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Full text of "Joshua Sylvester Workes, 1621"

J £■>■*• ■ 2 H 


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—J- P- 






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i i r 


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■ -i/r ■ 


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} id\t :w: I'd 




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V^ X 

ff Y Af -< iKfTMAGN.^ BRITA\ \I 




< ■ 








Dmiftf WE EKES . 


ACompleate Colledio 

of a 11 tlie.otlicrrmofl' 


Trail (la ted and f 
written byy 


rDwrnufus > 
Iosva } i Sylvester 

I ■ » 


*») »« • 





London [.nntrJ i»y *\ 
Hump] Lorn y 

* ++. 


r ' i 










V. **t 






H • 






A N 




Jujla Scruubo. 

E I A M E S S T V A & T : 

<_/f /tfi? Majlcr. 

Or A iutt Matter hunt 1 Ubouf dlon^ 1 
To A iult Matter /■»*«* / vrndmylxjl: 
\y A iutt Mai /&«*# V M/fc /10 tito^ 

/^ A iutt Matter would my life be If left, 
,-» J\ iaftM after are all rertues met: 

From A wes abouncLmt grace: 

Bwr.Ai ittM-tter 

7/w* A iutt Matt 7E*w^f />&«* *«: 
r^, A iwtt Matter />„** ; found in fine. 

of A in 1 Matte fjm q*efio* 7hu> 
Whom A iutt Matter I fo tuft define ; 
My Lte K e Iambs S t v a a t A iutt Matter*. 
And A iutt Matter rwrWwj ^"* deferue, 










■ <? < 


# Chrijliene. 


M ^Jencoicpli.sdcC>.rq dttapff) 
q fcognoiflkm loyal ton Royal Hen 
gVrt b« x Lhbre&zu Sceptrcdes G.i«uw 
,Commc?uvray^M*tffii*dcsv: s SubicClsFriljpw; 

Cy a tes picds facrcz tc fait ion faind ffmwMgt 
(Dc ton limur kGrendenr eternal tt lOlgrfagc) 
Miroi : touts Hem. Miracle de touts 191. 
Voy ( v i onS A i. vst E.oin'pc lemoiitf)fonombre£ 
( more (pour femoi dc TmB$ plus divinv 
Q strop royrcis par mon pinccau rrop fombic, 

ontauxRaizd tcsY .xplusbcnirs. 
q .esd' \ti ailbemn & d' vn accucil Augusic 
RecoytonchcrE*r/* 5 &Vo y Sire Sal v it e. 


delosvA Sylvestir: 

de wftre A/Jte/te 


I _ i 

*** S'Vrl 

A l'ifteffafua Maiefta fcrcnifma, 

Eptim\,gM«#<fc £4 Mufa Ingtefe, 

Vtmmurafidel Br scctecryji at/sue, 
Ch' ilptu dtvtn del dtvm 
foco f mtendefuor del fue Pack : 
rerc (Signer) Comegia U Erancczc 
7 'a Celclrate di-qta I' Apcnino ; 
J>ilai Italic a dip 'error tn* 
K^noefiral Mtetue ledsimefe. 
Stche,L y el\ nidtdmu 

\ JmC fai,fnCenu*rimmeng* 

o*/*m Firtu Valor, heii y Prudes 

****** mdjrdvtglujMa. 


Offervantif* -> 
I I. S. 

Corona Dedicator i a. 

ToEnclar.d's > Scotland\riance& Ireland's King . 
Gnat "Empcrour c f E V K O P E'S grcateft 11 

Monarch of Hearts^ and Kjirii^ and every thin" 
Beneath BOOTF. i\ many thou/and my Us • 

V i on who' «d, Honour and Fortune Cmflcj j 
About w hole brO'Ajjtluftcri of Crowns do fpring : 

t> 7^/r / aith, Him Cham- 

fion of the FAITH en-ftiles: 
Whofe Wifdomes Fame 
Ore all the World death ring: 




tier faire <Dahghtert bring 
The D ArPNEAN Cre.vr, 

To Qrtrmie Him ( LaureAl ) 
Whole and fele Sevtratgne 
tl e T H P I <" Spring: 

Pri.u<of P ARNASSVS,«cl'K':iiiOt 
^**/ » r £~r »•*, » hei r kingdoms Arms tin juld ; 

Jl-.rue thee Pcnns Snn-ukein d Cynttrian field. 
S 'abyl -Se: , s ,and their -Trejforcr 

Bart A^tncG. car: Inerofstby Syi v t ST BK v 

Our did r no N h t enfew'd 5 

Oui^^^t^^fioau Y-rull gair ^ did bring, 

y» /rjrrj i>ce fmtl;, amtd our JighesTvee Sing: 
"* ' ^ /ifttfcjf // eur dying L IQ HT renevfd. 

As wh he A R A B I A N (only) Bird doth burnc 
Her aged body m fweet F L AM B S to dcatb a 

Out e/Htr CINDERS 
A new Bird hath hearh, 

Of tho FIRST rttnrue% 

From Swrtc Ajhc* of the facrcd VRNE 
OfOoH rh<roix (dw E I I Z A B E T H) 

ji new true PHOENIX Mjjlmifr& 

Hbem grnuer gleries the* the Bass dderat- 

So much (0 King) thy facred Wonhprcfunj-I -cn s 

I am 4 MhouiuftHcir uf^W***tf Vr- ^ 

A » 


■ ^H 

■ ■ ■ 'iff: 


*-4j I ^ KB 

** -* 


' .4 

•"v^ -r 


W^^ iU Soo T^s long ( f ver > 

v K I T I N G n0tt /„« * if/A »*' n*"^ 

V "(Ltd fir *"&££& C^^n: 



T, RVLE'kj SubuUet 
InhU GOSPEL* *'***• 

Of GOG snd MA GOG, Athetfm**d Error 

In meek Obedience of Th' Almightic: s Pleafurc, 
And to give Cajai what belongs to C a * * *• 

Iffcik fid-glad Eholahd jwWi ifer Diddems, 
To /** diffoid *t ih'me lmftruU Pltsfure: 

While Pecn & States eipofc their pomp &trea/urc 
To entertain thee fromihy Tweed to T ha ml J 

}Vtth %W/ Pnfcntesy 
Ami rarc-freewtu Ccmmcs^ 


As ATnUet md MtMn X 

CtncuTTe m Uffj meM fttrf. 

"•Ke r fen U n ),0WC ^ ftwcT F*™you 

W S c my s T C ' ^ ScWicC > Wfc and Art 
wim all the S i n k « y v . s of a Loyall Heart, 

Corona Dedicatoria. 

With all the Sinnh w es of a Loyall Heart, 

Vnto Your Royall Handes I Humbly Sacrc 

lhefe wecks(flk works of the worldsglorions Maker) 
Divinely warbled hy LORD BART AS Kjlrl 

( ["hough through my rudenrft hecm un'd mpart). 

Vor, to* whom tneeter fl»ouW I hu Mule betake her, 
ThdM to Tour Higb>*ffe, 
Whom {.u chufe far fakir) 


AU MVSES Crowne 

For PriKCtpdll Defate? 
Tov ouldUcrcd Art and learned Pietic 

] n ci Ot He MuGckSing 

The Royatl Deedes of the redoubted Dettte, 

But to a Itarned and religious K 1 N G ? 

To whom but You mould Holy Eaith comend-her, 

Great King of England, Chriftian Euth's Defender i 

G .cat Kinc of Embmd, C h n &* Defender - 

no < ;^mmm*<* 

(jst what ts nine of tl Divine Conjeclion) 
Boldem mee thus to lot* the Same to tender: 

But '.'^ ilh t det 

For \o\ i or my i«<SLorH 

j MIT I J °f er 

To Tour I > I'totctltcMi 


which '' *" dr > 

The m {er - , . 

Bur, for FHOR,w 


And His rare "thy Tour t ert 

rtfow?hheer Hu injlre too -too-much <*f 


Accept m> A J md cI 




I I 



I I 



^TT^TrarcIon mine Indignitic 

T,S1XG to our I •/<**" 


After it Self 's Condignitiei 
Ore fweetl .s of your R. F -™« ar 

Way Dune fo warm on theft « tide Froit of mioe, 

^/ *t*r* 1*17 mend their vert**, u { it. and fa vour y 
yjind Kjfn /aire the Reft that are belnnde: 

The rather, if Tom Clowde of C o m r o r t drop 
Amid the Braunches of my Mailed Hope. 

Amid the Braunches of my blafred Hope, 
Three NobieDcarcheshac^iTvMiJ^^f laic, 

&KTT (1 ****** ~tif9oWfie fate : 

But ( i '* :■ ' i '. iid untimely lop 

TheFirft: the Next >: ;h his Fill, did dtopc 

The Third rcmainet, grow en a : .irm of State : 

Moft WOK HIE So, 
But [• fr£'—ccatpatc 





itn my / %?<** 

f>3»rgotf t eatte ) u light 

halU ,norc fwccdj nde her folnn. 


Corona Dedicatoria. 

Shee fhall more fwectly End Hen folcmnc Song 

(If Heaven grant Life, and You give leave todoo-it) 

By adding filly \*All thofe Partes <vnt$ it 

Which more frecifely to Tour Praife belong 

(Wherein exprcfly, with a Thaokfull tongue, 
Toyourgreat Self, Ai-otLo's fclf apphes-hjm, 

Teelds 7 0V His Lanreli, 
And d$oth all agu\*-him 

E R A T O. 

Raft with the Wonder 

Of T^ur Virtues* Toung). 

All the Pofthumi race of that rare Spirit 
(His n tunes, fweeteil nccr his laceft brea 

Which, of hu glory their Childcs-parl inherit 

(Though born^ alas!) after their father 4 death) 

As Epilogue, fhall Pay our gratcfull Vowes 

Vndcr the fhaddowc of lour Sacred Boughes, 

Vndcr the lhaddovve of Your Sacred Boughes, 

G r •eS^iPr^WMr^^T^t ' axos 

(Greater than that great Tree */Baiylon) 

Nonurvaile if our TVRTL Efeek to Houfe; 

Sith C ab $ a r 's Eagles, that fo ftrongly Rouie : 

Thold ^gard Falcon, hatcht by Ptmftlau: 


I JmA «»t T U E S E alone. 




M*r every Ttiri and Beaft) 

With HV At BLE vovet, 
Seeks rooft or reft vnder your mighty Bowers : 
So mighty hath th' Alm« R hry made y 

Honour Him who thus luth Honour' d 7e* t 
Andbmld Hu houje who thus hath faffed Xouru 
So/ ill (land (propt till 

To ^ a Tcnour, and to Friendcs a Tower. 

A 4 







-T Iir^rFncrdes a Tower : 


jnHf«n *f n a r z s) 

When (tn his Blifs-full B*nr) 
Heircns King dial crowo thee w ith th" immortal flow, 
Fall all Thrl'c Blckingj on that forward Prince 

H i k r 1 1 (#*r Hope) to crown Hts Excellence 

^KiMctf Homejbroad iCon^uoaj 

So Happily, that wee may ftill Conclude, 

Our Sunne did Sette and yet no Nigh: enfew'd. 


T he Order of the Books or Tradts of thi 


The fii ft Week containcth Scauen Daycs. 


C ? Day, 

C7 Day. 

THE-<6 Day. 

The Second Wccke likewise Seauen Dayes: 
whereof Three wore never fmiihed. 

I Day, 


The Impoflute. 
The Furies. 

The handy-Craft j 
The Arke. 


The Cclumnes. 


The Triumph of Faith. 
The <$uadrdnsof Ptbrac. 
The Miraculous Peace of France. 
A T aradox againfi Liberty. 


Little Bart.ts. 

The Map of Man. 

The Maidens Blufb y or lofeph. 

lob Triumphant. 

Bethultans Refcte. 

A Hymn of Almes. 

Memorials of Mortality. 

S r . Lewis y ihe Kmg, 

The Tropheis of Henry tin Great. 

The Battaile of Inry. 

All u not Gold thatglifiers. 


3 Day, 

The Vocation. 
The Fathers. 
1 law. 
The Captaims. 



f The Trophtis. 

The Ma^mjuence. 
av,~^ The S r me, 
£ The Decay. 


Scl/e-Cii ll.irre. 

A Cup of Confolation in ChriUian 

Tobacco battered. 
Latym* Lacrymarum. 

^An e <vpon . iVtUims Sid- 
neys death. 
Honor's Fajevrell. 
x^An Etc ;ie vpon the death of Doihr 

Hils nife. 
A Brief e C atechif me . 

Mottoes . 

The Wood-mans Beare. 

A Preparation to the Ref»rre< 

A labUofthe id tfuMrftries. 





* * 


%r A 

m m 




■ ■ 



i— -* 






jE^HQi x , on la Vertu I c 1 ir - 
au front, ma rquez d c Scavotr & d ' EJprit^ 
Nc font que du B a * t a * vn ombre exterieur. 

LePinccaun'enpcutplus: Mais, de fa proprc Plume 
II Pert pcint le Dedans^dzns ion divin Volume. 

7hefelaure*t Templet whkhthe Laurel prace . 
7befe r Ioncft Ltnes fe S ignes *f W W Art - 
7hu Map at V cr • ucs , m a M ufe /«// F^r 5 
Are but Ablufl) §f Cartas outward ^Mr/. 
7 fe* P«rioi r<?w/^/ no m$re : Bnt his oxvne Pen 
Limn htm . wkh-in. the Mr it I* nf ,w-« 






crum Memorix Ornatifsimi Pientifsii 
ipfucs Amtct ,Magiflri iofuas Sylvefter • £ 

inOppido Jdleburoen!:, njteefimo off wo diiSiptem 
irts y Anno Domini \ 6 1 8. A -Aztattsjux 

jf . Putts Concefstc. 

HIS LlFE,&c. 

K Verfe to personate what ^rt hath painted, 
Craves not Apelles % but Apolb's skill - 
Thca/4Wandj2ri«i of Mir as learned (V ill, 

Orjomt with A t f ><w« heft-acquainted. 

Yet, fich even all, whole Brorres z deck with £<</«> 
Secmtonegle&Thc /'-«« hnrh r he 1 nes 

(With Oaten -pit** in hf^^^^W^WWWr^^^^ 
To found, not Arts, but Hearts plain warbled Ldyes, 

Is 'cnata Wonder, worthy admiration, 

In this fo Sin-full, Stn-foule Age, to fee 
A 1 1 rea 1 1 Venues i n on e M to bee ? 
All, met in one > havexohabracion i 

Thou waft no Lordly «reat Cofmopolite ; 
Yet, much renowned by thy vcituous Fame : 
A Sainton Earth (N< rd of rue) 

Atru( tthanae^Ch tn-Jjrailite. 


Thy Wifedom, in thy Sparing 

' i- n tie.. /K -. I.J 

isfti isMrdsi] ;lddror «'* 

Yet, ffbrir and H #r*« i) all ) wi;h C«w 

Thy /»/*//*, Sobrietii, \ ownc. 

Relit>t6us, Valiant , 1 ike { 1 d /<»/**. 

Religion, in Thy d I lie : 

Courageous , to \ hfrandAdv tiric 

And worldly Cares • which mofl mofi 

»'#r/b did ftream 

Beam : 





Jits Un 


-as $ 21 , " D,,tc,,, 

OtfEloqi. ceth. M ' f P a, " c > 

Th fc, )m iccm to over-Howe. 

\ eft ZfrB*ff*(that rare ^ P<*« 

Of P*i to paft ar.d future Times : 

j s,fcgrcd,racrtdli*tfi 

T h return an J*/* by his «w* 

01 •KVfcTiuftlyir. re) 

Tj, iir,fdtrim, 

As or! 

Yea,Al! ar'dH vathc refuch, 

nofi hy&retkrens i-to «S/kui*j 
T»er iwtorl rumn-fc ?rcdZ*4W5 

rtf* is d the Weight fo much. 

L ■--- 

N 'them this ha .illation, 

•irj ifingVcinc fttoovai: >ut, Thine, 

^> 'far. .crc,l)ivine. 

Rick Ptti-UKTcitTh$u wcu of our Nation. 


• In 

T <■ 

I Spleen infernall 

3(BflC tliy P nife y 

2 Hayes. 
Offprifigsi nufUi U 

What (ho ..d I fay? much morctl n-T cm ■',-,- 

t 1 **" .uc ,rc. 

an //*/* « 


' J I 


A bletfed Dttlb an hoi) Lift eitjues, 
TliV Pious End thi>Tr«ri>hath wellexpreft : 

Such as thy If', fuch was thy Vt*b , aU-blcft : 
Thy Hcav-n-born **fc, her N ative-Homc did chufe. 

And hadltthoudy'dat Www, it had bin better; 
It would (at leaft) have given thee much Content : 

,,„ f | lcc rin,£/>e^' swo,th y tobc ,' , 

Nor minde I tins, but then I blulh for frame 

Yet 'O vnkinde) deny'd thy Corps a Grave-, 
Much more a SUM, reared to thy turn. 

But, Thou weft wife , who to* ft^buiiffi One 
t S.icli fuch an 0«; as is of cndlcfs Date : 
A 11 royall-one ' which (fpiteof Hate) 

ToS laft time (hall make thy Gkry knowRe. 

{Ah uLir/'M mH-v*kmde t to Thee.) 
yet beer accept aMsteofUve from Met 

(Thj Mtutfi Brother) lb* Mean Bpiaph i 


In formolt Rank of Poets belt, preferr d. 

Hit Death. 




. ■ 





«* * 

1 I 


■ | 

> " 






Printer, to the Reader. 

tocemrnendit: it^lfpeakeforit(e\fe x fader then either * 

y , or ,/; vy. 1 o»elj ndvertife my Rcfider tbJtfiue 
bedetib of the a ■ >f*> leaf ithejafetofajthofe men m JeaJ y *i»ever 
(„ Monuments) J haue carefully fet. 'he- 

&(, hit drvine \ \ U i as the(e vhkb are vcllycorthie to Uve [like 

krone fair reefe> that miy both cklenge time avdont- 
re it t dnrfi no; coneeaJe the hrmlefifa; \ of his insffc ie youth jvbtcb 

nmfelfe hjd de-. i to Silence and Forgetfulnef-. it k fo m • mere 

glarjto that vorthte Spirit, that bee rrho wasfo happy in m\ full fir aim 

would yet t*rne and 'confine hit pen to none bit: holy and religion* dittos. Let 
the prefent and future times enioy fo profitable and fleajlnia \Vork 3 and at 
once honor the ■ >*"^- — -- -uionim' — 





Apelles (rather 

OtR At-ollo) 

world's -wonder 


that rare more-tha-man, 

This Lovely Vinti 

fii ft to L I M N E begannc, 

With fuch a PEN C ILL 

as no P E N N E dares follow : 


AttcptthcTiiirvThich yet none other un^ 

Far be t he thoughr.that mine vnlcarncd hand 

His heavenly Labor mould fo much vnhalloW : 

Yet, left (that Holy-R E L I QV E being flirin d 
In Torn Hish-Place.clofw locU from comon light) 

My Countrey-men mould bee debarr'd the fight 

Of thefc D V I N E pure Beauties of thcMinde ; 

Not daring meddle with A PEL LES TABLE, 

This haue I muddled , as my M V S E was able, 

jr • 




B I 




! w .> 

■ I 

i^vig X JS 


Hence ne Hands. Fartors fcr Hearts profane : 
Hence h ; Athtsf * Mifle-Creantt: 

Hence Boziard h.tes. djzlcd i I Bauto 
HenceitchingEr hToyes and Tales vp-tanc: 

Hence Green-fick Wirt, that relifhnoughr bur bane: 
Hence dead-fctoc Juior*, drown'd in I^norar 

H nee 


o - 


n pe*> vaine .inter pane: 

Hence p C ;«, carping pift your 

H'.-needullConceiprs, that have no true M 
H^ncc envioui w/, converting Goqd to III: 
H all at-once,that lack(or love not) Li ** n i 

Hence A holy , from the Warll, T trt h Fc, 

1 As Gracc bro <->»» n y GuetL 

■ >- 

■ .^j 


^ ?± •: 



But(my bell Gue(t)wclcom gr:at King of F * t «. i I 
Wdcom fair Qv E E N (his vertue's vertuoua Love) : 
Wdcom right AGLETS ofthc ROY A L Eyrie : 
Wclcom found Earcs, that facccd Tunes approve . 

Wdcom pure hands, wfiofc Hearts are fat above: 
Wdcom dear Souks, that of Arts choice are chane: 
v ^ srr or »hom true ztaldoth move-. 

Wdcom good Wits, that grace-Mi Mirth can varie: 

Wdcom niildc Centers, that mean flips can cover: 
Wdcom quick Spirit., that found the depth . I : 
Wclcom M EC* N AS,*d each LEA RN 1 : 
Wdcom All good : Wdcom, with all my 1 tear. , 

Sir-down ( I pray ) and rarte of every ^ 
If Ought nul * > berrcr Cooke 1 v. 






* t 

Intimo losv*; Sylvestri. 


T frdeffefri pofsity Saluftius <#to 

Gallis, quod nob it Iofua wyfcr, #/>*/.* 
/& <r£# «a*f J A* iw nomine dignus 

uemjimul Author ufamd. chdrog, vidcmus 
Commum Pttridconfulmffebono. 

Io. Bo. Miles. 

dd iojuam ^ettcrajn, G. Saluftij 

gtnuinum Intcrprctcm. 

ire sgc, drutm cukifsimo Itngud Saluftf, 

(St lv i , T ii) Clan, eeMJrtHkba. 
tly z i| fm/*rr* /vgi convener* , & u 
Bdocutt/enfiafr/udverbd Senex? 
o*fl aug*, wfw tteroKccmpdgefolutd 
In te Ammd Ely xJum freer dt tpfafibt > * 

tmtrmfrumdn fedgenutndcdnit. ' ***= 

lnUr ?r"d*l>itcttunc<i<LiU*n, t 






Jte l^il /vt * 




* , 

1 ' AJ 





Vere Os Sdlu/lj. 

S tit Syl^hst er nojlrocur Orevoceritl 

jinqahdmOx. e /^r^ Mel > ^Ww y**r* Mel-os? 
, Anqubdh artaji faciem dumpingis et Oia, 
Ora tuipariter qualibet or a coht ? 

Nempe licet dur am pr Ate fers nomine Si lvam, 

S tlv at et j&Ubr as cor mm* nulla tenent 
Scdquod ^yi 'thenar urn C o r , dux SoUminim ohm 

Dtsit^ lne/IltbrJfQs£ ; vigor £ tuts. 
ErgoOs ejlo dlijs, milriSuadx Lingva violerfi^ 

Mufes et PharbirWdrus O c a l t v j ate. 


Ad Galium tfc P,aifllP!!!PWWinfTtCeMonato. 

QVhd GdlUufdftus mo do fu, mirore, Brdoxnnt, 
Gdlle ? no vum vide as , nee tamen invidesi : 

Silveftcri^/fVr, iwj&r Barcafius, ambo 
Ld»deqmdcmgcminodigni J 'vtct ambo port. 

In Detraftores ad Authorcm. 

Tacedt tnoleuolum Os mdle ft repent it Zoil 
Monttrum biltnguc, feptupUx Hydra cap**: 
Bum Sep: i manam fepttes fimiiom cdnis 
Te SepitmAndfcpticsfdnflmmfdcit 
Quavis^ nee v\U deleat Iofuam Dies. 
Xempe Ore fori Verofi licet meo, 
Os ipfe Vers dicer it S a l v $ t i i ; 

' // impttdru dentthm mordenttbtu 
lmpurtorts Oris, eiBt& Tbeon 
O s non cdrere dentiim fctdt tuum. 

E. L. Oxon. 






E ftfijcancrtf Melpomencsmclos, 
Mufarumuc potcns pater 
Pulfans pleilra fonantia. 
SylvcZere, mcam tu fuperas lyram, 
Etlingwm modulum dum rudis obftrepit : 
Vatem commcruit decus 
Nemo frontcgerens Daphnidis arborcm, 

Vel Maitcm valuir fcriberc bcllicum 
Digne, vel Veneris ro/a? 

Laudem tcr geminam Sicsettdum meis 
Sacra progenies fat is; 
Non vos cequiparcm roodis. 
Gallorum Druidas hofpitcsarborum 
Bxrtds grandiloqui carminis alite 
Pwrftat: nofteramatfui 

Ambo fie proprias viribus ingenf 
Divas ruricolas ponricolas fimul 

Viciftis, trivijmcum 


Coilum percutiat Gallia venice 

Ipfoscalicolas terra Britannica! 
Qua: Vates tulei int duos' 
CUrospra>rcliqui snovos# 




C «K«fc%, 





E P I G R A M. 

7 o \1. lofuah Sylvefler, 

F to Admire were to commend* my Vraife 

Might then loth tbee.thjm md merit rji/ 

^* But,** it v (theckildeof hnoranc 

^yindviter}iran\ertoaUayeof\ nee) 
*Ht<*TJV ^^ ^ ^^ ^ [hy areupamci, hut errc? 

Since they can only tudge, to At c in differ. 
B. ' old ! iherevercnd Shade of B a a » 

ore m; thought, and (in ih) ) ommtok 

at to the . U J>M(h t for htm , 7 hit ; 

• AR TA s doth lit iow were His. 

So well in that are his in cen'Jons wro^hi, 

jsf/iswiVnowl>eiheTi ill 
7hmethe(';^ llmst* 

No more , thoje m Ifgjgj^ 

B. Iol n. 

I n praife o f the Tranflator . 

% p divine 1U r t a s (from ? leffed Braines 

Such H arfc of grace y er grace full works did /iream) 
_ 'lerefo aimtr'd {or Witt's c *S 

^ i made their ^ertues Seat, the hi I am- 

Tfr«*, 1 o ah, «Ar S un o/ //;; *ng to />r j;/<? 
ShaUtisedftandm Airs fatre Fi mamene 
Titf DilTblution^fc Times A mdDayes, 

Sith right thy Lines *«- W' WlUR 3" 

/ */*Coi ornw^ xff«»mrv«di) 

The Vniverf all mftrticilmi 

Andtbwe the fame, mother 1esrmi,afjoras % 
both >ow Tearms a ree m frun Wars: 
If 'him Ire on. ,an lift c, 

y are (tee uod, eternailjuh Divine. 


ToM.Iosvah Sylvester, 

ofhisBARTAs Mccaphrafcd. 


&?**?& Dm CM f e fl'-> 6 f'J*»fa mrt tf,J * *** 9 

*~~ jj| fcjgj! i\or Us:, n>r can 1 envy tone but thine. 

+* Shec, d> eneht alone in S . on 's facrt d Spring 
Her (Makers pr~> t hathfweetly (hofeto xn^ 
x^Andreac>et:> merest tn \yin^th notes aLone^ 
Or lists tofi j> Tales , it 11 arret or Lone. 

One while ifinde her, in her nimble f^bt, 

Cutting the brazen tphfares of betvn bright : 

Thence^jlr. /Jjegitiles. before I bt an ire, 

7hrou[ reer'ctonsoj ihelqutd^re: 

7/:. /:. e. i ufbtng aown ih §agh \ aruff 's Cltfet-cbri 

Sbee ranfdcks allberG rjndame's fecretjtore ; 

Kjtnd y da vmo in tne in rnefl o\ 

Seesthtrenhxt we ues tnprijon weep 

K^And vhatfl above, lelowcjelhcen, 

Sheefhowes ondfimoi it others eires and e;ne. 
7' u true, thj Mu nothet $ peps doin prrfi: 
7h: more \w Dune nor is her pratfr t elefi. 
Pi eedom ~tvesf;ope, into the roving thcught . 
M hreiirainl.ucurba $ wonder j gLbt 
7hsifeet,infc(tredw*Lkenfjne,#,jH! ' 

»'/ chums, m it warn titir * anted ha fie 

Tho >9'stnm2<]isdtvi>.erpTr in ,. J ' 

Andfiniilhisnumh-rsinhuHUiue veme 

^•bitmrumeefMefremt (t m („i, tefiyv) 

Iof. Mai! 

To my good friend, M. Sylveller, 

in honour of this facicd Work. 
Hits to adventure forth, andre-convay 

The bejt oftreafures from a for ram Coaft, 
%^Andtakc that wealth wherein they olorxd mosl y 
And make it ours by fitch a gallant pr ay , 
A nd that without iniu/lice 5 doth ben ray 
The glory of the Work, that we may bo .ft 
Mticbtohaue wonn >and 'others nothing loft 
By taking fuch a famous p> iz* aw Ay, 
^Asthouindnftriotu Svlvfst er ha si wrought, 
Andheer enrtcht vs with ttiimmortallftore 
Of others facte d line r ; which . from them brcugbt; 
Corns b)th > taking greater than before : 
So haft thou lighted from a flame devout t 

As great aJUme y that never (ball goe out. 

f $3mnd fctonieL 

To M. Iosvah Sylvester. 


He glorious Si\\i^,morall y true divine, 
i i U (all mfptred muhaHo\y rage) 
Makes H- i\ 'a hit fubiect, and the Earth hit fat, 
The \mbu Aclors,a*dtl* rripIc-Trinc: 
Who bis rich language gtleh, and graceth fine : 
his Countries honour, wonder oj our age ; 
Wheje W [(kbUft Birth, andblefjed Pupillage, 
Gam htm a world of fame for every hne » 
Vtfyornjamcnorgamc, but loueto tieavn andvs, 
Movd to \n-\ ncn ha Uarnea labours thus. 
Thus Loves y thu4 Ih&all loved Sylviiter. 

Forward, fm et , rttnd: Heavn,Nature % Arts y AndMeni 
At* to th u taikprejer thine oneiy ken. 

( Ood; 

i * * 

», - 






[>>;olo: SylvestR *• 

Allien vifi fuit Princcps modo lingua ; ncc vlfe 
a m vcl finailis,v4-niihi n at: 

Crcdideram magmnullo fermoni* refcrn 
'% B a r t a m ingenium pc ■,ycllcloqtiium 

Cum fubko clarum dedit alma B innia folcm, 

] cncbrasabftulitillcmci. 

CarminaBAR tasiSuv isti* carmine vcrtii 

Et G fucceflu non mcliorc, pari. 
5 ter ccmvcnam,DulcciP Camoenas! 

Queis canto Vati contigic clfe pares. 

Inccpto feltx S y l v s t e r rramite pergc , 

Tarn bene ne cocp'um deftituaturopus, 
SiepiaSica?lides afpircntNuminaMufa: : 

Sic favear cceptis do&us Apollo tuis : 
Sic randem felix re gaudeat A r lia vatc : 

Sicte :liumnoncctip/afuum. 

Jo : Miuiijtus Germans^, 

fnucifsimc IofuasSylveftri, G. Saluftij 

D. Bauasii inter f reti Encomium. 

^odconfp<tftaPharus\ odatlum V ; 

iEquorafulcami.cir na filet • 

& quod luftratis Phcebi flamma tcnei 
> -rranti nylvisdutnmanifefrat r - 
Hoc dat pi apftanri methodo S A » 5 t I * 3 illis 

CognitioS. eis placet Hiftori*. 

IUedcditGallisquod nobis I os> a noftcr 

Quif. *patrioduavsamorcdcdir 
Inmibin cupuis non fiOnquc flumma Vatu m * 

1 ^PJ»«n^«« I lottw acumen habct^ 

uae ftB A R Tx,dulu(r im a:Mufavidetur 
¥'• No,Ta,,dulciDrcflcmibi. 

Si. Cm, g^ 

;*/? Sylveflcri, carmen rncomiafticon. 

f / JW jfeen/weetfancie-pleafmg faces 
C onf or ttlnrnf elves with f wart misfhapen features, 
To grace tlx fnore thetr foule-ftibduing graces^ 
By the defett offuch deformed creatures j 
As Painters garnifb With their (badges (able 
The brighter colours in a curious Table > 
So, E9gblh Bartas, though thy beauties, hetr 
That France and England £rtfc mufl dthee deer, 
Sith both thetr glories 'thou haft heer exprejl 
(Shewing the French tongues plenty to be fuch, 
And jet that ours can vtterfull *s much) 
Let not thy fair eH Heav'n-afpiring Udufi 
Difdawe theje humble notes of my ajfetfton : 
My fault y lines let faith full love excufe, 
Sith my defects (ball add* to thy perfect ton : 

hor, thefe rude rimes, thm n«oel mf^^foire. 
Shall (by their want) exalt thy worth the more. 


In Commendation of duB a r t a s,and 5 Translator, 



ffile nights black win*s the dayes bright beauties hide, 
And while jaire Phcqbus dives in weftem deep - 
yen (gaejn<> on the heav nly flages pep) 
Commend the Moon, and maty Starsbejkie: 
But, when Amo\ a swindowes open wid* 9 

That Sol's clear rayes thofe fable cloud* may bamfh, 

Then fuddenly thofe petty lights do v*nifh % . 
Vailtngthc glories of tlxir Mr W pride: 

So y while du Bartas and our SyivcnV-r 


Haue hid thetr btames, each glm -worm durflpteftf 
His feeble glimpfe of glimmering radiance: 
But , no r» thefe Sum begin to gild the day, 
Thofe twinkling [parks *re[** difptrjl amay. R f{ 










/» Commendation of thiswrtlielVor 

Thar all the Mnfes had their gi aces fowen 

In Cbau<ers,Speneers, and fweet Daniels Rimes 
(So, good feems beft, where better is viw.owen). 

^hileTus I drcam'4, my bufie ptantafic 
Badmcawake 3 oj>cnmioeeycs,andiec 

M, wandJMrjtov- and how the Sbarv* 

Of all his Bi tfAf»il>owingdoe ;w?/rr 

His Fm6 before their Wintcr-fhakcn Leaves i 

So much for Matter^ for <JM4wr to, 

Hath Heout-gon thofcthat the reft ouc-goc. 

Let Gryllhc Crylh ht Envies vip'rous feed" 
Gnaw forth th; brcft which bred and fed the fame y 
Reft fare (Sound truth from fear is ever freed.) 
MaJicc may bark, but (hall not bice thy Name: 
Io jTA,thyNamc\vi:hBA rt as name fh all live* 
For, double life you each to othergive. 

Bet, Mother Emie, if this Arras fpunne 
Of Golden rhreeds be icen ofEngli/b eyes 

Why then (alas. C*-vffrf ate vndon 
But Shce, more fubtlc, than re' c, 

Hateful!, 1 hated, proud, and ignorant, 
Pale,fwola as Toad though cuftomed to vaunt) 

Now holds h« Mute (0!)what Peace hath She 
Wither t None : T hcreforc defie her fi own. 
uainn greacer force growes greater victory 
As C .mile, the more you tread it down ' 
The more ir fprhgs • fVr/^defpightfuUy ' 
Vied, doth vfc the more to fmcTtiHc : 

And fo doo Thou, vntill thy MaufoU rare 



An Acroftick §cpnet, to his hi 

M. I o s SyiVeii p. 










S*$; j f(J • J/*// not this heavenly W'erk t Worker* raife, 

; / />r oft , w/xf ir/f A ^ n re merit Praife, 
1 <jr\ Vcrks dn t e 'Jcieprcpne preferr'd: 

■ . 4 I - - • J * / _ ft ff * /. - „ . 

j r*/o /^ C/Wi on Cotumnes fitfiy- rear'd i 

r -^ ^ „^ ^«g hbssLartbbe lowe in Earth tat err \ 

sUinotdu B a k r a <, (Vocii pride uufgbrle) 
/njrer^i *esl>e with wonder beard, 

f -,. doubted!) he /ball : anafofbalt Thou, 
p atg charming tcchoofhtsficredroyce: 

; W eet S y l e s t s ^howhappy voaatbyc (e, 
Task thee thu^, and thus to quite thee noiv 1 
End ou hajt begun, andibenbyr 
RareM.i * c '• 

R. v. Cm. 

To the Same. 

Ad oollen \ lomer, and great Maio heft 
Its en viousfilence their admired me jfures, 
^4 thou find Worthies u^r/. : r deeds hadj.eft : 

, T/;r;, r^/ ^//>r4//^ , Waw *f teamed pUafuris. 

but (Of what rich incomparable trea/ures 
Had the world wanted, had this moeUrn^L 
Dkte'du B At r A «, MM -unhceajures, 

Ssngbsg tbemightj World's immonallftoryt 

O then how deeply u our lie beholding 

Thefe holy wonders hd from vs before. 

Jhofeworksprolounlareyet profane -but thine, 
i \se 9 learned, deep, delightful^ anddmne. 

s-ir v^T 









In Seven Dates the glorious 
Workg of the Creation 

it divinely handled* 

1 Day, The Chaos. 

: Day, The El e m i ntS. 
Day, The S i a and Earth. 
In the \ 4 Day, The Heavins,Svn, Moo*, &c. 

<; Day, The Fishis and Fovus. 

The EAT 


A X - 

^ceptam refero. 





The Arcvmint. e 

GOV Aide implord : the Summe ofallpropos'd . 
\ ' I d not eternally nor /y C han cc umposd ; 
But ofmeer Nothing God it ejjencegaue ; 
Jl bad Beginning : andanhnd/Jjallhaue: 
Curjl Atheist i quip : the Heathen CUrkes control' d: 
>oom' \gkrUns Day : Star-D< blarridjor 

1 n'd : Crtgjpn 'flj&Ljgfr l '• 

\^4 It em a 'toft an 

The birth of Ani^ Qls^fomeJorV 'tide deictic 

The reii per ft ft in > and guard th' Elected. 

■**f*Hou glorious Guide of Hcav'ns ftaf-gliftring motion, 
Thou, thou (true Neptune) Tamer of the ocean. 

Thou Earth's drad Shai K whofe only \\ d, 
Th' Ebtian Scouts arc quickly hjli'd and ftirr'd) 
Liftvpm) ioule, my< >ufiefp rsrefinc, 

With learned Art enrich This Workcofminc : 

( ) Father, grant! fwectly warble forth 

Vnto out Iced the \V o n s renowned Ji i a t h : 

G rant (gracious God) that J cord in \ 

The rareft Beauties ofchjsV i *^ ; 

And ant,thcrcinT may diicern : 

Thar, teaching others, I my U : may leant, 

K_sindalfo wt (treat ArcbsteS? of wonders, 
1 1 1)0 fe mhb 'oyce fyeakes in the midjl of Tbnnders, 
Caufmg the R'ocks to rocky and If lis to teart\ 
Calling the things that Are noi^ an they were j 
Confoundi Mighty things by meanes of 1 1 'eak- y 
Teaci dum Infants thy drad Pras/e t*fpeak\ 


» w *fnfl*nct rf 

the tf$*t Ov 



lM*i *| 




The riWb 



rtccllcni a 

Ubooi d* 


► i 

r ■ : ?tzy^^*o.: ?$&~*&e. 

■ s. 


, Wittt W# 



ftt^tr With 

T-mehjtbe i 

i J fcjhrr ht 


Timlin* Kntnfrke to the Ignorant) 
Grant mee^ood Lord (aiwoun** & 
TtvndertakcftexcellentaPart) A ^. ( 

Granimfrch Indent Gr^dE^ 
Socwefpondtnttotbat Excellence, 

} [ i{\^like)mydeareE\i2Spirt!. . 

C u a ; i F i R * for euer huh not Aire imbrac r, 
Nor Aire ayinuiron'd Waters raft, . 
Nor Waters alwaies wrapt the Earth tnci cm • 
But all this ^did once (of nought) begin. 
Once All was made ot by the hand of Firtune 
(As fond lemcritus did yerft importune) 
V tjiarring Concords making Mo:cs to meet, 
Inui!ible,iunmor:aJl, infinite. 

Th' immutable diuin:Dcci-ee,whichlhall 

Canfe the Worlds End, caus'd his Originall : 

Neither in Timc,norycr before the fame, 

But in the inftant when Time firft became. 

ImcancaTimeconfufcd: for,thecourfe 

Of yeares, of months, of weeks, of daics, of howrs, 

Of Ages Timc<;,andSea'bn$, is conhVd 

By th' ordrcd Dance vnto the Stars affign 'd. 

Befcrc all Time, all Matter,Form,and Place. 
God all ir all, and all in God re was : 
Ircomprehenf We all (pint, all light", 
All Maiefry^ll-feif-Ommpotent, 
Inuifible,iTpafTiiK xccllenr, 

Pure iuft, C ood G >d raign'd alone (at reft) 
Himfclfc alone, fclft Pakce,hoft,andgucft. 

Thoufcofline Athcift,thatcnquireh\ what 
Th Almightic did before he framed thay^. 

at weighty Work his minde was bulled on 
ttrnallybcloret'-js world begun 

(Snh fo deep Wifcdom and Omnipotence, 

kTJ SEE '}&«*> thcn floth and negligence)- 

And rr,„U J . ,htlrr «icraH worksi fpac 

S'X&«fe , t Ut r 1 ^ raa Thcatcr ' 

«" fcffi rJlk. f , Tn « mm fclf eftccm , 


Of The First Week. 

. ■ ■ ' 

And could not God (O Mcav'ns ! what frantick folly!) 
Subfift alone, but fink in Melancholy t 

Shall the Pryenian Princely J^auerr, 
That all his gooh he doth about htm heir: 

And fhouldthe Lord, whole Wealth exceeds all mcafurc, 
Should he be poore without this Worldly trcafure t 

God ncucr leeks, out ofhimfelf, for ought ; 
He begs of none, he buycsoi borrowes nought; 
Butayc/romth"0f«* of his liberall bounty, 
He poureth out a thoufand Seas of Plenty. 

Yer Eur us blew, yer Moon did Wcx or Wane, 
Ycr S ea had fifh, yer Earth had grafs or grain, 
God was not void of fac i cxcrciie 5 
He did admire his Gloric's Myfterics : 
lis power, his Iu(tice,and his Prouidcnce, 
His bountious Grace, and great Beneficence 
Were th' holy obieft of his hcaucnly thought, 
\ pontl.c which, eternally it wrought. 
I may be alio that he meditated 

h e Worlds Idea, yer it was Created : 
Alone he liv'd not ; for his Son and Spirit 
Were with him ay,Equall in might and merit. 
For, fans beginning, iced, and Mother tender, 
T s great Worlds Father he did riritingender 

(Towit)HisSon,\Wl»V 'Wordc 
EqualIinETcncer*flBf o*»*malr^^^W 
O ut of thefe Two, their common Power proceeded, 
Their Spirit, their Louc s inEilenccvndiuidcd : 
Onely diftincl Persons, whofc Diuinitic, 
AH Th ree in One, makes One etcntdlTnniue. 
Soft, fofr, my Mufe, launch not into the Deep, 
Sound not this Sea : fee that aloof thou keep 
J n thi arybdis and Capharean Rock, 
Where mam- a (hip hauc fuffercd wofull wrack, 
While they haucfondl) nt'rcd forth too-far, 

ollowing frail Rcalbn forthcir only Star. 
VVhoon this Gulf would fafcly venture fain, 
Muft not too-boldly hale into the Main, 
But 'longtt the (hoar with fail of Faith muft coair; 
TiKirStarthe Bible- Steer-man th' Ho v-Ghoit. 

How many Sim * the World abus d 

Becaufe i hisGhoft they I their Guide refus d ; 

id,fcorninqofthclJ|ll virginsThred, 
I lai hem and others in this Maze mii-icd i 

In facrcd ftieeta of cither Teftament 
TIs hard to findca higher Argument, 
M > to found lorcbufietodifculs, 

Morcvll full, know iknowne, dangerous. 

C 2 




teJ the Iftrld. 

cm only Ejjtnee 

Of G*d: oftlje 
eterrull frner*\- 

umojthe Son. 

Of the Jfr/p- 



fitter And the 

■ewi. tt 

Ferfcnx Areont 
jtne &J. 


Tie ttt*l** 



'frr tm 
trap ' 
4 nJ wennng to 
be tufty t*cA>r* 


% t 




f/dmc . 

be w to ( % 
fldttCoim hk 


In th' infinit of Ndbmg, budded all 

This artificial!, great, rich, glorious Ball . 

Wherein appears ingrav'n on euery part 

The Builders beauty, greatnefs, weakh, and ^ 

Art, beauty, wealth, and greatnefs, that confounds 

The hellifh barking of b >hcming Hounds. ^ 

Climbthey that lift the battlements of Heav n r 
And with the Whirl-wind of Ambition driv'n, 
Beyond the World's wals let thofe Eagles flie, 
And gaze vpon the Sun of Mticftie 
Let other-fomc (whofc fainting fpirits do droop) 
Downe to the ground their meditations ftoop, 
And fo contemplate on thefc Wot kmanmips, . 
That th'Authors praife they in Themfelues cdipfe 

My heedfull #«/r,traincd in true Religion, 
Diuinel y-humanc keeps the middle Region : 
Left, if" i he mould too-high a pitch prefume, 

Hcav'ns glowing flame mould melt her waxen plume* 

Or, if too-Iowe (nccrEarth or Sea) me flag, 

Loadcn with Milts h ermoiftned vvings ih oyld^g 
It glads mc much, to \ rein 

(As in a GlaiTc) God's elo i face is Teen : 
I louc to look on God ; but, in this Robe 
Of his great Works, this vniuerfall Globe. 
For, if the Suns bright beams do bleare the fight 
1 Of fuch as fixtly gaze againft his light ; 
Who can behold aboueth' Em pyriall Skies, 
The lightning fplcndor of God's glorious eies •* 
O, who (alas) can finde the Lord, without 
His Works, which bearc his Image round about - 


— > 





, -—— '»»i i uui inn-iii^cnce: 

There. m, our fingers feci ou r noft, ill f m eU , 



I ii e First W 

e e k. 



A Bi , whereby we may pal < re (at cafe) 
Offered Secrets the broad bound! leas. 

TheWorld'sa< loud,thioir>h which there fhincth deer, 
Not fiir Laion.\s quiv'red Darling deer; 
But the true Vhabits, whole bright countenance 

Though chickeftvail ofdarkeft night doth glance. 

ThcV Id's aSragc, where Gods Omnipotence, 
Hisliftu Knowlcc ,L e,andProuidcncc, 
Do u:t their Parts ± contending (in their kindes) 
Abouethc Hcav'ns to rauifhdullc/tmtndes. 

The World's a Book in F*//'#, printed all 
With God's great Works in letters Capitall : 
Each Creature is a Page • and each EffcCt, 
A raire Character, void of all defect. 

Bur, as young Trcwants, toying in the Schools, 
In (teed of learning, lea rne to play the fools: 
V \ r c gaze but on the Babies and the Coucr, 
Thegawdy Flowrs, and Edges gilded-ouer$ 
And neucr farther for our Leffon look 
Within the Volume of this various Book; 
Where learned Nature rudeft ones inftrucls, 
That, by His wifedomc, God the World condu&s. 

To read This Book, wc need not vndcrftand 
Each grangers gibbrifli ; nt ither take in hand 
Twr&Cha tcrs, cefr, 

aXjU's Hi ! v pnllRJnorTn^W^Wo^MRr!^^^^^^ 
T he wan d i ing Tartars, the Antartkks wilde, 

Th' .*&#&« fierce, the Sytfam fell, the Child* 

Scarce fcav'n ycarc old,ihc bleared aged eye, 
Though void of racadchcer indifferently. 

But he that wears the fpe-ctacles of Faith, 

5 uhroughthcSphcjrs,abouethehigheftheighth : 

He comprehends th' Arch-mooucr of all Motions 
And reads (though running) all thefc nccdfull Notions. 
Therefore, by PM's pure rayes illumined, 

Thefefacrcd Pandects I defireto read, 
And (God the better to behold) behold 
Th'Orb from his Birth, in's Ages manifold. 

Th' admirftl thoi's Fan. ved not 
Onfbmcfai ftikfbrc-< 
Much iefs did he an cider \\ C<2, 

Byf nwhen igl creel: 

As th* Architect that b Uleth for a Prince 
S ie ftatelv 1 'alace, ycr he do coi nee 

Royall VVork, mal cc offucl Court 

Wl (landcunn 'lye- 

And ii he tinde no* in oneEai 
Ulanf\ Ictohisnaeincdeir 

1 C; 

jflrhoufh the 


fuffitifHtly rum 
to the rmft ruJe 
tJx Etenmy cr 
Power o[Ood: 
Tet onh the 
true (hrijb*ni 
do ri/btlj ***- 
ce%t* tu 


med%tMX«s* % mr 

bi$ work* of no- 





I ■ ■ 




(rtdirJ: ■ 
man tfitr* 

at tbr cttAt* 

S& Places other mfc-*! 
Arid fo, feleding eucry where the bctt, 
Doth thirty Models in one Houie ^ 
Nothing but mhmg, had the Lord Aim igmy. 

Yet, when he, HcaVns. Aire, to h and Sea, did feme, 
He fought not far, hefweat not for the fame : 
As s*k without defending from i the sky, 
Crowns the fair Spring in painted brauery-, 
Withouten ( aOe caufeth th' Earth to beai e, 
And (fir off) makes the World young eucry yeare. 

The Power and \Vih\th' affection and effc#, 
The Work and Proie& of this Architect, 
March all at once : all to his plcafurc ranges, 
Who i^iiwuts One, his purpofc neuer changes. 

Yet did this 7{«ibing not at once receiuc 
| Matter and Forme : I or, as we may perceiue 
That He, who means to build a warlike fleer, 
Makes rTrft pro ;ifion of all matter meet 
(As Timber, Iron, Canuafe, Cord, and Pitch) 
And when all's ready; then appoinreth, which 
Which pecce for Planks, winch plank mall line the Wafte* 

The Poup a^UMM^^^^^^^^ke a malt • 

As An and Vfc direct 

His hand,his tool, his iudgement, and his eye : 
So God,bcforc This frame he famioned, 
I wotenot what great W$rd he vttercd 
f rom's facred mouth; which fummon'd in a Mafle 
Whatfoeuer now the Heavns wide arms embrace. 
But, where the Ship-wnghr, for his eainfuil trade 
Findes all his ftuffe to's hand already^ . ' 
Th Alnnghty makes his, all and euery part 
Without the help of others Wit or Art 


A cmA, d Heap, a cbus mo ft deform 

A Gulf 


tu ' ofGulfs, a Bod yi|J com pack ' 


The bium ih (W .r^T" 80 ^ w,th «*« I 


were fat • 



The F 

I R S T 




Fire, Water, Eairh,did in the Aire abide • 
Aire, I ire, and Watcr,in the Earth did hide. 
For yet th' immortal!, mighty Thunder-darter, 
The Lord high-Marfhall, vnto each his quarter 
Had not afllgqed: the CeleftiaH Arks 
Were not yet fpangled with their fiery fparks : 
As yet no flowrs with odours Earth reuiued : 
No fcaly lhoals yet in the Waters diued : 
Nor any Birds, with warbling harmony, 
W f crc born as yet through the transparent Sky. 
All, All was void of beauty, rule, and light ; 
All without fafliion,fouIc, and motion, quite. 
Fire was no fire, the Water was no water, 
Aire was no aire, the Earth no earthly matter. 
Or if one could, in fuch a World, fpy forth 
The Fire, the Aire, the Water, and the Earth; 
Th' Earth was not fii me, the Ficr was not hot, 
Th' Aire was not light, the Water cooled nor. 
Biicfly, fuppofean Earth, poorc, naked, vain e, 
All void of verdure, without Hill or Plaine, 
A Heav'n vn-hangd, vn-ruming, vn-tranfparenr, 
Vn- garni fried, vn-gilt with Stars apparent • 
So maifc thou gheiTe whar Hea v'n and Earth was that, 

Where, in confufion, raigned fuch debate : 
A Hcau'n and Earth for n baieftile mod fit. 
Not as they were. But as they were not, y c 

This was nor then the World: 'twas but the Matter, 
The Nurccry whence it fhould ifTue after- 
Or rather, th' Embrjon, that within a Weeke 
Was to be born : for that huge lump was like 
The (hape -left burthen in the Mothers womb, 
Which yet in Time doth into fafhion com : 
Eyes, cares, and nofe, mouth, fingers, hands, and fcer 
And eucry member in proportion meet; 
Round, large, and long, there of it (life it thriues, 
And (LiuUWorU) into the World arriues. 
But that becomes (by Narurcs'fer direction) 
From foul anddcad, to beauty, life, perfe< >n. 
But this dull Heap of vndigeftcd (tuf ^^* 
\ lad doubrlcfs neuer coi to mapc or proof, 
Had not th* Almighty with his quick'ning breath 
low 'n life andfpiririntothisLumpof death. 
The dreadful! Dailnes of the Memphytifts, 
The fad black horror ofCtmmeridn Mifts, 
Thefhbk me f Hell's inf email vault 
(Or ifought darker in the World be thought) 
Mufti; rof 1 Abyfs, 

I nil of Diibrder and fell Mutinies : 


Tire diMskw 
to Ar nnpdered. 



Of tie fiattf** 

rnmrt wtxrctf 



.•- H 



Jpf 5rrr>r #/" 


Grw/. I . 

Eucn in the birth tins ,«* > 

ihrHcav'n and Larch, the ucean,^ . _ 
Thcnew-bomeNatun eat about to murder. 


Abroad, i d.atboorcU rT*** . f 
Tomindchi,Theam 5 ajidonh >ookihUmu, 

so did Gods Spirit delight it felfe a fpacc 
To moue it felfe vpoothc floting me: 
No other care th" Almighties mind poilcft 
[f care can enter to his Ucred breit) . 
Or, as a Hen that fain would hatch a Brood 
(Some of her owne, Co me of adoptiue blood) 
Sits clofc thereon, and with her liucly heat, 
Of yellow- white bals, doth lyuc birds beget : 
Eucn in fuch fort feemed the SpirkEternail 
To brood vpon this Gulf; with care paternall 
Quickningthe Parts, inipiring power in each. 
From lb foul Lees, fo fairea World to fetch. 
1 01 Vs nought but AJ1, irit felfe including All j 
Anvn-bcgi. ^^u4|^jm^^^^_^_| 
Tis nothingbut a V 

Huttbrrit it*> 

& bul- 
ly nm ntfuu. 


i is naming out a \\ ot ic ^^^ 

Leaues nothing out, but what m no, s. 

Now,though the great P**«,that fin drcadfull J 
Ypon Mount Horeb learn'd th' eternall Iutw y 
Had not amir 'd vs that Gods {acred Power 
In fix Dawbuilt this Vntuerfall Bower- 
Reafon it felfe doth oucr-throw the grounds 

°/*?Jf. ne ? VorM * tha < ^ UMcmm founds • 
Sith, if kinde Nature many Woilds could * clip, 
StilhhvppcrWoil ™d earth would L 

|Imotheower.»dC conclufion, F 

All would urnc into the Old Confulion 
Bcfideswcmufti igm empty diilance * 

But afl „ p faft *£«* • 

W ith fofirmc bonds, that -1' ,. 
Though full,y«runsno:taiS^. 




Of r ii e First Week. 

Thence is/t that water doth not freeze in Winter, 
Stopt clofc in veffels where no aire may enter. 
Thence is't that Garden-pots, the mouth kept clofe. 
Let fall no liquoi at their fiue-like nofe. 
And thence it is, that thcpurefiluerfourcc, 
In leaden pipes running a captinc courfc, 
Contrary to it s nature, fpoutcth high: 
To all, fo odious is Vacuitic. 

God then, not only framed Nature one, 
But alfofet it limitation 
Of Forme and Time : exempting euerfolely 
From quantity his owne fclf's Ellcnce holy. 
How can wc call thcHcav'ns vnmeafured i 
Sith meaiur'd Time their Courfc hath meafurcd. 
How can we count this Vniucrfc immcrrtall i 
Sith many-waies the parts proue howcrly moitall : 
Sith his Commencement proues his Confummation, 
And all things aye decline to alteration. 

Let bold Greek Sages fain the Firmament 
To be compos'd of a fift Element : 
Let them deny, in their profane profoundnes, 
End and beginning to th' Heav'ns rowlingroundnes ? 
And let them argue, that Deaths lawes alone 
Reach but the Bodies vndcr CymhiM Th 

The fandy grounds of their Sephifiick bra* 
Arc all toc^wcakctoTeeptn^WWaTinm falling 

One Day, the Rocks from top to toe fhali quiucr, 
The mountaines melt andall in fundcr fliiuer : 
The Heav'ns fhali rent for fearc 5 the lowelv Fields, 
1 >ufc vp, (hall (Well to huge and mighty Hils i 
Riuers ihall dry : or if in any Flood 
Reft any liquor, it (hall all be blood : 
The Sea Ihall all be fire, and on the /hoar 
The tlmfty Whales with horrid noyfefliall roar : 
The Sun ihall il-izc the black Coach of the Moon, 
And make it midnight when it fhould be noon : 
With rufty Mask the Heauens fliall hide their face, 
The Stars fliall fall, and all away fhali pa! 
1 hfordcr, Dread, H< >i , and Death fhali come, 
Noi Storms, and Da rknefs fhali vfurp the roome- 
And then i\\cChuj<htef-luJltce,vcnpn% Wrath 

Which heer already often threatned hath) 

ihall make a Bon-fire ofthis mighty Ball, 
As once he made it a vaft Ocean all. 

Alas ! h< hi ind how modcft-lc/s 

Are y that (in your Ephemertdei) 

4arkth'ye*r,thcmonth and day, which euermore ^ 

Gainft J months, dayes, dldam-vp Ststmesdove. 


Ctnfutdticn of 
dnother Err*r 
of fuch dSi/itkf 
Nature dndtU 

Hcajuhj tnfina. 

A lately de- 

fertpm* ti the 

endf'fU wtrU 


thtt prt/i*mt t* 

tm* sbemf. 

Y^u haue mifcaft in Y™"Zk&f V cc fcck 

! Nights blackdartnf'o 
Scald in the CasU-r ot the M e fTJme? 

Assess sfsfe- 

MiUioiiofAngclsfl^l about bim flic. 

3^7 and /^marching check by iouIc, 

shall his DmncTriumfbttt Ckmot roulc • 

Xfe whcclcs (ball lliine with Lightning round about, 


T hofc that were loaden with proud marble Toomb^ 
Thofc tha re fwallow'd in wild Monitors woombs, 
Thofe that the Sea hath fwili'd, thofe that the flalhes 


Awaked att,(ha' 

The flefh and bones thatt at firft poiTeft. 
All (hal 1 appear, and heare before the Throne 
Of God (the Iudgc without exception) 
The finall Sentence (founding ioy and tenor) 
)f euer-lafting Happincfs or Honor, 
omc fhall his 7»///^,fomc his Jmcy taftc • 
Seme call'd to ioy, fomc into torment caft, 
[Whan from the Goats he (hall Ins Sheep diffcuer 
Theic BleH in Hcavn, thofc Curjl if for eucr. 
O thou that once 'fcornd as the vilcft drudge) 
>idft bear the doom ofanltdu* Iud°c, 

lecreft Lord) when the la A Trump (hall fummon 

7^l»^rW^*w,allt!icWorldincommon • 
Uaien in that Day to vndcitake my matter ; 

>f>*. An ^ 3sm y^dgcfobcmy Mediator. 

Hi etermll Spring of Po randProuidcnce 
^FormmeofthisAU-ei, mference^ * 

1 ;' h r k <;^Bear,whiehbrmgcth-forth 



A «* ^rctifliefalluoLoutthcDawc 



Ol Th 



I R S T 


R E K. 

The head, and neck, and finally doth bring 

To a perfect bead that rir/t defi led thing. 

For when his Word in the vaft Voyd liad brought 

A confuse! heap of Wet-dty-cold-and-hot, 

In time the high Woildfronuhc lowehc parted, 

And by it felte, hot vnto hot he fortcd • 

Hard vnto hard, cold vnto cold he fent ; 

Moift vnto moid, as was expedient. 

And Co In Six Doyesfoim'd ingenioufly 

All tilings contain 'd in th'V hive a situ. 

Not but he co Id hauc, in a moment, made 
This flowry Manfion where mankind doth trade; 
Sprcd Hcav'ns blew Curtains & thofe Lamps haueburnifhf- 
Earth, aire, and fea ; with bca/ts, birds, fifli, haue furnifht : 
But, working with fuch Art io many dayes, 
A fumptuous Palace for Mankinde to raifc, 
Ycr Man was made yet* he declares to vs, 
How kindc, how carefull, and how gracious, 
He would be to vs being madc v to whom 
By thoufand promifes of things to-conic 
(Vndci the Broad-Seal of his d« Sons blood) 
He hath alTur'd all R ichcs.Gi ace, and Good. 
By his Example he doth alio llicw-vs, 
We mould not hecdlefs -hafWy beflowe vs 
In any Work, but pat 

W i t h o ft re- vi fa Makmf^Ho^pttd "inlllli^B 
In deareft bufineis, and obferue by proof. 
Thar, Wlut u well done, a donejoon enough. 

O Father of the Light ! of Wifedom fountain* 
Out of the Bulk of that confufed Mountain 
What mould (what could) iflue, before the Light 1 
Without which, Beauty were no beauty hight. 
In vain Timanthes had his Cyclop drawn, 
In vain Pdrrhajtm counterfeited Lawn, 
In vain ^ApeliaVenm had begun, 
Zeuxis Penelope-^ if that the Sun, 
To make them fcen, had neuer fhowen his fplcndor : 
In vain, in vain, had been (thofc Works of Wonder) 
Th* Ephe/ltn Temple, and 1 h Phsrun-Tower, W& 
And CarunToomb (Trop fW ilthand Power) 

In vain had they been buildc one, 

By Scop Soltratejy andctefiphon ; 
Had All been wrapt vp all humane 

In th'obfcure Mantle ofcrcrnall Night. 

What one thing more doth the good Architect 
In Princely Works (more fpeciall rcfj 
Then light (omnefs? ch'cndi 
C. ig daily onccabouc -, 

ii t 

frberefort Gtl 
tmfitytd fx 

ri*£ the WirU. 

nmtdtt God 0i 
his work/. 

The x . crtJtuff. I 

the Chaos,*" 


^4 / 





Ofbubblm g VV- : -X ami dthcSky 
Vndet hot "*","»* l J° „,„,„ wi h lightning 

la £ ;u 

BBS i%g» 

Which gild he Woild,bu: not * now jtftcms. 

flaiii ; 


rw hahcrc!rcfomcorl ; crLamphckiidcd 
Voonthc Hc 3r 11 wiih Waters bhndlcd) 
Which flying ioand about, cauc light in id der 
To th' vnplac't Climates of that deep difordcr 5 
As now the Sun, circling about the Ball 

The Light's bright Chariot) doth enlighten All. 
\ o (boner faid he, Be there Ugh, bur lo 
Thcfonr-lefs Lump to perfect Form gan growc . 
And, all illuftrcd with Lien's radiant thine, 

Dot: n^Mn-.inowwnt and JcrLr if oaflmghng- 

^rro IBSff repelling : 

Thou Wo Id's gTeat Taper, Wicked mens iuft Terror, 
Mother ofT nth, true Beauties or ly Mirror, 
Gods eWcft Daughter: O ! how thou art full 
Of grace and goodncs! O! how beautifull ! 
Sitbtl y great Pa: en 'sall-dilcerringEye 
Doth iudge fo : and llth his Maicfty 
(Thy glorious Maker) i. his facred byes 
Candoono Ufsthen fin^ thy modeft prayfe. 
^ou,rLu\ rVtyct,bcca fcMlPTcafurrswcxvnpleafant 
^ If without pawic we (1,11 pofTeflethem, prefent , 

And none can i lglu difecrne the fwcets of Peace 

""•'*"• I T ?c UUC n< ? Wl War * irkd °m bittcmefs . * 

And Swans feem whiter if fwan Crowes be by 

(For Contraneseachotha beftdifoy) ' 

ThA -chitted*, alternately decreed 

».«<»., ra ,w»iio», 6 „ C f ! , I , pc a_ 








E E K. 


The N ight is flic, that (with her fable wing, 
In gloomy Darkncs burning euery thing) 
Through all the World dumb filence doth difiill, 
And wearied bones with quiet fleepdoth fill. 

Sweet Nighr, without Thee, without Thee (alasi) 
Our life were loathfbm ; cuen a 1 U 11 to pafs : 
lor, outward paincs and inward paifions flilL, 
With rlioufand Deaths, would foule and body thrill. 
O K ight, thou pulleft the proud Mask away 
Wherc-wirh vaine Actors, in this Worlds great Play, 
By Day dilguife-them. For, no difference 
Night makes between chePeafantand the Prince, 
Thcpoorcand rich, the Prifoner and the Iudge, 
The foul and fairc, the Matter and the Drudge, 
T he fool e an d w i fc, Rarbatui* and the Greek : 
For, Night's black Mantle couers all alike. 

He thar, condemn'd for fome notorious vice, 
Seeks in the Mines the baits of Auaricc ; 
Or, fweltirig at the Furnace, fincth bright 
Ourfbuh lire fulphur 3 reftethyetat night. 

Hethar, /rill /looping, toghrs agamJt the tide 

His laden Barge alongft a R iuei s fide, 

And filling fhoares with /hours, doih melt him quite ; 

Vpon his pallet reflet h yet2t Nighr. 

He, that in Sommer, in \ rcajneft heat 

Scorched all day in his c vveat, 

Shaues, with keen Sy the, the glory and delight 

Of morly Mcdowes ; rcfteth yet at N ight, 

And in the arms of his deer Pheer forgoes 

All former troubles and all former woes. 

Onely the learned Sifters facred Minions, 

While ftent Night voder her fable pinions 

1 oldes all the World, with pain-lcfTc painc they tread 

A facred path that to the Heav'ns doth lead ; 

And higher then the Heav'ns their Readers raife 

Vpon the wings of then immortaJl Layes. 

Ev f N No w I lifmed for the Clock to chime 

Daycslate/r howei • that for a little time, 

The Night might eafc My Labours : but, I k 

As yet Aurers hath Icarce fmil'd on mf; 

My Workftill growes : for, now before mine eyes 

I leav'ns glorious Hoaft m nimble fquadrot lyes. 

Whether, Tbit-DdJ, God made you, Angels bright 
Vnder the name of Hea\ 'n, or of the Light : 
Whether you were, after, in th' inftant borne 
With thole bright ingles that the Heav'ns adorne 
Oi,whcthei you dcriuc your high D ent 

Long tiuic befoi he World and Firmament 


Before be em- 
T>*y)x trestttb 

tdulj re/obttd. 





.r ' 


^ '. 


I .V 

w* v 

(First DAjf 

Flocciallv,v.hcrc curious (earcn, p 



Atouc the reft Itfuerr. land c, 

- • ■ aiddopr. ccTn 


trr Attn 


Euenfo,fc ^— * * . 

(] yingthegloryoftheirMakeis] 

Confpir'd together, (h one againft the flrcamc 
T'vf his Scepter and his Diadcmc. 

ut He, whofe hands doc ncucr Li ningslack 
Prou icrilegiousMutincrsto wrack, 
HurW them inth'Airc,oi in fome lower Cell : 
Tor, re God is not, cucry where is Hell. 
This curfed Crew irh Pride and Fury fraught, 
Fvs>4tt leaA, haucrhis aduantagegor, 

That by experience they can truely tell 

HOW far It is fmm htp^ft LJKlv'n to Hr\\ 

When head thenceSP^ difplealurc. 

Thefc Fiends arc fo far-off from bettj ing them 
By this hard Iudgcmem, that (till move extrcam, 
The more their plague, the more their pride encreafes 
The more their rage: as Lizards, cut in peeccs, 
Threat with more malice, though with lcfTcr might. 
And eucn in dying (hew their liui ipight. ° 
Tor, cua fince,againft the King of Hcav'n 
I vpoftate Prince of Darkrcs ftffl hath ftriv'n 
Vnvnto deprauc his Deeds, t'intcrr their Story, 
T>doo Chii,ch,tovndn-m,nehisGlor Y 
To ftauc t >, Jdsgreat Body, Ship, and State 

Burfindm g ft l HtheMaicfryd,uii 1 e 
lorcc-lcfstobattcrthecelefHal ^\ • 


Of 1 Hi': First Week. 

Totakcthi le,theFim,thefauageBeafts, 

In Wood aid Floods, and fear-full Wildcrncfs 
As this! e Spirit fets Engines tofeeguile 
The cunningeft, that practice nought but wile. 

With wanton gla c of Beauties burning eye 
Hcfnarcs hot Youth in fenfualiry. 
With Gold's bright luftrcdothheAgcinticc 

To Idolize dctcftcd Auarkp 

With grace of Princes, with then' pomp,and State, 

Ambitious Spirits he doth intoxic . 
With curious < I pride, and vain dreams, he witches 
Thofet co •mnPWHi'car.d State, and Riches. 
Y~ Fail If an ,bcibm ncs Angles 

wh ; t b Heuv'n-bentSoulcsintangles: 

Much like the Worm, tha: in Spring dcuours 

Thebudsandl so' loifcir Fruits and 1 -lowrs 5 
Turning their fweeteft fap and fragrant verdure 
To deadly pov i, and dcreftcd ordure. . 

Who but (alas!) would haue been gull d ye. -whiles 
With Night's blacl tonark's mod malicious wiles 
To heare Stories fp< .rofecftrangcwoodci Uracles, 
And golden Gods to vttcr wondrous Oracl 
To fee Him play th 'ropber, and i 
So many S this '& dhTC* 

To rai dead Samuel fgpjf 

To tell his Ki: ClUi^^^^W 

T'inflamethe 1 I amine of. me Ammm \o 

With Heathen-holy fury-fits to ki - 

Future ew md fomti s.truely tell 

The blinded World what after* >ctd 

Tocounn it the wondrous Wot >fGc*i; 

Hi Lod rn Serpent, ai cKod . ,p 

To change the pure msoftl yptiarsUooa 
] , c l ftwa inroc ood 

T -vdownl dGrafs-hoppeistobnr.g 

In the bed chambc ic ftubbom K u 

Fv as he is a Spirit, vnfecn 1 ecs 
The nccs, and their Polij s 

Vn& lesthedcptl \ . 

Whoharbou engcana ndwhPl afpircs. 
And, as vs'd dailv vnto fuch cdttK 

ddi feats and rami. mdgcsof th ctkus. 
Bcfidcs, to circumvent the quickel hted : 

oblindthccye f the clear eft fight 

Ande nwrap the wifeft in his fi es, 
H, oft fo, c:cl rhcchimfclfcprt 

For,ifaW nan (though Mansdaies be don 

As ftasth be My 



tdiuers hxsrs 

of tor DuuU t> 

Their Qrtdrr, 


Th d~ 



f th: 

4ft 10 







The Firs* 


Can work a thouiand tape- » f - cs ^ 
Work ftrangc «ft£$SSg e^riaKC bmp 


And tyrannic our bodie and our m.ndc. 


J*i i . I !•©*« 


r. r 



& fdftxmLr. 


That, without leaue, one minute of an how er 
They cannot range. It wasby his permilfion, 
The iw SfM crain'd jttluhto perdition j 
Making him march againft that Foe with rorce, 
Which mould his body from his foulc diuorcc. 
Arm'd with Gods faacd Pafs-port, he did try 
Iuft humble l»b's renowned Conftancy : 
He reaues him all his Catrcll, many wayes; 
By Fire 2nd Foes: his faithful! Scruants flaycs : 
To lofs of Goods he adds his ChiJdrens I06, 
And heaps vpon h Uria^ro&oncro^^k 
For th' Only Lord, fometimes to make a tryall 
Of firrneft Frith-, fomtimes with Errors violl 
To drench the Souks that Errors folc delight, 
Lets loofethefc Furies : who with fell defpight 
Driuc ftill the fame Nail, and purfuc (incenfed) 
Their damned drifts in Adam firft commenced. 

But, as thefr Rebels 'maugrc all that will) 
T'airiflthcGood,beforc't t'aflaukthelll : 
Th' vnfpottcd Spirits that neucr did intend 
To mount too high, nor yet too lowc defcend,. 
With willing fpeed they cucry moment goc 
VV hither the breath of diuine grace doth blowc: 
Thar aimes had ncuer other limitation 

Law lrf^ r" 1 * ^ > and his Saints faluation - 
Th Almighties Face is their AmbrofuU Feaft : 

Tcaiiail'ctk •""r""^ Dignities. 

*uau s then cafe their ki; a. • . 1- 

Grwi ^ c~> rtlc rbhfs in fcruicc lies. 


> God no fa 



Of I he First W eek. 

A 7 

r bow'd his head, or giucn fom other token, 
Or (almoft) thought on an Exploit, wherein 
The Miniltery of Angels mall be fcen, 
But theft quick Poftes with ready expedition 
1 lie to accomplifli their diuine Comrniffion. 

Onefollowcs Agar in her pilgrimage* 
And with fwect comforts doth her cares aflwagc. 
Another guideth lfuct mighty 1 loafts v 
Another,"/*^ on th' Jdumeon Coafts. 
Another (skill'd in Phyfick) to the Light 
Reftorcs old f.iithfull Takes failing (igh 
In Nazareth, another rapt with ioy, 
Tels that a Virgin mall bung-forth a Boy ; 
That Man fhall ar-once be Maid-and-Mothcr, 
And bcarat.oncchcrSo: v Sire,Spoule,and Brother: 
Yea, that Her happy fruitf ull woomb mall hold 
Him, that in Him doth all the World infold. 
Some in the Defart tendred confolacions, 
While I e $ v « Krone with Sathans ftrong Temptations 
One, in the Garden, in his Agonies, 
Cheers-vp his fores in that great entcrpnfe, 
To take that bloody Cup, that bitter Chalice, 

And drink it off, to purge our fin full Malice. 
Another certifies his R correction 
Vntothe Women, whole fait impeit! 
Suppos'd his cold limbs in theGraucw Jnd, 

Vntill th' Archangels lofty Trump fhould found. 
Another, paft all hope, doth prc-auerr 
The birth of Iohn.ChriWs holy Harbcngcr. 

One irufty Scriant for diuine Decrees, 

The Jems' Apoftlcfrom dole Prifon frees : 

One, in few howers,a fearfull flaughtcr made 
1 Of all the I irft-born that the Uemfhtomhady 

Exempting Thofe vpon whofe door-pofts ftooa 

A (acred token of Lambs tender blood. 

Another mowes-down in a moments fpacc, 

Before Jerufalem (Gods chofen place) 

Senaclurtb's proud oucr-daring Hoaft, ,r« 

That threaded Hcavn, and 'gainA th. Jth did boaA; 

In Ins blafphcmous Braucs, c< paring ev n 

I lis Idol-Gods vnto the God or . (cay n. 

His T roups, victorious in thcEaft bcrore, . 
\cfu d the Citte, which did fole adore 

Thconely God 5 fo that, without their leanc, 

A S parro w fearce the lacred \\ could lcauc. 
1 hen E ztchios, as a prudent I Mince, 

Poy/.mo the dancer of thefc 6d eucnts_ 

(His sub. thrall hisCitw vofullFIami 

6rff.21.17.lS. .7 11. 
Cil.i+.cri j 





w I I i H 

r •/ 


■ ■ I ': ■ ■ ■ ■ A * ■ ^H 

■ ^ 

** « — • I 



, „„ r „„ 1 ,„Danic«, 

0f ^ ■ *s2do hand in AA«*n« 


About the ^ mJ Jown 

1 S" ^itM&y* h is^Pocs a frown) 

(Clancine his Friends a fm >r«» 

Nonhrough a fingle Sooldicrs fccMcb cs 

.nd hcaws broad Lancsbeforc it and behinde, 
As f« if ly whirling as the whisking winde. 

Now gan they fly 5 but all too flowe tolnun 
A flying Sword that follow'd m one. 
A Sword they fa w 5 but could no e the arm 
That in one N ight had done fo difmall harm : 
As wc perccitie a Windc-miJs fails to go ; 
,ut not the Windc, that dorh rran/port them fo. 

J I ! idling Auron y hadyet fcarcc difmift 
Mount Liium from \h gkK^loomy Mift, 
When th' //*£r«r Sentinels, difcov'ring plain 
An hundred fourc fcoreapd hue thoi {and (lain, 
Exceeding ioyfull, gan to ponder ftridcr, 
To fee fuch conqueft and not know the Victor, 
[wed Tutors of the Saints ! you Guard 
Gods Elec% you Purfuiuantsprcpai'd 
tethc Counfails of the Highcft 5 
You Heav'nly Coi r: iers, to your Kine; the nigheft 5 
G glorious He: aids, Heav'ns fwifc Harbcnccis, 

I could be well cententandtakedekeht 
o follow farther your cclcftiall Theht . 

^ I feare (hea hauing tan in hand 
tare to faint, if * t h c firft ( too faft 

^ti^tAllhu Works 









Lewd Poets U : Our Poets dwtf /«ftwfi ' 
Heav'ns Cwtunfred : tV sU-fa*i»z Elements 3 
Tfrir number, nature, vfemd Donunstw*, 
Aire>smpfc Regit ^ndthefrT^ ? c:scbange: 
Wmdes, Exhalations, smdnU W flr*ng< i 

7V#< tbe<vfe(jfpt 
MdnsKea/imn ufrinjtmeA » : 

Of Pro d isles: o/r&TTcmrfltan r 
1/e.tvnsten /M/Orbs : Wzicis^ueibefme. 

mw*9» Hofe learned Spirits, whofc s applied wrong, 

With wanton Charms of their mchanting long, 

Make of an oldcfoul, frantickc /W*, 
A wondrous frcuVaire, wittic «pfa^ 
Of l< Iftusttr" (thai loofcEmpercfs) 

A chartc £#«*/«, loathing wantonnds: 

No petty Codling, but thc Gods great Matter . 
Onthankl. Furrowcs of a fnutlc I 

Their feed an d labour lofe, with he hand . 

And (pitching Ncts,ti ch I little wotc 
Whatfum. f Fame that Teems tnem to bciott) 

Rcfcmbl idcrs, that with curious pain 
Weaue idle V\ehs,andIabourftill»n vain. 

But (thoughthenTimewc haucno dcerci Trealuic, 
Lefs mould I wail their mils-cxpenceotlcaiuic, 

their fwcct,\/«/^ with too-well J ken £ 
Drew not their \U ch them ucs to Hell- 

oumtt Poeu if 


■ *f 

i' M 


J ■ I , 


;> *vu 

I L 

-lT 4 - H •*/< H *-./v*3 ■ " r I ■I'lK" 



1 1 


"*f\ — 


* *v 



A hatefbll draught ot deadly W fo > 
Whereof ( alas ; V«jg Jon fa i s a flecp. 

And foch a habit tncir mcaf5> 

That their ill domac Mg cc 

Our fV 

f ttMAsxt mat- 

fit! f!,( 






Ofr, Luft (before) whofewatt 

\ tcndci brcft rak't-vp in ihamcfac t aura 

A ThSbrc, for my part I hauevow* to Hcav n 

lodn indlcamingasmyGodhathoivn ; 
To write, co th' honour of my Maker drcd 
Vcrfethat a Virgine without Unfli M read. 
Clcar^ourceof Lcamir&feukoFth \ niucifc 

(Sith thou art pl-as'd to chute mine humble Verle 
To fing thy Praifes) make my Pen diftiH 
Celcfball ',Vtfir,and this Volume fill 
With th' jtmslthedB Horn . that ir may haue 
Rid thou my paflage, and makecleare my way 
From all incumbers : thine vpon This Daj- t 
That guided fafely by thy tacred Light, 
My Rendezr-wtu\ may attainc yer night. 

That Hvce broad-length, that long-broad height profound, 
Th' infinite finite, that great moundlcfs Mound, 
1 meane that chut, that felf-ia ng Mafs, 
Which in a moment made of Nothing was - 3 
Was the rich Matter and the Matrix, whence 

r he Hcav'r s mould uTue, and the Elements. 
Now th'Elcments m-twinsftwo Sons,two Daughters) 

I o wo, the Fire, the Airc ; the Earth, and Waters 
;ic not emended : but, of them is all 

Compounded fir ft, that in our ienfe can fall : 

Whtthcrt qualities, in cucry portion 

Wh^ri ; ? fufc ; ^ith proportion: 

\ **»■» danccity confound 

Andfobutoncthin 0ft Uk^.^__ > ouna ? 

As in a 

the WatCV iittrrm;,, «..:.i_ / • * 

Wefeethewa* .^2* 


r> r £»Z?°T V ' * ° ur drinV a "d food 
Uoc mingle, aftci conucrttobl,^ 





C)f The riRsr 



nx> ™rc in fmoak • in afhes fals his Earth, 
And at his knots his Water wheezes forth. 
Eucn fuch a War our Bodies peace maintains. 
lor, in our Ticih, our Bodic's Earth remains : 
) ur vitall fpirirs, our Fire and Aire poltcfs S 

And, laft, our Water in our humours refts. 
Nay, thcr's no Part in all this Bulk of ours, 
Where each of thefc not intermix their powers ; 
Though 'c be apparent (and I needs muft grant) 
Tiiat aye fome one is mod Predominant. 
The pure red part, amid the Mafs of Blood, 
The Sanguine Aire commands : the charted mud. 
Sunk down in Lees, Earths Melancholy (how es : 
The pale thin humor, that on th'out-fidc flowes. 
Is watery VUtgme: and the light froathy fcum, 
Bubbling abo , hath Fiery Cbolers room. 

No:, that at all times, one fame Element 
In one fame Body hath the R cgiment : 
But, by turns raigning, each his fubiefts drawes 
After his Lore : for, ftill New Lords new L**« > 
As fan s rcfptcl how Rich or Noble-bom, 
Each Citizen rules and obayes, by turn, 
In chart'red Towns* which feetn, in little (pace, 
Changing their RuMcucn to change their race 

(Tor, as Chameleon vary wit h their obictfr, 

So form fnWmeff) •' 

So th' Element in Wine predomining, 
It hot, and cold, and moift, and dry doth bring ; 
By's perfect or imperfect force (at length) 
Infbrcing it to change the raftc and ftrcngth : 
So that it doth Grapes lharp-grecn mice ti-ansfcr 
To Muft, Muft f Wine, and Wine to Vincger. 

As while a Monarch, to teach others aW 7 

He rule h fcarlcfs : and his Kingdoms flounlh 
In happy Peace (and Peace doth Plenty noundi^ 
But if (fell Tyrant) his keen fwordbe eucr 
Vniuftlydrawn,ifhcbe fated ncuer 
With Subiccls blood • needs muft h *age (atlalt> 
Deftroyhis State, and lay his Countrie wafte : 
So(ormuchlike)thew icElcmcnt 

Oucr the reft hath mode ft Gouernment | 
Vhile, in proportion (though vnequall yet) 
With Sou ign Humours Subicft Humours nr, 
The Bodic's found 5 and in the vei y face 
Retains the Form of bea and of grace J 

But if (like that inhumane ] 

Vho wilht, all People vndaiicath his Power 


ji yrtifntmie tf 

Excellct Simtln 
fbewx*£t ; x ci- 


exctjje •/ ewe rj 




■• .1 

m ir esS b ; ^° ckthcr ^ 
T t Tyrannizing,!^ to wra 


It i ytaniu^"&i^~ ;# . ni 

hWncs foon the ^^ his proud vfurpatic 
Where m app» '• *™ <> ' jWion . 

S3 £S S »• 

K 5? -,ao P ^res 

ofF . s;V ca,doiiblcbflisthcdoi 

NorgiuesmanR ,nor.Kefr bOTCS 

:dvpinacold! rones. 

So too-much Droug Aguedrawes, 

Which: Dingp F ain doth caufe - 

Robbingthcnct hencart, 

Of mirth th ice, of moil: ccucrypart 

•• chlikcaCandl vie! owr.c humour, 

B :fclfsconfui. 

Nor giucs man Reft, nor Refpitc, till his bones 
Be raked in a cold heap off. 

So, too-much Hear d a burning Feuer, 

Which fpurrs our Pulfc, end funs our Pafit cucr . 

A\d on the tables of -troubled brain, 

ickl : -i JU&fgD^VJiz^^^^^^ 

Dothc oe 

enc :e could fhowe : 

R eft, nor R till his bo > 

E d\pina cold heap c ones. 

•o-much Cold with hoary Fleece 

The head \ge, his flefh diminimes 

> his face 'Howes his rhi yeyes, 

A t ^ isownci 

ilcthrc hhbmairoi 

nching his natiuc heat with enc nte 

°H ■nanRcff,norRcfpitc,t 1 ll his bones 

vp ma cold heap ofWs. 

L/J™ hatt r*M* ^remifes 

l ,.; rn 

•ndrcd 6jbions, a iQC 

>or lccfc. 

Ml ] 


ccfirft j , 


rkT T ^turnsto nothing", 
change burthcuforniallclothin! 




n e 


I R S T 


E E K 

Their forms do vanilli, but their bodies bide ; 

Now thick, now thi now round, now ihort, now fdc. 

For, if of'Nothingany thing could fpring, 
Th' Earth without feed lliouhl wheat and baily bring : 

Pure Mayden-woOmbs dcfired liabcsfhouldbear : 

All things, at allrimes, ihould grow euery where. 
The 1 lart in Water fliould it fclfe ingender - 
The Whale on Land ; in Aire the Lamblin^; tender : 
I'h'Ocean fliouM yceld the Pine and Cornell Tree • 
On Ha/els Acornes,Nuts on Oaks /hould be: 
And breaking Natures let and lacicd vie, 

The Doues would Eagles, Eagles Doucs, produce. 

If of ihcmfelucs things took their training, then 
Slowc-growing Jiabes ihould inftantly be Men : 
Then in the lorefts fliould huge bought befeen 
Born with the bodies of vnplantcdTrccn : 
Then fliould the fucking Elephant fupport 

Vpon his fhouklcrs a well manned fort j 
And the new foaled Coir, couragious, 
Should neigh for Hattail, like Bucephalus. 
Contra: Wife, if ought to nought did fall ; 

All, t hat is felt or fecn within this All, 
till lofing fomwhat of it felfe,at length 
Would comcto Nothing : If Death's fatall length 
Could altogetl Subftanc trflj^^ 

Things then fliould nifti even as 1 
Intimcthemir v'Moi: a'ns to^s be bated • 
But, with their fall, the neighbour Vales arc tatted • 
And what, when Trent or Auon oucr-flowc, 
They reauc one field, they on the next beftowe : 
Loue-buming \\ n many fwect I) caws doth drop 
In his deer Spoufcs fairc and fruitrull lap • 

Which after (he reftores, ft ning thofe fhowrs 
Throu-hth' hidden pores ofpleafanc plants and flowrs 

Whofo hath fecn, how one warm lump of wax 
(Without increasing, or decrcafing) takes 
A hundred figures $ well may mdgc of all 

Th" inceflant Changes of this neathcr BaK, 

The Worlds ownc M cr is the waxen ^» m P' 
Which,vn f -If changinr sail kindofftamp : 
The Form's the Seal ,1 iv'ns ^sErnpcrour 

(Thcliuing God/s the great LerdChanccU*vr- y 
Who at his plcafure f uingday and night 
His g at BrudSidltSyOnd Privy Signets nght 

Vpon t*hc Mai ift and variable, 

Makes the fame Lump, now bafc ow honourable. 
lice conftant : nothing (till doth ftay : 

Birth and Death hau< '^ cc **?.' 

Z l 

tlx wmmiall 


tntU t mtbe 
mdttcr Cf$rm 


m fuch 

ike *urtfr rt- 




Hce r 


'T7 ' 


t£S them howriy on the wailing ; *<« ■ 

™h like the French (*r &»g^M 

Who with ft range habit do dilgu inhap« 5 


Receiue the Manners of each other Nation ; 
And fcarcely (haft thev (hirts Co oft, as change 
Fantaftick Fafhionsof theirgarments ftrange : 
Or like a Uts, whofc inconftant louc 
Doth eucry day a thoufand times remouc ; 
Who's fcarce \ nfolded from one Youths embrace^ 
Ycr in her thought another (he embraces ; 
And the new pleafurc of her wanton Fire 
Stirs in her. ftill, another new defire : 
Bccaufc the Matter, wounded deep in heart 
With various Lone (yet, on the felfc fame part, 
Incapable, in the fame time, at once 
To take aU figures) by fuccc/fions, 
Form aim Form receiu«&* to that one face 
Anothers faces features doth deface. 
Now the chiefe Motiuc of thefc Accidents, 
the dire difcord of our Elements • 
Truce-hatine Twins, where Brother eateth Brother 
By turns, and turn them one into another 
Like Ice and Water that beg ach other . 
And mil the Daughter bringeth-fonh the Mother. 
, But each ohhcfchauim- oq it ics 

)ncbearing Rule, another that obayes > 
Thofe, whole effects do wholly contradict 

W uli tooth and nail i< u r . 

But A, re tnrTc Wa«^ S X ^^ %•*" 

turns not - 



t m 



Second D 

a y 

Brings forth the Worlds Babes : fith their Enmities, 
With fell diuorcc,kill what »ucr dies : 
And fith, but changing th eir degree and place, 
They frame the various Forms, wherewith the face 
I Of this fair World is fo imbclliihcd 
[As fix tweet Notes, curioufly varied 
In skilfull Mufick, make a hundred kindes 
Or 1 (cav'nly founds, that rauiih hardeft mindes ■> 
And with Di vifion (of a choice deuicc) 
The Hearers foulcs out at their ears intice : 
Or, as oftwice-twelue /.eitersjhus tranfpos'd. 
This World of Wordb, is variously compos'd 5 
And of thefc Words, in diuers order ibwen, 
This flicred volume that you read, is growen 
(Through gracious fuccour of tii' Eternall Deity) 
Kieh in dicourfc, with infinite Variety] 
It was not caufc-lcfs, that Co carefully 
God did diuide their common Signoiy - 3 
A fTigning each a fit confined Sitting, 
Their quantity and quality befitting. 

Whofo (fomtime) hath fern rich Ingots tride, 
When forc't by Fire their ticafurcs they diuide 
(How fair and foftly Gold to Gold doth pafs, 
llucr fecks Siluer, Bra/s confbns with Brais; 

And the whole Lump, of pans vncqual 
It fclf apart, in white, red, yellow R i 
May vnderftand ho: ivhen the Mouth 
Op'ned (to each his proper Placet' aili^nc) 

ire (Jew to Fire, Water to Water Hid, 
Aire clung to Aire, and Earth h Earth abid- 

Earth, as the Lees, and heauy drofs of AH 
(After his kinde) did to the bottom fall : 
Contrariwifc, the lightand nimble Fire 
Did through the crannies of th'old Heap afpirc 
Vnto the top • and by his nature, light 
Nolcfsthcn hot, mounted in /parks vprighx : 

As, when we fee yturord^pxSin 

With Opals paint the Seeling ol Ctchy, 

id Flouds do fume- and the cclcfriaJl Taper j. 
Through Earrhs thin porcs,inth' Aire exhale their vapoi-s 

But,lcftthc Fire (which all the reft imbraccs) 
Being too nccr, fliould burn the Earth to afhes ^ 
As chofen Vmpires, the great All-Creatoi 
ween thefi oes placed the Aire and Water : 

r,oncfiiffiz'd not their ftcrn ftrifc to end. 
V as Cozen did t lie Earth I ' iend : 

Aire, for his Kinfman Fire, as firmly deals c 

ut both, voicing then dimded , 



to tU Hoies of 
MuiikiO* tube 

lr: a) the 


A Simile tmely 
rrfrt/tnspig the 


SitnMton 9* the 
Edrth dmi fare. 


rwitntke r*rtL 


Brines I 

' — 


■ • ■ 

r 1 
i m 


VV E E K. 

?o« had the WateTnext thcFirebeai plac r 
St fccming then more wrongd and I more difgrac 
Wouldfuddcnly hauc left his Advcrlary, 
And fee vpon the Ympire (more contra; yj . 
But all the ks of th' holy Chain, which tethers 
The many Members of the World together*, 
Arefuch,asnone but onely He can break them. 

Who at the flrft did (ofmecr nothing) make them. 
Water, as arm'd with moifture and with cold, 
The cold-dry Earth with her one hand doth hold 5 
With th' other th* Aire : The Airc,asmoiAand wai 
Holds Fin ith one j Water with th' other arm : 
As Country- Maidens, in the Month ofuW^ 
Merrily fporting on a Hofy-day, 
And lufty dancing ofaliucly Round 
About the May-pole, by the Bag-pipes found ; 
Hold hv.nd in land, fo rfiar the f?r/r is fa ft ^ 
(By means o/ the .-. uwn) vorothel^^^^d 

>r, (ith 'tis fo y that the c! ;nen t 

Not onely yeelds her owne Babes nourifhmenr^ 
But with the milk of heraboundant brcfts. 



But with the milk of heraboundant brcfi 
»oth alfo feed th' Aires nimble winged gi 

And alfo all th' innumerable Legions 

Of greedy mouthes that haunt the Briny Regie* 

(So that th* Earth's Mother, or eifeNurfcofall 

T was 

run, or flee, or rwim, or Aide, or crawl 
fi meet, it (hould be it fclfs Counterpoi 
ind foil firm againft the roarthg noife 
racMull Xtpmit, and the wrathfull blafts 

T r-ft V f u ■ n inan an >' of ^c reft : 

o£?xS?s s * 

^ «Sf feSJs* ; s ,h ' immorta11 fourcc 

1 wusdbythor quid agitations 



The F 

I R 5 T VV E E K. 



In all the World, God could not place fo fit 
Our M other Earth, as in the midifc of it. 
For, all tl Stars reflect thcirliucly rayes 
On Fin :d Aire, and Water, diuers wayes ; 
Difperl ;, fo, their powcrfull influence 
On, in, and through thefc various Elements 
But, on t ■ .;irth, they all in one concurr, 

Lnd all vnire their fcucrall force in her h 
As m a Whcelc, which with a long deep rut 
His turning paflage inthedurt doth cut, 
The diftant fpoaks nceier and neerer gather, 
And in t! Nauevnite their points together. 
As the bright Sun ihines through thefmootheft GlafTc, 

I he turning Planets influence doth palTe 

Without impeachment through the gliit'ring Tent 

O f the tralucing Fiery Element, 

Th' Aires triple Regions, the t ran fpa rent Water } 

But not the firm Bafeofthisfairc Theater. 

And therefore rightly may we call thofe Trines 

(Fire, Aire and Water) but Hcav'ns Concubines : 

For, neuerSun,nor Moon, nor Stars inioy 

Theloiic of thcie, but onely by the way, 

As pafling by : whereas inc intly 

The luity Heav'n with Earth doth company; 

And with a fruitfull fccd 3 lends All J 

With-childes v each-moment, his owne lawful! wife- 

And with her louely Babes,in form and nature 

diuers, decks this beautifull Theater. 
The Water, lighter then the Earthy MalTe, 

Heauier then Aire, betwixt them both hatii place 5 
The better fo with a moift-coldc, to temper 
Th' ones oucr-drinefs, th' others hot diilemper. 

But, my fwee: Mule, whither fo Faft away i 
Soft, lofr, my Darline : draw not dry 70-Day 
Calhlun S p rings ; defer the Cirque and Seat, 
The power and praife of Sea and Earth as yet : 
Do not anticipate the Worlds Beginning • 
tat, till r^A&rrwlcauethccntcr-blinning 
)f Rocky Mounts, and rouling Wanes Co wide. 
For, cuen To cMorrtrw will the Lord diuidc, 
With the right hand of his Omnipotence, 

1 he! etconfus'd and mingled Elements 5 
nd liberally the fhaggy Earth adorn 

With Woods, and Buds of fruits, of flowers and cora. 

"is time, my Loue, 'tis time, mine onely Care, 
To hie vs hence, and mount vs in the Aire: 
Tistimc (orneuer) nowmydcarefrMin i, 
To imp (hong farcels in thy fac I pifl 
i Hi 



The Hitter, le- 
rwemtbt E*rtb 


Firth ajU St* 
till ibt next 
t9 rrtdt tftbe 


m I 




Xhi Second 


safe through the \ \ dta J £»y > d, my oy, ft^ffi bolder 

Thanh ii raifcd, I ma) 'icai .ua 

2. ttat n £W,whichthcnig*.aw r 
Solo hauc hidJcn from my longmg ««. 
Tj fr, ( hoftcof Mifc, the bounding Tcnms-bal., 


H^ ' 

Thatfto:nwTcmpcOsto^d P WttWU 
Of winged Clouds the a cmcopfrantHouie, 

Th' vnfcttlcd kingdom < K *<.!,*;„« 

Great \ jfcoft V\ mdes,whofetra!hckgiucs 

Motion of life toev ry thing that lrues) 
I$notthroughoutali< dcr Sages 

Hauc h parted ir into three Stages. 
\'\'hcreof;becaiifcthcHighcirftill isdi Q 
With violenceofthe Pirfi mwng Hca\ 
rom Haft to Weft ; and, Horn the Weft returning, 

rh' honored Crad >f the roiiall Morning, 
d alio J ed next the Fiery vaujr « 

It, by the learned, very hot is thought. 

that, which we touch, with rimes doth variate, 
Now hor, now cold, and fomctimc* temperate 5 
Warm-tcmprcd mowrs ir fendeth in the Spring : 

1 t^futumnliln , but more varying ■ 

In Winter time, q ' " * *" 

InSumn leafon Nfov\- 

i»th chedv i fiamcs,refte5 

The fparkling rayesofthoufand Stars afpcc't . 
And efiy ?h*bw y to whofc arrows bright 
Our Globy G ran dame ic rues for But ana White, 
now, becaufe the Middle Region 's fa 
ar from the Fiery 1 igrantheat, 

And alfo from the warm rcucrberation 
Which aye the Earth refleOsin dmcrsfafluon - 
nat Circle ihiucrs with ctcmall coldc. 


22Sfr ^^hgiltC^Go^ne, 

The mu -moft Aire t*U n \ 1 1 1! , "> 

«ss;^|^ t „ cneu , 

1 htl '•'- gSjowr- 


Of 1 

H E 





As chriff tin Arm i , from thci-'ronriers far, 

And out of fear of Turks outrageous War, 

March in diforder, and become (difperftj 

As many Squadronsa reSouldiersycrft; 

So that ibmtimcsth'vntrained Multitude 

With bats and boavves hath beat them and fubdu'd : 

But, if they oncepcrceiuc, orvndcrftand 

The Moony Standards of proud Ottoman 

To be approaching, and the Sulph'iy thunder 

Wherewith he brought both Rbodcsznd Belgrade vndcr i 

They foon vnitc, and in a narrow place 

Intrench themfelucs 5 their courage growes apace, 

Their heart 'son fire- and CircumcifedPowrs, 

By their approach, double the ftrength of ours. 

Tis (doubt-lefs) this * Anttfertftsfis 
(Bearwiththeword.I holditnotamifs 
T'adopt fomctimes fuch grangers for our vfe, 
When Reafon and NecciTity induce : 
As namely, where our natiue Phrafc doth want 
A Word Co force-full and lignificant) 
Which makes th ire fecm to our fenfc and reafon 
Hotter in Winter then in Sommerfeafon: 
Tis it which caufeth the cold frozen ScytbU 
Too-oftcn \dn\ by th' husband of Oritixpdy 
To bring forth people, wh< ftiiihi r 

(Winter or Somnv or< c "^9 

Then thofc lean ftaruclings which the Sun doth broil 

on the hot lands of the Lthysn foyl : 
And that our, happily feated faire, 
Whofe fpon <■ v lungs draw fweet and holefom Aire, 
Hide in our ftomacks a more liuely heat, 
While bi-front unus fi ofty frowns do threat, 
Then when bright J>W*r, leauing fwaity Cbm y 
Mounts on our 'zenith, to rcflecT on vs 

Th' Almighties hand did this Partition form • 
Toth'end that Mift, Comets, and Winde,and Storm, 

In the three RcgionsoftheAiremighrgrowe: 
Whereof fome, pointed th' Earth to fertilise, 
Others to punifli our impieties, '^^um 
1\ lit daily grai n hardeft hearts the loue 
And fear m, who Ra tes in Heav'n aboue. 
For, as a little end ofbi ing> *, 
y th' nptinefs, or ofitfclfe attracts 
InCupp aiTes, through the feotched skin 

r»ehindethcPoulc,fiiper< >ushu ursthin 
inch ing from the I did t hence defend 

Vponthei it, and much the fame < 


* Contrary 

The effeOf r/vr- 

wi.y the ditto* 
flxiui (be j # 


0fexhdtmm 9 

d/U wbtrtnnt* 
prtdtty ty tfx 
Sxn dndthc 










•#.1 iJjT W- 




rmno-to Water be transformed ht, 

Th: flowiy Manjc 01 oar Mothe. < deer • 

Our Aire growes dusW .and moid drowfe Mtf 

Vponthc Idsdouforatmv -rfift. 

And if this vapour fair and fofrly ftv, 
Wot to the cold Sra of the middle Sky, 
But 'bou- the Clouds, it turncth (m a trice) 
Inu^pn/,Deav iraw*J'7,'Icc. 

But, if the \ ;irbr.iuelycanaduenture 

p to th' ctcmall fearof mivcring Winter, 
1 he fmall thin humour by the Cold is nrcft 

I roa Cloud; whici: \v3ndersEaftand Weft 
Vponthe Wmde's wings, rill in drops of Rain' 

It fail into his Grandamcs iap again ; 

Whet fom boiftrors winde, with frormy p'flf 
Iouftling the Clouds ithm .:tuall cou :cr-k.rl, 
Do ak their bt <4h«*k flrthattcr. 

In drilling She heir 1 : cr : 

As en a wanton hcedlcfs Pace (perhaps) 
Rafhly toge her two full glaffes claps ; 
Bo:h being broken, fuddenly they pour 
>th their brew 'd liquors on thed. fly flour. 
Yhethcr fome milder gale, with fighrg breath 

Shaking their Tent, their tears diflcucrcth : 

As after rain another rain doth drop 

I fliady Fo efts f n their (baggy top, 

\N>enhroughrheirnec7iboiu whiffing Windsdo whirl 
VV wanton pufs then wauing locks to curl. 
Orwhcthcrth'vppcri moifrhcavinefs ' * 

Doth , with , right an vndrr Cloud opprefs 
A: nehumourdoihaw^crufl,, 

TiUrothegroundth liquid peavles do eufh, 
As the more dofters of ripe grapes we oack 
In ,c-imevpon Jhu «ff d 

sas arssssfe 

3 sssisaisss*. 


Of 1 he First Week. 

I 1 

cems all in tears to nick ; and Earths green bed 

\ \ ithftinkin >g^ is . ntimes couercd : 
Either, b -thclfloating Cloud doth fold 

V Yithinitielfeboth moiit,dry, hot, and cold, 
Wh :kl- all things heer arc made: orclfeforthat 
The a&iucwindes', fweeping this dufty Flat, 

omtimesintfi'airc fom frultfull duft doo heap : 
VVhenccthcfe new-formed vgly creatures leap : 
A s on the edges of fom (landing Lake 
VVhich neighbour Mountains with their gutters makei 
Th bamyflime, it fclrc transformer^ oft • 
To i half-Tadpoles, playing there aloft, 
Half-made, half-vnmadc- round about the Flood, 
Half-dead, half-lining-, half a frog, half-mud. 

Somtimcs it happens- that the force of Cold 
Freezes the whole Cloud : then we may behold 
In fiiuer 1 lakes a 1 icav'nly Wooll to fall ; 

; h -n, I Ids feem erafs-lefs, Forcfts kafe-lels all, 
The \\ Id's all rte • and, through the heaps of Snowe, 
T ft Stag can fcaicc his armour mowc. 

Si als, thaf, when by fecret powi, 

The Cloud's new-chang'd into a dropping fhowr, 
Th'cxcemue cold of the mid -Aire (anonj 
Candies-it alHn b oflcy-ftone: 
W Tcvii ntfti fab oin, 

W ra-1 lourVmeT^ff 

Re thoutficl beat down Birds and Cattle, 
Dif raceonr Woods, and make our Roots to rattle. 

If] Icav'ns bright Torches, from Earth's kidneys, fup 
Som fom wh at d and hcatfull Vapours vp, 
Th aisli ming of their nimble Fire 

V nld fuddenly neerth'Azure Cirques afpire : 

R> (oon their fuming crcft hath raughr, 

( he the Coldncfs of the middle Vault, 

And what force their mortall Enemy 

In Garrifbn keeps there continually - 

W ti down a<*ain, towards their Dam I y bear, 

Holpbytl ht which they hauedrawi -her: 

'tit in the inftant, to their aid arriues 
Another new heat, which i ir heart rcuiucs, 
R irinst irhand,andl hied their (light, 

Bccten "dbring^thc intofighi 

Well forofi'dthen by the!- elh fu lies, 

lyth lew their enterprise : 
And one whi hand (with honour) gcttim 

while . gracefully rem 
: r lower A ire th t ofTc in fundry forr, 
Aswv igth Jot ornporr. 

ftmiimet it rt'y- 



Off«mV*ptirt t 











The Second 


d cold, 

Of the mU 


It the (tmrr %tt* 

L lm force and fortune, cquaU boU 

•ding ihe fewer V ides,that with diuersbkft, 

,f rhr World doo halrc : 


Feeling the 

Fiom thcfowcrcoWHI 

Intht its I findc fov. .p'raments, 

Foi ics, fourc Ages, and fourc Elements. 

*nrx ( 1 Xhokr,: 




That, which drks-vp wilde Jffrkkmth his wing, 
R cfemblcs Aire, Blood, Youth, and liudy Spring : 
Thar, which blowcs moiftly from the Weftern flage, 
Like Water, Phlcgmc, Winter, and heauy Age : 
That, which comes Iriiv' ring from cold Climates (blely, 
Earth, withered Eld, Autumn, and Melancholy. 
Not, but that Men haue Jong yerthis found-out 
More then thefefour Windes, but, Wtft y torttiand Sciub 

Tho t(atScaj 

Vponthc : j flWFW^r 
Though the , arc the places 

iencctheHeav'n-far Exhalation paffes : 
But wherefbeuer their quicic courfethey bend, 
As on their Chit all on thefe Fourc depend.' 
One while, with whisking broom they bruin ai 
he cloudy Curtainsof Hcav'nsfrages ftecp • 
Anon, with hotter fighes they dry Ac Ground 
-ate by Ektfriand her lifters drownd. 
An. lh they, withatemp'rate blowing 

The foultry Aier , vnder the Dog-ftarre glowing 
On T rces anon they ripe the Plum and Pear % 

s^i r : 

ifi? Iftl 

itfu -lain. 


y^ MogiuS^ffi 




H E 


I R S T VV E E K. 

To tli Aiiy Regions euer-laffing Froff, 
Inci mrly th'apttinding fume is toft 
Till it infl te : then like a Squib it falls, 

Or lire -wingdfhafi, or fulph'iy Powder Balls. 
But if this kindeof Exhalation tour 

Abouc the walls of Winters icy bowr, 

r inflamed] al • and anon becoms 
Anc ir, prelaging woful dooms t 

And,forthi r hath more fewcll in 't 

Then had the firft, t is not fo quickly fpent : 

Whctherthc Heav 'nsinc antagiration, 

Into a Star transforming rh' Exhalatioi 

Kindle the lame: like as a coal, that winkc 

On a flicks end (and iecmed quite cxti; ) 

Toft m the dark with an in du (trio us hand, 

To light the night, becoms a ricr-brand : 

Or whether th'vpper Fire doo fire the fame ; 

As lighted Candles doo th'vnlight inflame. 

According as the vapour k or rare, 

I : .Lien or vn-eucn Jong or la c, round or fquaj 

Such are the I \ nsitin the Aire rcfcmblcs : 

At fight whereof, th' amazed Vulgar trembles. 

Heer, in the night appears a flaming Spire 

There a I agon folded all in 

leer, a bright Comet i tl ouroytf^rag 

Heer, flying Launccs : 

} [eer teems a horned Goat^cnuii d round 

With fiery flakcs,about the Aire to bound. 

There, with long bloady haue, a Blazing Star 

Threatens the World with Famin, Plague and War : 

To Princes, death : to Kingdoms, many crofles : 
To nil Eftates, incuitablcLoflcs .* 
To Heard-i i Rot : to Plough-mcmhap-IcfTe S eaibns : 
1 Si\h .Storms: to Cities, ciuill Tit 

But hai k : what hear I in the Hcav'i me thinks 
The Worlds wall fhakcs,and his 1 oundauon fljrinks : 

Ir fcems euen now that horrible Perfepl»*c, 
I .Oofing Mej>er\ K_Aletto and TyfipUne, 
\ \ y of raigning in black Erebut, 

Trnniporrs her II ell between the J lea i and vs. 
Tis held, I I .we, that v. n a ipour moift 
As well from Frcfh as f n Salt water s hoi ft 
In the inftantwirhho xhalations, 

Tnth' AiryRi ionsfecond (tations ; 
The Fiery Fun (ieged with the Croud 

md keen-cold thicki .f that damp ud, 

hens hisftrcngthiand with rcd< 1 Voll 

Ofioyncdl .cr ics. 



Of$t her firry 

tbr rfjtttms of 
six Mrt, 

tfl MM* f 

thutdtf mJ 






% • 

I » 









>.m's natiuc ForreiK ; ip« »■ >. 

[ rom's natiuc 


M ock, moov d "J nouN ^ 

Rr wanton children, iu". 5 , _ :1 » /-n 



V h r driiious to break fort lapm . 
Fro .dyWard,cannot it fclfc refrain. 
KMhoutrcf .load -^or^ndgrumbles 
Jl « and .oa^gkound-round-rouiK. it rumbles, 
Till (hauinguntthelowerfidemfur«fcr) 
V h fulphVy flaih it hauc fhot-down his thunder . 
Though, willing to vnite, in thefc alarms, 
To's Brothers Forces, his own fainting arms , 
Andrh' hortcft Circle of the World to game, 
To ifliic vp-ward, of: it irriucs in vaine : 
But, 't is there fronted with a Trench fo large, 
And fuch an Hoaft, that though it often charge, 
On this and that fide, the Cold Camp about, 
With his Hot Skirmim ; yet ftill,ftill the flout 
Victorious Foe repelleth cv'iy pu/h • 
So that (dcfpaii ing) with a furious ru(h 
Forgetting honour; iris fain to fly 
back-duu uaifcblufliirigiflfani 
T hen th* O c m doo deem 

1 he Sea too ih >w tffliHMRxMH 
The Earth doth {hake -the Shepheard in the field 
In hollow Rocbhimfelf can hardly fliicld : 
Th" affrighted Heav'ns open • and, in the vale 
Of Acheron^ grim Pluttc's felf looks pale : 
Th' Aire flames with Fire : for, the loud-roaring Thunder 
(Renting the Cloud, tint it includcs,afunder) 
Sends forth thofe Flames which fo blear our fiohc • 
A akefull Students, in the Winters night ° 
Agamft the fteel glauncing with flony knocks, 
Strike fodam fpads into their Tinder-box. 
TV^SF? fe htnin S of a fume is fram'd : 
Through ^cfshot-drine(re,euermoreinflam'd • 
\\ hofc powr (paft credit) wfchout razinp skin ' 
Can bruiz to dow,W ,u ~.._ . . . P bKin > 

anmeuVhT^n all0Urb0n « with ^ ; 
Inured Co^^ f g T ^ Mizmhoori 

Can fcorch an infant 


( >fth* amazed Mother: 

Con fume 

Th e Second D 

a t 

Confumc the mooes, and neuer hurt the feet : 

Empty a Cask, and yet not perifh ir. 

My younger eyes hauc often feen a Dame, 

To whom the flafh of Heav'ns fantafHek flame? 

Did elfe no harm, fauc (in a moment's /pace) 
With windy Rafor fliauea fecrct place. 

Shall I omit a hundred Prodigies 
Ofc feen in forehead of the frowning Skies ? 
Somtimesa Fiery Circle doth appearc, 
Proceeding from thebeautious beams and clear 
Of Sun and Moon, and other Stars afpcc% 
Down-looking on a thick-round Cloud direct 5 
VVlien, not of force to thi uft their rayes through-out-it, 

In a round Crown they call them round about- it : 

Like as (almoft) a burning candle, pur 

Tnto a Clofet with the door dole fhut ; 

Not able through the boordsro fend his light, 

Outatthecdges round about fhincs bright. 

But, in 's declining, when Stls countenance 

Direct vpon a wat'rifli Cloud doth glance 

(A wat'rifli Cloud, which cannot ealily « 

1 fold any longer her moift Tympany) 

On themoift Cloud he limns hislig'hclbm front ; 

And with a gawdy Pcncill pain's vpon 'r 

Ablcw-grecn-gilt Bo we bended ouer\ 

For, th'aduerfc Cloud, v ehfTrftrrc ethrhus 

Apollo 's raies,the fame direct rcpells 

On the next Cloud, and with his gold it mclls 

Her various colours : Like as when the Sun 
At a bay-window peepcth in vpon 

A boawl of water, his bright beams afpeft 
W r ith trembling 1 . ftrc it doth far reflect 
Againft th' high feeling ofthclightfom Hall, 
With ftatcly Fret-work ouer-cruftcd all. 
O n th' other fide, if the Cloud fide-long fir, 

And not beneath, or iuftly oppofite 
To Sun and Moon ; then citherof them forms 
With ftrong aipccT double or trcbblc Forms 
Vpon the fame. The Vulgars then affright 
I \ > fee at once three Chariots of the Light ; 
And, in the Welkin on Nights gloomy Throne, 
To fee at once more mining Moons then one. 

t, O fond Mortals ! wherefore doo yccfttiuc 
With reach of Senfc, Gods wond rs to reti iuc * 
What proud defirc (rather,what Furies drift { ) 
ridens you god-lets, all Gods works to (irt? 

He not deny, out that a learned man 

May yeeld fomc Reafon ( if he lift to fcan ) 


OfOownts dtd 

circles dhoux the 

other I'Unttf. 


Off be KjwUw, 


tiutoft comer St 
fdjje tbdtjvm 
vers Suns dud 

.4 H 





i T 


■ i — 

T i 




Mc thinks I ncar,\vnui * „„j r ,#£mTidcr : 

The voice that brings Swains vp, and O/4" vnacr 

When I behold the Lightning in the Skies, 
Mc thinks I fee th'Ahuighticsgl ^; 

Wheal*; ucit rain-down timely fhowrs, 
Methinksthe Lord his hom of Plenty pours : 
When from the Clouds cxcciliuc Water Jpins, 
Mc thinks God weeps forodr vmvept-tor fins : 
And when in Heav'n I fee the Rain-boaw bent, 

I hold itfor aPlcdccand Argument, 

Thar ncucr more fliall Vmuerfall Floods 

Prefumcto mount oucrthe tops of V Yoods 

Which hoary Atlas in the Clouds doth hide, 

Or on the Crowns o^Caucafus doo ride : 

Bur,aboueaIl,my pearccd foulc inclines, 

When th' angry Hcav'ns threat with prodigious Signes ; 

When Natures order doth reuerfc and change, 

PrcpoiVroufly into diCordcr ftrangc 

JJJJ( ( 1 f fac r ed Pill* \ \ 

1 And let him tell n.c (if at leaft he can 
rule of Nature, or meei 'reach of man) 
A found and cert reafonof the Cream, 
The V Vooll and Flcih that from the Clouds did (beam 
Let him declare what caufc could crft beget, 
Amid the Aire, thofc drizzling fliow is u: Vheat 
V i eh in Carmthta twict entofned- 

•that people madcthem ftovcof Bread 
> o o, the great God of Hcav 'n, (omtimes delights 
Prom top to toe to alter Natures Rites • B 

• ■ 


Th*h« W \\ fa, t0 Natmc c ' 
he drops of ntqHng'Hwvndic 



Mmjms wan d 


Of The r ir st 


E K. 

Vitforioufly, on the (now-Canton'd) Suijjes, 
Cjm&ri**s,aiid Almans, h< ing all in peecesj 
'Gainft Bficures profane amnions, (howe 
That 'tis not Fortune guides this World belowe. 
Thou that behcld'ft from Hcav'n, with triple 1 Lines, 
Curfcd Olympius fmirtcn all to allies, 

For Blafphemies'eainftth'O n i ttcrnall-T hrh; 
Dar'ft thouyct belch againit- the Trinities 
D; thou, profane, fpet in the face or God, 
Who for bhlphem i hath fo fliai pa rod * 

Icwes (no more Iewcs, no more of Ah' hamSox\%- y 

But Turks, Tartarian* , ScytMarts, LeJIrigons) 

Say what you thou it thought you, when fo long 

A rlaming Sword oucr your Temple hung h 
tat that the Lord would with a mighty armc 
The righteous vengeance of his wrath periorrne 
On you, and yours ? that whatthe Plague did lcaue, 
Th'infatiate gorge of Famine fliould bcreauc < 
And whatthe Plague and Famine bo did arc, 
Should be clean gleaned by the hand of War '. 
That fucking Infants,crying for the teat, 
Self-crucll Mothers fliould vnkindly eat t 
And that (yerlong) thefharcand coulcai fliould 
Rub ofFthcirrufhpon your Re -gold? 
And all, becaufc you (curled; a 

The I ordoflife> > fnrHPra M^^^J 

The ruddy Fountain that with blood did flowe : 

Th'hug i^RockthcthundrjngHeavnsdidthrowc 

Into L??uria : and the bloody Croflcs 

Seen on mens garm< 5, fcem'd with open voyecs 

To cry aloud, that the Turk's C\ mrghoatt » 

Should pitch his proud JWiwwonthc GVjwj»coair. 

O Frantick Frsnce ! why doft not Thou make 
Of ftrangefiill Signes, whereby the Hcav'ns induce 
Th to repentance > Canft thou tear 
(Eucn night by night) on that prod biaze, 

1 it hairy Comet, that long frrcammc Srai , 

Which thrcatensBarth with 1 iin« .c,andWai 

(Th [mights «**, and t rorkt ire« 

W h he ftrikes vs in his lteitli 

But what (a! !)canHcauc thrcatnings vrgc. 

h allthefharp Rods which (ohourely 

I Ui; back, cannot fo much as wrelt 

One leli-hfronuhy obdurate bred '. 
Thou inlctf thine own blood, tl c own flefli thou eat 
In what mod harm thcethj ;htis t- 

► fenf-lesFolk,(icl 

to the death d 







The .Second 






,. lUt wax more reft.t ft.l the no ^^g rowes , 

Thcmotc your wounf.^cy 

And vintop t n o i a n d, wr 
Thj vfitti**, as then W/ ' ,tn fnt! ~1 

Of the reiagm wrathfullhandof God. 

SW,Saxo n> Dane^ Norma** 

^><* (W* .' ; ™«<r **««« then tbeje, 

The Ctutll rents of thy diuidtdK o s s : 
^ UH of all^the raoingUolues of Rome, 

Tearmg thy Limbs [Chritts Lambs) in Martjrdome. 
Be fides Great Plagues, nd grievous Dearths, wtotf (W 
//j* */* //* ,ta*w of thy firength reuerst . 
B*/ ifo«, more faulty, more jorget full art 
7 ben Boyes that fear but while they feel tljefmart : 
All t hit itpafl ; andThou,paJlfcareiji!, 
In 1 ' race and Plenty, as a ,Oueen deoflJit y 
Of R ods forgetfully tad for R cftiugratefuU 
(That, fit tip dulneff: this, a fin rnojl hitefult) 
ln?ratefulliotky Cod, who all hath fent ; 
^yind thy Ute {'ueen , d lnsi:umenc^^^^^^^ 

By whoje pure hind, he hath more bt d Thine, 

Tht hUevrneCheyce- Vine: 

From whence he look' t for Grapes (m now from thee) - 
That bore mm Crabs t Thou worje (tfworfe may bt): ' 
That was dejlroy'j, the wtldt Boar entredm. 

E land ^ww.-Likcpunilhmcr.r, like fu,. 

But, 0! what boots, orwhatauatUs mj (on? 
Tothitdeaf Adder, that hath (left folonV 
Snorting fo loud onpillowes of Security 
^read le§ of danger, drownedin Impurity , 
Kkufe Senfet * alUuer^own wkbfeV 
"ueU ft no door for Fear to enter at? 


3 hme vncmrttd,hU «.» A.i ' 

'«/"<• Wol-fr, uicc rS? Tu 


Of The First \\ k. 

Thy blind,dumb, IdoUm^phcardSjcheahwtthJieeplts, 
That fleece thy Flocks, and do not feed thy Ptoplts 

Strife-full Ambition, Florenming States/ 
Bribes and A rfee Hon fwaying Magtfl rates : 
Wealth's mercy-lefi Wrong, Vfury, Ext< .i r ion : 
Poores Idlcncfs, repining at thetr Portion : 

Thy Drunken Surfers ; and Excels in I )iet : 

Thy Senfuall wallowing in Lafciviou Riot : 
Thy hufcpu ft, painted, cttrld^purld, Wanton Pride 
(The Baud to Luft, and to all Smns bejide) 
Thefe are thy Sinnes : Theft art the Stones of Ruin, 
To every Stat e that doth the fame pur (tie -in : 
Sud),coJl the laves and Allans Dejolotion, 
Now turnedTurVs, thatwerethc Holy Nation. 
Happy who take by others dangers warning : 
All that is writ, is written for our learning : 
So preach thy prophets: Bur, who heeds their cry? 
Or who beleeues i Then much Itfihopthaut I. 
[ f here) ore (Deer Barrasj hailing warned them 5 
From this Digrefion, turn we to our Tht am. 

^yfsour All-welcom Soveraign ( Englands folac 
Hea<vns care, Earths comfort) in his finely Palact, 
Hath next His Per/on, Princes ef his Realms 
Next him in blood, extracifrom Roy all Stems ; 
Next thofe, the Nobles ; ntxf^ tht Magtttratet 
That [true him truly in ti 
As more more or left their dtutrs 1 nine 
ems neer the GreatncfiefhU Majestic : 

So, next the Hcav'ns, God mirfliflUM th' Element 
Which fcconds.thcminlwift bright Ornament: 

And then the reft, according as of kin 

To th' Azure Sphcars, or th' Erring Fires tltey bin. 

Yc-t Torn (more crediting their eyes, then Reafonj 

From 's proper place this Effencc doo dill 1 • 
And vaincly driue (after their Fancies ! way) 
To cut the World's bed Element away 
The nimble, light, bright-flaming, lieatfuli Fire, 
I ountain oflifc, Smith, Founder uririer, 

Cook, Surgeon, Soldier, Gunner, AlcJ 

The fource of Motion briefly, what not t 
Apt for all, acting all • \vn< 5 embrace, 

Vnder Hcav'ns a s,thisVnh 11 NtaJ 
1 if (lay they; the Firrwcrelodg'd between 

The H ns and vs, it would by night 1 1 \ 

Sith then, fo far-off (to in M< epalsj 

Wc fee leaft Glow worms glutei in th 

ides, how fliould we through the Fie ent 
Pcrcetue the bright eyes of the I trmai 

r 2 





:1k jthtr t be 

t Elcmnu if 

fc 4 r mhM 

ks v. 


.vr r^ifma. 


■ I 

i 1 



r,n nothing through 01 ro 

Can nothing through -;■ "T f , „, 

safes if^r 


For, oi:rs is nothing but a dusky light 
Grofs.chicMnd fmoaky,cnemy to fight : 
B at abouc ( for, being neither blent 
With fumy n ureofgrofs nourilhment, 
Nor tofl :h winds, but far from vs) corns neer 
It's neighbour Heav'n, in nature pureand deer. 
But s of what fubfhnce mall I^ftcr-thee 

cfmrnrkto * 



r C 




Vnccrtain, he cr my rcioiutionsrocK 

And wayerjifc c Jur.conftant Weather-Cock ; 

Which, on a Towr turning with every bla/r, 

Chjngah h laft lace"' c ~ a 

Learned Ljr«»w. 
Then ih' Aadtmian facie 

Treading th< hat AriptU\scux y 

I doo dep: me the heav'ns of Element, 
And mixture too ; and think,th'omnipotcncc 
Of God did make them of a Qinnt-Eflence ; 
Sith of the Elements, two ftill ciccl 
Their motion vp^ two cucr down direct : 
But the Heav'ns couifcmot wandring vp nor down 
Continually turns oncly i oundly round. 
The Elements hauc no ctcrnall race 

, _ » « u. c v-ireic, without taking breathy 
His certain courfe for cucr gallopah- 

tort with an inuftinfightj 


: uu *™ wi-.nan mu ftin fight rnc. ~ 







I R S T VV E E K. 

empers the heat (caus'd by their rapid turning^ 
/hichclfc would let all th* elements irburnine. 

Norhi retain th the fame form and face, 
fardly the half of half on bowers /pace. 
, the Hea 'ns feel not fates imparciall rigour : 
YeafS add no: to their frjture nor their vigour : 
Vicwearstl nnQtjbuti reen-evcr Age 

[sail in all ftill like their Pupillage. 

Then fud< ily, turnd ftudious tUumtt, 
I hold, the Hfcav'ris of Elements confift : 
Tis I rth, wh« )fe firm parts make their Lamps apparent, 

Their bodies fall - y Aire makes them all t ran/parent : 
I ire makes their reftlcfs circles pure, and cleer, 

I >r, I ' ' 1 ttiomc, 1 s it, and quick in their career : 
And Water, 'novn igvvith cold-moift the brims 
Ofth'cirxr-kiflTing turning Globes cxrrcams| 


Whicn en uia let aura emants arDomng 

Nor, that I doo compare or match the Matter 
Whence I compote th'All-compalfing Theater, 
Torhofegrofs Elements which heer belowc 

)ur had and eye doth touch and lee and knowc : 

f's all fair, all pure • a fjcred harmony 
Thofe bodies bindes in end lefs Vnity : 
That Aier's not flitting, nor that Water floating, 

Nor Fire inflami mh d ully doating 

Nor on oorhc 

ftocondud th< 

See fee the rage of him i me Arrogance: 
ec how far dares man's c. ring Ignorance, 
That with vnbridlcd tongue (as if it oft 
1 lad rry'd he n tcttlc of that vpper Loft) 
Dares, wit oof or without rcafon yeelded, 

rellofw it tin. r Cod his Palace buildcd. 
But,inth( »ubts much rather reft had I, 

n with mine error draw my Header wry ; 
Till Saint Paul doo re-defcerid from Hea\ 'n, 
O r till my felf (this finfull roab be reav'n, 
This rcbell I lefh wh counter) Tcs 

My j rim Soule, and eu< edepreffes) 

Shall H the beauties of that J 
If (the I ougl iall i , fauc Gods bright Face. 
But mi quarrel umber 

•Id I then schools about the Heai imber. 
but< -making the Worlds 3 Ihine 
Th h the thin-thicknefs ofthat Cryftall line 
(Asthroi hrh anscl and liquid Mood 

T flij vp and down doo feu 

er, ii ainbyJiiseye, 

|And(i nbr it Lamps, i Jdiuerfly, 




Umfnts m the 
*xctu % 

Difference U- 
rwent'e Ele- 


elxf vo*' 


DetrfltM^ fix 
frefaumftton of 

•wits fedftbtn£ 

' > 

jelfe mebm tU 

bciauUo ( 

\ 9 j th nu*Axr *J 




+ a 





H. t: 

. •/ 

it ttflm- 

(J wui ten 



—- ,nl ,.ith' other fide, 

^ffiftofficaS «in f prid e 

That all the reft otitic « |eJ 

J«p 3l l one conrfc L .ng ". o Jh rou[)d S[orics . 

Yc J mounted Earth aboue the Heav ns bnghr. 

Nor (hall my fain: and humble Mute prefumc 
So high a Song and Subiefl to aflurae. 

fair, fiue-double Round,Sloath's Foe apparent, 
Life ofthc \Vorld,DaycsMomhs,and Yearsownc Parent; 
ihincowncfclfsmaiell,ncvcrmifiing place, 
\nd yet thy pure wings with fo fwift a pale 

v ouer vs,that but our Thought alone 
Can (as thy babe) purfue thy motion •* 
Infinite finite : free from growth and grief, 
Difcord and death; dance . i ; to b c J j)^L^^gf; 
Sail like thy fclf,atttl all, 

T ranfparent, clcc- c Ball : 

Which in thy wide bout, bound-lcfs all dooft bound. 
And clafpeft all,vnder,or in thy Round ; 
Throne of th' Almighty, 1 would faine rehcarfe 
Thy various Dances in this very Verfe, 

1 fit were timc,and but my bounded Song 
Doubt eih to make this Sectnd-Daj too- long, 
i ir,notwithitanding,y« another day 
1 fear fom Critic II not (lick to fay, 
My babbling Mufcdid fail with euery gale, 
And mingled vain to length her web withall. 

But knowc, what c*r thou be, that hcciUather 

IulUy fo many of Gods wo ks together 

(\\ Inch round This txj th ' Eternal Finger pent 

Between the lower Waters and the higher 

\\ hichfeparate thcOceans waters fait. 

From, thofe which God pouiM o'r £ ErhcrcaU Vault. 








E E K. 

But that I know how ftittiy greatei larks 
relume to argue in their learned Wt s, 
T'o'r-wht lin thefe Floods, this Cry/tall to deface, 
And dry tins Ocean, which doth all imbrace. 

J;ut as the beauty of a modeft Dame, 
Who, well-content with Natures comly Frame, 
And natiuc Fair (as it is freely j n) 
In Ht proportion by the hand of Heav'n) 
Doth not, with painting, prank, nor fet-it out 
With helps of Art, fufficient lair without - 
Is more praife- worthy, thea the wanton glance, 
Th' afFe&cd gait,th' alluring countenance, 
The Mart of Pride, the Periwigs and painting, 
Whence Courtifans refrefh their beauties fainting : 
So doe I more xhcftcrtd Tongue cftccm 
(Though plainc and rurall ir do rather fecm, 
ThcnfchooM Athcrium-^wA Diuinitie, 
Foronely varnifh,haucbut Verity) 
Then all the golden Wit-pride of Humanity, 
Wherewith men burniili their erroneous vanity. 

II rather giuc a thouiand times thely 
To mine owne H eafon, then but once defy 
The facred voice of df cver-laiting Spine, 
Which doth fo often and fo loud averr-ir, 

That God,aboucihcihiniMl :m< 
I wot not, I, what kin 

| Whether, that pure, fupcr-celeftiall Water, 

Withour inleriourhauc no likely nature: 

V Vhethcr, tumd Vapour, it hath round cmbow'd 
Hcav'ns i heftftagein a tranfparcnt Cloud : 

hr whether (as they fay) a Cry ftall calc 

Do (roundabout) the Heav nly Orb embrace. 

But. with conic iftures wherefore ftriuc I thus i 
Can doubtful proofs the certainty difculs '. 
I fee not, why Mans reaibn mould withftand, 
( ) i nor beleeue, that I [e whole powrfull hand 
Bay'd-vptheJt^A'M with a double V II, 

That Jfraels 1 1 > afr might fcapc EgyptUn thrall, 

( ould prop as (lire fo many w; igh 

Aboue the \ [eav'ns Star ipanglcd Canapy. 
Sec we not hanging in the Clouds each howr 
many Seas, Oil It hi tnii down to pour, 
pported onely by th'Airt agitation 

ik for the leaftwaieht's foundation)? 
>, that this Sea beiowc, 
Which round about our Earthly Globe c flowe, 
K ics ftil! round igreall thcfurly 

EtffaftSlaiH andW burly burly, 





G)J tol>ff I 


1. G*ls wtrJ 

ten before (be 

Gen. 1.7. 
1*1*31.104. j. 


'■ « 

4 I 

ntke JtrfyJ 


etmfdjfrt!) the 

Dares > 

1 ^ 

r • 


l r 





The S 




-^I^in^p^ uid Hfap) 

,0Ut T ' 5 a J hearts ! at lcaft 

1^ 'SoSSvehm 



In it ft- P 



Much morefal God (»*"«* , , - z and p0n der 

LnviobW, and boldly-wcigh >t well, 

Had't no: been feel'd-round » Lchmoift Elements. 

>r, like as (in Man's UukWrU) the Brain i 
DothhighcA place of all our Frame retain, 
And tc crswith it's moiftfull coldncfslo 
Th' cxcdliucheai of other parts below 
Th'crcmall Builder of this Bcautious Frame 
To en: tlyFroftwith 1 lame, 

And cool the great hear of he Grot- Wvlfs Torches, 
7huD4) IpredWatcr over Heav'ns brighr Arches. 

The eas (fay they) lea; tneSeas belowe, 

Hadd.o .oU tfcbuilded 

| A holy .111-11, wherewHWBWWRBBded - 

direction or" the King of Kings, 

% t C 1 I fill 1- 

mumttr of the 
m n«4 i 

He fav'd a feed-pair of all liuing thine 
No fuoncr Ihipt, but inftantly the Lore 

^_ Lord 

c to th' *£9lesn dungeon him beftin \J, 
ill e muzzled dole Cloud-chafing hercu^ 
| And let] ie^ r> and his lowing race, 
I Who fooi rward wu h a dropping wing - 

\ n their beard for ei yrtairaforinc 
1 A night of Clouds muffled their brows about, 
1 d locks gulk all in R.uers out. 

ifVi ^ wringing thickdoudsVunder, 

Lofingtheiroldboun, lkanc< ^ " ts > 

To^atrandomwiththc Ut o S ^L 

1 And thou th 

1 us I325B2 Si 

OHc a v„,di/ ftffttt , d " r -. 

Of "1 

H B 


irst Week. 


Allthylai duces, thy vaftS ihed 

In Hidden fpouts on thy pr< I Sifters head ; 
Whole aw lefs, Iaw-Icis,(namc-lefs life abhord, 

Only delighted to def} ht the Lord. 

i'h Earth ill rinks and links-, now th'Occan hath no ihoie: 
Now Rivers inn to feme the Sea no more ; 
Themfelucs are Sen : the many / Streams, 

Offundry names (denv'd from fundry Realms) 
Make now but one great Sea : the World it felf 
Is nothing now but a great (landing Gulf, 
V elling (urges ftrive to mix their Water 

With th' other Waucs about this round Theater. 
The Sturgeon, coafting over Caftles, mules 
(Vndcr the Sea) to fee I > n i any houics. 
The indidn Manar and the Mullet float 
O'r Mountain tops, whcreyelft the bearded Goat 
Did bound and brouz : the crooked Dolphm icuds 
O'rrh'iiigheit branches of the hi I Wood* 
Nought bootsthe Tigre, orthe Hart or Hor 
Or Hare, or Giey-hound, their f\\ fpeedy com , 
For, fecking Land, the morcthey (train and I ath them, 
The more (alas; it (brinks and finks beneath them. 
The Otter, Toitoife, and fell Crocodile, 
Which did enioy a double houfc r-while, 
Muft beedbterr with only waxernow. 
The Wolf and Lamb, T : mMM^* rowe 

Vpon the Waters, fide by fide, fofpeftlcfs. 

The Gleadand Swallow, labouring long (effefl Lcis) 

•Gainftcertain death, with wearied wings fall down 
(For want of Peai ch) and with the reft do drown. 

And, for mankinde, imagine fom get vp 
To lorn high Mountains ov flanging top ; 
Som to a Towi , ibme to a Cedar tree, 
Whenccround about a World of deaths they fee : 
But A-hcrcfocvcr their pale fears afpirc 

lor hope of fi£cty,th'Ocean furgeth 1 

And ftill-ftill mounting as they dill do moun 

When they ceafc mounting, doth then n lurmounr. 

>nc therefore ventures on a Plank to rov 
One in a Chert, another in a Trough : 

Another, vet half-fleeping, fcarcc perceives 

How 's 1 I and breath, the Flood at once bereaves ; 
Another, labouring with his feet and hands, 

Awhile the fury ofthe Flood witkftands 

(Which by his fide hath newly droun'd his r rhcr, 
HisVS , his S ( » n ,his Sifter, Siie,and Brother): 

ut,i dand fpent, weary and iting ftren^ 
I Ic needs nuiftyccld (too) to the Seas ax lr~" ' 



<* — * -. 

* — 


* ■ 




' — ^ 

.^ "V 

' » Vl 








The Second 


wb*m$fl ! 

(to m imdrtd to 
At Uh r .''* 

In execution uf heir w b 

Had only now the faggfgK dld float 


To rc-ereO, in his Companion great. 
No fooncr founds he to the Seas remit, 
But inftantlywauc into wauc did (ink 

\Viihfuddenfpecd,allRiuers ganto flirfflk 5 

The Woods are feen ■ the Mountain tops arc nien 

Out of their (limy Bed : the Fields incrcafc 

And fpread apace ; fo faflthc waters ceafc. 

And (briefly th' only thundring hand of God 

Now Earth to Hcav'n, Heav'n vnto Earth re-fhow d - y 

That lie again Panchatan fumes might fee 

^aci td on w AItarsto hi* Maiefty. 

Lord, uth 't hath pleas'd thcelikewife, in our Age, 
Toftucthy Ship from Tyrants ftormy rage, 

Incrcafc/* Xumber (Lord) thy little Flock • 
But more in Fotih, to build on thee, the Rod ■ 

So Morne and Euen tbefecond Day conclude, 
And God percew'd that all his works were good. 





The An o v m e n t. 

jhc Sea, and Earth : their various Equipage: 
Seuer da-part : Bounds of the Oceans rage : 
'T tmbraceth Earth : it doth all Haters owe : 
Why it is fait : How it doth Ebb, and Elowe ; 
Rare flreames, and fountains ofjlrange operation : 
Earth\firmnefi^reatnefi t good*eji:Jbarp taxation 

Of Bribes, ^yimbu/on y Jreafon, Auartu 

Trees. Shrubs, *nd PUnts : Mtnes, Metal/ s, Gemms of price 

Right vfe of Gold : the rare effects : 

The Countrey-Ufepreferr'd in all refpecJs. 

Y (acred Mufe, that lately foarcd high 

Among the glinVring Circles of the Sky 

(Whofe various dance, which the firft Moover driua 

Harmonioufly, this Vnivcrfe revives) 

Commanding all the Windes and fulph'ry Storms, 

The lightning Flames, and the hideous Forms 
Seen in the Aire • with language meetly bi c 
Whilom difcourft vpon aThcam fograue I 
But, Tbis-Day, flag Lng lowely by i Ground, 
Shcfccmsconftrain'd to keep a lowely (bund ; 
OrjiffomtimeSjme fomwhat fchcrvoyce, 
The found is drown'd with the rough Oceans noyfe. 

O Kin and of glaflic Plains, 

Whofe p' rfull breath (at thy di I will) conftrains 

The deep I dations ofthe 1 lils toihakc, 

And S ! (alt billowcs 'gainft 1 leav'ns vaults to rake -• 

( i ant me, To- Day, with skilful! Inftrum s 

To bound aright thtletv blcnic _ 

jnJ Rigour c 
the Aitt t i 
Pact drfctnM 
13 lb* JLx.-tb 

AliJ SCA. 

He C4i m 

rtru ito 



menu, Ai. ' 



\\\\\\\\\\\\\\m **.'! 



r- w 

r i>>- 










The T h i R 



- ■ 

n d with a flaring M • ' . , , , ck |slotrmi. 
il thole Keep mv" clouds enwraps, 

ia saduHPoiidabid,W 

eof * worlds! pcry) 

H; 'oo i-pai uidtovntoldthctunii, 

Andinbis\ .,now contented rcit, 

Thau day, ported. 

A, dHeav'nshaue pr amain, 

And. gft« saflemblii \ 

Tu ;t0 x>c onasr'Klhowrsdoccale, 

Deluge doth decreafe, 
ifc,inhoi: pongesfinks, 
amp] inOr ncilihrmks: 

1 Sca,to'tfelfeiti betook, 

nt after Mount, Field af:cr Field forfook • 
And fuddenly in fmallercaskdJ tun 
Her Wart thatfrom cilery /Idedid run : 
Wh( rfeel] ;hr did firfr exhale 

God,om he £*.<>• md 

T he C ry (b • ■MHR^^Mno vound : 

V sty did new place prouide 

To lodge the Waters : v, het her op'ning wide 
Th I . : hollow Pores, it plcas'd him to conueiph 
D ndfomeAimsoffuchaSca: 

pi -effing waters gloom v Globe, 

i a eta 

npris'ned in thofc bounds of brafs 
JO -Ocean dares not pafs 

V outh - 1 th'Kternall,knowinc 

n. . CC JJ -'-content flowing, 

- >^ ft her, iousrage 

\ t •-- 


iowry-mantli ' 

reoftenf. hofc, 

J tc °uldnoi - k? ', - .. 

Wori th 






The First V V 



And toward the Cryftall of his double fource 
Compelled lorcbn to retreat his courfc i 
Drown'd with a Deluge the rebellious World ? 
And fiom dry Rocks abundant Rivers purl'd f 

Lo,tluis the waighty Water did yei -while 
With winding turns make all this world an lie. 

>i ,likc as molt h Lead being poured forth 
Vponaleucll plot of far d or earth, 
In many fafhions mazeth to and fro ; 
Runs heei dirc^there crookedly doth go, 
Heei doth dmideit felf,therc meets againe$ 
And the how Riv'let of the liquid vain, 

On the fmooth tablecrawling like a worm, 

Almoft ( in th 'inftan: ) cuery form dorh fo:m : 

God pour*d the Wateis on rhc ftuitfull Ground 

Infun< \ res • fom in fa/h ion round, 

Som fquare,fbra cro(Te,fom long/om lozengc-wife, 

Som 'Ha ks,fom large/om lefler fize ; 


To giuc the world more wealth and excellence. 

Such is the Germ n Sca,fuch Ferfun Sine, 

Such th' Indian Gulf and fuch th' ArAbtam Brine, 

And f ch OurSea : whofedivcrs-branchr * retortions, 
DividerheW ldint •cvncquall s. 

And,thou^h caci geibcuci 

To the great Ocean I s * lit; I< iuer : 
Each mi esa iundr< lindry Seasbefidcs 
( Nol fundry in waters, but in Names and Tides) 


ThLtirOythicknefsofthc neighbour Plains: 

To bulwark Natioi md to ferue for fences 

A ft th'invailon of Ambitious Princes : 

To bound large Kingdomcs with etcrnall limits : 

To fur hcrTrafnckthrough all Earthly Climates : 

T'abbridge long Iourne ; and with ayd of Winde 

Within a month to vifit cither I*de. 

Buyh'Rarth not only th'Occansdebr s 
For thefe 1 c Seas • but owes him TaM, 

tie ( K^tgjpts t rcafui e ) and his n hbour flrcam 

That in t Dcfirt ( through his hafte extream ) 

I.ofeth himfelfc fo oft ; upbrAtes^ 

Anl th'othcr pn I Son of coKl \iphates : 
I 'cious G «r,and his famous brother, 

Thatlcnds ito their noble Mother: 

< rOW fanded Td«u6,Rhyne, Rtvnejrd<>.t,7 iber, 

Uutmbim \^1lbis % P* y Sem, 4r*e^i\d I her ; 
The Datiah PUte aui\ Afmdzomum Uivcr 
( Where Spain's Gold-thirfly LocufH cool th 




Gen 7-ii 

jtfit 5im3c 

•mtndm^ turns 
sbr l.trsb. 

* Wj%fnt£$ % 

Sfd dtfimgwflh* 
td mt$ /mdllrr 
membm with 
iommodrtrts & 


A CttAffte #/ 

n»ji M the m, 
f*rm*t Kmfrs 


£ ■ 


. I — ' I 

■ ■ ■_ 

I I 





/ 1 


\hicbd*hdtef>e indent 

^SPairoholdstoSifu. ings, 
Andallhcrhidd Cryffcdl Ri ^ 

And afe(grcatly)intwo forts rep 
Th-Homou c borrows by twofurofrywaics 

rorJ.kcasinal.imbcc: F« 

RaillthaVapOi chihil ir.oumMiiritf 

To the Stills top 5 when t Tif* 
Above that Miter can no further i 
fl**- It foJHy thicknin icthdropi p, 
* J ;* * - And CJeerasCryftau>thc ■/, dorh hop • 

rhcpurcfthumotintheSea^hc 1 


4?^ R 




H*» '■■' J •**-- 


■* iu. 

mmmm _ :here 

Re towat .anddef ds again 
Byfundrywuics o his Mot 

~ rcrs(hrfl) 

i iiruugn mr ncui ji. i vuiu entrails icaric; 

no mover i,ar length from Rockic Mountains 
ightand dayjpours forth a rhqufand Fountains : 
Thcfc Fountains malccfre/h Brooks w/rh murmuring currents * 
Tl • murmuring Broo, ldvjdcm. To, 

Theft oknt Tot rcnts,nflft^ R ~fc, 

Thcfc Riucrs make the vai> Jfl ^ s< 

And all thchigheft Heav'n-approachinc Rocks 

Contribute hither with their (ho locks 7 


Mrjbon as7//i#, having run his Rin^ 

oil Hmarcsbringcthbackrhe Spring 


On (ideat foamcs 5 it roarcs it rulbes 

dthro, rhcaccpa^dftonyliSt 
Making a, and brooks- whereof f 
f< iucs his fellow Arivino^k ' 

ss ass «j 


^[candhisSfc^ 1 ^ 




Kl ] 

u-ora oi the Plain;doth in Com • r w 





The First VV 

E E K. 

Yermotwithiranding,all thcfc Streams that enter 
In the Main a,do nought at all augment her : 
Tor that,befidcs that all thclc Floods in one, 
Matcht with grca* Neptunefccm as much as none ^ 
The Sun (as ycrft I did j and Windes withall, 
Sweeping the fur-face of the Brinic-Ball, 
Extract as much dill of her humours thin, 
As weeping Aire and welling Earth pours in. 
But as the fwelting hcat,and (havering cold, 
Gnafliinga ;Weat^hatth'Aguc*fickdohold, 
Come not at hazzai d,but in time and order 
Afilicl: the body with their fell difbrdcr : 
The Sea hath fits,altcrnatc courle fliekccpcs, 
From Deep to Shoar.and from the Shoar to Deeps. 
Whether it we:e,that at the rirft,thc Ocean 
From Gods ownc hand recciu'dtliis double Motion, 
By means whercof,i: never i eftcth ftound, 
Bur(as a turning WhirU-gi s round, ^ 

Whirls of it felf,and good -while after takes 
Strength of the ftrength which the firfl motion makes i 
Whither the Sea,whkh we AtUntick call, 
Be but a pcece of the Grind Su of all ; 
And that his rioodsentnng the ample Bed 
Of the deep Main ( with fuiy hurried 
Againft the Rock- epulfed with difda 
Be thence compelled ro ton iiflMW 

O r whether Cynthia^x. with Changcfull laws 
Commands moift bodics,do:h this motion caufe : 
As on our Shoar,we fccthe ^eato rife 
Soon as the Moon begins to mount our skies. 
And wherethrough Hcavns \ault vaih toward Sfa» y 
The Moonc dcfccndeth,thcn it Ebbs again. 
Again, Co foon as her inconftant Crown 
Begins to fhine on th'other Hor'tfen^ 
It Flowes again : and then again it tails 
When (he doth light tH* Other LMlriJv*dUb 
Wee feemorc^oucr,that th'jUU*tikS&s 
Doo Flowc far fai thcr then the Genoefiy 
Or both the hofphores ; and thati^ivj, ichgrowc 
Out ofthcSca^do neither Ebb >wcr 

Becaufe(thcydy)thcfilu« itedSi 

That fwells and Ihrinl he as(asplca nhcr) 

Pours with Kefs pow'r he lentious influence 

Vponthefeftraight and narrow ftreamedl nnes, 

And I i-land as,which many a Mount immounds, 
Then on an Ocean vaftand void of bounds: 
E >m T,hcr great brothc 

When winds be lih ,dotii more cas'i) y 





mufft thdtfdli 


Oftlje TIIa> 
tod Fhttm^ of 


of. - 





the M 

filt tlx jkwmg 

and fbho9{ 
9/ i beSed 

■ I 




: h 

i~ ■ ■* 





*- ■ 

• the 




h7W*l«e Cells leave* not t behind, 

Sauc liquids..^* h « Vb T?T^ 
But fec(thc while) fee how the Sea I pray) 
Through choi d Seas hath caned me av,,y Jmyfcircard Reader^, 
The Floods To mack- my words to over-flowe. 
Tnerfbrea-ftiore j and on the ce dci Lee ■ 
OfLakes,and PoolsHivers.and Spi ;s Jet's lee 
Thefove i venues of their lev Waters, 
Their ftrangc effect, and admirable natures, 
Thar with incredible rare fceof theirs, 
Confound our wits, ra 1 . ifh our eyes and ears. 

TL> it... .1 .. - ...I. :J- nt. -/_.„. T*y%»#. 

Th' Himmnun Fou He fhakut Torch is light, 

Is cold as Ice ; andi pofic^tLiugJK ^^ 



AndboilcsandV lUUCCllUUgPl*. 

Thcyfay(fb RiucTj/Ziri^ 

™nd fuchanother,caird Eurtmenus^ 
Convert the boughs,thebark he Icaues and all 
To very fronc,that i:i their Watci stall. 

I aid I blanch the ynwreli-ious River 

Which ( Ji«^d:ies his Chandi over. ' 
Keep^ghis Waaes I >n lhl D > 

W uch Godordai facred Reft foray - 

Ifneerev tothe£fr»y£w»SpriV.a * 
Som fport-full W| n wan on Sheriicard fine 

What *r be there Vines and Orchards vndcr ground ? 
Is £ Jrrte Trade and Palfa Art there found £ 
What mould I,of th' lltyrian Fountain,tell t 
What 111 ill 1 lay of the Dodonesn Well * 
Whereofjthe iiritfctsany cloathcs on-fire ; 
Th'otherdoth qucnch(Whobut will this admired) 
A burning Torch ; and when the fame is quenched, 
Lightsi ^ain,ifitagainbe drenched. 
Su'rcjin the Z*;Wofabiiiideir. Tables 
1 mould enroulc mod of thefe admirables ; 
Sauc for the rcuercncc of th'vnftaincd credit 
Of many a witnes where I yerft hauc read it : 
And fauing that our gain-fpuri' d Pilots findc, 
In our dayes, Water* of more wondrous kind. 

Ofall the Sources infinite to count, 
Wnich to an ample Volume would amount, 
Far hence on Forrain vnfrcqucntcd Coaft, 
1*1 onely chufe fom flue or fix at moll, 
Strange to rcpoi ^perhaps bclccv'd of few ; 
And yet no more incredible then true. 

In t\\ileoflron(or\c of thofc fame Seav'n 
Whereto our Elders * Hippy name had giv'n) 
The Savage people ncuerunr.k die ft reams 

OfWcllsand Riucrs(as inother Realms) 

Their dr is in the Aire pring 

A weeping Tree out of it dothwrii 

A Tree,Whofe tender-bearded Roc ing fprcd 

In clrycft fand, his fwcating Lcafe doth (lied 

A molt fwee; liquor ; and v as the Vine 

Vnrim el y c ut,wceps (at her wound) her wine. 

In peai led tears) inccifantly diftills 

A Ctyftall ftream,which all their Ciftcrns fills, 

Throueh all the Hand : for, all hither hy j 

And all their vcffels cannot draw it dry. 

In frofty ) fluids arc two Fountains ftrange : 
Th'onc flowcswith Wax : the other ftrcam doth change 
All into Iron • vet with fcalding ftcam 
In thoufand bubbles belchcth vp her ftream. 

m golden Pm#,neere Saint Helens Mount 
A ftrcam of Pitch corns from a (\ ig Fount. 

What more remaincs '. Thar Ke^-JoundW9rld y \xhdc^ 
Toward the Weft many a fairc River guides ; 
Who : VVarcrsClcnowinqrhVfcaright 

OfWoi 1 ay, and K eft-ordained Night, 

B rter then men) run lwiftly,all the Day ; 
But rcft,nll Night.and ftir not any way. 

Great i ;iner, Almighty Architect 

Ifear,ofEnuy I fliould lufpcc*, 


•frlx dimuMe 

egtHs^f cerut* 


* bi/mUfirl*. 



What i 







H ^^M > ** 

5 + 


Th ird 









^^S iSSS* c Story 
If my ^^Kfhoueh theSulphiir-Mincs, 

Thr ou|h Bitumen, Jg^^nwictfi 

m ( Pf* Stalshecrc endure, 
VVhofc rigour ftrwcsto^^W 

vS Angers flock caguiid. 

The barren womb, the Palfie-fhaken wight, 
ThVlccrous^ if,and decrepit, 

romEaftand V Veilarrivmg/ctch from hence 
Th ir ready hcli ith fmall orno expencc. 
Wirnes tAncoffa t audrets,Atguefcald y 
bare^Bai >nen - PJ/.w/,the pride or afl^ 
T the praife,thc oncly Paradiie 

Of all d* ntaines mounting tothc skies, 

} \ rir the Gaulan HercuUsbcgot 

Y\ ton Alcmcnxi Baftard,mcane I nor) 
On faire Hrau fas the fame doth go) 
The L mous Father of the Gafcons . w ho , 
By noble deeds" do worthUy averr 
1 rruc c ;ent from /Lckan Aoccftg n, 

On de,H lOtr'dwtt mft ' 

And cv ocVs E 

The otherfid' fweetly compaft-in 
With fragrant skirts of. n imraortail Green, 
Whofc fmiling beauti :-s far excdl, in all, 
The famous praife of the Penetan Vale : 
There's not a Houfcjbut fcemeth to be new . 
Th'evcn-flatcd Roofs reflect withghftring blew 

I°Jj CC ? t |! C n PaVCmCnt aCT CleanC ™ d WCCt, 

uSc Rl n Cr runs throu " h ^ Street, 
ho-S,! ftrcamaseoldaslce^othllidc 


. , ,. " *"//*« waters I iac: 

5 keeps his naturc,and difdaines,a iot 



The First Week, 

V, it had he donc,had he beheld the Fountain, 
Which fprings at b'leHdtjn rhe famous Mountain 

)£ Foix • whole floods bathing kMjferian Plains, 
FurnHh with wood rhe wealthy Tholou fains -1 
1 As oft as Phoebus ( in a complcat Race ) 
On both th* fforisms fbewes his radiant Pace, 
This w > :drous Brook (for foure whole monrhs)doth Flowe, 
jurotimcs-fix-timcs, and Lbbesasorr as lowe. 

Forhalfe annourcmaydry-fl 1 paflcthat lift : 

The next halfe hour, may none his courfc rcfift. 
VVholc foaming ft reamc /trims proudly to compare 
( Even in the birth ) with Famc-fulPft Floods that are 
O learned ( Nature-taught) ArUhmeticun \ 
Clock-lefs.foiuitto meafurc Time's partition. 

And little La hbi iov k s, though thou natch noi\ s, 
Kor hud ft the Honor of DuHartas Verfe 5 
If m ine haue j* y,Thou mull needs partake^ 
li oth for thine Ow e, andjor I fane Own fake; 
H'hofe kindE\c s iheefow ely touch, 

That Yeercly for them ihoucUoJiwccpcfo much, 

^4 11 S ummc r-iong ( while alt thy Stjiersfhrinke) 
Th.\t of thy teares a mi' lion daily ; 
Befides thy \l% tcb then in t doth run 

Towa: '/( a v c Donnington: 

But ( while the rejt arcjuU be top ) 

Ail Winter Ion'' Thou nt \* dr- 

T^or fend' ft a doit of need-lefs Subfidie, ■ 

ToCrarnmtbeKcMKt'sH'Mt lejsTreafurie, 
b< hre her Store be [pent, and Springs bejlatd : 
Then, then.alone Thou lendli a Lb- rail nd- y 
Teaching thy wealthy A hbours ( Mine, of Lite ) 
How nen andWhere torightpartictvau 
7 heir fire ami of Comfort! c pure that pine. 
And nott • tazfitll the t09 greasy Swine : 
.\eitber for f am e^nor forme {when others doo ) 
To oiue a Morfel, orauM tie or two j 

but feuerally^ and of a felfty motion, 

Vhen oth rs mifsj me the mo ft demotion. 

Moft didth'et VU-< r 

Difpofethcfe Elements of nhand\ \ ater: 
For hth'o it di ink fubfift, 

North'ocl jr, bottom and lift, 

< Jod intcrmixttl n fo*,that th'Earth berbreft 
Jp'ningtoth'Ocean^h'Occan winding prcft 

vbout the Eard),a m t, and vnder it : 

VVorld's( iv htogetl fit. 
or,if their m lobe held not certainly 

In: eiuftmidftofthcWor 

Ttuntmne of 

e ttmmcMtkt 

4/ wo*Ufo! 
bey were 


>■ ,ht urth *»* 
WMtr l*. 

Uf*]t tbdt tht 

- I - ■ 

-» -*% 

* v 



L^ W) Dt At f «*$>&} Cumberlmd* 
\#j>£v&1* EJrU, mil worthy High Ctmmjnd, 
AndthoufandsaUantmodcrn7)^« ' , 
HadneuCr brought the, v^-P^i Parallels 
Vnder the South y and, fiyling ftill about, 
omanyAVjr-w*r/<kvnd, jundour. 
h >n euer could ch th* ^rtkfe Pole haue loft, 
Nor found th' AnurmejTm eucry Coaft 
Seas liquid Gla's round- bow'd not cucry where, 

With fitter Eanh,to make a perfect Sphear. 
But,perfed Arrift,with what Arches ftrong, 

Props, ftaics,and Pillars,fiaft thou ftay'J folon^ 
Thjji^r. -sail, 

From fa! lo 

May it not £ oodLord)becaufe the Water 
To the Worlds Center tendeth ftill by nature • 
And toward thebottom of this bottom bound, 
Willing to fall,do:h yet remain ftill round i 
Or may 't no: bc,becaufe the furly Banks 
Keep Wares captiue in their hollow flanks i 


With thoufand Roc di fperfed heerc and there - 

Or ratherXord^s't notThinc onely Powr 

?•* ft mi *tn 

. . . '. 

t^Z V7 0und about Ea,ti, ' s bl 3n ^y Bowr ' 

i J^*** *? God)'* doubtlcfs th,n y c own i 



* I Sjh— -- Man - 10n ° fMMkwd d ° th to* 



It felfe Fundation, "w«hS Mr. 8 " f * y 

ownc hand 


Tut V 1 ,,,u y ,in<1 nt dwelline nlarr 


"n 5 Jnd when he b forlorn 



^ «- 


The First Week. 

Ofth'other Elcmcnts,and Nature loarhs-him, 

Th' Hart!) bofom with kind btftiall cloaths-him. 

Oft lunh the Aire with Tcmpefts fct-vpon-vs, 

he Water \vi :h her Floods vndon-vs, 

Oft bath the Firc(th' vpperas well as ours) 

With wof ill flames confm 1 our Towns and Towrs : 
Onely the Earth,o r all the Elements, 
Vnto Mankind is kind vvi hout offence : 
Onely the Earth did neucriot difplacc 
From the fTrft feat aflign'd it by thy grace. 

Ye: true i. is(good Lord)rhat mov'd fomtimes 
With wicked Peoples execrable crimes, 
The wrathfull power of thy right hand doth make, 
Not all the Earth.b t pan ofittoqual 
With ayd ofWindes : which (as imprisoned deep) 
In her vaft entrails,furious murmurs keep. 

Fear chils our hears(what hart can f ardiffemblc 

When ftccples ftaggcr.aid huge Mountains tremble 
With wind-lcs w I,and ya .vning Hell dcuours 
Somumes whole Cities with their fhining Towrs. 

Sith then,the Earth's a and Water's blended Ball 

Is center,hcart,and nauel of this All : 

Andfithfin (bn)tharwh included, 

Muft needs be lefs then that which < r- 

Tisqucftion-lefs,thcOrbof nd VH 

IsthclcaftOrbmaIlth< TW^^^ 

Let any iuc ^whether this lower Kail 
(Whofe cndles greatnefs we admire fo,all) 
Seem nota point > compar*d with th \ pper Sphcar 
Whofe turning turns the reft in their Career i 

Sith the leaft Star chat we percciue to fliine 

Aboue difperft in th' Arches cryfhllinc 
(If,at the leaft,Star-Clarks be credit worth) 
Is eighteene times bigger then all the Earth : 
Whence, if we but fubtracl what is poflcft 
(Prom North to South. & from the Haft to Wefty 
Vnder the Empire of the Ocean 
JtltniikeJiulUii.2.x\& American ; 

Andthoi (and hi; Armsiffuini it of the 
With infinites of other Lak d Seas: 

And alio what t he two intemperate Zones 
Doomak< ifit for habitations- 

What will rcinainc i Ah ! nothingfln rcfpccl) : 
Lo! i ) men ! Lo wherefore you neglect 
•v'n ioos Kingdom :Lo the largcftl< ^pc 

Glory can giue to ) mb 

OPrin fubi( > pride 

YYhofcoc :,butaha lth>th< «"' 




nwff fix curt'o 

e GUht $ftbt 

bnt 44 d Intte 
timtyfn am'jd- 
ruaof tbtgrest 

1L dKfH t 

ftfAiof jlfltQ- 
H***tTS % tL' UdJ} 

drr. t 





ts*i\nf*ft J 


iy r i . 

Br )ur) 




■ p 

I u ■ 


, I L, 



r t 



5 M***. 


content th 
ifacred> ?s 


oM a gito tcs ' who(toco , n ; 

Race : 


^°f ScWiddovv and the Father-' , 

'SSSS&^-J !;, r : ,od) 

Tn Houfcs built of Rapine and of Blood . 

rfr-WpiW ngCoyi.otCo. 
& crccrs,andMonop tf 

Gain-^rcedy Chap-fflCn,penur d H) **», 

toblrngBroal ^ of all decctpts, 
Who ftffifc your Meafurcs and your ^Weights, 
T inrich your felucs,and your vnthntty Sons 

To Gennlizc with proud poffciTions : 

Yoothatforgaine betray your { cioi nncc, 
Your i nc Country, or your cfecicft I j Jcnds ; 
You that to get you bur an inch of ground, 
With curfed hands remouc your Neighbours bound 



Yea,though a King by wile or war had won 
All the round Earth to hisiubicc'tion • 

Lo c G acre ous pains *. 

A needles t*rint,a Mr 
A N ita "N o;hing(did he All pofTcis) ; 
Orifthcn nothing any th: lefs. 

yvhen God, v. ho: ords more in a can. 
Then in an Agcthcproudcft ftrcngth of Man 

„„ Had fcuered the Hoodsjcucll'd the fields ' 

>££*"- Embas-tthcVallc; andcmboftthcHils, ' 
£*+»£}- 1 Changc,changc(quoth hec)0 fair and firmeft Globe 

^.ymournmgwccd. a green gallant Robe • ' 

^ithanch,fiagrant,flowry t dem- 
And t f u C ° l0Un 0n % M™ cheek 


; v 7 uol « w B her 
May all feeni icalous of th v pn& U ' 
[ No fooncr fnnlm k„. i P , , Cand P or; 



The First VV eek, 

Th'euer-green Bo.v,and gummy Cedar J i -nr, 
And th'Airy Mountaincs mantle round about : 
The Maft-full Okejhc vfc-full >f//;,thc Iltlm, 
Coat changing C0r*,white MdpUflndy Elm, 
Through Hill and Plain ranged their plumed Ranks* 
The winding Riucrs bordered all then hanks 
With flice-Sca ^iUars,and gre n ofuirs final, 
With trembling PopLrsjnd with WilUm pale, 
And many Trees bciidc,fit to be made 
Fewcll,or Timber, or to feruc for Shade. 

The dainty Jt>ricock(of Plums the ince) 
Thcvcltlet PeacbgiU Ore*ge,do\vt\y uinee, 
All-ready bearc gra . n in their tender barks, 
Gods powcrfull prouidencc in open marks. 
The fent-fwect ^ippU^nd aftringent ftJT, 
The Cherry.FiUxrJj hi nut. toeddeler, 
The milky F/^the Dsmftn black and white, 
The uejnd 0/y«<?,ayding appetite, 
Spread cuery-where a moftdelighrfull Sprint 
And eucry-where a very Eden bring. 

Heere,thefinc Pepper js in clutters hung : 
There Ondtnon and other Spices fprung. 
Hecr.danglcd Nutmegs jhzt for thrifty pair* 
Yearly repay rhe Bandits wondrous gai 
There growes(rh7^«*ai Plant) 
Whence J/^rftrfopsii danr fd-^^W 

There weeps the Bw/w,and f amoi frees from \ 
Th'e^^^fiwfctcht perfuming hrankt»)<nce. _ 

Therc,th amorous Vine colls in a th nd forts 
(With winding arms) Spoufc that her fuppor; 
The Vinc,as far inferiour to the 
In be. y,as in bounty pad the beft « 
Whofe f acred liquor,tempcmtcIy taen, 
Rcviucs the fpirits and pm s the brain, 

s the fad heaftJncreafeth kindly hear, 
Purgeth grofi blood,and doth the pur 
Strengthens the ftomack,and rhe colour mmds. 
Sharpens rl ,and doth the bl ler e, 

Op -obflru^ men 

And eafcthvs of many Languor 

And though throuqh Si wherby fi om Heav nly fta 
OurPare th'Earthd< erate 

n h Wl auty,bearing ftil! vpon her 

Etcrnall Sen r fond Lords dishonour : 

Thouqh with the Worlds aee,hei de 

Tho hlhebecom ids fruit full ev< 

(Much like a Woman with ofr tcemm : v 
Who,with the Babes of ht Y b 





94 *i(*. 


«• Cr 










by the 

lor ^^ 



Then frcrti ,ftwr* rofie checks di.plaj , 

Or*w Bo we,which bended in the Sky 

/fefrfV«r S.B a r t a ,) Z iuethySeruant leaue 

I n £ tISu 1 *» ^ «* G jr/w ** r "' Flowcr " Tl^' 

T^rfihe rut J vfafe vronlrous nature had more worth] been 

Of tbfdiiuMejmmort titling Pen: 
BBUfromihjfi'htpvhen S b ivJidfirellwUhBltmi, 
H (unk{perhaps)<v*der the Crtmjin Flood 

( iH&fli B*Uu» M diccs,Vak>is WGuife, 
j/j/* '</ Hymens Rod with Heathen cruelties) 

Becaufe the Sunjofbunfo vile a view, 

His Ch imber kept -, and wept with Baitholme W, . 

Forfo fofoon as in the WeHern Seas 

A polio jinks jujiluer £^^ 
The L dim 


£»< art 4&* if* W«lfr ,!*{]■ Jan 

Do* re-sjeend abtue the H o r i z on . 

Soeuertrue to Titans r4/fa»j f/j^ 

That (Rife he jail !,<■ ttu Still the fame. 

A Real EmbUm of her Roy all Honour 
That worthily did take that Word ipm-fer , 
^fr#e/E l i 7 ^thasenfudrtolefs 
rtttcmiUSun of Peace and Rithteoufnes • 
m<h*elyUrnp { vihateuerd,dbct,de her) 

In either Fortune w«< her onely Qmdcr 
^^[^sandher Brothers Dai'es, 

«5W m her 

-7 7 "" Sl M>f*per!titiou* Lh Z 
She funk vzithall wder afBiBLm'n 

f^niUamtdtheO?e An [et ^ 
^"<feDcli. gC |*4iR c . 

omes D^mj^ 


1'he First VV e e k. 


1 1-7//; fpight/uti r ms pining to ouer-jlowe her, 
And Spain confptru oyntly t oner tor owe- her) 
Her Maiden fiowr jlourijbt abeme the Hater ; 
For Jld! Hea vm i un i hertfJn his \*oumg Laughter : 

, Honor, ch'in Marc 'IMondoammira, 

>lC fOj . ',: ! I B K N T' A L Z A i; G I R A 

(So.viy deer Wii. onou -mlltheljme, 
m-foul'dau [mprefe withher Anagramro): 

And U for erdon of her constant Loue, 
tpt her iniircly, to himfeifc aboue. 
So fel 04r Sun - and yet no Alight enfud : 
So happ-ly tix flea v'ns our Lr ht rents d : ^^^^ma\ 

For o er flead^of the fame siocktf Kings 
Another Fiowr (or rather Phoenix) (prsngs j 
mother Ukt (.r rather Sail rhc lame) 
o lepn lout Uh that Supernall Flame. 
So,to Qod'sglory, and his Churches good, 
Jh' honour of hngla: d } and the Roy all blood, 
Long happy' Monark may King Iames per ft ft ; 
And after him, tlu ; Si ill the fame in Christ. 

God, not content t' haw ven thefe Plants or ours 
rccious Perfumes Frui'.s, Plenty, pleafant 1-lovvrs 
Infufcd Phyf. in their lcat ind Mores, 
Tocun lIckncfs,;inJ 

Hi.- doubt-lei's (Deati 
Scarce could we' ^^^^^ 

t Wee the Mix, which flowrs aionce and tals, 

)nc 1 eaft would feme our hirthar.d Burials: 

OurBirthourDea.h,oiuC cn)ourToomb, 

Oin idci Spring our Winter would becom. 

( II, l!h< manygafpingJ lies haue leap t 
ayd of Hcarbs, for whom th me hath gapi 5 

Wl o,ei:en about t. >uch the Simian ftrand, 

Haui yrim?Wigr lyhand! 

Bea rd- ! efs Apollo': \y 4 >n d id on ce 

With iu\ of Hearbs r< 1 the Scattered bones 

( ) I fie *Pi r in th' Athenian Court 

Prcl red Death be jfporr. 

S o d i ■■ fedea , to r h c r Jafons fake, 

ilimbsoi on) ithl ike. 

fac iples that our h ufrain, 

h.c all itbacl {I 

nly taen, 

hat of: fs vs from fo many a baen : 

jur, \ >ur neighbour-hood, 

lies is exceedin: I: 

\V re 1 onl 

them, c icf '»• 



Ei bcnt'alza 


dnd plMtS^oU 








«>^ # 






I I 

| | 





fH-t Third 








l o iair . 

SSUtt, new Danger them 
K about them th" ^>* Stem. 
About an Infants neck hang Fitnu, 
It cures utbdes crucll maladie. 

If fuming boawls of ****, in «* _ 
Trouble thy brains with ftorms of giddmefs, 

Put but a garland of green *i/r<w on 

And that mad humour will be quickly -on. 


Contagious Airemgcndring Pcftilcnce, 

Inftanottboferha: in their mouthes naue tatn 

^An that happy countcr-baen, 

Sent down from Heav'n by fome Celcftiall fcout, 

As well the name and nature both avow 't. 

So Pimpernel, held in the Patients hand, 

1 he bloody-Flix doth prefenrly with-ftand : 

And ruddy Madders roo*, long handelcd, 

Diesth'handJers vrinc pcrfe\ t r ocL 

*w) Wflndi W«kI!v to* theskin, 

Imparts his effort o the WWf^ 

N or (po- ill Hearbs) do we atyncty find 
Your venues worl ; in fraile humane kind • 
But you can fot Cc the fici ccft Animals, 
The fellcft Fields, the firmed Minerals, 
Yea, feireft Planers (if A tiquitic 
Hauenotbcly'dthe Haggsof Theffidie). 
Oncly rhctouch ofchojk-pard * Aconite^ 
Bcrcaucs the Scorpion both of fenfe and might : 

As(« 'Mow doth make 

H ill powers f om deadly (lumber wake. 


! With fpightfuU fury in t irfparUuigeW 

faking alhruce^ hft&Sg* ' 

Of The First Week 

And nought can ttint their ftnmgc intcftinc ftrife, 
But oncly th' end of their detcftcd life. 
As Betonie breakes friendships ancient bands, 
So I VifU won makes wonted Irate fhakc hands : 

or, being fattned to proud Couriers collers, 
That! it and fling, it will abate their cholers. 
The Swine, that feed in Trotighcs ofTdmarice, 
Confumc their fplecn. Th? like effedt there is 
Ifi Finder-Feme : which, being given to Swine, 
It makes their Milt to melt away in fine, 
With ragged tooth choofing the fame fo right 
Ofall tli ir Tripes to ferue it's appetite. 1 

Vnd I lorfe, that, feeding on thegraffic Hils, 
Tread vpon * Moon-wort with their hollow heels ; 
Though lately fliod, at night goe bare-foot home, 
Their Matter mufing where their mooes become. 
O Moon-wort ! ( ell vs where thou hid'ttthc Smith, 
Hammer, and Pincers, thou vnthoo'ft them ith i 
Alasi what Lock or Iron Engine is't 
That can thy fubtlefecrct ttrcngtb refift, 
^iththeb.-ft Farrier cannot fet a fhoo 
Sofurc,butthou (fofhor ly)canir vndoo? 

u: I fuppofc not, that the earth dothyceld 
In HillorDaIc,h Fonrfror in Field, 
A rarer P lant rh er. CdttdUn mie 

Which wounded Dear cat irnmc. telvll 
Not oncly cures their wounds exceeding well, 
But 'gaintt the Shooter doth the fhatt repell. 
Moreover (Lord; is't not a Work of thine 
That every where, in every Tin fe we find 

Such mulritudc of other Plants td fpring, 
In form, effect, and colour differing ? 
And each of them in their due Scafons tacri, 
To oneisPhyfick, to another bacn: 
Now gentle, fliarp anon : now good, then ill ; 
What enreth now, the fame anon doth kill. 
Tii* f ] earb * Sagtpen femes the Howe AiTc for r 

, Icils the Ox if of the fame he ear. 
S bi anched n Hemlock for the St s is fir j 
But, death to man, if he but rattc it. 
And * Oleander vnto hearts is poyfon ; 

t, vnto man a fpeciall countcr-poyfon. 
What poyfon* what more deadly baen 

Then " Acmu, can there be toucht ortaen i 

hisiuiccbeft cures the bum ingbit 
Ofttiri Serpents, if apply 'd to it. 
Q\ tli enome .' O courageous Plant ! 

iai; hill Poyfon ? noble mbatant! 

H 1 






* Uma/U* 


firm $f PLntf, 

tTAnttJ 9fff> 

t9 the b+Atcs 
tbdt tlxy+ttkf 

* mlfh4me. 


the Lmbfr* 



le ur bodies *»"-« 

AndW i hl L R orSoC4-eUtocr U cl., 
Onetoonc.itrorv . » ver-giuc 
Still fighting fc^San l ca ueto Hue 
| Till thc>' both 4«2 h ^3k the Fields, 
And t o **g*£ZlZ ara ber vp the Hils, 

HTriSifandy whatwethankly pend. 


Hcer rhouland fleeces, fo or Pnnces Robes, 

In Sere* Fori efts hang in fflken G lobes - 

fhrubs of J*Wa (for my meaner vie) 
i acnncwhitcballsof B^if^o .produce. 

Hecr th' azure-flowred Flax is finely ipun 

Heer fatal] Hm}, which Demur k doth aftoroV 
Doth furrufh vs with Canvafs *nd with Cord,. 
Cables and Sayles 5 that, Winds aflifting eitlicr v 
We may acquaint thcEaft and Weft together, 
And dry-foot dance on Keptunes Watry Front, 
And in adventure lead whole Towns vpon t. 
Heer of one grain of* ifci^a liaa ckxh lpnng, 
That thrice ayeax, michw»dre4^aiBft<ioth bring j 
Which (after) th' Indians parch, and pun, and knead, 
\nd thereof make them a moft holelom bread. 

Th' Almighty Voice, which built this mighty Bal 
Still, frill rebounds and ccchoesovcr all : 
Thar, that alone, yearly the World reviues • 
Through that alone, all fprings,all liucs, all thriues : 
And that alone makes, that our mealy grain 
ur skilfull Seed-man fcattcrs not in vain • 
But being covered by the tooth-full Harrow 
[ Or hid a while vnder the folded furrow, * 
Rotsto reviue j and, warmly-wcr, puts forth 
beneath, his bud abouc the Earth - 

•but <y*brr 

Ennchmgftort y with his fpringing Crop, 

Thebudbecoino a Wad e.thc blade a reed 
The reed an eave, the earner feed 
The feed, to (hut the waftrfuU SS ' 
«n Harueft; ba,h a (hnd ofp£Ct 
And Ctaffic Husk in hoUow CodSiofe it 


f ot, or lofc it : 




E E K. 


And left the Straw mould notfuftainethc care, 

With Imocty ioynts 'tis (heathed hecr and there. 

I ' Ion mc (Header) if thy raviflit Eyes 
[aucfeen To Day too great varieties 
•J iiLts,or FloWre, of Fruit% of Hearbs, of Grains, 

In theft my G roues, Meads,Orchards,Gardcns, Plains j 

ith th' fie of zWw/'j admirable Tree 
aha fruit (cali'd Cccos commonly) 
TJ e which, alone, far richer Wonders ycclds 
Then all our G roues, Meads,Orchards, Gardens, Fields.' 
W 'X i wouldfhhou drinkr the wounded Jeaues drop wine. 
Lack'ft thou rinc linncn * drefs the tender rinc, 

• i sit like flax, fpin it, and weauc it well, 

It (hall thy Camhrickandthy Lawnexcell. 
Lorg'il thou for hutter? bite the poulpy part, 
And neue: better came to any Mart. 

Ne deftthou Gyle:" then boult it to and fro, 
And palling oyle it foon becommcth fo. 
()i Vincrer,towhetthineappctke? 
Then fu M^ and it will fharpcly bite. 

c )r wani'it rho u Sugar r lie: p the fame a ftound, 
And fwecter Sudan's not to be found. 
Tis what you will : or will be whatyou would : 
Should Mjdau to r (I think) it would be Gold. 

\ndGod(Ithink)tocro oyes, 

The Eaith with plcnrv and I life, 

I! ddoncno i ; if he had made no more 
But this one J 'hint fo ful of wondrous ftorc : 
Sauc that, the World (where one thing breeds faticty) 
Could 10 b e t . lir, w ith out fo g reat vari cty . 

But, th' Earth notonely on her back doth bear 
A : dant n fores girthing every where 
(A t "Icr'totts intlirifts > croft with Parents Curfe y 
We at golden Garments ; but an empty Purfe : 
Or Y en na rlings, fair without . within 1 
Full of feafejutlof DeceiftdndSin: 
Or (lately Toombs , externlygilt and garni fbt ; 
1 1 ftl> dujl and bones tnwardh [fill d and furnijht) 

But inwardly fhec's no Jel aught v niches, 

N v rather more (which more cmrlbiiles bewitches). 

in the deep folds of her fruitful] lap, 
So bound-left Mines of trcafurc doth (he wrap, 

That th' hui hands of humane avarice 

Cannot cxhauft with labour or device. 
I or, they be more then thcr be Stars in Heav'n, 
Or ftormy bill s in die Ocean driv'n, 
)rearesof( 1 in Autumn on the I ds, 
Or Savage] >nathoufandi 


Coco* d mefl 
dJmwdUe fruit. 






* i 



> ►j 



The Third 







T W< rhc Salt-mount Oromene, 

D vc '^ich r— /-, deck 't wu h C^ 

Tin JrenJrpi*, Stilt**, Letb&: . 

TheCnJ&purc hich doth rcBccl each face; - 
The precious **£;, of a Sanguin hew, 
The Seal-fit Owyx, and the J^wblcw, 
TheC tow, full of circles round, 
THe tender 7<p4£,and rich Dtamend, 
The various Op*/, and green Emerdld^ 
The Ageteby a thoufand titles call'd, 
I The sky-like lurquez, purple AmethiBt t 

\nd fiery GfrW/r, which flames refills. 
1 knowe,to Man theEanh feems (altogether^ 

No more a Mother, but a Step-dame rather : 

Becaufe (alas!) vnto ourlofs me bears 

Blood-fhedding Steele^ and Gold:hc ground of cares ; 

As if thefc Mctalls, and not Man s amifs, 

idmjdeSinmounrvnrotl lgfir it is. I 

But, as the : bait otaboumiaiu Kiche** 
Bodies and Sou\« of i hes: 

Gold gilds the Vcnm , and it lei Js them wing* 

To raJetheir thoughts vnto the i arcli things. 
The f, not oncly Iron well apply 

1 or houfhold turns, and Took of Husbandry • 

Bit to defend their Counticyi enitcais) 

om foi rain dangers, and irrteftioe brals : 

Bur, with the fame the wicked ncucr melL 

ButtodofcruicetorhcHaeesofl |. 
To rick a Lock, to take hi^nei^hboi 

s Putt 

EvcS tf- Um c Cy - m " rJcr Inno ^ts ' 
t\ en i 0) p, ofan , f ift 

The Drunkard drowns hi, R '■ , 
Sofale-tongu-dLaw^eT, n°" '?, thc Winc : 
xcnfcrichwronnnTc^ 1,18 P° qucncc » 

ot^c« k Sc t rf and ^^^rc. 


The F 



EE K. 

6 7 

S ( ,Oi\'s beft gifts, vfurpt by wicked Ones, 

poyfbnturn through their contagion v. 
iur, fliall I baulk th* admired Adamant? 

\\ e d cad -live power, my K enfons power doth dant. 
Renowned Lojd-Jione t \\ -hich on Iron ads, 
And by the touch theft; loofcattta- • 


With vnknow n cords, with vnco d hooks, 

With n hands, with vndil* 

Withhidden I orce, with (acred fecrct c rms, 

V\ i 1- he wooes his iron Hifierif, 

And aues her till h< a kifs • 

Nay, ".ill h fold her in his faithful! b< m, 

N er t< re (except we, loue-lefs, look cm) 

With/ rmezeale and fair al non 

Ti; loth fouc the Steel, the Steel theStone. 

Ith !i fbmtimc fbmc Make teeomc betwixt, 
Still b nis their n"i ft (tame ; 'tis fo ! ely 

And ? while they can n( break their minds. 

W i mutuall skips ti hewt mebyfigncs 

/h h&jhfull Suters, feem trangers fo y 
Vat ley m (Hence with their hand or eye) . 

W no can concciue, or ccnii; 
OneLoadftonc-touch>£An ! anfport 

Another Iron-King, and 
Till fou re or fuiehang her 

Grcarcft^/W/omiglithclK (metliii ^ 
Could tell the R eafbn of theft hanging links : 
Sith Rcafbn-fcanncrs haue rcfolvcdall, 
That heavy things, hangd in the Aire, muft fall . 

I am nor ignorant, that He, who fecks 
In Roman R obes to fute the Steele* Greeks* 

• >fe icalous wife, weening to homc-rcvoke-hiin 
With a lone potion, did with poyfon choak-him ; 
Hal httofliowe, witha *(ubtihy, 

i hef< tcaufc of this rare Sympathy. 
Bi . • I jy (Lucretius) \\ 1 , s t he hidden 

1 hatroi d the JIMlr-Mr (till the Needl 

Whole point is toucht with Load-ft« loofe tfnsknor, 
And frill-green LaurellfluW be (rill thy I 
Yea, Thee more learned will I then confefs, 
Then Epicurus* or Empedecles. 

\\ are not to Ceres ch bound for Bread, 

Neither to Bdcchu4 y fox his Clutters red, 
As (Senior Flauio) to thy witty triall. 
For firft inucnti of the Sea-mans Diall 

Th' vie i he Needle, turning in the famc^ 
Dinincd.uice i O admiijl amci 

Ofilxrdre-vcr- I 
he Lo4A~ 




1 ■ ft- I m .' s m *> i * 

I I 

I I 


Whereby, through th Occffl, m 

sa*saa3«a2*^ ,,, » 

wherebv w'arc ilofdwitn t «*« — - - - 


Cte4kSudSt«*s, tht cheer wth reeet afpect 

lUnthisVokme, asyououer-readtt 

T» meet feme thmsfeemng exceeding credit, 

BecaufefperhafsM froued yet by no man) 

~~ 't not in knowledge comnm: 
TMK.jeiy lojtmc m Lead fine's v/e is new ; 
^ind ferns as grange, ,:< ve haue trfdit true : 
let therefore that rvhich Iron draw's, draw Jucb 
Tocrcdst more then what they fee or touch. 
Nor is th' Earth onely worthy pi aifc ctcmall, 


For the rare riches on her back i nail, 

O r in her bofon : but her owne fclfs worth 

Solicits metofound her glory forth. 

I call to wirnefs all thofe weak difcafed, 

Whofe bodies oft haue by th' < flfeds been cafed ' 

OfLtrnnosfal'd earth, or Eretrianfo'\\> 
Or that of Chios, or of Melts He. 

Ail-hail f Earth, beam vmandTo'vrs, 

O f M en, G o\<5 , G vain , P4jH|HtrT r . ; its an d F lo wvs, 
Fair, firm, and firuitfull, various, patient^ fweer, 
Sumptuoufly doathed in a Mantle meet 
Of minglcd-colour • lac't about with Floods, 
And all cmbrodcrcd with frcfli blooming buds 
With rarcft Gcmmcs richly about cmbofr ' 
Exccllingcunning,andocceedir lg cofr. ' 

n fe ^ f0Und Raf(, ' and &«*&& Root 

Of all the World, the Worlds rtrong fixed root 
Of "rho W ^c tha ' Siftcr > HolWs, Nurfc 

In purcft flames abou«S $ fe^ 1 archcs 
AbouttheWa^oJ '""W »Wd 



Of The First Week. 

Water, to quench thy thirft, about thy Mountains 
Wraps her moift arms, Seas, riucrs, lakes and fountains. 

O how I grieuc, deer Earth, that (given to gays) 
Moftofbcil wits contemn thee now a-days : 
A nd noblcft hearts proudly abandon quight 
Study of Hcarbs, and Country-lifes delight. 
To bruteft men, to men of no regard, 
Wliofc wits are Lead, whofe bodies Iron-hard. 
Such were notycrft the rcucicndPatnarks, 
Whofe praife is penned by the/iorflfC larks. 
Noabthc iuft, meek Mofcs, ^Abraham 
(Who Father of the Faitbfull Race becam ) 
Were Shcpheards all, or Husbandmen (at leaft) 
And in the Fields palled their Dayes the beft. 
Such were not ycrft intuitu, Fhslemetor 9 
x^ir -chelates, Micro y and many a Pretor^ 
Great Kings and Confuls,who haue oft for blades 
And glittering Scepters, handled >oks and fpades. 
Such were nor yerft, Cincinnati*! Fabricius, 
Serranus, Curites, who vn-fclf- delicious, 

With Crowned Coulters, with Imperial! hands, 
With Ploughs triumphant plough d the Roman lands. 
Great Sapte, fated 'with fain'd cm t/ic-capping, 
With Couit- Eclipfes, and the tediou (ping 
Of golden beggers : and that Einj 
OfSlauc, turn'd Kin: ibourcr 5 

In countrcy Granges did their ~gc< ifmc : 
And ordered there, with as good Difcioline, 

The Fields of Corn, as Fields of Combat firft s 
And Ranks of Trees, as Ranks of Souldiers yerft. 

O thrice, tin ice happy Hc,who Hums the cares 
Of City-troubles, and of State-affairs ; 
And, (crying Ceres, tils with his own Teem 
His own Free land, left by 1 Friends to him ! 

Never pale Envies poyfonic heads do hiis 
To gnaw his heart ; nor Vultur Avarice : 
His Fields bounds, bound histl peverfups 

I or AW/.ir, poyfbn mixt in (ilvcr Cups ; 

Neither i*i golden Platrcrs doth he lick 

For fwect Ambrofu deadly Arfemck : 

His hand's his boaul (better tin " or Glafs) 

Thefilvcr Brook his fwecteft f/rpecr^ : 

Milk, Chccfc, and I 'mir (fruits of Ins own endcuour; 

Dreftwithoutdreffing,hatnh( adyevcr. 
Falfe Counfailers (Concealers of the Law; 
urn-coat Attournc , that with both handsdra\ 

!y Pcti-Foggers, V nglers at the Bar, 
Proud Purfe-Leachcs, Flarj s ofWeJlmsnJler, 

'I* Cotaurj* 


$U MrtJfOel- 


■ \td€hi*\ 


X r «/ yrxfel vt'uh 
ceufnfdJ tore- 


m^ 1.4X9 







^ ■ 



The ThiR" 





My tbntb 


With raincu *.... T »o7 - • rcrrupt his ioyes : 

Thcx^o*; I, ^ C e in y .Jand fro, 

Tofeck his fad death in another World . 

Ahvaies in^ght of his own *^£*\ 
No other Seas he knowes^nor other Toixent; 
Then that which waters, with his filver Cimtef, 
HisNatiuc Mcdowcs : and that ven' Earth 
ShaUgiuchimBurian,whichhrftgaucliim Birth. 

To fummon timely fiecp, he doth not need 
\£d>M' scold Rufh,nordrowfic f #ff;-lccd ; 
. or keep in confort (as Mecenas didj 

Luxurious Villains (Viols I fhould haue laid} $ 
But on green Carpets thrunid witti moffie Beuer, 
Frcnging the round Skirts of his winding R ivcr, 
Thcftrcams milde murmur, as it gernly giifhes, 
His healthy limbs in quiet flurn ber huflies. 

Drum, Fife, and Trumpcr, with their loud A-laims, 
Make him not {ran out of his flecp, to Arras : a^ 
l b *** b 1 N or deer refpett of fomc 
Him from his bed vnto the 

UtocV. '-ifjtb 

The evefted Cock fu Hunt it of to him, 
Limits his reft, and makes him ftir bctime, 
To walk the Mountains, or the flowry Meads, 
Impcarld with tears, that fweet Aurora (heads. 

Ncuci erofs Aire, poyfond in ftinking Streets, 
To choak his fpirit, his tender nofhill meets t 



* errmfltd 

i' ctemall Iudge, 



S 1 £ S w iU ° a n Great mens winds' 
**■* I S^PngMaft^doth not chanec atone 



With nuiZi? ta v" u ? ,115 ° #d renounce : 
V^th mercenary Ues he doth not chant 
Prayfing an Emmet for an Elephant 


j*" ^ChangchngfoXn^Do^ 






T H E 


I R S T 



Nor Iavifhesin his laiciviouslaycs, 

On wanton Flora, ch arte Alcejlespy: life. 

uc all felf-private, fcrving God, he w cs 
;i -lels, and fings but what his heart indites. 

No lallow Fcardothdayornjghtafflidt-hini : 

Vuto no fraud cloth night or day addid-him • 
c ) r if he nmfc on guile, 'r isbut to get 
Bcaft, Bird, oil 1 1 h, in toil, or (hare, or net. 

Whatthough his Wardrobe benotftately (tuft 
\\ : i: h ilin i ptuous filks (pinked, and pounc't, and pufr) 
\\ old-ground Velvets, and with filver Tifliic, 
And all t lie glory of old Eues proud Ifliie { " 

What though his feeble Cofers b.- notcramd 
V liMifcrsIdolSjgoldcn'Ingotsramdf 

! ■ is warm-wrapped in his ownc-growen Wooll ■ 

I : \ --bought Wines his Cellar's ever full ; 

I lis Gainer's (tor'd with grain, Lis Ground with flocks, 
His Barns with Fodder, with i'w^t (beams his Rocks. 

For, liccr I fing the happy R ufticks weal, 
Whofe handfom houte feemS asa Common weal 
And not the needy, hard rack-rented Hinde, 

Or Copy-holder, whom hard Lords do grindcj 

The pined Fifheror poor-Daicry- Renter 
Thar lines ofwhay, for forf< ng Indenturej 

Who fcarcc haue bread wj °tes 

►(Except by fits) rofecdtneirhtin wk^km 

Let me, good Lord, among the Great vn-kend, 
My reft ofdayes in the calm Country end. 

Let me defer ue of my deer E a o r. h - 1 J rood , 

Far Wind/or P or re It, walks in Almcs-wood : 

BeeHzdl PondmySea ; Lambs-bourn my Thames • 
Lam bourn my London - y Kcimci'sjiherjir earns i 
My fruit full N i 1 c j my Singers and Muficuns, 
/ hi pteafant Birds with warblm^ repetitions ; 
My company, fur e thoughts, to work tf?y will - y 
My Cout /, a Cottage on a bwely Hi U ; 
Where^ without let ; 1 may fo Jing thy JYame t 
That times to come may wonder at the fame. 

Or, if the new N < >i th-fi my Sever am Iamij 
(Ibcfecret venue of whofe f acred beams 
KAUra&s th' at t entitle feruict of all/ueh 

I I "hofe mtndes didcuer Venue's Load-ftonc Uuch) 
Shall euer dai]H t mutte mine humble Pate 
T' approac nccof his Roy all State : 
Orjfmy Duty or the Grace of "Nobles, 
Shall driueor drawmeneer their pltafwg-TroubUs j 
Let not their Pauours nuke me drunk withfo 
In their Commands, Jl ill keep my Confitcnce holy : 



t withf€atr y mr 
fUtttn* Fraud. 










7 1 

Xhb Fovrth 


a^A? //* Preacher, nithci^ 

s,*m*J *«**, the 7hirJ V r "**J 




The Ahcv.ment. 

I ik tw'mk 

IIU II (■■Mi ,/tf)^ 

7fc«r Cw/i, iter Force, 'heir Effence is dijputed ; 
7 hat they (ts Leap) de tat and drink ; refuted. 
Heav'ns (not theEarth) with rapid morion route: 
The famous Stars obfervdin either Pole : 

Bmtm (taping the TwchccelefikttSioncs 

HhmSiltbe ^iwstftheYwccnjinei' 

A" Light W j^fe .- //„ ^^ Change-iulncfs. 



, ' •^■jp-Kinan 
-)fe *' r V Coach 


'heartoSphc 'may 

\jJMW* har, ;" d n,l/ 

'my Coach 1 Lffi? 

. , r co . b -,< 

^rn»d / UM ; 7 w, ™Ham n«c 

oac'.i . 





Qf The Fir $t Week. 

That having Iearn'd of their Fire breathing Horfeij 

Their com i"c, then light, their labour,and their forces, 
My Mule may fing in facred Eloquence, 

i Vermes Friends, their vemious Excellence : 
And with the Load-ftonc of my conquering Verfc, 
Aboucthc Poles attract the moft pervevic. 

And you fair learned foules,you fpints diuinc, 
To whom the I Icav'ns fo nimble quils affigne, 
As well to mount, asskilfully to limn 
The various motion of their Tapers t n ; 
J ,cnd me your hand • lift me aboue Psmeffies ; 
Vith your loudTr^&help my lowly haffus. 
I or lure, befidesthatyom wit-gracing Skill 

Bears, in it fclfc, it fcl'f's rich guerdon ftill ; 
Our Nephews, free from facrilegious brauK 
Where Horror fwims in blood about our wals. 
Shall oneday fingthat your deer Song did merit 
Better Hcav'n, hap, and better time to hear-it. 

And, though (alas !) mynowncw-rifingName 
Can hope hecr-after none, or little Fame : 
The time that moft part of our better wits 
Mif-fpend in Flattery, or in Fancy I its, 
In courting Ladies, or in clawing Lords, 
Without at* :ion,in. ltv< 

1 mean to fpend; in publiflWraftndPWR 
Of Gods qreat work- > Ms iprnorrail °7™ 

My rymes begot in pain, and both in pleafure, 

Thirftnot Fame (the Heathens hope's ehiefetrcafure): 

T (hail me iufnee, that our deer France -do .breed 

(In happvfcalbn)fomemorc li irnedfecd, 

That may record with more tcnty 

Then Ihaue done, rhefe won Poftenry. 

Much lejfmjy theft abortiue BtMisefMme 
Expecl r el petl (but m r effect of thine) : 
Tetjuh the r/eav'nshjucthus en tosh my byes 
(As darkly Cynthia darts her borrow drsyes) 
To/ktdew Thine; and to my Ceuntrey render 

Some [mall reflexion o/tly radtant fplend* > 

It u enough, ifheer-h I incite 

Some happier f fir it to do thy Mnje mere right ; 

And with mere Ufegme thee thy proper grace, 

And Letter follow treat d» B a r t a s trace. 

G o d 's N . i ofthefefaint idle Arti/ans, 

Who at the beft abandon their dehgnes, 

W i g by halts ; as rather a great deal, 

1 > much quickly, then to. it welt: 

rath* twoi nine 
Vnd all nt, he his works doth cany 



pffftnttJ six 

.v\ I ■ 


Fovrth Day 

/* tU fourth 

J*j t O#tcrt*- 


m L(hts 9 




Oftbeir Offrft 

fmr t Efjwt, 

Ofwmm tfrhe 
the mdrxrr $f 



Ui t hfobc r fpccd,tog:h^ dcCu 5 cnfprcd 

Haninc therefore the V> <»" , 

Morcftatcly-plcafaiit, 2nd more profitable; 

A d richly fpanglcd with bright gkflnng (parks. 

I knowe, thofe Tapers, twinkling in the sky, 
Do turn To f. ir-iy from oui- hand and eye, 

Thatman can neuer (rightly) reach, to feeing 
Their Courfe and Force, and much-much lefs their Being a 
Bur, if conic&ure may extend aboue 
To that great O rb, whofe moving All doth mouc, 
Th' import eft Light of the firft Day was it, 
Which for Hcav'ns Eyes did mining matter fit : 
For, Godjfdecline lighted of that Light, 
Garnifht Hcav'ns feeling with thofe Torches bright : 
Or clfe diuided it ; and prclfing clofc 
The parts, did mak? the Sun and Stars of thofe. 
But, if thy wits thirft la.hcrfeek thefe things, 
In Qreekifb Citterns then in hibrew Springs ; 
I then conclude, that as matter, 

God made the peopl e thai itcqucaLtiic^atggg. 
A-.dof an Earth) 

That hauntthc Hils and andGroues: 

So, did he make, by his Almighty michr, 
ThcHeav'nsand Stars, of one fame fubftancc bright. 

Toth'cndthefeLamps,difpcrfcdinihcSkies ' 

Might with their Orb, it with them, fympathize 
And as (with vs) vnder rhcOaked bar! 


I o be of fubftancc aU one wu h the Tree 
Although farr thicker and more rough it be • 


**Xmm* , 

The h 



1 «$« ablc-Forgcs, 
3ftiflyvrg« 6 s 

«s to be living CT ^ 



^H ■ 


' <* 









E E K 


Still fucking-vp (in their eternal! motion) 

Tin 1> 1 th for meat, and for their drink, the Ocean. 
Sin c, I percciue no motion in a Star, 

urnatui all, certain, and regular; 
Whereas, lie-aits motions infinitely vary, 
Confi s'd, vneertain, diuers, voluntary. 
I fee not how fo many golden Ports 
Should feud fo fwift about Hcav'ns azure coarts, 
But that the Hea\ n's niuft ope and fhut fom-times, 
Subicd to pafllons, which our earthly climes 
Alter, and lofs the Sea, and th' Aire ertrange 
Irom i' felfs temper with exceeding change. 
I fee not how, in thofe round blazing beams, 
One mould imagine any food-fit limbs: 
N or can I fee how th' Earth, and Sea mould feed 
So many Stars, whofe greatnefs doth exceed 
So many times (if Star-Diuines fay troth) 
The greatnefs of the Earth and Ocean both : 
Sith heer our Cattle, in a month, will eat 
Seav n-timesthe bulk of their own bulk in meat. 
Thefe Torches then range not at random, o're 
Thclightfomthickncfs of an vn-iirm Floor : 
As heer below c, diuei fly mooving them, 
The painted Birds between two aires do fwiinj 

But, rather fixed vnto turning SphaB*, 
Ay,tvill-they,nill-they, foil their career 
As Car-nails faftned in a wheel (without 
Sclfs-motion) turn with others turns about. 

Asth' Ague fickc,vpon his fliivcting pallet, 
Delayes his health ofc to delight his palat • 
When wilfully his tafte-lefs f aftedclights 
In things vnfauory to found Appetites : 
Even fo, fome b: ain-ficks liue there now-adayes, 
That lofc thcmfclucs (till in contrary wayes j 
Prcportrous Wits that cannot rowc atcale, 
On thefmooth Chanell of our common Seas. 
And fuch are thofe (in my conceit at lcart) 
Thofe Clarks that think (think how abfurd a iert) 
That neither 1 Icav'ns nor Stars do turn at all, 
Nor dance about this great round 1 archly Bail ; 
.utth'Earthitfclf,t!.isA -Globe of ours, 
Tunis round-about one iciytwicc-tweluc hours : 

And we refcmblc Land-bred oouices 

New broughr aboord to venture on the Seas; 
W \ at \ lanching from the (hoar, fuppofc 
The (hip rtands rtil),and that the ground it goes. 
S twinkling Tap ,that Hcav'ns Arches fill, 

Equally diftant mould continue (till. 
I I2 

// dii Kit cr 




Of ink* o r C+- 
ferniax Afntf* 


So, ncucr 

■ • -. 


V ■ 

The Fovrth Da* 

(hould an Arrow, (liotvprighr, 
Rut would doo (rather) as (a V a) a itone 

From Wcftcrn Marches towards Mommp Light ; 

And Zipbjrusy that in the 5 ummcr time 

Ddkhts to vilit Euruf in his ciimc ; 

And Bullets thundrcd from die Cannons throat 

(Whoferoarinc drowns the Hcavnlythunaci-snotc; 

Shouidfeem recoil : fithe ck career, 

That our round Earth (hould daily gallop 
Muft needs exceed a hundred fold (fori wife; 
Buds, Bullets, Winds* their wings, their force, their drifc> 
Arm'd with thefc reafons, 'twere luperfluous 


mtt m 

PdfdJtX, U 



femttk tb€ 
mrm •;' the HtA- 



- ■■ — • - — j 


Who, to faluc better of 'the Stan th' appearance 
\'nto the Earth a three-fold motion warrants 

Makin „...„. „, .„„.,.., 

Moon , Earth, and Water, in one only Ball. 
But Athens heer, nor time, nor place doth futc, 
His Piridoxx. length to prolecute ; 
I will proceed, grounding my not: difcour/c 
On the Juivns mnita^^^xaxtfiaittjmfc. 

Io ,tc; ahrj 

AndpkaGmt trWKtiyTu 

Andcount-kfsnumbc: the Oceans land 

And (met force of facred Adamant : 

But much-much more (the more I mark their court) 

^gl'«er 1 nggre a tnds,beauty,nu,nbcr,forcc . 

benas a I cacock,prickt with louesdcftrc 
To woo his M.Orefsftrowting (lately by h^ 
Spreads round the rich pride of his pompou a i 
H, azure wmgsandftan Idcntail- P 

5r rattfln e P"*"* wheelh ,g Oill abour 

Themoretolethisbeautiousgeau^C- ' 

^P«alffiK 5 P • anCCth about his Lo «c, 
Sprinkled wiri.Z?T "^"ogharinafoarU 

l To J^thefwe«ftBitofhkI]* «e, 

£* \, ,'><*,«.» to number a 1 h/<" >racc - 




-» # ^ 







I ii £ First W e e k. 

And who, to call: that R k'ning takes in hand, 

Had need for Count take the Ocean's fand : 

cc liaueoi'.i wife and Ii ned Elders found 
Foure doun ures in the Hi nly Round, 

o. .ldofmcmory^androoureyes 
In certain Honfes to diuidc the Skyes. 
( >f thole, tocTwelue in thnc rich Girdle grcft 
Which God gauc Nature for hcrNcw-ycars-gifr 
(Wi en A 1 1, his voyce Almighty moil, 

G laws vnto Heav'ns mining Hoail) 

To wear it biaz, buckled over-thwart-her* "^ 
N • about her (welling wafte, to girt-hcr. 

iiis glorious Baldrick of a Golden tindge, 

[mboft with K ubies, edg'd with Silver Frindge, 

Ruckled with Gold itha Bend gliftring bright, 

[ea\ ns biaz-wile environs day and night. 
Fo] >m the period, where the Ram doth bring 
The day and mghtto cquall balancing, 
Ninty degrees towards the North it wends, 
Thence iuftas much toward Mid-Hcav'n it bends. 
As many thence toward theSouth • and thence 
Tov. aids th' Years PorralJ, the 1 different 

Ae/ hettan Crook-horn, >m rown'd. 

Thou butteft braucly 'gainft the Nerv ye.irs bound 5 
And rid Iy clad in rhy i det 

Doo'ft hold the Frrfr Houfe of r/ri-Jm fpacio'us Mecfc. 

Thouipy'ir anon the JU»behindetnyoack: 
Wiio, kit that fodder by the way he lack, 
Seeing the World fo naked ^ to renew 't, 
Coats • If infant Earth in a green gallant futc - 
And, without Plough or Yoak, doth freely fling 
Through fragrant Failures of the Howry Spring. 
TbeTmns, wnoft heads, arms, fhouldcrs, knees and fee 
God HI I'd with Stars to fliinc in feafon fwect, 
Contend in Courfc, who firft the B«//.7iall catch, 
Thai will nor may attend their j tch. 

m. Summers-guide, the Cr*b comes rowing 

With hi htowrcs through the Heav'ns azure lot 
To bi ing vs yeei Iy, in his ftarry Oicll 
Many Ion yes the iTiaggy Earth to fwclc. 
A lino, h like pafe leaps the lion our, 

All clad with flames, bri (tied with! ms about 5 
\V; with contagion of his burning breath, 

Both m to cinders withereth. 

1 h / in next, fwi ing Heav'ns azure Globe 
With I cly :inofh< >right Golden robe, 

proudly nltrchine in r left hand brings 
AllicafofCon mdinher hi hand wings. 




*4ndx»'y the 
dncttnt _4Pro 
mmcrs ebfer* 

Jhe Ztfittlf. 

Anc$ m }>l;J~ 

Tiurus in m± 

Gcmiru m 
rtuJ M*j* 

hint btgns «Af 





~+ m 'C 








Scorpio t* 


C3pric ornu * 

ter t bepm*tb 






•fr** North 


■ Snritfibr 
South- Pole. 





With fix sold firings, a P air ? r * , ddrc a 
Thcfp-full *3£^Sffi bftft ; 

BS5BSK5 «£* "* 

Sags s& -r 

To Sot tUparkhng (tarry Viper thorough . 
And th' hoary Qtntwc, during all his ttacc, 
That drcad-lcfs of his dart, Hcav ns fliining « 
Comes lumping light, iuft at his heels vnlpid. 
Mean-while the Jtoifcr, from his (tarry fpout, 
After the Gfttf,a filver ftream pours-out • 
Dialling fhllout of his radiant Fitt 
Rivers of Water (who but will admired) 
In whofc deer chanel mought at plcafure fwim 
Thofe two bright Ft/hes that do follow him ; 
But that the Torrent Aides fo fwifr away, 
T hat it out-runs them ever, even as they 
Out-run thc&*«,who ever them purfues j 

And by renewing V IHV^ 

Bcfidcs thefc Txtt lue, to* the Artkk fide, 
A flaming Dromon doth Two-Bears diuide ; 
After, the Wainman comes, the Crown, the Spear ;- 
The Kneeling loath, the Harp, the Hamper er 

Of ih' hatefull £**£* (whether we call the fame 

By oEfculapius, or <^4kides name) 

Swift ftg'/ia, the Dolphin, louingman - 

lanes (lately *fi*g/!f , and the filvcr Swan 

Andromeda, with Cafsiopeia ncer-her, 

Her father Cepheus, and her Per feus decrer : 

The fliining Triangle, Medu/a's Trefs, 

And the bright Coach-man ofTmddridts. 
Toward th'ochcr Pole, Orion, Ertdanus, 
The MA, the IVhelp, and hot-brcath't J*te 
The tf^the Hulk the * 7 **, and the houU, 

(The twice-* oul Rauen) the *«^„ Pt jb and Cr Wlf 

tk" a i f ?' dlumcl y «cdlent i 
Th Almighties finger fixed many a million 

OfgoldenScutcluonsinthatnchPavfa: # . 


] H 






E E K. 

But in the reft (vnder that glorious Hcav'n) 
But onca-pcccc,vntothc Jevcrall Scav'n • 
Left, ofthofe Lamps thenumbcr-pafling number 
Should mortall eyes with fuch confufion cumber. 
That wc mould never, in the clccrcit night, 
Stars diucrs Com fc fee or difcern aright. 
And therefore alfo, all the fixed Tapers 
He made to twinkle with fuch trembling capers : 
But, the Scauen Lights that wander vnder them, 
T hi -otigh various pairagc, never /hake a beam. 
Or, he (perhaps) made them not different; 
But, th' hoait of Sparks fprcd in the FirmamcnC 
I ji -from our fenfe, through diilancc infinite, 
Seems but to twinkle, to our twinkling fight : 
Whereas the reft, neerer a rhoufand fold 
To th' Earth and Sea,wccdoo more brim behold. 
For, the Heav ns are not mixrly cntcrlaccd; 
But th' vndermoft by th' vppcr be imbraccd, 
And more or lefs their roundels wider are, 
As from the Center they benccror far : 
As in an Egg, the fhcll includes the skin, 
The skin the white, the white the yolk ith-in. 
Now as the Winde, buhSng vpon a Hill 

With roaring breath again A a read -lill, 
Whirls with a whifTthe fails offweMte? lout 

The fails doofwing the whrred maft about, 
Th e iliaft the wheel, the wheel the trcndlc turns, 

And that the ftonc which grinds the flowry corns : 

Or like as alfo in a Clock well tended, 

Tuft counter-poize, iuft'ly thereon fufpended, 

Makes t hc£ 1 cat Wheel goc round, and that anon 

Turns with his turning many a meaner one, 

The trembling watch and th' iron Maulcthat chimes 

ThcintireDay in twice tweluecquall times: 

So the grand Heavn, in fourc and twenty hours, 

Surveying all this various houfcof ours, 

, With his quick motion all the Spbcars doth mouc j 

Whofc radiant glances *ild the World aboue, 

And driuesthem every day (which i frnefs llrangc-is) 

rom Gauge ro 7 agios ; and fay to Ganges. 

Bur, th ; vnder -\)rbs,.'. igingtobeihll 

ftraightly fub iccl to pothers w ill. 
Still without change, (lill at anothei s plcafuie 
After one pipe to dunce one oncly meafmc; 
They fi« >m ward turn, and traver/mgafide, 

ach by hiinfclfr an oblique courle doth Aide : 

So that they all (alt! igh it 1 c not fo) 
Fon inlbackv ioncinftant^< 


, I 


Anal tbefeducn 

VltHttt tndtr 


tVlry t}x PlotetS 

rwmkje mt t Cr 

c fixed ft firs 


lU firnuemem 
much fatrtlxr 
from tlx Eatrth 
the the Splxotrs 



prefentmg t\* 

eight mfeticmr 

thefwft tut' 
WMfcf the ninth 
wlxth is the 
rnmum Mo- 


I Urdu mf* 


ilit I'nnwm 
M elutb 


ftm-liour/i IW 
fr*m Qtbff. 






wti *y 'Ft* 



F lcccc 

jhvttr ctxrfe C 

then other fw. 

The terme tfthc 


wbu ■« 

the 6.1^^ 
I op iter. 

Mar j. 


B** 4*. "7 **' */« hr ebbing fircsms . 

Butnow, the nccrcr any ohhcfc Eight, 
Approach tb' Empyred PMce wals in height, 
The more their circuit, and more day cs they fpend, 
Yer they return vnto their Iourncys end. 

It 's therefore thought, That fumptuous Canapy, 
The which th' vn-niggard hand of Maicfty 
Poudred fo thick with Shields fortuning clcer, 
Spends in his voyage nigh feaven thouiand ycer. 

Ingenious Siturn, Spoufe of Memory, 
Father of th' Age of Gold • though coldly dry, 
Silent and fad, bald, hoary, wrinkle-faced. 
Yet art thou firft among the Planets placed : 
And thirty years thy Leaden Coach doth run 

Yer it ai hue where ex I n. 

T hou, nch,bcnign,l\l-chafiag kqiur , 
Art (worthy) next thy Father fickle-bear: 
And while thou dooft with thy more mildcafpccc 
His froward beams difaftrous frouns correct, 
Thy Tinnen Chariot (hod with burning bofles, 
Through twice-fix Signei in twice fix twelue months erodes. 

Braue-mindcd Mas (yet Maftcr of mif-ordcr, 
Delighting nought but Battails, blood, and murder) 

Hish-.rious Courfers torn eth night and day, 

That lie may Iwiftly pafle his courfcaway : 

l.utinthc road ofhisctemall Race, 

So many rubs hinder his hafty pafr, 

An^ bb V ed u CclsllathrwcUin g cl "ft«trod, 


The First W e e k. 

Fair dainty Venus y w hole free vert ties mildc 
With happy fruit get all the world with-childe 
(Whom wanton dalliance, dancing, and delight. 
Smiles, witty wiles, youth, Iouc, and beauty bright, 
With loft blind Cuptdtcver more conlort) 
Of liizhtfom Day opens and fhuts the port; 

For, hardly dare her filuer Doucs goc far 
From bright ^polios glory-beaming Car. 

Not much vnhkcfo, Mercury the witty, 
I or ihip, for (hop, book, bar, or Court, or Citty : 
Smooth Orator, fwift 1 'en-man, fwect Mufician. 
Rare Aftizan, deep-reaching Politician, 
Fortunat Marchant, fine Prince-humour-plcafCr ■ 
To end his courfc takes nccr a rwclue-monthslcafurc : 
For, all the while, his nimble winged heels 
Dare little bougc horn Phtrbus golden wheels. 

And laftly £w",thou cold Queen of Night, 
Regent of humors, parting Months arigb 
Chafte Empcrefs, to one Endjmion conifonr; 
Conihnt in Louc, though in thy looks ircdnftant 
(Vnlike our Louts, wbofe hearts dsjjetnhlefooneli) 
Twelue times a year through all the ZodUck runncft. 

Now, it thefc Lamps, (b infinite in number, 
Should (till /land-dill as in a fioathfull flumrx 
Then mould (bme Places (al^lfas in one plight) 
Haue alwaics Day, and fc laucalv 

Then mould the Summers lirc,and Winters Froft, 

R eft oppofitc (till onthclehelamcCoaft: 

Then nought could (pring, and nothing profper would 

In all the World, for want>of Heat or Cold. 
Or, without change ofdiftancc or of dance, 

If all chde Lights frill in one path mould prance, 
Th' incoiiftant parts of this lowe Worlds contents 
Sho uld never ft cle fo fundry accidents, 
As the Coniuncrion of celeftiall Features 
Inccflantly pours vpon mortal 1 Creatures- 
PJ ne'r belceue that rhc Arch- Architect 
With all rhefe Fires the Heav nly Arches deckr 

Onely for Shew, and with thefc ine/hiekS 

T amaze poor Shcphcards watching in the fields. 

PI ne'r bclceue that the lcaft Flow r that pranks 

Our Garden borders, or the Common banks, 
And the ! ft/lonethat in her warming Lap 
Our kind Nurfc Earth doth covctoufly wrap, 
1 lath (bme peculiar vcrtucof it ownc ; 
And that the glorious Stars of Hcav'n haue none 

t lh in c in vain, and haue no ci precifc, 

iut to be walking in H 


Of the 7 .which 


it th Sfhctr $f 

Ofttx i . w&ir/> 

tttni/ ' 

hwtfl Pi 

net nrtHji th* 

$f timer t tnirtis 
0! the Ucdkftv, 

Of the fir ft **i 
i*fl*t*ce ottl* 
i heierre 




'^ I - » ** • 4.L * *- 






V" l 





rp U-A-ITQ T.M J-' A * 


I . T *« 


etc J Lrlif/ts. 



i«rrj en* krtJ 

<. The *f firm 
:bt bUxs tf 


ff^t h tbt rf- 

ftdi tfttrum 
mi M fid i,»t. 

dnurjy utltJ 
"fix* Mtmb 

Cau n s ; dbyIh?Smin( Habitation 

I will not vi gc that never at noon dayes 

His envious Sifei intercepts hisRayes 

But fom great State cclipkch, and horn Hen 

i^ilefo loofes all thefe Furies Fell, 

Grim, lean-fac't Fxrmnt, foul infectious Fi^« 
Blood-thirfty War, and Trw/iw hatefull Hag : 
Heer pouring down Woes vniverfall Flood, 
To di own the World in Seas of Tears and Blood. 

VI over-pafs how Sea doth Eb and Flowe, 
As th' Horned Queen doth ekher fhi ink or growe j 
And that the more flic Fills her forked Round, 
The morethc Marrow doth in Bones abound, 
Thr Blood in Vcines, rhc/ap in Plants, the Moiiture 

.Andlufliiousr.-.i Oyilcr: 

That Oak, ar.dE 1 am ,cut 

Before the Of/c*mhau ; mur^ 

Are never lading , for the builders tu in, 
In Ship or Houfe, but rather fit to bum : 
And alfo, that the Sick, while (he is fiUini „ 

FeelclliarpcrFitsthroi -hall their members thrilling, 

So that, this Lamp aloneppprooucs, what powrs, 
Heav'ns Tapers haue even on thefe ibules of ours': 
Tempting, or troubling (as they be ii.clmd) 
Our mind and humoui s, humou: s and our mindc 
Through Sympathy, which while this I Icfli we carry, 

OurSouesandBodiesdothtogetheiinany. T> 


A Vho J^r^ Mcs with effea 

i!^£™ 1UtS ' and ***** Fields, 
torches the Values , v thc m ^ 

And often times into our pan lin P g hca " f> 

The bi:ter Fits ofburnino Fcvn ^ C a 

And (oppofit) the C«Mhe dm**; ll • j 



Of The First Week. 

With Clowdy horror of their wrathful 1 1 rown, 
Thrcatning again thc guilty World to drown : 
And (to be brief) fith thc gilt azure Front 

Of Firmed Sphcar hath fcarcc a fpark vpon't 
But poureth down-ward fom apparent change, 
Towards thcStoringof thc Worlds great Grange >, 
We may conictfurc what hid pOwr lsgi veil 
T infuie among vs from the other Scaven, 
From each of thofe which for their venue rare 
Th' Almighty placed in a proper Sphcar. 

Not that (as Jr«*i) I intend to rye JBBP§ 
With Iron Chains of teon% Mcefsity 
Th' Eternal 's hands, and his tree feet enftock 
In Deftimeshaxd. Diamantinc Rock : 
I hold, that God (pTbefoft Ctufit) hath grv n 
I>hr Courfc,andForcetoaIlthetampNot Hcavn.' 

That (till he guides them, and his Providence 
Difpofcth free, their Fault influence : 
And riiat therefore (the rather) we below c 
Should ftudy all, their Counc and Force to knewe . 
Totrf end that, feeing (through our Parents Fall) 
T how many Tyrants we are wcxen thrall, 
Eucr flncc firft fond W nans blind A.mbim 
Breaking, made Adam break He ns fM b"» ■ 

W r e might vnpuff our Heart***! bcrfrfoo/ 
T'appeafcwithfighsC Av full 'C:fl^H 

Befecching him to turn away thc (torms 

Of Hail, and Heat, Plague, Dcanh, and eadfull Arms, 
Which oft thc aogiy Stat s, with bad afpects, 
Threat to be felling on our (hibborr. Id \ 
To giuc vs Curbs to bridle tii' ill pi ochvinc 
Weareinclin'd-to,bya hardNativitie: 
Topourfome Water of his (iiace^toqacnch 

Our boyling Flefhes fell Gpncupifccncc, 

To calm our many paflionsUpiviiiiall tumoui"?) 
Sprung from corruption of our >ushn »urs. 
Uimt*n7x of Year ind Months, 

Alas \ why hid* oufoyourfliiningl rout 
What mill you flicw thc fpU ,urrnv > 

But through a Vail ofm ( loudslpcay. 

Ipravpull-orTyourmufi wripou ng, 

Andlctmcl i you in yournatiuc -burning: 
And n leer Mufcby her eternal ight, 
.ShaJlfpreada rthegloryc ourLigl t 

As you your lelues run, in ah R«: 
DayaftcrNighi Night alter Day to 1 

rhou .t Coach-man, rur- » d count, 

Fountain of Heat, of Lie 




Hpe8in£ the 
StoiLjy rw- 
rth th*t Gtd y 4$ 

tlxfirfl Uufe 9 




tc thtfte**i 



fifth' r ^ j 

^* -r*\^f# • 




mfrtbtti •'* 

tber fc pUmts 





HcaVnsricheft Gem*; . O , , ^ 

May but bcgmthy P ^ cloudsdo th tore 
I Muchlikc to one that n rt. ^ ^^ covcr 

To count the Qpjfc £» hi hcr ovei , 

But more and rnor^ g co unt-lc6ja»nb« 


Orderly mariball'dinthcunobll- Kites; 

£te and Goi***. in courtly kinde 
And then his G^ before him and belundc . 
And there is nought in all his Royall Muftci , 
But to his Grcatnesaddcth grace and luitre: 

So, die about the World thou ndeft ay, 
Which oncly Hues by venue of thy Ray, 
Six Hcav'nly Princes, mounted evermore, 
Wait on thy Coach, three bchindc, three before, 
Bcfidcs the Hoafts of th' vpper Twinkiers brighr, 
To whom, for pay thou ^ Li&ht. 

And,cv'nas Man (t le-Wotldof Cave 

Within the Middle or the bod s 

His heart (the Spring oflife) which with proportion 
Supplyeth fpiritstoali,and euery portion : 
Even lo (O Sun) thy Golden Chariot marches 
Amid the fix Lamps of the fix lowe Arches 
Which feel the World, that equally it might 
R ichly impart them Beautie, Force, and Light. 

Praifmgthy Heat, which fubtilly c 1 
The folidthicknefsofour Vniverfe, 

Which inrh'FarrKc liAnxm \j.. ,.,-. 


k us. iuiiuiim.Mii.i5ui uui v nivene, 

Which in th' Earths kidnyes Mercur, doth burn 
And pallid Sulphur to bright Mctallturn • . 

VV hich it it (hould, but one Day, ceafc to flune, 
ThvnpurgcdAireto Water would refolue, 
And Water would the mountain tops inuolve. 

Scarce I begin to mcafurc thy b at I ace 
W hofe gi catnefsdoth To o! Lh<l» V c r 
j^wiKr unnin gt hc°« $££ >**? 
I s fcc P a " d f <* of cueiy liuing thing . ? ' 





() f 1 he First W eek. 

Tofing how, Rifing from the Indian \Vauc, 

Thou fccm'ft CO Tiun) like a Bi ide-groom brauc, 

Who from his Chamber early ifTuingout 

1 array, \* ith rarcft Gems about . 

With pleafant Countertanci ndloudyTacc, 
With ©olden treHes,andatt riuej ce, 
Cheers (at his eomming) all the youthfull throng 
That for his prefenceeameftly did long, 
Blefling the day, and with deli: full glee, 
S i i ng aloud his Efitha lamie. 
fh a Princethat feeles his Noble heart, 

Wounded wv.h Loues pure Jtofr-wingcd dart 
(i/HARDvL^Uvs, that great Gaute r-K * I 6 h t, 

Ttkmg'mTri»mph*fEi.i hi 

(lee thdt Day that her deerr. n begin) 
Mohbrauely mounted on frottdW a b i < \ s, 
All in ylt armour, on htt glijlering Ma s*r 
Ajiateii Plume jl Oranqemtxt with Azur, 
Jngallafll Courfe before ten thoufandeyes, 
I- ram all Defendants bore the Princely Priz*) 

|Thouglori< Chamt n,i hyHe. ^ace, 

Run lo fwif: wcfcajOg capceiue tli 
When I record. .hoii»!v . 

Through the thHca ,Jr ' 

T hat as they pafs, thcmmWfm^^^^mJ^m^uW 

Saturn's and Cynthus cold ai d nWBWmemv;! 

(! , if thou c al!op";ft in the- ncathcr R o> 

I.ikc/V m, thou would'fl the World 

( >r, if thy Throne wcrefet in Saturn's Sky 

i or^ itdfhcat,theneuerythingwould ) 

In the fame infant I am pi eft tofi 

How thy return revivcth every trrii 
How.inchyPi ce,Fear,-Sloath, Sleep ai 

Snoi Fo thwfiw l] . !l ^ 

T!raiT(tobebricfe)anOC' bo i, 

Wlicre {df full vef els hauethe Ufferpm 

I Men of Matter makes the il 
As wanting w ds thy worth to \ 

Yet glorious Mongrcb, ' 
\nd nweh-lefs 1 lowis as in thy Garland are, 
Someoneortv flia iye»- I'M' 

lor thine Immortal] (terschul 

Tlboldl; 'bright ain)thouan me 

i lattery v 

(Aofecond u^MT^Kk h a k \>Seimd, 

In km eJ Loth, as Rule imvortlrjrecon'd) 

\\ >inricbthc *monsvz(l\ 

U their ibieCtswitl 

K i 



tttUrnt rom- 
ps ubor- 


l\x fdmt rxem 

Per 4 

but ijth 


OfOoJs iro*- 
the Sum m tit 

cr Flout/ jt 



^^^H ■ -^-- '.-; ■ •r— : 0-' ; : - ."••' ■ I - I ■ v^„^* 'i^jw £ 


».#.*.• . *- 




,f tkj6*rrf<*- 

til cturun in 

fwr/j i in 
i four/fed- 


The Sfrmz. 



And SSnons, worthy (cucry one) 

May every Clmut in his time r^w 
And that all men may nearer in all Realms 
Perl the altcrnatvcnucofthy beams ; 
SEJ^s Chariot, with the Light returning, 
From the P fame Portall mounts not flM : 
But, to make know'n caeh-wheie thy daily drift, 
Doo'ft every- day, thy Courfers Stable fhift: 
1 That while the Spring, prankt m her greeneft pride, 
Raigns hcer,elfc-where uMam as long may bide • 
And while fan S ummcrs heat our fruits doth ripe, 
Cold Winters Ice may other Countries gripe. 
No fooner doth rhy mining Chariot Roule 
From highe(tZtf7/r6 toward Ntrthrcn Pcle y 
To fport thee for three Months in pleafant Inns 
0f^rw,7d»m,andthi-£cnti i imns t 

But that the mcalic Mo . > (lax nfcen ) 
Change their white garments intolufty green, 
The Gardens prank them with their Flowry buds, 
The Meads with grafs, with leaues the naked Woods, 

Sweet Zefhyrus begins to bills his Flora, 

Swift- winged Singers to falutc Aurora-, 

And wanton C»/>/</, through this Vniverfc, 

With plcafing wounds, all Creatures hearts to percc. 
When, backward bent, fhltgon thy fiery Steed, 

With Cancer, Leo, and the JM</, doth feed ; 

Th* Earth cracks with heat, and Summer crowns his Cera 
With gilded Ears, as yellow as her hair- is : 
ThcKeapcr, canting both for heat and pain, 
With crooked Rafor (haucs the tufted Plain ■ ' 

wS^ H M^ that duC fcafon tak *> 

w^^^ hlS ^ ar " s Prov ^on makes. 

-■-■■irauKCrill-Sursvuk^ntmik Skv 

To be three months, vp-.ifing, and down-lying 

I TV V'V?' ¥"> and thc A,ch " % in* S 
1 n Earth by degrees her loucly beauty bates 

r«MMk»ds her lap with delicatcs, 



] he First \V eek 

I [cr Apron and her Ofiar basket (both) 

With dainty fruits for her deer Autumns tooth 
(Hcrhealth-lcfs fpoufe) who bare-toot hops about 
To tread thc iuicc of i^c/wtfcluitersout. 

And laft of all, when thy proud-trampling Teem, 
} or three Months more, to foiourne frill doth fecm • 
With Capricorn, Aquarius, and thc Ptjhes 
(While we in vain revoke thee with our wifhcs; 
In frcadofllowrs, chill fliivcring Winter drcflcs 
With Ificles her (fclf-bald) borrow'd trclTes s 
About her brows a Periwig of Snowe, 
Her white 1 rcczc mantle freng'd with Ice below c, 
A pay r of Lamb-lyn'd buskins on her feet, 
So doth flicmarch Orytbias loueto meet . 
Who with his brift led, hoary, bugle-beard, 
C ommingto kifs her, makes her lips afeard • 
V'hcre-at, he fighs a breath (o cold and keen. 
Thar all thc Waters Cryftallizcdbeeii < 
While in a fury with his boyftrous wings 
Againft thc Scythian fhowie Rocks he flings, 
AD lusks in (loath : and till thefe Months do end, 
Bacchus and Vulcan muft vs both bcrrend. 

O fecond honourof thc I lpsiupcrnall, 
Sure Calendar of I'citiuals ctci 
Seas Sovcraintcfs, Slcep-bringcr 'dc. 

Peace-loving Queen : what betide 1 

What mall I fay of thine inconftant brow. 
Which makes my brain waucr, I woat not how t 
Bur, if by th' Eye, a mans intelligence 
May gheis of things diftant fo far from hence, 
I think thy body round as any Ball, 
Whofc fupcrfice (nigh cquall ou all) 
As a pure Glafk, now vp,and down anon, 
R eflccts thc bright beams of thy fpoufc, thc Sun . 
For, as a Husbands Noblcfsdoth illuftrc 

can- born wife ; fo doth the glorious luftrc 
adiant Titan, with his beams, embnght 
Thy izloomy Front, that fclfly hath ► light. 

Yet 'tis not alwaies after one fclffbi I 
For, forthy Car doth fwiftcr thee tran fport, 
T hen doth thy Brothers, diverfly thou fhin it. 
As more or kfs thou from his fight dcclin ft. 
Therefore each month, when Hymn (Weft) aboue 
In both your bodies kindles ardent louc, 
And that the Stars-kit ill inamourcdon thee, 
I ull ofdefire, (hin< i direct vpon thee ; 

Thy ik at her half-Globe aid th' Earthly B** 11 
(After it's Nature) is obferved aU. 

K 2 



Of the Mv>n Cr 

Ofhtt rtHnJnts 

hffpwrd oj the 





4*rtrt y <y w 
r remttJ atMai 







# * - 

ut, him alii 

n on 

o^h^ftno f<> jnc ;; got ' 

A talf-bc« Bowc } «• g* f fe approach, 
Doth the bright Cten« ^^1 Star 

And (b> 

Till tali 

Horns difplays 

* w-mthv Lovers arms, 

res charms. 



Je h'vnfclt force of feerec altera™. 

Not, but that rhrim ■!«« wg> to flm% 


^ . .. r_ ^ (X. hrcaufe we ice but ntcr 


.< fairs tjftB w , __-,- , 

f ;iAr aimk. | But ' c f ccmcs not fo* bccauic 

Yet, it bcfals, even when thy face is Full, 
When at the higheft thy pale Couriers pull, 
When no thick maskofXlouds can hide away, 

rom living eyes, thy broad, round gliftring Ray, 
Thy light lsdarkncd, and thine eyes arc fcel'd, 
Covered with lhadu v: otuj^ lL ' ltj f ^^i 
For, thy Full face in his o^ 

Confronting ?bat?us in • 

i ci uyw. * i 



Difffratft Vi 
bf Sun, 



And th' Earth between • tho; felt, for a fpace, 
Thy fplendoi borrow d of thy Brothers grace : 

But, to reuengcthceonthc Earth, for this 
Fore-flailing thee of thy kind Lovers kifs, 
Sorotimcs thy thick Orb thou doo'il inter-blend 
Twixt to/and vs, toward the later end : 
And then (becaufc his fplcndor cannot pafs 
r pcarce the thicknefs of thy gloomy Mafs) 
The Sun as fubiccl to Deaths pangs, vs fecs-not, 
But feems all Light-lcfs,though indeed he is no:. 
Thcrforc,tar differing your Ecl/pfesaxc- y 

Forthmcisoftcn^odthy Brothers rare: 

"•"• 1 • T d ? th indccd dcfacc ■ beauty brisht- 
It is the Earth,that thy defeat procures 

ItisthyOiadowthatthcS^ ,f a 
harvard thy front bcgjnncth firft to lack , 
Wcft-war^his brows begin there frowmngblad 
hineauh^«//,whenthy moftoj orv ^ * C 

■nthy ^^when beauty moll declines- * 



Q P The First W e e k. 

Thii pM» toward Heav'n and Earth together-. 

His but to Earth, nor to all places neither. 

Tor th' hideous Cloud, that cov'red fo longfmce 
\y, ; black vail th' eyes of the Starry-Prince 

(When as he law, for our foul Sinhill (lips, 

The Match-Ids Maker of the Light, eclipfe) 

Was far, far other : For, the I warty Moom, 

That fweating toyl on Gninm s wealthy Ihoares : 

Thofe whom the Niles continual] Cataract 

With roaring noifc for ever deaf doth make : • 

Thofe, that lurvaying mighty * dff&galc, 

Within the Circuit of her fpacious Wall 

Do dry-toot dance on th' Oncntall Seas ; 

And pafs, in all her goodly croffing waies 

And (lately Afeets fronted with fumptuous Bowrs, 

Twelue thoufand Bridges, and twelue thoufand Towrs 

Thofe that, in ^rway and in Finland, chafe 

The foft-skind Martens, tor their precious Cace h 

Thofcthat in Ivory Sleads on Ireland Seas 

(Congeal'dtoCryftall; Aide about at cafe-, 

Were witnefs all of his Grange grief- and gheft, 

That God, or Nature was then deep diibclt. 

Moreover CyntbU, in that fearfull (to. U * 

FuU-Jild the Con ds of her Circle round j 

And, bcins fo far off, (he could nak 

(By Natures courfc) the Sun to be fob!^; 

Nor iffiung from theEaftern part of Hcav-'n, 

1 )arken tl .at beauty, which her owne had given. 

, brief, nunc cy, confounded with fuch Spectacles 
In that one wonder fees a Sea of Miracles. ' 

What could'ft thou doo lefs, then thy Self dishonor 
(O chief of Planets !) thy great Lord to honour* 
Then for thy Fathers death, awhile to wear 
A mourning Roab on th'hatefull Hem-ftlx*r '. 
Then at hi^h noon tout thy tair eye, to fhun 

A fight, whofe fight did Hell with horror ftun? 
And (pearc't with ibrrow for fuch injuries) 

To pleafe thy Maker, Nature to difpl* : < 

So/romthe South to Northtoniakcnnparanr, 

Thai od i . Mfk'c his S nt Death's fad Warrant 

linft BaucbU and that 1 rould giuc 
1 dlyKingfi en years more to line: 

I rtina I v'nseternall Ordinance; 

Thrice int Day, thou through one path didft prance. 

And, as dcfiroiw of another nap 

In thy vermillion fwcetAmrwfs Lap, 

Thy Coach tu ick, and thy fwift fweating , Horic 

all ten degi S lengthned then wonted Courfc : 


Ofthf dJmirt- 
Jttury P.tliffi 

*f the Sun 9 gn 
tor Dd) tUdt 

CMS Sf*l Ht 


(i \ : c,fcrour 
f^4nnftiM y j j. 


i, King- ifai 

ETay j»A 










I , — 

■ H I 


the taut tf 


i -^ft Af Heav n for facred Armies ayd : 

Thofc, that then liv d vndcr the othei PoU 

Scein° ^ Lam p which doth cnlight the \\ hole, 

To hide fo long his lovely face awiy, 

T ho u<>ht never more to haue rc-ieen the Day , 

The wealthy Indians, and the men or $/w*, 

Never to fee Sun Rife or Set again. 

In thefamcplace Shadows ftood (till, as frone ; 

Andin tweluc Houres the Dialls foew'd but one. 

S* Morne And Euemng tlse Fourth Day conclude, 
And God perceiud that all bis works were pood. 




'1**Z* I 




weeK.. 1 

Tub Arc v m e n t. 

Fiili intbcSea, Fowls /'/* rk Aire abound: 

7 be Forms */ *fl rAwgi w theWaters found: 

The various Manners of Sea-Citizens, 

lUwjeconftant Fricndftjp/*r exceedfh Mens: 

AnouspaK -rlrcl ttend 

on tb' onely I ' 1 1 or r , /* /*r <W- <W : 

7»«r kin. their c u w P ; 1CS ^"^ J 

Someprep dents of 

The jratejull I ' <rw/;;^ i» the Flame 

Wall her dead Mtjlre^ the fair Scftian D*w. 



^/^w» Lamps conducing divers wayes, 
Aboutthc World, fucccfliiieKichfs and D.iyesj 

JSH l-T^Wh Parents of winged Time, haftc, ha/lc your C*« : 
kl£rS4- And paffine fwiftly both th' oppofed Bars 
e>^c^C* Q f fj// and Wgjff, by your returning Kay, 

Th' impcrfc&'Worid make elder, by a D*/. 
Ycc F///\ ( hat b luly in 1 1 eav ns Bald- < tome, 
Ifyou would fi \ ^crs v ingb ic 

Abound with I-'imcs, pray Hyperion 
T indon foon Jiis 1 
It ,inh prcl arcer, 

To hoaft with you a Month in Y( 

ft idtl pernallFatbava* whole wink 

Thcv II Ocean's fwclli pn dothimk, 

bdftubbornftormsofbell" ingWinc dm , 

vide mot! , and their will nsnum; 

Gi >mc; ofcho< aw 

A ma. iuc ►mtheWh monftrous maw, Provide 

4 •,-■ r J Pot i i- 
Wtumiy It 

l>jyo/tb'tr d ■ 
M* •/ fifltit cr 
ej Fewls. 

'.■'i the 
rrtit Co J. 


The Fift Day 


thii B»k* htr - 

m ht iwtdltih 

the Uri, ttr 


— j TTT^hof Steers-man, Star, and Boat, 
PtovkIc mc (Lord) or atcc > float . 

That throughthevaft Sea lnia>) 
OrratherteachnKdync,t! Injyucw 


(ThU-Dn) to quicken in the Of w», 
Sanding A and in the ft ragghng *<*« 
(Wh&mg Chancll fertitt - .arnpaih fevers) 
So many Fiflwof ib many features, 
That in the Waters one may feeall Creatures, 
And all that in this All is to be found - 
As if the World within the Deeps were drown d. 
Scashauc(aswellasSkics) Sun, Moon, and Stars: 

(As well as Aire) Swallows, and Rooks, and Scares : 
^^«c-^-j (As well as Earth) Vines, Rofes, Nettles, Mi hons, 

to*, 0/ G^ pmks <3illinowrs, Mu(hr6ms, and many millions 
&£ES Of other Plants (more rare and ilrange then thefe) 
croftbt As very Fifhes living in the Seas : 
"*'*" ' And alfo Rams, Caffs, Horfcs, Hares, and Hogs, 

Wolves, Lyons, Vrcli^ 

Yea Men and Ma imIrc ) 

ThcMytrcd niihop,and ** 

Whereof, examples (but a few yeers fincc) 

Were (how en the Afcnw;/,and Polonian Prince. 

You divine wits of elder Dayes, from whom 

The deep Invention of rare Works hath com, 

Took you not partem of your chief eft Tools 

Out otthe Lap ofThetif 9 Lakes^ and Pools I 

Which partly in the Waues, part on the edges 

Of craggy Rocks, among the ragecd fedges, 

Bring-forth abundance of Pins, Pincers, Spoaks, 

Pikes, cers,Ncdles, Mallets, Pipes and Yoaks, 

Owers,fayls, and fwoids, faws, wedges, Razors, Rammers, 

Til r* — t- : \t.y\ I ir'-- it . .._ (if . 

ftircd with fn- 
iftl C-'pn- 


mt therm. 


I ttifl 


FsUmm, Triton, and Leucothoe> 
Kept publike Roules, there is ihcCdUmsry . 
Who, ready Pcn-knifc,Penand Ink doth cary. 
As a rare Painter draws (for plcafurc) here 
A fweet \yldon'u y a foul Satjre there : 

cer a huge Cyclop, there a Pigme Elf 


mcs,no lefs bufyinghisskilfull felf, 


I R S T 


E E K. 

focic " Monftcr (feldom feen) 

. OR i Sure or fane Remus Qjuen : 

Vothcl d,that,in his Work's va 
,;;.., htl hcn admirchispowciruIlDeines 
And that wc migl t difeern by differing features 
Tic various kinds ofthevaft Oceans creatures 3 
Formi thismii i h*«vwvKind 

With diuers and peculia c:fignd. 
Somhaue their heads gro' ig betwixt ihcirfcct 
(A . { inky CuttUs, and xfo yp-f«Q ; 
om in their bi call (as Crabs) : ionic hcaUlcfs are, 
J(K ! and finn-lcfs (as the bare- full Hire, 

And hcat-fuU 0)M io - heap eonlus'd, 
71 rtsvi irted,in emiclucsdirlusd. 
, Thc7ir««Marcha , or the J>«w «;* 
Can build one Ship of many 1 csi 

Bu;< one Tmnfo when he lift to float, 
1 r4^A»i Fill -man can u akc a ttoat : 
Lndonei h Shell, him in the ftead doth ftand 
OfHu!kat> a,andofaHoufconland. 

Shall I omit the monft. ous Whirl-about, 
W ich in the Sea anot r Sea doth fpout, 
V h V- Is i y happen mgnj 

A: whclm'dandfunkenfuddenlyc 

Shall I oi ihcTunnu hat<iuiiUMK 
h*£*wM lamed fleer, 

A. rd more b.aucly hisvicta ious powis 

ThenthcDefcnd softhe^AwTowrsj 

Por*^ conquered on the Isoivn Coaft 5 

mm-, that three BattailV loft i 
Wh< >ntl s I pcrcciue, ff om far, 

Ti.'Or^ birLpeiltlVhaU, orhufi jM* 

inks II the wandring/fc again 

CO; - Drfo) floating on the Main. 

An n in Combat thefe fell Monftcrs crols, 

N icTcmpeftalltlicSJfcdotl 'is. 

fear-l< Saylers, in far Voyagi 

1 by Gaii Hop< heirC 7 

irh'/i haucfoimii 

Who! covered two broad Acres room: 

A cS* Seas they haue alfo feen 

ped and huge-armed Trcen j 
And m whofc monftrous backs did beat 

Tv bee! withwhirlin s, thai were 

the win iidwidefpreading 

\\ mill turn'd with merry gal 

I'm God (wh Mature in her natui old ) 
Not only cad them in fo iiindiy m les ; 




$r* HJTT. 

Ojjl rr. 

The Tirttife. 

I/A" T**9J. 

p'i*f*< fault 

0- that 
Ota/bye, 0" 






r^ ^h^manncrs much more ditten 



As well our wits as oui 



frtqunam^ tbt 
frr/h Wirt « 



Somelouc ^ r ~, r /« 

Some from the Sea vie yearly to ™* 

To the next Rivers, at their jWfaSSfa 
So both the Waters with free Trade hrquentmg 
Having (like Lords) two Houfes of receipt : 
£ Winter ilf one, th' other for Sommers hear. 
_. - , As Citizens, in fomc in: incbraul, 
*/"** * Lonp cooped v p within their Cattle wall , 
t+mivtr So f ^ n ^ pcacc is madc , and Siege romov <J, 

Forfakc awhile their Town fo ftrong appro v d ; 
And tir'd with toyl,by lcaftics and by payrs, 

So.dainty Salmons y Ch?vwsth\mdcrfc ^ 

amous St uryonu Ltmfrej* lpecklc-itarr o\ 
In the Spring Scafon the rough Seas foriakc > 
And in the Ri » thoufand pleaiurcs take i 
And yet the plenty of delicious foods, 
Their pleafant Lodging in the cryftall floods, 
The fragrant fents of flowry banks about, 
Cannot their Country's tender loue wipe out 
Of their remembrance ; but they needs wiUiiome, 
In th irerull cean to^gJfid^^Xo. 
Like EngUfb GaJLnts jha* tn Tmh dooeo 
TovifitWn\ Se Arn,iSn i 

Where though their Senfe he dondled, Dayes and T^igl^ 
lnfweeteii choice of changeable Delights, 
They never can forget their Mother-Soy l y 
But hourly Home thetr hearts andqes recoyl y 
Long Ungmfbing witij an extream Dejire 
Tojee the/moak of their deer Xatiue Ftre. 

One (like a Pu at) only Hues of prizes, 
That in the Deep he defperatly furprizes r 
Another haunts the (hoar, tofced on foam : 
Another round about the Rocks doth roam, 
N ibbling on Weeds : another, hating thecving, 
Eats nought at all, of liquor oncly living • 
For, the fait humour of his Element 
Scrueshim (alone) for perfect nourifhmene 

Some loue the clear ftreams of fwtft tumblingTorrcnts, 
Which through the rocks l currents 

Break Banks and Bridges • and doo never \ >, 
Till thirfly Sommcr come to drink them vp : 

•me almoft alwayes pudder in the mud 
Of flccpy Pools, and never brook the flood 


The nfhaftt- 

S T 


E K, 

OfCrvft-iU ftreaihs, that in continuall motion 
Rend toward the bofom of their Mother Ocean : 

• t hc moft part of the Worlds Peers prefer 
Brovls before R eft, and place their Peace m War : 
An« »mc -un(ofa far differing humour) 
Holdc Reft To deer, that but the oncly rumour 

Oi War far off, affrights them at the hrft . 

And wanting MV, they count their States accurft. 

Ovatry Citizens, what Vmpecrboundcd 
Your liquid Liuings? O ! what Monarch mounded 
With v/als your City i What fevered Law 

Keeps four huge Armies in fo certain aw, 

That you encroach not on the neighbouring Borders 

Ofyour fwmi-bi ethrcn i as (againft all Orders) 

Men dayiv practice, ioymng Land to Land, 
Iloufcvnto Houfe, Sea to Sea, Strand to Strand - 

Mountain to Mountain, and (moft-mpft infaci blc) 
World vnto World, if they could work it pofliblc. 
And you (wile Times) that for recreation, 
Or for your feedsfecurer propagation, 
J )oo atimes fhift your ordinary Dwelling ; 
What learned CJ&J/& (skild in Fortune-telling) 
What cunning Prophet your fit tin h fhowc i 

What I kn aids Trumpet fumj ° - . 

What Guide conduct Day a <*« 10n 

Through path-lcfs paths in vnaccfuamted Regions . 

Wliat ! tptain flout > what Loadfton, Steel, and Star 
tcafurcs your courfc in your aducntiires rarrc < 
•, thc fame that made you firft ofNought, 
V >in your Nature fomc /^wrought 
Of Good and 1 \ ill j to thc end that we, 


1 'h' adulterous Sargitsdcxh no: oncly change 
Wiues every day, in the deep ftreams j but (ft range) 
As if the honey of Sca-loucs delights 
Could not fufficehis ranging appetite: 
Courting the Shec-Goats on the graflfiefhorc. 
Would horn their Husbands that hadhorns before ; 

ontrary to thc content Cantharu 
Who,cucrl ohisdecr-eftSpoufc 

m Nuptiall Duties fpend \ all his life, 
Loucs n other then his oncly wife. 

'-, for her f .ouc, thc Mullet hath no Peer ; 
ifihe Fifher hauc furprii'd her Pheer, 
As mad with >to (hoar flic followcth, 

' eft to confort him both in life and death : 
As ycrft thofe famous, Xonm^Thr acton Dames 

Hiat leapt aliue into the runerall flamel 


Amm CrnQtat- 

nuny Lrjjtns W 

StfoM'f HJtMfC 



Of tbt tU£tt. 

► ^ 

/> *r 




» TJx m. 

; vJ». 


ThofcloyallWiiicsharcd co hue alone. 
O who can beer fufficicntly admire 

He found no obiea worthy of his c> cs. 
A he Wood-pecker, his long tongue doth hll 
Ou ofthed n-pipeofhish ,y* 
TocatcluhcEmets;when,beguid -all, 

The bulk fwarms about it at* p and cravs 1 . 

Th" Vnno-jco? f , fo, hid in mud, < :i put 
Outofhis-ull t a long limber gut, 
Moll like vnto a hale Worm, (at tight) 
Where-at ert-fooffs mary fmall Fifties bi.e : 
Which ther-withalhhis Angler iwalloiyesftraig.*, 
Alwaycs fdf-a med v hook,hnc,and bait. 
The funic * sml-ftm-Mw-fafo* tarn 
Adaintyfcaftofc tr-p/bv. iMgain, 

Swims fofrfydo* him miy flips, 

Wedgingwith (tones hi et wide yawning lips, 
Lcaft clfe (before ; hat he haue had his prey) 

And (where he thought t' haucioy'dhis viSones) 

Himfclfe become vnro his prize a prize. 
The Cramp-fifl, kno jttthat m . i l aibourc ch 

kplagi. nil burnt ^ n , 

A fecret Poland af< feWfrtc* 

Benummir.g all that dare too-necr her venter ; 
Pours forth her p on, and her chilling Ice 
Onthc next Fifties } cha dfoinatricc, 
That (he not onely ftayes them in the Deep, 
But ftuns their fenie, and lulsthcm fafta-flccp; 
And then (at fill; ihe with their flclh is fed - 9 
Wnole frozen limbs (ftill liuins) feembut dead. 
Tis this Torpedo it when fhc hath took 

Into her throaithefliarpd.ccitfull hook, 

Doth not as other Fiih, that wrench and wriggle 

V en they be pricl md plunge, and ftriuc and ftruggk 

And by their (tir,thinki ofcapcthe Angle, 

r after and faftu on th< »ok do tangle: 

But, wily clafpingclofc the Viftung Line, 

>ddenlyfr Brine 

Her fecret-fpreadi 'k banc ; 

I Which, Vp the Lin 

Creeps to the h >fth* Angle 

ienumm'and is, fuddenly lets fall 

hurtfull pole, and his more hat 11 prize : 
omn like one that fas in bed he lies) 


The First V V 

E E K. 

S-cms in his deep to fee fom gaftly Ghoft 5 
In a cold fwcar, fliaking,and fwclt almort, 
Hecals his wife for ayd,his friends,his folks, 
But his ftuft ftomack his weak clamour choaks : 
Then would he/hike at that he doth behold . 
But fie- p and fearc his feeble hands doo hold : 
Thcnwould he run away j bur,as he drives, 
He feels his feet fetterd with hcauy Gyucs. 

But [hhc Scolopendrd\m\c fuckt-'m 
The fowr-fweet morfeli with the barded Pin, 
She hath as rare a trick to rid her from it : 
Forinftantly,ineall her guts doth vomit . 
And having clear'd them from the danger,thcn ] 
She fair and fof:ly fups them in again, 
So chat not one of them within her womb 
Changeth his Oftce or his wonted room. 

The thriuing Amu ( nccr Abydoi breeding ; 
And futtlc Sea-Fox (in Stccds-loue exceeding) 
Without fo vent'ring their dear life and lyning. 
Can from the Worm-clafp compafs their vntwining : 
For/ucking- in more ofthe twitted hair, 
Aboue the hook they it in fundcr (hear ; 
So that their foe,who for a Fiili did look 
Lifts vp abate line,mbd of bait and hook. 

But timorous BarbUsxviU not taAc the bit, 
Till with their tails they haue vnhooked it : 
And all the baits the Fifhcr can deuifc 
Cannot beguile their wary icalouhes, 

Euen foalmo(r,the mutyfpotudCuttU 
Wcl-ncer infnarcd,yet efcapeth futtlc ; 
For,when (he fees her felf within the Net, 
And no way left,butone,from thence to get, 
She fodainly a ccrtainc Ink doth fpew, 
Which dies the Waters of a fable hew • 
That,dazlmgfotheFimcfs greedy fight, 
She through the Clouds of the black Waters night. 
Might fcape with honour the black frrcames of Styx. 
Wherof alrcady,almoft loft,inc licks. 

And,as a Prifoner, (of fom great tranfgrcuion, 
Conui& by Witnefs and his ownc Confeflion > 
Kept in dark Durance full of noyfom breath, 
HxpcOing nothing but the Day of Death ; 
Spies euery c , and pries round about 

To findc fom wcakc place where he may get out : 

Kept in a Wcyrc.thc wideft fpace doth f} 

the SalofeiulrM 


Ttf A«'u. 
llx SeA-F$x. 







With his oft flapping,and doth fo efcape : 



■ l 

■ * * M M 




r^j findc him thus bcftcd, 


A It lybSS h!nwl bt* Cent* 

C i e: touch of facredfc - 
Lookonthcfc , my Songs hau< irhus: 

ThcgUdcn^r^ o!c »b!aft 

BeeiSs to threat, thcmBucsfogt cMaff, 
In ps like balls,and hear • 

Li, that alonc,of the keen c d w 
Thofc final! white Fifh to Veruu con itai, 
Though witrflw d they be. ated 
Of th' Ocean fcum 5 feeing th a pray 

■WdineucryWatCi ua ay, 
v armingbythoufands,withfjmanyafoId 

Combine themfeluc t their loinrftrcngth doth hold 
ainft thegreedieft ofrhe Sca-rhicucs tallies s 
,and to ffay the courfc of fwit 
Asa<*reatCarrak,cumbrcd and opprefl 

With hci fell ' -- > ^ 

d L ; • '• ck < 

As a (mail I 

Ai <> a lar^ dn dS d, 

1 croffr wd.M ofGernwi breed, 

manage half fo readily, 

As Spirtfi Icnnct, or light BsrUrie : 

So the huge»1bjif hath not lb riiml n, 

As (mailer Fifhes that fYcejui thc( an- 
ut fomtimes rude ft a Roc bruihes, 

)r in fom roaring ftra rhclv llyrulhcs, 
\nd(carce< Idliuca hie nth to an end, 
But f< he litrlc lM uf cuius (his friend ) 
Alitt atfwiinm ' (till before. 

Hi] mlhelf and (hoar: 

luch 1 ike a ( ; h ildc that louing lead s about 

icnh ,be 

Still v ghimt'; icj ay fo right. 

That reft * 

Waues-N hci n fcrace 

The World about,within thin< 
Afi ueoffl idllupist 

die Pearl-f/hznd th rawn bctwccnc • 




m m 




r ■ ■ 




E E K. 

Both haue but one repaft, both but one Palace, 
But onedelight, death, fo;row,and one folace : 
That Jodgeth this ; and this remunerates 
I iis L a nd-lo! ds kindncs,with all n-edfull Gates. 
For while the Mr/ F//& gaping wide doth glifter, 

M ic'i Try ( alhu'd with the bright filucr luftre 
nfh-rrich Cisket)ilocks into the Afer* 3 
Then with a prick the Prawn a fen doth niakc-her 
That tnftantly her (Inning flicll ihe clofe 
( Bccaufc the Prey worrliy the pain he knowes ) : 
Winch gladly donc,(hc cv'nly rtiareth-out 
The Prey betwhtt her,and her faithfull fcout. 

And Co the SfMge-Sfjyraaly awakes 
The Spwes dull fenfe,when rcpaftit takes. 

But Oi w' tat flile can worthily declare 
( O ! Gjtoy-Filb and thou Fifh^Msriner, 
Thou Bost-Cr^nd Sei-Vrchm ) your dcxtcntie 
In S aylers Artjforfafenefsand celerities 
If Ufa Wai chants,now Combiners fcem 
VVi h pprtu*dlU,and Portu^dlls with them i 
I: Worlds of\Vealth,b6rnvndcr pother Sky, 
Seem born in Ours : if without wings we fly 

, North to Southland i n thei^frto Weft, 
Through hund dfi Iryway-lefswai add reft : 
If (to be br j this Worh rich compafs round, 
SeemasaCommon,withourhccTge or mound, 
Where (at '.is choice; each may him freely (lore 
With rarefl f. uirs ; You may we thank therefore. 
For, whether Tfphkpx that Pride of Greece 
That fcyl'd to Colchcs for the Golden -Fleece, 
Or belus Son,firft b.ildcd floating bowrs, 
To marc the V Vindcs ftorms,and the Waters ftowrs j 

it e'r he\vcrc,hcfurclylcam'd of you 
The Art of Rowing and of Say ling too. 

Hcer would I ccafe,fauc that this humorous long 
The Uerma Fijh compels me to prolong. 
A man ot nig ht that builds him a Defocc 

'GainA \'\ there ri: irand Warr's h Jence, ■ 
Firft dearly buies ( for,What good is good-cheap . ) 

•ththe rich Matter and rare VVorkmanfhip : 

ur, without buying Timber Jamc,and ftone, 

>r hiring men to build his Manfion, 
»r ho: rowing \ fo ,or paying Rent therefore, 
fc lo« th fafc : for, finding on the flioar 
S >m :htndfom fhcll,who!cNatiueLord,oflatc 

cii fpolte (Ted by the Doom of Fate 5 
\ he cn:crs,and he takes poffcifion 
'f rli'empty ubour by the fiee conccflion 




jtlfi between 
ihe spngMd 


lite GJly-Ffo. 


Bid* Qrth. 

' < 





/tent fnftrij 


Of natures Law } who G„d, th« Om<r w'« 
AlmmMuuteM °ffr«dlc ( rather ) 

But rfr,whcrcfore art thou teadious 
In numbering Neptunesbufic Burgers dtafjf 
If in his Works thou wilt admire the wo tit 
Ofthc Seas Soverain,bring but only forth 
One little F^,whofc admirable Story 
Sufficed! fole to fliewe his might and glory. 
Let all the Windes in one Winde gather them, 
And ( fceonded with AV^ww/ftrongcft ftrcam > 
Let all at once blowcall their ftiffeft gales 
A-ftemaGallcy vnder allhcr Tails ; 
Let her be holpen with ahundrcd O wers, 
Each lively handled by fiuc lufty Rowers : 
The Remora fixing her feeble horn 
Into the tern pert -beaten Vcflcls ftcrn, 
Stayes hcrftonc-ftill, while all her ftout Conforts 
Saile thence at plcafurc to their wiflicd Ports. 
Then Ioofe they all the i1icats,but to no boot : 
1 or, the charm'd VcflTcil bougeth nor a foot • 
No more then if three fadom vnder ground, 
A fcorc of Anchors held her faftly bound 
( Nomorcthen doth an O ale that int Wood 

HaththoufandTempefts ( thoufaml runes ^ withftoocL, 

Spreading as many maiTy roots belowc, 

As mighty arms abouc the ground do growc. 

O Stq-Jbipfxy.&y how thou canftoppofc 

Thy ielfe alone again ft fo many foes. 

O ! tell vs where thou doo'ft thmc Anchors hide 

V\ laicethourefiftcftSayls^wers^ind^ndTidc. 
How on the fodam canft thou curb fo fhort 

A Ship whom all the Elements tranfport t 

Whence is thine Engin and tfly fecret force 

That frufhatcs England all force doth force - 

Irud(„ 1 Harbour)heav*dmineAnchoro'ie, 
And cv n al ady fct Qnc foot a fhoai 

When lo,the I^beatin ainft the bank, 
Can m me ob hu,on moodily mif-thank. ' 


D^^-n • , ; ." wul, ymn-tnank 

ror,for thy praife th'end of this Song I 

content thee ; 

Rrauc Adm.rall of the broad briny Regions 
T riuniphant Tamer of the fcaly tegi^ ' 

Deaths LucTy Imager thy eyes doth creep ; 

Of The Firs 



Lover of Ships,ofMcn,of Melody, 

Thou vp and down through the moyft World dooft ply 

Swift as a ibaft • whofc Salt thou loucftfo, 

That lacking tbat^hy life thou docft forgo : 

Thou ( gentle Fifh ) wcrt th'happy Boat, of yore 

Which fafely brought th' AmicltAn Harpa-ftioar. 

^r/<w,match-lefs for his Muflks skill, 
Among the JUtmes bauing gain'd his fill 
Of gold and glory ,and exceeding fain 
; To I alutc his learned Greece again ; 
\nwarcs,imbarks him in a Pyrates (hip : 
' \Vho,loath to let lb good a Booty flip, 
Soon waighes his Anchors,packs on all his fail - y 
And Windes confpiring with aprofperous gale, 
His winged Frcgat made fo fpcedy flight, 
Tarentum Towers were quickly out of fight • 
And all, Sue Skies,andScas,on cucryfide- 
V\ lie;c,th'oncly Compafs is the Pylots guide. 
The Saviours then ( whom many times we finde 
1,1 i then Scas,and fiercer then the Winde ) 
Fall ftraight toiirip him,ryfling (at theirplcaiure^ 
In every corner to find out his r -furc ; 

And,hauing found ir,all with one accord 


Who weeping faia\0 Ner,em no ble i/1 

Nor,ro rcftorc my little \\ .1 

For,mychicfeTrcafurc in myMuficklyes 

( And all Apollo's facrcd Pupils pi ue 

The holy Virgins of ParnaJJiuioy . 

That vnder- foot all worldly wealth they throwe. ) 

No ( brauc Ti iumphcrs oucr V Vinde and V Vaue, 

Who in both Worlds your habitation hauc, 
Who both Hcav'ns Hooks in your adventures view) 
'Tis not for That,with broken fighes I fue : 
I but bcfccch you,ofTcr no impieties 
Vnto a pcrfon deer vnto the Deities* 
S o may MeJJetiU* Sirens for your lake, 

euer mute when you your voyage make, 
\ nd Tritons T i -umpet th'angry Surges fwage, 
V\ n ( iuftly ) T^eptunefaall againft you rage. 
Hut if ( alas ! ) I cannot this obtainc 
( As my faint eye reads in your frowns tooplainc) 
Suflfcr,at lcau\to my fad dying voice, 
Mydolchill fingers to confort their noifc: 
Thar fo the Sea Nymphs ( rapt in admiration 
Of my diuinc,f\vect,(acrcd lamentation ) 
Dragging my corps to fhoar,with weeping /howrs 
Maydc*. thcfamc,anditcntoombinflo s. 



tf* fit dTift U. 

*t»tKrc tf jtrZ 










His fweeteft ftrolces then fad -£™eot 

Whcrcwhh he charm'd the raging Ocean !o, 

Thar ci -ook-tooth-d UmfuvM *e C«»" row 

!S*3 <*■«" ( for the time ) rorgatc, 
And /^" floated fcnr-Icfs all the while 
Among the Pelj^ronc to theft and Ic. 
But among all the limes that c th. 

TodaunccthcMcafui >fl Mom ng, 

There was a Dolphin did the heft ace 1 
J (is nimble )tions to thetrei >lingChord : 
Who. itly Aiding necr the Pmn; 

Secm'd to imiite him on his back to rid. 

By this time, twice the Saylours d 

TcrhcauchimoYc ; ycTtwicelumfelichcltaied 

And now the third time ftroue they him to caft ; 
Y tl Crowds the third time heid'hefaft t 

But la'frly/ecing Pyrats paft remori 

And him too-feeble to wfthftand their force, 

The trembling D^/vw moulders he beflrid • 

Who on the Oceans azure furgcsfiiJ 

So,that far-off (his charge fo cheered him 1 

One would hauc thought him rather fly,rhcn ftvim : 
Y e • r car cs hen" 1 f c and euery S u re c 

(Not for ',but f us terijH^harge) 

And,fl fly overthwart thofe Seas 

>t for his < :ic but Tor his Riders ca(e) 
ikes double ha^c to find fome happy ftrand 
Where his fweet P ha bus he may fafcly land. 
Mean-while, AHm^with his Mufick rareji 

Paies his deer Py lot his delight -re. j* 

And heaving eyes to Heav'n,rhc Hav'nof Pity ) 
To his fweet Harp he tunes this facred Ditrv • 
O thou Almighti Mankind to wrack 

Oftboufand 5. *,didft whikm one Sea make 
And yet dn\r\ &, m diVniucrfall 1 ) om ' 
O facte ullmld^hatinr.mctocom ' 


■tV b 5 em >; S r ,t * rs - man »c! le 

I The ftem-lefs .Boated bit-1, ; 

So that.cfcaping Wind and Wat* 

i once againc may tread my riatim ltn : 



( ) 1 JI B i IR S T 

E E K. 

io 5 

An ncc >rth,heer with folemn vowesl facte 
y nto i glory (O my God and Maker ) 

great fauour's high Memo, iall, 
My I leart ai Art, my voyce,hand,r[arp,andall. 
j Icre-W ich, the Seas their roaring rage refrain, 

ClowdyWelkii axed dec ain, 

And all the \ N'ind. did fodamly conuert 

Their mouths to cars^o hcarc his wondrous Art. 
The Tklfbin then,difcrying Land ( a: lall ) 
S mes with himfclfc,f< .auing made fuch liafte, 
A id v. it L.iconiA zhoui I L ues from thence, 
T'haue i >y'd the wLilehis Muficks excellence. 


1j leli inefcrring far 



ip d i. hcMinftrcllrarc, 

h rooftftiangcmay feem) 

. > c 

Of/1 full Rocksand S J, 

C n( vS ha fie to! 

\ ale j yard in the Deep. 

Ii '.off :s{ there Quarter Y p) 
Sec ".v the Bowles a; . ancy fled, 

And their high pra "sq|^ ~ot 
Tl j r- flics ir. 

Th iKterhalfcofdPBppPBBJpPir 
Bi hecrye,B/r^ •• v Inadov 'asy N 

S en ingtofl crontheWai , 

M. me remember, by the mole turns, 
Both wh dttt) ,and your due concerns. 

Bui ft 1 '"" meed of dl mj uy\ 

lnbur.'mgfoumtoihis I I a ? v 1 r. I 1 . r ) 

\ ich ivv; n with your v. N T ot 

T nfes of thofe drowficSors, 

W laden with a waighi ad 

Shall fall p the while tl 

tat, ifthcy could not cl rtheirw 
Among the Water': lenc Colonic 
I ; anthi aon birds d 

Through H and Earth and < redound? 

ThcH< nlyPl gih to frame 

Th Hrmxjnd i'd 1 

Vkh fuch a plume, that Ph*bw cuiting 
From .c^/r^ snO fairer thing: 

S chform,! h fcathers,and fochPate h -hej', 

hat fi uithill Nature bi th nothing 1 

1 »ip gcy< vponhcrcn 
>f/larrieSprigs(moreiplcndcnti '< 

7 rrt 



.*#• — 




Hn- iefcnfwn 





T he F 


A couldcn doun about her dainty neck 
Her breft deep purple,and a fcariet bad:. 
Her wings and train of feathers ( mixed hne ; 
Oforientazureand incarnadine. 
He did appoint h er Fate to be her Pheer, 
And Deaths cold Ici/Tcs to rcftorc her lieer 
Her lifeagam,which neucr /hall expire 
Vntill ( as me ) the World confume in nre. 
For,hauing palled vndcr diucrs Climes, 
Athoufand Winters^ndathoufand Primes; 
Worn-out with yeers,wiming her cndlefs end, 
To mining flames me doth her lite commend, 
Dies to reuiue, and goes into her Graue 
To rife againe more bcautifull and braue. 
Perched, thci forc,vpon a branch of Palm, 
With Incenfe,Cailta,Spiknard 5 MyiTh,and Balm, 
By break of Day fhec builds (in narrow room ) 
Her Vtn,hcrNcft,her Cradltyind her Toomb : 
Whcrc,wliile flic firs all gladly-fad cxpecling 
Som flame ( againft her fragrant heap reflecting ) 
To burn hcrfacred bones to feedfuli cinders 
( Whercin,herage,butnot her life, (he renders^ 
The Phrygian Skinkcr with his lauifh Ewer, 
Drowns not the Fields with mower afcer ihowr $ 
The Ihi vering Coachman with his ley Snowe 
Dares not the Forre/ts of Phcmtcu fa owe : 
Aufler prefumes not £i£/4*ihoaisto pai , 
VVith his moift wings : and gtay-bcard bore** 
( As the moft boifhous and rebellious flauc ) 
Is prifoned clofe in th' Hyper- Borean Cauc : 
For, Nature now propitious to her End 
To her liuing Death a helping hand doth lend : 

I uncralk 

i,and bed : 

And ^/lumfdf.glancing hk goulden eyes 

KhS^"? 1 ™ 8 C ,T h wlie «m /he lies, 
Kindles the f P >ce,and by degree conhW 

n , lm monall /W,botb her fleih and? 

^^''youtof herafhes fpri n o S P 


Inftl 1 ke,hefi r( t( r ather,hefan 1 c indeed) 

y fee 




While, by a profperous I )ath XTTu ; 
^ow n fe lhH en ) N UI re >Nur , lln :% m)ands 



The First V V 


Teaching vs all,in ^idam heer to dy, 
That we in Chrift may liue eternally. 

The p£<r*/x,cutting th'vnfrcqucntcd Aire, 
Forth-with is followed by a thoufand pair 
Ofrrings in th'inftant by th'AI mighty wrought, 
With diuers Sizc,Colom ,and Motion fraught. 

The fent-ftrong Swallow fweepcth to and fro, 
AsfwiftashVftsfly fromaTuikilh Howe, 
When ( vfe and Art, and ftrengtli confedcred ) 
The skilfull Archer drawsthem to the head: 
Flying (he (ingSyBid finging feckcth where 
She more with cunning,thcn with coft,may rear 
Her round-front Palace in a place fecure, 
Whofc Plot may feruc in rarcft Arch'tccturc : 
Her lit lebeak fbc loads with brittle ftraws, 
, !er wings with Watcr,and with Earth her claws, 
Whereof (he Mortcr makcs,and thcrc-with-all 

plv (he builds her (emi-circic Wall. 

Theprecty Urk^ climbing the VVeflcio deer, 

Chaunts v. I a cheer, Heer peer- 1 neer my Beer ; 

Then (looping then ce( teeming her fall to rew) 

ui&e* ( Hie frith ) adieu Jeer Deer y sdieu. 

Ti ie Spink, \ he Lsnot .ami Gold Finch till 
All the f rem Aire with their fwcet warbles ihrill. 

]■; ir; I'licfc are nothing to the N^kmg sk, 

Breathing,fb Cw tlyfro aftfofmall 

So many Tunes whofe Harmony excels 
< )ur Voice-our Violls,andall Mu/ick els. 
Good Lord i how oft in a green Often Grove, 
In the c I (hadow haue I lrood and drove 
To ma: mif.cimmortallLaycs to theirs, 

Rapt with delight oftheir del I is Aiers .' 
Aul (yet ) me thinks,in a thick thorn I hear 
A Nightingaleto warble fwectly,clecr. 
( )nc while ihc bears the Bafc,anon the Tenor, 
Anon rhcTrcbblc,thcn the Counter-Tenor : 
Then all at once • ( as it were ) challenging 

T he rareft voices with her fell ling. 
Thence thirty ft >amid the learie v 

Another Nightingale repeats her I 

Iuft Not, >r > ind adds fern Strain at laif. 

That (He hath com ! all the Winter palt : 

pl\ nd defcants there -vpon ; 
With divine warbles of Di\ -ilion, 
Rcdoublin. < Juau rs ; And fb ( turn by turn ) 
Ah iarly they fing away the Morn : 
othatthceonqucftirithi urious ftrife 
oth often coftthconcher voyci idiirc : 


' Hi *ffh 

hirdt thdt foU 


Tot Swdliow. 


7lx Lmor. 
The Fffttb. 

The y/^irw- 
C 4 ^ 



j>i*'J til** & 
tie litis. 

— *• * 






Firr Day 




Then the glad Victor all the reft admire, 
And after count her Miftrcfs of the Quire. 
At break of Day. in a Delicious fong 
S he fcts the Gam-vt to a h undrcd yong : 
And,whcn as fir for higher Tunes fhe fees them. 
Then lcarncdlvfhe harder LeiTonsgiucs-tncm* 
Whkhfimn byftrain,they ftudioufly recite, 
And follow all their MihVefs Rules aright. 

The Cclchhn Pheafant^nd the Fartridge rare, 
ThehftfuHtyi/TvnNand the fruithll Stare, 
The chattering Pjejbc chatted Turtle Doue, 
The gnzcl^fwy/jthcJi&r/^&C that Grapes doth love) 
The little Gtut-fnap ( worthy Princes Boords ) 
And thegrcene Parrot fiincr of our words. 
Wait on the J\tawx,and admire her tunes, 
And gaze thcmfclu.s in her blew golden plumes. 

The ravening A//*, whole train doth well fupply 
A Rudders place i the Falcon mounting high, 
The &lark'n i Lanjr,and the gentle-Tercel/, 
Th' Ofpraj t and Sakerjx'uh a nimble farceli 
Follow the fi&«WA-,fromthe Clouds ( aJmoft ) 
At once discovering many an vnknow'n Coaft. 

In the fw ift R anlc of thefc fell R overflies 
The Indian Qrtfn with theglmVino eyes, 
Beak Faglt ./fc,bacfc fabic,fanguin brc/> ' 

V\ re(S^n-hke)w:ngs,r]crcctaJons 3 aJwaiespreft 

For bloody battails • for, with thefc he tears 
^^W^Tigres^ulk^ Bears -: 
With the fe,our Grandams fruitful! panch he pulls 
Whence many an Ingot ofpurc Gold he culls 

On lu^h RockMter his thefts to keep , P 

Th h ! tfcJ ^ SI,ards a?ainft an Army bold 
The ho low Mines where flrft he findeth Gold 


v \ ith lacn eqious Tonic ».,. j . rcih > 

■ * ■ 

Of Thi; First V 

While vndcr ground wee liue urly fear 

\yhen thefrail Mines iliaJ -ver-wh .there: 
For which^eyond rich Taproban^w^ roulc 

Tliroi i tlioufatul,$east<> kanor. 

And. laugreWindcsoitdW amity, 

V every Efcr new vnl ,v\ ladefc 

For which ( •) thcbioihei feJshisbrotl 
The Sire his Son,rhe Son his Sue and Mot] ilt, 
ThcN*aflin> Wi< Wire her wedded 

Th. I tend his Friend: O J.* rootieJIu 
Sithencetofatiat r'Gold-thi all, 
! \\ Uourfclt r very foul ida!! 

Ncer thefe,the Crowe his greedy wings di 
The lo bVd Rav'n,t: i ' tn/amous hird that 1. - 

ibaftardEgg wjchin tneneitso he: 
To have them harrht by an.vnkindcly Mother : 
The Skrkh Owfa d i\ lling 1 $ to lode* 
I Th'vnlucky Ntght-k id thouJafieoW*^ 

| That rearing lighted! fecjeoft where to hid^ 

Thehateandfco Jlthciiud&bc/idc. 




** turj 

But (genu -ufa \te\\mc 


^»'/j arc thai 

[Thatb cn-nowfrom ikiggy rraaroi 
1 Tis th'hungry Asra^thc r i Cermantnt, 

The Coot and Curlew t wh he rar • Jnu 

The nimble r«/,thc MilL j»£. 

] The Di dapper. the JV#i*r a: ' >M 

I The (IK ei A;r.Mf,thatdyingfiik fc, SB 

And thcA/w;i-F//2'rr;whie] f oJxuhiUiei ocft 
By the Sea-fide in midd Win ubn, 

rhatman( whom mines chH ^hthampofllc 

< ino vi/e, with all the 
I ier little building how to raifc or ra.'e : 
S »loi tin her quiet C ckecps, 

Station Sea exceeding calmly flceps • 

■>/«/, fearing to drown her brood, 
Keeps home the while,and troubles noc thcHooti 
ThcPirat ( duelling alwa sinliisBarir) 
In sCalcndarhc building Da sdothn 
And the n > rchantrcioluteiy venters, 

S- >(bon as th Ililqon in her brood-ix 
lcan-while,thc Langa , iiiflg( twere) 
rh > u ansfurfacc,! rhi rywhc 

fhchi ; where flipping in ( by A.t ) 

In his- mouthjbcci isv shaft. 

N s , a i n's Cucuioju his t > 

bu Lamps,two vnderncath j \\m$:^ 

•fe fli in ing Raves fcrui rr,fndaxk 
Imbrodc na yaJ 




*dr >t* 

■ h 





l,r As *ff#*- 

(hmtAU iris 

the tut mm *> 
&xrs mtturrj 

The Fift 

To oolifli fair his pureft Ivory : 

TheV urcr,to count his gliftnng trcaftres r 

Bu noTc we now, towards ^nch^-, 
Thofc pafTins Grange and wondrous ( birds; Jftmp* 
( vVoTd'roJ mdeed,if Sca,or Earth,or Sky, 
None kno wes their neft, none knowes the dam that breeds the* 
Food-lcfs they line ;/or,th' Aire aloncly feeds them : 
VVing-lefs they fly 5 and yet their flight extends, 
Till with their 'flight, their vnknow'n Jives- date ends. 

The SfrkfiiU eying her deer Thef*lit y 
The Pelican conforteth cheerfully : 
Pray fe- worthy Payer . which p. ire examples yield 
Of faithfull Fa her,and officious Childc ; 
Th' one quites ( in time ) her Parents love exceeding, 
From whom mee had her birth and tender breeding ; 
Not onely brooding vndcr her warm brcft 
Their agc-chill'dbodis bed-rid in the ncft; 
Nor only bearing them vpon her back 
Through th'cmpty Aire, when their own wings they ladcj 
Butalfo/paring f This let Children note ) 
Her daint icfr. food from her own hungry throat, 
To feed at home her feeble Parents,hcld 
From forraging, with heavy Gyves of tld. 
The othc^kindly/or her tender Brood 
Tears her own bowclls,trillcth-om.her blood 
To heal her young, and in a wondrous fort 
Vnto her Children doth her life transport: 
For finding them by fom fell Serpent flain, 
She rents her brcn\and doth vpon them rain 
Her virall humour . whence rccoucring heat 
They by her death, another life do get • ' 
A Type of C^,who,fin-thrall'd man to free, 
r<T C a ,u Pt ! V n C 5 *** ^ mamcful l Tree 

And K ? } ^ h V S bI ° 0d ^' s ™™& to fave-v* 

Andfo K T* th ' oldS ^pent fir/Uy gavevs : 

And fo bccamc,ofmecr immortally trail 

T&25S * " m0rTaH M - --Itall. 

no left 

A i 7 T b ' cft ° fbru "ftAnimall 
Their Cluldrcnsdanecr th«,,t. 

Though **^&S$> 
So fights a z«* >not for , ( ™Y- 
But forh* Dccr Wkl | s J£ gj) 




H E 




E K 


r,y Hunters fell : He fiercely roareth o_r, 

He wounds, he kils ; amid the thickcit rout, 

He ruflics-in, dread-k/s of Spears, and darts, 

Swords, /hafts, and italics, though hurt in thoufand parts 5 

And, bravc-rc/olvcd, till his laft breath lack, 

"Never gives-over, nor an inch gives-back : 

Wrath Valves his wounds : and laftly (to concLde) 

When, over-lay d with might and Multitude, 
He n eeds mult dy • dying, he more bemoancs, 

Then his owne death, his Captiue little-One*. 

O, for their yt our Maiiy Currs will fight, 

I iagerly bark, brittle their backs, and birc. 

SOjintiie/'^thcD^-f/^forhei 1 ry 
LuonAs hrocs a thoufand limes doth try: 

I or, freeing when the futtlc I ilhcr followcs them, 

Again alive into her womb fhec /wallows them ; 
And when the periU 's part, Hie b ings them thence, 
As from the Cabins of a fare defc: cc • 
And (thouland lines to their Parent owing) 
As found as evi 1 in the S as are rowing. 
So doth a Hen make of her wings a Targe 
To /hie Id her Chickens tha: me hath in charge : 
idfo, he Sparrow \ ii net angry bill 

>efcnds her brood from fiich as would them ilL 
I hear the Crane (if I miftakc ) Op* 
Who in the Clouds forming rh \\ 

By the braue orders pra<5hz'd vrdcr her, 
inftruclcth lbul diets in rhc An or War. 
For when her Troops of wand ring Cranes foifakc 
1 roft firmed Strymon,and ( Autumn) akc 

Pi ice v\ irh the Northre* Dwdr/j, I feck adventure 

In Southren climates for a milder Winter; 

\ front each r.d a forwa d Captain flics. 
Whole pointed Bill cu.s pillage through the skies 

Twoskilf 11 Sergeants kc p hcRanksaiight, 

Ad arirh their voycehaftenth irta:dy 

And\ 1 the hoir y of care-char p 

wcet?y begins through all their veins 1 p> 

>ne keeps the Watch, and ever c jll mo/r, 
Walks many a Round about the ii gHoalt, 
Still holdinj 1 his claw a (i vclod, 
Wh« rail may wakehimifhehaptonod- 
Another doth as icb, a third, a (ourth, 

Vntill lv fhr Night be turned forth* 

There, the fair Peacock beautifully bi auc, 

P y '>d,p 1 n ^ft.rlki- g, Oatt 

whedini n,inpompdii 

lis glorious cy ^joJdeni 


7ue Cr*i*f. 


The Ftd 


I I 

I ■ I 

4 -rt 

' -, 



fix cmK> 


CrtAtmn wheref 
the wi/etUm »f 

their MA er 




* ts~.: 

fruit t. 

The fift Dat 

CJofc by his fide (lands the courageous C**, 
Crcft-peoplcs King, the PeafinS trufry Clock, 
True Morning Watch, ^ $ Trumpeter, 
The Lyons terror, true Aftronomcr, 
Who daily rifcth when the Sun doth nfe 
And when ^/fcrtcrh, then to rooft he hies. 

There, I pcrceiucamid the flowry Plain 
Thcmigliry EHridge, fhiving oft in vain 
To mount among the flying multitude 
(Although with feathers, nor with flight indu'd): 
Whofe greedy fromach freely gads digefis 5 
Whofe ci ifped train adorns triumphant Crete. 

Thou happy Witncfs of my happy Watches, 
Blufh not (my Book)northink itthecdifmatches, 
To bear about vpon thy paper- Tables, 
Flies, Butterflies, Gnats, Bees, and all the rabbles 
Of other Jnfecls (cnd-lci'storchearfc^ 

Limn'd with the pencill of my various Verfe - 
Sith Thcfe are alio His will' YVork man (hips 
Whofe fame did never obfeure Work eclipfe : 
And fith in Thcfe he mows vs evciy howr 
More wondrous proofs of his Almighty powr 
Then in huge Whales, or hideous Elephants. 
Or whatfocver other Monfter haunts 
In frorm-lefs Sczs, railing a ftorm about, 
While in the Sea anoth er Sea they fpput . 
For, if oldc Times zdmircCaUicrates 
For Ivory Emmets ; and Mermecides 
For framing of a rigged Ship, fo fmall 
That with her wings a Bee can hide it all 
(Though th' Artfull fruits of all their curious pain 
Fitfornovfe,werebutinuentionsvain) P 

^o «iffa ft,ng, f four and valiant heart. 
So loud a voyce, fo prudent witand Art. 

No no • K,- i , Bccsfo1 Government - 

Aw Fouitii *\, t ' . '" Rltes and Laws 

In rh" ^« Sct fl o y S^. ll fU ' i0US *"> 

Their well-ml-d Sum mvff^ d r bc8un - 

Thar, durft I loofe 2 K^f f ° T,- ch •***> 





r ■ 

Oi. 1 

H E 


irst Week 

But if, of all, whole skilfull Pencils dare 
To countc it th' Alrnighrie's Models rare 
None yet durit hniih that fair J>ecce, wherein 

ed spiles drew Urn's wanton Queen 
Shall I prcfume^«w/«r Mount to climb c * 
And flng the toipraife in mine humble rime" 
\\\\Ki\Ldtian Jiards inimitable Prince 
ith warbled twice about the banks of Mince? 

VetmayInotthatlitile 4 ^Wwpa/s-by 
( )f 1 1> turn'd Worm, and of a Worm a Fly- 

? irth S U rll dcaihs ] hcer Naturc h«h affign'd-hcr. 
Leaving* inhume (dead-hue) f,cd behindc-hcr 

Which loon transforms the frcfli and tender leaues ' 
OtTbtsbes pale Tree, tothofefJendcrflcaues 
(On ovall clews) of /oft, fmoorh, Silken flakes 
•Which more for vs, then for her felf, foe makes. 
O precious fleece.' which oncly did adorn 

he facred loyns of Princes heertofbra • 
But our proud Age, wkh prodigal! abufe, 
Hath fo proran'd th'old honourable vfc 
Thar I ten now, who /carcchauc bread to cat, 
Diidaui plain Sill nld's it be befet 
■With one of thole dc rals hoH 

Bums greedy foules with an immortal! iiie. 

Though M, not Icaft. bra E*?le, mpr 

Made me fo long thy ftory hence exempt 
IN* j. ESS-EX toUjbali thy true -vertuesbe, 
hor th' Eyrie's fake that ownes my Mnfeandmee \ 
Where lov'sand hmo'sjlately Birds be billtno 
Their azure Field with f aire* Eazletsjilim* 
(Azure they bear three Eaglets Argentine, 
^Cheuron Ermwgrasled Ox between). 

WI« -CI tejfc,, KlCHefiMTHemnUiWij, 
/« ^ j « //, 4T '„ ,£• ^^^^y/ Cro wn r Bh r s) 

™r, well I knowc, thou hoJdcft (worthily) 

* hat place among the A cry flocks that fly, 

Asdoth thcZ>r^«r,orthcC*4/riw 

™ »g the baneful! Creeping Companies j 
i Ik- noble Z/m among Crvage beaffe : 
,, nd 6 cnt| c x^Aw 'mong the I )y u guefh. 
Iknowc thy courfc , I know, thy conminl fight 

• ! "nxIygaz C ao a i n /iHcavnsgrcateftLi«ht. 
"«f, as the J 'h, i x on mv Front doth qlifter, 
rhm, /halt the Finials of my uneilluftre. 

tv ; i iT W f fl,0tr ofchc famc ftormy ftream, 

; int h did inherit both the bones and name 

v^smer Cand not far from t nee 
'ouc-bJind/*whap-li liiigcncc, 

J M2 


it* s2^9om. 

1 / 


M*r4irle /lory of 
the Uue dttd 
death $j ah 


■ * 



1 m 


There dw 



bcr vp> 

Humir^nongherT nds(thaci r orrcu< 

V nitcepRocbrhorny-rhiummedmp 

Whnc,one (almoft; would Ub. to clunl 
Tworendcr£^/iinanc(tclpies 5 
Which 'gainft the Sun fate trying of their eyes 5 
Whole callow backs and bodies roundabout 
With foft fliort quils began to brittle out 5 
Who yawning wide, with empty gorg e did-gapc 
For wonted fees our of ihcir Parents rape. 
Of rhefetwo Frith the faircft vp flic takes 
Into her bofbra, d great hade flic makes 
I town fromthe Rock, and fliiucring yet for fear 
Tiips home as fart as her light feet can bear : 
r .venas a Wolf, that hunting for a pray, 
And having ftoln (at Jail) fonie Lamb away ; 
Flycs with down-hanging bead, and icei Ctli bade 
Wh ether the Maftifedoo purfuc his track. 

In rime, this Eatfe was Co throughly mann'd, 
That from the Quarry, to her Mittrcls hand 
At the rirft call \ would come • and faun vpon-hcr, 

Andbill and bow, in fi^ne of loue and honour : 
On th' other fide, the Maiden makes as much 

Of her deer Bird ; ftroking with gentle touch 
Her wings and train, and with a wanton voyce 
It wantonly do:h chcrifli and reioyce : 
And (prcty fondling) ihc doth prize it higher 
Then her ownc beauties; which all elfcadmire 

But fas fell Fates mingle our finglcioycs 
With bitter gall of infiniteannoyes) * 

Ancxrream Fever vcxt the Virgins bones 
^ by one difeafe to caufc two deaths at once) 

t '^fc-'mxt-Lillic.inhcrlouelyface. 
Jtofa ^/and^^botha-hke. 
Both hket«,nnentcd,both hkc mivcrino fick 
So that, ro note their paflions cJJ^fti 
p- ■ t L**j» fpun born K£» ther 
Kje^Mriving with her F^," 


2«J fift^s:andwithn^wih C 



Ihe Fir 

S T 


E E K. 


aying with food, I he food i cceiv'd ib of:, 

ron lofe fair Ivory, Virgin-fingers fofr,' 
During her nonage, 3 flicdurfufiay 

To cl< c the sky, and for her felfcto prey. 

I 1 < r now with fpitcf 11; cnt 

The blood and marrow of this Innocent, 
And Life r< dtocrucllD h her rights 

VVhothrc< s after doth the Eagle cite/ 
ThefearfuIJ Hare durft now fr icntthc Down - 

And round about the Wals ok' Hero's \ \ > 

, TcrceJ-gentle, and fwifi 1 alcon flew, 
Drc id-lefs of the Eagle that fo well they knt w : 
For (lie ('alas!) lies on her Ladies bed, 

Still-ladly mourning •. though a-liue, yet dead: 
i ir, O ! i.ow mould mcliue,firh Fatal) knife 

Hath cut.the thi dofhcrliucsdcercftlife? 

O'rcthc deer Corps fbmi nncs her wings (\ lovcr^ 

est ie dead brcft with her bred covets, 
omtimcs ekejoth the pale neck embrace, 

ics s the cold lips and :e • 

Andw h lad murmurs flic Is hfo^ 

T rfl moanaugmentstlu) 

i rice had h : Ph*l 
it tic pro. Ptliars of Alcms. n, 

Vi ft the fa 

V 1.1 :aIsIcaucrncTbrrt' wc 

Ahi hisdohfull Bird.drown'd in hertears, 

II com i lels, Reft and Rcpaftforbeais: 
) much (.;!. feemcrh to contend, 

H life and ws both at to end. 

; lafily, finding all i hefe means tocn .*k, 
T J [uickdifp rhat/hedidwi/h,tov 
Wi andai iiml 

V >crbrcftfln 

bowc (toi 

Thar all tbcYc deaths < it make ; 

1 >lothc ibouttueiigh 

►r th li loA In 

n their back, and! 
. cheel 

ypthe/ac ) 

Whofc happy fouk aire; ncml r r 5 

Wuhi ries, march toward the fatall Pile 

u Thefillvl l»the while, 

far-off, her bl ails t 

n :,wkhco oy,two I Fun 

, 'had: O 

^brac'ttl odyol Trend >.u» 

M : 






But fuddcnly,difta nga ^^ : 
Down fouft chc £^o -jggg^rf, 

A hundred tmmob^ .^ 

o harpy P» ir •' v >' on J 01 " 61 ? 16 ' 

Mav S"nd JtoM ever fliownng come , 

And evermore hue you within my Vcrtc. 

J# Mtrmsml Euemrtz the Fift Day conclude, 
And God percew'd that all his work wertgtsd. 






The Argvment. 

fruiting atl t which through ihti world, afpire 
Vntothe next, God's glorious Works t admire $ 
Heer, on the Stage, our noble Poet brings 
Bea/ls of the Earth, Cat tell, snd creeping things t 
1 heir hurt and help to vt : The ji range euents 
Between A n d ro • and the ForreJS Prince. 
The little- World (Commander of the greater) 
Why formed Uft : his admirable Feature: 
Hu heavnborn Soule ; her wondrous operation : 
His deer est Rib : Alt Creatures generation. 

Ou Pilgrims, which (through this worlds Cine) wend 
Toward th' happy Citie, w! wirhoutcnend 
True ioyes abound - y to anchor in the Port 
VVh Deaths pale horrors never do refort ; 
If you will fee th \mph eatci^ 

Th' Arks, Arcenals, Towrs, Tempi 2nd Theaters, 

Colollcs, Cirques, Pylcs, P01 I Palaces 

Proudly difpc: led in yom iflagCS ■ 

< 'om, com with me : t thcr not any part 

In this; imc where fln'ncth any Art, 

tot I will ihow't you. Are you v ary,fince? 

What ! tyi *d fo foon i Why, will you not (my friends) 

1 ^ving already vcntm'd forth ib far 

On XeptuHs back (through Wind md Waters 1 ) 

Kowcyctaftroak, the 1 I.irbom rcc 

Whofei1ioarsaliead\ lad . . , 

J J ° Almighty 

An rxUrtdtm 
H dU wbub 
tbrvKfbibe Pd- 
rnmdgt $/ tint 

taut t* 

tte, t* tei*! : Mr 

writ ibf rxcfl- 
CtJ,btrr r> 



6 f*i^ 


ass £ <^ ass? 

M*e*Hthe< B«ft$,L by, 

-T- ,-; I, Hnma"C ro mv larmony. 

T TT,T Sw^chrhouW^didftbufld, 

To hauntthc I M s, the ^f^^ 
I fee (as vice-Roy oftharbiutiih Band; 

The £*/**« > 'an r -S ard doch comm , aild : 
Worthy that Office, wither we regard 

His Toy J back, v, h re ma Souldicrs ward ; 

Qrclfc his Prudence, wherewithal] hi is 


As ftudiousSchol: fdf-rumlrieth 
Hislcflbn n, his Kinghchonourcth, 
Adores -he Moon : move d with ftrange dc/ire, 

llcf s the fv : flames of die idtbtn I ire, 
And (pcarc'f with glai of a kindc-crucll cy) 

or humane beauty, feerr.s to (*gh and dy. 
Yea (if the Gnaws doo not mi/-rccitc) 
With's crooked r:umivr he dotli fbmtimcs write. 

hugeftrengih, nor fubtlc wit, cannot 
Defend him from the ljj *#?> <?/ .- _ 
Who never i h blinde 1 h venter 

Vpon his I 6,but (ycrthc 1 s he < :r) 

ainftaKockhewhctcth roundabout 
The <Ln,crous pike on his armed fnout • 
Thenbuckli dofe, doth not (at randon) had 
>nrhe] Coirafs on his Enemies back. 
wkI stdly (cunnii n ' 

Where^andbu re) 1 Iblacfewil! . 

rhei r^becingcli c 

}Wpa thick T. 

So,clofcly; 'itaJmofto vD.iv ' 
Tov. , ,c ( ;. n y-OflJc- in i '. 

rtnd.ound. tlumi (bcio/< cl< 
» W ' ' Wy s that his 4" 

ic lcaj 

Haftesto !n T 

-" ass ,„,„ 

The First Week. 

About his fore-legs, fetrci'dinfuch order, 

Tharftocked there, he now can ftir no furder- 

Whilcttr hlcphwt (buttonopurpofc) drives 
With's \ dm^Trunkt'vndoo his wounding gyves* 
His f lir i(v.:s to thrums, in his nofe, his nofe ; 

Then head and all • and thcre-withall doth clofe 
1 [is breathing paflagc : but, his victory 
, | C ioyes not long ; ror his huge Enemy, 

I ailing down dead, doth with his waighry Fail 

Crufh him to death, that caus'd his death, wichaiii 

like rafl i o us French- men, whofc fel I hands purfue 
In their ov fts their furious blades t'embrcw, 

While pitry-lefs. hurried with blinded zeal, 

In herowne blood they bathcthcir Common-Weal \ 

When as at Dreux S. VmktftoA rtounlcountcr. 
The: arricidiall bloody fwords encounter; 
[akingth* Countrey (as a 1 gickTomb) 
T' enter th* Earth's terror in ft?r hap-lefs * nob. 

Or, like our own (Lite) YorkWLascasterj 
Ambitious brothers of that riper -War y 

I I Inch did the womb of their own imdeuour, 
^fndfpoil'dthefrefljeJlofph\ SsFbvr} 
Wnen(V! h 1 WR r d) R o :unst H o s Y. y theyjl*d t 
Brother 'gainst Brother, to the knees in 

H bile Wa k a f x s t r>,B a mdS. A * speeti 

line drunk with dter blood of P : .« * - a a p n 1 r s 1 

M for*, est her Conquer d and yet neither won ; 
Ji//;. /-; f^w k/* Wrf/ ^«^ «Wr Oiv^ vndon. 

Ncer th' Elephant, COI i tW horned * ///r^/^, 

Cinwl-, frrong-necked B«tf, 

The lazy-pafed (ytt laborious) ^, , 

The quick, proud Conrfer, which the reft doth pailc 

Forap Mdrsand his Mafterloving, 

Aft. rhis hand with readj jhtncfi moving : 
This, our of hand, will fdf advance, and bound, 
Corvet, pafe^man ,hirh, and trot the R< »d: 

That, followcs loofc behin the Groom that kecps-him- 
This,knecleth down the 1 Maftalea him: 

This, rui m Coi Ears, and ne'r bends then quils ; 
That, on the Water, and 1 is heels. 

In a frefli Troup, the fca »H H»e I note, 

Thobh- usC«wf<7,andthebrouiingOia, 
The do 1 svme, the golden-fleeced sheep, 

The lioht foot H*n, which every yecr doth weep 

lufe) for his branched h ad, 
eintl ii time he before hath ihed- 

) •'• a fport, to fee a Heard < 
Tok; ►mmerinfotofpaciousft mi. 



Tie true Imtgt 




slut *4xdt>mL ; 

d* lntidn sixty 

0fdW:!J SlXff. 

Tlx HJfdUc 4 


BhIJ. j 

H»fc. I 











One fwims before : another on his chine, 


Nigh half-vpright, doth wit tuusuy 
Onthat, a nother ; arKlioaJlJocralc 

Crowes to be weary, and can lead no more 
He that was fa indmoft corns and fivims before : 

Like as in Cities, ftiU one Magnate 

Bears not the Burthen of the common State ; 

But having pail his Yeer, he doth difcharge 
On othen lhouldcrs his /wect-bicter Charge. 

But, of all Bea/is, none fteadeth man io much 
As doth the Dog \ his diligence is iiich: 
A faithfull Guaid, a watchfull Senti, !, 
A painfull Purvayor, that with perfect fmcll 
Provides great Princes many a dainty mefs, 
A friend till death, a helper in diitrcfs, 
Dread of the Wolf, Feare of the feaifujl Thief, 
Fierce Combarant, and of all Huntcrschicf. 

There skips the Squirrill^ fecming Weather- wife, 
Without beholding of Heav'ns twinkling eyes : • 
For, knowing well which way the windc will change, 
Hce fliifrs the portal! of his litdc (Grange. 
There's th' wanton WeazelJ, and the wily Fax, 
The witry Monkey, that mans action mocks : 
The fwear-fwect Ciutt, dcci ly fctcht from far 
For Courtiers nice, pair Indian larru^ar. 

There, the wile Better, who, purfudby foes, 
Tears-offhis codlings, and one rhem throwes - 
Knowing that Hunters on the Pontile Heath ' 

Doomorc dcflicthat ranfom, then his death. 
S thc /ough ^-^. wh o, to /hun his thrall, 
Shr nks vphimfclfcasroundasany Ball: 

On s thiftly bnftlcs rowles him quickly in. 

But th'Ey of Heav n beholdcth nough more (We 

And SeS 

A.nJ,ro und b"S C i y | ad , ! ' Ca,td0t1 ' fl,al « : 


1 H E 


I R S T 





/>/>*£/* would taint, glades felf would dread 
Although thefirft drad Python conquered, 
And th' otlu i Vanquifllt il\ Erymanthianb 
The Nemean Lion and a many more. 
What ftrength of arm, Or Art-full ftrata«em 
rom Nile's fell R over could deliaer ahem, ' 
Who runs, and rowes, warring by Land and Water 

;ainftracnand 1 iflicsjfubiccltohisflaughtcrr 

( )r from the furious Dragon, which alone 
Set-on a Roman Army ; whereupon 
Scout Regnlmas many Engines fpcnr, 
As to the ground would Carthage wals hauc rent i 
What fliot-fice Coifler, or what counfell crafty* 
'Gainfr the angry A (pick could afliirc them fafcty* 
Who (faithfull husband) over Hilland Plain 
Purfues the man that his deer Phccr hath (lain 5 

Whom he can fmdeamid rhcthickeftthroni 

And in an inftant venge him of his wrong * 
What (bield of Atax could avoid their death 
By th' Bafilfsk, whofc pcfhlcntiall breath 
Doth peai ce firm Marble, and whofc bancfull ey 
Wounds with a glance, fo that the fotmdcft dy f 
Lord .' if fo be, thou for mankind jdtffl rear 

This i ich round Manfion (glorious every where.) 
Alas ! why didfl thou on Thu-Day create 
Thefe harmful! Beads, which bur ifpcrate 
Our thorny life- 1 O .' were thou picas'/ to form 
1 h'innammcld Scorpion, and the Vtper-woxm, 
Th* horned Cerattes, rh' Alexandrians kink, 
1\i Adder, and Drynas (full of odious (link) 
I h* lift, Snake, and Lipfas (cauung deadly Thirfr): 
Why had thou arm'd them with a rage fo curft < 

Pardon, good God, pardon me ; 'twas our pride, 
^ °' thou, that troubled our firft happy tyde, 
And in tic- Childehood of the World didbring 
1 h'Amphiibend, hci double bancfull fling. 
« >rc that Adamdid revolt from Thee, 
And (curious) raflcd of the facred Tree, 
Heljvcd Kins? of £*», and his brow 
Was never blankt with pallid fear, as now : 

i neficreeftBeafts, would at h void, or beck. 

Bow to his yoak their fcl f- obedient neck 5 
£ owthe ready Horfe is at command 
* othc good Rider's four, or word, or wand? 
^h doth norwildely his own will perform, 
out Ins that rules him with a fteddy arm. 

rea, as forgetfullof fo foul offence, 

1 nou 'OTfthim (yet) iurhacnnvifdoni, whence 


Tit CtModiU* 



Byluk* : 

Wiry Gtdcrtd- 
tc/ftub noyfm 

dn J dinger** 
ctfdturti : S** 
the hurt thtjf 



Gd hdthgwen 
>j wtj<d$mt (9 








SlXT Da* 





lie Vytr djU 
Stiff** * 


*'4 'I* Af- 

O fall the 

Walking on 

Th' haft armed iom ivu-.^.vith ariping Claw 
Som with ^t^iScUk^ Beaks, 

Som with keen ^M ** f . ^ ~> 

\nd(asitwcre) with envious armies great, 

Be round about befieeed and befet 

For what boot Ml/s brawny fhoulders broad, 


Hcalwaiesbeai f what Bayes, or Olwe boughs, 
Patflcy, 01 Pine, (lull crown his warlike brows, 
Except fom other Centring Lifts, 
Couragcoufly hisboaftcd ft i§th refifts '. 
Indcc^cft perils Oiineth Wifdoms prime : 
Through thoufand deaths true Valour fceks to clirac s 
Well bowing, Conqueft yeelds but little Honour, 
If bloody Danger doo not wait vpon her. 

O gracious Father ! th' haft not onely lent 
Prudence to Man,: ■ .!•■'< u event, 
Wherewith thefe i eblc life : 

But (for his fake) haft fct at mutuall ftrifc 
Serpents with Serpents , and haft rais'd them foes 

Which, vnprovokcd ; felly them oppofc. 

Thou mak'ft th' ingratefnll riper ("at his birth) 

His dying Mothers belly to gnaw forth : 

Thou mak'ft the Scorpion (greedy after food) 

Vnnarurally devour his proper brood j 

Whereof, one fcaping from the Parents hunger, 

With's death doth vengeance on his brethrens wronger : 

T hou mak'ft the Weazell, by a fecret might, 

Murder the Serpent with the murdering fata - 

VV ho fc .furpris d, (hiving in wrathful! i manner, 

Dying himfelf,kils with his baen his Baner. 


Poyfons Ait', manured fliorc • 

A hI,o U g h (lI , dtcd) hc dot|) 

Sc mucT, by ft.cng.1, as f ubtk ftrat ^ mCm 
Ashcthat(vrg-d Wlthc| ind ni 8 

By a proud Chalcngcdo.hhis foe defic, 
'/«?«•'";« k '«pofturc and his play, 
And anus hunfclfc fo complete cvcX'w; 

ry way 


Of Th 



ir5t Week. 

( With waiy hand guided with watchfull eye, 
And ready foot to rraver/eskilrully) 
That the Defendant, in the heat of f7°hr, 
Findes no part open for his bladcto ifght • 
So Pharaohs Rat, ycr hc begin the fray 
'Gainft the blinde &ifpitk, vtii h a cleauing Clay 
Vpon his coat hc wraps an earthen Cake ' 
Which afterward thc.Suns hoc beams doo bake: 
Arm' J with this Plaifter, th'^^/ri-hcapprocheth 
And in his throat his crooked tooth hebroachcth * 
While th' other boot-Iefs ftriues ro pearceand prick- 
Through the hard temper of -Sis arm r thick : 
Ye:, knowing himfelfe too-weak ( for all his wile ) 
Alone to match the fcaly Crocodile • 
He, wirh chettfar, his Ruin doth confpire. 
The Wrm* who feeing (preftwrth fleeps defirc) 
Atle\ poys'ny Pirateprefs the flfmvlhoar. 

Suddenly corns, and hopping him before,' 

Into Ins mouth hc skips, his teeth he pickles', v 

Clenieth his palate, and his throat i icicles, 

That charm "d with pleafure,thc dull Serpent °3pes 

Wider and wide ith his vgly chaps : 

Then like a fhafr, th' ichneurmn inftonrJy 

Intotlu Tyrants greedy gorge doth fly 

And feeds vpon that Glutton, vh< 

All Nile 's fat margents fcarcc* c v, ;!d f r. ^W 

Nay,more (good Lord) th' haft taught Mankind a Reafon 

fo draw Lifeout of Death, and Health from Poyfon : 

So that in equal! Balance balancing 

The Goodand Evill which theft- Creatures bring 

Vnto Mans life, weihall pcrceiuc, the rTrft 

By many grains to ouer waigh the woi f L 

From J pents fcarVr, ycr am T fcarce in fat 
Alas ! 1 f C c a Legion fierce and Iofry 
Of SawvAga, whole fleet *nd fuHi pafe, : 
Whofci oarim Iwhofchid. ice 

| Make my fenfe fenfe-Icis, and m 
And caft me in my for rf in. 

Already howls the wafte- Fold U vlfa\ Boar 
Whets foamy Fan ..their Atfirdorhroaf* 

WriP at "^ C Oancejhin much difmay, 

Vitli grumbling horror threatens my decay « 

1 he hght-foot T* K re t fpottcd Leonard, 

foaming with fu dobefie me hard; 
' n th'rmcom, tV Hjmh* tearing-tombs, 
( .'*t M.t n t,cbor\ and A'«fo» Cephm corns : 

" tw hichlaftthrce,eachhath(asl rth ftind> 

,M Ail »t and hand. 



Cod 1)4 th 

nu*f frrcaft v/c 
*ftlxm A 

fitrtt 4 n J >*- 

Them . 

B Mr. 



fdrJ m 


>«, d 

^•ifft or Munktj 


I . ■ 


m * 



wm m 


ju wr"* 


Jy taoid •/ 

Arulrodm 4 

if*--*'. « h tiS nd in her tender womb 
Hc.whclpsl>« whel PV" brood re-tomb. 
SheTdotb as oft h« In, g broo ^ m u> 

But O ! what Mo nfl» ^ ftof pjU , do! h rattle . 
On whofe rough b «* f ma all ow s out,^' hoo ^ hcd / d round ab out 
Wbofcthorny " dcs * 1 " 1 ,,: l ° and all his parts 

W«h f 5*S SfflSi Auls £d DJJ 
Bridled * -.* Bodk ms, ftm f Rft w rrr , ng , 

And tohisaidlt'"n cwu Pk ; Boaw . man l 

O £rS£SS3BSJU^ foe-man, 

SsLfts, nor yet ^ 's quiver, 

urorrll horn Pern, but haft all at hand 
52S^ , ^ in thy Hide do growe 
Thy String,thy Shafts, thy Quiver and thy Bowe 

But ( Courage now. ) H cer corns the valiant Bealt, 
The noble Don, King of all the reft; 
Who, braut ly-minded, is as milde to thole 
1 ha; yeeld to him, as fierce vnto his foes : 
To humble fuitcrs ncithev ftcrn nor ItatefuU s 
To benefactors never found ingratcfull. 

I call to record that fame Roman Thrall, 
Who (to efcape fi om his mechanicall 
Ardcruell Matter, that (for lucre) vs'dhim 

\? n »«i Min . knr ncn Rroft nhiK*d him^ 

And cruell waiter, tnar (, ronuuc; v>u 
Nor as a Man ; bur, as a Bea(t,abus'd him) 
Fled through thcdefatt,and with traudl tir'd, 
At length into a moffie caue retir'd : 
But there, r.o fooncr 'gan the drowzy wretch 
On the foft grafs his weary limbs to ftretch • 
i But, comirg fwift into the caue, he feeth 

A ramping I ion gnafhing of his teeth. 
A thief, to fhamefull execution fent 
By At/far, for his faults iuft punimment, 
Feeling his eyes clour, and his elbows cord, 
Waiting for nothing but the fatall Sword ; 
Dies yev his death, he looks fo certainly 

^»« yci nis aeatn, tic looks lo certainly 
Without delay in that drad place to Dy : 
■ Even fo the Slaue, feeing no means to (bun 
(By flight or figrr ) his fear'd dcfti uftion 
(Having no way to flee, nor arms to fight, 
But dghi and tears, prayers and wofull plight) 

Of Th 





E E K. 

mbraceth Death ; abiding,fpr a flown, 
»alc,coId^nd fen felefs,in a deadly fwown. 
At laft, again his courage 'gan to gather, 
When hcpeicciv'dnoragc (but pirty rather) 
In his new Hoaityvho v. i mildc looks and meek 
Sa in J (as it were )fuccour of him to f •( k, 
Shewing him ofc oncof his paws,wherein 
A fettering thorn for a long time had been. 
Then ( though flill fearfull ) did theSlauc drawnighcr, 
And from his foot he lightly /iiatcht the biyer ; 
And wringing gently with his hand the wound, 
Madeth'hot impoftumerun vpon the ground. 
Thenceforth the Lion fecks for Booties beft 

Through Hill and Dale,tochcci c his new-corn Guelr 

HisnewPhyfician ; who, for all his coA, 

Soon leaucs his Lodging,and his drcadfuIlHoaft ; 

And once more wanders through the wilderiies, 

Whi htr his fro ward I tune would addrefs, 

Vntill ( re-taen ) his fell Lord brought him home, 

For Spectacle vnto Imperiall Rome^ 

To be ( according to their bai bai ous Laws ) 

Bloudily torn with greedy Lio'spaws- 

Feli Cannibal [ llint-haiud fv.')f'>.em 

1 r thou would'! t needs c^HrT^WIfW ini 

( Inhumane MonAcr,hat 

Why from thine owne hah 

To Bears and Lions to be giucn foi prey, 

Thy felfmorc fcl, a thouland-fold, thai they c 

African Panthers. Hyrcan Tigrcs fierce, 

C&w/4flLions,and Panncnian Bears, 

Be not Co cruell,as who violates 

Sacred Humanity,and cruciates 

His loyall fubiedte $ making K tions 

Of MaifacresCoi and -{harp Taxations. 

'Boue all tlie BcaAs that hll'd the CMartuK Field 
With bloud and flaughtcr,one was moA i id • 
One valiant Lion,whofc \ 

1 conquered hun oftho lilrywi: s, 

Whofe ileskifmim had but Ariv 1 

1 ! »pc by combat tlicird*. pain. 

That very j';caA, with t fearful] feet 

Tins R unnagatc ( at lall to meet ; 

mg enrrcd in thebloody Lift, 
1 >nrov. I rufHcs-vp his CrcA, 

is his body Sharpens lus gi im cy, 
And(fiarins^ roaicth hidcoujly 

Fiicn often (windging, witli hisiinnev 
S °mti s his lid ionium 




and Arongly rain; 

After the Beairn cwt lltherace 


ThcSbWM kn5wing,and thus being knowen, 
Lifts to the Hcav'ns his front now hoaiy grown* 
And (now no more fearing his tearing paws > 
He ftroaks the Lion, and his poule he claws. 
And learns by proof,that Ag-d tnmcM need^ 

Ther's vnderSun ( as Dilfhos God did fliowej 
No better Knowledgc,rhen our feiftto Kntwc : 
frl*d f *t Tl»er is noThcam more plentifull to lean, 

,< tbi, i»i k-i. y ncn i s rhc glorious goodly Frame of M am: 

For in Man's /elf is I ire, A ire Earth and Sea- 
Ma /s (in J word) rhr World's Epitome 
OrlittLMap : which hcermy Mufedoth try 
By .he grand Pattern to e^emnlifie^^^^.. 

A witty n,dothnot( u arc Art) 

Ino a Palace, Paroi Rocks con ucrt, 

Seel it with gold,and to the Firmament 
Rayfc the proud Turrets of his Battlement, 
And (to be brief ) in cucry part of it, 

Nofcc tc ipfum 



vftdtm, M9ft*- 

- mi M mut 


Beauty to v!e,vlcvnto beauty fit, 
Toth'cndthc k ich-OwLandNie 


. & ht-Rauen mould 

In thofe fair wails their habitations hold : 

Bu rathcr,forfom wife and wealthy Prince 
Able to iudgc of his arts excellence : 
Even fo,thcLord built not this All-Theater 
For the ludcgucftsof Air,ard Woods and Water- 

But,allforHim,who( fthethcr hefi irvey 

The vaft fait kingdoms^ th'Earth's fhutfuD cLiy, 

^cafthiscycsvptothofctwrWmgi ves J> 
That with disordered order gild the Skycs ) 

™ 222^ admire wkh duc «*&* 

Tli , adm,red Art of fuch an Architect. 

m ^SSss^ whic w h h,s VVord « "** 

^ a s wa S the laft that humg breath did tak- • 
Kot vndenakc fo noble a Work at firft 

Of T 





Rather,becaufe he mould hauc made in vain 
So great a Prince,without on whom to Raign. 
A wife manneuer brings his bidden Gucft 

Into his Parlour,till his Room be drcft, 
Garnifhtwitli Lights,and Tables neatly fprcd 
Be with full dirties well-nigh furnimed : 
SoourgrcatGodjWhoCbountious) euer keeps 
J Iter open Courr,and th'evcr-bound-kls Deeps 

Offweetcft Keftto on vs ftili diftills 

By twenty-times tch thou/and fundry cjuilis, 

Would not our Grand/ire to his Boord inuite, 

Yer he with Arras his fair houfe had dight, 

And,vnder tarry Statc-Cloaths place his plates 

Fill'd with a thoufand fugred dclicates. 

All th'admirable Ci cat tires made beforn. 

Which Heav'n and Earth,and Ocean doo adorn, 

Arc but Eflays,compar'd in every part, 

To this divirreft Mali iece ofArt. 

Therefore thefuprcam pecr-Jcrfs Architect, 

When (ofmecr nothing) he did firft ered 

1 Jeav 'n,Harth and Airc,and Seas ; at oncchis thought, 

i lis word and deed all in an intant wrought : 

But,whcn he would liis < ace, 

Th'honour of Nature,th Earths otentat 

As ifhc woulda CounceJl iioldhccitrrh 

HisfacredPowcr,hisPi heinniterh*, 

Summons his Louc,his Iuftice headiourns, 
Callcth his Goodncs,and his Grace returns, 
To ( as it were ; confult about the birth 
And building ofa fecond God,ofEarrh ; 
And each (a-part) with liberal! hand to Wing 

om excellence vnro fo rare a thing. 

>i rather, he con ful ts\ h'sonlySon 
(His own true Pourtrait ) what proportion, 
What giftvvhat grace,whatfoule hc/hould beftowe 
Vpon his Jfo-.**jrofrhis Realm belowt 
When th'othcr things Godia/hion'd m tbd mdc. 

at'abcund in Fiihes fit iffign'd, 
f he I larth in Flocks : bi having Man in hand 
1 lis very fclf he feemed ro command. 
He both at-oncc both life and body lent 

To other things j but when in Man he meant 
mmortalllii nmiortall life to place, 
Hccfeeni'd to paw(c,as in a waighty cafe : 
And fo at fundry moments rinifhed 

1 he ! md Body of Earth's glorious Head, | 


Admired Artin\Arci ic 

1 c rfe<aandpeer-lcfsinallW« 

£ thine 



F» 'tvptjfa. 


nfptR tfM*n % 

""I* *f GoJ t 
»uh(dt u wen) 

bid Buij^nd 
t ben hit re Aft* 






■ ■ 

■ + j* 

" ■ ■ 


v - ■ 




the U*b. 



tit lyi fulltf 
wkmt dJmird. 

The Sixt Dav 

To tS each Creature might < by confident ) 
Wympathizewithtoown Element. 

T^S to form thine Earthly fcniDcroiu , 
Kookefl Eard^nd by thy facred power 
So tempercdflit,thacofthe very fame 
ncadfiapclcfsiumpdidft >Atowbody frame : 
Ycr not his face down to the Eai th-ward bending 
( Like Beads that but regard their belly^endrng 
For ever all ) but toward th'azure Skyes 
Bright golden Lamps lifting his louely Eyes • 
That through their nerucs, his better part might look 
Still to that place from whence her birth /hetook. 

Alio thou plantedft th'lntelk&uall Pom 
In th'higheft ftagc of all this Irately Bowr, 
That thence it might (as from a Cirradeli ) 
Command the mem bers that too-oft rebel! 
Again/t his Rule : and that our Rcaion,thcre 
Keeping continuali Canjjfl^^jfaj^rjs^ic J 
Might AuariceJEnuyjani ridel due, 
Lult Gluttony ,Wrath,Sloath,and all their Crew 
Of factious Commons,thatftill fbiucto gainc 
The golden Scepter from their Soverain. 

Th'Eyes ( Bodic's guides ) arc fct for Sentinel 
In nobleft place of all this Cittadel, 
To fpy far-oft, that no mifs-hap befall 
At ynawares the facred Animal. 
In forming thefc thy hand ( fo famous held ) 
Seemed almoft to hauc it fclf cxcell'd, 
Them not tranfpcai cingjeait our eyes iliould be 

Y«fe if HCaV '" c h , r0U S h hoIlow Can «do fee, 
Yet fee fmal! circuit of the welkin bright, 

2d£n? compafs doth f0 clai P ** Sight : 

Th a? ? an y °P en holcs diferace 

^^vcishaucfotcndcrsSs ' 

Cnn ( f ? r ° Ugh a pailof fining ghflcs) 
^ P0mt of P«rcmg fplcndor paflgj 


Of The First VV 

That they would foon be quenched and put-out, 
Butthatthc Lord hath Bulwark them about 5 
By (eating fo their wondrous Orb,betwix 
The Front,thc Nofc,and the Vermillion Cheeks ; 
As in two Vallics plcafantly inclofcd 
With pretty Moanrains orderly difpofed. 
And x 'cnt-houfedoth prcferuc a Wall 
From Rain and Hail,and other Storms that fall : 
The twinkling Lids with their quick-trembling hair* 
Defend the Eyes from thoufand dang'rous fears. 
VVho fain would fee how much a human race 
A comly Nofc doth beautific and grace • 
Behould/f^r#»,who cut-off his Nofc 
For's Princes iakc,ro circumvent his foes. 
The Nofc,no left for vie then beauty makes . 
For, as a Conduit, it both giucs and takes 
( )ur lining breath : it's as a Pipe puf-vp, 
Whereby the moyfl Braii i's fpongy boan doth fup 

Svs t fmelling fumes : it ferticthas a gutter 
To voyd the Excrements of groflc/t matter - 
Ashy the Scull-feams, ami the Pory Skin 
Euaporate thofethat are light and thin : 
As through black C mne >fi) oktci /moa 

VVhich but Co vented would i HouThouJd choak. 

And,(Hi that Time doth witJ Cccrtt file 

Fret and diminifh each while ; 

And whatfbever hecr begins and ends, 
Wears every howrand it lubftancc fpends ; 

Th \ I. nighty made the Mouth to lccompcnce 
The Stomachs pcnfion,and the Times cxpcncc 
( Even asthe green Trecs,by their roots relume 
Sap 'or the fap,tlrat howrly thry confumc ) 
Aid plac't it fo,that alwa\ by the way, 

fent of meats the Nofc might take Etfay, 
The watchfullEv wight truediflinclion make 
'Tvvixt Herbs and Weeds,bctwixt an Eel and Snake $ 
AuJ rhenth'impartiall Tongue might (at the laft) 
C lure their odnesbyti r(a< ytafre. 
I .vo equal Iianks of O impale 

1 open Throat : which ( Quern-lie ) grinding fmal 
Th'im perfect food/oontothc Stomach fend-it 
(Our Maiflcr-Cook ) whole due concoctions mend-it. 
Bat leaf! ic Tccth,nakcd and bare to Light, 
Should i n the Face prefent a ghaftly fight 5 
With wondrous A mer that Mil! do meet 
rwomoouii C< rtandfweet. 

irli !bythcc,om i igeKIdc 
through way-Ids Woods **' 



Tfx Xtfi, 


Tie Jirt£us. 





V 1 ^ 


H J 

i ■ 

i 1 ,vJU I '* ■ 
■ t1 ■ 



I — F^ 

— M 


_ | 





Sixt Dat 

f When ncythcr TraM,Lo* e, ; 

Towns,and bent 

Wr 7 Si*&/ 

txprtf tuiphc 
nsftn o,' //jf 




X? W ! K t Sc rudeft Wits hauc learn* 

ftroik flames af&aing glorious men^ 

By thee,we wipe the tears of wof ull Eyes : 

Bv thee we fton the rtubborn mutinies 

K'-ebelhous Flcft 5 whofcrcft.Jds Treafon 

Srriues to dif-rhrone and to dil-iceptrc Rcaion. •. 

By rhee,our Soulcs with Heav'n hauc conucrfation. 

By thec,wc calm th'Almighncs indignation, 

When faithfull fighs from our foulcs centre fly 

About the bright Throne of his Maiefly. 

By thec,wc warble to the King of Kings ,- 

OurTongue's theBowe,our Teeth thetrembling String! 

Our hollow Noltriis (with their double vent) 

The hollow Belly of the Inftrumcnt ; 

Our Soulc's the fwect Mufician,thatplaycs] 

So divine leflbns,andfo Heav'nly leycs, 

As^in deep paflion of pure burning zeal, 

Jones forked Lightnings from his ringers ileal. 

ButO I what member hath more marvails in'f, 
Then th'Ears round- winding dou ble laby rinth t 
The Bodies Scouts,of founds the Cenfurcrs, 
Doors of the Soulc,and faithfull McfTengcrs 
Ofdiuinctrcafurcs,whenour gracious Lord 
Sends vs th'Embaflage of his iacrcd Word. 
And,flth all Sound feems alwaies to afcend, 
Codplac't the Ears ( where they might bed attend > 
As in two Turrcts,on thcbuildings ton 
Snailhng their hollow entries fo a'floap' 
That while the voyee about thofc windings wanders, 
The found might lengthen m thofc bowtfoWr/. 
As,f>om a trumpet, Windc hath longer life ' 

O r,from a Sagbur,thcn from flute or Fife • 
O r as a noyfc extendcth far and wide 
In winding Valcs,oi by the crooked fide 
Of crawling Riucrs , or with broken trouble 

Pcarcing dirctf the Organs of thi ^ r 
\frrn Stony-Stratlor^^ Huntingdon, 


Of The First V V 


By Rayall Amptill • rujbeth notfofwift, 
^is ourneer Kenncv. whofe Trowt-fsmotu Drift 
Pjom MarLborow/; Hunger ford doth hdjleii 
Through Ncvtbc\y,arjd PrtMc-%rjft Aldcrmailon, 

Her Siluer Nymphs ( dlmoji ) direttly Udding, 

Jo meet her 'JAifit efs ( thegrest Thames ) at Reading. 

Bur will my hands,in handling th'human Stature, 
Forget the Hands,thc handmaids vnto Nature^ 
Th'Almighty's Apes,thc Initrumcntsof Ar:s, 
The voluntary Champions of our hearts, 
Minde's Mini(tcrs,the Clarks of quick conceipts. 
And bodies victuallers, to pr-oidc it meats 1 

Will you the Knees and Elbow's fp rings omit, 
Which ferae th* whole Body byjtheir motions fit { 
For,as a Bowc,according as the firing, 
Isftirforilackjthc (hafts doth farther fling, 
Our Nerucsand Gnftlcsdiuerfly difpenfe, 
To th'human Frame, meet Motion, Might and Senfe 
Knirting the Bones,which be the Pillars firong 
Tic Beams and Rafters,whofe firm Ioynrs may long 
( Maugre Deaths malice,till our Maker calls ) 
Support the Fabrick ofthefc Hefhly Walls ". 
Can you conceal the Feets rare-ski II feature. 
The goodly Bafes of this glor cature i 

But,is't not time now,in his Inner Parrs, 
To feeth'Almiqhtie's ad rabfe Arts < 

Fit fr,with my Launcet (hall I make incifion, 
To fee the Cells of the twin Brains diuifion : 
The Treafurcr of ArtSjthe Source of Senfe : 
The Seat of Rcafon -, and the Fountain, whence 
Ourfinewesflowc : whom Natures prouidence 
Arrn'd with a helmc,whofe double lynings fence 
The Brain's cold moifiurerrom its boany Armor, 
Whofe hardnes clfc might hap tobruifcor harm-hcr 
A R eg i fire, where ( with a fecret touch ) 
The fiudious daily fom rare Knowledge couch 1 
0,how /hall I on learned Leaf forth-fet 
That curious Mazc,tha: admirable Net, 
Through whofe fine folds the fpirit doth ri md fall, 
Making its powrs ofyital^mmdll 
Euen as the Blood^nd Spirirs, wandering 
Through \\\q prepdringiteffeb crooVcd Ring, 
Arc m th< A inding courfc concoct and wroughr, 
And by degrees to fruitfull Seed arc brought. 
Shall I the \ I vn cquall (ides explain, 
Winch cquall poiz dorh equally fuftaine i 
}Vl»r.-rof,th one's fill'd with bloud,in th'other bides 

The virall Spirit which through die body Aide 



*Armt$ % 


Gnflltj j#H 

1 he Fat. 


th ilfdrt. 






■ p 

I I 

■ ■ 

i r - 

I » 

I I 




- f ^v_ 









jtn dp Sorb 

Si XT 

oSfflSdoo temper davapdnighr^ 
ESmergalcs wauing,with gentle parts, 
^foiling Meadows green and gaudy tuff, : 
Lifiht/pungy Fans,that euer rake and giue 
Th'a-thcrc.dl Air,whereby we breathe and line : 

BcUows,whofc bla/t ( breathing by certain pav s ) 
Aplcafintfoundtiiroughour/pcceh-Organs cauics ; 

Oi,JhalI I rip the Stomachs holiownels, 
That ready Cook concocting cucry Mcfs, 
Which in ihort time it cunningly conuerts 
Into pure Liquor fit to feed the parts • 
And thai the fame doth faithfully del luer 
Into the Port-vtin palling to the Liuer, 
Who turns it foonc to Blood ; and thence again 
Through brandung pipes of the great Hollow-vain^ 
Through all the members doth it duly f carter : 
Much ukc a Fountain,whofe diuided Water 
It fclfcdiipci Zing into hundred Brooks, 
Bathes ibj air Garden with her i . inding Crooks, 
For, as thefc Brooks, thus branching round about, 
Make hecr the Pink, there th' Aconite to /pi our, 
Hccr the iwcetPlum-tn lulbci) re, 

Hccr the lowc Vine, and there the lofty Pear, 
Heer the hard Almond. th< the render I • , 
Hccr bitter Worm-wood, the t-fme?lin \ pike 

Eucn fo the Blood ( bred ofgood nourishment) * 
By diucrs Pipes to all the Body fent, 
Turns hcer to Bones, there change iroNmics, 
i IccrismadeMa; , there for Mufcjcs fcrues 

Hccr Skin bccoms,there crooking Veins, thcrcFldL 

I o make our Limbs more forccfiill and rhOfefreft 

But, now me lift no neerer view to take 
Of ih' inward Pa, ts, winch God did fecret make, 
Norpullinpu >all the Human 1 rame : 

Iholcskilfull fonsof JEfcukpu 
^f' 5 ordccp//^&/ii: 
Orthdo nt and amhciall Writ 

riuhlcethmcinfom exprei 

E^^vu ty-fainedS on, 
Bwo ^truc/ r ^ , ltb m 


The First V V 


And finl/htlwith inimitable Art) 
The famous Image, I haue fung in part. 

Now, this more pcer-lefs learned Imager, 
Life to his loucly Piciure to confer, 
Did not cx:ra£r out of the Elements 
A certain fecret Chymick Quint-efTencc : 
But, breathing, fcnt as from the liucly Spring 
Of his Diuinenefs fom fmall Riucrling, 
It felf difperfmg into cucry pipe 
Of the frail Engin or this eaithen Type. 
Not/hat his own Selfs-Elfence blcft he brake, 
Or did his TrtpU-Vrnty partake ^T 
Vnto his Work • but, without Selfs-expence 
Tnfpii'd it richly with rare excellence : 
And by his powr fo fprcd his Rais thereon, 
That eucn as yet appears a portion 
Of that pure luftrc ot Cceleftiall Lieht 
Wherwith at firfl: it was adorn'dand dight. 

This AiUm'sfy'mt did from that Spirit dcri «e 
Which made tiie World : yet did not thence depnuc 
Of Gods Sclf-fubftance any part at all ; 
As in the Courfe of Nature doth befall, 
That from the EiTenccof an Earthly Father, 
An Emhly Son ciTentiall parts doth gather : 
Orasin Spring-time from one fappy twig 
Ther fprours another confubftantiall fprig. 

In brief, it 's buta breath. Now, though the breath 
Out of our Stomachs concaue irTueth j 
Yet, of our fubrtance it tranfporteth nought: 
Onely it fecmeth to be limply fraught 
And ro retain the purer qualities ^ 
Ofth' inward place whence it deriued is. 

Infpired by that Breath, this Breath defire 
I to defcribc. Whofodoth not admire 
His fpirit, is fprightlefs • and his fenfe is oafl, 
Who hath no fenfe of that admired Blaft. 
Yec wot I well, that as the Ey perceiucs 
All but it felf, even fo our Soulc conceiues 
All faue her own fclfs-Eflence ; but, the end 
Of her own greatnes cannot comprehend. 
Yet as a found Ey, void of vicious matter, 
Sees ( in a fort) it felf in Glafsor Water : 
So, in her facrcd Works (as in a Glafs) 
Our Soule ( almoft ) may fee her glorious face. 

The boiftrous Winde, that rents with roaring Wafts 
The lofty Pines, and to the Welkin cafts 
Millions of Mountains from the watery World 
And proudeft Turrets to the ground hath whurld : 


0/ the Ivtdtton 

Of bet F.t]tntt 

' nixnex ;r U 

Dwt rs Sffulrs. 

I Qiihiiuciltru 

h#wt bcrfi 

; rtfmt t* thst 







•plcafingfamcthnrfragnintKo^ l : 

Til' accorded Difcords, that arc i war ly fa* 
From tb'Iuoiy ribs of Tom iarelnftmmcnc. 

Cannot be fecn : but he may well be laid 
1 Of Flefli, and tars, and Nofcintirely void, 
Who dorh not feel, nor hear, nor fmell ( the powrs ) 
i The fl k, found, fent . of ftorms, of firings, of flowis. 
| AMiough our SouJe 's pure fub/rance, to our fight 
££S* ! Be not fubieSed . yet her motion light 

«ai And r i c h difcourie ,1 efficient proofs do giue, 
We haue more fbule than to fuffizero Hue - y 
ASoulediuine. pure, facred, admirable, 
Immortall, end-lcfs, fimple, vnpalpable. 

For, whether that the Souk i the Mint of Art ) 
Bcallinali,oraIIineuerypart: ™ 

Whether the Brain or Heart doo lodge the SouIr 3 
O Scnea, where, where could'ft thou enroule 
Thole many hundred words ( in Profcor Verfe) 
Which at firft hearing thoo could'ftback reheffe Z 
Where could great Cjrutthat great Table {hut 
Wherein the Pictures and thenames he put 
Of aJJ the Souldiers, that by thonfands wandci'd 

Arrcr thefortuncs of his nous Standard 1 

In what deep vcllell did xh') baTTa? 
OiPyrrbut ( whom the VelphUn Orack -r 

Dchidcd by his double-meaning M rifures) 
Into what Ci/tcrns did he pour thofe Treasures 
Of learned (lore, which after ( for his vfe\ 
In time and place, he could Co ft produce' 
The Memory,is th' Kycs true Rafter * 

7/jc Urn *fs be 



■r effxeellnu 

The 1 fants Book, Times wealthy Treaforcr 


" , *^ * ""V* wcaitny Tie; 
keep*, Records of Arts and Accidents 
Sjncefirftthe Lord the W n rUc.:„.™C 


SS33S SS™3f '• 

And 4, " W ::° f a good Memory, 
Fo «-&esthc Future , Jn al K 


O F T H E I I 



HE K. 


In a dai k Toomb • Yet at one flight (lie flies 
YiomCdlpet Imam, from rheEaith to Hies • 

• Much fwifter then the Chariorofthe Sun, 
1 Wnich in a Day about the Woi Id doth run. 

I < >r, fomtimes, leaving thefe bafe /limy heaps, 

With cheerfull fpringaboue the Clouds /he leaps, 
Glides through the Aire, and there /he learns to knowc 
Th' Originals of Windc, and Hail, and Snowc, 
( )1 Lightning, Thunder, Blazing-Stars and ftorms, 
Of Rain and Ice, and ftrange Exhaled Forms. 

By th' Aires Acep-ftairs, (he boldly climbs aloft 
To the Worlds Chambers ; Heav'n flic viflts oft, 
Stage after Stage : /he mark ah all the Sphcars, 

And all th' harmonious, various courfc of theirs : 
With fure account, and cerrain Compares, 
She counts their Stars, /lie meres their diftanccs 
And diflfering pafes h and, as if (lie found 
K ubieclrair enough in all this Round, 
She mounts aboue the Worlds extrcamc/t Wall. 

ir, far beyond all things corporeal! • 
Where /lie beholds her Maker, face :o race, 
(His frowns oflufiice, and his {miles of Grace) 
The faithfull zeal, thccha/UMtfjbKfe. 
And facred Pomp oi 

Look (if thou caniT) from Eaft to Occident, * 

From ijlandto the Moors hot ( ontincnr« 
And thou /halt nought perfectly faiibehould, 
But Pernor Pencill, Graving-tool, or Mould, 

Hath, fb refemWcd, that fcarcc can our ey 

ThcCount( at from the true thing defer)-. 
The brazen Marc that famous Myron call, 

Whirl) Stations leapt, and fbraMarc imbrac't i 

Theliuely picture ot tliat ramping Vibe 
Which whilom Zcuxislm > rarely I 

That /hoals of Birds, beguiled by I , 

PecktattheTabIe,asatv ipes: 

The Marble Srar , that with ftra «.*# fTrc 
ondly lam'd th' AtbenUn Youthsdc/ii 

^sfpelles Venus, which allur'd il-ncer 
As many Loucs, a-> / enusfdfe had heer ; 

Are proofs enow that learned Pamtii can, 

Can (Goddefs-like) another Nature frame. 

t th' Art of Man, not oncly can com pack 
Peati andforms that life and Motion lack; 
Bur alio fill rhc Aire with} l/hoals 

Of' ngC itu: (A 

What can be hard t loath- fh 
Spurr'd withdc/IrcofT 


thc5$kUt (o 

Of fame J,ch- 

more t !#n hu - 

mdru mkcntmn 


Of (Urum^doU 



i js Dquc. 

J*./' > 

'* w I 



<je Montc-Rc- 



The SjXtJ^ 

„***, mad" ^"^corded Heights 

'or fun Ay little wag 

And counterpoize^-" < Eadc mention 

Follow* him clofe vnto the C^'^te 
Of AJwurfw • "'horn aU the Showcs of Mace 
£ iTangd with Arras, Arches cunous budr, 
Loud-thundVing Canons, Columns nchly gilt, 
Gray-headed Senate, and Youth's gallanr.fe, 
Grac't not fo much, as 

Fcafted fomc friends that he eftcemed great, 
From vnder's hand an iron Fly flew out; 
Which having flowen a perfeS Round-about, 
Wi .vcary winjs, remind vnto her Matter, 
A lici< )onhisarmc(hepIac't-hcr. 

O divine wit .' tl at in th?narrow womb 
Of a iinall I ly, could de fufficient room 
F. II thole Springs, whet h, coumerpoiz, and chains, 
Which Hood in ftcad of lite, and fpur, and rains. 
Yea, you your fclucs, y c bright Cclcftiall Orbs, 
Although no flop your reft Tefs Dance difturbs, 
Nor ftayes your Courfe • yet can ye not efcape 
The hands of men that are but men in fliapc. 
A Perfim Monarch, not content, well-nigh 

WiththeEarthsboundstoboundhisEmpcry : 
To raign in Hcav'n, rais'd notwith bold defiance 
(Like braving Nimred, or thofeboiftcrous Gyms) 
Another Bdtl, or a heap of Hilt : 
But, without moving from the Eanh,hc builds 
A Hcav'n of Glafs, fo huge, that thereupon 
Somtimes creeping hisambirions Throne, 
Beneath his proud feet (lik-ca God) he faw™ Lamps of th' other Hcav'n, to draw 
Downtothe D,< t and thcnccapinc advance 

Vt 1 aS, r ' °,T SH thcir 8°' dcn Uadi ™« : 
(.aaoc Greatncfs) worthy offo great a Prince 
nS ;iT UW ^ ink ' that mo ' "^could mould 

Wnhc fta kwIL " rS 'r h0( i-" rli: -»»*s.hould 
Mark.hctm^' nd ' n ° 5 -' l ' »8l>con(, vvaics, 

. tmc lno "nds of Years, and Months, and Dayes i 



J H 


I R 5 T 


E E K. 

ly ct 't isa ftoryi hat ha h oft been heard 
And by grauc Witncis hundred times averr'd 
T hat, that pi ofound Brureus, who ofyorc ' 
(As fclfly arm'd with thoufand hands and more) 
Mai. itain'd io long the Syracufian Tows 
'G.iinftgreat Marcellue and his Raman Powrs : 
\ o m 'd his foes Fleet with a wondrous dafs i 
Whoh cftVelTels that did ever pais 

The Turben S cas, turn'd v. 1 h his onely hand 

From S hoar to Sea, and from the Sea to La^d : 
Framed a Spbear, where every Wandrm? Light, 
Of lower Hcav'nsand rh* vpper Taper s ^ bright, 

Whofegliftring flames ; the Firmament adornJ 

Did (of themfelues) with ruled motion turn.' 
Nor may we fmothcr, or forget (mgrately) 
The Hcav'n of . silver, that was rent (but lately) 

rom Ferdmando (as a famous Work) 
\ nto Bizantium to the Greatcft T ink : 

Wherein, a fpirit, Hill moving to and fro, 
Made all the Eh gin orderly to go: 
And though th' one Sphear did alwaics flowcly did 
And Coppofitc) the other fwifrly glide • 

Yet frill their Stars kept all th oarfcs 

iththctrueCourfesoftl »f Hcav'n. 

The Sun, there fliifti. 

H . . ni igHoufl 

His pointed I >ath : there, in a Month, his Sifter 
Fulhll'd her courfe, a id changufcoft herluftrc 
And m of Face (now larger, feller foon) 
rollow'd tl e Changes of the other Moon. 

C ) complcat Creature J who the ftarry Sphears 
Canll make to moue, who 'boue t he Hcav'nly I 
£• d'fl thy pow-, who cuideft with thy hand 

|h Day's bright Chariot, and the nightly Brand : 

I his curious Luff to imitate the beff 

And fairefl Works of the Almighti 

£ cfic6s bears record of thy I aqe 

And h: (cent; and that his I [mage 

)y" ln r tl henfirftl 

c Ipring of life) didin thy limms infpi re-it. 

" Beaut i s are paftall compare • 

Souleall beautifull and fair. 
^ s,1( ' cnmortali s and is nevct idle : 
1 ']>' s ' immortall ; and can brook no bridle 

'fhMth,tocurbherbulieIntcIl : 

7 c P° t nd< allj thou peizeft eacl ffrt 



im tyke*?. 

if* ttrgum cf 

tlx Ernprnr 

Ferdinand to 
Soiyman tht 

fhu tiff) 
Pdt<rn % toht€h 


; ru y mature and fettled Sanienc 

"«n lorn allian. with his Prouid, 

O i 



I * 



*<~ I 


■ ■ 

M of :'*(*<&■ 
ttofltt u:t dura 

ExctUm cm* 


Sixt Dait 

Of fir Crf*** 




Ofttf Hcav nly ^*£2 great Vicar hccr : 
Hcc 's great **J^5 ^ vicc _R y deer. 

r F °? l^ndshcpu ^is Monarchy; 

Not canccird fo the Chancer dnnne 

Butfithour Soulesnow-iln-obfcured Light 
Shincsthrough the Lanthorn of our Flcfh fo bn 
What facrcd fpiendor will this Star lend torch, 
When it (hall fhinc without this vail of Earth i 
The Soulc,hecr lodg'd, is like a man that dvvels 
In an ill Aire, annoy'd with noyfom finds s 
In an old Houfe, open towinde and weather ; 
Never in Health, not half an houre together : 
Or (almofty like a Spider, who conhn'd 
In her Webs centre, fhak't with every winde * 
Moucs in an inftant, if the buzzing Flic 
Stir but a firing of her Lawn Canapic. 

You that hauc feen within this ample Table* 
Amongfo many Modules admirable, 
Th' admired beauties of the King of Creature's, 
Com, com and fee the Womans rapting features : 
Without whom (hccr) Man were but half a man, 
But a wildc Wolfe, but a Barbarian, 
Brute, ragefull, fierce, moody, mclancholike, 
Hating the Light ; whom nought but naught could like 
Born folcly for himfelfe, bereft of fenfc, 

Ofhearr,oflouc, of life, of excellence. 
God therefore, not to feem lefs liberall 
To Man, then clfe to every animall . 
For perfect patcrn of a holy Louc, ' 
To yt<Lms half another half hegauc, 

ir ?, ? h , ls fidc > t0 bindc (trough every Age) 
With kinder bonds the facrcd Manage. 

cf°" * a S™%^ minding off-to-cut 
Som-curelcfs limb . before in vre he put 
His violent Engins on the vitious member, 

t q Z l l Cfs u ^ ( l uidcd b V vfc *>* An) 
T o Luc the whole, gwes off i h' infecled part : 

Of The First Week. 

So, Godcmpal'd our Grandfircs liucly look, 
Through all his bones a deadly chilncfs ftrook, 
SieTd-vp his fparkling eyes with Iron bands, 
Led down his feet (almoft) to Lethe Sands 5 
In briefe, fo numm'd his Soulc's and Body's CcnCc y 
X hat (without pain) opening his fide, from thence 
Hcc tookc a rib, which rarely He rcfin'd, 
And thereof made the Mo* her of Mankind : 
(,!.imgfo liucly on the living Bone 
All Adms beauties ; that, but hardly, one 
Could hauc the Lover from his Louc defcry'd, 
Or known the Bridegroom from his gentle Bride :' 
Sailing that (he had a more fmiling Ey, 
A fmoothcr Chin, a Checkof purer Dy, 
A fainter voycc,a more int icing Face, 
A Deeper Trcfs, a more delighting Grace, 
And m her bofom (more then Lime-white) 
Two fwclling Mounts of Ivory, panting light. 

Now, after this profound and plcafing Tranfe, 
No fooner ^Ad&m$ rauifht eyes did glance 
On the rare beauties of his new-come Half, 
But in his heart he gan to leap and laugh, 

Kitting her kindly, calling her Jus Life . 
His Louc, his Srav,nfsRcfl W< bis Wife, 
Hisothc; Sclfe, his Help (iumrori 
1 »onc of his Bone, Flcfh of his ry Fid 
Source of all ioyes ! fwect /fo-s/;tt-CoupIcd-One. 

Thy facrcd Biith I never think vpon, 

ut (rauifht) I admire how God did then 
Make Two of One, and One of Two again. 

O blcflcd Bond I O happy Marriage I 
Which dooft the match twixt Chrift and vs prcfigc I 

O chaftcft fricndfliip, whofe pure flames impart 
Two Soules in one, two Hearts into one Hart I 

) holy knot, in Jiwrinftitutcd 

Nor in this 1 arth with blood and wrongs polluted, 
Profan d with mifchiefs, tlic Pi >ca?nc of Hell 

To cut fid Creatures chat 'gainft I 1) 

crcdCo\ nt, which the fin-lcfs Son 
►fa pure Virgin (when he haft begun 
To pnblifh proofs of his di • wr Dining 

tin ning Water into perfect Wine, 
At leflcr Cana) in a wondrous manner 
1 >' i i with hisprefence Ian icand honour ! 

y thy dec; iour, after our I >cccaic, 
Vt behinde our liuing Images, 

( Change War to Peace, in kind rtd multiply, 

"d in our Children hue eternally. 

O $ 


Their tfAmge. 

Tiff if Ffithdld- 
mie i QryfitudsM 



0f bUfHtg* 


^ # *T 


duce mmjinm 

JrtfM wtibiHt 

; r „ f ;M.-»-md wanton Fires, 

That in our Souk the /**» fi ^ eantJ firtff 
And ought (by thee) a Jouc « 

Whkhhcc -"^^ias and ftrif c. 
E Th°T'c ^ ■ Lordcornmandsthehappy 1'a.r 


TlKnceTonh therefore, B ars Bears: endered; 
ThcDolp:nns,DoIp!uns ; Vult.:rs 5 VuhL-r,bred; 

Men, Men : and Nature with a change-Ids Courfc, 

Though lince indeed, as (when the fire hath mixt-tnem) 

The yellow Gold and Silver pale betwixt them 

Another Mctall (like to neither) make, 

Which yet of cithers riches doth partake : 

So, of, two Creatures of a diuers kinde, 

A 2a i • .ft the common courie through All aflign'd, 

Confounding their I u ft- burning feeds together, 

Begcr aji Elf, noi like in all to cither, j* 

But (baftardMongrell) bearing marks apparent 

Of i iglcd members, ta'cn from cither Parent. 

God, not contented, to each Kindeto giue 
And to infufcthc Vcrtuc Generatiue, 
Made (by his Wifdom) many Creatures breed 

Of liuc-lcfs bodies, without Venus deed. 

So, the colde humour breeds the Salamander , 
Who (in cfttcT) like to her births Commander 
With childe with hundred Winters, with her touch 
Quencheththe I i'c though glowingnc'rfo muclu 

So,ofthclireinbur g furnace, fprings 
The Hy Pyuufla with the flaming Wings : 

WithoucthcFire,kdies; within ir, ioyes - 

Living in that, which each thing clfe deftroyes. 
So^owcBflt^iVTidcTncathl es 

w! h 'c y 7 ft n h ,° fc G ° llln ? s lutclu °n>e« 5 
Whofcfrmtfullleaue- ro the Water, 

No> rotten fides of broken i 

To Esrnaclis . O Transformation ft 

ange ! 

1 ^f^T^thena HarftHull, ' 

i 1 ulhrom,now a flying Gull. 



The Arc v m e n t. 

In fatredWcft, vpoo This fa c red Day 

lb' Etermlldotb bisoloriotts Woi Vsjuruay: 
Uit inly Powr and Providence per/euer 
7 '' 'vphoU, mdintaitt^anJ rule [be W odd/or euer: 
2/augre Mens malnc and H .tt» rncod y 
God turneth all ti * h&fflWJ osd : 

.Sabbaths; / •vjejjromali \ teaafa 

Toy ray (not p. 'ar; 

Inih'i;c"tions drawn from deadana listing tl ings^ 
i^dndfor our felttes, jor all Estates \for Kings. 

1 fc cunning Pa:nter y that with curious care. 

Limning a Land-fcape, various, rich, and ran 
I lath let a- work, in all and every r, 
Invention, Iud nenc, Nature, A md Art • 
\\ And hath at length (fimmortali hisnamcj 

With weary Pencil! perfected the lame j 

Foi s his pains ; and, inly fill'd with. 
Still on his Pi&ure gazetl 

Firft a Mead he marks <b. 

Which teems (though dumb) to bleat vnto the Dam : 

Then he obi Wood mingtowauc: 

Then rh* hollow bolbm of fom hideous Caue : 
H i- way. and there a narrow Path,: 

J leer Pin there ( >akstom bytempeftuous wrath 

, Heer from a ( Rocks ftccp-han ging b« 

(Thnimm'd halTewith Iuy,halfe with >loJ 

! A filuer J k in \ ken ft reams dot 
And head-long downthc hoi iliifd truflg 


By -w rxrtlLnt 

ioniiuuJt of 4 

A-nltr Otl'^b- 
d wnb tine 

fit!" °f 4 f * r »* 

■uQttdt cur 



hi n * 
lure) ib*t dU 
At be 





w w* 

'- - 


Utmftdtts m 




A goodly Garden '^Ta iox-Trccftri.ikmg) 
^ rc , oUis knee (be nd^ »o vink 

Levels dircftlya"^ n aCulucrscry» 
STm! cSS the Toueh-pan 

Down fills the >-o"> V .. 

?°7tv rtXte in a moment dies. . 

A ru ddy W& «* ,, thc Forrc ft n 



A hr.rfe rrcdf 
fiderdtmm of the 

t irWr if* , W 
+*r*tj y Mofcs 


£Z>es he Gun, and through the Forrenn, 

ah2te,and headend hands and all dogoc) 

Sc r ivdt in fwcat ; and yet the following Rout 
Snsthcirhaftcwirhmanyachccrh 1 l!) 1 out. 

Hcer, fix pyed Oxen, vndcr painfull yoak. 
Rip v P thc folds of Ceres Winter Cloak. 
Hcer in thc made, a pretty Shcperdefs 
Driucs foftly home her bleating happmcls : 
Still as (he socs, flic fpins • and as flic fpins, 
A man would think fom Sonnet (he begins. 
Hcer runs a R i ver, there fprings fonh a Fountain. 
Hccrvalcsa Valley, there aicends a Mountain, 
Hcer (mokes a Cattle, there a Ciric fumes, 
And hcer a Ship vpon th' Ocean looms. ^ 
In brief, fo liueiy, Art hath Nature fh ap't, 
That in his Work thc Work-mans fclfc is rapt, 
Vnablc to look off • for, looking ft ill, 
The more he looks, thc more he findes h is skill : 

So th' Architect (whofc glorious Workmanfliips 
My cloudy Mufcdoth but too-much eclipfc) 
Having with pain-left pain, and care-left care, 
In thefc Six D*w, finiflit the Tabic fair 
And infinite of tW pniuerfalL Ball, 
Rcftcth7 his Day, t' admire himfclfc in All : 
And for a feafon eying nothing els, 
loves in his Work, fith all his Work excels 
(It my dull, ftutting, frozen eloquence 
May dare conicOurc of his high Intents). 

One while, hec fees how th' ample Sea doth take 
The Liquid homage of each other Lake • 
And how again thc Hcav'ns exhale, from it, 
Aboundant vapours (for our benefit)* 
And yet it fwcls not for thofe tribute ftrcams, 
Nor yet it fhrinks not for thofe boy Ung beams. 
There fees he th' Ocean-peoples plcnrious broods, 
And uniting Courfcs of thc Ebbsand 1 loods • 





H E 




Which with inconftant glaunces night and day 
The lower Planers forked front doth /way. 
A n , vpon thc Howry Plains he looks, 
Lacedabout with making filucr brooks. 

Now, he delights to fee foure Brcthrcns ftrifc 
Caofethc Worlds peace, and keep the World in life : 
Anon, to fee thc whirling Sphcars to roule 
In idtlcls Dances about cithci Pole 3. 

Whereby, their C reflets (carried diuers waies ) 

Kow vilit vs, anon th' Antipodes, 
Ic glads him now to note, how th' Orb of Flame, 
Which girts this Globe, doth not enfirerhc Frame : 
\ low th' Airs glib-gliding fiimlcftbody bears 

i ftorc of Fowls, Hail-ftorms, and Floods of tears : 
I low th' heany Water, pronclt to defcend, 
(•' T wixt Air and Earth is able to depend : 
And how the dull Earth's prop-left maific Ball 
Stands fteddy ftill, iufl: in thc midft of All. 

Anon his nofc is pleas'd with fragrant lents 
Of Balm and Bail! I, Myrrh and Frankincenfe, 
J hyme, Spiknard, HyiTbp, Sauory, Cinnamon, 
Pink, Violet, Rofc, and Cloue-Carnation. 

non, his car s charmd with the mcj 

Twinged Conforts curious HI 
I or, though each bird, guided with art-Ids Art, 
\ftcr his kinde, obferuc a long a-parr, 
JYet thc fole burden of their fcuerall Laycs 
Is nothing but the Hcav'n-Kings glorious prayfe. 
Ii briefc,th* Almightie s#, and noje^ and edr y 
11 his works, doth nought fee.ftxt, or hur 
But /hives his grcamc(s,/i«wj of his grace, 
And founds his glory over every place. 
But aboucall, Mans many bcautious features 
1 >ctainc thc Lord more then all other Creatures : 
Man s his own Minion^ Man's his (acred Type: 
And for Man's fake, he loucs his Workmanlhip. 

Not that 1 mean to fain an idle God, 
That lusls in I -leav'n and never looks abroad, 
Thar Crowns not Vcrtuc,and coi &S not Vice, 
' HindetO our lei nice, deafevnto ourilghs- 

A I' nIdoll,voidofpowrandpietie, 

flccpine Dormoufc (rath ) a dead Deitie. 

1 <»r though (alas!) fomtimes I cannot (hun, 

But (bme profane thoughts in my mindc will run, 

I never think on < d, but I concciuc 

nee cordiall comforts Chriftian foulcs rccciiic) 

[n God, Care, Counftil, Inlhcc, Mercy, Might, 
To punilh wrongs, and patronize their right ; 



Of the Pw*- 


r* *- 

i ■■ 




% i 









■n % fl><nt ^U» 

f bmt **J 

tbtir B<tui£ 

t* dre 

Qrduunc And 
p >**rkf*e 

The Seventh 


A Y 

or life's pure 

(Not(hunnin.-:he^^un^ut r uuw,. l .... v 

ImagincditaGodfopcrfi -ltis, 

In V\ Iciying, whom thy words piofefs. 

God is noditring (like fomc Earthly State; 
In proud Theatre, him to recreate 
With curious Obiccrsof his ears and eyes 
(Without difpofnig of the ComcedR -) 
Content t' haucmadc (by his great Word; tomoue 
Romany radiant Stars as mineabolie ; 
And on each thing with his own hand to draw 
The facred Text of an eternal! Law : 

With t cans at will, whether that Law mall guide* 
Like one that having lately forc't Com Lake, 
Through lome new Uiai k. 11 a new Courie to rake, 
Takes no more care thence- fori h to thofe effects, 
But lets the Stream run where his Ditch dire&s. 

The Lord our God wants neither Diligence, 
Nor Love, nor Care, nor Powr, nor Providence. 
He prov'd his Pov , by MA-mgAll of nought t 
His Diligence, by Kuitng Mil :0 ug 
H is Care, by Ending i ix 1 fpace : 

HisLouc,in Buildt^ it *4uwKace : 

His Providence (mauere Tin, cs waitefull ra^cs) 
Prcfermnz it fo many Years and Ages. 

i 01 ! how often had this goodly Ball 
By his own Grcatneft caus'd his proper Fall > 
flow often had thfs W leccaft, except ' 
Gods mighty arms had it vphcld and kept i 

God is rhc foule, the life, the ftrength, and fane* 

God 3S SS2 " S *«V G,ob « vpholders. 

ThcDaicsan NigScr^ 

The afons in tlidr >W u \ nccih ^V ' 

God makesth' Earth fruitfuKj 
^gcioignesnotyetSnM r f" hcE ^ h ' s 


Of The First Week, 

And thai their fparkling beams prevent not foj 

yVith wofuJl flames rhe/^jfif great ZXyofwo : 

Ar.d i hat (as mov'd with a contrary wrcft) 

1 1 urn ar-oncc both North, and Eaft,and Weft: 

Heav'ns con I tarn courfe, his he aft doth never break : 

I The fl< Water waiteth a- his beck : 

-j-j,- Air'sat his Call, the Fire at his Command, 
The Faith is His : and there is nothing fand 
In all the i < K ingdoms, but is mov'd each howr 
\V' li fecrrt touch of his ccernall Powr. 

God is the Iudgc, who keeps continual! SefTions, 
In every place to punilh all Tranfgrcffions 5 

Who, voyd of Ignorance and Avarice, 

Not won with Bribes, nor wrdted with Device, 
Sms Fear, or Favour ■ hate, or partxall zeal ; 
Pronounceth Iudgemcnts that are pafl appeal. 
Himfelfe is Iudge, Iury, and Witnefs too, ' 
Well knowing what we all think, f peak, ordoo : 
He ibunds the decpeft of the doubled hart, 
Seai -cheth rhc Reins, and firrcrh every part : 
Hce fees all fecrets, and his Lynx like ey 
(Ycr it be though:) doth every thought defcry: 

His Sentence given, never re; \ 
For, all that Hcav'n, Earo^W >nrain, 

Seme him as Sergeants : end t jed Legions, 

That foarabbuc the bright v \ led Region?. 

Arc ever preft, his powr ft 11 Minifters : 
And (laftly) for his Executioners, 
Sathan,aflifted withth' infernall band, 
Stands ready ftill to fTnifli his Command. 

God (tobebricfe) is a good Aitizan 
That to his purpofe aptly manage can 
Good o; had Tools • for, for iuft punifhment, 
He arms our fins vs finncrs to torment : 
And ro prevent th' vngodly 's plot, fomtimc 
He makes his foes (will-nill-thcy) fight for him. 

Yet trueit is, that humane things ; m) Aide 
Vnbridledlv with fo vnccrtain tide, 
That in the ( )cean of Events fo mai 
Somtimcs Gods Iudgemcnts arc fcarce fcen ofany i 
Ratheritfeem that giddy ,Frfr/tf#fguideth 
All that beneath the hlvcr Moon bctideth. 
Vet,arrthouc riuft(0 God) though I 
•*nnot(a] nhy Iudgemcnts depth defcry: 

tywit 'stoofhal r the Icaft Dcfignc 

Ofthyd JCounfiil fccred, and divine: 
And thy leaft-fecn ts, I confefs 

Too deep for vs, without thy S addreis. 



4. Cod it the 

W*r' % d\ lutwt* 
dli CrfAtuns 
y$Ut Crny 


T(a Jx nuhrb 

familx m* k 

bis wfl fume ti 


0*A* . 



;>^ ivv^u^v 




i i 


furth . "" 

4.U Gen. j o,*« 

htfhrmith ma- 


M»br*X: mi 
t4M t$thit 

The Seventh 

+ lb times the 
"nix* •/ Sdtm 

mews, /• Us 

the £-4 If hilt 



Thou maVft ^V L0 1 h cScand reafon. 

To haue been done « "Mrfta f0 fdi rhcir brother, 

Thy 2J?ilt rough fuch rare hap, it chan ccd 
In He is defers endeuours to make: >d) 

£Sh" his envious bi cducn s » -us drift, 

u n he Stern olMempb** Sta *d J 

J* 1*5* ** againft (chen) time to com. 

When thy ftron* arm, which plagues tlic Reprobate, 
The World and W*w did cxtcrmi c, 
With flood and flame : becauie there bued then 
Some fmall rcmaines of good and i ltWms men, 
Thou fccm'di nuft.burv. nthoufaucdftZ* 
From Fire, from Water Nt*h and his Boat, 

Twas plainly feen,thy luftice ftands propitious 

To - rnnoccnt,and fmiteth bur the vitious. 
He mk-s again ft the ftwmrtg Sun, 

That fee's not Phsnt^dsz mean begun 
>r th'/frwrir/good • and that his h^rdned hart 

noothedth tiKiiioOjv depart: 

To th' end the Lord, when T\ oryeeld, 

Miaht for his Gl finde the larger field. 

Who fees not alfo, that th* vniuft Decree 
Of a proud Iudge, and Judas treachery, 
The Peoples fury, and the Prclats gall, 
Serv'd all as organs to repair the Fall 
OfndtBsold Prince, whofc luxurious pride 
Made on his feed his fin for eutr Aide * 

Th' Almighties Care, doth diuertly difperfc 
Ore all the parts of all Vnivcrf 
But moreprccifclv, hi? widi ings protect 
The race of jtd*m, chiefly his hlcfl. 
Fowehewatcheth for Children choice 

He count their han heir fteps he meafurcth 
Ffandlesthnrhands,andft)C3WTl,,vi,i i • J/ , 
DweJs in then heart , a Km '■ ™ *"** ' 

Ofwatchfu,IAn g els;o,,„Lrut;i"r T 
But heer, what hear I'Faith-leR r, ' 

Of The First Week. 

-""TnTTicerieucs me, and I am amaz' I 

But hofc whofc faith, like glittering Stars haue blaz'ci 

VZ in our darkeft nights, fhould fo obicft 
A V Jainftadoarineoffofweetefrea, 

R?caufc (alas !) with weeping eyes they Ice 

55 vn crodly-moft in moft Prof pcritic, 

riothcJ in Purple, crown'd with Diadem s 

rjjlina bright Scepters, hoarding Gold and Gems, 

r -ouchf-to, and courted with all urhaion, 

As priuilcdgcd by the Heav'ns protection . 

So that, their goods, their honours, their delights 

Exccll their hopes, exceed their appetites : 

And (oppofite) the godly (in the ftorms 

Of this Worlds Sea) toft in continual! harms : 

In Eai th, lefs reft then Rwifm they findc, 

Gods heauy Rods ftall hanging them behmde : 

Them, (hame. and blame, trouble and lofs purines 5 

As (hadows bodies, and as night the deawes. 

Peace, peace, deer friends : I hope to canccll quite 
This profane thought from your vnfcttlcd Sp'rit. 
Knowe then, that God (to th' end he be not thought 
A powr-lcfs Iudge) hcei plagueth many a faulty 
Andmary a fault lcaues hcer vnpuni/hed. 
That men may alfo his laftindgrocm dread. 
Onth'othci iidc, note that the Croflc becomes 

A Ladder leading to Hcav'ns glorious fl 

A Royall Path, the Heav'nly Milkenvray, 
Which doth the Saints to loues high Court convay 
! fee you nor, how that a Father grauc, 
Curbing his Son much ftiortcrthen his Slauc, 
Doth th' one but rare, the orher rife reproue, 
Th'onc but for lucre, th' other all for louc i 
As skilf ull Quii ry, that commands the Stable 
Of fome great Prince, or Perfon honourable, 
Giues oftcft to that Horfe the teaching Spur, 
Which he findes fittcft for the vfeofWar. 

A painfull School-mafter,that hath m hand 

To inftitute the flowr of all a Land, 

Giues longeft LeiTons vnto thofc, where \ icav n 

The ableft wits and apteft wills hath 

Anda wife Chieftain ncucitrtiftsthcwaight 

Of th' execution of a brauc Exploit, 

But vnto thofc whom he moft honourcth, 

For often proof of their firm force and faith : 
Such fends he firft t aftauli his eager toc> • 
Su ch 'gainft the Canon on a Breach beftowes 1 
^uch he commands naked to feale a fort, 

And with final! number to re-gain a Port. 


six jrO/ftrify 0/ 

The fan i,r 

Hit .. 


» tlx ,r*. 



' + 











rehears his Dear, from birth to biiriall, 


And by the touch ro try thar Con! cy 

T*7rauelIchecr'J ^tl.-iniino.-tal IPnzc. 

A pood Phyfician, tliar Arts excellence 
Can hcJp with prance and expeaence, 
Applies dikTcc:Iy alibis^ 
Vnto the natureor each fell-difenJe - 9 
Curing this Pariem with a bttrer Potion, 
That, with Ariel Diet, th* other with a Lotion, 
And fomtimecuttetboffa legorarm, 

harp! Ivcct) to faue the whole from harm : 
( Eucn Co i Lord (according to th' il! humou s 
That vex his mo/r-Saints wit >ulc-tainting rumours) 

• loBKimesExil imtimeslingrmg Languor, 
Somtimcs Dishonour, fomtimes pining Hunger, 

imes long Law-funs, fbmrin Lofsofgood, 

a Guides death, or a Widowhood : 
Butay h : houldetb, For t he good of H is, 
In one hand Rods • in th' other, K emcdics. 

The Souldier,flugginglong nr home in Peace, 
I Hi >urag uickly uoch decrea 

rheruftdothfrctthcbladehangdv ?rrcft: 
The Moarh do: h eat the garment in the Clicft : 

■ L _n ■ a ^& ^k ^B ^^% A M ^_ 



i nciianainewatei 
And Venue 
All that is fai m~ -v 

totrauail.So lvin( j c 

1 ^nillistoft.tlK-FircandWPterrcnd, 
I his mil to mount s th euertod. tid: 
Thefp pright-lefsi ant difcourfe 

■«< i r with ; ;Laur ^ 

> revenue goo. ><j a n 



The First VV 


g c j s the fame, is fclfly, limply, had 

And held indifferent, neither good nor bad. 

L c t envious Fortune all her forces wage 

AgainAa conftant Man, her fellcfhagc 

Can never change his godly refolution, 

Though Hcav'n it fclf mould threaten his confuifoni 

A conftant Man is like the Sea, whofc bi eft 
Lies ever open vnto every gueft • 
yet all the Waters that flic drinks, cannot ' 
Make her to change her qualities a iot« 
Or, lik:- a good found itomach,not foon catting 
For a light furl orafmalldiftafting. 
Bu:,that, vntroubled, can incontinent 
Convert all meats to perfect nourishment. 

Thong) then, the Lords deep Wifdom, to this day, 
Work in the Worlds vncci rain-certain Sway : 
Yet mud wc credit, that his hand compos'd 
All InCiK Dayes,and that Hcrhcn JJ^wW 3 
By his example, giuing vs beheft 
On the Seaventh Day for evermore to Reit. 
For, God 1 emembred that he made not Man 
Of Stone, or Steel, or Brals Cirituhian : 
Butlodg'd our Soul in a fr^il mrfhrnMaftr 
Thinner then Wai ittler then the Glafs : 

Hefcnov ,ourIi no .-hrfboner nf, 

T n hailing (till our mil , and bodies benr 
A Field, left lay for fom i . Years, w ill yield 
T richer Crop, when itngainistill'd: 
A Rn flopped by a flucca fpace, 
Runs (after) roughcr,and a fwiftcr pafe : 
A Botve, awhile vnbent, will after caft 
His (hafts the farther, and them fix more hd 
•I'fdicr, that a feafon ftill hath lain, 

*« With more foiy to the Field aga 
- vcn '< ' tody, when (to gather breath) 

J>nc Day in ScaVn at Reft it foiourncth 4 
NeSs his Powrs, and with mo. 

" Il ^he next morrow to his firft Career. 

fiutthc chief EnddiisPj epeaims. 

iiei reft from all profane 

-^ ''it iflay woi k in our retired hearts : 

y jdowj ading fifthly cogitations, 

*X l ".tour thoughts to hfov'niy meditations : 

•od Archers guile, who Unite cy. 


• -umcnersguiic^wnoiuuri. 

41 'hey the better may their mark cfpy. 
^^byth'AJmiohry^hisgrcatJ ;ay 

Wa ^ not ojdain'd to dice, to maslc, and 


ytrtuc i> 

/ "caned m tht 

f'C f r m 

True c*n f 

I * 

**// out J ' t 

empty it 

<e*fc famous 

^' w»rl<, 

.-■ ,*ndt* 

- Spirit 

the hi imtmenr 




nrrs of the S&- 

m MM '<< 



■ I 





The Seavekth 


men 4tf**t : 



0/6$ i. 

The ft jfrttt 



To Ougg m floth,^ languid in^*, 

And Eft the Reans ^g^P?^ 5 ' 


God would, that men ihould I in a cci tarn place 

To icam his great Name *s dcar-drad Loving- Fear : 
He would, that there the faithfull Paftor mould 
The Sci iptures marrow from the bones vr rould, 
That we might touch with lingers (as it were) 
The facred feci cts that arc hidden there. 

For,rhoi gh ihctutog of thofe holy lines 
In private Houfes fom-whannoueour mindes • 
Doubtlefs, the Doctrine fretcht doth deeper pearce, 
Proves more efFcctuall, and morewaight ir bears. 
He would, that there in holy Pfainis wc fing 
Shrill praife and thanks to our immortall King, 
For all the liberal] bounties he brfiow'rh 
On vs and ours, in foulc and body both : 
He would, that there we Ihould confe/s his Chrift 

OuronelySawour,l caodPneft- 

Solemnizing preparation) 

Hisblcffed < ot RcconcS 
And, in his Name, beg bouldly v;hat we need 
( A<tcr his will ) and be auVd to fpced • 
Sith in th' Exchequer of his Clemency' 
All goods of Fortune, Soulc, and Body ly. 

He would, this Sabbath mould a figure be 
Oftheblcft Sabbath of Etenury. 
hut th' one ( as Lcgall ) heeds but outward thines - 
Th other to Reft Both Souleand Body brings f ' 

^crn.tyftall not exterminate: 

Wh'ch, wi,h 5Sfc c " d - Wi ™ of Reft, , 

tM "ty«,and our Chrton Fellows, 




Of The First 


Co5sftithrLill Servants, and hischofen Shccp > 
In 1 Feav'n wc hope (within fiiort time) to keep. 

j.j c would this Day, our Soulc (fetjucftcrcd 
from bufic thoughts of worldly cares) fhould read 
In Heav'ns bow'd Arches, and the Elements, 
Hisbound-lcfs Bounty, Powr and Providence • 
T hat every part may (as a Maf ) teach 
Th' illitcratejR.uJ part avulgai reach. 

Com ( Reader) lit, com fit thee down by mee ; 
Think with my thoughts, and fee what I do fee : 
Hear this dumbDoaor: ftudyintl Book, 
Whrrc day and night thou maifrat plcafurc look, 
And thereby learn vpflghtly how to hue : 
For, every part doth fpeciall LelTonsgiuc, 

tea from the gilt finds of the Firmament/, 
TotheBafe Centre of our Element. 

Seeftthou thofe Stars we (wrongly) WanJring call, 
Though divers way es they diaricc about this Ball, 
Vet evermore their manifould Career 
Follows the Courfc of the PrrH OAsmn^ Sphcar i 
Thisteacheth thee, that though thine own Deiircs 
Beoppo/ite to what Heav'ns will requires, 

Thou niufi fiill firiue to ftj jow (ai Ufa^fate) 
God (the firfi Mover 
Vain puff of windc, '\ auntiqg pride bewitches. 

For Bodies Beauties, oiMintKs:ric?>cr T he 

The Moon, whofe fplcndor from her Brother fprings, 
May by Example ma thee \ ail t hy wings : 
For thou, no left then the pale Qu- lofNighrs, 
Born t a il »odnes from the Prince of lights. 

Wilt thou, from O rb to C ) b, to th' Earth defcend i 
Behould the I ire wh od did round extend : 

As neer to Heav'n, the lame is cleer and pure •, 
Ours hcer below fad,fmbaky,and c cure : 
So, vvhih y Soulc doth with the Heav'ns converfe, 
*t sfurc and fafc from every thnught|Knr< 
And though thou won heer in this \ in, 

i hou ait as happy as Hcav ns Angels bin : 

^'fthymindebcahv .fixed all 
Y n *c foul dunghill < 

" *dl partake in the c< Us 

>fthv n clcar>houl( >ops and dwells, 

'f envious Fortune be thy bi 
n d day and night doo to Is thee to and fro ; 
f^ncniber, t) \„ corruptcth food, except 

With fu.idry Windes ir oft be fifing d and {'wept. 
'he Sea, which foretimes dow > McU 

A,, d lotinimcs hcaues a i v Mount to 1 < - 




MrtbtdtitHs m 


&>l#rtdtktu to 
* Mfdttdtiort, 
toubttxrfc O- 
P Ixretf. 

T Ar PUuttx 
!<>+ the »tti of 


ihftb tbdi wt 
bj$te mi dnj 

thm£ ihdt wc 
bdmt mt n ecu 

md 4 

The Ekrnrntdry 
mtxrr 0ur Imj- 




The Jk t thAi 

lie St*/h4t ■*€ 

tu^btjotnt it- 


C rejilbtL'* , f 



Iht tftk tbds 

C$rm t H>diwe 


The Pdlm Tm 9 



cU Pradnut. 

9 Wdttt^ 

y« never br eaks ^--— - ^ toh Unkt , 
Wherein the Lord her boucro 

Ambition $ windes, nor gu ~-d 

XShTwhich never all at once doth move, 

No firmer bafe her burthen to fufrent 
ThenLciy props of fofceft Element. 


Nay, there is nought in our dear Mother found, , 
But pithily fom Vertue doth propound. 
! let the Noble, Wife, Rich, Valiant, 
Be as the bafe, poor, faint and ignorant: 

And, looking on the fields when Amwm* mean, 
There let them learn among the bearded can 5 
Which (till, the fuller of the flowry grain, 
Bow down the more their humble heads again j 
And ay the lighter and the lefs their ftore, 
They lift alofttheir chaffieCi efts the more. 

Let her, that ( bound-left in her wanton wi/hes) 
Dates fpotthe Spoufe-bed with vnlawfull kifies, 
Blufh (at the leaft) at Palm -Trees loyalty, 
h Which ncuer bears vnlefs her Male be by. 
J T hou, thou that praoccft after Honors pi 
j ( While by the way thy Strength and ftoraach dies ) 
Remember, Honor is like Cinnamon, 
Which Nature mounds with many a million 
Of thorny pricks -that none may danger-lcfs 
Approach the Plant, much lefs the Fruit pofTcfs. 

Can A thou thefecret Sympathy behould 
Betwixt the bright Sun and the Marigould- 
And no: confider, that we muft no Ids 
follow in life the Sun of righteoufnes ' 

W^tt>^??}S »<**«! Matter , 

Wakino jLk ? V 4UUC > mQ s «P>»nd lea 

YeeSSt' 1 " dthe Chrift «n Hoaft) 

'-oob to be crownM ^1 er Chrlft h,s Banner, 
|»-ft in affliCn^fi ^. Ch ' rf Champion, hooo 

The First VV 


And, oppofit, as the rich Diamond 
The Fireand Steel doth ftoudy both wirhitand x 
So the true Chriftian mouId,till life expire, 
Contemn proud Tyrants raging Sword and Fire* 
Or, if fell Rigour with fom ruth-lcfs (mart 
A little make the finnews of his hearr, 
He muft be like the richeft Mineral!, 
Whofc Ingots bow, but never break at all j 
Nor in the Furnace fuifcrany lofs 
Of waight, but Lees 5 not of the Gold, but drofs. 

The pretious Stone, that bears the Rain-bowes name, 
Receiues the bright face of JWiburnifht flame s 
And by reflexion, after, it difplaics 
On the next obie# all thofe pointed raies : 
So^ whofo hath from the Empyreall Pole, 
Within the centre of his happy Soule, 
Receiv'd Com fplendor of the beams divine, 
Muft ro his Neighbour make the lame to mine j 
Not burying Talents which our God hath giv'n 
To be employ 'd in a rich trade for HeaVn, 
That in his Church he may receive his Gold 
With thirty, flxty, and an hundred fold. 

As th' Iron, toucht by ch* Adamant 's card, 
To the North Pole doth ever point direct : 
So the Soule, toucht once by the fecret powr 
Of a true liuely Faith, looks every howrW 
To the bright Lamp which femes for Cymfure 
To all that fail vpon the Sea obfeurc. 

Thefcprcfidcnts, from liue-lefs things collected, 
Breed good effete in fpirirs well affofted : 
But leflbns, taken from the things that live, 
A liuchcr touch vnto all forts doo give. 

Vp,vp, ye Princes i Princcand People, rife, 
And run to School among the Honey-Flies : 
1 here mall you learn, that an etcmall law 

i u . b,c ^hcSubicavnderPrincesiw : 
nere (hall you learn, that a courageous King 
°vcx his humble Vaffals hath no ftinc. 
ihcPojUm Prince, that Princely did conclude 
£° 'everc laws againft Ingratitude, 
* n ™ that the Marlin, hauing kept her warm 

At a Lark > rcmit5 ic without harm ; 
nd left her friend-bird me mould after flay, 

£*« ; her flight a quite contrary 

Should by 

f rs, ifyoudeHre, your Children fagc 
Train k y t ? cir BIdI » n ^ bids your crooked age 
By A* t a bctimcs ^to tnie Venues Lore 
f **w, InftruOion, and Eicampic (more) i 


the DimUd ex- 
*xrtj ro tv*. 

tdfcdtmt of 

fs/s fhrm$ thn 

*«* (ri«t«rc; 

tin rM/S**fhl. 



*"V * 




* V 

I 5* 

Tiffin • 


* IJMr 



t9tuidr *, 

The Seaventh 

W £oXa^ 


The Turtlc-Doue ? ficb, wha msband dies, 
Diesallherioy : for, never loves flic more . 

But on dry boughs do:h hcr dcad Sp ° l dc P ,orc * 
Thou whom the freedom of a foolifli tongue 

Brings oft in danger for rhy ncighboui s wrong ; 
Difcrcetly feta hatch before the door : 
As the wife Wilde-geefe, when th over-foar 
Ct m Mounts, wj ieir bills doo bear 

A pebble-ftoneboth day ai tear 

Left raucnous Eagles of the N th defc.y 
Their Armies paiftgc, by their cackling Cry. 

O ! Mothers, can you lean you ( O \ nkinde i ) 
Deny your Babes your bretfts ?aed call to mindc 
Th.irmany Fi/hes many times arc fairi 
Receiver? feed mt inJ^^ 

Luanxi fad throes. he >, 

Enduring ofr, it of c en ^ 

O ! why embrace r wewih Charity 
The living, and the dead win Piety:' 
Giving thefe fuccour, fepulru'rc to rhofe : 
Even as the Dolphins do themfclues ( x -ofe, 
Fortheir liue-fellows,and beneath the Waues 
Cover their dead-ones vnder Tandy G 


You Children, whom (part hope) the Heav'ns benignity 
Hath hcapt with wealth, and heaved-vp to dignity, 
Doo not forger your Parents : but behould 
wlk u C,ous j v ' ,d Vvho (when their Parents ould 5 

Andfi!? 7 ?r* Hds trcmUin * fcver fto P*> 

Si^ V P°" the Mountain-tops) P 
ThS f P ft mciours > h ^P them home to brouz 

Which in rK : hlrft " lcfs ) of the Rivers brink, 

| V werbudthe^*^ eytr-wWIe: 

The First VV 


Sith th' onely Spider tcacheth every one 
The Husbands and the Hufwifes function. 
For, for their food the valiant Male doth roam . 
The cunning Female tends her work at home 
Our of her bowels wooll and yarn foe fpirrcth, 
And. ill that elfe her learned labour ftrtcth : 
' y\ rwaight's the fomdie chat d i -wiftr he twine, 

Which herfmall ri gers draw lb ev'n and fine. ' I 
Still at the Centre fh hcr warp begins, 

Thea round (at length) bcrlrtrferthredifhe i 
And equall diftance to their compais leaiies . 

Theryieat and nimbly her new weh meweaues, 
Wi iiiiei fine (huttle circularly drawn 
Tnrou. I) all the circuit or her open lawn ; 
Open, left elfe th'vngen leWindes mould tear 
i I cipres Ten (weaker then any hair ) 
And r ; <at the foolifli Fly might eafier get 
Within rhemefhes of her curious Net : 
Which be no iooncr doth begin to fhake, 

it the Male doth to the Centre make, 
hatl nay conquer more fecurely there 
Thehumn ing Creature hampredm his fhare. 

Vo k mgs (that bear the f word of iuft HoftiJiiy) 

1 fuethe Proud, and oardon true Humility : 
Like noble Lions rhat do ncuer mowc 

Their fl tgth a- dflomachon ayeelding Foe, 
1 But rather through the ftouteft throngs do forrage, 
'Mid thoufand Deaths toiliew their daunt-lefs courage. 

Thou fluggard ( if thou lift to leamihy part) 
Go] rnhcHmmcrsandtheVrchins Art; 
m Summer th' one, in Autumn th' other takes 
J Scalons fruits, and thence provifion makes, 

*" i in his Lodging laying vp a hoord 

A inftcoldWii i, which doth nought afToord. • 

But, Reader, we n mblc one that windes 
Fixwn sdd, B4»^andthe wealthy mdet 

( ihrough rhrcatning Seas, and dangers manifold; 
rofeefc far-off for Incenfe, Spice and" Gold ; 
• ' n We, not loofing from our proper Strand, 
^deallwh ,nahar>pvli (o-hftand^ 
P"d our own Bodies firlf-eonrained motions 
^"cthemoftg hui edcoodly Notions. 

. r °u Princes, Paftors, and ye Chiefs of War, 

p j" >uuietrs, I lOCkS 

;'; aic .yoiireuill make not other 
,u, > "o pans found if oncel 



TU Liom, it 


Tiy fjmmttdiU 

Af-Ci m4j f-mdt 

h n-. 

71 f ! tJtfd- 




1 1 






The Seaventh 





•fa \UdJt, the 

The St 

for BmJi, d 


did a j. 


lfc wan let* - 
tb*t tmrj tK 


You Pem, ^g*, ' Common- weal : 
With light-brain d Co*** * ^ 

f Ut '"M , Jounce common|ood vp-hould. . 

Bur ni S hr and day moues in our panting breft, 

Thar by his beating it may Rill impart 

The lively fpirks about .to every part: 

So rhofe, to whom God doth his Flock betake, 

Oushtalwayes ftudy, alwayes work, and wake, 

To "breathe (by Docrrin and good Convcrfauon) 

The quicknins fpirit into their Congregation. 

And as the Stomach from the holefom food 
Diuides the grofler part (which is not good) 
They ought from falfc the truth to feparate, 
Error from Fakh,and Cockle horn the Wheat, 
To make the beft receiv'd for nourifhment, 
The bad cafl forth as filthy excrement. 

If Bat or Blade doo th reaten fudden harm 
To belly, breft, or leg, or head, or arm, 
With dread-lefs dread the Hand doth ward the blowe, 
Taking hei fclf her bred , oe : 

Then .dtheihod W- : is Anns 

That fill the world ^h bloud an- >iilrous (lorms, 

Shall we not lend our helping hands to others, 

Whom Faith hath made more necrand dear then Bronx 

Korean I fee, where vnderneath*the Sky 
A man may finde a iufrer Policy, 
Or truer Image of a calmcE/tate 
Exempt from Faction, Difcord and Debate, 
Then in th' harmonious Order that maintains 
Our Bodies life, through Members mutuall paim i 

Vonc no (boner feels the lcaft offence, 
^^refthaue of thefame a fenfc. 

The W UC$ n0t , t0 fmd, > thc Nofc to walk > 
But X 10 C ^ bat ' n0r thc Hand t0 *& '■ 

2 ■stssaasaf** 

Of The First Week 

Therefore a-fhoar : Mates, Jet our Anchor ,11 .- 
Heer blowes no Winde : hcerare we VVck i all. 
Bc/iJ s, con/Id r and concciue ( I : 
W' iiaue ro w 'd fufficK-nt for a Sal ^ 


The En d O 



First Week. 

•■ ■* 



7, *w m •«*''- • . • tn ■ ^. >*"v — 





( After the proportion of his Firft ) 





i. A DAM > 

II. Noah, 

III. Abraham, 

[IV. David, 

Vt Zed ec iAS, 


VH TKEternall Sabbath. 

Bur, of the three laft, Death (preuemingOurNoi 1 1 

Po e T)hath Jepiiuedvs. 

Acuftm refer,. 














(Br The Grace Of God) 







t - 



■ m m m ** 


j. So s n e r 

Fd m 7 . a i -ZW, iayling with the Wmdc or Lou 

In fucfa a Aty/ wee fell vpor i the Cof, 
That fuddenly vpon the R ock ; V^<i 
(Vnhappily) our ^ and G#^i we loft, 
Even m a Piece zhx we did lcaft fufpeft. 

So^Caft-awey (my Lug b) a^dquight vn-dan 5 
We 0^j»-remnants of a wocfull Wick, 
Heer caft a-ftore, to Thee torfuccour run : 

O tittie vs, for our deer Parent's fake, 
Who Honour dTlcc, both in his Life and Death, 
And to thy guard his Po jthvmes did beqaea:! 


£ T. 

Hefc glorioi - W itefull Monuments 

Built by Ttu B A R T A S. on t h c Vyrenejs 
(Your Roj&U Fertues to immortalize, 
And magnifie your rich Munificence) 
Hauc prov'd fo Charge-full to Trauf-port from thence, 
That our fmall Arts-jlock hardly could fuffi/ 
To vndcr-go °reat an Enterprise \ 

is cvcnbcggcrd with th'irc -caf Expc 
Sotl, ccpom Mufes SOPER A JN 
With gracious Eye i cgai de her (pent Efhte • 
And, with a hand of Princely Fauour$2\<»\ ' 
To ftay her fall (before it be too-late) . 

She needs muft fail : as (lending Light abot: 
Sclf-rpendin S Lamps,forlackofOyI. 

) Saluf 




ccllent, and mod hopefull youn 

Ti ce, H K X R Y 9 




C HenrJcus Stuartus. 
A n A c l-^HkfirentPitrMttt. 



C? ': gracious We. 

Kr<? mygraue a 

3/.?/y /wjr^J^WR 

I More bold to come (though fuitedeuen ) 

' To kip lour Higun fVW ^and^ccttblour Smi(e } 

7o Crown HU Haps, Ami our f MM Hopes to gUd 

('• I /'^ M«r > longin. \ s h in cur 

Per ;n our \Va ; cry - be fad) 

t>riK'>s, for it to fo great a P R i 

^ ow<^7< A * « ^madeJ-rUjorS 

Tffej therefore for yc;ir 
'I- to look tjoutooL ;. 

Some GUJJes tier : a b er-fome dtf, 

Mi nts Ton* true Pi hn 






rable, the Lord High Chancclor 
i* of England. 


Thomas Egerton 

l. Geftdt Honor cm. 
I. Alt met t Honors. 
,3. Honors melt Age. 


H humbU 

Shewes t0 thy C reat Worthin c fs, 
(GraseMo d e r a t o r of our Britain L a vt e s) 
The Mufes AbUci (Jibuti */ Diftrds) 

Htw long Wrong-vcxt a not-N ecd-/f/f Caufc, 

AW« i& Kings h, 6*1 fix Pemw-lefs) 

By one, I Want (the fin o/Mtnplcncfs); 

Vtuble, more to grcazc the fcrapmo paws 

Of hit Attorney Shift, *r ty/fifo taw 

Of his (dear) Counfell, Serieant Penfiuenefs . 

He U compell'd, in forma pauperis, 

7> n^htmfelfe (and(hewehts (lult) L a w) 

//» the free Court </*/# wi&k Court cfies. 

Pleafe it thee therefore an Iniuntfion^r**/, 

To ftay the S uit between himfelfe and Want. 

For TJjee and Thine, for ay, 
So He and Hisjhnll praj. 

I. S. 




rablc, the Larle of Salisbury, Lord high 

Threafurer of Eng land. 


A sack 

Robertus Cectftus. Robertus Cecilliut. y 
i ... •rtt*€tltbri$ : (v*0 iertkroju TuLim. > 
Robertas Comes Sari. CtrHtefl Orbs fcrme. 3 


Kmsyeeldto Arts : ifo Trumpet to //w Tongue : 
jr<?»f Aiax f nzx the wife Vlyilcs wan ; 
It will not feem then that wehauo mif-fung, 

' Tofin^ of CAPTAINES to a £ounfail-*M* .' 

^w/^^Counfaile,Courag u hut rage; 

Rude m Refoluing, rafb in ^ASfing it : 
jn which ref peel thofe of the. \^i<\UQK^ige 
Fain PALLAS Goddefs both of War and Wit i 
Therefore, to Thee, whofe Wit fo much ha'hfled 
(In War and Peace) our Princes and our ST ATE: 

To Thee, whofe Venue hath now Triumphed <Lf 

OfCaufe-lefi Bnuy, W mifgrounded I late f 
70 Thee (Witt 's-tt' tf T // V E) hU it not been wrong, 


blc, the Earlc of Dorfct (late) Lord high 

Threafurer of England. 

A X A G R. 

Sactilu*. ? Comc»Dor< ^ 

VM huh. 5 ^" M*£. r 

Sstri* M*}' > . t If demot$u. 3 


Ot with-out Error, W apparent Wrong 
7>Thce,/ArMul< mdmjSdf(thernoJi) 

Cguldlomit, amid 'tins Noble //«// 

c/ learned Friends to [. *ndour Seng, 

To mutter Thee ; Thee, that haft Uvdfe long 
The (acred Sifters, and (fadfweei *"st) 
Thy Scl : h / /«xg f x^r .1/9W 6^^ 
7fo tra^ick Falls of our Ambitious Throng. 

Therefore, in honour of 1 ounger Art, 
«**/ */V/v M u I cs, honour 'd by the fame 
Andtoexpreffmy Thankfulllfow^H (tnfdrt) 

TbuT n a ifaere'vnto Sac k ▼ I LS Nsme 9 

& tefi renown'd/ir '2tyM&rj of 'Thin 
7/ ** /*r t h y 1 o u e to 0/6*r 'j Labour sfbow'n. 

r s 



rable, the £arle ofTemhofe. 

CVVilliamllarbcrr. £ 
A»*iS». i H ; : dr m. 5 


At he The ThleoJ/hu ffgft* p^c 

From Thee (rare Module of ' Hcroik mmd/s) 

WhofenobU Bounric oil the Mu/cs tmes 
To honour Thee h but mine doth mofi engage: 

Andyetjo Thce,andto ]by Patronage 

(Forprefent lack of ether oxxduWjignes) 
Needs muit/O flfcr thefe Dbcat^ fines 
(Lyned vi tb Horrors of I s a a c i a n- rage) 
Wherein, to keep decorum with my Thcam, 
yjind mth my Fortunes (ru'm'd euery-way) 
My Cue clogd Mufe (flill anted down the pern) 

In fining Other's, fiohesber Own Decay 
Jnjitle, inflate, tn hap y in hope in all : 
Fir, Vines, impropped, tn the ground do end. 

I. S, 


rablc the Earle of 6J/ex, Earle 

Harfbalof England^. 



Hmfitfrm-* (0 //,„„,, „„,„,/ 
i£mlr f* (WM " 11 Iberia «„) 



Honourable Earle of 

ESSEX, cVc. 


Mom th* A r k of Hopc.Jttll tofedin diflrejfe 
OnttTwy Deluge of difaftrou* plight, 
My filly Done heer takes her fecond flight, 
To view (great Lord) thy World ofwortbmeft 
Vouchfafe (rare PUnt ofperfeft Noblencfs) 
Som branch offafety, whereon /he may light j 
Som O I i u e 1 :a f, that may pre Jag e me rigbt t 
A fafe efcape from thia wet Wilder nejs* 
Si, when the Mood of my deep cdres (bail fall, 
And 1 be landed mfa eel Comfort's Hill ; 

Fuji, my pure thoughts to Hea'v'nprefent ifball t 
jben^on thy fduours meditattngjlill, 
My Zealous MuCcJball daily Jlriue to frame 

S$m fairer Tropheis to tbjglorioua Name. 

J. S 



>Ie Charles Lor d Mount. 


l\ Hnghintby Brook (great Charles) there fwim a Swan % 
H 'hofe hdppy fweet, immortali tunes can raifi 
The vert uous Greatnefiofthy Noble praife 
To higher notes, than mj faint Numbers can \ 
Tet t wbjlethyLucanMsnfilencefcas9 
'«j>himret/e*ew meditated tares, 

yjtmfl vpbUfad Pharialian fro** 

PmH f " ,J A * T A " (now our Countryman). 
!?$ b h " **gl>fi te not ) H Jo good 
)', V, ' ' cnc h-mcn hardly do our tongue attain) 
, T rl V"^" "kwell vnderjlood , 
H^tfrV**** ^rd) fbaU daign 

" htk <>*ldefdu,ursofyour 








Honourable the Earle of©. 

uonjhire, &c. 


7,f*lKhtrftttf" m f Mtn Enm<srtt»*t. 
■ - - "Sut-UbtUi'"*"' 

^ndwhileU'itt'stowring Falcons touch the skies, 

-i r .. . —L./« «m t**/i*r.tmDed I Ark. 

rks may flame. 

I. s. 


Honourable Earle of Lte- 

uonjhire, &c, 


Enowned Sdvio,tbougb th'int Enniu£' 

7*#«*A (worthily) hkTrumpei be f re- fend 
To found the Triumphs thou haft won for n)S ; 
to y&r^Mte iv», how-euer plentwus 

(Were it the Man tuan or Mcon ian Bard) 

Suffizab not to Giue Fame s>tf j?orW 

To thy great Deeds .adrmr'd and glorious • 
It hall (Great Worthy ) «# Dtf Honour he 

7hat (EMghfh) Barras W, ^ ^ft ^ 


E D I C AT IO Ns. 



learned, and religious Gentleman, 

Sir Pi ran Yo v • ,, df Scton, Knight, 
Almoner ^/Scotland, and one of his 

Mticflies Priuj Couneeil there. 


v n c , Ancient Sernam of our Soueraign Lm 
Grane Mailer of thy Matter's minor -y tares i 
Whofe Prudence and wljofe Piety appear es 
In his Perfection, which doth thine record ; 
'Whofe loyall Truth, Hit royallTrujls approut 
By oft BmbaJJage to thegreaufi Peers : 
Whofe Duty and Deuotionhe endeers 
lYnhprefentfauoursof his Princely Loue: 
In Honour of theft Honours many fold t ^ * 

^Andfor memoriallofThy ksnde regard 
ofthefepoor Orphanes (pyndin Hope-lefscold) 
Accept theft 1 hanks for thy firm Loues reward; 
Whert-m (Jo Heavns proffer what we hauc Jung) 
Through euery Age thoufbalt Hue tuer \ c. 

r. s. 


[ (fauourer of Vcrtue, furthercr of Lear- 
ning) Sir T H o m a s S m i t n (of London) Knight, 

(late) Lord Emhafjadour for his Maiesly, to 
the Empcrour of R v > s i a. 

I O N A S. 

O thee, long tost in a fell 'Storm of State ; 
Ca>iout y 4jju/fwallovvcd in a Gulfeof I Jcach, 
On i a l^BvcCt of thine vnfpotted 1 
And dMfiom thy (Heav'n-giuen) < ivzcofUtt: 
tor ^chrefcn,hLtnceo/UnoMous J arc 
(H*chlikein Cafe toMst hefuferetk 

* Sy (m & a) th * Cauft -y^ diftrah) 

7A '?" my ^oNAt.^ con tulate 
^(hpyJlUCcu^andti oly Trial!: 

Th" ( " Fired *thpurijiethe Gold) 


7 Lovaltic is more notorious LoyalL 



thorn More, 

7. V. 

I I 






6 6 





tabic learned, and religious Gent. 
*M r . z/lnthony c Bacone. 


*f 0*«f Ar '^ *«"»(* and mine own Veftre, 
^ T* tender JhUnevTrilmte if my Z£*J 

To Thee, whojefauour did the fir/1 repeal 
i£ My proro-B a r t a s from Self -doomed Fire : 
Hitttng new tuned trdu Bahtas Lyre, 
7 nefetragick murmurs of his ! fl I /^ 
mkh (i t Horrors of an Earthly Hell) 

The Sm-turst life of wretched Mori a is tire : 
7o whom tut 7l:ee,flmld Jprefrnt the fame 1 
Stth by the Brett h of Thine inexmra^ement, 
My facrc d fury then Adftjirjl inflame 
Toprofecute This j acred Argument. 
Such a< it at, accept it, as afigne 
Of 7 hank full UneSrom htm, who ft all is Thine. 

I. s. 




nrfnthonj c Baconc\ 


I'lfr^dtjctnfHrecfmjfirf, , Alr 

0>"^ .1 .MB^WteB, , los ) 

7 *« "?'* fa «J. rtpriuwg from i luy J U m V<"«/- 
-■■■ ^'hX'mtdnmdloMmm, 

Thrill X*«xJklUucfirq. 










f I. E D E NT, 



The Impostvre, 
The Fvries, 

[IV. The Handy-Craft s.J 

Acceptam re/eri. 


♦ ♦ 

t r 

I kV ^.-4 ■ 



* - . 

/ ■ 


' . 




Ed e n 




W £SK. 

The Argvmint. 

0* r Toet.jirjl, doth Gods afsitttnce feck : 

The Scope and Subtect of his Second Week* 

Aduin in Eden ; Edcns bcauttesTArt ; 

A reali Piace, not now dtferrmdwhere : 

The T ree of Liic$ and Know I edge-Tree witbMl 

Knowledge of Man y before andfmcebis Ft II: 

His exerafe^and excellent Delights, 

In s Innocence : of Dreams and Ghoslly Sights t 

'/lionscurb'd: Death, Sins effect ; whereby 
fJh (c'ife lmmortill) mortsllnow, muji Dy. 


h • ight vs : 

R cat G< which ha/lthis World's Birth made me J 

VnfbldhisCradh Infancy i 

ethou,my Spirit, through all t! igalleys 

Oftharfwect Garden, wh< gh winding \ 

Foureliuely floods < I mew cmiJ deed 

Jem, Adam a 

' 11) n. 

in From 


of ; Let met 1 >tall bring 

)ari > his fa Itoomb, 
Tin. IXryofDoomc. 


anbatl ,norno!hoici 

)th« !y (feci 

Pi to her v w «, 


llx Ifitt ( 
AjfljldHtt M D 







I wUI 

The TranfU- 

J : 

bis own w< 
neuond r 
v for a 

Work fo rare 
& ctcrlkor.}** 
all ihe World 
barb worthily 

•nircd. cra- 
uah alio rhc 


may both fl 
ypfom abler 


Where once arriv'd, all dropping wet 
Extoll thy fauours, and my vo*s MML 

^indgrdttous Guide. which duy/tAgrpt "f»fr 
Since it iStbflisidthec usk mjurdy Mfi 
With tbefe high Thames lb* through mine Art-tefPe* 

Twist her d»dA\ a bus :fi mm sH-di/posd, 
Dirk gloomy Igsordnee. obfeurethe ryes 
Oftbudiuine Sunof theft .earned dayes. 
Ifurnifb me with d/t wuulgdr Jltle y 
Tbu 1 by this mdy warn our wdnton I l i 
From Oaids heirs^dndtht'sr in-bdllowed fpeH 
Heerclxrmw fences shuuinojouleswrkil* 
Let t'nisprouoke our modern Was to j Acre ^H^ 
\™£f°' | Theirwondrou tfis to honour tbee.tbeir Aftker : 
a to tak; . jlua our my&eruw ELF J ■ v E Ordclt^ 

andv -U, 
tha: Himiclfe 

ouy be for e- 




ibefe licrtd 8c 
religious cb 



My deer jw eel Da iil, fbdrp conceipted^ brief, 
Ciuill, fentent'tous , for pure accents chief : 
And our new \ajo thdt fo pdfmndtes 
afkacd.anil \jti heroikt lies of loue-ju. ctenuies: 

u May chdgoe their fubieB, dnd idtunce their wings 
Vp tothefe higher and more holy things. 
^Jind if (jujj'iaent r nutmton) 

7 hey /corn (a to Itueofs trangen Penfion, 
Let them deuife new Weds, new work Si new xodw 
To celebrate the (ufrcme Prince ofpraife. 
And let not me (good Lord) he like the Udd 
ofom Otic from fom Condmt-hedd 
-Brirgs holjom Wdter -yet (fetfvminu fenfe) 
It felfe receiucs no drop of comfort thence- 
But rather, AS the tlmou ironed But ' 
Mertmtlx tun o/dedth-pre.t Grjpesarepnt 
f<'«»s(lmsr offer dli the wine Ufpent) ' 
^hm it feife the Injurs liuelyfent: 





. ,(i • — "in fjrttjen /beets- 

« yheyr St iu/b at mine elder Story 

«•* fete 

'hoic: a tl(1 horror of t |, U , ( ,:,^; 


t * 


E N. 

, • nt alfo chofc him for a happy Scat 
Aclirr.ate remperate both tor cold and heat, 
fyhich dain.v Fiord paveth fumptuouily 
\Vi h dowry V e r 's inameld tapiftry . 
fdrnond pranks with rruits, whole taftc excels ; 
And Zephyr His wit.'i Musk and Amber fmels : 
\Vh'ic God himself (as Gardner) treads thcallies, 
With Trees and Corn covers thehils and rallies, 
S11 .mons fwett flccp with noyfc ofhundrcd Brookj, 
Am! sun-proof Arbours makes in fundry nooks : 

lit > r Lin:s, he proins,heparcs,hctrimmcth round 
Tli* ever green beauties of a fruitful] ground » 

\ [e, i-.therc rhc courfcofrh' holy Lakes he leads, 
With rhoufand Dies hec motleys all the mcades. 

Ye Pa^an Poets that audacioufly 
Haue fought to dark the ever Memory 
Of Gods grccat works ; from henceforth ftill be dum 
Your fabled p ray fes ofEhJium, 
Which by this goodly module you haue wrought, 
Through deaf 1 indition, t hit your Fathers taught : 

F01 the Almighty made his hJisfull Bowrs 
Better indeed, tlicn you hauefatned yours. 

For, fliould I iOy that Aill, with fmiling face, 
Th'alJ-clafping Heav beheld this iiappy place - 
Tiiat honey fweet,from hollow rocks did drain - y 
T lat foftring milk flow'd vp and down rhc Plain; 
Thatftoectas Rofes fmeltfn i!I-ia^ofy f Rcw: 
Th in allfoyls, all (eafons, all things grew : fttllthc re dangled on the fcl f- lame ttccn 
A thoufand fruits, nor over-ripe, nor green : 
Thategrcft li nits, and bitterefthcarbs did mock 
Miccr* Sugars, and the Apricock ; 
Yeelding more holefbm food then all the mefles", 
T'i:it now tafte-curious, wanton Plenty dreiTcs, 
■"ling (in a thoufand cofllvdiflics) 

The various Horeof dainty Fowls and Fifhcs, 

Vj Inch far and nccr wee feck by Land and Seas, 
More to provoke then hunger to appcafc 

: fliould I fry, each morning, on the ground 
Not common deaw, but Mdtmadid tnd : never gutter-gorging durty muds 
[! ccryftalloffn liding floods, 

ofc watci's pad, in plea fanttafte, the drink 
fnat now in Cdndid ilc cks Cerdtlm brink: 
1 h v fhai Groves of noble Palm-tree fprays, 
JJ* amorous Myrtles id immorrall Bays 
, c p leav'd ; but evermore, their new 
'*-a ng arms in thoufand Arbours grew 1 

R 2 



Yue El r fiin 
Hfdtthn Pens 

*tn Irmi Die ami 

rub bt untie t #/ 
fix Gsrien $f 

Eden $r edtrth- 

lj FdiTJnlfe. 







And, marrying their f««t. ;" Angelsfaye% 
S"^' Wfs and their grcacMak ? « P r 3 yfe. 

Waslikc\hcNig/mn s? vect-tuncdvoycc, 
And Nightingals fung Ue di ,e ^«*. 
Like 7W-» Or/^M<, Zww. 2nd U^/«o«. 
Th' Ains daughter E ho,haunt isanoog : 

A blab thai will not (cannot) keep her tongue, 
WhoncvLTasks.biJtonch -is all, 

.'io lets nor any her in vain to call ; 

Ldco In trc Sm 

1 111.1 C JUUlH.MUIij.1 u,tillV4 ... v. v - , 

A tweet found rais'd the dead-Iiue voyce again. 
mm»- Jfrhciclfay hcSun (th msftinterj 

Made no hot Sommer, nor no hoary Winter, 
But lout ly V f. r kept frill in liuely luftre 
The fragrant Valii frniiing Meads, and Failure r 
That boiftrous Adams body did not (hi ink 
For Northrcn windi s, nor for the Southren wink : 
BuiZfpbyr Sid fwect musky fighes afford, 
Which breathing rhrough the Garden of the Lord, 
Gaue bodies vigour, verdure to the Held, 

That verdure flowrs, thole Bowks fw favor yedd: 

Thai Day did ^ Nj gi 

For halt her moift arc, half h 

Thatnevi dH ftp 

That never frolfyiorfno >j ce 

The fields cr-ag'd : - or any (briny ftotvr 

Difmou-tcd Mountains, nor no violent mowT 
Poven/ht the Land, which frankly did produce 

AJIhuKh apours for delight and : 
wS S^ mcrin ?^ics P oorevnI f nc f s . 

: Sri 5, 

Ht-mblc content thcethi now^M, * 

That, th,, „- p]m - ™ ft Ut kaft) 



£ I\\ 

u ichoyce foil, through which did rowlingflidc 
Gbion, Fiflumjsnd rich 7fcr* tydc, 
ndtbat feirftr( hofeiilvcr waues dokifa 

The Moi ' n Towrs or.p id Semiramu. 
^ ov iat(roami nd about the. rtrr) 

no place that anfwers now in worth 
1 lutious place, nor Country that can ftiowc 

y now-adayes, thofc tv iouds do flowe : 
ducicr.otall linthisCloicconrin'd, 
tt lab ing tef turns liquid Belt doth binde. 
tainc place it was (now ibi r in vain) 
| by grace, for fin rcmov'd aeain, 
•Iders were: whereof the thunder-darter 
ab In Sword the gate, an Angel Porter. 
Nor think that Mcfes paints, fan taftik- wife, 

ike tale of fain cd Paradi. 
i - a true Garden, happy Plenties horn, 
of graces) Icaft thou make (forlorn; 
1 ^iiwifoodfantafticall,. 
His (mnefupposd, his pain Poetical! : 
1 h All rucforfhcltei h't 

o curio Idiots of ei ronious wit ; 
chiefly th ,when xlingtf 
S it, they dot I 

Buti ou lift to: liketyh d, 

Tli rha wr " vc-c :in?fl f 

d not this I itious place, which formoftfaw 
irftfoul breach of Gods cternall law : 

1 bink that the moft p hi ie plants it puli'd, 
nd> hefw Rflowrs- dull'd, 

Ndth iir Gardens, n Ic the fat fields lea , 

Andcha: chance) tht chanell clean: 

>™« it Tin >feflipp wheel doth play 

jnhui iccaul ►nftantfway, 

Y : 7 s, alters, and diigui ;woi 

Hat h now transform^ th< in i all the i ordes. 

1 loft that plae< 

li ulQ.wchaneloftthe 

.!. and of i 

* ithGodfed itho nties. 

.* thcTn mortall Powr 

£ quarters of that blisfnll Bowr, 

A ! d the mouth, fane two fuftaind the mindc : 

n1 ' •' -rfood, due two for feak affign'd. 

T ^°dgau C the firft, f, ,i honourable ftile, 

f tret 0j V: true name ; (alas the while I) 

'efl Kt but fliould haue kq , 

l,' V «**« t naa, out inouiu Jia 

tan from duty n had mil >t. 


It ytdi 4 crrt* 

arrUli rr, 

ex i ^Itttft 




h 19 A t Jffdtfd 

h tregrmrdB 


dn% of Edrn it 





R ; 





♦ A 



IP! ttmmf*} 

■whdt 1 ru */ 




[]orJ s>v viF^nowcpofting-pafc 

■a™ lei our d life do nch'.e. 


• crucd him from EptdemckMs 

SchSuquanelsofrhe feo d«oo« 
Hidtor'dthep^.1 £< WA^ 



Sr ,... tcr i! Ian: divine! 

What w tone./l oor,orryne* 

.lllpicfumci:):] ud< ofjfC 

Vnrothywond ous-W ruit? 

The rareft S pies t hat or refent-vs 

Heali tone !lieah"ngtootonneni-vy: 

Andwkhth rent, lingrihg < relicfe, 
»ur bags of Gold voidycrou. oulks ofgriefc. 

But hid powr admired moffc, 

Salv i all l&ns pain, delay, or coft: 

Or rather,! nan from yawning Dearh to fray,' 
Thoudidft nor cure, but keep all ils away. 

ho.'y, pe Ids, rich prefcrvatiuc ! 
Whether wcrr thou the ffcangc rcftorariue 
That fuddenly did age with youth repair, 
And made old *Sfm younger rJicn his heir? 
Or holy Afeffjr, that in hcav'nly bowrs, 
Eremi yfel f-po lu'mgMe pours i 
r blcft AmbrofU (Gods mimortall fare) ? 
Or elfcthc rich fruit of the Garden rare, 
Where, for three Ladies (as allured guard) 
A fire-arm'd Dragon day and night did ward t 
Or precious Jjty hich /MwPurfuiuan 
Wing-footed Hermes brought to th' Jtbvm ? 

Otdfctepimbe,cncmytc lnefs, 

F gforro- andrepcalin ladncfc' 

QtUummel or EUxtr fthat exc 

Sauc men and Angels every creai c c!s)<- 
No,noncofthcf lefearcbutl i C s. 

«Ut!OV:^ NntMl.c k,.«.J i 

ids a saw- 

Which, being ta K?^ a U 

What ods the°rc is beS£ mP* ^ ^ 


E N\ 

Solace, and for row ; guile, and innocence^ 
Rebellious pride, and bum ble obedien cfc. 

For, God had not depriVd tl , rimer fvnfori 
The facred lamp and light of learned Rr )n: 

Mankmdc was then a thoufand fould more wi/e 
Then now : blinde Error had hotbleard his ryes, 
With mifls which malcerV Athemtm Sdge fcp^ofe 

j\w:ri0uj>?hekn*Ms fauet is, thaw t hekjiowes. 

Tbareven light Ptrrtom\ -nafo f lcs 
eaue him the skill his vn-sfcill to agnize. 

And th' Abdcrttc, within a W: 11 ob/curc, 

Asdeepasdark,thcTruthof i s immure.' 

He (ha| py) knew the Good by th' vfe of it : 
He knew the Bad, butnot by proof as Vet: 

But as they fay of great Hippocrttta y 

Who rhoui his limbs were nnmm'd with no Ctcefs 
Nor ftopr his throat, nor vext his fantahe) 

Knew the cold Cramp, th'Angine and Lunacy, 
And hundred elf pains, whence in lufty flowr 

He 1 1 ti exempt a hundred peers and rourc. 
Or like the pure Hcav'n-prompred Prophets rather,- 
Wlio'i i tfbel ly future rhi gs did thcr, 
Becaufc the World s Soule in the >ulc I'd 

The holy /lamp of feerc I'd. 

But oiii now -knowledge hath >r tedious t :?, 
A droopinglife, and over- racked b- : ain, 
A ha- foi lorn, a Ld and fullcn fhmion, 
A reft Ms toy], a«d Cares felf-pimng paffion. 
Knowledge was then c\ en the foulc >ule f >r h'ght, 
I he fpirirs calm Port, and Lanthorn ffiiningbi it 
|o fhaight-fccpt feet : deer knowledge 5 not e> d : 

N ^ r <>vvr $ butfweet:not^otfch,btitinfus'd: 

Now Hcav'ns etcmall alKfore-fei g, 

vyftoncver iafhly ordererh^y thing, 

' ■ nougor good, that man (hauing yet f\ rs found-fratcd) 
^nouid dwell elf-wherc, ih:n where he was a red - 
' ' ar he might bowc, he did not hold this place 

n f^P ! i?hr ^ but b y mccr ^ ii4 JCC 5 

"«nemoiiId never taftefruii n-p d, 

PthefjcrcdPK him committed, 

|"aarefs that Park, which, ( 1 without all rca:m, 
J ' , v condition auc h , as in farm. 
vod would, that (void of painfull ! :boiir) he 


I ) ' ,'. vncfs P»fe I ocencc fubvei rs, 

Vm , ,Ul L bod y> and our foulc perverts: 
K5_ r ° ft»i rma! ) tI s, 

i ^"'"^njc makes delicioi 

0v ^uc dull, to vice ingenious. 

x 75 



(jArUcn of Ecfcn 

t cxertip 


4 .oy 



wKirh w.*!s a (course io» "»" 



For £^« earth was... _ 

Th^SeoncIyAvcctl ryes, Jar, 

OfsldlfuUinduft ndnakc ^ fought 

Morcfordcbght,thcnforthc g? inhcrought. 

In bi icfc wTCapIcafantcxcrciiis 

AIabourJikt 5 apaincmuchliketheguirc f< 
OfconningdauncenriWho^althoi h they skij, 

R nn, c vault, traucr^nd turn, and trip, 

F; . . Morn till Even, at night again full met 

Rci ,ce,ofda-:cingncvcTWcary. 

Or clfcof Hunters, that with happy luck 

Routing bctim n breathed Buck, 

Or goodly Stn cthcirydj? nds \ ncoiplc, 

Windclowdt! horns iclr tiobpsand: sdoublc, 

Spur-on and. r,foIIowin 

Themfclucsvn-wea cirHacl styre. 

Bur, forth* end of all rheir y, 
There 's found much, ftifneft, f at and vanity, 
I rather march it to the pleann in 
Of Angels pure, who ever floath difdain : 
Or to the Suns calm cour/e, who pain Ic/s . 

About the welkin pofteth night ami 
Doubtlcfs,whcni_X^/»i our common aire, 

c did admire the manfion rich; c 

Of his SuccdTbrs. Tor, frofts keenly cold 
The fliady locks of Forrcfls had not powl'd : 
1 Ieav'n had not thundrcd on our heads as yet, 
Nor 1 theEarrh her fad Diuorccs Writ. 

But u hen he on difc, 

The remnant world he h 

•luchl; aE O 1, 

w «o,f)< (Corn, 

! Sheep and homcl .an sthatcht 
; >nd,hecoui as I ;domes- hardh ate 

inmfr °",™ l,h * London's venders manifold, 
*'*«gpix«d g K 'reeditj, 

vhfUheiArt > . / 


Adam ddmim 
the IxdMTxs 9/ 




ten 7 Eden, 



^ Itetr ^mfounddt:o»t ^j.r ', 


~\^<™ndersatthediff mn rtu 

'firmfojwdahom^ ~ mjtfiif 

OtftfW he xoandtrxat ,U. 



E N, 

/k 1 oner A the Jit cejs 5 

kfli 4/ /M[ *w, //*%*, ffo WMghts y tbe meafuro, 

But ofdfi&ti mnefeems him yet morejlrange 
7 /** the we, be auttom, {lately, rich Ex angc. 
Another M hlle he mar nails at the Thames, 
H , (ems to bear httge mountains on her (Ireams : 
Then at tic fur-built Bridge ; 7i facb he doth tndgt 
More like A tradefutlCitie then a Bridge ; 
And glueing thence a -long the Ktrtbren (hore y princely pro[pecl doth amaze htm more.] 
For in that Garden man delighted fo, 
That (rapt) he will not if he wak'c or no - 
If he beheld a true thine or a fable ; 
OrEarth,orHcav'n : all more then admirable. 
! 'or fuch excefs his extafie was finall 
Nor having fpiiit enough to mufc withall, 
H iiht him hundred-fold redoubled fenfes, 
The more to taile fo rarciweet excellences \ 

lot knowing, whether oofc^oj s, 

Smelr, hard, or faw, more fauours, founds, or Dks. 

But, \jidums bed and fiipreamc dek i|*^p, 
W often haunt and holy com 
H- dbod;. ad lb i] a\-. 

^ ho dEden 

I r P»«ts, rcligiouflyrcfi 

'Twin d and ma, amid [c: 

^ rV ,)moi ltoth'immo;taliioyne ; 

And th'in/i in narrow j confine. 

Som-timcsbyyou, O you I ) earns, 
4 ood. but not when B* nes 

J n «J ttonvaj .over-flow 
AWdrownourfpirits, prcicntin- fancies vain : 
r '; r w K '" P a, c /*%«, fron coloured C^Vr, 

'icftomacks belch their di rsd 

2" a pnntvponourVndcrftan« 
>^ -wracl , 

>o whe nrh Spirit of J our, 

all virfons in our fancy 1 

ur7 k ' l,of( 

la y-br< ltS( j v ijntethii rfleep, 

; chicfc faculties, 

\\-\ nanywaics, 

TK,I n3 ! , L tIf - vnr d from days dUlurbcr. 




he y'tfuns 

acl. this other, aides: 

Throi 1 r ca ' ' from davsdiltuibcr, 
Whe, r • hCy jhc'Hndesaqu 

u 1 in riddles, C< imoreplain. ft, 
cs tiimgi future, l'oJ shticsbr. 



- _ - J > - 

M«ggff S COT* 
'h^^no: from item, ° ul tl . - 


fbu dnJ Jfcn-'- 





2K Efi llZic ?dft ambling fa, 
The wakeful! iouieir fa 

P? m r m l ton Gods Signet folcly , 
£ '?•"£ c ffi Sibdl Map, doth fee 

Made more then fpirit, Now, Morrow, * efhi day , 
To it a" one. are all as prcfenr ay. . 

Ld chough k fee,, nor (when the dream's cspir d) 
Li"cr atitwas^yetisitrnuehadmird 


Se Sain Star, through gloomy Jades of nrgfc 

When the foules cbeholdcs Gods countenance: 
When mouth to mouth f iharly he denies, 
And in our face his drad-fweet face he Rales. 
As when S. /Won his deer Matters wings. 
Was rapt aliucvp to th' eternal! things : 
And he that whilom for the chofen flock, 
Made wals of waters, waters of a rock. 

O facred flight ! fwect rape ! loucs fovcrain bills • 
Which very loucs deer lip^oft make vs kifs : 
Hymen, of MMMM,and of 3/rt compact, 
Which for a time doft Heav'n with Earth contract : 

I -he, that in Limbeck of pure thoughts divine 
Doofl purge our thooal I our dull earth refine : 

And mounting vs to Heav'n, vn-moving hence, 

Ian (in a trice) in God dooft quintcflencc : 
O ! mad'ft thou man divine in habitude, 
As for a fpacc ; O fwecteft folitudc, 
Thy blifs were equall with that happy Red 
Which after death /hall make \-s cvei -blcft. 

Now, I bclccucthat in this later guife 
Man did convcrfc in Plcafant Paradifc 
With Hcavns gi cat Architect, and (happy) there 
His body (aw, (orbodicas it were) 
Glorioufly com part with the blefled Legions 
Thatraignabouc thcazurc-fpanglcd Regions, 

A dam. th He, the beauties manyfold 
1 hat m this El-n thou docft heer behold, 
Areall thine, oncly : enter (facred Race) 
^omc,ta oflcifionofthis wealthy place, 
Ihe&mhsfoleg! take (deer Son) to thee, 
1 his Farm s demains, leaue the Chief right to me, 

^L honl y^thatofitIreferue,is B 

1 rccsrair fruit, to (hew thy fute and fcrvicc 






,- c thou the Liege, and I Lord Paramount, 
j !c not exa^t hard fines (as men (hail woont). 

For fign< I '' ,ma g c > anc ^ for fcaJ of Faith, 
Ofalfthc profits this Poflbflion hath, 
I onely askeonc Tl j whofc fruit I will 
For Sacrament fliall (land of GWand ill. 
Take ill the reft, I bid thee : but I vow 

, t l, vM-nam'd name, win -to all knees doo bow, 
And by the keen Darts of my kindled ire 

c fiercely burning then confuming fire) 
That of the Fruit of Knowledge if thou feed, 
Death, dreadfull Death lhall plague Thee and thy Seed. 
ffthen, tlu- happy ftatc thou hold'ft of me, 
My holy mildnefs, nor high Maicfty, 
Iffaith nor Honour cm b thy bold ambition, 
Yetweigh thy fclf, and thy owne Sc eds condition. 

Moft mighty Lord (quoth Adam heer I tender 
All thanks I can, not all 1 ihould thee render 

rail . liberall fauours, far fui mounting 

My hearts conceit, much more my tongues recounting 
At my command, 1 uld with boyil'rous fhock 
Go run ray (elfe againfl: the hardeft rock : 

Or caftme headlong from fbmM< ainfi >, 
Down to the whirling bottom of )cep : 

Yea, at thy beck, I would norfparcthe lite 
>f my deer rhawxji/ier-ddwhter-mfe : 
ngthce, I findc the things impoifible, 
CrueJI,and painfull • plcafant, kinde, and poifible. 
But unce rhy fnft Law doth more grace afford 
Vntothe Subicc^thcn the fovcrain Lord : 

: ho udooH impofc no other tax, nov Rcnr, 
tone fole Precept, of moft iuft condition 

N o Precept neither, but a Prohibition) . 

Jl" d face (good God)ofalIthcfiuit. inE d b » 
1 her s but one Apple that I am forbiddc 

iat which bitter Death* at, 

laps, to look on th< ocat) 

, foule, and humbly s 

,'; y, f KJ to (as Author of i 
nf n >0ncc ^anlgreft,d( cs the rrathef 

A Judge, then mildnefs ofa lather. 

he I irmament fliall retro{ courfe, 

tybnus gochidc him in his lource, 

kip like Lambs 5 beneath the Deep 
Qialidiuc; Whales in the ayrflwllk. 
Vf [J ; c ! um ^*vitrrfinj rotouch 

,c hWs with lips) the Fruit >odf5 ucl 

JetH4nt »f Gtd\ 



i t , 






jjr Qrtbtri. 

Ibe Brut/. 

Ti: Ini'tt. 

*al Utittt. 



Thus, yet in lcag 

d Earth, lie liucs s 

5& s2 * 


: on.- ild 
rue-lot -notv 

I Anonhcwalkethi a to Jane 
On cither fide befer with fhady me, 
Wh Searched boughs, fi >r Briu d <W bear 
Thick Groucs, to I Id from rui charge of air ; 
Then in a path impal'd, in plcafantwifi 
Wimfoarp-fweeetOram Limon, Citron frees j 
Whofeleauy twigs, that intricately tangle, 
Seem pai: J wals whereon tr fruits do dangle. 
Now in a plentious Orchard planted rare 

With vn-grarttre< <,'m check id and fquare : 

Whofc goodly fruits fo on 11 dac v. -air, 

That plucking one, anot dy ft] lit : 

And having taftcd all ( iy) 

Findcsalloncgoodn ihrafb nicty. 

Anon he ftalkcth with an c .' ft ride, 
By fom clccr River's 1 illy-paved lidc, 
Whofe /and "s pure gold, vhofc pebbles prctious Gcmras, 
And liquid filver alh. > ftrcams : 

Whole chiding murnv. and out. 

With Cryftall ciftcrns d about : 

And th'art-lefs Bridges, i r-thwart this Torrent, 
Are rocks felf-arch the eating carrent : 

OrlovingP^whofelufryFemah illing $ 
Their mairow-l s to be fulfilling, 

(And reach their Ilusband-trccs on th' other banks) 

t their ftiffba. dli .rpaflingrplanks. 
i Then in; >dly( | alleys fmoorh 

VNt-ercprod.g cfetsabroadh booth 

rt beaut; ccach bed and border 

l - cs and ovder. 

i" T10i cepeth covertly 

wii "^y 

Seen 2 >congeald by colder air, 

The- ,ida^1 ^ohaueft 

VronalafpiSI ***& «4 

iththc ;ltl , 


Ed e n. 

X hen now at Tinoli, t h' Hydramkk Braul 
I jfrich F^r* '/ h'ately Cardinal! : 
OtCufifettZic enrins, framed there 
^ s they i n ad c of /fo, /«ptor. 

Mulin anon through crooked Walks ho wandci 
K id /in ing rings,' antfintrieate Meanders 
rui ling paths, doubrfull beguiling ftiws ' 
| right-wrong error; fan< l-lcfsMas 

Notfi pry ht edv !i a fingle border 

Rtfmtrji cut-out with curiot 
In .y.i/r", Cemtrs^WhdUs, zndbdlf-men-Hort 

An 1 ch unand other countcrfaited coil 
at with trueBeafts, faft in the ground ftifl iUd. 

'ing on graft, and rh'airy moifture lickin 
thofe Bondrcts, in ScjthUbrcd 

lender feeds, and with green fodder fa\ • 
Although then bodies, nofes, mouthes andcys, 
•fn -yeand Lambs haue lull the form and <>uife 

A I bevery Lambs, fiocthat<ror foot) 

in tl ound rh ey tix a Ifoing root, 

i Which at their naucll growcs,and dies that 
1 they haucbrouz'd the neighbou ralsawa\ 

vertue of God one) j**d 

hath root, the Plant hath andblooci 
le Plant can turn irto an < 

icn una! Bead can n noi^o: 

"••. v. mi nanrs ins nun^iv pancn d 
1 dBcaftis wenaflem feed. 

The p and down a Forrcftrhick he palcth . 

*yiich 5 fclfly op in his-prefence, 'bafcth 


;. ble magetb her mighty King 1 

T loufind Trees, waving wn irlc puff's 

>Iumy tops, fw<*p the celefriai s: 
s K'ng all the mMcc#t* fame, 

'.''^ty pales can but clafprl) 
'"••'c fprmes the Shrub three hegi 

»7nich reanuhe keen cdm fthci 
JJ^thc rich Egypt* foe. 

•i b ark and t ruit, and much uch nv the tears 

And ?i gr ° UTS VntiU ' d thc r,uM y Ctchcwel : 

Wirl Ctct,K ," cA «^«»,whkh on each lidc Arms 

• ch « Pointed pr ickjes all h do. i 

, 'ees and fruitfull in thole WoiTOSOf Price, 
cn P d, ; ldaeri*fi»'Co\ d ,. 




Tir BM^fTi 


I c '/ ^ 


ibt (h 















Tl*'**"* 1 ' 



That then- own M*™^,,, ferucs in Mx «. 
There mounts the £j» ^ (tofowc) 

nl « roniovned by a cunning hand, 

Somtimcs they twine them into cquall thrceds j 
I Small ends make needles , greater, arrow-heads i 
His vpner fap the (ling of Serpents cures : 
His ncw-fprung bud a rare Conieruc indurcs : 
His burned ftalks, with ftrong fumofities 
Of pearcing vapours, purge the French difeafe : 
And they extract, from liquor of his feet, 
Sharp vinegar, pure hony, fugar fweet. 

There quakes the Plant, which in Pudejeun 
Iscairdthe J7;i^/jf'r : for,afham'dofman, 
If towards it one doo approach too much, 
I flirinU his boughs, to fhun our hatefull touch ; 
As if it had a foulc, a fenfe, a fight, 

Subic&to ihamc^car, lorrow and defpight. 
jtTrffm^fr I And there, that Tree from offwhofe trembling top 
^T'ladS Bothfwimmingmoals,and flying troops doo drop : 

' 1 1 mean the Tree now in luturm growing, 
Who r e leaues, difperft by Zephyr 's wamon blowing, 
Arc metamorphos'd both in form and matter • 
On land to Fowls, to Fillies in the water. 

But, feeit thou not (dear Mufe) thou rrcadft the fame 
Too-curious path thou doft in others blame i 

\ 7— Z: £? d ft ? v ' ft in vain t0 P aint This Work of choice, 

mZ^k ™ c h n ° humanc f P irit ' n01 hand, nor voice, 
fUku/catt, v-an once conceiuc, left pourrray, leaft cxprcfL 

^ver-whclrn'd in gulls fo bottom lefs. 
Who (matching Art with Nature) likeneth 
?M toE > * fondly mca r urcth 
And7n k^ 1 " th ' m ^ M Eagle . 

And th Elcphamby every little BeagE 

Left £5? t0 ^' fcaU fcruc «c fofa bridle, 

To feek the place, an 1 fear* h th, ^ 
When both our P^emsZtnl^^ 




Ed e 


How long they had that Garden in poflcflion, 

Before elicit proud and inlolcnt Tranfgrcflion : 

What Children there they earned, and how many, 

Of whether fex : or, whether nohe or any : 

Or how (at leaft) they fhould banc propagated, 

Ifthefly malice of the ferpent hated, 

Caufmg their fall, had not defil'd their kin, 

And vnbon ed, with ieprofie of Sin. 

Ifvoid o^ Venus • fith vnhke it is, 
Such blefled ftate the noble flowr mould mifs 
Of Yir| -head ; or, folk fo perfect chafte 
Should fmious feel, when they their loues imbrac't, 

ich tickling flames as our fond foulefurprife 
( That dead a-while in EpiUpfie lies) 
And flack our finews all, by little and little 
pri ling our reafoninfoul pleafurc brittle. 

( )i whether clfc as men ingender now, 
Sith fpoufc-bed fpot Ids laws of God allow, 
.If no excels command : fithelfc again 
T Lord had made the double fex in vain. 

Whether their Infants iliould hauchadthepowr 
We now perceiue in frclh youths lufly flowr, 
As nimble feet, limbs (Hong and vigorous, 
Induftrious hands, and hearts courageous ; 

th before Sin, Man ought not leisapj 

In Natures gifts, then his then-fcruants were : 
ndlo the Partridge, which new-hatched bears 

On her weak back her parcnt-houfe, and wears 
( hi ftead of wings) a bcvcr-fupple Down, 
■ allows her dam through furrows vp and down. 
Orclfeas now ; fith in the womb ofEue 
i man of thirty ycers could never liuc : 
Nor may we iudge gainft Natui courfc apparanr, 
Witbontthe /acred Scriptui ciall warrant : 

Which for our good (as Hcav'ns dear babe) hath right 
To countcrmaund our rcafon and our 1 ir. 

Whether their feed iliould with th h hauc brought 

Deep Knowledge, Kcafon, Vndcrftand thought 5 
Nth now we fe hcucw-ftll'n feeble Lamb 
^ftain'dwithbloudofhisdiftrc d Dun, 
Jno wes well the Wolf, at whofc fell fight he fliakes, 
\™ ( j | it the teat of th' vnknc nc Ewe he takes : 
pnd fith a dull Dunce, which no knowledge can, 
s a dead image, and no living man. 

Orthethick vailofigno ice'snight 
'' ';' nooded-vp their ics inward fight, 

Jitn the much moifturc of an Infant brain 
deceives fo many fliaj cover-lain 

S j 


I I 

I I 



^ 1 1 


\';V ■ I ■ I 



Ede n. 





ȣ i rar// 



•i fyftm 

bf«0 I, ...<;,' 



N ew da(h the old 5 and the trim commixanon 
Of conftis'd fancies, full of .iteration 

M kes th' vnderifendingh^ which fettle ivou d 
a j fi jL „„ firm -'round for his Anchors hould. 

A Whc£o!?A^" 

Vnto his Sons . they, to their after- race : 

Or whether all together at the laft . 

Shouldelorioufly from thence to Hcav n haucpafr s 

Search whofo lift : who lift let vaunt in pride 
T haue hit the White, and let him ((age) decide 
The many other doubts that vainly rife. 
For nunc own part I will not fecm To wife : 
I u ill not waftc my traucll and my feed 
To reap an empty ftraw, or fruit-Ids reed. 

Alas ! wc knowc what Orion of grief 
Rain'd on the curft head of the creatures chiefs 

. ft cr chat God againft him war proclai m "d, 
And Satan princedom of the earth had claim'd. 

ut none can knowc precifely, how at all 

OurEldcrsliv'd before their odious Fall : 
An vnknownc Cifcr , and deep Pit it is. 

Where Dirce/m Oedipus his marks would mifs : 
Sitli Acbm 's felf, if now he liv'd anew, 
Could /cant vnwindc the knotty fhai Jed clew 

Of double doubts and quefh'ons intricate 
That Schools difpute about this priftin ftate. 

Sthis iblc point I reft refolved in, 
J feeing Death 's the mcer effect of fin, 
Man had not dreaded Death 's all-flaying mi°ht 
Had he ftill ftood in Innocence vpright. * 
For, as two Bellows, blowing turn by turn, 
By littcand little make cold coals to burn 
And then their fire inflames with glowing heat 

An.ionbar ; which,ontheAnviHW 
Seems no more iron, but flies almoft all 

wS2£ S ° r C ft0U,d in ° ur foulc inf P irc 

\n etc, nan f , cc ofan ctcrnaH fi I 

Cltitf Heav n-tuned force, 
Should ( FiXfi? tV h Utlfi ' d ^ 

Heer ( wot I veU ^ * f ° uIc > hauc «<*" di'd. 

To fay, Small fc^?*** 1 ** wiU P rcfumc 
Our humor radical and I *? C ° nfumc 

The differing vcX* of S jt 

Had no agrecmentTith °» C H*? as ?<* 
i^^hefefiPeS 2±^«*C 


E N. 


An j n otwithftanding that then Adam's taftc 
' yell li luevfed all, wit hout all wafte, 

Yet couid they not re re h i m every day • 

Vnto jis body that w nchdidd ccay ; 
Becauferiie food cann « Casbc ing ftrange) 


\Va tens Drew u, vrm-i .,_> „« j-n-ujam life 

Is over-coord 5 and (o there r cits, in fine, 

Noughtofthe ftrength, fauour, of tafteof Wine. 

Rjfi^s in I i llC tnc : ura ^ Acuities 
Arc yr'd with toil ■ and th' Humour-enemies, 
Our death confpiring,vndcrminc,at laft, 
nr Soulcs prifons the foundations faft. 

I. bu: the T rce ofl i fe the ftrifc did ftay 
\\ , th" Humours caufed in this houfcofclay • 
And flopping th' cvill, changed ( pcrfcc-1 good ) 
In body fed, the body of the food : 
Onely the Soulcs contagious malady 
[ad ilrxc to fruftratc this high remedy. 

Im >rtall then, and morrall,Man was made- 
Mortall he liv'd, and did immortall vade : 
For, Tore th' effects of his rcbcllio 
Tody oriiuc, was in his power andV ill : 
Bat (tnee his Sin, and proud ApoftahV, 
Ah I Jy he may, but n< I alas ! j not dy . 
As alar his new -birth, he ihall attain 
Ouely a powr to never- dy again. 














The Impostvre. 





Tmi Arovmint. 

Iuflice and Mercy modal' din their kinde: 

S atans proud Hate, and Enuy to Mankinde : 

Hit many Engins and ' malstiousWiles, 

l\ hereby the belt he many -times beguiles : 

Why he affum d a Body\ and began 

H'tth Eue • by Her to undermine her Man : 

Their dreadful! Ml : Their drouzy Conicience : 

Gods riobteciu Sentence Jor thetr foul Offence, 

Onthem (andlhetrs) : Their Extle : Eden barrd 

V,nh flaming Sword.and Seraph \nJor guard. 

Who (hall lend mc light and nimble vviri"s, 
Thar ( paffing Swallowcs, and thefwifteft things) 
t en ma moment, bold! v-daring I 
^fi v ' n t0 Hdl > ^ Helho Heaven may fly t 

0\ Mercy and Jusliee < which fair facred fi^rs 
WW Ml poiz, doo ever balance evn ' . 
Th ^changing proic^ of the KinP f Heavn 


Th'onc, fromlln hs £ l° r i C "SEP*** * 
Th' other hath « S ffit ^ *" dlfmifs ? 
Who mall dircftm y Sr^ rWift - 
OfvsM etched mans ffin Pai . ntthe - 7 
VVhatSpclJ/hX h ^ 



<; t j, [, raft, may ravtfh all this I L £ 
0tf oraue-fwtet warbles of my faeredfiiU ; 
Though yfto* Doom, in every Sermon common, 
And founded on the error ofawoman, 

Weary the vulgar, and be iudg'd a ieft 

Ofthcpiofanezeal-fc ^Atheifi. 

Ah ! Thou my God, even Thou ( my foulc refining 
In holy Faiths pure I ■tirnacc, clecrly mining) 
Shalt make my hap far to furmountmy hope, 
Initru :t my fpirit, and giue my tongue fmooth fcope : 

Thou ( bounrioqs) in ray bould attempts fliaJt gracc-me, 

A:ul in the rank of holief t Poets place-me ; 
And frankly fi«nt, that ( foaringneerthesky) 
Among our Authors,Eagle-like I fly : 

Or, at the lead (if Hcav'n fuch hap denav) 
I may point others, Honors bcautious Way. 
While Adam bathes in thefc felicities, 
Hill's Prince (fly parent of revolt and lies) 

Feels a pcftifcrous bufic-fwarming neft 

Of never-dying Dragons in his brcfr, 

Sucking his blood, tyring vpon his lungs, 

Pinching his entrails with ten thoufand tongues, 

His cu: led foule ftill mofrextrcamly racking, 

Too frank in giving torments, and in taking : 

But aboue al£ Hate, Pride jm& Emmm Tpight, 

His hellilh life doo torture day and night. 1 Hate he bears to God, who hath him driv n 

Iuftly for ever from the glittering \ leav'n, 

To dwell in darknes of a fulph'i y clowd 

( Tj »ugh ftill his brethrens fen ice beallow'd) : 

The Proud defiretohauc in lus lubiection 

Ma nde inchain'd in gyuesof Sins infection : 

Andih'Hnnousheart-br ycttolhinc 

In Adams face Gods Image all divine, 

Which he had loft ; and that Man might atchiue 

Thcgloriousblifsjns Pride did bWdq 

Gn n barbarous Tyrants of his ti will, 

^P«r-on his courfc, his rage redoubling ftill. 
Or rather (as the prudent Hcbruc notes) 

Tis thatold Python which through hundred throat* 
Doth proudly hifs,and (pair his wont) doth fire 

^.hell of Furies in his fell defire : 


And (icalous) doubts the rifing of the other. 

To vent his poyfon,this notorious Tempter 
< ^^r fpirit ) ailails not E*e> but doth attempt her 

Ht bath rt~ 
th "bgrnertf 
4*i4txtahy \n 


it* enrniy «f 

Of a timKib 





txtmtui^ bit 


H ■ . ^ ^*._ 



▼ 9 


| | 


I I 






The Impostvre. 

re J mi m tit 


Be Unburn 

• ' ft' 

Therefore he fle/7Wy doth the ;EfcA afl.iy 
(Suborning rh 3 r) her Mi^refs to bar^i 

Then Sea hath Fifh, or Heav'n hath twinkling lights. 

For, had he been of an ethereal! matter, 
Offaryfubftancc,oraiereaIl nature- 
The needful] help of language had he wanted, 
Whereby Faiths ground- work was to be pplantcd : 
Shh fuch pure bodies haue nor teeth, nor tongues, 
Lips, utiles, nofe, palate, nor panting lungs, 
Which rightly plaf't are properly created 
True instruments of founds articulated. 

And furthermore, though from his birth W had had 
Heart-charming cunning fmoothly to perfwade, 
He fear'd (malirious) if he, carc-lefs, came 
Vn-masked ( like himfelf, in his ownc name) 
In deep diftruft man entring, fuddenly, 
Would ftop his ears, and his foul prefenccfly : 
As Coppo/ire) taking the mining face 
Of/acred Angels fall of glorious grace, 
He then fu/petfed, led th' Omnipotent 
Should think man 'sFaJfcarcc worthy puniihment. 

Much like (therefore) fom thcef that doth conceiue 

From rraucllers both life and ooods to rea-:c 
And inthc twi-iight (while the Moon doth play 
In Thnu r Palace) neer the Kings high-way 
Himfrlf doth ambufh in a bum v Thorn 
Then in a Caue, then in a field of Com 

And yet the fafety of each place doth doubt - 
Til , t cfolutc at laft (vpon his knee 
Taking Ms levcll) from a hollow Tree, 

And left he n,,fs a mVcK rtST* P roud > 
Oft d.angeth minde, and vari« oftaW 

" ' ™> AlR ' Watc *> Wild« an d Woods, 


the I 


Thelaio^y Serpents fpotty generation 
a w. filled with infectious inflammation : 


Are rilled 

And though they want Dogs teeth, Boars tusks, Bears paws, 

The Vuhuas bill, Buls horns, and Griphins claws ; 

Vca^feemfoweakjasif they had not might 

To hurt vs once, much kfs to kill vs quite : 

Yet, many times they treacheroufly betray vs, 

\ n d with their breath, look, tongue or train they flay vs 

He crafty cloaks him in a Dragons skin 

All bright-beiped ; that, fpeaking fo within 

That hollow Sagbuts fupplc-wrearhing plies, 

The mover might with th* Organ tympathizc. 
Tor, yet the feich-Iefi Serpent (asthey lay) 
With horror crawl'd not groueling on the clay, 
Nor to Mankinde (as yet) was held for hatefull, 
Shh that's the hire of his offence ingratcfull. 
But now, to cenfure how this change befell 
Our wits com fhort, our words fuffizenot well 
Tovtterit : much lefs our feeble Art 
Can imitate this fly malitious part. 

Somtimes me feems (troubling Em fpirit) the Fiend 
Made her this fpeaking fancy apprehend, 
or, as in liquid clouds (exhaled thickly) 
Water and Air (as moift) doom* quickly* 
The cuill Angels flide too caiily, 
As fubtile Spirits, intoour ranta/ie* 

Somtimes me feems She faw (wo-worth the hap^> 
No very Serpent, but a Serpents fhapc : 
Whetherthat, Satan plaid the Iuggler there, 
VVho render cys with charmed Tapers blear, 
Transforming fo, by fubtile vapoury gleams, 
Mens heads to Monftcrs, into J s the beams ; 
Or whether, Divels having bodies light, 
Qjnck, ramble, a&iue, apt to change with Height, 
In (hapes or ihewes, they guilcfull haue propos'd - y 
hi brief, like th' Air whereof they arc compos 'd. 
1 or, as the Air, with fcatrred clouds befpred, 
J5 heer and there black, yello hitc and red, 
Refembling Armies, Mongers, Mountains, Di ons, 
jocks, fiery Caftlcs, Forrefts, SI md Wagons, 
p r >dfuchtovsthr< hglai parent clear 

°m form to form van, it doth appear : 
o, mefc feducers can gi owe great, or fmall, 
ground, or fquare. or ftraight,or fhort, or tall, 
^ s fits the paffionst) arc moved by, 
^°d fijeh our fbuh them from our ey. 

-omtimes ; that Satan (onely for this work) 
a-u'd him a Serpents fhapc herein to lurk. 







V^» ~* 





The Impojtvre. 

Whereof a Mafs s made, and thci t unto^ .hand lively morion too. 

Nc^SlV * CrCat0rS : ftr '*' AI ^ lghty> 
Wl o 5 of nor hing made vaftc ^i«fb™, 

The worlds dull Centre, Heav'ns ay-turning Trame, 

And whii ling Air, folc merits that high Name : 

Who (onely Seeing) Being gi tics to all, 

And of all things the feeds fubftantiall 

Within their firft-born bodies harh inclos'd, 

To be in time by Natures hand difpos'd : 

Not thofe, who (taught by curious Art or Nature) 

Haucgiv'n to things Hcav'n-pointcd form and ftature, 

Hafticd tlicir growth, or wakened learnedly 

The forms that formlcfs in the Lump did ly. 

But (to conclude) I think 't was no conccipr, 
No rained Idoll,nor no iuggling Height, 
Nor body borrowed for this vfes fake, 

the fclf Serpent which the Lord did make 
In the beginning : for, his hatcfull breed 
Bears : the pain of this pernicious deed. 

Ye: 'c tis a doubt \ her the Divcll did 
Goucrn the Dragon ( not there felfly hid ) 
Tora hiscouragMM onguc direct, 
Locally abfent, \ fent by effect : 
.s when the fwect firings of a Lute we fti ike, 
Another Lute laid ncer it, founds the like, 
v the fame note, through fecrct fympathy 
Vmoucht) receiving Life and Harmony ■ 
Or, as a ftar, which ( though far diftant) pours 
Vpon our heads, hap-lefs or happy ftiowrs ' 

Or, whether for a time he did abide 
Within the doubling Serpents damask hide 
Holding a place-lcfs place : as our foule dear, 

A nZ S At d rT ,anthom of our fl ^> ftin« clear • 
' is £ SS bOUmis " fclfin fo {h a^tfLf ' 

But this ftands fu, C) how-evc, dfe it went 

Makes fvveeter Mufick then Ihr -iw n t 



C inhiswomb;So 5 wcllavvorl 

want of any organ ill: 

"^TTelalearncd Fiend with skilfull hand 
S °' h he dull motions of his mouth command, 
?,°<lclVdurn Crcaturo's glozing Rhctoi ike 

I i baOifull Ihame great Orators would frrike. 
c Faicry Trunks within Epyrus Grouc, 

m ■ 1 bv the foil it that was infpir'd by io*e y 
With flacn: voyce (to every one that fecks) M 

cll^tell the Fates oflight-bclceuu^ decks : 

m m ntcdwith ) 

s eaks ii his womb ; So, well a workmans skill 

ton Sums wins) tell with a tongue diftraught 


, ial ofthole Arts that he did never reade 
ruth-lcfs murderer of immortall Soulcs ! 

Ala, ! to pull vs from the happy Poles 

And plunge vs headlong in thy yawning hell 

Thv ccal-lcfs frauds and fetches who can tell f 

Thou play 'it the Lion, when thou doft engage 
BloiKl-ilmlly Bern's barbarous heart with rage, 
Wnilc flefht in murders ( butcher-lil pamts 

The Saint-pooi world with the dear bloudof faints. 

Thou play'ft the D02, when by the mouth profane 
Of fom falfc Prophet thou dooft belch thy banc 
While from the Pulpit bai kingly he rings 
Bold blafphcmicsasainft the King of kings. 

Thou play'ft the Swine, when plung'd m plcalu 

Som Epicure doth fober mindes defile - y 
T ;minglewdly,by his loofe impiety, 

■Stri ;: Uce&tmon to a foft fociet \ . 
Thou play'ft the Nigh ^alc,orclfcthc.Swan, 

When any famous Rhetorician, 

With captious wit and curious language, drawl 
ceo hearers ± and fubverts thelaws. 

Thou play'ft the Fox, when thou doft a-rignt 
The face and phrafc otTom deep H: icntc. 
True painted Toomb,dcad.fceminu coal utc I UICk 

A Scorpion fell, whofc hiddc 1 doth prick. 



res vile 

^tfrndry Cm 

rndeuomrj of tbt 





Yet, this were little, if thy fright audacious 

par , d(atthclcaft)thefac »FAng icious. 
Andifthoudidftnot(Apc-lil imitate 
Th' Almighties Works, thcwaricftWusto mate. 

But (without numbfine all thy futile baits, 
And nimble iuggling with a thouland Heights) 

I inu-ly returning wh< I firft digrcft, 

II nely hccrthyfirftD £ c t U' ' 

d i ft« 


The ?*t rrf»- 


f 0$t rfc t ucfme 

the temftdrmn 

#i I 



» r A 

! 02, 



Sdthjns Ofitil. 

t*t >**.}■* 

The Dragon then, Man >rrrcfstofurprifc, 

,llow >m Captains m a rtiaiJooIic 

rhc fituation marks, and tbundsthc ditch, 
With his cys leucJJ the fteep wall he macs, 
Survc the /bnUhis Camp in order lets , 
And then approaching, batters fore the fide 
Which Air and Nature haue leaft tbitifi'd : 
So, this old Souldicr, hailing marked rife 
The nVft-born payrsyct dangcr-diradlcfs life • 

.Mounting his Canons, furtly he aflauks 
Hie part he findes in evident defaults : 
Namely, poor Woman, waucring, weak, vnwifc, 
Light, credulous, ncws-loucr, giv'n to lies. 

£w, Second honour of this Vniverfe 1 
Is 't true ( I pray) that jealous God, pervei 
I 01 bids (quoth he) both you and all y our race 
All the fair FrursthefciilucrBi tscmbraci 
bequeathe you, and by you poflffr, 

\nd ddy and night by your own labour di efl : 

With th'airofthefefweetwon the wiIy.Sr*ik 

A poyfoncd air in/piicd (as it ipakc) 
In Em frail brcft ; who thus replies : ! knowc, 
What e'r thou be (buf,thy kindc care doth fliowc 
A gentle fl icnd ) thatall the fruits and Aowrs 
In r!„s eat ths-hca v'n are m our hands and powrs 
ccept alone tha ,odly fruit diuin^ 

u U S ? id ^ lh »B«™ S«Hind doth (1 
>ut all -good God (alas ! I oUv , } 

forbad ys touch .that Tn onpauuody. 

A curious wifh, that will her wcalfubvot 

* guaeftll Calfts ! otl : cou "t«fct 




The Impsotvre, 

Makes him forbid you (on fo arid condition) 
This purcft, fail eft, eft J r^irs fruition : 
)U bl< ar,ancnvi< ndahate, 
isic s heart for ever cruciate j 

jv Ivcrcuco his Tree 
Shall foon difj e cloud ofldiocy, 

Which dims your eyes • and further, make you feem 
(Exci liing vs) • n *^im// Cods to him. 
Worlds rare glory i reach thy hapny hand, 
ich, reach, I fay : why dolt thou flop or rtaiid cT 
rin thy J'.l us, and do no fear the threat 
tan vncertain God-head, onely great 
Through fclf-aw'd zeal : put on the gliftring Pall 
Of immortality : do not t ore-flail 
(As envious ftepdame) thy pofLritic 

Thclbverain honour of Dtuinitie. 

This parley ended, our ambitious Grandam, 
Whoonlyyet did heart and ey abandon 

ainft the Lord ; now farther doth proceed, 
And hand and mouth makes guiltie of the deed. 

A novice Theef (that in a Clofcr fpies 
A heap of Gold, that on the Table lies) 
Palc,fcarfulljfhivcTing,tvvic >rt ten.ds, 

And twice or thrice retires his finders ends, 
Ami again returns ; the booty ca). , 
And faintly-bold, vp in hiscloik it makes, 
Scarce hndesthe doore, v faoltring foot he Hies, 
And ifilllookes back tor Hu-on cries: 

Even fodoth fivftttv by like 1 ear-full falhions 
Thedoubtful] combat of contending Paliions • 

'ev.ouljjhc mould no: not; glad, fad • corns, and goes : 
And lo iljc marts about a Match of Woes : 

i" -(out alas !) at laftftc touch 
And (hailing toucht) taftes the forbidden bit. 

Then as a man that from a lofty Chfr, 
"' fteepy Mountain doth defcend too i\\ , 
dtuinblii it fomwhat, quickly cl. Jim 

V leerkinfmanwalkii cttohim, 

'his headlong hlU his friend 
* ° anvntimely, fad, and fu. 

her, tailing, hal oufcanon 

--,—««■• •■ — ■> 

H„ idding her quaint finding glance , 

ech,andp try count* mces, 

A ,'riurhcr blind Lord, at 1 

fno ^ofthelharp-fwectti 




U Ctmrsrjftn* 

fsrtfim Iruely 
<x; rejjms the 


/ w/r. 




The Im posTVRE. 

i& fight- 

K*2 ffi ISSSS ?K 

itr txrtiitii- 




htfd j 

T htthatfw ty through th' Earth sfolid centos 

(As elobcsof pure tranfparcnr cTyftall) enters 
Cannottra fpearceyoui I< cs ^ or do yc v.ccn, 
Covering your dame Co ro conceal your fan i 
Or that, a] c thus clowded, all doth lie 
Safe from the fcarch of HeaVas all-feeing ey«r 
Thus yet, mans troubled dull Intelligence 

Had of his fault butaconfufed 

As in a dream, after much drink it chances, 

Difturbed {pints are vcxt with raving fancies. 

Therefore the Lord, within the Garden fair, 
Moving betimes I wor not I what ayre, 
Butlupcinarurall ; whofe breath divine 

Brings of his presence a mod certain figne: 

Aw u 1 r Litharge and to t h c q u i c If , 

Their fclf-doom'd ales doth thari- orefs and prick: 

Now morcand more making their pride to fear 

Ti nin igc of their Fudge feverc : 

To feck n -refuge in more feci a harbors 

Anion ie dark madcof thofc tufting arbors. 

^«, quoth God, (w-itlurwndi in ) 

Where art thou (wretch ! ) w t doo'ft thou '. anfwer me 
Thy God and Father; from whofe \y \ i 

Thou hold'ft, thine honour, and all forts of wealth. 

At this fad fummons, wofull man refemblcs 
A bearded rum that in a riucr trembles : 
His rofic cheeks arcchang'd to earthen hewt 
His dying bodv ciedcaw- 

"" ;C "'' aK n 't an 'S htof ' «*bc n 

HBfiintedld ,with fsa [,' b j 

H.s6ukr,ng .ffid, andftunUc- * 

He hath not (now) hi cc bold ft,, " 

Burdov caftlooK, ffi T> 

N 0£ noughi r of U/w, doth ^„, r "ft J . 

The Impostvre. 

A confus'd hoaft of violent paffions iar 5 

His fleih and fpirit arc in continual! war : 

And now no more(through confciencc of his error) 

He hearsor Cccs th' Almighty, but with terror i 

Andlo:hhcanfwcrs (as with tongue diftraught) 

Confeffmg (thus) his fear, but not his fault. 

O Lord ! thy voyce, thy drcadfull voyce hath made 
Mc fearfull hide me in this covert ftiadc. 
For, naked as lam (O moft of might J) 
I dare not come before thine a\%ftilJ fight. 

Naked (quoth God)? why (faith-lefs renegate, 
Apoftarc I 'agan ! ) who hath told thee that ? 
Whence fp rings thy /hamec* what makes thee thus to run 
From made to (hade, my prefcnee ftill to iliun i 
Haft thou not tailed of the learned Tree, 
Whereof (on pain of death) I warned thee f 

O riqhteous God (quoth <^4dam) I am free 
From this offence : the wife thou gav: ft me, 
For my companion and my -comforter, 
She made mc eat that deadly meat with her. 

And thou (quorh God) 6 i thou frail treacherous Bride, 
Why, with thy fclf, haft thou feduc't thy Guide i 

Lord (anfwers Em) the Serpent did iiiticc 
Myfimple frailty to rhisfinfiil! vice. 

Mark beer, how He, who fears not who reform 
His high Decrees, not fubieft vnto form, 
Orftile of Court: who, all-wife, hath no need 
T' examine proof or witnefs of the deed: 
Who for fuftayning of vncqnall Scale, 
Dreads not the Doom of a McrcurhlL - y 
Ycr Sentence pafs, doth publikely convent, 
Confront, and hcer with care indifferent 
Th' Offenders fad : then with iuft indignation, 
Pronounce rh thus their drcadfull Condemnation. 

Ah curfed Serpent, which my fmcers made 
u°u UC mankin dc : th" ft made thy feifca blade 

Wherewith vam Man and his im ledi fe 

;^lf-pariindes)haiicrcftrh rlife. 

ijorthis thy fault (true Fountain of all ill) 

* nou be katcfull 'n ,g all creatures ftill. 

in dufr, ofduftrhou ay /halt feed : 
c kindle ir between thcWomans feed^ 
*?? • fell race . hers on the head flrall ding 
■J} 1 * -.thine again ha s in the heel mall fting. 
w hell to me, vnto thy kindred curft, 
f o thy husband, to thy felf the worft : 
A f> thy fruit focafily to bring forth 

ns '»owthouftay-ftit:h cc-fonh,c 

1 .iif c 





3od vrgrrb the 
teuton cr/e*rt 

Aims rrflj, 

t\i 'hxmftlj 
C" ctuc fdf rm 

ftf G^d. 

nttkn c 

•h h c 

Utpmff on dm. 

jfn IMP if 

ihf Sent met i 


ict ferns . 

T z 



■ ■ ^m 


Jgtmfl «*»• 

tmft tht Sm 0/ 



The Imfostvju. 

U-fwtrtn lit 




>And thou difloyall, which hail bitned more 
To a wanton fondling then my ia 1 ore, 
Henceforth thefv it ftoii bubble on rhy brow ; 
Thy hands dull Wider,. Itliyb* all bow* 
NVrflialt >uf 1 into thy bra ichievams 
A bit, but bought with price of thoufand pains. 
For,th arthfeelin even in her) dS cftca 
Of the doom thundred gainft thy foul difc&* 
In dead of hvcer fruits icb (he >vlds 

Seed-lcfs, and Arr-lefs over all thy fields, 
With thorns and burs (hall bridle vp her bred : 
(In fliort) thou malt not tad; the fweccs of reft, 
Till ruth-left Dea'h i 5 ran earn eft pain 
Thy dud-born bodie rum ro du(\ again, 

Heer J conceiue, that flefli and blood will branglc, 
And murmuring Reafon with th'AJmighty wrangle, 
Who did our parents with Free-will indue, 

Thou h he re-fa w, that that would be r. he clew 

Should lead their ftcps into the 
Where life is death ten th ad: 

j No\vallthathcfore-feer,b: id further, 

Hcall events by his free powr doth order. 
Man ta h God or too--vniuft fevcriry 
For plaguing Adams fin in his pofterity : 
So that th' old ycers renewed j rations 

Cannot aflwage bis venging indignations, 
Which haue no other ground to profecute, 
But the mif-carin^ofacenain fruit. ' * 

dufty wormling .' dar'it thou di iue and dand 

with Heavnshigh Monarch- wilt thou ( -ch) demand 
g^HttdcrJ > Ah J (hall the Potte. 
AnW Uch ^^nim lift, to take ^ 
£S}Sm rt ( Wor,ds Fottndw > ] tuwi rather) 

Uiipofe of man (hisown meet creature) 1 r ' 
™ cfu P; who (lodge, itd *S) 

But free t' obiv 5 ! th y fra *>«-*'", 

tobay lus facredgoodnefs dill ? 



I M 


freely to follow him, and do his lied, 
jsjot rhdtre<hu m'd, B*/?r*J prcd ? 

God arms thee with difcom hou(0 etch J) 

the keen edge the woond-fpulc fword dooftcatch ■ 

re, and in thy lo y Jim. 

LillSpid iving wofull twine) 

AHH< Lire flowi-s thou tin ncftintOTOy/bn: 

T fenfe reaues fenfe : thy n irobsthyrca 1. 

»uc 1 plain* 1 whofeStil] 

cracks fromd softhineaudacio: sill, 
1 eviu edj hy praifc for his Name "• 
Blift for thy felf • I Satan endicfs-fliamc : 

Sr;i. but for 1; , lux/ice and Mercy were 

uc idle names: andbutthatthoudiddene, 
Christ had not coin to conquer and to quell, 
VpontheCrol ,Sin, Satan, Death, and H 11; 
M r thee blcdcd more fincc thine offence, 

Then in rl.y primer happy innocence. 

Thcn,might'd thou dy-^ now,death thou dooftnot doubt 
FNow,int n; then, didft thou rid? without: 

InEarth,thou livdft then ; now in Heav'n thou bced : 
: Then, thou did d hear Gods word- it, now thou fecit : 

Then,plca(an frui s ; now, c. 
[Thenmij »u CiIIj but d< 

Nov 1 dims I ot in deed Co light, 

Asfcemesi fin tdOv 

nt 'twas a c call the greated funis 

W one mother lii ed raft, as Twins : 
■mg iide, pride, ti glutto , 

P <unoi lirftj , felony, 

\J fweet baits 

Thar mad. ; m wander m Hcav ns holy draights. 

What .urddtho-.: r her) / vntoaSon 
w^perfc whom for portion 

vijtinga iUing, while thv felf y. d) 

. 'V! ; in the earth thou ^ivcft: 

jratefull, oracc-lefs, ii 
■! '1 d.i 1 do im 

P n o »o^^«rinthymcm 

ds own hand v. with ly, 

y, K ': - ; burar mmand 

^cnchaboundanceofrhc Md 

-', " ii(e, but hau r might 

v ° b ^and range it dill aiight: 

0l j} lo j [ k with vainc opinion: 

v [) dhisde (rMinion: 

r «hljfgrowc .1 little, n 











■ -. 





■ H 


' ^ 











Then,*. !i Ma ,s, '"7 A<7e f rom SircstoSon 

I T£ ?.rt „ n^nrthis wicked deed. 


Ir ftili mo. e muddy and more filthy growes : 
I _!- lotniarvai' ittrven vet) his feed 
R-d the iuftwagcsof this 


The vnborn Babe, hid in the Mothers womb, 
Isibrrow's: ant 3 and Sin's lervile groom, 
As a frail More from the firftMafs extract. 
Which Adambzcnd by his rebellious fact. 
Sound ort-fpring corns not of a ittfct 

Paitsarenot fair, if totaU be dcK I : 

Ard a defiled ftinking (ink doth yceld 

Mo edurtthen water to the neighbour field. 

While nights black mi; r hoodeth vp the skid, 
The filly blind-man miflerh not his eyes : 
But when the day fummons to work again, 
His night, ctcrnall then he doth complain, 
That he goes groping, and his hand (alas ! ) 
Is fain to guide his foot, and guard his face : 
So man, that Jiveth in the wombs obicurity, 
Knowcs >t, nor maketh known his lufts impurity : 
Which, for 't isfown inatoo-plentiousground, 
Takes root already in the Caues profound 
Of his Inft&cd Hart; with s birth, it peers, 
And growes in ftrength, as he doth growc in years ; 

}nd waxt a Tree (though proin'd with thoufand cares) 
An execrable deadly fruit it bears. 

Thou feed, no wheat Hcllehrus can bring : 
Nor barly, from the madd MoitcJI fpring * 

The bleating Lambs braue Lions doe not breed - 

I he leprous Parents, raifc a leprous fad i 

■ venfo our Grand-fire, living Innocent, 

Had ftockc the whole wo Id with a Saint-defcent t 

? uffcri fein E* in him invade, 

Efe' fe ^ Wrath he made. 
Not' the firftlS ^M &* ** &**> 

Tor, if an odious Tiakout xuLV r ■ 

not alone the lav. s cxtrcj*™' 

The Impostvre. 

77~^ftwd vertuous) for their Fathers blame, 

Arehap-1< fcarr'd with an a email fhamc: 
w , n0 rth'Ecernall ha right 

}n [jdams idhc punifh ^darns' 

eous terror, 


May he not thrall thera voder Deaths command, 

And fear their brows with everlafting brand 


I laucgran worfc Hips then Adam fct at fiift i 
J^j feed then iuftly, by fucccmon, 

Bears the hard penance ol his high tranfgrcflion : 
Ami Adam heci , from hden batiulied, 
As rlrft olfcnder is Hi ft pimifhed. 

Hence (quoth the Lord; hence, hence (accurfed race) 
Out of my Garden : quick, auoyd the place, 
This beaut ions place, pride of this Vniverfe, 
Ahpufc vn worthy Maftcrsfopcrvcrfc. 

jhofethat (m quarrellofthe Strong of 'Strongs , 
Andtuti reuenye of &*ef», and Countries n rongs) 

I I 'ere wttnejjes to all the wofull plaints, 
7 he ft: re f y and tears, and putf nil complaints, 
Ofbrduing Spaniards (chiefly braue in word) 
When i) the valiant Heavn-afsistedjword 
OfMwi-like Esse \, En glands Afar/bdll-EJrl 
Men Albions Patron % and Eliza's Pearl) 
7 hey were expulft from Cad'/ , their deer eft plea fnre, 
Lofing their Town y t heir honour, and their treafure : 
M o worth (faidtlxy) wo worth our Kings ambition y 

o worm our Cleargie, and their Jmjuijition: 
Hcfceksnew Kingdoms t and doth loje his old ; 
7 bey bur ne for confetence, but their thirjl ugold : 
1 Vo, And <,woto the vain hrauados 

OfTyphov-kkemuinetble An m a d o s, 
Which like the vaunting Monster-man o/Gath, 
Haue Jim* d ;in/t vs little Dauids wrath : 
Wo-wotth our Jin s : wo-wotth our felnes, and all 
Accurfed can fes ofourfuddcnfail. 
Thofc well may ghefs the bitter agonies, 
lulee-warm K ivers gufhing down the eyes 

,: 'r Hrft Parents, out of Eden driv'n 




~« y »i uric rarents, out or tdenan 
' R epeal hope-left) I he hand 
F °r, the Almiehtiefet before the 

£ dy mcei fetaphyfic.ill, 

™ Inch (dirfeiing lirrle from th* One vnicall, 

Hi' Aa.fimply-pure^hc only-becing B 

A Pproclu jatter $ ne*rthelefs,-not 

former difp h- 

I be j An drtutn 

*m 9j Edcxi. 





* I F 


The Impost v re. 

f l 

, of matter mi> or rati * 

omccrlyfpirit, that not tl>. b*> 

His iovned quantity can part in two : 
For (pure) .! S^* but ^ 




I r ■ 



■ • 


The Fvries. 




w esK: 

Th« a 

RCV« E N T. 

The World's transforr from whdi it was atfirft : 

For A <hm%fin all creatures ei/e accurji ; 

Thetr Harmony dij tuned Uj tip tar ; 

let all again concent^ to male him rear ; 

A j, th' Elements ana ahfue alL tl?e Fart< 

Three ghajtljYvK ii < • Sicknels, War, and Dearth, 

Agenerall Mutter of the Bodies Griefs : 

The Soules J ) i ! > \ : : cs, imder fundry Chiefs : 

Both, full of Horror^ hut the later mojl j 

Where vgly Vice tn Vermes Mask dah hoali ': 

His'snorthcV. Id. O i whither am I brought i 
Thi ireh I tread, this hollow-hanging Vault, 
Which Daycs reducing, and renewing Nighty 
Renews the grief of mine aril ( fpnghts- 
This Sea I /ail, this trod dA 
Arc not The Ptrff-veeks glorious Workman/hip r 
This i wretched Round is nor i dly Globe 

■h Eternall trimmed in 1 rioi lobe: 
[' sb "ta Dungeon and nil Caue, 

■'that firft World the i IcGrauc. 

All-Ojuickninp Spirit, great < I, that(iuftly-ftrangc, 
- v turned-Father) w rought'ft this wood n char 
;eaodn< louldme'; Lord, thy hand aUu% 


the H% } it. 

bm *M#*. 


jj"fm [ufe appear no earthly 
c TJ cmc ihineorpan, giuemy vo 

y voycede! 

f y 


1 * 




2 C2 

The Fvries^ 

* The Too-- 

fljror hccr 

lcth bonnet to 
the Junes Ma- 
icftjrj whoma- 

bis Prince 


:fc I- V- 
and Tom o:hcr 

-:c$ ot'Du 

!*n Sm : ftt 

That m each frain my rude ^adytong 

Be liueb Eccho of bit learned Song. 

At weUornSoules,fromfancteslewdly'ldUi/M 

(ofcharmw! Sin the deep-mebaunttng Syrens, 

Stt ?«*», vaLfeftning Hyrens) 

Thattoucbt with terror of thine indignation, 

Prefentedm this wo full Attention, 

We all majfeek, hy prayer and true repentance, 

Tojhun the rigour of thjwrathfull Sentence. 

* Butter we farther pafi ourpnder Bark 
Musi heerjlnke top- fails to a Princely <yfrk 
M inch keeps tbefe Straits : He hits <vs threat) u%J, 
Star-Ivor dour helm-, Cm underneath his Lee. 

Ho, Whcnccyour Bark i of Zeal-Und: Wither bound? 
For Vertues Cape: What lading '. Hope. This Sound 
You fliould not pafs j fauc that your voyage tends 
To benefit our Neighbours and our Trends. 

Thanks, Kindly Captain; daign vs then (we pray) 
Som skit full Pybt through tbisTrniov $ Bay j 
Or, in this Chanell,fith we are to learn, 
Vouch fafe to logh vs at your RoyalL Stern. 

Y t r T h a t our Sire (O too too proudly-bale) 
Turn'd tail to God, and to the Fiend his face, 

This mighty World did fcem an Instrument 

Tiuc-ftrung, well-tun'd, and handled excellent, 

Whofefymphony refounded fwcctly-flirill 

Th" Almighties praife, who play'd vpon it ftill. 

Wiiilcman ferv'd God, the World ferv'd him, the lyue 

And liuc-lefs creatures fecmed all to ftriue 

To nurfc this league ; and, loving zealoufly 

Thcfetwodcer Heads, embraced mutually : 

In Tweet accord, the bafc with high reioye'r, 

The h6t with cold, the fnl.71 mJrK rU* ™~;n. 


th cold, the folid with the moift - 


' '*"*(. 
Kiween cert din 


■■ Muew »!«h 

**rti t ln 


And innocent 4^4, did combine 

All I w«h themaftickof a louc divine. 

Tl ,°q \ hlJ , c l Cn Iouci hatnow-adaicsdoth holde 

Th ■ Amh I* nd h ad " ftonc > ^rargtre^d Goldc, 

sZf *"**">** « and vnitcs fo well 
1 h Elm , and the Vm th' okue and MyrtLl* 

Wh f fpa [ k 7 2 ,adow of ^ Low ^ 
Which at the firfhn every thing did mour 

° H av ns fwccc **M humbly did i cfound! 






fiurjdam, bci chief of all the firings 

Of this Urge Lute, o're-retched, quickly brings 

A]| .)-.]■ oftun< and now fo !y 

irbling Charms, it Isib'hidc 

Xhatitafl \\Enyon,\ turmoils 

fyiaiK J Chaos zntick broils : 

Heav'n, that ftill liniling on hisParan on;-, 
Still in her lap did Mel 2nd JOwMpour, 

^ ov hhis h.iljns rain, hisfroil and heat, 
l;.)th pau i'> and pincii, ar.d o\cr-whc]m, and bear," 

And hoares her head wiih Snowes^and (icalousj dallies 

Agai ft her bro lis fiery lightning flames : 
On th' other fide» the fullcn 4 envious Earth 
!i blackeft CeJs of her foul brcil fends forth 

Athoui Ifo y fumes, which c ere 

. 1 h cloudy mills Heav'ns cryftall f an 

Since that, the Wool/the trembling Sheep purfuesj 

ThcAowing Cock, thc Lion ftoutcfch ^ : 
Thc Pullein hidet ro from die Puttock's fligut^ 
Thc M iftifTe'smuteat the Hyamas&zht : 
Yea (who would think it l)x unities 

Rage in the fenfe-li s trunks of Plants and! 

The Vine r he Cole • t he Cole-wort S nines-bread ds. 
Thc Fearn abhors '' va Reeds: 


F 1 to their earth, fignescsf their a cientriate, 

VVhich fuffers not (O date-lcfsd d ! ) th'one 
Liuein that ground where th' other firft hath growen- 
O ftrangeii i'lmcl ! () dec p immojtall ragc 3 
Wlio/e fiery > idthe (loud car. 

So, at the ib d of Wolf-Drums rat hundcr 

' tffj ighted Shcep-skin-1 )rum doth rent in fundcr : 
w,that fell Wonfters twifted entrails cuts 
%fe< >owr)thep< Lambs n ] uts, 

Which aft r death) in deed of bleati mute, 
w t r co fpeajj v n an y v0 , v L utc . 

\" 'the Princely sravcn'i s 

Tncfcatherso 11 other j owls 

M t movdHeavn (in \ feJfil Ifftill ftirri: 
*J a l with his courfe (quick fvvift whirring) 

'"ohcrSp jr^ndioAlcide: cs 
torn Alexanders Altai driues their F >: 
>IK H ^4*w, Monarch !i ncath, 

ws all into thc paths of death i 






— m r 


&* \Hl*t< ** 




to M**. 


jU <tltmi;j. 




F-d* things 
JortL wad 

The Ivries. 

— - u . r„n\ which wav fo c'r he rovvl u 

Hiswondenng^esGod * 

In Hcav'n, in t^th, in ■ -| icrc . 

IrrvSl^ismoftliuclyrci ting. 
SSKSdtafi, eve. y-when cqucnrirg. 

He -ic-'^-o^fidd. fountain, ftrcam or fronc,, -Iky, -gatcjhoar or haven, 

ButbeaishisDeaths-dooi >pcnly ingravci 
Inbric£ih< -.holcfco ind Centre hat n, 

IsaffOeW-hOufcofHcav'nsri: rco .vrath. 

Rebellious Aim, from his God rcvol 
lindcshisycrft-fubi gainfthimfclrcinfulring: 
Thctumbiins Sea, the Ayr with ^driven, 

Thom-brift kd Earth, the hd and ing H v n 
(As from the oathof their alleg free) 
R cngc on him th' Almighties i 

The Stars coniur'dthi envious Influence, 

Byfecret Hangmen pimifh his offence : 

The Sun with heat, the Moon \ >!d doth vcx-him, 

Tli' Ayr with vn!ookt-for fudden changes creeks-him, 

With fogs and frofc, hails, (i owes, and fulplv'ry thunders, 
Bla/ring, and florins, and more prodigious wonders. 

1 ire, fal In from Hcav'n,orclfe by Ar. incited, 
Orbymifchanceinfomiicl.b. ild red, 

Or from fom Mountains burning bowels v*n, 

Keplcat with Sulphur, Pitch, a d Pumy ftonc, 
With (park! fmy fpreads, and in few hours 
Thclabourofathoul d years devours. 

Thee Ocean,b:e onre >ounds, 

Yfurj lis Hcards, his weal lies and Towns. 

Thcgri d Earth, roeafc her fas it fecms) 
Of fuch profane accurfed wel r, fomtimes 

Swallowc hole Countrics,and ie tops 

Of Pfmcc-proud towrs, in her black womb flic wraps. 
Andmdefpightol ordandhat, II 

Mic many waicsproucs barren and ingratcfull : 
Mockngour ho mmg ouf { wheat-kernel 

i ; burn^rain Thiftle,an<fto vapourie I )amcl, 

^& wddc0 ^»oughBurs,( rn-cumbrh 

ig Tares, 

reMVnT NVCr u 1,ttlc > if{llCmorcmaI i 

As I \l T? brou B ht vs not plam s mic bus « 

)ld P°3 ""g^itd, drbwfie,fad: 

The Fvribs 


Limb-numniing belching : and the fincw-iln mk i 
pcad-Iaughuig ♦.///>««», weeping Aconite 
, yy i our \ gar deadly WdfUamhight ) 

The dropfic-brecding,(biTOW-bi gingP/;/^ 
/ 1 [ CC r called FUa-iVan ) Colchis baoefiill Lilly, 

( With vs Mlde-Saffron ) bliftri byi ; fe 11 : 

H t .\*i/*tf,making lips and tongue t ,11 « 

Blood-boy"' Xew * d( ^lijjeltec: 

With ycc-< 1 Muidrake,and a many i 

$ lJ( Infant.; whofc- fruit, feed,fap,oi 

T. ncJyC doc bring our hccd-lefsJ ;. 

Bcfidc-%fhc knOwcs,wc bruti/h value more, 
Then Lines or} I mo lie lirteringOre: 

That Aurke our bound-left thought ftill vexes : 
Thei eaniong her wreak-full baits (lie mixes 

imckfilutr Lit I urgie and Orpimcpt, 
Wherewith our entrails are ortgnawn and rent : 

d thatfomtimes ; for Body,and for Minde, 
To and torment,in one Mine we findc. 

Wbatrefleth more -t The A sskilfull moft, 
th gentle gales drivnrorflfrwitfjcd< aft, 
N* otwr.h left labour guide i ir winged 
< > h'azure fore-head ofthe liquid plains : ' 

Iugglers,c'an more eaf make 

]_ e-liv'd Puppets (forth lucres fake) 

* ° d (cud,and play,and prate,and praunce, 

And I r, and fall,and trip,and turn,and dauncc : 
i 'haj e did ruletne fcaly Legions 

I ™ ly dwell in ftormy water-Regions 5 
feathered fingcrs,and the fhibborn di les 

II untthc-DcfartsandthcfhadvGroucs : 

Jw word they trembled then for aw, 

2 n( c^ry u tfunfcivdthemasalaw. 
Vv, 1 ;, va >' s l)c "^ all duty to obferue-vs 
u «ow conimand,ftooil ready ftill t 

Th B cv "T C allS ! } thr< h OUI * fond ] Kn ' cm fAl > 
vv • °'° l, » 'flaucs)are. our tyrants all. 

^"dHTbyS \Lem4tho* 

/y^pfidc-downthcbi an, 

Onr fl U fuddain fadl rh intoomb 

YcTft ' lgCa01 ' ] ^yTl,etis mbj 

A n J '" r ; ,c welkin l.kc an 1 Ictowring, 
Walk w , atCT ,ikca DoI P 1 »" rcowriijg 

'fftJYi i ' ^ ' •' nMn y loathfom fwanns 
J ^icdpoyfons^vithi ousa 




Mjh. L.~ 0;. ^ 

Crfjtturif /v ,trr 

Jttf Crestxrrj 

Wtrtlretm SM 






■ * 


M*n- imferdkk 
Puufhi**rs % 


Slfom Hang-man ou. ioath'd life to rake : 

In every hcd an/ditch both day and nfghc 
We fear our dcath,of every leafc affright. 
Reft we at home < the Ma/ry fierce m force 
Th'vntamed J3ull,thc hot courageous Horfe, 
With teeth,with horns,and hooucs bchegc vs round, 

vsonev'dtofecfuch tyrants tread the ground : 
And thcr's no Fly fo Cm a I! but now dares bring 

ler little wrath againfl her qumUm King. 
What hideous fights i whathorror-boadingftiowesr 
Alas.what yels i what howls i wharHiund'ring throws '. 
O ! Am I not neer roaring Phltgeten? 
Abel* r ad Afc^'and Thejiphon I 
What fuels haujcharm'd ye from yonrdreadfull den 
Of darkeft Hell i Monftersabhordofmcn, 
O Nights black daughrcrs,grim fac't Furies /ad, 
Stern P ton I 'o/tcs^vhat make yc hecr Co mad 1 
O I feels not man a world of wofull terrors, 

be fides your goaring wounds and ghailly horrors < 

So foon as God from Eden Adam drauc, 
To liuein this Earth ( rather in this G raue, 
Where raign a thoufand deaths ) he fummon'd-vp 
With thundering call the damned Crew,that fup 
O f Sulphury .Styx, and fiery Phlegetcn, 
Bloody Cocyt us ^muddy ^Acheron. 

Come fnakc-trefl Siftci s,com y c difmall Elves, 
Ceafcnowtocurfcand cruciate yoiu felucs : 
Com,lcaue the horror ofyour houfes pale, 
Com,parbreak hcer your fouI,bIack,bancfull gall : 
Let lack of woi k no more from henceforth fcar-you, 
Manby his fin a hundred hells doth rcar-you. 

I his cccho made whole hell to tremble troubled, 
l ncdiowfie Night her deep dark horrors doubled, 
And I Tuddainly Auemus Gulf did lwim 


An^l i" 1 ' itch ' and Brimftonc to the brim, 
S ^fr^d the Sphinxes fel, 

I ilrfL ft hftran i nurmtirsloud, 

J no 2 S a S ^ ith ,0und - 1 ^-rumbling thunder 
iln8 tlK A y f Wlth noyfe,the Eaith with wonder : 



hrceSifterSjthe three hideous Raw 

n 3 ifc thoufand florms J caving th'mfernal/lages. 

^ adyallrowlc-on their freely Cars 
On th'cvcr-fliaking nine-fould freely I > 
QtStjgt** Bridge,andin thatfearcfi 11 Caue 

hey iumble,tumble,rumblc,ragcard raue. 
Then drcadfull Hydre^xwd dire Cerberm 
Which on one body,bcarcth ( monflcrous ) 
The heads of Dragon,D< Ounfe,Bcar,and Bull, 
Wolf LionJiorfc (of/trcn h and ftomackfull) 

Lifting his lui *,hc hi(Tes,barks and brays, 

c howls, he ls,hc bcllows,roars,and neighs : 
Such a black Sant,fuch a con fu fed found 

im many-headed bodies doth rebound. 

II. attain'd to oui calm 1 n of light, 
With ! er courfethen boreas nimble flighr, 
All fly at Man,all at irrteiline iTrife, 
Who moft may torture his detcftcd life. 

Hcer firfl corns Dan H,thc liuely form of Death 

Sciil yawning widc,\vi Ji loathfom /linking breath, 
V 1 hollowcys.with meager cheeks and chin, 
V\ harp lean bones pcarcing her fable skin : 

Her er. bowels may b cj|ajnj y fpy'd 

through the wrinkles of her withered hide : 
e hath no belly,but the bell feat, 
H ccs and knuckles fwcHinghugcfy great r 

I Ore|uc,that even ar one repair, 

A >fl all creatures in the World would waflc 5 

ccdygorge.difh after diJh doth draw, 
m meat. >r,fr.ill her monf Irons maw 
1 dcuouring,and fomrimes fhc cates 

II »wn .r Babes for lack of other meats: 

norc/omctimes ( O ftrangeft gluttony I ) 
She rsh 1 IfeJurfclfciofarisfTc; 


lit! <fhe doth our Grand-fire ci 
AnJ ' 1 ' ides from Z/w^,toafl <', 

K < ^lenes^ndrbirJI^i 1 ifter. 

N marchcth W k h xfl ni/lrifsofcn 
Mother of m.ichi nrtcr ofDcformiry : 

tfanncrs,Arts,fl her s,/hechaces: 

l»tc ,bo s,tc fhefpils ,bums,and razes 1 

'zci fliakc all the Earth al 
'rrn« sa fi rc .brand,and her voice a thunder, 

cr looks are ligntnii gkuncc a flaih : 

?rfl :un\thatall to powder 1 h« 

"and i>tf>*irefU r htam\ Vifordcr^oM 
Ujr hhafry march. 



rir F v r 1 b 1 

*irbthrtr jtm 
tare *nd ir*r> 
tfrefe, v 


itc a/ an t 


X DeffTtfMH 


% (1/ Iturrt ttui 







vL Rvnt.DifcerdMerTor.Crutlty 




AreMfftem confon yhabf 

JloivhcrArmi V M-Hv-rr.nfm," 
Hccr's rh'othcr 

l fol .ytabarbaroiisfidc. 

hummer d ' 





Veer's th'otherF v it b (or my 1ud2cmc.1t rails ) 
Which furioufly mans wofull lircaflafls 
With thou/and Cannons/ooncrfclrthcn feen, 
Where weake/rftrongeft. fraught with deadly teen : 

CoMhurning,bIiftcied,mclanchol lad, 
Many-nam'd poyfon,minifter of Deal h, 
Whicl n vs crccps,but to vs gallopeth : 
oul,troublc-rcft ,taftik',grcedy-gur, 
Blood-Avcating,(icarts-tl]cc. L ,urcrchcd,fiJ:IiySlut, 

The Childeof Surfait,and Ayre-tempcr vicious, 

Th'inammcld meads, in Sommer cannot fhowc 
More Graflioppersabouc,nor Frogs bclowe, 
J Then hcliilli murmurs heer about doc ling i 
Nor never did the prcty little King 
Of Hcny-people. in a Sun-ih inc da)^^^^~ 
Lead t c held in orderly array 
More bufic buz7ers,whcn he caftet li ( witty ) 
The nrft foundations of his v ;cn Citty • 
Then this fierce Monftcrinuftcrs in her train 
ouIdiers,chai| poor mankind amain. 

Lo,firftar jh an cffiirious Regiment 
T aflaultthc Fort of &4dm$ hea« lent, 
Jta/#whcftBn!\ id the holy Cell 

Wherein thcfbulcs moftfacrcd powers dwell. 

A Kmg,that ayms his neighbours Crown to win, 
Before the brute of open \ rsbcein, 
Corru Councell with rich recompenccs. 

Ftrjngoodi \ncc\\ft**Jj the flre»?th*f Prima : 
to tin- II Fur, fa fore i unncrs/ends 
'•Mmmu and Phrentie to fubc e 1. cr frends : 

vv hereof t h ingjh'other ovcr-warmine 

Within^ c 2i ? ( i hc ^ Judgement harming ) 

r * c .?°^ ^ntaftikly they fain 

1c?; ir-^/eaponsothers: 


The Fvries. 

\n J now I he P*lfie,and t he Cray difpofe 
Theirangry darts ; this bmdcsyind that doth Iofe 
Mans feeble Gnews,m iiuing vp the way 
Whereby before the vitall ipiritsdid play. 
Then as a man,chac fronts in /ingle Fight 
j I,, fuddain foc.his ground doth trauerfelighr, 
-r; nm (ls,wards,auoidsand beftadvantage fpics, 

At laft ( co ^ a/c nis ^ il,il ' s facing c y cs ) 

He calls his Cloak,and then with coward knife, 

Incrimfin ft reams he makes him ftrain his life : 

$ S i c k s b s, /*<&*» to fubdue the better 

(Whom thoufand Cyuesal-ready faftly fetter) 

Bi inss to the field the faith-lcfs Ophthalmy 

With : caldingblood to blind her enemy, 

Dj a a thoufand thruits- then fhc is backt 

By th' Amsfrtfe and c 1 o udy Cataratf, 

T a: ( gathering-vp grofs humors inwardly 
Inth'O/fl&finncw ) clean puts out the ey : 
This ler cafeth in an enuious caul 
T Gryftall humour mining in the ball. 

Tin (3 i in-fteps that infolent infulter, 

1 ell. f^wwy.lcapinglikca Vulture 

At Afams throat, his hollow weaiandfwclling 

Among the mufcles,through thick bloods congealing; 

! n onely this Efl /or fignc 

I ) it ml malice to his future-line : 

LiJc Hentktjthat in his infant-browes 

B >rc )rious marks of his v: daunted prowes, 
W.ien .i h his hands (like ftccly tongs) he ftrangled 
His fpightfiill ftepdams Dragons iporty-fpanglcd; 


T atchiv'd by his Twelm famous Toyls* 

1 he(« ,nd Regiment with deadly darts 
i fiercely Jdam'sv'uzll parts : 
Al-rcady th' o*//A«M,panring,brcathing rough, 

With humors grofs the lifting Luncsdothftutf: 

The pi g Phthifick fills them all with pufhes, 

™ hence a Howe fpowt of cor'hc matter gufljes : 

^ : flame the Pnifneum^t) 

Witl hofcfpun«cs kindles cruelly : 

1 5 In nvling Empiemjux\v\ as the reft, 

With foul impoftumes fllsl hollow cheft : 

* he fUwrifk ftabs him with defperarefoyl 

beneath thcribs,whercfcalding blood doth boyl : 

*Jcn th incuhm ( by fomc luppos'd a fpright ) 

n »h a thick phlegm doth flop his breath by night. 

v. ' to/fe, my guide -clcer truth that nought difsemWC 

Na me me that Champion that with fury trembles, 


€ tide uors of 

7tx fennJ ^egi- 
lie yitdH P*rtu 






■ i 


The Fvri£s. 

f< Iff firman j 

jeers {fttuikfl} 


0'rxrrmJf #,•#- 

m tbt HdttudS 


Whoa.m'd with blazing fire-brards,h>rcc Jy flings 
Attn' Armies hcait^iotatour feeble vir : 
Htog for Aids,C#**, W^.^'^,^> 

Thirjl, r^mngM^^jimg^h,ucung^kmg, 
Fantaftick Rtuin^nd commuall e^*/^, 
With many mo : O ! js not this the F*// 

Wc call xhcBtmi whole incon ft. antiury 

Transforms her ofter then Venumntu cap, 
To Tertun,£usrun,drJ.QuotiaiJ», 

And S#md too i now potting Jomtiiw w/r ■■■, 

Is rommidged with motions flowe < 
In feeble bodies of the 'uigtfitt. 

Ah trccherousbcaft I needs mii 1 1 c ihcc beft: 
Forfoure whole yeais thou weitmy poor bar s .dr, 

And to this day in body and in mimic 

I beare the marks of thy defytght vekifxJ . 

For yet ( be/ides my veins ar d bone s h ft 
J Of blood and marrow ) through thy f cretthefi 
j I feel the vcrtucofmy fpii it decay J, 
Th' Enthott fUfims of my ou«/* allaid : 
My memory ( which hath been meetly >od ) 
Is now(alas I j much like the fleeting flood • 
Whereon no fooncr haue we drawn a line 
Bur iris canccld,leauing there no figne : 
or,thc deei c fmit of all my care and coll, 
My former fludy (almoftaJ loft, 
And oft in fecret haue I blufhcd at 

Mine ignorance : like Coruin^wb.o forgac 

His proper name • or like George Trapcx-urne 
(Learned in youth,and in his age a Dunce , . 
And thence itgrowc s,that maugrc my ei.dcuour 
My N umbers mil by habite haue die Feuer . 
One-while with heat of hcauenly hi c ^bul'd , 
Shi venng anon,throagli fain: vn-l«u n d cold. ' 
Now,thethm] Regiment with Oormv Horns 

*r son tl i e Squadron of our AWW/ Powers, 
Which happily maintain vs ( duly ) both 
ftf" f00 ^ nd "» Efficient growth. 

In ftraiglucCa u ( ,° f P ' ° d, 8 ,OUS <l,Ct ■> 

f : 





lint rhc fad Dropfie freezcth it cxtream, 
Till all the blood be turned into fleam. 

But fee ( alas \ ) by far more cruel] foes 
Thcllippery bowels thrill'd with thouland throes i 
\Vith prifbned windes the wringing Colick pains-them, 
ThclliickndStion with more rigourftrains-them, 
sneightcns their Conduits,and ( deteftcd ) makes 
Mans mouth ( alas 1 ) euen like alothfora lakes. 
Then,tbe Dyfenttry with I retting pains 
Ex:ortcth pure blood from the flayed veins. 
On th 'other (idc, the Stone and Strangury^ 
Tortui ingthe Reins with deadly tyranny, 

With heat-concreted fand-heaps ft™ ly flop 

The bun ing vrine>frrained drop by drop : 
As oppohtc, he Diahcte by melting 
j Our bodies fubftance in our Vrincfwclting, 
Difhlls vs mil, as long as any matter 
Vntp ih^. Ipout can fend fupply ofwater. 

Ynto thofe parts,whcrby we leaue bchind-vs 
Types of our felues in after-times to mind-vs. 
There fiercely flics defedtiucfiwr;, 

And the fouI,fceble,fruit-le/s Gonorrhe 
(An impotence for Generations deed, 
And luft-Iefs Iflue of th'vncodted feed ) 
K emorfe -Lfs tyrants,that ro ipoyl a/pirc 
Babes vnconceiv'd,in hatred of their Sire. 

The fell fourth Regimenr 5 is outward Tumours 
Begot of vicious indigefted humours : 
As Phlegmons \Oedems \S cbyrrhes^Et j fipiles y 
& n y tutls.C &nker s,qiuq\\ Ga»//,and Byles, 
^',Rmg-rvorms,Tetters : rhefefrom eucry part 
With thou/and pangs brauc the bciicgcdnart : 
™ their blind fury, wanting force and courage 
To hurt the Fortune champain Counrry forrage. 

° ants ! /heath your feeble fwords again : 
^>r,Dctth al-ready thoufand-times hath /lain 

our Enemy $ and yet your enuious rigour 
"oth tnar his feature and his limbs disfigure. 
£nd wi; h a dull and raqged inftrument 

ki S 'i ^"" x " d skin 3r ^faw'd,and tom,an 

Rethinks moft i ,rly toacowardCrc* 

y| "Wwand foxes I refemble you, 

Who .ma Forrcft ( finding onrhefand 

^fyoqcJcad,that did aliur command 

ht 'Undab ( >ut,wh n.vhill Countenance 

,tc d^aroflr,theirycc-likcarrogancc) 

1 ■'Slethcmcmbci rtheii I iue-lcfs Prince, 

lth tcc blc (Igncs of daftaidinfolcnce. 



d rem. 

Thtfimnb Kf»i 

tony 9mlWsTM- 



iththcGricfsthat charge our outlaid places, 


memo* (£■ 

nuts C7 &*» 




^^ 1IaC rTpfa^'0?oulinHrmitie/ 

T wrapr in rapM wrung with vermin fore, 
fetching backs in .hrugging euermore ) 
ToftU w7rh £*&* rubbing cannon rid, 
Nororrenllnfcoflnirts,andlhcets v indb:d: 

For^s in fprmgs^ream ftrcam purfucth I reft* 
Swarm follows /warm and their too fruu fij I Hefli 
Breeds hex owneateES,and (till Deaths arreft) 

Makes ofrtfclfcan execrable reart. 

Conducts the Camp of our Third Enemy : 

For,of her Souldiers,lom ( as led by reafon ) 

Can make their choice or 'Country, Agcjxxd Se.tfon. 

So iVr'*£4//harh P/;//v/tf/molfc orall, 

fikr Kmy-euils ', Arne the SutiUin- Fdil ; 

£4*9 chc Mumps ; II tst-lndUfox \ and A//f 

The Leprofie-^ PlaguejlK Sdrdsnian-f/e, 

After the infliicnccofthcHcav'nsall ruling, 

Or Countries marners.So,fortCA/^-/W puling 

Is wrung with Worms,begot of crudity, 

Are apt rolaskc through much humidity: 

7 hrough their filt phlcgms,their heads arc hid with ihltf* 

Their Limbs with Red-gums and with bloody balls 

OfoiL a^riui/humour whichXltkc M-. ft) within 

Their bodies boy ling buttoneth all theii Skin. 
To llo*dy-Flixesjr*uth is apt inclining, 

Contmudll. Feuers, Phrenzies^ Phthifikpymag. 

And feeble 4^ is fcldom-times without 

Ctagfo and Caurrhs. And fo the Pejhltne, 
The quirun^guemih hcraccidents, 
The F/r*,thc #^£'«f, and the Wdtry. Tumour 

Arebrcdwi;hvsofan^/«w»4/humour- ' 
The te^heiAw^and Akides-grief, 

In f^rj hot-moy /lure doe molcft vs chief • 
1 he Durrbe* and the Burnmg-Feuer, 

A^T't^ d °° thcir fcI1 devour : 



* «*«y he r«^,2ri&LUe. 


^,,,1 fome (alas 1 ) welcaucas in fucceilion, 
Vnto our Children. for a (ad pollution : 
Sudi kz Kings e uils, Drop fie p out j.x\d Stone, 
Blood-boyling Leprypnd Consumption, 
The fwell'ing TbroJt~ache y th Epilepfie lad, 
And cteicll i«/>r«r^payningioo-too bad : 
For their hid poyfon tcr-comming harm 
Is faft combin'd vnto the Parents fpcrm. 

But ! whatarms,what fliield fhall w ofc, 
\V at ftratagems againfl thole treacherous -;, 
j| :treeherousgriefs,that our frail Art dcjccls 

, v their caufe,but by their folecffecls i 
S :. !: are the fruitfull *Matr ix fuffoution, 
The FslLmg-ficktusfLnd pale Swouning pasfion - y 
f he which,I wore not what ftrangc winucs long paufe, 
I t not where,I wotc not how doth caufc. 
i(alasl) can fcape the cruell wile 

)fthofe fell Pai s that Phyficks pains beguile I 

ngbaniflitfromabod) et 
new names ) re n again to it : 
)rraxher,taughtthe ftrange Afettmpfjchifis 

Ofth iVfjM40,oncitlcIftranfpofes 

• Into fom worfc Grief e • cither t h . c kindred 

Of th'huroourvicious,orthemi ber hindrcd: 
Or through their loranceorauaricc 
That doc profefs ^polios cxercife. 
SoyMeUncboly turned into Afadnes : 

In Pd^deep-afFrighted SaJnes • 

H-hditude into 1 1 1 e Drop fie chill : 
And Megrim £\ owes to the ComtUl-lli 

In r^pooro^»in this pitious cafe 
J s hke a Si ;,that long purfu'd in chafe, 
J iccourtofonu ;hbour\vood, 

1 thefuddain in the ) Idii mud j 

ingfaft amid the rotten rounds, 

ibythccgej Hounds: 

nc bite shis baekjiis. neck another n 

Jr nc pnls.hi , t \ v l0 t\ s, 

Uncu his flank,his haunch an« 

^ n dIarrofall,theHW-«M*wnhhisk; fc 

Jr u |? Pffhis head,and eh. his life. 

J r,| walurty» u ||,xvhofcl. refl 

Q^^es Fell J [omi - >m their drowficn eft, 

A ,10 [ ' forth,ailJile him on each fide, 

^. d P|Jchthcirvaiiant] ids about his hide j 

Simri ng train > w « llk;ul,andf^ 

^''a) :h' th^hcl cctl :o no boot) 







■ > 

. L 



The Fvries. 

A| 4 


,a (through woods,hiI!s,dalcs and roaring iivcrs) 
And in th" cnd,rti:cht full of flings he dies, 

For man is loaden with ten thouiand languors : 
All other ( .iturc^onclyftclcthcangors 
)ffcw I»H" •• as,rhe gleaning; Quail 
Onely the F*tin«-ficknes doth atiaiJ : 

The Turn-about and iVfrr/vfiw trouble Cartel, 
tfUJntsand Quincit bid the Marty battel. 

Yet each of them can naturally h"nd 
What Simples cured fickne/s of their kind 5 
Feci: no fooner their difaifc begin, 
But they as foon haue ready medicine. 
The Ram for Phyfick takes ftrong-fenting R*e> 
The Tortois flowc,cold Hemiockdoth renuc : 
The rtridge,Black-btrd,and rich painted lay 
Haueth'oyly liquour of the facrcd B*j. 
The fickly Beare,thc iMutdrdk cures again 5 
And Mount m-Siltr hclpcth Goats to yean i 
But,wc know nothing,ti!l by poaring ftill 
On BooRwcgct vs a Sophirtik skill . 
Ado lrr,a Knowledge rtillvnknowen: 

W :h enters but rhe hoary heads (alone) 

Ofthofe,thar ( broken with vnthankfulltoyl ) 

hers Healrh,and ioie their own the-while : 
Oi thofe ( fuch are the grcatcft part ) 

That waxing rich at ters coll and fmart, 
Cn famous Voiiors . purchafing promotions, 
While the Church-yards fuel with their hurtfull potions ; 
Who ( hang-man like ) fear-Icfs,aed mamc-lefs too, 
Arepraydand payd for murders that th doo 
I fpeak not of the goodie v.-.fc. and learned 
Within whofe hearts Gods fear is well diicemed , 
\ ho to our bodies can again vnite 

parting fo«| cady to take their flight. 

rurcs Couniellers, 
faithfull Governours. 


i jMrnighnesAgaKs^anircsCouS^ 
And flov.nng Youths icraithfnll C HZZ 

From the wild Gm th „ g™ *™°""> 

Th* F 


r if that any ch'all-fair Soulc haue ftriken, 
•X is not directly • but,in that they weaken 
Her Otficcrs.and fpoyle the Infti uments 
Whcrwith me works fuch wonderous prefidents. 

But,lo i fourc Cof tarns far more fierce and cger, 
fliat on all (ides the Spirit it felfe beleaguer, 
Whofe Conrtancy they fliakc,and foon by trcafon 
Draw the blind Iudgcmcntfiom the rule of Reafon \ 
Opinions ifTue • which ( though felfe vnfec i 
Make through the Body their tdl motions ken . 

Sorrow 's nrft Leader of this furious Crowd, 
MufTled all-over in a (able clowd. 
Old before Agc,afili<5ted night and day, 
Her face with wrinkles warped c very-way, 
Creeping in corners, where flic fits and vies 
Sighes from her hai t,tcars from her blubbered cys j 
Accompani'd with felfe- confuming Csrt, 
With weeping Pity, Thought^ and mad Dtfoahe 
That bcars,aboLit her,burning Coalesand Cords, 

Afps,poyfons,PihtoIs,Haltcrs,Kmucs,and Swords i 
Foul (quinting £»t^,that felf-cating Elf, 
Through others leannc/s fatting vp hcrfelf^ 
loying in mifchicfe,feeding but with languor 
And hitter rears her Toad-Likc-fwclling anger : 
And lebufie that never ilecps,for fear 
( Sufpicions Flea frill nibbling in her ear ) 
Thi cs rcpaft and i chancer pin'd and blindc 
With fecking what fhe would be loth to finde. 

The fecond Cap r ain is cxccffuie Ioy : 
Wh i leaps and ticklcs,fiiiding t\\ \^4fu»-w»y 
Too Arcight for her ! whofe fenfes all poflefi 
All wifli pleafurcs in all plentioufncs. 
She hath in conduct falfe vain-glorious Vauntmg^ 
Bold, foothing,f]iamclcfs,Iowd,iniurious,tauntiiig I 
The winged Giant lof ry-ftaring Prtde, 
* hat in the clouds her brauing Creft doth hide : 
And many othcr,Iikc the empty bubbles 
1 h * TO when rainc the liquid Cry ftall troubles. 

The Thirds bIood-lcfs,hart ; .%witlcfs Fesre y 
' nat like an Afp-trce trembles cvery-whei e : 
^nc leads black 7Vrw,and bafc clownifli Shame, 

W h Q U ' nC Sbdtb ^ ut CouI lfaitcth lan,c » 
Ml Snail-like- motion meafuring the ground, 

laVinn kn» «... • -f r t I 

breed ) 

^nd to Defirejvhom nor the rirmamenf, 
or ayr 1 norcarth,nor Ocean can content 


O/foure ttifc*. 

vneil . c cm 






4 Drf'f,4 H-fl 


F v a i e s. 

Wnofc hands are Gripes ro fciipc with greedmefs, 
Thou art the Fourth : an J vndcr thy Command, 
Thou bi inoft to field a rough vnruly Band : 
Pent in no Iimits,plcas'd with no Condi; ion, 
Whom Epicurus many Worlds fufficc not, 
Whofc furious thirfr of proud afpiring dies not, 
Whofc hands (tranfportcd with fanra/tikc pafllon ) 
Bear painted Scepters in imagination : 
Then ,/itfiw* all-arm 'd in hooking Tenters 
And clad in Bird-lime • without bridge /he venters 
Through fell Cbdr)bdts^.nd falfe Sjriis Nefic 5 
The more her wcalrh,thcmorc her wretch ednc/s : 
Cruel,rcfp Ids ndkCsfiith-kfs Elf, 
That hurts her ncighbour,but much more her fdf: 
Whole foulc bafc fingers in each dunghill poar 
( LikcTantalvs ) ftarv'd in themidft of Hole : 
Not what me hath, but what flic wants /he counts : 
A wcl-v.ingd Bird that ncucr lofty mounts. 

Thar like a Boar her teeth doth grinde and gnafh : 

Whofc hair doch fta: cjile bri/rlcd Porcupine • 
Who fom-times rowles bcrghafllj km ing cvn, 
And fom-timc fatly on thegrounddoth elaunce, 
Now bleak,then bloody in her Coun ace 5 

ground - 


Railing and raybne with ous found, 

C ig her hands ,/hmpinj -ft the 

B g Bncmfirc and fword to flay 
And murder all that for her pitty pray • 
•aning her felf> bane her Enemy - ' 
Difdammg D a:h,prouidcd others dy : 
Like falbng Towers o'r-tumed by the winde, 
That break themfdues on that they vnder-grinde 
And then that Tyranr,alI-controu!ing zj?. 

y-Aftcrfo many tare ApeiUJes ' 

fSS Sainft the Creatures Km, 

.^onuhisfilFot « ^theydeeuue. 


The Fvries, 

; j^* <*«*£> */^ *w jfc cmr , 

Clmrch-tfoffenngyi .Rrtht; wdExaitm-. 

; Mas ! how chefe (far-worfctl ac h I i %/es 
» Excec d each Suknefs that our body f if s ; 
Which n m war, and by his fpight 

Kov i the colour, orthePuIfes beating, 
fom 1 it, fbm fliarp lolor threatnii 
k yh, , the Leach heer-ghdfing at our f 5 
Not fcJdom fades fure meancs for our relief, 
the ills raign in our Intellect 
hich only, them both can and ought df tccl) 
Thej fl vnknown, or rather felf-conceal'd • 
And (bulc-fick f Merits ca iot to be heal'd. ' 

B( S 3 we plainly call rhe Feuer. 
T nropfie, Vropfe:ovcr-(y\idin? n r, 
\\ 1 hill flouri/h ofa fained phraze, 

The cru ell Languoi s that our bodies craze : 

Whereas,ouri nd felf-fbothi ^&ule,rhus/ic& 
Rubs her own fore • with glozing Rheroi ick 
Cloaking her rice nd makes the blinded B a 

S ot fear the touch of Res fom ( ] . 

Andf , if ever Hit didici 

InftcrcdKr/jwJ ■ ! 

'Tisinoiij d more hateful! andvnhallowU 
Then cnthc World the ^ * wholly fwallow'd. 

lie J ctofpeakoffouleftSins^tharfpot 
1 -us bed fmen of mighty lot- 

A^ r r thcSai tcndeicar id, 

m more to teach, then reprehend. 
^ no bear vponthi Fremh-fuk backsabour, 
Scales, )\ , m -olden flu cut-out- 

q »and it one Prlmm reft 

oneTurney,or icpamperinj I ifl, 
nd ; jTui ap'rhvth^r/,a„dC^ 

U Parents 5 £^4// count. 

u ™ tth a maiden voici tndminci r, 

>k, curl'd lodes .andpamr 

'^coward-! t,andwa 

Td.W k 

Siren -notes 

hlf>r» <•«/",-, li: „l 



ftcSufam idli<eh :c 

irn Louers 2\Qb<:h it. 


Y an ullmeafures 

g me World, hj d kingly 1 ifurcs: 

, i S& ,cnd 

arc cftccn 7. 



M w Pro 

r cnm*tfi 

rtu* PrU ,rmf 
tdlUd Ckdm 




^Rv i- ' » * 


Mffhn . . 


QtUTTtllM 4 ' 



The Fvries. 

Who alwaics murder and revenge affect 

Who iced on blood, who. crdoeitje* 

cjr^vor^.-butinallhumnnc- hues 

May wantfuch valour whofefc If-crucII I and 

jits tor our foes, our proper life-blood feds, 
Om Cities fades, and our owne Kindred kils. 

Lord, Jet the Lance y the Gun, the Sword, and Martf, 
Be turn'd to tools to furrow vp the Edd, 
And let vs fee theSpyders bu/ic task 
\\\n n in the belly of the plumed Cask. 

But if (brauc Lands-men) your war- third befuch, 
If in your brcfts fad Enyon boyl fo much, 
What holds you hecr ! what hope of crowns : 

Oiir fields arc flock-lefs, treafure-lds our Towns, 

Goc then, nay run, renowned Martialtfis, 
Re-found French Greece^ in now- Nalolian lifts ; 
Hy, hy to Flanders; ft with cono/iering ftroak 
Your Belgian brethren from th' ]l*r tansy oak : 
To Portugal; people QdtizUn- Spain, 

And graue your names on Lysbons gates again. 





The HandyXrafts. 




T l E A R C V ..-. fc n r . 

7he Praife ofPcacc, the mifer Me fates 
of Bde s l.xtUs : thetr vn-curious Cares> 

7lteir ftmple 1 i a bitjSJhJial> ; 
They find out F i re. 7fow ftrmoft J »a t 

llxirChudrens trades, their or! ei j cnmtu Cain 
/to {Utter) Brother doth -v/jkindly brain : 
mwardhorrorljurricdvp and down, 
fie breakes a Horfc, /;^ kudus a homely Town : 
Iroa 's tnuented, and Jheet Instruments: 
Adam jortels of After -Worlds euents. 

is facrcd Imp, fair Goddcfs that renew 'ft 
Th' old golden Agc,and brightly nov. -blcvv'ft 

side, making our fields to (mile : 
Hope of the vertuous, horroi o ile: 

[Vj» em, vnfeen in frvua? this many a 
j Med ft* <• / w thee wclcom hecr. 

T prcfcnce,h( who! ft 

lo '|nirtl,. ds, and couch their /bu fc 


,rf,Cf C( tnt« 

tapt with toy, them em ■ khtcai 

m Marchani > 

. fullwatei >: 

L Wtn lue^Aiiir.withiuft-gCQde rigour, 

5 the Laws their antici -ur. 

°, now Qbliutons , u r ft i s do di 

°w walls arc built that war bad thu;;« »wn 

\ 2 

<• Ptethete 
w< iei tej 

nvmrJ wa 


Aemfiu . 


T . ■ 

V * 

K1 fcn« 

• / 




Gtd: rrmc- 
hrdme tj the 
meau the j 

An imitation 

thereof, by the 
Tranflato:, m 
honour of c 

e gracious 


V**''j : in 

Raignc God 


« Kingdom 
long pci ( 


The HandyXhraftj 

L^ S nenhvann- 
How Sheep and Cartel! cover cvm 

.hold the Bonfires waving to rlic skies : 
Ha: k, hark the chrcrhiJI ^; cries 

OfoIdandyouDg 5 /?ngingthi«i03 II Dime, 
] e, reioyce through Town and C ittrc, 

Letaliourayr,r< :cho with the praifes 
Ofth J everlasting glorious God, who raifes 
Our i uin'd St who givcth vs a good 
We fought nor for (or rather, we with-ftood): 
So that to hear and Ice thefe confequcnccs 

Ofwondei ran; fcarcc beleeue our fenfei 

O i k: the^ let Mounfiettrand the Severn 

Thar doth Xauarrts jy>4i*-wrongd Scepter gouerq, 

Be all, by all, their Countries Fa 5 cleapt : 

() I let the honour of heir names be kept, 

And on brais leaues ingrav'a eternally 

In the bright Temple of fair Memory, 

quencht, fo foon, fo many fires, 
Difarm'd our arms, appeas'd the heav'niy ires, 
Calm d the pale horror of intcitinc hares, 
Anddammed-vpthcbif ont lathers gates. 
more, let vs (deer, World- drwided land) 
Ext oil the mercies of hew ns might) hand, 

' 'theirorld t Warsh!oodyra ? :hathrem) 
To vsfo long, (0 happy Peace hath lent 

e*dke efth' Italian Ihicft, 

Jtnd Indian I to (prop of Anu-chrift s 

■ Hoaii, like Pharaoh's threats* Ifracl 

Oartspmo Seas baue fallowed qutck to hell) 
Mahno our ilea holy Safe* Rctr ait 
For J 'oasts txsUin perfections heat. 

Much more, let vs with tr ue heart -tuned heath 

(OurrnaruafLmxndourmtUUM 1, 
Off race and mfdom the dn ine I d ea) 

^fe prudent Rule, wuh rtch reliAom re* 


The HandyXra rs 


J fin? the yM S rids Cradle, as a Proem 
itff/oeare and Jo dtuine a idem. 

W h o, F v l . < Ith and honours blandifhrnent 

Amo reatLoi onger shathfi t- 

dqua he Court-delights, 

Vs'd nought bui Tumeis.and ,andSi 

[I in hi is Pririecs angry doom 

\\ ideepd race arrue him "to Hue at home 
I : homely Cottage, when itinyaUy 
The bitter fmouk exhales aboundantly 

s before-yn foi row-drained brain 
Thcbrackifh vapours ofafl/ver rain : 

Where Vfliei , both day and nighr, the North, 

South, Eaft, ar;d Weft windes, enter and goc forth : 

VVl iinda! , the lc r-joofrl 

(In ft.-adof Ar ) h. h Spiders cauls : 

V, IlatoncchercachcrKnshcftands, 

With brows r he- roof, hot! 1 Wal h both his hands : 

H >sa' d fighs,ahd (/burning comforts ay ) 

:hctli leDi ha thoufand times a day : 
And, yet at length failing to work, is glad 
T cabrowncrul :hhad. 

tffliffoi rnrc 
1 ndrinkin/1 
S< irmuchlil rrebellEffl 1 ,d 

Eden .''earth n) 

L liming neerX/grjfgraffie fide, 
With r imed limbs, and ipiurs ftupefied. 

Butp rfullN .(Artsar .can, ccj 

rhc early watch-clock of rhqiloathfull flecj 
Among the Moanrams makes tl mfcektheii 1 
nd foaming rivers, through the champaind ivin. 
!,c Tn , t h nd fruits yfraught 

•allCheckt v b hf. 

lined Dwart 
^ >ak nd Aflies fhadowed 
,' rheirm eftfi 

-, rct itsb< itfullhar Id 

y ^^hmijfbmtimi r^idam hes 

1 thoufand wound db 

!L. Mcd\ 

( / 1 '>' 1 >fi -arfulliK 

Jj£y M11II chent) ibic 

\v, r ]fc ^ ht! Skin befcrambl 

rX.f rcfort ilcdbytl titc 

n ' lybcll i the tail 
from hand t« bonfai 

ucar n their fupper,th' pfv'J, 


fdriftn npre- 
rnrdi.e 1 


ahJ Etft tin* 



rt dt fimf licit) 
m tltfir Ipult 


• ^ 


Tlx if (1<wk*£ 

g wooH 


The H a n d v - C r a r t s. 


I lease, wirn an u ^ ^ flovvrsthcn f rul0 

Nuts, Cflh « ,rf < . /umo» B, i ,vi,w / r r ". c y h°° rQ i 


Touching theii -garments. „„ a ----- 

Whence the roab-fpinmng prcuous Worms arc full, 
For sold and fflvw wov'n in drapciy, 
For Cloth dipt double in the fcarlct Dy, 
For Gemms bright luftre, with exce/Iiuc coft 
On rich embroideries by rare Art cmboft ; 
jmtimes they doc the far-fprcad Gourd vnlcaue, 
Somtimethe Fig-tree of his branch bercaue : 
omtimes the Plane, fomtimes the Vine they fliear^ 
Choofing their fair eft trcflcs heerand there : 

And with their fundry locks, thorn'd each to other, 
Their tender limbs they hide from CynibUs Brother. 

Somtimes the Jutes climing ftcmsthcy (trip, 
Which lovingly his iiuely prop doth clip : 
And with green lace, in artificial! order, 
The wrinkled bark ofrh* Acorn-Tree doth border, 
And with his arms th' Oaks flender twigs entwining, 
A many branches in one rifluc ioyning, 
Framcsaioofe lacquer, whofc light nimble quaking, 
W'agg'd by the windes, is like the : wanton ihaking ** 
Of golden fpargles, that in ftatcly pride 
Danceon the treflesofa noble Bride. 

Bur, while that Atkm (waxen diligent) 
Wearies his limbs for mutuall nourimment : 

K 2? g?y Mountail ^ Rocks, and ihomy Plains, 
And bnftly Woods be wirnefs of his pains - 
Eur walking forth about the Forrcfls, gathers 
Sjwhu, Parrots, P e ««ks, Efirich fcattcrcd feathers, 
And then with wax the fmaller plumes flic fears, 

Site *e? with a whj:c h ° rfc ^ 

(Tor they asyTt did feme her in the freed 

And E T° WC ' and » ^ and Silk, aod Three* 

Tha r r ? k « a ^ly coat fo rare 

When (bv ftnS x>thcgawdic Spring. 

H'idm g ir«Si"! oksrcviv'd, 


-naamircshcrci )d m7.\ 







Swcct-htart, quoth flie (and then flieki/Teth him) 

My Loue, my Lite, my iiliis,my toy, my Gem, 
My foulesdeer Soule, take in yood part (f pree-thec) 
This pretty Prefent I gladl mc-thec. 

Thanks my deer AJ quoth ^dam then) for this, 

^ nt ] ... h thrcckiflTes lie requires her kifs. 
Then on he puts his painted raiment n. , 

And Peacock-like himielfe doth oken view, 
Looks on his madow, and in proud amaze 

j.nires the hand that had the Art to caufe 
> many fevcrall parts to me ct i >nc, 

i >n thus the quaint Mandi I ion. 

But,w ienthe Winters keener breadi began 

Tocryftallizcthe fid///** Ocean, 

To glaze- the Lakes, and bridlc-vp the Hoods, 

! pcrrfwig with wooll the bald-pate Woods ; 
Our < nd-nre, flu inking, gan ito make and fliiver, 
Histe r ) chatter, and his beard to quiver. 

Spying therefore a flo< viuttonscomraing 

(Whofefrcez-clad bodies feel not Wintct s numming) 
He takes the faircft, and he knocks it down : 
Then by good hap, rinding vpon the Down 
A (harp great fiflibonejHtch kutoimc before 
The roaring flood had caft vpon dMMbrc) 
I [c cuts th: hroar, flayes ir, and fprea* hcfeU, 
Then dries it, pares ir, and he ferapes it well, 

Then doathes his wife therewith ; and offuch hides 

Slops, Hats, and Doublets for himfclfc provides. 

A vaulted Rock, .ollow Tree,aCauc, 
Were the firft buildings that them (belter gaue : 
But, rinding th' one >e too-moift a hold, 
Th' other too-n arrow, th* other over-cold; 
Like Carpenters, within a Wood they choo/c 
s 'xrccn fair Trees that n< aues do loofe, 

Whofe cquail front in quadran form profp cd, 

As if of pmpofe Nature them ere d : 
i new fhady boughs fii ft bow they tender! v, 
i hen enterbnrid, and binele them cun« ! y * 
'hat on ould think that had this Arl 
had been true feeling painted-cwr green. 
Afrci this triall, better . ice 

\hcir tender flefh from th* ay olence, 
|P°n the top of their fit rked i terns, 

ficylaya-crc rc Oken boughs for beams • 

uc has difperfed in the Woods they I le, 
T , ot 'i-off in t«npefts by the ftormy windc) 
s ' ,thi ith Icauybouehes they load, 

1 covering clofc then rry :dab 



EUM m?uflrit 

untitling a 

Odrt/ en: j$f 

sir witter 



m ex*d. 





Mm muthttd 
*fbr snJ 


todtenxhcf plyiwmrh' eaucs vnto tl ;ionnd 
Vith mud-imxt R ccd to i ■ thar manhon round, 


Where ftraight (Ik lap a huro^ for agate 
Which with ai >t both (huts and op n. 

Yet hre they lackt : but !o. the winds, that whi/He 
\inid rhc G roues, fo oh the Uurell iuftlc 
Againft rhc Mufoery, that their angry claps 
Do kindle &t, that burns the neighbour ( :op$. 

When AeUm few a ruddy vapour rife 

Inol. iogftrea^ie.a/lund with fear he flii 

Irroliowcshim,vntillan. d Plain 

Thegreedy fury of the flame reftrain : 

Then back he turns, and comminglomwhat higher 

Thckindlcd fhrubs, perceiving that rhc rii e 

Dries his dank CIoath< his Colour doth 1 efrcfh, 

And vnbenums his finews and his flefh • 

Byth'vnburntcnd,a »odb brand he takes, 

And hying homea Hre he quickly makes, 
And mil maintains it, till the ftarry Twits 
Celeftiall breath another Hie begins. 
But, Winter being comn again rrgriev'd him ; 
T'haueloft fo fondly what fo much rclicy'd him, 
Trying a thoufand waits, (1th now no more 
The iuftling Trees his doma?c would n >rc. 

While (i -where inufin >n y he fate down 
Vpon a flee p Rock$rcragg\ own 

A ning bcaftcome toward him hefpics, 
Within whofc head flood burning < or ( ; 
Then fuddenly with boiftcrouv he thro s 

A knobby flint, that hummeth . 

«^ceflicsthebeafr,th;ill-ai m edflint-/h , aft groining 
Againft the Rock,and on 

^iverstocindc whence there iflucd D> 

Smallfoaii ffircnofoone anther lead 

Whirl, 3 1' fl »'t l)C locks,' 

hKhwrt another i„ his, lt he knocks 
•^ P aid down, that coldcftftx- 

They take the -fill; ? '"tythcyL 

£«, ,,i ' "> 'he lecit begun. 

Ar ' d0 ' vetoed hcrh^fuftainwg, 

'OH c ground with her ell .„,„, 

In his left 


The Handit-Chrafts. 

pj ( with her mouth : and with her gentle bio 
s , , n the hear, that from the dry leancs glowing 
v\ K |lcs the Reed, and then that hollow kix 
] irltli the final!, and they the greater flicks. 

And now, Msn-kindewithfruirfull Race began 
A litlc comer of the World to man : 
Firft Cam is bom, to tillage all adictcd l 

en c/f^> mod to keeping flocks afieacd. 
^/,defiious ftiU at hand to keep 

ijj s MilkandChecfc,\mwddcsthcgenrle Sheep 
T lake a Flock 5 that when it tame became 
For guard and g le fhould hauc a Dog and Ram. 
Cun % more ambitious, giucs but littl 
To'sboiftrous limbs s and feeing that the Pcafc, 
Andothei Pulfi ans, Lentils, Lupins, Rice, 
iurnt in the Copies as not held in price, 
Som grains he gathers : and with bufie toyl, 
A-part hce fowes them in a better loyl; 
Which tirfl he rids of (tones, and thorns, and weeds, 
Then buries there h lying-living levels 
By he next Harueft, rinding that his pain 

on -his! 11 plot wasjiot ingrateJj i 3 

To break more ground, that op may b: 

Without fo often weary labour^, 
I le tames a Heifer, and on either tide, 
Onciti horn a tftrce-fold twifl he d 

fOfiar twigs, and for a Plough he got 
1 he horn or tooth offom Rhinoccrot. 

Now,rh* one in Cattle, th' other rich in grain, 

On two ftecp Mountains build they Altars twain 5 

Where (humbly-facrcd) th' one with zealous cry 

Cle.u bright Olympus ftarry Canopy : 

With rained lips, the other low'd-refbundcd 

1 fart-wanting 1 lymns, on fi If-defcruing founded : 

Each on his Altar offered, to the Lord 

The beft that cithers flocks, or fields affbords. 
Rein-fcarclmig God, thought-founding Judgc,iJiart 

The will and heart more then rhc. mdgui 
Accepts good Abels gift : but hat chcother 
Profane oblation of his fu 
Who feeling, deep th'e >f Gods difpleafu 

Raues, rrc :md fumes, and inurmursout of nieafurc 
, ^What boots it {Cm) O wretch .' what boots it thee 
I J lanc opened firft the fuitfull womb (quoth he) 



Abel & Cain 

tir fMt'&it. 

Go J rtrtrdctk 

SMrtfufy snJ 
re \ 

md tra* 

bit ^0 
C$J mtrfiftsb. 

ijfthe fii ft mother j and firft born the rather 


J ; ather? 

\\}? X > w hat bo t h ee to b 

u l( f,aotiuc, valiant, ftronelv-liinb'd.'aiid health} 


> j* 





To Hcav n and Earth be dear, and thou defpis d ? 


** I * 

stitxr c6 /. 

What boors it thec. others night and day 
n painfull toj o wear thy fclf away: 

Ar ore for others then thine, n relief) 
To hatie dem u J of all Arts the chief • 

Ifthis dull Infant, ofthy labour nurf l 7 

S ap the glory ofthj deeds (accurft)^ 

N thcrquic! rid rhec of the fool, 

1 irh his climbing hill, and timely cool 

1 ling dame : and that none o\ er-crowethtc, 

R ( hci itthat Birth and \ rue owe-thce. 

Ay m his mindcrhis counfeil he revolues : 
.A hundred tim oaoticl lues, 

And yet itSjft orthily 

rhe pains horror, and (ins ty> a; •. 
But, one »d- bled lone 

H sbrotl I one, 

Vpont he verdure o hod i-boughs™ 

Bird 1 nor pcarchr, nor never Beaft did brouz * 
With both his h is he- n fohugc, 

That in our age three m ild hardly bouge. 

And iuft vpon his tender brothers crown, 
With all his might he cruel! ca/is i: down. 

Themnrdred racelics printed in the mud. 
And lowd for vengeance cryes the marryr'd blood : 
The battered brains fly in tl i'reis t 

Tin l^oih-nthisT-. i-pac 

Turnsback his Teem ; theamazed Paricide 

ailtheF«7wfcourgingv ps abide: 
II tei rors, and t h' iritcrnall Worm 
A'h- rdlai sofli\ 'death: 

A he hides him, \ idersallthcni^i, 

lies his owne friends, of his own lliade rig] 
Searr'd wi h a leaf, and ftarti ata Sparrow, 
And all tl- Vo:!d fcems for his fear too-r.arro 
it for his Children, bom by three and three 
I ! uc £ ,that mil multiply 

W ithn« ineWaic; who ver their hoc be rife 
Beeom great- Grand-lii, n their Grand-fires lifei 

wgatlength^echofehimouta dwelling 

wS°^ Fl V Hcroftheiame ° 

I Wh? P ^ n Httlc lod 8 c ^ frame • . 
\nohcrmoun. dry 4s about 

Andleaucsabtvacl inandout) 

wmclyScicsinQcad. ilfsinclofc: 


| }J E Ha n d y-Cra FTS. 


SOW > 11K . _ ; (Jlh.f ■ •«,« rl>/...- . . 

A Jibmvvith hides, hoafc ith boughs, and bi cs 


t their filly Cotes they fa 

H Lake their R iswith feam,ot reeds, or rulhes, 


He tluit dill fearfull, fecketh ASH defence, 

cl-oiVlv cliis Hamlet toa Town augments. 

, ',,- vvithkccn < .'oultai having bounded ittie) 

L, ic'tKampi) >t Ins limplc- C'Jitic- 

vvi th tones foon gathered on the nc ,bour ftrand 3 
V mortci u'.idic there at hand, 

\Vcllrrod and tempered, he immures his fort, 

A ftately Towr erecting on the 1 

Which awi s hisownc,and threats his enemies; 

Securing fom-wbat bis pale tyrannies. 
Tigi c I think'ft thou (hcllilb fratricide) 

caufc with (tone-heaps thou art fortiri'd, 
PrinccoHom Pcafants trained in thy tillage, 
Ami (illy K ingling of a fimple Village . 
Think'ft thou to fcape the itorm ot vengeance d ,d 3 liangs already o'r thy hatcfull head " 
No . wet thou (wretch) incamped at thy will 
On ftrongeft top of any ftccpeft Hill : 
Wertthou im rnu r'd in triple b n\ -1, 
Having for aid all Creatures in this All \ 
Ifskinand heart, of fteeJ and yron were, 
Thy p.i in thou could'ft not, leisauoid thy fear 
U h chils thy bones, and runs through all thy vai 
Hacking thy fbulc with twentiethoufand pains. 

Cm (as they fay) by this deep fear difturbed, 

Thcfirftofall th'vntamed Courier curbed ; 

I hat while about on others feet he run 
Witlidtifticip d, he might his Death nan (bun. 
Among a hundred braue, light, lull Horfes 

Vith curious ey, marking then comly forces) 
Hechooieth one for his induftrious proof, 
With round, high, hollow, fmooth, brown, ty hoof, 
V\ ith Patterns ihort, ppright (but i mean); 

Dry lincwie (banks l frong, flelh-h 
Wi* Hart-like legs, broad b 1 la <\ 

With body larqe^l h flank ble-chind; 


j?j! n a long, thin > curled me doth flow e ; 

^V^fulltail^touchingthcl ely ground, 

v, tndock between two fai t buttocks drownd j 
A Pnckci ca r ,tha: , little fpace, 

•t... htl t-alean, bare bonny race, 
il^le^nd head but of a middling! ', 
"jhuely-aaming, quickly rowlinf 



to ' ifrn < 

i CCH/CttC, 

begins so fa 

Smrf*) -' ff* 

cm l'y 

I H be 

bgnj sp tdtne. 

£*lb*s U$sj 

G rcat 


I -I 





H E 




a rs. 



•til f ft t J 

• W to \ 




omfi n-ycars-oidatchciii graishc 
'h : oodJyIt-.nctgcmlyf?ift:)Cv s, 
1 hi to back him a&ivciy bej s: 

G ming mouth, hot-fumii nofthrill witfq 

OfCbe/t-flUthaii >rc-hcac 

Tlircc 1. ,a feather on his bt ,'\ 

W on n-vears-oldatthenexi afshegheft. 

-j.. 11 t ,l.,C,fl .,...,: 


ind ai lit hems, ming his fight, 
s ill ro tli -rr of his P. It ir. 

Thechafcd Hoi .c, f ch thrall ill-furfering, 

B. srofiiuf£ and MOIT, and leap, and flings 

And fl; f , bis tearfull R id< f :kcs 

I flee torn vnskiJfuIl Lad that vi cs 

"j /loldcfom/hips helm, while the head-long Tydc 

Carries away the VciJcll and her C dc • 
Who neer dei I in the jawesof Dcarh, 

ill, (hivering, faint, and out of bieatb. 
nd times wirhHca I eyes) 

K n b boid an enter] 

B ,ilr , Ms hurt then I \ }t Cam 

old nil is b c Beafragaiu : 

him ro pale, from pa/ing to the or, 
From trot to gallop: after funs him hot 
In full career .- and a: his co age (miles ■ 
And fitting full to run Co many mil< 

His md free ; his tro: as light 

As Tii lorfc j as S >ws nimble flight : 

And his brauc gallon fc< ; e 

AtBtfcM Da t Rm ( ildn b ow< i . 

; Canon, from his fm throat 

sthctli ndringmot ' 
Th 1 an Army mowes whole iq irons down. 
Andb rsbchv; ofaf mmon'dTown) 
* st |"- tHorfeft i! he doe but feel 
bridle flack, and in his fide the heel: 
^unmnghimfelf, his finewieftrength heftretches- 

Y h, the flying a vr he catches, ' 

r! v!l \" csthcrrampled^round 

« lake with doubly nd 

J2S?i lh ' l0 ^repurfuehimiSay, 
ToS fteemingbeft 

lota o-much- dsIufl , ^ 

Andintl im-.ff 1 otakc, 

d»c fame path brings" dyback' 






n".;; rh' angry Steed, rifing and reaning proudly, 

chc iloncs, (lamping and neighing loudly^ 
Calls ror the Combat, plunges, leaps and praunccs, 
Bcfoams the path, with fpai kling cys hcglaunccs, 
/^ lirn nsonhisl)--rnilhtbif,andglorioufly 

S nimble fetlocbb'fteth belly-high, 

I a j] (1 long iaunts, on cither fide he iuftlcs, 
£nd 's waving Crefl coutagcoufly he briftlcs, 
Making the gazers glad on cvciy fide 
j og i moreroora vnto hisporrly Pride. 

C4» gently ftroaks him, and nowfurc in /cat, 
Ambitionfly leeks flill fomfrdhcrfcat 
Tobc more famoi one while trots the Ring, 
Another while He doth him backward bring, 
■ Then of all four lie makes him lightly bound • 

nd tocach hand to manage rightly round 5 
To /loop, ro flop, to caper, and to fwim, 
To dance, to leap, to hold-vp any lim : 
And all, fo don, with time-grace-ordercd skill. 
As both had but one body and one will. 

V one for his A ft no little glory gains : 
Th' other through practice by degrees attains 
Grace in his gallop, in his pafeagilu 
Lightncs of head, and in his /top hciUtVj 
I Strength in his leap, and ftedfaft managings, 
Aptncsin all, and in his courfe new wings. 

The vie of Hoi fes thus difcovered, ^* 
Each to his work more checrly fcttcled, 

ich plies his trade, and frauds for his age, 
; the paths of pain full r<^i/iage. 

While through a F01 reft Tubal (withhis Terr 

|W .V quiver) did a Boar purfuc, 
ming Mountain from his fiery vain 

KiVerrowk along the Plain: 
'ucwitty 1 luntfman, mufinj:, thither hies, 

>f>he wonder deeply Van d fc. 
«nd hrfr perceiving, that this fcaldm >ettle, 

»ng cold, in any r fliapcwould fetde, 

9 ri(l ■ vve fo hard, that with his fharpned fide 
f j*'- i] ""rt fubftancc it would foon divide ; 
l %i hundred pi r he parts 

'"oulds the ground-v fa hundred Arts : 

, j> cas 2 1 Hound, that ( following loofe, behindc 

I ni*™F Maftcr ) of a Hare doth findc ; 

: n he loves, vpon the fent doth ply, 
;j! ,r " vp-lifred head, and nofthrill wide 
* '• n 8nis game, fiiufis-vp the windc, his guide a 

Tlx Co'iiittunrr, 

IUrfe t wbeMbc 

u cb*ftd. 

71* Dexterity #/ 
d shflfull Xi«r. 







~ ■ 



The Handicrafts. 

A hundred » d ™ s 

s,eys,nornofe, nor foot, cailarcftiH, 
linhcrhotFormhcha. bundthepray 

That he Co long hath fought for « rw2y. 
ror, now rheVay to thoufand works i ild> 

Which long fhaJJ 1 augrc the rageof Hid : 

Inrnofqu.' creafesor vncqualli s 
To rum to frcamlings he de^ r 

CoId,t.. : then ofFthedrors he rakes. 

And this a Hammer, that an An vi!I makes 5 

And, adding tongs to theft two inftruraents, 

Heftorej ishoi ithyron implements: 

A, ral hatch' (hares, couitars, ftaples, 

Bol hooks, h fpoaksjiK' apples. 

And ire cunning, ho! thi ; he formcth, 

Hchaicl, and th, 

He lhapeth Sheers, and then a S indents, 

Then bcas a Blade, and then a Lock in ^. 

r > »>r- Happy device ! wc might as well want al! 

Th this hard mineral!. 

dmKtylru. j-j - fQ ^ pj ouc h_ man for UH ttl \ks f C'A'CS : 

This, for the Builder, V ind Marble* es : 

his arms our bodies againft adverfe force : 
Th is clothes our backs : this i vnruly Horfe : 

Thi nakesvs dry-mod daunc \ Aeptunes Hall : 
Tliis bri ns gold : this conquers and all ; 
1 it , oflnftrutm sth • 

J - f Tools, and Hand of ndy Craft. 

^ ift round fmoal jclops:i\dc, 

1 1 Brimts, and Sterops fwan -Ik I 

/ A , A 

vri 6 



1 gthehor work in their f< Sj 

rf*/; th vi: full Ham 
Of ! !mmers,bea; 

nsthef esthathisfw numb ule 

^L crl -m think I n'doftl varblii Po'e. 

T I on he harps, and ponders in his minde 
And glad infotnlnffa nenr f n dc 

[hat in accord thofedi/cordsn 
ftndthu Anvils rattlii f cv 

Anditei thebeatm; IK)lfc ' 

[: \ n r ud an a fwectcr voice. 

»cha-c i, that pafli ingbyalWh d 

An ope nT > M *n\ y v 

Saue three d fine >ri the n,cll |Hfl 

■sonthofc firings, and 1< ^ecar. 

Han dy-Cr 


-rT^hisluoMiriimcs the melodious Lute, 
That makes woods harken,and the u indes be mute 
rj,cHiIsco dance, the Hcav'ns to retro-grade, 
Lions be tame, and tempefts quickly vadc. 

His Art, mil waxing, 1 wectly marrieth 
His quavering ringers to his warbling breath : 

More littletougaesto'scharm-careLute he brings, 

More InuVumcnts he makes : no Eccho rings 
'Mid rocky concaves of the babbling vales. 
And bubbling Rivers rowl'd with gentle gales, 
But wieiy Cymbals, Rebecks finews in'd, 
Sweet Virginals, and Cornets curled wind. 

But ^wguides,throu£ih paths but feldom gone, 
His other Sons to Vermes /acred throne : 

tad a ly Seth (fa in good u4k/'s place) 

Staffof his age, and glory of his race : 

Him he indruCteth in the waics of 'Ferity ', 

TowoilliipGodinfpiritandilnccrity : 

To honour Parents with a reverent aw, 

To train his children in religious law : 

To love his .'riends, his Country to defend, 

And helpfull hands to all mankindc to lend : 

To bowc Hcav'ns courfe, and hov content C\v; 

Divide the yeer in months, the mt 'isind s : 

What Oar brings Winter, what is Sommers guide • 

Whatfigne foul weather, what doth fair betide - * 

What creature 's kinde, and what curft ro vs - 

What plant isholefom,and what venimous. 

NofooncrhchislciTons can commence, 
B"t Seth hath hit the White of his intents, 
Uraws rule from rule, and of his ihort collations 
inafnorttirncapcrfect Ait he faihions. 

[cinorehcknowcs^thcmorchec , asfcwcll 

wK a fire ' but kinc,lcs ir niorc cmelL 

WW f d ]v b y a clccr Br °ok they travel!, 
rl ,L !S I b / c fP^:Ir that Ididnor fee b 

How?! ,athcr > char KfOmc, 

How an l Watch mc with y° llr earcfuli em, 
u J™ your voice with prudent d line 

\f v n p Z 7 - vo,Cc Wltft pnidcnt dilcip 
; ou ? r,c f !;^ doth oft i eve- rat, 

And fl, ' 1 1 ubt to rccm im ' : unatc J 

Thcl o° j , Contcnt mero hauc lwi " c d, how 
^W • ' ,cavns aLx>utthis ^//did bow • 

A "d ho*!? ,?r c hor » : ' nd what havc coid cft^a 5 

r 'Uty 0li r M', l,fcand "tuners todii r. 

y*» further of the, .s chances 

Y 2 

" Cain***' 

III I I ■ y, t ,, 


" A«J»m 

Sim r e 

r l ;■> 


*mTnt/ M r, 




the B { 






I I 


■ ■ ■ ** 


.** . ■ 



The Han 


An 5. 

Adams V* fr 


| mctl*t* 


Sd>*n t 

O ru.canKsrvvhatoft-.pnngiprc^n^ vide 

Shall fillthis World :What fafl the \\ mid betide j 
How Ion? to laft : What Magi totes what X mgs 
With *JH» Mace (hall govern mortall things 

Son (quoth the Sue) our thoughtsirw alley 

Thhcs paft and prefenc may by means dcici y - 

It read it not in th' Onelrme's gloiious lace . 

Thou tlu , i that (on Iy) things to coraedoft knowc, 
Not by Hcav'ns courfe, norguefs of things bclowc. 
Nor coupled points, nor flight of fataJI Birds, 

But by a clear and certain prcfcicnce 

As Seer and Agent of all accidents* 

With whom at once the rhree-fould times do fly, 

And but a moment laife E* ernity ; 

() God, bchould me, that I may behold 

Thy cry flail face : O £«», reflect thy gold 

On n Moon ; that now my veiled eyes, 

Earth-ward eclipft, may mine vmto t s. 

Rav!!hmc,Lord,6 (myfoulesli 1 mc 

My fpirit a-fpacc, that I may ice i alive) 
Heav'n ycr I d :nd make mc now ( good Lord ) 
The Eecho or y altcelefliall Word. 

With facrcd fu uddcnly heglowcs, 
Not like the Bedlam Bacchmakon frocs, 
Who, dan aming, row ling t ous-wife 

nder their twii h-likeeys 

V. iaftly voice, with ri/lygrim -| 

Toft by the 1 that fiercely tortures them. 

Dl~~l.: ll_l._A_- _ _ « .. „' 

Meal i and blufhmg, panting, ihrccking,JwountnS, 

Witl rathlefs wounds their fenfclefs members wounding 

But as th' I mperiall Airy peoples Prince, 

With ftately pinions foaring-hy from hence, 

Cleaves through the clouds, andbravdy-bold doth think 

With his firm ey to make the Suns ey wink : 

So ^Adam y mounted on the burning u fags 

Ofa Set nek love, leaves earthly things, 

I tf^HS^^ Cl ? vc ? dlc ftarr y Spiictrt, 

Adim d eUrtt 

• J c t 71 

h m Jd#t 



i Gods face his eys he hV l v bears : 
>rows fecm brandiflit with a Stm-Iike 



Andhispi dbod; cmsacubithier 
oSSS ^ g \ n h l : Th ' ««"*&* field 

O Mealy roll, the Arches Harry feclcL 
Waeth'AH^Crea £«■ 

TheS mdMoonbN fotSerrmell- 

Thcclecr cloud-bounding P .npaiTiga'd 

Wnercang 7 ^„ >anddlc ^.J*, 

Hand y-Cra 


M xcmg in batrc11 ' throwc down to the foil 
5? hc woods that middling {land to part the broil ) ; 
The Piap'T Manfions, where man-kindedoth trade, 
Were built in Six Doses : and the S ea v'nth was made 
The (acred Sabbath. ! a, J rh and Air, 

Andazure-guMed Hcav'ns Pavilions fair, 

shall ftand Six Dotes h but longer divci fly 

Then the daies bounded by the Worlds bi it fcj 

The B'srjt begins with me : the Seconds m 
UthcBxMhi^ ;ht, who doth firft adorn 
Tliel ids with Vines: that Shcphcdrdis thcTtssrd, 
That after God 1 1 High frrange Lands leai lis Heard, 
And ( fiaft nuns rcafon ) crediting Gods word, 

H »ncly Son flaies with a willing fword i 
The fourth 's another valiant Shepheardlin r, 

Thar fora Cannon takes his /Illy fling. 
And to a Scepter nuns his Shepheards ftaff, 
Great Prince, great Prophet, Poet, Pfalmogiaph : 
The Fifi begins from that fad Pi inccs night 
Thatfees his children murdred in his fight, 
AndonrJ e banks of fruitfull Euphrates, 
Poor Judol ■ n Captiue heauinefs : 
Hoped Mefstas fli ineth in the Sixt ; -j^y- 
WhOj mockt, beat, baniflir, buried, c 

For our foul fins (frili-fclilv inin nt ) 

Hath fully bom thchatcfull punilhment : 

Thcljji i]ul\ be the very Rejiing-Do)^ 

Th" Air /hall bcnuite,the VVal works fliall Ihy j 

The Earth her ftore, the Stars fliall leave their meal iire 

The Sun his iliinc : and in eternall pleafures 

Weplung'd, in Heav'n fliall ay folcmni/e, all, 

W eternall Sabbaths cnd-lels FesiiuolL 

is J what may I of that race preiiime 
Ncxtth'irefiilJ Flame that fhall this frame confumc, 
U hofegut theirgodj whofcluft their lawfliaU be, 
J! io fliall not hear of God, nor yet o 
^nthofe outrageous, tliatbecan t h 

ynth holy groundilll offweet E&*scmh. 
2™ r >'et) the found of Hcav'ns drad ntencc hear, 

£"lasey-witncsofmine ilewcre, 

^ccrn todcfpicjht God. Did tot fuffizc 
s * Miull foulc ! ) firft topotyt omice ? 
j^d itnot (O Lamcch) tocTiflain 

In \\ Uj>t,a11 l,cd "■ but t!l:lt c,)on mnft in ? rail1 
Tj V R reat -GranJ-fires Grand fires reeking gore 

Th;f ru f!J 1>I>U,C ' ,cl r ingnooght (before) 

() Prohibition, and the tlv itnii .v 

nrn ^whouunfernaU Pours do box 


l H 


i- Adam*. 
. Noah. 

. Abi 

DjujJ. J 

Zfd j. 

6. Mcfllu 

?. Th-Ftr 


6 y«»>; 




^V — 


■ KM 




*xv .r.\*v 

■i . 

. * 



A F 

ran da rd 

Neither his Pafports fcaled Character 
Sa in the fore-head of the Murder* 
Com $ood £M •• rc«dwcthcSt* 

0(ho\y*MM humane rafcaflandi 

Andrroden-down : Invoke th unmoral! Powf 5 

Vpon his Alrar warm bloud-orWs pom : 
His (acred nofe perfume with ^eafingArapor, 

And reend again Trmbs oeer-cxaaguiftt I aper. 
Thy pupil ifa«*,fcWy-dying wholly, 

( Earths ornament) to God hclivethhddy. 
Lo, how he labours to endure the light 
\Vhich jnth'c^r^ -^V^^fiuncth gloi xous-bri-Iir .- 
J low rapt from fcnfc,and free from flcfhly lets, 

)mtimes he climbs the faered Cabinets 

r'thc divine /ip^everlaftfflg, 

aving for wings, Faith, fervent Prater and Fajl'tng : 
How at fomtimes, though clad in earthly clod, 
He (faered, fees, feels, all enioyes in God : 

owat fomtimes, mounting from form to form, 
In form of God he happy doth transform. 
Lo, how th' All-fair , as burning ail in love 
With his rare beauties, not content above 
T' haue half, but all, and ever • fets the ftairs 
That lead from hence to Hcav'n his choCcn heirs : 
Lo, how he dim cth the fupcrnall ftories. 
Adieu, dear Henoch : in eternall glories 
Kvi.ll then; with God : thy body, chang'd in quality 
Ot Spiri: or Angcll, puts-on imr tality : 
Thine eys already (now no lone er eyes, 
But new bright ftars) doo bi an h in the skyes : 
T hou drinkeft d cp of the ccleftiall v i c j 
Thy Saitoh's end-lcfs .-without vail (in fine) 
Thou fee ft God face to face . andneer vnite 
Toth'O i T bine g«J, thou liv'ltinth' Infinite. 
But heer the whilc( new Angcll j rhou doft Icauc 
11 wicked folk, whofe handsareapt to i eauc, 
Whole Scorpion tongues delight in fowing ftrifc 
Whofi itsareguifs, inceftudusall theii life. 
Oftrangctobe heleev'd ! thcbleflcd Race 
The faered Hock, whom God by fpeciall grace 
Adopi rhis,, , they (alas!) moft fhame-lcfs 
3 ?. n > m <f bcaftly-brute and tamc-lefs, 
Withlu schooling for wanton S poufes 

oS'fir d:U,ghtC , rS '^"^uhehouies 

rif M^ rcfct gfooalhly 

lK_ ; l>eautiesbla/ct ertuonsmodefty. 

The Handy-Craft 

■ ,jGvnnrsftrange,of haughty hand and mind 

je $ of the World, and icourges of Mankindc. 

en righteous God (though ever prone to pa 




one to paid. 

Ofail (at lcali) the living creatures glid 
A j, the air, or on the- earth abiding. 

] vns cryitall windows with one hand he opes* 
c c on the World a thou/and Seas he drops : 
\ h th' other hand he gripes and wringcth forth 
j I , un )be of th' execrable Earth, 

Sj ftraightw prelr, that it doth ftraight rcftorc 
All liq flouds that it had drunk before : 
I \ Rock new Rivers doo begin 5 
And: lis aid the fifowes com rumbling in f 
ThePines and Cedars haue but boughs to fliowc 5 

- (hoars doo mi ink, the fwelling waters giowei 

A many N ephews lofe I heer 

Amid the I e deeps, that but for mountains nccr, 

Vpon the riling of whofe ridgeslofry, 

;\ climbon every fide for fafcry, 
I ihould . :-l cfs : but ( alas !) the Water 
Sw. II. Mils, and all this wide Theater 

ialloncPond. O children, whither R\ ou i 
A ns wrath purities you to deftroy-you i 

T v waters ftrangcly rage and roar. 

Rivers and Seas haue all one common fhoar, 

lo wit) a (able, water-loaden Sky 
Ready to rain new Oceans inftantly. 

Son -Ids Father ! O too fruitful! handles .' 
Ow chedrootl hurtful!, hatcfull branches! 
gulfs vnknown I O dunqconsdeep and black J 
worlds decay ! O \ rfall wrack! 
Heavns ! O Seas ! O Earth (now Earth no more) 
(I fli ! O bloud ! H eo , forrow ftopt the door 
0* lus fad voice • and, almoft dead for wo, 
*« prophctizing fpirit forfookhim fo. 



I ..-'<**'*'7? 






1. T 



II. Babylon, 


[IV. The Colvmnes 

The Colonies, 


Acctpum rtfer». 



The Ark. 





T it i Arovment. 

Noah prepares the Ark : and thither brings 

( b him) 4 Seed-pair of all lining thugs ; 

His exercife, a-fhtp-board : ^Athetjt Cham 

HU boh Fathers humble Zeal Jet h blame ; * 

x^ind dt i erjly tmpugn* Gtf Pr evidence : 

Noah rejehs- his Fat le/s arguments 

The Flood furceajl : 7b' landed: Blood forbid i 

The K ain-Uowe bent ; what is prefigured: 

Wtne lowneih Wk : C \\i\x\ feoffs the biakednes 

Of 'sleeping Sire : tlx Mapoj Drunkennes. 

I now no more my fa c red nes diitrll 
1 WithArt-lefscalerYommydil iftom dqiuli t 
«&3*&\ If now the Laurell, that but 1 tyfliadcd 
"*?l$3 My beating temples, be dif-leav'd and \ aded I 
And if now, banifht rrom the leas tint, 

And cart down head-long f ie lofty Mount 

Where fweet Vrama iltteth to endire. 
Mine humbled Mufe flag inalowcly flight , 

ame thefe fad Times ii hill en 
My Jioufhold cares, n altlw infirmity, 

My drooping forrows for ( late ) grievous loflcs 
M) bufic fui and other bitter crdffi 

Lo, there the elogs that v gh down heavily 
My beft endevours, whilom (bai ing high : 
!jjy baiveft s hail : the prickin&thorns and weeds 

^tinmyfoulcchoaktii ncr feeds. 


<f Pc 

'■ ■ 









The Ark. 

icious God ! remove my great incumbers, 
Kindle again my faiths neer-dyingimbcrs : 
Aflwagc thine anger ( for thine own Sons merit) 
And from me ( Loi take not thy holy Spirit : 
Comb, gild and poii/h, more then ever yet, 
This later iflucofmy labouring wit : 
And let not me be Jike the winde, that proudly 
Begins at fa ft to roar and murmur loudly 
Again ft thenext hils, over-turns the woods, 
With furious tempc/ts rumblcs-vp i he floods, 
And ( fiercely -fell; with ftormy pu/fs confl rains 
Thefparkiing dims to roul about the Plains - y 
But flying, faints ^ and every league iceoes^ 

One nimble feather of his wing doth lofe : 

But rather like a K iver poorly-breeding 

In barren Rocks thence d op by drop proceeding : 

Which, toward the Sea, the more he flees his fo..rcc, 

With growing ftrcams ftrcngthens his gliding courfc, 

Rowls, i oars and foams, raging with rtft-lcfs motion,' 

And proudly fcorns thegrcatnes of the Ocean. 

The Dooms of Adam lackt not long effect. 

Eor th' angry Hcav'ns (-hat can, without refpetf 
Ofpcrfons, plague the ftubborn Reprobate) 
In Waters buried m Vmver fall /late t 
>W never more the nimble painted Legions 

\\ i hardy \ g S had cleft the airy Regions i 
Wcall had pcri/ht,and the Earth in vain 

Had brought Ilk of fruits, and grafs,and grain, 

If umech * Son (1 d Art directed) 

T :at huge vaftveffell had not firft creeled 
Winch (faced h gc ) kept the parent-pairs 
Of all things moving in the Earth and Airs. 

No. hilcthe Worlds-re-colonizing Boat 
Doth oi :he waters over Mountains float 
A*pafTcth not, with tales and idk play 
The t edious length of daies and , , i $£> . 
But^as theSommers fvveer dirtil^ drops 
Vpon the medoues thirty yawmng chop 

orcnta, u burnt with ^«/7^.v«.- u- 
So thecirr ri, • J ter s Paiching powr : 

Cheerycc mvrKu d3untcd h:,rts - 

onus (Ha y.)r h ^ fiS*^ w 

The Ark. 

,n, to defrroymankindc, 

ns,tlr ivatec, and th< iadc: 

in his ] vVkr<7wi]| 

.1 lea; ns, calm windes, and waters ftili. 

isv and mercy follow turn by turn • 

T] h Lighm doth not lightly bum 

randtl >m age to age 

wi.hhcrwi igs the faithfuU hcrit •. 

God male 'cant-weight of di'pleafme, 

[ s his mercy without ht or meafure : 
^ jheftrikesvsCtoefpeciall ds> 

blues, our children, or out 1 friend^ 

or body, goods, or elfe good names, 
i he cafls his rods in burning I ics : 
Not with the filt, but finger hedotfa beat-vs - 
\ illfooftashedothtlucat-vs: 

/ : Steward) gives his faithfuU Bees 

\ Wrath, to rcbcll Drones the Lees, 

id thus the deeds of Heav'ns luit-gcnrlc King, 
md Woi d Patriarch did ling. 

oots of finfull Atheifme ni 
W eadyiodil throne rjuU^ 

Andfc iiiipthcM 
! And If, by name of Iuptter, 

f/rii a fumptuous Temfie rear : 

V ledb h ftoiitai'dftcrnafpccl, 

I arm* lis Father thus be-checkt : 

01 \vi: grieuesme,tliat( fervile terrors 

»i Cowards, vulgai •) 

uch deep root in yourfecble brcft i 

v > vsfellV 

v you thusalwaics make\ adrud 

C fury of a fain fudge 

^v ' ayesf- uifelf 

a Cenfor 

>ur words; and doth your filence cenfure 

,thatd h count) 
in his hand your h 

fins itai ift< 

: Butcher, that th bl knifl 

it and da) iltylife? 

•u not th ftiti t 

i it in rmindebegee 
lij hi cr< dulity 
►uftilli mil 

I (andtform 

ii Worn fie Beat 


z 19 

Cham fuUtf 

fimcrtn frj Fa 

tjrm u^nns 

■ ■ '■ - 
C d .A hty 


^ I ■^XSY' r **Jt H 





Who (tender-hearted) weeps at others weeping, 
Wails others woes, and at rheoncly peeping 
Of others blood, in Hidden /woun deceases, 
In manly brcft a womans hear: poflcflcs : 
And who (rcmorfe-Icis) lets at any fcafon 
The ftormy tide of rage rranfport his rcafon. 
And rhundcrs threats of horror and mifliap, 
Hides a Bears heart vndcr a humane (hapc. 
Yet, of your God, you one while thus pretend 5 
He melts in tears, if that your fingers end 
But akca-while : anon, he frets, he frowns, 
He bums, he brains, he kils, he dams, he drowns. 

The wildeft Boar doth but one Wood dc/hoy 5 
A eniell Tyrant but one Land annoy : 
And yet this Gods outrageous tyranny 
Spoils all the World, his onely Empery. 

O goodly Jufice ! One or two of vs 
Have finn'd perhaps, and mov'd his anger thus ; 
All bear the pain, yea even the innocent 
Poor Birds and Beafts incurr the puniihment. 

Ko, Father, no : ( *t is folly to infer it) 
God is no varying, light, inconftant fpirit, 
Full of revenge, and wrath, and mood)' hate, 
Nor (avagcfcll, nor fudden pa/fionate, 
Nor fuch as will for Com fmafl fault vndoo 
This goodly World, and his own nature too. 

All wandrine clouds, all humid exhalations, 
All Seas (which Hcav'n through many generations 
Hath hoorded vp) with fclfs-waight cntcr-crnfhr, 
N ow all at once vpon the earth have rufht • 
And th'end-lefs thin air (which by fecret quils 
Had loft it fclf within thewindes-buthils 

Dark hollow Caves, and in that gloomy hold 
To icy cryftall turned by the cold ) 

N OW fwifcly f lirging tQwards Hcav>n 

Hath not alone drowntl all the lowely Plain 

5K52S f h s*« ^*3S£ 

The top-Icfs Cedars of mount Uann. 

'*•■ Mine a»« f&L ' j ' cbclll0l » Cham- 

Thy KS contonning th' holy Ghoft, 


(bait be 

1^:-Vv' ■ 

»* *% 

« v thine infamous lifesaccurfed (rate, 
Wliatnowthy (hamc-lc/s lips fophifticatc. 
[(Godbepra) I ) khowe that the j tCucu 

Wlioic Center's- >-\% here, of all his circle 

Exceed* thecin uit ; I conceiue aright 

1 hat th'< ,: - s s .' feclstiot in his minde 

Thcfurioos rempefts of Fell paffions windc : 

•j niooiiclefs,all he moves : that with onethoueht 
If, can build Hea\ 'n ; and,buildcd,bring to nought : 

Xhat his high Throne's inclos'd in glorious Fire 
Paftourapi ach : that our faint ioule doth tire, 
Our fpirit gro rcsfpi it-]cfs,whcnit fecks by fenfe 
To (bund hisinfinir Omni-potcncc. 
I fiircly know tiic Chernbins do hover 
\V:: i flaming wings his ftarry race to cover. 

None fees the Great f\\ ^Almighty y tioly-0 n e, 

But paffi: y,and by the back alone. 

t sEfTencc is in-explicable, 

Wondrous I is waycs.his namcvn-vrterable; 

So that concerning his high Maicfty 

Our feeble tongues fpeak but improperly. 

)r,i 11 him (trough be pra;. istinall: 

Ifblcfii pirit/oarehis Afv 
IfGrc ats,h c'svoide of quantity: 

If; d.ftyr,holy, he wants quality; 
Sic; in his ^ik* fully excellent, 
AN js pare fubftancc/rce from accident. 
j Therefore our voicc,too-fain:infucli a fubiecl 
J' { ^'(kand our weak foulc her obi< 
Do , alwayes (rammer • fothatcuer when 
» old make Gods name redoubted among men 

fohumanepb e ) it calls him piufuil, 
K nranrjealous^erce^nd angerfull. 

' Ot God by this repentancc,thus, 

"f'gnorancc and error cnrt,iikevs: 
J? 1 ?* d doth not make him curio 

"ttpitty wretchcd,nor his anger fur 

''iHnmorrallSpmtisevcrciiml Ice 
^ all the beft that f< >Ic man doth heer, 

"'» vehemence of fomc hot pafliondrh 
na ^vi:li ripe iudgement doth the King of Hca\ 'm 

P^naUa Phyfici comfortably-bold, 

H ^ f ,cl I rear-lcfs.conftantly behold 

Andf Y K?V( ll ^ dingpain, 

Aiwirt it P u ^ 'drive him health again i 

loLf nott,, ''«" -Me refembUng God 

«own from 1 fcav'n i a wi 1 clod, 

" ■ a* 

W))) W CAMKOt 
| Jf**k Of Ci. 

tfrcr she 

$f m. 

? Anfmt c 


tun At irk* 






■ H 


! I 





1~ — 




Ths Arke. 

r > In k 



Nor cure his creaturc,but himfcWtmua languilli r 

To (namefull death the tengcadnlrcm-j 

Nor on the- /imWuiC the (in uU crime f 
„,.„,. Ancllhailnocthauh'Etcrnall/^ 

Condemn the Athcift and the Murderer, 

'" Without felfs-fury i O I fliall Mftceihen 

^ 4 '~ Bcblam'dfliGod^andnwgnifi'dinmtte 

Or /hall his facrcd VViIJ,and fovcrain Might 

Be chayn'd To fart to mans frail appetite, 

That filthy lin he canno: freely hate, 
Butwratbfull Rage him fclfly cruciate C 
< , fm Gods (acred vcngcancc,fcrucs not for defence 

Of his own Ej]ence\\om our violence 
.... 1\>. intheHeavnsaboucallieachofours, . 
i ledwcls immur'd in diamantinc Towers ) ; 
But,to direct our hues and laws maintain, 
Guard Innoccncc,andIniurie retrain. 

Tli' Almighty part not mean,whcn-hc fubuci ted 
Neerall the World from hoiy paths departed. 
1 ox k^4 dims Trunk ( of both-our Worlds the Tree ) 
In rwo feirc Branches forking fiuitfuliy, 
Of Cain and Seth • the firft brought forth a fute 
j Ofbirtcr,wilde,and moftdcteftcd fruit : 

Th other, h>(t rich in goodnes,aftcrward 

With thofc bafcScionsb( was marr'd : 

And fo product -d< crablc clutters 

>rthy wicked and inceftuous lufters : 
And then ( alas ! ) what was thcr to be found 
Piirc,jultoi ) all this Earthly Rounds 

Cains Line polR-ft finne,as an heritage ; 
Sub's as a do w ry got by m a riage : 
So i hat ( alas ! ) among all humanc-kindc 
Thofc Mongrcll kilfcs man 'd the pureft mindc. 
Ar d ive even wc,that haue efcaped here 
This crucll wrack) within oui con fciencc bear 

A thoufand Rccordsofa tho< .and things 

Conuroongvs before the King ofTdngs- 

VV hereof not one ( for all our fclf-aff&ion ) 
Wecan defend withany iuft obieclion. 

SS ^au^ a11 th c ** b ™<*s : 
Manual d for fin out of the Lium? RonU 
Th£ W. n f° US t0 °^ nd «»« excel lent, 

™eir Work-man rc^rcmain'd impertinent. 

5 1 tre 


k ten 

'•m tvr«n# 



M* 1 

The Ark. 

Man's only head of all that draweth breath! 

Who lacks a mcmbcr.yet perfevcreth 
joline ( we fee ) : but,mcmbers cut away 
from their own Iicad,do by and by decay. 

^or was Godcrucll,whcn hedrown'd the Earth. 
For fithence man had from his very birth 
K cbcld againft him • was 'r not equity, 

gc ant and 1 -a/'d i that fait mould there be Cow n, 

That iathe ruins (fbrinftru&ion) 

\Vc for a time might rcadc and vnderftand 
The righteous vengeance of Heav'ns wrathful! hand, 
That wrought this Deluge: and no hoorded waues 
Ofayry clouds,or \ ndcr-cai thly caves i 

If all blew Curtins mixt of ayr and water, 
Round over-rpreading this wide All-Theater, 
Co fom one Climate all at once mould fly, 
One Country they might drown vndoubtcdly : 
. But our g: cat Galley hauing gone fo far, 
So many mont hs,in fight of either Star, 
From Pole to Pole through fundry Climats whorld, 
Showes that this Flood hath drowned all the world. 

Now w»//«/7,if to lc-inforcethy Camp, 
Thou fly for fuccour to thine A y Damp : 
Showe^n the concave of what Mountains ftccp 
We may imagine Dcnsfufficicnr deep 

>rfomuch ayrasgufhingourin fountains, 
Should hide the proud tops of the higheft Mountains ; 
Sith a whole tun of ayr fcarcc yeelds (in triall) 
Watci ynough to fill one little Viall. 
And what fliould then betide thofc empty fpaccs t 
What mould fucc 1 in the forfaken places 
Of th "air s thin parts ( m fwift fprings flunking thence) 
™ ■• there 's no voyd in th'All-circumfcrencc- 

Whence (wilt thou fay) th oms this raging flood, 
■; : •' -flowes the windvJltpAciji Wood, 
y m ***M«,and cnuiouilv alb.res 
1 onnench the light of the ccleftiaJJ rircs i 

whence (mall I fay)thcn,whcnc rom corns it (Cham) 

at WoIucs,and Panthers waxing meek and tame, 
A 2 V1 ?8 the horrorofthcir/hady home, 

n( JioumV-IK,, ii „._.._ .i- ■ .r 

Vv ^ 0urn ' d byHcav*n,didininyV cncccom, 
Son? "^ ^ 1D ^ CC ^ \Tidcr my comma 
A /"'ny creatures humbled at my hand 

WhU? Wrcftor ' d K>th'honourand eftate 

Whcn C °!r^^' W Wl through (in andSatans hate 
That V ° lt COm '° 1 ' *>V what i eafon is't. 
• "mann'd Haggard > mine empty fi/t 



+ 3 


dt femes tQ , 

je tATfA 

i o.V 



matt i 6c.l 

| ti.ThetoMtm 

t\x flout 
! 4 Mthidll mctt- 

on *nlj, y bntfr*- 


ilxr tbmtyitu- 


^ titnit 

Mi ' M 


j k 



The Ark. 


*//• (Cdft . 

r * MM §M 
i A 


( :o .hour call i Whence coins ir,that fo little 

r,fodder 3 tneal,nnd other vKfhiall, • 

Should fcruefd long fo many a greedy-gut 

7 r hcerthc Partridge doth not dread the Hauk i 
Nor f f rare the fpotrcd Tiger baulk- 


1 ill this while we do not ioyotly choak 
\ ■. ! noy n breath,and cxcrcmcntnll (link 

Offuch a common and continuall fink C 

And :hoi our fclucs,mid afltheie dcarhs,arciav'd 

From thefc AH- Seas,where ail the reft arc Grav'd ? 

In all the compais of our floating Inns, 
Are not fo many planks,and booids,and pins, 
As wonders ftraW,and miracles that ground 
Mans wi jling Rcafon,and his wits confound : 
And < jod,no left his mighty pcwrdilplayd 
\ \ h( :ftor'd,then when the World he made. 
() (acred Patron .' pacific thincire, 
I ; heme our Hulk : thefc angry floods retire ; 
A -liue and dcad,ltt vs percciucand proove 
Thy :h on others, on ourfelixsthy love. 

1 s ?(0ih fwectens his Captivity, 

timc^nd charms his miiciy, 
in God aionc : who,in the Mountains 
Now /topping dofc the v< s of all the l-'oun rains, 

"ns fluccs,cauling thayr ( controul'd ) 

Cl< > his channcls^id his Seas with-hould, 
C ihthc windcs.O Hcav'nsfrcfli fans ( quoth he) 

I Brooms,0 Porrcfrs enmity, 
►u my Heralds and my Harbcngers 
mblc Poftes and fpeedy Meflcngers, 
Mmcarms,my Gntmjpd mine Eagles fwift 
That through the ayr ray rowling Chariot lifr, 
V\ hen from my mouth in my iuft-kindlcdire 
I Sulph'ry fumcs,snd hot confuming fire 

V. n with my Lightning Scepters drcadfull wonder 

l nuiftcr horror,dark::cs,clouds and thunder : 
Wak ,and run,and drink thefc waters dry. 

That hills and dales haue hidden from the sky! 
I h **k* Crowdobays his mighty call, 
.[■*<«">' forges of the watersfalL 
f WW :andthefacred^/ 

' ■;:;^ f ^ VV ^P foud ^^okneeI 
A thoufand Hilsjuslofty homadorin* 

.J ;lcau he clouds,theftan 7 welkin eoa. in- 
Th „ hopc-c Wd JM M 0^7 

Send ^nlHheCrowe^hoflutte^neerXut, 

The Ark. 


And finding y « no landing place at all 

Returns a 

-boo id to his great Admirall. 



after fr 

rom the window flyes 

The harm-left Doue for new difcouerics : 
But feeing yet no fhoar,fhc ( almoft tyr'd ) 
Aboord the Carrack back again rctir'd. 

Butycr the Sun had fcav'n Heav'n-Circuits rode. 
To view the World a-frcfh fhc flyes abroad . 
And brings a-boord ( at evening ) in her bill 
An Oliuc branch with water pearled frill . 

happy prefage i O deer pledgcoflouc ! 
wcl-com ncwes J behold the peaceful! Doue 
Brings in her beak the Pcacc-branch,boading weal 
And truce with God • who by this facrcd feal 
Kindly confirms his holy Coucnanr, 
That riift in fight the Tiger rage lhall want, 
Lion? be cowards,Hares couragious, 
Ycr he be falfc in word or deed to vs. 

(acred Qliuc .' firfrlingof the fruits, 
Hcalrh-hoadiiig branch,be it thy tender roots 
Haue lived fti 1 1 , w h ile this f irange Deluge laffced, 

1 doereioicc it hath not all things wafted : 
Or be ir.fincc the Ebb,:hou newly fpring, 
Prays'd be the bounty of th'immortail King 
That quickens thus thefc dead,the World induing 
With beauty frefli fofuddainly renuing. 

Thus ^oih fpakc : And though the World gan lift 

Mo/1 of his lies above the waters drift: 
Though waxen old in his long weary night, 
ce a friendly Sun to brandiih bright : 
I Though choak't with ill ayr in his (linking flail, 
I Hec'l nor a-fooar till God be plcas'd with-all 5 
And til! ( dcuout >from Hcav'n he vnderfland 
v yi Oracle to licence him to land. 

Bur,'warn'd by Hcav'n,hc commeth from his Cave, 
J Qr rather from a foul infectious Grave ) 

' A jY JV,w,CjiW > ^/^andtheii twice-two Brides, 
^ndthoufand pairs ofliu in -things befides, 
unclean and clean .forth'holy fttrurk 
"W of all kinds inclofedm the Ark. 
«ut,hecr I hear rh'vngodly ( that fear 

wVri pcrcd fofi[ y m cach othcrS ear ' 

V, m " Icnt murmurs muttering fecrctly ) 

Wk trUm r crthus rhdr filrhv 1)lai P hcrn,c 5 
Th r Dc, eevc ( but Jhallov. brained Sheep ) 

Thri \ cr Z ^'P fcar ee thirty Cubits deep, 
So n Fty Ion & an <* but once fifty large, 
nar »y months could bear fo great a charge 1 



' Gotit rvmnun- 

firth :n 
dt six I 
xijmt: t 

i tlxAtk. 



m - 





; r; 


^H I 

• - 


, | 


I ■ 

. I 

. -' 

■ I 


The Ark. 

ii^hwl Ho,fc,thc rough-skinn'd Ekp1.ant : 

Theluftv Bull.thc CamclhwOT-wnr, 
A. ! dthc'Rhinoccrot.wouJd,»vithtJ l cirfoddci, 

WLvpa Hulk fair decpcr,Ioi)gcr,broadcr? 

i r :CX hnr i*vr nnr 

.An vK~*xfmf. 
t title jifwcr r# 



[-vpa Hulk ran ua^u >'T b * , T 

Oprcfane mockers / if I but exclude 
Out of this Vc/Tcliavaft multitude 
Oflince-born mongicls,that denue their birtli 
Rom mon/trous medly of r«*r<**minh 5 
Fantafl vf ulcs,and fpotted Leopards, 
Ofmccft heat ingendred afterwards : 
So many forts of Dogs,of Cocks and Doves, 

ircc,dayly fprung from Itiange and mingled loucs 
Wherein' from time to time in various fort, 
Dcdalian Nan. re fecms her to difport : 
If i>layner,yct I proucyou fpacc by fpace, 
And foot by foot,that all this ample place, 
By fubtilciudgcment made and Symmetric^ 
it lodge 16 many creatures handforaly, 

Sith euery bra cc was (ieometricall : 
Nought rcfteth ( <Momes ) for your reply at all - 
If,\vhodifputcwith God,may be content 
To take for currcnt,Reafbns argument. 

I rather louc,and /rlenccto command 

To mans difcourfc : what he hath faid,is don : 
For, cucrmorchis word and deed arc one. 
By his fole arm,the Galltms Matters {aw . 
Themfclucs faferefcu'd from deaths yawning iaw • 
And offers- vp to him in zealous wife, ' 

And fends withall above the ftarry Pole * 
Theft winged fighes from a religious foule . 

U orld-making Fathcr.Windcs Kin&caJmine- 
VV «h imldcafpeft behold vs , Lo^d appeal? 8 
Thine Angers tempeft, and to fafcty brL 

And bound for ever in their antien: Caves 
Thefe ftormy Seas deep World-dcuourmg waves 

peereChildren^fcthemaii.rXLH j 
Butyetabfhiin, and do nonalr f ,,W,d ^ : 



Ham holy: be you holy then, 

Tiepl/^ tcal,cnicIlbIo ° d > rmen * , . t 
Therefore dchlenot in your brothers blood 

Y or anl ^y ,ia,u,s ' ' c * ra,ne ^ om crucl * niood 5 

, |° y homicide : doc not in .any cafe, 
f ,; m an,inine Image brutifhly deface: 
Thccrucil man a crucll death mall taftc ; 
And blood with blood bevenged firftoi laft. 

Poreuermorevp6n the murderers head 

My roaring ftorms of fury mail bellied. 

From hence- forth,fear nofecond Flood thatfliall 
Cover the whole face of this earthly Ball : 
Iaflr, ! rcycno 5 no,no > Ifwearctoyou 

\nd who hath ever found mine Oath vntrue f ) 
A :ain,I fwcar by my thrice facred ?{ame : 
And to confirm it, in die Clouds I frame 
This coloured B< e. When then lorn tempeft black 
Shall threat again the feai cful World to wrack, 
When water loaden Heav'nsyour Hilsfhall touch, 
When th'ayrwith Midnight (ball your Noon be-pitch, 
Your chcerfull looks vp to this Rain-bowe caft. 
For,though the fame on moyitfuil Clouds be plaf't, 
Though hemnVd with (howrs and though it icem to fup 
( To drown the World ) all th'Oceans waters vp, 
Yet ft) all it ( when you feeni in danger fink ) 
Makeyoi!,of me 5 me,of niy promife,think. 

Koih looks- vp,and in the Ayr he views 
A /emi-Circlc of a hundred hews : 
WhichaVight afcending toward th'xthcreall tin ones, 
Hatha lyn e dra w n bet w ecn t wo Orisons 
For iuft Diameter : an even-bent bowe 
Contriv'd of three ; whereof the one dothfhowc 
J^obcall painted of a golden hew, 
Fnc fecond green,the third an orient blew • 
Jfa lo,thatin this purcblcw-goldcn-^recn 
^till ( o^Z-likc ) Tom changeable is 
« Bovvc bright-finning mdi'Arch-Archei-shand, 
Whofc fubtill firing fecms level with the Land, 
r^ Jf -P art, ng Hcav'n 5 and over vs it bends, 
^"nw two Seas wetting his homed ends 5 
f^tcmporall beauty of the lampfull skies 
" nere powrfull Nature (hewes her frefheft Dkrs. 
.And if y 0u 0nc |y D j cu . an j re j p ClC c i\e, 

OfK i C as fl 8 ncs of Sea^and Fire conceiue ; 
•r*/ lc ° r y hc lowing and the (laming Dotm y 

j,, u< %"*cM pah\and ludgement yet to come. 
%$ n ^ ,lavi »g call'd on God,our fecond lather 
Us not floth his arms together gather, 

tte ^fin-Ewe 

' ofsbcprcmij 


bcm»>ort rem 

Defer: ptttH cf 

the fyrn-Bcnrf. 

m -• 



Noah i 


The Ark. 


i ?*/. 


D'jaifiu* s;j 

But fids to woi k,and wifely now renew't h 
The Trade he lcarn'd to practice in Ins youth, 

oi V he proud ifTuc of that Tyrant rude 
That ftfthis handin brothers bloudimbrcwd, 
As fcorning PIou-hs,and hating harm-lefs tillage, 
And ( wantons ; pri/Ing Ids the homely village, 
With fields and VVoods,thcn th'idle C ities (hades ; 
Embraced Laws r Sccpters,and Arts,and Trades. 

Lit sabs SoriSykiomng Naturcfobcriy 

Content with Iittlc,fell to Husbandry, 

Thereto reducing, with induftrious care, 

The Flocks and Droves cover 'd with wool and hair - 

As prayfc-ful!gain,and profit void of ftrife, 

Art nurfe of Arts,and very life of life. 

Soih: bright honour of rhe Heav'nly Tapers 
Had fcarccly boxed all th'Earths dropiie vapours, 
WJ i nl: :c that fav'd the ftorc-fced- World from wrack, 
Began to delve his f ruitfull Mothers back, 
A-d there foon-after planteth needfully 
The brittle branches of the 2^#4/*-tree. 

For,'mong the pebbles of a pretty hili 
To the warm Suns cy lying open ftifl, 
He fcrs in furrows or in (hallow trenches 
The crooked Vines choice fcyons,ihoots,and branches : 
In March he delves thcm,re-re-dclvcs^nd drefles : 
Cuts,props and proins * and God his work fo blcfles, 
That in the third September forhismecd 
The plcntious Vintage doth his hopes exceed. 

Then A'<u/>,willing to beguile the rage 
O f bitter griefs that vext his feeble age, 
To fee with mud fo many Roofs ore-grown, 
And him lcftalmoft in the World alone ; 
One-day a little from his ftriftnefs /hrunk, 
And making merry, drinking, over-drunk : 
And,(illy,thinkingin that hony-gall 
Todrown his woes,he drowns his witsandalL 

His head gi owes giddy, and his foot indents, 
^mighty fume his troubled brain torments. 
His idle prattle from the purpofe quite, 

Isabrupr 5 a u ttering, a ll confus'd,and light : 
His wme-ftuft ftomack wrung with winde he 

A I ft "5 Tcm a11 to P fi eturu,e wheels : 

More iikea foulS wine tU a fobennan 

!: P ml7Lr fl ^ hC WaU ° WS 0n & £>«nd 
In flF u ^" deeply drowmi 
In felf-oblu„on,that he did not hide 

■ hofe parts that C*f<r covered when he died. 


The Ar 


Hv'n as the Havens with windy wings o' 

Thewecping Woods ofiUppy ^rafy 
. >e |- p weet Gardens and delicious ft 

perfuming 1 tev'n with odoriferous 
A n( jgreedy,lightvpoatheloath(bni 



And grcedy,light vpou theloathfom quartc rs 
nffotn late Lopc^or fuch Romiflj Martyrs : 
Or as a \ vnskilfull Painter raw, 

I )oth card fly the fairefr. features draw 
j cc, and yet too neerly marks 

Th'vnpleafing blemifli ofd >rmed marks, 
$ !roo. atjOl :ollowncfsofcys, 

; nofe,or <iich indecencies : 
£ v , o tl dW Sonns dealings Father 

Vicli black Obliutons I c ingratcly (mother 
paii Vertues draughts,and caftdefpightfully 

inthcleafl (ins the venom of the i 
i rum pothers rauks*and trumpet in all ages 
The li ft trips of great eft Perfonagcs : 
f.i , fconi gCbam that impudently vicwd 
His! i -ill.;; i.c.andmoii profanely-lewd, 
With fcornfull laughter (gracc-lefs ) thus began 
To infamize the poor old drunken man ; 

Com ( brethren > com,com quickly and bchould 
This pure controulcrtBat (b oft contrould 
A . ithout cajjfc : fee how his bed he 1 T s .- 
Sec, how the wine ( his mafrei ;ow rccoyls 

Bys mouth,and eys,and nofc : and b !y fo 
Toall that com his naked fliamedorh mowc. 

Ah fhamc-lefs bead ( both brethren him rcproo\ 'd, 
Both chiding thus,both with i- ft anger moou'd) 

nnaturall villainy iftcrpeitilcnr, 
\ tad: thy ro bchould the firmament; 
Where ( ent wc ) thou ought'il hauc hid before 
| thine ownc Cloak,but with thy filence more, 
j"' idlers mamc, whom age^rrong winc,and grief 
Hauc made to fa!I,but once in all his life - 
1 nou harkeft flrft,and fportin - at rhe matter 
\y nfohb fault on ] sTheati 

^" dfa . his (turning their fi Hde) 

^ir hoar : Path( nakedm h 
. u . ; ht,t >ld-manawoo 

^ crime,a(ha r-ftrook 

\V . n l^ md uch nee, 

" n Prophet-n in rh isforc-fentence: 

f -j urf uC/^ar.d. ! be ( for thy t corn ) 

T "y da d*uut i let the pc ailv Morn, 

T " ( diant iV^»,and rheumy Eucmn* fee 
n > rn cckcftiUyoakcdwithCapt 1 


+ ? 

to Jet j t 

turr 4>u* 


r . •: 


* f mtrrstrrrg 


U rrl> ■ 

brJMW* . 





■ ^?j'fc£*fr/r~i 

s . 


Th& Ark. 

God be with Sem : and let hit gracious fpeed 
Spread-wide my /^/^fniirtiili-rwarniingfecd, error,but a wilrull badncs : 
O foul defect ! O morr,0 dangerous madncs ! 
That in i hv raec,do/r harm-Ids C^lmother, 



Je/hM *> 

The talk- riiiJ,bI cruell, the violent : 

The ibrnicator,wax adulterous * 

Th' aduItcrer,becom inccftuous : 

With thy \hnucs leaucn fwclb'ng all our crimes j 

Blr:dc,(hamclcfs/cnfc-lc/s,qucnchingoL< nies 

The fbule Within irfcJf : and oft defemes 

The holicft men with execrable blames. 
And as the Muft,beginning to rc-boyl, 
Makes his new vcflels wooden bands re-coyl, 
Lifts-vp his lces,and fpews with fuming vent 
From his Tubs ground his fcummy excrement : 

So ruin'il thou thine hoaft^nd foolifhly 
From his harts bottom driv'ft all feci ecy. 
Bur,hadft thou neuer don (O filthy poifon I ) 
More mifchief heer,but thus bet eft of reafon 
T his Vcrtues Mod ule( rath erVcnuesb eft) 
We ought thee more then Death it felf dete/l* 




J k 


A B V L O N. 



F THE II. W EE[{. 

The A R g v m e :; r. 

7ti Anuthefc of Bltft ami Cur fed States, 
Subuci to Good and EutlliMagiftratts : 

Nimrod vfurps : Huprowts-fuU Pokey, 

Togaln htmft If the GoalcfSoueninty : 

Babel begun : Toftoffuch outrages, 

1 'here ;Go/ confounds the \builders Languages : 

Tongues excellent : tl>e Hebrew Jtrli and Belt: 

Then Greek and Latin : and '{about the reft ) 

7b' Arabiai\Tofcan,Spanifli ,Fi ench 5 W Dutch, 

And O urs, art Honour td bj our ^Author much. 

2J Happy pcople,\vhercgood Princes raign, 
W Who tender publikc more then priuate gain I 

Who ( vcrtue's patrons,and the plagues of vice 
Hate Parafltes, and barken to the wi ft : 

R r Who ( fclf-commandcrs ) rather fin fupprv 

fy Icl ; cxa mplcs,thcn by rigoroufnes : 

u.?V nwar d-humblc,out\vard.\taiefty 

vl! T^ 1 '^ ,0 "c is guarded lo> ally .- 
, 7 Id ol-not their pearly Sceptci lory, 
; uIt toowe themfclues fct o lofty ftory 
or all the world to fee and cenfurcroo : 
°*° r their luu\but what is iuftthc v do. 

VnlK ' t a hd,,in hatefnll valTaila^c, 
A Gun V rant to confuinc ones alie : 

UW aV ' n De »"",™ a Nero fell, ^ 
"^curfcd Courts with blc mi inccft fwcll : 


tprtj *r 

n > 4ffje- 

•mt pun, 

b* Fit 




■ _ 

■ V 

Babylo m, 

An OwI,that flics the light ofParliaments 
And State-aflemblics jealous of th 'intents 
OfpriOatctc -iicsjwho (forapa(hmc) fets 
i,s Peers at ods • and on their fury v. hers : 

Who neither faith J.onour, nor i it rdpcOs : 

Who cucry day new ( cers creels : 
Who brooks no lea: iKXJ,wife,nor valiant fubiccls, 
'But daily crops fucii vice- vpbi aiding obiccrs, 
Who ( worje then Bca{rs,or favagc mon flcrs been ) 

paics neither mothcr,brothcrj >orkin: 
\\ though round fenc't with guard of armed Kniglu 
A -many mochc fcars,thcn hcaifrighrs : 
Who taxes (hangc extorts ; and ( Caniball ) 
Gn r cs to the bones his wretched Subjects all. 
<p<- Print ( Heav'ns King ! ) in our kings ha: ts azeal» 

Firft,ofthy b.wcs ; then of their publik weal : 
And if our Countries now-Po-poilbncd phrafe, 
U )-r:.gion of corrupted daics 

Lcav : o'i'^imrcdhjng there ; 

! cane I ...that they may cuery where, 
In (lead < urfxLb'Sild Jtrtfdltm : 
That lowd my rMufc may cccho vnder them. 
Y b r Nimrod had attain'd to twifc fix yeers, 

I e r y ra n : m ong his ftripl ing-p cers, 

Outftrip: his equals, and in happy ho wr, 
Layd the foundations of hisaf er-powr- 
And bearing r r Sc ers,firft he raigns 

InPrcnticc ou heard Swains. 

Thcnkno L,that who!oayrus( illufter ) 

it fancied blifs ofEmpires awful luftrc- 

tsnmftpafs the vulgar forr, 
Or ma it leaft)m louely Vermes Port : 
He .'pends no. night on beds of down orfcathers, 
Nor day in tcnrs,bur hardens to all weathers 
His yowl il limbs : and takes ambitioufly 
A rock for Pillow,Heav*nfor Canapcy • 


s in Ioufts,and manly exercifes: 
His dainty eatcs,a fat Kids rrembling flefh, 
Scarce fully flain,luke-warni and M&bgftfti 

Therewith one breath,hc ftriueth to attain 
A±^^^ h --P-the Plain: 1 


<f;e*t,dact m 


r 9mme tr4ft0m 

Auainfttheftreamtoc^^'r, min ; 

R ngVnrean' PwKJS^ b A- U d r°u 
^ro^i-eroeksv S^^ 

And in plain courfe to eaten the Hinde Roe. 

tlieir bridge 



l> ur w hen line luftres of" his age ex| d, 
feclin' his fro.mach and his ftrcngth afj d 
rthier wars, perceived hi where, 
Ubbai d, Lyon, Tiger, Ounfe, or Bear, 
1Ilin , id-lefs combats ; and in combat foyis, 
And rears high Trophcisof his blood) fpoyls. 

The people, feeing by his war-like deed 

From t) ucs,and robbers evci y pa! heed : 
m hideous yds, the Defarts round about : 
om tear, rheir flocks • this monftcr-maJter /four, 
Tins Hercules, this hanim ill, the 
And call him (all) their 1 arher and Defender. 

| n A7wW(Ihatciiing I ortuncbythctrcfles) 
Strikes the hot fteel ; fucs, fooths, importunes, preffes 
Now thefe, then thofe,antl (haitning his good Hap) 
Lcaucshunting Bcafts, and burnetii Men to nap. 
For, like as \ le, in former cjucfts did vfe 

Is, t Is, fprenges, and bairs,aiul gleu s : 
And (in the end) againftche wilder game, 

[arts, and fhafts, and fwords, their rage to tame 
Sojbm he wins with proniife-full inn eats, 

With prefents lorn, and fbm with rougher d ats : 
And boh (breaking b< 

\i;:psthc Child-World's mr- y. 

Whereas, before each kindred had ft 

1 Chief, ycrthat rhcyourhful! pride 

n.iiT State, ambitious, boylir 
Didthruft (as now) in others corn his fickle. 

1 oniz'dthus, this Tyrant gan deuifc 
petrate a thoufand cruelties, 
JJ 1 fub ing for his appetite 
God Vfan^andNatui trij facred Right. 

c th' Almighty, lift ohisnofc 

Hisflowrii Scepter : and forfearheloCc 
w ; 7 L0 (idle) in the end 

' Hip their yoa* $ he fubdc makes them fpend, 

, their 1 ilth, and bulics them to build 

>rra taiU\mL 
J; >juothhe)t -lor pilgrim Grooms 

>wl ind wandring rooms : 

alace, w >fc y id front and feet 

ill ma inflantmeet; 

X '" ' 'rctmir. 



rfonj ChAfr, 








l f j#/«*,andafafe 

11 < ►fyet-moi( 1 oods mould threat : r 

I'tMcadou) ucs .r 


dthus,in nci ud nts, 


J'«5nus,m Prin in 

d %ifto'raUthel 










wfi £ tmttfr 



Tyj*ts x the 

to* *r w* 

bmlj tkftrf- 


Mieht-lefs our fehu ofuccour.oradmfc. 

w S"h*' »*-& •* 



Hil fanned by the lawn wiRd«,ir Wanes, 
Wi:h angry rage* and i. hrougn tnc buihes, 
Climbs fragrant Hauthoms, then I >ak, and cna 

ThcPinc,and rc,that bridge rhc.Occan : 
It ftill gets ground, and (running) th augment, 

And never leaucstill all nccr Wo< brent : 

So, this fo cech (rirft broacht by certain Minions) 

foon applau< I mong the light opinions: 
A by aegre< i hand to Iiand rcrm'd, 

T '1 the bail- eonfufed multitude • 
Who longing now to fee this Cafflc rca: 'd, 
Them night and day, in dirTcrin rafts befti rr'd, 

Som f.i\l to felling v .1 a thoufand ftroaks 
Aducnrurous Alders, Allies, long-li v'd ks • 
Degrading Forrefts, that the Sun might view 
icJds that before his bright rayes never knew. 

Ha'yefet . Town expos d t< land 11. '.liter 
( At vi& plcafure) when J laughter 

Mixtlyre nd >m cany, fom c< 

om lug, fom load ; 'gainft Souldiers icy 

No place is fine, and y era day be 

>ut at her gate the ranfack'r Town doth run : 

(in a trice) theft Carpenters di/r< 
Th' Affyrum hils of all their kali obe, 

Strip t fteep Mountains ol ! cs, 

And powle the broad Plains,, chy 

Cans, Sleds, and Mules, thick iuftlii 

And bending axh roan beneath then load. 

Hcer, for hard Cement, heap th night and day 
The gummy (lime of chalkic u ate: s 'n r 
There, buficKil-men pi voce s 

For brick and tyle : the brtheir firm foundati B, 

They d.g to hell d damned Ghofts again 

(I aft hope) behold thcSunsl ht q}o wain : 

rhcirhammeisnoyfeahrouj )UI1 -brim, 
AfliiPhtsthcfiflnhatin fair Op* ft 

Thdcruddyw in height, alulc owc . 

1 hey caft long fliadow^ud far-off do (ho- • 



Tjjf^arrns with work-men, h I pooriotsj iurmife 
' r hc firfl d jy to touch the vei y skies. 

Which, & »d pei •, bending wrathful! frowns, 

knd with anoyfe that roai thunder drowns . 
'Mid dowdy belds, hils by the roots he rakes, ' 
•vnmov'd hi esof theHeav'ns heihakes. 

5 CCj f C( moth he} I hefc duft-ipawn, feeble, Dwarf's, 

hu Caftles, Wals, and Goumcr-fcatfs i 
( > ftrcngth-rull Pcccc, impregnable J andfure 

I |J my iuft anger's batteries to endure. 
I l.vore to : hem, the fruitful! earth, no more 
Hencoforth mould fear the raging Oceans roar ; 
Vet build they Towrs : I will'd that fcarr red wide 
They fliould go man the World ; and lo they bide 

-prifoned heer : I meant to be their Mailer, 
My (elf alone, their Law: their Prince, and Paftof . 

And they, for I i d, a Tyrant fell haue ta'en-thcm ; 
Who (to their coft) will roughly curb and rean them • 
\\ i (corns mine arm and i theft braving Towrs 
Attem] cale this C \ frail Throne of Ouis. 

Co com, K t's dafli their d ift ; and htb, combin'd 

Ls well in voyce, as blood, and law, and minde, 
In ill chey harden, and with langua* bold 
Fnco age-on them felucs their W' rohofd, 
Let's carta let 'gain ft tht -ir quick diligence t 
Let's ft; ike rhem ftrakhr with fpirir of difference; 
Let sail confound then ipecch : lefs make the brother, 
The Sire, and Son, not vndcrftand each other. 
.This J, as foon confulcdly did bound 
Thro | all the wo; k I wot not what ftrangc found, 

lan^l noyfe , not much v dike the rumors 
W Swains amid then drunken humors : 
between thetccth, fom in rhenofe, 

)tr > howl, fom halloo, fom doftncand ftrain, 
T c j th h,s S ib bcri!h, and all 1 in vain 
•ofindc again their known b drongee, 

«t with thdrmiJ :e they h.ckr in cradle, you; 

* r 'fc betimes while th'^4/-colouredMoi 
d cp pomp dorh t&Uy-tbyes door a. n : 

« P«icnt hearth' all dr ccsfwect 

Thej 1 ? ^ s,thatinGroues« greet 

0m '. _ ,;)Uc -Jto»-w*rj,each in his pi andfahhion 


^ . . 7«»w«wipi wihi mingle mangle. 

trus people every where did ia le. 
i ^uothone)atnmell,qui( k- 

| ' V nun vp a hammer: hew tl 

A a 



B on tours , eac h i n h i s p h ra 

A-Kir tI ? llb,in 8 Pcarchvrtc his 

noMr i? Uln lcon ceip'whatm 



>u* entcrpnje 
of NufrroJ *tul 

J*Z*cs ty con 


jtft tiftrj/h*. 



A V L ON. 

r Another bids) and then they clcauca Tree : 
Msdccfaftthisropc, and then they let itflcc: 

One cals for pi mother mortar lacks : 
Thq'bearthefir/t,a/fane ; theJaftanax: 

One would hauefpit and: lafjtfdethcygi 


then ti m cti- 

rat. 't t*n 


Another asks a /aw, and gets a fine: 
Thus cro/ly-croit, they prate and point in vain ; 
What one hath made, a- her mars tin : 
Kioh breath-Ids all, with their confu fed yawling. 
In boot-Icis labour, now bt appawling. 
In brief, as rhofc, that ion II deep 

Begin to build a J :r thAj 

Perceiving once (in thoui ms extending) 

Thccourfc-chang'dR pm dsdcfcendinft 

With warry Mountains bca ; do i their Bay, 
As if it fcorn'd fuch bondage : ; 

Abandon quickly all )rkb i, 

And hecr and there for Iwifter I in : 

Theft Mafons fo, 1 the ftorm arrived 

Of God 'Wrath, all cak>and icpriv'd, 

Forfakc ir p arpofe, and franrick fools 
carter their ft ufre, and tumble do\ ir tools. 
O proud revolt ! traitcrous f .' 

Sec in what fort the Lord hath { ulit thee 
By this Confufion : Ah .' that la fwect, 

Sure bond of Cities, friendJ J Icicle meet, 

rong curb of anger) ow 

In thoufand dry Brooks ( , I wot not how : 
That rare-rich gold, it el :f fancy-mover, 

That calm-rage hans-thc quel-pridc conjurc-1- 
That purdtcoyn,thcn current in each coafr, 

Now mi led, hath found, v , and colour lof 

Tis counterfeit : and o\ ;hoar 

Theconfus'd fall ofBi&i yet doth roar. 
Then */W-folki htvtik 4 ffrkdi 
The Spaniard Inde, and ours Ameri 
Without a truch-i now, the banks that bound 
Out Towns about, our tongues do alio mound : 
tor, who from home but h a fur p eors 
As dumb (alas 1; his RcaC stool dothfoi 

Webonowmouthes,ordr c , workl feiw. 

Tod S;r yCarS - commence 

I o draw the round i arths fair circumference • 

Toc,pherwel!,andc A.tbv A T 

V achtbeti csthatCaftTtChi&ft ' 





wh crc th' Encyclopedic her darling Crowns, 
i fiirne of conqucft, with ctern renowns. 

How (ever-boys) we wax old while we feek 
The Hebrew tongue, the Latin, and the Greek ; 
VVe can but babble, and for knowledge whole 
To vary Verbs, and fineft words to findc • 
Our letters and our fyllablcs to waigh : 
At Tutors lips we hang with heads all gray, 
Who teach vs yet to read, and giue vs (raw) 
An A. B. C for great injlinum law, 
HtmcrMi, or that Dhirter lore, 
Where God appears to whom him right adore. 

What (hall I more fay i Then, all fpakc the fpeech 
Of God himfelf, th' old facrcd idiom rich, 
Rich perfect language, where *s no point, nor figne, 
But hides fom rare deep my Aery divine : 
But fincc that pride, each people hath a-part 
A baftard gibbcrifli, harfh, and ovei rttwart ; 
Which daily chang'd, and lofing light, wei-ncer 
Nothing retains of that firit language cleer. 

The Phrygians once, and that renown**/ Nation 
led with fair 2(ilus fi uitfull inundation, 
Longing to know their Languages priority, 
Fondly impos'd the cenfuring authority 
To fillv Iudges, voyd of iudging fenfe 
f Dumbftammerers to treat of Eloquence) 
To wir, t wo Infants nurft by Mothers dumb, 
Infilenc C els, where never noyfe mould com 
Of charming humane voyce, to cccho there, 
Till triple-tweliie months full expired were. * 
Then brought before the Mcmf elans, and the men 
1 hat dwell at Zant, the fcint-breath'd chikferen, 
W often Bek ; Bek, Bek is all the words 
|hattheirtongneforms,ortheirdumb mouth affords. 

ricn FhrygUns, knowing, that in Phrygian 

Glad T CtU brcad > ,uuch to reioyce be i, 
« that kinde Nature had now qrac't rf i fo, 
gram this Sentence m, their fide togo. 
Wh^? ^ P crcciv 'd nor, that the bleating flocks 

Had P ° w ^ r ' lc neighbour Mountains motfy locks 
taught this tcarm, and i h io rearms ofltome^ 

y >retce .,c.. _ . 2 „ «- . ' 

?rsnee. Trfff^ Jewry^ come 



'nlv nt ^ mucn v 'fe,and frequenting long. 
Api< ^ uc Pcei)liartoourrace, 
1 llsl o 'peak; as that fame other grace 

An 3 



7lx Hibrcm 
Tongue m aH 
briau moushci 

fufiM $j Ltn~ 

djfftatrah tb*tf 


tardily dot to 
Udrn tofftdl 
not Mt ej the*. 

/clues toffCdkt 
wufoui c *-. 




>* L 





■ i 





tmu oj BcAjis. 

idht*, of the 


Mdn rnduei 


the CrfAturrt. 

Tofcpfmt Sca- 
bgCTj/i./ai; a 

thtri olmchm 

*l», O-fffdh^ 
wabout fferib. 


aycs ; 

Which, richly-di vers, makes vs differ more 
From dull, dumb wretches that in Defarts roan 

Now, that Buls bellow (if that zny fay) 
That Lions roar, and /lothfuii AHes bray, 
Now lowe, now lowd 5 and by fuch languages 
Di(tin% fecm to mew their courages : 
Thof ■ arc not words, but bare cxprcilions 
Of violent fits of certain pallions : 
Confufed li^nes of foi rw, or annoy, 
Of hunger, thirft, of anger, louc, or loy. 

And fo I fay ofall the winged quicrs, 
Which mornly warble, on green trembling briers, 
Ear-tickling tunes : for,though they fecm to prattle 
A part by payrs,and three to three to tattle ; 
To winde their voycea hundred thoufand w 
In curious defcant of a thoufar d lay es : 
T'haue taught J'/'flik, in their School, his skill; 
T heir founds want fenfe j their notes arc word-lefs flill 
Their fong, repeated thoufand times a-day, 
As dumb difcourfc, flies in-thc W °ds away. 

But, only Man can ulke of his Creator, 
Of Heav'n, and earth, and fire,and ayr, and water, 
Of lufticc, Temperance, Wifdom, Fortitude, 
In choifefweet tearms, that various fenfe include. 
And not in one folc tongue his thoughts difluiKlcrj 
But like to StdUger, our ages wonder, 

The Lcarned's Sun : who eloquently can, 
Speak Spaniih, French, Italian, Nubian, 
Dutch, Chaldec, Sy riak, Englifh , Arabik, 
(Befides) the Perfian, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, 
O rich quick fpirit ! O wits Chameleon ! 
Which any Authors colour can put on : 
Great lultm Son, and Syluim worthy brother, 
Th' immortall grace of Gdfcty^ their mother. 

And, as forIayes,that in their wycry gail 
Can ask for victuals, and vnviftual'd rail • 
Who, daring vs for eloquences meed, 
Can plain pronounce the holy Chriftian Creed, 
Say the Lords Prayer,and oft repeat itall, 
And name by name a good great houfliold call : 
1 n are like that voice, which (by ourvoyce begot) 
I rom hollow vale babbles it wots not what : 

And dumbly peak, their owne fpeech nof conceiving, 
D. af to thcm'elues : for,fpcech is nothing (fuie) 

An^J n « CCn [° UlCS r n cfou ^ in 8Ponrature: 
Andchieflywhen^isniortfwee^paintcc] plain, 



Now, when I note, howth' Hebrew brevity, 
Even with few words exprcflcth happily 
I )apeft conceits 5 and leads the hearing part 
Through all the clofets of the mazy hart : 
Better then Greek with her Sjnommdes, 

: Bpithets, and fine dMetdpbordes, 

Her apt Coniundtions,Tenfes, Moods,and Cafes 
And many othcrmuch eftecmed graces : 

When I remember, how the RaUnm fct 
Out of the facrcd Hebrew Alphabet 
All that our faith belecues, or eyes behold; 
That in the Law the Arts are all inrold : 
-Whether (with curious pain) we dotranfpbit 
Her letters turn'd in many-various fort 
(For, as in ciphering, th' onely tranfpoitation 
Of figures, ftill varies their valuation : 
So th' Andgram ftrengthens or flacks a name, 
Giuingafecrctuviftvnto the fame : ) 
Or whether we(cuen as in grofs)bcfk>wing 
Thcnumbers.which/rom one words letters flowing, 
Vnfold a fecret - and that word again 
Another of like number doth contain : 
Whether one letter for a word be put j 
Orallafcntencein one word belhut 
As *Aypts /ilcncc fealcd-vp (myflcrious^ 
In one Character a long fentence ferious. 

When I obferue, that from the IndUn Dawnine, 
Even to our Irifb Etnd's fiery yawning : 
And from hot Tdmbtt, to the Sea TdrtarUn, 
Thoufccft (O Sun ! ) no Nation fo barbarian, 
Nor ignorant in all the Laws divine, 
Butyet retains fom tearms of Palestine, 
Whofe Elements (how-fo difguiz 'd) draw-nigh 

When I confider that Gods antient Win 
™« nrft cnrowlcd by an Hebrew quill : 
'hat never Vrtm, Dredm, or PS/Urn fung 
' ft «f Oracles, but all in /fiuks tongue : 
V^i'nhc fame, tbe Lord himfelfcdid 
vpon two Tables his eternall Law : 
jw that (long fincc) in SUns Languages, 

^eav nly Poftcs brought down his meflages : 
Thev ^° conc,Uc * c ) wncn * concciuc, how then 

Rut r u UC not lc *' c ' cama ^ n;lmcs t0 mcn i 
,\f Jr i U . as Wch in fenfe) before th' event, 

And ' lntheir hues fom fpeciall accident ; 

f 1 ?'Ik * WC fcc thar a11 tho(c wol 'ds of old 
lcbr ^w ftill the found and fenfe do hold. 


Tix HcLrfw 
tongut tbc 

Tirfi red/on. 

S«*U red/on, 




Fift rrd/i/L 



+*?-. r+t _-' 


I ' 








IU*fH*{X With 

cfftrb, Ad 


Ba buon. 

Tmft if the 

Rttrrtw TwtU t 
father **& 


f r9m AdMOXi0 

*ttme 9 f 
Niauoi Since 

For, 4<£«*(mcaneth) made of clay : his wife 
Eud (tranflated) fignifieth life : 
Cm, firft begot, aM> as vain : and sab. 
Put in his place : and he that, ^daiiath 
The general! Deluge, faw the World di/treft, 
In true interpretation, foundeth Reft. 
To th' Hebrew Tongue (how- ever Grate do grudge) 
Thefacrcd right of Elderftnp I iudge. 
I AJ1 hail, therefore, O fempirernall fpring 
Of fpiriruall pictures J fpcech of Heav'ns high King y 
Mother, and Miftrcfs, of all Tongues the Prime : 
Which (pure) haft part fuch vzdt deep guJrs of Time a 
Which haft no word burVcighs, whole Elements 
Flowc with hid fenfe,thy points with Sacraments. 
O facred DuUfi ! in thee the names 
Of Men, Towns, Countries regifter their fames 
In brief abridgements : and the names of Birds, 
Of Water-guefts,and Forreft-hanting H cards, 
Are open Books where every man might read 
Their natures ftory ; till th' Hcav n-fhaker dread, 
In his iuft wrath, the flaming fword had fct^ 
The paflage into Paradifeto let. 

For, AtUm then (in figne of maftry) giving 
Peculiar names vnto all creatures hving, 
When in a generall mufter ranged right, 
They marcht by couples in his awfull fight, 
He framed them fo rit, that learned ears 
Bearing the foul the found, the maniails bears, 
Wherewith th' All- forming voyce adorned rait 
Th' inhabitants of Sea, and Earth, and Ayr. 
And, for each body a<2s,or fuffers ought, 
Having made Nowns, his Verbs he aUb wrought a 
And then, the more t'inrich his fpcech, he brings 
Small particles, which ftand in lieu of firings 
The maftct members fitly to combine 
(As two great boards, a little glew doth ioyn) 
And fcrue as plumes, which ever dancing light 
Deck the proud crcfts of helmets burnifht bi ight : 
Henges to mantles ; ears, and rings to vcfTcls? 
To marble ftatues, bafes, feet, and trefTcls. 

Til r£™ a la r n § ua § c ) Pwe perfifled fince, 
Tdl th iron Age of that cloud-climbing Prince . 
R efoundingonely, through all mortal! t< * 

Butthen(as P artiall)ititfclfrcrvV 




pled fa. 

ilkTrk " WUIC: w,,c y ncr ^ ot theconfpir'd 
Rebels he were not. but in foberquicV 
U welt far from Shiner, and their funouV 

us ryot : 


i - 



n ether, thither by com pulfionbi ought, 
Wiclifecrctfighesheeoftl odbefought, 
So with vnwifling hands helping to make 
Thcwals he wiilu deep funk in St m Lake i 
A $ wretched Gall flauc aiingthe'< s 
With forced oars, righting againft their eafc 
And liberty) curfe inch dfpright, 

Thofe,for whofc feketheylabbur 3 i nigfctj 

, r whether clfc C Is liberal! hand, f >r ever 
it were) mecLin loly mens indc\'our, 

. owne fake, of his free act- and plcafurc, 

Toth 1 Icbrcw race di pofited this creafurc ; 
While the proud remnant ofth Icattered Mafon 
J lad railed it in hundred thoufand falhions, 
Whenever' re when i called flew, 

■ in words into his Countrcynewi 
Butflipp'ry Time, envioufly wafting all, 
Disli d/bonthofeT< s authcnticall, 

V ;h "mid the B^W-buildcrs thunder, bred 

On Tigris banks, o' i e all rhceaitji were (pred : 
And, ay the world the more co. fus'd to Icaue, 

The leaftofthem in many Tongues did cleaue. 

Each lane jeal: i>,< i 

ade, which (cau/ing i tuall imutatlon 
►fth'Earths and Oceans wa with hardy luck 
i words for words ba lan and truck:' 

On Ife, becaufe Fame-tl ig wits, that toyl 
[n ns to trick their gratious ftilc, 

ind beauties) licircumftance, 

: the leaft) doc new-coyn'd words inhancc 
With current freedom : and again rcftorc 
Th' !, rufty, mouldy, worm-gnavvn words of yore, 
Tor, as in Ion-efts,!, » do fall and fpring : 

Is, which whilom fl< hin , 
*J t Orations fliin'i with plea/ingluitre 
J- i; c-wIiitcLillh lafreih npafturc) 

.lis now no more ■ but, baniflit from the Court, 

Ofe, which Eld's il m< dUi 

^' mforbullii 
A happy wit, with grati I 

•icapafpon id 


»p:alfoad tthefti 

:hing, ithl hange 

ill ftife; and with fuch fun dr) II 

: phrafe, his Profe or ^ eenamcll. 
ieb il 

b «nde,vnl lied, at the vu IL 



•/ //if tj^jU rf S 



tbem *r 







* <• 




B\ L O N 

ih Hebrew, 
Greek, or Lo- 
ur/ 4- 
ttmr ibt rtff. 



bfMf*!' ': 'hi 

frou !m~ 
{itjft- . tjer 



DrfcrptMH t 

Uomfr, <-U 
h*ugr c 
tjhenct : 4mA of 

Anothcrs courfcis curioufly inclos d 

In lids of" Art • of choice fir words compos d. 


Is cradle tooml'd : another warrcrh bold 
With thcyecr-fpinners. One, vnhappy-founded, 
Liues in a narrow valley ever bounded : 
Another 'mo; g the learned troop doth prcflc 
From ji/exdiukrsAltZTi, even CO Pes. 

And focharcnOW, the Hebrew, Greek ; and lA&ff: 
Th' Hebrew, becaufe of it we hold the Paten 

Ot'lbr;ce-Eter*ahe\ cr /acred Word : 
And, of his Law, That is the rii ft Record. 
The Greek, as ha\ i y C< >mpi i/'d 

All kindc ofknowledge that may d. 

A::d manly Roman, Crl c fword-vndar.ted 
Through all t lie wo Id her cloq cr plaptcd. 

Writii theft later lines, v | nccr 

Tiac ted ^./fpleal 'abc 5 deer 2 
Mine humble < n (aluteth oft my brciT ; 
With an ^Ambrofuldczw mine cys poiFc/1 

y pcecc-meal cloft ; all moving powrs be ftill ^ 

om my dull fingers drops my fainting quill • 
Down in my floath-lov'd oed again J /hrini • 
A nd in dai k Lethe all deep c. s I link : 
Yea, all my cares, except a 7cal to len 
A <r. 11 pleafureto my Countrymen. 
Ior,th h s-charm, bun for their fake, 

When I am fleepii keeps my f ake. 

GoK inged ^r/W^taft-wardiffuing 
By 'scry tailgate (it earlier opening 
Then dayes bi ight door) fantaftiek leads the way 
Down roa vale, where moift-cool 1 ht, and day, 
Vill calms and ftorms ecn cold, ana* fJtry fmothcr, 
Kam, and fair weather follow not each other : 
But Aft, (till raigns,and rofc-crown'd Zephyr m 
With wanton fighes makes th reen trees to bufs, 
VVnofcwh enngbj)oghs,inO all form do fence 
This flowrie held 'sdclightfull excellence. 

Iuft in the midft of this cnammcld vale 
Kofta huge Rock, cue like a Pedefhll; 


Both Z5 b ^ whl r ch bcarcth '" «• hands 
hoth fire and wat er : i .Ida, tongue 

O owe thoufand chains, wh„ ,1] rhc m |rf a _long 

Draw worlds of hearers wirh j n „ Arr S 

B ndfaftbyth*eais,butfafl ^ 

We his feet, Boars, Bears, and C 
A *nu as Lambs, reclaim* from crudtTc. 


■ v -.->- 





-T — hilsdo hop, and neighbour Forrdb bound, 

N -to dance at his fv s found. 

v cm* pilars rais'd^ h curious Arc 
Vesfinn, a double row( 

J.\ ic-ch Im orfweetEloqi 
i n d thefe fair PiJ • ithgrca uricence) 

p 11 foureby rbure,oncol the Tongues 1 ich 
Our! :dAgerorfaireftdothallow. 

\\)\v,'mong ihe 1 leav ndeer fpmts iuppoiti::g he 

t|ic! rnr tongue^ that Prince whpfc I appear 
tj^ ; nt-J th Comet's H y'n-adorning brand, 

a green -diy, wit! l-fpringiilgwandj 
Andinhisarmesthcl rcdRcgiftci 

Is cternall rcn-fbfd Law lib 5 
jjnels guide : firft Author,hc thai tirft 
his hci« his Writings durftl 

V, esnotalor.cprccccd 

A 11 GreaM W ti r, b ut every Guchn D ecd . 
DdMid's the next, who > with the melody 
Or marcht fingers, draws fphears harr/.on; 

To his ] l( 1 tuned harp, which (hull tefound 
While the bi ightday-ftar 1 idesliis glorious Round ; 

: Chappil' en bo: h the whuSatLt'cIes 

Shall c ir Galliard, th' cr 

i:njt 'in*, champions (chcer'd with IJvc gs> 

to th* 1 our of the String of firings ■ 
ill the Ai lo] wi rdHoftes 

Holjy iidyl l!o b-> G °d c j il °* '-' 
Th :ird,hisSon, wit-wo:'droi:s^.i.W;«i, 

Who in his lines hath more wife h n, 

1 words, then in h.isCi nth< nd 

Pearls, Diamonds, and other ( insofiw^- 
T hen, Ams Son, in thrcatn vein , 
^'W-feJlowedj grauc, holy -m>\ eloquent. 
, S 1 uumbrcd Homer here the Greek 
JVhole School hath bred the ma 
I W antu m Snqes ; and, through aim, 

J, aSea)hiseloqm toi 

^Mhcall-d wholikcihci 

i;. n 9' ^O of rtrtdtfe- dodi m 

ml rh< a,! 
pSwthcnHc nfromHeli,ab thesld 

,Ccr - f <\Uerodotw HlDem*. '», 

'utl Ihcai king, law of learned n n. 
j. n Arch-Foe to , CJt/hfte and , Unci) 

\ An dx>n)^ wli hundringt ncc 

^ '• -in nu's w! inadmir, 

1 — fa 

. ,1 


bell * 




2 ThcGrcckc 



c r, 




I **' 



The Italian 



B A li \ LON 






The Dutch 



Bruce r. 
j.Thc Snanab 






Ctfir, who knowes as well ro write, as wa r : 

Tii 'inn kSshfi .-and that HeavWalTn ftar, 

Vhichfl ling 7/ww brings to SCrferi brink, 

Who never ms in all his Works to wink ; 
Who never/tombled, ever elccrandgrauc • 
(hfully-bold, and blu/bing mudc/i-bram 
til! like himfclf', and clJ flill like to no-man : 
Suftainthe/btclj ran lticnt Jto*ur. 

On mirthful] Boccaceis the Tufcan plae 

■ Id, choicc-tearm'd Petrarch, in d< 1 pa/lions grac't 

The fluent fainer o( Orlando i error, 
Smoorh,pithy,various,quick atfevrion-ftirrer : 
And witty 74^0, worthy coindighc 
Hcroik numbc full of life and light ; 
Short^harpc >ncciprcd,rich in language deer, 
Thoi tlaftin c,in honour forn fcheer. 

Th' Arabian languagqfiach for pillars iound, 
C it Ahen-Rois moft fubtilLamd profound, 

harp Eldebag,znd learned Auicen, 
And ibnu-jariis Figure flowing Pen. 

The Dutehjmh him who Gtrmmz,' d the ftoiy 
Ofsleidan : nexr,th' Jfleban ( laftinq glory 
Of Wittenberg) with taorgifdin ht 

His pleafiog ftiic : and Butnc my delight. 

Gue*arra,Bojcan,md Grandde,vjhk\\ iup 
With GarciUce,\n honey Pytho's cup 

The fmiiing > car,bea i iyberun • 

Aud,buttl id glory of the Csul 

Rauiihte e might well haueclav i 

The spmfb LM*rtU;mong thefe lafrly named. 

Nov. * the FHmkjtb*i *k&Cstomn* 

W hence th .die Mafon hath but«rofly hi i 
As yet ) the rough fcalcsfrom thevpper pan 

*jF m i MMm i who wkh Art-ltt Art ' 
ly toyls : and,prick ith praifc-fuli thM, 
Bungs /fr^n on, Vo to Jgwp fi r ft . 

Whonvs a time-torn Monument I honour : 
O as a broken Toomb : or tattered Banner : 
£*£ «Imi not fo much for (howe, 

FfM'l -c not well; yet (atthrleafh 

Sff Wftcr 'wi th cbe r! 1 1 } 
UVcZl ? Fo / no "dothappear 

AU forts ofiubi le,and Pocfic 

AB Y L O N. 

Indthis dn M** beating ^<W«f 

n .;£«« r.nd ftubboi n ludatlme. 


X 1 t heir owncArmcs : andfacicd-grauc,andiiiorr, 
JJ. ir p | a in-pranltt 0- he ftrengthens in fuch fort, 
That hisquickrcafons,vvingd with graccand Arr, 
Prarcc like keen arrows, every gentle hart. 
r 0ur E f,«li(h Tongue three famous Knights fuftain- 
Moore Boc'*** Sidney : of which former,twain 
hchsn(elorsoi ngttni) weaned firft 
Irfant-phraie (till then but homely nurft) 

And cliildiHitoycs; and rudenefs chafing thence, 
Xocivill knowledge, ioyn'd iweet eloquence. 

)rkl-mourn'd) Sidney ^ warbling toihcTbames 
His !s wan-like tunes, fo courts her coy proud ftrcams, 
That (all with-childe with Tame) his fame they bear 
JoThetis lap- and Thetis, cvcry-whcrc. 

But, what new Sun dazlcs my tender eyes i 
What hidden tranfc rapts mcaboucthe skies i 
i\Vh; rincely Port i O ! what impcriall grace i 

What fv t-bright-lightning looks i what Angels face? 

S learned Heav'n-born Sifters) is not this 
Tha -udent P alias , Alhions M i ( tcris, 
That Greit Eliza, making hers difdain, 

u Jin- Man, to change their Maidei n f 

Who, w htle Erynnys (weary now of hell) 
With Fire and Sword her neighbour States doth quell, 

id h Mack Horror threats in ftormy rage, 

With drcadfull down-fall th'vniverlall ftagc; 

In happy Peace her Land doth keep and nouriih : 
Where reverend Jujlice, and Religion flourilh. 

i$ not only in her Mother-voice 

Rich in Oration; but with phrafeS choice, 

on the fudden can difcourfc in Greek, 
French, Utm, Tuft an, Dutch, and Spjnifi cck, 
^\nt Rome, Rhyne, Rhone, Greece, Spain, and lulj> 

Plead all foe right in her natiuitie. 

^ Xorthrenpeai AOry-dauntin nartiahii, 
To cct ftfisond the Arts, perflft : 
l^ n If ever thefe rude rii t 

honcglaunccofNatu ^only 
::ck itbctw< palnis, 

J Wch holde thy n, i 'fe I py calms, 

^ hem with milde afpc an^ nrlyread, 
*hatforth\ ai(. hine eloquence we need. 

Jl*n th w lftakc ; O fpmtt dtuineand le.irned y 

7r hApfJ Uhaurs ljAue )° ur Uuds eterned: 
.Ji'hUmnotapt (dUs!) ntf *ble 

M •» )on to y eAr the burthen honourable 






Sir Thomas 

Sir Nicholas 



*A*d tlx inrom 
ftrdUe Oyerm 

Hfrpr$Uaue t 

quern f. 




■ i 









^Albions Fame, m with myfM < fight 

So much as follow your Heav n-neighbourmg flight ; 

At ltd Permit mejreflrdte to tmbracc 

your reuer end knees -.permit me to tnchaje 

Tour radiant creflswith Aprils top Crown; 

Permit (/pry) that from your high renown, 

My feeble tunes eterrullfdmes deriue ; 

While inmySongsyourgl$rious names furmue. 

Granting my fute,each of them bowd Ins head, 
The valley vani/ht,and the pillcrs fled : 
Ami thcrc-with-all, my Dream had flown (I thini 
But that I lim'd his limber wings with ink. 



z6 7 








JV8 8K. 

Tub Arc y m e n t. 

Toflop ambit ion, Strife, and^iudrice, 

Into Thi c J arts the Earth dtmded is : 

7o Scm the Eaji y to Cham the South, the Weft 

To Uphcth falls , their feuer all f copes expreft : 

Tlxir fruitful! Spawn did all the World /upply; 

Antiquities uncertain Search, and why : 

AfTyria fceptredjirfl , andflrfi imparts, 

To all the reft, Wealth, Honour, Arms, and Arts : 

The 2{ew- found World : Mens dt iters humors flrange 

The various World a mutuaUCounter -change. 

J file through the Worlds vnhanted wilderncfs 
1, rh' old, hrft Pilots wandi ing Houfe addrei 
WJiilc {Famous D r a k *-Lke) coarti every /Irand 

A a ^° ^ COVCI many a ^ew found- Land : 

™iu while, from Sea to Sea, with cu us| i 
'^nr great AW;, plcntious Vine again : 

• fTm 

•Vhat bright-brown do n tin- J mc 

p'^ficryPillarfhaHbyN hr. frme 


pZOul Cach I>C0 Pl« } ne" lencc, 

'facftin'd in the Court of idene 

In nT ^'ed Parents, free from fin, 

JT^i ir double birth h in? 
,ac rcdLamp I that wcnt'ftfo brightly bi 

c the Sages, from the fpycie Mdrwmg, 

pvth'Alni.:h Infants humble ] h; 

'^Mce the thick Clouds, driuctfaedart ii 

Jttirt: /#£r 






. v 




h * 

I % I 


i'$UemitrJ m 





tlx torn- 


Why C$Jwoi$lJ 

no: tfur the feed 

re\\*tc in the 


nbtutA Amtnr 

f saw aj 
T*> Sem, /I* 

The Colonics. 

Winch blindcthmc ^ f £ !g^ 
Circfcngthe World, may forch outcu.) Cmu, 
For, though my Wirs, in rhis long \ o gc rtuft 

Fromfidetofiie;^ W f J«^ 
Mvgcntlc Readers by the hand to bring 

To it deer Babe, the Man-God, Christ our King. 

As W n e n the lowring » wtrhl ft rap. 
Through Foncftsthrill theirroa thunder claps, 
The towering Fowls do fcddcnly fi o 
Their neftsand perches, fluttering to and fro 
Through the dark ay r, and round about the i rings 
A whiffling murmur of their whisking wings ; 
ThegrifTcI! Turtles (fcldom fecn alone) 
Dif-pavcr'd and part derone byone 5 

And even the feeble downie fcarhei cd \ ong 
Ventureto fly, befc theirquiisbeftro-g: 
Even the *B-iIdcrsof that B.& 'mitr t 
Hcai \oice aloud dcr 

In their \ voices barbarous <TifFer 
T II at once their fearfulli om thence 

On either hand; and tl ro luh' Earth voidl] aft 
Each packs a-part, where God would hauchim plac't. 

For, Hcav'ns great Monarch (ycr the World began 
Having decreed to giuc the W >i Id to man ; 
Would not, thefame a neft of Jiccucs fhould be, 

That with the Sword fliould (hare his Lcgacic ; 

And (brutely mix )with mo-. 11 (lock toftoar 
Our Elements, round, 1 limy floar : 

But rather, fire of Couetize to curb, 
Into three Parts he parts I s fpacious O rb, 
'Tv.ixt Sem and Cham^ and Iapbeth : Sem the Eaft, 
chim South, and japbethdoxh obtain the Weft. 
That large rich Countrey, from Perofite flioars 

(Where (lately oA,th< »f Rivers, roars, 

1 1 Seythun Seas voiding his violent load, 
But little lefs then fix day cs fay ling broad) 
To Maiica : Moluques lies, t hat be 
Cloues and Canelc . wcll-tcmp d Sumter 

ih-cc, i.ill : and the golden dreams 

Of Bt[na<>ar, and Zetlan bear tnms : 

From tt." huxtn Sea and fun Chaldean T\ 1$ 

Toth'v/mj/iS, i lt; oathfuUflymy 1 ens 

When mnz^y(hnds-chiorz^\\\u : lsasbig 

As Elephants arc clad in filken (hag, 
reat&miPo an. For the I s 

(O r rather Hcav'ns immutable Dcci ) 
K^iffur t' .^Jri* fend, that in (hon time 

c and Khejm to the Clouds might climbe, 


] he Colonies. 

r"~j^y ; ,7/<tf (more famous then the reft) 
Abouethem raife her many-towrcd Crcft: 
Tnefccpncd *Um chofe the Perfian Hils, 
And thole fat fields that fwift Araxts fils* 
lud, tyb J • i^tram all Armenia had : 
A id Chiide fell to learned Arphaxad. 

Cham became Soverain over all thofc Realms 
South-bounded round with Sun-burnt Guinne ftrcams, 
***p* Bemn,Cephal G^uametre, 
u ( oncnun, too-full oi poyionie matter 5 
North ward wi h narrow Mid-ierr anean Sea 
Which fi 1 1 n rich Europe parts poor Africa: 
Tow'rds whm7toms liueningfplcndorfanlc, 
\\'i: Seasof Fe^Cape-verde, and Cape-blanc: 
And tow Vds where P herbs* doh each morning wake, 
With -/*<&/ Ocean and the Crimfin Lake. 
And fi.rt.icr, all that lies between the deep 
Mount Ltbanus, and the Arabian Deep, 

Between th' Erythrean Sea, and Per fun Sine, 
Hi hry P ce) to 's Afrik State doth ioyne. 
His Darling C Anion doth nigh Jordan dwell 
(One-day ordain'd to harbour J/rael): 

Put peopled Ljbu : Misriam Egypt mann'd : 
And *s nrft-born Chus the ~£tb;opian ftrand. 
Japhetb cxten d s from ftr u ' i ng tie Uef pant, 
The74»^and Euxin Sea, to th* double MoJnt 
Of famous Gibraltar , and that deep Main, 
Whofe tumbling billow* bathe the (hoars of Spain: 
And from thofc Seas, wherein the ftced of Keels 
Of winged Ships they roule their Chariot wheels, 
To the Marfilian, Morean, and Thyrrheman j 
l^urian Seas, and learned Sea Athenian, 

! Jj'ft oppofitc to o<(/m rich in fpice, 
wide of the Word, and fecond Parodife: 
And that large Coumrey ftrctcht from Amino 

x To TafU tt (hoars, and to the fburcc ofKha. 

i Foithof his Gtfm^r/ loigns (they lay) rangalJ 

| Joe war-like Nations fcattcrcd over Gaul, 

*"d Germains too (yerft called Gomerits): 

°m Tubal,spomordr : and from Man <%, Scythes: 
!j IOni Madai, Medes : from Mefech, Ma : ins : 
r) n lauan, Greeks : from Thyrja, Thricians. 

1 (c ' CI \ if I lift, or lov'd I rover-flu ing, 
1 1 follow the vneertain footing 
fe B^df: 1 fuchfond Deludcrs 
. J " " zealous Readers infotent llluders) 
| d dcriue the lineaU Defccnts 
all our Sires 5 and name youevcryP ce 

Bb i 



To Iaphfth the 


crttmn+be Pi 


'H 10 

/j n!yoflbm£$ 



h e 


his time and place 

f$ttb Antiqui- 
ties u/4 obf<0ft 


pies 10 tl; 



r&r Alain 


Of every Province, m his time anu pi*.« 
(Succeffiucly ) through-cn* his Ancient Race: 

And of leaftCities fliowc the fir/1 Foundations. 

But, never will I i'o my fails abandon 
To every Waft and rowing Co at randon 
(Without the blight t of that lonousStar 
(Which fliincs 'bone all the Hcav'ns) venture (o far 
Onth'vnknownefur esoffovaftaSea 

SofuilofRocksandd; ;ers every way ; 

Having no Pylot, iai\c torn brain-/ick Writers 
Which coyn Kings names, vain fabulous Inditcrs 

Of their own fancies, who (affecting glory) 
Vpon a 1 Ives foot build a goodly ftory. 

Som words allufion is no certain ground 
Whereon a lading Monument to found : 
Sith faircft Rivers, Mountains ftrangely ftcep, 
And largeft Seas, never fo vaft and deep 
(Though felf-eternall, rcfting (till the fame) 
Through fundry chances often change their name : 
Sith it bcfals not alwayes, that his (ccd 
Who builds a Town, doth in the fame fucceed : 
And (to conclude) fith vnder Hcav'n,no Race 
Perpetually pofleflcth any place : 
Eur, as all Tenants at the High Lords will, 
Wc hold a 1 : .Id, a Forreft,or a Hill : 
And (as when windcthe angry Ocean moucs) 
Wauc hunteth waue, and bill billow fhoues : 
So do all Nations iufllc each the other. 
And (o one People doth purfuc another 5 
And fcarce the fecond hatha fidt vn-houfed, 
Before a third him thence again hauc rovvfed. 

So, th' ancient Br'tuin, by the Saxons chac't 

rom 's natiuc Albion, loon the GauUs difplac'c 
From Ar month • ai i d then vi&orioufly 
(After his name) furnam'd that, Br it Annie. 

So, when the Lombvdhad furrendcred 
Fair, c I >] -named /fibers flo wry-bed 
To fcar-fac't //unnes,hc hunteth fiirioufly 

Thereto UuUs from wealthy infuhne^ 

Which after fell in trench mens hands again, 
Won by the (word of Worthy ChdrUnuin. 

So, th* KAlun and North rW«/, beaten both 

1 rom Cor Ma and Semi by the Goth, 

Seiz'd Cjr/Wftniicht; which after- ward they loft 
To vvile Ju/iintans valiant Roman 1 load : 
And Romans, fince, ioyn'd with the barbarous troop 
n cuiled Moors, vnto tlV Arabuns ftoop. 

+ * 


fhcficr!le|ious greedy appetite 
Of G<»M and Scepters gliftering glorious bright, 
XhethirftofVen in ce, and that puffing breath 

Ofelvift Ifonourbuih on blood and death, 
( )n defolai ion, rapes and robberies, 

, ruins, wracks, and bnitifl] butcheries, 
\ n-bound all Countries, making war- like Nations 
Through every Clymat feck new habitations. 
I fpeak not heer of thofe ^AlarbUn Rovers, 
wgmuliM S ! i cphcards, or TArtdrtAn Drovers, 
Who Drifting paftnrcs for their ft< of Cattle: 
Do heerand there their hairy Tents imbattlc : 
kc the black (warms of Swallows fwifcly-Iighr, 
r hich twice a-yeatcro(s with their nimble flight 

The Pine-plough'd Sea, and (plcas'd with pureft ayr) 

jk every S cafon for a frcfli repair : 
But other Nations fierce, who far and nigh 
With their own bloods-price purchaf I Victory. 
Who, better knowing how to win, then wield ; 
Conquer, then keep* to batter, then to build; 
And brandy choohng rather War then Peace, 
Haucovcr-iprcad the World by Land and Seas. 

Such was the Lombard^ who in ScbonLtnd nurd, 
On Rutland 'and ZtMoniaCeizcd firft. 
Then having well rcveng'd on the BalgtrUn 
Thedcath of Agtbnont, the bold Barbarian 
Surpriieth Poland • thence anon he prcflcs 
In Rimes fair dreams to rinfe his Amber tretft 
Thence turning back, he feats him in 2dorams. 3 
After, at BudA . thence he poftes to Vau'ia ; 
There raigns two hundred years : triumphinglo, 
That royall Tefin might compare with To. 

Such was the Goth, who whilom inning forth 
[rom the cold, frozen Hands of the North, 
wtmKbyn/fals: butth' Air(almoft) 
' •' •':: there as cold as on the Bdltick Coaft, 
Hcwithv* touStons ScUutma gpk*i 
| Trvtfyl'vdnidn and rdUccktAn Plains, 
hence plies to Thraeia : and then (1c Greeks) 

•dyoffpoil, fourc times he bravely fecks 

^'natchfrom Rome (then, Mrs) Minion) 
'he Pjl, ns u .j lich (]k oV a j| rhc u w ha(i won . 

^"Weil by RhAd i uife. and AUric, 
™<* ridimariw, and Theodoric : 

]( <jn corns to Gaul: arid thence repulft, his Legions 

S ^ ? nce ' P° n tlic S P*"I' e f? ioos - 
A'c tn anti ' K (; '**'■• who, roving every way, 

^ as Phot* darts his golden ray, 


The tdstfes ^f 
fitch TfAnfmt. 


the Lombards. 

OftI* Goci 




■ ^M^MM 




He djjir > 
O) th*x the 

ft ^QtUtf 

Soih teephd 
tbt B*rld % *n-l 
fljrmcth If*. 




fom to Ttfrefm ] 

The Colonies. 

Sdz'd ttfr ; the Worid^d M'ft. c/s fackc 
WMch rather Jl^i then *«"'" compackt : 
TtaSflMZ-i-* : then with conquering ploughs 
He taows -vp cold Strywns Oraie Houghs : 

Snares not ro/poyl thegreated Gods of Greece: 
PESSd&l Eur^e) th' Hellefpont ■ he pad, 
A nd there Mount jtt neighbour world did wade : 
Spovlcrh P//&&: //;/£ixJoth mthrall : 
And middof ^> plants another GW. 
Jtfod famous Peoples dark Antiquity, 

Is as a Wood : where bold Temerity 
rumbles each dep • and learned Diligence 
Iffelfc intanglcsj and blind Ignorance 
(Groping about in fuch Cimmerian nights) 
In pits and ponds, and boggs, and quagmires lights. 

It (hall fuffice me therefore (in this doubt) 
But (as it were) to coad the fame about : 
And, rightly tun'd vnto the golden drin 
OfAmrams Son, in graved vei ieto ilng, 
That Sem, and Cham, and laphetb did re-plant 
Th' vn-peopled World with new inhabitant : 
And that again great Noabs wandring Boat 
The fecond time o'r all the World did float. 

Not that I fend Set*) ar one flight vnccad, 
I rom EabjUn vnto the farthed Eaji y 

Tartarian Oman filvcr waucs t' ell ay, 
And people china^Cambula^CAtbAy, 
Japbetb to Spam : and that profaned Cbam t 
Tothirdy Counrrics Meder' and Btgam, 
To CepbaU v pon Mount Zambia, 
And Cape of Hope, lad coign of Africa, 

1 01 , as Hymetut and Mount HjbU were 
Not over-fpread and covered in one year 
With bufic Bees i but yearly twice or thrice 

Each I \ yucfupplying new-corn Colonies 
(Heav'ns tender Nurcelings) to thofe fragrant Mountains, 
At length rheir R ocks dtflbi \ 'd in Hony Fountains i 
Amidft a Cloafe with brooks environed, 
Ingendcr other Elms about thei r roots ; 
Thofe, other dill j and dill, new- (bringing moots 
So over-growc the ground, that in fewe ycara 
The fomtirncs-Mcad a at thick Grouc appears : 
Even fo th' ambitious Bd^/-buildino rout, 
Difpcrd, at fit d go feat thcmfclucs about' 
Mcfopotamid : after (by degrees) 
1 T heir happy Spawn, in fundiy Colonics 

The C 

O L O N I E S. 

P^fog fiom S€a to Sca, from Land t0 Land > 

All the green-mantled neither Globe hath mann'd: 
So that, except th' Almighty (glorious Iudsjc 
Qf quick and dead) this World's ill dayes J&bridge, 
rherfliall no foyl To wildeand lavage be, 
!ui j| be (hadowed by great Mams Tree. 

Therefore, thofe Countries neercft Tigris Spring, 
In tbofe firfl a s were mod flourifliing, 

fod'fpoken-of, flrd Wai i s, fird I t guide, 
Andsiac the Law to all the Earth befidc. 

BalftM (living vnder th'av. full grace 
Of Royall Greatncfs) fway'd th' Imperiall Mace, 

brethe<5r«Jb had any Town at all, 
ling Lute had built the Dircean W T all : 

y CT Gauls had houfes, Latins Burgages, 
Our Britain* Tents, or Germws Cotagcs. 

The Hebrews had with Angels Convention, 
Held th" Idol -Altars in abhomination, 

newthcVnknowen, with eyes of Faith they faw 

T tble MefsiaSy in the L*m\ 

The Cbaldees, Audit of the Stars had made, 

Hadmeafur'd Heav'n, conceiv d how th' Earths thick fltfde 

ft the (liver b vsot Cyntbuh 
An r blown ihadowquencfrt her D> others light. 

ThcMempbian Pi iefts were d< Philofopheis, 
And carious gazers on the facrcd Stars, 
Searchers of Nature, and gr^at Mathcmaticks • 

- t any Letter, knew the ancient'd Atttcks. 

Proud *&ijpt glidred all witl >lden Plate, 
Ycrthc Lime Lemnian ^vnder v£//m grate) 
Had hammered yron 5 or the Vulrui d 

Pramethuj, 'mon 4 the Greeks had fire invented. 

Ganls were n - or, were they (at the lead 

They were but wilde; their habit, plumes j 1 ir read. 

't Mad and Acorns, for the which they gap'.t 
Vndet the Trei vhen any winde had hapt : 
When the bold Tyrtins (: edy after gain) 
Durft rowc about the Gut-blew A/rick Main \ 
Traffiktabroa in Scarlet Robe drcd, 

And pomp and plcafurc E*pbrdtespotti'l}. 

For, as a done, that midd a Pond ye fling, 
*W his fall firft forms a little ring, 
JJha Circles one in other crowing 

Througli ,oth Warci entlc-. flowing) 

thcotl moreando recompcll 
thePonJsC ^herethedon 

ide to fide 'gaind c\ y bank jrcboun 






1 Hebrewcs 

A/ui tfmr next 
n* -rre 

It At j re 

e Grecians 

7 fee Egyptians, 

btltl Uf 
Hl<hej An J 
mf, c* P k*- 

reiki or 


7/x frfi c»/#- 

the l4- 




Fsrfl fobae* 
Iiphcth 0$ sir 


tf* thirJJs; 

. 1 

The Colonies. 

Slto^h-Eaith 's Centre (which I hecr fuppofe 

About the Place where God did Tongues tranfpofc) 


Makes all the Arts through all the Earth to fpung, 

As he doth fpread,and feed in divers fhoals 

His fruitfull Spawn, round vndcr both the Poles. 

Forth from ^n>, Eaft-ward then they traueii 
Towards rich Hytanu with the golden graucll : 
Then people they the Perfun Orodtis , 
Then eleer Choafpis, which doth humbly kiis 
The Walls of ^ ; t hen the Vallies fat 
~N ccr Caacafw, where ycrft th' Arfaces fat: 
Then mann they Media • then with humane feed, 
Towards the Seath' Hjr cation Plain they fpecd. 

The Sons of thefc (like flowing Waters) fprcd 
O'r all the Countrey which is bordered 
With Chief el R i vcr, 'boue Thxaltjian - 
Cadel and Cabul, Bedan y BaleHan. 

Their off- fpring then, with fruitfuil Hems doth ftoar 
Bafinagar, Nayard, and cither (hoar 
Of famous Ganges ; ^yiua Tolcman, 
The K ingdom Mein, the Musky cbarazan ; 
And round about the De/arr 0/, where oft 
By Grange Phantafmas PaiTengci s arc fcofc 

Som ages after, linkt in divers knots, 
Tipur they take, rich in R hinoccrots • 

Caichin, in A loes • Mdngit. and the ihoar 
Oiguiwz' and Ante lets them fprcad no more. 

Prom that firft Centre to the Weft-ward bending, 
O Id Noahs Nephews far and wide extending, 
Seiz lefs Armenia ; then, within Ciliaa, 
PoflTefs the Pons ofTharfis and oUfjea* 
And the delicious Grange Coryctan Caue 
(Which warbling found of Cymbals iecms to haue) 

Ionia, Cappadocia, Taurus 1 orns, 
Bythima,Troas, and Meanders turns. 

Then palling Seftos Straights ; ofStrymon cold, 
Herber and AW? they quaff; and pitch their Told 
In vales oUhodope, and plow the Plains 
Where great Duudnm nccr his death complains. 
On th" other fide, 7Wfubtlc Greece befwarn 
Greece, Italy (famous for Art and A rms) : 
Italy, France ; France, Spasmed Germany 
{Rhine, f i mtfull bed) and our Great Britawy. 
On th other fide, it fprcads about McUauU, 
Marc-Mnour,PodoltA,to\d Morauia, 
With Tranfyluania, SeruU, and Panonia 
i he Prujuan Plains, and over all Pobn)a : 

■-• '--*•? 

The Colonies, 

Tl ci'gcofyiflnia, and farther forth 

[ the U^j drawing to thcNorth. 

^• t)V , rn rlicc South-ward : fee, fee how C/;j.y« 

5 p in Arabia, Phanice^ and ///jfei > 

cJwJwcurfcd Ligne, which (ovcr-ferrillall) 
Between two Seas doth into rfSgjpi fall ; 
So • all Cyrenia, and the famou s Goaft 
Wiierconthe roai ing Pumk Sea is toft : 
f ,*, Dart, ^Jrgtcr, Qakte, Guzol, Aden, 
qcrminan y Tombut y Melle,Gago, Gogden : 

Thefparkling 1 > its of fad Libya, 

/cczec, Benin, Borno, Cano, KubiA, 

And ftalding quick-lands ofthbfethirfty Plains 

Where I B «r.i name ( yet) infoin reverence raignsj 
Where trifles John (though pan he fudasze) 
Poth in fom fort devoutly Ci snizr. 

But wcmld'ft thou knowc, ho- hatlong Trait, that lies 
\ ndcr Heav'ns ftarry Coach, covered will yce^ 
And round embraced in the winding arms 
Ot'CronunScas (which Sol but feldom wai mes) 
Camcpcoph-d fTrft i Suppofc, tha: paflfing by 

I'll bins where Tiorjt twice keeps comj y 
With the far-flowins film rates* 

Thcylodg'd at foot of hoarVf^/to/; 

And from Armeni.t, then lberia mann'd, 
A&ama t Cokhis , and Bofphman Grand : 
And then from thence, toward the bright tenant, 
That vaft em here now fell Tartars hant 

ndring troops; and to .;dsth'otl- fide 
W ich (nccr her Source) lone Volga do:h divide, 

■tywjCoaft, Permit, Ltuonia^Pru/su, 
BtarmU* Scrifimo, White-Lake, Lappu, Rufsia. 

But whence (fay you) had that New-Mrldlm Guefl 
J ch Spm (Jilcc Debt flof ing on the Seas) 
u aiggdfromdaricnesofObli Grauc, 

™4 it vndoing, it new Eflcncc «auc i 



C ham, /o. 

*«»! tl* Stuth 

Colonies of the 


- : 

our Tone) t*me 



msreers, victorious /irmi 

■"»« the World, of this had m 1 

! roj fwarmthi iriesfmcc 

wpafs their .numenrs 
7 V ' ; s ftef, Maufolm ftatcly Toomb, 

'. ' als ai ; d Courts of Babylon and Rome ? 

A „ ink ye (fond) rhofe people fell; iHc.wn 

, ; '7 »ad isinn.Sommcr, 

i Day bmfultrym r 

:,nt! 'eMa.nieshc.ipsofTadoalsi 

I jfn/'m 

heaps of TadpaJs pou 






The Colonies. 

Ctmxtlurtt M«- 
clrm^ the Pr *. 

Wtnlftt mf»\ 


Which in thcditches (chapt with parching weather) 
Lie crufht and croaking in the Mud together f 
Or dfc that fcrting certain flips, that hxt 
Their (lender roots the render mould betwixt, 
They law the light ofPbabiu lyuening face , 
Having for milk, moift dcaws , for Cradle, grafs t 
Or that they grew out of the fruitful Earth, 
As Toad-fto6is, Turneps, Leeks, and Beets hauc birch f 
O r (like the bones that Cadmus ycrft did fowe) 
Were bravely born armed from top to toe ! 
That fpacious Coaft, now call'd America^ 
Was not fo foon peopled as Africa • 
(Th'ingenious, Towr-full, and Law-loving Soil, 
Which, lout did with his Lcmans name cn-Ailc) 
And thar which from cold Bofpborus doth fprcad 
To pearl'd Auroras Saffron-coloured Bed. 
Becaufe, they ly nccrer the diapry verges 
Of tear-bridge Tigris Swallow-fwifter furges, 
Whence our amaz'd firft Grand-fires faintly fled, 
And like fprung Partridge eveiy-whcre did fprcd } 

Except that World, where-vndcr Cafiiks King, 
Famous Columbus Force and Faith did bring. 

But the rich buildings rare magnificence, 
Th' infinit Trcafurcs, various gouernments, 
Showe that long fince (although at fundry times) 
'T had Colonies (although from fundry Climes) : 
Whether the violence of tempeftuous weather 
Som broken Vcffels hauc inforccd thither; 
Whether fom defperat, dire extremity 
Of Plague, War, Famin ; or th' Authority 
Of fom brauc Typhis (in adventure toft) 
Brought weary Carvels on that Indian Coaft. 

Who maketh doubt but yerft the £wnz*j Fraights 
As well might venture through the ^Anian Straights, 
And fTnde as ca/ie and as fhorr a way 
From the Raft Jndtes ro the Tolguage Bay, 
As vfually the A fun Ships arc wont 
Topafsto Greece a-aof$ the Heliefpont : 
Spinurds to F«s, a-thwart the Straight Ab'tlia : 
Through Mefsine fti earn th' Italians to Sictlta ? 

From Tolmznd £uiuir'$ fpacious Plains (wherein 
Bunch backed Calues, with Horfc-likc manes are feco, 
And Sheep-like Fleece) they fill Asufia. 

Toua, Jepir, Canada, Cofsia, 

Mecchi, ^iuacal ilieuaz,, Bacalos, 

Las Campos de Lahor (where Floods arc froze). 

On th' other fide, Xalsfco foyl they Man 
(Now new Gait zJa) Cujule, Mechuacan : 

The Colonies. 

Zj55&w**& \ ca rhc y P ,Ic 

) u ■ v ,. V tnice(ovzCny-Jle). 

t , n „c things there fee they (that amaze them much) 

"Xrc owithci with their very touch - 
tri'mlto* /w,a Mountain top, 

T ' ^//w-Tikc) bright Fiafhes belches vp. 
Thence, reach they th' ffthmos of rich Panama:, 
A n d on their right hand build Owcanama, 

ithctfamatca, Cnfia, .Quito .- and 
j ;1 famous Peru's very golden Strand 
the Lake that laveth I labour, 

be (air within, andfrelh without : 
reamsof Cinca, that, with vertuc (trangc, 
deft /rone fofr Mud and Chalk do change. 
Then (ei2 they Cbt% where all day the Deep 
Runsr ing down, and all the night doth flecp : 
uK-fthe Patagsw, and all the (hoar 

Where th* azure Seas of Magellan do roar. 

ward, they fprcad them 'Jongft the Ifcfw/w fide ; 
in hth' Arabian Fields the Huo doth flidc,' 

N Zetm 's ftream, which toward the Ocean drags 

Gold, as big as Pullets eegs : 
To new Granada^ where the Mount cmboft 
tt Em< raids doth fhinc ; Cssmanean Coaft, 
crcnoyfom vapours' (like a dusky night) 
minis their eyes, and doth impair then- fight : 

c fom troops from Cumana they carry 
Caripm, Omagtt and Pari: 

w*,all :v fell Braftle, 
I Plate s f.'ir Plains, where flowes another Me. 
Gh that Gmlandy -crfldid Picne Hove, 

"land fraught Los Campos de Labor ■ 
' ***>*, MtLU\ Gago and Jermwxn, 
™ the Plains and (hoars ofCarican. 
J « ly) thou 'It qladly qrant mcthis, 

ij*** ibition ay fo bound-lcis is, 

Hilsitov climbs with cafe, 
lS (asdry ihnj) through the decpeft Sea 
^»u fhii ft) her Carvels L 


r -"/wcuitir,tnatoml 

^fourc couples (hould; 

If t k !" CIro ^fpringnowi >ftraight and (mall, 

\Vi,i C ! ,ni,ct " 1 ^ ht hyth", rial g Voice, 

^v again rc-blefttheLo full choice 
c « Wedlocks fecrctbindii band; 

• * "**e*A I louril], and FiUtbt Land: 

C c 

z 77 

amdhii j.Jch/ 








4t P» 


The Colonies. 

And if (profane thou hold it for a 1 'iction, 
hat Sevan lewes, in •&#* (in affli<ftion) 

' Wit 


:o cd-thouiand foulcs and moi r 
Confider yet, that being fed that while 
h hol< n Fruits of an vn-forcedfoil, 

cd by the Book, 

And kindly meats, not marred by tl 
And wanton cunning of a fawcy C 


\Y h furthermore, that being not cut-down 

With bloody (words when furious n hbours ft 

Mor worn with Travel I, nor enfeebled 

With hatefull Sloth • Our Grand-fires flouriflicd 

Hundreds of ycers in youth • and even in Age 
Could render duly Venm Efcuagc : 
And that Polygamy (in thofe dayes common) 
Moft Men vfurping more then one fole Woman, 
Made then the World fo mightily augment 
Invp Creatures ; and (incontinent) 
From fruitfull Joins of one old Father-flock, 
So many branches of man-kinde to flock : 

en as an ear of Corn (ifall the yield 

vcerly fow'n mil in a fertill Field) 
Ills Barns at length • and fpreads hi /pacious Plain 
Millions of millions of like cars again. 
Or, two Fifties, caft into a Mccr, 
With rruitful! Spawn will furniih in few yeer 
A Town with vi ,and ferve (furthermore) 

:ir neighbour Waters with their Fry to ftore. 

Have notour Da a certain Father know n, 
io, with the i his own body grown, 

Peop i a Villa- hundred 1 ires, 

Ar.d iflue-bleft 'the Crown of Old Denies) 
In his own lif c-t e, his own ofF-fpring faw 
To d each other without breach of Law i 
: , the branches of his fruit full Bed 

1 all the NamcsofKinrcds-Treedidfprcd. 
)w'n, that few Arabia* Families 
N ew-planted Lybia with their Progenies, 
In con fs of three hundred yecrs and leYs • 

And B« ? /, Argier, Or an, Jhunis, Tex., 
Fez,, Mtlii, Gaga, Tonbut , Termtna* 
Withhatcf Laws of Hmhmfh Alcoran. 

If this among the Africans wefee, 
Whomcoi 'e humour of Melancholy 
Doth alwaies tickle with a wanton Lufc 

Although 1 powrfull in the Pophian Iouft 
Tor Propagation (for,too-oftenDccd 

Of Loucs-Dclhht rnfrvkUe m ..~L .u _• /* , 





The Colonies. 

rfiSv^^w* !aWintcr y j >er * 

% lly,afcorehingSommcreveT) 

£, . js ( l0 -. -.-nil. thole, v -Ic hoar heads approacl 

Ad (ccthc turnings < feavY.s flaming t each, 
D^om ifctheyfeldom er, 


V d but in I : • - ; en:li h l^s to er i : r. 

And the cold, retting (vndcf th* o*«fc* 
s ill Matter of the Field in chanipian War, 
Makes Heat retire into the] 
W'h ich, there ynited, gives them nn iorej 

j.'^ni thence indeed, llunns, Hcrules, Franks. Enlgamni, 
fCdffias, Treves, Burgognhns, Turks, lartarkns, 
:h y ambers, \crmans, plains, Ojirogotles, 
Trurls, Lombards, Vandols.Vifigothcs, 

\\ rm'd ( like Locufte) round about this Ball, 

ifpoiTd the faireit Provinces of all : 

rren South had much a-doo t'afTcmblc 

>afts ; that made the Norih to tremble : 
;e One, that onc-ey'd Champion led, 
io famous Cir/fo^rais'dand ruined : 
T rhcr (by lours) Charles 'jM arte U marry rd fo, 
Tl ver iincc, could Afrik Army flbowc. 
! fee how full of Wonders 1 us Nature : 
i Clxmat, not alone in frarure^ 

hair and colour, that men differ doo, 
But in their humours and their manners too. 
tha:,Cuitom into Nature change: 
her that, Youth to th' Elds example range : 
Or divers Laws of divers Kingdoms, vaiy-vs : 
infl .ce of H eav'nly bodies, cary-vs. 
The Norjhem-inafl is fair, the Southern foul • 
That's v ite, this black ; that (miles, and this doth fcoul i 


Tab other iiooks doth tender : 

iot and moi ft, the other hot and d\ 
f lc »iceLs hoarfe, the other's cleer and high .- 
plain and honcft, th' ot ill deceipt : 

's rough and rude, the other handfom neat : 
•j.; 'dd v. ain'd ) is tum'd with every windc : 

fbnt)nev< thrninde: 

s loofeand w her continent . 

-lefs lavinVth' other provident : 
.j .,° nc nulde Companion • th" other. Rem and Grange 
•ttf* «ldc Wolf) lov by himfclf to range : 
Tj,/ Pleas*dwithplainne(s,th'othcrpompafi 

nc « born for Ann t he other Arts refpetfs. 

CC 2 




ftsui' >| 


*n rxffUnu At/- 

f Us 

mtU dtvers 
t tm f fT &mmfj 

n sunt* f* 
m*nj Kdttons 




Butniiddlmgfolk,who their abiding make 

Bet en thefenvo, of cither gtu artakc: 
iod-fiich have Wronger limbs 9 buj weaker wit, 

lofctharncci A/^fcrtiJJiidcscf. . 

oppofirc) more wit, and leiTer force, 
i iofe that haunt Jihinesand Danubius (hoars. 

For, in rhe Cirque of" th' Vnivei lull CVry • 
The J>#flfon»-mao, win [uicL curi- w > 

Builds all on Dj ep Extafics and Tranfcs, 

Y >meai sHeat ► eteraall-moving Da ,, 
Whole fearcjiing (bule cdn hardly be Yi/\1 
Withvul Knowkdi oldsd Plac< FPueft. 
i he Northern-man^ whole wit io 's I kigc 

i Who lim lift can woi i Y\ >d and Mettles, 

oU'a/tfxw-likcjcanthundrcouncc: ; 
, With men of Arms, and Artjfans i r. 

Third (as knowing well to rule a State) 
Holds, gr ly-wife ic room of Magiftrate. 
TV one brief?) loves ftudious Theory t 

"I'hco l Trades, the third deep Policy. 

Yettruei is, that fine jm later lufl res, 
Minerva, Themis, Hermes and his -ft/frr* 
Have let, as well, rheir .School- rlf ^r//r* Parrs, 
A s J/4/\f I ] is Lifts, and iWivf* S J ,ops of A res. 

Na>%fe: we not among our feJves, thatJivc 
Mingled almoft (to whom the Lord doth give 
Buta (mall Tu )f earth to dwell-vpon) 

I his wondrous ods in our condition < 
\ We finde the ^Iman in his i t courageous, 
But falable ■ th* Julian too-outrageoi 
Sudden the French, m it oTdJ y\ 

The Spaniard flowe, but funic to betray : 
V Almanm Conniell cold, th' Julian quick, 
c French in* nt, Spaniards politick ; 

. - ' 

» u .u«ra» cue r-r<w„, tnc if amard proud and brtVC; 

Ruddy t!i. ^/ WB ,and th' Arfwgrave ■. 

Th' «</,« i.roud in rire,IS«w* changing much ; 

Fi Wthety««r44 n dvn-fittbei)*S: 

The ta 'braves his Fo^h' 4 -him ; 

TW I V"'K<l.c^4m4rJncvc, bear im : 
jMawtlikc In .,,!,• w/*«„,l,kc Cocks- 

W- £,w, proud, t!r Aito, a , xious . 
rohek tnc F ««*, the Sf*urJ furious 


The Coloni s. 

Id the Lord, that Noahs fruitf Ra"c"(7 
1 r-fpreac' t arths vni\edalll : ace : 

Th"f d ;fohis( Idren from the crimes 

J ., peculiars ir Native Climes, 

i ' ,;.. h cr < alhisj md that Heavens lights 

v II inclin >ut not conftrain) our Iprights 

allthe World his Saints alwaies 
oftcrhrrofi etSaj ofPraife: 

That from cold ft?Afo, his high Name as far 
■he ay re: S i in I mint Zanzjb.xr .- 

atc hc s. which (frangeSoilsj du, 

N , orth-lcis for the -it or vie ; 

ctheln-land Lands might trtiej id barter, 
And) >th< Wares aboot to every Q :. 

For, .*///» L o i« d o n (fiu/t with e\ f t) 
Uur'sthe Km* Palace, there the innesoj Court ■ 

rr (tytbeTh*wes-VPdrd,a\La4on£ i hrand) 

m faktf tioufes oj t be XobUsjUnd : 

titer dwelt rich Merchants ; there Artificers : 

Heer Silk men, Mercery Gold- Smiths, Jewellers: 

ere s a Church-yard fnmi/lx vtth choice oj hooks - } 
iiurjiinithe Shambles, there the Rowe of Cooks : 
Hetr wonn f'p- HoijlersMaheraajhers^ Homers • 
There P< jr/es t Grocers, T&mms, Tourners : 
liter Shco-makers • there Joy ners, Cooper 'snorters - y 

reivers, Rakers, Cutlers \ Felfers, Furriers ; 
7 hi street is full of D r a p i , that of Dtars • 
This Sty with Tuprs, thai ith I wens Tun : 
*» ' I Toysjdk Stocking X*mtrrick % Lawn, 
Fecr's choice -full Plenty in We curious P a w n : 
And aH j y M an tx C hai ge, wl/ere (brtefij) no man 
&ipi ought ds private. Trade makes all things common. 
i our Sugars from Canary lies :■ 

)m Candy, Currancc, Musk. Is and Oyls : 
°mth toluques, es.Balfamum 
E Qft > Odours from Arshis com i 

n7 «w,Drogs, chGcmi 1 Ivory: 

,Jra fM Mummy: black-red 
^oumingCiSw: from Pern, Pearl aiid Gold : 
**/»«, Furn ptheiieh ncold) 

F ^«» a Silks .- from i^j/w, 1 : .Saffron, Sacks 

m Den mark, Amber, Corda sand I < : 

t rn fr4 "» and Flanders I. inn Woad and Wine : 
InL ■ H f Und Ho t* ' l ; " ' ; Q the banks of ^iwr. 

toJiS "' (as pIc3s J GoJ d:linlmtc) 

if IdsTre.iiurcpaiesafindiy Tribute. 

'times that fumptuous /V//i^w» X?rf»? 
Wn erPride)accuik>medtoi 

Cc ? 




• 1 ..'i 









the comiminj 

I CO*!"- 

fan fan 



rfpftUBj di* 

In ihrp4 

One Province herHol her Rail another, 
Her Pardee this, her Pantoflcs the tothcr. 
This he ich Mantle, that her royalJ Chain, 
This her rare Bracelets, that her f rarely 7 ram : 
Even fo may Man. lor, what \uldc Hill fafteep* 
Whatfowafte D i what (b dangerous Deep * 
What Sea fo wrackfufl i or fo barren Shoar 
In all the World may be fuppOsM fo poor, 
j ycelds him Rent ; and . free from envious fpight, 
Contributes frankly ro his Life 1 flight i 

Tn'inaromelTd Valli where the liquid glafs 
Of /ilver Brooks in curled ft reams doth j , 
Servevs for Gardens ; and t u flowfy 1 leccc 
Affords vs M: c-wotkyeerly twicco: tiiiicc; 

The Plains for Corn 5 the fwdling Dowi sforShefpj 

Small Hills forVims, the Mounters ft:.: cep 

(ThofeH av'n-climb Ladders inthso; r, 

Cellars of Wind?, and Shops of Sulph'ry Thundci ; 
W e ftormy Tempefts have their vglv birth ; 
Whichth< call'ftthcbkmimof Ean 

Thinking (profane) that God, or Fortune light, 

Made them of envy, or of ovcrfigh:) 
Bound with ere: nail bounds proud Emperics ; 
Bear mighty Forrefts, full of Timber- frees 
(Whereof thou buildcft Ships, and Houics fair, 
To trade the Seas, and fence thccfiom the Air) 

pew fpacious Rivers full of fruitful 1 breed, 
\ ich r ibour-Pcoj .viththci; plenty feed 5 

[Fatten the 1 ?ct,f lmifts 5 

Drive gainfufl Mills ; and f c for Forts and Lifts 

To ftop the Fury of Wai *s waftc-f II hand. 

And ioyn ro th' Sea the middle of the Land. 

The Wild. sand Defarts, which fo muchamaze-thec, 

Arc goodly Paftmcs. that do daily graa rhec 

Millions ofBeafts for tillage, and' fid 

Storethec wi-h Fldli, with Fleeces, and with Hides. 
Yca,thevaft Sea (which fecmsbutonely cood 
To drown the Wo- Id, and cover with his Flood 
So many Countries, where wcclfcmi c hope 
™™ pa to reap a thankfull Crop) 
Is a large Lardar, that in briny Deeps 
Tonourifhthc; World of ( : icarores keens : 
A pbnt.ous Victualler, whofe provifionsf< e 
Millions of Cities th: , needs mufl ftarve 
(Like half-dead Dolphins, whicht bbletsly 
[Gafpin, >rthirftv P on the find dry): 
icrealcth Trade Journi bhreviatcs, 
The flitting Clouds it ceafe-lcfs cxhalates • 

The Colonies. 

tftich, cooling th' air, and ^ iimg down in tain, 
ike Ceres > ( in fight) to mourn >. 

Sbd I befall pern Neptunes toffedThrMll 

j) f jr Ithaca i K^lats I rny Bark isbroak, 
' Ant lesksfo fait* that. J can rowenomore : 
\jftb ) betp(*>J Mates) makehojlevnto the /hoar. 

etretoH'Smleftfom riendly battks 

Qgxkh recti ve our Tempt j / - heat en plank J. 
^Akcurteovs I • oi and, thy kmde arms 1 fee 

1 tfjt jlrei t he J out to fa ve and w e'icom me. 
Thou (tender Mother) wilt notfufft r Ago 
jfffm ve my locks in\ in Pilgrimage ; 
put fell Jirafilc myhre.u It -lefs Corps (houid faro wd, 
Or ydden Pero of mypraifebeproud, 
Or rich Cathay to glory tn my Verfe. 
jhc; me Cradle : thou will live me Herfe. 

A 4 (dear A "uio n ) Hump's Pearl of price, 

h Garden , Earths rare Paradtfe : 




to t 

/«>/.. '1 







f # 


' 1 4 

1 :ppy Mot her , which ay bringeji forth 

j Sut hi u airy as daunt c lis all the £ arth 
(?hi the Trophies ofthyglarioua i^frms 
By Sea and Land, n here ever Titan warms) : 
ArtisAHS us do weUneer Ecltpfe 
Xuurespratfcinpccr lefje Workman s : 
Such happy i Vas s di pr, G 1 cce and Rome 
(^At Uijl) have equalled tf not over com . 
And fbine among weir (Modern) learned Fellows, 
As Gold doth gltfter amon? paler ieliows : 
( > r at A 'other Planets paffes : 

Or as His Flour excels the Medow-graffes. 

7 *•/, Seas • / /;; Cities, Shtres do feem ; 

' l, ' ,n ™<mners t ,i: in buildings trim : 
W U thine Air, thy Soil exeeedsn tt , 

n the- World (abetter worlhthon That) 
[j; y-'eU'al/^/ iter Mood and Brafs) 

never Stranger yet had powr to pafs - 
««f vhe* the Hcxvns have, {or thy hamom Sim, 
VJ'mof Thine, with falfc K themin. 

T y**"* 1 l h borders (0 He nMeffed 1 1 > ) 
.,< nt v*r era vis the noyfom ( d lie • 

Aflv ta — 1 m. . 


■*l*r esa „ Acre 0/ thy flowrf '<"<* i 

"%«Mi S ; 'mjierct Lionel 

***' n « th fountains, nor thy Wilderness • 
i T TA ve *'»,t. Woh worry thy tender Lambs, 
""if* help <vmto their help-UJs Pom 




X or futile Sca-I [01 , ir///; deceu full Call, 
. ... ce thy ddren m thy Floods to jail. 

l, thy T hamcs and I \\ ccd haze never rorptd, 

Kjtmng t> graved, mafsy 'grains oj<> old i 
l { /i/ */**£/> thy Mountains] pew no Silver flreams f 
Ti )C ery Hillock yeeld not precious Gemms i 
Though in iky Fori 'eji ''slung no Silken Fleeces f 

nor cious Sp '. 

the elujlers of thy colder Vines 
'I not Clarcrs, Sac nor Mufcadincs :' 
let are thy Woo thy Co: n, //;/ Cloth, thy Tin, 
Mines mh enough to m ike thee huropc !*een 3 
1 a '.mprefi of the World j let not , went 
Ta make / wkfull to the Cau ill cient 
OjiiiithjBiefs oMfides all this, 

Ha *»:■ nine Lmfires) lent thee greater Bbfs ; 

: (the mines ofhufauom) 
lo o uule thy Sons into hi {the ) 

['ith Peace and Pit f:n . c> from War and Want, 
1 bonrs Countries nci er breathed '/cant. 

And i tr bey ond the f cope 

Of Fear and Ami-Cl ril\iivs Hope) 

Wfccmdto Prognojlicite, 
Ha er rats d the olory of thy State • 

In > t ^ a r i) s to thy regal Throne, 

ToR* Du\:JWrf. SalomO!.^ 

rudence, Prowej and Sobriety ^ 

r i -ppy People in Kcli 
too too happy I too too fortunate, 
l. ne :i '/? thou thy or were thou not ingrote. 

But Uafl (at hfi) Gods righteous wrath cenfume.<vs y 
If on hts patience jhll we thm prefume-vs : 
^fndlejjl (at /aft) aH Blefstngs had before 
Double tn Curfes to torment vs more : 
hear Mother \ bend thine aged knee, 

And to the He* v'ns lift ip thy hands with me 

fvtth thy I >, > mp net n „/, t ; 7y p] raf . l^ . 

*) Mtrth he M o and thy Fed ft a F A s r t 

And let ifcBle,* my fad fomU^con; - 
Our forme ij, and foul a nthtnkfultuu 

Pray we the ) , thromgftA' adopting Spirit, 

Aotmeafmrev ordmgtocur n.erit 

OurboUh dndomr \ cextredm: 

Bntje (our dearie ) / 4ke% 

"u KQ.ferourSmtW take . 

And, looh m vt * itb mldeMcracs £•' 

our Paji y our Future SanUtfie^ 


M^ne sFnryuctwc, 

l,iK( now) With ray k e 

I , / fbrovoke t our duilt Co 

(M*<k ie{jei>ro i vk ou i (if or, 

f t pound nme b 

Urd I' ut vp into t < utvef 

Tt>itdre ''"■ ntjr Father \-v:. r: 

j M ' l ' r ■ ' -°f thy Protection k>ep 

jbySer it I * m oth 

An I (furthermore) vre (uuinije i/.i„ 

J.ord, ' (°" r Ior 

tdletih-rc cne 

i a U Seed to Jit -i pon hts'i 
To feed thy Folk in Lu and (ad-varue) 
Jul \tbj (deir) Inheritance^ 
K j»i(long-lon^ltved)fuUof\ airh WZcul, 
Refers (like ; ) C hurch and Common -veal., 
taj , u% poor \ rue, razung proudeU Vice, 
; ut reflect of P erf on or of Price ; 

st attoid Aihciil^ all i}]afpl)eanicrs,*i*/r, 
yjtl Popifh Ti . may be weeded clean. 

And, Cur ft be All thotfay not heer. Am en . 




— "^r 

© est*) mm +1 /^*Bi 

, I i I 





— t 






% dsffadt * i+- 

IK :. 



The Colvmnes. 




H £ 


GVMF, N i\ 

SctWs P'tlUrs found: HcbcrinjlrucfshnSo* 
In th' vfe thereof, ond who tkemfirji >*n ; 
Opens the One^and findes, on fiver all Frames, 
houre lively Statues of foure lovely Vanies 
f 7/* Mat hem furnifUeich&pm 

With Equipdges of their fever ^.U x^iri : 

Wonders of N umbers dnd Geometry : 
Mew Otyervdtions in Aftronom 
Mufiks r ore force : Canaan (tie Cur fed) cdufe 
Of Hcbcrs flop ; WBartas vsitypauje. 


ever ( Lord ) the purcft of my Sonic 
In JoeredRoge were rapt above the Pole: 
Ifc\cr,by rhy Spirit my fpnir iofp I, 
Oftrcd thee Lay cs that learned admit 'd 
Fathcrof Light, 1 i of learned Art, 

Now,i :or never) pui myp reft part: 
N r quintcflence my, and now advance 
My carc-frcc Pov in fom cclcilialJ Titnfc ■ 

™ a: ifri «) thy Divine add i g 

May guide me through Hcav „s gUftring I es . 
Wher jap P ily)mydd k % , A . f | 

And her far SiftersI may all unbrace- 
And (the melodious J/*™, heSphcars 
I Canning my fen I >f cfv¥l JK 

Soravi d, I may at reft conrcmnlc 
I he Starry Arches of thy ftately Tempi 

The C 


Vn end, that as (at firft) from thee 

0u p ind-ii irn'd HcaVns Courfeand Quality. 

I jli now mai ft prompt me fom more lofty S 
Ajtotbis lofty Subi< doth belong. 

A F t ■ i T hat Mens ftrift-hatcning, hat bition 

Had (as bv* l< ' nadcthis Iowc Worlds parti 
rhilec an6Heher t as th ey 1 i I cd , rand 
Ahugchigb /'</£*/•, which vpright did ftand 
( Much like a Kock amid the Ocean fit, 
Seining great Aeptunes Curly pride to threat > 
Whereon a Phiros a Lanthom brig! 

To from Shipwrack thofc that fail by night 

d, another nigh as great- 

B /Iron- (bfta cly,no >ncat: 

! on the ft Held it lay all flat 

cl\ uifiyfih and Slat: 
ithi I'lrftwasbuildcd fair and ftron" 
loothj and Marble laftlne long. 

W U what monftrous heaps'! what Mills 

H "d! what Types of antike Skills 

In t j-lc j; I orms (quoth PhaUe) .' Father fhowc 

! Ages pa ft I knowc e) : 

achmc.whodidb C rc . 

About what time : and then to what erica. 
OldSeth ( laith Heber) AtUms Schollerycrfi 

SchoIlcrofhisM rfirft 
gattain'dro knowe the courfeand fites, 

Tf.'afpcdand grcatncsofHca\ 'nsglifti in- Lichrs ; 

hthi Children, whofc induftrious wit 
1 hdili nee grew excellent in it. 

ir flocks on flo\ hoars they kept 
istcrn I I ds, whilcothcrs foundi pt 

Ff «»ii"g their caresinaNichr-niortning nap, 
}?onol,Uviens dull and fenfi fiLap) 


wcrvdth kIin!:Wond«ofchcF 

■^ on their Crand-fires firm an. 

J^mptuous building th( 

™ t( liti. clhMih 




;' f ( >d would t\ : 

^WindF/^ 'icy reared _, .^ 
" ,s lately pair of l»i/iin c ; 

^g-timefafc-kee. their afi .,, 

iwdl nedMvfteries therein. 

0,1 miri lid i old Heber drawing nigher, 

«Wd intheM, 
>\ p u C | ^ foUowij i pc 

1 r ' a,n phurnini hii lortall light. 



I I 




■ "* 



1 A 








As a mean pcrfoh, who (though ofVdifgrac'c 
By churlilh Porter convaicd ar Lift 
To t! fCings CI ofct . rapt in deep amaze, 
At th' end-lefs R iches vp and down dorh gaze i 
So Phdl* fores. O rathe. , he out) 

What fhapesarc fhefc heer placed round about, 
So like each other wrought with equal! skill, 
Thar foure rain-drops cannot morelfl diftil* 

What Tools arc theie c* what divine i cts Iy 
I [idden within this learned M> /rcry i 

Thcle fourc (quoth /W fourebi ht Virgins ate 

Hcav'ns Babes, and Sifl the moil fair and rare, 

ThatcVl otth'c mall Spirit (expir'd 
From double Spi or humane fouicadmii'J. 
This firft, that (till her lips and fingers moves, 
And vp and down fo fundry -waies removes 
Her nimble C-.ouns;t! iuftiious Arc it is 
Which knowesto caft all Hcav'ns b: it Images, 
All Winters hail d all tl vdyflov. 
Wherewith g fUtm pranks this Globe of ours. 
She 's ftatcly declct in a mod rich A re : 
\II ! Je of Coins in glittering heaps \y by-hcr : 
Vpon her facred head Heavn lecms to drop 
A richer fhowr then fell in DdruesLap : 
A >ld-groundKobc ; andi aGlafs(tolook) 
I ) >wn by her girdle hangs a Table-b v, 
Whcreinthccl >fherrarcRul it, 

To I dcdfi i times greed' 

Mark heer what Figure ftands for One^ the right 
Root of all Number -and of Ir- 1 finite : 
Loves happinefs, the praifc of rmony, " 
Nurcei >f All, and end o'tPolymny .- 
No Number, but more then a Number yet ; 
PorentiaJIy inall, and all in it. 
Mo notcrw's C:har Ont\ heir apparent, 

\sl firft-born . firft Number, andthc Parent 
OfFemal Heer now obfe rue the Three, 

T\\ cldeft of i)ds, Gods number properly . 
Whcrcinbothrv ber,andi number enter- 
Hcav'ns dcarcft N umber, whofe enclofed Center 
Doth equally from both c xtrcams extend : 
The hrft that hath beginning, midft and end. 

W^tV C)F ^ 'W perfect fumm, 

Whofcadded parts mftvni .doocom. 
Number o God « Name, Seafons, Complexions, 
Wind* lemen^andCardinallPc ms ! 

Ih Hermaphrodite F/^, neve, multiply d 
<lelr,orOdd,buc there •illde/cry'd 


Ml ,per«^ "«"»«- times /warriuc 
■ f een;//WF^/toT W airy-^. 

The perfect Six, whofe i uft proportions gather, 
To make his Wholcjns members altogether; 

for Three's his halfe,his Sixt One,Two his Third; 
A-ul out TaoThree make Six, in One conferd. 

TheC >nd do uble»fcxcd/*wtaj 

TheNum >fth'vnfixcd 1 1 res of H earn ; 
Andofth'ercrnall (acred S4tj^th h 
Which Three and Foure containeth ioyntly both. 
Th' E^Mouble-fq uare. The facred notcof ?(snr 
VV hi c i 1 ( iprehends the iMufes Triple-Trine. 
The 7<*,\vhich dorh all Numbers force combine ; 

he Ten ' makes,as One the Print, the Line 

The P%*re,tti Hundred \Thoufutd{ folid corps ) 
, \Vhich,oftre-doubled,on th' MUntik (hoars 
( en fumm the fand,and all the drops drilling 
] om weeping fuller s>x the Ocean filling. 

See : many Summs, heer written ftreight and even 
over othcr,a: c in onccontnven : 
S c heer f ! 1 N umbers drawn from greater count - 
1 1 tuluplt'd rhcy infinitely mount : 
I ! y,f e how (on thee 

i many doth it felf 'Diuide. 

That fallow- fac 'r,fad,frooping A>a^,whole ey 

Still on the ground is fixed itedhdUy, 

lingtodraw wi h point of filuer Wand 
>m curious Circles in the flvding fand ; 
' weares a Mantle,bi anebe with flow ric Buds, 
Em t wi h Gold,traylcd with filver Floods, 
cd wit h grecneft Trces,and nged fine 
|W h lichefta/urcofSeasftorm-fuflbrine: 
Whofe dusl y Buskins (old and tattered out ) 
She hath trauail'd far and ncer about 
!:• N'orth and South, it is Oefmetrte, 
TkiS ra ^ s " mans 5uiile,Mothcr otSpnmetrie, 
! hc ' >f Inftrumcnts of rare effa 
•fjd that Law which did the Woild creel. 


7TW tortures \ Plummets, Ftgnretjbdbaus . 
^°»wherc the Woikman with a fteddy hand 
u «oufly a leucll Line hath drawn, 
ar * ' ^ThU^^^uilding-fic .Qjudrdngles 

o r ms o r . Mtme- Angles 

her fide 

0t?*' >Br ^ and J W : Nowfeeonth'oc 

ksS \ w u Tr ' at ncucr dirca, y nidc » 

And lu Sng rhhc crooked Serf inter, 
^^t which r irthelcarncddcMvc 





I oo.iooo. 



■ fl 




i i 



«/ Geomctr jr. 


The Colvmnes. 

ThccompIcatCrrdf • from whole cvcry-placc 
The Centre frauds an equi di flan t /pace. 

Sec beer the Sohds,Cubes,C y Under scenes , 

And thei c the Jfa6fl«r,which ( Worlds Type) comprehend: 

In't-fclfit-fclf ; hauingnormidftnor ends : 
\rrsc ,ceIk;icc,praifcofhis pecrs,a wonder 

Wh co:, lifts (in diners fort) a hundred : 
irm iMMtfto -p-down-bending- Vault, 

Sloaping in Circuit,yctdircctly wrouglit. 

Scc,how Co Coon as it to veer begins , 

Both vp and down,forward and back it wends j 

And,raptby other,not it felf alone 

Moucs,butmoues others with its motion 

( WitnestheHeav'ns) : yca,itdoth fccm,bcfidc, 

When it ftands ftill,tofhakc on every fide, 

Bccaufc it hath but onefmall point where-on 

His equal halves areequi-pei7?d vpon, 

And yet this goodly Globe, where we aflcmble 

( Though hung in th'Ayr ) doth neucr felfly tremble : 

Force's rhemidftofthc Con-centrik Orbs 

Whom neucr Angle nor out-nook diTruibs. 

All Solids el/e C caft in the Ayr ) reflect 
Vn-fclf-likc-forms : but in a Globe each traft 
Seems dill thc/ame,bccaufe it eucry- where 
Is vniform,and differs not a hair. 

Morc-ovcr,as the Buildings AmbUgon 
May more rccciuc then Manfions Oxtgon 

Bccaufc th' dc KUjnd the red -Angles too. 
Stride not Co wide as oUufe Angles doo ) : 
So doth the Circle in his Circuit fpan 
More roumt hen any other Fgure can. 
Th other are cas'ly broke,bccaufe of ioynts, 
Ends and bcginnings,edges,nooks,and points : 
Bur,th'0r£*s not fubielt vnto fuch diftrefs, 
Bccaufc 'tis ioyntlcfs,point-lefs,corner-lefs. 

Chiefly ( my Phalec ) hither bend thy mindc, 
And learn Two Secrets which but fewe (hall findc, 
Two bufie knots.Two labyrinths of doubt. 
Where future Schools fliall wander long about, 
Beating their brains,thcirbcft endcuours troubling ' 
The Circles Squarcncfs and the Cubes He-doubling- 

Print eucr fatter in thy faithf ull brain, 
Then on brafs Icaucs,thcfc Problem** proued plain, 

NotbySophiOick fubtle Arguments, 
But cucn by practice and exp s 

Vn-difputablc Art.and fruitful! 11, 

ich with new wonders all the World mail fill. 



\\ CC \ by,thc Waters of the Iowcft Fountains 


Andgram,fb ground within a rowling Frame, 
SharfW his ^uty to Ins niggard Dame. 
I icct hy,a Bullet fpewd from Brazen brcft 
In fiery fume again ft a Town diftreft, 

With roaring powr fliall path the Rocks in fundcr, 
And vvirh the noife eucr] i drown the. voice of Thunder. 
I }i -cr-by,thc Wings of fauourablc Windes 

Shall bear from weftem to the Eaflcin mde Sy 
From A fries to Title 's fai theft Flood, 
A HouW ( or rather a whole Town ) of Wood ; 
Whilcfitting ftilJ,thc Pilot fliall at cafe 
With i :horr Leaucr guide ir through the Seas. 
V' by,the Prints r^o one day lhall rid 
fore Books,thcn ycrft a thou/and Writers did. 
H- cr-bvsa Crane fliall fteed in buiIding,morc 
Thai hundred Porters bufie pains before : 
Hie /scds-Jlafcto mcafurc heights,and Lands , 
Shall far-excel] a thousand nimble hands, 
To part the Earth m /,ones and Climats even ; 
And m twicc-twenty-and-foure Figures flcav n. 
\ W.ind,Sand > Water,(maJ! Wheels tumin:; c 
In twice-tweluc parts fliall part the Nighr and Day. 
Statues of Wood mail (peak : and faincd Sphcars 
SJ all the Wonders of true Heav'n in theirs. 
i,raftly mounting through the emptie Side, 
b wanton wings mail crofs the Seas wel-nigh : 
And ( doubt-lefs ) it the Geometrician findc 
Another world where ( to his working mindc ) 
f *> Place at pleafurc and convenience 

rondioin Engines and rare Inftromems, 
^nChlcca little God ) in time he may 
o «om new place tranfpoi t this Woi Id awa v. 
Kccaulc- thefc Two our pafTage open fct ' 

\vh * i VrdnU ' s facrcd Cabl °^ 

; nci inftce keeps her fumptuous Furniture, 
Bcri r Urnond sKubics,andSaphi pure: 

Von >t0 fmbc a * rric towtf*' to P 

; F nCl nlcfsthcfcTwodoohi him vp 

Z i 



A Ci\ tm ^S -^hith ptift ^AHronomy. 
Ahairvr Crcfccr,t "Wflic r a Crown, 
■v* ftT° mct t0 hcr hccl *»S s down, 

liencaf i >; bcntin mildc-Maieftik wife, 
tnc famctwo CarbuncL or eyes, 




It* Cr*nt. 

■ ' 

'xk s. 





tit.- z.Gk 


Uu i o Circle j 

e Er 
I. ' 


The Colvmnes. 

,1 Azure Mantle wauinc at her back, 
With two bright Clafps buckled about her neck . 
From! right moulder floaping ouer-thwart-her, 
A watchet 5carf>or broad imbrodercd Garter 
1 lourilht with Beafts of fundry Aiapcs,and each 
V\ [littering Stars imboftand poudrcd rich 5 
And tl >for wings,the golden plumes ihe wears 
O lat proud Bird which irarry Rowclls bears. 

But what fa i e Globes ( quoth PhaUc ) Icemes flic thus, 
Withiprcadinsarms,to reach and ofltr \ s C 
My Son ( auoth Hckr ) that round Figurcthci , 
With crolfing Circles js the Mundane Spheai *. 
Whcrein,the Earth (as the moft vilcand bafc, 
And Lees of Al I ) doth hold the lowed place : 
Whom prudent Nature girdethoucr- thwart . 
With azure Zone : or raihci ,euery part 
Coucrswith Water winding round about, 
Sauehccr and there fome Angles} gout: 

F Oceans liquid and fad flying Waucs 

ingin decpeft of Earths hollow Caucs, 
s It not (wkhin her vaftvncquall height) 

T eC •'n:rcofthewidenefs,bur the weight. 
Thcre,fliould be th'Ayr,rhe Fire,and wandring Seauen, 

The Firmamcnt,and the ririt-mouing Heav'n 

( Be/ides th'Empyrcall Palace of the Sdintfed) 

Eachouc: oth if they could be painted. 
Butth'ArtiiVaini int fthefe, 

Ten CircleSjlikc Hea\ iperficics , 

To guide vs to them by more eafic Path, 

In hollow Globe the nc defcribed hath. 
'Mid ih'amplcft .frx,whofc eroding difference 

Divides in two the Spheai s Circumference, 

S rands th' £^»//w#M//,cqui-diftantall 

From thofe two Poles which do fupport this Ball. 

Th fore each Star that vnderneath it Aides, 
A rcu>lcfs,long,and weary Iourney rides, 
»oes larger Circuir.and more fpeedy far 
Then any other Heady fixed Star 
( Which wcxeth flowc the more it doth advaunce 
Ncer cither fdt his God-dii ecicd Dauncc ) 
And while Apollo dviues Load of Light 
Vrdcrthis Zin^iheDay anddu<kv Night 
Tread (quail ftcps : forJcarncd Natures hand 
The nmcafurcs them alike .Land. 

The nexr,\vhich there beneath it floaply Aides, 
And his fair Hindges from theW r orl( div s 
Twice rwelue Degrees . iscall'd th- duck, 

Planets path, w here Phtthm \ «; to make 



An d thofe where r//J»jWh 

nU-angl s forms 5 and,ao .kin 

h curst hi -diftantly 

ies Sc/Ucjs ( like-wife!) 

cms in two 
WcaCyncorn • th bun er too j 

nfthc Sun's Hops iz colure firo name, 
pecan! reemdotl em to trot more tame 

On the ut points : ibr,l: re he doth not ride 
1 lading a-lpng,but vp the Spliearjftccp fide, 
j «her,wh 


Xlu Second Colure \ I be cMeridsan.This 
Which neuer in oik Point of Heav'n peril/Is s 

till purfucs our Zeniti as the light 
I oftaot Horizn our Aiiriing light. 
Po fou i e fmail ones : heer the Tropiks turn, 

it of Ca/K*r and of Capricorn. 
d net th' Hindges of the golden Sphear, 
H »e South-Circle • rh E 2{orth-CircU t h ere : 

\. h Circies i nor (as you fee) at all 
• i Center-; in ofrhVniuerfallBall- 

h'Orb into vn-cquall dls^ 
' Bqui-nox and them. farbUels. 
T Ball t hand <lo:h fupport, 

1 ' ! obe : for.rhouqh that Art com fliort 

OfNati ar, lay ingenious fbules 

Adm s of Star-icclcd Poles. 

what delight it is in turning fort 

Thcb: Vbbrid meat ofthat YpperLoft, 

(Toi ) to fee 1 leav'nsgloi ious Hoft to march 
J rroopsaboutth'uft^r^Archl 

y™ Vrms bears Bo md Shafts : a Sword 

A fecond hath- a trcmbl Lawn a third: 
Offals: another in I is Chariot lowlcs 
^nth'aziircBrafsoftli radiant Bowles t 

J 'is femes a-foot,that ( as a H ) rides : 

that down ; i backahat forw i Aid 
'^Orderorder-iefs^and Pcacc-fnU Braul 
Wjfh-childs the V*M» I Mod 1 arth,and All. 

Incuer fee their flai.nccsinti 
£TO^ftxfr/*,orfr*4rtafpi . 

0w miIdc^ow moody • bur,mcc thinks I fee 
^^holhksw $ am id their d icin^glcc; 
W r?^ 60 ancl Maids 1 cl,lcl niakc them merry, 

tyf h %and Rounds,till>ipeand all bew< 

Wf Crc,0n nis '' OU( nilcs '■■■ ith wanton c ; 

VI ^re-at his Ri va n > wr AouGc. 

? lAolur . 

. , 4 




The Hon {on 

The 1 iopiks. 

9 dni \ c 
W*nL C u lies. 


j lit* i 








The Colvmnes. 




The red]'** *f 

rttlx xi- Sin: 

I ArifS- 



4. Cancer. 






Bu: why ( quoth P/W<*) hatli th'AIl -Fair,w ho frames 
Nought heer bclow,but s full of Beauties /lames 5 
Ingrav n on th'Orbs of th'azure CryftaJline «. 

( Where Beauties fclf,and Loucfliould cucr mine ) 
So many hideous Bcaitsand Mon/rcrsfell : 
FelIows,more fit for th'vgly Fiends in Hell, 

Surely C fiith Heber) God's all-prudent pleafurc 
Makes nothing Art-Ic/s,nor without iuftmcafurc : 
And this the Worlds chicfe praifc of Beauty carries 
That in each part it infinitly varies. 

Our learned Elders then, who on th is Sph car, 
Hcav'ns mining Signet imagin'd fitly-fair, 
Did vnto each/uch Shape and Name devife, 
As with their Natures neerly fymbolizc. 

In fotra otRam with golden FIcccc,thcy put 
Thebi-corn'd^w 5 which the Yeeis bounds doth 'butt , 
Beeaufe the World ( vnderhis temp rate heat) 
In fleece of flo wis is pranked richly neat. 
Of£#tf rhencxt : becaufethe husband-men 
With yoaks of flowc-pac't fmoking Bullocks then 
Tear-vp their Fallows,and with hope-full toyl, 
Ji: bum their Coultars in the Corn-fit foyk 
|Of7irww the third : beeaufe then,of two Sexes 
Kinde-cruell Cupidonc whole body mixes ; 
Then all things couple,then Fruits doubl c growe, 
Then Flown do flouriili,and corn Fields do fliawe. 
Thcfounha £<&forjnaracand frame they made, 
Beeaufe then South-ward Soldoth retrograde, 
Goes( Cr^-like) backward, and fo neucr ftinteth, 
But fhll his wheels in the fame track reprinteth. 
Thcfirta Lien :for,as Lions breath 
Is burning hot • fo likewifc,vnderncath 
This fiery ^,th'Ea. th fparkles^nd the /beams 
Scun fod-away with the Suns glowing beams. 
The fixt a uiojrf : beeaufe with Maid-like honour, 
Th Earth loathcth then the Suns Loue-glance 8 on her 
1 inflame her louc: and (reclus'd as it were) 
1 his Virgin Seafon nought at all doth bear. 

The Colvmnes. 

The next a Kid : beeaufe as Kids do clime 

' . 1- • 1 r..~r«-» I? i\f\. tr\\li *m\. A AI ...L: .• 

And frisk from Rocle tottock . about this Time 
The Prince of Planets ( with the locks of Amber > 
Begins again vp towards vs to clamber. 
ArKlthcn,bccaufc I Icav'n alwayes fcems to weep 
Vnder th' enfung Signet ; on th'Azurc /tccp 
Our Parents plaft a Skinker : and by him, 
Twofiluct Pi/besin his floods to fwim. 

But if ( my Son ) this fupcrriciall gloze 
Suffice thee not : then may we thus fuppofe, 
as before th'AIl-working Word alone 
Made Nothing be All's womb and Embryon, 
Th'etemall Plot, th'/dea forc-concciv'd, 
The wondrous Form of all that Form received, 
I )id in the Work-mans fpirit diuincly \y ■ 
Aid,yerit was, the World was wondroufly : 
Th'Eternall T/w-0*<?,fpreading even the Tent 
Of th'AIl enlightning glorious Firmament, 
Rll'd it with %ures ; and in various Marks 
There pout tray'd Tables of his future Works. 

Sec heer the pattern of a filucr Brook 
Which in and out on th'azure ftage doth crook, 
Hcci ■ th'Eagle plays,there flyes the ra n'ng Crowe, 
Hecrfwims the Dolphin,thcre the Whale doth rowe, 
Heer bounds theCourfcr,there the Kid doth skip, 
Hcer fmoaks the Stccr,thc Dragon there doth creep : 
There's nothing precious in Sea,Earth,or Ayr, 
But hath in HeaVn fom like rcfcmblance fair. 
] cucn our Crowns,Darts > Lanccs,Skcyns, and Scales 

ill but Copies of Hcav'ns Principals j 
:" ficred patterns, which to feme all Ages, 

; & Almighty printed on Hcav'ns ample ftages. 
™a (ur< -]y,d ui -ft I ( but why fliould I doubt 
'J) wipe from Heavn fo many flandcrs out, 

I^'j ^ncRapinanddeteftcd Rapes, 
: W u ' dcr,Inccu\and all monftrous Scapes, 
' ;' r with ( hecrafter ) fom hold-fabling Greeks 

u «urouJI y ftjin Hcav'ns Rofy-bluilu checks <) 

TiVP C * fl>owc y that vnder cm Stgne 

Ofcl!/ rnnI1 grav ' d fom Myftcry divine 
r S f *°";; where (as in a 

A* D l whatflu11 h - aftC1 ' convto pafs , 
Conf r j and * ut€n ^ Rowlcs,fore-quoting 
I n K;^ ^ ^'fiucnts moft worthy noting, 
^rcW( his Dai linn and Delight) 

Whirk i°, U fair Chdri " Naming braucly bright, 
Wft lkc a W,,1 »l-windc in thy fwift Career 
P lt v P^»c Tbestit , thou do'ft alwaies veer 




X 1 .Aquarius, 
1*. Pikes. 

•A dftftr dnd 

rtdftn qj the 

In Wtutn *re 

fttttrns of* 

things tfu: etre 
! mtsrth. 


flu/AMS. It* 

fdHt rtAjon 




I * r , 

,** * 






I ■ 




The Colvmnej. 



Cororu Ben 


fa mm 

CulV !■ 

C >pe)'. 

Of 6/j 




.cu Borrx 



About the Xertb~pole,no\v no more bedabbling 
Thy nimble fpokes in th' Ocean,ncithcr /tabling 
Thy fnoking Courfcrsvndcr thhnrth,tobayt : 
The while Lbjha earne/Uy doth wa\ 

in'zeal( ambitious) to inherit 
iftcrsOflice,and his mighty Spirit; 
That on the (terry Mountain (after him ) 
J U well may manage his celeftiail Teem. 

Clofeby him y Dauidin his valiant lift 
I folds a fierce Lions h'cry flan ing Culi : 

l [eer mines his golden Hafjwl chei c J. is Oar* : 
Therein' vgly fl«r bears ( to his high renown ) 
jW»(fliining ) Stars. Lo,hee«he whittling Umtt^ 

Win n&cVStul at hiradotb fiercely glance 

I ; arc Honours Honour,Prayfe of Chaiuty, 

i Sufanna,! mould mourn 101, 

And moa. thy tears/md with thy friends lament 
( With He.iv n-hrt-eyes) thy wofull puniftmene, 
Saue that To timely ( through Heav'ns providence ) 
Youn<* Daniel Ciucs th v wronged Innocence : 
And by a dreadfull radiant fplcndor.fprcad 

1 rom Times Child Truth ( not from LMeduft'shczd ) 
Condemns th'old Lcachcrs,andcft-(bons vpon 
Their curfed heads there hayls a itorni of (lone. 
Al/b,aslo'g as Heav'ns fwift Orb (hall veer, 

A (acred Trophee (hall be mining hcer 
In the bright Dragon,ot~ that Idollfcll, 
Which the fim 'rophctftiallinflak/qucl. 

Wher-to more fit may /V£4/Ar com pair, 
Than to t fe Courfers ; flaming in the ayr, 
Before the Tyrant of U/s-t^Jia's fury 
VJbrps the fair Metropolis of Jury t 
Wh ro the CVwA-man,but Ezeebiel 1 
That fo well driues the Coach ofjfraet. 
Wher-to the Swan.Uut to that Froto -Martyr, 
The faithful] Deacon which endurcth torture, 
( Yea death ) for his dead Lord 5 whom fure to meet, 
Soncei his end (ings (b e> edingfweet? 
Wher-to the F tfb which (hincth heer lb bright, 
But to that Iilh,that curcth Tobies fight 1 
Whcr -ro the Dolphin. hut to that meek Man, , 
Who dry-mod guidesthrough Seas Erytbream 
Old lacohs I And lor dam liquid glais 

MakcsallhisHoaftdryC without boat)topafs^ 
And furtnermorc/ notonely wen 

On the bra Tables of fwih-rm nine Hcav'n 
?d Mot .^nd^n Triangle fan. 
wee- One Nature /lamped on the fame : 

The Co 


t ynder that flout Serpent- SUyer, 
5atan-taming Son ( Hcav ns glorious heir) 
! v vvith the Engin of his Cr*/rabatcs 

... ^cmall rlindges of th'infernall Gates .- 

And vndci that Kiir Sbi; ;t-gaz» Foul, 
Th e God of Gods deer nionofhisSoulc, 
Which >m his hand reai Thunder ofcen-rimes 
}J c . his Loue,which vihts earthly Climes 

[nplui ! P C : for > t,1,s bright winged Stgne, 
In head and neckband (tarry back ( in fine) 
Mo Ids refembles the rnilde fimplc Done, 
Than crook- bild Engltthat commands aboue. 

What (hall I fay ofthat bright Bandeleer, 
Which twice-fix Signs fo richly garnifh heer i 
Th' Years Vmer,doth the Pafcbal Lamb fore-tell 
The Bnll.thc Calfc,whicli erring Ifrael 

.-rs vp in/JoreO. Thefc fair mining Twins, 
Thofc driving Brethren I fates tender Sons : 
Thefourth isSalomon,who ( Cr^-like) crawls 

i.l from Vertue : and ( fowl Swine-like ) fals 
ccs mire : profaneft old ( at lair. ) 
In foulc and body growne alike vn-chaftc. 
The lift, that Lion wliieh the HJH^itro^Prince 
Tears as a Kid, without Wars in/rnimcnts. 
The/: h&tfirgin eticr-maiden Mother, 

Bea; for vs,her Father,Spoufe,and Brother. 

Thcnext that fl««,which in King Lemuelshzud, 
So iuftly weighs the JuJIiee ofiiis Land. 
1 he ncxt,that Creature which in tJvialta (tings 
'Apoftleshancfcand yet no blemiili brings , 
^or indifferent,whether we the (amc, 
A fpotrcd Scorpion^or a riper name. 
Jh'Jrebtr, isffagars^on : The Goat{ Ighcl 

r\^ r0nt Sci P c " G 03t in the Wildcrnes. 
Them the deer Son of dumb Zaehariaa, 

^ods I binger,fbrc n er of Me/si* i 

v\ ho ln clear Jordan w.uhah dean the tin 
L: 7 "Wtrijjhtl fo repent wi in. 
r hcfcr^bfight F/>/,thofe whe; >id 

J, Ihro "gh wondrous 1 ngofliis , uil Word) 

' C k Cc ' 1th Loaves . A(pbaUts (hoar ) 

?oundantIy Hue thoufand j k and more. 
I ."Murn wenow thcnvinUineGi^and there 
A?. s . nia: v - 1s much the *««fer»Hemi-fphear. 



. -Jow'ft thou not this glorious Cbamptm heer, 

:c,) fliincs fo bri- \y by the burning Jir<rf 
I [J A**' J ^' r eat Son,who through deep /#/*&* lc 
Ar 'ny dry ihod ; and ( triumphant ) trci 











<* ***« I 

_ I 


< is. 


, C is. 



' Corona ah 


ftp /* 
: rwirff/. 

The Colvmnes. 


H/l ^|g 

( )n Cjam* c«r/,md on th' ^mmcrcan Hare, 
lovl'd with the fear of his victorious war. 

See th'ancicnt ,fA£, whichever wmdes and waucs 
Triumphingfafr,the Worlds feed-remnant faucs. 
LoJieerthe BraftnSerjxrtihincs^hofc fight * 
Cures in the Dcfart,thofe whom Serpents bite. 
Hecr th'hapj Rtv'tifhat brings £4* cates • 
Hecr the \'c up, wher c lefeph \i teditttes 

I {is grauc Pre ditfions : Heer that Heav'nly KwgU, 
Who prcft appearing armed all in white, 
'To<JdAeedbens,mth his darning (pear 
Sodecp(atlaft) the PsgatWolje doth tear, 
That on Gods Ijilur ( ycrft protan'd Co Ion 
Sweet /*tf»y*fumeth>and the (acred Song 
Of Lcmts foundcth in his Houfc again ; 
And that rich Crown th' Afmtm** Race doth gain, 
To rule the lares. Lo,thcre the happy Ft/h 
Which pa) csChrifls Tribute ( who our Kan Ton is ) : 
And hecr rhe ftfa/r, within whofe noyfom breaft, 
The Prophet /awfbrthrecdaics doth reft. 

I'. r while (my fpoaks-man,or I rathe: his) 
Thus Htifcr comments on Hcav'ns Images, 
Through pa:h-Ieis paths his wandring fteps doth bring 
And boldly quauers on a Maiden firing • 
Suppofcr not ( Chriftians ) that I take for grounds 
Or points of Faith,aJl that he hecr propound 
Orthac old Zeno's Portail Ifuftain, 

Or Stbik Faie ( th' Almighties hi * to chain ) : 
>r in Hcav'ns Volumcrcadin! ingsto-com, 
I rroncoufly a CbaUee-W'ifc be com, 
No,no fuch thing ; but to rcfrefh again 
Your tyred Spirits, I fungthisnovcUftrain : 
That hitherto having with patiencepaft 
Such drce'.dfull Oceanspnd fuch Delaits vaft, 
Such gloomy Forrc(rs,craegy Rocks and ftccp. 
Wide-yawning Gulfs,and hideous Dungeons deep* 
You might ( at laft) meet with a place of p! are, 
Whcr-on the flcav'ns lauifh their plenrioustrcafure, 
Where Zepbjre puffs pcrrumcs,and filucr Brooks with wanton I 
Y< cuitcous Readers) who is it can fay 

wn«her our Nephewsyctanother-day 
C More zealous then our fcl Ui n things Divine ) 
This curious ^Art fliall ChriOunly refine , 
And gmc to all thefegliftring F^res then, 
Nor Heathen names,but names of udj mm - 

But.kck v. e now for I&^,whofeDifcourfc 
In- ns his PhaUtm thc Plants comb 



icicle meant th,and Ctn-centrtk, 

^T^P^gejnd Eecentrik 7"** 

Vd hov- ' lI Mdrs ( thc Sccd/kr of dcbar <0 

1 . 5 jjlorious Torch,thc wanton (Vulcarss Mate ) 
sJ#n* ' Jm - xhvvc S P ncars m OOC retain, 

Smooth ffermes6vc 9 fmc cjmIh* two-times-twain. 

For, the I Wvinc \Vits,whencc this Art doth flowc, 
p in heir Fires to wander to and fro, 
Sow m-er,now far from Natures Nave : above, 
( nfuuon,voyJ 5 and rupture to remoue, 
V . h would be caufed ; through their wandcrmenr, 
Inth'Heav'ns inclos'd within the firmament , 

Th'Etcmall Wheels where rh'crring Tapers been, 
Sundry fmall Wheels, each within other clofed, 
Such equi-diftance cach-wherc inter-poled, 

1 ough they kifs ) they crufh not; but thebai 

rth'h i,thc high the loweimbrace: 

Cheft-nut ( next the meat ) within 

■aft ) with a fort flcnder skin, 
1 inclos'd in a tough tawny fhel, 
T iklin-cas't in a thick thi&lyt cU. 

T 1 takes heth'^i/rfZ^whcr-in thc Sphcar 
Isfl luccd : he di/coucrs there 

The Card of ffeigbts, thc ^Almyanthtrats, 
With th' Aumymbsznd thc tAlmuUrut 
) me Mufc,if ruder phrafc defile 
T- Jsfiircft Table,and deface my ftile 
y irh Barbariim : For in this Argument, 
; Tor r°J B'rLrianjs moft eloquent ). 
Onth' other iide,vndcr a veering Sight, 
« veers . which,of each wandring Light 
n ; WCS **«"& courfc . and certain Rules includes,- 
R v«,namcs fMonths,and/?^of^/wikfc. 

ToT'T h ' ^lUM^M fpends fom lcafure, 
, »<*' the manner how a Wall to mcaiui 

In ,u ' Con irafs,by Hcav'ns ample face 



7/.- >f,of,, 

I n w l , *r. ^-^^mrais^by Hcav ns ample face 
a ^r,gh t flany ^ dl . Almig]lty dl cad 

I P . r, L ncc, y *Umt daily billeted 



;£ Cf i< Outturn zndhkFdlL 
" n ga time an entire Si?ne muft wear 

**selel ° tndcdl °" ouxliemi-fplKdr : 

And £? m J Thc toaridum line : 

1 'hefej ,oli >fDa y and ni - ht to ^ ndc - 

^hec,i? l i? cd WOndt rs wittv ^^ marks 
tut "I'y to euery Rule he harks 



■ 'J 

T ■ 

t 1+ 

* ^ 

M ' 



The Colvmnes. 





Wife Alchymi(t,hc multiplies this Cold 
This Talent tums,encreafwg many-fold f 
And then ricfcnts it to his Noble Iced, 
Whofoon their Doctor in his Ait exceed. 

But,even ascMsrs^ermes^nd Venu*Lngbt, 
Go Miit now the naked IrogUdtte, 
Then M*,rhen Guynney • and ( mclin d to change) 
Oftlhiftini I loufe,throughbo:hrhc Worldsdorange 
[■< Both Worlds eVn-halvttby eh' &f**SHMliim>i 

So the peri ion ofthis Art divine, 

I i: ftvndet th' Hebremhrvd and born,anon 

Comstothcc/wi&jbyado} >n: 

Scorning,anon th'oldc habyUman Spires, 
It lean. ift Tigris And to JNUe ret s j 
, AndjWaxen rich,in fi^yjpr it creels 
V famous School : ycr,firm-lcfs in a s, 
It falls in loue with fubtill Grecum wits, 
And totheir hands a while v commits • 

in renowned Ptolomeus R n, 
Ir dorh re- vifit the deer gW^&wi Plain: 
' Yet,Thence re -fled,it doth th' jirsUmt zry ; 

l'rom n ce to Rome : from Rome to Germ**). 

O true Endymionspm imbi ace above 
Vpon mount Lames your Impcriali Love 
( Great Queen or 1 [eav'n ) about whofe Bed/or Guard, 

Millionsor'Arch* -irhgold" eidsdoward. 
True AtUJfes : You Pillars of the Poles 

ipvreall PaUee • you fair learned foulcs • 
But for your V\ ings,theStarrs-Doc>rincfbon 
Would fink in Ldlhe of Oblivion : 

"Tis you that Ma: mail Months, and yeers,and day es : 
s you that quote for fiich as haunt the Seas 

r profperous Dayes,and Dayet when Death ingraven 
n th'angry Wclkin,wams them heep their Haven : 
lis you that teach the Plough-man when tofowc i 
When the brave Captain to the Field mall goe ; 
When to retire to Gar >n again 5 

When to affaulra batter- d Pcecc $ and when 
Toconuoy\ uaJsto his valiant Hoaft: 
Tis you thai lh we what fcafon rrteth moft 
1 < .r euery purpo ,cn to Purge is eood, 

When to be B4xW,when to be LetMood • 
And how ^>ic««,skilhilly tomix 
neir Drugs.on Hcavn their curious eys muft fix. 

Through all the Heav'nly ccsdofly: 

Tisyouthar (greater then our ; e ft Kings) 
I s the whole World in you\«vcrnings : 



The Colvmnex. 

iw conclude) vou Demi-gods cm make 

ir hands- the- Heav'ns command (hake. 

3 ,e Spirits : for you my finoot heft quill 

my on this J >kfhouldftih\ 
!,,•' »uldyou DemyTheam ! but that the Beauty 

)fthc ' si P r lJ nl w rs m y Lo v c " ^d Duty . 

ir now I hear my Pbalee humbly crave 
ourrh Maids nan Father, mildely^grave, 

Replycshim thus; Obfe: (my deareft SonJ 

•, brows, thofc cheeks VLimiJioo, 

pleal ok, thole eyes Co Griillng-fweer, 
X ace-f II p°ft urc S ^d thofe prettyfeet 

ye n frill 1 >ancing : all thofe I !." ps und Lur 

5 , Sag-buts, Cicro > Viols, Comets, Flutes 
, I about her • prove in every part 

This hcnobI( vec^Voicc-ord'ri: ^4u, 

Br Weafui r,thtf Guide offuppleft fingers 
ng-dumb, dead-ipeakine) finew-fingers 

\crord ot Difcords : fac red Harmony, 

AndN I/ry Law, which did accompany 

.oft, when firft his Ordinance 
I Earth to reft, and Heav n to dance, 
fay) for fuper-Inr \x. thei 

m Voice placed in every Sphear 
•ten facet ; that from Heav'ns Harmony 
iourtl :s might learn b ft Melody, 

rare Quel with th' Angels Quier accord 
g aloud the lifes of the Lord, 
Royal! ChappeW, richly bcaurifi'd 

lift'rii »ers and all facred Pride. 

(by Art) one felfly Waft breath'd out 
ting: ows^afTcth ail-about 

) sbvrh'vndcrClavci's 

ith the Keys the Organ-Mafter quiver* 
ri UaUtJ Bulk,a. irerally tfie fame 
'' 0Unts cv of the melodious Frame 5 

2 : lofty c;«*rt voke, 

fctel r,and^^/hrilicft 

^h'all-quicknin 1 above 

, nsharmo whirling wheels d imovej 

!at re-treading their etc dl ni\a\ 

KuX thc Trebble, tl ther bears the Bafe. 

,^n mrncr p af t|un in rhc } jp MV ' nSj ) r 
• \t f farming ( i >untcr-Tuncs wc hear i 

KZ\ h XUmef > * 4rth bcIawc 

P ^pIL ^ d< fad and Howe: 

H ?*> It y^iutomn, Wgter m !d, 

"""net-Kkc-fmooth -flidin r«wr hold : 

R e 

3 cl 

- ■ 









n k 




B W, the Spring tran f parent o^ ^ 
The \ e-likc -V^that turns and wends io fair : 
C rft Chi 'er, Semmcr. and hot thirfly Fire, 
Xh'hi^ irbling 7r^,loi:deihn the Quire. 

thecanfc(my Son) why ftubborn'ft things 
;\ ;1 bcrinilKin: and they treble live 

ic Spirit which rh' Heav'ns dance doth drive. 
mfik makes the ftcrncitmcn-at-Arms 
Let-fall at once tiicir Anger and their A mis : 

c hi d foiilcs, and charms the frantik fits 
)f Lunatiks that arc bereft their wits : 
■ It kils thcflame,and curbs the fond dchrc 

Of that birns in Beauties blazing I ire 

Vhofe foule, feduced by his erring ei< 
1 )oth fom proud Damcdcvoutly Idolize) : 
, ntsbancfullbit,wliofcanguifli 

In deadly torment makes men madly languifh : 
leS rapt, the Hindedcceiv'd with-all, 

And I ds beguil'd with a melodious call : 
Tif Harp leads the Dolphin,and thebuz/ing fwarm 

es the tinkling Brafs doth charm. 
O ! v \t is it that Mufich cannot doo ! 
Skh th'all-infpiring Spirit it conquers too : 
And mal the fame down from th Empyreal] Pole 

cend to Earth into a Prophets foulc; 
With divine accen uningrareh 
nto the rapting Spirit tlic rat i Spright. 

when the Lord (molt moved) thrcatneth mod, 
With thfull tempeft arming all his Hoaft ; - 
When angry frrctching his ftrong fincwy arms, 
With bended back he throwes down thundry ftorraS; 
Th' harmonious I is of his heart-turning Sheep 
S >le hisfinews, lull his wrath a-flcep $ 
Whih ilde-cy'd Mercy ftcalcth from his hand 
The fulph'ry Plagues prcpar'd forfinfull Man. 

Bur, while that Hebcr (eloquently) would 
Old Mmftks vfe and ccUencc have told ; 
CurftGwAw (f( ins JoreLms fatal! courfc) 
Pad by the PilLrs, and brake his Difcourfc, 
My weary Iourny makes mcfamt well necr: 
Needs muft I crave new aid i ligh,andftcp 

A lmlc back, that I may farther p. 

7fx End eftht Second Day of the 









The Vocation, 
The Fathers. 

I dl. The Lavve, 



Iiv.The c 


Jatpum refer* 


The Vocation. 





The Argvment, 

Air/ from Chalde is Diiinclj Cal l 'd : 
How tiicbebreed: His (parted) Nephew ibnlL'd 
(.n Sodom's did) to Chcdo: homer • 
R cfcu'd h Htm : Type of that bbudy War : 
Mekhifcdcc his Map congratulates : 
Ifma: I great ; ^Go \> confederates 
, With (promts' d) Ilaak,MM4 hts (C.H r i s t -&/j^ J^i, 
Which (ball in number even the S tars exceed : 
I . i : harUrs Anqc. 1 'dfrom S odom's Fire ; 

if// «>/<r Transform'd : //« Ddugkers foul D t . 

N T till ffo D.9 (deer .Va/*) on every fide 
Within ftraight lifts rhou haft been bound J, 
Pend in a Path fonar:o\ y-where, 

i& Thoucouldft not manage: only heer ami there 
(Reaching thine arms < the Rails that clofc 
Thy bounded Jtace)d\Qi i-t'ftfoml ant Rofc, 

SomI ly-flowr,orfomlv. ops-io-Wine, 
To make a Chaplct, thy chaftc btoyrs to bindc 

But now, beholden' art in the open PI 
Whcrcthoumaiftliuely,likerhcH< spam 

(That having buift his halter and i holde 

Flings through the field, whe im , . conrrol'd) 

Corvct, and turn, run, mcc,advanc< dpii c > 

As/^r^/jiryofthyZw/ftiallr ce. 

Th' whole World is thine : hcn< y Sytl 

Thcfaircft Crop that in F«wVficlds doth growc j 

i w. 



he Vocation. 

i r^dieSeaofrichcftA^m« 

: e, a hundred Vi ,rics, 
l ! d Rowts, a hundred Wonders new 

in heaps before thy view: 

n'dv ii various fent) 
rhiuhint/JsvaftA menr- 
\ndlc he I choice in fo bound-I. ■ tore 
; ,)1 now, than did Want befbre. 
[ftthouwhi my Mufe (my dear delight, 

•rt) i we will follow right 

rudely ipoil the flowry ing 

unrcd beauties g nor deface 

a pleafant Gardens grace 5 

V am id the (Quarters fecks 
(t flowrsas heft her fancy likes : 
rablewo .there a red /he pulls, 
cr, and there a white (he culls, 
them wirh her hair, and blcflcdover 
kiis, (he f.-nds them to her Lover : 
n the Annels of all Ages 5 " 

out the chiefeft Perionagcs, 
uli lid the Hebrew Story, 

hem on th' Altar of Gods glory. 
1 hope) who, no Jcfsgood then wife, 
\ Ihrr'd vs vp to this great Entcrprifc, 

It to take the fame m hand, 
1,C ipafs, Hi: hand Squire will ftand ; 
Pebbles of our puddly thought 
* v 1$, moft bright and bravely wrought , 

rint iow^ Frame 

»at ilfiill Builders ey may blame . 
uffcr ought, *t mail be fointi 

>Hndn< i#r ► our Race* 

glory, and to Line me proof, 
•tall) F'buildbnt with mortal] 

icheftG Scotj ^ Scotland 

hthefam< indchatchc 
* Wn paper, in* gold< 

l PpiIyimmortaiilir npile< 

new Spoilt > thcrs nam 

lnt hyChil hoodth n furure Femes t 

rhecfhouldl vVrfcsvow? 

:h the World haft made me famous now 

till i hand unhid 

r "ltiftrcofa/^JU«* : 

d, that ill >lumtw< icer 

sihouldfo IvI ' 

> He i 

I 3°5 

Stm$U % 

VtJtCMwn to 
Km^t Met" 













The fcorn of Art, of Helicon the flume, 
Vfurping rong) Vrania's iacrcd Name. 

Tl ughihccfhe'sffedv'ttfy. O wife, worthy Prince, 
Mai ft thou furmount all thoic in Excellence, 
\Vi: ich have fore thee) K ul'd th* hard I -ruled Scott, 
And ruder Picls (painted with Martiall fpots) 

That, fifft Pergufiu* (glory of his daies) 

Ev'nusand Donald may envy thy Prai/ 
And even the Scott'fh (or rather th' Htirnv) David 
{Jeftst ll s on, io holily behaved ) 
Give place tot' Renown, and therwithall 
Give thee his Zeal and Heart hcroi'call, 
And all his beft (which doth thee beft belong) 
Is he hath giv'n thee his fwcet Harp and Song. 

Tiiovcii profane fei vice of idolatry 
Had di own'd the whole Earth \ niv erfaJly : 
Though fhamc-lefsiin (bornwiththcCo l on z ■ & 
Thu all the v Id) through all did Tyrannize: 
Yet inChalde* was their chicfeft Scat, 

Their ftrength in Shinaar ; and that City great, 
Built on t flimylrrnndofZ^/rr^j, 
Was theproud Palace where they held their 1 fts. 
S har, even Sem's arid Helper's /acred Line 

Where God his grace yet lccmcd to confine) 
Sue I the Si n banc of Affyrian ai r, 
\y-A like the I Ieath< y day impair- 

orgot the true God ; fol Ihl ude) 

Thcgrofs grand ErrOr of the multitude • 
1 ;cncriz'd, decaid and withered quight : 
Like fom rare Fruit-Treeovcr-ropt with fpi°ht 
Of B; sand Burtics which itforeopprefs, P 
With the fowr fliadow of their thorny trefs, 
Till e At withall, it dies as they dogrowe, 
And be ghtbutMofsandM ltoe9 

od, deflrous (more for vs, then him) 
ml -n one (lock to fave Faith's facred ftcm 

Like before from the Il-dn )ms> Flood 

Hczav'd the worlds! an Ark of* >d) 

Abram for his ow and from f c R if cs 
To Men, to Bcalh, to Stocks, to St cs, to Sprites, 
Hima Ay to his own Service draw 
Not By men Qondoft of ewcriourcaufe, ' 

A .yeontemph, A iprichly-ra* 

^hichg,l< he Seel, {, cfo 

««u«r 5 n ag rantazr,iofremandd ( |, 

«foir.g< ourfe^ho ()gT ; dc 





,n-) is confin'd to Sea/on, 
1 ' ,{\vithlifts,guidcd with rcansof K< m : 
by the motion of bis it, which feals 
: ' /hearts Centre v is word rev 

°i U .«. I itlv in his fit time and place 

3 C 7 

, In . in Uy his freegtfts of G««) 
. r L.vrdly bear-witnes, and a^ ei tt 

[ ,j-r our Spirits that 'l is Gods Holy Spirit. 

u !Jj' \$Mih*fAi wlanguifhtnot 
r idlen >ut alwaies waal J wrought, 
tad ever lively, brought forth Pa' ice, 
Hom j] I!o. unty, Innocence, 

cZeal,Rq mc< lempc ice, 


ruitsthat like I d-(K)DCs)haueavcmic^iuen 

gh Faith) to drav icir Father T: ec to Hejv'ii, 
joules to God (the Iprin flifc) 
Lot d Sara his deer Wife - 

^ [thhim following the Almighti'scail, 

Wend ibdnd where lordans courfc doth craul, 

I Their o-» Country willin forfake, 

i »us)lc(s account do make 

. J 




fgo andlandsandqu esc nt, 

Than of an end-lets, friendlcis nimment. 

focred ground of i tuc's folc perfection I 
fhield of Martyrs ! Prophet' ' dm on I 

ly I O contrite heai t's K eftorer ! 
ing t lme-gzid Fopcs guide, hunting horror - , 
I Path of J >n! Pledgcofln ortahty! 

} hu I"a !i ! through thy admired quality, 
y w lei s doft thou work at once, 
fromSii dumb thou ha ft waakt \ once, 
le vs inly in our fpirits conceiuc 
t ncuer outward < yes pcrceiuc ! 
id Abram, mull I needs tbrgoi 
j 1 here -.Euphrates do: I t 

v this 1 di air, and i 
,V ')' births nc >• Mothei hroes : 

•m her tender bxeft (a ►hasillk) 
,'. nsfucktn L drop, of i 

,.^1 ;reo'fmineinfant-(milc 

^Carcsandi ,,b Ididoftb file: 

/eh; iters, Vm-r untsandKin, 

put ivc delighted ii 





m " ^ 



The Vocation. 

». tamtfdrtfuu . 

Hccr, I have learn'd Hea\ ns Morions, and rhenature 
And various force ofFire, Air, Earth and YVarcr : 

. Hccr, I hauc ihow'n the noblc/i tokens fin th 
•,oth of my Mindcs arid of my Bodies worth : 

Heer. I h:i pent the beft parr of mine age ; 

Hccr, I poflci s a plcnrious I f age : 
i } r, I have <*ot me many friends and fame, 

And by my Deeds attain'd a glorious Name : 

Andnuiit I hence, and leauc rJii-s certain flare, 

To roam vncertain (like a K unagate) 

Ore fearful! Hils, and thorough iming Torrents 

That rum-down Mountains witrfthur n Cu. 

Indrcadfull Dcfarts, where J lenv'ns horteff beam 
Sha.ll burn without • within vs, Tlm/h m : 

And gloomy Fori efts full of ghaftly fear 

Or yelling Monftcre that are dwelling there? 

To Ilk a Country (God knowes where, and whither J 

Whofevnkno i name hath yet fcarc; I hid 1 

Wirh IrarTmhand, and waller a* our back, 

From Town to Town to beg for all we lack i 

To guifcourfc Ives (like counterfaiti ng Ape) 

To th' guifc of Men that are bur Men in map. 

Thau- (briefly) nothing properly o!;r> n 

In all the World ■ no, not our Grave-place knowen i 

Is 'tpoflible, I mould endure to fee 
The /jghs and rears my friends will ihed for mc i 
O i can I thus my Narivc foil f« 

! with what words mail I dl take ; 

1 UcbaLUd : dear di ,adici 

I riends, Brothers, Sift wellall ofyou 


K udcly vnwinde me from the 1 ie embrace 

Of rh< r amis, that will me farter hould 

Than trembling Ivie doth the Oakenfould- - 
I Or than the Vine doth wirh her crawling fpray 

ThcboughsofElmJ 1 imber limbs to itay- 

Can I ofc wirh peril] of my life) 
HV vn-vulgar beauties of my verruous wife 

To the nonc-fparing luft of that loolc N ation 
Tnarbrutcly bums in all abomination ' 

Behdes, what rigour < nay, what paricidc i 

To hale from T, g ris ( Jor^kk 

A weak old-man > a man fo weak and ould, 

YeT S '7 T h r ° Ur hd P and ™ ". 
Yet, t muftbefo : for f ord commands 

A carnallmanon carnall re f> 3rids mmands - 

But, lor all Rcafons, Bmh fuffi/cth me 

W ho lodge with God can . A 



1 ' h e Vocation. 

ir^cheerly marcht he on, and though the age 

s jjSdi ° [ T " 4/; a ° vv ' d Ms pilgrimage 

A ",i A fHishc doth conduft(inrme) 

W ere God pours down fuch flouds of goods vpon them, 

jbountiouilybcfrowcsfuchblenlngsonrhem, . 

irth abundanccfhoitly feems t' exceed 

dsPro fes,and their defires indeed. 
Their fruitful! Heards, that hill and dale do haunt, 
RcfcinWe not the breed of th' Llephant, 
Which (flowc in coupling, and in calving more, 
pjnino her Matter Co long rime before 
WV-hhngring hope) brings-forth, with painfull groans, 
But once in twelve ycci s, but one Calf at once. 

All's white with their wool : all their Cartel] proves, 
Still, (Hll increaimg like to Stares and Doves. 

Their Wealth fogi owes, that, wanton i/.'d withall, 

Their envious Shepheards broach a civil Brawl, 
tar, left this Mifchief, by the Grooms begun, 
n their Mailers might vnkindly run, 
JVC- milde Grand- fire efthc Fauhfull (there) 
And \Jmmo»*> Father, to cut-off the fear 
Ot father ftrifc, and 'ocftablim rather 

Th les, then Bodies, in a league together 5 

Di\ d duly with a deep forcfight 

J -jclsandHcards in number infinite. ' 

J en to Stdom ftretcht his Tent and Train "j 
And, dwelling there, becam a Citizen 

A remonmou^Nature-forcim: Men. 

L f *\ !) what lot haft thou ele&? 
'' fternall verdure, and the trim profpeel, 
1 ':• ! tiousPafturcs,and the purling Springs, 
' noic nbrousfdverthoufand Tributes brings 
' why tods*, watering fo the foil 

>ds own Garden) doth thy fenfi riffle, 
to thy iudgemcot, makc^s rh< miserable 


i«t thee with a People < crablc, 
To pWar«hrall'dwoes »dodi< vi _. 

J'"" >r i ens Hull tern t jdercyes. 

r tt *sproodKin r wChedor-Lomtr 
T with v^trmb King of*lLz*r y 

And," boFth * Nations, 7**kd, 

M.1,!,., 1 thc K| ng ofshadar, ^tmrapbel) 

, '7 ar II the K ofW^, 





twtcn bis Ser- 
Hdntr, dtdtbe 





i ti km 

tcaftdffd rs % 4 

>odom *n>i 
Gommor lu 





a * 




Who, fubieft to him for twelve ycers b >rc, 
Rebelled now, and cart rhcyoak they bore. 

Both Camps approach, their bloudy rage doth rife, 
And even the face of Cowards tenibhzc 5 
New Martiall heat inflames their mindes with ire, 
Thcii bloudis moov'd, their heart is all on fire. 
Their cheei full limbs (fecmingto march tooflowe) 
Longing to meet, the rarall drums out-go $ 
And even already in their gefturc right : 
Th' iron -footed Courfers, lufty, frem and ligh^ 
Marrying their Mailers caufc and courage both, 
Snovvc all the field with a white foaming froth, 
And prancing with r hcii load (as proud wkhall) 
With loud-p«Oi d neighings for the Combat call. 

Now both the Hoafts march forward furioufly^ 
The Plain between loon fin inketh equally : 
1 irft in the Air beginsa fight o duft, 
Then on the Earth both Armies bravely iouft. 

Br ve yet it was : for yet one might behould 
Bright iwords and fhiclds, and plumed helms ofgould 
Vn-goard wi'h bloi d • no Cask had loft his head, 
No Horfe his load, no fcattcrcd Corps lay dead. 
Bur,on our Corn-fields towards h.u \ eft-time 
(For purimment of fori) ingratefull crime) 
Th'incenfcd handof Heav'ns Almighty King 
Never more thick doth flippciy Ice-peai Is fling, 
Than heer the Arrows fhowr on eucry fide : 
An iron Cloud Heav'ns angry faccdoth 1 ide 

From Souldiers fight • and flying weapons then 
For lack of ground fall vpor horfe or men : 
Thcr 's no* a fhaft but hath a man for White, 
Nor /tone but lightly in warm bloud doth light : 
Or,ifrharanyfail'het: foes to hit 
In fall 3 in flight themfelvcsthey entcr-fplit : 
Tic wo':nds com all from Heav n : the biavcft 1 Ice 
> ils and is kild of him he doth nor fee : 
Without an aim thcDatt-man darts hisfpear, 

And Chance performs tirerTccl of Valour there. 
As two ftout Rains, both Icloux-phrenzy-fick, 
Afront two flocks, fpui d on with anger's p- ick, 

1 j i° n Wch othcrwith ^mpcftuous mock 
And, butting boift erous, horns and heads do knock : 
5o thefe two Armies enterchanged blowcs ; 
And doubling fteps and ftrokes v T on their foes, 
Firfr AcH, their Lances, and -her Pikes embrew, 
Then wit h their fwords about th. n ly heaw, 

Then flab with daggers , landing bravely to-'r, 
Till Foe to Foe they charge them foot to foot • 






: ones Targets pike doth pearcc 
Shield, and him to hi fc, 

3 J * 

fcindthcy filmland ftill the fight maintain \ 
[ifrontin : h,thi facetofac< e, 

Still - 

sjonc turn their backs; cr flirt (] t j c - 

j,cir own blood,; >e\asi 

g u i -too tired, I \ at laft dif-rank ; 

fl j its, and .Cries, and Plaints, redoubled: 
\ pel mclragc-blindcdk^4rif doth play, 

-r r no more their Colours they dii'ccrn ; 

ving none, to all arcftrangcly ftcin. 

vnd hUms Standard, 
T.'icA \ntc\s\ Sodoms Enfigncs wander 'd : 

istwofw msofbufic uzzers, mounting 

dt 3 and mutually affronting, 

ir Troops ; o::c goes, another coins, 
icr turns * a cloud of Moatlings hums 

mr heads, who with their cipres wings 

Qua rcll of their little Kings : 

of ich a hundred times a minute 
Dothlofca Souldier, and as oft rc-wi r. 

hut mayonchopc (Champions of the Chamber, 
Soft C -ct-K nights, all fen ting Musk and Amber 

iefdel hr istobeover-com) 

red hearts it dare not Over-corn 1 

tn-Mena manly Conftancy i 

Inns m J Valiancy? 

mm -n) this is not the place 

: Lutes a warbling Voice to grace: 

X'iom) *t is the 

, I infpi tot Natures name 

"o(Zetoim) rarenolooki Gla s 

5 mi. 

yt ItMrttS 1 
If 47/ ffji, 



ntr*. Xymphs to « e their j ed faces : 
A Huftach and top in print, 

^ curhhc Lock f. wears 1 ided in '0 : 

Jnh ma k) we fpend not heer the day 

v :*Cou K^ucttingandPla) 

**r) thegutf 

. ,! *cn Mock-Jtarj (for a Mijlrefs-Priit) 
T ^ccd-like Una ith a blunted Blade, 

ia ^pioni /c vndein Tented made, 

J° tourneys. Therefore. to you 

)vVn V weapoi heer's no 'Work for you. 
I,,,, 1 /' ri el'aniion (and the pride otWai 
} 1,Iir Ac face with diu% blood and fi 



I I 



1 H £ V O C A T I O N. 

OurGhfs is hcer a bright an J glaring flueld : 
OurSatten,ftcd : the Mufick of the Fidd 

Do:h rattle like the Thunders dreadful! roar . 
Death tilteth heer : the Miftrefs we adore, 
Is Vi&o rue Sovcrain of our hearts) 
W without danger graceth no Deferrs : 
Dead carcafles perfume our dainty Nofe : 
>ui Banquets hcer, be Banquets for the Crowes : 
Flee therefore (Cowards) flee and turn your backs, 
(As you were wont in your rhought-ihamingacts) 
But with our fwon ind Lances (in your halte) • 
T.irou'jh-thrillcd (Villains) this /hill be yomlair, 
Said x^imrdfheh and charg'd them tri fuch fort, 
That V feemsafudden Whirl-windcdorhtraniporr 
Their fainting Troops. Som (beft-advi fed fly 

To tops ofMountainsthat do neighbour by; 

n, through the Plain : but, neither (in the chace) 
1 ). once look back (no, no ith half a face) 
Their fear had no reftrain% and much Ids An : away his fliicld, and that his dart - 

$ worJv Morriors,Pouldrom,Vaunt-bracc.Pik k Lances, 

A re no defence, bur rather hinderanccs : 

They, with their hear s,havealfo loft their fight, 

And recking \cf$ aelorious end, in Fight, 

Than rhoufand bafede deiperatly they ran 

Into the flood that fats rich Canaan. 

Then, Jordan arms him gainft thefe infidels, 
With uipid courfc, and like a fca he fwcls • 
I der ground into his chanel range, 

I (hallowed] Istogrou-d-ki fsdochangc: 
le fumes, he foams ; and, fwif ling round, 

Seems, in his rage, thefebirrer words to found : 

I Villains) dy : O more then infamous 
Foul Monfters ! drench youi damned foules in vs. 

Sa,fa, my floods : with your cold niuifturc quench 
The l:ift-full flame of their fclf burring (tench. 

Drown, drown the Hel-fiounds, and revenge the wrt 

'Which they have don our Mother Nature Ion". 


Above wi h Boaws, beneath h Bodies paves: 
T he gaudy Plume,yet floating light and fori, 
1 awhile the hollow helm aloft - 

\ rW h)< ?thofctr*fwimthebeft, 

Downtothcbottom k anions ereft 

S and ftrugglin* ( 

Wi.rfainthey ,uld butca Idcheghoft; 

jl ife the flood ^nwillin to 

(1 waves wih fpii f foul and vile) 





** (till into themfelues, and there 

R^'T*, rrt an d thoaks,«md rams dum, as it were s 
Smoo * pm , Lnt . n aSoul«) Ml 

lK Sr,u m Tus own (lioardothcoft. 

T ,. Kingsor' JAfa*aiid G tmorrth lie i\ 
uILtoi he King of Lawmen, 

ySL > the Toe) with bou had eovered o'i e, 

iMihinei d* but their con&fcd flight, 

r their owne wnbufll » adcthcirowne light : 
Wherein they loft the flowr of all their reft, 
Soonci otMe.uh, t hen of deaths fear poflefr. 

One, a$ he Ai< I with trembling (tips the dart 
'which !.ibchiiide)nighpearfthimtotl\ehe. 
Tangling h bot with twyning tend, els tho 

OawilS inethatnecrapttdidgrowe, 

Stumbles, and mmbles in, Ining by the 1 

Vptothc waft in water: where he feels 

A three-fold F«e I >rthef«<OirrangcO he found 
Threedctthi in one •> at \cc Jl*i* % tagiand dnwnd* 

Another, weening o'r a Well to skip, 
FromthcwctbrimhUhap-lcfifoot doth flies 
A i he Pais : but inftantlv (paftho ) 
Hccatcheth holdcvnona dangling 
A; > at lei h witn fliiftinj ,ndsgct$-vp 
B] I litlc to the fountains top. 

Which rWw/fpy to him ftraigfif hchies, 
And ifmsalowd nto the M retch he cries } 
Vatl i this, is this the means yoi\ make, 
Your won yoak of EUmoffio fhake t 
It this y« Skirmifh t and arcthefe your blowes, 
Whcr-with t' incountcr Co couragcoui Foes i 
Sir, lcauc your ladder $ this Hull as wc 11, 

Thisfwordfliall heyour ladder down to Hell > 
G° pay to Plmo (Prince ofAchtrm) 
Tnc Tribute hccr deny'd vnto your own i 
Hccrwith he draws his Fauchin blight t en, 
•Jnaatablowc hcaws both his arms off clean i 
" ts ;iickline hands held fa/t,down fell his T k, 
""blood did fwim, his bodv quickly funk. 
Another (roughly pufhed by the Foe) 
a ]j headlong do \ into a Boe bclowe : 


e,on his head deep p ccd in the mud 
1 his heels vp-ward, like a tree he flood ; 
-^toan. o,wauing his legs and arms, 
*rec e wont to wauc in windy fto *> 
j^norher hccr (on horf-back) polling over 
Dro *i, deep day-pit that green boughfdo eov 


b*Jh trutsd 

l< 'bam* 

7' 1 




Lots v* 


Sinks intently; and in his fu< nft« 

Seems the b;ive Horfc doubly vnfortunatc; : 

For,hisownncckhcb«aks,andbri Dgm 
(With the keen fcales of his bright Bngandin) ' 
His Matters boweJs/crvcs (alas !)for jmb 
To him that ycrft fo many times did comb 
His crifny Crcft, and him fo frankly red 
In s hollow Shield with oats and beans and bread • 
Ev< n fo fomtimes, the loving Vine and Elm 
'(With double domage) ioyndy over-whelm ; 
She wails the wrack of her deer I f ushandsglade;. 
I femoancs his Spoufes feeble aims and made : 

But moft ir grieves him with his Trunk to crufli 
The precious Clutters of her plea/ing Bufli ; 
And prefs to death vnkindly with his waight 
Her that for loucembraceth him fo (baight. 
Yet Lot alone (with afmall troup aflifu-d) 
Tli fartiall brunt v. i Manlybreaft refilled, 
And thirRin ame, (bands fi \y looking for 
The furious hoftc ofcbedorkomir: 
Butas a narrow and chin-plan- Cops 

Offender faplings with their flender tops, 

Is fell'd almoOasfoon as vnder-taken 

v Mi Itirudes of Peafan's Wintcr-fhakcn : 
Lot's little Number fo environ'd round, 
Hcmm'd with fo many fwords, is ibon hewn down. 

Then left alone, yet fall all one he faj 
And the more i\ftill the more he dares : 

i Like a ftrangc MaftifF fiercely let \ u 
By mongrell Cms, in number ten to one : 

/ho tyr'd with running (growen more c, lim ;cts 
Intofomcorne rcvprighthel 

Vpon his ft , and frernly to his fc 

His rage-full,foaming,grinningtccthh lOWCS, 
Andiharlcs,and fnaps • and this and that i li bite, 

And ftoutly Hill maintains th'vncquall fight 
With cquall fury, til! ifdamins Death) 

H be beaten out of breath* 

yiriocb ring, and (cv feai oo 

What Lot had done, and what he yet mighi >o ; 
Him nccly meets, and mildly L' tshim 
Ceaf /aliant eafe,cea(ct' incountc 5. 

Wilt thou (al ) wilt thou (p >rfoule)expi 
And hazard thus thy Kfe and 

In fuch a Quarrel!, for the c - 

Alas, I piny thy misfortune 

l o'.well I fee, thyliabit and thy tongue, 

Anns (but moft) thy courage (yet fo y 

The V 

O C A T I O N 


jnSoooH 's wanton waJs accurft 

Shcwc : ^ born, nor in Oomorrha mil ft. 

^•'fofChivalry,rcferucthyv. th 

J? £ rt cr wars : yeeld thee s and chii k hence-forth 

f hi'ahly P«xc thy powr$ s and,l (word, 

c Ythoufand kingdoms will i (e my word. 

pjllhopt >rqtteft (as part fear < «> 

r r , \ls him then vpon the Pi inc< s Faith) 

And fromhis Camcll quick-diiinouiitJng, hies 

Sj $ ] ill hand to kifs in humble wife: 
Jndth' Army, laden with rhciicheftfpoyl, 

Triumphantly to th' Eaftward marcht the while. 

No i' k met noyl f'thefe fad novels cam 
Vntotl eearsol iclitL.ll A b r a h a m, 

:ut intently he arms to re /'cue Lot, 
\nd that rich prey the heathen Kings had gor. 
Three in di ed fcrvants of his houfe he brings 
,i; lightly arm'd with ftaves and darts, and flings 
tidedby M amue (in whole Plain he wons) 
'.. . c o l and A n e r (A m o r's valiant (bus) 
Soatthe heels he hunts the fcar-lefs Foe, 
Yet waits advantage ycr he offer blowe) 
Favout'd by ftrei^hmefs of the wayes they tool-, 
A ideovcr'd clofewith nights dcccitfull t »k. 
In Gri»-/W fields is found a dungeon, 
\ rhoufand-fold more da rfc then Acheron^ 
ha:h no door, left as it turns about 
'n nifty hooks, it creak too lowdly our, 
But Silence fo ves for Port ai A Porter there, 
cd Vfhcr that do h never wear 
■r-ruftling filks, nor rattling chainlet futes, 
™ or gioglingfpur^norcre ig fpaniih boots; 
|j* ur ithemakenono) cheftnrs) 

| W" high day fines arc of the fofteft Furs, 
^othcrtimes Icfs-ftarely-fcrvicc-fulh 
|«ec s only clad incottoo, (hod in ool : 

^cftlorf.finncrorc hislips he loci 

J lflt J;otl beck istoth< Cocks, 

ngftreams, and roaring titlm, 

f 71 ^ ugh dumb) to wl thus: 

2 ^Torrents ; ccafe* ft l CbinucUer, 

BcAr'n C ' 0< *t' morr wto the Morning heet j 

• i yourn .'eneffc; 
* t n no 1]r ftoi dirturbthis houfeof Reft. 
Jj^ofailthisc larkanddecp, 

^■"-rocking couch lies blea 'd SUtp, 
jjtowd, and withTus pant i breath 
cs ablacki ic,thataIlcnvapoii 





Abnlnm %hl 

Sleep, with bit 

Gil, \tTH*nXr x 

furniture *aid 




H ■ 



The Vocation 

oMuwlics hard-by her drowzic brother, 
Who readily knowes noc herfelfc, nor other : 
Then folitary Mnpkem gently rockr: 
And nafty d^ fclf-pyn'd, and poorly frockt, 
Rubbing her ryes with Poppy, and doth prcft 
Thcycllow^-yWf, and blew GUdtohiuycc^ 
Wher-with herflecp-fwoln hcauy Jidsfhcglcws. 
Confufcdly about the filcnt Bed 
Fantaftick fwarms oC Dreams there hovered, 
Green, red, and yellow, tawny, black, and blew : 
Som facred, Com profane 5 Torn fallc. Com true; 
Som fhort, Com long 5 fom divclifh, Com divine ~ 
Som fad, fom glad * but monftrous all (in fine): 

They make no noyfe, but right rcfcmble may 
ThVnnumbred Moats which in the Sun do play, 
When (at fom Cranny) with his piercing cy 
He peepcth in, fom darker place to fpy. 

Thither th' Almighty (with a iuft intent 
To plague thofe tyrants pride) his Angel Cent. 
No fooncr cntrcd, but the radiant mine 
Of's gliftring wings, and ofhis glorious eyn, 

Thegawdy fwarm ofDresmsis put to flight: 
And opening wide the fable Canapey 

The wir H crald fiimmon'd Sleep awa diflodg'd at the firft word be fpakc : 
But deaf dead J/rtp could not fokon awake. 
Hee's cali'd a hundred times, and tugg'd and touz'c^ 
And by the Angel often rubb'd and rouz'd: 
At length he ftirs,andftrctching lazily 
His legs and arms, and opening halfc an ey, 
Fourc or fiue times he yawns ; and leaning-on 
His (Lob-like) elbowe, hears This Meflagedon. 

Great Spirits-rcftorcr, Cares-charm, Chacing-grief, 
Night-fhort ning Sire, Man's-Rcft, and Mind's Relief, 
Vp, vp (faid he) difpatch thee hence in pofte, 
And with thy Poppy drencli the conquering Hofte 
Of thofe prowd Kings, that (richly charg'd with Prey) 
OnC**u* Mountains lodge in dil-aray . 

Th' Angel, inth' inftant back to Heav'n-«rard gon, 
Sleep flowcly harncft his dull Bears anon • 
And, in a noyf-lcfs Coach all darkly di«ht, 
Takes with him Silence, Drovfwefs and ^bt t 
Th' ay r thickning where he goes, doth nod thch< • 
The Woolf in Woods lies down, t! in the Mead, 

Th'Orquevnder Water- and on >fDo\vn 

Menftrctch their limbs, and lay them foftly down. 

The V o ca T i o n. 


pc N,'ighting3!e > pearcht on the tender A>ring 
,fhveereft Haw-thorn, hangs her drowficwin 
l-j^Svvallow's filenr, and the loud eft UumLcr, ' 
I caning » ponthe Earth, now items to (lumber : 
Th' Veugn mooues no more, the Afp doth ceafcromake. 
p, ;CS bow their heads, feeming fom reft to rake. 

aon as Sleep's black wi; had over- fpread 
The Pagan Hoaft • the Souldicrs haftc to bed : 
I or , inftantly begin they all to wink, 
To hang their heads, and let rheir weapons fink : 
fhdr words half-ipoke, are loft between their lips, 
-, hall their veins Sleep's charming humor flip's, 
Which to a deep and death-like Lcthtrge brings 
Both Heathen Souldicrs, and their Heathen Kings. 
Ahrim perceiving now the Army necr, 
ftheirowne Fires ;gan thus his Troups to cheer : 
Souldiers (faid he) behold, this happy Night 
Shall makcamends for that diPaftrous Fight 
Was fought in S'tddim^ and acquittance cry, 
I :; or Sodom's lhame, and Lot's, captivity : 
1c thinks, already Victory (adorn'd jc 

With Bowes, and Jiladcs .d Casks, and Crowns) return 'd 
n th" E Tiny, on our fflfemphanr fpear 
h Tropheis far more rich then theirs : 
iMctlu! ksalrcady on our glittering Crcfts, 

Onrv tovertuelyesfbftnoothandpl in,' 
Withpain-lcfi Honour, and vn-wnt'red Gain. 
I oaftyou fee, is nor the valiant Troup 
' fbipt Gomorrh*, and made Segm ftoop j 
* h j f d**> Inde, a: id Euphrates admire • 

^1 ■ heard ofSwin^wallwin- in mire: 
^rd them as I hey are, not as thev v c : 

juttl.rirfloath do not their number fear: 

™ $' pis dead and l.cthat'sdead 

\\^T (llK V f - " What haue we then to dreads 
™JJ Is i already down rhej 

( ! r jhroats he naked uhhcirboibmsb , 

\nd r ,VCS c P rom "hcerar mmand 5 

rt 0rtun ^eals bur for your helping h \. 

I n > follow me ; rather, the I.ordof Hup 




Of^^^yrants/whothn Coafts 

An.. , c . Earth confoundeth fwir 


n f fro »p )Uov. ith one accord 

Wwfl'S^ undeth (wirh a thought) 

} ''')• powr, and brings mens plots to nourht : 

Thi T ri follow with one 



I( - ^M/p, luifl'W \\ mi unci 

T bisr C ' l>r ' r doftheL 

I a >'d j cft-l rrs T wot not what 

^* < *lVlni-krt,«> i i - f 

_ -lata grace, 

*ne beam rt edonl face: 







Abraham fr// 
ifon tbt idmp 
ef Chcdor- 



For as in March, the Serpent, having caft 

His oldc foul skin, crawls from his hole full faff, 

HiiTes,and (rings, and flares vs in theface 

And (cold-like) olii>cring,glidesalongthegrars : 

So Heav n infpires frdh vigour tfieach parr 

His blood renews, his heart doth rake new heart, 

A marriall fury in his breaft there boy Is, 

His ftaturc fecms much taller then ycr- whiles, 

Youth paints his cheeks with Rofe and Lilly Dies* 

\ lovely Lightning fparklcs io his eyes • 

So that his gallant Port and graceful! voyce 

Cor.nYms the fainted, makes the fad reioycc. 

Then, on the Camp he fcts, where round about 
Lie mingled Carts, and Horfc,and Men that rout : 
R'ft fcizcth all • and (wanting what it fed) 
The fire it felfe flept in his afhy bed. 

Th' Hebrews the-while laid-on on back, or brcft, 
Or arm, or fide, according as thcii Reft 
To th' ground had bound t hem ; and thofe liucs bereft: 
The which death's Image in an Image reft. 


1 ours-out at once his gore, his ghoft, and Wine j 
Th. rull Helm hops, and with a voyce confufed, 
Murmurs, as if it his fell Fate accufed. 
Another, taken by inchanting fleep, 
Mid Pots and Cups, and Flagons, quaffing deep, 
Doth at a wound, given in his rattlinggorge, 
The Wine again in his owne Cupdif-gorgc. 
Another, while ingenioufly he plays 
Vpon his Lute fbm pafung-pleafing Lays, 
Sleep fieles his eyes vpwith a gloomy clowd • 
And yet his hand ftill quavers light and lowd : 
But, at the laft it finks • and, ofTring fair 
To ftrikc the Bafc, ftrikes but the empty ay r : 
His foule, defcendingtoth' Infernal I Coafts, 
Goes to conclude his Song vnto the Ghofts : 
Dolcfull it was, not for the Argument 
(For'r was of Lout) but for the fad event. 
Another, wak'ned with thofe lowd alarms, 
Starrs- and groapcth round about for arms 5 
Which, ah too foon he 6ndcth,forhis part : 
For a keen poignard ftabs him to the heart. 
Like as a Tigrcfs, having with the gore 

Is and Heifers made her lj>ots the more, 
And pav'd a Plain with Creatures mat 1 Urns, 
Views on each fide her valiant ftrata; is, 

1 Treads on rhcvanquifht,and is prowdly-fad, 
IT hat no more Focs,nor no more M? had : 






-^ftbre~w diking round-about the flam, 
S° rn , l)UC it boots not) and would very lain 
t? *' diofc dcaci bodies might their ghofts re-gather, 
^ at thofe Mountains would produce him (rather) 
? ! l oes more wakeful 1, that more manfully 
^ood-drown'd Valleismiyht his valour try. 

Amor's three fons did no lefs (laughter make • 
i Armfat zealc, they but for Furies fake : 
Thb luylsaSouldicrwith hisiword to th' ground ^ 
That'at a blowc, th' heads of two Heads dif-crowo'd. 
Thislvnd ,catn a Chariotkils the driver : 
Tk| Jops off legs and aims, and heads doth ill ivcr. 

The Tents already all in blood do fwim, 
(juihing from fundry Corps, from 1 rail lim. 
1 In brief, lb many ravening Woolucs they feem, 
Within whole breaft, fierce Famine biteth keen, 
Who foftly ftealing to fom fold of ftieep 
vVhile both the Shepheard and his Curr doth fleep) 

bufh their hungry teeth, tear, kill, and prey 
Ypon the be ft, to eat and bear-away. 

Vcc, at the length, the vanquished awake, 
And (re-aray'd) the Victors vnder-take j 
utting the three prowd Amorites y to flight, 
Who but for Abrm, liad bin routed quite. 

Sleep, fleep (poor Pdgom) iith you needs muft die, 

'0 ilccp again, and fo diceafily, 

eryou think on death, and in your Dreams 
Gafp out yourfoulcs • Let not your dazled beams 

■d the havock and the horror too 
'Oft'V Execution, that ourfwordsihall doo, 
Hackingyour bodies to heaw-out your breaths, 
J^Death, to fright you witha thouiand deaths, 
\v y i ^ dm: and pointing every word 

^een point of his quick-whirled fword 
*«wft in doing, asin faying fo) 
^ refi crcdycharj cth theinfultingFoe, 
i i ian ever ftorni-fnll cloud, which fed with Water's 
" lr mioia.(iill fumes CthcfnowieMountaif lighters) 

OnfT 1 j hca P s of"hail-fliot, or pour d floods of rain, 

, m ' n ^i ftcms of tl icv\ ;1 der Grain: 

Thm Ug i? bJood ' and blades, through danger,duft and death, 
: ' '"angled Coi } nd carrt he travcrilch - y 

»icK i y in ri< ,,)0ck > P arr with thc blowCs > 
Andb r ,,iutm ^hthickcftofhisl\>cs, 

Ueliv travail topfl-turneth then 

sbr-7' '* and half-dead hoi fe and men 

^orKif k 6 " ' ;l(hm ncvcr t,ir cats, buthirs • 
1 s > hut hurts • nor hurts, but that it iplits 




E HI Era -•C I % 

I - I 


— m 




■ **] 



Som priuy poftern, whence ro Hell Cm Port) 
Som groaning Pagan may gafp out his ghoft : 


Abraham ft/- 
Wi she exec*, 

He all aflavls, and him io brave beftowes, 

Thar in his Fight he deals more deaths than blowrs. 

As the North-winde* rc-clccring-vp the front 
Of dowdy Heav'ns, towards the South doth hunt 
The Ih outs that Auflers fpungie thirft exhales 
Our ofrhofc feas thar circle Onvts wals : 
So where-fo-e're our Hebrew Champion wield 
His war-like weapon and his glihVing Shield 
(Whole glorious fplendor darts a dreadful] light) 
All turn their backs, and all be-take to flight : 
Forgetring Fame, Shame, Vcrtuc, Hope, and all, 
Their hearts are don, and down their weapons fall ; 
Or, if chat any bcioftrangcly-ftouc 
As not to fain:, but bravery yet hould out, 
•Alas ! it boots not, for it cannot flop 
The vi&oiy,but hate his ownemilriap. 

But in i ence-fchoole, of what mailer, fay, 

Brave pearl of SouldicrSjleamd thy hands to play 

o at io fundry weapons, fuch pailados, 
Such thr ufts,fLch foyns, hVamazos, and Ttoccados e 
Even of thar mighty God, whofc facrcd might 
Made Heav'n and Earth (and them lo brauc bedHit) 
Ofmeerly nothing : of that God of Powr 
Who fworc ro be thy Target and t hy To; 
Ot that high God, who fc 
Who teacheth his, even ft y bowes to break. 
Who doth his Children ealous hearts inflame ■ 
But daunts the prowd, and doth their courage tame. 
Thy (word abates th' armed, I ftronjj, the Aou: : 
Tho*. clcav»ft,thou'ft : The faint dif-arnicd rout, 
The lightning oJ thine eyes, thy voyecs thunder, 
And thy fern dreadful! port confounds with wondci 
Death and Defpair, Horror and Fuiy fo»ht 
Vnder thine Enilgnes in rhcdifmallNioh 

Thuuilaycft this, and thar thou threar'ftr uch : 
Tim thou puriu'ft, that thou difdai^n'xT to touch : 

N „ " an . d wlc, arm'd and vnarmed ones. 

InST Wffl ^nd f«vw in a twinkling trice) 
Wn lUv f s n a P a ^headdo:lii]yce: b 
Down on each .moulder looketh cither half 
TogazcvponhUgaftly^^ aUKI ,al '' 

«S2Safe! ■ * 


r^throuqhand tin ough thy deadly fliafr doth thrill 
T^ntsbulli i the woui d hulk doth reel : 
rhchcad behinde appears : before, the feathers : 
A d th' Hthnick foulc Hies both-waics out togcthcrs : 
u" c r thou do'ft cleaue, with thy keen Fauchins forcc^ 
The Hards and BreaiVplatc of a furious Horfe, 
Ko fooncr hurt, but he rccoylcth back, 
Writing hisFortune in a bloody track j 
Thy Harbcd dart, heer at a Cbaldee flics, 
y\nd in an inftant lardcth both his thighes, 
While he (blafphcming his hard ftars and ftatc) 
Hops (like a Pic) in Head of wonted gate. 

Now Lot (the while) cfcap 't from E i a m s hands, 
Free from the burthen of his yron bands ; 
With iuft revenge retorts his taken wrong, 
His feetgrowe fwifr, his finnews waxen ftrong, 
His heart reviucs • and his revived heart 
Supplies new foil its to all and every part. 
And as a wilde and wanton Coir, got out 
OrTom great Stable, flaring feuds about, 
Shakes his proud head and creft,ycrks out his heels, 
Butts at the ayr, beats on the humble fields, 
His flying fhadow now puf fues amain, 
Anon (ama/.'d) flics it as faft again, 
Again beholds it with ielf-proud delight, 
Looks on his legs, fees his ItirTrayl vprighr, 
And neighs fb loud to Marcs beyond the Mound, 
That with thenoyfe the neighbour hils rcfound : 
So, one while Lot fets on aTroup of Horfe, 
A Band of Sling-men he anon duth force, 
j Anon he pulheth througli a Stand of Pikes, 
A Wing of Archers offanon he (hikes. 
Anon he (talks about a fteepfull Rock, 
^'hcrciom,to (liun Deaths (never munncd) ftroak, 
|ad clambrcd-vp ; at length a path he fpics, 
_ hcrcvp he mounts, and doth their Mount furprife : 
T| lcncc i ftones he heaves, lb Iicauy and Co I , 
natinour Age, three men could hardly bouge 5 
«r whofe waight his flying Foes he dailies : 
£ nd 'n their fl c fli,bon ftones, andftctl he paflics ■ 


Lot refctteJs 
Wngeth hrAHt 
bis fdpnmty. 



C!' r ' 

^mtimcs he floors, fomtir hakes a Pike, 

Sn n,ch ^cath to many, dread to all doth frrikc. 
s ^ m the breaft he wounds, fom in the backs, 

, ni °nthehanch,fom on the head he hacks, 
A l, Ws down all , and makcth where he flood 

A , Unt of bodies in a Moat of blood. 

The k 8 * thc **&*»* whollv left the place. 
cn °oth fides ran ; tiufc chafed, thole do duCc 



- ■ | 
I I 





naan » .-i 
Abraham -txi 

ini tmfMj with 

thru Umtgt 



The Vocation. 

T. ; icrconlyvrcthcirhcclsitho r chcclsandhand"s: 
Thofe wifli but a fair way ; i heic that tlic /ands 
Wouldq uicldygape,and Avail -• qi|ickt?Hd! 
Thcmfelucsthat fled, and them that chaf (o HI : 
Thcfc rcr r nought but blovvcs- thofc no c Mood 

Both /ides have b ik theo* B anks : pel i Itto yicud ; 

Choafct-vp with duft, dti Icro 

Neither, Command Threat,! [ in< "J. 

Thou that (late) bragdfr,that \Vr,::eU*/Wjbraue 
Could dry-foot run vpon the 1 ; d \ /flue, 
And on the 6od leaving no prim behinde 
Out-fwiftcd Arrows, and ou. -went the Wi;ide, 
\VithafrcclDart,by Ab r a h'm Hifly r, 
Art 'twixt thy Cuiraccond thy Saddle (lent : 
And thou that thrice, ncer Tigris iilvcr fburce, 
Hadft won the Bell, as beft in every Courfc, 
Art caught by L o t, and (thrild from fide to fide) 
Loofeft thy fpeed-praifc, and thy life befidc. 

Itfecmsno Tight, but (rat her as befaJs) 
An execution of lad criminals : 
Who-fo cfcapes the (word, cfcapes not fo 
i lis fad dcftru&ion ; or, if any tho 
Efcap't at all, they were bur few Tar Icaft) * 
To rue the fa:3ll ruinc of the reft : 
Fo-th' Vncle and the Nephew never lin 

Till out ofcjnaa/fih- hauc chac't them clean : 
Like to a Caft of Falcons that purfue 

A flight ofPidgcons through the welkin blew ; 

Stooping at this and that, that totheir LoLvcr, 

(To faue their li ucs) they hardly can recover. 
At his rernm from ! hr, the Kings and Lords 

( )f Pdlfftiue^wkh glad and humble words, 

Do welcom Abrim, and refresh hisTroop • 

To 's knees their heads, to 's feet their knees they ftoop : 

O valiant Victor ! for thy high defcrts, 

Accept the homage of our humble hearts* 
Accept our grateftill zeal : or, if ought more 
(As well r hou may ft) thou doft expect thercfoie, 
Ace (faid they) our Lands, our goods urgoldCj 
Our wiues, our lines, and what we decrcft holdt 
Take all we haue . for all we hauc is thine : 
No wrong to vs,to take thy Valours Tine. 
Melc :-fedec, Gods/W Minister, 

22i K " 1 l?r Um " coms to 6 r cet him there, 
Elefling his bins, and thus al.iuscry 

Devoutly pcarc/t Hcav'ns ftarfull Canon 
UtH be the Lord, that with his hand dot iild 

t Orbs that turnabout the Pole* 


^T"jcs the Actions of all \ Iumanc-kindc 
Kg command ; and With one blaftof wif 

I ,^hcKocks,aiiJ rends theprotK cHils, 

v ( he Ocean, and thi mprynV: 

file K* i mt 6 ^ of § rcaC Abraham: 

r- Art to Age extolled he his Name : 

Place vnto him Altars build, 
\ v( iy Alt ar witK his J til I'd, 


| is loud or louder then the Angels ling ; 
lltfftjbc He that by an Arm-Ids crew 
if Ait-lcfi Shepheardsdid foquick fubdue 
And tame the Tamers of Grfat Sjm fo • 
^ , the feryants of an cxil'd I-oc 
Hath °iven the Riches and thcroyall ftore 
(Bothoftheir Booty and their O wnc before) 

I Offuch an llodft of Nations that rirft fee 
f/s early rifing horn Auroras knee. 

v jbrAbim i to prove that not for Prey, 

Heput-onarms„ divides the Spoyls away : 

The7>r/;A the Prtejls : the Reft of all the things 
(YcrfHofrin field) he renders to the Kings, 
Savebutthc Portion Hep r itcs 
1 oiK A*orites, his ftout Confederates : 
Shewing hi mfelfe a Prince as Politicke 

Prudent and mft, as ftoutand Souldier-Iikc, 

That with his Prowefs Policy can mcl, 
And Conquc: ing an vie his Conqucft well, 
•kgoanirnous in d ;cds, in words as meek, 
fcoming Riches, true Renown doth feek. 
the Sea, e i to th' EupljruteAti-jource, 
■fromD<w,to {ilmcxy ileomie, 
Hmgshis renown r Of him is all the fj ch, 

tnc,abroad 5 amongthe j k{ rich, 

ndpeace hcFamcol hiqhdeeds 
theFaithfulliritheii intingCrccds. 

nifiesthcl antlnhdels, 
T-k fhefid their proud Citad 

H^ththeirrronrs the feat oi 

-h their feet ?bu»sc\ 



d his praifc togcthc 

Abraham ii-. 

• urutesttx 

A mo- 
ntCS tlk$i Wrrt 

bit fitfJtrAXf 

Of nfAmcmtfdr 

aPropha an An 
{ ^ythatC swithhin icctofacc, 

^at his hoi »and to his happy Race 

^ nF «^^allthati I 1 

"^^'"tiicSca^ is7 ind. 

$°n ^byDrcamorVifioii, 






■ ^ -V, 






"ed to A- 


The Vocation. 

Speaks with him oft; and cals him thus byname- 
Faint nor my femnt, fear not Abraham^ 
Seek guileful! v thy fimplenefs to tup, 
Nor to intice thee ( vim a bacn-fcll breath) 
To bite (like A d a m) a new fruit of death t 
'Tis I, that brought thee from thy Natiuc V k, 
From' night to day, from death to life (thus far) 
I brought thee hither, I haue bleft thee heer, 
I with thy flocks haue covered far and nccv 
drum's rat Hils $ I haue \ 1 1 ferv'd thy Wi fe 
From Grangers lu(r,r.nd thee from Tyrants knife, 
When thy faint hcarr,and thy fa lie tongue, affray *4 
To tell the Truth, her and thy felfe be ray'd ; 
Tis I, that haue fo oft from He I powr 
Preferv'd thy perfon • and (as Conqu-rour) 
Now made thee Triumph overth' Ljftern Kings 
(Whereof fo far thy famous Valour rings) : 
I arn (in bricfe) 1 am the Lo d thy God, 
Thy help at home, thy Guide and Guard abroad. 
Kc hou my Covenant nd (to ftgnifie, 
Thar to t!i eWorld thoudy'u\toliuctoMee) 
Go Circumafe forth-with t hy Sclfe and Thin c. 
Lead holy Life, walkc in my Wayes divine 

' t-fbot : fo /hall my favour hant 
nd thec, and thou (hair nothing want : 
No, I will make tli ce Lot d of all the Land 
Which Cantons Children haue with mighty hand 
So long poflcft ; a happy Land that flowes 
With milk d hony : a rich Land where growes 
(Even of it fclfc) all kinde of Fruit and Com, 
Where /hilling Hcav'ns pour-down their Plenties-hom 
VI heap thecthere with Honour, Wealth, and Powr, 

I will bcthy Rcward,thy Shield, and Towr. 

O Lord ((aid Abra m) though into my lap 
In (hown of Gold c\'n all the Hcav'ns would drop, 
What booted all, to methat am alone i 
Alas ! my Lord, I haue enough, for one 

ha:h no ifllie after to inherit. 
But my good fcrvantE lbaziij merit. 

Not fo, my Son (replies rh' Omnipoicnt) 
Miftake not To my bountifull intern ; 

II not difparagc to a Servants Fee 
The rich cftatc,androyall Digni-y 
That in my People (hall hcrca I (mine Am M ) even a ftock of thine, 

I uneowndcerNephcws,eventhyprop ( ced 
•Mull be tlunc Heirs, and in thy flate fucceed. 


Mil I 

I [ncown Son's immortal-mortall Race 
111 c in gage the treadbes 
triarch, then rapt with 

y wand ring Boy 

Idc in gage thctrcafurcsofmy Grace. 
rhePatriarch, then rajw with fudden Ioy, 

, , n f\vcrthus: Lives then mvwandrinp 


M A E L 

alive < 


.. n c\vs ! (Lord let him ever thrive) 

A d'Sa" !;is Scc<J ^ ucccccl *"° cmmcn t t 

[ ih » let me die then : then I die content. 

j A b l indeed doth live (the Lord replies; 
And lives, to father mighty Progenies : 
for, from the Day when firfr his Mother (flying 
Thy iealous Sara's curft and thrcatfull crying) 
Tothedry Defarts Candy horror hy'd, 
I have tor both been cat efull to provide ; 
fhcii ream Thirlt due-timely to refrefli, 
Cond mg them vnto a Fountain frefh, 
Inliquid Cryftall of whofe Mayden fpowt 
j r( j n c\ dipt her bill, nor Bcaft his fnowt. 
J if 1 err nor (but, I cannot err : 
r,what is hid from Hearts-Artificer? 
hat can the fight of the Sight-maker dim)? 
\nother Exile yet attendeth iiim, 
VVher-in hefliall (in fcafon) feci and finde, 
How much to him I will be good and kinde. 

»rowe G rear, yetAgll his reft be imall ; 
All (ball male war on him, and FTe on all : 
Tl Coidets, Rivers, lacks, and Shirts of Mail, 
(ball thrill tiie Foes that him aflail : 
Hart's heart he (hall (even running) hit : 
head he (hall (even flying) fplit : 
And in the a; hall make the Swallow ccafe 

™/ v ct nore, and dicing nirablcm is. 

1 Yea (0 Sain^-F-irftling) oncly for thy fake, 
^•fluemighty Princes will I fliortly make 
*P ,,n g from his Loi*ns,whofc fruitfull feed /hall fway 
cvtnvnto Sur from golden UtviU. 
y ' ( s 'is nor He, with whom I mean to knit 
j ::ic 'n\vard Covenant - y th' outward fealof it 

[•l A * L nia V bear, but not the eflicace 
n V Son, but after flc(h,notaf Grace). 

jJ/JdcclarethatvndcrHi ns unc, 

| n Q dc ^ughr dcerer then minc£ ■ eaham, 

Pro A s diy and barren womb, 

T '" u ice thine Is a a c (Earths delight) iliallcom, 

,d f nc World j a Son that fliall (like thee) 
Comft p *»' and prophet FamUy. 

Tj lc , . r ° m f hv Tent, eom forth and hcercontemple 
5 0l <len Wonders of my TJironcand Temple, 









*- I 





I- i 




0/ hklipt faB 
time (brtft she 

gib the suit- 
tmjtdnotv % 


The Vocation. 

Number the Stars, meafurc their bignels bright, 
With fixed ey gaze on their twinkling tight, 
Exactly mark their ordered Courfcs, driven 
In radiant Coaches through the Lifts of Heav'n : 
Then may 'ft thou alio number thine own Seed, 
And comprehend their Faith, and plainly readc 
Their noblearts,and of their Publike-State 
Draw an lde* in thine own conceit. 

This, This is He, toand with whom I grant 
Th' cternall Charter of my Covenant. 
Wnfch if he truly keep, vpon his Race 
VI pouran Ocean of my plcntious Grace : 
IlnotaJoregiue him the Fields heer fecn, 
But even from Jndut all char flowreth green 
To th' vtmoft Ocean 's vtmoft fand and lhclfe • 
I'l giue him Heav'n, II giuc him even my Scire. 

Hence, hence, xheHiJi tndmghtj.Prtme{[\d\\^xii\^ y 
Sin's, Death's, and Hell's cternall taming King, 
Thcfacrcd Founder of Man's fovcraign Blifs, 
World's peace, world's ranfom, and World's righteouii 

Th' Etcmall fcem'd then towards Heav'n to hie, 
Th' oldc-man to follow him with a greedy eye. 
The fudden d\ ^-appearing of the Lord, 
Scem'd likcto Powder fired on a boord, 
When lmokingly it mounts in fudden fla/h, 
With little flame, giving a little claih. 

Plenty and Pleafcrchado'r-whclm'dthe while 
Sodom and Gomor in all Vices vile : 

Sothar,alrcady the moft ruth-lcfs Rape 
Oftender Virgins of the rarcfr lliapc, 
Th' Adulterous kifs (which Wedlocks bands vnbindes) 
Th' Inccftuous Bed, confounding Kindreds kindes 
(Where Father wooes the Daughter, Sifter Brother, 
Th' Vnclc the Niece, and even the Son the Mother) 
They did not hate, nor (as they ought) abhor 3 
But rather fcom'd, as fports they car\l not for.' 

Forbear (deer Younglings) pray a-while forbear, 
Stand farther f om mr, or dfe ftop your car, 
A* th' obfcccnc found of th' vnbefeeming words 
Which to my KMuft thisodious place affords : 

"Mt its horror cannot drive you hence, 
MeannPtlKirSin.pray hearthci. Puniftmcnts. 

Thefe beaftly Men (ra-her thefe man-like Kcafts) 
Could not be rll 'dwith V * N v s vulgar Feafts t 

Fair Nature could not furnifhrheir] ire- 
Som monftrous mefs thefe Monftcrs did require : 
An execrable flame inflam'd their harts, 
Prodigioufly they play 'd the Womcns parts : 


* file hunted Male i and a:red, openly, 
fljeir furious Lufts in fruitless Vcnery. 

Therefore, to purge Vice is fo pcftilcnr, 
«j\ v o hcav'nly Scowts the Lord to Sodomfcnt j 
\Vhom (deeming Mortals) Lot importunatcs ' 
To rake his Lod-ing and to taitc his Catcs. 

,r, Angels, being mecr Intelligences, 
Hauc (properly) no Bodies nor no fenfes: 
But (facrcd Lcgats of the Holy-One) 
fo neat with vs, they put our Nature on ." 

ThcC'iarge tlicy have, which runs, and fceds.and flics- 
D ing their Commiffion- and, that paft, 

i irnst' Elements whence firft it was amaflt. 
A ii.Tiple Spirit (the glittering Childc of light) 

ito a bodic doth not fo vnitc, 
As to the Matter Form incorporates : 
j ^rafcafon it accomodates, 

, Tool the quaint Artificer, 
That ar his pleafuremakes the fame to ftir) 
Yet infuch fort that th'inftrumcnr (we fee) 
Holdes much of him that moves it actively. 

But alwaies in fom place are Angels r though 
Noras all filling ( God alone is fo, 
The fpirit which all gooTT foimsin fpirit adore, 
hi all, on all, with-out all, evermore) : 
N'oras inviron'd (That alone agrees 
I <> bodies bounded with extrearnities 
Of the next fubftance . and whofc fupcrficc 

"to their place proportionable is) : 

, as fole felfly limited, 

■yn'd to place, yet floras quantiti'd- 
.;■"") Ik .-touch of their line erficacc, 
>- 0n ' a ' g Bodies which they feecm t* embrace : 

ythofe bodies move, and oft 
. dof Mouth bring arrands from aloft, 
nacat with vs . bur, not for fuftenrat 

' * naturally, but by meerdif P ( m. 

Such WCTC thc facred GucAs ofthis " ood Princc : 

curtcous Abraham feaftcd fn h Tents, 
w fleeing three, hedidad but one, 

1C ^comniing down from the cclcftiall Throne, 

frkl? i t,lc fad and Sudden Tra-cdy, 
y fc i°^c Cities, for their Lirxury. 

A JSr™ your Purfc do n,ur > and do01 * do bar 

,', h ^c)lde,faint,hungry PafTen^er, 

Ij b ut „ c , nk that aU ol,r 1,fcand Age 
tan Exile and a I ;i image: 


X. .Angels fent 
4o*n,r ltd 

** af 



% ■ 







■ ■ 

7l* £ ^ 

mcdmt t 
betxt) oj the 
Jngls, tr. 
t£4mil Lot; 




And that in earth whofoharhn en 

1 larbourto Strangers, mall have noiu Heaven, 
Where folcmn T^ffidlsofthc Umb arc held ; 
Where Angels bright and SouJcs that h tceld, 
All clad in white, fingrh' Ef, Umie, 
CarowiingA^^ofEtcniiti . 

Sans HoffiulHy^ Pilgrim poor 
For Bed-fellow might hauea Woolfoi Boar : 

What e'r is given t lie Strange and N one, 

Is not a aift (indeed) but 't is a Loan, 
A Loan "to God, who pa s with intcrcft • 
And (even in this life) guerdons even the leafh 
For, alms (liJcelcvain) make our goods • r> rife, 
And God his owne with blcflings pi 
O Hofts, what knowc you, wh harkable) 

When you fuppofc to feaft men at yout 1 able, 
You gucft Gods Angels in , 

(Hcav'n-Cirizens) as this good Hebrew did i 

Who fupped them : and when thctime grew n r 
To go to bed, he heard amid the R 
A wrangling iangling, and a mi. ide, 

Wliich great, grew greater through N T i 

Tor, thofc that firftth rig rsfu; y'< 

Wilde Sralion-like, after their beauties naigh'd ; 
But, feeing them by the chafteS tranj 
Shamc-Icfsandl c-lcfsvpanddc iv'd, 

FromHoufe to Ho knocking at every dore, 
Andbeaflly-brutc^huSjthusth rail and rorc* 

Brethren, (hall we endure thi •, 

This Stranger L < our plcafurcs to deprive i 
O Cowarcfifc ! to fuffcrin our fights 
An exile heer t' vfurp our choife delights, 
T embrace a brace of Youths fo beaut io us 
(Rather two Gods corn-down from Heaven to vs) i 
Shall it be faid that fuch an oldc eolde flock 
Such rarcyong Minions in his bed fhould mock : 
While wretched wc, vnto our fclves make rnonc, 
And (Widow-like earoutovrfheetsah i 
Let's rather bi k his doors, and make him know. 
Such dainty morfcls hang not f o.l 

Even as at Rathe, down from the net \hbour hi 
After a Snowe, tf* meltm* Cri flail trils 
into the A von (when iheVyx n Ought 
Strips thofejleep Mountains of i r fans Co white) 
Through hundred Meis gufiing Brooks andlorrerits, 
Strivmgfor fwiftnefs in therrfundry Currents, 
Cutting deep Chanels where they chance to run 
And never reH till all do meet in one . 





^t ]Cir cry, from every comer throng 

S *oL ° T s h0ll<C ' Mcn ' Cmldrcn > oI(ic > ^^ yong. 
J; common was this execrable Cm : 

!, h blcar-cy'd Age, as nufled long therein; 
\-,!h Youth, duough rage ofluftj with Infancy, 
Example-la* : all through Impunity. 
Vl a thus, they all cry out • Ope, ope the dorc, 
. n open quickly, and delay no more : 
£et-forth that lovely Payr, that they may prove 
- h vs ( he pleaiuics of Male-mingled love. 

I o t lowely then replies : Brahrenand friends, 
i lithe names that amity commends, 

Natures Rules, and Rights of Hofpitality, 
icrcd Laws, and leflbns of Morality, 

all rdjbefls of our com liurgerfhip 
Which ihould our mindesin mutuall kindnefs keep) 
Jdoadiurcyou all, that you refrain 
The honour of my harm-Ids guefrs to ftain, 
Nor in your hearts to harbour fuch a thought 
Whereby their Vert ucs may be wrongd in ought. 

Bafebufie Stranger, com'ft thou hither, thus 
(Controller-like) to prate and preach to Vs c 
So (Puritan) thou flialt not liecr do lb ; 
Therefore difparch and let thy darlings g« i 
Let-forth that lovely Pays, that they may prove 
us the plcafurcs ofMalc-rnindcdlovc. 

The horror of this fin, their fhibbo 
His acred promifc given liis G ucfb for gage, 
rh'oldc Hebrews minde fo trouble and diimay, 
Thar well he wots not what to do nor fay . 
K though we ought not (if Gods Word be true) 
"° an y « ill that good may ejifuc : 
,oih un one ill, another ill Ir 
j ;th iard of Wolues : and thus he ci , 

. 'th that, the tears ran-down In 

( > daughters that be \ ,b< 

J^WJcm to you (yet alas full loth; 

? the Hi i uhurJir Offlsdue 

h to think it) urlcri >u 

Asm ftcGui vitliJ illany 

AS j » Fire from Hcav'ni ; 

that the Nai 
iujl' 1 or * yea even to think vpon. 

id co ** ar ' utccc * W1C 'anted loves, 

mm °n Pka' -light our pleafui .cs : 

;;' uri1 rfits(tj tbnolaw'sconformi! 

in< *«n leafurc,l>utth( niry, 

G S : 

2Z 9 

1*01 fptskf tl& 

f**r t Crm:rtdtf 
tfxm ternt/Hj 

for ff*/4/ojof 

t mfolmt 

& r offers thorn 
hit own ddufk- 
ttrs to reftmt 

i'TJ^ *•<** 4*4 ■ < 9 





the ■' «/>• 

u f.:defiru- 
Bttnjhe Anglt 
hrtn^ Lot />»i 

♦*: e t. 


Which fools abhor : and, faying fo they ruh\ 
Som vpon L o t, fom at his gates do pufh. 

O curfed City ! whercthe aged Sue, 
Vn-ablc thus to doc, doth thus ddirc; ■ ' -' ■ 
And Younglings, yet fcarce weaned from their N urfc, 

Strive with their Eiders whether ffiali be wqrfc* 

nil is the mcafurc of thy monftrous fin : 
Thv Canker nowo'r all thy bulk hath bin. 
God hares all fin: but, cxtrcam Impudence 

Is even a greater fin than the Offence : 
The fwcet kinde KiflTes of chafte Man and Wife 
Although they fcem by God and Nature (rife) 
Rather commanded then allow'd, and grac't 

In their fwcet fruits (their iffuc choicely -chaflc) 
With Law's large priviledge 5 yet evermore 
(As Modcftie aid Honeftic implore) 
Ought to be private, and (as things forbidden 
Vnto the fight) with Night's black curten hidden. 

Yet, thefc foul Monitors, in the open fhect 
Where altogether all the Town might fee't, 
Molt impudent, da re perpetrate a fin 
Which Hell it fdfc before had never Cccn- t 
A fin fo odious, that the fame of it 
Will fright the damned in the daikfom Pit. 

But now, the Angels, their celeftiall kinde 
Vn-ablc longer to conceal, (hookblinde 
Thofc beaftly Letch , and wight fafe away 
Lot and his houfhold by the break of day. 
But. O prodigious ! never rofc th un 
M ore bcautifulL, nor brighter fhin'd-vpon, 
All other places (for he rofc betimes 
To fecfuch Execution on fuch Crimes): 
And yet, it lowrs, it lightens, and it thunders, 
It rorcs, it rains (O moirvnwontcd wonders !) 
Vpon this Land, which gainft th' O mnipotent 
Had warr'd fo long with fins fo infolcnt : 
And 'gainft the pride of thofe detcitcd livers, 
Heav'nfecms to empty all his wrathful] Quivers. 
From ^/w<v», even all the Juries hie, 
And all their Monfters them accompany, 
With all their tortures and their difmall terrors, 
And all their Chios of confufed 1 lorrors ; 
All on thethc guilty (Vand of /**£** ftorrn, 
And with their Tire-brands all to Sodom I i m, 
As thick as Crowes in hungry fhoals do 
On iiew-fowcn lands . where ftalkinp bold vpright, 
As black as let they iet about, and i \ 
On Wheat, or Rye, or other kinde of feed • 


33 1 

• f loud, that hardly can the Steer 
rte whittling Goad-man's guiding language hear. 
Irrain'd i"" cc<J » but ' not fuch fcrtilc ram 

I a lakes the Corn in Sommer fprout amain 5 
• And all things rtefhed with a pleafant ayr, 

To thrive, and prove more lively, ftrongand fair: 

Rutin this fink of Sin, this tanking Hell, 

A rain of Salt, or Fire and Jinmiton, idl 
.; t did confumc the pleafant fruitfulnels, 
, lC h K iv'd for fewcll to their Wantonnefs .- 

1 irepunifhed their beaftly Fire within : 

And Brimftone's ftink the flench of their foul Sin. 

S0) as their Sin was lingular (of right) 

Their Punifhmcnt was alfoexqui/itc: 

Hcci , open Flames, and there yet hidden Fires 

Bum all to aflics, (paring neither Spires 

Of Brick nor Stone, nor Columns, Gates, nor Arches, 

Nor Bowrs, nor Towrs,nor even their neighbour-Marches. 
In vain tlie-while the People weep and cry, 

To fee their wrack and know no remedy : 
or, now the Flame in richeir Roofs begun, 
i om molten gutters fcalding Lead d 1 run. 

The Slats and Tyles about ti rears do iplir, 

The binning Rafters Pitch and Rofin fpet : 

The whirling Fire rc-motinteth to theSkie, 

About the fields ten rhoufand fparks do flie 5 

Half-burned houfes fall with hideous fray, 

AndV? i c a n makes Mid-night as bright as Day : 

Heaven flings down nought but flafiiing Thundcr-fliot, 

Th Air'safl t-fire, Earth's exhalations hot 

Arc fpewing Etna's that to Heaven afpii e s 

AlJth'ElcinerusCin bricfe) arc turn 'd to fire. 
Hccr,onc- p .rcciving the next Chamber burning, 

With hidden leap towards the window turning, 

ijjetociy F,rc: but inftantly the fmokc 
, 2 m «ame with-out, his with-'in Voycc do choke, 
£ n ^>crfooncr feels then fees the Fire. 

awhile (O horror.') in the ftinkingmire 
}{ . hls foul Fufihclics Lightninj 
I T , I 1 a k n u dh, 5 Loveat-once to dufi th dam : 
phoned Bed is burn- ind they, afwell 
X 'Plague as Sin, ar, nt to Hell. 

The m/oour of 
their purujhwet 
py fire cr briny 
(tone fnmlliA. 
men t ey- the rcs,- 
put thereof. 

Ttvfdme mo(l 

tops of Hon! -vis: 

At£u r ni i'S and down at laft he fals. 
Thin?' in 6 al1 his doathes a-firc, 
I.canc ' S r , c J ucnch thcnl ye* ir 1]lollId com nighcr. 
ToG al 'i lkc:b ^ all the Lake began 









The Vocation. 

Orlikca Chaldron thattop-ful of Oyl, 
Environ'd round with fume and flame doth boyl, 
To boyl to death lorn cunning countci fait 
That with falfcftamp fom Princes Coyn hath bear. 
Another, feeing the Citic all in Cinders, 
Himfdfcforfaferytothc fields hcrendi : 

But flakes of fire, trom H< n diftilling thick, 
Th rh'horrorofathoufand Deaths do ttrikc. 

Thro: iJtUmab's and Gomor's goodly Plai , 
Sedomand Sehimnoi a foule remains : 
Horfc, Sheep, and Oxen, Cows and Kids partake 
In this revenge, for their vile Matters fake. 

Thus hath the hand of the Omnipotent 
Inroll'd the Deed of their drad Punilliment, 
With Diamantin Pen, on Plates of Bi , 
Withfuchan Ink as nothing can deface : 
The moultcn Marble i died Hils, 

Affhihu Lake, and thefe poor mock-fruit fields 
K eep the Record-^ and cry th- ghe> /Age, 
How God dcteftcth fuch detcftcd rage. 

O chattifement moft dradly-wondci full ! 
Th' Hcav'n-cindrcd Cities a broad landing Pool 

ves (yet flowes nor) whofe infectious breath 
Corrupts the Ayr, and Earrh dii-fcrtilcth : 
. Lake, whofe back, whofe belly, a, ofe 

Kor i-k, nor Fifli, nor 1 /l hat » 

The plcaiant Soyl that dr 

hcplcnti( beauties of the' p, 

Now fcarr'd, and collov ith h :e and head 

Covcr'd with attic sail dry 'dam l 5 

Voyd of all force, vitally or vegctivc ; 

^ >n whofe breft nothing can li- or thrives 
For, nought it bea an abortive fuit 

Of fecming -fair, falfc, vam,and famed fruit, 
\ fruit that feeds the c\\ and filstl iand, 
Buttothcttomach ftcc 

For, even 1 ittouch the tender li 

»r Ivorvtccth, in erupt noak it fli , 

i ine : onely the nofe r< 

A no 3 that (behinde) it leaves. 

} u Hui uvcnt'rous Trau. ;, 

Jhat a' Hon fthcfccuj 1 (hoars, 

Andtaftctl hdeftinkingftna 


/u... fen 

And touch th .unfi fc withered ft. 

And alfoyou that hus 

■ 1 9 muL 

Inth fad \ fbpc ay'dh< by 
) tremble all, ana with >ur] 
oft] r another Sea • and that y hairs 






vj^vpright on your affrighted head 

:: ', !n \n your 1 foi and, in y< mall dread, 

T> think, y ou hcalllkc 'WW ^toimstottrike 
A ourn' Monttcrsroi Offences like. 

for,rlicAlmig csdradall-dantingarm 
N y Ih ikes fuch as v. i Sodom fwarni 

hchcfe foul Sins ■ but fuc isflghorpity 
sJtmsdcRxv ion,orfoda aCitic, 
ind cannot confl itluhyc sobferve 

is judgements iufl i fuch ; uch defer ve. 
L oT stoSso or :but his wife behinde 
gcdin body, but much morcinmindc: 
ps and wails (O lamentable terror .' 
npious Piety ! O kinde-cruell error !) 
' r: dhoti of theimoking Cities, 
H:r S : Law (which mould haue been) flic pities, 

icliei goods, and mc laments 
Tolole \:cr lewcis and habillirnents : 

>mrary to Jf Angels Words prccifc) • 

T rdstbe Town /he turns her wofull eyes, 

B nrtantIy,tu!n'dtoawhicclyftonc, 
Her i, alas 1 ) fail to theg . . id begrownc. 
The more flicftirs, lhc tticks thdHBSB: 
illy Bird cauj in a fubrill gin, 
by fom ShephcarcTneef rheCopfcs fide, 
rhemorc it /buggies is the fatter ty'd. 
I) as the venom of an eating Canker 

flelh to (km runs everyday the ranker, 
• dn rctts, vntill from foot to head 

w dicBody his fell poyfonfpread: 

ce creeps-vp, and ccafeth not to iium, 
"the marrow hard as bones becom, 
bclikethefcull,andbl {convert 
^Ahbhfcroi rypart, 


Loti wife Mr. 



T doth ceafe to beat, and in the ay r 

u Pr , ld «no more can wave her fcartcre 

i bc "y'si;nl-.!] v ,butaQuar 

A ,/^ Rocks,and all her bowelsarc 


fji ch f r( nc in Divine things top 

. c ,ca '- v -t» -Id, vr.der nine Locks do 1 

and as mcweeps,her tears 

Wroul«n 1 ^ S >n her tlnnkling hairs 

hercoi, ' fpcak: bur ( forccd to conccaI ^ 

u "iroat her guilty words congeal - y 




H . 

■ » ■ 



" ' 

* ^ 

i BUfcl 



• . f- 





T I O N 


■ 1*0 




cr mouth yet open, and her aims a-crote, 
Though dumb, declare both why and how (he was 
T\wscMa*m*ph*M: tot, Hcavn did not change 
1 1 ;-r laftfad s. (hires in her fuddenC&ug*. 

No crorgcous Maufolc,grac't with nattering vcrfc, 
Etemizerh her Trunk, her Houfc,and Hcrfc ; 
But, to this Day ((Irangc will it fcem to fom) 
Oneand the fame is both the Corps and Tomb. 

Almighty Father .' Gracious God and Iuft J 

1 what hard hcartcdne/s, what brutiih Luft, 
Purfucth man, if thou but turn thy race, 
And take but from vs thy preven ring grace; 
And, if provoked for our part offences, 
Thougivcvsvpto our Concupifcences { 

O Htrrans Nieces, you (Lo t s daughters) faw 
Sod o conf umed in that Sulphiy ilaw : 
Their Hils and Forrcfts calcined (in fine) 
Their Iiberall fields fowen with a burning brine, 
Their (lately lioufcs like a coal-pit fmoaking, 
The 5 un it I with their thick vapours choking : 
So that within a yard for (linking fmother 
Th< labourers could hardly knowe each other j 
Their flo wring Valley to a Ten exchang'd : 
And your own Mother to a Salt-done chang' 
Yet all (alas 1 heie famous Monuments 

Of the iufl rigour of God's Punilhments 
Cannot deterr you : but even S*Um-likc 
Inccfti a holy-man you feelc 5 

>ur owne Father, whom with wine you fill 5 
Andtlienbyturnsinticchimto your will : 
Conceiving Co (O can he n fuffer it ! ) 
Even of that feed which did your felues beget : 

1 Within yourwombsyou bcarforninc months time 
iTh'vpbraiding burden of your fliamc-h Crir : 

I troubling Kindred's names and Naturcquighr, 
both becom,cven in one very N 
Wii to your Fathers, Sifters to your Sons c 
An< >toyour Brothers all at oucc ; 

All vnder colour, that thus living fole, 
Sequel dthusinanvnhantcdhole, 

nuy mould all A < M 's race have reft, 
And Lo T alone mould in the World be left. 
Had t not been better, never to have bred, 
Thant have conceived info foul a bed < 
Had 't not been better never t* have been Mothers, 
Than byy. Father, to have born your Brothers? 
lad tnot been better to thedeathtohate 

is t' have lov'd hirrv that you both Wate t 

The Vo oat i o n. 

HlI n lb much yours, that yours he moughc not be 
Sith otthefe Rocks God could immediatly 
Have rais'd L o t Son-in-lawcs ; or,itrikingbur 
fh' Earths (olid bofom with his brazen foot, 
Outofthcduft haucrearcd fudden fwarms 
Of People, (tiy'd in Peace, and (lout in Arms- 








the ii- iveeK, 

Th i Ar< mint. 

thefimew Fath e * of the Faithful!, heer 
Lmnduthehfe, mftrifeof\'^\:\\ *nd I car : 
tin Sonrisfweei nature, and his nurture fuch f 
Endeer hit 7 rial l with a neerer Touch : 
Kf.uoN 'skfl Rrafons are by F a i t ii refe!i'J i 
WttbG o d. th'A8c:?i'm t firtix A m heU^ 
Struma •mi*dxn> His command (aUhievJ) 
The Si; c'j *ppr*ied, and the Son repu-Sd. 
Hccr(ha<lMryfw^! to crd his Woi ks) 
Shouldhavccn eothcr P at r i a r c m $. 

TisaHc dahappvturn, 

Or godly Parents to be timely bom • 
To be b. ought- vpvnder the v t \\ eyn 

J-fcu fly, to be (even from the very fi ft\ 
W.ththepurcmilkoftrueR f 

Exee1d^K P R ad K M • buC,11 

r rt „/ ' w.p. mc > ant, cipatchisa»r- 

Anda. frygt(1 „ 

- H 




AT H E as. 

j^t his toward 1 )iligcncc out-went 
.[yhers hopes and Iy documents 
ric-vV- tho ; cliat ^r.m were 

<- bv d wife, well km mg what is meet; 

Though his dear Sorifo i hefcemtochide, 

L . can he his affection hide: 

rmorehisl betraying ey 
On s darling ^rtfglanccth tenderly : 

veaifidc's race fecms as liis Glafs it were, 
\-Jlfj4C UJie Is rnufick in his ear. 

Bui God, perceiving this deep- fettled Love, 
•r, rakes occafion ^ibrams Faith to prove ; 

hhim: butnotasdpththejDiveli 
tempt (or Man his Mate) to evill t 
;i draws vs to Deaths difmall Path ; 

B t i dircvh where Death no entry hath : 

Ay Satan aims our conftant Faith to foil ; 
:God doth teal it, never to recoil : 
ran I h ill ; God moves to grace : 

The Divell fecks i r Baprif me to defaee ; 

BuiGod,tomakeour burning Zeal to beam 

'Hi teray in his ItrufaMm. 

A Prince, that means efft :allp >f to make 
dans faith that hi >th r rake, 

s ftricrly, and with much a-doo, 

Is and Deeds neTe^w) re too 5 
without, within as well to fpy liim, 

tally by all mean ft and ti y him. 
tf ne'r feeks by Tn'all of Temptation 
id Mans heart and fecrct cogitation 
knowL, Man, and his ey doth fee 
of i iyi : h /conceived be) : 
Ml his 1 land holy drift, 
jh temptation hellis Saints doth fifr, 

^forpattern to his Churches feed 
l \ wdftft Faith, and n daunted Greed. 

'>outoffeafonGodcluthT y 

SuT onvc «ed Children, byand I 
sJ?!J c « would quick!) (hrin 

Th'.' 'ln'pswoul. Cmlc: 

y Fa «ns light! mid with every blaft 

J *? away, and trlaff: 


^ iftrousftroa wantafliieldi 

, Uv r / t thcii feeble ftrength would yield; 

lc " urS , that be hath fowen 

:ilcn , is rooted well and mowen : 

"^J they have a bi tiiick Iii ,t plate on, 

P^-proofagainfl ion : 

H h 











The Fathers. 

" iUim- Who now waxen ftrong 

SSrfB*«IA?tafa .wits; 

ft cmHbyehe Voice, h made all things 
Which fecprreth Shepheard , and vn >wnc Kings, 
; Givcmca now 3 Voice all divine i 

Wuhfacred fire inflame this br ne : 

Ah.'M ilhmc, make all this Vnivcrfc 
Admire thine ^Wpourtraid in 

Mine \jtk**> faid the Lord Abraham, 

Thy God : King, thy 1 ncc /<*/» : 

,H Stkm> and there quickJj ii 

I Thin >n 7/itf; on that facred i iill 

H iim in peeces, and 1 unit the fame 
I Lie lull 1 lame. 

Ash ( .full Bed, 

ccrnfomlj.ncy full of dread, 
down himfdf, and fearful] hides his face, 
" nd fci^ i breath in halr'an howcrs lpace : 

Abrahjm an hele/harp-ibunding words 
\ -nd him deeper than a thouland fvvords) 

5 ato ;h wonder, grief and fright, 

funk in Deaths etei 
l)^:h's3lhpalelmageinhiseycsd fwim, 
Ac Iccih'r hrough every lir 

1 lat on the ground himfelf he groveling throwes 
A hundred times his colour corrs and °ocs, 
I rom all his body a cold dcaw do h drop 
His fpeech doth fail, and every fenfe doth Hop. 
But, fclr-retunVd, two foundinc lobs he call 
Then two deep fighevhen thefcfacWdsa. h 
I C-rucU command, quoth H hatlmoLldk.ll 
mderlnfai nnoccnrofill : 

I joufly) mould murder 

line &X -thfuU Friend, nay (fa, 


imec dear [a u j ," u i HB 7 w 

l-lo . h l^«ve pafs 

y (further) 

*rri .1.1 / 



l 1 . nancxrcrablr 1 

Jood uec: 

The Fathers. 

, 7hc mine ferve, 't were tolerable lofs, 

• W , irt i c junt j nay,'t were a welcom crofs. 
' Tu oiver fruit: the bell of Mcc • 

C fruirJcfs, branch*!*, fip- Ids Tree, 
I How Trunk, which orrely ferVcs for (hies 
? rawlr Ivic's wcakarid winding fprajes. 

. withall (which 1 It 'its havelinkrtohiS) 

1 , ! ) moi e millions of Babes yet vn-borc, 
Than tliere be lands vpon the Lybian (hoar. 

q hou,mine Arm ; O ! cahftrhou, cruell Arm 

inifssts brcaft thy bloody weapon warm r 
A [ iS ; I could no: but even dy for grief, 
Should I but yield mine Ages fwecr relief 

comfort, andminccys delight) 
:otlie hands of Hang-mcns fpare-lcfs fpighr : 
Bat, that mine ov elf (O extreameft Rigour .' ) 
it my i formed, ihould,rny [elf, disfigure : 
: I (alas ! ) with bloody hand and knife, 
J rip his bofom, rend his hcaix and life : 
Ti >us Author ofa Precedent 

>ran 'sjlfhouldonceprefcnr, 

pon a facred Altar, an Oblation 
Sob 'irons (Obrutcabominatfbn. 1 ) 
Tliatllhould broil his flcfti,and in the flame 

hould his bowels cr.i mg-ftrthc fame j 
T >!tiMc to think, and helliih to 
Doo't he that liils,and that delights in blood : 

will, nor can becom Co wood, 
obeyin this s God, whom we rake to be 

ThctanallPj • of all verity- 
wconftant faith 5 will he 1 »i-lcfs now r 

>cf , and from! >mifebow.^ 
:llhc -(alas I ) vndoo what he hath don, 

** he makes, and lofe what he hath won i 
^•ith each winder and lhall his promifc,' then, 
. '; out f iarcs t - in f mccvci } men > 

^Kimcs, by his eternal 

,5 Sor ^Avsnumbcr-t)aiTini! 


■li t ; 0rW Av's number pa fei: 

j? IItK ^nd,andthathi i!IR- 

So*k thcb, *dla'a acc ; 

J*\«>mm lnc ) Fe to (pill, 

|T odrn thcCr ^lemyhealth ipetolctll, 

, 0W " the whole World in the blood of him .- 
ToftriL "^ 10 ^, vpon his i Itrufl ftem, 

T ^nin m Ilthchca ' 'd the flock 

,0u, d hceraftcr his drad N amc invoke^ 

Hh 2 







H t SSwS praifes, with good deeds his fight. 
" K3^E«n Bnfelft and will hefo ' uh.i ft thou, itfraw > pawfc thou muft. 

■ rh it revives the flhnwx from her duft, 
Ar roni dead Silk-worms Toombs (their Aiming Clews) 
\ ffving bird with painted wings renews , 
Will he to- get Jfuc, the onely nock 
Of ehsifc Spoufc (his Church and chofen Flock) t 
Will he forge: //itf , the onely Light 
Oi all the World, for Vermes luftrc bright i 
Oi, can he nor (iftplcafe him) even in death 
Re/fore him life, and re-infpire him breath i 

Bur mad, the while thou bringeft for defence 

T oof Towrof his Omnipotence, 

Thou (haktl hislufticc. This is certain (too) 
God cand ill,favethar hcwillnotdoo. 
He loves none ill : for, when the wreakfull Waves 
Were all return 'd into their wonted Caves ; 
When all the Meads, and c\'cry fruitful! Plain, 
Began (with iov) t& fee rhe Sun again ; 
So /oon as Kuh (with a ghdfom heart) 

^rrh of his ftoitin<: Pri/bn did depart, 
God did forbid Murder : and nothing more' 
Then Murder, doth his Muejly abhor. 

But (mallow man) found not the-vaft Abyfs 

Of God ments,whe.enogroundtheris I 

Be fobe : f 0> bound thy frail defire : 

And^harhoucanft comprehend, admire. 
Cod our Lawrnake, (i uft ^ rightcou ' 

Hefrecshur, . d foes with his Powrswin<> 

^eb lirvherc h IsholywilldorIi ^> 

Muut ^ I ^°° d:l « therefore 

^ Sd S°5 "^d before- 

iSK b « «< '(indeed) " 

ctfroi proceed: 

J ■ A 

I From V 

an c xpreis! 

etch f and thinl* 

Tha: od 


T nt 


krhe blood of men 
ngeim, ry " 

** f Icity 



s you delight in Sacrifice 

Children : 'tis your bloody guife 
11 Idols) with fuch Heouombs 

of your outrageous dooms : 
Id no fent to fweer, no gift fo good, 
, Rivers of our hike- warm blood : 
,1 (ay gracious . holy kinde) 

^ de the World but onely for Mankmdc: 
! V Jj a -cs the blood v hands $ his Creatures Iovcs^ 

I V -ontritc hearts for facriffee approves. 
'ivou^ifguiz-d (as angels of the light) 
nuke my God Author of this defpighr, 
iy Faith on his fure promife built, 
Andibin his Alters with this bloody guilt. 
Ho, DO, my Iov, my Roy thrice-happy born 
■ n then fb, if furious I, forlorn, 


n py \ •■> leth at fliallfprimj from thee. 
l or ( r Childe) chat I, vnnaturall, 
thy Mood imbrue my hand at all : 
ploit of fuch dctefted deed 
q lame to them that fhall fuccced. 

the lame that of my name mall ring 
I , ■; . i com,flialI flee with fair a wing. 
T ryPinc,r!iai to and fro 

V. th Countcr-pufs offuhdry windesthat blowe, 

ing South-wards, tears lorn root in twaia . 
ding North-wards, doth another drain, 
d down, toft by two Tyrants fell, 

1 Id fall, but cannot $ neither yet can tell 

' Neuter, that to both doth yield) 
» of the two is like to win the Field: 
bihim, on each fide fct-vpon 

lithandhis Affcclion • 
'chis Far h, anon Affection fwaies : 
jj ( Keligion,anon Rcafon waighs s 

1 / 

n M 

"ow a fond, and then a faithfull, Father 
olutc, anon relcnti: rather, 
''e the Heft hath gotthc vf per hand 
"J !^ c spirit the fame doth countermand. 
iu J ^histoid 

' l "iorelothtobrcakJ thcrswill. 

w«i iucji roi'ic.iK nil rani' 19 »Yii*. 

T r -ft* fat Uft) H C f a i t h, now fure I knowe, 
j > 't is God ; the God that loves me fo, 

!* cc Tsfuftains: whom lib oft hauefcen : 
c v Oicc fo oi i hath my comfort been. 
.' Satan eannoi incfo bright, 
ugdliz'd : No,'tismv God of Might. 






/ •-.'- 

The I'athe 

R 5. 


/„!/- h luswiady F«n - 

cs of I"'- , 


and now began 

Sf£! Bi I ^- Gold cloth fpanglc 
Wher ^hcAirmManricbJcw, 

Wit! arlydeaw. 

With ^ J » Ithetnirdday, 

Arrives Cj4mi cnl 


I en (acred wood sanon. 

Anor id^i» 5 Fatl .heerifee 
Knife, fire and fiu t,rcid\ antly: 

you #"0 )unt,mySOd, 

. aid L/fJrJw: God will foo- 

B it had //in* turn'd his fac om him 

ftecp Mount to climb, 
Yer Abu* changed cheer ; and, as n Wine, 
Woi in the ic) 

or I >pt too-/bon, and waiting \ enr, 

'owes-' Bung,ordothi I rent, 

Spew ' n,c mddoihftain 

With Bacchus col< \etc the Cask hath lain r 

& the T inly fo r tT 

erft as captive in th rain udc) 
At the dear name ath< ndofSon, 

nhis pale Chi rlydrop drun: 

Hi 11 vcflels now begai 1 1 o 1 cak : 

And thus tl Id Hebrew mut mggui to fpeak 

"fmigh: thcar 
s bitter ief,thai ldethl 

Sid fpcOad !0i nr 1IK J 

Thou whaft ,rd, and thou doort , | a brand, 

M^^ l !!r i !? )r - ,,earl ' cl ordsk 'blade 

*haUn loodsbloo md lifcs life 

uwu :P°, or; M.' onthyba 

AndJ f^Y< Icrflefi ^ 


*U heer! «»**« 

™ godly, ^ Gods lav, ny: 


iifull,muft my faith n fgr< 
on, I miift be nothing Ids 

~jfitcsSin md /fitf (fotmj &kc) 

unto"'- • — — v \.-~* **•; '"^v 

' Soil and Sue, and I.ife,and all, forfakc. 


y . goes, and loon iurmounts the Mount ; 

\ n J (tcel'doy Faith, he cheers his mournful! Fiont 
M liketbeDdwf/wr^wheiil acc 

I 7j Waves hath lately waftt her face) 
jl builds his Altar, la^es his wood thcr-on, 

' i.indc slusd, i nanon. 
rhcr, (aid jfatf, Fat her, Father dear 

do you turn away, asiorii to hear?) 

: ; rhcr, tell me, tell me what you mean : 

cruelty vn-knowen .' Is this th< an 

Whcrb iy loins (as promifed lorn' fiicc-is) 
Shall make you Grand /ire of fb many Princes i 

Jlhall I (glorjous) if I heer do dy, 

th with Kings, with fhinine Stars the Sky f 

Back, Pharbus : blufti, L'o hide thy golden head .- 
Retire thv Coach to Thetis wntcrv Bed : 
Sccnotthis lavage fight. Shall Abraham's minde 
Be mild .to all, and his Son vn-kindc J 
And/ball .M^j»». j 

Thar Lyons, Tip i B« id J vottfd dread ! 

'■('iik ■ > littiha; ?rCo ; 

aming frill on's IB 
otd, how prccUe ! fee how the P 

■nstomakeconfcicnce in lefsfihs to Aide : 
whe,fhar means to murder rite{his Son) 

■ is fcrupulous in fmallcr faults to run. 


words to quench your Anders fTrc : 

I ,«^L , C ? a P thc Gnin your felf have fowen - 
a?*2i 1 .^' ^d from yourowne, 



f - 


lth ^yblopdyqurblade,ifyouird 
^Ady.wdco death (mince 

ecmv fault (1 oreldv 

d a punilnment f 
not confpir'd ^ ith 

/""[Ongpoyfo bughttoft. Mirb 

;• ^: Or 

•crcall I'nlac line 

"' ^ Ifinthishca .fminc 

[t,,< had 

II thy iresof Grace 

an, .ot, that I 


t • 




I I 


The Fathers. 


Memory rharfiuilt I fain would have, 
SS God',) I your pardon 
Fofflfaicc , and lo, ch' Arroncmcnc driven, 
you live content, due I may dyf org, ven. 

My Son, kid He, thou ait nor hither brought 
By my fell fmy, nor thine ownc roul auk : 
Cod (our God) calls thee, and He will not let 
A Pagan Tword m thy dear blood be wet * 
Nor burning plague,nor any pining pain 
WithLansuorturnthyfleihtoduit line: 

But Sacrificed to him ( forfwect perfume) 
illh thcchccr within this hreconfumc. 

What ! Fears my Love, my Life, my Gem, my Ioy * 
What God commands, his fcrvants muft obey, 
Without confulting th frail Flcfli and Blood, 
How he his promife will in time make good : 
How he will make Co many Scepr (pring 

From thy dead duft : How He (All-wife) will bring. 
In his due feafon, from thy fen fe-Jeft Thighs, 
Thcglorious Son of righteou/iics to rifc y 
Who mall the Mountains bruifc v. 1 yron Mace, 
Rule H nand £aith,and the Infcmall place. 
For he char (part the courfcof Natures kinde) 
Firltgavcihcc birth, can thh acred Winde 
Raife thee a^ain out of the loweft dui). 
Teiwhouf. means he hath to f. >c Tuft : 
His glorious r dom ides the worlds fociety 
V. equallRcansofPowerand. 'icrv. 
Mine own fweec //**, deareft of my feed 
(Too-fwcer, alas ! the more try g„ c fdoth bleed, 
The more my lofi ,e mor c,wirh eafe-lefs anguifli, 
My vexed Bowels for thy lack mall languid 
A^cu, dear Son (no longer mine, but His 


S?tS P3int ' ° r , wortK b ^POwr ro tell. 

To meet my L J, £ j£"« «* b* ,y 

What, I* r'wrrnT Proud dart* defie. 
r-»Z. , . . .'. : * «P. V°u now { Ah ! ceafe thofi «♦" 


nor for 

lc ;foiInomoreamy 






the Lords ycr I was born, you knowc ; 
l* n,c but lent mc for a while to you : 
II v ou recoil, and (Coward) lofc the Crown 
1 ccr youi' hcadjto heap you with renown f 
*? ,. ire to dally v,i: h the Lord i 

, c alr his J k,and to contemn his Word 1 
. : v. i fly his hand ' Hcav'n is his Throne i 

The Earth his foor-ftool : and dark Acheron 

(Th 1 )ungeon where the damned Joules be fliut) 

r evermore the Bur. 

Onhim iealIourg. ■ I hap depends: 
d he alone from dangers vs defends. 
Ah I weep no more : This facrcd Ttirfdoth crave 
c blood then tears : let 's fo ourfelvcs behave, 
ioyn'd in zeal, we yccld vs willingly 
: ea rucofnecciliry. 

Lct'ste/ f, we have a rime abod 5 

»ur School ; you, in the School of God : 
"here we have learned, that his facrcd Word 
ich made of Nothing all that ever ftirr'd • 
Which all (Mains and all direct crh ftill ) 
To divers ends conduces the good and ill. 

Who loves not God more nail k inn's re/pe& s 
1 )eferves no place among his dear 1 
Aid who do:h once Gou's Tillaoi: vndcr-rake, 
Mnor look baekjBWkT his. Plough foiiake. 

1 'Wi: h, th' old Hebrew checrFuIIer becam, 

himfclf ) cries, Courage Abraham i 
| The World, the Fle(h, ^4tUm, are dead in thee I 

indl'aith,nl bfiftingbc. 

J: ay thy Spirit vn to my fpirit annex 
*> My Faith, that ftill mine eyes may 6 

1 % tux jf m bofc lhai ] Ids) Suttci in 
^d hedt his 1 word (in refolutioii) 

>m Sin n* 1 my linfull offering." 

aved hand for inftant* cution, 

^antly the thundring Voiccof God 

j! ahe artandhand,and thus the! »d ; 

p m **n< ;h:hould,hou!dtl ind ) 

tyl I; tii y/ivihailnotdv: 
tu'ulfty Fait h I have'had perfect proof ^ 
^ Will for Deed I doaccept nough. 

4t>rm^ then, to < es thanks and praifc, 

\ Tj^ ms Son, and in his room he laies 

^th crc ftran / hampered by the head) 

h ,at >toGod, devoutly offered. 
^ J^vned ^^ w , noble Acts 
CUlhc tions of Herd Fads : 






The Fatheu. 


iTT,fticctoo (which even die &** 

3 S ffi 

sag &S£T 


£ Swfi*»si ;ro rhenght) 

Irarhcriovctowondcr-ar,thcn re. 

Go PJ'Jts, ruin, turn-over every Jiook : 
ThK>u*halI Memorials of your Martyrs look : 
Colled a Scrouleofall the Children ilain 
On th* Altars of your gods : dig-Vp again 
Your lying Legends : R un through every rcrapli 
Among your Offerings ehoofe the belt example 
Among your Offerings which your Fathers pad 

ivc inade, to make their names eternal! lair) 
Among tl i all (fondlings) you (hall nor finde 
Such an example, \v he: . nkindcly-Lindc) 
Father and Son fo mutually agree 
To fliewe them! es, Father nor Son to be : 

'here man's deep zeal, and God's dear rauour,ftrovc 
For Coumcr-conqueitin officious loi e. 

One, by confrraint his Son doth facrifice : 

Another means his Name t* immortalize 
By fuch a Facl : Anotlicr hopes in 
Somdifmall Plague, or d 
\no r, oncly that he yconf i 

ro (Tyrant) Cuftoi -Ufs,law-lefsFomi, 

Whichblearsoureys,and blurs our fenfesfo, 
rhat Lady Rufon mult her feat forgo : 

Yea, blindes the judgement ol :• World fo far 
Ihxvmnc 'soft arraigned at Vtce\ Bar. ' 

But, vn-conftrain'd, our ^ihim, all alone 
Vj>onaM< i 3 tothcguifcofnone 

or,it was odi. ro the /nwto doo) 

ndinatimeofPeac ndl ntyioo, 

cScl v r^. war sagainithis Weal. 

WH^ Ufc J thedouble Mount 


•ngers Front; 

' fli (for,thou kno' 

ows attire 



ly :r ' 

d i To behold Gods Howe 

I bent to cl vc) ir heart in two 1 
,fi*,9 of that Prince 

T i'riHL Sm Satan, D hand Hell, convinced 
0*J ;onSj «h fined Potentates, 

f holy t : ° ,)l nvo mi ghty States, 

B , ( -' rd, both Saint: rogenitoi 
2*Jbc,nheir< s, both Lamb -like S 

.khi'ir tncir v " *, i ' v/ui ftwmi/-n*v Sufferers, 

Srtlh bound, both blauTe-lefs, both without reply, 
Bo-h by their Fatfaersare oniain'd to dy 

VponMoiinti'/^- which high glorious Mount 
,r Ladder to the Hcav'ns to mount, 

Ires vs Edtvkcy (the key of Eden, 
Loftihro i the earing of the fruit foi bidden, 
By wrcched Adam, and his i iker Wife) 
AndbldTed bears the holy Tree of life. 
Chdftdies indeed : bur jfaac is rcpriv'd 
Ikcaufe Hcav'ns Counccll othcrwife contriv'd) 

//Sir's blood was no fufrrdeht price 
Toranfom foulcs from Hcl! to Paradife r 
ThcLepro: )four contagious fin 
Morepowi-Lll Rivers muft be purged in. 




.. I 



The Lavve, 





The Akcvment. 

Envy, w Vhznojeeh to flop the Caufe 
Of lews increase e Mofcs ef cafes his claws ; 
Onto/ a Burning (vnfarnt) Bu/rj, aVdtk 
Fcrh cob's Refcue doth of Him make choice ■ 
Sends him (with Axon) f#/6'Egyptian King : 
HuHardnmg.V i a < ■ , fina!i P tswing 

In the R cd Sea . Ifracl ingrau for all : Trumpets, lofty Clarions, 
Think you to drown with honor of your Noifc 

I ri r !i kC l Ci:o,ccrxvccta «cmsofmy facrcd Voiced 

ass ^KSB^t?. 

Shall brim b c S S 1 ** IOn 8 uc > 
And then fi o„uh^ r ° ""'" ™ to Sp<m, 
V tot, • CVCtU ? tk ^'* Wain. 

It is the fpirit. n fp^ I ^s;i ni> ' b,C3th ' s «»*OB' 


•L -f 

r.t >•* 



m mm 

™ — , i 

. i . . 


La we, 

funiiSics and fills with lac indc 
K^cak,dull Organs ot yovu tudmindc. 
c [MjLeoodLord,intheletumi nous times, 

r- peace vnto my 5>ouIc,i Rimes: 

jinjcnotlaintamid fofaire ao 

y .!,.■ World's e I berh my Difcourfe : 

A d while in F r an c j M a k s doth all d >ur, 

u\ \-yBc( Lord ; lee mefingtby Powr. 
A il-C hang] % o I d canceled and fup preft 

r s r P h's I)c Jc:rs : his Ala wasd aft, 

HhSons were dead ; when currift Bnuie'sjlrtfe 
Tjyscach-whereaolbufh poor I jrai sJife: 
Who,norwithftanding,dpth far faftei fpread 

! Andthicker fprjng,than in a fruitful] Mead 
Motcd with Bro ,thc many -leaved locks 

, Ofthriwng Charyel ; which the bleating Flocks 

[Canwith their daily hunger hardly raowc 

1 So much as daily doth ftiJl newly growc. 

WiscMoaferwv.ns r in the Cel lhc wont, 
Sh'bath rear'd her P.daccon the /teepeft Mount, 
fnowy fhouldcrs with their ftony pride 

H:cm%dotyi/»frorn France divide : 
Irhathatl fandlooj>-hc 

V ::,,cr enters th ere oj 

Tisquicklyqucnch /face: 

feucr >op,the Work-man wittily 

" plac'ralong,wid/.IioIIc Tiunk,whcr-by 
£ Ktmt-nemd Fame v\ ith painted wing, 

wcwsfromall corners of the World do bring, 

»** thcre-in : as,in a Sommcr Even, ^ 
Tblr r t Mcdows th " the Heat hath riven, . 
Of! .-rtlR- 'W^^cmingro fain thevoyecs 

htl .*> cnir p-<>uttenthoufand no\ ;. 

wh,- c T r that a fwi *-«") 5 *««> 

vcjtL Yj ut) from lately J**W;* came, 
With rl r n d, %> and nigh brcath-kfs 
s, ;;p"Coneofherliil g( 


)n ^Godde^Q 

_ of mortal! hearts, 

'oo'Ojk " ~ /<WWr > " «/rA,and HiRh-Deferts, 
(W hichr . Un0tkn °wc,that happy Israel 

vt M1 Prom;n-.k .i ,. rr/ ^. . ,. 

I'^-OurM . tm -ana oyn is Worth 

^°nh,vr n s r Forfa i^nd ( Law fulfill, 

sv - r °fsthcm .f£»T»Liin 






. ■ _> 





1 ^ "v,th uUallowcd Ir,c 

»' t hc World well-nigh' 

r Swrafwcct rnftrument .hcrhood 
(: £ Sw-ni- th Southernwood . 

A lilucrcrcfccnt on her front (nc fet, 
:,d in her bofom many a foftcrinn tear : 

And;h lifguis'a>ith pride and impudence 

-.tothcBf^i* Prmce; 

ibringthcnoohis\ lUictC icn, 
v orcarncfswasdifriirbedmucr. : 

' Then (he (t! le/quinting vpon the lulrre 
'of then Rings which onhisfing< jlifl ; 

nd Civet that pci-fum'd the ' 
to greet him SlcepTrrhbu? fleet Vrdiou/on? 
rt thou not thy f. nd thine vn-d( 

en; hich rl-indebrcft did warm, 

heetodcath,witht! ratciulllwarm? 

T hd ails do confpirc 

A .Egyft^nc inra:e)afpire 

V od of bondage to debafc 

Tli ara od'simmortallRace. 

ntohisbrrftfhcl wes 
1 ayr, whofe ftrcr, fcltly ftowes 

j Throi ans 5 and,having in'd his heart, 

CS Rufim ftoop to Senfe in every pan : 
Afpick pale ( with too-right aim )doth fpet 
>are facc,that corns too neer to it, 

■?dro nc,th;itin!ycreeps,andbui 


Mtff f ^ cll ingUoon the Partie s flain. 
J % his Sorrow Vlorgc, 

£22 S^^ntti, &sfco 

h Jfofr and F«r the P " 

'- forth therefor^ 
good day,no cm 

'^Threats^dafte. B 

lut hn d* 

com blowes. 


The Lawk, 


■[y wretches arc compclTd fbm-wJ 
T [ nevV chaneJs for the c< of2\tf& : 
*Anesfom Cities ruins to repair 
S0! TinKS to build huge Caftlcs in the air : 
crimes to mount the ?*r*oi Mountains higher 
?°tofc proud Towre that after-worlds a* lire • 
£' : TowrSjWhofc tojw the I [cav'ns have terrified : 
Soff Towrs,rhac fcuic th'audacipus T/toars pride 
Jr|jofcTowrs,vainToJccnsofa [texpenfe- 
Tjopheis of Wealth, Ambition's Monuments) 
To make with' irownefweatand blood their mortcr : 

Tobeat-oncclirick mf.ker,M.!''bn,Porter. 
They labour little fl epin fs, 
Sofooner layd,bur thus their Task-lords prefs • 
Villains,to work : what '. arc yegrowne io floth ". 
Wce'll nuke ycc yecld vs wax and hony both. 
In I* us TyrantjWith fuch fervitude, 

Thought (bone to wafte the [acred 'multitude - 

Or, it tii Ieafr,that overkyd with woe, 
\\ dwith watch ing,worn with toyling fb, 
They would in rime becom lefs fcrvice able 
In V 1 »y 1 Battails.and for breed lefs able 
T (pints difpei/t,t heir b< wer-drid, 

A n d Cjpit fa p v n-d . qu a I i fn 
B m he faw this not fuccct b well, 
beLord/liri] .11 j* ap i- 

ic commands ( on bloudy Pain ) 
Thatallt! mal ^abes in their birth be flain : 
I J caufc that charge had don no good) 

nicvihouldhccafr.inC a no'i (ilucrFood. 

OBaibarifmeJearned m Hcl belowc ! 
' . ^at Calas ! ) nor /reel nor fl ream do knowc, 
! J ftdicofftecl or ft. cam : cruell Hdirts i 

"* JJ h the Infant's blood,rhe Moth s mix ; 
«,Childcand Mother both at once cut-off; 

J! her with the grief ctherofl 

1 ,lvv °- f, i:Id tea-s Jews. rttheirNa n: 

, '« brings them life their li hath 
.'' '" »b e d would rain (if mi Idurft) 

•n Mo P , fccretly hauc nourc't : 

Wkr b ,rc, >i^rfwect Babe forgo, 
A -Mae and] both to hazard fo, 

I & icby tforth,inRufli boat weaves-it, 

p. »od*8 Mercy and the! od's flic leaves- it- 
R "ddn-IcIsnor Pilor-lcfs,this Boat 
5"ie Reeds by the I'loods fide did float, 

I ightin« ' ? m Wrack t,,c fi rc Ir:l i Utfir * 

S»u hands ot the Kin; ;racious Daughter j 


Ij rubies. 


y *m f obey. 

Hi* erutULt: 

d*dt> bimdie 


€Ula tn 




m * 

b r 



The Lavve 


GtJj fmidaut 

u bu frtftnu- 

a(et . 
Ifu Pdrna, aU 




Prcfagefiili rayesof fom-what morediuinc. 
She takes him v P ,and rears him royal-like ; 
^hisqinckSpin^rrain'din good Arts is J.kc 

A b. earh'd Body,nimblc,lound,and ftrong, 
That in the Dance-fchoolc needs nor teaching long : 
i ) r a good Tree fct in as good a (by I , 
Which growes a-pace,without the Husband's toyl. 

In time,he puts in Frtfliu what \\e-knowcs . 
With cuxtcous OdHdmfs,mm\y Course faowes : 
H'hath nothing vulgar : with great happinefs, 
In choice difcourfc he doth his mind exprefs . 
And as his Soul's-type his fwect tongue affoords, 
Hisqraccfull Works confirm his giacious Woids : 
f lis Vermes make him even the Empire cir : 
So means the Prince ; fuch is the peoples prayer. 

Thus'while o're-wheimed with the rapid courfc 
Of Mifchicf s Torrent (and ihli fearing woric ) 
I $ r a e ifeemshcip-Icfsand even hopc-lefs too 
Of any help thai Mortal! hand can doo : 
And,while the then-Tune's bide cc and form 
oads them ( alas ! ) nothing but wrac -id ftoi m, 
Then C4tf«r(hines,thcir Savio: U'd : and Hcc 
That with high hand (hall them i n bondage free 
Scourging with Plagues/earring with endlck frame 
1 h EQfUi* Court, is railed bv the fame 

For,though him there they as a God adore. 
He (corns not ycr his friends and 1 ed poor: 
He feels thcr Yoak thei r mournings he laments : 
H« word and fword are preft in their defence • 
1 And as ordain'd for their Deliverance ' 

And font exprefs by Heav'ns pre-ordinance 
SceingaP^, proud Well, '- 

A r«m that ^fted nought (o well 

Hml R u ELSbl00d ^° Entreat a Irw 
houldhearofit » "ihun"- d— 

inhumane Prince 

onuuiu near of it vnunn \a "^ 

And, hard by Wiul fl y« from thence : 

1* !"*^!3Ksas"»* 

The La 


nis Sonic ( his fpiritu-Il Armory; 
Ml Lictcd Weapons of Sdrutj, 
u'hcrc-wirli t'incountcr 3 conqiicr,and fupprefs 


£ ,01 feldom fomc deep Dream or Tranfe 

\ I,m hui nly do ven to Hcav'n advance : 
AnJI 1 ' ,thac whilom, could not ft the Lord 
On pi IS ,noj: ' s °^ 1 ne r^fi™ ] <>ord, 

h wailed Cities wi h their Towred Poets, 

fo learned CoJlcdgts,nor fumptuous Courts $ 

In Defm meets him $ greets him face to face, 

Ami on his brows bears tokens of his Grace. 
j , !)V , hilehe paft his (acred Pientilliip 
h V lernefs) ofth //f&wwShcphcardfliip ; 
fo driving fi 'tokifs-doudS 1 n a's foot 

lock,and there attending too'r, 
s a Bu/b to flame and fume, 
alla-.fnc,yctnotatallcc imcj 

1 burns not,cracks and breaks not in, 
bices nor,no not even the skin : 

■lire ofthcC7W;,and /peaking Signc 
bemeth thusto,ofitfcifc,dchne : 
Wh at ; Am sm s Con) I )oth lacok itter Teen 
I J cfo^BcJiouId,tliisI{. : recn 

n Image f dime I *« 
the Fj ofhi •]] 

)uriflies,on each fide hedged round 
«*lj io.ns,his hatcfufi Focsto wound : 
wdoth feem the Spirit Omnipotent, 

"ton* the wickccL tries the Innocent: 

] Iko the facrcd Signc, 

; «J ■ o move him,his ownc Word Divine. 
' hw / «* ? in me/or me,by m e : 

or clfe vn-feWy be) - 
m yBeein g> aII their Beei gather, 

^VVorld >a ndofmyChu7chthe 

'^^Mid/t.aml Hndofalh 
* B , wing,M l,and£ndatalli 
TJ ^/compris-d^dalicomj 

**<* KV 0r,dv ' ifco^al" 'fin 

■f! :th ltin S c in 

^icnts Wil<i ;n: 

t , t '^'nEOeocCjPowr and Providence 5 

i (i " v 'ns,in my Magnificence : 

'yBIeft ,? nc ^r-mining Light : 
'Pic aA thc ° n ^hc Qood,thcBright : 

... ',' J^worl n frailed matter: 






ban in the H 




0*t $j tbr By 




rhat G o 

°, d t hcir P»g«»«? ,..., 


i * 






-J' .pkfbnrdcStheie, 

A Zl I,'ll 5 norcan,forb«r: 
,n'd(a!as!)and r .mrcdalltoo-long 
ryranrsvn-rclcnr.g wrong. 


dColony,towhon mcjj 

Ihau. bequeathed rich Pj/^. 

rherefbic from me commas! :hou P u a r a o 

1 tot rj-dr &** Wilde rncis, 

ht of all profane excefs 

irAltar they may facfihYe 

To \1 b the Lor D,in whom their fuccour lies l 

c(] ))andmakemenoexcufe 
i : r y Tongue's rudenesC for the want of vfe) 

Nor o i thy wcakncs,nor vnworthine/s 

1 o \ ndci-go fo great a BuuneJs. 

\V. at c cannot He,thar made the lips and tongue, 

Prompt Eloquence and Art ( as doth belong) 

Vm Legate ana, w ho < thing 

Of Noth i made, d Almfhought (hall bring ; 

Tn'Omnipotent,who doth con nd(forHis) 

By weal Hro what is not, what is, 

( That in his wondrous I >cnrs,men may more 

ThcW k-man thenthelnfrrumeii idorc) 

Willh >rfake,orl himvn-affi/redj 

That his feruicedidy hath inl d? 
Sith raithfull Servan > do-well afTctfcd 
Can by his Mailer never be re i !. 
No fooncr this, the Dnwe ; me had ended 

IvntoHc v'ntheBLfl.yl neafcendd' 

his fellow in Commiffion) 

> u ,> A V N ^«* with expedition 

'copkand toP „ ARAO then, 
Thuvhus he erects Jn A ? u- 

, , v v t * ?' Alm^htiesname. 

The L 

AW E. 

-<^o^without offence or fear, 

], > Hearts and Heifers they may offer there. 

ret urn 'd 
burn'd ) 

" [rive, proud flaueC that art 

Kfottobi pr,bnr rather hangd, or L , 

\VhacLord,raid Ph ar ao> lia ! what .Sovcraign { 
n .hom'd 2#£ ! O hundred-pointed Main ! 

Ci-y of the Sun / O 7/;</w / and Tiion 
Reno jW^v^ycnllnorbow 
Tovsalonei'Ai :notoneIy Ours? 
Oursatabeck ? Then,towhat other Powrs 

q i your great Phara 6 homage or rcfpccl f 

0r [ )V w hat Lord to be controul'd and check! i 
I ieDrift.Thcfc off-fcuras allatoncc 

Ton ull ly pin pred,p!ot Rebellions: 

S Bihefhve alid vnder fair pretence 

OfW R tlhjon ( Tray tours to their Prince ) 

1 Wo Id R evolr. O Kin^s ( how fond are wc 
T ikbyl Lirsand by Clemency, 
Tokc pm n in thcirduty I Tobcmilde, 
M m be mad,proud,infolcnt and wildc : 
Too-much oi Grace,6ur Scepters doth dif-grace, 
And! oths the path to T ifon'splo i-pace. 

Th. llAflcyii bers with i^j^iipes his itcps: 
TiVOXjOver-far/oo-flrongy nyjeaps 

Abo !ttheLands,cail i hisyoak^d ikes • 
And wjxen wildc, c v( n at his K cepjf U. 
Well : tocrioy a Peoplc,through their skin 
Wiihfcour ;es flye't^nuft thcirbaic bones be fecti : 
Wemuft/Hi] keepthern fliorr,and clip their wings, 

their nails.and pull out all their flings ; 
J ^' th m with Tribute, and new Towle,and Tax, 
«w Subfidies,vntill we break t! rbacks : 

with r iucl,flay-thcm, P olc-thcm,pil-them, 
,,0,,d »'-d 'ar,thcn cat their flcm,and kil-thcm. 


j.^^l.enS, cls:but,bcwarcorthar. 

Thatl! rC3ntS/ '1 excrements, 

tyourhccla inftyou lacious Prince • 

Tobni you r ^"'ood or ftraw no more, 
V Q U as you hauc had before: 

^11 kit out, fliallyouftiU 
J. '"'\ lr of your wonted tasl Iffll. 

J ^-omniiflTion from King of Kings, 
^plicsfK J{ M all things, 

"T'iou. f c . // ^ r «P that (to knowc the Lord ) 
| . \| ,ls hand.vnlefs thou fear his word. 

Cafod.. a p.»A a n on onthcHippeiyfand 
W Q his Rod • and boldly thus began : 

Pharaoj ^rW 



Aaron r<< 

tljwnbu f^J; 

. ' 


V 6 

Thb Lavvb 

whic h 

Sn,fc PcopIc thou do not relcafe, 
SSwttaAi r bHthisDifcourfehaddonc, 

A n-gold-azurchad his Rod put-on, 

It wd bright : and in a fa/h ion ftrangc, 

, a Serpent it did wholly change j 

Crawling before the K ing, and all along 
Sperti and hill with Ins forked tongue. 

Thc^/»//;«*Sagrethen,andiubtiIi Ri lefts, 
T vpholdthc Kingdom of their O s i r i $, 
■ Ypbraid them thus : Alas ! is this the moft 

t« God can do,ofwhom fomuch youboaft i 




Go (hew j your Heights and iuggling pranks 

icht: lv blear lbm\ ,ar innocents, 

But cannot blindc the Counccll of a Prince ; 
Who, by the god ftu. d, doth contain 
A II A its pcrfe. n in his facrcd brain. s.*# 
And, as they fpakc,out of their enrfed hands 
I eyall let-fall their ft range-in chanted Wands ; . 
Which iuftantly turn i s >crpcntstoo > 
Hitting and fpectii r>. 

heK jtoomu idmirt .ing Charms: 

he place with Afpicks , Snakes and Serpents, fwarms 
gabout: asanill-Hufwifclecs 
Th. :ots creeping in a rotten Checfc. 

V ou .u arc Iugglcrs, th' Hebremhcn rcpli'd \ 
* ou cha. not Nature, but the bare out-fide - 
And your Enchantments oncry doo transform' 
I he face or things, not the cfTcntiaU form 
Jou,Sorcei bmockrhcl'nnccsey 

4 hi pagination damnific, 
That nmonscnfe to h»s external l, brings 
Mv H^ 1 '? ^ a / a,rc ^Peofth n^ 


« j' ""'»'"«€ air, it huTcs fdl 




A W E # 

, a ll his deadly bacns,intrcnchcdft]-ong 
^rhinhisTfinc Teeth i> tuple Tongue, 

pjj rhc Combat : and ( as greedy ) fee 
fvithfodain ragevpon thofc Count crfct, 
■i' l0 fcfceming-Sei pcnts,gnd then all devour : 
1 a) & 3 Stur^eon.ox a P?fe,d6rh fcoui 

TheCreeb ;1Js ln Rivers where they lie, 
QffaallcrFifhesaod their fceblt 

But,ar high Noon Tyrai ull-blind, 

Anddeai > his own. . >od,is more lin'd 

To Sarans tools: the j ►ple,Iilcc the Prince, 

h \ ltbcfo ht's ( xccllcncc. 

Wherefore the Lord/uc >ud contempts to pay, 

w/vpon their Land doth hp : 
Redoubling fo his dread-full (trokcs,that there, 
Who would nor I e him milde,him rough mould fear. 
Smiting the Waves with his S.nakc-wandcd wood 
\ a a o n anon converts the NtU to blood • 
rhehVcam.f om fruit f W M a a b 

; red and bitter even vnro the Sea. 

eCourt re-courft ro Lakes,to Springs,and Brooks i 
prings,and Lakes had the like u/feand looks': 
Then ro the Ditches; bui n^l* brink 
The: .v'dCalas: ., in& , . 

orhelikeliefr. ound 

frc,w,t!uheRulhJfWpHBFein is found i 
re theydiefor Water t but ( alas f) 
ided foyl fpcts bl d into thei i face. 
\ udgerdent I Thofepn ! Tyrants fell 

I > ! <* s of mourning I sr/bi- 
™< ighted, an dhadmadeiJ game 

«Mdjngblood,a.eforc'rtod aie: 

l^that ruth-iefs had made 2& daughter 
Ad. ^ r, ; ab «,no^vdicfor >f Water. 

"" Pields,StrectsJlalls and Coui >cloads 

aidSo r T ofhi 8 hc ^ Towrs 

v T V rc ! c ' ncc >y^ 1 the pnuy Chamber , 
•dsinthc -Sommcrt 

lie Z? K a,, t ofbro ^nhoufescl e. 





So /l > HARAo fcem to do tl am< 

• aU • A K A ° ,ccm roQ o ti 

I'^y.'Th inftruments 

,a <k Leo 





the Srn'M't*- 

IT20 4H 

I/ 1 






■ I 

■ V I ■ 


4 < 



The LAV^ 


? 1 „ rhcv w dcftrov : 



ss sift « 

t! :S i' SStaTcm 'urtahait 

Of.heleart^ .HcbrwU^nd maketh found : 

£" d ' Flood? and fends the Frogs away. 
R «^nH ^hercd 

H s « Tardncd : like a fabborn Hoy 
?hat plies h , Hyfocntcly-coy) 

WhUein tend his Matter (hakes the Rod, 

hc , his baek.doth flow and nod. 
Tnorcf the I Day,u,th oa.hiomZtfe 

p! < poor and rich.thc naftie and the nice, 
I; ,Jl«:an;|-..r,AA«oswi:hhiswand 



n ■ 


t~i ». 


ZUff the duftofaH the Land, 
rhc morrow aftcr,with hugefwarn fF/iw, 
HonettvA units their Fsmiliw 

I i place to place .through Mcdou s. Fens and Floods, 
H ilcs.ans arr%hoJlowCav«and Woods. 

Tremble tnerfore( Tyrant) tremble ay, 
Poor worms of Earth,proud Afhcs,Duii and Clay : 
For alas!) how will you make defence 

< rainft the tri-pohted wrathfull violence 
Of the drad dar ■ ,that flaming in his hand, palri to powder all tliat him with (fond e 
Ard 'gainft the rage of flames eternal-frying, 
Where damned foules ly euer-neucr-dying : 
Sil r ! i e leaft FtVw^rid hce and Vermne too 
braue your braucs,and triumph oucr you. 

G illop to Anunfi\\ to !uaum, 
ill: BstttgM^me beyond rhc Dime. 

1 may you fly, but not efcapc him there : 

Iters mll,abour,yoii bear. 

T nightie hand is lons,and bufic fhll , 

Mailing efeap't hisRod,his Sv.o.,1 vou feel : 
Jciecmsf. Fcral i 

ealkatlaftfotVfcan. rfncipall: 

A'lth hundred forrcrNi i-v . r it 

■fling kccn.fom for: 

R M ,ii ^ dca F°, m * 0vmc!i »g deep n light ; 
hurallofthcrndoaKvaics w ft c B 

uh after other. Nov, th'Ommnnr,,,;, 

rf^-fc 'hat ma.p,fom dull, 

•m killing dead,fom ^otmdinn r!^ l.oKr / 

«cn arter other Nov, tiY Omnipotence 
Stf. (hoots his (hafts of Pcftifaicc i 

The L 

AW E. 


ninhisy <, Lambs bleating dy, 

J^YilIocksasthcy fccd,Bird$ as they fly. 

A- onhc couers Man and Bead with cores 
P gr iles,Botches 3 and Scabs ,and Sores- 

K [ccrcHis venoms 5 aIl inflaming,fprcad 

! i c allrhe body from r h ■ >t to head. 

ftetiffcifl id Hail,aod flaming Fire amono 

s yjjlrli i fields : their CattcJl great with young 

Sbrain'd with hail-ftoi rrees with ten Ft, 

HJofrh iughs,thcirboug ft. 

nd/rom Hcav'ns ragc,all feck (bclter^lad i 
The Faceof Egjft is now di adly-fad : 
The #'» Vi ' is tear their Beauties honour ; 
So: for the waft imuch^as for the manner. 

I at Country neuer fee they Clowd, 
V, aightoi nowes their trees axeneuerbow'd, 

T know no Ice : and though they hauc( as we ) 
The Ycarc intire,th< ir Seafons arc but three : 
T;, hciRain-bov nor fat Dcaws expect, 
>ni clie-whcre Sels thirffy rayes a c 
irfoyl is w~et,and CIowd-lc(s/at j 
It ft bofom brings in this and that : 

c\f^ here the Rii roar mgy ridc 
dryed-vp; and while: hart. dc 

The PsUJIme fecks ( foi , ih y 3 

Uriah IordMjMocv. 

Tkirflojdo'icilowcs^nd parched M/frXm 

fecmsinarichScai i, 

/billows beat on the h i dan«lingDatc ; 

^. ~'~».ii^,uiuic.i ; vi cams ana i! 

a U-Trine who mad ipaisly, 

. c i vnder wane he vpp ant (upply 5 
r ; WjWombtofill with fruitsand Flowrs, 

SL W r n 8 ^ of bcaucnly Sho 
Mh2] CTbrtcc -^^withaiablc C 
■^^w/Vidotl icStinb d, 

fioth niS? ns . what ^^ had J d < s rccd y ) cro r s 

nt and Day the i le-yc s hopes, 

A Dgrkneft :dight, 

J,rJ) ^v i f earful] Night : 

'keRhc, lifts diouzyvapoL 

, cr !'." n °mc I i: ijkJ Trmple-facrcd Tap 

V ; n A lu S tnc ^agan their dens, 

S4Ullt arcttIebaakcthbo 


? ' lx 




ycf 1 

I I 






I I 





rf P 

- v 

The Lavvb 


BuCt ^lofguilcacqtught, 

Th0U - ,J cafuaUditlulic holy-man 

l0Ug : X nd Where and When) 

y/ r ^bcfn om all of This 

R>r,df £«r-«,who with a mighty hand 

WouWbringhisi .pletothcpIentiousLand 

Off- ^:\\'hoprouidentiy-i tt. 
Before tl .■ he World would fee 

A 1 .w here wicked Potentates 

\|,L Mirror of their ownccftatcs: 

u J,w >ft-iuft ) muft hauc meet Arguments, 

To ftowe i he height of his Omnipotence; 

Hardens the King,and blinding him (fclfc-blindc) 
Lcaties him to Lulls of his owne vicious minde. 

jr. God doth neucr ( euer purely bent ) 
Caafc fin as da ; bur,asSin 's Punimment. 

For, laftCI ;e,an Anscll in one nighr, 
A hr/tbornth -?h all the Land dotiilinitr; 

.it from Sues Poitto Btrdene Plain, 
Th r but hatn forr. Jyflain, 

ifrul hof doors were rnarkt before, 
icred PtfsLimi im entail pore. 

And therfore eucr fince on that fame day, 
Yeerly,thc Jewess Yearling Lamb muft day j 
of that Ptffetjnd a Type 
Holy £W, which mould ( in feafon ripe ) 
forth the purcand plentious Hood 
( Water-mixed Blood, 

Pre , People from the drad Dtjlryer, 

That! ewieki netemallficr. 

Through all theLudjdl in one inftantcry, 
wonecaufc,though y.tallkn notwhy." 
« be horrors ■ and the morning fliowcj 

P «gric md makes them puMikcwc* 

j?*m*. pI^u r? rc id \ hc gionous Gouernour ofDav 






] f l P"] laydens and the Mothers, 

>bandvSons*,d S ftcrs , nd Brothcr 





H k LaVVE, 

,j M liefsnllthcJ loth fill-: 

) Lf c iH ::1 j '' ;th' Airdr n Af II s 


TieHca v — , t - 

' itn,m eth( v -wi e, 

, ho all i 

\V ' ,K ' 1 

.;. -nrhclud its emighty God 

, rK .morebaywi h thy wilfullings 

H Yath'sdread Torrent. H( ofl 

* n dinhisfiiht,thcGreatefco «»n all 

n;: as \i.,ks that in the Stm doo fall : 
eld, yeekl al ts ! ) ftoop to his powrfull threat ; 
Hc'swi nd enough that hath been ten -times beat. 

I tyq m :hctn a\ vn-h:cky, 

v bewitch out eyes om feet this Place, 

thisair ■ W,iy hafteyou net away* 

lets you c'whi cd on fray ". 

r that ought yon lack) 
you like, and what you like go take, 

cls,l -rini chains, or Ouches, 
Brae ( lb or Bi ouclus, 

Is, not in the fends 
nethe Hr n -killing Clond-brou'd JV/wfta j. 

r hec • 

I 71 


' ch farther ; & 
crmoreyoui naynearr 

< ftW/,go,in( $ m i am ain- 

i . wclliallfiiffici -p. }. 
Kings leave, then th' Hebrews V co!Ic<5r< 

ill, and to the S< lire . 

; t,,c y fion, when PhracbdorU retract 

|Manns all f^/togo tlrch then back j 
camping r t i lcni ^ cx 

nDcath,orend-l rvitucfe. 
at i .mcryftaHb »k 

rthri. by the fame Hawk been frrool 
•ii ; (liver bells, 

,*dl irnorhii elfc 

hfi ' »((l rh.Mul 

^iifoiifehcrt. re-ro all ft 


■ ■ 

T ,c( h nuk >M nd 

( ^ bound 


K> 'Hint the heel, 

ad ; 
0(, ft his Mead. 

^tin^ bltion!1 Polit 

'thimfclf,ourdeat hfe 







P - 

» 1 




r 1 ' 




m - 


- . ■ 


poor foul«, HeteB « ^^ ft „, . 

For '° ^ Co A» «'c encounter them t 

Mofcf mlmt- 
ittn / « memrdgt 

? Mrftfi-* that fCCkt ° ^ ° t{1SVe ** * 

StiS sS, - d Sails, and Owcrs^d Cable 5 

Who knowes thefc Waters to be navigable ? 
to ! Tom of vs fliall with Scithes be ilafht ; 
Som with their Horfc-fcct all to pecccspihr, 

Som,thriird with Swords,orShafts, hundred holes 
Shall ghaftly gafp-out our vntimely foulcs. 
tthdie wc mu ft, then die we voluntaiy : 
Let 's run, our fclvcs, where others would vs carry ; 
Com, frsdkts, com, let vs dy together. 
Both menandwome* : fo we (hall (in either) 
Prevent their rage, content their avarice. 
And yceld (perhaps) to M o $ ■ s even his Wifh. 

Why, brethren ? knowc ye nor (their R uler faith) 
That in his hand God holdeth life and death ? 

rT<Mi That he turns Hils to Dales, and Seas to Sands + 





That he hath (preft) a rhoufand winged Bands 
Taflift his Children, and his Focst' aiiail '. 
And that he helps not, but wh lelpsfati t 

Sec you this mighty Hoaft\ this dreadtull Camp, 
WHiich dareth Heav'n, and fcerm theEanh to damp 5 
And all inrag'd, already charger h ours, 
As thick, or thicker then the Welkin pours 
His candi'd drops v pon the ears of Corn, 
Before that Ceres yellow locks be fliom i 
It all lhall vani(h,and of all this Crew 
(Which thinks already to have fwallow'd you) 
Ot all this Army, that (in Armour bright) 
Sec™ to out-mine the Sun, or (hamc his light.' 

here (hall to-morrow nor a man remain : 
Therforcbe toll . God (hall your fide Main. 

imSSS^S ca 2» on lh ' imm0!tal1 God > 

He imote the Sea with hfs dead -living Rod : 
Kh^her* ^2 : thc Wav «» ^ntroul'd, 

jrather tisaValleypavxcKcircN 

' '^-^^^^ear^anoNacre-fliels, 



The Lavve. 

don each fide is flanked all along 
^.j, wals of cryfrall, b itifull and (Irong. 
i h istlood-lcfs Foord the Faithful! Legions pais 
inJallthc way their flioofcarcc moiftcd was. 
nrcam we, faid they '. or is it true we try i 
The Sea ftart at a (lick i Thc Water dry t 
TbeDeepa Path f Th' Ocean in th' Air fufpending? 
Bulwarks of Billows, and no drop defcending { 
Xivo Wals of Glafs, built with a word alone * 
Jlfrik and syifi* ro conioyn in one i 

Th' all-feeing Sunnew bottoms to bchould t 

Children toVun where Tunnies latclv roul'd 1 

■\\\Egjft'um Troops purfuc them by the track j 
Yet waits the patient Sea, and ftill /lands back ; 
TillallrheHoaftbcmarching in their lanks 
\\ nthc lane between his cry (tall banks. 
B s a wall, weakned with mining-vnder, 
Thr Piles confum'd fall fuddenly afunder, 

hclmethall that (land too neerthe breach, 
•id with his K uines (ilis-vp all thc ditch : 
Ewnfo God's dn^ci\, which thefe Waters bay'd, 
Bering with-drawn , thc Ocean (vvcll'd and i\\ay'd 1 
e-conioyning his congealed Mood, 
'lows in th' inftant all thofc Tyranrs wood. 
Hcer, one by fwimming thinks himiclf to favc : 
Bor.wirJi his fcarf tangled about a Nave, 

He's ftrangled flraight ; aod, to thc bottom finking, 
Dies • not of too-much drink, but for not drinking 5 
wniJe that (in vain) another with lowd ladies 
*ours his prowd Coarfcrs through the fcarlet Wafhes : 
'Mrcams (whereon more Deaths then Waves do fwini) 

"J» Chariot- and his Chariot, him; 
^otner (Wallowed in a Whirl- Whales womb, 
s «id a-hvc within a living Toomb : 
■ofter, feeing his Twin-brother drowning h 

til kTi C ° ach ' his hand (to hcI P him ) downing • 
iJff hls hands grafping that hand, his Twin 

And ilft i ° m ,1aIcs him , ^ d - ]on S in \ 
Ri'litT • ^ f ' 1C watcr covcrs either : 

w ol u indccd ; bom ' ' d and dead ' t ^ cthci • 

\ C||r ' s 'wbborn Monarch, (lately drawn vpon 
Chariot, 'chaf'r ith pearl and (tone, 
Jlrri >r °L Ud Courfers, paiTing fnowe for colour } 

■«k k ' thc Elc P hant<; ; Lions, for valour ■ 
d ma l r h ^ w «vns,the Air,the Wind and Waves j 

'Wai Chln S^waid, (till Wafplicams and br^ 

T ^n CO r gC ? il,ow ° n his Tar g c doth r P ] 
1115 ahiggcr, and a bigger yet. 

» tlx Sc*. 



ei mutiny 






Tofceondthoft i The ^.f^^thra : 

Ya ftoudy «"**•** **£ WJth thy charms 

' JC ' df$our f- LtfliKtous ,dai-ftthou, 

: r*/i 


()l II 1111 CUP i"*»»-» , _ . . „ 

Through fom new Chanellto go Icckrhy way. 

K ihcOcean,niorethan ever, frets, 

All topfie-tun p-fide-down it icr<; ; 

nd a black billow, that aloft doth float 
With fait and fand, flops hisbbfrheamoiis throat. 
What now betides the Tyrant f Waters now 

n,ch< eyes and brow, 

His front, his fore-top : now thcr 's nohing lccn 
E i proud arm, (baking his Fauch in keen : 

herewith he fcems, in fpirc of Heav'n and Hell, 
To fight iDc :.'i,andii iccJ/ruL 
he finks al Under ware; e, 

c fand : again he fprim jlit 5 
E from .' a bottom to 1 top, 

o clogg'd with arms, can cleave no paflage vp : 
As the poor Partridge, covcr'd w kh the ncr, 

In vain doth fh ftrugglc, and bare, arid beat 5 
For, the clofe mcflics, and the Fowler's craft, 
Suffer the fame no more to whur re aloft. 

I to your fclves leave to conceive the ioy 
Of I a c o b's heirs thus refcu'd from annoy j 
Seeing the Sea to take their caufc in hand, 
And their dead FoeS muffled vponthc fand ; 

bejr <hields,and ftaves, and cha ts (all-to-tore) 

>o«ing about, and flung vpon the (hoar : 
When thus t \lmighty (glorious God mod high) 
For them without 1 n, got the \ >ry, 

T tH d £ nc fi* ™»nyin U their v©k«S 
M :^ H3Wb 7 S ' andloud( netsnoifes, 

^Selh^T^*" 1 aI1 thc coafts > 
i'l S' b! -ordofHoalU. 



>w he dealt with his dear if ft A 





, tht Defarr, in their Pilgrimage 
^ ds 1 1 1 e Promts' d p I en t io u s Heritage : 
^'Tfr (\ knowc) thou know'ft : for, com pad ay - 
T - h lire by Night, and with a Cloud by Day, 

£2 foule's hope) were their tole Guide and Guard, 
J P° r Meat»fd Drink in all their Ioumcy hard* 

ir ching amid cnc ^/"^ nought they lack : 
■nflilfdiftils an Ocean (for their jfake) 
- d-lefs good : and every Morn doth fend 
nt [ood for all the day to fpend. 
WhentheSuii rifeth, and doth haftc his R 
IY\ Jfoursj half theirs that vndcrncath vs pafc) 
T " r c-behould thc beauty, number,ordcr, 

An dpii:dentKuIc(prevenringallmif-orderJ 
2 vfiill Hoaft lodg'din the Wildcrncfs, 
our'd by the Sun of Rightcoufnes ; 
h corns but forth his Tent, and at his dorc 
Jcshis bread ready (without fecking more) : 
: bread, which from his plentious clowo\ 
Hail, Hcav'ns wakcfull Steward ftiow'd. 
Thcydlow fands ofElim\ ample Plain 

•:ehc:pedall with a white fugrcd grain, 

.vcetCoriandcrs ; Iunkets, not to feed 
This Hoaft alone, bur even a World (for need). 

:ch hath his part, and every one is fed 
With thefweer morfcls ofan vn- bought bread. 
r rains for a whole yeci at-once, 

itdailyroi a day's provi lions : 
To t.V end, fo great an Hoaft,fo curbed ftraighr, 
Still on thc Lord's wide open hand (hould wait. 
AndcveiyDawninghavcduccaufcto call 

ij»mthcir Founder, and thc Fount of all : 

: *»fct his portion hath an Omer-full , 

;»r-plus rots, mould, knead it how they will. 
1 hcHoly.One (iuft Arbitrcr of wrone) 
o„7?, n °, ,c rltothc w «^ than ftrong t 

E***«tt Eve, heletsfufficient fall 
^^ f ? r thatday,andehenext wkhafl ; 

^f *s meat, but fpmtuall Atom* rather. 

CtJffvrj t\x 


■^Athcfacred Folk may garl 
*"« s mcai , but fp nail Msm* rathe. . 
Th ' «wt from He ntl iaily White-bread haft. 

■' hom Haiveft all the y« hlaft, 

Th' ,0 . rD ei Srich aboundancc heap ft, 

lc ^eat'iKand without fowing reap it, 

red Mel, or 
; KAe-chaniri, 



nulled fagar yccld) 
tlooftnotcha hychc 

in er, and Angel's Table 1 r: 

K k J 







The Lavve 


ft mi' 



The Son of God 



confines - 


H R 


s t Krone in working, thorgh but weak in /how, 
isfwrct.CH aschcHony-Coml,. 

»^ from high rand Cnti. r from Heavn doth con 

ithtbai thereat plca&nt] aw: 

Ch 1 T7t coming down doth all i\v 'h bc-ftrcaw 

irhfpmtual gifts. Thar,vn rent and ImaJl 
Taftest irtafte$:andCni » is all to all: 

<>od to the hungry, to the need h, 

Ioytoth'a ted.totheficty 1th, 
Pardon to thofe R cpen: 1 ' ' he vv'd, 

Z^f's fauour to the Meek, Deaths c Prow* 
That's common good : and Cbrtjl comma; icatc. 'sp rely white : and C/r/} .man late. 
That gi the wanton Heb-rvs (at rh e Jaft ; : 
Chrtjl and h is WW the World doth foon difhftc. 
Of r at, they eat no lev that bar c one mcafi , 
Than who have h'und: : and jn Cbrtjl i .1* 1 real u re 
O.' Divine Gr«r, the faith 1 1 Frtjelyte 

llathholcfspaT,thanDot5l >o| ht). 

That 's round : cbrifl I , an rely-round. 

Tharinthcvyf r^inrusCte*6i nd. 
That doth ce ftink ior ., w : 

£ Ar/// th'fi-wr nW) is fear I vnrofom. raincth not, but on tfi lacrcd K ace : 
On if to his Chofen doth confi .ace. 

That 'sbrokeryverv Grain -Ghr I.a;, bofGod) 
Vp ,n Ins Cr*//-prcfs is (b rorn and trod, 
That of hisfliWthepretioi is Hood hath purl'd 
D^wnfrom Mount Ston over all 1 M. 

Yet glutted now with this gmkt/ui I ood 

Rrin^T'M flcfll:a "irufc 

AZdof^ ^c their mio 

AcIoudofi^/, onallthcC: 

And eve: luytaV lt » 



Law e # 


, | lC .j| Bellies (trout with too-much meat, 
A! tgpicvres) [ '- K 'Y vomit as they ear, 
T ; hey howl for hunger . and thev k 

Vc : ' tl * L.'.-horch- 

cy i g 

orHpbv* hotch-potch. Leeks, and Garlick ffrong : 

ilde^reat Women, or green Maids (that mifs 

Terms appoin I for their- florin 1 > 
^ ta Princely feafti preferring for, 

J 1 Herrings, Rafters, and (fom) Tops m Tai - 

coals, and clowts, /ticks, (talks, and dirt, before 
*\ p alanf, Parti id and a hundred more : 

antaftick weariibm difeafe 
lesrheirtaftesjand makesch 1 rtrangc ro plcafc. 
jut, when theBi II, that lately toft his horn 

iron P idc, ha 5 down his head, forlorn 
jrlackofWater, and the Souldicr bleak 
iGrowes (without Arms) for his own waighr too- weak : 

\\ 1 fiery Third through all their veins lb fierce 

onfimesthcii blood, into their bones doth pcarce, 
v. pt! vitall humour, and doth d.y 
Their whilom-beauties to K^Anucmj^ 
T and wail, and but their voice (alas I ) 

ilready that it cannot pafj> 

Through: :ough Stragkn dry throats; they would 

Roar-out their grief, thai ail men h* them ihouid. 
( > Du- 'no Hebrew, but an Eibnuk rathe: ) 

■is (alas!) thegucrdon that we gather 

For all the fi wee thou haft had of vs '. 

W a c don, that thou bctray'f t vs thus t 

1 1 our obedience, fliall we evermore 
Wi h Fear and Want be hanted at om door i 
windy )jds i O periur'd promiics ! 


m Hunger, Thirfr doth cut our throat : 

Rcd-Sca, heervpand down we float 

nd fro we wander many a veer : 
^-^ Liberty, we finde not) 

I ^rh (the welcomes fftril 

yj \ not Vs ^ car Babes : we cm j, 
You? 1 /rant flue, 

I Yon j nan ,ica hand in hand t< 

To r ^ 1 was l u ' m an Enrr y rathcr 

■: w wretches, with our age 

?* vV< this long Pilgrimage: 

And 1° ° ' ' ai ' " w hcrc c may take breath : 

sac ; dlDcath. 

!( ahve,andfcerh' Almighties face 1 
«es begin in tears, in toils they pais, 

7i/fj buffos : J* 

bat *j J , 


7 ty murmur 








jr ,i 


■ ^w '- 1 I -. ■ 








rbr I-** 

flat) *; »*" 

The La we. 



And end n 4*«£» *£*&,.. too . 

UKhhisdcarSceptcron a mighty Rock : 
Fromroptococitmakes,andfplits rh-al 

And wcl-nigh half vnto theground doth fall, 
Asfinitwith Lightning : therewith rapid iiiih, 

uc of the ftonca pIcntious>^w doth gu/h, 
Which murmurs through the Plain ; proud, that lusgla: 
Gliding lb fwift, fo foon rc-yongs the grafs • 
And, to be gaz'd-on by i he wanton Sun, 
And through nw paths fo brave a co uric to run. 

Who hath not feen (far vp within the Land) 
A moalo: Gccfeon thedry-Sommcr land 
In their hoarfc language (fomtimes lowely-lowd) 
Suing for iiiccourro/om moift-full clowd ; 
How, when the Rain ddecne heir wings they beat, 
(With the fTrft drops to cool voicing heat) 

Bibwi:h theii Hill, bouz witii their throats, and fuck, 
And twr n- mes vnto chc bottom duck i 

Suchch'///£rrwj dec: one, (looping d a, doth fup 
The clear quick ftrearn ; another takes it vp 
In his bare hand • another in his hat 
This, in his buskin a bucket, that 
(Well I rrefbt himfelf) beai s fom mto his Flock - 
This fib his pitcher-full . and that, i Crock • 
And othcr-fom (whofc thirft is more extrcam) 
Like Frogs tv paddlmg in tbe cryftall am. 

From Rephtdtm, alongthc Dtfart Coaft, 
Now co Mount Sin* marcheth all tin oaft • 

VVnhdrcad:u, ..cchis fearful! L a w doth thunder. 

^fc^Hisrev-rend^iyinel)^ U1Ulun * r « 

iwnmoauhearKilinnMk*... --.n i ,,. 



Nor from the mouth or any J t T d > 
But from rlnr k. u! '* l ? or ?U man ; 


h«n (if ^y (J 




siring the (Command: 

As** 11 .*:.! 

^ JrCl he Text of that clrad Testament, 

A^^L-o Tables for vs impotent, 


ih ' n a yoak, then is the yoak of Christ. 

dh l , ^ {howc vs Sin, threats, wounds and kils : 
Thft'jj** Gracc , Balm in our fores diltils. 
ThiS ^ bled Lightnings dazle th* Hebrews cics • 

jT d'ring Thunder roars thr< ;h Earth and Skies, 

'^r ami lo^cr m carCCrS ;lnd "^ 

iSnimcth round, and on his iacred top 
irlino flame round like a Hall doth wrap : 
vbluft'iing Bohbas, nurft with Ktphean fnowc, 
iblutvchc^t A v s t e R ,puft with fumes bctorc, 

, t he midft, iuffling for room, do roar : 
ioak of clouds, all thoiough-hn'd with Thunder, 
the Mountain both aloft and vnder : 
R A s nownomin ; Phuvs fhowes. 
\| nlyTrump,aninllr < Jw/Jr4 blc es, 

edWindcs,thcLigh ng imbleflafh, 
wJung dorms, the whirl-ri s crackling clafli, 
Thunders, with the fame do ilng 
conforr ! ) th' everlafting King 
us Wifdom, who doth give the Law 
o th' Heavnly Troops, and keeps them all in aw. 
i Battell we can hear no more 
!-llior, when once the Canorjs roar : 
ornetfoundeth deer and rife 

K^Aiman Fife ; 
1 dodder voice (yet adiftincler voice) 

•und doth drown all th' other former noifc, 
; >n the Vale, and on the facred Hill, 
h thrills the ears, but mo the heart doth thrill 
" anbling Jacob: who, ail pale for fear, 

God's own mrtiifh rhi-fr facred V i doth hear • 

with wfm 



* - 


->-4 , own mouth thefe facred \ \ 
"ark, Jfratl: O Jacob, hear my Law: 
7* to keep it (and thy fclf in aw). 

ll i EH °VA,I^ lacy nd) 

^6 n t thee from bondage out ofEgpt Land : 
601 Mi only foi y Godand Lord, 


"• ■ « N L Y »e»i uiy wwu -><" *-^« 

allthy heart, in every Deed and Woi 
, "' f ' 'i« dniIuaoi (not o! 
ViB n yov. n w< MyGlorytotrai 

NcvLttfr MY NAMr v loutrt r °' 
a B «fphcam, neither thy lelt for-lWear. 

ny for 

and 1 



■ ■ 

' ■ 

The Lavve 






J77^ r s vro t k forthy food : but then (as I) 
|V f o* the Suv h, and ro my Temple hy- 
Tor, Btharg ^M^Ru EKENc 


s fcfJ r«KfefilfiI>. S, AL SO MA NS Goox, 

B8AB m „ ^ievv,tn». Covet not^ ' 

Tbi NMttrt iVifeJns Oxe, bis A(}e, bis Slave, 
HtsHoufe, bh Land, bis Catteil, or ins Coin, 

Hit PUcr bh ^ace, " w g ht tbdt ts not 7i)ine * 
Eremall Tutor, Rule truely right 
^ Ofour frail life J our foot/reps Lanthorn bright : 
Soule sfwect Reft .' biting curb of Sin ! 
\\ b Bad d, fpifc, the Good take plcafurc in : 
Reverend Edicts vpon Mount Sina given, 

F tow-much -fould fenfe kin few words contriver! i 

Howv, -full, and how exceeding fa; .' 

H plain, how faend, how profound you at e ! 

All Nations clfc, a thoufand times ( for caufc) 

f lave writ, and ray't, and chopt, and ehang'd their Laws - 

apt the lews : but they, although their State 
With every Moon almoft did innovati 
As fomtimes having Kings, an. imes none) 

In all their changes kept their Law frl! One. 

What rcircth at th .'ay QlSaUmman, 
Lacoman La s , or of the Carth nan 1 

Vea^w.that made even all the World one City 

So. ngmArm^andinStarei-Artfowitty. 
Har.yn the KuincsofhcT Prides rich BaUls ' 
Left but a Re' -cofhor Twice-Six-TMs ' 
[^finccin Wthc High-^hundring ONE 

hXll? ' h,S ^ cwhoiifind tunes the Sun 

^ Tn° U ? d Hcav ' n sgoldcn Bandclce. 
fabofl rh Bcafo, ftudded with flars fo clecr 
And yet one tittle hath not Time bereft 

A thought PwpIevntowhomWleft 

>" > rout ia of M n r? U L gh CUCric A 8 C ^« n0 ^ 
W other ^^£ To 7™ doth confine 

Hathnou g ,rof lh ^r D,r 7 imc 







4 b 

I i< 


Xhb Lavve. 


- ks i^bracc,the CbriHuns honour it, 
f ,K vith Fear do eucn adore it yer. 
A 7" \ / q teat G o d ) t hy L a v v s do fpurn 
,* I only ' Li feet ,1 do thy Statutes fcom : 
\Yi:h "v Sou | c w ith cxtrcam Pride, before, 


^no'voodcn ? ods no: Wto Stones 5 

15 ;^i«Iwor(hip Golden ones. 

\ N f AcHAB-like)infid//^r/>. 
^hhe Sabbath: yet I break thy L a v ; 

1 2 ( for thee ) mine idle Mouth and I 

^Superiors 5 b U tin/W. 

Not out of Loue,but as compelled fo. 

I wJtrnonc : vet doth my Ting* too-rife 

VVoundothew I : anK,and my Hearts-hate their life 

I cimtejeft that I feem obfeetne : 

But Lord (Thou know'ft ) I am jW;4#,vn clean. 

IfctmnoT/^: yettemptcd mvihmyWm, 

lukeuooftifo uitldid not plant. 

xak not much : yet in my little Talk, 
M[:ihrj*/;,and many Lies do walk. 
I M$too-carnch\aud too-oft ( in fine ) 

others I : ortunes,male-contenc with mine. 

Httrlic 1 naked : lo th' ^inatamue 
nil Heart . I ) Humane-Deity I 
Cbrifll th* Almighties like All-mighty Word, 

par-n n Thy Robe ! as whilom ( Lord ) 
Thou put ft-on Mine : me in Thy Blood be-lave; 
A i my Soulcthy facrcd Lowes ingrauc. 

While with the Dukc,th'Etcrnall did deuife, 
And to h;s inward fight did modulizc 
His Taknuele's ad in liable Form, 
And prudently him (faithfuli) did inform 
ha new XHlrickofthe Rjftes Diume, 
^thrxl the Heirs of promis'd PaUsIim 

wthcirfincy fhould not wonliip him, 
lr ( Idol-prone ) unple leading them, 
h «facrcdTEMPLE introduce 

1 UQ S«rifices that the Heatbtft vfc j 

3vrht\x Kytt$ to guide their fptriwall eye 

j. , c 7' me Rock on whom their hope's mould lie j 
,,d < ■( alas ! ) fi ^4r«f,Deputied 
Ti? s abfc nce,all the I lock to guide, 
lbc oward Cut r,barks not againft their ill j 

^G^ t0t,, ^- ,C0P1CSW1115 
_ in aG^^«C4//;and letsitvp, 

' ncni ^ worfhip,and vnto it (loop : 

"-^/ the 
fdmem turty 


\ si- 
de* ( 


1 1 


I r 

I ^H 


* w 

. >. 



The Lavve. 


Gold, R .ngsand Iewels, which the Lord or Hcav n 

' LoVrokcns;hrdy to them given 

inro a Mould ; ancf (which is woife) 



| ,1c- Feet, that dryihod pall i he Crimfm G*lf t 
\ danccfal ) before a Molten cw/.- 
j )ia\ which Jate on H t h a m lands had 1 ung 

UK !ory,nowto v ataniung. 
Thczc.1 S Prophet, with iuitfury moov'd, 
■] c I rt.his Brother fharpreproov'd : 

'J their Idol ; and eft loons, 

Ftankf by oidc Li* it's molt r.liuious Sons, 

Th h rough the Camp,and each wher ftrowes his way 

\\ -id (laughter, honor and di/inay i 

A fco Rcjpcis nimbly-near, 

\\ icheeri y chooflngaplotofWhcar, 
ir at pleafurc, and of Ceres locks 

M s fheaves, and or their /heaves makes fhocb • 

Field from end to end do run, 
nga e, till all be down and don. 
1 r. as Co mar v Canons fliot at-oncc 

A , tli' Earth with thcThundei gronea, 

I leci flees a broken arm, and breaks another . 

'nd« • 'one hair of a haJv'd bod\ ■, rh' other 
i a furlong thence ; heerflcrs a fhielJ , 
Anddeep-w ide w'mdo make they /ninefold.' 

All the are lc$ of< 1'sdwrefrimate 

conn; mt ^WMagiftrare 

Mil 1 / - .«* k-buetir. 




J lug. 



3nd ,' ill - 1 

rtc menu 

At | 



1 I 

'•".ttdfac I ,„c 

nan < 

A.,,, . a t „ 4 „ feyn* 

« fas toft?. 


The L 


w e, abus'd with Ortclcs molt vain, 

\VJiich Mo- 
idle hopes of promis'd Signorics, 

b s and his brother A aron fain) 
} .. . of promis'd Signories, 

<£ how they tl° ing'ofs between them two, 
neHot:fc,Sc e p t e r andEp h o Dtoo: 


|5Cf how they dally, and with much delay 
pjong their lorncy to prolong their j-jw; : 
v , , conclude) fee how fly Courfc they take, 
To build their Greatnefs on our grievous wrack. 
Hear'ftthoume (M oses) if thou chiefly ioy 

I To feethy Brethren's torments and annoy, 
-] r good to walk vs yet for ten years more 

U tt h( Mountains in tiiefe Deiarts poor : 

Keep vs flill Exiles; Let vs (our Defirc) 
Lmguiih, wax-oldc,and in thefc Sands expire, 
Where eruell .Serpents haunt vs ftill at hand, 

it-Iefs, i lood-Icfs,ycaa Land-Icfs Land. 
If, rcar'd from Youth in Honour, thine Ambition 

wnot com down to priuat mens condition, 
Be Captain, Duke and King : for, God approves-thee 
Thy Vemicsguard, the Peopic fears and loves-thec. 
But as for A a r o n, What is his defert -. 
What High exploit, what Excellence, what Art 
Gain'd I him th' > H, g h-Prujll>*d ? O good God, what fliame I 

js J hath he for any thing got fame 
J«Ho h i B s Horn-God- for defpi/ing thee, . 
*y C mands . and for Confpiracic -. 
emonow next, before the SAcredTctu 
'Miner with facred Cenfcr went 
Ifc-gazing, with a lofty cy, 
mm lent ; A a k o k alfo by. 

f ^™H lh Y Caufe, approve thee veritable, 

Name be to the Lewd a Table: 

^.^whom thou haft felecled for thine Orsde, - 

mJ " V n > and ^^ ^ y rt he fpake, 
\ hS» E * nh began to reel and /hake, 
'"•ndcr in her boweU rumbles, 

"? 7 oni vp and down it tumbles, 
Toi„f^ crRoc KVntilIfhcr4Wiaway 
^vnfr ^ Utj andro let-in the Day: 
AndDivM? Hc,l > and Hell bcholdcth Hcavn, 

0fth 'anci c lcd Uirh thc g lift n n S^Vn 
hainJ nt .' ^ lower fain would diuc 
M r «, t0 ; h ' r: ^e all in vain they ftriuc. 

Icompail with his Rebel friends, 

^^ 1 1 R ■ v b and to the Ftfw^ • 

LI " 







■A. JCti^ fcj 

',hou:aliArt< ft- 


/•-- 7 


t^' Godj 


W Is 

OTa,,n VI 01 pi ntSway, 

Ali Is bears r 




* I • 

h .*•' l v dl ". , 

Da ,dO -ofhugeGumtsi 

with i • r r • 

fr*r f /J a i'a 

t °y 

Hebron w it W 

I) s " 

Deeds? i, as would I fing 

halfi *? 

>,asin f hcCi^«Sc3s 

T i s ****\ 

And, of: ucJ lair , 

id his Prail<3 


ere! dttt : 

* j ** 'Wf 4*ii- [tor 1>1C|C* 

Fc y degrees i 

A- r Lir.dltng taft, 

^ s s me, 

enc sfemd \c\ 

U > j wfti! 

ic h 


red and a! 

I ankLceac 

>rn?irr ^ 


• I } i can 1 




Al lallisafacredir 


tV_ 11 


1 M 


vv k. 

In ft tin ;hts ) betides 

^ Ch Itaj 

«ri i 

rhisdifJ Icwich 

° ti ii ii j i 

hat II 


I irdhacbfcarcini) -..lorjcir 

Ithcl s(intJ bet 


» I ' w; Hcthouinhisfcar, 

not in Marble ) b< i 

I.Aw;bcforc ,i/t 
And:ohi>S nieciarctlr. # 

I H< n-bJ Docks 

' ires md Koi 

inSq rnaMead, 

^^^M* i.h 1 1 

T irl [1 bring t tier. 

Udki II make a p; 

notv\ loans, 

ale I s,Ii 

T ^ 




aloj di»o dly 
I (full 

Mi : 

) [ o nsfluJlfcructhyicuercndEld: 


: ndtl 

til bhjskcj 

-thy »uj 
' //'^"'HuvA.hutfhaJinicthectai: " 

Oli »rl 

all V 

Hi.i tin f 


in pan (Ii 




* v * | 

k. i . 

« * 




r Wo 







■ c «herciU much haft Ihcd, 
iyF oel cd ; 
I k^bmrtlofi Heard devour 

B nochcrha, hyPlace: 

S dau.t.a.othcrforcrhybcc 

,»** Godv. .rai ha 1 finite 
ThvLbom heart, wirhblmdiv Irfhghc, 
S jt a wagging leaf, a puff, a crack, 

, U make theerorn thy hack: 
>ca icH irvay, 

obcbcateT unaway. 

APeo flout, for! i and number ample v 

nh'f^hat! 5^ Example, 
\\\ :n c :nc ancient Wall Jhalldxn, 

licc(Fai /voydbo scram 

V nebo >r want of meat 

jh - . fiefhtocat. 

ml the: temnam(fardrfpcrrt from home) 

jII the tmcrsof the Haiti) J]i roam: 

,ihcyl I no Coontrcy ow'm 


VM all i i oft. i> 

This dying" »g,t Gi I 

o«c ' Olihl m a » >wil-fuil! ear; 

ikon.. vj| mOH s, and O thou giuceaf 

1 V 

Before r ord, my zeal and d hart. 

I leav'n and Earth atten. 
lea- difcourfc, whic :ct' r- 

As Ii on the dry M 

And ho aws,ontcn< 

rant (I th •hcirhcammy\ fe 

( . A V "he: | L a mayp , c , 

^Aiidtlut the h.i,,v Jioppingfion. inv 'r- ingoe 

rnco ' . theyou . 

r ' ™* ] n and Earth 

vr>s r 
•odn^Gream^Iu: )rd . 

The L 

A VV E. 

F Tuhoughlbn ever He- hauc fliowcn him fuch s 
uldren yet (no Children, rathermuch 
a Bjftud Race; full of malicious fin, 
'[I [Side of vice hauc foully wallowed in. 

foolifh People! doort thou thus rcqure 

care, who fenc'tthe day andi i^hr, 

\ rhaShKMrWhocl.okchccjshisheirr 
o made thee, of Co foul a mafs, fo fair i 

Vn-wind. the bottom of oldc Times again, 
Of Ages paft * n-reel the marled skain : 

Parents, and they fhall declare ; 

T • . LJJcrs, and they'l tell thee Wonders raie. 

They'J tell thee, how, when firft the Lord had fpred 

cnonrhe Earth, and iuftly levelled 
H g Meafurc,trT All-Eallto divide, 

Hedid for thee a plcntious Land provide: 

For his deer Ia cob, whom! our then 

fiii'J t* iiauc fequeftred from the reft of men, 
Torh'md &lt(fedSttd(\x\ future age) 
xmldbehiscarc, Louc,Lorand He n tgc. 

J rll thee 'oo, how • hrouch the fandy horror 
Of a nkDtfm. Den of ghaftly Terror, 

OfThirftandHur r, and of 'Serpents fell, 
o) the hand conducted Iuail; 



W gooancs)todiieahimftdL 
fond Writ ihow'd him Ins facrcd Will • 
{J»*«"»flude hid him tenderly, 
"HWhua 3eer, as apple of his ey, 

<*/ royal! fi^sfiered wont, 

"would teach her tender Birds to mount, 



SSu f aid of othcr Gods or Gncts) 
f) £hath made him mount the h eft PI. ices, 

fc Hnx,n » Ion y fl om thc n Jiftilh'rp, 

11 Land With nlrafit. reLn^IlL 


f ,m ^'lIcandBurtcrforhismcat, 
; J"a Mutton, with the Aowrof Wheat , 
, a moft del nis Wine 
11 blood ofthcbioad-lprradmg\inc 

LI j 





La\ *• 

WW fj 

For . falfegoc ;«hvn-rcnotvn-J,anUiicw, 
Godstta iFata Tk "™ 

TheGodoMwnhchokk I being. 

God (a I Iealoufly a-flre, 

,ldrcn thus he threats I) 

m t othetreafuresofn ,racc. 

Then let vtfecwrutwillofthembcconi 
Bnr.uharbutmifchicfccanvntot! icom, 

hat fo pcrverfe with every puff let fly 
Their Fa 'c con/tarn in inconrt. 


Th* have made me iek 
HI make them icio, 
A ople (yet) n co| 



Devour that from my heart do- irnc, 

tall fiercely bum and inn Jmc 

The deep of Deeps,thc rr sD r.d I 

And it oris of the deeped H 

I'll fpend on them my ftore of pun nents, 

And all m \ rows; Famine 

Without rcmorfc (hall make them end l< 

Ab C S rdt rftro- net ) D r 

At home, through Fear, the \ n her no 

ThetrdhyounaYou thf fockingCh.l 
And hoary het^dc* the ground 

Yea, even al 

ground lhall fal 
I quite deface 

thatlfca e/JMmt 



A VV E. 

^ ll'dthis People, and th cm ov 

their arms 

" cheirGodthad did it forth ins: 

a c ^fclfcisvanqui/htwith 

m ri/li block* .oidofallfcnfcaiidil - 
man put a thoufand men Co flight; 

ccn thousand, ifthc God of Arms 
lidri ren fooW their Tn ad bound 

God,ourGod,do:h all their ^odsfurpafs : 
Thr. nveitv I •' btltjthcir \fi irings asf) 

*'s vioGo m o r ', fields, 

bichGall for Grapes, for Rayllns Poy fan yields. 
1 | no Wine >, the black bane it is, 

in vomit of the Cockat rice ; 

q- -r venom, 'tis the fam that corns 

,m the fell A s p u 's foul ini ring gums. 

Dons'): I know it < keep nor I account 

hcquer) how their fins do mount? 
inc.- 1 will i fine) repay 
ill nor long delay. 

T -.rRuinpofteth : then, th' Omnipotent 

I ac o then will I repent 

1 JeOroymin neb pic, 

-wngthi Irength all fail'cl and wholly f< !e. 
sib lid, Where arc their god "com 

Jfcrdi dull Idols, fcntlc it-lcl lumbj 

|o whom the) ttheirhcai and inds,andei 

m* their Gua foofcdidfacririccr 

m let thofe trim Pi otcftors them protect^ 

^ rife qiricklyand defend thei e£, 

T n! ?" and <-Jb"'j ^d com flaw* 
°'nicldthc Fondlincsthat their Fjiksx 


«.v. t .ore,Mon ith'I m • htai am: 
I *T*\ nonc l*C Mr, in or abo i^e : 

AnJl^ ,Ihc I kill, 1 1 aue, 

1 niy hands none can th ncrf 

A^ 'androwardtl chrdHcav'i wihi^h 

y\j.f ''lb) inc Eternity 

Thi.-;', "^*"" ">«< ill to Zctnj 

,r,w hctmy rdof cngeancck 



H ±dm 

i i 



I I 






Thb Lavvb. 

u •imwrelwillmakcdrunlcwirh 

Sf* .ipnslwillijcecinfec) 


the blood 

O G earffl, then h : s People praife and fear, 

Sirbto the Lord iris fochoifdy dorr: 

Sitl CI avenge his Caufe ; and, bearing dovr« 
lis enemies, wUl mildly cheer his Own. 







T 1, £ A 


J14/ Dutcd I r a ii cheers the Abraiiiid.s 

T#C dan/iff- divides: 

i ■■•■<■ .<"'<•:/, 4*4 and why: 

Ssektla Hai *v* <&-; 

( wni >unfr.:xisfliJl 

v rtpinslHk tide- left) prone to rl. 

Idoni-Bcz S .0 n Aj 

Bar jc W label aw 3 r;< ; v r a . 

ru^* K i 4 9tt 

o/l lc Swj; y States- JU^ : W M v r c h i 



JflA:l/*>> Io i ,and y on lUffed T o its 

] cWn Cui -5 

many Jjiafi haucfi| 

iany a 


' ulliisl) Addle: 

»(\vh tm/in.Shon'r 


I 1 1 
:Iki fee LL 


( i i n b 

• in 

T or, 





m ~> 



■ - 4 


.% ■ 


| „ Ca »ni s. 

iccr ; b •%"•-' 

rues P 

„ W rno:b>-IW:urxv.l,c..l:....- • 



\ foJ. he 

Hfcomsnl liUip): 

ft*. tBMibaiTJU 

up,/} A I Iff tlxri aw ) 

Then »< 

T*r» ■««<> *Roi»lf 

jBdtbemX mmhoxi>( 

c corns to 't I t 

]<]£/#•/ frthc.He: 

xi i * * a p t a i -fts 

>o hin lie I 

But in hi icb ) 


Mr '.hus dilates: (fl 




c wiu I 

L i t 



• i 

t I 1 


C .a^^— 

Vj. Linnet ^H^H 

• • •: u, 
J I 


1 I 

I V 



B' ft) 


r0 Hell thy deaddeft Fo : Lo,n» 

rScisthee the Crown, accept it thou. 

''.,. in rhimto Rt*b* and to G a d 

>nt on JtrtLin- aftcrn gc« 

hcrl tovrge? 

Halts) Ic in your heart > Icaiic 

andvsthi ryouraidsb * 

»fib( a-flecp, 

.:, I nchc ourj >rBr< { ,^ 

. faing when j i 1 rtsbedon) 
ctRofc uu, while; ti orion 


mr Brethren the irimiall (hown < 
nd dally f 

aid iiarchtocl the Foe? 


low laHcheb bine' 

ilhould dishonour foyoi lood : 
vin this fide th I lood 

ildren,ai d fo; II) 

mdyouiHcai . il) 

incc(thcnaUtJ Hoaft rcply'd) 
naC ood Hap betide ; 

Cuuintun, rherW'jldc s, 


c *rm itS'eirfct 

tpv eav'nto ) 

<*c hall; am ilyt! nd 

vnclm i U our brave Io id. 

Ark, then march thi iy 

****> \ he way 

'.- .., f :(j °d> whole match-left mighty hand 

lit | >b\ inci. 
b . toddn nc. js 

'is Daughters) i rt 

tub Itherefl 

'*Mnd< ill. 

nlii chatn'c 

'vcrto un: 

i,andC tvds blewly black 


in dlay*donh bed 

el «ninghi$fiag-maggieJ 



Minifies, s* 



o) Canaan. 

ttr £ met J amJ 
#ifwB*n ( vKr 






. I 


- Hi 



VponaT. "****" approach: 

S Kfns* ru/h-Belc wears heieep, 

WlowV irhabouthiswnnUcdbrows; 
father N* , his complexion mowes. 

Sofoonas He their wclcom rumour heard 
His frofty head abouc rhc Wanes he : rear d 
With both his hands ftrook back bchmde ha cars 
Thewa TrefTesofhis weeping hairs: 
And then iac . bigfec * i s Army toy d 
*„ k* prowd ftreams, he chid them thus, and laid : 
. .„_jptuous Brool r'ft choi ull Torrent) 

Jart-vpthy , lain-out thy twelling Currrenc 
Againft the Lord, and over-flo we thy bound 
To ftop his pailagc '. Shall the xxis profound 
i f the p d Oct* to his \ loaft e-way i 
(j/rt honour, flialJ tha ' I fay) 
That long Ui^c Sea, which with iiis plenrious waves 
A third or fourth part of the World bc-laves , 
Shall Thatyccld hum I it his Sonant's beck i 
And thou, poor Kill, or gut: (inrclj tj 

Rcfiithii *)tl s 

Hccr Ark, between the rubinsr 

And faying fo, he on his ll>. lcr flung 
His deep wide ( that on his hip had hung. 

And down his back pours bad irdallhiso 
The ft ream returns towards he ible fourcc • 
And, lea dry a k deep lane be 
The fearful! waves in heaped Hils 
To give God place, and paflage to his hoa" 
Towards their Prmudind appointed emit, 
, dry they pi lfter rl icred OrdcU) ' 
~ u — cMen frhat noi | c 

ountGi^W. and their fk lli anon 

«■* »,uYAlmight) Prince, 




^B m 

Should in their Ptrrikm bear hit i 
'uch a fccrcplacc Record 

H E 



<J o i c Covenant : an d w i 
-thcirgloryinall tncftiU 
jbluflicsai' racc-Ji art: 

Ernesto fee thi «(.! rjflrimpj 

th bloody /in 
pare i 

Whol- '« 


etheJ \tGrJce imprcft 

all part, he is am'd. I K j 
,at Race, and fclfly CtrcumctiJ. 


T hl JH U Reafons fironuhe \ 

ItUas 'Id I bring : bir,fobcr Wits 
: n'ed, concaving that th' incili. 

n c Ftrt-skmJiffiiGcs r 1 1 ' abfci/I 
cd cutring-oftof foul Affecls, 

thofi n God for His elects : 

; i uits of lielh and J dd .hart 
faA, at through Christ wemuftrcgen rate. 
v Htbrevs kept their Pdfs+ver 5 and 

s addre/s) to m ity /cw/w, 


the City roui dal it. 


bat nothing could ro;;t. 
id then rh'i tinted General]) 
?ire: .ittockv Ladi rRamsarall, 

amc ale, oi ban 

icli Po i 

Ifhad been 

Mflioildma nd 

" ( n-Trumpets found ; 

va, not making any i 
* • I s their brows, and with out braves theirvoicej 

A > !_ : ", flu> >t » no ( ^ nc oi War,no glance, 

March doth rather fecm a Dance. 

iil U? wl have we h 

you(< da mcomnom f 


Scar-crowcs vs (I ght 

foe >ur id\ 


'■■'■< tcn,nov 

KJ:"---'' ' cth "hadihc^r-^i^^^^^^ 

w, ' /caver icS( vcntli theyn t • 

lm< ' I 
th ipli 




sfromthi ningcl 

M ^ 



>Afluk f tndj 



wn t 

cho, 4 


rf* 7 





1 r 

f* I 


_ I 






The Captaines. 


w ail doth quiver, 



Aid u*[»*ti 






And all at once vnto ^ WheJtkn Guarifon 
Wichhidcous noy(e , and ^.^ ^ . 

Bftou ,0 Bombards, that you Thunder drown , 

And vaunt you, Mmei,thit yo" turn vf^dejov* 
R^ r ir,sa'dTowrs,andWalscheman»e-moft. 

Yetjour exploits require bom I ime and I coft ; 
You make but a (mall brcach,put a rough way, 
A-d <bv mifchancc) oft your own Ode betray. 
Btir,th' Febrews with a fuddain (howt and cry, 
A whole great Town dif-mantl ftantly, 
And ( vnrefifted ) tuning every- where, 

And,asafortoflufty Bil-mc*,fci 

ood-fal rime ;o fell a Cops,by great ; 

-ftirthem fo,that foon with fw ing pain, 
turn an Oak | ue to a h\ Id of grain : 

i th' Hebew Hoaft,without rcmorfe or piety, 
Through all fad comers of the o;. Cfcy, 
Bum,break,dcf\roy.! hem in blood,and toyl 

The Idol's Tcmplcs,and the d . licat 
Prince-Palaces arc quickly beaten flat : 
The Fire lowd crackling with tic Clowds doth meet, 
A bloody Torrent runs through cucry Itrcct, 
Their venae-roll (word fpai cs neither great nor fmall j 
Neither the Childe that on his hands doth crawl* 

Nor him thai fnowconhislhakingl 1, 

Ice in his heart . not the leaft I ft they bred. 

A deed deed , more ►rthyth' F/t/elme y 

Thtnrl ,W Hebrews 5 bad evoio 

Not charg'd them i nd choice! a 

GurAjfrid»,*ii *jliMl< m . 

Rcierumgo redrUce 

TheGoldan. luc 3nd ; h Brafig 


^mwecious Pillage: which i die Lord 

l-orthisOftcncc ) before their Enemy. 



The Captaines. 

three thou/and chofen ifraelites 
ffai t'aflau It the Cananites, 

, all amies : their Prince the forwarded 
-u lcis-bravcSouIdierthen proud Arheitf ) 

• broad Mountain of his hairy brcaft; 
S horrid fcalcsof^/w greedy beaft. - 


Q^hedaiT-darringwily Porettfm : 

]k iisforHelraa] >ragon'$gha%hcad, 
Whcr-on for Plumi gc Worfc-rail doth fpread - 
i h : like a ! h-trce bare bclovvc, ' 

he top in a thick tuft dorjigi owe, 
rh cucry winde,andmadcro s 
T- l iowon that fide^and anon on this : 
vermadcor Lczan skins he wears 
,-foned Arrows j ancl the Bowehcbcars 

1 ghty Tree,fri i with a Cable, 

H:sS a I.cvcr,whofc keen head is able 
Topcarce.ill proof,flonc,uYvl,and Diamanr. 
rhus fumi(ried,the Tyrant thus dorh vaunt : 

sftali we fnfler this ignoble Race, 
Thusihamefully vs from ourOwncro chafe * 
beViclors ycr d ovcrcom 
r PoflHfions and o nty coni 

Among thefc Mongrels 1 Turn : Icr Children quake 

'irdrad God, at their Sea-drying Lord • 

^G^bouc my gUttc. ing Sword'; 

Hbc fillies and affiults the Foe 

tonow i skirmifli.and doth charge rhew fo, 

■y Allows rulh againftaRock: 


" a ^rreft: as Heavens fulpff ry Flaih 

■rwud Mountains furly brov loch dam. 
nor c a ! >P > ( to «>nc|ucr al w.i\ wont ) 

^^hisfirfttempiftuo^bro, ' 

^U i 1 l : an d,asthey f) nam, 

Ti Jc r or ;£ ou "yofth 

r °rethe V;. VN thc n(withi w#Pccn 

?*Unh,\! I , P r °ftrarewtf m C ai 
**Muft on his head^eyes 

Cr' t ? res * thus to thc J ™ : 

r People \\ %-^ h * UC wc don >° Lord '■ 

J^ 1 ^ to thy Peoples fword, 
' ]) **«* chafe th, elites. 

Ur HoaAvpontheothcrfide 

r ummo>tfJ f 
tints men 





Io(ui1\4hJ the 

hmwbicJ Ufa . 



* * 


| | 

-'■ <>\ 

■ • 



Achia «»■ 


The Captaines. 

set the iVwaw^ morc > 

y Name 

* j f^inf all thv Glorious Sclf> lcom. 

A r d o ffwSd °God ) let ih'Hoaft be fan** 
And let the Church-thief dic,chatda^d to hide 
Th Vn-fawfi.Il Pilfage of that curfed Town 
( The Mayden Conqueft.pnmeof thy Renown ) : , 
Then (hair thou vanquin\and the- lotry Toms 
Of Ha i lhal tall vndcr thy war-like poms. 
The morrow ncxt,aftcr the great Aptfa 
Ac h a s ( conui<ftcd, not by baiciuimizc, 
But by God's Spiri.,which vwtanincs our mindcs 3 

And clccrly fees our fccrctcft defigncs ; 

To whom. Oancc is no Chancc,and Lot no Lot, 

To whom the Dicvnccitainroulcrh not) 

Is brought without the Hoaft,with all hee hath, 

And facriiie'd vnto th' Almigrr ath. 

Now,hetwccn Bethel and Hai's weftern wall. 
There lies a valley elofc inuiron'd ail 
Between the forking of a Hill lo high, 
That it is hidden trom all palTcTS-by : 
Whofe horned clifts,below are hollowed, 
And with two Forrefts arbour'doucr-head : 
Tis long and narrow • and a rapid Torrent, 
Bounding from Rock to Rock with roaring Current, 
Deaffcns the Shephcards : fo that it mould feem 
Nature fore-cart it for fom Itratagcm. 

Thither the Duke ( fbon after mid-night ) guides 

His choyceftBands,and them there wai'ly hides : 

Ech keeps his place^none fpcaks,nonc fpcts,none coughs; 

But all as rtill,as if they march on mofs ; 

So fellow Wolues,when they intend to fct 

On fcarfull flocks that in their Folds do bleat, 

Through filcnt dardnefs fecrct ways do groap 5 

Mean-while the howrs opened t he doors ofDay, 
K out /^ lh 5«uft needs away : * 


cftofalllusHoM c*Gn 

^ amain to giue the Tow b ra u C 



The Captaines. 


, | CT j lC re-charge him t as in feafon warn, 
^hL-makers buiie- buzzing fwarm, 
h humming threats thr from thc little gates 

r round Towr,and with their Uttfe hates 

iflayl^nd wound thc naked skins 

1 [has come to rob their curious Inns. 

° v hv ( Cowards ) dare you com again for blowes i 
y doyou long your wretched lines to Jole > 
fL v, care for you ; wcc'l difparch you (oon : 
the many wrongs that you hauc don 

• ; our fclues,ourNeiehbours^nd our friends, 

lay our fwords /hall make vs full amends 
jsti Amorties ) : and th' Hebrew Captain 
pji-as affraid,and with him all his n 1 
I derly retire^ ftill faining fo, 

politik ) he hath in-rrayn'd thc Foe 
Rightrohis Ambum : then thc Sbuldiers there, 
Hidinthc Vale hearing thej oifc fo neer, 

I ..:in beat them,wercthcy not wirh-held 
Bythrcatninggcfturcs of Commanding Lid : 
J tt ifeen wLamborn's plea fan t JJouw, 
IV01 )elping Begles cr fom deeper Hounds 
ihnejim 1 Hdrejmv milk-white Minks andLmi 
GrsjJrtcljes kthjhe he// thai euer run ) 

1 me leafljjjjue leapt and {train 'd.and a bind 
tfrm'10 ( to their majlers minde ) 
kfiptjo purpofc - } that (for /port ) 
'■'■ m. hiue law wither too-long ncrfhort. 
1 the Heathen had thc ambi'im pad, 

thus cteerS his ficred Troops as fafl, 
"nyHearts-t return again vp< m. 
, **) rown;noWclwrgc,andchcei 

Idle, ckoW 

I* «te "Foes i .ad they lay: 

T ck, yflnkc-.ti >jh kill 

\vSft2 { ( **y«« > 

Lt^^^cmanc ftonnar. 

J? rr, dnoifc N w!.iclul.uirits not only thofc, 

**« jury of it's force, th. 
f «"andForrcfts,aii Uroquake. 

mill? :, lyoudo^Ifh- >ufly, 

C^^whcrey rfurerody: 

1 ^ rh ;j )n ^^O^ > l ru:iatc.» 

y c ^ s gods in vain you ii cate. 
r lo m i ) like Rabb roundbefee 

>ihrilt o? tcrs '° »nd deadly Net: 
Tl,c WairiZr - ^^-hfrer-eaieb. 

brings. th'amazedGameamain 

CtftMt Iofmh 



ji$ 1' Matron, 








, H L 


^ * 

| • 



r s ^ 

t ♦ 



mm mtptxy, 



r; hiTlfiheyk'ip<-away 

Runshccrand there :DUf,/^ hc 

From Hounds. ^™*Z£l n0t to rctil c - * 

From Heavnsi igh lodge the Scnccncc doth proceed: 

Man may nor alec what God hath dec, ced 

You may perceive, wc arc no Borderers 

Vpon thefc Countries : For,our iuits, our Hops, , 

.iofcand moos, were new out ot the ihops 
Wncn wc fet fonh from home • and even that day 
This Bread was baked :n we came away ; 
But the long Iourncy, we have-on, hath wore 
Our cloathsto ra : aid turn'd our viauals hoar. 
W" adiurc you then i c in the facred Name 
Ofthatdrad GOD to whom your vows you frame, 
r.ythcfwcetaii or'.hisdclightfull Coalt, 

ByrhcgoodAr Ithatcond irHoaft, 

By dear Embraces of your dearer Y\ i\ es, 

And by your Babes (even) dearer then your lives ; 

• each ofthcfe,and all of thefc toger , 
And by your Arms, whofc Fame hath drawn vs hither, 
T' have pity on vs,and to fwear vnto-vs, 
To lave our live*, and not foto vndo-vs, 
As theft nccr Nations. 7/r^/accords, 
And with an Oath confirms the foJcmn words. 
So, 1 xxl Lord) perceiving all the Seed 
^SiHLk 0{Sl »W ^"»vnto Death decreed, 

Doom'd to the Vengeance or tl-y I I, 

Ard damn'd for ever ro the decpeft Hell ; 
Would fain be free : but, if I mould (alas ! ) 
Com, as I am, before rh lorioi 
Thou s God) wilt turn thine e; 


-"~ ^oaj win turn tnim esaway 

aa . d ,,,lood P° nift not f 1 Wn, for ay * 
And,thcft„(ftH rofthy;^Mfpure 

Canno Lord) the leaft of fins n'dure. 

Oh then whatmall I dooM -11 f.milizc 
ThefcG^W, : l v .,iln l yfclfd l | , c 

To^ Ace, LoidCfor, event holy Girile 

F.ndcs with thee grace and fauour often-whilc) : 
1 U put-on (crafty) no: the cloal p ri dc 


The C 


-^r^Twith his affociatcs, fell 
^ , fofH« n,«0 the Pains of Hell); 
"! ramble fltece or that fweer facred Lamb 



fnrourfakes) vpon the Crefs becam 
n { ([ ratrcl *d • which themoft refufe : 
S°" lcGcnt:Us\ Scandal of the Jews. 


U J P ,( : 

ning hands with Gold is covered • 
rSiaU bur Lead (or draft, more bafc) 

..CTrCruliblcof thy free Grace, 
■lleiidmeall with his pure Beautie's Gould ■ 
Bornanewman (by Faith) I '11 kill mineould : 
pint and Life, Cbrifi Ihall be mine example, 
piritrtiall be my fphit, and I his Temple. 
ngthus inChrifiy and Chrift in me, 
thou, canftrhou, drivel far from thee< 
, e, from pi on i is'd n cvj-lerufalem^ 
vjl thine ovvne Likerus . and me, like to him 1 
julh from Hcav'n (whofe Bli/s Ihall never vade) 
ThyC/M,by whom ^ and mc, for whom 't was made i 
hefumption 1 O too ralli Dc/Ignc i 
'is J \qWi\1 it onely, is not mine . 

>ugh I W*uldj\\y flefh (too-Wintei -chill) 

t'sfmallfparklesdoth extinguish ftill. 
Ithcrefore thou, rhou that cahft all alone ; 

facred father's tike all-facrcd Son, 
ough thy deep Mercy daign thou to transform 
Self, me iin-full filly worm ; 
[ may be wclcom to my God, 
i Peace, not where the Jewes abode, 
n-Sion : and that thou main be 
1 .lew between my God and me. 

Vs, Hetv*\ JarmuibX Salem's Lords, 
*w Kinglin^ (after thefc Accords) 
*Voattheir Neighbours had betrayed fo 
rcc " n i n Country to their common Foe, 
fc »gn .bread), and by the hand 

,tv Hebrews into their Land h 

G-W.burth*y/i4aj»l ice, 
a '»ant, hafrc i hunt them thence ; 

cue his Allies, 

f | g. I to their enemies. 

'§ '! < > wes fierce j and winged ^<f7«7, 
->thcj Lamtl \ ruHit confufedly 
And nowji! ^ ,' !llc g°^ »ms, and goes, 

'Her th » anS r ° tnc ^ anc ^ n0w to t b° 

Ahund,.., ul ' f ,orn neighbour Mountains arms 
lu Winters, and a hundi cd ftorms 




I ' ' I 

~\ .* 

- y< 



i i 


The Captaines. 

fa, ,',{'.■ Aue* 


* lofiahffcr 

rd%ucn)as 1 htcn U icdtlKKcnown 

Of valiant/*"* ( *>* by G4*« knowcn ) 
u-jrf, f,riousmock,rheroimo r Ranks it whin d 
Vponiiicncxt,thcfccondon the third : 

vrn as a Bridge of Cards,which Hay-full Childc 
Doth inaneueningona Carpet build, 

When fom \ g by,vpon his Work doth blowc ■ 
If one Arch :all,thc reft fall all arowc 
Each vpon other^nd the Childe he cries 
For his loft laboured again he tries. 
I v ,rcmngon his knotty Spear, 

'Gainft Arms and ftorms.yet rhnd out ftifl lcre, 
Th'H: rhich the Windc full in his face < hyeifc, 

martcr than Racquets in a Court re-ieu 
Balls 'gainftthc Walls of the black-boorded houfc. 
Beats out his eyes, barters his no nd brows. 
Then turn the P^j*/,bt ithc 

For,in'ramly the ftony ftonu of Hail 

WJ i flew direct a-fiOnt,dirc Is 

Plumbon their headland ck tht sandc 

And cucr,asthry wa to and fro, 

uer their Hoafttl lailyClowdd- go: 
Andn //r&mrtho'.'gh bet ween, 
Eu word's Icn ■ no . much ) be (cen : 
A buckler one,aoother a bri he] 

Over hist lor ; head do helm • 

1 eflueldbrok- d helm bear ' 
Th'Hailmak bloody green. 

Thofe^hat efcape^bctakcthem to their heels • 
MiMApurfuts .- and though his fwcat diftilfa * 

Horn 1CW0U . 

Fight impci Pone 

^ U Zealand zealous h, 

lEi }Tr C bn?ua 8 c '•) thuj a,owd he faith ; 

SnWhS? » Champion, 

SpiallofK irc ,< U.f ccin P > 

AdhouOMc dcof^W^ 

%ss a r shc 

Asa( oche^drawnbvl '^ ' 







j2Su^ fll P m ™ a £ 0U Sk 

&roaiLogormafrtcboii,h 5 
Th V L» bcgan,to\vards his Weft to run, 

^rfic Pag* 15 tliac t,ic y liaLIC in c baJfc 

Lth' Almighty her complaint ihc makes; 

1| V (he marches with a nacafur'd pafc, 

IriolcrP^ colour in . her lovely face, 
.im cither nipple or her bolom- Twins 
■/fpring of pleafant milke there fpins, 
Vpon her (boulders ( AtlasUkc) (he bears 

frame or All down by her fide fliec wears 
\ i:jiKey,whcrc -with flicclcttcth-forth, 

rth-vpthe Trcafurcs of the Earth : 
A : jmpruous Mantle to her heels hangs down, 

lerc-in the Hesuens^\\c Edrtbjuid Seais (ho wen 5 
The Sea mSilaer wovcn,the Ea 1 1 h in Green, 

cHcav'rjsin <towv,with %o!d threds between : 

widening Z>w,frc(h fl«*/jr,fmiling 7i>«//>, 
•Afriitf»lne(s£ich for her iauour fu'th ; 
Wftillattendsreadytodoherhon r, 
\lxkti3nd Plenty z\w lies wake vpon her. 
Accoutred thus,and thus accompanied, 
loufand iighs thus to the Lord (he end : 
befayd, a Man doth 1 [cav n command f 
JJ i!r thou permit a b railing Souldiers hand 
J° "rang thine cldcft Daughter < Ah ! (hall I 
!J : cbarcNamcand Heth'aurhority 
c barewiade of his ambitious word < 
^(thc World's Law ) then,rcceiuc the Law 
*»« hands f of others fbnd in aw i 

tfl ypleafure,or thou think it fit, 
7»neFa-hcr,that lam fo free) 
Hto> rrCndcrt,, y Lieutenancy: 

W^ V°- hlm,pi,t a11 int0 his hand ; 
V/v ^^eommands^Iex [1 may Earth command. 

^ma ; ' ,ucr ) know'ftrhou not ( God anfwers her) 
Jniy p y . ^jyes my Mercy doth transfer 
7wo I Cn mmc owne power, wher-by 
j tt jj. ' n, ^fcldom) mine rnc Wonders high f 
rcr ny facred Vice-Royes c* and that Hee, 

$ Z M F,c(h } b y fa " h ' s '^^ to m * 

-^ c ^oimtains,may dry-vp the Seas, 

can OccanofaWildcrneis? 


Dtfcrlptwn $f 

(en Jed there *t> 





i]4 h . 

*V -v 






V « 






The Cai'Tafnes. 

Wh«fl .^i^Srforc.butthou,,, 

happy p,,n ? 

. I wonder not at all, 




T\ K Pb<rcJU<M<thneMlel>»fie> 

And huge */i*/W>y thy daunt-left ) oa/l 

• 1/ .^r.rKr, , . •• and if as fwirt c ;.Im 

Wen -thi i md if as win Imoft) 
ThouCW a*p? «y 

ibduingXj : 

•itotv wd porti 

Ogran. J) 

Withondyfnmtnonsofthymi Woid, 
ThoumakcrtRiuerst illy-deep 

To lobftarize (ha. fourceto creep) . 

Walls giue thee way : af y Trumpets charge, 
R ock-ruflu Tempcfts do retreat, or charge • 
JWs at thy feruice : and the ftarry Pole 
Is proud to pals vnder thy Mutter- R oule. 

As a blind man, forfaken of his Guide 
In fomc thick 1'orcft, fad and 1 befide, ' 
Takes now a broad, anon a na path, 

s groaping hand his date) cys office hath, 
Heer at a (tub he (tumbles, there the bufties 
Rake-off his Cloak, beer on a 1 JS , 

Strayes in and out, turns, this and that way ti 
And at the laft talis in a Pit, ai ? 

Euen fo ( alas ! ) hauing then Caj loft, 
So blindcl , )dcrs I a / wilfull } loalr, 

)ntemos the Fountain of God's iacrcd Law 

omldoll.Puddlcspoyfoninr. mktodraw- 
Forfakesti uc God, and new fair-gods*. >, 

And win, the Hatha, frier ,ipcnt< £*. 

aL> v6wit(for^ha£fecshenotO 

And fodainlyhisfcry wcxed hot- 

Andonth< ed bis fweet yoak, ne layd 
But S} t*?£ IhTauiewaighU 

^asanlnfantwh.chtheNurceletsgo * 

Fcefh tZ r^ ^ndfrof 
eels his feet fail, cries o and but ( alas h 

1 orhei quick hand, would falUnikf '. } - e 

lyinthcPittofaU SthralU 

ILJ $££*>< andcrauehim) 

» l »« k cndshisgracio U mdtolaWhim, 




o« t 

"fHfi Captained 

jSr/.'7 that may break in fund 
d Fetters that helabours viiden 

fJc^f^Sled by ch'itnraortall hand, 

JothW ^ L brings vnder his Common J 


1Ilt$Al d'f ho i M A I 3 < ^ A z A ,and As c al 
1 ' * ^ c too : whofc bloudy Tyrant^ed, 
^rUin.arid payd "J* Cake for Bread i 
1 ar-i'fsht Torture hchimfeif js putj 

I SusThiimbsandToesbeot. 

ESXoic in'/ prickr, then outly payn'd, 
* f V^eancciurt he thus confeft, and phyn'd • 

0|»M«« Scepter-graft ! O hand,tliat late 
EorPTdiddrcad,and Edom tremblear ! 

oknd,that ( armed ) duifl euen M a * s defie, 
^could'fthauepull'dproudlvp iter from high ! 
si,v;.vherc-tofcrv'it thou,but t'augnvnt my moan ' 
Tboucanftnotnow buckle mine ;\-mour on 5 
Nor wield my mighty Lance with brazen head: 
A i^alas ! ) thou canft nor cut my bread. 
fed ( Ire ) winged to purfuc the flight 
I fhundred Annies t hat I foyl'd in fight, 

ou hauc loft your ofrice,now ( alas ! ) 
xi cannot march , but limp about this place. 
But,'ris the iuft God,the iuft hand of Hcav'n 
uneowne Coin hath mc my paiment giuen : 

feventy Kings, thus maim'd of Tqcs and Thumb' 
■wcnrjiauc made to lick the crums 

/ boord (like Dogs ) and drawen perforce 

T ^e for block s when I mould mo ,i,-,t my horle. 

' T , ?f ef " orc C Kings ! ) by mine example learn 
' obo^ndyour rage,iimir your fury l\ o : 
"^qjerers i be warned all by me , 
JT° Thral!s,as God to you fhall be : 

' Man,wretchcd and oucr t s 

r ink his cafe may one-day be your ownc ; 

'^ccdoih change rand none a tnf 

!5jy "Svntill his dying day : 

:fe that r f"Vkloriefu.vive5, 

Th-oi . , c,f bl >t ^or yourgloric liueS i 

r ^$oue the Palm: and th'happieftl ^ 

,tT mimph,is Self-triumphing. 

>nloft7i? . ° w,n B ,n m * mvrc again, 
Kj ? r. thc, plo 7 former Armsdid gar, 

Z asa:,cl hodics cslRc booiicb bin 


id the / ///*• 

nor arms nor head : 

w, *h bones of thine o.vnr bands be fpi ea« 

1 9 1 

Vftn Mis T v 
tdrtft Co^A( 4tn 



ThtTyrdnt A- 

doru-Bcicc :*- 
kf*c? mtrtand 

U« otitis. 

Hid cwflsmt. 

JIw Confefikiu 

/. f A CdV'4' 19 4 H 

7>^ -out cm 







I | 






The Captaines. 


ConUl b!oucf,and i \\ , 

Flee flee, and hythec quickly i 
The all-proof Tareet of rl ana r, 

Thy gracious GoJ,rhc glorious Tyrant-tamer, 
Terror of terrors, Afro's drcadfull haim . 

fee already how he refcucs mcc 

i From th' od syoak of ?s$m Tyranny ; 

rcaicin? the Fetters of thy bondage fc 1, 

^W, Bine, and OthmtL, 
Aid Goad-man Sasca n,who(einduftrioush 
\\ cm tills his m horary Land. 

\\ Phtiijitms irh Sword and fiery Fury, 

tcr rhe Jews, and over- run all /*rj, 
Dcflowr riu \ is, and with luft-full ipi?hc 
Ravim chaftc Matrons in th sbands iii*hf, 

Hclea\ >Plough,hccai ponhisGod; 

nd. onely armed wirh his (lender Goad, 
A c he lets on all the Heathen Camp. 
A Pdgi* Captain ens him t to damp • 
What means this Tool ( faith lie ) i go, filly ( lo\ . 
Get thee to Plough, po home, and tmthy ground, 
Go prick thy Bullocks -1 cthcWo ; \U a 
To i long-rrain'd, ftili-conquering fouldjcrs. 

/ ir/t learn thou Do? (replies the ifrtetiU) 
Toknowcmyftreneth( ,'A ,,: htiesi 

And on his head he laics him on fuch lo 
With o quick vennics of Goad, 

And \ . the third th rafts him between th* eiefl 
That down he falls, ftiaking his heels, and dies. ' 

rhcnft. anotl forth morcftoutan. im 

™ak, p. and fierce lets flee at him 

ButSa, ■toons the hta and, ,/>, 

hc^lcgfhort-off irtfunderbroak , 
onthorh. =t, awhile he ftandsand fights- 

K aycsh,m j c ^"hfuryb 

Make.virhfwSt 1 ; **? * 

'chgrapetof JZ» bleed, 

ff Vate,fo *«.i*»«ol , 

Thence thi 35 «■ ; 

^ ^i ass gs * 

The C 


juries Com hither ( Cow-heard ) come thou hither, 

^ \\ vs copc,but I and thou together • 
Canl Vhthce ( pealant )and that quickly too, 
J 'f haftnotwith thy fellow fwains to doc, 
Z Mount Camel's ftormy top do feed. 
heer ( poor for ) thou other fence malt need. 
"5 , 0A Riiinsathim:andhcrunsfor7crce, 

flioo his ibMiim fix fteps back he beares , 

Lrcsdown another with nim,and another, 
5L but with gefturc flood dii edging other : 
1, ,hoi 'tis dark,whcn 'r rains,and bJu/rci s rough, 
h id'ring rempeft with a fujphury puff 

jsdown a mighty Gatc,and that another, 
\ndf third,cach oppofirc to other : 

■noaJ^dufland door-falfs,with ftorms roaring din, 

. n j\:hc /touted that command within ; 

he common fort ( befide their little wits ) 
from their beds^darc not abide the ftrccts : 

B«jntl"f it /liirrs over the walls they run 

their Town,yer it be ta'en,' is wun . 
[Tbefuddain Storm ib inly-deep d'ifmaics-them 
.ut for of Taking to defpair betrays them. 

cirHoau\then biaucly rutocsS a n q a * 
mewyarm anfwers his iacrcd Anger : * 

lofli^or folJows,hc alike beftcads ; 
itrcred hcapc of flaughtered Foes he treads. 
elbow hcer he over-turns 

Ttewithii.sbrow3th«Vvirhhisfootncfpurns.- ' 
ihisftaffhe makes in /hivcrsfly 

2nd fcull,and there he breaks a thigh, 
^rib,achi n> a cheek- * 

■"wngry Shepheard hardly beats fo thick 

o^Tf ^ N ° A R Focs bcats do ™ : 
J^nd mields,and <hafts,the Field is fowen : 

Jtch r? f a ? am P •• ^d on the Plain 

hundred of the Hmbm (lain. 

IK Focs3rcn oralonefubdu'd 

: b» f!S Whofc ha rcT-wToughr hands,bcforc 
- ' itZ $ dcs > c ouJrers and bills had bore ; 

ESfcal; ma,, > towhofc h > md 

^'necommittefhh, mmand 

F^ViorT for f f «o other I read, 
Jjpmd, /^J.theyfoiatimcarefped, 

ti^Hrhftf!! I ° *. A : vmo w,lofc Thr onc 














I) Debar*. 



7f llR ( ^'^ 

A, 2=3* J5*Sr" 

Ha .crcom I. 

Noncftomher ^Hfafiad. 

An- ^ sl " , Lod-ftar j which ligh 

•' ,hcrcft°t><"»"« 

?& : S, wrecks dochgall; 

thcB. oaHPagandan 

A T' C :'; Sftiecbcof cluc, ;! .v 

SmSonthcb ^which unforc-rtiov 
Incuri> ,at doth neatly fv, ell) 

T hc(v J loft) Cattails < 

sanabbi emenr , where t< pp« r 

Tbcnobleft it or nine fcore year. 

Lo,heers! thci, i c r .1, 

Ofadecp Rivei rhirft hrlr dry d ) 

licji , • Stream ; of all which rouf, 

XhcCap hundred out; 

A aniline c 1 a Trump and Torch, 

About an, tyl an! ftdoih 1 h, 

through t! Iradtodain found, 

rov Armsthcro nrer-wound; 

Al ofmutuaUfuryftv 

The bloudy hearts < >arbarou Ii fid 

hatthcfrii 5 ttiai one Couch did. ' p, 
! tch others blade in cithers I ft do ftccp : 
\nd all the Camp thhead-J dcaJi^i en, 
Cut-offby Cozen-! rds,kiH'd I heir 

ntCl i] in, 

>h Laurel n ; 

hccd-lcfs\ umanc I >ful 


With film. ab< t'acc ; 

>errag( thn 
1 !"' Mndrufl through the tl 

T «»^c,andih. 

: 1, ' d then hoi 

V ponthe Mai ^ ; 

drcd ,lant, 3ni !,l, 

1 I % 

1™""^ mate 

n. 1 



-r^TlcISs with flowc and feeble pale, 
1 ' ;i ; h(a 1 sto run to death a-pacc 3 

j iap lct it her temples ties, 
jvjL,'5Flowrs,nOtFlowrsfoi Sacrifice .- 

W . an abe lcsftillai; ient • (in hue) 

olds: -vect, louc-dartj n , 
2 ip^Brow'^freftlifc.Coral, 

H } orfeemstofecJaSuncofet. 

H C j'M£ODclude ) the Giai \iaul,and Mould, 

; f uC h lilt to th Iron, Braf%aod Gold, 
" -crwarv.s nothing but the Mothers lei cecl:, 

- • c father's llgh, and the tweet 1 )augliter's fpecch. 
Loe heer^nother (hakes bisvnfhai dies, 

T .phingonalJontornmpeeces: 

h-lcfs Champion J Pearl of mcn-at-ai ins, 
,tiefl not an Arccnal of Anns, 
\ jecdeft \[\ops of Lemmu/t Armourers, 

Tofurniln weapons forthy glorious Wars: 

, n Aili- s raw bone is the ( b wher-with 
Thy mighty arm, brain%bcats,an J battcicth 
T ncircumcifed C p : all quickly feud ; 
And uYHoaft that flew induft,noivtiowcsin bloud. 
1' Iron Gates,whoiehugcncis wont to lhake 
The maffic Towrs ot Gj£-i,ti)ou dooft take 

thy broad (houId< there (in forming ieft) 
( ng their Palace-pillars C at n feaft ) 

Thouovcr whelm'ftthe I (oufc,ar.d the fall 

ThcPM»//mjblafph Princ til. 

Heer/roi neshead which two huge coins do cruili, 

ha\ imChccfe)thcb red brains doguih: 

1 the; in ad lly fwouncj 

1 broken tcr ro the ground 1 
.nccrpaihtwxthaj ,11, 

•uUyndL sfha ithall i 

* ,H ' r > taken as he fled, 

r °rtois-like)aIl hidden bufthc head: 

'red* Ho 

■uwichl ,,,„ liisTo. 

r fnas «hcfofr > blindc,Mine-im 
R ^ c ' v «Robesvnderthcrian »ulc, 

Andh ng: ir » lndlitl1 

hunting irmshcrn Uo» k* 

; Ml. cafl Mult 

Woman all their Jufts intrude j 

^ufeCdifpleas'dwithi able Fart) 

eeccsl .idBodvhackt; 

^twelve P , ofl * r a b l then transla 

: IUC0U: ,._J i A- -.i 

T tinders of cftin ajcS. 







7/ «uc* 






t 1 


| | 




■jit Un*l< I 

^u wthtatw 




■---x^iJ^i^ fcorn > 

Before tlie A» '> , . , „ , A N s iets-vpoi 
That bright .nb«Me uc)lJ;umtcdt|l0r 

; 53S» 

Of .he right temper of D a m * ' c maue 
?A proud ofitB Vnicon* are v 

OftorichWcapontotadon, h«r Front) 

Amidft their P«ral too* «oth -L . 

nckhc dclooggrapples ( *e> 

The at euher Scioto 

•Tisprefciitd«ahf«pprotchi*el uclin 

nng Cai 

ml i ioi i her Troops encouraging, 
Bdtiishcrquic .tops horn wing t< 

:ourage(fcyth foe) brave* Jdiers/acred Knights 
Srr: md ftrike home,lay on with all yom mighw : 

can, ar rhem not ( O Champions or the I at: h ) 

;odd s your Foes into the inures of Death. 

>oubrlefs,thc rcyourowne : their armed GharrctS 
They arc but Buggsto daunt deie. wits. 

N io (my Hear not A no: glorious, 

But the heart that makes a Camp vi&ortous : 
Or rat! God's ThunJ throwing hand, 

Which ont tall Warr's and : 

And.V i c to 1 1 1 taughtt horn he now 

(I his ownc fake) frankly beft< rsonyou. 

J- ven as a fort of Sheptv pi d 

A Wolf com fU down a Mo .dc, 

Cryftii :$wim 11,4 Wclfr Welfe ■ 

npjinr ( (ayes / o ) vp-hill^nW/x^W/'; 
And fuch a noyfc between the VaJcs dot h i 
T" hungry Thief thence without hi mg flics 

S ith'f/^rw^hcartncd with her brave ouvle, 
njchaniowt,thattlrarmedCarrsand I lode 
Turn fud n backer Drivers Art dccciuc 
And,cha ide,ihrouj heir ownc Army cleave. 

»m,witl adesin -infers brow, 

Wcrc(a Uunc«)bor< md through 

Som om.npcecesv Wrling wheel 

S A ,m . ! x f ">***& vndcr theHorfesTteels : 

Vndn T ?T U r kS ^ » ' « hot, 

pnduHorfefcet(madewithawhi p totrot) 

The C 


-* 'othrcih ch€ iheaves of Winter-Corn, 
'"' Vn.irrs -i)ii:,rlicft:-aw is bruis'd and torn. 

Vi. a (fooping btck,andffretcheda!Tn, 
iU -' rhe fwarhes to winter-feed his Farm 

rnrs-croo i" . j l.i. 

T-' fV ■ n r Dl jr r S-^"-> — - 

Th: » .jir< fore the Hoiie,norvnder) 

S , r hc Scithcs mow'n in the midft a-fundei 

v;crC ^cdihcGrafs,yet,nthcflowr, 

A$ n a r too' ofthe widc-ftraddling Mower, 
Usattncw .__,_,.,, wfUr^iuJ^, 


T I r e fofoon their A; ms and honors both 


fXfoficrceandbloudy I ighr scvcnr ; 

'"(« 'tis writ of the mildc A »amid«, ' . 

A d N v *' s - rfat Son,rliat Hcav 'n-deer M a r s-like man, 
odidtianfplancthcTrib rd C a w a a n ) 
.(inthezealcbFher religion irit) 

, her hands to pra tndhetofighr. 
Recharges fierce,he woiui<fc»hc flauehta s all 

jButS mar A,thcr ( Sprain gene: .ill ; 

.Vho flies to I a h f L >and by her is llain 

I 2 nail into his fleeping brain. 

I Atlaft,tJcHel.nofhead-ftr» ra t l 

Comstothchandoffimo S a ; 

[On? rartly-wifc,wiio w< ;s Policy, 

To icci of /acred Prophccie: 

two edy Sons^digrcffing quite 

good ftepSjdif-raltcthe I . k a e l i t i 

K v l b otth' Ucav'nly Potentates 

■ 'jar all kaf dd e Change of St a r e. 
-'mb n ifi ijcred PariU m ini, 

1 of a in Dcfcent 

( . illo: it, 

j co too,afpiri hii. t) 

' nc! o Pi 

"w hcS r a t r 

' Uwesth'hu f the Commtn wed: 

^ itlsRAi rakeno )i never); 

» ' Ag 

•°fi Fufed Afurchte, 

f*t t'imbracea oi;* 

Wi ador 

' P t,,r Wanton 
fcut ik m ancl Defence ofthe bal abb! 
cT ni ble. 


i^jJ»Y Can bro6k,miIIi men ton 

>L " ; d Mo« tat One man's f 





Dcbora pr^r/i 
ttf ' r/r Banc 


c!u f Icba- 

jr I 9- 










To play wit 


jvc To many 

A C'c but knowcs , that fuch a Court as this, 

I,th"opcn Shop of felling Offices < 
Tn'ha bourof Riot,rtcwsot Ribaldry, 
ThWofProfu/ion,th'H C l]of Tyranny : 

That no-whcrc (hints the R ■ o a i Diadem, 

Bur( Comct-Iikc)it boads all vice extreme < 

Thar not a King among ten thoufand Kings, 

But to his Luft his Law in bondage brings r 

But ((hame-lefs ) triumphs in the mamc of Wives 1 

But bad,prefers the bad,and good deprives t 

But gildcth thofc that glorific his Tolly ; « 

That loom and fmooth,and call his Hcll-nefs holy i 

But with the Torrent of continuall Taxes 

( Pour'd cvciy-whcrc ) his meaneft Subic&s vexes • 

As an ill-fated Body doth diftill 

On 's fccblert parts his cold-raw humors ftil. 

That Form of R * l e is a right Commonxpul^ 
Where all the Petpte hauc an Enter-deal : 
Where ( with-out aw or law ) the Tyrants fword 
Is not made drunk with bloud,for a Mils-word • 
WhereJEach ( by turn ) doth Bui and doth olxy • 
Whcrc^bll the C#wm*»j( hauing Soverain-/nM/ ) 
Share equally both Rigour and Reward 
To each-man's merit : giving no regard 
To ill-got Wcalrh,nor mouldy Monuments 
From great- great-Grand -fires fcutchcon'd in Defcents : 
Where, 4or»«/nicn,vn-foulc-clogd ( as it were ) 
Withfcrvilegiues of Kings imperious Fear, 

Fly eucn to Heav'n ; and by their Pens infpirc 

Poftenty with Veitue's glorious Fire : 

Whei lonour"s honcft Combat never ccafTcs, 

Nor\ crtuebnguimes^nor Valour lecfes 

Htt Ipnghtrull ncrvesjhrough th'Enuy of a P 

That cannoi : brook another's excellence , 

1 ul\l»X° f ^ ofc ^ ho < ^m great Elders fprung ) 
"S ° th ? WoitlUough for them, 

rbafcDefpair,,nthofcofmeancr Calling 
^ » on the ground ftill ( woorm-likeTufdy crawling, 






h aw : 

^ rStiSnP 1 ( nor fcarccly tbink,precjfe ) 

^ at A^ or gl° nou$ tntcrpnfc - 
A"yS? Anl i,i c ion,Cufbm,andthcLaw, 
caU , ■ u E(tate hath bounded them wit 
^Herhat ncuci; rightly Icarn'd r ob ay 
roimandcth nor, with heavy SwordoFswy i 

C^^TA'Ptxblikhwing cquall parr, 

All rofavc nll,v.ill hazard liFc and hare , 
Shot UknK asdecr as life and breath ) 
Bom\vKhvsh>ft,conforts vsto our death. 

Shall lavage Bcafts like-better Nuts and Ma ft 
In jfrccForrc(t,thnn our choifc Repair. 
In iron Cages '. and mall we (poor Sots) 
Whom Nature Matters of our felues allots, 
Anc rdsof All befides; (hall we go draw 
On our ownc necks an cafe-lefs Yoak of Aw i 
Rattier ( Iacob )chufewcall to die, 
[ Than to betray our Native Lilxrtic - 
Than to becomtlulpoi ting Tennis-ball 
Ofa proud LMmdrch j or to yecld Vs thrall 
Tolerveoi honor any other King 
Than that drad L a w which did from Sina ring. 

Another then, whom Age made venerable, 
Knowledge admit 'd, and Office honorable, 
5nnds-vp,and fpcaks ( maiefficalJy-railde ) 
Onothci Piles the C o • o n-W b a l to build. 

Doubt IcfsCfaid he ) with waftcof Tunc and Soap, 
^ have laboui'd long to wail i an /Ethiope: 
\ have drawn vs hcei a goodh >rm oIStatb 
(Andwellwchavchad pi oof of it or late ) : 
M weagain the Sword of I r $ i i c e put 
n mac I menshands/oon their ownc throats to cut i 

Tjgct is more fierce f whu Bear mor fcl f 
J* >haffmorclight i What Sea moreapt to f wcl 
i n ^ Btn I vn t"dIedVuIcar,hafnon-tofsr i 
&^ infouU vcathcrloAr 
Th»!°?L dcc P Pr oiedb,if to thcyes ofall 
S.thTn bcpub,i,1 « in the common I fall i 



ft jt»ubft y - ' 
tyrrtr..' Srn* 

\ it fir At Ao- 

c r 

rate of d a 


'oidhrvi V Tisasatc ^nij 

*«/r of f**nd Pilot inthedec-p: 

l*ite f r 

^^amdofthoufandl > (light > 

herc»T CC$ P^ 5 b y number, 

A p ail Jfttcndo propound, and Fooh difj 
A , Ca 'l things they to fale cxp : 

)flb n , ' ,ltl l ,v «'hercayth'm mfeft, 
00l ^ndbuf,c,arcert dbeft: 







The Captain*!. 



iic rh reach-man dreads : 

O hasVV^Irhhatfua^a ovcthcp.rch 
XI* Ih'nKirt't Vi I ar • and toth hands or 

Lervs commit the ReanSofI iu« » ■ ; 
And ever from the lacrcd Helm exclude 
The turbulent, bafc,moody Multitude 

Take away Choice,and where is Vei rue s grace? 
What t (hall not Chance vnto Defer: give place f 
And Lor i Ri°ht? Shall not the blind* be led 

Bv thofc whofe eves arc perfect in their head i 
Chiefly,amid fuch baulks, and blocks and Pits, 
As in ben Ja#-paths the beft WKf-man meets f 

Who may be bcrer u uflc J with the key 
Of. OtC r of Gold and ns than they 
That' the .\c? And who mote frriii and fit 
At artful Stern of P o t ici » to fir, 
Than fuch a^ the Ship moft venture beat : 
Such as their ownc ick with the - ■, wrack fear: 
Such as,Conti nt,ancl Mud e, 

Ev.-n Death it felre,ratl nC vouldchoofc? 

WhilchcdifcourftrrrusonaT! fa 
Vp-rofcaGallanr,nol'' v andb •, 

i tr\ »Kp Vnlr»ir r\-\f tkir linn'. ,' .„.-. .1. .,...- - 


* FototheVulgar/nc that hop't( perchance) 
£* One-day t'attam a ^cepr governance, 

1th; efpeaU : ^ our R v 1 1 rttoo Fret. 
Yhave proin'd the Ieavcs,not b PubUk-lrtt t 

ecjualuSdeJbut not in cnr"d our ' f: 

avc in our Field Mil rhc tares 

OrLeagucs,anclfacr Tor,phn 

Of Heads and Hands to I toBmperir, 

forthe moft p.u tlii | s . 5 

Ononis way hales: another, that 
A! every.*. hui ^ 



And fo(in fine) \ r A> Krone 
Hebvdeg.resl Aw ^ 

to bncf,the Scepter Auji^uka 
AndP^./^have*^ iWWil ^ 


The Captaines. 


rr^fScmcan be permanent 
. f^/flijwhidiorGoucrnment 

j [fe-blou< tnd rvatiue, 

\ , a t E.yong,ftfong,and J » doth thrive. 
v ' „ A R c h v isasa < oodly Station, 

11^ vpon a fur c Found m 
. wlierini cipall) 

A' yandfei 'dofall; 

idShip,wh -'.en the danger's neer) 

^ [ajfcrsitiivcnot who /hall Acer. 
A SJ >rld hath but One G !.H iburO: Sun: 
'rva'lsbutOncCL :theHony-bi ^butOnc 

ftcr-Bcc: and Nature (natively) 
r heans 1 RuIcofMox ar y. 

A . hofcEdi ,all ioynt-procccd : 

nderwhofi Seditions never 1 h 

ikillg with Colleagues he flat 
cVidoiyefcapel is ha:xls : 

Vdefly^vhich ( as the Bale 
flal * pport the waight and grace. 

' ••: ;, -f>: a well-RuI'd State, 

lit nor cxcciiu , 
: celliz'd to a plurality 

Kinglings,ofa m Equality : 

lyRh r,dcepai I la , 
bleti teft Charge, 

fall Waters guided, 
undi little brooks divided 5 

•rcfe; syiorSea more waighs the farne 
™ n " ideandname. 

mclude ) a wife and worthy Enwr, 

in Royal! excellence, 
: ;;op,thcirpowi full nerves, 
tharalliivitcprcfc s : 

> lire,and foulcjight and fore-fight 

Almighti i if Picture right. 

" te fpake,the People loudlj d, 

M G j wee'U have a K'l N G for Guide,- 
. ; Isofth'I aANCoafK 

i vi j will- ithcnrcica 

ii , s ..«- v --AT-. A 

J M i/* . 





s ! more affect 

'• r r Y,t! hisoldc Providing 

': !: - II for* mortal] Prince? 
i ;cbe ls) fliall,yoo (hall haw 

•Ho rhcirvpon^ 

your Ho ou 
),s, °n«i i draw his Tram ah 








The Cai'Taines. 

ofl'opm J JC , s d l . ^ 


To be h;s S *« < r 



4*j y*xt. 

AndPiMRA- rn but light to hi* 

rlsKAB.dotl, «, 

Whofc curfed end marr'd what he well began. 
VoL>,too.too-lighr > b l ilie ) a.i 1 biriouswu5, 

That Heav'n and Eaith confound with furious fits \ 

afukFran Wmn 

And every momen c your >t b r a t u : 

hatwecningh ^ l,ll: 

Thatthough ch: Ichangcnoty rill; 

Scc.Sc, htl Umi QoftHigh) 

Heer ore your f< mcjr. 

The > f i S t a t i e A K I OCIACY, 
Andfac KIN CD- tl • it) 

- ' A -like from Heav'n rand rhefe three Seepter-fbnxa ' - 

■•' Co * Flourifli a-vic, veil in Arts an ins. 

A ntLaws.1 nit I/elietiant, 

Grifem Qene : : mi I. enetuns, 

M tnow 

< ~* • Vrr.7 Your fie: ■ d Laws tooted fodcrp with yoo. 

Ont! dbrcd 


Vndei K INC, Snpreame tl:ad y 

Let vs Oillhonoi th^ Mm, 

cirl. md m Subfiles. 

Let's read. ctliefc nous Teachers, 

Thcfc fh e-lefs 7ri*Wvhcfc fedrious Preachers, 
That in all places alwaies belch ba 

A :d abroad, or whifperi' 

at Pi inccs ( whether good or bad ) 
The i cutcnantsofAl 
Wllettv >,bcforc a K I N ( 
\SeniU , Seep ci Papular. 

'bcttCTlvanhcr^^/^ofa KIN < 

i ,n ; ,: . I all hhlood-flou. *,.* 

Whi. ^/#rw, \d Deform at i. 

I 'u a <* 

rcatl IdinoVAli 

it B ,ldc 

igoodleachfee: tofun, 

•rdcrcd dyer,ina gentle i 

A r T A I N E S. 

j^TfJhough in Cckly plight ) 
■FSotfMed todeftroyitqui* it. 



/If "^'" Content bis part : 

<"P R ciH'.,/>/Confp cy; 


^w^Atheilts,/j/w« ion 

^ yM deM Ambition: 

JJ (U Enemies of Man 

Viper s+Monjlers inhumane, 
l *tu«'d N osjmplous Ero a a t 1 », 

j »*£ ** P" ft ' "^ blowe-vp 4// Eftates ; 

sW Peoples Government 

tMittlhretconfipsourV ariiambnt ) 

IM m all that wean feat to fall. 

^tmyfirefik(Ccdafver BleiTcd ^ 
Oirfkituj G O D'$ immonallj^Utejly -, 

guhd's&'A ch-n l.itojp/, 

^ net: : ll i' ubers andnhoneuer fl •> : 
m; F. r^whofefl/H-Jirm afjeflion 
Pcj- /.' i' :.•///; nwgr *//;/* Pra w» : 
d^k// .uihusSaues ■isjUIL 

(n **oi r opronetoiM) : 

( the Spirit of Light ) 
\j, ' m the Tri\( 1 t m ari'bi) 

1 1 t 1 1 $ h.ternall I hxbs/VOk b, 
y*'t*\>-}cuVoxi;riniProu>deiiCC alone \ 
\btilrmihe F V wee/ their I icryZf4 

1 four ?ki oar? \f»r Pvj l i k e-W fe a l 

' k i ■ ( <wr /Jtf/?r/7j i/«rr/i •V/i/A j 
•;> nftrueChrijltanVh n u, 

Z«/ #/ //tf n/i «/ / /; ee up : 

[ ' ' her meafure in her C up : 

*»fkj mj// Km^lm-sofKc/xc. 

*re not Amalcch j 
. 'at would under -mint 

"" rvebesoftheSacrody 

<»>»«. To fpare em^tofpoil 
i thy Subleased thy Soil. 

* r > frmc-lojsllV din 

Plot ontl< fijt 

i 6» y. 


rreldndytur Countrir ng 

^Courage toajji/hc (, 

md teener- font 
•fhii thrmsnd 
rtida ..or knees do toZui: 



I : 
■ I 

C APT A I N* F. S. 

l>Li»Zlmth Hrronious Spelt i 
T f £^frrn(on,vbicb uke root too deep. 

^rfor/o Piori ^UfVsPrJsfeandPray 
riiJiUmgkrmn ( wbefe X'crcjUJls/er *j ) 

ThsMiKAc of bis Protection *W/ : 

7> fr«-R q*nt « •'" ^ w ? m ./ j • 
( p. ide,Luft,W Loofcncfs) wr to" »**»*</» : 

nfiuJM cantom i* ***?*" ] >roft 1,l0n 
0//r*R BiioiOK {vuhsdueMfcrction 
7,x^nbe$v>W\^J*dbj?eculUr choice 

To knoveoMr Shephcards/"* ^ H\ a's iw« ) : 
AndfverlojolltsowV*. i s c */«?*/* 
Gt$dt,Unds, ind Unesjgsmst bis lute full Foes : 
^imong wbom ( Z#r</) // (jet) of Thine <r/wi, 
Cot** ffav $«/f ty j W the reji Co n fo u nd . 

And ( to Conclude )V* I s c i,P e b r s,W P b o > l e /*, 
?r 4^ oil at once, ondfelfij each o/;on y 
Hit Holy Hand,*/;*/ (#f * long-ogoe % 
Hit Sidrach,Mifach W Abcdncgo ) 

FromthehetYurmccofPovt A'/.eil 

HjubSi-v'dourV s i n < our I'fer s ,w pviu K-wesi, 

ThcendofthcT ii ir i Daie 

of the 
Second \'Ve £ k. 

a v 





\U The Tr op he i 5, 
II. The Magnificence, 
I III* Th e S c hi s m, 

\IV. The Decay. 



T$ Prime Hinrt^ Ftigbnep. 

- 1 r- 





A Sonnet. 

Aum^neto-mu^xcd //;' H o a s t of all this An, 
Tour Roy. til father in our Fore- ward/?Wj $ 
W^r^ f A 11- fife ,) bhmf elf alone Commands 
A YV oinDc/ Crcacurcs/<r.r^4/^ CVitf. 
Ar ard doth not vnfit lyfall 

Ufa**! Cbizhjvhofc grauc bruit heads fc hands 
H Qttnfuldc.our a: c(o Conduct our Bands, 
Ai(ittbrunt) tffront the force of "Baal. 
Or Rare- Ward '(Sir ) fbalbeyour Princely Charge. 
fhmob laftjw least ( fuh it mop Honour brings ) 
Mm Honour's Field bef ore you lies mere Urge : 
f" J** Command is ofa Camp of K iso^, 
S*f»J y fombdd : Tour Glory jhall letter 
TiCimfand Vfe the goodie bad Casfli icr. 

A Stasia. 



vm Evelt f*i A T v » ./^Aibion, 
Zpftwbofc perfection \ \ ca v n W I th <w»#//*. 

k - ^8), ^ 7im " hi™* Jhou mayfl ble/s this Throne 

A^ l iu 0uth ^'^^«wAgCAWrr5 
'«^Z 6 0pCS ( ^'chfijaUre-vrveonr hearts} 








The Tr o p h e i s. 



the Stand Week, ^BitTAi. 

Tin Aro v m k r. 

Saul's fallfrtm Fauour/wf#G«&Di/grace. 

Dai id deft md S UC /V-tt : 

Bramn^ Go\hh,andthe I ;s 

HcLrAm'.jfcjUs : He t furious Prince. 

Seem Sam ri/j'i ml wrfe/ • Selfeljfliiu : 
King Dauids T t ,W triumphant K ai :m : 

//w besnenlj Ha rp-i*/ //» Jlftjg I a m i s renew A) : 

His humane fr; wfewd. 

BerfabeAtf/ reprint n°: 

I->auid repentin? ( Our Rspevjtamce muni* 

1 oil >rcc,andP fit forme withaJI, 

»or of com. . iW ; 

SucccfTcconf 1 es it : for the power 1 >e 
Tames by his hand th' outrageous pA//// 

Andt ucr-wicl .(ijoutebtti 
•o-too-happy . ;an ance 

ld r ; au <* finances 

■"*» dinlftmCo ell, ft) 

S? 1 nehaththruV 

(Though P nuily)anoint ( ^ ;e A 

Lord/icli I cannot (: [maynotoncc) 



A. I ^ 

h.nan.y bright 7>-^^, 

rwzvlikc ) my trembhi Afpesad 

X- vet his ( Lord ) I chine 
HarP'ftri n 6 s > n0thisBo f h ' xn S s haut * > 

& r ^dnothisLancc,ro thy-fnig 

rand the honour otaiy King. 

! HeaVn thy glory found 5 in] b, 
A^ 5 n^ • whom ( with Heav'ns loue furpriz'd ) 

f a h«thcrc,thoufiowhaftAngeliz'J. 

T <AcL I'notofWar.butPcacc, 

n^thrcc times wreath'd about my glorious browc 

.,. i hauc rd'ccw'd my con-Citizens, 

hom profane Fames-Thirjt day and night did mouC 
Tobcbdbu'dto th'yoakc of wanton Loue : 
For ( not tomc.but to thcc,Loi pi aife ) 
tyth' example of my SdcredLzy^ 

^ZMWonrnoblcftfpiritsa benr, 

rich Name 's their only Argument. 
, H M in priuat wals,- h priuy figne , 
it K - laker did for Kingzfsignc, 
Begins to fho If. A fire ib great 

Cculd flamc-lefs long : nor would God let 

So noble a i imblecd .-torufl 

raphcards idle and ignoble duft. 

v certain we that laying proue, 
T loubrfull Fear ftill v, i tender Loue 1 

J^/D(6ith/^)I am full of fears 

* deer Brethren : Each Aflaulr/alt tea 

5 from mine eyes • mce thinks each point doth (tab* 

«fKj4«w,and ^Ammadab. 
^eforc goc vifttc them, and h this Food 

JJ^m my Welling ; lay I \ h them -o< 

IKnlT 8 G ° d t0 micId and rhcm m 
, , lc ^ tru m ( foon ) viclon 'inc again. 

T,,tn^ ocsZ) ^^/Aanel. 

A Va T high HlU wherc thct ' mics lic ' 

~Jr n csthcm i where ; ra: mood 
.^*;ukc) a n armed Giant flood : 


lend ,/• Dauui 

im the (tmpf. 



l J 14 ** »ues : his bullf beard floated thick - y 

' Hi j darn indbofombriftl wen 
Hcc hog-likc) with \vycr indeed 

^^ — O' 






Th& Tropheis. 

S!«««roBr M ds ) hi S beIlv a nAbyfle. 

His cy« two 

H ic"tv,oPiI!^ ;a -.dto/;-cl 1 in, S o, 

ftf;t S bn | . lt n S h(^h r . 1 yc S di^) 

Ariinft Ac Sun 5 rhc Sun it fcl refleel . 

Ouer fom City,wirh new chivatfiiU 1 lul.r, 

Prefigine down-fall or fom ditmal rate 

Too-Seer approoching to fom ancient State. 

} Us Lance a Loom-bcam,or a Mart ( as big ) 

Which yet h akcth as an Oficr twig ; 

Whofe harmful! poinr is headed fhfly-ftraight 

With bumifhcBraflcabc an Anuils waight : 

\ f pon whuferop ( in Acad of Bannarct ) 

A hiffins Serpent feems his foes to threat : 

His brazen CuitafTc,no: aSqur an cairic j 

For 'tis the burthen of a Dromcdaiic: 

His Shield ( where Csm his b; er Mfclcs, 

Where C^h: H jv'n-cIimbin-TowrsdothraiIe 5 

'here tV Ark of d,to the' ' Htsihtn cap iuate, 
To Dsgs»\ Houfe is led with I id hate ) 

Is Iikea Curtain nude of double planks 

To (aue from fhoffomc haul be/iegcd Ranks. 

His threatfull voice is like the Itormcfiill Thunder 
When hot-cold Fumes u fulphury clowds afundcr. 

O Fueitiues ! this is the forti'th day 
('Thus barkrs the Dog ) that I haue (talked aye 
*4*ifiitH | About your fcarcfull Hoaft : that I alone 

Againftyour heft and choifeft Champion, 
In /ingle Combat might our Caufc conclude, 
To fliun the (laughter of the mull 
Come thcn,whodarcs 5 and to be flaine by mcc, 
Itfhallthinch' tourand high Fortune e« 
Whyam I not lefs ftronj my com iHrcncth 
Might find fome Braueto cope hat length. 



Bw,phy forfhanv hen flial weceafcthis gcare 
J to deftc,and you to fly for fcare '. 

\[y. 0ur h«m fcruc not to d ndyour Lot, 
Why arc youarm'd ? wl, athcryccld you not i 
Why rather docyou( fit dare nor fight ) 

NotproucrnvnuldncfT^tlianj jgfo 

\\ hat needed I Coars o afTc iod Caps of ftede 
Forfucha^(Harc-lilce) their frelc' 

But, fith I fee not one of you ( 
Alone dares ineet,nor looke mc 

as \\ 

The Tro 

p h e i s 


. c omc twenty,nay come all of you. 

Co^ cta) \ r Cvdelet your great God come too : 
An^ in > kc Hell,and (hake the Earth in fonder, 
^^hearm'd with Lighrningand with Thunder : 
l/t^fl Lj, come and buckle with mc hcer : 
C ° %v God,leflc then your fclucsj fcare. 
V^S°r,.L fpev. J,the drcadfull Cjcbp ftirr'd 
^SwLimbes • beneath his fccthcrcard 
h^"j fd u ft : and,whcrefoc'rche wend, 
A ,^Fearc and Dcath,hisghaftly fteps attend. 

M* * W* of bu(]c chnttciin § Pi «> 

c^fomchardicTcrcdl from the skies 
fflLi with rav'nous fercs/eele a chill fcare, 
IL bull, to bufh.wag-tayling here and there 3 
Coth3tnonoyfe,riorftone,nor/tick can make 
Xhetiraorous Birds their COuert to foi fake : 

"h'//rfffl»Troopesthisbrauing Monitor flwn • 

J final his fight,fom here,fom thereto rurr". 
nthc King commands,intrcats and threats - 
Awl hardly three or fourc together gets. 

Whitfhamc ( faith he)thatour \ -rious Hoa(& 
Should all be daunted with one 1 'agans boaft t 
Braue imtkinjnow is thy courage quaild 1 

iich,yrrlt at Bofoall alone aflaild 
Th' whole Heuben Hoaft. O Worthy Alntnoo^ 
Whir chance hath cut thy Nerurs of Valour now f 
And thou thy fcl fe( O Saul) whdlc Conquering hand 
Hadycrft with 7r<fbtu filled all the Land. 
As fir as Tier is ,from the Idphcsn Scjl : 

we is thy heart? how is it fall'n away c 
ot Sal : o ! then what Israelite 
^avenge God's honor and Our lhame acquire i 

Vputr'd with anger,but more flird with zeale, 

0. , n this l>a gan,and tetlvstli 

TK u brin ^ mcthis Wo,Ps bowling head, 
wn and Earth hath fo vn-hallowed i 


5 ' rU !^ blood walh out this blot fofoule, 


Aod^ ln H. m >' Daughter for ! Spoufc : 

ctfn I Saints )facicd and honorable. 
AU Wi a'7 h ^ Z) *^nomandar 

loot- C ^ n JtnoncwiH n'tfodeer: 

•onsir, ^ M^otis.braue in vauni md vows, 
v.oniT ««.... i_.^_ ,-* . 1 •-> 

**nth Tya "° w in tl,c C p lic Cows : 

*&ulc ,C ftr,ut coo,s t,icir courage fo, 
OmyD^^^'svali.nt ugctogio 


*mp\r l{ x*drJ 

to bm thttfi,*3 

■**d*rt*Vf tht 




Tro p hies. 

Pauwb *$** 


My Lord faith H^ ' Lor j rh c K m g* 
v Hrav'n-icorning Head \ n / 


Tl buddmg doun doth fcarcc y W 1 begin. 
Keen therforc thine ownc Rank,and draw not th 

With fhamc and (on o w on all y/«rf, 
Through end-Icfs Thraldom to a I-o fo rc-^ 

The fcinteft Hans, God turns to Lions here 
To Eagles Doucs,Vanqui(ht to Vanqinlhers: 

God,by a Womans feeble hand fubdews 


God is my (trcng:h : therefore ( O K ing ) forbca 

For jffMlfov thcc.or mce,to fear : 

No feU cfumprion makes me r :mly brauc 5 

Allured pledge of hi- piowdhead I haue. 

Sccft thou thefc arms,my Lord < Theft- vciy arms 
(Srecld withtheftrengthof the great God of Arras > 
J hue batii'd Mount Betblemwkh a Lions blood : 
Thefc yarms,bcfidealhadywood, 
HaucflainaBear,which(i :dy after prey) 
Had torn and born my flfliccpaway. 
My God is full the fame : this f mage Bcaft, 
Which in his Fold would maj i laughtcr-feafh 
All-ready feels his fury and my force • 

My foot al-rcady tramples on his Corps . 
With his own fword his curled lei I lop, 
His head already on th round doth hop. 

The Prince beholds rum,asama2'd and mure 
To fee a mind foyong,fo refolut 
Then fon (faith he) fithfoconfiirn'd thou air, 
Go, and Gods blcfling on thy valiant hart • 
God guide thy hand,and fpeed th\ ipon fo, 
rnat thou return triumphant of thy I - >. 
Hold,takcm y Cor(lct,and my I leln mncc- 

AndtotheHeavnsthyhappyPro^ luance. 

Luitu?Xf!?. Si ma ' ingbraucly-brigh 
Wkh S S a J ' G***** Mt bedight 

urns W mtcis night into a Summers clay. 



. due hchad half afurlonggon, 
1 .• [notice and Armour her had on 
I ^J^jjym fo,he could not freely mooue 
1)1 i and arms,as might him belt behoouc. 
^ Ln7W/&Hobby;light and quick 

K >h on the fpur ouei the bogs they prick 

I" h, ,jaSaddlc.plaudalhvith!teel, 
To-haid a Bit with-in his mouth , behind, 

Lpcr and T 1 appings him too-clofc to binde ; 
u, (eeais as lamc,he flings and will not go s 
q. , fastis but ftiffandflowc. 
DAVID therefore lays-by his hcauy load ; 
And on the grace of thcgrcatglorious God 
i Wi'10 by the wcakeft can the ftrongeft ftoop ) 
Hcc firmly founding his victorious hope, 
So Arrows let :-ks,nor other Arccnall- 
Bur from the Brooke that runnes amid the Vale, 
Hec'rakesfinc Pebbles and his Sling,and fo, 
Courageoufly in counters with his Foe. 
\ What Combat's this? On the one iidc,I fee 
\ in.- oiling Rockc,whofe looks do terrific 

n his ownc Hoaft $ whole march dorhlecm to make 
The Mountain e tops of Sacathcncn to fhakc : 
On th' other fide, a (lender tender Boy 
Where grace and bcantic for the prize doo play : 

lauebut the doun that on his Chin doth peer, 
Andooc would take him for ^4tKhifes Phecr : 
jOtjChange but weapons with that wanton Elf, 
And one would think that it were Cupids (elf. 
Gold »iu hishcad/carlet in cither Cheek, 
( ' rJC ein each part and in cachgc(r,alikc ; 
In all fo Ioik !y,both to Foe and Friend) 
ThatvciyHnuy cannot but commend 
j 1 atch-lefs beauties : and though ardent zeale 

A 1 1 U1 h ' S faCC a ^ inft the Infidd > 

. lt,lou .-h his I Hry lume,though \ I down 

"^nimbly trauer'k, though he i ccly frown, 
1 nough in his brcaft boyling will unly hear, 
's (welling heart do ftrongly pant I beat j 
^niie is Calm, and from I nodefteyes 
l^eranousfecms the grimmeft flalh that fl 
Tn k * a D %'^hou I ) warf,thou Dandiprar, 
° »* with Hones rcpcll'd and paired at i 

O fxVn . 11 wear y of thy life fo foon 1 
2 0Wh b °y •' fantafticall Baboone ! 


11 ,0 ttc/tis heer another kind of ftt 







The Tropheis, 

For J«in^f^&ead andchcfc: 

Thi make rhee dare fo much ? O La dy-Cow, 
^ So more be-ftar 1 wanton brow 

CurIrhcquaintTrc««ofrhv Gold*- re: 
Til trampleon that Gold , and Cre .and Pyes 
Shall peck the pride of thotefwcctimUing eye? : 
Ycvio(mygirlc-boy)no,I will not 'file _ .- 
My feared hands with blood fo faint ly-vnc : 
GofcekrlTymacdvhoufhalt notdy by me. 
Thine honor (hall not my diiliortor be : 
No ( (illy Lad ) no,wcrt thou of the Gcds, 
I would not fight at fo vn-knighily ods. 

Com barking Cine (the /frfcw taunts him thus) 
That haft blafpnem'd the ( k>d of Gods, and vs j 
The ods is mine (villain ,1 fcornct IVojfte) 
I hauc for Aide th 'almighty Lord of Hoafh. 

Th' Etbftti's a-fire^and from lu's goggle eyes ; 
All drunk with rage and blood,the Light ning flies. : 
Out of his beucr like a Boarc he fomes : 

A hclliih fury in his bofom roames : 

Asmadjic marcheth with a drcadfnll pafc, 

Death and deftruction rmiftcr in his face : 

He would a4refh blafpheam the Loi i 'Lords 

With new defpights j but in the ftced of words 

He can butgnafli his teeth. Th; isanOxe 

Straid twixt the hollow of fteep 1 Ids and Rocks, 

Through craggie Coombs,thi ough dark and ragged turning*, 

Lowes hideoufly his folitary Moornii 

The T nt fo from his clofehehnet blunders 

With horrid noifc,and this harfli voyce hethundcrs : 
Thy God t aignsin his Ark,and I on Earth : 

I Lhalcngc Him,Him ( if he dare come forth ) 

Not Thee bafc Pigmee. Villain ( fnyes the Jew ) 

I hat blafphemy thou inftantly ihalt rue. 
It c r you faw( at Sea ) in Summer weather. 

AGallc. J a Carafe eopc tocher 
Vr T™ ™^*>dtfnd >thervee^asOowc 

Lar-boord and tor-booord from the poop to prowc : 

This,onthewinde.thatonl OwresS 

This dauntetli moft , and thatmoft damnifies ) 
*ou may conceiuc this! ch 'h« 2 

^yaiakinghisftal-poine ™ 


pointed beam 

The Tropheis. 


^-T^rfc ( round about him ) light, 

^ i and ba- ° th' left hand,and the i ighr, 

nd out ; now ftoops,anon he fti etches • 

! n , rcC oyM" c 7 ther hand hc caches ; 

Th ^v,-lv-a ;e,watcl:ingth\iduerfcbIowcs, 

A p - (Uc doorhhimfclfdifpofc. 

■• , (at Cock-pit ) two old Cocks doo fight, 
>Iumcs,and ( red with rage) do finite 
jtj, d ;>eak 5 bounding at cucry blowc, 

.;. (haifiuitsi (hing their fury Co, 

r atdefperatein then vn-yceldmg wrath, 
,V ,jj, aC id ir deadly fewd but death ) 
T C lo*dsaboi icon both fides do bet, 
j jil } n th'ouc the Field mall get, 

A n d,tramplingon hisgaudy plumed pride, 
His ptoftrate Fo with bloody fpurs beftride, 
With clanging Tr et and with clapping wing, 
j phantlyhisYK'rorytofing: 

Hebrew H t,and Io the Utdthen A' anger 
Not free fiom fear,but from the pre fent danger ) 
chold with palfion the'e two Knighfs,on ,om 

T bothhauewagcrd both their Fortunes] im 
.Andeytherfide, with voiceand geftw o, 

Han mdchceis their Champion well to doo 5 

nscuenanAi ,not a looker-on. 

•eclthe ilh twixt th eli i iopeand Fear: 

heir eyes on this fad Theater : 

>n thefe two depend ,as vei y Founders 

good I' >rtune, or t ir J ates Confoundcrs. 
OLord,faidD a v i D (as whirld his Ming ) 

wboweandBo nan of f his (haft I fling. 

V ..... . fa 


[den fi the fatal hemp lets go 

r mjmg J lint,which with a deadly blowc 
•nftantly the ?<£**, gaffly Front, 

Th ii* )l l]] diswont. 

"^ped ( cryes all the Hebrew band) 

McArheifl feels Gods he ha 

hoWr' m Kni 8 h «jfecing tbcblo; rt.If. 

!*y«nts wound his mddy doth trill; 

r ha 7 acr aclcinanypipcofJ 
-conuoyes Water fro> n Fountains head) 

'^iliimi irc ' tnc caprine Stream doth fpin 
rh iHrcdshcrciyilallhnfr.onr-hin. 

5 T ^ n Awiping with his hand his wound, 

N vnd c l U no . tnin g : *' <■'&' .the ground 

^illk: r , h,rn > ,lis face grew pale and wan," 
J,,s '"ubsto faint and fail began: 











Dirndl T^* - 

The Tro p he is. 

Rcfcmblcsi w 

Which to lay lcuel . 

AhndrcdMinc.5d a yandni : dootoil; 

Till r die length ruftiinffwith thundrous roar, 

Then two lowdcries,a glad and fad,were heard : 
Whcrwith re 'd,the vaunting Tyrant (hid, 
Refummoning vnder his weak Conrroule 
The fainting Rcmnantsof his flying Soule ; 
And (to be once more buckling yer he dies, 
With blowc for blowe ) he ftriues n vain to rife- 
Such as in lifc,fuch in his death lie teems ; 
For eucn in death hecurfes and blafphcmcs : 
And as a Curre,that cannot hurt the flinger, 
F lies at the (tone and bireth that for anger • 
Qtliih bites the ground.and his ownc hands 
As Traytorsjfaife to his rel hearts commands. 
Then th' Uebrtw Champion 'heads the Infidel 
With his own f\rord,and fends his Conic to Hell. 

Ptgw diTpcrfe ; and the Philiflitn /warms 
Haue Armes for burthen, and haue (light for Armcsj 
Danger behindc,and /hame before their face j 
Rowting thernfclues,although none giue them chali. 

Armi-potcnt,Omnipotent,my God, 
O let thy Prajfe fill all the Earth abroad j 
La ifrael ( through Thcc,vic~toriousnow ) 
InccfTant fongs vnto thy glory vow : 
And let me Lord (Ca\dDAr/D) euer chufc 
Thccfole/or Subic&of my facrcd Mufe. 
wondrous fpccraclef vnheard-of Sight ! 
The M on fter's beaten down,beforc the Tight : 
A Dwai fa Shcphcard^conqucrs ( cue n vnannd ) 
A G lant fell, a famous Captain,armd. 
From a frail. Sling thisBarreryneucr came 
But 'twas the Breach ofa Tower-razing Ram : 
I nis wasnocaftofan vnccrtain Slingcr, 

cstlt ?! oiT 5- 1 bow -^o« •• rather it was the finger 
Of the Al-miglitic (not this hand of mine ) 

Thk hT^* * orkfo Wondro « j n our eync : 
Can hS H f C n d ° nC t d b X ■ woman weak * 
Th" If f ***** ftou: ulfcwW : 

Sffl^fc^^S facrcd Laves, 
J will record his ebriniKP, ........ 

glorious P< idPraffe 

Then, W's Prince him ioyfully m ££k 
Prefers to honours ,and wkh i S 




j f ar i e and nigh - y and f aire and nccre, 
JJplo)^ n !"' ares he doth his Souerainc cleer. 
' oDl i , curbs the P*g*u arrogance : 
c3rT1p kre ur'es the Melancholy Tranfc 

> rC | s C hls foulc ; and,wirh his tuncfull Lyre, 


TC spirit which doth the body tyre. 
, i. cl (hcath,thc foulc commerce frequents, 
Fc ."hcrofticebyhisinftrumcntsj 
A I \ oipe (he dances : and ( again ) 

eafurc of her folace and her forrowes. 
M&rr r* doorc of knowledge ) with fweet warbles pieas'd, 


tads them cftfoons vnro the Soule difcas'd, 
iVrh dark black rage,our fpints pacifies, 
And calmly cools our inward flame that fries, 
1 So,Or/r/^,changing Harmonic, 
yRowtthou changed into Vi&oric. 
Othricc-famous,Princely PelUan, 
He gtfay hart's rcanes in his Tune-full hand, 
jwthiewiih his Melodious skill 
ncsand dif-armes thy Worlds -drad armc ( at will; , 
his PhrygUn Muficke,makcs the fame 
n fierce • with Z>*rrc*,mildc as Lambe. 
while in Argos the chaftc Violon 
Foi "sabfent Souerainc doth graue-fwectly groan, 

cncljumnc/ird doth refill th' alarmes 
Ofleivd^^W,and hisluftfull Charm as. 
Soy« the found of the fwect- warbling braiTe, 
t Prophet rapting his foulc's foulc a fpace, 

eshimfelf,and in hisphantafie 
Jucsdecp the fcal of facrcd Prophccie. 
^ our Soule be N umber ( fom Co thought ) 
* muft with number be rcfrcflicd oft ; 
w, made by Number ( fo I yceld to fing ) 
wemuftthc fame with fom fwect Numbers bring 
oiomgood Tunc : eucn as a voice ( fomtimc) 
at,r >«s Part fings out of tune and time, 
; ^liervoiccCwhofemeafur'dftrain 
'* and Art confirms ) brought in again. 
,c too that Davids (acred Ditty 
Wwfch Htljwritjnd couched witty, 

EfefU oftfiu 

ExdmpUi of the 



hoiUt- • ,cha f c Ai^rwcriiell Foe, 

>He is ( in ci: 

h Z^ lc,cr uanttotheKioa 

-p^na^t Aa/«r«crucn ioc, 
. ncK 'ngsfoul c didtofsandtorturcfo. 


horn • rUanttothcKin; 

r ai " h mou jyctof his high Feats and Fame, 
™>and Fortitude,dimufts the fame : 






Jona thins 

^hediuine :hofhisVCTCues bright 
Brin*shim butfoonerto his latc/tN hr ; 

iuc°tiiat rhc Lord fHJIihieMs him f 
And rums to Ttymnph ail ins Tng< . 

O bitter facet I Ibu ft ( thos raues tn Cing ) 
f rthemaUjffl Camp and Court i g> 

S a xLheUt'lUiiK'tbiBfiMd, D a v I b tar, 
7V» U»»fiadi) a v r d. C ) faint fcom of ; : .' 
Loho\v,wirhLuftrc of hisglorious parrs, 
He/hab*way the giddy peoples heal rs ; 
faics lying Prophets foorh him at ;i beck i 
Thou art but King in namc,Hc in effect : 

Yet thou indur'ft UilurtctheCjhaUe thee ( Sot) 
Choakinthe Cradle hisa/piring Plot 5 

uent liis hope d wifely valiant 
Off with his head thai would thy foot (upplanr, 
N ,but beware ; his death ( bclov'dfo wel; 
Will draw thee hatred of all IuacI. 

ith then fo high his heady \ aloui flics, 
Sirh common glory cannot him fu/ficc, 
Sith Danger vpon Danger hepurfews, 
A nd Vi&oric on Viaoric r wes - 3 

Let § s put him to t : J make him General!, 
Feed him with wmdcandh ?aid him in all 
So /hail his ownc Ambitious Courage bn 
For Crown a Coffin to our lumr King : 
Yea had he .W/ Sdmfms too, 
Hefliould (capci taskc^'U put him ». 
Butyct DAM„ m S rC! nallatcluci 

Andmorca rehisgracc thriucs : 

llcdnoj; (atthclcafttol J * 

I hen,what doos XiWr When -k hi. ft e i 

Hcmcsh.sow.K.^iono lc throws his dart 

Mich !«&' r?" 




r H E is. 

j{ cks diicomrited.alone, 

+ 25 

s *K2»t ious( llbn : 



^lisdultlwithflai of his Iocs 

'- .^ipdcad heat the liuinqthrowc 


rr.:'* ^sTShower of Shafts doth falTj 

Ab^. , , •, t0 o-narrow to receiuc them all: 

7r«««helfflCS,heawrj from then trunks betakes, 
HfiJ ' rfh.s vollics or fwift (hot he makes. 


Heathen Hoafl dares him no more-affront, 
f hC number-lefs } but,cafic now to count. 

[/x^ m 

L WthcLeforc,flying his Princes Fui ic, 
timffld to end flies all the Land of IwU : 

• r o A'^ 5 l ' AdulUm then,anon 

,jing for roof heav ns arches ftany-fceld j 
Eforrepau>hat waning woods doc yeeld, 
scTynnt( fo ) frnftratcofhis intent, 

his fell rage vpon the innocent ■ 
avwinkc,as willing t'hatlC not lecn-him, 

cing what's the oddc twccn-hiin 
King ) if any had but hid-him : 
it ( ifaoy haue but ipid-i 1 ) : 
h Pricft,that in Gods 1 fence ftands, 
cthno: his paricidiall hands j 
f doth help in his vn bounded rage, 
irCurrc,noi ftatcmor fexemorage. 
■mid doth good for ill, 

le haters of his S< line (till. 

Andth hi hrincoun: S ant lcflc ftrong 

Infill] dc > fo1 gall his wrong, 

Kwcshinv loyallin deed and word 
|0hisLicpc,tb' Anointed of the Lord . 
3f fas and honors him,and mindes no more " 

ll1cKl indnefs that had paftbefore. 
Ktyas sal ( to cafe him) went alidc 
)^y\\\cvc David wont to hide, 

f-fcoi) feeing liis Foe foi 

■ic,wasftrook with lnddam fear, 

Ttei 3 !; ^ an dmul :therc-i 


i^'ft fi, _& "" "7 ,irc 1S I,1U n int0 tn x fa P • 

rhcif 1 ' n0t fcC ! >' r;1 

Wu a and mufin; ' therc-vp< 

'"PCting thus his 
^.r^t thy life is fair n i nt0 1 


Jj^Hlth'sTh. eoutofthyfoo 
•'•mcifcuer thou wilt doo't 

athcftablifli thin 

a Ps hp n iJ r ^ ^ r ' iat v when h 

"'all not,whcn he would ( they fay 






m er Id* 


AndAilljeba aurk of Jawfull Pnncc • 

And th' ! g C !0 whom 3l1 Kin S S d0C bow } 

Onnop: ' ^jF^j-n ■ 

Thar any Sublet mould Ins nar.d diftain 
I i (acred blood of his owne Souerain. 
He bun s mc cauiWcfi. True : but ycr,Gods wora 
Bids me defend, bur nor offend my Lord. 
I am anointed Kine ; but ( at Gods pleafure ) 
Not publikcly : therfore I wait thy Icalure. 
For,thou ( Lord ) regarded Thmcand then 
R cv ic,l its and wicked in . 

Thus hauing d,he (hikes with rtoife-le6 foot 

Behind the King,andfofrly of? doth cut 

A norlapofhis then pperdothir 

Thenq kauoydes d,Saui ; nothing. 

Comes forth anon : and Dtuidzi ward 

From a high Rock ( to be the better heai d ) 

Cries to the King (vpoi his humble knee ) 

Comcnccr(rny Licgc) com ncer and feat not mc, 

Tear not thy fcruanr Dutid. Weil J knoive, 

Thy FIattcrcrs,that miis-inform thee (b, 

Withthoufand iiandcrsdail inceufc 

A hySeruantsfpot-li ocence: 

Thofefmooth-flyAfpicks witl cirpoifonyftin^ 

Murder mine honor,tneii d bring 

V ithceandw thyCourt(aga ill reafon> 

As if Convicted of the Hisheh; Treafon : 

But my notorious Loyaky ( I hope ) 

Hie venom of th Viperous tongues (hall ftop ; 
And,withthcfplcndorofm: briehr, 

DifpcrfcrlicMiftsofMali. ,ndDe : hr. 
Behold,oiyi I Truethncedcthnoexcufe) 

ctter wnne/Te can my foule produce 

Whrn i X J £& h * this moft "rata gage f 
&f P« from d Coat, g 

"gamft my Liegc,th anointed of the Lord . 
folate, w,th any infolenee, ; 

JsfacredIma g cinmySo^inP rincc , 


The Tropheis. 


tlipui: j meftiifj 

Ad : L tlI hup(ro[nl:illtohiII. 

'" ' V h\v' dmySouldi 

^thyftlfitfl thy wrath de{< . 

i onU cVauid)lhaiKdonil 

"g : 

l ' ' R cward vnto Co gratious dec d. 
c . .../Wr licvpon mv Seat (iiprc 

th lothbi 

.ihalt he vpon my 

n Lheadihaitweai 

o ■■ iber Mee and mine ( when I am d ) : 

my Diadem : 

noble Head 

I jus to my Blood,and raZfc no, fell 


, d the King 5 and tears out- went bis words - 
\pdcdefpairhishe; /lnrcftill-girds : 

His feeble (j pra-Kigin g his Mii-fom , 
Dotbeoery-kinde of Oracles importune 5 

< ;ious,(ceks how Cktbt's Clew doth (well . 
\nd,ca(t of Heav'mwil needs confide with Hell 
In fidir dwelt a Beldam in thole daics, 
Dnrp skild in Charms ( ibr,this weak k always 
Hithinall Times been raxt tor Mtgtk >, 

weft Agents, Prince of Styx : 

\ hcr,bec3i)fe their moiit ittpplc brain, 
Doth cade pi int of euci y fcal retain : 

t hethcr warning Force an 1 lcsdcfarc, 
ThofeWj ds\ ntov. nil by BUck-An. ) 

Th: ■ cutu^cF«wfuryfeiI, 

T >fPoy/bn$ ? hideous Type of Hell, 

f^'iisl md Btlz*bul>s delight, 
lonely for her exei.cife 

'JwMurders/odainTragcjedi • 
^thebloodofBabes-he aft 

^Mirains/ aft;. 

|gsaye(fbrlamps)(heligh s 5 

■„.-fl U,ct ucnu,cn more then IX 

*rcak f- risbutto 

ncs ^jncy fay) flic di »ly Lan 

.; 'j al,T y'ant.andt! rtut'd Soules. 

T a .' n ' ratio VWiO. 

a ^ui)Con. lemcnr, 

iS-kci mbd< runkscanftj 

H'i :dor 


' nf -»«:hfull 

King thus flart« hei 

p v i 





V H E I S. 

5 .Mnnnrau op the fivifeft Currents, 

odsdrawrapu-rowlmg Torres, 

And: -liaftcn AmfkMv Hood 
SJft crhbCasrochyfeffcmSgood) 

TurncWto night: hold rules withinthy hand, 

rth Jsphc a r5nwuc,aodthcSunftiIl2o(land: 
Enforccih [oon fo with thy Cnai fom-tioics, 

Tha- for artound in a deep Swoun (lie fcwxi3 : 

[houal-knowmg Spirit .' daign w iththyfpdl 

To rdiic-vp heer i >v>ncd Samae/, 
Tofarisficmydoubrfuilfo'jlc. m (nm, 

Tlin'iTueofmy Fortunes yet to-con. 

Importun'davice orthricejhc tint before* 
Ri IaioncoffhofegrimGhofts(ofyoicJ 

Which me was v it with her v n-1 in breach 
To rc-bring-back from the black eat es of death, 

G cs now more g. 3ndm< Ghoit-likegi im, 
Right like ro Satan in h Prim* 

Tncplaccaboutdarkenb it IhcJaikcs, 

Shccyellcsjlie roars,me houlcs,me braycsjlic bai kes, 
And,in vn-hcard,ho: rid,B ortan tearms, 
Sh: mutters ftrange and execrable C rmes ; 
Ofwhofclk.', ig,Nati: kingSpelJ, 
Thcfcodiousv dscoi Id /caret* be hcaikncd well 
El ilJDciti 

D.a:h,Horr< Terr icc,Obiequies, 

Demons i : If this di (linking Taper 
Beo .nco sfat-ifheei 

1 write ( nrhetend skins 
wrc-Ii ,andabo leTwins 

^Pf n t f f omt ^wonibe)thefcFig( fgurc-Icfs: 
WthjsblackSprinld ft with Virgins i s, 
g J PW?ur AJ , my kinfmans blood : 

ItweIJIfinelIoriuim.-n : . fo ,od): 

Hafte,l ia ae,yoi: can p owr - $ . 



&? ,a sandmineL 

cl l m >\ Sl ^ndfcndv P JW 

mineinc itingSpcl 

Difpatch,If a 'pkafurcis: 


i, .n 'you a 

i When r ftubbom c •„ •' r , c 

PoofearmySr ^ ofl 

' Planctsbow hel 


ir,thcyrui : 

ven I troi (H .-, 


The Tr opheis. 


^ — 

.r^undof my fad whifperings, 
phccM .retelling future things: 

I ):,:l . lC ;^) l, y nunc almighty Charms 


)if l ,,, •„ [ thunder with -unpen* Arms 


,i fo eat man; his a 
? God-like rai ibouthim roundrefle<2; 
^sreadyn* to fpeak,and plyam too 
t cicerthydoubtingswithoutfnoreadoo. 
Wflai >resjand wickedly-deuout, 
Therained /v^/*" kaft word leaues notour. 
2 :doftthou $*ul< O lardeb Soverain, 

Witches . fe.ud only thy difd;u'nr 

ethyftay. O wretch doofhhou not knowe 
n iot'ayde of the Powers belo we 
Without Com Pa/t of Counter-Scruices, 

; ; ; limes, Homag e,and Sacrifice C 

-dth Ait ( meer Diabolical! ) 

U,burti tuthormoftofall? 

atihci . ious Athci/t, 
! mil d; i >cdl ciSL 

rh'one.Godhcad quire denies: 
Th'other,(or God,foul Satan magnifies : 

Thco: I.chantmc flrangc) 

Nofthe Light doth change. 

'od\vould,l voice thou wouldft not hear; 

thou coMmY/teli-v. here: 
t>>hOu -IccVh\abhon'ir, 
tod) thou iccUr,and his dead 'I runk ador'it I 

wfuch power vpon a Saint t'extend, 

cc of the blafphcmous Charms 

7«B lams,orHcls damned Arms: 

r yfons that thofc powers contriuc, 


>n Rrk J.. 1 i 

4f rtfon t* 



oas-rj. ji- 
lting Sfirar. 

'thei uiitbci 

^ . "" viiuuui. 

)tl)atfoon corrupts (we fee). 

:];' ^vnetrue^W, 

121 thine htfci easwcll 

owehi ■ 



, v "im,asini 
11 bis | nchai 

nate,whofedrad Spell c 

° r tb'InJ and* 

coim nds 









Tr opheis, 

«Xl£ ;:fn 1 nn 1 „ g W. l ,c,R,.s ) 

To Fiarfli iurJ W 

But yet pu- 

A Body,perfc:tinapparant fliowc ( 

ind&ftandfubftancen. .mg fo: 
A Body,harrIcfs,lung-lefs,ronguc-lc,'s too, 

Where Satan hirks.nor to giuc life ther to • 

ut to the end that from this Countcr-mui c, 
. .ore conertly he may difehargc more furc 
A hundred dangerous Engins,which lie darts 

Againft the Bulwarks of tnVbravefl hearts : 

T hatpin the Sugar ( ei en )of facrcd Writ, 

He /nay em-pill vs with fom ba full bit : 

And,tliat his counterfait and fained lips, 

La\ ; before vs all our hainous flips, 

And Gods d. ad ludgementsand iuft Indignation, 

Ma ndei -mine our fureft laithsFound. tion. 

liutjet vshear now what he faith. OSaal, 
What frantick fury art.thou inoov'd with-all, 
To now re-knit my broken thrid of life < 
To interrupt my reft < And 'mid the ftnfc 
Offiru^lir ( the Woi Ids affairs 

power-full Charms ) to re-cntoyl my Cares ' 
Inquir'ft thou what's to-come < O wretched I 'i incc I 
Too muchjtoo- loon ( what I fore-told long lince 
Death's at thy door : to-morrow Thou and Thi 
Even all lhall fall before the Philiftinc 
And great-good DWlhall poll thy Throne, 
As God hath fayd,to be gain-fayd by none. 
Th' Author of Lies ( againft hi uife ) tels true ? 

Orhadr: Iv'dthcLc fDeftiny 

(ThcChildealonU .rernity): 
Butrathent isbuficobfc ation 

Of circumiWand often iteration 
Of read. lur F ortul andou 

n the el, Book f| 

With afar-feemg Spirit 

Notmuchvnhkeask.lfull 5 

Whether the Patient il, a l do ill or well 

en foretell 

I R O 




-^Tc^wH bmrimes calculates 
%3$ E lipfc thc death of Potentates , 

fLiheftem^P ^ of greateft Stars) 

: fhYates of Farmnc,Plague,and Wars. 
; iirct ,,l L | (in brief) fo fell Koi.t : 
Ltht*wd his two Brethren (lour 

bJ*T ir . and Aw/himfeJfcforJoni, 

,. UI e ) he be made he I agaus fcoin, 
I him if ; and,of his Fortune froward, 
? i not conquer 'd,flicwes him Self a Coward. 
I tis not Courage ( whatfoe'r men lay ) 

t Cowa^ izC > to malcC ORCS ScIf awn y- 
T s even to turne our back at Fears alarms : 

i^fc-ly-faint ) CO yceld vp all our Arms. 
Otttreame Rage ! O barbarous Cruelty, 
AUatoneBlowc.t' offend Gods Maicfty, 
Thc State, thc Magi (hate, Thy fclfe ( m fine) : 
Th'onc,!n dcflroying I be deev work divine 
almigntie i lands j the ncxt,in rcauing 
USeruicc ii mould be rccciuing; 
1 ,in ram-vfurping his Commilfion ; 
AndWhThy Self* in thine ownc Sclfs-Pcrdition, 

by two Deaths) one volumaric Wound 
Doth bot;i thy body and ihyfbuleco >und. 
lbjkth (his deer Son) yet r ins 

.Pbccafpace,L.ndZ>jWonlv Raigns 
Wj. Verier 1 .. Ccr, ) 
He makes th'wholc J* nsi i ribs to meet: 

V holy Mount ( a mirror ) 

pies Ioy,thc Pagans only 1 

[fa onthcfandyilv , 

it the waucs tha: roar 

|*w« *herontheJrw$flCo r~ 

- 11 «^»fends forth his No: thcinPoaft 5 
■Waue^urgcvf S rqc doth fold, 
*«<nvcs Sea fo thickfy-quicldy roul'd, 
wmbcr4 )th number io doth, 

2W ^ dMcconi| Ith'Accomp 

r*y\ Crtucs \shvn I think to number, 
^Itirudc doth all my U cumber- 

2" "owes me: and. i cdi'o, 

" m ay chufc'( Lstmbm-Ukc ) to build 

h„Al[ ,0usro uchof ier I 

Saulci dtdih. 



f( vc, 


4 V^thi I. Fir,Oak,Cheil-nut-Trcc, 

^ "Brafil,Ccdai,Ebonic 

^T^ c P rcfumetora bmuchvjton-her) 
• !Cf cd \nto Dduids honour. 




The Tropheis. 



53^fl£jfi££hirSnd« true Confhncic, 

Kiy Ey« and FaccfobewtifidJ. 

And how the edge of his impartiallfword 

Is coci ready for the Reprobate 

To hcivc them down jand help thcDefoiatc : 

How He no Law,but Gods drad Law cnatfs : 

How He refpecls not pcrfons,bur their Fa<fts : 

How brauca Triumph ofSell tch he fliowes*. 

Killing the Killers of his deadly Foes. 

Som other lliallvntoth'Hmpyieail Pole 

The holy fervour of his 7 cal cxroll : 

How for the • ;dring Ark lie doth prouide 

A certain place for euerto abide : 

And hoi >r etici cuery his defigne 

Is ordered all by th' Oracle 1 >niinc. 

Vpon the wings of mine (elPrasked) Rime, 
Through the deer Welkin ofotu Weftem clime, 
III only bear his Mufike andhisiftw 
( His holy SM^nd hisri iumphant Wats ) : 
Lo there the facred mark wherat I aim } 
And yet this Thcam I (hall but mino d maun. 
o many Yarne s I (till i taineto (hike 
mtothisW nin t VV e e k. 

T he Twe lue ft out Ldturs of f h* Amp hi if tomic 
(Strongcft of Men ) areiuftly raaqnifi'd : 
Yct,what were TMey but a i ud [afljcre 
O Is and Kcafts,'and Monftcrs here and there f 

Not Hoafts of Men and Armies ouci thrown -, 
But idle Conqucfts j ( ubats One to One : 

V* rcboift'rousLin ftronglyknic, 

Did much auaile with little aydc of Wit. 
Beavs,Lions Giants/oild in (ingle ht, 
Arcburtli HfTaycsofc bttd Knight : 

ndcr his Armcs fick o-tow deadly oors : 
J power the ftrength of Edcm ftoops : 

Mout W.tcuen trembles at his name : 

HV ^rr w / comhcdoth rctumwithfoaroc : 

Wucth S* lhc MubUe . 

AndcAi. )us ) a.crymonth / almoft 

tlut^W^mafllcClubi au k 

■yblov. , as AwtfBattaJls fought 


The Tropheis. 

rh'rfpert Gr fat * Qaptajn,who the Pontiles amlhL 

/ninftW Wars ; ' l ' rl ci,;,], K S n « n ^ feiM •• 
nitf/iihriiics in all r and fortimare. 

. nfjlUbab's and ^Abfabn's dc^ncs, 
Thfliofft«> n ^ Arsm^iid (lout Unlijlines. 

I Aood-Fortunc al waies blowcsnotin the Poop 
Of valiant f^foc defeats his Troop, 
rLg his Lieutenanrs- and (among his Friends) 
y.'bb'dfullofWoun. T)gth his Life/he ends ; 

pWalwaies feels J carious hand > 

Whetherin perfon He himfelf command 
Hisroyall Hoaft : or whether in his /red ) 
BvvaliantWhis braue Troops be led : 
AmWappinefle, clofing his aged eye, 
Even to his Toomb con forts him eonfrantly. 

idoiy,witirHim (even from the firft) 

pitch her Ten: : his Inhncy (he nurffc 
, noble Hopcs,his Wronger years flic fed 
' With /lately TripbHs^ixxd his hoary heacf 
Shr Crowns and Comforts with ( her chccrfull Balms) 
-nphant Laurels and victorious Palms. 

The Mountains (loop to mate htm eafic way ■ 

dEMfhntt.ficfi )re Hiin,dryesawny : 
ToHimgrear/*r<&*afmai/ /cap doth fecm - 
ouraflault,ftrong Cities yccMto Flim : 

Th EngincaloncofHis far fcard Rcnov 

Wo f T , f ! U ^ c ; "' ,ikc > Gates 5 Baivnd BJ Iwaj down 

goodly Vales,inago.vl'o:,dhcd ,ch< 


^jn U( purfewmg ftifi his F, / 
a* siuft TcmpcftortfeU Gianrs throw 

™f;f < M !'° r,hi ") will fomonc-day fay, 

»carcr,and more W o k i „ , B He, ' ' 
n lent Porcc.ind Foi rune made you he 

t'nli" , . t :y°" r '"' l "ySfca 

^grearei^and more W kthieH 
The ^'7 ^yowinaflySpca 
S y^>foon he threats 

odn • r^°ddorh no in pood-har ■ 

■ G °d doth not /i?irigood- 

^•'; -undannnhis^ip: 

rcaffi lub,c «) with his 1 gdomye 
dlinpo ! orta,, Kiri! >m doth end. 
F'fchaucr u ari,sne « abroad, 

^(w pon th ' AJ: f y c °d • 

^•A?2, ucrsb ur(inheav'i,!y Songs) 
"onor where it risht below 




nil ?*&• 


-/dime* of 


H E I S. 

The B ee v, ' in his iacrec IrnoiK h fecks room 
To arch rhc Chambers of her Hony-comb : 

Wcfccfom^^-vingcdbnglity- air 

Wirh twinkling ray es, g&fc 1 1 u ough the cryfhil Aier, 


Tofeemamidthcnew-iha Uclds .o light) 

HrmfofHyinhc. Iuory arms flic rolds, 

Hisfmihn ace me fmihhgly beholds: 

She krflfes . i,and with her Ne#sr Idfles 

Into his Soulc (be breathes a Heav'n of lihfles s 

Then byes him in her lap rand while Ihc brings 
Her Babe a-ll eep.this LulUbic (hefings. 

Liuc,ii ue (fwect-Babc) the Miracle of Mine, 
Liue cuci Sain: d growc thou all Divine ; 
With this ( iall Winde,where-with I fill 
Thy blcfTed Boofom,allthe World ful-ffll : 
May thy fwcet Voicc,in Peace/* -found as far 
Andfpccdas asthydradArmin Wji : 
Bortom norbank\thy Fa ncs-Sea never bound : 
With double Lam els be thy Temples Crownd. 
Sec (Hcav'n-ff rung Spirit) fee how ih'allurcd North, 
Ofthy Childs-Ciy" ( ihrill-fwectly warbling forth ) 
Al-ready taftcsthc lcamcd,dainty plcafurcs. 
See, fc( yong Father of all facred Meafures ) 
See how jo heafthy fweet harmonious found, 
About thy Cradle here arc thronging ( round ) 
Woods,bu: with ears : Floods, but their fury (loppii 

Tigrcs, but ta:r.c:Mountains,butaUvaies hopping 
Sec how the Hcav'ns,rapt with fo fwcet a tongue. 

To lift tothine,Icauc their owne Dance and Song. 

O Idiot's fhamcand Envy of the Learned ! 
O Verie nght-worthytobeayctcrned ' 
OncheftArras.artirTciall ought 

O rS rf, C01 S ° f Co^"^" Thought J 
UroyalK icnoi the rarcft Flowers 

O M^rEr ^ A rPi UI *P"*«B Showers • 

lSfS?^^ rncCr< i*«* 

iNcvcrclI-whcredtdplcntious .miencc 
^obesand Icwcls ( futirrg JundVy Paflions) 




- , v y>n^-N° wIikca QiL ecn ( forCo 
A? in llL TnT^s,iarely-rich imbo/t 
In 't Prenous Stones : neat, City-lik , v anon, 
U rioth or Silk,or Chamlet puts me on : 
Flfl more like (bin haiidfoin SiicpheardciTe, 


An0n, rferCloaths Ihc doth her cleanly ch die j 

\ Co^rfeor Fine j ftill like her Self me feems , 
[0 deft,cheerfull^ttingtimc * ' 

:-« -ill wen with a hcav'n-lik 

and place, 

!1 S 

kc grace. 

enrowd loud Tigris ( ever fwiftly roul'd ) 
i0W ,thrbughthe Plains thou powr'ft a Flood of gold : 

[ike thy lordin, ( or Meaner-like ) 
Round-winding nimbly with a many-Creek, 
Thou runn'ft to meet thy (elf s pure If reams behind thee. 
Mazing the Meads where thou doft turn and winde-thec 
AionjikcC^r^,thi ough a frraighter Quill, 
hou ftraineft out a little Brook Or K ill, 
yet/o fwect,rhat it lhall ever be 
I Th'immorrali Xeffarto Poftcrity a 
idccr,that Peefie ( whofc plcalure is 
) bathe in Seas of Hcav'nly My fieri es ) 
■ Hcrchafteft feathers in the lame ihall dip, 
•ddcaw wirh-all her choice/* workman/hip : 
idfodeuont,that with no other Water 
Deuourcft Soules (hall quench their th irft hcer-aftcr. 
| Omcred Birds 'Thou art the double Mount : 
Offcith-full Spirits th'Interprcc; profound : 
Of contrie Hearts the clcer Anatomy i 
Ofcucry Sore the Shop for remedy : 
«alsT,ndcr-box : a Learned Tabie,gituog 
' c «uall cycs,not painted Chrsji, but living. 
Odiuinc Volume,*™, deer deer Voice, 
J n « » Excheckc r,full of comforts choice : 

S^ftaUfadB^^ take lowing 


sSr 1ClCfl00ds °^^>^han rhy Fame 
Thon A y? ot,or Ho "our fail rhv Name : 
dfnlu i ,ucthroil " h -° l,ta1 ' 1 Gcm ion ^ 

CD » thine Aicrs throi Sc hallfound, 

Tf :. U 'v/ c "iplcslhaJI bund, 

lA\ rCtI Verfcrhallch-crC irdy I 

:r °^Vu|I! p ' thcnobI Wits lliall rracc. 
^°Mv rk-^ ar> lcnc e ; with hands profanely- vile, 

W '^me not to defile, 

- v u acrcd ftopMWe filvcr ftrin 
6 y Harp , s on i mcct (0l . Ki 




(km bt 

puatttmdit *i 
4 thmcbttkfri 

SkocUn ! d%i 

mw mm' 1 ' > ; 
w* h >/ f$r J*i 



The Trophe is. 


{IS K-Sf^ 

v w V° , „ rr1 ,,j and ichi'ious King, 
J ^r^uncch excellent 

i !; foeet celcftiall Ioftrument : 

IS^Tluchman^nghclydotl, and 

; At the Worlds end ) his eloquenc. wn d. 
Ur^^^" Js fti]1 tohcarhis voice : 
rone-rowling T*, tana thereat to reiovcc : 
he trembli Cjrf*M great Ziwww^Lakc, 
Mrexbisfound t heir lufty gambols lhakc : 
The ,.brood)Bar-gecfc > rnidth'//f*r/«/w»^ c, 

Vntohis Tunc their far- flov p doo wave : 

And I my Self in my pyde*/>/^ a-flopc, 
\\ h Tune-skild foot after doo hop. 

Thus. full of Godjih" Heav'n Skene ( Prophet-wife ) 
Powres-forth a TorrentofW-Mclodies, 
InDxviDsp' fDavids! le defect 

\V.:syct .ccnfur'd,vn-fufpc 

Oft ini crs the banc-fillSc; pent fleeps ; 

ncs :hc biaucft Courfcr trips .- 

Andfom-trroes Dju/J's Deaf vn to the Word 

fth e V th' cverJafting Lo rd : 

His Songs fweet feruor flakcs,his Soulcs pure Fire 

dai i dimm'd with fmoak of foul defire : 

His Ha la-fide,hcleaucsl. 

ibors Wife he neighs . 

Fail herfde 's his Flamc,euen Berfube, 

1 Chafte bofom (to that very day ) 

I Loue had happ] together, 

life,\vithout offenc fcithcr : 

proud Bev rid her >i cc, 

>dr; >f their Diuo: 

or giues place to Loue : and by degrees 
» from 1; ,hame from her forehead flees. 

iamber,thcH ct,thc Temple 

J* cnotfufficienta le 

1,°^ Ike them hide: 

low par c 

V he while thcrin 

thSnowe-whkersl , 

Annrhrr a hai 



tin / — — inks, 

"-ftapcLin (hefluin 

«looie/'««, tlK-ypain Lai 





r ^tiicSeas,when with her eye vect- flames, 
jj fWM», flic at-oncc inflames : 
uory Image of a Crate; 

othebOn idi ;, 



on lywithth'vnder-Flfliesfrriue!S : 
bottom oftbis liquid Ice, 

oliMJU&k work,with quaint deuice 
•conning workman had contrmed trim 
^i id Dolphins feemingeven tofwim. 

, c atfon,too-idly,\valking hie 

a rarras,this bright flar doth fpy . 
^fuddnulazlcd wi'.h the fplendor bright, 

•a Prifoner^who new brought to light 
p rom aC;ww.'"'n,dark.dccp dungeon, 
rhhis nirtcn with a radiant Sun. 

vroo-foon re-ckcr'd.he fees ( aias) 
Tl ;rcd Traces of a bewitching Fac< . 

H rfoar g Eye is Iii- he Morning Star i 

H pstwofnipsoferimfinSattina 

thaswhii irninVfil :m 

OrOr/^/Pcailvtheraicfr in c/tccm ) : 
rrChecJcsand Chin,ahdall hcrflcfti ■ nowes 

dwithVi u'llionKofe, 

frcli I, 

l/otol beir naked fi s excel!. 
*inthefcfl ms-.o jtn Victory 

sofallmyTii op h em^O cleci Yhe:ms, 
s be cold- what is n warms, 

ra my hart i If hot (I y) whence corner 
inter army foule benun 
s,and diffdfc me 

'oppev,norm V fclftokno 

?> ft u-t.noflvn-mcrcifull- 



5> ,d 3;^y(Odi/milIloti 

: rIr ^thce,andI the 
! Mndvnderw 


hec r 



Li- « Wn > can mv [oul ma^efummor 

1,1 po llmj ( 

' e Mate. 

T„.i ' cth 




• r . L 'Kii andjikeafparklei II 
la lt1c ed« crfall, 

snouc , 
■ccoinpliih J auioust 



t frtjbtt 
izhm't P-«- 

The Tropheis. 

Tic too free Beaft ; which^but too-faft before 
Ranrol gambling euermorc 
Atc . cone, till at the laft he break 
I Minfrfora Roc:, his and his R iders necic. 

ocAdul ies t.;cr,but fame : 
sbands Fury forth me : 

H crcach'rous) makes her valiant Spoufc be flair.. 

1 Lord is moov'd : and,iuft, begins to ftretch 
[is Wraths keen dan atthis difloiaU wretch : 
When Nstfumi then bright Brand ot Zealand Faith-) 
Comes to the Kircandmodert -boldly layth : 

Vouchfafc my Liege ( that our chief Iuftiee art ) 

To lift a-while to a mod hainous part. 
irft to the fault eiuecar:then{pueCotifait 

To gfuc the Faulty his due pun ifhrr.ent. 
Oflatca Subie&of thineownc,whofc flocks 
Powl'dall Mount lHwf's plealant plent is locks j 
And to whofc Heards could hardly full fufficc 
The Dowry Verge that Jongft all lor fan lies 5 

taking a fcaft vnt« a ftrangcr-G u e ft, 
None of his ownc abundant Fatl 
But ( priuy Thief ) from a poor neighbour by 
(Hisfaithfull Friend ) Hec tak clonioufly 
A goodly Lamb j although he had no more 
But eucn that one : wherby he fcr liich ftore, 
Th /cry day of his owne hand it fcd, 

Andcvcryni couch: vponhis 1 I, 
ptoi Cupjhis pleafant morfeK pickr, 

And euen themoifture from his lipsiclickr. 

y,morc,my Lord. No more( replies the King, 

yincenft)T is more then time this th 
I w en into ; and Co outrageous Grimes, 

Joinfolengiad need be curbd betimes: 
W^ever Wretch hath dom: this Villain/ 

nlD ; lotaloneh »ic, 


A morcthen comn foment ocaft. 

O painted ToombC^ JA*) 

rhathafl odinthyM Sat l 

Warn 'ft in other thin, aulft . , 

s haft 'garoft thy fell 





cot Death, O King,noKmg(asthcn) 
A fires •• Thou art the very man : 
i\ u art hee,rhat with a wanton Theft 
' "ninth's only Lamb bereft: 
Ha h ! horror I (Sin with Sin is further 'd ) 
And jjmcfvirord "t Ammon haft Thou murthcr'd. 
H m Hye,likeroa glorious Sim, 
B re eye that looks too-much ihcr-on : 

HultS Vnrni H ve,ca/ ing vpon that Eye, 
i" h civen an entrance too-too-foohflily 
chout ofSloath,\Mthin vs is begot - 
Do hfhortly Matter of the houfe become 5 
A n d makes a SaintCa iwcet .mylde minded Man) 
That'gainft his Lire's Foe would not lift his hand, 
To plot the death of his deer faith-full Friend, 
That for his Lone a thoufand Hues would ipend. 
Ah/fliak'ftthou not jf is not rhy Soule in trouble 
Obrktle duft,vain lhadow,empty bubble ! ) 

;odsdradwrath,which quick doth calcinize 
The marble Mountains and the Ocean dries i 
o,thouflialt kno\ vva ig ht of Gods- right hand| 

Thou/orc nplc t'other Kings /halt /land, 
'cath/peedy Death,ofthat adulterous Fruit, 
Which evenal-ready makes his Mother rue 'r, 

illvcxtiiyfoi.le.and make thec feel (indeed) 
Forbidden Pica; doth Repentance breed. 

Ahflnmc-Iefcbeaft i Sich thy brute Lu ft (forlorn) 
Wwotthe Wife ofchybeft Friend forbom, 

%Sons(dif-natur'd ) (hall defile thy bed 

[jeeftuouflv ; thy fair Wiucs ( rauilhcd ) 

1,| doub thy luft-full feed rcccauc: 
jnyCbncubines ( which thou bchindc lhait Ieauc.) 

R apes of thine ownc Race mall be : 
' ,,b < hat in thy Family, 

J^n-kinf-mans kifTc ( vn-louing Louer) 

tE i?7 crfl,al his Si ten manic difcoucr : 
•wltbcl b Father and Fath in- 

^ncowncl lood. ThyCnil n (part all aw 
E u ^n°r Mjn ) n '^l by their ncc 

S: fhyblood/fbnJommce. 
SMblT.. A in rcc _ rcc ' but Scl ' s Wufliing Eye 


1 1 

Th^i ."'"eetlirfmic: and then, 

Glrik . ftlnW ngLakctheir] (hall 


. )g. 

yth ' >Qs,tobeout-(inncdl 







TR O P HE 15. 



^^^^^hdn Dcathconfpirc 

Qigoodrruh .orrhyb nue): 
Thou cruel! didftit . ^ ore,, 

Cowardly treafon,cur/< ncidc-, 
ViHkindcRcbcJI/oo,eu C rfliaJJr, «?- . 

Thy houfc-hold Guerts, 1 J*h blood to (bin. 

Thincownc ainrt thine ownefliall thnJ thardarts: 
Th\ Son from th< hall Ac -pics hares : 

Againft thv Self he ft 1 Subiccts n, 

And giue tii iric; age many a fierce Alaim , 

Till hai d by hair'rwixt l^rth and sky 

( His GaJlow's pi idc, fliamc of c ' is bright Eye ) 

Thine owne Lieutenant, at a crimiin fpou , 

Hisru Sodefhall Lance let-out. 

A batTempcftfel' 

J} the ad of hami-Iefs harull 

Alas! how in. ;uiltlcfs i^bntmiJe 

Dies in Three dayes, through thy too-curious Pride.' 

In hare of rhee. rh'Air (thick and float hful ) breeds 

a flowe Dtfcaic* both yongand old itfpccds • 
AH arcindiftcrcn: : For through all the Land 
It fprcads, almoft in turning of a hand : 
To the fb-jick, K d-cm the fbrrcft plumes • 
I'lamcsfrom hiseys, from 's mouth come lakes-like fumes 
His head, his neck ; his bulk, his legsdoth tire 5 
utvvard, ail water •, inward, all a-fire : 

Wkh a deep Couch his fpungy Lungs he $.- 

Bla< 'food and fcholer bo r h at once he calls : 
His voices p iles bc-layd, 

His S rctcr, rough, foul d flayd : 

Tho: oftheGriei gororta mencs : 

Tv J loj nd Fcai it hath no long 1 ufpcnfc : 
Witht jfc I) Lath jointly th: 

| Tn 'l sfti scucnthcftroakoJ >cath. 

^ rr >" c >th' -Rcafonftoopstoi-age: 

p! nfclfedothi 

"T Greets too Hill .- rhe vvn all : of Town : 

'7 C ^ ° ed • vnto the hal I ground 

inchow: -Wide; ( thoi:yh flic lov'dhim Jeer) 
Tetdarcsw >llowhcrdeadHi eer. 

tachmou isLoflc,eachh wnc Cafe con 
Pel-melthehui « dead remains. 

Fnn, $ !" n ? tu ^andvvel-nu IChyld, 

22 ' af ^ ( nyfl) 

mg, betwixt (hame and fear, 

,: 'ufliiriL>andl 

With do 

call eyes laden ma r> 

fcr'n hanv ^othcrau 

»lc Pardon of his O 

The Tro 

P H E I S 

. i | ica ring th'holy Prophets Threat, 
Cil " \ ]C nds Cods Judgements dradh ;reat- 
"3? hrifl'd with fear ) flics for Ins folc defence 
Jadv Tcars,Mournings,and fad Laments I 

/his Gold ; his glory treads he . wn , 
. ord,his Sceptei,ani! his pretious Crow n : 

gfls hepray«> hc wecps,he grieues,he grones, 
Vinous Sins he bitterly bemones j 

AfXfull Song,fo dolefully devour, 
Xl^cven the Stone dor h groan,and peare'e wi: hal 1, 
bears with his lad teais to /all. 
»usLord(thus Si he nighramfday) 
alh my Soulein thy deep Mercies fca • 
Icrcv, Mercy h lenvd he Ci les • 
• d \[-icy,Mcrcy hi; cRock repryes ). 
'God,my Godfiih for our nous Sin 

will-full wefb long haueweltred in) 
the Torrents of thy Vengeance down 

JO : law Ticld with Gouldtn Lillies low n : 
4c\ oment thy iu/l Anger drad 
<MB,thunderSyIighrens on ouri head; 
rnine,PIague,and War ( wirh 'bloody hand ) 

:oncc make havock of this Land : 
smakevfeofallthefcRodsari-hr ; 

fnayquench with our Tears -water quire 

our form Vices fpurn. 
orm'd.Inflicc to Mercy rum. ' 
"WVnUcrJ/tMMtjm of*\L Good, 

*Vfte»^ikmU4k Flood) 

^OurS.ns exctedmgill the reft, 
tZ°* ° n >-' «cc#/ Thine.- ' 

'«c.cs„,i J/Po 

C^» p ( » E * T r '• s : ' wA^& rjpe-fullfmart. 










The Tr op he is. 

Wm ^TTcrro: SSS*g*«* •• 

Tlxneereft 1 

rafcarce the \ ■ - - - f . ... 

f„,h„»:h,b- Example ,/«r Vicious *fc 
J; Sin h«d, Sin s WH usband «•<" i <*< Wife 

rt«Ncichl. rNclfilioo-r."'""- 

S&w* v. • *» «y *?/* usba /7 s **• 

Sifter W" Sifter, Brother burdens Brother, 
Undone Companion doth corrupt another : 
Stjhr*i*lfConns,ion of this dire Ditezk, 
jt {tnjliy) doth thy hea inly lufocc pleafe, 
To f *#£ vs thiu each other t» infect : 
'Though This we ft, and That too nigh afetf. our Sx^wlnchhangfofajt vpon-vs r 
St dreadfully thy Ym)/rownethon-<vs > ] 

SithjMthou Strikcft, W/&// Threat' neft more, 

Ure {'rieuoui Wounds then we hauefeit before : 
orations Father, glue vtgrace (infine ) 
To nuke cur T m of thefe Rods o f thine - 3 
ThatjrueConvcrtcd by thy milde Correction 

We may abandon euery foul Aftcftion : 
That Humbkncs may ftring Vndcdif-plum:: 
Tfjat Temperance may Surraicing confume : 
Tfjat Chaftiry may chafe our wanton Luft : 
7 bat Diligence may wear-off "bio: hi ull rufl : 
TbatLouc maybue,v\ Wrath ana \\it%pUcc: 
\ TbjU Bounties band may Auarice deface: 
7hat Truth may put ing and Fraud to flight : 
That Far h and Zeal may keep thy Sabbaths right : 
That Reverence of thy drad Name may bamjb 
Blafphentoos Oachcs cWiJ/Prorancncf anifi. 

Since for our Sins {afweflin Court as Cottage ) 
Of all Degrt e Sc nth and Dotage, 
of C larks and Clown t , roore , and Great and SnutL 

yfearfulX , : e: „ ourr a& % 

Touch vsatl with hot i r of our Crimes: 

Turn vs ( Lord ) and n ejbal, turned be : 
Ciut what i\»u bidfljmd bid whatpUafct tt : 

GtuevsK ihstance ; that thou msy/l repent 
'OurprcfensPLK* ^tnd future 


44 1. 

The Magnificence. 



the Second Week, c/Bartas. 

The A rg v m e n t. 

Leaih-fummori d D a v i d, in his [acred throne 
Infills ( injlructs ) hisyong Son Salomon 
His (plcaf-God) choice of VV ueoo wwimbim Honor, 
L/nd Health and Wealth (at once) to wait 'Vpon her : 
His wondrous Doom, quick Babe' J Claim to decide : 
Mif-.\ latches tixtjn His with Pharaonid e .- 
Their pympous N i iptials : Seav'n Hcav'n- ,\ fa(qi s thert. 
Tin glorious T e m p t e, Builded richly- rare. 

llcra'l Renown dr.iwcs Saba to his Court,: 
fi*g Iaue$,w His, brings B a R t a-i/I hkefort. 



**£52Appyare You ( O You delicious Wits ) 
That ftinr your Si udics.asyo Furyfc : 
That in long Labours ( lull of pi 
F tuft not wholly all your learn n: 

Tiiar,chang Notf\n< 

^.. •"«*i,».iiaiiginc:rsorc,no\viis;iK 
T ^ncTheanithatfirftyouliclitv: i : 

uuim Hill yuuugiik 

crcin Sennets,thc\v in Epigrams, 
P^tc;, f wcct >u | c _| 

• W feer Honor, [my ft 
'idm r n dccrcc C made in that H Houfc 

nhkt C ,t fcttl iCli wc) 

%hMr^ sk - No 

e,or look I < 

) li! 
ll0l 'ndwithtlv nerap (be 

* ? 


y -': 

T H E M AGSlFli N C E . 


. n K,cr.r,IingLincs 3 ncco:chnoforl,c i: 
i I ich(moreoricn r c)thcwl)jrljn-/^nr: ro: 

And alfo mingle (Linf *ooW?< c) 

T | 1IC gold-ground Tifluc with too-mean mpplics. 

Yo : hcycailong } doonotfpcndyourwing 

telurina only your del !! Spring 

( Like N itingalcs ) from bulb to bu/h you play, 
From Tunc to Tune.from Mynle fpray ro /pray : 
;ut J too-boId,and like the Swallow i ir, 
Not finding where to reft me,at one flight 

A bound- Jcfs ground-Ids Sea of Times I pafle, 
With ^«/frr now,anon v. ih Boat/. 
Your quick Career is plea (ant^fhorr, and eath ; 

At each Lan Js-end you fie you down and breathe 
On (om green bank • or,to rcfrefti vou,n"nde 
SomR f-aibour,fiom the . 1 and winder 
But,cnd-lc(s is my Couri for,now I glyde 
On Icc ; then (dazled ) head-long d. 1 Hyde • 
K I climbc : then through rh Voods I c l 7 

I ftrayj fturobIe,lbmtimcsdown I fall. 
And,as bafe Moitcr/ervcth to vnitc 

R gray MarWcjIa/pcrj GaJacxite : 

So.toco myqi; Oifcour; times 
I mix Joofejimpi liU-pol jcs. 

Yet willl n W- ;egiueo . 

The Labours great j i gcyct is more - 

My hart's not yctall voyd of facrcd heat : 
Thei'sno but is hard; 

I i!s were not but fort 
The deep indentingsan .-I! mix: 
Amid usSiks{ for mon ncnt) 

H aue pr s,fizes,and dies different. 


Which ion her Rutf whiter tha ftfi.owcs) 

Jowhi whit iC faircrt 
(OrUkethyciuft en her brew : 0r \bke 

*J 'aybutluftrel 


(But degrees; cn , 
(Butl,u f 

Hethusinftrt ™ liL > 

An< eavneal 




^th-outForce,Vpro Ryualm 

' Vl ° nl 'i raw and Fortune make a King . 
s c^*Z So n ) muft be l* uji and Wfe 4 

hom only Fort uncsFauourn 
-dom,byfora new-found flairs 5 


^Scaiemoic than a man ^ and c; 
cD tft Worth ton his( ifitfafh 


u fcft what louc an jswidg cny 

c l o m o N 9 thou know "ft thou art my Yongeft 
W * w *a befides,ou£ of what Bed thou Ipr ;cft i 

^feeftwhat lone all Israel bears thy Brother : 

t "i tonor Thcc,what wr< I doo to other 5 
Ycuen to Nature and our NatiueLavv : 

Athypart thereto m all points to draw 
' ion ; and with rare effect 

' bleftVer: shide thy Births defect. 

Thoj'./^^King,l ictlic great King of AH, 
n his Conduces pcdcftajl 
c Affaires : V] I .his Sacred Lore 
cs and mindc be f lore : 

bebtrking rage of bold Blafphcmcrs hate ; 
T oucrain ncis(Vice-Ro) »ita 

icthicknes of thy Palace Wais, 
Thine. Gates, and high gold- feel cd Halls, 

in i it) 

cftCloktsofr 1 Ma Ilea 
rthor c (my Son) had made thee 1 
bmtjns or otPti «w, 
f hub's Title had befall'n to thee, 
•>Mtits M » bowed at thy kn 

houa^.yetv iVenucsluftcr 
;,0 °< 'tft(atlcaft)tliyGreai 5-toillul 

-7°' miandthc t Abraham, 

; **? -\««wto Com le and tame, 


Wcc-Roy,nc ;7WoW. 

mx no: 

: '.,;: artc onfiftNinAcri. mo 


b?od Husband : | 

J29 n lJs 'dft 3 1W1 

ar r 

^^ ih 

'the teeth of p ic. 

i^ J 'Peril, 

«fi:hi :rti 

"i vs ( to t 









I ■ I 


TtbmdJt ait 




Peffis the Coward,hc *&**** ' 
Thecrucin -^^Prmccr hey call, 

1 Sjukk nos'd Bc^es/cnting right Ins lore 
rTmnf-form-d into him ) eucn his Faults adore. 

Fly then thofc Monftcrs : and giuc no acccflc 
To men infamous for their wickcdncflc: 
Endurcno Athci(t,brook no Sorcerer 
Wi hinthy Court,nor Thief, nor Murderer : 
Left the contagion of their bancfull breath 
Poyfon the publike fountain,and to death 
Infect Thy manners ( more of force then Law ) 
The fprinq,whencc Subic&s good or bad will draw. 

Rule thine AfFecls, thy fury and thy fear : 
Hec's no true King,who no fclfs-fway doth bcarc : 
Not what thou could'ft,but what thou fhouId(t,crTc& ; 
And to thy Lawes,firft thine owne-fi If fubieCt. 
For,ay the Subicft will ( fear fct a-fidc ) 
Through thick and thin,hauinghis King for guide. 

Shew thy Self gratious,aftable and n Ic ; 
And bcnot( proud ) to thoi .ygodiingslike. 
But once a year from their gilc Boxes tanc , 
To impctidtc the Heav'ns long will or raine. 

To fail his Word,a K mg doth ill befeeni : 
Who breaks his faidi,no faith is hel th him, 
Deceipt's decciv'd : Iniuftice meets vniuft: 
Difloyall Prince armcsfubi s with dilrxufl • 
And neighbour Stares will in their Leagues commend 
A Lion,r.irlR-r tlicna 1 ox, for Friend. 

Be prodigallofVcrtucsiuft reward : 
OfpuniOiments be fparing ( with regard ). 
Q th thy brei\ with rarcft Fortitude ■ 

Things I nincnt arc euermoftpurfud • 
Onhighcft Placcs,moft d.fqraccs threat : 
The rougheft wind )n wideft gates do bear. 
Toil not the World with Wars ambitious fete : 

th« W ono r ur muft maimain ch y * 

ThenfliewthccDAv,, Jon-an/wi /-bold 

Follow tashot^thoubeginfti cold y 
WatcHW 0rk>p euif ^1^^^ 



, n- ylimb, 

ds^andoucrCI cTsfwim. 

Irrrufr^ 7T ,Cf ^ 'tis fw 

Into tf S? 1 ^^csfumc 
m neat . m Cold,thy Fire be excrei! 


mums, and Trumpets, and fhril Fifes and 
.,w for Citterns, Virginals and Lutes : 

Flute j 



A T3fge rhv Mouth be oucr-daimy fed : 

LCt iLur -be thy faucc, thy Caske thy Cup , 

L . c for thy Ne ^ iar * 0In ^ifch- water fup : 

lctDrUI for 

ScrUC o aHill • Run a whole Field for Race; 

?° : abr-c Dike ■ TofTc a long Pike, a fpace : 

rtumc ^y ncad wic ^ ^ u ^ an ^ vcat : a J ) P car 
r otainand Souldicr. Souldicrs are on fire, 

vS& their King (before them Marching forth) 

? How in fortune, witnefs of their Worth. 

C j jhould inflame thy heart with learnings lone • 

Sauethat I knowe what diuine habits mooue 

Thv profound Spirit : only, let th* ornament 

r Letters wait on th' Art of Regiment : 

And take cood heed, left as excefle of humor 

Plants, becomes their Flowring Lifcs confumer • 
$o too-much Study, and delight in Arts, 
Quench the quick vigour of thy Spirituall parts, 
Mike thectoo-penfiue, over-dull thy Senfcs, 
Aid draw thy Mindc from Publike cares of Princes. 
With a fwift-winged fbule, the Courfe furvay 
Of Nights dim Taper and the Torch of Day : 

md round the Ccls of th' Ocean dradly-deep » 
c the Mountains fiiowie tops and ftcep : 

•ret all Corners of this ncathcr Ball . 
ptoadmirc the Makers Art in all, 

Power and Prudence : and, rcfemble not 


*(t not to 

yc> to vmltr- 
fidnd the Pr.n- 
l'rmce-ft Sci- 

*fimplc Courtier, or the (illy Sot 

"w bafc-Couit all his time hath fpcnf, 
;ng on the goodly Battlement, 
* ch amfrcd Fillers, Plinths, and antique Bofles, 
'*> Afcents, Statues, and ftrange CoIoiTes 5 

^^dmufingvpon every piece 
^vmfo rr nc,fai rtee l vF / Snr pic e ; 

14:^ Cthiough tocvfelf-humoring) 

HoL c,fc ' whi,c othcrs findc thc Kin S' 
**<*olT'* n t,lc bala nce, with clean hands, clos'd 

^itfh CU ^ C, y Pu bl«keIniurief; 

°Ml dift nC i? ; vnc * Hcarc thc Crics > fcc the Tcars 
rofr u\ ^^ P°or Petitioners. 

•^0 wi, \ V , fc,fc ^ Open Audience: 
K Jul t noc be a Iudge, mould be no Prince. 
° L SW r ptCl and thc Martial! Sword 

3:c non Zr* b y thc Sacrcd Word - 

^notth r cat 5 n e»ner defpife the Smail : 
"y^avves be like the Spiders Caul, 






I HiC labor, hoc 


> Rtgiu 
S alouo 







—7^ I- !,i u .* arc caught and kild 5 but great 
1 C i f fore and Trull-down the Net, , 
I * Ic at *«JPgg£S£ L their Flocks deface : 
A wa y with SggJJ adorn their Place* 

Chuic Magiftrates ^ d ■ hcJ 

££ ^SsluictheMa^l^h^ 

! ^Uno::giucftilltogiucngain: 

And to dry-v P tlK- Springs of Libcrahtie. 

Butaboueall (for Gods fake) Son, beware, 

I fcarc, alas (good Lord, fupreamly fage, 

vert from Mine th' cffcaoithis Prarfage) 
Alas ! I fcarc that this fwcet Poyfon will 
My Houfc here-after with all Idols fill* 

it, if that neither \ 's facred louc, 
Nor fear of Shame thy wanton Minde can moue 


At Icaft, be warned by thy Fathers Woes. 

Farc-^ 1 my Son : th' Almightic cals mc hence ; 
I palTc, by Death, to Lifcs moft excellence : 
Arid, to go Raign in Hcav'n (from World-cares free) 
The Crown of lfnel I refignc to thee. 

O thou that often (for a Princes Sin) 
Tranfport'ft the Scepter, even from Kin to Kin, 
From Land to Land ; Let it remaine with Mine : 
And, of my Sons Sons (in fucceffiue Lignc) 
Let that A!l-Powcrfull dcci -drad Prince defcend, 
Whofe glorious Kingdom never fhall hauc end ± 
Whofc iron Rod (hall Satans Rule vn-doo : 
Whom /if^truftsin } Whom I thirlt for too. 

p A VI D dcccafl : His Son (him tracking right) 
With heait and voyce wojfhips the God of Might j 

his Kingdom by the Gate of Pietic; 
Makes Hymns and Pfalms in Laud of the true Dcitie ; 
Orfti <$ in Gdeon . where, in Spirit he fees 

hile his Scnfc fleeps) the God of Maicfties, 

^LordofHoaftSi who, Crownd with radiant tantfs 

r CI ^ hlm choicc of thcfc fourc louc, y Dames. 

tyfxl ,°. T>S niaUn S in » cr band a Pike 

(Not Maid-Ukc Marching, but brauc Souldier-like) 

! Am- the S'ars her iWly head Hie beaies, 

\\ hofe « Praife, and whofe Sum*i» foufld 
Doth far and wide o'r all the world redound. 

AU Stoiy-wroueht with hlnndu \ ~-:~ 

y-wrought with bloody Victories, 

I HE Maghificen ce, 

r^mdTi'O] -is, Arches, C vnsand Rings ; 
"P 1 hei atl ■ fand Kings. 

lU h W^alinch-bcdight 

^?» c .///, ^/A Trc csl lit: 
fe x tcr ffwliich-dorri about her fold 

1*1 esjfti i bearer, ( kl. 

-hand from hollow fteafjes ihe powrs 

fuVW fl lW ..k fulnts and Care, 

r} u\\0t //ii'wnofc no wrinkle bears, 

,, u len leyinwhi ye no tears. 
a c\ Ic, ihe 's pleafanr, quick, and plump, 
. toskiptodauncc, diump: 
jjj itvhef white hand doth mine: 

Th' uirdimbl rare plumage (platted fine) 
Scrucsherior -coat,: and her fecmly train, 
^h, and Temperance fuftain. 

L*A.H vnc coins, with fober countenance : 
Totli r-Bowrs her oft a-loft t' advance, 
ft imuqui swings (lie has: 

Her; :c cool, as com ly-g ebcrpafe: 
•c'rlnegOjflic ever goes wkh-our 
Co and tfun ane s about : 

'ataiichl rofl 
ThcG! omSWelftr me wears. 

I* trBc 'csbi ic Prince 

rnisr |y C > Heave** from hence ; 

Edtn uthmvminc: 


<o\ . At In^th he thus begun: 

i he hat huh thy Servant don, 
™* r ° ■ bl< I flum Id take or touch, 

■ftouldftd > honour. Co mu * 
r^ u ^ft prevent my Mem j or (deer Pariiec) " .' ' 
(,r °C myM ra 1 r, 

l r " a noble Gift: and nought 

I, or i teeter thotjfht, 
•quench oui G 

»ntl rhatwr< »'ood: 

\J*fibtce com 
Cuftomof iter, 

i time them *rt< icrors 

1 rs,L*tons,Bear? >ars. 

whofe count-] tridsibrPaftu 

)mo Camels mor 

'^loneawlK uin torn 

,n,c, yTools,l, forth both :nd( 








\S J 



* FjfM$S. 

Th-t YSf3kSnmj2&*fy«fa. the Gems 

1 precious ftoncs of the j^-fa- teams, 

But vet we fee, where Plenty chiefly fi^ 

Butvetweicc,wnti>-»"" V-—J-* wa y«, 

4h^cn adore rhciVGol^whofoafoira 

To lift lo Heav'n his fight and Soulcs Defircs, 
Hcmuft be Poor (at leaft-wife like the Poor) 
Riches and Fear arc fellows eve. -more. 

J would!iuelong,andI would gladly ice 
My Nephews Nephews, and their Progenic : 
Cur the long Cares I fear, and Cumbers rife, 
Whit h commonly accompany Long-Life. 
Who well liucs,long liucs : for this Age of ours 
Should not benumbred by years, dayes and howrs t 
But by our brave Exployts : and this Mortality 
Is nor a moment, to that Immortality. 

But, in refpe£ of Lady Wtfdmes grace 
(Even at their beft) the reft are all but bafe- 
Honour is but a puffc ; Life but a vapour j 
Wealth but a wiili 5 Health but a fconcc of paper : 
A gli/tring Scepter but a Maple twig ; 
Geld, DrofTcj Pearls, Duft, ho w-ever bright and big. 
Shcc '$ Gods owne Mirror, fhec 's a Light, whofe gland 
Springs from the Lightning of his Countenance : 
Shee s mildeft Hcav'ns moft facrcd influence : 
Never decays her Beauties excellence ; 
Aye like hcr-Self : and fhee doth alwaicstracc 
Not only the fame path, but the fame pafc. 
Without her, Hononr, HeAlib, and Wealth would prouc 
Three Poyfons to me. Wifd$m (from abouc) 
Is th' only Mderatrix, fpring, and guide, 
Organ and honour of all Gifts behde. 

Her, her I like, heronry (Lord I crauc, 
Her Company for-cver let me hauc : 
Let mc for-cver from her facrcd lip, 
Th Ambrefull Nard, and rofiall Netlar fip : 
In every Caufe, let me confult with her : 
And, when I Iudgc, be fhec my Counfailer. 
ifpl / ftafFc ' m y y«"Youth govern well 

In Paftures fair the Flock of IzsaeL 

Lo'd P iLtl Card fent , from H «** had need. 

OHFI? C 7? mC L C:al ^ lI Pinc,Idic. 
O i if I hue, I hue her * FUm<-br d -FUe 

And Cncw J^^inhctradiantfWw' 


^r-^jjherto thee, faid the Lord : and flth 

l! j foule cnamoccth- 

N ?c Jvband-maids to attend vpon her, 
&. L-alfo tie&b* anjd *#*&*, and //a 

G g, visnotrn JoHigh-dc; ded Queen, 

?Scr,tba my Bounty may invite 
fcfeving Her, t&f< e.Medayanc 


.1 night. 
!vcd, pla ly knew 


^ t f h is incftrang: */> never grew 

, t l t Temper ofhis found Complexion 5 

fcethatitWJ -ccc-of more Perfection, 

rfjcred Pitfun hnirably drawn 
nly pencil I, by an Angels hand. 

ithout Art) the Arts, 
:) g (without learning) in all parts : 
umanc Knowh e beautifies 
nsrvptftl .v'n he flies, 

, hec founds the Deep, he enters 
Joili inmoft CeJs of the Worlds lowcft Centers. 

The! iddlcsofthc /acred Writ 

Ve plan to him : and his d ep-p arcing Wit, 

v Words of the Heav'j nptedftile^ 

,k\\ Volumes can compile. 

zsihe Sun's fslip&yfMtfsxcttOti 
iovv< c Planets ncv? rorj 

r N turgor fomc Angel moue 
aeon ^vith triple Dance aboue: 

Sun felf-fliine; his Sifter, not : 

Writer, Autumn, Summer hot, 
,1S $ kinde of mounting vapas 


sLungsthero -Whirlcrs blown: 
L !Wii :heL mini: rides vpon : 

Ocean in his bounds doth keep : 
cr N t's Princcflc pot -on the Deep : 
^cH isfwect-fweatms* >ear 

ca .[k Parent, and the Oyftcr'sP ; 
f ' m( *> dusk, it makes them dim hall; 
V, ^sthec Tj and br: ; the pale, 

5 r > nScathcAml it; 

nesplc (Iintc 

w hy th' Harth 's i 1 round, 

^turc, Center of H found; 
,. c . Krmcafure. nd heknowesbefide, 

r^rduely, () 

niu .of the Conduit-Pipes, 

winding of our in-ward Ti 

K r ? 


Bit cm t 
Wtfdim Mai 







The M 

SSSi Than, our** Bulks be wrought, 
ftb r J ; V^m tr." I fylbp »rhc Ccdar-Trce, 


HC b ° ;thcReifonwh ? the Woolfsfell tooth 

Giues aHorfcfvvifmcfs; and his footing, (loth : 


Why the S changing,^ //^*'scyc 
Puts curftcft Curs to filcncefuddcnly^: 

\ ch' irefull Elephant becommeth tame 

V the approaching of the fleecy Lamb : 

V tf/eye-bold Eagle never ft .the flam 

OrforccofLUiming,nor the Thunder-clam: 

v'hy the wilde I en-Goofc (which keeps warm her egs 
With her broad feer vndcr her heatfull legs, 
And,tongue-lej(s, erics) as wing-lym'd, cannot flic, 
Except fhe(glad Seas biynicglaifcdcicric. 

noweth alio, whether thacour ftonc 
iecaked Earth, or Exhalation: 
Whether the Mctalls (that wc daily fee) 
Be made of Sulphur and of Mercuric ; 
Or,offom Liquour by long Cold condenft, 
And by the Hear well purified and clcans'd - 
Or,ofa certain /harp 2nd cindrous humor; 
Or whether He that made the Waving Tumor ; 
The motly Earth ; and ch* Hcav'nly Sphea'rs rcfin' d, 

All-n , made them fuch as now wefindc. 
He comprehends from whence it is proceeding, 
That fpottcd ufper-boncs can (launch our bleeding : 
Sdpbires, cure eyes, the 7optzto rcfift 

The rage of Luftj of drinke the Amethijl : 
And alfo, why the cleared Dkmant 
Uedhtis) impugns the thefts of th' Adamant. 

Tunes, Meafures, Numbers, and Proportions 
Of Bodies with their Shadows, als' he kons • 
And (fild with AW&r-DcawSjwWchHcau'ndrips) 
I he Bees hauc made Hony within his lips. 
But he imbraceth much more carncftly 
The gam-full Prance, than cold Theory : 

Thf ^ , l y Artt o govern well 
Andhw| HclmS0fc rtndCmmm.wNl, 

And happily to ente. nrirW 

good luft 


vndtotheLawesdooth Life and ftrength confer. 


^y<j ,-ghcf c of BigdurUn Hils 

to™ hie head vp-nght a and never yeclds 
^y bears ' »» _ l ,t, . , „ ■' 

Ton t ner5,w«nacnccjTu«orowi 

S at a s ' rriC > anc * Drauc ' 3 y samples vnd- 

l i Knees, t!>c-]Mowd,luwd,rowlingTh 

V.. ' , f corns Windc and Rain and Snowc, 

°,\ ij. v catl s 5 with a cheerful ibronr$ 

:>lvv P hri 

Q ' , .rHal I, ofthe Guilty wight 
> |C we ar for Calling, fmaMOT great) 

: :. : dccancitluT blunt orwhet 5 

„ and he fcomttk Fears, 

. het 'deth pi ivatc Tears: 

it Luftre never blears his Eye : 
hrooj hlgnorancca-wry. 

; n Oracle of all : 
:0 f I hec wifely can exhale : 

{ndouL shccanfubnli/.i-, 

ad v'rs hearts anatomize. 
i rimes had Ceres (fmcc his Birth) 

ilt Ttcfles glorifi'd the Earth • 
nhcdciclcs, b) ppy Wifdoms means, 
[Ti :notis quarrel 1 of < > crafty Queans. 
Is'c pofliblc, Earth (thus cries the full) 
) thou mould'/l for ^cr burft, 
Ar. How quick this ( blcQucani 

r pofliblc (C nis v n 

commingnew from dooing fuch n deed 

honible, flic fliame- Ids dares proceed 
approch thy fight v thy facrcd Throne t'abufc, 

par but: ti benrt* acenfe 

ithfurf nd with deep iiir-ch !, 
-IcfWlodam hcrownc Childc o'r-layd ; 

n findii it cold and dead) 

** I takes mi inrheftead. 

U^ \ boId ftr "mpct > rake thy baftard brar, 

,r c,n wnc,inylouely living Boy, 

^ hap, my Lou my Life, my Toy. 
1 Q J 10 faefflegious 

;»"»'ps my litdc Ancclbnffc* 


! o m .. • * ,V7VJU ,u » thy luu't w«-» 5'w . 

g; \* man, Maine thi andtheef 

^BinKc C i ch ^ r ^uc only, for my fliare, 

^nsnard Travail, i my burthen's Care, 
J (0 ,sr< J. c ^nL,',w warning, wringinj 

PP^fc hi s way JHFCi ies with (1 




t CoHirtutrfie 
kawern lb* x. 

line (biUe, 


Th* Magnificence 

£ •{'! venter oforone, 

v ho. : 13t Wine could mad oncfof 

i choi- .dchoufcai'/t nor, fear 


nc ho God. place doth bear 

occontenrfl; (or chcrcry'd) 

IThid nmkardandl 
thou ivik alfo haw y Child, iy deer 

foftroi loc Loue links fo ) 

I'cama nks)andl 1: 

u (hall rake my life wok-til, 

m; for thy Father's fake, 
Jc Hie Uthaihcdidnukc 

|e,whenhe(re-«hildi ughf 

V\ pott to (till t crycs,andtaught 

ach) -h language c and weak, 
Thy t mder to i c; rcai me to fpcak. : 

!l blood 1 >t he came 

J idenwirh fpoylsofKingsheov* jmc, 
H ran ace thee, roikt thee i:i his Targe, 

; cry dft, vpon his Ihouldcr large 
I>;Jfct >u his beard didih , 



V L 

rncath h 


I bu! fponinc ' fpray to lp. ay 

I adiurc cr- Pica: 

»c ot thy deer £*r/*k, 
v he fore- oft 

H bo adlcfofc, 

V -bof of her'/, jr whttt 

on thee, hundred time? 
^ hoc ^ hath fct her pearly Qrmm^ 

orcti )wnc 

ce(0 great K* by all 

l lu \ red ft or call, 

l ** w !dc,alas, 

fiuft ^r itt) icdwr . 

athbc Nature hath befk ,,nr 

* J <* i «; 





r^j^rionriy heart blood dcpriiic, _ 
• - c not Childlefs, ha ing Ch.ldc a-liuc. 
ihoth, at once, thus to the King they ( :, 
•„r 'tis mine : thou ly'ft; and thou doo/t lie : 

Ttf ^rtiall I pic divers Verdict fpend . 

T ' : [; '!'] : : ; one, othersthe other friend: - 
^p .<,. is hazard (in a trice) 

I flics, on the Chance of Dice, 
'by,dii irdwith-in, 

hat This and fomc that Thar may win : 
:and Fear : and every-onc 's 
; mooving of the guilcfull Bones. 
' o !. rheKingdemtttiS: his prudent cars 

both reafons, both complaints, both (can : 
ce could not difcipher whether 
jtthf !d be the very' Mother : neither 

n of their ages, clccr 
s doubt, nor any proof appear. 
He but as in dreaming wife) ; 

js Judge, when all proofs fail him, flics 
drawn (the probablcft; 
s ai urc 's learned brcft ; 

ack No Mothers loue (thmls hec) 

s ownc vnehange able Decree : 

i >rrurc that exceeds the pains 

M inhcrChlldefuftains. 
ft Come, come, no more a-doo, 

Cleauc the cjuickChildc in two, 
d be iharp j in fuch a cafe, 

me rluAice place: 

'fee; can iudge him whole to neither : 
cforc, and giue half to either. 

theK '.defcrics 
pfecrcts : all difcovercd lyes, 
Tongii Hnccrely prcft 
; »ctrx /Thought ft: 

' «J nepdam) fo, Cith r muft bc/b : 

omthi to roc. 

hc rather, I renounce 


:<kV . .. '1 rather hauc him Thine •»/■■• 

™°le,rhan dead ami i I Mine. 

, T hc King)h cc ' s j BirthUfce) 

^ andthint ec. 

Goldgrowc he fclf.famc M 

Randal fin. 

*»-> arid Wftkb latcht by none) 
'«»ofg rca j 






mrdij dtctdti \ 


I I 

S :T^^ Inland ieas; 

vn co His : 


i^GoId'sascommonastlu :nd 5 

< Pebies, Pearls : Ttirough-outaU^Land, 
There fccins ail Ocean of all happmefle 

Toovcr-flowe 5 and nil dooal poildle : 
Each vndcr his owne Vincand his ownc Tree, 
His .ipesand ma] ither quietly. 
Thus he abounds in Bli! not (o to change-ill 
M ntoBeaOjbutmakcof Man an Angel, 
To praifeth' Immortal!, who to him hath given 

ecx a Tafteofthe delights of Heaven. 
This great, wife, wealthy, and wtll-fpokcn King 

His fw< et renown o'r all the World doth ring : 
T run Jor Confederate dclircs hi 

rio for Son : th' Alien no lefle admires-hira : 
fThan his ownc Subicft : and his eyes fweet flame* 
As far as Nilm 9 fire the flower ofDamcs. 

O Salomon, fec'il thou nor (O mif-hap !) 
This Manage is no Mai e, bufa Tap i 
That fuch a mongrcll Match of differing Creed, 

f mortall quarels is th'JmmonalJ 
That nd Afle can never well be broalc 

To drawc one Plough together in oneyoak * 
Who-cvcr weds a Mifcrcanr, forth-with 
Divorccth God : out Faith (till wmtfjjtth.; 
It needsan Aide and no: a Tcmj r nigh, 
Not I inftrument of th' old Deceiver {lie, 
Not deadly poyfon in our Coach to couch, 
Sleep in our bofomc, and our bread to touch, 
And breath' i a kinde of killing) 

nil on,ofrhcSerpi shifting. 

that from v£gjpt coi ing) is none 

Idh, nor yet Boneo iyBone: 
But a ft gcBo abarbai aPcecc 

Impoyfoncd all with Mtmphim Leprofies. 

But, thou wilt fay ,thy Louehath (tnptyei-while 
Herfpottedfuitcofld. ^NtU: 

And clad her all, in Innocence, in white - 
Bee inbyFai ic-born^Wi*. 

Itmigl cfo: andtothatfidcltake 
The rather, for that/W b« w ;„ fake, 
[Where meisafi«ure.Yct,Ifcar 

cr Train will (lain thy Kingdom cvcry-whcrc, 


^^^Court : and God will be offended 
O^f ic people with ftrangc People blended • 

T^try Lord, who hath precifely /aid, 
T hf ?3. n ottheirs,nor they yourdauqhtere wed. 

Vn \ Ls Nature waters freihly-fine 

^S-hdmeternall green 

v f3 UthcycerIonguay^isieen 


n Sly Colon' -S lonely vanficd: 

Thcrcrni ilc8thc o round ' tl,cftarr >'" rIowcrscnc,,onc 
Theremount the more, the more th' arc trod vpon : 

Thcrcall growes toyl-Iefs • or, if tild it were, 

facet Z^V*" th' on cly Husband there. 

There \J$# never roars > nor Hail dif-lcaue$ 

Th'immorrall Groue, nor any branch bereaues. 

There the (rraight Palm-Tree ftoopeth in the Calm 

Tokifs his Spoufe, his loyal 1 Female Palm : 

Therewith foft whifpers whittling all theyeer 

The broad-lcav'd Planc-Trce Courts the Plane his Pheer^ 

c Poplar wooes the Poplar, and the Vine 

nit the Elme her (lender amies doth twine : 

Ivienboutthc Oak : there all doth proue, 
T ; iereall fprings, all growes, all liues in Lone. 

-ion's Porter, and the Gate flic bars 

tiCwdize, cold ofgA nv,d ftillen Cdres, 
ictprthey leauc-off and lay-down before 
Tfl lousload ofReafon at the doore • 

v/idc, to let-in Bafliful-Boldncfs/ 

"nwbeaking Signcs, Chill-Hear, and Kindled- Coldncfs, 


jarsfuddendry-d, fell Angersqui< 

I 455 


full Groue. 

quickly pleas a, 

■SjVV y!ic-GuiIes,queinc witty-pretty Toy 
f'»f',andground-lefs bound-lcfs Ioyes, 
In 'tar*re plunged over head and cars 

;W", immaterial! Fears, 
^VVjaks, bre Walks, Pain-pleafmg kindly 

icC ^ oof »^ Prodigall Exncnce 

'gs, deep Sighs, and fweet Laments. 

I , L 'lOJl|<c /«/!*/;,.„. £„' L—J VT«n<- ,\nn r»-»it.#» 



U ccnri-M,„ r P 9 * """""ran rueii; 

kQ ^s, Prodigall Expej* 

T he£ l °Ji l<c Lou ^'k s fraighted Nefls doe make 
JW Trees o'r-ladcn Boughs to crack: 


°f9h j ,., ' ^ *» r-iacicn Bougns to era 

0f W ^ fits, th* inflamed heat^ 

Sarcbt i h thcir Couv niccI y- ncat : 

' 0rn on thr;,/ nd ! cd ^ fom c l uick n PP car > 

Pi cfov.n , acU carr y *«T Cradles deer, 
pc. .J" » ^° ,n (fledger) take a twig 
" v pon,(bm hop, from fprig to /prig 


P>1 AfcON 1- 
D A, 

The Magnificence 


Let hang its Qujver, while foft-panungly 
tS35S hotVapour : one,againft a Sparrow 
Trio ins ftifl Boivcand Giant-Opoping Arrow : 
A norhcr flv fa hmc-twigs for the Wren, 

SS5E TK-mouIc^VVag-Tail (Cock and Hen) : 

Sec fa how fome their idle wings forfake 

And (rurn'J, of Flyers, R iders) one doth take 

A TJiruft, another on a Parrat rides, 

Tins mounts a Peacock, that a Swan beftndes, 

Thar manaqetha phaifant : this doth make 

The Ring-Doue turn : that brings the Culver back : 

Sec howa number of this wanton Fry 

Doo fondly chafe thethc gawdic Butter- fly, 

Some with their flowrrie Hat, fome with their hands 

Some with fwect Rofc-boughs, fome with Myrtle wands 

Bur, th* horned Bird, with nimble turns, beguiles 

And fcapes the fnaresof allthcfe Loues a- whiles. 

Lcauc Wags (Cries Venus) leaue this wanton Play: 

For fo, in fteed of Butter-Fly es, you may, 

You may (my Chicks) a Childeof Veiuu Rvbc : 

1 or, fome ofminchaue Horns and all alike. 

This faid : eftibons two twins whole gold-head darts 
Arc never fteeped but in Royall hearts* 
Come, Brother deer (faid either) come let's to % 
Let s each a fliaft at yon two bofoms moot. 

Their winged words th' effect enfucsas wight, 
Two or three fteps they make to take their flight, 
And quick-thick fhaking on their finnewic fide 
Their longfhongfarccls, richly triple-died 
Guld-Azurc-Crimfin j th' one aloft doth foar 
To PaUjline, th' other to T(slus (hoare. 

Pharos faire daughter (wonder of her Time) 
Then in the blooming of her beauties Prime, 
Wasqueintly dreflingofher TrciT-fuil head 
Which round about her to the ground did fpread 
And, in a rich gold-fecled Cabinet, 
Three Noble Mayds attend her in the feat. 
One with a pecce of double dented Box 

Combs out at length her goodly golden locks : 
Another noynts them with Perfumes of price « 

Th other with bodkin or with finecrsnicc, 
Frizzlcsand Fuikin r„ r i, . -j r>? _ ' 

Thcrcfi U ^^P^^Ringsaparti 

wau to Z f dangllI ! g Wllh0ut rc ™»g aW, 

VV aueto andfroc, with cunning negligee 
Gracing the more her BeautieslceeUenTe 
/hen arrnd with Arrows burning, Ely keen, 
illow-Iike, one of thefe fUSSoSi« Tm 

The M 

A G N I 1 I C E N C E 



j^Tf c w ing hiding (till his iiowc, 




, j lC3I t (the Royal I Maid cries out} 


c pcreciu'd no blood, nor bruife • alas, 

nd;but,fl 'Onthegrafle, 

Lovafirfl JV«- 

W? ,\h ihec) hath c: c into me qui 

B c \Lmvheart;ah,helpaic,Iamfick, 




f ; LjcoMtormai mc living-dying. 

t cRoyall Maid, which with her Mates was wont 

,jjc skipand dance on Fields inammeld fronr, 
LovtsfolcnefTe, fadncs, and Self-privacy ■ 

fobs 2nd throbs, and yerihckn owes not why : 
,ious pride of maflic Piramides 
p r , s her eyes with Towrs of lebufida - 
Nfrcleer Cryftall (hce doth lor dan fee • 
Memphis, Salem -^and vn- warily 
rhand (vnbidden)in her Sampler fets 
The Kins of Judas Name and Counterfets : 
Who, medi'ting the Sacred Tempu'j Plot, 
Bvth'otherTwin at the fame time is mot : 
The (haft flicks faft, the wound *s within his veins : 
Sleep cannot bring a-llccp his pleafing pains ; 
u o n i d a 's his heart, Pharonida 
fhisTheamtotalk-of, nieht and day : 
kin foulc a civill War hec feeds : 

ing Sun now early backs his Steeds, 
mounts his Mid-day, and then fcttcth loon : 
«ill his I, hic ftands at the hot high Noon, 
snot his braue Conifers (as hee wont) 

'"'Wares, nor in his Thronedoth mount 
arthe WiJoiv'« r^fn . .,^i^ f k» rvuirr 

•- -idowsCaufe. ncqledrs his Court, 
»« KUe 5 Love rules hi im in fuch fort. 
J^ ats, Agents for this M iage, 
f f f (1 s you may fparc the Car.' 

• ,rt Houehat}i with his lovcijf " 

rr] lively Draught: 

;^oue hath with his iovel 
: lrt "others lively D 
Wf rf ? thci - an dthcy hauc ( ftran-e ! 
ihrl i , min § hc a»ts a happy Change. 

'" I 4 hni1 .'heir he S hr J 

" b ^ies to their hoafts f vnite. 


''ncs: t he\ sihorrlyhad 

■'"'. mesimbne ;ladly-fadj 
^thiis a J athcr 3 v g *> »cc fpakc, 

,cu *hen (lice her leaue doth rake ; 



The M 

SvtogV" blrfTe thcc and thyBride 

Vvr^k"!-,.;^ daily WKlKH, cole 

all Loves may as your veers mcreafc. 
^ Wivel Maids and Children, yont; and ould, each- where, 

With looks and vows from Turrets follow her : 
SrfmJUtf" calmer thenic wont Jf^own, 

Hci Ships haue merry v> the Seas hauc none: 

Her looting makes the ground all fragrant-frelh : 
H fit rc-flowres rti\Jtrfb» VVildernes : 


Nothing bur Trump s and Timbrels play : 

The Flowr-crown'd People, iwarming on the Green, 
Cry full, Gtdfave, Gpd/*Of>G*df*uetbe £uee* 5 
May lliec bee like a fcion, pale and lick 
Through th' ovci -(hading of a Sire too thick : 
Which being Transplanted, free, fwect air doth fup, 
To th' fwcating Clouds her grovy top fends vp, 
And profpers fo in the ftrai foil, that (did) 
Her gold Apples all the Orchard gild. 

No ftreets are feen in rich Iervsalem: 
For, vnder-f >t fmefcarlct pave m, 

Silks hang the fides, and over-head they hold 
Archt Canaries ofgliiliing Cloth of gold. 
They rhrong, they thruft, an ebbing-flo wing Tide 
A Sea of Folk follows thV.dorcd iii 
Thcioyfull Ladie; >m their « ind> s med 
S\ tlhowrsoffl i lu adianthcadj 

Yet ous, left (dy'd in their native 

Her Rofie Cheeks IhouldN a in. 

But lo, at lad, th'honoi ofM fty. 
Glory of Kings, King Salomon draws ny : 

I. o,no\v both Lovers enter-: i [wect 

(Like Sun and Moon, wl U view they meet 

Inthcmid-mont norous raies rcfl on 

idmutuaJlWelcomsfromtl :ion: 

Both a-likeyong, like beautifull, like brave, 
th graft a-L Job hat have 

No crobfc cirhcad {fcs, 

i ni hem two oiiwi,oi two Venujja. 

iiefenoujccLo atthcirfirft arrive 
Acbaniful irpalfionsOraiieclyftrive: 

JZ[ ™ rub; aesdoihBufh 

huotheir Faces mam h . 

n S«c ;hteyesfeerovaira 

Ui.hfliame-f.c'tC.prcs;^ IJl]d . 

AmnnM^ POl r //> ^ ;, ; W,,it!u bought* 

1 1 (heathen) vndcrth'hr Iik ° 




Ti i,e2ods, with glorious mirth enhanc't, 

-fflalsatc > anddrank,anddan f 'c/ 

i ^ \< ]d**"* s ml 8 ht y loue trcads,vnder 
H<* r ' fl, his bright-light burning Thunder. 


^ and fport, and revcll with his Bride 5 

YoC °UeS the Courtier • Soverain, Surer 'corns ; 

sbut equal with his Chamber-Grooms : 
^ k«r c'v 1 doo, or can devife, 
] Glory finneth in his eics. 

- Lnv a rba*"' anti nccr man y a ^ 

L v 'nJy Laycsfo rarely-hveetdoovfc 
. rcoldenbowcs, that with the rapting found 
I .j, sand Columns wcl-nigh dance the Round. 


•Vh many a gallant Lord, according as 
waldi Beauty, I lonour, their afieftion drawes. 
Hccr, nuny a Hehe fair, heer more then one 

Chiron neatly waits vpon 
JsandBoords,and pliant bears about 
rixawls of Keclar quickly turned our • 
jth'ovcr burdned Tables bend with waight 
Ofthcir L^r^//ovcr-h'Ilcd fraighr. 
:r. many a Mart vn-bloody Combats fights, 
many a Ikrmet findes out new delights, 
. many a horned Satyr, many a Pan, 

id-tympbt y Flood- Nymphs, many a Fa'tery Fawn 

1% frisks and lively bounds bring-in 
Annk rnthj and the Maitach'mc : 
wen God's Servants (God knowes how) have fupt 
"grcd bacn of Pagan R ires corrupt. 
Hwith fo man v lively Tvpcs,at will 

™ n ch rare Arras ihallibm other fill : 
«c fports, I 'U oncly chufc oxxciMesfire, 
Ktetdy AOiicompos'd offa*c-fwcct plcafure ; 
^<fo chartc, fo fend, and fo grave 

°Wccm (except Imccabuic) 

L A £° m ' , and my celcftiall Mn/e. 

'ablcs voided of their x ous Cares 

S^^jand^fuitii res, 

ifbfi | amc > a ndthen toDancctheycom 
Solar- h nch ' r ound-archcd Room, 
BfC >}} 8 htfom , that ic (ri t) they call 

7 W 1 l tht lv °rlds great Hall. 

° f Ws t> t0fcc fo rich a fhowc 
anc » Ladies dc in a rev* 








lies dan cing in a rowe 





The Magnificence. 

> far and wide 

AI; ound,rcachm. 

^S-hS^^^ 'Tight, 

f is n or a Dance, bur rather a imoorh flic*— 
All moove alike, after tl Muficksguidin 

Or all :iic Hall ro foot-it iideby fide! 

cs fwect fplendorfecma a //ww bright, 
lUiq uant Raicsrhcir Body's clothed lr« 
ta Dance, but rarher a imooth lading, 


Their Tune-skill'd feet in fotrueTimcdoo fall, 
rhat one would fwcarone Spirit doth bear them all : 

Theypoftevn-moovingj and, though fw it thcypfluTe, 

Tis notperceiv'd •• of hundred thoufand pale, 
One i Ic back they: Hound on Round they dance ; 
And.astiey rravcrfe, cart a fruitful 1 glance. 
j [uA in the middle of the Hall, J : /fop 
({ liven from the floor vnto the very top) 
Abroad rich Bdldrick there extendeth round, 
In-bid with gold vpon an azure ground • 
\\ re (eover'd all with 1 lames) in wondrous art 
Five Lards, two Lddies dance ; but each a-part. 

Heer trips an old -man in a Mantle dy'd 
I )eep Leaden-hue, and round about him ty'd 
With a Snake-girdle hiring ofTher tail. 
Within his Robes fluff (in a winding trail) 
Creeps Mandrake, Comin, Rue and HelJeborc • 
With lively figures of the Bear and Boar, 
CamelJ, and AflTc (about to bray well-ny) : 
There the Sirinmun Fowl leans even to cry - 
The Peacock, even to prank. orTabletfinc, 

bout his neck hangs a great Cornaline, 

V. mare Artift(curioufingvpon't) 

Hat h deeply cut Times triplc-fonatfH'ronf : 
Hispafcishcai and his face fever - ; * 

His Body hccrjbutyerh'isMindcdio-where. 

J There the Lord Zedec him more fprircly bears 

Mi indplcafant; on his back hec wears ' 

i-colour'd TilTuc, rTgur'J all with Oaks, 
, Ears, Violets, Lillics, Olives, Apricoci 

Ired with Phauants, Haglcs wingcd-olack 
-phants with Turrets on their back- 
; rd with Diamo , P owdredandimboft 

■ Ws,pcrfum-d with wondrous Coff. 
™ acbjiuck on the fdf fame Arch 

. ^likeaftar-lflce March: 

many a afperofthc , ft > 

^ Lifter in t£ g 

Ofihci >^'"elIand t hc prctio & us C HiIc 

J usbodyfl,incsinbur,ufl, t ccii 

Jit e Magnificence. 

^<7T^cs bright with gold, unboiled hie 
I |\ cs and UorJc feem running Avifrly by, 

\\ ''V g-jaboutwith fprigs of Scammony, 

* fair i:acI "> s w "° m t,lol, > wn ofc eves 
m he Seas, tnc Air, the Bai th,and Skies i 

f .Mvhat art thou, O thou rairefrFair, 

imro'ft the. Trammels of thy golden hair 

Tn fuv Iv Thyme and Rofcs • and thy Brett 

«Lc all the wanton brood or IweeteH Loves 

Lncftle clof- 5 on whom the Tin tic- Doves, 
,cons,andSpnr;owcsdayand night attend, 
^ingand wooing whercfoe'r thou vend : 

lobe's imbrodcred with Pomgranat boughs 
h Saphircs, edg'd with Beryl rowes : " 

pcrin^fcx about the ftai ■ i\oo'.\ 
lC c- dc -Prmcc now follows, now 's before 1 

1 Sficc, that with a chafte-fweet flame 

[h our Brides hearts into one h t framed 
And is not Hcc, that v. irh fo curious fteps, 

> nimbly t .sand leaps, 
.was not Hcethc witty 

T rlocj !tand quick Interpreter 1 

■ngeafuit I His meddly rntlcfecms 

Scarlet, \ c-laced with C dc-filver ft reams . 
Tid of cvl i y Lace, for tuft hath 1 

prct, , phyre, or an Agate ftone : 

or* 1 lounds have beer a Deer in Chafe : 
~[ . heer a fwift Kid they trace : 

T ■ re Larks and Linors id fweet NightingaU 

1 m rained Ti owithw: id tails 

ingilcnHo; heirlii hroats, 
heirwarbli fhamcthc Cornets notes. 

7, Party tsblade, 

»g leaf his crifpy Locks 1 le: 
»ght and lj all in Turnsand Tricks ; 
. rc « Round, anvfmall doth m rx : 

m< idrin idiforder* 

ilgar,bacl of md •; 

Revels ai rod 


I Vcnu.. 

* A Spuft+th 

y '. crenry. 



?f entl >bl. irits rawneer, 

T °fcci[f°i ll; eacc,c< rake your places heer, 
a I • ck S f- ' ' Bndc-eronm and the Bride, 

tL 1 

C N< all the reft, 

PPy Caufcs of this fumptuous I r r- 







Lc^herethey com : O wbata^I^ bright i 
iM* doo dazle. O thou primer Light ■ 
Sm o I icSun, thy Mcstojn point rebate, 

For J no longer can endure it I 

Am burnt to afhes: 0,1 faint, I dy. 

But, blcflcd Couple, fith (alas) I may-not 

Bchould you both vnmasked (nay, I can-not) 


Youi Dance, your Coutting, and your rich Array. 

The Queen 's adorn'd down to her very heels 
In her fair hair (whence Axil (Wcet deaw diftils) 
Half hanging down 5 the reft in rings and curls, 

latted with ft; ings of great, round,orient Pearls 5 
Her gown is Damask of a Silver-ground, 
With Silver Seas all decply-frenged round ; 
With Gourds and Moon-wort branched richly-fair ? 
Flourifhtwith beafts that onrly cat the Air. 
But why, my 2duft y with Pcncill fo prccifc 
Scek'it thou to paint all her rich Rarities i 
Of all thcBewtics, Graces, Honors, Riches, 
Wherewith rich Hea\ n thefc Maskers all inriches, 
Slice's even the Mother: and then, as a Glafle, 
On the Behouldcrs their effects fhee cafts. 

A Garland, braided with the Flowry fouMs 
Ofycllow Citrons, Turn-Sols, Mary-goulds, 
Befct with Bal'nites, R ubies, Chryfolites, 
Theroyall Bride-groom's radiant brows bc-dights: 
His farfron'd Ruffe is edged richly-neat 
With burning Carbuncles, and every fct 
Wrought rarcly-finc with branches (drawn vpon) 
Of Laurcll, Cedar, Balm and Cinnamon : 
On his Gold-grounded Robe the Swan fo white 
Seems to his honour fom new Song t' indite. 
The Phoenix there builds both her neft and tomb : 
The Crocodile out of the waves doth com : 
Th' amazed Reaper down his fickle flings ; 
And fudden Fear crafts to his Ankles wings. 
There the fierce Lion, fiom his furious ey, 
His mouth and noflhrils, fiery I lames lets-fly, 
Seems with his whisking train his rage to whet - 
And,wr«h-futt ramping, ready even to fct 
\ pon a Heard of fragrant Leopards : 
VV hen o, the Cock (that light his raqc reqards) 
A purple Plumctimbers his (lately Crcft 
n his high Gorget and broad hardy Brcft 


^f^Jinnou): (Or and ^zurt) fliines, 
A ri^ h f ravcld gold about his Loins, 

fa&i R ,f cS . Beard as red as blood . 
In,lCU °Be-k bending like the Eagles brood : 
^ V low eyes, where Tcrrours Tent is pight • 
Grf f nhllcait, and fpurred as a K night : 
£*S85 h^ proud Train divides, 
?h minted wings hee claps his cheerful! fides, 
,JI J s |,isflirill Trumpet, andfeems with his fight 

+<*3 I 


r he Lion* courage to have danted quight 

Sounds nrs 

Theft happy Lovers, with a praftiz'd pafc, 

,^-ardand backward and a-fidedoo trace ; 
They feem to dance the Sfmfh Pavane right : 
4 Ttbcir Dance, fo quick and lively-light, 
Doth never pals the Bald ricks bounds (at all) 
Which grav'n with Star-Bcafts ovcr-th wai ts the Hall. 

When the brave Bride-groom towards Mount Silotxaccs^ 
A thoufand flowrs fpring in his fprirefulj pafes : 

'hen towards Mount Olivet hee fhdes, there growes 
Vnderhis feet a thoufand Frofty S nowes : 

■r, the Floor, beaten with his Mcafurcs ever, 
Seems like the Footing of the nimble Weaver. 

This lovely Couple now kifTc, now recoiJ, 

w with a low ring ey,now with a fmile : 

w Face to Face they Dance, now fide by fide, 
With iCourfc vn-cquall : and th< ndcr Bride 
Receives Grange Changes in her Countenance, 

jAta her Lovers dive; s-fecming glance. 
||vnj\varesfom Envious com betv n 
Hffand her Love, then is mcc fad bc-fcen, 
\, 7; uts h « cy, Hice feems even to depart : 
P r! ° L CC . hath "™Love in a noble heart. 
T 1 ; , Snotnin ? ro their Mufick choice : 

^gthcwarblesof their Angell- Voice 
^ and n Vi oI, and Care-charming Lute, 


Hht-cy'd Virgin IO how fair thoirart! 
uitoi i° W l Iovc rhcc > My 6nowe-v. ;ed Dove I 

• F or rhJ. m ** l Thou haft ra P l ,n >' hearl : 
u U1 «y: Forth I Live, my Love. 

' J d ai , ratttll0l '>my Dear I How dear to mce! 
- V Z C ^ ^IfaintJfinkJfWoun 


The Efkbtloip 

Z l $ hi : and, when I fleep, for Thee 
, n m y brcft ftih wakes my fharp-fweet\W 

'U°mk What ° Joufsthy fwcetTrcfTc it j 
mbc t-grcccc, what Inccnfe brcath'ft tr 


thO: Ut 

iK From 



tlx JIM I'LL. 

« From purple »«•»*, wun Gold abouc , 
^ Still from thy Fingers, nn§ 

w«rt how tweet is th 1 Odour of thy Prayfc • 
« w • ca airs oo > 

Among.hcFlowrs, my Flow's a B alilly; 
A Role, a Lilly ; this ? 1^ J, t.« bio 

This fra°rant Flowrfirft ot all gathwwill-I, 
«Smcllto\kifl<:ir,'. irit»ra «■ 

« Arnon" the Trees, my Love 'san -Tree 

■full Stem bears Flo uit together: 

i lit: Flowr,tl ruitfhallnourUbmee, 

And in thy Shadow .11 1 reft for C\ 

\V*. iil ffffperus re Waggon brought 

^ soff.p over alt the Vault, 

T ! - ous R evds to fwcet K eft e place, 

And the Eai tl is Vemu doth r feav'ns ;ww trace. 

Thefc Spoufals part, the King doth nothing mindc 
But The Lords Htufe j there is his care contin'd : 

is Checker 's open, hec no coft rcfp( j 

Bi tsa-workdiewitticftArcl s. 

I Millionsofhandsbecbuiic labouring . 

T lialithcV andb tearing; 

Th ed tops of faered Lilunt*, 
Toe! fount £/*», down rhr-lhMfr larr gon: 

Forrcftsarcfaw'diiiTi is, Beams and Somers; 

reat Rocks made tittle iat with S and Hamn 
Thcftiirdy Quar-man wi h -headed Cones 

j through the bowels of tjr 1 rrth baked ft h% 

;Ci Window through a horned Cliff 

Of ruddy Porph) eAlab 

And matters Marble, which no "1 c can mafter. 

the Whitc-ftone with thcTorcco! 
An< Id by the 1^4* |uire, 

^ -r ground (for the 1 , nidation) ioins 

V .lifinMarbl long n ic Coins t 

Such,! ftuff.andibi 

* S .T »icc. 

Th . cawsaC iptcr } thata dothfrtme, 

F carves a Corni salambc* 

rmsaPlj b; that firs an Architrave 5 

ncs a Plank: and that tl dothgravC 

:o Cedars dead, and cunningly 

move, to figh and fpeak well-ny : 


v , d :o mo v c, to ligli and Ipcak w 
M' I rearing high tl fkredWall, 

i^bTuld Labours 1 IcaVn itfclf appall : 
P* Icthey work, and ply it in fuch fort 
PfuL thought I : Suiwmcr-daicstoo-ftiort. 
* nGrapc-1 i eft, with vnweary pains, 
gTroop of raerry-iinging Swains 
Ifadh >ks the llrouting Clutters cur, 
a „d lJaskeis them as quickly pur, 

Embow'd with burdens to the fra ant Par, 
Toaiblethem in, and after pit-a-pat 
Vptothc VVafte ; and, dancing in the Muft, 
ftth'vnder-Tubaflow mowrdoothrufc: 
T La-vie, to th'cy their Worlcdoth growc, 
'. i'ch' Morning, firarce at Night-can inowe 

imc : and God himfelf doth feem 

n to task this Woik, and work for them 

the Night fwcet Sleep rcftorcs with reft 

x w, limbs of Work- men over-preiT. 

Gra hence cam this Courage (7/Aw-Jikc) 

Mils to heap vpon a rick < 

, and what mafllc Cars 
lb far fo many monftrous Quar* t 
ith; ftrcngth of hangin auks cmbow'd 

above the winged Clowd ? 
icout (doqcafl Inecv, 

fo artificially, 


I Serpentine, 

5J* : fair then firm; 

ir enc might i itlytearm. 
enfo tHwitii-out ; 


>nd Seeling cov dtriple-fouid, 
th C r,D rlimn'dwi Id: 

land im 

J™ llF r: and winged < crubim. 
a "cthcfa C rcd Implements, 

^ II theft rn, 

•'thou for M« Id hufc 

ldc me, 

•el nc Terrenes 

•esoi arsai - 

Deal rds 





* Sjri* 


v > 




The Mag 

hce did Co gild 

Thccurmngg Jwgjg coloured iufter, 

^ SffwfSS beam and glitter : 

Of P hms, S* veins, frch figures, hies and hems : 

OAvmgcdl l^ofl'illi^fBea^otWonns: 
Thou dooftdiuide this Sacred HtHJcm Three ; 
Th' Ho i t of Horn $, wherein none may bee 
But God, the Cherubins,and (onccaycar) 
The Sacred figure of Perfc&ion dear, 
Of God's etc; nal Son (Sins fin-lefs check) 
The evei la/ting true Melchisedec: 
The fair ««/-T empi e, which iscpcalonc 
To Sun-bright Ltvits, who on lunel mone 
With Raves of Do&rine 5 and who, feeding well 
Onthc Ltms Hony,fecm in Heav'nto dwell : 
And tli* vtter Porc h, the Peoples rriidence. 
The Vulgars lie, the World ofElemcnts : 
And various Anift honour'ft all the 1 'arts 
With Mjrm\ FbidUfj and Afelks A rts. 

This Pattern plcas'd thcefo, th' haftfram'd by ir 
Th*crernall Watch-births of thy facred Wit : 
Thy pithy Book of Prwerbs, i ichly-grauc, 

Vnto the Porch may right relation have - y 
For that it gives vs OeconoinikcLawcs, 
Rules politikc, and private eivill Sawes; 
And ( for the mod ) thofc Lcflbns gcnerall 
At Humane matters aim the moft of all. 
Ecclejlxfles the i T i u p l e feems : 
It trcadcthdown whatever 1 Jclh cftccms 
Fair, plcafant, precious, glorious, good or great ; 
Drawcs vsfrorn earth, and vs in I leu 'n doth feat ■ 
And, all the World proclaiming Vamofvains, 
Mans happincflc in Gods true 1 car maintai . 
S * NCTY »-^ ■ r o r is thy SengofSingty 
Where, in - erum Vci ie (as meet belongs) 
Thou maneit hcoi to 1 Icav'r. lorious K 

Where : <fwt»h a&credExtafic) 

ThefaithfullSo: talks with her Godimmcnfc, 
HcarshisfweetVc Ifdothquir, fence 

rhc Cabinets where GraceandC .ylics) 

he. " Ioy, in her chaftc bed thkuTe 

H oly I, ps cthc Love of Loves) her LI !e. 


T h e Magnificence. 


^•"^7-liad ji'niirit and had 1 it 


ieas***h& *Oncly-Trim\ 

ls ^tket:iau\ rhine 

;cnifC i, rfldcrj build mee in th irne 

one. 1 or thy dear Da v i d name 
, D 's brain s Dav id's bl re 

n his Throne his Iflucftill may thrive. 

.omp- ,None<ornpriiedP cc, 

c hart in Heav n by thy Magnificence, 

[uflicc, each-whereby thy Powrs, 

iihcer,dear Father, by thy "grace (to Ours). 
Joubtfull Cafe, one needs murt fwcar, 
hou the Knot, and ptmifhthou fevere 
'/audacious Perjure ; that hence-forth none chanr 
TathceofMaiicCjOrof] nice. 

■if-flowred I'rcc s, on- 1 ldds I Fail-torn, 

icopry Ears, our light and bJ ted Corn, 
Famine j If, with ten-fold chain, 

thlocktthy Watci atespf Ram* 
ds this tiouie wee humbled caft our ey x 
w,0 Lord, hear our com lir.tandcry. 
cinaitran bewail, 

i Ac Wars our Fore id J il; 

•owards this Ho wee him Icafto '.', 

.0 Lord, hear our i omplaintand< . 
"Strangers, moo . \J withrumoui < ft.'iv M . ,, 
JJytei ,too neOiaeles, 

WmthttHoufetoknecIreligioufly, ; ; _ 

°>01 l,hearth< complaint and cry : 
1 H nd by thy l'a\ n; 

1 :•'''' pl nh, South, EaftaiM 

AI i P r MfdmofiW j/acidn Prince, 

lobnght fet in fuch eminence 
^cbyenuious Arrogance, 
Z[ Whdl of black I fi noran< 

4- tf 7 





*frt it Light, 

.icf ?7^fle, that with prudent hand 

f2?5" ? cc Pter doth o 
l)i **, where , 

!0n >IneenfeandMyrrl »thbi g ; 

arcr nendooPrinc eTr 

Silver, . iten ( uld, 

5 p ots 1 

are rot -caft 

G: Ikti 

■vtl of 


To hear his Wifdom, an 

j t0 fee his City, 

T °c Virtues School of I ai:h and Pity. 

Rl iC l ^rfhutvourcycs^inftthcraics 
YoU that dooftut ou g £ £ ^ 

Rc-pulfcthc r»'l * dc;1 f Uoors doth knock = 

The/acred*,^, nor io much as look- 
To talk with God, into his holy Book 
O fear you nor, that this ? reat Pnnccllc Hull 
Or-thanllefsSloath one Jay condeiime you all i 
Who (both a Woman, Queen, and Pagan born) 
Eafc Plcafures, Trcafu res, doth deipiic andfeorn - 
To paHc with great pains, and with great expence, 
Longweai y Iourncys full of diffidence 3 

And^nobly trauels to another Land 

Her Time 's not loll : there (rapt) dice doth contcmplc 
The fumptuous beauties of aftately Timpie, 
T he I Town of hundred Towns in one, 
A pompous Palace, and a Pcer-lcfs Throne, 

Walsrich without ; furniflir in richer fort : 
Number of Scivanrs doth adornc the Court, 

But more their Order. There, no noifc is heard, 
Each his ownc Office onely dorh regard : 
And(inoncinfta as the quavering* 
Of a quick Thumb move all the divers firings 
Of a tweet Guittcm • and, its skill to grace, 
Caufctl Treble found, a Mean, al 
So Salomon, difcrcctly with a beck, 
A wink, a word, doth all the Troops direct . 
Each of Sei vants hath his proper Leflbn, 
And (afrcr his Degree) each hath his fafhion. 

This Queen, yci parting from her fragrant lies, 
Arm'dhn v i Riddles and with witty Wiles, 
T'appofctheKin: uidfhccrcfolvcs (hce will 
With curious Qucftion ft and found his Skill. 
Bntlo what Oedipus \ The Law-lcarn'd Sage, 
Which at the Bar hath almoft fpent his age, 
Cannot fo foon a common Doubt decide, 
Where S ,ft om% and Book-Cafes guide, 

As hce d.flolvcshcr GirAw-knots^nd fees 
I broughall her nights, and c i at plcafurc frees 
Such doul asdoubt-lefs might hauc taskt (t* vntwif' 
The Brvhmjn, DruicU, an ymtufovbijl : 

! knowing, Good becoms i rcGood, the more 
common 'd, hce applies therefore ' 



n - mthc Pairbond (enuious-idlc) 
r h Talent buries not in Idle. 

W bfii ?n^e you: alas (quoth He> 

>rt cd in Idolatrie, 
P^ r ' (kin Gold and Siluer, Stocks and Stones, 

, lmgS hauc imagined: 

K } there is but one folc God, moft-High, 

•All mall yet our of all, 
A j| !d,ofInfhOnginaII, 
OflLhrs the Lifhr, Eflcncc (urpafling EfTence, 
rs pure Ac% of Acts the very PuifTance, 
/all Caufes, 0«can of all Good, 
■fcof Life, and of all Bewty Hood : 
-.fern All-Seer, Starr's -guide, Sight of Seeing, 
i forme, which giucsall forms their Bceing. 

mdOne, is all Or whofo the Vnitic 

Denies, he (Athcift) diftnnuls Diuinitie : 

• els in God, ith* Fiend the Twine : 
World ha: h but one Sun to mine, 
let but one Soulc, both but one God, 

One, in Perfon Trinely-oddc. 

rat I rame, the Parts ioduc-devis'd, 
BbisB>.dic,tun'dfo, meaiur\S, fympathiz'd, 

i ! m . 1 b, w'lercfuch Wealth and Ordermet 

fc c A very part cannot proceed 

mono Pattern ; and that but from one 
W* all, who all prefcrucs alone. 

I we fee in kt Batal ions 
houfand furious Partizans, 

nourcccivill intcftinc Wais, 


God is an infinite Divinity: 
™ can thin k of more than one Infinity * 
^g the one retrains the others might, 
•JJ*w rcaues its name and bceing qui: 

I 'agans) why doe you confine 
in narrow Walls of Inner 

"•yon Him in a bafe T Tree* 

"i lnt y°" Whom no mo II eye can fee i 
JJJJ you your camall feruiccs 

d b ° ani ,iricis * 

jndoyou (fayd llie) by our example, 
immonall in tliis * lyTsMPti* 

y*r*«fjanJ oifethanv. 

m v fumes, and bloody Butchery *. 




• then 




The M 

Is I„o contain God, butgodi Z ffl«. 

I, not co comam - - , . j not f ofc 

SanaSA H«Vn and B inclofe, 

That hc, wi j, 3nCICnt p a ft, 

SSSS ^^"wuhourG^^ndcachvvithorhcr, 
aSSSn Bondl holds Hcav'n and Earth together, 

ThS « no: (as ,s though) Oor vain Devices 5 
ut God '$ their Author, and himfelfe Ordains 
Thefe Elements, whereby he cntertaincs 
And feeds our vndcrftinding in the hope 
Of his deer Son (of all th Things the Scope); 
Setting before vsth Only Sacrifice, t 

Which in C 11 r i«t's Blood Hull wafli-out all our vice 
Come thai, O 1 d, Come thou Lawcs finifher, 
GititKing,! « P:ophet, great Selft-Offcrcr: 
;om •, come thou thrice Great Rcfuecof our State, 
Come, thou our Rancomc, Iudgc and Advocate : 
Mildc Lamb, Saluc-Sci pent, Lion generous, 
Vn-chalendg'd Vmpirc betwixt Hcav'n and Vs, 
Come thou the Truth, the Subrtance and the End 
Ofall our OfTrings hither, all doo tend) : 
Come t > M e s $ 1 a $, and doo now begin 

To Raign in Sim, to triumph of Sin ; 
And, worfhipped in Spiritand Truth,rcftorc 
Vponthe Eairn the Golden Age of yore: 
Accept this Queen, as of all Heathen Princes 
1 cdecr Virft-F. s : take on thee our Offences. 
That, ftript ofAfam\ finfhll iuFc,infinc 
With (acred Angels we in Hcav'n mayfliine. 

The Queen, nigh funk in an Amazefull Swoun 3 
Bcfpakc him thus : My Lord, prattling renown 
Is wont in flying to incrcafe Co far, 
That flic proclaims things greater then they arc: 

d, larcn Spirits rcfcmble Pictures right, 
Whereof the rarcftfcemmorcexquifitc, 
Far-off, then er : but,fo far as thy Fame 
Excels all Kings, thy vcrtucs pafle the fame : 
Thy pcer-lcfs ftoops to thy Learned tongue, 

And envious bruit hath done thy Wifcdom wrong. 

So may I fa ven fo (O S c o r t 1 1 a King) 

Thy winged lame, which far and widcdotli ring, 

rom th edgeof^^hathmademeventrounv 

xVu t ""•.^«' "'y «wmw s end to fee : 

\\ here (Lord! ) what faw I > nay, what faw I not C 

O King (Hcav n-chofen, for fom fpcciall Plot) 


l^Jr^W^O Oracle of Princes? 

invSoiiJ niftnifts mySenfi 

U ± withafuppicWit, 


achmy So 

min an a bufh, 



laii .kcblufli, . 

1 II 
\t -ofoimdandplcafingyrts 

G, into one Head diffusU 



iLV vyongln.y mount : 
1 / . srhinc amefurmount, 

SSAwrcpaflV^hyJ ore, 

... :]l0 h*h ine-beforc, 

d, brave, grave, gc^ly Pjij 
^gscficmall Evidence 


F 1 2^1 ft 

— - 



1 ' 

Tt 2 







I ■ 


The Schisme. 




The mifitrie of* 
Sr dhJ 

1 timttiFdru 


( Ikfmmkm. 


The Argvmeht, 

Melting Oldejoung-Counfaitd w/JRoboam 
Lofeth Ten Tribes ; which /^wIbjioioam. 
J/e, Godding Calves, mikes Izracl to Sin : 
His Scepter tljereforefiortljf /ails his Kin. 

B A A z\ Z I M R I, O M R I, A C H A B (WOTjl ofdtt) 

With I e z a b e l. Elias conqttersBasl ; 
Commandite Clouds j,rapt-vp to Hea+v'n, aline. 
Lliiha's Works: his bones the fad revive. 
S a M a n i a's tragick Siege. A Storm at Set, 
For lonssfake : repentant N i n i v *. 

Ecrfingl Is a a c'scivillBrauIs and Broils; 
Jacobs Revolt ; their Cities facie, their Spoils : 
Their curled Wrack, their Godded CaUes: there, 
OftiY ftebrewTribes from th' ijbenm Regiment. 
A h ! lee we not, fom feck the like in France i 

With rage-full fwords of civill > mcc, 

To (hare the facred GanlsanD'tsc 

To foip the Xj/fo from their natiuc rtcm * 

«m W ' c) toC ' w »w«thc State 

\\ hofc Law did aw Impcriall Rhine (of late) 

Tiber mdjLcr too- and vndcr whom 

Even (liver Jordan's captiuc Roods did foam. 

Bur ktnot vs good Lord, O let not vs 
Scruc fcmlely a hundred Kingli ngs thus> 
In (lead of one great Monarch : never let 
The hw*ull Heir from his ownc Throne be beat - 

]'h e S c h I s m e. 

^T^uly to be wpofleft; 

Th' 5 5 f . j own to be a i yrants neft : 
n ftablim prudent Raign, 

Sword to Jnjttce hand again ; 

& d [eft with Petfe, thy blcflcd Praifc (O Lord) 
Th ar > il Laves may more and more record. 
1111 / R A t States ofj/rael, gathered all, 

>ufan<fenow, within ft™g **■* Wall , 

Si >vi> Iv^mc Roboa: for their King, 
jflfy flout) his Powr thus limiting: 

,d (lay liny) and Rule in c^&Ws Fold, 
: asa Wolf, but as a Micphcard Ihould : 
Slacken the rci «of our late Servitude : 
Lighten ourgill'd backs of thole Burthens rude, 

jfcheauy Imports of thy Father (fierce) : 

Rnrdsthc "pin of thine iccrs : % 

So. we will feme thee, life and goods at-oncc : 
Iforhcr-wifc ; thy favice we renounce. 
Hccr-wiuKimaz'd, thee moody Prince, in poll 

Sends for tliofe Ancients which hadfwayedmoft 
His icrs Counfails i and b.cfeems to crave 
Theirfagc Advices^na cafe fo grave. 

God hath not made, fry they dumping together) 
Subjects for Kings, bur Kings for Subie&s rather ; 
Then, let no: thine t -dymdiftrefs) 
Bcgnaw*n by others ; by thy Self much leis. 
Whatboots a Head, without the hand and foot i 

isaSc er,andno ibic&sto't* 
T^egrearci Milt, the Bocfic pines the more s 
TncCheckci's fattingmakesthe pcoplepoor : 
f'ftttces V Hibiecls Wealth is let : 

Bank of Th: i:t, where gold doth gold beget : 
• ^ the good Prince co ver but at need i 

■" pi "ais'd for a good Heard (indeed) 
we Flock is fat and fair, with frolik bounds 
°8 and skipping vp and down the Dot 


-creed, wildcft,«r: 
^'•hthoufandheadsa &* 

, f ? n 'wdtowarasjai 

^ a !»nc.byan abatement fc 
A «dem 8 i ,: Yoa ^tMf hemprouc: 

Or if! Grc>at -oplcslouc. 

fevicno h U(fc ^ wil -*ed on then ice, 

[ c a r ! l , rc * ats > no '* W » flat Denies : 

*^ thy ycWw effete, 

hoj and let them feed on that : 


+ 7? 

^ P<rrJ 4mrn 
tbr I ■ 

Tljf ft if le fdft- 
t* wtihi 
ru w Kmg. 






■ IcJneth 



the K»% 


I7 d . Iy)niinde thy Others £«rf*6g^ 

No crhim-fc-ltWofimplytobccurbdj 
Bur o cprcfs, prcft and opprcfs the more 
Thefc Mi-confcnts, bur roo-we vs d before : 

With .ran teeth to bfUift their idle bones 

To fuck their Marrow out ; and (for the nonce; 

Thcirrebell PruLto fetter (as itwerc) 

And lock their Furie in the flocks of Fear, 
And to (hakc-offton th' other fide) and (hun 
Tho* Gray-beards old and CfTd direction, 
Their fawcy cenfurcs, fnibbing his Minority ; 
Whcrc-by (too-proud) they trip at his Authority, 
Vfurp his place ; and (too-too-malapert) 
Would teach a wifer then tl>emfclues his part : 
To knowc that hec "s a King • and that hce took 
Even in the womb, as th' outward limbs and look, 
So th* inward graces, the Difcretion 
And deep Fore-font of prudent Salomon; 
And, in the (hop of Nature, learn 'd (long fince) 
The Art ofJ/4/*, the Office of a Prince. 

Wifdom [fond King) her (acred Scat ercdls 
Inhoaric brains: and Day the Day directs : 
Th'old man-forc-fecs a-far ; by pafl events 

He (prudent) ponders/*/*** acc idents^ 

The Young- man knowes nor' w-com f as itwere) 

Thi i wily World, but as a paflcnger ; 

And, more with couragcthen with Council's guide, 

rely beholds things on the out ci fide. 
Ye:, to the laft thou lean'ft 3 and, frowning fell, 
, Chcckft thus the Sons, of noble jfnel : 

Ah i rebel! Slaucs ! you, you will Rule your Kin 

ou'lbchis Carvers : you will clip his wing : 
u'l hold the faced helm, Con- C the Crown : 
You'l rate his State, and turn all vp-lidc-down. 
But, you rlets) whom you dally-with t 
j My little fii er-balanceth 

My her' s: he did but rub you light, 

M yourbac he bov/djl break yecquight. 
H acd Rods (or gent Whips of cord) 

But I lhaue your carrion moulders soar'd 

courges tangd with rov and my Name 
keyou quake, if you but hear the fame. 


I'he Schisms* 

^ r^^> c0Unnin S in t,icil wn >' 

AsrtPj? c j nv 'n piles offom new bank or bay. 

.^' fa Bridge built new, 

ir " ijt.paftso; rn( r(aw,norkneW$ 
:iU '' "i, ,ac far fiercer then they wont, 

A* [cfile the Welkins fronts 

ms dot b thus cxpoftulatc: 

, J h n'c we to d what part ■: what p] 

%n vicious race.; 

Linwii. where thou 




wilt • for we 

■ Riion(piOlK' ^vuuuNuu^nj.wv 

Ljrheburthen of thy Tyranny : 

cohere thy cruel! threats and braves r 
rcthy Brethren, we, end not thy Slaves. 

People and th' ill-counfail'd King 
ycelds to their rude routining: 

JS with fom few EeniamUes, 
>us Levitt* and the ludaucs : 

[r, and cbuie for Sovtff airt 

f S) { ,'s, bold and buue-brain, 

Me, doublc-fal(c) doth fall 
n his King and from his God withall. 
-, he tore ,thatifth'jfcMWftill 

inioyn'd) ihould mount on Sion Hill, 
rificej with bcautie of that Temp!*, . 
inces fi-jhr, the Do ine and Example 
Ofucrcd Letisesjhey \ ild fbon be taken, 

Jwn id the Bark they had forfaken* 
nt the Church therefore he doth devife, 
I'str ipoufe doth Harlot-like difgi 

cm hencc-forth wonhip God the Lord 

™"nc, ifurpin crcd Aaron's Dew. 

Um (: ate) requir/ft thou God, in this t 
5°'' r, madcthec King ofl lis: 

' iGod,mak'ftl a horned Steer- 

; u AIrar.r;nin/c Altar- and, the deer 
f^tar of Truth becloud 

_„... il 

J Ambition, mak'fr all 7fr*e. 
j all ^th-al| i rir o the GulfeofDc -, 
Was ]) t j iar fronuhence-forth, vn-catli 

• th operation of 
"ard hearts reprint the S.\crcd OtacUs. 

o^y^ncwhilethisPrieft-Kingfacri ;) 

^J- f ootGod in B^iArf (fclf I) 

1 01 %^ushisbruti(hrasedothl 

10. T 




I . 



The Schisms 


Take take the Sot, faid then th vngodly Prince, 
And (as hefpake in rage-full vehemence) 
Rcachr-outhisarm : but, mftanrly the fame 
So ftrangcly withered and io num became, 
And God fo ruftied every ioynt, that there 
(But as thcBody (Hrd) it could not fbr r 
Th' vnfacrcd Altar fudden ficnt in twain • 
And th' afhes, flying through th' vn-hallowed Fane, 
lilindc thcblindc PricOs ; as in theSommcr (oft) 
The light, white Dull (driv'n by the Winde aloft) 
Whirling about, offends the rendrcft eye, 
And makes the Shepheards (with-out eanfe) to cry. 

O holy Prophet (prayes the Tyrant then) 
Deer man of God, rcftorc my hand again : 
His hand is hcal'd. But (obflinatc in ill) 
In His Calf- fei vice He pcrfevers ftill, 
Still runs his Race, (till every day impairs, 
And of his Sins makes all his Sons his heirs, 

The King of lads little better proves, 
His Fathers by-paths (o Abijam l oves ; 
The People, pliant to their Wrfccsgnife, 
Forget their God, and his drad Law d el pi I e. 

God,notwi;h(hnding (of hisfpcciall grace) 
Entails the Scepurto the (acred race 
O f his deer Daaid: and hebindes with boughs 
Of glorious Laurels their victorious bi 'S : 
And evermore (however Tyrants rave) 
Som form of Church in Sum he will have. 

t_/f &«, Abijam's Son • Jehofapht 
Th c f on of ^« (rightly zealous) hare 
All Idol-gods : and, waning with fuccefs, 
Dung if m \ Fields with fo in earcafles. 
m !j A ^ a V d fi ghts th' arm ar: potent 
a "ich fliakcstheHeavY. ikes Hils,and Rocks doth rent) 
Againft black Zenh's o boatt. 

That with drad deluge of a M* , n _] 

O'r-flow'd all fuda • and, all fat \\\ 

Tranfponcd Afrik into Jfrael t 


Jhe Schism e. 

, . j {is • who, feeing th' Ammonite^ 

'^fZa *& proud Molbiu, 
^ ,c ^UWc:uis'JallhisfIoafttofing 
In U l\n° aloud, them thus encouraging : 
ThlS ("my hearts) let s chcerly to the charge ;■ 

• for Captain, for Del enec, and Targe, 
KonousPn^c'towhomthc ingSca 

Vlhffetofore, in foming pride, giv n way : 

^^rhafigh (or with a whittle, rather) 

,i,: hc Nonh, S'>iith, Eafl, and Weft together : 

,ra beck, or with a wink, commands 

; ns of millions "of b : h winged-bands : 

], .• breath, brings (man mrtant) vnder 
[eft Powrs : wjiofc arrows are the Thunder* 
t they fang, fell Z>//^rcaching-fai , 
[0 t he Heithtnthzt encamped arc : 
ithrough her mantle (tattci d all in flakes) 
Appeareherbreftall^ucrgnaw'ii with Snakes, 

i is fcarr'd, her teeth (for rage) doo gnalh, 
ThcBa(i!isk\vi:h-in her eyes doth flafh - 
And, one by one, flic plucks-orf (in defpight) 
Her hairs (no hairs, but hilling Serpents right) 

d, one by one, flic fcvcrally beftowes-'em 
T eh all the Camp, in every Captains bolbm, 

very vein full of her furious mood. 
Bams rySouldierwirh the thirft of blood: 

th the lame blade that (he died once 

it Cedem's (Brother- flaugl itered) Sons^ 
ttstheBrother to aflail the Brother, 
1 ithcSicr,and. r friends each-other. 

Thef\vords,new draw'n againir. their Enemies, 

volrcd) hack their owne Allies: 
tan Co mads thorn in their mutuaU Iar, 
' h3t «rai • rums civill . civil), hourtiold War : 
l JWEdmh siWw^andt ^Ammonite^ 

a . afl ™" 8 ^Amn and Edam too ; 

t£ • f °* chcm war s firft with th'other two, 
"^ i thcmfelues : then ^m*n Amm thrills, 

7 ^ Mo^idcm EdomVti*. 

| , C* "^ftto Hoaft, blind-fold Dcfpair, in each, 
«tt herfdfc . tho(l . thac arc onc in f^ccch, 

, onc Colours, ofonc very coat, 

pother, cut each others throat. 

ul1 coufufi on cvery-where commands, • 

s Captain the Lieutenant (lands, 

CTglvponhisScri flies, 
I "W boyes againft their Mailers rife. 

Dtfcripwn of 


fL*£kttr 6f fit 
HtAthtn hj th 
mutual f*rirdj % 


thtmji hts m 





S C H I $ M E. 

trncr* • 

[BWWpairah ccly further, 
c Vnclc doth his ownc deer Nephew murther, 

CofcnthriIs( :-n,KH ; manKinr-m a n byes: 
Yeac the .: .h cr k i Is his Son mod cruel, 
And; on. l!y<F i Woody Dudh 
iv ,, s cicely faht : and ilc each woundcth other, 
' J drawci th<*ie-b!ood or hishalf-f : Brother, 
dsnothiso erofad, till in the place 
,th fall 5 as like in fury as in face: 
Bur, ftrengt!) at length (n&t ftomacn) tails m either • 
Arid,as together bom, they die n ther. 

The faithfull 1 ioaft drawes ncer, and gladly goes 
Viewing the bo s of their breath-lels Foes. 

I for: . faddled, fom with-out) 
Ices, Qjivers, Darts, liemingkd all about 
rhc bloody Field ; and fr the Mountains nigh 
rheRa begin witl icir porlc-r king cry : 
cms an Arm> a Giant lare did owe, 
fit would to a Dwarf's fliouldcr growc : 
A Prince and th ere (knowen by precious fignes) 
\ o the arm ofabafe Porter iovnes; 
An oldc- Man's head hecrro a Stripling's neck j 
And there lean buttocks to a brawny back : 
Hcer of a bodie iuftly cloven in two, 
Th e bloody ti iocs arc ti ailing to and fro ; 

There, fi cd fingers of a hand cut-off 

pe (till the truncheon of a ftcelcd ftarT; 
And, there (at-once, all broacl^d on one Lance) 
Lie three braueHorfc-mcn in a deadly T ran fe. 
Chariots, vnfurnilh: nndTnh1mTcn\ftood, 

tlfcfpoalcsjvptothenavesin blood : 
Th' -addidnSnowc*, melt h vermilion ftrcams, 
And (now no marvell) Isrvel warmly fte.ims, 
Scop: with dead bodies ; fo,thit never-more 
It fljould haue feen the Ocean i before) 
Norpayd the Tribute that his Dutie craves, 

Sauc that the crimfinholp the cryftall waves. 
fed be God (fayd jmU) praifed be 


That moawes his Foes • that doth his owne protect, . 

That ho ds fo dec. the blood or his Elefl - 

f *s for vs, and teacher In > fight 

Co er and triumph of the Pag », might. 

And(hnally)dotnpuniniTyran t sfel! 

Withth* icfwords,toi Aiifnel 

ut, notwithstanding IereUxm'^ Pl of 
diird SuccelTor yet fuccceds him not- 


^^ - purie raigneth in his Race, 
A faib jr j U crcntcr fliiftcth handsapacc : 

K^S and all his feed befide, 

^ Si's iiTuc is by Ztmi flam, 

^ +!a0l ■• tlicn doth ° mri raign ; 
i0% - c iirfed for his ownc rranfgrcflion, ■ 

!^' ,-rrurfcd for the foulefucccfliori 
Kl onas^Hfoldto.Sin) 

rLjBJ'l-, and,or all kings the worft, 
jKStf adds Driinkcnncfs to Thirffc 


Tarp:u r k,fall'ninafloorofMat, 
Whichfoon imlamcth all the Chamber - that, 
Pres the whole Houfc 5 the Houfe, the Town about . 
Confuming all, and never going-out^ 

Til Goods, and Bodies, Towrs and Temples high, 

linaToombof their owncafhes lie: 
When one begins (how little be't) to (tray 
Fromthcdivinc Law's lictlc-beatcn way 3 
| We curled fall into the black Abyfle 
ofallfoul Errors : every Sin that is 
j Donns facred Mask ; and, mongers moftabhord, 
[Kill thcSainrs we think to pleafc the Lord, 
As Mid did • who vanquillit with the fpel, 
Spach, grace, and face of painted lezAhel^ 
Prc/iimcs to lay his facrilegious hand 

Onth'oyledPrieftsthatin Gods prcfcncc ftand, 

jOfhoneft Men his Towns depopulates, 

[wfehcNumbcr of his Noble States, 
^augment his Lands ; and, with the blood of His, 
Writes th' Inftrumcnrs of his new Purchafcs. 
™ ««n (at Jaft) by th' Hoaft or B«W, 
2 ,s f n Succeeds him, (and almoftas bad) 
J^cakcs his neck, and lcaucs his fatal! place, 

AnL ° rhcr Iordm > ,aft of Acbab's race 5 
^odious race, dalliance of whole blood 

CauWc Hc ofAjftptothcgood, 
. '5 his Son (charm-d with jttUds wile) 

Andl 0thc f sb,ood his armed arms to file, 

I ^^rnn'dF.rrorof^^/^Scfc. 
■And ^u^h^cfcKingsdid openly oppugn 
Th 0l]oh ^ rn 'y die King of Hcav'n impugn • 

4bL wjilTuc ( nov * degenerate) 
1 "°<>-nccf their- inccs imitate r 


: . $muf 9 








'he Schisme. 



a j contempt or God and Good) 

doms (as another Hood): 


% ■ 


CO' "■" — -cr- - . , 1^1 

( , Ieftl rti. c without his Oracles : 

hundred Proph ftrong in word and miracles, 
'icdft their rage,and from lad drowning keep 
acked planks on th* Idol-Ocean deep. 
ClccrSommei Noons need nor a candle-light - 
Nor found, 1 fician ; but clean oppofite : 
So in our Soulcs, th< ore Sin's Floods do flowe, 
Themore God makes his Mercies Gulfetogrowc. 
For his I baflasc in fad o^j£sd;iycs, 
F lt rT Tbahte Elytb didth' Ah hryrayfe- 

Who, burning-bold in :}>iritandfpccch,cries-our, 
In vytchih's ears, and all his Court about t 

impious Jcbdhyi .011 not (quoth he) 

huryfl Thunder-bolts that be 

>arinj eadfulifift 

Of God the Lord, that doth the proud refill, 
Kcven th wrongs, th' outrageous Heathens Hammer > 
1" error of Terrors, and all Tyrants Tamer? 
i Dooft thou no: knowe, He threats to Jfrael 
' A Heav'n of J f they his grace repel, 

R ckSt his loue,and gerrhem other Loues, 
W'horin: loutwith forrain Gods, in G roves f 
od cannot lie : his dreadfull Threatnings ever 

1 >ra II Iudgcments our Sin perfever) : 
Ast Lord Hues, t his 1 tie yawning Plain 
I 1 fcav'n fix month's drinks notadi of Rain. 

Nofooncr fpokcn,but frrr 
The Heav'ns begin to change their wonted hevv ; ' 
Th' Ayrc deadly thick, doth quickly vaniih quieht i 

A bloody vapour and a bu ruing cloud, 

B\ , begirt the Sun (all coaly-browd) ; 

it, the Moon denies to fading Flo wis 
Her filver fweat, and pearly-purledfliowrs : 
The Welkin 's ftudded with new B ing-Stars, 
Hame-dartin. meet, fiery Crowns and Cars, 
Kids, Lyons, hears, wrapt in prodigious Beams, 
OreadfuH to fee : and JUi(« it feems) 
Wcane of travail in fo hot a time 

Hils, lately h«d with >w namain: 

MayhathnoDeaw,no uR ain 

l^Nieces,andthc^^ s s Ur 
.•like erica asu UmcuUr; 

m If 



C H I S M E. 

-. lsrn uTe,3ndnorabrcarhisfrlt, 
zrfLju?ter's,\s'hich doth ail things /welt, 

BuC i Litin^ orr ) P llffs ^'-y-where V p 0n 
A rhered P^ins of wicked Shameron, 
IKfauory breath of Scipentsc. go're 

I ^ms^m and vn-Weft,ftdl Ihoar. 

Lv Herbs to fail,and Howrstafell began - 
^cs and Bayes for want of n.oy/1 grew wan : 

vHiopcn mouth the Earth thcayd doth crave 
lack-blew Clouds ; clcer tf/Ws rapid wave 
Wjrsnoivnomorc with Bridges arched round . 
jw*,for/hame,no\v hides him vnder ground : 
^/»*r,whofe murmur troubied with the noife 
The deeping Shcpheards, hath nor ltream^uor voice : 
Ctircn 's not Cedron.but ( late ) Gedron'% bed, 
fadJtMs Current is as dry,as dead. 
Txbeam-brow'd Stag,andftrong-neckt Bull do ly 
On pale-faf't banks oi^trnon ( alio dry ) 

ieither,fup,nor fee toe Cry/tall Wave, 
Oner the which fo often (worn they have : 
Tr.clulry Courfcr,rhat lace icorn'd the ground, 
Now lank and lean,with crcft and courage downd 
With ragged tongue out of his chained mouth, 
With hollow-flanks panting for inward drouth, 
Rouling his Bir,but with a feeble rumor, 
Would fWcat for faintnefs,but he wanteth humour : 
IneTo;vr-backtCamel 5 chat bell brooketh Thirft, 

Tlonhisbunch could have tranfported ycrft 
Neerawhole Houfliold,now is able fcant 

T °whimfcIf,hci$f6fcebJy-fainr. 
Jthyon gand olde,both of the bafcand bed, 

^ ft,l i^ in their thirfticbtcft: 

X ^vhich they breath,but to their wo ; 

L^Pmeair, they fup into them, io, 

ienriall fume, 

Ulcr snoM n jjT-©"—* 811 ^ doth their lives con dime. 
todry th, , 1 lc ( rhou g h « ft ™S ,k ) 

J 4v fL 1 w r ,Sca - Watcr ' s da "«y Di iok : 

A'i^e > froni hc yorA a ( South ) 
oFh; a Lord *'wholcL 1 of infinites, 

^proph 'nr ; whofc ' hjlJOUS Pl incc im P Iics 
Jhcr c f ^ a ^ofallrhcfei: s. 

>'nto Bro l , in - aA &* "gtfull hate, 

^orhu r ' th ' s hoUow banks hc g 3tc i 

' itc ^! k , S>C f tcrs '. a,ld Wa >' tci ) 
"" , ' ringed peoph >. 


The miferdlle 
*8'&* thereof. 





The Schisme. 

O fa poor Widow whot ^ ^ 

Alas ! to would I,but (O^ ^ ^ ^ . 

Whf fowcthrparing, fparing reapcth ay : 


S Ncedlings is nor gi vcn^ut lent : 

f a WcUofWcalcMhichdoth perpctuall run : 
A fr u tfull Field which thoufand yeelds for one 

Wh,lc thus he faid,and ftaid , the Widow glad, 
Gives to him frankly all the bread flic had : 
Shcloftnotby \ : for,aUthe Fi^vvhde 
That rag'd in W« little Howrand Oyl 
Dccrcafcd not,yet had (he plenty itill 
For her and hers to feed in time their till. 
At length befell fel Death to take-away 

Her onclySon,and with her Son her Ioy: 
Shee prayes her GucfUid he implores his God, 
And ftretching him vpon the brcath-Icfs Lad, 
Thus cries aloud : Vouchfafc me,Lord,this boon, 
Reftore this child's foule,which (itfeems) too-foon 
Thou haft bereft : O /let itnot be faid, 
That hcer for nought I hauc fo oft been fed : 
Let not my prcfence be cach-where abhorr'd - y 
Nor Charity with thee to want Reward. 

As a fmall feedling of that fruitfull Worm, 
Which ( of it felfe ) fine (hining Staves doth form; 
By the warm comfort of a Virgin breft. 
Begins to quicken ,crecpcth ( as the reft) 
Rc-fpinsa-frcfhyindjin her witty loom, 
Makes of her corps her corps a pretious Toomb : 
This Childe ( no Man,but Man's pale Module now ) 
With death ith'bofomihorror on the brow, 
The bait of Worms,the Booty of the Beer, 
At facred words begins his eye to rear ; 

imming in Death,his powrs do rc-aiTemblc, 
His fpirits ( rewarm'd ) with-in his artirs tremble 5 
He fctcht a figh-then liuely rifing too, 
Talks 5 walks,and eats,as he was wont to doo. 
Iain would the Mother haue befouqht the Seer 

Thave part the reft of his eolde O ldc-agc hcer : 
Ri,r <W holu w.>k:~ fQdain hcnccdoth bling 

> ■'!*&!*„'» HIT 



.» ... ,, v .j v^^.m, , um ujuain nci 

Vnto Sdmdridto th' incenfed King - 
Who rates him thus : O Bafilisk i 6 Bane ! 
A t thou I Ic that fow'ft th* jfutcum Plain 
With Trouble-Tares? Scditious,haftnor thou 
rofan'd the La ws of our Fore-fathers now * 

The Schisme. 

Xibnd Preach; crm-(l begin, 

7 j .„mr ficaviC natii I s anqc m 

land the Alters ban ! 
1 r,rtds,Prore^oi"s ofonr Land i 
UvG ° *' - " hVftbegi 
'/more heavier) sanger bin 



«*Soi >s a Hell we feci, 

isBral^ourE h is all of Steel. 

°, n o ki >e ( if" 1 cnc T,,,th ^ rcll ) 
2 Sthattroubleftyyr^ 




^ Ul " : mc leave) thou and thy I md-hrcs 3 mad 


i A thr I 

] ... ni: c Gods in every Cn oneroid, 
\.j. i cwifCjWondio.isU.l-abioad) 
ir rorious,glo >God: 

ill you prouc him, ir you da; e opponc 
oiirfiW-; rophcrsa nftmejv 
C 0r quoth K^lchab. to Carmtl's top 
' TheSctofmik Pricfts were quickly called vp : 
w their BW in Altar build they there j 
d,thc Prophet do I nothcr rear . 
<hhaverhcir Bcafts ; and by their prt uft pc\ 

Whofc God is G o D,by Fire from n aboi 

ThePcople's cyes,and ears,and mindes are bene 
ponthefcMaruails/o tfbl -nt 

ails,which migh ell cleer the difference 
Ttahadfolo: d Jjnfufpe 



)wco icrc 

n dh'-rccly-t , 

^nt to front, thcirh" cdarn:s dot II, 

WcKeardsofHc ari , 

i alcc ' andcen 

^luntc^tbat he m 

^walling Prieftsciill and c 
T r flcih,withla cctan< 

^ruell make their b >dtof; 

^rct from ::n 





n gch rjw / 

" (/ °d,appro eeours: 

,, *««"<*& Bin 

~ u »>0 Lckrsdes aal, 



The Schxsme. 

And knowcs aright the fcniice of the Lord, 

rappeail I s wfath he doth not fcarrc his skin , 
r appcaic n famc hjs acc to 

S" 323*^ ^ his funOion, 
B S tolpes (^ caufing morecump^ion ) 
Nor thrild with bodkins,raues m rrantik-wifc, 
Andinafuricfccmsto P«>ph«ttc i 
But offers God his heart,.n feed of blood I : 
His fpecch is fobcr,and as milde his mood. 

Cry loud,quoth he s your God is yet perchance 
In a deep deeper doth in Arms aduancc 
Again** his Foes ( th* ByftU* Deities ) 
Oris confuting how to keep the Flics 
from offhis Attar. Bur,0 Jtnell 
Alas I why yoakft thou God with Bddl( or Bel)t 
Alas ! how long thus wilt thou halt twixt cither, 
And fondly mix Darnel and Wheat together 
In thy Faith's Field * If Jfcu/be God indeed, 
Then boldly fcruc him/eek him fole at need : 
But,if blew Sea, and winged Firmament, 
Th" all-bearing Earth.and Storm-breed Element, 
Be but the leaft Works ofth' Almighty hand 
Ol'lutb's God : Iff feav'n, Air,Sca,and Land, 
And all in all,and all in every one, 
By his owne finger be fuftain'd alone : 
It he hauc caftthofc curfed Nations out, 
Which ycrft defil'd this fair,frat Land about - a 
To give it thcc,to plant thee in their place, 
Why him alone dooft t hou not ay inibrace, 
And fcruc Irim on cly in thy Soule and Heart, 
Who in his Love brooks none to (hare a part ? 
The cord vn-twifted weakens :and who ferucs 
Two Lords at-once,to lofc them both deferues. 

BWdcad ( thou feeft ) hears not his Servants call, 
tuch lefs can grant them their Defiles at all : 

IdC$b\ G0d,I B H O V A,E L O I! I U> 

N ever deceives their hope that trufl in him. 

H "i me thcrcforc,0 Lord,andfromaboue 
With Sacred Fire ( thy Soverain powr to prove ) 
Confumc this Bullock^nd (hewc by the lame 
That tho u an Go d, and I thy Servant 

And totnv Fold (thy churches Lap ) repeal 

As falls a Meteor in a Somn Even, 
A fodain Flafli corns flaming down from Heav'n,! 
Licks dry the Dikes,and inftantly, at-oncc, 








■nffrred Bullock : and the People fail 
^^ s 7 u ryonthcPrieftsofB^/. 
lfl zC 7° etch's nraver,foone obtaine 

10 ,,£/V'i//s prayer, looneootau 
^ vbicb Co ofc" rhc >' ,13d askt i 

in vain. 

J Vungry-Fouls andAngtls tod 

n i.;,Cr,w.irds. Fears he th arm e 

his Stewards 

^°(\ Tyrant i from their bloody hands 
' f cu cnim,Hea/n ( his confederate) 

d Bands 

U vhac is ir £/^/> cannoc do - 


Mi'imcs with Firethem and their fierie hate. 
0%ou\d he pafs a Brook that bro( no Bay, 

!rbridgc,nor Bank -. The Water giues him way^ 
Or irks hrni Earth i To Heav'n alive he hies, 
And ( failing Henoch ) oncly He not -dies. 

This ManofGodjdifcour/ing with his heir 
Of t h'vpp:r Kingdom,and of Gods Affair, 
A fodain • < vhirl-winde,with a whirling Fire, 
tniing Chariot rapts him vp intirc, 
snot,but 'fines ^ and doth ( in falhion ftrangc) 
bth-Iefs I)eath,morcall immortall change. 
Along-tail'd fquib,a flaming ridge,for rut 
Seems fcen a while,whcrc the bright Coach hath cur, 
This facrcd Rape,nigh rapt EUfbx too ; 
Vho,taki p his Tutors Mantlc.tho, 
as far as well he could with cy 
Ther hort Palfrcys,through the fparkling Sky 3 
Crj My fathc ither mine fare-well, 
The Chariots -ndthe Horfc oUxrail. 
ThcThishan Prophet hangs not in the Air, 
the Meteors to be tolled there, 
« other Ficric many-formed Fumes : 
nidthcAir tumultuous Satan roulcs 5 
**** thcSaints,thchappy,heav'.ily Soules. 

2 or 'shcnailccltofomemini ng Wheel, 
^'^continually to reel, 

' * f » t hisflcil),tiansfigu! 1 divine, 

«* abouc the Arches CryBtlLint : 
1C L C C m R 1 P is,frora pai: I partionfrce* 
Sf cl ath) /hall all hi 
VnlV ,,Crcforc clim ^>s th' Zmfyred Vole ■ 

f Cr -bleftinbodyandinfoidc 
;.|: if 2"*ttWorld,licorasanAn 

vp Mutt m 1 3 

He* wen. 



tn ""nft,jntot! Tr in b-On e vnicc. 

,w » 0r why fhoul tin itaqchaue 

'• T (right c ddK-firi/ /raits of ihcGiAVc) 1 ? 

'?%!oiu cd itj 

UKa ! I thou raptcft fo my /j ht 





The Schisms 

m y aker wit 

rhat Dore I docowcfld, 

I m U .1 . 

be c 

iV hh 

to bcarcu) 

ere «■■ 

JA co~th 

BtOt he Swumum 

ftorcs. lead; ei 

, blind irum I 

jfh: iMOU^illdhllOt 

.reafeth brcad,and or a pound o 
I -Yd: 


d >olJi 

Ar^ci - i warn 

lit hope 

Gs&us spuniihc * i.h \is Leprot • 
Mm* ;oa IroniWim 

:cCoi po( 
Kichirri^ >mr ies peetry 

ox: t cuboil, 

I 'nil no ho Brook* 

k«. I -»1.L *i 



ought the Seer 

■nxl rbc j 


TscTo if 

Th feriloi 


"ctcn on 
ur Mills morcg nsi 

togeiN ;rci 

I? -anu 

£ ,or 

^L 1 ,; '»> -veer and foumi Tiain 

n TI wailed thba s before 

But ih< n bchoid, of-yocc • 

> 1 

:rc riper; r! 

' 1 I 


♦^ i-v y i ■ 




The S 


cm ot 
tod Ma and baft rl* 

Sough the Sca,arid 

5fa ^ijiowesjaSodfom'jmttCarleaff} 

,f all the pro; 

ftandmoftl ..,..„. 
^Jfe of God, and a '• \\ id*,, 

, nv >mHcav'ns [\ 

' '~ . :n gnow but their drad Puric'sl 

Space*? G< & fare 

rfch.thatc til continue, 




. . tilling 1 icld,\vhiclnK.JxiB3( 
Jof v »<> rc 

111 J IV 

\ * 

I * - 

3ead,thedcadhci j, 

jhfir. Miracles, 

.eTnir! > : 

ilmvand 1 
■>opr,and p^M 

vk rhe j>u« #i inf i x, 

bene hthc^aaMriuil ( 

chnookagiif , 
H break: tummt g 

1) r uci bones an t 

and frr >ft) 

but a gai 

4 " *'■' bread!; .rnthnruv.i Ifefaci r! II 



hunger to 


** iakcthen 


r s\ 


>▼ l 

• a 


l, «l 



'; : 

flur: . 






•. ' 
;dn g) inIu(hcc,thoucanftnorh,ngh a uc 

Njy ,butaTonii«t 5 likcrfic pains OJ 

Yet euen this 1 'lea is worfc then death 
tognuumclunia lumccletitb 


My Lord, I M in u,«iu v w~.~ .»- 

Oath I fealed the Co; 
ContracLindecd cm yet could nor be 

i Conn* deed 

d,oi broker thout Cruclt 

( Tell it 0, rongue : why ftay'ft thou Co vpon-it ? 
D our ir,hauing dsr'd md -n-it? 

Not hauinq ft J 1 leavens King,how canft thou fear 
Anctrthl) r )Then,thus ( n Liege) vvhik-ycr 

J,and my Neighbour defberat ;iccd, 

Ic |yt •u/kal 

>ur own deer Children : and; () lutk-lc(sLot ! ) 
Mincfliit ll,i i'd to the Pot i 

onh- h I catc h-hiiiMnd I (hatch him to-mc 

n mine arms . he ftraight begins to woo-mc, 
troaks,colls,ar.d huggsmc,with hiss i thigho 

And,fi ngfwcr -mam,mam-mam,hccrycs, 

Then \ me : and with athoufand royes, 
T > to delight me with his wonted ioyes. 
I looke a ,and,with my hand addrcft, 

ury my knife nderbrefi 

Ai is a 1 ifc,or the Dam of Bears, 
A Fawn or K id in hundred gobbets tea 
I tear liu .lrefsium,and on our Table 

I fct h n ! ( t is now no time to fable) 

His blood ( my blood ) runs round abourmy Chin, 
My ( iden ^n ecding in my Womb , 
And of my h is fhamefull Tomb : 

Soon cloyd ( al. {cu 

Andvpaj i that j gct 


And all night long fhc fits to goarmandi/c-it: 

Jill fo much offuch( think I) 
|A'. >ne the more mv mifr 

my mifcry : 


^<7trSe7 and fmiles in eating it ) 
<W* -i«Vell! what a dainty bit I 

irc'r fucfc 

it bare ic 

v r. bric f) my 5or" 

S°* t0 j u,(hr in her arms flic bears. 

^ hebreft that nurc t fuch meat for mc - 

W ^ .ki. Womb that bare it,fo to be. 

wrflorctnev _ 

Son is eat: But hers 

C- : 

Wh her Faith,Me,and my * 

k iforher belly,rathcr then her Boy, 
|£abvd this prank ( and robd I mc of my Ioy). 
CSdit noc,of tender hart to fauc him . 
F^y.gut^hat me alone might haue him. 

Sbf^O Kin5,do Iufticc in this cafe : 
: I pardon ofthypnncty grace 
to nine Offence i (fuchanOfTcnceJknowe, 
AiTtterim tM/**/n ever iudg'd bclowc ) 
for ifl mould, how mould I do,for meat j 

x tailing now another Childeto cat : 

y. this is all I era uc before I die, 

i 1 may taftc but of Her fonnes fwect thigh : 
it ( at leaft ) mine cyc,morc iuft then crueU, 
MqrfechiiD flain by hcr,my Hoixors fuell. 

3«,ifyouwaigh not mine vnfained tears 
( Weed \-n worthy ) : yet vouch/afc your cars 
To the loud Plaints of ray lamenting Son 5 

ao,with ftrangc murmurs i urn bling vp and down, 

Seems in my bowels asrcviv'd to groan, 

And to your Highncs^thus to make his moan 5 

Si;,u J] you fuffcr, without all reucngc, 
*« curfed malice boldly to infringe 
u^Fiithond Iufticc,Vows,and Oaths^ndall ; 
«hoaing Flics tear Cob-wcbs on a wall t 
■"•MI then defcend alone bclowc i 
j^rcueng'd * fofter my crucll Foe > 
gc^calt.forthin foulcrt Excrement, 




is Hobby-hor/c 

P^ c Aire,oflTcnd the Elemen 
JJ*^5" Darlin ? ,on his Hobb: 
^iJi rtiaJ1 ridc > ancl prance* and courfc ; 

l^u!!??? cns ^ons ( as «n Ape ), 
) L I f T " Tow ^niakc 1 'unpets^ir P ' 

rl as i )bci " two Bellies put: 
«icnc PaO . that fo our wretched Mothers 
^jultand Grief, may eyther"s match with others, 

fcJdeni?'^ 5 mov ' cl w,tl1 P i£t y than with norror ' 
-ZT^^cfe Words,ra n threat-full terror • 

tci B ]^ mifchicf on mine owne head ligl 
"■^•^phislKad" this night: 




The Schismk. 

r^ « limine hccr performed hatfij 

fe!^SKfftL(C :Maid) 

S Gates /half cwnaboui hBrc^ u 

i Tulh laidaMmionofrhcCourrh by 
!(OfrurlVrpccch 3 proudgai ; :,ar.d.Io; 
Though God mould op all 1 to ns wuidows wide, 
I c anno:bc:Yes,Inridcl!(rc 
The zealoi.s Prophet ) Thou tj SeJ R in lum ) 
Shalt fee it then : but ft not taite a Crum. 
Thus (aid Ebfl^and th' Almightie Powr 
►crfor IhisSayingsinthe hov/r. 
Her fcailct Robc^urtr* had nor d f, 
h had foe yet limn'd the EufanteM ftrond 
With trembling fliincr.cytl Tlmbtuyot 

When pallid Fu i^flycsto the J\g4* Hoaft, 
Wildc-ftaring Hag,foiv'ring, and w ring moft 5 
Shc,that hervoyce and viiagefoifrs'ip oft : 
She rbat in Councils ftriue r 

I:r lution.tobcPruidcnt 
( Ca:.kcrofHonor,curfc of Government) : 
She that euen mblcsin her furcft Arms, 
itartsat a leaf J V. ouns at report ot harms : 

lccuesaU,(eesalliandfo alL 

rhat,iffl ,the In mamcntdorli fall : 
JThc be three Suns :This,on ain finks: 

Paul's Church dstb rceljr thtfeunddtion fbr inks : 

It is I cu'd,'t is feen : and,l ' by Her, 
The other Sen Ic areas apt to err. 

Claming of Arms,Rartlii. >f iron Cars, 
Murmur of Men ( a World < old!: 
Neighing of Horflyioifcof loufan : 1 >rums 
Wit!) dreadfull found from the next Vale ther corns* 
The Syrian Camp,concciuing that tlicTroups 
>f Nd>uhkes y HdbUsjta& Ethjcps, 

d by th* lfucUm&mz 1 i om y fide, 
To raife their Siege, and to i cll'i irpridc- 

(Amid the Moun- >rdercd ycfih 

Oncyn Cap-cafe Trcafure: 

To bridle s horfc a 
A her,hungrycvnhq 

His Break-raft our,butdar< , C ar 


A weens him in plain ground >n 


each other, 

^TTj^ck into a Pit : another 
I [:br he Boughs that brufli again*! 
B^hrine it to be the Conqueror, 
A" jd01 undies of th' only wound of F s a r. 


uall rain 

H^ r tedious and conrin 

^ V -Plies haftc from their Hiucs again, 
Thehoney- ^ crc ^ n( { bear into their bowr 

Whcrcm/uch (tore of com and they pill, 
lurmnneday their hungry Town they fill : 


T M ds th' vnbeleeumg Courtier down to death 5 
So that (at once) cucn botheffetfs agree 

Iuft ,-hh fi^'s holy prophccic. 

From this School comes the Prophet Amethite^ 
The twice-born Preacher to the Kimmtt. 
' gon: hie, hie thcc(faidth' Almighty) 
' To 2$«tt*,that great and wanton Citic : 
Cry day and night, cry out vnto them all > y 
Taftrt) iijts^nd'UirmcJbdU fidl. 

But/gainft th' Eternal!, /mm* fours his care, 
And (hips himfclf to fail anotlicr-whcre : 
Whcrforcjthc Lord ( incenfed ) flretcht his arm, 
I To wrack the wretch in fuddain fcarfull Storm. 

Now, Kcretu foams, and now the furious wanes 

All topfie-rumed by th' %/bali/m flaucs, 

Do mount and roule : Heav'n Warsagainft the Waters, 

And angry Thetis Earth's green bulwarks batters : 

A&bic ayr fo mufflcs-vp the Sky, 

Thar the fad Say lcrs can no light difcry : 

JWom beam break through their pitchy night, 
TisbutHra^ fl-,n,; c.uJr :-*.*-•*»- vLu. 

Tin Ship 9fdtK, 

Ion as. 

A Isulj Vef. 
en f tint »/ the 
form dt St*. 

's light. 

T " but drad flafoing of the I. irning 
^keftnke our failc (the Maftcr cries ) amain, 
^mifncand fprir-fail : but he cries in vain j - 

3"n his face the blafrs fo bl ufter ay, 
c ^ S r C3 -?ibbciifh is ftraieht born away. 
^onfufed Cries of men dilmay in mindc, 

H^ 8 ?. noirc > ,OW «- bcllowin f the winde, 
[ a. a" sThun dcr-clapsthc tackles whiflcling 

f ftge Muficians ) dreadfull defcant ting. 
Of^u- P crn winde driues on the roaring train 
With f l & v ^'^ 0w ^and the clouds again 

i c rclh Sc ascrofll- the Sen, and flic doth fend 

Hea v w r " chan B c ) a rain with fait y-blcnd. 
^- K > hc adIong)f C cmin7to#VIaptofall > 
thc slcics,and God to arm this All 

- w ■ 








The Schism e. 

A -ainft one mip,that skips from ftan to ground, 
From wauc to wane ( like *ff«m r windy bound ) 


While the fad Pilot, ona foamy Mount 
Thinks from the Pole to fee Hells pit profound, 
Seems from lo we Hell to fee the loftic Pol 
And/ecling toes within and eck without, 
As many waues,fomany deaths doth doubt. 
The billows,bcating round about the (hip, 
Vnchaufc her kcel,and all her Teams vnrip . 
Whereby the watcrs,cntring vncontroul'd, 
Ebbing abroad,yct flowe apace in hold : 
For cucry Tun the plied Pump doth rid, 
A (loud breaks in ■ the Matter mattered 
With dread and danger ( threaming cuery-way > 
Doubts where to turn him,what to doo, or fay, 
Which wauc to meet,or which fait furge to flic 5 
So yeclds his charge,in Sea to liuc or die. 

As, many Cannons,'gainft a Cattle bent, 
Make many hoIcs,and much the 1 ampire rent, 
And lhakc the wall,but yet the latcft lhock 
Of fTrc-wingd bullets batters down the Rock : 
So,many inounrs, that mutter 'gainttrhis SaiJ 3 
With roaring rage do this poor ttiip aflail j 
But ye: the latt( with foaming fury fwoln, 
With boittrous blatts of angry tempetts boln ) 
Springs the main-matt: the matt with boyftrous falJ 
Breaks down the deck,and fore affrights them all. 
Pale ldol-like,onc ftands with arms a-crofs : 

One moans himfclf: one mourns his childrcnslofs: 
One,morethan Dcatb,this form of Death affrights: 
Another calls on Hcav'nsvn-vicwcd Lights : 
One/fore his eyes his Ladies looks beholds : 
Anothei ,thus his deadly fear vnfolds : 
Curft thirft of gold ! O how thou caufeft care I 
My bed of Doun I change for hatches bare : 
Rather than reft,thisftormy war I chofe : 
T enlarge my fields,both land and life I lofe : 
jrft ft plume,bom-vp by Koreas breath, 
With. all thefc w ings I foa r,to feck my death, 

Where left I f capc M l thefc fails I fpread! 
T hen hus another : fere no winde ( quoth he ) 

Hat h caus d tins Chut ( caufe of all our ericf ^ 
om u*£» dog, fom Altar-fpo g f 
Lu; ks ,n tins fhip : com ( Mates ) by lffi txfc 




rf^th7^* ;/ ' ] indccd am caufe 

: li! L nii:ht,and all the fcarfull flaws 

black nigh 

full Seas. 


\XvVicavc him ftraight, and from the watte 

r\ Kin 11 ofVVindes cals home his churlitti train., 
\ jfrMriti fmooths her front aqain : 
Air's cloudy Kobe returns to cryttail clear, 
m , /,**(«> them all appeafe) 

' Loh Winter j I mtittfolcappeafc 

f^SSjrii) thefc wrath-full wrack- 

"' nn hcv heave him ftraight, and frc 


vine of U'indes cals home his c 



dand ears was foufed in thcSeas. 
\cccoms hce vp, and thrice again goes down 
: hc waves (yerhec doo wliolly drown) : 
hen hce finks j and, wretched, roul'd along 
ids, and Oafe, and rocks, and mud among, 
us, thus hec cries with lips of zealous faith • 
:v, my God, mew mercy, Lord (hce faith) . 
n God (who ever hears his childrens wifb) 
! ftraight a great and m ighry FinS, 
atfwilling (wallow*d lottos in her womb; 
ing Corps laid in a living Toomb. 
Like as a Roach, or Ruff, or Gudgeon, born 

11 fwiftftream into a wcer (forlorn) 
& to and fro, aloft and vndcr dives, 
J with falfe hope to free their captive lyves : 
The Prophet fo (amazed) walks about 
Thisivondrous Fifh to finde an ifTuc out, 
Tins mighty Fifh, of Whalc-likc hu-inefs, 
0rl >;, hdlicd, though in body Idle. 
Where am I, Lord i (alas!) within what vaults i 
■wbatww I fell dooft thou corrcd my faults i 
"gfpuniihmcnt ! my body thou bereav'tt 
™thcr-earth,\vhich to the dead thou Icav'ft : 

Wither thy 

57--— I /*-«• V.UII 1 iCC HU 3Ky . 

nor i'i •Sea,norycta-flioream I : 
' * I run . for, mooving is my Cave : 

C M couch within a living Grave. 
1 ; us nee plain'd • the third da v, on the fand 
^yfift did call himfi&'a-land. 

■*!£ li ,s wcar y limbs had bccn 

^tflit, and retted at an Inn, 

iins h C ; and conin to M i** 
»andal rcacnccl V P lo Heav'n (quoth hec) : 
*>/»2j °' w ° v nto you all : 




M fi. 

-^r~ Z~*<-ht • Rur loon the < rzens, 

« , L makes two Torrents oFIkt eies, 

Sc ibbingbrcaftis beaten blew and black: 
„ It adcrfldlucnt with rugged fack: 

He, head (all hoar'd with harry forrows part) 
With duft and allies is all ovcr-cafr. 

iW'shead, and iidc$,and lect arc fct about 
With gawdy wings (like loves /radian -Scout) : 
Her body flamine, from her iipsthere fumes 

i\w l /^» A/ « i ^ andal,nch p 5T f ? mc £ , 

Fa/% (though faint) her race with roy ilicc cheers, 
Stiong in her w r eakr,es, yong m aged yecrs ; 
Quick health's prefcivcr, curbing Cupids fits, 
Watchfull, purge-humors, and refilling wits. 

Thai Faith (Grand Vfhcr of th' EmpyreaU Court) 
Vflicrs theft Lcgats by a golden Port 
Into the trefe*cf,irA them face to face 

cforc th' All-Monarch's glorious Throne doth place ; 
Where (zealous) pro/hare on her humble knee, 
Thus Fr4«r (peaks m name of all the Three : 

God, flowe to wrath ! O Father, prone togracc I 
Lord, ihcaih again thy vc;. ancc-lWord* (pace. 
If at thy beam of lattice thou wilt ^h 
The works of men that wandt .cry day : 
I If thou their metall by that touch-itone try 
J Which fcai full-founding from thy mouth doth fly: 
Ifthou malt fumm their flti-i (which pafs the fand) 
Before thee, Lord, who (hall endure to (rand i 
Not Nin'n-e alone lhail perifh then ; 
But all this All bee burnt to allies clean i 
And even this day mall thy iuft w rath prevent 
ThcdicadfuII Day of thy laft Dooms event. 
This world toChaos fliall again return : 
And on thine Altars none mall incenk bum. 

therefore fparc (Lord) fpare the iYm tes. 
Forgive their fi . and, in their humbled fpritcs, 
From this time forth thy facred Laws ingravc 1 
Deftroy them not, but daignth in Lordtofave: 
Look not (alas!) what th have been before ; 
But vs regard, or thine mercy mor 

Then, God reacht out his hand, vnl Is his frowns, 

Difarms his arm ofTh under bruifing C 
Bows icioufly his glorious flaming O 
And mildcly grants, in th' inftant, 





E C A Y. 






The Arovment. 

^Jmhitms bitter fruit y felL AchzfrsStuk, 
Wttb bis proud gueen (a painted Beauty -mock) 
Extirptly I a i< v : I b h v V ligne likewifc 
Shallum fupplants. King-killing Treacheries 
Succeed a-rowe, with Wrack o/Israe l . 
lime-fming Bans : Athaliah Tiprefsfell. 
lb a s h well-nurtur'd, ndtur'd-iU, do thrum 
After hhkinde : hee kits his Tutors Son. 
Zenachhrib: life-lengthned EiscBUB; 
Nabvchadne 1 a a : Captive Zedbchiah 

Vff-p u f t Ambition, Tinder-box of W a r, 
g Down-fall of Angels, Adam's murderer, 
g PaientofTrcafons,Reafon's Contradiction, 
_ w Earth's Enemy, and the Hca\ Maledi on, 
t °- how much'Blood hath thy rcijK 'efsagc 

^eWorld! fWrcdon every A I 
f'^hronc's, and Crown's inlariar Thirft, 

'or o . L rCafons naftthou hatched yeiit i 
'itorK- ii , at is ic { bat hi * doo, 

cCk Hclmof Hmpirc evnto* 

^iilcthc fimplc) makes no hone 
\X ^ od ( f or, hee bckeves there 's none) 3 

• i ^aPiftJ ltle ^ d ; vho pcsthcfai 

wtc, fcar-j r "; 0,1 i or a po^ >y Dram : 
ft^haiiK °*«'> fears all : hee breaks at once 

^ ot Nature and of Nations: 


traced s$ the 



The Dkcay. 


itnvti ft** 
rite Tmcb \r 


— TTCrZurr his kinde heart is woe 

Sick of the : Fa he. .h ^ fo flowe . 

The good O fn an t«v fa 

{fee paffeh to his promis-d HappmcfTc 
r P , Rri,|.-c of his Friends Carcafcs • 

BuUt of the Sculs of his ownc Countries heirs. 

Vet thou pennirtTft it, Lord 5 nay, with thy wings 

Covercft luch Tyrants (even the fliame of Kings). 

Bit not for nothing dooft thou them forbear ■ 

Their cruell fealps a cruel 1 1 end (hall tear : 

And whcnthe'McaiureofthcirSmis full, 

Thy Handsarc iron, though thy Feet bee wooll. 

The Throne of Tyrants totters to and fro : 

The blood-gain'd Scepter lafts not long (wee knowe* : 

Nail driveth Nail : by tragick deaths device, 

Ambitious hearts do play at * Level fee - 

Proov'd but too plain in both the Houfes Royall 

OfldcobsiJJue, but too-too difloyall : 

As, if thou further with thy grace divine 

My Vcrfe and Vows, mall beer appear in time. 

God Now no longer could iupportth* excefi 
Of Ache's Houfe, whefc curfed wickedncs 
Was now top-full : and, Dogs already flood 
Fawning and yawning for their promis'd blood: 
Heav'ns haftcthcir Work. Now, in tumultuous wife : 
'Gainft ^Achab's Son doo his ownc Souldiers rifc 5 
Jehu 'sthcirCaptain : who forclccs,afar, 
How-much, difpatch advantageth in War ■ 
And, politick, doubles his Armies Ipced 
Toget before ; yca,beforc Fame, indeed. 

]enm y fur priz'd in feeble Bulwarks then 

(Vnfurnifhed of Victuals and of Men) 
And, chiefly, wanting royall fortitude, 

Vn-kinglyyccldsvnto the Multitude. 
j BouldA!fwfcSon,Sir7f/;^what'sthisThing^ 
| What mean thefc Troops 1 what would you of the King 
Where (hall the bolt ofthis black Thunder fall t 
Say, bring'lhhou Peace for bringft thou War,\vithall '- 
5 yd /(T^ijlowd : but, Jebu lowder faith, 

t? ( W fl CC i d ° Pcacc > blK blood y Wars and death. 

in oi wretch ) no Peace, but bloody \ 
Then fled the 1 -and (as a Ship at 
Hearing the H-. r nstothi atencver 


ten every way, 
' abfent Stars compackj 

And Winter-S 1 _ 

With th' angry W coi^chcrwnc^ 

^ not to ride it out, or fhifc abroad, 
lcs her Oars, and flees into thcRoad) 

Thb Decay. 

■^Chislades, wd makes them fcour amain 
W 1 rhicK and thin, borh over Hill and Plain. 


I SSL * b * f py in ?' a r d wciI cying too > 

■/■ refol .vt f 1 what nee hath to doo ; 

As 5 Ul n 0V my B c : then nocks an Arrow right, 

Pi^h/nda ■« the head,tnsbreftthe i ight. 
.1 lu his Bowe,h cods • lets t i he firing : 


Through the thin any winged (baftdothfw 

L/^'s &Wi and x tDfpeed themore, 

;cs bchindehim,and-j$efipfirOUtbefore. 
ThcPriflCenow h tb«r had before no hart) 

1H d I, and with his Courtly-Cart 
! ishadth iihitefiid) 
fcldoCMfotb \vi:\ s blood beraid : 
(em's K 5 had alfo there his due, 


ch 10 profane a Crew. 

,rhcpioiid\ .>!• leads his loyall Troops 
►the Court (rhatallin /ilence droops); 
1 1 S elf-lo , then for God's pure zeal, 
tch, th' Earths burden, lezabel. 
Th ■ Queen had inkling.: initantly flicc fped 
• curlrheCoc s of her new-bought head: 
iphyr, Onyx, Garnet,- Diamond, 
>usf is cut by a ci oushand, 
nimbly dancing in her hair, as fpanglcs : 
i;i \pple dangles 

on the Tree, too and fro 

^ l! dvvitlVche.windesthatbiowc* 

ner »f the lately Queen, 

1 ma ground pf green 3 

■j. lc rarely did enr heck 

irofa Mallards neck ; 

hfi llowrs and Fruits, 

an< C pi n a Worms, and New 

Wis Wo: I: a fringe of ( bout, 

1 ' « jnd Rubies richly-rare fct-out, 
rRobc id every part difcrics 
J Cort, contending for the prize. 
^nt.ftartupsofgrcenV rbec, 
',! W, . th ^ ndb he) , 





K S'ndnit c d . burt'ncdd< n the fide 

Ba-u?7 Carl =bi< ^ridc. 

.all, KTl 

• * .d 


Vc i n l Cr for her S rare then foi e) 

:c, n ' ?'p ,0 fet, with her beft Cor. exi 

J? ,h «e cherries, and he 

' ncr (fond;aW.-ncho^B 



Wl :r 

1 *■ 

J '* 


, Z — XT^Tfoirc the Dukes affection; 

VVr.ctbcrlhecJ ;ht o'n.1 re xi 


*g 23 Nlias^ccrnnmiipcakcoyou, 

That 1 vilJ^^^ iI >' ounUC,VC ^ 
E* L yonghngs with wanton thirft, 

uc to keep fafoion with thefc times accurft) 
Sncw tacit in your iccm-Bcautics fnarc, 
That day and he zoUymo makes his Prater, 
AtJ :c -s(as\VhoisKbutr p icsp 

Your painted brefts, your painted checks and cics, 
H is ike is dough 5 God dild you, hec will none -, 
Hec leaves his futc, and thus hec faith anon : 
What (hould I doo with fuch a wanton Wife, 
Which night and day would cruciate my lire 
With I eioux pangs < fith every-way fhec lets 
1 1 zx borrow'd fnares (not her ownc hairs) tor Nets 

To catch her Cuckoos ; with loofe, light Attn cs> 
Opens the door vnro all lewd DcnVcs ; 
And, with vile Drugs adukcring her Face, 
CI 'v.iilurcsth'AdultcrcrsImbrace. 

Bur, iudgc the bell : fuppofc (faith hec) I hndc 
My Lady Chaftcin body and in mindc 
(As furc I think) : yet, willfnec Mecrcfpcct, 
T hat dares difgraccth' ctcrnall Architect 1 
I hat (in her pride) prefumes his Work to tax 
Ofimpcrfcction ;to amend his tracts, 
To help the Colours which his hand hath laid. 
With her frail ringers with foul dirt beraid i 
Shall I take her that will fpend all I have, 
And all her time, in pranking proudly-brave I 
d id I doat I the Gold vpon her head, 

The Lillies of herb: efts, the Rofic red 
In cither Cheek, and all her other R iches, 

ith flicc blearcth fight, and fenfe bewitches 5 
Is of hers : it is but borrow' d fturT, 
Or (bin, or bought, plain Countcrfct in proof : 
My glorious Idol I did fo adore. 
Is butaVifard,ncwly varniflit o'r 
With fpauliog Rheums, hot Fumes, and Ccrufcs : 
Lo, phy ; fuch Poyfons one would loath to kite : 
I wed (at leaft, I ween to wed) a Lais 
Yoni cfliandfair.but,inaycc !) 

), at molt -, my lovely live! dc 
1 tula Hug, a Fury by my fide ; 



chaps • 

^r^J^ycllow 1 (01 none pci haps) 
K inking breath, (wart cheeks, and hanging 

K Tinkled neck ; arrd looping as fli ec goes, 
/?rjj, • moutr^and with a fnivcimg nofo 

^ u n >' hUS P1 ' ' Cli ' P; ° Ud,y '' aS hC1 ' V P 

^YrJino ic window cade: 

lUff-kiltoVC w-ftar 

£ ,ce,likcpu hmenrlcveier 

Bitch cries the Duke x Thou cl king ftill f 

\ 5. r,Tho CaJeofallthis III: 

j brou :h: it SmarU to Thine Idol-Sin : 

rrheand I' V.ingrirfcThoubroughtcftin 


oCoortand Counts y, with a thoufand mo 
okStrid* Vices, which I flume to fliowc. 
iou brought'/t-in Wrong, with Rapine andOpprcflion, 
jriijpplanring Mens pofleflion 
hall : yea, Thou haft been the Bacn 
cers (at Thy proud pleafurcilii: .) 1 
>u ltfcpf Strife, Thou Horfc-Icach fentfrom Hell, 
Tb<xiI)iowh,Th qu Dearth, Thou Plague of Jfratl, 

(hal: Thou dy : Grooms there me for mce f ) 
Qojck,caft her down, down with her inftanriy. 
Oricklc Faith ! fTcttc Truft of Court ! 
icfc Palace-raicc, this bufic-idlc fort 
inning Minions, full of foorhs and fmiles, 

ptfeCarpct-Knights had vow'dand lworn y cr-whilcs, 
'd,protcftcd vnrct ***&/, 

Mv'd,bra/d and bann'ddike Kodomont in Hell) 
rh «»n her catifc they eve Man would dy, 
c World, and Hell and Hcav'n defic 5 

f jyKar((n ringinall their bones) 

•dic;n with Fortune turn their backs at once, 
fajectheir Q< , ween traitcrous hands, 

1,K idlong,attnc £>**<• Commands; 
^fm>r?in-,framps (in irately fcorn) 

.5 ^ or Ps that whilom K mgs had born : 

iftii i° 1 ir0m P°' nt to point the Word 
*C*L :oi 1) 

^boutdoog:c\dyfec on 

turned, royall ion: 

,f teth / thoufa:kI rrheGatc, 

sfcsK !f> cr V thus (as c Ithcreat) 
BitrM °S s »heer liitch do, > nor fparc 
erucljp c S naw 'dhcrfubi( . bones bare; 
r ^ ll r,thatmad 011 oft bo n 
0rtUr cr Sl andi a Prophets Tomb : 


+ • ' 



The Decay. 


"- a s hap-lcfs Bremen i 

? ^ I T ICler < lice doth bung to nought, 

D ffl ign, keeps hom leru/alem 

Met , ; content Cic home ^by halves 
?oworfliip God vnder tie form of Calves. 

His Son and Nephews track too-neer his trace . 
And thi fattSkbmfab vn-horfc Ins race . 
The nuird'rer Shallum (after one Months Raign) 
hewaitoi Manahenh wicked-walking Son 

B msPekdbVmo death is dgn« 

And fo on Ptkah, for PekM's, death, 
//„// 'streafon, ti«ifonquittanceth; 
A p.oud,in pate, J idious, troublous King, 
'Thar to Confufion did Samaria bring. 

Their Towns iranJ-villag'd,thcr^rr/^,tranfponed 

To a far Clime (whence never they reverted) 

Soiourain forrein foil, where C/w^r's ftrcams 

for Jordan ^BafanjChjonCecms: 

lie Jffkr's fcorn, and icum of Euphrates 
I )anc and down th' T/iaca* Palaces, 
Dri their beft-tetfrfff, anchor in their Ports, 
And lodge profanely in their ftrongeft Forts. 

But, changing air, thefe en; : not minde(in Jury). 

>r, though fierce Lions homicidiall fury 

Make them r c vndet th' Altnighti's w i nj 
T|] .... ~ . .• 

jl/ iiv : i n> v^iiunu m iuio Kf. i anu 1 lOCkS, 

C.i i one wedge) Iron and Gold together : 

/w-Gaiff/r^bothat-oncc : bu^both is neither. 
There is a Talc, that once the Hoaft of Birds, 

lithe Legions of Grove-haunting licards, 
>re the Earth ambitioufly did drive, 

The Decay. 

And counter-plead for the Prci ivc : 
Now hilcth , :dicncc, 

And cither fide in their f( lefence 

Vas hot and cameft at the noife i r, 

Bat flood fl dill afar: 

io (boner hears the Sentence ft 
fts tide s but, muffling her in had 

-^. -^froopT^ 100 tncm ac companicth, 

Into **jv ]argc forhcad, her long cars, and teeth. 

^Jffraufewas (after) by Appeal rcmoov'd 

vtae's Court ; wlio by her Doom approov'd 
T hers P^a : then flees the fliamc-Icfs Bat 
T * rhc Birds, and with her Chit-chit-chat 


\cu Ac^s to ling 5 and, proud of wings, fhee plaies 
i 3*h nimble turns, and flees a thoufand waics. 
vLcc bcak-lcfs Bird , hence, wingcd-Bcaft, they cride. 

«rncc plume-lcfs wings (thus, fcorn her, cither fide) 
H-ncf' Harlot, hence • this ever bee thy Dole - 
Be dill Day's Prifoner in thy fhamcfull iiolc : 
Mavncucr Sun ( vile Monftcr ) ihinc on thee : 
Ltth'hae of all, for ever, may'ft thou be. 

Such is this People : for,inpIentiousfhowrs 
When God his blcilings vpon Jfaak powi s, 

rnarethcy Jfaak's Sons : but, if with thunder 
Hcc wrath-full tea r th c Hebrue T rce in fu nd e r, 
Thefe Traytors rake the boughs, and take the Fruit; 
UtaKflgtf' then) the lews they perfecutc. 

rjdfuch are thefe % wfjofe wily t wax en mindc 
Tibs ever) Scaljnd fails with every Winder 
Aft #tf of Conscience, but ofCarnail Motion , 
Of Fur y or Favour , Profit , or Poomoiion : 
\lUfe that, to eafe their Purfe, orp/eafe their Prince, 
Pern their Profefsion^ their Religion mince ; 

Mw-Proteftants, Priw*-Catholiks ; Prccife, 

Ktt Such a Prince . with other, otfjerwife : 
toMf Gar is of blinde-burning Zeal 
(*&Kin| \i\Uanew K I .. a csnheal. 
\, ^tdtboje Scocne-fcrvcrs thatfo low d have cride 
W Pr chts /ir^/^ //; their fdken Pride, 
J^»;//4 D'umbncls^w/^ others dumb 
|P ™*''pi*v*ut Lofs, and gain of Rome) 
j£ Courting, Sporting, W Non-refidence, 
| •» Annccjheir Sloth W Ncglh cc : 

rj*. -« choakt, andfuddenchang'd witb-ak\ 
C; ^ceed in alio/ the/e.much more 

nt-R everend whom they taxi before. 
ai U: i J -£h*™x\cons that cow fort their Crc\v- y 

(5?^ Lutl ,w/k Rhine: 
H »/'/•' ^ //; ^ »^BelIarmine : 
^J/« Wd : Mongtbegraciouj^rave: 

Sa * j: -~ and among Knives, a Knave. 

rs, »«^/«r /;*/ /wr r^ 




■ I 



I joZ 


The Decay. 

r ,/, T nfcwarra Lw" ™ ilthe Bridc-groom/p* 

O I sra b L , I pity much chy cafe: 
Tim S^ of M.iLhiU winch in every place 
We flowes the c, and (o domineers, 

It drovns rny foule in gricts mine eyes in rears : 

AMrF« your Fathers Tragedies. 

But (OO I dy ; whenw the fiend ftem 


I fee fell Difcoid, from her loathfom Cage, 

To blowe her poifon with ambitious rage ; 

Sion to fwim in blood - and ^'s Daughtci 

Make flwri's Houfc the Shambles of her Slaughter. 

Curfcd yjdhalUh (fliec was called fo) 
Knowing her Son,bv Mmfrt* Son, his fo 
(For l*ims fake) to bee diipncht 5 difloyall, 
Onth' holy Moimtvfurps the Sceptre Royal! : 
And, fearing left the Princes of the hiood 
Would one-day rank her where of ht Jliec mould, 
Shec cuts their throats, hangs, drowns, deftroyes thcmali, 

Not fparing any, either Great or fmali 5 
No, not the infant in the Cradlc } lying 
Help-Iefs (alas!) and lamentably crying 
(As if bewailing of his wrongs vn-knownc) • 
No (O ext ream!) fli cc fparcth not her owne. 

Like as a Lion, that hath tatter'd hcer 
A goodly Heifer, there a lufty Steer, 
There a ftrong Bull (too-weak for him by lialf ) 
There a fair Cow,and there a tender Calf j 
Scrouts in his Rage, and wallows in his Prey, 
And proudly doth his Victory furvay ; 
Thegrafs allgoary,and the Hcard-groom vp 

Shivering for fear vpon a-Pine-Trecs top : 

So fwcllcth fliec, fo growes her proud Dcfpight ; 

Nor Aw, nor Law, nor Faith fliec rcaks, nor Right, 
Her Cities are fo many Groves of Thieves : 

Her Court a Stew, where not a chafte-onc lives : 

Her grcatert Lords (given all, to ail excefs) 

In ftead of Prophets, in their Palaces 

S?£ Le ? ul ? read of Luft and Surfcting, 
Of Murdcr^M^^j Impoifoning. 

Whilethusftccbuildsher tottering Throncvpo* 
Her childrcns bones,/rfc#^ 4 faves one, 
One Royall Imp,yong /«/&, from the pile 
(AswhenaFirchathrTcrcclyr. iawhilc 
In om tan I ioufc, the avaricious Dame 
^aves fom choice Cafquet from the furious flame) 


E C A Y. 

^ — T^yides him : and, when as the Sun 

W«&n his larger Ring harliwn, 

^j\ crhusbar.d, brings him forth 

id*'^ ,' ir c Captains ar.d the Men of worth i 

|'f lOU l5,0 Chiefs of M, fee, 

! lis [ace, his Fathers Pictuie light . 
| u l'c Frielis, which favv him fi om the firft, 
Krro my Hov.fc, there bred, and fed, and nure'e. 

:; u ^clIJ.oly Men-at-arms 

,Vc obtfo blood on Grangers guilty blood : 
.off, withroouts, With Fireand Swoid together, 
This Womans Yoak, this Furies Bondage, rather. 
Then (hout the People with a common cry, 
mfrxfi*i Ioafli 5 long, Andh Apply : 
,1 [tve the King: Cod f Ave the nobU feed 
it* true King ; And A) t*aj ihey faceted. 
This news now bruited in the wanton Court, 
uicklythc Queen corns in a braving fort 
Towards the Troop • and fpying there anon 
The Tweet yong Prince Tet on a Koyall Throne, 
With Peers attending him on either hand, 
Andftrongly guarded by a gallant Hand ; 
AhlTicafon, Treafon,thcn fliec cries aloud : 
hlfcltjdi, difloyall Pi ieir, and proud, 
Tbou/haltabie it : O thou Houie profane ! 
Hlhy thee level! with the ground again : 
iou,yong Princox, Puppet as thou art, 
"alt play no longer thy proud Kinqling'sPart 
?onforichafcttc : but, quickly flripr, 

cry Rods thou (halt to death bee whiptj 
Wo ,eofccthy Brethren, which in I lell 

^Iwclcom thee, that badflnot them FarweU. 
i suddenly the Guard laies hold on her, 

ff ••,as'tweica furious Cur, 
; of the Qcrcd Temple ; and, with fco, r, 

rk'i? chcd cor P s is manned, ti and torn. 
nH, f gh-Pricft,infpircd iholyzcal, 


^,j^ lent PeopletotheirbountiousPii 
ki th > u > God s by ioint Obedience. 





asa ir-whclp, taken from the Dam 

fywir/ r adc senile,, Jcandtamc 
Wr Vfa "^ b ^ifonceitlui P 


get f orn ' 


iovc, or thorny Mountains top 






The Decay. 

His People, him again : then ^m**** 

As one fame ground indifferently doth breed 
Both food-fit Wheat and dizzy Darnell feed 5 
Baen-baeninq * Mug-wort, and cold Hemlock too - 
The fragrant" Rofc,andrheftrong-fcmir.g Rue : 
so, from the Nobleft Houfcs oft there fpnngs 
Som monftrous Princes, and fom verruous Kings s 
And all-fore-fecing God in the fame Line 
Doth oft thcgod-lcfs with the godly twine, 
Thcmorc to grace his Saints, and to difgracc 
Tyrants the more, by their owne proper Race. 

^bdz^ bet w i xt his S on and lotthan 
(Hce bad, they good) fcems a (wart Mduritan 
Betwixt two KjlAm : Ezektib, plac'e 
Between his Father and his Son, is grae'e 
(I Ice good, they bad) as 'twixc two Thorns, a Rofe • 
Whereby his Vertuc the more vertuousfhowes. 
Tor, in this Prince, great David, the divine, 
Devout, iuit, valiant, feems again to fhine. 

And, as wee fee fi om out the fcvcrall Scat 
Of th' A s i a n Princes, fclf-furnamcd Great 
(As the great cham^gredt lurkygreat Rufsiajf, 
And if lefs Great, more glorious ferjian) 
Ataxu, Chef el, V»lgs, and many moe 
Renowned Ri\ rook$,and Floods, dooflowc, 
1 ailing at once into the Cajpian Lake, 
With all their ftrcams his ftrcams fo proud to make : 
r fMtm \ So, all the Vermes of the mod and belt 
Of Patriarchs, meet in tiiis Princes brcft : 

^ hgion,WifeinCounfclling, 

Stout in Exploiting, Iuft in Govcrni: 
\ n-puft >un-fhine, vn-appall'd in Storms 
ait? 5 n ? f cdin S» but not fearing Harms) 

nr a for ' bravcl >' h « wpek the rage 
Of proudeft Tyrant li$A * 

And (ay vn-dantcd) in his Godsbclulf 

Hazards* once his Scepter andhimfclfl 

\L\ V : T? (f ° l " H ci 8 hbou ") :nd about him raign 

Idolaters (that would him gladly Lain) : 

!' **t\u2m 


The Decay. 

,^-Jj^heci of wood, and there of ftonc, 
hccrandthcrca Golden one, 

' c;in : 

■ :CVC ? 'Zffur's Prince had with Ins Legions fell 

he fmall Faith that was s and vttei ly • 

,X Ten Tribes inro Captivity, 



tat'even thctalkft Cedar- Tree 


%Hl never fincc could fee : 
f c h 1 a h femes not Time ; nor Fears 

t Tvrant$f"7 : n ethcrr 9 ars with Bears, 
I'' ills w ithWolues,nortverrurnsawa 
*-JI v wife,well knowing,that Delay 
W^/ vc r0 111 • and Danger (till doth wait 

,e:in4,in Matters ; of fuch waight . 
Hcfilofaflfets-vp th* Almightie's Throne : 

Jcr thar,thcn he excels his ownc. 
Tfcftabhfliing of Gods pure Law again, 
•he Preface of his happy Raign: 
tfemfle purg'd,th' High-places down he pafhes, 
nallowed Groves,burns th* lol-gods to aibcs, 
'Which hisownc Father ferv'd iand,ZM/-full ) biake 
The Inun Serpent, Mtfet ycrir did make. 

For.thoughit were a very Type of C hrut. 
Though lirft it were by th' Ht-ly-Gost devis'd, 

not by Man ( whofc bold blindc Fancic's pride 
Deforms God's Sci v ice,ftray es on cither fid'.-, 
-ttc:$ it fdf in his Inventions vain, 

s to fchool the Sacred Spirit again, 
Joules the Wo: d, and ( in a word ) is hot 
wnc fafliion to feruc God,or not ) 
gh the Prefcript of Ancient <vfe defend ir, 
" # 'Vfto^though Miracles commend it 
^acles^pproved in conclusion, 
5*11 guile of Mensor Fiends ill ufion ) 
K n S yet (pares not to deftroy the fame, 
OT woccafion of Offence ircamt 
ff 0r wAbufcofafond Peoples wil* 
^ "at away which wasnot fclfly ill • 
- a, «s permits he (thorough all his Land) 

His ConfUnry 
writ ferutcetf 

GoJ t & 'Xfukni 

t\nfdim % 




» c reJique,orone(ig 

|fcj7*; or »dlcfupcrftition 
Thk , ou § ht -in,withoutthc»WVCwwMi>/». 

»SS? "Kcof all Abhomination, 
;* ' Work of thorough-*^™//'*, 

iu.L '? Action \ ltsnotRecompenfe: 
^ no,,, sgraccbym fore doth difprtife, 




The Decay. 

T^j^ „, that rruclyi.onour him, 

¥oFx!ch.ah.> modi doth fleo 

On the wide win 



■ brining 5: 


agjinll God 

and good king 

^Hcguidcrh h« viaorious Troup, 

, ' g A (edm he razcth to the ground : 

AndpunMiinea op] holly drown J 

In Idolifnvnd all rebellious Sins 

Adds to Iiis Land the Land otPhikjlms 

y c crmorc, 'tis He that hi Withdraws 

I rom out the bloudyancf ambitious paws 

C Fell Tyrant,whofc proud bounds extend 
Part bounds for breadth, and for their length pail cnd ; 
Whofe fwarmsof Arms^ui'ul g cva y-wherc, 
Made All to quake ( even at his name ) rorrcarc. 

Already were the CeU-SjrUnXow^ 
All fadct,and Prized by :h' AforitnVowxs : 
And,ofall Cities where th'lfacumsx 1, 
( ) nly the great kntfdUm remain d - 7 
When &syikeb 9 mth railing info ce, 
Tims braucs the Hebreaei and vpb their Prince 
(Weenin hem all with vaunt- ft .11 Threats to fbib) 

Thus faith th'almigh \\grea: ■ Zttocharib : 

Jj/«« 'sKinglinc,wlu fore art thou Jhuc 

In veake walls f is thine affiance-put 

In th'ayd of Egypt 1 dcceitfnll ; »rop ! 

feeble (b O hollow-gro:n dc 1 hope ! 

Ey^'saftarTofRced- which, broken foon, 

H hro he and of him that leans thcr-on. 

Perhaps th tin Lord thy God: 

What I \ >mfo hail J fob road, 

Whom to hi da 

Dc do. c 

OfhisHi Places,.. dGro id all 

CWI rftthy >nt on him to call) 

n ( to ) thou baft exiled quite 

Fromcvc lace,and h pi ht 

pcrp 1 do 
1 hjmclofe-Pi ncrinao \rk 

\ N,1 J H ?*»'< d Thine; 

fJ? Cv - tfhaue His Warrant too 

; h: vhat I "; rodoo: 

Y mzl ntoftand 

Againftthc powrof my viclork and : 

The Deca y. 


t | lC coun{ailsofthkL 

m his Vengeance on th'abhon 
uL of his Temples r.andjf He 

vPovvr/iisall conic rrclro me. 

^\va'* ►Thou art : and by d, / 
Jenotthe I *hich ihall confume theequitc; 

^ COU nfoiindth e ^%. 
»r People^ lam t your hap; 

>Vli I„,poitor doth but pufl you vp 

,Jdlc hope,and idle conhdencc 
jdufion ) of your God's Defence. 
,id, of 'dicGods,againft.rnyl'«)\vr could Hand, ' 
ivc their Citties from my mightier hand < 

\ Sdmdtb's God < Where 's /*r/>Ws God becom ". 
tSqhtrvum's God i and where ( in fuinrn 
.erearcrhe Gods of iVrw^and /vab too < 
otConquer'dallc'.So w ill Idoo 
ndyour God ; and I will lead you all 
ho4(jJw,inperpetuall Thrall : 
haueyour iAU;m*jnd your Aran's Rod, 

hiuc the yfr^ofyour Almighty God, 
ADtichly furniflit,and new ftabifht o'r, 

Toh: imonga hundred 1 phcismo 

it God ihall in the K oule be read 

- (7, )db that I haue Conquered j 

fo,it mur^it/bali be cbus, 

: « except you yeeld toys* 

dad I lone,when i^ccwas^or'd 
TJbh sibfpewdagainlt the Lord, 

sjothcTcmpIe,tcais his purple weed. 
^3l.sroP,nv r) as line hold a: need. 

ifc j-P H !io.; L or d i What boors it,rfiat thine cy 
^«h:oH c || 5 andevcnfi , fjc.u holds 

2 mbcft Thoughtcsinourhcarrs m-moft folds, 
«rK?P v ' ft not this proud hah 
xa?ft ng of this* \r< 

2St5 Ini,ch his Tli rears arc 'm. it, 
jw ti hec : hi s Blafphcm 

'^ atncs-wl nhe(| rude) 

^ntheGodlii ith fubdew'd. 

c Cl ' ,d heeisai ncc 

' An, idi furious in I ence, 

Kman iasma ny itn-ftood, 
SitiivJ^ ■ ' iceev( im in blood, 

lb ,y,t r cmpIc.aud<'infatiatcftiH) 
0111 ( »odshauc\\ illy had their I 

tUGtdCyt ' 



fdtjbfrt; the 




RuTo ' What Gods arc thofe ( Gods void of Beeing 

Th' All-feeing Go vhcEver laftingO *■* 

And whofo dares him 'gainft thy Powr oppofe, 
Seems as a Puff which roaring B*e* blowes, 
Weening to tear the Alps offat the foot, 
Or Clowds-prop <_^»* from his mailie Root : 
Who but mif-fpeaks of rhce,hc fpets at fteav'n, 
And his ownc fpettlcin his face is driven. 

Lord^hew thee fuch : take on dice the Defence 
Of thine ownc glory ,and our innocence : 
Clcet thine ownc name, ofblamc : let him not thus 
TryumphofThcc,intryurophing ofvs : 
But, letther ( Lord ) vnto thy Church appear 
Iuft Caufc of Ioy, and to thy Foes of fear. 

God hears his Ci y,and ( from th' Empvreal Round) 
He wrathful] fends a winged Champion down ; 
Who,richly arm'd in more than humane Arms, 
Moawcs in one night of Heathen men at Arms 
Thiice-three-fcorethoufand,and five thoufand more, 

Fcld roundabout; bcfide,behindc,bcfoic. 

Hecr,histwoeyes,which Sun-like brightly tum, 
Two armed Squadrons in a moment burn : 
Not much vnlikc vnto a fire in ftubblc, 

Which/odain fprcadingjftill the flame doth double, 
And with quick fuccour of fom Southrcn blafts 
Crick-crackling quickly all die Country waftes. 

Heer the ftiffSrornyhat from his mouch lie blowes, 
ThoufandsofSouldicrs each on other throwes : 
Even as a Windc,a Kock,a fodain Flood 
Bears down the Trees in a fide-hanging Wood ; 
Th' Yew over-turns the Pine,thc Pine the Elm, 
The Elm thcOak,th* Oak doth the Aih ore-whelm - 
And from the ton,down to the Vale bclowc, 
The Mount 'sdii-mantlcd and even fhamcd,fo. 

Hccr,with a Sword ( fuch as that facrcd blade 
For the bright Guard offi£* 'sentry made) 
He hacks,he heaws • and fomtimes with one blowe 
A Regiment hccail at oncedoth mowc : 
And,asa Cannon's thundrie i! in gBall, 
Battering one Turret (hakes the next withall, 
And oft in Armies ( as by proof they findc ) 
ols oldeft Souldicrs with his very a dc • 



£ C AY. 

^--T^nTFlaflicsor' this Sword fo quick, 
Th r fad a "^ny,which it did not ftrikc. 
St u % with his hands he (tangles all at-once 
ns offocs.O Arm that Kings dif-rhroans I 

LC finV-^ 3vi,1 S - Sword ! Rock - ,azi ng Hands ! 
^-rofling Tcm P cftJ AU-confuming Brands ! 

,u fom other (with more fccred fire, 

tL I,inflam-d ) into my Mufe infpire 

iL v0l idrous manner of this Ovc'-rhrowc, 

The which (alas ! ) God knowcs,I little knowe i 
lbut 3dm.rcitmconfufedrort; , 

Concciue I cannot ; and,much Icfs,rt port. 

CQMC'OV>Ze»'cherib : where 's now thine Hoaft f 
\\ here arc thy Champions i Thou didft lately boaA. 
Ti/hadft in thy Camp as many Soldiers, 
As Sea hath Fifhes^rtheHeav'ns haue Stars : 

iowjth'arr alone : and yct,not all alone 5 

ireand Defpaire,and Fury wait vpon 

Ibme-full Flight : but,bloody Butchcr,ftay : 
Sajyioyfom Plaguc,fly notfo faft away, 
Ft x 1 Icav'ns Fauchin : that foul bi eft of thine 

allnotbchonor'd with fuch wounds divine : 
N'orihalt thou yet in riniely bed deccaic 5 

> : Tyrants vfe not to Depart in Peace : 

Asbloudthcy thirftcdjthcy arc drown 'd in blood j 
Ihcircrucll Life a cruel 1 Death makes good. 

Tor ( iu/> Judgement I ) lo,thy Sons ( yer-long > 
A ' xh 's Shrine revenge the Hebrews wrong : 
ia,rliineowne Sons ( foul eggs of fouler Bird ) 

« ownc throat . and,hcirs of all thy vices, 

•woe blood amonq thy Sacrifices. 

Ih, $MiiacleisniorrIvieconded* 
JK« Umous and as rtrange,indeed. 

iCf , lo1 d with h «vy hand to fmighr 

vS^' /j/, ^ v,)ol ndolcfulI plight 

^fies vexed grkuo&y, 
3n yicerpaftallremedv. . 
^hof?k n Lcach >and ifluefailctfa Art, 

j nlT ; nc h 0lJ rtiers fadly wa iles a-part 

,^Lord:Death,inam m full fort, 
Atf £k Cu 5fy Chamber daunteth all the Court 
IWfcS^.fccinsfh every Hall 








ThJ 8 taTa P«-ft)rhisFunei 

J^'SonJiisbedapf _ 

*^'iatl l K P s tnc ^ *" wcct anc * g°^ cn mowrsj 
nowc,y ou knowe the Lawes Diuinc, 

l >°ur Faith focvcry-whcrcdoth mine, 

V y 





J Prtjer fo,- * 


C A V. 

B^h^V^C^SC fo confinn'd I fee , 

SSSt k rt kc f0 frce 


on ,ou,that incontinent 

Tna^ourD M PPf^"- 

An* Death alicaJj oordothftand 

\Vh-c fears my Lord cknov, foun hecrbeneatij 
wKyc vhUcl ePortofD rh s 
When nonrftanch'n iJrftisglort \i 
That'c is Decrccd 5 conhrmd,and ratified, 

That (ofncceffcy) the f Cup, 
Oncc,allofvsmuft (in our turn} dnnkvp? 

T Death's no pain,bur of all pains the end, 
The Gate of Hcav'n,and Ladder to afcend t 
T Death's the death of all our florins and ftrife, 
And jet beginning of immortall Life i 

:th a thoufand death's wc flay: 

There-by,wc rife from body-Toomb of Clay. 
T ,our Soulcs feaft with celeftiall food. 

T by,we com to th'iieav'nly Bi her-hood, 
Thcrc-by,w'arc chang'd to Angels < Light, 
And,faccroface,bchouId Godsb' s brighr. 

The Prophet ccafl : and fbon '>/rPrtncc 3 

Deep appieheriding Death's drad I- id fenfe, 

Vnto the Wall -ward turns his weeping c; rs : 
And/orow-tom, thus ( to himfclf) h 

Lord,lappcal,Lord (as thine humble childe) 

>m thy iuit lattice to thy Mercy mi! dc : 
Why will thy Arc h deftroy a (II ?, 

Weakned and ted even to skin anc one; 
One that adores thee with fincerenffe m. 
The wrack of Idols,and the Saints protection 1 
O ! (hall the Good thy fen-ant haj begun 
For Simjdb now by his death vndon < 
O / (hall a Pagan After-king rcflore 
The Groucs and Idols I hauc raz'd before ? 
Shall I dye Childclcfs i Shall thine Heritage 
In vai jcfpect that glorious golden Age 
Vndenhy C h uit< O ! mercy ,mcrcy,Lord : 

O Father mildc,to thy dear Chtldc accord 
SomfMccoflife :0 ! let not,!. the voice 
Or Infidels at my poo hreio 

Then faid the S. Liege: 

T throne of Pitty,t 

1 hy finding Health God yieldc call, 

Wills,to his Temple ( three da : lC c) thou mount 

k aas his Scntcnce.and corrects his count 



L c a y, 

. peath go back. for iiftecn yeers : as Io, 

K ^nwMhadowihal heer back-ward go, 

fits Vfotd's confinn'd with wonderful! Eflfert : 
[o the Dial, which doth hourcsdir I 

;?l c V g uider,Da7C*s-divider^un's ( onforrcr, 
Low's dull mifter/md Time's dumb R cporter ) 
Puts-vp-again his paflcd Hours ( perforce ) 
And back-wan* goes againft his wonted courfc. 
Ti5 Noon at Mid night - and a triple Mom 
Scans that long day to brandifli and adorn : 
St l coes,and coins ; and,ycr that in the Deep 
Of£///*fliadc he lay him down to flcep, 

Ktsbrighr, Light-wingcd,GoId-ftod wheels do cut 
Xbreetiraes together in tliefelf-famc rut. 

Lord ! whatare Wc ! or,what is ourdMcruing ! 

That,to confirm our faith ( fo prone to fwarving ) 
Thou daign'ft to /hake Hcav'ns folid Orbs fo bright • 

h'OrdiT of Nature to dif-ordcrquightf 
nake the Sun's Teem with a fwifeflowe pafc, 
j Badjback to trot • and not rhei r wonted R ace f 
Thatjtodifpdl the Night fo blindcly-black, 
Which lids ourSouIes,thou mak'/t the /hade go back 
Scon'ftto revoke thine A ft sir revocable, 
Raze thine ownc Dooms ( toft in yn-ftcdefy ftorm ) 
Andjtoreforme vs,thine ownc fpeech reform • 
Togiw thy Self the Ly : and ( ina Word ) 
MSclf- blam'd,foftly to put- vp thy Sword i 

Thnce-glorious God j thrice great ! thricc-gratious ! 
"<* ; Lord ) thou feem'itto deal with vs } 

■^^cr Jt hei,whowithtendcrhand 
Jjwcjyftakifig thecorreaino Wand> 

«n voice and gcfhircfccms his Son to threat i 
^omyct indeed hedoth not mean to beat , 

™^; r !'«curboffaincdRi«>r,aims 
•S "Son: and fo him oft reclaims.. 

*fte Ssmnror/ 





H^./' lc, y-o]dc,toh'uc tier lone) 
^yane'e the facred Lav, 

h * s Wal] (all ready to declir^ 
j** back j aru , his happy K n, 
r^\ 1 1 . Movv r'n,as in h Prin i gain : 
W-thio ? rsftriuc « nblcftili 

u n Bo\vl,which running down a i IiU, 

Meets' shm 


tat ***£"* 


K**" V^4* 


T he fpced a fpacc . b ui u «* y I ^ 
It ouct-iumps , and lby«no £ fc ^fc. 
Till to the bottom ' n^Zhd^e^r 

EteCirop corns marching ™J«fbm 

A d Tk oleic Walls in a new VV. 11 doth hem. 

The ufic Builders of this newer Fold 

Norfddcrftrikes with blades than hammers iher 
With firmer foot the Sieged's (hock to bcarc, 
Who feem afwarm of Hornets buzzina out 
Among their Focs,and humming round about 
To Ibct their fpight againft tlieir Enemies, 
With poyfonie Darts,in nofes,brows and eyes. 

Cold CAfticom hath pav'd alt 1*<U tw ice 
With brittle plates of cryftal-ct -lifted Ice, 
Twice glafed *r^j and the Sappy-blood 
Of Trees hath twice re-pcrnwigd the Wood, 
Since the fiift Siege : What < fay d the yongcr forr, 
Shall we growe old,abouta feeble Fort i 
Shall we ( not Marrial,but more Macon-skild ) 
Shall we not batter Towrs,but rather build i 
And while the Hebrew in hisfumptuous Chamber 
Difportshimfclt,pcrfurn'd with Naid and Amber, 
Shall Wc,fw el ting for Heat,fhivcringfor Cold, 
Hccr,far from homc 5 lie in a (linking Hold t 
Shall time deftroy vsf ihall our proper (loath 
Annoy vs more than ih* Hebrews valour doth i 
No,no,my Lord : let notour Fervour fault, 
Through length of Siege 5 but let vs to th* Aflault. 
Let's win 't and wear it : tut ( Sir ) nothing is 
Impoffible to ChiUcin courages. 
Contcntcdjfaid the King : brauc Blouds away, 

Goc fcek Renown/mid wounds and dcath,to-day. 
Now,in their brcafts,brauc Honors Third began 

Methinks,I fee flout ?(dbuzdrddJM 

Already trooping the mod rcfolutc 

Of every Band,this plot to profecute. 

Each hath his Ladder • and,thc Town ro take, 

Bears ro the Wall his Way vpon his back : 
ut, the brauc Prince clccves quicker Oicn the reft 

HisflcndcrFin-poles,asmovcprowc< illpreft. 
Alike they mount, affront 5 Dca- h together s 
Jiut,not alike in face, nor fortune neither : 
This Laddcr,flippcry plac't,do;h Aide from vnder 
lThar,over-floap,fnaps inthemidftafunder ; 

The Decay. 

Sky : 

.,j icr cfalling,onc another kill 
^ fo .Th2weight,a hollow Rocky-Hill, 

^ W lith Come Torrcnr,or Tcmpcftuous windes, 
f° \r0on ftones itvndcr-grindes) : 

'^Bftiy c,imb ' d ( not WOnt to climb fo hl " h > 

)n u n\c\dv brains, fvvim headlong down the 
ovcr-wheimd vnder a Mill-ftonc-ftorm, 
J a ?\ v ith their life,thcir living bodies form. 

% mounts the Captain,and his Ipacious Targe 
ftais^ff a Mountain and a Forcft large 
Of Stones and Darts,that fly about his ears ; 
ojj'tccth do gnaft],he thrcats,he fweats,and 1 wears 1 
Asftcady roerc,as on the grbund,he goes 5 
todthere,rhough weary,he affronts his Foes, 
Alontjand halfly-hanging in the ayr, 

, (rainft whole Squadrons /landing Hmily fair : 

right he rears him,and his Helmet brauc 
( \Vhcre,not a Plumc,but a huge Tree doth wave 
Reflecting brighr,above the Paripet, 
Aj Iirstii" wliolc Citty with the (bade of ic. 
Then as half Vi&or,and about to venter 
Over the Wall,and ready even to enter - 
With his bright Gantlet's fcaiy ringers bent 
Graiping the coping of the battlement, 
His hold doth fail,the ftonc$>vn-faftncd,faIl 
DowninthcDitch,and (headlong) he with-aJl 3 
Va,hecfcapcs,and gerts again to moar 5 
Thanks to his (hength : but,to his courage more. 

Nowheer( me thinks) I hear proud :2^rg4/raue: 
MVar(quoth he) Mailer or Match ro liaue, 
JydUrj I fcorn ■ ye, xJUtrs himfelf in Arms • 
*w all thcGods,wi:h all their brauing Storms. 
^thfull Heav'ns,roar,lightcn,thundei- thrcar 5 

3 d ? your word ■ with all your batteries beat ; 
,- TO^n fpight of all your powrs 
T * ' « cyour WaIIs,ril take your Cryftall Touts. 
f "7 Cwd ^c Curr ; and ( as he Cpal 1 thai 
\VH lh S 7 thc fcepeft of a dreadfull Wall, 
W Jt u , bare "fceton rougheft places (prowling, 
Asif n Croolct nan ds vpon the Jino<ft heft era wli 
Oaaftl ^ cr P«nr,vvhicli lorn Shepheard-lad 
t^^incouiitmgWIy ■', 

.i ,a Hifs,J Friend flalhing cy, 

His tnu j 1c . *' u k^with his fierce countenance 
r, ng-voice,his helms bright radianc 






UrTlJn § and winding nimbly to d fro, 
,| .'2j> l ;ng gafc doth ftiJl approach his Fo 





The Decak. 

Drives^ Sf5 /*** coo 


^Scouni:uIcl 1 cnn ; Con^r) 


Vnclorl >.mJ (a hundred cubits deep) 


Infpir'd with breach of th ever-living O « *. 

Lcr's ay,crics Paflur '. fly this Infidett, 
Rather this Fiend.the which no waighc can fell. 
What force can front,or vrho incountcr can 
An armed Faulcon,or a flying Man i 

While tend heeds his Victory too-faft, 
His hooks dii-poinccd diiappoint his haft C 5 
Prevent him, noc of praifc,but of the Prize 
Which ( on: of doubt ) he did his owne furmize. 
1 He fwcars end tears : ( what fliould ". what could lie more ) * 
} le cannot vp,nor will he down,thcrefoie. 
Vnfortunate ! and vainly-valiant 1 
He's fain toftand like the FurtdmbuUnt 
Who fcems to tread rhc air,and fall he muff, 

Save his Self 'swaight him counter-poyfethiuft« 

And faue the J.ead,thar in each hand he bears, 
Doth make him light : the gaping Vulgar fears, 

i han Ait to nuhVrNatiirc,h;c>c danger. 
At lalr,though loath ( full ofdefpighe and rage ) 
He 11 thdown into a horrid hedge, 
Cu iidbjiv.img all the Gods ; more mad 

For the dugracc, than for the hurt he had. 
E tlic while (as imitating right 

Tl nde-blindc Beaft,in i (fee Velvet di, 
Cov 'arching in thcDaik by day, | 

SAmgwnebo fecks vndei 'ground his way. 

Y>\v. EbcdmeleckjNz dofhisDeligncs, 

With-in the Town agamfthinrcounter-rnincs 

C ;coufly,and ftiil proceeded, on, 

Till ( rcfolute) he 1 ig both Works to one - 

f ►ocftri. ic^tUl one winding Cave 

Bccora the 1 ,t-Ficld of twb Annies brave. 
As HingBadgerd,atthebay 

* loundsC inured to that Fray) 

* Burrow rights. 

] dv. claps and cryes: 

Y ohisbctt chamber Hies, 

^; )Bm grimly imei cming 5 

the Earth ring, withthcTc. csyeaming 




- c ethereMinersjwhornlpittymu/t, 

^ their bright Valour /hould iarkjyiouft. 

iJc horlythus they skinnim in the Vault, 
•A.£kJmelceh clofcly hither brought 

.VFit^uath'd . itton plates with-out, 
*Vjn with Feathers fill'a^ind roundabout 

full of holes (.with hollow pipes of brafs) 
\ one end,tvhcrc nothing ouc/houldpafc 5 
S h iih ( having firfl his kwijh Troops retire! • 

.; K . mouth ofth' enter-Mine he fii'd: 

Xhcftnoak whereof with odious /link doth make 
■j-jj, ugm foon their hollow Fortforfakc : 
As from the Berries in the Winter's night 
The Keeper drawes his Ferret ( fleflit to hire ). 

v Rdbjbtkeh ( as bufic) other w c 
Ai cngTov ainft the Town doth i ear, 


no B:idgc,to reach the Courrin fit, 
VVithpullicSjpoIcs ; and planked Bar dements 
•• (iory Jot his Men's defence. 
)o i\\ other u"dc,the Townf-mcn arc not flowe 

fth counter-plots to counter-pub theii Foe : 

So\v,« the wooden fide,then at thfii it, 
Thenat theEngins of the Perfut; 
With Brakes and Slngs,and * PhaLrti. cy play,' 
To rirethcii Fonrc's and their Men to d.iy : 
:tycr,a Cord-Mat ( frifly frrctcht about ) 
■ends the Towr,and keeps their "] (hour. 

W husthcydeale^/r/^deiperat, 

dvoutoftheCim ir, 

ithaPoIeofi-ozenwec .glir, 
edoth himfelfbenir, 
^wththelamcthc walking it he fires : 

■^ :cWooJ,nVd from aboucin flanqhter, 
n klowe, continual! ipouting WatcO 

. .f; ;J?y •' ftagcafter (fag catch 
Wf-broyld Soldiers headlong down it fetches, 
T( ? C ftiil conft inftallcxtreamcs) 

ern neercr y et.w i r h n ■ beams 

$** PIat-form,net % 

withthrc Id I 
rft)with th Hides, 

KhWoll-fid UShotdcudcs 

fxhalcd by the fiery 
. 3VnI yLion,on an open Heath, 


. V 


of irsrrw 

' m 


,Ctr <tfesofatuftedl o, 
Vn «-oncebothFicran( 

and Hail and Rail 



The Decay. 

The D 


Floods Jbnxs and Afoum^^ ? 

Butth' *«W»W5S drowning Ftoodyhc Fel 

TlK Mounts th' Woo mw . t|) . fonhorn> 

k Sc asses* 

Heer,cnoru^ ^^ ^^ ^ tQ fa|1 . 


ic feeble ^ourunuimn— - • > " r , ., 

If you haue bcen,where,yo u bauefcen Pom-whiles, 
HowwiththcRjmt. lnuc-in mighty Piles 
InDoxw Pcer,tobridle\vith aBay 
The S. nd-caft Current of the raging Sea ; 
Swift-ebbing (beams bear to the Sea the iownd, 
Eccho amftcth,and with flirill rebound 
Fils all the Town,and ( as at Heav nly Thunder ) 
The Coaft about trembles for fcarar.d wonder ; 
Then hauc you heard and feen the Engins beating 
On Sim's Walls.and her foundations threatnmg. 

In fine, the cba/deis rake Jerufalem, 
And reave for ever Juries Diadem. 
The fmoaky burning of her Turrets deep 
Seems even to make the Sunn's bright cy to weep : 

And wretched J^^buried (as it were) 
Vndcraheapofhcr owne Children dear, 
For lack of Friends to keep her Obfcquies, 
Confti aineth fighs ( even) from her Enemies : 
Her maffic R uins and her Cinders flio we 

Her Wealth and Greatncs yer her overthrow*. 

A fodain horror fcizeth every eye 

T hat views the fame : and every PafTer-by 

( Yea,wei'C he Get^oiTurk> or Troglediie) 

Mult needsjfor piety of (b fad alight, 

Beftowc fom tears.fom fwclling fighs,or gi ones 

Vpon theft barter'd fci:ls,the(e fcarter'd (tones. 

In Palaces,whcre lately ( gilded rich ) 

Sweet Lutes were hcard,now luck-lciOulesdoofcrecch 1 

The facred Tempi 1 ,hcld ( of late ) alone 
Wonder of Wonders, now a heap of ftone : 
The Ho-jfc of God ( the H*ejl-Holj-PUce) 
Is now the Houf. Vermin \ ile and bafc : 
The Ve(Tcls,deftin'd vnto fat i vie, 
Arc now profan'd in Riot and Abufe': 
None fcaperh wounds,if any feapewith life : 
The lather 's reft of Son,thc Man of Wife : 


'■j'd [udd'sno more in Jury, 
*'^ S fX tched ) fig" cs vnder the Csldeun fury. 
Jat \r- a j n chains,wirh (hamc and forrow thrill'd, 

T hCl h^fa?c fees all the faireft pill'd; 
Bff0 [ f c n vne Daughters, and his Wives ( alas .' ) 
V hVincsand Oliues of his lawfull Race ) 

Z(c loue and beauty did his age delight, 
c,'d[orhcSouldiers,rauifhr in his fight. 

n Father,Father,thus the Daughters cry 

tout his neck AM hanging tenderly) 
r ( alas l)0,whither hale they ni 

murt weferuetheir bafc and bcaftlyLufls* 

'Itheydiflblue our Virgin-sones '. Shall they 
/ Ignoble Grooms ) gather our Mtjden-My, 
0?rfpot-lefsFlowrib carefully preferv'd 
For fom great Princc,rhat mought haue vs defcru'd * 
1 Hony-dropping Hills we yerA frequented, 

Milk-full ValeSjWith hundred Brooks indented, 

1 Delicious Gardens of deer jfrael^ 
HiuS,Gardens, Vales, we bid you ailfarc-wcll : 
We (will-wc-nill-wc ) hurried hcnce,as flaues, 
Mu/rnow/or Cedrwtfip ofTygru waues • 

id (weaned from our natiue Earth and Air) 
Hackney-lades be fould in every Fayr j 

) hears horror .' ) fee the (hamc-lefs Foe 
ingourHonourSjtriumphin our woe. 

Sword i and (O ! ) all-cindring Fire / 
( mei cy-lefs ) do S 1 o s's Wrack c r , 

'hyfparc you vs, more cnicll(cy'd-! ) 

wvingouBjthen reaving orhcr'sliv* :i < 
Yo'J! :.k's pity-lcfs^our Pardon 1 o; jic : 
fyquick difpatch had made our Son , s /hotter j 
w yourfcem-Favour,that prolongs our breath, 
ptew, aliucjodiea thoufand Deaths. 



} %0 deer Husband,deereft L01 d,can we, 
V*J *c ri;rvive,abfcntcd quite from Thee, 

fe J £1° thofc whofc Talk is nothin S cIs 
* »y Difgraccthy Gy ves,and Jfrotls '. 

^e(alas | ) exchange thy Royall bed 

Fort,' C T n,ng " C ° a rarc - ri ch'y fumimed ) 
1 W Cabbin and the louaie C :ouch 

OiJ b & BurTon.or fom bcafrly Sloueh > 

^*mc ! czn wrcrch wc ( r fy ) 

' olc Commands whole Kingdoms did obay, 
C^'! b eck even Princes knees did bend, 
C7f Train there dayly did attend 
V|,n °[ Eunu chs,and of Afdids of Honour 
"Sabout vs in the humbled manner) 

¥ 4m 





C A V. 


To drefivsneat^nd duly every Morn 

In Silk and Gold our Bodies » adorn . 

Drcfs others now > work, on difgracC-fuU frame 

Brooms in . , 

Cor- I ats,com,y*hauc {Mated, iv enough 

(Thci ans ciy in their infultm iff) 

On cktit (hoars you flial go I i your fill, 

You muil with VS ro Babel: there at will 

You may bewail : rhcrc,this fliall be your plight, 
Our Mayds by day,our Bed-fellows by night. 
And,astiu pa*e,thefliamo4eisli lull crew 
With furious force the tender Ladies drew 
Even from between th'arms of die wocfull King, 
Them haling rough,and rudely hurrying • 
And little lackt the aa of moft fpight, 
Ev'n in their Father's andtheir Husbands fight, 
Who, his hard Fortune doth in vaincaccuic, 
In vain he ravcs,in vain he roars and rews : 

-en as a Lion, p: ifoncd in his grate, 
Whole ready dinner is bereft of late, 
Roars hidcoufly • but his fell 1 ury-ftorm 
May well breed horror, but it brings no iiarm. 

The proud fell Pagans doo yet farther pals : 
They kill,thcy rcar,bcforcthc Father's face 

( The more to gore : what Marble but would bleed * ) 
They maffacre his mifcrable feed. 

O ! faid the Prince,can you lefs pitious be 
To tfacfc Self-y celders ( proftratc at your knee ) 
That 'gainftvour rage couragcouflyftood-out? 
Alas hat haucthcy don i what could they doo 
To icngc and kindle wrath in you * , 

Poore filly Babes vndcr the Nourccs v g, 
Haucthcy confpir'd againft the ChM** King * 
Hauethcfe fweet Infants,that yet cannot f peak, 
Broak faith with you i Haucthcfe,foyoni* and weale, 
Yet ii'lc,in their C!outs,bev ling 

hen Wocsto-c , ( t o all N nde^vnfayling) 

Dii-ray'dyom Ranks * Hauc thefc thatyet doo craul 
Vponall nd cannot ftand,at all, 

y"*"* pulfryourPowrs 

Ffuftjtd ,rB dvourfiW 


your flying Towrs ? 

! H > M cc(almoft) 

" rtacc(almoft) 

11 >»gh all your Hoaft* 

O I no Chalded*s % o:i\y I did all « 

IdidcomriK inoMfD.i.r.i-n 

ni l mgofB4^/jfa) 



E C A Y. 

<fjJJJJrTYoups : I fold your faci ed Flood 
-wed** bodics,dy'd it with your blood. 


thcrforCjturn your bloody Blades on-me - 

^th^harni-Ic/sLittle-on«goeflee ; 
not with the Blood of Innocents 

* " |irnl oitallrr^«or yourhigh Atrcnts. 

vcr may rnc Ri P heM Mountains q uake 
V ' -our feet : io ever may you make 
Couth taft,and Weft your owne : on every Coaft 
So ay 'victorious march your glorious Hoart .- 
I '-oyour Wiues beyou thrice welcom home, 

jfo God blefs your la wfull-lovcd womb 
With Self like Babes,your fubftancc with increafe, 
Your fclues (at home ) with hoary haircs in Peace. 

But as a Rock,gainft which the Heav'ns do thunder, 
XV Aire roars about,thc Ocean rageth vnder, 
yidds not i iot : no more this favagc Crew s 
But rather, mufc to find-out Tortures new. 
He ( his fight ) thefc crucll Leftrigpns 
Bnvcen them take the eldcft of his Sons, 
With keeneft (words his trembling flefh they heaw, 
One gobbet heer, another there they ftreaw. 
.And From the veins of dcad-Jyvc limbs, alas .' ) 
Thcfpi it-full blood fpins in his Fathers s face. 
Thereby the heels his iccond Son they take, 
And daft his head againft a Chimnies back; 

T.'iclciiIlispauhtinpcece^likeaCrock, ' • 
Orearthen Stean, againft a ftony K ock : 
[ Jl tcrd battc: d Brains.about belmeard, 
«Jihan§(0 horror ! )in the Fathers beard. 
Mon him/elfc their fava°cfuiy flyes, 
^ ; ; c ' fliarp bodkins bore they out his eyes : 

^unhclofes,and an end-lcfs night 
■nowds former his twin-balled fiqht : 

; c «nomore,but feels the woes he bears , 

2°" f ? cryftall,weeps he crimfin tears, 

it ° L d Wou,d (and iufily too,no doubt ) 
.^ CwI "ch had in Judi clean put-out 

Should' 1 0rta L Lam P ofal1 rc: 0lls ]i ? hr ' 

Andrh,r? C , c y w P ,,t -o»f,'«ou w,ofchisfi g nt J 
Asj ' " s b °dy mould be outward blinde, 

R , , 7 ( ln hol y thinqs ) his minde. 
W C , C,S ( faicI nc ) your Thi.ft, 
CrK y ° Ur Gl[ or 'Blood, vnrill you burft : 
rcaur mcnot with bodkin,buc with knife ; 

mcS e ?* *y bodies lighr,but life: 

« i^h g n °' ° f thc ^ th,buC Skics '* 
y^cart : o 1 poach not out mine eyes. 





The Decay. 

wi^Tdkh arous< ^ if P atch > 
ffidfc men- cd* :ch 

\< rimes facktmvw :hyiubic 

The Decay. 

a i R./W's r irown 

Thlhldmyfoi ithFcIlow- mr,Vi: 

!/ then urpain,mypain had part ts'd. 

O ragcfiill Tyrants J moody MoniterSjice, 
Sec heer my Cafe 5 and ice your felucs in mc. 

.•Com tptJ tempt not the H< nlyPowrs, 

Whothund down the hitjh-alpiringTowrs 
But i ly pardon, and pel n fecure 

Poor Cottages that lie bel cure ) 

Who Pride abbot ; v ■ liti pfohi: 

To let vs fall thg iter infamy, 
; Th' Almiglr ports him with our Crowns and vs- 
! Our n ioricftandsfotfcklc-founi thus 

On flippi whccls,alrcadicrowhr 

He 's not,but only ihevves the Ct own " 

On! i,ourPlcafu lourHonourtoo 

Whci icVuJgarmakc/bmuch a-t 
Our Pomp,our. Stat c,our All thatcanbefpoken, 
Seems as a lafs,bright-fl]ining,butfoonb 

Thricc-happy Hc^vhom with . aim., 

Th' Etcrnall propsagainftall I la • 

Who hangs vpon I prouid alone, 
And more preferrs ( / o i fcd> than his ( ic. 

So happy l>c great B RITA A 5 Kit pray) 
Our Soueraiwe Iam and a s Seedjor ay • 
Our hope -full H e n r \^nda hundred mo 
Good/aithfull Stt a a t j (infuccefssuerowe) 
Religious r. :ecm^le.irned,'voUant.wife, 
Sincere to \ \andjeucre to V ice 5 

That not alone iayes of Ours mayfiime 

m x\-fuU } wlcci • T r v r 11 divine, 

yini \\ e ( ned n Ixr fared rayes ) 

Ujwalkdi m ire' wayes 

Of f' 1 nice to the ( ) h 1 true Dcitic, 

^MdmutMaUPraciueoJaUchr: m Pietie- 

Bui our Xephewssndthctr phews ( till 
Time >bi no mere) may I K - z &n t g 

\B,tkf**C\oudt,d*,+ dynight 
< T> re v *p Defart of the World Spiob ) 

wjheheavn; {\i 

! for <vsycr the World began : 


n ,ith vs.andwe ( complete ) with them, 
""'Mriiimphant'/'lE rvsalbm. 
tj * tc 1 r e pgjrl) Gates and lafper Walls 
IT J Holy L a m * keeps hi gh Nuptialls, 

! needs mf*** °f tht , Sunn or **»» > 

\tt: i***f* ce makes there pcrpetuall Noon : 

**J»wi »° more be *'*&*&&*"*" Cr y« > 

rlttbrt W'P' d "W"« "effing eyes) 

» Thee fa Drunkeard,no Adulterer, 
alfoerjieitbcr wilful Lyer: 

\Utut without/* Tophet's endlefs Bier. 

rttfrhoithefe (or(omoftbefe,at kail ) 
MiUkue been •• m fom-wbat all bane mifl 

A»d,bad we broken but on c Preoept fete, 
jhe Law reputes vs guilty of the whole ) : 
Wjtedre warned,/*//* Sacrcdriood 5 
Zatjre ire purged, -with the Sprinkh d-Blood • 
tnfrtbeS \:,rre new are fancufy'ili 
Atsijhroughthe Faith/* I e s v s,iuftify'd. 

re no more let vs our f elites defile } 
\omere return vnto our Vomit vile, 

f more pro/ ane vs with Concupifcence y 

trfftt the garment of our Innocence: 
lat.mflintin our I icjeruent in Love 

(i^isevenal ready comicvCaut Abouc ) 
Prseeedwecheerelyin our PUgnmage 
TttnrA our happy promis' J I hrnrajre, 
Ttvvds That Cirry of heart- bound lefs Bliis 
HkA Christ hath pur chait with bis blood jor H'u : 
7«whom y w:th F at a r r, and the S piri rjhen 
B^ Glory, Praife,and Thanks jor -evermore. 

Amen Amen 



Say P' i*>d.'). 

^»^y hand This Work to EN Dhathbrouah: a 
S av m pI s m y Vcrtue hath attayned to : 
G tv C A lhus 5 This »G O D by mc hath wrought : 
"Author of the little Good I doo. 






G V L I 1 L M O S*l»JTIo 




D O C T O Q^. 


I U. B Y I T, 


C O M P O T I. 

A. MM. Pp. 

Jsjateorjumexuuijs infer fare honor em y 
Aut pater Aonij debuit ipfe chort : 

AV» ijidear muftis non maduijfe gen At j 
K^fudidt ecce gemens etiam meturba gementem : 
c ..u 1 * cce '> Meut 'van$muncrepeccctam9r. 

NOTT $jlOBT Htlio,^! lACB HlC,TlTft*. 

lac. Lectins. 


honovred mistress, 

ybtftXpfc t0 t,lC rig,U worth y> ^^« Fffexot L*rnborn£{c[mQY . 
md elirt Daughter of rhe right va!ianr 5 and Nobly-dcfccndcd, 
Sir tf '4^ HarecourtofStant9n-Hare-court,K\\\ght Baron 


^T It's, Bcautic's, Value's /«•/«/ 'luinteffenee 
3 ( &* £ r4 f ' '* ^ ou ' e 7r// ^ w ' rf Dww'^ p« rfe&xon ) 

-5 Grace.wtth a glance of your mild Eye's reflexion, 
Kj T/;« humble 2 ledge of Zeal WJUuci ence : 
^*ll1:ich ( *f dk Stoik JorgrMefuli recompence, 
tfmefhe bath brcdjn: of her Birds bejioweth ) 
Mj thnkfull Mufc( who you like I «/; ) 

/forconfeaares /*;wr deer excellence . 
per E s $ e x A«r ( /0 nuke your I ii apparent 
Fat* the b'athfuil and confirm the fame ) 

Embrau( /pray) the Ya\ihoie\ i*ama it 
Offeror hiiifsacf on th' Almighties warrant j • 

So/hill tb' Impiirer*//w K litcoufncfs 

tyutejiu yours . and your young I Luablcfs, 

Yotu \'crtuc 

vo iSeruai 




t m 




Paragon, M ris lone E s s e x : now wife to the 

nohtxvonhy^I^m Anderfon Efquier ( fecond Sou of thefci 
Lord Andcrfon) And only Sifter of the Honorably, defended 
William Eflcx^ Lambo jui 

Rani K{nobleJlofth:leirned">i ihs) 
♦$S? Coming from Heav'n to CsU my Mule from Esrtky 

'\*k From Loves loofc Sonnets- and lafci tirih j 

S/iiV rS Xywvbs evtrttt from mort til ' /w, 

tor [wee i Comf.wion picks you only for to 
' ( As befl refrmblsng her J elf race Met worth ) 

Deer Be*uties bejljVits wonder. ferine 'sjb rin :. 
Sweet Jxdv'nly temper of d humane Joule 

( Whofe leuelyf miles Jet coldeft he trt fire ; 

Butjnftantlyjrilh modejt brows controuie 
Th' dfpiring hope of my bold defire ) 

Ddin t' entertain in your milde <n tcefutt manner 

This Heavenly Mayd,f£? mirrour of your Honour. 

Your Vertuc's 

humble Votary, 

I O * V A« S Y L V B J T • »• 



O R 

The Heaatnly Mufe. 

Carcc had the April of mine age begun, ^ 
'Whcnb cdi (her' immortalize my Name, 


yfiln curios proiect offom learned Frame. 
r.. s Pilgrim,that foil late doth light 

•nacroTll :-way,ftopS in fodain doubt; 
A ;j • fundry Lanes to hnde the right, 

his Wit than with his feet doth fcout: 

the many-Bowie paths that lead 
Mount>hcre( withgrcen Bayes) Apollc 

iwnshappj Number s\\ d, 

ode tl,and doubtfull which to follow. 


ile I fou2ht,theGw*//&-.tawto drefs 
Difgui in loft w. Stile anon 
T Stagc,with Tyrants bloody Gefts 9 

tTbebtiiifjunj, and proud Uion. 

njfacrcd to th* Aonian Band 
Countries Stoi y • and,condemning much 
The common error,rathcr tooke in hand 
To make the Hem Frenchman the Seinbc Dutch. 


I meant with fawning pen to praifc 
"thy Pi ince -and fo.with gold and gloi 
Fotti and my l : to rail 

'° m my ^/uje a >. Lcrccnai 


) thought LtheWai 


h bring 
.too-mcc f 

Vem I the bin 

»»*cb Loue to t H 

r °nny nature and mn 

indfrotl (tof Ambition) 


("acred Apr >n 5 
^ D ( think I > o U lm 


/, ll 



\ r R A N I A. 

Angel icall her gefturc and her gait j 
Divincly-fwect her fpeech and counrcnancc • 
Her Aine-fold Voice did choicely imitate 
Th" tiirmomous Mufik of Helens nimble Dance. 


Vpon her Head,a glorious Diadem, 
ScA-vcn-doubU-fo\dzd., moving diuerfly ; 

And oneachfoldfpjrklcdaprcriousGem, 
ObJiquely turning o'reour heads on high : 


The firftofZw^,rhcfccondr/»( me thought,} 
Third Steeljht fourth of yellow Gald was caft, 
The 6 ft of pale Elecfruml'cemcd wrought - y 
1ixt Mercury .pfSilncr was the laft. 


An azure Mamie on her back fhe wore, 
With art-lefs Arr,in orderly diforder j 
Flourilhr,and fill'd with thoufand Lamps and more, 
Her faced Bcautie tofct-forch and further. 

Hecr flames the f/arpjherc (lime the tender Twins, 
Heer Charles his «*/*,thcrc twinkling Pleiades. 
Heer the bright BaLxMcejhcrc the fllucr firms, 
And thoufand Starrs more then I can exprefs. 

I am V r a n 1 a (then a-loudfaid (lie) 
Who humanc-kindeabouc the Poles tranfport, 
Teaching their hands to toucb,and eyes to fee 
All th* en ter-couifc of the Cele Mall Court. 

I quint-clTcnce the Soule,and make the Poet 
( Parting htmfelfc ) in a Divine Difcourfe 
To draw rhc deafeft,by the cars vnto-ir, 
To quicken ftoncs^nd ftop the Oceans courfe. 


I grant,My learned Sifters warble fine, 
And ravifh millions with their Jdadrigalls : 
Yet all,no lefs inferiourvntomine, 
Than Pies to Syrens,Gecfe to Nightingalls. 

Then take Me ( B a r t a $ ) to conduct thy Pen, 
Soar- V p to Heavn ; Sing-me th* Almighties prayfe : 
And tuning now the Jefean Harp again, 
Oaynthec the G*rUndoi etc mall Byes. 

I cannot ( gricf-lefs ) fee my Sifters wrongs 
Made Ba^vdsto Louers^ deceitful!, 

In forged fighes,falfetears,an, Ithy Songs, 
Lafcivious mewesand rrumr * 1 :-.»- 

Vr AN I A. 

.frtnnotwith dry eyes behold 

A' ;< • , Son a S fould and profaned thus 

° ur .rhcc^cc-le/i. • praifing ( too-roobold) 



ck u 



^oft I mourn,to fee rare m/fapply'd 
'ft rhc Author of fweet Compofuion : 
&ooktofecHcav-nsK 11)St ic ty 'd 

1 l mvnSouldicis,wifh his own Munition. 
Byh^ ii 

5 eyes are ficld-vp with Cimmerhn mitt % 
K if ought prctious in his Life he reach, 
Throu"li^ndry hands,by the Hcav'ns bounty is 't : 
Bu:God ? hirafelfc,thci)^/iW Songs doth teach. 

Eidi *Jrt i s learn'd by Art 1 btitPo e s 1 b 
Isamecr tiewnbgift ; and n0 " c can ta ^ e 
TheDcaws we drop from Pindm plcntioufly, 
W ft" have not his brcft imbrae'r. 

Thence istyhat many great Phile(ophers, 
Deep-learned Clarhi in Profe mofr eloquent ) 
Labour in vain to make a grace- full Verje, 
Which manv a Novice frajnesmoft excellent 


Thence is *t,that yerft,the poorc Meonian Bard, 
ough Ma(rcr,mcans,and h i >wr yes he mifles, 

j Of Oldc and New is for his Verfe prcfcrd a 
jln s /tout ^/'//«,and his wiicf'ljfes. 

Thence is'r,thatoW cannot fpeak in Profe : 
Thenccis*t,that Dauid ( Sheaphcrd,turned Poet ) 
Sofoon dooth Icai n my Song* : and Youths compofc 
Anwour Art, before ( indeed ) they knowc-it. 

'J^day and night in thcCafalid* Fount, 

Vn //#««■ and tK 

^'"Tibniohf^j j 1 




P J 

Inj * hJcthou wilr,rcad oucr every Book 
Tw^"> andi nthcfamoii 

ct1 ,pra<aicethy language ( wicriej : 

Jon^kough,choofefeat and feafon fit, 

Vei worfi?°f df7fr ^> at bc ' ft aduantaj place thee 

^illtl Uir thou maltnor rca P offr ? 
l y 'oiljvnlcft Mnertu gracethcc. 







For our of Man, Man muft him all advance, 
That time-proof Pnms ever hopes ro vtrer , 
And, extafed ( as in a b$ly Tr**fe ) 
Into our hands his Scmfaefm mini put-her. 


For as a humane Fury makes a man 
Lets than a man : lb Dimnc-Fwry makes-hira 
'More then himfclf ;and (acred Phrenae then 
Above the heav'ns bright-flaming Arches takes-him. 


Thencc,thencc it is that divine Thu bring 
So fwectjfo leajned^and fo la/ting ^umbers, 
Where Heav'ns and Nature's fecret works they fing, 
Free from die power of Fdks cccrnajl (lumbers. 

True ftetsjicht are like windc-Infrruments, 
Which ful !,do found 5 cmptie,theirnoifcfurceafe5. 

or,with their F*ry lafts their Excellence ; 
Their Mufe is filcnt,when their Fury ceafes. 

Sith therefore r*r/«haue from Hea/n their fpiing, 

O rareft (pirfes / how dare you ( damned /comers ) 

Profanely wreftyigainft Heavn's glorious King, 

Thcfe facrcd gifts given from your lives adomcre f 

Shall your ingratefuD Penns bealwayes waiting, 
As Scruanrs to the Fltjb^nd flaucs to Ji** 

Wi) you your r^'w/cverrnore be fraightino 
With Dreams and f*£fa,idic Ftmt to win f 

Strll will you fill the World with Lm-pcV groans t 
Still will you fawn on Foolsand flatter Euiil? 
Still will youparbreak Ioathfompaffiom? 
Still will you make an Angcllofa DiuclJ X 

Still will you comment on this common Storie f 
A nd ( Snider- like ) weauc idle Webs of folly < 
O! (hall we neucr hear you fmg the glory 
OfGod ) thegrcat,thcgood,tl)ciu(t^hchoIyf 

Is \ not enough, that in Your foules 3 ycc feel 


h , foul delists f but that you mu R intice 
And io,for Pto* .make them fall m wt~ , 




^, and iVi^-K whence 

' 10 niouspowrrhatraafe .urtfr/ 

2&oniouspowrrhatmak( lurn^i 
T^ c^nff arc of force to'ftir, 

Th „Mr(Hpn<ts with gentle Fury fcnziiv 



.jlpn thin wax (almoft) 

A° d 'J; . c^al . A leaf ned JVe* graveth 
Ssp^onsmhisR. hoft, 

S frrlu' Reader th' Authors fi j lee i h. 
Th3t° Itni 4I 

rrtrfj'svcrnic, Hiding fecr 

rougtith'MMteitfi Imtj. 

hat's p< raid artificially 

•re both good and evfll motions'. 



: i^ 

e did /V.i/* from his Kent- Such banifli 
://>;/, that with vitious vcrfc 

In nncrs, making vcrtnevanifh; 

!, woife • and even the good, pcrvei Cc. 

43 7 

S >tthofl iat cai'd to match their graccfull Phrazcs 

Tol' ct matters : fingingnow thepraife 

• ■ anon from ci 

Kccpingth'vn-ftcady, calling back the ftrai. . 


inc Writers* ! yotir Iafcivious R ymc 
our Ik it Poets to bee balely deemed 

rs, and the (cum of Time • 

ith the Vulgar lcfs thanthefe citccincd. 

umakcchafteC^a light wanton Minion j 
nmt ik'ncon, a Stews ; your ribaldry 

ircnts(itricl in their opinion) 
»obarthcir Children reading Poetry: 

'fvou would (yet at the laftj lRWe-yee 

l°" r c *fo» /« in the duil to trample, 

TT UI thc Oemiuofyourfiered Fun, 
,i,f w the World fom holy H&fc ciampl 

* J J admire your Rymcs,anddooyou honour, 

AndT^ 0ft,K,,,cav ' n1, 

To m ^ wou,d makc y°' u '' >n-hcr, 

aiana Sc Caufcsof the moR import. 

r [> ij3y of ^«/r was at the fir ft invented 

«hm 0ne ly facrcd Myfteric 
; lf . ^<>rc refpea : and nothing elfcwas chanted 

"Stimcaftc ,fuch/V/*>j. 
* ^ Ana 




Vran ia. 


So did my Davidon the trembling brings 
Of his divine Horf oncJy To und his <W/ 
Somilde-foi.l'd uMryb to ***wfings 
y^'s deliverance from th E&puwRod. 

So Ifcfcw and mftfr,in the Camp • 
So /^and /^/»r, in cares opp relied - 
In rune-full Verfe* of a various ftamp, 
Their ioyesand fighes divincly-fwcec expreflcd. 

And therefore .9*/** (who transforms him fitly 
r an Angel I of the Lighr, the more t* abufe) 
In 's Oracles and Idols fpeaking wily, 
Not common Profe, but curious Verfe did vfe. 


So th* fond msde-friep of Afd$ fung 

His 0r*ffcj in fwcet Hexameters, 

With doubtfull Riddles from a double tongue, 

To haplefs-hopefull, conquered Conquerors : 

So th'ancient voice in Vodon wor/hipped : 
So ^fcfcuUfiw, Hamon % and the fair 
And famous Sibyls /pake and prophecicd 
In Verfe : in Verfe the Pricft did make his praicr. 

So Orpheus, Linus and Hefxodus 

(Whcrcofthcfirftcharm'd (locks and ftoncsj fhey fay) 
In facred 2^umbers dar'd (to profit vs) 
Their divine fecrets of deep skill convay . 

O ! you that long fo for the L&ureUCrovn, 

Where's poffiblea richer Thcam to take 

Than his high praifc, who makes the Hcav'ns go round, 

The Mountains trcmblc,auddark HeJI to quake f 

This fulnetJ is a deep, broad, bound-lefs Ocean, 
Th'aboundanttfor;»of Plenti/ull dUcourCc • 
The Magazin of wealth for Wits qniekmo'tion 5 
Of divine Eloquence th' immortall fource. 


But (of it fife) a lofty fihiecl raifes 

Grave ftately words, and (of it fclfc) it eilds 

It fclf 3 and crowns the Author's Pen with praifes. 

If then you would furvivc your fclves fo gladly, 

Vran ia. 


n o more th' Elixir of your fpirit 
,u. r -.^ and her winged Son. 
° n Trrrr never to bee named werc-it, 
\io« bc " c j (blamed) for a mifchicf don i 


hat fared Tree-iur* d Lady ftjlJ, 
, ho f c pure Locks your ft il-grccn Laurels growe. 

rvn confecrate-mce (rather) your Wits miracles, 
Toficred Stories : fpend your Eloquence 
, g loud thofe holy Hcav'nly Oracles, 
T c youi'Soutes purepietious quintc-ircncc. 

Christ (as%Md*-God) bee your <&«/& ii/wri 
hereon to Mufc ; and,forthc winged hoove 
Qfpwfm, to dig th' immortall Fount, 
Holj-Ghojl) typ't in a Silver-Dove, 

.^u>J/prcfcrvethc Memory 
Orthoic that make them : The MsmfoUan Toomb 
kes Kjirttmifid, Seopas, Timothy , 
:tothisday,andftillin tunc to com. 

Karac-lcfs had tf/'/ww bcai, but for his aid 
1 vards God's Temple, built in Jfrael 1 
but for God's Ark, in dark filencc laid 
ice had be, nth' Hebrew BextleeL 

goodly ^Monuments 
make tl iei r makers after death abide ; 
>"gh thcmfclvcs have Va*ifbed\on% fmcc, 
fc /' A §c, and Rage, Fire, Arms and Storms deftroy'd : 

Slatf (I P ^ how-much-much greater glory 

you attain, when your Diviner quality 
£** drains fliall fin- th' ^Imthttes Story, 

k " 'rom ii 



Wmortall things fprings Immortality 




ybrc d } your ^ s foulc : and tbat c 

foJj n S °thcr, makes by their commotions 
Shears) vour yer j e morc ^Jmirablc. 

n fl? ay bcc more admirable found 
5 cu r j S E ff eeis r ° r wnar dot " morc control 
*»creacK° U V )l ^ c • or w * rn more force confound 
nand rcafonofa humane fouler 

Aaa 2 




« a.a 

I'ld rather CmgtheTowro/B^Un 
Than thofc </£* i*«^. that m fcmttk m 
The G*»ts pU'd to pull jsrwfiom his Throne : 
And iY^'s,rathcr than Dentsbm S Flood. 


I 'Id rather Bag thchddenjhape-deprivwg 

Ofjffir's Monarch, than th Orcadian King : 

And the Bethaman Lazarw reviving, 

Than valiant Ibefem Sons rc-fodering- 

Th' one oncly doth delight their ears that hear ir j 

The other tends to profit in fom meafui c : 

But, oncly Hee the Laurel Crown doth merit, 

I \ -he wifely mingles Profit with hit PUafure. 


As fwecceft walks arc by the waters fide, 

And fafeft fwimming nccr the flowry fhoar : 

So, prudent Writers never doodividc 

Knowledge from Mirth, Mirth from Inductions lore* 

S uchihal I you bee, if mch a task you take : 

I o! teaching others, you your fclves (hall learn-all 

R ulcs of good life • and happy fo iliall make, 

As is your fubiccl, your ownc Songs-ttemall. • 

Abandon then thofc 0»ld~whes -Talcs *u& Toyes ; 

Leave the Btinde £*/, who but the biinde abufes • 

And oncly, addle, idle hearts annoy ts. 

Hcncc-forth no more profan c the Sacred Mm/cj. 

But (O!) in vain, invain(alas!)Iplain-meej 
Som febrile Afpicks,*to efchewmy Charming, 
Stop their dull ears j fbm Ipkures difdain-mec 
And my advice, and fcoffmy zealous warning. 

Som, for a feafon, liften to my Laws ; 

But foon ReUpfe> through the Worlds forcerics : 

And this difcourfe (which but the Vcrtuous draws) 
iters at one car, out at th' other flies. 

Alas \ I fcarcc fee one (nay, none at all) 
That courts not renm, or corrupts not more 
His golden Jfcujr with profaner Gall 1 

Although this Age of happy Wits have ftote. 

But thou, my Darling, whom before thy birth, 
The Sacred Mne.thzt fip th' immortall fpring 
)i PegMftu, prcdemn'd to fet forth 

Hi' Aimightie's glory, and his praifctofing: 



u r \x Subicft fecm a barren foyl, 
ikhoU| ht ^yits have left for fallow field*] 

ijcb nn . c ', nCV ei i rom this ta< ccoy t : 





/ mY .^;^ ou § hfcll£ ^« 

fcaroot :n V : aht) fl, ill not be troden down. 

LfpightoripB • 8l 

foe Monfter, is much like a Curr, 

Thit SSv barks at every new-corn Gueft 3 
* ft i acquainted, after doth not (rur, 


Lifea thick, dark, pitchic Clowd offmoak, 
S 0ll nd-abo,t a kindling Fire fupprcflcs 

fmorhcr, the new 1 lame to choak : 
i lc /^augmcnts,thcF«w^dccicafcs. 

creforc (my deer) that fund Path j>urfue, 
itrcnonc but Hcav'n-bleft happy fpints can pale : 
dhecr I fwear, that fhortly for thy due, 
■on^beft Wits thou (holt have worthy plate, 

' With tlicfcfwcct accents (grac't invtterance) 
Xt, s m a holding in her Maiden-hand . 

lorious Crown, rapt-vp in [acred Tranfe) 
proftratc foule, prcft to her high Command. 

•n, alone that Lout my heart hath fired ; 
cc when, alone that Windc my fails hath fpread ; 
happy J might I touch that Crown (defired) 
to with my hand, not put it on my head. 

**"Yzeal to your deer Name and You 
^noblc Name, that J muft aye affett t 
***ty*Difa(ters / musieuerrue) 
™ u M ■ mint of Honour JereCf 

T ')"(fwe« Essex) tsyourVcnucsdiU* 

J* ttcmall token of RefpeZ : , . „ 4 . 

?""*«r great worth, *W i»7 good-wi!I/M(/to* 

mt9td l« ever with Vrania's hand. 








and now Again*, 

for ever