1,263; 1881, 1,148; and 1891, 1,647; and its 
rateable value is £11,790 15s. The cotton trade gives employment 
to a considerable number of persons. The Church, dedicated to 
St. James, was erected in 1840, at a cost of £1,300, and has 



subsequently been beautified at a considerable expense. It contains 
515 sittings, all free. The benefice is a vicarage of the annual value 
of £300, in the patronage of Hulme's trustees, and held by the Eev. 
Thomas M. Harrison, M.A. The Baptists have a chapel in the town- 
ship, built in 1865, at a cost of £2,000 ; it has superseded the older 
one erected in 1840. Here is also a Scotch Baptist Chapel The Free 
Gospellers have also a chapel here. The Baptist Sunday School is a 
handsome building, erected at a cost of about £3,000. Briercliffe 
Beading and Recreation Booms, built in 1877, at a cost of about £800, 
are well patronized. The Briercliffe and Extxoistle School Board was 
established in 1889. The chairman is T. T. Smith, Esq., and the 
clerk is Mr. T. Bannister. 

Post and Money Order Office, Harle Syke ; Wm. Kippax, postmaster. Letters 
arrive via Burnley 7-30 a.m. and 5-0 p.m., and are despatched 8-15 a.m. and 
5-30 p.m. 

Altham Abraham (Exors. of), cotton 

manufacturers, Harle syke 
Atkinson Edmund, overlkr., 6 Queen st 
Atkinson Jas. overlooker, 20 School ter 
Atkinson John, joiner & builder, Burnley 

road; h. 16 Queen street 
Atkinson Luke, taper, 22 Ivy villas, 

Queen street 
Auld James, clog and shoe maker 
Baldwin Henry, stonemason, Queen st 
Banks Elijah, tailor, Jubilee street 
Bannister Thos., clerk to School Board, 

8 Jubilee street 
Board School, Haggate; (mixed) Fred. 

Leaver, head master; Jas. Corrin, asst. 

master; (infants) Miss A. Moorhouse 
Briercliffe Mill Co., Limited; Robert 

Halstead, secretary 
Briercliffe Reading & Recreation Rooms ; 

James Corrin, secretary 
Brierley Wm., beamer, Queen street 
Burnley Co-operative Society (branch), 

Harle syke 
Burrows Mr. Thomas, 3 Burnley road 
Catlow Mr. John, Old hill 
Corrin Saml. W., joiner (j), 20 Jubilee st 
Crabtree Elizabeth, shopkeeper, Haggate 
Dent Miss Mrgt., confectnr., Jubilee ter 
Duerden Thos., shopkeeper, Burnley rd 
Edmondson John, grocer, 101 Burnley rd 
Poster John, beamer, 14 School terrace 
Poster W., manager, Ivy villas, Queen st 
Greenwood Roger, weaver, 20 Queen st 
Greenwood Mr. William, Church view 
Haggate Weaving Co., Ltd.; William 

Poster, secretary 
Halstead Hartley, overlooker, 43 Bright 

Ville terrace 
Halstead John, (Jas. Thornton & Co.) ; h. 

Granville street 
Halstead Robert, grocer, 2 Halifax road 
Hargreaves Thos. (Exors. of), carters, 57 

Burnley road 
Harrison Rev. Thos. M., M.A., vicarage 

Haworth. Thomas W. boot, shoe & 

clog maker, Townley street 
Heap Foulds, hairdresser, 84 

Jubilee terrace * 

Heap William, tailor, Thorn terrace 
Hirst Mrs. Ellen, shopkpr. 42 Burnley rd 
Hooson John, vict., Roggerham Gate Inn 
Hudson James, grocer, Harle syke 
Humphreys Humphrey, tailor, 56 Jubilee 

Jackson Peter, manager, Queen street 
Jackson Robert & James, painters 
Kippax James, shopkeeper 
Kippax Wm., stationer, 54 Burnley rd 
Leaver Mr. Abraham, Ivy villas 
Leaver Mr. James, Ivy villas 
Leaver James, overlooker, 50 Burnley rd 
Muir Wm. Robt., M.B., CM., physician 
and surgeon, Harle syke 

North of England Preserve <3o., fruit 

Nuttall A., overlooker, 61 Burnley road 
Nuttall Thomas, chapel keeper 
Nuttall Wm., grocer & asst. overseer 
Nutter Mrs. Phcebe, Queen street 
Parker A. & R., builders & contractors, 

Walsh aw , 

Pickles Thomas, foreman quarryman, 

12 Hope terrace 
Pollard Henry, clogger, Harle syke 
Proctor Robert, vict., Hare and 

Hounds, Haggate 
Rostron J., schoolmaster, Lane head 
Rushton Jas., overlooker, Todmorden rd 
Simpson & West, cotton manufacturers, 

Harle Syke mill 
Smith Mrs. Nanny, shopkpr., Burnley rd 
Smith Thos. Thornber, Esq., J.P., cotton 

manufacturer, Hill End mill ; h. Hill 

End house 
Stuttard John, cotton manufacturer, 

Harle Syke shed 
Tattersall John, boot and shoe maker, 

73 Burnley road 



Taylor Fredk., overlooker, Thorn terrace 
Taylor John, mohnst & smith, Burnley rd 
Thornber James, butcher, 34 Burnley rd 
Thornton Charles, solicitor ; and Nelson 
Thornton James & Co., cotton manu- 
facturers, Harle Syke shed 
Thornton Richard, overlooker, Queen st 
Thornton Thos., butcher, 14 Halifax rd 
Walton A., overlooker, 16 Jubilee street 
Watson & Anderson, physicians and 

surgeons, 123 Burnley road 
West Herbert, engineer, 4 Queen street 
West William (Simpson & West) ; h. 87 
Burnley road 

Whittaker Mrs. Sarah, shopkeeper, 2 

Burnley road 
Whitehead James, chapel keeper 
Wilkinson Tattersall, refreshment rooms, 

Swindon house 

Wormald Fred., beerhouse, Sun Inn, 

Yorkshire Penny Bank ; James Oorrin, 



Barnes John, Higher house 
Birtwistle Catlow, Higher Ridehalgh 
Blackburn Edward, Gockden 
Brierley John, Windle house 
Brown William, Extwistle 
Dent Mrs. Mary, Shaw lane 
Dent Mrs., Bend hill 

Duerden Joseph, Folds house 
Duerden William, Spring house ' 

EdmondsonJno.,Holden farm, Extwistle 
Edmondson Joseph, Extwistle 

Elliott Wilson, Shuttleworth pasture 

Greenwood William, Cockden 

Halliwell Young, Extwistle 

Halstead James, Jackwell house 

Hartley James, Stoneyrakes 

Heap James, Hollin grove 

Heap Thomas, Higher Ridehalgh 

Higgin James, New house 

Holt Hartley, Extwistle 

Holt William, Lee green 

Hudson Wm. (and auctnr.), Shorey hey 

Jobling John, Netherwood 

Laycock Thomas, Yeoman's farm 

Nowell Peter, Thurston scarr 

Nuttall James, Holt hill 

Nuttall Thomas, Hill 

Parker John, Walshaw 

Pickup Richard, Boulsworth end 

Rhodes Henry, Back lane 

Robinson Joseph, Slack farm 

Rukin Joseph, Widow green 

Shackleton William, North bank 

Stubbs Henry, Black House lane 

Stuttard Mrs., Tattersall barn 

Sutcliffe Henry, Lane house 

Taylor John, Haggate house 

Whitaker Thomas, Burwains 

Wilkinson James, Herd house 


Is a populous and thriving village in the township of Marsden, and 
situated 2 miles N.E. of Burnley, on the Lancashire and Yorkshire 
line of Railway. It is in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe and 
county council division of Padiham. A Local Board was established 
here in 1868 ; it consists of nine members. The rateable value of the 
district is £18,652, and the population in 1891, was 5,888. The area 
is 1,017 acres. The inhabitants are supplied with water and gas by 
the Corporation of Nelson. The Church, dedicated to St. Luke, was 
consecrated October 18th, 1872. In is a handsome edifice, of the 
14th century style of architecture, from designs by Mr. James Green, 
and consists of nave, aisles, chancel, porch, and tower, with clock and 
one bell. Its cost was nearly £5,000, exclusive of site, which was pre- 
sented by Colonel Holden. The principal benefactor was the Eev. 
William Thursby, to _ whom the stained glass east window has been 
erected as a memorial. There is another stained window to the 
memory of the late General Scarlett, by whom the foundation stone 
was laid, it being one of his latest official acts. The font and the 
south window are the gifts of the architect, Mr. James Green. In 
1888 the sum of £1,300 was expended on improvements, including a 



vestry and organ chamber, and an organ built by Hill & Son, London, 
costing £600. The church contains 500 sittings, all of which are free. 
The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of £'300, in the patronage 
of the Bishop of Manchester, and held by the Rev. Edward Jobson, 
M.A. The Wesley an Chapel, Colne Road, was built in 1861, and is a 
good building. Rev. Philip J. Cocking, minister. The Primitive 
Methodist Chapel is also in Colne Road. Here extensive improve- 
ments have been effected. A new and handsome school house was 
erected in 1887, at a cost of £4,500. It contains a room which can 
seat 800 persons, 18 large class rooms, library, infants' schoolroom, 
&c. The contractors were Messrs. A. & R. Parker, of Walshaw. The 
chapel has reccently been reseated, and a portico added at an expense 
of £2,000. The chapel will seat 800 persons. Rev. S. Newell,, 
minister. The Baptist Chapel, Burnley Road, is a neat stone building,, 
erected in 1885. It contains a tablet to the memory of the late 
A. Altham, Esq. The Congregational Chapel is a commodious structure 
of recent erection, which cost about £3,000, and possesses accommo- 
dation for 600 persons. Rev. T. Wesley Brown, minister It has 
replaced the old chapel near Marsden Height, which dated from 1837. 
The Friends' Meeting House is in Walverden Road. There are in the 
village Liberal and Conservative Clubs ; the building occupied by the 
former was erected in 1889 in Cross street, and is a commodious 
structure with accommodation for a large number of members. 

Post, Money Order, and Telegraph Office, 38 Colne Road ; Joseph Tyrrell, postmaster. 
Letters arrive via Burnley, 6-30 a.m., 2-30 and 4-22 p.m., and are despatched 
at 9-15 and 11-45 a.m., and 4-10, 7-30, and 8-40. p.m. 

Adams Mrs. Emma, 17 Hartington st 
Ainsworth John, watch repairer, 13 

Hartington street 
Aldersley Henry, taper, 5 Railway view 
Armistead Peel, grocer, 10 Railway st 
Ashworth James, tailor and grocer, 33 

Regent street 
Ashworth Thomas, chemist & druggist, 

6 Halifax road 
Baldwin Miss Tabitha, 162 Colne road 
Baldwin William, tailor and draper, 14 

Colne road 
Banks James E., workingmen's home, 

Clough bottom 
Barker Mr. Matthew, 15 Railway view 
Barlow Mrs. Frances, pawnbroker, 23 

Colne road 
Barlow James, cab proprietor, hay and 

straw dealer, 1 Castle street 
Barnes Wm., photographer, 3 Veevers st 
Barrett Wm., stationer and draper, 12 

Colne road 
Barrowclough & Pollard, solicitors, 22 

Colne road 
Bates Jabez, dresser, 11 Clegg street 
Bennett Roger, tailor & draper, 16 Rail- 
way street 
Berry Emmanuel, weaver, 7 Oak terrace 
Berry Mrs. Martha, 26 Halifax road 
Berry Wm., grocer, 3 Burnley road 
Birch John, gardener, 5 Edgend 

Bird Wm., M.B., physician and surgeon, 

Lily cottage, Bridge street 
Blakey Tom, tripe dealer, 86 Colne road 
Boothman Thomas, joiner and builder, 

Sackville street 
Bowman Horatio, shopkeeper, 26 Rail- 
way terrace 
Bowling Jas., overlooker, 26 Burnley rd 
Bracewell Mr. H., 7 Railway view 
Bracewell Hartley, tea and coffee 

dealer, 14 Cross street 
Bracewell John, vict., Junction Hotel, 

Colne road 
Bracewell John Thos., teacher of music, 

22 Oxford street 
Bradshaw Mr. Henry, 172 Colne road 
Brierfield Industrial Co-op. Society, 
Limited, 16, 18 & 20 Colne road ; Jas. 
Higgin, manager; Jas. Swallow, sec. 
Briggs Mr. Ralph, 5 Oak ter, Halifax rd 
Brown Henry, taper, 28 Halifax road 
Brown Herbert, bookkpr., 170 Colne rd 
Brown Robert, taper, 40 Halifax road 
Brown Rev. Thomas Wesley (Congre- 
gational), 9 Clegg street 
Brown Thomas, butcher, Burnley road 
Brown William, druggist, Colne road 
Brunton Hy., beerhouse, Scarlett Arms, 

Marsden height 
Bryce Thomas, vict., Greyhound Inn, 1 
Burnley road 




Bulcock Mr. Robert, 38 Railway terrace 
Bulloek John, stonemason and builder, 

64 Burnley road 
Bullock John, beerhouse, Flying 

Dutchman, 100 Colne road 
Burgess J. & Co., painters and paper- 
hangers, 88 Colne road 
Burnley Building Society (branch), 8 
Halifax road ; W. L. Grant, secretary 
Burrell Matthew, taper, 5 Beattie street 
Ohadwick John, pork butcher, 36 Oolne 

Ohadwick Pickles, cattle dealer, Edgend 
Clark Wm., contractor, 6 Chapel street 
Clarke Wm., grocer, 78 and 80 Colne rd 
Cliviger Coal and Coke Co., Railway sta- 
tion ; James William Wiseman, agent 
Coates John, butcher, 1 High street 
Coates Miss Margaret, confectioner, 5 

Colne road 
Coates Reuben, overlkr., 15 Guildford st 
Cocking Rev. Phillip Jacob (Wesleyan), 

30 Colne road 
Conservative Club, Oxford street ; Thos. 

Waddington, secretary 

Congregational School, Colne rd; (mixed) 

Jethro Gott; (infants) Miss Laura 

Earns haw 

Cook Mrs. Olive, butcher, 19 Clitheroe rd 

Coombe John, boot and shoe maker, 67 

Colne road 
Coop John, joiner, 174 Colne road 
Coulthard John, tripe dlr., 1 Pickering st 
Coulton Wm., painter (j), 7 Hartington st 
Craven Bank, Ltd. (branch), 9 Colne rd; 

open Mondays and Fridays, 10 to 1 
Craven Chippendale, joiner and under- 
taker, 16 Burnley rd ; works, Church st 
Craven George, draper, 25 Sackville st 
Crawshaw John, photgr., 40 Forest view 
Crowther Ellis, shopkpr., 17 Clitheroe rd 
Cuffling Michael, grocer, 40 Colne road 
Dawson John, dresser, 14 Railway ter 
Dawson Sam, hairdresser, 32 Colne road 
Dean Alfred, butcher, 8 Colne road 
Dixon Mr. John, 32 Halifax road 
Duckworth Wm., hay and straw dealer, 

and carter, Commercial street 
Duerden Mr. George, 52 Colne road 
Duerden Geo. Thos., butcher, 1 Colne rd 
Duerden James S., grocer, 4 Halifax rd 
Duerden John, beerhouse, Waggoners' 

Arms, Colne road 
Duerden Miss Mary Ann, grocer, 106 

Colne road 
Dugdale Jas., tea dlr's mngr., 5 Clegg st 
Dugdale Mrs. Mary, 22 St. James street 
Dyson Howarth, cashier, 1 Railway view 
Earnshaw Mrs. Laura R., 18 Railway ter 
East Samuel, grocer, 11 Clitheroe road 
East William, clogger, 6 Railway street 
Ecroyd Benjamin Farrer, Esq., Mount 

Ecroyd Edward, Esq., J.P., Edgend 

Edmondson Mr. Jno. Hague, Spring bank 
Embley Mrs. Alice, drugst., 18 Railway st 
Emmott Robt., plumber, 22 Sackville st 
Exton William, wheelwright, Exton st 
Facer Mrs. Eliz. Ann, 10 Chapel street 
Facer James, grocer, 31 Sackville street 
Foulds Mrs. Mary, 4 Chapel street 
Gill James, shopkeeper, 69 Colne road 
Gornall Henry, police sergt., Tunstill sq 
Graham William, butcher and farmer, 

13 Burnley road 
Greenwood Geo., overlkr., 44 Halifax rd 
Greenwood Jas., draper, 23 Railway st 
Greenwood Mr. John, 6 John street 
Greenwood Jonathan, confectioner, 21 

Railway street 
Greenwood Wm., clothlkr., 87 Colne rd 
Guest Richard, plasterer and contractor, 

13 Ross street 
Hall Matthew, nurseryman and florist, 

Marriott Field nurseries — (See Ad/ot.) 
Halliwell Frank, gardnr., 46 Forest view 
Hadfield Mrs. Margaret, Edgend 
Hargreaves Col. (Exors. of), coal pro- 
prietors, Railway station ; James 

Howarth, agent 
Hargreaves Edwin, taper, 16 Cross st 
Hargreaves Geo. (Geo. Shaw & Co.) ; h. 

29 Clitheroe road 
Hargreaves Geo., grocer, 25 C-itheroe rd 
Hargreaves Wm., taper, 17 Commercial st 
Harker Joseph, beamer, 32 Montague st 
Harker Mrs. Martha, 56 Colne road 
Harper Joseph, draper, 3 & 5 Railway st 
Harrington John, butler, 36 Railway ter 
Hartley Ezra Foster, draper, 2 Bridge st 
Hartley Henry, cotton manufaGtur&i (at 

Jewel mill), Stubblefield house 
Hartley Henry, overlooker, 16 Ross sti 
Hartley James, stationer, 8 Railway st 
Hartley John, draper, 34 Colne road 
Hartley John, collier, 2S Railway terrace 
Hartley John, grocer, 3 Clitheroe road 
Hartley Mrs. Martha, eating house, 15 

Sackville street 
Hartley Robert, taper, 9 Railway view 
Hewer Wm., shopkeeper, 12 Milton st 
Hickson Joseph, gardener, 3 Clegg street 
Higgin James, manager, Calton street 
Hirst Frank, tripe dealer, 15 Railway st 
Hogarth John, overlooker, 11 Cross st 
Holden Willie, confectioner, 92 Coli\c rd 
Holden Rd., dresser, 16 Railway terrace 
Holt Hy., engine tenter, 21 Guildford st 
Holt Pickles, painter and decorator, 9 

Railway street 
Holt Wm. Edmund, drawing master, 42 

Forest view * 

Hodson John, engineer (j), Railway view 
Horner William, farmer, Parson clough 
Horsfall Mr. Chadwick, Holly Bank hs 
Horsfall Ths., brewer, Brierfield brewery; 

h. Roefield hall, Clitheroe 
Horsfall Mr. Titus, Hollin villas 



Howarth Mrs. Catherine, dressmaker, 

54 Colne road 
Howarth Dennis, grocer, 55 Colne road 
Howarth Bros., doggers and shoemakers, 

7 and 15 Colne road 
Howarth Mr. John, 31 Clitheroe road 
Howarth William, builder, 18 Arthur st 
Howker Joseph, tea dealer, 19 Railway st 
Hudson Benjamin, general ironmonger, 

20 Railway street 
Hudson John , joiner and builder, 

Thomas street; h. 36 Berkeley st 
Ingham James, shopman, 4 Arthur st 
Ingham Wm., watchmkr., 2 Burnley rd 
Iveson John, vict., Railway Hotel 

(billards & stabling-), 1 Clitheroe 

Iveson John, shopkeeper, 19 Burnley rd 
Jackson Thos., shopkeeper, 11 Colne rd 
Jackson Thos., overlooker, 32 Oxford st 
Jobson Rev. Edward, M.A., The Vicarage 
King Thomas, tailor, Commercial street 
Landless Mrs. Ellen, Mount pleasant 
Landless Mr. George, Spring bank 
Landless Mrs. Isabla., millnr, 3 Colne rd 
Landless James, coal agent, 3 Colne rd 
Landless J. T., surveyor to Local Board, 

Crabtree street 
Landless Miss Nellie, dressmaker, 

Bridge street 
Landless Thos., bookkeeper, 30 Halifax rd 
Latham Abel, hosier, 4 Carlton street 
Latham Enoch, overlooker, 7 Hill street 
Latham John, painter, 2 Ross street 
LawRichd., overlooker, 28 Guildford shed 
Lawson Saml., surgeon, Brierfield house 
Leather Mrs. Hannah, Edgend 
Leaver Thomas, builder, 20 St. James st 
Lee William, taper, 36 Montague street 
Liberal Club, Cross st; John Grimes, sec. 
Local Board Office, Crabtree st ; Richard 

Procter, clerk ; J. T. Landless, surveyor 

and collector 
Lodge Mr. Ottiwcll, 5 Hartington street 
Lord William, taper, 21 Railway view 
Lowe John, overlooker, 12 Ross street 
Manchester & County Bank, Limited 

(branch), 24 Colne road (open Mondays 

and Fridays, 10 to 1) 
Mason John, farmer, Raw farm 
Mason Mrs. Sarah, 36 Halifax road 
Massey Mrs. Jane, Hawks house 
Maudsley John, grocer and provision 

dealer, 20 Burnley road 
Midgley Joh.n William, grocer, 4 

Colne road 
Mills John, overlooker, 9 Cross street 
Mitchell J., vict., Marsden Cross Inn 
Moorby Mr. John, Hollin villas 
Moore Mrs. Alice, Townley street 
Moore Jonathan, fruiterer, 19 Colne road 
National School, Halifax road; (mixed) 

Walter Royston ; (infants) Miss Margt. 

Nevell Rev.Thos.(Prim.Meth.),9 0ak ter 
Newby Nathan, joiner, 13 Cross street 
Nutter Brothers, doggers, 50 Colne road 
Nutter John, farmer, Bent head 
Oddie Brothers (Thomas, John, & Wm.), 

joiners and builders, John street 
Parkinson Robert, clerk, 30 Railway ter 
Parsons Benj., shopkpr., 24 Sackville st 
Payne Edwd., vict., Wiggles-worth 

Arms, "Burnley road 
Percy George, dogger, 25 Railway street 
Pickles Bios., cotton manufacturers, 

Pendle View mill 
Pickles Jas. (Pickles Bros.) ; h. 6 Pendle 

Pollard William, tobacconist, 2 and 4 

Railway street 
Pratt Mrs. Elizabeth, 1G6 Colne road 
Pratt Jas., pianoforte dlr., 7 Railway st 
Pratt Thomas, drysalter, Hollin bank 
Preston William, tailor and draper, 6 

Burnley road 
Procter John, farmer, Reedley road 
Proudlove William, station master 
Raw& Kearton, coal merchants, Railway 

Rigby Matt., overlooker, 19 Railway view 
Ridehalgh Mrs. Susannah, shopkeeper, 

23 Sackville street 
Riley John, shopkeeper, 71 Colne road 
Riley Samuel, tailor, Veevers farm 
Rivett Wm. John, shopkpr., 160 Colne rd 
Roberts Jas., shoeing and general smith, 
Thomas street ; h. 20 Railway terrace 
Robinson Adam, butcher, 94 Colne road 
Robinson Noah, shopkpr., 1 Railway st 
Robinson Thomas, saddler, 65 Colne rd 
Rodwell John, fried fish dlr., 12 Albion st 
Rogers Thos., shopkpr., 21 Colne road 
Rukin John, carter, 17 Hill street 
Sagar John, cart cover manfr., Bridge st ; 

h. Crabtree street 
Sandys Mr. Thos. G., Limefield house 
Sellers George, vict., Leeds and Liver- 
pool Hotel, 2 Clitheroe road 
Sellers John, dresser, 34 Halifax road 
Shaw Geo. & Co., cotton manufacturers, 

Pendle View shed 
Shaw Lee Richmond, draper, 1 Walver- 

den road 
Shepherd Leigh, draper, Lane ends 
Shutt Thomas, builder, 26 Sackville st 
Smith Eliz., shopkeeper, 19 Cambridge st 
Smith James, gent., Carlton house, 28 

Colne road 
Smith James, shopkeeper, Halifax road 
Smith Samuel, agent for "Prudential, 1 

Oak terrace 
Smith Tom, beerhouse, Snowball Inn, 

Heyhead street 
Snell John William, roller coverer, 24 

Halifax road 
Spencer Martha, beerhouse, Lane Ends 
Inn, 1 Reedley road 



Stanworth Mrs. Dorothy, Hollin villas 
Stanworth Albt., bookkpr, 33 Clitheroe rd 
Stanworth Wm., farmer, Chamber Hill 

Starkie Mrs, Harriet, 17 Albion street 
Stell Alfred, overlooker, 3 Railway view 
Stephenson Mr. John, Pendle villas 
Stephenson William, fried fish dealer, 17 

Oolne road 
Stott James, watchmaker, 2 Colne road 
Snnderland Greenwood, club steward, 

Cross street 
Swallow James, co-operative secretary, 

Halifax road 

Swinglehurst J. & J. W., plumbers, 72 
Colne road 

Tatham Charles, cashier, Edgend 
Tattersall Charles, plumber, glazier, and 

gasfitter, 12a Railway street 
Taylor Benjamin, builder, Berkeley st 
Taylor Geo. Hy., shopman, 14 Halifax rd 
Taylor Henry, beamer, 42 Halifax road 
Taylor Mrs. Mary, 24 Colne road 
Townsley Rd., bellman, Hudson street 
Tunstill Brothers, cotton spinners and 

manufacturers, Brierfield mills 

Turner Jph., chapel kpr., 14 Humphrey st 

Turner Mrs. Margaret, 11 Railway view 

Tyrrell & Hargreaves, drapers and confrs., 
42 Colne road 

Tyrrell Joseph, boot and shoe maker, 38 
Colne road 

Uttley Mrs. M., farmer, Marsden height 
Veevers Harry, manager, 12 Railway ter 

Veevers John S., cotton manufacturer, 
Lob Lane shed 

Veevers Thomas, florist, Marsden cross 
Walton Henry, grocer, Walverden road 
Walton Mrs. Mary, Edgend 
Walton Wm., artificial limb maker, 50 
Burnley road 

Wear Abraham, gardener, Hollin bank 
Weavers' Association, 20 Burnley road, ; 
George Airey, secretary 

Weber Christian, pork butcher, 12 
Railway street 

Wesleyan School, Colne road ; (mixed) 
James Swallow; (infants) Miss Sus- 
annah Clegg 
Wharton Titus, shopman, 24 St. James st 
Whitehead Mr. Wm. Rennie, Hollin vis 
Whiteside Rd., platelayer, 24 Railway ter 
Whiteside Robert, verger, 37 Carlton st 
Whittaker Mrs. Margaret, 12 Halifax rd 
Whittaker Richd., draper, 17 Railway st 
Whittaker Samuel, farmer, Heathersell 
Wigglcsworth Mr. A., North view 
Wigglesworth Miss Margaret, Stubble- 
field house 

Wildman, Christopher, cattle drover, 34 

Railway terrace 
Wilkinson David, beamer, 26 Colne rd 
Wilkinson Hartley R., cabinet maker, 6 

Colne road 

Wilkinson James, coal merchant, Rail- 
way station 

Wilkinson James, shpkpr., 40 Burnley rd 
Wilkinson James, chimney sweeper, 37 
Sackville street 

Wilks Edward, manager, 32 Railway ter 
Wilson Mrs. Hannah, 17 Railway view 
Wood James, beerhouse, Feathers Inn, 
25 Colne road 

Yoxhall, John, shopkeeper, 98 Colne rd 

Insurance Offices. 

British Workman; Robt. Ingham, King st 
Phcenix ; William Brown, 10 Colne road 
Prudential ; J. S. Haythornthwaite, asst. 

supt., Colne rd; James Hankey, asst. 

supt.,44 Forest view ; Jas. Hargreaves, 

48 Forest view; Samuel Smith, Oak 

terrace : G. Dewhurst, 1 Castle street 
Roijal Liver ; George Hartley, 17 Railway 

st; H. Isherwood, 12 St. James st; 

Henry Walker, 38 Halifax road; J. 

Coates, 10 Bridge st ; F. Stowell, St. 

James street 


This is another extensive township, extending from 2 to 6 miles S.E. 
from Burnley, in the Clitheroe parliamentary division and in the 
Briercliffe county council division. It contains 6,711 acres, mostly 
belonging to the Eight Hon. Lady O'Hagan, the executors of Colonel 
Hargreaves, and the Bev. A. Master- Whitaker, M.A. Its population 
in 1851 was 1,441 ; 1861, 1,770 ; 1871, 1,674 ; 1881, 1,952 ; and 1891, 
1,736 ; and its rateable value is £20,520. The Lancashire and York- 
shire line of railway runs through the township, and has stations at 
Holme Chapel and Portsmouth, the latter being a considerable 
manufacturing village. Here are also large bobbin works, and in the 



township there are brick and tile works, collieries, &c. The Church, 
which stands in the village of Holme, is dedicated to St. John. It 
was consecrated in 1794, but a chapel existed here in 1552. It 
contains 400 sittings, all being free, except those attached by the 
consecration deed. The benefice is a vicarage of the annual value of 
£160, in the patronage of the Eev. A. Master-Whitaker, M.A., and 
held by the Eev. Daniel Sutcliffe, M.A. The United Methodists have 
a chapel at Cornholme, capable of seating about 500 persons. It was 
erected in 1853, at a cost of £1,400. The Wesleyan Methodists have a 
chapel at Mereclough, built in 1824. The Holme is the pleasant 
residence of the Eev. Alfred Master-Whitaker, M.A., and Ormerod 
House, another pleasant mansion, is the residence of Sir J. H. 
Thursby, Bart. 

Post Office at Mr. Samuel Cherry's, Walk mill. Letters via Burnley. 

Ashworth George, butcher, Cornholme 
Blackburn William, labourer, Walk mill 
Boden William, collier, Walk mill 
Brennand Mrs. J., Holme chapel 
British School, Cornholme ; (mixed) 
William Aspinall; (infants) Mrs. Kate 
Brooks & Pickup, brick and tile manu- 
facturers, Portsmouth 
Bulcock Mrs. Margaret, Bull's head 
Cherry Samuel, grocer, Walk mill 
Cliviger Coal & Coke Co., coal proprie- 
tors ; John Jobling, manager 
Collinge Mrs. Elizabeth, Coppy bottom 
Collinge John, cotton spinner, Ports- 
mouth mill 
Collinge Joseph, vict., Kettledrum Inn 
Cook Rd., collier, 27 Walk Mill terrace 
Coulthard J., shopkeeper, Holme chapel 
Crabtree Abraham, shopkeeper, Ports- 
Crabtree Samuel, foreman, Cornholme 
Crossley James, grocer, Walk mill 
Crossley James, warehouseman, Ports- 

Crossley Mrs. Mary, Whitehaven villas 
Crossley T., vict., Fighting Cocks Inn 
Crossley Thomas, grocer, Holme chapel 
Crossley William & Alfred, cotton manu- 
facturers, Carrfield mill 
Cunliffe Josiah, beerhouse, Glen View 

Inn, Portsmouth 
Cunningham Mrs. Kate, Holme chapel 
Dillon Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth, vict., 

Gordon Lennox Arms, Walk mill 
Duerden John, tea dealer, Cornholme 
Ellison Frederick, station master, Holme 

Forrest Arthur J., land agent, Barcroft 

Fraser Francis E., land agent, Dineley 

Greenwood Mrs. Hannah, grocer, Walk 

Greenwood James, cashier, Portsmouth 
Greenwood Mr. Jno., Oak lee, Cornholme 

Heap Miss Grace, milliner, Cornholme 
Helliwell Charles E., grocer, corn 

and provision dealer, Cornholme 
Helliwell Miss Jane, dressmaker, Walk 


Helliwell Tom S., butcher, Walk mill 
Higgin Miss Elizabeth, South view 
Hirst Arthur, vict., Waggon and 

Horses, Cornholme 
Hitchon Mrs. Susannah, Oaklands 
Independent Methodist School,WoAk mill ; 
(mixed) James B. Whittaker ; (infants) 
Mrs. Repley 
Jackson Martin, dogger, Walk mill 
Jobling John, colliery manager, 21 

Walk Mill terrace 
Kitchen William, pol. con., Holme chapel 
Law John & Son, grocers, Cornholme 
Lord Joseph, vict., Roebuck Inn, Ports- 
Marshall Mrs. Ann, The Lodge 
Master-Whitaker Rev. Alfred, M.A., The 

Middleton James, banksman, Holme 


Mitchell Mrs. Deborah, 32 Walk Mill ter 
Moorby Robert, vict., Ram Inn, Holme 

chapel : 

National School, Holme chapel ; Henry 

Ogden Thomas, grocer, Cornholme 
Ormerod Mrs. Elizabeth, Cornholme 
Parry Mrs. Mary, shopkeeper, Holme 

Parrington Wm., overlooker, Portsmouth 
Phillips Thomas, manager, Cornholme 
Ramsbottom James, cashier, Parkside 

house, Cornholme 
Ratcliffe William, grocer, Overtown 
Redman S., beerhouse, Mereclough 
Sagar Alfred, station master, Portsmouth 
Schofield Mr. James, Holme chapel 
Shackleton Samuel, foreman, Cornholme 
Simpson (John) & Hudson, blacksmiths, 

Walk mill 
Smith Thos., pointsman, Holme chapel 



Smith Mr. Walter, Monkroyd house, 

Snape Mrs. Margt., grocer, Portsmouth 
Smith Joshua, Ltd., cotton manufac- 
turers, Cornholme 
Spencer James, surgeon, Cornholme 
Stansfield Thomas, vict., Tup Inn 
Stansfield A., painter, Portsmouth 
Stott & Wyld, quarrymasters, Middup 

and Worsthorne quarries 
Sutcliffe Rev. Daniel, M.A., vicar, Holme 

Sutcliffe Daniel, beerhouse, Jockey 
Tavern, Cornholme 

Thursby Sir John Hardy, Bart., Ormerod 

Todmorden Co-operative Stores (branch) 
Townend Rev. Thomas Whittaker 

(U.M.F.C.), The Manse, Cornholme 
Varley Mr. Rd., Willow house, Cornholme 
Walton Greenwood, confectioner, Corn- 
West John, labourer, 26 Walk Mill ter 
Wesleyan School, Mereclough; P. T. 

Whitehead Philip, beerhouse, Queen's 

Wild Robert, colliery under manager, 20 

Walk Mill terrace 
Wilson Bros., Ld., bobbin and skewer 

manufacturers, and timber merchants, 

Cornholme mills 
Wilson Mr. Herbert, Portsmouth house 
Wilson Henry, clerk, Holme chapel 


Ashworth John C., Jack Hey lane 
Astin Henry, Lower Red lees 
Baldwin George, Fox stones 
Brown George, Raw nook 
Chadwick John, Stoney cote 
Chadwick John, Stone house 
Collinge James, Causey side 

Collinge Nicholas, Helliplat 

Cropper James, Bend Will slack 

Crossley John, Highgate 

Crossley A. & William, Cliviger laith 

Crossley Thomas, Fighting cocks 

Crowther Mrs., Pasture 

Cryer Thos., Ann, a:id Mary, Far side 

Culshaw Joseph (bailiff), Towneley 

Cunliffe James, New hey 

Dawson Mrs., Overtown farm 

Fielden Mrs., Honeyholme 

Hargreaves John, Longshay 

Hargreaves Joseph, Eveley 

Heap James, Hole houses 

Heap Wilkinson, Buck clough 

Helliwell James, Cliviger mill 

Helliwell Hodgson, Pearson's house 

Helliwell William, Brown birks 

Higgin Alfred, Scout 

Hindlc Robert, Warcock hill 

Holt Mrs, Martha, Robin Cross hill 

Horsfall William, Light birks 

Howard Joseph, Causey side 

Kirby W., Stone house 

Lancaster James, Barcroft hall 

Lancaster George, Dineley 

Lancaster John, Higher Red lees 

Lord John, BeriPs green 

Lord Joseph, Portsmouth 

Mills William, Causey side 

Moorby Robert, Ram Inn 

Ormerod Henry, Coal clough 

Pickles John, Helliplat 

Pickup Pickup, Birch house 

Redman Joseph, Overtown 

Riley John, Wood hag 

Sagar Burton, Leads 

Schofield Edmund, Deerplay 

Schofield Edmund, Irwell springs 

Schofield Henry, Stone house 

Stansfield William, Bradget hey 

Sutcliffe James, Helliplat farm 

Whittam Edmund, Sheddin 

Whittam Law (Exors. of), Mereclough 


Is a township and chapelry, situated in the centre of Pendle Forest, and 
containing the village of Netochurch-in-Pendle, five miles N.W. from 
Burnley. It is in the parliamentary divison of Clitheroe and county 

council division of Barrowford. Its area is 2,034 acres, and its rateable 
value £3,042. Its population in 1851 was 620 ; 1861, 406 ; 1871, 358 ; 
1881, 355; and in 1891, 343. The principal owners of the soil are 
Colonel Starkie, Messrs. Aspinall, Grimshaw, Hartley and Tunstill. 
The Church, which dates from 1544, is in the village of Newchurch, 
and is dedicated to St. Mary. It was restored in 1854. It contains 
500 sittings, all of which are free. The benefice is a vicarage, of the 



annual value of £253, in the patronage of Hulme's Trustees, and held 
by the Eev. James Holt Horrox, M.A. Hoarstones was once a 
celebrated rendezvous of the Pendle witches. The Wesleyans have a 
chapel in Wheatley Lane, rebuilt in 1867- 

Post and Money Order Office. Letters arrive via Burnley 7 a.m., and are despatched 

8-30 a.m., 5-30 p.m., and 6-30 p.m. 

Atkinson Elijah, farmer, Lower hall 
Bell Alexander, gentleman, Myrtle grove 
Berry Robert, farmer, Faughs 
Birtwell Acquila, vict., Friendly Inn, 

Blades Thomas, shopkeeper 
Boothman Mrs., farmer, Height farm 
Burton Marmacluke, blacksmith 
Crook James, farmer, Harper's 
Dickinson — ., farmer, Capper's 
Duerden David, farmer, Woodhousefarm 
Emmett Christopher, farmer, Moss end 
Entwistle Francis, manager, Fence mill 
Greenwood J M farmer, Saddler's farm 
Grimshaw — ., farmer, Tinedale 
Hargreaves Amos, assistant overseer, 

Higher Harper 
Hargreaves Peter, beerhouse, "Who Could 

a Thought it 

Hartley John, farmer, Higher Well head 

Hartley J. H., frmr & grcr, Newchurch 

Hitchon Thomas, farmer, Sabden fold 

Horrox Rev. J. H., vicar, Newchurch 

Ingham Henry, farmer, Spen head 

Ingham Richard, tailor's cutter 

Mitchell William, farmer, Little Craggs 

Moore John, farmer, Higher town 

National Schools, Newchurch 

Nutter Henry, farmer, Sabden house 
Nutter John, farmer, Hoarstones 
Peel William, farmer, Bull hole 
Pickup Joseph, farmer, Great Craggs 
Proctor Brothers, cotton manufacturers, 

Spring mill 
Proctor Hezekiah (Proctor Brothers) ; h. 

Forest house 
Proctor James (Proctor Brothers); h. 

Prospect view 
Proctor John (Proctor Brothers) ; h. 

Harper's house 
Proctor William (Proctor Brothers) ; h. 

Ashfield place 
Robinson William, farmer, Higher spen 
Shepherd Richard, farmer, Croft top 
Spen Brook Manufacturing Co., cotton 

Spencer George, yarn agent, Ashfield pi 
Stephenson John, farmer, Old house 
Stephenson Pierce, farmer, Woodlaith 
Stuttard J. & Sons, cotton spinners, 

Fence mill 
Stuttard Henry H. (J. Stuttard & Sons) ; 

h. Read hall 
Tattersall Joseph, farmer, Blackwood 

Wesleyan School ; Henry Piatt 

Higham-with-West-Close Booth. 

This is a township two miles from Padiham, in the parliamentary 
division of Clitheroe, and county council division of Barrowford. It 
contains 1,584 acres, mostly belonging to Colonel Starkie and to Sir 
U. J. Kay-Shuttleworth, Bart., M.P. The Duke of Buccleuch is lord 
of the manor. The rateable value of the township is £6,170, and its 
population in 1851 was 839 ; 1861,759; 1871,781; 1881,751; and 
1891, 751. St. John's Church is a small but heautiful edifice, erected 
in 1874, at a cost of £2,200, exclusive of site, which was presented by 
Colonel Starkie. It serves as a chapel-of-ease to Padiham. The 
Wesleyans have a good chapel here, built in 1874, at a cost of £1,640. 
It has superseded the old building, which was erected in 1841. 

Letters via Burnley. 

Cook Richard, butcher, Brook hall 
Cunliffe Hy., overlkr., Lower White lee 
Duckworth Charles, engine tenter 

Ashworth Thomas, manager 
Barnes Edwd., mill manager, Lane side 
Bear James, yarn agent, Fir trees 
Boothman William, joiner and builder 

Duckworth Thos., shuttle manufacturer 



Foldys Misses, Ashlar house 
Hargreaves Thomas, reed hook maker 

and baker 
Hartley Abraham, joiner & wheelwright 
Hey worth William, vict.> Four 

Alls Inn 
Higgin Thomas, coal dealer 
Higham Industrial Co-operative Society, 
Limited; Thomas Tattersall, secretary 
Jackson Wilkinson, clogger 
Liberal Club; Edwin Capstick, sec. 
Lofthouse John, cashier, 3 Hambledon 

Monk Josiah, mineral water manufac- 
turer, Brook foot 
National School ; Miss Hague 
Pollard Mrs. Eliza, Acre house 
Proctor William, wheelwright 
Robinson Mrs. Mary 
Smith Thos., overlkr., Hollinhurst view 
Starkie Greenwood, vict., Bay- 
Starkie John, clothlooker, Hollinhurst 

Stuttard J. & Sons, cotton manufactrs., 

Clover Croft mills 
Swales Frederick, shopkeeper 
Tattersall Thomas, assistant overseer 
Veevers J., vict., Pendle Forest Inn 
Wesleyan Sclwol (mixed) ; Geo. Holden 
Whinney David, poultry dealer 
Wilkinson William, grocer 
Wilkinson & Clegg, market gardeners 
Wilmore John, grocer and draper 


Ashworth Paul 
Binns John, Hollins 
Briggs Henry, Height 
Cook Richard, Brook hall 
Duckworth Thomas, Rake top 
Dunn Simon, Northwood 
Emmott James, Higham hall 
Greenwood James, Hunter house 
Grimshaw Miss Elizabeth, Bank house 
Hargreaves Peter, Northwood farm 
Hartley Henry, Lower house 
Hartley John, Higher White lee 
Hartley James, Height 
Hartley Richard, Segar hill 

Haythornthwaite George, Higham house 

Hey worth Richard, Four Alls Inn 

Higgin George, Bank house 

Howard Samuel C, Haddings head 

Huffiing John, Pancakes 

Lee Samuel, Fence house 

Monk Josiah, Brook foot 

Roberts Geo. (& coal dealer), Wallet farm 

Roberts Richard, Dean 

Stanworth Edward, Cophurst 

Stanworth William, Hill top 

Starkie Thomas, New barn 

Stuttard James & Sons, Kiln hill 

Todd John & Whitaker, Pendle hall 

Varley William, Ashler house 

Wensley Richard, West close 

Wilkinson John, Stump hall 

Willis Christopher, White lee 


Is a township, distant 4± miles S.W. from Burnley, and covering an 
area of 990 acres. It is in the parliamentary division of Accrington, 
and county council division of Briercliffe. The principal landowners 
are the Eight Hon. Lady O'Hagan, the Executors of Colonel 
Hargreaves, and Messrs. Chaffer and Greenwood. The population in 
1851 was 598; 1861, 839 ; 1871, 990 ; 1881, 930 ; and 1891, 956; and 
the rateable value amounts to £7,616. The Lancashire and Yorkshire 
line of railway has a station here. The Accrington Cemetery is 
situate in the township. St. Augustine's chapel-of-ease to Church 
Kirk was opened in 1886. The Wesley ans and Bajrtists have each a 
chapel here, to which day and Sunday schools are attached. 

Post and Money Order Office at Mr. John Grime's. Letters via Accrington. 

Accrington and Church Co-operative Beardwood William S., police constable 

Society (branch) Booth Mrs., Hillock vale 

Bogle & Hindley, cotton spinners and Bolton Mr. Henry Hargreaves, High- 
manufacturers, Perseverance mill brake house 

Baldwin Mr. Hartley, Longsight terrace Dearden Mrs. Susnh., grcr., Hillock vale 

Baptist School; Miss Nellie Ramsbottom Derbyshire John, florist 



Frankland Zachariah, agent for Refuge, 

3 Prospect terrace 
Grime John, grocer and coal agent 
Grime William, butcher 
Grimshaw John Smedley, Esq., J. P., 

Woodside house 
Hargreaves G. & Co., coal proprietors 
Haworth George, vict., Griffin's Head 
Helm Jasper I., land surveyor, Rockdale 
Heys John & Co., cotton manufacturers, 

Hillock Vale shed 
Hitchen Wm, joiner (j), Longsight ter 
Home James, registrar, Cemetery 
Huncoat Fire & Smoke Co., Limited, 

stoker manufacturers 
Lightbown Richard, vict., Railway Hotel 
Livesey Miss Mary Alice, confectioner 
Metcalfe James, fish and fruit dealer 
Nixon Henry, station master 
Pilkington Miss Alice Ann 
Pilkington Mrs. Ellen, 1 Prospect ter 
Pilkington Joseph, shopkeeper 
Rawcliffe Miss Mary, Moorfield 
Roscoe Miss Nancy, Burnley road 
Smith John, pattern mkr., Longsight ter 
Thrclfall Mrs. Mary, Prospect terrace 
Wade Thomas, vict., Cemetery Hotel 

Waring John, agent for Refuge, 10 

Prospect terrace 
Wesley an School ; Charles Bowen 
Wright Anthony, vict., White Lion 
Wright Thomas, boot and shoe maker 
Yates George, beerhouse, Black Bull 


Ashworth James 
Ashworth Peter, Broad meadows 
Booth Joseph, Pish house 
Brennand Joseph, Windy harbour 
Clegg Jonathan, Spout house • 
Hargreaves J., Witham grove 
Hargreaves Richard, Hambledon hall 
Haworth Thos. (and assistant overseer), 

Huncoat hall 
Haworth William, Altham 
Hudson John, Brown moors 
Marshall Anthony 
Marshall Thomas 
Newhouse Edward 
Pollard John, Stone hey 
Riley Thomas, Miry lane 
Smith James, Blind Lane ends 
Sudall John 
Whittaker Nicholas 


Is a small township about two miles N.W. from Burnley, in the 
parliamentary division of Clitheroe, and containing 760 acres, the 
property of Sir Ughtred J. Kay-Shuttleworth, Bart., M.P. It is in 
the county council division of Barrowford. Its population in 1851 was 
176; 1861, 161; 1871, 149; 1881, 205; and 1891, 519; audits 
rateable value is £7,444. 

A considerable portion is in the borough of Burnley, in the Directory 
of which the names are included. 


Is a small township in Pendle Forest, containing the village of Fence 
and a number of dispersed dwellings. It is in the parliamentary 
division of Clitheroe and county council division of Barrowford, and 
is situated about 3£ miles N.W. from Burnley. It covers an area of 
431 acres. Its population in 1851 was 447; 1861, 423; 1871, 296; 
1881,332; and 1891, 384. The rateable value is £1,248. The Church, 
which stands in Fence, is dedicated to St. Anne, and is a neat Gothic 
edifice, erected in 1839 at a cost of £1,600. It contains 400 sittings, 
of which 280 are free. The benefice is a vicarage of the annual value 
of £80, in the patronage of Colonel Holden. It was held by the 



Eev. Williara Haworth, M.A., from 1837 until his death, which took 
place in 1883. The present incumbent is the Eev. James Robinson, B.A. 

The National School was built in 1847, and it possesses a small endow- 

Letters via Burnley. 

Anderton Williara Henry, shopkeeper 
Ashworth William Henry, overlooker 
Atkinson Ellis, farmer 

Bailey Henry, farmer, Wheatley lane 
Berry Henry, farmer, Raven's clough 
Boothman Cockshutt, farmer, Higher 

Old Laund 
Boothman Robert, farmer, Higher Old 

Clark Francis, farmer, Height 
Conservative Club; A. Atkinson, sec. 
Cryer Henry, shopkeeper 
Duerden Jph., farmer, Higher Blackwood 
Fence National School; George Ringe, 

Green Wm., vict., White Swan, Fence 
Hargreaves Fielding, assistant overseer 
Hartley Miss Elizabeth Ann, Fencegate 
Holt Henry, farmer, Higher Fencegate 
Ingham Mr. Edward 
Ingham William, farmer, Brown brinks 
Judson James, farmer 

Judson James, junr., farmer, Lower- 

Judson Matthew, farmer, Ghapel farm 
Kenyon Joseph, carrier 
Lee Lawrence, registrar of births and 

deaths, Wheatley lane 
Liberal Clttb; John J. Ingham, sec. 
Payne Thomas, farmer, Old Laund hall 
Pomfret William, fanner, Fencegate 
Proctor Alfred George, boot and shoe 

maker, Spring cottage 
Proctor Mr. James, Prospect house 
Rhodes Rt., farmer, Boggart Hall house 
Robinson Rev. James, B.A., vicar, Fence 
Salisbury John H., agt., British Workman 
Smith James, farmer, Fencegate 
Tattersall Benjamin, overlooker 
Tattersall Thomas, engine tenter 
Wheatley Lane Co-operative Society, 

Limited; James Crawshaw, manager; 

Thomas Ingham, secretary 
Wood Thomas, carrier 


Is a township containing a populous and respectable village l£ miles 
N.W. from Padiham, and its population in 1851 was 449 ; 1861, 531 ; 
1871, 643 ; 1881, 909 ; and 1891, 1,359. Eateable value, £6,462. It 
is in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe and county council division 
of Barrowford. Read Hall is the property of Richard Fort, Esq. A 
cotton mill gives employment to a considerable number of people ; and 
here is a Reading Room, well attended. A church, dedicated to St. 
John the Evangelist, was consecrated on September 2nd, 1886. It is 
in the Early English style of architecture, from designs by Mr. Henry 
Ross, of Aecrington, The building consists of nave and chancel, and 
contains 260 sittings, 150 of which are free. The cost of the building 
was about £2,000, exclusive of site, which was given by Richard Fort, 
Esq. It serves as a chapel-of-ease to the Parish Church of Whalley, 
and the curate-in-charge is the Rev. Arthur E. Mills. In connection 
with the church new schools were built in 1888-9, at a cost of £1,300. 
There is accommodation for 327 children. The British School was 
opened in December, 1888, the cost of its erection being £1,300. It is 
also used as a chapel by the Congregationalists. 

Post and Money Order Office at Mr. Robert Hope's. Letters arrive via Blackburn 

7-10 a.m., and are despatched at 6-40 p.m. 

Ainsworth Frederick, farmer, Sabden 
Ashworth Thomas, farmer, Read wood 
Belshaw George, boot and shoe maker 

British School (mixed), William Pratt ; 

(infants'), Miss Annie Graham 
Bulcock George, farmer, Sabden 



Bleasdale Hy. Jas., teacher of music 
Bond Hezekiah, grocer, Sabden 
Brown James, butcher 
Cobden Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Sabden 
Conservative Club, Whalley road; John 

Walmsley, secretary 
Ohatburn William, farmer, Sabden 
Grimshaw Richard, grocer 
Hall James, overlooker 
Hanson Jesse, engineer 
Hanson Thos., coal dealer and farmer, 

Haworth J., vict., Black Bull, Sabden 
Haworth Thomas, blacksmith 
Hilton William, greengrocer 
Hodgson William, taper 
Holroyd Rev. John (Congregational) 
Hope Rt., postmaster and asst. overseer 
Hope William, grocer, Whalley road 
Horn Robert, M.D., and Padiham 
Howarth Thos., blacksmith, 86 Victoria 

Ingham Robert, overlooker 
Jackson J., farmer, Howker's 
Kelly Edward, farmer 
Kemp D., Esq. (Jas. Kemp & Brother) 
Kemp James & Brother, cotton manu- 
facturers, Read and Friendship mills 
Kemp Joseph (Jas. Kemp & Brother) ; h. 

82 Victoria terrace 
Kemp Mrs. Ellen, 35 Whalley road 
Latham Thos., stationer, Whalley road 

Liberal Club ; John Haworth, secretary 
Mills Rev. Arthur E., curate-in-charge 
Monton Mill Co., Ltd., cotton manu- 
facturers, Sabden ; Wm. Heywood, sec. 
National School (mixed), Timothy Cook; 

(infants') Mrs. Cook 
Padiham Co-operative Society (branch) 

Pollard Mrs. Mary Ann 

Riley James, overlooker, 80 Victoria ter 

Rushton James, sexton, Straits lane 

Rush ton Mrs. M., farmer and grocer 

Sagar John, overlooker, 72 Spring ter 

Scott Walter, farmer, New hall 

Smithies Thomas, shopkeeper 

Speak Thos. Henry, farmer, Dunkirk 

Stuttard Henry H., Esq., Read hall 

Tate Thos., hairdresser, 13 East view 

Tomlinson George, quarry master 

Union Mill Co., Limited, Sabden 

Wade Emmett, shopkeeper 

Wade Mrs. Nancy, farmer, Straight house 

Wade James, farmer, Spencer's 

Wade James, grocer, 29 Whalley road 

Wade Oliver, butcher 

Wade Rd., overlooker, 74 Victoria terrace 

Wade Rd.,mill manager, 84 Victoria ter 

Wade William, road repairer 

Walton Mrs. Margaret & Son, farmers, 

Worthall's farm 
Watson Samuel, wheelwright 
Wilkinson James, farmer, Read wood 
Winterbottom William, shopkeeper 

Reedley Hallows, Filly Close, and 

New Laund Booth. 

This township extends from 1 to 4 miles N.E. from Burnley, and it 
contains 1,446 statute acres, owned principally by T. T. Townley- 
Parker, Esq., Colonel Starkie, and Colonel Holden. It is in the 
parliamentary division of Clitheroe, and county council division of 
Barrowford. Its population in 1851 was 374 ; 1861, 423 ; 1871, 588 ; 
1881,655; and 1891, 1,150 ; and its rateable value amounts to £11,326. 
There are several very respectable residences in the township, which 
may be considered one of the most fashionable suburbs of Burnley. 

Letters via Burnley. 

Birley T. (Exors. of), cotton spinners, 

Lodge mill 
Briggs William, vict., Reedley Hallows 

Burnley Brick & Lime Go. ; George Hall, 


Burnley Sewerage Works; Hy. Tatham, 

Cooper Mrs. Mary Ann, Osborne grove 
Cooper Mr. James R., Osborne grove 

Cunliffe Emmanel,beerhouse, Bridge Inn 
Duckworth Henry, greengrocer, 

and tea rooms, Pendle bridge 
Grimshaw J as., Esq., J. P., Reedley grove 
Handsley Rt., Esq., J.P., Reedley lodge 
Hargreaves Col. (Exors. of), coal proprs. 
Hargreaves Henry, shopkeeper 
Hartley Henry & Sons, cotton manufac- 
turers, Jewel mill 
Hartley Mrs. Lucy, Monkholme 



Holden Miss Rhoda, Reedley house 
Houlding Mr. Edward, Becohwood 
Hudson Mr. John, Beechwood 
Jobling Henry, Esq., J. P., Springwood 

house, Filly Close 
Massey Mrs. Jane, Hawks house 
Moor John, gardener, Pendle gardens 
Riley Mr. William John, Fair hill 

Robinson William Peart, Esq., J.P., 
Reedley bank 

Smallpage Mr. Joseph, Wilton lodge 
Smith William, grocer, Water side 
Stanworth Henry, plasterer, gardener, 

and florist, Quaker bridge 
Stanworth Miss Eliz., grocer, Water side 
Thornton John, Esq., J.P., The Poplars 
Tunstill Harry, Esq., J.P., Montford 
Veevers John Sharpies, Esq., J.P., 

Lower Reedley house 


Bentham Richard, Lower Reedley 

Berry Henry, Raven's clough 
Berry Thomas, Montford 
Eastwood Thomas, Duck pits 
Geldard Edwin, Higher Pancakes 
Geldard N. (and surveyor), Holme end 

and New Laund 
Geldard Mrs. Betsy, New Laund 
Harker John, Lower Reedley 
Haythornthwaite John, Monk hey 
Horner John, Reedley barn 
Illingworth Mrs. Jane, Green head 
Kayley James, Moor isles 
Lambie John, Hawk's House farm 
Payne Robert, Higher Reedley farm 
Proctor Thomas, Higher Haulgh head 
Schofield William, Kibble bank 
Smith John, Water side 
Whittaker Mrs. A. & Sons, Lodge farm 
Whittaker William, Smithson's and 

Filly close 

Willis Christopher, Duck pits 
W T ildrnan Matthias, Reedley barn 


Is a township 3£ miles W. from Colne, and containing a portion of the 
village of Newchurch. It is in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe 
and county council division of Barrowford. It contains an area of 
1,145 acres, and the principal landowners are Messrs. Heelis, Smith, 
and Eoberts. Its population in 1851 was 719 ; 1861, 424 ; 1871, 372 • 
1881 323; and 1891, 324; and its rateable value is £2,062.' The 
Wesleyan Methodists have a chapel in the township, and here is also a 
British School. 

Letters via Burnley. 

Baldwin Alfred, farmer, Meadows top 
Bracewell John, farmer, Crow trees 
Clough John, vict., Bay Horse 
Coates John, farmer 

Crabtree Jonathan, farmer, Judson fold 
Dyson John, farmer, Offa hill 
Hague Mr. Isaac, Rough Lee Old hall 
Hargreaves Miss I., shopkeeper 
Hargreaves Henry, farmer 
Hargreaves Robert, farmer, Out barn 
Hartley George, farmer 
Holgate John, farmer, Thorneyholme 
National School ; Miss Emma Taylor 
Riley Ormerod, farmer, Dimperley top 
Roberts Mrs. Mary, Thorneyholme 

Rowlandson William, farmer, Ridgaling 
Sagar John, asstnt. overseer, Crow trees 
Shaw Thomas, farmer, Dole house 
Slater Thomas, farmer 
Smith Jas., vict., Lamb Inn, Newchurch 
Stuttard James & Son, cotton waste 

spinners, Rough Lee mill 
Stuttard Joseph, mill manager 
Sutcliffe Bernard, farmer, Dam head 
Waddington John, farmer, Middle Wood 


Whittaker J., farmer, Intack 
Wilson Peter, farmer 
Witham Rose & Ann, shopkeepers 
Wood Mr. William 


This township is 1 mile W. from Padiham, and covers an area of 1,025 
acres, owned principally by Colonel Starkie and the Eev. Charles 


Whitaker. It is in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe and county 

council division of Barrowford. Its population in 1851 was 365 ; 1861 

325 ; 1871, 366.; 1881, 421 ; and 1891, 477; and its rateable value is 

£2,978. Huntroyde, the fine mansion of Colonel Starkie, is in this 

township, as is also Simonstone Hall, the residence of William Dugdale, 

Esq. The National School is in connection with St. Leonard's Church, 7 

Padiham, and is licensed for divine service. Stone is found in the 

township, and the line of Eailway from Blackburn to Padiham has a 
station here. 

Letters via Padiham. 

Atkinson James, police constable 
Berry Mr. John, Dean top 
Brennand John, shopkeeper 
Butterworth Charles, assistant overseer 
Dugdale Wm., Esq., J.P., Simonstone 

Edwards Wm., vict., Simonstone 
Hotel (bowling* green, good 
accommodation for parties) 
Fielding William, oatcake baker 
Haworth John, wheelwright (j) 
Hitchon John, wheelwright 
Holden Mr. James, The Knotts 
Holden J. & J. W., paper makers 
McGhie Thos., gentleman, Tunstead hs 
Procter Joseph, cowkeeper, Railway row 
Riley Mr. William Grimshaw, East view 
Sagar Adriel, shopkeeper 
Sharp Edwd., com agent, Dean Bridge hs 
Smith Mercer, vict., Stork Hotel 
Starkie Colonel Le Gendre, J.P., D.L., 

Whittaker Richard, schoolmaster 
Wilkinson Elijah, station master 
Wolfcnden Mr. Robt., Buckshaw terrace 


Badger Richard, Duxbury's 
Badger Richard, Trap house 
Campbell Thomas, Trap 
Haworth Richard, Starkie's 
Law Christopher, Cockshutt farm 
Law William, Trap 
Lonsdale William, Dean top 
Parker David, Railway row 
Sagar John, Pump house 
Sagar Mrs. Mary, Lower Haulgh head 
Sagar William Henry, Old hall 
Sagar Thomas, Higher Haulgh head 
Waddington Elijah, Wilkinson's 
Wade John, Trap lane 
Webster Alfred, Bank top 
Whittaker George, Eveson's farm 
Whittam John & Sons, Hacking's 


Is a small township in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe, and 
county council division of Barrowford. It is situate about 3| miles 
west from Colne, and contains only 254 acres. Its population in 1851 
was 40; 1861, 46; 1871, 36; 1881, 39; and 1891, 51. The rateable 
value £472. 

Letters via Burnley. 

Hargreaves John, farmer, Whcatley laith 
Haythornthwaite William, farmer 
Holt Henry, farmer, Chapel house 

Sharp Richard, farmer, Spencer's 

Stanworth W., farmer, Wood nook 
Watson Manley, clerk, Woodside house 
Wilkinson Mr. Fergus, Westwood 


Is a large township 2£ miles E. from Burnley, containing 3,510 acres. 
It is in the parliamentary division of Clitheroe and county council 
division of Briercliffe. The principal owners of the soil are Lady 



Lennox, the Executors of Colonel Hargreaves, and Colonel Holden 
Its population in 1851 was 909; 1861, 865; 1871, 996; 1881, 1,083* 
and 1891, 1,069; and its rateable value is £7,210. The Church 
dedicated to St. John, is a neat edifice, erected in 1835-6, containing 
640 sittings, all of which are free. The benefice is a vicarage of the 
annual value of £235, in the patronage of Hulme's Trustees (benefice 
vacant). The National School is a commodious building, erected in 
1873, at a cost of £1,650, exclusive of site, which was presented by 
the late Eev. William Thursby and General Scarlett. The people of 
the parish also subscribed handsomely to the building fund. There is 
accommodation for 300 children. In the village is a neat building 
used as a reading room and library, erected by Mrs. Thursby, in 1874 
The Wesley an Chapel was rebuilt in 1878, replacing that 'which was 
erected in 1837. 

Post and Money Order Office at Mrs. Margaret Lawson's. Letters via Burnley 
arrive at 8-30 a.m. and 5-45 p.m., and are despatched 8-30 am. and 5-45 p.m. 

Astin Thos., vict., Bay Horse Inn 

Astin William, quarry master 
Brierley Mrs. Elizabeth 
Chadwick George, joiner (j) 
Clegg William, warp dresser 

Crabtree James, vict., Crooked 

Dearden Mrs., Old vicarage 

Frank-land John, butcher 

Halstead Lawrence, manager 

Halstead Lawrence W., cotton manufac- 
turer, Worsthorne mill 

Hargreaves Col. (Exors. of), Rowley collry 

Hill George, coal dealer 

Jackson Mrs. Mary, grocer 

Kippax Mark, cotton manufacturer, 
Brown side 

Lawson Mrs. Margaret, grocer 

Milburn Robert, police constable 

National School; (mixed) Mrs. Sarah 

Todd ; (infants) Miss Mary Halstead 

Parker John, mason (j) 

Beading Room; Rcl. Jackson, secretary 

Shepherd Walter, Esq., Rowley 

Stanworth Henry, contractor 

Stanworth Levi, caretaker, Reservoir 

Stanworth William, grocer 

Swain Edmund, carrier 

Tattersall Matthew, shopkeeper 

Thursby Sir John H., Bart., Ormerod hs 

Todd Richard, quarryman 

Todd Richard, bookkeeper, 2 Church sq 

Whitham S., stonemason (j) 

Whittaker Thomas, assistant overseer 
The Square 


Astin William Henry, Coates 

Campbell Robert, Botting 

Crabtree John, Hurstwood 

Crabtree Luther, Botting 

Driver John, Rowley 

Driver Michael, Pike hill 

Fielding William, Jackson house 

Erankland John, doggers' farm 

Halstead L. W M Heckenhurst farm 

Leaver John (and butcher), Worsthorne 

Marshall Henry 
Ormerod John, Saville green 
Rawsthorne John, High Halstead 
Rawsthorne Hall, Hurstwood 
Sharpies William, Brown edge 
Stanworth Henry 

Stanworth L., Tattersall's tenement 
Todd Starkie, Greenwood lands 

NELSON. 295 


Is a rapidly improving manufacturing town and municipal borough, 
two miles from Colne and three from Burnley, and in the parliamentary 
division of Clitheroe. It is largely engaged in the manufacture of 
cotton, worsted, silk, and fancy dress goods ; and here are also iron 
and brass foundries, stone quarries, corn mills, and various other 
important trades and professions. The growth of the town has been 
marvellous during the last 28 years, for whereas in 1865 the popula- 
tion was 3,500, it amounted, in 1891, to 22,700. In 1865 the rateable 
value was £5,729, and it is now £71,846 10s. 

^ A Charter of Incorporation was granted on the 17th April, 1890, and 
ttioce then still greater progress has been made, especially in the 
erection of public buildings and in the improvement of the street 
-architecture generally. Amongst the improvements may be mentioned 
a new^ sewerage scheme, just completed at a cost of £20,000; the 
Technical Instruction Act adopted, and a school being built at a cost 
•of £8,000 ; an electric lighting scheme, at a cost of £4,000 ; land 
purchased for a new cemetery, at a cost of £10,000 ; and the extension 
of the Town Hall, &c. 

The town is divided into six wards, with three councillors and one 
alderman to each ward, thus forming a council of 24 members. 

John Wilkinson, Esq., Mayor. 

Aldekmen — John Wilkinson, S. Gott, W. Hartley, W. Landless, 
W. Astley, and J. Whittaker. 


Central Ward— J. Greenwood, J. Spencer, W. Eead. 
Bradley Ward — J. Haytock, W. Hartley, W. Dyson. 
Netherfield Ward— J. Heap, E. Smith, Dr. W. G. Little. 
Southfield Ward — S. Hudson, J. Sagar, W. Jackson. 
Walverden Ward — W. Ward, J. Sunderland, J. H. Edmondson. 
leld Ward — L. Tattersall, H. Dyson. 

R. M. Prescott, town clerk; J. A. Bradley, C.E., borough surveyor ; 
S. Boothman, borough accountant; S. Holden, waterworks manager; 
0. J. Howson, borough treasurer; A. P. Millar, M.D., medical 
officer of health. 

Early in the growth of the town the Local Board purchased the 
Gas Works, at a cost of £8,887 10s., with a consumption of 500,000 
cubic feet. At present the gas capital stands at £74,000, and the 
consumption amounts to 96,639,000 cubic feet. A large water scheme, 
completed in 1892, is capable of supplying a population of 150,000. 
The reservoir is capable of containing 40,000,000 gallons, and the cost 
of _ the works was about £10,000. The neighbouring districts of 
Brierfield and Barrow ford are supplied with gas and water from these 
works. Gas is sold to consumers in the town at 2s. 6d. per 1,000 feet. 
The generating station of the Electric Lighting Scheme is situated at 



the Gas Works, and the steam pressure of 801bs. required for driving 
the engines is supplied by waste heat from the retort house. The 
engine and dynamo are capable of feeding 600 electric lights, 16 candle 
power each. 

The Market Hall, recently completed, is a commodious structure iu 
the centre of the town, and cost £10,000. In March, 1889, the Public 
Libraries Act was adopted. The building is situate in Cross Street, 
and is replete with all modern conveniencies, including the Cotgreaves 
Library Indicator. The lending-out library contains 5,500 volumes, 
and there is a reference library of 500 volumes. The number of books' 
issued during the year 1891-2 was 28,000. 

The Town Hall is now a commodteus building, as this year (1893) it 
has been considerably extended by the addition of Town Clerk's Office, 
Police Station, Petty Sessions Court, and School Attendance Office'. 
The Borough Bench was formed this year (1893). The court is held 
every Saturday, and on other days as occasion requires. 

The New Post Office is situated in Tickle Street, and is a building 
more in consonance with the growing importance of the town than 
that previously used. The building was opened this year (1893). 

The accommodation for public worship, which had long been 'inade- 
quate, was materially increased by the erection of St Mary's Church. 
The foundation stone of this edifice was laid on the 16th June, 1877, 
and the consecration took place on March 25th, 1879. The site was 
given by W. Farrer Ecroyd, Esq., J.P., and this gentleman and his 
brother, Edward Ecroyd, Esq., contributed the handsome sum of £2,000 
each to the building, the cost of which was about £10,000. The designs 
were supplied by Messrs. Waddington and Son, of Burnley, and the 
style of architecture is that which prevailed in the 13th century. The 
plan consists of nave, north and south aisles, and chancel. There will 
also be a western tower, with spire, which will rise to the height of 
170 feet, and a south porch. The church contains 600 sittings,°all of 
which are free and unappropriated. In addition to the amount pre- 
viously mentioned, given by Mr. W. F. Ecroyd, he also contributed 
£1,000 towards an endowment fund, and presented the oak choristers' 
stalls, at a cost of £250. The font, executed in local stone, relieved by 
green marble shafts, was presented by the Eev. Horatio Bentley. The 
benefice is a vicarage of the annual value of £266, in the patronage of 
five trustees, and held by the Eev. Harri Edwards. 

St. John the Evangelist Church is situate in Great Marsden. It is 
a neat edifice, erected in 1848, at a cost of £2,050. It contains 520 
sittings, of which 300 are free. The benefice is a vicarage of the annual 
value of £306, in the patronage of the Crown and Bishop alternately, 
and held by the Rev. Samuel Sandys, M.A. St. Paul's Church, 
Little Marsden, is an ancient structure, dating from the 13th 
century, but rebuilt in 1809. It contains 411 sittings, all of which are 
free. The benefice is a vicarage of the annual value of £356, in the 
patronage of Hulme's Trustees, and held by the Rev. H. J. Stephens, 
M.A. St. Philip's Mission Church, Leeds Road, was erected in 1886^ 
at a cost of £1,560, but it is shortly to be replaced by a permanent stone 
structure. Rev. George Tomlinson, curate-in-charge. 

The Wesleyan Chapel, Carr Road, was built in 1863, at a cost of 
£3,450. It has accommodation for 800 persons. This body have also 

NELSON. 297 

chapels in Cooper Street and Eailway Street, the latter being opened 
in April, 1890, by the Rev. C. H. Kelly, president of the Wesleyan 
Conference. It is handsomely and strongly built of stone, and cost 
about £6,000. It will seat 800 persons. The ministers are the Revs. 
H. H. Vowles and A. Whetnall. The Baptist Chapel, Carr Road, is a 
handsome edifice, erected in 1875, at a cost, including schools, of about 
£5,000. George Foster, Esq., of Sabden, subscribed £1,000, and 
Edward Ecroyd, Esq., £500 to the building. It has accommodation 
for 600 persons. Rev. D. MoCallum, minister. Another chapel of 
small dimensions, belonging to this body, was built in Elizabeth Street 
in 1892. The United Methodist Chapel, Stanley Street, was built in 
1869. It is a handsome edifice, in the Italian style of architecture, 
and will accommodate about 700 persons. The cost of its erection was 
£3,000. Rev. William Barnes, minister. In connection with this 
place of worship is a Sunday school, which was formerly used as a 
chapel, and a small chapel in Turner Street. The Primitive Methodists 
have a neat chapel in Scotland Road, built in 1878-9, and one of an 
older date in Bradley Street. Rev. J. Lindley, minister. Salem 
Chapel (Independent Methodist) is situated in Barkerhouse Road. The 
old chapel, dating from 1869, has been taken down and replaced by 
a handsome structure designed by Mr. Thomas Bell, of Burnley and 
Nelson. It has accommodation for 900 worshippers, and the cost of 
erection was over £5,000. A tower, which stands at the extreme 
corner of the chapel, is an ornamental feature of the design. The two 
principal entrances are from a portico which has grey granite columns, 
from which springs the central gable, which has a handsome four-light 
wundow. The design is classic, somewhat freely treated with carved caps 
and pilasters for the portico. The cornice stones are chiselled for the 
front, and fine hammer-dressed for the sides ; and the internal wood- 
work is all of pitch pine, and the flooring is on the wood block system. 

The Congregational Church is situated in Manchester Road, and has 
replaced the old school-chapel in Lomeshaye Road. It is in the Early 
English style of architecture, from designs by George Fell, Esq., of 
Manchester, and it seats 750 people comfortably. At the front there 
are two entrances, giving access by stone stair-cases to galleries, and 
a large central doorway for ground floor, and which may be said to > > 
canopied, with ornamental gable, surmounted by a handsome three- 
light traceried window, flanked by piers, octagonal above roof, and 
capped with moulded circular finial rising to a height of 70 feet above 
the street, giving to the whole a bold aspect, and yet not detracting 
from its ecclesiastical character. The walls are faced with parpoints 
and dressed quoins from a local quarry. The chapel and land cost 
£4,300, A school was erected in 1889 close to the chapel. Rev. A. 
E. Killon, minister. 

The Free Gospel Chapel is in Scotland Road, and the Inghamites 
have a chapel in Russell Street. The Salvation Army have their head- 
quarters in the Public Hall, Leeds Road. 

St. Joseph's Catholic Chapel and Day Schools, Arnold Street. — This 
chapel, which is for the accommodation of the Catholics of Nelson, 
Brierfield, and Barrowford, was opened December 16th, 1883. It is 
built upon land purchased from W. F. Ecroyd, Esq., sufficient ground 
being reserved for the erection of a future church and presbytery. 




The present school-chapel will accommodate about 300, and cost, 
together with the land, about £1,500. The building is a plain, sub- 
stantial structure, erected from plans drawn by Mr. Simpson, architect, 
Bradford, Yorkshire. The day schools were opened on January 7th, 
1884. Both chapel and schools are proving inadequate to the 
increasing population, and an enlargement of the present building 
is contemplated at an early date. The work of building and establishing 
this, the first Catholic mission in the district, was carried out by the 
Eev. D. F. Eeynders, who had charge of the mission up to 1887, but 
is now succeeded by the Rev. J. Bramer. 

The Craven Bank, the Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, the Man- 
chester and County Bank, and the Union Bank of Manchester, have 
each a branch here. The building occupied by the Craven Bank 
has been recently built, and has an imposing appearance, the 
principal elevations being faced with polished ashlar from Catlow and 
Cullingworth quarries; and the windows and door openings are 
formed of moulded and polished granite. The bank room is a hand- 
some apartment 29 feet by 24 feet and 15 feet high. The whole of 
the work was carried out under the supervision of Mr. W. Dent, 
architect, of Nelson. The Conservatives and Liberals have each a 
well-attended Club. 

The Grand Theatre is centrally situated and is well patronised. 
The Queen's Hall, Bradley Eoad, will seat 1,200 persons. The 
Victoria Hall is in Scotland Eoad ; and in North Street are Public 

A handsome and commodious Railway Station was opened in 
July, 1892, the cost of its erection being £25,000. 


Albert Hall, Tickle street; James Binns, lessee 

Assistant Overseer's Office, Market street ; Thomas Hartley 

Baths, North street; J. Brown, proprietor 

Borough Accountant, Town Hall ; S. Boothman 

Borough Treasurer, C. J. Howson, Craven Bank 

Borough Surveyor, Town Hall; J. W. Bradley, C.E. 

Clerk to Borough Magistrates Office, Craven Bank Chambers; W. 

Conservative Club, Carr road ; W. N. Lawson, secretary 
Fire Brigade Station, Booth street; T. Lawson, superintendent 
Gas Works ; William Foster, manager 
Grand Theatre, Market street ; John Barker, lessee 
Liberal Club, Market square; William Stuttard, secretary 
Market Hall ; C. Greenwood, superintendent 
Medical Officer of Health; A. P. Millar, M.D., 1 Carr road 
Nelson Free Library, Cross street ; D. Rushton, librarian 
Nelson Football Club, Russell street 

Nelson and District Power-loom Overlookers' Association ; J. Hargreaves, 

Nelson Tradesmen's Association, Hibson road; S. S. Gott, secretary 
Nelson Wearers' Association, 1 North street ; W. Ward, secretary 
Post Office, Tickle street ; J. B. Whittam, postmaster 




'Railway Station, Eailway street ; G. Wolfenden, stationmaster 
Queen's Hall, Bradley road ; Thomas Hargreaves, proprietor 
Registrar of Births and Deaths; office, 49 Manchester road; Major 

H. Barker 
St. Joseph's Home, Carr road ; Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel 
School Attendance Officer ; J. T. Hartley, 138 Every street 
Town Hall, Market street ; E. M. Preecott, town clerk 
Union Medical Officer ; Dr. S. Lawson, 43 Every street 
Victoria Hall, 25 Scotland road ; James Taylor, proprietor 
Waterworks Manager ; S. Holden, Hudson street 


J, B. Whittam, Postmaster, 

Sub-Offices: — Scotland Road, Whitefield, Smith Street, Carr Road, Lomeshaye 
Road, and Hibson Road. 

Wall Boxes : — Brook Street, St. John's, and Reedyford. 


Box Closes, 


For 1st Town Delivery 

Manchester and District 

Ashton-under-Lyne, Bacup, Burnley, Bolton, Bury, Manchester, 

Oldham, Rochdale and Cheshire 

Blackburn, Preston and all Parts ■ 

Bradford, Leeds, Skipton and Yorkshire 

Birkenhead, Burnley, Liverpool, Isle of Man, Manchester, Ormskirk, 

Prescot, St. Helens, Southport, Warrington 

For 2nd Town Delivery 

Colne and Keighley 

Manchester and District 


Blackburn, Burnley, Liverpool, Preston and Scotland 

For 3rd Town Delivery 


Burnley, Liverpool, Manchester, Preston, Scotland and South of 



For 4th Town Delivery 

London, Preston and all Parts 

Leeds and Yorkshire 

London, Manchester, Preston and all Parts (Night Mail) 

Burnley District and Manchester 

Sundays— Preston, London and all Parts 














30 a.m. 





15 p.m. 






DELIVERY OF LETTERS :— 7 a.m., 11 30 a.m., 3 15 p.m., 6 p.m. 


With references to their respective situations. 

Albert hall, Tickle street 
Albert street, 66 Manchester road 
Albion street, 14 Every street 
Ann street, 52 Scotland road 
Appleby street, 32 Macleod street 
Arcade, Leeds road 
Arnold street, Every street 
Arthur street, 102 Leeds road 
Arundel street, Garr road 
Ash street, Barkerhouse road 
Athol street, Larch street 
Ball street, Pendle street 
Bank street, 123 Leeds road 
Bankhouse road, Leeds road 
Barkerhouse road, 110 Leeds road : 
Bath street, 4 Barkerhouse road 
Beddington street, Milton street 
Beech street, 113 Leeds road 
Belmont terrace, 46 Railway street 
Bishop street, St. Mary street 
Booth street, Carr road 
Bracewell street, Netherfield road 
Bradley buildings, 123 Leeds road 
Bradley road, 88 Scotland road 
Bradley view, Leeds road 
Bradshaw street, 92 Railway street 
Branch street, Barkerhouse road 
Bridge Mill road, 80 Lomeshaye road 
Broad street, Hibson road 
Brook street, 99 Netherfield road 
Brown street, 57 Manchester road 
Brunswick street 73 Netherfield road 
Buccleuch road, Carr road 
Buccleuch street, Norfolk street 
Calder street, 10 Every street 
Calder terrace, Lomeshaye road 
Cambridge street, 49 Hibson road 
Carr road, 34 Manchester road 
Castle street, Barkerhouse road 
Chapel street, 19 Railway street 
Charles street, 170 Scotland road 
Church view, Barkerhouse road 
Claremont terrace, Hibson road 
Clayton street, 125 Scotland road 
Clement view, 95 Manchester road 
Clifford street, Primrose street 
Clifton street, Dial street 
Cobden street, Hibson road 
Commercial road, Netherfield road 
Conduit street, 33 Pendle street 
Cooper street, 106 Scotland road 
Craven Bank chambers, Manchester rd 
Craven street, Maurice street 
Crawford street, Barkerhouse road 
Cross street, 14 Carr road 
Crowther street, Hibson street 

Cuba street, Carr road 
Dalkeith road, Norfolk street 
Dalton street, 184 Scotland road 
Derby street, Bankhouse road 
Dial street, 12 Leeds road 
Duerden street, Netherfield road 
Duke street, Sefton street 
East street, 119 Scotland road 
Elder street, Leeds road 
Eleanor street, 62 Scotland road 
Elizabeth street, 152 Scotland road 
Elm grove, 70 Railway street 
Elm street, Beech street 
Ellen street, 4 Carr road 
Emily street, Netherfield road 
Essex street, 94 Scotland road 
Essex street (back), Essex street 
Every street, 107 Scotland road 
Exchange street, Leeds road 
Fir street, Barkerhouse road 
Fleet street, Bradley road 
Florence street, Long street 
Forest street, 85 Scotland road 
Fountain street, 122 Scotland road 
Garden street, 7 Water street 
George street, Pendle street 
Giles street, Bradley road 
Gordon road, Carr road 
Grosvenor place, Barkerhouse road 
Grove street, 109 Netherfield road 
Hey street, 151 Leeds road 
Halstead street, Railway street 
Hall street, 22 Railway street 
Hargreaves street, Manchester road 
Hartley street, 130 Railway street 
Harvey street, 140 Leeds road 
Hendon road, Branch street 
Hereford street, 49 Arnold street 
Herbert street, Southfield street 
Hibson road, Railway street 
Hibson street, 23 Railway street 
Holly street, Southfield street 
Holme terrace, Lomeshaye road 
Holme street, 42 Leeds road 
Hope terrace, Manchester road 
Howard street, Carr road 
Howarth street, Barkerhouse road 
James street, 48 Netherfield road 
John street, 62 Railway street 
Jude street, Russell street 
Kendal street, Conduit street 
Kent street Conduit street 
Kiln street, 95 Manchester road 
Larch street, Barkerhouse road 
Lea street, Leeds road 
Leeds road, Scotland road 



Leonard street, 118 Railway street 
Lomeshaye road, Manchester road 
Long street, Netherfield road 
Macleod street, 92 Manchester road 
Manchester road, Scotland road 
Market square, Market street 
Market street, 1 Scotland road 
Marsden street, 69 Leeds road 
Maurice street, 114 Manchester road 
Meadow bank, Hibson road 
Merton street, Pendle street 
Mill street, Leeds road 
Milton street, Pendle street 
Mosley street, 74 Manchester road 
Myrtle grove, John street 
Netherfield road, 59 Railway street 
New Brown street, 70 Every street 
Newport street, Leeds road 
Newton street, Netherfield road 
Nile street, Every street 
Norfolk street, 20 Pendle street 
North street, 77 Scotland road 
Oak street, Eleanor street 
Oakland street, 72 Leeds road 
Parrock street, 22 Barkerhouse road 
Peel street, Marsden street 
Pendle street, 59 Scotland road 
Peter street, Vine street 
Pickup street, Netherfield road 
Pine street, Southfield street 
Plantation street, 155 Leeds road 
Plevna terrace, 108 Railway street 
Pollard street, 40 Scotland road 
Portland street, 46 Macleod street 
Post Office, Tickle street 
Primrose street, Garden street 
Queen street, 121 Leeds road 
Railway station, Railway street 
Raglan street, Market street 
Railway street, Manchester road 
Railway view, Chapel street 
Richmond terrace, East street 
Rigby street, 79 Manchester road 
Rigg street, Southfield street 
Robert street, Barkerhouse road 
Rook street, 158 Scotland road 
Rowland terrace, Barkerhouse road 

Russell street, 47 Scotland road 
Rutland street, 175 Leeds road 
Sagar street, Chapel street 
Scotland road, Market square 
Sefton street, Chapel street 
Seldon street, 118 Leeds road 
Sheffland view, Wilkinson street 
Smith street, 68 Barkerhouse road 
South view, Lomeshaye road 
Southfield street, 111 Netherfield road 
Stafford street, Barkerhouse road 
Stanley view, Barkerhouse road 
Stanley street, 52 Manchester road 
Stansfield street, 78 Leeds road 
Stott street, 117 Clayton street 
St. Mary's street, 124 Manchester road 
St. John's terrace, Barkerhouse road 
St. Philip street, 152 Leeds road 
Sun street, Lomeshaye road 
Surrey street, Conduit street 
Swain street, Lomeshaye road 
Thomas street, Netherfield road 
Tickle street, Vine street 
Turner street, Bankhouse road 
Vale street, Netherfield road 
Victoria terrace, 161 Chapel street 
Victoria street, 104 Manchester road 
Vine street, 4 Railway street 
Violet grove, 64 Railway street 
Walton street, 83 Leeds road 
Walverden view, Barkerhouse road 
Ward street, Grove street 
Water street, Lomeshaye road 
Water street, 80 Railway street 
Waterworth street, Netherfield road 
Wellington street, Cross street 
West street, Carr road 
Westmorland street, Victoria street 
Wharf street, Clayton street 
Whitefield terrace, 97 Manchester road 
Wicklifie street, 154 Leeds road 
Wilkinson street, 93 Railway street 
William street, 3 Stansfield street 
Willow terrace. Railway street 
Wren street, Barkerhouse road 
Yorkshire street, Netherfield road 

General Alphabetical Directory 



Adams James, draper, Market hall 
Adams Eobert, vict., Engineers' Arms, Sagar street 
Amger James, market gardener, Clough head 
Amscough Joseph, overlooker, 3 East street 

Ainsworth George, ironfounder (Howarth & Ainsworth) ; h. 29 Wil- 
kinson street 

Ainsworth Mrs. Alice, Lomeshaye Coffee Tavern, Manchester road 
Ainsworth James William, overlooker, 15 Crawford street 

Ainsworth Robert, cotton manufackirer (Hartley & Ainsworth) ; h. 26 
Cooper street ; 

Ainsworth Thomas, overlooker, 98 Bradshaw street 

Aitken James, coal agent, Reedyford wharf ; h. Barroivford 

Albert Hall, Tickle street; James Binns, lessee 

Aldersley Anthony, weaver, 123 Every street 

Aldersley Ephraim, overlooker, 24 Maurice street 

Aldersley Mr. Hartley, 12 Lomeshaye road 

Aldersley Mrs. Jane, 15 Macleod street 

Aldersley John, weaver, 70 Railway street 

Aldersley Joseph, tape sizer, 13 Mosley street 

Alderson (Thomas) & Boothman, naggers, 51 Rook street 

Allaway William, boot and shoe maker, 23 Derby street 

Allmson Joseph, oatcake baker, 12 Ann street 

Allison John, fancy bazaar, Leeds road; h. 12 Garden street 

Allison Mrs. Margaret, 16 Russell street 

Altham Abraham, tea merchant, 2 and 4 Railway street 

Altham Brick and Tile Co., brick and tile manufacturers, 
Barkerhouse road and Hibson road.— (See Advt.) 

Altham James, tape sizer, 2 Mosley street 

Altham Thomas, draper and tea dealer, 73 Leeds road 

Ambley William, overlooker, 76 Fir street 

Anderson & Co., tailors and clothiers, 94 Manchester road 

Ansell's, Limited, clothiers, 37 Scotland road 

Archer Henry, corn miller, Bradley mill ; h. Fern bank 

Arms John, overlooker, 42 Fir street 

Armistead Tom, fried fish dealer, 63 Cross street 

Armitage Mr. Joshua, 36 Arnold street 

Artindale & Southern, solicitors, Craven Bank chambers, Manchester rd 

Ashworth Abraham, overlooker, 33 St. Mary's street 

Ashworth George R., fishmonger, Market hall; h. 11 Carr road 

Ashworth James, dentist's assistant, 3 St. Mary's street 

Ashworth James, draper, 41 Every street 



Ashworth John E., grocer and provision dealer, 59 Leeds road 

Ashworth & Thompson, painters, 15 Stott street 

Ashworth Walter, assurance agent, 293 Colne road 

Ashworth William, stationer, Scotland road ; h. 80 Clayton street 

Aspden James, overlooker, 19 Kendal street 

Astley William, brewer, wine and spirit merchant, Nelson brewery; 

h. Fern lea, Netherfield road 
Atherton John, basket and skip maker, 12 Market square 
Atkinson Barritt, hatter and hosier, 22 Eailway street and 116 Scot- 
land road 
Atkinson Frederick, chimney sweeper, 108 Leeds road 

Atkinson Mrs. Hannah, 40 Lomeshaye road 
Atkinson Misses, milliners, 30 Manchester road 
Atkinson Stephen, overlooker, 98 Larch street 
Ayrton Thomas, shopman, 71 Larch street 

Bailey Watson, co-operative stores manager, 80 Bradshaw street 
Baldwin John, secretary to the Marsden Building Society, 123 Scot- 
land road 
Baldwin John, plumber (j), 44 Railway street 
Baldwin Robert, solicitor, 49 Scotland road 
Baldwin Robert, joiner (j), 4 Arnold street 

Baldwin Thomas, wholesale and retail brush manufacturer, 
58 Scotland road ; and Bank Top Brush Works, Burnley 

Baldwin Thomas, furniture broker, Market square 

Baldwin Wilkinson, optician, Market hall 

Baldwin William, coal and lime agent, Railway siding; h. 24 Carr 


Ball Richard, hairdresser, 49 Railway street 
Bancroft Wilkinson, overlooker, 23 Portland street 
Banks Joshua, tea dealer, 54 Scotland road 
Bannister Charles, overlooker, 21 Mosley street 

Bannister Miss Edith, Berlin wool and fancy repository, 12 
Railway street 

Bannister Miss Susannah, grocer, 47 Arnold street 
Bannister Thomas, ironmonger, tinplate worker, and glass and china 
dealer, 51 and 53 Scotland road, and 12 Market street 

Barclay Edward, tailor and outfitter, 64 Manchester road 

Barcroft & Crabtree, photographers, Cross street 

Barker Major Henry, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages, 49 
Manchester road ; h. Colne 

Barker John, vict., Nelson Hotel, 2 Manchester rd.— See Advt.) 
Barker John, M.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, 41 Carr road 

and Colne 
Barker John, lessee of Grand Theatre ; h. 87 Carr road 

Barker Mrs. Sarah, 56 Albert street 

Barnes Eev. William (U.M.F. Church), 56 Lomeshaye road 

Barnes James, clerk, 60 Maurice street 

Barnes William, yeast dealer, Southfield street 

Barnett Mark, clothier's manager, 35 Scotland place 

Barras John, slater, Meadow bank house 

Barrett Noah, stocking knitter, 31 Victoria street 

Barrett Thomas, grocer and provision dealer, 1 and 3 Eailway street 



Barrett Mrs. Mary, 46 Myrtle grove, John street 

Barrett John, engine tenter, 28 Crawford street 

Barrett Eobert, engine tenter. 115 Netherfield road 

Barrowclough William W., tinplate worker, 30 Scotland road 

Bateson James, bookkeeper, 10 Primrose street 

Batty Thomas, confectioner, 61 Arnold street 

Beanland John (Beanland & Riley) ; h. 84 Water street 

Beanland & Riley, general printers, &c, Chapel street 

Bardwood Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 2 Fir street 
Beaumont Adam, clerk, 4 Castle street 
Beckett John, gardener, 40 Westmorland street 
Beecroft John, loomer, 161 Victoria terrace, Chapel street 
Bell Mrs. Mary, Eastfield 

Bell Thomas, architect and surveyor, Market street 
Belschner John, pork butcher, 53 Bailway street 
Bennett John, shopkeeper, 2 Victoria street 
Bennett John, joiner (j), 65 Hibson road 
Bennett Mrs. Mary, private lunatic asylum, Marsden hall 
Berry Bradshaw, grocer and confectioner, 73 Derby street 
Berry David, cotton manufacturer, Whitefield shed ; h. 142 Eailway st 
Berry Edmd., cotton manufacturer, Walverden mill ; h. 52 Elizabeth st 
Berry George, commission agent, 289 Leeds road 
Berry Isaac, confectioner, 75 Barkerhouse road 
Berry Luke, overlooker, 29 Elizabeth street 

Berry Thomas, upholsterer and cabinet maker, 51 Manchester road ; 
h. 20 Cooper street 

Berry Wm, Esq., J.P., cotton manufacturer, Walverden shed; h. 
Southfield house 

Berry William Heaton & Co., tea dealers, 89 John street 

Bickerstaffe Peter, hosier, 98 Scotland road and Market hall 

Binns James, artificial florist and general undertaker, 27 Manchester rd 

Binns John, overlooker, 23 Book street 

Binns William, assurance agent, 198 Barkerhouse road 

Birley William, draper, Market hall 

Bishop William, shopkeeper, 1 Crawford street 

Blackburn Mrs. Ann, 22 Every street 

Blackburn Blackburn, blacksmith, 116 Bailway street 

Blackburn James, overlooker, 9 Dalton street 

Blackburn James, overlooker, 43 Milton street 

Blackburn James, grocer and provision dealer, 112 Leeds road 

Blackburn John, overlooker, 53 Macleod street 

Blackburn Jonas, overlooker, 153 Netherfield road 

Blackburn Thomas, overlooker, 26 Fleet street 

Blackburn & Wilkinson, machine brokers, Holme street 

Blackburn William, warp dresser, 128 Barkerhouse road 

Blackburn William, overlooker, 56 Southfield street 

Blades George, furniture broker, 68 Leeds road 

Blakeborough James, engine tenter, 23 Mosley street 

Blakeborough John, salesman, 1 Ann street 

Blakeborough John, foreman moulder, 11 Market square 

Blakeborough Mr. Peter, 100 Bradshaw street 

Blakeborough Ralph, sewing machine dealer, 15 Scotland road 

NELSON. 305 

Bland Binns, assurance agent, 66 Southfield street 

Bland Bichard, overlooker, 38 Calder terrace 

Blezard William, clothlooker, 70 Clayton street 

Boddy Robert, sewing machine agent, 229 Leeds road 

Bollard William, solicitor, 13 Market square 

Bolton Henry, clothlooker, 18 Clifton street 

Bolton Mr. James, 68 Carr road 

Bolton John, joiner (j), 105 Bankhouse road 

Bolton Joseph & Co., cotton manufacturers, Walverden mill; h. 130 

Railway street 
Bolton Mrs. Margaret, 43 Carr road 

Bond John & Co., Limited, drapers, Market hall, and Burnley 
Bonsell James, travelling draper, 84 Pendle street 
Boothman Nathan, flagger (Alderson & Boothman) ; h. 15 Vale street 
Boothman Robert, mechanic, 27 Macleod street 
Boothman Seth, borough accountant, Town Hall ; h. 48 Belmont 

terrace, Railway street 
Boothman Thomas, engineer (j), 46 Belmont terrace, Railway street 
Boothman Thomas, furnishing ironmonger, 51 Railway street 
Boothman William, joiner (j), 44 Westmorland street 
Bottomley Benjamin, builder and contractor, 26 Garden street 
Boughey Thomas, nurseryman, seedsman, and florist, Rose Hill 

nursery, 22 Fleet street, and Market hall 
Bountliff Samuel, mill manager, 68 Pendle street 

Bower William Henry, vict, New Inn (billiards, head quarters 
for cricket club), Leeds road 

Bowker William, overlooker, 10 Beddington street 

Boyd Thomas, confectioner, 16 Manchester road 

Boynton Thomas Alfred, corn mill manager, 8 Garden street 

Bracewell James, painter and paperhanger, Southfield street 

Bradley George, rubber goods agent, 141 Leeds road 

Bradley James William, C.E., borough engineer and surveyor, Town 

Hall ; h. Oulton villa, Charles street 
Bradley Joseph, warp dresser, 38 Maurice street 
Bradley Josiah, teacher of music, 60 Clayton street 
Bradley Thomas, grocer and confectioner, 110 Larch street 
Bradley William, tripe dealer, 12 Manchester road 
Bradley William, teacher of music, 7 Forest street 
Bradshaw Abraham, beamer, 44 Fir street 
Bradshaw Miss Mary, dressmaker, 40 Pendle street 
Bradshaw Shai-p, draper, 5 Lomeshaye road 
Bradshaw Thomas, overlooker, 4 Maurice street 
Bradshaw William, carter, 58 Southfield street 
Bramer Bev. John (Catholic), St. Joseph's, Arnold street 
Breese Eobert, shopkeeper, 26 Forest street 
Briggs Miss Annie, confectioner, 57 Bailway street 
Briggs Mr. John, 33 Mosley street 
Briggs Robert, chapel keeper, 13 Maurice street 

Broadhead Andrew, timber merchant, Rigby st ; h. 14 Clement view 
Broadhead Benjamin, grocer and provision dealer, Hibson road 

Brooks & Pickup, coal proprietors, Reedyford wharf, and 
Railway siding*; E. Heap, agent 



Broughton John, inland revenue officer, 12 Clement view 

Brown Mr. Henry, 162 Scotland road 

Brown James, assurance agent, 122 Barkerhouse road 

Brown James Edward, fishmonger, 17 Eailway street 

Brown John Hartley, butcher, 15 Eailway street 

Brown Joseph, builder and bath proprietor, 5 North street 

Brown Louis, ice cream dealer, 20 Market street 

Brown Mrs. Maria, shopkeeper, 29 Grove street 

Brown Mrs. Mary Ann, baby linen dealer, 50 Manchester road 

Brown Moses, overlooker, 43 Arnold street 

Brown Nathaniel, coal dealer, 13 Elizabeth street 

Brown Mrs. P., Fern cottage, Reedy ford 

Brown Robert, chimney sweeper, 10 Ann street 

Brown Mrs. Starkie, "apartments, 116 Every street 

Brown William, fish and fruit salesman, 63 Scotland road, and 
Market hall 

Brunton Henry, boot and shoe maker, 26 Leeds road 
Buck Mrs. Mary, baby linen dealer, 139 Leeds road 
Buckley Mrs., 97 Whitefield terrace, Manchester road 
Bulcock William, shopman, 10 Wilkinson street 
Bull Thomas, taper, 6 Elizabeth street 

Bullen William, plumber, 54 Belmont terrace, Railway street 
Bullock Bolton (Bullock & Hartley) ; h. 40 Railway street 
Bullock & Hartley, builders and contractors, 40 Railway street 
Bullock William, builder (Sharpe & Bullock) ; h. Barkerhouse road 
Burnley Borough Land and Building Society (branch), 45 Man- 
chester road ; Joseph Pickles, secretary 
Burnley Carriage Co., Limited (branch), Hall street 
Burrows Albert (Burrows & Overton) ; h. 17 St. Mary street 
Burrows Edmondson, clothlooker, 15 Hope terrace 
Burrows & Clement, drysalters, Fleet street 
Burrows Jonathan, shopkeeper, 72 Leeds road 
Burrows Miss Mary Jane, confectioner, 143 Leeds road 
Burrows Mrs. Martha, 4 Claremont terrace 
Burrows & Overton, cotton manufacturers, Whitefield shed 
Burrows Varley S. (Burrows & Clement) ; h. 23 Macleod street 
Burton, Fletcher & Uttley, cotton manufacturers, Bradley shed 
Burton- William (Burton, Fletcher & Uttley) ; h. 17 Essex street 
Butterfield David, china and earthenware dealer, 81 Leeds road 
Butterfield Edmund, manager of Co-operative stores, 16 Albert street 
Butterfield Joseph, weaver, 20 Lomeshaye road 
Caffrey Benjamin, bookbinder, 32 Leeds road 
Calland John, hairdresser and tobacconist, 27 Arnold street 
Calland & Starkie, general brokers, Bradley road 
Calverley Thomas, yeast dealer, 152 Leeds road 
Calverley Thomas, silk dresser, 287 Leeds road 
Calvert Abraham, clothlooker, 4 South view 
Cannell James, private tutor, 151 Leeds road 
Cardus Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 33 Victoria street 
Carpenter John Henry, designer, 37 Calder terrace 
Carrington Thomas, commercial traveller, 43 Railway street 
Carrington, Woods & Co., cotton manufacturers, Holme mill 

NELSON. * 307 

Carr Mrs. Elizabeth, 94 Clayton street 

Carr Mr. James, 27 Grove street 

Carter Mr. Cornelius, 254 Leeds road 

Carter Joseph H., F.R.C.V.S., veterinary surgeon, Chapel street; 

and Burnley 
Carter Miss Maria, dressmaker, 34 Railway street 
Catlow Isaac, confectioner, Arcade ; h. 129 Every street 
Catlow John, coal agent, 52 Chapel street 
Catlow William James, hairdresser, 110 Leeds road 

Cayley Morris, stationer, tobacconist, and teacher of short- 
hand, 124 Scotland road ; h. 10 Dalton street 

Chadwick Andrew (Chadwick & Holgate) ; h. 8 Clement view 

Chadwick Charlie, clothlooker, 57 Vale street 

Chadwick & Holgate, cotton manufacturers, Bridge mill 

Chadwick Pickles, cattle dealer, Edge end 

Chadwick William F., stone merchant, Catlow quarries 

Chalk George, clothlooker, 5 Halstead street 

Chalmers Mrs. Margaret, grocer, 3 Butland street 

Chapman George, chapel keeper, 50 Water street 

Charlesworth Arthur Heywood, solicitor, Spring Bank place 

Charnley William, shopkeeper, 42 Milton street 

Chew Chaster Frederick, photographer, 90 Scotland road 

Chew William, contractor, 109 Bankhouse road 

Chippendale Thomas, assurance agent, 54 Water street 

Christopherson Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 52 Netherfield road 

Church William, boot and shoe maker, 9 Railway street 

Clark James, cotton manufacturer, Brook Street mill; h. 70 Barker- 
house road 

Clark John, pea saloon, 17 Leeds road 

Clark John William, painter, 1 Harvey street 

Clark Joseph (Clark & Sons) ; h. 36 Garden street 

Clark Leonard, grocer and provision dealer, 17 Raglan street 

Clark & Sons, saddlers and harness makers, 4 Leeds road 

Clark William (Clark & Sons) ; h. 31 Stanley street 

Clarkson George, tripe dealer, Market hall 

Clay Miss Elizabeth Kate, principal, Girls' High school, 31 Carr road 

Clegg Abraham, engine fitter, 88 Barkerhouse road 

Clegg Mr. Charles, 92 Barkerhouse road 

Clegg Miss Elizabeth, shopkeeper, 67 Hibson road 

Clegg James, overlooker, 17 Stanley street 

Clegg John, auctioneer and house furnisher, 8 Market street ; and 
fruiterer, Market hall 

Clegg John, joiner (j), Chapel house. Little Marsden 

Clegg Jonathan, commercial traveller, 136 Every street 

Clegg Eichard, weaver, 57 Hibson road 

Clegg Robert, mill secretary, 92 Barkerhouse road 

Clegg Mrs. Sarah, beerhouse, Adelphi Inn, 26 Railway street 

Clegg Thomas, warehouseman, 88 Railway street 

Clegg Wesley, outporter, 30 Hibson road 

Clement Frederick Ernest, drysalter (Burrows & Clement) ; h. 69 
Hibson road 

Clement Leonard, gentleman, Forest villa 




Cliffe William, tailor, 58 Elizabeth street 

Cliviger Coal Co., Eailway siding; William Baldwin, agent 

Clough Adam, overlooker, 8 Macleod street 

Coar William Edward, grocer and provision dealer, 17 Scotland road 

Coates James, engine tenter, 49 Chapel street 

Cock Henry, whitesmith, Cross street ; h. 11 Albert street 

Cockshott Jonas, livery stable proprietor, 25 Ann street 

Coe Walter, warehouseman, 11 Oak street 

Colburn Frederick, hairdresser, 13 Leeds road 

Collinge James, cotton manufacturer (Smith, Collinge & Greenwood) ; 
h. Eir street 

Collins Martin, chemist, drug-gist, wine and spirit merchant, 
24 Manchester road 

Golne and Nelson Times (branch), 8 Manchester road 

Conservative Club, Carr road ; William N. Lawson, secretary 

Cook Mrs. Margaret, shopkeeper, 24 Newport street 

Cookson Thomas Henry, cashier, 83 Barkerhouse road 

Cork Christopher, overlooker, 16 Westmorland street 

Cork John, overlooker, 63 Every street 

Cork Mrs. Susan, 32 Mosley street 

Cork Thomas, beerhouse, Oddfellows' Arms, 29 Leeds road 

Coulton Middleton, commercial and. general printer, bookbinder, and 

account book maker, Stanley street ; h. 109 Every street 
Coupe William Henry, assurance agent, 7 Eutland street 
Cowell George, salesman, 5 South view 

Co well Mrs. Margaret, 25 Hope terrace 

Cowgill Francis, overlooker, 92 Leeds road 

Cowgill Mrs. Mary, 9 Forest street 

Crabtree Bartholomew, clothlooker, 6 Mosley street 

Crabtree Jas., carting agent, Station yard ; h. 49 Myrtle grove, John st 

Crabtree John, grocer and yeast merchant, 126 Manchester road 

Craig Joseph Wallace, hairdresser, 48 Manchester road 

Craven Bank, Limited, Manchester road ; C. J. Howson, manager 

Craven Luther, boot and shoe maker, dealer in oak bark 
tanned picking bands, Essex street; h. 30 Leonard street 

Crawley Thomas, painter and paperhanger, 81 Water street 

Croasdale Brothers, cotton manufacturers, Albert mill 

Croasdale Henry (Croasdale Brothers) ; h. 63 Netherfield road 

Croasdale Mrs. Jane, 67 Netherfield road 

Croasdale Eichard (Croasdale Brothers) ; h. 68 Every street 

Croasdale Thomas (Croasdale Brothers) ; h. Fleet street 

Crossley Joseph & Sons, wholesale fruiterers, Albert st ; and Burnley 

Crossley William, overlooker, 10 Clement view 

Crowther George Astley, overlooker, 22 Dial street 

Crowther Joseph, loomer, 55 St. Mary's street 

Crowther Moses, tea dealer's manager, 2 Eailway street 

Crumblehulme Johnson Lingard, architect and surveyor, 
Central chambers, Dial street 

Curtis James, overlooker, 50 Lomeshaye road 
Dakin Thomas, butcher, 111 Netherfield road 

Daniels Charles W., hairdresser and tobacconist, 67 Leeds rd 

Danish Butter Co., 27 Scotland road ; Fredk. Hibbert, manager 

NELSON. 309 

Darwen David Edward, grocer and provision dealer, 65 Scotland road 

Davies Samuel (Davies & Penrice) ; h. 81 Barkerhouse road 

Davies & Penrice, solicitors, 29 Eailway street 

Davies Thomas, bookseller and stationer, 86 Manchester road 

Davison "William Robert, assurance agent, 66 Water street 

Davy Charles, tinplate worker, Scotland road ; h. 76 Leeds road 

Davy James, tinplate worker, 14 Beech street 

Dawson Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 39 Eailway street 

Dawson William, chapel keeper, 13 Raglan street 

Day George, hosier and outfitter, Market street; h. 13 Every street 

Dean John, muffin baker, 26 John street 

Dean Mrs. Sarah, 120 Barkerhouse road 

Dearden James, joiner and cabinet maker, Macleod street 

Dearden John, ladder maker, Stanley street 

Dearden Lewis George, joiner and builder, Stanley street; h. 7 
Arundel street 

Dearden Samuel & Wilkinson, monumental masons, builders, 
and contractors, and quarry masters, Barkerhouse road.— 

(See Advt.) 
Deighton Robert, draper, 28 Victoria street, and Market hall 
De Luce Frederick, bookseller and stationer, 136 Scotland road 
De Luce Mrs. Margaret, milliner, 23 George street, and Market hall 
Dent Henry, stonemason (j.) 3 25 Eleanor street 
Dent John Parker, architect's assistant, 24 Lomeshaye road 
Dent Thomas & Sons, builders and contractors, 51 Hibson road 
Dent William, architect, surveyor, civil and sanitary engineer, 47 

Railway street; h. 45 Hibson road 
Dent William Henry (Thos. Dent & Sons) ; h. 12 Wilkinson street 
Dewhurst Absalom, overlooker, 3 Oak street 
Dickinson Abraham, grocer and provision dealer, 159 Netherfield road 

Dickinson Charles G., watchmaker and jeweller, 26 Manchester 

road ; h. 19 Carr road 
Dickinson Elisha, commercial traveller, 166 Scotland road 
Dickinson James, mill manager, 4 Southfield street 
Dickson John, chapel keeper, 2 Macleod street 
Dixon Edmondson, overlooker, 58 Every street 
Dixon Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 2 Scotland road 
Dixon Thomas Henry, clerk, 18 Lomeshaye road 
Dixon William, shopkeeper, 25 Barkerhouse road 
Dodgson Alfred, overlooker, 24 Mosley street 
Dodgson Misses Clara & Susannah, dressmakers, 17 Carr road 
Dodgson Thomas, blacksmith, Whitefield shed, and Stanley street; h. 

17 Carr road 

Dole James Joseph, plumber, glazier, and gasfitter, Russell st 

Downham George William, joiner (j.), 78 Clayton road 

Downham William, joiner (j.), 128 Carr road 

Downham Thomas Henry, builder (Duerden & Downham) ; h. 37 

Barkerhouse road 
Downs Benjamin, pawnbroker's manager, 58 Lomeshaye road 
Drake Thomas, warp dresser, 4 Portland street 

Drew Edward Arthur, F.A.S.L., veterinary surgeon, Manchester road, 

and Colne 



Driver Fred., salesman, 8 Arnold street 

Driver Leonard, overlooker, 79 Smith street 

Driver Mr. Eichard, 1 Lomeshaye road 

Driver Robert, butcher, 61 Leeds road 

Duckett William, livery stable proprietor, Tickle street 

Duckworth Hartley, warp dresser, 43 Arnold street 

Duerden Abraham, blacksmith, Brook street ; h. 139 Netherfield road 

Duerden & Downham, joiners, builders, and contractors, 
Seldon street 

Duerden Hartley, warp dresser, 3 Arundel street 
Duerden Hartley, engine tenter, 102 Clayton street 

Duerden Hartley (Duerden & Downham) ; h. Grosvenor place, Barker- 
house road 

Duerden John, quarryman, 182 St. John's terrace, Barkerhouse road 
Duerden Nathan, gun maker, 91 Scotland road 
Duerden Robert, taper, 73 Smith street 
Duerden Miss Sarah, dressmaker, 14 Barkerhouse road 
Duerden Simon, butcher, 62 Barkerhouse road 
Duerden Thomas, weaver, 105 Every street 
Duerden William, shopkeeper, 57 Robert street 
Dugdale George, engine tenter, 337 Leeds road 
Dunderdale Mrs. Elizabeth, 89 Carr road 
Dutton Charles, hairdresser, Dial street 
Dutton William, journalist, 99 Carr road 
Dyson Mrs. iUice, 3 Arnold street 

Dyson Edward, cotton manfr. (Walton, Dyson, & Co,) ; h. Fountain st 
Dyson Elliott, cotton manufacturer (James Dyson) ; h. Bank house 
Leeds road 

Dyson Hartley, overlooker, 10 Norfolk street 

Dyson, Howarth & Sons, mineral water manufacturers, 
Borough Mineral Water Works, Chapel street 

Dyson Howarth, cotton manufacturer (Reed & Dyson Bros.) ; h. 12 
Arnold street 


Dyson James, overlooker, 53 Clayton street 

Dyson James, cotton manufacturer, Bradley shed 

Dyson James, cotton manufacturer (Reed & Dyson Bros.); h. 4 North st 

Dyson John (H. Dyson & Sons; ; h. 12 Pendle street 

Dyson Joseph, bookseller and stationer, 22 Manchester road 

Dyson Mrs. Mary, 23 Leeds road 

Dyson Peter, overlooker, 57 Every street 

Dyson Robert Charles (H. Dyson & Sons) ; h. 35 Clayton street 

Dyson Robert, cotton manufacturer (James Dyson) ; h. 14 Pendle st 

Dyson Thomas, herbalist, 100 Every street and Market hall 

Dyson William (William Dyson & Sons) ; h. Bank house, Leeds road 

Dyson William & Sons, cotton manufacturers, Bradley shed 

Dyson William, warehouseman, 10 Oak screet 

Earnshaw Joseph, overlooker, 4 Arundel street 

Eastwood Arthur, hairdresser, 2 Bradley road 

Eastwood George, overlooker, 23 St. Mary's street 

Eastwood Misses, dressmakers, 48 Every street 

Eastwood James, overlooker, 151 Netherfield road 

Eastwood Richard, pianoforte dealer, 18 Leeds road 

NELSON. 311 

Eastwood & Son, confectioners, 72 Scotland road 
Ecroyd Edward, Esq., J.P. (W. Ecroyd & Sons) ; h. Edgend 
Ecroyd John, Esq J.P. (W. Ecroyd & Sons) ; h. Alkincoates, Colne 
Ecroyd William Earrer, Esq., J.P. (W. Ecroyd & Sons) ; h. Spring 
cottage '/'re 

Ecroyd W. & Sons, cotton and worsted manufacturers, Lomeshaye 

Edmondson Henry, tape sizer, 113 Every street 

Edmondson Mr. John, 3 Eaglan street 

Edmondson John, overlooker, 3 Victoria street 

Edmondson John Hague, sharebroker, 6 Hibson road ; h. Spring bank 

Edmondson Joseph, weaver, 69 Hibson road 

Edmondson Thomas, overlooker, 97 Every street 

Edmondson "William, overlooker, 32 Maurice street 

Edwards Eev. Harri, St. Mary's vicarage, Manchester road 

Edwards James, dresser, 37 Victoria street 

Egarr Mrs. Mary Ann, draper and baby linen dealer, Arcade : h 11 
Vale street ' 

Ellershaw Robt Thornton, asst. supt. British Workman Assnee 
xnr li S ra Y en Bank chambers, Manchester road ; h. 10 Cross st 

L hott Bartholomew, grocer and provision dealer, 62 Eailway street 

Elliott Edmondson, bookkeeper, 142 Barkerhouse road 

Elliott Mrs. Ellen, 144 Leeds road 

Elliott Ezra, wholesale and retail confectioner, 65 Leeds road 

Elliott Erank, furniture broker, 37 John street 

Elliott Mrs. Jane, 42 Carr road 

Elliott John, stonemason (j), 65 Barkerhouse road 

Elliott John, engine tenter, 64 Eailway street 

IiWm 6 c aPd ' ?"?!£? ar ! d c n ontrac tor, 80 Barkerhouse road 

Llhott Mr. Samuel, lOo Scotland road 

Elliott Eichard, engineer (j), 24 Barkerhouse road 

Emery William, clothlooker, 60 Bradshaw street 

Emmott Arthur, loomer, 15 Ball street 

Emmott James E., relieving officer, 5 Stanley st; h. 19 Macleod st 

iimmott Joseph, clothlooker, 6 Eock street 

Evans & Co., tailors and clothiers, 61 Scotland road 

Evans Mr. Herbert, 66 Eailway street 

Eyre Thomas, shopkeeper, 2 Dalton street 

Fairbank William, dogger, 16 Clayton street 

Earnell Hartley, carter, 16 Netherfield road 

Farrow Mrs. Hannah, house furnisher, 92 Manchester road 

Harrow Horace, overlooker, 8 Portland street 

Feather Eichard, boot and shoe maker, 69 Scotland road 

Feather Josiah, commercial traveller, 64 Every street 

Fell Joseph Henry, bookkeeper, 98 Clayton street 

Fell William, clothlooker, 37 Dalton street 

Fielding John, cabinet maker, 45 and 47 Scotland road 

Fielding Mrs. Mary, 99 Whitefield terrace, Manchester road 

Fielding Bobert, cabinet maker (j), 10 Every street 

Fielding William, hairdresser, Cross street 

Fmlayson Murdoch, gardener, 122 Carr road 

Fletcher Edward, painter (j), 115 Clayton street 

Fletcher Hezekiah, cotton manufctr., Brook Street mill; h Carr hall 

312 NELSON, 

Fletcher Seth, overlooker, 59 Netherfield road 

Fletcher Thomas, cotton manufacturer (Burton, Fletcher, & Uttley) 

h. 82 Chapel street 
Fletcher Walter, cotton manufacturer; h. 16 Carr road 
Foden William John, railway clerk, 345 Leeds road 
Foreman George, beamer, 118 Carr road 

Ford George, goods agent, Eailway station ; h. 25 Halstead street 
Foster Mrs. Ann, 17 Market square 
Foster John, coal dealer, 69 Victoria street 
Foster William, gas works manager, Bradley house 
Foster William, baker (Scott & Foster) ; h. 68 Fleet street 
Fothergill Bichard, overlooker, 53 Every street 
Foulds James, boot and shoe maker, 55 Leeds road 
Foulds Joseph, herbalist, 2 Forest street 
Fould Joseph, clog and shoe maker, Market street ; and grocer, 42a 

Victoria street 
Foulds William, town crier, 16 Chapel street ' 

Fox Charles, clothlooker, 32 Turner street 

Fox Charles James, pianoforte dealer, 23 Manchester road 
Fox John, overlooker, 12 Appleby street 

Frankland George, overlooker, 35 Arnold street 

Frear Benjamin, joiner and cabinet maker, Wilkinson street 

Fryer & Co., manufacturing 1 confectioners, Victory Chlorodyne 
and Gum factory (Cannon trade mark), Chapel street 

Fryer Laurence & Son, lamp manufacturers, copper, zinc, iron, 
and tinplate workers, Ann street ; h. l Mosley street 

Fryer Mark, overlooker, 22 Garden street 

Fryer Thomas (L. Fryer & Son) ; h. 19 Ann street 

Fryer Thomas, vict., Clayton Arms, 70 Manchester road 

Fryer Thomas, confectioner, 17 Every street 

Gallon & Son, grocers and provision dealers, 42 Scotland road 

Garnett Mrs. Elizabeth, 19 Hope terrace 

Gibson Allan, -watchmaker and jeweller, 44 Scotland road 

Gibson Robert William, shopkeeper, 51 George street 

Gibson Brothers, wholesale confectioners, agents for Barrett & Co., 

London, 138 Scotland road and 51 George street 
Gill Charles, warp dresser, 6 Clement view 

Gill James, master, Wesleyan school, Carr road; h. 26 Lomeshaye rd 
Gill James, overlooker, 28 Westmorland street 
Gill William, firelight maker, 29 Long street 
Givens William, butcher, 24 Sagar street 
Gledhill Frank, spirit dealer, 66 Leeds road 
Gledhill Henry, baker, 14 Norfolk street 
Golby William, foreman gardener, 2 Seldon street 
Gordon Thomas, draper, 17 Every street 
Gordon William, gardener, 76 Eailway street 
Gott Mrs. Ann, 126 Every street 

Gott James, rope and twine manufacturer, 84 Manchester road 
Gott James S., tailor and draper, 60 Scotland road 

Gott John N., ropemaker (j), 128 Every street 
Gott Mr. Joseph, 29 Eook street 

Gott Samuel, tailor and draper, 58 Manchester road 


Gott Samuel, pianoforte dealer, 5 Forest street 

Goulding Joseph, grocer and provision dealer, 40 Leeds road 

Grand Theatre, Market street ; John Barker, lessee 

Graham William, butcher, 66 Manchester road 

Grant John Murray, sub. manager, Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank ; 
h. 70 Carr road 

Graves Walter, confectioner, 70 Leeds road 

Gray Joseph, egg and butter dealer, 70 Every street 

Gray T., bootmaker's manager, 18 Manchester road 

Greaves Mrs. Jane, 10 Garden street 

Green Edward, eating house, and Venetian blind maker, 35 and 37 
Manchester road 

Green John, clothlooker, 23 Primrose street 

Green Miles, dresser, 78 Every street 

Green Mrs. Susan, Oak mount, Barkerhouse road 

Greenhalgh Hugh S., dyer and cleauer, 38 Manchester road 

Greenwood Bros., fish and fruit dealrs., 55 Eailway st and Market hall 

Greenwood Caleb, stonemason and contractor, 30 Dalton street 

Greenwood Cornelius, market inspector, 48 Victory street 

Greenwood Fred., master, Wesleyan school, Eailway street; h. 77 
Barkerhouse road 

Greenwood Mr. Henry, 89 Every street 

Greenwood Henry, draper, 68 Clayton street 

Greenwood Henry, pianoforte and music seller, 18 Market street; h. 
113 Clayton street 

Greenwood James, shopkeeper, 28 Maurice street 

Greenwood James, butcher, 114 Scotland road 

Greenwood James, taper, 12 Albert street 

Greenwood James (Fish and Fruit Co.), Albert hall 

Greenwood John & Co., cotton manufacturers, Whitefield shed; h. 
27 Carr road 

Greenwood John, taper, 10 Albert street 

Greenwood John, cotton manufacturer, Bridge mill; h. Brierfleld 

Greenwood John, assurance agent, 71 Barkerhouse road 

Greenwood John, overlooker, 8 Fir street 

Greenwood John, grocer and beerseller, 49 Netherfield road 

Greenwood Jonathan, grocer, 23 and 25 Market square 

Greenwood Joshua (Greenwood, Pickles, & Holt) ; h. 28 Garden street 

Greenwood Mrs. Mary, 14 Macleod street 

Greenwood, Pickles, & Holt, cotton manufacturers, Vale Street shed 

Greenwood Samuel, overlooker, 62 Elizabeth street 

Greenwood William, overlooker, 5 Milton street 

Greenwood William, cotton manufacturer (Smith, Collinge, & Green- 
wood) ; h. 23 Leonard street 

Gregory John, greengrocer, 57 Leeds road 

Gregory John, mill furnisher, maker of dobby lattices and pegs, 
picking sticks, weavers' beams, tapers' beams, boats for 
sateens, beam wedges, skip trucks, lacing frames, covered 
shed rods, &c, &c, Norfolk street 

Gribbin Henry, superintendent, Prudential Assurance Co., 91 Carr rd 
Grimshaw Job, overlooker, 17 Kendal street 
Grundy Hanson, french polisher (j), 20 Albert street 



Guthrie Thomas, joiner, 100 Clayton street 
Hacking James, park keeper, 50 Beddington street 
Hacking Mrs. Selina, 4 Mosley street 
Hacking Thomas, shopkeeper, 2 Elder street 

Haigh Thomas, confectioner and tea dealer (sub-post office), 
112 Scotland road 

Hadfield Mrs. Margaret, Edgend 

Haighton Albert (Haighton Bros.); h. The Firs, 114 Barkerhouse road 
Haighton Bros., ironmongers, iron and steel merchants, 4 Market st 
Haighton Miss Ellen, dressmaker, 78 Railway street 
Haighton John (Haighton Bros.); h. 117 Netherfield road 
Haighton Joseph, tailor and clothier, 21 Scotland road 
Haighton LeGendre (Joseph Haighton); h. 21 Scotland road 
Haighton Richard, iron and brass founder, Vulcan Iron works, Leeds 

road ; h. 130 Every street 
Haighton Mrs. Susannah, 7 Carr road 

Haighton William (Haighton Bros.); h. The Firs, 114 Barkerhouse rd 
Haighton William, tailor (j), 107 Clayton street 
Hall Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, 32 Garden street 

Halstead John, cotton manufacturer, Bridge mill ; h. 1 Halstead st 
Halstead William, mill manager, 3 Halstead street 
Halstead William, farmer, Clough head 
Hammett Henry, shopkeeper, 20 Sun street 
Hardcastle Mrs. Margaret, 120 Carr road 
Hardacre David, assurance agent, 3 Fleet street 
Hargreaves John, draper and milliner, 10 Market street 
Hargreaves Col. (Exors. of), coal proprietors, Reedyford wharf, and 

Railway siding ; James Aitken, agent 
Hargreaves Christopher, overlooker, 16 Maurice street 
Hargreaves Elijah, butcher, 11 Leeds road 
Hargreaves Henry, shopkeeper, 7 Beech street 
Hargreaves Henry, butcher, Market hall 

Hargreaves Jacob, plumber (j), 112 Plevna terrace, Railway street 
Hargreaves James, grocer and provision dealer, 12 Hibson road 
Hargreaves James, smallware dealer, 57 Clayton street 
Hargreaves James, clothlooker, 84 Water street 
Hargreaves James & Son, tailors and drapers, 26 Scotland road 
Hargreaves John, commercial traveller, 19 Castle street 

Hargreaves John, dentist (great experience in nitrous oxide 
gas), 9 Carr road 

Hargreaves John, plumber, painter, and decorator, 45 Railway 

street ; h. Carrfield house, 29 Carr road 
Hargreaves John, overlooker, 76 Pen die street 
Hargreaves Joseph, overlooker, 35 Pendle street 
Hargreaves Richard, vict., General Gordon, Hibson road 
Hargreaves Robert, overlooker, 18 Clifford street 
Hargreaves Thomas, overlooker, 27 Every street 
Hargreaves Thomas, butcher, 94 Scotland road and 95 Leeds road; h. 

Belvedere villa, Charles street 
Hargreaves Thomas, weaver, 97 Carr road 
Hargreaves T. W., pianoforte dealer, Arcade 
Hargreaves William, butcher, 16 Railway street 

NELSON. 315 

Hargreaves William, shopkeeper, 2 Bank street 
Harliug Charles, confectioner, Stansfield street 
Harling James, confectioner, 15 and 69 Leeds road 

Harling- John, grocer & provision dealer, 2 Bedding-ton street, 
and eonfectionep, Market hall 

Harper Silvester, hatter, 52 Scotland road 
Harrison Henry, engine tenter, 27 Mosley street " 
Harrison Mrs. Matilda, 11 Barkerhouse road 
Harrison John, butcher, Market hall 

Harrison Richard, boot and shoe maker, 1 Leeds road ; h. 28 Lome- 
shaye road 

Harrison William, glass and china dealer, Market hall 
Harrison William, overlooker, 25 Wilkinson street 
Hartley & Ainsworth, cotton manufacturers, Reedyford 

f tl ^ ^ i0n ' district su P fc " Refu 8 e Assurance Co., 27 Railway st ; 
h. 90 Albert street J 

Hartley Mrs. Alice, 3 Cross street 

Hartley Mrs. Ann, 30 Barkerhouse road 

Hartley Mr. Bernard, 40 Netherfield road 

Hartley C. B. : assurance agent, 62 Lomeshaye road 

Hartley & Co., Ltd., cotton manufacturers, Albert mills: Walter 
Holgate, secretary 

Hartley Mrs. Ellen, stocking knitter, 20 Pendle street 
Hartley Fred., cotton manufacturer; h. 9 Cross street 
Hartley George, shopkeeper, 20 Nile street 
Hartley Greenwood, warp dresser, 22 Mosley street 
Hartley Mrs. Hannah, shopkeeper, 13 Tickle street . 
Hartley Henry, overlooker, 12 North street 
Hartley Henry, blacksmith, Vale street 
Hartley Henry, earthenware dealer, 1 Pendle street 
Hartley Henry, fried fish dealer, Market street 

5 ar S ey 5 eni 2> fried fish ' &c " dealer > 4 and 6 Manchester road 
Hartley Mr. Herbert, 35 Albert street 

Hartley Hesron, cotton manufacturer, Holme mill; h. 2 Garden street 
Hartley James, teacher of music, 17 Hope terrace 
Hartley James, butcher, 128 Leeds road 
Hartley James, sexton of St. John's, 200 Barkerhouse road 
Hartley Mrs. Jane, fried fish dealer, 140 Leeds road 
Hartley John, painter and plasterer, 63 Manchester road 
Hartley John, cotton manufacturer (Thomas Stuttard & Co.)- h 8 
Pendle street ' 

Hartley John, overlooker, 16 Dalton street 

Hartley John, wheelwright, 181 Stanley view, Barkerhouse road 

Hartley John, confectioner, 23 Robert street 

Hartley John, overlooker, 4 Garden street 

Hartley John Thomas, school attendance officer, 138 Every street 

Hartley John William, butcher, 84 Scotland road; h. Ill Leeds road 

Hartley Jonathan, dining- pooms, 42 Clayton street 

Hartley Joseph, ironmonger (Mauley & Hartley); h. Hazel mount 
Hartley Joseph, blacksmith, Dalton street 
Hartley Mrs. Jane, vict., Shooters' Arms, Marsden 
Hartley Joshua, warp dresser, 36 Every street 



Hartley Mark, wheelwright and smith, Barkerhouse road 

Hartley Oddie, grocer and fancy goods dealer, 21 Railway st 

Hartley Eobert, warehouseman, 3 Claremont terrace 
Hartley Mr. Eobinson, 152 Scotland road 

Hartley Rushton, draper and milliner, 31 Scotland road 
Hartley Miss Sarah, milliner, Arcade 

Hartley Smith, grocer and provision dealer, 114 Every street 

Hartley Thomas, assistant overseer, Town Hall ; h. 80 Lomeshaye rd 

Hartley Thomas, overlooker, 52 Albert street 

Hartley Thomas, beamer, 3 Eigby street 

Hartley Thomas, tripe dealer, 87 Leeds road 

Hartley Wilkinson (Hartley & Co., Limited) ; h. 25 Carr road 

Hartley William, foreman, 201 Barkerhouse road 

Hartley William, overlooker, 26 Crawford street 

Hartley William, builder (Bullock & Hartley); h. 15 Yorkshire street 

Hartley William, earthenware dealer, 22 Forest street 

Hartley William, butcher, 7 and 122 Scotland road 

Hartley Mr. William, 97 Pine street 

Hartley William, road foreman, 201 Barkerhouse road 

Hartley Wm., cotton manufacturer, Pendle Street shed; h. 13 Carr rd 

Hartley William H., solicitor, and clerk to county magistrates, Craven 

Bank chambers; h. Moorlands, Oolne 
Hartley William, twister, 109 Clayton street 
Hartley William, bookkeeper, 62 Westmorland street 
Harwood Edward, spice maker, Market hall ; h. 14 Fountain street 
Haslehurst Samuel, hairdresser, 5a Chapel street 
Hawkins Mrs. Isabella, 38 Westmorland street 
Hawley Mrs. Agnes, 127 Every street 
Hawley John, stonemason (j), 107 Netherfield road 
Hawley Matthew, stonemason and contractor, 113 Netherfield road 
Haworth Henry & Sons, quarry masters, 154 Scotland road 
Haworth James, butcher, 1 James street 

Haworth John W., tobacconist, 8 Scotland road and 3 Leeds road 
Haworth Thomas (Henry Haworth & Sons) ; h. 3 Elizabeth street 
Haygarth Peter, cattle medicine dealer, 63 Arnold street 

Hayhurst James, Venetian blind maker and property agent, 23 
Exchange street 

Hayhurst George, draper, 3 Scotland road 

Haythornthwaite James, overlooker, 62 Maurice street 

Haythornthwaite John, overlooker, 51 Arnold street 

Haythornthwaite John, overlooker, 118 Every street 

Haythornthwaite Mr. Peter, 103 Carr road 

Haytock John, cotton manufacturer, Brook Street mill; h. 108 
Scotland road 

Heap Miss Elizabeth, 33 Carr road 

Heap Emmanuel, coal agent, 27 Eook street 

Heap Henry, butcher, 104 Scotland road 

Heap James, butcher, Market hall 

Heap John, agent for Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co., 72 Carr road 

Heap William, clock repairer, 24 Every street 

Heap William, hay and straw dealer, Canal yard ; h. 33 Carr road 

Heaton Cowling, bootmaker (j), 128 Eailway street 



Heaton John, overlooker, 62 Chapel street 

Heaton Wilmer B., chemist and druggist, 96 Scotland road 

Helm William & Co., cotton manufacturers, Bridge mill; h. 52 Lome- 

shaye road 
Henderson Alexander, picture framer, 30 Leeds road 
Heavyside Joseph, tobacconist, 5a Bailway street 
Henry Patrick, shopkeeper, 48 Derby street 

Herbert John, confectioner, baker, and refreshment rooms, 
221 Leeds road 

Heseldon John, stationer and newsagent, 48 Clayton street 

Hey E. & T., cotton manufacturers, Bridge mill 

Hey Eli, overlooker, 2 Arthur street 

Hey James, hall keeper, 12 Leonard street 

Hey James, hawker, 37 Arnold street 

Hey Mr. John, 7 Cross street 

Hey Mr. John, 76 Chapel street 

Hey Thomas, clothlooker, 29 Fountain street 

Hey Mr. William, 6 St. Mary's street 

Hey "William, bootmaker's manager, 32 Scotland road 

Hey William, overlooker, 22 Pol ard street 

Hey William H., art master, 44 Carr road 

Heyes William, painter and decorator, 142 Leeds road 

Heys L. H., assurance agent, 12 Ellen street 

Hey worth Henry, overlooker, 108 Manchester road 

Higson James, overlooker, 50 Derby street 

Higson Mrs. Mary Ann, 8 Mosley street 

Hilton Mrs. Sarah, clothes dealer, 10 Forest street 

Hinchcliffe Walter, clothes dealer, 37 Leeds road 

Hindle Eugene, artist, 42 Pendle street 

Hindle Jacob, painter, Cross street ; h. 14 Market square 

Hindle Thomas, clothlooker, 15 Victoria street 

Hitchen Mr. William, 89 Manchester road 

Hitchon, Son & Lancaster, architects and surveyors, Craven Bank 

chambers, Manchester road 
Hodgson Mrs. Jane, pork butcher, 76 Manchester road 
Hodgson Fred., grocer and provision dealer, 44 Clayton street 
Hodgson Thomas, bookkeeper, 106 Barkerhouse road 
Holdsworth Mr. John, 1 Lee street 

Holgate John, tripe dealer, 86 Scotland road; h. 9 East street 
Holgate Thomas, cotton manufacturer (Chadwick & Holgate) ; h. 1 

Eleanor street 
Holgate Walter, mill secretary, 5 Ann street 
Holgate Mr. William, 5 Ann street 
Holden Henry, mill manager, 2 Emily street 
Holden Henry, shopkeeper, 11 Cobden street 
Holden John, monumental mason, Manchester road 
Holden John, joiner (j.), 101 Carr road 
Holden John, overlooker, 54 Southfield street 
Holden Jonas, bookkeeper, 31 Wilkinson street 
Holden Samuel, hairdresser and tobacconist, 78 Scotland road 
Holden Samuel, waterworks manager, Hudson street 
Holden Thomas, tailor, 13 Brown street 




Holden Tom, warehouseman, 11 Brown street 

Holding Eobert, shopkeeper, 92 John street 

Holland Mrs. Annie, The Woodlands 

Holland Charles, tripe dealer, J 2 Scotland road 

Holmes Miss Annie, confectioner, 122 Manchester road 

Holmes Miss Ellen, shopkeeper, 53 George street 

Holmes & Greenwood, grocers, 26 Bracewell street 

Holmes James, dentist, 9 Manchester road 

Holroyd William, ale and porter bottler, 20 and 22 Leeds road 

Holt Caleb, chimney sweeper, 3 North street 

Holt James, fried fish dealer, 1 Leeds road 

Holt James, grocer and provision dealer, 29 Chapel street 

Holt Eichard, gasfitter (j), 28 Every street 

Holt Thomas, cotton manufacturer (Greenwood, Pickles & Holt) ; h. 
Cambridge street 

Holt Wm., wholesale confectioner, 15 Fleet st., and Market hall 

Hopkinson James, stonemason (j.), 95 Every street 

Hopkinson William, glass and china dealer, 71 Scotland road 
Hopper J. L„ portrait and landscape photographer, 4 Pendle st 

Hopwood Nicholas, assurance agent, 16 Lomeshaye road 

Horn Mrs. Jane, 5 Albion street 

Home William, overlooker, 13 Albert street 

Hornby James Simpson, master, National school, Great Marsden 

Horsfall Mr. George, 66 Every street 

Horsfall Job, overlooker, 113 Scotland road 

Horsfall Mrs. Mary, 5 Mosley street 

Horsfall Tom, bookkeeper, 135 Leeds road 

Horsfield Absalom, hot pea saloon, 10 Market square 

Horsfield Thomas, cabinet maker, 100 Scotland road 

Horsley Benjamin, painter, 2 George street 

Hosgood Mrs. Mary Jane, Leeds road 

Howarth Charles, confectioner and boot and shoe maker, 4 

Scotland road, and 60 Manchester road 
Howarth & Ainsworth, iron and brass founders, Garden Street 


Howarth Henry, sewing machine agent, 123 Leeds road 

Howarth Henry, draper, 11 and 58 Eailway street 

Howarth James, coal agent, 52 Arnold street 

Howarth Mrs. Jane, 99 Every street 

Howarth James, joiner (j.), 38 Eailway street 

Howarth (Mrs. Mary) & Lord (Miss Ann), milliners, 82 Manchester rd 

Howarth Thomas (Howarth & Ainsworth) ; h. 39 Southfield street 

Howker John, carter, 2 Cross street 

Hoyle John William, brewer's traveller, 63 Hibson road 

Howson Charles J., manager of the Craven Bank, Manchester road 

Hudson George, overlooker, 18 Castle street 

Hudson John, cutler & jeweller, Market Hall ; h. 25 Stanley st 

Hudson Mr. Smith, 68 Barkerhouse road 

Hudson Walter, tobacconist, 43 Manchester road 

Hudson Mr. William, 6 Eigby street 

Hughes Samuel Eobert, assurance agent, 116 Leeds road 

Hugill John, assurance agent, 116 Every street 



Ibbotson Mrs. Jane, shopkeeper, 60 Water street 

Ingham James, clerk, 19 Market square 

Ingham William, shopman, 113 Barkerhouse road 

Inman William, shopkeeper, 1 Stafford street 

Ireland James, contractor, 4 St. Mary's street 

Isles Mrs. Catherine, 2 Clement view 

Iveson Christopher, overlooker, 38 Wellington street 

Jackson Aaron Hargreaves, weaver, 114 Plevna terrace, Kailway street 

Jackson Abel, shopkeeper, 1 Milton street 

Jackson Irwin, weaver, 42 Railway street 

Jackson John, mill manager, 44 Cooper street 

Jackson John Thomas, pawnbroker and house furnisher, 52 and 54 

Manchester road 
Jackson Mr. John Herbert, 32 Lomeshaye road 
Jackson Joseph, manager, 111 Every street 

Jackson William, M.D., physician and surgeon, 33 Railway street 
Jepson Shaw Brothers, opticians, Arcade and Burnley 
Jerome Charles, spice manufacturer, 54 John street 

Jessop S., dispensing: chemist, 96 Manchester road 

Johnson Mrs. Ellen, 105 Clayton street 

Johnson John William, blacksmith, Pendle street; h. 1 Fountain st 

Johnson Mrs. Martha, 107 Bankhouse road 

Johnson Robert, assurance agent, 22 Russell street 

Johnston Mrs. Mary Jane, 3 Stanley street 

Jones Albert, hatter and hosier, 1 Leeds road 

Jones Mrs. Sarah Ann, 117 Scotland road 

Jones William, cabinet maker (j), 134 Barkerhouse road 

Jones William Thomas, commercial traveller, 106 Clayton street 

Jowett Nathan, wood turner. Netherfield road; h. 124 Railway street 

Judson Mrs. Ellen, 69 Barkerhouse road 

Keighley Mrs. Harriet, confectioner, 26 Clayton street 

Kelly & Co , tailors and clothiers, 42 Manchester road 

Kelly George, dyer (at Golne), 38 Leeds road 

Kelly James, overlooker, 52 Vale street 

Kendall John, fried fish dealer, 62a Pendle street 

Kenyon Henry, mechanic, 9 Eleanor street 

Kenyon Joseph & Co., grocers, 74 Manchester road 

Kenyon Lawrence Thomas, cabinet maker (j), 25 St. Mary's street 

Kenyon Thomas, scenic artist, 10 Netherfield road 

Kershaw John Thomas, grocer, 115 Leeds road 

Killon Eev. Alfred E. (Congregational), 76 Railway street 

Kirk Thomas, confectioner (j), 122 Railway street 

Kirkbright George, stonemason and contractor, 93 Bankhouse road 

Knapton Dugdale, warp dresser, 42 Albert street 

Knowles Mr. Richard, 2 North street 

Knox Robert Andrew, cotton manufacturer (William Helm & Co.); 

h. 42 Lomeshaye road 
Lacy William, draper, Market hall 

Lambert Mrs. Frances, milliner and berlin wool dealer, 11 
Scotland road 

Lambert Squire, overlooker, 101 Every street 
Lambert Thomas, tape sizer, 175 Barkerhouse road 

320 NELSON. 

Lambert Walter, cricket bat maker and wood turner, 11 Scotland road 
Lancashire Evening Post (branch), Cross st ; Chas. Swinnerton, a-ent 
Lancashire Farmers' Meat Co., 8 Railway street 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank, Limited, Manchester road ; George 

Grill, manager ; John M. Grant, sub-manager 
Lancashire and Yorkshire Varnish and Colour Co., 16 Market street 
Landless George, mnfctr. Bridge mill ; h. Mount pleasant, Brierfield 
.Landless James Thomas, architect and surveyor, surveyor to Brierfield 

and Barnoldswick Local Boards, 61 Manchester road 
Landless Mr. Richard, 4 Clement view 
Landless Mr. Samuel, 54 Carr road 
Lang Arthur, coal dealer, 24 Duerden street 

Latham William, central restaurant & coffee tavern, 8 Leeds rd 

Lawrence William, foreman, 3 Booth street 

Lawson Mr. Daniel, 9 Barkerhouse road 

Lawson James, farmer, Chapel hill 

Lawson Samuel, surgeon, 43 Every street and Brierfie 

Lawson Samuel, tea dealer, 29 Scotland road 

Lawson Smith, solicitor, 31 Manchester road and Bw,^, 

Lawson Thomas, superintendent of fire brigade, 5 Booth street 

Lawson William Neville, commercial traveller, 92 Railway street 

Laycock Isaac, tailor (j), 59 Hibson road 

Laycock Mrs. Mary, Oak villa, Barkerhouse road 

Laycock Simpson (Exors. of), cotton manufacturers, Vale Street shed 

Layfield Joseph, leather dealer, Market hall 

Lea J. & G. & Co house furnishers, 126, 128, and 130 Scotland road 

Leach George, fishmonger, 25 Leeds road ; h. 56 Carr road 

Leather Mrs. Hannah, Edgend 

Leaver Abraham, assurance agent, 50 Gordon road 

Leaver Bannister, confectioner (j.), 6 Cross street 

Leaver Joseph, stationer and newsagent, 51 Netherfield road 

Lee Lance, carter, 113 Leeds road 

Lee Noah, overlooker, 49 Every street 

Lee Robert, tripe dealer, 73 Scotland road 

Leedham Misses Isabella and Matilda, dressmakers, 6 Market street 

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co., Carr road; John Heap a^ent 

Leeming John, overlooker, 105 Netherfield road ' 

Lees Benjamin, fried fish dealer, 9 Every street and 3a Chapel street 

Lees Mrs. Elizabeth, 123 Netherfield road 

Lees John William, watchmaker and jeweller, 2 Market street 

Leigh Robert, overlooker, 7 Portland street 

Lewis William, clothier's manager, 114 Carr road 

Lewis Hsnry, blacksmith, Vine street 

Liberal Club, Market square; William Stuttard, secretary 

Lmdley Bev. Joshua (Prim. Meth.), 110 Plevna terrace, Railway street 

Lidderdale David, shopkeeper, 56 Fleet street - 

Lightoller Thomas, coal merchant, Railway siding ; h. 72 Railwav st 

Lister William, clothlooker, 4 Oak street 

Little William Goodson, M.A., M.B., surgeon, 8 and 10 Hibson road 

Littlewood James, coachman, 115 Every street 

Loder Fred., cordial manufacturer, Market hall ; h. 5 West street 

Loder Henry, milliner, Market hall 

NELSON. 321 

Lomeshaye Bridge Mill Co., cotton manufacturers, Lomeshaye road 
Lonsdale Tames, cotton manufacturer (at Foulridge), 1 Arnold street 
Lonsdale Thomas, overlooker, 16 Every street 
Lonsdale William, overlooker, *35 Eobert street 
Lord Charles, egg and butter dealer, 58 Carr road 
Lord Nathan, clothlooker, 66 Derby street 
Lord William, draper, Market hall 
Lowe Mr. Stephen Boose, J. P., Arnold street 
Lowes William, grocer and provision dealer, 24 Gordon road 
Lowes William, tailor's cutter, 114 Carr road 
Luff Abraham, assurance agent, 24 Castle street 
Lund Thomas, draper, 5 Scotland road 
Lund William, tripe dealer, 44 Leeds road 
Lupton Clifford, watchmaker, 311 Leeds road 
Lynch Miss Annie, mistress, Catholic school, Arnold street 
McCallum Eev. Duncan (Baptist), 54 Lomeshaye road 
McCullough Samuel, stonemason and contractor, Seed Hill house 
Macdonald Ann, shopkeeper, 68 Victoria street 
Macdonald James, draper, Market hall 
McKnight Mrs. Mary, 163 Victoria terrace, Chapel street 
McKnight William, joiner (j.), 14 Every street 
McMillan C. & Sons, tailors and drapers, 29 Manchester road 
McMillan William (C. McMillan & Sons) ; h. 5 Carr road 
Maden Emmanuel, clothlooker, 96 Larch street 
Mallinson Mrs. Elizabeth Ann, grocer, 51 John street 
Manchester and County Bank, Limited, Manchester road; N. P. Gray, 
manager ; William Henry Elack, sub- manager 

Manley Edward Greenwood, ironmonger, iron and steel mer- 
chant, and mill furnisher, 9 Scotland road 

Manley Frederick, tailor and clothier, 12 Leeds road 

Manley & Hartley, ironmongers, 1 Scotland road 

Manning John, stonemason, 8 Every street 

Marsden Mr. Leonard, 111 Clayton street 

Marsden & Thompson, cotton manufacturers, Holme mill 

Marsden Thomas (Marsden & Thompson) ; h. 74 Every street 

Marsden Thomas & Co., grocers and provision dealers, 33 Scotland rd 

Marsden Mrs. Euth, butcher, 75 Leeds road 

Marsh George, gas inspector, 77 Netherfield road 

Marsh James, fried fish dealer, 144 Scotland road 

Martin William, sewing machine agent, 33 Leeds road 

Mason Joseph, cotton manufacturer (at Colne), Oak lodge, Hibson rd 

Mason George, assistant schoolmaster, 18 Garden street 

Mason Ealph, tripe dresser, 13a Railway street 

Mason Thomas, Limited, cotton manufacturers, Netherfield shed 

Mason Thomas, coal dealer, 5 Wickliffe street 

Mason "William Alexander, foreman, 29 Southfield street 

Massey Hargreaves, tailor, 63 Leeds road 

Mather & Co., cotton manufacturers, Whitefield shed 

Mather H., optician, Market hall 

Mather Mrs. Mary Ann, Greenbank cottage 

Matthews Mrs. Elizabeth, 29 Albion street 

Maxwell Jonathan, warehouseman, 115 Manchester road 



Medley Smith, quarryman, 184 St. John's terrace, Barkerhouse road 

Medley William, draper, Market hall 

Meeks Richard, pork butcher, 82 Scotland road 

Mercer Albert, assurance agent, 13 St. Mary's street 

Mercer John, grocer and provision dealer, 20 William street 

Metcalfe James, grocer and provision dealer, 2 Primrose street 

Metcalfe Joseph, stonemason and contractor, 13 Yorkshire street 

Middlebrook John, hatter and hosier, 7 Railway street 

Miles Joseph, cooper, Victoria street ; h. 48 Lomeshaye road 

Millar A. P., M.D. (medical officer of health), 1 Carr road 

Millington Miss Harriet, baby linen dealer, Market hall 

Mills James, shopkeeper, 66 Barkerhouse road 

Mills Mr. Samuel, 152 Chapel street 

Mitchell Campbell Miller, M.D., surgeon, 23 Carr road 

Mitchell John, vict., Marsclen Cross, Little Marsden 

Moffltt Brothers, drapers, silk mercers, dress and mantle 
makers, 39 and 41 Scotland road 

Mogerley Fred., pork butcher, 22 Scotland road 
Moorby William, shopkeeper, 148 Leeds road 
Moor T. & J , fruiterers, Albert hall, Broad street 
Moore John, clothlooker, 71 Vale street 
Moore Joseph, carrier, 108 Every street 
Moore Mrs. Margaret, 107 Carr road 

Moorhouse James, grocer and provision dealer, 62 Scotland 

road ; h. 96 Clayton street 

Moorhouse John, public accountant, estate and insurance agent; sec. 
to Barrowford Boom and Power Co., Ld. ; Walverden Room and 
Power Co., Ld. ; Throstle Nest Mill Co., Ld. ; and to Nelson 
Trust Co., 7 Manchester road ; h. 34 Lomeshaye road 

Moran Charles, baker (j.), 117 Leeds road 

Morvill William, grocer, 14 Market street ; h. 95 Clayton street 

Mould Henry, corn, provender, hay, and straw dealer, 71 
Leeds road, and Peel street 

Mullen James, draper, Market hall 

Murgatroyd Mr. Edward, 120 Every street 

Murgatroyd William, master, British school, Scotland road ; h. Spring 
Bank place 

Murray James, joiner (j.), 74 Elm grove, Railway street 

Murray Joseph, fish, fruit, and rabbit dealer, 56 Netherfield road 

Myles John Coutts, M.B., CM., surgeon, 125 Netherfield road, and 

National Telephone Co., Limited (branch), 49 Manchester road 

Naylor Mansfield, fustian dealer, 48 Pendle street 

Nelson Mr. Amos, 157 Barkerhouse road 

Nelson Cockshutt, overlooker, 36 Wilkinson street 

Nelson and Colne Express, 8 Manchester rd ; Geo. F. Renwick, mngr. 

Nelson Co-operative and Industrial Society, Limited, grocers, drapers, 
tailors, bakers, butchers, boot and clog makers, and coal merchants ; 
office, 12 Cross street; branches, Manchester road, Every street, 
Larch street, Leeds road, Railway street, Barkerhouse road, Milton 
street, Whitefield, Scotland road, Forest street, Wren street, &c. 
Edmund Butterfield, manager; Joseph Wood, secretary 



Nelson, Colne, and District Billposting Co., Limited, 20 Chapel street; 

J. E. Whitehead, manager 
Nelson Flour Milling Co., Limited, Netherfield road; Thomas A. 

Boynton, manager ; G. Proctor, secretary 
Nelson and District Power-Loom Overlooker s Association ; Joseph 

Hargreaves, secretary 
Nelson Free Library, Cross street ; D. Eushton, librarian 
Nelson Football Club, Eussell street; B. Sidwell, caretaker 
Nelson Hartley, overlooker, 74 Barkerhouse road 
Nelson James, salesman, 30 Mosley street 
Nelson James, cotton manufacturer, Bradley shed and Vale Street 

mill ; h. Oak villa, Barkerhouse road 
Nelson Manufacturing Co., Limited, Seed Hill mill; F. Wainman, 

Nelson Oyster Co., 13 Eailway street 
Nelson Stephen, assurance agent, 70 Lomeshaye road 
Nelson Self-Help Manufacturing Society, Ld., cotton manufacturers, 

Whitefield shed ; Eobert Clegg, secretary 
Nelson Thomas, salesman, 145 Netherfield road 
Nelson Trust Co. ; John Moorhouse, secretary, 7 Manchester road 
Nelson Tradesmen's Association, Hibson road ; S. S. Gott, secretary 
Nelson William, shopkeeper, 6 Exchange street 

Nelson Weavers Association, 1 North street ; William Ward, secretary 
Newsholme Benjamin, stonemason and contractor, 285 Leeds road 
Newsome Miss Martha, 2 Every street 
Nicholson Mrs. Alice, 1 Fleet street 

Nickson Joseph & Co., tailors and clothiers, 36 and 38 Scotland road 
Noble Thomas, carter, 160 Scotland road 
Normanton Hartley Thomas, cotton manufacturer (Walton, Dyson, & 

Co.) ; h. 251 Leeds road 

Nowell James, butcher, 6 Scotland road ; h. Grosvenor place, 

Barkerhouse road 
Nowell Mrs. Martha Ann, Barkerhouse road 

Nowell Eichard, dentist, 37 Eailway street 

Nowell Thomas Henry, overlooker, 23 Eleanor street 

Nuttall Eichard, watchmaker, 10 Scotland road ; h. 13 Wellington st 

Nuttall William, livery stable proprietor. Cross street ; h. 17 Pendle st 

Nutter Edmund, overlooker, 10 New Brown street 

Nutter F., assurance agent, 64 Clayton street 

Nutter Hiram, painter and decorator, 90 Manchester road 

Nutter Henry & Son, manufacturers of high-class serated 
waters, soda water, lemonade, ginger beer, sarsaparilla, 
kola champayne, jubilee champayne, cider, horehound, 
lime juice, hop ale, ginger ale, orangeade, and dandelion, 
Mosley street 

Nutter James, butcher, 60 Railway street 

Nutter James, dresser, 130 Every street 

Nutter Job, oat cake baker, 32 Barkerhouse road 

Nutter John & Co., cotton manufacturers, Netherfield shed; h. 85 

Barkerhouse road 
Nutter John, taper, 34 Albert street 
Nutter Joseph, dogger, 25 Eailway street 



Nutter Longsdale, joiner and builder, 117 Every street 
Nutter Mark, ale and porter bottler, 19 Manchester road 
Nutter Eiehard, overlooker, 21 Victoria street 
Nutter Eiehard, taper, 194 Barkerhouse road 
Nutter Eiehard, taper, 16 Barkerhouse road 
Nutter Mr. Eobert, 20 Macleod street 
Nutter Mrs. Sarah, 28 Carr road 
Nutter Thomas, butcher, 56 Manchester road 
Nutter William, overlooker, 14 St. Mary's street 
O'Brien Brothers, egg merchants, Market hall 
O'Connor Henry, confectioner, 20 Westmorland street 
Ogden Alfred, assurance agent, 50 Wilkinson street 
Oldham Isaac, overlooker, 21 Albert street 
Oliver Henry, bookkeeper, 21 Westmorland street 
Oliver William, overlooker, 11 Pollard street 
Ormerod John, stonemason and contractor, 2 St. Mary's street 
Ormerod Mrs. Martha, coal merchant, Eailway siding ; John Catlow, 
local agent 

O'Sullivan John, police inspector, 80 Fleet street 
Overton Edward, warp dresser, 9 St. Mary's street 
Overton Eobert, overlooker, 46 Westmorland street 
Overton William, cotton manufacturer (Burrows & Overton) ; h. 12 
Mosley street 

Page Valentine, hairdresser, 36 Leeds road 

Paistow William, warp dresser, 6 Maurice street 

Parker Henry, foreman, 29 Barkerhouse road 

Parker John, property agent, 12 Dalton street 

Parker Mrs. Margaret, 109 Leeds road 

Parker Samuel, salesman, 22 Lomeshaye road 

Parker Thomas, warehouseman, 100 Chapel street 

Parker Thomas, butcher and farmer, 57 Scotland road 

Parker Thomas, cabinet maker (j), 79 Clayton street 

Parker William, weaver, 138 Eailway street 

Parker William, mill manager, 76 Every street 

Parker William, clothlooker, 108 Chapel street 

Parkinson Mr. John, 67 Every street 

Pate John Thomas, beerhouse, Albert Arms, 83 and 85 Leeds road 

Payne Thomas, egg and butter dealer, Eook street 

Pearson Eobert, overlooker, 164 Scotland road 

Peel Robert, shoeing" and general smith, Borough Shoeing- 

Forge, Chapel Street ; h. 28 Barkerhouse road 
Peel John, wheelwright and smith, Chapel street 
Peel Samuel, butcher, la Chapel street 
Peel Walker, wheelwright and smith, Chapel street 
Pennington & Kenyon, milliners, Scotland road 

Penny Frederick, tobacconist, Albert Hall Tobacco Stores, 

Broad street ; h. Barrowford 
Penny James Henry, commercial traveller, 80 Every street 
Penrice Thos. Dawson, solicitor (Davies & Penrice); h. 2 Clement view 
Pettigrew John, greengrocer, 39 Leeds road 

Petty John, grocer and provision dealer, 120 Railway street 

Peverley James, clerk, 165 Victoria terrace, Chapel street 

NELSON. 325 

Phillips Thomas, fruiterer, Market hall 

Pickles Arthur, mill manager, 335 Leeds road 

Pickles Ewd., master, National school, Leeds rd; h. 26 Barkerhonse rd 

Pickles Hartley, cotton manufacturer (at Jewel mill, Brierfield), 39 

Hibson road 
Pickles John, draper, Market hall 
Pickles John, cotton manufacturer (Greenwood, Pickles, & Holt) ; h. 

155 Barkerhouse road 
Pickles John William, butcher, 38 Larch street 
Pickles John Walter, fruiterer, 28 Manchester road 
Pickles Jonas, overlooker, 55 Barkerhouse road 

Pickles Miss Mary E., dressmaker, 28 Larch street 

Pickles Richard, weaver, 33 x\lbert street 

Pickles William, overlooker, 36 Albert street 

Pickles William, grocer and provision dealer, 73 Netherfield road 

Pickover Benjamin, carter, 16 Bradley road 

Pickstone & Hilton, Misses, milliners, 98 Manchester road 

Pickup Joshua, clothlooker, 48 Wilkinson street 

Piercy Thomas, cabinet maker, upholsterer, chair manufaetr. 
and house furnisher, 100 Manchester road ; h. 4 Rigby street 

Pilkington Joseph, warp dresser, 14 Albert street 

Pinck Charles, M.D., surgeon, 20 and 22 Carr road 

Plows Miss Florence, 19 St. Mary's street 

Pollard Alfred, engine tenter, 21 Bath street 

Pollard George, joiner and builder, Netherfield road ; h. 79 Barker- 
house road 

Pollard James, butcher, 3 Pendle street 

Pollard John, warp dresser, 65 Every street 

Pollard Mrs. Nancy, 14 Carr road 

Pollard William, overlooker, 118 Plevna terrace, Railway street 

Pomfret Mrs. Ann, grocer and provision dealer, 1 Elizabeth street 

Pooley Mrs. Christiana, 95 Carr road 

Pope Martin, labourer, 130 Carr road 

Post Office, Tickle street ; J. B. Whittam, postmaster 

Pratt Mrs. Elizabeth, draper, 28 Scotland road 

Pratt Thomas, engine tenter, 48 Elizabeth street 

Prescott Richard Melling, town clerk, Town Hall ; h. Holly house,. 
Carr road 

Prentice Mrs. Elizabeth, fried fish dealer, 9 Leeds road 

Preston Isaac, shopkeeper, 303 Leeds road 

Preston Jonathan, vict., Prince of Wales, 60 Leeds road 

Preston William, chemist and druggist, 24 Scotland road 

Priestley John Arthur, sanitary inspector, Town Hall ; h. 25 St. 

Mary's street 

Pritchard Thomas, auctioneer and valuer, Craven Bank chambers,. 
Manchester road 

Procter & Baldwin, solicitors, 6 Hibson road, and Burnley 
Procter Kichard, solicitor, 21 Carr road 
Procter Eichard, traveller, 113 Manchester road 

Proctor George, chartered accountant, Craven Bank chambers, Man- 
chester road and Burnley 
Pulman Henry, veterinary surgeon, Barkerhouse road 



Queen's Hall, Bradley road ; Thomas Hargreaves, proprietor 

Quinn John, coal dealer, 4 Forest street 

Quiney Mr. John, 6 Every street 

Ratcliffe George, milk dealer, 18 Elizabeth street 

Eawlinson Jonadab, steam laundry proprietor, Pendle street 

Eawson Miss Hannah, 153 Leeds road 

Rawstron John William, practical truss and artificial limb 
maker (repairs promptly attended to), 136 Leeds road 

Eedmayne Mr. John, 14 Garden street 
Eedmayne John, foreman dogger, 7 Mosley street 
Eedmayne Eennie, overlooker, 84 Fleet street 
Eead Robert, butcher, 17 Manchester road 

Eeed & Dyson Bros., cotton manufacturers, Whitefield and Pendle 
street sheds 

Eeed John, bookkeeper, 29 Mosley street 

Eeed William (Eeed & Dyson Bros.) ; h. 10 Pendle street 

Eeader George, marine store dealer, Ann street ; h. 14 Bradley view 

Eedman Miss B., 35 Eailway street 

Redman James K, painter and decorator, 29 Victoria street 

Eedman William, mill manager, 7 Victoria street 

Reeve Wm, greengrocer and draper, 107 Scotland road & Market hall 

Renwick George F., newspaper manager, 8 Manchester road 

Retz Frederick, pork butcher, 59 Scotland road 

Reynard Joseph & Son, tailors and drapers, 56 Scotland road 

Richardson Mr. Alfred, 38 Barkerhouse road 

Richardson John, overlooker, 1 Bishop street 

Richardson John, blacksmith, Essex street ; h. 9 Tickle street 

Richardson Joseph, sewering contractor, 13 Hope terrace 

Richardson Thomas, overlooker, 7 Claremont terrace 

Richmond T. & W., provision dealers, Market hall 

Riddell Mrs. Lucy, 5 Claremont terrace 

Ridehalgh Henry, mill manager, 86 Chapel street 

Ridehalgh George, butcher, 76 Scotland road 

Ridehalgh James, mill secretary, 21 Milton street 

Riley Miss A. W., mistress, St. Mary's school, Maurice street 

Riley Mrs. Ann, 46 Albert street 

Riley Arthur, printer (Beanland & Riley), and bookseller, stationer, 

and newsagent, Arcade, Leeds road ; h. 16 Garden street 
Riley Mr. Edward Bolton, 10 Garden street 
Riley George, assurance agent, 97 Bradshaw street 
Riley Mrs. Grace, vict., Railway Hotel, 19 Railway street 
Riley J. & E. B., cotton manufacturers, Walverden mill 
Riley John (J. & E. B. Riley) ; h. 82 Bradshaw street 
Riley Mr. Oates, 30 Arnold street 
Riley William Henry, clothlooker, 50 Every street 
Riley William Henry, overlooker, 124 Every street 
Riley William Pickles, bank sub-manager, 125 Carr road 
Rishton George, scrap iron dealer, 16 Pendle street 
Robb James Bernhardt K., M.D., surgeon, 38 Carr road 
Roberts Alfred, mill manager, 91 Manchester road 
Roberts Harry, engineer (j.), 55 Hibson road 
Roberts James, milliner, Market hall 

NELSON. 327 

Roberts Tames, muffin baker, 24 Fleet street 

Roberts Mr. Peter Edward, 64 Carr road 

Roberts Richard, cotton manufacturer, Bradley shed; and draper and 
confectioner, 68 and 70 Scotland road 

Roberts William & Co., iron and brass founders, engineers, and mill- 
wrights, Phcenix foundry ; h. Netherfield house 

Robertshaw John, clogger, 6 Garden street 

Robinson Arthur & Robert, boot and shoe makers, 87 Scotland road 

Robinson & Co., printers and account book makers, Lomeshaye road 

Robinson Frank, hairdresser, 7 Leeds road