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Full text of "F.T.C. vs. F.P.-L. 1923 Hearings"












VoL 101. Ho. 111. 


ISICE TO nana 


raounerd, will 1ft tre mark nat where 
About all till h lacking now it t beadatone, suit- 
ably enrnv*d. 

GERMANY. It ii i 

\\*r" "ball continue to have dancing Marathons until It d«iraa 
upon fh* dancers tbat the .real rrmunerstion is in the 
quality, not the quantity, of lbs dandac. 

TT ia ■ nlief to everybody that criminals hive gone b*ek to 
1 1 1.-.-!? regular wttritior athedale* Not tmly th* paMee bin 
their norma) bun train bat h«us*hoMers no longer need to 
be prepared to received lnirudrra at til Irtdn, 

THE new captain of one eolitee (Brimming team if firea aa 
W„ PfUt, Tbat *W„ undoubted!*, ■ for "Water." 

. Wfi ITER compares MuascHoi to Riroji. Do« b( remem- 
ber what happened to Riensi? 

B E 

SF.FORK thf! Soviet Gonranut adopts Troukv a iu«r*- 
iion ationt eruorting grain tt had better consult the 
,< American Relief Aavoetarloia and *<■» whether that ufiulH- 
ti-n proposes to continue feeding Rnaaia. 

FRENCH playwrights are complaining, -that American pro- 
hibition la crampltig their Btylea. On the othef hand 
some of our own would find tnemselvea area more, terioiiilj 
handicapped without It. 

t XV movement for, (ho auppreAtion of ' beaTera" will be aura 
*■ nf the support of the men a face mere of aafety rakora. 

ria reported that De Vale re plana a flight to America. If 
ae"d just aa soon we'd rather tee him io to Doom. 

A MONTREAL doctor s*ib the whole world is foios erasy- 
rBjcbopatholoiT teaches that one of the firat aymptome 
of Liis«inUv i- to belle™ that other folk are craxy, 

ALMOST any mtfrfed man will tell yon who holds the non- 
stop conversational record. 

ANT*, apesking or non-etop feata, nobody bni jet equalled 
the American trMpa who went tnruugh Arfonne. Wood. 

iiTnTOfrJAN Bake* Gigantic Crta Tor Her Golden Wedding." 
W —Headline, la It likely her irenddanghter will ever 
da tbii'r 

rpHE new ~L H care, it la annomeed* will be •*> pWenrod 
1 shade: but what the pnbllc la neat interested: Ib la how 
frequently will the? bloom. 

JOHE folk ar* peculiar. Fourteen eouplea at the Hijuse of ■ 
f. ISavid in Michigan preferred marriage to Jail. 


ANOTHER and Biiff.ei*nt rtiMn fnr not wiihLng to lit* in 
■ Philadelphia La thai they ar* atajinf a mouth-organ con- 
test then. 

DARTS of the first American locomotive have been found j 
*• in the Smithsonian lcetituripn, and I ibtwtbt I rode ba- 
hlDd It KcrBtlj- on a line oat of Jrrarj (';::. 

IIJaB wont thief about inrratitaiioni Ii that tliry never aecm 
* to come linjlj bu; In batlaliona. 

CHIEF MAGISTRATE M'AUOO auaie»«i rhat all court 
attaches wear uniform atraw hats dnrlnx the eitj'a unl- 
reniarT celebration. In that eient alrawj will Khow wbirti 
waj the jnbllee blowa.- 

CINCTNNATT ia ahowiu * ditpi>iition to regard thrae attiess 
9ti The Red* aa proniianda directed anainit c heir ball 

. f 

rarems almoiX like an unfair handicap to the others to 
. altow the F'ire Department tn enter a team In [he munici- 
pal departments awlmmlnjr mert. 

rE police have one rnnalderaMr' nlibl now In lha men of 
mjttermon ecplosioni. Inatead nf JnveititatlnE nil Ltn 
■nel« they c*n tint them down to illirlt npirila and he mre of 
■ettlTir the right answer. 

JIM LARKTN'S protest erMeHtlj JnHJrntrt tJut the veteran 
insuifcnt Wis he could never look an Irlnhmnn in (hi 
face if he wtr* to be deported In sn Enfliiih ship. 

EAMONN DE VAr.ERA Ii the nx-lt upon which the Repub- 
liranfi in Ireland tniHd thrir hope* fif' victory. But in 
an outsider he appears to he hut a nhamrock. 

THE Sherman anti-trust law wan the ball in the chins shop 
nf the pottcrr trnit. 

FREST fires are aweepiiif ntep pani of Pennsjtvania. 
Valuable timber and. what in worse in the rret of mtM. 
raanf productive atllla will be deitrojcd. 

Sends CuvrlNer Telegram to Dis- 
trict Attorney Banton and 
Asks to Appear in investiga- 
tion Leading to Criminal Libel 
Charge Against Assemblyman 
and Corrigan. 


Hcrshfield Continues Quiz of 
Castro, Ca'ted by the Commis- 
sioner "King of Bootleggers." 
and Latter Denies Selling 
Liquor— Police Captain As- 
sails Record ol Witness. 

AXTBODY will tell Ton that any altea eooiaK to thea* 
ahorea has a ptfftn rifht to' lore hie tnoiherlarjd— jnlfis 

n an address ad- 
Ba-i. doetrr. It's 

DR. PAUlr HAL'PT of Jat» Hopkins, 
tiaol flappers to "drop •vnthetie itn." 
so hard to art the other kind. 

FtbTOOfb the efforts of the *o-c*Hrtl vlran books" crowd, 
litcrargrp Is «ter censored wi.-houi renrd 10 volomes as 
s wbnle, the Bible will be safe. It ia not lfkclj (hat anj 
enforcement afeut would rtcoenilte the Word if he ahould find 
it, on the hip or anjwbere *■!*#, 

THE limelight rlainw. bj bonk or crook, 
Onr old lima jester, Dr. Cook, 

AF-nll tke harsh thhua wrar said asaiiuL Major HjEan, 
" Conai Dojie"* accusation la the *wat. R« eemtendi the 
head of onr eft J tneernment la let the sarsr class with the 
Cilizeoi' Union. 

IT U rtportrf that BaJUmora »IU Invito th* Democj«ie X*- 
ttonal Committee to bold (ta nert convenUon there. Is 
1: possible the Baltimore botrl and cabmen, hare expended all 
the tuonrj thrt maeed viaitora for in 1912? 

lk/E *VE cat to ti" William J. Brjan credit for one thine- 
■* Bis stndicaied Bible rammrntarirs are doini touch to 
brinar people back to m appreciation of the beauties of U>* 



Harji Too, Would FlenM Agent 

Cufield, With Submarine* to 



Palmer Canield, Prohibition llireetor. 

has inlirnird <."ommi«»imirr .Uninn at 

Wasb'infton that New York City and 
vicinity can be dried up. 

Alt ba requires. Mr. Oafleld adds, ii 
an army, a nnvy and a Rest of alTSlanea,, imibmarliiea and * aQtnia of 
armored moloc cara. ' 

The requisition named In the forejrolns 
wai made In the form of a report which 
la felled upon* earnest In Trituration. Ha- 
needs the armj to defend the coaatt. th« 
niTT 11 atop them runnlnc fleet •. the 
airplanes to *PJ out radio intellicence, 
and the armored motor cars to catch tbo 
dietrl baton. The atibmarlnen micbt be 
uti«l for dark deed*. In the olTinr- 

Casfleld belierta. accardinc u bia re- 
port, tbat armed fuard*. tratrelips In 
fait motor cars, are peesaaarj Vt patrol 
the roads Iradinc Into New York from 
thewetl known landing apota on the Jar- 
trj md l-flrc liland coaats. To prevent 
the liquor from landine. he vecocntnendj 
that, then be a Dumber cf antll. fast 
vessels of the C tilted States Coast Jldhird. 
manned bj Coast Guard peraonsel. And 
from araplanea, Camfjeld would b are kia 
intelUctnca offiesea keep themselves in- 
formed on the number, aiaa and, raratlDo 
of the liquor avpplj abipa bsjond his 
jgriadicrioo and would watch the aaall 
boast wbicb nosradaja put out to them 
and return loaded. 

The report to Hajnta fires a detailed 
account nf the trip but week aboard tko 
(past Guard cnttrr Manhattan, to lbs 
liquor tine-op beraod the twelve-mile 
limit, where he enjazed in repartee with 
tbc *o»nunder of a Briiieh jarhr, eon- 
Nrrted (* l--w.ileirir.i_ Thla week Can- 
field will en nit over the ■nme route In 
a Beaplaas. Then ttity »m"i be ahls 
t-i fin him what is technlcaUj known at 
th* "rawtberrj" except by wrremaa. 


Colonel Billy Registers His Third of Meeting bg 

Saddling Golden Rule and Vacuum 

for the Baltimore Sportsman. 


Pair te-nay anf i*-w»re#ei. 
' , H U1 •«- I ««■ S« raises \S eaaseoar. 
, rraah asrtherir sslais. 

1 tpw si I^«p*l;h lo Tt.t MoraJni X>''rnri .1 

HAVRE DE GRACE, April 23. 

By way of proving bia consistency. 
Col. Billy Garth scored hii third double 
of the Havre da Grace meeting: when ha 
■addled Golden- Rule and Vacuum for 
their Tictory under the J. S. Coaden alike 
to-day, Humble, e&otber from the latne 
■title, secouutftd for third money. 

Needles" to Mete thi« was {rratifyiDf 
ta the reDferablt Virfiuian, Mpeclally 
alnca Golden Rule, which wai purchased 
from the M. Li SehwarU rale lait Fall 
for |18OO0. ran his six furlongs of the 
Suaqoebsnns Pnrsa in 1.1&, after over- 
comlnf; Interference, and aufCeated ' n * 1 
the Coeden Derby and Pnakuesa hopes 
nvynot be oonOoed in Msrtlonite and 
llunlin. Golden Rule wiil have a '14- 
Pouud allowanca in tht Prnkness. 

Vacuum, aJao a 3-year-old, was nukiof 
his ant ippeaxance under colon after 
lauf tnntment for lammess, and tbo 
fraduatlon effort anffested he may fo on 
to better things, although he is not re- 
tarded nf rlassic caliber. Vacuum's vic- 
tory had a sentimental */i» far Colonel 
Garth, sine* fa* owned Bmomstnw. his 
dam, but sold her to the Xalapa Farm 
before ahe foaled to-day's winner. 

■rtalc Bswea* liraape Uinr 
Then was a hint of retornlnz Winter 
in the briak bnene which awrpt the 
conn* to aJjtbrt atrsteh ronnera on tb»[r 
wsy tfaroufh tbat last t ryinc quarter mile 
and the Bayafde Cornet Bandsman found 
no reason for complaint whet- their 
arduous day ended. 

Golden Bale croserd over from an 
outer po*mnn to Join the leaders ia the 
primary StSfei of the Susquehanna run- 
nlat bat Chick Lanf was forced to take 
bach when Cecilia faore over, lesvinj ifae 
backKmcii *• that Ally went en io ebaJ< 
lean the riehu of Bodjpiird and Demi- 
john to keep the lead- 
New. Hampshire, who also bad ben in 
close quartan threnirb the early ruuninf. 
moved with a ruah nmndinf the turn 
I and knocked Omits off stride enterini 
I th* ilntch. He appeared the winner at 
I ike final sixteenth when Lanf broufbt 
' GoMen Rol* up with s . muh which 
spelled victory In the lest nod. 

Comlxa area a wfl beaten third and 
doite her best w sere that hoier fr*ol 
Good Nieht. That Harry Fayns Whit- 
ley candidate was alow to find his stride, 



a. J. Baja. iJH.rtn ■trnlgrkl. 

pi 1.40 plan-. * a. fin ■how. san. 

Jaoltsoe. *> pim,.-r. in.^O 

■ hiiTi . iSC-lrn-d. 

Harable, IMO .i.o™, thlnl. 

Ywraam, (1IMI.I .ir»liht, B14,BV 

ptacr, P4.0fl ikon, iron. 
■ ■■ ItTir.r, »B.:!t> .pl.^r. e2,nO 

>hnn. ieroaS. 
Tea HlntiiM, fvs.BO sboTT, third. 

In. Kar. aaT.a*! wrulihr, tO.Trt 

■Ian-. BH. TO ibt«, ndn. 
Wnehtr, W' hki plaer. ■e.BO) 

■ hniT. Bi-roiiil. 

Prarocot, nil.HO show, ttHra. 

Gol«>* Rale, fT,no steal ark 4* 
an.Ho, piat-a. an. to ium, wob. 
?r*w Hasasveklre, ift,.iO plaes. 

»;i.n> ibuw, insil, 

Casslaa, #».uu show, third. 

fifth RACK.- 
Rr*oLh«lt, •a,3o strala;hc. %\a.40 

alai-p, eaaw, nmn. 
Drsans of Allah. *T.4f* alaee. 

* + .**> «h*rr, weili. 
Hn**( n*j ■. nun tlis, ihtrd. 

Foar Upon. 


'oar Sport. fJ.&O neiighi, «n.< 

rlaer, S3. fit) iluif, won 
phrUfmi* an. mo alaca. a*. 1 

n<"ii»,' en.MD ihtw, third, 

Joasalaa. *Jl.rtO .iralah;. 

an .so itirf, Bfafmr, n»i. 
<l<kHT aVaadeo. plare, aha**, Mmt, 

Jersie*. HJo ihiw, tklrd. 

but /iniihed «-j[ D delermlaarlon. annresr- 
inc Ihit he will N> heard from later. 

hreekhali !■ a Catlap. 

ftmokhnli. fur whirb \r»».ir* Mnnlfnrt 

and B. B. Jonrs paid *-.V"0> ai a j'i- 

vniK has been a periodical rri^p ■- rier 

aince, hut Trainer Knenee orcsflooally 

suoceeds In pateblnf him up for 1 xral 

race. To-day vn one nf those occasions. 

Brookholi captured «h* monetary feamn. 

Newark Parse, in aiylr which left no 

doaht refsiditut his siip*ri«riiy, thoufh 

his less were atincint him ihrouth the 

stretch before he r*fiBh>red by three 

j lenjrth* from Dnam of Allah. 

j Th> erratic Btfoh* Daya consented (a 

] k*tri the barrier with hi* company in this 

j event, thabla Io the undivided attention 

(Caatieasd oa Faaja T> Cat, m,| 



Police Commissioner Kni-ifht hai 
aabed that a teli-KTStn ncnt J»y Asuenj- 
blyman Louis A- Cuvfllter to Mafiitrate 
I'n-rifnn be given to thr Unnd Jury 
for investigation. In a letter to Dis- 
trict Attorney Banton yesterday he askti 
to appear himself as a tvilnuH h<rfnrr 
that body and rath attention m the 
fact that the Cuvillier telejrrsm "hai a 
tendency not only of Injurint me. but 
nf Impslrins the efficiency of the en- 
tlr» pOti«« forrr." 

CommisaiOfipr Enriiht'ii letter was 
written while Commie hotter Darid 
Hirshfield ^vns qnestioninf Joseph Csi- 
tro. one of th' accusers of Policeman 
McAllister, and try in j m fet that wit' 
nesa to admit that be is "kins; of the 
booUefsen." Cantro denidl that bo 
ever had been a bootlefier- 

The Knright letter io the District 
Attorney follows: ■• 

"I note that Joseph H Corrifan ( one 
of the City M*pstr«tr«. yesterday de- 
lirsred to the pre**. for pnhllc-afion a tele 
Ccsna from Lmrt. A. C«Mf-1er. tVe As- 
sctohlrman. end his, ■fatsnfeh^, aoewer 
thereto. They appeared 1:1 ibis morn- 
lnf°a papers. Copies of these documents 
are annesedv 

CalU Carrij.!, Raapaaslhlr. 

"I sm advieed that these publication* 
Conatirulr criminal libel tindrr Section 
No. 1&W et saq. of the pennt | iW fl f tbe 
State of New Tor*- I understand that 
the Mafiatrjtc. by inshinr public :\.* 
teJearam which he receired from Mr. 
CuTiUicr. will be drrujed in law to have 
aaaumrti responsihillty for Its contents 
aod i« anawerablc. nniier ..11 1 psnal 
etarates. predariy the same an if he had* 
iu the first instance, composrd and pub- 
lished (h» tclecnun. 

"T need hardly any that ike iiltcrehcrp 
and written atatemrnt* of men like Cavil - 
lier end Corrifan. wh« B c known only 
to the public as officials ath| l ilirrcfop-. 
presurtiptiviclT men of rrsponaibllity. 
have a tendVnry not only of Injuring me. 
bnt nf impairing the effiejenry nf si-.. 
eniiTP poliet. force. 

"I have thus far tried in vain to hrinq 
Mr. CantflR to proof of hl^ chnvfee. 
I fmtituted a ault acainit him lumcd npon 
a prior slander in the hour thai iho htatte 
would he joined s^ecdilv and an imme- 
diatr trial br bad. Mr. Cuvillier hen - 
refuted n> join isnue ■ml. accordinjt to 
tbi- preaa. is hitJins; behind ihe ihleld 
nf hir- COnatJliltionsl privilcpo u Aficm- 

<■"* for Gund Jafr AvItM. 
"'I f*^l it my duty to nnk (ri rhr jirem- 
Etes that the matter of Ihts ln*i puhllcs- 
tion he tmnaerliately stibmLtted to the 
Grand Jury f 9G|« York County for 
such acdon thereon an it may deem 
proper, and I respect fit II.? nil the pric 
ilrfr of persouslly atipeorlnjt: as a wit- 
ness before that body-" 

When Commissioner [Cnright ■ tetjer 
tvsii shown to Haajietratp Corrtjnn laet 
nirht at bis bonae.rA Kse.t Tenih itrnt. 
he rofb£ed to make nnr comment. 

The transcript «f evidrftced i-livered hy 
C^mmiainner Hlnhfield in Plitriri At- 
torney Banton Is now in the hnnul* i>f 
Assiitetit niitrict Attfirncy Pcenn. ac- 
cordinc to a statement marie lam nijlr. 
by tbat offldat. He is readme; the rpSTi- 
mony, which will require atveral days 
io finish, he said. . 

JI". I'«cnr* ■aid (a intends In k»ep in 
touc'i witb the proaress of ifar inquiry. 
takinr 110 iennite action until it is n>n- 
ciuded by Hr, KinbGcid. 

The Diatriet Attorne T j< iuterrsled not 
slj>nr in the possibiliry t\T periary com- 
mitted at th' inquiry, but In any eri- 
dene* that may develop mhnwin- the com- 
of any crime, he said. 

Caacraa la Testlry Aajala. 

Mr. Hinhfifld is lath to let e» nf the 
Castro family. To-dsy Mih Jn«aph 
Csstm s Q d bit wife will be recalled to 
lh* ftafjd. 

Mr. Hirshfietd ii delving info the quev 
tioh nf (he property nwned by the Csstro 
fantlly. Ashing Joseph if he nwn»d a 
tenement boose at D4 Raoseielt street, he 
recerred this rather flippant answer: 

"I rtme here To telE abent the tAOfl 
Sjid not my persenaE *tf*i r » and those 
■'. -j wife." 

"Yci; tm* msde extebaiva altrrailont 
on that property?" the Commiaaioner 
asked, cetiimt: 

"fio up there and find «Mt fas' Mas 

Thmufhout rastrn *vad*ii Bsswrinc 
aa tn ihe hmineaa affairs of himself and 

Mr, Hinthfleht wanted t» know whv 
Tom WcGratJi. a hrotberis-lsw of ras- 
trn. used the name of Tnm Hurfcjey when 
arrested on a pi*r at lh« fnot of 12Pth 
street in connec ri oa with the aeitur* of 


; "~. r *'W ^-^ , ^j 


4, 'jhU 

%i * 

■7 "a 

. . __ i^muuMttai 



First Session ol Federal Trad* 
Commission Hearing Is Opened 
With W. W. Hodkinson on 
Stand to Describe Steps in 
Expansion and Mergers Which 
Led to Present Corporation. 

mm. . ■■< .■ . ii. ■ - ■ 
Crrll Hand.. Dr, If.nRrd n.funH. prt^.rnt of Ah«b.nv..rl«n rlnhi 
Mai, MarKHn. Mr.. ,i.dl.nn, Fp..|d.nt -.ilnn.l .h.k.- 
.[.r.ri.n FcdrrHtlon. and Mr; Mir, II. K.rlln Rt .twin.. In C#B- 
Irpl Turk, 




Witness Admits Company Con. 
trols Three of New York't 
First Run Houses, Tells of 
"Key City" Picture Presenta- 
tion and Calls It Essential to 
the Industry. 

Statae of Bard id Central Ptrk I Pablishen' Society Eepltet to Sid- 
■ Scene of EMrciiei on , ney Cohen's Attack by Copyright 

3S9tb Anniversary Action A^inst 20 Hornet. 

) C*.* on Pi|. Si t nUm. S.| 


Cnincident with lh# rrvivat of interest 
in Xew Vnrk of Willis m Shnkesprsre end 
hi- p'nya. \ be great dramnliiit'e rjjflt h 
anaiTrraaty yesterday look on r«-peMaI 
■icnificaDce. At the modest statue of 
BbaheBprere in Central Park Mall a small 
antherinf yestarday afternoon honored 
hie memory by tayinc daffodils at his 
fret and piscine « larj- wreath on the 
M«trf-*h*d,ar*v haWiimrwhai apreared 
10 be a copy of "As You Like ft." 

The ceremony v±t rondiieted by the 
Shakespeare Clnb of New York, an OF- 
IsnlxBtion wbieb has worked for yean 
io keep public interest alive in Ihe playa 
or the Bard of Avnn. Many paBsenbr 
■ lopped to join lb* psenriseii sod th* 
crowd wbb represent stive of all rlssses. 
aijtoif.rinr well the e.ilml of bis. appeal. 

The univeraalitj' >-f Shahrspeares art 
was thr t a jw aasi «f iraatavfliya cere- 
monin at tbr ataiue. This mm typified 
when Cyril aaanasB, represeminp tftp 
Kncii-t: staec. «turL s nriiish flsf ahras- 
aide the American Stic on the wreath. 
snnboliriBf with ihia arstur.' • "leafue 
oif all nations." 

M.»s Mona M n rxan repeat m) tin- "All 
Yon Uk* it" while t>r. Howaid I*uf- 
field. president of the Shokejifsrc Club, 
made a short addreu. 

"We take from ilie aajaas -*f tSxml Has 
mummr «f s kinp— 'Oad: " ssid Dr. 
DttUstenl "But C9eap«tn Bnt* Or we 
visit the ruins of Rome wiirn we (tn tc* 
Ttslj. but fiiinc is It' m'. R'jmr- 
Uvea acaln for us wIt-m w read Mork 
AnthniiT'a aprer)). Wnvfl >ou iliink of 
Verona yoa ■!" noi iliink -pf the »ld 
ltnlinn city, but rra ihinW of two 
li.nm'i. invesfd wttD tn* giammiT nf 
Bbithrsprarc'a ihonfhi." 

Thr American flag wn« (.Incerl by Mua 
Uytl ft. Martin. M^ n ablea t of t^e. 
club Sirs. James HMuHHl P.**". presi- 
dent of the F>drTa.lH>" ft Plinkenpeare 
Clubs of America, iithl Imw the cere- 
mony had frown ou; of « day several 
venrs nco. whrn Tien Ui-eet naasml the 
Ktrttup anu laid n white mso Trem nls 
liuttonholc at the hnti*. 

Enflanrl la bewnilinf: the fact that 
ncit f»ne of Shnkaapesirr'* pbrya was on 
the l^sndnn board" nliil* lii* birthday 
wnri bclna reli-braicl yMtsriUy. but New 
York cOPtributed nobly to tl»c cetehrs- 
linn. Yesterdoj afternoon dand Cow] 
asfe a siKciel matinre af lier iJAlifhtfo] 
performance in "'Rom™ and Juliet." and 
fast aveniof the Atnerirnn National The- 
*in- Company made it* first prodnerion 
a-ith "Aa Yo« Like It." with Msriorie 
Hembetu aa Rosalind. 


The anssrrr * made by ihe AmeriicBn i 
Swiety nf Cnmpnnrrs. Author* sad Pub- | 
:i.iipr« :.i the ■:■ nf Sidney 3. I 
Cohen, president of the Motion Picture I 
Theatre thvnrre. Infer, [he rent balie form , 
of twenty law auits filed, w r« >,r filed, 
in the federal courts. 

Mr. Cohen rebelled at Ihe practice of 
tbe compnaen' society of >rinr a tax on ' 
individual exhibitors for thf privilege or I 
usinf atnsic eohtrrjlletj by Tbe Inccrpor- [ 
ated publisher*. 

He repudiate*! his roas^etion with llisc 1 
body and declared hi* mteDtlon of eam- 
piliox a librsy of sppmprUte muhlcal it' 
lections which w.'dil render him mnT- 
pletrly iodependent of that association. 
Moreover. Me. Tohen -aid Ihst b* didn't 
lite theEt mu»tc, sn~how, and preferred 
not to use it. 

However, ihe composers maintain that, 
in spite of Thi* averaiop 10 their pro- 
ducts h Mr. Cnben baa continued Io make 
uar nf peverat roiyrifhled number*, and 
baa IsilI hiinsrlf nprO to no !"-• than 
twenty •epe-faie «itiis Tor intrinaemeai. 

Arcordinalv fourteen mraplainta have 
alreadj- been lodged on that •rore, and 
ali tnoretare in the r» u r*e id iwepsrs- 

('.irri lleplj- In Kind. 

Answcri^x Mr. foh«i%i letter, J. C. 
Roarntbal, general ton mt« "1 'he 
society. *ay»: 

We ore in r"clp: "f »n«Tta "' April 
IU. notifying OS thai ran aw J»"t wi«h t« 
conlinur the rftnrraris cnteml into in 
11)17, under llir t^rma nf which yVP nre 
licensed in imbliclj 1 perform ibr tmprjr- 
rightcd muiical ramposiliona df MR 
members la rh" Mlowlng twhwtrrn I 

t^roplrn Theatre, lfllut Btreei nnd 
Westchester arenun : North 9ias Tln-nire. 
Fifth avenue find 105th ■trcclw; Tremcmt 
Theatre, IVehater nvenue nnd ITftth 
atreet; Bronx BtTllrf Theatre, Weat- 
chester nt Prnspect avenue. 

Your notice or disconTlniianee of the 
eontrants l« ncccrtcd. with the UNdcr- 
etsnrliuE. liowevcr. that wr shall Mnw 
place ihese ihcotres upon our lis; fnr 
regular imper-linn, mid in the event tun! 
|r Is discovered that t-opjriglit Hthti nf 
our members nr* hifringrd therein nction-i 
will be immediately filed. 

"Some of rh" remarks In yohr letter, 
hownretv entirely at variance wjfh the 
truth end entirely unee-led for, rnnnot 
be accepted without challenge, and Bss- 
much a* y^u ham furniahcl tlie press 

The fir»l gu nnr ihs Federal Trada 
' iiniiiil^sirii-'^ Invratiffation n» lo whether 
the Fumr-u* PlayeraJjaaky t'orpornte>n, , 
En rnnjiiuctinn with a number of sub- 
sidiaries and iodividusU. eonstitiltei a 
truer uoder th* T>edrnil law. ivaa fired 
ydMnday St J^> West Thirty-ninth street. 
TTifh W, IV. Hodkinson In the wit nesa 

The h"sring irss held heTore F. C, 
Alvoril. an ccsmfner for the Commission, 
and the work of rieminalinn ■wis ron> 
i ducted by W. H. Fuller, its «-hief ctioeel. 
The defendants were represented by a 
row *.f lersi talent headed t>y Joseph tt". 
Fnlk. former Iftveraoc nf Minnori. who 
appeared ■* special enTinsel repreaenitDg 
Adolpb Zubnr md Jej« L. I.ssst aa 
individuals. Th* Famnna Playn-rJaaky 
t «rnn.ralion "res championed by PratbeT 
A. MrDnoalrL Robert anaama, Gilbert H. 
Montague sad Klerk J. Ludvigb. 

Mr- Hj«dkin*on wrmr- nue«tioaed at 
IstiRnh concerninf the early days or th* 
Psnmnnut Pictures CorporntiOn. when 
he wsa iu proldent. and deecribH the 
tarns sreps ia the eaaamkAaa and merxim 
fi the various xronps of prAdne*ra and 
rfiatribumrs Into the present nrxanira- 

CnrJer etamination of Mr. Fnller h» 
deeuired that n^On rar«>us occasions, aa 
!2£ V, 1 . 01 '* 1 - h"" "»«• beld mnrermatitm* 
with AtWph Z«kne relative to the ad- 
TipabiB-ty of romhininc th» produrtTig 
and dirision? nf the indm- 
try. Mr. milhiiiB said rh*t be bad 
alaaya !..■.-:■ jtcstiner anch a combination 
and ni or the same opinion y»t but 
thsi Mr. ZuLor held dlfferebt rtewn. K- 
bIm aeid lhat h* and Mr. Sat** barf on 
one o r rwy , rx-rmswns held meetims with 
«h,l.n ? ra at which the p«aihfliri« «r 
"•mnin.nE produrtinn end cibinition 
were ut*cua%ed. 

Xhnasaaj "Bi* si.- wsessttsam. 

Mc Hndkiaaon. arta then asked tn name 
the "firai els<i>, n.ra t run" raoii^n picttrn 
honaes in Sew Fast City. ff e nnmrii , ilp 
and Blated that thre. ft f ihtv, t fap Ttirltn. 
ftirnli anil ("riTerinn thesires. were eon- 
tmlled by the Famous PJr.j-r«.I.aaty 
CoepnrtTton, Be n-as fnrther asked to 
describe the elTeet <if Jf#w York and "key 
rfty" jnetwre jire.sentsTiiin upon the sue* 
rcss or a given picmre, and replleJ fiiH 
enrh PrWa tsii en tvjis mnsidered .u ea- 
■enUnl in the induatry tu sn advertising 
point in Ihe rxplanarion of K production 
throughout the rcat or the coutnry. ^Ir. 
r-uller then naked rh* witness to deMrthii 
the usual metho.] n f sending out advertis- 
itia scceeiwries m cihioitors. Counsel fnr 
the Fnmous Players-Leaky Corpoj-fttinn 
ohjrcteij on the gennrjd that Mr. lTodJiin- 
stin cniild <quy imswer foe bia own con- 
cern and that rhe <^trrction bnre nn rela- 
licrii io what the practice nf Famous 


!■-■- 3. S ..l i, i.i 1 


iSr-ntl PwMKfc » TSe BBMaBHJ T>:«f»»J*- 1 

ALBANY. April 21. 

Ano^brr tatempt i" shceduled to be 
mid* in th* Assembly m- morrow to ob- 
1 1 in. a decislT* vote, on the repeal of the 
Muleln-Oage State prohibition enforce 
meat lis. The repeal bill introduced 
br Penstor John J- Pa nW a Wl iDemo- 
efan of the Hronx. has pa--*d ihe Sen- 
ale and now is betore the Assembly 
Rules Committee. 

A motiod in expected w he mad* M- 
Biorrosr bv Aaaemblyman LaWM A- Cnvil- 
Ijsr 1« rtiscbaFce Ihe rommmec bwaa 
ftirthev conaidefation nf the bill, tbere- 
b* brinalng the bciiuw oj» for a reocru 
raie on the 6W of the JuaanssHj . 

| The vote ou the Ituantgan bill will h* 

very eioae aad the "wets'" er* anil flsim- 
1 ing a email majorif? in favo? f .f thr re- 
' pes), wbflr tt the same una* the "dry 
; fnembers contend that a p*H of th" 

houBe ahowi only 7-1 voies for tb» ^t\\ 

with 7d necessary m para il. 

The representative* of the State Fed- 
' eravinj] nf I.sI-t at a confrrene* here 
| to-day unanlmn^aiy adnpied a resolution 

demsading thai the I^eiislatur* rppeal 
; Ihe enforcement law. Samuel f.nmprra, 
, reterau p^eei11eal n( the AmnHraa rede- 
i ratiou nt Ijt>or. who ati»Bd"d the rrni- 

f«rence. spnk* <n fevsr of the repeal of 
| the MuTfen-Gage law. Ha aaid: "I am 

opposed to the return of ths old-Urue 

saloon, bnt the American labor mcve. 

rr,-nt favon good wholesome beer." 

Plsyers-t. flaky mitht be." Mr. Alford 
niermfed Ihe obji-ciinfi, 

A large 1'riipnninn of th* testimony 
jeKterdfly t.-j:s directed at laying a foun- 
dation nf gaaeeaJ fart* upon which 
further axajnti iiinn may be haaed. How. 
ever. * i vnr JH points in ihs queatioa- 
ing there h«. *vident n tedencr to briaa 
up the ojBeation whether itnlependetit dis- 
tribsrtots had dttTlrAiliy in getting iheir 
pirtnrea inrn [>roduef e-ntrtied, firit-run 
theeirea. The nriibses said that the inde- 
pemlenta hid no rtppiirtmnty to a how at 
ih* Rislro, Rlroli and Criteria*. 

At the asm* time it waa brought n t 
ll-ai ahmit a Horen nacmqal coucema en- 
gaged in riiatrihipttoft had exchanges In 
th* key ntie-i in cnmv^tLiion a-itlj hi« 
rr*mpany sa well .■. th* famous Playera- 
l<4iky Cnrpnrqriftn ihrough its Par* 
maiint orgsnisation. Asked in name *on» 
or the other distributors, the witntsn 
mentioned Fir-t National, (.oldwyr 
Yiiagraph. Film Rooking frffic-F and 
— " ■ — '■-rporatioD. 

Select Pictures 

To Hr 

■e aa 






Mr. Cndkinsnn will h* *xamined again 
fn-.Jpr. H» has h*en naked tn aiibrflit 
a hat of all th- f-atnre pirmres nHe- 
trtbuted by hi* vans eompany "inr- 1BI* 
which h* r-onaidpp-d «e;p mnhr of »'rst 
runs in itlaTralal Iheatre*. The liat -aaa 
ha fart snhmiri'ol yeKerdsy. hut b*cau*a 
eat|n»e| for the rpspofideota w*r* not fur- 
nished with cpies, examinsti^n along 
that line **« temponrilr halted. Fwii>, 
nuniien' «»ked by Mr. FulW nnd then 
witpdnwn it would app*sr tbat h* wi]l 
sak th* wiinesa th* dearrifc* ihe diffienftv 
he met In pUring tbe** pictur»» in firv- 
nin hnn*es. tVonse! for Fannin Flay 
■-■*'., '•.■>■. just bs-fnr* the adjournment 
■ »<T--d:i.T afternoon, ofajert*d m irnt»«B- 
iag from ihi* angle on ih* crosind that 
it was m*re!y ^Ir. Hodkinson* personBt 
opinion that th* pi*tTire» -«r*rp «f a type 
deserving of f.r«s -*■!*,«*, first-run preneat- 
t si ion. 

Mr. Fuller ssid T*¥t*r.laT ibst he at- 
P*clert th* hearings in \>* York io con- 
Tie"* for thr** we*c* «r s m«"ih more 

The ansended eomnlsint ich^h forms 
tbe basis for the --: "T "f tb* al- 
Irged charge that a motion picture trnat 





More 0/ Those Much Wanted 

'Sunson" Hats from England 

Smart for Town and Country Wear 
Remarkably Moderate in Price- . 

$5.94 and $6,89 

Hats with the-distinctivc tailored simplicity that England can pro- 
duce so well — fashioned in effective straws for immediate and sum- 
mer wear. Hats of materials so excellent, of workmanship so su- 
perior — that you would not think they could be imported and offered 
at only $5.94 and $6,89. 

Delightful Variety in Models and Colorings 

Far the miss and youri£ woman there are the ever charming pokes—for 
tastes a bit more sophisticated we have a lovely array of short back 
models in mushroom and straight brim effects. And ribbon — thai most 
piquant and favored of trimmings — has been employed on all of them 
rn almost endless original ways. 

Soft Woods Old Blues Rich Greens 
Pheasant and A Host of Other Hues 

NOTE— Wc are the only dUtribotort of Hum 
English Hato in Grater Naw York. 

*5J£&& — *KO«d floor, 34th strart. Froae, 

f&ists names in pjildilion 10 the Famous 
]'lafM*-I..B»k>- <-'orri>r£|tkni ipc Itealart 
I'ictuiv Corporation, Stanley Company 
if Amrrlm, Stanley Boofcint Corpora- 
tion, Black J?flW Enc-Jand Tbeatrea, 
Inc., Southern KnterpriiB". Inc., Danger 
Atrin*rnu»ht {'nmpany. A-!.-It>!i Zukor. 
.%-.■■-- T„. T.astr. Jules Maathamn, Alfrrtl 
9, Hlnet. Rtp'.ilirn A. Lynch and Krne"i 
V. HlcharOa as defer* la ma in tho suit. 
■'■■'i-Li'!i Oin mmmisurinn ronleiisptflir-* 
l-ringinx tirnLtiHl Chi; combination in anll- 
icutt iiitv ffolatfm iirQCFedLuns. 

The iwnpUunl allege* that the 
FanWiiP I'laj^rs-jjapliy Corner at Inn. *T 
|inigrjft*\itiT* expansion, now diMntnatft" 
I'"' 1 rxhihiTfon field, tbrotlgh fti owhrr- 

■ h-lll Of |iniil'.!"li-:'. risMi iiiHtifiii Sg* Heir."; 

nrul thralrr holdings, nnd l"*cauae cf 
Thin rtnnliludti'ift trf rffort *ifri*t corn- 
i I'liiion. inaramrh an it* m in net J turn are 
itnuii* to ttean flt*. nm aWrins" .if 
their pictures. Th? romplalnt a ton 
i-harer* ihflt Iho <-nrimratjon ia (he lars- 
H-ft thriii r- -.lin.-i- in tar world, and rnn- 
'■■■:>: show in an of tho pictures through. 
tr* awarrahln «f Paramount Pictures, 
The distributing rorporation. 


! >'t-iih. I'tpr 1.) 

witti cr>pie« of your ] titer w* anall da ihr 
earn* Tvirh thi». 

Yauf atatemtnt that jrou mail llir nr- 
l-an^e&rcnt Cor Eicenac contracts author* 
i>iT>K puWic performance ia jrour thftatfra 
nl ihi music copyrighted by aur mejn- 
beti "'unrlcr duress," la untrue* Yon did 
ii" aueh thing, and won." under ha 
"thircsa" of any aort. You had then, and 
hare now, an in tbt cane wtth every «- 
hlbltor in the 1_'nitect STttci. tho com- 
plete Inrt tmrts trie ted riplit to mid all 
milBLC not included in til* Ctttalagtids of 
r>ur members, without any contribution 
■whatever t" t». Vmt kn«w this :bcn. and 
Laaw it now, and no purpoie ia arrvnl 
n'V anqh nnnnpi to *nmsi- ■■at her aym- 
p«by or indifination upqn (ha part u-f 

148-150 West Forty-ninth Street 


A meeting; place for those 
of discriminating tastes 

A U C.rt. Sirrua U 1 A. M. 


Dinct frcm C.f • fe Pui. Ph,u R'jnt 99B7. 

Special Table d'Hote Luncheon Each Day 
From U.30 A.M. to 2.30 P.M.SSc 





TH« saw oDino* OP TVA 




ffl> <»>*<>> jS &"&£.*** 

[hoar who do not know the truth. Wt 
wJll Mr; tfj It that the trutli is inowp, 

No ConralalciBi i «pct. 
Yoq state funhflr tbit you ware "com- 
paUad by thrfata of opprtwlan" to maka 
«ntT «i» with us. Ttm(. iiisn. :. unrni^. 
Yon wan not ao compelled, bj- "threati" 
fir other-vfat': yo» Vtrro informed that if 
you uaed nnr pmptrty for your proSI. 
that in Acoordaarr- trith thr law. you 

WQllEd bft r*.qiiirr-,i to pe.? :j „ f,„ j, a UBq> 

If tea. choaa to usa oar property thus, 
anq la pay us for it, It wqn because you 
wouad it jood huaLmenn so to do, not be- 
causa of Rtij "apprusion." 

You suite that you bad; "bopvd ddrint 
all of tbi« tiB^* , ■ that ve -Sfould ho 
brorjEbt to (t rCalliatian of the nnfalmeta 
of our tnathnda and (he injuitico "f our 
po^Itlo-n.'* If your homi waa aincfir«, { a;ou 
did sItij ularly Httlr, dlrnctly or indirwtly, 
to tirinf jour hop* to realisation; mm 
we™ rentarltsbty intctiyfl In njnciviviny 
or executing any Intelligent atrp inwam 
lirinrina; u* "to B rtaHtation" o[ any- 
thlpe; ascept that you w#ts (iCercniar>d, hy 
nrof>aa;and» and othtrwise. if you cont'd, 
to inuaa aataronlim upon the part of 

qX 1,- tntr»rn townnl Wi 

Cartlinly y<Kl fatltd 1o make any ini- 
presHtdn tinon our "ta!nri<-d oulfrials." as 
yon tarm na, juat aa you failed to make 
any imprasaioil SWA tjia Federal Trarlo 
Oomtniafion when we forced yoy, by «K- 
jin-v-iift In tht trtdt press tbo fact that 
.vim had not dona aa ynn had told them, 
to ro through with the (Um» tiT your com- 
plaint tbtre: juat aa ymi failed to ma\t 
any iiunrruion upon l^mitrMe when yon 
itiErtiiinr*fI there a hill to deprlra ui of 
our Hjrbta and led the aihibkora to <*■■ 
lleve that t|tf hill would p«»«: jusi *» 
you failed t» make amy 3mpm*ion w j(h 
your "rniip.Li- ttepartment." so-ctHH, 
whirh yarj fed th* inhibitor* to baJwtf 
would tfnift! thjii particular situatiob for 
thaen; juat fte you lillfrn when you fir- 
r-ularlatd our momberr with «r> implleil 
prowiw to dellTtt to them tha co-oprr- 
atisTi of ISrOw theatrt". which they 
knew, and y«u knew, that you coilid not 

rrp-dlrr Cdtatlnnril rnllin, 

And, 5(r. Cohen, you will contintie to 
fall juat as iong aa jour auUuile re 
malnjR aa it it. and yoti should id con- 
tinue. You iiavr paid our feea ynurao'f 
f<!r yfar*: you hare oaid ir voWmariir 
and of yoiif awn rntitifin because you 
Hi-ptiie-d 3( "ar«*|h while' 1 to tout hual- 



Bkideb nnd liiver 
have a long, and ro- 
mantic kinship. For the 
charm or good >11vtT Olid 
plate seems to be as un- 
mdlnf u the atory of ro- 
mance, and aa inevitable 
and expected aa the bap* 
py ending jtmelf. 


"ThwGitt Ship at Fifth Jirmntu" 


The Moniing Telegraph Racing Chart 


■•**■*> *mw *>t tk* sprinsr »••(!>■■ &t (ha Ilarfoed AsrrUvltsnTBil 
ami Bnaaasm' Ai«;i>«la.ilon. wiitkir dm*. ThJr(r*n auirak H«lm«la> 

Honii, J. P. TMrasr tad Jn HcLmsu.. inuttr. Ju. K11l?ni MaclPi 
tallPaU* Mrs pwa*i jppt«ii(|ci •!:«■««. "l*a rsunJp. *"*»• 

h-atNlps fadest. H. 
s*Tftifj, Jo*. HTtLavasa. 

rim tut it l-M r. V. 
paunfi. Oft Hsu. la •nifdl. 

smswH w. inu: s. Inn: ■■ Btislwi. . i 
1QRRT *i**T nxec— F-our rariMit. ( iii:u-.i:-j-i!:i Via*. .*?n. .1*14. r«M, M.tMi 
,3UJ I »ik* u •■Haw. fan: wwf, satft (Lira. fiw. TWD-TMr-«tu. cisininr ran > 
nlnult. n rt n i. ii. Elsrt fna, wob **jiij: Plin antiBi, Kjooir, be, i. ar 'Va1c»ln— r>r- 
i9n>l. Q»»t. H, K. BRTSOR TT*IBK. Q. R- Brywm, ■ 

I taw 




IttfT A. 3- Bt'JA, 

]Htr tiAOicaov 

IHR "L*.t*V AL'DnBT 

sfcar n-KKca 
— skTikii oivoax 
tlWT *GOl-0 rwuit 
inrr wtgaw PMjUg 

t« l\* 

* nt « r 

wjoi a ■ 
t H« la 


T'i *'i S.UcLicf 

I' T> TLLiitiitird 

I' p* nM*rn 

f > T,ii|i 

M — ■ Ma 

II*.** — — 

■ « 

1ST nsla«tk #*ia— i. J. Bujis, «u»lth1. III. 10; pliii. Hl.M; lfcs». It.lo. JUIUi l*ltrT>. 

put*. n.H: ihow, H'lfcisK ska*. U.K. 

Tract Int. fpAtfloi Wilton nfi.IT. A. J. 1UM *k«eh »lf HfW3(.K «b» |lnJsbt«*«* os( in 
Ui» RtMleh UM dm anky I* U>* lt*t rup'ori, JATKinS rn'j.ritil Hl'HBLE *hrn II CIBr 10 S 
ilriT*. T!„ Enlrr bcoka vail, ittorwt Mrlr svcmI. hut «ull. 

?T tr *-tithi"ViHj-ii, I: Labt Andre*, ; : A. J. Huja. 1. Jtri-iKhed— !|i4TBrU!in, 191. 
ii«5'p-i, I. K, Bryan; % w. J, hitnn: i, J F. road**: i. •;"»«!,; aublt; I. a. Lauli; 

<■ J. A- Bufhaqaa; T, AuSU<r Fim; I. O. Pn:*i*.-.ii. I, it r. lVIM.n. Jr. 

iqcrt BWaOND aaca-Sli iutMrj*.. (rsaJt-tlHi— »-ltl.l Tin*. .11. ,<«M(., ?uTif. 

IWOI FI.JlOl rilu, to wtn«r, |tW; t*™»d. tMC: third, IIM. Tli-rr-T(*r-nW* KUdaBl. 
r-»L l iBln-BU-. OtT at I.M. Bl«rt foa4. Wop VW0>I P'* f « " B1 » U n lun»r. n I I. I.J Dick t':u- 
lll—enyHaHriT. PjjWf. J. a. COJOsTW. T"lBer. W, 0«lh^ 





■Lit* 1 TEN MtKLTtS 

imt> bob a rrcA 

lsl4T tmrtsnoLD 

«eh Bwre tokt 


ITlTf lAh*Tl.E7 

pi ooti&Tirr ror 
•ton tPitiMvt 



l*TW tC\TLTH RtrTH Cj, ST HI I 11 

J. H._.?t_ 


▼■Ml *« 
nb 111 II 

atj lit I i 

i'«i 1^ 1« M a.W.fJRrrmU 

Tf |> *» 44 T-PsTlSi 

I'H tH i* ** A,*"*) 
k-i ir.J T* I' l{f*lUliin 
a-k [i. lit «■* J-Wkiiici 

t'H I'4, &» TH *fli"nrr 

»■ !• t* t" a?« B ii 

i* W.fonl 

K'»i O.lfllR 

1H I-JlrUHi 

_ ii'.i P-Hirlnelll 

4 ! H ■■' »>i 1I>(* Tl Tith. 

" 'I !!■■ U A. AfRrdr 

si. lU-ilrsL IL0.«V 

3 Si.". *LU. 

iHlf, vnrt La iJi» [;-.ct I 
qull. TEN yiMTIS a 





~1iH m~ 

l.U II- JO »-» 

mo - M 

I.T* — — 

Jhf.« — - - - 

Jl-li — - 

»." - - 

15 U — - 

TI.II — - 

n.u — - 

3.11 — - 

Tt.1l - - 

jfcHj ± 

ffluHi] ruia. T-»6-iofii/ naitual* sail Vsaaa 

Sam ■,"■-*!, vlH*. |LU; b»*T. IM& T*tf lllnvtri. 

Trirlt r»L VACT^VU (»!!nrri 5|;N SjCF.ST c 

SrtW felrsr- BVH ■qUE.IT ilioirtil BlfB l(f«d, hut 

hoia tbta naiissa tuspf, 

etntiiM— HIT Chut Cmttt. Ill; lUiT Oaurla. ill. . 
0>m*r*— I. J. B. C4SM1 t. W, I. Klla,*r: K Qtna Htddt 
f. C. L. Wklilni: T. K^fUat^, J. O. TsculRrBo. Br. 
I.. A. Fi-Itr: It W. W»%eiiO- f X, B, V Bvrtk: 1L A. Onntll. 
1QRTT TRI1P RACBV'tl!!" tgrlws*. (BMK-l.llU-I— 11*) 

l»°l I tUnO: vit-Vtn wlrt-tr. HM wrnTid. KCt. UIrd, II 

ClilBiUis. I'cPi I allium, Orr at 111. Inn food, Bon ffrMn 
Hi by K«ijurilu.rn— Bttbduai, OwB*r ui! uur;. B. B. CktXf UAM , 

iB das Hotm^ JvStT FP" at 

TiB - i - 1 in - 1 1 


II1JT IKKKAr * LI 101 l| 

iiHB *wnccKr* *a 1 is* ll I 

1IIIT PRrvyfrML v I el - . * 

1I-1T i Hl'arBD SWED ITS I 1H II 

IlIlT' COFafttlOHT a»h * M II • 

IlttT MMPND BAtR. -fc i i'1 if 

1B41T OA.UDT « I [It * 1 


ihit ruAVKA 

lUlT Ft,"RL, 

imr i DtANA 

■ ■ <i 414 

lUreTltlUy' TfRHPtT 

*t> i '■'-, I * 

■.»>*;« n || 

T I Mo I ID 

*ll« II I 

W ■ »l I 141 

ar 1 11» II 11 

» 1 * IH 

w it in ii u 





,p.MiO* r 
Ti I' ■"■ H.Wiiaf! 
D U lifr A.AInir 
Ilk K *•' ^.L«ajr 
Hit 10' I'H AAi-irrt- 

ii* n" U-i »■ 
I' ■» fH II* 

14 U'Hiii if 

ritim 1 ifl it* 

111 ll a 11> }4> 

II 11 II 11 


fs jt*»:ii.l!l 
T. Prima 

Ti-» *r-io 

141-1. II- li, 

- L<i-n 

1.M — - 

iMaMtl mid. T-o-d*]li.r nrnwit aaM-Tnt Ttsr. alrsifnt. IK-H; ilan, M19i Ar*. H-^- 

MwllT. Pisr*. It,*ii tkdT, !♦.». FntaMl, ihna-, |11.|». 

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Bard riAdra lo tUII Mf WHKCKrr. ! «at1lann. Tla* HtUr raaaa '" lal mllld* e[ UIR |4HMtrB at 
1st fUHch turn. rflOTOCcrL- «■*! n?":1 Alt Ih* fBI> OAff'V broh* ala*. HAFT P>-! wllh 
i-m lol4rt«r*»*. 

CKsrralS*!— tea Kir. I; Qasi5/ r I; Tanlan int. 1; Prctnrol. T; DJtn*. 1 HcFatctlri—ITTtT Je- 
■SUrijJaa f- »; tIMTl WatTUi, Iffi- IMTTJrMph Htinl. IM: IHIT" nSM. 1»: VISIT BsrAftB, 101. 

Oanin— >h r> E. Qiapstao; :, •.' H. <T4knpar: 1. B, Boa*: «. 0. W. Panun: I. Mil. P. J. L*>lr; 
i. J, Ktllr; T, L, Camr ■.•!): I, H, J. Bvtla: I. M. K-rilT): ». CJ. Outioq; II, it t< RH4: It. 
M 1. CYaMW! II. II. A. CfllrlR: H. C. B. C*r»pb*31: rt, M C>VTt. 

1 OCQT V'OBBTH RACJE— «J« tarlarlo- (*!JH— W1H— I — IIB.) Tine. .14. .fltt. tl* •»*•**' 
laOOl hLena l^r». *t l*,*« : 'llu* it "■111"-. |t.*»4: p««j1. «»■ rhlrd. ll^; (ounh. (-■*■ 

Ttir**.^np.»nn fft«i 1 mlnotf. an >t # CI B(trt i»oi. Wan i!rli'!nr: |.iiM *nllv Wlir.-r. 
b e, J, by wnfli— QvWtt 1>Tn«r. J- *■ CMBEV. Tralmr, W, Oarih. 



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— - 

'T«o-a-a]UT f TBUluali pali— Cahaari Bala. Ri.4M.IOt. I7.W: p'llTt, 11.14; •%•■>. Ni¥ liana- 
ph:ra. alara, tl.SS; ■^«. 14.14 CmLis. Bhsa-. U.«0. 

Tritk fan. 4)01. HES' RILE »li on th* e'll'i^r "' tin Ifaqira tht ■■('«« hill lllll ni Ii a 4-lda 
tip cDtarlDs Ik* Slraieh; h* Kllssttd SEW HAMeslllKK at Hi- and. Tha lallrr bvmptd a'oMlXs 
■ t IB* \-P 01 tha nr*u» wptB Ra mil la 1b a Irani- T»« SUtW flW* blfllf la lis- lut turloni. 
BOOT aVAlD ahavaA Aarli- nwi. ht tail: Ln 4ba Iisl viimi. XTURL CLATtON. iBttrfaru Win 
■San aNlr IBa ahtrL Sat* nuLIifl Vf. 

Canm.-itt Trlcfa'.-IJLua HtlB. 111. Owrralshl— MpJJflBs} ll Elhtl '"lijion, i'i. Q«td» Kbit. I. 
Bcnllfhrd-imT B*rn«. l«l lS«TAIflJlr«, l«i 1KIT B«ilir TimM. Ill) IHtTIUaUBB- T4.RH. IM] 
HUT Th«44llT. »■■ 

0*can-l. J. a fuiart: 1 J. K la BOUL 1, E. H. UfUsn: t. 11. P. WhlUtiT: I. Olfn 
Rlddll fin:. (, Idla Hair piaVk Fuayt, O. r>a'ilf:<3". I. W. M. J«ffOrd>: I. K annua ■Ubli. 
iAfinT BtPTH TI*PK-Qm iRlla SM a RtllkHtth. («ISl^-l.44*-a-IU.t Tlan. .Mft. .41, |.U*J. 
I 70? I l.alN, j_*t*i. N«4r«ra Pu.tb of ILI»: vjlqa 14 -a-JsBtr. IE,.l&Ci ««?anj. |IH: utrd. 
PH: (aurlh, IlH Paa.r.]raLt-«U4 SSl ntu-ia-fl, Pt4l 4 talflVtW. a"Hf at l.U. Start rMkt. Won 
Jtilly: plu* diltlar TVlRfite. th b, f, >T Bsligrl-Grwdlt- Qaman. ATHLEV VARM. i'i«I«f, 
K. Spahrr. -..■ j 





^A W i ff I t 1A 'i *A Ti 

1M4T* BlumKBbXT Tl To* d 4 l'T4 I* I'H 1"" 

iidt pt.OTltUBi><i ■ * >' »' ** fc 4* 

IK4T DTOOKK PATS w I |4JI IlH 4« 3 1 1' 

1R7IT- UA'LAHPWtLLS t> I l» I M i '■ 4% 

(Htm r-Riyra •»■ I (of I I - 4»» *• * 

HUT il'MIf KEWDLt *i> 4 111 I IS* I' " 





1 1.04 

jutoali psld-BrMbt(Hi. 'U*itbt r 11.16; pliira, (J.B; ahstf. H.44L Praam at Allah. 

p[pra, 1 7 . S - : abAV. 14.1;. Bams Durs. atiov. H.H, 

Traih t*BL BROOltMOLT vUtrin Hi V*\i (o Lbi Vet tun aad inl rurf |p lras.1. all lh« aaJVl 
wu In bind it His IMah. DBBAM OP AU-*Jt i**^ fwisd uutlsf lat-ilrtMi ,f,o 'j!,.tt,] 
EYtinS'G DATB ItBBMIB KEUHL.E tjult IH tbt Itn QUSTWr. ' 

0Tinr.!|*1— Dt*iJS flf AlUb, *. arnwa«ii~:(7lT T:i! fl -.u .. :K : lt;iT 8npirU(|rf. 4«0; 1S14JT 

l)™rr-l, Aril*/ Pim: 1, ■. ». K(|-*«b; I, 0, J. BrotbMlllaf; |, W. H, Say^r, <, Tor* 
(tabta; I. K. D+ItisilT. 
lOTrtT BlEiy ttACB-Ofls mil* M ttw«iri*Hi. (44HL-MHA— B-llXI TJate, .11, .Cllt 

1 3 IV I l.lHi, I. II. 1 IT- Turif. I!.;»: TklUfr In KltaStF, IH»: aKBfld. IIW: Ibttd, IIHL TTitm- 
Itar-Pldi. rulmlnf. rnai I nlbiiun*. OCT it J. It Gltft ID4HI. Waa tfilrloj: put* uni. Wl»ir. 
* s. I, by iyilii^P|.T Pair. Dwaar, J. K. IKIPKC n. Trains. W. A. ttaritaalwll. 

Ib44w. Hwi*4 
"sHit Pflbll'BPOBT 

IS'77 H!;!.I'!IHltQ_vr». 

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TlU t 1 4b <> 

■a. IM limpia 

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A.Ab«i 11 : a 

?u VI B.MbrJaallt 1.10 

IH J.'4 W.BroTB 4.00 

4« 4* signal!! I. 

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... ^rittnOW 
li:;t -oebtis uighto* * irtv( J <. »" '" +' 

1444T ffATW OIB X T» 1W I 1 " »'< a **___ 

Tui'iiallar fr.j!«»l» paTs— pija'r SpOM. llrata^lt, tf U; Tiara. |J,U; tta*-, 4! *1 F)j||j]iriii,ait 
■fUt* I* 10: "haw. 14.40. hsllra, ib*F, 41.M, 

Trath tali. PODB IPOKT nr^d WATKK,'4D1R9. IfiLu rilbalaalin I* It* Hrit tin fUflOTLn. Orav 
• ■»« anuttBS (" atrat'n. Uttlt w« ilBtptaf tlilhs "4- Mt-l-HlllXO^A iDptapiH BONrjX* In tha 
ltD|1 drira, -vVatei: oirll. anil In tbt [ail; ejoafUr. BIH1B LC IDHTOM itapMtl att« r somf. half 

Bprtasctsl waUht— lassls UlfAlrn. 1K{ 7f* Lmmih. :;.i, Or*r»tlgb,l" Watte Girl. I; Bi**l« 

OatsanML J. rt. lasMkan 1, A. Htjsfili. W- 0«at; I. >". B\ Ci-trt. 1. W. p. Bits; s, H. 
Roa«acb*r: I. J. H. ItnUir- 
1Q-71T BlJvEWTH BAta-Oae "iitp pjid a iisteiBih. l441IL-j.M44-l~-t'4.) Tlmt .Htt. JML 

I y / I t i,i.4,, 1,«1H, 1.14. Par... 11.144: VSlai* to airmr, |»M: M«M. 1*30: Ullrl. f>M. 

TBTaf-raar -*H* it* jpatan! ClalailBC IMI I MntW. Off M *.M- lUrt »»J. Wan 'rLtl.j: 
- fey Osm 1!"rnjJH-Ja'ii»iti. rlnrar sa d tjalo sr, ' 



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1IUT1 ASTfJAajt 

hit •rni'R llTBT 

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)<H 1(< H.Marlc.tll 

lla I 1 Ulras 

H 1* It. R bill Irk 

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1*. H'ta CI4U1 
" A,An*j 



.Hili II ' I" I" 

>rb 4 1» * 14 n- IP ll 1 
*}IU1 114' ft* f 

*l.Ii» 4 11 !1 1 * H t 4* 
!!flT ■tM-'L-'O PAhOM«A - l W II 4IBR/I1K ||P 

iiiUTi rtchtt) *•> 1 1ll so 11 jt* ii- ll< 1 

i»*T run** -4WM1 * r ii» l ll ii 11 » - 

IIMT'-MfiopT W KB 1111 I. 1 14*14* 1* 

IHIT IP^AHIt atCrJltOB - I lllUtl 11 I* W >< d "*t lj» Id.WlWSM* 
(UUTr -BBBAtmU Wb I 111 I * *■* » *' I* 1 It T-PlM !■ » — — 

i/tfutup) (Ifld. Tan-atillar oHfutll pt^ii-JtaqHlfla, alrMlht, PTPl fiS*7 BCffi •*»», Wvlft 

ja>*DT Pua*n, pi*™. *l(.la; ■*•». H.*»- ahhi, •!*<«■ *I ; **. ...'.. : -il_. ^..^ 

Ttttk. laal. JfJAOUtKA atoral np ll^BUp rtuMLlH |ba Ur lurp. ban *■* "> b* hs>i r M4"a St 
Iha .^^1 " auilp.a; JOHIVKr DtrKDtE. TtlB Ullaf »»• ilalTi- JAt^i'M CfWtl P Mf MP 

C fl rraf!4d ■■•Itbt— Our »aUt. IBS. r>*f-»Ms1ll— ^fi|l ' 

DM I. arrauhiS-lMCT J4HJB MlKFlll. 1*5; IIIMT1 IS-at 
IH: ITBT K**aa Atkl*. W- l*-4*T Cart 4|ip, *4- 

rlVnirt-i: J- B«a»: f, Wr.. B. I-*-.; I. BT- *. MarrSTl *. J. IT. PlStleri f, A. B*;>b« : 
O w«M*r; :, n. B. J»s«a: I. U. J. ITtSsisa: I, C. J*. PrwaUBi !«, t. :>rJi«P. ; 11, 
u«sb: «. J. PsrpRil, Jr.i it w. v, Psuf: ll. B. P. trsarsun: i*, I* ftailfc. 

neaa: yet. until In auBtw** lo jour at- 
tn-[;'«ca mimi IM Itiroiifh the Fedci-Bl Tt* 1 ^* 
fumiJiLjJilsB and Attornrj Gcutftt a 
ofnn, w« r^odufed phatocra^hi tit tk* 
cheftb tendere-d ua in pai-meat ot JQW 
l!«ni« fee*, you did not tell the ex- 
hibhon whon yon wcr h«nina, and 
whose Bpolfcarpan, you WOT, that J*™ 
wera patyim Ucbbh fte*. Inittml* you 
alow) fey, and by inbranea encourafwl 
Ifaalr uppoaitl», Until in srllLt cost a find 
ixnattiea they bar* paid Bnort ihnrt IbfJ 
arar would hlTa Jlticl ia Jl«n»* f*ei In 
many casoi. 

You litre ivuored our InvitaUun to 
dlaeuaa the- matter wtth nhlbiuirs, run 
havn avnaraaliy daHhsrahly k*|*T bUt* 
tbls ifliue aa a "amoha seT4Mn' r bahind. 
Vllicb iri.^.-iti , -:j aa quesHfonl wb1«Hl really 
eoncani tha oifaibiior «m!d bt cfrtietBEod; 
yau line* ignored our labalianflO djwefed: 
to all offloert of your organisation to 
Dirrt with ua in <-OBf*tactie« On the aBb- 
jcn. at your nnTeplann. because wa 
must conclude, j : ou. J*ar»d to joiii tb* 



Keirattta jt- J. -iWJB-j 

(SOO Matara.) 

' 0,-Jj P. 1L — "XnpoxtUin of lie- 
taiiune Free fihootmg in, Amorlca," 
by donu li, bitmliBin, presiduut of 
tin Auerkaua Gam* i/rvtsetiva Ai#u< 
Olitfon, JN'aw York. ■ 

7 r. M^-Ad.T*acurea in Chine and 
Japan, Jrom tbt- ' Terra at ^lanjf 
Lcjitla ' *;*r:ps: coartcay of the iUc- 
iniilnu CoatlMuay. 

T.SO f. il. — Joint reritai by Mm. 
hid Hi tirevea, soprano, mid. Jtusstt 
U. Klninuan, "cellist, at EaBt Orange 
Pi. J. 

1- TiiDiDrri-ec Jt Co. (ivOift.) .. 
(4O0 Mtirr..] 

2.30 P. M.— Joint ttdtel by llarion 
Jftwland Aditms and Hoaiafc liny- 
r-iund Harder. 

B.J6 1'. lot. — Telh under tho aus- 
piccB.of the KwjWt K M.-C. A. „ 

a^O P. *L— Swtth touffii by Bflly 

QJ5 P- M.— "Heme Gopdeu Uinta.' - 

6.17 P. .M.— Seflfh bj M*7 Wood, 
soprojio, of Moututair, N. J. 

tf.30 P. M.— "Man In tha Jloon." 
atorien. ' 

7 P. M.— WMily pro)fTBtn undeT 
Lb* BBapicea of tho Boy Swuta of 
America. Kay O. Wylautl- awiatant 
dJnKCor of tha Educational Dtnart- 
Qasatt will ipeaJt A 

8 P. M,— -T a*ni* Ttwla of Alpibr*. 
efja third of a asritui of talks riven by 
William W. Stiwduv 

S;£0 P. Hi— 35* atory of Verdra 

SjlO P, M. — The complftfl opera of 
'AJda," by tho Puedni Onnd Opera 
Compaay. ander the mnuaffamout of 
Philip Itanl, with, tiladya Axmau and: 
Nloolr. Zcroln. 

AratrieiM T*l*ph<on» sisid T#lf- 
fnph CostDRtir (wbaF.i 

ISOO Metrn.) 

4 P, M.— Pj*gram'by GlmbalBKith- 
ers" Mow York Btora. H*rfl4l by 
Frank Wbenler, baritone, and Bert 

tfraiit. pinnlit. w . 

4h10 P.M.— Piano recital by Helen 

4.4S P. M.— Setoti by. Marjorle 
Knliht ^teitiberf. lyrlo ■oprano.. 

7.80 P, M.— Rtwltal by C. TL Sam- 
mi a, bsHtone, aeoompanied: by Mfi,v 
n4a.rr.rr Ford. 

7JW T. M.~- "Bfldio In the Prlarma," 
a talk by Mr*, llnltlniton Booth, 
coininandcr of (he Yoluntwn of Amc-r* 

iwue, trpanlj! befevt .the- jx;blMtaTt of 
lb* country. 

Vaal BfrmsilB. pi rn.Hlca. 

These panrila e-nd IqBflfottT* tacUai 
ha?a been purauet! by your oflcb .* 
while we QBTC BToWn in itrenjth f in 
the n>Eanns of <roa<rictlon that our po- 
pltloil is) not only trfsl, hut atfaical, fair 
tqd juat. Not oqa of our UentbaTi b«l 

left that «r aniiBtJon ; fcuodrtdp of yotini 
bam; CoBfTHs bi* ih)t *B«n fit ta act 
aemrding to your reeommen.Iatinns. the 
FetJerl! Tnd* ComnilejiOD bu fo'jnd no 

b**i* for jr«ur comykim, isd wa bavt 
no doubt taat the Attorney OenerAi, 

when fat* diariiion dors come, will h» 
found; t« support ua, &o; y#u, 

We tak notbiBf better than that yt>u 
procwd aa you hare in the pait, far Ik 
tb* lops run some w]a» exhibitor ia st>- 
3 ei b to dtniantl, and POTB siinii-ient ntp 
nnrt for )ii<i il^nisuri, 10 compel nbedleure 
' Thereto, a free, frank and nncrananieiftd 
dlaeuaaioi} lirtwrea our Orjani sal Jons, 

and when that A»j «i»e* ; 

hpTia pauetl as ah eirtlhltora' If ai]er; you 
cap hasten It by eon tin u Los; your policies. 

In eonclualoi let me nar that it ll 
entirely acTefahlo that your eVetUHl with 
utrhe termlnatedi but for d in court en. r wo 
would tone avo hnTo lLk*d to auxEsat 
sneti artion ouraefprJi, tnd it in our sin- 
mrr bon* tbltt no composition of nny 
ntimhaT nf shl* ancietr maj- oror Ihj 
placed in boj tTieatre whir-h yon Mntro!. 
Toura truly, 

A iinrintin Koni^y of Compoicn, 
Authors jsurl Pirbllihprp, i 

My .1. <:. liri'ri) thul, e/eneral manarjer. 



Btat« federation Adopt* Resolution 

Based on "Humajiity and. 

Common Sonis, 11 

[SpeeUI DlRpStc* b Tba !lo:n t T«l*irfepn.> 

Albany; x. y„ April 23. 

At A etmfereticf- to-dny of fb* official* 
of tha Stats F4!deration of Labor a tbio- 
lution waa introduce*: by Peter J. Brndy, 
chairman of tba Committee on Education, 
oppoaLst the Lery bill, daalrntd to lesal- 
lae theatrical performanccf on Sunday. 
The bill ia now on (be order of third 
reading la the BcnBte. The resolution, 
uuanimQUBly adopted, rends: 

"Where™, Tb* ptoleaalon of actini is 
r*rofn!l«d at being important i« eyeTy 
cnmrnonwealtb, alact It briar* >•> tha cit 1- 
reiiH tha pbllusophy of ancient and mod- 
ern writers, toicther with a teflcction of 
the lire of their times, and 

'"Whams, It ia plain, fmht tlie expo- 
nents of. that rroreasfon must be often 
under a. rem m-r-.-ouj strain, and that they 
cannot perform their full duty to their 
public without respite. aBd 1 

'■Where**, The laws of humanity nnd 
sound common seme here alwaya sup- 
'ported 4ths faolicT of a weekly rest day, 

"Ther*for4», Be it raaoired that the 
ft'ew York State" FaderatEon of I^obop, in 
meeting BHaemhled, opposes the Levy bill 
(No. 2,3M), albCe it contBlDa tin pro- 
vision that actor* shall hare one day's 
rent fa aeven." 

Samuel Gompar*, attending the con- 
ference, lieid to consider all pending labor 
laalstaUon, abaWs In opposition 10 the 

iVfry bin. 

FOR $50,000 DAMAGES 

M&kei Libsl Charge Against Pab* 

Ushers of Zit'i Weekly and 

Papar 3UeW. 

Eliuttth St Martin, tbTouah livid 
B. TVeisMr, attimtl, yeaterdsj' beajan 
Buit In th« Supreme Court against the 
VAU PuhlEabln? CoiBPiny, Inr^ Carl 'f. 
7AiH\ ind PruI ftweinbart. for (00:000, 
iilJr-citia that she libeled In two j«- 
auu of 7'it'a WeeliSj— ilioir of March 
33 and Marcb 3a 

On tba d«t«s named articles were; 
printed under tha hMdiinea, "Mrs. Gal- 
hfbw 8u» tn "Sot A»lde a Banaratlon 
ApiBfmant." UUb Rt. Martin • piqje 
vm meptinqed Incornctiy, it (a wt 
forth in th* suir, 




Wilt not wilt. Will not 
shriek. Will not crack at 
fold. Ate easily laundered 

Af«w5r J? lit wutkm tf 

incoHiwa iTiitwcai, 

orn TO- DAT. 


faurlailB „ tt t 
rjnlltd suiaa . 



. IMarlMlanli. 

April It 
Ayrit 11 
AprlL 11 


. .BOHLD imp ton. Jl 


IjI r.iiurflrtftn. 
4I1B01I ...... 

- Bimmh 


.,..Bssta Harts, 

Oirsj IHIDAT, aPRIIji IT. 

April II 

Aiaa-LI ll 
April 11 



Ca.'f-n .. H , ..,.,, , Himlmii. It V. 

JlM-isjjrtTla ..ffnithBnsttfl. It A.M. 

MIL WKIiKXaDAT. ai-rh, ll, 

Hnr*a |u now-.r.zo . 

^■ri" , Hipp*, ll A-if, 

PTalEdaal Adam. , ..Lanaa-n, UK, 

Vaidyak ++ Owl], t F.M, 

l *tl p a * mta-trr, l P.M. 


Kanal CUr : ItoMBm n m. 

>lu--ini..- '...,,.,.^.N'uaTltw. M — 


rroinlnenl [In sillahin *t> Am una; r«a- 

The White Star liner Olympic, dua 
hero Tuesday, April 24, from Southamp- 
ton and Cherbourg, has amons; her pas- 
irDirn.Dr. Abraham B, IV* Itosanbach:, 
famrnii book collector, tf Philadelphia, 
who Is reported to bavt spent •1,360,000' 
In Enainnd and Franca sjnea February, 
l923j in purchasing privatn <io! lections 
and rare rulnmefl nt nuctiop. 

Th* Olympic al« hai c-a hoard Sir 
Joaapfa Iiavis, K- II. E,: Sir AleitlldFr 
Macniie, Genetnl A, 6. Cooper, royal 
enfinoet, Who is rrpreBentatlrB of tho 
Ferariau Corporittlon, roaldlnr in Lima, 
Pern ; Major the Honorabla Erlward 
Gerald French, Sad, son of th* Karl of 
Yprei ; CBptnln Victor GaacoynfrCedl, 
son of the Biabop of Bxter; H. Pluukat 
Grwr, Enrilah ainjjt»r. ""bo will b« Jwtfa 
at five Canadian fasdvals ; Connteai 
Lewenhavpt, Mn. A. Magee IJoiaavain, 
Mr. and Mrs, Stephen C. Willett and 
Blip Mery Shnwwoort of New Tort, Mr, 
and lira, Jt. O. Ames of Providence, Mr. 
and Mrs. William Pratt Lymbu of Bop* 
ton and Mr, Bhd Mrs, W. A. Marfan. 
Miss Marion Morgan and: W. A. Morgan, 
Jr., of BuffaJo. 



Thirtaan Days, April lti to 30 


PawaaylranU R. R. Schadul* 

From Philadelphia! 


Lt, Wmi PBIUaltTBkia ii.W P-.M. 

L*. Caaaur ll fl f.M. 

\M, WIMnlafUra t .„.MIU 

Frwnt Baltlraor* 
Lt, Bilubmcs. ...u:»* l.«| B.eL 

FfWSal W a. B at t B( » en 

l*. Waaalaftsa i k ..—,,..ll!StK#*a 

BsMbms* * Ohio It F. 5ab«hla 

BTroBBi Saw VarSfe 

Ttnalaal l»;(a A.H. 

•arclal Trmia IVwa Fkllnaalohlsi 

Le. win aa4 CBsiUiat in. ,.»:» p. w . 

ur. Qtttur ,:............... 11.1ir.14. 

Lt. Wtlatiartn ......v..... i:ta >.st 

3... H.-nk ibWlj ,.,. i:ibm. 

■pcalal Tmi.B dwb "WswhlatsyttiBi 

LY. t'alBE. BUUaW .,, 11:93 :iaoa 

l>. ntlnmon (Caaaln Bu.1. . . ,li:H f.H 
Lt. HL BmJ ■<«, !..«*.. Ictl *■■ 


Horses in Training— Ready to Race 





Ham De Grace Track Promptly at 12 o'Clock 





and Six Two-Yw-Oldt 
Other Coiuifnmentt Solicitwl for Thii Sal* 
- - (S1ARLE3 F. HILL, Maaarar 








(JbeiffrrtTtfl (Jeleerapb 


boxdw; politics 

motion pictures 
general sports 

Vol. 101. No. 119. 



A NEWARK nmn, "Ion fir* to know more about npirits." I 
Committed suicide. Why didn't h* fo down to thr High- [ 
tunda aad an the truck loaded? i 

QTQN'E euttera beva struck for an advance of *2 a day. I 
■y can remember a time when it would not have been nt- 
priaiBi' if atone cutters, had struck for a gross vac* of S'J 
a dny. 

A MASSACHUSETTS man, who believe* in reciprocity, 
evidently, and who wan it great fisherman in hln day, 
ordered by will that hi« ftaliea be distributed Co the- fiahes of 
fau favorite stream, and that three cronica attend 10 the. d«- 
tail*. A nice cheerful plant! for them to fish in (he future- 

f w« Almost an unfriendly let to wish Jim Larkin off en 
ibu Irisni Fm State. 

Ot MMER reached out a helping hand to Spring and yanked 
*^ her from a snowdrift. 

A i'HAF mute 3d North 'Bcrfjen, N. J., was run down, by ■ 
*"*■ trolley car nnd her apeecli waa reatOTed. Stilt, wo would 
not advise other deaf mntra to take the same treatment. 

pllEACHERS woe- djseuas secular affair* mtfbt a* w«U 
■* understand that tb'ey are not immune tram citation by 
the Grand Jury, If they know of law violation the court* ar* 
entitled to the information. 

KlHrlenry ."Votr. 

TWO bank officii!! in Detroit looted tlie same bank, each, 
unaware «f the other's theft*, And the Slup hank ex> 
aminer evidently nwarr of e ti-r- id efts of neither. 

A MEMBER of the Brooklyn Hoard of Education says there 
" is too much dencing in the school*. TJiere t* Aon much 
t-f almost everything in thr school* ( set pt study nf the three 

A PITTSBURG prnfcjwnr Bay* Lite iupply 
last for centuries, but we'd fcrl rnsier 
sunde Henry I<'ord to quit. 

■>r ciaoTeoa will 

if nf* win Id pcr- 

rTTtYO prohibition enforcement agents have been suspended for 
■*■ firing on an automobile containing wonmn. Slowly but 
surely we. are. arriving at mi interpretation of tbe Volstead 
Act which concedes that U does not (five enforcement nsrnts 
the power nf life m,ii death- over suspected persons. 

A BRITISH bfeuher advance* th* remarkable theory that 
gold from the I'nitcd States is badly needed to s«:1b 
Europe's finances. If he will just explain how this fold fa 
to find Its way to Europe the problem will be lotvwl, 

TV left to a referendum it ii Tint likely n thousand vo:es 
* would be cast oanUist a celebration of the city's twenty* 
fifth birthday. Jiohodj/ to speak of is against It, not even the 
newspapers -who oppose U in get even with Major fitylan. 

AMERICAN tigaretre*. are becoming very popular in Chin*. 
I suppose Lucy Pace t»ns*on think* It's jnnt terrible to 
displace opium and inimduCe tbp pPikj [liinp-i Instead. 

ris unuxunl for n4wlp*|x*r4 ti> nrpjudge n cl^lt case in tbA 
Courts between i*n eitisens nnd try lc dUcrcdit one of 
these citizens uefare the j;irv 1m* retired, but the unusual Wfln 
aecomplishcd by tine or two of mr vnntvmpanritm, 4 Murphy 
vs. Hsrtos; Daria, J.) 

DR. LOUIS A. T5AVER of the Cflmffiii' In^iiiute wjrs the 
earth in lottinc '^ ru?icn : i 1 - :n - Writ, what can !i'- ei- 
prcti vitb Oovernfif Alfred K. Smith nbftorbiiif an much of it? 


-fj'fir r > A xeems to if the land of flowers and fluil--. 

rpili-1 1'lastcrcn' L'ninn is eomplaintnc because interference 
* by the iiirknv farced eontractora ta shoulder hearj- losae*. 
What ia this— Vtopia? 

TTUGHf men were given jail sentences and fined Amounting 
*** l" #160,000 wert ^ levied on pottery manttfartnrera for 
fiiiiir priee?. Think «f all those steins without an? bock , to 

pi ill CllT'Tl. 

Tl*ul:l-'. than 250 physicians bftt-e arrived to hold three dam 
J-'-A- of eurpieal cllhica, "Which may h* one rood raason: to 
1».W rareful not to set nin'over Or fait in a coal hole ju«t 
now.. ., .'-..-■' 

FILM companies hare -lost. |.b«r -sjAutr* lo mvs a \o\ it 
■nnnry in molt acenea — Jin T.srtin baa sailed. He waa 
a whore mob In himself. 

IF the naassntry of Rnwii sh«i 
become or the bandfnl of S* 
former empire? 

K In option '.vliiii- n'oulil 
nffirlals now rutinf the 

THE Bowrry pulkr-in has hern abolished br Mif mirchantd 
of that section. Sluwly hut Aurfi.v one most t-lieri-ihed 
inB:itutiona are disnppc&rii'R. Put rlieer «|i. the panhandler 
la still there. 

WI^TH the n-tTeleas in actimi absent treatment docs not 
necessarily mean tlm nbpnicp nf msttlcinc. 

A STATISTICIAN has diswvored tliat tlicre. sre 15.000 
eirl models in Saw Vurk. He iloeaii'i B^dcrtolta I" any 
how many model girls iti.-re are. . 

LifiEQlh See* UardinE." — Hendlinr. Bnt ran Mr. Hnnlinr 
\) "see" Ijord Robert trntH h' talks Iteajfm! 



Producer Who Declared He Was 
Barred From Showings in 
Broadway Theatres. Admits 
He Has Had Picture Running 
Twelve Weeks at the Cameo 



Witness Asserts He Tried to 
Have His Production Shown 
at Capitol to No Avail— Survey 
of Industry Is Brought- to Ex- 
amination — Kahn Hay Be 
Called Upon to Appear. 


President, in Speech to Journfrliit*. 
Declares U. 3. Should Take 
, Place in Group. 



ASETINGTON idtlcM *s? thai mrmhera nT Otnjresi are 
drafting a hill in and pnmhlinp iti aujeur. Clirjfr rip. 

Concresa mtot* reit necembtr anil it may be within 
year or m. prlCM. wl(l fall. ■ ■ . 

MAYBE the warm wave 
of daytifibt savinr*. 

lit of rr«pett In the jppraaeh 

TRVINtf T. Bf'SH hla predicted ultimate Franco-Oernuin 
I amity. The only plnee I expect to see it ja perhaps on toe 
nntaide of a soup can. 

A CROWD at Erasmus EtEgb Selwol Hill ■wwa*' Mayor 
Hylan *t a transir dehnte; hut no newapnprr has siir* 
K«Hrd as yet thftt the mcctitiic was "parked."* 

hhai: r.noAPWAV. 


Attorney General Sherman firuted 
Eight to Examine Iffeiugei in 

Eii Inveitigation. 


iS|M(j|[ Dlipit^b n Th* MprnlBf r->(jT*rli '■ 

A LEANT April 24. 

Tbe cablcEranu excharureiL by Waller 
s : Ward and) hi* brother. Ralph, In con* 
nectloo with (be case of the death of 
Clarence- Peters, and held by tba 
Western Cninn. will be examined by rhn 
Si«ir, Bunrtme Court Jutttce Etlia .1. 
$taley to-day sjanded down a decision 
ci"fTn; AUoraey-Gcjieral Sherman the 
risfnt to examine tha naMaxas, 

This is Cb* most important victory for 
the Htate in a series of Iff si actions con- 
neeted with the inreati2ation conducted 
by (he Attorney-General into tbe cir- 
eums.uncc« aurrdundituc the shootitit or 
reiers, ax-mprine, by Ward on a lonely 
road n car In e Keiiai co reasrvoi r last 

Justice Stafcy ordlered the nunty 
Herk, with whom lbs meaaagta bad been 
impounded, to relnrn them to the Wear- 
crn fnton. which must in turn pan them 
on in the Attorney-QeneraU 

The court decided, howeree, that ta* 
subpoena luued by the Atlortiey-Gen- 
eril and: a«r\'ed upon the Western Union 
"to briny wttb yon all copies of cable- 
grsma sent to Gears;* 8. Ward by Wal- 
ter s. Ward and Ralph D. Ward aiajned 
'ilap,' and from Grorf* B. Ward to 
Walter H. Ward and Ralph. D. Ward" 
was **so broad and sweepias; Injra terma 
tin to be ucrca ions hie and noncotnpllancej 
with it would; b* jiiMiried.' 

This, bowever. was retarded only «a 
a minor setback for the Btate, for the 
derision of Judge 'Sralrj 1 will put It In 
Himiifet* p«r>«oe*ion of t*n^ tefcarama 
unlesa the Ward* win on apn**l, 

pVCtornpy - tfenrral Can Wherman 
nn-vod at one* 1 to-day m rtblatn tbe 
rniifr'grains, talnarama and radio(raiii«. 
(he production, of whfbb waa directed by 
Justice Htaley. ? 

lie Indicated 'tost the proeeorilnM de- 
iianfrf to obtain the, mesaafrA In dispute 
*wdl take the fonajof an, application for 
an order carrylne; lata tCtct the direc- 
tions nf Justice Stalej a decree. 

T#$ WEATHEfi. 

. *rsLlr .r»^aais> pita <»-?n 
cnsStt»«*4 aaol. Feaafc 
frvst wlnaa. 


Wilderness. Candidate for Freak- 

n«u and Derby, Hakes Show at 

Sprinter* at Havre dt Grace. 



Rirdt" i.i ah i. ■ifsLB.iK. 
n,SO place. aa.>0 ihoir. won. 
Off Color, ptaee. fSO.10 

nuflLj, >T.fl« ikon, third. 

La amraaaln,, atrats;h(. place, f2.n0 <how, iron. 

•hoTf, iPf>nH. 

Redd*at, »3.0fi ihim. thim. 

R*rn*B. ■imiaDt, pit, so 
~ " "i ahoTVi won, place, a-T.'io 

si»hfi k., kh.Iu'i qiioir, third. 

Wlldfrnra*. *T.ffn *irnl(ih( #,1.J>t* 

placet aia>aO alnowi tvon< 

B !■■(-■, in.Stl plarr, S3. SO •Iihit, 

rt eo m aTi 

ChinslHln, IT.Wi ihan. third. 

flnnlln, Vaj.SO plifp. «S.TO shoTT, 

Lady Mj«, at. id .how, ihlMl^ 

Star n»tm. ■ ■.ten l»> i . place. afi.-iO atinwi wva, 
* Jnka. ft. .Til plaCC, *A.»I> 


place, pp. 10 a 

.adr nn«i. sja.t 

aa«w, aeeesid. 

RIJ&T rtari-i*i."a"h.^(i ihen, third. 

■revkntk rack. 

Tsatr SMo. atralithl, P4.Pfl 
pla«, aft-ftft ihou, non. 

TJnarMnv. 4T.SO place, $3. BO 
ahat'tr, pfiremd. 

Ton* Caaaldr, as. no ■taw, tbtrd. 


(Sptrlsl Dinsc-b m tn» kinmiri t>I*i-*p>< ' 

HAVT1E TJE 0HACB.MiI.. April 24. 

A Detby candidate that all owneht of 
ellsihles must fear from non- on. showed 
here at Harre d* Grace xM* afternoon 
and stamped himself as a colt of clans - 
and fitness to race with the best in the 

Richard T. WiEsan's WiNem***, * 3- 
year-eld son nf Camp Fire nnd Onr*ia. 
ran iLx fnrtonn in i.iL*;l.n. tn.wln rhe 
Pacific Handicap and finish (our lenjciha 
in front nf 3. R. Coaden'a n]:iTi-s mm 
of th* JJerb-y favori:ee in 1020, with H. 
Stntlers Champlaln fihlahiilji in third 
place, a lentili behind the aeeonri home 
and ffnir ienpli* in front of Willia Sbnrpe 
Kilmer's Siuifprenee. 

There were three other etarlers in the 
J. K* U iRcaa's nildnv, Sqmr* Billy 
Oiiter'i Dejxteroiui, and Mrs. A. Alex- 
andra's Carmandale. They finienedi in 

Kn. Caitro Suddenly Begins Ask- 
ing CflmmLiHoner Qneitiom and 
Is Ordered From Boom, 


t'ammi»icner I'svid Elinthtield's in- 
qniry into the booiles/jrinE; eharcesi vvntv- 
in-K ihr Sew VorL PqHm Itepartment, 
made nrialnally in tlie Leaialniur* hy 
As^emblymnn l^uila A. Curiliier. de- 
veloped an urilisanl nnjie jc»!crday when 
Mrs. Mary Cutce c*f :Mi jR^icvalt street, 
whn hss nilr^rd that, in ordrr In avoid 
being; arrCsfed, sate paid Jlfieeiive-v Rob- 
ert McAltister fi*0i> when lie led a raid- 
mr party into her Spanish sdiinrs' bnard- 
init riOui"' in Wfiter fttr^er Is*! November, 

Mrs. Castro, reccllcd to the -in mi. 
itmarling under liie rcCnlie«|on vf the 
xarrasrir alluaiona to her audeoce and 
the I'liiirnrt.-r nf her eatabllahmettt, aa- 
anmed command when she fnred the Com- 
miaajnni-r In: ;h«' third lime, her *;■ c-s 
naahinjr defiance. 

■Von have btactened my ftwttat/ii rec- 
ord and mine." she .arm! "Let me ast 
if yori have et*r been arrested?" 

"Ye*, n roup e pf yearn ngo fne Hhrl," 
answered 1hc t'oinniinsioner. av b» 
whacUed the inhle nith hi* jravrl 

"And yr-.i were srrrate-3 fnr "-.".iiiiUT 
yniir i\ife, loo. ) harte ncwapaWr clip- 
pEnaj, 1'tl give ihe papers norAe thine I" 

.AHiP at"HEl. ' 

"llo-.v inueb <'id you tty von paid f«r 
your h-iiM- i>n Roosevelt ntuwr':' coim- 
terfd the t'ci:nmi*sinn«T. Kiiiil'ne:. 

The Commlaalnner (rah Cnd.'-arnirinc t** thill fhe L'nfttrow had paid 
vtK.tN.Nl ranh, f"r thrir jiropcrty about 
thi> lime Mrs. Caalro asid she had to 
POrHW ft'-OO to pay lo MeteClive Me- 

"Ton hrnHftht me her* nhnnt the $80fV* 
Mid Mrs. Caatr?>, "not jhout mj 1 pei> 
annul nlTairs. Let me -show you what 
yon sre. I'd rarher iworry n oooilcjnjer 
jpy oa.v than a wife-heater." 

Order* Wltfaeaa, Ob], 

"Put her out! Tut bcr out;*' slioutel 
[he l.'Amm las loner. 

Mrs. ("a*tro "trutted . to the der. 
laUfthLnaj. Joseph (.astro, her lni~!-:'nil 
wha directed br the L'omniien inner to fol- 
lov hi* uife, Mr, Hlr*hft>'d said: 

"Ann this Is the u-oman who wants u* 
to belike she paid $unr> t n i|,^ notice ti% 
avoid nrrest. And this ia the woman 
whom Magisimte Cotftfaa tt» sa .-cady 
to defend. The Mey*r t_'omBiiiiee» tlm 
t'lrjiena' I'ntflit and eerrraJ bldckiuard 
noliticianf have investigated my past, snd 
the newspapers have carried It ncsK r.nri 
aanin. It waa caonpniirn literlture in 
1D1T and Lin 1921. and the people of N#w 
York anawcred it by the overwhelm ih a 
vote they Knve the Mayor. I ib int be- 
lieve one word of thia womtft'atetnry. n r 
her hu£bahd'z>. I recommeni) them to re- 

W. W, Hodkinsoii. who declared Mon- 
day that he was forced out of th* 
i*,irnTnount Pictures CwporatioaU which 
lie oraanlied. ndmilted yeitprday b« has 
had a film murine fur twelve wt-rks at 
the Came* Theatre wliilc in the v.ltnctt* 
chrtir in the lpearinu on the complaint fit 
\Un Federal Trade Commiasion nirr-kinR 
lo have the Fnmnus- Players Lanky Cor- 
]K>ratinn. with its slfilLtted coinpanieK 
and nix Individuals established ii" a mo- 
tion picture trust 

Mr- Hodkinson yeawnluy isaa Hssin 
the only witheis heard in the hearing in 
the EuntoterinB Society HuHdiua. BO 
Wftrit Thirry-nlnth street, before C. 
iJiv.ii! Alvonl t cifiniinrr fnf tlie commis- 
.■ii-.n. W. H. Fuller conducted the ex.- 
uriintyUon na coabxal for tbe commiesLun- 

Mr. Itodkinsoti had found fault wilb \ 
the system i»r huokLni; in use at I he bit 
II roadway film tbcntr+?5. >:o me only prn^ j 
iLsirii-ms by the etunpnnies uwnitiE tbu ] 
hc-nscfl were abowu. 

. .l!j:a^ct.S^^iil>t)b»il.d t .fuun*e^ for, tbe j- 
Curporation and the affiliated ivmpsnlef. 1 
naked cuntf-mintc the picture nt The 
4.'#rflcn, "Huwu lo !lie Sen in Ships." 

Compares It i •> 1'rl tcrfuu. 

Mr. llndkiiison jmid tli« pin-tnir h:i* 
be*u rilnniiiE for Iwciv*.- vevkf. Aakrd . 
bow luiifr n pirture usually run", in ihr ■ 
Criterion Theatre, he auswereiJ, a neek. 
Mr. .Mardnnalil tlim aakrd if Lie Canned, 
which fan show a piclurr Tor twelvr 
weeks, was not to be cailed a tirst-clsss. 
firil-run lb tat re, 

The wit htm replied that the thenlr* 1 
lacked i-apacity. having cinly ,'iilt> teat*. 
When .Mr. Macdonald called hia at ten - 
linn rn the fact thai ilie 4'fiterion ban 
rink umi prats, the witneas said: That the 
L'ritrrimt has sained a reputation hc- 
caune of always having xbawu iiiqtiirea 
nf liich quality. 

"Ilor't yon regard your picture, "©6wa 
tn the Sea In Ships.' As at hfjth nunlity," 
asked Mr. Macdonnld. 

■The best in fjte 4,-Jty.'" replied tbe wil- 
OCas, Sir. Hodkinaoti taid be bud uf- 
fcred the [liclure lo the Capitol nnd OTJee 
rhenrres. but it had been ilet-linrd he- 
nrtue rtiey were hooked iidid, or for 
•iiitf.- reasons. 

Mi. Nodkinaon wsk^d about other ihrs- 
trrs not on Broadway. A lilt or iihnut 
KTroty nature was read, wane of them 
on Eighth avenue ami sntne on the BJUt 
Side, rmr | he irltneflB said that in thi> 
esse of many of them that he had tttxtt 
hnnrrt of them before. 

rtrhert T. Swainp. rif Otvath & Jl»n- 
demon. on<* of counsel for the. defence, 
produce^ a survey made of th* moving 
pirtcir" indoatry 6j thp American Inter- 
rtJitionel Cflrporatioo in 10]fl the 
hanking; rirm of Kuhn, LoM; ,t Co.. tvhen 

ibey itriderwpote sio.fioo.noo worth of 

the *;ri£k of the Famous TMayers-L-ialiy 

Kahn Mar Appear. 

It devc!iiped that Otto Kabn or Ihe 
firm of Kuhn. Loeb ft Co, had been suh- 
pornHCfl by the examiner to bring this 
aiirvey. The subpoena requested th" pree- 
enre of Mr. Kahn on Friday, but after 
(he production of the survey ilr. Swaine 
was informed that \Ir. Kahn nepd not 
sppear at that time, hm mnat hold him- 
self in readiness to come when his pres- 
ence waa desfred. 

Hndkinaon said the pracrirrs hy large 
produc.'rs and owuera r-.f a number nf 
fir*i-c>M theatres were drtrimemal to 
the industry. 

"Tilt history of Ihe business has 
shown that the most siiccptafLiI aicturen 
havi? been developed by Individual **' 
fnrtfi rather than, by maaa produrrlon, 
wh*re there is no t-n-mpetition and no 
necessity 10 have special regard" to 
rjnaltty, ' h« said. "The Independent 
producer being denied the patronajte nf 
the larger theatre does noi receive com- 
pensation tufflcienl to sucreffsfullT com- 
pete with other independent producers 
and thia atanda to lower tbe uuaiity of 
the pictures." , 

Aaked on cross examination if the 
fi.M class theatre did not depend on 
t'-ie enuinment of its hnfldinit. the wit- 
nes* twpTfed that it depended upon aev- 
erul factora. such ast the aiz* nf ihe 
community, the sice of tbe theatre, the 
price of admtastona; p;enc)ral poltetc*. 
such as adequate aervic*. orchestra, etc., 
And the clientele. 

"Yesi spoke of th" qunllry of picture*." 
said Mr. MacDonald. "IVhni i% the arid 
te*t of quality? That I* the pototr* 

Rbi Oinr- Chtrf Teal* 
"*!n the business." answered the wit- 
ness, "the reaio!t at tbe Ms office is th«- 
supreme test. This depends to some 
extent on advertiainc., oh thr nppra] of 

Beta fcj- I 
Star Whii Returned 
Aliroml Veidrds), 


Stage Star Whs Has Tamed 

to Science Arrives After 

Short European Visit. 

ICoutl.atd on JPaJra T, Colaaan ■*.> ttronlLnaed ob fill *, Colanan fl.) (Contloned an l-aure S, ColnrisB 3. 

^UBrdiiip hcrseir from ?epnrtpr« son' 
the public cveu t<> ihe extent of aping 
down s MejMirate xuf^lrimtt, Mmide 
Adams. ApjeTfeft'i fnmniik n<-ircs. nr- 
rireil fto m Liverpool na thr Ilnltir or the 
Whhe Stat- Line yesterday lonruioj:. 

I'nrinji the Voyasjashc linri kcjit eie'u- 
fire|y in her atateroom. rskm^ Firr mfol^ 
t'Jirr*" r.nd bnvinc 1>noks and trrrtJTUB m*. 
terlal Kroiiebt 1c Jicr. Shr trnvr-l?i[ un- 
der be.- little known unmr nf private 
lire 3ilbn it, A. Ktsknddeu. 

Misji Adam* will itny n ( ihe Coway 
Chtli. Park avenue and Kn1y-*ecnnd 
slrerc Hr. the duck ab> warn! away 
reporters wiih itir ataterne«r [list ahc 
had Btoihlnt: t'< HiH them. but. tier man 
ner s?Hs Hieorful nnd aba appeared to 
ho in. cwd health nnd «piri±s t>Uvr her 

.'•he wns a-ccompamled on the pipe bj? 
Herbert L. Sal price, former Aattatailt 
Sei'ictary t»f the Saw who Waa aim olW 
«f tile ims-'i'-tikts on the liner. 


K«at«a^a Chirr Rsecntivf Attends 
inhclifoc, Ball name, and! The- 
atre In Flrinft Trip. 

President SYnrrn 0. llarliins loH lli- 
pnlili?ists of tlir Cuiiefi Staten yc»- 
tFtuay thai 1l* will bcjlieves AmerJcj 
nUfltdt] tnke '■■'- |>3tice in an iucernniiotuil 
raUrt oT justice: that the fQiintey owns 
this as :i duty to itself nn<l 10 tin 
world, and that the Lefttrue <>l Natinii-- 
<fofs not cnnform in The fdaala of thi> 
i-'iuntr.v na he aeea them. 

The IVeaidetit'.H speech waa delivorid 
nr a lunch' on firen by the- AsaoeJavetl 
PrWI at the ^Valdorf-Astoria Hoti L 
lliiudreds of r.i-WApnjiPr edityrt siiif 
owners hcArd hint. His pn.'srcKS lo tfee 
hotel front hi* train waa tnarkf+: Uf 
a i-OTUJitiiQiia nvition nnd in the butel 
it uss neccs.aory lo Nation eitTiiT pn 
licemui tu cfffM h jiiitIi for him tu ••'■= 
liiTichran tabic. 

Last niehT the President saw "Tbi- 
Musie Hot Ueviie t " wirh Mrs, Harding 
nnd b. pfltty nf his ptttoaal friendu and 

[ iifficisl family, 

j I'lirint; the nfirrnnnn he *i» a spec 

i tator at the YnRk^F-Waahin-ariiiti bara- 

| i<all ssm<. 

r>I*n !■•"" I. dial it. 
' In his ndilrens ilie I*resMett? a^OO mnde 
i n plea for party lojajtjr nnd deplored 
1 the tcnilency to tr*rnt party platfnrtns 
; "as even Jvsb important ihnn n. acrap of 
■ po|ier." He added 'hot bli«rs fire prone 
| tu serve bl«c in;ercsts. 
j The President laid >tres* an domes tie 
; problems and najd that EbcM rail for 
| hrst eonsidcrntiuii. "Our own house 
1 must lie kepi In order." he added. 
| The Preaidenr (« a eplendid ret^piinn 
nit he entered the erund hoUroom be- 
tween Mrhille lv Si one. former presi- 
dent nf ihe Aasoeintcd Press, and Frank 
P>. N&yes. prewnt head tti the news or 


Senior Member of Once Famous 
Theatrical Firm, on Witness 
Stand in Sort for Accounting, 
Declares Marc Klaw Left Him 
to Do the Lion's Share of Im- 
portant Work. 



Assembly Fails to Relieve Commit- 
tee of Further Consideration of 
BUI— Will Try Apia. 

■ sr- !*: n * ? n-!i utfcl Momlsll Nivash,'! 
Al-RANY, N. V„ April 21. 

An attempt tri Krcurf Che pJOnntije in 
ihe Asjtetpbly of rhe tilll MpeaHnS tlic 
M.iLHnifi.iape. Pioliii'itiim Bflfwcemem 
Act failed to^lay n*hen n motion to dw- 
ribatlpi the Kulrti (.'attitnitte* from fur- 
ther consideration Hif ihe m^Asure ^^■a^ 
lost 7S tn 7,1. The nation to disvhAr^ 
Teq'ilres jfi voles. Aimihee elfnri Iripaaa 
tb»> nieaftiin- !n ihe Assembly will be; 
made nest TntJrfar. 

AftBTTfibJymen 1 B, LivlDrarton ..f 
t'tilumbia »<ui • •— mi- Kahler of t'hemunr. 
I'pmorrafa. left their L'PinnrrnliL- roi- 
Icnftups nnd i'r>ted t«i ^iiMiiiri th^ enfotci- 
,:i--i!i art. Had eiihe.- voted fnr ihe mn- 
tion the HFJ ■-. . n1.= hare heen parsed. 
Speaker H. Kdcnund ^Isihnlrl did not 
vote, but announced if his name hart hern 
called be would bayr rated in opsoHitfoli. 
Aeseraldyman T. t'lianninK Slonre «>f 
^Vcatrhester. Republican, iraa absent 
when tbe vote was taken. 

The Democrat* who "ccueed the p»^- 
sajcr of tbe repeal lull in ilio Spnste wiri 
iwo Repnh 4 ican votes hope T" StWire the 
itecrsiary 7ft ratea when ihe bill ?n called 
up atfaiu in tb" Aaserably n^it week. 


Eiuht piiuplps, driven from land by 
the Ian, eno-efed In a dano Marathon 
yesteidiy on thr Josephine, a fishing 
amack. out on the rns«ins waves of 
liravesend Bay. The,v starred In a 
Brrtsrtwav biHrOom -Monday niahl. »nd 
up to trie transfer to the- Josephine 
evprythinz bad hern evcelleiit. 

Hot the sen must have i's toll and 
the sea had it veatetday. With a *fi- 
mfle-stnl-hoi'iT rate blo" - 'nc the tnnd, bur 
small, boat pilrhcd dJtaefly and apoiTcd 
the fnp. The inncomr of the runnus'in* 
lest cartribbacn ivitb tht- work of the 
billows reduced ike number nf cnQtest- 
BPta by thro*. The others danced on, 
put all wered renrhed with spray. 

There -yrn'k H ranfmr from the orchre- 
ira na th" ilistinpilithed xue^t en^rTed 
nnd Ibe hundreds in Hie great hsllrmitn 
arose nnd applauded. Th* President sat 
with Mr. £ionr on Ma rirhr and Mr, 
Xdjnaa "i lii« left, while behind and 
above the piest of hmmr weji inn nrijps 
Am«Ticnn flnss. Among ihnse nt the 
head laid*- waa JostpaiBi Daatient, former 
.Secrrrnry rif the Navy. 

In the dmtble tier i.f boies above ihe 
tunclieon tallies wire ndditinnsl hnndr*ib 
of specrslom, inclndnic mnny wemen- 

Tlie I'rpsideiit ond his pafly arrived 
in N'en T Vork nl fl o'cloct yesterday 
mornine with n botj day WnfrcnSnl 
I tlmiu. Tin 1 PrrsiiEoiu retitrned lo Hw 
; private car m midtligltl fnr ihe return 
- run tn Ma-JuiiETon. 

After brcabfasf mi hoard i he- train. Mr. 
; Harding proceed ed tn ilie Woldr-rf- 
, .\,t.iri:i under s heavy polEee Euttrlt, The 
I Presideniial paxly pccnrpled a suite nn 
! Ihn eiajlttli floor. In the p^rtv were Mr*. 
r HardieK, ririe-^en. Cbarlea E. Kawyrr, 
, the rVeainVnts pliyaician: Sirs, .•SnTpyi-!-. 
I f'hairmnn A, t>. Lasjtrr nf the Shrjipinr 
I Board. Prisim«Hler-Genpral lTnTr» ?. 
i Ne«r. and liearttB II. ChrfatSati, meretjtr. 
to the PteyidetJt 

nia; rolle* i.cisrd. 

A piard of tnenfy-fir* detepiii-o. mwl 

ncorea of imir-irmrd palroltnfii and BM- 

lorcyHe polieemeB wejte assiirned to ih"- 

Presidptit for bis visit her". t'hi*f [u- 

■pecinr I.nliey (nuk eb*r** nf the police 

j ai the Prnsiyrraitui Station. The trip 

r tn 11)" Waldorf was made wiili an escort 

■of tweniy-fjie motoreycle patrolmen liii 

* drr Cspl. Anllinny Howe nnd fifty d<- 

taieflTM under Jidin l>. Couithlin. eofri- 

manriing r*ffic^r nf thp detective division. 

! ilne 1- ii i.iii- •'. drtectlvea wr* assicneH 

I to pusrd the PresiH«nT Ln hft bo*, ai 

; the Tauten Stadium nnd at th* rh.'str'. 

j There was liTilo or no ernotiow or en- 

! Ihuetaain provoked durinj; the cotlfse eJ 

. the Preairb-niB addrrm Flis spe P ch was 

j Hsftmed in wiih rather qniel and i^tea^e 

interesL The entire ecene reminrteil paje 

of a pfofmor reudiriE t" a clans. 

Plr*.d« for irrararr. 
! President Harding prefaced ai« apon^h 
: on rhp tnternationsl CsHft of .Tuetiro 
'■ Tiith s plea for more arcurney in journal- 
i ism. He ^aid: 

[ "It is apropoa tar me aa a newspaper 

: man in sddreaainE- a Tjewspapep jathef- 

ifte thai I nhould talk some kind ■-■' abop 

I am willinjr io make a eonceseioTi Chart 

I'd rfttber talk newspaper "hop then nnv- 

j thine elac. Frankly. I never ariuirm nn- 

i der criuHsm, and If f were tr> iirp a 

i lecture nn journalism it would be mi 

j- eradicate mmind'>nitmidrnp. 1 n-otgld pay 

j that in jnitrnatism w* sbouhi blv* a little 

Ipsa taurines* aod miieb rnore accuracy,"' 

President llardine. drviniins from hi* 

pt-ppared speech, asid: 

"In reeltini; the prcrKrera nf t^s" ful- 
fillment in out foeefun relation* 1 hers 
omitted to make reference m one, and 
that in t* the enlarj[ed and nailer under 
standing with al! th* republics ?f tkh 
Western Continent, And 1 like to Pay 
that your (lovernment has b»»n lastru 
mental in wipinjt Oflt the various caases. 
nf contention and conflict in th» Western 
World and hfi" to-day httt one diffirult 
niiestlnn left, and happily, that, wiih 
Mexico, la ncarine 1 its solution.' 

t Plaintiff in Supreme Court De- 
claring He Did Not Know Why 
They Ever Came Together 
Says Defendant Never Learn- 
ed About Business— Trade 

Name Kept Them Together. 


' Abraham L. Kriangpr, wimesp In tha 

; cuit for nn-ii-roLidiihj; .pf th* partnership 

j Jii;.-: : - of Klnw A Frlanter. deicribed t" 

| .lustii-e N'ichnU |n (he Bupreme Courr. 

I ir-tenlay the series of events which 

tided in -i dissolution <■', a relationship 

bejun in 1*S?. which won sad maintained 

n dominant position in tbe theatrical 

; bopinpaM of ilie i-rmntry. 

Hummed up, Mr. F.rlanjref's cata1o|iia 
of iliffeTeno" whiih inienaified the aiina- 
Tion cnilini in ilie final break waa aa fol- 
! Iow»: 

Mr. Khw'» -I--: ■■ '■[]•■!• on prolonged va- 
1 i-ntiuns from buijlieat, whirh he desired! 
i tu last aiji iHonth* of tbe yeir. 

Mr. Klnw** mobility to comprehend Tha 
j inirii-Bi'iea ■■- ihe ln,,ikinj biisiaesF. 

llli-chnree nf Joieph Kl«w by 1A>, Ke- 
' lanyer. 

Ilr. Er lander was called tr* the itamd 
i hy his rouiiael. fnrm»r Governor 
Ntlthpo lEiller. On" nf tba chief por- 
| pottpl of iho ionuiry waa to determina 
b whether Mr. Krlanff-x is entitled to In- 
j teresl for thc-Tiraolirit nf hfa InTestment 
in Id* and Mr. Klaw'n thenrical pra~ 
\ ducOona and ]ilsyhnuses, over and ahovn 
■ the nm»iint *■!' Mr. Klaw's tnvestmfni. 
j "I lid yon ever discuss the matter of 
f ih* payment of interest in yon?" arted 
| the Former i.overnor. 

■V*ti, I did." was the an»wer. 
j J *Wbeii and how? Tell m .ihciii it," 

plSMKrd lp«a| Vairatleas- 

"In a conrersatinn -nnth ilr. Klaw ist 
June, lIMVl," ihe witneM ^ijilainni. "wo 
liml moved from It [0 Flrojidway to the 
1 Near AnMerdnni Thentre. 

"Mr, Kline came to my oPTiee and rold 

inn what s firpflt time he had had abroad. 

' tip a.iid Ihfll lie hud nianV up his mind 

. rn spend fire or *ix mioihi abread each 

1 year. P'tHi trip*, he said, ilid him en 

- inui'h "■■-■'i 1 !'- : 'i him that *"n* noC 
er«-oT(tin5 I* enntract. 

"1 won't pot up with H." I aaid. T 
don't propose To h* th» truckhorae whlla 

; yon are Imiioic n pnod lime abroad.' T 
mid him* ton. thai Mr. Iiivingston's 

I feCoTOP showed thnt T had in the buai- 

- rre»s. ft* m.v itirp^linPhl. $.180,000 Pint* 
' ihnn ii* had, liiat T «-aa riskinuj that 

tnm-li more mnflpjr lhan he in our affairs. 
"t said: "I'll jSta ynn three alterna- 
j lives. First, y-m may watch my capita^: 
: aecnnd, ftm may axr^o tliat I am to We 
* reh-- |-. ■- r- ■----■ si I ."i prr cent, on any 
" monera sreater ihan your* th"t [ hiyrij 
.in thr hofrfttrsa of Klaw & ErlBnper: 
, third, we may bo i branch a r*sj friendly 
' iliRhnluti'iti.' P«r"*>naltT, 1 preferred r,ba 
, third alteTnalvre. 

"Mr. KIsh piked up a pad. did anm" 

ficirinir and said Ihar it would fra Trpy 
I rmliarraasinif f'ir him in hare to ro raj 
, ihe hank and ask fnr Sl.Vi.OiYl n-ithont 
i the hrms »ftddraetnerit, "I silisutiei yon 
I wouldn't endor-o jr.' he added, I aaid 
: that I certainly pranjd not. 


Wtmld Tss Flvr Prr C"H. 






I " 'Vn« still have two alternatives.' I 

' PTTdainedn '1**1 prefer disse>luti^n, hut- 
7 will In SOU have your way shr-ir 

, ih*m* 

-■Well.' h* said. "I don't want ta 
di*aeilrp. and T think it hrst to do tha 
fair thine and pay S p*r cent, to yon 
on all rsccesa in-r«tment.' 

' "'ir you will dfi Thar" T said, rini 
for an aitebdaHU and ee-iHfor Meyer 
liinnestrtn and tell him a^.' " 
-whn waa Mr. Li-Hnanop?" asked ei- 

j Oorernor SIOIejT SI that point. 
j "The aiiditoir." waa th* answer. 
! Mr, Firlnncer noid Mr. Llrinfaton w*a 
I sent far. nnd: '"Mr. Rlaw told him that 
I T waa lo pni-»ive K per r*nt. Intereat on 
l joy eieeaa investment." Thua it besmm" 
I a matter M c'.'Otraet- paid the p!s.icri" 
, that |nier»si w^s 10 b* paid lo htm. 
I Howevrr: fir rwu o r thre* years b^ 
1 rnjl-i 10 draw ir out. a* th- bnainfaa of 
Klaw A- KrlanSer fW "ImlldlBe; up" 
1 and he wanted to build up s "very larpe 

■ ereriit." I.bIt. howereT. ti iitidrasral of 
. sceumnlatrfl interest for th" threw years 

■ *as accomplished. 
fi j Charlc-a Kvnna Mua-hes, Jr., creas- 

' examining ihe plaintiff, broiicht out that 

■ ihe plaintiff and d-fendanr became par: 

' ners on iSrtnher 4, IS"*— fifteen ears 

- I h*>ff»re the fthrre Bl[e^a4t;'■r»■ , we**, pre- 

: aenied {"- the defendant 's ronslderation. 

, As rn, Mr. Kl*w/# qualification*, the 

plaintiff expressed himself plainly, 

""He knew aothint; abnnt the bankina 
busineaa and br don't know yet." aaid 
Mr. Er1ans;pr. 

"Fate" lei FnrtnrTsMp. 

' "How did you. come to (o into fit* 

ps.rine_fship then"!" saked Mr. Hrjshea. 

_ 1 "vt'ell.'" said Mr. Erlaufcr, romina- 

.iAast: iJ 



Arnold instable ©Gb. 


Second Extraordinary Special Purchase. 


For Young Women .. 

Silts I6.KI 20 

g ■ 


l For 49 JO to 69.50 Froda 

20 models for afternoon and street wear, aU new, picked from 
3 hundred. Including reproductions of late models by 


. • 

• •■•. 




Flat crepe — Canton ctepe — Crepe-de^hine — Roshanara crepe- 
Cobalt blue, Lanvin green, sand, cocoa, grey, navy blue and black. 

■A* RmarhMeOjfet^ ' ' 

IRrpHitod Cm*! XniTiMft &4U j 


Sttiitrpeire'i Comedy Ie Preientei 

it tie Jorty-foiirtli Street Tliei- 

trc by Hew Orguintion. 


E : , LEO A- KARSH. 

The honor* for i hr first proinrtlon of 
tlit American National Theatre M th* 
Ferru-foflKh .S,r**t Jut nis'ht « ere not 
Shikr*[j**.rt-"*\ In e,p.iir oT the fart bit 
comedy. "As** Ton Like, It" WM the 
ittbjocf. Hither, It did honor to the 
inlttrrr o( Leo Simooson and Robert 

Mr. BImMaon i- r*Jpon*lh]o for the 
cortnmM and perntrr while Mr. Milton 
stxed the proportion. 

Tata prod action wo* ■■ torero u* s 
Iblnc u 0>« *T* of man and. tit* imaii- 
rtatlon of an artltft eonIO cenceiTe. It 
ivn brilliant! j colorful and- dcllcutfull* 
picttit-r"qQp. , Tbe terra** ***i,»- before 

Predrrick'i palace was atrjkuielr beau- 
tiful f-nl.r to fids a moment Inter into 

the eharmluiTiy jf-nr*. sctiluc before 
Oliver"*, hoiis*. In turn faded Intn IniLcntfi- 
fnticfr before the- aVHrifleWt frandtHT 
of the Fitirat of Ardtn.. The. Jritrodiic- 
- ii»n of this tOanr was l^*iitifn)ly dOU*. 

I FCHTT-FOCItTU aT*aarr TnUTRl-'*! 
t»w up* II" * nwirai el ■aa aaasa a*w*l 

rmmrtf bj fas MAlsOs) .»»».wt. 

QlKw -. 
&OS1I ... 

: I." M . 

i imn. DDwur Cai»». 

SlhBMfta >■'■ AJ.>T-S. ''■- 

- -Ms**** ~ 

. r.--; -.»'-■.: 

.: .■■;..!• ... 
to, Pus* . 

i Ltrt ..... 



....... Will** aba, 

._Nht* sttli •■- 
wrm:.™ wiiui 

v.--.--, (!..«-« 

mta Da r-rt.Wa 

with th* forestry meo lyinx about to 
Tariaoa poatnrrn ofeaa*, slc^ine; their 
rolk x>nf* to irVile »*»T an Uls boar. 
Th>- hnfQ trvnfaa sf tb« mut" rrrr-c 
raised their fn*tW aliapfa «parard, 
wi-mickjl.t to" dlaajr bricbta. and tna 
irf^i ImbJnd them tlt»ppf«r*d Inn tba 
dim dlataoM of a purple bait. tiTtnx 
erery aifnjbUiM* of a deuae w<Ml, 

Tor llfhlln# of thr rarious arnica, 
and JOOTf MpiHally of OH torr%t, tfto, 
iria a His in b tit art. and tbfi lirts-W U ow- 
jnf to tht rraftjtinar>»bl t ' of Mtcb*itJ E. 
Krllr, *tll knows !? oiwJnctimi elrtfrt 
whfTp «l»vtric trrrtmfnl rracbrt ita bi|h- 
nt. nark. 

Mr. MUton haa donr a noblr j"T> ef the 
rtfi^ixic. but lie rcald not cm It" Marjorir 
Harobraii a C>od ■Ttouli:nl. Khe v|t 
r-olflrlrti and irfoaotODoy»iy without llaht 
and ahade in her K*dlnr To W «tire. 
atio Biade a vrrj- K'ttXi plrtnra at ihf 
rantciiharJjr-datJ court ivoman Bed to flu, 

femt, but aba trent fli* EUlUU to her 

rtatttpHon of tb» Din. 

Ian KfLth. on tfia other hafld. *a« an 
adnlrab'a touli OrlanJo, ronsantie and 
moadlfH while itiU • atalwart man, 
capab)-e of hnldlnt hi* gla« BVrncatd* hii 
*r!1oivi. a !■: Ar.'DTi, too, waa axrrllrni 
aa the njelaneholr. pblle*4phifina 
Jirtj-ip-. «nr! hii Ttaaiaf of ifcr tccnone 
" SoTrr Arn" apawh waa a fine uiidpIc 
of rii'in'cpH and ijmpifhrrk fealinf. 

Marjpile OHInore made a "vm ptr- 
epTitbU OUa and an app*alina; one. 
whilp Krneat T>iwford wm nn th# whole 
an adwiuair Toncbaionr. Arnold« 
dU ipleodidlT wltb ibe r*>J* of Adam. 
th* om a-rTirii. and William Williami 
was a paaetooat* rolnj; iAtehtrd in 
pureiilt of bU cold Plioaoe, portrajrd l*y 
Uwrnedd VernoB. 

Btanler Knife o.ntat p!ar*d th* wreat- 
ler, and he cOrtalnl? knew bow to 
wriatle. lndeH, fbf bom between hlw 
and Orlaodxr ha the eecond aeetur «-(i 
the b**t l«( of tfee entire peodtietlon. 

The Aneriran Natlorial Tiiaatrr baa 
■tarted well laaofar an i(a;*- 
■inr t« ffttt h*aoUiiLl produotioni la 
ntncTn-*l, hut the work of ra»(lri|j h*e 
pni 1'iT'i np to the of the 
arrnlc atndlo. 


I . ..nllnaro 1 

l-> . 



The world fiaxotu London surgeon 
and specialist in skin trouble* ' 
■tutl«l the world] with his treatise 
on Skin Malnutrition. This great 
Surgeon' wu able to prove that 
pimple*. bUckl%ta4n. coarse porca, 
fifjing muadc*, too oily or too dry 
a «kitt were caused by lack of nutri- 
tion in the akin. 

Then appeared Mirieralava. the 
Beauty Clay with a natural affinity 
for the human akin ; drawing out the 
impufftfea, «timulating the blood 
eircuUtioo. Rvrtaliartg and nouns h- 
, ing the tiftfues — maldng the perfect 

At firat Minerali\i wu told only 
th exclusive beauty shoot where 
women paid as high u tao a treat' 
merfC. Today it may be had at Is .oe a 
bottle with a aoft brush for applymc : 
evh bottle cxnoiniof etghteen/ill 
treatment!, a. trifle more than is 
teiBi tr ea tme nt . '■ 

M ircrabva, the great rejuvenator 
of tired raeea, U vwaya acid with 
our poaitive =rrjoiiey'back guaraotee, 

Yoht own depenaldBle Dnta; or 

Dapi»rnairftt Sn»a oav JatftfJ? you. 

SOOTTft FftB.6AlUTrON5.Inc 

H: WwlahSittt, '-"" - rawYedi 


Jacobs and Jenndn't BarlejaqQft 

TTCire Improved by Six Months 
of Western Tour. 


Sarion Carr I* W-tIcottio Addition 
to Caal- — C«r(a-B*e Boek ■■* 

t.og Omtrr E^tHtitlni, 

:h-- aiorj "r the pApularit; of the *9- 
ireas nr actor and other feetorft." 

Tiip witn^at i-Ji-id miav tit ibe vaodi- 
viJlp htinw* mv Broadwaj praaent first 
mn [i-i'ti;!- ■ mid uld aome flrat nm nit- 
Tur.'. lave been tkttiwp In bo-callpd [rciti> 
mute thratriw. Ilo anid in reply io ■ 
qiiBallop that finl rnn. nlcturta could 
be <hown In any tlieatrit that Ii ef)Aljip*d 
I far them. » 

Mr <aid: "Noirlr nil fhaa* Sfot'lway 
theatrra are nerd fir praditreni who ar* 
unablo to k-T tlixir, pieturea In ono of 
the n« haunt T roenflnnrd jwtefdftj 
when They wlali to rxplolt aome particu- 
lar [rirtiire.'' 

A larte injjftbtr b^JntterM *nd fec- 
orda nt the Fiimoua r'l'ivrntl.njikj CVr- 
poratlon. in. ItiIItb the artiHel of. incor- 
pnrarlnD, mlnuteA of vnrlona rneetLnB* 
Ind rrmrild < i action* tafenn hy the con- 
cern, iv.M-r [innli3(-o:l !ij- V,. .1 Ijllcli |)ih, 

CTnrrnl rtiimwl for the cnrnoratlanv who 
IdetitlMed tfelin u th* orllrinal pnperi 
aDhnoaiineil hy tho fixanilner. 

The ■.lleriioon aeaphnn Wat entire! r 
taken tip B.|ih the fendidi ef three painra 
roto tho reeord. 

wd VIV*yBW n* fiu 


Bselajva* afeai Call The-aaaateaa li 

TVben rfiKof Ti»ta.«n. 

i"- r- ;-i Kan ta fieBteea-apT«ia|f«pa.i 

PARIS, April M— The rraiie*, haUH 
aa the meat pojita'paopla an #artfa. hate 
diKOvreted j meau or s*it!ct rid of 
ofi!« peata. 

Parla h"»in---« tn#n not* hare tww 
telephnnea on theHr d^aha. On> Ii enn- 
nerted with ihr o-jwidr wnrkl am) ■.'n* 
«h*r la a fa'ke. 

•So artaca • ptat I* -bnthrrloc :'.--■ man 
of lcir.v afTalri h* Jn*t preacaw the bui- 
ton of the falae teaaphooe and awje: 

"Ilella. Tea. You wait ne ta eoma 
ta jour oCct rllbt away. Ill faQrr?. 

Asdl o( wum the Ion*--w.nd«l fiaitor 
reallxee That the iotrrrlaw haa came to 
«.n end and harrlaa awa>. 

By "TJHO." 

Jaroba <t Jermon'a Boh Ton >.'r!. re- 
ITinied to the Colnmliia Monday and 
■vtc a lot of keen enjeymrns in -, larvre 
■odieDre of Lurlesque fann dnrfnf the 
frentnf'a perrorraBnce. 

The "htrw. n cirri tori una one at th* 
time, opened ita ■■*a» m at the Columbia 
E*at Ausun. The MIX itiombi ef Writ- 
ttn tour. boweTrr. m-roufb t a few chdncei 
;- tho A. lAraclas Lcarllt book. Thi- Hullr 
Fielda j nuinbera *nd tbe MlUer and 
Kahn mualc, makica; it more conaiiact 
and more vpeedy in action. aitosUoo and 
diclflfue. Eren the scenery and eoatn»ei 
looked iilrtll. If arthtna-.. The Bon Ton 
Girl* mull ha«e a eealooa wardrap* Diia- 
tren In ita mechanical cnw. 

And featured comedian nter, .TnhntiT 
Barry, with I.Li many ludlcroua .-bancea 
of apparel, his manj orlnnal, nrji.-l amt 
eccentric mnunerivma and method of line 
delivery, i.^i'thrr with iili dnnclr..T tal- 
ents, ii more i"reatih> and (mboIt than, 
avrr. Barrj. with Iili truly abfe romp 
dial) B«a3*tftnL R"b fltaTLaman. bad ih» 
beaae in a rooatont atate of bv^terin. 
You can fiJ-n-nje rnjoy A food Uoeh •rijn 
Kerrj' or Stflrtzman are on titff, In- 
W#f or wllectiTelj + 
■■Crertrudrj J^eek, probablr burlr*Q»e ■ 
matest aaaet in InaeDue-aoitbrttte funn, 
atlll radiate* with ii*t faMiianllng per- 
•ona itr. and Rrnrn benvily in her *0»p, 
nntnoen sod lines. Mint Uwk 1 -. fhirt 
drawing power Ii her [ootHabt mar 


Burton Carr. a roietlOf 1 itrniRht man 
v.ith- inu-!Uxinlr' ilicii^n nnd it mixht.t 
rirfr't trnnr voice, in a new and wrjcunm 
tlit-mber In Th* cnar. iUiu Barry, n i|l< 
tcitititlvf rinndnc incenUe, 1* tb* M'e 0* 
tho niinrhert, Jean l>Lii>, prime dmnn*. 
Bufftriag .from, a iaU\ Monday rvmlLip, 
uetertheiesH nut uvrr her mtilotlici nnd 
Todiinr apocialty. Or)irr» <-onaplruOtn in 
the itinerary are.Imvc KlodVr, .i j"- 
\enilo who C3D irEiioTle nrliwlionidy with* 
cot tnKbonien.1 fljwisianee: HNnm Hinjj 
tnoita, Tflio portlayn a renHitle lln^lan 
in one of a few chsraciera: Kthcl HiifTjf 
Nuruip and 1'etr tftaitaTi 

A conipet*Til chunw f.eharnl "»»il mrl 
diiplated careful 'IriLlinp imdf>r (he tuie- 

lajjL- of Bpfl» IrteWa ba Uw rtaawfttm 

The comwfr Wt« in I'nrt Qn* nwlude 
th* eirl teat, where Harr; and (jtartxtnitn 
esentualty an- taWM and *aet-ural> to 
the hlandiahmenti -»f M.*s I heUaSfi 
arhool of vamp pupil*: ('orr'a rattlr tej| 
to eiempllfy happen tnea thlrtf ytara 
iieoee: aaaaaaoag oflicrr Carr. and the 
•■criticism." or verbal t»lav. en the OVrlta 
of B«ruM."i! draromrr. "The la4M 
Friend,"* by the one-man "audji.-ncr." 

In the *<*cond thu pftHmmiry laufh 
epaem ba* t- do with the n>nv<diana Qnl 
Ibeir endeavor, to cain tb* tofa* o( the 
Jtuasian Ktneral aflfl Barry'" taeariea In 
the mmr pa»rJnie n[ cbJii>E ntodela in 
Artiat Carr a etndi". 

"Rioit" in jtfirriiiiiM were n^mrron*- 
KiDdicr'a wbiiciinc divmion «ImiI tbo 
firet applauar ■torni. l>avr wan equnl-r 
aa expert in rhr aoft n* Wall »a In the 
lond itnippM. ! lavid :* a puckerinr 

Can'a aola equalization. A \ R rhauneey 
Olcott. of "Aenihla. 1 " nnd ihe Mii"m lie 
Lille and Barry* ItnlUiid dnhee and 
yodel were iwa other appreciated i ur rw. 

Johnny and Bob* okstr ilmrr nnd 
their acbV-iMEl nfe*li-!o and bines #onn 
raricly uruiOB landed !*» i;irl:i iiJLinl 
terribc d*iiionstratior>. thr loat, iq pai 
tienlar. Badnn the ewjaWam banJclaji 
pinf ilfAifiimaqr clear pnaf* tbe ami 
number an. i to the fiilt »t Hie curtain on 
the flr*i half. 

aiaruman rewp-n'*' 1 th* Taudevillr hill 
in the aerorjei part with liia amr\ and in- 
•TtantanrojH flaniu* an bjaekfaee lu full 
Ttew or t:ie audi™c^. The inriitl trans 
formminn a'aoj arromii-ni'd B chanire in 
attire. Aa an Bdds" !^-onard In jala 
min*trrl ircpli Bob oajui and eMMad 
"KoU 8*5 KjtaV* "Lawta' "Sam" 1 and 
"Anybnir WW!*" In Wtt dnrky dfalirl 
and with smita to borit. 

TJe FrjmJer Trie and Ml" Heck «M 
gWcMadiy interMting !n ihei.- rornl arwl 
liutniRvnul art. Ilrre Uhal IWk won 
manT rit.tireij for' b*r raptivailiiE rrndl 
lion* i>r Who Tarry and "HhrddjiTe 
Tearr 'ivet You/" n pair of ihiipIiiI in- 
apirntigor^ Th* Franirr BaTa were laat 
banjo urmnimera. With P#Us leatllnu In 
hiia rn-rci'tie Qia»lpiilnili»n of tin' inatnl- 
menr and MI a* Bm apfnpipanyjnif flf 
time* on the I'iftnn, Ai one lime the 
peer lf<E t" * race with Ihe hoiiar nr«.-ri ea- 
rn. The r'ra1jtI"TS -■■irffdrd the BHd 
Jfcmlt and won by ttirr--' nnd a tfu 
twAnc«. An outAtandinit feAtnro, loo 
«raa l'etfr'i clover pluylna of tin- etcc' 

Marry. Htiirtjmiom and Carr In n com- 
edy t.'jfki-j: Hklt nrre funny lo the el 
treme. Barrr'a droll WD of auawerina 
Carr'i queries pTrclpitntntl many n taush. 
Ahks I arr aliuort limn, tlietf cnimnre, 
"Whnt were yon dnii-r down in the 
(rraveynrd laiit ninht?" Bepllra Harry, 
nnnrhalantly. "Ob, dlRRinjt ui> a girl for 
In-olajht." Next. Barry inierrojratn*, 
"Who wan the aahtl l'realdfnl of rhu Si-i?.-'' - Bob U (he IntrlHfRnt 
otiF thfj tlnw with tin- answer, "Tuck 
Ham." tti»hl hack ™n" Barry with. 
"Ir* a wonder he Intttwv 

dumber hltn Mat ir aw i i '"Buddy," by 
M|w He LUIe: "Hn\ Sclmol n«ttMk' n by 
Mi»i tVck and "Whiitlr."* hj .Kindler. 


Broadcasting the Blouse. 


Tho JaeQuette and overbloCje, (o aay 
notblnr of the cweateT blonae, are in 
conflict, and OB* eopataBtly aura of 
thfir paeba eroaaJTi(. It fa a matter of 
bewildajment frequently to Ull in Just 
what department one muet look for 
thea* cypea. Now that froeka have taken 
to eominr in bloo-ee and aklrt Bcctiaa*. 
the aituation ij more complicated, Y :l 
th* main thine after atl la not the diffi- 
culty lu procurfm a rhini, hut in the 

Jt la abated by one blame maker who 
la in a poaltlon r» know whereof he 
apaaka thai while many novelty t?ppa 
are heinji worn it is the heavy crepe 
overDlonpe wblfb re'Ies on a monoiraai 
motif and on MirkiTtR for Its dlatinrtion 
wbkh Iradi a]l other* Thi.* is th* tyn* 
of blonae Palm Brtch approrwl for top- 
pmjt the pleated akirt. and this la pre- 
aumably [ha type wbie-h will be ehoaen 
fer ftnmmar wamr, whether one is in 
sajsas) or oat. * 

Altbooih prinla at* b*iar used ei- 
tcgalTniy- for bfcnura, tbere is a HkinK 
now. u always:, for plain colon. Smart 
shop* report that blouses which combine 
hlarV white and fray, Or two «f thea* 
three colon, af» beina naked for. TJieae 
are for wear with the trotteur frock and 
for town, A jrray cT*p# de Chine ii 
shown with a rather usual collar made 
Linususl by the rhoicr of wfelt* oraandie, 
th« rdeo* Of which an blocked off into 
Kiuares hy black aqoarea. A touch of 
Mu s h , appear* sl*o on the other iilouse^ 
wliich i* In I'M- ot the cool f ■■*-' at 
present an much dlnruseed and even ♦mrn, 
tils collar nnd belt bfllnr rinbmi rjeretl 
rather soUdly In bluck amT white, fleay 
pnd navy la another popular blous' rotn- 
bioarioiL which is rivnled hy beipr- nnd 


"Aa Y«» Liu* II 4 * Pi»y* Tv-ausy, 

The flnt matln«a of "Aa Yon. Like 
ir will t>e lifts at tJ^a Ftary-faurth 
Street Thcatra this afteraoan. Th* cur- 
tain wilt (o pp at 22t\. Th* flaal env 
tain for tb* HrforHUDca the ascend 
bbjht deaceflded at UAL 


FamllT Oalhrra S) I Iredsldi- nt FIIm 

..'■;«:'> : Ditsatrh H T** MartHnu :• -c-i: 
ATLAXTtC CITY. April 3tV~Sif 
mund Luhln idmircT nhn prolur er. , wh4 
ha« heen 111 for the past fire months at 
hi* hotn* at £TT Snrth Yaaaar stTcet 
with a brroocbiail cold nad tHtmplIrailnna, 
mi if cell 'fed to he fAilinc lo-daj and in 
a critical condition. 

Mr*. Lubin and two dattfrbter*. Mrs. 
Emily D. Lowrry »t WB Weat Kud 
a*«au*. New Yntk. and Mm, Kdith 
eiirhi of Atlantic City, a™ at hi* bed- 
side 1 , with rwo grandchildren, Emily 
Lowery and Kioi-stuu Suhi- * 


Dansjhler of "Ingi-r llrldf a( Frank 
D. Clarke. 

Anneiinc*m*tit h»a been mad* of tie 
marriajc* ol Mi** AMxnU Marcia tilurk. 
dauahter of Alma Uluck. the »inerr. and 
FrHk Pelmu Clarke of New Orleana, 
Th* Kirriaae took plnr* at Port Chea- 
ter,* N", Y-, on Sarunlsy Is^r. -nhen ifar 
cotipte. accompanfed] by t an friends, 
motored to that plac*, obtained] R llcrnae 
sad went to the hotae of J-ids* Mrrritt, 
nrhfl pftform«d the mrnjobj-, 

Tbe bride Is a sonhomare'ai Wrllealey. 
ClarVf: t» a Beaior at. the 5hcflleld Helen- 
tihe £ cbool at Yait. 

Tber* are dainty blnnse* in the shop* 

Which lire nnt nf (hr avrrhlciiltTi* tjRr, 

Ihcao nrnially befuc oT pa.->tel tlnie<] rolls 
embroidered or hand-drawi.. the cool 
C*nr* which i* «* ir^b looking on a 
*iinn .reprint day. Wben lace Is naed to 
trim, whlrh I* freouentlr th- caa*. 1' n 
mo*T often dyrd m match rbe aisrerial 
it trimit, ibis brine (nie of lace 1 trimmed 
hlnuae* at .-i !...t typrs as well ai the 

Ititcmiific haiidkercEiier neckline* and 
jabots which girt The *nTi*«t of h* ins- 
made of * ■mnll kerchirf iTiiJrnij of 4 

siral|bt pirce ft rufflir.c ore near and 
many. Peter Pan nckhnea bav* t *mall 
ribbon bow with end* whichi trail tn tbf 
waialline. this Mw hrinx aa often faund 
•>n one ahonlder aa cither at Ihe back or 

Kntliusisit* on the nubjrct of tic dhjr- 
; -r will flod tBjSsqi fasrinatics: bloaae* 
made of hstik >i!k or frnm tbe now 

fflTTiou* HetUVitle- 'lalirllcfrrvltW. Theto 

arp n*nally rerr simple in line, ihe lowly 
M'i'i. Unp of color hcinj drpenrl.-d on for 
the necessary deei.raure effect. Batik 
hae-a sre also Mtsr-h in inrhhr oe w Na th« 
•. ■ i ■ ■ | ■ juii how qnd nfford 9 pew way of 
ihTruduciTic; eolir, 

tCo^yriptbt. lftSl, F-airrhiM.l 



Dance Carnival at Hotel Aitor 

May 12 to Aid Stranded 

Act-jys' Fund. 

Th* Actpr.i' EtgrttJ AiT.H-iftiiwi. will 
!:■■!■; an KrjitHy Stay ]mny and danv 
carnfva.1 a; the Hotel Ahlor »n Katnrday 
eunpiniT. iStf IS, for 1 tin benrfjx of their 
atrardaJ actom' fuiifl. Thin fund !■:.• 
npont a RtCIt Otnount in tha post tbreo 
ynur* |n belnflnf Htrnmr^d companies 
hock to New York and the Mo.f party 
j. ;■.••,•■■. hIi will be ii-'''l Ly replenish thia 

Tho main ballroom at th* ITntel Astor 
will be turned Into a f •■y-i. ^rchnrd for 
thi* ev*Tit. The Slldidjbt|«, c«.n- 
alstinr of ten star act*, will begin at 12 
o'clock and nil! be (■.:.■*.! by th" si 
wij« e»tr*c;ed iiiqtennt. "Wajr Ifljq at ihe 
Court of rlaniry," In whthA thirty well- 
known ntUnt will anjroar. which williba 
viewed bi" I<Lht>l llnn-ytnor-- and h«r 

(ieorcc Fje finer* E* iff a'nrrnl di- 
rector of th* May party. Th» e:te<-utira 
cnmmltte* ennajst* if M«n(nr*l ttmi-h, | 

have chart*, of the liKhtiin; anil decorat- 
Insj. HiitnT Conani i.a-> dcMrned a 
cover r»r the pro*r«iii- 

(>wtne to th* Tact that lsv party i* 
be-lnt; ran t* a benefit tJ asge will be no 
war tax. The |-i.- nf th- lockets will 
be 910 each, which tnclntL** admittacce 
t- the Midttlcht Ja\'\n ami; -copper, 
Box** are now on sale &t the hendqnar- 
terh of the May par.j cti-umirtec in the 
Bold Flandera. 


New Peat-at* of fe*ollee D*b>--i---1b**si 
rirrini Werk T«»-«a*-r. 

Th* near schorl for dctectivm of tbe 
Police rtepartmest -will open this morn- 
lBf at 11 o'clock with appropriate cere- 
mouie*, which wi.l he antetided by Mayor 
Hylan, Police Comnaiaaioner l^irifht an. I 
a number of cbiefs ni police from citie* 
tbrouKho'ut chf country who tea here to 
atlrntl the international notice confrr- 
«!•-«■ in this Ht/ next week. 

The school wasioa will Last sixty dayp. 
th* cUaaea beint b*ld in th* old £lb-a- 
l*i h *treet police stntion. which w«* 
dhicoDTinued f^ttftcen taobtha *[■-■. Out 
of more than a thousand member* of 
all !• ranch** of tho polie» force who 
applied to attend Ihe arhool ■ rommitrrr 
appointed by rb# Commissioner aelectfd 
100 bp take tho course. ' 

Broadway .( Nmth, N**> York 

Artistocrats of the Living-room 

The collection of matched suite* for liMn.e-ronm and Ithnry 
is the finest lhat we have ever ieen Hatdtcrd pitcps that will 
give a formal dignity l(> a room — individiaai pieces ihat will do 
more than till & hare space. 

Response lo Ihis great offering of line furniture Ikas already 
been tremendous. But there is Still plenty of choice in certain 
groups. And there are many tine individual pieces. 

The Chesterfield Company, as we have said, h one of the 
leading American makers of line furniture. This <-.rTcr:no; is of 
their entire showroom slock — at prices one-third to one-half 
3«s Irian grade. 

T» pl*<f> nlj i>(*r upholstered lifinf 
Tonm Mjii*. ■'■;:.,.:[ of velium. 
S263 fr, r 53D4 end*. 

■1-pirr* all-nce 
rtnitn piiite, i-OTrrini of br< 
enrs am] iape*irv; S306 (Or SS30 

I2-pI*c* liiHox-ronm unii*. rav^m^ 
oT fifiired rriesr: tlowp fllleil rushlnu 
seattl J4I&.50 far $028 frud*. 



lifiPH ll kill 


- all-o^cr m'hol«leri-.l lir- 
B#W. covrrinT lhf r n 'd and 
■rHvei. S717 5C f.-r $1435 

rl-pi*' r In- in a; room enile. crrT*nn»; 
of IBiiih- tii'Nhsir nnd TrieE*. heauti- 
fullr esrvnl fc4W«: JSM Tor St3l0 

! pi** 

. I ■ 

i|<:=>r*il lirinr- 
"f Anlin**on 
u..*J tflpestrj-, 

-ie.1 hstid , 
iV.r 1S24 , 

2-picrc imnorrpri Irinn* 
suite, eoveridf Af imim 

loomei] [utii'ierr.i SS49 

2-rtece Ifrinr-rooTr, unit*, corerlni; . 
of blur frieie. tQSfl Ut IvM frade. 

lapootry ftiui rlnJii 
H76 Tor 114*3 trradf 

."J pii rr lirinj rc-Jin Miiir rowrlM 
r>f u|lir*d i,."ii.-Li:- ■ - : . r ■. ■ - ■ ■ ';:,::'":■, 

< I 04(1 ^r f-l VliM ;■;-:■;■ 

Fifth Gallery, New Dyildinr. 


A New"MlMI" Fashion 

IR-C, !', S, Put. oiii™i 

This Sport Frock, 

"MIMI" FE.hiox.. for MUs M to 20 
havo ho an mada famous hy th* V-'iri- 
nuk*r 5toi*o. 

Did ihis ".MIVH" frock come from 
Parli? — ortc will lytely uk. 

Prscticalh— *fcr a model r_v Gibri- 
die Chanel, the interpreter of yowtbful 
timpllclty Ii (i*hu-»n*. jjv* u? Ihe in- 
xpirallon fr>r thlt frock, and the ma- 
terial did come from Paris. 

Another word leoul the material — 
it it i new elijielv knitted woolen and 
-i In >h* imgrt chin* effect. 

The becornJnc V neckline, Ihe pock- 
et? and lllmill arc rdfed with a aural 
striped embrcldery 1n four Orientat 
cdtnrjj — a Munmrn ipuch lo i spun?- 

A Iwo-pjeCe model, M fours*, lor this froct i* for rra^lica] 
ipom vear- 

The chin* effect i* ift marine No*- in J- white, French rlue-ind- 
whlle. tan-anJ-wbiTC. p>rown-and-w hit*, preefi-sod-ahiie. H Eny- 
iPd-Mack Second floor, Old Buildiae.- 


The Inverness 

A tmart English Fazhlon for 
alt-weather service in 
s town or country 

i i\ i Ft,r drv div4 ° r vti davi — (or thls 

1 l j\ \ tnrernasa hji b,ecn wiicrprooled — a 
t^r 1 w jj^ .appreciate* ihe true ^mirtnew vi 

' eLja E..llrk UF.m.M'l cm...-. -li.llaAI 


Ihf t neliSh Women' 

At $45 


;.-4 ■.overt Eibiiidine. or Si>ft 
copied fuE u^ by a leading 
maker Irom . mnde! whldi we ":■ -\:-.i 
tmm Li*ndo-n Ami Milusiv* with til 

\n Mew York. 

The ttpe dt>es ncit exierd icro« ihe hiiis— t-u t ftarts Jtrtm the 
shoulder*, with all ihe r.alr. th* charm, ihe say insouciance of tb* 
Kreil coats worn bj- gentlemen of in uldcr, mora tomintic dav. 

Second riaor. Old BuildJneT. 

Important Sale of Luggage 
280 pes. — Average Fourth Less 

For $10 

far Silt irvJt 
Genuine Walru* Bagi 

Brown nolr. with ,...<! in fr,tu+^ 
IpKh'r-hRrd. 1" in. in. otil/. 

Far S10 

Of «/.!..•' tfe*?dc 

Co-whi<Jc. Suit Caujca 

Brown unlr. t*." 'irnr* a'1 se*»cind. 
cood lock and <-at<*b. -ewi-H-nn eornes 

ITOiectors and aa rap-In a pa. 1'taid 
men. RbJejbj . '2* in. site pn'T, 

For $10.SO 

(Nr $12 *j •n«de 

Cowhiek Oxford Bmra 

Brown Had bbick, sewed-OE> coreer 
1-nHfTii.K l-tther-Uned. 1H. 15 and 
■JO in. i-ie«. 

For $11 

0*f JJJ prodr 

Womai't Suit CMca 

Of hiaek cobra-aralned coo hid" nn 
haaawood frame*, mnli**. (n|i 
and end pockeT*. 2 h<ks. '_■<>, 23 
and 1M In. rite*. 

For $11 

0m tUM flrflJe 
Woenen's Ovemifht Bauja 

Ot black-cohra-aTaln*d cowhi.te. 
riveted framea. leather-lined. 1* and 
14 in. slira- 

For $14.50 

eiur ftO »r**fc 

Foli-trat Oxiord B*.gi 

Of =i-o.l *!«.«• of hand boarrled 
rowliide. It-pli-cc ktytV in Ha ft tan 
and matk-£iir>T. IJ at her- lined. IS 
»n,| -20 in «ii«. 

For $16.50 

Women 'a Suit Case* 

fif i. '1 .. i'i- h ::.".,--, ■'-.■■ citvhide on 
ba. CWAihI "inniM. |ijiT*jl (I :..jw, tWo 
pood l>'-kA. ittoir- silk lintr.m with 
lop and f-n-I i>- »-:■. IX 3t. ITi and 
24 in. *i*c«- 

[ or SIS. 75 
Black Oxford B&?a 

Of walru*- sea-linn or it>o"hid*. 
S-piece «yle. s**red-io frarneeL **»>-.: 
on corner protector*. ieatV*t-1ined. 
Rloi!* r.r douM~ t=ndt-». IS and f»> 
in, ajzes. 

For $22.50 

Our 127 "■V'r 

Wcameo'x Kit B*~, 

Of Mack cl«r.i-;riirr.; rY,,rM,! B :n 
eoll*jpatMe sryl* 1 . -**-m1-lu framec 
leaih*r-lined. 17. JS Jnd 1*0 fet *ii*-. 

For $23.50 

Cur XH\ vrii-ir 

Black Oxford Bar* 

fit fine box calfskin. -••wed-Hi 
frame*. «f*«l-in r*-w*<r pr.iiwtora. 
, veiled *dfe*, lenih«-r-l:n**l. 1-otibW 
handlrs. 1^ aed &1 in. 

M*io Aisla. Now Buudinc. 

















Vol. 101. Ho. 116. 




atinn would diackme th- ftttHlj tree nt 
eur reformers wu the poiunn ivy. 

"TIHE er-kairer has preaented tinned picture* of himself . t» j A RTGIP imestlgr 
,•■* fifty-four Doorn workmen. They are e.hour nf thr •ami ■**■ many prominer 
value -aa the German 'mirk. j 

j HPHE French police in solving crimes first rOherche*. la 


femme." Thar wouM indicate they believe "It's InTe that 
afces the world go wrong." 

'T-BE esteemed World aays: "U does mem cruel that ■ ua- 

!■*■' rion wholly composed of iTjimijc«nt famEliej should and- j i 

denlj refute (tee entry tn other ioraJfrntk 1 ' Presumably I 

the World refers to the United State*, and what it aaja would fTtHE preaent mbih* nf the fierman mark ran be traced to thr 

be interesting If true, which It la riot. J- German frame of mind toward 'A wrap of paper/' 


IT' would > Interesting to have the esteemed World Infnrni 
■*- ns juit how runny generations are rwrnfred to remoye a 
family from the immigrant data. 

SATURDAY wm the hottest day on that date in history. It 
broke, ao to apeak, the B. V, L>. "record. 

OOVlET enthusiasts in this country whn hope to initiate their 
program will bars to wnlt for th* country tn go color blind 
before It will ever sec red. 

nPFlK adyissbitity or inaurnnrr wema nftrr tn b* the burning 
4 question wr;h regard to certain questionable fire*. 

President of Preferred Pictures ! Questioned as to Relations With 
Testifies in the Hearing on : Partner, Witness Terms the 
Charges of Film Trust Against 
Famous PJayers-Lasky— Teils 
How Distributing Concern 
Took Over Theatres. 

Queries of Counsel "Ridicu- 
lous;" Refuses to Confirm 
Story of Merger With Schu- 



AFRI.IV, April 2.1. Riyilllr 

him appnrrrilT ilnmpril ■■ InM 

■ t 1h« mark. 

Ilnnni ;m h I I ■ h-r>l 111 llarl«-Fi- 

■ trtn "WrHnradaT ■■nnnnrri I he 

rnEmrinrnl ol F>-lnr*a- IIjii-im 

Ron 4iUlhrlil Kb IfnhentAhe- 
Hjirirniiti-lri, 1 fi-THT-olil riaaarh- 
IT nf Grind Dvhrv* Ann nf 
Austria, ■» Jose-f Hsca iv«fiirn- 

lTiBlr-T. bod nf ft [«*■ t«rr laborrr. 
Thr weddlna; "■» be bald al 
SlBltgart m1l*r TThlch rhr brlrir- 
erimm Will » n 111 UllniiilnBfn 
In IVftPB Mhoiil. 


THERE will be no criea at th*- JJEIk Show b#fiat Contest T>RERIDE>,T HARDING'S aperrh on the Wnrld Cnurt ron- 
over spilled milk ; hut there art, apt to he howls from the -sT i*ineed all 1 those already ronvcrtrd tn ii : and repelled 
■pilled boxers. Those who were prejudiced against it. In whlrh it accomplished 

v — ■ I n* much a* any political speech ran hope to ilr>. 

A MARINE It risking a strong hid for the lone distance 

dancing championship In Washington. His comrades on 
the side lines mieht hoist the signal, '"Don't (Ltc up the hips." 

r pLlI! real dfstincKon between animals and men *eem« to be 
-'- that animala canpot talk hut an able to understand each 
other; while men can talk but are unable to undorattnd each 
other at all. 

COLTI*ES who have been uaed to apoooinj in ft chtirehyard 
in an Ohio town will now And, its annerintendeTit aaya, 
this a iTttre oflente. 

A ETER all. if there it a family crisia and an imperariie need 
■■**■ for cub, no other momber of a mati's family it to he re- 
lied on absolutely bat his "t'ncle." 

rpfiK "Little rift within the lute 1 ' that mar* the sons "Borne, 
* Sweet Home" is apt to be more rent than rift. 

r Tinn nign that will indicate prohibltfnn baa realFy |-one into 
'*• effect will be-tlio tahtn|- of the word "Hop*" to mean only 
the periodieaT dances a,t our collcxea. 

IF joti heUevft ereryHiinj thftt'a told you» there is 
carnEVal on this week at Carncgta Hall. 

ITWOM pres/ni, trunlc conditions it la easy to understand war 
* the Oermans broke and fled when Joffre looaad hit tnny cf 
raxSeahs on their flank at the first battle of the Mftrtte. 

rpA^ES air bard to bear and we immble nt their neceaaity. 
■i But after *U the.mfta moat to h« pitied: it he wh* ia payitlf 
for A mistake in TTisiriimiTiv en th« Instalment plan «f alimony. 

STILL, there arc inntaneei in which that lympathj is wasted. 
Fnr there are men- who regard- their freedom n «rO«h e>#fi 
that prir^. 

INDHTMENT nfter a weet in office an Ciiy TreaeUrer is 
rather quirk work, eren fnr Cliirnso. 

rE d if* p pea re nee of so nwh of th- evidence ii> trills of 
alleged violators nf the Vohttead Act wnnld seem to indi- 
cate thnt lore is not the only thinr; that langhs nt looks. 



People Entitled to Dignified In* 
quiry Before Justice of a High 
Court. He Says, as He Turn* 
Over Complete Record for Ac- 
tion by Pecora, Which Will 
Begin at Once. 


rE aiibwuy official* who desire To Mltnnlate trnlfic on the ! 
new efevBied- eipress^s miBht rtvtjure the customers to j 
"foUow the orange Ifne." 

rT*HEBE nre few more cmbnrraiiVitip fiperiences for an. >i- 
.■*- p+rieSrCfd politician to ein'O'imtcr than, a loour plsnk in a 
patty platform. 

Fhern can it he 

yF the color lino cannot be drawn In art, 

IT ia not quite clear whether in the rase of the mararhnn 
" dahcers who took to tin* nea In nails n record. It was Nep- 
tune who" the dlncrr* «irk. nr the dancer* who uplift 

ABOUT the only difference thn Hew raidin alphatet will 
make in ilmt for a while we won'r know ^ust what the 
other fellow in saying to us when he tells ut to tune nut. 

SUGAR haa font up again, despite the action of the GoTeru- 
ment applicntlon for sn injunction. Msyhc the refiners 
are proceeding on the theory that "eterj- knock is a boost." 

HORACE GREEIiT counseled s fn'rnd : 
man, go Want." But when the TVihii: 
north, tnsteivJt 

'Go "\Vejjt,*yonng 

e ninvrir) j| went 

fpHR, on|y reliable wares nf emotion on Broadway are those 
■*- hiarcrHed to curl tbont the CHpea. 

fT looawaai I b"iiah wr had- made up >.mr minds' that we eauld 
'he on speaJtlac tenrit with Mexico agnin. though just how 
I much of in "jo'law" cur nister republic Is, remains to be seen. 


'" is pretty hard to n*fe us to save dsyligh: when we' hare heme conromptioi 
had so little of it this Winter. 

OW that ahoe manufacturers; hava iarented itivinibJe spats. 
we wish some one would TOrk Out some Inandible onejfpr 



Mayor Dcnouncei Alliance Before 

Inter-City Dinner of Cheat nut St. 

AsiocUtion in Philadelphie.. 


i fip*. in! Cllbllfl) I* Tb* Vm-nttii T«!'|H?*l 


"The renliutloii haa been dawning 
that there has, t >o long, existed a rictus 
Intimacy between purchasable profea- 
■slonal politicians of both parties, and 
corrupt -bis huaineas,' 1 llayor Hylsu of 
New Tork told' the Intfrcity Dinn,er of 
the Chestnut Street AHodatiou hefe, to- 

"Through irmtim-i-aMr m mi fit ei;.>n*. 
by Tast wealth and handy men in and 
out of public office, this, oligarch y haa 
hren able to dutch the raios of xOYera- 
meat, sod to aeenre thi. enactment of 
cits* legnlatJon nr create tbe gorem- 
Taen«l machineo* neceaslry for its fires- 
errntion in tb« plontltttde of power. 

•There sre many bldlcktkOna at the 
present time that the tame group* are dn- 
[•rms'iir-d «'i coatnd the nomiaatlog con- 
rentionx of both pirtict In the neat na- 
tional mmpaigii. As the Republican 
uOTn-LU(j;i6ii wiir in nil probability go to 
President Hardin*, ftll gunj* will be dl- 
rrrctcdiupoii tbp llcmocratlc conTfrrtloa, 
A candidate not aTcrse to a League of 
Nations under time euphoininliH irsme 
nil. he nought and one echo iwll offer 
ni' objections to extending gorenrment 
aid. executive, financial, military or os. 
val to the international hankcra in their 
riploits of unrld conn.uesi. 

Sn-iiHiinc his ittark to (he public 
utilities, the >1.-;?nr >JecZared. io parr.: 
'-"fh^re is scarcely any other- sdhject 
niton which all the cities of our nation 
■haul'.! w*ark more whole-heartedlT lo- 



A tfSSSl W«*t T «>r fCoH the 

I F'rpfpnrI f!t. J.l jmftlle flrfanriii 

nal inrrhSnt for Tn-ar ff,atb,tal 

| trnnnti T«Bia-rdaT i<A|l]!-f d nal- 

| Btdr ■ bmra on A«hby Josinson'* 
; tmrcn. Gar voire-* < , »iiit t*> bts 
■■ra, nlini th* mnilp ItdIIi ■ 
pktHiaprv' Cnint rls«*r k* 
heard ITW ihoffil^jt of r*rl. ttfa 
aalnvtra latar a new dame* M«r- 
athoii "■■ an€ad sivd. two ro»m 
arn snl two ratni wm'n ntr« 
on tkalr war bsclc to Bfhool. 
Th* law hud pat m rrimn In vn* 
mn re rltnrt at a new rnilnrwncc 

Wbfn th* schShplajoas* apenvd 

jrmtrr-dmy \AtttotiT Jllltn. 10l 

n-nrbrri QrMs, I3i Doratkr 
lVrnd*lt, l|, anst Mini* Crsns, 
1 1, tiB» not ai their deska. 
Tmiat Offtcer Akkra SB S W*W1 tm 
tkell bomtfj, whfrr bf- Irarnrd 
ih*T ka4 lffl far BCkOAl. 

A« «b* -phooi of nee* *nier«d 
tbe karn br ■»■" (no conple* 
danalna; saarrlly nimni (lit rasKk 
boardaol floor, A Vtctrala. whlrh 

ka«t b*«H nnnini *l€«d1lF for 

tint kaaira. ytbb off In n center, 
partlr barlaA in HkTt wkll* s>sr 
If am tb* fl«*r ware fbsr neatly 
rrrippfd InnakeB * nd irfcno! 


Xalapa Farm Filly Earns Uecision 

in Tight Fit at Havre de 



JUDGES' plachtq at FADXT 

father thin that of prociarinr, freedom 
rum the domination of pnbJIc utilitT cor- 
twrations. These i-orikuratinnn maintain 

eapensive lofahiea in leirislatire halls 10 
wniro (he cnan-tment of dtaired leaisia- 
tino »r thr defeat of Jeahtlsiion intended 
in curb their rapacity. Controlled news- 
i !■(■---< and other means »f pmpartanda 
sit iiar-il tn 'ediFc-artc' puhHc npfnion to 
the tirtura nf tbrir private operation nud 
to thwart any attempts it wunidpa} op- 

"So Ion* as Kiate retulatory commis- 
sions reau'ate the people instead of the 
utility I'ni'iiiir.uif.ji* they ircr* created to 
repilaie. wp hear' no sonnij^ emanatinx 
from tin* public utility office*. If, haw- 

ntlnned * n P*-ir i i. CalasHh «.) 


. Vale 


riflrr to'tlmj. 

fan Ik- i 

eraai w 


Dftpnty Attorney to Appear With 

Order Directing Western Union 
to DeliTer Menagea, 

ISpanHLl [1--Ml-.h IS tt« lj.r-= :.( t+UST***.! 

ALBANY. S. Y-. April 23. 

Deputy Attorney Ueneral Lhsia&crj 
will sppesir to-morrow morninc at fj.45 
o'clock before Supreme l-'ourt Justice 
Sialey with an order dtreetbtg the West- 
ern Union Telegraph" Company to de- 
liver to tbe State «pjea of the cable- 
irams exchange h<tweeu Ralph Ward, 
Brother of Walter 8. Ward, of New 
I HocbHIe. charted with hnvine killed 
! ' lircn.i- Peters and his father. <Jei>r^e 
' s. Ward, when thc's<n[or Wim wM :;1 
] Kuropr. 

Thin is In conforaiftBcc Tvith (he d^ 
clsion of Justirr Stale? itpholdlnE the 
H&ht of the State to cinullti* Lhesn 
cablet-rams. At this litue tin- m'kiiaues 
am in tbe hands of the clerk >■! ili<- 
Albany County Court. . 

The first person to sect he body or 
Clarence Vetera was Duncan Rasa of 
Whito i'lutae. according; to My. ChabL- 

Koic, who has not fet testified in 
sny of the investigations Into the kill- 
Cue of Peters, has been siib]ioenaed tn 
appear to-morrow in the tnrcBtuzatinn 
which Vr. Chamhcrtt Is conductine; as 
the result of jlU order fr/oa Uorcrnor 


Wee Dear. SSS.Ou ■inffht 
* 1 t.S9 SrUcfr, *B.30 ibaer, 

Viirman^. *'JB.40 pl»(?f, 110,00 

Btauvr, ifcnnd, 
Jatla 31., BS.OO iSow, fblrd. 

flrnlr, *-f K.,70 Biraliht. SXl.SO 

place, ajL.l.i>D ■h<m, wan. 
Tarn. flXlQ plaev, e.N.w* >bow. 

Wtmlrh,,.^, S .'i . S l> ihun, (lilni. 


ATlutk, fjf-Ao aimia-hl, ««.ao 


Jnnr Florrer, f T, in, Blra| S ht, I plan-, Jt.l.ln, show. Woo' ' 

Dr, O'.ili.rit, IS1S.4U pia««, |LH,BU : 

lie-ail Saabi W4*<n alioir, ihlr*l. 

Bpleodr, BiralBhl. * i.iio 

mm '■. t»;,4u -I1..1,. tTua, 
Panuli- D. a ji, a.. .. 4 , , jq, j„ 

nlluiv, mrend. 
.\I..t) Hrll*. a.-.pti, Bharr, 

asfHunt. ,J1K.T0 .tralral, *A,ln 
J'Scr, wTTita anuii . iron 
Snp»r. aa.ui, B^u^j ihun, 

Btsc lir«.,ti, B4.1U shon, iblrri. 
Wm\ FJM7II it At ic, 


dialer, *f,Hn 

|HlB«M« *,S-lMi nil, 

Tl'i i Jt .i,M.. iMih.,1) ,,■„ 

-i:,.,i. *ri'i.ii.t. 


skUW. third. 


(»?».b! U'pu hi- ret Bprn:ni Tr«crrph ■ 
IIAA'RK 1>K tJKACE. Mil., A^ril ^5. 
After the riinninR ft the Aherrlcen 
Slsii". ine JjVp.UOO feature event on to- 
day's MU-dj Jim Mr-I.elliruri shot a let*- 
Br;im lt> the old msre T J«q Buj. *1 
Xnl/ipn Farm, tellcni; her that June, 
r'lowar, her dfliiuhicr, bad won nnothrr 
i-nrc. 1 This makes the fourth alroifht 
rk-tfiry In .as many start! for the -■ 
year-old daughter of Then Cnnk and 
June Rlik. The Xalspa Kartn hn. s 
juvenile thst U educated and who pi-nil- 
::!*!.»■ wilE make s Eat of trouble Inter i>n 

|{ .illllllUflt nil I'uKf T. L'filllttin t.) 

Witness Explains Board of Di- 
rectors Voted Producer Out 
Because of Stand Taken by 
Zukor— Describes Difficulty of 
Placing Own Features in First 
Run Houses, 

A I Licbtmnii. president of Preferred 
Picture*, yesterday told how W. W. Hod- 
kinson, president oT ihf Paramount Pre- 
Hires Corporation in 1036. was forced 
out of office hy the board of directors 
after Adolph Zukor, head of Famous 
Plsyera, hsil complained the.t he roold 
net art r.lonir with him, Licbtman took 
the witness cbsir yesterday in tbe boar- 
ing beine; conducted by the Federal Trade 
Commiaaion beforr FJxntniner E. C. Al- 
irtrd to determine ir the Fsmous Players- 
Ijjisky Corporation and sir of its af- 
filiated companifs conititute fl motion 
picture true*. 

The witness traced the development of 
the Paramount organisation from ita 
start as a froup of dlstrfbnton to the 
present time, when it hi loterwoTCti close- 
ly with tbe Famous Playcrs-Lasky forces 
and financial backing. 

Lichtmnn, who was field manager for 
Fatuous Players in 1S1-. declared the 
tympany etiUred Into a dlatributinr 
B^ejawit with the than tiewtj; oflpmakd- 
Per em, wot CorporarJon for twenty-fivn 

Ehjriy in lOlfl. the witn-ns mud. Mr- 
Y.oXor had hecome dissatisfied because h« 
said that under the s rrauffement with 
tb* Paramount be waa not receiTini 
money enonfh Io prcduee the kind of 
pictures he wanted and that he was 
threatened with thr loss of some of his 
great stars, etpedallj- Mary Pirkford. 
Zukor bad told him. the wiener, said, 
that Mutual hnd offered Wary Pickfoni 
(10,400 !i week. 

DfpsntlBfl^d With r B i,(r»pt. 

The wilnejw snid it m it about thi^ 
time, aftBT a visit or 7.uknr to Callforuia, 
that he cot In toiich with Hiram 
Abrsma, n director of the Paramount 
company. H* tspeatcd to Abrams that 
Zuknr had eipreaied: himself diasatiafied 
with the contract with Paramount. 
Zukor said, accordlnc to the witness, 
that if he stayed with Paramount be 
would be unahl« to keep his stars and 
maintain the quality of the pLcturea ba 
was imping. 

The witnesn ntd that Abrsma want 
with the letter's partner, Walter tireen, 
and himseir to nee Zukor at hia home. 
They had it conference, be aald. in th* 
coiincp of which Znk^r declared he found 
it impossible to get *lonir with EJndkin- 
aon. and it was agreed among; them that 
Abrams and Green were to nee if they 
could not Ret ltv<i of the other four direc- 
tor* TO VOte with A!>rmn* in (Irpasiiif 
Hcuiltinaon. Ten days Inter. TJcotman 
ssiri, he learned! (hnt B Uieetiog; had been 
held and Abrams. Kteefe and HbetTy. 
tbre>! of tbe five directors nf the com- 
pany* had \i:t>:>i to pat tlodkinton not of 
the preaideney. had elected Abrams pfes- 
idePt in his p'acf. and elected Steela 

Li' Ittiiinii was asked about bis own 
pietuiea. Me said be *t.j praducinsj and 
rlistHhutinc Preferred Pirtures at this 
time mid Ii4« twclTe a yc-nr. al) feature 
picture*. He spoke of the difficulty be 
h:i; in some cities in plncins; hia films 
in first run theatres owing 1 to the fact 
ibsl ni(i<! nf ihr first class houses ara 
i,«i*cd pr rontrolfrd bj tbe hig pmdnc«r*. 

■art In *'!■•(■. 

Hi 1 >i'i alonj; all ri^hi in San Frln- 
riiciv, he said, hut (-iinrncieTirril condi; 
Lions itt Atlanta ha "irrribJe." sajini$ 
Soulhern Knierpri^c. a subsidiary of the 
Fsmoiia I'lflj-ei-h-ljaskf t'qrpnrfition. con- 
trols ihrec ct the fivr [besTrea in the 

In L'hieac». he eairi. there ar only tmo 
firsi class fire! mti theaires io thr down- 
;-".tii neitioti. Thai Paramuunt (.'orpara- 
tinn controhl nnp nnd the other bna a 
raatcnrt which l**tta nnly Unit* thr tjuie 
nvniloble In independent producers. 

In Penvr. de ssiil. fte ha? flti trouble. 
In ritihdslphia he had "trip.eS 'n-uhle,' 
lie said, because ibe (ttanley fompany 
ha'l aiicIi n grip <>n Etta iir-ir/!blr thestre* 

\u in Sew Viirt. Mr. I .ii i-i tun .. Ultli 
he had only sucrreilrd in piscina; un 
rtrvadway fnur pteturea in the last twa 
year* OW <<f twnty-'oiT- -Vtiir" 

One of rlio-e be ptftfed by rentinr rhe 
L*rlterlt>B Theatr- for fxt\ wreks. The 
expense of rentinr. aiirertisinp arrt nthef 
items, he nftid- wa* iipprniimaTetj .sjn - 
ikki Tor the -iro »tpI;h and the r-eeipts 

Ite ffot one pii-ture in the Cap>oI Tbe- 
ftir' 1 end Htobc'l a rhef'k fnr idXl sa his 
eliire of the receipt", he said. Another 
riiciiite on flroedwav hmus;ht s eherk 
for only J40fl. For a piriure *bn»n at 
the Srranil. he said, he wns paid JIV.VV) 
flat. m 

rSxperts as Ter Ca>Ht> or nroM. 

The witnp«* eaid thit, Rcnerally npeak- 
inf. a producer ntrtet-. ahoin JS5 per 

(C'lintlnneU an F»«f 3, t'olassn ■!.> 

Producer Gives Place on Stand j 
to Bookkeeper While Checks l 
and Accounts Are Admitted as | 
Evidence; Will Resume Testi- ■ 
many at To-morrow's Ses- j 

MensTire Permitting: L-ocii- Option on 

Sabbath Performances Wins 

by Close Vote. 

The proceedisr" in the business o> 
Torce of Klaw «pd Erlanrer y'eatcrdsj 
Isc-ked the color nbirh Mr. Erlaafet's 
testimony hsd contributed at thn pre- 
tiou* session. 

In Part IS of tbe Supreme Conrt the 
hesrinf before Justice Nichols was eon- 
fined to technical srguments in regard 
to the sdmlftsibility of eridonee in the 
form of acce-untnnt's books, checlut and 
ledaer- submitted by Erlnnter's counsel 
In support of their contention that Mr. 
KEaw was obviated to pay Interest on 
the fnrestment of his arstwblle partner. 

Mr. Alton*, bead bookkeeper for the 
famous Arm, occupied the wimeas cbair 
during tha entire courts of tbe after- 
noon cession, and verified the entries by 
wbicb the plalntieTa are seeking 1 to estab- 
lish the precedent of paymenta from 
Ktnw I" KrlBiiaer for th* latter'a excejj 

sir. "Efflinfer was'rrcilied fo 'tht 
stand in the momiut, hut the intrrrosn 
tion dealt rather with obstruse points 
which did not furnish the appartunily 
for th* flreworln shown at Tuesday's 
cross-* x a mlnatl on . 

Charles ETans Hughes, Jr.. elirilei] 
the following sts.t*m<ntf from the on- 
position witness withont ranconr nr 

"I spoke to Mr. Mayer, and f-airf. 
'I don't want that back-bitrr any longer 
is tbia bflllilnr/" trstified Mr. Er- 

Mr. Hughes asked whether he did 
not rtnembee sating bis formrr part- 
ner to remain in the building becaose 
of such assistance art he wan si-ring in j 
the matter of liquidation. 

"t nerer aaked him to remain." an- 
swered the plaintiff. 

"You don't remember asking him." I 
aaid Mr. Hughes. 

"No— no snch conTematiorf eren, look i 
place" was the exnpbntir r*ply. 

A few aeconds later Mr. Erlangertdd I 
Mr. Hughes that his question "was 

"I see yon"« bean instructed since < 
yesterday." said Mr. Hughes, and Bi- j 


'Spat III DlfJiN n to Tha SBM-fl MS Tpl«|:riph I 

AI^BANY. April '2T-: 

After it bad j nipped several pATlfa- 
m'iiferv hurdler Senatnr >ryer !>>rj'" 
biil permitting ihe local authdrities to de- 
termine whether or n<it there may h- 
tbeatrfcal perforrasneer- <>n Sundays n-as 
passed by the Senate m-day. nnrl the 
measure 'waa feat to the Aesembly. 

Spnator .Inhn Knight, artitg as Ke- 
pnblicns leader, expressed opposition and 
said he would rote in the negative. Ren 
alor .ramrn J. Walker saitE the hill Bits 
r. local option measure eitrndinj; ihe 
home rule principle. 

"We were told i^iar. dire resOfts Wcuttu 
follow the paaaage of the SUndny hnse- 
ball hill." Seoator Walker ssiil, "hut It 
be» turned nut to be * brHHB, and tbi* 
merelr permits the Common f.'onncit in 
sny whether Or not there shall: h" tbe- 
atriral performancea on Sundays." 

^Tith tbe TOte* of Senators Kavs- 
nauga, W. W. Camphell and George R. 
Fenron, Republicans, the Demoorars were 
able to aeenre only twentj-flve vntas In 
favor of tbe meaiure. - j 

" Hubert &taHejr. a l»*W union mem- 
ber, TOtss] In opposition. th« State Feder- 
ation of I>bo rha^iog adopted irsoln- 
tfonn in opposition. He tvb* induced to 
chanrn hia vote and CSK the i-ote which 
paeaed the hill. 

Just before oljoumwient fienstor 
Knight mired thatt he Senate reconsider 
the rote by which the bill was pnas-ert 
.in.1 that the motion Ite upon (be table. 
Senatnr Walker objected «-n tha sronnrl 
t!i nil he mutton was not in nrdrr. 

Tt was declared tbe bill bed nnt jn 
passed out of the hands of the Senate 
end penatnr Walker threatened to mnve 
a close call nT the Senste tn secure th" 
attendanre nf all the members for a rot" 
on the motion, but Senator Knia/ht's mo- 
tion was ruled out anil the hill was nrnt 
to Hie Aseembly. 

"In year* jtrine by,*' Senntnr 1>tt 
enid tfvnisnt. "the |ahftrini[ interests 
favored sod arfrocared «imiilar legisla- 
tion. They fonrlit for Sunday baseball 
and Snndav motion pictures, nnri 1 >-an 
not see the ■■nnrsislenrv nf their pr"«rnt 
attitude in opposing the hill. 

"The nppositinn oT the Aetors Equity 
Afsociatiin is haeeit ypon th" i-laim fliat 
they hB*e a right io one day'-i re*t in ft 
week. There i* notbins' in my bill which 
prevents ilir nrtor from having; The p>sme 
amount of rest durinp t^e week aa stir 
other laboring or profpftsinnal man. At 
the bearine; on the hill It was nhown that 
certain members of the Actors Ennity 
Associatioii who work in yandn^iH" are 

District Attorney Plans to Open 
New Inquiry Monday— Hirsh- 
fielri Investigation to Continue. 
Tit-man Appeals to Mayor 
Hylan for Vindication Alter 
Perjury Charge. 

ira.ElBDPi) on Tmge A. ."olomn 1.) K'uslUnrA mi P.^r It, Colo 


Chorus Runs to, Instead of From a Fire and Forms 

a Bucket Brigade on Roof for Effective 

Work— Complimented by Chief. 

i IWIsrinjr: thai the people of New Yorhr 

I sre entitled tn m dignified inquiry of th* 

rum craft chorgea which have been swirl- 

1 ine; around the Pnlfce, Tiepsrtmeut since 

[ Assemblyman Iriiuls A, CurfUler. oa th* 

fioor of the Assembly in Albany. att«cke<l 

[ the enforcement in the Greater City of 

[ ib"- Miillan-GDae law. ,7nab H. Banton, 

flatrict Attorney, last evening annonnced 

i Mint h* had definitely determined to rr- 

L fer the Inveaciiarion in ita entirety It 

) his chief assistant, Ferdinand Ii. Pecora 

: because <■■■'. thFjt official'a fitnesi fnr thia 

pnrtinilar work. 

I "I will try In see to-morrow," cotw 

tinned Diairirt Attorney Banton, "if wo 

can get a HupTfm* Court Justin to *ic 

: a* n committing pjafiistnite. It we can 

j get a Supreme Court Justice to sit as a 

| cnmmlrriug Magistrate, If w* can wsj 

wil Itaks up ereTythttue we conaldfr (*r- 

mane to a leral inquiry — anTthiuc that 

haa any bearJUi" on erim*. ___ . 

Base* "a ^fBrBlrto P«*t». 

■■We are prfnf to limit, hosrerar, fo> ■ 
strictly legal eTamlnatJoU, I am coinej 
to make specino. acruaadona apiinsc 
certain indiriilusjB. presentina; whatever 
evidence there is w support them." 

Referring Sgiin to the point of a disj- 
oined inquiry, the Efatrift Attorney 
a lid : 

"I feel that the prfdepce shcmld ba 
prathnntril to n fiupreme Court Jh«nc» 
or a Jiidge of Heneral Sewlons, O* U 
on ihe *amF footing st the other, rather 
than to a magistrate, because a matia' 
tear* (meaning Majnstrate Joseph K. 
(orrigan) is the accused In one case and 
thr- Hccoser in ihe other, and the Folic* 
t'.'o mmijuii ciner is both the aceosed and! 
the accuser. 

Aruldlnsr Kmrjat-easamesii. 

'Another reason we are not going to 
any maristrste i« because it is not nee**- 
asr? to embarrass one maEistrate by 
having him virtually "ittins in Judgment 
on a fellow- magistrate. 

■If we can't get ji Supreme Court or 
Onrral Berttoiuj judge to ait then it is 
my purpose t^ *o hefore tbe Grand Jury 
and present the eridence. 

■'I want an optt» r definite inqury. 

Thers will he no Jobo Do* investigation. 

I Xfttni line died wheat I came into office. 

"We are not going to proceed on any 
1 KOflftip nr mere hrresay. but unxra legal 
j evidence <?a\y. Kvety one who hat (By 
invited to coma for- 
but it most be relevant 

j su^-h eridenf-e 
n-ard and give j 
| Asked when 
I Sir. Fanton said 1 

:he injuiry would begin. 

While noon-day croerds on "Broadway 
cheered, a score, of cbonin girls in cos 
tunc, membert of "The DRUcing fiirl" 
cast. imiLtwsJTUPj fought n fire on tbe 
roof of the Winter harden. IBS! 1*40 
Broadway, Window* in ihe skyscraper" 
in the immediate vicinity irere congested 
and morion piotcre men worked enrhujiil- 
aaticalSy for what they hope will he the 
most thrilling or the coming rewa 
erenta" release. 

The firlt had juil hnished making up 
for the matinee periormance at tftl the- 
atre when a ur pot, which fml been 
left during the noon hour by workman 
wli* Tterr repairing the roof, heenme 
overheated and overflowed. Saiokc from 
the burning roof seeped into the dressing 
rooms, where girls wero. They ran to 

thr roof and, brushing acfde a ■■gunle n-f 
iwrters. organiaed s bucket brigaiK 

Immediately north mi Bmadn-jiy is ;h" 
akyseraper nf the Bethlehem Kngineerirc 
lorporatinn, with windon* oi«rlookine 
the low mnf nf tha Winter fiarnen, 
Krery window «vnn wag jsmrn^d With 
men. walcbing ih« ilisplay nt pulrhritud* 
ami pluck, llsss cherrs were given ami 
tbe afreets sion wvre iill"d wirli tuit- 
deeds nf sightseer*, nrcejisi rating ihe 
railing nf the reserves. Kvirytxwjt wa^ 
yellirg for the giria. 

When (lie fire liepartmetri arrived, in 
I'liivrjre al Bsttaliori CJiieT TPenni* Curtin. 
tlicre wami t aoyihins for it In do. Cur- 
tin complimented the girl* on ih«ir plifk 
and tnlti tliem that if titer ever Inst 
their jobc fl* churns girls, he would con- 
■Ider rheir spplicatioris for the fire 

I nun try May Br aria, 

'■If 1 can gn a judge to-morrow and 
ho says he ran begin Monday the in- 
quiry will commence then, 

■■<\jtn mi. wiener Hirthfield bes HOC tha" 
thing nloog to us fflm teatSmooyi. The 
iv:ice Commisrioper has asked 09 to take 
if up. Speaker Machold say* we are folly 
i-ajabi* -'f making an investigation. I 
have nrver sid^eti-pped a job yet. This 
plan nf aii ■■:"-!! hearing is simply sdhe^- 
:ne te- the policy I l'«>-e maintained ever 
srncv I hflte-bnen Itistrt'-i Attorney." 

t>ratxi« Attorney Banron ssid the only 
dau pertaining la the inquiry t'tst had 
rim* io him *o far *«» the testimony 
sent by To rami anion er Hirshfield and a 
letter from Commissioner t'uright, com- 
|i]iiining of lib*!, 

Mr. Rniunn said, h" bad obtained th* 
minutes »f Magi»tra*.e v'orrigan's conrt 
an ibe oet-ssion wh"n he decided to bold 
lleter-tiv* Robert M<-Alliit*t for perjury. 

An tn ihe ii-lr>grani^ that passed be- 
tween A'spniblymsn CuviiliT and Msc- 
intTale t'orrirnn. Mr. Rantnnj ssid if his 
appeal bureau holds thsl they are tihe]- 
nn% tiare wit! be made « P^rt 0! the in- 

' IMiin 

• toner'lrlrt'. rn.H1.-n, 







Imaafageo Ml ft" inreMigstio-n is to h* 
irindnctcil by The Di*trict Attorney's 
onice. it lo-4kA ss if further Inqntry by 
I'niamis.'SLnnrr Hinhfield is neadleSe. 
That nftVial gsce r>itl. through hia seo- 
retsry yesterday afternoon, ibe informs* 
tion that May n" Hylsn had: given b!m a 
votc of confidence. It wna stated tbat 
ihe Mayor had insrrm led him io crjn- 
tinne no matter who became involved!. 

Oenial wilS tnsde tlist Mayor Hylan 
had "TsieTed a disrontipwanee or the 
Kirshtield inTestiagiion. It was ex- 
plained ibfll no hearing had been held 






i (outlawed Pnh P»*t# 1.) 

Governor Miler, Mr. Erlanier'a attorney, 
promptly came, back with, on objection t* 
the remark, which was atricken, out, with 
Mr Hughta'a consent, given - without' 
waiting far n court -itUnp. 

Mr. Hughes asked whether it was not 
true tfaflt Xlltw A Erhltipar. duiftf but! 
nesa "bb .nrodooef* ud theatre owfttn 
ai we|J, Tan.d the inside of the raid as tn 
iheSj^ aaaociatcn' In the booking combine, 
i<h which he alluded yesterday. 

"No," he mid, "'w* ^d not do business 

that way." 

MY. Erlangtr said later, in Che cowesa 
oT the r (drain at ion, that lie Aad never 
taken Advantage of those with whom he 
had done business, and that nine on; of 
ten times they gat a shade the better of 
it in the booking. 
. Mr. Hughes uiiMittonctE die plaintiff 
abuut I In- choree of f">,000 for llquidat- 
ing Klaw & KrlaDger'tt affairs and en- 
'LiTiv.ircil to ascertain whether or not Iho 
flhiibcrta nnd A, 1_ Erlanjrer Intended, lo 
i-uiuhi:ir Heir bonking intercuts. 

"We have n friendly an-an seme tit," 
said Mi. ErlotVEfr, in answer to a qui a- 
tioo whalber or not ho and the Hhnberts 
had an under* landing about bookinJt. 

Then Mr. rJugbe* asked whether he 
expected (bo ''friendly arrangements" lo 
(let-clop Into something grccter. 

"I never deal' in futures- Our relations 
-an fric^<(b." <nru the plaintiff's answer. 

Thn the examLner shifted his nuea- 
tJonlng to the subject of "Ben-lliir' + 
picture rights. 

In October, 3020, Mr. Erlanj-rr under- 
took, the orjranization of a company to 
produce the slay, but the pmjret was, 
for a time, abandoned. liurinft January, 
February and March. lifil, an it ni! 
ben. red from qlieatlona and lent I mo ny, 
the principal*, of the dissolved partner- 
ship negotiated through attorneys aa. to 
these right*. Mr. Klaw thought lif 
could use them, hut was halted ny thn 
proposal that be pay $41,000 for tise of 
the firm's accnery. 

Finally «n> *(treeai«lt was entered 
into for the sale of the motion picture 
rights In tfao old play, based upon licir 
. eral Lew Wallace's hook, by- Klnw & 
HrEangrr, and the estate of Joseph 
Rrocjks, with OJie Wallaee, whoac full 
name was not men tinned in the testi- 
mony, and Hirpar Brothers, for J100,- 
- IXJO. Thea ale was consummated. 

t^urstioncd by Mr. Hughes, Mr. Kr- 
langer admitted ■ that he supplied the 
elircfca for thn purchase and that there- 
after a 5630.000 "Beti-Hnr" picture 
campsny wsa organised, He received 
10 per cent., or $104,000, in stock. Ha 
denied, howerer, that the ileal was put 
through without his former partner 
lielns enlightened, a* t& his part in it, 
oil the purchasing and production end, 

-"Tin re was nothing about it that 
«-as not open," aald Mr. ErlangM-. 'The 
elieeli* were linseed orer in tie, presence, 
or formrr Judge Clarence J. Shram, 
Mr, Klaw 'a cminwl."' 

In flew of Mr, GrlaDger'a testimony 
reanfoa*/* that .Mr. Klaw knew noth- 
ing sbout (he -hooking or the theatriral 
liiiRinrn*, Mr. Hughes asked whether ht> 
had ever consulted his partner of more 
[turn thirty years. 

"Timi" whs tho answer. 

"And didn't yoa take his advice?'" 

"Onlr when it was good advice," was 
iho answer. 

I>urfnp the afternoon session account- 
ing record* and: .Ptttnerons rouehers, al- 
leged i» abow payment tn Mr. Krlanger 
of Interest on nth ejccesn capital, to the 
debit of Mr. Klaw's account, were in- 
troduced and marked fn etidener, Thei^e 
Checka wpre Sffrtt by the. firm nf'Ktaw 
A Krlanrrr, nnd eorrfupondins debits 
w*r* made against Mr, Klnw, Motf of 
ihcm were drawn in the hamlwriting of 
Meyer Lirlngaron. the iinir.i nocountai 
to whom Mr. ErEnnger alleged hh pa', 
ner gare orders that *tjrb payments and 
debits ba nude. . 

Vouchera presented to a bookkeeper 
for the Arm, on the stsnd. were imtrl to 
have been endorsed for deposit by Mr, 
Erlanccr. "per Mr, KUWs son, who 

ninetmd Umfcatta -as Bceountant. 

Before the ulose .of the tfay's se»(i»rt 
farmer GoTernor Miller expressed the 
hope that the (£&1 hefore J nsiide Nichols 
micht end this week. It wil] lie emV 
tinucd to-day. 

Paller Trle.1 AJjnurnrrt. 
Judge t'barie* C. Nott in (Jencral Set- 
nions to-day adjournrrl the iriat of Ed- 
ward M- Ktiller. on Trial for burketing 
iriik orders, until Monday at the re- 
■jucat of Asthttnt^ Dlatriet Attorney 
tluro VHntner and pending the derisinn 
«r tba l-'niteil States Surmtie t,'nnrt on 
the quealiftii of turning over the custody 
of the bankrupt concern of K. if. Fuller 
."■J Co. to the proaccutinn. 


Trial Adljooimed. 

When Sn-muei Unterraycr. in charge 
of the iiroscmtion of Uiirty-alx members 
or the T'lavtercrs" Union, failed to an- 
|>esr before Juiriee Uhaelea if. BroK'n 
i nthe Criminal Branch of the Supreme 
Court yesterday the UiaJ of tbr pl*a- 
tcrera, at the request of Abraham Freed- 
man, aaiiating Mr- I'ntermyer. was ad- 
journed until next Tneadajr, May I. 

Be '■■'«. tiwa eeni and baaTar afcadaa. 


Ian WarLTs Oaaant UaAar Sttna 
•H flftb aea^-Hew Twfc-au aVssar. 


ftnoul Plftytr* Chief Denies Inten- 
tion of Adding Variety Acts, 
Iftemmle and Rowland Agree. 


Lswrcr m«Mdi Brsaet in Ploneei 

. Ooptpawy- slsirteo intiin rii™ ta Work Thiri-. 


ADOfyPH at,'KOH denied yesterday 
(hat IHs company had considered 
making; any chance' in their 
theatrca by adding vaudeville at' 
tradtlons. He aaid he had not httrd of 
any offer being mads by Famous Flayrrs- 
Laakj to Ludea Murnton and l<ina 
CavaJJetl or Cecil I^ean and Cleo May- 
field to furnish big acta in his houses. 

"The motion picture*," aairt Mr. 
Ztikor," are improving in quality *"id 
business in good enough throughopt tha 
country to make any addition in variety 
arts entirely DnnMcwary," 

Harold I). Franklin, ntanaffr of the 
theatre department for Famous Flsjers- 
Lasky, to whom Mr. Zukor referred The 
Morning Tclcfrnph reporter, denied the, 
invasion -of vaudeville In the motion pic- 
ture theatres in no unmistakable terms, 

'Thar* itn't an atom of truth In the 
report," said. Mr. Franklin. "Wi srt 
'not adding any vaudeville acta to our 
theatrca. In soma of our houses we have 
mnsieal programs, dances and aolos. 
These are classed more an concert num- 
bers than vaudeville acts. In the thea- 
tres where we have been supplementing 
our picture* with a Concert program we 
will probably continue our policy, but 
you can say for Famous Play era- Lossy 
there will be no vaudeville Beta added to 
our programs." 

L'url Laemmle denounced as s ridicu- 
lous fabrication the story that his been 
printed and been rumored thn: the mo- 
tion picture patrons refuse id accept 
their motienr. picture fate without Ynude- 

J '\"on can say for me,"" sajd Mr. 
bnMDlnle, "I have heard no plans to add 
vaudeville to tho motion picture' pro- 
grams, and t think if audi a plsn were 
afoot 1 would be ana of the nrot to bciir 
about it." 

Richard Rowland, general manager of 
Associated Fir.*L National, scoffed nt the. 
idea lhateny motion picture theatre 
would hnl it necessary Co add vaudeville 
to please, their pstrons. 

"Wlen tho public Wants vnuittvillf," 
said Mr. Rowland, "Uifj- ;:-.! co a VQud?- 
villc theatre, and when they want pic- 
tures ihey ko To n picture house, 'alie 
two are twn separate nnd dlstinrt Things. 
The only tinm vtudevlllc is hMCjoaaarj is 
in a prologue whea ft novalty is 
dec L red." 

■ - Fnllrr MnJx l>rr-alrii-n t. 

Paul Fuller ivna jeaterdoy elected 
president of the I'athe Kilm Company 
to take the place left vacant by tbje resig- 
Mtfap o( Tau| BTBOtt nomc montlm ngo. 
Edmuod C I-ynrh, tlie roung man t-i 
wh'oiu we called aJttepSflO Hbout tivn 
mouths ago. a* a big faeTor in the new 
I'athe organuuLtion. was e^cted chafrniau 
of the bonnl of direstors and n tnembe* 
of the directorate. 

The annual meeting nf the nlnckhold- 
era resnlted in the elertion of the fol- 
lowing director* in addition to Mr. 
Lypch and Me, Fuller^ El trier Pearson. 
W. Fellowea Morgan. Charles Pathc. 
Bernard Benson, (latton L'almier and 
Janaen Xoyas. 

The new directnr in W. Frllow^s Mor. 
pan, who |s president of the Brooklyn 
Bridge Freezing & (_"<i!d Htorage Com- 

At tuq directors' meeting, immrdiatelj' 
following the stock holders" meeting, the 
followirig; bfneera were elected: FdmuniE 
C. l*ynch. ehflirman of the hoard; Paul 
Fuller, president; Elmer Pearson, vice 
president and general manager; Bcfn- 
liftTit Bensnn, riee prcaldntii; Lowfa In- 
in rarity, secretary, and JoLm llumm. 

KdmunJ C I^ncli has har] bis o(Hee 
at the Tathe company for some months. 
He has-been an invariant fs<-tor En the 
runnlnt or the Pnt» affairs a)\d i* a 
iiiffiibrr nf tho hanking firm of Merrill, 
"ynch &-vC'onipanj. Paul Fuller, ttie 
FW^presTdeiit. hm been coun«cl for 
Cha-neV Pathe for about hfteen years 
and Lit thoroughly conversant with the 
policy nf the E-ompnnv- He is n mem- 
ber of the law firm or Court* rt Broihrr?. 
He Is a!sc. rotinseljor the French C*nv- 
ernment and as such was decorated for 
the 1-eglon of Honor. He was chairman 
of the. Foreign Trad'- Committee of the 
Merehant"' Asuociation of New York. 
Elmer Pearson, rs vire ^irmidrnt and 
general manager, will contiii'ti* In active 
t-harge of the eompanv's affair. 

This elercinn is jifirtieularly interest- 
ing because ihw have heen so ntany 
riinionc as to whi> would follow Paul 
fJniiiet as rathe* ni-eVdcnt- 

nnmnel '■« 

tin;- n't Plana. 

Samuel Goldwrn having roiiirseiefE to 
^istribtJte his "Potash and PrrlmuTtcr" 
and nilier films throiisjli Associated First 
Nations?!, ha* now [enned ofti.-en n .TS3 
Madison avenue, gno will oPell there tnr 
business hrifiht and carl?; nn Msy S, H* 
will also move his famiiy lares snd 
pennies from tb" Ambassador Hotel, 
where he has heen temporarily csTuh- 
liahed, to V2S Kant Sixty-third >treet, 
which he hereafter will eall home, 

EHytti nets Waotty's Joh. 
David V-- Blyth.' who has hern as- 
sistant tn J. f?. Woody for the !:->.< five 
years, will now step Into the place IcTt 
vacant by Woody in the Selsnicli offieea. 
tbat of generat sales manager. Prior to 
the reorganization of the Helcnieb enter- 
prises Mr. Blyth was assists ni general 
sales mnnngrr. so W. C. J. iJonllltlc 
fectur .iiinilicd in making (he appoint- 
ment, which seems tO) meet srith the sat- 
isfaction of all concerned. 

nilnLy Palin tO !•• -*!nrrrd. 

Fortune' nearly always *mi'vs on 
Chaptln't protegees. The latest to win 
a Kiiiile is Dinky Dean, who played with 
Dim in 'The rilgrim." Dinky's good 
luek consists in getting a job with l'nl> 
versa]-, where, ha will plaj the Icsdlng 
nje la "Jofaa of tbc Wood," the tint ol 

iidr.i.v MAi.o\e. 

Mir nil] iiln; Hn Important part in 
"Mtflf ,Fohnni' Jones," In which 
Johnny fllnea la h«1n* starred 
for Wiiriirr nrotliera. 

the all-star spWfials IMnky's first star- 
ring pan was ehoKi-ti Tor him by K. A. 
Stejrmnll^r. who Is iho producer nf [he 
flinkj- E>rnn prnductions. and it i* sni'l I 
to in> suitnli'D Tfir a )f'«nilg man of fimr. 
Th* RtOjry in by Abbie l'"arewell Brown, i 
ancl i" a conriiine drumfl i.f ;li- fifirnirli | 
century. Utlipra in the- eoflt bi-sid^* I 
Master Dean arc Ham l)e (Jravsc. Jtisnf \ 
Kwickard and Ethel Wales, Albert Aim- i 
tin will direct the picture and Dmula* 
Doty i^ iloing the scenario. 4geU* Coo- 
gsn better li-ok [n trig InnreJu when all I 
thw is ready far ttrt pnldfr. 

Mealen dhtV Prfna; Made. 

Sow it !■ iicxfeo that is iniitiiiK r'.ie 
film canifinntr-s to come rhrre snil take 
ndiaiLlngf ol the fiiif sei-iMrj. In IjOf 
Anre!^ Inst wirk rjac 'A. t_ Cobb bttdo 
a. speeeh tnsftire the Incn! i hnmhec of 
nmimprw in nliti-h h" nrg#d (hat the 

iwrniji ui baaJHeM r^AtloBa bttween 

Mevb-v aad Hi" iTjjrted Sratew l-e 
wirengihened. Obo v,r»,v 10 d» Itii".. Mr. 
t.'whb lwiievt'K, h in uniki- utcirfroi in our 
neighUiriiif: cotiirtrj'^ lie urt) ihst the 
entmnre of Itamon Sittnftntlrgo. knnwn 
M Itcmmi Navsrro mi i'h- herren, hn» 
nmeh < i UroDKitc goo i frelinir in 


Mi-jiicn. Mr, N.mirm hH«ii{^i i-i 
Icaotrn Mfxfran family. 

■i'n fame 

When Dr. 

I Sin HII'i Dim. , 

r'ovrctl Piiilrrl on i 

tin 1 Piirin jesterdiiy he 

Plioiio liini wi:h Jiini r<> cShiliit in Paris 

and mlier forelpi r-i:iin«, 

"I am goiii" to Paris hufl l.r.ndr>n and 
(Jik*. jme of thn Phono U'.nvi «jjh me." 
lie unid. i:*iifWnpii am] t'otue ffotl? winh 
lo teat "«T t'n- film. Xol onry rio-s the 
new iiten hj ehroolse perfectly, but the 
snnni) prodiM<:imiH may he of any n^'iiniQ 
■mesHury. Tins m, ■.»!■. ;hn< th'* tilles of 
thp pjcMin- will t'ladUiilly diAappeatf snd 
more realfam Kill entPi iiitn tneir pro- 
duetions: A!no in hiis.i! ct tlw*trrs where 
tbWC is U" sjieeisl niu^JH-. t!ic music #jp- 
mmpanriiii: the lilm \\\]\ til all the 

\\ li.ifi In n \*nir, 
When WiiljHm Slinkespenre [irmied 
those classic wm-ila he didn't know .-j;*out 
notion pictures. Al lenst DcTctJl F#f> I 
due believes fifl iliiin't know nnything | 
nlhml i nam" herflUs* she ftoyi it nakt-s t 
fill the dirrrreiiM- in ilie world. The 
Film IfmrVip l: (iflice clHuywd her nnrne | 
tn Ann hec■nllH'■ it la murh Mafer In pro- j 
nnuner. Mi** PfnleG did m-i penTniuKly i 
object ti. the chonga nr i>rst. True, she ] 
di'lii + t mem any agreemenL but (he film 
company thuught everythlnc waa nil i 
right until she ^isrted atjjt g^ainat ihrm. 
She laei s\\* han fcefltl crop-ing vhinner 
and Ihitiuer anil nithoTif HtC inspiration 
nf her rrttl unme she slmpry cannot work. 
Well, we leave the pftgwcr to the judge; 
Irs too much for us. 

ihmic nines mn, 
Kveryiliing K all sei for Johnny llinei 
to sTart work in "T.iitle. Johnny Jones." 
according lo word fmni th* 1 Coast. The 
Inllowing cast hits beau chosen: Molly 
AInlnne. W.virdhnm Ht aniline. Margaret 
.Seddnn, (JeOTB* WaW) and Herhprt 1'rinr. 
This is the Cienrcc Cnbati play Mr, II in 
will bring i» the screen W Wnrn 

Broadway at 34th Street 



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cups, batter jar. large saiMhvkti bos. napkats. and 
adequate space for three thermos liotties, Ii/ihle 
dei-k models, made M ihree ply pawwjwul, rmrered 
wiih blark enameled duck, and lined wi|h wa-li-ible. 
sanitarv I'abnkoid. SIXTH Ft.QfyR 

t'udtltstlc Soft, 
Kill MtrtV, tl* rrstwhilM Iwser, b*» j 
;"iii"'l the rank* <>f the nintioik piciurM. [ 
He 1h n]ipenriilir' in "'FiKhtiiis Bfoflfl." n 
sericH of pTixelrcliihic laics, which 


ll-HBllns.ll *T«"» P"ST» I' 


hefalfj irsOfferre*! in lln- ..v. ■..■.- fij- |li« 

l'jlm ltuotinpjtlf'.iee, 1 ' 

- *^* — I ,-eiii. «.r toa eto" Murmnp rt! 

I'hlla Jlnif^ #a !:„. >(l ., J„|,„ mcT1Bl fp<)m firM r||n t he»tres, 

.\ (laapliter Wu l-on, last #*& ,0 Mr. I.^hln-nn r»lri d a numly of 

Mr. a»n Mr., Hmery Jphrsnn hi t„m pln<-e* wherr The FaiD^n* 1 laTersLa*k.e 
Auk«'W. Kn. JokflSdti mta rarrfterlT far porn t: on or *^ ^iher larce prwrowr 
Kllrt Hall, well kmin en thr M-ree... ..nil tip&m B*« nin »»«« lr " W ™. " 
KtoOTy .Tehnscn. her h ishan.l. i« s well : pifclPM-I nITere.l h.r an indeipeTident prn- 
known motion jtte.t»ro iJirectv>T. sn ihdt dnreT "n the p'.e.i that they had no opec 
tlm rldlil'K eliaurrs In the imhipirv nr" .:_._ )j r „i-rii;'iii"! thnstres In fdt-lfviis 
lifl tier renl . we aomila asj-. This j ... _,,-r. „„. avr „t,i hj ori + at 

ru.kcs the ll.inl iblli] bwB to the J.>J».i- ^ whirh while n,,i awritd Df one 
n» the larce imirlurmt rtwnpanleB. swHl 

] n |i ihe pictures BUfl* 

nimiianir* leucine nn ' 
tif tm( nrailaWe tn all 


The witness saiil the 
enrpnratinn whrn it sr 
OOO.fKV was 1.. use the 
nr purchase a theatre [t 
I he eonn trv, srhere it a 
r--i ai|isnta(eoiis contra 
*■** nut prepor-d (0 sfst- 
TOnnej _waa 1 ;ed fnr 1 
what prrcenta^e was 

inlenlion nf the ' 
loeiirerl l>|o SlO.- 
i> mrMiev ti» huiM ■ 
in "kej" cities Of 





'"luirli'- UMser, 


iihle Itr 

__ He uniil.hi 
wltethrr t>|I the ! llirkej- llrnwn. 
mr piiriuiT or neer A. I",; iti t 
used, bin knew 1 i>er ami Frntiki' 

rtraalla Tllr.tlaj- -SKjIH'n Hi 

Willie Keller 1<>si <>n n f^iii 

I;-!- '.I-I'.:;: 

RnU.t* -rrn-iliilr,! T<i-nlfili(. 

'I Xowm ^ 4*eh M.-rsrUnd Ini 

he-rurnii iI-'-i>-inn e« iu tWuBttitt* 

in ni- 1 ']nti, \ ,. ]5 ki t- in n-mi-finsl 

IUILt ritwiriBftiiitu la ti.-r* nn Willis 

w^lrr .In- 

-ti r»i 
1 i*i«. 

K4WTW*. Ivnel ;i <j-; 

tliai some nf it U.rl heen 

I "Ian 

Ilruwu ha* 

( nlvprml. 


ilotleil title ami will nmkf 
prQdac lions fnr I'liivpiTirtl. Eliv lirHt is 
"The .H'lpirinai."- Itba WelrnBiis pla», 
He is (he illr^rltir nf 'The 1-lcht in the 
Dark" anil mhi-r wetl known pUfitires. 
PriSfillS Heail will le elarrrt) ill 'Th-' 
Affiuittal." f 

A i- in* or Two, 
All of jiur [i- a* have hc^ii shuurrinp 
coal* of Tire on. our head. Wp acknowU 
edse the nice notes el cetera that rtmf 
our war after our r-rcnplaint that there 
were tao grtttfnl \k a.s in ttia wwld, We 
hope w-c haven't been imjust. 

s sma'l niiipuiit 
be others. 
Mr." Ui-'.itman was ijiUMtltfewJ at 
IniEth alient the method et Histrihniine; 
Alias where Ihe rsrioils eCChanS** were 
loratetl. nr.fl the teiriterv setvril br ear-h. 
Me nras askert if he knew II. ¥,. H. 
CotVlett nnd sai'l h* had met hioi i« irtlH 
whea th* latter liad come to ihr ofieji of 
the Famous HeTers-I.ailo t'o-porslion 
(a InTeslipatie llie rnrptiratii-u in Lie hi- 
nt « Jtroup of hankrr* ■*■ 

tn rhit f Frank ('arhene mejrrd the deetsiKn 

1114, I orer T'.immi' Rulwwn in mclir-piLUniT 

*fhe witneaa said thm is general man- [ ■! Kaiekeiboefcet A. C-. athjar. N- \ 

as;er nf the Arteraft Cemiisnr he hn<i nn | Teii-rcriind sittt-ftnal betweeu &tmfo 

tremble in distributing WtlWS E'ickFrtrda I Tsjrti.r ami Jimmy Uarfiuer. who look 

picture* «cepc in PhilfliHphii.. nhere j tlw p'aee of .for Bnrinn. failed a draw, 
The gmnlftf Cflmsanj-. a hernkLnn; 

Mrf ril«- 

IrihiuiiiK rompsnv which nwns ie n thea- 
tre and controls thirty oEh*Ts in that 
territory, objected tn the se|iaraie liistri- 
hadon ■>( the Picaford films, ttrffoc the 
distribntinn should hate hcmi ms'le 
thn^uEh the Paramount mrpo ration. 

Asked haw aripi- f^rst-class fitst'ZHB 
llieatrea there are in New York I'il.r. 
the witness answered four, and tin in ml 
the rapital. Sirjnd, Hiroli nnd Itinlio. 

"How ahoni the Criic rinul" iukc I 
M Tf r-utler. 

I u-tnild not call dint 

ilerinc imnerwritlna a stack issue i fint^nm theatre." 1 replied Mr. I.ichtnisn, 
„( jcio.nfKH.DDO, He M|d Mr. Coafefe was \ The witness naid it adds to (he raltie 
shnwn rver.v consideration, atlowed to | rt f a picture t» h»T* it shown in the 
pxnmine ihe records; that tnler Ihe sale | firsi-i L ls»* fint-mn theatres, especiallr 
of ntock was made, ami. aftf! later. Co- 1 a Petrhj tTrltorr. He aald there sre 
niek bream* ehalrmah M .the finan'-e thirty "fcer" cities in the counter and 
committee of the Famous riarera-LaskT I Ap|>roxirjaat«lf 12>J flrat-dua firet-ruti 
Corporatioa, anil waa ati.ll lioldia; Lhn theatrea in those cities. 

i*ri -,: ■Met'scar.t wnfrtped Kid Xoi* 

folk in ten-mnnd deri»ii>n pn si Ann*ir> 
A. A.. BoMon. aCaas. 

Nate SieRcl smpa-eil Krsnkie (Jwill in 
eight taunda at Natiiuml A. C, Hart- 
ford. Ct. 

1'hinnew Kovle iiesi l.eii i» Hamlin in 
tm-rmuid ben; tn Xnthnn. >', M. 

AaFHlti tfreaoH ha mam. knnekM oui 
Millv MfttHtew* »f fcJtijUtHj It) ^ivtcen : 
PtKtRSa at I'arJ-. Kraure. 

Henry ll'nul'nei liooajtrd, credited . 
wiih onljmintnii; B*Told Smith in ten- ' 
rnnoHet- ar Hester Park PaTlllos. t'hi- ] 
eaajb; in iwo other immhers Eddie An- 
clirwm t-rrdited with defcalhic Kddic I 

rinrl P.*inl M 
■ uml dei'iv.thi 
.-iT..ll, Maw. 

fiel.l, Mil..*. 
Hurl l>jih' 

J.-li l.nniii 
miuch- In ten 
f„ Sci'siU'.ii. 


Talnso in fen* 
':i HI Mcldy < - li!&, 

■ 1 villi RiMj r fl mry 
"irifpald a. '\, Piica- 

'•'■•■- Ivie August in 
m llfiiigrpnrr, pt- 

■ il Nnie Siepel will 
|-r m Tow* Hnll A. 

Not A Bloinlah 

mi- lh( rtr:='.l »T7CJirjj.-t a! brr 
complruoa, 5*ic vcuhlet ■■'« efftc- 
tiifslf coflcealtd. fledutu uaaatval 
color and ccrrecU truir skiu. tlLSo- 
lTantiM P ii Cr WhitsKIc*!: Racial 3 


H nan. t. noetws a &on. sw v H k cht *■ 

Oriental Gream 

' t 


FRIDAY, APRIL 27, 1923. 

10,000,000 DAILY 

Lichtm»n TettiBM in Famous Pl»y- 

cr^-Lasky Suit Theatre, Can 

Stat 8.000,000. 


Fornsrr Sale* lUanaa'v of r«ri 
(Inn. .Aeeniril m% Trn*1. 

T*Xta Of (V.nmilo,n.. 

Alexander Lichiman. preatjlcnt of th* 

Ai Lichtman Corporation nnd Preferred 
Pictures Corporation, resumed the wit- 
ness stand ycffetvdajr ar [he hearing now 
bains conducted by ihe Federal Trade 
Commission to deLcrmitic whether the 
Famous i'la,ver»-lja*t;y Corporation, six 
of its nmlintril rnugpniilca find nil in- 
drridunl* count itute n motion picture 

Mr. LtebUBU Bald d«l» arc approii- 
uately ! i n ■ h * moving picture theatres 
In tin- United Siai'"i. seatinc; shout 
8,000,000 persons, nnd lie rsti mated that 
■bout 10,000.isK> persona attend jar"- 
fermanees daily*- as mnditinnB nm noiv. 
Ho said conditions no war* only fairly 
pre+perniiB! tbat in 11*20 and also in 
part' of 1018 mnTfi persons n irnessed the 
yitturcft daily. 

The inofliry In bafera K. C. ATvoTd, 
usmtner of tin ronirnis'.ioT.i. Jil the En- 
gineering Society's Bui I'li ug, 2& Wmi 
Thirty-ninth slrret. 

In connection wiili ilir i \ muinutioii nf 
Mi-, Liehimsn n grein pun vf tin* "atolfj' 
of the Famous i'tiiyiir'LioLy Corpora 
tion" wn* read thtp. the record, The 

witness had I :l .;-. ■-:::'•-■■! nIhmh '"ii" 

features of [hia detailed history of ihi- 
organization, it. origin. dtei^fHoplOWt, pcr- 
Bonnel. bnsinc-*!* methnffa, fie., niul is was- 
dwmed desfrnble by \V. H. Fuller, cmiiv 
Ml Tor the commission, to hayo th* tfnpy 
recorded before Prnlher S, McDonald and 
Robert T. Swain. COnttBtl fir the cor. 
poratiVni and affilintcil rumpfliiir*. JKBH 
their emss-eiaminntion of Mr. Lichtinatt. 

Th* larger pfirr or iTi** morning' ses- 
sion was taken Op wirh iTansrtiirrJiiir tor 
^ftniFntii nf mnm fj iln- «pi «hl v-iunp pagos 
of ilir rppord. 

ok Co* timet »hon. 

Mr, l.trhlm»Ti. InkinC Ifee *i*"d nt th" 
jJlfPnonii flmsiint nld hi" Had ji flv^- 
Jpar rnnira«'t wiih thp FfiWttUa I'luy"* 
Cnrl»orni(<nt wHrfl wa^ L" (• ■ in 
lb*- Amnrnn of lfJl, l>iti n; hia request 
tber allnwrd bhn lo \ft\f in Jaaaitj", 


Godsol Wires From Los Angeiei De- 
tails cf Bij Campaign 
for Tftur, 


flnj Klnt I'uriy llni £ xp*rl«-D«*e 

Mill, the fi*TT Ulrf H»*lnK 

■MVIt1l.l> th* I.BTT.' 1 


FJ. GODSOI- wnited until be 
r*jnlt(tl Los AoepIp* to (1*1 
* oiit n Bi*trm*fit rflncfrniuE 
(inldwrn'F ni!l]Jiit J"nr Ine com- 
in = MMbn, Tlirn h^ rommunU-JUwl with 
ilip New V«rk "fB^*- b.r wire tn aay ili»t 
ff>rtj--ti^nf iitottirps will he rrtrnMd by 
QpMwjo diiniip ihi nrit fiscal year. 

Tlie Goldivjn wtndln* «ill produce 
Ewfitft^-fDUr. ^i^iiiapo'itpn Product ton* 
will foim-ibiue liftefn *uJ Instinctive 
Plcttife Corporiiiion hu asrMtl ic- come 
rliron^li wirh rirfoL Jew* l 1 - Hatnp- 
tnna prodncrion of "Tul- 8poH*w "I'd 

tlir AillJPvrm.^Ill Film t'.rtnpinj* Pi^ 
turizaiiciu of "Thf Macfr Sktn." dirnrrpd 
by GtOXCe U, Unttr. will Mibipli'tt ibe 
pi OB rain- , . 

Mr. Godtnl said, ffheo meltiiij! this 
tumoaaemtnt oa Hi" Co«tt. ibat Thr hit 
|,r.H]ni Lion i-rbednlr itiaueLir*!*d itv 
Qa&Aitya would eon tin nC Up added 
that ih* boom in lh.- iiidin-lry had MMM 
nil producer* lo to** fur talfRt, fliid hi* 
wjm slnd Jhftt h<- bad s» many rnnlr*(M 
with d!rer[«rs and niara in tIpw of tills 
demand f"p pUyem. 

ThcM lias IhPpn n repon thai iJoMp* 
^idiildVmui wflttld In* utarrpil In "rtn- 
ihip' wlion bf rrnohp* thp Oa»t. but a: 
Mrnnc inlimatinii from Mr. Itodwd Out 
n fainoun fi>fpij;n ncior wlio ■■ now on 
!■;■■ w«v to Ilir Vhiti-d SiatM will 0* 
piven tii in fltlwWMo rol" ijispouni* that 

rumor bs " i^k w«j. Mr- Ofldmi lj 

mrntinitiins no names bnyond Mfina; raai 
n dbtin«rlStlUfl actor u on his W«J iicro 
l» rcpnrl Top work, nt CnWer Cily. 

■Mr (inrlw.1. who him hcer with the 
t.otdwvn Company a vat. «i»l"J, in an 
iniprvipw. in liiit opinion ilie day of the 
arrraBP plctuw i* r»rt *™<^ th*- _tii<tpm 
of |hp proihiL-rr tips in nndiiiff oIbj 

1921. 11* nni.1 lie wii on itnnd term* 
with. Adnlph KoJtflT nnd I'thr-r offlrial* of 
tht rnmpnny: thai Mr. SSnfepr ,-'-■..-.! him 
in rrniiiin wiih ihr cOrpoTttiofl and of- 
if-rcd to im ma^p bit Mftiry by M"-00O a 
year if hf would Kiny. 

Aalird about iimdilioufi in liallaa. 
T**fc". aa affefllnc rhr pirinri'S of ihr 
Famous Ptayara hr Midi n man nurneil 
Httttt «nd otbtt) airtfit-iatcd wlih htai En 
thu l( l l-^iTrt^^■ ircrp not fuvoraldy in- 
cliiipd in llic Frniona PlaytM pinurM. 
Ho uid Uvn.'l.. the copre*"inaiivf o( thr. 
Famous najrac* L'rtr porn t ion in that tcr- 
T\Uvr, «003BJttEBjJ«d l" Mt. '/,ukor I bat 
the FlBJOQ* PI»yW» build their OTrn llic- 
air- in Unlln*. 

Mr. Liihtman said thai op '" IKW. 
whilF rie wiih salrs Tnanaprp for iho Fa- 
mmin l'la; rr«. hr WJH In nell thoic pie- 
turrt on n "*tnr seriea Im-fii" in ci- 

"\\'f (riPil in m-II ihe exhibitor* all 
Ihft p:etnee< we had." r<nid i.i* witaWMf, 
■■nnd ii* ttifl majority at n**s w« inc- 
rfwlfil. |!||[ in the verj Mnrll placs. 
*.f conr-kp. lhc\ pnoW not npe all. ami 
id lhc p1tJ«« rl'<- fXblbitoca wauled !g h 
*r!or;iYo but in ilir crrai majority i 
r«|i^« they nnllid [■»<■ nil of ihr series. 

L.ltttc «. hnae" 

ifl the SffflHoB of 11*17 
ltd, ire |iietnrr». Uni did 
m1f> iniiikhcr to alt r:.- 

and litis Hi 
noil a* 11 : li 

In lillS> fie '■uid. Il>e frtrficf •.'hnop'fi 
fo s-iiiui: .in indii -idnal pinnire mi ita 
m»?rlM. nnd In" ,"iKe*itB in nil dNiri'-r 
nud brnncii ollie-H n ceo imtiiiet] m Ihi!" 

Anted In xJntc tii^ i-mHiI 'rlioi eonfri'iit 
injr tlif independ'-i'l prodnrof and tlis- 
trihutor n-. «-i.nipnrfd >\irh E|]« |rfoduo?r 
and diatril-ttmr. who iuvdk or oOOimh i\ 
iiumlier of tbeatre^, Uw wlthmw naid: 

"The ■Utta.ll proflneer is ut it disAll- 
VnntBJi-, fur tin' ijrodijier wBU OWOS the- 
atrra can lipiiTo fairly mpII an \\i\a\ bin 
receipl!* st nrnt witl L ™ 

E. !N 

Koiin mm Wairaitar nri-tiifr". 
,Ti4n1 as Harry M. Warner t^ik the 
train for 1/is *Kfele8 lie let *1ip the in- 
tii-eMiiie foci, ilint Mwrl" Kolin. moUftn 
picture ninnrrr. Lni« be*n mfldi" irensurer 
i,r the corapnr.T + Mr. Kolin will Wti 
over llw ritcmitr n-in" wliilp Mr. 
Wnrner it nn the Coatt arrn.rLjt»iS f' jT 
|b« Viglneon ip«l*b promisnl f'>r rieit 
year. In addition t<» lii" pO*ttion of 
treaaurer. Mr. Knhn ]m» pi5rplia>p(I tt* 
intoTTdia of Hip Warner Hroihen la the 
W-H Film E*dltot* i» ^ r "' } OT }< 
whirh conln>lti th*- iliatribntion ft 'he 
new «rie» of Wamrr yicturea la th* 
NOW Turk Stnt« and Northern New .TCr- 
ney territories. The rxchnniw deal In 

aan ti> laiwre n cn«h pbyraatt caombK 

iiiTn *ii fitiiree. AeeordinE in Mr. 
Wnrner, the enchftnKc wna rJ-linnniahed 
s.i rh*i hi* iirBBiiiwiEiKii could concen- 
traTc. on production. 

I'linrlei P. Cortz. ccneral manager nf 
ilie W-It Film Kscaniip> aince \t» |ft- 
Captfott. and who by llic term* of the 
MtitrMt hepntnes a partner with Mr. 
Kflbo in tlte encliannr. will continue in 
the «nmr i-apawly and will iMiraonally 
aunrrHn llie Bjilpn rat U» niftiiTM in 
>Vw Yt.rk. Ilurfa)n and Xorthern »W 
.lenwr territoricn, 

Mnrri* Knhn wh formerly prmdear 

nf ttealnrt and afreT lhal teciiMiirer of 

Sebnick. and brfort he held rithpp 

of HieMP pnaltfons lie was vice president 

of Ki'leet— in Hhe d.i.v?i wben, he wn» aj- 

I" J fiUatnl wirh l"nnion« Pli|.cem-tjinL.v. 

1 Mr. WaniT Mpl .iiii-t previous to bin 

! depnptnti- for- 1j>s ^HEr>n<n ihnt Hand 

! lleln^o and l^-n-.r.- Tim- nre e^iveetnd 

in CaBferoin ime I '" b*sln """"k an 

"Tieer fl'ije,"' 


T-r-—- h T miittiu, rsv.-v.jii 


Hb» ha* ihe prlnrlpnl rule In "Th* 
Gtrl from thr Oolden Weat," (hr 
T-lrin" Trhteh Kitirlii Care*** 
bronchi F.nnl to >h"VT at tfa* 
-flrat \nllonnl rcntrelinn «.nd 
m hlc-h h* Ik nan lalclttfi haclt 
TTltll htm, _- 

belief's nf TUitinn pirturea in Ibe miuda 
of the public" 

r*iItKi>hMnrlf* Maria Emit, 

l.eorKf KitAmnurice. who i» ^oirif 
ahronri for Si'Liu'N-! 'jnhlivin to njtikr 
"'rile F(.rnal lily" ill Home, Irfr. I,ob 
Abj>rb'H yes(efitaj- for NewiVork. 

I hri.lin liii-m l.nnrhrnii." 

Ta-daj i« *he Bittmnpe Charles H. 
Chrintip, rhnirmnn i,t the executive com- 
mittee of tin- Motion Picture ABflOCiatloa 
and Mnticm Plcrure E-'x position, la siim- 
mouins nil tlie mution picture clan lo a 
Inm-lmin tc'wi-n in the interest* ->t thfl 
motinn |jiettirp cxitoslfioii. Thn dnliy presi 
yi &I*o iniileit. Wilt II. liaya baa prom« 
i*ed to be present, and ir la nineoted Mr. 
Christie wi]t annoiincC ihr pinna for tho 
event whieh h» fthpduled for next -luly. 

Pnrk. iifujnmiii In rlclnrea. 

.Vow that noejety ims tqken up nmion 
l-:i li;:'-.-:. jt is a common ix-cu rrenor to 
heftr tbat some nf pur Tuost eminent social 
mrmherh: are htlns featured an die »ereen. 
The latent to lired the sirrn call of the 
N-reen in I'nrk Benjamin \'<\. n i-nualn 
nf Mm. i'Liric- t'aruao and n son nf 
Mr. and Mr:.. ItVimaine llchjatdin, Mr. 
Henjamiii, who pradnatcd fnim Unhimhia 
raiwrnitf in lira,, hoa left Ibe bnnkinp 
bUBinevA flat to aAaociale himnelf with 
Ibe Coamopollttn Pieiure*. At least, he 
wilJ pipy an important part in "Vnder 
the Red rtoiie," Ktaley weypiaa'a stuffs', 
which in featuritiR Habert ft. Slantftl, 
John Charles Thomaa and Alma Hnbena. 

] Whnl i* look'-d upon n* a significant 
j fact i^ ihf news ilint W. .\. Steffcv. 
I pre«id<-iil nf ihr Minne*'Hi Tti'MtH Own- 

er*. is nXBVrbd in tnivn Tn-doy, Mr. 

.^t-lTr. will he n t ilie Aatar Ratal, It i< 
I Hianabt lie i- line it CobfiM with the 
I New York Motion Picture Centre 
: (IwneTs. although \>. 'tear Impnssilite In 
' iuleri-iew snj- onfl in tiiii Iwdy nn ihe 

BUbjrrt, Mr. HfePrT« *\ reenniod ns a 
, iin^iliU; eandidrtto for presirlrnl of the 
; Motion Picture Theatre OwaeM of 
i Ajnfri'n. At ImjI at n eonvention held 
: iir MiiincBpo^H u few vt&kn w. he wn> 
! nec-lairaeil n ftftfidWat** hj T>TTihn*wtt and 
j^itth'Icb, aeinrnl oc-inisi*l nnd ' W"iveon*in. If he can tret the New York 
the Famous« T,Biiliy f d-fegalioii lo hark him. Mint "ill ninnr, 


North rt?t>or1a. 

Corporftt 'nn. filed rarrtoiita eontrni-tn, peo , that h« has forty-tivo votes, prnvidi 
ords and statistic, whi<-h Jin'i t.r^n fkiIj- iNew York lakf* noy pnrt in the Th 
pe-enBerf hy the examiner. j enco eonventioo. There nepmi tn be 

The heatlnj; ndjmirnrd lo 
thiff marninc- 

took: scenery from 
theatre, is charge 

ih«ibt in ajanje nf r'.ieir minrtf* oT the 
wbolnm nf aHen'iinir the srsaion. ftm 
eonrrntioo* nvunlly hrlnc out every n.n>- 
in the iiiiltutry, !■:.-' n| iiii- :■■■■! . notwtth' 

The me 

Three Held in *10,G0O Bail for 

Grand Jury Action in 

Queer Case 

When nrrnifiiod in the \\ 
Court late yMtffMjaj ,i« eh*rj:e' 
Urccfl.v, three mint, wbo doseelned ibeiH- 

■elics oft Patrick fiiilrin. \14 yeiir* "Iri, 
uf IVesi Thiriifih Airot : William Toldo, 
li" yeari old, of West SJmj -shcodi) 
■l.rri-t. nnd rinnla '"nrnaturi. 'M reara 
old. of &aa1 Itnfth street, »i>rr he'lll ill 
if^OOO bail each for the tirand Jury 
by Mafcistrnto Ifcnry M ]1. Iloodmnu. 

The men are nllep-d to Imre s[rtjen 
an aiitotnobilc irnck Innded niib tlieatri- 
c"l seencry frnm in fr»nt nj tin- Colonial 
Theatre at Cblaxabtra STennns nnd .Sixiy- 
MjMd *tfeet Icil Hoaday. 

The poilec fay Tuhin admitted his T rn\ 
OMM I- Jntiies TtraahtH ..!■: thai whi-n 
an-oe-ted he took the nam.- nf n friend tn 
avoid loainjr his joh. The nam? wan iir>t 
ehloged on ihi; rernrox when the men 
weft arraifined, however. 


»hj SlliajC Unltom. 

i-mwd Buelnh LivinitHlone 

prop r 


Within Thr Lau 1 ' - r..\.' t on eiperieiice 

I thoy dill nor eipe.-t. They had no 

■ ennrt- ihnn lnf| the prison walls than 

! jiiHt lieyroid Yfflikfff* they fell into the 

, nrm« of ihi* lirw airain. In rJie papty 

Side '"■■ere some of our mist distinstiislwd 

M11 ,i I jniininli't* nod m'i".ieinii«. who failed In 

"Yinviiier the trniHe nnlieeninn who ar> 

r^sieil ihe drivev or ih> bus for speeding 

t'mt they were really pcrxnns of note 

PTiii had been t.. CtsiiaifiS on the pbilan- 

rhropic nii-Mi-m of cUJne nn entertain- 

ment For the prisoner*. 

Ajtnea Strrftb, wh" n-n* in the pnrtv, 
io-L-inl np,,o mumbling aLout "Within 
*iip l.nw," which the polieeman toiik to 
menu nn nrpiineni rEint the h|t* (Sriver 
had pni eSCrCfttd ihe speed limit of sll 
tttita. nr v. ■■!;-, ■, ..- u j« } n Yonkers. 
nenlrioe Pjiirfn^ incd to tell of the or- 
rreftw ihr- p.firt,t had been Riihjecled 10 

fr«n I hi- t-iftft, colli 'Irtvr, ',.,, | Up pr jpt 

»f iho Ertrtnw wits niiwainc. havins been 
rn-rn eo ohi-nd. nnd rhe lmlSeeman an- 

n wed Iw w* ^ from MImouH. EJtan) 

w-hoti (V.-il Atden nffered tn sine; to prnre 
*he wris frr-m ihp UatfapolltaD Opera 

[fompiniy. t.O' Mony lieurrer) enn refuted 

I tn nrdt. 

rMMeil Hli Aj*4i \Mi!i tMir.pli 

ama'cd ami Moatit*a, 

A modern Noahs Ark, with ~\;>-' ■ ■■■■. 
■vimais. blnla and fi*li"i of Ihe n*o. 
■ L-nuiH-i JuLo port yesterday. She waa the 
steamaliip Paneros. bearinir 1.700 ■:-;■■:•; 
ipeeimana for the FiMd Museum at Cbl- 
I'***). Her strange rxrerj was oihtained 
by John 2lnu»ff-r> a**t«ant enrator :4 (be 
muaenm, in the valieys and the mo'infaln 
' ajdea of Peru . 

"With my rruaty rifle," *aid /.iinm»p. 
"I BMfd the ark. And (.lie rarest Wtd 
of all called the 'lost *oul.' 1 nlint by 
moonliJiht at it raised its coke in a child- 
like err.'" 

The I'ernvian lepend ia that only three 
nf tbeaa "tnkt siiul' hirds ever; lived. The,* 
ware tha aoula n< hahes who died ~-n the 
wvoda. (t It rtaimed. and their -"■■■.■■ aern 
lb* BcrpetuatioD of the cZiitdtea 'b waUa. 

KfthLKht % 


I ,,' r ! 1 '' PieM e«(| bnror «t rhe Associated 
I M«iion PlrtWra Advertrascs' hinehpon 
j 3r*i»'W.waai '.itntiHSf.ioner nf Prdir" 
Jttrhjirrf t>nrichi. Tiie iiieeiioj; wttt well 
attnii|pi| nllI j .\i r , Enrlebt L-ave ap en- 
tenninKic «imih denTiji^ with rfrfc and 
RtBte qantlans o„ w belbve th^ LegUll- 
tUTe. A|| „r whnvi remiiiil- Qa we are 
told io re! ihe Eneatij who are mrited 

A- M P. a. Saturday the hour ia 7 
oe&jefc. and waitem Imre inntriteiions lo 
suirt srrriBf lH > matti-r b1 ,o is ..hsent 
at tlist nine. 

The roro(oi*,i-,„er l'.,i.| tMs io . BT nn 

"1 r|o ma l^!irr r jt, ■■pru-ornhip «t, pj . 

% P .l!r" ^ l,!fu> J, t.': "*>* ■* rae head 
of ibh mdn-lr.-. We £,ave n art or re- 
farmers who nr* trySna to wipe apt 
Ihnng-q nf ,1,,^:, they know no-thltie. and 
their rfforu Bt e hnrtlnr nnr Br iy the 
film men, but ihej ace rntenderina fata 


Playwright Organises Corporation 

to Huidla Elevators and 



Baslneas nt Km Concern Will In- 

rlDdr Motion Flr- 

isrti Also. 

J Ht»' "Hi T3'«pnrh U> TUs HDrnlaa TsLtcrsph.l 
HATITFOBD, Ct.. Apr. 20. 

Grain elevator* and rheattea are the 
blialneM of th(l new ».irrf>.000 concera, 
Winchdl fimith. tne». which orianlxed 
here to-daj under Connecticut Iiwd, witb 
Wincbell SmSth, trie plarwrlfht, aa 
president and ttessurer, and Arthur W. 
T3b!:1 of FarniiugtoiD. wber* "Billy" 
Rmitb lives, as secretary. TXie ether 
incorporators arc Auatin li Barney of 
Farmlafton,, and two Hartfoid lawyer^,, 
Pnited States DlBCrlct Attorney Allan 
K. Smith, and Lawrence A. --Howard. 

A ble $10(),Q00 c^in rderator in 
Faemlneton ■ ti*ar the plafwrighfs 

Srirnt* prist mill, and Inrcc theatres in 
. '«w York nnd elsewhere are part of 
the eopporatlc-a'* plana. 

Ta addition, the corporation will carry 
oa theatrical enterprise!, tuaadtinal all 
the plays now ownrd or brias produced 
by Mr. Smith, and plays he may pro- 
dliep in the future. 

The eorporntion retains the right tn 
prodnce playn in all parts of the world 
nud irJLle the CorporaHori rotalna the 
moiion pleture tlcbtai for the producHan 
or the Smith plajB, the cfirporatton does 
UOl maieaiplatr the prodlietFon or films 
as one of ila chief pni-poses. -None of 
the Htoc/k nf the corpnratioa ia to ho 
offered to the public, all of the t^.TO.000 
capital stock harins btm privately siip- 


Children From Exclusive Schooli 

Will Share Uunnl Skill at Heck- 

iher Foundation To-day. 

Prineesa Cantacnxrne bends a jrroiip at 
society jrirla who are to n.ct hn tuber* at 
a concert in the Children's Theatre cf ths 
Heckachex- Foundaiion this afternacm. 
The prorrafn is (o be given hy eliiltlren 
from exeluaivc scbooia where the .ansic 
method evolved by Mrs. .Ttiatine Cutting 
Ward is uacd. Children from a number 
of settlement bouses who are tannin this 
Belf-exprcssiun Kyancni of music alsn will 
take part . 

The jrrettp of woman aponsnrinf; The 
concert is compoaed of M!rx, Adrian [se- 
lin, Mrs. Charles E. Mitcbcll. Mrs. Nor- 
man P. Ream, airai. Frederick fhilds. 
with lira, Frederick W. Vanderbib ih 
honntafy president Tickela are on sale 
at tha residence of 51m. fliilrl*. I ~,T Kasi 
Pixty-third street, or may be had .it tha 
Children'.* Theatre o" Saturday after- 
noon. The proceeds frnm the recital will 
ibe USed'M apreail a knowledge of Mrs. 
Wards' inuBie methotl smopft- the peor, 
Mrs. Iselin will preside at the concert. 

The sneieiy Eirla who will asaist the 
Princes* Cantocu^cne da ushers ore Miss 
Klin Mackay. dnnphter of Cl«rence Mao 
kav: M3aa Janaiince Ktpiis. Miss Mary 
Moore Hemiefc. Miim Katherine Broad 
hi-sii. Mesb Mildred Heye, Mies Kleanor FIork. Miss Bnctj K reus. Miss Rre- 
lyn Bayne. Mils Yirsinia Reynold* and 
Mies Rroilic BuabaalC ' 

While we were absent from pur ofliea 
Tnm North alipped In and left a note 
sayitic soniftbliiS nbont -lolin McTJraw 
nndinc it neeesaary to aend for him to 
upen the PoIi> Grounda. From this, and 
the fact Mr, North mepiiotied Eph Asher 
in passing, we believe Tom i« tryina to 
lell ua that he has joined the Mack Hen- 
net( CobHMDy P4 road rfrrfWrniatlve. 
Tnm ia *o aubtlc, it is difficult to iin- 
deritand just -what he does incaTi. 

llrrnun tin* To-tJuT. 

Atieen Brenou will be )nte at her office 

to-day. and ihp reason in arte plans to 

— eet the Twentieth Century thfa morn- 

ik. Her uncle, Herbert Brenon, is tak- 

i:i;- r. ruruTinji between pictures tn Cnlpa 

to New Yoti to see h:a rdeecs, Juliet 
nnd Aiincn. and take in a Tew of the 
theatres, Mr. Brcnon j- with Fflmmie 
Players-Lsnky. nud he ban finished* as 
bis first production, 'The Btletlc of 

Jatna . «»« NaClnna). 

I^ynu Reynolda will hereafter make 
hi* pietnnp* for Aaaoefated First Na- 
(innnl, He ho* just si;nf>! n contract 
to direct feir th!a company. His first 
picture will be "The Huntress" 

liDir Mid>t, 

I.hyd Hatalitaa and Jack White, both 
^durational headllners. are in rbc dty 
tslkina- shop and tahinjt a vacation from 
their Btndio actiTieiea. 

On His w« r Home. 

Hni'iiiR showri the AsBoeifitad First 
Nndonal Coffipftny hEs pLMHre, '"The Girl 
From the Golden W/e*t." Edwin Carem-a 
has turned hia face in the direction of 
the Gobjen \Yeat. He in in ChieaRO to- 
day, Sylvia Brnmfr is starred in the 

To Lrcnve.-Tft'ltaiilai ■ Few w*s;ka. 

Nuw that •'Liiwfui Ijarceny' 1 has been 
completed, Hopo Hampton has a few 
weeks' leiuure to a;ct ready tn xo tn the 
Coast. She ia buying cJolbes by the 
wholesale and ffettine: ready for her first 
Warner production. "The Gold Dingers." 
Speaking of "Lawful Tjircsfiy," Allan 
1 iwn.ii ha* eorapleted thU «p:c for Fa- 
mous Players-Tjasky nnd i* busy gcitine- 
it ready for this firm to releaae. 

rhe D*a1h nr «" «Qldbl*lai. 

K. H. (Jo : =ie."(-'sEn. the treaaurer of the 
I'nireraal .Company, is rrccivlni: the 
Kvmpathy of h in friends on rl.e death of 
his mother Mrs. ft. J. Goldstein, who 
psnaed away WedDcaday niabt at Ler 
home at 'W* We*t Nlnery-elcbtb street. 
Mrs. Goldateiti has been tn , Hi. health 
for ionf time havint be*n a vEctlm of 
heart disease fnr some years. . The 
funeral services wii] be hefd to-day at 
the family home. 

A Line or Two. . 

Freckles Diet* Bd?s a map sauntered 
into his ofliie yesterday morning nnd, 
sprHikinc of hish-priced film folk, men- 
tioned the salary paid the editor of this 
department he understood was. *,"X>,O0ll. 
Freckle"** reply wan; '-[ didn't know she 
worked aa cheap." Editorial Note — 
Does be mean by the weak or tha mouth ? 


n-orimrtnv M***|«r,' Head ti-l p, 
rMdafaofrar roiicpre-. celrb-ratioai. 

Augiiatua Thomaa, exeeutiTe cbairmrtn 
of the FroduRinff M^anaflera' ABsooiatioit, 
roride an addresB nt tlie Fouudrra' TJay 
celehrttJOn ot Ihe Carnegie liKtimrc 6i 
Terhnolog-j in I'jttalnire. it waa aa- 
nnunecd yeateTday. Me will return to 
hia work here some time to-day. 

Jntlan la Lcnve l'nivft»«i, 

The JjOb Angeles Timta is anthority 
for the «lo*7 that Rupert Julian, who 
waa drilled io iu fi E ti..,li ■ J fhc Merry Go 
Ronnd" which waa started by Eric Von 
Strnheim. *is leaTinc I'nireraal next 
Wednexday. Mr. Julian bna been witb 
Universal eome years — ten the Times 
nn.T.i - mil his contract haa now expired. 


Possibility of Adjustment Before May 4— Republi- 
cans Meet Sere To-morrow to Discuss Issue, Pre- 
liminary to Albany Conference Next Tuesday. 


WITHOUT an inside hint of the pWlbilitr nl compromise, the belief grow* 
that before the Legislature adjourns. May 4. nn adjustment will he mads 
of the transit deadlock alTectlng New York City, 
Tbe. ranferenre at Albany, beginning Wednesday night, ended early yesterday. 
Governor Smith does not wish to call a jtpedal legislative senton, yet. if not bins 
is ■ccotrirjEshed. he witl iaaue a call just befnre the next city election in New York. 
Up to this lime repreaentfttires of Major- Hylan are ntm iu tbe demand foi 
the passage of the Walker-rJonohue bin. 

In the end tht Democrats may agree to a referendum cianse of city aa-nerahiB. 
and operation, bua line* iuelutled, with a' chnuyt in the personnel and remoraL of 
trnnsnortnt'on commlaalonera. Ihe terms of such otBciala to overlap the term ol 
the Mayor, ibeir serrice terminating only on n two-lbirda vote of the Board of 

Ilmony pending tha outcome of her salt 

Mayor Hylan'a bus line project is the main contention, Ihe DemocraiB inBiatrag |fl£ *,,!f%'^ , 'L JJf.'tJf Jfi w ^tjSS 
.vl _.._ - J j_:_,...-. t __ !. .- 4. tv. Vsi-Sji t* ^-.ik* nMi» *b* rT^?." 1 "? » Z 'W n ,or counsel feV*_ tpjtein 

i lint the city adminiatratlon operate it. The Itepubltcana say it raiirt h* under tbe 
difection of tbe Public Service Commission. 

The flve-eent fare iB another obstacle. The ReppbUcsna' say Lf the firc-ceni 
fare ia not auetaioing private ownership fiTier a reasonable time suggests tbe 
only way out. 

There is a well-rounded .rumor that the'BtPUbJicouft nre willing to grant ail 
demands if the Bemocrati will agree to a coptimmnce of the Transit CommlB- 
nion. i v 

AtsrmblyronJi Jease, who introduced in the Legialatbre a luhBtituta tranalt 
bill, wii! | 'i-r-jseut to-morrow to Ihe. New York County Republican organisation all 
phasra of the conference di net's ition, Lm-ltiding the concession*, of tbe Democrats. 

Nest Tuesday he will qnbmil hia report at another conference In Albany. At 
ili.n time there is a chance for a settlement. 

MASOR HYLAN and the Sinking 
. Fund Commission received oemcc 
cation n yesterday from the United 
American Steamship Line fop ten-year 
titer Icaacs. Doek Commissioner De- 
lanry pecommended tbe sranting of the 
leases for Pier 38. at the |pnt of West 
Forty-Blith atreet. and Pier 84. at West 
FoTty-faurth street ami the Hudson 

The steamship company is willing to 
pay ItfQOXOQ a year Ur Fler,SH and 
W70.O0O fur Pier M. The leaco also 
containa a provision permitting the p'er" 
to Its used by the Ln'tetl States tine, 
tbe operating r-ompanv of Ihe United 
jBtateH Shipping Board. The princlp-al 
vauel* of this company are the 
Levinihau. larjreat ship in the world: the 
Georgr Washltujton. ihe America and 
three ships to be reconditioned— the 
Afamemnon. the President Grant and 
the Mount Vernon. 

Atter Ihs leflBes were added to the 
calendar. Mayor Flylan moved that they 
he referred lo the commission a commit- 
tee of the whole. Alderraanic President 
Hn'bert mnde the Toliowinf comment: 

"I would like to sew a little less of 
tbe dag in the manger attitude on .the, 
part of the Federal nitthnrilios before 
nandinc o^er Pier SO.," said President 
Hulbert. '-I would like to ace Mr. 
Lasker use his influence with the War 
r>epartment to stop them cnmlnc with 
threats to the rtty to chnp off the ChrJ- 
seaniers. leinff/thened during the war. 

"Wa are anxious to co-operate in pro- 
moting the American merchant marine, 
and particularly a high-clans pa«senjtet 
aerTlce, bin I don't think ibe willinpncBa 
ought tn be all on one aide." 

A BID of J-18,000 a year for tbe rental 
of eight conceajrions for five yeara 
at the 8t. G«rge terminal of the Slaten 
Island ferry waa rocrirert yesterday by 
the Sinking Fund Commission. This is 
an ipereose of $10,1*10 a year o^er tbe 
present rentals paid hy- John T>. Antano- 
pulos. Th* high bid was made by Louis 
P. Lewres. -The offer waa referred to 
the commission's committee of the whole 
for consideration. 

GOVERNOR SM1TTT jestcrday sent 
to the Legislature two meaaages- 
one 1 to determinr whether the emevcency 
rent laws ahnnld he continued for an- 
other lerm. the other a reminder of hia 
earnest desiTo to have enacted s mini- 
mum wage Imv. 

Itelative to rents the Governor wantn 
sn unpaid boar'i of five members to re- 
port to the nest legislature the nil'la- 
tion as to-boiisint-. While mx oxemptson 
haa atimulated hniEdfasr, the Governor 
points out. the average rent continue* at 
|20 per room, which, he says, it pro' 
blbltivo to the workinc nlaBsea, 

Referring to the action of the United 
Statea Supreme Conrt in di«laTing lin- 
cunstilutlonal the mtnimUm wag« law 
for the District of Cftlnmhia, almHar to 
the one be had recommended, he ait id: 

"The amended hill T wish yon to paaa 
has been in force in Mihittantlally the 
same form 3n the Htate of Massachusetts 
fup ten years. ItB constitutionality ban 
been passed npan favorably hy the bleh< 
eat court of that State. It will be leas 
effective than the measure originally pro- 
posed by me, hut it will at any rats 
crfBla a permanent Stata agency to in- 
vestigate and mike public the facta as 

t« wages and cost of Living of women 
and minors in industry. 

"T believe that every effort should be 
made 1 tn give effect to that ethical right 
which (he Supreme Court itself rancedca, 
and J strongly urge you to paaa tha 
amended bill recommended In thla mes- 
sage as Ibe beat Had most effective means 
that now seems to be available to remedy 
the cviIb of Inadequate wages, to women 
and minora in industrial estabiishmenta." 

The Governor aakn for a minimum 
wage hoard within the State Labor De- 
partment, to consist of three membera, 
lo be chosen by the Governor. 

CffhTiD TOM" M'NAMARA, aa he had 

\j been known for ncsrJy thirty 
rears in his capacity aa night watchman 
mifj later dav porter at, Ihe City Hall, 
died" curdy yesterday, aged 73. in tha 
home of his staters, at 37D Cherry 
street. Death was dua lo infirmities. 

"Tom' + served at the City Hall (op 
twenty-eight yeara. He was appointed 
when William L. Strong was Mayor. 
When the position waa placed in Civil 
Service "Tom" was anirimaticsrly given 
the claasifjcatiou because of' his Civil 
War record. He was prominent in the 
G. A. R. 

"Tom" guarded the oil paintings in 
the City Hall corridor and, the offices oi 
the City Halt, nlwsys keeping a close 
watch on visitors. He spoke only when 
spoken to and just returned the saints 
nf the city officials. 

A few months ago the members of the 
City HsjEI Reporters' Association notej 
that Tom's health VII failing. A move- 
ment was started to make things easier 
for him. Borough President .Tutiua Mil- 
ler gave orders that all work for 'Tom" 
be curtailed. 

rwaa announced: yeaterday by Park 
Commissioner Francis P. Gallatin 
that Mayor Hylan has secepted an invi- 
tation tc attend a- recaption to bo given 
in his honor on the afternoon oT May .1 
■by the Fine Arts Federation, an organi- 
Eatian of artists, painters, ae.iilpr.ors and 
architects. The reception will be heldj at 
rhe Huntington Museum. iRSth street and 
Broadway. More than 3,000 artists will 
be present. 

'"In Frnncv." Commissioner Gallatin 
aaid, "the art- salon i* formally .ipened 
b.v Ihe President nf the Republic Hence 
the Mayor, n.i the chief ejc«qtive jf tha 
city, was asked to officiate at this aalop, 
at which will be exhibited numerous 
warks of American sculpture." 

GOVERNOR SMITH has sent to the 
Senate for confirmation the nomina- 
tion of George V, MeLanahlin nf Brook* 
!'-ii as State Superintendent of Banks. 
This reappointment waa Immediately con. 
firmed nn motion of Senator .Tame* J. 
Walker of New York. The terms of omra 
ia three jeara, The ualary Is 110.000 it 
year. Bn peri ntcn dent McLaughlin was 
appointed April 13. 1020. hv Governor 

preme Court yesterday afternoon: 
gave counsel two are in which to sub- 
mit brier* in the application of Comp- 
troller Craig for A writ of mandamus to 
compel Peter J. Brady. Supervisor of 
the City Record, to puhiiali the minutes 
oT the meeting nf the Hoard of Sluklug 
Fund Commissioners. 


Hri. White, Who Obtained $13,000 

ft Tear Alimony, Says She 

Paid and Fait*. 


i at the aotkan Hotel 

la Ifcmbrr of «L Lenta** 

Geoda Firm. 

Supreme Court Justice Jamea O'MaT- 
Ivy yesrerday directed Abraham White of 
thejSothgm Uoteli member of the leather 
goods firm nt Morris, White ft Co., to 
Pay Mrs. Sally White, hia 28-year-old 
wife *2S0 a week, or 918,000 a jeir. 

A Rrothera are attorneys for the plain 

■'Fir all the luxuries provided by my 
hhshaud I have paid the highest pries 
in the power of woman to pay," says 
Mrs. White in an affidavit filed by 
William L. Morck of her counsel. "Tha 
best year*; of my life I have spent in 
misery and, fear." 

"My husband ia a Russian by birth 
and believes that tha wife In America 
should act and live as wives do in Rus- 
sia, entirely subservient to the wlabes of 
her husband." aava hire. White, 

Mrs. White, who asked for 7f3S.0O0 a 
year aHmony, said that she wqb happier 
wheft her huihaad made hot $50 a week. 
Hie Income now, she says, is $150,000 
a year, but beatings nnd public humilia- 
tions are alleged to "more tbsn offset" 
the family's postesaion of money many 
times over. 

Mrs. White Is to hate custody of bar 
daughter Elaine. 4 years old, pending 
trial, tha defendant being allowed to take 
the ehUfl out one day each week. 

Accnrdjtng to Mrs. White, her huahaad 
spent $j1,000 wii weeks' European 
i nn. srjft/Wi tn furnish a home and 
$ia.000 fnr a specially tnlilt .automobil* 
aj)d lost $100,000 in Wall Rtreet in fonr 
years. He carrfea insurance on himself 
amounting to $500,000, give* $fi tips to 
caddies after each round nf golf and 
lumd to allorr her &2Q0 * week for table 



Will Not Defend Action Started by 

Huahfinil Here, She Saya 

in Le-tte-r. 


Lady Lillian Maxwell -Wiltshire, who 
came to America in the Fall of 1020 to 
appear In Morris best's production of 
"Afghnr," and who ia now being aued 
for divorce tn the Supreme Court of Xasr 
York City by her husband* Sir Ucrard 
Mniiveii-'tViiijitiirf. boa forwarded from 
London a statement regarding tier !m»- 
bund's aetiona. It follows In part : 

"Upon my rtHXTO tn I^ondon front a 
theatrical engagement iu Vienna I 
learned that my furrner busbehd. Sir 

' Cernrd Musweu-Wfllshire, hnd arrived 

I tn New York and ia aulng for divorce. 

I I thought 1 had divorced him In London 
Ifint July, but before the decree niai was 

! granted, and during my absence from 
London, the king'* proctor reopened my 
ease, thanks to n kind maid. 1 ahall not 
defend (he anit, first, because I might be 
successful, nnd. second, I haven t the 
money to go to Now York or pay any 
more solicitor*," 



Hlpflrodrasat- to Clans 
Tq- narrow Xlarht. 
To-morrow will see th* farewell of 
Better Times" at the Hlppodroi 
spectacle closes It. 



t Is th> 


lug achieved 4TO perrormances. 

igblh spectacle produced hy 

rles Dillingham and e 

staged hy It, ll. Bumatdc, the general 
director. Tbe laat ijerformances of "8*11- 
ler Timea" will donbtlew be ptayeri to 
capacity 'bouses; several thousand per- 
sons being turned away at laat ejatnr- 
diy 'a niatLoee. , . *- 



A, C. n'uliln of S«Tl AiJl*nlo, 
Texas., reus holding the Ions: dl*- 
tancf rlanrlnsr recorJ aP in nld- 
nltfhi lnul a I (flit WSHOR Is rr~ 

piortvd (o ausV* faaatan 11a ton™. 
II la lflMly th*t ****■ rseord will 
b* brolcsn Hrctal time* hj no*n 
to-dar,. but tli* ersiss aavsna to 
lie dylns duvrn. 


Governor Awaits Action of 

Legislature Before Naming 
Ntm Member. 

(IpacULt OUDIKb •<• Thn Urnr.lBi T*lr«.-*ph.l 

ALBANY. April M, 

There is no troth in the report that 
Oovernor Smith has appointed Robert 
Sherwood of the New York Herald s* 
a member of the Btata Motion Picture 
Censorship Commission, to Buceced 
Joseph Lrvenion. who Is still aertlng on 
the -board, although his term of office 
expired December 31, 1023. 

Information obtained at the executive 
chamber, from Governor Bmltb's pdvst* 
*eei , etary, Goorge R. VanNamee, ia that 
the Gotocnor at tbia time is not consld- 
airing the appointment of any one to fill 
the vacancy. 

Governor Smith will take no action 
in tbe matter until he knows what dis- 
position will he made of the repeal hill 
by the Assembly, Jt ia now in the As- 
asmbly Rules Cammlttee. 

Should the Legislature rrfuae tn paaa 
the bill, which would abolish the cen- 
sorship board. Governor Smith then will 
fill the vacancy in the commission at 
once. ' Until that time ha will take do 
aetwn, __ 


Overtime as She Tells Magistrate 

How Three Man Invaded 

■ Apartment 


After testifying that three* men had en- 
tered bar apartment oa the bight of April 
33 and roughly handled her, Mrs. Basel 
I A Baker of li Bed Book lane, Brooklyn, 
formerly a motion picture actress, and 
pretty, fnintod on the stud yeaterday En 
tbe Adams street Police Court, Brooklyn. 

Sirs, Baker haa Ibeen separated from 
her hnabandi, Harold L. Baker of Morris* 
town, N. J„ a banter, aiuCe January, 
1031. Tbe accused men, James H. Baker, 
a brother-la law of Mrs. Baker, of 350 
West 145tb street, Manhattan; I-ouis 
Parker of Morristown and George H. 
Young, bead of Young's Detective Agency, 
1-150 'Brood way, Manhattan, dedajred on 
the atand that they entered Mrs. Bakers 
apartment in- search of evidence to ba 
used in a suit fur divorce which Baker 
intends to bring shortly. 

They denied that they struck or mis* 
treated Mrs- Baker, and were paroled by 
Magistrsta Golden, who declared that he 
would give hia decision In the Bridge 
Ptfl*a Court, Brooklyn, on May 4. after 
he had considered the evidence. > 

Held on More Serious Charge After 

Being- Stopped at Point of 


After being laken to tha East 104th 

street station on charges of speeding. 
four young man, alleged to hava been 
recognised by detective* at that station 
aa men wnnted in connection with tha 
robbery of thn dress factory of Charles 
Lefkowito, at 20S2 First ncrnuc, vera 
Wednesday night locked up in FqU» 
Headquartero charged wjfh. btipglary, 
' The men described themsclraa oa 
Frank ValacJis, 10 years old, of Eaat 
100th atreet; Anthony FiBcrto, 33 years 
old. <>r First nvmif; Frank Limn. Lt) 
years oltl + of ISast 10" rh. atreet. and John 
Lbtimi, 22 years old. of East 107th 

The men were caught in an automo- 
bile on First KTenue near 101st atreet 
after Motorcycle Patrolmen Meyera and 
Wnlince of Motorcyclo Sottadi No, £ had 
halted them at the point of 1 revolvers'. 
They are alleged to have been driving *t 
forty miles an hour.' 

LefVowitx'a ileess factory was robbed 
of $",000 worth of women's dresses on 
January 21 last 


Rector of Actors' Chapel Thanks AH 

Htmheri Who Aided Recent 


George Waahington Grant, recent pres- 
ident of ilif! Boston Nationals, was elect' 
ed" chairman of tho new house committee 
of the Friars Club at the first meeting 
of that body on Tuesday, it was an- 
nounced yesterday. 

At that - meeting tbe committee dis- 
cussed the rcEaxntion of certain house 
rnles, the observance of which had caused 
general dissatisfaction among members 
nf tbe dub. 

Father Leonard, rector of the Actors' 
Chapel of St. MnLachy's Roman Catholic 
Church, on West Forty-ninth atreet, ad- 
dressed n letter to J. Frank Stephana, 
secretary of the Friara, In which he 
thanked members: of the organ ixatitm who 
had taken part in the benefit at the 
Ca*ino Theatre last Sunday night, it waa 
fenrned. About S7,000 .had been received 
from the benefit, it waa aaid r and more 
was still coming in. 

In 'addition to this nam tt became 
known that the chapel had ' received n 
further donation in the shape of a check 
for a new altar rail from E. F. Athee. 
head of tha Keith Vaudeville Circuit. 
The coat of this rail had been estimated 
at about ¥2.900. 


Hamas aina:* Xavltsh Program. 

Percy I J emu*, a favorite baritone 
among local concert followers, pave a 
recital la Aeolian Hall laat evening, sing- 
ing bis entire program In. English. Ex- 
cellent diction aa well as tbe reeonsnt 
quality of his voice added charm to hia 

Brogjam. which wm selected from 
tandrl. Beethoven, Mocnrt. Schubert. 
Ifobu and other composere. Gladys 
Craven assisted at the plana. 

Friend of Dot Zecnaji Denies Re- 
volver Tound in, Bag 
Was His. 

Albert E, Guimnm, friend of the 1st* 
Ptirothy Keenan, iu connectioD with 
Whose murder In her apartment at 144 
West iflTUi street be was questioned by 
the police, throngh counsel, pleaded not 
guilty in Specin! Sessiotis yesterday on 
a charge of violating the SulHran Law. , 

Justices Henry w. Herbert, Arthur C, 
Salmon and A. V. B. Voorheea fliert 
May 7 as the date for the trial Ball 
of $2,500, fixed by Magiatrato Henry 
Goodman, and which Golmarca furnished, 
waa continued. Tha latter was not ta 
court yesterday and the pleading waa 
made hy a representative of bis counsel, 
Frederick E. Goldsmith, 

At the time Outdares waa balm] ques- 
tioned ccnecrniog tbe murder, detective* 
searched a suite occupied by Guimarea 
and others at the Hotel Embassy and de- 
clared that they found a loaded revolver 
in a black hag- Galaurci is aaid to 
have admitted the ownership of tbe hag 
but denied that ha owned tha rorornir. 

£saltfa ITanwd Herk Traaiae, 

The creditors or L IT. Hark, thaatrt- 

eal producer, held a meeting yesterday 

mnmlng in the offices of tbe referee In 

bankruptcy. Seaman sMilier. in hia of- 
iiie on Hectijr atreet. and nominated 
Klehard Smith aa truita*. 

■p fOTIP,p ^ ,Tf 


28, 1921 


Witness Tells of Plana by Funoas 

Players to Dominate Thrccgh 

Control of Theatres, 


Hirrli D. H. 1'itnnlrk. Who ^rrifjfd 
f\r\d Inc Bunk*-™, T*at1«*a 

Toe hearing niw being conducted hy 
the Federal Trade Commission to deter- 
mine if the Famous. Players-lJiaky Cor- 
poration, nil nf Us affiliated compariirs 
nml Fix individuals oostitut* a motion 
picture tTUit, was cnnttnocd yesterday 
before E. C AlvnTd, examiner of the 
Commission, in the Engineering Societies 
Building. 20 W«t Thirty-ninth atrert. 

IV. Ti. Palter rtnd M, F. Farrington 
conducted the examination for the Com- 
mission, and Prather &. McDonald and 
Robert T. 3 wanna appeared a* comwd 
for tbe corporation pad itn affiliated com. 

Harris D, H. Connlck. of Bit Fifth 
avenue, who mnde an investigation in 
IfUO fur Kuhu, Wh * GtK. into (he 
motion picture industry, with uneeial 
reference tn the Famniis Players (.asky 
Cr,rporatinn. was the first witness. Hi 1 
said ho kii a graduate of Stanford T7ni- 
IWiHj and wan rtiroetnr of works nf tJs 
Panama Pacific Exposition. 

Th" "witness said he ramp tn Kan? York 
in JOlft and was virr president of the 
American International Corpora tinn. 

Ha told of having made thr aiirvev In 
the Fall of 1010 for Kuhn. Loth. A Co.. 
who, he said, wanted thr information in 
connection frith underwriting a $10.' 
OOO.WO stock issue of (he Fsmooa Play- 
ers-Li s!;v Corporation. He said the 
Famous-Flayer* got the 110.000.nOTi 
with a view to investing it in theatres. 
Tn J>ec*mbrr. 1010, he said he. Joined 
tha FamolH PlayerB-Lssby Corporation. 

Aclrit «.■ General Miattvr, 

Asked hip duties, he paid: i 

'"I went in ** chairman of the finance 

committee, and also «■ a sort of manager 

Binder Mr. Zttkor. I had all the duties 

sf ■ general nifiDsprr." 

He *a:rl tie/ and Mr. Zukor bad in- 
numerable conference* over the plan to 
secure theatres. 

"Mr. Zitkor'a plan was to acquire a 
nMnxbcr oif modorn thratrr-a in "k*.r' 
oi(i?», ui W crtutd *et his pletarta with- 
cnt fail in firM-mn thrutrM in those 

TIip witnpiu aaid That he Iprt (he 
Fjiq]<iu« Pla.v^ra-Laakv Corporar'ioa in 
riwnnbpr. 1f*21. Hf "iid in 1P20 Mr. 
Kukor fanrwl only \hf competition nf 
th* FirM National Corporation, and 
aaid there wore negotiation* looking to 
an arntnicoment b*"*een the two firmni- 
• niinvm for Ia«T*a";nE Uip *alp. of pic- 

"Thr pritnary nbject of th«p 'onfer- 

■ ncn." *aid Ifr. Cnnnick, 'Vw to pet a 
^Orkinff aprcMncnt nith the First Xa- 
tinnal. nr, it* component part*. They 
wjintrd to make pome arrangement n-hirh. 
n - og|d do atvay with cnm|ictiiinn between 
th* eompaniep in emplojinir atari. wiTiift 

■ Inriej. and in everr waj." 

IlOW Tiinlrr. ft> r* flnnnl. 

The wifneas paid the FammiP 
o*ned Trom 30 to ?,"i per n-nt. if th*. 
aiwk in th* Stanley jtmiip of theatre of 
Philadelphia, Hr told of itp intereita in 
nther oitlet. the pteo aerif rally heinut in 
boy out the on-Tier of a theatre and then 
emnlny him bp mnntcer: or to make potni 
arfanarment whieh v^uld Intnrfl the tt 
hihiiion of Famoitn Player* picture ii 
r Ir-idijit tliratre, H" oaiil Sir. '.tikor 
«int«l to km bi"> LipptiiTea in all ihco- 

"TPhilp yon w*re ilisruniTit th*!" 1 
jriana. did Mr. Zntnr *r*r *oy to ymi 
rait, by wortiojt wil hi" plan*, lie cmil'J 
dominate the rifition pioTiiro indumr,''-' ' 
Mlled Mr. Kfl.rtinc.ton. 

"Mr. KuVor was under the impr^t-inn 
that Kainoup Plpyer* rronld tben doiniaa[« 
the aiFiJBtinn.' replied jjf, (*nnriic\i. "trwl 
i hat his plan would give permanencv to 

Mr. FnrritiRron ro« j 1 into ih* 1 fM*rd 
the irtntnenJ ihnr Mr. Conniek nud* 
before GoT«rnnr Miller at MhnnT in 
IMJ. iTrrinc him tr> rein the ren'or^hip 
bill which had Jiim hcen oiiBied hr i\\a 

apaHfel Mtir Thrill.. 

tSt t t'onnic-li ?nid the nmirrr of icquir- 
inf thratr*" J-ame up in the Funooa 
ITTayerp CoTp^rnrion imraeriiKCety after he 
jnitied them Jn IHI^. rniri that all arranr*- 
niaati tame before bin sooner or later 
as chairman of i he Finance l^ommittpp. 
They had }un •nriFiirnmaied a dpnl a~i[h 
the Htsnley Company in rhilndeJnhin he 
naid, at the lime he joined them. 

In Atlanta ihey ;■■■: rhe Hoicard 1*he- 
»tre tbroucli SiatbVrn FnierprJeeB. a 
aubaidiary lomnnny at the FaiJioun Phy- 
arF. End ifao ^i-ouircd nnoih^r thearra 
there. In l)alln« tliev builr p fine the- 
atre in lft2i> and IfCl. hi t,i= AnRrles 
They .irqii;ri^i! the Gorman Theatre find 
built a I'lrc theatre' rrith a rapnrily of 
aiioii; 4.OO0 1 . 

In San Franri>in. the rtilEes^ ^aid. 
Famoua Fhyera p>quirrd three theilTeSi 
built another nn» and ran a daily news- 
rrwper whieh had a |EtiOd cirriilatinn in th"e 
city »od hiirroundinjT country. They made 
arrastements with i\ a^adiciLtp which 
mrnpd theatre- in Pwtlalrtt. Ore ton, 
Baattfe and Snoknne. hy whMi their ptc- 
furea were |n be B»en1 in ail the "yndl- 
mI'x iheatres. 

Mr. ConrrltK «nid ir St, Louia the 
FamotlP 1'alypr* nbtaitied n dnr.err Ihep. 
tit* of rariom size* and irrnde* and hofli 
a, tine iin». And la<«r. he nairi. they pnfd 
t'i# r.heairc* thev bid i|iiiri-bB«ed hpet 
(a th" earne •yodi'-ai" fmni \vhirh tlvy 
had bonirfit rirm. 

Po*rrr pr aryrrti lor tla«*t- 
Ask^d whether he thought power nf 
th* acrcen vtun good or aril, the rtitnei" 
paid: "As a mAttee of CWirW ihr -rre^o 
lis* a |o: of nnreor anil '■- iirrqueitinnably 
one nf th" rdae*ttBoil Enfitumrea nf the 

Aakril what would be the result Jf 
Iar?# produces ahnuli] ftrr|Liirr fifiy nrr 
e*mf. of the tbeairfs tn tie cnnniry, Mr. 
Cnemiek raid that it rronld bo a reey 
profitable thing for ihc prrwlnr-erc. hnt 
R*ld that toe independrnt p rod n err would 
tixt a difficult time placing lm pjefuren 
ualra* th«- picture m-an of sij pert* tit*. 
« Otwliir- Mr -n-E Jhat the ounrr of the 
theaifc. if he \rj« a producer, would 
naturally me bis nwn pIctiiTea hnCflnpp 
tliey wisuW make ronr* monpy for Mm. 
bur t-sid they wnnW find time to put on 
* picture nf an independent j.-.^ii -,,■.-■ if 
. ft,WB exception all j- -ood atid a sure 

Ob eroas-esaminatinn. Mr. Connlrk 
aa!d in reply to qn'-sijona of Mr. flwafiie 
that tha motinn picture 'jusineni \nt* "a 
r hpaatful buaines*, 11 

i **u isi'l this momini thaf 
Floyeca dotciinat>-tl tbe motJOD 


Great Bill Flay, to Puked House, 
it Colonitl la Effort to Pro- 
Tide 1100,000 Budget. 


Apaaara tn Help Haka AubibbI 

I*crfornaaact. ■ Baeaaaa. 

Sk* Hi«.«- t-e-1'nrn (A the ■!«.■* tn *aa- 
■ leal Trnlon ot "Sly lidr 


Pl&ywiight Speaks at Meeting of 

Woman's City Club in 

the UcAlpin. 


The Woman's City Club was fai-or- 
ai'iy rT 1 !■''*■''" '-'"'I hy a large attandlDCo 
at a luncheon riven in Ihc MeALpia 
Hotel yesterday, pver which Mrs. Joeeph 
li H Dcaue prratdeil. The luncheon, tin* 
der the auspices of the clitb'B recreation 
tnniniittee. had os iij( Kpcakers Rachel 
t'-ro-lflent, playivrifilit; Philip Mopller. one 
uf Utc dimrioric to thf Theatre Guild* 
rind alio a pleywritht, *rtd 'Kenneth Mt!- 

The principal subject up for disci'saton 
was the old one nf (he reladonahio of 
the theatre to the public and the effect 
or nne on the other. Mr. Mo*'>r en- 
iBTited upon tie work heioc ^atried on 
l.y the Theatre Uuild. pointed to the facl 
that thin tirganir.aiie'L naa andeavxrinE 
in every way to bring the nrl of the 
stage to a liigh point of perfection and. I 
**l the i . 1 1 Li i i c did not :ip,»ear entirely : 
aatinfied with (he riittlt 

Miss Crnthers «»k of the opinion ibat l 
the publir wi« bolting jlint what it 
wanted in the way of plays, When high, i 
clips plays arc deinunded. she oEptaLned. | 
they can be produced, arid the bos office 
receipts show aow much they are ap- 
preciated. On the other "itPd. « - hcTi | 
farres. raroedic*. and phowp in light Tein ] 
draw big audienres. thin is an indication ! 
of o pnpuLar demand wbieh i« |upptied 
by the plnyMright. t Mr, Mei;o*Bn« o''- , 
percationp coincided with those nf Miss, 
Trother*. siiil n gen*Trl impr<*sion pre- ■ 
vailed after the htnebcon that whiletho'p I 
in piwitinn Ho lirtter theatrical cnnditions ' 
would do all tJey efttlH in Ibis direction. , 
in the rnd the publir nnisi hnrc ils say. < 



President of League Tell* Actors' 
Club, at Luncheon. Motor Acci- 
dents Arc Preventable. 

Joseph (irnndahl orcAtdcai nf the 
Safety First l.^tue. sddres<ed a 
luncheon of Frinr« ni the MomaMery. nn 
We»t Forly-tishth *:rcpr. ye*1rr., B .L. tn 
eiptahi the nurpote* -if the kflgue to Ihe 
Frlari and urge tbeir aunpnrt nf its 

Sixty per rent, or nil moin r accidents. 
aKordlng In lirenilaht. arr due to rare- 
le„ s ijpi,* or negligent* tm tiie pan gf the 
driver, the other fnrtv to similar neglect 
nT precBiition on the pan of the pede«- 

Betwaefl bet* cRUSej BftT per cent, 
more persona nrr<- killed mirj injured by 
automobile dnr|pS U*#w «M war than 
the I nited Wtntea last from eiignnnei 
of t lip service. That these accidents were 
preventable, i Jrondnhl o rgued from (he 
sun eas or the akfetj- tir*t campaigns ia 
■ ■necking acrldenia in ,itiliiic4 and ijiann. 
rncturing eoncenm. 

4SaH1tt DItiaUB l>Th»Utra:c| Tilunpl.l 

B.OSTON, April 27. 

To a capacity mudjeace in the Colonial 
Theatre tats afternoon rhe annual, bene- 
fit of ihe Acrton' FnBd of America was 
played by * grvVQ .which Included every 
stjir of Kfeat hiarnitude wrthifi reach or 
the Hob. This afternron't par forma n ce 
had bee& widely heralded in the Masas- 
chflietta efty and the financial returns 
will id far toward completin* ihti WOO,- 
000 whieh it being raised to meet annual 
erpenses ol the Fund. 

The amount raised was in eteesie of 

To Thomas B, Lothian. Boaton repre 
senutive of the Aetora* Fund. gw. 
rrtdit I?, dne for bis work in aasemhlinc; 
the long program of talented sna nhlch 
prorlded one of the moat noteworlhy 
nfteTnoon* in the hiatory of the Tloston 

Performers who took part in the bene- 
fit were: 

Taa PeoarcnT.. 

Hap Ward and Sidney 'ireen street 
did the announcing. The overture. ■*■ 
leetiona from "Minpie tod Me," was di- 
rected by tha eoupettr, Harold Lery. 
"Muaicc! Momenta," by tha Copley- 
Piau oeeJe»lra. waa conduetedi by W, 
EdVard Boyle. "fJaieiiea of 1023," by 
Sam Howard and Lillian Norwood, was 
conducted hy Cla?enco Roffcrwrn. "Ball- 
room Idolatry." by Margaret Wood and 
N'ova Dtuipiey. waa cotidm-ted by Mr. 

Bert Fitzgibbon -and bf» brother Leu 
in "A Bit oT XonienSe." 

"A Good ProTfder" waa preaented 
with a coat incIiadLng; Grace Perklna, 
Thorn u Afaclarnle. J at on RobardB. 
Percy Poilock and Mim Julio IJrown. 
The pfaylot. by Elaine flterne. waa 
Haied by Alwander I,eftwich h 

.Tuliao Eltingo pceaented "A Gorgeous 

Mitri and Boyd Marshall WW M UgB> 
posit inn." conducted by Harold Lever, 
the compoBer. 

Two acenea r»om "Twelfth Niftht" 
were tiv fl n by the foliowin* cast: Alex- 
andra Carlisle, Hilda Vaughn, Louiie 
Pi-uoiting. Albert Howann. Helen Hot- 
comb. Mia Inei Shantion. Tlrginia Nor- 
ton, Alice Ennry aqd (Jcrlrudr Tttiney. 

PameEa De puttt and Percy Oafcea pj* 
panted a dancing number. 

In the cast of -The Real Thing" were 
Ernert Truei. Oscar Fig-man. Eunice 
Hunt, Helen Hayes. Helen Spring. Mary 
nallidoy, June Walker. France* Brandt, 
L^oTae Praaaing and Neliie Fillniur*. 

Al .lolson eang. 

The Hiaty Pudding Club of Hlnard 
preifnted a scene from In production of 
Take a Bi-nee." 

Mrs. LoJimii tfbs boatesB for the af^.e^ 
nffon. The following; ladiea aajiMcd her: 
Mrs. Mildred li, Browne. Mrs, Ona 
Brat-tetr. Mrs Flo re nee (jould. Mrs 
Slay Fitke-HofTraan. Mrs. }51flnehe Pol- 
lack. Mr*. Amelia Williams. Mr*. Lur-v 
Daly Ward. Mrs. Vivian Woodlock. Mrs 
hBlherine f,>Rtrnnan. Miu Frapcfi. AM- 
rich. Mrs. Barbara Aldtich. Mia* Kaih- 
erine Dnnnvon. Miaa Patrice Finlay, 
Misa Barbara Haatinga. Mtss Rertha 
^epniaton. Miss Helen Mtirrav. Miss 
Oorothy M^auoers. Miss l>orotbv Sinnn 
Miss Eleanor Sheehan. Miss Ivvolrn Wilt- 
ijim*. alls* Alice Williams. Miss Jlalon 
Wiricheaier and Miaa Nellie Butler. 



picture indo*try, what did von mean?" 
**Ved Mr. Swainr. 

"J meant Lhnt c-mijiared in erery way 
rhey were better (bun any other notice rn 
in tE>c motitm pfotttre rield." replied th* 

-lit the snine st-a^j/nuk* yqn any, that 
Caiunn dominnled ill*- npcraiie fieW?"" 
rtmrieil Mr. t>wawr. 

"Well, not csHCtly," said Mr l-oaniek 
"<}tnl AlmtRbiy bail n p«d deal to do 
with I'finisn and he dieS not have mucJi 
to do with i lie Fnrnoua I'injers Curpora- 

The irghtsa ejplained that while 
other moliou jjictiire companies had U 
Hflu Retoth nr nctresses n* the FSmoua 
Players, ihi surnie company bad at many 
*s gut Ifltter. nor did «n; other concern 
turn out a- ma. hi good picture^. 

"In other -rords " a«S Mr. Cnnnirk. 
the Famous l'|g>rrs croup >;r>min*tied 
any giber gr-^uji. 

Mr. Swufjte Silked th>- wirneea if it wm 
not Th" Rro-ning ,r.m|ieti(-nn nf the Firs; 
National nrgHnUatioM thai, prftnipleil 
Mr. Zxtttm and the nthcr officials: of 
Famon* PHym to hoy theatre. 

"Th" idea waa to get rid of competi- 
tion, * said Mr. I'nnnick. 'irTing (o cie S n 
Hiem right up. It hi* a case of do* 
Tat Atif. " 

The witness taid ihe Firat Na|ini>a! 
WtJ not as tbreotening as itp thousand* 
of franchise and ml>- (ranch Is* holders 
mwh-t astasn to Indicate, pofntldg out that 
only a few hundred of the theatres wee* 
ItiW onep, ihe great majoritr beinR; 
small hollars. He siid Ftrai National 
had at least one theatre in every "kef" 
city of the country. 

The hearine was adjourned until Mon- 
day mornlnj Li : tyt.30 o'clock. 


Higher Office Not Ambition. Be Says, Charging t[oes 
With Throwing Dust— Jesse Favors \ 
Pay-as-You-Go Bill \ 


FIGHTING for tnnaic relief, not for pereOnll political advatlceitient. dttcribetf 
the ambition ot M^yer Hylsa, evidenced in. B atatement ieeued yeaterda? 
replylpf to rpport* that he is after the oonrinaUon for Governor. 

Mayor Hylan Raid (be publication of hi- desire to aUcceed to the OoTernor- 
ahip is for the purpose vi throwisr dnat in Ihe eyes of lbs people, adding: 

"! am not a candidate for higher office. I intend to ato y on the jobAa Mayor 
until [ make the traction eorapaniea give adequate Barrice. 

'"The people haee- expended S^W I OO0.OOQ of their own money far aubwaye, 
The traction intereaia operate- (hem with large profits to themselves, not fete* 
paying the/nterept on tha bonds which the taxpayers have to pay yearly." 

The Mayor repents hi- promise to give the people relief In sixty doya, without 
the coat of one, dollar W them, If the Walker- Donohue Iranalt Jaw la ruvsseii. 

Home title.- not State regnUtion, is wanted, the Ma^or repeats, also: "If the 
Republican leadera do Dot want to give this relief they will baTf to mfce th« con- 

"Poliltcal iaaueB are not iDToteed," the hlajor saya. "There ia not Elaue— 
give me the leglelation and I will give New York what It wantn. The traction 
companies and the Republican leaders are withholding transit relief from th« 

Assemb-lymnn Oorge N. Jease, pponaor of the bill offered as a substitute for 
the Wslker-D*nohu.# ineaaure, conferred at the City Hall yeaterdny with Mayor 
llrlrm and other city offivisla- He talked to Julius Milter. Borough President, in 
tli* Municipal building. 

Aaaembljinnn Jesse Bunouceetl that he would recommend Ihat the Asstmhly 
paaa the pay-ail you-go nmendment after the insertion of a reB(riction clause. 

Mather and Daughter Convicted of 

Selling 1 narcotics. Son to Be 

Tried Boon, 

Mr*. Lena San Slsrro. 74 jenra old. 
and her daughter, X,iicy. 3J years old. a 
cabaret ainger. both of P£ Catharine 
«treet. were convicted in Special Sesaion» 
yeaterdJiy aftemooh on charffea of selling 
nareoiica. They were remanded 10 the 
Tomhf without bail for iiHeitignLion by 
iirobBtlon offirerB and aenlencp Xlay -1. 

The two women trere arraigned and 
tried before .Justices Henry W. Herbert 
Arthur C. Salmon and A. V. E. VV.or- 

The mother and her »on, Frank. 99 j 
yeara t old, were anesteri February 20 
last. The *on a caat wta on the calendar 
for .veaterday along with that i f Iila 
mother and stater, who was arreted 
February £&, The aon. who ii out nn 
iiatl or (1.(100. was unable io appear in 
conn, a doctor'* ceTtificata beftUf ahowii 
in orore that he was ill. .- 

The arrest were msdr bjL Daniel 
Thrift. John W. Rfilly. CharieFfirihsm 
and John Mciiocy.'deteclires oMhe Jfftr- 
BOttfr Ballad. The detactivep told tfie 
justicea that they had received informa- 
tion that narc-otiea were heirit suld at 
tbefttn MbtCo hoflie and that ther were 
told, that tbeToiBP word le procure heroin 
waa "I am Rilljr'a friend." 

Deteetlve Chiiat leaHfied that he ob- 
tained enri-ftTtce to the plfv through the 
p.n.i word, that the younger woman took 
hi mm her room and when he told her , 
hn -ranted a de*k or heroin abe procured I 
it from hor atoekint and sold it to him 

He also eeld that she told him that 
ii.- was a nle- looking « mm* man and 
Lba) ahe wi+n d *di*l^r bini tn dla.^ontinue 
.Tha efts* wa« prosecuted hy Assistant 
I Matrier Attonrry Daniel DlrenZo. 
AfLeiao CMsgl, attoroey for the women, 
^formed the Justice* sfte r the convio- 
t!on that the acn waa rpalty the prin- 
cipal one to blame fn r the trouble of 
Ihe two *"0men, The aoo'a ease wis 
put over for bearing May 7. 

q«i*>ai« Ran* c«nearf. 

Willip Holly, *eeret*ry of i»e Part 
Hoard, announced yetterday that the 
opening ronqe r t of Music Week for the 
Borone;h of (Jgcenj will be held Sttirdfty 
afternoon. April 2P. jn llifthland Park. 
The concert ia to lie given h,v the I'ollr» 

THE pay-as-you-go hill, bb pjotrd by 
the Senate and as it stands In the 
ABiemblv, prtnidw that the city may 
issue J15.000.WO in long-term. bonda for 
noh-rcvenuc (traducing improvements 
each year for an indefinite period. 

The proposal of Assemblyman Jcsae in 
that the autborization he limited to a 
five-year period. Thia i% (he restriction 
he will place in the hill. In this form 
he will aiiuport it. 

I'nless this atnimdmeilt is passed strrct " 
rtpalra in thu five borougtis of Greater j 
New York could not be made. Other : 
non-revenue producing Improvements, the ] 
cost of which could be met out of the 
found, likewise Would Buffer. 

"Waa there any aaggeatUin of a bar- * 
gain for the paanire oi the $lfi.000,000 
hit] in return for roaeesslou* by the ad- 
ministration in favor Of l* 1 . tra-naii bill?' 1 , 
Assemblyman Jease won asked. 

"Any Buch Im plica Hons," he, replied, 
"woulrj be an Inault not only to me, but 
Jihu to Ihe man [uaide^" indicating 
Mayor Hyiao, 

To-day the Republican Iradere will 
hold a conference in this city- The tran- 
sit situation wjll receive exclusive atten- 
tion, It begins, to look as if a compro- 
mise is a certainty. 

THE following report of the participa- 
tion of Frederick A. Willis In New 
Vi.ii'k''> Mt!.u-f Jubilee was made loot 
night by ChnrlcB C Hughes, Becretary to 
Mr. Wallis 

■"At the request of those baring (ha 
Silver Juhike. Jn charge Frederick A, 
Wall!* has been asked to ditect the drive 
to raise the Jubilee fund. Hi^ Boceeaa. 
in the sale of Liberty loan bonds of 
J25I.0OO.0OO in nine days during thn 
war, hia $1,000,000 fund Police Day 
games and other achievements attest Ills 
ntniMw to lead the Jubilee drive. 

In consenting to net as chairman Mr, 
Willi i* aaid : 

"New York Is the imperial dry of the 
modern world. The initial step, in its 
phanomenal prn^ress wss taken twenty- 
five years ago when lite Greater Now 
York charter Was adopted. Perh'apB no 
single event of our day and generstion 
ban had grester influence on the civic, 
financial anil commercial development of 
the dty and nation than the creation of 
Greater New York. ». 

"f believe that it is the 1 feeling of 
every patriotir New Yorker that the celo- 
bration should be romtAensuratr Kith the 
dignity nT (be occafliun. The eyes of the 
World will he upon the American tneirof- j 
q|i*. It ia good buslneui n* well no Rood I 
patriotism to have the Silver Jubilee of 
this rtiy such aa will command the nd- 
inirntiou and renpect. not only of our 
ocn ooumry but of nl! ntfier uationB. 

(*Tj1VEK3f cent that sugar drops means 

JCJ a hundred million dollars to the 
prnple of the itmntry." said Mayor Hy- 
lan yesterday in a proclamation, aa fgl- 

"The sugnr profiteer* have robbed us 
lung ennugh. The people of New York 
find of the country should refuse/ to pay 
I lie present outrageous; anear |.i rices. The 
thing to do is to reduce our buying of 
sugar to (lie minimum. I*r*sent pnees 
ore kept ii]i hy Bpeeiiintnr* who belie Vr 
that the peeplr lmve not enough wense 
to protecT themselir*. Let us'deny our- 
selves n little and drive the sugar prices 
down where they belong. Do not Bpar" 
sugar Tor hahles and amnll chiildren. We 
grown-ups can dn the job." 

A delegation of women representing 
women's nrfahfxatfana and civic c]ujha 
celled: nrt \lnrk"!s Commissioner Edwin 
,1. O'Malley yesterday to urge him to 
rive ntii/inl recn|mllJon_ to the protest 
which n-nhirn are making against the ] 
high price nf vicar. They rrqneared 
f 'ommissioner O'MaHey to call n meet- | 
irg or housewives for ihe purpose of tol- , 
lowing the l*ad taliCn by ihc women of , 
Baltimnte who have organised a boycott | 
sgflinat the use of sugar. { 

Commissioner O'Mnllev ilesignnted I 
>frs. Louis Reid Wetemiller to take I 
ehnror of the matter- In romrdlanf* with 
thr' rrei-Mf of thr n-nmrn. ■■'ir ''an c-"- I ! 
n meeting for May 4 at *2 P. hf. at City ! 
Hall, imii.Minnfc to> attend Ir hare, been ; 
sett to »t' rnmen's clobs nf the city, j 
wires will be present. 

Tombs Court ye*terda.v ahnonnced 
that hr was not prepared lo rerder a 
dceirinn ',n the CAse of James R, Emer- 
ick, an nltorsey. if \BU Crttalpa are. 
one. llidgpwnnd, Qiteene, rhftrged with 
iiinnriir.-lv connuct. Ifr adjourned th* 
caw for n dfiisieiu tint il May S in West 
Side ■ Contt. Emerick tt*)* arrested 
April 'JO at a meeting of ihe Transit 
Comtnipsion. (Jenrge McAneny. chairman 
of the f mramisaion. ■■lnsminc that he 
tried to becak up th* henrlng beld that 
dny to consider the reorganisation plans 
of the Brooklyn Hnpld Transit Com- 
pacy, The Mng>«trste. in mBklnfi the 
announcement nr the postponement, 

"The legal i|iirst : on Is: What did 
Erarrick intend m do? T>ld he pin him- ; 
•.I'll" at the head cf fifty Indies and go to j 

the hearing to break Up the meeting? 
Thjt Transit Commission is a duly con- 
ptjiutcd tftate body and is entlt'ed to the 
respect nf the community. Thr. question 
is whether this is a mutter for Ihe juris- 
dictign uf a criminal canrt atteb as this 
the state ot mind of tbe people of the 
city appears tn be or transit the same as 
ft was on war a few years ago," 

REPRrJSDN^ATlVSS of the Hotel 
Association, meet i ok yesterday at 
.":I4 Fifth avenue, finding that legislation 
intended to corrccl the city'B raxkab 
problem is safely atored In the' Legiala- 
ture a; Albany, appointed a commiUc to 
get action. Dental is made that the 
legislation is bring stifled for fear Its 
paasage would onat from office John 
breniHv chief of the taxEcab division of 
the License Bure&n. Tbe committee of 
the Homl Asaoeiatlop will |g to Albany 
next Tuesday. 

GOVERNOR SMITH'S second mes- 
sage to tbe Legislature to improve 
housing conditions And safeguard rents 
bos not met with a cordial reception. 
Senator Uunniran sBys he will not ap- 
prove of any Housing Committee -that 
rjoes no: possess the power the Lock wood 
Committee bad. The Kepuhlicanp say 
the Mctiinnies bill meets tbe require- 
ments In providing punlehment for prof- 
iteers. Under the terms of the HcGtii- 
niee bifl it creates in rhe olfiee nf the 
Attorney General a Bureau of Trade and 
Commerce. In the uptuion of Samuel 
Cniermyer (he MrGinnies bill is objec- 
tionable in many ways. 

GOVERNOR SMITH baa appointed to 
lepreaent New Yorlt State at the 
National Anti-Narcotic Conference to be 
he'd at Washington. D, C. May 3 and 
■I the following: 

Dr. Carlton I'. Simon. Special Deputy 
Police CoEocnhrSianar, New York City Po- 
New York State Commissioner of 
Health: Janaea A. Hamilton. Secretary 
of State; William 0. iMeAdno T Chief 
City Magistrate: Prof. S. A. Chamber- 
lafn, Columbia Univoraity: Stephen.. P. 
Anderson. oC the Jaw firm of IWkiusn. 
Menken A- Grisan. 52 William street; 
Of, Harlow Bmoka. -10 West Ninth 
street, a member of lb* New York 
County Medical Society, and Frederic 
J. K*rnot:haji, Chief Justice of the Court 
of special Seaaions. 

ILf&MBERS nf, the riidgewood Com- 
IfJ. ■ munity Conncit. a even ty -five 3d 
m:mber. mostly women, nailed on tfsFor 
John F, Hylari yesterdsy at £lty Hall 
and pledged! ihe continued Support of 
that nrcanisatlnn in hia transit 3gh(. 

The Mayor thanked the delegation for 
its encouragement, and gave erpurflora 
that he would continue to fight far tha 
peoples interests. 

A NUMBER of City Commissinners 
r*.'r.;,-, v | in the tnsll yesterday a 
letter Bigned hy W. H. .WoodtP. rbsir* 
man of the Mayor a Committee nn Cele- 
bTation n[ the twenty-fifth anniv-rsary 
oT Greater New York. requesri' , g coti- 
trlliotions for the celebration. Whil" th* 
letter la addressed personally to the Cnm- 
miiPLonrrs. it Is understood that tbe let- 
ter ip (o ihe handed f down to the em- 
ployee* and a rollertion made Tor ill- 

AT Albany next Tuesday party policy 
will he detennitied hy the Republi- 
can* in Conference on the Walker bill 
to repeal the motion nlctnre censorship 
Inw. the Downing hill deaignrd to pet 
up i' '"■!■■ pystem of rural edu^sUoTi, also 
t\t iiirh^vr map h'll 'o carry out th* 
recommends tiotlP of State Highway 
Ciimmiss'oner Frederick S. Gr*ene re- 
garding Mtvte and county highways. 

APART of Greenwich VlLleg* will 
move to the East Ride to-morrow 
night, wber*, at Tammany full the an- 
nual reception and hall of the Dante 
Cli.1. will l... held, 

rhsrls* W- Culkin. lesrier fit the dis- 
trict, will attend, a'so George Olrany, 
p^ntlier riiBtrii-t i-ad'r Scfla'nr Jsinea 
Walker. Joseph Hannon. denury fire, 
commissioner: I'rpink L. FrrndergBst 
and Charles A. Ryan. 

The honorary nrrsident of tlic Ttsllan 
orisnitatiofi r * T nftja Pavpre»e, ,Tohn 
3*.TBres" and the hill committe'. led hy 
Blai*r Cspltaniccio. ehnirman: C. Dove, 
floor manager and Peter Adrian! or the. 
Easjejpttnh committee, are exerting them' 
■elvrs to make tbe initial dance a ™.- 
aplcuoua aiircesp. This clnh has ftLXJ 
members. It his beed in existence lea* 
than two yesrs. B 

THE Msiynr nf Ttnme has Invited 
Jjejor Hylan to attend the .munici- 
pat cxpcsition in that citv. He haa 
asked that a rentl^ of Washington's 
desk in the New York City Halt be sent 
for exhibition. 

THE Transit Comtntsidon ahnnuncerl 
yeaterdftr thRt \t will hnld a nub* 
lie he*ring May in upon n form of enn- 
tract'fer.lhe eriBMrnctinn of * n«-w rapid. 
trinSit «ption on the Willi Aon shnrt 
Bridge rlrntn, Brooklyn. 



Adam Huck. proprietor of a cafe at i 
HH2 Summit avenue, Jeraey City, won- I 
dared a few a-eeks ago why business was \ 
picking Up #o well. Al) bis ci into m era. I 
most of them new faces, said bis beer I 
waa great and that they were sending ! 
their friends around. They . congratulated 
htm upon being able to get audi f£ne 
beer and Baked him many times bow he 
conld afford to sell it so cheaply. 

A few days agn Federal agenta visftad 
his place and told Lim Lbat he waa via 

latina the prohibition law by selling 
"peal 1 " beer. H* said he had purcbaaed 
near beer hut (hen he decided that the 
brewery had made soma aort of a mfa- 

Tlneb was arraigned before f 'nited 
Rtatea Comtnltslotier Btabton In Hobo- 
ben yasterday on th* e^jirgt*. He said 
ha had beet'L innocently aelling ' "real" 
beer. And when tbe commissioner learned 
be bad been selling the teal brtr at near 
beer r-rica the BaJoanman waa dis- 

$100,000 ASKED IN 

Aistori Allegei Bacon Used 'Ten* 

Beigfjs'i Pardner," Coprrigtted 

by Him; a* Basil for PUy. 


ClKlsa* T|tla in *U>T«iltlaa «t Ikeinh 

FrotB Which "iMahtntn" " ftprjini;, 

AclinowlcolaTod by Bacon. 

Who will apptsr ban In "Tb« 
MoBUtabank^i obl May T at th* 

Lresani Ttifptr*. 

ASKS $500,000 FOR 

Joseph Jleisdiraan. Bath Honie 

Han, Sued by Husband of Mrs. 

Dorothy Hopkins. 


Hull to rer-over S^OO.OOtl damages 
from Joseph Fleischiqnn Toe alleged 
alienation of the affections of ft^-year-oLd 
Mrs. Dorothy Hopkins was filed yester- 
day in the Supreme Cnurt by her hus.- 
hand. Itobort Tliompsr.n Hopkins, :•!_' 
yearB old. 

According; to tbe papers filed in tbe 
County Clerk's office on bthatf o( Hop- 
■kins by his attorney. Eli Johnson, (he 
couple lived, happily . together until 
Fleishman, enntc into their liven £« De- 
cember, IBIS. From then on Up to the 
present tltur Hopkins charges Fteiach- 
man with improper conduct with Mrs. 
Hopkins alleging (bat the acts com- 
plained of Qerttrred! at many addressi-a 
in this city. Oyster Day, 3ci Cliff- JU. I.: 
AtlsuHc'Clty and other seaside resorts. 
The papers in the en»r were srrTed nn 
Fteischmnn pn Montlsy last. 

According to Attorney Johnson, his 
client is a former resident of N4TT Or- 
leans. Iji., and is now ihe vice prciident 
of the Iriternatiiinal Department Stores 
of America, which operate chain stores 
in various juris oT the Wuntvy. ^rrs. 
Hopkins, thr attorney said, is s former 
society girl of Nashtille. Tcnn.. whils 
Fleischman, he declared, is f!0 years, old 
and proprietor of th* Flcitehman Hs tii*. 


tin, Anna CUtk. With Five Otn- 

e»tions-9f Descendants, Says She 

Has' Lived Long Enough. 

lEhNWllI Kl-pji-h n Th. yt>rn[B|TUstr>ph I 

PEEjCSKILU April 27. 
T'nlike most centenarians, Mrs, Anna 
Clttrk of Lake MsJiopao Village, near 
Feekskill. who has just observed her 
114(11 birthday at the home of relatives, 
declares she feels that she hss lived loot; 


>Tr*. Clark, who is the mnlher of Einer- 
snn Clark of ■ Lake Mahnpac, la stayins 
temnorarily with eeEativiee at Csnastqtn. 
When she received cop gra tula ttons and 
the wishes nf many 'returns of her birth- 
dsy she declared to-day that she was 
not worrying about how many mure 
birthdays ahe would- celebrate. 

"I have lived long enough" ah* re- 

Mrs. Clark was horn In 1S1D in Chat- 
ham. N. V., before railroads were in use 
and when there were very few ateam- 
boats. There are five Generations of her 
relaxives living, she being a great, meat 
gesndmotber. . \ 

Mrs. Clark^reads -tbe newspapers daily 
tn keep abreast of the times.' Bhe Is 
one nf rhe oldest persona, in the Slate 
iiTif- probably (be oldest woman. 

TO CHECK $50,000 FIRE 

Blaze Destroy* . Canoy Island Cot- 
lag; Before Engines Arrive, De- 
spite Neighbors' Efforts. 

The two-*tory frame cottage of JutTim 
Buchmsn, a real eatat* broker, at .JSay 
Forty-eighth street. Bee Gate, Coney 
Island. wa> destroyed by fire shon; (i 
O'clock last nigh:. 

Buehmaa's neighbors fnrnjed . a backet 
brtgado and atrote to hold down the 
flames until the engines, which had been 
summoned by Mrs- Duo hot an. could ar- 
rive. But the flames, fanned by a stiff 
west wind, had gained ton much head- 

The hotua waa. In tlie baftda of painters 
and carpenters for redecorating, ami it fs 
believed that a cUttrcftr. butt or a match 
4cddieinta.5Ly dmprHftd by one of the work- 
men was responsible for tbe biate. The 
dnmAgi" is eatlmatcd at approximately 

Arthris Alston, a theatrical manage?, 
has Med suit against John Goldn end 
WloeneLI Smith, asking; for $100.<Y"> 
damagea alleged to hare 4>een sustained 
as a result of the production of "Light* 
■hlh\" wjicb tha lata Frank Bacon wrola 
with Smith, and which waa produced by. 

An accounting for the profits of tha 
■play, which ran for four years, and 
which reached ?2O0,CX*"l. ft also asked 
by. Alston, aa well as an injunction to 
restrain Gulden aud Smith from selling 
the Sim .right* of the play. 

Alston allsgea [bat Lightnip' " {a aq 
Infringement on -Scott Marble's old drama 
"Tenne.aaen'n Pardner." which waa writ- 
ten in 1804, but tha rlghta * which sra 
owned and ware copyrighted [n J81 hy 

Bacon appeared in this play ir 1001, 
Alston allege*, and later Bacon srrota 
a Tanderllle sketch for blmielf Called 
"Truthful James." Th« principal charac- 
ter ia this skit, iceordlna; to Aiston. waa 
so similar to the one in "Tennessee's 
Pardner" that Bacon hlmaalf, he claims, 
admitted that he bad no right to claim 
it* ownership, and later paid Alston 
royalties for its production. 

K wna from thia akotcb that tha 
character of Lightnin* Bill Jones, mnrir 
of the other charactera and virtually all 
tha bnaineas of the ploy "Li|rhtnln' " 
•n developed, Alston aeserta. Tn tha 
original play the ehatsoter was known 
■a •Geewfiinlker Hay. 

"Tennwsee'a Pardner," sjsjs Alston, 
was never for sale. Tbe litis to It rests 
with him and is backed by a copyright 
secured; on August 24. 1915. 

For many year* prior to the produc- 
tion of "Light ciin' ' Bacon, whose suc- 
ceaa coxae late in life, played about ths 
country in nwderillr. It waa known 
that "IJgbtnin"' waa based on n vauda> 
villa sketch which Bacon wrote. 


Appellate Division Sales Sophia 

Irene Loeh Stall Give Bamei 

of Beneficiaries. 

The Appellate Division of the Quprema 
Court yesterday' confirmed the order of 
Gnpreme Court Justice Nathan Bljur 
directing the Board of Child Welfare, n* 
which Sopbie Irene Loeh is president, i» 
peraiit Frederick Wingenhack, a taxpay- 
er, suing as a representative of a really 
Owners' organisation, to inapeat: tho 
records of the Board of Child. /VVelfara 
for the purpose of copying the namea 
and addresses of all those who rcceiw.1 
money from' the Child Welfare Fund 
during tbe year 1021*, and the amount 
ptid to each of tbem. 

Miss Loeh through her attorney, Elliot 
E. Benedict, appealed from Justice 
Bijar'a order, suggesting tbe danger of 
the names, addresses and sunoonta-pdld 
being broadcasted tr> the humiliation of 
unfortunate recipients. Bernard - s. 
Deutsch. attorney for the taxpayer plain* 
tiff, apeakisg of this suggestion, said: 

"Needless to say relator bas no snob 
purpose in mind in securing access to tbe 
records of this office. Betides, when pub- 
lic funds are being disbursed there moes 
not be too much delicacy about reveal- 
ing the names of the recipients. It la 
no disgrace for a widow with children, 
unable to support them, to receive aid 
from the city. It is her right nnder the 
law and she should no more be ashamed 
to have [t generally knoarn that ahe re- 
ceives a pension than the widow or a 
soldier who fought In tbe Civil Wax." 


Italian Lodged in Ludlow Street 
Prison Pending Outcome of Amer- 
ican Wife's Separation Action. 

Rrnesto Maoaino CaJaameilo, who la 
said to be an Italian count, was arresterr 
yesterday at the Hotel Marseilles, 
Broadway and 103rd street, by Deputy 
S'jeriff John P. Murphy of Sheriff 
Nagle'rt staff and lodged in Ludlow street 
jail In default of Sl.V'rOn bail la a matri- 
monial action brought by his wife. _Ma r - 
paret. The coupla were married In New- 
ark, ST. J.. May 23 last, moved to New 
York and took up tbeir abode on Wert 
106th street, where ahe now resides. 

I.ess than two months after their ma-r- 
riag*; according to the affidavit of the. 
wife, the buaband began abualng her, 
and on February 1 last he inflicted such 
Injuries that she waa laid up for several 
weeks. On April 24 he abandoned her, 
she swears, and said: "Don't try to 
follow me, I urn going to Cuba or Cali- 
fornia as a rraveljnjr. salesman, and you 
will never be able tn find me." 

Mrs. Caasamello's affidavit Is cor- 
roborated: by that of her sister, Edytha 
Forreat of West JOeJth street. Accord- 
ing to Mrs. Csssamello tbe counla lired 
on S.S.6TI0 a year, and she aak n alimony 
of $1,300 a year and a reasonable Coun- 
sel fee lo enable hey to proaacuta hee 
separation action, 



Burial Place Almost as Impressive 
of That of Pharaoh He Bit- 
covered in Egypt. j 

(By !.-:'«! >■*-• In Th* Horong Takmutt.} 

LONDON. April 2T. 

In impTeaaivenets and nloorbeaa the 
borial ground of the Earl of Carnarvon 
rug-eats the Totftb of TutonkJiaiaen. 
which the former discovered, But whila 
tha ancient Pharaoh chose to rest in tha 
Valley of the Kings in Egypt, the bodr 
of Carnarron will rrst throughont the 
ages on. the tap of n hill. 

The body nf Carnarvon, who died In 
Egypt shortly after V had invaded the 
tomb of Tn tan KB emeu, arrived at Ply- 
mouth Friday, accompanied by his wife. 
Lady Cimarron* 

Ths funeral ia to be held Monday | B 
Hlihclcrr Castle, the heme of the lata 
earl. After a almplceervice, the funeral 
cortege will slowly wind a half mile from 
tbe castel to a tomb un the barren and 
windswept *umralt of Beseon Hill, which. 
000 feet nbove ths twrdcr of Berbahlra 
Mid Hampshire, gives (he effect ot grand 










Vol. 1M, No. 1SI. 




ClliAPLAlXS in the ancy ar« demanding higher roiifc dim ; 
/ la "now given to them. "J4f'litiBibttV.jwdfineiit-!i thee a 
xnan who becomes a chaplain En order (9 obtain rank, high i 
or loWiJ has mistakeo. bin vccatjiun. ■ ^ " ■ 

'll^E k«b to be approaching i period when it will require 
' ' two lookouts to watch an* enforcement agent. 

TH^ DttKB-GJjr 1 TORK - lofliiV wntAlnv ■ ilh* the Crown 
Prince 'lid A bis .at*, ' biit*ftn other respeetij he it ail, apparently. v ' 

rpJTEi cheapest fp'rm "of "eHt"'Ii' dofie up' In a very " flirriay 
*£ package ■.nit in its natural ■tat* 3s called sausage-. It 
ilor.? not become hinnoraur until soma ind wag re fen to it w 
"hoi dog*." Vft 

"YJEVV HAMPSHIRE propose- to impose * SSBl (iuo ixnidit 
i^ any person trying to ef fe^ ;dayjbjfet saving. \\>&.txiat 
State. Is too rock; for many Julf course*. 


Ds.Hr Ffnalatlflff* Tho««hi. 


against— 4ota of thing*. 

"-Bahtha and never see * ■!»•;*« sheik on toe tripr 

r*C laundry worker* who hare approached the owner* lot 
n rail* in wjl^a and better conditions must imv* forgot- 
ten that tie motto vt all laaudrles is "Trent 'em rough." 


talk Of "diplomatic. V>o»' froth embassy coBntctiWn" ll 
more diplomatic tlian In the booze. 

aSBACUSFJ CNTVEBSITT. Jim .forbidden matrimony to 
student*. ..Browning to the; contra ry, "The Ring and tba 
Book' 7 Jfl not belong together, raj university atrtfa critic*. 

TJIYEKY man fa anxinue to be rtfrmd to aa ft great nin- 

-jjC' rifrjit by Ma utitor- 

aT*HOTtCr3 girl* who were called on to fight a.flrn on the roof . 
Vj a t their lb en In while in .costume found themselves it 

"f UffT as anon an the weather beconfe* warm enough for *le*p- 
■'.Inj on park henchrartfa*. I. TV. TV. en be counted on to 
■pull a atrikc to give Ita members a tegidmat* excuse to ubteeah sun-jres-jed de-Eras. 

rpHE'.mcti'io rjlctari) ftttr la Dtlft whr> i* rJititlH 10 detuind 
■I briini takon at her fa« vala*. 

rEB& I* annift MCDM." JioweTer t wkefl the batainj girl amv 
clairna that in ftddJtioQ to the ftcn tiers I.K other »B- 
aid^ratiotii Co fifun. 

rli propbaaibd that alrptaqaaj will b* u fheap m Here}M 
Id another ten years. Bat they'll MTCr b* AbTtt to miks 
7 .*ne a.i diai«ron* ■*.!■»* n°* fi* 1 * Wke I trtedj. tp! jMev 

rpaK rTaaelati: baa 

PBSSrpBNT HABDTNO la beiinniiiit t« ttft Uan> aTjMi 
who tai J^at diairoYered. thtt, there are mrr. Id the world 
taean enonffa to nse a Pirsld*nt, i( flrea the opportunttf. 

1 STOOD by and law the Republican partr split wM« Open 
at Otfeaio In 19)2 ;-ftnd T hare hope* for 1524. 

ANt> now the Houae of D«\id eolt _ . 

Appeui iLiipoard] 1o p]cad uon thIi. 

It in ladflri] plHifii| to hear that (ha Nrat Ir.-iuro in ilit new 
efetACtiie ichool TBt on "fniirrr*;-." 'Hi'C'oftfr Hie eUfe 
and screen detedtlTe will hare to change bia iDaniiers. >,^j 

rpi[E chairman of s large Londaa bank auKKrateil tbat the 
■*- 1,'nfted Stntca and Britain eo-operate In backilaij a loan 
to Germftoy. How did that word "Britain." ft iu hit *cliei»c? 

Stl/I'VKPANT FISH, wwrte To bis will ihat ohtclrfthte- be- 
t\\irxi* was o vasitT. Women should be very lentrout. 

T>OSTMASTEH RENEEAf, N l B\V want* npwnpapen; to he 
■t wrapped In i-nlivfed eo.vcrinis. There's yrilow jouraaJIkta 
for jou. 

SYEACL "SE rXIVFRSITV bfta banned atudent mnrna;fs on 
penalty of sjianEaion. That ought to he one way d[ deal* 
inr with the prvnlcm of cutting down collega enroIlmenLD. 

AN H boy will iraduate from high schoel In Jnn<a 
He'll probably finish college in two years. Theit wHft| 
will be da? Perhapa enjov Mime of the ploy he lia? missed. 

IS there anybody foolish mn-.i-h lo. luppoae the ran DteE 
would not sketdftdle within m hour after rtetivfag wonD 
thai the United States nary reallj had been ordered to go 
after it? >"" ; . 

QT*EAKING «lf "cleaning up Crtney f^aB.d,"*'tb« real eststa* 
" poo] a«ema to bavc done I;. 

OF ennm Senator Borab doesb't consider, thirty-one "t 
miens" «q.ntj to one roper-heat, like till own. 

YE had my hour; hare you had yours? * 

THE difference between good dtUeastnp and "fffrod troHttcV 
li uidbJIj the difference between 

the other fellow's. 

»ur point of riew ud 

^01" bare so doubt noticed that when it rains it rains alike 
upon the just and upon, the risftlDf team, >jf * 


Nevada Farm's Derby Candidate 
^brtn^a Kb Held From Break 
in "the Carolina Purse and Is 
in Hand Most of the Way: Vigil 
Is Second With Southern 
Cross Third. 


J.^ L Ross's Lion d'Or Scores 
^fjislly in the Lone Star Purse, 

4 Dash at Three-quarters of a 
:; Jfcile, Leading Field of Five 
JfijetBrans, With Opperman In 

Second Position. 


• 8.10 


IU. 00 ■(r»l*h1 
.BO iKor, tftil 

Romn fllrl. ■4.40 plaioc, 

ahorr. ifroait. 
JS«k*OTl, S3. TO ihBi>i ttli¥d. 

TlUnra, 113.40 aitnla/bl. ST.TQ 
plai«r«, *0.*o ahaw, orwau 

"~ plaes. flSsDO 

i Shird. 


• h^TT, tfl-fttlll 

Aiken, SS.Oo ■ 

i.teai rvoe. ■ii-aiain. *i.4o 


, *i.l 

•B.40, «8,10 



WelliHder, ■how, third. 


Mlas Cai-las, fns.Br>^it-hi, 

■ 10. SO pT«cr, fB.aa ihnn. wail. 

- 0»rd> fT.eo rise*. 83.80 

- nteggf. 

», 88.00 aiaow. thlrfl. 

»h"w. ■**'cni 

fl* bshrti s ; p^ l i t i efs c .; of [h* rJf*ETit 

'ro^fTeTPsalif £gton for helog of^i^jsn fleicenC 

rpHE fat* Senator Knnte Nelson was a Bepuhliean who had 
-1 the Tision to Tecognise a x<w] rtLiog'even when it %'u 
augieated h- « E>emDCHt, In which respect be difrond markedly 
from not ■ few of his Republican colleague*, 



r.*.i***ml Thjt^cner, J4.HI> mtrmlrht, 
laicr. |2.eo ikow, itoa. 
Tft plarr, *2,n*J aainw. 



^eOtflrn 1Uk luii XncBnitrd Wnen 
Two AUeffd SetoOttrn Sick 

Their Ticttm. 


Orowds leanbaE thaatrr* in the- btMt 
eaf . £h» BUflto lit* yeart arSay neeaons 
gXgattb/ ln«nsed when twa mas, aliened 
to )>**•> been dsbBcttras, attack*d Pitay 
Dfeiopoly, S3 years old, of Stntj City, on 
Benstb. avtnnav betw(«i Forty-ierenth 
and Forty-aUhth streets, In front of the 
Fabac* Theatre, beat Mm about the taad 
witfa their fists and ancked blm after be 
tad fallen, to the ridswalk, 

Wotttfi screarred and shouted "Shane 1 
Bhtmsr at tha aJEegwJ detoetfrtc and 
men, who crowded aroarjd, called then 
Hwards; and d>awnin«d them. 

On rrincfwly's eompllalnt two aiibpoe- 
vas direrting Jack Smith and Tbocaae 
Dolan. who baTe been detailed to watch 
froseulaitOXs, to *pp#-*r in court thia mom- 
lug on chsrgei of assault wen lauetL 

Binopbrj aajd he wm waJtbJng along 
Seventh aeenaa with hi* friend, Herman 
EdsODt J8W Broadway, employed at the 
Ttlace Theatre, wfaerj the two detecttTeai 
walked. np te> -num. 

"Wbat an jctj taughtng at?" ona of 
the deteettrra ia alleged to baea -said-, and 
when. Otaopoly said ha was hot laughing 
at' anything the other dattctfe* struck 
itm in the 'face. Befora ha recomned 
from this blow the man w~ho bad aaked 
the qveatlon also struck him, knocking 
him down. 

"Wbile IHnoTioto 1 was ljl|igj|ni the slde- 
kslk. one of the alleged drtectirca ia 
said io hare kicked him ia i]«e abdomen- 
B^vrral hundred tbeatrrroera, many of 
them women, oojtected nhout the fallen 
man and about*** their protest at trie 

A» the temper of the erowd waa be- 

rcimiuj; aroused and threat* were being; 

made against tba two alleged detective*. 

■ they disappeared down'Seeenth arenue. 

Irentif leatioo on which the auhpoeota 
wan IhubJ waj furoJahed by fidson. 
I ninopaty is employed at a dresf ..fae* 
-lory at 130 Newark aTenas, Jcrsrr 

A*r- T*-»o"»w allabit> «**)•*-. 


Frank F. Baker, Producer, Admits at Trust Charge 

Bearing That Mary Pickford and Others Save 

No TrouMe Distributing Productions. 

That ability to pleas* th* public an 
bridge may obstacle*: placed agmtast in- 
depe&deae ftlm producers in gettlnf their 
picture* lite Sttct claaa tbsatrea wai 
brought out ycate-xfay Id th* hekring, 
-bffjig conducted! by the Federal Trade 
Coramisaion to> deta*mln* If the Fnmoil* 
Pkyera-Laakr CoTpontion and *1k other 
affiliated oompuniea couaeltuta a motion 
pletitr* trust. 

Frank:. Tmningtoa Hater, praaldant of 
VitftfTftph nlotnrwi, on tbn wltnnM stand, 
admitted that anch stars as Mar? Flck- 
ford, Bvnglas Fairbanks, Cbsrlie Chap- 
lin. William S. H*rt and, other leading 
nlaran "bar* no tronbta- avtrJag their 
productions into laqgoi first-nia bonsts: 
without any co-operation: on the part of 
distributing concern. Daspite contracts 
with large producing corpontipns. auch- 
aa FanMHm rinrers-Laelty , these theatres 
are always filing to taka films made 
by the big atari. 

Mr. Baker, wkoi« cumpany limit* ita 
sabjecta to non-Qi«atrira7 material da- 
dared that the famous tuts can eeade 
the restriction;* placed on Independent 
cuncerua through tbt linking up of the 
distribution system, because their [vpu- 
larity make* ihen certain box-onipe iuc- 
orsses to any theatre. Some of them, h* 
said, distribute their pictures themselves, 
.lit* small independent prodacet-, IkOW' 
free, he ssserted. would bare a hard 
time placing their films ia first-run 
house* on Broadway. 
- Mr. Baker said his company did not 
Disks theatrical plrtures b«eattejs of the 
duBcmlty tbsy Would have In distributing 
then. Ha said an Independent producer 
is /seed by s atone ■Rail winen it comes to 

getting hia picture In a first-run theatre. 

"When you get the product of Famous 
Player*. Metro and Associated Tlrat Na- 

tional Inked up ha the Ant-run theatres 
of tbt- country, .there la not room for 
much more," he aaid. 

When Mr, McDonald, coonsel for the 
defense, asked Mr. Baker, on txoss- 
ezajnlnstjen, how many theatrical pic- 
tares he had, he said "none," but ha was 
thinking- of matin* -one from an "orig- 
inal acatsrfo" hy Booth TlurMngton snd- 
had trjads some InouJrie* to ascertain 
what chance'it would eland of being eic- 
bihUed. , 

'McDonald named most of the larger 
distributing companies, hat the witneaa 
said be had talked wtth rke reprtneota- 
tire*'of only two companies, ITo said 
ha becsLDi* enneine#d tha>: ' the pfctore 
he had in mind would hart recti a hard 
tuna rtttihg into the th.**tnaa that be 
adsiaed th* dlrectora of his company not 
to fisatvlfca VXlRflOa it would oost on 

He «Jd NaatoioTs't nsctnre, ,J S»loDoe F TT 

lay "on th* sheff f«c .wcnl mouths 
and did not find distribution." Mr. 
McDonald asked him what he knew 
about the picture. He said he had ob- 
served that It wan st iesKt six months 
from the due the picture ms first shown 
at Town Halt when It appeared in the 
theatres and added that a mm r?ho 
worked for him is friendly with 
NssimoTR's hiisbanrj, vrbo had charge of 
ihe pirrtor*. 

In J!»v, W&K Mr. BaVcr said, ha 
was employed to go to India as roan- 
axing- director of so Indian corporation 
of the Fanou* Players organ izatTsn, He 
was in the office of the rsmous PlayeM 
In New fork for several daye, he aald, 
before ha wept to India. 

Mr, Baker *sld he wa*t to India in 
May, 1020, with * *lew to acquiring 
fip-t-nin theatres as part of a plan of 
Famoua Playera to make ita operations 
world-wide. He said ho started neaotia* 
tions with tweaty-Gre theatres In TndlU, 
hut they did not turn out wall and he 
came back in January, 1921. 

Tho witneai was teliinj about having 
heard in 1&21 that (he Famoua riayers 
and Metro <!orprtradoni wera trying to 
hring about aove irarlinj agre^mont:. 
Asked by Mr, Swain*, an attorney fpr 
the defendants, who he heard that from, 
be said he oftim want to lunch with *orao 
of the "■leeacr offtcials" of thft corpora- 
tion tnd he lead heard tbera dUcnatinf 

Mr. Swain* objected to this, sayiag, 
It waa like usinjc gossip and said it 
mbjht hare been tjiO talk of some tteu* 
oa;fapher, n-bo called hlmsoJf ""assjatftnt'' 
to ■smebo'l.r, but the examiner permitted 
th* testimony to stand. 

T>ll* Howr Pirimnnnl FnFUff, 

.Walter E. Gre^ae, tics president of 
the AmTicnn Iteleasa Corporation, who 
was a partner with Hiram Atarams in 
in iDdapendent distribatinf; exchange In 
101(5, told of the formation of the Para- 
mount FlctuTFp Corporation by a nuzo» 
ber of distributor* from alt flection* of 
the country, of which W. W. Hodkin- 
son of California waa elected president. 

Questioned by Mr. Farringtoa, coun- 
sel for the CottumlssUHh Mr. Green told 
how In May, 1916. Adolpb Zukur, the 
president of th* Famous Placer* Cor- 
poration, had neeonw dlaHtiaffed with 
the way it* plrtures were- bring handled 
by the Paramount Pictures Corporation 
and the witness said be had been told 
by his psrtners. A brims and Alexander 
Lichtmso, that Mr. Ziikor had thrrmlen- 
id to leaey tha- Paramount Pictures 
Corporatfort, although h*-had4 25-year 
contract with it. unless aome chanKe* 
were made in Its policy, 

Th* witneas said that following Mr.*a *ft mats «, C*J-M1S t,» 



* i.w »*.«W, 


*pcft». tQ.Qft atmtafhi. *".Tf> 

plarr-.> iln-v. won. 
BIN Bamar, 811.10 plnop. *.t.70 

■ Mf, uron4, 

• tfjr Rfi'm, 84.4Q ahair, (Hlrjd. 

B«lMfr. 84.C4 ftfr-alfht. 83„tO 

|>|MC«-, 8k.T6 UllOTT, TT«1I, 

MLnrlr Man. »&.3t> fl>lae*, SP.80 

■ hb *r . aceoaat, -4 - 
Exploit™. llViga itow, third. 

D*efslB» Strrlr. f Utaer an, FnTS>l|*i 
Bklpn wlttitn Thm-Mlla i.lmit 

RKfetS^Cd to Cb*» PMtiit, 
ISF PtRai h*va ra Tti« SlnrgtDE TtlHTJph i 


Th* GorerntncTit-owned mr-rcbant fleet 
*Hl contlnu* bon-- dry bej-ood the three- 
milp limit, ret* rotas at the Supreme 
Court's decision that liquor may be 
csrrried hy Amerirnn ahinft on ih* hiph 
seas. Preaidcm Harding has dr-eidrd tn 
adhere sertipnlniis.iT to tb* spirit is well 
as Ihe letter of th* prohiibrioo act. H* 
will presently malcr known als intention 
not to takr advantare'.oT rl» Inopholee 
offered by thp Snpreme Court. 

But prirste owners of ahips und-f the 
American fiajr sre likely to-h* less con- 
Scirntions. • _Fln«ting bars probably will 
oe opened in large numbers %j Amer- 
icana to boh-at anchor Just beyond the 
ibrer-ml!* line wher* thry ran put liquor 
aboard. ontgoiDt SBrpa sad lake it oil of 
Jticominjt shipe^ — all under the gnn mnit- 
ales of the helpless mtu chasiT* scoutiag 
"Ions; the frig* *r th* fotbittea xoae. 

Political and international complica- 
tions growinr. out of Ihr- «urt J a decision 
Monday will b' farreafhing. Briefly, it 
p>»a held that no ship. American or for- 
■eign. t*h hring Honor within the three- 
mile rone, ST*n as ablp's stores sealed 
under bond. The court oTarturnefl a 

Ereviou* ruling nf Attornry General 
'sughstty sari held that Am-rlren ships 
are fren to carr^ liquor when aurjtid* ths 
T'rntoriaj waters, though ic conwded 
Conirent th* tight tn regulate this traf- 
fie or to-supprtsA it altogether. 

C**i*r*H H*. T Elaact Law, 
The pm«n-cts are that Congress will 
enact a law suppressing it and making 
American ships bone dry both when in- 
side and when outside of the three-mile 
son*. Drrs set about roundinf up their 
forces lo this end immediately upon 
learning nt ih*. Supreme Court;* action. 
.Wayne B. Whfdar; gtaeTai eonnscl of 
the Antr.S.iiwm Lcflgue. aaid- rnngrm 
won Id t»k- SB^h,. action wh*nl it reAasera- 
blw tnMtnSim^"- - " - -*v .- ; . 

TTetraT* ponfidFjot they *tt| he 'aMdfti X 
PMvritt ft.' , Thewhole wet hn> sird- 
dealy been reovaned and both tides wjl! 
us* rhe queetlon'ns a, 'teat of prohibition 
i nadtance of the. coming PreaideDtlal 

By JOlnr L DAY. 

HAVR^ IiE GRACE. April .%. 

Tbe curtain tell on the Harre de 
Grace racing stage this afternoon sad 
boraea, horseman and the sport-JoTing 
public of ihli Ticinity will flock to the 
.Maryland Jockey Club's famous Fim- 
lico course to-morrow. Getawsy day 
at Harr* de Orace fnrnlshed racing 
that was up to the fine standard. that 
has prevailed for the thirteen day* of 
the meeting and there ir*a an ijauanslly 
large crowd for a Monday out to uf 
good-by to Harford until the gates are 
opsnrd again in September. 

The big splash of the afternoon of 
»port wax the appearance of tbn Nevada 
Stock Farm'a Derby and Prtakneis can- 
didate, Genern.1 Thatcher, The Cenrral 
has been well played In tbe Whiter 
books to win the Derby at LoufaTille. 
He-performed to-risy in a manner that 
should prtiTp plvasirie; tn bis backers. 

On s somewhat cuppy track the son 
"of Sweep and FoiEstena stepped the. mils 
and **T«ntr yards to heat Walter J. 
SbJokr'b Mail easily bj a leogtb and 
a hair in 1.4+ 1-5. The Xalapa Farm"* 
Southern Cross was third!, ahead of Irish 
Ki*s, Tippity Wllchet. Lady Mjra and 
Bygone Days. 

PmtOH M. Burrh bad gotten General 
Thatcher In good shape over tbn old Ben- 
Blnf track and later at Pstnllon. He was 
shipped by van over from. Pimllco Sun- 
day for to-day's outing in tha Caroliiia 
Purse, which he dropped into with only 
97 poandt to carry, and with this Eight 
impost fas ttam featured to be a real good 
thing, although there were aoine who 
thought that Vigil had a good chance to 
taks hia measure on his first noting, 
while there also was a wild and wide- 
spread tip nn old Irish Rise, despite tha 
fact that be had never shown any Mich 
a liking for a track aa that of to-day, it 
having failed to dry nut well since the 
rain of Saturday. 

Winner Hindi Omt «■ l^e-lc*. 
General Thatrher atood oat on' looks 
*-1 Johnny OJlahen. slao mnking his nrst 
Maryland, sppfftrnnce: to-day, paraded 
hiu to> Ehc pott. When they went away 
from the post to a good start Lad* Myra. 
led the way to tbe nrst torn, bat General 
Thatcher was rloae to ber and assumed 
command *m soon as they got around to 
the backstrstch. *He went right along 
and opened a wide gap aa tbsy Tan for 
th* last turn and Vigil OTerhanled tha 
other* and tried to get the leader. 

General Thatched- wan wclKlfl from 
as he rounded the turn for bona, but 
at tha three-BixteeflthB pole Vigil was 
allowing a lot of *pe«d in hia efforts to 
catch up, Callahan merely let out a 
wrap and ticked his horse and <3*n*Tftl 
Thatcher responded lik*. a r«*l racehorse 
sad again increased his lead, to gallop 
on to the finish alone, while oomheru 
Crca* was also showing speed enoDgh 
to threaten Ytfll. 

ThcM who watched* the nee were ira- 

[.CiBiiBies' on Tsucw V* Padmsan s-i 






Pretiiient Hardina; Iniliti That Gov- 
ernment Pleet LIto Up to Spirit 
Of thft Iaw. 




fflMIVfi WEIT. 
DrlnU II np hf fore retfiilni Star j 

rlir fP .n,i!r Uaalt. 
Drop It off at H*ltf*r or rter- 
mm* m . 

fJOISfi EA8T. 
• top af.lha r»m rl«-«l. 
>f»[n(*tn MoaLlna; mrthoui 13 
" tulle, oar. 

*lop at Halifax and atorlc an I 
SJolna- 1o Bnupt, 
j flat* St RclSSnaa *sln. loatb and 

| do- th* aans*, j 


Managers Declare Action of . 
Equity Mass Meeting Was; to | 
Be Expected In Vfew of Resent* 
merit Aroused Over Minor Is-; 
sue of Sunday Entertainment 
Bill's Passage. 

mminign. Wet. ,r. p.fpr to .botr Ibll 
tht (i(t* in suroitti in ttaf ir f«vor. irhilr 
drr» ,re equally <J.icnnin«(l lo pro^f [tat 

tbe .-■-.Lin?-. ... rn-.rf ravortble La ■,.-'.■ 
hlbiiian tiin ftet. 



lo Re l)rr, 

Th- Snprene Court's (ieMsion reganl- 
:ni Amerlcsji ships bmught s brief mo- 
ment nf pleasurable nnririTMiii^n r>. pros- 
peetlve murl^iF. who rjsioned themselves 
palling acrona the seas im the gisnt 1*.- 
vlathan tnd other gT*at liners aerated 
b.f the Shiipiug ItoBTd. But It was soon 
learned Ibat President Harding would 
continue to mrihere m the spirit of prD- 
brbition. ('hnii-mau lA^ser »f the Ship- 
ping Board, who nriEinnlly in^isttd upon 
teirlng llqnor on Cioremhiiai nhips. con- 
tending iliBt this w*n necessary id order 
to compete aucces*%lly iviiti Torrixn 
ahipii raslntnlning bars, annobrjced he 
Would stand hy ill* President's inatrur- 
tlOns of last October, which ordtrcd that 
nil ihips bare be closed. 

To what c*t-Et flnitlng S»r« miftht 
br estsbHshfd alont Ihf thtee-mile limit 
for the purpose nf aiockinjr iip outward- 
bound craft in dournfnl + Oftt"iaUi poinr 
on that It coat* som-thiTTr like 12,001) 
to stop even a comparatively small liner 
anrt put off a host. The liqnnr would 
have to be transferred by lighten, and 
In a rourh nea. this *-r>uld tir a tedinm 
ind difficult operation, They doubt 
whether steamship companies would rr- 
card the eitrs expense as worth while. 
To put in at Hslifnt to take on liquor 
wsniri mean a Inaa af tw*nTy-rour hours, 
Officials here dn not beljrvp rhe r-ip 
steamship compani** will bother to take 
an liquor fnr their eastward royages. 
Small, tramp steimera might do -o ss 
a means of'nUracting patroaage. 

BrrrhRfi Ar» Feara-d. 

J^^ww-msfy*.'**^ lWt 

rt^-icra-frsnalj, ^i-frilt-al of.brtn- NbtD 
W enfore* the dry reatrictifo. ThrV 
hara neither the personnel iwr the craft 

fContlajaSd an, Pair* ft. Colamn a.) 


Attorn-y for Hath Lays Criminal 

Conspiracy Complaint Against 

Dixon Girl. 


Hyman Bushel, ittonicy Tor fieorga 
Hermari "Babe" Ruth, yraterdav laid -be- 
fore Acting Diatrict Attorney Ferdinand 
Pecorn ctiargra of criminal .conspiracy 
agalnst Miaa Dolores Dixon and others. 
Miss I'liimi was tbe young wchruon whn 
brought suit of S&OiOOO aEninst Ruth in 
the Supreme Court and wh^ discontinued 
action last week. Bushel talked with 
r*»ra for an Ur-Ur. Following the con- 
ference, he aaid; 

"I have laid charges r*f criminal con- 
Bpiracy agaitiAt Mias Disnn and nihi-rs 
hefora Mr. Pecora- I will not disclose 
the names of the oth*T per^nns involved. 
1 have been aaked by Mr, Pecwra not to 
do *o. 

"Wa sr* determined to show once and 
Cor all that Actions of such a vicious 
character aa this cannot he ended by the 
mere dfseoDt! nuance of t?ie salt. We in- 
tend to push the criminal action to its 
proper limit. 

"I hava been instructed fay Mr. ftnth'to 
lay 'the entire 'matter b*fora the District 
Attorney and to demand prosecution* 4f 
the persona responsible for charging him 
with being- the father of Miss Piion'a 
nnhorn child. I have laid tha matter 
fully before the District Attorney a* Mr. 
Both instructed jus to do. 

"Mr. Ruth in bringing the prosecution 
feels that he is not onty rsking- the action 
to defend hia own good name, bur that 
he ia performins; a Berries in the interest* 
of justice generally. Tt ia hi* hop* that 
as a result of the prosecution it will not 
be so fashionable In the fnture for such 
suit*, unwarranted in their nature, to be 
brought axratant men who arc mucb In 
the public ev& and who sometimes feci 
that they must settle the matter br pay- 
ins out money rather than submit to the 
pnblicity tbat results icom a court action 
whether they are Innocent or not." 
- , Bush*] refused to give nut a copy of 
Miu. T>fc«f0'B retraction of. her charges. 
He did not lea** th* copy or tb* retrac- 
tion with Pecora. but took it away with 
him. When Bushel wbb asked when be 
Intended to make public the retraction, 
he aaidt 

"I will make tbe matter rmblio end 
release it- to the praas when Mr. Peeors 
telle me ta do ao. 


Judge in. InTesti gating fiu:n 

Charn^g Will Hear Evidence 

Agminst Any Fenon. 




InyfestJgation of graft charges bvnlrinj; 
Ke%" York policemen in connection n ith 
Mullan-fjAge tow violation^. Lnau^iiratcl 
jeiterday by Histrirt Attorney Joab H. 
Banton, ibfl pre»idiliit judge. Thomas (_'. 
Crain, sitting sb a committing mngjs 
trate, was formally opened in Port U, 
Gencrsl £ea*ions. 

After an adjournment until to-nwr- 
row at 10 o'clock District Attorney Bau- 
ton aaid: 

■ "I ahall be prepared to try any public 
officer that may be indbrted as a result 
of the proeecdinsn before Judge Crain 
within rwo weeks after the date of In- 

It was 10.15 o'clock when the Diatric: 
Attorney appeared, Addressing 1 the Court, 
he said: 

"The District Attorney received April 
10 from Police Commissioner EnrieUt a 
request to make an investigation of Cer- 
tain accusation* nf A**emhlvman T^ui« 
A. Cnvillier relative to remarka madr on 
th* floor of th* Assembly April '■'. Cpnn 
receipt of this letter 1 wrnr* tn Aaaern- 

blyman Curillier and hare received no 
reply- from, him." 

"About this time certain case* wore 
pending In the Magistrate** Courts,"' *nld 
the District Attorney. "Certain state- 
ments were made reflecting on Ihr pnUco 
of Oil* city. The Msynr requested thf» 
ComtniasloDer of Account* m tat* testi- 
mony and tbat ha* been . referred to thn 
Diatrirt Attorney. Certain hills w»r« 
pending In the Assembly and the Speaker 
said tb* District Attorney was eomp-t»nt 
to band!* th* l«vearl**ifrtn + 

*T asked "Tonr Honor to tall* this erl- 
dsnee, knowing your high fetandlnx; in the 
community and ynnr eixtesn years or the 
bench. Pnblicity has been given in thii 
mattes, and I have asked all to come for- 
ward who have any Information on it;*- 

"After determining; the'-mattet should 
he inveBrjnted and ia riew of tha fact 
that public officers were accusing each 
other* 1 tho&xht it should be investigat*^ 
in open court gnd not twhlad th* neces- 
sary closed dbar* of the Orapd Jury. It 
is better H be established before a com- 
mitting nsaarlatratfjL 

"Thn flueatioo aroB* an to « maain- 
tratei and it wis thonght ohfair to ■*> 

CC*ntfaiw«d mm P-«* l, Colmt 8.) 





1B8T-PAL, ■ ™ . 

Says Actor's Work Should Be 
Considered More in a Minis- 
terial Capacity and His Ser- 
vices Should Be Offered Wnen 
They Are Most Needed by the 

-, — . 

The rroduciBCiManagera appeared ya 
lerday neither aurpriscd not disturbed at 
the broedaid* launched by the Equity m 
mass meeting on Sunday. I li dividual: 
members of tb* F. M. A„ while they re: "'■ 
ETTctled thr Tureripitnte mtture of tin 
hrrpr-h, Raid that the conduct of thn wet- 
in t a* reported wanteiacily a* they had.,,; 
anticipated and gar* no causa for alarm. 

Augustus Thomas, rhairaiar of tb* 
producers. rciMrated his feeling that-*** 
Issue nf anch Importance should not-Sa'- 
subjecied to mob psychology. 

"As a proLcat agalnat a coocntf ace," 
raid Mr. Thomas, "the unanimous \oic* 
of a mass meeting U significant, but aa ■- ^ 
judicinl verdict upon an Intricate *n*l^?i 
critical poibl, It is deplorable, 

tipped] |v f'o*ipon r Darlalon. 

"WLen I heard nf the proppfed mesbi^ 
in; or the actors l axpressed the hop* ^ 
that the delicate dcriiiiaj ,*• to(t#-sA; i 
,-he^'<upridEJ^nitt,ni^bC r J Bat he^aphM 
v\ trial by crriraJ i a the heat of an .'wdajjvN 
natLOn tc*7ion. 

"The roafiitniClit of tne actors It th*/.' 1 - 
Sunday emertainuiciit hill recently pBSs*#?S 
by the Sen nto is undcrsiandable if nn^tufcj* 
lifted, bet it is to be regretted| 
-hQttld ha\e undertaken to judga In th* . 
snnj* spirit n vital iaaue bert-een taa> 
managers nnd. thnmaeUcs. of whose mdh* 
its thry appenr (u have so Inadequate t 
conception. 1 

"Upon n turstion of mcb far-re*chini! 
iniportmice t li*-y should Iinve h:cn 1u}^ 
Unwed tr> go arunnd the dock in their i 
liberation, and ic so f*r a* an emotional 
temperoment permilB nf logic, they *bonls>. 
have l»wn allowed freedom lo consider 
what is beat not only for ihemseJies but.' 
for that fftlirir- of which they are a part 
aa useful n* ih^y are noticeable. 

"I am sorry they were stampeded by.' 
an? agitator's piVCl and a viva voce vtH."* 

Mt Thomas eaprcased snrpruie oaj;"' 
hcarins that he had been referred to a* 3 ^j 
the rather nf the Lcvry bill. . ," J 

Vot R*tnan*ltale Tor -Bill. >jS| 

"My flmt knowlsdg* nf the LcrrybiflV* 
be said, "wan after iu-Jntroducilon and . 
ih rourh ihe piiblic' print?. ' I facor it 
namrally on thb deesaeratic principle ol 
borne rule. 8$ 

"And 1 favor it. for another reason. 
An Equity representative. >oppoalng tha 
bill uid to tbe Joint coranlttea In the 
hearing. *Tfre *ctora are often called tha 
servants of the public, and aa your aariv^JI 
vanta we nnl> you not to make ua work 
on Sunday*-' 

"Esc'i't in th* highest sense of the-'-' 
word 'Bcrvlr*.' I prefer to regard ib» 
actor j* wm I. more lit a mlnbiterial ca- 
pacitv, and 1 think, hie ministrations 
should be offered when they are moat 
needed. A» a PJfre union labor .propo- 
sition he perhaps abouid ban hia .Hay 
off when all other laborer* do, but 
in my opinion the fact that Sunday is 
the day when most labor ia at liberty, 
makes it inenmbent upon tha ncroi 
whose profession it Lb %a do what h* 
can at that time to entertain, direj-t. 
and if possible eleratt his fellow nan. 
When all other anlHMWenia are per- 
mitted under th* law, I think it is re- 
grettable that the finest and most be»«- 
firial kind, that in to say, he legittmata 
theatre, ia forbidden to address it* pub- 

''I tm against any man** lirinc coerced 
to a wcjajbrrjc tvrt-k of more than *i* 
■dir'. ' attd the Erpnity irpreaentattve* 
heard me say that to tb: joint comJnitte* 
In Albany. ■ 

City Has Spaelal ProVlns. 

"In -Ntaw York City we have n prn*-; 
letn that la not present In tha earns de- 
gre* Rnywhera else, in tbe country. FuUy . 
38 per cent. Of the nduit popnJarJen c>_*' 
' New York is foreign-barn . Their en- 
tertainmrnt and instruelJnti fa 4 pubis* 
problem and a public duty, and 3 ba- 
llcva tbe actor would be worthy iff wag* 
nmeh more admiration if he would hit*, 
sb many other self-devoted pfflfcssiou* 
do, at the time when he can b- . moat 

" ! The whole qyesti"n |* bst one ao 
irnich of self -protection *s tt is on* of 
ao If -devotion. 1 don't soow any nra- 
fnsaion that need* more than the actor 
rUiM th* opportunity for social contact 
and a persenj'E cultivation that ahouW 
Snake tim aa fine a type aa we'eau peo- 
dnee. ' . „ 

"I can't m; too often that I an't thbsk i 
the actor should work faentm' tb»v sikfl 
nig hu a week. I want to go further i* — 







Uniform Quality 

Best Results 

£6 EroadwTry 

KVtnnt- I think there in row nnd then e 

JHUl that nil ii'.-l-r tfiouiio'l b* r^nuLrrd 

^To play to otren ns six times a Week* 1 

; think there irr sonic pitta to which he 

- Cftnnot il'i Juitire twice f on Buy day. 

ronitilrr Plbllc FiHI, 

"Howttet, II I'were to consider all the 
. actors, b great many of whom I &«* the 

- privilege or calling my friends. In arpoF-I- 
tJon to the 2.000.000 deserving individuals 

.'of the theatre public, for whow benefit 
■wear* »H leagued Wither, I oelipTe that 
I should ask my friends to fubordlute 
Their pie mure and eoUat in a broader in- 
treat* a 

_. When questioned; ns to the IndipintJon 
j erf th* a-rtnra. at the idc* of brine, de- 
prived: of their day of rat. Mr. Thomas 
•mid that that point or rlew was a, jar*. 
■o' lantern lighted to Inflame- the resent- 
ment nf the thonx titles, i 
■_• "ti the lima -when Mr. Brady a bill 
. irta first being considered, I told Mr. 
.GiUraor* that I felt myself to be dral- 
inf with la.* atronpeM lnt»r union which 
*t .had ever known, and that I belleTed 
that tho Artors' Equftj had (hn power 
to atop any (Wrformnnce at any time 
.' they chomp. That tlicy bad so far re- 
frained from dnint so I felt -was doc to 
two very creditable reason*;; first, the 
navrUUiipiem to depeTte their affiliated 
unions — itAffe hands and musicltna — *>f 
, tho -profit of nn extra performance, and 
secondly; a reluctance to forbid their 
■. own. manrher* from enjoying a similar 
' opportunity which many tuij/th desire." 


Fas***/* victory Brides Cat la Win- 
ter Book. 

LEXnCOTOX, IKy,.. April W-— After 
Nassau's race her* this afternoon Emll 
' Hera 'announced thai Pred Johnson'* 
colt had been backed from 35 to 20 to 
'. 1 i» the Wiatt-t- book oa tba Kentucky 
Darby, while [io McMillan s price "was 
Increased; to 40 to. J. The rertaed prices 

Zrr— 3 to 1. . 

Wilderness— 10 to 1. 
-■- Marti ngnle— 12 to 1. 
t.oslia trfe — 3^ to 1. 
Sally's Aliey-15 to l. 
iiuchantaieiil — 20 to 3. 
.Ounlin— 20 to 1* 
M*w«iKer~-20 to 1. 
Ohiekval*— 2T> to J, 
RUICB— Sft to 1. 
Barbary Bnnh— 25 to 1. 
AapiratEon— -2Q lo 3, 
Inr Hamorlam — 20 to l, 
E Boiifiea— 30 to 1. 
S ■ Anna 3j\ Hiimphrer— ■ 30 to "L 
a I^*nr« K. — SS to 1. 
Orcmt Maa— St) to 1. 
.p.G*Mr*l Tba tcher-^W tq 1. 
1 Brtgbt Tornnrrow— 33 to 1. 
Batty Enill" M to 1. 


(CoaillM«*< Pr*aa P*a;a 1.) 

Zulior'a return Tnm a, TiJii-t to CaU- 
. fonla in Ml?. ll*ir.. that ha, Aonitll, 
Liehtman and Mr. Kokof btd a eon- 
ferenco'Dt the homr of tlia latter, at 
u-iiit-"r_ Mr. Zuknr laid that ha found it 
hard to get alona; -vlth HodklDaoR, and 
aiipjfratrd tbit tJodklaMD be remorrd 
a* prwidant and that Abrama b« aub- 
etituted in hla place. rte uld they 
cima to an urretont rrhlte at Knknr'a 
home that I* poaalble tbey troiilil hire 
IltHikJnaoa uepoicd, and alao the trra- 
■urer of Paramount Pletnrea Cortiora- 
ii'in. a mail named Pan-lty, iMnnverl. It 
iril alio aereed ibit Knkor ahVuld h«Tt 
H> per eent. of th* atoek'ol the Fan- 
mount Corporttlaii. 

Aarr»f ftfl ItoJktnaon. - 

PiiirmiRt to rarrylni: out that Rrrte- 
amt, Qreetir aaid that he went to aee 
Junta Steele, one of tbo 0*e dlreeton 4f 
faramoant Pietcrra Corporarjon, wbo 
waa in Pittlbarf. At the. mamm lima 
Abranu went tojea ajiotber dltartor, W. 
L Sherry, -who waa in Buffalo, N. T. 
The wltneaa aaid 0:nt Eia fouad Steete 
favoratrle to the pronotftioD ud that 
Steels eame lack to New Tork City. 
Kierry cam? from Biiffalr) with Abrani 
fttiil the foot of them had i conference 
with Mr. Ziikor mt the Hotel A«ar, it 
wilch It wse njrrted to OQlt HodkJriBon 
and. carry' oat the other pTOTftJcot laid 
down fry Mr. Zuknr. Following; thU cod- 
ference an arreaount tu drawn up and 
■itned by the following: Adolph Znkor, 
Jene I. I^Mky, Hiram Abrama, W. L. 
Sherry and! Jam» Steele, 

ThU aareemactt wac ■ianad May 20, V 
1016, and provided that Famous Playara 
CotporallOa ahnuld be allowed Jo pur. 
chato G.OfiO aharea of thai stock of -Plr- 


jCBejEljar WlfM Loot W«a Worlfelaaa 
j . JLatattfatai BUIa, n*ta S \*mtm. 
"■ Jndce Ajrrcd J. TaUey In Oenenl 
| Sewiooi yeaterday, In aentenetnc Ku- 
idolpJi Kinalln, 23 rut* old, a rlc-jrcr, of 
155 Bleeclcer stre^r, to from rrvo to four 

, yeanr In Stat* prtaon, told the prisoner 

' kbit he w-aa not oreti a aucceaa en a 
/bnrtlar. "Jni:k- «nk two 4 1,000 Aua< 

/ trial i kronni nbteiC frbrn^ the apaTtmept 
of; Mary Mariano of 7 Winettl Vlrect 

' J*at April, O 

"A crook is wMttafc time to steal 

. ^kroneDr" aaid the Court. ")fiyu miphl 
tetter be tmiiloyed than aa a "burilar. 
your 'ipaul was about as. profiUble ** 
tht. ordinary erook'a lo«it proret to tie 

* jrheji tho pricehe has to pay la taken 
Jnto h eonaidFratiob." 

The botanist amy* 
ouf friends, tho flow- 
: era, in s p-halin k of long 

for ever y name in that 
lengthy list, Ovinffton'a 
baa a ho) tier that rival* 

I fit beawy the cbarminK 

- flower it aelf. 


PryTH AVraua at sflffl ST. 

Rmlico, Baltimore 


FIRST RACE 2-30 F- M. 

Ttwlm le*m Urn* York <Pa> 
v'JL. H L3#.>ifiBBa. St.., 8.10 A. M. 
.mirtrihi., 10.13 A. M-j diM 
C<JjstM St*.), n.zs 

Trail t*rr<i Maw Y«rk (B. 

r'a.).f*ana 5t»^ 7-SD A.M. 
"" < Ct«t: St Si*-). 1040 
Cl aW aWtiaaar. (H|. 
I StasJ, MHO F. *U 

mount Plcturea Corpormtlon o& a p,it 
ralue of $100 each at ISO a share, ona- 
l.ii If of which, or 2.S00 iharea, to be 
accepted. JiUel jind the other hnlf to 
be accepted Jnii 1. on condition that 
"prior to Jnly 1 Hlrnio Abrama should 
be elected orealdent and Jaxneo Steele 
treasurer of tho JParnmonnt Picture 
Corporation nnd that th* flmmelal »q- 
dltlona r>f tse Puamodnt 'plctnrea shall 
not be changed." 

Mr. Greene testified that 2,800 ahitrre 
of stock wen delivered June 3, that on 
Juns 13 Anrams was elected preflideut 
and Steel* traaaurnr nf th* Paramfmnl 
1 Ptctnraa Corporation, and stated fnrthet 
that the Famous Players Corporation 
had all toe. shares of tho Paramopnt PTc- 
turee Corpora;ion stock by the end of 

PlHr* flfiirN In Trait Oo» 

At this point Mr. FarriniftOn put into" 
aridftlin another aereejilent aigned June 
23, nine days after ^odkllison had been 
depoaed, In which the men who hed been 
Chiefly 'reanoaaibl* for tha remoraL of 
tlodiluaQO nirnnl an agreement to de- 
poalt certain shares of atock" with the 
Kmpire Trutt Company, which vrti* not 
■old or tliapoted of in s*y way Triffiout 
the eoneent of eeTentr-nre per cent of the 
total number of aharea to deposited. 
Thoao who signed that agreement and the 
number of aharea thay deposited were aa 
fallow*: Hiram Abrama, 1,750 shares ; 
Walter Greene, 1,780 abates; Jamea 
Steele, 1.B25 aharea f W. L. Sherry, 
4,500 aharea; Jaaaa L.' r.uky, 2JF00 
shares ; Adolph Zukor, 2.500 aharea. 
This agreement wu to ran for Ave 
Irani, or until 1021. 

Mr. Orcme told of tha orrtnUaAon of 
Artctaft Pietnr** about July, 1&10^ of 
which be w alecbtid prealdent. He aaid 
the object of the Artcrsft Pieturea waa 
to dutribute plc-torea by ^ary Pickford 
u4 other high-class atar*. Ho aaid the 
1 smoua Planra-liBAhy Corporation (nV 
nnhed the fund* to orgmnite the' Art- 
craft Picture*, but the latter waa adver- 
tised aa aa Independent compauj. 

Mr. Grecnf aahj the Patnons PJayeri- 
Laaky Corporation took ore.r the Para- 
mount Plcturea Corporation in May or 
J-Jne, 1V17, and that tha Artcraft and 
Paramount were merged. Ha said it was 
in the Summer of 1&1T thai he firjut 
heard of tha plan to sen. ui re- first run 
theatres. At first it m tdannsd to vaake 
contraetural arrangementa with certain 
Am run theatres by which the Famous 
Players pictures would be giren to th«e 
theatraa ptoTidad tbey took a majority 
of the cotporalion's picture*- Bat thin 
plan fell through,, be said, and then they 
decided upon buying or leasing ihsttrre. 

Lyaeh. Itartaal H«tller» flro.p. 

Th* witness eaCi&ated that from 20 u 
£5 per teat, of tha arena ratura* from g 
picture const* froni flrst-rur. thegttra. He 
■aid it wu SL A. fiyneh of AtltBta, Gat, 
«hn aacguted to Mr. Zqgor that they 
gat control of th* theatres in rleirn 
Sotthmu States. Ly^ch propotad to put 
np te0O r 0OO if Panmun PUyert wo«M 
put up a iike amonqt Tha SontHrra en- 
terptis* waa formed and I^ach be^aaj* 
the rvpreaentative of the FMxnoaa Play- 
era throughout tha Southern territory, 
hanng ckarge of aichangea at Atlanta, 
Sew Orlaana, Dalian, Trt, Charlotu. 
N. O.. and Oklahoma City. 

The witneaa waa uhsd about Mr. 
Zaker** eonnactjoa with Lewis J. Hth- 
Bkrk in tba Rummer of 101T, He aaid 
they formed tha Setect Plctutea Corpora- 
tion in which Famous Player* bad-* 
half interest. Be said the hualnis* 
polity of the Select Picture* Corporation 
wtr oitrtotwd iiy the exemtire fomiflit- 
ree of Fanjoua Playrra CorporatioB, but 
that praetirally alt tha traaaedona eon< 
nrcted with the prodtietlon of picture* 

DJt. r* ATT. af**t(a 


itt. nsaHa asrrw*. r»** 


rnnLo n- I'lmr^-it. 
Sfa* 1V1II Open lb Ilrooklyn Si-i* 
M'erK in "Flrea oi Spslpa;. 1 ' 


Tfe-wrmrlt. K. J. (WJK.) 
(SflO TWvteea.) 

7 P. M. — Adventure str-rien for boys 
and firla from fnmoup Celtic Myths. 
Courtesy the Macmillnti Company. 

T.30 P. M.— "Boy* Loyalty fiat 
Metuuwr," -What I 3*w Thii After- 
Oooh.'_ by Tlaymond J. Knoeppel, past 
Jfrcrident of Hothry Club of Kew 

T.45 P. M.— Conoert by Walter 
Ehrnman, tenor, of Knglswoad, N J. 

8 P. M— "HnmemoltinE— A Busi- 
ness," by Ada BflMte Swimn, Super- 
visor Home l^conomieB I>epartmeiite] 
Public Service Electric Company, 
Newark, N. J. 

&.1B P. M— Oattnuatioft- cs( pro- 
gram hy Walter Rhrnman, tenor. 

I> P. M. — Concert under tho direc- 
tion of Cfaarle* D. Iaanceon, of tha 
Hew Torli Etenfoff Unll. 

1-. n*n:hr.rE*r A Co. i wO!l.) 

(400 Hefeo.j 

£J» P. M.— Bonga by Mnt, Charles 
Banmber, eoprnno MlA^t of thn Park 
Preahjteriaji Chutch, Bloomfleld. N. J. 

Z*S P, ht.—Continnation of the 
rending gf the History of the United 

8. IS P. M.— Address, "The Boy and 
the Community," by Arthur F. Egner, 
of the Newark V. M. C. A, 

B.30 P. M.— "My Experiences iti 
Pdlabfl," thii Kccopd i>f A scries of 
Travel Talks hy .T, Georgu Bucber. 
_ li.lfl P. M-TT-"Homc Garden Hlnt«. h+ 

B.17 P. M.— Songs by Jlorthn Liv- 
ingston, aopranfi, of Ro^eUo Park, N. J. 

TP. M.—ContJtiufttlon of tho week- 
ly progvtttn under the auspices of tha 
lJov Scouto- of Amcrlce. 

5 P. M.—'The Ear and Itadio," the 
use of rndlo for improving the hear- 
ing, by Dr. Pnttl V. Wlnslow. 

8.t5 P. M.— "Some Tools of Alfie- 
bra," ths fnurth nf q series of talks* 
given hy WllliAjb W, Strndcr. 

S,35 P. M,— prognm by the Or- 
phetja Club of Kewark. 

8.60 P. M. — Dor-i solos by Frnnces 
Callow. ■ 

6 P. M.— 'Taking Care of . V&ar 
Bnby Through the Summer Months," 
a "Botter-Bnby Week," addren by Dr. 
Charles Gilmoro/ Kfrloy, Nevr York 
Polyclinic Medical School aad Hos- 
pital. iS 

CL«-P V gt.i f pto by Eillth Forlen- 
ooe, "Golden Silence." 

10,10 P. 1 M.— "Cripple Kiddie 
Work," 'by Dr, Harris K. Cohan. 

10.S0 P, M. — Dftitce munis by the 
Floyd Danco Orchertrjj pF Xcw York. 

AbhtIcih TOIfSbODfi sad Tela- 
(Ttps Coimiiaiiy (WKAP.i r 

(*tH> -IMfri,! I 

11 A,' M. — "What to Eat In th* 
Spring," a talk by Btaucbe Wylla 
w>iiaill]er, of tha Department ol Pub- 
lic Hftrteta. 

4 P. M.— Prepram. by Gimbel 
Brothers' Now' York Store. Recital 
by' Samuel Weber, blind pianist. 

■1.30 P. M.~Soloa by BorghUd RLe- 
ceL Norwegian dramatic soprano. 

4.-13" p. M.— Pian* ncftai by Gtr- 
trud* Csarial, 

T50 P. M.— Eedtal hy Muriel H. 
Wilson. lyric soprano, accompanied by 
A- V. fylufrio. 

7.45 ' P, M,— i "Boj*~ : -A NntWa 
Grentert Aaaet." a Boys' Loyalty Day 
Message hy the Hon. Franklin Chase 
HoTt. Chief Judge of New York Chil- 
dr*V* Court 


T*Llrt**BtBL d»r «* th* IpritiBT ia(«fna of tk* JUWord A f -rlc«ltiirtil 

■4 Breeders' Assoc Ini ton- w>**h*-r clear. Thlrtvca tUin, Mointli, 

PfMiaiaa JttSt**, n. J, tfarrta. J. P. Turner 
**aJJHtr*j itr*. i|'UeU"L 

p'n-t !»-■ ii- i :■> v. 11, -IsdlcatM th* -mi 

HqeliraiWl— W, Whip, B, Fjiun: B. IlSltktn. 

SB* J". l|-!i-M!, Bbu-tar. Jw. Jliiwn.' BJilft-c 
sdi iHnaQM lUotutt: , 4 'in passin •tthna 

- JlRST zaCE-r«ir and « hiir -T-Klooi-i. (ima~.»s-i-isn Tim*, ,:j*%. ..I. 
TJir. trSf; tecent. -.ntH: third. (T«- Two-JSH-nlfti. 

"", wra tinLIf : w* drlr^f. WlBDwr, cb 1. i. 

. ayflripag ■ 




Fr et 





s - 




v ica 

E T 



O.Ab*l 1 




•KbMnH OJM, • 

-r 111 

1 1 









w lit 

1 1 



J. Vat-nil 

F f*j 



A. J. ADM 

- HI 

i a 

T. P»rrlB.ctno 


ANTIA nr>EiTO:- 

* IU 

a i 




•nui-Ar irtH 

* ;« 

T 1 







<m at* 

t * 




«■«• . 



1 -- •-■■■', 

■* i 




ir r M* 


WW. ||.W- Iho*. fin. Ji'***n, rts». utc 

. Tr*fl rui *u*pt s*v the nwet tft, jtiw a u. miiows ih* juifiwlr M'u« W*** 

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B. unr -I, J. Arthur: : ll.-J. n«M: t, A'. J. b|«»i. '. L K. SjtUKi: t. Andlfi F*nn: A, 
ii tjrnla; 1, NtiUi SlHt huu: 1. lli-L it A. S !■*![».- . - 

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■mllul'-J AlKSV. Th* lit:?r liUng in*r M4Nlnj( hla rtfort ,. [h» 1 DD «r Uia ilmrb. -I:-;- hi bwa 
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M]T A^L'IM, LOO: HUtT MlUr )!". 

Ownara— L ™ P. SUWDMtTIrVh X A'. S. Mbfn r : J, tk. Indian; t, A. *p-|nkfi; I, K Pall****": 

I. B. B, Chaecaaa! t. W. II. CWtt; 1. M. F. CilltL 1. J: Sf 5 l»:i"iil: 19. V. K Fnamin . U. It 
UaBArranbl 11 P. II. UfGotMS.. _. ' 

OiridT TttinD FLACk— an NrKTt,. iflttt* 1 ITU I. Wl I Tim*. .:*. -ch . i ii«. f^s« »iar 

Upa-iPCV 3 "'-»■. I MlBUK*. Of! fel 1.41. piir 1 . <"«!. '-'■'"<• »*-ilj: plar« Hmp. "H'|, ,-.».. 1 a, 1. 
BJ Hwp— All* t'Ot. _P»S«f ^ i. K. I. ft OS* TriltiM'. M. MicDanl>l 

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taPTEHVt.r< r»r44 In h«nd lh> fall ir Hflp Sfld flnliTint on lb* MllMl. IS'EIiL- 

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Corraclvt irelihl— Wtlinalar. lib. e«a,trtiad— iiirr arij^ia 

(iinin-!, J.-^fc ROu: I. J. flc-=iii; I Mrs. K- I. alll| 


*\ B. Murtij: I. C. K. Itir- 
-*U fu.inri.jc. r:r:is-i ii'i-:-[:t 1 tnm. »S. *t > i^- Th* 

!!,<■>■. v.iin U Tltriar, |I,1C0: iKond. MOb: third. iWK. 
Th.Ti~ ■?«:-. nlsSa. Pn| | rainy H a, OM ■( 4 r IT "I »rt fflta. Wnn drlvlDJ: pLir* «u|l|-- WI0BW. 
-h f. I, b7 Vlr J6h« .\rKr.*u-r,— < a rr!n». OOpara, MTil-EY FAHH. 


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UO»: T"-.iHh. tlEd. TbHar-ratf-DMl 4ci3 uBViiJ. PHt 1 inlBUI». OIF tl 4.4T. Stan tfti. Won 
*iiil>: site* uiB*. WlBbor. br e. I, br Cf»*p-IsL:iu?h. Ontr*. JKXVaDA BTuCH: FATE3L 
Trmnaf. P. U. Hunti. 

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111 T IH I 1 I 1 J.Chtlnvn 

1 '. jjj ijj : t 1 J.Rayaj 

It It 

were carrind 00 by Mr. Zuhor and! Mr. 
Betxnick This atmngempnt lasted only 
n year, he said, Fawou* Playors srlling 
its half interest to till, SrUjnlck. Soon 
after this the I&ealart Corporation ivas 
orsanLied with tho financial help of 
Famous Players Corporation, He laid 
the organ [gatj ion nf this corporation was 
to provide an outlet for a secondary list 
of -pictures, Tvbick. it w*.n thooght c*nW 
be relcneed to AttfaH adraatflgo through 
anntber nrE^niKatio'i. 

He said at first it wns not genetallj 
known that the Bealsn: Cnrimrntion waa 
a subsidiary of Fitnou*' Players, but It 
became known tpithin n fen* vrrrks. 
. On croas-examinAtioc by Mr. McDon- 
ald, the witness said he be^anie a director 
in Fnraon* Play era Corporation In 
March, 1H17. and hfame vice prftsident 
the latter part of 101 ft. 

Mr/ McDonald ivxktd Mr. Croeni^ if 
the organisation of Attcraft CornorfHoa 
hnd not been made at tin 1 special request 
of Mary Piektord and bejeause she ifi- 
sjBtcdi !irr_ iiicturrs shotlid" not bfdit- 
tributed with other pictures, and the wit- 
ness 'sain he undrrs;ncyl ntch wna the 
case, Mr. Greene hnd been with 
tiB Aanrfean JVltajdng; CVrporatlon fif- 
teen months and that it tftMributcB for 
thirty Independent producer*- He snitl 
\h% American Hclcajring Company liad 
"trick In only one ^roauclTfg companr. 
That wea^yrnmid Pi«ure*. • ■ 

TafS-Aallar mutu*li pain— Gin+ra! Thiiih.i, «tr»[(M. H.»; plat*, 13 W; abov, IJ.IJ, Vlalt. 
p|B£*,' H.M; *b»v. ILH. Baain*rD Cr»i. a-ion. 14.00, 

Tre*k tWL □eKBRAl' TMATCpCn mtraa hi* field liw Lb* break and waa In haq* irc-t or 
Lh* (llp r ViQlli mad« a dtLarmLsad afhirt rntwlii LbA itawLCh. vhara b* naa* (a Lb* jstald* at 
ih.*' f«**n-a. hut innfJ CTir la Hi, ipaldl Ip Lba Ini fiulonr = ICTIIEEIW CROPS outluud 
TR1BH KIH3 It tha ,t,A 

hMniaBP" t*4r "IT*, l: V\gn. t; Irlah Kin, I- Scratcbfd— urrr Bidaariald, 1I0; (HUT) Bt«*. 

hMt. it): W"T* F*ir nAntsk Ha. .■ 

iMrnew-S. Na»»da haca rprrn: t w. J. 9*1(bob: 3. Xat*p* rum: 4. 'c. c*Ur*Uf: i, U. T. 

Ban**: t, a. kafflHSl T. C J. BiwamlHar, * |J -tf 'jjtjl 

_„ _ -IILI Tim.. UH. ■•I*. UrtSlB 

|l 4 *»r TPla*to mjiiear. ; *K»: aarapd. I1W; ihtr*. lie. TiTt-a- 
7*ar-»;<U *n.* up *■»>(! CUItbIe^. P«a( I mlr.iile*. llrf at T :.*- Start t&<v&, W«n {Jrl'lPI : C>*r* 

wwt, Wlnwr, bfal. »r CbA rl+a M**f4-ghoaf: r , j>tt*t. w, KBab ks. Trelper . r. J . KairM,_ 
TaOK gjj gjjtSS A ^' "^"tJS ** n&LS~— *^- J ***"7-' fl ^_ * 

l r)iTT» •apTJos . iVijci i"t~i' i'"Ji* a n -A^afcrn jj..w r-:o n-» 

ir^T SIFT BlKd -USUI Til 1 tVa 1^ T-, m TJnirHpsUa 10.14 « -M iT-:s 

■■■ " r« ajT***"™ !-» - 4-B 

■ " ~.Rc*fhs 


■aim Tin 1 f% 

-»1T> Ml, P . 

nb I lot I 1 « 44 /|_ c ^jgV.P.RtMKbs 

liiH 11 1 ■ tr>3 ;■ 1'ra.JltUw 

rti!«r j- i i> i" :i v *• nr.PiMi 


b» 'niiiiiAra 

IMIT* 'VT*Altn4 , 

iMTfi -aUjll t(N I I life T»« T 

ITlfT *JfT. 0. T. RU'tTlM, 1 4 jaa t* I* 

»err> tabm w 4. m* 4 i ■** p 4" 


fi.M + lil 



ll. M 

TwD-ddllar Tamo*]* piJaHlrux*. rtrxlih;, [1.40: pTtr*. 'H.B; bhow, ll,]«. Bltf flaur. plara, 
IILlD; akaw, liar ftaalsi. akdir, 11.40. 

traab fa*i *.<r«fti o*u uh 1ac»r rail. SPt'Ot' tiLlran till 11+ia t/nit »« Srrtl ac.l ill rSlM la frost 
IP iTn urttcti IbTb, mhmn h« Mailed nrt tba citUimii (ram BIPP BsKU add 6igtsaiBia4 ih* UHtr 
In ttn nn*J flTla*. BffT IiANr, t-wi.* BTAR RhtAtJI ai0fk*4 hla -wtj- lip an L«a iuUI4«: 
HsDklD bapi bin Ln tba tslddla at a* Irak, il it* itraEQi mtn and a* *at wwrins thv iMdm don 
at tb« iMr ' «■'" . ' 

Ot»C Mffe I— T»m. J- flrraWhaA— S)T1T QtiKM**. IH; SCTIT 7 1 Bill* BlU, 11*. 
OlIDan— 1. W. Itaaraa; J, U T, Uaai:. 1. lira A. A^HBBdrSt I. I. 0. McDotUld: 4, T. T, 
Miliar: *. J. B. T>aab: 1. 0. C. trinfrrj: I. f. -'-«'<'■: I. Mrs. II. 1, Millar. *-^ 

oirtQT esvcNTu mrt-ont miu snd » *i|hu< r (nun— Lbo-t— ib.i. rim*. .t4U. ,'*v 
C.IUDI vn. 1.41, HI. ran*, ji,im : yiI-. lb wi~n*r. ISM: Moosd. IKH: iMrt 1104. 

TkrH'inr-oa, pq* upa-aril Clil.-nlnp- Fr«l 1 miauls (MI «(. LH. Itift p-od. WaB irlrlDC; 

PLU* aa*iij>. WitpaT, <b a . 1. br KeroP^-lStmiA. Oa-ntr. B. E. WATBOM. Train w, 1. t, Cnm- 



awi rrim j /%. . 

f»itT} KtaaTaaf 

fOapT *TCLaA 

stnrr *a»iAaTT 

lltJT *BL,A1X)HRV 


wb 1 111 

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-sb I 111 

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ria 1 Jactm 

I 1 it r * "if lu 
1 1 ** lb ^11/ |i 

1 l 1 -r» m i' 

iii' j* s** •> 

J '■».!> A All* I 

m a.Rcu 

O aJBall 
.'■- (I .v.* n 
I' J.r.K*arVa 


17.40 BM 

4LH — 


T"(v-^o|itr TOiiimiB paid— QaUiar. iirUphL, |i.M: »Uct. It. 10; ihoar, |M4 lf|n*alj| Jla=. pta**. 
It !!>; ■«*«. H.44. f?Tp;a,li*. abaw. *!». W, 

Tl*ch tUl aK«pf B**r tti» iOBIF rail. BOUtK.'. trarh*4 h Lr «» r n F on Ih* nmKi js ir.* bark. 
■ rritbb. but stn* unncrs ea Lbs lesld* In in* itratcb ran. *arp KIHACLS- KAM Soatp •■* waa 
I4las- »"> at tha Hi. M1TLACLB HAS tltM iriSr maiyt all :b* put. F.XrLOBIYr, ougrM»ad 
TL'IJJI, «fa» madi a iMj turn PBUTlnS lb* ilrrtea 

fttrr*cwd ■wtstM-Ulfwt. Mia. lid. OTir«»li;bi-BiploJi^*. 4 ftrrat'ti*4-J«TT f Vnualsr. J«! 
irtJT Jchnnr Dusdb*. Lll; > 2JT 1 lajraia. 11 H-IIT tlaslloa. Ul! 1MIT Dr. B«, Ifl: KltT Knf- 
isrS'a Cbairf, H: *6MT "!ata, n : JMtT' John W.jrrni. 144, « 

OwsHa-1, V K. Wstm: !. I. I> RliJiirli; i. b. P^ liiminwftald: 4, C. J. Jlrocltoilllari 5. J. 
H. CoIUdj: I, Ura. O. II htiaM: 4. C. *C. TtHSbu. 

148-150 West Forty-ninth Street 


A meeting place for those 
of discriminating tastes 

A la Cirtt S«rTic. In 1 A- M. 

Hifmet From C*J» J» Pari. Plum. Bryhnt 9957, 

Special Table d'Hote Luncheon Each Day 
From 11.30 A. M. to 2.30 P. M.-6Sc 

PALAIS DE DANCE B'way & 49th St. 

S'aai uadW tfe* p*nu»al minasvBnBi if Mr. ErnMl TpIcI, 

New Cabaret Rcrri«w Staged by Joe Ward 


Nude. Iranflnr Nl|fnrj Co'iln* F-rau'aLb 

Iran T« uaill I A. M. aa.lj, i-aaf* - 

TaliphoBf Circle T4BT 




To-Nigjnt— A ^ Big Revue, "Hands Up" 

TwlfaMI*llT-7»i *.*L— r % n. [K*c*«iChaTra at D!i 



v covtn rjHAnora n bach. 

C%aap ITi. nafMf-al «i.>l«nml «• Wu. BKnM a,qd [1141 r Qaoii. 

: mi -fna daksaIit. 

DINNER 2» *1> 50 

— 8 GarrooratiB Co urn » — 
(No Cover Charfe at Dinner) 


711 7th At*., 4atJ. St., cur. B'way 

Bin Rerun at Dinner. 
Dancing Til] a A.M. Hawaiian Band 

«J8 Do* Owm*** rined. 

The eruiadB of the Health Depart- 
ment against nnmuialed clog*, resulted 
En the appeJirBnce ot fifty -elghE dot\own- 
rra In. Eaaex Market Court yesterday, 
charged \ritb faiLinsr- In muzsle fMr 
dog*. Mnaiatrate ProtbitiKhsni impaaed j- 
fine* *r *1 on thonc wlio Lund 'In---- in 
lrsabra .and S- on tboie w'na permitted 
Aeir dog* to tub. Owner* of tnirt* 
dogs were fiued by Mngistrate £iim£i**n 
in rVaabjnjtoa Hcighta Court 


An OatitfaULdinff Fentnre at GoinmRr- 

cial C«ngnU H ecently Held ' 

at Eonui. 

{SpdarLaJ DUfhUth V* Tit* Uotn n< TaUfraph. i 

WASHIiVOrTOIf.' April SO. 

In tbeif op<n(ona of CArntnarcial coo- 
dltlons in Europe brought home from 
tba Intern ationai CommeTciai Congress 
■t Rome by numbers of the large Amer- 
ican delegation tb*r* is no deeper not* 
Of. optimism than that relating to aero- 
nautical progress. rVom reports of 
the delegstta who represented the Na- 
tional Aeronautic Association of U. 8. 
A„ beaded by Howard V,. Coffin of 
Detroit, president of the association, th* 
precipitation by the Atnerleant Ct tat 
sentiment of the air group Into *n agree- 
ment noon a ftrrnuiin of prhnHploe for 
the promotion of crril air fcriasportation 
was one of tbe eutatandlog accomplish- 
meuta of the cotLareaf. This group con- 
sidered tba question from a purely busi- 
ness point of Tien- and lit conclusion* 
were IncorpBratad in a resolution adopted. 
tir tha contrrsd declaring th* extreme 
Importance v\ sir transport mads neees- 
*ary the d*rtlo[WpeBt of the Mrmmereial 
eld« ot aiiation as a jaawerfnt faMor in 
the betterment of .commercial relations 
throughout th* worM. 

Tha . rceolunou was tba result t>E a 
ttoWatttt. atadf of xaaValaa Ijonr derail 

nations to a qLie*tLonB*lre on tha pn'b- 
letris of air transport .uiadc by nSnb- 
'•otntnittec, whoae mombera represented 
France, Great Britain, Italy and the 
United Sitniee,* Id its adoption the con- 
s7*aa anbicribed to the recommendation 
that 'any national, funile uprat on arla- 
tiou Ahould be iH' part derotad to de- 
Tpjjping Hrll nidation and! tbiraljy ere- 
ate a permanent And eTentually aelf- 
suppurtitig form of transpotration which 
Tfoiitd at the aam* time b* arailahie for 
aunn dtf-Dse." 

Further, ths coufreaa aeeeptsd and en- 
doritd the cstabllalament of "a perma- 
n*mt Inianaclnnl advisory comniittoe, 
ruefi will tnriyde flnanetal. indnatrial. 
leeal qml arlatioD. tjiperts," that shall 
* & M ff * thfl " e P* peaettcnble, both him- 
jnediately and subaoqiiontly, tx, protnoie 
InternntriUal ii*T*IopmcBt- of olril *ri- 
at£i>n for rommereial purposes." This 
adrtaory committee is to "maintain touch 
with any national or iotemadDna] or- 
iranlaatjon cor.cerasd with *lr EaTigB- 
uoh so as to inmte the cinoat eoilabor- 
artMi, nntt that it rjcdrt'.meana at Its 
dlspoial ttWncir-aM th* Interest of fi DB n- 
4»ri snd ImalBeu nni in tnl$ Object" 

In proMQting as a hualneu man tho 
Jlaw of foewaTd-loohing baiincia men 
thtonglont tha world rautUTe to axwdft. 
** [* D11 " ull * c "B«n and tranaptwt^Hon 


for th* adrantemaMit f F omm«r«, Mr. 
romm rmpha^sed the ritai concarn at 
all aa patriotic dtirent In th* tmport«Lt 
questions couching tb* ustiatisl a««?0ritr 
and ■welfare. "AfiatioB," be decLarwn. 
Is the one outstanding arehanleal b*ri- 
tag* of tha Wnrld W tr destined to ( n ^ 
flopnee for good the future relation ships 
of mank^-l. Through nMatfaaj has come 
toe raaLiKBtlon of that dream of all ages, 
the conquest of the air and the ronaerslon 
of this final and most baffling nwdliuTj io 
t^LO nuruosa of ajviliuLton u tba spedi- 
est means of ronWratcatioa ana of 



leet an aasoctatB of one whose name is 
msntJoned. T<\i -thought It beat to nara 
qno whose blgh standing In the eom- 
mnnity waa w?U known, and 1 thought 
pt Touit Honor Vho. dnrins; hla ilxttcn 
Jeara' Mrric*, ba* always shown the ut- 
most faimajst, i kttow the people "' 
?>cw York hnve utniBBt confidenn in 

■ "I bars seleeted by chief of etatT, 
IV nli ris ml and Pooorn and 5Ir. Hrofhera, 
n well-hnoTrn lawyer. I wapted the D)b- 
trict Attorney's office to be represented 
by the best of rouosel. I wsnt nothing 
left undone in this invest! cation. Ttiare 
la -a -matter pflndEria; before Mairistrate 
Corrigan which. Is to ooine up Tuesday, 
and he has ".greed to tranafer it to- Yuut 
Honorr That matter can he praEeiitcd 
probably Wednesday morninc." 

Jndgo Oaiu. after >5r. Saaun con- 
cluded, said: i -r - 

"tl arij porBOR has Imowledge of 
wrohgdoisr. in public offloe or employ- 
ment Ln Nmr Ynrk Cannty that person is 
now asked and nrgod to mike such 
knowledge kn*wn before the closa of tho 
impitry which ha* this day twgnn, 

'It La th« clric dmrr of all who know 
nf nfay such Wronrdonig to impart their 
anowirdpe to tae Dlttrlet Attorney and 
throngh him to me, 

'If this ta iione-l shsl] make what tbey 
chAnre the irubjr-rt of iiidicin] Inqnlry 
anH tiits such action aa the Ian- requlrM. 

'The jnttittemen of the prrnn am asked 
to gJTe, this atatement pnbllel»j." 




- East of Broadway ■■ — — 

AiaemijlyTJiH; in Answer to Enrilfat 

Actinn Hficlatci Words Went: 

Utttredin Xefialftttlre. 

{Bi*hU1 D!rp.t.'b IttTOn 51s-i!n t T*i«ra r .l..> 

AI/BANT, April 30- 

Anemblyifewn Loals A. CnUirler, of 
New Vort, thja defendant in the action 
brought by Police Commissioner- Richard 
B. Enrlght, of New York, for J100.0O0 
1b a ciril suit for libel, tilpfl his answer 

4"uviiiier deniea aareraJ af ."the charge* 
and demanda that the action brought by 
4"ocimlss inner 20n right be' triad In Al- 
bj-.ny Counrj. where, the rauu of tha 
ardor., if any, arose. 

AssePiblyman Curillitr ia hi* answer 
to the complaint said: 

"Being a member of the AAsembl.v of 
the fttat* of New York, while that body 
In asaaion at tha capitol did speak of 
and eoBcernlDa; Commissioner Enrighr 
and that whaurer tba defandut said 
waa spolreji in the lino- of the defend- 
ant's public and official doty ss a mem- 
ber of th« Aaaetnbrj dun tip a.discusison 
and dshato upon a bill before that 
[egislativ* body, and •. the same wsa 

grlraisgod-nndor liis ctnititntfon of th* 
tata ofnajw York." : 


Ma-yai- SMppointi for Pull Term 

iDCttabeAt Who Em Made *vn 

EftTiinle B*C4id. 

Uajor HtLan i«te yrslerdsy afteronon 
rtapnoliitad M agist rate Bernjtrd J. Dou- 
rai aa a riy jnagLitrate .for « ML term 
of tan ye*ra. 
i Judgs Douraa ws* appofattd by tie 
Major four jeara and *Jx moottia 110 



- sPECiAi, eyri^QEiir^T ""' "*%? y 

Mr. A Mn. R«loIpii Valentow 

. iifXDAV EVENtSt!,. STAY 1 - (■' ^j t- 

Kntckerboclitr GnD,; H, Y. { 


to sneceed ^^Bsistrate^uoninU. *ho;i 
He went .to the- bench <ai^<ntaeip 
law for Bom* yrara ia Llioffcfjv aad'Mftr 
a term as dcpuiy rocifitTO'-- DUrSirit n« 
career on' tho bench Ji:dt* tlotrrna ?~ 
won very high praise fo'rj.'**^ 
his ■ derJaioaa. Uis: attfebp 
queetlon won for him 
'Tenant* Friend." - T.-a 
with, fnHnre tn atrpnly '. . , 
nod othnr cfirnfona hare faUSgb.flV J 
him when, aliawn to be 

Zemclhe Oe*m,Anri*siMp Uq 
Give* Prompt 1 

There iri one s*fe, 1 
merit th«t relieves itching "; 
that cleanses and soothu I 

Ask any drugcBt feir a 35A*r SI l>o4> 
tie 1 of 7/ino and apply it '«£ directed, 
Soon yon will fjnd that irritartritia. I'ies- 
nie». It tacit head*, Ecaama. J jB.lotcae& 
Ringworm and similar akin trohhlei irjU 

Kemo, " Vibe ptmetrnting, L " ^itaiiifrjn tea 
liquid, ii all .that Ia needed, fur it baajr,. 
Unci tnoat skJu eruiTWfina, niaaca the skial 

' " Itfeft 















Vol. 101. So. 1SZ. 




DAYLIGHT saving is ilL right In It* way. but I wish, some 
one could devise a wfty tfr lengthen these hours between 
midnight and T.CW A. W. 

* based nn the. fact thai the. State has, u the Irish would 
*ay, ■'I-ashlna to ft|rat*-" 

A SCIENTIFIC investigation ha* disclosed that ilie nn is 
:i it ■( per «f in. cooler iliiiii it* avenge this lut yeir- 
Hnvuc this coo|n.e*a is just n rnilar vote on the World Court, 

IF corporations eon tin tie,' to acquire shore front rIchOi the 
time may come when wo will have to (o beyend I he tbrce- 
imi!-' limit for a *ttrf bath. 

AVOMAN ia to be banged in Canada. In riur humble judg- 
mcut tl«- poorest possible G« to which the Stabs can put 
■ woman in to hniiK her, but so loot " *he now possesses all 
the privileges of a man, we see no harm In her aeceptiBg his 

»4V|7ESTKftN Potatoes Flood the Market."— Headline. Does 
*» that account for an Eighth avenue sign offering them 
for sole st VJl-j cpii i- a pound, or J7 a bushel? 

THE Htv bas adopted the maple as its official tree, which 
dotim'l elgnif y, howc.irr, thst liiis Is a "sap" city, if you 
get what via mean. 

FORMER inmate of the Brooklyn Hebrew Orphan/ Asylum 
heads a clinic ar that Institution. Speak* well both 

A dnw 

for the institution and (or the Country in which such, thing* art 

THE * 

A BAIL bond a* « dowry i* something new, but that 1 * what 
A I 

with his wife 

Tdrkn -""iii to hare mistaken Admiral Chester for- the 
itcd States Government. 

W l 

causes him to retain Incriminating; tcfegrsms and letters" 

CONTEMPLATE the Trlah State. 
From here the view is aimply great. 

THE tlermans always are willing to make S nepAraLe peace — 
of change 

XT is quite possible for land speculators tn make Coney Island 
SO all-fired exclusive lhat it won't pay dividend". 



E eiteenwd Tribtme. 

league of Nations, finds it diSi 

hich fnvur* the A doom titration and 
It to carry Senator 

jn .both, ahoulders. 


ABE FH TH made iviimt wav probably the most gratrYjing; 
heme run. of his career Friday. 

g^lVERY time t h-"- admin is ;ra lion rankes a gesture some one 
about*- "Quids. Waisen, th<* needle!" Then the Senator 
from Indiana takes s ahet at the situation. 

TIM LABKIN is hr London, 

Adjacent to Hyde Par*. 
Whew orattrr ftndta a Twit— 
. Hark, hark, hirk! 

Bt tk* Office Bf> r . 

AT niiht befon I went tci bed. 
i I failed to set itir clctrk nh^ad. 
Whieh showa that I am Up io 'l*ie, 
As hsijbI. I Cot (D late. 

T/ITBtT ahouSdn't city empkiyte* contribute to a jubilee wle- 
btmtion in honor of the city that f«*h them? . 

THERE Is said la be Btronp opposition in England to the 
PHuw of Wales marrrini: a Fotx^Str, It looks from 
here as IT be will comply with rhe -mnhea, of hin people in 
part. That la to say, he will nitrry neither a foreigner qop 
anybody else. 


rural Pen nay Irani a and TUraL New York if 

fears in some WtJ it nuy W of adeantatr to his natural enemy 

jinil-inpsi tickct-^tha jturnreer bOsirdar. 


Insistence Upon "Closed Shop" 
at Expiration of Extant Con- 
tract in 1924 Will See Produc- 
tion Limited to Local Theatres 
and Virtually No Road Com- 
panies, Is Prediction. 


(WTlHiE firmest belie vera in heredity are the parent* r.r the 
I- infant prodiey." — Philadelphia Record. And the firmest 
beJIerera in original sin arc the persons, not parents, who hsrfl 
to listen to the. infant prodigy. 

rfi an irony of fate (hot the moat dSaastroun Inrriit f ir«-n 
Pennsylvania has had in ye*r3 fefef* come in the first year 
of the adminiltiation of Oiffnrri PinehoU atfp#r-fe rester. 

IN the World War l.S-W.'iB3 Germans were nfnin. bin 
one t\t the dMd was of ill' Houj-c of Bohemwillcrn. 

VpW will yon beJiere that 

prohibition: atimnlates crime? 
The Mayor of an Indiana town and fifty-fir-- nthrr* haTe 
been BTnleBKd to Jail for Ending a hand .W bootlejffer*. 

A3l'EP0E>;A- wrrer Chased nn airmSii tbroux'b the «ky 
and Hired him wirh thr psp<T si no landed. How 
raany mibpornas would one hair to b«t>' before bf^ing regorried 
flE an Ac«? 

PROFESSOR PAINLEVE MjSI thai rhe Einstein theory i. 
■ "htep in the riglit dirMtign." Ii will not be perfected 
prrjbahly nntll it be«rac« lo recondite lhat nobody can under- 
stand it. 

IF rriticistn "r" the Minute Men continues General Dnwts ia 
likely tc start our after a non-atop expletive record of 
his »rn. 



DTD jnu inn* ihar. L-r> il -war prcvai!* nnrf m;iivc n^JuixK' i^ 
Bolng On In and' around Cant*a; CWa*l I dtftVt'tJiinV 


UT why should on* person 
the war*? 

be expected, to keep track of alj 



Perjury Charfre Ii Tramferred by 

Mag-iitr&tc Corrigan at Request 

of Diitriet. Attoracy. 


It 7! Wilson's Tall Timber Easily Defeats Goshawk 
by Two Lengths in the Wicomico Purse and Martin- 
gale Trails 3 Lengths Behind Cochran's Colt 


Statement of Director of P. M. A., 
After Sunday Meeting, Sharp- 
ly Criticized by Official of Ac- 
tors' Organization, Particular- 
ly With Reference to Use of 
Expression *Mob Psychology." 

A curtailflnTit of pTOdiictipni by more 
ubiiri ry> per cent, for nest Reason, it «4» 
diacl*s*d yesterday. « »n3d be the una-B-rr 
of aomc of thr maitu^+i- if the Actor* 1 
Kqisitr Aasoriatian *bnul4 sticli to the 
"closed shop" program nt ihr i-ipirntion 
of the contrart wHS'thf Produciajt Man- 
agera' Aaaoeiition In 102-*. 

Coincident witfi this detWwi nn the 
part of some manB^eri. n «te[rnient pr^- 
te«ting ^j^lnnt AmpMtBS Thomss'i crit- 
icism of the actini mt Emiity members at 
the Sunday mrrtine ss -'moh ti^ychology" 
itii Issued yentrrtiny by l^nul DflfflaWll. 
■ ssiatant eFcc»tire ■errrtary nT the Ac- 
tors" Equity As"ori>irlon. n T applying 
the. Equity ■hop noli>-y to the Prftdneing 
Manageia' AaBO^iation the Einity Trill 
1» strong *nough tc Bnc^eaBiiillr Appose 
attempt* to force thr aptt^B to work 
a#yes days a week, hf defbrerl. 

manajt'er »tated yesterday after- 
noon that if the Faulty nIEcials ptwiited 
is atieking for the closed shop at the es> 
ijaiatWt' jttfosj W2J -conttatt there womld 
be only «l>UBh.■ thowis-^'Pfereflttd.- ft * lt 
fOMOn lo fill the local th'entre* dnd Tir- 
tnsljy none of vhem would be projected 
tot the road, *!( 

"It wonld he foolish, to ioie*t a lot of 
money in New Tork productions ne*w»i*a- 
Kon," he declared, "and then not be shle 
to get it oot the following year on, the 
road. If there fa a repetition of ihc 
actors* strike «f a few yeara back, the 
road would he tied nn aa well an thf Res* 
York honaes and all onr investment* of 
the preceding yeap would b# lott. 

. ' ^~ %l 

Judge Thomas T. C. Crairr, ritting at 
a coittmEtting Matfateace in ilir tnreati- 
gation of ^sootlej grafrtug cbars:r* nf- 
fectinj; Lhc Police OrpartntcnT, Trill tbia 
morning wnaidet the- perjury caae involv- 
inp Dctociive Robert McAllister, trans- 
ferred .vi'Stcrday Qfternoon from the 
court nf Magiatrnte Joseph I". Corrigsn. 
McAllisters' nttornry probably will aak 
for ii postponement of the trial, 

Thr ttftiiafript ' n t ' tl " McAilUter tasv 
will be delivered by Richard Gibta, aa- 
aiatAnt Hiatrict attnrnry. in cronpliance 
wtih a request made by Diatrict Attor- 
ney Jonb II. Banton., . 

McAllister find* him?rlf defending a 
"perjury charge aa n resuli or a raid he 
mnde in an apartment on Central Part 
■Wcat, w+irrr he raided a liquor cae-h*. 
He RWI he did not make a forcible 
entry, ISevernl witnesses have sworn 
that he did. 

Srnd* Ca»r to Craln. 

MtcAlliater tvas In Magistrate Corrh 
fin'* conrt yesterday in Harlem, also 
ievem] ciectivra, a)l cipecting lo 4.«tify. 
'I'ji- .Magistrate. Baying- ho had Ealked 
with Am is (ant District Attorney r^cora 
fiver the trlephonf. repented the m<»viga 

to McAllister mid his wftnctiie* Lo rc- 

Enrt thai morning' rn Part -Two, General 
Cttriona, where Judjrr Crain will prealdp ■ 
Joseph Shctlnck, counsel for McAllla- 
tT. said later that h* would object 10 

froceedlnf n-lth the care to-dsy e . n» be 
ad not read tho complaint and had not 
KH- pared his defentc. lie said hr- and 
tfc client woHlrf-'kni* been -willing tn 
hare ifsgiatraw Corrfjtsn hear the ttijie, 

tl1nh.ae1dr f* fnnilUnp, 

'. 'urn riii.-vi' -iit I Ii r^hiV-ifl. complying 
it request of l»i&trici Attorney Ban, 
torn to anhmit tn btm the p'iralt >f nil 
lnvej[igalions madp thus far of Tire Mill- 
lan-Gage \tw. isaued the following jitate- 
trfent: ;- ' 

1 ''Ac a mntrcr i<!. fourl^r-v. I am holding 

(Ca»t(iiiie* on rmajt S. l'ol«nn 3.) 



r alfajfetiy.' cooler i 

f- ' B? JOHN I. DAY. 

i!"r+*ii: f<»i fi !■■ Ti-.. M'vp. m Ttlagrtfh.1 

Iitrbj hones were cracked, if not sbat- 
tered, here ,11111 afternoon when R. T. 
Wilson'* Tall Timber ran (he six fur- 
long nf the Wicomico Pure to beat 
OiBTord A. -Cochran a GnafcifW* and J. P. 
Cosdens Marti npr.te in the OTdrr tLAmed. 
And Tall .Ttmbep did it easily in one 
minul" and twelve' seconds flat, while 
Gfahflwk- si just S5 easily ahead of 

The margin that Tall Timber bad to 
spare at the end was two lengths, while 
tioshawk waa three leagtha in front of 
Martingale; which waa only n neck id 
front of Harry Payne Whitney 'a Gadfly 
to take third money. Six: lengths 'back 
of Gadfly came the SaJubri* StaMc'a 
Scoop, ten, lengths In front •■■ t M. 
Irfroy's Persiawnc*. and E- F r Whitney*ii 
Heel Taps in last' place, tan lengths back 
pi the rixth hone,' 

Richard T. Wilson, who has shown un 
i be tn-n fastest S-yeaL-olds of tha Mary- 
land Spring season, was not on Etnd tn 
■ee the victory of the second horae to 
Witdemesa in his atriofc ov«r the Coch- 
ran and Coaden atnra, Mr. Cochran waa 
here and fall of confidence that tjoshnwh 


. would do thn trick, bub Mr. Coaden did 
' rim come down from New York and ao 
waa spared (he pain «f seeing bit colorl 
fall into third place la tbi* nrst'outlna 
nf the- hnrae wlrd which' be hopta to wm 
the Derby. > ■ 

The good 3-yrir-old* fairly flew away 
frnmj the 'barrier to a pood atirt in'd 
Goa.hawk, whn took the le-jl. Went the 
first nparter in -22 &-5 seronda and when 
Ta]t Tiipber had run up with him Ithey 
passed! the half laile polnr in 4(1 aeconda 
flat to finish the distance in th* good 
time of 1.13. which waa jart four-utthi 
of a seceitd off the track record of 
1.11 1-C, ■ * 

TnlJ Ttmbar Sfcawa QwaHlr EmTly. 

Although Gdahawk, who had been re- 
ported as working faster than anything 
In tha race, looked liar a winner after 
they had gorie tb* firs* qoarter. Tall 
Timber had Ma-number by (he tint* they 
had toned . into tba atrebch and when 
the WJIsnn colt bad trnkap the lend U 
ZKL'H 0T * P - ^»rtlh«»lt had been in 
thied plac* whieb b* waa unable to [m- 
p»Tf . ■ AJtbogrfi Ojahark was favorite 
for tha w^. tall Timber «U | ckwe 
second cboi™ and MartlcgaJa cam ft 
*"r nne pmai. - — 

While Tin 

for bnc smiil tqppcrt. 

Pljilko Norae-y waa 


Rrlrndfii, st^.Hn iiralfhl, 

]il*fr. fS.hfl nk.nn, iT-dTi. 
Troplcnl W*!tr, *IO.«'J plaee, 

f B,.ilO ■how, ifrund. 
No Ladr. VS.70 iPbow, (hlr fl , 

tlrr nattier. $11.(0 "Irniohl, *r,flO 

t>l«i*. B4.H0 ehaw, •ntrn. 
Feeeaitt. a>3.40 place, aa.SO iImt, 

rhorntk. M.SO ahow. third. 

XeKtniii, » ttmlvnt, a.l.nn 

■Ure, Si. ill! ■bow, won. 
Pieirn.. *fi-.*0 place. fS.oo abow r 

■ vcon.4. 
[.■dj ami, S--3i1 ihMi, third, 

Yankee- PTlneeaa. t&.'OO ■r*-*!^hc + 
■3,TCi nlace. *2.m> alho-w.' won. 
Colvnvl Vfmmt, #0 r AO place, *4.30 

■ ban* second. 
Fl>ln.« Par, V2.4i> ihaw, tklrd, 


Tail Tlmtrer., #B^*> elnlahtt 

frg.KO pLace. «3-.lQ< ihniT, Tf«|, 
Ooikirtli, aa.ll" i-lin-e. «S,80 

•■aw, MtDiia- 

HartlHaal^. #2-0" «>>iitt, aecDwd. 

firlce, MK-TC*lirb<, *i«.ft* 
Tfaee, f I ikoir, won. 
Kagnswt *1,TO piprf, **.+<1 

■bow, "froprfi 
TYrvp _Tlii.ionh(, $T.fO (how. 



Tr«T*Lymn. f4 r 40 «trs1ah<, S4.B0 

r <!■**. 18-B0 itiai*, ttoij, 
pbrUoniai. *B>.no P l*ri-, A3. an. 
•how, *«ond, 
KIbb John, la.SO ilier, ttatra. 

staka feature on the opening program, it 
tii second in inlereit ti the Wicoaifw, 
which M'n* to follow it. Scratchee brought 
Ul* "ntr: list of a doien down to ti^ht 
yonngaters, sod Yankee Prince** had 
caught the attention of the dockers and 
waa a warm ebciea for the stake. 

When they were eeftt away from the 
bamer- the tiriffwood Farni'a Elabeth, a 
daughter of .lim GaffneT and Kntrioiie, 
went out in die lead T hot Yankee Peine*** 
waa. right after ber and took tba lead be* 
fom tbe tarn for home waa . reached- 
Kummrr srni Yankee Princes* along »i«! 
opened up a imp of half a duett) lengths 
ar they ronnded the larn. 

In the meaaeiwr the- Kenton Stable's 
Colonel West 'bad aUrted running his 
race and waa letting rosa to iht *ront; 
at tba final farlonf ?ol« Colonel West 

the |C*Bitl«a*A on Pane T. Col** M4t 

Tryster T Winner of 1922 Pau- 
mnnok. Heads Fast Field of 
Sprinters Who Will Measure 
Strides in Six-Furlong Feature 
Stake— Dominique and Zev 
Well Considered by Experts. 



EettaMt/'at Wm -Irart' Hekviig, 

Ssys Eihikiton Joimd Only 

to Ort Better Prion. 



Excellent Inaugural Program, 
Coupled With High Local In- 
terest in Racing. Promises a 
Banner Throng To-day. 
Abundance of High Class 
Horses at Local Tracks. " 


Eniight Prt>?o»ea International Heo- 

ord Bureau to Aid in Can- 

trol of. Criminals, 


The Associated Prat 'Nadorjal Pic 
tnrcs circuit waa organised by ne^ory- 
three, theatre owners, rot ai a 'mean* -to 
exploit films of any certain tnake, but 
merely to effect a join purtbas- of fea- 
tures. h.v wlrich Hsana a henpr price 
could be obtained than by irdinliiid buy- 
ing, it waa brought nut yeaterd*; Id tha 
hearing being hold hv tbe't'erifral Trade 
<r<omEniasiou tu dvlcrraiae il tbe Par- 
nmount intereatx con-ititute s [notion pic- 
ture truat. 

Although, the nrganiaatlp" has recent- 
ly entered thf prnducinj: h^Jd, ii Was 
viUisg, accordine tn iln- line nf tcati- 
monj, to buy any pictin^ <>t Worth from 
any concern "wbirli woJiS* Mil ehen it 
ami firtr formed. The would ndmit of 
Possible offer* fo Fnii^onB Players and 
orher producing iiritn nf the Pnramannt 

Samnel h. Rothaf-"!. now director of 
the Capitol Theatre- win was the first 
president of First National, told yester- 
day on the stand ft the reason for the 
■firrn'a formation, lie *aEd the idea of 
co-operatire hnyio& w*^ -tb* only pnr- 
tkia was further acceomated bv the re- )»„* ?' t>» «*" ^ iilf |J«' ** T™I n i 
ceipt of a telegram fn>m Fred Sinn- , 1 hi* #»»«< **• niwfoned by ftob- 
pnatdent of. the N. V, A., who in reply ; Jr T. Rw*in, -onnaeJ foe Piirsmonnt. 
lo a request for his opinion ««f the PunJa^ ^" «W»«wd <" nbtaln an s^mjsaion 
law permittlni p*rfnnn>nre» on the Sni^ . "*" »/. Rothafel that HjM National 
bath Pay. *nid hi* pert-onal views wnulri blended St ih^.tlme ntjfr nr B ain«uon 

Mpj Wean l.t*nti ti*r-rtrt. 

■Morrover." he iddfrd, "if there is an 
other ■tri.aa there -won't he any work jn . 
tbi theatren for two yrors afrer. 
will not only affect the artOW. bm inr 
aiaje hands and musicians nn wrll." 

No offlciil action haa b^en taken in 
the mailer and the above qunied man 
ager's remarku were made infnrmalty. ft | 
meeting of the Producing Managen ts I 
called for >|ay ♦, when it la espeeted thr I 
Equit? cdne will he uikr.-n rij>. 

There Was no new rieTPlopmeni in rh- l 
cibt of the N. V. A. yesterday, although \ 
it has stated in aTithoritativr cirtrles thai ! 
thin organisation, a ntaunchly welded to 
getter body of twelve thousand actor', 
would not be drawn inr/i ilie Equity caw 
accentuated by 

not be intereatinx since they might not h" , 
those of the twelve tnnnaanl player* I 
T-hoTC head he had the hnnor to be h 

hnlofl oh 

' "•■■'■■■■■■■'■ ■■>■* ">*4 | jpc:ed to thia liae of questioning. Mr. 

the Sunday ] Swain pointed ont that the rraaofl tha 

nter the producing tielrj, 

Rye lor an 

When, counsel for tlie i 

lllaninating sidelights i 
show problem were Kttt ^eeterday by 
George M. Cobnn. 

"To my mind." be said:. "1 thfnli Sim- 
day ahown are had for the legitimate iha 
atre, « cities where they already 
are established. 1 jrion't believn th^y 
»onld make four dollara" difference on 
the season in New ffor%, and further 
they 'would dcCtcaae tJie regular ran or a 

"In vaudHslllc- it is a different thinR 
altogether. There the. towns in many in- 
*uaee« depend largely *n Snndaya for 
the bulk' of their 'buvlnca*. and if these 
shown were cut out It might mean a cur- 
tailing of the Ha'larle" of the vaudeville 
artom, too." 

CqoMr An»e*era Tttnii, 

The. statement ffi^en ont in reply to 
Mr. Thomas follows: 
■ "The reply of A'lgvuta.* Thomas to tbc 
sction of the Eciuity Hreetloj on Sunday 
■terna to.uiie to he pretty weak and 
academic atnff. and only Itowa again 
bow little Me. Thorns* knoiws oT artual 
eondltiona and how little hf appreciates 
the problems of tbe actors In dealing 
with the Producing Manatees" Associa- 

l :fn the firat plac*. Mr. Thomas dis- 
credit himself when he attempt* to es- 
tablish the assumption that the prea'dent 
oT thn Actors' EquHt Association is an 
irrmnonslhle agitator, for no saner, mom 
liberal, broad-minded and conserrative 
mar. cTefllTpd than John Emerson ha* 
nrtrrad himself to bn a* president of tha 
Equity Association durin*: the last three 
year*. The managers recognise thla na 
well a» tha actors, and tb* only panon 

(G*attbaM« on raae 1, Ulma 8.) 

prndnr*r*. nipaninf; the Frttth-js PlajerB- 
IJisky Company, tnok ocec the Para- 
mount distr^butmjt organisation waj to 
meet the eompcifDon corned hy the e.n- 

CConilnnvd *«■ P«w* 3i r«li«a JU! 

Chiefs of police depsrtments (ram all 
orer the globe, naa-embird in the Gre*t>r 
Citj to (attend the second annus I Inter- 
national Police Conference, were wel- 
comed ye*terdiy in the Chamber of Com- 
merce. 65 L-lberty street, br The prpai* 
dent of tbe cbamher. Irving T, Bnah. 

Several, dia?tilUriejt from foreign eoan- 
tries, ■opr i$ f»H uniform, sat >o tba 
platicrm, where they had been escorted 
by Police CommiBsSnner flichard R. Kn- 
rlght, preaidient of die coDference. The 
police hand and glee club gave a varied 

Follow-in* the appointment of tarfrniM 
committees Commissioner Enrigbl deft** 
ered his cpeftlBit addreas. After telling «f 
the Imfnfose importance of thr meeting, 
the Commissioner ♦»«"■ = r l " 

"Th-- recoTd of dan gem un criminal i, 
particularly interpationai criminal*, 
ahonld b# recorded and published Tor the 
u« of all responsible executive* of pollen 
power throughout rn> world, The move- 
nimntji of all.rriminBlB should In- proinptly 
transmitted to ivery police depurtment. 

•\A secret . international code i» one of 
the prime eAMtitiala in tbe transmission 
of police info-rraarion and the prrliminarr 
work of preparing such a code, a* di- 
rected by- the. last IntetnationBl Police 
Conference, will be preaODtfd for your 
consideration . 

"The standardi7at : .oa of p^nsl law* 
nod traffic regulallnfla. at least internally 
irt oilr Taapectivr coiinteies, and to some 
eSteut itlternatloaally. is ohvinnaly need- 
ed, and a bciainning sh</uld be mad« nt 
thnj conference and the woctl "boulri t» 
carried -forward until complete ataadard- 
itatlou Is acblcred." 

Chief Cit? SJaai curate- William ?1-- 
Adoo, former Police Coram issioner of 
Mew York, introduced by CommiJisi'MieT 
Rn right at the afternoon SOttton. rollniv- 
inr toe luncheon served <n lb r- Chamber 
of Commerce, paid trlbuie to tbe effl- 
eiency of the Commiationer a.nd the New 

(ConHnwt-d an Phi 11, Cat. |. ) 


Palmer Canbeld, Prohibition Director, 
ia going -to look over tbe "rum fleet" 
lyintr abtnt twelve miles off shore and 
aiding materially in the moistcnta** of 
the hig 'citv. He ja coin; to-morrow^ 

This time, however, Mr. Canfield u 
not going to submit himself to tbe boacea 
hoots (Tocali of the unregenerate offt- 
Cera and crewA of the Teese.n engaged ia 
prodncing a clearer underotandi&a- with 
ticoUandj. Ireland and France. He will 
not Subject himself to .what is technically 
known a* the "ran" aUch as he receleed 
when be- utilized a revenue cotter to visit 

(he .offenders on tbe hifb '-mns. Tlr.e 
time be is gcuaf oat on an airplane^ and 
if any saRorr wants ta relieve himself of 
any pemflag*, he will haw to^ use the 
wireleta. Thin will perait s close study 
or the fleet vitboat embarrassing inter- 
ruptions nnteaVth* airplane drops. In 
that case Mr, CanfleM *lfl be in for n 
pleaoaat iim«, 

Tbe pl*n* will ariae from Mitler'n 
Field, EtateD Island, and nil around the 
fleet. It la bopad that It will return 
there. It tbe United State* Army and 
Nary will turn orer * flock of machlnec. 
Mr, Canueld saj«. be will use the field 
■i m obaoywatioa baae. 

fc ; 









...IIS J. 


...It* A 

Oaaiaer. . 

. . 1W L. 

r«*r. ..... 

!£■ E 




...Ul F 


. . 11D C. 

Tanper, .. r 

. ja-t 

... IM 11 

Thurbee . . 


, i*-i 

im r. 

Taplia .... 


....Ml — 

ihih Ahu-. 

. . as — 

*The niwtat-r... *4 — 

t^h.irn- Alma.- si — 

■ 'I Vfi 


entej T 

*Onr BHtTTi 



New York ihnroUgbbred eathuaiSat* 
will turn out *t Jamsica this afternoon, 
for the loaiigitraJ of what promise* to b* 
the greatest racing aeason in the Emptra 
State. Never ,wer»s <Mcdltiona 
propltloui for a' record 7W *' fPjbgf . 
There are plenty »* iJiorDagn.hEeda qdaT' 
Wed *T-tbe- local tiajrta fit and rmAj£t?± 
run. while many heroe* *f ie**dfl* piit 
bavp ooisae. out of Winter naartets lb 
superb physical condition lot tbe' atlk'a 
battle* immediately ahead. 

Flir aerera* yean a mild form of In- 
dosnu has held many- thoroughbreds from 
early Spring comprrltiati. No siic-u con- 
dition now prevail*. Tha recent cold 
weather, while it retarded training In* 
measure, kept iM horsei healthy. Aa a 
whole the resident* o! the equine denies 
at Belmont Park, Aqueduct and Jamaica 
are in superb Condition bodily. 

In teres: In racing never was at a bilk- 
er pitch in this mrtrop>>liSh A few weeks 
back tha talk waa ail erf the Derby and 
Preakneas, but now, witb oilr own open- 
ing at hand, interest haa veered about to 
Jiraiim, I he Vaumonnl; Handicap, and 
other of the big Ffenta that will marlt 
this nlneteeti-dsy srsS^on- 

P'*iini«Bok Hn Drawn F*«< Flaia, 
ljast night the talk was all «f the 
Paumotiok. the six-furlong atake that 
Till br:ne Tryater, Dnoiinlqne. £«, 
Knobble. RocttT. Snob 2nd and many 
other good! ones Into competition. Four-' 
trcn are program m*d* hut several aeean 
nut of place and doubtlesa will default 
before, peat time, 

Tryiter, the ebony atrCak from the 
Westmonnt Stable, who hung out a track 
record of 1.112-3 in tbe Panmonok ol 
1P2S T ha» parfornian.«.aMid eictllent' con-, 
dition to rerommend him In to-day'a r*-, 
newal. Highly fancied by boraenien 
and work watchers at Btlxnont Park, tt 
in cenajn i>" will ga to tbe post one of 
rhe pithK-f rhii-^s. As hi* final foe tfeiA 
stake he w '..ed six- furloOga in 1.13+JJ 
over the Belmont Park trtlnlBr track 
Sunday sftcmoon. It was a abarp move 
nnd with good pr»viona trial* will send 
hjm into the nee ready to give hi* beat. 
Tbe task of Trypter wil[ not be a" 
easy one. for he muet take. upl3Sno^Dda 
and concede five to Dominiqav, a win- 
ner of six st-aight himself and,no mean 
workman over the eprinling mate*. Ha 
was going handily to rarer els' furlonga 
la 1.1-' -over the main track at Belmont 
Tark Saturday, and hia final hair tit 
,48^-5 wit accomplished easily orer a 
e.low track. He it read* to fire ait ex- 
cellent account of himself, 

Zer nun Worked Well. 

Then there i« Zev and KnobWe, he» 
from thn KancocBB ham that hire hern 
galloping briskly. Tha first named! -an- 
pear* tbe better of the ^ pair. jodgio»- 
from bis six furtougs in 1.14 at Jamai-rs, 
but be w^li have plenty of early > 
rition today and this will not b* to bis 
liking. His apeed Is well known— bis 
sUmina wtilJ doubtfisL With Kaobble 
he worked a fact half mil* jHtardit for 
rpia creot. 

J. H. Coaden. the Baltimore ■portal- 
man, will be represented by Snob IT. . 
foreigner he purchased! for ■ high sum j 
last year. It appears thla colt Is anf> 
fering from muv; sort of a navicular ail-- 
ment. for he cool* out of bla tritla lame, 
hut the next day apparently 1* as aocuHJ 
aa ever. Knee bin arrival from l*imliiv. 
be worked alx furlong* in 1.14 3-fi otbj 
the main track at Belmont Park, ar a 
Paumonok test. 

Tb* move was a good one and. Mri 
Coeden decided to send him forth to do 
battle with Trrater, the J. I* T 
reprcsentidve, TTher* fr " 
rivalry between tbe two , 


uiui twin m. «u 

> J. Ii. Bepropii 

1* a fr&dle 

o and both sfll, 

(CeBtUaaet on Fag* T # Cfelau U H 


May Brings New Ideas In 



t An untqaalltd combination of slyU, quality andpalae 

All that' is smart in the spring-summer millinery mode lias been 
embodied with distinctive variations in this week's delightful col- 
lection. And whether Madame needs a large graceful chapeau for 
formal occasions, or Mademoiselle seeks a piquant cloche tor travel 
and tailored wear — it is here, in quality and finish that are worthy 
of a much higher price than $8.SD. 
We instance for eximple : 

lustrated — with straw facings anil 
the new velvet tows at back. 

gantly adorned in the manner of 
the moment with flower trimmings. 

CHIC SMALL HATS, the very es- 
sence of youth and jaiefy — in innu- 
merable effects and models. 


so extreme!} 1 modish this season — 
new In treatment and color. 

And many others equally smart, are ready !o delight 
the matron or miss with their authenticity and newness. 

Stick, Wood, yary, ffrop— The ffrijfti 3?«H Rhafct — epirf Lonely Combination*. 
fiycyB — sccona Floor, rt-lto strict. Front. 


(Caatlairfrd Fmm Pa-t* 1.1 

"tra-Hjq «rf the eihibltue-* in i!> -'ting 
"end nE the Jnduatrj. 

The tatabllaliment and: irowtli nf die 
OoldWTO. Picture* Corporation nnd its 
method of dlslrlbutln-; ita nrOdiHttJouii 
■,wt» diaen-JWd nlmojt tar. w us I jr with 
tirf First National. 
'bo Ooldiwn roncrm ]■->■•! i lt^ a lar-e 
Mt In tlw Ca|iilol Theatre, Mr, 
llijjpffl W*B stourmfnisipd !>v ilift Com- 
lluwdon to proiiiK-i- is liar «.i film* - ri ■ • ; -- 1 1 
Rl that U.fMitrr- lin .iiwmt]-, This 
--itnaaa Hid at the tirearnt linw tha 
Capitol iu ri!t.*iii- Uoldwyu iirtnrM 
almr-at rxeiu-irel - . 

Up admltt-d thai the purpcw of the 
OnlroJ Tlientre viijt tn tivi- the b*« 
jYpttMlbte afcowjOif for film* in 
order tn vli-rMM- ill- vain nf th- film* 
Id otb*r part* of Tin- rou-tr,™-, Allbou-b 
fORitt of the filmi b-r-.d-n (ioldwyn (ilm* 
; *r* ebown, Mr. Jtoihajrfrl Raid 1i<- hail 
»'o v « po™.*™* in fcfirctinj: trtfturcs 
Til' >* tiblfclKd th^rc. 
'-"Tlw CoJiUniiuStdii mllfil J<i-~ph \,. 
'SMimhetf, ouma^r nf tiif Strand The- 
atre, -»bo lllnw riniioiiced a !;.■! of 
pi-tun-- abom-a In that housf. Mr. 
: r'unkrtt Mid tli-r KtrnnJ is ih*w :\i? 
Tint »tlonal th-atr- in this city mid 
U owwd by the Mii.:b^!r H. Mark n*alty 

. Reiflaud on S<»n<l. 
' ItifhaMl A. Rowland, prticnl iuniitt-rr 
of Pirrt Natienal, was culled to testify 

^nc*ri!|H K (ho m-lhoda In tie* by tint 
cotnnanj-. He n ld thrrt are 2,200 t!i*a- 
trw which hold franchlMi ami talin nil 
of rli.' pictures -eJtaaat) oi-dtH- the Kir^t 
Ntiiiouii! emblem. In Addition, th*atrea 
0tn« thnn tbontf holdiaff fnnchfcpn are 
fl'tjij)h>i! irith, F.nt National picUlrc*. b-. 

Mr. Mowlam!, who TU fol-jSotrlj wilb 
-Metro, was f,iiwilop«Tj bj 1 Mr- Swain 
hhout voiiJi^ioiM In the inv.MtTT from 
1M7 until rhp prr-aent Ojit. It co«ls 
nmcti mom to-flaf to prodLDK pictures 
that f.pi.r:ilp,] i,, the pulilic and sv.-r1: 
boc office rewfiita lot*n a f*w fetnijD, 
*b# TritnpM, w.13, Bacauae o.f till*, BUT 
»maM prodii*Wni have been unabte to re- 
main in th? ^u«o«u. 

F>«l«Tlck Gaffe, aalca mapaiwr of ihf 
-\meripan ReJeaRlnjt Carporatjono 15 
Wtnd Fortr-foiirtb Utett, nilbmitted a. 
hut of plrturpK wirtied bjr that etnnpany, 
ai did alio William LC. AtkinaoD, reprt- 
.Hcnlin(t tbf >rplio L>rporation. 

Satniifl Goldwyn, f*rmtrlx bead »f the 
Oaathtrt Fictiirw Carporatlna. [citified 
rtiqt after the furmaiiin of that «HEV|lnriT 
In JIHTs ttteal tlimcnlty wu cxperieqcci. 
b.r tbe company In jottini it« jletuivii 
ihowo in imporunt fiilira, due to ■•nnlrat 
of theatroa bj iii<? Par*nn»unt-b"amnua 
I'lajeri-Laajcj- IniM^stt and tbe Iran- 
ilii^t of the Aatociiited Firat National. 

«t«Tt«d "Witt Li-kT, 

Mr. Goldwyn sni.i he entered; tha m-c- 
lion picture buainen in 1023 when. In 
purtnenttip irith JeiH L. Tj«£^, he 
fanned the Jwe iL. fjuky Feature Play 
Compeny. Cecil B. I>*M|Mc wob alio 
arvociated with thcoi, be aajd. Thin rotn- 
i»«ni- pmluCPd iU tirsr jiirlnre in the 
SiprfnK of 11*34, he teMlBcd, and at tfala 
limp the Paramount Coupon? was nr- 
gftnExod to diHtrllnite l.zsYy Slma and 
tilms of Fainaus Playera. 

The output of theaa two emetttU did 
not [qritiluli conttnnoua proararot thronfb- 

Sets of Mah-Jongg 

A PRINCESS.saysthe legend. ; Mab-Jon Eg 
centuries (go. And, for centunej. its pleasures 
wen confined to-the mundorma of Chine. But now 
NewYore pleasantly poojes Re heed over the one 
problems that emeruuned the mandarins of twenty 
centuries ego. The world da move — eameumest 


-T4r Gift SJ, p a f Fifth* 
at 39 tb Sir«i 

Thli •>« i* aatatlcf at 

rjseni*h hi .T.y tTUMCUlo 

li iimiifit Iilituihcq 
iu. Ji •■■* mmii by hand 
irChla* cl f.or,ivsr T .tid 
biittlwc Iiicmi i*MTj# 

out the jear. anil bo thf rarninonnt Com' 
pany ita»rlf bwiimp a prodiicrr. Mr. Gold- 
wjl. anid. '.I"]u.i arranftemeqt wan tin- 
^qtinfactorr to (be Lasky Compinr, nncl 
rieporifitloua w«t0 befctiii for (ha "oneoH- 
ilBtfoo of the Lftkr Compaoj- wltn Fa- 
mon^ Fla.vera, with (lie <!*pe«tatJon that 
Pirittioijtn r^Tlld be induced to join, 
mailhK one ble; «KT(lpari.r. 

The FamnuB RUmf-I Aifcy romhi na- 
tion wu tffwteil and then a t2,".rK)0.- 
000 mrporali^i, wta planned to include 
thft Panmotint nod Soioc otler Int»- 
e*t«. Tbe rleol wa* not conjmmmated 
due (o Inability of all pHrtiea to aa-ree 
aa to the tine. The prapoeal, how- 
er*Te pei-Ttd to infioeort the Paramount 
Corapanj to HMkr better terms. 

Thla roDBolidatloti of Famoun Play- 
ert ami Leaky" took place in lilVT. anri 
fo\hwiDt ihla. in connection irltb other 
proponed m*a*urefl. uid, he 
n-eot to CfililoraiB. While he wa» 
from New York, Adolph Zukor, who 
represented tho Famous Pityen inter- 
e#tf, *TOte a letter to the hoard of fli- 
reetoi-M aylnff thfct either he or Gold- 
wyii tamt Jf>aTe the orfanltatior, the 
wltneat feitifi«d. 

Wajr force* to JUalam. 

UpdB hie renara- to y»^j- Tort, Laaky, 
who had been hfj pirftijer Id the he- 
fianin* and Jj bie heoth^ln-laTr, came 
to him- and told him of the Zukor let- 
ter. G l oH».m ia1d, And apnoiiDerf bin 
iottntlon or Totlne for Zukor Gold* 
win Mid ho waa tbne foiled Co realgn.. 

After he lefL the Faaaoui. Piajeris- 
Laaky Caiftpattj, Mr. floldwjn u|d. ha 
fontfi th.« Goldwyn PHecur« Ooepora.- 
lion, and it was then that he found it 
Terj difficult to obtain a showing for hit 
pkturea,. dba to the cwtrol of theatre* 
hy the P^ramount-Faiiions ' PlayeTa- 
Lwky intemts audi tbe AHOcfated Firit 
National. Anwrnliirty, ibc Gfttdwm 
L^iopany bouaht ffflM t*nt. int r r«t 
*n abOtii thirty theatttj. elebten of thtae 



*-?.S-1j incluifi inx 

maiTd of aco H *nty — 
2o railn p ar r *Ilot. ai 

Sai.U tir N — 30*3 *i — blc uilawg*. 

Surpruiox power on 

Sp*#d ■■ foU want it. 
AJ! Lb* CoLatinc-ioB of 
th* &»• impot»*J ealf, 
w i*h a iuzuriout com- 
fort which la eneluiivalr 

Factory Stanch 

150 Wftt 5TA Strnt 

Ttlrphohe Circle TIQO 



Telegraph Racing Chart 

PIMLICO, MD.,, TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1923.- 

Flrat iay of tb* »pr!n* aa«*'t lata; of tko Mary fun a Jotltty Clah. 
Wm taior cii-tr. fi #t*-» d*r». Hi raala. 

Pr^iltlliiE Judjfj, K C, Siislih. J, 9, CiDft*l' «B.i- IF. P. CanUIAi. llvUr. Jn. M-Jl*». 

ItowNf r*T.:i,'f, 1'i.iilr J, iiryeii « ' 

Pirit rat* m IM P. *t. in«v T»rt u™, U* p, «.i *i n *((«i™ ti.« p«a«di itpmiin aftew< 
mr-; •*!«■ p«w.4i] **>thrr* pouidi. Oft Lint* !■ eJfttUI. 
VqiLipm»t— W, fi-hu; ». seus-p.: n. Hrlnkm. 

919&T -*1*»T HASE-FBBr rUrl««.- i«74B- «TH-J~: HI Tin". .MH. .« J t- f.n». 
£I£3I ,»,„, w »| P nor. HSoW »*T»f>a. KJfi: Oiltd. I lie. Two.iew.oie.. Matestu. r<nt I 

■rtlnuHi. Off M J-1I. g t »rt P»i W«ft C*Ullr: pbt ,!ri.i:^. nioMir, br I. t. h/ VuLnlB— IIIepb- 

tlaa. Qimr, J . I!. PAVIJt. r >«lw. M. nr»ay. . 

figg U lna Wl P>1t H | Fin 3J3E5 I 

KCL^fiT^KS^- * 111 

1MJT Tftopjc'L. WATER » III 

l»ilT , WO lAt*T w IU 

lann run tnn *■ in 



MIIT BLL1. h-TLI. • nt 

»irr iriAir pawn 
ii<tiT Koperr 

<1-M 1-1 

"B ll! 14 

"'jit — 


« *' J't fcAB** 

*' *4 J 1 C.KunlBWr 
=v» *' I'M r.M>fnsr 

'.- I* ;■ j.iin'iii 

I", '■' t\ff B.UirtniFIl 

T«> tftyr* I. Ha wan 

■ '■4 iy t 1 J.BulMll 

a y ) uLym 

Tto-MIUlt mu(a«li ^*ia— ILil*?U*e«. •traiiht. Il.»[ pUtf. lUt: f*uw. ILH Tropin il tt'ifet. 
:>:t r H5.W; lb«*r, 11,10. S"o Ufr aba«. IJ '". 

Trm*k (att. tWtlMO-R*l±«o iAot. IEEL^NTIjEM lirorkfd hw t*t up •■ ft# outild*. '1 « 
<: fir» fD4 *U Mlnr *""ij' »i iba Moiib. TROrrCAV WaTKR li..] in be hud ildd.B ts .fill 
af( NO LAQT. K>R KKF.T? wii i tapwanl t -.ic[*r-i^- laVch* tirly j.t.,-- 

Ortrfreliti— 1!i.tJ ['mi,.:. !W.LrJ.ri ftfcoiry. 1^; :»ITT (.'oIospI Vft-U, Hi. HUT Psljr- 

h r«rTn: B. A. B. SlftrlL- 

. McLcia. 

luaiH-1 Tliar, : : '-'i 
lun m wionpr. II. IM; eerand. ;(■■■■. Iblrd- 

*'- -.''-% Elan imd. W^d ifisi-n: T-iafa 
J. FT. WIDBN-ER. IraftHi-. J. ft. farWa, 

: a, a. T. WH« 

I BIIHl 133113— t*— 4— I 

L-.iui.-rJl Kti"p:*-lim-. T.'un». 
tW. Paur-jeAr-dldi inr] njurrl. ' r»i! 1 m!ri'.:f-i 
<**■!)>■ Wlontr, C. t , I. by f»'r FttT-Qj lieleg. Q» 

PIM*' clIlCNADIin 



mis wAACFt-CBAae 

IMSaT) I/i I J,! POP 


iifDJ jamj npora 


i i ft hi 

. : it, | 1 i» E 

r I 1».. 1 I P*U 

:■* J"i| l»» D.B-m 
If' V W.KanKr* 

4' (' (>1 \ lif(i(H-l'.' 

I' 1 :, W.{. T nn 

l»*l ■'-•-"■ A.Krllr 
B.H lHul 

' ].» t-11 



T«# T ioiier mBti|t)|» ft.ii— <ir.neji*r. v(nU^i. HiM: ptaca, iBo*. tt-H rteeint iriLrr^. 
pi***. )!!■>: ,!■**. T'fi^^n. *t,c*. 14,10. 

Tre-h rUL iQnnliM ftebU -niPT. fLuaC f d-r. CfcEMADlER vn (t-rlnn* liirO >E Ulir '■--* 
!u eltll n[[ FBCeANT. Tb* Id Ull UT.rll lb* lUt iin.1! AIM, fla.*h«d la renlot* '«ih^n 
»--'! frfluld lnH «ii la i "hrw Hurt ■Irl.-ln, P1IO KOX !tr,rti\ will, bat ^e. ilBptilBI. 1 JiT.M P'"if 
hid ■ to^A 1n4 jr-Hai emr t|i» leer. Tt«-j" whn l>»rrril Int hLi heiir.r' Jnrl fall iff. TRAVSF1.1.0 
loel hie. rten i[ rfc. lialh-r>e» and OL'n. TOOT « hill is. Lh* Uilr4 ynr.p. 

CerrriM -rtlffcl— Wwh.Oni*, Ml, Qnlfhei d— lillfBI ,'i-V- it* 

Oin).r«>-i. J. K. WidoWMr: », Hn«>rr** BUM*: s. J. B. D*?1*: 4 !. S. OiJetu I. «n, IP * 
Clvh: l. a. Ibn; •. ft, k. FTiniHa. Jr.; I. i>< <m«- JivaM*. 

eiikd RACB-au inrlonjpL (HftM—l.y-*— la.j Tim*, .lii.. ,«m l U, rune 

ll.m.U; Hlui di -flr>q«-. U n Kl.n;' iKaad. Hftj; La, M . (JrjO. T t,rr fl -, ,.- -,M. ir-i! 
ipvird. Clalmlpi. PoK t nlDU(>>. Off .; S !K. dblrt CWKl. W<-D iJHIl-; Pt*£« drteUx W1s- 
iT. -a I, », bj.Me.rdare-IJ S^j— DnubU fll^. 0»"*T. W. P. BUHCn. Tl«H«f. W, H. iWaa 




"vt S nn 



1' 1' J Mften. 


1-; »•! 



I> ft Q.U*ln 

Hi J* n.WalU 



- 1-1 

• > r K 

n. a. 



1 J'i r.Wnwl-i|«:li 



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Dtlftti i. A- n. Kwi;r. 

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T---J. doner inulueli »ild~ T*ntir Prlneei, e(re!»nr M »: plw*. JS>ti -bow. HU. Colnn*! 
Weil, plire, U.H. ihnw, 11.13. riTlis^ Par. bbdt, t!.*1. 

Tnn-k rut, f Add-*4 ilarU-r- TAN-fl", FRrKCBBA dr>* -5*7 t-aa*li!I t*« far mra: -hi baa 
pem*|tta- 1- hind vi^tD Crtl-OVPi WEST -hejlra jr*d *p.i ()%>v. K«M Die litter liTi- C01A)h"KL 

WITAF *-n.i-ri«i »!-^r si.fciiif hli. prrarl -'■ •-!•'• rurL*nt fin. h" ii.-"---<-i! up el-ziiilj an the -; u lbl-S- 
rr>f|^J Iht *!:■:■]', PLTlND Fl'Tl ,»r a- n>r> nKD. fla&WT VphB elcer. 

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iji'r, it*, khtt 1 Niias !"■>-.■-- id: :;:jt' Tnc'i-n wil*-, hi. 

INwit-l, J. B. rofliiie.i. ■: Kialon "LiM*: 1. W. J. iilmr-n: 1, R. R»»e r J, T Ojci" : f. 
Crirrvood Pi mi; », A, II. llprrii. 1. E, It HrLee.11. v^ V-* 

PIFTl) LlACE-eU rarlonai. 1111-fl— 1.11-t— ICt) TIiob, Mt, -«, 1-lf- Wlrofflir* 
PunlB Di II.CrI1.Jl: nine O »:nt-.-. 1I.4T1.1-; etrgnt. ii-l rhirnt !;->'. Th-«-jur. 
ai.1i. Ptnt 1 mlBimi. Off bl I.W HI11I *OAe1. Won real I j- plaro une. Wj^nrr, a t, I. t.v 
f«.mp[ir«— t'it>. ilFje.. R, T. WI'LeJC:!. Jll. T-ilolT, T. J. Ilrilr)-. 





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Tf»rk [n;. TALL TlatJJl.rl Tti in bud. until viU inund cha Cur turn. tDianj hi- n"r-«l ap en 
the doleldfl CI C'iSMJVWK inn L-ii!lr d[|-MM4 d( ib> Its (rf la il- IUI lurlmt. UDSHA^'K iTio-ivi 
V«M .rJrM lur «nn* U Ml tlXriAl." bid U lm bird ~Jdll*a lb nuCiti OATJ"T,T Tk» Tll- 

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•Ti'lAT HXTH ttACE-rBUj rari«eci. (SHIS- «%-I-114.) flaw, J|(L .41. pnra*. n.m.ll: 
l. I J*r I ,. 1!n] « [ft -|-,n#r, iMi :i: i~<niid, IrJ , int/d, tik- T-ra-j-i.-Ui X£\6uii Pott. 

1 rn'Buir-. OH e' (.IL hcrl |«>d. IrTmi nin;; sued, uni, Winner, h '. 1. Br Huon— Soiilt* ■ 

Qmntt, Tff. L, | MARTIN '., T. Muri*. 




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Tn-dDlIar rnulnile Mill -Jin eh eEHIihL Ul.TC flua. Itf.»; ilioi 
11,74: kh«», II. IT rH«B Tbir-ahL Bh*f. 17. H 

Trick fill. BH1CE nund EAO-ERMESB rnlA ■ubmltBlon [n the, rim gnwt#r and dr*-' I 

lh» ilr-fch iun. rJAOETtKES^ -ei col putillTiBd *hf- lie tlrerf DEEP TI'IOITOIIT »i. tindtf , 
hit* lha «min trip. Dl"il.Nr.^*IJKR and WAHPEE dropped oil! ■:'. '.; in \b t dm fuM4Bd 

Bfralchad— aiWrtl Prl-cada, 11!. I 

Owsan—l, W. 1. 6. Mir lie: I J. E. n»rli: 1. A 11 Mnrrli: e, MLj Hvnr Simk rinn 
T. TTUton, Jr.: « n. rt. |jM|»r,r, T. J. A. I)ues4r..n: I. S. II Dudlf»: 1. C. FBllevt-.; IB. U 
OiqCT SEVENTH RAnE-nri Bill uiii ■ nmrrs:!i IlilHF— !.«%-J— ItT.) "!&- r:>; 
- 10J1 !."<-. l-<9|*. I-*!**- Purrf,': .iL-j. Lb w|an.e-, tKI.Hi '♦fBr.d. »-»: 
T1SC. Then- 7a.r0L.te m-l -ioterrf ria\ebln|. I'm: Z -ilaairfl, firt *■ 1,*4. Bur-. ,^^ 
drlilng: plac* bAtm. TVIOneir, ei j, I, b» Trarltroi — Riirrir S't^t. O-reer, C. P. WISPJ 
Tritw, O. (}. fl,lcS ■ » > 



Uniform Quality 
, Best Results 

26 Broadway 


<C«BtlBM-»dI t'MMH PBK* : 

Who tilj Dot lcoiucd it accrna to be Mr. 

"Th.B Imlnuadon- o( Mr, Tbotnu that 
a-turs tin kicIi emotlo-Dal frraiiifpn that. 
UifJ a» inCBptbta Of lopif-ul rravonmK 
"■ill alio b4 luUrestiTi- reixJin^ for Anr 

W«Bt Itaipraaalon, TD*-- flajr. 

"yft Tiiih tn correct Mr, Thomas's Irn- 
pn-Enaa tiiftt ba WdA rcfftrrwl tn ftt thn 
m«tlng aa the father at tht I^tj- bill, Hb 
DQtblnK of tbe kind waa -aid or even 
■ux-aatcd. ifp, Tu«irt« *aa ctltlciziM, (or 
lujiportin'-; tbo. It-ill, not for fathering;..!. 

"*lr. ThOTdoa reiterates atrnn-Jj that 
lid Aau not Lt.Li.i-; ActOrt sbould work 
mrre than six ni£Tit- a wrrk. If Mr. 
Tiicnvii-i la as atrong in thfo bclict as ha 
f)Tf)frj-*fA to bo. whj fli'l bn not 6FO tr. 
it that a prmiKi'in Iris placed in the 
L*tj kill pr-vaiit3n( UTaririoirs miuiaftrB 
ftom -Drnp-lllua: no tors to work Sevan 
dejf a «Mk? Mr. Tlionms onunt know 
that irithout saam such provision ttia 
inevitable rcault of Lbo paaaafo of thLa 
bill -rill be (hit actors will be compelled 
ty wort rtfYm ni-hu r^PT wcefc in New 
York, aa .hey hot™ ilo in Chicago, Wash- 
ington and other ohtea i\hcr» Suude; 
nt-fit -terformancca btc le-al, and m thrj 
iln unlrenailj- in rturicvUte. 

"Tho oalj menu thfi actor han of a\ h oid' 
inr a *cvrn-daj -reek Is thr J-*iuif j Asao- 
ci^HniU antT It .A our firm belief that tha 
a-sodniion can he atrous; enon-jr rn &a 
this nut j If its Krjuity S Imp TtolLe? U 
applird tr> \htt I'rodiicin- )[anac«rii' As- 
Bociation. aa well a- to tibosa innnn-ers 
outside ita rank-i. 

Declare 31e-obera Atud.«Lt Aetlen. 

"Mr. Tbonaj tajs no n-that on is«tie 
of the impai-tancs of the Equity shop 
policj should, &■«. Iftvp been submitted 
to a mass mc-etin- of Kiiuity members 
snd i-i 3rfr. ThcimSs i« the very -wtbou 
-i'^o before the nieeiln- Sudgiij'- was 
urfiin- that t&a vei-r thine shotildj be 
'k-.ic-, aa he Telt eaufldeut the nicEiiliir-s 
of the inoclatloTi would not nnrport tha 
MUDdl III tbfc acrtion U had taken. Since 
the meetip- failed to set an Mr. Thorn a* 
hoped it would, he new full- back mi 
(ha cry at 'Wb ijaj-choLoc," iu spite 

of the Tact tint cverr singlo ilotaLl o( 
Ihf rteeo'IntloTia .between the eomniittee 
of the A. £, A. and P.. M. A. -ntu ver- 
carefully and minute!. - read and er- 
Li.ii Ln-ril to tlir incniher--'. Mflreuver, onr 
inembeirs hnvn fur truLny montba iiivrn a 
creat deal mni-r serious tiion-ht to th!.- 
malt-r than Mr, Thomas han unU thfl r 
nction on Suuttsy was the Hflu.t oE 
moptlfs'of serious ami cai-DCui cnnsldera- 
tinn of this qacRtiou.. 1 

"It would Qiao be intore&tiiij: to know 
If Mr. Thtunfiji meiinB to auinreft that 
the mrmber- of Hip rauncil who htltt 
aeriouily and ijinst cnrefuHj ronslderftd 
this matte* for months have been ruled 
by- 'ra ob neycJi olo -y '." 

Knickerbocker Cars 


At 12.IB. 12.45 ond 1 o'clock Shu-p 


FARE, $1.00 


F. B. WALKER, Muueer 









•iiTiT ■TRCVBle'TAK 

A m Pf StM «'. 


vnrt uruHHiiaiKiA -rb i 

-rn i ii a i : )' 

T^jfj^t [jTamffl. " 

fcHTt* 'KlMO JOHK 1>b t JM IJt' j* l>S e* I^i J.^tir! 


1HIT R09A V«;T.V -M K I 4 (* 

SUIT- *JOIIN HOHRUil. Fb i liO * ", <» 
~ - '1IOCQ 

-« I" 


Two-daiur mutuili Biia-Tr««i7»n. uril-lu, (*.-io; tikr.. i;.*i ; piTTW P+ishru*-!-. 

>!».-., ivr-: iTica. «». King Jcnn. n», 11.1? -v ; 

Track [ill TRJEVfiljTAN wr-r» Lb* laadan tUn Miinlri- Uie> far luf- anfl nHtc4m«d BEt- 
THnir.ri.VJ.f ir-l KiK'O JDIIN IR ili- alr4tell r-*a. Tfer ii-riTjp: uiH fra?44 BPtarlni lAa - c r* i ■" Ti , 
eearre KIN'S JOHN" bflrtr «U(. 

'■c:rM'.-fl v.|;h[--Hn?. TiUL *7 ^ ' 

Oi-wre-i, C. P. Wtnhat; J. a. s-;n.*: a. J, t. Brkal-v: i. %. niH: E, O. W. rmau: a. I. 
T WhlttaT. I -™ in r'iiicnefi and vk'inil.F anri th- re- 
mainder dlict-ibilttd thfOiijChoUt the rburi- 
trv. Mr. li'il^Mi Hid. It was a't thla 
tlttif tbftl «juti»l.n( th tt CapltoC Thtiitr-i 
in rhi* city wps obtained. 

hnre nn rntlrely free haod la noAkf-f bia 
i-j-estixstlon without stir lriti>frreiv- 
trom this office, rlooreee?, I will cou* 
iiaiie to hear codtuIbuijs nt they ttMj 
come tip - from the lour other boron -h*. 
I oe-d nard!.T -ny tbat I have net ret i-~- 
rrired nn.v rr-mplniol- aijraln.!*. po!irfn,-TJ 
and rrumtir ofllrfalt hec.lnse of alleffd 
framt-uria in onj nf the hCrouElb cut- 
■id- of Uaohsttua." 

r*r™-td .'Tlcrall (of *t~*~T- 
About lfHi the contract vhtrh the 
Fitnvna rittyer? -T.aii- Co-optit; bad 
with Marj PEekford Apir«d, Mr. Oold- 
•rrn -.aid, and Ulsa Picltford. haTiua: 
learned t]iat CaairHe rhaplin bad roada 
a ctmtnet with Fir-i National for dlgQt 
ptetum at tl,0T5,00O, .Dllsted nil ?lfl,- 
000 a week. Thlt made It neceasarr for 
the Fsinoim riftj , er--T^i«:e t'omptny id 
{tec mora fur h»r plettTrM than could ha 
abutaed undft- th»lr ^ntraet v-lih Para- 
mount. Tims came Into fre-fng (bH Art- 
--Bft CompaTi]', lrliirli later added sev- 

"Ifr^ldw™ Hid fa. «a. » lonreV ** [&^ **#-* 1 ° " *««»« *« 

Mr- fioldw-n nKbiwy m lon™-X ^u^^frt^j^ ]#ttfr [n whm hfj Uated 

-OutierM wIEh tit Qt>>dW7n Coinpan™. 
Iiaiint left it it two dlffflKOt tltn«s in 
is mnoy .vc-r*. H« ttUl hrl-d h(* lot«r«at 
In tho cniupa.],-', bowtTtr. H- ntld lie 
had ion made - contract wJtfi; Vitmt K*- 
tlouiu tot the (ttarttituloft of picture-- he 
la ibout to miltc ■* an independent pro-' 


i Cor-Uaitie* Freaa P«-™» 1.) 

la -b*-«r,cc my jurisdirtirjTj Ortr Tf-!n- 
rifljis -r -fcr ProhtbtiOD a~nfor~ttP a Dl art. 
Dint riot Altorflcr Banfon, whda* jurladie- 
tton eitendi to Uudiattu iioor, will 

A1d*r-Hen H*MV rr»m Hlrahfl-eld. 
At Tha nevtiuf -*"ttrd,i" of tbe Bnetd 
of Aidcrmeo a letter was received, in 
which v«- fficlbStd i ropy of a letter, 
b-th written by David Hlr-hfLeld, Com- 
Dall'Ioner of Ar-nunl-. coraplsinln- of an 
atUck made nn him lust *«t by Aider- 
man Bruce Fulro-fr, Bt-tubli«aa. They 
were oat acted on hj tbe Aldtrueii, but 
werf clvea to the prtsi. 

Alderman Jacob IV, FriedDtlD, minor- 

RepttbHcaaa nitri h&otk--inB acti-i- 


'-If Ilirshfield m mtki %m at- 
tack oh th* Ite-pablkiM we'll tike' caro 
of brm and bb bootle-^n- Ide-a," Al^ 
deman Prlcd-aan aald. -*I have known 
Co-utultilotirr Ui-ahficld a >rnnt man™- 
year*. This only can firms my frstjef 
that h« doe* not knew wbat ho is c -a 1 lc -= 
lag about, ' 

, Atdcrtmin Johp J. K#ll*r, Republican, 

"L think blgbl? erf" tbla Board. I 
betd it in tha -re-tt-f r«4jrcct. I do 
not think that the prea«ncQ of U«»y 
Hlnhfirld would dignify any roeetlPff 
nf tbls body. I am asainst lnvjp; hitn 
appwr bewe'" 

.The mjitifr 'it postponed until next 
week . *. ; '- 

1>R, I*, Atat ATLI IfltATT, FLAKTIC 
A-mOEON, t*c* ted r«*ttttw. 4* Watt 

148-150 West Forty-ninth Street 


A meeting place for those 
of discriminating tastes 

A la Ctrl. Strric. to 1 A. H. 
DbMl from C_J* Am Pari. W * Phon* 


Special Table d'Hote Luncheon Each Day 
Ftom 11,30 "A.M to2.30 P.M.~65c 




















Vg! 101. 5o. MB. 


?£IC£ TE5 CH5TS. 

; MT^med Eagle bop**. Iber* Till b* no sugar boycott, 
but being first of ill ■ cewapaper it records that tier* 

f|NE 9iu to travel only two or Ihrea boon oat of New Tork 

" before meeting "backward p*opl*i" who don't realise th* 
edviBtftgea of daylight saving. 

f\XE thousand |KHNl **fe hurt at ■ Louden soccer game 

'"' becnus* SOAOOO person* tried h get where there wtre 
■wotninftHiliww for 120.000. But why abcold 200.000 persons 
wish to are ■ snccrr [ii». 

Y\E VALEIL\ might find ■ firi<j for hie peculiar talents, sad 
■■-' on* appropriate to hn pilrnnjm :c. ilun{ (1|- Spanish 
Mafn — If piracy were not so dananroaa. 

flIHE Hmj#t of David *c*ina [a h«v- proved to be * "boas* 
■*■ Of card-," 

WILLIAM 11. WOOD1N denies that city ettiploytei hare 
been anted Id contribute to th* jubilee fund. Mr. 
Woodin dignifies the- foolish ebarg* that Dfrrr would hare been 
made except for editorial iiatred of nj-laru 

A Nh lru ll anything ni'if than a, coincidence thai the 
"■ chart* w*a hpnught while *om* of th*** nam* editor* 
were In Wash>.nttoli formulating ■ "code of ethics" for th« 
|M uCu—lun T 

<*ipHE boy li fntlirr r. the man." and cliii week he la going is 
A- excreta soma of man's authority. 

|"""1LA IS A. 8PRECKELB says (here Ii plenty of mnr- We 
^ have found It *o~ at 12 rcnta a pound- ■, hippodrome rlnphsnls are like the Republican elephant 
■*■ In dim respect. There i» some uncertainty aa to whet* 
tlier will be next season. 

HARRY* BALLARD write* that a aofl answer may tarn 
away wnilb. but thai It ha* Utile effect on a book agent 
Who eirr tried a soft answer on a bonk afent? 

SAMl EL F. B. MORSE, who** -ninifTur. was celebrated 
.Sunday, was a native American, but I mppow the 
esteemed World woald regard: bin a* of ati immigrant family. 

A BILL baa been Introduced 10 make trill* contest proof. 
*» Whj doesn't eoaj* enterprising member Inttodnc- a 
measure rp prohibit freaks from being elected to the Assembly. 

JT mar be- remarked in paaaioa; thai fir* preeaulihii it quite 
* U inportant to tb* avrraar prrwin ai tax rxenptioo. 

IFl'.AR tb* fate, aJaef, alas! 
Of Walker'a hill for dollar £U r 

A CONVICTED cbanffenr In fhlladrlphia wi, ^nteqcl 
■*■■ to read Pilgrun'a Pi'*ie«*. Ilia faroritr rhira<rt*r prob- 
ablj will be Fadnf Boih-WaT". aa the chart* »u ir.iniin- 
tion. . > 

/"iliRER up." All of na will h* flad when Spring r ;--, riext 
^^ Snaiuwr. 

JT Li well to remenbtr that the linur of Hajrlia:ht roll urn 
■* wili be of little Talitr uTilem jtnt apend It out of doors. 

n/HILE all tor chJefa of police are in imnion ben bow 
" would It dn to atari ■ ""drive" fnr thr Dot Kina mnrr- 

TT la charted that the now fiocjetj of Minute Men. headed 
■*- by iT'Tlcml Chnrlea T>. Dnwrs, In a moecmrnt tnr th* 1 open 
chop, hiiL T am more IncUned to think It ii a movement fnr tlir 
open mouth, 

TF H«nr« Ford proi-idm AticliiEnn farmpra with Winter wnrk 
*■ MX. ritr waira I confidently predict that thry will make i. 
non-crop record the followLns SprinR and Summer. 

JF the French really with Ln make thr Ormam anary tney 

* mifht tend; nanna WaAAl nn a concert lour ihmueh the 

VTO, dear reader, neither Senatur Boraih nnr Rrrre:ary 
^ Hurhea iiiTenied, the nt wlileb. If kided for buck, will 
nni kit] a doe.- Tb<\» jus.r Ulk like the cud. fanetlnm'. 

J CAN ihitsk of a lot of tiling That wouU he more becominc 

* inn rlttrjnc prcfe-wir than critltdaduof American woinru. 


E tiufclir ii rid rime It dLffir-nl: to awallow the atoriei asd 
the nricet adraticed by tb« nuar apecdUtor*. 

THK President, it ■■ aaid. ia roniiderina; uaiax the nrmy and 
nmy la a new li<jnrr war. Ttnt witb. their nvmbera re- 
duced a* the; are- they wnnld not be able [n drink down much 
of the extra, stork bow tftllabV, 

' i "- — ■ >• ' * 
-^art^abfr sne fssUnsi at tiarine in ete Dp i^ bnjr early fnr 
» ^layrit-bl airJiit w* no ■pprwidt* ties* RriHsb BaoonH'"" 
who" petitinaed. "Give up bark our eleven days."* when (be 
cxUf&dsr »n rhavcrdL , 

rjlHElEE are Indiratloui that the Pre-mdent la about to art 
^ upon the editoruil advice of this newspaper and Whd our 
navy after mm runners outside the tbsVe-mJte irtair. 

rpHERK ia no iMubr ibst thr Mayof's proelamaiion hat 
* sweeteneil the soxar sftaatinn. 


Ctmptigti for "One Kiy'i Xut in 

SeTen Lejiili-tion" Ii Ootten 
Under Way is Middle "Writ. 


Hfints* Lors i M«»«s»r. Art 

Msrkir-s- Ttase VwtH Thrir K*xt 

Usstlww ssi 9f*r *• 

J WOT 'Lit like for sa»* cheerful iHint t.. die his authority 
* for callinj 


Bastrrn P'andir<l >-h^Ju!r "God's time." 

CONTEMPORARY informs me that a man was mur- [ 
.dered by b's ~wldow." Did ike kill bli tb***. 

WRTTER In th* E^opiPI Slall Say*. "TV iiKir red seh"»ol 
hoase waa all rich; K ici day, bat ibtt day la ftoae." 
Cone, yea: lih* eanwt spellinc- 

WALTER, tJAGEN Is taUnr a bif chance wben he pltr.a to 
bars both ibe Rrittob folf litis and a bride on h!« niad 
tr the same time. 

; TiFTE Lsaiu* and John Barleyeora tr* two "dead" iaauea 
, -^ wboae sTavca don't se«M to be <on)fnrUff1e. 



Ctutomi Sen Kike Ttrt Cue of 
Two Captured B«t> I»kiij 


Witaeuei Teitiiy Door to Boom 

Where "ZitV Liquor Wu Sept 

Wn Forced by IhtectiTt. 


Tor wvenl mcnibj tb* United Stain 
. Customs baa beau aeckinf *o #pportun1ty 
to put to ft teat whether or not tuaw or 
other small craft aupplylDf hdtts Ln th« 
rum first with pnivLsloni nr supplies ar* 
fullty r>r violation of lbs prohibition 
law. Tnsidsy ultlit tha rtrsDu* ciltur 
Bsoaesi In e«nmand of Enslfn Albert 
Martinion. tan down and Clpturad lb* 
tui Ales Clark, which l*d Just r»m- 
pleted supplymi lbs' mm boat Robert 
Arthur wltb * tup-plj- 'of prorislons. and 
the motor launch WCE. whlcb had on 
board. 11 1-2 druma of ItaniMna intmdsd 
tor the. British adtoonrr Ktta*rin* Mny 
Both l-aaasla and tbdr crwiva wrra 
brooibt to the B«rs* Offler. 

Trulrrday lb« ctpUllt or ill* Ales 
Clj.rk. Jobs A. Dyrsten, a repreKQiatiri 
or the n*J[abltrTow1nr imf Tranaporta- 
liou Company of Tio. 11 Wall *trc*t< 
who wu on boanl tht tali and &r« nacm- 
!-.': - Of the rr-K, MM wall U fipliir, J«- 
*euh Msnnlnj; of tb* WCE. w*ts all 
l;t«i Iwfnrc Fjdwsrd Barnca. AsalsUsr, 
Boliritor of tb* Castoms, on a chart* of 
eooiapLracy to violata tha pnihibltion law. 
Falbwtat Informal qiMaaJoaflit tb* prut- 
oners wen sent to ths L'nired Bisui 
Commissioarr for t pnUsjiiiiarF nearint. 

Conrad Mntbiwn. wto said ha reprs- 
aented tb* Reliable Towlot aad, TraEul- 
portstioB Company, said tbat h« was re- 
queued by the Lee Towinj Coaapaaj to 
handle tb* trajuporutj&n *f the troe- 
■Hpi and ftnodstaffs to tb* Alex Clsck 
and and the crew of The Alex 
Clark tut lvn meA. Fred, N'tiberr ef 
Somb OrsDft and Leo Ksnoloa of New 
*rk. N, J- at Pier 37. North BJtm, lata 
Tneadsr afternoon an'l ioadjd^on tb* 
proriafoBa. ' (BF*^ 

l Xeiburf and Kapolo^ weiwabm tr- 
Tcated «n :h» AW Claik and were rep- 
twrnlni before AuIiLso: Solicitor Bsrnas 
b>- Louis Jirswail of Xo. 2 K*«tor street, 
who -prt.trttp-1 atalnat ihs imit of rheae 
Unaa without ft warrant mw 

-' CaptaEa Joaeph Ksuninj of the WCS 
-»lii ibtt he had made three (rips in all 
act from New York lo locate the Kaih- 
rrlns Msry and that b* had b««a offinrd 
flOO by a man who did not tfr* Ma 

rCcstlMsed on rsjtr 3* C*lwai 


Whan (be inresLtifttion InhJ dUrCea 
•jf polles liqdor tf* 1 * w « tsansnad jea 
terday aftemooo before Juolf* Thomas 
C. T. L'rtiB In Goaeral SenieaJ. sillint 
m a rommittlnf ma«istmte t after tn *d- 
Jaurnment to permit the prapcrsllou of 
a new complaiB.t Id the action icaJnit 
Deleetir* fiobert McAHUur on a chars* 
of parjUTT, Aaaiiutnt IpljitLl-i Atternoy 
Ferdlnind Peeora informed tb* Oonrt 
that ten complaint bad born prepared a* 
dJrtcad but noo* of the witnesses in a 
podtloa to do so "had indlcatedi a de- 
■ir» to verify tt." 

Tha acti.>n .asjaltiit .McAllister frows 
out - Of a fcrftrtaf before M ■ risers is 
Joseph E. Cornftc In Wrsrt 3ide Conrt 
April I". when ths delecuTe appeared 
*t a witaaaa, sfsinit Charle* : . Zltte), 
thearricsi pub It i her. rfaargad ii-iih Tfolt- 
uoa of the Mutlsc U/itrr art, after bav 
(at raided 7,iitt! i botnc tb* prttedlttc 

McAllister decied ar that time be uied 
fore* to tain entranpa in ronductint the 
raid aud tbs cbsTtie of perjury was or- 
d*r*d by Usaiiirato Corrifan sfter oth*r 
wknesse* testifod to the contrary- 

Mr Pseora cxplaiaad to Judt* CraJn 
that the law fives tb* Dlitrlct Attorney 
Do power to require or **j£pr* tb* verifi- 
cation tf a complainL This beut ths 
case, he said. h« asked th* Court to pro- 
ceed- en As, oral complaint to conduct the 
laquEry and take teatimotiy- under the 
powers trnnted by S*ctioa 82 of too In- 
tsrior Criminal Conrt Act. 

Tbs only altarfiaTlTe to tbia coune, 
llr. Peeora said, was to present th« eii. 
d*nce directly to tb* Grand Jury, ana 
th* TMstrict Attorney"! oBe*. he **Jd\. 
preferred to hiv* th* heariar ■ pnblle 
no* because of the prominence the case 
had bean tiTan- Hs asked Ju4f* Crtlo 
to pr & i ee d to cake evidence after he bad 
msas aa oral coanplatDf and to determine 
after haarint tha evidence whether or 
not a foil complaint ihould be taken 
ajadast MeADhHtr, ->N . 

Tlttel waa in court 

To redtinr tbaTsreotf which led an to 
ths <h*r»e of poejarr peeferrH ■■air-nt 
McA taster Mr. Peeora said thit he had 
Weired hi* fafornnatioB from tb* record* 

roojttxwac* , 

i r*c* a, c«i». i at i 


CwHtla,»«f rsl r ia* oswlar rs- 
4s > ■■* lw— OSTOw). 


Anyriu Cnnk Arreited After 

Botberinp; Family for Week 
tod Demanding Mosey. 


Chlcsuro is now the center of activities 
of the Arte**] Eqalt AssocLatLoo tn c«o- 
nertlon niib (heS> war on thr Snndi? 

Instru^iions to the ChJcafo repr*arn- 
tativ* of ;lir orcanixation have be«n is- 
sued to institute s campaign for what 
is. termini "an* day's ceftt In seren leajs- 
la'tioh/* Already there Is a blue law 
before tbp Illinois makers of itatuea. but 
th* new inipaiin * ill be wijted Inde- 
pendently. MoreoT-er, It will be con- 
ducted alons conftrrratlre llsCi, (or the 
Sliicnso lrmi.lL of Equity bis w|r*d 
back to head uuti t tem In this city that 
1* "wtll grooved carefiilly." 
. Suodsf ohrbt l> !h« vIe ahon nifht in 
Chicago nnd in- many inatancea the pM- 
ductioDi plBTlnt thnt city ilepend lartely 
On the reivipta of tht Hub-boili iierform- 
ancea to imll Ibcm act**a the Irdaer from 
the debit Into The credit tide. The elimi- 
nation or thes* performanreji, aside 
from vrbnt rffcrt they mbjht hare an the 
manaterinl hank sccoiintn. wmilrl also 
detract from the pay of the nrtOTs ulnar 
thry are- jinid ph a baal* of eltht peT- 
forniances a week snd the extra fthow 
on Sunday means an citra item In the 
salarj envelope on the week. 

Tb* r.-'iT meeds* of the ProduriiDE 
Uantnra is n>t for May 1 and until 
that time no statement wITl be fortbeom- 
iacfrouLi the proprietors of show*. 


IffUtUl Diip*trS It T6* k-n MM V- .rtt%y\ . h 

CHICAGO. May 2- 
O, P- Mrtxie, who playa the IcndLnj 

role in "F*shionn fur Men." last nitht 
predicted a strike by actors before the 
jpir is out. He. dedared conditioaa as 
ihey were now ia th* theatrical fitld 
rat At . a wslk*ut by I he players > tt? 
likeiyC htr. B*tr>* »»d*.jhis suieoscnt. 
in a spcocb Tsit nilht aw tie 1'nUrrwity 

of CUuali" 

The preference of American audf«ncei 
for foreiao plays wa» anarked by the 
actor as 4 bed situ. He said that com- 
ntfm'iliRi in tbs dramatic profeaaion Ii 
beint Fneourazed. In mikin* his point 
of the popularity of The foreim rori". 
Mr. Hejxie mentioned the Moscow Pliy 

-The Moscow Art Players are *v*l- 
lenl. bat America has nnapprwJsteti 
talent of sqnsl ability, hr eatdl 

Tb*. eriatinc cofidition* are heinf 
remedied In wme eirenr, he said, by the 
Actors' Equity Asnociation. 

Bhotllint "h« baa sold nu! my coun- 
try" and that "Rockefeller and th« Ftnl 
■ho^ka are tesponsiblr for all the trouble 
lu the world" and "We'll all be dead in 
half aa hour," an Assjriso ailk worktr 
wu arreated after a struttl* trlth two 
detrrtivea in front of the hom* of John 
D. Rockerellfer, Jr., 10 West I-Mty-fourtii 
street, yesterday. 

The man described hlniielf ai Geort* 
Murad, 3fl year* old, of So 9i«h avenu*, 
■mi was seat to the observation ward 
at BeHsrn* R>*ptl*l. Mr. Rockefeller, 
Jr.. and ntttff rcFi.icri« of tfai neltbbor- 
hood wilneased the ■< nitric willi The 
maD. M whom were found The addresses 
of ths Rochefellrr city and country 
homes and bow to reach lh? Rockefeller 
estate at Tarrytewn. 

Aceordihf to Mr + Rockefeller, Murad 
baa been ba&finf around bis home for 
more than two weeks, mertinf hfm on 
bis way bom* and In lh* uornjnt. Mr. 
Rockefeller says Lhst he retarded him 
for a time a* on* of the majtr heraaJeaa 
cranks who bother him. bat when the 
felmw became imnortunat* he notified 
the police. 

Sunday afternoon Mr. Rockefeller was 
retornint slaa* f»m aerric* at tb* Firth 
Aveanr Baptlit Church and waa turn- 
Ibi the comer of Fifcj-foonh atreet itr 
front of his fathers home wham Uurad 
aocostad him and talked ™ such a ram- 
Mint manure that hs tbouaiit ho had 
better invoke the aid of tb* police. He 
tafaad lo he ihaL^n off by Mr. Hocke- 
feller, Iflltiwinr him Into tb* vaaiibol^ 
of his honr, and wss ejected only after 
ft litrlj battle with tb* butler and a 
private taard that Mr. ftacbafeller al- 
ways has In bis horns. 

Monday mornlst a, uniformed! police- 
man was placed tn front of ths Rocae- 
fefler hoB». Semnta; saw Murad at 
th* usual hour, bat hs -blink away when 
he noticed the uniformwj ,aa>l±c*ni*u. No 
acTaet ass mad* to ripttrre him, Mr. 
fiocaefeller drclariac that be wanted t4 
avoid publicity aad that ba biped to t*t 
::■'. at (be fellow without Ks-.inj him ar- 

Taeaoay. May Uaj. in addition to th* 
malformed pnlicetnftn there waa at ati on ed 
in fnrat of th* Rochefelkr hoaxo ft de- 
partment aoionnblle in which Wert 
seated Detsetivea Joseph Aop*l and Pat- 


EepnoHus. Lender Eaihea to Al- 
bany on Etc of Buttle ill 
the Aaienxbly. 

CSB*eni Diisiteh t" t»» Hiirsin* T»wsr*r!> • 
ALBANV, May 2. 

Followint • report early lo-nlfla fhat 
a caucus Of Udpubltctn As*emhlrmen 
bad roted efsiuat s reprai of the Stnte 
mntion picture c*nsornh|p Ian-, n wal 
rumored her* that Bamiiel fl. Koenlt. n> 
publU-an leader tot New York County, 
nas-istned ordei* 10 RcpiiblicaH Asaem- 
blymru that the/ must vita Fur tii- rf- 

Mr. Kttenic, \t a'aa said, was on hi* 
way to Alhany, havlnjt drrldrd to con»e 
to the Capitol followint n conference be 
tween GoOrf* K- Morris, rhalrmsn of 
th* RApttbllcBti 8|s,ta i:ommiltri» and 
Sprstrr Hachclii of ihs Aaaembly. 

It i* expected that the- real test of the 
situation will comr to-morP>w, whrti As- 
semblyman Chart** T>. DonohDr, the 
Tjemocniir minority leader or the As- 
sembly, will make a motion to dlsrhari* 
th* Bales Committee from further ron> 
siderttion of tb* bill and thorehy l^ritif 
it out on the ujot for ft final nte. 

It i> also reported here to-aith| ih*1 
Will H. Hays, mniicn dhatnaw head, baft 
appealed to The Republican members to 
let the repeal bill Cora* out of Ibe com- 
mitter so aa to fKe the House an oppor- 
tunity to n>te un it. 


Ho»Hi««I •- PBft* 1, rn!t«, T.| 

Lord Eosebery'i Derby Candida** 

Takei 2,000 Gnitteu Stake 

at KcirmaxkeL 

. ■; V- !-i. >'•• tt n* "•;-■ ■■ t ■ ■ -tt - i 

NEWMARKET. Enx . May X. 

Lord Ros cherry's L>erby rsnendiste. 
Ellanpciwin. wen the Two Thousand 
Guia«aa stake bat* to-day, the drat 
of the classic Mat races of the English 
season. Lord W cola vj niton's K own in do 
waa seconiL I>'Oraay. onnedl by Mrs. 
S. Wfaitbnnis, waa third, " 

Ellaoxowsji psid " to I, Knockando'a 

fries waa 25 to t and D'Orsay'a SO to 
Ln win. 

EUantosran now will b* Aanred aa 
one of th* leading ;*s*ibilitici j a ibe b*t< 
tinjt on tb* Derby. 

Tbere waa surprise and dismay 
among tb* thnu«anda at tha rac* wb*n 
the iadtes, apparently throurb a very 
simple mistake, hoisted the number ->f 
locality in second place, although (hLi 
horse obviously waa not anywhere nejt 
the tnaney. After a ioni delay they dis- 
covered that they had posted the wrotil 
runner-up and substituted tb* nnJDP+f of 



Rancocas Derby Hope Races Hit 
War *o Victory, Leadinfl AlUes 
Stable's Dominique by Nar- 
rowest Margin at the Finish 
of Six-Furlong Feature of Ex- 
cellent Card. 


rfaots y-i c. c, c*oh, 

llrilij- Ilnpe Ipeeaia to Vlalqrr In I he I'lammiili, I.fufllnK 
T)onlnl,it kj- ■ Ilt.d 


General Manager for Independents Tells of Exhibit- 
ing in AH Key Cities— W. L. Sherry 
Recites Losses. 

TV, 1* Sb*Trr, vie* pr**id*nt of the 
Paramount Pictura* Corporation, owner 
of a ' motion picture excbaRa* in New 
Yark City, mid yesterday at the besuHnf 
now beinE conducted by the Federal 
Trad*. Commission m drtccmine if the 
Famoos llayers-Lasky Corporatk>n, six 
of lta affiliated companies and six indi- 
viduals, conatirure a motioa ' picture 
trust, now *fter the Fsovo'Ji rieyrrs *e- 
cvtrrd; 5t per CeOU «f tha fttack of 
Paranrweui -PBMr*a by rivinr Faaoaj 
Players atock In return for tb* Para- 
mount picture stock, he had lo*t thnrora 
bis counecillon with the Famous Fiafere 
Corporation stock rstieaated to b* worth , 


Sam Mom». t*n*r*l msnater- »f | 
Warner H rot hers, producen and di*- " 
tributors or motion pictures, broufbt a 
list of the feature picture* htv company 
has released since September L IBIS, and 
this wa» placed in sridenc*. H* **id 
his firm hatf nn treat trouble ih havint 
its picture* exhibited In first-n*n th*a- 
iras In practicallr ft" the '"key" cities, 
hut when asked by Mr. Farriaatoe what 
first-run theatre in Stw Tork dry ex- 
hibited lh*m, be mentioned only tb* 
Capitol and tb* Strand, neither of which 
are under the control of Famena 

CasspatHlon lor "Mnlsi ■«*••!.•» 

In reply lo a question of Robert T. 
Swayn*, of coun*rI for the Famous Play- 
era Corporation, be said there is a aood 
deal of competition smgnar the first ran 
theatres (or the prlvllete of exhiWtlnf 
"Main Street," s new picture which hfta 
not been rrlrsscd. but ia shcwlnt uadar 
a pre-reliBse contract at tha Mission 
Theatre in Lo* Anielea. 

John M> yuinn, aeneral minater of 
Vftatraph. Inc., also fllsd a III* of tin 
feature pictures lh«y have released aittC* 
Hepl*mh*r, 19IS. H» aald Vitaaraoh, 
Inc., hai only been dlatributint the. pic- 
tures producad by or for th* Vitapaph 
Company of America until r*c*ntly, nut 
now they dlitributo picture* of other 
producers. Replying to a question of 
W. B. Fuller, of counsel to th* Com- 
mission, th* witness said that the "fla" 
epidemic ift l&lo sod ifliit cost tb* th*- 
atrea a treat d*al of money and acrioaaLy 
lmerf*reo with IJ* motion picture indus- 
try for a tin*. 

Mr Sberry aaid that tb* Paramoast 
Plcturn Corpotfition atoea^wa* aellta* 
at 80 at th* time tha deal was made with 
tb* Furious Playtr*. That he waa th* 
Iftrceu ftoekholdisr In ParanoBDL and 
that at f his price thli stock waa worth 

Ha was deea stock in the aTsmons 
Playan Corporatioa. '.•• aaldi, and it waa 
aarrcdi thst ba waa to bars a ooatract to 
dlstribnte tb* Fafanns Plsyers pWcree. 
He *ald lomt'or thr others «nn*Cfad 
with Parseaoont did get coatmcta for 
-ftnon* territory. H* mentioned on* 
who rataired (1,000 a weak and 5 per 
cent, of the frosa. 

Mr. Bberry *atd h* nersr got hia c*ra> 
tract. Tb* I'ersmouns waa taken ot*t 
by Famoaa Fisjer* In 1P1B. Mr. Sherry 
said that sevrral weeka foUowinc that h* 
recelvad no ccmpensatlnn. but afterwards 

Benjamin Block's North Star 3rd 
Colt, Rated Behind the Pace to 
the Stretch. Pluckliy Wrests 
Lead From H. P, Whitney'* 
Fly fay Day in Final Sixteenth 
and Is Going Away at the End. 

was allowed a drawing account of S2A0 
a week. He said he waa called to the 
borne office and was th*v* for a few ' 
weeks at the bead of the parebasin* de- ' 
parirnrnt He ssid be io-H Mr. Zokor j 
that he did not Uke (Jkls. and Mr. Kaker [ 
bad laid bun that he mtt gUd lo bar* a 
man like falm as the head of th* purcbsi- 
Int drpartmtnt. 

"1 rtaklasd/' said Mr. Sherry, "lint I 
bad. ben breath l down to tb* boas* oSe* 
to make rwats fee Anbue White, arho 
was 'fb*a wiib the Arlcrsft Compear." 

Drew ItftO a Week* 
Mr. -Sherry laid that while drawiag tha 
f23T> * week he «U diltruVatlng: plctur** 
l& tb* N*w Tork territory. 

H* said in 1919 Mr. Zukor wanted him 
lo bay s motion picture— **<Jo*n tb* 
Woman" — for th* Nsw York t*trllory, 
for (129,000. H* said he told Mr. Znkftr 
that the pictura waa act wortb that 
price, bat. fiaaliy at the solicitation of 
Mr. £ohor, said he bouf bt lb* picture for 
aiOO.OOO fa cash and gaT* his note for 
4=5.000, with the understand lag that b* 
was n*l to Toae od the picture, 

"Mr. Zukor gave me bi i promise in ths 
presence of otbers," aaid Mr, flherry, 
"ibst 1 should not irne on tb* pletar*. 
Re aaid if the Fanom P)ay*r* did not 
pty n)r for any tosa I miiht hi" he 
would pay it blmaelf." 

rietarw Vl-'pa Paflnr*. 

M. T. Farrington. of eounael to rhe 
commission, asked tha witness bow the 
picture turned out, 

"The picture n*e*r crossed, over 
45.0IX), If that." aald Mr. Sherry. "I 
had bean obliged to borrow Th* 1100.00U 
from ih* Irving National Bank, and had 
put up my Famous Ptaysra stock a* 
collateral on It. T was >»blig*d to Mil 
nty stock to pay the rosn and at this 
time th* Famous I'Lajers discontinued 
paying dividend* snd the stock fell so 
that I bad to dispose of It at 22 to 3D, at 
a treat lo*a." 

After h» was brnatht to lbs home 
office hs saw that thty w*r* trying to 
pm him oat "f the eirhsnge he bad 
fomn'rly osrned and had n**n runninr- 
and he reajgned from the Fatuous Flaj- 
era Corporation and opened another ex- 
change, hs sitrl. H* waa asked by Mr. 
Famngton whether he erer spok* to 
Mr Z.nfcer about tbt contract bs hai| 
heen pmmiied after kiving th* Famoua 

Hai to Barrow tlB.OOo. 

"I apok* to Mr, Zukor on Bewral oe- 
essions aboat it," b* aald. "tetling liim 
I had been cbealvd out of my raustfnwsL 
A few months ago I was tntJrel; with 
out money and T stent tn Mr. *pfcimr 
and told blm that I n**d*d monry badly 
and b* aaM h* would net it up to ths 
board of directors. Tb*y loaned m< OIL 
000, but sot until 1 baa ngnvl an agr*>- 
rr.Fnt waiiing all claim on As Fson-m* 
Playsra* Corporation, the Cardinal Film 
Company, which bad prodocod th* 
picture, 'Joan the Woman,', and Adolf 
Zukor. I had to sign tab* ip Uilii [ 
to nt th* asoosy. 1 paid intareat on 
the loan, but I bars b**a anabt* to do 
"hat raoantly aad I still owe than th* 
H 5.000. They csneafled me uots for 
J25.0O0 which t gar* at the Urn* I psjr- 
cbased the pictur*." 

Wben Mr. Skerry completed direct 
naminaboo eoaasel for th* Famctii 
Players Corporation stated thst b* did 
not desire to croaa-rxamln* and ho waa 


nasT hack. 
n>-.,i T s u I stmlgtit. Itsl pssoa. eena 
■asw, waa. - 

lloruhr^, Bt IS 1 alrelrht. II t» t slsee. 

Hit ib»w. seesna. 
I.a«kr rtmr a i* l airmlabl, *t«w place. 
I M 1 thaw, thirst. 


BUtind RnSIr T to 1 Blradftkl, 1 U I 

PPM*, 1 t« * »h«.w, waa. 
■ imti lad II te 1 Kraiiht, | tt | 

plant * <« » sa*w. nrr^nd: 
htptal U la 1 afraJvfat. S to 1 plare, 

8 I* t shaw, third, 

fia D*n»*a* 11 i* It aualght. a t* I 

plaoe. 1 la a shsw. waa. 
aiateia* i te l stealch-t. ;ul f\ — i, 

awl shaw, sevani. 
Imiism* t* t* t etmJnH. ) t* 1 saaea, 
t I* 1 taww, tfliiw. 


r»i II i* » -tr»l«ht, *ren VWaSO, I 4a 1 

•law. waa. 
Daa*]«l*..a I |a I itr^ght. I la 1 pinKO, 

T to r* Hs*, twmwt. 
CS In ami a ( la I atralcaf, BUB *ass*. 

1 la 10 W4«. l*lrd. 

nrnB SAtrx. 

"r»^t I* 1 strVihc iHl ylae*. 
sat ibsw. third. 

*I VTH IlCft 

Batsar Lack a la | analr/Bi. s t* ! pbses^ 

nr nr d*-t * ** ■ t tnuarai, i i . i gtaaa. 
* i* p *h«P. sssaaa. 
ptwy a ta 1 sassaawt, I t* i akaaa, 
a (• . I Uisw. ihtrw. 

Ftru SELEcnojrs wnx be found ok page it 



SATO) EAane. 




After Harry einciair'a Zee, a pretty; 
brown streak- of ■ colt by Tha Flan — 
Miss Kearney, had raced bis way bv*7 
th* *lz forioeuja f tb* Jamaica Track 
ereterday aftenaoa to wia tha Paumo- 
nok Handicap by tb* narroweat of Enoat- 
K-n. froRi Doalabms from tb* Allies 
fltahle. Rlrbanl T. Wtison stnited aa it 
h* had n-nn a race. Mr. TV'tlsna 'a araila 
waa occssioned by the renectfen that ba 
still baa nothing to fear from any of tb* 
A-yeer-old* ***n so far, when It co*oen 
tn tb* raanfnt of tb* Derby, m« thongh 
Z«t ba* b*en quolad at a short*r prtca 
rhso ths Wilson Wilderness for th* ri,* 
Kentneky clsarir. 

IE waa the opsmlnt day of tha racinf 
fteaaon nround Xew Vork. aad tberw waw 
an aaaeublaa> of toeera of rating that 
crowded th* courae of the Melropejirar. 
Jocktry Club long before th* bugl* blew 
for tb* first race of the season «D tha- 
real clrcnlt that hid sMrted to last un- 
til October 31. F-Terybody waa on hand 
from Afl*u« Brlmont, cTiatrmnn of Th* 
stocksy Clab, lo tha boy who »«eop» fiat 
the grand slajid. which waa so waif ft] led 
that tjerc w*s murh sweeping ta be desal 
at th* and «f tba day. 

Tharntrajhbperta SV*l*wna*4U 

There were thnsr who bad gvna rlroogb 

a wbol* Winters seaaon of racingj. along 

witb many wfc'i had started, wltb tba 

Fjitern opening in Maryland, but anoat 

j eattniilBBtic of sH su tha man who bad 

j' waited long and patiently sine* lata last 

i Ann.rsiii fot the ihorc-iifbbrtd to i 

I esack to tbs bom* tniunda. 

i saddened to team that a few obi i 

■ were, missing dues tbs season jaassil^ bet 

1 for tbs most part tbea* who war* ant 

, were kept busy shaking hands and ra- 

nssriot ftcqualntanc* with tba ragalsr* 

ihey had b**n meetiag for many jaa. 

I twaa a pvrfert day that tb* Wei 

Man haadsd ont far tba opaadu 

I Johnny Edward* m m narrn ftawj _ 

I up handaomaly with the T'l llastas of 

I ths track, for tbere war* not asam tha . 

customary wtatl tb*t blew* owe tba Ja- 

mafca coura* to fight off th* tJowLng' a(- 

f*cta of suBihici (bat all tboa* wt* tn#k i 

tb* outing enioyed, whils lb* eioada was* 

kind eueafh to let tba aun'a ray* 1 


Of coue*e each aad ev*ry i 

joyed from start ta finish, bit that t 
tereat waa fnr tba PawisoW 
hrntight rat a fias field, indu 
good sprintars as tha WaatamL 
Trystar. J. S. Oaaaan-a «ftj00O 1 
en whtda a w«f*r w*a mad* an. 
Winter that on* wauld bant tb* c 
arst lime they mat. 

It wsi learned Ufor* tba r*ea wban 
Mr. Ooadan, owner of Aaeb 2nd, and Mr. ' 
Repiofi*. owner of Tryatar, had caDad *n? g 
the water, and "both g andss 
mijck tntnreatad rn know La a we 
Xysarold Z*rr wwoba do, as Qaay i 
th* decialon of i — 


tb* any, Tb* son of Tba rtam 
Ulaa Xearney look tb* crack, at tha r 
of tha barrier, hut waa qilckry ias| I 
ooaly threataosd: by Harry Fayna Wife- 

icisllsss* aa. Par* a, Cat 


laajKiOn Hern* in ihe Caicade, it 

tie Biltmore With Beauteoiij 

Bathing Qirli. 


Pr»«**4* /it rmianalnaaeai G* 

Iwilllllll (jppom t« I'r-j- 

blaltla* AMtUarPi, 

Tier* were enouab pretty girls anil 
(llbcnu casniroe* in the fashion revue 
of the Molly Pitcher flui. at the 
nan yutrrdij afternoon *rj t**i » re- 
nins; io harr org* nixed *n runnririii 
for Mat Hmrt theatre on Broadway. 
And, indeed, (hr pnimn arranged by 
Mr*. Cbauncry OlcOU -*-). I- the natnre 
of an mtrrlair .uerit in ririiun »reftc* 

•V4 episode* i.t*t l*M i jinri of rtJfTCv* 

form f>- every occasion. There itii i 
ejfiodj it *irh performance. 

It wa* »n Add algbi to Had a large 
party- or bathing rirls wandering afaae 
the carpeted '"heart" #f :h' ('«■ trades, an 
the nineteenth floor of tbe lmt-\ Pt",- 
pine fa b* irimlrrrl by ell ? teboidcra- . 
irmr and keg* ckami^ir in the artificial 
Tight — *nl tbetl parading- down ihe run- 
way to rbr painted ocean, a «"nf ■; 

Print* detectives wpt* on duty Io 
rutrd follrdJont of jHrin, out there wis 
no need to instruct them to k*rf. an eye 
an the hi (hi rip ftrlt: everybody waa do- 
Idjt that. 

Character* In the aesmliare scene alto 
included a fisherman, children and mine 
■Jill rtiltnTT. The next number wa» a 
*oi*g-fry Allan Glenn and then "An 014- 
Fnehioncd Garden" In four episode*. 
Violet EnglrfifOd pliy'd (he nan of i>n- 
Durheas of Abereoyd nn-J Charles 3. 
Brown was her nephew, Lord Archibald 
Brfton.; ( " 

fia»* of lamb ir« lalaa, 

Ufgnon Rutprious, coloratura aoprane., 
*r** hen"d In a song number and Thelm* 
Harrry (are the Dance of the. Stutn Sea 

' Dainty Httte hind heretic fa ^rented 
with coet'y [Krfunirii werw dlatriontMl 
adiqtic the vwlt durinr Uie IntermJNitAn 
bT "th# Elisabeth Antea (rlr!." P»rf,pct 
rabasent n( the wr«t faahinn apnrft* 
prialr for a rrrpfidnn wax abaam hr at] 
the durmctna that ftH to and Iro io porh 
U enfinMe — bait, beatna. tmtler, jiimti. 
|£ Oowaa «Dd Qffi'i etothrt l*r ■ irooart 
mrfdJna w*rt alao Rjintrn trj nw4ela r*n- 
T*»eiitlDc the bdo>. br!4V* ndlber. maid 
of honor, Mdeamaldp, br|d*'i (ath'r, 
brHpcroom, heat mn thd <-*VrfT-man. 
Tbla -n-ia partjv-ularlj ImpreaalT* «nd a 
I"it iriBj of the apKUtOni thabibt it 
•M ( an actual inatrbzianlal mat anil) 
th*T rrvHxed that (he r^rfjmmn had 
di*p»naeal with uVe aanal worda that »<-«l 
recti ■ caqtnHt, 

Ella Paljua, drama ti*- naritane. n-a* 
another aoklat at th» rma, aceMipankd 
br FrtTik. Cdaoxnaiw. 

31* proemfe from adrertuvmrau ift 
ta# proajnun akine *m VXOOO. and ihr 
manax*rt ar^re atill mmriaf the rt- 
celpra fmra ofber iWrcej at a latr h«tr 
laat nicht. Jt waa aald the toi«l ■»■-.■.:!-! 
few in e»oti of 112,000. 

As A — hMioai Oaak B*x. 
When Mra. Ckarka K. Procter, who 
hid charxe of the Uah Jen); room, arnt 
fb Ok oCIoe of tbr Blltmore for a rr- 
erptftde to hold bee euh and malce 
chance darina; tb« contiauaJ u«rhini; of 
thr l"hine«e fane, the "bona* man re- 
tarned with a wooden bqa that looked 
like a ballot box and waa about the aanw 

""That will do very njeelr." laid Ura. 
Procter, "thouah It doe* aacm rather in- 
bidouft." Chnnaa* aaaiatanta from the 
ins port ma hoaae of I ami Sane 71 Curio 
CoibpaJSj. Inc., demonat rated the note 
for Mr*. Prortor'i befinnen. ebCb of 
wboS) paid 12.50 a leaaom. Tb» Caineas 
dororationa of this room ware ■orfeaiM 
drAperipa, Hrorrt* Boddbaa and broitae 
Jaftu D*weT»— loiat br the Lciila 7C1V 
Shop, Mr». Prortora aidra, who acted 
M» heoau for the fame, wera Mra, J. 
F. rVltterlnp. hint, Sttan W|lie aod Mn. 
Willi.* m Braekett. 

All of the rereipbi of the UoHj- 
Piteber Club Faahlon B«u» will be do- 
aated Io the Aavnciation Onpoaed to the 
FrohlbiUmn Amandment, of which ih* 
dob forma toe women'a dlriadon. 

Ok tha CamilallHawau 

.'-; ManT ihratrinl folk mrm memhen of 
; th+ dvh and wan rtprcMnled on the 

Tk* thaatiica.1 eoBiinluee of the Aaao- 

tJaMan Oppoaad to tfc,« Prohibition 

Ameodment incluiJed the [olkwEna;: 

IJ*uirl Froiman, chairman; Lionel At- 

; vOL IniBic Berlin. Oeorar M. Cohan. F. 

e Bar CoOHtock, John Draw, John Emrr- 

mn. Sam Forreit. Haniaou tire; Flake, 

Monti Getc. Frank Gilinxi», Samnal 

' Qold«ri<- Sam Gumperts. Ham flarri*. 

. WOHais Barru. Jr.. lfarc Klaw, 

' 'Howard Kelt. J«w U Laakj. Eliaabeib 

M*r*MiT, John hlcBKde. Sam A. bVHb- 

Mt/.. Edajar Helwjn, Aim* Sllreraan, 

. Anajnatw« TtxrW*** WaJtar VlDcrnt, 

Xdcar Allan Wootf and Urani Allen, 

. aaacoti" eeereta rj. 

On the benefit L-ojnmittee were: lira. 

-aftarferfek Allen. Mr.. Wrixhi BaMaj. 

lfr* Htwrr <i. Battel. Unw Alice Car 

rbtr. MadaaK Alma I'liihurjli. Mra. 
bedfta CroweJF. Mp- Andre BtO>p 
pat. lira, Tbomaa IVnnr. Mr*. John >1 
Dbduaaoo. Mra, Richard Domi. Urn 
Hiri* Boaarki l>uprea, Mr.. T. F. 
"jaaat Kra. Lewi* CawrrT, hl.r»- FranHa 
BwraH lloaTman. 1W. S. II, Larflir. 
lira. Fttwk I^a-ritt, lira, Gcmdhuf Li< 
.JaataaaaL Vm- Jrromi- I./9cb, >Fw Eliaa- 
>fth Uavrtwri Mra. Tkomaj F. UcPar^ 
laa, Mra. Edwin! MeTkkir. Mr*. J^aa 
Porroe alitebri. Hn. Emilj T. La lion 
tafV. Met Fraalt l. Uontarup, Hrt 
Caarhnar Da R. afoore, Mtp L-w,. 
■ fJ a nr a imaT Uorria. Hr*> ChadAetr 
r OLbbot, Mra, Chirk* E. Proctor and Mra. 
-fnottxa S- Hobtim, 


halls Charge That Paramount Compels Exhibitors 

to Take All Releases "Popular 

Fallacy. '' 

aura vatoot. 


ew» Other* WoanaAeal ■■ Plajhl Kaae 


Tti!'.rf !**■* te The Uimu thh-i;* i 

JttFOLK. V« . War 3. -Alien Gim- 

,*tate spah^tiia oOrrr, waja killed 

■Ma wtra aerioUalj- wounded th'u 

i durinaj a" liquor raid near the 

. Bears rite eania, jterordiaf to 

the wounded men Im ai 
Tnatnaa, prohibition 4 
t other hha ocrl bean IdaetLSod, 


Georce H. Balidon, exchaQFt micafer 
for the YiUcraph. laa. 1800 Broadwar. 
teatined yeateniaT a: \.:r hearini btiDI 
roduc:rt hj the Federal Trade camnla- 
aia-n tn dctennine if the F«BOU PlaJ- 
era Pirtnre Corporatioo [• a troat. that 
he had eiperiroeed Ereat djUficultj *>l- 
tinx pictnrea into the Riroli. RiaJto and 
the Criterion tbratrea, which ire Hid 
to be owned br Fauoua narera. 

He and Ihat ne applied repeatedlr t» 
John La Rose. who. be said, ia the *a- 
piitint te Hueo Rieaenfeld, manner of 

•-:■ »S-f '■'£ Of lira IT**, CO take p-.-rr- n-1, 

but aaid that in t'l exrrpt one LDatanea) 
he waa lold that ther bad -5 open tibe. 
In frequent inetaLuree, he, aaid. La Boac 
w*j aimptj aajinf^ -1 Xo chiate." or "No 
ppen ilTie," without errja hmkinaj at thai 

The wjtseaa. who has been exefaaofn 
minaxer onlj rinee r**eejiibet. IBffS. aaid 
that he had offered pirrti.-?* ah» to the 
Strand and Capitol U«atrea and SBo* 
redded id aelllnc Re* pktnrei 10 the 
strand and one picture to the Capitol 
during that period 1 . 

Be waa eeoaa-eiiinuied at rremt lencth 
bf ftohert T. Swaioe. of eounael to the 
rnrporatioa and Ita affiliated eompanlea, 
and naked about each Indtridual picture 
from a tiat "produced by the Vitairaph 
Cnmpflijy. Mr. e^walna aaked him par- 
tirularlr about -"The Sheik'l Wifo," 
which waa exhibited at the Strand, and 
aaked him If tJe Yitairaph- Codjb&dt 
had not imitated Fanwitip Plijera' sd- 
rwtJuint of "T^je Bbelk/' put out bj 
Katnoua PlaferB, 

|)p»lra AilvfT(Ul nI Upi Cvpled. 

Mr Baltdon aaid that be knew that 
"Thr Sheik"' had b'«n put out ahertlj 
befoce "Tbe Sbe[k's Wife"* appeared. *nd 
whan ahown aome of the advertloine po*t 
out by FamODi Plajrera and annir of that 
put ont bj- Vlngraph, In*., a tnr ttcek« 
later, aaid thej ivere vrrjr aimilar. hut 
denioi that they were Iwitatioba. 

Mr. Swaine alao naked the wlutraa If 
Viragraph. Ire. tad not put out in Oc- 
tober or November a pir/turr. called "Tbe 
nnsae'a BoaiaAee,.*' In which 'Rodalph 
Valentino had a minor part. The wii- 
i-ra» aaid that thu picture waa oriainluj 
relRiiel *r,n.- tfarcr or four jeara before 
Valentino Ler-ame famoua. 

Tht innsiirr it b«nt cOudartrd befon- 
K (.'. Al-.ord. eiamlitcr dn- the- Frdoral 
Trade L'oCtmiaaloncr at the Euaineerlnr 
yod^tiea Baildinf, 20 Wit Thim-ulntE 

Charlea tpoeu, atatn manner for 
Warner Brotbea, lOOti Broairarar. aaid 
he had nerer tried to tell plcturea to the 
RivolL Riatto or Criterion theatre*, aa 
rrerj plctur ether made waa taken bj 
either the Capitol or Strand theatna. 
The nrltneaa aaid he tbooiht thoae >wo 
tfaeatrea, afforded the tetter exploitation 
of a picture than waa afforded bj tbe 
other three theatrea, 

lir Mid all of theae ffae theacrek are 
"flrat-run" tbestraa, and ba thvurfat It 
beat to ahow a picture 1 picture fa the 
Capitol nr Strand "wheuevrr poearlbla. Id 
reaponar t«i a aueatfOn of M. F. Farrioi' 
trtti of conn**! to tbe commtBainn. the 
wicneaa aald he beUered be could cell te 
the Rialto, BJroli or tbe Criterton. but 
that he had wit tried: becauae br had 
found tbe Capitol and Strand aar.e* 

■ herTT Lrtttec IP Xvldamoo. 

Sir. Swaioe put in erfdence a letter 
written hr William L. Sherrr. the treaa- 
arajr pf the Famous HaxcrJKLawkjr Car- 
poratJOtl, on Marrh tf, 101P. Mr. 
Sherry testified jraterdaj. and Introduc- 
inc the letter. Mr. Swaioe aald. "I did 
net crosr-examine Mr. Sherry yesterday { 
because I did not want to tire weifbt 1 
to a atory which ia an abaurdity oa ita I 
back, but I desire to put 00 record this 
letter." , - _ « 

The letter referred re the canrrtlatinn 
hy the rxecutlTe board of Famooi Day- 
tea of the 125.000 note herd by the Car- 
dinal -dfilm Corporatian acainat Mr. 
yherry- A* a- balance due on the piiTtha^e 
price *>f the ptatxrre "Jnaru the Woman." 
aod Mr- Sherry exprcaaed hia aineere ap- 
preciation of the action of the board and 
Mitea: "Mr onlr rtprct !■ that the prn- 
doctfon d|d not meet with the aueceaa 
that we had all hoped for and. instead 
of the board h&Tliur to rettere me of thin 
burden, that T could not stare turned an 
additional Rum to tbe company from the 
ircHptt of name, but nerer mind — bet- 
ter .hick next time." Tbe letter w a a 
afffned "Toura very Rrateinlly, ff. L. 

it. .1. T.udripli, jncneral coddhI for the 
FamoiM Playen conK>ration. waa. cabled 
to the witneas atand (o identify docu- 
ments that he bad produced under sub- 
poena. Amoit the docnmftnm read into 
tbe record by W- H, Fuller, of cuunnel 
for the commillion, was part of an ad 
Tartli'inent Inaerbed by Famopa Playera 

ia the SirnrdlT r>eai=s Poat of Jan- 
uary 3, lflfii, fa whteh (lowint; taaer- 
tiosa are made that *Of«re than 60O) 
American thtalrma aaed only Paramonnt 
pictures laat year and AT ceoia out of 
erery dolbir paid for admisainn to mo- 
boa pictures waa paid to see Paramount 

U'fKliimmt ftlotti. 

Alaot "rrerr t wendeth pera *n yen meet 
on the atreet will aee.a Paramount pic- 
ture to-day." and "orar oao haadred mil- 
lies people paid 10 see Paramount pic- 
tnrea in liOV' 

Bayl&f that it mifht lead to miaunder- 
standSna to tare part of the adrertlBe- 
toeut in the rercrd, Mr. Swalne;too4: the 
idnsiiirrapat abd read tbe balance into 
tha record; in which It waa auted atnODC 
other thing*, "farannint has eooncb 
stndlo* to eq.utp forty ordinary motion 
picture fwnpanlea." and "Sdealt plua im- 
meoae ortaaLaation, b»ana Paramount 
MpTT^lacy.* , 

One of the, doevmaaita >«t in *hnw tbe 
exhibitors lo. arat^rnr- hotttea who had 

Sur^aajedjwitJre i^*ieks of pletnr*a pro- 
need !<> 'rauuin Pfarera. It diacloeed 
that in (he preaant aeaaen of lf22 and 
1B23 oalj one theatre fa Salt Lake City 
and one In i'nrtlnnd. Mr., took the antfre 
block of feny-oae plcturea released In 
Septemher, Onober and KoTeoiber. and 
only one theatre in Dn Mninea, md one 
in Silt Lak«> City took the entire bluek 
raleaaed In December, January and Feb- 

In the anaaon of iair>-irr2f> r Mr. l^id- 
righ aald, [bat th*ra were no ealea of 
complete block! of plcturea to firat-mn 
theaiprea, and In tbe acaaoD tf 1KW21 the 
entire block' of plcturea were taken Only 
ia fonr o r ftr* dliea of tha c*ontrT. 
t SJ* ■ L t*P B '" fallaej," aafd Mr. 
Ludvigh. ■'that we can forca eadllbUors 
of-nrst-rya theatres to take all of our 
plcturea. We fwipot make Dr. Rlefen^ 
raid take. B.eiietor* if „ ha does not think 
It is good enough. ' Dr. Rleaenfnld Is 
manager or tha -HUirA. RWnU nnd Crl- 
rorlon. which are aaid to be "owned hy 
Famous Players. ' ' ' 

Mr; I.ndriffh aafd Famous Players ie 
jetting out a new lorrp of contract with I 
oxhHiltors aa mcammiinded by W11J Hats, I 
hend of the Motion Picture Productm arm 
Uiatrihuforpi of Amerira, which prorMr* \ 
for arbitration, by local board* of trad*. 1 
cbambtw of cunnmarce or local HvJc rlub* 
la, difference*, which nwy arise b-tiT^n ' 
local cxhibltora and. the motion picture I 

Sidney IE. Kent, nQcrsJ manager of ' 
■nUtribntfan for it* Famorw Player*, aald 
tha contract* under which black* •>* pk- 
tueea" *rr relraeed unually contain the - 
tftlre of ill the picture* |t> a block, bat l 
doae not flXracifj than an nxhlHtor muat I 
take all of theai, and aald that where an ' 
exhibitor deeiinaa to take certain pir- 
turea their oajue* are erased from the 

The witness was aaked about the list 1 
of exhibitor* furnished of first run the 
btrra. Who had taken aft the block of 
forty-one picture* released Io September. 
October and November and alt of the 
thirty-nine released in the following ibree 
month* and be raid that wherever an 
exhibitor had rejected eren nee Dictate 
his mmr hi left off the list. He uld 
that It was Hfctly that many einrbltors 
bad taken all bnr two or thre*. Tie waa 
directed In aunpjy a list of the firet run 
boussa which had taken any of the pit- 
ton-* of these block* and fanw many of 
each' group they had accepted. 

rnlr + raa! Ptetnr* Jkawa. 

WilUsm C + Herman, manager of the 
L'brreteal Film Rxcbanjre pin-- July. 
]fJ2S, aaid be had tubmitted to the ili- 
ako Theatre ainc* Augnat. 1922. four 
or Are picfuraji and succeeded in eeilinr 
tb*m ope festture plchire. "The Flirt." 
He aaid they nade propositions 00 ijf 
other picture*, but ihr dates were aot 
satlafaciory (0 Was, being; too far ahead. 
so be deeMned to accept them. He Mid 
he approached lb( miosier of rhe Rialto 
fa the Utter part of November and the 
pirturr. 'The Flirt," waa ahowu on &e- 
reubar "3. 

H*tiry Kfpeel. diatrirt manager for the 
8elect Plenattal Corporat?en. said fcia 
cc-mpoAy hnd not been able to get -a 
picture on at the Riroli or Rialto ia tha 
ptat thre* and b half years, the fiat 
n*e being "Sba Lore* sad Lies" in 
JaniJary, 1&20, . 

. Mr.^iaand.aarid that he tnhmitted the 
n*nn picture* be had offered to Tjr. Riea- 
enfald to the .CapLtoi and the Strand, and 
got three in nach. 

Creorge W. Dillon, aalea managkr for 
the W. W. ETodcinaon Corporatlofi. aald 
he had tried to *ell four of his ptrtorea 
to the.Stvoll and the Rialto. but bad hot 
succeeded. He aald h* w U told that ther 
did riot hate room, biH offered t rent 
the CrltaTlon, if a Paramount pietnre waa 
not ready on tiro*. 

■ Radolph Barger, resident manager for 
the American RelesainK Corporation, aaid 
hla Concern distribute* picture* of inde- 
petidant prodiicera. He had anbmlrtad two 
plcturea |p Dr. Ricaenferd for exhibition 
fa tbr Rialto and the Rin>ll, but both 
«■•!>■ decilfled. 

Tbe bearisf, adjourned to 10.30 o'clock 
this mornfaf. 

■bjaa pt W a a 
|ha Haa n-rn * I rifil s~«r Cttria 
lVblie'P New "Scakdai*.*' 


Zulu, Who Slid He Once Waa Ani- 

mil's Sparring Partner, Sent 

to the Warkfcouie. 


Bow i^gjnns. alias "Irish Eh1ne"and 

Engllat," a negro, who claims dnsoent 
from Cetflwpyo, Zulu rhl^f. wftsj fongbl 
the Erjgliia n holf CentliTy rtgo in South 
Africa. wn« nenrenced in thr iwinltcndary 
reeterday by Judge. Alfred J. Talley In 
Oeticrsl Sesiions. 

Eigginn ^vna indicted fnr grand far 
ceny and pleaded guiJty to petit Inrceny, 
adinining he had atolen eleven bottles of 
whisky and gin from the cellnc of tbe 
residence or Emily. H, rlrrhl In Wtat 
Ninety-rirTt rtreet on March 2ft. 

Probntion officers uirormnl Judge Tel- 
lry tli a 1 Biggins bad rolri. ttiem that hi* 
fptflar had been capturrd hy the Eifllih 
In tbe Kola uprising, had been rant into 
1 British prison nnd died (beer, leaving 
him an orphan at the nxe of 3 year*. 
After he reached the aer <-f Id be apaat 
to AnstrsHa nnd inanr^irntrd a vaude- 
ville peTformDC«> of boxing with, a kan- 

When the World War broke mit. M i- 
ginj says, he Joined th- Anmr force, but 
white In FrlnCe met merrrber> of |""o|o»el 
"Bill™ HaywanTa rrgiiueni of negroe* 
and deserted] the British forces tn Joia 
his new companion'. lliggin» usid he bad 
been ca»ed fa France awt waa boBorsblf 
diatb^rged st Camp Fpicn. 

In regard to the- stolen ll-innr. Ifitgin* 
■aid. through hie. conn eel. I.outs fulling*, 
that he hnd delivered several tins of roal 
to Mra. Hecket's relblr. and when he 
■aw tbe liquore alnle It. Tie amid h* had 
sold jt to a meat inspector Tor the I oiled 
State* navy for M5. 




Governor Says Petty Patronage Has Blocked Sis Beru« Method to n«a by wire i « 
Economu Program— Appeals to Lower Souse 
to Come to Relief of People. 


CMABGINO that the Assembly ha* blocked hi* economy prufrlna aod.baiS 
(nssaed only that portion of it sot tOTQhrfns; sny sppreciable aasing to tbe 
State of New York. Governor Smith yesterday ant two additional nh*i«f|ca 
to Ihe LegUIature in s final ap-peal to do something iiijbehnlf of the people. 

The Governor, in reviewing jhe record of tbe Le?iiititnre, *aid that. "ou_the 
recommendation for the consolidation by statute of over osh hundred independent 
apendfag afenriea of the State, most of the legislation passed the Senate only to 
be blocked in the Assembly.' , ' 

Where ter Firing would V ol consequence, he pointed out. ihe btlla bare 
either been loat. or are still in the Committee on Rules or tbe Assembly. Then: 

"I ran ace no reason way this whole group of legiatatiop ahoald not pais. 
other 1 ban an unwillingness to do away with petty fislrcoigr and the man* un- 
controlled arennea for *p*aiiat the State's money which fionriah under our present 

"It ia not too late 10 demonstrate that jour honorable body hag real economy 
in mind and ia willini 10 do a.Ter?thing possible at the earliest poastbie memeBt 
to aet the State forward on Ibis program." 

With reipect to legislation concerning fraacbiae agrcamenta, the Governor 

■Wbll* puhUc utility and trenrir legislar^n affectloi New York City art MfU 
nutter* in conference, relief fnr op-State ritfas need not be delayed to await tha 
outcome of the conference. Thr enderlying principle ia one wbieb is clearly un- 
derstood by the public, and one which jput honorable body abould not deny. 

"Codrtol oser their own .agreement* with public- utility corpo-rBtlona anoutd 
be restored to the loealitiea of ihe State scilhout delay. Tb*y enjoyed toll privi- 
lege for half a century anil eboizld never li«ve been deprived of It. 

"legislation ti> arron)|>liJ<h ibi^ bn*- been introduced and has j.*esrd thr Senate. 
There can be ho qtifklion but that thii romrri over their own propeny #bo«ld be 
cieTciaed by the localities, nnd not by n superimpoaed Slate igeunr." 

THE City'* municipal government, 
bank* and leading hotels yesterday 
wit hat nod juvenile i-nhtrol for n limited 
time and all jsn amrtilbly. It ffB * . n 
part at toe B/.ra' \l"eek program, proo- 
ably ita ftio*t unique feature. 

Eddie Meehnn. ihe 14-year-old tcbool 
boy. recently riteacm i" *<tt- a? " Mayor _ 
" the rily for a dny, wan "inducted 
into office yeatenlay In Ibe anaaajtsa « 
an audience nhirli included hia mothrr. 
Mrs, Ketherlne Meehnn. end little alster 
Miirle]. £ 1-2 venn- aid. 

First the "Mnjw" *f*J ph^loffmphe<J 
-ith Ihe ho.v President of thr TJnnrd or 
Aldermen, Alfred t'emnda, in thr May- 
or'* private ofrice. where Mayor Hyfan 
turned over riin flea* In hia ■■Rircenanr.' 

After ahnklug hnnds wlHi "Mnyor 
Meebnn Sfayor llyfan. who wna sched- 
uled to make an address uptown, aaid: 

"■Now then, you're Mayor for an hoar 
bile I am away." Mayor Hylan then 
immmoned Ma entire ptafr, includinc; Sec- 
retary John F. SfanolL. 

ALFREM CF.Hl'NDA was ipstalled an 
■Proidenr or tbe Board of r\W*r> 
br Aldermanlc President BtvttUB 

by a 


Hew Combinatiom Affair Hotdt Door* 

of B-cf-Igerstcr 0r.!~ Until 
Back Is Tnrned. 

.'.---. ■' >:i ~ ta - i - 1'' — ' n -'•!-■ i ■ I 

. . OSS1XING. May 3. 

Lanis Brsulieii, offictal dietician and 
chef at Sing Sine, v-aa utonfihed |sb> 
terday by ihr fenccem of a prisoner in 
opesifac a new thierproof rombiiisliou 
lock be bought for tbr pHaori* rcfriger*' 

Besqlieu complalnnl In William A. 
McCabe nf Povgbkeepsie. prfaon Investi- 
gator, that he cannot keep tin- refrigera- 
tor where meat* arpn other eatable* nre 
Btored locked hecaiiw- he t-annot find n 
lock tbe crook* cannot open. 

He tried a now deaigir vrilh (i cum- 
hfaatioa atteebmeat like on a bank 
and exclaimed to ibr iamateai ">. im If 
anybody here ran open that I'll pvt> 
him an extra.' ration free." 

When BtuJuHeu returned Slip flp.1- 
faghnT, an tnmatn aasintnut, iinmu'd btm 
tha lock, opened and removed. 4iiH*B,hcr 
hid unloosed the new device in ]**■ tban 
Ore minor.**. No* JJeHulieu. whn paid 
* fancy price for the lock and had care- 
fully hidden away llir record of the 
ombiuiiiinn. aiyb notbing ia life tn 
Sing Sing-. 


When Mayor Hylan Irft Cats "■" 

"Mayor" Mcehan cstlleil a meeting or ihe , 
"Board of Estimate," This wait held up A 
for sfhonl fifteen minute* fe thr delay of r *_■; 
llsirjr AJoaa. the '■t'omptroller. 1 ' who 
had Keen disciiaslns; Bnandal matters 
with IVpoly f omptrv-W ll*n.ry Sm:cli, 

n*ben the Tonpt roller" finally ap- 
peared h» reeeivd a '"mil down" from 
■•Ml* Honor" for hi* tardiness. 

"Say you're fifteen minutes bile," 
■boated the "Mayor." "We want to 
know why why yon nere ao late in grt- 
tina here." 

So abaahed was the "Comptroller" 
that h* wm unable to make 1 reply- The 
"Mayor" thru pounde-l +iia dr»k with hi* 
tare] and directed bia aeeretary, Ilarr- 
Me-reo. te reid tbe ippointmenbt which 
he bad ncide. Thli waa followed by a 
motion la adjourn, which waa carried 

will be a mural painting made b; 

Iirisoncr at Welfare Island, in the 
HT*r, where the Penitentiary 
Workhouse pre located. 

Tho painting ahown a panoramic view 
of the mm j'o rk C'lty Reformatory 
building snrl nearby fanoWnpe at New 
Hampton Farm, a QAO-acre tract main- 
tained by the dly near tfoahen, N. V. 
The •buildinjt. with fawns, flower beda 
nnd drivrway*, i B ft i the lefj or Ihe .■tin 
v-n*. while the rest ia taken up by roll' 
ing field*, showing empa [rowing and the 
Inmate* of tbe farm st work. 

.Mm II. Schroedrr, inapertor of light 
and power at Welfare Island, haa bad 
chnrge of drafting the modeJa there. 
Jarriea Trarcna, BertJUFon expert,' la fa 
chunre of 1 photographic; display which 
will ebir* 1 lie cbungea which nave taken 
[dace: In the Island In twenty-firr years. 

The [ecpartment of Correction's ex- 
hibit will Kbn«' the difference in the 
treatment of prisoner* to-day an com- 
pared with rhe old ides. Mannlklns of 
life fuxr arc being raadc and these, 
dressed as Inmates, will be placed in 
different boa tha pt the exhibit in an at- 
temupt tn show- the different phaaex of a 
prisoner's actiiitfe* from the time he en- 
ters until he leaves. 

ALL prevnt aperit a moat Cfnparras- 
aing fi>e mioutr* when T | ero]tT 
Comptroller Henry Smiili inirodiieed 
Harry AJoai. 14 ye*r* old. of 332 Kt-: 
Twcnty-llrst street, "hoy comptroller." 
for the pfflrpose nf making a epeech a* 
Harry woj being installed for the day 
fa the romptroliev a office in (be Mu- 
nicipal Building, 

Mr. Smith In halting rcords explained 
tbe budget, then aaked the "boy camp* 
troller*' what be thought nf rlir *ink>ux 
fund. narry didn't knoa-" what the 
deputy comptroller waa talking about. 
H» opened bis mouth and atood pe-tri- 
Hed. Trying another tack, the depntr 
asked Harry vhat be would do if he 
Were rOf»pO* 1, * T ' 

"del more playground* and reiabltth 
free moving pictures," replied Harry. 

"Whet* would you pet the money?" 
asked the depuiy. 

Harry waa aturk. stain. Nr answer. 

PrbcnciUy the rnlire executive atsfl" 
of Tie finance department, im-ludiuc 
Deputy Comptroller* Frank J. Prisl 
onrl Arthur J. Thilbin. Hpcretary Georffn 
('. Van Valkrnburpb and s'l the slenojc 
raphrrs then Gird by and shook Uarry's 
hand.. Harry's embarrassment was 
thereby helghtrned. After that he poied 
I for photographer*. 

I Sidney WolkeoboTi was bomiiz'i 
president of Manhattan. Frank Boden. 
prcsidegt of tbe Borough •■( Brooklyn: 
Cbarlm Klein. presLdrui of the KoroufEh 
of the Bronx; Roger Mulanry, president 
nf the Borough of IJucena. and William 
rlnronaen. prcaidclit of hto BerOUgh of 

ONB Of tbe moat unittua fcjuure* of the 
exhibit of the T>pajtTrrent of Cor- 
rection ■ : the <it>'a cOmfag allvfr johUe- 
einoeltiorf at Grand Centml Pnbu> 

DVOCATTXG art internationa3 agree. 
which would result in the 
production of only mougb narcotic 
heiliit-rormlng drugs to meet the l> pit ■- 
mate needs of tbr mcdfeal nroftaaien. 
iam-s A. Hamilton of New York. 8^ 
rvtmry of .SI ail" and former Cemmbwiener 
or Correction. Ed New York State, ad- 
dreeacd tboee atlendlnr: ih- Vaticn*! 
Auti-Narcotic Conference in Washing- 
ton. U. Ma ywterdiy. He referreJ to 
drog addition a* be fnond it in New York 
City during 3re year* when, a* b«4td of 
the tieyeirtineTJt of Correction^ he dealt 
with and studied more than lO.ra'tt d-i.ii; 
addicls committed to Riker'a Talaod for 

Secretary Hamilton aald that about "^ 

Kr cenT. of ftjose treated it Hiker's 
[and were *-e»ired " leivinB: 4cJ per 
cent, who reitrm eOaner or later, an I 

Ccdpi-faon, Fnmberi Eepr*- 
untiba; Fir.s"cr?rinti, 


gen' rally becauae or enrironnent. 
'2ASj drng addicts which came under hia 
ohsei-vsitioTi In Nem- YoTk City In lfr2l T 
approximately 10 per cent, were women. 
Secretary Hamilton said. 

MAYOR HYLAN and Murray Hnl- 
bert yesterday made half an hour's 
inspection ol ihe outdoor exhibition o( 
the National Scttlplarr tfaciciy fa the 
eronud* of tbe Huntington Musrirr. of 
Vine An*, Broadway and 135th atrett. 
They were the jpteats of tbe Ffae Arts 
Feneration of Ne* York. 

Tbe official* were welcomed by the offi- 
cer* of tbe federation and a committee 
repreiefitjbg the sixteen constituent ar- 
tipt;e crganineinh*. Arnold W. BruS- 
ner, president of |hr federatlopL in z' 
ccivins: the two city eArtala, aaid It I* 
the Mrst lime since tbe opening qf the 
National Academy, of Desitn. ninety- 
eight rears bco, tbat ■ Mayor of New 
York had attended a alRi'.lir celebration. 

Charles Dana Gibson* Tice president 
at Oie federation: William Laarel Har- 
ris. jiecreUrF: Albert 3. Bard, treasnrer, 
nnd Herman A. Macnell. pTraldent of the 
Sculpture Society., joined Air. Brnnner 
in welcoming the "Mayor Jad President 
Hulbcrt. , 

The reception njii hekj nn the gtepa 
r>f the plnsa before the miiaeum. Mr. 
Brunjier. rorlowinjr an addres*. in which 
_ the 
Ihe cSly. 

hh due ted iLeci through the museum 
Finlla and the gardens, where the sculp- 
ture \h ili^l'luyr-d. 

The exhihillnn wis open to lb* public. 
Crowd", including many school children, 
followed the progresa nf the party. 

Mr. Bmnner'i addreaa wia anawered 
by Mr. Luihes-i md (he Maror. the lat- 
ter speaking n f the- tioaiiioo. of New York 
an an American and international art 

ner. rnflowing an adctrca*. in wji 
■ d he placen th* exhibition at 
re of the offleiala and of the d 


'Ifarua; Yam" Bandit* Take Ar- 

ticlei Ttangiin 1 Prom SOTcrwaie 

to Gilded Chain. 


"Moving van" baoditB, i: became 
known yegtarday, got $4,000 in opera 
glasaaa. silvrrware bbd iiacc, wb*B they 
looted the bMlroom and qilartcxB of the 
Crpera Club last Friday at th* Metro- 
politan Opera Homse. Detr-tirea from 
the Went Thirtieth aCreet station are 
lookiag for At robbers, bat no clnea 
were left as to thefr tdarntity, e-xeept 
that the nature of tbe theft left ao 
doubt that it ara« committed by per- 
sona well acquainted with Lb* Opera 
house building. 

Emll Kits, caterer, who used the ball- 
room for bis buffet, waa ibe ch^ef faaer. 
He eras, too, the naoar actira fjfuj* in , 
preventing the burglary from taking oq 
eten larger proportioD*. On Friday 
aftcraOoB he (eft hia orrtre «p rn the 
eaet* of the ope-s honae abowt 3JU. 
He returned at i-7'. scaring the baadits 

losses I over TVlal* ■■■«■■■ 

En two hour*' time, it .baa baen 'dis- 
eoTered, the thieves duo* away «ilh 
afeaai SOB eiec(« of silrarvari-, a hca- 
axed lfacn tableclatha and napsjaa, aUtJ 

pair* of opera glasses, aeesra] curtafaa 
'for Ihe partierr* boles, fifty boua of 
c*rdie>. seventy .botrJ** of perfume and 
ailty-two cbrirs finished in gold leaf. 

Erery Joek'fo" rtoaets. dobrs and draw- 
era was brokra open, a* were two raib 
ragiatera, whical bapseaed to be empty. 
Tbe thlevrs wexa therODgfa and eridrbfJy 
beat 00 mavinf a romplete job of. It. 

A coater-tve* *raa held vesttrdar afur- 
noon between Mr. Hats and August 
Jaoaaen, owner of the Hof Bran Rettau- 
raet aa to bow the bandits did it They 
derided the intrndar* rrsI hav» PBterc-i 
throngh the cellar and raken their kot 
our that *eay. The getawey - ., made 
by mean* of an faterinr fire-escape and 
It waa tboogbt the bandiu foltewei thi* 
roatp 10 the aparrmesta on the upper 
floors, and *o made their exit ihruatli 
th* main pan or tha building. 

■'• MM f#r Plana. 

Mr. Kau aaid thu when hr ejhiered the 
bsllrc-OEB and saw eaaarytbinr bj-bkea opea. 
ha aeon found Botbfag of vmhie bad been 
left. For a moment, he eatd, be thought 
tbe grand piaao had also been taken, but 
It waa atOf there. 

"I gueaa tbey didn't have tune ettoCgb." 
was bis obsarrBlioaL "They evidently In- 
tended to take away most of the opera 
bonne srjtb tiers, and c-nlr railed bec/iute 
1 came hie* miapectedly. 

"That 1 * the neond time a batch of 
chairs haa bewnj atolen from: me. If I 
oould only *»ll them, or if they'd only 
take aojs-etbiag *ss have no further us* 

"Tea." rabarued Dr. Jacssen. ■'•ooif' 
thin- like th* scenery for 'Ifou Uaa." " 

The ara&trence atat oiar, . 


Srlaer* with * bnr-atac a*n.*a- 

tlont In Mil* lISHBt* sllee "»sr- 
UIsIbb *>r Bo-rerr iiooii, y.maatr 
■Coalae, 40 rears via, fa-lf lha| 
■onlj- a ere hoi, vroala cool hi™ 
off and be *te*tdl**T btsoaelg by | 
twhlmB kola or ■ Sre ■[■ran fa-oi | 
■t V*>w*rr awd Gnst Jones . 

[ J «irff(. r«irrtiT sltamsss, ana | 
| *mlle-l Ihe «;«rm. Tbe .'laotisa. 

i I of Biilic S3 eaelied kin* iai be ! 

1 atarfaa ta nn, but only lata tb*> I 

> ' At aim. af PpllrrBPp t ■ dsIb K b.s iw 
I af tae "Hrrrrr ifrrrl ■Ipllin. w*a 
| irniu' hlSB OBI a rbinr i. r In. | 

<*>a1e*ille>ai •-! dlsoralerlr ton- , 


-/■■1ibd!s Vlc-ifao'* -Hill Proh.ifd, 
Tbb will of Mrs. Pnidency Bobioison, 
who died with her husband, CblTles, 
when toe LusiuUiul abak, was offered far 
probate to Surrogate Wing* te fa Brook- 
lya Wed&rsday. The delay was csuaed 
by diffienfrjea regarding proof of dealb. 
Tbe estate, coruutics of «/Hl<R» ir_ p*r- 
aonal propertj.- i* besiarjithed to ber 
brother, Cbir>ea Ho*e. of Nanaet, N. Y". 


Afed Woman Beaten on Street With 

Medicine Bottle Jut 

After mjttai. 


C«a*BBttt»«t for Db>«-rv*i| un . 
Jamea StrUnua. renting at 6P02 Ninth 
aTcnn'. Brooklyn, who told' tbe police 
on Wednesday ho bad overheard two men 
talking about the murder of Joarphlna 
Bruno, was committed to the Kings 
■Connie Hnapital yeatrrdtj for obarnra- 

A 17-year-old feud growing t,nt of a 
diapnte over a bill of (10 for tailoring 
Cqlminatrd jrsierday in injuries to Mrs. 
Ember MUuki-. 63 years old, of Id Eut 
Xicaiy-aeceath atreet, matber of the 
owner of. the Nation:*) Winter ( 
and former leasee of the P*rk Theatre, 
whjrb may cause ber death* and ia Sirs. 
Rca r.ritn. m jeara old. of 223 West 
113th atreet. being; kfetf in J 1*00 ball 
by hltflstrate Joseph E. Cornci" In 
HaHera Court far eiaminadcn May 1"> 
after abe was arraigned on a charge of 
suspicion of felonious assault. 

The tnjuriei were rewired by Mra. 
Minafcy Wednesday morning on ber first 
trip oat -of -door* after a long tl facet 
whan aba met Mrs. tieretx at Ninety- 
seventh atreet and Madison avenue- Ttt* 
.fatter ia aaid to hare approached and 
aihed if abe was Mrs- Miuaky, ibcn drew 
frobi under her wrapper a 12-oonce bol- 
Hc aald -to hate contaiaed medicine and 
beat Mrs, Minalrj m scrcrely. it la 
dalmed. that ahr haa ainc* been under 

iectiv# Boceo Brindiii of East !0ltb 
street atadon round a druggist a label on 
parts of the tortle. which, bore the name 
of Dr. Acben of 70 West -Ninei it-ti, atreee. 
He ascertained that the medtafaa in the 
bottle had heesj prescribed for md pur- 
chased by Mra. (relets, aad be arrested 
her at hrr hum*. 

She teld*o.r ihe ferid, hut denied bb> 
lackiBg Mr*. Miosky. She aald that fa 
190ti she bad done work for Mra. Mintky 
at * Sixth avenue tsuloring establish men t 
she owned and that Mrs. Mimky had re- 
fused to pay tbe bill, which was for *!«.> 
Mr*. t'eSeu claimed she called oa Mrs. 
Minaky tu exulect the money and w u 
thrown out at Mrs. Mimky a home by * 
son. Ahrahinx Minaky, at Mre. Minpfc'y's 
suggestion, aid reeeired fujaris* which 
rears I led fa ber being in, ill health ever 
since. She aaid she brought suit sgalnrt 
Mrs. Mfasky. which she 'oat fa court 
a&d another suit against the ton. which 
■he won. receiving WS after the final aet- 
tlemen L 


litem AHtbvr HtUpH tVb* a Hi 
■■waaStat to Br Hrrerprlsf. 

tbr Caiia* Mk-a* ta r*. Hararag T«a*jT*aa.| 
MENTON, France, May 3.— George J. 
{JonhL Br_ American rtnlwsy manate 
and capiiaJlat, who baa Inng bean Til at 
the care of pbyaiclana. Tbe doetoraes'd faj* rill* on. Che Preach RVfara. baa sof- 
xenterday that Sirs. Minaky recently auf- fered another relapse, 
fend a paralytic atroka aad waa la a Mr. Gould hah been reported prerl- 
"critic*! rorrdltiOBi.'' .* | ously aa ffTsJtiaUj l*ss 3tari Bl fxosn hul 

After Mrs. GeJeU left the Bcrbe Dt> long iJlaeaa. * 

-JattJce WHkln Dls 

■IT* DallasacBer. 

Dalegatea to tbe InTernatioaal Poliqa 
Conference, holding Beaa=c=» at ti* 
Hotel Commodor*. heard] QQ tie third 
day details c-f a new method of finger 
print identification dirfaed j bbbbbVJM be 
trap intemidona] criminals. 

When this method fa pat - = tn eene-sJ 
use it msy solve crime* here tofujn re- 
garded u badling. The uittm. rerruirua 
tt* arlreleaa, telegrapb and cables - to 
flash a code leading to the idestificxtisn 
of the rjerpftrator of t.ha deed. Th*> 
burean of tbe woHd'wiU be tnabUabed 
in oat rty. 

To lllustrata tbe ayaum tha pollen 
chlefa preaent were Told how. after a 
crim* had been committed ia New York, 
■he practice of tbe n ew system would ba 
to seid through al faviilabfa neui o! 
r*.riiii cons mu T5ieari-fn a lerieaaf a u mbers. 
When applied to the uniform code corer- 
ing finger print jdentifj carious en fij* fa 
every police, bureau of importance In. tbe 
world thia information would be avall- 
■blc for checking up purposes. This ae- 
romplfabed, the New York poLiea 
be advised quickly of the identity of tha 
person or persona com raiting tbb Crime, 
abonld it happen that the perpetrators 
of It conld be identified. 

The system was explained *y Hakon 
Jorrenaen, sub-direaor of the Copenha- 
gen pn]lce, Erie ScbaiTer. military judge 
of the Copenhagen department, and Miaa 
Ingeborg llellner-NHlson. flnprrrrint erg- 
pert of the Copenhagen department. 

Tochnic*lly r the method ia called th* 
"distant Angerprint" ayatcm, and based 
on alx elmple prlntn worked Out from * 
card Index of 15,000 print*. 

Mow Joreenssn grates 


. basis, tb* 

Wilh, (hese Mimpte* 
Ccrpctihagen rcpert* her- worked out 
code acale which mnkf* it poaalbla to 
identify the rhftrscrcriaries cc/jamott to 
nil flOETrprintB, hut vnrying in each lodE- 
vidual. [vctlcrj and nuhrbrre are utfllted 
to locnMe the portion of Gngerprirt mark- 

With these i«i|r letters and numbers 
aa a basis it i* possible, under the ays. 
trm, for the police of New Tork, after 
being wired the code nambern of a ringer* 
print obtained in Copenhagen, w Xo 
thmugh [br-lr fingerprint life and nseer- 
tain whether the criminal frr-tu whom th* 

Firint waa ubtained has a police record 
n New York. 

Police Commiufoner Enrlgbt, ""real* 
dent of ihe conference, told Ihe poiiica 
rhlcr* preaent that the "distant syatem" 
was one or ihe greatest A.-liievercnts tHa 
nolW hare ilcrcloped in recent years for 
the ruDBfac; down of hisbly fateJlia'cnt In- 
ternal i on al crejok*. 

Secret *tsn*?-t by which the Chines* 
.police ar- enabJixl to crirnmunicaie with 
each other without the tnas-ledre- of an* 
looVevs w*a described by C- P. Wang, 
ro tuprf satou er of poli>a in the proelne* of 
Kirrnu. At the requeat of Commissioner 
EnTighl and Deputy Commlisioper 
Jrsteph A. FaumL m charge of lb* d«- 
tscflve Mchooi, he iTBnalated tbe aystem 
in"n T-^nflUb, Com mini oner- Faurot atated 
tin: hr w|U attempt to have the aystem 
pJt in rorr-r here a* soon aa rxeMtble-, 

It waa cbaracteifacd hy Commissioner 
Fnrialit n* "a wonderful addittos to po- 
lice wprk."' 

- Com mi*-* loner Wassf eipLMoed tha* th* 
nlgnala are transmitted by nsiremeuta 1 of 
tbe banda. ryci and face, so slight as not 
to be diattnrulshed even by criminals un- 
der examination. It ban proved of great 
a-nlatanre during the application of th* 
third degree, be declare-d, in allowing de- 
teeiirea to communicate with each other 
In the pretence of the aecrjsed mat!. Co m- 
m.isHione r Wang aaid tbat he will adapt 
the nyatem to all languages and pretrat 
ft Io Ihe delegsjlei. 

- l.Burhroti si Hoisl Altar. 

At the rfase of the uroming lesrioi 
the delrgates were taken in aulomobile* 
from the Hotel Commodore to the Hotel 
Astor, where they were entertained at 
luncheon by the Broadway AtaocUrloo. 
Dr. Jabn A. H&rriis, Special Deputy 
J/olico ComuaieaioDi-'r. in charge of traffic, 
and rice president of the i.-^ocfariod, 
Drealded. ,' ■■ 

SpcccieB were bade by E. O'Dufry, 
commaQdn- uf the Civie Guard of- Ira- 
fand: Genernl Sir WiUiato Horwood, 

police cc>inml*!iioQFr of l-'indop ; ' 0. P. 
V'ang, police- moi miction rr' D f tha 
pTorlac* of JCIan (J»u 4 China; In 
Ubanka, police pommiAirionor of Toklo- 
ildlion Jorggnaen. director of pollea or 
( "openhngea, Denmark:: Caesec 8, 
Etchererry, commiasfaner of idantlflca- 
tlon at Daeaoe Aires. Argemitie: Folic*- 
Commiaaloner Richard K- Knright, fo'e- 
mer L'alted Stales Senator Charlea A. 
"i'-.m-r.e. of Minneaota, and Will Rogeri- 

Commander O'Duffy fa riiacusairg 
Conditiuna in IreliQd aaid they ar* noc 
what thai are painted to be by tha out- 
aide world. 

'■We are coming rapidly back to nor- 
mal and reapect for law and order," aaid 
the apcaker. "Uur couru are fuDction- 
ing. Our police work is efficient. Th* 
aim of bappioeaa Is rising rapidly 1b 

(jeaeral Horwood told the $00 meav. 
ber* of the Breadway Asnociarion that 
on hi* return to London he would put 
into operation the rrafilc bIx-mI towar 
wh(tb Vice Preeldent Harria had firao 
I hem. 

He aald Ibat traffic ronditioni wrga. 
difficnli to handle in Loudon, and not 
at all like they are fa tbi* city, but tbat 
he would endeavor to *Pi:.y aoma of th* 
Nerr York regnlauotHi afid method* an 
hi* return. 

rnmmisaioner Wang, in bis faw r*- 
msrks, complimented tae Cnited Bute* 
on the reanlt* of lh» Wubfagton Dm- 
«.iJmameat Confererjce. beennaa of tha s*- 
ci; my and hearth that it gave ai* naton. 
He said, in his opinion, America, waa 
new tbr leader fa promoting fatema- 
tional peace. 

Commissioner Obanica commentad In 
hia addre** oq the treat value of th* Jjj- 
lern«UoBv.l Police Conferencn to gll na- 
tion*. He *aid thii organixation wu 
abolishing police bonndariea and fron- 
tiers fa toe quest of erisilnal*. 

Will Roam Craa 

Will Roger*, in his hnmoroua i 
poked fnn at many Hue* of polica tctiv- 
itirs. H* aaid that tbe fatereltioxiaJ 
conference would cootiiii:e ta meet in 
New York "Mm* nation finds a 
crooL." Thia nation, he said, wtmfa get 
the next eonrentfan. Tha comedian etid 
if the notice force* nf the world beat or- 
Kanixation.. the crooks would har* to or* 
ganlxe "tor pramction.'' 

Tbe comedisn bad con aide rabbi fun at 
the esnenae of tbe police ehirfa preaent. 
i-enusentiBf hamoroualy *n tbr Snatf- 
priat ayaten. Ha laid "the poliee doi'I 
catc h anybody, but you hare their Ingtr- 
T^iatk.'* ' - 

-": ■■'!■■■ ■ 





Cweiponient in FarrET-Telleg en 

■ Divorce Wins Her 





1 Tl**lt* e Jf*1 Afeorflni to Coaetltm- 
llftUJ km BtKfUtarr mi|ht la De- 
fend B*r n«w-d S««* f 


The Appellate Division of the Supreme 
Court yesterday reversed tilt Special 
Term order denying * Jury Trial to Stella 
Adler. known on the (tare as Stella I,ar 
rimor*. corespondent named by Getaldine 
Farrar In her suit to divorce Lou Tel- 
IttEBj and otewed that a jury trial be 
had. A* ft result, unless an appeal is 
successfully taken, the bearings which 
hare been in-progTecs in the Farrar-Tel- 
legen unit before a referee will be nul- 
lified and tbe entire Issue of thn defrnd- 

. ant's guilt or innocence, involving that 
of ' the. cutfeapoudeot will to before [he 
JMT-' Ixralft B, Erodshy appeared hc- 

'fjar* the Appellate Court for Hike Adler 
and .Samuel Untermvir tor Gernldioe 
Farmr, The defendant, TeUegen, -was 
not represented. 

The Appellate Court acted unanlmous- 
ly. Justice Victor J. Dowlinfi, writing 
fail decision, Hid: . . 

■:**! ana of the opinion that (he core- 
spondent In a divorce action ia sufficient- 
I- a party to the action {certainly being 
mad* so by the issne effecting her) to 
entitle her to r a jury trial under iht 
provision* of Section 1HB, Civil Practice. 
Act. The Li* filature hail wisely extend- 
f d the rif lit lo a corespondent lo defend 
fccf #oed . taiior* 1 * which oifacntiDe might 
be at toe mercy of a collusive suit be- 
tween wife and hutband. 

. ^ ',■ fe in AItifk PurtT- 

' Ifc baa carried this right tn tfa« extent 
of 'pefniittinc it to be exercised at aay 
time^up to the entry of final judgment. 

."If a defendant, charged wilb violation 
of his marriage rows, chooses for reasons 
of bta own not to defend the innocence' 
of one Charred to hive been guilty with 
him, anil tire step* into bis place ta con- 
trovert those charges* as sgslnat thn 
plaintiff, she certainly became* the mi- 
Terse part* to the action, and fa entitled 
■to a. jury trial. Not it (net right de- 
atrojrtd ever, if th* defendant contest* 
3Jir eictiota. 

."Nor la the delay which a plaintiff 
anaj be subjected to an answer to the ap- 
plication. She lind the power to avoid 
the delay by serving a copy of the com- 
plain- upon the corespondent at the uut- 
«t of the AcLiiHl." 

Supreme- Court Justice James OTJal- 

ley d-rticl the motion below. 

Justice DOFlIbf rexie^-a the facts, of 

record iu the proeetdinx *ettinc forth 
,. thai the" eore* pendent it all#sev! to hare 
:" Keen iiri^crcn in licr aaandfttions with 

the defendant, eatb day from the 4th to 

the 11th of SejWeinber, 3&L'1. LnclimiTe. 

indon t^e lTth aod lS(b of that month 

at TOO Itireraidc Rri^ 

' "On Starch 2V. 1S23," aiys JrjJttJea 
;. powiine, "the cqpnpondeat ^oluatarijy 
appeared herein and cauaed her attorney 
to serve a notice of appearance in her 
behalf- A capy of the complaint wan 
aoryod upon her attorney, and thereupon, 
era. March £&, lfKTt, the made a. mciton 
affklnar for a jmy telat of |hr i*-n,- of 
•dulfery aauinat her, <M)-niLnine fwe 
questions Tor deeiston by B Jnry: lrt. as 
to vllccedl nvJacondurt. at T30 Kivemide 
Drive, and! second, as to acta alleged lo 
* have oefiirred "ot or about Kivcralde 
TJeiee sunt UBth street. " ' . 

Jorticc •Dow'lajr noten that "tie, eo- 
r*jpond*n-t makes no explanation what- 
evar of her delay in spekiDi to intetren* 
■ in the action, or in drmandinf n jury 
trial nf the isaues of adultery with her." 
He saya. howerer k that in bis opinion 
.-" the *pp!iearifto must be deddled u n 
matter of tiaht and not of discretion, 
and concludes that while the en-rcspond- 
est baa nb constitutional riR.i; t* a tria 
by Jury, she baa a irtatutory Frpht. 


Film Beads Declare They Succeeded in Getting 
Bookings in First-Run Theatres Sere. 
Lichtman Recalled to Stand. * 


A number of prominent film producer*. 
ttMlfied yesterday that they bid no trou- 
ble in releasins tbeir pictnrea in first- 
Clasa Broadway theatres It the heartn( 
beint; condocted *y thd Federal Trada 
Commission to determine- if the Famous 
riayera-LaJlty Corporation and sir affili- 
ated companies constitute a motion pic 
tare tmit. 

Among those -who declared they wer* 
able to jet, their production" in first-run 
theatres, were Al Lichtman, president of 
Preferred Pictures Corporation, irhn was 
on th(! srnni] for the second time during 
the hearing; Eimer Peamon, vicr preai- 
dent of Patbe Exchange, Inc.: Ptut M. 
iLazarvts, sales man a* er of United, Artists 
{releaainr; films of Mary Plckford. Doug- 
las Fairbanks, I.». W, Griffith and Char- 
lie Chaplinl; \V infield EL Sheehftd, gen- 
eral manager of the Fox Film Corpora- 
tion, and Hobert E. Codiran, rice presi- 
dent of the tTnivetlfl PictMrei Corpora* 

5| t. Lichtman produced a list of the pic- 
tures he had released since September, IB 13, 
and said that of thirty-three picture* bla 
company bad bandied in this period, ten 
bad been shown in the first-run theatres 
in this city. Hin company had released 
pictures for Uhe Asaociaterl Producer*, an 
organisation of independent prodUoera, he 
said. | 

Crosa-eiamiTicd by Robert T, Swam*, 
counsel for the Famous Players -md its 
amliaTcri companies, the witness said that 
theatrea like. the Strand and the Capitol 
do not depend entirely on the quality _-of 
the pictures they ahoy, -hut that the siio 
of the theatre, the management, the tnusio 
and -io forth help largely. 

lind FttnaaLoa* Cllentelp. 

The nritneu considered, bowercr, that 
if a tieatra pcrslated La l HltoiviiL? bad 
picture* or pictures of fto inferior qual- 
ity,, it would probably lose Its clientele. 
He said motion picture theatres- ta-day 
ore superior to thnse of 1019. 

The witness aaid he offered a picture. 
"The Girl Who Came Back." to Dr. 
Huen Hieacnfeld. manager of the Rialto 
mid the Rivoli theatre), -hut the latter 
wanted a guarantee of $ 13.QO0 « week, 
and be thought the risk wni too greflt, 
especially n* he would have to pay for 
fee ndTertl»ing. and he did not accept 
the offer. He naid the advertisine; would 
hsVB coat him about $S r (XKt a week. 

Elmer Pearson, vice prenident and gen^ 
eTal manager of Pathe Exchange, Inc., 
aiiil that at present they are confining: 
ihemirlves to Mi art subjects, &uca as 
current news .iinl «pecia| plctmres. He 
inkl That in 1021 they distributed ten 
feature pictures:, oil of which were shown 
in Hntt-riifi thealTes in the fnited States. 
He clauified the Capitol, Strand. ItLalro, 
REroH and' Criwrloo an the nm-ctasB 
firnl-run theatres in York City. 

Mr. Pearson said the con*tnietlon, lo- 
cation, honae |'i>Kt'i- nod the quality nt 
the pictures shown figure in the repots- , 
lion of n firsr-nin theatre. He said thai | 
if a theatre shows pictures: of an inferior ! 
qunlity for Urn months straight It would 
seririuBlf affect [fa reputation. 

''Rs-aaanabi j- Good OjimlKr'' 
in nnswer to a ques,li4*i of Mr, fiwtlac. | 
on crosfl-e^amioilion, the witness said 

that the pictures produced by Goldwyn 
are "reasonably good quality" ** * re 
thoas Of AsiOCiltad First National and 
Famoui PtayeT*-Iaakl j CorporatloB. Ha' 
said char, ai an avnrage, perbsps, tha 
Famous Players, put out the baft pic- 

Paul X. Laxarna, sales, aanaarar.of the 
Hnlted Artists Corporation, said his con- 
cern distributed the pictures of Mary 
tfefcford. Douglas Fairbanks. D. W. 
OrifQth and Charlie Chaplin, known ai 
the "Big Four." He said thasa stars 
produced their own nictas-ei. He said 
they liave not yet diatributcd any of 
Cbs rlie Chatiin's pictures, as be has 
been under contract with the First Na- 
tional, but from now on they will distri- 
bute them. He said they also released' 
some of the Mack Seonett comedies, and 
had put out a conpia of foreign pictures. 

Wintfeld K. Sheebim. geoeral manager 
of the Fox Film Corporation, said that 
his concern, produces and distributes pic- 
ture*. distrtvutlDg only its own produc- 
tions:. He submitted a list of the fea- 
ture picture; they hid mads tod dis- 
tributed since September. 10J6V He said 
they bad. "generally apes king/' shown 
their picture* in the firm run theatres 
of the raited State*. He baa been Bcn- 
er*l manajger f)f the corporation thee 
January 1, 1D14. Mr. 3beehan said that 
tha^First National started:' in l&lfl and 

1017. and eoob became an important fac- 
tor in the -film industry: He said the 
large distributing companies now in th« 
field are Famonk Players. L'nlrerral, 
Metre., First- National and Goldwyn. 

On crosA>examiriatia.n the witness said, 
in answer to a oneatioTt of Mr. Swaiu*. 
that In iflifl, 1B20 1021 - and 1922 ha 
thought that the Famous .Plsyrrs wss 
one of tbe beat companies in the field. 

Pad Mssr In fttaadwar, 
Mr. Sheehan seid ihe plcturs "Oyer 
the HIM" hid a. showing for more than 
a year on Broadway in .six theatres. 
•"The Qneeo of Sheba," "The Connecti- 
cut Tankee." "A Little Child Shall Lead 
Thr-m," "A Villajre' Elteksaiith." "The 
Town That Forgot God," "Checkers." 
■Evangeline" and other pfcturea pro- 
duced by the Fox. compftuy were ; men- 
tioned as having bad a Broadway show- 
ing. He said that' prior to IBM- they 
had a policy of selling; "afar series" or 
pictures. Now.' he/ said, they sold pic- 
tures on their inditidnal merits. 

The witness' ajla" the F« Titan Cor- 
poratJon doa* not : oarr. op.t ihestres ia 
the country, hut eluai. nn Independent 
company, of whidp William Fox is presi- 
dent, o*tib thlrry-fiPB or forty theatre* 
throughout the I'ulted ISifltet- He said 
the Foj: Film Coipamtfon is building 
two tbentrcs now. one ia Philadelphia 
and one in Oakland, Cnl. ' Mania Hisen- 
hhith. mansger of thr excltangr for <h> 
Fng Film Corporstlon. aaJd fat had tried 
verf little tn. get Ti5a pieture* inm thti 
Rlalto and Biynli Uieatrea* He. said That 
at first he tried, but waif tolft that those 
thfinUTi werr usiDg: Famiwi* Plajars* pic- 
ttirns; and hid no "opo'n tiraC." . 

Robert H. Cnchror. -rict prwldent of 
the rnlv*ir»S.l Pictures tVrporllCinh, prr.- 
dured A list of feature picture* Vhlch |h> 
rnnrem had rclens-d Sjlnte PentembeT. 

1018. He nil id the rjltiVrraaJ Coritora- 
rinn owns ten or twelvn thentrei in 'tfci 
Vnlted States, He wns: auke-l a*«rt ia- 
nii jfi'i.ti picture* whirh his firm Hud pro- 
ditred nnd tofd where they hnd hetn ex> 
hiblted. " 4 


Ginnwich Tillage Ca'ft Proprietor 

Will Ap|etl From Tliiitr- 

Diy Sentence. 






Robert CuahjnAn. the fiirmer Green- 
wich Village 'cfafe^-propriptoT. who was 
convicted of oil owing Anon g'mko, s 15- 
yesr-old girl, now in ihe ^-uKtodi- of ihe 
Chtldrcn'j Soeielj r to frequent ihe ie.<i- 
tauraot he formerly operated at 160 West 
Fonrth- street, 1 hereby impairing her 
siora!s* wis yesterday sentenced to berre 
thltiy dsy^i In'the Warkhouse, Operstinu 
of the Berrlnf of the stntence -vhs slj>- 
petLded until Ihv IS to ensble Thomxa 
I". IfeLnughliu, counsel, for Cushman. tu 
apply to (ho Supreme Coari for a eertifi- 
cate, of ti'jj. r ,;ni»iij^ doubt. A^aiStaDt 
t Dlstrk-t' Attoroey Krnnk E. Caratarhen 
Temi Threateped for Secomi , agreed to thia arranfement. Tha sen- 

Offenders by MagistraU 

i tence was Impoaed by Justices John J. 
■ Frenchi and George J. O'Keelr-, while 

JnstJoe Daniel V- Murphy, who presided, 

ii-jii.,.- r»,.-i M * ni._, M . ■_ >oi*d to set, aside the rerdlct. he also 
Magistratft Charles A. Oberwager, n | baiing TOtw| f<ir CuilklIllrt B ^ aittm )_ 

■;Want Side Court yesterday. s*Voreif Mr. McLaughlin, In asking foe leniency 
gcorcd twenty men and women broughT ; for CunbciJin. claimed: tbst his client hsd 

.** eourf far failing tn keep their dost , ^*» W',? ,hl b ? th* police; that his 
amuled. They wew ntned with hU 


Storm Over Indorsement of Hard 

inj Court Plan la Averted By 

Huy Oartett Eaj. 


mouses Li Morningnide Pnrt and sJoac 
Kfvenlde Prire. where some of them 
hsd their dogs on leashes, Tbrio pleaded 
they did not think rfluzrlra were required 
uillJer inch drc^Enstanoes. 
^•*Foia mast hare' yoer dosjs mmiled 
OB the atrect under any circumslances," 
tfea ''' ttaafclrtt* tfli'J thetn. "Only the 
other day a patrolman was badly bitten 
pTOtcctiJ'ijr- school children, and 1 am 
going to tin/ you all $3 to-day with ihr- 
ilternative of a day in jail. Those nf 
jp«t who are hroiif'jt liack her* Trill hn 
[nm' straight Jail aentenoes wlthont «l- 
^jmatli-e* of fines This jgoes for the 
■ Women as Yi-cU as the rften. 

&»me af the women appenrfS* in court 
srith bsibiea in tbeJr arms and. not hav- 
imt the nsoney to pay the fine*, worn 
ohuged to v-ait until friends appeared. 

| dance hall license bad been taken away 
and that he bad been forced to sell his 
business, He pointed out that two other 
charges msde by the mike, condncting a 
disorderly house and maititniuinj s pub- 
lic nuisance, bad been dismissed' in Special 
&ea*innx. > 

Probation OffVer Willtfinr, Conncrs re- 
ported that Oislminn was a man of good 
pCTSOoal rrnutqtion and had i:rvr>r been 
in an;. Ireiiblr pteTlnuily. He said that 
Cu*ibniaxi had sol'l the cafe n few days 
nfie? his ennvirtion on April 2ft.. The 
Justices, resterday. paroled Cuahman in 
the custody iff hi» cou&sel until Mat IS. 

Mla« COIL Retorni. 
(Or >:?■■>•*', A'ens (» tu» HMikiaf T*i«fft^.> 
MONTCLAin, N. J.Mst 4.— Mis* 
EHuihetb Colt, 22-year-oldl eatbetlc dsn- 
:vr. for whom a nation wide hunt ny 
radio and potfc hst -been conducted since 
her disappcnrancc M"mlay, returdsd to 
her home here to-night 


Cowmereiat Frauds courtroom 
[p* with smoke yesterday, but the 
hand of Mafistrsfr GHrge V. 
resaairied qiiict and no thu der- 
_dant ibovjled for ■■oTaVr.'V Con. 
wn* In th« air, bul it was eon- 
#rdf fw prffOflVnt and not for the 

' amoklni wtj In enter. Thia 

■sptrn teatlng thv mania of rarl- 

lis. of tobacco used in tia ineking 

of dgara by tha Phoenix dgar Corpo- 

Aa a restiEt of th* teati MsgiMrat* 
Simpaoo held the corporntlon for frial 
in Special Hessiooa on n charsj« of tt«- 
eririnj; the pnblic i,j mis-labeling its 
ejanK. Complaint against ihe.cBrrwrS- 
tlonhad heen made by former Assistnnt 
Disirlrt Attorney Alexander H. Komla* 
sky, represcnticg tha Americas Fair 
Trade Ltaattsv. 

With recently elected officers, in their 
chairs, the N*w York ..City Federation 
of Women's Clubs mat for Its sixty^rst 
convention yesterday in the grand ball- 
room : »f the Hotel Aator, where several 
Eire'.v dUcnsaions trerW indulged concern- 
hijr qi]eitiOD,a of the day that ram* up 
Tor discussion. For instance. ■ when a 
resolution endorsing President Harding'* 
stand on the International Court of Jos- 
tire was presented: it was met with' a 
s,torm of opptaiiM Intermingled with bias- 
iJ)E and the coufndna: was added t . wh*n 
Mrs. tl.trc Btott Gabriel protested! that 
the Dime ''jf eisPresIdetrit Wilson' was 
not Iscladed, She was finally ruled out 
of order. -although aire continue ta speak 
until called tti order by the chairman. 

Wnir Garrett Hay, alwira the diylo- 
maf. threw oil on the troobled water by 
slepninB into the breach *nd reminding 
the -'.UIW women present that they Were 
ii on -partisan althoaeh every one' **s al- 
lowed individual opinion The rrsohltiou 
was then gdopted- 

The conrentfoh. which has for 1U slo- 
gan rbia ycar'On Guard AtoerJc*." 
■(lontcd a reenlutioir nresenrod br-Mra. 
William Cummlng Storey urging tha 
maintenance or the defensive forces of 
the United Ststes of such efficiency as 
will protect the nation from revolution, 
rud win rtsptct from foreign countne*. 
It aTso adopted a resolution "urging upon 
the proper authorities thu appointment 
of at least lfto Additional polk* women." 

A rcjottittau approving the sporta* itse 
« sugar was passed and federation wt>m 
tiers announced thnr «55>Xk> towar-l n 
fund for the rMilhfing the City Fedcra- 
tionn Uotel hare been raised In a rectml 

ftii-minuie speeches coTicerning th» 
l raining of children were made bv I»r 
Winifred Snckyille, Mis* KstheriheDev* 
rertu Blake, Miu C E. Maaoo. jtfr* 
r.i m "5_' L T*"* 1 **. *frs. Woodaii'-n 

t.bapirian. arid Josephine Daskani Bsopn 
and Rachel then talked of plsij-), anH 
plsywntlng. MaTia-F r (i(ip, \lo1tt* 
1st; Mies Beatrice Dyke Pirher 
pianist, and Ruth Blaefcroan Rodgern, sol 
prano, aceoenpaniedr hj- I»oris Nichols, 
fiimi-heri! n progrnm of music and Oe_rrgg 
fl ashiugton Ochs-Oakes dkcuaicd the 
censorahiK- vt b4v.ka. 

Froineer. ttnvaier sad plaTwrtaht 
who "Ml (five ut Icaa. inflm 
l«e_if.1te» rtT VkJrnMno EoHtajat 
pl*cea l n "The Vault!** of .333,'' 
lvhlrb -nflt ran th.1* lanmcr. 


Producer- Composer tn Give Valen- 

.tina Conteitsinti Chance in 

Summer "Eevne." 


l->.rl Carroll, composer, playwright, 
theatre 1'tiilder, theatre owner and pro- 
ducer, i. ob'p of_the bujtir-^t theatrical 
men in sU New Ydrk, Vj-ii i Mr. Carroll 
has consented to help ranke the V\p 
Valentino eihibltion of dancing in the 
Seventy-firs-*. Regiment Armory to-night 
as big a i-iicceM ae. he can, not only by 
takin}. part, but by offering contracts to 
■ number of the girls who appotr there. 

The proceeds oT the Valentino conteit 
go tu Sliss An sin Margsn's committiir 
thst is doing Ateeh great work for the 
Relief Fund for Devastated France end 
(he Maternity Centrr Association af 
Xrw Y6rk. 

Fsrl >'srrolr has annonoeed t hn l he 
n-ill attend the Valentino mntcst to- 
talght and select •thirty'slt of the pret- 
tiest jrirls fln.1 have them report to him 
ti. the Carroll offics tn the Knrl tar- 
roll Theatre, Bu_ldins at Seventh nve- 
r"l'- and Fiftieth street ai .1 P. M. 
shart- Monday. iMay T, and .Mr. Car- 
mil, win select from these ihirty-ais 
ffjrh pi,c less than twelve and give that* 
girU roitracta for his Summer musicnl 
•how, -The Vanities of 1&23" which ho 
is now producing in association with 

Sir. Carroll when a younfatrr was a 
program boy in a big Pittsburg theatre. 
Hi"- was always musically .bent and. hav- 
ing a literary mind with a natural in- 
clination in write aongs, he sonn be- 
gan composing number* IhrU hroiight 
him international fane, tine bit after 
another liaii the world whist ling Karl 
Carroll's mdodira. _ 

The best remtmbered of Mr. Carroll's 
musical comedy tenre* are ""So lrong, 
Letty." and ■'Consry Cottage." The mu- 
sieal hits pf both these productions urc 
still being sujie and played throughout 
the country. 

Later ..■ undextoak the writing nf 
plays and produced "Jim> Girl." "noddy 
itiimpllns." "The hady of the Lamp," 
."Bavu," etc 

As a testimonial to his anccesa there 
stands at the cornet of Seventh avenue 
and FifcEetb ottxet the new Earl Cnr- 
■loll Theatre. 

Mr. Carroll has just announced the 
production fa association with Alexander 
Leftwfcli of a big mnsicsl show, "ThO 
Vanities of 1-.23." which is planned for 
a Summer run on Broadway. , 
'In personally appearing tonight at 
the Seventy-first Reginirpt Armory Mr. 
Carroll wig make possible the ^gratifi- 
cation of at least twelve, if not more. 
_a_n_Ht-oui giiU amonc the Va.eatino con- 
tenants tn a^mear in hi* next jm.nica! 


Mrs. J. Stuart Blacktnn, wife of Com- 
modore Blaekton, rice president of Vltm- 
™ph t and three chik-ren, the Misses. 
Marion and Vlolat Vlrjrinli and jotm- 
«n, Cbarlea Btuart, arrived yeatevdnr 
on tho Mauretanla. They hare. -b**n 
spending t month En Paris, Mrs. Black- 
ton, who deiujgned all the cosfnmes for 
tfommodor* Blnckton's British motion 
pictnre prodnctrona. 'The Oloripua Ad- 
venture" and "The Virgin linten." star- 
ring Lady i> is ns. Manners and "Tha 
Gypsy CavahVr." featuring GeoTgrs Car* 
pent ier, had been eoUectuur ' data and 
material arrd nurchsaing' rare fwoas c-n 
coatumea for Commodore Clarkton't 
forthcoming Vitagraph productiona. ' 


Ctrldatein Charged With Driving Off 
Truck With $U,00fj Worth 

of Goods. 

' "1_* r _-:■ -riL with being 'the r man who on 

Mas; ' tnado away with a track and JKH.- 

! t<00- worth of) silk Trou. In front of a 

rettaiu-aj_t at Twenfy-ninth Btreei and 

! Msdifi-.r. flTi'TniN' raidore Ooodateln, Si 

'■ ;ean old, of Kast E*lerenth street, was 

[ '!■,-"!::: WJtboUt in the VoritvLlle Court 

: j-wtepday morning by Maglstrats Wil- 

ih_ B v A. SwlrttMr . for FkAUlnatiion next 

JtlOnf.nj'.. He pleaded not guUty. 

: PewctivM Argenxs of tbo Truck 

?■] .-i ■! ami MacDonald of the F.aet Thi. ■ 

f ■■;'■;: etrefit aiation atT«aud Goodsteln 
hu»da> Bight in a poolroom st 163 
Tenoe n where he was identified, the? 
stated, by a man who saw him drivo 

**»'».t frort the reataorant on ■ f hn truck. 
Ho wsa nicked' otit from among fou.r- 
t.eeti-othar men In the place, aocordlag te> 
■'-■-■ ,!e*re-;ve_i. 1.irOilnn-iii wks cfiarg-ed 
with ■.:iJkri\Ton of grand larceny "on a 

-short affldaflt of tho detectives. 

T\.f irjcfc which wan the oroperty of 
WJiiiam Skjrmer ft Sons, silk mer- 
cht)!ts, nt FftLirfh avenue ad Seventeenth 
■Trtet. " 1 f'.oleu while' it was on d». 
rivsry ruindt in charge of Frnni Shee- 
han,; of .-Toijr.'ko- Msjrs-_.the cha-ofteor. 

. It; wat recor.rad abandoped in Summer 
-Kiftn-ir., .'Bfooklyn, but the ajik was mise- 
Infe K *ehiji reported the theft to the 
police /-teniae ftnlnd the truck wlaiing 


Gov. Smith Says "Republicans Must Make Good 

to* Corporations"— Minority Leader Donahue 

Amazed at Boldness of Foes. 


IN the closing hours nf the Mew Tork Legialaturt Governor Smith said, "Tha 
Republicans mast make good to tho Corpomt-onfl that fill the party chest; 
it's their way of paying off." 

Governor Smith's platform, his pledges, his efforts, collapsed with the finish 
of the 3033 sessions. 

The Republican forces led by Bpeaker H. Edmund Machold, of Jefferson, 
crttcifiad the asEinuions " r llir Qovtmor and the democracy. 

The Democratic desire Hi reorganize public utilities in the State and in .New 
York City, reorganise' Ch* Siste government In the iaHKat of economy and busi- 
ness, repeat film censorship: in fact, all of the progressive" steps it had planned 
to fulfil promises, and the expectations of the voters, went down in one helpless 

Assemblyman Charles I>. Donohue. minority lender, said: i 

"Idle the Bourbons of old, the Republican bosses have learned 1 nothing and 
fargotten nothing. It H«$ra beyond belief that, in the teeth of what happened last 
election day. the Republican Assembly Would dare wind up this session with all our 
public utlllitieB firm in the grip of the rredatory corporations, with our water 
power resources still (he white hope of private- monopoly, with direct nominations 
unrestored, and the evil domination of the Prendergast Public Servies Commission 
unabated. But it is Ihe fact. 

"The Assembly Republicans for [he most part refused to dimuM the Gover* 
nor's measures on their merits, nod stolidly voted tiown U.y motions to bring them 
out upon the floor for consideratign."' 


American Crchestrsl Society Jok* 

With JPhilhanuonic *n& - , 

Board of Education. j 


npHERR was in th" Board or EntimatR 
i yeiiei-dsy nnother verbal comblt, 
Comptroller Charles li. Craig wis not 
protent. The participoats were Mnyor 
Hylan, Murray Hulbert. President of the 
Board of Aldermen, and A I derm an Mar- 
tin .7. Healy, IJemocrar, r:- present! no; ths 
Nineteenth district. A rctiucst for the 
appropriation of ^flO.tXHI to make sur- 
vey». poring* nnd plans for tl* prnposeil 
iri-bOrtU|Th bridge contseCtlnE MnnliotUn. 
the Bronx and Queers, precipitated the 

Mayor Hylan. opposing lh<- struetnr* 
at tbb time, ssid city trnnsit should b*< 
gircn the public. He -would not he a 
parly. to. fraud, he explained, in ereatinn 
the impreeeion that the bridge Is to h* 
bullC e*«i!, "when, as a rjintter of fact, 
it cannot be built for -yenrs-" 

tVep feeling for a few moments was 
displayed hy the tnWB olliclfil*. The 
Maynr told Alderman Healy ,o krep 
qniet. The Alderman sfild he would not, 
whereupon rhe Mayor nummoned Lieut. 
Edwsru QuIuti, on duty in' the Mayors 
office, commanding him : 

"Step over tn that man and_ are that 
he remains orderly," 

if\TQV dn as you like." retorted th* 
I Tammany Alderman, "but I'll 
apeak as much ns 1 like." 

Again Mr- Hulhert di-manded thst thp 
entire mnHer be deferred. Artftfn -Mayor 
Hylan informed htm caustically that his 
motion whs, denied. 

Th(> Mayor Tonewed his doelaratirrn : 
■■Ra-nl eatfttr speculntors sre rot c^!ng 
to fore* me tn play into their hands. 1" 
want tn serve notice to th*» effect, right 
here." he sdded. 

"AH right,' shotif-d Mr. Hoibert* "ir 
the erj- of speculators i<i to b" made 
against the trl-borongL hTid^p. wetl show 
stimc people when the Ninth- street bridge 
plan is submitted, where Harlem stands, 
we'll lind out who are Interested in the 
Ninth xtrvfrt bridge." 

The resentment shown h.v Mr. Hnlberf 
caused the Mayor Lo lent, over in his 
direction. Chucklinc. he s*iil : 

"Pon't gel sore, Murray, because you 
ant Uclced." 

There wna no reply. 

tice George V. Malign In hii order di- 
rrctin^- Msyor Hylan and the other 
members of the Board of Estimate to 
oppropriaco ri2fl,550 for the College 
of rhv City of New York and fS&Sft 
for Hunter College, tn mref. salary ra- 
<]uirement£ for 1023- 

THrJAppellate I>irfdon In Manhattan 
yesterday ordered strieked from the 
am™<fed answer of Mayor Hylan to tha 
f 100,000 damage adit brouRht by Vftn. .1. 
Sfhlefrelta. for alleged! ]lbe| the fourth 
defense. In this defense thc-Mayor sets 
foith that .Sr-hieifriin A Co., had knowl- 
edge tbnt some of the narcotic drugs aolrl 
by It to druggists wero boing uacd iio- 
pniperly. Thi* aUcgn:lion was made upon 
information' and belief. 

EDWARD R CA53IDY, whn in 101& 
was elected Alderman on the Ss- 
rlolist tk-ket in the Tweotiath Alder- 
niBnic district, snd Algernon Lee. elected 
on the name Ticket at tie enme time from 
the Eighth AldermSnic district, were yes- 
terday enieceasfut in obtaining Judgment 
r>n -the pleadings against Timothy J. Sul- 
livan nnd MToritt tiraubard, nrtio for a 
year nnd ten months served In rieir 
stead. The Appellate Division of thn 
Manhattan Bflmpe Court unanimously 
rpvwsad an ordct'jdf Justice Isidor Waa- 
ervogtl refais|nt 'hem the relief fle- 



iHE TimisAion of Woodrow WlLsoUs 
nsmn from s, preamble which waa 
a part nf n resofutioil. favorinfi the ac- 
ceptance of the InterontioTiil Court or 
J u Mice caused tl mild explosion yesler- 
day at the J«i^*J-fi?at convrntion nf ihe 
Xr'w Xntfc Cit¥ Federation of Women's 
On ha, St the Hotel Astor. 

Comment ft ltd cross-romment. "Oh " 
"No" and s few hisses cmscil when 
Mary Cirrett Hays and Mrs. B»lle tin 
Rivera acted the part of conciliator;. 

MATOR HTLAN has refused to nccept 
the rrsignBtinrL of Dr. Chnrieti 
Norris. chief medical examiner or th" 
i*lty. The donor Is displeased becaupp 
his department lacks operating eipenaes. 
I»-. Norria has been in thp sejriee since 
lWM. - 

MAYOR -HTLaVs contention that the 
■ dry, not the fWnte. should niw* the 
right to srtperrtse the Brons rVtrkwty, 
ws.s ov*rriirueri yesterday by the Ap- 
pellate J"iTfe.lon in sBstaininr: a Supreme 
Conrt decision that the Boflrd of Esti- 
mate muat nnpronriate gWTOOO to se- 
ojnire certain Isnija and psy thn salariea 
of the Bron* Partwsy Commission. 
The Appellate Division sustained Jus- 

The plsintiSts are accordingly entitled 
to enter Judgment against the men wjo 
orciip>td chilra In their stead. As tha 
salary of an alderman fs |&QuO p fr an- 
num, each Mnlnrlff is entitl, 1 to $a.SX> 
from the defendant named hy bim. 

'prtELiMrNARy hearing n r the Eonrd 
I A of Aldermen on the report of the 
.Mayor's Committee on Traffic and Taxi- 
eah Regulation, of which Chief MajjjrV 
'rO'f William McAdoo 1* the chairman, 
which warn to hair been held in the City 
Hail yestprday. win postponed on se- 
rount of the denth of Mrs. Adelaide E 
Collins, mother of Alderman William T. 
Collins and Jtir[x.e Cornelius F. Colins of 
ch*- Court of ticnrrnl Sessians. 

MRS. ELLEN CO HA LAX, mother of 
Sttpreiiof Court .luatics Daniel F, 
(."*>!Kiliin and former Surrogate John P. 
Cohslan. died suddenly yesterday morn- 
ing at her home, 12S Convent avenue. 

Mm. Cnhnlan was 'horn In the '"oiinty 
Cork. In IJWl! and came to this ,-otintry 
In 13Ti7, making her home with an uncle, 
the Rer.'John McCarthy, in ohsrg« of a 
pftrish ia Brooklyn. She im mftrrled 
ia iBdl' to Timothy Cohalsn, and wna 
the mother of twelve children, seven of 
whom survive hat, 

[ npHE rumrir is persistent thst former 
1 Scnntor W. Bf. Csldct msy, follow- 
big the reorganisation of the Brooklyn 
Rapid Transit system, become its presl- 
deni at s yearly salary of 930,000. 

PLANS for cleaa-up week, beginning 
next 3fondiay. were announced! yes- 
terday hy Health Commissioner Pr, 
j Frank .F. Mona;ban. 

According to the arrangements, rurtn 
her* of the Palice Drnsrtmotit will leave 
! in every boiler lh the nty a. circular which 
, trill announce the dsy on which rhe 
i truck* nf the Street Cleaning Department 
[ will visit the various districts to .rathe? 

up wflplf, 


Ask ably Putts Bill Which Wai 

Enacted by Sen ate Last Week to 

SaJefuArd Business. 

ISSHtsJ rjtlpaUOT to Ttra Mewr.'.r* T«-«.:rssS. 1 , 

ALBANY, May 4. 
Senator aiyer Levy's bill, which pro- 
poses extending the provisions of the Hen 
law to motion picture liboratoriM h which 
'passed the Senate Ult week, waa pasaed 
In th* Assembly to-day. The? bill now 
goes to tbo Governor. Its purposes are 
to five corporatfonS' or persons engaged 
In the bualnesa of developing, assembling 
or reproducing motion picture films, a 
Hen on such petit] re or negative prints 
In tlieir possession until the payment lor 
money due. 


Will Appear ia Person ta Aid Bene. 

1 At for Leake and Watts 

Orphan House. 

For the benefit ofthi Leaks ft Watea 
Orphan the French Bulldog Club 
of America will hold its annual specialty 
show at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel this 
morning. Because of his interest ln 
charities for orphans. Babe Ruth has 
offered two special priiea and has -in- 
formed tha management that he hopes to 
ho present in the evening to award them 
In person. 
The show has attracted the pick of 
| French hoildoga from all sections east 
of the Mississippi, nnd the ^region west 
is represented by two champions from 
I TVxas, entared in the clans for cbam- 
! pious, given at this show this year, for 
the first lime. ' 


When Francis McGee. an elcrtricign, 
also Vnowc as the 'Trial, nightingale." 
because of his atojingv went to his room 
on th* third floor of Iba tenement at 161 
West Flfty-ftrst street early yesterday 
he found tha door had been taken from 
its hinges and carted: away. A quick 
inccntnry disclosed these artlclet miss- 
ing: A cherished silk hat, which had 
seen acrvjee lo many St. Patrick's Day 
parades; a pnlirr- wblatlcp n Biff Beat 
alarm clock and an old "hammock. 

McOea in n quirk thinker and tha 
fact that he had lost hia police whistle 
s/sve him a chance to concentrate be- 
Inre shine the slsna. 

It Flushed on him . that Bernard 
Alnjsiu* Stephansoh. 23 years old. h>- 
ifig dlrtctfy above, over from Ireland 
hut a short titno and a conductor on the 
Eighth avenue autiCaee line, might knew 
iimethinif of what hsd hapnoned. Ha 
recalled that more than * month ego hn 
had agreed! to paj Stephenson H for 
painting bit room a light green with 

shamrocks at nice intervals. He had 
paid C2 on Account but still owned 32. 

McGee went to Stephanson'* room and 
Stephenson admitted he bad taken thn 
door and missing nrticles and intended 
to hold them until MeGce made good the 
$2. McGee uaed ■ curtain for a door 
temporarily, hut it S A M. he want at 
Uw West Fortr-eerenth. street police sta- 
tion with a charge, of bafffary against 

When MeQee told his story to Msgii- 
trate. Charles Q. Oberwager ia West 
Slds Court ■ yesterday the court had to 
rap for order an loud was, the laughter. 

■^IpTbat do you think the stolen stuff 
Is worth:" asked the court of Detective 

"I wouldn't grro a nickel for It," said 
Walsh* whicJi caused a -verbal oxplosfoii 
from Mel'iee. who said that he valued thn 
bat alone at more- than |100 becsuse of 
its mrmoriea. 

On Stephnnson'a promise to put tha 
door back and restore the hat and other 
artfclae Jutu allowed to go frew. 

FUn ]■ eo.lso 91smalar4t*a TrjIrJnss 

. Thij Siioai OrrHsitnu ivitl 

.n*T#lop Talent. ■ • 

Clarence H. Mackny, chairman, of the 
board of rirectora of the PhUhtxmonla 
Society of New Yorlr, announce* that the 
Phllharmnnlc -Society, tho American 
Orchestral Society, under the presidency 
ot Mrs. E. H. Hnrriman* and tito Board 
of Education of New York) City, have 
combined their forces for tha purpose ot 
csjTTibi; out systematic plans of mn- 
Bieol educarion from the oroheatral atand' 
point in rhe public acbools of the city 
of New York 

The Philharmonic Society- tn Now 
York has during the past year, upon Its 
owp initiative and with the support of 
a number Of gen&rous guarantors, pre- 
sented an educational scheme whri-h is- 
cluded five, concerts at City Culfcge, five - 
concerts in Ctrnegl^ Hall, five concerts 
in Cooper Union, four concerts in the 
Commercial High School in Brooklyn* 
and sing-In appearances at half ■ doxon 
of the most important univarsltiea and 
colleges In New England, and the nearby 
territory. In addition ta this, it his 
maintained a course- of lectures given TVy 
Daniel ©wgorlt Meson and Illustrated! 
by men of -the orchcatra5 T at the Univer- 
sity Settlement. It in the plan of the 
Philbsrmonic to continue insofar as 
possiblo the concerts storo outlined, in 
addition to the work further plnnaed 
under the new affiliations. 


ILEodilen Work. 

Th« American Orchestral Society bag 
in past* years maintained an orchestra 
ii t tho education of your crchutrnl 
musieflfns' nnd for the purpose Of fur- 
ther orchestra] education in the public 
schools bv means of concerts and lec- 
tures. By thn affiliation with the Phil- 
hsrmanic Society. Mm. Harriman he- 
comes chairman nf the educational com* 
miner* of thr Philharmonic and nl mem- 
ber of its beard. Th* mirk of the 
Arnhricaii Orchsftlral Society will tn 
Continued as heretofore for th* educa- 
tion of your musicians in orchestral 
playinc; and graduates of that institution 
will have r first opportunity providing 
their nbililies warrants, to fill Yacdnclea 
existing in the personnel of the Philhar- 
tnmic from year lo yenr. , 

With the combination of theso two 
orjranizationfl tmdor the ,-1iri*ct kaderahip 
of the Philharmonic Society, and; ths 
educational enmmittee under the dirocilou 
of Mrs, Harriman, it has been found 
possible tn extend the educations] wots: 
and It v-as. felt desirable thst a ry.«- 
temHrJe plan for CD-operation with tha 
Board of Bducalinn be adopted. 

Th* purpose of this systematic plan 
of education in the public scbooLs are 
two: To rHise the standard nf qualjfl- 
i-.iiiitnK nf conductors of the high (Pchooi 
■prehestrsp* snd tu raiHe the standard of 
student players. 

Trt Dlaeass t'ro 3 r-m.. 

In order tn secompllBli this result. It 
is pToposed ihsr mu-jinl prugrsius com* 

yosed of compositions neWlrd by the muaic of the Boartl of fSdn- 
cation. fnr high sehnnl rchestraa to 
study, arc to he msdr the suhiect of 
di'jivussfiri in a eon'ereDce of th* con- 
ductor" nf (Ji r hij-i L «ch 0Q l orchestras, 
prnsiile;l over by rhe conductor of the 
Philharmonic, the assistant eonrfueior of 
the L'biibnrmonlc, nf ihe muflical director 
of the American. Orchestral' poeieiy. AIL 
points relarinjr tn the technique of tie 
ennduetinr: «p the interprcUtlon of thn 

At this confereueo the professional 
teachers or the, American Orchearjal So- 
ciety or the first men of each section 
of the Philharmonic will present to the 
high school condiirtors the right howiftg 
and phrnsitin for th- strong choir, the 
tight phrasing snd dynamics, and tongatr- 
injr nf ihe wnfjd-wind and brnas sections, 
and all" technical problems aoncArning 
the rvrrnission prrtfons will be dltaussed. 
Jn other words the high school conduc- 
tors are t» meet rhe profcsnjotisl men 
of each orchestral nee-iion and lo receiv* 
from them practicsl tertchitig data tn be 
used in ihe trshiinc H ad conducting qf 
the high school orchestras. 

StHndSTd of Pf-4-riirmnocr. 

In order thnt the shidenta of the high 
school orchestras may ho farther edu- 
cated musically jn. ordiesti-ai routine andl 
ensemble playing a standard ot perform- 
ance mn«: be established for them. Tnii 
Is to be accomplished by group practice 
of all sections of the orchestra. Th* 
first violins of all the high school orches- 
tras msy be brought together in groups, 
numbering nut mum than fifty players* 

The profaasiousl concert matter of tha 
American Orchestral Society (a profes- 
sional with many years* eiperiencsi' will 
go over each phrase of the oompo»ition 
which is being rehearsed, snd mark the 
bowing and'ihe phre#ing, thereby unify- 
ing the work of the first violins of all 
the high school orebeatTaa. 

Th(s- is also done by the professions! 
teachers of tha second violins, viols, calld 
and dnuhle bass sections. The wood wind, 
brass and percussion group* are likewise 
taken In hand by tbo professional teach- 
er*, and the phrasing, dynamics, tongue* 
ins, etc, rehearsed and marked in tha 

ft la planned for the several condeetors 
or the high school orchestras to be pres* 
ent. at these soctlonsl rehearsals and 
thereby review' and rm the work that 
they have done In the conductors' con- 

In order that thin work may he dona In- 
telligently, a survey of the orchestral 
conoiiion pf the high schools la being 
made. This will enable the carrring; out 
or a comprehensive plan of eriuetlio&al 
help without loss of time or effort 

It ia inevitable that ln the publioi 
schools e large proportion of students 
will be listeners and not perfoTattrSr In 
order to educate them to listen to or- 
chestral cam position • and to enable them 
to become fmiilin: with orchestral mualdj 
and orchestral instruments it ia planned 
to hove a series of leeturen npon the avr- 
ersE instruments of the orchestra, illus- 
trated hy .players from > cither the school 
orchestras or from the American Of* 
rhpKlral Society of the FMIhannonla. 
f^nferencea of the high school teanhtn 
of mnsjc will be held so that these ]*#. 
tores may be presented in standard form. 
' After the various programs and insbrns 
mental hove been studied the programa 
will be played; by tha orchestra of the 
school in question or by the orchestral 
of, ihe American Orebratrnl Society. It 
is further planned -to have this name 
program yerfortfttd In Carnegie Hal} b* 
the Philharmonic Orchestra, as the final 
step Ln the education of these young stu- 

This educational .plan La being under- 
taken without ftnj' possibility of finan- 
cial return and for the students' benefit 
and is' made possible only by the gen- 
erosity of those patrons ~n1 orchestra] 
music who are interested in matters of 
musical odmratJoB au/fiejcntly U con- 
trfbuta to'the wet, _ 













Tol. 101. Jfo. 128. 




mBfi SUN DIAL asks: ''When everything Is censored, who 
* will censor censorship';'' And w* answer, all at us, in 
chonw, tha Columblat! 

(ffyADE HAMPTON ELLIS, former Attorney General f 
** the United States, indnliea in n Blfbt of true, old-fash- 
ioned Southern orator; at Hot Spring*, Arkansas, thia ncci. 
* > . Trie appeal to BHtionaliotn and race la out-worn." 


ADP1 ELLTS waa a good: newspaper reporter In hia day, 
but ha hmr waa Attorney General of the United State*. 

A NT"-) Just why the former Republican Attorney General of 
■'*■ Ohio atiri Former Chairman nf the Republican St (LI ft 
Committee or the Buckeye commonwealth, n native of n tin- 
einnati eiiburh, should make a fire-entsng Southern speech and 
appeal t rr s Ct prejudice, we no fall to understand. 

■T>F.RHAP3 the esteemed Globe is thinking of \V*rIe Hampton 
* and not Wade Harapton Ellis. Tf ao, we aeaure our contem- 
porary that the picturesque South Carolinian it has in miud is 
very dead. 

A LIST ha>> been compiled supposed to include America** 
txeh-B most d latin guiahed! women— and Dot a marothoa 
dancer in the lor. 

ltW7tQG$ i 
^ We I 

jiGGS are cheap." — New* Item. AH values are relative. 
1 have seen the time when' 4 cents each would have 
been «fB*WerH high. 

TI/HV shouldn't a president Indulge in nropngnnds it he wish 
" to do soT It there is a man in the country who should 
hive i inn-;) and express them, it ia he. That in propaganda. 

T DO not lire in old Lausanne: 
*■ If T were there I'd die in paiune; 
.V[th not a thing on eartti to gaiiuie: 
Oh. spare me from that town Lausanne. 

AS I understand it, W.*H. Anderson will use hi* adverse in- 
fluence with Governor Smith in the matter or the dry te- 

DOES ft mean anything to you that dandelinnj arc now 
Ln bloom? 

PHE stage neier will be fully vet until romt Lwj Stu 
L aptfatlctte fiir-s brr husband for alimony. 

IP sugar take* another ilnmp, 
We'll give ourselves an extra lump. 

r seems (hat It ia impossible to bold Clara Phillips without 
hitting her on tha bead with a hammer. 

GOVEHNOR 81LZER may be ft candidate for the Presi- 
dency, but It la plain he la mat ant after the woman v«tr. 

NEITHER "Mother Jonet" nor Carrie Nation ia In the Bat 
of Americana greatest women. 

SD how d/tf they come to overlook Beatrice Fairfax? 

ABGl" hrts written to (Governor Smith to *»k him bow the 
* motion pietnre bllE Js going to help him. hh mother 
non't permit bin. to go. anyway. That's on*, duty the recent 
l-egielarure overlooked. It should have passed n law compelling 
pdTenta to permit thelt children to do. anything they wfeh. 



Henry Atterman's Frenoh Vet- 
eran Leads From. Flag Fait io 
Finish in Mile and a Sixteenth 
Garden City Selling Event. 
A'l Over a Well Beaten Trailer' 
All the Way. 


UITOX r'ncea a Rent Criti*."— Headline, 
householder ean sympathize with Britou- 

Almnjt nnj 

A POLL ahowa that SO per OSttt. of Princeton seniors 
tobacco, wJifcb ihowa thai, taken by e-nd baVft. u" 
craduatea are niular fcllowp. 


! Fair Play 3-Year-Old Shows Fast 
Six Furlongs in Graduation Ef- 
fort— "Pony" McAfee Journeys 
Over From Pimlioo to Score 
With Sea Sand and Rose- 
ate II. , 

TBJIEE houra Uudtr Eaat River In a tunnel blitckadp tfoaa 
fiot D" L ipea] to ui as a pleaaont winy to apend Saturday 

THE1" nevrr wil] succeed in naming tbc Iwelve greatest nvTi 
in Anifrirra, There are not ;hal many "colj'uciinisti" on 

ALL the world i* just a Mnpr. 
Mark the exit. Miillan-G4«e. 

|TS jtiat like the peevish Tribjue to tnj- the ahortcominsn of 
Assembly on Charles F. Murphy. 

ITS ji 

wnnnsBs it juiaica. 

Finrr race. 

•Iralitht. 3 1» D 
* 4 alKiTr, rtttn. 

■ ■Talahi, A to 

■lac* and 

dtdcnmrU, M ._ ... 

1 plaee and Io El *h 


, S between an S-eent fare and an obatinate Mayor, many 
*■ persona prefer to ride for a nickel. 

MARJORIE HAMBEAU has gone to Kurone to take ■ 
"nerre cure" after a acaion of 3hasUipe*ra. T have 
known actor* in my tame who should ham taken a "nerrt 
rMTf" before attempting- Shakeapcan, hut this, of courae, docs 
not apply to alias, HamlxaB, ( 

.^TORDja^JMLntTax jraafly trie4,for 
Epialmi to me why 'I -retaiir my own utode«t bank ac> 

UK- Prince nf Wales in eoinjt tn ntteurl th^ Wariil Adier- ; 
Z Convention at Atlnntic City in June. He. ahould be 

rpOE P 

* tiaio) 

marted Eiliiblt A— the best example of the \-alue of publicity. 


E in isaid to he a confirmed bachelor; but jiiat wait till ho 
taken a at mil along; the beach. 

PHE latest itewa from Memphis KUKenaiB that the name of 
the Saunders corporation flliould be PiBglf Arigley. 

win Tiord rlobvrt. 
ORD ROBERT CECIL announced on his arrival in Lnndou 
tint America would not eater the Leairii'B of Nations soon. 

AX afternooa rontrmrwriry nhoiil'l kai>w, hut dOMR^T. that 
a corporation may havn thouaanda nf small stockholders, 
and yet bo controlled by a few larfe stockholders. 

A "WOMAN Httfiuit showed the Jn-dlf her knrn as eri'li-n^. 
Mnybe that's the object nf soma women whn shnw their 
knees tt ib- seashore. 

IT ia reported that Poincare wiM proteat a riceision of th" 
V. S. Supreme Court. W*! do nnt look fnr him to order »n 
1 oecupaiJon of the Schuylkill Valley, doweree. 


Scores Taint in Bmh to Eseape 

From Sabway Train After 

Short Circuit. 



W. W. Irwin, Former Official nf 

Film Company, Sayi Competition 

Caused Aequiriif <rf Theatr«, 


One thousand men, wmnen and cbtl- 
dren on ibe veriT «' anffoeation end 
nauitpa from tbn acrid fumei of burning 
insulation fntfsbt last nljrht to escnp» 
from a ten-car Jerome avenue express 
nf the I.cxtnptnn aremw line irhen the 
train developed a abort circuit that 
brought it to a atop in the tunnel a ahort 1 
difitancr awfly from the local Ennt Six- ; 
ty-eifhth. atrtet itation, where the ex- 
press tracka run oil a lower level. 

CbokSnc and eouffhinje, tho panle- 
■trieken pansentrera rushed for the door* 
of the cars, sotne of the men and women 
kicking out the windows In their frantic 
efforts to leave the train and make their 
way to the emerorney exit at Siity- 
eighth Ftreflt. Many women fainted and 
wen brtliaed Sn the mad rush of the 
other pasaenffers. Some of the cooler- 
hea<rd paaacn^eTa who tried to item the 
panic were bnishnl aaide. 

The exprraa tracks arc forty feet T>e- 
low the curiae* of the street at the point 
where the Jerome avenue e^preaa train 
stalled. Tin- 'rijEbteoed men and women, 
some of the latter carrying young" in- 
fants and nr-r-oiririiLsiH by children, 
mabd rto the emerceney esit, and thos^ 
ihat wrre ahta made their way to the 
platform of the Slity-ejuhth afreet 

Th" neeident occurred shortly after R 
o'clnek. Aa Ihe iralp cam* ti a stop 
there was ■ short circuit «dd in a few 
minu tr* clouds of acrid amokc* that 
earuaed the rnwnecrere U choke and Terae 
Ofl nausea, filled tbf tube. 

The train w*a filled with pn«i*nffi»rs 
and tbn men. nameo and ehildren \»-- 
catoe, greatly e^rited ard rushed for the 
doors, (tome wemen fainted and in the 
mad were trampled on, necordIn(r 
tft atorlea told by pime of the pn**enp;er*. 

Afe the men ami women, outcome ty 
the smoke, and acrid fumes of burntaf: in- 
■ulitlott, .'were helped to ill- atract by 
other* by way of the emergency exit it 
Slxty-dxhth ..street, they w«ra carried or 
nsalated to the rounds of riiini'r CdllfXE 
neuhy, "whieh wera conyerUid! into en 
cmeepney lirid bospiiah Tt i« wtinaied 

That the aeuoirincj of theatre*. il»d. 
proneny on n-hieh to build theatres by 
the- Famous Playera-I/asky Pictures Cor- 
poration was cauacd by the stiff cnmpe^ 
tition the c&mpany had to {ace from. 
First Nations land other film concerns 
was brought out yesterday in the hear- 
ing being conducted by the Federal 
Tradn CommiMion to detonnlne if the 
Paramount organisation is in substance 
a motion picture trust. 

Walter W, Irwin, a pioneer in the film 
industry, who organised the old V. L, 
S. 'E. Distributing Corporation and was 
connected with the Famous Hayeni com- 
pany from 1910 (o lffii(>. told how he 
happened ta join the concern at the re- 
quest 'of Ailolph Kukor, Che prcaidont. 
The latter had mentioned Ui him that 
certain cities in the. MitldEe West, not- 
ably St. Louis nnd Indians doUa, were 
not turning in An amount of rorenue 
for his product that localities of such 
sizo ought to. 

Aocurulrsiy. It was arranged lb*L Mr. 
Irwin Bhwmd raake a survey of Ihcae 
cities Bnd &ee whit could he done 10 uivu 
the pictures better rrpreaenlation. He 
became vice president uf the company, 
luvcstlgntinx raiiiiitions in St. l.cnis, 
Mr. Irw|n found thnt the best theatre 
wae iif.^1 iiv First Nutionil, with only 
an old auditorium le(L 

In order to obtain j^>od thowings in 
ihe city, be acquired aome- property op- 
posite to the theatre of the riral elrouit 
■nd had plaii4 lrinr.i-dinieTj- ilrnwn up for 
a theatre. 'J'his \y»t built Foim nftter. 

In Indianapolis it «'in dIkd necrsanry 
to build n .theatre in order to (Warantee 

first run slu>h iTifiw lli.'.I "Ar-ill.i influence 

small exhlbitore in that district. 

Quentioned fnrtber by Daafa] Farring' 
ton. counsel for the commleFioii. Mr. 
Irwin declared the sale^.dei ■rttnent bad 
made up a ttatemenf on the reiurni fr^nr 
the *o-c*iW "key" cities, and lbi» dl»- 
doard bad conflTltlnne. not osly in at. 
Lout a and Indianapolis, b^t alat) in Mil- 


Bays Singer Who Was Dropped 

Could Not Be Understood 

in Her Dnet. 


I Continued is Vrtcf 7, (nininn H.) 


Kalr lt>-4* r . Tp-rani'tTm 

■llajhtlr eonl'r with ilronr east- 
erlr .wlmauk 

Olive Cornell, enlnraTum Kopr-ane, of 
204 Weat Fifiy-fifth Mrret, has found 
an attempt to ateni rrotg isudcvillr into, 
the "SSiegfelil Fnlliea" a very cosily one, 
accordliig tn her atory yestenlay before 
Supreme Conn Justice William ft Burr 
and a jury. Mrs. Cornell, whose hus- 
band is t.Ti dries Corneil. booking agent 
and producer, quit n ¥5.V> a weyli en- 
JTagement on Keith At Prortora "btg- 
time" circuit to accept £2flfl a week in 
the "Folllea." She was laid off at the 
end of the week—the open ins w«k of 
the ID2G "Folliea" In Atlantic City. 
Later Florence Ziegfeld gave her a 
week* engagrmeTit on the New Amater- 
dam Roof. At th end of idfi* week she 
was dropped, ^he is stLing tor 5^0,000, 
sllegins breach of an employment con- 

Mr. Ziegreld. u'ho was in court with 
Nathun P. Stern, hi* /ittomey. smiled 
brondly when the plaintiff nflid thai two 
other shown In New York were junt as 
Rood as his own "Fellies." Mr*. Cornell 
said thnt she iad Ittrtl $H\i'sVp in salary 
and had suffered the lass of JU^OO worth 
of prcntige through being stricken from 
Mr. Zioiiff-lidrs payroi!. 

KHnna-rr TealtflrS. 

Abraham L. Erlsnapr irMsurer of the 
corporation whi^h rontfola "Zlegfeld's 
Follies," testified that lie had tone to 
Ailantic City tn wi(rf*jt the official; per- 
rormnnH-e of ihe "Fnllies of 1920." and 
white there had heird the plaintiff sing. 
Her enunciatlnn h he testified, was such 
that he COttU im: ■uiil-r.-lnnil it. 

Questinjued' hy .Mr. Htern, Mr. Erlanger 
arsted that the production of the "Fol- 
lies" wse "gEorified vaudeville," «mri said 
liint during the IneL seventeen: years or 
so he believed the roflt of production had 
ranged from "7^000 io f^ifi.MO a sea- 
son brfnre rniMfig the eortala.." 

Mr. Stern wonted t« know what the 
vecei-Hn manager thongfat of cabarcfa. 

"CabAreta are respnasihle for the 
Eighteenth Amendment," said Mr. Er- 
tnngei-. He added that the cabaret end 
of the &hnw buxineas in looked upon by 
theatrical producers aa "the outcast of 
their own line." 

"I do not mean to reflect upon sny 

1 Cc-nUnncd 

i Faar* Si Cats 


Sea A,Kd, 4 to | iiralsbf, a to % 

pimrwr and nm «hi>*». won. 
DniMDlt], i« in a ■miarht. a l a 

B> pi*o» ind n (o a Bhow. ■*<■- 

MlThThcHl, II i rt 2 BtF«If;*it, a. to i 

|il**e atid twn thaw, third. 
: THIftl) flACE. 

OJ-aaram, S to a *tr»lphf. »v*tj 

pljire ind a m a ■■ow. won. 
aprrMri EsiIt. n lot utrKijEhi. .1 

la K place ftnil ,f te> s ihau, »*p- 

BoeU BottAn, io tt, I ~ Bin Iff at. 4 
ptace and a fa i skow. 




' ." t 3**? ,t ' T 



iilsre m nn ov( 
Olyntfeff*, B la 

10 plir» rtnrf 
A I! Over. H. ■- 
Viae? on,! 

FTlfTH RAC^C. j 

RbsfrI* ind, K to a »trnij>Bt. 4' in 

A i.lacr and A (a ft ihoir, won. 
4aeererh. 20 to i iirciiht. H ta 

I Macro nnd 4 to i ikon, ■**_ 


| n»ly. ft to ft atnllffal, 1 («• B 

I plfn-i" rt-r,/* «Vt *ln?iT. irciii. 

, li to 30 elratarbt, oat 
jilarc and ml, ihow; FOOond. 
>!*(* Pl«y, li io an .<r«i>ht, «■< 
Blaeo ontl oat ittoft, (hlrtt. 

- By JOHN I. FTTZ &E&AU1. 

Age had ft* inning at tae .Tsmaica 
eourae yeaterday. The elderly Tuften ■ 
French gelding who races for rlenry 
Alterman. nhnok a nimbled font Than hU 
yodnjr'r opponents in the Garden t'ity 
Selling Sjtnkes >n ^ w i tn M nn ,: Pr Lnrcrna 
Fatpr urging him only mildly, titttit -^ 
to ths wire s hardy winner in [hla mile 
and a alsteenth featttre. Hia lime fif 
1.4flS-S*-fnr the distance was gnnrf and 
equnJIed the stake mark for the last 1*-q 

This same Titfttr has been a hniry csm- 
paigner since being turned adrift by tb* 
J. E. Widener stable, winning upward of 
fnrty racen. He aeems to thrive in rac- 
ing, sa his record will attest, tasi y*M 
he won aii tbcct and $tl t l47 in pri«* 
money for Mr. Altrnivan. He t9A n *T n * 
rated hi* 1923 radnir by picking up thn 
winner'a end of tftOQO 1™ *• Garden 

The solliog state featnre topped a 
orogrnm that provided rather api rifles* 
racing. There waa only one light finish 
and that came in a s'^-furlong sxlUfll 
dash wheo McAte* hustled Be* Snnd ea 
the final ff'lft a tiiffht margin In front 
of Pun sail del. All the other wincfr> 
registered in deciatre fsahion, 

Tnlttr in, SExeellent Coadltlon. 

Enlt Selt** wlnlerwL Tnfter at Anue- 
duct nnd he hroupht the MacDonnld 
peldlrrr out of his abort retirement ready 
for on of hi" best races. The old M 
low baa been trntnins extremely well nt 
tliet trnck for some time, but tbf ma- 
jority of folk OTcrloiked him in faro? 
of All'Orrr, another Aqueduct resident. 

Ssni HUdreth elected to withdraw 
Flying Cloud from this efant and. with 
lYyiinewooil and Edw»rd tlray olno ab- 
sent, only three remained. Fa IT hna- 
Ued Tuftcr away fmm the gate In front 
and then rated him there for th" Tull 
trip. It won pracTicolly s procr-sifto 
thr illKbnut. ulth Tnfter on (Wp, fityn- 
thu> follrnvJoK ofd Ail Ovrr irailing. 

FfttOr had n snus ho'd on his mount 
until straightened out in the stretch. 
Then he nbook him up ard Tnfter re- 
sponded to hold Olynthus eafe with oo 
trouble. The latter ^nlloi»ed strong y 
bssk of Ihi* leader Tor fire Turing*, 
but was under a drfe* for ibe remainder 
of the trip. All tl^rr nrt* deririeot In 
apoed thrnughniit, Barnes had him in 
hand wrly, but in s final drive appear 
ed of little assistance. 

On* for Anso'i Befmsnl. 
I>iagram hrote the lee for August Brl- 
mont, wlirfi he led eight other non-win* 
n#ra of the 3- rear-old division fa a ali- 
furlong epriat. The Fair Pl*y— Dean- 
net gelding Tt*a Only t,ree*ltig as ha 
completed the distance In 1.12 a-5. three 
lengths in advance of hia closest com- 
petitor. The performance Indicated ht 

(.Con.tla.aiaA Da F»** IX, Conlaia. t>> 

gba will Uarrr Fat num. era** Hot* 

on Star l&. 




Miss Aldrloh, Sister-ln-Law of Wall Street Hard Hit as Prises 

John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Among ; 
Prisoners Freed After Shana- 
hal-Pekin Express Is Wrecked 
and Looted by Rebel Horde in j 
Early Morning Attack. 

Slump After Fraud Is Discov- 
ered in Mass of Buying Orden 
From Towns In Pennsylvania. 
New York and Massachusetts 
as Part of Scheme. 


Captives Used as Shield From 
Bullets of Soldiers and Three 
Are Wounded — Two American 
Officers Among Men Held for 
Ransom — Diplomats Meet To- 

Believed That Clever Swlndl9 
Was Concocted With Million as 
Booty Sought by Gang and 
That Half That Amount Was 
Realized in Panicky Trading 
of Two Hours. 

"WilMowtr" Prima Dcnna 

to Be Bride Two Days After 

Final Divorce Decree 

Edlti D«J and fat RonirrBCI hir, ,tt 
May 15 na their *,dding dnj. Tha cara- 
mon? Trill ba parfomad in Someraet'i; 
apartment in Wet Fiftr-crvantJi ,tra«l. 

Mi,a Day", Hi rare. From Carl Carlcton 
frFH bffnma affartire iwn da;, pravioujlT. 
Sha will ronfimj* a, prima donnn or 
"lVHdflower" Tot tha ntlt jaar f.nrt prob- 
ably Kill go to IjOTidnn ,„ plaj nitii the 
aame : afow .ftar that. 

if. Pam^6rtojpe^c 

<*Smb day 

Ontes in- Afterntjon at Grave oT 

Rootfivelt, in Bvening- at City 


June 14, Ftaf Day, vill he nb»rt-ved 
bv nearly 1 .600 Elk lodges in thia Coun- 

Got John M. Parker of Louisisaa will 
be the orator on. that occasion for two 
lodgtfiGlen Cava, K. Y.. and New l"ork 
No- T- 

Glen Cc-vo will cfindnet iSe«hw* st | 
the grave H Thcodorr- KooarveU at 
tlyster Bay at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. 
Gov. rarker was a close friend of the/ 
late President, so Glen Ctwa Elks cnii- 
sider they ire favored in getting Louis- 
i=n«'i chief eieeutire to speak. 

In the ripnirifc at A o'clock, under the 
Ru«pirrB of New York l^odge. Gov Par- 
ker will deliver an addresa at City 


Jadrga Oranta Ifvw Trial as Prlwmr 

WU to t.rnT-r-. 

Ju»t on the ere of his gn[ng to Eing 
Ping Prison for twenty yeati for hi(h- 
ivsy robbery. Pilvatorp hursTitr wan 
granted a new trial yesterday by Judge 
Uibl4 in. the Bronx County '"curt. 

Tho new trial was won by the plea 
r.f hi* attorney, l^onan* A. Snitkin, who 
eonv Ibcp.) the Judge tlint he had nl- 
loired incompetent teHtimnnr io be given, 
nt Irurante* trial ntst Fer>runry. 

Cop Htrld After Clp,h. 

As a result of a clash BatwttO State 
trrtopers and policemen Patrolman 
Urnry Carlaon of the F'leanantvilk, N. 
J., force \yaa yesterday haM in J2.nt>hail, 
and Sergeant Horace Tis;he end Hnracn 
Rsokin of the traopen are seeusert o( 
resisting" nn officer. 

The Htate tTOoners in nn snfnmnbiln 
drove by when Patrolman Carlson Rig- 
nailed them to atop. 

(Br r b :(»i tenn n Ta* Uamim T*ic[r*en. • 
PKKIN'. May 3. 

rtetreating into Siiaatsinj; wilderneai. 
taking with them twenty-four forrian 
captive* itirludifiE n pumber t>l Ameri- 
cana for iVhoae release they have de- 
manded one million ilolLnrs ranaoni, IfQOO 
Chinese bandits who wrecked and robbed, 
a Crack uprw fmm Phanghai are be- 
ing etoeely pureed b? 5,«W govemmenL 

The Americaa and British govern- 
meots hsv« served a demend d <"riin,\ 
for immediate release of the ceptivr: 
whose lire* are feared for if the troop.- 
preis too hard upon the bandits. 

Already the outlaws have glTen an ink- 
ling of what may be eipected. as three 
of the priaonert. two Americans and aa 
Englishman, are reported to h*Tf been 
wounded when forced to stand ta l Uring 
will bstwean their raptor* and the bul> 
lata ^oi-lh»;BWt»»*cntv, _„. v ■ i> Vim. 

All ■ itbV wwnan "yrhd wsira^Sipl 
when the bandits closed. In on the derailed 
exf^eas have, heeo released. In their 
number are Ihriuded Mi*s Lncy Aldrkh, 
sister-ln-la^ro-f John D. TloekefelleT, Off, 
and Mra/ Allen and Mrs, Finger, rriTe* 
of Amsrietn atray ofnrers. whose hos- 
bands vrerr taken prisoners. Mrs. Allen 
snd Mm. Tidfer have rsscbed Tien Tali 
— the only Art.erirnti surrivors to reach 
there to date. 

DlploBBata m« Dtaisili, 

Tn-c5ny .ill (he foreign d^pIouat!> in 
Pekic arr meeting to determine a cftUrss 
of action, British and Ameriean legs- 
tinna alresdy hare demanded reissue "( 
their nationals, nod an explanation of th» 
situation, of which an extremely grar* 
View ia taken, 

Tho Chines* GoTrrnment admiti the 
BTiiify of the aituation. rxpreaslng 
serjon* dnrjht* that Ihe eapttve* can he 
takea ativi* from the bandits, wbn. in 
tbelr dejnand for ransome. «tipn|sted 
they muat be assTjred freedom from at- 
tack. The government indicated, how- 
ever, that the demand for Si.'Vx'i,i7.y> 
muscni — greatest ip the hbmry of 
(,'hineas baqdttry — would not be met. 

The fate of all Americana who were on 
the train still ia uncertain. Nothing ha* 
yet been heard of Robert P. Scrippf. edi- 
torial head of the Scrip pi- Howard »wa> 

Among tbe Amerieans nntEerstood in 
ba captives are J, tt. Powell, fireretar- 
o( the American Chamber or Comraeree, 
and a newspaper correspondent: Major 
H. H. Piager, V. S. A.; Captain Allen. 
U. &. A., both of whom were on duty 
in the east; Leon Friedman, .1 A. Ken- 
ley, K. Cenbrrgcr, F. Elias and A. Glias. 

<t7oatlnaed on Pasra r, Colaaia S.i 


Tin Anrrlnn IJ*f!U»r»" A *■•>- 
elatton nindr pablle the follaw 
lna i««« nlarbti 

"Tli*- American Biskm' A»»o- 

', elation, lbroB||h 14* prsfrrflTP 

department. b*ar*n an Innnedlate 

I inn-iiiKi!ir,n j-r.»r.-i-a,» r m ihe 


tra«>irrn' rkfplfi, tlrsrrn oti 
out-af-lorrh lianka In VfTT Yol-V 
Nnd Prnoiylmnli. (a hrnlipri In 

ihr W*w Varic nnewi-int dlatelet 
with nrSvri tvr t*I» pare1aa>a ft 

■ t4IC*k. 

"Plftvrn mi-n of th* WlHlnm 
J. Dsrss laleeaatfaHal DatHtlv* 

Ape net- n*rr pit «■ thr ease. It 
fVAa rtiand tliat tBv plot wu ap- 

pai-rnrty afasad solaly to afeet 
th« ■Ineb mtrLfl and tkat tls* 
■•filr lunas ■afTcrattt wot* fbnirk 
••took (rsn«nd1i.n. fey brokan, 
hit not tir the baatn.'* 


inrVnEtv! Van t- Iti Voml-j -*'Mi-.Bh i 

PARIS, hf*y T. 

Tbe aerial flivreT ia a surcess. U. 
Barbol the French aviaior, opened a 
new era of cheap and fast tranjporta- 
ttofl to-day, r.-lK-vi he new from Calais 
to Phtift in an eleren-hi-rse priw-er plane, 
ror-BiimiTiK le** gasolene than a F»:'i 
flute and mhklng the journey seventy 
miniiTf--! quicker than the Calais-Taris 
express 'train. 

Harhot'a plane nsed twelve liter* of 
gasolene, which coat fl.40, nnd 3B cents' 
worth of oit. The total expwnsa.of the 
trip. Including Bsrbpt's iDnch, was lent 

than the cost of firat-class raLlroad pas- 
sage from Calais. 

'Mx total flying time wu three hours 
and thirty tainntea,'' said Barbot, "I 
stopped two hour* and ten minute"! at 
N'"!" for lutsch and tweatr mlnntea *t 
Beanrais. 1 muat hare covered between 
ISO *nd 20f> mile*. The strainf wind* 
were Jicsiust ma and I lost my way h 
rotiplf of tirnes foUowing tbe wrong 

The Aricttor made most ol the jour- 
ney at at. altitude of 8BOO1 feet. He 
said it w»n a eery enjoyable trip. 

Barhot leaks forward to tha flay when 
the sir will be lined with his fltTTers 
Just aa the roadways are eoreted, with 
automobile* now. 







?^'5r' W*ir *nw' yesterday' s^MiMMl' flu 
dnvtrest attaex: In hl.-jii-rj- from the ttn* 

After foiling what It considered to ba 
an attempt to pnt ortt- a fraud wfalch ^n- 
rolred something like 115.000,000 worth; 
of securities, It lost night pondered] 
whether that was not merely a -bait, 
while the real scheme, which wu sue- 
cesaful, was s cJesn-up of hnndrtda of 
tbnnsands of dollars on a short leHlna) 
drive gmwios; tiut cf tha constematloei 
which -followed tbn ditcovery of tha 'flfll 
part of the srhem, 

hummed irp, the plan, a* it wu fi*« 
iirrri nut l*nt night, hegan with an early) 
morning hornhnrdment of hig Wall, Street 
houses in New York and other rjtleft 
with forged mail order* to bny thou*, 
aands of aharea or at'ck aCTOrapinted. bj" 
forged caahler'a checka. The i!ie of thus 
ih-fil. the similarity of tha orders, tha 
uniform sise of the cashier** cheek*, 
trisnmnii-Pr-j that this phase of the, deal 
would he dlseorered ten mlaate* eft?* 
the Exchange opened and tha order* bo* 
gan to appear. 

Figuring on the nueertalnty thai 
woulil follow this diaeoveTJ and thai 
timidity or the speculators who might 
not know what was happening the band, 
ia l.r-lir-L-er] tn have made great profit 
in the enpiiInR d'wraciatioit of prices 
which waa not checked until urreraX 
houra later. 

ErTol-f lo TtanS nald^FB, 
Erery srai.ahls aganey vu it wotV 
Instn ight tracing the screme, which, 
has Its ramlfieatloii* fn tbte* Btaten) 
and many cities. Tha United BtateS 
Postal Inspector* were at work on oaa 
phase of It because of tbe letter*. Th* 
»v- York police, tbe hank and atVf, 
protective Bgeacin were Hkerwiaa hu*7« . 

Stock brokerage homes were all tr% 
for the usual null aTandaj ZaOrtilng yeas 
terday, until the matt was opened. Then, 
thrj s*t up and took notice. It looked. 
like one of Cbv best revivals, of -tmclnesi 
ilii" year. More than forty honsv* hs'i 
received mail nrdevn for th* purchsx o| 
biocks of Inrrrvtment stocks. And tha 
orders wen from new cuatnner*. MorH 
i»vcr. they* were accompanied by certified 
or cashiers' cberks. 

"Rtlt there were too matiy of the** ne* 
ders, and the heads of variout depart* 
menta negan tn avow susjplctema. In* 
veatigatfon . 4 ui'e"ilr d»Tf!npfi| that on! 
nf the eertified checks tam ths Bhjiiltalw 
of * cashW recently killed In in anto* 
motoile atcMent Another was signed r>j< 
n t>ank knnwn tr> be In Eur?^ 1 *! 
Telephone inquiry developed tntt th^ , : 
order* were spurious. 

All Letters an game raper. | 

It Then wsa discovered that th# 
orders all were Written nn the Mg 
kind of paper anil that the Ittterfaaada. 
either represented biking, .prwrnna , A 
diary firms, tlather odd, thought lhi| 
hroken. that these torea Hues of but]* 
new should simtiPtanrooily gn id ■. IteaJ 
storka on auch ■ large arjile. 

Farther comparison of notaa showed! 
that while th* checks were mai)*d ft r\ 
a doaan towns and cities In New York, 
Maasacbu^tta and Penney Iranla they 
all were beautifully timed to arrire as) 
their destinations on Monday moroi^g 4 

The array of eircunisti nihil «rldve>a 
w*s (00 strong and hnvlnesa Baddettljn, 
stopped after the market had bulged, 
ser«r*[ points and been stimulated tts 
feverish artlvity. 

:, Tt waa a aoretr harriNl crowd of be^raj 
and abort* who Confronted this on* 
alatight. What they ilida t know ahoqH 





Aglt7 9, OaetOtti ui Emglittr 

n Tubs Looted by lulit 


wa coavarnox toeat 

* Katrar cwlw «,i«r**r 
rln Whlta R*m" ro opt* 
Kir 3J — r oik.r PUB Kaw*. 






By WTOtA. 0>PA1K)HS. 

NEGI^V D. C0CS2ANS,' ft 
brother ofi H. U. «•! P- & 
C«ehratH eao* Ms tw*D*j-y«r- 
oU rtaaghter am in ike party of 
150 suuraierr wfco **r» beat up by ban- 
dit! in CWM 0» Bondij. The brother o[ 
the Laire**! otlritli il a at«WP« 
■nib. edltoreof the Toledo New Bee, on* 
of (he impirtiflt ditfT Daper* of Ohio. 

Mt* Seglej Cochrane, wb* ha* been 
Id Washington while h*i liuaband and 
daughter - ?« taurine, the Ortgnt, bxt 
haft BO etooe untamed to t*t srorb* » her 
family. She hit been Lb ttBltUt touch 
wiri btr hartud'a brotherf here la New 
Tork. who we miflw hit iraty poambl* 
•id 1* getting wort from the miaaiBi 
tin . 

Both Ur. Cochrane a n» *"ii]j wor- 
tW nrer tbe f*t* of their brother nod 

bU d*ugbter. who IihU to b- m •n»- 
- cully beftntlfuLiir.. Thee haee tilled] 

eeiry win fttftUabl* to ftt some word. 

bdt or «• • ] *t* ■«" la,t - **■■* ni,til " lDI 

bid bent heard from Shanghai tUt would 
. i-iTt ibem iciy hop* that their brother. 

bid raraprd the bandlta. Tbo tftBBom 1b 
' a million dollar-, and, while the plot ll 

inr more melodramatic than a»y of tbe 

itpfdULi Ud.T«Th1 blu put on the ■cretin, 

It U one both Mr. Cochraheii feel IbiT 

could ci-i without rrrj nicely. 
While the Cochrane! are ona*iy and 

worried, tbey feeKtba kidnaper* will *• 
" apprehended Ami that" no blood will be 

shed. ' ' 

galea tgn.i-MilM Ourni T*-«Uy_ 
Tha Paramount aalea conventiob— a 
atmi-itinua. ■■■ir — openi to-day at tb* 
Fennaylvinlft Hotel. About 150, tab** 
men will be prtient to Uitw to th* talk* 
to be si>en bT Sidney K. Kent ind bU 
i-olleftft-ueft. Talk* on Ifttea policial aud 
nelbodB of cftfilaiutioti wilt ba the Ltad- 
ias (eiturtB. Mt. Kent, who i» leoaral 
• atlej maniter, will orti!d* at tbo bdmi- 
bf. The #*n.wa*3oti It dot of Tour tbat 
It brlnr cso^tuclcd ftbla siabId, here aud 
In Slew Orlastiia, Lot AftfTtea and Cb' 
ctro. Tht efttir* Karaoot HtTW-Lllkj 
bome afoca itaff n>Ul take part ID Ibe 
eocreaUoD. which it be.ot mad* ifi lm- 
wjrtiat affair. Thtre will ua« for 

H wclal ftrTaira, to*. #• "ftleaTnAo "(* 
came U S** York without kftnttf ■ 
little taate of Ufe an-Brtjadw»]r via ibb 

/laefttres and Abcrttt- 

.. , J \ All^twi ti* c^**aft*^- " 
, '' V JAJ- Bbb*H). whs !a tnfteJlfei of the 

' lUttH Prbturt PftlaM af Piofreaa* mpI 

a letter .mtcnfaj aajliift- lh*t ttatJ-tbtBe; 

U tei for tii* cvnrentibti and expoaitioc 

" ia;tbe fflBfr ciltjr", ■ He »i? the *ihlbit* 1 

"'■ in'raaalBt to (■•^■Bd"n« tttuba tie w- 

r oi*tioj; will be the bluet: <>( lt> x ' Dd - 

The «BTreuliOn. U». b# b>lierer, wUi 

brlnr note txbibiton tbao to.' orr^ 011 " 

: afiir. LouiJ Fraak 1ft ift chftxre of tb» 

CaltMum. tad Nit Rofater> baodUof 

tU pabUchr- w« »*■ «r lhlt wlui 
fear dajlj pftpetft to b« pruk'd right on 
the crottBd h* will" b* a truty mar. W« 
. bear there la' to lie aae*- riTalry and 
that tier* axe Maw b*|e nnn to which, 

Cper (reta the fl*wa ftrat. «>U wj will 
to bft*r cittia-t: la o«r owtl bows w^' 
arc 'not ttkifta: OftTt Ia the" anjura'-alfc. 
The Kahitiitor* Hfrald hnn now joinrd 
tbt rank", rbkito l> ii» hewae lowtx 
and Celonal J- P. Svurc-J !■ r-'^s <bflft 
ta trad a baud. -- 


'■" : 

>'«-tt rilaq. ■! Cum*: 

After two^e of nwr* w«k« (count 
>m routft#if> at flic Catura Tbtair*. the 
W. VV. Hodklnton VaVoriM bit ui tbt 
Tear, "J>owii to itu Sea in Sb I [■■."■ it 1 
CtrinR way » ft^olhar aperial picture. 
Th* ■ tatier ll T.ittaT4Ph't ">(*««» of 
Men," wlilflL blda Ult to be a* pl*»per- 
oUi ft" iti Jjrtdeeniior* In ft dftj anil act 
ef extraracant lo-i>eH.aa> II ll ft nltainrt 
tn b* ftbte to nay at »f»i hand th|t the 
Vitapraph fHm la tnteeJIiDl «pterT*lnwftne. 

Wltb ntmi to **r>owTi lo the fl**. In 
ehipa,*' -whiub bat had tbi* loBjtMit run 
■ nf (be fttt aa Broadwuj, it -a intoraM- 
lot to YftCftll tbftt It went br«in£ tut 
rbouthii bofotfl Mr. Eo&luftOa i aawlt and 
r#Tff it a, chant*. * ■ ' 

C. armaiaiiPi Pakar .'n^j 
C GrabftlB Blbrr, cdilor-io-cbief nf 
tba VEtarraph torcea, hae AirlTed tafeljr 
an the Caaat. whore "jo waa auraraoocd 
by Albert E. Smith (n fn oTer the Sam- 
mrr production acbedule. A'ccnTduiK t'i 
f*riiM ptana. Mr. Smith will reruro ti 
•New Torh ahortlj, 'but Mr,. Bahff- will 
■rtaiaLB: In BollTwood for two mnntbA in 
a ap afrhwj ueoario wo™ riaht oa the Int. 
The Tjewly arifleunertl Vlummph pre- 
aran ralla for aprrlal plenitta onlv dpr- 
laa- the ron-En; ?rar. 

■LafBuickvr Cctawmtlaaj. 

JTaucngi natbEck^T, of Cblcaio. and 
■hr notion picture indattrr, i* at peearfit 
^i* the iJroea at criebraUot the thirteeotll 
araDinriarj of the faonalni of hi* oeic* 
Inai fl)H eo[tTpri*c. In thoae earir d**t 
h« btad to send "proteeto-ti" iloat «;ilh 
hi* idrertiaiJIx cartetatttil to Sfbt aft 
eani*fl;'WT*d£itia; a*wa. That waa'the 
tin" when the (.rlffiil. alar waa 'iun 
fe*iriDninf 10 riaa. ftsd Mary Ptefttord 
wii brine adefRiaed by- Pari f^ea .nl# 
aa "LlUla Mftrj." If We recall «rr»iTtr* 
It wu tbea. thti lone directorial ceaiut 
«de a picture that dtda't tenolnate in 
a chair. 

, afaa Mirn«j 1.1 ■« *mlmt** r 

Ma* Murray haa ant a teleCT-am ta 
the Mitre cwirta,ihat abe may be expect- 
ed 1 o* Saturdar Jftefc Meador. who at- 
tendc to these Utile waiter* o( reRJTisi 
Matro arrival*, hat otvtrvd ft hraaa baod 
-ana) Boy ^wnta Mt re wtlanw Mhl 
-afcrrfr Sbf «i]| lOnouflce her [<fan» 
hftwr bbe ttaehea New York. 

T» Opt- a May X]. 

Ac wa bibl<-d * few wetha are. JJavld 
■Wajrb Griffith will apn *Tbe White 

Ilflfft" at the I. Trie ThratT* go Ifay JJ, 

wiih t tjpl«l Griffith anHaUttoft. Of 

Ptalo ty 

kahgttbtiiutb cotHTOi. 
alia wilt flay ihc laateumac nta t* 
■■^((■•.rl (*■(." ■ Oaldaera vfoalMa* 
Hon mad« by DCatlnr live. 

faurspj i*b feel ftOTtr it will mftka Us 
bow irhen wo aj* in Ohicago coTrrln* - 
the conrvntion. Albert Gray offered to 
fnrolah jj.ii atrijplane,' but not beint; uatd 
to.tbat mode of travel, ira thoufbt l( 
adrisablr to declioe, 

Thoniaa. Melxbar. in st.ri Waelc, 

Thorriiui Motphnn is eettini;: ready to 
begin wort nil "H&men-ard Hannd.' the 
,alorj, that Oeoxse Ad» wrote for. him. 
Of courxe. Tommy I ■>*■<■* to work, but In 
the Fprinitime he winltt nor mind hn- 
ior B Utile T*ft from rpxlLina; plctarea-— 
onlythe fana won't lef'hsBi atop-mort, 
lata l^e will plnr opposite him. 

Moldwyn HtsBa 4nn1hrr. 

Tl;r Vijnar ]''j;.:n1iii:in :n ■■■ -. Georg* 
raUtca. who cam? To t hii rnitntry under 
ihe apo&aorihip of Caryir Ki'.-;. hai 
■lined h. fwirract with GoldiCjD., Mr. 
C'ailijjTa 1* well known jp Farfa and h ™- 
flViD. hot he wiU uiabe bis tint Ameriran 
pirtiiTi* at tbc (lAldwya ttudnw. .KTety- 
thiBB K fine exoeprlnc the yofltm toao'a 
Eunue. which the GflW*jn pow^ca that 
h« coniider- i* ^ rnon.tbfuL and wbifb 
(jforxe Bjaeet ibonld h* HiaL|t^d. If any 
Ane bu a bright idea. *etid it alone to 
the tFoldwyn. U**"«r-*, 09 h«.w>B ebri«- 
teoM.-i> realty-enrttled lo ttrc-tftl* c*ai»t, 
but upon the afoMier *t Mi«i Kina b* 
dnjpped it whe'tt .he tool up a buiTnetl 

J«(j* t>e«r 0«ti> Bnlr. 

Jane Urey haft bean rbcnrtt hy ih* 
Wilijiai r'oi ronxjuuiy fAr itr> ]p>*r; 
rele ia "The GoTervQri )Lad.r." Harry 
Milarde U now xt ^■'■rt on thLa R*:*.i-i 
alary wTjich ta h'ins r"iljncd he^ in the 
Kaxl, MiaH Grey will play ol courao 
the catemor'a wife.. 

To ?irpr!if Hr 

M = !Hr. 

A» 4 iiirririu; to btr tbothcr H»pe 
Hampton r* tltkai; her riltrr. brr btb- 
tee> hUAhaitd and ebildrefl with brc to 
Cnliiforaia ft *cefc from UltvtilfcT ivhi-r. 
the depirtf for the Cour to play ihe 
l^adioi role i^ "Tlte Gobi Pijftra. Mwi 
Hamptnn'a majtbn Uvea la California 
aad that ia one raaaon ahe ja ioobirjc 
forward lo ruakin; her next -jrieture on 
the Coast. 

*p»uiBjK of the fTiaVaf 
! k .-i'ii'i- I'rLto-i in npf Mir who h>Tra 
Ni^w York i'r-itr... -h;n Cftiirornii. Hhe 
aunlrl tho «lber- day atae bitd moved to 
New York' .for eotil and will not c* ro 
Ibe Coast aaaai until ll ia nectMiry 
to make a jiicture rui there. .1 

"1 -love-Kew York m o mueh," aha 
aaid. "I rm eren conrddrrins buyiaf n 
haiiac here." 

M. Tt. l.prfr K'fr 

Amaue our rinitora front tha Coiat'in 
M. ll. Lt-vrr, tnaaanr of tbe .V alted 
Studios, Hn arrlreil j-csterdnj' tup** 
iiir, hriJPirtnc vurbopal mesMsr-^ from 
-fcdepli Nt-li' ur- u uuJ with v much bual- 
H '.'■;, (0 ir-nf-iM-;. 

The. Ooir Champion Arrlvn. 

The ::-*'■.( vhtranioii of Lbs Middle Aaron Joucjl reached tow-n ye*- 
ItcJb5. Aaide from beins past matter 
at nlf be ii ant i>t The flrni of Jone^, 
Llhlck i r^biffqr. Cbicftio'a tbeatrl- 
ciil lii-iii TiudrviHc company. Mr. 'Jenea 
reporter! to- Adolph %uko7 at OBCO and 
wc bear a coif- mni?h was arranreil. 
Botli sentlemr-n claim lb" distinction 
of bvtur expert* .In this lire. Tn tmfl 
pets annul*. Sir. Zukur has invite* Mr, 
-loiin to *plaj at the fciikcr comilry 

Elncd and we hrsr Jew [_ Ijuhj La 
cinjc drifEtd int^ tba boat ta a wit* 
ftft-s. Of course Mr. Lhaby thick* he 
'ran play better tbip either of them, 
but he thiaka be *honli let them blTft 
their cood tJ.Tir. 

'UriBfrll, tnarlot % BJ BTP ■**!. 

Mareuerite Courtnt haa been enaftjeed 
by Lhc lMrtioetiTe Pletares C^rnoration 
to play the teftdins: fnuiaiue part ia 
+J Tbe .Aieadfait Heirr." the. Oamwft 
Hn-iinnciJi Ikellitiil story bow runn'me id 
CnllkF" a Wettb . Xberidan Hail » ill di- 
rect thift nieture frofn the adapttaioa 
made by Phil if- Uwetrsn. Th* pfetore 
will be distributed: bj Gofatwrn. Misa 
Courtot** eujtafeajpni 10 pta T Ljnjia Can- 
field coQtpJetAa lb* cast for "TTie Stead- 
faat Mean." Jateplj; Striker wjD pliy 
the mile lead, and others wbo will b* 
featured are Mary Ald+h. 3oa Uepew, 
Jerry Define. Sherrv Tabs*'*, Mlriara 
Battutft WilUan B, alach. 

Da Millr-T -Tcxt. " 
WUHam De MiH>« ni-xt picture for 
riiftmouBt, on which prodacfioti will 
start about June t, baa. been definitely 
titled "Mortal Los*.". .34c J* Mala >a 
mw _ lb New York prrpariai "Only 
ThirtT-eiabl."' his Jmat pliolp-ptay, for ra- 
Ictie. with the aid of Clara BAnnaer. 

"Mortal Loce'-is an adaptation of 
"Tht Faun." Edwtrd Knobloeh'a stajT 
play, which bad a- run in 1010 with 
William. FiTttahftla ■tarred!. Mr. De 
Mille expetra to return to los Aniebi 
the Imter part of ifcu moath. Imcnedi- 
■trjy upon bla arri'-al be will ebooae the 
cast for "Mortal Lore." 1 





To-day— 100 Capes, Wraps, Coats, at HALF Price 

.Models for Women, and for Young Women. Originally 125.00 to 350.00 
Including Copies of BRANDT. WORTH. CHERUIT, CHANEL. 

'One, tivo and three of a kind. 

Poiret twill, duvetyne;Gerona, flat crepe, Canton crepe, crepe Roma; in white, grey, cocoa, brown, blade. 
Just the thing for formal Summer occasions, but all appropriate for street wear from May to October. 

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Lately-finished models of afternoon and street frocks of flat crepe, Canton crepe, and printed crepe. 
In white, green, grey, tan, navy blue and black. Not more than one or two of a kind. 


I finl Inn** Prom FWjjfB I.] 

A. I.. Zimmerman and N. V Hammo- 
ritcb and 3-re rJolonan. 

Xtwi IlnrrJ t» Get. 
Xeh-a trlvelB tortiionry 10 tali arc- 
tioa of China and fioaflieticic rcpot-u 
hate eorj-a in ibroufhout tha day thai 
followed tba rataatrophV It teama <l-t',- 
oitely ntabliabed, !■»>«-■'■- that; 

MJas I.ncy AJdrEeh, her coxapEntup, 
Mlaa Mncfadytb, a maid, (ht wWes of 
the army orfiera »nd potalbly oiber 
women who were on the train ftre ufe. 
altbouih Mitt nCiefayden hi IU ind vuf- 
frrina from expoaor* at Pin Cbeos. nan: 
the aeene of lbs wrack, whither COiaali 
from Ties Tain, Sbaajbai and Nickiaf 
are apeedlnf with pojt-iriri 

Mrs Allta ind Mr*. Piaftr were able 
in tell a graphic atory of the nifbt of 
horror when the express.- |U paxieaicra 
ailecp and 1 drcamitij. of no daarer, wat 
hurled from the raila and the baadit 
hotde descended upon it. looting and cr- 
ina (errifrin* toUitx. 

The 3haDfhai-**iain express pulled out 
of the former dtj Saturday moroiox. 
Aboard, twrldra tha fcrcifntrs, who 
ITftrtled In poxbriouB coarhct, wrre three 
or four hundred Chinese. 

Tbe midbed, beat of Thisa'a tbade- 
nuate rail irstem, wound tbrotaxb low 
bille, thined. ■ aeeat lake aud a marsh, 
near where it eroaaed Ibe Shan tun x 
Biirf aa It ftppHiched Llnehenc. 

Attack l» Deep C»l. 

The trftia ttajftnted on into IhB nisht. 
roarlat; attadily akot tewnrd the fatal 
nit where, uakngwi* 10 any one, tbt ban- 
dit horde lit In wait. It was about L' 
o'dock In the laetihn when (be attack 
was niftde. 

A volley of rifle lira wai poured into 
the apfedTni cinrtia frrrtn either tide of 
the roadbed. The nlarlit was made aide- 
om with wild yell*. Then, before Lb* 
pataergrcra weta more Uiln bllf ftwabe. 
tba ralli. weakened b* ibe bandltft, fa.v« 
way, and the train pluoftd bato ft ditch. 

A« the expreat cap* to a halt tbe rlfl* 
Gre >-■' the bands frufaride (n»-ea»ed. Brlf- 
antla by the jiindredt came itenrinir from 
their placer of roorealDient<ftnd Ml upon 
the train with icnbiitla ftTidbfttcheta. 

With no time to o^cn eoTer tbtlr nijlit 
aitiqt. men and women ooctipftnti of tbt 
toralrji eoatiet were ordered rudely from 
the Ulia *i tne. point of riflea. WotpeQ 
ware stripped e-f th-fir j*wah) and belong' 
Inia. Kseit the ayecluiea were taken 
froro men nnd woman, baas were cut 
open sod yellow hands throat In. teiiaj 

Harefoor thr>u|h titi|ltd wrhcksrfe 
and over jp-ound strewn wtlh broken 
[la** from the train wlndewa, the paa- 
serfTfrs were forced lo srftlk th ft spot In- 
dicated by their raptor*. ' 

uiarn rorceal to Mairchi 

The loorinx went on while the hslf- 
cUd women crouched toiethtr. is ternr> 
not kaowinj what their rate wan bi be. 

Them beafta a terrlf/ini nereb. toward 
the hlltaiila wastes, fierce arBteH bandits 
pearint Into Ibe fates. «f their priansen 
aa they strode ■lee-l. ftetaiaf a pare that 
bare and blrcdiot feet found difflculty In 

Many Cbinest war* axaoaj" the prison- 
era ukeo Into t ke bllbi, tad it wsa one 
of these, an axed, yellow map, who bnb- 
blr<i lo (he aeareet ajueemmtEt itatlaa 
Ui4 Moaday erith the arrofiat denasda 
of the briaaad leadera. 

Oac millloa uallan In ransom, free- 
dom from attack by troops the band j a 
knew aeon would U on their trail sod 
full pardon after the tBOftCy Aid been 
paid cite wu whet vaa auVed. Tbc 
tires of the prisoner! wrrt ohTlonaly a 

Tbe meaxars bearer, who bad been 
taken from tbe wrecked train amour tb+ 
nfii-iT capurea. reported that tbe bnfaad 
band waa belna-' rapLdlr ancmeatrd os 
its retreat. Hundred! of other Chir.--^. 
he Hid, were nochinjt to tho Hftftdlrd of 
the cbieftsin who nireeted tha dlrlnf; 
raid, nnlil, he eatiaiatsd. full.v fiee thou- 
■anj now sfKt|ht a plaea in the band 
■ad a share of tha plunder. 

Garermsatat Treepa a m inn. 

Meanwhile word of the diasarer bed 

reached Ebuchu. Shiatnai and Ptkio, 

and foTernment troopa numberlnK S,0n0 
■et out niter the kidnapers. "■ , - 

In tbe waste, country tkej came upon 
the retreating horda aud aougbt to cfo*e 
In op either side- 

The aEfair can erarrely nrapc q^- 
t.Liijint tbe ptoporllotit' of in "Interna- 
donsl Lncidcnt/' Foreign lr;itiit>s ire 
it wfci:. heal. No paina ire to bo 
liired K» l-ring ih* captives aafe Erom 
the eliitrhei nf tba lirlrsBdi. Chris- 
tian Cbiueae iroopi. pick of the irmy^ 
may be fnt on the rescue million. 

borclgn miast ma are acnlteral ararsc- 
ly tbrotich the country into which tha 
handJilB .-:•.:■■- Tn!hdrawn. It waa fraci 
one of these tint the report about tba. 
American'' and Knztiahtnin baeini 
fallen before ibe fire of ih* rtacue 
Jroope ax they atood bonnd In the human 
W*H ram». Missionaries often Join 
beieand bsiifU to work amons; ihem. and 
ft' may be ihroOETb misvlooarira tbaL the 
eventual rescue, if it ■■ rtfreled, cln ba 
*ecoflipl:*hed. * 

" . REOEVES.NO word. 

No priTste ftaauriDee of the eifcty of 

Oliti Lucy T. Alrfrich aisteT-is-taw of 
John 1'. ll ecke feller. Jr., had i f n re- 
etired by her relatives lo tbia illy -lait 

TelegTtrns were received! tmm 1h( 
fiUodanl Oil Tompaef oSoc in .'n";!'«i 
Iftyiap; the -■■ :. company nffictsla arc srofk- 
Ing- in t»ehsif of those eaptdrerl. The 
telerram follows: 

'•ShsjieJtai May — Mica AM rich in 
pmrty on Peking train held up t»y ban' 
Sits. Oiti oE the thirty-four foreigner* 
nq inn train t»n ar*> safe, nnanes nn- 
iinown. In conjubetion with Ircatfoq 
we are doiax; •verytbiog m«sib1k. Will 
keep you advised." 

It i* bnped that the rlaone "'e,t are 
asfe," may he ft ronnfnuin'h »f the 
newapapcr rrpOTls'tbftt the «»flneii p»ts- 
■-■■<■-■■. ffn (be train which him " : ! . up 
by lhc bisuitu i>s-.r- been telen><ed. 

At ^f^■ Hn*iief'*'llei- 1 e oltin- i< vras 
ayaied That Mlaa AWrirb was tnrtapBg 
witS~a. coaipOTiiU'n ncoied Mies :\lcFarl- 
dcti. « n 4- ■ mild. 

Mt*. wrntiirop W. AMrfeb tncKf iu- 
Ijnv of >!■," Alilrieb. said that she had 
rf-cci veil no newa from. Lhc InlU'r a-nj« 
from a preu> dioT>ntch. Mytftf thai Miss 
A Id rich bad iiceit released, .fl"* paJd 
Tli!.: Mm. John D. RockefrllT. .lr.. h«dj 
not reccired any adeicca cither. 


ninnpij Front Pagt 1.1 

wauiiee, Toledo. New Hiren, PiUaburg. 
Boaiop jurl I'lrjcinniti. In each of these 
Farter eaa*a no ttaeitre wu acquired at 
the time, neapt En New Hivrn. 
" Tbe Axht between the Kamous riaren 
■ Oil Hint National foreea vnt outlined 
ia data II by Mr. Irwin, who explftbed 
why the rnramount ^rguniutton tooh 
i!rn«!ir fi * p » to fare lii.- comptlicioii of 
Ibe prw circuit. 

rrapoaed Pla] bf l> End. 

He Hid at Ibat rime fir*t Natl^naJ 
wax formed It waa claimed they were to 
t* the champimn of the exhibitors ?n<) 
would res rue them from the Famous 
riaytrs* aJlegad trnat. 
'.He Mid'j r Ji'W"tald liim [hit Mr. rfil- 
liams ind ancrher member of the ts>eDly- 
Hi men who made up the Firat National 
ftr-m bad aeot wi.rd t» him that they in- 
tended) to gel Mary I'irkford awny from 
him. sad rhj; an msti-r bow mueb Ku- 
kor hid for her. Finn National w»Jd 
outhid bim. truLn aaid Zubor told him 
he rcai *,.!*;,-.; ria: he might as weJl 
ai'ii. bidding; !■-. Mia< Ptebaaaai 

KuLur. h' tanl. also tultf bim Mftrv 
Pichfura aoil her' bother notified hirn 
the; had receitrd ibe xaftte informarloi:. 
He • iii" %uLor aaid to btm that hi did 
not prsipo^r *» jiij.iw any man qr group 
of uen lo destmy t n-~s he h>d built 
ftp out of the hollow of bU hand, cud that 
be woold ftj;ht in every pnenbte way to 
prevent it .-'..»■- asked him what adric* 
he could give him. He said he adrised 
ZokoT to tell lhc Bim Industry throush" 
l-itblljihe.] affldaut* and letters In the a.]- 
venielng column rhr pnrpnae of the Flrlt 
Natlenai ur.i their rleciared object's, 

" ladviaed hlrfi,"' Inrjn uid. "lo point to.iha eihihitoni that this nl^eged 
cihibltora" erganiration scoujd only re- 
aiilt in the Inrreajed price of pictures, 
arjd weald inetiteWy, tbmorb tbe. bidding 
nf the Famoui Phyera for dri. result 
in inereBsing (be price* tecueivdDUBly, 
and clan to i*H the exhibltora that ii'i- 
atcad of I he Fine Nfttfonal being their 
friend, il was ihrir rommrrrinl enemy* 

The witness nald he ad viced Zukor 
that li a nutter of trlf-prutrctlon. Fa- 
mont Fltyeirs Bliotilil decline to serve pic- 
tures at the" time- to eshibitora or tf*b. 
eshibitora who held franchiMB of the 
First National fui the crt-nnil rhat tbey 
were a i«rt nf the di-rlurcd conapiracv 
lo mtn Famoua Playerc. 


£ailrr>adi Constantly Combat Ginji 

Who Despoil Ckri on In- 

f/ecnout Syitem. 

FhM« Vj II' ll 

Itvacoa tiaod. He Snya- 

Hn aald da told ZiHtor he fell jmttficd 
that it wai the proper action to tabe in 
faea of the coudiiionc. Irwjn, who hai 
been ptoenlnintlj Idcniitird with the 
film bidnatry from lfXW) on. and who 
aenred To- a viiulr as theatre manager 
for Fumoui Fliyart, gare a Mrvey of 
all ft( ihedlffarent eotiditionl covering 
ih* dlatribulidg ayctew. from (he first 
■olicj od ■eilfujc the "prugraia." "open 
booking,"' and the "rotary rtftr" lyatrtn. I 

Ha explained tli* advantages jtjj d»- | 
adrintaica o( all three ftyitcnu from tbe i 
view plaint of ixhibifprs nnd producer?. ' 
ftpd in eoncluilon expressed the apinion. I 
that the dflab booktna- policy ami an 
open market f^r picture producers \cae [ 
tie on*J ursj to brine; sboui healthy eoa- 
dUlmjB tin th* Li.:n iadunlry. 

Be declared, it aaa neit lt» impossible I 
for mm who propoced to pradjure in-!-- 
pendent picture* tv get fijancial backine; 
uflltsa the backer was Bjumred he could 
ContTiet for the diitribution of pictures 
before the picture wa^ made. TTin wit- 
"'"■■-■' said tblt an open markcL lar ^ r -- 
turea was the only aoTation for oondi- 
Lhna, and he decried tba btoching lyptein , 
whertb| groups nf then tea hnie their ' 
programs booked uoathc ahead throuch 
contracti with big diitribution agencies j 
andbjaobirji eompfteka, 

larfitl ( ilr4 C onCllten* AhroiJ. 

At ruir doif before, Irwin left foe cm- I 
ploy of tht Famous Players, Znkor had j 
primmed that be make a tour of the | 
world, and atimulltr cuoditlona in certain j 
eooatrien hkc Aiisirslia sod South Africa 
which, he ftiiil, Knkor felt were not sctj<1> 
iufi In tbeir protvr 4noim of pronta to (he I 
Fantoxu I'lsytr^. He said that in the I 
j^rnpoajtlon to looh over condxtioas: in ' 
AnairiJ p the ptio wan m cDmpreneni.iie 1 
that part of it wu to interest baakeni I 
cod hBUdert Lh the rolUIri:? l:*:i of j 
thtirm let ihw the Fataoiu Piayrra I 
prodnetlon. it ner-etfarr. and the uipi ' 
potley eu \HfJ-iibtd tor Sooth Africa, j 

licrolJ B, Franklin, prceest tbestr* 
aaanager for Famous Player*, look lji« I 
etgnd end ideminnl a crvatfact which lie I 
hid neffotifted aiih William (irav as I 
gebeml manager at tha airing of tha, [ 
Hllcb New Edgland theatres, where Fa- ] 
mom PUjei prodoctiona are ihowo. ' 

In one mrereiting cajii officiala of one 
of [hi- ■■i;:'l» r< i Liu ing out of Cbiraau 
had licit recrjTiog reports that tuer- 
rhandier n M diiappcarilig regulirlT 
rrrjtn one nf iheir fVnigbf trains while 
*a mute !.^»f« Tw« i.-it)»»- At iuat 
nhat point the gooda dlaappe<tred could 
sol be escrrtlined. Tho train left oqi 
oily Tilth crrry wit lotlrt iml irhen 
:t irrive<l ar the other t^e merehandite 
wpn guise, _, 

i>eterratncd to atop tblt lo*a the n :■ 
mad ac*liTied t«o Hetectitea lo ride this 
traia Shs lirbt. They aHpped Into rbe 
riboosp aa tbe train left ib# yard. ^ **n 
ibe first slop- aafta made the detrctlrea 
one on each «i<> of (be train, ran up 
ta the •nRjce eiimiclng all of the ears 
on tho wn.s. Krerything waa quiet. At 
the next- atop they etsitrd back to the< 
rabooee Tbey bad gotten half way boefc 
irben MM nf the detreUTea abouted lo 
tbe othrr ifait hr heard a doer being 
brokrn open. 

"I hear >t on thi* aMe. tnq." ibouted 
tb«- wtber. 

■i;ive me a booit." 

lie leaped (brooth the htif'onen door 
in ifae floor of the ear. 


(■*'.* Clac- la rafo, 

Th- ihot *-ai an csftftft tblt (he powder 
frr>irj Ibe flaita bumed the detactlea'a 
face. Be emptied his piitol aa tha force 
nf bis auailint rolled peat him and 
landed on the ground. The train wa* 
nicking! nn Ipecd. bai tbt detective 
leaped right after bii mitt. Far hours 
be wandered around in the dirk ind it 
divrh entered i biaebrooni for ■ enp of 
hot roffce. Wbile he wu drinking ll. 
ihr svilter atid to the only mber cut- 


"That fetlo* certalnlj *aa bloody. 1 * 

Thia Weta the due *nd lb* detective 
wia not long in nnJIog and arreatiog 
bis man. 

la arii'iSi'it run a lot nf material had 
been thrown off n rrab i>y QbwVM. Thi 
triick which nai to bare fcanted lL how- 
ever, hroki- dnwn and daylight came be- 
fore nnothcr rrfict nrrl'ed from the gen- 
erel h ea ilit nnrt era. The aiial of tbo 
■ h : '-v, s trftPtftt erring 1be gonda from one 
trfteSt io another on a Juuety country 
■ojt.I ironaed lbr> ciiapiciohl nf a trick 
.iiprrrUnr. lie telepbtined tho liCBOte 
number on the iniek into tb* rallmad 
pn"ir^ pflii-e. Tho* i-ommuplcftlftd with 
(he Srt(r tapLtol. nnd learned the tiitne 
pf the owner. By * bit of <|U|ek work 
iin-v airiced it the garage Juit five 
minute* after the truck, captured the. 
in"" ntid.tecovored the goodi, 

Tblt method of freight car robbery haa 
hern iiwi Co oflen aii'l for iucK ■ lonf 
tlrof that railroad detertivaa hire an an- 
tidote *]1 worked out for It. They can- 
ncet rid* every freight train that movre 
over tbe road, hut tbey know bow to ap- 
proach cues of thia aorl. In one enve 
where ft lot of ailb goods waa stolen 
from a ear detective* made the roundi 
of th* eetOind-hand itoros and found tba 
good*, vhie/b hud been deeerlhod to tbem 
hr the shipper. They asked tba merchant 
where be bought il. Tt" told Ihem and 
produced a receipted bill. The detect Ivrc 
tb*n approached the roln whose name 
•aa M tbe bMlbead. Tbey naed lhc ar- 
gument that be was the thief unleaa he 
prodor-ed the man from whom ba re- 
ajejeaat, the gooda. He did. and In thia 
manner a whole chain of "effoasea** waa 
unearthed and th» whola crowd taken to 

On another rase inrolring the tbeft of 
Mima «ilk deteTive* worbad for • long 
lime wftbirjt ■ueeesa. One day i *Hk 
Hlmnin showed ■ aampU of anooe cilk 
to a abirt rnannfartJareT. Wbem the m*n- 
ufnetDree ■ few dan later saw the ■ites- 
inin of the firm which marl* the alfh he. 
!•:*■'/■ eantil meRtioa. of th* fact tblt he 
had bee* offered com of Ida cilb- Tbe 
fint salesman wai run down and the 
goods were Kc«r*fva. 

A rr**k*d Caadaetar. 
In ■ riUrogd yard adjoining In racbu- 
trial pliat tocrcaaadiae waa disappear- 
ing nyiitfr refsjlariy. IVlertive* worked 
fnr boom time on the preenmptjoD that 
the theft was tha work of professional 
freight ear thieve*. One day, bower*v. 
they found Oh the loor of one of the 
rare which, had been broken open a pier* 
of piper arith aevrral numbers on Ll. ln- 
lestjgltloa tbowe dthct tkeee wer* the 
onmbers of the chrs wbicb tbe condnefor 
of n sbifting engine used in the yard of 
tit- industrial plant bid shifted the alabr 
before. Taking- • chant* on the theory 
that (be piper had dropped nut of tbe 
pocket of thi eoadocior while hi waa 

robbing lha ?*r *nd that ho bad . 
atuleu goudn nt hia hpuet, the ibXll 
wtnt up lo bin wife and told her tl 
wtro the men her h unhand eant up 1 
tho aturT he had brought immt tbe nig 
before. Slie fell for taeir'ruae and 1 
material wat recovered. ! 

A Isrgt! >nrl«y of freight car 1 

come under a ctsssLBcatfon - known 
railroad e-iruiea a| ecinceiled Joaaea. T" 
th«f(a are accotnpliabed In virioda 1 
t)n* of these ia for aameaua to nrei" i 
packege * Q route, take out part of r 
conten is, wrap the package tglin 
let it go on Its way. 

Another mothou af belting tba I 
rnau] otit of nmner b» Dteiaj of thi 4 
recently In New Tork. It turned] a 
operation of * shipper sad ■ coemga. 
The phlpper ihipa a bill of Daaterial i 
state* i ur it includes more m>(crtil tL 
It really iotu. Wh«a it irr(r«i at ■ 
daoiioa tjoi: i h* consignee put* ;r> * eat 
for the lileged abonaaa and d'tidti 1 
loot with the abippcr. 

On* of the moat nnncual n*_# I 
freight car tbefta on record wi» reporti 
raratly in New York- It turbed up 
the noiit of clnimins and getting ffi 
mn>ig^ed to other people. For a*V 
to reeelre a mnjignmcxit Jot jreight | 
fiiuat rend .rlth hi* drayman tbe ante 
aorjet of the freight and l written ori 
oa tbe coBiigTie*-* lelterkend thai 
freitbt lie rurued ot»f to ihe d 

Several enterpriiiur crooka in' jfai 
J ori knew ibat a certain firm i*rMM_"" 
received akipmeat* of great value, t% 
taarued that the erri**! nolicea of ta 
chlpments srere srlven by Ibe Jetur t 
rier ro the elevator mtn in tbe both - 
la which the Arm had !ts offices, 
rook ihem up ic-tke algth floor and I 
them on an eleetrie *witi-zt bor In 1 
hall, juat healde the door into lh T s fin 
■ - f *-! ■ -— -. The crookB went lbrnugb I 
mni therr, loc£ out the arrival i - 
*ad learned tba names 'of the n 
thi firm who uanalFv aigned ordnu 
the d*'trer-r of frelrfct tri driemeji ., 
then had C lot of thia firm"* leHCriVw 
printed cod forg-oiE ibe pr^prt 5'ipnUt 
on thean. These were present ej it 
railroad freigat etatjan, tr>geth«-r 
tbf not*:- irritcl nnticem and tbe rrookl 
wen raikint money until their 
waa Hopped. 


"Queer. HataVn" Lap ft? io ni ted b|| 

H.Jth Helen Satu, Who 

Wrote 7ene Pier*. 


The r^ngeem Tbe*tra ahcltertd an en- 
thucisaLic audlenrn of clubwomen ynter* 
day afternoon who witneaaad ■ benefit 
performiuce rjf "Queen HaAauFU of Eepf" 
a etory told chiefly in rhyme — for tha 
building fund of the New York Of* 
Federitinn Hotel for Working Girl*, 
Ruth Helen Uivtc wbo wrote tht plan 
alM Interpreted the -vie of HatUU, th* 
flrat Qitcen of Egypt. 

TbEre waa a proao prologue in whlri, 
th* Moderh girl, wboi lover had returned 
■iter four year* abirnce. iuformesl blta 
that her ideas had changed, Abe had de- 
ride<l thatber sitn in life ahonid ba t* 
is*Ofk far the emancipation of 
*Bd that maTriaee was out of thi 
linn. Her ideas were the nnei ad**nrr*i 
a» frequently w|ien New York w«jt bcihj|j 
eonvtrted to auffraeje. ind the young 
endeftvored tu convince her that Ji* 
dluot-ered no new theories by t*llia* *«* 
tbe atoTy if Qsren QatsKi, wbo Irradj 
r <■.■! years «o, 

Tb>- play lb»n takes riaee In E*ja*V 
inoo B. r.. with approprlsta aertiaam 
eoetiiraea, at a tibe when Hatftcit 
drowsed Qneen. notvritheuadiag tb* 
acme arcume&t* that men advsjsced 
remlng the rights of woaaen that 
are still advit»-L:..E. The play uar 
itaelf amidst the oanftl turmoil, pi: 
and mnfuden srhlrb beset* a yon 
beautifal wnro*n wboee.leT t* ca*t 
men ijod 'i !i-i. in the rod. clpitulltea 
marrie* th* nw rf ber heirt, 

flirty Irtine iJiTectrti the perfai 

which ran s-cry cmoothly. cxiBiielefusa^ 
bigurvs af the u&dertacluc lid " 
of irtiatx ol wide rxperienee. J 
making goes, the atoTy w*f wen rtrbn 
all around commrnilable. 

The rut inHuded Kstberia* a): 
Ann Egleslon, I-miLs Hsrlett, raai 
cet. Charles W>h«tfT. Henry 
Mark Height, Upben Virun, 
Biheoek. Cbivle* E. Bloaeaef, „ 
tillhert. Carrie Bride welt, Gettscasr 
ipp* aad J. C. l>ftiit 


■■■ I 














v«r. loi. ,n«. xao. 

NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 10, 1923. ■ 

pbice TEif nam, 

fiF eourae it never ^inilri ']» for m :■) ati onrailvea "eiinn- , 
\*^ -jrled"* by lending ,n cxperiittanary farce ■ after. American ,■ 
citfceni no* in tfac'Mtids-nf'C%in;e*"lftna1ta.-r'W^J didn't J 
fliej eta, .fiie-ratr- VCbat fcuaiiefa had tiler 'error ti^re. any- ( 
ire,? Tory are no, entltled-re- any more ,jTft|Mt!ijr *r.n.i tbt t 
victim, on (lip Lnj-itaEii,.' aait Georir SytieMer Yirriek ]>i[u. j 
wll will tell you that the Lirsitania victims were, not fnlidwl 
to any ayrapathy re 

TP thii eateemed World I, ireomioi Iiimi J. IValker for 
-*■ Itigbtt honor*, I *UB*«4t teak U quit cajlinf him "Jimmy." 

MOBS art becomins w» actrse in 'JTeraey that il ia in e-til-r for 
Ucnrcia to hold on indlpnhtion meeting!. . . 


V course, 'we might paw it resolution of sympathy for the 
prisour r* — and. Krrjpp .-on TToiilcn. 

T HAT£! AH acquaintance who snys Ok* sugar t^jcou wnrked 
■*- " "wweWlic. h*i" a notion %H boycott the installment ou his 
typewriter. ' ' 

ANEW ENGLAND Cntirt tent a-P-yenr-ohl hey in refnrm 
school for s period of twelve yenn b!>enuse he *tole- 
54.iV),. K-stitutirji. fnr ■ which was tnsrje. The scntencr in ™n- 
■.Idcrably longer, (ban th* one given to PonzL 

OXLT Svo of AwMrica"* "twelve greatest women" have been 
married. Who selected thorn, snywsy. anil how did the 
jury qualify -ss-eniOTts? 

II*-"* "Ab*eai"-ayindest, All Hi|£-.t. 

THE boy who tv to be deported because o£, a fai]tng mind 
has .disappeared. . - 1 

Gala* ,«tw »» M»B*r. '? 

A $1,000 prize has been offend for the best JobEe* tent 
Htre'* outs : null check promptly : 
, . . Aging fast — the morc's the pity— • 

•j v Cdebi-ntcs the Greater/ City. 
J net a quarter «ntiirjr'B mimj «t the scnax 
'."■■• 'Spite. the World end all ite crrping, 

, , . T^nOjJfr and.Fcmp are harrilnr 
Joyoas melodies as loufly as tljsy plrasc. 
''&rery«,liiTie'yOii-. Iwk et HiJiq 
■\*<m tan «t> tbt> be la'imiiiii' 
At. Mi bxn who've talcm reface in Hip treta; 
T). Thcj'eU *inld he moWn't'd* It. 
'; Bnt'titfc Mje jtfr'"- mante *em ran it; ' 
\Vh*n it eonfCB to. CTlcbrKticis,*!" our knees 
■ _ Tut wp iiolT orjr hiM Eo D^tin.'. 

. For the Mayor eete th-r .etjle in* . 
Wbilr: ira'ri.. ji .int him our Stlvrr, lEre nn checBe^ 

- Ain't' it futmy •■■.''- 

How-.tb* : airmer 
Can be' paieed for Jubilees '. 

J _0 tbfl poor InJien biul hecotri* a biUioBairp. Awoniinc to 
U- Ww Drp«rtni*nt of ihfl Jrl.lI:ri | !*T. , he bee more then n hilUon 
fn mnterial wtm.1 th— more Th^e t^.OOOfOOp to hi* ?rHil in tJir 
fiTlcral TiriBtiry, and rnore thnn "(35,000.000 on d>ptwlt [n 
StiuiriTPAHrii benkK. Hp U.k etep ehr-ir) of ell compftitar*. 
John JJ. end HcnryFord rtill hejie Ixi to belt. 

IL niHt wiUt Won't mil. Hiii jeiTfl .the Indian credit, be 
■»rtu'6'ne to ov*rejtirjie.tft iriter, ' 


PERHAra Mary Roberta Rtaoanrl .incorporated hOTr-clr in 
ordet to aeade. the eenaora. ■ We liare th* late Jyitice 
Tlrowera word for it tbat;"A corporation ail neither body to 
l:c leiclpBd. nor. rtn] to b« damned."* ■ -v . . 

William Daniels's , Consistent 
Black Tdney JuveitHe Main- j 
tains Her Unbeaten Record in i 
Montauk Sel'Bfl Event— ^Cir- 1 

cus Ride ol Marinelli' Enables i 
Broomlea. fto Take the Place 
After His Saddle Slips. 


rpTIAT hevea tho S^rnwiir And-*tijnt Lew ^o crl eil thet 
*- ' the corpdnCMn nteaM, 

WHEN men %0- to thedoKe they nftem - Jir>d in Somc- 
((m*3 they^fo to jeil first. A Few de'yeeio the 8i)prem« 
Court of the dfltr.ct of\Columbia kavc it man ^7,.'i!M itftn-nni 
trcpnu-rr racapetil -friieonert rroin Occeq-aan <were k> nvm*rnn> 
thbf iif 'inrl to smr-fihYr hit Orrat Dane. Kennels and ahandon b 
profitable pr-r>jfct. Kiid becflUr-aE- nf the rrf^ieal or Ms femUy m 
iiv-p in the constant fear of findin; a eanvLcft in the daf houseg 
every n.Ebt. " 

Riviera Stahtfs Crack 3-Year- 
Old Registers Handily in Five 
and a HaM Furlong Handicap. 
tiisslbnary Dafeata. August 
Belrnbiifs Ospfey— Bevy Also 
Fall* for - Chairman of The 
'Jwrkey Club, ' . 

YOL cot to any- ose tbJ,«| for the Wall Street forgm, the; 
, ahowed d lively rLppnciation at the eign.]Ti.cnncr of "L'lrarr- 
Up 'Week/'- , ■ . - "V, ■ I "■'■' 


iVE.N" the Cictntre nii.jiilii be able to under#tjiurf tin- 
cance Pf a fifteen-yrtr-prlaoin. term for o'Krupp. 


¥ ltl^AU cf a ypuhf ft-nnmn ivri-i "mmed on tha pe t« e-rade 
■■■ a auHori" '1 knew of n wrnnan who did tbi&aame thine to 
era-da] a huelrBDtl:— 'but they nevfrerl liim with b pulmntor. 

AX^W law require* nil Annricam l^ivinp ficrrniiTij r> jrivr 
up wbar en*h tbiy haw in eTCepi a$'9£&. Jweaume^iy 
:si™ hn'r c , wjfirjfi- telth OennftHf thu-j pTflj<-ri*3i «ijt : cTtii "" 
rt^'rohbcrT, Bat what 1 * a treaty with' Gernuttx? . 

. /' V"*-' '"■ authority ie -qnoted a» eajint imnula ix Hot tjaUlce 
*-' Spriaf fci'er. tlijrht. Freqarntly -when a hoy I f-arc'.t 
viu-Tr 1 leld the h«. aad far n. Btrtare, uniceoiin table imyJuIn 
found myaeff oi. ibe way to the 'awlinrnii]? bolt- 

QTILL. J7,r»'Ki ia u jood ■trophy tut a haJT-yard of blue 
jw ribbon. -*j ' . " ! ■'.:■■ 

AN amateur dramatic loimieoifiit is on. at the Bejes The- 
- fli tf. nod hardly a n.fht peueti wh>>n ttern fa no debate 
ataged on the prohibition questiou. Jeuetinic wltit worda ;eems 
to httom* Q popular, pastime antafde the realm* of piifiliatn. 
Some one of thno daya Jack Ktaraa will start a auit for breach 
of eopyrltht. 

TMV, bootlvirjer ia a naive person-. "Boom wit! be nci 
elieiiier,'" be saye Iprt'amnahly'pteanii.jf now tHit the Mo.1- 
Iiiii -i'la/p law.Js nl>out.{o be .repealed), "hut it wiltlw bcltef." 
Naw ili*t Et ti fafer for lilnr (c= **'i\ it, -lie will* y\ itfi 
jafenin ririnWhil It. ■. " * : ' 'f -. '.■*:'"," * ' 

rpTJK hoy jfrow* tired it 1 A, If. 
And caditat write, yrm wjote. 
He need* to board an I, R, T. 
To ride an home and snore. 


nnur rack. 

Ann* llarrtrTiP -Jr3, W-l .(«!ahi, 

ABraTMrri «-1 *trplitfc«.. «-» »!■**. 

VIm («•»»», a-t ' rtr»»arfct. »-9 
»lae», T-lu saoiy* fbtra. 
lECtlTtD It ATE. 

*.i K KibQ«f. a-f atfwaaiiit. s-s 

ul*««. t--i ah*" 1 . n«*4 ' 

I,«f.«r(* fllri, 11-4 atralHbth T-l° 

»la?ra. 1-4 RtkOW, «e«nd. 
CaeaaAnetta. «-i *fr*ij[fc(. ">-> 

|rl«««, em ihawi ehlrn, 

HhriBHlT, 4-1 •rr»(«i.l. nei 

Tla«« and »^* ^f?* wom - , __ 
Oiim, t-io afrafiabtv om viae* 

and *«1 ■bow, MrnnH, ; .. 

L.nlt.1, H--2 atralwht, S-5 pi«f* 

atad oat iIott, **lr.i. 
- rot'RTH ■ACIC 


Albert' Stuart, One of Trio Stalled 

Hoar Scene of Shfloting, Sought 

: fay BUte TyooperB. 




Albert 'Stuart; an ei-serTiee mac, who 
wia to ltftto 1-psiifiril in the bcarinp_ of 
ihr Ward cane before Deputy Attorney 
Qeatral .Wilbur , \V- .Obambarav whioh 
waa reaomed yeatffdaj ni-ornir,!: in -Hif 
Attorney OencralB office on Chajmbera 
itmt, did not appeal when fia win failed 
nnd was dwlarrd to hare been ratarffrji 
froei bis' home Jn , 6«t . "Twenty-third 
street; Braoltljt), by State troopen,' wbo 
have heen utarchinc for bin. 

Stuart w« utalied in *n automotUa 
■nil!-. J, l/eaHe l>blne nud bis «oa. Fran- 
cisa on the tiiebl of the.itto«UQf of *;iar- 
encei rrtrra, leas than a iq'lft from !hc 
apet Tthtw^tti* tbdy ef the -ax-marina 
wap found near tit« Kensico Cemetery.' 

ilfnry Kmitaon,. of State JTroop Iv, 
aafd that compensation - cheefca Wr Ave 
ireeVl arr, Ijinj at Hilnrtl a hunie. TH.-0 
er-aarvJce UkH WiaJ-ftatftd "'tftirlP( ' tha 
wif, mi... the trtjuper beUeves, may J» 
BiJiTprini; itartt tbe eifccta and unable to 
CiyJ;c hi# niliiAtinn knotrn. 

A ivitTtpaa Jraterdoi "- morning *waa 
Scelfd, Benedict, an jnaurance broker 
and tdcmher .of the firm of : Bfljedlct & 
Benedict, of NaM*n street and Montseua 
street. Brooklyn, whoaa bcurw la on .Carl! 
avenue. Manhattan, Questioned by the 
Uepaty Attorney •.General, he deelnred 
that' he kaew mrthEns; of two Leiepbono 
calls to hia flint, ajkaetl to bav« been 
made Mar li and M ar B and denied that 
he kueiV Mrs, IN*. Wiftard Curtia, Wtrd'j 
moihrr-in-lair. , - - . 

He nid that he did not know wttethex 
bin firm bad ever done hualnea s with tha 
Ward linking L'ampany, or with Walter 
"S, Ward's family and. ref<rrred Chau- 
|ier& m hia ItTOthcr, Wtm U in otitrcc at 
J the Btooklyn oftiw at Benedict A Bene* 
diet. The wltneaa said be was- iu charic " 
<« tho Sew Voefc office. 
'" lienedlct tpj-itflod that he knowef iw 
buelneaa kransuctiima between hit firm 
and any member of the Ward fatuity, 
hnt *xpT*»Krd himself as ooflfldeat that 
if hfa firm had had any. aeamta: v,«tb 
' the ft'ard faiuliy his hhMhor Mtinlq know 
about it. 

- Wlifl, ilr witnrini wda extwinl Cham- 
beta announced that Walter' td. BeucdlPt 
' WOflM be auli^opnpeJ to appear a* a 
wltsea* tblh moraine in the inveatlsutiou. 
The State l« ertdea^'erinii to tcarn about 
the iwg telcpbouu ituwAzt* alleged to 
have beeri aent when the telephone num- 
bs* "Haiti rsur BcDcdict'« Brooklyn 
pbonf number, wsji railed nn ,\In,r It* 
and lfi. !OK(, 

t Both . X, I>(iie IrLine and bis ■ aoa 
hata alrwdy appeared 9n wHnen*t* bV 
(ore the 4>e&i.t? Attorney General atiil 



IHjf Ln:~t ««TW- tfl T># Slornlpa; T»>'' , 
man Ln»].rr of 1 1n? ' ShlPFlBat 
Board ttIII artvr or- bis no*t Jam-' 
IU, h* nwna<snctrd » ( lb* WLblta 
Hotae fallbwTtnv ■ cprttr rmct 
win President Ho.ritiBK i«-ilar. 

. T-snUMT- aaoctppledl 1h* rbilmnit, 

■ hip. of Ihc Hoard an Jape lA, 
lpBl, wtth tbt ■nrter-Mattdtiifc 

thai b* nottlrJ fe»ld I* oMy 1W* L 

BJrrard P- FarJ-TTj Cktcara ad. 

irrt »■■> l.*«ker. fb^trn' 
as hli aaePrMOt, tii« rot jtl «- 

prranrd hla TTllUrtsntM (a lip 

ronaldarcd far ilka' ,m.t, Laakar 


Young Eval Start* fat 
America to Claim Dancer 
r-m Hi* Bride. 


Brigand* Who Xidnapped AMeri- 

e*M Prepare to Attack City, 

Authorities Losing- Control. 


I. Cwattp««d 

_ Paani I, C»l«UBua, a.j. 

UtKIU Cahl* toTTn Morn 'i. I T*j.if«ph.! 

BOUTHAMPTON, Brit. lfa> 0. j 
Kaili^x With Ihp intrntiw, of.xcttiilR 
married, thfi Earl of N'onbealc lo-day-left 
for New Tork'on the Ojymple to'joln hia 
.fianree, Miw Jftafca Brown. Amprlran 
dancer, formerly, of the. "Folliea."' . Tb» 
youitfi [.ord Xnrt'h»b xaid hi< was anin; 
to America to arnmfij for" hia marrla"ip& 
hut -declared the' time and place wa* « 
matter taat remaised op tn Mima rirnwn, 
That he rxpects ta aiay in the StBiee- 
for Some time was indicated In hla :<rt \tm 
in resianlnir hia c^uimliudon in thn Hriiinh 
■rnir* His tnolher, T.adij Xorthflnk, end 
hie tiitcr. Lady Kathleen ■Catt.erle, were 
at'the pier to bitf hirn irnnd v>rp. 


Seal* Plendi i;ulli? -nj will £« 
.' -Vntfn«d Mij 10. 

aTtftpb ir. Sdrfff, forniprl.v tbo d*pi.ty 
etinimisiione rta chitne of . (he First AV 
M'niMy Dlttrict dbtribgtion of Stata 
veterans relief famls. jerterday pleadjed 
miJEty tn petit IiLrceny, irrowii.z.ont '«*f 
tho cEwrfe thathe bad stolen money at' 
lotted, to disabled T«eran*l Acceptance 
of the plea of KulUy w-*n ret-OBimended 
to Jufjjir Otto A. Hoenlsky ty Aasfstant 
Dratrkt Attorney jtmea- J. Wilson, who' 
had charae of the inTentiaitkin. 

Mr. \l'i3«oi! laid hia attention had 
heed rilled to thefact that BchSff was re- 
(aii>inB sOKifl of -the money he ftsti m«dp 
wP^Dded ' vetrrans sign up for and had 
spprettriited It to hit own use. 

Schilf. was a member of Morris Diek- 
stvfti Post. Veterans of Koreipi Wa'ra; 
Kor\{ Side Vftst. Americatt Leal^Ti, and 
pre-Jdent of Manhattan Pup Tent lllll- 
tary trrdet' 'of Cooties, 

' s (Br Ui)l*i Kiwi w TThj Horning T*t«FSph. ■ 

■, PEKIN. stay B. 

Chinese btndita are clrimorine at the 
walla of Pekln. With (he rcicn of law- 
bsssnvat bocon.lnc mate serioiiH and. the 
aQthoritset rapjdlr leiuny; control of the 
aitoatioti. merchanta of'.Prkiti see ho'iril- 
infnp tholr atore* and preparing to H- 
•LbT altackn of inradlne;.autlawa. Ban- 
dita -to-day looted two ltDrea right out- 
aide the city walk, and killed one man 
imidc the cit,e. The hririinth escaped. 
< It- ivjiji learned from rel3ablc sonrcea 
that fomien pow-cra art* seriously «m* 
piilertnp forcing the CLibevr (iovennnent 
to permit foreman poirrriii to n T ^niw ind 
BUPCerfic the Uhiacae police force to pro 
tect' the railroad* In an effort to pre- 
Tent a' jeenj-rentr: of the raid on. tho 
.Shargliai-lVkin express Sunday, when 
many . ADnerlcttitB, other. fore!*-ner* and 
Chinese nsftsencers were taken priaoners 
and marched into the bills bf soitthwcat 
Sham nor. 

Th" reorttanucd Cainetc police, accord' 
ing ! to "the plan of the powers, would 
alao be compelled to protect ftll com- 
manlties in which foreigners reside. 

J be anger of tbe American .author!- 
at- the Shanlung kidnaping episode 
It believed lo presage b sironcer inter- 
natloTral attitude of unite! vctton of the 
powers to liberate the fifteen: foreigner?, 
m'ontly Arj^rii^n-.. who, ftccordina: to 
best information, ace still eapHrca. 

aftss Lucy Aiikich, HieteMri-law of 
John D. Itoekefeller, Jr., bnr eompsnioti, 
In ilinnie HscKadden, and her iiiai.l, 
all of whoiti were captur>d 1^ the ban- 
dlta and Hater sqined their freedom, fero 
to arrive here (n-mormw from Talna J*a, 
Ir ia believed laat Mras Aldrich will en- 
ter tbi - Bocknfeiler hoapital 'to «- 

■ A Chine**- neii'<paper"corTe*pofldcht at 
Tuinin reports: that Miss AMrirh and 
her pajly awcaped from the bivdlta and 
were not releaanJ. Thar women, were 
marched up and dnwn two. niotinrnios iu 
hare feet and night garment*, tluring 


r*Sr*, .1, (.'OlajEnn 8a> 


Fair in! contlnnea a**l t&* 
dar. To-mori-tner muk^Ot efeadf 
a>i alrana; ir«»tprly felaa4>r 

i*- i>a ■-•'P-tr 

_. nd «t,«hnn. "' 

'iiHttiM ifcttaara 

-' — r .hnn- mirri. 

<jTt, ■ei-otid 
.. ..,„taa*-~ ■ "• 

Ana oat «m.w, thlnl, 

■ «i FirTtt -^KACIB, ... 
CitiTon, lA-a Mtralktbtr 2-B »'*« 

and ant ikftw, w«s. r <I 
Maatar Jfsnd. fl-Ll atral^lll. «*t 

pluee nad oat sftlftir,' aMapd. 
Comas* CI. m-t alrmteht, Q-0 
- piihe* and ant hiujit, third. 

Crwat M«n. 1.U-1.. KtrnlMtit. S-tt 

Hlaee aart aat ihotf, irnH, 
FIt Bt Hay. S-a ■tralBfcr, 3-5 
.- plara and out isow, wsssi. 
William Tell, ia-1 atraiwhl. 4-1 

Vlaea and oal ihow. 




tine Donoran. a tmriclitly brown 
miss who r*ee* for WitUam Daniel of 
Caies»c dingji to her "winning way* 
The jm-roilp diughter of Black Tonay 
and 1-ndv Iniitallator, n-bo l W«» hr-wS by 
Tom Sbmw. the Eiffel Towpr of the 
.»wt3. rtgiatered. b«r fourth straight' vle- 
tury In as many starts, when ahe gal- 
tcped home an easy winner in the Mon* 
tank ppliinc Stakes at Jamaica yuter- 
day afternoon. The muddy coinjr wkts to 
her fancy and she Jed from flit f' 11 t0 
finish in the fire and a half furlong fea- 
ture. , , 

She has been something, of a traveler 
in her brief turf career.. DoW.n In New 
Orleans she opened bee campaigning; ivith 
a "victory at the Fair Qroilnda. Then 
aho trarered. "ist to Lower- California to 
pick tf p. a puree at Tin Joans* And 
now she Is buck st Jamaica and s tn-o- 
■JLiT: wianitT In the first v>vra days of 
the meetma. ' 

: This track has proven more fruitful 
(round for the Blrrk ToneT filly, as her 
iwo -rtclorfes: bare netted her *6 I &5'> in 
prize money. Yesterday's Montaok wib 
forth itiyTfl to the wiuiwr tn.d her score 
in the Suffolk Selling Stakes oi> the 
opening, day brought f%373. 

It may bo this yonngstee Is better than 
a aelUnK plater. Clarence Bnxtoti <vaa 
inclined to'auch a belief, for he stepped 
down to the Judges" stand and boosted 
her tram- *4..'nk) to %&.{X*l before retir- 
ing. She. was: pr-Mccted by Trainee 
Bltkoly's iddllIonal#5 hid. 

Jgawiir Gaad Otim tn Aeiloa. 

The Moatauk was not the only good 
Mpmber on tbe program.' for the iwo 
sprtm races brought out stake bones 
and lirorlded sharp finishes, while sev- 
eral well regarded juvenile fUllea com- 
peted In the opener. Changed track 
conditions bronght numeroua scratches. 
Thcugh small fiplrti cnmpelcd, tbe SpOEt 
was brisk. Hscer* who firOred muddy 
footing had an advantage, for the heSTT 
rains of the previous night left « seggy 
oi a!. 

Oreat Man, tbe leading 3-year-old of 
tb« Riviera Stable, gave evidence nf some 
ability -when he took up -120 pounds In 
the Anaemia Handicap and led a irlo 
oi good unea of thbi age division at the 
close of tha. five Und 4 . half fiLrloogm. 
The uncertain Missionary also dia^lsjed 
a gootl race lo take the measure oVHtt- 
gnst lielmoOt'a Oaprtr In the slx-furlong 
coudilinli number. It was a bad day 
for tbe chairman ef Tha JToekey Cl«b, 
as hia Bevy alto failed in. the fire-fur- 
long filly daih- 

Onir three stl.Tt«i in the llontauk 
and after the first quarter Sue Donovan 
nerer waa in danger, Merfmoe .took her 
in hand nn th< turn and tbrn urgwl 
her rilghtly when atrsightrned out in 
the stretch-. SH* reaponded (]uJcsJy and 
drew away tram her pursuers, to *-ln 
by open daylight, 

Harlne'il'n Cirfl»a BlaSll. 

- Master Marinelli displayed a hit .of 
fsno-r rLdlng in this namher when he 
rode Bron.mi.fld barehneked for tbe last 
tbnw (urtonga and snrceoded in railing 
place tooney from Babbling. The. It T. 

(Coaiiase* ou Fasr* >p Coiama 1.) 

Found«3r of Exhibitors' Circuit 
Declares k\\ Companies Have 
Desire to Lead In Motion Pic- 
ture industry— testimony Re- 
veals Large Sums Paid put i 
to Players, 


Witness Admits He Negotiated 
for Services of Wallace Reirj, 
Cecil De Mille and Thomas 
Meighan While Their Con- 
tracts Were Still Running. 
Pioneer Exhibitor on Stand. 

James 1.1. William*, formerly of th* 
First National Exhibitors' Circuit, ^com- 
pleted h"s tritimont yesterday' morning 
-before 'the examiner for the Federal 
Trade Commission, who la hearing evi- 
dence oft the charge that the Fsnvms 
Flajert-Laakv Cprpontlon and aix other 
defendants are acting .in rastraint.of 

Mr. Williams admitted on crnss-eitqi- 
ittstion thst Fir*. Xstional "Iiad Btarted 
oui' to become the dominating rompauy 
of tbe film ^nduBtry." L>u;ing tbe eourie- 
pf the two preceding ds;s on the wit- 
ness atand he bad made chacre after 
charge Bgsinst AdoSph Zukor and the. 
Fnmone riayers Company that they wcra 
atientptlnjc to dominate the industry.' 
■ "Your company .started out to ho' the 
dominating one, didn't. It?" asked Rob- 
ert Swsine. caansel' for fsmaus Play- 

"Absolutely," was the frank reply. 
"W* |1| faave that, desire" 

' "TtSdsy Fitiit National is ■' the nut- 
stahdlfig epn-panj. JwiM:?^ asked' Mr, 

The iriinesa replied tbs't it was among 
lb* first- rank : eompan,ss. 

'-Wanted ParasaaHat fltaTs, 
.'In reply to other questions, hp id 
mitted that as head of the First National 
Company he negotiated for the services 
of Wallac* Reid. Cecil K. lVMilk and 
TbomBa Melghan -while tbeir con;rsct4 
with Famous Players wrrs still ruiminr. 
He said First National "aimed io get all 
the stirs," 

On redirect examination, gointr back- 
to anbiects previotirily (o-uched upon En 
bis tPAtimonr, hr said that 'Charlie Chap- 
lin uiitS Mary- Pickford in aome instances 
spent mora money in the making* of pic- 
turra than tfaeir 'contracts called for, ad 
that if the board had held to the strict 
letter of the 'contract the stars would 
have had ft' lmts. He said the directors 



Commissioner, Under Oath, Re- 
peats Accusation of Crim- 
inal Libel Againt Magistrate 
and Assemblyman Cuvillier. 
Quotes Telegram From *Jr 
bany Declaring Police Grafted, 

Head At ran... ih..tnp.i f.aallr, 
■r*e itj- D.rimauih Celiac,. 


— — ■ — — -"-.".' ;- " 


Zit, Vaudeville Weekly Publieher, 

Appears Before Judge Grain to 

Press Allegations of Perjury 

Against Patrolman McAllister, 

: "Flying Cop," in Connection- 

: With Liquor Raid. \ H 

Famous Actor to Receive 

LUt. 0, Degree From New 

Hampshire College* 

John Dreiv hnn licen nummoned-to .sp» 
pear at P*Ttmmuli College on j'nna 13. 
President Krncst M. Hopkins of Dstt- 
innitth batted iIip si.(wranns, infbrmint 
Sir. Drew that ihe defiree of l^oeior nf 
Lltcraturr; will in conferred upon tin? 
actor that day. , 

It just gop*: In show that if s younc 
man takea hit jnh Herlouslr and kei'pa 
ricst. at it he Mill eventually l>«i rtttt- 
nixed. Take thf case of Dt**\ for In- 
stance. He ivarj Imm In I'biladpl^htn 
N'oTembcr 13. lSTt-1, Of course be 
eouldn't help that, hue hn Hharr* some 
of the resnonsMilllly for hiving appeared 
Fehrnary 22. ISTn, in a plsy rslled "Uool 
As a C-ucumher." Some of the respon- 
sibility is all be ran be charmed with 
hascausr John's mother Waa rnuhlnp; tb* 
"opnr hoorc" pnd b*win«: the ,POj»p-aTiT 

and John wpfts't yet '-1. v- - • i -'i 

' Itnt hnrlnT sraned'hn kept at it tiirtil 
aVJio's \Vli--i hflv more than a roitinm of 
names of pTi.vs in which be has appeared. 
And nan- he'd porng Jo ho « Doctor of 
Literature, ito there must **p something 
to thru "work and win," afur all. 

jFoIice Commissioner Richard K. Ess 
Tipbi, accempmled by bis cwnsel. Harry 
fJordon, appeared yesb-erday afternoon 
St 2.'2v a'clock hrfrtre Judge. .T'rujmss T. 
C. Oain, aittlng- as a Committing magi*- 
trato in ihe jvolice bootlegging grift Iq- 
qulry and. swore to Information dtargias: 
<:rini]ria! libel against Assemblyman LahU 
A. CuTilltrr and 'Magistrate Josapb E. 

Judge Craln administered the oath ta 
the Cammifflloncr in vpriricsLioc of .tha 
complaint predicated upon rne imhj'c*- 
tian fanr Mnpstrste Corrigan of a teSr- 

(CDBdniwd on Pare r.. Col tuna 4.) 


fnlnckT Number Changed Will. 

Gc(llns fX.'itHt.QO l.ttaor. 

IR|' 1.'nliri9 V<«i I ■ T'.r- Here In r Tulri'ipb i 

riTTSBtRC, May -9.— Thirteen men 
were indicted by the Federal Grand Jury 
here to-d/iy on a charge of illegally re- 
mb-ring M.^Of. galloBs of bonded lienor, 
-worth $3,r5iOO.OOtI, Ern-m a distillery. 

Four officials of the A. (jackEnhriinrr 
Jt Brothers, t'oraiunj, dit>tiltcrit and own- 
era of the proprrtv from which thr liquor 
is allegetl to hnre been rstooeei!. were 
among thnte agents Sgainst wnom true 
bilTn were voteif 

'iVil[,ii:ii J, Ferries, former prohibition 
agent, trss soother. 


Knox Holds Law Fixing Pint in Ten Days Is Void 
, and Doctor's Judgment Must 

I • . Rule. 

In an elaborate opioion filed with the 
clerk of th* United Sutes District Court 
yertefdsy, Judp-John C. Knox holds 
oid ihe prortfionB of the Volstead Act 
which limit the quantity of Intoxicating 
liquor a -practicing physician may pre- 
■tribe .for a patient. Judge Knox tsld: 

I hare reaelved: the conclllalcin that tbe 
limitations .of the Volstead Act and Its 
Amendments which make it lawful to pre- 
scribe one pint of intoxicating liquor 
for Internal and medicinal use of * par- 
son, whose known ailment, if ir is to-, ba 
properly trtfttetL requires the administra- 
tion of a greater quality, ore. void. An 
injunction pendente, lite ■ may usue 
Bgsinst the defendnnts." 

The opinion was mode upon a mntion 
matte by United' Statu Attorney William 
Haxwurd to dismiss the bill in equity 
filed by Dr. Sunael VT. Lambert, on hia 
own. behalf and. foe nwmeroua other iihy- 
sicJans, ss^innt Edward C. 5"ellnwley r in 
srtinc Federal Prohibition Director : 
David H. Blair, Internal Rerenae Col- 
lector, and Colonel Bsyward, as. 1'nitHi 
States Attorney, to enjoin the defendants 
from interfering with his prescription 
of more than one pint nf liquor In any 
persona wiehin ten days. if. in bis npinirm, 
tma prescription should be necessary. 
BatlttTWS l.lnnnr l> .Medleloe. 

The bill, filed sev-irsl months n;o, 
stated that Dr. Lambert was a physician 
iu active, practice nnd that an essential 
|inrt of hU profeiciiriiiat right nn-rs dni v 
toward, hia pa.tlents km tn treat their 
diseaaes and promote their physical -r*H* 
being according to his h+st *kl» nnd Jodf. 
ment and tn that end to advise the use- 

of neb medicines ss, in bfa opinion, are 
best . calcnlated lo promote their health 
and to enre tbeir ailments. 

The bill sets forth that he. i>. Lam- 
bert. bclieTOs liquor., in certain cossa, is 
ncCessarT, And that such liqnnr should 
contain more, thnn-ihc one half nf 1 per 
cent, of aknhnl, which is made, thr basis 
of all Thjuera not "prohibited. The- bill 
fllWes that. T>r. Lambert la nttw treBtinf 
patients nrhosfl d>T!iliiion. in hi* ptnfrs- 
! alonal opinion, requlhus liquor? in inrc-r 
amounts tbat the law ntlnws, and thaT 
he Intends fo prew-pibp iruelj qnftptilies 
as he thlnk/s rialit for these patients. 

]t ilaB'idMHJ that ihv defendants haw 
pnWfrly threatened "to bring lejrsl pro- 
eeeillrtgii asnttnst him if oeshoaTd pre- 
scribe mor* liqnor for any one person 
thsri'.the one pint in t«n days, to which, 
the law lEinits liim. 

The motion for a prelirrHiiary injunc- 
tion was arcard before Judge Krirn by 
Joieph ,S. AJoerhach, of Davis. Auer- 
bscli A Cornell, attorneys. fnr the con.- 
plainitiii. and by Mnjor .lAhn Holley.: 
Cls?k. Jr.. Aasfstau UnlteJ State* 
Attorney, for the defendant. " 

Msaj'T <*Tark filet] art anqvet. 'ndmvl- 
ting t!i". Aiihstantivp atllegatloDS in ihe 
hill, but hnidinE the i.tiv was wiiM-i tbe 
powers nf CoaErvris. He atsoJ-Bled a 
motion. Iirard st thr same time, to dis- 
miss the hill. 

Conirr-MBrt t'r«f!lilontTal. 

Mr. Aoerbach .»p tended- that the iaw 
prariically made Conjtre&s praetltioners 
of medicine. In -that Hi" enactment arbi- 
trarily find -without TxeepHtm.ptcnunied 
in jvctJiMfrroinn Jum how -jpt&cli liqucr 

.I'nnllnnPJ nn Ta K e X, ('ol mm a I.) 



GLK3TTJXT .:,:.;.; 

tally _ 

"Mnety per e*nt. of the poLce art 
noneii and. want to do (heir dnty. but as 
Karifht And bfa grart collecto«n in. the 
folic* rjepirttteat are using their poww 
to make the eltlicena pay up or siirtt np, 
tbe Lrgislature wilt c-ass a bill to rid U|* 
Police I*ep*t.ment nf tbe creMta la it. 
You can pirbllah this telegrtm if jrjq <i*- 
*ire- . . , . .*-__' «.^ 

^:^J]ft-:infBr%isrinn coniaip* the jntlT> 
test of ■■.rlw^Je]ea»m and si*o Isd!cste» 
the heti^J|iT**WptiIilllt r \Vt\t he fs tie 
Tietlrn of miller, (he pnrpose belltif *»'" 
itcendsliie nod disgrncn him. 

The cnmmlationer asks that the tartlet 
he desh with In accordance! with srtlcls 
120 of the rjcnal Jaw of the Stais of 
iNew York. 

Libel fh»r, P HisHns May X*. 

Judge Crain named Tiiesdaj. Mar 22. , 
at 10 o'elDck A, M,, as tbe time for tha 

The hrArins: of tbe case against De< 
twtire Robert McAHlirter. aeenaea of 
perjury. ildEisirate Corrigan having 
made the charge, srna reamnad when 
Charles Zittci. theatrical publisher, its; 
placed: on the stand. 

Zltte. wsi qoestioned hy William J, 
Fallon, McAllister's counnel, about locks 
on the door of a, storeroom in which Zit- 
tel kept liquor at 300 Central Park West, 
raided by McAllister and other officers 
April 10, 

There were tarn locks on tint dncr 
Zittel said. One was a Yale, the other t 
Serai lock, which he described. 

James Bnrria, superintendent of Strl 
Central Park West, twtlned that he d.H 
not know Zlttel hM liquor in the pfoee 
He idnitifi^l part of tti<* Segal lock fonno 
on the floor the day following the -aM 
The two proftgB of the lock were also &. 
the fifMir. Be aald be did not know, what 
had become q( the lock. 

Judge Craln told him to make a search 
for ths lock and produce It tn court, if 
possible. Tbe witness, oaid he. did not 
notice if the prongs were broken or btt* 
when he saw the lac ken the -ffodor. 

Faint toe D*f*sia*> 

The defence regards this bi- import- 
ant, inasmuoh it Zktel and fuperiri- 
trndent Harris aceosed -IfcAliEster. of 
baring hrtkrn the locks to ofn^".:opjpt 
the <li)*i- of :he store room, 

Iu Mapstrstc Corrixan'a ■ Coort,-lic- 
Allister denied he hadV used force, to 
oncn tbn floor,. Qn this tho perjury 
'■Jiarpe rests. 

Efupnintendent . Harris teatiBed ha 
had n conrersarion wlt'i McAllister -la 
tbe hall. After he npoko with ■ tha 
officer, who showed him his badge, h* 
went inittsediale'y to the 'phone. While 
at the 'phnnr. Harris said hr beard's 
^reakins sonbd. .He looked orit nf tha 
door and saw McAlIIater stand lar with 
hu foot rajaerj against the door. Harris 
returned to Ihe Tjhone, after which he, 
beard, anstber nouw In tbe hall Thii 
finished .tho croes examination tor .tha 
'.Btate Sad ' the witness was, excused. 
Jndfi* Crain uld: 

"Under aection 106 of the Crimnol 
Procedure, 1 wish tr> inform th« ds^ 
frndant of certain poiau. The charm ; 
■gainst you. is that you hare committed: 
th* .rrimc: of perjury in swearing- at « 
pmrerdinj; before MaxJarrste Corrigan 
that a door leading fo a ators- room' oe-< 
ripled by Zllt-J, at 900 Central Park 
U r?i. !vn«s unlocked and that y^i had . 
ripT-iif-1: it hy turoiag the knop, and did - 
hot kirk it fn. You. ar« at liberty ti 
warre making a auteawet and tha 
walrer cannot be used against you." \' 

Mar Bnaaatoa Haarlatrata Carrlcaa, 

Saying that there were eej-lain forjnai 
questions that most beasked], Jndge' ' 
Crain then intetTos^trd^&cAIlurtarr.-whn/ 
flnswered that his foil mspw was Itohert 
Francis MeAlliatcr, his age 39. born in 
>'cw York City, had lived at « AV*st : 
IfHth sttref for the last four years ar.o 
was a detective by- ownpation, - Whan *' 
the Judge aaked him if ha had an ex- 
planation tr> make he answered: 

"I am not guilty,"' 

The Jadow adjoumed the hearing- nn- 
til this afternoon at 2 o'clocfc-. 

Mr. Fallon -said after the adjoumn*Bt 
that If necessary ha would sulspaeu - 
MifUtrnta CoRiftJi at a witssas. 




TO-DAY— (gel at! you will nted fir the Sumirterl) 

A Sale of 1 2,000 Pairs 
Melt's Socks at 75c. 


<CoM<Inm*t Fr4M Fpbi '■! 

Fine socks. 
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Well shaped. 
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Gordon socks. 
of thread silk 
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silks, cottons. 
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Black. White. 
Navy Blue. 
Browns. Greys, 
Mottled mixtures. 
Plain.' Clocked. 

8^100 pairs, made too well 

Bid. "The cost of making them, without compromising on the 
quality^ has ifor idme time been too high. to keep them within their 
established price. So the maRcrs have discontinued making them, and 
we were given the stocks on hand at the factory at a price which 
permits us to sell them at less than wholesale, 
. '-. ■ ■ , 

.' ■■ • 

And 3,600 .pairs, mostly imported. 

All socks of one size on one table for quick choice. 


Milt, Kireelina D'AItoj- Complete* 

World Tour ia Hew York to 

Track Xndmdulity* 


"Develop yonr personality;, through 
drew," is th* alogan of MUt, MtijeUR* 
D'Almy, Psrisisn nuthctress and expert 
on fashions, who biUL arrired in "Sen 
York to pn * series of lectures to wom- 
un on the ..ever'linpot-Une mbjeet of 
elothea. Mil*. P"Alro.T bu made till 
clt? the end of n world tour, leeturiBj 
and |maenting * group of ri«3« on fs*h- 
ion «n route. "She began to* long "awing 
la London, from whence the usiled For 
the Antipodes. 

After lecturing in Australia, "Sir; Zea- 
land tod Trtsmfiiiia, tbe Kt out for Amer- 
ica, stopping on the wa? at" Honolulu. 
Arriving at San Francisco, the immedi- 
ately took the handiest fl?er tor New 
York and tench*! here last Saturday. 

In in interview yesterday Mile, D'Al- 
roy disclosed nut original ideal about 
the influence of business life on women. 
Shi- declared it waa all right for girli 
in work, but it crumped tbtir individuat- 
ity. ■'. 

'Tbe routine of bullae*! acts *' ft lo- 
caliatr," the said. Girls ire apt to get 
in a rut tit tMnkistr. They become, effi- 
cient it busine** but that heepi tbtm 
from spri-iK lin.s out in the hooWHdg* (if 
other things snrl so limits their penronsi- 

*ho»ld Gsl» Wide- Kinnlt.lif. 

"A wonin should attempt to grasp 
nmnjr subject^ not ronfinf hrnelf to 
buaiueta ind it* town problems," 

Mile. r»'Alrf>y applied tail tbrory eape- 
riall? lo American. framea, who.ahe con- 
sidered were naturally the moat beauti- 
ful in the worM. <=■ 

"Thar have the beaut?, the? hove, the 
clothta sin! titer know bew to wear 
thrffl,"' the aiptatned. ■■hni in a major- 
ity of caaea they lack that certain ln- 
■llridualit; that marka the French wcbi- 
an it comea to ilica». .. ' 

"That la- what T want ta taaeh, how 
to -.iqnivf the iifNaniL taiich that makffi 
■-ndi wouui atasd for benelf. It la ill 
Mjmmi*tj up in the . knowledge of how 
Vest to drtti oTieaftlf eecordlnf to ose'a 
tjpe-^wtiat hind of sown p>e« beat with 
b certain, kind of figure*— chat color coca 
beat with a certain ccrnplexlorj. That 
in the cnlutlon. \V«ucii abould dreu 
from the Inrioo out abould uac their 
int aii luminal and not rake their iiti» 
without altertllorti from ttylea set on 

Pat* ,am4 4i««rK Aft**, 

Mile. U'AlroT. Id mipport at a*r 
theory, fare in an example tbe u« of 
tha new shade, "mountain hake." It a 
sown of that hoe Ic worn. aha declared 
the woman abould use a make-up tQ tm 
with it, fonnintjnff of an orchid powder 
' and' a rnuge with a purple Tone. 

**>*!■/ woman should accentuate the 
beaut? abe tfalnka I ho haa," aald the 

The preaent lendencj of Women to go 
wltbont coTaeta canta la far her con- 
demnation She bflierea ita?n will coma 
back, tbat the; must com* back. Shr 
pointed oat tbat women now put on 'cor- 
aeti onlj when it beepu>ea necenar*;, r>T 
when thc.T w!ab to look .partirularlv 
nice. ? ■ 

"It should be tbe other way ■round, 1 ' 
aba UJd. "The coraet ahould te worn 
practical!? all too time and taken off 


Fabric Guhtluta 
Strmp Wrtrt 


Ofrta rt abiiQ*. - ro mra-nta g cut 

tU WaAU'a flrt»l»H l.««lh*r Bt*r+» 

ift* jrsna »t*^-»«w ¥arfc— a** BSear 

H«»t*a— 1U Tmmit Street 

Lemiaa^-aa tbaaaia Itrart 

Farl-lnri « uih n rr »i «.nd fnahlvll >-X- 
■ erl, vrfao h«jr arrlvrrl In tfrr 

VnrL nftrr n Bi'rid Incr Itt five 

m n+rl' 1 * of lecmre*. m 

only «hen thr iromnn -vaur^ [.-> apuear 
nice. How la it yon itajr? An prince of 
ptvrnntlon in belter than a run". *" 

"And, besides, the? are n !ine moral 
aupport.". ' 


Higistnte Shows No Mercy to 

Pickpocket Who Pleads 

' Guilty.' 

Tears of two' prett? -wahuH failed to 
■•if two 'pkifcpuL'ketB with Mwe records 
from being *pse to thf nnrSli.-Li....- li> 
-M«sl"ti-ati- Jump Si 'In*: :i\:-:\ in V.*ir\ 
M*rt*-t Court ypaterduj. The? were 
fiienn terms. or tix mo&cha radi. 

T.ic nieti KntentPtf were BtwBtot Man- 
delblBtt, 26 .tears old, nt J?rvculhk[-rcL, 
and Sumuel (UralT, "",'; >.-;:■- old. of 
Serpnth street, nnv*!M fund*? nV 1 I>e- 
lancer and Norfolk .atrfertn, in- ;: ; -:it- 
tiro James Stanley of the [*ickpoi>kr( 
Bqnad. 'l"(i-y pleaded ejtLilty. 

The woman .nlrnrifng- for Mnndflblait 
was hie wir^. : Minnie, who r.'cc.-s the 
Maciiptrste:- "Please aire him another 
cnlore, t have a nick bab? a,t*hoin.e 
and don I know what 111 do If heVrimi 
awar." , 

The woman pleading Tor Uraff aaid 
ahe waa h{a aance^ aqd the? were to be 
Tvarrled: neat wec]o. S'.-in fainted when 
the Court proDOtrQced Keni^^ce, J 

*'I haTj no irmimth? tor pielrpoek' 
eta," the Court mated, iHsreRanlhig the 
pleaa of (he trnbhlnic wordin. 

Ura. Mandelblatt wr-nt t" bee hnt- 
Stnd's cell to ooneoln him. "I hope tiiia 
trill be a l?*9on to you," sh<- ra i,i. "and 
wsm yen come out ?0u will tura over 
a n#w leaf," 

KoaTwwesr coa. i*th it.- 


Government Ti Denied Injunctions 

Against IT. T. Zithsngt to 

Curb SpeonUtiw. 


Th? Faderal Government haa lo»t iis 
suit to prevent the orsT of apcrularioti in 
rliw anpir. Ufa Corcrnmenra ^liiinn 
for inJuneiioP" Bj^ainat the New York 
Sugar 'Exchange and the New York 
Code* and SuEtr Association, wn* denied 
latp iMterd*? br .IndEe .Tuliim It 
Mayer of thr United State* CSWStft 
Court of A.ppeaU. 

The tiareninienta petition, which wan 
tiled on April 13, ch«Tjttd that the tv><i 
OTKeniiatfona acrred no legitimate pur? 
pose and exiatctl an a means in apeen- 
leiing in aufiar which did tint erlut hi 
rnanv caaea. Charges ihaL the js*^eia- 
tfon and exchange manipulated the nrico 
of sugar Tor gambliiig purpoupa n 
alao made. 

fermancnt reatraint of alt. transact tona 
in sugar, unless the trader had thr actual 
aupplst on hand, waa asked. Jndjr .Mnycr 
atated shut a a-rlttpn opinion in the i 
would be made public later. 

The HPtion or the Government fr*s tbe 
result of the inrreaae In the urk-e of 
augJr which enm* rtbniit frillrwini; trie 
[lublication o( a report Jbf the Crated 
States Pcpartiuenc -of Cgdiuier^e '.hat a 
shortage iu sugar existed. 

Leaders in the New York Jiouixwlver 
etnapaiiin to bring the price nf sugar 
down through a boycott en the com- 
modity declare that tha fnoc that ARUri- 
nrn refinar* have reeentlr raid qMXfct 
tons of augar in Italy tuasroTei their 
-Jiecnteutlnn that there: i.« a abortego. 
' Itajy, advices rraching thm financial ifii- 
trict (ierlnTr, has recently liftrd the duty 
from augur nnd is in. thr markpt for 
13.LHM more lonn. which, it is bflinveil H 
will be autiplied by Amnrictiii producers. 


<L.'o*Ltlaai*4 From Pujni i.| 

both i-'Piiii^i that on lli-e ni^ht they, 
with Albeit Stuart, were Riau>d in a car 
less tbati n mile from nhpfe ih*- Hody 
of Petera ivfiji fmind inrv lieard ho shot* 

Janice ll. llrsnd. of ih.- Brand Tr- 
trol«uiu Kijion Corpntaliou, of Uroad- 
iv*7, "who :i-<tlf. nt the New York 
Athletlr Out., iva- ni'ii r-iilcd aa a nlt- 
neBK. He tcaiified that in Jlay, loir, 
he was living ar 44 IVest Fort? -feu rib 
atrret, and bad known lira. Oirtii for 
a uunabar of years. On. A[ny '*Q. JfrJ2. 
he LcsLJfii-d. he nal>d for Kutope on' the 
Majcn*ir, amf Mrs. Curtiit "agw bin) 
atr at tbe pier. 

«r*. Corlla \<i»T IVtthbBi Hour. 

The first th* witneaa knt*-. of the 
ehnotinff. he r--.:\;\. was the followins' 
WdHaeaday. nhen br rend of It j:i the 
"ahip'p neper.'' He aaid be did not dis- 
enws the Peters shoaling wfth. Mrp. Cur- 
tis either 0**r the teErphojie or at the 
pier, beofre tailiDg. Aaked where Mr*. 
Cnrtla in now llrinr. the witueaa aa^d, 
"I don't ihinL >ii.- W a bonifl rlgbt 

Brand said thai since his return he 
haw received sf.vvral lettera from Mn. 
Curtis .from PaJm Beach. Florida, but. 
in nniiircr to nuemifHia. »*ld hr dlt n^t 
know whether H?* Cnrtls was In Vir- 
jriaia wi-,h George t*. W'tri, and did not 
know where Wnrd^ Sr., wan, 

AH the n-itnc*a said he knew of j| ;r 
ahoollno; nras what he had read In th« 
neivspanr.ra. 8ubsequetit to hia return 
Cm™ nbroad. Brand declared in anaurr 
to questlone bj diamliera OfnL Cn,rti» 
had remsrbod to him: "It ifl a very un«, 
fortunatp Affair." 1 

"Waltar nerer confided in he.r In an? 
war at all." Brand aabertej be learned 
from Mrs. Curtis. She told bin), he tea- 
tifird. that Walters wife n<>vee confided 
In ber mother. H> Mid be knew WitltfT 
and Halpb Ward, bnt lud not seen W«E 
ter in *wo yeara. 

No nltneasca w*r« eaUed when the 
hearing .was rntimrrf; In the tfternoon 
and Drpnty Attorney General CbamberK 
AUte-unced that an adjournment ivt»iM 
be taken until tbit moraine at 10 o'clock 

allt>wrd i Ihrra a "hnre in ths profit* 
which reimbursed them. 

In the contract between CbatUe Chap- 
lin and tbe First Rational for eijbt 
plcttirea for (1,000,000, the witness *ald» 
Chaplin spent ao mneb on the produc- 
tion of each that the diredora nllo-ired 
him $100,000 nddltional for expense* in 
connwition with each pictora. Through 
a special arrinpmeJit ChgpUn realred 
TO per cent, af the groan receipts for 
"The Kid," in addition to the 1100.000 
for expenses and dnc^eigbtb of (he ?U- 
WW.IXW for eight plcrurra, Tbe gross, 
rereipta amouinted to 41.400.000 for fhi* 
pietOK. nn that It brought Cbnplin inorr 1 
(Han Sl.flO0.0O0. Mr. lYiltianvi aaid hf 
tliooght ChnpUn wna a gnoil business 

Uanj Hjlm *tOll,Ono. 

Mar? Piehfonl wai also allowed .^100,- 
000 extra f«r expenses for ea*3t picture 
beoaEse n f the heavy production co»t 
ah.iv Incurred. Flrat NationaTB policy 
at (hatt ime was to require the etar to 
Tiroditt'e the picture out of the contract 
price, the company paying Tor the de- 
Uv-y of the neiattte. 

The teatimon? tbua far has not iliown 
that any company or trroup dominated 
the fi^ld, regardless ni what their hopes 
naif be*Bi hut it doea make clear ttint 
ihr for wintraeta with atnra 
caused nnooey 10 flow like water. 

The conclcsio nof Mr. Williams"" 
teatiuioivv cln^d the mnrning aesaion. 
At 2.30 o'clcck Joseph C- Bo«« of l'J3 
Eleventh stn-et. 8. E. + Waablngtou. 
it C. took thr atand and rrmalRed until 
tha hearing riconed for thft day, II* 
will b» on ilie atand at 10.30 o'clock 
thin morning. 

It is now cstimated'that the hearings 
may last a year. Sessions are vet to be 
held In Philadelphia; Bolton. Attinta. 
Nev Orleans, U* Angeles and' San 

Mr. II w* was one en the moat intereat- 
ing wLtneawa yet heard, although Ida 
icatlmony has riot jet become pertinent 
to the iMue. The entire afternoon waa 
spnt» its laying a predicate for what N 
to follow, but it rave him an oppor- 
tunity to tell his ver ^entertaining alary 
*n An exhibitor *inr* )(KH. Ue began 
* - i!h a ir.i-Hiii store in Philadelpliin, 
seating rapacitl 100 and admiasion fir* 
canta. Tbat waa back tn the daya of 
no firr exit.*, still leas ventilation and 
tilnia which required Junt enough plot to 
introduce a sratjd ehaae. In the vgn- 
fiiianf ware the small bnya and the dogs: 
bringing up th** reir mu the nbiqultOu* 
fat woman pushinc a bnby carriaa-e. 

The show ended with the whole mob 
running into n lake. Brtrfi th* custard 
pie was yet to be invented. 

Mr. Boss sri'ii he did nn «'ll with thia 
venture that hr utarted another, and he 
added with pardonable pride that the aej- 
ond show had a mating capacity of 160. 
Then in 1t»tf>7 he opened a sliow In 
Washlnaton. lu IfHlS-D-tfH 1 he had 
ahnwfl [n^Ellaabetli City. P>", C. In 1SH- 
12-13-1+ Irn had nhowa jn Norfolk and 
Newport News, vjt Tn 1014 he had 
three thows In Miami. Fin. 

Clrar t« Wltvieaa. 

Counsel tried by 0""**tlona to maku It 
clear JraS when he closed hi* operAtiona 
in one fO**fl nrid Wgan in another. Tl 
iira-T all i*ry clear to Mr. Bo*i and he 
explained It ouitc Tea dlly. bnt to the 
Otters present it was about as enlighten- 
in*: ea a r«pid-firc eiptanatlon by Her- 
man the GreiU ou the hnbject of hfiir in 
fi.ih a bunny rabbit nut nt a silk liat n 

He opened awd "old op cloaed pieiure 
ahowi *ith n dexterity reminiscent of the 
way Poker Pete u*ed to deal stud on a 
busy Saturday night in" lied CnlcH- 

"When the war came on he guddenly re- 
tired from iUf Aeld and sold supplies to 
eshlhilpps. Cater he irent on the road 
with n picture wtir'b, he bad mo<ie while 
in Miami. It wan rilled "Catchint 
Man-raring Shark*." 

When h^ 1 arrived in MrAlesler. Okla- 
widi this picture, he di»CoT»red that the 
town nrrdcfl nnothrr picture show, and 
resolved In rr)tab>Irh one. B> looked Dp 
the rrpre«erititiTeB of Paramount fie- 
tnrnn and Hiar> ennlract.*. Ther he 
eprnt 1^0,000 remodeling and enlargin* 
■ builHtlX- M thU point Iti hia tMtl- 
moiiy th*re was on Interruption of more 
than q hour white the contract* and 
r-orreepandrnce reWllcig to tbam «■.■■ 
introduced nod nlcdl as par: of the 

Mr- Swaine. rounjel for Firnon* Play- 
era, Objected! at this point, arfulnc: that 
all tbe transactions indicated hi the te«- 
timony related to eontrteta made in 
Oklahoma City, for the showing of nJBin 
in e theatre tn MeAleater, . Okla.. ^ 
that no tntertrste ()iieition wna involved. 
Mr. Swsipe toaki the position tbar ihc 
Alms had been ehlppnd by Pariimount 
tn raramOtint. ni. 1 thai the dea'lntj 
wliirh followed were between, two OK*- 
homi pnr'iwi. T^e objection wai over- 
riilrd. Mt, B**» will again be n^ the 

efanil El 1 1),30 O'f'ook »ht» WipHlillE in 

the Engineeriag pOdftbtyi Building at 
20 Wen; Thirty-ninth street. 

The Welcome Shade of a Brim. 


Aa a rbante from the Inevitable eloch* 
shape, Pflria'*!* focueinj bee nftenlion 
on beret* and Bretons, hut seemingly It 
ia dtfnnilt Tor them To awerve womrn 
from the flattering- patii oT the ihadowy 

The model ^hovru; ia of pinked nary 
taffeta, the ro-ien ln-inc a lovely peony 
pink and th n pendant rihbona n aift old 
blm* fn mnr\ Even when the nog da?* 
are upon us. women clmc to frit* snd 
French. rnitHhem. eenting iheir reluc- 
tance to gire ihrm up. have evolTed ln- 
tereaiing comhiaationa or organdie with 
felt and ereVf embroidery* ropterial 
which i" used also with straw and vel- 
vet 1)? th<* modiste. Brinxi which turn 
down and ool up, do seem tbe moat ap- 
propriate fr>L- ninny da?*, eren thousjh 
the? he Transparent roongh to let tlie 
sun east jitud^v. l^npath. 

Typical of rhi- ime ^i( Ia<-r rrith *traw 
U the mimiirooni stiapa jiketched only in 
this particiilsr m^del, Tuscan lare *r 
Isre atraw if ion lik*. is used "ith 
tafTeta. Th^re 1-im Ikeen, for some time, 
a concerted nto*em»at to nrinf into 
fashion D si T l.mJrU. Tuscan IsCf* and 
Other openwnrlt straw*. 

The season 10 dure ha* paid homage 
to Mullen, but this attaw adaptable an it 
ift elegant, |s barter for early and late 
wear rsther thnn fnf Midaumraer. un- 
less sometaiTij; ir snorted to to make it 
lightsome in e(I»ft, 


Judge Mdquecn Innicti limit. ?ay- 

in? He Oppoiei Conunntation 

in Mnrdnr Ciih. 

Two 'men. anil a Moman, nil negroee, 
who had plcjided guilty to ran niter, sec- 
rod degree, follon-injr the death of iwn 
ivhite. men they lured to the rnnffl of 
huildiagi In Wear Fifty-ninth street for 
the purpose of mbbfrj several months 
ago. nare ■enLeaood by .liulge Joseph F. 
Mu]f]nppn in Gomeral t^eetiont yesterday 
ro firom twenty yean to Hfe in mate 

Thry nre I^>d rtinfleton, 19. of 3 Kaai 
.13-»th nlrret. the HroBXt. Ueotier OMvel-, 
24, of 1$ Knut 107th nlrret, and B'-ah-Liv 
renny^eathrr, ^8. of lilOS Msdiaon ave- 
nue, ctinglcton ond Oliver w!f| hnvc to 
anend nbtuit tv.-cfuv-^u years rncb in 
prison. They were each sentenced lor 
two miirdctra, the second sentence to be- 
gin at tbe Mturitiioii of the other. 

lYhile the Pec ny feather" woman lured 
the white men to the rocfa of buildings, 
Slngletnn Us Otrrer Ml Owed andj robr-M 
them. C**t S«ptemb*r thov strangled to 
death on West Fifty-ninth nfceri. roofa 
two white men— lunula Itothatein, an in* 
aiirance acent..of 2<H West H!xly-ninth 
atreet, and Samur-i \i*™_ « baker, of Ab- 
torin, 1^ t. 

.tudgr Miilqitren, in imposing «entence. 
said tbat he waa Bdt In favor pf cont< 
muutie-n in murder cbsmii. and tbnt when 
a murderer is aiven life ImprUonment H 
should mean life. - 

Surely ynti liatc nMieed the marked 
tendenc.r some lists hnro ic mount to 
considerable heurhr st the back. Al- 
though the hnndsAvL ij nm nithnLtt the 
rang* of possibilities, ralaina; thv hat 
and sTen tipping it a Utile. naiiallT 
results in the high back, ivhich effwt 
la aided by ribbon or flower dlaplaea- 
llala of thla type are in runnnny with 
the hustle ■ilhnnttte and ars even dubbed 
bustle hsrs. Th*y aeconrpliah eometliiag 
in atriklng a new note, for One growa 
weary of hsis whfrh are indefinite in 
Ifne and xilhpiictTe nnd Luaiiaie nn other 
line than that which follows the hrad. 
Ifsta whleh HTe chnTminr replicas of lbs 
days of i*«da XVI, are not irnunral, 
and ft ja G^rntalr,* n( all French mutl- 
ners, who :• est addicted to this pic- 
turesque type; 

For sportswear and genersl utility , 
too, for that mettT, searf draparies era 
aces high. 

The aearf mnv noi be a at- arf at all. 
but a wide itlibon. nr eren face, for the 
made lace veil flnda tta greatest field 
of UAefnlorsi e.n a hat trimming, and Is 
rarely worn over ihe fare, althougli it 
■omeiirnca gets as far as the bridge of 
the rrO"f. 

(Copyright. 19-J3, Faircbild;) 


Existing Inttrnational Enles Hob 
Kelly and Me.crcady of Offi- 
cial Record. 

ISSseUJ Dllplt'h iMli MrrnEQt Vt!*ine>> 1 

YVABHtNTfTOft. Ma? 0. 

The dluatlKfactluii viin-*^d by Lieu- 
tenants Macready and Kelly because the 
exiaUng rules of the Federation Aero- 
nautioue InteFtialloliale do nm allow l 
world* record for their non-atop flight 
from Now 1'ork to San Diego and the 
indignation Telt that the Cnlted fftme* 
is pennliBed becauieU long distance 
riralgfitawa? flyinK is 1 possible without 
eroeaing a border line will probably re- 
Milt in qmendment of the rules. Tbia 
opinion su expressed here by oaflciali 
"t tin- National Aeronautic Aaiociatioi] 
of \\ 3. A. 

"Our petition to strike cut ihe require- 
ment in distance fllgbiB of tbe Mttrte* 
tion foreJng aviators 'to retnrn to thf 

point of departure 1 waa filed Mt the 
Hues nasWtsH ot the F. A. 1. in Pgris," 
^aid B. H< MuWIblll, vice president of 
tbe aaaodatlan. "The contest committee, 
through its chnrmnn, Col. >\ P. Lthm 
of tha arm? Genrral ataTf. therefore an- 
ticipated hy seversl months n p*r[orm- 
anrt which would aapw the iejustieB of 
thEs restricting mle. The wonderful 
cross-country Right or Macrfrailv and 
Kelly did this convincingly, 

"The F. A. I. ii charged with thr in- 
ternational regulation of aoronnutjra for 
the purpose of making enrnparable the 
reanltt of ail trial*, races, etc- nlsn with 
actual superrisiop gf acrortautjesl sctiv- 
*tiee, Aa the American reufescntatlvs 
of the F. A. T.." Mr. Mulvihill iwlnted 
out, "the N'atinral Aeronflutie Asanciq- 
tion, as it deelared in the ntttemen; i»- 
aucd on May .'{, cannot do otherwise than 
nhey the statutes of to* international 
rederatlon. Our airtoelation. hy its pe- 
tition fll»d for ennairieratinn at the March 
meeting in Taris, has taken the onlv 
roura* ieft open to us lo secure amenrj- 
m*nt Of this ohBoxione rule. The amend- 
ment to become effective mast be adopt- 
ed by a two-Ulirds vote and wn are con- 
fident that the strung argument present- 
ed by our contest eomrnittee i-.-ill sppeal 
to the apnrtamatiahjp of the bodies co- 
operating in the ft A, C. which in prj- 
nuirily a federation controlting aeronautic 
sport in twenty-three njiintrie*. includ- 
ing the Unllteu fltatee." 

The plana for national recvgnltton of 
the achievements of Maereariy *nd Kelly 
and all the fliaro who shared in hresk-' 
ins elrrtin world records at a pnbli^ 
ceremonial In Waahlngtop are taking 
shape, said Mr. Muhihill. The idea hsV 
met niiioii'wid* indorsement nnd Jnter- 
eating fetalis af the ceremony ivili short- 
ly he announced from Washington hegd- 
nuarters of the N. A. A., It wU itarnt. 

Bro.dw.y mt Ninlb, N«r York 

Hosiery Sale for 
Women and Children 

14,200 prs. Silk Stockings 
3,240 prs. Children's Socks 

It is a Big Sole, as Any one will realize 
wlio sees the Jarp/i* ntiniber of pairs of ^lock- 
ings and socks which will be on the Main 
Aifle of the Street Floor to-day- 
It is a Sale of tew prices and of right 
prices, cirefully cstAWished by l-oiti pari sons 
with thof* of other stores. 

1 1 is a Salt of high grade stockings. Two 
group* of the wemen's silk stockings are hy 
a manufacturer so well known and so uni- 
versally tru«ed that people have been ask- 
ing" 18 for a sale of his stockings. All the 
others are by makers whose standards are 
synonymous with excellence. 

U you have followed, as we have, the advertising of several 
of the nationally known, stocking- makers lately yon will realize 
they are preparing us — and you — for higher pjM&f likely to 
come verv soon. 

.VOTlz — Some of the stockings are firsts — perfect. Others 
are "seconds'" and "irregulafs." But, as a matter. of fact, many 
of ihtsc are so nearly perfect that it is difficult to find the tiitU 
blemish •tekigh dosses them as "seconds.'" 

Women's Silk Stockings 

$1.25 pair 

for (He $1.95 yrade 

1.000 pairs, peyleer imported foll- 

fuliianeo sheer weight silk stoekr 

iota with merer rin-ii cotton- tops add 

aolta, Alack only. 

. $1.45 pair 

Second r of J2.65 to tJ-iJ ffrndfj 

-J.4O0 pairs. pure *ilk» full- 
fisaioned in three atjw*— 

1. Chiffon wrigbl, all ailk, nllh 
Lhe high panel heel. 

9L Light welgtrt. *ith the now 
panel haci running fmm heel to top. 
All ailk except mercer Lied cotton 

3. Medimn weight, mercerized 
cOttun tops sni'T aoles. k 

5Sc pair 

$ fronds a] the Si grade 
4.600 pairs, pure and artificial 
sflk TBliei A Btooklufe with a 
ihean. Mock ac am leg. tn(rcericed 
cotton tops, tore and heela. Black, 
white and best shoe tnaJn. 

II pair 

Our $i,tS Jrfldd 

1,200' palra— flrsta, perfect, ot f.ilk 
and, artificial ailk mixed, seamless 
bur the lega woven by b special 
process which makes them fit almost 
like a fnahloned stocking. SrU- 
rsiied vertical strip?. Black, cordo- 
van, brown, gray, white and golden 
heather brown, 

$1*15 pair 

Singulars c/ fhc Si prflrfe 
2,400 pairs, pure si! k. full- 
fasbioned with mCrcerieOti cotton 
top* and soles. A good medium 
weight stocking in black aad a num- 
ber of the beat sha4*!<, 

. ... 

.$1.93 pair t 

for lAo 32,50 erode 
-,440 pairs, full- fashioned sleek- 
ing*, aane nil silk, other*, wjrh mir* 
neTiaed cotton aoles. Medium weighr. 
Hlsck. grays, brOwn, heaver, bei|B 
and other shades, 

Children $ Socks & Sports Stockings 

28c pair 

Our $5c end 50a grade* 
1,000 pain, imported sock*, full- 
foshiooed. of mercerined Hale thread 
with plain and striped tops. 

1,400 pairs, threo-qusrter length 
aorta* of seamless mercerised cotton 
In white and color* with Turnover 
tops In gay conlt-afting Mlors. 


55c pair- 

Our die orarfe 

840 pairs of aporla ttoekingi *( 
ribbed mereerlaed cotton with turn' 
over topa and side, docking in oaa- 
traetlng colorings. Champagne, 
whitr, cadet blue, beige, putty, black. 

Main Aisle, Old Building. 

Occasion! Women's Skirts 
$8 $10 $12 

Our $11.50 to $18,50 grades 


*.f to St r*e»e». 

Every typ* of ikirt 

Hitiituj skirta *r 

smart woolen*; 

PlMtaal skirts of 
silk or w«e-| cJ-*p«; to 

EXriTJad a k i ■* t a of 
buck silks for ins- 


3-1 fa *r i-i! kt i. 

WhlEa silk akbrla far 
*«»td* -and coarttrj 

EtlaCk, nasr blurs 
beige ami gray *ilk 
plaatad akjrts t» w«ar 
with tha BtW jac- 

Santa ol the plett- 
•d akbrta karo bodice 
franta attachaaf. 

Ati of th£ skirts Art mounted on v*ry narrow bands — 
scarcely mors than aa inch wide — which do not ride ewer 
the top of the new corsets. 

At $& — Skirts of arrmt woolens — some imported.; sportj , 
Silks tnd silk-ind-wool faille, 

A* <10 — Mtny pleited skirls of wool crepe, Oantid, Hlk 
ercpe and snorts silks. M'a dressy skirt*— some draped — of 
black and navy Hue aitks. 

At 412— So k and side pleated skirts of crere de chine, of 
iporis sltks mrt silt-and-n-ool fillle. ttraped silk skirts of sport* 
ilLlcs and jllk^nd-vool faille- Draped silk sfclrtt. 

5e-c*nd Floor. Old I 




Jo«*ph C. Boss Turns Testimony 

Into Paean «f ?raiie for 

JffoAlester, Okla. 


Oftjaetlciiu guralned So Often Tfcat 

Joseph C. Bo*', *' Wasbingtnn. 1). C, 
, **» began Kit rawer ns motion picture 
«b[bltor In Philadelphia i» 3flD4, was 00 
tbtt witness stand Jill day yesterday, <cs- 
Tifj-iPK in the inTrstigatifrn conducted by 
E-Ssmijier E. C. AlrorrL (or the. Federal 
Trade Commission to determine -whether 
the Famous Players-Lanky Corpora* I in 
And other defendants acted in restraint 
of trade. At the dose of Wednesday's 
hearing. Bobs bad brought, his story to 
tie point where he wga ownrr o( a mo- 
tlott picture house. In jurAlrster. Okln., 
sesKag 9» and toasting fast ■**« liie 
bigf/egt decrrie slgn'in those psrts. 
At the close of yesterday's bearing A 

aieart or More of ink had run through 
-.r busy fuunl;iit! lien* of A buttery >•( 
court stenographers, nnd Bonn wa* out 
of. the business with aiJMO in cub to 
WITClWLt 520,000 he hart Invested in fil- 
ing BP the property, on which be hml A 
tee-rear lenie., with option to buy. 
( Slit the t«rdnnn)j was so broken up 
by .objectiona of counsel, »ne of whicl 
*eTt sustained nnd other* overruled, tliftt 
it would .h* difficult for any ona bat 
the Btenoffwilux to say J a "t irnBt rft " 
mains of hh tcstihinnj. If the cam 
were, being tried hoforr A juir. the Juror* 
would hire been parading Id and oat all 
day to protect thrir Innocent ears from 
Inpsdmlssible statements. The loefclcsi 
pre** table, however, ii left to "tlft *« 
Itself. ' 

n r<-l I c P-r *r Hard I,«c-V. 
Mri Boss's ■tor? of his troubles h*i 
be*n told- No doubt ohorit tiat. But 
a vnj wnsIdrraMe; part of it Isn't in 
th* record. " In other words, it wis ■ 
hectic day oi hard luck and ltr*l 
wouiltlM. But It had itt oompenjuitioM, 
vspodAllr "hrii Mi\ Bon, in rqfponae to 
qneitlAPK. »p;n.t abont forty tolnutof tell- 
ing -what a n-ouderful ahoir tOTTa 15c- 
.Alovter is, Mr.. Bon did not hesitate 
in uratinc that M r Air i trr. wllb * ' tnrlT : 
1ns popolntion ofiaOOO, (a the beat ahow 
town in. nil Wouthwaatara OhlaJoPja. 
U'her-wroti Utoae pr»eot dedArtd an in- 
f»rrap,l rece**i of ten wsconda to chocale. 

TheTf !w! be«i aonifl ttiscuaaii»n *M to 
tho ■ propriety of hearlnf this testimony 
Jft' XtW' York when it rcUtea to tnna- 
Artionj ia the Dflllns, Tex., territory: and 
dwbticti th« wrt ot ih* atOTT would 
h«*ft (tone beiKT in DillA.i. Ht BpH 
masJ* * apweh oil the flloriM of -UeAlH* 
trt that would have won him life mem- 
bewblp In- the McAlmter Cb»(nh#T of 
Cotcmerro, bnt It it Juit the enwadneaa 
of human fate that be had 10 deliver It 
within four Idocka of Times Sqo*re he- 
for*. an auilienrr of ctbjcaI reporter*. Not 
a paadl wiccltd duiinc thit entire part 
of. bla rental. The? fort aat there and 

A Brtat.kTeAlMMr Bawtn. 
' A little later on when Mr. Bon 4t* 
relttins tho cirr.umiAt*ncH of thfl Ule of 
hia moLion. picture theatre to '.Villia 
Adimi. he renmrked tbtt Mt. Adams 
aaJd he wtahed to buy it h»auae he loved 
McA letter >0 much he wanted to remaia 
thore. ThAt waa A little loo much. And 
■oretal CoArac petKma Unshed out loud, 
!f'lh« MeAteafrr Chamber or Commerce 
*ttr hesra of AD this TEnue $aue» can 
expect in* oralA&cbe of reaolntioT.a wbleh 
wi*l outwdab *nj thins the Yankee* en- 
couiitcred lAJt keuoo in St. hanlm duriug 
tho lut threr fer#ri*h weeia or the pon- 
niBit nee with tbe Browne, 

Robert Swaine of eonrjaer. for the 
F*mon* Pl»jeee-X^»kr Corporation atat- 
■erj to tht examiner at the c^ow of tho 
dnjr that b« hed eiffcraotitd the tnftii- 
Aaer or. tlie \lklabomA City- office to 
New Xotk ni tli ell his rtoorda and ibex 
lie was forced to adk permission to croj*- 
fEARiine Mr. Bou Mopdajr. He «n^ 
xeited that tbe (government pnt on in 
other witness lo-day. The Unnmnutt 
waa liuahl* to do ibir, howcrrr, end 
after wmc diMunion the fatarinc was 
rerened until Monday montiac; At Ifl.30 
o'clock. - Mr. Base will then he on tbe 
witness stand again. 

Briefly, Mr. Boee'a story is tbat S. 
A. Lynch, who waa bead oC a district 
Agency for Paramount Pictures, told him 
On th« street in l.JnlJs*. Tf i.. that If 
ho( Bow) put in s picture honae it 
MrAleater anrl took all Paramount pio- 
tnrea the mmjiAny woald not put In 
en< oppoeltioH. bnnae. Artinjt an that 
verbal promlne, he put in the honae. 
That was in the latter par lof 1EHP. In 
■ October of t&M. Jtr. Boas tesUflcd, the 
Paramount people ettabUabed «i house 
tfross the street from rii« and abont 
tliia time he betrn hsvinx (ramble about 
the delirery of hislohhv dLaplays and 
could not jret r'-rtnin films. 

On the testimony which rejnsintd in 
the. record after alt objeertona hsd been 
heini and rnled vpoa it aopeirs that 
Air. Boss' sale 10 Adams an<i i !te deter- 
fiott of the propcrfy by Adsmn had more 
to do with the destruction of the hiiaineas 
than UTtbUuj else, even ■ including the 
eoffrpetitloa acto*» the street. 



Frank Msjdi Lured From Fhilkdel- 

phia to Be Auanltcd Here, 

He Tells Tolioe. 

fl WLFE" 



Fi"» »!"". to Wbow R> ■***, Urn 

" ■* MBTTled, Reditu to 

Admit II. 

Fhocn hr Muiif, 

ke Ret it n*Wt-d; •» Jnlift Yump- 
d«r lot itvnm Ilabl. 


Star in "Juliet" to OiTe Entire 

PrcCCf ds " of Hay's 



3Jr. 1+ Emmett Holt Deolarei Pro- 

poied Action Would Be Great 

Advantage to Tooth, 

Apropos of the present anrftr'shoMsfe. 
and the- suajreated boycott of »utir hy 
LOOO-OW school thitdren. Dr. L. Emtnett 
Holt, fin«t vice pte-idftht of tho Amerl- 
esfn'Chfld Ilealtb Ansociatlon aid inter- 
nationally known authority on children'* 

- dWaaea/ *«id yeetrMiy that tlil'i rri = i.t 
prove * htsAJlni In disnuja*. 

: v it ihe« million r-hJMrefi, and many 
'fillers, eonfd;he pIMsoJ to continne their 

inytfott Indcfiiiitet* it is ioterealtiiic to 
\S«ltuddet whether this nilrhi not pro* 1 * A 

^fepitxpet adraausw." I>r. :Ht>H. e*id. 
' "*On B-undired j«m a so the *»tni!*I con- 
;#tnfci(eUan of hucar |wr i-snits wa* only 

- wMt- effht. f«>iinda- Fifteen ?*nn tlO 
" .had. riie to or»r eiahty pounds. 

:■ list- yc»r it was JOf pounds pet 

Janr Cowl AhnooUced yesterday that 
the entire proeeedsi!of her nerfrrrmanee 
Of •"Juliet" a! HrCjry. Millers Theatre 
on Monday eyenios>."iJar 3S. will be used 
to start a mrmoria1*to BarAh Bornbntdt, 
Miss Cflwi p^pnased the wish !h.- L t the 
memorifl] take the form of a fund to e>- 
Ubllsb s scholarship or provide the .nenns 
for some dEflervinA.youas; woman to CArry 
on such studies as Would best fit her for 
a osoful career lir the. tboatre. She-rliinka 
that sueb a fund rather tbsn a tnOnil- 
mCfit of stone or bronte will prove an 
endurbs: memoriat. 

Miss Cowl sent %.ivtre to Henry MLUer 
aakinf him to co-nperatr, and be imme- 
diately replied that tbe theatre's shore of 
(be receipts for the night will git to the 
fnnd. The company volunteered to jeiva 
their services without pay. And Miw 
Cowl's mnnnsera, the Selwytnc and Adolph 
Klauber, readily agreed to tbo plan. 

A committee-' is la be forfned to arrsoxe 
a plan for dnterminiric ho* the fund i» 
to he swarded And maintained. 

"I maho no xtlpoldtiOnA about this,* 1 
said Miss t^owt njterd.v, "My ides la 
merely to start thing? (oIde. and s feel 
sura that the plan of making the me- 
morial sotnotbinR helpful to women would 
have appoited to that great-hearted wom- 
an, Sarah Bernhardt. 1 hnve bad as- 
aurmncea that tbe plan will meet with 

general and B+ncrou4 approTaU for Pnrflb 
ierohAnJt- belonged, to no an* country. 
Bb* n"A* A cyeat world fignre." 

There has been much talk about a me- 
morial to Rarah .Bernhardt in this conn- 
frv. MUs Cowl'a Action Is a definite atej) 
toward that end. and it is hoped that the 
nerfprflo*nce will provide k. nucleus for a 
kUbntaatiat fund. 

His light check Stilt hloodlslatned nnd 
both hi* eyes disoalorod, Fraud Naldi 
21 yeara fild. an actor, who jrave hia 
address as a Philadelphia hotel tori ftfid 
he wee a brother of Nits .\aitli, moilou 
pictjire star, •P'PCAred as compUi:nsnt in 
lVpn. Side Court yesterday- against 
Thomas Burns. 37 yenra old, n chauffeur 
of 34 I Jrand Ccntrst Place. lnwood,,l n 1.. 
and Charles U'ltirami, £S raara aid, an 
actor, of West Flfty-flret street, cbnrsrd 
with assAiilt. Sums and Williams •rare 
beh! in hall of |S0ll rneli fej Mnjriatraie 
fliarlca A. Obcrwaper for Speeial Sev- 
ille two defendntitfl,-it It slEewed, were 
amniifi a prOup who admrniat^rra A severe 
bentLnE to Nnldl when he reliirneil early 
yesterdaj' mornlna; from Philadelphia on 
receipt of A longdistance rele;'hi,in> cnll 
Trom his mother. Cere Ha >Taldi, of 524' S 
(.krnnd Coneoiino, the Hrons. nho hu 
naiil totd him bis wife was in lrmi!>> 

N'stdl said be hurried to the spSTtmenl 
In West PlftJWWat street end aaliod to 
tee bin wife. Flora Owen, his former 

vpK,jrvii|r. pur^ncr f.'OITt IcliOTii be WAF 


The latter, who waa on hand in court, 
deniod nhe iran the wife of Naldi. Tin- 
latter declared thfj were married five 
years neo in Chkagn and bad papers to 
prors 1L 

"Well. wbo*ver [s lying; ought to p> 
tft Jail for perjury," the 'Magistrate *ald, 
direeting Artifetant District Attorney 
Juseph Psscocello £S make an tnventlgn- 
Tion ft the rriflttm* "t tblhk. lion-ever," 
rite court addod, "XAldi |n tellinir the 

S'tldi testified that when he askrd the 
negro efevator onenitor to tske him to 
tho Owen apartment he was token to the 
second flo*n" and here he wan me.t h.v a 
ahnwr-r of hlovii. Whctt he piehod him- 
self up nnd fled from the hilllding hi* 
eyaaj were di*colnrnf and he v^an suffer- 
ing from a poaAlhle frncbirr nf the jaw. 

Up fo'ind I'strolmsp fleorcp Pchoch. 
men. of the Wdt{ Forty- so eeTtth "trret 
station, npsr tge bnildlrtp and tnld lilm 
of ibe SBsault. nnd the latter rctiirnnd 
to the ana rtmrnt. with thrsctor. There 
they fonnd Burns legrfng the bnitdlng. 
am) iir was selwd and taken to the 
station home. 

At the ststinn hon'iie,, while 'XAldj'v 
wbnpds were being' dressed, William* 
and Flora Owei angered with risHt- 
ettrs which Willlama *iid! he wanted to 
gire to Bitme. Nnldi nocusaeVI WHHrtti* 
of having oartiripsteil in -the R«sanjt and 
he. too. waa then placed under arrest. 



Chum of President in Boyhood Just Wouldn't Let 

Him Join Circus as a Clown— Pats 

to This Day. 



NEfTHEH tbe men seeking the fosimaelfrship at Bedrnrd. ^'a.. nor tha 
politirisTJo deluded In the belief thst they eieTcise pntmnns* control in 
5 fi Tar ne Ihst partlttilAt postnastrr><bip is toBcemed Ituww of tho reSl 
depth r>f (h* frlrnd^hip pfoutptiDg President tlsrdlng tt> sppblnt Eirnry M. StOW* 
of Marion. O., to nerve n» poitmaster »t Bedford. Vs.. ah appointment displeasing 
to the KfcprfciieaBs "f ihe Utile Vrriinln ritf- 

At a mac* meeting in Bedford ■ committee of protest ww named To go to tbs 
White Houbc Th!* resolution was adopted: 

"The pslrnn* of Bedford, »'■.. pnat oBire itnanimously and renprrttnlly protest 
the appointment of Henrr II, Stows of Mnnon. 0.. aa nostmnater at Bedford. 

'"We have Bedford RepuhHcAHfi competent to hold this position. VtB courtronsly 
rfijueai die rrlvilejte of sn interview regarding this appointment," 

Mesowbllr. llerTraentittlwe Sletnp of ^"irginlo rolled on the President. Me 
was inTormed that the. President intended to *taod sqilBTfly bebfjid the appolntmenL 

Stowe'; npfmintmenl. mnde by Ececuiive order, waived Ciirtl Service requlre- 
metits. Ilius uettjoe IDC vital Issue. The appointee, ajjile H citJwu or Marion, 0., 
the boaie of the rresldent. hss been for throe yearn a guest of the Elks* National 
fctoBie at Uedford. Vp. 

Why President llsrdiag will BOt recedfi in tins inatnnce re told in this story: 

Annual Program of Songt, Dances 

and Recitations Appreciated 

by Large Audience. 

The Misses Frances and Grace Ho*t 
presenttd their mnusl program of sonBa, 
dance* and recitations **.i costume tt tni 
Moronco Theatre yHterday ifternoon, 
They were assisted at tha piano by Claire 
Rivers Moody. 

Three folk songs of Portugat com- 
prised the Bnt number, and oilier groups 
were, uinc'e up from songa of tbe E*st, 
none* of Itslr. two from the rust, A&d 
another pair from Vcraaom. 

Especially BttTACttve were the two 
tableaux chAntants for chiklrrn. "Boats 
of Mine" and "The l.rprnhorn." These 
were sung togetier. "The theatre w** 
well filled snij tfl* *ndlc«ce w« Sppre- 


Friars' New Tear Occasion for 

Abbot to Talk Over 

. Club Matters, 


ftt; , proppardj . boycott of nagar iy 
riesn cbJldreei. fsr from being 
^ upon as nsioirt'iJHte. sbotlld he i 
Sy their parents with de»ght. ,h j 
M Itolr. "It would be ew Id- I 
.health of the children of our 
' ; It; ■ -ih* Mnsumptfon of sugar, 
jsut.down to two-ihlrds or. rv.en 
* of thf amount usfd at pttsv.j 

tfcorgr M. Cohan, Abbot of tbe 

FrJa-». hgs lesuetl inritalinns to crcry 
Friar who can be present to ■•- nuppcr 
nest Wednesday eveulng. Mav 10, st 
the MoasAtery on West PoVtV'cishth 
street, a> U-30 P. M. 

On that date the club closes one year 
and starts another of its existence. 
There" are s goo.) rosny things whlcli 
Cohan helicrcs sn Al-imir QUght tothlk 
orer with his Frisrs. ami thia is tho 
most prscticnhle Way of getting them 
together: - 

"Tbe auppcr ia not to be mode 4 
money isJsUig sfTsir," declares 1 bis tnr;- 
tstion, "Vqii will . not be ashed di 
reetly, or inditcdly. for a dnJlkr, There 
are, hotrfTcr, matters' of impnrtAnce to 
tbe .club which: I khAll bring up for 
yotir considcralioD.'' 

One of (hose questions is likely to be 
a dm* for so increased memberaaip, 
whleh hss been under way aince the 
first of April, under tbe leadership or 
Cohan hlmseif. 

According to the report of tbAt COID- 
mittec, orer on*- hundred candidates; for 
DMrnbcrahV bsve aubmitted their ap- 
pilcAtions Rlrcadr. The goal hoe bcou 
set at two htindred and fifty, sodl tho 
data for, final delirory is June 15. 

As a special utdiicament for Active 
theatricAl mrmra>rshipe, tie customary 
initiation fee for tbat grade of in-ivi- 
berahip has been waived for r i: r- duM- 
tlflo of the -drive. , L 

Doring chat time itnj actor who Joins 
emtiM the pa^nx-st of $*'>%. ' By the 
payment of hsif that sum be becomes 
A member uatil the first -of Jannarv. 

It wsa also annooncod at tbe eiuh- 
bo«i:e yesterday that "Uttle Bit'y." 
MiMff iVilJiem; .Oshriel, had- s'l-cpted 
the lovitAllorl nf'tiw club lo he Ihr tihn- 
dpsl .a west at 'it dinner to ho held on 
Baturdsj evenfog, Mes 2*3. ■ 

(fAbrlel, who' is nfiw at fcli Mria*- 
cbusrtts home. In HoSrdulod to s*tl fot 
Knrape shout ihe end Olf tin- month, 
nnd tb» Vriarx. — "Tere particulArly 
npvtou* to gEMfi tho. dinner befow he 


Serricei for Former Kmiesl Com- 
edy Star at Campbell Church 
Toil Afternoon. 


Ssdls Martitiot has coue back to 
Broadway for her bnsl pe rform.HCL , e. 
Tbe Actress who waa Lie toast of 'In- 
tow!i thirty-bre years seo. ti'ut who dhd 
insane in St. Lawrence's Otitis- Hospital 
At Ogdensbiirg on Sloaday, ia to bo 
buried this afternoon from CampbeD'a 
Funeral Chnrcb. und-'i- the ausplcea of 
the ; ActOre' Fund ot America. 

In her prime. Sadie Martinot wa* ac- 
r!nmiril Re tfa'ei most l^autlful WODtAII 
tbe country ' bad produced. London 
and Paris at kuowledged her beAiity and 
hrr histrionic ability. 

She bad a homo or tVest Knd avenue 
waicb waa lilterl with gifts from friends, 
snd furnished with a lavish hand. But 
t>adie Martinet could not or did not 
csre to hold cither the lore Hint was 
{■ourcd out foe her. or the gifls it 

Her lir-.t marrtage was to M,ix Kig- 
nifli!. It was followed. by d^orcc I.niff 
sho waa marrie-J in L(-ni> Netherao><s 
brother to Oign Netfaersole, who is en 
Knslisii tboalrlcAi man aver. 

Jt was ilia tnyalty which rescued her 
rtfi'v -in- liitd nlippeil frOTd the Sight of 
■HroadwAV. Al iuat timir «he was under 
the rare of ebr "HfcCor** Fuad III thrir 
hnfiii- i-t Amltyvjlto, .\#w -Jersey. 

Nethcrsoe asje-ed to jirovide *or her. 
hut she was too far gone for hia help, !:* 
101S she was fou^d wsnderlng the 
streets, and after ob*t>ns1iuti at Jielie- 
uioavHo^pltol o-ss sent to Ward's 


I^tT Ih The i-fir she Was trOnaferrrd 
to (4P State Hospital al Ogdt'Dsburt. 
when ahe . hsj he-jt n pstirnt since 
N"* em her " t 1*1*. Hy srmtigement 
with Netheraole sod Lhe Actors' Fund, 
Rly Nenman, An stiomey of Broadway, 
hss been Acting sa a committee! or onn 
to> her Affair*. 

The funeral services wEll be conducted 
by the fletereitrt U". Nelson Holler, vicar 
of Sl ChgAoslofifl's Chanel of Trmity 
Churrh. When the minuter' heard of 
Miss Martinet's destt he cslled t> 
A^lirs" FyoH and »!■! that he won id 
lite to bf> sjiowed la b B, d tb< service. 

M'Ss Martinot. ho Added, hftd been 
in Ibc first play he fapdever seen, a 
fierformnnce of "Pln^fon'''' st the- Bos- 
ton Mussiim. over Tarty .vears ago. 

Tbe serrtc* will be held at '2 u'ciock 
this AT^ernoon, and interment will be in 
lie Actors" Fnnd plot in Bvrrgrftcn 
Cemetery, in Brooklyn, '< v 

TJfiNRY st, STOUT is the borhoml 
JtX chum of die President, It was 
BtOWS M'bo in*-iu«l Mr. Harding, follow- 
ing hia nonvlonti"ii. to rtttt the Kiks' Xn^ 
ttunal riumc h» licUier a Memorinl J)ny 
addrrsa after liia afihetlutl to ■ ihp PteaV 
denes but before Li^ nnnigUrstlon. 

.Mr. Mardiug ke^c bis promise. Id 1 ' 
■iiress dial'DU-nt-i t'Nii in llecemtitr, lU-f, 
i*f his journev on a ajiecial trsiu to Heii- 
tord. of tite gray-liiLi^il muu uliu greeted 
the i'residenr-i'icct it* Tjl ■* r J* l i of hmv 
this man vms enHed ■llenry. t ' * 

Not so much Is known of The abifrng 
fricpiuhir cii'ting betwoen Warren and 
Henry, Fnnurfltionni'ly It had n decid- 
ing Influence, po ,w l b| y il ehAnged the 
cgreer of Mr. Harding. 

Tlir btivliood umLiuuu of w nrreu U- 
Hunling wo-t in become n circus clnwn. 
The hig lop. t'lrphanta, banda, npnngles 
and vnwdint— the gorKCOUB fr(ieCtAe)n of 
it all -focrinAM. tie was on the verge 
of forujlnj: Jin allinnee with Mr. Bar' 
num. ■ i 

Hcory W, Stowe tlifn. nl*'» nrtorwsrd, 
for lh* future wtoteiimnii was deter- 
mined, uprrsstd thR tnttb thst clnfrn^ 
neTcr become Pr s aW atttA. Hi»< wenilsif 
bad rr-MraininS eifect CTcntlially. 

Stowe, rnrri+Hl nvrsy tij the Bight, of 
time, drorip.-d from Blihtv Mt. Harding 
never forgot him. when Ktnwe waa 
fonnd hv Mr. Harding he wsa in the 
Elkn' Xntional Home. He Kg* Jirgh't- 
Iraa, tii»r not frirnrlless. 

Some one Arranged for Shown to nn- 
. dergu a sargkal operation. His vision 
whs restored'. 

President Harditic offered to appoint 
hi* frtend to a Federal poaftinn. Prr-i 
haps It was the fear of wfimang bHnd- 
nena that cnujtd him to Kay to the i'resi- 
dnpt:' ■■ " . '. 

"Wy gratitude is unbounded. Inn 1 pre- 
fer to lire a! the Elks' Home And smoke 
my eorocoh p'^tr."- 

AT yestesdflv's session of the Sinking 
Fund Cormnission Msyor Hylan let 
it he known that bidders far valuable 
ferry house cgacessiona which are 
soiircrs of city revenue must be citizens. 
Thr Mayor drmnnded thst ill such 
pririieges be granted to the highest 
bidder at public auction. 

IF (iarernor Smith signs the income 
tax . bill introduced in tbe I^-gisEa- 
tnre by Joseph A. McGinn ic*. Tlepttb- 
llcan chAimnn of thf Way* snd MrsTtA 
Committee. psTudnn} exemption on State 
tax for the head of a fsxuily will amount 
tn ?'J.S?'W and raise the smnunt to be 
deducted for each dependent from $200 
ta $1'". ail applying to incomes of 
STi .(tf'H> and under. 

AS n result of a of nninion 
ACnong Brmi'ki;. si civic orgATti rations 
as to tbe location or s proposed new 
station at the Williamsburg Bridge 
Flam, in Bronklyri. up the Broadway 
elerated Tine which developed at a hear- 
ing liefore the Tr-m-ii t'ommisainn yes- 
terday. Commission Q'llryan will meet 
member* of the several organisations 

and TcaidcntB nf tho district affected in 
Brooklyn thia moming and ca,nvnsB the 
situation to determine the prercrred 

A I'l'EATtlNC hcEom tU tilnklng 
*■ Ftinrt t'uinmiwsiun yjslcnlay. Henry 
Bruckner-, President of the Borough of 
! the Bronx, vnircd hia oJjjfi'tJon to a plan 
proeli]litK fni- the erertlcn nf tbe Theo- 
dnre Rowevelt Higj -Srhogl nt ItHth 
Street iicnr the Concourse. 

President Brnckner |irotcalcd as a t'i i- 
VRte'cltlKrn on the erautid ihn! the [>-"■ 
poaed location, in hi-i entimatLo 7 ). in our 
of the icorst thai could b» select rd In 
the Broni. He declnred a R«rvey made 
Wednesday showed That $,B0O automo- 
biles nn hnur pai^erl rhis point. He snid 
he did not trlsh in n^sunie the respoasl- 
billty for the pmhahlc maiming of pop fl ■ 
of the new !ugh n-li'^i. 

A-representaiive or the Board of Edu- 
cation derlfli-ed rhnt more thsn 7"i ppr 
c*nt of p<ipi!H nt any Jifgh school in tbs 
city rearh It \>y troTVvn. btiSen or urth- 
way*. nn<| thst nnly n comparatively 
small number w<ndd crois the Cnncnikrae 
on foot. Tin* mnlter Wfta finally referred 
back to the Board nf Edurntion. 

During the di"cn"sion Muynr Hylsn 
mod CnmptrnlleT Clliorles L. CrAig dif* 
fererl and serera] times the Inter made 
Utima side rem ark a w'llcb npouied The 


"1 am keeping nnirt," nsid the Mayor. 
"Bo that the t'omptrnller c»n get off 
some of I iff aide ramsrks which ho MAutt 
the nnwwjiapeTs tn get." 

"Tbat> rather nmiauAl." snapped 
Craig, "you miiat hare left your gaTel 
doMtutflirB,' 1 

president of the American Institute 
of CrlminsI Law jusd "Critnlnoloay. and 
former As*l*IAnt District Attorney of 
rhl* city, was the first flpeaker at the sec- 
ond i*es*inn of the contention of tbe 
Arsd^niv nf Political Rcience yestardnv 
n,t tho Hotel Asfor. He snld; 

"The faa ils mental canee* oi prime lie 
dee - * In physic*! nnd mental drflrtcnc/. 
in i-mnrimiil dcficlcTuv. immoral nerrer- 
sity: In linfortunste hereditr. dehanehing 
enrironment; In |he atupiditr and iojus- 
ticr of our impfrfecr ancial and notitical 

"Fundamental al^o is knoirledce an J 
nndersnandlng of the development* of 
Criminal lj|W. esftorially in nur OWM 

ee-uittry. The hfatorr of what tbe la\r 
hss heen i« necesssry to the s^wTftftO 
of what the law Is," observed JUttJW" 
Hnlmes. Tho histnry of criminal |ftw in 
America In almost an unexplored Sold. 

"The foundation nf no trio tl kid. 1 Bnh* 
rait, is truth, not blindncns to rritin^m; 
confidence In the majoritj oT ficenencic.* 
that Admit tbey are at fault 

"T turn to isy initial prono*it[on tliat 
anr entire criminal court system n*ed« 
r#j-on*tr;icTtrtn in the Hghr nf 
and twentieth century selrnce, honlnes^ 
e^ficie^c^ , . mndern [wyehnloaT. i.sycbiatr.i 
And sociological problems." 

-she. Will Bt iat| >>« Season In 

"TarninTi," ' 


Charges of Perjury Against Uancer 

Beopened by Rockland County 



Although the- 6r*t tniiiclmcnt agaiDbt 
Evfl;) rJurrOWs. Fotttaiuc, Ihr .dancer, 
Wfilej) chArgfd.bcr sera perjurj, was 
dismissed.' fhe Urand Jury of Hucklsud 
Cwnty yoslorcTsy rcywncd the cOunTs 
made againHC Mluis Fontaine Snd. her 
molhrr. The former Untnil Jury had 
diimbiaed Ihr earfirr in liniments be- 
csuse of laclc of soffick'nt evidence. 
Witnesses bstd testified on hcnrtuiy, 
without having been properly sworn io. 

The cliarg&s wctc the rwilt of tbe 
trviimojy of tbe dancer in tbe jj.tWO^- 
000 suit for breach or promise she 
brought against Cornelius Vandcrbilt 
Iftonnyk Y\ hiiuey, who ban since mar- 
ried- She tlediAred Whitney promised 
to mArry her. And was the tether of her 

tlcorge B. .Vfeholaon of TcKO*. broiber- 
Bt-iatt of Sterling Adair, Mias Fon- 
tAlnr's husband* now dead, wm reArded. 
*>y tlie eoUBTy- authoritie.) as Cto mnst 
important of. the bEt witnesses wbo sp- 
pesrerl before .the Grand Jury. 

Htitel employeeo From different cities 
slso were examined to show, it was 
said, thai Miss Fontaine nnd Adair hnd 
lived together As man nut] h'ifo After 
thoir riinrriAge. In the Whitney sltlt 
■he insistently denied that tbey bad bed 
marital relatrnns. 

Supreme Coiirt -fuslier Frank Jj. 
Voitng of t>n*jag .iofctriieied the (Jr-fl:id 
Jury. T'jc jaty. will tint preaetil it* 
findings, in ili-c court nntil nckt week. 


Premiere of Film, '' Romgncs of th" | 

Sapnblio/ 1 Held at Ball of Inter- j 

national Commonwealth Club. / 


OreJctnla at Govern men,* ■' D' 1 »ari- 
■santa and Foreign rikploBiata 

Am«n[ Thnnr to Vim rlrtate. 


Er«H III*. Allnnllr •ml>nir4 ■« 

tar. fl'wt mn Clrveland. Dcirott 
■ nil ChlCAKn, the eonntry »ntv, 
*r<d reaterdar tbroaBh, ihe cold- 
«b( SIplt- tO la ihr hl«iory at th* 
r>dir«i WcatSiep Bsrep-a. 

In maaj pi ares there were 
hiiottinlla ratnttlriK fr«m stlsht 

Rurrlra <« hr«rj ilofmn. 

In iatm pltj. ih* andden drop 
In (tm|»ntBrti c-orulnp after 
aereral <i*jw of wnrm SWSSh Inc. 
Cssirl m sadden -hltdrur to 
offHniti and the milpniirntst 
at RiBmrr «|iori- + IncladlBK 
hAaaball cihih. The ihermoni- 
cter rexUtered :i^. the eoldeat 
since 1S00. 



Rowing Conteit to Be Decided on 

Central Lake Next Tburi- 

day Afternoon, 




TandeTille Aotr»s Tells of Trailing 

Husband and Dorothy Blake 

to Hotel. 

.fessie Reft), rnudevillr Itjtregs, hsN he- 
guu an sdion to uhTuIn a divorco and 
nllmnny from ].m Herxburg. nnming 
Bo'rptbg Blake, snnther rQiidcville ge> j 
tresk as enr.--.j i o'i.l-ni. She i* it--inc 
fMH) ivreklr nnd cmimcE fees of Wje^tt. 

She <-,,iii| ;!:..i:!.. tloit her liuxband and 
Mta Blake held n "wedding celebra- 
tion/' of which »hc WW Informed bj 
friends. l.Hter, «n Uto night of April 
12. she trslloil iirr nusliALd. saw aim 
mart Miss make at tha Pconsylvsnla 
Station, and Mlcwrd taem m t. Broad- 
way hotef. she sqtj, 

ft is reported that Miss Wake, who 
Is th" wire of r3ar!r Hamplmt. witli 
reborn she has ployed In vaudeville, i« 
suing for dirorc* also, Hersborg has 
not yet flekl an answer to hip wife's 

Araitmr flnrera Kitp On. 

The Little Theatre Tournament nt 
the Iliira Theatre rnlered the in -s hslf 
of the week's content fn win the theatri- 
cs] championship 4>annrr lo he awarded 
the boss one-iict play of lbs series Sat- 
urday night. l-"'iLir plays schik formed 
tho eronijig's Idll": "The Idttte Stone 
House." hi the Katt'West Playen* of 
MnnliKltaii: '"Will o* the W tip," hy the 
Adelphi "<r.imeiii- Aiaeristlnn of Hrook- 
lyw: -''re-Trtiosv" br In* Ccanfowl t>rt- 
roitlc Oak «ed "Tbe ""ot Boiler^ *y 
the Clark Btmct Flayer st Btwhlys, 

. Inspired hy the forthcoming ^aelil nesj 
to' Uormuda. the Ztegfield "follies" girt* 
have decided to have a hoat race of their 
*wq and ther will utage it n*st TbUrtdiy 
afternoon at 2 o'rlock of the like in 
Central Pork if the weather permits. 
The rsce will be between representatives 
nr the show girls, the mediums. Hie flap- 
pers and the English Tiller girls. - Of 
course, oecsuso of the name' the Tiller 
girl In egpoctcd to ivin. as whe is sUic 
to steer wslL 

The- four rep resent a Hues of theae 
classes in the ""Follies,"' who think the;, 
can row a hoat well, are Snnig Ivaaqff, 
for the show girls; Shirley Vatkoa for 
the mediums; Marie Dab 01 for Hi? flap- 
pers and Rene Todd for the Tiller girls. 

Kaeh girl will tie A CCo tu patiled In bcr 
boat by a coSch who will steer the imr.i . 
The stgrt will he made frvwn the land- 
ing piece at the head of the Mtll and 
will be around ft bnny ftJAtioocd near 
tiie Seventy-ninth strcei entrance to the 
lake nnd bACk igsio> 

A special police host will follow the 
contestants And Arrangements are beinc 
made for a newspaper boat with report- 
ers snd mo-lion picture men to follow. 
The r-riw will bo a silver cap donated 
by F. Ziegfeld, .Ir.. and A- similar CH|> 
will he contested for annually by th= 
gir s of the Klegfeld "Folhea." 

All of the roong ladles who will enter 
the host . rsco are in splendid shape 
physically and hire born training daily 
in thr g^mOMlum of Stsgr Director 
Wsybtim, wiicre he has instslled rowing 

I, Lent. (;. r. Wood .Vow < iptetn, 
■ '■■slice Commissioner Richard V.. Kn- 
right yesterday promoted \At*tX, George 
F. W -..,1. in charge of the division nf 
transportation la fa* Police Department, 
io tho runfc of etptBln, Onptflin Wood, 
who is f*5 ycars'old, nwrrfed sM lima 
nt 2-171 Friaby' Avenue, the Ilronx. was 
a farmer before joining tbe department 
in l^UA: He*«ras uftde. a aargeaDjt in 
1W1 and < litunnaut in 1009, 


Manager Is Witness in Court 

Against Datid A. Roth* 

man, Salesman. 


ltAt-id" A. Itothmsn. osalesmao. -*u 
vesrs old. of Sevenrli avenue who, bc- 
L-ording to .The ' pouVc. hax circulated a 
nuaiber of bad checES, was held in S10,- 
h*H1 imil fqr Special 'Sessions yosterday 
bysMagjistJCAte Mat-S. Leelae In Wash- 
ington Heights, Court. The . cbsrge 
::c;iiTJ*f him am mode hy Bcuhou £ollg- 
mnii. a cigar merchant of IftuiS Serenth 
sreriue, lie testitied tftflt ftothlBAti gsr« 
him cUecfcn fur $:; and $."i.S4. ivliieh the 
Cosmopo^tan Ttmil;, Wcit^bester end 
I'rODnoct BveaUitn, tbc'Bron^, refused i" 
cash. Another cott(p^Amah.t was Qua 
KdwArd*. ipninfirr of -Edwnrds'a. Revue. 

Sellgnkan unfit ihiu he rrlcphsmH tlir 
bank when 'aWzdadJKl garc him "the 
uhecks; siirl thin lie stab 1'itil hy pIRirdals 
tberrla folloer the rnin' and to hais him 
arrested. He! ^irlfcd' TVSr'ibr.oii ■ Eiouis 
Be'dgslon of t^e West; 123d Street sta- 
tion, and ther t'ollofred fctothojgA.- , 'He 
was arrested 'ns he ■ wa* entering! an 
apartment bnuiac nt 7*." 13Srh street. 

Gus FHwsrrjii appeared as a_ , witness 
againrt Ttothngn. }\* »sid .Oiat^Tloth- 
niAn'had glreo hini V b<d check for" t30 
some time Ago>. after he bad lunciicdj with 
him sod rh'smUasd the rnTejunsnt of S'Jir,.. 
Oon In . thfttrtcsl eptsrprlBBs. Clsudla 
Usiakf. IT realms old, of-f!20 West 13Sth 
street,- a dAncer. wbom RothtDAU met 
tbrougb Kd weird*, sgfd thst Rothm*E se- 
cured rash on a rheck for $40 through 
her sistw, Ruth, also - a -dsijcer." .Mn- 
wsil Olcblmen,.a dsnggiALsttiSBth street 
Atid BroodwAy, declared that he bnsbeen 
swindled to/ the extent- of aflTt thnngh 
rtothmAn's Check: which iie cS*btd.' v 

Accardihg to thr, police^ Bothman was 
relqaaed Imn a-nenitsnliiry in CbnneC- 
tieflt on .Intiiiary 1, after check transsc- 
tio*A>.tbeM!t , nT«lrtTg'*BJ'00.' Bearre»tr«| 
nnd paroled in >larch T he vlolstrd h isr 
parole and I* ire*" wanted in Connecticut 
on .that (jftopsp, jhe r»nlj« alirgf. The 
noHoe state tbat Rothsaan aeked ih*t m 
felony ehargei. hr madk nininst him' sn 
thst hr m*«ht go to Slnj Si»g and "fuect 
the [ood LbicTes.'" - , . ' . 

The opening of "The Romanes -sf ih* 
Republic" took place laat night at a 
ball, under the auspices of the Interna? 
ttonnl Commonwealth Club, at tho Plssg 

Ten deportments of tbe United Statod 
Govetcntent co operated In the making oi 
the picture, making available to the pufai 
Ik through this medium a knowledre of 
GoTeimment processes in various dcporln 
meats, with their methods of procodura 
and customs. 

In honor of the prtmiftre the Govern- 
ment gave its permission to one the Ureal 
Seat of the Itepubllc on the programs, 
sad nh Army And n*iy hand was loaned 
for the occasion, with special mnfic to 
accompany Ihe pictxtfe. 

Secretary- itrtlor, fresent. 
-Heada of important department*, 
among them H- W, Melton, aacretary at 
the 'PreaBur.';. werr present. Also rcpro- 
pjtntBtiveB of foreign governments attcnoV 
ed with tbelr stall's. 

Mrs. Edward M. Rrcltung entert.iinsd. 
the reception committee At a dinner bo- 
fore the ball. The patrons Included: 

Dr. and Mrs, R- D. Moore, Mm. BL 
B. Taylor. Major and ^frs. hTi Cbareliln. 
Mr. and Mm. William C Alcxsndsr, 
Mr. nnd Mrs. George, Goidon BattX 
Countess •}'■ 3ruehe, Mr. and Mrs, 
Cbsries Dana Gibson, Ho&orAblo and 
Mrs. Edwin L. GBrvcn. Mr. and Mrs. 
H. T. Wilson, Mr. nnd Mm. Colin H, 
Livingston Dr. ItosO'le Slaughter Mor- 
ton, Mm. H. Fjtirfield Osbonr, Dr. 
Winifred Snckville Htoner, Mrs. I.iiids- 
Icy Tappin, Mr. ttnd Mrs, Lewis Albro, 
Mrs. Henry P. DarisoD. M^r. and Mrs. - 
John Aspegrrn. lirn. Frapcis llosi'n, 
Dr. and Mrs. Hoyal Copclond spd Mrs, 
Charles ChEld. 

Many Drcanlafltlo'na Attend. 
Among the organizations which at- 
tended wcru Ihe Kiwinis Clubs of N'te 
York' CJry, represented by the preoldent^ 
\YUtiam C, Alexander; the International 
ECJwanb Clubs, ceprencLitrd by the pass 
president, H. E. Karr of Bnlttmfjr*| 
the Notional Maty Club of Awei-ics, 
repreacnted by 'Douglas EHIwtn, PnpJ 
Hamioond, and J. Frcdeciclt Tole^tt] 
the Argnnnc Association, represented 07 
Dr. Koyal H. Uaynes; the Order oi 
Mitsons of New lock State, represented 
by Arthur 8. Tompkins, Townsend 
ijcudder, llobert J. Kenworthy and SIA> 
ncy Mflffr: NationAl Order of Mss^is, 
represented by the executlre scerL'tary, 
Andrew Hsiraell. who comes from Iowa) 
esriectnlly Tor tha occasion; the Amer- 
ican Friends Service Community, rriiro- 
seated by Charlra. I,. Rboadts pi I'hilar 
deJniur: the Knigitt* of Columbiia, 
represented hy Walter Saunders: the 
American Federation nf i.sbor, repre- 
sented by Hugh Frayne; the DrerscAB 
I^ecgae, represented by William SWs. 
Abd the. New York National Guard, 
represented by Major Genera] John 3", 
O'Kyjiu hti.i CnJonel Edward Olmstid. 


Wife It Granted an Annulment oa 

Ground Thai Marriagt Waa 

Illegal at Time. 

Justice Dsnirl f*. Cnhslan of Suprenia 
t'ourt, after having reopened on March 
H the ttfairimohl«! suit)) of Nat Ilertiard- 
snd his former wife, Adah Hernarrl, for 
the purpose at taking furtbrr tustltnony 
by Intecrogntorici |u (.'allforiiia in this 
counter actions brought hy the two in 
November, yc-ttcrdsy handed Bowfl a de- 
cisioTi denying IlrrnHiMi a dimrce from 
his -wife ami grsttting tlie wife an annul- 
iin.ii of her marriagi! to Bernard on the 
ground that be was legally unable io 
marry at the time of his espousal of 
Mr*. Bernard hecnuscaf a former mar> 

Bemardfl First wits was ItnssLind 
I'vmrrvy Remard. tn whom he was mar* 
ritd_ at Anad&rko. DkU.^ Kebmarr 'J&, 
I'JOT. She obtained a decree of divorce 
Agninst liim in lilll In Cn : jforuin. and 
Adsb matried Bernard In thFs city :i jre'Si" 
later, brilevlng bim to have limn legally 
divorced, Tltc second, vife divorced Ser- 
I nsrd in Pennsylvania in IfCl. and on 
1 Christmas Day of that year loarrijri; ona 
Skolny in. this city. 

In March of the following year Ber- 
nard bcgAn a suit Against her for -lirorea, 
clAimlng that lin ws« a resident at Illi- 
nois at the time his first wife diroreed 
Kim And that be Lmi not teen peered 
with the proper pipers. After depoMiU'-Tis 
hsd been taken In Cnlifnrnis and CM- 
cago Justice Cohalan handed down bis 
decision ah abott. ■ 


Wits of Prifiter- Attacked :Whil| 

LeaTins.Hosifl by Thttfa, Wio ^ 

Demand Bingf. 

Mr«. Ssdie atarfno, -~i years old, o| 
41 Madison street, wife of a printer, waal 
j>not through the Irfi ^boulder-'hr an ua> 
Identtfied a<iaailnni yesteedsy am aba 
passed through the fjf*t llnor hallway ol 
tbe building where she lives, on her waw 
(o.lhe stnet. Bhe dronyTed to tho floof 
directly In front of the entrance of a 
Greek eorice house opening Into the hall- 
way and was picked up Georga Hsd* 
junanos, proprietor, nnd Uken to tha 
Eteekmsn Street Hospitsl. 

At. the Hnapltal the woman said *h* 
had been *hot because of her refusal aa 
gira up two diamond rings and a weddini 
ring sbe wis wearing. 

Two men came from tinder the stsira 
as she reached tbe ground floor of bei 
borne na the way in the. street, she said, 
snd ordered her to "hand over tbe rings. 
On« tried To seiEe the rings, hut did not 
sueecrd. due to tightness of the wedding 
ring. - 

. A moment Uter, she said, one of tha 
men fired s flint, striking her in tho 
shoulder. The robbers then fled through 
the ystd. and oier fencea toward Cham- 
bers street. PsteetiT** o[ tha Oak atmi, 
StarJet!.' fr* looking for the thleres, who 
tfcry deu-ribed sj "a pair of iOOUurs." 







AMD „ 

Sfefflwnma ffiekflrapb 




BOXING, pouncs 



▼si. 101. No- 136. 




ANT> now the hind-sight prophet* in saying or Big Jen: TITILLAHlJ seems to bo tha grand old atam of bin profession, 
"Whrrn there's A Will-ard fbere'a n way," 

A T thai (he Milk Fund rumpus in ana of the fflw occaaiona 
if* nn which milk hits hwn eilractrd from i beef display. 

TT Sefnis pruhahle thnt whilr building laborers' wafts COfl' 
■*■ 1 1 1 * i j-- to pi njs the buildings i'i'wf]i''v cannot. 

AS" ">. ni more certain aign of Spring than Jill tii" ''ihT* pat 
together ia the itom advertiiHia on what the beaches 
will eilv-w in he worn, or dispensed with. 

r would be bard to convince an artist that romrn'i iwia- 
tnEog rvf r -_i should not allow form to play" a greater part 
than It doe*. 

EXCITABLE ajjTWpondcnU place lfl* number of bandits: In 
China at almost an Urge a figure ai we bare en hand In 
till country. 

iS with itidl rid gals it is duisrrci.ii tn n-duc 
■ military ■yatefM with too treat rapidity. 


MILLION-DOLLAR hotel ia being planned for Coney 
Inland, It will shut nut n lot of "■ moans ere."* 

IF the Sotirt nhould declare war on England, «■ in not un- 
likely, what would the Labor pneifiats of Great Britain 
do — take It lying down? 

Ad'KRMAN deputy haa atnrtcd a hunger strike In n French 
prison and my pi ess in tltnt the French, will let bun p"t 
tiwnj with iL 

QOMETTHIN'G Is wtmie when a steady ra 

Itiii sensnn 
the sent la not accompanied by thunder and Sftlitninr. 

JOHCB nfflcfra of the coaotry bar* been Invited to attend 

Putt. O,, under the aoapices of the army. I would prefer to 
ace thetn practlc* on the local pajroJI range. ■ 

Virile A;::-rWw 

rpFlF street fair in Park arcnae netted appro rimatrly one- 
J fourth a» much In a week aa the boiing carnival netted 

l S mull it vii the email retail deaJer In flowers who nw 
*- ia Mothers* Day an opportunity far exploitation. 

4QEXES to Mingle in Hall of Fame"— Headline. Where", 

John Sumner? 

¥ LIKE "venom tot/Vf" better than I do "palson pen," 
* much better, hut some better. 

!ZEV WINS RAINBOW | composers plan 
AS FINAL TRIAL FOR |T0 »ack maxwei_u 


Society of Which He I* Frfltident 

Heeti To-day to Give Him 

Vote of Confidence. 

IF it be true that a number of men hire been wrltinr nn- 
"- signed attacks. Huron* la apt to receive sntn* nndcsirnhlr 
acquisitions, to ica [Kiinilnrinn dd rifle the neic few week*. 

a nana tt 

re nmt to 

T TVONPER how many pertona would brave 
■* occupy aeata In the atadluin if Hlnateio w 
delirr r 4 tectore there *fl felaifvltr. 

DEMPSGY will pick from oat the MM 
A foreman worthy of hla flat- 

4 P.KCF.VT ealenlaiion places the iw«ii»! wealth «f the 
-»■ United Staitea at a turn *3n.fX».000,000 jtrraier than h 
wjs at the eloae of the war. Another reaion why f'nel* Sam 
should underwrite Earepe'a decadent credit. 

i~UNADA aeeha reeiprodtj wi\b the United Etalea, All rijrht- 
*- Let the Canadiant bejrin by- not hiaainii life American 
fine every time it la displayed across the border, 

rwiHE punch put the "WiH* 1 to uctr-ry in Wfllanl. 

Rancocas Stable's Fast Cot 
Again Outfoots Smart Opposi- 
tion in Stake Feature at Ja- 
maica and Works Out Mile and 
a Furlong in 1.55 as Test for 
Western Race. 



iKTGeW that thf taj exemption law hai 

been dec It red 
by the hich^M court it La time for tho mAterinl BUB 
Wfjrkmcn tu chalk up another rnlne. 

TF two rldifly aetora muat come to blows I nuirrtt tliii Th n r 
" unr hack number prewt clipping aa weapon^. 

H. P. Whitney Filly Takei Mea- 
sure of August Belmont's 
Representative by the Short- 
est ol Margins In Six- Furlong 
Dash — Dauntless Displays 
Speed to Defeat Juveniles. 


lii a hitf that the maternal alipper cannot he btroked tn 
■etiV any quarrel nrer Xfnthera" Day celchratlona. 

II very well to dedicate one day a. year to celebraiinf 
Institution of motherhood. But It U well lo remem- 
ber thai they atr Jmt I* much, mothen on th; other 3*H day*. 

IF the American Nature Araociation ia to found a "ronei' 
jrallery of Snaeeta" how waajbj you like the Job of rakiiiK 
the finstrrrittta of the thonnand leered caterpillar'? 



DutmUu. ft ta ■ «frjii»hi, 4 ro 
a place and 1 in A iHnir, eroai. 

C«v ? H'onin, s (a I ^iralsthl. 2 
to 1 plare ana <T«n aav**. ■ft. 

nran-.KIft. 3 Co 1 ■lnl|hi{. J to 
1 plarp. tnd r»f-n >>"!", ihlfj. 

•Ff'lMJ RACE. 
Ft* Br D»). ■ la- 1 alrwiatfei. a 

tf 3 pln^r »«d 0«t b^oit. »«■. 

iinw F»ir. n to » »int|ln, i 19 

4 plmet and nmt •how. itroa4. 

Pnn Pott. M In | .ml K hl. 3 tc 

1 plser Bitrt 1 to 3 ■hoT., italrd, 

WHrTN the oria-inal of the Cfvnatitation of the Uniled Rtatea 
ii placed on eihibltinn in the Library of Oonjrreaii *mnr 
n( nur vorifrroua fienuora and Reprr*«TitaUvea who refer to 
it ao frrqunHly *ftd fondly had better jn over and *** what it 
■robs like. 


AbTBB aJl it acei 
far u Florir]a. 

that pnhlit opinton «ia pfiBetrate aa 


Tenra. and look 



Inlar In Ouina within the Taat ftw 
a p iw ii ■ i). 


F, i* m prinre who la rrtt in aymnathy with hi) 
ir« Kay* he dislikes the term "royalty." 

AGENTS are blrinc nrrm labor In the Ertnih for work Id 
CohRjAeticut, A* Northern labor afrhti arc not popalnt 
,11 th* aoutb w« look fflr a. rennaiaance of tbj ''naderrnwa*. 
rwnnaA'' ... ^. . *e ,-.xJ.*>-^ - ' -f B 1 -acfwchvand 4?reaf *Britntn ayj to w^r it pTohaWy wlH b* 

the orterlnc wrdfer for the eatahllabment of more Britlah 

I3NT |t a hit incorjRrnniij! for Ine "Hotoe t Sweet Home" eele- 
brntlnn ami th« ariRar boycott to aynchronlw? 




nmau Samjji Qtrdeni, oit A 
Btrett, Will Cioie Soon &djhUj, 
AnnoanceJi Corporttion 1 ! Head. 





Tha Prohibition Amendment haa won 
aaolber Tictory od Broadway. Mj.-ray> 
Roman GirdeDa, an r~orly-»erond itnet. 
between Berenlb and Eighth aeczRie». 
will doaa it* doom on Sunday nigbt, and 
the rifora of prohibition are (iren aa the 
primary cause of Ua demiae. 

No* I hat the restauract has uerred 
liquor ctslawfally, for there h.irp been 
Bo irreatl f>f tnembtn of its itnff, or «f 
lie oJBeera for Tlolailnjr the Eichiee-nih 
Amesdaeat, ircordLDg to Charlea \\\ 
tirr.W, prealdeiit of the eoTporaridQ which 
ban controlled Ita dratiolen for the ptial 
ytnr. lint h.- bis found that, without 
UqQ«r k Btdple will not piLronlxe. as Inati- 
totlon of Ita kind ia paying ouantiliea. 

'The tir-rnij. atrain of being; Eeapan- 
afble, not only for our own «Bploree» T 
but for our paLrooi. loo, b not worth tha 
effort.'' uid Groll. "And people arc 
btiEg frighieatd away frost cabarets by 
the poaaJbUiity of route cnidi. 

"I hare k Icaae on this bgitdlDg lor 
niijjeten yeara," hf continued.. "BnL 
wi:h the l^pae tif one year we are forced 
i-.i CODeltde (bat the buildipa; oocuplea 
land too rahtabJe to he desotea to a aon- 
tfttt*liB.b',t tEittepriH of thlt »rt." 

Ho tot tout mohthh the plat* wi[] be 
ir. ibo hiL:i» of Ibomaft IV. Lcmb. an 
architect, and hit coouaciora. IVbeo 
ihej hare finuhed their wort the jronod 
floor will be remodelled into i(g*er>Oia 
jneiianjnr. arena of tunvjaf partiea. 
will be the "bnoppea." ao^iedini: to (hi 
Architect; and the remaindej , '.of itir (juildt 
ing will be non-bouaeke^^dsf hotel apart^ 
men l a. 

Hurray's has been a fandmarJc In the 
"Roaring Fortiea" for many yfara, in 
all the tuminnua etretch of Broadway, 
thla It is been one of :bc gayen and moat 

lUmiDOU[t B[ieiV . 

Hut wilh Hie :uut:;l of prohibition Ita 
forLutiix. dai'lluerK The fanioua fnsiatiiln 
wept ii . |pxt nnd dried up in !l>1>- Antj 
notr the raenlring dunce floor ia on Lla 
!aat few rOTolutloua. 

"After ipflntlinc ■ year in fhia huM- 
• eji," liroll dwlaraij. "I have diat'overed 
that liquor, wnjt the motive force that 
made tivse pln^-ei posaible. M'hcn wo 

I loallmnT-ii oh fas* 3, Cmlwaam T.i 

Cyclone, Followed by Run, Hoe! 

$2,000,000 Damage ia Arkan**i 

Health Resort. 



C#ntl*m*al elasdlncaM to T. 
o-Bonww lair *rrlk Ineraaalac 

HOT SPRixys, Ark.. May 15- 
T^rapeHy dauuife exeeedtnE; f2,iXK? r 0(XI 
waa done in tbt utm* whivh »wept over 
Hot Spring* IsHt tiigbi and early 19-day, 
aEXordmjr to Mayor B. A. Jone* of thla 

A •fmt-cociplrte. thrckup failed to re- 
vwi I any hre« losr. 

Jtellef sr'ki'if, iiuslijiijf ihrough tan- 
gled and twiated dobrin. mih.U-i! liy Ihr 

iiood thut iimndated the rdtyi Um&tmtt 

nnr nrrann Injured, Jonea onid, Thia wa* 
ti .VI ra. (.rhTiatiftnaoji, wafldw injuries, Ibc 
Slayor .mi. irerfi uligiil, 

Herenleen peraon^t Latl rirevJotinly heou 
reported dea<l or mining, hut no bodies 
had been recnTcred early Tuenday night. 

The cycl'-nt, mliich fttruck here early 
Monday night, wax rapidly followed by 
antjTtag torrcnta £rom the mountajna, 
tvbif/KT *oon reached a erewt of -tea feet 
in the main auction of the town. l.biUdinga eollanaed from the force 
of the wntera, merchandise vraa awept 
away. my",-:>!i lit their can were left 
• srmtrjrd 

In the wake ef the Snod, fire eauaerl 
by UfhtaiBg bruke du( about midnight 
and added to the hormrs of the- caiaa- 
Trophe. The Marquette Hotel waa ona 
o: the firvt huilditigi 10 be cavelnped in 
flamee. It waa totally dezrroyei]. Thr 
tiraad Rapids 'Furniture Company waa 
alio awept by Same*. 

AH fneata in the hotel are VI ,-i*.! to 
have eaeaped, as they had remaJcied 
awake an aeeount of the- early tinnn. 

The fire department, handieapprc) by 
tho high water* and uVbriB In the atrertn, 
made llnl* headway i^ rraitrolling toe 
Qamea, But the steady downpour of 
niv which continoed tbrough the hicht 
finally conquerM the are and 
all huminp; buUdiBjni wer>- rxtinguiibcd 
by early dawn, 

Aa daylight began to light up the 
•Gene* of twuted charrnl wreckage ly- 
ing in alimy mud and wrvter. reacm 


Saletman. Accused of Attempting to 

Bribe Juror Through Employee, 

Sent to Tombi. 


Edward J. M&tmm. +?» j«t"' «M. 

aaleamaii, of CD W>*^ Mnety-aereath 
lire*:, was indicred yerterday nn a charge 
Of attempting to bribe Howard S. Birtirl- 
man, eleetrieian, of Tit Weet 13«lb rdMt$ 
juror Xo. 0, in the trial »J Kdward M. 
duller, bankrapt atoci* i'roiierr charged 
with bucketing ordrn and on trial. Mr. 
McManui waa arraigned before Judge 
Charles C, Nott and committed to the 
Tomha without b&il. Last ecenina baheai 
COrpUt proceed in ga. wprh inetitiiled fn hia 
behalf bf'fore Supreme Court Juiifpc. 
Irvuig l.uhnii-Ln. The Justice fixed hail at 
S 15,000, which counsel said would bo 

McManus vm indicted ririncipally on 
the testimony of Mint May McCann. aew> 
retary to Jiirar Biedelman. who told of 
two ronrer»*tir>ns with htm. l>n learn- 
ing that detectives were lookinj: for aim. 
McManUa went to the DLatrtct Attorney a 
flffirt. wbtre he waji C-wesnoned for nearly 
an' hour. He *aid Mi™ Mri'npn had 
mutronatmed hij n.mTeraattnn» «|tli h(r. 
She Baid he oECrred Mr Birdelman f 1,000 
fwt a firm stand of noi guilty iu the 
Fuller case now on trial. McMarcua ad- 
milted licge~;n; aiwim the Criminal 

Coorti Bmldina. '■"" *"" :| 

third run:. 
Porl, T In s -te*icM, T Id a 

s>|bp«v attij t m IP daon. won. 
KsauBve, T io i •inicKi, a f* 3 

flic* and C In .', ilnn. irrccd, 

■ ttscc inu Preiiw. nn l>- 1 
• irnlctai. ID "■ l ptnre anal a 
(a 1 bhowt (■ltd, 

foi'rth R4.rr. 

E«T. a to a UnlBhi, 1 I-) ,"i plat* 

tad i to a enow. ***n. 

> DoLBlniqnr I J :,, r. ^irr.1|h|, 4 t*> 
B pl«CP Ji-vd '. t.i ;i itii.u, wrr.- 

aiiarnl.' a tn 2 ttrntshi, * to i 

Dlicc aad I ia. K itu*i, third., 
iri*"rK TIACK, "-I" 1 ™' 
Lndy Amlrej, h to 1 »ie*l*ht, ;i 
io l placet and r* <ti ft ikon-, 

\arqsnt, 19 to r. ■irnlstii, * • ri\ , 
plare and 1 tn aj ihav, ifraind. i 

Foetal Flotrer. ao to 1 jHraiarhr., I 
X4> to 1 place and H io 1 thovr. 

4*n-0-Vrie, W to 'J >trislMhi, B Io < 

tiiiei and even ahnw, woa. 
*lB(an. N l.» |« In* I, ;| |n 

L plnee and s Io % -iihti. ■»- 
Baltrnra, « • .-. I •irnlil^i, fl i„ 
- (slur-r mat It Io B ibnvi, third, 

By JOHN J. FITZ ht.bath 

Derby Impea Mill linger in, tbt t)rr"«i 
of Sain Hildreth. Drapitf thr denxite 
defeat of 8** In the Prraknea* IfcaJaa. 
lie conlinurT. tn regard that ■■nlc a 
atayer. This fait fello*- -.-. i- a [■*< mia 

nee*, nrrlnrlnj; l^dlrlcd 3fai 
i*rir I* Tlalf . DttT Eatlat- 

-i- of Traenrliee Mraii-jned. 

Friend* of Qeannea MaiwpM, indicted on 
"poisoii pen" charge e»t»claily the 300 
member* n[ [he An»ricaQ Society nf 
^nTnJVi^»^■ and Author*, wiita headq.uar- 
tera at .*-B Went Fftrrj-fifrh itreet. are 
fBllfinE l/i rb* "upper! of Mr. M«iT(i|. 
rheir leader for nine reart. who baa en- 
deaTored. it i- aaid. |g realfn repeatedlj, 
alwaya eccwuimi (n penwtn at the aolici- 
lalion of th<- membership. 

This afirmnriTi at .1 «"fWk there will 
he held a me-tini nf !h» members, pmb- 
j ahJy n with 9.<-t-T*\»ry <;i*t> Ma^Potoogh 
presiding, ihe purnns^ being io reglator 
a vote of ,-.■.!..,.: in *-"- Uaxwell'a 
cbarartrr and belief in hia Innocence. 

A cnbleirAn will be aent la Mr. Mai 
well, explaining the inlon nf the mem- 
bership and the pledge that e*>ry mnn 
will etanri by hirn in hln tight to clear bis 

The mem he m nf tha tirfaniantinn, of 
which Mr. Maiw*|| is the leading spirit, 
resent the attack mnde -\\- •:, him. aayitu 
.that he i* thr virtifli nf h well-en qeeivrd 
ptor. eriginafins tnnnnie .in-. 

It !■ known thai Mr Maiwrdl him>rE[ 
received mitunT*-rn>lr- leltrrm «■ lenot^aus 
aa thofe written .o the wire* and b«s- 
bandi nf peraonp high in aocial and boal- 
nean affalra m thii city. Philadelphia. 
Waihincsm and etaewbere. 

Theae letters Mr Maxwell ■bowed to 
tereral mernhrm r«f the American 5-oeiety 
of CompofTt. A-.iihrn-» and ruMlahrr* 
AU "lie hyrmd dacrlptlnn. they were 
typed, onaiimed and bore no mark a* to 
the [dentin of the aushor. 

Mr. Maxwell aald he was unable to 
account fnr a motirr other than that an 
effort was ^eing made tn rain him. 

Ic la denied by mernbera of the Amer- 
ican Society ol Cnnprner*. Anrhorm anC 
PnUiaheiK that a certain typewriter, aetnt 
fn the headnunrreranrTien In ■: riling the 
1ette,ra, hod diRappaared. Sttch a type- 
writer. they aay, baa never hr-rn owned 
by the aoelety. .They do mtf that the 
i*liw» recriead teyrMr. Mn*w-li and lire 
letter* be la oecotAd ofhn^ing arnt were 
written on the machine. 
Mr, Uaiwell. It is aaid. doe* not know 

i ilir ailthoT nf tbD 

DatPetlvea arc folio 
iiif.tiifrtif n womoTi a 

Thej ftiatnii.'nf ii ii'. made la-rtt night 

that Mr, Maxn-^ll had been cabled that 

he need hnre nn fear as to the outcome 

of the rase insnfnr at ho la concerned, 

also that he need not curtain hl<> riait 

abroad to rome hack. In drfrnrl himself. 

Mr- -Maxwell'* niisKlnn In BllroH eoti- 

fT>rni the sicnirr of n rreaty wiih intpr. 

trtfa handling miislr sr>ni frnm .\>*v York 

to Parla, It b rrpt^ertted that SO prr 

rept, of the njti^ic prrt-itlar io Part* ia of 

American orfjrin. The author*- hare not 

| at anx- time received nvraliiea, which 

ihey claim:, Mr. Maxwell f> in I'arii to 

] arrange the aiirning of a trratr. settling 

; definitely all nrxumeoi ii»t ■-*■<■ n the 

i writer*, publiftbai* and pun-hRtera of 

I Amrriran-mnde Tou"ir- 

i When r^irtrin. Attorney .lrrah rT. Ban* 

, ma waa aaked Uat nighr if i>fnrar- Mas 

•r^ll, indicted for forgery :« the third 

(Cnnrlwnrd on hft a. Cola, a d . 

allaaad *■ Pin 1, Colaai 


Tellies" Beauty Ii Harried 
Well Known American Turf- 
man and Art Collector. 



prottHilrd merely bj curiosity about 
nutatite a rate. 

The Indictment at McManua brought 
fonb warm atacemeat* fmm <T>ufltel for 
r*ullrr and fmm Pujtrirt Attorney Joata 
H. Bavlo-n. Beth allegr nnfair acta by 
the other. 

Eugene r"_ Mrliee. one of the atlor- 
nrya tor ETdward 31. Fuller, declared thai 
Daman i* trying: the ctse ip tbe newa- 

faper*. Mr. McGee s*>rr:« that counsel 
or the dffenae are now tryiac thia case 
for the fourth time tin! that they hare 
n*Ttr tried to driiy it- Mr. McCm con- 

"Stftfrmr-nt^ hare been made that wlt- 
hwum lipTr diaappearrd. None of tbo- 

PARIS. Mar 15 

Dwlores. tbe atar skew girl of rh> 
"Zieafeld l^lTHw." waa married !n«; Rat 
tirdaj- to Willisn Tudor Wilkin«An T lurf 
"'-■»■ and art co)jee|ior, ii waa learned to 
day. Tha marriage took p?aee in rhi 
malrr of the First Arrcadi*seoi*nt snt 
he waa [ afterward at Oratorrir d : Irourre. 

pirtJea made up of staffs from Tho army I witnewea who are alleged to haxo diaaU; 

and navy hospitals began aearehing for P"rcd were «rer under ihr i aubpnena nf 

! the Dlftrlct Attorney of thia county or 

were oven examined by tb* liiM-ift Ai 

tbe dead and Injured, 

All uic-spt of communication vrrrr cut 
off by th? tortmdu, flood and tire. Train 
aerrlre wftfc rhr BtricSfrii storm ilblrict 
waa Impaired., but :i Miaaour! 1'aclue 
wrecking crew immediately; ruahed to the 
Horm diatrict and wero bu»y repairing 
culrrrta washed out by the flood- 
Stretchrs nf tbe track* ar* .till corered 
with water, hut a train left Utile Hock, 
Ark., at 3 o'clock Monday for Hot 

The norm that hit thia dry may hat* 
ben tha follow--m» of ao tornado thnt 
•wept through the Texas Pahhandl- 
earlj Monday, lea-rfcta- a a»re of dead 
aad note than oria.bcadrH injured in 
ita wake. 

Oklahoma kuffere-d a terriB-- rhinatarm 
Monday night, with mach, thctrlcaj di*- 
rurbdnce; onr .man beiag; T#pqrt*d killed 
bj ,;-■■-:■:; it Wekoka. 

torrey. If theie witnoaAea were nwm- 
afiry and material for tilt p nun-cut ion, 

trnnilnirj on Pars 9.. Colnxnki A. > 

The ceremony, winch bad bem [tlaaned , 
for aome line. w«a a g(ii#r one, wiib j 
Ikidley- Fieid Malone aod ble wife. 
Ualoae, at the only witnrtaes. 

Dolores, whose off-stage name t* Katb- . 
leen Marie Ro*r. met Mr, lVilltin»ia at j 
the time of the armi*tire erlrbriimo*. i 
aad their friepdthip bad run a emonth j 
and unhnrned twirae. Although the j 
bridegroom had enent much of his time I 
on this aide, hia frequent irins bsck to ; 
Amttbm offered tbe chance In reaew re- , 

— naked what plana lie had injuie fur hia I 
hone.innjon. Mr. Wilkinson **i(f: "There 
will be Ho honeTiacino in the ordinary 
aena*. of the word. We hope the whole 
of our iivrs wJU be one |oua boneymoon, 

*'Wt gqall be iitnying in Paris foi 
tnme momha and thru ue shall pribttlr 
go In Americt before i lie Summer U 

air. Wilkinson la well known ai a 

nnx szLEcnoHB wtll be Ftroin) oh page ii 


UT j .iata ica. ) 








Inventor of Motion Pictures and 
Commissioner Tigert, Wit- 
nesses at Trust Hearing, De- 
clare They Are Still In Embryo 
and Some Day Will Become of 
Greatest Educational Value. 

PftMn by A'.m* PupDnl 

l.T'lid l.lndHren, ulna-er, ttKo ph. 
tfnimlniif'll> trti 'hahhy- flat In 
hla ButomiihlU *vhLle * Ii r «ent IO 
■ rt nilhrnllifj. 


Lydia Lindgren Webt to Get Hatn- 
raligation Papera, While Hus- 
band Tore His Hair. 

rfcMo bf jDnaMno 

breeder oi' picehoraen. He had etahlea 
aad rnJrne* in Aufriea. EaglanJ and 
France, bnt recently retired from that 
field, declaring (hit the ateepleehnieiare 
cruel, and are hilling h-nth jock rye and 
horses, lie now ha* ceatrred hi* Inter- 
eat .it the collection of antiques, pkturea 
and Mculprttres. He owns Sir Jb»bua 
Reynolda • fainting e( tTeorge Washing- 
ten, the dlacorrry of which caiiaed a «en- 
aation last y#at. 

Mr. WilUnacrn raid to-day: 

""I had tusflrwn Kathleen several year*. 

when »he pUfyed tn (h* Tattlea' in Sew 

York id *hj#q ah* mat to Europe. Sha 

j ^ arrirrd oD the OJjmpir, in l«ndon, ten 

I ■ daya ago aDd rant to Parla and we were 

_J miiierfi'* 


There pre men whn trtl misplace a 
wiff and tint be nhlr m remeaihcr when 
or where Ihej last nw b<-r_ Why. men 
who know perfectly well wr.i-rc- their 
wive* are MKneLimrs fnrtfst to go home. 
Iluehanda are an nh^eiitnilad^ et^ff. sa 
a rale. 

But Ki""Ll Querce, rnrmrrly of Italy, 
and now i>t dll North Twenty-third 
9tfnrt, Fluahlliif. h. 1-. iin'i thnt way nt 
all. When > thin.* hit wire is Inat. 
atrayed or ntnlen. bueinew" pii-hs up in 
police liorn-[i|iinrtif «. hospirals. mis^lna- 
peraons hiirenu-, telerrapb oBtrei watt, 
ft become* a n^tic day. He's just that 
w B y. II* «»-is ratiradj. !!»■"■ Italinu. 
and n singrr, ami— n-rll, renu>ernjnr-rrrAl. 

Mm. Qurrxe ia heller knnnn a« l-.nlifl 
Lindcrrn. She la fr«m Swrden: *ar vnnjc 
witch the i'h(e*Eo Urand Opera rmiipanj 
is 1U\~i. wirli th* Century tJrand ■ f, i-m 
Company, and in concert. Unr] >m; 
together m ihi- dinner |« P*4Vt t'r<u- 
misainncr Knricht at tae IlniH A^tor 
three n-r*ka ag". 

On Mopdn> ft(ternr"'n Haonl wa* fit- 
tins; in h'i a Ltomohilr ai Bnwlinf; "Ireen 
white bla wife ^rnt io a li» «r h "iti>" 

at l"rt IlniE*ln-iy nn bu^iarsli. Shr -i « , 

to retttro at three o'clock, hut -hr hadn't 
arrived &t four o'etork. Ilaonl uuchi u»[ 
to hare taken ihal sn n^riom.y. hut he 
wbj maTTied oiily Ian February. Any- 
way, he went lit Icoa. fcr lirr aL Ihr law. 
yer'a office and learned lh*T r-ir left 
there an hour helnre. That wns when 
ftaoo.1 went Up in the mr nnd began 
arnding teleRranis (o eviry one hn knew 
and erery one (he knew, That was ejujte 
a list. 

Not having; lirard from her he lind a 
nation-wide nearch begun by the pojlcj 
yesterday morning Tb* mis^Inc wiTe 
waa tvi-arinsr WBtWfl RWI i "F jewelry 
at thft time ahe dlsappetrml. «n debgrfp- 
tioaa oT (hat were SfflT Bftl In a:d the 
police. HospLtr;- were called and tbe 
uaual procedure which sen In motion a 
country widn artrrb ronunrniMTl. 

Aad yet ic must he admitted that the 
maehinery nTOaw** fairly wel 1 . ¥*Jt#r> 
day afternoon L.r-lia Lindcr^n wa* rlis- 
eoTerrd iu Bostnn, »hfh- »"<- had Son* 
to look after brr naiurauiatina pap*r>. 
Yeaterday n-nv Ihe la^r day t->r that itn- 
pcriant detail, and «-jp Lnirw* "hi! a 
lot of bother it is to ret a pawnor* vrith- 
out tbem. They are ir* sail for Kumpf 
In two week*. Phr bapi^-ned to chink nf 
all thai while in the K-iuitable Bnjidinr, 
aa ehe just abipp'd oerr to Huston and 
attend to it, Tearing one perfectly good 
jnahand marooned at Bowling (.itrrn, 
tearing ont hair and growing slight! J 
wilder erery honr. 

The deaeriptina which the police sent 
put follow* 1 l.ydia t.indgrra. ased XI 
jeart. i feel 11 inches, weight 140 pomida, 
blue rye*, blonde hair, light complexion, 
table cost, blue serjre dress, satin bat, 
jneen feathers, cream ailk stockinga. 
Evan leading out (hi- $lfi.O0O worth' ;-f 
jewelr.r, it is casf|tn *vmpathiac with 
Rag ni. 


Oklahoma Theatre Owner, Who 
Testified He Was Put Out of 
Business. Admits Paramount 
Tried to Help Him Get First 
National Pictures — Cancela- 
tions Were Mutual. 

Motion picture* tlrend.r harfa a arraler 
influrnce upon the Ame-ricaa mind than 
public schools in the opinion of John. 
Jetmen Tlcert. L'tttttd State* Com mil* 
sinner e>f Rduraiinu. 

Thomts A. Rattan*, who was huiy 
hit hack in l^>", laring a fonndatioq. 
fir Charlie ("hin'in't funny feet to 
■ mu*e (he millions, raid jeatentay that 
the motion picture is still ia its Infancy. 
Iff described in detail ■ test be mad* 
i" sh»w thai children ef ten yeara or 
TCTungrj- r«!iid l-e taught rb*mia1iy and 
ph^ale* Kith motion plrrnres and recard 
H as ligbt entertainment tn apiEe of thra 
fact that eixhteeti -rear-olds often find 
«tin> rnlumea on thr subject produea 
nothine hut a headache, conrplicated by 
a de«ire to run away to aea- 

Theae oplnlnna and many ointrra 
eqnally interest :tic went into tie record 
yesterday afternoon at tbe hearing ba 
fore a commUaloner of the 7ederal 
Trade Com muni ion, who ii taking taali' 
■•aonT tn determine wbalbee tbe Faaiooa: 
Pltfett -LairVy rorporatCoti and other 
defendant* afe acting: to rewnralnt of 
trad". >fr. Edison and Mr. Tigert had 
nnrhfnjt to any on tbe question >e Issue. 
Their trail ninny wan merely to show the 
fnipHirtnuce of the motion picttire Imai- 
ness t.. the nation. Neither witness waa 
crtws-i in mined. 

■rtr. FiiH 

RHtaaolinea Itsad, 


AppflUlp Ulvlklon IIip+L-teit to An. <>utnl»n ok Cwb1*a. 

■ .-• - *i D -,'"' w *''■* Mvalaa r>-i ir ■ 
ALBANY. May i"- -Anomey Gen- j 
eral Carl Sherman and hia depuu*-. who \ 
B7-- conducting the State mTentigation 
into the alay^ng of I'lireace Peters nf i 
UairerhiW. Maaa- hy Walter S. Ward "f | 
New RocheUe lait "May. expect a de- • 
cltion of the Appellate Division of the 1 
&ipTtm* Couer In the Ward attorneys* j 
appeal fram Justice Staler a ruling nuk- ! 
ins; tb* Ward 'blackmail cahlegraina'' 1 
nvaiUalt to the State-, 

Joseph r. Rues of Waahinjtton, D. Ct, 
wh^ fi>rnierly operated a motion picture 
theatre in McAlester. c* . waa on thi- 
>■■■■■■• rtoy nl bi« enduraaca conteal aa a 
star fti!hr- : i uh*n there woa a atlr in 
the rear i»f ihe courtroom. Presently, a 
kindly, elderly geailemati: with, hbnc ctea 
bearninr go»d nature from benratb bushy 
fyebre-WB that »iiek riebt straJghl out. 
cattir forward. K^rry otp in the court 
room knew h* bad seen :bat fact befon. 
Mr. T' '** was brushci axide and the tie* 
nrrlral t»ok the aland. 

'Slate youp full name," reiguritat 
coynsel for the fJorertMnear. 

'"Thnms* A. E-TdiBoti." 

"When .li:! yoo firM become Inlrreatad. 
in mmicifl pLetureaV 

■'About IR87, After getting the pho 
nngraph working [ thoaght 1 would try 
to i)o for lb* e*e what t had don-e fr- 
the eaT, 1 made a machine called th 
fcinetojtraph. 1 took the pictures at tb-- 
rate of forty a Mvoad to as in a-et perfec' 
motion. N»w they take wo] T firteen. lt"» 
cheaper. I didn't show these on a screen. 
Thrr were to be run through ■ little in 
strumeni that m would hold up to yout 

eyes riy a hindle." 

"When did you take oat your fir*; 
patentn V 

*.■>.. |-. P f. I «,TltlnjE TatentB. 

"I didn't take out patent* for twe 
years. I didn't atrarh. very great im- 
pnrlance to (he thint;. 1 didn't think 
enough of -- m patrnt it in nTurope al 
all. But nf >- ' 1 had taken out patents 
tuv trowbtr* i>egan, 1( aermtd thai (far 
thing wmrld rrlnie tn the show bualness 
« -I I didn't know p thing about tbs r . 1 
hareni taken oui any more patents Ir 
rnnner-tion with motion pictures Jot tea 

"Give jour impressions. Mr. Ediaoa. 
hm to lb* relative Talue of the ttrious 
«ea«e« a- aTcnuca for recciTLag rduca- 
lion," p 

"About eigbtj-n-Te to ninety per cent. 
or the id*a» come through tbe *J*. I 
hare alwan belieeed in the motion pic- 
ture ■■ the proper equipment Tor teach- 
ing. It in much better than books. At 
nne time 1 had a vision, of remaking th* 
public »rhoo!s of this country, to teach 
reerything with mnxwn picture*, bur I 
ran ioto lb* ecbnolbook publishers and 
saw that I would be beaten. For £a- 
slance. I conceited the idea that children 
of eight to tea years of age coard be 
raugbt I'hemikirr and physic* wiih mn 
.lion picture*, and I tnsde a film for that 
purpoM. Then 1 -rlecir-1 twelve eh I- 
drew, ao as to try it out on the dog. as 
they say. I found thai ihey nndrrstnnd 
nearly nil of it. Tbe part* tlier didn't 
nnderstnnd 1 made rrer Again, f pror*d 
that they could Understand eighty l^er 
Cent, nf lb* subject maim oa the tJrat 

Co*ldn'< Back Dook rnnllanari*. 
"Then I summoned educatora fron 
New York iu see the [e«. They went 
debtb(*d but thry went back to New 
Ttodj and aever did aoythin^. I Mw 
that I «m tip against the bock pnbliah- 
en pnit would be defeated. Books am 
a very poor means for teaching. Chil- 
dren do ue* like then. Very little in 
taught ihrough the ear eacept music, 
while lb* motion picture scores about 
'■-■ per cent, foe teaching anything. I 
recsli (he case nf a men who had a Bxa* 
chine for makinr bottle* very rapidly and 
rery cheaply. Tie triad to pt jsrogd* t* 
Inok at it tnt thee waaldn t. I made a 
motion picture ol bis marblae in apera- 
wa. at took the plrtorea to- fimrop* 






New Warm Weather Styles 

Sponsored By 


An, unequalled combination of style, quality and value. , 
And any style "sponsored by Chapeaux La Marquise" means that it 
represents- the newest and smartest in the prevailing mode of 
millinery. So these hats offer the latest conceptions in hoadwear for 
the occasions of summer — formal and informal — in the style and 
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and told $800,000 worth at the midline-: 
and came back with tha money. 
■- ■■"With: motion pictures you «lh chinjn 
the manners and customs, you ud im 

. ¥00 ■*«. If Darwin **a Hxl . 
■ w» are very Imitative antraalt -without 
aauen imstfnarjeu AMI W« do Wilt w« 
-eee done." 

"Whit in your judgment will ^ tb« 
future growth of the motion plcturo bnti- 

"The motion plcturo is just bird} 
atarted. It hi* Men develapad obly if 

So amunfirrnt (nature now. Its greatest 
eld I* .education rind that rmnina almost 
1 untouched. When that is dcvclopM all 
the children: will want to avj to school. 
It will: bs Itnpoaafte to if#p Ui#Jti -iwftr, 
We will have loti of hlshfarowi.' But 
just In It* present ttatc It l-n already the 
most powerful JtRCHcj- lu uiiteuee for 
1 inRnftnein*; tfplnloH ind thou ant It faf 
exceed^ the radio or anythisjt the radio 
may noilevc," 

rsiis* the seat BfiiMtar. 

UsriHs) EUtpft rommiftcHwr of .fries- 
; tioU Tlf>rt BMt took the aland and slid 
tbat te*U Uy« Ijren made by examina- 
tion of 1*0 ■roup* of rdtitdrtn, on* in' 
i Jjfueud nith motion pictures and the 
^'•twr by lecturta. la trait? instance, ho 

■-uld; tho cllldttm instructed by ^opoa 

. pictures Hand the brttrr test. "The 

average individual," tie enid, "reWlvea 

•jure ImpresndMi thnmtb bia eres than 

. V all other means roailsined." 

-- Mr- TIa«t asJd history In th*. future 

will be taught with thf. aid of motion 

pletar**, bwiuan nearly every uttnt of 

^■ffWit l»po«*ne« U now caught by the 

'camera, and there will bn no excute for- 

■■ twiDf anything l«a awurate. Be said 

i th> value of pictu-M in AmtrieaMlxatloU 

-work ftt^-^J. t« orcintittd. "It w« oould 

\ 'i\t \ ' ni'ii ••" ' ' • ■ " 1 






■"ft, Mul Stop-Off" 


: YUtamu . SE&UHADzas, 

|ir- r*a^Milail JlaBMat^aaant 

take tlic Jorelin-boni all over this coun- 
try," b* fetid, "we could aivn ihctn aa vc- e, Impreaaion of the country and lu 
meaning to them. While we arc unable 
td d» that, W an hrina th« conntfy to 
lb*tn throoih the film. TTha effect Is re- 

"WJiild the Eabtfoa piotute in ?nlr]y 
witHJajwlopod for ooTumtrcial cntfrtaJii- 
rr.etjt, I do not tblnk that win ultimately 
ha Ita rreatut field: Then aro onlj a 
few tbouiand theatKB in the wbolo coun- 
try, wbtiB there aro qpwardi of a qnartrr 
of a million when]*, not to mention clubs'. 
Ilbrarlaa and other ontlata for educational 
films. Neri>rtrielcs3 F ilie morion picture 
fa ajnadj a mors potent force for educa- 
tion In the broadest sebfs than the aehool. 

'"The average dailj attendhnce At 
athoola lot th« whota nation la about 
ln^OOOjOni, while the aVertgx dally at- 
tendloAB at motion picture anoWs ia 19,- 
000,000. Moreover, the achc-ol* cln«c In 
the HurnmrrElmp, wbllo motion picluru 
allows do not." 

»*, Boaa totitlim** Ilia lament- 

Attar jcErlriK their teiUmon^ Mr. 
Edifloa and Mr, fTigart hurried awij. 
Joseph 0. Bojb rcnitaetl the ataod for 
crofea-aXUttlnaUoU. His direct leitl- 
tfio.Djr ocCHpied two daja Uat iccek. At 
the cloie of the d!aj, tlic crosa -examina- 
tion had. not prosreMed Terr far, 

Tim eroaa-exlmlniUlori went at frreat 
lanttii orer Mr. Booaa cofiiiilalatji againat 
the Oklahoma kJtancT lor l r araotousl V'*- 
turcit.. Hft/had told hlf aide of tbaaa 
nunitreuB coattOTerklea on dlTect exam- 
ination and the croBa-c.3BmlnB.tion wan .ro 
bring out the *jfcnrj'n aide. One iteiQ 
of Importance wbb bla aMertinn that he 
had opened hti motloa picture ahow Id 
McAwittn, OklaW alter raceirine. rcrbat 
aaaiirance from Harry Freeman, who rrji- 
reecnlM the dlatrlct «ci:t't tot- 1'ara- 
moiurt PictntcK, that Paramaimt woulit 
ant pai in aa oppoeirinn bouae ea Icnti u 
be.uaed Paralmoulit acrricc. The cruaji- 
ezamlnation developed that ilirrr wh 
nothlnc of this aort in nrltiOK and that 
the ortly Itltera refr-rinf: to it iv«re dc- 
tiiaje of a\ny iwcb ajreemeht. ,,_ 

"What were you under obligation to 
do (n return for that Jirrceiiunt ':" aaked 
Ilobert 9wiJoe, counael for Fatooua I'laj- 
*r*-Laikr Ca-rnofarloru 

"ttua I'araiBount IHctiirea." 

"For abj deflnite length of time?" 

"No; hut I auppoae aa long aa I had a 
theatre there," , 

"But yon r«(ild go ont of nniinras or 
■qn-Jt Paramount any tltoe- you wtJU- 
ed to!" 

M Tea." 

"Ia other wordi. ar you uadcniLatii] it, 
rarawnnnt it* bound by tb# agreement 
aa long fta you wan in bunL*io<*i! In tha 
town, hot you could terminate the agree- 
ment at any timo yon MMadrl" 

'"W>U, they wanted to aeU their pic- 

(ion »ii«ja ciamitd. 

Mr. Ecis hid compliiMd of AQrheroui 
ctacAL!atl>rma nf pictures Which he hid 
ordered, go th« CKMfl-CumtMtloit brfiiRi: t 
out that be had nfcu> fflnccled many 

frlctttres he had ordered- Tola brouRAt 
ntr> thr ^rldeoc* doaena ti( lattera refer- 
ring to the rarioua tranaaethiajr. 

Mr. Rues had complninod Ihgt pic- 
tum which he had contracted for under 
the imprc^'irji! they wen "Hrat run" in 
McAleeter, had l.rnt sefii there before. 
Mr, Swainr dereloprd, « n crwa-eiarn- 
iaatlon, that ihew tnanBCera with the- 
atre* In «rera| to*na Bometinjft took 
their fllma rrom town to to*u in Vlsla- 
tlc-n oi theEr agrecTnent. and that the 
piftliree in qii+'«tion might thu-i have> 
H#n Bhn» a tn SlftAirftiPT without Faro- 
mount baring a record of the fact.' Mr, 
Boae attll Inaifttad, howtiver, that regatd- 
l«* of how it happened, he should have 
been relnshneaed. 

Au anafnl of tetiefa -weat Into the 
record Mlattof to di*putea about Mr. 

BoBa'g account with the Oklahoma die- 
trlbuting agency for Paramount Pic- 
ture*. It apheart that Mr. Bos*- had 
signed contract* for a number of pic- 
turce at ?.3*>, with, the Verbal understand- 
ing; (hat an effort would be made to get 
a reduction to ^0 a day. He remitted 
nt HQ a day, but the rcducUou woe not 
made. Aa the record Btaoda, the pic- 
tures were billed to him at the contract 

Another volurniuoua correapendenca re- 
lated to Mr. Boea'a complaint about hie 
comedies having lieeti seen In McAlcater 
before. Ho waa paying (IS a day Fur 
these. The agency moved him up one 
year on comedies to maha Bun tbat hi 
would get more Pew cues, put ctaangeu 
the price to 130; which ha courti not 

Triad in Hrln Him Oat, 

Mr. Bon Sid charged that tho Okli- 
lidna agency eeemcl 1o be trying to 
brine abbut liis faiEure. The Tjrcia-ei- 
amlnattou brought out wrreiiponqTiiec.iii 
which, tho Oklahoma agtncy, ms a matter 
of coa«ear» tried to help him gat aomo 
First Kauqnai picture* to complBte hia 
prograci. Firat 'XiattgBfll J itta a compCli- 
tor of Parajnonnt 

AbotfcM 1 Icpgthy WTTMpondtOco ro- 
l&ted to what appeira to ba a miauhdrr- 
sliinding about two-daj rnna for picturct. 
Mr. Boca underetood that he Could run 
certain fllma cue day and bdug ■them 
back later tor another day- Tba funnier 
Uplaioed that the two day* meant two 
cauaccutira darn, ami nut Mug dae. 

Id one of the leitEra to Mr. Boa* tho 

Stncy writfti: "ttenlying to your dally 
tar - 

Mr. Bom will h* ub the itmd again 
thla mofntaa; at J.0-3O o'cloek, when tho 
htarlng Is rraumeil on the Fifth flbdr Of 
tiic Kiiffineering Building, 13 Weft TuiT- 
t: '-ul n tii atTtot. 

"loh-Ml fair lc*m<Ul H hob P ;/m. 

The Plajer.l Club coming revival of 
"Tit School for Bdndal" la having a 
hard tEme flndlug a home. Fire I the 
Frobman ronipitiy, which lute undtr- 
tlkeit to iupp)y a theatra for tba oue- 
Wrck run which the Players will give 
their production, were ready to hare the 
event tike Ulirc at the Empire Theatre, 
but the allcceaa of "Kinder the Groat" 
now make* that Impoaalhle for eoreral 
month* to come. Tbca the Frobmlna 
thought It ^usnlhle that tho Lrteum The- 
atrf mijtiit be shortly e.inilrlh>, Init the 
Kmwlnr Buccea* oE "The Maunteriank" 
again thwiirt-ii ri] plan*. At ady rtte t 
the gnvciriors of the. Sftft are reiolvetl rO 
hive the sroduerion open in oom* houie 
the- first »Hk In June. The- Frohlrjih 
Cnmpay hi* promlaad that anme othfr 
theatre will he ready io hemte the ah- 
aUr CTBnt. * 


Wttn XeiifT Cmllo nf 31 Fifth 
•tr**ri w«thafrk*B, w , j, r w R , 
»rrv*tta TvatcTdnv In Xiirifc tlrr- 

fHi bf* PollrCirtBri Krhvrlt' tar K 

Miner IrafBU vlolmloh k* veaa 
awkast |* dlNplny fc|« drhrt'i 11- 
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■OiHa ain't c-indya.;" 

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'■Wrll, th*n T»» BBlOWld hr 

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MocumH rtfeo 14W11 Ills prlioner 
hvtnrr ItvevrdCT HUai, In ihe 

Narvk ■•»«•« polic-B [?»n, sVkckw 
He w».h Asuad *JBO, 

JAMAICA, L 1., TUESDAY, MAY 15, 1923. 

T«itt(b >l«r af Ihi! liptlnt mttllat of tk* Mrtropolltap Jockey 
Clnb. Weatkaf ClokdT. SlnrHtn d«rl. t>rail. 

i: e*crft-rr. W. C. 

FTMItblt Ju4m, r. C. Ball> UB C. rorr.fhlrto. Si.T-jr. IT. CaaltdJ, KM 
i;o m -i'i. 

rint nrt eiUtd it *,ia f. %. ■Udtcaine fir, taute epprniin allcmnrti 

tlrnr Li oiritlt). 

"lislpttiml — IV, Wbli; 3, «|Un.: B. IIllRkan. 

ocflAT aTBT RACB!-riT» lurtooai. tliUL-.t»»-!-Jw,l Tl^t. .tt .«\ l«*i- **"*• 
*Jw*l ii. Villi iftiu* io, T24S.M; Mcrad, itatf. Uirt. %W>. T»t-)in-w>n. AIID*- 

ralfliile*. Oil ilia K#rt taoi. Wim ridB«n outT pl«* *J*™** 
Butb Lit, Orom, ftA^CQCA B LfaliLE. Tnlwr. S. C . >|IIJrrta. 

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■Mud th* le*^*r» I1ld e-p-rn up ■ ce.n)mihiJLfti laid. 1(14 w«» jnStr pnMfira In lb* ■(FwlrTi La wUh- 
»UBd CAYI 1VOUAJVB rh»ll™i*. "ha 1« ■ ruEd NUT 4ad Will iBOrDTf, CAVE WRH.AH. ■"*» 
db tit ma nr. notitiil ■tfidllr an*Ur a ILrii*. DUWaTlCK. mr lurMril)-. bid do Mlihani, 
APOUMV rlo*»a HMdlta [■««■ a tlv* WBIiialiH. DCCKr urfd srouml In Hi* rarla ninnins. (nil 
llrrl bciSs" IHa finU Untth dr|r«, Ml!BllKTTEr VlJI Improve. HAEY 1JNK pml LAOO^JH "IM 

»»t drlTtn bird vtien will Hutu. CLARICE c. ?\3 tut tier rldtr n lb* aurl wbid tht »um- 

OvHrr—t. H*BB«*i BUtbli: L J, hviUir: I. If. P. WbliMj: *, T. w. o'Hrirn: ». *. t. Wn- 
mo: 1. A. lurid: :, Bl s(. Htmsi: I, rtiriin guble; I, Ock Rld«* BUM*; n>. i'ui"!" aubig; 
1L UarrcM lutfl*./ 

orflCT BtCOND RACE— He rarlflDE*. rtwfB— 1.UH— t— UT-) 1Mm«. .H% .«14. i- 11 - ?1 " w ' 
«wtJ3 I EjajU T4laa to irtoDtr. :«I,H: ■ Hood, p«, third, iiM. Tsi*e-ja*j--«is filli*^ 
AHovintn FMt 1 mtimtH. utr 11 i.ST. iurt (i»d. Won rlidtu out; pUet drtttot- ^inair, 
tb f. 1. *J Pranmitlra-rij tj- Hltfu lad. Pwwr, M, P + WHJTNIt, TwlMr. F. KWilM . 



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Trarl ««ri. fW. R. Coa rtUr. r*Lt AT DAT hul vA ip»d ol Ibi Itild and *al a l.rluli pira 
th:nuitimji: aba ban cm La tha atr*lrb. but uodrr HcAbn'* ilin^Mii hurOtls*, >t«d rff UU| 
rbllt+fUti "t HOW FAIR. HOW PAIR iU boUilrad wtaa FLT BT DAT L,w- cut <P dta rtntctoi 
Ski MO I *:■■>■! ra» lor h«r aauon'i rtral *nl t!!I Inpron, FOW WOW brake 'lowly •-r.i rui 

a good n<*. rrftiii'LE-s-r fLaiihad wan. , 

0»rrW*libl-ES». 1H- . _ 

Owaart-i. 11. P. WUMn: 1 A. BtDunl: », w. A. Cm; 4, W. R. Co*; t. J. W. Iimmir; C T. 
W. Whlla; 1- Allle* iUblf. 

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iDUOl ^Hj. ijjmj ,, Hitli pyraa. !l,M.B; aslut to vlMir. !*«,»: iwoDd. IH»: Uilrt. 

UN. Tor*+-»M"A|d» W4 upward, CltMrtw. P«l 5 nlcuLM. Qll at J.t«. Blarl »->t4. Won 
diir1p<;_pi*<*_Mnn. Wliodr. t c *. br Mu Mta-C ontlnU. 0# d »r And tr>|ptr. r. aWxT Ort, 

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Trick toed. Fu"HL wu i well s» all thi wur And ur.f.e.- btta bralcp; m ih» itrniph wort. 4o-*i 

III* tlrCnr 201'AVE. Th| Utlfr bad 'II bli «{MM Ul tr) a firtak par, -m,'. is tin It Ut fLTial 
furkni. SWEET AMD FRETTr *n vail uj *|I Uit wij »B.d, IhtdiwA h T iS* nliht, flnlibrd ««- 
Lni; fail la tho itrttch. SCFEIIA OOLnMAn h-an> • tow tmrlnnlns .fini.hert losnn nplillr. CAR- 
MENflTA Md K1J*0-B BELLB Hr**d r»r!r "MM. LIBERTY Olf". w.. bird \iTtH ta ittwd 
tb? pic? at f.OlAVE ftAt cjull tltfilT In lb« 111! iinrxr. 

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Hrrn- tiattn-r. Hit; HHT Abi1!1*i, :■'; H»f< LIUJ* Psurf- 1»: 
Ccr± Hlir>, |W. 

Own*r»—]. C, RmirtQ: J. M. HuifU: 1, 0. K«ni|rwild; I, J. iv:i.:«, I. L. LAaWcai a, W- 
K*cio*J1f: !, W. H. Finn a,' ►*, tw*4«Jl I.' C. 4. OnKiiDintr: ii% M. LOHJI1& 

■m'KTK ftACS— «\1 ri.rlfin.*. |«BS-l. life— I-UT I Tina. .HS **.**. Ml RAlB.- 

ad-L-ap. 1t.»0 added; VAlU IO trlBMr, IfciW: worJ, MOD: Uhlrcl. ttao. Thr**; 

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JUflT I'AVT CMPTOH Wlb t 1(*H I I 

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1»I4R Rl'NANTELII W t lid 

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b**l Wrtn; bi bad Bit «tr<M. RlfllL brolw a h|l ilcwJr, but do«*A with a *ra*t mtlt. r3J,tArrT- 
UAN tMk* Ilarllr, MbVad Up lift In tb* iL-ttrh. Tia t tlrad !n Hit la.t MihUi. ■ CAVEAT ElfPTOR 
■!■ Uireuah »*.f!». Tha o:s*rt UkfwmI idhlftX. ,. , - « M _, _.- •" 

Or*rwa4(ftt-^il«ntrilML E f»n*l Ehbiot. JM BcnttB'd— fl4*T Kneblil*. 1»; llUTTrratdT, )H: 
nilTRMk'L 111: :HlT' Bid lllr. 144: |i«r* HOW TALr. 1«, 

Owoara-I. S«nt«u CUbl*; 1 Alllia Stalili*: 1. RiOHKAB SUbI»: 4. GraWtra* ttAbta; B, Qalttcr 
IlA>li; 4, L«iift|tMi B!at.i-: T, (I. Wnanou: a. J. E. Wldcntr. 

OFVlDT yiFTII RACt— Fir* !urlon|«, |1HJ1*- H*— 1— !<)*.} Tlf9*. .11. .***. tOMt. T'jna, 

BUnMI I ii.««; cala* m wlasar, 1I4T. instl. UM: tLtrJ. |1«0; ■ Twa-JtAr-Olia- ClaETBlOj:. 

Pnal | alnniM. 0(4 at. 4.11. Btart ■pnor. Won rldAar/ out "i ylirt d/lvlire. Wloaar, eh f- f. bi 
M*cUlti.llABr-L«id T Lon do n. O ww. KlfrniM BTABljE. Trala 

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II1ST' KORMAKA will 14' 
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I — DUOrf KlH I T 

1WT' HARD BAROAIJ4 w 1IB 4 l«ft af pe «t 

Tntb rwKt. LADT AODRBTY. <1c»i»t r» niwn thin ■**■+ HblUiad |oto« flit lln»m* a>* 
itriTili U Wtdt do«m NCRHAKA In th* l*at itptaanLh. TUB L.l!*r haJ Ula ftpiod ft (ha (laid »d 
Ml H:i paca under (Una)- nBOdUlPJ, aplr te lira ndduly tl tha led. FOREST FLOWFjR hrnk* 
arMolT, Bui *IO*w4 coins IMl Id 4b» la»t rtabth. AKHW teat tha aALa, ba4 *(M*d, t-lt Uf*J afUr 
■Elai A biir. DOROTHT UTAH dtw* But i«rn fcbfh.. Bima to« for BABSIJUn. HARD BAROAiH 

H aT^'Ftor i*t\*y* 


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Ownara-l. KnRan* BtUla: f, I... r. r«rp«i!t-: :. R. T. Wllion 
larrlll; *. I. F. C«den: T. Bl OCSia j EiahTi; 1, I. Sluilrr. 

•JCrVfiT fllXTW riACK— On* r-.ll# and H'ffilr JArdi*. (MMI— 1 . tl *i-*— U». > TUM. -H- 
♦lyLW I i j,«i_ t.4t*4. »,«^. Pnraa, rufl; »*m» la wtDAVf. t?»7; f*rand. WM: Uh'rd- 
Thr*--y«r-.i!'j and upward, Atiowuraa. F«l 4 rsisuUi. Off At Ml. S^ri p"« Won r[ 
apt: plar« drlrlDa.. Wlmirr. ch r, 1. nj Vncti— Ml* Til»_ Oiroeni, aHtESTRBH ftTABLB. Tr* 
T. P. Waplpjf. _- I 







V11.CAIK PARK wb 4 1! 
AITTMN nELLB wb I ill 

RAKDT KATCH - 1 lid 

AIJ.. AMERICAN' wt 1 Ita 


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Plivi 44 ?-S C^laiiiB l ' 

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Trw* erod. IMJN-CI-OWC, qnd*r llitbt retrain* )r+ 1h* *arlr rnnnlts, Ibnwrwfl Bli pqaiUDG 
ataAdllr; fca diiBo*** at nATTERSEA ill i.o, .!-*irn. but waaljaqad In tba last, wrmi, plXi ABd 
<u»t UitfJ ATHKUTAM al^w i.s pat ninnlns, m«wl bp f«4t MJ U$i «it»id» tb. ib# pflU lhr*4 rnr- 
lSBfi and woulil # won in AtrHBU ItTld*. HATTEnnEA IMP* «i-9uad «R Uia *ri*; D* IOCS eoi»- 
ausd la ti* ilrata*. Dttl Clrwd. ind wu prshisij iIiml IIYPRRlflN- ran an trai 
DUORAH had b0 ullbtlnl. VULCAlN PARK brn^* Hciwlr And flwarl A b!g pap 

CarrwiUa waits I— ■aearf m*l'». UB. DMfw4IHb(— PbiiH Stur, ■: Koo-a-Ui 
abnw Jui. ill: KMT' llf*P EDk-d. 1« : ieKT llord*ir«t:fc. 114. 
... frSrein— 1. drtadUw* filihtr: t. I. T. C«m M ■; I. J, P. vi'!d«r,.r: *. ii. f. Flii.« : f. A. hUlnonC; 
d Bhl« BtAi- Hiabi*: '.- J. B. siniih. I. Alliu Stablt: a. J. K. aUddtn; II. T. w, Q'^'iso; n, R. 
BIMrBj-H. a AlbtTA. 

■ . ■■■ ■ j ... _ J L.T > *ari n » i ii ■ . I JL 1 .. 1 .■ I,-' - » Jlj-e f 

I III Ul'l. SIT. 
fT fclSlthwJ-fltlOTI 




MOftOATE piltfS 


©hop House 


Plana of Harold Hall, IT year* old, A 
cjbYn hoy of Litcrpoul, Eoguaid, to elopa 
with a l>y*ar-otd achool giri were ln- 
tcrruptad early ycjierdhy mortilng: whan 
DeWtlvo Daniel UriHIa of Ue West 
liwili atnrat ataflon camb across' the pair 
on a Bench In Moralngaide Psrrk aad 
placed the youth under arrest tjn u cu»rse 
of vagrant?!'. . 

Th* jlti whorn young H*U Juld he 
loved and wanted to imirry mvi tsju back 
to bla iamily in England was Flora, M sr 
Hut, a ^pil, of P. .6. 15.4, Shu' W*i 
taken to the bona of her paranta- 

Hnll waa taken before Maiiatratc WUt 
He hi A- t>w«et«ar it* West Sldo Court, 
where ha tearfully told of bfa lovo. He 
hml hut 28 cents left at, 909 he received 
ni-lirn l.v Itft the Carman!* of Hie Cnnard 
Line, on which he eauuc over as n cabin 
hoy six weeks ago. Hit ntory touched 
th. Court ami AaaUtajit Uiitrict Attor- 

ney Jcwph PiecocjidEo. took up a collac- 
tion Tjcttfac $10, Th* l« was given tba 
money ntid reminded to Sail for two flaya. 
The British Consul will be notified la tht 
meanwhile. ^ - f- 

VIlp cabin boy oafd he w«a a irarluate 
of Aalop High School, Liverpool, Eng- 
land, where hie, father ia sit present a. 

on rarioiiH Inrgo puMcnger ahipe in tha 
three years he Iibji been at mv», the hoy 
salri After leaving tha jCermaul* h» 
west to live at the Bower/ x, H. C A. 
Later he had a room In Harlem, but his 

money gave oat atid he Una been fcumc- 

leaa tha last few* days. 
_ A few days ago he Diet the yoUng 
achool prl and aiondny night they -rrent 
out with another girl HTid boy. Tho cabin 
boy tools n liking to Flora and walklnjf 
her linjiif Monday gipht stopped to tell 
of his travo5n on tlit park !>Liirb nu'd his 
denlrt to tas,e his home in Ejtig- 

The detective hroka in on the i-nir be* 
fore ihe girl could answer one way or 

- Scotch Calf 

WVuiaheuir, oV HaWsry- skoaa Btaad for 
all that ii raquirod, in botiS ippmnaxm 
*nd wrnir, tp srstaUitli ihsmo in an indi- 
vidual cl»4a. L*a'.» and Paltevtu ««el u . 
lively our own design. 


Whitehouse & Hardy 


t«a VEST41* IStnft 



I.. Aatak)#r«-«r A Co. (WOK.) 

(dO0> Matava.) *. 

2.80 P. H-— aonr'rcdtal by Mar- 
Jorle.Soper Xaab, aoprano. 

3.1fi to 4 P. M.— th* Mabel 
wamaol Playerp, how ap[Ktarinir. at 
the Strand Theatre, Newark, will 
pracBt Ina Claire'a aucecsa, "PoUr 
With a Put." 

<Mf> P. M.— Home Garden Hints. 

0.18 P. M.— Joint program by 
Marlon Mcwlnnd Adama and RoaJEia 
Raymond Horder. 

S P. M.— George M. Ogle of the 
GenernI Electric Corapany will Bpt^k- 

8.10 P._ M. — Special program under 
the auspices of Atabelaniifl. Corby, 
rompoeer. Songs, by Madam Janet 
Bnah-Hccht, rontraito. A talk by 
Gcrtrudo Stele Chambcra, paycholo- 

".10 P. BI.— Bcbo Daniels, film 
star, ■ft-iil b« intcrvf«wcd by David A. 
iJaU-h. Cdihr of Movie Weekly. 

B.30 P. M.— Songs by Mm. Thorn- 
top Fisher, mezzo contralto, of Flueh- 
log, L J, 

O.C0 ,PJ M.— Thornton Fisher, cur- 
iOablst, will apeak on "Broadway 
Bedtime Stories." 

10.10 P. si.— Hadlr. Danre by 
Frank Relllj- and bin "Oaktvood 
Arm? Hotel Oroicatra." 

AHtcrleauBi Talapkansv A Tel«> 
arrwpk Cenpasr.) (WE*" 1 .) 
<*o% Mvtcrw.) ' : 

11 A, M. — "Summer F'o^erinp 
Bulbt," by Mr. KenDFth BoJ-nton, 
head gardener of the New York Ho 
tflnfcal Gardens. 

11. B0 A. M.— "What to Do UntlL 
tbe IJoctdr Colne9," a talk by Dr. 
John A. WadVj president of the &> 
ciety for Instruction in Firat Aid. 

4 P. Si. — Program by aUlrnbel 
Brorhcti Mew York store. Bedtnl 
by Joaephlue Vcliauti. soprano. 

4.30 V. M.— BaritOflfl eoloa hy 
Archibald 8. WlUmn. 

4.« P. M.— Violin solos by Jojeph 

id .B.15 P. IT.— Piano solos by Edna 

7.30 P. U^'Pitfallo- that Krtnre 

Unlnfoprned Invratpfh" A' .Lttlk hy 
^lr. HI J, rHcnapy. J ' Jm, 3- 
T.W7P.S1JL— ttcr4tal b/.MarRfl 

N'Mtrirun, soprani -atiij Florence 
DethnrldKe, coblrtlrxt. 

JLP. U.— "Twq G«at Events of 
lTSfcy a ulk hy aoo«o McNeir. 

•8,10 P. M.— "The Piratca of Pen- 
aancf'/' by Gilbert i- Sullivan, pre- 
sented lu Oratorio form by the New 
Hnehelle High School trnp""- 

» P, M.— Browning, King A Com* 
phny'e Wcdneaday nUht dance. 

10 P. ST.— The versatile. Ruth «5*- 
ttr* — Helen Bell Hnsh, snprsno, nud 
Mafgueritt; Ruth, contralto, accom- 
panied by Herbert Spencer, well 
kDoWn rjoibpoaar. 


I Continued From plow 1.) 

degrrt In cophectiab with Ui* pohon trm 
Icttrrr* atnt td 147 ludEvld'jkls. would^K 
brdught from Ettrnpr and placed on trinl 
ha duiwarad: ! \ 

'If he cornea hack to Kew Tnrk he. 
wjll be." 

'Ashed If Sdaxweil could b« ejtradited, 
the Ulatrlct Attorney ani-i : 

'I dm.'t«thihk that mohea the alight- 
eat rtifTer-nc^, art:ially, becAuaa if we do 
&nd it lit not extraditable I venture to 
tay that bla count*!, Nathan Burkan, 
will bring; hi mhero kiiyaiBy." 

Thare bsul twen^o call for the Grand 
Jury bundling tha case to appear at the 
Criminal Court* Building u ydt to con- 
iiaer farther indlctaeau, tbe Diatrict 
Attorney ' laid. 


DEi^Y THE A. A. U. 

AUe«L Bind*, Helen Waktwriglit 

and Qertride Ederle Bail oil 

Bersngatia fct Znglfmrl, 

The national A. A. V., already buir 
bittldg off a arsrirm. of bees, -will now 
have another swarm to Contend with. 
Allecn Rlggrir-, Helen WsliiwHkI.: nlid 
Gerlruac EMerle, three of the beat girl 
Maimers In America, all r.cetkd for 
Athirica'a 10M Oljpipic tcua» have dt- 
fled the A. A. V, In selling for Bug- 
It&d aboard the BerCnfUia to gwim in 
matt*. there. Ths A t A* L". forbad* 
anch competition. ' The girla got sway 

Charlie Paddock, tha Bprinter, thua de- 
fied tho A. A, V. about ^10 weeka ago 
ahd the reault has bean a narahaling 
of rival l&fluenees for a finish bout be- 
tween the A. A. U. and other inventing 
bodifJl (-laiTiiiiiK to hrn-fl Jut m mucJi 
authority. The New Tork Wern«n> 
STvimnihc Aaaodationi will be d«Jared 
in rebeUion againn the A. A. U. : the 
nunnfijt nun of the tbrt* little girti 
tikea, the wdttr In a BrltUfa meet. 

at<aiss4*4li *# Wda4 Ha snV 


Carl Carroll TneRtrv J* Ike Placei 
Afcrun*, Mansiarer. 

The Lambs yesterday atmounced their 
annufil Spring gaiolml. It will fco held 
Sunday evening, Juiifi 3. at the Earl Car- 
roll Theatre anil n |irogl L am of unusual 
Interest ia promised, an at that time 
most of the imiiortatif Liimlis will be 
in town la iaiu in tha itununl Public 
Spring oVrnt. Alfred E- Anrnna will tie 
the general mannaer. Pnmell R. Pratt 
tbo general atneO director, and Murk A. 
Luracher and Georce Lo Guere the gm- 
eml uuaintofl manasera. accorrliiip to the 
tinhounwmenl of Slicpherd A. O- 
Brown. Tho theatre hsa been donated 
by Bftirl Carroll. 

The program lor the Spntiir eambol 
Will ba aclccteJ, as Is the UtUToBBS f™ 11 
kraong the nkiw. eatirca nnd Hketehwi 
■A'bhrh proved most popular during the 
Winter scries of private H" rrjtiols, and 
the list will Jjc confined to thoie which 
have not been bccti in public More than 
HX) Lambs will appear. 


Asaarloan Grodp Mmlc KKfcnilQd 
tftmr *n Furnnt. 

Dattllug against a benvy b#ad-ofl 
wind for tho laat two days, tbo buited 
Antorican liner Mount Clinton arrived 
in port last Rvtalse; enrrying 303 third" 
clasa pnssenavrs, mnetly Germanpi who 
come to seek wort. Anjnnc; tbo po&sen- 
getl were thJrtj"-fonr Americans woo 
ore returning to the- United States after 
en aitendct] ooionru in Europe. Tha 
Mount Ctlntou docked nt Pier Sd, foot 
of Forlj'Blith a tree I, North River. 

The hraunt t'lLnton suiled on May J 
on her slltceath vnyigt from Hamhurf. 


jofal mere acquaint- 
once, or a more intimate" 
gift fOra tiroeMrierJ friend, 
may bo obtained easily, 
quickly arid without un- 
due ex pens? at Ovingtor.'a. 


StiyThaj GUT SAP," fif F:(lb Anna*" 

Knickerbocker Cars 


AT 12.30, 1 AND LIS 

FARE, $1.00 

P. B. WALKER. Mw,„ 


Tat BUni ol a P i rfe 1 1 1 y 







Aqdl 4 otitrr Claaar Conteats 
HdlhtiltaK n* a t 8D P. M- 

'-ru-iAi, raci THAiNa 

bar* m a Etaika K4 EL aa3 TOl AV>,I 
ilan ria(taq»fi A**.. *rw9Wm, »t l».aO, 
I...tH>. I. JO, 1.SJS p, .«. sp*«tat 
Wn rdwrvad tnr laJln Hcuitr nf* 
1a*rtns Xfw York ud BronklrB it LM 

P.V, llofr. •: irick AIM ll* r^alpilfta 

Ave, "L." Id ii6Lb t\L t J*»*l**. ib«c*t 

If trdpif. 

Aalmlralon *!l.f>&* Inarnaros The. 



Special Service to the 


Our only ******* NBiib* n ^ 

LONGacre 4900 




SPAT, MAY 17, I9Zj: 


Teitimony of TTp-State Exhibitor 

'Thill to IHttloie Evidence of 

Forcing Tactics, 


ntr* Owner Ft*, name 4 Defiant 
(inn Kept In B bbEkmb — Botj 
pi*lbBci an it«nd* 

J. S. Bwrnhsm, woo has operated mo- 
tion picture theatre* It Cortlandt, Aa- 
torn ind S«eea Falls, BT. Y-. was placed 
r,n the stud yesterday before Commis- 
sioner E r C- Alvord of the Federal Trade 
Commission, inqulrinf Into the opera- 
tlono af Fammu PUyersLiiky Corpora- 
tfoa Id determine whether the; act in 
restraint of trade- The purpose of Mr. 
Buruham's testimony vli to ahcw that 
•xhlbiton were forced to buy Paramount 
Pictures whether t.heT muted tbttn or 

Mr, Eiirahnma ie!>rimonr developed 
that the sale* fove* which ottered Para- 
mount Plctlltrt included no shrinking 
violets. When they went after business 
rhev went after St. The teittraony indi- 
cated no ajXnptotEK of sleeping sickness. 
Bat the parpoae of tho teatimooy *ii 
to show coercion and nor energy. On 
th* teore of eocrtlon the erriM-eTsmina- 
ttQU quickly developed that in spits or 
•U the efforts of the Buffalo office, for 
FtmoDi Players-Lasky Corporation, the 
witness, Mr. Borah am, did not buy Para- 
mount Ficturca, that lie invited th& salei 
"-force In question to take, the air, that ha 
rot all th* pictures be wanted from other 
(mi. that he remained in business and 
ti infant be added, remained dniitnr, Hla 
testimony showed that then was a row, 
but It scarcely showed that there was a 

Told TbM 4a C** Out. 
- Mr. Barnham aald that a Mr. Rosa, 
repmentlsr the Famona PIsyers-Lasky 
distributing office In Buffalo, called on 
hixn several timet at Cortlandt, ft, V.. 
whb» be bid at that titne two theatre*. 
Sift Rose wanted to aell him picture*. 
H« T.-0-jLdn't buy because hn tald the 
"price* were too high and he would have 
to change admission price* Ef be bought 
them. After numerous calls by Rose 
another representative from the Buffalo 
office came back witb Boae and the con- 
ference was heated. Mr. Rnrnham testi- 
fied that they threatened him. ■ This 
wAa ruled ont at a conclusion of the, 
witness. He wo* asked to repeat what 
wu ■old. He couldn't recall what was 
■aid beyond repeating several times that 
the conference w*j very heated and that 
be. In effect, (old them to move op. 

Shortly after that a series of four 
advertise men is appeared in the Gort- Standard, a newspaper, asking to* 
people of Cortlandt to demand of their 
thoutre tnajingori an opportunity to tee 
Paramount Pictures. The advertise* 
mciUs declared that Cortlandt wns about 
the only city In the State which was 
denied the privilege, of seeing Paramount 
productions. Aa a result of these ad- 
lertiEemmta, Mr. Borahun testified, 
several of hla ptirotii stopped him on 
the street and baked him why ba did 
not ran Paramount Pictures. 

He told them that he could not afford 
to do so because they coat too much. On 
croaJt-eitmiimLbD, he added that he told 
thpu the theatre waa hit and ha would 
run - lu it the pictures he rhoos*. Two 
posts) cnrdi mailed^ from Buffalo were 
A'so introduced in evidence. These cards 
eafced hira why he did not run Paramount 
Pictures. After the postal card and ad- 
vertislnt campalaii on' behalf of Para- 
mount another tbratre. thr- Novelty, with 
■ ieatinic enpac^ry nf 2:z, chansed Us 
name to the ParamoUnt-Noreftj and be- 
aan runnhc Paramount Pictures. 

|«ra Tkey're Go<*# Flint. 

The testimony did not develop what 
luck the manaeer had nor any cETeet this 
competlrion had upon Burnham'i vra 
tnrea. Mr. Burnnam inld be had lost 
money on a few Paramount specials and 
*up«r- specials, which mada him very 
wary of them, but on the trholc he con> 
■'derad them eicclEenc pictures. At the 
copcludon of hU testimony the hearinc 
SHtJonrnen until 10.3U o'clock this ntoro- 
injr. when a now witness will be on the 

The rro5«-MJim;nr.ttmn of Joseph C- 
Boas .who formerly hsd a morion pic- 
ture theatre in McAletter, Ukla., was 
completed durinj the afternoon. Tha 
crota-faam^nntioa wbk (» bns| nut (be 
T'nrlooj occaxloDi on whkh the Oklnhonui 
vrancy co-operated ^Ltb Mr. BoDt and 

S Misled bint. It wa^ ±lno shown thnt the 
isa|reem«n(s wrli him were not n mat- 
ter n( studied t-]i-.v to nppnae bis sue* 
m». but resulted from the fact tbnL he 
Was* a very dinlcult customrr lo plea»e. 
"I'ETTHtees w*i vrry slow ^estcruay. It 
•' ia estimated by atiomeys tbnt the bear- 
inis 5n New \ork City will be rnjnpleied 
about Taursdjiy'or nest weea, Thev Will 
then |ii to Philadelphia. Must of the 
witnesses yet to be heard here are ei- 



Actor Son of Late Ned BirriEffta 

Tilei Volnntiry Petition Ad- 

mitting IniolT«pcy. 

Itiolo bj W1iit«. 
She Gmi tfl CalttaTnl* Next W*p1c 
for Tanibi Spa* on of Optra. 


Big Crowd Visits Exposition at 

Madison Sgnare Garden en 

Fourth Da7- 


The popularity of the Masonic Urder 
was attested yesterdsy aEternoon and 
evenirip by the CTOwdn tbit i-isited the 
Fashion Show and Honse Sipopiltion, 
now mioriiiK its fourth dnj, at Mjiciwn 
Square Garden, A rushing business iva* 
carrled on at the lioOtha and the country 
stor*, and visitors appeared to ■■rijoy 
span dingr their money - 

A life-site portrait of the late Enrico 
Csniso and! Tita SchJpa. tenor of the 
ChlcAKO Opera Company, was presented 
*o the cxpotltioa yesterday by Mr. Schipa 
and placed on exhibition of the main 
floor, where it waa jrreatly admired. Ths 
iportrsit was painted bj the Italian 
artist, Cipariello, and ahowa the vnung 
tonor etnndlng betide the bust of Caruso. 
Clpariello ha* reproduced the bust made 
from Che death mask nf the great tenor. 
The portrait is on sale, tbe proceeds, to 
jro to the Masonic Fund for r Tree Hos- 

(Tlusepps Argnntino, tbe tenor, who re- 
cently kbit ■ one-man concert in the 
Catinn Theatre fpr the benefit of a boy- 
hood friend who hid travel- 10.000 mllea 
to hear him «[nff, will nppcar us "eloiit 
«t tf»» Garden to-nitbt, e«ghipn.t!ieJ by 
Frank Lonejo at ths piano. 


npoaer to Direct Hiued Bands 
At Eaily for Teterui' Moun- 
tain. Cunp. 

All unonncemtuta for the American. 
Lei'^n rally at the City Cotlege Stadtum 
l Solday point to nhpt promises to be 
t larfCBt feathering of service men ever 
Id.; tbe dty. The jiet-tofeticr &.*> 
i Ctaited for an iunplsi-tion nlMtitiR in 
] isitarett of the Veterans' Mqoataln 
■jp, which the, New Vork [.e?ionitairr« 
J-open nes.1 month for their sick. 
Y&iih- Herbert .will direct tbe maiaed 
sjtp ifrhicti will include Keith's Band 
GX«ra other bands. Everybody will 
[ u>" old sonjet of war and peace aa a 
1 cif the proErim. Appropriate reci- 
iont ivill be riven by Julia Artii^r 
J Thais Majrrane. Amnnt; the snejik. 
i rsntl b* &«mror-tI*ei Royal 8. Cope- 
X. former Anituaaadar Jimw W. 
■fed. Rev. l>r. C. F. Reisner, Stat* 
Tfasmrer fJcorje K. Sliiiier. former 
ataJfir in the Marine Corps and hern nf 
iJhHIajHJ 'vVxxiiim I'spu Irrinir O'Hay. 
•■•■ 1»« fn-Tiarht throunh seven war*; 
Bt*te CnUinis inter A. S. Callan, i'jm'rt 
iliisn* ■Commander Vt'. F. Itcrftsn and 
Km Vork CoiHtry t'feitirnun Thomts J. 
Rradj of Xrw \«rk. all of the Arherlcsn 
"1m. Dr. PamUel Lloyd, president of 
Veteran's Miontaln Camp, will pre- 

' C asd a A*k tor riirtuti. 

■■■&£*tm:i> Dfev*tcti u The kteraiat Taiefnp ft.i 
TjlpiErXELU Iowa, May lfl.— If a 
Ijjslsjjs* wants f< be happy with a Grfr- 
■jolr' Clllefe co-ed hi- mutt be of ths 

1 type. -. 

>ssiBi eti re hohhy also mutt hare, 
P«i hamor and a "sweetheart" 
JM*. The Eirln prefer wroki e= " ^ 
iters, and dark men to their ibund 


3<sard of OoTernon oi American 

Construction Council Biicnsi 

Subject at Meeting-. 

Methods to curb the volume pf build- 
ing, which was held* to he responsible 
for n. crisis In the Industry existing to- 
day, went adopted at a mectlnEj of the 
board of governors of the American 
Construction Council at the home cf 
Franklin !>. Boosevelt, iu president, 4D 
East Bixty-flfih ttreec yesterday alter- 
noon. Men prominent In all branches Af 
tbe industry throughout the country uere 

It was unanimously agreed that enn- 
ditiona in the Industry represent a crisis 
and It w** held thnt the present iimjrrsm 
of building cauuot bo carried out with 
the present resources or the emir*. 
Public departments were iir^ed to curtail 
their buildinit until the Fall, banlii wore 
reenmmanded not io hnancv aneciilstiva 
huildinjc until that time, and t>i^>1icity 
was ashed. A retolutlon «^ Mrried 
providing that a letter he >ent to Herbert 
Hoofer, flecrrtary of CnminerCe t L?klng 
that a organised to carrr 
oi]i tbe suggeitlorut mndr m the connejl, 
tm * eneefc on the reciirrenre oF building 
Conditions similar to the prrsent one. 


Simaeli Eetaiai Lawyer Who Won 
Decree for Firtt Wife in Pro- 
ceeding* Agiinit Second, 

Though p-Llghtlr peered in 1U1S by 
the fact thnt Vetta Samuels, then his 
wife, secured in anpulmvat decree, 
liouii Samudn, a <\~y eoodi« dt-aler of 
Second avenue, yesterday showed appre- 
ciation of tbe good work of the first 
Mrs. Simueli'a lawyer, Louis H. Solo^ 
men, by appearloK with Snlomou a? his 
attorney to prrsa ■ Suit for annulmeot 
njtnlnnt bin tecond wife. 

Tbe defendant io the prcaeiit action, 
frho was Sadie Blftcheson before stin 
niarried, is nlJpgvd hy Samueis to hare 
concealed from him at that lime :hf 
fact that her Tather and a abtter of hers 
b«d reet lv w trrattnrnt In aiyltims for 
the m.^taTJy affected, and that she had 
nm> been a patient In the psychopathic 
ward of BrllevUe Hospital. 

Dr. Stephen T*. J*n-ett of Bellevuo 
Hospital testified that Mrs, Samuel* 
had nskrd hfm not to tell her bttnhand 
that she and been ta that ward as a 

Ju«i« Iiidor YVaatervogel reserved 

K. Fellows Jemklna Desid. 

Following an illness nf swersl months 
E. Fellowa Jenkins. TA jeni* aid. who 
for 37 year* prior to his retirement in 
IpfW sraa eDperlntendent and- secretary 
of th;*- >"?w York Society for the Pre- 
Tfflticm of Cruelty to Children, died yes- 
terday morning tt hla home, 2SrtOHroad- 


Xlamt at I r t«1>tttt1at Ptrmml Debt* 

to Frlr'nd* Who Helped 

HlBBi Aqt. 

William D. Harrigan, son of ths lata 
Ned Hnrrigan nf the team of Karrigan, 
and himself an arte- yesterday filed a 
T&luntarr petition of bankruptcy ia tht 
United States Dlatrlct CourL Most of 
the debts are the results of loans from 
other players, Harrlgao declared. 

Louise Groody, musical comedy stir 
who wsb formerly Harrigan's wife, 
heads the list. Nearly half o( the $5,381 
is owed her. Other loans were made by 
Leon Errol, Bert Bria-gs and Anson 
'Mima. Mnery-four dollare is owed to 
the New York Athletic Club for meals. 

To offset these claims Harrieaji ad- 
mits that his s suets, are only tWO. Of 
this sum tlO Is in the bank find the 
other J250 are in clothea, which h fl 
cUIm* eaeinpL 

Harrigan served witb distinction as 
a, In the 307th Infantry. Sev- 
enty-seventh Division and was wounded 
during the Anronne drive. In 1020 be 
woe lending man in "The AequltTal" 
and Misa Uroody was in "The Night 
Boat." They were married in April 
of that year after a four months' ac- 
quaintance. A year and e half later 
they wore divorced. 

Now, HarrhnitTs petition says, hie Ha- 
hmtira en t£,3Sl and hla luqeU £»0. 
Of the S280 he hni S10 In tbe band and 
the rest in clothtafr, n-hJrh h# claims 
as excmpL Most of his debts are for 
lonnj mode him by fellow members of 
tbe profesoion, 

Miss Oroody leads the list with sn 
acknowledged cleim of $4000. Leon 
Rrml is n«t with (BOO and to WInchell 
Smith Harrigan owca $100. There are 
some, club debts. For Instance, the pe- 
titioner soya he owes the Lambs' Club 
?7A0 fnr services and nwee the New 
York Athletic Club *TH fnr food. 

Harrlcan gives bis address sa 317 
East Roventeenth street, Before Amer- 
ica's entry into the? war be Loured Aus- 
tralia in "Bought and: PalHJ For." 
"Ready Money" and other American 
plays. In tfllfl ho to*k an Irish part 
in "The Melody of Youth.'" He ban 
bun reluctant to auch a part Ite- 
Cjthne of cwmnsiTiBon \dtb hiB father, 
which h> frit would be to hla disadvan- 
tage, hot his work was well reeetred. 
Later he attended PiaHaburg. 

Utaa ftrnody. ih c Uttla etar of "flood 
MnmloT. Dehrir." is now the wife of 
Frank W. McGte. a stoek broker. Har. 
rignn's Prst wire was norothv Lanjrrfon. 
atinther actress, whom bs married in 
lfll.V and frotn whom hn waH divorcH, 


Thanundi Crowd Church and 

Street! During; Funeral Scmieg 

for Moniignor Mooney. 

Gratifying the dying wish of their pas- 
tor. MonsTgnor Jonepb F. Mnoney. Senior 
Vicar Gcnernl of Lhe New York Ulocese. 
the Chirty-ooe hundred children of the 
parochial school f ( a e g n i> r (>,| Heart 
Choreh, in West FMty-fiTAt street. lined 
up in front of tbe church as hJs rasket 
was carried out after the relebrsilsti ftt- 
terday of a pnndficial miss of requiem 
by Archbishop Patrick J. Hare*. 

The WrBt Side of New York, paid final 
tribute to the venerable poster. Ten 
thousand fersons crowded into Fifir-lirst 
etreet. between Ninth nnil Tenth see- 
nues. and the overflow*, extended Into the 
aventien,, while four thoujcjLnrt more 
crowded Into (he edifice as ihe sprvjees 
were conducted- 

Before passing (o rhe finnl reatittj 
piaffe in Calvarc Ometery. led by the 
Pnlirs Band, an honorary guard of police. 
khnki-Clad hoys from the Catholic Pro- 
tectory, of which he was a director, nnd from ihe Holj N'sme sad 
other *ocietl*s. The fuarrnl rnrtege 
passed through roan.v streets of the par- 
ish, in wblrfa M^onslgtior Mooney aerred 
for thirty-three years. 

bylaws transit plan 
o.k:d by commission 

Proposal Submitted to Board of Estimate, Yielding 
to Mayor, in Construction of Subway Ex- 
tensions Costing at Least $100,000,000. 


THE Transit Commrsston, in a proposal to tbe Board of Estimate, relative 
t& buildinit new subwsys. accepts the terms of Mayor Hylan in the hope ol 
adjusting the transportation tangle. 

The fftDixninalon sa.rn that the nerd for tenement upon a definite and imme- 
diate program is utore presslngly urgent than *TaT. 

The fact is cited that on an average 4.000 pasltpf^rs are curried each day 
in exrent of the number carried the day before, representing a growth of over 
100.000.1100 ■ year. 

To build: *. wibfffty requires five years from the time tbetplans btb initiated 
until the mad is ready for operation. Tba commission ssyt It is staggering to 
consider what vendition* will bs five years from now. 

Fire ilffinlte projects specifically referred to will cost, It is estimated, from 
SLOO.OOO.OOO tn $126,000,000. These ire (he extension from Corona to Flushing, 
the eitenston or the Fourth avenue subway In Brooklyn from Eighty-sixth street 
to Ninety-fifth Htreei, the Nassau street line In Manhattan, the Crosatown Hue in 
Brooklyn nod ijtieens. nud the extenalon of the Broadway subway in Manhattan 
from Seienrli avenue snd Fifty-ninth street to- Watblbgton Heights. 

If lbs Bnsrd of Estimate lives Us Rpproval the building of additional sub- 
ways "'ill brgln. However, it is extremely doubtful sbout Mayor Hylan agreeing 
to accept the offer, which the commission ssya is, nude in good faitb and on s bslf- 
way bo^is. 


Member of Brokerage Firm Comes 

Into Court and Make* an 


Frank J. Murphy, of !U Eixbth ave- 
nn« L Bronklyn, member of the Srm of J. 
H. Bache L Co., bankers and brokers. 
4J Broadway, appeared in Tombft Court 
yesterday to answer a sumniims In which 
Mist Mildred Adams, an atiracLire. 
fashionably dressed blonde, who gave 
her address at the Woodward Hntel. 
Broadway and Fifty-fifth street, sn the 
complainant. The woman claims that 
Murphy is withholding from her litty- 
foUr shares of American Telcghone &. 
Telegraph s.toclt having a vaJue of ttbout 
57.000 which is her property. 

Mlin Adams told Magistrate Henry 
Goodman that an account bad. been 
opened with the firm for her in 101S aud 
thajt jhe bad cU'ru ■ power of nttoroey 
to C-n-l. ^, l-awrctice Jamtx to look ufter 
her account with the firm nnd that thi* 
power of attorney It .id been, rcvgkrj May 
7, 1021. 

The witnem said tjnt she had de- 
livered (he otnek in question to JamcSt 
who turned it 01-er to the tirm. 
Bhe eallmed that M'hen the went to the 
Btc-he office last Saturday Mrrphy i'>M 
her that tbe vaults were closed arid that 
he could not gyre her the stock. Hjp 
said sbe went to the office again Monday 
and Murphy refused to 'deliver the slock. 


rrnldnn of EqpBOBg BAelelf Ccnl 

■ I Lsuehtot, 

A nncheon in honor- of 3In. Agnes 
(Virmley. president of the Now York 
Euphony Society, waa jgjvfn at the Plata 
Hotel yesterday, with Mrs. Cltgriea 
Henry McWilllams of Essex Fnli«, N. 
Y., ns bostesi. 

Plans have, been completed for the 
fourth annual breakfast of the society 
in tbe Plaxa grand bill room Saturday. 
Among the guests of honor invited ore 
Mroj Thompson Hoover, J>r. Margaret 
E. Laccy, Mrs. Charles. 'Howard, Mrs. 
William fl..T»y!»r or PhiladelphU, Mrs, 
Sdwin l"] off Hoyden of New Jersey, 
Mrs. Winifred Richardson and Mr^. 
Margaret If- I>rew, An ItitCTe«ing pro- 
g-ain of mneJc and A due* will foii-^i 
the breajtfur. 

HEfHUNT) MACHOLU, speaker of 
• ihe Ausembly, will address the 
New l'ork Republican Committee to- 
dtgbt at its monthly meeting In Bryant 
Hull, 723 Sixth avenue, on "W14 ihe 
liepublicaos UpOdsed Governor bmith a 

WITH a view to encouraging New 
York women sod girlo to play 
tennis Park Commissioner Freud*. D. 
Gallatin, the New York Uftgne of Girls' 
Clubs and the Metropolitan Lewn Ten- 
nij Aasocidtlan are co-oprrating In nr- 
rangements for exhibition single and 
double games in be played at P- M- 
to-morrow uu the Central Pnrk tennis 
courts at Ninety-third street and ths 
West Drive. 

JOHN J. HOPPER. 00 yoars old, of 
3G2 Wear lUlat street, tStfi yestar- 
dsy ftfom pneumoiiia fullowin^ en iLiness 
of ten ilsj-s. Ho was a civil fiipui-cr, 
and poIJti catty an independent Democrat. 
!.»« mouth hr went to Albany to ur«e 
s leffisitttive committee ta pisft an 
am.ndiiie»t M the banking laws lo place 
national banks lisdcr State direction. He 
was a Bteuag advocate of direct pri- 
maries and presLdeiit and treasurer of 
the Torrens Law' Lengue. 

Mr Hopper's wife waa formerly Lh*r- 
tea* A. Martin- His daiiplitera aro Mrs. 
Uoetze H. Ilaiick and Mrs. IL C. Ancar- 
row, Ho Drftt born in ibis city sltty- 
fliue years Bte>, aud wim Pducaterl in the 
public SL-ioolr. City Co'lege and Dort- 
mouth Cafiej*. He touk a keen intcreot 
in traction problems. In 1IHXI he was 
awarded a contract lo build the subway 
yjur extending from IDSrd etreet and 
BroadwH,! Id i.eaox avenue hiii! 110th 
ntxeet to U-nox avenue and 133th street. 

Mth Hosier was register of New York 
County from If lit to tOtS. He WU a 

cAudidAtC ub the IndcpCllJence l.eapllr- 

ticket tor Governor and sheriff- He 
was a friend, for many yenrs, &I the 
tato Henry Gcorfic, sLndlc tax exponent- 

IMPROVEMENTS on uih elevated 
lines, consisting of prepayment torn.* 
stilts and additional oxprcus servicr. will 
include enclosing tti platforms. The first 
sliding doore will be put lu operation 
ibis Fall. 

A REPORT submitted by Commis- 
sioner Hifshneld to Maynr Hvlan 
adfi^es caution in developing Gerrft»On 
basin for park purposes for the reason 
thai it would cost 1000,000. 

BOunEN CHISOLM, member o£ 
< tile executive hoard of the Sow 
York Prison Assorfntiou, whose WOtrSf on 
bumanitarinn Hiica in nrianns Is attract- 
ing wide attention, has written Go^. 
Pmitb exprejiiins the hope thnt be will 
sign the Hnllan-Gage repealer. 

Prohibition |:romote<t ratjer than dim- 
iolshc crime. Mr. Chisolm says. To 
this cflitse b^ attribute* n.n increase in 
arrests in the ^renter city In 10?:!, 
atnOiiiitinp; %n 33 ptf cent. This wl.l he 
increased lo SO per cent, this year, he 

MAYOR SVLAN a]id other officials 
last night drlivrred nddren^e? in 
the auditorium of Public School >V-. 
Academy street .-md Vermilyeu nvoouo- 
r Tbj> accasien was the tormal transfer of 
the In wood Public Library to the Now 
York Public Library. 

AT 11.30 A. 31. yesterday thirty-eight 
K"i!- of the Depcrtmejit of Public 
H elfnre lUietl up in tho corridor of the 
LenUi floor of tbe .'■innicipnl Bulldiiic ui>- 
der r.n orrfrr of Edgar ritskf. secretary 
of the department, to rehearse for the 
iubiJce parade May 1M. Tliey were most- 
ly steniixra|ihA'n< and clerks of tbe de- 

Rnnayne Sullivan, a department Lmev 
tlgalor. was the drillmnstpc. He taught 
the girls Lo mark time, count off, ohrain 
the proper m&rclilng dlstnitVc and S&lutc- 
He soiJ: 

"Every titno you must snluto like this 
(demo u at rating) Lnok KcM to the riaht," 
whereupon the firls all giggled. Stlllivnn 
added: "Don't yc uniicrsrand me brogue? 
No* look rfpLt (jn the right-" 

He esplniiifd that each platoon of the 
parade r.Wd hftvr n lender, saying: 

"All ye have lo do It to do a* i:«-- 
leader does, Ssluic when he doca nnij 

This was the first drill these girls had 
been put through. They will receive fur- 
ther instruction. 

Sullivan explained to newspaper men: 

"Jf ye enn get une woman to walk 
with another woman everything will b" 
qll ri'-'lii. They get a aort o? unturnl 
rhythm from dancing." 

THE Rne AsaOrlntion will give a di&- 
- ner next Tuesday evening at T 
o'clock at the Hnjel Astnr to the newly* 
appointed Federal Judges, Frnnda Wlnh- 
loir, Renry Oo'ldard nnd William 

AT « rnfeiing tn tw held this afternoon 
Jit 3 o'clock nt the office -of Mrs. 
Louis Refd Wrlsmiller. Deputy Commis- 
aioner or Markets, methods; will be dis- 
cussed tn rrnder mnrc eaTcCtive ine 
"sugarless Monday" boycott. 

Mm Welimillrr Is having rtiatrlbttted 
10.000 circntAra reading : "February, 
atigar 7 cents a pound. April, sygar 11 
and V2 cents a pound." 

JOHN J. CQBNWKLli former Gov- 
ernor of West Virginia, addressing 
yeatrrdaj- thr Nfltionnl Ajfociation of 
MMiini'ii.'Mirj'rv. warned maciufaeturers 
that be expects fenl miners to nationsl- 
ito all mines. Thiit may be hastened, he 
aava* If the report of the Federal, Com- 
mission, rmw suneylng i'b* mine sivna- 
Lion, makes a report displeasing to tho 

PCBLIC hearing on a number of legis- 
lative bills trail given yesterday by 
Mayor Hylan. Among these was one to 
amend the citv chsirter so that' In figur- 
ing pensions of certain class-as nf city 
employees the amount to be psid Ihe pen- 

sioned shall equal the average annual 
salary earned] during the last Ave years 
Instead of die lost ten years of city 
service. , 

This bill effects the pensions t>f 40,000 
Of the 03,000 city employees or those 
not included in the special pension sys- 
tems of police, flrcmeu, teachers and, in 
addition, one or two other classes of em- 

'The City of New York ii threatened 
with a torribla financial condition be- 
cause of thin pension situation." de- 
clared l3r. Henry W. Berg. "Every- 
body is being pensioned these days — 
Everybody but the Mayot and the mem- 
ben of tbe board of bstimats." 
This occasioned laughter- 
Captain Kellcber argued that the city 
would not lose anything by increasing 
pensions, as ways had been found to pro- 
vide the city with 11,300,000 additional 
revenue now going to the State. Ha fig- 
ured the increased allowances for 'the 
police totaled $1,008,000 and fur the fire- 
men (400,000. Against these charges it 
waa possible to raiur, be said, $2.ul7,000 
throng!) an allowance of Income tux de- 
partment equal to what formerly w#i 
contributed to the pension system from 
cxciso taxes. 

This [hfonuatlnn caused thr Mayor £p 
deter Ills decision unLil GcorRe B. Buck. 
actuary of the KnanJ of Estimate had 
made an investigation. 

JAME& A. PARSONS, Public Service 
Commissioner, vm stricken with an 
acute attack of indlgcatfun aUust 5 
o'clock yesterday nnjnunj in the Gov- 
eruor's auitc r,t the tfctol Biltmore. 
George Van Njmee, eccretaty to the 
Governor, summoned a. jibv»icinn, Mr. 
Panona rallied quickly. Mr. Pardons, 
former legal adviser of Lhe Governor, it 
aiding him in goini; over many letters 
und in making up the schedule of puftie 
bearings to be ncld st AI'Lumy when /.e 
Governor reliinn* there Bunuay, 

A delegation of four ePppCrter* of 
former Mayor Tnompeon, from Chicago, 
called an the Got-crnor and invited him 
to visit CltlesiCJ uils Fall to mak^ n 
speech. Ths Gorerner said his anower 
waa that next Full wo* too far aw-tv nnil 
that he had Os jet made no plans he.- 

iond cleaning up Uie vast smount of 
usincDS liow heforo him. 
When the ■fartrOM was told of n let- 
ter written bv George McAnenp, chair- 
man of the Transit Commission, tn 
Mayor John F, Rylsn regarding the two 
transit plans for the relief nf New York 
City and niftftttiuf a "get together/' 
the Governor said; 

■Thnt may hujp sonic-" 
Asked if tbBrc was any truth in a 
story that i>: would spend his vacation 
st Lake Genfge. N. Y^ the Govern pr 
said (Iit* <vas "nothing to it" and thnt 
he expectCxl to vaestion between the Ex- 
ecutive Mansion ohd Coney Island. 

For forty years, be said, h* has, on 
and off. gone swimming nt Qon#y Island 
and in the Es.%1 and Qirlnni liters and 
liked it. He expects a busy Summer and 
doubta whether bt will BS nulr to leave 
Albany for >ny length of tliut. 

GOVERNOR SMITH said last night 
that when he take* action an th<- 
H^alcan-Gn^e repealer he will writr 1 a 
memorandum expressing his viewtl snd 
why he took such action. This he does 
on ell bills of public intere**. 

The henrlng on the Mullan-Uscr re- 
pealer will be next Tuesday or Wednes- 
day st Albany. 


Ckl#ajra fimipi»r Wlm Jnrinnpqt 
AKailnBl W, rr. Rernalds. 

Jndgments fnr #t2.fH0.10 each wen- 
grsated by a .""iry In Justice Dnr.iel y. 
Coholan'fl part ft ibe Supreme fnun 
yesterday tn favor nt heirs of the late E. Horton, doin: husieesi us the 
t'biengo Pridge A Iron Works, and 
ngainnt William H. Reynolds nnd es- 
tates of Long Beach. 

The plainiffa allege ha in lOlL $N,I00 
in bonds of be Lonjt Reach Wnter Com- 
pany were given to He-race E. Horton 
and Genrge P. TTorton. resfWH-tirplv, in 
settlement nf an obligation, and thnt '-'-,-•■ 
defendants guaranteed [hat these ■ bond* 
would be taken from them, $R.100 being 
given In exchange wlihh two years. 
M is charged tbnt wni not done. In- 
ternet and costs wen adtfed in each in- 


ftAto by While. 
V+'bo. LeCe 'veatpriiHT on Ihe Fnrit 

ftif Jamnirt lit Enr-rtD*, 


Officer Inttrpietl Allegedly In- 
moral Play to EeUglrt of 
Court Spectato-5. 



BoflctclLrra Rrtwr Propoaea sirlt-1. 
fr Uaaaaret. 

fSpcrU! Tr.--i-.-': I , Ti- U*mlB E T^V--.--.. . 

I>ETROlT. Mich, May ia— The con- 
vention Of tbe American Hookseller* 1 
Associhtlon waa atanrvjeded for a stricter 
censorship nf books by the honksellen 
thrmaclvee at Its 'meeting 10-day aa K 
result at an iil-cnnaldeTcd attnek on clean 
hood advocates and their propc-xils made 
hy Arthur Pwtcwr, a local bookseller, 
formerly identified w|tb the radicnl 
cnnvpinpnt in Chicago. 

PrOrlor referred tn political books, hut 
lie delegates thought he meant aalaeious 
lioob". « 


"Fttllfet* 1 Prodocer aniaiH«ned hy 

Klnm ut Fsrhrr, 

F. Klegfeld, Jr.. left yeaterdaj for 
Chicago on the Broadway limited Id 
response to a telegram, announcing the 
lllntaa nf hla father. Dr. Ftorcnx Zieg- 
feld, the celebrated president emeritus 
of Ihe Chicago College of Music, 

The telegram did not state how serin ns 
was th* Illness" of Dr. Kiegfeid. but 
Ziegfeld thnuaht it best to go then :m- 
mediately en a visit to his father. 

Detective Benjflmin Bailey nf In- 
spector .Inmea 9- BoIoub staff, spent a 
"drnaiaLic" day on thr witness stand 
yesterday In General Sessions reading 
to tho jurnra nud n oouxtroOW filled with 
spectators the Iniiguflite and directions 
nf '■The God of Venccaoce." Harry 
Weinberger, owner of the play, and 
twelre of the thirteen membcrn of Lho 
cast who were indicted, charged with 
producing onej participating in sn inds- 
ceni play, ore on trial before Judge John 
R. Mr In tyre. 

Rniley in atotit nnd florid nnd slow 
of Apcosh. Ho wna detcribins a aeene 
fTom tbe Bcccind act nf ihe play yester- 
day at n point where thee play directions 
indicated it was 1 Taiuy night. Dcscrlb- 
ins what took on ihe stage, Bailey 

"It was mining outBldr^ — that is. It 
wejun't renL'y raining nt nil- It wna 
Just imitation ruin " This statement 
csusrd a lau^li nmon^ the defendants. 
Bniley hnd mode the statement seriously. 
RnHry's voice was expresalonlesi most 
of tin time nnd hit attempts at elocu- 
tion made the actors algfle some mom 

In denrribirjg a srene In the third act 
of the play, he referred tf> the palen^ 
thetical stage directions, which he taid 
hnre one nf (be K$toRi "limgh like nn 
erll spirit." RnJe.v aald on this point; 
,-'''1 heard trie lnuah, but I don't know 
about the evil spirits. I can't Itnilata 
the laugh," snid Bslley. 

R*aid HI** Hornt's T.etter. 

WWIO tbe case was in progress Mr. 
TVeTnhnrffer gave nut the copy of a Id- 
ler he had rrefiTrd from Fannie Hurst, 
who waa PlpMted to be a character xrtt- 
ne*s for tbe defenac. It follows' 

"I am sorry t bs 1 my absenoc from 
New York makes, It impossible for me 
to respond to jour reqneot ihM I art as 
witness in defense or 'God: nf Vengeance..' 
I "have already written you my opinion 
in th" matter. 

"Best wishes for % deserved victory 
over the prejudice and stupidity with 
whieb fou orej contending." 

Mr. Weinberger crass-rxa mined De- 
tective Uailej" yeBtcrdav afLeruonn. and 
be tried >o bring out from tbe witneSA 
that the "life of shame" depicted io the 
rtrama was not as alluring ns the p?o»e- 
fiiiion contends, but that it was repul- 

Bailey admitted that the fttjrnftnre in 
the room occupied by th* CiBatttsrS of 
the itnderwori'l was dUnpidnted and the 
room hare nad fortbiddlug. He described 
a conch. 

('imp lit O'M Of lb* ftnlTi. 
I The table wis of uavarni^hed wood 
a,nd t^e mirrer nn the wall waa motley 
and cracked, he said. When Bailey wu 
t '[Lin^iioncri ns to the scanty attire the 
i women are aLleged to have worn in one 
I ■>!" the srenes tbe officer said: 

"The women enine in out of thr rain 

anrl hegnn to rsmine their clothes. First 

1 they took off their ehoea and stockings, 

1 and then after removing- their costs they 

1 .eemed cain"r And gver-seajoufl i& getting 

I of thr rett of their attire." 

I Tie bftd been expected thst either the 

prn-eeutinn or the defense wnnlri suefrest 

! to the Court that the jury attend a per- 

. formanee n[ the pls.v so that the jnry- 

| m«n might determine for tbemsplvrs 

whether ft was an Indecent piny aa 

ehnrged. Ij was evident when the »d- 

jnurn'ment wna taken Inst night, hnw- 

"i rr. thnt thlsi would -not be done, Mr. 

Wciii her srr. reprcsen tins; ' the defendants, 

«nl'l he hs,d crinLempIated doing tbta, but 

that the pin? has been forced to close 

dawn hemw* Rudolph Schildkraut, its 

ataj-. is ill. 


Great Trssrl rmeeedinara tv Dot- 

ro n tor Flnlinlni Tfttthtl. 

ta>*«1iJ Dltp«.Lrh in Th* Jtera'Tii tilasnpK) 

NEWPORT flEWfl, Va.. May lfl.~- 
The LTrrited States Shipping Board 
steamer Itcrlathan left tba docks of ths 
Newport New* hlpbuflding ft njy Doclt 
Compnny, where she baa spent many 
months tn recon ditto o inn to-day. to pra- 
ee*d tn Boston for drydocking and final 
r> [niiehint: before retnrning to the trana- 
^Clantio trade. 

Many persons on ehoro and in. small 
hoara joined In the Cfrlchratlon as the 
great vessel, the largest which has, ever 
entered Hampton Bonds, slipped .down 
the ehanDei. . 

Inc'f DVHler Aaku ISM.sil. 
Suit (or iSAS.ftlLCO vat yeaterdsyue- 
g«n in the Supreme GoOR, Btimmona and 
complaint brim.- filed in the office of 
County CIft*: James A. rvpnenn bf 
John £3. ftapsry againac Lambom k 
Co, William Miirstnn P<?.o bury Is atror- 
rtoy for the nlhihtsff. The plaintiff 
claims to hare been damaged in "sugar 
■atun*' 1, dealings through the defendant's 
alleged failure [o live Up to an agree- 


flO,000 Bail Placed on Henry 
Kramer Chmrged With Insult- 
inp; Equity Chortu Members. : 


Hi'SrtMati.ilTc A f fompany VJ-- 

clares Defen«usaii Won Hot Con- 

neelHd Wlrh dra:*n**niloB. 

Tettimnny given by ictrermea and a 
reprrM&tatJvB of th* Famous PIbiscb- 
Lssky Film Company, before Jfagisrraio 
William A. Sweeteer in West Side Court 
yesterday, retulted in Henry Kramer., 20 
years old, of the. Parle Hotel, on Berenth 
avenue, belna; held for the Qroiml Jury 
In (10,000 bail. Kramer, when arrested 
May 10, in the office* of the Chorus 
Equity Association 230 West Fifty Qrtt 
street, gave hit nana as Freeman. 

According to the testimony yesterday, 
Kramer, posing as no assistant director 
of the Famous Putyero-Leaky Oonips.i&y» 
asked ths Chorus Equity Association to 
•md aetreaeea and chorus girls to him 
for Eood positions in moving pictures 
and then made intuiting proposals. II* 
sraa decoyed to the association , rooms, 
when complaint* were, made about him. 

Charles R- Abrams, special representa- 
tive of Adolph Zukor. head of tbe film 
company, declared in court that Kramer 
had no connection with Lhe- film company, 
although Kramer inaitted ba hod ob- 
tained a position in tba company's 
Astoria plant aa roerty man r throogh a 
letter from Mr- Zukor, after being intro- 
duced to Mr. Zukor in Paris by a mutual 

Lorctta Duffy, a film actress, 21 ycart 
old, of the Markweil Hotel, and Minerva 
Sterns 23 years old of W«at lOTth street, 
a dancer, appeared! 10 tetrJCr *i?ainst 
Kramer. M agist rat Sweetaer was rolii 
that on May 10 Kramer telephoned lo 
tho Chorus Equity Association, posing as 
a representative of tba Sim company, 
and asked that attractive xirla be vent 
to him for good positions. Miss Duffy 
was the drfct applicant, and when, ehe a>- 
Icgcb, Itrsmer made Lroproper proposals, 
she returned to tbe Enuit rooms and tolrl 
Mills Marion Lawlor, in charge of thti 
employment bureau there. 

The Equity telephoned the Famous 
Flayers-Laeky Company et 4S5 Fifth 
avpuue, and Mr. Abranu went to lho 
Equity Association offices. In Ihe mean- 
time Kramer telephoned tbe Equity again 
and was axked to Cofiie to lha offices of 
the association. iJetecrJves of tbe Wegt 
Forty-soveuUi street elation were called 
and when Kramer reached there be wan 
identified hy Miss Unity and arrested. 
Mr. Abrams declared he knew alt tha 
employees of the film company and that 
Kramer was not connected with the com- 


meeting K 
>tel St. Margaret. __ 
by the Equity to Ktbomt for n DOBitinn, 

Mian Sterne gave similar testimony 
snout meeting Kramer In the lobby of 
tho hotej St. Margaret, after beioft ecnt 

and being Insulted by him. 

Kramer denied hfl made any impniper 
proposals Lo Ehe young women. H* In- 
sisted he was connected with tho 
Famous Phyr-rs-Lasky Company. 

A»l*T*nt District Attorney Joseph 
Fascocello. rovvntd the end of tho hear- 
ing, told Magistrate Awec-tier be Re- 
lieved tbar Kramer's de.Tieanor and man- 
ner indicated that he might be siifflitly 
npbah.nce daml declared nn etaminatio/a 
of the accused man shonlcj be made 


Week*. Conntermanda Bequest for 

Cremator, to Uetermine Validity 

of Sujpfde Story. 

Countermanding Ihe nrdcrs given by 
H + Suit ijldiliiip*, that the body of 
Miss Mary Keith, the young French 
govertieaa, Wjaoae body wna found on 
Long Beach Mondqy, be cremRtc<1. Dis> 
trict Attorney Charles H. Weeks at 
Queens has ordered aa autopsy ta b 1 ) 

Kerformcd tn determine *» hetlier or not 
er death waa a case of suicide. 
Tbnt it may- not havr been pomible. 
chased ft round trip tickri 
noil annlhrr fmra Cirand i 
to Fordbsm. 

HIk friendship with Miss Keith was 
knnwn lo his wife, biddings told tbe 
polic. 1 c unit true, he said, that he; 
hsd at one time considered matryira 
her; but hr had decided Lha'. thry entllil 
never hope to tet alnng and bad defi- 
niLely abandoned' it before meeting bis 

01 MLirKie. 
,\P fill* II so wns 
■In' had pur- 
krl tn the beafti 
1 Central Stntidu 


IE- Year-Did Dot Held That W*r 
tor rtetitliiar. 

Chained and padlocked to a chair by 
his father In nrdrr that he might nOE 
escape a besitlng scheduled for m-nlgbt, 
Dominick Ciiamattlno. 12, of 455 Hlcka 
street. Brooklyn, was rescued by the 
police at noon yesterday through in- 
formation furnished by a woman can- 
anaer, who had vialted the Glamatrinn 
home. "When the boy was finally nn- 
bound be wis so tiumb and weak from 
the nrewBure of th* heavy ehsina that 
he cotild not stand. Tbe boy'a father 
waa later arrested. 

According to the pellee. tha boy's 
father, Salvotore, a baiter, employed at 
£17 Vork street, flee, ipto a rage last 
nlghr because fMrniiiicb stayed out until 
10 o'clock playing. 


Deacbter of T&eatrienl and Film 
Prodveer Oblalai LleesuM. 

Carolyn I^eah Fox. a daughter of Will- 
iam Foi, theatrical and motion picTura 
producer, will *e married on May 27 to 
Douglas Nicholas Tauilg, a silk ser' 
rhant, a marriage license haring been. 
Issued io Ibem yeatewlay by City Clerk 
-Michael J. Cruise in the Municipal 
Building, Tbe ceremony win, be Per- 
fonned at the bride's borne on West 
Ninety-first street. In tho license appli- 
cation Misa Fox gave her age aa 2Z> 
years. Taussig is 2ft year* old and Uvea 
on West 114th street. 

Dim Fcrtrliixt IlnLk Dnrped. 

The hulk of the former ferryboat 
ScmthBeld). ' which was uaed by the dtj 
as a tuberculosis, camp, was burned to 
the wnter'a edge at the foot of EUla 
Lane, Krei chenille. Statn Island, Tiies- 
riny nigh:. 

The Southfield waa built In 1674 and 
wn» taken out af service when ths new 
municipal ferries wen built. 


















VeL 101. Ho. .142. 




rpHE Franca Academy <» bothered to tin* an absolute defini- 
J- tiM for tbt word ■1aTlBeibXe. ,, Major Byian aerer ran 
for office in France. 

r would be only fair when tbe mm of landlords who denied 
heat to their tenants !■■•■ Winter mm before to* warts 
thii fi namw tfcst the BtuDDti* be mid* but for the lamdlordj. 

i t>REeiOKVT HARDING *lu UPevneH *±* 1 ■* wil1 "*" ' 
* British Colombia this G*nU»r. 1 can itowiVr ib*» | 
the Republican .Vbiw wna greatly ibotlml when * fmid^nE 

[ of the United States left American tEWtJ* 

wis a tiros when soma Americans viewing it* Euro- 
pean sftoatlnn hoped tot "pease wtthnnt victory.** And 

* pas _ _ 

bow tlej ■wm to be getting along orer tltt*. withool either 
puce or victory. 

nrao will win the beet prise at t>ur diapoeal by Warning tie 
Tf ton spots which heve towered the- tern J*taturt on Preri- 
dent Esrdirjg or the occupation o! the Ruhr? 

THE ertMmed World mtdii eurprt*ed. not to aaj shocked, lo 
leeni that Gotrrnor Smith will be tuldcd by lb* legal 
aiipwti of the caen rather Chan by polities! eipcdicflry wlfWi 
considering the MuUu^nce repealer. 

AWOUAN'fl will cute iff her busbsnij with II because 
"he never gave, me any cf-hla earnings other then what 
wee necessary (or hie 1ft keep the house witb." If be did tint 
there ere men;- women who could hftvt tedd her tae didn't 
know how lucky iho »tt 

A CERTAIN type of UlUf in Fitereon seems 10 have feared 
that city would forget tbo Jennie Boaeheiier cue. 

aN'E peefcliirity of the eJtattion ii Ihki there erf wmt- hun- 
■ dreda of people who beMet* Alfred E. Smith do !* m- 
J flccnrtd by a lektfrnm , 

1W1SH WH.«tTBM{«fi« would; rx plain just ■raJA] wnw 
then hi for eaJfipg the winner of ■ golf cup a "hem. " 

\l?ORr> eomea-At German htwaHtf i* ready lo mortt»,ev » 
TT fourth. of its ppeaceeioiui to efrett the relreee of the Ruhr. 
Not en nDi»uil »ir to afl|alt legiUraate oblilttion*— onieid* 
of Genniaj. 

ABnrtlRH ubnurine nnrLnr rtcnpletion u «■ hie bii a 
erniacr." At the WtiMalhin «infcr»n« Britiin wee 
ein»TK for the ■bolldon of nibnuiine wtrfare- 

1T h*bii to n» thei I m*ll a epeech wcently drlircrwl by 
the Preeideni of Colambl* ill whith hr> ernred ihe Kh 
Klox. Meyfce be w* H l* h*»e dealt more |*atly *ith the Mittr 
if its mtmben bid used berrel iterce. 

TJTTEN If Eeatcr Ielend hu gone A. W, O, L., ee h-opms 
■■J *Ute. we etill bir* ChriBlraej Iiflend, which Icmvca u 
on the celender. „ 

ATESAS tn*n bee «n.t a chect tf a Hiilrrtad mmpany in 
payment of fare* nut of which he fcjt* "belt' 1 the ratl- 
wed crthipaay. How qnlcldy the rftilroed !iitnadnn would be 
waived If ell the hftbott. pMt Bnd pnwnt, ehould here a chin** 
of heart end pay up what they *>w* for t re on porta Hon. 


LLIASf JENN1SOS BRVAN returns to normftlcy, 
baa bnn dcfcate4 tfialn. 



Rancocas Stable Continues on 
Its Record Way as Dick Fin- 
ned Colt Takes Best Number 
of Day and Sixteenth Race of 
Meeting for the Sinolair-HII- 
dreih Establishment. 


i GREAT deal of Ihf pnwenrt b*in«; brmiRhi. lo bear "n 
A. Ooremor Smith ia hy fnd tea tier that "mo" and "vote' 1 
dit apelled, with the sflue lettera, 

Soft Footing Favors This Geld- 
ing and He Leads Good Field 

' in High-Priced Claiming Han- 
dicap— MacLean ■ Scores for 
Baltimore and Whitey Howard 
In Maiden Juvenile Sprint. 

ACCORDING to Lnia Antel Firpn. tbo head of "Lihertj'" 
on the dollar fa V*nj« fOftURh. (or him. 

THE poison eeema etill to be working. IIuntinE duwn the 
pern hwn'i atopped* Mi* arrival of the letien. 

JROPES30R EINSTEIN anya more inborcra and fewer 
neodeinic theoriara la what Pftleatine ne#da. 

Tl|iL Sr.-fTWAB'H milll«vna ta ntfldtnt MBtre* to the chart* ; 
"B i)int b* eonatiltcd a medium rei;ftrdtne inveatmenta. 

A N autontobire'Tan down and injured on' of tb<- moti^o (df> 
: **■ ture eeElvonof thia StatP recfntly. Raw 'almul ettl nHt e fr 
i ine; antomaMtes from mfltlnn picture*? 

OTS of crrK+ra, to Mbf knowledfe. have built gqi ravbtvta 
J hv "watchfol wrifhtinf ," 

HE man *rin eonanltt a medium doMn'l atand a pbost of | 

THE man *hn <■<■ 
a ihow in the 


New 8 


ween C 
one were m Cbleacn 1 think nfl* wooU be arjtlinc to co 

rTTBAT KlK "TBr New Sin," aooridai aa if it ml|tht have been 
-1 Invented by a reformer. - 

A R aie route between Chlcwao itut t/>ndan ia planned. If 

in LAadon ; and if on« w-rr in t^ondon Mi doubt on? would 
lib* to i« to Chkan- The Hn* otagbt to nay. 

i» prohibition axvala aa^o^ oa aULkt^aa. threatened, the 
pm«i rl» boarJeam can do ie pnrifTe a ftrlke ftrsd! for 
CheJr mafntesirier. 

V|AVE you noticed tbewt every titoe Slajor Hyltn veto** 4 

bill It awawaUa- tavlnc to the raipayeT. 

THE Treamrr of the I"ni:* J . Slatea Ea prepared to retire < 
iBjau bi l huDdred million dollarp in Vh-iory doim. Finan- i 
ciallv tpeakin^ another (orcrnmrnt U?llob. 

EDITORIAL writere *dw qii**t4on. "H Near Vot-k a Simu-Y 
mifht conatder the fad that New Yorb u- larrrlj a Stair 
— of Mini 

Catma* ar waawat. 

SeTTEKTr-ITtE to Op* nu*ae»*-t»aft* Laid to Bohbed- 
Hjdracb. GirL— Eeediine ia r.e w*p«ptr.. 

A WOMAN «|n h«i lairn beatrw hi bar Vwbud fnr 
thirty yean. durin|t .frfcleh tiaat- ake bore thrrir#f- thii* 
chen. finally killed bin. 3ht waa a patient woman, at tha'C 
If ber atory ia trne- , 



Bcporti Aioaj Broadwiy of Ttoh- 

We 0»et 'B*niiuii Wii Right," 

Prove t« Be Unfounded. 



Story of Dull With Faxftou Fifty. 

ervLaisky Corparati&n Told 

by Theatre. Ow*»sti. 


Brotdway — that rbcrtniRlifare of tha- 
fttritll folk and breeder of many a wild 
rumor— hi* come acropper fn iU lateat 
repott. io whlrb it nmugly inaiated Ibnt 
the nffalrs of "Bafnum Waa Rl*ht" bad 
precipitated a niiarrel fcetuecii l^nia 
Wcrba, Ita ptodiii-rr. and Max Hart, one 
of Its atocaboLdcra. 

]Tir estimation ycalerday aerved to atuT* 
the report *aa ericvoualy In error, .for 
tbc relntiotia, hoth prcjIeAaConaiLr and per- 
■anally , bctwetn Meaent. Wrrba nad 
Hurt are of the frlendllrai. Then; lian 
been no quarrel, aa vra« rumored and sub- 
aettucntlj chronicled, cor At uny tlruc won 
there any miaunderatanditiK concern In i 
the conduct of taa aRairf of the ahon*. 

Every detail of the removal of "Bar* 
num. Waa Rifut" from the fc'raxec The- 
atre tn tbe George M. Cohan wad under- 
atood betwwo inn Iwoj before the ahnw- 
mlfrated to Broadway from lVeat F^Tiy- 
■econd atreet, it acetaa, and in no way 
has thia turfodraibi been need u a dsb- 
dium (or tbe exptoltatiflD or convenimre 
of **Adrienne." Mr. Wrrha ■ muairal 
comedy, which ia to a>Kc*cd It. 

When '•Bamum Wm Hiebt" waa, 
moved It the Cohan if waa thon*b( to 
bave a lood ebance for a Suram+r run 
and another houae w« In view fur the 
reception wl "AdrJenne" when it ibonld 
come To town. It waa noE « n • I ; "Bir- 
nmo' cave aia-na of cracklnf under the 
■train of tbe lackadaisical Sprier, btfai- 
nem that the Cohan vn conaldered an a 
havrQ for "Adrienuc." 

It waa aaid at (be time that "Bar- 
nuTii waa helni uaed at Ihr Cohaa mrrr- 
ly as a itop-eap for the other production, 
aad thi» report. n«tnril1.T enoiuth. rouaed 
tbe in of the anonaora of the firat-aarood 
rotjiedy. Inquiry dltdoan thp fact that 
their ire waa joatified. alnee the report 

Itwla iSH.oOo Co«*ai ■*«*■• 
Jerome Dumont. 40 yrar* ol&. of 2\i 
Aoduboa arenue, a aaleaman. pleaded, 
cnllty before Jude- Francia X. Mancnaft 
|n_G«nrraJ BeaaJo&a yeaterdar of ateal- 
itig T3tVX)0- worth of cocoa beaBa.' He 
pleated jTultj- Of arand tareaoy ia tbe 
&nt derree. Tbe beam irere tbe prop* l 
eny of tbe Rwtnj Cboenlate UnnufarTur- \ 
Ing nti aeiatioB. and lutrad of ihipolnc 
them to Switttriand Dumont *o'.d them 
ha thia couaQT. 

cib**t ■■< «piMi|l«dL la-war. 

•r nmM 'ate. 

£rhlbilofB here ajraln the withettea 
yoatcrday '.a the invrsdjtdon being con- 
ducied by tbe Federal Trade Cotomtaaiofl. 
into the buri&eaa mctbftd* 'of Fadftont 
l'laj'era-Laiky CorporatiOti. Thej da- 
tertbed tbe Motion picture "indurtry" 
(ram their point of vie* add On crcaw- 
examlnailoa. engaged in spirited, but not 
ill-natured, joint debalea with codntel for 
KUBMll I'layera, Attosetlier, it Wla • 
liveFy aeaaion, wiih mora or the aame in 
proapect for to-day, when the bearing 1) 
rtatlined before Comxnimioner C. 15. Al- 
vord at _Ti Weat atrecL 

Uenjamln Knobel. the But wltneaa, la 
one of the principal atockbotdera In cOm- 
paniea nrhich operate morion picture the- 
■tn<# in the Bronx and farther tip. The 
Iheairra nre tbe Valentine, tbe Bronx., Eviogabridgt, tbe L*. S , the 
UniYcrettr, Uaahattan, and tht Boab- 

lie OGitllned tbe rijiajt coeta of Para- 
mount pictlUea daring recent yenm. Dn 
cvoat-examiiiadon be aalcl pricca hare 
been tending generally upward with all 
the companies. Mr. Hnabel aald he 
bought ail the I'eremanxit production! 
brcanae he bad been told that their plan 
oT ■■pIS'lir waa all or none. He waa croaa- 
ejamlned at great Irngth on thla point, 
but itood lii» ground.' Aaked to be very 
ik-Tiu!<\ he itid be waa told this la tbe 
New York F*n»m PUyera-lAakj orBee 
■bout Aiijiiat IS, 1922. 

F.illm lo Gat Ftclmrrm. 

The witnea* comptatned that tome of 
tbe piccorcfl for which be bad contracted 
were not released to him bat tbnt they 
appeared on Broadway and he waa unable 
in get them. Be waa unable to nam* 
these pictures from memory, but said be 
conld look tb*m up nn bis boka. On 
croaa ciamictu^a be wm shown a Iht 
or aeven ptrtovei; whtcb yere dalivered 
lo him under tootrtct for the showing, 
of them. He agreed (bat 1 fire of them 
bad not been aaown but thought the 
tither two bad bean. 

Wifaear said ha did not revive lormal 
aaticc of the affcrptance of contracts for 
pituren but merely sent in applianam 
tor oatrnu and when be mired tbe pic- 
ture* be aaaumed tbe contracts had been 
approved: Tila brought about Srtoment 
between opposing coqnael aad tb* off>r- 
lag of nrovn eopiea of If tier*, eviij-ntl.T 
porpordag to show that fcccexKaae* of 
cnlracj» waa a matter of written reword^ 
but ibeee carbons apd other evidence waa 
net offered for the racoTdl Tbil poTnt 
wLII probably be taken up later- 
Mr, Knobel Said two Ooanopo'litan 
Pmdutftirtft pictures which ware l&en be- 
ing marketed tbrongh Fuajaouat arm 


Artfcar T. 

Punch Hi 


He ndtrioa, D*>- 

,ffl.r ~n.nn.trr ,-.[ ibr 

r*eel*«a advlsi*a 

Iron lb* rnttpin j'« 

I aanainrlu 

iRrmrnli kail 

sSaaT* for i n - 1 ■ 1 1 ! r. -- ibmrl 

111*; • I r urn . f. I f* at 1h» Frrnrk 
Ha* fh* innurT ci|nipnrn« for 

■ hoTTlnji Motion plelnr**. 

Tki arm >>r-K>!-r in hr 

*q«l*k-i*4 -Till be th P Pirii, H*m- 
■Siip of (hr Aee-I. Iffwaaal will In. 

■ wamrwl* thlm Innomllon .ltirlnp- 
ttu p.*" I trip tn »-r yrh, ItMT- 
In-f HkVr» 1ilatd»j, IIht ga. 
■VwtBif. will *np---|-,r Ihf Iti-tbI. 



Broth and Other Luncheon 

Dishes A ho Spoiled 

a$ They Strike. 

K*»aitrf »i.rif- *. oat* 


At prtditly I o'rfok. daylight aarlng 
tiicr. yeaterda.r, there were dowot of 
cooks and helper* nnd ilieb-iaahers acor- 
rriog about In 'he culinary department 
of the Dose flotrl: u"ataira tbe usual 
assemhlange in the dinini roonu riii- 
CO-aed the League of Kationa. Jess Wil- 
lard, the Ineome tax. and g*1f. While 
plucaiog impatiently "t tb-- t-yater eraek- 

As before stated. It -■> c-xactly at I 
o'CrDct. Then the n»te| rbtt ippearrd 
m ilia enlinaiy departnirnt and an- 
nouDred that tie requeat gf the Amal- 
gamated Food Worker* t,f America fe* 
an lacreaav la pay for the fellow* tc tbe 
whil* sauJl e^pi <mS eesipecifuliy but 
po>i(iv-4y declltiM. 

Bang! 'Don aratat tweaty-tw-i fWI- 
teu. fourteen mixing apoons, Sv*. asJad 
L bowls and a battery of the** gnns they 
i aboot the whipped cream througjli. Off 
[ came tbe sbuTI caps and the w&tte jack- 
| eis. The AcvAlgsmsted Food Workers 
! were l*«rlna. 

T..e abtxk oaigbt bart proved fatal in 
the dining rooms, but Edward C. Fogg, 
mantaring idrector of tbe riaam,- waa 
equal to tha ocraaiem. de «o*. out to 

Other hot* I* »ud borroired ao-nMr food 

workers. M*r r j « mackerel pTuckrd from 
the irebO£ and broiled "a tbe srmtiieasl 
aid* by Igaata waa brailad on tbn aoutk- 
srtet aUt' and. buttered and: parslvyad by 
Pietrt- Ik was a tarilUng n>oaneot. 



Finn- HACK, 
Anne-. II lo B -IrnLaht. T ta 1*1 

pln«r ud l (a » Jrhr><rv r —o-n. 
Ap-Ja-jTi k (,-, r. atrwlaht. A lo B 

p]»o* ■■< 1 tn I vho**- ■*(•■«< adeJn, T to I -irsiKhii, a lo 
•2 plan and (I m n -how. rtiinl, 


Tlrhiua. A to i Mraljant. * i- a 
hl«-e -nd T 1« ID akow, tvob. 

V) renin of ta* Valiar. Ml in B> 
air-Han,!. 7 ic -, plaea and :i is 

- iiioit, iffi.nJ. 
V-BJi-iDrr, j ta aj ■trwlatai(> a to 
" pi*-- and 1 tn i nhnw. i h I rrt 

Hed L*f, a :„ I -rr.i.hi. .-, i,: a 

plsee and t (a B ah***, "tin. 
Cap-atanelta, 12 m J atrmlacfett B 

1° T place and I t«t 3 -bow, 

Kniiii wm:., 13 in 1 amlarsH, 
5 to 1 tlirr and B to 3 "»*w, 

. rOlftTH RACK. 
Ai.aaii,. a ta t aiMlasH, i to a 

place and eat iiaw, waa, 
. HrwwriaB.ylZ to> I alrwlarsit. B 1* 
1 >Uee"**d to 3 ••«. «ef- 
ond, . 
Batt*T»*w. p to • atrsilcbt. t <a 

-^J«ce aag jai .ahow, Third- 
"i" -" FIPTH FUCK. 

■2 pl»c-* mna awl ek-w, mnii 

MiikallAnfr. O ta. B MHlsll, 1 

(t> ft plare and oat ikaif. iklrd 


atweLaaw, < io i iuii«hi, it i - 

7i place and 4 Id S ibaw. w*n. 
Irram, 4 to I *tr*l«kt. f 1* ft 
plaCr and 3 fa (I ipiw, Hfiel. 
Cano. 3o 1" 1 uralakt. T Ik 1 

fiir F and a to l bboot, tailed:. 



I HnHgM 

Deal Started Last December It 
Finally Completed and Huston 
Will Retire Definitely Between 
Now and the First of June 
From Official Connection With 


*<■'■ -Tarah Rupprrr. Vko Yratarauir Pai-cha*ri Its* Half Inifrni lm ta* 

1 taken "nnul bj lilt Piriarr, Col. T. ].. Tlnatnn. 


Will Fife Action Against Banker Who Cast 

Her Adrift for Support 

of Baby. 


Bnting continef. a fruitful *fo*fm fnr 
the Bancocaa rarer*. Another purse 
went the wwj nf that rstabUahment ver- 
ier Jay "when Altddin ■plaaoed ihroneh 
the mad ar Jamaira to register ei*iir 
In the feature Chatham Pnne, This 
mile and seventy jnrA teat toppr«i n 
rather ordinary program at tbe Metro- 
politan Jockey Chib conrs». 

The Jaiaslrs meeting now^ is HfM 
teen daya old and thr tb o rough bred e '••■ 
sarawr*. Sinclair and Kildrrth hav» t- m 
aiiteen otolea and purses during i hi* 
period. It is douhtful If any rairinc 
etablr in the world ever compiled an eh 
a number est- victories in a like peri<*| 
On] t the disiiiialiflcation of ■ rYrecinD> 
hell this stable/from an srrrsjre of "one 
a day," _, 

There srjll rcmaiTi two dnya nl ihe 
preeetit rtesnion and Ebreo rlctorirn fnr 
tbe RajncocaB bortea would aire thai n\t\ 
fit el "one s day" average fir the TOrT 
Ing. In Tiew oT the way theea ttrnia*! 
hare btscxt performing, aiich a msrlt If 
not itupowilile, 

Madder. H.r f Their Caaare. 

Mudders had their flnt real s*rr n r 
tunjrjr of the meeting ycsterdn* nn*l 
horaoa of that order swept lb," cant. 
Despite the many scratches from ■ tnp 
heavy card, large fieMa appeared in ^U 
bQC the fourth and nfth race*. Tbr*r 
were the two best b.ombern of (lie rtsy 
and provided easy victories r °r AlnoVtin 
aad Saddle andj Boola. 

After Hobgoblin had defaulted from 

the Chatham the nujioriiT of f-.-k- looked 

I upon J. bl Widrnrra Bstienea. *nh 

Samie In the saddle, u the ultimate 

r leader. Had the. distance been ulirre 

i o.uartera the Mont I>"or colt mill.; ba>e 

| won. A* It waa. be (Ji*d oadly. after 

; showing a reiisb fnr ibe aoft c --.:^ snu 

cousidcrable early specd- 

From a good start SnnnV huatle"! UUi 
<oit oil to- lb* top and be only br**aed 
atoog in thai position for eii fur [nop. 
Then, he tired, snddeniy and Mvldii. 
who had been racin; »ec*nd. came 
thronsjh witL a rush fa rhe rail rp guick- 
ly assume a commanding lend. A< the 
bead of tha srretrh ilw rvutt »■» evi- 
dent end the f>ick Finnell t- y t m *H 
breerfled down to the wire. (i>e length* in 
advance of his rfoaets romperitor tm 
this race Alsddia must he TSted I 
saperior madr}er. 

Hypr+loa la Im r n >*-la«-. 
Hyperion, a Sonater— Uelriqoe roll 
wbo races for H. C Fisher, condnoes 
In ibow ■ iteady iikprovement. Ha 
taebed early rpeodiu this number t>ot 
moved up after goinE a balf mad cams 
down, the boms lane with a fine burlt 
of BpeciL In the rinsing atfidea he 

Catrbed aesjoDdary honors (mn Batter' 
a. It Is hard to understand tha latter a 

'C9frns*t I1T1 I'aital PT*ai *ew.i:iti i 

i'- *f it -|»i ia' cum*, i 
Fforencr Lewis, named si the 'other 
'woman" Ia ifae aensational Stillmsn 
dnoire ras-. ia c«iicnipt»>Uiij: legaJ 
actl'ih against Jsmea A. flrillmao for 
aupimrt of her I'hlld, Jay. arcd 3_ 

"Ue evil me sdrfft a rent r.;-i and 
«in P j«-d tht aJlowanoe of 91 hW) a month 
he had provided for rapport if my baby 
I ainre it was born." she explained in an 
• ■ejrluiire interview with the United 
! Trem. 

Mrs. Lr-evis'a daciaion to break her two 
year*' aiteac* followa phblictitioii of a 
■ its in the eJfect That Stillman now ia 
imrresied in a New York society 


Suing by rei elation of s n*ertt she 
I hrcaelf long bad known, Mn t-ieeda. whn 
| «!n- I'l'-il the banker for tnm yesn after 
i the fiiii becsma public, aslrt to-day nhe 
' || I n nl had tired of bcarine. the brunt of 
what had been lor her a tragedy, 

falla Iiott FJrat Ttpi*. 

I Ni.w the tells in lirr own words tor the 

' Rrii lime that: 

Turning from her, after she had 
heeded bla plesa that abe ahletd bim dur- 
ing, ibn (rial. St^mgn rut nor off wlth- 

l nut jirovLaian for hrmrlf ar their ron- 
irespairing of atillBinna "doing tbe 
right thin'.'' ah* .* cunaidering peeking 
■.ippnrt nf her aflt throuah legs! means. 
I n tbc tneantime. she says, ehe Is com- 
oelltHl to aell her horn*. Appraisers are 
doily viaitPrs at the faahlonablc Park 
.ii. mi -ii* apartment where she has lived 
fitiieuy lor three years, and where she 
aecLuded berw>(f after a fiigbi that took 
her acroaa the cootirent when the Still- 
man divorce auit wr filed. . 

'Tlie aj'STtrnvot ran sTiS.tew, paid for 

i by me «>n the Inaratlment plan, and I Sm 
arlling it to rajae mnoey on whlcb to 
Lsve." she said. And then ebe told for rhe 

} first time the atory of ber life widt $till- 

«nir Carter Short. 

"Although 1 wa« referred to as a 'show 

h g>l" In the Cenrury Taeatre. aa a maltrr 

. of fact 1 was in that play hat via day*. 

i. 5-ly stage career wa* inlenruptad by ill- 

! kh. ll «» just aCtrr 1 was able to x*i 

nut nf br-1 tl:ai I met Mr. 4tiUmJu for 

ihe 6ra1 time That was ia tattR 

"I did m>t know tbe« that ha wsa mar- 

Hr lived with hia father as a bach 
■ elor. L lived with m* father and mother 
1 in VVaahington Hrights. 

-In November. 1010, be cave me a plat- 




"I am rendr SO ink* * n :■ I , ,i * , 
lata SSr awn raaillr and all c 

SJs* il.ttle chap iba claaet h« 

Ifcoald hut," Ml*. *nn. 1 r^-n- 
aae( SlUlnaaii' dveiared spon 
kaartaa tauii ploitirr Leads, 

"ataee wSWla" aT tfer William 

stlTvrtt en', wan (orr«« ia Ban i 
her home to aravJd* for ihf 

valid. Ik* banker hiilni raal 
*-•*■ ajdrlft. 

. Urn, Ullltup i-Lf! ake la 
kTlwarlaiai "P nrr bof, Gap-, whair 

KtaFWl(7 W»a- dla**l*a Br "" 

. ato-r, aa ibla h 


all -I.' 


laum wedding rih( aft with .1 iini.niri- 
Inside the band la inscribed, ,1. in fr\. 
November H, Ifllll." 

■Os September IT. 101?. Jsy Wai born. 
He was cbriPtcucd Jsy Ward Snllman, 
thr Ward being for a BiCmlier of my 
motiirrs family. 

"He it thr manliest little feflow that 

Declares He Is Sorry Partner Is 
Leaving Baseball, That Their 
Relations- Are Cordial and 
That Only Huston's Desire for 
Year of Rest Prompted the 

l'*:. T. L H-uainii announced yester- 
day sfiernmin ihat an nsreemeni has 
hren Mi;ii. .| wheredy t'n!. Jarut> Rlipperf 
rakr-s orer lii- lialf ioic-rm in tic .Sew 
York Ha. 'r hall rinli of rjir Amf-rj.rni 
l.enni.c nn J 1 1 n •• I. making I'olonel IlUp- 
peo ihe «ole owner ■■! HtS Vankee jeatn. 
ami (he new a'lmjkow Stailinm fruiu that 

rfste 00. I'tilnlirJ lIliSloii will rsnljgug 

aa S dlm-tnr nf the ^lub, liut will hold 
tm nnancial tctpereel \v H- The par- 
vhtae iiri.T n-t ihe MiiAtrm imereat waa 
not anneitioced. putt i* uooahtiaJJly placed 
at tI,-aKI,UHI. 

Yeftterday ■ annuum^in-irl i» but a 
cvnBrmaiian •■! ihe »■!■'!.. prcn n<u( last 
hrremher lo tbe effect that CtsbppaJ 
Kupion •» iv ^eTcr uik conntx'tio^ witi 
llir Vanbrea;ii a «.sle of lib in- 
".^ - ■! lo bis partner. During the ar> 
ra:-.;..-rr.-r-- ',■■■ the iransfrx t» '.'oiottri 
liuppcit of tbe rutin astetn m' the ball 
etet-i wme hitch axoar. and Cat, T. L, 
Hii%loa announrrd ibat be «pu:d retain. 
h:a uitertac." 

It **..' rbooabt at the time thai the 
report that Coionel Huston was being 
l oreerf our nf htettiaif hocaAss of hrs dif- 
ferene«a wiCi ceruin other p<rweTfal fac- 
tioaa In the game, prtecjpaied bis change 
of mind and decision io cntinoe to 
operate ifae c!nb Jointly with l."oJ»*i 
Hupue-'t- in any event, be ha* now 
definitely decided to redrt He saya 
thai tha papers are all aigned. Comiski 
Kup per I etui firms tbia statement. 

Tk« Dfdetal Miic.til. 

Tbe qfficiel atatcment given out at tbd 
aaawawl uffieei oo Watt faajtj miaul 
■treel yesterday, recaiding the tr*xt+c- 
:<r .. follows: 

"The npgoiiations for tbe sale of T. 
L. Huston's balf interest in the TaBfeoH 
*.r> Jacob fiuppcrt, aa announced la*t IJt- 
cember and - which were broken off in 
January, were later resumed and Bully 
rcrntnated into ■ aigned agreement 
wherein Runpert huya Huirtoo'e-Trit errata. 
The finala of tbe transaction taltea plat* 
pnor lo June 1. 

"Huston continues as a director in th* 
rtub. A mtnmir)' of the work accom- 
plished during the nine aeasoni of the 
ownership of iiupnert and Hnston of the, 
Yankm acraia not out of place at tbil 

"A aistb or seventh place team was 
taken and made a twice pennant win* 
»er. with e-vrry prospect of a rbird pen- 
nant this year. The team which waa 
bought had only nnr grally good player 
no il. To-day it in aecond to nnno. New 
York then waa the wont basebntl tr>wn 
in the Ameririm League; tu-day it is tnc 
best. TTbe Giants were in lndispnted 
niipremacv-, bat now the Yankees at least 
ahar* with them rnmtllr tha tlueball 
popularity of Svm York tans. 

■The club, a hen aen,aired, ws» a waif. 
It Irn.i tin playing gruunda, hot waj a ■ 

H'oallaqed nn Paafo 1, r«ln"in a.) ( tS^SUfagani on Page S. Colqann «,) 


General Abandonment of |200,- 

000,000 Conitmotion Proeravm 

Indicated in Hove, 


(Caallaa** ok Pas* 9, Co lama ■.) 

The general atrike or -.'**< bricklayers 

in th« Nrw York durlrict wem mtn ef 

fr-rt yesteedaj mornlns:. Thie .letuion 

or the Wortetw will tie up ^v -<,-,„■,* na 

J2fJO,tXSiutlO wortb of e. natrii'Hon «0- 

tracts, and If coatloord for an* ilcie. 

| will canae a complete abut-down in all 

■ departmrnui of ibe building iradr, aiare 

I the brivkiayrca ronatilu;r what ;» known 

as Ihe "key trade." ttrmnlo- that if thr* 

1 do not work, other cotiatrueiioo mm wil. 

i He Ihrown cult «f rmnioytecnl. Tijs was 

; dlPcla»H yrttetdsr M Local S4 of the 

RiicalaJrV I'*ie«. . 

The StOtu- Drrru-k men aad (be Rig. 
rn Ansoristinii m«r walk i.ui on June 
1 wben a Jl a day bonna aysiein under 
whtcb tbey have been working wil) ri- 






lure, it wa« learned ynlerday at a meet- 
mi: in Black Eagle Hail, Ea«t Eichty- 
alxth streer, of heads and delegates o( 
Iocs a aifis-ted bp the brieklayera' atrik* 
The atrike w»» called as a result of 
tie fulure rt[ the association to comply 
with thr demand of the hrictiavtrs for 
V t 0r .* (l1 " « r «"king daj. in a coatract 
'laitnK rmm Slay f last, tmplayrr* aadft 
a cotioter order of a tm a day wage. 
w.tir a boDua syitem during erorreency 

Iwaaaat Gawarwlly Slopped. 

In the busin«u dHtrict ycatrrdaj 
owrning work was tied up nn tbe aew 
i'ortnn BxcfasoKc 11 ail Jin; at 1'eirl and 
Mouth William atresia snd the Federal 
n*aer*c Bank. WiULam street «ad Mudeq 
Ijnr. *The former, wbich ia ucaTty cum- 
pl«e. n«*a a naff of lira Tirieklarcfs, all 
of whotn watkH out. At lb- Lack build- 
ing, which u abo.jt a rear frnm cntnpV' 
Lon. the atsfT nf furry liHrklayera an- 
awtrrd the alriiv rail. , Abarni roe aaOM 
number t ail" i To so tn work al tbe Stand- 
ard (lil Building. 2r. Broad*r*v. . 

Jsrv lionarlly, delente -f LjcKStI 3t, 
met the men wan a -rived for weak yea- 
lerdsr moraine at thr Standard* Oil snd 
the Federal T"!r*enre Firtr.k hji'ndico and 
prr r.i-m *trike inscractiofta. rnlice of 
tae Old £lip atad»n aaid that there mi 
nn tmnble in btr dowatowa *ccriooi. 

Loc-ata paniripating in the urate ana; 
Local No. 34. Manbanan 1 and V, 
Brooklyn 37. Hareem Sad tbe Bronx aad 
4 1 Quern*. Some of the csusipantea cvw 
nected with th* Mason BsdMres' Aaaocia- 
tioa are: The George A. Fairer (Company. 
Charle* T. IVilHa. Jnc TnomeaoD-Star- 

ren iVoinany. Uarb Edlitx 4 Son, tha 
Canhlwril \Ytn£ate Company, the Cariin 

, tCwPtlaavaw, •* Faapa ** C*ls» *.> 





PUPIRF **■*- <^W- *° Si- fcr*. ID. 

cmrmc H«ULTo-vofi, * jwt. ui» 


■•■■*"■*■ THE GREAT 

FULTON ■ **■*.*»>. im». 

TARCfl .. 


<v|ih HAY VOKEB. 

the mnrai m *u<H-u«r.ii 

*lth APQL PH_KL,* pnea r-r.wHt 

ft/vnri EEN RY MILLIE'S 

III InV I ™«AT&E. Ill w. 4! flr. 

: „_- * *«ix Tiitrt, cpw,) * 

■1 "JUHET 


wltb yfttt UAy TiiKvnrt. 

Tfnlfjkr rboolcer, ffw,, ;J Si. tin. I.JJ 
P*fl. Mat, Tn-n;. Be«( Brats *?. 


' +tvn pkggt wood. 


W.M »(. Bra.t.ta 
Ws ts Ta aa . Aii MJFta 







Equity. -dKth HI, Th#i. Dinu fiT! 
Era- 1U. niu, TA-dir * ■»*■■ '■!'■ 
lEitf* HitliM rj*car*u-n D«r.) 



RllTl I'urrftH Then,, T A*. *iOtfc(<. 
A lit. 

ClfU.OMV. E" 

IW. MxM-Th^T 

DCDIIDI IP «i! St.. W. E'«j. E.i. 3 1\ 

ntrUDLiU Mi.-j.Tn-y. * BAT. m in. 
Abbs NleBols" unghlttt lawtu 


Thr Flar This Phi I In Hum ftp. 

OTCO-CQITIW ThBi.p.-..!.. « it Eh.K) 
M. ~ w -~ *"■ in,,, TO-M'W * SAT., lift 



■All H. HARRIJ) pfn*Mi 

P-ftmtf A DDK -n*t... w. Ȥt. ft, 1.11 

ICEBOUND" The 1923 Pulitzer Priz, Play 

OTTEJV DATIS 1 nitm-tiiiHri Pijij-. j*aw si Bni out 



tl. iLta TI ft UK. 


DALY'S %° 


KiuTo-ntCx. *,». 
Offer* UU UU KVEMNOB, ajft. 


«>■■■ - THE! 


1 UBBOIlSfS^S — I 

I ttwai m h iPjW gggB S BS 


RrfS, ■■: tit. Hats. 

OF THE MOVIESt. - * m. ■ ■•'. 

.im Glenn Huilw-WlweiMM^ 

M0E0SC0 *jj TO-KIOHI,^ 3£ 

DEI AC Ail "'•« (I El. E*f#. it 



i Wr.B«L*tJ:fl 



TfcatwW. «dfit. 

v."-:: ,>::si ; :.. 




(Cf>nt!nn*H. Fwh P«(f 1.1 



Eti lit !*■*» 

Hurt. * !«, 


Tid m p»r(»fl ttarsDHJisi 

1-M'W and BAT. at ( 

r. rsj- ctunnGck & hmti* c«< _*^^L_ 


Witt (iESE"PVB TOBI?i, 


"Tha LeopanUii" 
MQRLET f -SISTER | »tfn. 


jt r K.K^ih'» 


hftvoj * Pr*n33*ni. An*t«1 A aJW 
4 Wdlan, Mr. * Mt^ Jm, 
Butt. Wllura Plilt". "C*m-P»- 

BF.KfitVtl WH.MAS1S # WOLFL'8 
STDrrT H*n«T kahkilmbi * 

• In LT. I rnwd, Lauinilfi * Wnt, piih, 

* B-riSlSL * FhdWipl.l-, JACKIE CoO- 
efouylrr— mi, J AA^ In "li^DDT." 



]> r.t.V.S WARE C CO., 
■the SON TitmocUn: 

Frill on £ 1 Irliii, Ji-eli 
"JlnW CIIIfHd, T*wi 

SmUh Oth«T«. 

TjF HIIB pons MatirfiJ Co fruity Triumph 

PRISCESS Ta»*. Phi fl , g M - B .«n 


DANCE RtClTAL S D * r T ^K»- 


'SOUt « BEABT' , '* , ™ 

«a 'BUBiBHT'TarjleaM^';;' 
ifJSjj "EMmie«~of Women ' 



I L<nii(.l I.nnjsh 

. Mammoth Fun Houio 
Pryort Band— Big Tnt Oirnu 

«• 'tOVEREMWlGOii 1 



-WHS-ftRS 1 



Vwxj. II di. f»tn-) flf*nti OrrtiMi-i. 

B'j-AlTftl, "^ 

Girl o'f tie CclJ»u Wt.t' 1 
Birand Iji'iiiplwii.y (ItcIihul 


Author an* director Awtyta Greek* 

Hade Moving Fictnm on 

fiien of the Parthittotu 


Tb« Gteeta' wh* knew eveTjthilit, 
and did Kverrthidir, made the fimt film. 
For That ii'the frieze ot the Pwtbodou 
but n utrip o( motion picture of a pti> 
CMJion 1 ? The metope jjrtnir* ^ere !)!(« 
the "Btilli" 

In collPice I itud-Ied Gr**lt archaeolosy 
unij susgutfd l KstoratiDD ot t±e rai"Mln»r 
:imi af th* Hermw o' praiitHlea. Aftisr- 
wHrd I dibbled ia wet claj audi Btudkd: 
■culptute for a wbil*, 

Whni I wan rntired in.n tLe motios 
picture Seld Bad CtidualiT alippcd into 
a direcrtonibip t fo>"id at mj> hand human 
da; to )■'•■■ molded with liibt, powd, 
grouped and nrranrwd In living nrehJlce- 
tutc, plasticity indeed. 

Herct U a visii-.iF-rf'.il oppoi'tuaity and 
it is pitiful to :.ri? Cue vxtta <ti vbote 
B&phaniorons who call themselves intftl- 
jKtuaiiBta. end thinlc" to prove it by thrftw- 
Inf cuitard pies «t the motion tticturtB 


^■ — n-" ■■ Il-ri, *r,fl Mitt BIHUt, Tu*Kif. 

IAK A, it 

ti' ~ BlUttT M. -THE JruSitRAi. 
tHL-ROB." JVlWiWH 1D4 MUl SCf«t. T-'llll 




Mad i*axj#innr*j^ 
oDtath. Oc 



and the: "morei.s"' who mnkf *n<l attend 

Tlie motioD pictures nrr a* ii»«v in urt 
au the drama ancc vras, or \-.mni:~r,;-:. 
fCTjlptnr*, architecture, the aliort itOr<r, 
fiction, njmphonle muaic. And the im- 
portant critic™ tir* tlvue who are quicli 
idth recognition — and eTPB with atone, 
provided it be apectfic. Wholesale- iihui* 
En a viiMie of niud tbAt tolgbt bt better 
emptovcft In another direction. 

It in Kicipljr stupid and lmpudfnt to 
nj tliat thp motion picture Is not an 
art. Of eoUnt most of the pietutca *n 
inartlstEc in their rtsult. thoueli moat of 
ther.-i are nrtlltfc ill parpAIti! Add "(Tort 

But bore I sm n.imp the ward "ar- 
tiDttc'' aa if I, or anvbo-dj else, had a 
Htii^factory dc-unitloii for the epltbf/t. 

Very few nt the pla.vj. n^vrli. itaruea 
and buildinjja rntertaln or thrill me, and! 
I slrep thfotipii moat of the morlorj pic- 
hires I visit. But I do nut boast of 
this pharisaically. 1 admit rrndilj that 
tt niur be bit atrn fault or rni.tfortun. 1 . 

ThotiBflKda of treat r<E*der« bave got 
stuck in "Paradise Lost" end few Qreek 
•che-lArs have been tbU to witde clean 
throuKli Hn-iniri. That does not prove 
that epnpce is not an art. nr taat thole 
works ar« Lnartistle. 

NotbLiiE on cjirth we&riea tne Ilka 1 
walk throufii the Louvre or one »f the 
Parti aaloiiB, but that dues not pro re 
that Tiafntlng Is only en luduitf? and ail 
the Ybritora. to art g/alierlai cnorona. 

What BDtloyi ma in tie criticism of 
the motion picture is the euperior ltd* 
tude qBunimed by Id acorner*. Tiiey think 
that cnllLni a few hard names doea for 
n thiaa;. They think that elevitinj thefr 
ejtbrowa and their poaee; elevates tbalr 
point of view— Rupert Htijbea la May 
Arts cc Decoratlun. 


tueaa-M* Co!upt«* Hot. 

purfhaaet) by hLm and later dplirered, 
not to him. hot to the Keith Circuit. On 
CTosa eaamlnatlrn] It was hrmiffit out 
that die controcta ttt tha lime enntained 
n provision Mnnittlr-n withholdins: nf a 
rcnain numhrer of pictures cnntriietFd 
fnr. The numbr? was not to cirt»ri 
twelve a far. 

Tiro ■t'etm*'*" Cain>*ilpd. 

Another point of eontTOvcr!i.Twjis thnt 
Two other C*>*mopoiitan productions ht 
bad ecatriieted: fo? wcra emcelled he- 
ei^ae OoUh p*litan ceased to inarkri 
Ihpcrnirb aPraniount. 

The q.ucation of adjustments nn price* 
paiq for pictures wblrn did not drav a 
paylnc business *a* dlsciisspd at li-nei!,. 
The. witnMS ■aid he invited tiw Parn- 
mount dtatrLbntJng alrlce niBnairer ir 
New York to eramtae his books and di*.- 
coTerfd tiat the ParainoTirt omee bad 
alreahVc had a man at his theatre en- 
trant 1 * ■'docking* the crowd — (hut I* 
cWntraa rhfr pp«p!# a* they entered. 

He objected .to thin means of clirr-in? 
hapinrsB on the eround that ■ iDnT->n- 
plctUrt tfctltr* has a eraiit muttf 
pairaeii. He..»i±Bat«t the uurober ai nn 
averare r-t 1M a day, bnt said t tin r 
tbes* passe* do noi came la an aTerag* 
wb? — ihilt on force dnrs they Brootint m 
300. Ninrlr nil of tiese pns^cs arr- is- 
sued In pajrini-nt for tilr priviir^r „I 
pOPHne nifldow eards. 

■*TA*b«: dn you buy Pararn^nn!: t*ie- 
tntna at all?" iwked Prath=r ilcrJooaifl. 
Of counsel for rnmnUlt FlnjfTs. 

■'BecauMt I cannot ae| pnoiiffli fwiri 
plcfriTeB with&ut them." 

"The annuo] ju-odu^Han of pictiirei. | 
ii more than 'ctieaffll to tnpHy sll Tmir • 
bouses without using Parnmount, isn't | 


Rdj-b for q,an!!ly. 

"Yes. but not enough Eood ones?" j 

"Then you hily PtLramtmiH rirtiirn^ 
for the quAlityV 


Charier A, ftoldreyer. who is n pert- 
ner with Mr. Kuobcl II four mMiinti pic ' 
tor- tneniTes and ha* another oT his 
u^n, iraa the neJtt iritness. On itlrect 
exmainution ha xrfiA atked if he boticht 
the complete Paramuont output i-i-rw.^i- 
he j::li1 tn in order to Bet any. (jf siud 
he boujihi all nf PorBPJilunt> outpui t,r- 
cause be innlett all of it, H* eai'1 Krt-; 
*r*l pletirre*- f"e which he bad efnmicts 
iv|(b ParnmouBT were* tflken iTtn.i from 
him and itiren to a eompetinjt theasre. 
He objected but pot no answrr, 

"If the picture had he*n b1i enmijrh 
we would hove j^i-tn. them a fithi, 1 ' br 

l,!ter r"rcrrina to two 
productions twuatit from Famous Plsy- 
#rn and canceled because Cn« mo poll tan 
Production* cetxr-ri to market tltrofljrh 
Famous PlBjera, h« voluntn"red th*> 
'tntement that he ir.tends m iue. These 
are thB snme tiro pictures nnd contract 
referred tn by lir. Knohe), Cnonsti for 
FflnvHU Plni/ers resd inta the record 
elnuscs of the contract which protects 
them under such circunutsnefs. 

Objects to Cloeblnj;. 

Mr. Goldreyer was asker! about the 
policj of rrquirinir deVosita and pay- 
ment seven dfi.n in advjinM nf the show- 
In* of the [-irtur*. Ur> uaid thlj hud 
tiovrr boen crLrorced o.Euiti«t Jiim. that 
be usiinlly paiil a Any before showinjt the 
picture, stbf5 Gnmetimes ua the tiny It 
Sj'bs ahown. 

He went over much th* HUDjH pround 
as Mr. Knolel on the mbjecl of ■"clock- 
in-*" th; crowd as a meant of vhechiuK 
the btninesjj a theatre Ttas dolus;. On 
the Subi-H-t of ni mber of pa£4ea, he said 
the KJnjrsbriisi 1 Theatre isaurd SOU 
psaacs a wrrk, facli for two pcr*ona. 
■ nd thnt theie ai ■ lirmafVd onh 00 Mon 
tlsji, Tuesdflvs, Wedneadftya and Thurs- 

On the subjeui: of picture* conrrncted 
for but not delirered. althoneli Broadwsj 
But thorn, he Identified one, W S. >{ ar V 
.11. 'The Toll Oate." Be received thsu 
on the auQsr-iu#nt yenr'i foiilvnct, he. 
^iiL'!. and paid more for it « the orljp- 
nnl COotrnPt sp^rilied. Tie nfrervl that 
this was permissible under the contract. 

Received Ailla.iranir. 

"Toy haee had cootlntiouB rdationa 
with Paramount •Am-* W\~, and have 
bad frictlan over otilly the fen- pictures 
iadlcsted In ;out testimony?" n.-kcii Mr, 
Mellon lid 


"Oh the. picture. "Perer Thhctsnn," for 
which you paid $2 000 and lost WOBeT, 
you ree#Ji-ed an adjustment of J500, did 
you Aott" 


'Thyrc if tiothiec in thr contract raj|- 
inc for that adjustment or my adjust 
mentj li there?' 

'•On the wholi? rfea't you thfbli Para- 
Kioutit has dealt C.iir.y. well -.•\th ynu?" 

"In aolae way* they- a,r fair and [n 
Win*- wai-f not. If ihey-bad civen hick 


3© f/iw^ \F^oo»®tg^ 

Novelty Materials Make Effective Blouses. 


The sbope. are fllled- with /aaclnatinis; han chamrt^e 
materialfi, ond if oae baa "JK-rtr had the -■ 
inelinaiion. to BVHF vititi] now. this cer- 
tniply tJ the titno lo "obey thai Impulse" 
for flne neexls ILttlfr >r npthint: besides ths 
material to mr.U an attractive jranneDt- 

lf this Sj really your Br*t etptriene 
in the tft\r of aefturtcresa, ^etlcf try the 
orerblouH- or the Plip-on variety first* Tor 
is p/rscoic no complications, and uy fol- 
lowins: (he treen ntrjw* or three prr- 
farsurLors. o* the i-nse mny hr, the reAnlt 
is jiure tn In- plragtiina; if, In the beainnlnc 
the material ha& novelty aod charm. 

Unman atrip* nilk ma^ei an intereatliK 
garment, and needs no further decoration 
then Ilk own self, perhapa rut in luas 
strips .ftiid applied if a riniihin? louch 
tn the neck and short sHeeres. 

a sa«h. which ia the 
thod jf ftnlihiiur the blouie 
worn o T er the Puremrr akirt- 

Spenkini -if skirts, after seaaon* of 
plain t wn-niee* carmenia, pleats have 
rom» aaain ioto [heir own. There i* 
notblc* ijitite so ' aa n pVstrd 
skin, jtnrl the Di4th»di employed ao<vl- 
dnjs. eetirrinlly jn the flat crepe raidel*. 
it]' the r^eatiqirp ft «ta.v put, Which 
is an i:em ■■rhfn one considera the at' 
tempts to keep the pleats in, when pleat* 
wem ferwwdj the vopne. Perhaps the 
pr*scnt sueeesa in dun to the fact that 
"he pleata are much smaller, often of the 
knife variety nr th" acoordeoTJ stylr. and 
tot so ea^ily displaeetl. OliTen one or 
m-i pirated skirts, either in white or 

ilnr. and preferablr of crepe, with two 

or ihttr- overbloiisei. and The racation 
TjirrJrntie needs no nttentlnn. unless one D.rrriisr.rirs. which b of course. 
tni:*i I'ffij's Y.t> Httefl Lnt 1 a.'couni. 

rnrtl.-uiarly i<. this rruf oT the shoes 
and h«M**y, and, ^iy the way, the latter 

Im F)hl;i'. 1 vmnrt if ■■ ;■. - " I r ■: t rd In the 

(wipe or (.and rolor [ones. The lateit 
jtdviW.. from Paris runcrrninfi iltppefB 
would hnre it* hclieve thai the French 

womnn ha<"» tit ret] of their rnund toed 
fe»t, I r the U-ajrih or the tor nnd 
It* sharpKf's Is WtnrlhfBj! to be Htudled 
with inters!. 

Rumor ha'h it thai the nel! dreesed 
"'Oman i? i-imsiug the mlored fontsenr 
lij lavor of sin- plaih pump with the 
fanrj" burlile l.pesus» the misses bsf B 

elretFd to luirtpt ilie 111 oredi slipper f-ir 
«f1rre( weor. f«r lieiler or fnr worse 
a , *TV-ftittT. tJliS, I airchild.1 



the whole *2.tXy> fur "1 

it would still have been a los*. 


AbTahitn Goodside of Portland, Me., 
wis the ntxt witness. He owns tlm 
Strand and Empire there and two 
thenoea i n EprjnjmVo. I.'tiw. Mr. Oood- 
Hrfa |r'— t»r«d ■*. m •rlenril'n R rhp hrir- 
ing Tilth somethinii: fOToey In ctn40rab£p 
wjth wfljcti uinsr of t nam wpre not 
familiar. Aahcd If Sprinpijeld ii a six 
or iwren-day town, h- «Fifl !t nan 8un- 
cray c?nsoriiiiti. E^pUantlOn deTeloned 
that he ruriji a piehifp sh days and if 
tbu eeusnra thiak ii in.ti fit ^tfur* for 
nundl^ it runa Eund'iv, "^ r herwli# the 
hotiie la dark that day. 

A fnoi Trader. 
Mr. liOodiidc spranjr a surprise, on 
couBs*i for the Goremmtnt in the firaf 
twq minutes of his tearintony, which 
brought raarry lauehter frota the attor- 
neys for Famous Players. He hod iden- 
tified A number or applications for r->:i- 
t»n«fs foe Pai-amoLint piotni-ei. Asked 
if the price* which he anhacqtienilr pnld 
foe theao picture?, was different (mm the 

f rices named fn t^" tnv& 
t was. A number of OtJer Tritaeaird 
h&ve tnlj nr privrn 10 1--. .< : 
in the enmTaetft. FO H>N3BeI n-!icii hJtn 
how mui-h hlaher the price* wet-e. 

"Lower," hti alEdl_ "After the appli- 
cation we always dlchered, and the price* 
li snail/ came down." Evidently Mr. 
Good side has the edge 09 some of his f#l- 
low-witneniej as a trader. r * 

Prairctk rritb thr haarine wu thrcit^ 
ened ymetday morniimr when eouna<| for 
the liarfTDmeat calhtdV for Pidnrr H 
Kent, sales raanajnr for Famous p| a ,-- 
ers Lfl*ky C*.i iAradoa, and It tfeTeloped 
that he U attendiaj a copreutlcrn in Dal- 

W . with e\-"rv boat, name friend 
lire, ami nne rmild Hot imn*in i 



eetiinft all tat plea 
borne hnve some rut 
io be a con*oiatifi[i ft 
ins;, or cnll in some 
CountrieH rtnd ptrflna- 
\>ry often yoij-1 
for it. vl>i|Jnjr a t r 

ipp for hneiren? or plcaa- 
rsoa niib stjeit :, c, npptvniaii* ao% 
re ciui if it he could. Nor. rbor* who must stny ot 
r To (eel ]ow in their miod^. jilihenah there is supposed 
ever? til. And yWJ a&d I for rend n hook, or ro a-molor- 
rare'ed friend nnd have bim rejrsie ijjj with liilep nf far 

hear of eome nhvinna job op-n to the man who is fltterl 
rl: hnnk which TrUl intrrest i-u tverija;* perenn I Ib'tc are 

'tatement lo tha 

irT from grtA! Blithorltiei 

■ pii F- nf tin 

is one of these. 

For instance. I |iek up n book on Japan, wanting- te hear something aboui 
the ountrT. And I'm either smothered in &renir riegeription. ftr depBeHrwd 
by belloz taken through some of Hie <ttv(*, uMi! heim made to look ialo the 
Urea oT the people Tor whom [ eoa do nnthlni;. Writers nf travel honk* nowa- 
days, like many nniefista. seem tn hnie same ethical aie to grind: they cannot 
enntent themselves with plain narrmlee which would make the reader feel «s 
if he'd bad a pkannat Journey tfi th"- 'Otintrr. 

li;*i-,iri, I reel n- if I'd ptunirerl into nome Pocinlnj[ier] pr"lilrm. which 1 
could have foun>E if I'd talked to aruur of ntir brisk Westport cilizens. f amid 
such folk when 1 want pleasant eonvemitLfln, F.rlls eii»t, ihnT ive knon-. but 
we do tint want tn Dave every pleasure ejcillded on rtccount of them. 

Those who write of travel in a lijzhTer Vein upend too much ilme fnihlnit 
of the rereption ihe bcilhriys and the waiter* !tj hMels cave [h"m. TTila ii 
important, but. like fove. it isn't a nisn'i wbole eiisrecce. I'd like to see 
beyond the ehip* (leek, or from the iriffldowi nf s hotel, or to dine under tlie 
shade of n tr<-e in tbe Pyrenees with t|ie aothor. 

A friend, n-.enUv returned Irom «1jbt I'd retard as a arear tour came 
over to talk to me and mfi*t of what Ii- enuld remember was the cold in Pnrin. 
and what tbe^ paid for their breakf. 1 ^', w* can wnrry about these rioht in 
New York, and_ ibc.r are annoyane>> which Fhnulri be pit aside when on one's 

/ I Suppose the great trouble with lra*"H ts that eaeh person knnivs what 
he wania to see. aad othfTH very seldom dwell upon Ju*t the poinu he'd !ik# 
to heCr of. They'll Ine; thrnuajh art pt$#tit*, nnd tell you so much history 
that y^u can't remember- which ii.whnh. AtihI ns fnp description* of picturcF— 
rood fjord:, deliver us, unlees we're srt itudrOta, vrhich most of us are lucky 
enoufh not to be. ^ 

E. V. Lucas is en tiutnar- uitb whom t like to stroll thrnnth the many 
eaplta].i of ihe world be has wrltun at In order to appTeckte a sceoe. you 
must, aaiorhte tt with the name of WJm* person, f think very ltttle_ rtf Jhn 
eraotioua of folk wfeo tell me thej crt W the siibt. of Mfta/srs h'alis. Sucb an 
emotion, if atouine. would never be harped of afterward, (SU3| they can cry 
If they wnnt lo). 

E»ery mnn hnn some hero, and 1 mink it would be a flreai privi'ejti if »i 
;'i.t could the places where mir hem once lived. Every time 1 put foot 
Id the Plajen" (,'lub it is with the plpn^int thrill sr the thought fllW Edwin Bool!: 
once lived there. And If he hadn't. 1 m etira that the club wotjld not h5ve re- 
tained that air nf home jio rate In tiny i-luh. That, nf course, is tanlntAiued 
by the character ci the members, jfod fm feel when ioln a in that jou are in 
n home made up nf a more conacniJil family ihap many red homes are. 

But it is nljo (rue that jou chill npeci to be thrilled by the lalos/n you 
stec every day- And it's un atubbornnets on ycur tTftrt that j-nu don't. But 
walking In sqmo rffrelffn town somi- ftp* Sprinjc momln*. ycu'll be stirred nod 
deUgbted by A thoyaaad lotely ahrhlf >en nriuldo'l even See if they were near 

Many travelers ire *o bewildered M the number of Ihinfis they see thai 
they remember no I bin 5 worth while. And then, wortt of all, therc'a the person 
who Tear* to be "peraonal." the ww w.Jn whea up pe-n to write about a place 
Rlr-o fear* to he hatnan. ami I'd »« »"nn read the ciulllplieation table as his 
elurt. IloweTer, I did nor mean 1 1 ' 
wanted t* i-all your nrtentlon to "1 
ttnvel boota. Do stt. ond 

toward Sbc deliftht of folk who travel 

itnt-hnHtable toward anyone. I DWJffJl 
eed of n peraon who could wtlte *oid. 
j-'b mnd*. as lit costribuic thf idvlca 

Im. It fu finally acToed that he "-ill 
be. recalled to testify in New Y'ork be- 
fore Jnne 2- That la the date tentethi- 
Iv act for completion of the hearlnjr* m 
tni* citv. affr which thay will he coil 
tinned in PJMadelpbla inn YVaslnnsiton. 




(B r tasttsd S'-wt i" Ttt Mnrriiis T^*swa* ' 
LONDON. Mar 3* Tft * '■" 

tmeum IVutminvr Utlch ot h«emn, 

instttai«d in tit? »«mr 1 -■■«■* >* " 
prise for ta-e crnsple prwlnpr 14 

h«-r r rn|ii)T{! thfl moat V«rteCt 

r-inrirlfi lisppltif". tin* tiren 



res. Labor >i. 1*- and hl« -wife. 
A(t*r prssentlots claim to Ike 

■nnrd a jj pll raal • inun prove at 
a. mock trini. tba-t ib«r have 
I1t*« a fnr sad ■ d*r " irll " nI 
qnarrds Or re«*eia. Tn.e Jnrr 
era* <Bns«i«d this ?oiir or baola- 

elors endi niiln»!rr. vi h .> JadSTSd 
1I)# Cirevea i!rlor«. Ifrrf la lb* 

arovas faiuliy i^alps- for serftrt 

IStJplnrM I 

Goad h«aLih. whieh menu-, 
Rnea eesap*r. ^ood tamper, 
urblpfa menni. no im?iT*li, Wq 
unarm », wbfeli p"" ns re- 

1 PQytjliftsed, Under a PrftTioTii Ad- 

niiniBtmticTi. ZTow Ohtoitte, 

It Is Explained. 

: This will tie "hareaLn day" at Pulic* 
l Headqiiftrlers. Artlclet> f mind ' by the 
■ department in the pdnt year and un- 
claimed by owners, nwd articles seized 
in itvreatH will ba offered at auction hy 
Jacfliiea t'ohtn, tlepirtinent nuetiorjeer. 
The hat of roods includes baby cM-rir^j-, 
wireleag nutlits, clothing, auioniohjii^i. 
tibacco, jewelry, liah hooka, notebooks, 
sh-jw laces, pens, p+neits and mjghhiflc 
elae the householder and well dreased 
man can use. In addition lo tbtt h*hr 
carriaaea to be offered to bidder*, bihy 
cloth iu« in raw cflndltioii will ho put up. 
(Jnly ' alcra will h* iisviti'd m oid 
on £0 < , Litom trie 00k pistols which 
were purchased f >r th? use of the Police 
Tr«iT3.i:!£, School students diiriiiL; the id- 
njiniatration nf t'orrrnjl as inner Rhine- 
lander TYnldo. These pistols wen us^d 
up to (wo years ago, when, they were 
ordered dlscinried. The police, rtaerve 
the right lo revoke acceptanct of a bid 
on the pistols within three diya^. Thia 
It th* Hrai time thlt pLatjts hare been 
put up at auction by tht police. Bidding 
atarLa it ID A. M. 

Arnold Constable O Co. 


190 Very Smart 
Silk Coats and Wraps 

Originally t)5.00 to 1'2.').0Q 


Fiat crepe. Canton crepe. Cloky. 

Emhroidered and brocaded silks. 
Soft, luxurious collars of Vialka squirrel. 
Sizc5 14 to 44. Amold-Constahie quality. 


Horoccan Chief tain Once More & 

Ppwer Eespitc Cnr«r Full 

of UpE and Dffwni. 


1 nnliry. 

able to 

<Frniti a Tanner Correspondent.) 
The predoTciiinrl per*t>nsHty of the 
northweal tjbII Off tiu Spanish Mnroeean 
ionc is once nrn»n Ilni-'uli. He tuu had 
many ups nnd ri-wti*, hut on this OCtl- 
aion he seema tn hair comn |o utay. On 
all former nrcnaions hi^ lemporary pre- 
dominance ivn* attained in *pite of the 
Sultan nnd the Spaniard!.: tn-dny it t* 
with the aiJpmh/itinn of the Spnhish 
Government and iltr ^nnsetit oT tbe Sul- 
tan's <7nlipni at Tctiian. 

Hnnor tn ivhmn hannr is due. sn-1 
Fi&i«iri tO'diy 1* much hmnred. Eiis 
brotlier's Ewii s^n». rfl«B« men of con- 
eiderahle intel^er-ce. have been nppoini- 
ed noiernorfi at l'i nlistrict* and, nne 

or thrta ia tar Mr ihie weeii on on 

cffirinl iisir tu ttic Spnnlsh pisammtaai, 

There hnve atwfcrt kren t«n solu- 
tions m thp Ralwli nui>stion — to ralM 
liim m a poBi of atithorlly nnd honor or 
el*e to ptirfiiic liim to, the hitler cad. 
Affir a ' pnrtiel and uiisnccessful trial 
ij both these ptilicies. the Spanish Gov- 
emnient h«is enme tn what may b* trutl 
*d to be b pcTmnncnt nrranpement with 
the mnn j-Mo is in turn either a VHs* 
erated reli^tu.i^ personnGc and a linc-al 
ilewrndant of the Prophet or n success- 
ful Ire-drr f '^ rebnlrJon and a brlKand. 

Fot the moment he ia con sotLdn tins 
his autliori'j nmonF; the mountain tribes- 
men, in the eyes or whom his pre*lifr.e 
had suffered, partly, bv his eilnrtintjs 
nnd pirtly he the subtlety at his ' 
for tlm tribesmen were 
iliscover nn-l probably will ncv*r 'IK- 
envee whether RoiauM is nt heart with 
Spain or" Jtfiiinsi her. Nor in this tn 
he wr-nderel at. for prnbahly he does 
nnt know blnwwlf. All depends upon 
clrrtimatnner. and Rolauli haa alwsys 
been an -ippr-rtunist. 

There i> no doifht thai nt the time 
of the arrivnl at Lnr^iehe and Atouthr 
c-f the Spaniards Bnlsuli waa willlns 
tn RaaiBtthem in theiT occupation nf 
thnt portion nf their none; hut his idea 
nnd their- nf what the word assistance 
meant differed very widely. 

iv br re TtniDcrimfnli Clashed. 

There w*re iniaundctMnn limits and 
faults on- bnith sides, br could only be 
looked fnr when such a mon a? TtaJauli, 
with his overwhelming; pride. «•« 
broujrht into cnnlact Willi an imivtuous 
Lempcrament like that nf lirnertil Sil- 
vesire, whone enercy find: whose dSatfr- 
pnrrl of precaution was n fmajplj instru- 
mental In brinainji abnut ten years later 
?ae disaster to the Spanish army in 
he KiF ond his own death. RtJsuU 
■bandnned hia paJsn- at Antetln Bnd 
fled to the mountains- 

After the ftir catastrophe in July, 
Iflfil, the campnlcn QiaiDst Unis V1\. on 
the very eve of lis apparent success, had 
to be abandoned, and uegcttannna were 
opened between the Spontsli lliiyh Com- 
mi*4oner nnd the S&ereer. Bais I'll oh- 
Lained prneticaiiy nil b» oslted for— [he 
return oT, nr compensation fir, his con- 
lisc/ated properties, a InrKt' snm nf money; 
the creation of a rone pneirr-lirir Tairrul. 
into which tone no Spanish rmnpa should 
5b> allowed lo enter; the destruction «t 
Spnnhh blor/hhousea in that rcjtinn : th* 
reititiitio^ of "ii* palate at Ap.iila and 
the nomination of his too nephew* ai 
pove-nora of important districts. 

Fox himself he atkeei no appointment. 
Ho h"' 1 no need to, for the pnwer fell 
naturally into hia hands, and his pre- 
ddVninanLe VtU ussurcd. It I" true thai 
a few trihea, atnona: them the Aojera, 
have not yet boned before his muhorlt,v, 
for they were among those who asaiated 
■nd aceompemied the gpa.niah troops in 
ibvlr eipoditiin ajreins't him. and now, 
not unnat»rdl1y fear his eevenre. Xo 
doubt the Spanish anthorltiea at Tetuan 
will take the necessary steps to protect 
their former friends and allies from any 
persecution ahnuld !Ui<. L'Li turn his 
mind i Ihnlr dlrectixu. 

It ia also true- that the IMff tribes, fur- 
ther east. Innk upos Raia Ill's "submis- 
sion" — for sn it has be-m called — to th* 
Spaniard*- as no act oT treachery, but q 
very considerable extent nf wild moun- 

tain country separatee the districts which 
are-*. Bllepriance to Abdul Krim, the Rht 
leader, and tn the Shereef RaJa "DU tt- 
snectively. which neceiSflTily prevent* ac- 
tive warfare between them. 

A dtronjt man. cruel and overwhelm- 
inej r pfotid. Mnlnf Ahued er-H*U Tjli 
lin-. Bbsnttite r-onh'denr* Lo himself and 
hii nno career and very little in a&J 
one nr sTiyrhinic e|»e. It could scarcely 
he othepwiac. On minj oceaaiona hi* 
defeat nnd ftvtaa hia capture or death 
iifli.* appeared jarvicsMe. but ba has 
always emerced from thete critical slt- 
uatlcina with increased power And tt* ' 
tended influence. 

IVthFb tn Amnlel. 

He carries m-ith him an amulet, ib* 
eliarm. in which br haa the moat com- 
plete confidence. It protect* him from 
ill ballets of baser metal, such aa lead 
ami iron, and fliirini the Spring and 
rnTly Summer of 1E*S1 he more than 
once sat among the bursiine bomht ot 
the Snanisli aeroplanes untouched and 
unafraid. His hoiiH was seriously dnm- 
ancl and hi* ntAblex deatroyttl, hut the 
impressive figure nf the stout, black- 
benrded Moor, with his unshorn locks — 
uncut Id fulfilment of a vow — sat: mil- 
inj; in tlie opj-n. rinklae n buodt>d deflthi 
hut always uincothed. A few uiontha 
Inter lie sat at the umr spot watch- 
inr. the ^pnntnh itrvnpa enrryins up tha 
■ ■'iikhtiz materials m-uired for the -.t 
construction of lii- Imunn. 

If the Snnalnrdi can afrord to keep 
the friendship of Rnis I'll— It will c^at 
much in amour in-opee a.nd in mnney— 
their policy nf making terms with him 
may he anceeu*fu!. He is eapftbht- at 
maim/iininjr peace and thus pcrmlrtinf 
th-" n lllidrawjil of Spantab troops from 
those Inhojtpirable reiriana. But he ib 
uvariciouA, fearlcaa and pToud— with a 
bltlii); tonjruc nml an iinlnrt'lviiii bean; 
-■a. typical Oriental ruler in a lawless 
land. It may he thnl already many of 
the Iribs'S under him wnulil prefer the 
direct control of Spain, yet it Is Mr? 
unlikely that any uj|] rlae asninEt him. 

Th«E the Spaniards are rijibt in their 
new principle of policy^-tbe introduc- 
tion of a civil Hdm in tot ration witb iff 
little military intervention n pofijh!* 
—there can be no doubt. It would, of 
conrae, have hnd more chance of mt 
cests had it fo lowed upon a -victory and 
not been the conaeojuojice nf disister in 
thr Riff atid of the abandonment of the 
ciuipilxxi against TLaisUll. The tripea- 
mea of the Spanish cone are aWarn of 
the spirit of distHiuracenieiit that eiitts 
in Spain. Rabl'li. in bin own inttmti, 
a* weU as in Spain't-, has every mson 
to preserve the pence, hut farther ea*t 
the nHf tribes, under Aodul Krim, ara 
in test upon further warfare, «&coor- 
aged by the Spanish disaster; of 1021 
and by the terms they lately obtained 
for the release of the Spanish prisoners. 

There must he a Summer cunpajtm 
in that part of the zona, uoien the 
Spanish troops are to remain tnadivo 
In the face of conatant attack. It hi 
sincerely to be hoped that the relations 
of KaiaUli and the" Spanish authorities 
wilt not be disturbed and that atleiat 
the itorthweetcru port of th* Spanish 
sphere of fafluencr, will remain. trarniuiL 

Alraott UabtlievabJe ^ 

u cau hardly replies i tic woader- 

iul ioproTccncnt to yorir 

ikiu *ii-d caaaplcxLon 

tha mirror will t« aval 

loyou after niin- 

Goaniad'l .OrlcnuJ: 

. CrtiralCr the first 

L time. Whllt-Fleah. 

Rachti. « 

f S*»d /Ocfrr TrUSlM 


Oriental Cream 



t»TA»i.t 3 3H s. a -lft#| 


110 Mnti... *.—< 

■t 4U Sum* Nnr YoA 


oA complete line 

off woolens and 

worsteds for 

Spring and Summer 




of a tort that 
will appeal to 
ihe wcU-Jresttd 
theatrical and 
racing nun. 




AND ....." 








Tel. 101. Ho. 1«. 




MAIOR HTLAN atem* to bare a. T*rj Uvely appmdatlot)' 
of the fact that if on* dtUen in pensioned other dtJEen* foot the bill. 

rE (enterice of Kmpp ha* been affiftned by th* court of 
■jijh»»1 Ln 'Franc*. which is soother indication that Franc* 
means business in the, Ruhr, de*pite the objection of tie New 
York World and George Syrve*t«r Vlerick. 

THE trouble with mnt churchmen who dctnand uniform 
dirorce Iawp bj that thej would like *I*o to dictate, the 
tfxt of such lewe. 

A' WOMAN of 53, he* yttsjt taken op painting;, I read. I 
wonder if ah* was influenced by the attitude of tie old 
masters of tha airuaiion who are demanding %\4 a day. 

1 WOULDN'T «rc to acne under an aspirant to the Offi- 
errt' Training Camp who calls on two men to help him 
whip a noD-*spiir*at who haa displeased him. 

OWEN CARROLL has refused a $10,000 offer to pilch on 
the Pittaburg team because he wiibr* to continue bin 
BtttdSta for the priesthood. Owen probably WWr will rfl hi* 
picture on the Ornt page, bat we predict for him 4 faifly suc- 
cessful future. 

I'M *. »reat admirer of Governor Smith, but really he should 
have been more original than to have told us thf Bepub- 
lican party doesn't wish to offend the trgnBpOttMinu interest*. 

WHEN a man who speik* English only brcntnea an {innate 
of the death booae T am led to wondrr how he com- 
municate* with most of hi* fellow prisoners. 

A BARBER served me l**t week who didn't aak mC if I 
wanted "aealp treatment." The building caught Gtr. 
about the time his fot to the acalp. 

fTTHE President deplores the presence of factions in the party. 
J- AhiJ yet there are no (action*. Any memher of any 
gToqn will confess to "regularity." The nther fellow Ik alwaj* 
the facuonijt. 

a BLIND mtn ia to plan a "city beautiful'* for Topekn. I 

A have been "in WWW where T tbourht tne <ricy planner 

ftujslf have been blind. « Still I wi*b this particulsr indfVithiiJ 
aueceajt. r 


,\f?. German Son*;. 
ATE on tea and hate en Land. 
Whom dti v» hal> u. beat the bandl 


r would take an abler pen that mine to writ? the unwritten 
eneoniuna-that would hive, beeti written' by the opposition 
pre** if sonic, utile* Mayor bad vetoed the pension bill. 

. ,_•_ ±*«— w. - .,' '„' — —T - —.. , 

A" the famille* o( LLealendnt ChYle and Mi**; Hpyr. It Barf 
thin redeeming feature, however 1 . AH the vocal exchange* were 
ir Enilifth. ^ 

BetM*» in Cbicat* baa "Had up" ber huahonds Jlfl.- 
1X30,000 fab&ttm*. I have beard of wire* who wire 
sot Bctreasca dnina thia. 

A C 

|T alffluld h* iflrtfic a eriminaJ offenae ,Ib every Siat* to 
# waemWe women and -thtldren "in an old frame atmccure" 
at commencement tine or anj other tlfna. 

THE aureat, aimpleat way to thrive : 
Ju*t up and atlft some *ort of "drive."* 

JUST bow would the real or Bump* manage tt> fcpnp * 
tha Soviet Government aho«ld declare wnr on Switi-r 
■a threatened? 

A WHITER aaya "pojatro pen" Ifttera are n:tonTei{ h T 
inallee, not |afn. TV* don't know a* to that, bat »f ftr*- 
convinced that the penon who Invented th- phraae, "PniAi>n 
pen," dtd it milie'i-nusir. 



Carol, 3-Year-Old Son of, Ormon- 
dale and Bonnie Carrie, Beats 
Greentree Stable's Dustabout 
and Oneck Stable's Hobgob- 
lin, Repeating Victories of 
Knobbie and Relay. 

THE tmmortll thlrtj^nf iwin tft hire orfrlwk«l th. f«w j 
Mtj- pf PTtini Mr. HftHiai » O, K. And t.i h. -«<m« 
lo h»Tfl had confidenc* Ln th*n. Two of lae crowd werr nlWtl ' 
to bb Cabinet. 


IF the Canard licer enptaina will desiinate the tucri rj^x 
where they will thrnw OYftrbftSrd their enrpl"" B»JUHr -»p 
rli*5 on enteriitc American watvra they rftn do t xreai 'leal 
toward warming np intfrnatianaJ bratherbood, 

rHE Cunant lint annnnncea that ft will rbey the dn 
lo the Utter. I thenrbt ft would couir 'round. 

Lexington Stable's Son Qf Hour- 
less and Lucky Catch Makes 
First Appearance Since Last 
Season and Runs Great Race, 
but Is Beaten by Narrow Mar- 

MOSCOW ia aaid to belief* Cursor, ia in fsvr fl* ■ hreaL 
He tn not. He ia In favur of R«"*ia m^ecinf the nblija- 
tiona of civtlixation and ineruitJOinal law. 

JUST to ahow that they are hirbly in favnr of better rrla- 
rioti» between rhe I'niled Btalea and Mexico lha Meiiean-" 
tiied to blow np tile United State* Consulate in ihr c «pit»l 
city n{ that republic Friday. 

warm s at Jamaica. 

eriBST HAcE. 
H*rKaret tiwrtnet, 1. t* 
"""■-Ulii. out plan and 

■Jhitt, won, 

l.oanfla, fs if 2 itrmHshl, 

• h»fr, [ 


Theatre Owner, at Funon* -Players 

Hearing" Demand Freedom From 

Clot* Cam petition. 



ADETTHOIT woman, aninf fnr divorce. f«.vs her huibflnrf 
aold Jie family atove tn jet pooie money. Another btbh 
ment ajttinrt ptobibi«nn. In the food old days nne .iidn t 
liBve to Bell the rtoTf to <et lb* price of a drink. 

IF U had been 1th to a referendum of Prenbyierian* I fancy 
Mt. Bryan, the moat rilatinpiianed Presbyterian in .he 
country,, woold ba« been, ileeted ifiOderatW- 

THF. sttperatJtJoua may be interested lo know ihar ^JeorEe j 
GooVa deitb it ittributed to dlteaae bo contracted white i 
riaitinf King T^lt'a tonb. 

IT all tli* wortr by deeoritbri over ft* high price of 
wall pipit? Orrosr. marb Ire to be bad. i 


finer ii4 «iai nhoer, aeri>a4. 
l™*i O *b 3 iimla-bl, oil Via 
■ nil ■»< -i.nw. ttalrd. 

»ea Cat*, tit ta r. atnta-h.:, rub 

pl>\ea MBd 3 In n >aoir, vrnn. 
Flr-oar Dc-rll. t« it, B •irtlrtn, 

"tn jaluc* anil I tn t ah*W, 

Bnammora, ■> t„ \ .tralafa.(. r *« 
II placa ■■« I |4j 3 »***r. tajfrd. 
Thtnn haC8, 

TleUUfc. JA in n iiraHral, *(■>.■,■ 

P'»" *«• S In B iikaw, *tn*. 
< leollijcfd.n * t» I *trafaht, » 

to D- wlKrr iind |> (« _j Ahoer. 

■*■ aapil. 
HacKwjr*! Wh.Ha. nA tn f 

MraJaW. 13 (o 1 place and a 

lo 1 ih&w, thirst. 

rot nnr BACBS, 
j Cara-b 13 4e 1 «re«lfcM„ 4 to I 
place ^»d k id IS ABHrfr, nan. 

Dni(iboa(, S lo 1 aTlwtrhT, *v*n 
-"" ■ le^ttnfl. 

A.KEWIjI intentftd alarm Thicb rinji "wh>in a .pickpnckeL 
" trirt-Vj*"^^'^*" - ?? i*'" B H"f"» a *d fn Berlin. What 
p Dlty.fct* eniajnjpH patteYrl V** not-ln "poaeaafon nf otliei m- 
tioria pwftmj»» 1914. 


.. •IMSE?* 1 J 1 **" ■ ■k«vi a«rta 

ii^a^UlB. i* t* a 4imiarlit p 



Jcruy City Desperado Captnred 

After He Slays Two Detective, 

and Wonndl two Otleri. 


Chicago Exhibit on" OonTentton E.e- 

jects Equitable Coitttact Brtwii 

TJp by Froduc-en 1 Enid. 


Jersey justice ia eipeeted to, set a new 
record in the caae of Frank MUle*. held 
without bail in the ffnrison County JaLI 
at Jersey €ity for the murder yeaterdaj 
momlnp of two Jersey- City detectlvLS 
and. the wmmdilfaiol two other offieerR, 
ot>e or whom ia not expected lo auriivo 
his waundv. 

Stiller, aonihl by the police t^r months 
in connection with a hold-up in wbicl; 
W.GW heloaain^ to the Tubiie Service 
CorjKiration of New ifea-aey waa taken in 
West New'Yorl; last Winter, waft trapped 
in tiro fwniiahed Tooms he oeeupjed with 
a woman companion ftt 10 Manhattan 
avenue, J*r»ey City. Wnrvtcd by the 
woman, who called bereetf Mrs. Miller, 
that detective* were nuttcidr the door 
.waiting for afmvhe appc&jed at the door 
and fired pnlnt- blank at the. two wen he 

Detective Bprjceant John Black and 
Detective CUeene* Wetr dropped to the 
hallway floor and died inatoatty. Miller 
then blazed awiy at two dark forms who 
atepped up the ataira and probably mar- 
tally wounded Lieu I. Harry Otts of the 
West New York polica And Detective 
James Walton of Jeraey City. 
* Force Start* Hnni, 

Tb five minutea half of tkc Jersey City 
police force waa on the acent as well as 
Major Frtnk Hajun and tae dty of- 
Bciala. Every bouse, yard, cellar and 
at tick in the neiibborliood wag aearcbed 
for the ulnvrr of the pob'cemen, hut the 
outside hantinc waj fnaltleaa, fnr Ln tbe 
meanwhile Miller wa« secreted in the 
attic of tbe Manhattan avenue, buu&e. 

Dep-Jty Police Caief Wotfr w&s the 
flnt to detect a trap door leading to 
til* turret. Be wblapered to hi* aides 
that hr ;-irljcTPfi the nan waa In hiding 
y tarrp, but woold permit no one to ven- 
ture neatr the door. Next be tent to 
polle*. headquarter" r *r' B* 8 bomb* and 

(Cont(aa*d on Pauya T. Colvaaai B.) 




lSt>K[ai r) i;i(rh 10 Th- MumlnB Tt>r»f» ' 

CHICAGO. May 32, 
Any remote hope that tbr Motion Pic- 
ture Theatre Ownern ml^ht rtconaider 
the equitable contract icaa dashed, to-daj 
when a uDanimoiLs resolution wan ccssed 
by the coorrntion body 10 reject the uni- 
form contract offered hy Will H. Hays, 
Thia deeiainn wap renehed followitijt a re- 
port read by W. t>. Burford In which 
every phase of tie Hays plan far fiatab' 
liahinr an equitable contract between pro- 
ducer and exhibitor wa* ponr Into lit a 
ceiattta maimer- 

Mr. Burford stated witb the (feat meet- 
ins held on June 1% vr*?. it the Hii:- 
more, foIlovrLuB lOBtmctlona fsaued at tbo 
WaaliinGtoD conTention laat year that a 
comniittee from the M. P. T. O. A. 
should meet with -Mr. Haya. Thia com- 
mittee— W. A. True of Hartford," W. T- 
«teitui of Minneapolia and W. I>. Bur- 
ford of Aurora — represented tbe eibibit- 
ora, while Sydney 'K.ent of Kinum Ptay- 
er5-I^anky, n.'nri A. Kirchwey of Select 
and K- W. WTiile of tbe Fix fUm Com- 
pany reppraenled the Motion FittHM 
Prodticer* and Pistrfbutora' Association, 
They met over a period of eiz montbi, 
and their dlsrusaiona and the varioui 
telejtrams and letters exchanged were 
rarefully described by Mr, Burford In 
his nerol. At no time Im the pant save 
hM£ o' the t>ointa to which the exbib!tora 
taur exception been made public. For 
t Sir first time then* nointa were given odt, 
Each nac. of the*e iffenaive daiiH* waa 
enuccerated. sod Mr. Harford told in 
tome dctnll why raeh one was unaccept- 
able tn the theatre owners- 

nuiimncfi Itven Claaacs. 

They fellow: 

1. Tfce clauae retainini th.n owi-.r-xhip 
by the dhtrlbiitine; company or adver- 
H»WK acccs*wrie* when the exhibitor-haa 
paid for. them. ■ 

J. The clause requirinx eaab depnaiti. 

?,, The clauae denyinpj thr eiMbEtore 
the ricl<t tn cut out any part of a him. 
even adnrLJnar matter, wMUffij worlted 
In, objectionable aeeoet or political propa- 

4, The Clause rronirin* the exhibitont 
to arircrtise the^banM of tbe prodncer 
and distributor Tti' their paid newspaper 
advcrtialnf. * 

Jt. The method of AaJiuj . play data* 
and the omiaalon of any method! of ctiany- 
inr p!iy date*. 

K The cJauie fiffpfrtins the automatic 
rrjectiou of Application* for contract. 

t. The arbitration clauae which at- 
tempt* to deny eopatltn Clonal right to 
trial by Jury and to coinpel member* 
from I'AliiWnt* lo Maine to «rhitrat* 
under the liwa t tie fitate of New Tork 

and under rulea drawn by th^ di^triho- 

W. W. Whiisoii ftf San I«i-pi. «"*li- 
[ornfsi .offered ji re«olulion rnnri'-ftinihc 
.The Rays contract. .lohn MRtiTtheinur of 
New Torh moved that the resolution be 
auc-pted and it ■"■«n nnanimnunly ncreed 
to accept Mr. Whiwnn's recnmjnendacion. 
The, resolution picned in behalf ft thr 
II. P. T, O. A. bf-ATK the Frirnntures of 
W. W. Whitann. rhnirraan ! f*haries T. 
Seara, Martin fi. Smith, T. f. liriffln. 
Tom. Arthur. Howard Smith and C. K. 

The Theatre t>F«n' rbajnher rrfCotDr 
merce of New V»rk ("itr hare already 
endoned the Day* eguitabT^ contrnct. 

flO it will b* intrri-slinjr lo knn-.i ntldrr 
what aareem-nl the M. P. T- ft, X. will 
book its p:ictur*i this cornine year. 



The convention hue" no more than set- 
tled down Nfler this revniutiouary rie~ 
cfston than Rodolpk Valetiiino lint* 41 an- 
other bomb nf oratorical RiiTprise.' Tie- 
fore Mr. ValentLna mudr liiji appearance 
Sydney &. Cohen mid thai he iimi re- 
o»! rated th« young gentleman to refrain 
from, mentioninx the nam'- e c (he com- 
pany wilh walcb he om taqd his leEft! 
difficulties. Apparently Mr. Vnlentino 
eirftifr did not hear or he oil not want 
to hear., or h« g*v* a ulk jvcainst the 
film company that Tor drarnatii- oratory 
would. put flay or any other speeeln. 
maker in the nh"- 1 - 

Mr. Valentino cslled th» indcprOdenl 
theatre owner* and act or- producer* th* 
wbjte hope of th* industry— and Settee 
that tbey nil w n-k tojiriher to keep the 
picture bhaineaa from cning to the merry 
old bow bows. iiir. Fla r v^ who aeemed 
to he the feature utor nf the rouvcDtiou 
yesterday, came in for nomre raps from 
the "Sheik." He n- r . culled the Sna- 
dny-He±oo| AtiossV nf the Industry, the 
p*J4 aEent 'it thp ttrodncar* and fe^- 
more similar nampj. 

.After Oryinx the rxblhitara lo nrrnn- 
ixe lo fljht rhe rOitimun encnij, Rodolph 
rerelTed Hn oTniirvi (hnl shook (ho 
rartprn. Rydnnj Coheir, «hn was pre- 
aidliT]a; v in thankina -Mr. \»ientLno, jiaid: 
"'■You a*e, he t beoiled my reqiirst and re- 
trained from; inenti >ninf th" Mm com- 
pany with h+om hr i^ figbtir;." 

Jin, 'I4ntj pr»TT in HKiifn. 

Mrs, Sidney lirear fftie the jnrled aud 
weary delra-atrx soniciliiiiE: plrasant to 
look upon when she eoteted the cunven- 
tloo ball and nnrLounced her intenrinn 
o.f feturtvinx- !•> thr screen In a serirs 
of oomedies of rhe Type she and fiee laie 
huaband peoduted with aucq nceeja. Mrs. 
Drew's convention surprise waa the Jin- 
TtoancemMtt that Raymond Hitchcock 
weald eo-itar with tser fo her eonuat 
series of two-reel comedies. 

Th* lite hours kept by the conven- 
tioner* has made it next to impossible 
torint any one in the convention hell be- 
fore .rtooiu Once fhe delegate* ret in 
their seat* Mr. Cohen is loath to let them 
depart before tbe whole nrorram ts com* 
pleti. Hence, instead of a morning mm 

i Knllon. In J„ { *leil*SLt, * tV 1 ' 
pUee »nrf « to I »ho*r, •Ton, 

' RCrOmaoTiidMiiasi. .ft to l I 

■Iratpsir. 3 fo 1 pia«* and step, | 

ULfBlr,' iffonil, 

1 •trm\MHt. 1 to 3 , 

KUhfr^nf llnrllnnuli! yesCordjiy 

i.ifcTrUrt Cfejacrla* (Iciioeii Jobnaon, 
inndion of l-v«n(nr of nod*n 
Steel rallrnmi oar. 


Eathtrine HucDomld Becomes 

Bride of Charles Schoen John- 

aon of PhiladtiphJa.. 


(CHtlandj ob Fife a. ColsiakJB 1.) 


Blarel. A m .1 atmEjchi, i m b 

place and not thim. won. 
I.ueVr Hour, fi to B atrssislit. 3 to 

S pjaee and gni almet, -rcnn<I. 
aitU ra«srl. 11 ia A sm'Rht, t 

lo II place aad obit isbw, tkled, 

Sy J0HS I. BA7. 

Kven thnuflh .1. Ryer'a food filly, TJol | 
wns a complete failure lii her rftCt for the 
Southampton Handicap, feature evfnt : 
of restcrday'i racinc enrd at Jamaica- , 
t.hf still -.viK ne shipped to ICeniuckT i 
tn try for the t>«ks th he run st i 
Churchill [imarna neit Rftturday. Dot f 
disappointed ber oivner. and be wss ioi I 
the only tfnj ibnt titOered disapuoint- ; 
ment. Tor ibis dauahter of Tn jri:« m"«. i ■■ 
and !>t>riaeB^waa the ouwtandinc i-hoire , 
Ln the race. It was evident lhat the 
uiwddy x^oiajt was nor at all to the Kfcifta 
oT this filly nnd her owner fctlx roafident | 
that she will run much better orer :i\? , 
Cast CttUrchlll I'cr.-nii track, provided 
it ia in ajood oindition on Oak* day. I 

There waa e. biR nur prise \v thp rn- 
suit of t he ^outnampton -*■ hen lire 
Quincy Stxhle's r'arol took sn early leail 
and: kept it all through tbo mile and * } 
aixteemh journey to win handily by n i 
length and a half. Although it sbmiild ! 
have been Scarred that C*fr>l is e much ' 
better horse in the mud than nn s lii-i ' 
Irac5a. there «a*n few a*ide from hi* «" n | 
stable that considered him * riancemus i 

Th» hunch, players had every reason I 
to support Carol, however, for ihi* is I 
tb* third time in auoseaaian (hsl the 
Southampton Handicap has b**o " rtn [ 
hy the Quinc,v 9tab'e. Lxsi rear it ■-'■n : - i 
Hflay who carried the copper colors to • 
victory, and the year before KnoliMe. \ 
later sold to the Rjncocas Stahle. did ■ 
rhe tKelt. Cerol ia nn Brest hor^*, how- i 
ever, and the time of 1.4 1 * \-ft wss nearl.T j 
four leconris more than thai of fie J ay i 
last year. 

nobarOblln Ali» Dlup-eolnU- 

Annthrr iliaappointment a a.* the 
t>aerk Stable'* Roheobliti, who eould do 
no better than finish third three-^nartrm 
of a len«th behind the ttreentr-rc Stable'a 
nustobont, with Moonraker. another 
fircentree candidate, just a nose hebind 
the third hors?. Dustabout fas a eood 
horae in the race. for. after Seine away 
Done too well, he was conunif strongly 
at the end. 

■II a j. AuEOat Belmotit't) Mcuertyer 
wa* withdrawn fratn the race, alony 
with R, E*. Gerry> WHIiain Tell and 
Henry Alterman's Horae.strcirh. leavinc 
an eteo half do*eo to face the abarter 
in front of the stand. Et waj » field 
Lhit Rare promise of * food 

(lp*e ll [Mwtttl lo T-» Mqrn'DS "it'.'t '»:■•■ ■ 1 

HfflSsHsqri coartsHip nf 1cm uuci tap i 
days, Kitheriue MacdouaM Ncfee i jiiar. ' 
who formerly ens Mrs. Melcolm Srruhfa. 
was marriM this nftemonn to Chaves . 
Sciioen Johnson of r , liilad*Jp I ii=i, jeand' 
sot) of the late Charges T. Sehoev. in- 
ventor of the pressed Me* 1 ! rxtlroad c^r, 

The ccrtmniiy. which Wis performed 
hy the Rci r . Mam* B, 1 Pou1*on, prntor of 
i he Venihnr CflTUDiuuttr Church, took 
place at the hcime -if. Mr, JohuoOErn 
mother. Mrs, P. .T. Held, 104 South 
(■(irnwill Sirniii-. V*ntm.T, Mis* Mne- 
donald end Mr. Johnson have been auaatfl ! 
ft fi. and' Mr*. Held eyrie* Hat.irdiy- I 

Mr, Johnson Ami met Mis-. Muction- 
n!i| rr\\\}f she Wiis iloillK soinn pictures 

sc Betiwoodn nenr Pmurtejph a. in ifllT, 
find was; - inunerHhiely Impressed by her 
henuiy and" rharmini; manner. When 
Miss MacdansJd left Phllndrl|>h,ia th» 
rouple heyon a corrrsnondencc wliirh has | 
r*)n'inued almost uniotrrrupledly e»pr I 

■ I hod seen Miss MacrfnnnM fre- j 
nuenily nn the screen an ^ was anxious I 
to meet bar." raid Mr. .lalinsoTi tn-d.iy. . 
"Some friends introiliiced Tor 1.> her and 
[ found her even lovelier tlinn J had ' 


Prndacfna Conpanles tn 
i"x pee t PnKhina or Re 
In Dclaitt* .Vusnber 

The nature nf the "first run" contract 
between Fanom Playcrs-Lasfcy Corpor- 
ation *nd the Lpew circuit flf theatres m 
Mew YorW t'ity. toyether with its efTect 
upon independent eihihitors. wss Ihn 
aabjecT matter nt jpsttrdny's wuruioti of 
the inveattifunon Into the hueinrss of thr rsmOHI PlftHf rs-l.asty 

Corporation, Independent exhlbjtorBi wrre 
the witnesses.. P R. Alvord of the Fed- 
eral Trarir C f:i nr,! ■.■•in n pmiHed. 

The ir-niMVT.i *--ss murb the same as 
on other da^t". Independent nhi&ito" 
taVe the position tlist the [jt^-r, orrniii 
haa prntectien tar fieynnd the territory 
served hj t(s# patioiti t/oew theatre* and 
that IndepcndentA are unncceeuusritj re- 
stricted ther^i>r t ross-examinatlon dr- 
Tetoped rhfli th*y an also eager for all 
the protection they can act tin first run 
pictures, prelection meaning That thr 
second: run of a picturr shall nut taiti 
place until sTrn days eftrr thr first run. 
thi this nubjeet thr i-ihibitnr* wrte npi r- 
ited lo t!i" stXtrmTit nf thrir poaition Hill 
equally frank In nil rnitt!ii£ [dry n ^o de- 

hiand protection 

Alfred R, EFararn *f 137 tt'« HOtb 
street, owaee o( Th<- R«etjti and Dyck 
in;ih theatre*, feptifeed rhst at one tim* 
f'nrnmr^dii mailnf itself of its contract 
riybt Ind fithdres,- |mu him nine pic- 
tures which hr lind bpiigbt iu A iumi> 
contract, liter deeiinatlne thorn as 
*t>«Cj.:.K He. liai all ihr other ei 
liibitor*. •!* sskrri if that Hsnite nf tlie 
eonrraei requ^rior payment for * pietor* 
*et+n days, in ad***** nf J(r *howihC 
w*« cnfOrcefJ. All Ihe witneaaes ha^p 
thus far testiried that it w*a nnt- 

flW w ll h Other Prodaevrs. 

tJfi cron-examinatinn he mn asketl if 
hi* dealings erlth Famous. nayers-Lsjiky 
.were *ub*t*ntially riitttrent from bli 
floiiinea with other dial fibn ting sgeiicies. 
lie said they were not. 
, "f. - Alton Bradbyry, who ha* the 
tttptnpie Theatre -ar isiTth and Broad- 
mt, teariflei he had to buy a Thole 
Wock'or aoin* forty Paramount plrturri 
in order fo (fjr *. eoauart with that 
fiTDJ. He saidi'toew ibetcre'at Eifbty 
third street had firtt run over h(* theri- 
tre and he did not think such an "r- 
rnngement reaae-oable In view of their 
nearneas. He denCTibed in detail n" «' 
fort made to form no agreement betweeti 
independent exhibitors in his neiKbbOr- 
hood to prevent blddlny up toe prices IV 
liietiires. The effort erentnnJIy failed t>*- 
caitse one group bid up yri'ces anyway. 

■'Uid yon find jour deatinxs with 1 nv- 
nmount raorr difficult than with other 
distributing sprneie*V BJtVed Hnhri-t 
Swaine, nf rnnn**l fr«r Famous Players. 

"Vea, air. i would *tiy that tbey were 
just e, Mttl- more diffirult than suy of 
trif other*-" 

■'Won Id you say that their picture* 
are Just * little better than th* <.ther*?" 

■Tee-. T wr-ulii." 

"Id your nxperience what picture* 
bare had the beat boi office srrcnyth:'" 

" Par* tn nun t," 

[jvi rtTeeLoT. who rraidrs in New Rr>- 
Chejle and has a number of theatres in 


Assemblyman Maintains He Wa* 
Acting in His Capacity as 
Member of Legislature In 
Any Statement He May Have 
Made About Police Commis- 


Corrigan Explains Certain Para- 
graph Was Not Meant to Be 
Published — Pecora Declares 
Act Was Done Before Magis- 
trate Changed His Mind and 
Telephoned Newspapers. 

A«,i.mblj-in.n Lnuh A lui illicr. hi- 
foro JudK* T. C. T. I'rain. .luirp .* * 
rommiuinK mnlistrfil'. wwtwrt Ip^ 
tlrr immunity for nnvihnE hr may h.T, 
,nirf .bout roller romifliMioD^r Knriclit 
on the Rotir or th. Irsisl.tUe hnlt,. IH»l 
nl,n for tlo- twiner. to .obsi^iiirntl.v ,cnt 
r-T Itim t.i MoBi,lr»lf .In.PI'll y.. I'orri. 

, ...rrtrd iti.ll 


For Hi' Mk 

.ttHIr j 

asr fW TOi^iriiri ,'„ i 




-.1 , 

r iht-r.- 
h-, libel 


P.*v T. Calun. 2.1 t I C<mtl"^ °» P«jr. IV. ToIw^b *■* 


Authoyitiei, With Witnciaei. En- 

dcafor to ReflouitrTict Tragedy 

on Xeasico Reservoir So«d- 

WAfiB BOWOWED $20,000 

tCmiiniidi od f*ac*) 14, >Olmaasi *>' 

j !fi «l OunKMk w Th ' Harnlns TalrnrauJ 1 !, I 

1VHITE riJUNS, May Hft 
Representatives of the offics ^f tbn 
Attorney lleneral of N>"- Srw* State 
*nd the State Conslabularj- left here 
last, nijtbl at ft o'cloct for the loneb 
•.pot oti the Kenaioo Jttoad. where t"ar- 
ence Peters wa* "lain, just n year ar". 
There they re-enacted tbe tfacedy s* re- 
lated by tbe Beir-corjieafledi iLayer. W*J* 
ler S. Ward. 

It was lireuirbt out at the inrestipa- 
tion crfore Deputy Attorney General 
Wilbur. <V. ('b,*nibeT*. yesterday that 
Waller S. Ward' ha, had occaeinn tn 
hormw 520,(100 durinp the early part of 

Thin hudi was ocrtained from the 
Brtttl Krancb of the Corn Exeatinc* 
flin'"-. secordinc, to Thillp J. Eberhard. 
manacrr of the brsneh. who produced 
the records of the bank, relatl^ to ihe 
not eglven by Ward, under aubpoen*, 

As roHaieral. t'berhard tratUied, 
Ward deposited 20C share* of the pre- 
ferred stock of the Ward Balking Com- 
pany. vahted at £102 a thtre. and fifty 

shirm nT the common stock or the naif 
company pith * ralue of fill * "hare. 

tt *Cji the loan tea* not (alien up in 
April of the tame year the p«*ferr*j 
arock was sold hy the bank., and Ward's 
account was credited with 120,-Mxf. The 
next day the fifty sb*rr* oT the eoro- 
mon stock, svhiria bad been part <■'■ the 
collateral, iver* returned to Italpb r>. 
Ward, Wilter'r; Lrother. said Cherhsrd. 
It wa* from Ralph Wnrd thst Wsltcr 
hnrroired the stock weirh he put Up. 
acrordlng to a letter from the farmer, 
ihirh was read into th* record. 

<ieorre E. Froit. rice-vrcaiTieni of the 

C*oiutO*)|a Bunk buJ lormer mao*Ker «f 

the RroQi branch of tbr Corn r.*ebanx;e 

Hon*., frnftj whom Ward "btalnorl the 

loan, aiid that be bad no! *»kcd Ward 

j for what purpose be n-antcd the money. 

Henry B. FEartnett. of Ij-on 4: Han- 

, nett. funeral director* of White Plains. 

; told of having heeo summoned to gel 

! the trody of the man ltier idrntilicd ** 

j flarecce Potar*, on King's Roud near 

thi- rCsft-roir. He told of it* Ideritffici- 

ri in by Krtrl Hardy, raters* unii*. and 

} nf the precautions which he observe.} in 

' rie.nyinK etnbtimlng until after the 

| Autopsy, 

flarmett uiri he bad not talked in 

i Ward, whom he did not know or t<> 

' an* of his La vryera. fu admitted, how - 

. ■fvi-r. thit be did not know alt the people 

: wJin hud viewed Peter* ■ boiy. 

: Liur* Wriaht. the negrcs*. who cared 

for Ward's apartment in tbe Fondana 

spsrtmenr hnnse on Wear IJOlh street in 

the ahsenr' nf \1n, fjlaee.. wife of the 

superintendent. *l*o testified. 

in the lime ehe worked thrr* H which 
was several w E eks she said the hid 
nrrer soeo a rei-nlrer. any u-cmen. or 
Ten \Vn-r| himself. &hr saw no jew- 
elry, and - only one Pair of pajam**. 
wheth *e r ^ tnrn. 

The li^*rio£ wa* ^Tdjonmod w-ithante. 





t AT tnUHCHll.L DOWSJ.) 


[urthrrnnce of his 

fnrr he rinuni hi- IlpM i 
or npnn am othrT ^hartP-. 

Th'- *fsj»roj, of tbe in vestititlirm of 
l«"f>ilee erafi chnrcci invuhina t?ie '.V>w 
Vcrk Polire I ►ewJirtntent. in pm(rress be- 
fore Judtrr I 'rain, i-emered yrstcrdny on 
Pottc* Commt-si.iner Koricht" rharKf* 
kgHtnsi A^rmblymnn ("uvi.Iier and the 
mskistraie ailefjiajt criminal libel. -"' . 

At the end of thi 1 aftemewn si^aiaft' 
John D. Uod-iB)-, counsel for HvgJKta^l 
rorrigftu, n^ked inr a diaim***! on the 
ground of insufficient eviilencp. 

i Judge - ('tain. ■rep*itii!K -lb*, ninnon, 
■ eked U r. Lindsay if he uadcrMOdd him 
correctly. receivirJa till" sninW: 

"Tihat** right. We've hani enough of 
lies* coercive measure"," 

Mr. Lindsay 9 aid Maaislraie fortigae 
was nor dodging tbo ianor n;Ml at the 
proper time tn * iribllTint of hi* OWN 
choosing he would produce aofh inform*- 
tlon a* he w*<> ht-irh.L won th^ qnew- 

I ntln At*tea Casa. 

"^he facts seem tu lie these." a*id 

Judge L'rxin. that a telegram wa* ee- 

j eeiTod by ilagisirale ("Virrigftii from Aj- 

j semhlyman Cnviiiier. That tbe EeleRritb 

, wis left <id th# niagiatrate* desk in hi* 

study, that one or iuor>> reporters called. 

tn see bim and tbm the tj]ie mt auf- 

HeientJy large for thetu to see the dudb 

on It. 

"Hy acquiescence on Ihe part of 
M*Eij>trnie Ci>mffin * reporter w*a al- 
lowed to make a i-opy and did *o. Ha 
wa* allowed ti> take it for ihr purpOH 
of havinj; it inserted in his and Other 
papers, fie took it and then, not very 
lone afterword. Judge Corrigan reached 
the -ronclne-loa that there «-n.s a phrafe 
in that teiearnm that might not, under 
nil the circumstance*: to ,ipj>enr In pruxt, 
and he mmmnnicated with the jrentleman 
who copied; tbe telegram and Informed 
him of rbr conclitBJon. 

"We hare tbe tettimonr of that gentl*" 
man abnur the effort mads, by lodge Cor- 

Hgqh, Alid il nppriirn that Ilf- W*| *Ua> 

q-esaful bj causing lhat part of the .ttJe- 
(■rnsn In he left out of the way ft ap- 
peared in nil (he noffspauora, except 0B*, 
Hut it dirt appear M fall in tbe New 
Yori; Tiroes, 

""Tlie qneation of, law in thi* ea*e i.i 
whether one who place* nn article with 
h view to having it published i* anaolred 
whi-n hi* desire to have it not appear 
antedate* it* appearance . 

"It is the contention of tbe people that 
the fact thst .Midge ("nrrigan citanged his 
mind has no Hrariiic, nn the fact that the 
matter nnpexrod Bunacquently," Judge 
t rain said. 

HtfttT- nf Time. 

Judge Or in «aid he would be ts.- i M i n (f 

In receive n. ['.] r';ri" :i rihiiii on the Tioint 

raised by Attorney l/indnay. and added: 

"The point nof 'eetn^ to be whether 
the rbnngr nf mijid of Judge t.'orrigan, 
■nte-dnting the actual publirAtioii, *b- 
snlres bim from crLrnlnal liabiltly. There 
ought to be, it seemf tn me. eome inror-^ 
matte/a from the office of the New York 
Time* a* to the time it went ro press 
with the artlcleicontaiPing the telegram. 
There ire two things thirt we oiigot to 

"First, who wa* rnmmutt cateti with at 
the Times nfflre nnd waa re^poEsille foe 
the publication of the Time?, article. sod h 
ae-raud. the time when the |*prr sctuoily 
went to prefls?" 

Aisiirtnnt I'wtrici Aitniatey I'ecoca: 
contended thet the lihel was i-nmmlUedi 
April 22, tOSia, when Jndte Cortjjbtfl 
showed reporters thr (elecrani which 
eau*rdi the liM unit He averred that 
thia art of the Mnsietrnic constituted a 
complete libel. reRnnlless nf the publica- 
tion. . He wid that tunlrr the low- a libel 
Is committed juai a,i iiomi n * ihe libellolia 
matter is shown to nther persons fir.. I* 
i-. ilh-l-1 j in a im -ii i":i n-licre it may '.>■• *een. 
He also sslij that the phraei-, "Burlgbl 
and hie traft roJleriora." m not the 
onty libellous matter Jn the lelevrani. 

Both sides were given time lo file br$rfg 
and the case «■!■ adjourned until lOJtt) 
o'clock ne<t Tue*d»y mofniag. 

Easlafet Tslin S lar.d. 
fommiiurioner Enritht wa* culled to 
the Ht&nd by Mr. Lindsay. ULa lestlxnopv f 
was brief. Me wji* ehowa a copy of 'the 
complaint and Identiried:. hi* *iinatnra. 
Mr. Lindsay asked him what information 
he had that the Uleftain' in luli m*a 




Huty ri«y«t ud Writer^ for 

Drams and Screen Aboard 

Canud Linei. 

edmjweb svcxs heehsu 

ir Eat Klnc Xear kimn 
■««.kdowa From WV«(h-r- 
BewalU l^riii*--* Helm?-. 

Thi! theatre firured larlelj In the ■*:!- 
lB( lilt Of tip Cunarri liner AAnitaata, 
which sailed for Cherbonrl: and Boath- 
■ Biptun rsatordnj. Stiff and B*rwn and 
writers for bath minted amicably on 
ih* 4eck* at niilDit time. 

The Terr earlleit pbjhcheit to arrive 
at the dock wa* Vf ftllflc Eddie***, re- 
cently iter of "Captain Applejack." Ho 
readied the pier abortly after- $■ o'clock 
aftd went directly ta his stiterOora. where 
tia !«kwl th« doOr.aiid told] rtawards 
that he didn't want to- m» any one. 

AeMrtliJ*: ta the steward*. Eddtncer 
■ajd that iii- Kla atpectioi; Some paper! 
to ba presenter! for hi* airnatnr* and 
that be was uawHtip.*: to eirn them. 

Mary Nftaa, who »aj ■ member of 
the tarn* cast, via bum calling and when 
Baked whsther Edrtiajer w«« aboard or 
not laid : "Why, no. I don't think he 
1« even mili-c. I haven't a#en him." 

Another member of tbe liiM party, 
accordine to the ship'* IEbEI. vvS* Mar- 
ftrtt Lawrence, late atar of "Beerftta," 
whlrh cloned! at the Fa ken Theatre re- 

&hf was accompanied to the Aqultanl* 
by her rtunbanri. 0. D. Munn. publisher 
or the Scientific American, Mia* Law- 
rence and her daughters, Elisabeth, 12* 
and Lout**, ll f are tcotng- t4 spend the 
Rummer in dnard, Franc, after visits 
in England and other French ritlea. 

Dorothy Daltoa. Paramount film etar, 
who ii wing to explore Europe, wn* 
iikrni<c a paaaeorer. Sha waa the molt 
Tibctonraphed! woman of si] the theatri- 
cal celebrities aboard and waa applaud- 
ed for the aplomb with which ihf faced 
the batttry of motion picture camera*. 

Wlai Dalton Ihowi 'aiatlaoma Boot' 

Miaa Dal ton Introduced an efcBBjiojr 
an*!* in the way In which tat wore her 
(Upper*, which wag immediately Imitated 
by the yonnpir rirla ahonrgV Tlla, t* 
curding to Mlta.Dalton, waar known, aa 
"The Gladsome Hoof." 

R^preKAting dramatic anthers was 
Sorarnet Maurbajn, from whoa* story, 
"Mia* Sadie Thompson," the play ■Hain." 
wu made. Maugham l* Jpit ntununa 
to England after nine month* In 6inm, 
IndVChlno and tha Par Ea»l. 

Tn hi* pocket 5la^(h»m had a play 
which ne had written out there and 
which wilt he prodtieed here n*6u sea- 
son by Arch Selwyn, ha aaid, Thia'pUy. 
the British writer aaid, *» called "The 
Curad'a Hump" 

*lt hia nothlna- to do with either pro- 
hlbftfon or rinarattea,' 1 be Hiclared. 

"Wh/ not a play of profcibitJon?" ba 
u-ne aaked. 

Nothing doing/" wa* the replj, A I'H 
leave that for American playwright*. It 
n their butincsa — not mlEe." 

Wotion picture* wei-e further rtpre- 
Uptta by George Fimtauric*, who, with 
hla wife, Uulda Bersvre, sailed, with 
Bowe as their ultimata clcetinatjiiii. 
There B^tttaamiw wUl uake a pictiiri! 
Kft?« Ki r, L H ^' c ■ j^ft, " ,,Tn * Etetnaf 
Llty, frhich Samuel Goldwyn U to b re- 
trace (or First National 

The Fftimaurie** will atop off in 
London to confer iviUi tba author with 
regard to the contintiJir, which Hf*s 
Bergere ta to write, and for other de- 

The prindpahi ip tho ca«, which will 
Include Richard Bennett.' Lionel Barry 
rocrc, Barbara La Marr, Btrt Lyteil 
fthd Montague Lev*, will aafj vn a later 

Hp*«bt 1 a Basd to ftur in Lauoo*, 

Taul 6pecht and hit band of twenty 
were passenger* « n route to London to 
piny an engagement at the Lyona Cor- 
ner House, one of the laixett tea room* 
in the world, where four tboaaapd cap 
he accommodated at ong time. 

Dy all odd* tba saddest and most un- 
happy man »n the entire vewel wa* D. 
H. Urcen, known a* "The Siraw Bat 
King of America." The Undue ner- 
Blsteuce of Winter framed hi* nerv*s 
untli be confessed that he wa* on the 
verge of a nervuu* brcakdoirn. 

"If thit liVinter last* right through 
until ocit October," he mid, "I ah*U 
itnek Up Ueit year on FeJt halt only. I 
hove been waiting for |he Bprinf so long 
now that it Mem* an though October 
were just around tha earner. 

And what made It ail the more tragic 
for the airaw hat man waa the fact that 
he had Introduced a new cork hat, which 
hr fears will never be seen north of tha 
Florida beaches except on the stage. 

"I have millions of straw hats crowd- 
ing warrbous** waiting for Summer," he 
said, "hut from all over the North the> 
litorra send word that hatu ire not mov- 
ing from the shelve* and won't move un- 
til the weather become* more mJM. I 
have instructed my office to wire me tha 
minute and second: that Spring actually 
breaks, and I can only hope that it doe* 
*n before I do.V 

There were On Ifaa Acujitn* 1 * adto*. 
gether .170 flrat-claas. passenger*. 28ft 
Micond-clasa and 210 third. 


Rmiisn Singer Will Assist Theat- 
rical Women 1 ! Entertainment for 

Negro Be-by Charity, 
Tha Columbia fiili Day Nursery on 
Wtrt Slity-thlrd street wilt be the h*ne- 
firisnr of a May Fh>Iit to be held at 
th* Stage Door Ten to-morrow tvan- 
ifig si y.^0 o'clock. Thi* nursery la 
■I tusted la * diatrirt Urgel; popatatod 
t>v HfegTOts, mtny mothers in which sec- 
tion ire forced to work during the day. 
8tT»Ll Waller Itch. * Runlan ainfar, 
who hM b«ca heard io Coneerta at Car- 
vegfe Hailj the Lototi Club and Thaatre 
Guild en terra In menu, will present a 
group oF folic lohjt*, sow* of whleh har# 
.Tierer.h:ou set down on papej, but art 
hhnd*ad down to singers by their fathars. 
TValleritdk came to thia countrv with 
BakliEoH. and in addition to hla concert 
work hu also aunt with Pavlowa and; 
the Boston Opera Lompin*. 

tRkaj-lAUd frtm. Timrftn Lait Wiuga.> 


EetarnB to Comedy in Tltree-Act 

Pliy **rei*ntad by DilUogbAm 

it Gaiety Thtjttn, 


Cyril Miudf Eie.l. HJstelf >»ttd 

la Aaalateal hr Pplendlfl Cut 

■ nil Evoallasit Plar. 

a«*TT— "*rea'i 
u*m s>.a. n 
tut, saunaf ryiii uimn*. 

The Caat. 

Staruo ..,,.*... o>gt» T«wa* 

Hta. Willi* Titua .. Ltai:. H*<ma 

I>4r SrlBWfc .-,- . MVtol T.rrr Lot!. 

».«Mir W«]l» T ......T>t*U Ourt* T 

»ir-\ n M..L, JliV .VlUhf 

Kllir L*k. R#b*Hft B«Uf 

I^H ClnatiUi Cjrri Ksa&* 

Hiffti T^thH* * Jin* 1»ll 

H**«w ...t. Otiiiibr »#LI 

Has, Ha. En-t LrnEAn.Mirrc*riu gi. Jobs 
H*», Eniti Lrfltcp ...Bvrj Akhtsrd 

Jelia wl;i«v, 



Cyril Mandfc wa* enthusisattcallr wel 
coinrd baeb to Broadwiy laai BKEtinc 
in "Aren't Wa All." a ibrrt-act ooeaedj 
of suptrfidBl but merry cyuiclaBi at the 
Ga[etr Theatre. 

So warm waa the reception of the flrat 
night anflienca that Mr- Maude Mapped 
o^t At the end of the eecrtid act to 
thanlc them for their siadniwi. He felt, 
h# aaid, -aomewliat lilcci his old school 
friend, Ben Pqp, who r**pondedl, when 
asked what Elijah asid when the eharin^ 
tf fire aaeended to HesTtn: "Weill I 
newer saw an Fining lika thi* befor*," 
Kor could be quite heweoe uaed to the 
American: custom, Mr. Maude obutiuued, 
of mating speeehea at th* end of the 
second act lsatead of tha last. 

"It la like thankinr God for tha fine 
meal you have had before the dtteert ha* 
been served. I hope you will iikc • the 

Mr. oUnde hai ■ion* pplendidly In his 
new vehicle, making a charming and at- 
tract!** widower, out of the worldly Lord 
Grenham. who has "a way with women" 
and plenty or adtefiturta in the British 
Muaeum. The author. Frederick Lona* 
dsle, hai fnrnlahtd him with no very deep 
reflections upon lift, but baa done what 
will posnibly he more liked by thosa feho 
are only aeeVing amuaenent during tlta 
8nmnier month*— -he ha* given him a 
play that brLatlea with laugbtrr and- il 
filled with lines that babble like pee-war 
cbampsgne in po it- Volet sad. day*, 

Maoli *oip ( nit ana i.Boirhi*r. 

BIr. Lonsdale has extracted a srjFpris.- 
Inf areonnt of BUftpeme and entertatn- 
ruet^t out of the trouble conaeonenl upon 
a thoughtles* — OS aball we call it an un- 
lucky?— kUa. 

Lady Frinton. a widow who ba* msdo 
up her mind that sba will marry the n? 
Lord to "save bis soul," borrowa tba 
house of his ion, Willie tTatham in order 
to give a dance. Among the tflieats is an 
actrta* r Sitty Lake, who ha* beep inoo- 
cearjy friendly with Willie during hit 
wlfe> abeener in Egypt But. while the 
others are dancing, nhe plays Willi* r 
song. And because ha Ik InneXome 'ot 
Margot sad because Kitty's voice is eweet 
Bod her ere* F?elty 4 he htuea her. The 
kin* la poorly timed for all hut the au- 
thor, jincr Willie's wif* rjaeipertedly re- 
turn* from Eyypt jupt n-. it la dielivered. 

Marffot refuAM tn accept any r^planc 
tion. nor will «he Uttes to WfHia'i father, 
to whose esiirrknced guidancr he bat 
appealed for in. thi* crisis. 

"IT it had occurred its m mardeh of raro 
■cent and beauty, with th*- moon glim- 
mering, and a violin playing in the dlia- 
Isd7.'— trjri ii ebe had been an .i( trac- 
tive woman, I might fcfcr* Understood," 
ahe says. 

He Smell* an EaiTitlla.B Mmii. 

The lord «c*pt* an Egrptiaa njiouac. ' 
In eonQrniBtion of hi* suBpiciona be finds 
that Alsrgnt ha--) an affair, somewhat 
alrallar to W|lHf."n. o.-j!h in AnatFaliitn 
wbfle sh* waa in EptJpt. The lord Ip- 
i iir* John Wlllocka, the man In Queatloa, 
"to tha bouse, and. after further, compll- 
ettlo&l. Mamot and Willie are aiain 
a happy married; pair. 

Thn Lord is gay and rnptfiflq throu«h- 
out, not even loalng hia tempet whet 
SI argot evens np the score with her 
father-in-law by eausing "an e*fl? mtr- 
riago with ljdy J Pintan" to be an- 
nounced la un London Times. 

The play could easily have been de- 
veloped Into a farce, but the author haa 
kJeilfTilr* Lept its tone down to that 
or a live'y and aop'alaticatp'l enmedj. 

Mr. Maude's akllfut cboracter delinea- 
tion of the elderly nobleman It nW«tH 
Immeoirfy by a splcadfd eatrt, not a mem- 
ber of uhlch gave a poor p#rform*nc*. 
Particuiarlv good were Italic; Howard, 
who clothed thr role or Willie Tsthain 
with much sympathy and naturalncsl; tha 
attractive Alma Tell, who ployed oppo- 
site him aa Marjeot Tataam: Boneri* 
Hcatry, formerly uf Ht. tKllingtaun'* 
"Good Mornlne Dearie," as Kitty Lake, 
a part which afforded her ap opportunity 
for displaying her- 'relet in a Brit act 
fOng; Marguerite St. John as the puri 
unlcai Mr*. Ernest Ljntoa, Kerry Ash- 
ford a* the hypocritical vicar, mrt Misa 
Mabel Terry-Lcwla aa Lady Frinton, 

The. production was well *t*xed by 
Hugh Ford, A cOutemporary praductino 
■>f tha sauna play is being given .it the 
Glob* Theatre, I*oadon.. It was preeem- 
«d by CoariM Di|Ungbam. 

The Ant-Bfa-ht audienco includod the 

Mr. and Mrs. Email Tyler, Mr. (.ad 
Mr*, Joseph Warren Burden, Jr.. Mr. 
*u<j Mrs, LrmBft Xorthrup H£ne, Mr, 
and Mrs. Daniel L. Hutehlnaon, Mr. 
aji« Mra. Kml*rj Spencer Hare, Mr, and 
Ure. Clifford B. Hannor., Miia M. Hil- 
dreih Uetttcv Mr. and Mr*. William 
Rnadoiph Hearst. Mr. and Mrs: W It 
Sininnda, Mf. and Mr*. Leonard a> aftB, 
Mr. *nd Mn. Fhoenlx Ingraham. Mr*. 
V, tlliam Dlnnhore, F. Scott Fft**wihl 
the noveliat; William Allen Whitw, who 
ladt weeV wa* awarded the Pulltatr prise* 
for the beet newspaper editorial if ife* 
year, and Itot Novello, the BrltL*h film 

i rtilrtif 1 , Ltil Xdtt»»-) 


Farce by Treci Jackson and Pierre 

Gendrcn Is Freiented Wjtii May 

Yokes in Leading sole. 


tarereia VaiasiBr TJnotair and itaap* 
inpc P«lIon a-lao I d tbe Plat. 

atafe* By Ea«*r J. MUfGMior. 

rtl/toN 1 i HSATH- , B«--C*l« 

I^ft. 11 i 

ft^. ' 

It thrM uti &-J Wt*i1 J 

ickus tai 


The C>> 


DV. Hinr TCoU** 

...OIiD«* PrintMf ,.., 

,...Aia*(ta BiSa , 

'•«-' r--.-i.iiL'.-. | 

niinK AJnilar 

l^ljfrl ■ 

. L*j> C 

...Jshn T 




"Cold Feet" is badly named. It loesn't 
aend; the chilli up and down one's back, 
ftathsr, it la * tepid aort of plej, ie!thet 
hot nor cold, antl drpendett for its 'l.imnr 
oh stifled shout* from thr ptejer* >.m>fi>. 

Thla farce from the proa of Fred Jack- 
son and Pierre tirndron opened lint night 
at the Fulton Theatre Under ih* man- 
agement of the BIlLmore Production Com- 
pany. Inc., with May 1~o*be* in the lead- 
ing role. Glenn AnrieTi has l?sr chi^f n\r\\« 
roia oppoaLte bar and, la be chnritalil*. 
both prohfthly did a* wrll as they conK 
with liter materiil at hand. 

MIbh Vobic waa amuaini; In spot*, hiit 
Andtr* w-ain't given the chance io light 
«ven in spot*. He shrieked hi- way 
nyeterically through the three acts, nnd 
tbt rest of the company followed bin #ait_ 

Some nf the line* of "Cold Feet" iffect 
tha anappy. Aa evidence, wf ftitotn An- 
ders's explanation of why eomo "no Li 
In hia room. 

"lie"* asleep in the arm* of Morpheus, " 
he DBserte. 

"Oh-H," Boh* i\kj Voke*, "an H him 
Jugt married!"* 

Soma Are Wont. 

Of rcurae. all thB line* are not an 
good tl that. 

Mis* Yokes has the role of a lervin* 
maid of mercenary bent and a declde-i 
tnete for liquor. A few momenta cf her 
are smusing enough, but an entire fre- 
tting i« rather a urain. There it too 
much similarity to her brBn^ of remedc. 

Anden< is IcIB pleading in tne role of 
a young physician, tit Is strained in 
hla playing and hyateticn) lb hia nuaii 
*t humor. Annrtte liade is ^uite the 
most charming figure of lb* evening. Shn 
I* Quite An comely n in the days whet, 
ahe was wont to adorn musical comedy, 
KtiiI ahe waa hot bad m the few Unth 
allotted to her. . „ 

Gny Pendleton was good . a* in ob- 
RtrcperouB young brother nf the bride 
and the rrst of the cast compriaed: Baib 
Martin, (.'atherlno Deucet, Lout* D'At- 
clay, Jolin Ti Doyle and Ltirhlon Stark. 

Edtar MacUregor tLsged ttn produc- 

a* in th« Btoer. 

The story itietf i* hIddc; tbe older of 
bedroom farcea without tbe assistance of 
a bed, U tlcaffl with a bride of ICn rain- 
utes, poTtrayed '•■}' the cumely Annette 
fiode, end a yoking doctor, cIoqf by tllenn 
ABdfers, who unpd to be in love & ith her 
and who. by the unual ironies of wuch. 
cases, Is elected to lie tlic bust man at 
the, kveddlng ceremony. 

Coming into un rooms after the cere* 
mon^r, ib" girl Jiska for n bit uf mfdUlne 
to brace her tip after the nerve- racking 
ordeal, nnd thg young man. nil a-fltitter 
at tAo itituatirjn, jtiveg her |omi- siuu" ui)L 
of the wrorur bottle. 1: pfuved to be a 
sleeping poton. 'L'beraatter it becoine* 
the aole ambilion »/ ihf piiybiirian tu seep 
thn Other* — e*pr?iallf >je r husband— Wu- 
gware of whst pan taken place. 

The bride calmly goes to sleep in his 
apartmofit— a resort eren * hroarJ-mindffd 
huaband wonld allow ^m no nlace Tor a 
bride — nnd the poor, freniteJ mnn or 
m«dldne in sept busy trying to Pirlude 
the others of the trenpe from trapsing 
back nnd forth thren B n the nwm. The 
ilwallou become* more and more em- 
barrassing, eap^c'.ally sincr the fWping 
woman ia in negUgec. nnd his effort* to 
stall for time to riv* him a chance to 
think np tome reefon able -nonn din? itory 
to erplnln the c 



Cigarette Gtrl of Bohemia.n Section 

Buried; in Lot Given by 

File ltd, 

Sonia. BriRht. tS" ctgareite gipj of 
Greemvich Villc -. wan buried yes:erday. 
Villajrers arid friend* nf the wnman 
whoa* shop wss Inng a rallying place for 
Bohemians, wen to Campbell's Funeral 
Church and some fallowed heT to her 
laat resting place in Cedar Grove Cemp- 
rerj at Flushins. L. I. 

Tbla lot. whirh wa suffered, by Sir*, 
Ida Paul nf West Xinrtyeiehlh etraet, 
waa chosen in pr^frrcjice In 1h" one at 
Cypress Llills. which had been offered 
h.v Mia* Helen Tvrown of Oswego nv 
the title nf the IhUi\ lot. e«u.ld only be 
obtained b.v a trip ba Oswruo, ainco 
Mlm Brown waa unable to attend »he 

neaidf* thoae v. hn kiinv h»»r br an 
liahitue of Saw York** Latin Quarter, 
wpp*. friends of her earlier daye. One 
of these, Mm. Olsen, s*ld she had 
known Ronia when "he tsiitht awlmminp: 
at tha Y. W. C. A. anrt in a private 
school in Boston. 


Conteact* Bronetiiai Pntirannlt 
Hcf*rnlnt Pron Cnst. 

Anna r;t*iy, an opere alnaer. ia 
critically ;il at her home. 246 Woat Sev- 
entieth street, lb thla city, with bro:i- 
tb'si pqeumonia. 

She returned recently from concert 
arork In Uavins. Cub*, wbere aha and 
other singers from the MetnppoHta.0 and 
Chicago cper* coiupanies were appraiinc 
at the Xational Theatre. The euciden 
change or climate f< sal+1 to be responsible 
for her preaent WKirlttioiu 

GIEMAN MARK. 57,000 TO |1, 

DEKI-IX. May 33. OomUCtl 

mark, eatebllabrd m B«w. 1o*f 
record ot r,r.r>r>l» t« th* tfnMae 
t«~d«T, a drop or ft,OOD marks 
(u tht< 4ollar mtmem the filaalm 
nf tar* Baarae Saturday- 

llemnrt h!ir the- anvernnieTii 
vr*n*m a-riad o«t «tir iabi at 
£aper carranar* WhUa skjoplie«'B>- 

+ r- ure ho>) rhanirlni tfeialr 

*■!»■ prtee* tveta** tarolamera 

Can tak« lATtBtifx at the new 


(Ca*tlan*4 Ftob Pbbt* ■•> 

New York, waa the neat witness. He 
to?d nf opening the PUfa. Theatre, at 
Madison avenue and -Fifty-ninth atrect 
wiLb Paramount picturta and finding 
that he could not avoid losses at the 
price Ue wa* raying. Ha taxed for an 
adjustment of nricea and after dlaena- 
sion the exchange relieved him of hia 
contract. Later hr negotiated again for 
Paramount picture*, making an offer on 
Hfteen out of a hlock of th?rtT-nlne. tti* 
offer wa* not accepted. Be aaid he wan 
mien-tain whether ft wa* because he had 
noi pffpffd enough or whether It was 
hfCause they wanted him to take the ea- 
tirc lot. 

Bxceet* tu Ool Fire teet lent. 

Pie discussed at length tha subject of 
protection on first run picture* and aaid 
hn i-onaiderK it nf value and expect* to 
rr»ceti'r it when he makes contract*. 

"Vnti TvnuM rather do without Para- 
fflniiiu picLuree tlian take nil of them in 
contracrs calling; for blockt of thirty or 
mflfp pictures at a time V aeked Mr. 
Swatofl on crofij-examiaalidn. 

■"Yc*. sir. I nm now demonstrating 
ilsat f&cl kjf not tiuying them." 

"Don't you think any eibtbitor can 
deFioiistrnLe that fact If he choose* to do 

"Yes, I do, but moat exhibitor* item 
>n think Paramount i* the backbone of 
the Industry." 

.t. A. Hindi, owner of the Gotham 
Theatre *l lS3th atreet and Broadway, 
was questioned at length on how far ju 
advance of delivery piotnrcs arc bought 
h.v exbibitora. l[e explained that most 
of tbum nre bought from Paramount on 
tin' representations of the salesman and 
ii" Judged that n conairlerahle number ol 
them must he purchmod before they arc 
made. He said the circuit theatre* in 
New York all pet lint runs, ahead Of tbu 
independent*. He dto jjold that lie think* 
[lie managem of the various exchange* 
£ive each other information na In wbal 
independent eihihitara are paying for 

On r-ros^-p.sji ion Mr. EiwaEne 
aakrd, "After a picture b*S been run 
crnce tbe Drai run rmn;m be inld ajjain, 
can it?" Thn wltnesa hea:tated. 

■'What I em ae&ktbg to tjrir.*' out," 
Jlr. Swnlnc e:,plnined. ■'In r that olmMal* 
tliere can he only nor first rin o( a pic- 
ture. It lan't something thai every one 
conld have e^en if " - e triei to give It to 
tin cm?" 
'."No, (ir." ■ - - ; 

*"}ou nik prorerrion against what vOu 
consider bb yoait competition?" 


Admits Tbetr Yatne. 

"Flrat run and protection are things 
of valne?" 

"Yes: very prest value." 

Then the wiiucjja volunteered : "But I 
eoatend that l^fure the rontrart Tor flrat 
run and protection n'ai ever siadg witb 
the circuit tjou**) provision onxht to bav r 
been made to itmif protection only tu |M 
territories they anunlly nerve. Many in 
dependent eihlhttori nre cot Eh djrert 
Ct>mpptitfon with the cireoit houses." 

"More FsmiiUa Player* pictures ar» 
sold, nnieen ihon ftoy other*, are they 
not?" n*ked Mr. fiM-aiiic. 

"Yea.' 1 

"Why do vnu aupnoae thst is pn& 

"Bteaujie the ejdilhitnrn have more 
faith Eu Famoua Players." 

"There a-o enoilich pictures niade for 
you to have full for ue : . n iir 
year without npins Paramount picture 
at all, are there nur?" 

"Jt rrrruld h c diffioull for me to nisk i 
up program! of toe quality my hnitxea 
demand without uKintf anr Paramomil.'' 

fj« Ogh* owner or the Oftatelki ihe- 
ntvc nt 2S WanhisAton BVenuo. (osLid >\ 
tha: hii believed aonjB of the teoepwud- m 
eahlbjjoni fb Mew York ire imjini: mnrr 
for thfl neconrl run of Paramodnt ]iir 
tures than the circuit home* Jiir r,,r 
first run. He said tie dlscuMcd tti-p 
matter with Adolph Kwkor. hin \U. 
Zntor knew very tittle aboui ihot -r.-i 
of th* buiinesa and pT«miied m wie ip 
'V- auhjeel with nim aeain leier. On 
eroa*-e'*m (nation Mr. Ochu testified rluii 
whrn he iv a* uaina; thr entire amput of 
Pnrnmunnt IMctiires it ranshnirf! onlj 
half of the picture* he used. 

■■Wfinld you have ttftd Iwtrn r.* rtptny 
•f you could have got thrm?" amked Mr. 

"Yes, rir." 

"ii'lnt to r«he ntoeki. 

Herman Yaffn, head of a company 
which coatrotB six " thoatrei between 
17*{erl amir ISHth street b, wa* (h« rfiT 
wlmrea. He Bni the metr detiritr t«li- 
mony yet heard on the jsutajeti ■■( selling 
of Paramount picture* in blocks. Re 
*ald he honihl nne block of forty be- 
cause that wa* the. only way (bey were 
for sale. Later hr jiegptiatH for « sec- 
ond Mock of thirty-nine, h-jt Aii n*t *•" 
them became he could not reach t^rmi 
on a flivlsion of the ir.t between i&rioun 

Morris Dlecndra, Tvho hin rhv-» ibta- 
tres in Brooklyn, reatiSert that before h- 
acnTulred the third theatrr it was com- 
P&tilion for hi* other iko. Hr waa re 
gotlating with I'aramouJii Tor a litwk 
of Ihltty-uine pictutea and the prico 
named was T 22,WI0. He boughi tlm third 
houae, rliminating the competition, and 
the ptIct droppe'l io 1^309- Kf offered 
S7.500 and tlie deal did n»! jkc throogh. 
He ia now running oithwul Paramount 
picture*. He said the rimiii iheatrea 
"play Paramonnt Pictures to death be- 
fore I can get them." 

Mr. Swame asked iT he rrns having 
any great difficulty Getting enough pic- 
ture* for his thTee theatre* without 
urItik Paramount. He aai-t Ii* f!n4s It 
easv to cet enough and that he usee 
about 250 a yotr. 

Bamuel I, Berm*T), Brooklyn ei- 
hiWtor, and itccretary *f the orjranlia- 
tlon or motion picture owner* of N'rw 
YorV -State, aaid he tbinkn one nt the 
worat feature* of the business is the 
buying of pictures before th*r are made. 

30 said the prcjs agents "»hoot the sell- 
K otjpaniration w full of ^nthu*ialm 
*bout th.e« picture" thai the salesman 
think* each one of them Is colng to 
crowd a theatre untiL the walls crash 
outward- When it faili to do that it 
I* ver? difficult to get an adjustment of 

Arnold, instable cfGb. 


Decided Reductions, To-day 


and ud&ptGtW'RS of fcttdiriS couturiers 


Reduced Io 

. 3 75 


. .175 


. 375 


. 210 


. 195 


. 195 


. 165 


. 195 


. 145 


. 145 


. 145 


. 195 


. 145 


. 135 


. 145 


1 Dinner Frock of imported aepe and Spanish lace. . 
1 Costume Frock, crept Elizabeth and monkey fur. . 
1 Costume Frock, crepe faille, flounced trimming. . . . 

1 Day Frock of crepe faille 

1 Cojturnc Frock, witn cape, aepe Elizabeth 

S Frock of ecru Carrick-itU-Cross lace and net 

l Dinner Frock, black ChaiHitly lace and chiffon. .. . 

1 Frock of embroidered Canton crepe , 

2 Dinner Frocks of satin, cenler drapf: each 

l Cfoth Frock, navy blue imported twill 

1 Cloth Frock, n»vy blue piquetine 

1 DinneT Frock of crepe Remain , . 

2 Evening Gowns of crepe, beaded and draped; each. 

1 Day Frock of black satin, with (Inured shawl 

2 Dinner Frocks of lace combined -wilh crepe 


a\\S adaptations nf leading couturiers 

OrlRlnilly Reduced to 

of Mack flat crepe, lassel-trimmcd 25o 125.00 

Wack crepe Mongole, embroidered, fox collar 225 112.50 

black crepe Monpolc, shirred Lul!ar and cuffs 250 147.80 

embroidered twill, one tan, one Mue; cacti 150 75.00 

corded Canton crepe, one tan, fine black; each 125 62,50 

imported brown crepe, shirred trimmins;. 275 137.50 

white crepe Roma, Viatka squirrel trimmed 295 147.50 

black crepe Roma, steel heading, fox collar 275 137.50 

grey embroidered crepe Mnngo]e, fox irimmed 195 97.50 

white flat crepe. Moused, embroidery, foi collar 295 . 147.50 

cocoa crepe Monjole, braided. . . i 325 167.50 

. black Canton crepe, embroidered, caracul collar 125 62.50 

veldyne, all-over embroidered 1 :5 62.50 

veldvne, embroidered, fox collars 1 25 95.00 


I Cape i 
1 Cape. 
1 Wrap, 

2 Coats, 

2 Capes, 
1 Wrap, 

1 Cape, 
i Coat, 

1 Wrap, 
1 Coat, 

1 Wrap, 

3 Capes, 
ft Coats, 

1 Coats, 



WHEN T rtad that nobodv wrltea 
letter* anr mon-, I alwcfa go right 
otf to the poat office. ■Because while I 
know FUCB new* is absolutely fatae, it 
| jrlr« me a tem^Tar? fright, morjli the 
the flame as one feels when henrinc that 
! Vew Torfc ijc peine to sink into the mi, 
' or flint the nnrM is coming to sn end 
] next ereefa. 

| Maeterlinck* idea thnt GH b * ttreat, 
benierant hcing v\\a area our pettinraw* 
arid mistake*. *nn exrmseM them n« » pn- 
rcnt doe* thoae ot hla children. o^Eht t» 
hp the rijrht one. It's Rood to tHn)s or. 
jihtwbj. Though it tMmn that fnfli arr 
nn: satiinerl trisli the hard lurk lliry have 
f gn through. *"4 muH iTcsgine and 
nnffer BTttT perfectij impossible and rldic- 
ulous fictions. 

My mail box ia ususllv comfnrtablr 

rilled. Although my tVt*Ml dn not just 

■ ■B-ritn'nf their o^n accord. 1 tske *pe- 

I ci»l peiris TO let tti-m knorr rrhat'p going 

1 en hern with ub, and make them under- 

i rtand thai I'm inteTeml^d in whnt tlie? 

I know, and are trrin* io <ln 

I When you have some friende, as wr'va 

| IibH, who have time to jro heme pi a en 

every nigibl, hut Cfln'T ejnt BTouud to d-r? 

rou, nof can thej write, jrnu ran alt 

inem <\nwn as not worth having. And 

jrnu can easily inm vour attention tn 

nrtmt one elae who will reepond Tar Were 

cordially to your efforts. 

Lojalty is a Brent thisft amonj; frisnds, 
and jou have to eive everynod||" the bene- 
fit nf a doubt. If you've nothins; Mot* 
TBluahle tn bestow. We all know well 
tnct the thing nt hand demanda ihr time 
and that wt. cannot *ce e^en the dear«5t 
aud beat an oftto an a'e'd lite. But 
itV a creot waste of timf to write let- 
ter* «r show an,v moor friendlv nuten- 
tinna to tliojK* who make, no i*Aponse- 
It merelj tncOuraitwi thrm in their self- 
lihnesfl. *nd theTc art other*. Thai i* 
a thing 10 remember clwaj*— thrre are 

A neighbor of mihe i* -rlSinp hia pl*ce 
hvre. and he wai oier lost night telllnH; 
me what an nflornoOn lie and his nife lmtl 
bad. Bt>rtlng ont old letters. He told 
nte that -t heir love-lctlorp bed estcode*! 
throuch, three vearB, and Ihotijth there 
were many, ceitlie.' DC nor hla fttt*. couid 
burn the in. 

Almost evirvona In the COune of a 
lifailme, cornea to Vno»' some diptin- 
rotahad men and women. Not Infr*- 
quentLj- they boceme friends, Their let- 
ter* have a certain value, but are no 
more treasured than those (rom some 

Crrson nobodr but yourself etW even 
eard of. And so mj neiihhor vutiri 1 - 
Hir father wa^ a arrest msn nnd had a 
Inrnr corrwpondence amontt the creat, 
seme e( Whom kept up with the sons fam- 

When it came to burning the letter** 
my friend aaid, each one lie reread, hr 
rnuldn't part with. Time* when he tVl 
low In hia mind. Vie told me. or couldn't 
remember that tift waa anybody or kn^w 
any one, he'd read taoer letter". 

1b TurKcnlefTs book. "Bmoke." after 
many rears, the hero ronacs bock to hin 

room in a botel in Ttaneh, Bhd (he fra- 
ITTftnce of snui* helintmpr hrinjr* hark h!* 
bo.vheorl rornnnee a* definitely nhrl vividly 
B^ if h- hod btfn living it aR*in. 

Letter; carry ■rvitli ihem * gertain Tra* 
troncc, not literally, nf cnutite. hut when 
yrui resd one. yon ran rememhnr the look 
In your frieno'e eyes, nnd the *wsv the 
Street looked, and the sort of fl day It 
whs: th? timo and the people n* they 
were then. 

A man »*rio would renew hi» youth for 
the orlcf iqoment which is practicable 
nnd plfsannt rnn do nri retter thsn l" 
read a bundl,! of old l«tler^. Thf world 
in peopled D?ain with tun friend* is ihev 
were; be ev^n rcmcmljers himself *■ he 

On?, woman of our acqunlntnnee h»re 
lias many crtinJehildren. and rlsn frir-nd* 
and relatives who all inaiitcd that she 
COrOC for N*w Year'* Day with them. 
She Iir, i p.lrLiir in a lovely spot, end her 
Bftrdm i> 'he eiiv of many nn amareur. 
But she tnlrj ija she preferred to etay at 
home apd read gome old letter*. for 
then, 'tie er>ulii hare old friends about 
tier for the ersninr, and enjoy tba -llf- 
ferent mnori^ nt the writers. Thr sce- 
nery was diver5n in there letters; some 
had trawled ofar. and <>t!i*rs wrote »t 
their own firrsWe*. Rn* -he ^iiri «hr Mi 

I hernlf *n the midst of frii-oiii", a Jrather- 

j in* wliich wnnld be impovitble now. 
Even fiilhert. I* the TOOWPCfft mem- 
ber of our rirvln. treflfTOTeii many letter*. 

| nnd 1 t-e him now, lAuehimt over ih^ con- 

i tnntR of one such sevap-book. 

1,000 TO ATTEND 


Xuiio Lover* From Sixteen State* 
asd Canada, to Take Put In 
3etijleh*rfl Afair. 
More thin nne thon*and muilc loreta 
from Blrteen Butao anj Canada an ex- 
pected to attend the Bach F**tt»aj 1* 
Bethlehem. Pa., Frit*? and Eaturd**- 
More than usual Interest i* beinE shown 
in this annua! srent hy rnu slci aiie from 
all part* ol the country, and the entire 
aeitlne capacity of the Lahlica Ualrap. 
eity chapel, wh«re the feitinl ii to ba 
held, ha* been aold out for soma time. 

The festival will open with the plaj- 

Int; or chorales by the Moravian Trean- 

b»ne Cboir. tha only oraanintion Of (tl 

kind In the country, which will b|bj trMa, 

thr belfry of the chapel Special *oloi*tt 

enrnsed for the two day* arc Mahet 

I Bfddov and Mabetle Addiaon of Ntrsr 

I York, Emily Stoke* Maker, Mildred 

j Fbjis and Nicholas. Donty of Phlladalf 

phi a and Charlea Trow'&rldx* Titrman ot 

I WjiahicztOii. D. C. 




The worlrj famOtu London aurgerin 
and specialist in akin troubles 
startled the world with his treatiie 
on Skin Malnutrition-. This great 
Suagcon wu able to prove that 
pimplea, blackhead*, coarse pent, 
tagging musclea, too oily or too dry 
a : ian were; caused by lack of nutri- 
tion in the skin. 

Then appeared Mineralava, the 
Beauty Clay with a natural anmity 
for the hiioan akin; drawing out the 
impurities, stimulating the blood 
circulation, revitaliaijig and nourish' 
ing the tisaues — nukine the pcrfecr 

At £nt Mineralava waa sold only 
in exclusive beauty shops where. 
women high aa $io a treat- 
merit-. Today it may be had at fc-co a 
bottle with a soft brush for applyin g -, 
each bottle containing eighteen t\4r 
treatments, a trifle more than io> 
cents a treatment. 

Mineral a va, the great RJuvenatcf 
of tired faces, is always sold with 
our pcshjvt money-back guarantee. 

Your oun dk^cnaVioI* Druf or 
Df j\Jtwrf « ^niTf con supply jow- 

lit w« [>.h font M™ Yeah 

-■^:- Lands -.v\ : - 





Equip Yourself Toddy for 
Decoration Day Outings 

3,000 Men's 

Straw Hats 
$1.88 - $2.29 

The popular styles and braids of the season, in both 
smooth and saw-edge brim effects. The relation be- 
tween brim width and crown height is properly propor- 

jilsa — a complete line ef hats »} the bitter grades 

Panamas, Bangkok*, Balibuntals 

ma m im n«». »»i» »t««««. 


Men's Oxfords, $5.94 

Built tor Comfort 

Unusually comfortable for business, sport, or social 
wear, are these "roomy-toe" Oxfords, in the new 
trouser-crease, boxless model. 

Tbc«e Oxford* fere carefully mad« b every detail, and 
may be had "m cither black or tan wills rubber heeli. 

AU Sins 

iQaane — ■M«l» Hoot B«i<-owj, afttta 9tra«(, R*ftr. 

? |r* 

iJ ( ; I» the Ma*iu Shirt Week 
3,000 Men's 
White Oxford Shirts 

Shirts made especially to meet our strict requirement! in tailoring, 
measurements and. finish. They are not skimped — all measurements 
are full. 

Collar Attached Styles 
With Single Cuffs 

Sena 131/0 to 17 

fJpTSfSV Main P1*«tr. SG'Ji Btnata 


Witnew at Tm«t Htiring Says Pic- 

tani in Beit, hat C«t 



Xiijiss I>ipson.who own* two motion 
WrttUre theatres la OleUi lad two I* 
Bataua. N. X.. presented the asblbttor's 
■ xit-w nf rising ,»ri«a for motion pictures 
jratrrday on |ja.>a witneas tUud betora 
Sfflt'i*. Alwri, who !■ taking testimony 
. Cur the Federal Trade CononilarioB. fie 
tejlified that he pqrekoed Paramount 
Pictures,, beginning in 1014 rind col.:- 
UduLni until 192a In tint year, wltl 
ba-jn«M conditions la GUan bad. be 
want to the di«irict manager far Fantoua 
PUfUV-IaukT Cn-portUon Ud naked (or 
iowr print*. The requeat vu not 


;' :iu offer of ■ bloc* of Paramonnt 
xift* at »S» net) bo mid the beat Bb 
> of for wtu 490 tech. He bought a 
i EenTurn films but j Bid prices were no 
J l«»i-!jiflne"- on Ihea*. After ths 
iCBMat a* 14 prices tor the block 
ntrca. be t .ratified, he learned from 
in Bn«»l« that Faioous Play- 
Iippi'i . tnei-i WHO Itfiog In send ji 
its -cfcek" bil homo-- Utut to. «auai 
M**.B4t in- _■■.'■ ,„,'-. 

>ntk Uru he rKBgalxH in Ba- 
rn mat) iram ths B«ff«t« exchang* 
i Ijira w hat hr wu doing tbeir. 

_ «afd IBWll tken tO aSttl* KM 

■ud shewed a handful oof legal 

document.'. Tka foUewlng night. Dip- 
wan i*Kiti*t, be saw this man dodfJojt 

--■.jSk*i *prt». Shortly tbereAfrar be re- 
gjlpij word ftoiJi nunsftn of other 

. •ipaWfttti.icj from wbtdl he buys pic- 


, ntiifc hrn>t, fw Cwt 

- I, JJTUfc^- ■ ■■Bll l BI 

Tunm th*t priefs would haTtr to b* 

FtIc.i W«i H*1ar«I. 

Ob this eircoinatanc*! tat btmtd the 
Clun.* *ii«t thr (iturea rrsiillii:i from 
tht 'cloealBf . wtr* eomnmnlcattd lo 
otber fxchange mnnaj;pr«. [If said that 
ant knabatvr CODlV>UBicmte4 with him m 
w«fk laicr and paid bf> bad W*-a gnftlag 
iuclurtfi to Cfcetpj; he Wta -praclictll? 
atfottni Them." 

DiptUD ul<t litis >iiniiion cBTiiipJ hira 
■noh alarm that he ^tooght a block of 
fortr-OBe picturen front Paramonrtt at 
an aTatap* pr>e« of U50 each [hoopl. 
he did not setlnre be could make, moiirv 
mi tatm at that f]gur*. Finally he quEt 
Imjins from Paranwoat *otir>>I/ tnd 
Ui«n letten cune froai th« ramboatit 
office to reddeots of Wit tnvrn asking 
them to iak the the-atro maaatot- whj 
thry got no Panmoant plctuna, --Ha 
ntiamted that 3,000 of tbeac lettent 
wan mm. 

On thr- witneaa wat 
■Akfld if be knew of taw OWD ttorwiedse 
thai fljurps oft ihe n<ini!!i>T at p*t«ooh 
UKuH-liHB his tkaairc vera rotamunicaced 
to .iihrr in^liaiile aunagjeni- H« Kk!d 
(be nrarr-Ft It- bad to direct kDow|iedr« 
waa an adml>vilPD from a man, in tea 
Buffalo oirbaiiK^ tblt li" botl comTnuni- 
cattd wu itif aabjed with, rhc aianaftT 
of First NatLonaVs rxolvinie. H* e*U, 
ht>w«F#r. that h* is con»inced U 1» a 
matter of sattEtd, policj to nnimanieNle 
snrb liinrtTt bttwoen excJuucei. 

DiokawlkB- fnr rUaai. 

Robri-i Swni n*, itlon*) -far Fanou 
Plajen. brourbt out. b* lw« qoavttoa- 
LFf. tblt film ■. ar* llvtr* bomtht bj ■ 
4^vnr«aa of n^iotiatinn and that th* sri|- 
)n») bid- and oHgttui off»r un.Mtwuj* tar 

"Taklai; tbt avrract fa* a j>mx nr foi 
1 whole blork of picture*, ian't the dxatr* 
wg pwwff and ani^itr of i^raaouat Vfo 

tnrat h.gha rtbaa rliat or an* otberaT" 
Mr. Switine iiak«4, 

"lea, it la higher; but the price ii lot 
nuiL-h ai{ her." 

,l l"on ran get otatr pichiHB than Far- 
amount ?" 

* "And *irH«f of tlic other pictures are 

Itist a.i good «r even betcr tbin aotna of 

Tea, But. Paramount doe? national 
adrcrtlaiaf. It jou take an eitra good 
pleture froai somtbody elte a local mau- 
aRor will beiT* to apend a lot mot* 
mooty in idr^rtlBEna; tn maka It go aa 
good aa aa equal Paramount PietuW 
"But jvw still think Parntuoiiut Pic- 
ture* coat too much?" 

"Th: 1 

At ha .-(Hiclui-ir-ii of resterdaj'a ■«*- 
fvidn re«au was taken until Monday 
WffrftTlM at BMO o'clacs. Thr^b #arinaa 
art held in lit- EDginnrtni Soefetfaa 
BuildiDB ai 25 Wart Tlitrtf-niiitb 
■tree I. 


Actrcea ii + i* Hm.Ii ib> IX>( C at He* 
Late Fmtkrr. 

By directiiin of Humifrnte J'oiey, Efl*- 
ward W. Bnrklry, MUcbed to the local 
oftier of the Staff Tbi ('■oinrnimi.m. waa 
jea^nlay nppointted tranafer tat State 
Cppi-»;iMr of thr caiatr- lef Ihy Gnmrne 
WrHii!. bumoriT'T and nutbnr, wlw died on 
February 2a laat, .,li,! wa* thw father of 
Pfjgy VTaa4. octrKn. fur (lie purpose of 
Qst.f.aiFK -n-halrYif taiftn tuny b» due to 
thp Stat* tinder tin'- iubiriiance tai law. 
Th* ratat left by Br. Wood, who waa 
a MjfljaHl and a frtrmtr waideat of 
Nmrthpert. L. 1., i- -|hh than *10,IWW1 -1 
In peraonnljly. rtml by his will, easxiitrd 
r.n Drwitibpr 2 laat, he (firided thla aqual- 
w ft hjrtraiB bi. dauikter. who is -.-[tii 
"The CKngtng Vlnc T ' r nt]a hla a«t*T. Slay 
U l*ood. both of 105 East XtnMr-nth 
atrect, nnd naned tbe aiater, without 
bODna T a* the executrix. 

<"'""""' Blarni Two l, a .b HfiiiiUh 

l?^-laj DlJCMtcb l*7h* MwnliU Tat*aTtyh.j 

AXJB-TST, liar 2,*i.--0(ivpniw Sniith 
to-nifht Kigued the- two bills i-apaoliaf 
the ao-ralled Lusk suti --.•ditto*, tawa 
relative to the quaUfi ration of adiool 
trachara and the Ifcrottiaf and super- 
liaioa of leiMeU and sctool coaraca. 

The Morning Telegraph Racing Chart 


annua <U j of ttu* spa-i« B "»**«t»« -r thai W**rt«hca<»r n*eirva la- 
■ ociarlrtii. ' Wulhw etear, 3Vii»«i*«ri» 4*rt>- Or»l. 

>ntvMlaa Jaatet. E. C. B-n.lth aai O. C*rMhlna. HUriar. U. CbmIBt. K*f>M hentarr. * Itth 
I LW r. it. -Tadieuaa "flTti pavodi lapiHilc* kllavOara: "cm w*<". Off 

Ptnn r?n tallvd 
Uiaa la aDattal. : 

BaaVBtuai— W. Whip: a. Btura: n. Biij*m. 
OfllflT "WDW Rjkce-flLi furiciii-. iiiis Courw. fHUM— I.HHi- 
(.OIU1 1 -!H Puna, |t,C00; rain* <a viand-, f.rt; tr.tnUA. latOi 

and npanrt CtatmlnjC- - Pn*i I nli>n(a. Utf ii I.U. 

o*r. b |. i. Jay junrjaae— Vicpua Cliimt. 0Vn«r, c 

•iw.l fiaj* ,«». ,*» 
tfrri iim. Taw* 1 yaai'eHa 

c HUM. Woo auilT;. pl»« ■*."*■*. WJo- 
FTJiWCBlia?), TwlB»r. T. RaJirJtfc. 



* fa H frlo Jachtr* 

MB 5 PiargUfl vwTW * i" 
nkjtga >HAaAManE *■, i ah u n 
WIT »LMW » i in i * 

nm 1 •CLOUGlUOftafC' T4 no I 7 
n;if DaDADoir ^ i m .« i 

:iMT -DR. WIIITaH BT - 1 M I .1 
HUT* FrVK VTJLTI-1 (** i lit |l 

ictfT n^NtC :-. s wt i up t a 


trswj irvn, * t us ii a 

HUT llt'-OWJK « S IH I 1 

' rv«MB« ai-4]|I 1| 4 

iu wTp 

* < l 

m e< 

1* OUtH 

iH r: Atatfj*. 

1' E-Komjcrr 



7-1 if-a 
t a 
it ii 
i i 






1 CTfai 


1 14 

1 lB.» 

\Y Ll ■■ I 1 W Ml l Da* ! " 

".' 1^4 ■■ T< F. CirflpLfJl M 

Ii 1< •'. th E.MBila. ' 

!"' Illi LP- B" K.LUillifll » 

•I tl fi If Jl.Call'lni II 

I 1 III* 11" lit C.ltnii U 

I'H >H » U ' ClalBt - - I B aa a* * * 

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Bltd pf*+avr-. PAULJOHKB tMli alartlT. bat »■> ouirun aarlj; ba aa 
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aad Bil aeajad, am «|t tor tad iIJi as4 nssirtd taai la Ih* atnl^B. 

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I, A aalB«t; :. J E, Wldafiat; I, CB*n.rtrwk »"*; ». S^ J*atlH 16, C. J. Bmkmlllar. 
nAiiT nFTH HACB-flU and * hi" iWaHapS mala ronraa. (UT|»-I.IIH— *— IIH Tlaaa, a%. 
atOl*H U, 1.11*1, Pitraa, ll.aOO; ralai ta vlanar. p»: "™". »»: *ol rt - «"■ TBraaiaau-- 

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.Iili a n»h tBK-Jlb Lba .tr^rli and -a» ud in tba UK (urlwia. I" dliF*M_ el PATCASIST. Th* ut- 
m >w*£ "ii >fc. maflLar. but had ■""» <"« ^'i « alaa rut!l"i CATTAW qoaTtaAN away aid 

li-i ala-bla IT UWnRNCK larlad a«rlj to«l. BHda a arlda lur-B lalfi LPa lltrtrT. Ihfl 
«r.*i ruah. HIGH PsttHCB -^a <l**lft| ■! I** •« ■T^VA^f fflM aaaMpad > llaab. 

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a. (i. BaUt*. 

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fcr aua Brlai— TU^alQttaat. Q«arr. W. | KIL ItZlt Tralnrr. J. In gWS i. _^ 

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Tra7*"iai' ST^K QliEST laft alar.lj. ii dn'iW W <H tmnl Ui ltd rlntl PJi-ltrat and PflUl 

j. . .i Hr htad: aka alaaja hiM l«r camrinr "f* a»d aroa aim vlaaiy » aura. "ITFT norad 
lain a Paraicd Dtnllln aolrbl/ BSD, Uttr IglVmlm Ilia para la* a Hal tdlJa, U*o4 a trtM aT»||. 
W3L1EA oroba iH-lT. K»b a -«. .a, lf a» HI tba vir aad: (laiabaal |al«a >"< ul* 4 J rli« TH 
llVVl«W-b JACflt-lXISB flftbi n* 'SIH «rlr. cLwd «l<- **r -l, ui «! *,ttt, -art. MS- 
KUSC »ai Uibllj vocaatad Tor ■■• (irai hm tetBauja, a.1 bad tlut* »H«i Lai d>va la lba tuarili: 
aba »*i i!»ad abart. BITMANT -" 

■VrarHae^tnnT ui-a Ubiih. hi. 

Cnroara— 1. W. (. KILca*.-. t O. W. Lfllti t. Hraajiira* 
Itabla; I, r. S, t<m li*l«: T. W. B. foa: t Ktoim MO* 


Mri a jtoJ aap rroaa d dlov twltUlBI- 

,bc* ; I. J.' UaJLMaaraa: B. OaV Bldaa 







■SanpaA,*** WU Oa*a>»l !• PJn-ona. 

ParCTi*T V\'iir-n Caiavfet. 

For abuaini th* eonfiftcaoe of hla em-' 
nloysr, who bad placed ih* Mtmnat trust 
in him And had determined j to miUhiii n 
nAFintr 1ft builtieil^Tbwdore t. Iklin*- 
rlh«»rrer T M J*a" aid. rif \ aln&tlqr tflrtf*. 
/;iendn.e. J,. I., .woa jrteHtnj ar.rtennd 
trt Stita'a Pd»n bf Jndfe Jrwepli Ts. 
hluifitiorn In General SmsJohb m «n-B 
flftwn months to two years nnd tu 
munlhs, Klineelbocfer pleaded puiliy to 
frirerry In tlia WN dr-gre*. whleb roenns 
<l<K:ioring and (alstfyini books or ac- 
CMUIIW. v- . , , . 

For MYcrflJ y«*« SlftJ* o".n«ii 
sicaliTiit money l»m B. T. C^^rftn & Co.. 
*yminiaaion mercbantji. nt 290 tasking- 
Inn •trTi by whom he wsa emplojed. 
Jl^'went With the firm 4« k.clerk nnd 
van rniaad by tbo bead of tbt? firm to 
eashier. In tfldt position he stole about 
¥'JV)00 and spec t U In Uich living. 

■ ■ra«a B«rp*d t* Uoaaih. 

T*n horses Wert bumrf to death Tk«rs- 
dlj nUiit wtca • lUb^e It 632 .Wea( 

Kony-eltbtb atrtet, the proptrtj of 
Cbarlei Sin* Br| Jorrenea McKeown, 
>me«-irran. wbt degtrored by tire. Seven- 
iK-ii other borsM in the atable wen no- 
«ued by Sargaanta Bant and Mit*beJI 
AAd P4trolmeii Foster and Cnqroy. of the 
Weal FoTtT-aarvetitb. street police lUtEob. 
fievM of tke komw rttcoed w«re badly 
rmmed nitd were tuken to the rtablen at 
ihs Sodety for tht PrtTentiofl- of Cmelity 
to Ant mala. Tb* other arJinaJB ?rsra 
ilUii jtn n nearby aiahle. 



Special Service to the 


0>r Bad TMtakm Maaiaar 

LONGure 4000 


(CauallMliaal Fwtvm Pa ff * l.> 

national organiintioc aa constituted at 
pffwat under trie Oh pn leadership. He 
said ho epoka for hiiuBplf peraonally and 
nit for Mtnoeaota aa an oHamUaUon. 
He said Mihnosotn bad dsridad not la 
tab* any action until tht dtlcgatai rn- 
tarned from thn eonT^otiDa nnd reported 
trie proceoaflngn back to their State or- 

O. 0. Orimn of Oakland asid that bo 
waa net in accard with tba national «r> 
gaDUatloiL, but that ha could Hot speak 
TOE the region*! unit that rfpresctittd 
>orch«ro CsliCoriPis. Like thn Minneaetg 
djalesnv, be Would nlon report back to 
bis organlaatJoB and tbat this exblbiter 
badj could he ayided ntxoEdingtj. An 
.DdlcntjDa of wbU the attitude of tba 
ftarthnu California unit say b* ean be 
taten fromtbr vote ai it wma dejirered 
oqi (fas eoaraLtEon floor, with the ni- 
JsHty of tb* dtieffataa living their aup-. 
port to Cohen. 

flydqiy Cobtn arouand a good daaJ of 
m*Triru>nt wntfi lie safd hs hoped fcs 
would not be secuaed of steam rolTer Uto 
ties when Joae&h W. JValab of Connectt- 
cut waj nnanimouBly elected third vie* 
preaident to take the place left *aetnt 
when tV. IT, Whluos of San Diego de- 
clined io act to that oOeo, SomataLrjg 
new in tbeahapOaf a code nt etb.Ca was 
offered by K, C. Ooltlrtn of Atkatiiaa^ 
who preaentesj ten rules of COndrtCt for 
thr thpatrr> owrjers, 

Mr. Collins furnished a liltie needed 
wit when ba refilled t« Mr. Cokan'a «x- 
planation that all Tie* preaidenti (hfr. 
Collins Is fourth tJco nrtvLdsnt! were *A 
■final rank that "all theatre owner vie* 
presidents an «cmaUy rank." 

The code of etblca U prennted bag 
ten articles, as follow*: 

First — To build *Tar upon the firm 
foundation of bonor and lntegrit* t»en 
when a different course might offer great- 
er monetary profit. 

Second—To recognila my dutj as a 
moulder of public opinion and as edn- 
caioT of youthful minds by refusing to 
Ebow upon my aCrean any piotura that 
might, have an unpatriotic, nnwholaanagaj 
or immoral effect upon tht life or mind 
of any auditor. 

Third— to alvs full co-oporatlon with 
city> Huie and nitionnl CoTeroueut that 
will tend toy raise tbs standarda of mo- 
rality arid society snd the Idesla nf tbs 
bunion race. 

iAaurfn— Tcj m toudilct m» buaineaa as 
to reflect bouor on tkib Innvatry to tht 
end that tba motion jiicnir.i tb-eutre may 
taka ll> rigbtfnj place bb a real and 
valued astct to, tba eotutaunity in which 
1 reside. 

Fifth— To hooeatlr adrortLH all at- 
tractions, with do sffort to overpraisa 
and no affATt Co misrepresent tham for 
monctarj gain. 

Sixth— To deal fairly and honorably 
with ray follow man, wb*ther be be one 
with wndn I am serving or earring mo. 

b>rentb — To uss the foil power ol my 
screen to further thn caiua of education, 
helpful Boience and all religion-- in order 
that the world may be a better plt« In 
which to live because of say work. 

Eighth — To ht loyai iq ny psrtners, 
honorable with my eampefitora and Just 
to my employee*. 

Ninth— -To aeek only audi profit 45 is 
jiiflt atid not obtained at the sacriflcei o( 
true honor at mauhood. 

Tenth— To dellTpr to nil with whom I 
deal the Mghaat quality of Herriee. r»- 
tolring all doubu agsinii; my'nelf and re- 
memLrerinjt at nil timas that any dls- 
honaet or d!obonara<ila act of mine will 
resect upon On* one enirogfd In the iu- 
duatry of ■ which I ia a small part 

Aria* O-rmr Wert H.=li*lo*. 

It doss not seatn possible ihst this 
Poliyennaish KSTimemt would coiae in 
for any dlKuaeion. but the word "l* 
ligion" uocupied about half an hour nf 
feverish debate, all due to an exhibitor 
by the name of Sneed from Council 
BlitBi. Iowa, who bad radical ideas of 
relteion of hia own andj wanted to ride 
his own hobb* for an eihibilion mile. 

Mike Comei-ford of Pibniylvania spoke, 
on "UarmonT," a word that was used 
during the coiiTcution. Mr- Comerfotd'e 
argument waa that the whole future of 
the Industry was bound up in the co- 
•■tieijiil'm aod loyal pulling tonctbeT of 
the exhibitor branch and any split 1n the 
DftUonil bejdr moat neceaMrily maka for 
A regression in the progresa of the pie 
tdro art aad busiptaaa. 

Ta U11 Up to Coda. 
Hiiry Dayin. of Pittsburg, had 
tomething to any alone the anznt lines. 
3am Bullock, of Cleveland, who boa 
bean at ererr eom-ontlou nf lbs «■ 
hlbitora since Lea Ocbs ehnracteHied 
all showmen *k "them bablsi," declared 
that a thsuaand Ohio eahlhitora n-nul.l 
fratna the codo nf ethlcn and diapiuy 
thini in the libfeie*. ''This divalopmont 
brought nut a rata-wed dikmioaion at ttvs 
beat way to cfreulatar the code. The 
cooyentioa then decided that the raoTia 
chati should . carry a full ten of tht 


tU. IsKkergir aft Ce. (WOVk^ 

<*ftn Hitinv) I f ' 

2.30 P*. fVT.— ^TbUdrtD'a atsiios by 
Emily C. Hanaon, ambor, of NoW- 
■rk, K J. , .. 

8 P". M.— Danes mualo by tba 
K«l-0-T>ee Rny» of »*»«*, N. J. 

8.50 P. M.— OontiiiaiitfW at tho 
series of l<Kt»tf*a given by Dr. Jo- 
Hpb F, CwIgM nf Newark «t 
"Pr;*«ical Paryehetojr."" 

CIS P. M, — "Q«eii Gardan 
Hints." ,, _ 

B.1* P. M.— "fiportia*: Nfiwt Cp*»- 
the Minute, 1 ' by Fred J. Ber-dalL 

8.40 P. !£— W*ekly Twok revienT 
by Bail Dana, literary critic. 

7 P. M.— Popnlir numbera by tba 
PrimrMO Syneopatora of Newark. 

S P- H.— l*«tiii*«cital of "Sa- 
cred Muaic" by JamtTs P. Dunn t as- 
lilted by tba chair nf St. Patrick's 
Ch-arch. Jersey City, and the chan- 
cel choir of tinmtj bojl- 

US P. Id".— "Do D«d Men' Ten 
Ts[*ar T a telle by Fulton Coaler, lec- 
turer tod editor, of New Totk. 

tt-Sfr P. OL— hharle by tb* Mm,'* 
Community Bibl* Claaa Orchestra of 
Boaelle Park, N". *,, under the l*ld- 
erfhlp of F. G. Brslth. 

B.6& p. M.— Sangi hy Mabal Muak 
Kmerr, eOpraao. of the OrangjU, 

10.10 P. M,—"Bld1c 1iTtha Britiah 
iBlta," a talk by George Label Ch«^ 
urteam, farm*? editor for Lord Ne-rtb- 
eUff*. . 

Am»rlean TeteotiOft* *n« Tele- 

rnvb CdBaur (WtflAF-J 

(a«»a Vetera.) 

4 P. M.— Program by Btmbal 
Brothere New York shii*_^IJ*oco 
mcalc by Bruno Brotbent" TJIared< 

450 to CL90 P. M.— Dane* miatu 1 
by Strand's Melody Oreheatn. 

fl.80 to 7.S0 P. iM.— Mtlaie*! egro- 

T.30 P. H, hfma. Emma T4d 

Holstadn. tnnta aoprnua 

&QB P. M.— Tenor onto* by lWOI- 
i.mi .Spilk&r. 

7M P. M.— B"iTn Churl* Pi-tit, 
raader, 12 yeart pld. 

8.25 P. M. — Soli*, and dnera by 
Dorotjy Dak. coloratura soprano, 
and Sylvia Dale, meaao contralto, 

ft to 10 P. M.— Program by. Global 
Brothers Nfv York (tore. Dance 
muainj try the Oosmepolitanf Danea 

fl.90 P. M.— flolni br LemiM P*f- 
eova, Australian asprano. 

anielei as promptiy at poHlbl*. 

hflV. Elmer Derr. of Ohio, bead of 
lbs better films oirmpittt-r of Celveiand, 
who had vpoken earlier !tt the morning, 
advanced the Idea that a copy ce lent 
to the head of preo - woman's club in 
tho United Statea T iter tucroation waa 
promptly adopted. 

The rest of the morning wai taken na 
with the routine business. The board oe 
directors met ta formulnte their plans 
for tho comisR year. The last lassion 
was dull, but there were a few laughs. 
Odd drlftgate, who said ho oune from 
Milwaukee, but declined to fire hli 
name, asserted he would like to bare tha 
1924 convention in hi* hems town* but; 
while thn Volstead Act was on tho 
statute hooka ha didn't feel justified in 
makaiip; many promise*. 


(Fealtnotd Fmm FatOT" trl 

dieted and thnt they are fnpri-.o» from'' 
Jastlee. On* of tbem ij believed to bo 
in Boston, Mass., while the otber two 
are also Ant of the St?its>. 

X>tairict AlWmey Bantgo atint>uneed 
last night that the trial of Edward J. 
UcMnnui, charged wftb embracery and 
brigery, would begin oi^ Monday before 
Judge Nott, McManua i" indicted 
charged with having approached Howfirfl 
S. Beidalman, one of the jurors, at Fui- 
ler'n lost trial. It is expected the trial 
of McManus will bf short; Miss May 
McCann, secretary to Mr. Uteidclmnn, 
and Mian nrie a confidential 
*[CJiorrapber in the Mihlrict AttnrneyV 
office, will be the principal n-itncEie-. 

Knickerbocker Cars 


AT 12.1>> la.JO, 12.45. 1 AND 1.1S 


FARE, $1.00 


r. ft. WAUEXR. Manafer 


R. T. WIIaWN. rra. 

il v. wNimr, vwa-r-taa 

Ua*Olt«Xa IT. BULI, a,.-. tui rrmu. 

The Saratoga Association 

ran tbb 

OB». Tl> E..I ro.HMl. UlHI 

T« Cut Fartl 
R«w York. V. 


inniA, sr. t. 





TUB JABATOGi -TLl_l*l.KVJl*.ia If AfrDXCaYP 

Taw r*™t-Y»ar-OJg* mm*. Eiwirt, Am-tmt 1^ H>ta* 

U Hlta* aDDfio 


Var Tana.Viai^C:«i iBd I'ewBTd. About %) »tle». 

MawOowOf AJirJBD 

r«r Th»#a.\*ar-nii. mm* Vm****. AW( a Mllaa. 

VS.fte0.4a ADDED 

Tltl . tHILUD 

For Tkr*a,-V*»r-OUI* ■•*! aJpafmvag. A 

»vaa«-i. Altowt ■ HtL*a. 


A. H«u aiARLCK;itilt. Rastaa •saratarr. 





bienulkwl tatjsMuiM Hudkap Tfc« HtmpUetd Himdic-ip 
$15,000 Withem Sfeke* Tte DtiSj Pone 

■ireeiai. kacb TmAi>n-nMt *Aca iTiHt-K. 

U.. hn. luilu, 3H n, »4 1th *n," mi .la* FlaiWib ' Aasl. *woWf»» ' tl.ltt, 
t J.Str, 1S.4B, t.OO, 1,16, l.SO and l.Aft r, V. Trav Hoairaaa A*aL 8 DU«. 
utaa iuw, SavU K*» Tark B Mtsalm MS,, Ala* naciMd by Trallay 

.g aKna>CAW omtaarfco son uSU| OH all, racb traws, . . 

MHHBiftBiAJID tTAPfD AUTt rusboOK, |t,H, tbuaaiM : 


'■•'.■,!■...■ — .:■,!.',■ ; 



;>OoopMer-Prodaccr and Acwrt' Ot- 

gsni£«tion On Ahead With 

Respective Flam. 



Parae-at Players-Lflsky Films Not 

So Popular With Exhibitors 

From Brooklyn. 




fl* hears* Is 

(i« O 

n as 







■ idi 



■ antt *'*f,r 

In the war brlwren Karl Carroll, in- 

riefi*r,drnr procuring manager in charge 

: of tfa» Earl Carroll Theatre-, ind lhe 

V .Acton' Equity Ajaocisliob. n war Ihrcal- 

p rmrg 'frr npening .7 1 1 n r "J."i of Mr Of' 

. iroHs "Vnniciien of llfcJJt.'* Mir ohVrri 

.of the- A. B. A., mystified over Rerrriit 

dereZopm enta are - r 'H arguring over 

who in rrsponfiole (or tlir present sitnn- 


Mr. Carroll. profcaninjj friendship f-'r 
, '' th* Equity, i,« eTHlesvuririx to K»t p ' 

■ production «iifeiOttt the approval of ihot 
urganissiinn ..molding to ji> officers.. 

t QufMinninr, tip right of Equity id in- 
. . tarfere, basing thiir contention on the 
: filet thPJt the principal* in rhr nf 

■ "VMUifs of 1023" mainly are from ihe 
rank* of vaudeville, he pays he is pre- 
pared 10 |Mly HAUriPs in «t*» Of ill" 

Equity state. 

"I nti*rr( m [utr ejiorijs mm iffiliared 
with Jht Equity- |50 a swi." laid Mr 
Carroll. 'They withdrew. I dirt nor 
discharge them. I need thrfe mrn. fhey 
■win be nrlMmM hack At $75 n week. 
I h*v* not dismissed any one. *JTinsr 
who ptrniY-d aside did -mi voluntarily. 

Test of the Principals. 

. : \ *"31t Trincirwiti! include Peggy Hopkins 

.' Joy r . Joe Cook, Joe Hark*. Jam" 

Daffy, Bin; Hum* and company. Roy 

JiliSli, TJorCtllM XeTlllp. ft Ltt, 

Lane * La tot*. Margaret, DaTtes. Claire 
Rlgin. Margaret Edwards, flalu Herbert 
£frt-mat>. Dorothy Enapp, Frank Ijpalir 
and Rpkonia." 

■"In the cssi .1. [!■ ntnety-oKjf jKnona, 1 
do trot obje*t it am? or ill join Equity, 
I haTp 1 tbe pick of chorus xirlx in tlii< 
rltf. h: ia r:.f up To me £u rcni.iirr "linn 
to *(fi1J4tr TFifh th* a. E. A." 

Pi(**l* pIbitpiI ttt lb* ririnltr nf thp 
E*pl Carroll Tbeatrr by Ihe A. K. A. 
*t'I1 o"<"lquk | B nt Saturday THDmins; 
were wltodriTm ftrrterdaj . afterntwn 
when • nent«tianr of polfc* adrlsetl 
fCi.uitv i.i'fii'i^N thai probtblT j'inci-Lic 
ptpfcMi rta not n-jtbin tl»e l*w. 

Ifeannrhile Kquirr It conudei-ibjr thin 
pln»«r Jroni * leffiE TlewpoTat, totlininc 
! f">. Ibf lir-lir! ffifil th*' f>rCAlii*n!i<m t;io.-- 
■**»**r ihc rlicht rn peat it* re,irf*cilM-' 
| try* rto«e tn tb* theatre m inform pp-p- 
■InrmtpB of hf- it i «. re of affpiT*. . 

I '»r| 1,«»inrHlf PUni Thnr Vnmln-P 
.^r FlllMI f#C VMP"TwfBtr 

•i Th*nt j^meii. 


W«H'I UIkim Firikf r Jiettmn. 

Lt JOiifif.!' tjf ii!u luirLcr- at the r.i[. [ 
llindftic to frlfL- njtiu *tniran« i« a | 
"flip to ft* EienKwrn not tv n |pi cont«e(E I 
with, tit* t-^ri CarraJI Theatre prodiie- I 
tte>>, of 'A>nitien n f lft23." 

None o rHi« officlnl» uf Kquitr would 1 
nakf n rtataBWSt other than thai noili- i 
Iof ppw liBfl developed: 

Aifceil if thf utaee hoiuln. alan tlie 
ron*iri;«ini. not'ld l*e -wLthdrttTvn from the 
K»pI Givntl Theatre tain .■■junret rw 

- "We"l(iffl not j-et roiBi' to lIi i -= point.'' 
h Vrv ('ATi-oll MMi-rf it bad ltee n imimatprt 
t!:it thU ivDuld bv done. 

"Here | ujit* a backer wiiNtie -ti> 
sad »^OO.Oijn »n thia prodnnOon, Hen. 
;.H'* wtttrt worih $1.50(1,000.. it i<yojtA 
«" i[ I *m not yitioir tn »ren LrMk." 
• „Tiip ehoni* of vim and h^turr ip*>nt i 
*e*tfrda rtnemgAi r*hear»inr und^r the. ' 
■fecbon of Sammr T^e. Wntiam Col- 
Htr. JiTLpplantine WEJIiam Catleu jih 
WDlt? mpinlier. who w-ithdrrir, iljrpcted 
tpe.comedj' M*ejreji H 


Federfll Trtdfn CoumiatioFi 
r«nm«l ita InTeBtiKatlon in the 
FaniniiK Piarem-Laak? paae res- 
tnrdjy aTter a two week** *«J- 
journmrni. ThpTp were Tnany fiipi folk 
or hand ir*d.r to 'iirtrn lo thr raiM>. and 
"■{•ai^rda.T there wan aflme- soorf comedy 
f!lrrl«[ir-rf for all Ktio tuOii the tfOUnte li> 
co tn iti" trial. 

In thr muminc Hfsua R*cbuiel. an. 
pxhibitaf fmm tlrooklTn. nho ownn chft 
Htiprenie. I he Rheflield. Inn Stone. !,'•' 
Itnpftpn. Hie Capitot Hnd the Rii-dium, 
testifier!. He **\i itial he used V-^ pii- 
nirffl a JTM?) 3:iii that oni rf that ninn- 
I>er h" unlj" ahuwed almut Iwrnty Fa- 
mniiji rift L VT*-lrfi"kT filni", and ibeac 
srroiid rtrna. 

t'iir,;i !h--itiK A>ki~d why he ilitt not ute 
mnTf Famnna PJajen he iald In an. 
an-i-losi'f [Li- manner: 

"Well, .Ton irep inv outrun* (fjan't car* 
■ o miii-h for ihr-fji. They want wild 
iur> oflrauia/* 

Ricbaril W, Soondera, t^vncro'UP of 
ParvBjounr, vn alxu n witneait at the 
iiinrnipf ite<j*>iqn. 11-c nno ^iiinced *n to 
thi> TiiiiL i-<impanj^ ntethorl of .Vcepins 
coobn unit fin.T- iu> ii I) <- «f bookkeep- 
iit;? arid rxplainqd all the wnya and 
T-he~prorfH uf tbia mathematical proli- 
\i-n- to nil who were intereated. 

AfinihrT fHanndrri and no kin nf tb« 
roDiptrolIrr tmtlfiwt'En tb* 1 aftrrrso.m norf 
nrored a ntar wilneew.- -VTr have tff«e- 
ertr* to our frLeud Rodolph SaisHi«ii,= ;=- of 
Hrroklyn. Mr. Naiindem. WOfli *jk*d 
If he Aboe-ril FiunDUa rityern-Lajkr 
pirttlrri. ^Jiid: 

"I cerltiniy do not." 
"■Wh.rV' «*k*d: Mr. Swanye, who n-ai 
fKJi mi pins' hitu. 

"IVrV. rnr a«." r he Raid, ''it la M* 
«v*t. 1 3i :.«. i-r-n' t nil) n Fooiuua ^'iavrr** 
pii-Wre BJocc The Miracles Man.' They 
told m<- I would nuke money, and I 
didn't, i" 1 dropped thetn. t am doing: 
tin- aanie wilfa TTttirentaJl now. -^inn I 
|0K mftuey oo one of their (lietllfp*," 

Mr. Haiindera aaid if every psliiliitor 
ivoulrl follow hi* eiampl^ And. win*- to 
j'»it(Jiiir,c a til in t'Otupany After hr had 
hjai moae.v on a picture th*" producern 
aaid waa EoOd. that the ojjiibiior would 
ha vi' mnr>> moacy tu the hnnk ««ru'- .ap 
lif (Mr. Htundprt.1 hu. 

The atlorory fot- F*TDfln* Playera nug- 
gf*m\ thia ""*■ rather harah trtstrueiy. 
jiml »jik.ed J(r. Siundera if every thtvlrr- 
owner acted tri i way if it wouldn't put 
Fatuomi PIftjet* out of linaiaeav. 

"■Thit'ji jn*t' wtiHt it ■wmiLri do." 1 re- 
plird Mr. Sautideni with evident aatia- 

Another little tilt iiftWMtii Mr. 
Sjiiin— ■-« and the Huffptr i-.rni iK li! furth 
the ternark that thp lawj-rr didn't know 
Aiiytlilnn ahmu thp film HtiajtarAe. 

Alice Brady Dots Good Work in 

Dramatic Scenes of lata of 

the Frown North. 


cp Uciurni- ol J-'no In Thij 
i.IiiIf Tale of the Trlae 


"The Stiow Brnte,' nhtcb ia beinc pre- 
E-ented thin wcelt »i tfie Hi«tto, udU h^vt 
be"n the prrnhici nf the minion pirturr 
■tudi^ if ten yeam nf.>. m far nn the 
nor ria conrernrd— hut ten years np> 
prodnn-ra did I1DI *end their rompaniea up 
tntottw (rr^iit "per "pares of t\e CanndiArv 
wild- dimply lo pnl TK'*ne effi-cMip annw 
areoes. and it mint on *,-.-,i [h*t iher* ia 
A qonriiUT (if prstlj arnncry in triJa pic- 
rnrp. Thrre is nlan Alifp. Br*dy. who 
oVi-a »i/ir ptpj intrrreatinp acting- par- 
ticii larly in l he ten*p flraramir wnr«, 
As for tli* *tory. U alwaja haa l>ecn tond 
motion picture materia.'- fn fart, nftrr 
aeping the iir-i reel tiUn f-onlri eaaily Mkp 
a ii(i(> nod knoiT the reat of the alorr. 
tint whITt .\lire Rtidy ia till the rertfn [it 
i* n vrim tliip*! I" kepp ■ hot heyc« oucn. 
for Sifli neVr fcDOw WH»B i'fie ia Koii'B to 
perform ; ji mmt effertive lit Jtr trick, 
whirii would If too h*d t,v mlm. 

t k norma; Pleinrr- 

ATnt TFlll ptjiT i 

I'lrtorp.. • 

Ifrapitr [lie liinf -wol 
fure doe* oot hflre. T! 
[N-r'( bcaiiiiriil datijftili- 
ihf handsome alierifT. 


elnatoc-k «b f 

I lklfel*«r 

(raHdtd 1 , 

WeniJittH'b. a» 

To-day Syihu 

Kpnt will he ' 


f f'ohen 

'.> teh n 





IjtiLl Continue t* Tnin for Bout 

July *. While Court Hem 


'..■ 4*t Cnltaa ^«w«m ti.p ffomissf -*>iHpii.i 

cmcAoo. j«m ix 

.» Bailor Fridemtn. l-ocal leather pnabPT, 

' ci ( mAtehed a*nin«i the Stare .,/ dinola 

In a fini'ih !er«j bout fur hi* freedom, 

htfinninj to-morrow, and jfauhit Lew 

: 'KVndlfr in a ten-round to at Michigan 

; Itit? July +. ■ . 

_ v ,- 'f rriedmAfl 1 ! tSrVt battlt: ia the result of 

I3& the murder of Ahe Bubiin in a ChU-ni-o 

naToori eichl montha mga. The nrlte- 

fifhtCi- wiA convicted r>t murder and »pn- 

l^nccd to four yeata in prlaon .but won 

• # ■*■# trill. Friedman will be in t«in- 

;' lflf f t the Tendler bout finrinr the trlaL 


1»>rt* PW4»i1ii HM Failt Ho.i« 

I* Sonoipdly Hall Tlntr*. 

? "Adrienne," tho muklcaJ eomedy »Ur- 
.- lint; Vivinne fiefil, daimt it new rrc«rd 
♦ for' Job*. ' In the face of imppAxed p«or 
« ■ rjiUiHeVa dtt* to the aeaaon. tbia ahow, 
fciy-afhteh la I^titia F. Wcrbn'a flrat ptodiJc- 
V • tion in yearn in the nni'ici! comedy Held. 
.'' hli playril to "*tandins room unlj 1 ' the 
| liuf foxtf pprfyrmancoe, 

, ■■; 1>Ht nfElil. deaifnated a> "Blue -Moii- 
i~7 "ttajf" by .maraferP, the Coban Theatre 
E wfi Sited ir- cApai-lty. even the aeeond 
| th-rr hoir. beinx void! out. Tlila Indicate!. 
It waf.poiotcd out *t the theatre, a re- 
fcj. ttl'rn^ of eathn*iaam on rhe part of tTje 
piiolic for Summer aliowa, and mrura 
BihI -ftrr all Bmadwiiy, 

Cnt-I l.-*mwl*'a J*w»-le. 

Baa Carl l-n^mmle faith in the motion 
picture? We will any that be ha* when 
he baa incrcaatd hi* ootput to ality pic- 
hare* a year. These produt-Tioir will he 
known mm 'The Tnii-ema! Histy" aoft 
will be. reltiwd in lK3-afe< 

There will he twenty JpwpI prorino- 
tiana. Thia ■•> aloio^t twice »* many 
prodectjona of the apectal clnsa aJi was 
released by I'niVenci last year. One 
ntuon for thl* increase la .due rn ilie new 
aUrs Acqulrbd by tlifo company thia paal 
year, B*jtiu*M Pcany and Mary Philtln. 
both of whthPfi recevred thnlT promotion 
through Work in pictures made for I ni- 

Jewel, which we mual ri]ilain to thoir 
who dii not know, ia the name of :■. 
brand of VpifefHAl piciiiTea. n ill e-laim 
hltsa E'hilbin inrl Mr. Mrnnv oil its pro- 
srntu. Each will tnske four s year. 

These -pictures will be m addition lo 
the twelse. Jewels already i^iuoEpted ■■.- 
now In Wrtrk. ' They an- "llerTy-Go^ 
Round," "A Istd/ of Quality." atarrfn*- 
Virginla VaUi: "A Chapter in Her Uf»r 
"Tfee AvqilhtAt." "J} rift in p.." atarriftn 
Prifcilla lyean: "Hundrrinc L>i"n." Tn 
the Lsdder.' 1 BtBrrirJK Virtioi^ VaIH: 
"Oamned." i "TVhoae itaby Are too?"' 
with Baby Peggy; "White Tiger," with 
Priacilla. Dean; "The Tower" and 
"The Turmoil." Stepping closely on the 
heels at the Jewel productions will come 
the .-ijchi ' Jloot (ilbaon prodnctiors. 
There *lat>.- wtll be etght ftladys TVaLlon 
production*, eight -tart Hosre proilue- 
tions. eight pietntea wilh Herbert Raw. 
Itnaou And eifht spedal melodfamas.. 

• L Pa« > U>".(9 MMt*wr el r*^lt«l Acatn. 

It i> not lV *ery eoniplinleDtAry to the 
prppcnt rror of pictures and very eom- 
plimeittary to, thp entertainment value of 
'Pasalon" that B. T,. Roths fel is making 
arrangeoicscs tt> hring back to the Capi- 
i"! witbin a few weeks for another inn, 
Thin Is thp flrai time in ihe history of 
ili.ii theatre that Any picture haa come 
bid for a return engagement afler^-it 
his been ahowq there once, "Pa union" 
ia the Do Barry story and: was the tir*t 
German brought tn this country. 

Merrn W*ni» 'f>e*lrf. 

The Metro rompany hss *everal men 

out on RroadwAj these days' armed witli 
mlcniaoe-pea and lonklnff for'n theatre. 
The poneepn* aew apecia] prodnctioi!. 
■■SesramouL-hc, 1 ' pltkougb it wiU not" he 
fiuiahed foT n, month of +o.- |l tbaptni nn 
"O well t trail or&citils nr* piattnjnjt on a 
Tfrondway rub »mr; tiniH In" Seplemhrr 
if tmsaible. ft'liai is wanted, is A large 
theatre with dnrea for n i>icturr nprp 
aronnd the middle .>f tlicc inotitli. If it 
fan Kr- „'founrl Metro urill introduce 
"Scarnmunche': tn' blaze Broad wayiTe' 
PWr nn imlrfinltp run., 

Hrnxfll 1t>f iPttsHSv Vabartty, •"' 

Altbomrh "Thp TlTiite H^ae" Is tup. 
pdseri iii And iii 'fiiKatrmcM at ilir I.yric 
Theatre nejt AaturdD.v nijtht. it wlJI h P 
held oeer for n Sunday njatinee and eie- 
ninp performance, tlii- prweeds of which 
wiU b* turned over to tlir widow arid 
ehildren of the late AHiert Peace, (or 
ten ye.ars geaeral musienl: conductor and 
■eon- i-uiidnutor for ill fJrlfdfh picture*, 
Thv (bentre, film and mnsic haa lieen 
ilnhated! fnr [ilia wnrth>- ■rarjr*, iuhI therv 
will he s liberal re..iTBeiiiat]on of Oriflitli 
ttara, pnail ami preaent, *t bolh show- 
inrs. ' Amuiiff thnw who wilt attend ar? 
Llllinu aU(i !>omthy t;iah,Hik-hnH! Bur- 
thelaieM. Morgan WfcUtWi Burr Mclu 
tosh nod the playrra whu sre in '"i'ttr 
White HbM" — 4 'arol Ilemi»ier. M H 
Marah. Purler SironR, .Veil .Himiiton. 
Lucille ],« Verne. Hprbert Sdteh. Churl** 
I Kmmett Mtm'fc and uthprs. 

\1n. 0-R«.||], (a IndtPfn Operation. 

Despite rhe many detaila necesjary 
for the i-ompletion «f the plana for tlir 
f>ic uieettnjr to fen hflld at Syrtcuae ctx( 
week. '■ 'It.ii ['- (>RrU\y « B i llnsblr i,f 
heh in hi» offire yesterdsy ese*fitinit ft>r 
a Tew hour*, Hffc wife, who i- erjtjcaiiv 
ill. will lit- rtfjei-aled ■< to-dav. H nd thr 
many Trienrf* of Mr. and Mr*. iVReilk 
arr i|i t hrr eondititm wffl b'a 

Bert Idler Will (.It, ]ntbrt>.l Ion. 
About ths| luni.-liewn whieli- will U 

ffiv*-n If the.Hcitrl Astur (in "Wrdoesdly 

in honor of ['rank Tilley, editor nf the 
tWmnlopraiih ^'*ekly of I^uriun, Bert 
Adle'ri of itfer Madiann t^aflOC if rhnir- 
nian *^f arrsnyrmejiiR nvrl ia in eharge 
of Ihp.aale nf ti,keis. ))e ask* that all 
nlm are InterTied in lie film inltuatry 
Iij>li"rtirp 1'lrturea. 

n atnry, the pict- 
e dishoticsr trap- 
ts In love with 
AnnHicr cirl, de- 
urihed h t> n t if l<r fls "a rrs|iper nf tnrn," 
alo.i ha- nrr eye on the mime min. The 
rirl* father ihoo'ts liia InHInn asqiatAat 
nnd iji dLProverecl in ihp art hy the wicked 
TillaiJi, uhn rura lu keeii the knowlpd^C 
or thp killing lo bita«e3f if br- can baye 

ihp ■■l.i.::;h;':- fnr IiLt> bi*!df. Wlii-tL ilrlllgh- 

ler ftpda mk that lier fattier will be tried 
f»r murder niiin^ -!i-' n>*rrie» the nisn. 


Actor, Qraror and Soldier of Fortune Wilt Address 

Thomas A, Williams Club To-night— Delivers 

Flag Bay Speech at Freeport. 

AS a Tai 

Taminany ipellbindcr. Bring straight oratorical *hoti m s preliminary 
lilical Jikirrtiish. Capl. Patrick Irving O'Hay. psrtiripani; in ppppo wan 
aud hprn of Hlchnrd Harding DaTisa "So'-diers of Fortunp. "" wiJ] tonight 
appear ha thp Mar attraction at the meeting of the Thomas A. WHLfKKH LfenH' 
-ratit Club of ihe Ninih Anaemhly disfrk-t. 2^7 AVeit Nincty-aevpnth ttftot, -f 
which Frederii-k K, ■CifildHmlth. lawyer, ia the prastdeul. 

The, nntrrrrfitd «f the Thorn** A. William* Club. *n< ; ludini their friend*, need 
hare no miagirrug as tn the power of thin unusual individual, who. bj the wa,-- 
at Ihe S&jriBtrt 1 <Hnoer lasi_ week In Wa-hingtoa Bpp**r*d aA thp sole speaker, 
nolwtthatandlni ihe pretrni-e of P/fiifidrnt Harding and General Perahing. 

Captain OH».t. leaving the atage to go to war, rolurninn wounded and many 
Liinea decora ted, resunwd hia raTepr sa* an actor. cOdllnuing lint.) hia charra a 1 
n aieaker (tttfoaaaiicaHj wilhtlrpw biro ^rorn ihe theatre in ihe platform- 

Captain OMJay was wiih General Frederick Fun^iOn 'n Cuba'" insurrection. 
He, wbh in thr Sjmniah-Anieriran \ H battled f'or ihp Boer*, fnttga* ' xil ' a |!? ' 
Berba agalnsl Bulgaria and engagw* in rP**witt1eBa lo South Amerira befure n" 
enliateri in ihe Worlnt \V«r. 

lL vlah in WouiJi Antema that he etirMiuiTered Al Jenjnng*. onre a bunrtu in 
Oklahoma and the rigiilhwesl.' Tt was there that he met the gifted U. Henr . 
tlicir friendship continuing until the death v»f tne abort story wriier, 

Caplain i) Hay nmde ft trin In Che Arelii" region on a spaing viaiM ihai.':ar- 
ried Ja-k Lonrlmi. the nyve;is|, Wolf ]jra=i>n, captain of the craft, was London s 
inapirRtion for tto- ttOT? "Tb* Ses "Wolf." 

Now Captain tlllav srepa into the political nrr-ui jtnt aa naturally 0" o* 
went (o tvar ami hato all hia adventures. Up hails from Ireland and was reared 
within a fJOfuVa throw or the building in ■ Biehmond in rrhich Patrick Henry 
eirinimed: "fiive me liberty or give me deAth." r» n 

At 1'reepon, L. 1-. Thursday night. Captain O Hay will deliver s FlAg ms 
addnns. under the Buxpinra of the KStt. 


Eddie Cutor I*»dJ Pun With 

Beigi «ni Storiei— Ho Lewii 

la Vtrutile. 


:rnr r ftohrrf ■ 

iltftiiiiti C»ar 

irl i.leri-Dorf s>-t»- 
■ With Bftttg of 

nil Di»( f . 

,-Lii'i ihe niO'ii-tifiii weddiog 

e wbrdi 
linn she 

[he Brat 
that if 

rates jila-e. 
i ha* a imttlp r.r BMdb 
i "he has (iri-n ro the aheriff 

■'uursrd him hark tn lienjih" ii 
, r*rf, and the ihtetor tells her 
! taken in » laritc ifosntity it is 


■*rU i 

geuerou< ilojie. write* 
a letirj- |n Tim nherilT ami prt-ynrert to 
drink Ihe [jonou vheh her nL-wl.T-aciiuirrd 
hnvhntr^l. ilrunk and ritittltl. reels u|i tba 
atai/s. (IT vnitrhe. he driiikt rhe itolson 
by mistake, hot the eirl if moused of 
niuder. anil ii !• ihe ilnty nf thn aherllT 
to lead lier to Lhe ^nlimv.- Uee fstfier 
wants [« ni#tr n ilesn breast nf lhe 
whole affair, bet (De jjtrl will nnl r^rmit 
it. The mqn-h t*i the calln^« Lbrnuph n 
hJiiidinc anitw*t(]rin Rir»a Mlsp Brady A 
ihsnt-e to do some good acting', aad; fl he 
rtopsii t :niu* ih« up|>orru[iiry. Her- fail!, 
lhe gatJoh-a jiii"t ahead nt 
orture And despair. 

WJLL1AM PKNST. frar nearly forty 
surra Deputy Ctetw of the Coart 
o( fieneral Se.ta.ioa« flml At one time na- 
noeiated wiih Col Ren Wood on the 
atsff nt the »tl T>aily New*, is rrporteil 
In he drinc in St, Vineeni s Uoepltat. 
Mr. Penny lis* been at the hoapiial for 
about f»-L. montnt suffering from 

I astbma, 

I iMr. J'enny n-)i horn in V Ister Count y f 
Ireland, seventy -eight years ago. He 

nine io tbl*. evmtrj as a bear, His first 

job wan a* a reporter on one of the daily 
| n pit* nap*! fas of this city. Fir was at- 
1 aicntd t« cover the Court oT fleneral 
^esainns and was later Relucted b> the 
late .fudge .fame* Pitrgeralil for lhe no- 
action he now tiolda. 
I For several years h* bna lieen officiat- 
ing aa clerk of thr Criminal Branch of 
the Supreme Court. He it unmarried, is 
s meml-er nf ihr Manhattan Club and a 
rr-presentflme in ihis dty of the Grand 
Lodge of Free SIpJBB* of Ifpltud. 

Iluring liia iorumfjeo! R" clerk in Gen- 
erB] SraaioTi* Mr. 1'ejiuy haa heard more 
than 300 peraona aentrncfd to dMth. 
He bad a petsnnsl a «|u a in ran re with, 
moat or the noted p*rM)na Irjed tlorgig 
thn piBi Ualf-ce.iiTury. Amonjc these wer^ 
Harry Thaw. Cniliale Harria. Dr. 
, JJni-upMiii, J)r. lloiien Kennedy. 'Roland 
B, Molineioi Nan j'stteraon nod 
('harlea Bei-lier. 


bieii ulie ■ 
her, ij eloquent ■ 

A .IT. U'rll 



'trapper i 

gir) «'ho is a 'irapppr oh rnen 
sioJmi lhe b-uer whii-h lie c irl iiari 
written ru the Ftiierin. aud whicli would 
harW cleared her II (irrhllitTd, but it 
dnpMii'i matter nindi. Iniinnae in fee uirk 

■ ■r rinir I lie raihet *lflndfl up nn Mi* uliu- 
forill of the *>nl!uwK iiihI lolls th> whole 

Alt Avalanche di'.ti.i-ud« upon liim 
is merHfiillv kllle<l. The [ieou|i- 

■ nil it lhe judjrnt'-nr «f Uod. The 
viUnliiuioi lady alsn Tenia Ibat it it the 
proper moment m ma'ke :i elesn breiiai ..f 

sfTnir ninE mlnii!* rliat ohe. h>t 

lettrr. Kverrthinp ts fine 

" the cirl, nl- 


aPKNCEr Chief-, i 
if Fire Pirnrntinu,. an- 
nounced yesterday that hia department " 
prepared to c-operate with the bnMic 
>;r!n,--il atithoriti^a in rarryine out the pro- 
rJainna nf tin- U'liltcomh bill, drafted V 
Mnrur Hylan and n|i|iroied by Governor 
Smith, under whii-h'^the sehoipl r.hildren 
will he InndiT rhr iretUoda of firr preven- 

i the Whitcomb measure after they had 
nbaerved the benefits already i dertrert 
from young mitida. In a few years 
0.000 firea in tam-mrtits and apirtmenl 

I houscp. traced W eartltitaiiCSB, were mil 

Itu.O.fXrO. Compulsory education, it i< 
felt. Trill awftVcn n greater spirit of 

I ivatchfolneM and bring the nnrnh-r 

f '-Tbere were 18.000 fires of ail char- 
Peter last year," said Mr- Snence. ■ "Of 
this number p?rhnpa 7fi ptr cent* eonld 
be charged to carrlc^aneaa or due ti> 
avoidable l-kuscs. Thi- children wIlE be 
taught that theae fbtva add ta the the coat 
of their living as the dtitmciion of prop- 
erty men ns Ursa revenue in taxeo to the 
city which. must be made up by inerea*> 
jh): fiwpsumerts of other omperty. When 
the fact ia hronght home to the parent 
that it ia posiibfe to _prevrnt root in- 
creaaea by preventing tires compulsory 
education .will prove, worth frhile." 

Mr. Spone* aaid the juvenile corns 
n-iiiiM he iiiKtruetcl in turning in an 
sJa-rm. iofnroiedi tn the JocstipW Of fhe 
hoi nearest their borne, warned of the 
danger*. r=f matchca, ruhbiih. gaaolenr, 
iteroitnc. of jirarching for gnu leak* with 
a lighted match and other cau*ca that 
are reaponaible for fire" Jn addition a 
brothtite 'nf lhe Board of Fire I'nder- 
writei-s 'Tin fire prevention "rfll he dis- 

THAT thr Municipal Civil Ser- 
vice CommiMlon is itistriTuinatlug 
egatnsi bipi in favor of Mayor Hyl»n 
eoneernioR i>olitical liatronage ivaa 
eharged yesterday at n mpctiag of the 
('vmiuittee of the Wholr by Comptroler 
Craig. This dtrlaratlou waa followed by 
an attack upon Wiriam Urennan. Reptib- 
lican member of the mmmlssion, or wnieh 
Abraham Kaplan. Democrat, 


Eddie CantAi- Js lbs itnp-Hv r ly ]«ad"f 
of a hilt of and merriment it B. 
F. Kflitha Paliee Theatre- thin w»ck. 

The M. E. O. Lime Trio offer a pan- 
tomimic '-.iTitnrtLoii irovelty. On* ia M | )p . 
poaed ti h* a piece oT tnecbaniara ia.-- 
rfed by the othrr two and started hy 
binding. He is paekrfl and buried in 
a fashion seemlnjEly beyond cnrturanr-aj 

tiy R lirilir; r-i-^.tr L'i r**. 

La.1T? Mcehan And lir-rtrude .NVwman 
reresl a line aonse of humor AKd ata 
rsjitlj TititertalninF in "BroteB Pronv- 
iaea."* After aasnring |he ATldience there 
will he no piano playing or bines, Fli'-y- 
ourat into both to thp keen enjoymcot 
of the patrons. 

Mr. Meehan is a remarkable eccenirle; 
dane«r -:i the aide and Mips Newmnn 
*inps well . 

He:#n ncxers and i-eana Allen art 
vocalists or distinction. Tnny are ilia 
type nauallr featured aicparately. In 
fBT-t. they "ha^e. The conbldatlon <■!•- 
mands commebdarion for their willius- 
nees to sacrifire individual stardom lo 
the happy results of an artistic partner- 

Though thrrir repertoire is strictly 
rlassii:*!. tinles* '"My Man" by SU«ai 
Alien is eliminated from tbia designn- 
linn. thp siirters with their yjutfa. tTieir 
mamedsm. their ease, their ^urpusir -S 
musical skill make eAv.-h number a pop^ 
■dar nieces*. 

And Then Tliey WhIK*'. 

Ethel 3in\-l*ir and Marie trasper ars 
hrijtht in a bright dnologn-a 
by Panl OrArd Smith called "On the 
hong. I-onc Trail." This traif 1* not 
the one of nympathefje, sestimeotHl 
memory- The gir'a had accepted ioii- 
tatloaa to ride in AUtninohilea, 

They meet on *- foad far from town. 
eAi-j havjnc; hepn ejected from tbe, rer 
rlrivnn by the yoitoB m»n eaclending . the 
joy riding jnvitution. Th- talk verges 
toward wugpCSiioc. yet the girl* ar* 
dainty and demure etiougb to tajt* off 
ihe (swtfc 

Horns Si Lynn in wotesqur Atnrs 
present sn amiisiiag routine of dances 
with ineiiental songa. 
Chief Spenw snid that the local sohool | ChalrTaVn, Md^wM WTT "prt'Swa^B tile I Iq * hlpnu£n K of aju*J and dan: -. 
siithorities nre urepadng a course of | talendar requesting an Appropriation of | Benie Robert and the Mers-Uorf »! ■» 
siudy for tbe ttSMWO pupils, who. win , j4,oty to entertain delegates to the Na- ' - 
eonstituie a treat Auiilisry io tbe Fin: I tfonAl Asaembly nf 'Civil Servltt Cattt' 

and he 

Ihe whole 

In-pArtment In lrn>ieciing life and prtiio 

■ ■rty from thr rnreVistie^s uf their p|il*r>. | 
T'ndrr Ihe law tlio edueatinii of rthooi i 

■ liilili-rn rn fin- prsjvAHfJoB la cN(U|]u1jory. j 

T|ji« teaching ^tatr will ennuist i>L Hrt ' 
ejiiett.* nod the recijlar ptaff of tracers, i 
The coursV of »tudy will hpjtiq itfter the 
Sumrjur vacatioiJ. Threnich the children, I 
wbhse :.iiiT:'a.-: In th*- past Iibj fie^t, 
marked, offieiala nf the Ftte IN-tJartmrnt I<\ (he nuderwrilT* are eajoBdent ta n t j 
hrea will lie nl*t«rfaJlj reduced in n-tnn- 1 
hers. It is hoped that hy l»fe** , lt'J( **" ; 
parlance of tire itrcventioo upo» the chil- j 
■Jr -r the patotita. through them, will . 
fearn of the liaiard«: nnd mnieqDences ; 
of tir" and the it^ed for Breventing it. . 
Thrar ■i-TiiliJra-ii will virtitfllly be member'' 
• ■{ tin- Fire lir/pftrtnient. 

elephnne htm ._. 
1 Harry Hejehenbieb ,^ 
] and the ftdWaTfp* Iirv,- b» n itivlterl 
i err re. on the reee r ti<,n .-onimittef : Will 
1 J?.„ %£?*** Mnry & Cohen. Chatlea 

OHeilL. «. L. RnthafH. .losepb Plnn- 
; ■**"■/, Hjoerr fl arde. Ixuiis AuerhB>-h. 
s l^aTid 1 .lospph Slntmon*. Paul 
■ Cromelin. fieeorge 5". Ka n n. Harry Rae- 

*an E^uis Broek. .'. V. Brjann, «,„ 

Mchlessingtr. Lonela (t. Parsons, J. \V, 
| DannenW. George Blaisdrll. Robert 
i Welsh. William. A. Johnstone, John 

Ppargo ind IV S. Tlarriaon. 

•IpSVaBi Hnnla.nri With UlariftCtlTV, 

! J«h/na Hnwlpod. whose fAmeaain 
knn>v%n. haa; been "tpgAFed 

tljougb Y.e elinngtrt slip 

gay when yivu ciosider that hpr fnri 

had jueL been killed by sn Piralai+qhi-. 

Trite uiiH.-Tinf. u* he anre. bin ir ' 

aerrea to amiife „n,i «t««da fairlv well. 

One i,i tlie new "Ij-ithcr Pusln-i-"' 

aerica rntitlrd Thr Widowers Mjie" 

and frarunns B«- E ;iia|i| Denny is nn 

amusine rsjrtiidjr nf il|i» vriV ririj;. Thera 

;.- : am a.Li'W rrnlly rft&ief mnieily innmenra 

toa^tioaMer. ! i|t jgr, iiuit ^ Ptnr ^ 

tillzahclh Itarlenievn. who \* ;-. fif.i-.n- 
in.E ae ibf Rlalto f,. r ihv Tixr*! liun- in 
Amerira. wings rhe aria ".[run P'Ar*-"" 

i and ' displays a. n*tw*rfu1 drninittic an- 

[ prano voice. 

BHl In 

auraio-r Comiianies were ;ii.-> In- 
riiineittal in jtreurtnjr ennctmeni a( 



a 'tress 1 

by the " [.>|siln<;uvr rum i. - omi»iiy 
S !"- T , ■, n ■i«*poetaut pa« in . l "B*cnud 
louth. Mis» How-hind will fee remeoi- 
bered ft+r her wort in "Gnlrf rpiEsers'" 
and "The Tem. .Nightina^le." -. - 

T*i Give Hts.CIrm * h H m< 

TKnse w:ho have, ntet fOiinnntilyji, «nd 
ihuare who hav» nnty r**d of (bf lady 
or tiger skin fflliir 'are pitng- to have a 
chan<-e l" meet- her Bfjri Wedneadat^. 
afternoon af;he Atubajwadoc *b*n t*» ' 
IIoiawr«-e«uipau> 1 siting as, 'hula. i,rj| 
fiitertaiti To r Mias fllyn at a m»,jfQT 

we mean those whu are ^tenl 

Are ihe various" f\] ni 


All Our l--i-ie.fl- Are ft*,- j,,, „ K 
Almost any fjaie evening miji P an heflr 
one's fri-pds on the radio. / C We never' 
reaiijed w P hafl so roj/^ ,,,«!-„ 
amoofowr friend, until t£ r rJ „ ifl rtftTt 
into riKUP. The mnai r.,.^., ^gffti. 
to.;. 'fOhv the rsdio rpttji Troni Emahlie! 
P-owf. eaaor or (he I (Jt tS.- New.r He 
will hftijdjBaat a isllk lilM -Thr Poninai-e 

n- t* ^ tTrK 1UeH U *•&* »'«!«* -m 
i\ ednesdn; 

! Tbe theatre crowd* on Broadway last . or the F-ihihiturV Trade fieri en,-. Timn- 

^ _t t'*ri* atgrtled by the appeamnro ■ thy 1-ea.hy ,nf the Klhibitors 1 Herald; 

f the ru*hmg tails of an «lrl'f«*a.l<nt- : Chester Praith of the Morton Plrtsare 

lorse-drawn hay wagon with * merry i N>«fa; Julio* Cohen of the New York 

prd *f yoketa on hoard. The hajride f Amerrcnn; J + Hem in per of ZiC* Weekly; 

, 1 Tt-ir* tnnrh blowing or horns and ! 'Sydney SJmilh nnd A. J. MrCloaker nf 

mule si^cnmpaTtied aon^. frnm the , The Morning Tefegraph, gnrl Ui Young. 

ar of the Warnci Brothers FiJm I Wait Pnrker ami Loir .Mirangel's vif 

■[T, and after a abort nt tbe Warnrt Brnthers. And. nf rnttrsr thn 

t arreeta Tround up at Ihe Strand -, wires or ■w«thearrs of the same. 

i where Lli# nwmlwra or tha nsrlr I Aher rhe performanrw at Ihe Strand 

ad th neTfortnanee of tbe wIJ. | the hayridr steered a nrtia=y course -up 

.-een version of Sinclair Uw»*|1he fiteAt WhR- Wav and headed for 

r rtameL ;Mafn Btreer." I Kit's Capino in Central f Park. where the 

j«kef« wrrrn £ quite anrh hlcki; as party sie ehirken nnl drattR doer he- 

ijapC-ATel ia their big ntr«w- lut*. ! tweet* danct*. Borah Mfnarich. the 

_ nbonnpla,. heing TrgrtPetttaiiV*" or ■ wajylrt> chsmnlon harmonlra virton*o. 

notion- pldnre trade paper*' and tha : nnn-^^iaying an rn»«;aMani at th* 

"*. the Waraer orsanisAtiMi, 'Strand.' «■■■ amonc rKe goratf;. H* 

- 'fat thosr preavni were Jtm Ml!li- f added greatly to the pVaatirt- of the i>r- 

."Hll TtlJev. '"lemon Ki-srhi *im1 f rssion by ivMicinrlr doing his atoff. *rnf 

i-fWytl ..f tU* Meti-m rictiii 1 .: 'th^ cthvrnT.Hs ..f opinion seersa to be 

N-trtorge Blaiadeii, Tom Kennedy I that f gue dlimt waj had by all. 

tee J* .i' v Ir,, 1 ^! 

ning. | 

i-.Ltij; lo .si v Pth *J- -r iij 1I » 
Charles PeUljt*a5 fe'-alL|rd jo 


at an eThtbh«r*' raee'lini <&& y; 

o Iho ihia> rooTith. ^t-tj >. 

tijohn, he fa rejoieinz Mffj 

tion ro life and le-alth of lpin rnLV'~"at 

son, who experimeiKed in the jfiwdUdni 

ehest n few vte--W am and \ pot-hold 

some medicine that did norlj^j^ 

him. The yrthr man hiTf-t^ hMj^ 

life and death for some dakyt, bur 

row out of dirtier and Tea'tfr fa, MF v ri 


"Yps. we have no bnnt 
L:t!e girl who live* at my |J 
ing ait adeertitement alottd. 
"O . *p* tt* have. d*ar,^* 
■ ii- who keeps track nf.?*! 
"There are two. hafla\n#s .ati^ 
j oringea in the iff hoi.' 

Jw the 

use, rear I 

tpUfd >be 


gnd sis 



minsinn* of rhe Called States and ''nn- 
iida. wh'ch. ttiert* here next vert. Cumn- 
irnller Craig voted agaiuM the re^joest. 
As it required unantmeus cotisrnt. it 
fnlletl to paan. 

"Xerer mind." aaid the Mayor, when 
[in- remilt was annount-ed, "yon rake it 
up with rue. Cummiabner Hrennan. and 
I'll appeal t» eertsiu people " 

"Tn Ihe maneybund," brqhr io the 

"Tit try and gel the money lor you.' h 
■■OJi tinned the Major. "You know, (h- 
Comptroller and the Cit:«na' t'nlon tried I 
to stop ais from holding, tn* jubilee, but 
we arc holding it. We got the money. 
'Elierr may b* some nf the fnnd left and ! 
I'll nee what we run do." 

Mr. I)i-rntis.u^ l^e» declared ibit the ' 
I'ocrjpLroSle" wam fcekinf to exAmur ts-r ' 
rain ponitiona *o that caudidatps favored 
by Mr- fVaii t-niild bp uppointed. 

phouiat* haTe a diversjion remarkable 
iis ek^uisitr ■chapii) aud lie remArkAL'-s 

. Mik« Robcn is I Bash on her toe*. c opb 
through eutirp numbers without Obn 
leaviue The tips and does ii with won- 
drmuj Ef*""C. 3he ha* turned the digni- 
fied poaiuE* of the . "Spring l>auir" 
adiuule into a flash nf dnuclng br.ltn.nry. 
Of the rjumeroLip syntplioniBia. tr*3i** 
Oif" Dnrf. violinin;: ElTir* Caiers-DorC. 
rromboniu, and Paul Oiers-Dorf. ba>s 
saxophonist, are featured deaerverfly. 
Thin entire txftttfl of mtisiriana and dan- 
Mta in a -(-i-nic and cOatunie (mTigerf- 
Hient ^if ultsr tone, have brought their 
offerinf: right into the raent*! graap of 
notli (be student <-'• culture aud ihe 
dilettante st'ckfr or mere amusement. . 
nenare (■' Htr Type*. 

' Flo Lewi* 

! and youth. 


Bilshnel tXbtn&f. of »w Ynrli and 
Madison. dL£4 |t*l«aw of Vale UBi. 
nend sijn ji( Hornee B. Chrnr.v . member 
et-'tTie firm nf Cheney Brother*, has 
Hnnnced ami formed A theatrical mm- 
pany ktiovrn as th' '.litney Plnjem, vrhiidi 
will on July 4 enmmencp a toitT oT lhe 
New England 5fcat*J in a Ford truck, 
oarrying »nd i^ayina; on thf first atage 
evpr mniinled on an nutomobil". ' Alice 
B, Keating, daughter of Krauci* Rest- 
iTic uf Buffalo. nnd .nire of Mr. Cheney, 
and pnven professional players, men and 
women, will srconipnfty Mr. Cheury on 
thp-iour and play 10 A repprtolre of el* 

Tliia will Inaugurate a new movement 
in the American theatre. idantlDr to 
modern eivillcntion the ^nstooiR of the 
ancient tronbadoiirn. with tnodrrn light- 
ln E And rmnAliortarion. 

Tbe first program will lie given on 
July. 4 at Madisou. Ct. Tenta will he 
i-arried by the caravan, whii-h roa>ls;a 
of rwn Ford trucks, one carryinc a fully 
eqiiiipprd rr.>dern stage, and the oiher 
earrjing Cie pa»senger«. the ti-anapnrta- 
teion rtumt nnd the tent ao L ommodAtloiia 
for tb* niemb*r<i of I lie troupe. 

The Ford tniok had a special stage de- 
signed for ft by Mr, Chaney. The plat- 
form, tbe aides of whirh fall down, mat* 
a itagA Id feetbroad and 14 fee! deep. It i 
is flexible, composed of piastre unit'. It i 
ja NVPtrji with sld^ rnrlains of olive drab- [ 
and ararlet, nud inside, curtains of blue. 
'I'ii-' fallboaril. wliirb serves lo hold the j 
jfdea in noHitiun while traielin^. forais s \ 
a High I of stair; Tending down to the, 
audience, and ihe back of the driven seat 
if two nY|i-< irbli-h nlto fold down 
and arid to lhe depth <>f the *t*gr. 

The' lighting syat*-nv was deetgned by 
William Price. 

Mr. Cheney, after graduating from 
Yale, studied dramn there, and then -be- H:o , .^ ln 

came a»mciatH with the Theatrt IJiiJld. I lienJa-bar clasatc Titan beauty to the an 
Thr other tnetnhrrp of the troop* are well | aeiible. 
known professional players:. * 

Mr. Chefley' splay may be far-reaehtng 
in [Ja pffeei, in agaiti brinriRg ro imair 
communitlpe the spoken drams which 


R«rt Savoy and Jay BrenuBPi are The 

! bill-toppers nt lhe Rivtraide Lhiawe'k. 

msking their in iiiil sppeAracce nt the 

Nittety-aiith atroet houae. On lite 

| strength wf their pre*pHtation tbey will 

I iirobahly corjie- back to t,b* Riverairte 

■oon and often, nuf^s musical oomedy 

manAKera kreji thrm ont of the two-*/ 

! dfly ap they havi? done for the UtW six 

j ."M-«. It J* such' an Act as Bacny & 

; Breruian . do that deserves headlin* 

i honor*, for vandeuilie «tidl«0cQs Inv/e to 

; laugh, and Sntof & Brtiman prnvohe as 

; -innri: mtctjl in A fjilA rt*r of IE faullr AS 

afni phows -s fford In an entire ''night. 
A#. mual. flnvoy j| the es'iravagautly 
I Eowued and bolatemua f"mnlr, scandal 
i ravngen whu made "Vou doii't know th" 
i half uf II" a atock pbraae in American 
ataug. -And, in line with, her time 
honored Vuitcita, thin "lady" gaba Lnce.a- 
sriuly About her flighty trienda.*. j , 
Recording to her i-nn sta fcmeut, the* j 
imaginarr Mairge now In data ii|pnn -get- 
ting into tbe patrol wagon firm ''as ahe 
had to stand the 1j.sC time.'' The cross- 
fire (linlusui- between Savoy - and LU 
partiter la a aiiooeMion. i.f funny tines, 
made especially so by the unuaual hand- 
ling- Brennau feed* tbr. iuimltablp- Ra- 
voy to perfection. 

Ponasl'i Kerr and Effie Westnn ezhibiit 
their talenls in a Varied series of darn.* 
contributions, the moat popular of which 
is "The Flip and the Flapper," in .whieh 
thpy giTe a lifelike stopping- tmppeasltrn 
of- two yfuirLtuL. habltuea of tbe daner , 
patarga. It is rrceived .with much e.i- 

Charier Otcotr. preaidc* at Ihp ^ian... 
while M«r,f Ann pings sweat dirties and 
demonstrate* her individual rapabilltjps. 
Of course. Olcott unteaahea hi* personal- 
ity in some en.miiera of hia own. and 
tiroi'is fhALa spnte of hnnK-r is not tb,e 
least of his attributes. 

JTrAnk OliA is at his best In an odd 
p-oirc that run* "Onra It a Nice Hotne 
Onrs Is," and it extends to aaferal veraw. 
Hi* very peTaonabie partner is. Marie 
Walsh, who dance* aT*.e*fo.lly jn th* hon- 
est-to-Tnt Egyptian, tnaaoar. , 

T.van Cowan is the starred mrtnber 
of the Bailey & Cowan combination In. 
"A Little PTodnctfon." He 'ally* the 
alXapbone and uinga in a peiuive, ot- 
MTinaive and untiring f AGO Ion. whl> Bill 
Ballav ihumps. the b*nj&- Xatelle Di ' 

■ersatility. blioymtey 
■lit mil* hfr typpt iinptTioriB- 
; lions ■fi'.tk.s and LA':e?." and tliey rntiC" 
| from s rtositi'e old ni'ild'tn n flighty *id. 
: Whatever Mi*s Ijewia rtow is marked 
I by the vobirile nature or her ongLnal per- 
| aonality. -' 

"A Friend ia Nepd' r in a mrpeivy ptay- 

: lrr admirably arted by N^-bolls 3hlJ, 

! Mann Hnlmer. Linda i>Hoti and El* in* 

, Temple. Thf plar.e4s a liote) meEjadine. 

' A bnphful yotith wlrhpa a eonBdem fricrd 

j lo pare the way fur a marriage proposal. 

[ ITie "-onlidrnl friend bap not Ciei tha 

I young lady. F>«e tn n de*.criplion of her 

i dress tip stans a. convolution with Iht 

liratihiie | blase female detocLive of tbe hotel. 5'i* 

vrookea, ycami for liquor and haa henrd 

all the, iravtlitjg men's stories. All ends 


Eddip Cantor tp bVfT on the hop. skip 
aud jamp during bis »ooga and tell* bis 
sturies virii rapid seat. He. :k given a 
rquaiog j rrceptioD. and the hit he makes 
easily pu stifles no even greater uvatioii 
"i.'ni going to tell a joke on tb* Kfl 
Klin," he announees. "Of course, if 
there are any Kn kiir present, 1 don't 
mesn it., ha! ha! ha:" 

P I lying, no faroritep. Jta xwitcbes to a 
Caclnnati merchsnl.- n lio ashed s me- 
dium to ri>us!ia« the auirU of his L'ncle 
Mnwnnw. dead ten years. Cncle Maw- 
ma* told him l» be iiuirk iii askmg aiir 
■[uestimi he mitiit hsve austvered. 

"Tell tup, then, t'wte Mawrnps, 1 ' ho 
pleaded, "'when you Icnnied to speilc 
EnglUh?" ' 

Cap«Ta's P(Asti,i? IVsing Dog* are as 
still as Atalnea fnr tbelr anrtnr pictures, 
Any donbt ••'. thatr animation is diapelli-'t 
by rheir friakineai at thr curtain's dr- 

: »• «*/JE|| Try Osf N*Tr Play 
I . IrVaakUaTtan, Stock, in jml-r. 

itmdern transportation coals and Ihr de- 
velopment of thf mntion pirtttra lo a cer- 
tain extent limited- l 

Harry J. Conley .Is onre mpre sorn in 
"■Rice and Old . SJioaa," ip .which he it an 
awkwnrd. though nan* the leas aneceiS' 
fnl. anitnr. Aw altctrie; eReet AWwtU 
th* departura of the hridaJ pair is am j>- 
*ag. - --.■■ 

Bert HiirThM and hia polo experts, aad 
Fill Robinson, ralond dancer, ooaplete 
tit bili. 


Mrs, Herbert Tarlor. H«>o1 nf rirm. 
Har*. R*u«ra«d Mlaalavar. 

A message receired yestorday At thn 
offices of the While Fjtar Llso In thia. . 
dry stated) that Mrs. Herbsrt Taylor, 
bead of . tbe. millinery and dress astab. 
lisameat of I-lvijj.* & Co.. 304 Fifth 
avenue, trailed or fall fmill the proni- 
enada deck of the ateanuhip Adrisli- 
Batnrdsy ulat-hr. when thr rescel was ofl 
N'aninrkei Hl*D,d< . 

The ship, which WA* bound: for Liver- 
pool, was hronght to a halt and boats 
wart l*w*TM. Tile cyew aaarched about 
for rh* body rnr two bwuira, bnt no algu 
was found of ii. 

The 'ship snilud froBj this city at onon 





8. R. Kent Tejtiflei Before Federal 

OojumiitlDTi Pftrtmeuit Canxider* 

It Only Fair Way. 

►ftursnoHED oh coftbacts 

AxatMttnr Tall* Tale •■ 
W*m Wfcrw Tieatro mead** 
His Dlatrtct. 

K- R. Kent, genera] manager e>f dis- 
tribution for Psrainonpt, rectified y*a- 
t»r#ay at the Federal Trad* Commuwfon 
lBvt*tlg*rJoa of the Faunaa Player*- 
Laskj (.'ompmj that hit concern ha* al- 
ways rcniirlered percentage boohing a* 
the nn; fair way of releasing picture*. 
In this way, h* said, each wrapinj and 
each plcton would fall to it* natural 
lerei. Sow* Both, ariangrtfiamt would 
day b* arrange^, he hoped, bat 
added that wbwrrer Paramount Pietore* 
mit mM on that buU tin company *uf ■ 
fend. Mr. Kant explained tint an ei 
bibttor would not u expentin produc- 
tion and then. J Mss sa* e* bl* own money 
in Involved, get behind th* film ud 
posh It for all it *bb wwrtiL Under the 
percentage irTirprnw!, on tbe other 
.hand, ihffl hi* money ni bat intuited. 
b* let lb* picture do the work, with 
the mult tblt be ud the diattrihblor 
mad* let*, everything else being eqfl*L 

4a«ailoard on Chain C««riicn. 
Mr. Km', vu qradoari si ieajrlh by 
wuul (of th* commijatou oo the physi- 
cal distribution of picture* and inn- 
Bories: and alio about contract* with 
chain* of Important aomea, -which. the 
witness niil. "je. bandied himself. Twti- 
meny vu taken minutely sa to contracts 
With Ijww. Inc., tb* Kunaky tntereaU, 
tbe Blank, Jenaen-TOttHertxrc and othar 
theatre circuit* throughout taa country. 
Tbe protection aHoided them and the 
relation of otbeT house* in tht terTitoTie* 
alto playing Paramonnt picture* waa lu- 
Quired into. 

The witnea* m ni asked about "The 
entered Wagon." and explained t.sai 
this special feature was being handled 
eielu*hr]y by J, J. McCarthy for Ibe 
Famous Puyega-Laaky lntartsta. In 
rep!? to a qacctton, Mr. Eut Hid that 
be bad read of the newly-created Brian- 
gee-Sbubert chain of film theatre* and 
knew that "Tbe Corered WaiDB" would 
be uard ciienrin-lr aa the Ant oOerina 
of tbe Hreqlr, but paid tliat th* prodae- 
rion "-outd ndt appear in aU of theae 
tbeatrea. When berxer hoaaea could ba, 
fouad in the »arae fuita, the picture 
-would be booked there and oot to the 
Erlanfr hoci> 

Jrrome Brttlf, foraurlT With lite pub' 
Uciu department of tbe Paniaouat or 
VaaluttoD. teatifttd to a campaica aUrt- 
ad to rauae pnblle demand foe Paramount 
p^ctuiYB, He aald that in aome towna 
tbe exhibitor would «ar that Paramount 
picture* were not knoarn bj tbe peopU 
-and, con*rii;ueDU.Ti not drawing cardt- 
II!* cainnairn wa*. firat, to aeQuaiat the- 
people n|[h I'aramount featuiva and 
then, throufb public demand, ret the ex- 
hibitor to boo* this product. 

CxblMtor T«k*« si*n<, 

JohJt Manlttim. owner or tbe Park 
Theatre In Beooklrn, wh*c qveatletied by 
Boben Swalne. ronnael (or ParajDotLDt, 
amid taat be tbAujbt Qohtwju p^ctona 
irtUtirmUr better than xht> Parftxnoant 
offeris;*, b i not bo cood bt rbe box 
oJBce. He addfd that he tra* not an ex- 
hibitor f»m the ajTJatie tuadpoint. Sir 
Uaaaeim uatificd that be bad been tbe 
Fafiaaount ftr»t-mn hoooe for a yiumbei 
of rean Ln bli dUtricf of Brooklrn, trat 
that Uat year a Lotw booae wu opeaed 
Bear by and be iu told by ibe Para- 
monst Mir* force that be would na+e to 
Ufce tbe leeoad run. 

Tbe lutaeii ind Uat be arai pop- 
(oaded |o laic the aerood run bceanae 
be bad olway* adeertEaed aa a Par- 
amount boaae, and did not like to fbaacr. 
Be Bald, loo. that be did not know to 
whit *a extant the Loew competition 
would hurl him For tbe aeeond-run 
picture*, air. AJxnhcim declared, be had 
to pay a* ingch aa he bad the year be- 
far* for the QrBl-ruD privilege. Hnd far 
th<* jenj- iv*b gffrred tae aecond-rilna at 
approxJmatelr a twenty-Ore per cent. 
pacnaae. , 

L'nder emmiDatiou by Mr. Bwainr. the 


Prodccer of 'Ttnitiei of 1923'* 

Aikt OTfrnniiatioa for Sutai 

is Hiring- Acton. 


. E. A, Ottirlal. PfobkIm 

fO Urflallr QopHIobi *■ 

Iloai of MimrtT. 

E*rl Carroll, ronnaser .if the theatre 
hearing hh name and prrafdebl <>f the 
VtnLtlea Producing Company, 3mvin u in 
preparatlan tbe "VaoiU» of 1031." 
Rcboduled to nneu an tbe uisbt of June 
Bft ■* , uSbt. ]ate j-rtttnJliiy afternoon, 
ibroufh a coDimusJcat]on addreaaed to 
the offiriabi of too Axrtorx' EqnJte A-- 
eodatloo. US Weat Forlr-oe™tnb aUeet. 
to aactrtaio bia itatua with that oraao- 
Lutioti. The letter ia aa follow*: 

"It La reported ia tbit momlflfi* 
paper* that Mr. Dnlsell of your ohm- 
uation atBtea that j-cu would allow oa ej 
eontina* with our preparatiop« "f tbl 
prodactloa of 'Vanitlea of IIT23" until *? 
wen more deeply inrolrad PnaoclaH* 
*ad inao oa the rre of oar premier* to 
empliy certain unknown draatic raea*' 
urea whirh would embarrass oar opeoiDS 
and forte on to etose tbe theatre. 

"Wt hesitate to Bccapc ibia rapon. 
and ia onr quandary we aak an anawpr 
in wrltlnr from tbe Aetonr' Equity As* 
•K^ition to tbe following queailon: 

"If an independent nunarer i* unable 
4a eufafe a one hundred per cent. Equi- 
ty cut will, be he permitted to engage 
a oae bnadred per cent, con-equity Caat 
witbont interference or prejudice:' 

Kaa*vt Aoiwcr Tw-^Boy. 

A replr will bo made to-daj. .'..!■-. K 
ofndola aald laat night- Mr. TJubu-ll de- 
nied made (ho atatexnent referrrH 
to In thr opening paragraph of the letter. 

"It la merely a question p( principle," 
aald Mr, Dtilttill to Tbe Mnrnlng TeLe- 
V'raph, "There Is no dlapoaitinn to in- 
jure Mr. Carroll. L"«tll now he hna been 
In pympalby with Equitj, We cannot 
■mdenitand what baa brought nbotrt th" 

Tbla la a ctan-to-man prcpoiition, We 
InaJat on 100 per cent. Batata In hii 
■bowa. If h* udicaFea thai be wiihe* 
to rmpLoy amJIatea of r^ulrj we ahall 
be gl*H, bnt not boaatfoL I rtn aaaiir* 
film ibfre will b* ho craving about fi." 

At Eqalrj- betaViBBrtera tbe officer* 
admitted they found it difficult to catch 
ib' import of th- question aambittcd bt 
Mr. Carroll. ^ 

IE wax oaid that If Mr. Ca-roll or any 
oae rlae found ft fmp*ia*jl>lt to make np 
a cut im per cenL EqoLry the »«..-». 
lion would piedjre iti«]r to do ibla in one 

The t-bero* ot twclro Kqaitj m>-n wjn 
withdrew ft™ -Vaaitlea of 1923" ap- 
peared yeeiiTnaT afternoon before the 
EquHy Cotjuoi and reeeited compeei*- 
tinn for two warwa, Tho raco aald they 
WBba williog to retarn on ebort notice If 
Mr. fTarrol! nacbed a deciaioa *o esgage 
all Equity member*. 




— '■ ! » 

Republican Alderman, Voting Alone, Prevents Adop- 
tion of Resolution Approving Plan to Bring Sere 
National Democratic Delegates in 1924. 



Composer of "Kerry Widow" Hu ■ 

Hew One, "Wncn th« Bird* 

Sing," to Be Heard Hare. 


Ptelret* ABjaln an. Dnty. 
Equity piolcet* werr again ■-,,, duty 

yntmJajr in tht Tieinlty of the Earl Car- 
roll Theatre. Tlieae werw withdrawn 

M^jidnj at the euggantion of the police, 

*ho laid that Inasmuch M ■ ftrlke wit 

not Id prottrea* thr preoeneee of picket* 

waa nnt irl keeping with the ■Iruarvnn. 
Bquil.T made the. explanation that th* 

picket* were aaalxned there to Inform 

membera of the nrganlsntloa not to enter 

th* theatre aa trouble migjt enane. tin 

tbia bad* t-h-c picket* were permitted 10 


Thf rebenraiil of ;he rn*le chonie took 

Place during the a ft ar w a u a mj [he mp 

tloor of tbe Earl Carroll Theatre. Bei. 

rtweniatirea of Equity said that when 

th(*f men beard tjey were '-taking bread 
I out of the mouth* uf EanUy memrwr**' „ 

they p*W they would not remain .Lib, "l*" 1 ? '* 
| Ifce attraction. »rertbe!ejn twelre The Reeolai 

■ hu*Hea. equipped with more or le** *%«. 

•tnck to the u*k. for tb* day at leaat 

Pritr Wrr-rde, Auitrian ano^-mnn- 
«£fr. wbo sailed yeateruay on the; Hew. 
Illte. «n:iriilnrfs that he ia golns to at- 
raaxw wiih'Frnna L*bar, comnoier «i 
■The Merry Widow." for the preeenta 
tion In New York next rear ol bob Kww 
light open. "When tbe Bird* Sing " Me 
i> planning the preaentntlote la Vlrsaa o( 
two light operta by Armand Vejaer. 
leader of ibe ftitx-Carltoo oecfacatra. 

Wreede came la tbe United State* tn 
form an aaaoclation herr for tbe nratec- 
tioa nf l&ie interreti of foreign *uthor« 
ile and M, Btcianioger. one of the ijr*- 
r~'--; Bctnra of Germany* conferred with 
ntto KsKq od the aobject and aaked him 
m aerrp b* honorary prealdeal of the 
aaaociatlon. He offered (hpm hi* co- 
operation, bnt declined tbe honor. 

Claire Dux. soprano of tbe Chicago 
Open Company, wu another Reaniute 
paaaenarr. She will rctttra. in Septem- 
ber tor eoacerr. work; liter ahe will again 
appear in opera both n-jth th* <7blraXo 
company aarl the tierrasn Opera Com- 

AD it not been for th« oppoaltton of Brace TataonCr. Repubtlcan Alderman, 
resolution Introduced teaterttaj at the Board of Aldarmea, approrlag 
the campaign to bring in New York in IKI the National Democxatic Con- 
rentfon. wou'd bare psj*rd unanimously. 

Sici-e Mr. Fa?caner voiect no ibe Board, under the rule*, cotrJd sat take i*a- 
mrdlatr nctlon on tbe Lnltlal presentation of tbe resolution. 

Alrterpum J J. Keller. Kepuhllcao. representlHg Flatbush. dliifrced with 
FaLconer, declaring ibm H<-iiuirrni.r n* well a* Kc[.tibUcan*, should make sn effort 
in behflif of ihe plan 10 brlni the coprenrjcn, l0 . >;ew York. 

Alderman LVlline. tit* chfiirrnnn of the board, who introduced tbe reaolotion, 
xaid :' w*p the duty of men or nil pnrtie* Er> fevnr holding the contention here. 
He mid be knew the Democrat* would combine with the Republican* in a similar 

Falconer, feigning to be frigbKned by the Tammany influence dominating the 
ran tce tion. said- 

"If we are to have several thousand more people coming to New York 
we oaght to build more »«hw*y* to enable them to more about." 

' U'j mold eailly take rare of a million extra people," anawered Collin a, "and 
ion know it.** 

"Ererr conreption here ia a boost [or New York," said Alderman Keller. 
"Politics it °at Lo □>« conitdered. The nniy way to dear up ttiau&dertcaodtni-t 
concerning our city — and there are many — i* to mrit* ou'nd*r- who hare only a 
n*ue conception o[ New York and ■how tbein the wonders of tbe city." 

*r_" sod a rocal aolo by Anna Ro- 
Mprono, roanded oot tbe pro cram. 

^rmphOti)' tJIrrflnr **IU. 


wwUoa,*i Hi. "Jun tlni,'- aw- 

■llkar Warrant Fobi.". 

When Richard O'ConneJ] raasaaal Sing 
Sing with a commitment from County 
Judge Wifsrias of Orange Countj for 
allf#ad grand larceny, be reckoned be wa» 
cntirJed 10 credit for ninny-aix «>yx "f 
jail dm* instead of dxiy-aeTm credited 
birn on the paper*. 

He BBtaplaintd and in RintH upon 
prison offSnal* starting an Inrearjgatlnn. 
The Inreatiita'He.n resmltHj in a forgot- 
ten warrant being diacorerecl nnd lodcar] 
acalnat falm for bta rearrcat whtn hi* 
term expire*. * 

riaym Married ay cl*y ■cter"*. 

Heflry Debtpjem White, Jr.. an aetoe 

wherever be eonJd ger product _. 
BBoally a mat! features offered in the in- 
dependent market. "I «i what the 
Loew boa*e doent wast, be said. Me 
admitted, however, that the new theatre 
recti red aa much pro lection from the 
other prcK.lucl.og companlei at It did from 
Tamoua Player* -Lai*?. 

lie TruTrr, an actress of W**t Blerenth 
ib-eat, were married by City CWrk 
Michael Cmiae st the Municipal Build 
ing yenerdsy afieruooo. According ir 
the racord, Mim Torrey bad been di- 
rorced from William Lyndeli Ilareft of 
Harenptrme. in Cook. Comity, IH, in 
October, gaaat, 


Peraon*! EfJecti of Great Tiujedi- 

enne Go it Lev Prieei 

in Auction. 

If TAlfilTlSOfi ABe CliTlClZED 

Of 1 Vtna* N»-. (tr TTu m- tb - f 7.:^r«»» ) 

PARIS. Jaas 12. 

Pale ghoaia of other days, memoriea of 

the (laming loroa of the Uirinr Sarah 

rote to-day In parade before the cold, 

Unsentimental eye* of pTofeaaionsl col* 

lector* who had gatbered for tbe auction 

. cut tbe trinket* of the world* most fa- 

anolli actrct-. 

.Bbrab Bernhirdi. who bad known all 

briumpb*. who bad bees beloTed of 

Icing*. «nrtad by tbe great of two 

CmeratiiKa, and vbaee high *p:rit was 

■uUatialad ia tbe face of death, died In 

•orerty. To-day her effect* were sotd 

to pay her debti. Earning the bifgeat 

aaiar> em paid an actreaa. aba had 

.. *e,aaxhierad it with tbe carefree abaadM 

■arbad the at*«a, tbe hate*, tbe 

i aid exbraTuancea of bar lift. 

arjea Cladrin, ibe paitrorr. bad lared 

■ yaau* a*o be bad rrrad arjeb 

her on lie magic; shorn of BeUc lale. by 
tb* line Bay or Biscay. There he 
nsioted flfteen of hit finest pit-tar** for 

he had inscribed each wilfi lenderett 
woeda «f lore. 

To-day colloctnra. antiquatiana and 
•peculiEOM haggled in the bidding to- 
the palntiogii, arguing that the artist* 
lore protestations detracted from their 
market value. 

The death maab of Bernbardt'a hua- 
band, Jaconea UanaEa. etnaed no slif 
among the bidden, hrinain* only Kt(. 
Harah bad bent above tbe dead body of 
the "only man who erer truly loved me," 
forming from hu dead face, the muk by 
which the recallad hi* featurra sftcr sha 
had sent hi* body to Greece for burial. 

Actreaa, artist and aculptre&a, *he bad 
ear-rod the boil of her dauahter, whom 
*ae had seen die. To-day it bnntibl fW>. 
A palatine by Victor Hugo, who, enam- 
"rrn of tbe aetreaa, found his pen Inaaf- 
Pdeat to honor bcr Bad turned ia oils 
to praise her t>eaiity t brongbt t270\ 

In th r dnll qnhn of the Boctlon roota 
tbos* who bad known and loaed Sarah 
watched aa tbe hammer fell callia-f the 
bids on the tiny trinket*, the worth]*™ 
Unael aad the faded lace* that wore 
the .hioVw of ber giory. 

A™j abort na marsTnr of bid*, beblnd 
the tiMn heaped with bijouterie, they 
aaw her dark eyra burn again and heard 
tht deep thrill of her voice that, wb-e 
■*■ >oy* of many year*, bad cold tbeco: 
La tie eat coakme una flaauBC qui 
daaea fLlf*, life ia a dandng flames" 

On bin annual pllg-riuiagr to Rumpe in 
nearrh of new eenres, FredOrlrk A. Stock, 
direrloT r>f (he Chir-sgo H.vmptiony 
Orchestra, also eDiInd on (he Rraolutf, 
With iiim «prp hi* n-ifr and dsilxbtcr 
rtnd bis buaincsa manager, Frederick J. 

Bernard Rrihrrke. ]ire*ident of the 
Plata bote*, aai>d with hi* wife. Tbey 
are going to CsrLsb&d for the bat J*. 

salni with no ample 
aupply of liquor on board, nnt coming 
under tne reacricttona of tbe Va^acead 
ruling because: ahe brought ber scaled 
■upply In before the last rating. The 
paesengen went on board felicitating 
tbemaeJrea that tbey would fa* ab*« to 
quencb tbc^r tbirat soon. 

The Resolute recently completed a fire 
month*" c.-ii" around the world and 
tbia ia her first trip *bice he: return. She 
carried 2f>2 artt cabin p** •eager*, 2B1 
■ecoad tnd ^3 ciurd, Ibe ships band 
did nat-get aa opportunity to giTt a part- 
log aalrp of melody bee*ua* a apedal 
band iwni to thr ptcr by the S*cw York 
Rifle Clnb b*ai tbcm to the bopor*. Tbe 
rifle club band ws» present to give 
"good voyage" to Henry Kteeat, a meB)- 
brr of the dob. 

Rnlaad Relief Faad tier*. . 

Retnrnlng to BaTsri* after four 
montba in tbe United fttalr«. were Count 
and Counteaa Hugo Lercbenfeld. , Hb 
waa formerly prime minister of Bavaria. 
The conmea* wa* forpgerly Btbel Wj- 
man of New York City and Hj». 

"We Bit simply carrying on what Ls 
known aa Ibe work of tbe Quakers," aald 
tbe count. 'The Hoover Fund for the 
purpose of bringing relief to the under- 
ooaritbed children of Ceotrai £?nrope 
baa faaen expended through ibe hindnr** 
of bimdredft of Anxrican*. We bar* 
gathered together auEcieat fnnda U 
carry oa the woTk for anotbrr year. 

I^othar W. Faber, pencil aaannfao- 
tarer, esgaged four slalerooms on tba 
Resolute to take hi* family abroad for a 
tour of Europe to last three month*. In 
Ibe party were Mr- and Mr*. J, Whitney 
Baker and their two cfalhjren. Ann and 
Hrtea, and Captarn and Mr*. Brock Put< 
nam and their two children, Theodora 
and Peter. Mrs. Babrr ud Ura. Pot* 
nam are daughten of Mr. Faber. 

"How many, pencils are to* pUdng in 

\j 1 «i;:*nhi» who vu one of hi* most 
inumale fritnda, will deliver an addrtn 
Thursday afternoon at 'J o'clock at tb 
rnri of Theodore Rooaerrlt at Oystcr 
itir. j_ L. tbe ceremony being part of 
t|, flax day obaervsjire of Uleli Cove 
Lodge of tahs. 

Tbe viiitir-K Goceruor, who is an e.ik. 
will be secoenpanied from tbia city by 
'.••rr.rr Ambassador Gerard and Alder- 
msnic President Murray Rulbert. «b« is 
past rifliterl ruler fif New York Lodge 
..( Elka, also Past Grind Exalted Ruler 
Jo»eph T. Funning of lndi una poll* and 
|' B «l Grand Exalted Ruler Jnhu P. Bul- 
liran of New Orleans. Mler the Cier- 
riftCD «it ifae grave, the vl-lfir* »'tll ^-nJI 
na Mra nVxHevelt at a*gnmore TJitl, Tnl- 
Inwiug which they will return to Hits 
rhj for the flae <t«y wawriaei of LoiR* 
No. 1. the "mother lodge." 

Theee orerrinea will he hrld in Great 
Hall or tie College of thr Cltr of New 
York at 8 o'clock nt uighl. It t« aitiid- 
psled that the attendance will r>»> at leftst 
■l.flOO. Tbe Siuyvrtant High School Or- 
che*ira will play and there "rill be « 
rboru* of 500 public school children. 

Miaa AmeliR Bipgham. the actrraa. will 
jhjClWI tbe Elk*' tribute tn the (lag. 
There wilt be tableaux beautifully ilia** 
(raring thr history and development "f 
ibe Star Spangrlea Tlonncr. There will 
*•- a liberty bell op thr aLtsr built fmn 
flnwen contribated by the nnfticen of the 

Governar racket will deliver an ad- 
drea*. Then will be an nrgan recitalby 
Clayton BeCrrnane*. org an In of Nerr 
York Lodge. One of the feature* of tbe 
e«erri*ea will be tht ape&ing of the dome, 
rloring the awearing of sl!egisnct-to the 
flag and the bnnting fnrth of hundreds 
of flag*. (Icneral BulUrd and staff and 
admiral Plunkttt and staff will be 

HENRY FORI' baa now rattled by all 
other contestant* in the Collier's 
Weekly f*ee-u>-faee poll Prmdenud 
awec intakes. 

In it* next !**□* CoUler** will give the 
fallowing standing as a remit of its can- 
vass ibnmgluTot [be rouiitrr. which had 
IBftcbajd 1^27ti at (be time this isxu* 
Went to pre«*: 

Ford. 3S.4fl7 : flardlflf, 27.170; Mc- 
Adoo. ifl,W'!. < vi. fl. HO,. Johnson. S,- 
irrj: Uiifhcri, 7.606; Smith. 0,723. and 

Tbe race between Ford and Harding, 
which for iti: r-,- l»tuen of the weelily ap- 
peared tn be i.r.-U and neck, 'umi n™ 
n-acbi-d i]ip point where Mr. Ford 
lias acquired a comfortable lead. Il.-ir- 
dingji homf BfiM* iliit" far b** gone over 
to Furd, while ihe borne State of [he 
latter. Michigan, i* tctinc 2 to 1 for the 
aato manufacturer. 

A enrioui feature of Ford"* strength 
a* revealed by tbe fate to face canvas 
of < , ollier'ii i* that he noi only Irafc 
Harding in Ohio, but he leads Hughes 
in tbe lstier'e home State of New York, 
top* Hiram Johnson In California and 
beat* Robert t* Fnlefle In Wlacopajn. 

All the Southern State* except Miwin- 
n'ppi, rontinue to support Ford orer alt 
other candidate*. 

rilHrT meeting to-morrow of the Re- 
J. publican State EieeunV* Commit- 
tee will attract leaden from all over the 
Stnte to paoa on several iswaea of vitaT 
CDircrrn to the «uocr»s of the party. 

Lively niant**inu 1* promised over the 
demand of women for equal representa- 
tion on tbe conrtnlitre. favorable action 
In, tbia ennnertion having bean taken by 
tbe National Reuuhllran Committee. 

The friends of Col. Theodore Rooae- 
velt will want tn know why Speaker 
Mitrbolrt'* candidacy for frorernor I* 
bring pushed in tbe eiclueion nf others. 
Oclser question* in be ronitdrreH Include: 

Whether there ihall be a State con- 
vention or designation by, tbe State com' 
mi I tee. 

The "wet" nnrl "dry" iwue snfi the 
nttitnde tn br token regarding the Anti- 
Saloon League snd III warnlnr to the 


Charlie Chftplin, Harold Iloyd, 

Hack Bennett, Habel Konnand 

Are Among Film Star a. 


■na atvttr I«nu Appear Will 

Ptnd Josfps K. Witias 

iiinci or Ireland. 

Sbo Will B* 5*ta i> Music*! Con»«V 
at tb* ApoJJo to tb*> Zmrij FsJL 

AT a *peci*l meeting of the Sinking 
Fund Communion yesterday P*ter 
J. Cofcrnci, IB M:Ontgninery avenue. 
Tompkinirll-c, Staten Island. w«j airen 
a fire-year lease for the eight conctiw 
sinni in the Municipal Ferry Terminal. 
St George. 8. I., including reaennrant. 
candy, news and cigar stAUdNi at eTi/lOO 
a rear. That Is tho Putt h« bid *t n 
recent auction held by Ororcr A. 
Whalen. Com missi oner of Plant nod 
Structure-*.. A previous lense for thf 
aame period wait held by .Tnhn D. An- 
tonopuloa, for which be palrl tin.r^V" an- 
rhiht and which he offered to renew 

at pan 

The commission also adopted n resolu- 
tion recom m eoiiilng that tbe Ronrd ™f 
Eatiraate U»u- corporate Block for F-8T 1 , 
(¥*> for Ibe oonmruction nf a new frrry 
■!lpat Weat 131at street on heha'f "I 
tbe HiverrHe and Fort Le* "Compaoy- 
The adjoining *lip *t Weat ISM street, 
tbe compasr dec tred. b inaElequate to 
handle tbe heavy traffic which passe* 

^Anouher^reanlntion autboriae* Com- T HE ■PP oin «»«t •' H«f» «■ P-rna 
te a E5-year ! *■ „ 

hiblilnn cah* 

Whethor a Democrat or a Republican 
Rhe.ll bn nnmed to Biineeed John W, Hn- 
gati. a Demr>crat, wbn Is if> retire by 
reoson of the age limit dp Aflsociaie 
Judge of the Court of Appeali* 

Heretofore politic* has not plsyH a 
part lo the Court of Appeal Judgeship 
n> far a* one faction of the Republican 
party in concerned. At Ihl* Mtne there , 
are fire Republic*** *nd two Democrat* < lJ™ ""1" 
In tbe Conn of Appeal* at Alb*ny. J ^l'i^ ^T 

Henry T Kellogg. Soprem* 0M [SSE-t-^ 
Ju«hce of PlattBharg. wlshM tg succeed: 
Judge Hogan. He ia < BYpabUcsn. 


"Koaiedy KjiniimV ii [he way tbf 
romtiliifttion enlertainmat at B. S. Moea'a 
iir.narin-aj ia billed tbia week. Tba per- 
formance rborongbly JubIIMm tb* dracrip- 

The fan on the screen is iuPpiurd by 
Cbarira Chaplin. H*rotd Lloyd. Hac*- 
Senartt. Ma he] Norroand, LoDiae Fa- 
n-nrfi., Marlt Swain, Chester Conklis and 
a nnmeroUa hnst of asEoeiate merry- 

The raadenlle t* started with a swing 
br th* Canton Trio. The two Chineaa 
w'otpro tpeeiaNm in hinaing by their 
flowing looks from the flying trapes*. 

Elaie Wh::- joyoualy *ing* *yncona(*d 

The Piamond* *t* a sprightly family 
[n their aianog and daacing Papa afla 
Mam* Oiaminn are joined by their two 
Wfa. aged apparently about twelr* and 
fonrteeo- The Diamond* art acclaimed 
with rntf-n*inr-. Tba droll and rotund 
Harry Holman lead* the humor of tb* 
program with hi* own dramatic Comedy 
geea. "Hard Roiled Hampton." Actually 
this . ir ' ' ":!■■■! attttnd* if only a poae. 
iM-,:uifl It v a kindly bueiaen man. Hi* 
*purp°9* '" tf> =--■. i — .■- "I frcpi other* hi* 
grief at the loss pt hia boy in the war 
and bin Inability to locate the son* 

th* Wit Rich In Oirie*. 

Too proud to give the impression that 
she raighi have married from any otter 
morirn than i»>-. aha in concealing her 
Identity in hla employ ax a stenographer. 
The htrd-bolle done cutis pretense to tbft 
winds on Jnamln*; the truth. 

Mr. Holman has ibe none too usual 
knack of combining- laughter with teara. 
He doesn't dweJI on the teara. Ha ia as 
adept in making a sudden twitch from 

Murray A AUen refer to themaelte* 
as dxtpenaen of ancient comedy. Tbia. 
too, U different. The ancient appue* 
rotely to their Egyptian garb. Thrr art 
an up-to-date couple in kidding, songa 
and dance*. 

Jim and Retry Morgan oow bare a 
fir- band with theui. Tb- roualc la *x- 
relleni ahd Jim 1* a dandy leader, play- 
ing tfae violin for tbe majority of Sum* 
Beside* be abowB bl* range a* 4 
ling piano aad the waUEng claroutt. - 
coBaiiritif of alstraa fair BritJab maidi. I Betty etep* forward cbeeiUy at inter- 
it ia one of theae DLUJogbam groups— ' T f U "d **e**jT-|y alaga while the band 
trued Morning | fjannting appear of •■Boom-De-Dt-DTini'' 
and the call from "Panorama Bay." 

Among th* Keleetiona by the band. *[■ 


English Dancer* Appear in Act 

With Karl«nd Dixon and 

Wo. rie Cnllahun. 



Tbe *n of old John Tiller ia the chief 

item itt interest nt the Orphennv For 

thoae who do not know John Tiller, It 
mgy be eiplalncd that be I* XnyJattd'a 
foremost dancing mealer. skilled Ln the 
Intricaciea of unified fteppiDg- 

ln tbia particular field be seema to 
have no equal ln tbia or any other coun- 
try, and. for inat reason inch *agacion* 
prodacem aa Frorroa Ziegfeld and i t 
i\, r \^ u miw _t _ i. , hers, rsesrides 1 he show* bia range 

Lhaile* B, IHIUngfaanj import whole I Inu .; r .i 4ri ,b<e exblbjelng akill mt the 
troupes of Tiller girls, each mmninnuon ' 

inisaloner Whalen to exeeuti 

lf*ae for the two *lipt with the Kirer- and Fort Lee Company. 

Iromigraiion Cnrmmissioner 

ibe Port of New York, auccteding Robert 
R Tod. waa at the instance of Cbarlea 
p. Hilles. national romnrlrt reman, and 

America lo-dayT 1 

Lb* pencil king waa 

Prvalutail With Pencil*. 

He thought for a moment and .Hid: 
"Well. America la most prodigal In Its 
ni* of pencili. I should any about a mil- 
lion and b half gross a year. Europe 
take* oae-balf thftt amount, aa tho Euro- 
peana n*e a pencil aa lour aa tbe ftagen 
can grasp it." 

"Whal La the yearly per capita as* af 
pencils in the United State*?' ' 

"An average of nine to Ira pencils," 
wo* the reply- 

Tbe Faber family will visit In Berlin. 
Austria and - Ft-ai?*. "This (a the tint 
time I've taken along tbe whole family." 
aald the Etunufarttirer. "but the grand- 
children mean to much to cue [ don't like 
to let tbeo get oat of my sight," 

Bellsario Porrm*. Jr„ Consul Oearral 
for the Hcpabhc of Panama in New York 
and son of tbe Preavdrnt of Pa&ama. 
sailed on bis wedding Journey, Tbe Con- 
snl General wax married recently to Ella 
de le Fnardia, dangkter of oa* mt tba 
obJtft ramUJa* of tbe laibnMJ strip. 

rTTHE Ooldman Band, with Edwin J publieau of New York County. 
J. Franko i^olomsn condiaetlng. gare 
it* annual City HsU eoneert on ibe pIbes 
Ia front of Cily HsJI yesterday-. A m 

diversified program entertained 3,0nv> j dominate all other* In tb 
men snd women whose generous ap- 
plause bespoke tLieir appreciation. 

Mayor John. F. Hylan road* a brief 
apeecj. praising Philip Berolsheltner. 
City ChamberinLB. for hla artirltieB, in 
fovfering concerts througbottc the city. 

Tbe program began with a march, 
"Pomp and Circumstance.'* by Sir Ed- 
ward Blgar. which wa* followed by Roe- 
alnl's ''William Tell" nnd then a cornet 
solo by Vincent C Bnnno. wjo renderrd 
Walter B. Rogera'a "A floldier'* 
Dream." The bridal, chorus and net 
three of '"Lohengrin," excerpt* from 

SENATOR BORAH, expressing the be- 
lief that the prohihitjnn iasne will 
- *] otben In the next national 
campaign, predicts tb* nominaUnn of 
Proairlent Hamtng as the dry eandidatr. 
The Senator, himself ■ candidate far re- 
elertJon. will itand by the Eighteenth 

KJ llrtr the fUg day anareaa tn-mor- 
row at 4.80 o'clock at Prospect Park, 
Brooklyn, for tbe Elk* of that city. Th* 
Elka' band snd itW club will bn In at- 
tendance. Tbe celebration will end with 
B dance and A reception at tb* Elka' club 
on South Oxford street 


Rational Intitule Will Condemn 

Freiiiih Stepi at Convention 

Here on July B. 


Tbe National Institute of 8ociat Danc- 
ipg, with beadqnarten a: gOI Madison 
BTrnne. asmouner^ it Is going to "take 
np stands riaation of danres'kgt the con- 
TtatloP to be held art* durisg rbt week 
begtnning July &. Tbe repression "take 
op" was probably selected with cart. At 
any rate. "It la a safe and consernntae 
term. In #plt* of the fact that more 
than 1,000 dancing teachers are expected 
lo attend tbe convention, there la con-- 
aiderable queittan whether they can 
• tin.ndnri.Ei- HaiM-iiif. That Is * problem 
which lapa OTer into tb efleld of anatomy 
and C*yCbology, am to mention heredity, 
and relativity — the relaiiv* height of th* 
dancer and (be dance*, 

Dinting inatructnn wLl be present 
from oil parts nf tbr world Doubtless 
they will be needed. Also that week has 
heen daaigaabed aa dance week. Anyway, 
what tbe instructor* are struggling for 
mot* than anything else la "ibe rlimipi- 
tJoo of frrakiab indivifluil revision* of 
popular atcpt." Nit* carefniiy that tba 
revidoaa *** what they propose to rlLns- 
laat* and 941 freakiab iruHrldaaJs. 

Arthur Murf*/, director of tbe intti- 
rnte, hi also uneaay i about what tbe tomb 
«f Tutankhamen mar let rooar upon tb* 
ijmre poor. He said: 

""The anticipated opening nf the lomb 
of King Tutankhamen In rb* Fall will 
'mean a great iaAux of Egyptian dance* 

to the ballroom. It wfl] be thr purpose 
of the convenrioQ to keep theae atepa ln 
check, accentiog only tboto tnlubla for 
ballroom pflrpnse*. Tb* convention also 
propose* to rule out all other Irrelevant 
ciea that appear in aocial danciiig. 
More sanely standardUod dancing and 
len atepa will be the rale from now on." 
Tb* co-onerarion of the public ta in- 
eitcd. Mr. Murray aaid- SnagettlocL* for 
lmpvored dancing will be welcomed from 
fudmdug;* and profeaaioaal rrities be- 
fore the opening of tb* ra-nreathin. 


tbr Sunshine 4£irl* from 
Dearie"— that i* treading the hoard* at 
tbe LV-.iLr.jG3. Tbty are seen in awKJa- 
tiob with Harlan, I LHxon and Marie 
Callahan, who appear In the same play. 

!.*■!.■■: i doen moat of his numben with 
little Mis.* Callahan, and ahe takea aa 
much "Bbose + ' In the two-a-day presenta- 
tion as she dirl at tbe tilnbe. They are 
matchtr** dance 

The KuiiiIlhic mlaera) alternate with 
tbeir asjiocliitea in euaemble Arrange- 
ments in wbleb thirty- two dainty feet 
trip about with thn predsinn of two. 
Their la little short of iu- 
* pi ring. 

EILxabeth Brie* eserdstts her ingra- 
lintini; r^reomlity In a song program fur 
which aba receive* tbe masterly aid nf 
Leo Mintnn atlbe piano. Her conLribu- 
tioQ!> Lsvc bright lyrics and swinging 

Forlunello A Cirillino. b man and a 

a lively gymnastic pan- 

Tfaey make up aa "Happy 

11 niii p* -,!,.'" 

Motan & Mack, hlacbface cam*dian*, 
are perfect likeneaae* of Southern darkies 
ia tbeir drawl *&d other mannerisms. 

Bob Alright In song* with trimmiag*. 
Mabel Burfc*. another vocalist, end 
Splejidhl & partnrr. gymnaata, are other 
iter* of Interest. 



Star Second Baiouan Made Defend- 
ant in Chargei of "General 
. Indignities," 

LSfttOlll DUptU-k tl TXt M-jfnlni T*J«*r«sA.) 

■ST: LOUIS. June 12. 

Charged with grnrrcl indignltU*. 
Bergen Hontby, sisr inflelder of tbe 
Cardinals, wax gUed 7«sterday for di- 
Tt-irce by bit Wife. Sarah E. Hornaby. 

Filing of tbe auit followed th* men* 
tioning of Hornsby's name ag tbe 
author of a love latter to Mtt Jcannrtte 
Pynnington Hint, a aaleawomgn, whose 
husband named tba Cardinal necood 
b*sem*a In an action to bar* a dUrorc* 
artabtrd his wife tat aside. Hint, an 
automobile sal e s m an,, charged that his 
wife obtained Ut# ditorc* by fraud. 
Hornaby denied knowledge «f the letter. 

Mr*. Homfhy specifically cbsrged her 
hmhand with being quarrelsome and ia- 
ftifTerent- She requeated a lump sum of 
alimony and custody of tbeir -H-7*er- 
old son, Sogtr. Jr. 

Auociation Betonu Old Olicert to 

Placet, With Sun Fox Few 

Vice President. 

It wax a busy day for the Mualcinn*. 1 
A**Dc!|ttarj in tbe Hotel Axtor yesterday 
with tb* ljuslneas of electing officer* on 
hand and outlining policies for tbe com- 
ing year. Delegate* from various porta 
nf the country met In the north ball- 
room -Bt 10 o clock, wbere the election 
ticket wu outline^ and nporta were reaa 
concerning the wmmittou working dur- 
ing the laat year. Tba Chicago ■conven- 
tion having proceded the New i*rk meet- 
ing by a week, nothing of a aeniatJanal 
cbaxacter baa been .developed *o far at 
tba Alter gathering, which co-tar ere* 
again to-day. 

Tbe altaraoen seaaion was de-rated 
rblfifiy to tba election of officer*, George 
Fischer being again installed as presi- 
dent, Sam FoX aa vice president, E. T- 
pB.ull, aaeretaJ-y, and 1 Harrold Flammcr, 
uaaanrer. All tbe above obTlcerg ware 
re-elected with the atceptlon of Sam Fox. 
who fifi* tb* poaition o* We* president 
for th* flrrt time. 

In tbe etenii-j a banqaet w** giren, 
at which Call Engee of tb* Library of 
Cougrraa and Carl Weitt wern tbe 


LpmtUar* aalcag #a"..nno for lnjnr- 
L*s F^eo« asurtr-CoTafwd Stoop. 

Sole for £28,000 damage* waa gtuted 
ytaterday by AngtUca Schuyler Charrh. 
sculpCreaa, who Long reaiden at 33 and 
55 E*At S6tb atxeet, Pgoin*c Frederick 
W. Mtrka, her landlord, 

&he allegea that on January 15th. last, 
when lea and anow covered the btooj in 
front of the apfirtmont house, she waa 
caused to fall and received a dislocation 
of tb* loft hip. ■toat* of the right eyelid, 
cerebral cocen**lari and other injuries 
which nxxe re-iii ) red in continuou* pain, 
incouvoriience and btimUlation : and have 
caused her to cUacontlnuB her work "in 
tba line of sculpture." indefinitely. 

ways ronducted by violin. piar*o or elar- 
o»ier playing. Jim. are "The World I* 
Waiting for Sunrise," "Piano Rag" and 
"Claranet Rnp." 

iioaMfgi Afaoot Verat'c Anr-roi-at. 

'-Trovntor*" in given for an eneora*. 
A few critieal persona are inclined to 
quettlon whether Vtrdi would approra 
h filing his mBaltTpleee Jaxzed. Seen, the 
raptioua oQea, though, hart to admit th* 
dod It done melodiously. 

Joseph K. WnLaon talk* about hi* 
family, hii eareer and hla car, 

"They told me my automobile," be re- 
late*. ~ia a ntnety-borKpower, I tblnk 
the other eighty<nlne moat bare died." 

Recalled for more, he announce*; 

Til ting of my nxtiTe tand," at which 
tbe orchestra starts "Tht Lakes of 
Eillamry." He demand*: 

-Did you ae* my face."' 

Into a medley uf Irish tone* be wear** 
bia desire to be burled in Erin's tale, 
co&nccDt the deril would not look then 
for a Hebnw- 

Mack il; LaRo* are daxxUng and dat- 
ing roll er-*ka tar*. Good looker* aa wtQ, 
with anraetlr* acenie audi costume carl- 



The rndHlii BTss* agin' jsqeota 
How wnt saoia Ml T**Ms*r a*tssaosm 
t* Cezlde ss— « Iha pn t Hilt g **•- 

MsuyirtTate Holds Them in |50,000 

Bond and Commend* Detective* 

Who Made Arresti. 

Homer Korlmi, 38 year* old, nf tba 
Bronx, who I* said to be, tho "master 
mind" ia th* theft of #141,000 worth cf 
negotiable Mcurirjt* from Cbarlea D H 
Barney ft Co., brokers, of 15 Broad 
street, Juns 5, waa held in bail ui tW.QOO 
for examinarion next -Monday by Magis- 
trate Charles Or-erwager in Tomb* Court 
yextarday. The ctae of James Foley, 
i^e lS-year-old neatenger of Bro^Uyn, 
whom, tb* police *ay, admiti tba theft of 
tb* arcurrtira and who -la alao held la 
ball of S50,000, wag coationed until Moa> 

Vcaterday Obriatlaa Walt, 3D year* 
oW. Of; Bergan aeenne, Jeeasry Orj, and 
Cbarlaa Bothner. 21 year* old, of EldeTt 
■traet. Brooklyn, wtte bald in bail of 
K-\ '"">■' eacb In conatctJoa whb tb* 
theft Tbeir nwarlog If abso set for aan 

When ]'■-•:. :'!u was sn-iignftd. Aaalataxi 
Dl*tri« Attorney! Max Wieder tefoeaed 
the Magielrste that ForlinI waa th* 
"matter mind" of tbe ca*t. 

The Magistrate cotnmeuded I>etecttt**i 
Edward. J. KalbfJeiach, Grora; C. Brotu 
and William F. Fay for tbe scrtati in 
the ease. 


TO-tVsr-Old WoBBJUl Hast Down ftf? 
Yoathfnl Motorist. 

An automobile accident in CoappxquB 
reaulted Id tba death of Mr*. Mary 
Jon**. 70, a widow. Tb* mlihap oc- 
curred late Monday night. 

While cnaalng Kings Hlgbway iha 
■mm knocked down and run over by an 
automobile operated by 19-year-old Boa* 
Tomer, aoo of Albert Turner, wealthy 
real c*tat« owner of CAgnpaqna. A 
technical charge of homicide w*a aadged 
against tht boy and he wax paxsled ia 
tbe cTJttodj of 'bia father by Cerontr 




-: SreiUitnt of Theatre Owners Intro- 
v dueci Letters in. F. P.-Lss&y 
Trait Heminj. 



I H. P. T. 0. A. Head Sccki Confer- 
ence With Michigan Exhibitors 
us Korth Carolina Withdraws, 


t'r,rr«i|ii-h.»(iiiT CnrrH Deiat 

Alleged (5ritt»*rt| ,>• Kllsr. 
*■"■*■»< 7.qkar OtIHBLlHl4w 

letters in i-ri I.U---I ■: ii>u with a rcnujiiT 
IM wbicld was appointed u »iifi>r »o 
grievance* against lire Famous I'lnyc;*- 
Latky Cor[M'TnTinn »vn> inirodnced jc«- 
Bftrfty before Kxatntncr E. C. Afytftd 
nf the Federal Trade Commjaajoii in 1 ii ■ ' 
Eoeinrerirj*, Society's Building. 2D East 
Tllirtr jiiniii atreel. in proceediUSfi tu 
determine, whether ibe Fnmoua I'hyer*- 
LisLy C-er raj ration, six affiliated mm- 
paie* and tfix, iudt vidua}*, constitute q 
motion picture trust. 

t'Uf letters were introduced br Svd- 
nej S. Cohen, president of lb* Mo Li mi 
lecture Theatre Omim at America, for 
whom a duces tecum anbpoena wti [a* 
■H*d at lb* h-qitrjil of Marvin- Rttttnj- 
Inn. or count*) for lb* emnnLlsuipn. They 
dealt in part with the appointment of 
■ commission of the Fa man* FlajeM - 
f-'orporaifo-imd the Dwnm" A*fOciati"U 
mj n»nnd«r pievjQM-B uf theatre owner* 
against lb* 1 eumdau.r- and passed hctwceH 
Adolpb Knktr. president uf Fannm* 
Players, timi Mr. Cobun. 
. The e*<n-e*pgou'rricc nnd mbcr ilncu- 
tnenla submitted by Mr: Cnheu were 
■merely marked for identification nnd 
«W not yet hwn furouiUj offered by 
the Eoverumcnt. Sir. Cohen' ha* been 
recalled for to-morrow at li.ljd A, M.. 
when he will submit tlio afenogrnphii: 
report of the activities of the. Motion. 
Picture. Thealir Owners of America at 
Uinneaoolfs, Cleveland and Washington 

.3. R. Kent, General saJcj rnaunftcr hf 
famous Flayer*, was recalled is n wiL- 
tiPM. Mini he explained from a chart thn 
distribution of pictnn-n in (lirir block 
ajwttm in citica on (ho T>, P. Keith fir- 
Cttlt. ' * 

>ca| KM in Mm L*Nr*> far *Tr«(»n I 
MoaliT^-VlEi«Ia 1-. inrrui 
flurinn DhtIcp Asaln. 


SYDNEY S. COHEN^hai tFnt n W 
erpni 10 tbe Miehie/aa Moiion P 
<nwa Ti,s>^» iw„... _.L-: n _ ak 


M>j, Dedaker Testifies TurfmftQ 

Appealed Very Irrational on 

Tiait to faer, 


Ai liit rcsinjiiiLign «[ tlie trial of ibr 
n«tt«jL oilt ill* win ni Ut-qr£c A. IVbce- 
Jod, u-tili-liiut: pic!nii.f;i: buvraimiier .'ml 
lireaidpui V l i.,l- .Uclroyiriitwi Turr A<- 
buciituuii, ij-iir- ftoiti,tJ'C .iitliu i 1 . U'- 
juricu miu h tmtfi iv.-ri nluy, tha two 
imndpitl \MiurirM-.% m t nil- vvnlcataDia, 
H-.illuun Aduutou ^'LwIocJl, ol VtM fntt 
•iv'aiue, anu.BlriTi- ^iWubaLh OritntliB, of 
(irtnitti UUy, in., brtrUHr anil auiur of 
decedent, wh*rc rt'herloct'i! nlcw, ilra. 
Ucvrpana ixnaL^r ci ludiAuapoJip, Lnd., 
«J1U MiKa Aiii.-F J^iriuBifLfin >'lali r of \\oau- 
■'- iwii JUeisblb tin- iirunt. 

lira. LtMUKer tcurinrcc to a visit ih* 
inidt «. thEa eitf tbe latter )j*itt v f Dcc- 
■*mbw 19V1, aUe HLujipwj rith ler 
intnaiid it tbe PcnnajrtvauiK ftoul, and 
nUTH a, viait ooc aveninc; irotn her 
.and« f Geonre VTkertc«b rati his wifr, 

.Julia A, nliceloek. 'J'lie irltnesi aairl 
baforr brr uiarritfir slic bad traveled 
wreral times in Eurouc nud "around (be 
World" ■n-ttb Ltr uipfl^ Oeorp-, who wu 
Wl fond of litr. UTirU ub*: met him at 
the l'ennijJranla hoteE «hc said, ahe 
Uimw b«_ arma arouud bitu, but lio 
trashed her sjridfc and did not *e*tn co 
rttOfaat brr. tftr «»id ahe if" ^Ihk-Li-e? 
>L the cbaHEc in bii nrpearancc, and hi* 
WODiDi; iuabilil.t- to tom-*rice. Bbe aald 
wbou »be inked: In in « qiH-atioii tlie only 
"■K? *M*W aouniled liir a grout. 

5»e. ofltcr iriliiria, -31lftn Fivh. tcali 
fled tlmt for several vrar* ahc ntt in tbf 
eaplivy ef Brejt i,- Wi>ou*e, thi: real hum 
roineeni .tlitl looked after iVbwIouk'a 
properties awl that n'h**roch cuaed to 
nalt their offlw peveral t'niM nat'h sreat 

v VLm Fiah ujil shi- t»ade out |hf In 
fflflW la^; r^iwrt of y&edoefc far ?*<, 01 
tfcrte yearit, i'i* lati ta« on Ylwrtb 14, 
}$£?■> °° [ili " <»M**ion T gbe --aid. 
nfirelork auftDJiirLed to hrr a djb#* of 
data. Mtid Bpire» .that bad no veaae to 
th#m. and kacftajned In lb* ofllrt from .") 
r'doclt in tht iftemoon until It o'clock. 
Sbr natd ftbf tf lephoaed to Mii Wbe*- 
Jaofc, who as ted bar t« ptit WJintoot ia 

i a tKDcab and! nrnd h^m buaic Tha wit- 
n*a Mbi_,Niie attemplpd td comply with 
«1 Tffliieat. but on the aidewalk WLee- 
la«t eluded her Ha th* croTd; at Forty- 
tbH^iiWB bijJ llroad^ay ait.l diaap- 

illw Fto aaid thtit irblle In tha r*al 
f*tttW office ftltebtfc apent thr. time 

■ Terlii* to h-jnaajf. Shr- aaid tbat oo thia 
<uMaatoti and for ?om* time prcrjoua 
TTaedoeka aptfoaa and appeanw™ im- 

j^iri (^ tbla cwfinidoQ «ti etasa-esam 

!«■ ! 


Theatnr Uworn aakina; tint 
he and the hoard of dirertorn trl Hip : 
natioual orcaulEalion b* cirrn a trance J 
to hare a-bcartus in Mirhla/an before 
their rtlaiiana termiaaie In ihe n..irun't | 
aiiffetLed bj (lii* telegram rectlrrd from I 
thc .Michigan K^hiWlora' A»Botiatfon. | 
In iDBkini: thia plea Mr. t&kva aaid r in 


"I rep-r«t that the cordial and helpful 
reladfloahip wbicli piiatcd 1 o^tweeii the 
llqtr*h I'kture IVatr* Utrntrt &r 
America and th* ilidJiean Theatrp Owu- 
vrr for thre* TWa *huuh| termitiflte so 
nbrupil.T. Jtiixa mnsl be roosiderabl* I 
merit aisociattd With mi.-Ii a nn h on of 
forces coreriiiE; aueli n loiii- iwriod and 
tne*tinp «o success fully an many vtrji&i 
aituation*, anf] I bciicta Uibll tlie inter- | 
rata of (he theatre owners will 1>* plared 
in real jeopardy throujrii ilie BeTerant'e 
of taesc helpful relations, tt'ith a rien- 
to «n#erTlns ilils welfare, 1 request tlini 
your board of directors call a special 
meelini of rh« M. P. T. O. P r Mirliijau 
Tbe latter part of the weei: and jire my- 
aetf and other tiations] orficer* a bautsi 
in thta matter so that *c« can at least en- 
deavor to recoBdf* our rlifferercei in a 
calm, deJibcrate -praj and ch«n c&m* to 
anch cocphitioEB as tht rHuitiaa war- 
rant*. Kindly ivire reply." 

.MidiJEan, rrprejentcd bj- fT, P. Mc- 
Laren. Jamas C. Rittcr, fr«J De ljcdder. 
If. T, Hall, fhii GJeichraan and Jphn 
Xltbw, all members of the eUcutfcr com- 
mittee of thr iricbJiaa MoticH Ticturr 
Theatre 0^rn^^s, *enl thr Tollnwinc; rrplr 
to 3(K Cohen: 

"After eonstdrriajt your requeat that 
■pecial meetinc bn called, ffrl that thir. 
ia matter if* cannot decide x* (ndividuais, 
ljut should be -■onaidered l>y board, of di- 
rwtora aa a u iiit lo trhom trt> bclievp your 
communication shrjuld havet bf-en tfirectni 
Next martins; of boarri nill (h- held in 
*** wwk*i at « lik-li time your rrqiieat 

bbbbb>>V ^-'bbP' fajj |1 | jf^B 



■ m 

' ' flre- * ' 

i m 


i So ETiilmcs Prodneed to Show 
Married Life With Mirone 


onlril to B» Druppfi tt Jmr 
ilia 'lorihn ni p lot. 1'nfaiB 

(P-i t'lLlf"! N»« fn Tb* UiirnlBE !-lf f rif!' I 

:>■ HE.IN Jun* 13. 

Does the fact that livo iterapn* hare 
lir^t «<s "mmi and «ifft** cunstitutr a 
bisrriiicp In the ey^ea of the ljin'r 

h^ <iueaffon toflo-sfs th* unique sitim- 
tion 'list ban nrixfii in the Cruker will 


.Icrlnnd . I! 

Before Conference of Mayors at Buffalo, Executive of 

Greater City r Defending Transit Program, Assails 

Speaker and Five Republican Assemblymen* 


r.-l>r in 



his iTOMisr that lie w^uld EnTadr ibr £tatr in hia u£b.t fw 
-nU-.:<} -mniTltiLdnf- In tbe pt^jiier Hty. Mayor speakinc 
brfote ihr New TCitrfc Stale COflfrffato ol Ma.idrs nl BTiffjil"- 
.ih hnrrr-i-. H. KHmond llarliold, Repuhlh nn Speaker "f -Vtw 
nud rhojfe i>T bi<i parly leaders for Ike Liubrrx&tnriaL ntHuiti;.- 
< ilnnltlr rharf.p. . 

. i-!i:ir^inc chat Mftrhfvd. tiailins frum the nortiierv pari "f tin 1 

is :iei iitfiucntJal tt&mr in ike -N'ortb*rn UtiLiiiea t'ompaoy !"■! 

1 Tntat Oupatir. wa* rV9.fHmsibL*. ntftnj wi'h ' 

CartooriUt Want? Back Eoyaltiei 
an Musical Comedy Tersion of 

"Matt and Jeff," ; 


I HAS 57-YEAMED CO-fiu. 

r*»* 3t+t r C*)ltaT* atT*a IicffHa. |« 

■ «nitd^9thrr. 
; 1 l»r roiirt N-*« ta To. Uoral>B Tetasnnh.'i 

;»TATE COLLEGE.. Pa., .lunr- 1±~ 
"7-year-old po-rt, a;ra.tid maibei- of 
jft ijitldran, araduated witb * &, A. 
nr* fr<im Ptanaylraoia Stat* Oo1T*b* 


; a Mrs. Sarah tthotsuber Parley. 
rf»lf]eJ, a^er ibirty-fout jeara, b*r 
,_ ^'M- ti fipmpleie a eolleire', wurae 
In vfietilifK- aarrifiilttiri. Wiwj she araa 
ft tier bnabBHd flied, ieariap l,er tdtk 
fOUf children. Her Lhrt-e tiw,, bar* 
■*tapiiatBiI froiD Peon, and h*r rtauchter 
]« Jtt Hwsrtlinbnrf . 

Whi:* OJra. Pariey r,-ai> a fre^tflsn 
rt-td. her youniwl ■.»,, ■*-■,-. ,, senior 
■ » tbe horiieiilinr* department. 
She BpeHaJited in oatanr. 

»rill b# jriven careful Miiiaitirrarion^ and 
you will be arlrised sceordinrly," 

* v.irih CarollBai uiihiirmn. 

1 Colonel H. B. Varner or North Caro- 
lina, secretary of tbe Motion Picture 
Thsatr* Owner* of that Stat*, ia, areord- 
1ns; tu word receired from Norlh Caro- 
lina, one of the heads of State orflajiian- 
tiona to reEtsler a tie termination to l-nve 
tb? nationaL oTfia&isatJon. jl. haa writ- 
ten ardney S. Cohen to tnat effect, iir. 
Coh'en said yesterday lie had no comment 
lo make on Coloaet Varncr'a letter. Mut 
bc^enUoneil the, fan that be had re- 
cefred a rpUpriro from OZen Harper or 
toulbern California, vtatina that tie Cli- 
v»fo delctatlfih bad pledeed their aupmrt 
to Mr. Cohen uiFon thrlr return Ijj Cali- 
fornia at a m*ctine of thr brrard of di- 

ixnsfchfon ti. Frai»k Till«y. 

±"rank Tilley. editor of ibe Ciiiemat-i- 
Gt-aph Weekly of l.ciiLdon. ivun (lie u\i ;■•*'■ 
of honor ye*terdo^ nt a larf;n luntljcon 
at the Hotel Plas*. Mr. TiRey haa com? 
t# this coltniry for tte Hnit tiafe to 
find out irhy if f* Dial Amer- 
kan QJctnna Hell readily In Knslknd 
whili' l'iiti«lL prodit4-ii rpa h:iv-£. co mar- 
ket litre, In this cdflBMtJon Mr, Tilley 
aaiii tlmt ia. nome quart ert of [-^nuUud 
it ia firmly believed that Amrrirn t;oy 
I'oita KnRlmb.piL-tniTe. In i rtUiclahicj uvr 
films I lio Rurst said that lvlini Mny .-liirf- 
ly need is more ai.nipliciiy and uum- sin- 
cent}-. ■, 

Tb* Inm-beoiL to .Mr. TiH--v iviih nr 
rftiiRff! an an rxorei/ilon of irrniittidr for 
the juanr acta <if Lindn.--. m tin; |mrt 
of Ibn. *dftor to Anierk-tiii rUin mfn vinii- 
Ine iii Kin;lniL»l. Harry Beactenbacii 
n'l* ibe' -tOnstmattr-i- und LntroJuiend 
ainuns; tbe apcaker* S. f,, Itotliofil, .lobti 
VlffOi Nathan Burlian. Commodore ■!- 
Stuart Sil.ii kton and Cort nnd Hniidi. |i 
n't) the conaeuiua of ojj^hlon lh;it me :if 
t^e •'bif/f reasons fnr Orili-sb bael;»v*rd- 
neaa in making' iiiMturea iriu due to tb* 
laajt period of Hlsf;nation iluriu^ tbv 
war. Whets American prod'^fer* were 
proxrewina; r*pii]i,i-. 

MK TitJey Vfll Jea>e xhartly fiir Hol- 
ly wo «L where be will study am aludio 
methoda. TThile in X*w York Uf imn 
been eolcix into the aflijfrt of prenruta- 
ti»na at thr Broadnvay film p>aJacea. 


F-TIIKI. BHA!l?roaf. 

Bll* wHI b* a**n kl tli* Caipifo] „r.! 

w*fU In "nilrn Mib'i Umnrhtr-r,- 
■ t**rf creed pic hit*. 

he printed nnd rrhich at ijo jiamc tiin^ 
in noe-inflanimabK rednrcd initial m*\. 
redtid-il operatinc cost and dtirnbiJIfy of 
thr 64at. h is the only spptlraiiia which 
may be stopped In, the nhowipp;. Thii 
Hdd* to it* rake Tor mlucatiopial pu-- 
po^-i, nf fe cives a lecturer ftS ippor- 
tutiity tfl romment fffa tntetaitrai feft- 
Liirrs Sod Lben rantinuc vith thr plr- i 
RWe. At the demo narration ytswiednv ] 
thr tnec-niur and H\ m nnparmMj liTed 
up la the adraniacn flniiurtl for it. 

i much, nJo : 
A* a mnt:- 

Bnla Oofcer lired ■■ wife wilb tilt* 
Jlnnni' m ^'orthBOintun, Mas*., before 
her niftrrlAffe with Rifhnrd Cr»krr. Tani- 
man.i rliiefTinii. .Vo rrit)»ncc lias b>'"ii 
prodilcrd ahowlnt thu: :l WAfriffg* CTer 
mnn.i nni -nipro.i Into. 

The] Chief Jiistiw of ihe Dnb- | "I would ani |. 

im Court flYH*r*.| Llial he hud fttlW 1 g^ 
heard ol ajy <ii«e irjerp "pre sumption | j a ]j 

mainly rewpacp 
i'bfii 1 bamkei 
relir.f prfiersm, 

let Mom 

lion, reoeii'injt t) 

Mnyor Hyta 
S:nie, itberr be 
the + \urihi>rm N' 

Yoit City Assemblymen, Tor the defeat of the b:l| prorMinK for the realora 
nT Ijie direr! primary law, bIm lb* Millter-LJoitohu* bill. proridlDC for •tubn/y 
fqnatnn timi nnd muniripal >ipernlinn. at>0 Tot Mir punhftK* ••( nnd operation ft 
hute n fin rbe street til \fft Voih C.ty in <-nn junction iviib ihe subwnyii on a live 
cent fare banif. 

*tVjs iniici n'>i»' nnii for another l.f;i»lntur* lo Kiani na ibis power." an id 
the Mayor. "In l+l* meajstiflt*. I inii'iid i«j «ew 14 it llint titfl people nf ihe B.arr 
of New York, im wetl n« Hie .iiy. .in- fully apprised nf the mlwondiift r rf tlf-p 
Inn'tinii-piihlk utibty rout rolled Ki't .j 111 i can A^Petnbl.vmcTi. inclndiuf ^prpki-r 

"Tin 1 fii' 1 Ucimbfirnii -\-srnibl.i men frtnn Ihe i-l> e>f N*W Y»^k. Clfl>;nt!. 

Je-ae. KaJlfMfttt. Sielulierjr and l'lliiMii, trtw voted ac:iiunt ijie ^a.Lei'-UodyLi.f 

nld htve mar ted (lift L-r!y lmiliil bitl. They r/-fiiKed to ilo *n They 

■ vriri"' 

it niarriap" bad Seen crBiitud *H*Ji 
LTCO per"(iOS ^(ad iirpr Iffjclher anil wiirli 
>n* rrpinliatrnl all kuuwledcr- uf n mar- 
-lacr nnd the other party had been pm- 

<l "is ilielr tl£b| unit fcredmn tc i-akI lheir i 
iin-v imd notbiiiE n- «iy op nn> tr&aaSt bill. Taoy tret* 1 bw-mo 
Krj.-ni^ and Ko"iiie. iind MaL-linlr| nrr, closely nlfiiinlrd. 
Miriirii-ed if. as u reivard Tirr !rla mvluc tlir- iransir mltin ti- i 
.rniioti-. of ilif rliy, Movboiri won r| b* the ti-artiuji eaadid.ui- 
h pnujioiioti WKitin be logiral. became, (be traniu) imp .ihin ■. 
^In> sfrve it In ill* Lr-zi»lamr*." 

He irill nihmit lo thr jury ibr quen- 
11 '.ii of wbetber, uiidcr iui h ei rnim- 
Rtaei-e*. r>iila Crokcr ivaa the lawful 
wire (^ Guy Mardunc when n\ir married 

If tbe question is answered liopniircly 
raetr nill b* no further nri-Pieily for 
riiM-iiftiMnii n[- Ihe ciiaf. If it ia Anawcred 
arbrmatircly it will be necwwiry for thp 
jury [f> consider three nuestion*: 

1. I >id Hula, when *die married CrokeT, 
Lnc-w she nm liaronr'm |r. ^-- f n 1 wiTe? 

'J. If no. did ant fraiidulcnttj rwocBBJ (j (1 . \ rFl < 

■bfa k-nnwlrripe'l _ | Moyor^ I 

bad hr 


T]ie Republican* will sMiumer «it 
H'fniiii lJijii fchcy afoijn .-;>■■■-:• :\.,- 



npay," anid 
wttb tb* H> 
members of 
sioti lie will 

llisi}ilSlti^ll I 
(Iir pi^n|ll«' i 

At the (^>i 
TTyian iiuroih 

utiiiu-'l liiti nitai^k 
in. snjritis t' |c etpeaiWr. 
ile PUT tbniwinB Bltfi the ; SMtp. 

'ew Cork City's t r j tt« i I t It apue*rT llial Lhe Republicans u-'t! 

I* ipeir-nppareut tn tits i ignore the JfTuor issue in Aaaotaljlj 

f wuirtwi to ilie bTdrn-clcctrli; > ii^-bta lpftinz raittlidates in "wet" iWa 

or,« fiirmrrlv ln-lil hv E'toa U- ' ,rir!|,c "ruii looKe." likewise In the "dn ' 

] dipttrirtp. 

It ia fldmitttd that women »vill fnt' 
ii moro active pjiri in N«w 1'ork ^"tnt^ 
poHHca this Call than heretofore. 


Crihtic* Com- 

"i% ThteriockCB 

lr'-K!.riro Corporation, anil 

Marhold is nne of the fiv* 

Ihr Water IVmer Cm-imtH- 

hnn< much to my an to ibr 

TnDWAR]* C. ITRLKY. the AU\n 

mnii. wh.i bnbn ujt pwn-y ytttt ov t 

;\if Meter power rijtht : i« | with an orrtinnncr to prohibit one ma 

r^Lnt^ of New York/ - I car?, Ims rtacbrd ihr con elusion thoi li 

Nmjon of bis ipWeS . M-cf «T ii wnatin^ lion- o« the cTort. In rt 

L reaulutions c*l!i»g &a | ferrtda kia measure t-r? tb* 1 Com mi tire oil 


"VolBktdM" to □• ntartril In JoJt. 

■Yolniifla." Marion Lravins'a neit mo- 
tion picture, will be alerted in JuIt with 
Robert YiffhQla at iho directorial helm. 
ViEnola, whn only iccent:y rrturned from 
a sit months' trip around tlie world, ia 
tii* dint-tor responsible for '^Ytieu 
KaiKblhood Wis in Flower," lb* finest 
LLinjr MiHg tejrvtai has mer done Tor 
the screen, and one of lhe best |iioiurcs 
made last year, '-yolnoda" ia by Charleti 
Slajor, the author ,wbo wrote ,+ Knicht- 
hood." I.utiuw, Reed is/ rioinc [he 
ocenarif, nud dosruh L"rb.-n! is In charn;c 
of Lhe eottinips. 

'■Theer -*«■**- 


"'Three AseR" is beine we-M ecceifed 
abroad. Aooording m a Onlilr rficeirerl 
at the Joneyh Mchenck onTit'es it will be 
Ihown privntrly to I'r^idcnt Millernnd 
On June ^fl at bin Jionie in Frnnc*. where 
h* wli] *iileitaiii b isarti L:o,id Ueorff* 
nill Bee it ,T«iur In nr a apeefal «howiuc. 
Lfoyd tfeorfT** interest baa io dn with 
Maesiiret |,enliy, who pJay* the lecdiui- 
fenjlutne iol. i>|jpo»lt#: Hnster Keaton, 
ar-ti who Was ebefeo m- i-.n^mnd -. prct- 
liest jfirS wjfcH tin- Tarttnathjpa nera In 
VCarCn of MTrcit nuiKi-Jiil. 

hid Croker eitei-uir his will of Oc- 

tflb*r 11. V.m, i ' r ih- bv!i'.= L that 

Hula was hia biwflll wife : 

Ta-dw >'!>, AdiiH. oi" Noriohjuiipton. 
SfarM,, IcilificiJ ahe W»B lhe ne^t 'llior 
neitbhor when I)ula lived B n "Mr-v Ma- 
rone." Mrs. H*rf£*tft MtDmoo^I', pf 
Moukion. N. M„ traiifierl ibat :n I9T3 
nhr- pmployed Maroue and knew Unln &* 
hu wife. In }9ffl>. nU* naid, -u- Im:l 
a^n llLild with Rnaa Crokfr at Saratoga 
Spr^DC*, V. tf 

Annroey Camphi>:i of Ronton pqintod 
out tbpt ii n-on d he neccn*Bry to senrch 
"nt pfacea in Mas>srhUM'H> in order to 
Nntf rcBistratlon'of a marriupe, Rereeant 
ronddl tchat the 

T nonius h fa roa. Mr, Curlcy iealire% thut 
it is beyond resurrection. 



111 tHeiT i 

K[H-citir. acts 
1 un the part 

HanBS. howii-r-r. 

td no evident 
\ mttricd to Ma- 

Ktntrment identify ins Buln as 
Mrs. Marone. atft. Addin -aid that Buln 
had nnre brouabl her -tailor* husband" 
tu bat bouse to tiit out n dress. 


State Conlerenci- of i 
jo support any A*- . 
Irrespective of party, who I 

[ the Iveac intcreat* «•' , th * FflUE 'OmiB-didiited fins Cornpflnv »f 
aetHl tHa Mayor* WMll W 1 A>w Vnrl vn5?Pn|av rllTd|1(:ll 
,f tbe people Jn. their r^ I shearman A- BSWltw. BUaVnrTH, aj- 
prarcd hef^re Supromp f'fuiri Imiiiiir 
IsJrlor Wasserrosol in minpoi-i of it« lie- 
tition for n writ of nmnd&mim cith 
pc-llinc: Com|»trnlIi i T. Chp>*-es T^. CTaix m 
nay it Ki41 45tJ for propertT taken fjvw 
by th* «ity in livn. 

Afcnrdipir to tlie ppti. Inner*' n|. 
tnrneys, payment i* reqilLrer] by ln^ In 
be made wicjin twi> mctHifc* Rft*ir ili<- 
approval o.f an award I>> c^mniisaigm-rt 
nnd the award *|rticd whb eppr*>vcri ur-er 
j .icren montiiH. oco. 

Tlie Olllptroller. ihey fl ie r . jm, fnili-«i 
j to make payment. althotiEb due drnlund 

I the motlnnl fnr honriup hck Wrdiu-wlni 
I Tbe prpn*rty is bowndnt hi Knit |-"if 
: tr* und Knsl SWrecurli alrce!?. Aie 
; nup» M nnrj f, T<tHflftk r Itta "Treel jnd file 
I r^ajj". River pier bend. 

Fret* ered 

When & 
third anniv 
wo*k he w 




tlon "Tin.- llHiiirl'ifr,. 
reeled bj I^iuts Uaati 
by KdwanJ (WtflH. 
made i-u- pldaptfltion, 
cliLden tisiftou ill**' 
Hutli C.iirorri. Tilii 
Swkkard and Vn!n \s . 

C. liirdDfr Sl|||l|> n 

After ^iniidiuf; stVKl«l 


.■■-[.. ■■cue', bis 

Ct*lfilul nest 

i" tlii-f attrflr- 


4 ovei 

j iJi 

Kilnl Shaonou, 
KaallOBK, Jiiwef 


and divn kreprra | Kt't 

Kaat. C. Uurd! 

to the Coast. 

California in 

on biiKineaa vontiHcEed 

ffcbeiick concern, 

in tha 

r Snllicao UttH returned 

l<= vrilJ [,iij[i cr route to 

■a*ip and other cltlta 

II Lll 

the Joseph 


Her Cnndlllq 


Mrs. Charfea 

U'Keilly. tbe wife or Charles O'Reill; 
peesident nf the Tacarre On-nern' 
fbamber of Com merer, who is criUcallr 
ill. iv as UttfliaBfed ff$Ut3Mf, ' Mr. 
IIKeilly did r*t leave her beijalde ftl 
Rootwrelt Hoitiitnl tu come to bit* offici- 
al] day. 


rttr*» '.'kana* From Ca«h ( „ 
' Ealaitai Jt BBjaaajl tat »a stats*. 

ird J. McMamis. pnder . indict' 

The New York derejrntloa to b-nve fur 
Syrarme for tbe State convention «Lll 
lake tbe boat m Albany Monday aftee- 
nooD, and will leave from there by special 
train for Syracute. To*, number of r* 
scrvationa is said to exceed that of any 
oibe* year- So tt* the. only xpeakTs 
who bare ticcrpted are Will H, Hay* and 
Senator Jampa J W other.- Bnt lhi> de- 
lay ia due to the fact iliat the pmjjram 
hiia not yet been eomp?ctr«l. William 
Brandt, form*r preaident of Theatre 
Ownera" Chamber of (.Vmrnen-c Has a 
apeevfl whieh h* will delU-et- in Sjraeune. 
He will urge that nil State otjpffc rations: 
be aboliab'rd, and the local eihibkot- f)p- 
^nuji-'iti'iri' he StrCoElhencd by means' of 
twenty-six chamber* of co-mniei-O"' in the 
point* where there nr* JUm exchanges. 
Mr. Brandt'* idea ia i > hare the tnrrnty- 
sii heads of the loeaT orcauiiia.tIonJK as 
raembera' „f tbe national orja fixation, 
the natjonal organization lo be presided 
over by tome well-known Sanire "Urb ns . 
Will H. Hays. Tana and r»th*r matteia j "'ajted by Artie Lcem*n* t 

of importance wil) pome up for dincaaaiou. 

I'lprrlnKBIi Wl[b I 1 * j"** 1 l'l I ai. 

The "Kinereflex." Kritiik patent paper 

Jilm and projector, bad in fint Ameriirati 

demonstration in th* projectiojtrorrm of 

• JUTbeTS 1 and embracery tn con ^ the Harry Levey Serric* Corporation 

I'-vJUi tb* allseed attempt to bribe i yeaterday mc-rninf. Toe ' machine con- 

1 S. Bradcinisn, one nt the jurors ■ siata 'if a portable sppargrti'S embodyinit 

_ La*t !Fujfitf _rjs*r. was arraigned I a new f-onibination nt optlenl.-nwhani^ 

1 J ™*?_*y ■° rr " t - IMnr " ; ln G«n«Pa) <■*' »nd elect riealSrlnci pb»a by mrana *f 

«« jeaperdar and his bail of »lil,000 *vhi^h hinrm* pit-turea or filed oe col- 

»• iocreased to 5Jt>.Wh\ Thin ia more j ore! object* mar be projected on r** or 

L£DP£5 tBt . 1 * 11 .I l * TcJtI increase, bow- through a *er*en witb all d«na-*r" »f fir* 

".■Jstow .** .formerly h«d caah liail ' eliminated. Th* altered .-.rtratmte* of 

«■« with the. Lily CnamberJain * tk<* projector ure vopveniene a|tf ol fhc 

t-fOpt: -to-rtbatltutr real eatat*; d-T lfl *. which may be folded into a cja* 

make th* *H»ntil I5 r 0ft0 \ htlle larger than a tjpewriter. standard 

| tUt Aim on which manj pletBrrB may 

A l,f:i* oi- Tl1>*t. 

We happened to meet K. Maaoh Hop- 
per on the strert yesterday. He ia here 
in direct Coaninjioli'an picture* and it 
h**a llm first time «-c nad keen hfm 
nincc the old Ksanim.v diva ning to*» 
nao. . lie baan'r. chanrwl a bit AT nat 
have uUcoTered I'diict >!• Leon* iwcret 
uf youth. 

* L ^_ 


Miniature "PaMing Show," Stayed 

by Leemittff. Feature of Seweit 

Broadway Cabaret,. 

"\Vjnier Garden revue in miniature 
bo formerly 

«d the Winter Gardrn xiiow» n will 
"erre to' introduce a new rende^roua of 
ihe eJlte. Paak-IoQ Nights, to Broad- 
way, when. th# dminf-dtoeia.? resort 
tbron-a open ita doors Tburnday nielu 
,it Broadway «i>d Fofty-eighth atreel. 
l.eemiux ha* selected a large trborus of 
beauties foe hit- rem*. «f the ytyte and 
standard of the Winter Onrd*rt trpes. 

Bejjilea directing tbe reruc. Leemtug 
will u ik halieff of the fvening. Infro- 
ducuir each of tbe eifbiern features. 
Jean Ttlc. ballad singer, will be k fea- 
tured membrr of ihe ajHtt, with Carney 
tt Carr: and June Carter, who will aerr* 
«a bosleia of lhe ereniDf. Music for 
the revoB anrT dan,cli)i: will h* -upplied 
by. the Dlnty Moore Orebaatra, 


We have no patience \rhaleVi-r either 
with those persons, or thofC nnvKpapers 
that bewail the clcanins up of Coney 
Island and the innnpnrntion of pn era 
of reapMtablliiy nt Ibis resort within 
lhe corporate limits of Hmt Y«rk City 

One newspaper isid not loni; Jico: 'We 
don't want Cocy !slaji<l lo In- liko At- 
lantic City," tvine another ^pbke f**$i$ 
of th*: pftsaiPK rlflriea of the old l!ouey 
lslmiil as rb* pifaygnrand of the poor. 

In. all ronpiciciiee ia there auythiiiE in- in a decent Cont-y Ulnnd aa 
n pWtTOiind for p*n]stc of limited iin-mm 
who lit* to Wear nlcin e^ottt*S rtliil tptntt 
their spare tion 1 nmiil wbolemmr site- 
round logs"." 

Thc new ami tawttfCot- btmrdwfcDl e^- 

tt-nilini; for tln«:c miles alone ll eeati 

front is jusr ilie liciinuinp "f u new 
Coney Island ibai all America B Ell tic 
proud of. There was i time, mill iloi 
to + very loot "K" n\vri\ n trip lo fonts 
Island urn retwried by <U'eent folk n 
more or lm of h hluniuiins tour. The 
Island nm Infi--,ni! by ihe riff-ratT oT the 
world — pfuple who irenr ihere pnriioKclj 
to mi*bcbAve nnd lo peey on ibr 1 imnus- 
PCetina. Shnnriianj,-* ivsltcTK ilirty lirer 
alineery. white 

rC^irded It rtl 

Wlmt has b**a artwmnUsbad tbus 1st 
in tb* d«niolitiou of hotel' thai iv«-r^ 
only hovels marl ■ :i in shuck led bathing 
parilions that were itninfr as o ell ss 
naaanitnry shoulsl lin^e been bejUJI miuy 
years ago. 

tf the adminiflcntion of M-ttyer. Hylsn 

never achieve* noylhine else, its; beniffn 

nm) eonstruclivp worlf nl t'one> [Hluiid 
will he tn its everlasting i-re-llt. 

M. K. T, isk*, "Wail In an iu^rune';" 
Evidently th* ootinan theatric menniil^ 
of tb* word is ■aaiisfactory: "the rep- 
rcirntatiun of uTT netle-is or rnvennotta 
cbnraeur; abm «n flt-rre«R who Jills mieb 
a rol*." 

, Lot us ^.ee H tb-re in not n l-ettiT 
though *om*wbni lonsrr definition, If 
rbe questioner r.lll tiit* the iroubV to 
snidy * rertaiu Mi-ilirism by Xym Crin- 
kle, written more than iwentT years apo 
for" one of the ST-ar New York daities, 
he wi'l »>mlii't'J.v Bnd tl"> n'^war. Tb* 
excerpt ia taken from Crinkle's rnrfew 
of a frfornianff b\- Mr* Potter in 
'iLoJaJ J^ire." a famona llrury L^u,' 

"Mrs, Pultcr Is aln-jivN iuterestinf, even 
wb*n ah* 1* Inadequate, A pretty womnn 
cannot b*I[i beias and I suppose tb* 
(Tfeatepf tyrant ht.iI the sreatest charm 
ar* 10 be "een lw a protiy woman, 
whether all* is making baby rlotbes or 
making faces. 

"It frai to tcwpjinodatr ]MW|tle who 
arc nor hiatrionie thfit the word inp»niir> 
was jnveniftd. 

"Certainly there are Font mrisure- 
menta by wbirli ne .- nn i*ll if n woman 
ran Kef, T "fon't tliinli rhere ire anr br 
which w* can rit'terminc ht-r b»ntity. 
Krery woman that ever lived i* o beauty 
to snmehody. 

"But here and tber* 1 bare «e*n wumen 
Tho are not actTess*a to anybodv. I 
have heard jieople rail Clira Morria 
heautifut. But t never beard: anTbody 7 
««y that Mra. Potter o-**, an actress. 
When yOn talk a)>oiit I.anntry they dodge 
tbe question. -Lanitn-y to mi, 
'Ton hrate. I know I can't act: but j-oh 
needn't run Around telline; ererybodj 
cf It.' 

"Hnw sre pn coiup* in help liliin; a 
woiti»« ftfief that> Bba was an iij- 

Nym frtnkleV prop*r name waa An- 
drew Carr^rtter Whe*T^r. fl» wis an 
American io«,roa.lf»i[ 1 critic and rnrelisf. 
horn in V>w York .Tiro* ■*. IftiTr and 
died in t&ntJ. Mr. Wheeler'? fhnte resls 
ehiellr upon' bin work iu( a dramalir I 
''riri'-. Foe many years he vens retarded 1 
as tbn leader amonz eHt1e«) writer* for 1 
tb* New York nr***. H* was HjUfad. 
on lb- New York Tim*s. th* New Yptfe 
Wi>rtd and liir Milwaukee Sentinel. I 

hpeetive e.ipnniuiiniea 
"official faillllttsnesa' 
thr Aaseroutyrrw*. 

Mnynr r^ hi M^'ze^ted that nil As 
i-emblvnioti i-l'ic-iiiR i" nledjre support tn 
the roliowinc -=IO'nnl he defoaled : 

"To enrl unci' nm] fnr all corporation 
Eontnil of l lie State 

•"Tn n complete restoration of the ill- 
rect primaries. 

*"To the erf nrrerrierit oT lejisla tion 
which will ennhle eiiieH, towns nnd vil- 
lagra nf tbe fStntr to own and operate 
their own bus. elerlrie. utrcet railroad 
anfi bus fitriliiies. 

"To compel the public service CDtpom- 

tloina to pnnid kqimip servic* nt r*«- 

snnahlr ratea uneil the citie.s Su desfrinR 
can ins* them over. 

"To preserve ilu- water ps'wW rr- 
sources nf thia Hlnte: to drvcW.ii sunic. 
spd to peneraie itntl di^tribntp electric 

power m the ] pie ni tbn least pcwdhle 

cost: in drive Llie coriiorntiun lnhhjh^*t 
out of power at Albiuiy: and to end the 
rule of such corporal ions hy restorinc 
bom* ml* to the pecplc of the citic*. 
town? mid s-ilLas;*?- of lhe Stntr." 

AT the conference cf the Republican 
Stnie Executive Cnmmjtt**, open- 
iug today Mi* iinnrfj of directors of th<- 
Anti-Saloon l.rarlic will call to the ai- 
of the- Rcuubli 

TlfE Boiitd of Kstimatc received y 
terdoj frum the Transit Commi.v 
won n I'-Ilci rp'bltiiiH Iji JMlhwny routes 
nut ns yot Maueiioticl by Mayor Hylno 
and hia ndminir'tliltlnn, 

The Commiioiinii announced that it 
wou'd, nt an WtrfS date, n-ufer with the 


• Be 

ut 1 

npirointrrf Jim 
rd of' ' 
hul it will m 

lention of the- Bepubliran leadem 
] every candidate for lhe Assembly i.e.\t 
I Pall is lo b* 1 intermirated as lo their 
I attitude ns lo th" direct primnry. 

" ] A stntenient issued by ihe directors of 

- I the lenKnc aayB. in part: 

"The f<riniary wfls terjralrd by I lie 
; wer Tieptihljnin bosaen.for two purpose.s: 
i First, to roh the newly; enfranchised 
T women iwera nf their jirop*r iufldeiicc 

>c im 
M I 



BEFOBcj th-; eefl-fiifenee aedecday i 
Uuftolu Un P- IC Wilberl. Ibpn; 
Mslr ("yniinisjiijip-,- of lidncmiuu, ciis 
tended lioliliciinH wlin »rek to cScrec 
infltu-nce i'1'cr srlinok. He jltUtf kid ihi: 
epiHrcl of linnuces. 

in the dererniination of pirt yncmlun- 
tions ami [>olirin; M:gon.i. to jnafcc it 
pos-^ihle io tteffist ihe |irohil>itioti Bn- 
fnrernient siiiitinieiit nf fhf lav^e run- 
jnnly of the"^hi|h of r|n> Rep.utj- 
lieoii party, which in ilie Repnhlicin 
ntr*>ne^hp!da ip-Staie 5a m crttfts^miBgly 
for lb* (try law." 

TDK Anri-Saloon League, through 
.SiipcrLulemfcLil IV. 11. Amir 


r !!.!■: cauipnlEO 1" 
parlies thia Full 

be mode h> Uviiti 

will i-entrr in lhe 

111 the ueliif cfOW- 

mo-ran -whl win n iiin- 


ireriiov. Itay* 
n-^t i 

, authorized a li-, 
UcpilbliriUi rini.rirlatr- 


rtll r^.ir 

nc Hint I 
jnrilV ill ttio A-oicniliJ, 

Tn ti-.IE-'-r th'- e^i«:i-!«li(ill it wil' In- 
iiecrNHnrv to elect ffflir lip-State ,^- 

uMiubiytTipiJ in addition '-i *ectliiir fnon 
lhe jtrcaliT city rt nuitpil i-nio.-nili<? dein- 
lu tin' AsKembly in tbe reienl 
i tlierc were hixt.r-niiii' Lh*Ul0CMCf9 
-ii., I «Ebl>-oiic Hepiiuiicnuv 

When tlie tmfctle bsjjthw "he u*opfr will 
be !»>id thin ihe Assembly prm-ai.*! the 
adaption of Governor Smith "a reurgnii- 
i^jilinii plan of the Slute BLivernoieul. 

Kiininnied tor (In.- nil 
puritosc nT bic-iiii; ilefrntril bv fl 'wet' 
U"lilvi=rui," Til- IpaeUr-. wi*hin" tu 

kno.c, "Why ..II Ibis f a,**;" Ex: 

'U'li-n l'c- wet miiioriii uf tin; lt*t> F fb- 
lii-sn jiuvty ilopiajBde. « '* *f t-nadldatc 

lhe imb.-!ii'" i-ittlrrs jjr-l bi|»r ^nd tn in 

«-otn |ily . IVhpu the ■tlrv" majority of rbe 
Lti']ii:b!n-.|!i prtrty m:il:c> IdttfWrj tluji ir is 
tired uf hritit allirepr'-scnrfd. llial is bul- 
ly denomnTcd tts -IntitnidniidTi." -blui-i:- 
imtLns' and nM*rly improper. r J'ii" dry» 
arc petting wis* noliiicnDy n* well ss get- 
tine hot morally." 

j'roiiiit-*r Dcctke** Ttaatt Amnnut Ia 

n«* II Im t*r -fhni-p in l-Uriniirta 

Fltm omput. 

i "Rud" I-'laher. lhe cartoonint— Harry 

! I". Fmhcr, urcordinc to court record — 

, was on the winsesa (ttand before So- 

! pr*ai* fourl Jiisiice .John M. Tiernr.T 

j ypntfrdtV h* idaintiff in an occoui.tinB; 

j suit s-aiimr the t^i.s Hill ihenrricnl lu- 

I terexts. The nricinator or -Mutt :md 

! Jerr until-- to tnuvr whnt njiionm »f 

I money may Ue title nini on HJ,ll"s niu- 

'icii foni'fii" lia-«M upon the pape-iv 

strip ml vii lures of the cornier I iEi:m. 

1 1 ill. mi tlii' other hand, is t-onc*.-r- 

."rtimine for ST."i;'.tsni. nllc-int Ik i- ^p- 

l tilled hi im1 in i.-, I fl* bis shnre ot ror- 

i altie-. en FNli^c « morion pictire pra- 

| llUiliui!-. 

AaeWdiinji i- !"i-h*r l.e never had , ny 
aicr-enieni «ilh Hill jis to motion pi*- 
n;re rtjr'fc:*- ami sSleima Hill invnlidaii rl 

, their cornmct for ^tB]J:e prodln-Uons iy 
fcilure io pay any royalties 4ne« Ms 
Insi payment at *10.linKl on Sejitember 
no, l'HU. The enrtbonist ««?« thot 
"'Mutt iiMj .Terf nrc still cirrultinE 'H 

' raaefcaj fftnnedy nml [hitt since Hill 
-laried th* tw.i -oin^ the fWWlbt in i:Ml 
he bid iiail i. high ns seven eoatrKl r.j-s 
feaiiirinr them on the read dniirp >]■« 
s^lile trason. , 


Steve Chooies Cell for Blackioj 

Eyta After 'Tour Ytsan in 


rJrne FToderhiiJi sort his n if* !nrd 

fcappUy on r>S*t Twr-Hih street from Ihi 

dap Ifcey wer* nianie.i until Mrs. Steir'fl 

mnthrr, Ml-. Klir.nbeth Horbucb. c.ima 

| to lire wjih ihem fi.ur yars ajto. 

Yesterday morninc Hreve's nmthrrin- 
law. wirinc [w*j vk& black ere?, rid 
Steve, who is n eentflLirnitl keeper. Stuorf 
hefnr* Mnjji^teat* Max S + I^.,(ne in 
Ea**i Markrt Court anri told ho* ihin^it 
! I««d jtono in tlie JEwH Twelfth strict 
hOtn> FilJige then. 

"fihe."' snid Str. r. indic:itin* M rfc 
Horbnrb. ■|iad mad* hno-e a hell fnr ma 
! eter hine* sbr irlm-. Yoo'd think it -,-. is 
ber h-ija and her four children l.e hr-ri 
, tskinc car* of instead of mine, 
j Mrs, Horbucbs black eyes were all 
: the testimony needed a* m why fhf had 
I charged Stfie nith dlinrdcrly conduct. 
"Can't you two mnke. ii up hetneen 
Juurtclrrs:?" aakrrl *he MuciMratr. 

'■No,'' Raid Strvfe I'd father go to 

"Yon are two re,»pcclable lonkinp peo- 
ple. 1 don't want to have to aend. J .iu 
away. Stove," wild the MnpjiMrate. 
Sieve iiTiiiinifii firm. 
"But all I can do under the cirfi:m- 
atattrsa ip SMitenc* jfro to thirty ilnvs 
in thr wm-khtyiii-n." coneinn?d the Ma-- 
iatrnle niter a pnnse. 

Steve smiled all over. 'Thirty day*." 
he saidi 'A tbirt>-ilay t*mi ; a tbiri;- 
na.v iR-atifiii after fnw years of b*]l, E 
need jl," 

rntrolmAn <;eorj;e Huberts irf ibe 
Fifth street itnriou t^ttfied thut be 
liPui-d ihe ncihiocrt between Stne ^nd 
bin m-itli^r ill-lnw biftt ntubt nnd hoi[ rnn 
lu Steve's hoifs*. iliinkinj n rivt wai iti 
p«3tTC«1 tiiere. 

Steve off to a cell iriUui- 

100 P. C. OR NONE, SAYS 

i ju-mrl* rnno 

PlBff Dnr. 
iral Park. 

r, rrho will *1n« t*-nJ|Eht sit nmrrrt In eelrhrailuri of 
ndcr anapTcaa ut tha sons qf lium Mcvrrlndpn., l n L#"- 

Actorj,' Associatioii Insists Thcra 

Will Be No Let-down in 


Pieten r*prc**ntfttS tb* Aclu - ^' 
Equity Assofimion hovered i-|o>* lo th" 
Earl Car ndl Theatro ycaterrlay. o-e:i- 
fional!, warning ita' members thi: 
' trnuli'r" esinited in tb* ^aybouse. dt 1 - 1 
to Manater Karl Carroll's refusal MJ 
mnk* IU,V per e*nt. Eauity thc c«M at 
"Vanities nf HVil." ia rehearsal fn* 
present a He'll .lutie 25. 

No anewer enm? from Paul PuIkiJI, 
nssistant eiecntic* s*eretary nf Equity, 
rn Maunder farroll's nnc^tions, suli- 
mitted Tuesday. faepoll waited n-vr 
fours then enve it up. 

Mr. nulrell said to The Mcminc Te> 
grajri thnif fn onawer w«lH b* stnL H- 
*xnlRin*d i"bs.t be pre(e-re(i |o BCa Cor- 
rnll in nenun (ini'l would be £lari at nhr 
timr to bace hhti i-sll. always on a 
friendly foot hip. 

"Eontiv ritands j>*t H " arid Mr. Tml- 
x*Jl_ "It is n esse of 1fX> per cao£ 
Equity w fsr o* we are (."oiieeraed." 

narrnll said lie was no: prepared In 
heliT* Knnity woubl Interfcrs with a 
non-Equity cast, n* none *dtud». He =eid 
nn his ojieninf: triEf't he **"<»nW h»T" 
many uf !be fnr*ni:.5t pcnle or New 
To r li to |hc (.itdienee. He elid not think, 
he as Id, Fruity wrtoW po m ati *itremi? 
and bei.ii? :be -iE*,inprovsT of Lhe be-'t 
pntmns ^f tje tb*atre In this i-lry. 


Vurrarl- tioTrrnor'i W'-lfr Aimonr 
Amcrleini nl Hrl tlthi Coart. 
mr Safari Ssaa w Tbt starrtac Ttlttrma. i 

LONDON. June ].i.— In the brilliant 
pageantry of formal presentation ra> 
Kinp Gcorsc and Queen Msry at Rucl - 
injham Palace. Mrs, Pojt Wheeler, wife 
of the i-onnsetlor n[ th* Am-ricaiB Km- 
baMr. presented the Tollowlu^ at ecmrt 
this evening-. 

Mrs. Lucius M, Cut lib* rr and dsucli- 
t*r. Alice St nf CaliforniB: Mrs. Phillip 
Franklin ami dauahl*T. Belty, of New 
Yrtrkr Mrs. Henry Kayea of New Hamp- 
shire, Mrs. K. O. Mears Ketup of N*w 
Ynrk. Mrs. Hamilton Lewfa, or Chicago, 
the Mis**" Aiin* and Margaret Hal- 
stead of Mnniyral, Mrs. Wait* Ellis pi 
Wfl^hinrton. Mrs, rharJet P. Whitman 
uf Kgr* Ytark ami Mrs. E. R. CrMkett 
of KentuciiT. .,.,,,.. , 

Next Sunday's Morning Telegraph Starts ike Great Baseball Contest 








NEW YORK/ FRrBAY, JUNE ' 15, . 1923 

WILLIAM JENNINGS BRIAN ia Kppoutlr of the opin- 
■!"■ ion that "Statea" ritf ta,7 «h* the tariff, lj * low' '«"*- 
Where 'Slates' Hjjbta" favor his ptt* he U tot ."Statu' 
righta"; otherwise not 

ris now titan for the anna*! dXacuaslon of. moral nod 1m- 
tmit\ biUiiiiff sulta. Oddly enough, our usually ; .JH**l 
Atlantic aeaboard can bo corudderably wroirgbt up over till* 
aubject, while ilfiar the Gulf Coast, where » wujaan who 
tooted in * i^uurant or dollied wtlh a ewlttai.1 -would he 
riiltlnf tar and feathera dons a Beauty one-piee* bathing suit 
without exiting comment. 

A GREAT man j of the customs which are approved or con- 
demned on "pwil gronnda" really ha** nothing to do 
with ranrala at alii, but win their approval or condemnation, 
ln.bioi or prejudice. gru*In,T. nut of local traditions. 

ON the general subject of constaToncy eonsliler the tight of 
the prohibition is is h? Eugland tor a local option low. *» 
that a town can vote.ItMlf dry U It wishes. Eut ■' * n Ameri- 
can dly were to plead for local option ao that it could vote it- 
•fir wet: Treason! 

THE latent local .fad in murder circle* aecm* to be putting 
(hq- body in a bap ot trunk and hauling it around Tor a 
few ' hour*. 

rriHERE B*euia to be a few .preabytcrianB in authority who 
■*■ thfaV It easier to ignore than it would br- to revile the 
CoafesaiaB of Faith. 

A MAN at Bomervillt, >". X, Wiled himself because be 
couldn't repair ■his automobile. There aws men who 
would have gone out In the unrepaired machine and killed 
somebody clae. 

CIANF1ELD wmabj the New York polkc to do 00 per cent. 
' or the tiijnor enforcement In the dcj. What* tinu,to 
thina of such a" thing. He ought to k«p up hi thelriowi. 


ONT massed journeymen butflafS while at work b? 
danger of breaking the anti-Ku Kim law? 

j)EGGT MARSH, it seema, just couldn't overcome Ihe June 
bitte habit 

'in being annoytd by camera fiend*. 
J- 1 nnppoea ho refers to the fiends who lake pictures of 
the girla who write Vmash" note* to him. 

IF *r* go to war *lrh France oycb oar right to paa* n jrro- 
. hihitlnn Jaw e'ver*body; will be. in favqp of a rth)ctiTe 
drdaihl— rignt *ff ihi w«*i ■ 

T^i:M'ITK arannwjitt jtd'ihe ci-utraj-j. it ii finite poaafble 
■M 10 Atnariciniaa I'ilipiut!^ to a crrtain rsteot. Two h*v* 
hc»a arreatedl ;in .UtSa couoVy within a week chargad with 
kitilng TOUufi wmm. 

•XM-'LL us not 'in mournful Unmhcn 
* LLfn i» but an empty ilrroin ; 
With refornurd ninning fiot. 

Life la juat one awful utrrcani. 

PEWlEa BALDWIN is ■ wtta»^ , ^l<?■a d J 1,,,, Epfc*. 
rtn undoobiHlr will pm bin a few pttTtah ?m?i ir 
lie doean't ^watch' ; hii ilep-", | . ■ * v 

ria hard for the «tral ah t- thinking <JerniaB »o. undentahd 
WhJ An*rieu iouriaU refaie to coma nnjOTg bli peopl" 
tc ■pend" want* "anid be 'thauUfd- ^ ■. . 

ON&TENTB: B( .the AW^a of 'japan are ofrWaUj repinl- 
^^■ioiinitataoanil.aie not" permitted: l^. pnter iown« 
ftrtnt under rkfgj ri#l*Hftna. But oflleSal Japan ia IndlK- 
mint becanse lfi*j ire tik-vennJtud r'rfpwr thct^nk^ Staits 
at-TrlH, . . . Jfe *g* % 

A" 8 jbt we hi*ff>r*n'Ui,.;alaii «f anHhTprwtwaift^veT "Tilt 
Sidewalk* i>f New VflrVaa either a j«bU« or a c*m- 
tiaign aong. 

AN esaar in a m-rnt 
Uaijef Ofstii 

itica" are twed aa joke haetcreiipif" 

for Pihr J- critics. . 

IfcypL BRIAN" iatimatw ; that he l» aflll minilwl to rock the 
"■a. Dnnocratic boat "utiles* he la pait "in charga of tbe oore. 

Fi-i reeftUeJ that Ja;Biea Kent, best known tn ram* aa "'Chan- 
cellor K>at." author ol tim Ommantariei" on Amnrlnin 
and tommon law tna».oflciipy th* Time plapp in thia nonntrj 
tiiu e Bladtatofta'a Coininetitariea occupy in England, jWlewa 
in .advanced «dncation .for, 'women: .but let tin not jump to 
concluriona; Chfcneellor i Kent wia a Federaliat and did not 
b*lipTe b tn vote* for women— «r for men, without a proitertj 



Dark Dsugiitcr at Fair Fit* and 
Hoar Hand, Ably Ridden by 
Albert -John boil, Eh e ?. Sp 1 1 dy , 
&»mc and True Eac* to .Win. 
Coaching Club American Oak* 
With Six Lsngttu to Spare. 


BjunjoDas H«as CtonWa From Be- 
hind to Homo. Borne Ahead of 
Episode and Firm Friend— £ D p!y 
Lee ils Fillies in CIos* Finish. 
Cheaterbrook fiarpriiM'. in Third 
Event Leading All the Way. 

***TtHIN BeeeCaoaeaWaiJ of PrOitPat in Brltain."- 
* \~ Jt on thla ride; oh. JohllM Boll, 
■ fta had thin beer and eucb, 
We'd, almplj thank ' nur luchy stars 
And lap op twice aa mnch. 




■"MB* * <* » ■<«*»■*, Oat P U M 

MI epteecaed friend, Bill Seaman, former motorcycle "cop " . 
of Nataan Count.r. writea from alineola that he has "t<-- 
aigned from that perilous, poe-ition" to go into 1 the mutnr sm|i ; 
ply bualceu near. .Kmc'r Corner Be tbinka perhaps it j I 
wonldn't Ho any harm to let people know there -in Cne \rvn ! | 
u.tjEor policeman; to fear, *o tbej won't be frigbtenod as th*.r I i 
apprcaeh th* store and glide by withooc making an j- pur- I 

nOMK pana.of his letter indicate that he is not cntin-ly : 
1 ' optimistic of tames in his new renture. for he saji that - ! 
ont of the firat -pmani he met after buying a Ford for £33 ' 
to be aaed aa a delivery Wakon wa5 the Or^rKecr of llif Poor, 
who barely exeo|rJKed. gmtiog* witb him and then said: 
"I'adll see yon later." ■ 

and <™i ■!,..„, 

Eii|>1«l hdlir,' a ._ 

I -«D 4 JtlftCr mo _. , 
-rt-und. " 

FJmIc •nil Yellow, i(! to J 

^TiT'.'ii^." * pU " "' ' •■■ 

fl ",»«Ui » to Ml Mrolahc, ont 

[Mac* *n<l CP B t iiow. won. 
Lorierer. li^to I NtriJfctl, n io 

1 JUBVBW md rrvn ihnw, kec^nd. 
YorL>hdrr, IE. <.. l ■mlajht, « <n 

l pl«<-* And q to s «hmr. iklTd, 
ihfnltl'lirKnL, I) W J •irnln-tt, A 

to S pine* and f t* I(* aboiT, 

rir*n, 'go to I 

PWH nn.i 4 t< 
.i'»lij. ii fa a qiralgktl 
pl*r* and i t.i 4 ihnW. 
linn K*lr, B to J atrfcfsht. crta 
-iljee - i,d Hoi .bo™," wo», 
II Jo 30 .trnfahl - 

1 itralv 

t* in* ■ 


to id 


U A *TE1V minute* la,ter," 
*flh sto-re and picked lip 

Bili »aya, "I* went owr (o mj 
fouMc&r clover. Which waa 
a]wayc cafeatotafjd tncky r buf-not fsr nf, ■* a fdnawoj- tr-atn 
of farm horvea.vame mlimg 'and the whljSetree' atrunk tut Frdee 
it the body and plaeedla dant that wuld only be put there by 
a tafire sledge hammer and. Flanagan Inolire fli>iti"ir> -a-onM 
have to make the ew-fug. Runaway [r.iin Iiaa not been seen 



Fonr Brftiih Bailors and Five Chi- 

neie Killed When Crow Holds 

Up Fuiengon. 


A crew of tour BriliBll sailors and ii^o 
of a ieorc of Ohlnwc paaaengera aboard 
the two-masted schooner Malj Beatrice 
of NonsttU-were-alain in n pistol and axe 
battia aboard the achooner Tuesday niglit, 
tba aurTiTing fifteen Chlneee found 
aboard ihe boat drifting near Bandy 
Hook and tnwad Into Quarantine by 
pilot Wedncaday night told immigratiou 
officials throned an interpreter- yeatcrday. 

The dead aajlota and Chinese were 
thrown oferboarf Hfter the battle waa 
orer, r-ud 0)0 remaining Cbineae with 
scam martime knowledge tried to bring 
the buoi, waieb was a chort ..distance 
from shore into port. Favored by fair 
weather, they avoided dlaaBter diiftinE 
about until tbey were eighted by -a pilot 
lata Wednesday. 

The captain of the boat waa not aboard 
wjian toe trouble occurred. According to 
the story, of. fjie Chine** he bad collected 
(300 orpartof that siim from each, of 
to* twenty* Celeatlala on the promise that 
he woald bring them to the United Btate*. 
loalilac about I^CKH) in all. Tbey all 
eCt out from Uavaaa on May S. Tbey 
aSgbtcd New York, harbor on June U and 
were drifting about, for aonae lime. The 
captain on that dale act oat for shore tn 
a unnll boat, the Chinese aald r and lata 
Tuesday the ttoubta between the crew, 
consulting of two white men and two 
begroes. broko our. 

According t" the Btory of the Chineae, 
the crew, knowing the Celestial* bad eon- 
aiderabJe manrj with tbem that they had 
earned in the West Indies, held then up- 
with rerolrera and tried to ^ob them. 
The Chinese fought with axe*, and when 
the bnlleta of the crew were exhausted 
theCfalnesp '.'chopped up"- their assailants 
and threw, them Into the ocean, afong 
with the At* of their own kind who had 
fallrn in, the battle. 

Three of (he Chinese found on the 
drifting- reaart were'in a badly mutilated 


Fr«d Wniiuni Charged at Fundia 

Players Hearing of Offering 

Aid for Contract. 


fC*Bi| naB d) a« rmm* 3, ColBiK fl *.} 


C«aitwai*fl JhVrw. lo^air. 

*""******? ■**»« rtiHitaT* In leas. 

a>*T*t»t# aad J BTBhmhXy BlDStdr. 

A GoTCmbicnt wltnra. Fred WiUiama, 
a morion picture exhibitor of Green- 
wich, Cfc, also publifter of the m&£ 
land Review, was accused on the stand 
yesterday in the investigation being: eoo> 
dueled by the Federal Trade Co nun in - 
*ion to, fljcertain whether the Famous 
Playera-Laurky Corporation U a trust, of 
JinviiiR offered in "n rcnifrsntion in the' 
Jiraring chamber With Lo-iiia J. Beltniek 
end George Selwffrr of thfl Fnmous 
Playera, company hefore tatbig the staid 
"to call everytblnit qoita" if he redid 
«et a five yeans" contract-'-Trith' tlie 
Famous Players company foa pieturteJ I 

The witneas waa accused by Bbbert 
Swaine, counsel for Famon* Plnyerk, 
during toe course or bis eroBs-eMrman-. 
tlon. : - " S 

**I did express a" desire for a fire-year 
contract on the baaia of ■ 10 per cent, 
tnereaae each year in order that Famous 
Playen would not erect a theatre ii rat 
door to my booae. but'l .■baoJotcly did 
not atate that I wnold caJI evpTyCiing 
quits," declared the witnra*. 'I would 
be tfealed to death -to get auch a con- 

A I no nrin. ip "llawder," 

Coansol Swaine for FamauB . Playera 
also accused .WiUiama of "aaoderinj" 
tbe Famoua PJayera Company In ■ his 
publication. The neeland "Reriow,' and 
the «itnoa> In reply said that he seat a 
Eftttw to B. R. Kent, general Kales xnaV 
aper fee the Famous Players Company, 
in. which be made the oUer to retract 
anj- article that tb* company eonlii point 
"was unjust erlticism," Williams de- 
clared he receired no reply to his oftTer. 

In tie eounw of hit Soterrocatlon il T . 
Swaina also recalled a visit-paid, to S* 
Fanious Plnycra officer Jjy a aolidtor 

aoekinit prl&tlai work, who rrpre«ented 
WitUams, Swaine nald thst the solicitor 
screed the nublicntion, 0^* Jlffljand 
Review, wuft -lay off" thr Pamout 
Plajarfl if they got BOiur of die nnutins 
at Presa aheett, Swaine unid the solicitor 

Waa told, io re!l W'Uliama "to jto to ," 

and that the printing could only be ob- 
tained through coni|K-tiliT(; bidding. 

_ <laya H«. Dlpphnraied *tati. 

*fFyiiaaui admitted kiwwiedffe of the 
incident and said that vrheo Oa foIIMot 
tedd blm' what he bari snid to the reppe- 
sejitatire of Famous Player* hp dis- 
chjarged him, and aim rejectH n flO>> 
printing job that harl bw* 1 awarded him 
by Famous Playrrs, after 3f' per cent. o. r 
ttf work bod l>een dnne, 
"^ direct examination hr Marvin 
Farrington, connsel to the Federal Trade 
commission, WiliianLi testified .fis tt 'lit- 
cutty he hid had with the Famous Play- 
en Company over a. cootraft for pic- 
tures, which hr said Famous Player* 
bad tried to cancel. A 'settlement, he 
aald, via* 'finally reached iruh Faiboua 
PInyers after he, Williams, harl made a 
ofl'njplaint to the Thi-atr? Owner*' Chant- 
bar od'CopimerW: IN the National As- 
sociation >ir Theatre Owners. 

The- bearing will be resumed at I0.3D 
o'cleck thia morning, when Sydney B. 
Cohen, president of the Motion Picture 
Theatre Crwaen Df America, will be re- 
called as a witness. , 

plasrc «Ad oat .how, «'*> nB d. 

M >ls-Cer *nd Oat ikair, Ullfd. 

I*IF-TK . RAfR, 

wlrihsr Hond. y m io atralvlit, 

l lO 4 lU(| •n'l OBI ►fcorr. 

RplKod*. a fat 1 ulr 
filArc and S lo 8 

Finn Frlrml. W i„ 
In 1 liliicp and 

■;»**. B to r 

ibn-ir, acennd. 
I -ir.tjthr. £ 

■ (!J 5 aharr. 




Brtakdown of Bioker Followi. Lmg- 

Conltieaae With U. S. Diitrict 

Attorney HaywaTd. 


utrnitcht, 1 { D 3 f \ mt . 

Pp»j, r fo 
plBrt anil 

nil!;: Wirrrn, ... 
even p\m-r and 

* to !t m on-. 



That'* the Ilea alar 

Munich la Knr tmy. 

(B> L'alVd Sm :- Tit Si;ii:r( -r:*pr.i.1 j 

MfJMCH, Juoee ]4.-Altheugh huge 
quart steins at .Muncbner co^t ^,OU0 
tAflrits, nominally WO apiece, at thp'tfof- 
beaq Ilaca, beer works out to only 2 
eoata the atein when uoueht by Amrn- 
cans here. - 

Champssne can be hmi^ht for the 
etiin'ralent nf 30 cents a Itottle. irhile 
wttisky". which doe to the prcralance of 
synthetic chemical campotinds. la as 
^•third rail" as any bootke hrand, coils 
50 cents a quart- 


h ., UT AftrEDl'CTi ' - J . 

SHAJ*PSHOOT£R'S one best 

-?&**■■ '■■■■• ■ MTTT BEAU 

mr~^. — - ■ ' I.... , ■- : r — 

" By J0HK I, DAY. 

A tnrf iHuroph. well de-err e.f not 
somewhat helated tilt* seaaon, came Thr 
waj of Major Ausrunt Belmont. Jcm-Ilpt 
Clnh chairmsn and recognized tnrt 
leader In thee* parts, nben How Van 
led from ntnrt to nn|*h to win ihr 
C&aching Cluh Amarlcan Oaka feainrc 
rrent of th* closing day of the Kprins 

IC'onllEinr-A An P*b b *. Colu 

«aattc rail, (u v^tLV Itvferee im 

BflSkrnnlrr. HUo Waltm l.<m £ 
■* . lor nitntn. 

^'irb E, M. Fuller under the ™' r e of 
4 pbji.cinn in UiJoff.Sireei Jail afi^r 
B, COUaiea from nervous nhflu^imi, the 
In^iurj int.. ibe sffain of the bankniK 
atoch broserage flrm. in which he was a 
partnr;-. prereevhid je-terdaj offemoon 
before Har-oH P. CoHd. ref*f*e. The 
entiie momius wn^ ^pe B t wnliijjg lor 
FfllVr. irhu w*» expected to irmhe aen- 
eatifmal dindoiures about ;!,.- alTiiiri "f 
thr tlrm. Finallj. Iteferep Coffip got In 
touch *iih the IVi^d 3rnie a Mar^all^ 
offlef. aa^ lenrneti rbai rbert wan a mls- 
underMsiidLiir:; th> tBarahaii'a ofa«-e 
thought y'sPei w*a to har*r- appeared at 
10 o'clock ihifi munjlog i n ihe office of 
United atsr,* UUirk-t Attorner Kny- 
ward to resume a conference wliJeA waa 
bejnn nt M o'unci. [qm SlyBt and lusted 
t«o hours. Wfitii bad been nfo| ;.. Hoy- 
ward that Fu.l> r was unable to Leave his 

■When tlii* dlwk*ure *r'aa mndp Rpf- 
en-c.Comn.hiJ thr mrurd drawn up for 
presentation >■■ Lhe court in [he eeeni it 
is desired in bav^ rti^ mnrabal lielfi In 
eonicnipL Ihe Darahal was nenln i u . 
stnirted that he ] IB s oHer* to jiroduce 
Fuller Ht 11 p dock this morning nnrt 
or. each aucceedLnfi morning ttntil otlwr- 
wise directed. Si*Rel*ie.n, officifll 
Phrsinan for ShrrirT Percy N'egJc. who 
tUtnd the crrtifipnff. saylnir Fuller was 

BS! ,n ,^ J " 9 mt - lrtori ""« Fuller 
Mould remain in bed two or three day*. 
HP sotd bin can ii i h on is not aeriotip hut 
that he rtqiiirea f e«r. Fuller- and bin 
parrner. \\ . Frank Hetwe, pleaded faKty 
to charcei. nf bucket inr nrdent for Btnrloi 
Wednesday mornina heferr- Judge tTiorleB 
Nott lu (lenrral Sraaiona and are 
awnirJiu aenttnee. 

.lo ftj-mp*thr Eapreaaed. 

The renortad Hiness nf Fntler bnrngfct 

n« ripresifont of aympatliy nor any ten- 

deooy to crant -rin.i- -for- bis reeorery, 

Wltile ant riopbtint^that he moat feci thr 

effebia nf -the severe' arajnj hv haa been 

under, the su&Lmoo bi evident that *hr- 

may be pJaylufr'for tirtip to get help under 

tbe threat that far may-mahe dlrcJosiireB 

Which will heavily InroTvi: otliera. When 

I plendlng puilty lie declared that he coul«j 

! never be convicted, but that h« lcoald 

to To j*il t« save his friend* from em- 

bprrriwrnpni. At the some time lin Mid 

I he ip wttbout fnnda. 

j From this tbe iDfon-nc-e is drawn m 
. {iiiarters frankly unfriendly to ftim ihat 
i lie is playing for a few days' Time to see 

■ if the friends he ia quite frankly njd. 
' tectinj ivill come to hU reaetiei if o<[. 
\ he «-i|l mnke' t