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O R O S I U S. 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC 



Anglo-Saxon Verfion, 


O R O S I U S. 

By ALFRED the Great. 





LONDON, :.:;:::: V,:. 
Printed by ^ BfWftr and J. Ntiekflf: 

Ai>^ <pl^ 1>7 S. B AKEi^ and G. L'eioh, York-ftreet, Covent- 

Qardeo} T. Paykb, at the Meufe-Gate, Caftk-ftreet} 

{^ld B. White, at HoraceVHead, Fleet-ftreet* 

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■.■; f.v.!. 

.8 \] I 8 O il O 

y i\ uci\f >; ■ • '•.•• > 'i* 

; : o i "l' a j ?. ■/[ A i[ '■: 1 1 8 1 vi v.^ z :■ 

'I I f »n y • r\ ' r 

. • • • »• • 

% • 

. V » 

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TT happened by fome rather {ingular acci- 
^.doats, that I have become the editor and 
ti^aDilatob of King -Alfred's Anglo-Saxon 
verfion erf tbfe hiftorian Orofius j a detail of 
th$fe, however^ would be uninterefting to the 
reader^ whom I (hall rather inform what he is 
to expe^ from the prefeht publication* 

And it will not be improper, firft to give 
fome ihort account of Orofius [a]^ as the book 
is not very commonly to be found in a modern . 

This hiftorian was a, Spaniard by birth [^], 
and having been educated a Chriftian, was 

[a] That moft learned antiquary^ the Rev. Mr. Pegge, 
Conceived that this tiame is the fame with Oforioy and that 
the metathefis is not too ftrong* We had alfo an Englifii 
hiftorian called Orofius, who lived after the year io8i. 
See Tanner ih articulo, * 

[ij Some fey he was bortt at Bragues, others at Ter- 
ragona. For thefc^ and feveial other particulart, fee Fa- 
bricius's Bibl, Lat* vol. iii. p. 735* 

a Tent 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fent for, A. D. 400, by St. Auguftine, into 
Africa, from whom he received fuch protec- 
tion,, that. he. not only wrote^ the hiftory bjp-- 
his perfuafion, but hatli infcribed it to him. 

It appears by this dedication^ that the 
Chrlftiaris were charged by tlie Romans \c] 
with having rather increafed, than diminiihed 
the calamities to which humanity hath always 
been fubjeft ;' and Orofius endeavours, almoi(( in 
every chapter, to (hew that the miferies fbrnierly 
experienced by all nations, exceeded greatly 
thofe which were then fuffered. He hath; 
therefore, the very fingular merit of iiKul- 
eating, that we (hould be fatisfied with Our 
prefent condition [d]j when almoft every 


[c'\ " A faying it was a thoiifand and a tundccd 2ni 
^^ thirty years ago (fuch time as Paulus Orofius was here 
*^ a wryter) that the Dodrine of Chrift was caUfe 6f thd 
^^ decay of the commoliweahh of the Romanes : againff 
^< them that thus blafphemoufly babbled, the faydt Orofiifs 
** wrote feven noble books, &c/* Bayle in the Epiftle 
Dedicatory to Leland's New Year't Gift* See the hte 
learned and ufeful compilation relatire to Leland, and pub« 
lifted at Oxford, 1772* 

[d} See a ftriking inftanee of this, in the refleAion at the 
end of the fifth chapter of the firft book. Orofms, fike« 
wife, lofes lio opportunity of fpcaking with propcy dedefta* 
tion of thofe fcourges of mankind, commonly filled Gitai 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


other writer Is of that querulous and ungrate* 
fial diipofitioni that he conceives thofe only to 
have been happy qt deferving, who have lived 
before him^ 

I fliould rather fuppofe that Orofius was ia 
Rome when it was facked by Alaric in the 
year 408, becaufe he dwells much upon the 
little damage which was done to the inhabi* 
tantSt and in the laft chapter fiiles Alarla 
tb^pf/^ cbrifiian^ andmildiji of Kings ; he had 
pofiiblyt therefore, received fome (ingular fa« 
vours Of protection fiom him. 

In the year 414, Oroiiuswas fent by the 
Bi(hops Eutropius and Paul, to fblicit St. Au^ 
guftine's afRftance againft the Heretics, where 
he continued a year, and was then difpatched 
to St. Jerome, at Jerufalem, to confuit him 
on ^e origin of the Soul. 

It (hould feem alfo, that he was inftrufted 
by fome of thefe bifhops, to write his treatife 

Conquerors (1* iv. c 4.); as alfo of repfoachiiig the Ro« 
mans for their moft egregious yanity and opprefions Ibewa 
to other nations. 

For his general benevolence alfo, to the inhabitants of 
every part of the globe, fee the fecond chapter of his fifth 
book^ fo that if Orofius is notthemoft eminent of hiftorians, 
)m? was probably one of the beft men that ever extfte'd. 

9 2 4e 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( iv ) . 

de Arbitrii Libcrtate^ ^hich is chiefly levelled 
^againft Pelagms [fj. . 

Qrofius's Hiflory eiids with the year 416, 
nor does k appear, how much iQiiger^than this 
he lived ; his work was, however,- very icon 
In confiderable eftimatibn, as Sidonitis Apol- 
linaris, (who was born A. D. 4.30) fajrs, ^ Ut 
«' Gregorius cohfolatur, ut Orojms affluit [/].** 

I fhould n6t have thought it neceffary to 
have ifaid any thing with regard to the whim-* 
fical title of Hormefta, given to this hiftbiy of 
Orofius, had I not adopted it from Mr. El- 
ilob's Tranfcript of the Anglo-Saxon Verfioni 
which I have made ufe of in this publica* 

' ' Thofe who choofe to fee the many con^ 
jeftures about it, may confult Fabricius [A] ; 

[^] It is. printed by H^siverGamp^ at the end of his cdi* 
t^on of Orpfius's Hiftory, .In p. 591, Orofius infornft us 
in what J^elagius's herefy confifted, ** Pelagius mihi dixit 
^* docere fe hon)inem poffe cfle fine peccato, & mahdata 
** Dei facile cuftodire, fi velit." 
• [/J'SidoOt ApolU K iv. 

\g] I have likewife made ufe of it as the running-titU 
to the Anglo-Saxon Verfion, which I rather wife not to 
have done, as running'titfes^ without further fubdivifions 
into books and chapters, feem tq. be of litt}^ or no coiive« 
pjence to the Reader. 

[A] Bibl. Laty Ait. Ogos;us,. 



by Google 


and there cannot be a flrotiger proof, that none 
of them are true, than that out of this 
number there is not one which is decifivel/ 
rights r cannot therefore biit think, that this 
Unintelligible word hath been occafioned by 
the ignorance of one of the flrft copiers, which 
was afterwards implicitly tranfcribed by others. 

I have already mentioned, that Orofius is 
fpoken of with approbation by Sidonius Apol- , 
linaris, xvho was almoft his contemporary; 
and as it was a compehdiousf univerfal hiftory^ 
Written* by a Chriftian, it feems to have been 
in much greater requeft, till the invention of 
printing, than perhaps any' epitome of the 
iame kind. 

Even to the latter end of the i^th- Cen* 
tilry, no book required more editions [i] 
than- Orofius's Hiftofy, as Fabricius^s 
expreffioii is, praela Mulfum fudavitj after 
which,' i^de6d, there feems to have been no 
great demand for it, till the laft edition by Ha* 
Vercamp, in 1738. 

- It ^muft be admitted, that the ftyle of this 
Jiiflorian is turgid, as might be expededfironi 

\i] It was not only printed repeatedly as a ibparate 
work, but inferred in thof^ voluminotts cdlle£lions, enti* 
tied BiHiothciC Patrum; 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

a Spaniard ; but yet he is, on this account; 
perhaps, too much ncgle<Sed at prefcnt, if we 
are folicitous to procure hiftorical fafts, 
which require our attention to therPi in what* 
ever didion they may be qloatbed. 
. As Orofius flouriflied at the latter end of the 
fourth Century, he had an opportunity of 
confulting many hiflorians» wbofe works aro 
in part or entirely loft; amongft thefe he 
particularly cites Trogus Pompeius, Juftin [k]^ 
Livy [/], Polybius [m]^ Antias [«], Valerius ^ 
(perhaps Paterculus), and Claudius [o]^ 

It appears alfo, by the third chapter of the 
fixth book of Aulus Gellius, that Orofius had 
perufed the Hiftory of Tubero (which is 
entirely loft) becaufe he gives ao account of 
Regulus's army havjng great difficulty in kiU 
lii>g a ferpent, near the river Jkgrada [^], for 
which circumftance A. Gellius cites the au^r 
thprity of TiiberOt . 

It feems likewife clear, from the ninth ch^p* 
t^r of the feventeenth book of A, Gelliu5f that 

[i] L. i. c 5- Where he ftates what Trogus Pompeiu9^ 
»d Juftin have advanced, with reg^ to Mofes. 

[i] L. iii* , . 

[m] L. iv. €. 20. - 

[»] L. V. c. i6. 

[<?] L. iv. c. 20. 
• t^3 Sec Orof. 1. iv.. c. 8t 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


OrofiuSy amongft other materials, had recourfe 
to what A. Gellius cites, a$ Vetus Htftona re* 
turn Vunlttirum^ which Is his authority for the 
particular method of Hifdrubal's fending in* 
telligence to the Carthaginians, when he was 
employed by them as a fpy upon Alexander 
the Great. Orofius hasliitroduced this account 
ill the fixth chapter of his fourth book. 
/ Having faid thus much with regard to 
.Droilus, it ie nW more incumbent upon me 
tb ftate what may be material, in relation to 
the Anglo-Saxon Verfiori of this hiftorian, by 
king i$llfred, which 1 now publilh. 

And firft, therefore, I fhall endeavour to 
ailiwer the only objections which I have hap- 
pened to hear againft this tranflation*s being 
^fcribed to King -Alfred; one of which is, 
that it is not probable a King (hould take fuch 
trouble upon himfelf, even if he was property 

It is admitted that the inftances of Royal 
authors, pr tranflators, are not very frecjuenr, 
and that Kings may be better employed; 
though it would be very hard to deny them 
this very innocent relaxatiqn, M it fhould te| 
So confidered by them* 

■ The religious treatife, wricteti by tfewy 
the Eighth, was, however, a much lefs K^^jl 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

perfprni^Qce, as it (hpuld rather havf iffiied 
from the cloifter than the thrpne ; an4 yet 
JHenry, in other peripdg of his rei^p, is knowQ 
not to hay^^wpglefSed the.bufiijefs of his king- 
dom, .tl>ough he did not, indeed^ ^ilways pro- 
mote, the yjrelfare of it. . 

The other pbjeiftion arifes frotp a note of 
fieaiiie'sa in hi^ pubJiQation of Sir John Spel- 
man's Life of Alfred [g], citing a paffag<f 
from Somner s Preface to his Saxon Glofliiry, 
llear^^'s words are as follow. 

« Some are of ppinipp that ^ffilfred was not 
** author of this t^ranflg^tion, as you may fee 
** in Son^npr's Preface to the Saxon Gloffary.'* 

A§ Hearne's opinion is therefore folely 
founded. Ppon this pafla^e in Somner's Pre- 
face, ][ jihall now ^bjpin the words alluded 

" Oroiiym etiam a Latino fermone (ut 
^^ plufimorum ejl fententia) tranflatum;*' and 
again, *' Aluredus Rex, Saxonicws, ut fertur^ 
** Orofii iot^rpres [<]^*' 

AU.that c^n be inferred ♦ therefore, from 
^b^ie pafljigps, is^ that Spjtnner (who probably 
*ad not looked very deeply into this Anglo- 
Saxon «yjerfiQ6 of (^voimi) declined with great 

[f] P;irr./ ' .. •' ' ' * 

tr] In Art. sttofiyHc, of his Anglo-Saxon Didtonarjr^ 

* propriety 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


propriety the pretending to afcribe it to this 
king, and therefore rather chofe to rely upon 
the opinion of others. 

I fhall, therefore, now barely refer the 
Reader to a great profufion of moft refpefta- 
ble authorities, who without, the leaft hefita* 
tion, confider that this tranflation was made 
by King Alfred [s]. 

[i] See Appendix, N® i. to the Latin Tranflation of 
Sir John Spelman's Life of Alfred, who cites Camden as 
of this opinion ; fee alfo the Teftimonia authorum, pre^ 
fixed to Rawlinfon's edition of iElfred's Anglo-Saxon Ver* 
fion of Boethius, who refers to Will. Malmefb. de Geflis 
Regum Angliac, 1. ii. c. 4. — Framcifcus Junius, in Anglo- 
Saxonicis monumentis Glpflario Gothico praemiflis — Le« 
land de viris illuftribus MS. p. 14. who fays^ it was the 
opinion of many^ that Alfred made this tranflation $ which 
pafl^ge I have found in the late edition of Leland's Collcc«» 
tanea, vol. iv. p. 251. with the additional circumftance of 
Talcbotc's concurring with him. ** Mr. Takbote made 
" this annotation in the front of Orofius*s Hiftorie, which 
** he lent me; tranflatcd out of Latine into Saxon tongue* 
" Rex Alfredus interpretatus eft Oroftum^ k BoetKium, & 
** Bcdam de Hiftoria ecclefiaftica Anglorum." To thefe I 
may likewlfe add, the more modern opinions of Wanley, 
Elftob, Lye^ and Ballard, two of which (viz. Elftob and 
Ballard) had tranfcribed the whole of this Anglo-Saxon 

b Bur, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( ,o 

But, beddes thcfe very decifive opinions, up- 
6n a point of Northern literature, this tradi- 
tion that Wilfred tranflated Orofius is not 
deftitute of other moft ftrong and coney rrent 

This King was the fon of ^thelwulf, who 
Was a prieft [/], and fubdean of Winchefter [«], 
Before he was crowned; he, therefore, may 
probably be fuppofed to have had at leaft 
the common learning of the times, which was 
then confined entirely to the clergy. 

.^helwulf, being hence determined to give 
his fon the fame education, fent him, whilft 
but five years old, with an honourable atten- 
dance to Rome [w], where he continued for 
four years, and being only the fifth. fon 
of his father, it could fcarcely have been ex- 
pefted he Ihould have fucceeded to the throne. 

'The inference I would draw from this, is, 
that jElfred was probably educated with a 

[/] See Johnfon's EccU Laws, in his Preface to thofe of 

/ [«] Sir John Spelman's Life of iEIfred, in Engli/h, p. 16. 
Hearne's note, ibid. 

. [w] Spelm. 1. i. p« 19* where, though it is iuppofed that 
he went to receive unftion from the Pope, yet he could not 
have ftayed four years merely for that ceremony. This unAion 
is likewife conjeflured to have been neceflary forfome fmall 
diftri^, eredled into a kingdpm for biail 


Digitized by>VjOOQlC 


view to his obtaining feme of the great dig- 
nities of, the church, rather than a kingdom ; 
and that he confequently received the inftruc- 
tions proper for the profeflion which he W3S 
intended to embrace. 

His juvenileftudies, however, were not merely, 
clerical 5 for Afler (who was -/Elfred's con- 
temporary) informs us, that when this king 
was but twelve years old, his mother offered 
a book of Saxon poetry to any of her fbns 
who, would get it by heart, and that -Alfred 
obtained the prize from his brothers [.v]. 

Having received fuch an education, and ari 
early tafte for the learning of the times, it is 
well known, that, during his very troublefomei 
reign, he was always, at any interval of lei- 
fure, einployed in reading, or attending to 
what was read by others ; for this we have 
the repeated teftimony of Affer Menevenfis, 
who was actually retained in the King's fer- 
vice for the latter purpofe. 

It is therefore clear, beyond all poflibility of 
doubt, that -Alfred was really a moft learned 
map, for the period in which he lived ; nor 
hath any one ever difputed that he tranflated 

Ix] Wife's Affer, p. i6, 

b 2 Bede's 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xii ) 
Bede's Ecclefiaftical Hiftpry [^], and Boethius 
^c Confolatione Philofophiae [2]. 


[y] 1 bflve alfo happened to fee two Saxon MSS. which 
are the moft dired proofs of Alfred's having tranfUted 
other books. 

The firft of thefe is in the Cotton Library, where it is 
marked VicelliuSy^A* xv, and is the treatife at the beginning 
qf a roifcellaneous colledion. This volume fufFereld much by 
the fire, which deftroyed fome part of that colledlion. In 
p. 56, of this MS. are the following words after a break* 

** Mji cnbiajj J>a cpibaj- Je Glffieb Janmnj aljBf op fvpA bee 
•* J>e pe hata^] on 

Oi-, " Here end the words that King Mlfred tranjiated 

** from that book we call ^]." The nam.e of the original 

author, however, is loft, as p. 56. B. of the MS. ends [as 
above] with on^ and the next page, from a miftake of the 
binder, relates to different matter- 

The fecond MS. is in the Bodleian Library, and to the 
bcft of my recolledion, is the Saxon Verfion of the Flores 
Soliloquiorum Auguflini, always afcribed to King Alfred. 

I happened to be in a great hurry when I had an oppor- 
tunity of feeing this MS. by favour of the Rev* Mr. Price, 
the Librarian, and had ooly ttiw to copy the two initial 
vfords, which are in capitals,, via. ICiELFRGD, or J Ml^ 
fred. This MS. ends fa pa j-e. 

[z] The following works, or tranflations, are alfo afcribed 
to Alfred, by Sir John Spelman, in his life of that King, 
• Breviacium quoddam colledlum ex kgibus. 

V— Saxonum leges, 1. i, 

Inftituta quaedam, I. i. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xiii ) 
At what, age this King was thus employed 
hath not been at all fettled ; and I (hould con- 
ceive that fome of thefe verfions were very 
poffibly talks impofed by his preceptors during 
his youth, who feem to have made a judicious 
choice, as Oxpfius was the beft fummary of 

Contra judices iniquos, 1. j. 

Di6ta Saplentiuts, I. i. 

Regum fortunae varix, I. L . 

^ Parabolae & fales, I. i. 

AAa Magiftratuum, ]. u 

CoUe£lioiies Chrodicorum, L u 

Manuale Meditationum, I. i. 

Laftly, crop's Fables. See Harlcian. MSS. N° gjt. 

That Alfred was likewife a great tranflator from Latin 
into Saxon, appeiirs by his Preface to St. Gregory's 
Pajloralf^ [fee Appendix to -Slfred's Life, N' 3, 0«- 
fcrd 1678.] in which, after the itttrodu£Hon of, ^ Ml-- 
^^ fred fsnditb gruiing^* he fays, that he wondered muoh 
it had not before been tranilated into Saxon, At the 
conclufion it is further flated, that King Alfred, having 
rendered the Pajiorale word for word^ fent it to his penmen 
[pru^pum] to copy, that all the biihops might profit by 
this verfion,. fome of which did not underftand Latin. 
. It is likewife pofitively aiTerted in the Preface to the 
Anglo-Saxon Boethius, that Alfred tranflated it from Bo^ 

** JEXyjvth Jcunnin^ paej* pealhfxob ^if j"e bee. *] hi« op b6c 
^ l4^tiene on-eBslif 9 penbe.'* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

wnivcrfal hiftory then known ; Bede had giiren 
an account of the Ecclefiaftical affairs of the 
Englifti; and Boethius^s was, perhaps, the 
befli treatife of moral Philofophy which was 
then read [^]. 

It IS not impoflible alfo, that his preceptors 
might have correded fome of thefe tranfla- 
tions, or the king himfelf afterwards, improved 
and enlarged themj though there feems to 
be little doubt, but that Edward the Sixth 
(who died before the age. of fixteen) was capa* 

. ble of making, perhaps, as good a tranflatioa 
of Orofius into Englilh. 

But I fhall how give fome intrinlic proofs, 
arifing from the verfion itfelf, that it i^ to 

Ji)C afcribed to -Alfred the Great. 

It may not be improper here to obfcrve, 
that this King's tranflations of Bede and Boe- 
thius are more than liberal, being paraphrafti- 
cal verfipns; but the tranflation of Orofius IHII 
goes further, as Alfred on>its moft of th<? in* 
troduftory chapters to each book, fometimes 
leaves out confiderable paflages, and often in* 
fefts quite new matter [b\ 

. . . .As 

[a] For this reafon Chaucer traafls^ted it fo many cei»» 
turies after the reign of -flElfred. 

[3] As in what relates to the form of a Roman Tri- 
umph — ^Tbe. conftitution of the Senate--**and Caefar's en« 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


As he is known, therefore, to have takea 
thefe liberties with Bede and Boethius, to 
whom but the fame royal and liberal tranfla- 
tor can we afcribe fuch a verfion of Orofius ? 

At the latter end he feems to have beent 
quite tired of. this painful employment ; and 
confequently, in the laft book, he fcarcely give^ 
any thing more than the contents of the 

But the ftrongeft intrinfic proof ftill remains^ 
In the firft geographical chapter, when the 
Royal Tranilator reaches the Northern parts 
of Europe, he with the greateft propriety in*- 
troduces the voyages of Ohthere and Wulfftan, 
which begin with the following words. 

" Ohthere told his Lord King j^lfred^'^ and 
during the narrative, the verb is often ufed ia 
the prefent tenfe, as ^^ Ohthere fays ^ &c.'' In 
another part the expreffibn is, ** we had fuch 
" an ifland on bur right/' which cannot be the 
words of an hiftorian, writing in his clofet from 
common materials ; but muft be taken down 
from the mouth of the traveller giving his 
own account of .what happened to him* 

gaging the Britons near Wallingford-^In all thefe paflagef^ 
as well as many others, the text is continued without anjr 
breaks, in the Cotton MS. and the tranfcripts from it.' 



Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xvl ) 

The names of the places alfb mentioned in 
thef^ voyages are fb. numerous, that it is im* 
poffible the King fiiould have remembered 
therp, if he did not make fhort notes of the 

The title, therefore, to the Tranflation of 
thefe voyages in Hakluyt, is moft ftridly pro- 
per, viz. ** The Voyage oiOchthere [r], made 
<* to the N. E. parts beyond Norway, repttrted 
** by himfelf unto jElfred the famous King." 
I have, for thefe reafons, fcarcely a doubt with 
regard to this Anglo-Saxon Verfion's being 
truly afcribed to Alfred the Great, though 
after all,, this rather adds to the curiofity of 
the publication, than the merit of it. 

I have alfo fo little of that zeal (with 
which moft editors are feized) in favour of 
this royal tranflation, that I can by no means 
go fo far in it's commendation, as Dr. Hickes 

^ does in praife of -Alfred's Anglo-Saxon Ver- 

* fidfa of Bede \d]. 

• [c] The name, however, in the Cotton MS. and all thb^ 
tX^Qtx^ti'from it^ IS Ohther^. 

[d] " Hlnc ad Regis iElfredi verfionem Ecclefiaftica^ 
^^ Hiftpriie Bedae paraphrafticam rufntii& cum expedatione 
^ progrediaris ; utpote qua nunquam ipfe Ccfar, Cicerove 
^' 10 ra^diocri dicendi gex)«re qulcquam^pet'iedlitts fcrip&t.'* 
Zn Pr«f. Gramoi. Anglo-Sax. &c. 


Digitized by\jOOQlC 

( xvii ) 

1 riiall rlow proceed to give fome account of 
the MS, and copies from which the An* 
glo-»$axon Orofius is publifhed. 

The original MS. from which all the others 
have been tranfcribed, is in the Cotton Library, 
under the mark of Tiberius I. which I have 
occafionally confulted, when difficulties have 
occurred in Mr. Elftob*s tranfcript, from 
which I have printed; I do not, however, 
pretend to have had the induftry of collating 
the whole, as this trouble [e] had before been 
taken by others ; and particularly Junius [fj^ 
whofe tranfcript Mr. Elftob copied. 

The Cotton MS. is a rapft noble one, both 
in the penmanfhip, as well as the ftate of its 

[/] It IS) indeed^ impoflible to collate at the Mufeum^ 
without great inconvenience to other readers^ as there is no 
feparate room for this purpofe. 

[/] See Hickes^s Thefaurus, vol. iii. p^ 85. where it is 
alfo mentioned, that Marfhall had collated Junius's Tran-< 
fcript with the Lauderdale. The Lauderdale cop^ (and 
not original MS, at leaft as I conceive) had formerly be- 
longed to John Dee, M. D. Ibid. — ^^Marfliall is fuppofed to 
have intended a publication of this Anglo-Saxon Verfion^ 
rfrom his having taken the pains to collate Junius's with 
the Lauderdale tj^anfcript ; and I fhould think the fame 
may be ftili more ftrongly inferred with regard to Junius, > 
as be was at the greater pains of making the complete 
tranfcript. " ^ 

c pre- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xviii ) 

prefervatlon ; I cannot, therefore, but think, 
that it was a tranfcript made fox the King^s 
own ufe, by one of thoic copiers, whom he 
ieems to have conftantly xetained in his fer« 

With regard to the chara6ker ufed in thi» 
MS* I have confulted fome learned friends,^ 
vrho are better verfed than I can pretend to be 
in matters of this fort, and who agree ii^ fup% 
pofing it to be of the ninth, or tenth Century • 

I before mentionedi that I publifli this 
Anglo-Saxon Veriion of Oroiius from a copy 
made by Mn Elftob, well known for his emi* 
nent knowledge of Northern Literature, who 
had adually printed a half iheet of it, with 
the following title, which I copied from it, in 
the colledion of the late James Weft, Elq. ^ 

«< Hormefta Pauli Orofii, quam olim patrio 
** fermone douavit ^Ifredus magnus, Anglo* 
** Saxonum Rex Dodiffimus ; ad exemplar 
*' Junianum defcriptum edidit Guliclmus El- 
*< ftob, A. M. & Coll. Univ, Soc. 

*< Oxoniae e Theatro Sheld<Miiano> A, D* 
** MDCXC" 

Mr. Elftob, however, was probably deterred 
from printing any further, for want of en* 

[g] Se the Pref. to St. Grcgory*s faftoraU. Sir John 
Spelman's Life of iElfred^ Appendix Iir. 



by Google 

couragemcnt by fubfcription, and not by bad 
health, as Mr. Ballard fuppofes (in the pre- 
face to his tranfcrlpt [A] from Jumus's copy) 
for Mn Elftob died in March, 17 r5 [/], where* 
as he had begun to print this Anglo-Saxon 
Vcrfion in 1690. 

On Mr. Elftob'^s death, the MS. came into 
the poflcffion of the late Mr. Jofeph Ames, 
who likewife had thoughts of publifliing it^ 
as appears by a letter from him, in 1739, to 
the late Mr. Lye [k]. After Mr. Ames's de- 
'ceafe, it was purchafed by the Rev. Mr. Pegge, 

[£} MS. penes Soc. Antiq. which I haire alio made ufe 
of, by kave of that learned Society. 

There have, therefore, been four Tranfcripts from ^« 
fred's Verfion, viz. the Lauderdale, Junius's, £lftob*j$, 
and Ballard's ; and four promoters of Anglo-Saxon litera- 
ture have intended to publifli it, viz. Junius, Mar(hall, 
Elftob, and Ames, which fufEciently (hews in what great 
efteem it hath been held. 

f 1] MS. memorandum of the Rev. Mr. Pegge, 

[j^j Communicated to me by the Rev. and learned 
Dr. Percy. Mr. Ames had probably lent the Elftob 
tranfcript to Mr. Lye, as he frequently refers to it in his 
Anglo-Saxon DiAionary, though by fomc miftake the 
Saxon Orofius is not enumerated in the lift of the authors 
cited. Mr. Lye's references, however, being accurate (in 
all the inftances I have examined) to the book and chapter 
of this publication, it may contribute to its being more 
ufeful to the lovers of Northern Literature. 

q 2 who 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( XX ) 

who had (kfiined it for a much more abl^ cdir 
tor [/] ; but on his declining to print it, from 
being engaged ip other pubhcations, Mr, Pegg^ 
permitte4 me to make the ^me ufe of it. 

I (l>all now ipform, tj^e reader pf the few 
liberties which I have taken with this trap- 
icript pf Mr. Elftob's, bpcaufe, ^s ] fipd he- 
was merely a copier, without exerciiing his 
judgement [^]| I pannot carry my reverence ,. 
for MSS. fo far as Arc|ib|i(hop Parkei: [0], and 
jnany others. 

Sometimes m^ of rqal learning, indeec^^ 
(like Mr. Elftob) have fubmitted to this pain- 
ful drudgery j but phe greater part of- MSS. 
are written by mere penmen, who, if they 
happen to fee their own miftakes, will not 
make any rafures, becaufe the copy will not 
then loolc fo fair, nor deferye fo good a price. 

[/] The Rev. Mr. Owen Manning, thp lear^ied e^litor of 
Lye^s Apglo-Saxon Df&iQnafy, pf which n}oft ufeful 
)vork I unfortunately coi4ld not procure a copy^ ^11 I had 
|ini(be4 fome part of my tranflatioQ. 

[m] S(^e a ftrong inftanpe of this, in what is printed be- 
tween crQtcJ)pt5, ip the lotb chapter pf the firft book of 
the ^nglp-Sax:pn Verfion, p. 49. 

[«] Who publiihed Afler's Lifip of -Alfred (though in 
jhe l^atin tongue) in Anglo-Saxon charatlers, becaufe th^fe 
wjre ufcd in P^f jeer's MS. gf the Life. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xxi ) 

Thcfe' errors alfo are not footi detected, for 
moft colle^rs feldom look into what they 
have purchaied further than the Title-page» 
Antiquity, therefore, does not add much to 
tb(^ fandictti of fuch a copy. 

I bfive, for this reafon, taken the liberty of al- 
tering the puni^uation very frequently [o] ; t 
h^ve confined the capital letters, at the begin- 
liing of word^, to diflinguiih periods, as alio 
the names of men and places, I have like- 
lyife broken the text, which was continued 
without interruption, into paragraphs, whichj 

Ip] I bs^d once intended to have printed the whole with 
the modern marks of punduationt which would (as I coa« 
ceive at leaft) have made the Anglo-Saxon ftill more intel- 
ligible ; but I have been deterred from this by fome Anglo- 
Saxonifts, whofe advice I cannot but defer to. 

I have, however, printed the firft chapter of the laft book 
in this manner, that the reader may judge for himfelf. 

The moft zealous admirei;s of the Anglo-Saxon, indeed, 
do not confine their ftudies entirely to this language ; and 
confequcntly the ufing the full-point for a comma, femi- 
colon, and colon, muft, at firft, always obfcure the fenfe of 
the author. ' 

I would aft, therefore, whether any one, who hath not 
been reading Greek for a confiderable time, is at firft aware 
of the femicolon not being the mark of a paufe, but a point 
of interrogation ; and why are we to lofe the ufe of the 
^olon and femicQlon i 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( ttii ) 

together with fbmc other modem improve- 
ments in printing, I hope will contribute to 
tnakc the Anglo-Saxon text rather more ealHy 

I muft own alfo, that I have adhered com- 
monly to one and the fame method of fpelling 
words, which varies almoft in every page of 
the MS, ; at the feme time that I have now and 
then printed the word as I found it, Wcaufe 
otherwife I jfhould have taken upbn myfelf to 
pronounce decifively, what was the only true 
and proper orthography. 

I have, however, always followed the copy 
itligioufly in more material inaccuracies, and 
have at the bottom luggeftcd foch conjeftural 
emendations as occurred, which are entirely 
fubmitted to the judgment of the reader. 

i have alio inferted the various readings, 
according to the collation in Mr, Elftob's 
Tranfcript, as' well as in that of Mr. Ballard ; 
feveral of which, however, are moft clearly 
improper, and many others of fo little im- 
portance, that I fliould not have confi<lered 
them myfelf as deferving of any notice. I 
thought, however, that as I printed from their 
copies, this difregard of their collations Ihould 
not be (hewn to the labours of thefe induftri- 
ous Antiquaries. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xxiil ) 

I fliall lik«wife here explaio the iaitid kt- 
tcjTs u£sd in the various resMlingSf which re&r ta 
the original MS* and different tranicripts. 

C C Codex Cottonianua. 

M L. The Lauderdak MS. ' 

Bw T« The Balkrd Tranfcript* 

M. HL Th<» Hatton MS. 
, U.T. TThe Elftob Traoftript* ^ : 

The firft chapter, which defcribes th? boun« 
daries of Europe, Afia, and Africa, together 
with the principal provinces, will undoubted- 
ly appear to moft readers very unentertaining* 
though it will be found to contain many par- 
ticulars which will illuftrate the geography, 
of the middle ages, efpeciaily in the more 
Northern parts of Europe. 

A ftronger proof of this cannot well be 
given, than by referring to a treatife lately 
publifhed, by that very able Geographer. 
Monf. lyAnville [p], entitled, « Etauformis 
** en Europe aprcs la chute de r Empire Romain 
" en Occident^* which fcarcely gives a name to 
any place Northward of the Southern Coaft 
of the Baltic, the Eaftem part of which fea 
alfo is there termed Mare Barbarumy 

[jp] Paris, Quarto, 1771P ' 

I have 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( XXIV ) 

i have therefore annexed a map, which 
contains the names of moft of the Europaean 
places mentioned in this geographical chapter^ 
and have alfb traced the voyage of Ohthere 
and Wulfftan^ in thefe Northern Seas [q]. 

Thefe voyages have already been extra£t:ed 
from the firft chapter of the AngIo*Saxon 
Orofius, and have likewife been four times 

[f ] Th^ pricked line defcribes Obthere's voyage^ frotn 
Halgeland to the Cwen Sea, and back again ; after which, 
he is fuppofed to fail for Sciringis-Heal^ whence he went 
to Heathum, 

1 The plain line- traces Wulffta^'s vpyage, from Hatbtm 
to Trufo. 

The p umbers in Roman capitals ihew the places where 
thefe travellers flopped, after fo many days faiU < 

All the names of countries and towns, to the Northward 
of the Mediterranean, are in this map fpelt precifely ac- 
cording to the Anglo-Saxon Orthography. 

I might, indeed, have . inferted fome additional places^ 
mentioned in other parts of the Verfion; but as they are 
only taken notice of tranfiently, without any boundaries, 
there is, in moft inftances, only a very wide field fpr con- 
jedures. As I advanced in the Trdnflation alfo, I thought 
upon the whole it might render the Englifh Verfion more 
intelligible, if I conformed to the more common orthogra<- 
pby, both of places and perfbns. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

The fiiA of fheie ^blkatusni^ is^ indeed, 
nn ^oglith Tr^nfiatiou^ i^ incbinplete [r], and 
is intfeiMd so the 6rft vobcme of Hakiujt's 
VoTSgcs; I do iiDt recoiled to have: met widi 
aaj j»ecm^ whkh ihews to whom itbe pub* 
111: Qviwftfais VerfioQ^ it fiioald ieem« how* 
jever^ /to lie between Archbifliopi Packer, Fox, 
Wtol0g» Lombard/ Bronttonf and Caiust 9$ 

.^thf»y iviere the oitly peribii$ wijQ werp thsn 

-^verfed iti the Ao^o-^Saxon^ 

I flioid4^ Qpon the wiiole^ fadier at^bute 
this traotlation to C^s, becauie it appears by 
the foliomring. pafiage^ that he had perufed 
JSXiK&^B AngkHSaxon Verfion of Orofiw. 
^* Ucbemi vulgo dice|y^ur Scoti ; earn ob 
«^ caufam ubicuiuiuo apud Orofium oocundiiit 
<« Hibctiius^Atuitdus ver^t SoQfite f^]/* 

T\^^itfaxA pubiic^fion i;onfifts only of die 
latter part of Wulfllan's voyaget which Som- 
ner ba^ in&rted in his AngJoiSaxon Die* 
tionary, under the^word ^ebpyoci It bcfgin^t 
•3 *2eji If tnito Gj^um ?5eap ; and ends, J by 
yy/lP?t8 ^nc cyie hinc on. 

{if]] H^lf of 'Wulfftiin's voyage is omitted; as it ends; 
^< he bM upon hU l2U'|bQr4 |^e iflaA48 that bel98ig to Danor 
^* mark/' 

£il Xit Antiq* Caiita>f . p. ajSt 

d The 

Digitized by Google 

, The third we owe to Sir John Spelman (or 
rather the icholars of Univerfity*£ollege)r who 
alio publifhed thefe voyages in Aoglo^Saxonas 
well as^in Latin ; th^re are^ howbver^ federal in* 
accprades {/], both in thexmeand the other^ 

-which I ihaUliave occa&nn to take notice o£- 

The fourth edition is by Bufl^s [^], , who 
printed ;the Anglo-Sakon'in common types^ ^ 
together with a Latin Tranilation, and geo- 
^ graphical notes ; there : are atfo fe wraL inif- 
takes in. both p£thefe»land it flidiskliieem 
that the vety title is improper^ as Ohthere-s 

iyo3nage is ftilfid Peripltfs^ wherpas it is by no 

.jXiCdm zeircumnavigatioji^, nor can I find. the 
leafl: grounds for fuppofifag Wuifltan. tbihave 

• been an Engti(hman» as Bu^a^us doesi, w. j * 

In each of' thefe publicfertionsthe editoM fjp] 
]&avenaade their conjectures, with re^^aid to 

.{i] The. vary title givcii taiOhtbere^s voyage^' in tkis 
^ jIBditiojip ^ewf tM aeitker ^be. C9t$oa Ad&; oc-H^^- 

fpript ffon:| il^ CQul4 hav© b^en qonfuUcdj^.bccaiife the 

voyigc is faid to be taken from the Preface to the Saxon 

Verfion of Orofius, whei-eas it is inferted Aearly in ihe 

iniddle of the firft chapter. 

{«] Hafka^ *733> Quarto— ^At Icaft it is comftionly 
' \yovLtii with his edition of Ar ius PoIyhrflt»*»' which bears 

fhat date. 

' M Somner, Benfoi>» ^d Lye^ have attempted the fame 

thing m their Anglo-^axon Didionaries. 

"'\: ' the. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xxvii 7 

tHe (ituaHon df the places mentiofwrd, afid 
have at the fame time given the fuppbied mo-^ 
dern names^ with regard to many of which I 
can hy no means agree with ihcfc learned 
writers; • 

Whilft I had this part of the firft chapter 
Udder, cottfidcrdfibn, r had art opportunity of 
eohfiiltin^ the very learned Mr. ' John 'ReinJ 
hbld Forfter y], who hath made the Nor^ 
thfern gecgraphy of Europe his particular ftudy 5 
and I ha^e printed his^bfervatioins on this chap^ 
ter by themfelves, at theend off the work^ 

I have very siiatui'ely weighed his conjee-^ 
tures?, atfd tliink that; upon the wholi/ they 
are liable to fewer db^e<9:ion8, thaii according 
to the courfe which I had myfelf attHbuted to 
Ohthere; • ^ ' - • * 

At the fame time I cannot but ftate the dif* 
ficulties that flill remain with mdi ' 

As Ohth^fe had ati *' audience of King 
iGlfirecJ, itt which hff gives ap account p£ 
the. countries he had vifitedy Jt. is.ceitjtinly 
very fingular, that he* fiiould iiot/ihav« 
taken notice' of its being perpetual daj^'^tth-* 
in 'the; Araic * circU^ dunfig ' aJAa^Jft^" 'HlsT 

i .» -.,1^ ii.n' ; 1 -1 :: . -.-. .;•.. .;•', r; m z:::::\.{ " 

[y] Now gone u^on difcoveries, in fte iSouthiernkc* 

inifpherc, ,-.■'•• .; , . ,. ^y .\^ 

da whole 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4 ijiviii ) 
i^hole. yegragef which tossdk have it Utikii 
ztkmiiktd this King [p]. 
: t. is equally esttrabrdtntry alfoi thiit na 
-meotiot ik«Mid«fi made. :of4be Nor- 
them lights^ which he ntuft have been i» 
fretjoettf a wicae& ef^ sf htst nttiye* <»l«iti7 
Ha%riftn4, is oti ^ ct>sift of Nttrwajf in 
\a!L, 66. as Mc. F«rllfr fujipflifea. iMc are 
likewife takes t^tfi of la the S^uftm Ra- 
gatei tfacnigfai the tri iter may hn fitppaTed t9 
ifwak tQ.hi»coiiDtry0iim mher thaa to^ £»> 
reignecs, to whon-jb^ nuift hav« beea a 
gceatercaiife of aftaii«luiOfenta , 

If Qitfhinre {^M romdtitke: N^W. paft» 
^i haifiauiv accooeUiig ^ Mr. For iW$ iup- 
po{itioo» be muft hftite. j^ai^.near that iWt of 
the Danesy whieh is eaUed WMrJhui [a\, zoA 

[zj PKnj and PoinfOiyu»'Slclar incked, . give 4iftanf 
hlntt <if perpetml night in Thufo, and amoeg^ the H]^' 
^rboreans ; but Alfred half prgfiaBly never h?ar<t ef th^fe 
authors. The itrft rh^iicion 1 lia^e tnet witlt of fiidl'aff 
olliem^on i»tke writ^M"tht middfoagf^'i^fi^di^ S|te-< 
oilttiii Rq^; CpnntBi at $«r« iiear.i£^pariMige«^ >« 
i^9».,]Rr]M6^ yvy fiogii^r4ff;ttife i« fuppofrd ?a,I>a%» bMa 
v|( Jttic latter eivFof tl^e twelftb j^entuiyj. ** Ift 
** primis in Halgoiandu'^tiC ipK'niw tahtum'auidiWmu* fecT 
** & expert! fumas) ibl aon o^iifpiciVttr magna- parte 
••-ftyeinisJ* ' • •' • •' • •' '':'''■'. 

[d] Of Guard'-Hbttfe, perhaps. 
clvif.'/ - :. which 

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( «xk'): 

1^]ikfe weJi«af & tmicii of^ in the ttidre Mrijr 
lucrigttara t0^ tbd Norti&wai^ Nl)W it U 
fitted, bf oik ctf fliefe ill Haklun [>]f 
*« that the land of Lappia (in which ^art^t 
«^ is fitQ^tttd) is a higE faind^ and thsf ^dve 
*« fiiow catrnnKHity lying; upcm it di» ^hotei' 
^ year.-* Thi*, therefore^ agaia k-aiiiirhef 
direumftaiice wfctidi idttft bavdr ftrUck JStfeed^ 
and ^MmId oiot: hav^ parobibl^ hmtk «ftiiiaid4t in' 
the nariati<tfe. * 

Mr. FotiHsr agaiaedttfidets Haigdlnd^Oh- 

^re^8 e^Guttrj) aa ^rtr of the coai^ of r Mov-^ 

way,^ fituated in Lat^ 66v (inoh^i^g^I&eti^rcf 

an iflaiid called) He^c^and)*; botOfaciiei'e hitiw 

dfeif %i3/ da»t:his^C0tsnKry was. called Nartfh^ 

manfifalandj whereas Norway, i^o- yezrs af* 

terward^^ had c^aified^ the namer which it 

now bears. . r 

. Thwi a^ :SaRon Ghrowtele [c];^ jof the year 

gid^, hhfh the foHo/^ng paflage-. >J fynjxolti 

pbjiJ.UaiNofiye^urnu-^And again ^ ki 1058, 

certi jreijihejiei op ^f^pfc^tm., ^ . 

^ I tbwighi k ti^ xtoi iiiate thefe objec« 

tfens to the courfe of Ohthere*s voyage, 

which I have adoiVfed*"' from Jifr. ' Forfter, 

^^*£cJ-N<Sw%*''jprBitW-*atf the^-end erf MrityS's Saxon 
Di«Stonary. •^'- • * ' '-'^ :.-... 

- ';/-A though 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( XS3C ) 

thbugh t have before mentioned^ that I cod* 
ceive, on the whole,- bis cdnje^res are nearer 
the troth, than thofe ef; any other writei^, ot 

I have alio printed Mr; Former's remarks 
upon the tountries mentioned inr the firft geo^*" 
graphical chapt6r^ at the end of the ^Englidt* 
Tranflation, and muft therefore apologize for 
referring to them [J]^ as being placed at the 
end of the firft chapter of the firft book.- 

With rfcgatd to the Engliih Tranflation, it 
19^ n<)t literal, indeed, which perhaps man/ 
may have rather e^pe£ted} but ho further li« 
berties have beenr taken with the original, liianr 
from endeaivouring ta mdke it^iiaftelligible tor 
the readers [/}• 

Where the Saxon word/ indeed, or turn of 
expreilion, happens to correfpond with the 
Englifh idiom', I have generally retained it^ 
though this hath fbmetimes obliged me to 
make ufe of a term or pbrafe, which is partly 
obfolete. I thought this proper, to. (hew the 
affinity which iis ftril retained between the 

[rf] ?• 7, Engliih tranflstipfi; 

[e] I fear, however, that there* are fome refledions which 
confift of a fort of religious jargon, that wiU not ,foe tho- 
roughly comprehendedi whea Orofiu$, ss wtU «s the tWQ 
tranflations are confultcd. ' 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Anglo-Sa^iftt and modern Englifh. I ha^e^ 
th^rt&mt, cbmtAonlj pfi^ted fuch wohis or 
pafTages in It^ics. , .. • ; 

This, indeed, is one of the princip^ advan- 
tages of tranfkting the^ Anglo-Saxon into the 
language focviiiently derived from it; which 
aifinify of idiom could not appear, if I had 
rendered it iftto Latin [/]• 

If It is iaid that moft 6ther Anglc^Saidti 
book$ have been tr^nflated into Latin ; my an* 
fwer is, that moil of thefe w&re publiflied at 
the latter • end of the^ laft ceiitury, or bqjin- 
ning of the pwfent, when the Engliih lan- 
guage was not'ib generally underftood as it is 
by the Literati of Europe* at this time ; for 
wjiiph reafon^ the Latin verlions were then of 
infinitely naorft ufe tb foreigners. 

To fay the truth, I had originally iiiteiided 
to publilh only the Anglo-Saxon veriion, think* 

[/] Bifliop GiWbn, in his Preface to the S^on Chro- 
nicle, very <|eferve41y 6nds fault with the former Lajtin tran- 
flation by Wheloc, for not preferving the Saxonifms of the 
original, ** Quih & Saxonicis mutilis interpretationem 
^* adjunxifle admodum vitiofam, & quae Jermmis Saxdnhi 
f * genium £*f nitorem minime rcpraefentat/* 

The learned Bifliop, however, in the very firft chapter, 
renders Jef Eajrejief g^jtcpan, Csefaris iribunumy which 
ihould be tranllated either (^sefar's (ompamny or Cxfar's 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i^/tljat the ofl^ir^f^xqCmgcil^ fiipttr^l^P 

coixiparin^, however, fotr^e sithi pfeaptcrs, I 

Jbi^tj^fie^4jUe o«e ^4. th^. othflfji: $})8( » verfiw 
ivp^^d be wifh^d b/!^aH>ft.f^af^§.M 

reafon for not placiijg the JB;pgU(h:in 9^ wHlpaft 
■^JwTif? *o the AiHglorS^oa ; j hut% l»d fmtc^ 
the ^ft book o£ t\ie origi^^lj© the pit^feot 
form.^ before I fouqd ;a tranQiii^o!) to l)e. iK^f- 
iary : ihofe, howfjjflr, ^h^/t^^ wi(h tp ia»c 
.theii9&}ves the t^o^e of looking ^Qto 5I S^^coi) 
PijfUoqiary, inay bind the origif^^,! oik! the ver- 
sion, m two feparate volupi^5, Iffhi^h will* m a 
.gr^ meafure, ?tniwer the f^ifte pijrpftfe fe-]» 

I will add tq.thi^i^h^^ tl^igh^ as the boc^ 
is to hp fol4| ^vf^y ipeajder hai^i fi* ;right to de- 
fife fhaj: hii^ owa convenience ^puld be at- 
tended to ; yet there are fo few wh6 concern 
then^felves about Anglo^axon literature, 
that I confider mvfelf as being at the charge 
of publication, without fcarcely any profpeft 
of a.r^urru As | have, therefore, printed the 

[^3 Nc|r, uuike<^f is the trouble, very great, of having 
recourfe to the tranftatioji, When bound in the fame 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

( xxxili ) 

work, chiefly for my own amufement, and 
that of a few antiquarian friends, I have, in 
fome meafure, a right to indulge myfelf in 
my own whims on this fubjeft, even if the 
form of printing the contents fliould not be 
commonly approved of by the reader. 

Though I think I have a right thus to fol- 
low my own caprice, yet I profefs, at the fame 
time, that it will make me moft proud and 
happy, if the publication happens to meet 
v^ith the approbation of thofe very few who 
may chance to purchafe a copy of it, 

Daines Harrington. 

Fcl)r«aiy ^z^ 1773, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Anglo-Saxon Verfion, 

From the H I S T O R I A N 

O R O S I U S. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

vM t L 1 

I <. : 

r> .--v r .- /- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fe iSah 6 ft S I 'iJ ^ 6feihne*. 

L IB. I. : 

y 'tft€rk]ylO|tan ealfie %^ftx6 ymbhpypp 
%J on ^peO rooalCKw:* P- *3^ 

It. ?>u Niouj: Sffyjiia f2]kjrni«j on^au 
iattiin aepefc jUcj-ian on ^j^jrum [3] mibban g. 
•j hu'Siamepamif hif cj>en jrenj; ro ))a:m jnc6 
^B^fUGCfi hum nut) myeelpe [4J f^fcntj-j-c. ^ 
[sl )>P«ooe)^fB. p. 34-. 

III. ft^u ])«% [6] heojr^nlice jry^ji [7] j:opb«pnt> 
j^aer kob onjjasm paepon j?a tpabypij on ^erim- 
bpcb ficfbom^ -3 Dome ppe> p^ 36. 

IV^ ^ [8]Tekfci ^ EiapfaS )a Icobe him 
berpeonum punnan:- p. 37. 

V. ftu loftph j-c pihrpif a moo ahpeb&c 6;5yp- 
ta pole aetr Jjaem feopon [9] 3;eapon miclam hun- 
^pc mlt> hij- pif borne. ^ hu [ro| hi j-i'S'San J>one 
pjcxan bael calpa hipa p6pt?nia hypakymn^e to 
^aple gcf yllalS acptcp hij- [ 1 1 j gfef et5re; p, 37- 

]i3 JJuupe.Mf.Li [2] kyiiinje. Codex Cotton. 
'33 niibbanreapfi. M. JL. [4] pe^^neffc* M. L» 
'53 ttt thfe Ballard Tf Jtofcript ppaEfniief f e, or luj. ^ 

6] heopottlifGe. M.L. [7] popbcepnb^ C^C» 
'83 ^l^PO Ciapierp M. L. [9] ^eapa. M. L* 

ipl hie. C. C. [1 1] Terftrteflfefr^. ^f-L. 
- B VL m 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

. f ' ] • 

, VL ;t)u on Kmxw fctp'6 micel jrldb on ffci- 
BiCf lonij" bajum ^^y cyninTcj-:- p. 39. 

Vll. Jbu CDoyfCf lartjtoc Ifpahelc pic pom 
y€^Trum opep ^one Reaban fx> p. 40. 

yill. ^u oa.e^yprum puji&on on^anjie mhr 
i. iiianna 6pfla;5cn ppam hcbpa a^num j-unum. "j 
hu [i] Boppibiu)- pe cvmuj. her &pn,ro ^c- 
blore calle 'Sa cuinah "Se nine ^ephron. 7 ymb 
mane;5pa d^pa polca ^?y)U'i:- p. 43. 

IX. J!3u Epetrenj-e/j [^J!?Cthenienp Epcca Ic- 
obe him [3] betpeoniim punnon:- p. 45. 

X. J!3a y^fo^pf C^ypra kynin^; polbe him 
't:o;^rcon ^one j-uiS bael ro. ))aer !ffj-ja.'^e *jx)iiic 
nopSbael ^ler ymb ScilSl^ie. ^ hu rpe^en «)?c- 
lin^af papbQn'[4] adymbe op Sci^Jjium. "J ymb 
"Ba pip f»e man her [sjSfmazadap. 'j ymb pa Do- 
'ran J^e hi(n ppe [6jonbpebon ^l^ Pippup p 
'j\e|>a Cpeca kynin^;. ^e pe (Daepa Slexanbep. jc 
^luliup i^e Eiapepe:- ' ' ■ -^ .p. 45. 

XI. ^;jeiena Jjsep [7] cynin^ep pip peap* 
^eiiumen on Laicetoemomum faepe by|ii^. ^ 
hu eneap pe kynin;^ pop mib pypbc on Ita- 
lic:- p. 50., 

XII • ^u Sapbanapolup y^^y pe pi^mepra ky- 
ninj m Sppypia, ^ hu hme bcppac 3?pbarap bi)- 
calbopman.: *] hu J)a pipmen^ bipmpeboo hiepa 
pepap Jja hic plcon polbon. ^ hu pe ap^co- 
rpe.jcpophrc anep peappep aniicqeppe jjam 
aejjclm^e:- p. 51. 

fi] Boppibup.C.C. ; [2] Srhmenpe, C. C. 
£3] berpeonu. C.C [4'J aplymet). Mi L. 
fg] Xmarhenap. C.C. [6] anbpebonJM.L. 
17] cp3ep^C.C. 

XIII. .tJu 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ 3" 1 

XIII. J!3u Pelopenfium.- T [i]j5:thenienrium 
}f pole him bet;peohum p^hhon:* p. 55* 

XI y. p\x Laeceb^mome rj COejjiMat him be- 
rj)eonum punnon pp biejTa mx'goniuoj^fpwix'^^:' . 

.■;.-■"-''■.. V- P-.55-' 

' L I B. II. ' ' 

I. Jjju Ppof mr f2£be )jiEt; ujie bpihren ^one 
aejiejran man j-pi^e jiihrne. T TP^^ S^P^^tS^F^ 
CQppe- •;j„ymb]?a j^opeji anpafoaj: ^fifyey mib&aa ^ 

II. .?3u Reojuf ^ IJ.omulpr ]?a 5cbpo])pa Ro- 

III. ^u Komuluf ^ IslBpuruf mib hpefcum 
mane hjjjebal^Qban^onja:- . • -; ;; : p* 64. 

IV. i^u ^^pm^ne ^ ^ahiae hun berpwDum puor ; 
lion. •:! hv^Xypnj- pca))^ b}:]-la;5en on Sci'S^ium:-. 

• /- ' - . ' . ' . ' P-^5-. 

y.^ t)uEambyj-cf cecyninTpjijreah J^aGjyp^l 

ri)xan beopol^ylb. ^ ymbe [4J Dapiuj^ej- S^P>^* 

1 (5I Xepxif. ^ Lepni^ao .p. yu, 

Vi. 3 bu Romanum peaji^ an punbop o^peb^ 
f pclce fc b^on bu|\ne:« , p. 80- 

VII. J&u Siafie Icobe pisepon him b^trpconum 
pinneqbe:- « • p. 81^ 

VIII. '^Jju Romane befaeron [6] Veiopum ]?4 
buph 'tyn pmtcp. ^ hu EaUie oy. Seaqo abpapcon 
Rcfmcbuph:* . p. 8 1 , 

[1] TTtlunienpiira. C. C. 

[2] T (lands for xeapb, as before, p, i . 

r 3J Bpurof. C. C. [4] Dapiuf. C. C. 

ts3 exeppf. C. C. [6] Veiopem. C. C. 

B z LIB. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ 4 ] 

' !• Jt}a f 10 feijnxieplic pb ^ fxctpXioff f^lf ^^ 

t?j)feonum Laccbemoniuhi *j| Pcjij-um:- P^^Sf 

' IL J&u on 35^chxaB peap^ eojilS-beopanj:- p. 89. 

IIL t)tt |*e micla roancpe^Q^ ]>eaji'S on Rome 

on rpcjpa conplai bae^e. "^^'hu OOapcuf Eujit:ju)r 

bcrc(j?r on ^ jynicnban cpp^an:- p. 90^ 

iV. lt)u CalUe ojrcphejijo&on Romany lanbo^ 

ppeo mil? *o l^jie btP^y* p. 92, 

y . J&y Eapt^me aejienbji^can coman V0 Kome* ' 
^ him fpib ^ettubton;- p. 92. 

VI. Jbu Romanes Latme punnonhim berpe- 
onunj. T b^ an nunnc pcajiis cuco bebyp^J^b:^ 

Vn. J!3u 3?l«anbej[i j-e kyninj pan J)iU 

[iJRomanum. J)2bj- map^n Xlexanbpcr cam. 

•3 hii Philippiif J)ae|^ mapan Slcxanbpej* paebcp 

jr^nj ro CDaBcebonic picc. "J he him ^eccaj- 

Bipanrium })a buph:« p. 96. 

Vtll. J!3u Eaupenef Fupculof po propp peap^. 
Vpi^B pibmaepe pop Roman? bifmaape:* p. 105. 

iX. J!3u fe Cpaep^ ^exanbcp penr^fco (Daece-: 
bonia pjce, ^ hu he her j-umne [2] bi^ceop 
rpc^n on h}j- ^epiU hpa hiy jraebep paepe, "3 hu 
he [3] Damuni J?one kyninx ojceppan. -^ hu he 
j-yk peajT^ mib aiprpe acpe^lb*- p- 17P, 

X. J&u unbep rpam confulum polbon fc^ 
opcp Ja [4] r^pcn^iepran }?coba Romana opep 
pmnan. 'j hu p micla jpaancpCiUm Sepc^'5 

f I ] Romane. M. L. (2] bif^eo. C. Q. 
fj] Da^iujr. IVJ, L. J4] r^pen^fran. C» C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ 5 ]■ 
oir Boise. 3 hu hi him ht9o^ ^Cjccccan x6 €f co» 
)^)iif ]>oiic fqolacaa jni;^ }»pe [i] fcuikcaa 
oWpan:* p- lioy. 

XjL ^ uDbep i::pam coayxilttm pupteiit Spmr 
mte ^ Callie cp tenno j^asjie byjti^ RoQ^nuni fi- 
1Se|i|iDaacu •] Jiw Xlcxanbpef hepct;oTan hyju 
hp oa uof ibbe [2} ;^eiibct>on asjfxeji jfyesxaiii^f 
beatSci' p. 120. 

L I R IV. 

I^ J&u Tapentrme ^epipou Romana r^ipc> 00 
^W r« ypnan]J)a hi plegebon oa hypa Tbcar 
Tpum:. p. 1*3 !• 

II. JDu J)a maoegan yjrka punt)op pupboa on 
IlQ9ie;-. . .P-^3<5- 

IIL J^nm^n ^c|-eah.p»nap mcQlc oj: ^eof a- 
num. ^ peallan blojb op cop^^n:- p. tp. 

IV. i)u on Rojnana beqom mycel matiic^'eiiuii. 
*3 hu;Eapepone fp ounnc pcap^ ahaA^o. ^.hu 
Ja [3] bupbfeobe on Eaprajna [4] blioraQ mQa 
hipa 2;ot>unfi;* F >l8« 

V* Jt?u -5)imcIco Eaptrama cymnj pop nuti 
pyp&e op 81C1I1C. "3 hu ^anna an man pacf 
anpalber jypncnb?. ^ hu [5]CapraiDa hiep« 
bon f [6] rae CUgepa 3^Ic}canbcp basjcbe abp6keo 
Tjpum ]?a pup52- P- *4^ 

'i] Scinlaecan. G. C. [2] jeenbob.BtT* 
^3^ bupjleobc^.M. L. 
^4] bloran is more ufual. See Lycm Art» 
'5 J rstpcaine. C. C. [6] jr. C, Cf 

VI. fto 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


oVIv £^ .Stcilia pot ./J rPeaaJ puiinon lum 
i;] bcicjicomtni. q liii Homane ficparon fianafcai^ 
givPaqa iyinn;^. ^'liu Ealarmuf fc conpiL p>ji 
mii)c|e)y'j3be; ro fca&ajunati Srcilia iJypi^- 1 ^^^ 
E^jpe^.^ferrott cfT: j?one cateao *aruliMa^ 
J>«rp; fee ii3it> j-cyptmi pi^S Romane jJuancu »*jhii 
IVw^n€:7X)jipn cui- 1^ mib ])jiim Ujhunto 
fCfpa.p mib ]?piri;5an. ^ hu Re^ul'uj-'j-e.can- 
ful opj-loh ]?a un^emcriclan naeftfejian. ^ hu 
kc^uluf ^epcahr pfS Jjpy Pena cyninjaj- on 
anum 2;ej:eohre. *3 Hu 6miiiuf p conj-ul pop 
on !Sj:|Tiican mi& j)pim hunt) rcypf* jf.hullottra 
j-c^ ^ohpdl ojrcpnejtgotte 8icilic:« Su rje*en. 
conj^ulaf f opbn on '[A'jcjuce mi& f pim hutio fci- 
pa; bnb hu on J»jieopa conj-ula t>xTe coiri ^4f- 
•ieViHal j-e nipa kynm^ ro Llbevim j^am irlanbc* 
•^ nti Elaubigj- j-e conj-ul pp e):x hjtroj^unice. 
•3 hu Eaiup fc ^fconful" pp onlSffpyce. *] on 
J^amj^iipppeapS; ^ hu Luraria're conplpfi' 
oh '^jifjxicd trjity ])jiim [4jhun& |"cipa:-' p: i 44- 
• Vjri:^*3!3u p* trrt^emericlan ^ypbpyne peap'S 
6p'^lldifie^H|hd tjalhV'pupbon Tlomanum pilS^jp- 
pfcajloft J1 hu Sapbmie punnon on f 5] Ropaiium* 
fpaf^hi Pene ^elaBjibon. ^ hu Opopup raebe f 
tie paefpe cumau ro j^am ;j^oban ribum j^c Koipane 
ep pjic^ufoon. "3 hu Callie punnon onRocnane. 
*j'Penc bn oope healp. ^ hu rpe^en conj-ulaj- 
patron on Ealhum. ^ hu ma?ni^ punbop paepon 
[6j2eppen. '^ hu Elaubiup pe conpl op]-loh 
Ealha (yjrxjcxm:- ' ]^'^5^^ 

f i] betpeonan. C,,C. [2] hunba, M,L. 

[3] on.'C, C* ' [4] hunbe. M. L, ' 

[5] Romane.M, L. ^ [6] ^eppene. M. L. 

lyl XXX mC. C. nonagnofck. 

VIII. :»Du 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[^ % ]• 

juutum Ij-panii buph. -j hu Jbannibal Fena cy- 
Dinj ibp^q o^ep Pijianei ]»% beoji^;^^. . *Ji hu 
Sppip je cohf ul ;jjej:eahr pn If pamum, •] hu 
niame j?unt>Qji jcpupto^ .p» 155* 

IX.' Jbu JbaiioiD^ beppgc rpe.;5en conj-ulaf on 
fa^P^ S^^P^^^?' 3 hu Roinane him ^efetrpj) 
tiCfcatop "J Scjpiao ro conj^ule. ^jlm RQmapc 
rcftbon Luciujr )ione conjTul:on,JtfaI|ic nii4:> ^pim 
legion:- -/ ' ; p«.x58. 

JC. ^ Cpapcelljijf fc cpnpil.jqojt n«!D..j:Cip- 
fiepe on Sicilieo *3 h^ jjDaambal; ^cj:e^bt7 pi^ 
QDapcelluj- J)one c^n^rul ^py "^^T?^^ "jhii, b^nni- 
bal befcari on .flpapcellur J>onc conpul "3 ^ [ i ] him 
Off loh. ;] hu j!?*j-j;cpbal (JlDannibalcjr bpp"6pp) jpop 
ojp Ij-paniura 00 Icahe. ^ hii Eap?:ainum pe^p'^ 
ppi^ilypcb pjiam Scypiani j?am conj-qle:- p, 161. 

XL J&u Roniaqra jejrcepe ^cpm peap'S geeu- 
bob.. *3 hu 8ei»pponiuj^ j-e con|^ul p^p^ 0|:|-lar 
Jcn on Ifpania. "^ hu rhihppuj- 03a?cebonia cyr 
ninj ( o}Cf loh Romana aspenbpacan. ^ ;bu ^^ 
(Dxcebonifce jep n ^epeap^. "3 hu 6ibuIiu|- p 
consul opeppaa Pcpi-u): Jjone kynin^g:- • p. 169. 

Al{.\bu' Romaivurh peap'S p msej-ra, e^e 
;:pain Sf clripepm Ifpaqica jrolce:- p. ^73, 

XIIL ftu ))xr j?pibt>e ^epm peap^ 2eent>oi> 
Romana "3 Eapraiua kynmje:* p. 1.75. 

LI B. rV. . / . 

I. JJDu Opopup j-ppscc ymb Romana ^ylp. 
hu himane^a |:olc ojieppunnan. ^ huhimane^a 

[i] hme. C. C. / 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t « ] 

11. iuoninum ^eajie popbon fa rjwibyjiij 
topoppcnc Captralpa -^j Eopinrhum. "j hu Fc* 
|)iaaru]^ j-c hypbe on^aA ]ucf lao on Ifpaoiunr. 
•3 hu Daubiuj- ye conj-ul jejply.mbe Calhe. *] 
htt [i] CDadcmuf yt conj-ul ^cftam mi^S j>i^ Ip 
^me. T ho Bjiuruy- yc conj^ul o|^ioh I|pania 
jf-yxtiy 00 manna, •j hu an cylb ftijxli ^bojicn 
on Rome*: p. j;^8. 

lU. Htvt Roinane fenbon Scipian oh tfrnmi 
mib pypbc* ^ hu Diaccuj* yt conf ul pan pio J?a 
o^Sitc^ conpikf o^o hi hmc ofjio'j^tu* *) hu fa 
^opaf piinnon py'S Jja hlappbap* p. 182. 

IV. Jbu Lacmitt]^ pc conful (p ^ cac p«f 
Romana [2] yltoej-trjia bifceop) j::6p mi» pyjiue 
on^ean [3] ffpiftonicuj^e p-mi *ynitt;5c* ^ h« 
TCntiochuy ([4]3Cfie cynmj^) pllno&e Paprha 
anpalbcj-. "3 hu 6ciDia ye bcrftfa Romana ^xn 
mxnoe hij- capjccpu to Romaiia pytfum. •j nu 
€rna pyp up af leop:« p. 1 84- 

V. iJii Romana heron cpt jerimbpian Eap- 
«;ama. -3 hu ye conj-ol [5ja>et;eJluj- oj:cppann 
fsi p^icin;5aj':- p. 1 86. 

VI. ^u 16J Faviuf je c^njnii o)cepcom Betfpi- 
^uj-anCaUiacymn^:- p-jS;- 

VII. t>a Romane punnon pi^ HeopeplSan Nu- 
mebia cynmy • p. 1 87. 

VIII. J!3u Romane «Jcaht;on pi% Einabpoj-. "j 
pi's Teuronaf. ana pro Smbponaj-:- p. 190. 

[O Mantpij-. C. C. £23 yteejra. C. C. 
*3 ] TCpifTonucup. C. C. [4] Kf f la- C. G\r 
'5] COeCalluf . C. C. [6] Vaviuf . C- C. 

IX« iba 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i . t 9 i ,,, ,, : 

iX. J!)u Koihaiiii^aTimmai uafib^ hio^ hmK* 
(man apahebban. oh jpam japran ^pe Jye'^- 
JUUf JJIBj* coDfol:* PJV'^ 

A. JOu '6pe|) eaII6 Iralie p^ajfS ttn^e^^Uc 
i20)ibi>i)])amj*yxraQ;^eajie. }t luliuj* j;e I^^r^P'^ 
jwf cdriful:. p. 191 

Xl.'J^n Romane renbon Sillaa j^ne CQiipl 
ij^dan CDetplbitcf Pa|p(tha cfnirfy • p. 193. 
XII; ^u Romane pesdtxm luluif e )>am cpbj*uTe 

man le^on. *3 hu luliuj- bdj-aer Ttptpxcay 
tomptnof [i]hvceof on anom fxyteac, '^ 4^u 
luliUf j^jsedhv pfS IPojpolim^dj' pjvfi,:' p; 1^5. 

XIIlT J!9a Octravianuf j:eo^ 1^0 Rpmapa suirai* 
be feina <mpllluni:> p; too, 

Xiy. ^ OccsLyiaauy j-c tAfcpn beryobe Ia« 
ficf bu/iu:* p. 203. 

XV. J!5n jiiine' IJpanid' [2^] leobe psei>bflt 
[sl^SgiiJ^uy* pilB^j^jnnoa'n^ • p. 204. 

i IB. VI.-- • • •■ '",,. 

opep anpateaj- J?apa jccopcp hcapobpica J^iffej* 
inibban ;jfeapt)ef :• p. 267. 

II. Jbu Tibepjuf pen^ rp' Romana anpealbe fc 
Earejie at^ep Sjui^ruf :• * p. 2ib^t 

III.'5J!}a Eaiujf peapp Eaj-epe jccopap jeap-r* 

J), 2 1 r, 

IV.'i>a Tibtpiuf Elaut)iujr j:cp^ ra Ron^an* 
[4]^ipal&6:V " -» p. 21 2; 

f ij Labwop. M. L. £23 leot>c 4eeft M.:L.» 
t^ ^fjtff ror'; e. C* [4] an^ai&e. C. C* 

c V. m 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ ^^ o1 i 

.,. :ViL J!?a fa]j FcjiMfi^ajf : jspnj, to . Hoa»na 
Vltt. Jlju Tituj- jccn^ to Jtiofnanfi %q^^c3« 

^"Xlt JtJoPompeiii}- f^sn^ to .RoiiiaQft«e^y<A3e» 

".-•..■ . . ■ • ••.:-. , ' - '. .fJiW9' 

3wIIT. l5u OOapfcuf Sht^onlur jsen^ t:^ iVsmam 

ai^K(l}>ft im^Supdiuf b>f {g] Mo'8op;r * |il ^ 1 9^ 

p. 220. 

XV. Jbu SetepiSif jienjp t|o" jjloniana [4] anpal- 
fee:« ' p. 221. 

XVI. ^ h>f j-vmu ^^115, rq pjce JCnjtonmfi- 

X VII. ^ CJJajficuj- fen^ to' Roriiaua ' anpaltoev 

. . -p. 222/ 

* ^Vlll. i?u ^ujidiiif ifes;^ to Bomaxia^uijjat' 

fJC-: .• ;■.. . ^. •p.;222. 

XlX toil OOaTiiiBiU}' jreii^ rft Romaina anjJalbej- 

:...■• p;222< 

XX. Jjjii Eojibianuj- ^eoj-to Romaua t4^]aB^ 
yalte:» p^izj. 

£ I J Cahja. M. t, , ^2 j Fef ^af f ahuf. C.C. 
[3] bpelStfji. €<C' [.4] JiHje. M.- U 

XXI. 3?B 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f " .) 

5M. Jbu I^.ilJppur renj^ to Romana. nice:^ 
X^. ^u Deciur kcos a> Hoijwp^ ,|j^e> 

rcp^r- p. 225, 

XXV. Iju Daubiuf fCDj ro Romaoa jiicc:- 

p. 226^ 

XXVI, ^u 3Jupchuj^ pcnj to Romanapico 

p. 226. 
XXVIL ftu Taciruf jren^ to Roinana pice:* 

p. 227. 

XXyill. J!?u [j] Ppobuf fcn^ ro Roinana 

pice:* p. 227» 

XXIX. Jpu Eapuj* jcenj; tro Romana puce:* 

p. 227. 

XXX. J5)u Dioclerianuj* pcn^ xo Romana pi- 
ce:- p. 2 28. 

XXXI. Jbu Eonj-ranrinuj- pcpj to Roniana 
[2]p^ce rmt) hij- rpam [3] bpo'Spum;. p. 232. 

a3^XII. bu [4] Junianujr p^nj to Romana 
pice:* p. 234. 

XXXIII. bn [5] Valentmianop pen2[ to Ro» 

mana pice:- p. 234, 

. XXXIV. J!Du Valenf peoj to Romany pice:- 

XXXV. tou Epatianup ppn^ to Romana pi- 
ce. ^ hu Bpitanniq namon [6]CPaximiniaoum 
heom •t5flCipb|» opep hip pilian:^ p. 237. 

fi] Bpobup C,C, [2I anpatec. M.L. 
[3] bpoS. C. C, [4 "I Juvinianup. M. H. 
[5] ValentiQianur. M. H. [6] njaximmianupC.&H. 
C 2 XXXVI. Jt>u 

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[12 ] 

itp^sdae. *} hu Valeltirimanaf penj ejct; ro juoe:- 

".-;;.■ . . • , p. 238. 

.' JJXXVII, j^u Stpchabinf jcenj ro Romana 

ju<e. •! JboiiO|ttuj- to J)^wa ^ej-cp pjpe;. p. J140- 

.X^XvIIL |?u Dob ^7t>e Romaiiuin hij* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


iBLFREDO Rege Interpreter 

L I a I. 

UR6 ^ ytopan cahic ^yfoc yinbhpyp}*t tSy- 
fcf mibbaii^ejmt)ef ([i]cjmb% Cffiopuj-) 
fpa jr)»a; Oceanuf; ymolixelS u«an. (]K)iie man 
lajra^fcc^ha^a^) on ?opeo to ;>aJlx)n.Thu h^ 
fa ^py ' ba^laf on ^jieo tx>neitttx>a 7i\iam. 
"3 €upQpam. ^ liKjcppicam* ]>eah J>e fume 
men fa^bon ))xr ])acp naepon botan t;)>e^en 
baelkj-. SCfia. •J Jwet; otScp €upopa> A pa ijp 
bcjam^cn mib f^lOceanuf J«m ^^fec;2ps 
[4] befoSan. "3 nop'San; 'j eayran. *) f j^ calne 
(yjtie mibban^pb ]t:pani %a&m eap; b«le he* 
alpne bciiasprSS;* Donne on ^asm iiop% bsle. Juev 
If Xpa. on J^a f py^Span healfe. in Danai ])Jepe 
le. jjaep !S!pa. •j 6upope [5]heopa (6]lant> 
^emcpcu ro^aBbcpe licjalS. "j ]>onne oj: jiaepc 

*^ See Orof. L. L c« 2« 

[i] cp«t:.C. C. [2] japreje.C.C 
[3] OceaBo^M.L. [4 J beluprafcripmmeftC C. 
[5 1 heopa dceft C. C. [6] lanb jemcpcu dccft C. C. 


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ikao ic Daoai. y-Vi'S ^ lao^ ftcitxA pep •;J ^oe 
jn^ pej^an Klexanbfua J»/ie bypiT. (ijKji* 

onjin^. (f pa ic aeji cpaelS*^ o): Daoai J^aejic ic. f lo 
If ypnen&c of noplSbsel c^ Rifpn^ J^asm be- 
op^ilto* |pjfir|bDii neah >wti Jtajlfw^e.*^ iitoa 
hirc^^epmohbirc 1 f*^ ea JJanai yjinlo '])anon 
j-u'Spihrc. on pep? heaijre Xlexaubjpcj- Jbep^a. 
on 10 Ho^rliouaf c(^ ^Se^pe ^oHm:^ ^JINo ^ypcfS 
Jjaerpenn. J)c man hare% ODcorcWf c. "^ jH>no6 
fop^ mib mide jdobe. neah pxpe bypi^ ))e 
man hare^S TheoOofuu ^A eap^an ur on ])4 
j-x jdopc'S ]>e man haer Guxmaj*. 7 ]K>nne mjtt 
iiMSP^ 'ae4ponq-)T. pd6 {naiui be t^an 
£oiift»oktti0pf>l]m^ t^^ ^^!99^*i<S^'l J'P*^' 
art pop® )nit0o hf im f^eobei fm> £e 
^)d7 )*u$ t»rtie SEnjMipe iadob ^^lOiryTiQe ;^ an 

MKft: ast J^ftton^laiittt ^ise DacSef inrctie >]>a^ 
iircyrtne Jfentidl ipc «p <rp J>2mi[^apj«c«4anp 
4ipc0iQr fyk gimnibaiD:* On J^jsm olQan pfenftHSl 
^pg^ ion hype [»] nji^xeotoe* sf 8ood0fib:« 
^S^ci< *| flSf u beo^ * Jonb ^emyrpoD* oiif- 

4^^]rli^ ^^^ ^^ ^innaspe tfu^ jwuni ^op^ 
*Nifliip.}» e». jjfjw o)»p^rhii^cxi. [4^ pefc»biie 
^ J)i)oe 1?!^ 2?aprec5- ^ JWjiciHff ppica |notp15 
^cjT .j^nMqne^ If ascD )»^ ohgm >f enbcl fse. >]9 
Of J)»n japj-ec^e f cyr, J?xp Gpcolef f yla 
franba'&. *} hype pight? jpej-renbe i)^ a&r ^aem 

[rj Tllf la ♦! 5C|^ica. C. C. [2] on >de^. C. C. 
^I^^'M.^L. [43 fBfr|ntnfte. C. C. 


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"ttiiflgblpt man 7&iAl*tiy nemqe^. ^amJttHl 

|S|(tBipsilice, ic haebbe m '^peb yoabe ))» )fiy* 
t^siji eaMcf Jryfep mitJtoanrjjeajtbef . ac ic j)ilM 

wp|irf}caa. bo, by: nut) bypa -piBVjnxm To6c^^t 
kj-» on^goitti jraem (;r>imt3t>el« oo ^ae«i ««j»» 
Qo;^ ]pxji Itc^H J9 iaxXa. u(c xm ^one Taj^N 
jiec^ ;J?a^ ,04 J» tnoo hasrelSL trafiMf. fotad 
^pfife^ inoalmte in8ific.i>e'fU^Saii )>aeiii iDi6l5^. 
pift-JH)!** ^ijife^ If fe pojitJ. {2])>c mOn hcc 
Eab^^ajWiamana:' Be fatten ea^iean ])An, pppM* 
^ !^. ^lantk Dt^pobaae. "j. ]Kmne be top%^ 
^setA*. Dadt)^ fe tQvrSa: }xji jpxji [3]i;aucsu 
fwf fe bepiut c»iwr6. och j^iM^apfeeje. |»t6jl 
tf f6^^a<Si|ine|ur>BQ iiofil3anfern oofvae. tf 
ft aa06a )aiq«e fe ))e man netiMieiS [4] tJopot 
^^f9iew]»nti^aj<)fec;^emaff baet;Sfe}iiaif:> . 

'i)»t^, f ^t; limeet ^emiepo. 'Ptefi ^£p Eaiieaf uf 
fe broph if be noji^an. lajjuf feo ea be 
pefran. -) fco Reat>Cf» be fu'5«u. ^ fc ^a|»- 
fe^ b^ eftftan:- On iQt>ea lant) ir j»a^^ 
•3 j:eQj>cpti:5.'55eo&a. butan Jwem i^lanbe Ta- 
p|ial|ane. )>xr hxjct^ on fa^m Tryn bypi^. buraii 
oiSfMim maoe^m ^ef erenum i^lanbum of ))a> 
^ .ea InbQf. ]w be pefTan eaiium ^xin lant^e 
[5311^1 [6jbctrjjux|wBjie eal»t>uf. *3]»epeJ)frbe 
|>efX!an hjpe if l^givif ha?cwe. )» yHofoSi^ bu«i 
fa^ on ^ne He^tHTO ps. '3 bettpec^h ^eernvj^m 

[<| thirte, M. L. [2] }» raon hac dceft G. Ci 
tijeii M,L. [6] betux. C. C 


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un yytibon J^ay lanb O/iacaj-f la. •j PajTtoitia. 
T 35!f iha. -^ Pa)rf i=Sa. -j Q3et>ii ()?cah J)e ^pjura 
op; nemnaii caJIe ]>a knb CDet>ia« otS^ 2Erfi- 
jiia.) 7 Ja ianb fioboa ypy'Se beojihre. "5 p«ji 
jrynb f py'Se f ccappe j!e;5Cf -3 praoi^e:* £)a|iist 
lanba noji'Q ^emaspo f ynbon arc J^acm beojijpni 
Eiaucaf up •) on pxb nealjce f co Reabe ras^ 3 
OQ ^m lanbe jrynbon rpa myeele ea. Ipafpep 
^ Spbijr. 00 jjasm lanbe if t;j» ^rpcnrij )»ot>ft^ 
htt hasv bir man eall Pap^a:- ^onne pcfr ^jsam 
Ti^'iif ]»pe ea 0$ Cuphpa&e ]» ea. ^nue 
beipeox ]»asm can f yobon |)ar lanb Babtbnia^ 
rj Ealbea. "J flOeroporanoia:- Biniian Jjaom latt- 
Dum fynbon eahra •J rpenrir J^eoba;' ^jpit 
iioji13 Temaspo yynbon aer ^»a oeop^um) Tau-^ 

^aemReaban yxu JCoblan^ j^aep Reabaii p^f^lp^y 
baelcf ]>e J?»p nop% fcyr. h'S/f lanb Xpabia. 'J 
$aben 1 eubomdlie. opejv J«pe ea 6uph)aat;e. 
^yv^ &6 jjonc f cnbel fa. ^j nop^ ppncth o^ 
%z beopjaf. ])€ roan Taupif harc, oS ])aw; Ij^nb 
J?c J©«n haer ffpmeme. ^3 ejcr f u'S oS ^SYPte 
mane^a Jjeoba pynbon j)X)- lanocp. J)se& ip to- 
ma^epa, ^ [ijVenifcia. ^3 Damaj^ccna. *j Eo* 
eile. T ODoab* ^ Smmon^ •^ Ibumci. ^ Iut>ea« 
•3 Palejrrina. .t Sapnacene. Jjeab bit? mou h«rr 
^all Sypia:- Doni>c be nop^an Sypia fyiiboh 
J« beopjaj- ]>e man TaupuJ^ hicr, ^ be nop^n 
Jfspn beop^um j-ynbon jj^a lanb Ea{;^aboc;i2U •jf 
Spmenie. T biO Kpmema if be eaj-ran Ilappa^ 
bocia. T be pef r^n Eappabocia. if jjger Ian& Yd 
mjui bxr fco Laej- je Xpa. '^ be nojfban Eappa^ 
• fcocia. If p«r gcfylbc. J?c man baetr Tegief.ejiaj-^- 

[ij Femcia, M* h, 



by Google 


))onne [i]berpux Eappabocia, ^])^pQ Lxyifan 
Spaim ij- ]>xx: lanb Erlicia.. ^ Ifyaupio:- Seo 
TTpa on jelce heal):e hio if bepan^en mit) jx- 
alrumr " paetepe burott on ea)-rhealpe. on nop^ 
heal|:e ' ij* po yx 6uxinu|^, '^ on pepr healpe. 
ycojx \>e manhaer [2]Ppoponrip. *;) [3] 61Iep- 
ponrap. *3 j7an&el pae be pu oan:* On ]?iepe ylcart 
Tfpianv.ip pe hyhpra beoph Olympup:. Seo6^yp^ 
rup. J)e'up neap ip. be nojtSan hype ip ]?^r Ian& 
Paleytrme. ^ be eaptan hype Sappacene )?;it? 
lanb." •^'be pept^an hype Libia ])aer larib. "[I be 
pu'San bypepe beoph ])e Ehtiiax [4] mon harre:* 
Nilup peo ea hyjie sepilme ip iieah pdom dipe 
j^sepe Reaban yx. J?eah pume men pe€J;5an j^ser 
hype ^epilme * py " on pepren&c Xpppica. neah 
])xm beop^e Sirhlanp. ^ J^onne pulpaBe j^^p 
pie capr ypden&e on ]?asr [5] panto, [^j*]} jjja^pi 
[7] neh py epr plopentoe up op J^sem pantoe. ^. 
^«p pypciS mycelne pa?!. ^ )?aep heo aepepr up- 
piI3. ny hara'S })a [8j lanb men Nuchuh t pum<; 
men Dapa. *3 j^onne op j^aem pae sep hio up op 
J'sem pianbe [9] dymiS. heo ip eapr ypnenbe ppani 
eapr ba^le ])uph erhiopica pepz:enne. ^ J)aLji n>aa 
haet: ^a ea Ion o'S -^rie eaprbsel. •^ J)asp j?onne 
pyp^- tro miclum pa^. ^*]>^p j'onne bepync^ eptr 
in on p2Leojrfian. •;} ]?onne cprnop'S ^anon upp- 
apppme^. neah j^aBfri dipe pi^ j^one Rcabaa 
yx. (Jpt ic Sep bepbpan yabe.) j^onne op Ipxm Xf 

[i] betux.C. C. ' (^2] Ppoponbinp. C. C. 

Ql iKaUarponrup* C^C [4] mpn dcelK\ C. 

[5I j-onb- M. L. 

' [6 J ^3 ponne bepmc^t ept on j?a?p ppnb. M. L. 

[7 J n-h deeft ۥ G. [8 J lanb deeft C. C, 

L?] pcfC,M.l-. ... 
: ^ D P) hxi^. 

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pylme. mao hat Jwct paercp Nihif }a ea. ^ 
}otmc pop's pefT J^aoon yjuieiibc. heo roh^ on 
rpa ymb an i^lanb. J>e man Ira^ [i] CDepeon. 
^ J>anoo nop^S bu^eobe. ux; on )wnc f entel pe* 
]H>nne on facm piorpijum ribam» pyp"^ fc mulSa 
ppbpipen fopan jcpara fs^txfi nop'Sepnum )ua« 
l>um. jwBxr f eo ca bi'S plopcnbe ofcp call Gjyiita 
lanb. ^ hio ^ebc^S nub ^m jdooc f pi^ ^icce 
cop^ paep;raajf on G^ypra lanb:- Sio pippe 
67;ypruj- h^ caj-r anblan^ j?aef Reaban j«f on 
j-u'S healpe. *3 on cap; hcalpc J^f lanbcj- li^ 
^pf C2;e. T on hype pcylc; hcalfc if po up nc- 
ape e^yprup ^ on )?acm rpam e;5ypmm ij-fC- 
opep ^ rpcnri^ ^eoba:- 

Nuhajbbc pe appircn |)aepe TTpam yv?6 bacl. nu 
pille pc pon ro hype nop'Sbaelc:- D«t; if )>onnc op 
j^m be'op;^um [aj J?e man hxrc Eaucaj-uf. j?e pe 
icpbcfopan [3]fppaecon. }>a ^be nop'San Inbea 
f ynbon. ^ hio'onpnoa^ aepcfr aefranc op jnem 
jpipj-ecT^e. ^ >0Qne hcga^ pcfr pihrc o^ Xp- 
iiicnia beppjaj-, J)a lanbicobc hi hara^ Papcoa- 
bpaf. }^a^p Of >aem bcop^umpyl^ fco ea fu^pe- 
i^]^ty eufparef • ^ op j^aem bcop^um l>e man Pap- 
coabpaf hare. hc^a'TS J»a beop^af pcfr pihre. 
j?e man Taupof hxz. olS [4] Eiliciim j?jcr lant):- 
Donne be nop^an pxax beopxum. anblan^ J)^f 
n^apfecTjef . [5 1 o15 j?onc nop^ eapr cnbe >y- 
fepmiCbtia ^eapbef. )wpc Bopc f eo ea fcyr 
nr on j^one ^apf ecj. -j J)anon peps aublanjj Jjaef 
^jijij-ec^cf. i:6rjon j?onc fas J>e nun haei; Eaf pia. 

[ 1 3 Dieppe M. J.. t ?1 p€^ n>«" 1*®^^ ^^** ^- ^' 
I 3] f ?et>on.- M L. I ^ i Cilium. C. €. 

{^Jof. iVi.L, • [6J oS (Sone. M, L. 


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h ]^*/i upj-cyr to J^aem beonrum Eaucaf up ]>2er 
lanb toan hcer J>a ealbah Seio^ian. ^ Ipcaniam^ 
Daef lanbef if }J|ico *3 peopeptri;^ j^eoba. pi&c 
trofaetfene pop uapaey^mbaBpne|je pscf lanbcf:* 
i)oiiae'be pcj-ran j^aem fa^ Eappia o'o [i ( Do* 
naij- ^a e^. *} 0% j»r jrenri ]?e man haer OOeore* . 
bijic. •) jjonhcyu^ oS ^one J^enbcl j-ae. ^3 o'S )?oiie' 
beoph Taujiuf , ^ uojf6 o^ |>one ^japj-ec^e. if 
call Sci^tSia lanbbinnati. ]?eah hir man roncmne 
onrpa *;! oti ^pioi;^ )eoba:* !Sc ))a lanbon caj-r 
hcalfe Danaif. ))e jjaep [ajnfrah f^nbon TClbam 
hy fynb [jj^jcneranebin larina. ^ pe hy ha- 
ta^ nil Lfeobcnt:* Nu haebbe pc j*toprhce ^ep«& 
ymb 3:j*ia lanb ;5ethaepe:« 

Nu pille pe {4] ymbe €upope lanb ^cmaepe pec- 
can, j-pa niycfel ppa pc hir pypmepcrpiron:' Fpatrt 
]>xj\t ea Danaip fcyt o^Rhm ^a ea. peapyl^ oy: 
jr^m beop;5C Ipt man XIpjp haer. *j^ ypn"5 ])onne 
noplSpihre on ])aef S^Pt^ccjjep eaptn. ))c J^aer Janb 
uran ymbU'S. J»e man'Bpyrrannia'liaet:. *^ cp: f u^ 
o'^ Dohua J>a ea. {pxf&i a^pyhiKg ij- neah pjj^^pe 
eaRinef )^ ij- f i^'San cap yphenbepi'5 [6] Nop-' 
"San Epcca Janbe utx;on jjone p'enbel j-ae. *j 
nop^ [y]on J^ohe ;5apye5e, J?e man Epen fae 
haer. (birtuan jjaem pyitbon mane^a ^eoba. ac 
hir ma^n haer eaU licpiiiania:-) Donne pi^S nop* 
"^m Donua aepylme. ^ be eapran Rme fynbon 
(8] eafrppancan^^ *3 be yvCdm him j-y-nbon Spx». 

pil t)ana!p; 4 v [2] nehat;. M»L. 
[3] Senemba. M.' L. [4.] ymb. G. C, 
[5] opjia 'S^a^Rwef ea, M. L. ' 
[6 J NopSau deed C. C. [7] o«. C. C. 
[8] eaf Cfjuancna. M..L. 

D z 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


jeaj-.on o'Spehcaljie j^jejie ea DoiHia. "j be fn^an 
bim ^ be eapran j-ynt>on l^^^-fape. fe t>«I 
Jie man Re^jncf buph haet;. 'j. fiihije • be eaft^n 
biin y ynt>on Berne. ^ caj'r noji'S f:inbon Dypm- 
^a|". ^ be pop^an hira j-ynbop ealb Se^axan. T 
be uoji'San-pefraii him j^yn&on Fpyjraii* ^ be 
p5j-ran ealb 8eaxum ly yt|jce mu^a )>¥pc e^. 
-j Fpyjianb. ^ ]?anon pefc Bpp^ if j?3er laob 
J?e man Sp;5le haer. 3 6ilienb,e.: ^ forane 
px], Pena. "3 be nop^anhimi ijr ^pbp^be^ ^3 eap> 
uop^ pylre. ]?e man y€j:elban hset^. ^ be eafirad 
him If l^meba lanb.. J)e raan.haet Syffyle. rj ^^f^ 
fU^S opeja fun>me bael ClDappapo. 3 hi ODa^ 
poapo habba^ be pef ran him Bypin^jkf. ^ Bt-^ 
hemaf. -^ BasgSpapc healpe, ^he y\f6^n bint) on 
^pe heake D.onua Ipxpc ^^.ly J^aer Janb Ea? 
p.enbpe:? &u^ o;^/^^ beop^^af j)$ man !?Slpif haer. 
•CO ]?a5ni ilc^n beop^um hc;^a^ Bae^^p^pa lanb 
gem;^pet ^3 Spasp^ ^ ^onne be eaf t^n Eappnbjiaq 
|anbe. be^eonbap ])aem pef reu'ne. if Pul^apa lanb. 
^ be eaf ran J?ascn if Epeca lanb., 'j b^ eaf pap CDe- 
jiOapobqbe if ]7jfle lanb. ^ be.e<if tran ])«j:» .finb 
patia. J?a ]?e xu parpen Eoi^trap:. Be nop^ap eiaf ran 
.tUapoapji f ynbon Dalamenfan.-'-j be ie^f"t>an Dala- 
pifenf am f inbon J;)opit:hi. ^3 pe nop^an Dalpmenr 
nam f itipoii Suppe. 3 be peft:an him f mb^n &yf e* 
|*e:* Be nop^an Jjpopiri if OOae^^alanb. ") be 
pop^an COx'^^zhnp^ if feijjimenbe o^ 
op^af Rifpn. 'i) be pefran fu^ Denum if ]);jf 
^apfec^ej*: eapjji J?e li'S ymbut^an )?a^fc lanb Bpir- 
t;annia. ^ be nop^an him if j^aef fa?f eajime 
j^e man baer Oft; yx. yhp eafcan hiin* ^ be nop- 
?)an hnij; 0ni>c>il pop^^ Dene, a^'^gl'ep ;5e on )^aem 
,p:;ipap lanbtJm. ;5C en j^asm-ijlanbum.^j be eafran 
'' " '' ; ■ iiini 


by Google 


hitnfjnbon jUpoptbt. ^ be yu^an him if y€l|:e' 
mu'^a |a:}ic ea.^ cal& Seaxna pum ftael:- Nop^ Dene * 
habba^ be hiro noji^ao )?one ilcan j*aef eapm J?e' 
man fse hxK Oj r. 'j be eaj-ran him j-infton 0)4;i' 
^aleobe. n| {Sj*>pc&e be fu^ap:- OjfVt habba^ be' 
Bop^an him J^oile ilcan yxy eajim. ^ J7ine»ap y 
Buji^nbap ^ be. yu^an him yjtibon t)a?}:elt)an:- 
BtijiTen&an habbafS ])one ylcan f aep eapm be j>6y 
tan him. *3 Spcon be noji^an. ^ beeapran him 
fint SepmcDtje.- *3| be fu'Ban him Supjce:- Speon 
habba?i be fu^an him ]>one paef ieapmOpri- *3 be 
eapran him Sepmenbe. "3 be ndjiSan him oj:ep-]?a 
peptPcnnu ip Epcn lanb. ^ be pep tran-nop'San him 
finbon Scpifcc-Fmnar, ^j be pepran Nop^menn. 
" Phtdiepc faebe mp hJa|:opt>e /Elppebe ky- 
f ' Diq je )?a&r he ealpa Nop'Smanna nop^mepr 
** bube:* J?e cpae^ jjaer he bube on pxm hvibt 
*• nop^cpcapbum pi^ J)apept:ra?. he paebe ^ah- 
f' ]?xr j>a£r l^nb py ppy^e nop^ J?anon. ac hir if 
" eiJl pepte boron on peapum ptropum. pricce 
*' mfebm pieia^^ Finnap. on hcmra^e on pmrpa; 
^' "} on pumepa on pipco^ebe ^aepepse:- ^e pasbe 
^' ))2Br he aer pinnam cy ppe polbe panbian ho* 
'" lan^je j^aer lanb nop^ P^S^^ laj^e. o^'Be hpae^ 
** Jtep ajiuj^ ms'A be nop'San J?aem peprcne bu- 
"be:* Da pop he nop^pihre be ])a2m lanbe. ler 
" him calne ye'^pxz pcpre.lanb on }xz preop* 
" bopb. "^ }ia pib pee on bs^c-bopb. ]?py bajjap j?a 
^^ pa^p he ppa peop nop^ ppa f i j ppa hpasl hunran 
« pyppepr papa'Sc* ©a pop he fa ^yr nop^ pyh- 
*^ •;?e. fpa pa?p ppa he .mthre on J^sem o^pum 
** J^jiifh ba^um ;5epe^lian. ]?a beah J^set: lanb |)®p 


" eapre 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


)^a^. on o'Spe healf e j^^jie ea DQfvua. "j be f tt^au 
bim ^ be eapran j-ynt>on fiaj'S-fape. p t>«I 
Jjc man Re^jncf buphhaet;. '^.jiihije be eaftran 
biin ]' ynt>on Berne. ^ caft; no)>'<3 f:inboii Dypin- 
^a|^. "3 be poplin hira j-ynbop ealD Se^axan. T 
be uoji'San-pefraii him j^ynboij Fpyjrap^ ^ be 
pgj-ran ealb 8eaxum ij* yt/jce mu^a )>a?pc e^. 
-]( Fpyjiant). ^ ]?anop pefc nop^ if }?aer laob. 
J?fe man Sn;^!^ haet;. 3 3ijlenb,e.: ^ . furane 
^l Pena. ^ be nop^anhim ijr 25!pbp9be* ^ cap:? 
uop'S pylre. ]?e man y€j:elbau h^er. *3 be eaj^art 
hirp If I^ineba lanb.. \t roan.haet^yffyle. rj caft: 
fU^S opeja funnne b«l ClDappapo. 3 bj ODa^ 
poapo habba^ be pef ran him Bypm^ikf. *3 Be-* 
hemaf..^ Basg^^pape healpe, *](• be fu^ap him on 
^pe healpe Donua j^^epe ea.if J^aer Janb Ea? 
p.enbpe:? &u^ o^^ /^ijf beop^^af j}e mJ^n!?Jiplf haer, 
';:o \7&m ilc^n beop^um hc;^a^ B^^^papa lanb 
^em;^pet ^ Spaepa^ "j "^oiine be eaf t^n Eappnbjiaq 
|anbe. b^jeonbaixj^iaem pef reiinp. if Pul^apa lapb, 
^ be eafran J?aeixi if Cpecalanb., ^ b^ e^fSrapOOe- 
jiCapo ltH:)be if |;ifle lanb, ^ be/Cjif ran ])«m finb 
patJia. J?a ]?e xu;p2epon Eorrap:. Be nop^an eaf ran 
TOapoapji f ynbon Dalamenfan.-'^ be eafran Dala- 
pifcnf am f intxon i)opirhi, ^3 pe nop^an Dalpmen-r 
nam fuipop Suppe. -j be pef ran him f mbpn Syf !*• 
]e:* Benop^an JJpopiri if 00<£;5^alanb- *3 be 
nop^an CDx;5'Salant) if Sffjimenbe o^ /Sa,be- 
op^af Rifpn. ^ be pefran fu^ Denum if ])aef 
^apf ec^ef : eappi j^e li'S ymburan \^'c lanb Bpir- 
rannia, ^ be nop^ap him if j^aef f^f eapme 
j^e man basr Ofr fje. ^^b^ eafran hi^r./j be nop- 
San hiiii; ^nboil pop*5 Dene, ae'gj'^ep ^t on j^aem 
,|rfipap lanbum. ^c en Jiasm^ijlanbum. '3 be eafran 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


hi to fjnbovL !Sftojiebe. ^ be j-u^an him if y€l|:e* 
mu'^a ^^pc ea.*3 cal& Seaxna pum ftsel:- Nop^ Dene 
habba^ be hiro noji^ao J?one ilcan j*aej* eapm ]?e' 
man j-as hast; Oj r. 'j be eaj-ran him j-mfton 0)4;i 
^aleot)€. *3 SpDpc&e be fu^ap:- Op:;i habba^ be' 
ao/i^an him J>oiie ilcan yxy eajim, *j J7ine»ap ^' 
Biiji;gexi&af . ^ be. yu^an him fynbon tJa^^reban:- 
BifjiTd nban habba^ ])ooe ylcan yxy eapm be pep- 
tan him. *3 Speon be noji^an. ^ beeapran him 
fintr 8epmcDt3e.- *3 be pu'Ban him Supjce:* Speon 
habba^i be fu^an him ]?one faep leayimOpri. *3 be 
eaptran bun Sepmenbe. *3 be nopSan him oj:ep-J)a 
pepuennu ip Epcn lanb. ^ be peptran-nop^an him 
pinbon Scpibc-Finnar, ^ be pepran Nojt^menn. 
" phtdiepc f «be mp hJappbe /Elppebe ky- 
♦' nwjje )?a&r he ealpa Nop^manna nop^mepr 
<* bube:* J3e cpae^ jjaer he bube on j^aem lanbe 
*• nop^bcpcapbum pi^ J)apept:ra?. he paebe ^eah- 
f ))aer j^atr l^nb py ppy^e nop^ J?anon. ac hir if 
" call peptre baron on peapum ptropum. pricce 
*' mflehim picia^ Fionap, on hunra^e on pmrpa; 
^' "} on pumepa on pipco^e be jjaepepa:* be pasbe 
^' ))a8r he set; pinnam cy ppe polbe panbian ho* 
'" lan;5e ]?«r lant) nop'S pi;5hr laj^e. o^lSe hpae^ 
** }tp ajpij^ ma'A ' be nop'San J?aem peprcne bu« 
"be:- I>a pop he nop^pihre be ])a2m lanbe. ter 
*' him ealne pe^ pxx: pcpre lanb on }xt preoji* 
'' bopb. "^ ]^a pib pas on b^c-bopb. ]?py bajjap j?a 
**^ pa^p he ppa peop nop^ ppa [i J ppa hpasl hunran 
« pyppcpr papa^' ©a pop he ^a^yr nop^ pyh- 
*^ Xt. ppa pa?p ppa he mihre on jia^m o^pum 
^ J?pim ba^um ;5epe^lian. ]?a beah J^set: lanb pxp, 


" eapre 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


'V eaf re pyfate. dS^c jrio rm in x)ii )?fflt? ht». he 
*^ nyf t;e hfasj)cji* bircaa he pijjre j^aer hef*jt 
*< U&^pej'pgtt jnobe]?. o^^ bpone iiop!San.>jye«t 
^! 'g^letje j^wn eap: be lan&e.j'paypii he mihteort 
*> j2cpj>ept>ftjtim^cfe2;liaxi. }>a jxeotee he )«p 
*f feU&ap pyhre nop^an pinbap. y^plSan pdtc hm 

*f laiib. he oyftjeJipsejjep. ]ia p^iebciie ))aison 
** jru'BpihTe be bn&c. fpa y pa he mihre on pjc tta- 
" 'S^^ K^r^^^^^^ Batej J>«p. an inycei ea upm 
*< on .))8er laobi J^ tsyfitoon hy j up jo on 15a. ea^ 
** ]Co/iJ>aenihy nc bojTf-ton poji* be jwcpciea-iis^j-' 
** Jian pop uojcpitSe. j:op JrjBm ]«r lano pa|f' call 
** ^bon oil olSqtp heaipe )^3CpQcap ne itierro bfi 
«^ ^p nan ^ebimblanb. ]-y'8?ktti»l|eyjwii hyj- <i^- 
^* num hamejcoji. ac him p®}-ciltte pe^pefrti 
** \mi> on ])aev rtiojibopb btrcah pij^cepaa. "j pu- 
*.* ^elepan. ^ hun^traii* ^ j^ser pcpon ealle Finasap 
" •;) him pacf a pjt*: jrae oa^atrbaec-bopft:* ©a 
•< Beonmaj- ha&]:boix nn'Se peH ^ebim hypa- ^hint). 
f^ ac ni Be bopjrzDn >]?;3?p;.on cuman. tac; jjasjia 
« Tcpjcenna Iant> p«j* calj pepre; .butran ]?a&]i 
V huiiran jepiootion. o'S^ pjrcepap. o'S'Se fu- 
<^ Ijelepap . .\^ . i ! * ^ v/ 

<' Pcla j-pella htm yv^bon jjafieopmaf. acr^ep 
•• reoj: hypa a^eaum lantse. ^e op JMem lanw 
" :pc ymb by uran ^p^pan. .ac he . nypre hpa:t: 
« ]wp fotScf paBf. pen J^xni-iie hyr ]-ylp ne ^e* 
<• pah:- Da Finna)- nu^ J)ohxre. *;) J?a Beoprnaf 
♦« rppaecos ncah an ^e^eobCw*^ Spi^o]-;? he pjt 
•< 1§ybep. ro eacan j^x]- laiibej* ]xeapun^e.>pp 
♦^ Jjacmhopf hpaehim. jcop t^aem^hi habba'Sry p^'Se 
*' ee^ele bah on by pa ro'oum. l^a^ re^S hy bpo- 
** t;on fume J^sem cyninje." ^ hypa hyb bi^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


** f j)i'5e ^ob ro fcippapum:* 8e hpasi bi% micle 
♦* larjya ^anoe o^pe hpalap. ne bi15 he len^pa 
** fonne fypan elna lan^e. ac on hijp a^num 
** knbe if j-e berpra hpael huiira'JS, ]?a beoS 
" eahra ^ Fcppcpt;i;5Cj- elna Ian je. ^ ])a maef ran 
" ppri;5ef elna lan^e. J'apa he yxxye J^asr he 
** ryxapim opj-lo^e* f yxrij^ * on rpam ba;5um:* 
•* m psej* ryy^c fpe&i^ man on Jjam ashtniiii 
" )jc heopa ypeba on beolS, "J ij- on pil&pum 'f-:* 
*• ?5e haeftoc pa ^yr. J)a he })oue cynra^e yohtre. 
•* trampa beopa. unbcbohrpa fyx hunb:* Da 
** beep hi harass hpanap J)apa paepon yyx ytxU 
** phanaj:. "Ba beo^ fPY^ *^yP^ ™^*^ Fianum/ 
" poji wem hy j:db J)a pilban hpanay mib:* 

*< J!3e pay mib J)aBm pypprum manoum on ]>«ni 
*' lanbe. nxjft)e He J^eah ma ]?oone rpenn^ hpy- 
•' "Sepa. ^ Tpenri* fceapa, ^ rpenri^ fpyna, ^ 
•^ Jwer lyrle j^aet; he epebe. he epebe mib hop- 
" fan. ac hypa ap if mxyv on pxm ^apole jje 
" ]?a Fmnaf him ^jylbaS. ^r J^ajrol bio on be- 
•' opa jrellum. "^ on Fu^ela jce'Bepum. ^ hpalef- 
" bane. 7 on }?«m pappapum ]>e beo^ op hpal« 
'' ky hybc ^pophr. ^ op peolep:- yt^hpilc 
*' rylr be hyp ^ebypbum. pe bypbepra pteut 
" ^ylban pjtpryne riieap'Bep^pell. ^3 pip hpanep, 
*' •;| an bepan pel. • ^ ryn ambpa pe^pa. *3 be- 
'' peiuie kyprel o'B^ yrepenne.';! rpe;5fen pcip- 
*^ papap/:e;2;J7eji yf ff^'ci^ elne lan^. ojjep py 
" op hpa:iep hybe ^epophir. o'Bep op j^iolep^ 

*. il cpr^ceirc tUis (houl^ be t yxa* 
t fitepum muft be here ufedas a contraftion for pil- 
t^ofunty or ici Id deer^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



" ^c yxbc \)xt nop'^inaana lanfe paejie ppy^ 
lan^ 1 fPy^^ rP^el:* Gall J^aez; bif man a))ep 
oS15c crrao o^'S^ epian m^e^. }xz liS pi^ jja 
r^' 1 $ ^r )^?^^ ^'^ f umum p?opum f pySe clu- 
bij. i licga'S pxlbc mopaf pi^S ea|-ran. ^ pi^ 
upp on emnlan^e )?aein byuum lanbe:- On j>3sm 
mopum eap&ia'S Fionap "3 ]>sen byne lanb if 
eaftre peapb bpabop;. T jrynile j-pa nojxISop 
*' j-pa pmajlpe;- 6aj-rcpeajit> hir iftae^ bion fyx- 
*< r>5 mila bjiab. o^'Se hpenc Sjiaetope. ^ mib- 
•^ be-peapb jjpipig o'SSe bpabjie. ^ nop^epeaps 
" he cpae^. J^xjiTiir fmaloj-r pcepe. ;f ir mxhrc 
*' be on* J)peopa mila bpab. ro jTaemmopc. "J fe 
*' mop f y'Sjjan on j-umum prppum, fpa bpab f pa 
♦< man maej on rpam pucum pjrepjrejian. *3 on 
^« j-umum ftropum j-pa bpab jf pa man mae^oa. 
*< j-yx ba;5uni opeppepau:* Donne ly ro-emnep 
" ]?sem lanbe j-u'Sepeapbum on oJ?ep healjcc ]>xif 
*' mope J- Speolanb. o^ ^aet lanb nop^peapt). 
^' ^ vo emnef jiaem lanbe no p'Speapbum Epe- 
*^ nalanb:- Da Xpena}^ heppa"^ hpilum on l?a 
*< nop'S men of ep \>xut mop. (h:pilum J?a nop'S- 
♦* men on hy.) ^ j^asp finr ypylSe micle mepap 
** frepfce ^eoub jja mopaf . ^ bep^'S J?a Epenaj- 
*' hypa fcypu opep lanb on J?a mepap.^ ^ Jjanon 
" hep^ia'B on j?a nop^men. hy habbaS ypy'^e 
>' lyrle rcypa. 3 fpy'Se leohtc:* 

'< Ornepe j-aebe "f j-io j-cip hawre t^aljo- 
«' l^ne ])e he on bube:* be cpaeS ^ nan roan ne 
** bube be nop'San him:* Donne if an popr on 
•* j'u^T>epeapbum ])SBm lanbe. jjonne man hast; 
*' Scipm^epheaK >]}ybep he cpas'S 'f roan ue 
i* mihte ^gej-eghait on anum mon'Se. -gyp maa 

k* on 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



annyhtrpicobe** ^ sclce oae^^e haep&e ambeji- 
ne yinb. ^ calle J?a hpile he f ceal j-e^lian be . 
lanbe. "J on J)aet fteoji-bopb him bi% Jtepep; 
Ijia lanb. ^ )X)nne ])a I'^htib J?c f ynb bet?pux 
** Ijia lanbe. ^ ])if j-um lanbe:* Donne if j?if Iaut> 
** oB he cym^ ro Scipmrepheale. *J calne pej 
" on J?agt baec-bopb nojTOpe^e, bi j*u^an J?one 
" Scipinjef heal jji^ f pi^ micel fas up m on 
** ]?2Br laob. pco if bpabep J)onne aenij man 
'* ojcepf eon masje. *3 if Eorlanb on o^pe heal« 
** jce onjean. ^ filSSa SiUenbe feo f as htS mae- 
*' nij hunb mila up m on J^aec lanb. "^ op 8ci- 
** pmjef-heale he cpae% -f he ferlobe on pp 
" ba^an to Jjaem popre ^e mon ha^r xv v^r 
** ^um. fe ftrentrf i] berpuh J^mebum. •j 8caK- 
'' urn. -3 Snrlfe. ^ hypIS m on Dene:* 

*' Da he pibeppeajib perlobe ppam Scipin- 
*' ^ef^heale. J?a paef him on pare baec-bopb Dena- 
" meapc. ^ on jjaer f reop^bopb pib f ae ))py ba- 
" S^r* T )^^ t:pe jen ba;5af sep he ro JjSae^um 
** come, him paef on J^aer ftreop bopb Dorlanb. ^ 
" SiUenbe ^ i^Ianba i:ela. (on J^aem lanbum cap-* 
" bobon en;5le. aep hi hibep on lanb comon.) 
" ^ him paef J}a trpe^en bajaf on ^aer baeobopb 
** J)a i^lanb ))e m Dene meapc hypa^:* 
*' J7ulfftran faebe "f he ^epope op ^ae'Sum J?a:v 
he paepe on Tpufo on pypan ba^um. ^ nih- 
rum. j^aet? jjasr fcyp paef ealne pe^ ypnenbe 
unbep f e^Ie. ]7eono^lanb hira pa^f on freop- 
bopb. *3 on baec-bopb him yxy Lan2;alanb. "^ 

[i] betu.C. C. 

* I fufpeft that this (hould be pacoSe or watched. 

E " Laelanb 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 






" Laelanb. ^ Falj-rep. ^ Sconcj. ^3 J?af knbcall 
** yjia^ ro Denemeapcan. ^ )>onue Buji^enba 
lanb pxy uy on ba^cbopb. ^ ])a lu^ba^ him 
f yip cyninT:- Donne xfXeji Buji jcnba lanbe. 
paepon uy paj- lanb J?a fynb barene aepcft 
Bccmja ej* •J OOcope. ^ €oplanb. ^ Dotr 
lanb on baecbopb. ^ ^af lanb hypa% ro 8pe- 
** on. anb peonob lanb p«f \ijf calne pcj on pc- 
" opbopb. o^b ]7i)rle mu^n:- 8co fiflc if.fpy- 
^ myccl ca. *3 hio zo li'S pirlanb. *3 J7eonoi> 
lanb. "^ J?asr pitlanb behmpe% ro €p;um. ^ 
f CO fiylc li'S ur op y^conoblanbe, ^ h'S m 
ej-rmcpe. *3 j-c ej-tmcpe ir hupu jcijcrenc 
mila bpab:- Donne cyme's Ilpm^ cap::an m 
" €] tmepe. op ))asai mepe })e Tpuj-o franfec'S 
" m fta'Se. *] carnal ur pmob m Gftrmepc 
** Ilpin;^ eaptan op eap:lanbe. ^ ]7iple pu'San 
*' op ^inob lanbe. *] |jonne benun^ fiple II- 
*« pmj hipe naman. ^ life's op J)xm mepepcfr. 
♦' ^ Hop's on pae. pop^y hir man hasr pi)-le 
«* mu'Sa:* Daer Gaprlanb ip ppySe mycel. ^ ^xji 
*^ bi^S ppy^e manij buph. ^ on aslcepe bypij 
*« bi'S cyniage. ^ j?aep bi'S fpySe mycei hunij. 
" ^ pipca'S* ^ pe cynm^ ^ J)a picopran men 
<« bpuicaS mypan meolc. "j j)a unppebipm *] 
« ]?a jjeopan bpinca?) mcbo:- Dap bi'b yyy'^ 
" mycel ^epmn berpeonan him. ^ ne bi^S paep 
/' naem^ eaio ^ebpopen mib Gprum. ac J>aep bi^ 
«' me&o;5enoh:* 

*' Ttnbj^aep ip mib Gptum ^eap. )?onne J?ae|i 
*« bi^ man beab. Jjaer he liS mne unpoji- 
« baepneb mib hip ma;5um. *3 ppeonbum 

* 65 mufl: be here ufed as a contraftion for ejelanb 
(anijland), or, as it is more co;iinionIy written, ijlanb. 

'* mona'S 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^* inona^. jehpilum rpe^en. ^ ]>3l kynin^jef *] 
^* ]?ao^j-ie heah^un^ene men. ppa micle lencj 
** fpa hi mapan j-peba habba^. (hpilumheak ^e- 
" ap.) ^ hi beo^ unjcopbsejineb, *3 hc;5a^ Dupn 
" eoji'San on hyjia hupm. ^ calle ^a hpile ])e ]5ae& 
*• lie bi^S mne. ]?ccp fceal bconjebpync, '^ plej^a/ 
** 0^8 'pone &ae;5. J>c hi hme [i] popbaspneiS:* 
^* Donne ]jy ilcan &ae^ hi hine ro J?aem abe be- 
" pen pyllalS. ]?onne robxla^ hi hip pcoh. J?3er 
" J)2Bp ro laj:e bi^ asprep pxm ^bpynce. ^ ^aem 
" pJe;j^ari. on yyy: o^^e pyx (hpilum on ma) ppa 
" ppa \fxy peop ^nbepn bi^:- 3Clecja^ hir J?onne 
** pop hpaB;5a on anpe mile. ]?one msepran bael 
" jrpam J^aem rune. J^onne o^epne. ^onne ])xj\g 
" ]?pibban. oJ> J?e hyr eall aleb bi^ on j^aspe anpe 
" mile. ^ pceal beon pe laepra bsel nyhpr jjaem 
*' 'c\xne.']>e pe beaba man on lv6:* 

** Donne jpceolon beon ;jjepaninobe ealle fa 
'< men J)e ppyjrropre hopj- habba^ on J)aem lanbe 
'' pop hpaB;5a on pip milum. o'8^ on pyx milum 
" ppam J»2em peo:* Donne aepna^ hf ealle ro- 
** pcapb Jja^m peo. ponne cyme^ ])e man pe jjaer 
*< ppypre hopp hapa^ ro J?a?m aepepran bael. ^3 
" ro jjaem maeptran. ^3 ppa aelc aeprep o^pura.* 
<• 0^5 hir bi^ eall ;5enumen. *5 pe nim'S ^one 
'' laepran bael. pe nyhpr ^xm rune. "Saer peoh 
*< ^eaepne'S. T "JSonne pibelS aeic hip yt'^cy mib 
" ^a peo. ^ hyr moran habban eall. ^ pop^Sy 
" j^aep beo^ 3^a ppipran hopp un5epo2;e byjie:* 
« Xnb ^one hij- reprpeon beo% ])up eall appen- 
« beb. jK>nne byp^ man hiue ur. ^ popbaepoe'S 
<* nub hip paepnum ^ hpje^Ic. ^ ppi'Sopr ealle hyp 

[i] popbsepna¥. C, C. 

£L 2 ^' ppeba 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


*^ j-pe&a hy popj-pcnba^. mib J)an lanj^an laB;5cpe 
** j^aej* beaban mannef mne. ^3 J?aef jje hy be p^m 
" pae^um elec^a'S. ]?e tSa jcjiemban ro aejana^. ^ 
*^ alma's:- ^ j^aer ij- mib Gfrum ^eap. ]>xji ^aet? 
*' j-ceal aelcej- je'feeobef man beon jcopbaepneb. *;| 
^* 2>yp ^apra^" an ban jrmbe'S unppbaejincb. hi 
f * hjr fceolan piiclpm ^ebaeran:- ^ jjaeji ij* mib 
*« gajTum an m«S^- frae'C hi majon cyle ;5epyp- 
f J can. -^ Jjy '^aep hcja^ Sa beaban men f pa Icn- 
■ * ^e. *3 ne f nlia'S. J hi pypca^ ^one cyle bine 
^* on. "3 'Seah man aj- erte rperen petrelf pull ea- 
* « la's, o^'&e paerepcf -hy ^ebo'o $ olSc/i bi^ opep- 
f* jrpojien, fara hit yV fummop. paiti pmrep:-'' 

Nu piUe pe j-ec^an be fu^an Donua J?aepe ca 
y mbe Epecalanb, J)e li'S py'S eaftran Eonptan- 
trinopolim. tpeca bypj^. if f e yx Ppoponbi* 
"ciy^ ^ be nop^an Eonffcanrinopoliip. Epeca 
bypi^;. fcyt; ye pas* c^pm up op jjaem pae peprr 
pihre. )?e man haer euxmup. •j be peprap 
rpp^an Jjaepe bvpi^. Donua mu=5a J^sepe ea. pcyr j 
pu^ eapt ur on J?one pae €uxinup. *3 on pu^ heaU ! 
pe. T on peprhealpe pxy mu^an pynbon ClOoe- < 
p Epeca leobe. ^ be pept^n j|?aepe bypi;^ pyn- 
bon Tpaci. 7 be papran ]?aspe bypi^ pyn&on 
CDacebonie. *] be puSan ^aepe bypi^. on pu^* j 
healpe j?app raep eajimep. ]?e man har Gjeum, I 
pynbon JCrncna. "^ Eopinrhup J>a lanb. T be 
pepran pu^an [i] Eopinrhon ip 'Kch^ie ;f lanb. 
set ])aBm JZenbel pas:- Dap lanb pynbon Epeca le- 
obe. T be pepran 3f chaie. anblan;^ )?asp J^enbel 
paep ip Dalmana jjaerlanb. on nop^healp pxy 

' * I conceive thislhould be pa?p. 

[i] Copmton. C, C. 


by Google 


rsef. *3 be nop^an Da^lmana f yntoon Pul^ape. 'J 
Ij-rpia. ^3 be f uS^n Irjiia if j-e pcnbcl j-aa J?e man 
hjer S&piaricura. ^ be pejrtran J>a beop^aj- ]?e 
man haer 5f Ipiif . *5 be nop^n J>aer pej-rcn. ;f ly 
[ij berpax Eapeobpaa ^ Fuljapum:. 

Doone ij- I%;alia lanb pcft? oop^ lanj. 'j eapp 
fu^ lan^. ^ hir beli^S f enbel yx. ymb call uran 
baton pep:an nop'San:- y6r J>aein enba-hir belie* 
^^ ^ beop3iaf . j^e man haer SIpij*. j?a on^mna^ 
pe[^ane jppam Jjaera J^cnbcl yae m Napbonenye 
}wBpe ^pbe* ^3 enbialS epj eayr iii Dalmaria 
Jja^m lanbe «r ^a^m fas. )?a lanb ]?e man haetj. 
Gallia [2] Bel'^iOL^ Be eay ran j^aem if f 10 ea 
Jjc man haBr Rm. *) be f u'San ^a beop;5af J>e' 
toan heet Slpif . *3 be pcf ran f u^an fc Tap* 
fcc^ J>e man ha^r Bpir^nifca. ^ be nopJoan 
on o^Sjie healfc J?aef ^apf ecjer eapme if Bpir* 
t;annia:« Daer lanb be pcrran Li^ope if y€qui» 
rania lanb. *3 be f u'San /cquirania if ]>aef lan- 
t>ef fum bad Napbonenfc. ^ be peftan f u'San. 
Ifpania lanb. ^ be pef ran ^japfcc^ be fu^an 
Napbonenfe if f e ^enbei yx. )?aep \>xp, Roban 
feo ea ur f cyr. 3 be eaf can him Ppofenr fae. 
^ be pcf r^n him Ppojcenr f ae opep ^a pef re- 
nu. fco Uf ueappe If pania. ^ be pcfran him 
[3] be nop^an equirania. ^ J7af can be noplSan:- 
Ppof enr yx hxfS be nop^jm hype J>a bebp- 
/^af . J)e mon Ttlpif haer. ^ be f u'San hype if 
fenbel fae. ^3 be nop^an nype "3 eafran fynb 
Biip2;enbe. ^ J7?fcan be pef ran:- Ifpania lanb 
yy ]?py fcyre. •3 eall raib fleore uran ymb- 
hxfb je eac bmnan ymbhaepb Qj:ep pa lanb. aej;- 

[i]betux. C.C. [2]BelIica-C.C, [3] bedeeftC.C. 


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Jjcp 'je Of }xm ^Jifcc^c. '^e op }?am JTenbcI 
j-ae. ^j %xpa ^apeiia li'S j-u%pef r on^can J?aer 
i^jlanb, J)e Eabep harre. "^ o^ep cap: on jeaii 
fxro lanb Napbonen|-e- •;! )-c 15jii1>t)a noji^yeyz. 
pnjean Bjii^anria Dallia bojah. "j on on^ean 
Scorlanb. opep "Sone pasj- eapm. on [i] ^cjiyhrc 
jwene iflu^an J?c mon hser 8cenc:« Seo uj- jcyjipe 
Jj-pania. hype ly be peyl^an ^apj^ecj. "^ be nop- 
%an jZenbcJ yx. be y ulSan. "^ be eaftran. j-co up 
ncappe Ippania. be nop^n Jjxpe fynr 6qui- 
rania. *] be noplSan eajran. ly yc pealb Pypeni.*^ 
be eaj-tan Napbonenj-e. *) be pu^an fenbel }-«:• 
Bpirrannia ])aetr i^lanb- hit; if nop^S eapt 
lan^;. ^ bir ij- eahra hunt) mila lan^;. ^ tft 
hunt) mila bpab. J)onne if be fu^an him, on 
o^pe hcaipe ^xy pay capmep. Callia [2] Bcl^i- 
ca. ^ on peptr htzlfc on o;^pe healpe ]?aer paep 
eapmep. if Ibepnia \xz i;5lan&. "j on nopfe he- 
ajjce Opcabup ^agfc i;5lanb:' I^bepnia. '^ pe Scor- 
lanb hara^. hir if on aelce healpe ymbyan^^en 
mib ^J^apf ec^e. •^ pplSon j^e f 10 f unne })aep 
^ae^ neapon f erl. jionne on o'^pum lanbe. J)aep 
/fynbon ly^pan pcbepa. jjonne on Bpirrannia:-* 
Donne be peftran nop^an Ibepnia if J^aer yre- 

* This reafon for the weather in Ireland being 
more mild than it is in Britain, is added by the Royal 
Tranflator, who at the fame time leaves out what Oro- 
fius mentions with regard to the Ifle of Man : " Huic'' 
(fc^Hibernias) **. etiam Menavia infula proxima eft, & 
*^ ipfa fpatio non parva, folo commoda, aeque a Scotp- 
" rum gentibus habitatur/* Orof. 1. i, c. 2. 

^ CO S^TiyhCe'onjean ]?3Bne. ۥ C. [i] Belhca;CC. 
... I meprc 

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mcfre lanb. Jjaer man haet; Thila. ^ hir ij- pe- 
apum maonum cu^. poji J>aejie oj:cp pyppe:- 

Nu ha^bbe pe jeyaeb ymbe ealJe Gupope Iao& 
jemaepo. hu hi rolicja^. nu piUe pe ymbe Sp- 
fpica. hu j)a lant> ^emapo roUc^alS:- Upe 
yl&pan cpaebon f hio paepe j*c 'Spi&ba bael 15y- 
rcf mibban^capbef. nxj- na jcopBam ]?c fflej* 
ian&cf j-pa peia paepe. ac pop ^am J)e fe |7ent)el 
fSB hir hasp's fpa robaclet). pop'San j?e he 
bpyc'S fpy^op on )?one pu^&aeL ]?on he bo on 
)jone nop^bael. •j yio hsete haejdS ^enamen 
)wBp pu^baelcp mape, J>onne pe cyle ^xy nojilS- 
baelep haebbe. pop'Son J?e aelc pyhrmaej bet pi^ 
cyle. )>onne pi^ hartrre. pop J?am j^m^on ip TCp- 
ppica aegj^ep ^e on lanbum. ^e * on mannum. 
laepi^e ]K)nne €upope:* 

ffpprpica onpn^. j-pa pe asp cpxbon. eaptran 
pepjpepb ppam G^yprum. aer ])xpe ea J)e man 
Nilup hxr. ])onne if pio eapr mepre J)eob haren 
Libia tipamacia hipe if be eapran pio up neap- 
pe yCjyprup. "^ be nop'San f^enbel pae. pc man 
haer Libia V^rhiopicum. ^ oe pepran Syprep 
(Daiopep:- Be pepran Libia yErhiopicum ip pio 
ur pyppe y€;5yprup. -3 be pu^an pe ;5appec5 |>e 
man haer 6rhiopicum. "j be pepran Rojarhi* 
cup. Tpibuhrania pio J?iob J?e man oTipe nanran 
hser. nop^an ))onc p'enbcl pae. \>t man haer TCbpi- j?a^obe )?eman hser Siprep QOinojiep, 
^ be pepran Bizanrium. o15 ISone pcalrau mepe. 
Spzujcp. hio haep% be eapran hype J)one 8yp- 
Xty CDaiopep. ^ Ro^aJ^ire ])a lanb. ^ be pu^an 

* It muft be recoilefted that th^ whole extent of 
Africa was not knowa either to Oroiius, or Alfred. 


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hyjie Narabpcp ^ Ecorhulaf. ^ Eajiamantcf o^ 
jjone ^ajif e^^e Bizannum:- Sio ]?eob ^xp yx bc^ 
ojih ly Xbpumcrif. ^ Scu^ej^^ -3 f€o ^eob Jwep 
rio mycel buph ij- Eapraina.*^ Numcbia po J>cob- 
hi h abba's be eafcan him "Saer laiib Sypref ODi- 
nopef.*^ J)onc yeatean mepc. *3 be nop^an him ij- 
J7ent>el j-ae. ^ be pej-ran him ODaupitania.*J be ru- 
^an him Uzepa |?a beop^aj-. ^ be j-u^n J)am oc- 
op^um ]?a pmbel jrapcuban /fcrhiopej-. olS %one 
^apfcc^OOaupirama. hype if be caj-ran Nume- 
toia. ^ be nop^an f enbcl j-ae. "3 be pej-ran OOal* 
vazib ea, *j be f utian Sj-rpix ymb )?a beopjjaj*. 
J?a robaela^ $ paeprm-baepe lanb. "J ])aEfc Deat) 
pylle * f-anb. J?e j-y'&^an \v& j-ulS on J>one ^ap- 
j-ec^; OOaupirania. J;e man oSpe naman hast; Tm- 
^erana. be eaj-ran hype ij: QOalua po ea. "J be 
nop'San Sbbenaj-. fa beop^aj-. 7 Ealpif, o^ep- 
beoph. ]ixp, f cyr f e enbe up op ]?am ^^apy ec;5c. 
berpuh J)an rpam beop^um eayxpeapb. j>aep 6p- 
colef j-yla j-ranba^. ^3 be pej-tan him if f e beoph 
^rhlanf • o^ %one ^apf ec^. *3 fulSan J?a beop- 

*6^r \'^ ^^^ ^^^ y^rP^r^r* l ^^ f uSan him !Su- 
lolum f 10 J)iOb o^ ^one ^apfec^:- 

Nu hacbbe pe ymb Sf ppica lanb ^emxpo ^e- 
f aeb* nu piUe pe f cc^^an ymb ]?a y^lanb ]>e on ]?a 
j7enbel f ae f ynbon:« Dppof }?aer i;5lanb. hir li^ 
on;5ean Dhcia. *3 Iff aupio on )?am faef capme. 
.J)e man baer OOepcof. "^ hir if an hunb mila 
lanj. *3 fy|canri;5- ^ an hunbmila bpab *3 rpa ^ 
. rpenri^:- fcpero f i;5lanb him if be eaf ran f e y^ 
)?e man Spf at:iura hxz. *3 pefran ^ be nopSan 
Epericum f e yx. ^ be pefran Sicilium. Jje man 

♦ - - • 

* IcQn/:e;y€;thIs fliouldb^pylbcoRW//*/. 

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o^pc naman hact: TC&bpiaticum. hit; ly an hunb 
mila Ion J. -3 hunb f yf annj [T P^iSl * niJa 
bpab:- Bapa i^lanba. ])c man haer Liclabcf J>ajia 
f yht)0fr^peQ*3 F^F^^S-T ^ eaj-tran him ij- j-c Rif- 
ca j-ae. ^ be j-u'oan j-e Eperij-ca. *) be noja'Saa yo 
€j^i)xa# •J be pej-ran !ffbbpiaricum> Siciha ]?aer 
i^lanb IT ^py j*cyrc. on aelce fceatan enbe 
f ynbon oeop^af . j)onc noji^ j-cearan man haer 
[i] Pelojicf. jjaep ip j-eo buph neah CDej-j-ana. ^ 
p p^ j*ceara. harte [2]Pachinum, J>asp neah 
If po baph 8ipacupj-ana. ^ Jjone pcf t; f ccaran 
man haer [3] Lihbeum. J?aep ij- j-10 buph neah 
J?e man haer Lihbeum, ^ hir if an hunb ^ j-y- 
pin -3 pftri^ mila lan^. y\xb ^ nop^. ^ p 'Spib* 
x5a*]cceara if an hunb ^ [fypQ T hunb] "f- f y- 
fann^ pep; Jan;^. ^ be eapran J>a2m lanbe if 
je fenbel f ae J)e man hasr ffbpiatricum. ^ be 
fu^an jjamman hser Sfjcpicum. ^ be pepran |)e 
man hasr Tippenum. ^ be nop^an if f e f ae. J 
aeg^ep ^e if neapo ^^e hpeoh:- 

yt6 Irahe J>am lanbe. 8?pbinia ^ Eoppca \a 
ijlanb •robaele'8 an lytel f aef eapm; f e if rpa 
*3 rpenri^; nula bpab Sapbinia if ^jieo ^3 j^pi^i^ 
mila lan^. ^ rpa "3 tpenrij mila bpab. him if be 
caftan f c ]7cnbel f ae. ])e man hare Tippenum, 

* I conceive that ^ pftrij fhould be here omitted. 

+ I likpwife conceive that f ypan *] hunb fhould be 
here omitted. 

{ The name of the fea in this part of the Mc Jiterra- 
nean feems to be here omitted* 

r Polopef . C. C. ' [2] Bachmum. C, C. 
[[3] Libeum, C. C. 

F )e 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

e T^bep po $a ui? j-cyx? on. -3 be ru'Saip, fc 
rae jje lip onjeap Numelpia l^nbe, 3 oe pej-r^a 
ta rpa i;5lanb. J^e roan ha^r Bale^/iir. ^3 be.noji- 
pan Cojij-ica faer J^lanb;. Eopj-ica mm >f Ronae 
bu^ah be eaj-'taQ. ^ Sajibima be ' j-u^an.^ ^ be 
pejrran ))a i2;lanb B^leapif;. "J be noji'San^ Tuj-t 
cania ])2£Z Unp. hit ly j^yxtenc mxja lanj. ^ . 
py^an inila bjiab:- B^Ieajw Ja ru iglanjt). hijij 
ly be noji'Sao STjcpjixca- ^ Dabcj- be peftan. *J 
l[-pania be ppp'Safl:- Sgppthce Jiaebbe pe nu ;5e* 
r^eb be tSaem ^ei^ercnej-j-um iglanbqm. fc ' pq 
paem J7enbe| pae j-ynbop:- 

y^p* Jjaem ]5c Romcbupbi ^etwbpfeb paepp 
ppim hunt) pintrp^. *3 "Sqpnb piotrpa. Nir 
huj- TS^f j-ypia kynm^ ongan manna wpcfr pic- 
j-ian on %yf urn mi!?ban ^geapbf • ^ rojb un;5e- 
inaerlicpe ^sepilnun^c a.npalj>ep he paer hepi* 
cnbc. T pohrenbe pj:t;i^pinrpa. pIS ne haejc- 
be ealle Xfjam on hiy gl^peilb ^^nyb» fn'b 
j:pam J?aBm Reaban ya^. ^ j^pa nop'S o'S ^one fse. 
Je man haep Cuxinuf. buz;^ ^aem )»e he eac 
pprpaBjphpe j:pp mit? miclum ;5ejceohtum of» 
Sci'S'Sie fa nop^ lanb. J)a ]?e ;5ecpet)ene f-yn^ 
bon )?a heapbayran men, ^pah hy j-yp pn + )>yf ou 
popolb ^jej-agl^op 'Sa up}'pe5)^pj:'tran. *3 by jya. 
ynbep ]?aEm )?e he h|m onpippepbe fxy. pupboi^ 

» Orofi 1. i. €• 4. The third chapter of Orofius, 
^vhich is entitled, " De diluvio fub Noe'*^ i% pmiited 
b\ the Royal Tranflatpr. 

+ ryiib on. B« T. 

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Td/iafte pi^cpxpc^. JftdAi hi xp hyria li|f bylper* 
hce ilypbth. ^ hy Hiiiii ^fiep pa&m 2;pinimd 
pj^^ol&on 'Smie pi^fcp*^. be h^ art him ;^e- 
te(>)i«tofe6ai -^ him w feaji^ enilecJ^ an hypi 
«io»«J. ^hy ^ppoii mfirtinef bloft a^otreri. |-pa 
him fte^ Jjg^ hytena meolc. Jjtf hy niflej-t; bi 
libhalSJ- 3Sn& he Niriuf Sojioaj^/Ii^ Bactjiian* 
efmtt^.Y6 cu^c maima.a^ep:; ts/i^^Cpsfrj^fcoj. he 
hme ojceppann ^ ojcflob. anb ^a a^ nyhj^arf 
he fstf pohreiibe pi'SSf Sci^^ie on ane buph. '^ 
J^aep Plan's op-jrcotren mib anpe flanc. *^ «p:ejt 
iftf bearSe Sairiepamif* hij;- epen penj^ se^t^P' 

yfctf ;Stfptn. pe hiO hme 6n bej^oh mi& mani^- 
^redteum p/tenlujruifl. rpa "3 ^eopepri^ pmrpa 
paef t:rpcto;5entte. 7 hypi 'Sa gyt ro lyrel ])uhre 
J^f inpah^ej* ffe fe cyriin;5e aep' ^jepunnen 
haej^^: ac hio mm piflice nilSe fxy jie'ohrenbe 
on "SasiSJ uDftepienbC pic y€rhiopiara. "^ eic oni 
Iri&eaf * )?a nan man iie *p ne j-y'S^an mi& 
peohli^e tie '^^poji burori SCIexanbepJ* J!i)io paej' 
prinienbe mit) ;gepinnura J>aer hio by ojrep^ 
YYY^&^t. [i}])€ah hed hir ^uphreon ne mih- ; 
re:* 610 '^i^p^ti'^ ]>i' ^ "Sa ^epm paepon gpim- 
hcpan Jjonne hy nu j-yn. pbp^n hy hyjie nane 
byfene ®p ne €u^an. j^pa men nu piton. ac on 
bilpirrref fc hypa hp alypbom*^ ' 

Sco ylce cpen Samepamrf- f y'S'San ^ piCe paej^ 
dn hf p« 2;^peafee. nalef ^ anj^aer hib [zj^ypp 
ren»e psej- da j-ymbel mannef blo'oef . ac eac 
j-pelce mib un;5emethc;p5 ppaenncffe mani;^- 
jrealb ;5eli;5pe pjiemmen&e pxp j-pa J?asraeleatf 

[i] >a. C. C, [2} «yppret5e, C G. 

F 2 Jaja 

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l^ajra ))e hio ^eacf lan myhte. ^sec kyne kynncf 
paB|-. hio to hype jcjpon pop hype jcligcpnci'- 
j-e. 'J yy^'San hio hy calle irnb pacne bcj-pac w 
bea'Se.'j ]?a«c nehj-ran hype a^ene j-unu bio ^c- 
nam hype to jcligepe. ^ poplSoo J?e hio hype 
f ipcniuj-re pl^ao ne moj-re buran manna byj^m- 
punge. hio jcj-etrc ojcep call hype pice. )?aer 
nan ppbypb naepe aer jeh^epe be&puh nanpe 


yEp'Sani * j>e Rome buph ;5erimbpet) paepe ^u- 
f enb pmrpa ^ an hunb ^ rX^^^S" f*^ pasp;m- 
baepe lanb. on pxm Sobome. *j Gomoppe ];a 
bypi;5 on paspon. hir peap^ j:pam heoponlicum 
pype ppbaepneb:- Daer paey berpuh 3Cpabia *} 
Palepma. ]?a maniTpeal&an paeycmaj* paspoo. 
pp^am j-pi^oj^ fe lopbanip po ca aelce ^e- 
ape Jjaetr lanb mibbepcapb ojceppleop mib' j:o- 
ref ^iccejdobe. ^ hir ^onne mib %am jebyn- 
;5cb peap"©:* Da paej- J^asr jrolc J?aer micclan pelan 
un^emerhce bpucenbe. o^ J?aet mm on f e mic* 
Cla jcipcnluf r on mnan apeox. ") him com of 
j?a?m f:ipenluj-re Eobej: ppaco, J?aer he eal ^ lanb 
ftiib f peplcnum jcyjie f opbaepnbe. ^ j-e'S^an J)a?;i 
paej* j-ranbenbe pserep of ep ]?am lanbe. ypa hir 
fxjit eajriob aep jejcleop. ^ j^aej- baelej- ye bael. j-e 

* Orof. 1. i. c. 5. The firfl part of this chapter, which 
relates to a country called Pcntapolis* on the confines of 
Arabia, is omitted ; as is alfo the fixth chapter of Orofi- 
us, the title of whichis ** Comparato cladis Sodomiiic* 
«« & Romanae.*' 

> Probably Sodom, and the foxir neighb^u^ipg towns. 

. jJplot) 

Digitized by V-jOOQIC 


f |dot>.ne^jiert?e. yf ^JY* ^^ ^^Z pej-trmbjep- 
nentoe on xkty cynnty blaebum. "3 J?a fyn&oa 
pjjy^ fae^epe "3 lurrnmliee on to feonuc. 
ac |)onne hi^ man on nanb nymlS. J^onne peop*' 
Sa^hir roacxan:- 

"^ IV. 

y8p * ^«m ]>e Rome bujih ^erimbpeb pxji9 
^ufent) pmrpa "j hunb fypanrij. Thelej-cij-e|-. 
"^ Eiapf arhi ])a leo&e bcrpuh him ^epm upho* 
pn. *3 j^aer bpu^on o'S hi mib calle ojcf Io2;enc 
pspon. buran f py^e peapum. ^ j-pa j^eah J jjaep 
ro lajce peap^ ))apa Tnelcj-cij-a. hi hiopa lant> oj: 
^eapan. *} ^epopan Return f aer ijlanb. pxini* 
enbe^ hi selcum ^cpmne o^flo^en hagjcbon* 
ac hi Epeacaj- J?3Bp onjrunbon. ^ hi mib ealle fop- 

V. ' 

yEp -f- 'Saem J?e Rome buph jetimbpeb p«jie 
eahra hunt) pmrpa. mit> Sgyprum peap'S 
YYpia ^eap pe unjemerbca eop^pela. ^ hi 
aetrep J)aem paepon on J?am mjEfram hun^pe, 
oxSpe YYpn ^eap. ") him ]?a loj^eph. pijhr-pij- 
man, niit> ^jobcunbe |:ulrume ^jchealp;* Fpom 
^aem lopepe [i] Pompeiup.. pe hk'Sena pcop. -3 
hi|- cnijhr lup rinup psepan "Sup pmgenbe $. lo* 

[i] Sompemp. C. C 

« Orof. 1. i. c. 7. t Orof. 1. i. c. 8, 
X Norwiihftanding the Cotton Mf. and all the tran- 
fcripts from it ufe the word pnjen&e (or Jinging) I 
cannot but think it fliould be f ecjenbe (oryiy/;!^) as 


Digitized by Google 


fcph j-e jc ^n^r p«f hyj- ^po^pa. "^ eaC 
^leapjia 0|:ep hi ealle* 1^ him ^ o&t>j»benbiii]i 
^m xe l^'Spum. hy ^enamoD Io|*eph. ^ hnw 
jcjreaibph m Gj^pra lanb:- Da [•«&€ he Voinipci^ 
uf J he )?aBji tojiycpsejcraj- ^eleojit)ct)e. *) oj: jwem 
topycpifcum p he ^epunobe moni^e punbop ro 
pypcenne. *3 "^ he mihre ypa pel rpepi peccan. 
•jeac Jwer he op Jwm cpipce rhapaone )^m 
cynin^e fpa leop pupbe. f) he f abc ;| be op ^fli 
bpycp«|::fce ^cleopnobe ^^obcunboe pij^bom. } 
he J?aef Janbcf pej-rmbaspnef f c J)apa r>ytn je- 
apa ap bcppaii j-aebe. ^ ])apa o'Sepa f jrjcan ge- 
apa pasble. J)e J»p aeprep com. -3 hu he je^a- 
bepobe on Jam »ppan yypn ^eapan mib hyr 
pipbome. y he ]?a aeprepan f yjcan ^eap. eaU j 
jcolc ;5Cf cylbe pi% ^one miclan huo^op« 'J ymt>e 
f OOoyf ejvpaBpe ^xy loj-epcj^ f unu. f him paepaa 
ppam himbpycp2Bpra|-2;ecynbc.jcop'8on ]>c he 
moDi^e ptfnbop pophre m GTyyrum. ^ pop 
J?2Bm polbe* ^ on Jwer lanb oecom. pe fcop 
rec^enbe "f G^jyptn abpipen (Doppep ur mit) 
iiip leobum. pop^on paebe Pompeiop 3 {la G^jyp 
ripcan bip ceopap. ^ J»a Dobep punbop. J)e on 
hiopa lanbum ^e popben. psepon to J)on ^cbon 
^ hi hiopa ajnum Dobum jereilbe p«pon, ^ 

neithef Trogus PompeiQS nor his /ervant (cnijht:) Juf- 
dtt wit)te in verfe ; and this conjedural emendation is 
confirmed by f ecjenbe being applied to thcfc hiftorians 
afterwards in this fame diapcer. 

♦ Polbe is the word ufed in the Cotton. Mf. and all 
the tranfcripts ; but this (hould feem to have been a 
roiftake, as pole {or pieces) arc here alluded to, and not 
polbe, which fignifies a large extent of uncultivated 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


jje hiojoa I}ot>u f ynbon bj^ycjiaejcfea lapeopap ^ 
J pic nu Tyc "^ r*cn loj-epej- j^tyttncYr^^ «p- 
reppyixea'S. $ if j? hi ^jeapa sebpilce J?one jap- 
raa Dael ealpa hxop» eop^Sp^jf t?ma ]?aem cynin^je 

p[«f pe hunjcp on ^aef cynmjjej- ba^^im 00 
ejyprum, ))e raoa haetr SmofCf. l^^^l^ J^ hiopa 
Jjeap paejie | hi ealle hiopa cynm^tf heran Pha- 
jiaon:- On paepe ylcgp ri^e picfabe Baliujr j*e cy- 
nin^ m Sj j-jipja Jwp «:p paef Ninuf :• On J^aem le* 
Qjbunj* J?e mop JCp^j ha?r. picf abe Xpif . j-e c^- 
nmge:- On J)»pe rifec na^f na ma cyninja anpal* 
fta- buran ]>yfa» ])pim picum. ac f y^San paej- jno 
bypcn oj: h;jp ojfcn ealle poplftc- 'Kc ^ler ijr ra 
punbpianne. j^aer pa ej^yptpi f pa lytic "Soncnnje 
pif tc^ loj;epc. J)aef J>e he hy aer hun jjie ahpeb* 
be. I hi hyjr cyn jrpa pa^ ^eunapebaQ.^j hi ealle 
to ny&hnjuni hjoi ^^e&ybon:- Spa eac if ^yr oa 
calpc tyjfe popul&e. "Seah Dob lan^pe tibe piUc 
hpam ny f p»llan ropplasran.-^ he ^onne J)ae|- epe 
lycclpe ribe jJoli^e. f he j-ona pp^yr ]> Cob f 
he aep [ijhaejcbe. 'j ;5e^enc'5 jjaer ypel J^aer he 
tonne uc k^too 

. * Orof. K i. c. 9. 
[j] h»js«. C.C, 

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%acm cyoin;5e jucfabc. Jjc scpcfC paq- ISaepc 
bup;5e cyniny* On Jncj- ffinbicrioncr ri6c 
pQptH>n fpa myceic paerep-jdob jeonb calle 
j>opte- ^3 ^cah maep; m Thaj- alia. Epeca bypij. 
ymb })a beopTaj- . j?e man haer Papnaj-puj-. j»pc 
j-c cynin^ Thcuhaleoa picf obc* ^ }:opneah call 
j^ pole joppcap^. *3 j-e cynm^ Theuhaleon 
calle Jra )>ero him mi& fcypum dSfJu^on t:o J^sem 
beop^iD. he hi ))a?p onpn^e. ^ hi j)aep ajrefebc:* 
Be )wm Theuhaleon paej- ^gecpcben. ]rpilce mon- 
bifpel fart)e. "^ he paepe money nncf rybpienb. 
j-pa fpa Noc pacp* On faem ba^um yxy yc micp 
ra moncpealm in ybrhiopiam 'KffpiOL leobe. p^a 
]«r heopa jxapa ro lape pujiDoa:* €ac on ]>xm 
^ «)a;^ttm pacf f Libep Patep opeppau ]?a unbc- 
pi^enban Int)ea ^obe. -^ hi popneah mib ealle 
. jcopbybe. «^J)ep '^e nub bpuncennyppe, je mib 
ppenloprum. je imb manplyhrnm. J^cah hi hmc 
ejfX acftep hyp baeje heom pop Cob haepboii. 
•J hi pa^bon $ he paepe eallcp jepmncp palbenb:' 

VII. . 

yEp ♦ ?5am J)e Romebuph ;5erimbpeb yxjit 
cahra hunb pintrpa. ^ pip pinrpum. jepeap^ 
J)aet: ClOoypep laebbe Ippahcla pole op y^yp- 
rum. asprcp ))aem mane^m punbpDm. ^e he jjxp 
^ebon haepbe:- Dxz fky ^xx popme. ^ hyp^ 
paerep pupbon ro blobe:« Da psep j^aer sejcreppc 
^ ppoxap comon Tcopb call C^ypra |anb. ppa 
peh "p man ne mrhre nan peopc pypcan. iic 
nanne mere ^^e^jyppan. ^ }?apa pypma naepe cm- 

* Orofi 1. i. CIO. 


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kaiWESTA REGIS ifeLFitEBt 41 

mete aep hfc ^S^^P^ jwqic:* ©jiittoe 
yfdlymp^f9tp}mi.'f'gp^ oftji call 

)^»n&;^e ipnc. ^utrew mib jcyjifmeofprenbiiip 
birmn. •Jae^j^p^ ]?i irieii. ^ |?a nyt?cnu, uni- 
bliobleo&liGe pmieobd ip±pon> £)a psf ]?»r peop^ 
^•' J>*r ealpa j-cainlicop: paep j> IrubW j- pleojap 
oomon ^eonl) call Jracr niancya. •j hy cpupon J)2eiii 
mannftim bfetrpuh )>a 9eoh. ^ ^oqb eail ]>a lunq. 
fpabitrcac j>cIl;5chaj:efK)6c. )>«t; Bob ]wi mabjitaai 
^pinetrcd ieoi^ppbe mit> pxjit bif mepfaocp- 
txm jjpice; ^ jpatpe anpcop^licoyraaj Dae* pp^f^ 
pacr. hyjia nytaena C)«aim:« Djcr p j^xtee }»p. jj^ 
caij fipic pa^on bltebpan. ^ "Sa paepoii ppiSeil|ic^ 
bphoei)ff)pt;e|it)ei ^ "Sa popmp urpionbe:* Daw 
fyfd^ jap I ISap cotti hajjol pe p«p pr8 pyp» 
^tnen^j^. Jra* he se^'Sijp pldh ^jjC J)a men. ^ |« 
nywisu. ^ eali j^ser tm. ])aBm laa&e paef pcaxanbef 
*][ ^opetibep:- IhsxpihikfiSt^ ^Pf^* 

pancomoii* 7 pparon ealle ]» ^agipoSJap. ^e bu- 
pn ^acpe copSan paspon. ^^pcgi^on J» ^r^Pf^- 
^ap -^ ^a pyptppumaa pceopp^ifife pa&pon:- Daer 
ny^o^e psef jjaer ]>aep csom hajttl *3 ppa inycel 
[i] J)^ft«piiej4e. -^t bae;5ep jc whrep. -3 ppa 
^efepepcttlic ^scr hir man ^ej^^Hn mihtrei- Dct 
teo^ paep. fj^tJ calk j?a cni^hrap. *3 ealle )^a mas* 
beoa }>e Od %aem lanbe ppumnceanenbe p^pon. 
punttoo on anpe 'niht? acpealbe. l ]?eah ^arc pole 
nol&e app Do&e afcm^afi. hy hpasxSpc ])a hypaois- 
^ancep him ^ebyppume jwKpon. ppa ppyiSe f }?a 
hiaepOJoype. ^ hyp poke Ipxy urpaepeteepp^'pn- 
feon. ppa roicle hy paepon ^eopupan. J?a&x; hi him 
fpam puljen:- Scpeo hpeoppoti^* jathim J>a ^e- 

[i] J7j^piiep. C.Ci 

O peap'S 

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%flem cynin;5e jwcfabc. ))e xjieyr paey ISaepc 
bup2;c cyniny- On ))«f ffmbicrioncr ri6c 
pupbon fpa mycele paerep-jdob jeonb calle 
pophD- ^ ^eah maefr m Thapalia. Epeca bypi^, 
ymb )?a beopTaj-. j?e man haer Papnaypuj^. j»pe 
j-c cynmj Theuhaleoa picf obc* ^ j:opneah call 
j^ pic ifoppcap^. *3 fc cynm^e Theuhaleon 
calle )ja ]?ero him mit> fcypum o'Sjrlu^on t:o J>aem 
beop^iD. he hi pxp onjccnje. ^ hi J^aep ajrebbe:- 
Be ))wn Theuhaleon paej- ^gecpc&en. j-pilce mon- 
bifpei pactoc. ^ he paepe money nncp rybpicnb, 
ppa ppa Noc pasp:- On j^aem bajum paep pc mfep- 
Ua moncpealm m ytrhiopiam Xpp pica leobe. p^a 
]fxz heopa peapa zo lape pujibon:* 6ac on ])£m 
t>a;^ttm paep ;f Libep Patep ojreppan ]?a unbe- 
pi^enban Inbca "Seobc. ^ hi popneah mib ealle 
, jcopbybe. as^JJep ^e mib bpuocennyppet je mib 
pjienloptum* ^je mib manplyhrnm. feah hi hme 
ejfX aeptep hyp baeje heom pop Cob haepbon. 
^ hi paebon J he paepe callcp ^epmnep palbenb:* 

VII. - 

y€)i * ?5am J)e Romebuph ^crimbpeb paepe 
cahra hunb pinz^pa. ^ pip pmrpum. ^epeap^ 
Jjaer ClOoy pep laebbe Ippahela pole op f^j^ 
rum, a:prep jjasm mane^um punbpum. ^e he jjaep 
^ebon haepbe;- Dxz yxy ^a^r popme. $ hypa 
p-aerep pupbon ro blobei' Da paep \^v sepreppe 
y ppoxap comon ^eonb call e^ypra |anb. ppa 
peh "p man nc mrhre nan peopc pypcan. iic 
nannc mere ^c^jyppan. J )?apa pypma naepc cm- 

* Orof. 1. i. CIO. 


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j^Ia jiteni mete asp hp ^Igeajipob paejie:- Bpifabe 
ypd;jK^affS?cp)>aiii^3njEtrraf comon opfcp call 
}ttrknb;^6 iiipc. ^ui^& mib jcyjipnedpreabmp 
biruro. "il ae;5&p ^e )?d raeii. ^ |?a oytJcnti, uni- 
iyiinbteoblidepinieDbd psbjion:- ©a papp j^aer peoji^ 
'Sc. J«r caljia fcamlicop; paef . jr Jnibbejr fleojapl 
comon ^eonb call Jraer niancyn. ^ hy cpupon Jjacm 
manovim bferpuh ])a "Seoh. ^ ^ooto eali ]>a hiiiii. 
fpa hitreac pell ;^ebit]ceno&e. ]>8t; Gob])a mseji&ta 
OfXjimetTCnD *etii^pQ&e mio J>flepe bif mephcep- 
ttm p^iacc; ^Jpatpe unpcop'Slicofraa> Baer pptp 
pxf . hyjia nyi^na Cpedm;- Dasr ffxtx pa^f . jjwijJ 
cail fpic j)aef on blietopan, *3 ."Sa paepcm fpi^lipbi^ 
oi^ophtifif^dfititi ^ "Sa popmj- urj-iDiit>6:- ©art 
fyjrrfSe paer j» 15«p txKti haroi f e piJf pr8 ^rype 
^mea^^. ]ee^ he sb^^^Si^ fk^ ^e Jm aien. ^ ]>a 
nytttfiu. ^ eall ]>ser tm ]7£m lanbe pasf peaxaibef 

pancamoii. 7 jrp^aeron eaUe Jwi ^jagifa^Saf . ^e bu- 
po ^^pt eop^an paspon. ^^pc^lSon ]» ^ppa- 
15a j^. -( ISa pyprpumao ^xeopjrenfiie pa^pon:* Daer 
ny^^o'Se p^ )>aBr pxfitom ha^ *;f f pa mycel 
[i] jj^ft^pnerre. ^je t)aB;5er ^e mhrep 7 ypa 
^et)pe)C€ttha15aE5?hirman ^ejcelin mihtrei* DcU 
teo^ paej-. J)«tJ eaile fa cni;5hrap *) calle fa mae* 
bena )>e on %aem lant>e j^pumncemienbe pkp<m» 
purtbon on anpe niht? acpealtjc. T feah ISarc pole 
noitoe «p Eobe abujaft. hy hpas^pe fa hypaac* 
^anc«f him ^[chypfume potpon. fpa fpy^ f j^ 
hi aep CDoyj-e. ^ hyj- polcc faej* unc:paBpetee|r p^'pn- 
toon, fpa micle hy psepon ^copopan. f»xr hi hith 
Fpam pljen:- Scj-co hpcopfunj* ft him fa ^e- 

[i] fyr^pnef. CC 

O peap^ 

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j:ct>:« J!Dpaet)licc j-e cynin^e pz xnib bif jcoioc hcom 
pxf aeprep jryljenbe. *3 hy rccyppan polbi cft 
ro €^yprum:* 8c kyom^e rhapaon hxfXx yjx 
-hunb pi^P«^na.*3 j-pa'pcla ISaef o^pey hcpcjr pcf. 
'^ man ma^^ ^anon oncnapan. pz him p pa )xk man- 
,ria onbpeoon ppa mib CDoypc paspoiL jwer fzf 
pyx hunt) ^upcntoa maoiua:* J&pae^pc Dbb %a mi* 
tdan Phapaonep men jc T^clyrlobe. ^ hypa opcp- 
maetran opepmcrroxeny'^cpobe.'^ bepopan ODoy- 
pe. *3 hip polce. ^ tSone Reaban p« on irpdppc- 
"gap abpigbe. ^aer hi. bpi^an poran. ]?aene pae opcp- 
pepbon:* f)a j^ar jcpapon j)a 65ypt». hy J)a ^- 
rpymeboo hypa bpyap. Eeamep •) 0[)ambp«p. *) 
T^erpupcbon mib hypta bpycpa&ptum. jwet hi oo 
%one ilcan pe7 pepao meahran. ]7a hi )^a oq moan 
J?xm pae pacpalbc paepon. J)a gcbupbo hi eaife. ^ 
abpuncon:* Daer racn nu ^yr ip [ i ] on;5y rcn on 
j^aep paep pt;a15e hpaep %aepa pi^pae^na hpeol on- 
jon^cnbe ptcpon:- Daet: bctJ Lob ro racoe callum 
mcSncynnc. $ j^eah hir pmb o%^ paep plob mit) 
ponbc opepbpipen. J hir "Seah bi^S cpr ppa ^c- 
yync. ppa hir aep yxy:* On J?appe ribe fxy po 
opep-mycelo hi5t;o on ealpe populbc. nakp ^ an 
•^men paepoomidum ^^eppeucue, ac eac calle uy- 
reoa. ppy^e ncah pop-pupbon. ^ j?a pu'Smeptan 
yCrhiopiam haepbon bpyne pop "Sa^pc haere, ^ 
SciS'Sie "Sa noji'Smepran haepbon un^cpunclice 
haeton:- Da baepbon mont^e uripipe menu han ro 
popbc. ^ tjo leapn^ppelie. ^ pio haere naspe pop 
hiopa pynnon. ac paebon ^ hio p«pc pop Feronrif 
poppcapunje, anep mannep:- 

'-CO apsyre.CC. 
* . , VIIL y€p 

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. VIII; . 

y€p * ^aem J^e Rpmcbuph ^crrmbjicb P^pe 
f yx huub pinrpan ^ pijc lo Gj^yprum peapIS oa 
anpc nihrpjcrij mahoa opflejcn, ealle|:paiQbi« 
opa a;^i)um rynum*^^ ealLe ))a men comon xrpam^ 
rpam ^ebpo'Opin:- £>j ])ij- ^eboii paef. pa jyt? ly* 
febaa pa^ebpo^pa:* Se ylbpa paej- harcn Danau]**: 
])e jjaej- yjpelej- opbfpuma p«f. re peap'S op hif W- 
ce abp«feb. •J on Spjc past; lanb he jcieonbe be-* 
com. *) mr f fe cyninj J)«p Tcndauj* milbelice 
oDpeojj. peah he hit: him ejct mib ;^f:ele pp^ul^ 
be. ])a He hme oy: hif pice abpasjcbe:- On ))sm ba«* 
pm oq [i] 6^yprum p«f j^aej- kymn^f J)eap 
Boj-ipi^i)^. "^ calle ]ja cuman, ])e hme jcpohron* 
he ro blore jebybe. ^ hij^Eobum bebeab:* 

Icpolbc nu (cpae^ Opofiuj*.) J me J)a2;eanb- 
pypban. J>a ]?e ]-ec^a'S J?«r J^of ponlb fy nu pyp» 
re on "Syj-an Epif renbome. J^onoenio aep on])aem 
naefcheny-cype pxpe. J>onne hi ppylcjeblor ^ j-pylc 
mop's bonbe paepon. f pylc ic hep ap beppaa 
j-aebe:- JlJpaep ly nu on aeni^n Epiprenbome. bc- 
tpuh him j-yl^um. ^ mon him fupfe rpilc oobpat* 
ban. ^ hme mon aBni;5um Eobum Dlore. o13^ 
hpaep f ynbon upe Dobaj*. pc fpylcpa nuna ^yp- 
nen. fpilce hiopa paepon:* ? 

[i] 63yptan.CC 
* Orof. 1. i. c. II. 

t I ^Bceive this fl)ouId rpther be hine, and yet hir i< 
fo frequently ufed for hine thvot^out this Saxon rev* 
fioD, that I lufpeft it to be a pecuharity of dialed, which 
I am not fufficiently acquainted with. Some verbs indeed 
govern a genitive, but onfiranjan does not : f eo meni- 
^eo hin«^ajpt9|^ ea)fe^his s&bibun hq". Likc. iriii. 40. 

62 on 

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RORMi:STA REOI^ .JEi.Fil5©|, 

On J^aem ba^un? Peppiif p cynin2;e op Epcr 
ca lan&e in Spam mio jTf jibc j:op. ^ on J)a'8cot)c 
j?;nnenbe psep o'S bi him S^fcypr^"^)^ p«poa« "3 
JJaem^eobe o'JScpni? naman ay^cop be himjyl: 
Vuin, j-p;| hi moo j*y1S^J»i hasa; Pepii:- 

Ic par Xeape, (cpae^S Opopjij- *.) "J ic hjj- pccal 
heppth p|:cphebban/ '^ |>a'f petl }»e <c ytc^t ic hi 
j^ccal ^^rpy p?:an. pp^pn J?e 3S!f fipie haep^pn LX 
pmrpa •*] an hiinb. ^ at} ^urenb. unbep pj/iti^ai} 
fynip5.^pjce.'?5aet; hirhaDurpp S^^pynn^ p<i^r. 
pis "Sa&t; fi 1 S^pbanappUr gpyle^en ppap%. ^ p 
anpa|b frS^an pn O&a^e S^npeapp- bpa if jjasr 
(Ball ^1 ypi \^ h; bopbe paeppn, aj-ecrean maejjC; 

{)^15p anecceao;- ? 6ac ip pillj? ^e j-pi^ian 
If. T Phiropfjf-, ^ap^i fcpnblxcejT^eoa jp^'^: '^^ 
irpaiie;5?i feiraiepUca * ^epjp Tonirolur jepc- 
mcbc. f y^^ah nc cypinTcp^j-. ymb MSoiiccinht; 
J>e hp ipeapin^a ^enam Cap^tnp])ip ^ hu he hif 
3^cphe f upu hir^^ t>lot;c acpcafcc. "J 

Jiipp hjm pyljc poSan to mefcp f^l l^^Syj^pc*^-* ■ 
Eac me fCeaT+ a^peor^p yntbe Philopej-.*3 ymbc ! 
Tapbanup "j ymbe ealpa papaTpoiapa jepmtq 
afec^enn^, pop'Conori ypellum. ') on Icp^um . 
hppa gepiri cu^e rinbon:« Ic f ceall eac callc ' 
^pplseb^n. j?a ^e oj: Pepj-eQ ^ op tabmp ^paefec 
rynpop' ''5[ eac "Sa \p 9j: Thebani. "^ o|:: fejwpW: 
lii^epaBbp fynbon;* Gac ic pinejfCfpipan'J^ajpa 
jnanbaepa Jjapa Lemnia^qitQ* ':]| Panphjonir. J)if 

Jn this palTage oppanjan gdveynj an accufative, fla4 je: 
J)i|^an a genitive. Poffibly fomeyejrbs may govem both. 
* Oroi, 1. i. c. ^2i ' 

* + We (hould fayWi/# ' 

[ ij 8ap«aliapofem* CCi v- ft]}' Z^^W^^* ^•^' 

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iyaui^r. hu'bjieo^lice he fpAji^ ^xft^yni^ 
[ij^rhcpenvtqui hi|*a^aj)e ycoxm. '^^Ttvpo-* 
jai*. '5 jTinjtr^f hu hi treopa }:£be}iaf «p< 
rlo^n. "3 yrnt hiopa het;elifaQ p}pU;^e|^ tC 
W eall {vpliBte:' €ftc jc [2] be}i pdp|aetPO 
[3]^t>ipuf . hu he aej'Bep ojsflph gc hi|- aj^nqw 
beiKp. je hif yTeop-pBjBep.gehif feeof^foanc* 
Do ))£m pa^mj^aepon fp [4.|tto^iBerltcay|xL 
I )a men Y/lf: )^et]»oii. ^Saer hepaef ^nio^ iuoftt 


yt^f "Saetn {ye RomebQ|ib ^timbjieb «epe 
ryx nunj> piorpum. "j i-jxra^om. oeajrS f un» 
^emetrbcc myc|e gejccoln; berpeoh Cpetred]^. 
^ Xtrhcnienfe. J«m pc^m. "J Ja I]j%i^t«tif| 
haepbon ISooe Tjumlican p^. *3 eatte tSa «r6e^ 
fejran beapn. j»ajTa ffrhcmeof a hy ^namcm. *]| 
j*eah)pn %sem (Dinoraupo vo eranne. ff^jf he- 
alf: mann healj: leo:< Chi ^Ssem.^a^m )uef j) La* 
pbitre -J Thcf j*alia jwpon pjnncnfcie himbevjiek 
poao. ISoone 'm Laphite gefapon Thtj'fali. jJ 
jxdc. 0]c hiopa-'hopfatt beon feohreiiM pf6bf» 
boone beran hi Eepraupi. f j-yntioo healj: hcrpf. 
neilp meo. pplSon "Se hi on hc^f feoh^ 5^ 
ppon aep J>a:' 

■ X. 

feo|(^ hunt) pmt^Mo. "] jauo&^cahr^tfi^UBi \^ 

fi] Ochinentium. C. p. . [^J hi hit:. C C. 
[3] !St)ip]'\jf. CrC [4] urjemcclica. C. C. 


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wo*cj»'8cot)CO. •J he Vcf o^ej- €^pra c^niq^* 

onJanopUbaekf. "3 hij- flejiTObjiacan bcjropan 
^pittjQr CO JjsBjie ^Cjobc. ^ hiiti unrpeoxent)- 
Int l-ecxao heis:. ^ hi olSeji fcolbon o'SISc ;f 
lanb «t? mm alyfan. olS'Be he hi yolty inm.^e- 
jcQobte fojv^u. "J pojihep^iaii:- -^y him }z 
jecj^bpij-hce anbpypbon •;} cpsebon. ♦« "f hir ^c- 
** mahlic paepc.^ unpijhrlic. "f f pa opepplcnceb 
** cynmj j-ceolbe pmnan on j-pa eapm pic j-pa hi 
♦* paepoo:- ftcranhunjwWh 'f anbpyptoe fcc^n." 
«* "^ hun leojrpe porpe pi^ hxnc ro ];*eohraone«)>oh«< 
<* ne ^apl ro 3ytecDoe>'] ^ f ^eI«p:oa fpa, -^ 
jfoaai.wDecymnje "jjejdymbon.mib hi;- folct. 
.^ bim «)rt7ep yro^xenbc paepoo^ "3 lealld 6^yjwa 
tpefcon. burao %aein jrenlaobum aiiao. - ^ ^a hi 
hatn]^capb penbon. be pepyan ]>-aepe ea Goppare. 
ealle TCriam hy ^^enybboa ^ hi him ^pol jtil- 
boD, •ji '^^J^ papon pijcryne ^eap ]> laob hep^i- 
Anbe. T pcjrrcnbe. o15 hiopa pi}!: him f enbon 
«pcilbpaetn wjcrep, 'j him paeboa. ^* $ hi QjSep.^ 
** bybon. tfB'Sehamcome. o^lSe hi htmpblban 
M o^eppa pepa ceopao:-,) bt }$, jf lanb fopieton. 
•3 him hampcapb pepbon:- 

On * b«pc ylcan rjbc. pupbon rpejcn ae^- 
JioTaf ajclymbe oj: ScitS'Sian. Plcniuj-. •^ 8coIo- 
ywrnf paenan harcne. ^ ^ejjopan jJ lanb* ^ 
^ubCM Dctpeoh Cappa&ociani. *]) Pooicatm* 
ncah J?«pe laeyyan Xpam. ^ ^aep pmnenbe 
ijacpon. ^ ^ jJ m him fxji eapb ^enamon. "J 

-. n - • * 

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in ^p. ^jbrep hpxt>Iice ribe< ]^mi }xm 
ianbleobufn "Soph feapa o^ple^oe papbomi 
Da pupbon hiopa pij: fpa j-api^e on^ 
be. ';| f pa f pi^hce ^ebpef eb. «^^p ^je ^apa 
as^lin^a pip ^c ))apa o'3ep]ia manna, ^e mib 
hinbojcfle^ene pa^jian. ^ hi p^epna naman ^ J)ogi 
■f hi heopa pejuf ppccan '5oht;an. ^ hi )ya hparb^ 
hce-iBjccep ^m o^jrlo^n ealle )^a pa^eb menin 
)« him oil neapcytc p^pon:« Fop5Son hy by- 
bon. ppa. .))e hi polbon ))aer )9b oSpo pi|:; paepan 
cmpapi;^e heom. jJ. hy jj'S'San on him pilrum 
hsejcbon. 'p hi ma meabran hypa pepaj* ppecam* 
bi ^a ])a pij: eallc ro^jacbepe ^cypbon* ^5 on 
^^er/polc pinnenbe paspon. *j ]» piepoeb m«n fk«- 
anbe. 0% hi pxy iaaber hae]:bctti mycel on btqia 
aupesdbe:* £)a unbe.p ^xm ^epmne* hi ;^enamon 
fpjSi pi^ !6z paepneb men:? Sy^Ban paej- hiopa 
Scap. ;f hi aelce jeapc ymhe rpelp mon4'&. ibo 
fomne jccpbon. Tj jweji "Sonne l>capn ajl^pynbon* 
ejcr %onne ))a pij: heopa beapn kenbon. Qonne 
jcebbon hi ))a masben cilb. ^ T^S^" 1^^ ''^Yf^ 
cilb. *3 ^asm meben cilbaa hi poprenbon f j-py* 
]?pe bpeofc popan^ "^ hir peaxan ne j-ccolbe. 'f 
►hib«jdban])y rrpen;5pan fcyre. pptSon hi mon 
heron Epcacij- T^mazonaj*. f if on €n^hfc jfO|i* 
renbe:* ^lopa rpa paepan heopa cpena. [i]CDap- 
pefia. *) Lampiba paepan.harene. hy hypa bqic 
on tpa bobselbon. otiep asr ham beon hiopa 
lanb ro healbenne. o^ep urjca^ian t;o pmnanne:- 
^y fylS'San ^eeobon €upopam. ^ Spam i^Sooe 
maep:an b«l. "^ ^cyirobpebon €p^pum ^Sa^bilph. 
•j moni^e o=5pe on j^aeppe laef f an Xpam. 'J p'S- 

[x] Q)aprepiiv'C> C. . ; 


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%ad hiofu htptf ^txt masf^ran osel ham yenhali 
ftab hiQpa hcpe^by^e* ^ ^oue oCepne t>«! faji 
lasron« j$ lant) ro healbeooerv Dxji peap'S ODap* 
pepia po cjjen Off la^D. "7 myccl.t»Bj- hejicf Jjc 
mm hype bs^fc^n p»p- ©«p. peaji^ hype bobi 
•txnji o^en 6inope. po ylce open 8inope* vo ea^ 
cat! :byfic hpaerj-cypc* *) hype moni^eaitnida bn- 
^^^al&ttm. hype h^. ^^eenbobe on mae^hatdes- 

On J)aem t>a^m j»f f pa myoci e je f pam Jam 
{i]pi):n»anoum. j» €upope. n^ 3tpa. ce* ealle 
))& neAh ISc^ba. iie ttiihran a'Sencan. ne acpaep- 
"Vatu hp hy him pi^^rantxan mihran. ^%o& 
hi -^ccapon epcol *ODe enr. j) he hi j-ceolw 
iiu|)"ealiaQ C]w|tca cps^rran beppican. ^ ^ah 
up obpfre he ^cneSan J he hi mit> jq^p&e j^ 
(pjpei £p he <mr^ mtb Epcact pcypum. j)6 mon 

>^4Ui Supcnb oianna.) ^ 15a rahtcf on uo^ppc 
hi ott beftad. ^hifpiSeisopfloh; n( ppliyte. 
rj hj«})epe nc mijahre- hi jwf lanOef bcnaBman:* 
Qu %asin . ba^^uib [^asp pa^pao rpa cpeaa. [2] ^t 
-pfl&pan ^fpcopcpa. Kntiiicpa. ^ Opitiiia. •) 
poapIS Opirhia ^epiii;j5cii:* ycprep hyjte y:en^e 
.ro'j^asm pice [3 J Pearhepld. po on |>aBm Tpai^ 
aoircao ^ej:eohtre f pi'Se maepe ^cpeap^:- 
- JPit If j-contjlic. (cpae^ Opofiuf -f*) ymbfp^lc 
ro f ppecdnne. hpylc hrtr)» p»p )>a fpa eapmc 

' * I>e)^^ Mv^r 10 the oHginal^ hut why termed Dal^ 
aMntif ibycheSsixons is qoc fo obTioiis. 

fi] mannan, C. C. [2] fa. C. C. 
[3] Penrcplm. C. C# .. 

I ! pipneD 


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'' .)PP^» VP^fV ^^^^^ f *^*1- T V^ hparej^an 
** n3^ cal|ef > j?f j-qj- .. fpibban;5eajTJbef . jjaer pagjr 
" S^-jXatn 3.feun9P^ P^lne pojaneah mib calle ap&- 
^' pon.^'-).eal&afea]:tjia. *^.eal&b?jii;5 ro-puppoii, 
" "3 ^jcrep/Sam lue by^&on . a£;5^p ^f?^ fymn^a 
** picu ti] j•a^can^.;gen^p^)^:}e}:rJla.t;lmbpcbOD. rj 
*' ealle |>a poppltjon luppg a^gen peuen&« 
" pxjioii.polneah C. -pjtnrju. ") j:pa rampne moa 
.^/ p^ejion ^lej- hx^>xji\ J?a'55ce hie,h^t^j:olneah ro 
*' u^nuin la'Se nsejiion. t{^t:t?9 hi£'.y;pji,t;*nrjie&ba. 
^' l''l .mY rP^ rint:pe2;€&on. l;^ p\x jia Gotaa 
eomoa ^^ \>im hpareft; n ni^nnap ]^.cj"imar 
ma. J5e ae^^eji -^^ Pijapuj^.* j;q pe^Sa^ Epefaca 
cyomgc ^e Jticxaabeji- gc luliuf j-e cpisepriga 
Eaj;epe^ hie alle ppam him oubpebon. ;f hi hi mib 
.jejrcoKten f ohrc:* " . iiu ungemfcrlicd ge llotne- 
*' pape bemupcnia^ ^3 be|-ppecaS. fay :{: eop nu 
** pypf f le on J?yf aa JCp^j-tJCinbome. ))ont)e Jjaeiri 
" ^eobum J)a paBpe* pop^pn ]?a Dozran cop hpoa 
" opephep^obari.^ eoppe buphabpaecoti.^j eopep 
" jceape ojcj-Io^an. ^3 fojfi hiopa cpaej:rum ^ pp 
*' hiopa hpaerj-cype, eoppa peljcpa anpalbej- eop- 

*^ What is betweeft the crotchets is aii infehiori from 
the Lauderclale Tranfcript. 

t I rauft own that I do not underftand the rignifica- 
tiofiof this word, and fiifpeft it (bouMbe cpa^prjeftaa 
(or craftiefty which agrdes iJdX with the fenfe of the 
Context:, feappa alfo {tiould be cearrfia (or cafiksy: 
And fanie words ftili remain iii this addition, which fcem 
to watitconjefturai emendations. 

X I cdncelve inftead of |?af it ftiould be fM4 
«. • '. • 

lyX f atan. B. T« 

H «* pCf 

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** pey un'Sanccf habban texht^ia ))c nu luj^hce 
** pop umcj- pjii^l*. *3 pmne barf landcf actjeop 
** bib&enbc j^ynbon. ro^on "f hi coj) on^rolrumc 
^' beon matron. ^ hir «p ^ypm ^jcnoh acmeri^ 
Ib;j;. •) ;jcnoh pcfre. -^ ;5c hif nanc oore oaep 
bon:- ^ blinblice moni^e ])COba jppcca^ yntib 
%one Epif trcnbom. j> hti: du pypf c j-y Jrohne 
** hiT xji jp«pe. j> hi nella^ ^^ncan. oWfc nc 
<• cunnao hpflcphir jepiijibc aep%aem E|tirrcabo- 
** me. t aebiy ^Scob o^jic hype pillum j^trecf b** 
♦* be. burbn Hyj^e ^app j>acpe. oS^e bpaep aenij 
<* ^eobarb^pcmyhrei:rpi'5be*itnm;c^ 
*• ^olbe- o'St^ mib j-eoIj:pe. cfelSe mite ieni^ 
** peo. butaa he him unbepTScobcb paepe:- ^c 
<* yfSt&sin HjMfcxchopen paf. J)e eallep mibban 
*« ;j5eapbef fi pbo. ^ fpiU nalef J an J men hi 
** ttiihranalypinnub pco bjc^opbome. ac c«c 
^^ "Scoba him bcrpconan but:an ^opbcMne. ^- 
** pbfume jfejionr-Nupene^ hpylcc i pbbe ^a 
^' pcpaj* haepbon sep^m Epif renbome. jjonne 
*♦* biopa pip ppa moni^pealb ypei boobe paepdn 
** on ^yj-an mibbanjeapbe:**' 


y€p * ^aem ])c Romebuph ^etrirabjicb yxjxc. 
reopep'hunb pmtrpa. •J pprci^; pinrpa. ^cpeap^ 
y [fflexaribep (Ppiamifer j*unu. "Sxy C]^nin^e^ 
op Tpoiana ISsepe bypij.) ^enam fjep cyninjej' 
pip Q)onclaup, op L^cebemonia Epeaca bypij. 
eiena:- Ymb hi pcap^ J maepe ^epm. '^ J)a mi* 
clan ^epeohr Epeaca. "J Tpoiana. ppa j^aer Epea* 
cap hapbqn m. papa })apa miclena bulmu^ia. ^ 
himberpeonan geppopan. ^ hi naeppe iiolban on 

OroCi Ui*c 17. 
i '♦ . i cy^^ 

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icy9%eainttiii sejx bi heopa «eonan ^pji9Coa« 
*] bi )^a «yn ^aj) ymb/5a buph firrenoe )>««* 
jiop. T peohtcnbei* •♦ J&pa if -f apunan mae^ 
** li)p«t7 Jwm moncynncf fropj^eap'S. on eej^pc 
" hant>* ^ Omepuf f c fcc^ jTcorokcojrr jraebe. 

* pp^Son nif me pacf )>capp. (cpaerS Qpopuf .) ro 

* fecjenne pop'Son hir lanjrum ij-. ac cac mo* 

< ne^i^n cu'B:- Deah j-pa hpilcne mon j^pa lyfcc 

* "t -piraDupaebc on hij- bocum hpilc un;j;crima. ^ 

* npiicc ribcpnpfpi. ae^^p Tcon monf lyran. 

< jc on bun^pe. je on j-cibjjcbpocc. ^eon mif- 
^ Iicpc j:opj*ceapuD2;c. fpa mon on jpcllum 

Ba folc bim berpeonum ):ulle ryn pmrep }z 
^cpja ppcccnbe paspon. jclScncc "Sonne ^pa* 
tiba, •^ pu 5Syffa. hpae^ep him ber Iician:*! 

Da* pona oj: Sam ;5C]ceohre paep o'Scp aepjep 
l^lgenbe. Gqeap mib hip pypbc pop op j^a^m 
TpDiaoipcan ^epeohve in ItF^^liam. '^ mx^ man 
eac on bocum pceapi^n. hu mane^^a ^epinn. "] 
hu maneja ^epeohr he j^aep bpcojenbc paep> 


J^ji + ^aem |)e Romebujth ^etimbpcb paspe 
peopep ^ pyxri^ pmrpa. picpabe Sap'Sanapo- 
iup. pe cynin;^. in 'Kyyipiz. (fatp Nmup pe cy- 
nin^ aepepr picpabe.) *] Sap'Sanapolup paep pc 
n'Smeptra cynmje. fe on ^xm lanbe picpobe:* 
be paep ppi^ pup^umhc man. *3 hnepchc. "J 
ppy^ ppasne. ppa ^ he ppilSop lupbe pipa ^- 
baepa. )?onne paepneb manna:* Dxr )ja onpunbe 
Spbarup hip ealbopman. }je he ^eper ha^pbe 

* Orof, 1. i. c. i8t t Orof. I. u o 19. 

H 2 opcp 

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ojcqi CPc^Saj* f lanb; be oo^an pppan uftb ^:m 
fsolce ]fc he ofcp ya^f. hu he faane bef picac niaih- 
re. '^ afpconJiim j:pam caHe. J>a.J?e hp on&pcb 
^ him on jcyif-re bcou potebn:' ©a re cynin;^ f 
ODjrup&e. Jwr bim man j^cf picpn naef be. he j)k 
♦hrne f yif np pophpefinjbe. ^^ j-y®^an haejc&on CDas- 
^e onpalt) ojtep 3tff ijiie:- ftir ir uni^e i^::o fee- 
^cnne hu .manc^a ^epin fySiSan paepan be- 
itpuh OOas'Sum. rj Lhateeuna. t;| 6ci%^ian^ ac J)aer 
mon inae;^ piran. Jx)nne fpa 0j:epniaEt:hcu picu 
onpjype&e pappon. hu inani^e miypeohcc mon- 
cpeaira^y- on Ipam ^epiniic^epupbonf- 

yEprep ^sem picj-atje Fpaoprey ye cynin^c 
ji> ClOe'^en. aepsep ^2em Fpaopi^e picfobe Di» 
oclcf*. p O^a^'Sa pice f pi^e :gemidat)e, asprep 
^am Diode pen^ Ttpriai ro pice^ fe naepbc 
n«nne f unu, ac he nam hij- nepan him ra.|-una 
ojc Pepfan ]jaE;pe ^eobe. Eipufpaep harcn.p)5))a 
inib^on ))e he ;5epeox. him jja pp^ncpnbmn 'J 
J^am Peppeum. '^'hi on hip eamep anp«l&e p^» 
poiv "3 oiv^apa OOe^a. ac hi ^epin ^iphojcon;* ))e 
j?a 3f priai pe cynjc be^ohre ppi'Sopr ro Tfp- 
peliep hip [i] eabepm^o..'f he mib hip cpaepre 
hip nepan mib ^epeohre pi^probe. pop^on ]?^ 
pe cyuge pe ^emunbc jjapa .fnane^pa 7:eppcna, 
e hiopa asj^ep o^pnm on a^p bsS^m ^eby&C 
*3 hu pe cyninge her hyppunp opplean. "j byne 
jpy^'San ^xm pxpep ro mere Se^yppan:- 
J)eah hiopa ^puin )^a ;5epemeb pa^pe. he j?a 
j:e ealbepq:ian n;iib pypbe pop on^ean ^xm 
l^eppeun:}. ^ pona ]?a:p polcep ^one ma^pran 

f ^ feems to be here wanting. 

[i] ealt>eppen. C. C, 

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txl pleonbe mift calle jroplasbbe. ^ mib f eajipe 
'^m Pcji^eo cynm^e on onpalb ^ebybe ^ 
on )am ^^cjceohre OOae^a cpaejcr. ^ hiopa bo^vi^ 
^epok- ©a fe cynm^j "^ pacn onpuobe. ]>e yt 
eabepman pi^ hifte ^^e^bon haej^e. he "Seah 55;e5a- 
bepobc Jjone }:ulrum )?e he ])a mihtre. "J pi^ J)am 
nepan pypb ^elaebbe. ^ he Eipuj-; Pepf la c^nin- 
je. haepbe fpibban bael hyy* pypbe baejrranhim. on 
f ^juib. -Jip aeni;5 paepe Jejiry^pjclu^e * )?e on )>«m 
'jepeohtre paep. J)dnne ro faem poke J)e |?aep b«p- 
ran paep. ^ hihe mon plo;j^e ppa patie ppa mon hi- 
opapynb polbtf:- Da Jjeah-hp2e]>c/ie ^eby pebe him, 
•f hi hpset hpapa ^ebu^an ro pleonn*. hi J?a hi- 
opa pip him on;^ean y pnenbe hy ppi^e ropn pyp- 
bon. r^ ahpebon. ^' ^ip hi peohtan ne bojipran. 
** hpeebep hj pleon polbon. ;p hio^p ;5encp naep- 
** bon. burron hi on liypa pipa hpip Tepiten:-'' •)• 
^ ]?? J hpi£bhte. jeprcp ^aera "Se pa pip hi ppa 
rcanblice ^epaehr hai^pbon. ^epenbon epron^eaa 
ooncTcynin^. -^ eahie hyp hcpe ^cplymbon. T hi- 
nc pylpde ;^epen^oa:' ^e ]>a Eipup a^eap "Saem 
cynm^e hyp eame ealle })a ape |?e he asp haepbe. 
buiran ^ he cyn^e njepe. ^ he j^ar paep eall po!> 
pacenbe. pop^on ]>e him laippellap. pe ealbopman. 
ap ro beppice peap'S mib hip a;5enjac ]?eobc. ac 

* Mr. Lye in his Saxon Diftionary cites this chapter 
pf Alfred's Orofius for tlie word Fyppluje, and renders 
it Navis incendiaria : it is impoffible however thjit it can 
here have this fignificaiion, and feeois only to mean if 
any one quitted his poft in the battle^ 

t jepiten is here -rather redundant, inftances of 
which ufe of this word may be found in Lyc^s Saxou 
Diftionary, Art, Depiran. 

t 1 conceive ihfs fliould l?e hi. • ' i. 


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on aafak^ro habbenoe:* Da^p feap'S 0Daef5« on- 
pate ^^cntx>0# ac Eipup mib Pepfcum rp }»aem 
aQpalt)e pcnj* ac J>a bypij. J>c od moni^oiQ \t- 
obmxk ODae'Sum aep jafol ^Iboa pujfit>oti Eipup 
ro mone^um ^cjpcohtram:* 

Oo* "Sacm ba^um piinabefum ^^elmttro 
picpiaone in SpjcQriac, })»pe Jj^obe. [i] rala- 
9pcf paej- hatjen. he yaef oj: Sicilta ^apm ko&e« T 
mit> un^cmcrlicnc pmun^e be paef "f pole cpit 
meube. ro %oq p hi bim anbu^oD:* f>z y9tf )isp 
yum ap jeot?epe. f c imhrc t>on rom*cnbca zphc- 
nef f a, be "Sa fe 2;eorcpc ^cbea»> oapm OB^clin^. 
(jrop^n })e he him cpeman ))ohre,) "f he him xx 
Jjaepe pynun^e ^ylf ran j>olbe. J)e he jnem folce 
bonbe psej-^ he "Sa j-pa bybe. T ;^cpcophr- ancf 
jreajtpej-anhcnej-fe op ape. to 'Son^noe hit: hat 
fxpt. ^ mon ))a eajamen men on inqan boo pptoe. 
hufehlyn maeft; hpaepe, "Sonne [a] he Jwtj j-uj-1 
]?aep men on jjpopienbe paepon. "j cac )»apr ye «w- 
linoe aej'Sep haejrt^e jc hij* pie Jan. ^e hij- Jt* 
pill. Jonne he j^apa manna rinrjiej^o ofrcphypbe:* 
Da ]pxv fa onhaer paep . ^ tall ^ebon rpa yt ^co- 
tcpe J)aema5^chn^e aep bchctr. [•e aewUn^e '^jja 
fccapobe "^ cpae^ *' J?aer "Sxm pcopce nanummen 
** aeji ne ^cpipe bcr ro f anbicnne. Jjonoe J^am 
*< pyphran J>c hir pophrc/* her hme J)a nimad. 
*3 }«p on bepcopm:* " Fop hpi bey'p^ica'S numcn' 
** l^a EhpifTcnan riba, "j j-cc^a^ ;f nu pyppn 
^' riba fyn. ^ae J?a paejian. ]^a ]?eah hpa paejic 
** mib I^amcynrojum. on hiopa ^epill yjrel boi> 

♦ Orof- !• 1. c. 20. 
[i] Falopep C. C. [2] hi. C. C. 

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** be. jr^i fpft^teidih «t him ne mealmon itiiib }y 
« nianie a/ie ^tfbtffi:-? -J nu cymn^j-. -j Ilarenar. 
'« J)tefth h|>a jjOS 'teojia jwJIan »e^lre. hi "Seah pwi 
« Douif te^. be ^r^yW ma^. rofitrip. 


y€p*^ ISaem J>e iWmebujth ;5ietnmbjii5b j>«fc 
^jiirij vkarjia.i^ Ijaaca:e Pekpenj-ram. *3 TTTb©- 
Qieiitawb. E}ieaca))eo»a. ^mmreatium hiopacfmts 
t«m'him)btrirjaonuin:pmncdtj©paBjTDn. tj hi trb 
«0D fja«e pojiriejeiie yupwein oa ae^^jt^ feanb. f 
btco/n.):f ajre to^fajcepajmon:. On- J>aBpie fktati^. 
jajian ejcr otijic loiSe^arpi^xaeu pinoenbe on fff* 
am. jjelap oa&ci^Sian -psjuo. "rj-hi j-pi^ awn. 
taa 3 pphengot}oii:> , 


J£pf "S^m «j!e Romebujib ^enmi>pet? ])«r|ie 
tpenri2;um pmrpum. L«ce&emonie "j ODefiaD^ 
Eneaca jkobe. h>m berpeonan prnnen&e paepan 
fj] rpentn^ pinrpa. pojilSou OOeriane nohson;* 
L«cet)emoo» jm^g&ea-meii. mibi hiopa pfjjyietjen. 
T hiopqt tfOtMim oop^en:* dDa ter cyhjiran 4ii 
hspon jerojcn call Epe^ca pole ro jaem jepift- 
nam.,J?a L^Becb^mooiani bepseron )>a buph (X)»r« 
ryn pmrep. -^ a^Say seypopan ^ hi najppe nbteaa 
aet ham cuman. aep hijwer geppeceu hae^rbon:' Da 
pjBbbaa h» .kiq^ bp^peori««. •]( epasbon. ft hi ro 
Jia'Oe p<5lbonplrumeleafe bebn apphwpa beapn- 
reamum. Jja hi J>aep j-pa lan^e >ohron ro beonne. 

• Orof. 1. i. c. I a. f Orof. ibid. 
CO tpencuC. C. 

•3 Jraib 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^ J njiD hiopa petobum jej:a^f!impt> , haf j*oo* ^ f 
Jtii hiopa |ceon&um bet; bybe..^oi)pc pypp CD* 
iam ^ecpseben j>a. J^asr }>a )?e aep aer ^m a^um 
nsepe. ])aer J)a ham ^epenban. ^ be eallan hyps 
pijrum beapn aj-rnynbc. ^ ^a o^pe fitrent»:pae- 
pan ymb'Sa bupn. o'S \>c hi hy ^cpunnerie haef- 
bon. ]?eah hi him lyrle hpile jehypf tune payion:* 
'3c ;gecupiaQ him aehne j-cop ro dyninx of Sthc- 
nicof em. ^3 ejir mib pypbc fopan prajja QOcffc- 
iiiev.Ba hi him. neaJbhron^ J^^ ^^erpconobe hi 
hf3^iStp hi pi^ him mihrc> 6e hiopa cyuin j on- 
^an'Sa pn^an. ^ ;5ibbian. ^ mib )^am f copjeo^ 
hiopa mob ppilSe ^rpymebe. t;a fan $ hicpa^ 
boft "f hi Q[)9f lana polce pilSrraabattmihreii. he- 
.opa tSeah pupbon jreapc ro iape ou asSpe haht). ^ 
fxz Epcaca folc pela ^eapa him berpeonaa tspo- 
o;5enbe paepon. ae^'Scp ^e oj: Lxccbcmonia. ^e 
op ClOcpianei ^e opBoetium. ^e ojc ffrhenicnti- 
um. •J monige o^pa ^loba ro jjam ilcan'^epinnc 

Nu ij- hir j-coprlic ymb Jwer jef art). J^aer aeji 
"^tftdjViS aep Romebuph ;5erimbpeb fxjxe. "f paej- 
jcpam jcpym^e mibban;5eapbep. jceopep %upnt) 
pmrpa; ^ pcopep hunb. ^ rpa ^ hufit> cahratij. 
anb'flejrccp J?aem ]>e hio ;5et7imbpcb paef. f(tj 
upcp bpihrenef akcnnep ymb fyjpaii hunb pii>- 
:rjia •] ryne:* 

i?5cfi enba^ j-io popmc boc* ^ on2;in^ f w 

• ^ LIB. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



IE ♦ penc (cpse'S Ojiof luj-) Jjaer nan pij: man ^ 
ne f y. boron he ^enoh ^eapc pirc* ;^ Eoto 
)?one spcp^anman mhrne /^ ;5obne jcfccop* 
T call mancynn mib nim:- Sob pop'Son J>c he J 
30& pjiler, J?e him jef ealb paej- . ^3 pyjir© je^ 
feaj-. hir Cob f y'b'San lan;^^ umlicc ppaeccnbe 
paep sepep? on him j-ylvum. ^ py^jjan on hip 
bcajinan. Tconb ealne ^yf ne mibban ^jjcajib. mib 
moni^ealbum bpocum. ^ Tepmnum. je eac j^aj: 
cop^an. ]>e ealle cpice pinra bi hbba'S. calle 
hype paej-rmbaepo ^[elyrlabe:* Nu pe pijran j> 
upe bpihren uj- gej-cop, pe pi Iran eac ;f he upe 
[ijpeccenbe if. ^ up mib pihrhcan ]>in;5ao. 
lupi'S J^onne aeni;^ man:- Nu pe pitan ^ ealle an-P 
palbap ppom him ]rynban. pe piran eac. j^aer eall^ 
picapynban ppam him. pp'Son ealle anbpalbaf 
Of pice pynbon:- Nu he ^apa laep pena pica pec- 
cenb ip, hu mi^e fpi^op pene pe J he opep }>a 
map^n j-y. J)e on j-pa un^emerl^cum anpcalbum * 
picpebap:? 'Kn paep Babilomcum. J)aBp Njpuppic- 
pabe:* j)aet:'o^p paep Epeaca. ))aBp Xlexanbep 
picpabe:- J)pibba p«p !7!Lppicaaum. Ipxp Phrolo- 
me picpcbon:* 6^e pop^a jp Romane. ]px i^yn 
picpienbe pmbon:* Dap popep heajcOblicu picu 

* Orof. 1. ihc. T, 
f pp man mufl; fignify here either born ofwomaA% 
or othcrwife it muft be a miftake of the copyifts for 
jHf-man, or wj/^ »2^«. 

[1] peccenb, C,C» 

I pmbon 

Dwgitized by VjOOQIC 


Pnbon jrcopep en&aj* Jjyjf ej* im&ban^gcap&Cf . 
^ib unaj-ec;5ent)licpe Eobcf racnungc:* Daer 
Babilooicum paej- J jx>poftc. ^6n eaprcpeapbum:* 
J)a^ sejrrepe psey p Epeaayce. "j on nop'bepep- 
«^u0u^ Jter %f)i&t>e p3?ejf Jwrc XjcpjucafMintt. TF on 
fHlSe|eaplra|n> ^tpc ^eop13e if Romaoe* "3 on 
pejfVepeapbum:' Babilonif ce jl »pefttf. ^ Ro-^ 
mane | f i^mcpre. hi papao j^pa f aebeji. "3 f una. 
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EpeiK:i]rce. ") \mv 3tf ppicanif ce. paepan I'pa f pa 
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pc:'» i)®tr ic piUe cac ^epcabpiyhcop ^pecjMi. 
^ hit mao ^opnop ajyran mse^:* 

6c 5 aepep:a cyDiD;^ p«p Nmuf hsltteif. f pape 
«p hcppan j«ban. [i] *3 p hine moD [2]opfk)h. 
^ jcen^ Sameparotp hip cpcn ta Jwm pice. T 
^enmbpebe ^a huph Bahylonie. vo^wn f bio 
peppe bea^rob enllpt !2^fpipiJk ^ hit; yxht pmtpa 
j-j^^an on )«biii jfTOb- 6^6 )wt Xphatwf QOe^a 
ealbonman Sap'Sanapolim Babylonie cyoiD;^ 
Q^p^r^ Ba peap'S Babylonia. *) !ff jjipia anpate 
55eenbobw "j jjebpeapj: on CDc'tJaf :• Oto. j^awn yl- 
can jeapc. ]ic )ttp p»]p, Pnocop . I^ftimctropif f a?- 
bep. on^an piq-ian m Iraiia J^aem lanbe. )»p aejS 
Bomcbuph ^^erimbpcb peap%> 8c Ppocop p«f 
Nomctopip jiasbep. "^ OChiliep ef . "J p?ep Silvian 
caai:< 8ia Siivie pa^f [3]Reinupef mobop^Ro- 
mulef . ))c Romebvph ^crimbpebon:- D^trrpillc ic 
^ecy'San. ^ j)a picu op nanep manncf mihrum 
j7a j^ecpappj^abe ne pupbon. ne pop nanpepyp- 
be buran jrpam Eobep ^eprihrun^e:- €allc 

[i] T dcfft c. a ^ [2j rioh c. a 

f 33 Senupef* C^ C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

j«WR* FfMm )%iti oe}tefcaa ^eaji'e Nimif Cf p^ 
cef4 0$ jKBV titbiJbtiitt bujih <2«Tinibjie& pia*f. 

^tt^n^lSe Pjtoo^ picfooe i q Ixaltvi yupun eac 

wffa^iinbfiebd:' S^ ylcan ^iipe. JJe Romana 
fase: )>ea«an ou^tt. y mydiaii oa P/iocof t>ft;^e^ 
^f «^iiiii«f . tSy ylcan ^eape ^e|:eol 6abtl<>> 
me. "j GsAiltfppz ^tot. *) heojia a33))aib> /Ep- 
•veji^Sami j« mm mofa cybin^ (^f loh SaplJa- 
ft4>*»ltu>&' ft^SilSaii ^pon Eatbei ^ knb ^bah 
oa )!:pe»oc)itie. I* nyhyr Jape byjiijj jraepon. ^eah 
(i jl pit 096^ haeyt^ft >ofle aopdt) opep hi. olS^aet; 
Eyj^f f epf* cy»W5 nitj-*a» ofi^n. 7 eaHe 
8tbilMi<i ajwyue. "3 eall Xmpie. ^ calle OOe^ 
«ii Pltj^rft ai^t> M^. J^tfi ^damp j; oft 
)»)% yiaatQ«ibe. ^Bw>ik>&ia ^Ofbome on^en^ 
ffM^ tifmfo fatm ttyoio^ f Romana alyf e» 
ptfiplSr cgp Jieo^iMmfi ^pa utipt^htj)ip8p£;«taii 
^ittijai. 7 >apa c^pflto^'jeftena. >e ri^n hSt 
Tapeuiiiie. ^ j^a ^ eaf«pwft*.m ^^ fipial^c* 
|XoA. |M(eac j^ yefcyiice m Romatia apa}-:* Gyt 
foeati ic <qMM5 Ojwfioj-.) mam^fealblicop 
l^pecaii. pi^ "^1 J« fecjalJ. f ]» aopalbaf ryn 
<^ pypba nMs^enum ^<popi>arie. naler of Co- 
bcf'5ep:ihttin;5e:' J!?u emhce bit: ^lampymb 
^ rfa beajsopbpioa. Kj-ppiz: *] Romana. j*pa 
f f a pe stf\ pebon. 

f ♦ N^nof picf abe on )>one eaprpice. rpa "j 
p^w^ pinrpa, *3 aepep mm hij- cpen Samepa- 

* Orof. 1. ii. c. 3. 
" * 1 2 jnij- 

. Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^fT ^P^ 1 peopejin^pmvpa. ^3 on mitofctntMrn 
hyjie pice bio ;|^tiiiibjiebe fiabilooia j>a fmjph> 
Ffum jKem ^eape ))e heo ^emnbjfiet) jieap$. 
p^f hyjie anpalb J>u]rent> piiirna *} an haob *j 
fyxri^ *3 ):ciIoeah^eopep.aep [1] hco byjic an- 
palbey bienumen pupoe* 'J befpicen ^Mua Sp* 
bare hypa arenum ealbopmen. ^ CDe'Sa kyoin- 
^e. )>eah f-y^'San ymb J)a bapb lytde bpile jcpeo** 
t>om paepe buran aopal&e. fpa pe aspfsetxm. fpam 
£albei j^am leobum. ^ f pa eac f pylce pc»ip1S 
Romebuph ymb m. pmrpa. *} an bunt) "] fyx- 
ri^ 1 plneabpeopp. "^^ailepioibipeealtMpmao. 
^ Corona cyniiiT hype anpalbep bi benuoao 
pclban. ^ bio bpsepepe onpealb on bipe onpal&e 
edyztji "Sacra ])uphpunabe:« J)eab «5)>cp ^yf p 
bup ja jmpb Eobef bi^lneija }u^ ^raoiab 
pupbe. sperr Babylonia. ]>upb bype a;;^nne 
ea]tx)pman. pa be hype cymn^ hey^c f pa eac 
Roma, ba bi hipe a^en calbopman. *} Eorooa 
cynio;;; hype anpalbef beounan polt)on. hit? )wah 
jGob jcop hiopa CpifTenbouie ne ^ej^apbe. na- 
ye ne jc op hiopa Eaf epaf . nc pop hypa f ylppa. 
ac bi nu ^yr picf lenbe yynbpn. asjj^ep xe mit) 
hiopa Epif rent>ome :;^e nub hiopa anpalbe. ^ 
mib hiopa Cafepan:- Dijyc f ppece nu pop "SSsbih. 
])e ic polbe f ^a on;^earon. }« jja riba upcf 
Epiftpenbomef leabrpiaS. hpilc milrping fi^^ 
"San p«f. j-i^^an pe Epipr;enbom paep. •j hu naa- 
ni^pealb polba?pnef J^acpe poplbe aep ^a:m papf. 
T eac f hi oncnapcn hu ^[chmpehce upe Gob on 
^9Em a^ppan ribum. J?a anpalbap ^ j)a picu per- 
re. j^e ylcape J?e ;5yr perrenbc ip. *3 penbenp^ 

• [i] hioC.C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


aeke atipatoaf . ^ aIc jiioe «o hi|* juUan. hu ^efitf ' 
an^ ))a rpabypiT haspbon. ") ha ^lice hiojia 
bajaj- ps^an. «2;fc|i ;5c on "Safem jobe. ^c od 
)$«m ypele:* TTc hiojia anpalba enbajp yisjiok^ 
Yff6e ao^^lice. foji'oon ])e Babylonie mib iiio^ 
m^abom un/uhrum *} j^penlujTum mib 
hipjia cyhiQ^. buron selcjie hjieope. libbenbef 
pspon. ;^ hi hir na ^beran nolban. sep^n hi 
Cobmib J^asm masfran bifmejie ^ea%met)be. ^tC 
behia^]^ef beoam. ^c hiopa cynm jef . ^e hc-^ 
opa aDpalt>ef:- Kc Romane imt> hiopa Epif«e- 
nan cynin^e Dobe ))eopienbe pa^pan. 1^ he hmx 
pp^ieni ag^jicf ^eu'Se. jjehiopa kynio jef. ^« 
beoju aopatbef:* Fop ^mma^an hiopa f-ppfcce 
^mev;;(;ian Jwi j?e SSajr Epipjcnbomej-. [ i ] pilSep- 
pitanrrinr. ^yp hy ^emanaopiUa^ hiopa ylbpc- 
na uncfaainef f a. *j hiopa pol- jepinnaii. *] hiopa 
mom^pealbaD unpibbe. *;| biopa UDinilrfun^e^j 
})e b ro Gobe haepbon, ^ cac him fdpum be- 
^eooum. f hi nane milbhcoptoeppe ISuphreon 
ne mihron. apBon him pio bor op |)«m Epip* 
teDbome coim. ])e hi nu ppi^opr vaela^:« 


Yinb* peopep huub pmtpa. •J ymbpeopep* 
ti;^. ba*p J?e Tpoiana Epcaca buph apepreb yxy, 
feap^ Romebuph jerimbpeb. ppam. rpam ;^e. 
bfiolSpaii. [2] Remap ^ Romulup.. ^ pa'Se aeprep 
«m. Romulup hiopa zn'^in ^eunclaenpobe. mm 
lup bpo^p ple^c. ^ eac py^'San mib bip hi- 

* Orof. 1. ii. c. 4. 
[i] piSep(:lihraii..C. C. [2] Remup. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ej^uMBft '3 faif ^se):qie&a. hpyks&bjfciift he Jniji 
MDbe jWBf* nut> ^ftin^iuL Msbta Sabnc 
ujUijMifie. f hi faun ^u"^ heopa t)Qhv|Mi 
vo fifom vo htrhnfonc* "] hi faeom )a^ 
l^^Bt iMipf^jMlOoii* hi f jw tJeah hu^milSuioef 
auib f inc^ome ht bc^won. mib Jpoon lie hi 
httbtai t hi htm jcylfran mdpnnk jt ht fiiojui 
IiO^oA ^ y'SSfabran meahtaa |a hi htm [t] ^ 
^f n^^^5ol>aii. )« loKfXMQ hi htm vo )»qijbm<. .nbi« 
opft pebejnim e}iT a^Ffto nototn:* Ymb jtaee 
])ea)if5 f taaeytc >cepta mom;^ i^cait. 0% Jie- hi 
jB9|Uioah mtb eollb yx>pf ievene. *] fxtjifajxie» 
jpcpiB. on ie^^pe he«Ife.^ hi mib oannDi ha» 
^. ne auhraa ^j-tmetoe jpyp^San. «ji 'St|«R(H 
BMoa j>tjc. mab hiopa cilbum. ypaenbe pajon 
;9r»itt&^))«m;S^}»ohre. '^hyjutjaBbejnunjn^aD 
vo jofttom fealkobe. *;! btbbeabe ;^ hi pajt 'Gbljim 
cilbt hijAB* ]f^f ^e|>iBnef fumne etibe jb^«» 
bea:> Sf«peop^koe. *)rpamik}eltoe» vef Rctt»* 
bqik OB ^jraoMui ^efaamb nub bjic^op fatobR 
*] mib jrj^jM. "3 imb Rooicdep): eame Hmat* 
ropej*. pon^ he «ac ojcj^oh. ]>a lie cymn^ |8Cf; 
•3 hym f ylj: j-y'b^an vo jwcm juce jtenje:. 

Duj* ^eblerj-obe Romulaf Romana nice oq 
jcpuman mib hir hpo'6op blobe )>onepeall. *] mib 
ttepa f fcopa blobe ])a cyjucan. *3 inxb hif eame 
blobe ^ jiice:< Sub f t^lSan hif a^enne f j>eo|i 
■BO bea13e berjMK:. )>a he htne to htm a]*peoo. "^ 
htm ;seher y he hij* pice pi% hme baeian pitee. 
*3 htne onbep j)aem o]C)-loh:« J!?e %a Romulupa^* 
rep %yf tti unbep]n:u^ Cpinenf-a ^ej>in.^ :}^ 
buph>)>apana. poplSoa Je he ^a ^yr lyrcl lanb- 

[1] JJafjen^obon.C.C. , jfrnjwi. ft. . 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

nice haejise. baran ^xjie by|u^ aope:* FojfSoa 
jie Romulup ^ ealle Romepape. o'Sjium trolcum 
onpeop^e psjion. ):oji^n j>ie hi on cnin.rhat)e 
fxpan o'tSipa.mjUina [ijn^t^hn^ap* f>a bt jia'haejs- 
ton Xpweof a )» twji yinbfct»o. "^ ))«p my- 
cebe bm;5^ep }>ciUeot)e pxpao. J^a ^j>aeban hy« 
j} lum Uo^jK P^P^ t ^ °'^ ^'^ ypfff^am hi> 
opa bf Teenbabe. jJcauie hi Jwr ^epmo joajv 
Isran. o^5e jcpi'^xenamao^ J^t ^J) ^ pinoen- 
pcfxnan. 0% hi%a Du/ib abpaecoo. ^ aeyxep J»eiu 
pi's "oa laobleobe oo xlce heal):e. unablioneob- 
lice pinoentae paspan, 0% bi J^xp ymburaa hsp* 
txm mone^a l>ypi^ be^irene;' !^c {^a cynin^af 
^ a^ep Rcmralujre picf^bao. paspan fopcu- 
^pan. 3 eap^pan ^onoe he patpe. ^ ))^ai ^olcun 
la'Span, *} un^etaejrpan. 0$ ])a^ TapcuuMOf. ]« 
pesp ymb j-asison. ])e hiopa eallpa jcpaoobofx; 
paq*. «5)>cp xe f apjpof r. ^e f pasnof r. je Ofsru 
QOD^p;:* 6alla )>apa Romaoa pir. J>a ]« ne 
mibve. be ro xelt;^|ie ^enybbe. ^ hif fuoa ^ 
bapoa^e. f he i»S i*^*^ L^inuf fife. Lucperie 
harrc Bpurof cf rpeofrop. Ja hi oa pyptie p»- 
po«. ]^h "Se bt KomuM bpyaMfre p«pon. t;o 
^»n cyiuQTc:« ^o ]>a Lucpetie by f-yl|se f op 
xiaem acpea&e:* Ba ]:^r L«t;inuf hype pep ;i;e« 
ahrobe. ^ Bpntnlf hype bpo^p. ]» jcopietoa 
lu^ jcyptte. Jw hi bepiran Yoeolfyan. "3 ^ hi bam 
oomaa, )>a a&ps):bon by «^])ep ^e ]K>ae kyoia;;. 
^e bif fUDH. je ealle "Sa J)e ^pe cyne cynoep 
pxpao. Of ^y pice init> ealle:* Aim )» Rooaane 
^pep ]»nn unt}ep larteopaf ^efetrcao. ]« hi 
£onj*ula}* heron, f hiopa pice heolbe. aii ^eap. 

[Qmeblinsaj-.CL, ^. 

III. ycjrtrcp 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



' ' y€pcc jT * '8aBin J;e Romebuph jctimbjieb pasf • 
"rpa hunt) pmrjia. *3 j2:copep. J^asr Bpuruj* p^j- 
jropma conj-ul:- Romuluf hiojia iropma cynmj. 
•J Bpurur. heopa popma conj-ul pup&on cmn 
pe'Se:- Romuluj- j- loh bif bjiolSoji. ^ hij- earn, 
'^ hif f peop:* Bpunif j-loh hij- pij: j-una. -^ hij* 
pipef rpe^cn bpo'Spa. jx>p 'Sao ]?e by j-ppae^ 
con ))xr hit berepe paepc. ])a?r Rotnane ep; 
heopa cyne cynne onjccnjon. |-pa by aep h3e|:- 
bon. pp'Sam he by her 2:ebin&an. ^ beppum 
fcallum )am pice mit) berman ppinjan. y pi'S- 
^an mib axum hypa heapb oj: aceoppn:- 
Tapcuihiu)- ))a. ]>e aep Rorhana cyninr psep ap 
peon Tuj-cea cyninj him on pirum. Fopj-enna 
fxy haren. ^ he J)e ea^ mibre pmnan pi^ Bpu- 
tjqj-e. T pi^ eallum Romanum:- JlJe Ja Bpuruj; 
^ecpae'S annpi^j pi^S j^sene cyhm^. embe heopa 
poobpcipe. ac him Tapcuinuj- o^epne ^e^ 
dn^ean j'enbe.[ i jSppunpup j-unu, Jjaep oicepmo. 
bi^ari. *3 heopa J)3Bp as^j^p. o^opne ojcfloh:- yCp 
rep ]>am Popj-enna. 'j Tapcumup J)a cynin2;ap, 
embj^aetrah Romebuph. •J hy eac bejearon J^a^p. 
;^ij: CDutriup na^pe. an man of J^aspe bypi^. he 
hy mib bif popbum ;5ee^pbe. J?a by hme t:e- 
pn;^on:- J)a pmeban hy hme mib ]?am. Jjaer ny 
hip'hanb [2] ppb^epobon. anne pn jep ^ anne. 
"J hme j-ec^an heron, hu pla ]?apa manna pae- 
^e. ]?e pi's J?am cy om^je Tapcume j^ilSopr pi^r 

* Orof. 1. »• C'S? 
[i] ^i'ppyDpf • C. C^ [2] b^pnbon. CC* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


facen h^pbci- ©a he Jwer yec^zn ftotee. }k 

ahfobon hi hme, hu pela Ipstp ppylccfia mann4 

)CB/ie. j-pyke he paBj-:- Da yxbt he heom. "f aer 

>aep pela ]?ajia manna paepe. ^ eac ^cfpopen 

. i«p&on. . ^^v hy o^ep jropleoj-an pol&an o^'^e 

. leopa a^en hjc. o^'Se Popj-ennep ]pxy cynio- 

.Jcf:- i)a J)ajr Jia Popj-enna ;g;ehypt)e. he |»aet; 

fctl. "J j^r ^jepinn mib ealle popler. j)e he abp 

j?peo pmtep bpeo^en&e yxy> 

/Gprcp * ^aem yxy ]?aet Sabinij^ce ^epmn. *j 
hm Romana J?xr ppy^e on&pe&en&e paepon. ^ 
bim jcj-erron. J?aer hypa an larreop paepe. J)o- 
ne hypa conj^ul. IpxuQ Jjc hy t;.icraroper heron. 
/J himib })am ricratjope mycelne p^ehaepbon:* 
jxptep |)am Romane.berpux him pyljcum. J?a 
-pican men. ^ ]?a eapmpan. mycel ^epmn upaho- 
pan. "^ him Jjaer ro lan^pumpe ppace come. Jjaep 
hi J?e hpa^op ne ^epemeb nepupbon:- On j^aem 
•bajum paepon ])a maej-ren unjerima on Roma- 
num, ae;5J?ep ^e on hun^pe. ^e on mancpealme 
Jinbep j)am rpam coni-uliira. 1 ira ^ Hubha bar- 
ton. *3 hy heopa '^cycohza. ])a hpile hy ^epef- 
tor* J?eah by ]?aep hun^pej^. *) ]>xy mancpeahnef 
iie mihran, ac ])2l mani^palban ypm"Sa t?a pepi- 
^anbuph fpy'Se bpoci^enbe p^epon:* ytp ^aem 
J^e peo pol ;5eenbob paspe. Uei^enrei^. "^ €rpup- 
ci j?a leoba. pi^ Romanum ^epmn upahopn. ^3 
piS])am rpam cony-ulum. O^pcupe ^ Epeaje. 
^ )>a Romane him on^ean fopau. ^ heom bc- 

* Orof- }. ii. c. 5/ 

K berpeoiuim 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


vpeonom a^f 'S^yfojion. ^xns heojianannofee 
cpp Mpb 2;erccan. buran hi p^ haejsbon:* ©a^ 
fxjioQ Romane f pa f py'Se opf la^ene. bcah hy 
ri;5C haepbcaa:* Bsechypa ancooful ])e nepmto 
lajcc peap'S. pyjtroc ]^no rpiumphav.^ Jjc bun 
xoao OD^eaa bpoht;e» ))a he [i]haat>peapbpf. 
T foebe I^aer hy haepbon bet; jepyphre ^Im 
man mtb beojce oD^emi come. |>onne m|b tpv 
umphan:* Dxv hy rpiumphan heron, f p*p ^ 
ne hpylc pole mit> ^epohre ojcepcumen haep- 
boo. J>onDe yxy heopa |>eap. J^aer fceolbon ealle 
hypa f cnaraj- cuman on;^ean hypa coof ulaj-. aep 
^^ep ^am ^cjpeohre, j-y^ mila jcpam )«pe by- 
pi^ mib cpae}:r-paene. mib ;5olbe* "J nub poh 
f ranum ^ejcpaetpaebum. •j hi jrceotooo bpia^ 
jpeopep-cctref . tpa hpitre. J)09ine lui bampeapt) 
):ppon. poQfie p ceolbon hypa penaTpaf pibao on 
cpaerpcnupi pi^ asp:an )jam conpiifcm •;} )» 
menn bejropan him bpypn ^ebunbena pe )»p 
T^epnjCDe pepon. baer heopa mflcptSt pee- 
olbon ])e )>pymhcan oeon:- Sc J?onne by hfjk 
pole buran ;^cpeohre on hypa ^epealb ^enyb- 
bon. ]?Qnue hy hampeapb paepon. JK)nne p ceotee 
him man bpm^an on^jean, op jwpc bypi^g'cprr- 
paen. pe pa^p mib peolppe ^e^y peb. ' *3 aelcej* 
cynnep peopepperep peop an. heojia conpulatfi 
tro maep^e:- Dagt; patp J^onne rpiumpheum:^ Ro 
niulup Tjepetre -^ptyv maima penarum. }^ 
yxy an hunb manna, ^eah hcopa afprep pypf^e 
paspe ]?peo hunb:- Da paepon pymbie bmnan 
Romebypi;5 pum^^enbe, ro ^n $ hy heopa 
paeb-):eabrepap paepoo. "^ conpulap YCcton. ^ 

[i] hampeapb probaMy. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^aBt'«dQfr Rcwiartd hisi hyjiftiiftecooi. -Jj JwetJ 
hbtf^tfmn call ^ hc^enbe jceoh un&eji anom 
hpop. J)al» hi bc^aiton. o=»^ on ;g;afoie. 0'8'Se 
«q TC/ii^iitf^e. ji by hir j-fS^n mihrcm him 
^dm ^aAafct<eIiC6«d niyvre ;get$Oflf. ])ain ]>« ])£p 
btftAi ]pe«>|«oni6 |!»/i6Di' Da confulaf . ]>e on 
]'ii$ ' dd^iti ]>srr da^i|te ;^pif>ti u^tiefjipm 
^<w< ^ dttti bet; eaU hypa cytid Fsbidn^ jrojv 

tsejof:e&' hte ^y^ t« bae^e hfc if ott leo'Sam 
ftni^eft. hj)yldn6 oenvivhi Kotiianafti ^efeoUdn:* 
6ac ^aib iaafti, ea fyfi&onbe ndfnan tiemnebe* 
Kaji)<utt'^|:eobte. "^ eic Jra ^jeata. ^e hi vtc of 
Roitt^fi^ to )ainf ^cjceohte pejison. him mad 
42jtfj-6e<3p)*naman. fe by ^yrbabba^;. y€peji 
Jfafla Rdm^ne cujWn Jjfieo hunt) cempena -j fyx 
tenlp4n%.'j> fdeolboii w ar»|ii^0 ^"S'an pi^ |"pi 
pela.libfwa'. ^^evjw^deon. -f b( mit> heojia 
^jtej?eo», fdJotees j-i^tf ^efr^ohtan. &6 Sabihi, 
jttft! tee^fte ftfaj^fiim* hii ealld ]»aep ojq-te^oo. bu*- 
tan anum. j*e "^ IrfSfpell art: ham ;geboaottc^ 
Natf* 6a! dil Rbma'ffe aflum. a<5 ypa hit; On feeop- 
tec«$** yiw^tfn If. f at ^h» eaMine iWtbbaA 
^«ajtti^)te^ caifW. *jf %5jf ittft. -j e;^^:. , . 

f aefedtt. J)4 hpile )•« Sabioi -j Roraane jmrtnon ort 
jJam pej*tt)*l*. ^a hpile pann he ae^j^eji ^e oia 
8ciW3l^^. ;5« dn Iiiwe o'6 he hdfepc mief r 
eaWn<5 ^fjc .eafV ba&l apef «.. *^ sBfvep jrato pypi- 
»e ;^«tebbc to Babylonia. J«r )a pjelc^/id paep 
^Bfttf jeiii|5 <^5e|i bbjib. ae hme Eanbef feo ea 
laF^e? ^leftw* ^ajf o^pjidbef . jroji 15am ^t 

*Orof. 1, ii, & 6. 
... K z faeji 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^se/i j-pipa nsejion:- f ca^trij- wll/»j:ejj|t^|«* 
pepamaeyr. buran Gupparerf ©a. ^eh()tj^)*)e:afl 
hif >e^cna $ he nub fuobe [;0)^r e^Ppejqpar 
pan poibe nub rpam tyhCentam* ^c ^^e re 
ppearrv pjTjbpap:- D4 ^^bcofcpfce Eipuf ^$' "^ 
hifj^e^en Qnhype j-pa ^eppecan, poit?eJ jwi fee 
rpa jpam peap'B 00 hiy- i^obe. ^ pr^ jjaj- ^a ^^c- 
boljgea. )?aet hi imhroripijcmca beiheopa-.cneope 
D|:eppabany ]>«p heo asp jwef ©y^*n ipilf . bpjjt)* 
^nnc heo plebcfsef :• :t)C J^a&t onb feaetoen^^.-j^- 
l«fre. *3 hi uppplet: oU j^eopep hunt) ^a. "=3 ofl 
j-yxri^ ea. *3 fy'SSan ipib hif pypbe.^sep.ojccp* 
jrori -3 aef^ep' j)am ^UJ:pat:e])^ ca.peo if na«p; 
paj^pa jreppcpa pasrepa. ^ ir ypncnbe'5up]fei.flub- 
pepeapbe Babylonian bupn:-, J!?e hy jeac mib 
gebeljre on meni;5e ea uppfoplcr., /^i^j-y'S^n 
inib eallum hif jcolce on J?aepc ea ^aii^. op )?a 
Ixiph ppenbepaei-, ^ hi jepaehre:* 8p^ uii!;5ely- 
^iibhce ip leni^um men f to ^e^^ec^AQiie* hu 
^nj^ man mibre ppylce buph jcpypqui. f pykc 
fee fxy, o^^e: eyrr abpaecan:* 
. Nembpa'S f e enr on^an aepcp r %:imkpiA^ ' Ba^ 
glioma, ^ Nmuf yt cyninj aeprep hio). ^iSaine- 
pamiphip cpen hi ^[eenbabe se]:t;cp hi9> Qn^ mib- 
bepcpbCim hipe pice:« See buph ;p«j* ;5«t:iinbpcb 
on plbum lanbc ^ on jrpi^eemnum. 7 h?o paef 
f pi'^ie ):ie;5ep on to Iqcianne.*^ heopsep j^pi'Se pih- 
re jceopcpf cyre.'j J^aep peallcp mycehiypp,*j|pcf r- 
Jiyp f . ly un^elpcbhc ro |-ec;5cnne, "f ip "^ be if L 
elna bpab. ^ 11 hunb elna heah. ^ bir ymb^an^ if 
jiunb fcoyranrij; mila. "| fcope'oan bxl aopc 
mile, ^ he if ^cpophr op ri^elan. ^ of cop'S- 

, HilJa.C.C. 


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tjyjicjwj^ T yi?jj>tftan )H>ne pcalK q* feo-;aMe)n:a 

jzpe^im. *3 p^utaa j5am Dice, ij- ;5ej>opht: t^- 
^pa eitia heah peall. ^ bupin j^am mapao pealle.. 
opep. eallne jK)ne ymbxonj. he if mit) praene** 
nwi/fi;^hu]riim bepojihr:- 8eo ylce buph Baby*; 
leoia feo J^e in«j-r paep •j aepep; ealpa bup%i*/ 
jiCQ If nu. l«f r ^ pcf rafr:- Nu f eo buph f pyk»- 
If j^Cfffp P«f c^Upa peopca pBftafT. 3 pvia-< 
t>ojiiicpfr, *5 m^pafr. ^chce ^ hco paepe to 
byfoe 4f trcajb eaUum imbbao ea|^:)e. *3 cac f pyl-» 
QP heo.f ylpfppecenoe ry ro eallum mancynne^ 
") cpe5Se# Nu ic.J^uf ^enpopen eom. •j ape^-jc* 
pit«Or bpier ^e ipagon on oie qn^iran. *3 onc- 
aapeu, f ^e oanubt; mib cop nabbji^ jraefTCf . ftc. 
ppipjcf . "p r« >uppunian mse;^e> 
: Qaj^am ^a;5mn;)cEipuf Pepf a cyn^ Babylo- 
nia <2i^^^ j^^piCf Cpocfuf fe Li^cymnjj.mitjj 
]fy!J**"5^f 'f^ B*^y Ionium xo pils:ume. aaj>aliei 
PMIte f hy hiracjpn^tiura jculrqra^^ieoa nemihte. 
^pfeobuphabpoeen paef . he him bampeapb j:epv 
fee. XfQ hif a^^erium p^ce. ^ him Eipuf paef aw:- 
t«^|pyU2?e«»>e. p'S he hme Sepen^. ^ opf loh:* 
Gub, 9u vpe. ,Epi}ft?epe Homaha befppyc15. . ;^^ 
hype^ peallaf pop ealburi^e bpof man. nakef nai 
pp'Stm. Je hw imb pophep^un^je f pa Jjebyf- 
mep4b paepe, fpa Babylonia pae'f. ac heo p)p 
hype Xpirt;eiQbome. nq jyr if ^efcylb. ;p aeg;- 
))ep jjc n^o fyip je hype anpealb. if ma 
[1 ] bpeopfenjbe pp eaibome^ j^oane. ojc asm* 
jcf cympgef nietje:- 

[i] hpeofenbc, C. C. 


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Sic^we. •J hiia ^p an ^0n^ cfom^ ftiDak 
]:yjfil&e <»ii^e^,)^p< *^ hi|* ittotM^ mib hu(k £)»• 
jmfvifu ©a Eip«^ fJttp ojrep j^ I*oo genflBftt.' 
c)»ppa;eft )k6 liartre IXpAxi/*. iiXitf ))ts^p }^ S^<^ 
^ c^^oiti^ }Wf op^ppepelwyftoppypflan Mf*i- 
vt. fM! fae pj^Si^ n<»It>e« ))y He mib htjr jrcme 
^errpupibd. phe kine' bef pl<i^ miht;e. j-l^fti^m 

me:* !Xc }f>a Eipup ^«iiiXfo6eK "^ bme |-^ ^(>^|?^ 
cynid^ )£pf3tc^ jK>foe« *;!- eac '^^atn fs&kn 
}%h) f yne. *} aoGt^ foajiQa yamy &penc^< he 
]!Op }?atn op )sep picftope ap&p. on ao« «m;le 
fsope; -3 ]»p bea^an]:oplicr edi ^ ^p ra^ 

FT 7 r?e*<*r* t >^ r« p^^t* *^^^^^ rr**^ 

nuccle peoeno^ p^^ j hy )>aooii Jifeonbij^Ofi., 
)<«Bne ny snu^e j-picbon cy^ao bojKfi^^tt^j>a 
]iy bir i^ep ffa ainaeniie ^eidetlVfiM' :hy j9|»|% |» 

ffiw^^iHAcioi&epifKm. 6^ hf kwjift fyljana^ ^ 
Tel ^epeato toj^lMa. he )>a Eipof l^y ^p bQjy- 
|KM»e. '3 nut) calb ojrj^loh. *]( fy'^Sap pftf j^ 
pcafe)C.)asp j^asf- eyain3;ef mooop aiib^santr|»iii 
tetom ^xy )!okef fuoi^nbe patf . )»! )ie ]A>!ie 
^bbaft t>«l nnb ^xacjtaa^t befpicea IUe|A<:< 
; -^o )a» jeo Gj>en Datncpij*. Httb i»ycelpc ^Rteop- 
iMini^d ymb Jwf cyniwjcf yle^e. hyjie fHoa. 
'Senccnbe ^aef. hn heo hir ^epnecan snyftt^. "j 
f cac mib babuitt •^elmf'c^. 'J.n-ype jiolc<Hx tfjia 
t3o»«;lne. «;5J>ep ^ ppnen. ^e psepdeb mtt\. 
(jrcfp^ao J)e jpaep pi^anen jceohicjR^ jrpa fame f ja 
paepnefcmcD.) nio mib j^am healpm baelc. bej:o- 

* Orof. !• ii. c. 7. 

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}idq|*m>cfiiiii^c- yipetibe pae^. fpyloe Jico jde- 
«|i66 psjie. (D^ faio hioe ^eksbe on aa myotl 
l*H>i "7 fo jbea})(a bael jiaaf JCif|up iej3tttjqcy4(- 
^jBfltt*. jKPp ! peajifS Eijoof opJcTcp. "J ;t:jiaif8]i. 
feift) naima ^ubhim:* Seo cpen aer )« ]nm cy^- 
iMQ]^ ^iieapet) op»:o]^fMU 7 bf pyjilpan oa $a 
cfuk fe fxf fijrytleb mapflsj* blot>^f . 7 Jm]|- 
4|i^. f>u j« j>^jYvent)je ]i«|)e nuqpef biot)e|* 
'nxfmvpA.t>f\mcna'6mpyYik> > .. 

tpa mint» pmrjta ^ iiiix. )^ re Eambir }xo^ t;o 
Pcjija pice Eipofcf funa* fe mib pan. Jic he 
€;5ypce oj!cppoa. jebybe "^ oan hae^n cyo^ 
aji^txHj lie boppe. J)a«c; pxj- "^ he hcojia ^ob- 
^yteom eallum pi j?f oc. n hy s^ep j?am aiit> 
e^ille tx>peapp;- y€p:cp mm pixabe Dapnip jx 
ajH^rtsc eaileKffipi^ge, ^ Cffbei ep; ro Pepfo- 
tim. J« «p ^pam him^ebp^aoe jwpon:- y€pc:cp 
j^am ht f»ti0n ScdS^ic. a^^^ep jje pop Jjpuf Cf 
Tlt;Se. )arf cynm^r hif msef^ty. ^ cac pop 
^am J?e him man fijppr jajcej- poppypnbci* 
ittf hepef jwj- fcof on hunb J>ufcnba Jja he oh 
f^tSl6ie pop. hparj^epp }>a Sci%13ie notecMi J;iin& 

eeqiii Viy pole jepeohte. ac )jonne hy ^onb 
nb t:o*j»pQnfc paepon. hx }>onnc hy plocmag^ 
- y-lo^on:* ©a paepon J)a Pepre mib j?am j-py- 
^e ;5ee5j-ot)e. ^ eac onbpebon y man |>a bpyc^e 

* Orof- 1. ii. c. 8. 
CO |?a?jiaC. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


hy fywan nyj^an ho hy |>ation comoo:- fte ji 
ft cynj. ajfWp J^rna Jjc hij- jrolc f ja'Se jx)pfte- 
^Cft jwn faep jropler hunb eaprari;^ )nij*cnba be 
aETt:an mm. ^ hy j^aep J>a ^r tenj jwnao f oe- 
olban. •J he j7lj:r Jmion ycpat, oo "Sa tefpw 
jSj-iaiiL *3 hy f ophepTOte. ^ f y'S^n on Cltecc- 
tx>niam. T mi lonaf . Lpcaca leobe. *3 J)a jii bit 
tju ojcepnepjobe. *) fop j-y^%an fypp ou 
[i] Encacaj*. ^ jepin upahop pi^ Sthcnienj-ef . 
jiop oam [1] ))e nie iCDaecet>oniam on ^ulrume 
paepon:- Sona fpa TTthenienp pij^cn f Dapiuf 
nymib jjej»am;e fdcanpol&c. hi actipon enble- 
open Jjuj'cnb manna. *) him on;5ean jropan. 'J 
J?one cyninj; «t: J)ajpe bune mctron. ]^ mon 
haer (3]CDopo'Somc:* J!3eopa labjjcop paej^ha- 
rcn ^rcf j-eup. j-c yxy mib hij- bxbum j-ncljia 
))onne he nwe^enej- haepbe. fe ^epophre toy- 
cclnc bom on ^m jepeohre. }>a peap'S tpa 
hunb J)Ufenba Peprea ojcj^le jen. *3 ^a o^pc Jje- 
jjymeb:* Da epcr naejrbe he pypbe ^lejpbepoGc 
on Pepj-cum. ^"^ ppecan jH)hte. J)a jepop he:- 

y€prep * him fcn^; hir rumi to Peppca pi- 
ce Xcpxif. •) Jjaet ^pm y nif ptbep aftreaibe. 
he biTelhce pop J)am pp ^eap jxipa pophrc. 
•J pulrum Te;5abepobe:- Da paep mib him an 
ppasccea op Lascebemonia. Epeaca buph. fc yxy 
haren Damepa^. f e "f jracn ro hip cy'S^e f 4]be- 
bobabe. "j hir on anum bpebe appar. *3 f y'SISan 

* Orof. 1. ji. c. 9. 

[i] rpeca.C.C. [2] J)edeeftC. C. 
L33 ^opor |?ome. C. C. . [4] jebobaSe. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQLC 


mib j^eaxe bepojihte:* Xcpxif . ^a he an Ejiea- 
caf poji. hacfrbe hiy ajenej- polcej-. via hunb Ipur 
pmba. •) he haejcbe of o^pum ^otoum abeben 
mi c. m. he baejcbe fcipa Jjaepa micclena Dulmu* 
na an m. •J ii hunb. ^ Jjaspa f cipa paejion in m. 
j?e heOjia mere bicpon. ^3 eallef hij- hepcf paer 
f pylc un^mcr. $ mon ea^e cpe'San tnihre- y 
hit jniaboji paepe hpap hy lanbej- h2B):t>on. ;f hy 
mihron on ^jepician. oW5e paerepej- jJ hy mih- 
ton him j>upp; of abpmcan. y-pa J?ean p eo un- 
jemetlic menijeo ])aep plce|- paej-. )?a y'Spe ro 
ofeppmncnne. J)onne heo ^y yy nu ro jepi- 
mcnoe, o'S^e ro ^elypanne:- Leoni^a Laecebe- 
monia cynm^jj Epeca buph. haepbe 1111. jjuj-cnb 
manna; ]?a be on;5ean Xepxif fop, on anum 
naeppan lanb paej-rene. *3 him Jjaep niib ;5ef:eoh- 
re pi^rrob!' Xepxif "f obep jcolc j-pa j-pi^e jcop-, 
feah. |i he axobe hpaer f ceolb asr j^pa lyrlum 
pepobe mapa jrulrum. buran J?a ane ]^ him J?aep 
aep ftbol jen paef . on ))am aeppan ;5ej:eohre. ;f re 
paej- an CDepoponia J^aepe bune. ac ;5ef erre fa 
men on aenne rpuman. ]?e mon heopa majaj- 
xji on ^aem lanbe f loh. ^3 pif re J hy polbon 
^eopn pilpan beon Jfaepe ppace. - J?onne o'Spe 
men, rj hy j*pa paepon o^ hy jjaep ealle msepr 
otiylt'^tne pupbon:- Xepxif ppi^e him ]>a op 
oiocOTbum 'p hiy pic j-pa popj-Ie^en paep. he 
f ylj: fa f aep ropop. mib eallum J>am maerene J?e 
he faep ro;5elaeban myhre. ^ fisep jreohrenbc 
paepoa 111 ba^af . o^ faepa Peppa paef un;5e- 
merhc pael^eple^en. fte her fa f aer pagp re lanb. 
utanymbppan, "f him mad fceolbe on ma heal- 
p onpeohran. f onne on ane:- Leoni^a ;f fa «- 
axobe. J hme mon j*pa befpybian folbe. he pa* 

L »oa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


non apop. ^ hiy pyjitod '^fsiksbbe dn tn 0^p 

faej-rpe lanb, ^ ))«ji ^epunobe o^ aiht. ^ hm 

fp^m apapao her ejdle J?a buphf ape, fe b<5 op 

otSjium lan&e him ro fulrnmc abebdn harj:*e^ 

^ hi heom ^ej-un&e btxp'^an. pjnfSam he Be 

u'Se I asni;^ ma jpoica jcop hijr j^in^um pappojptoe^ 

)G:me he yyip mit> hiy a;5enpe j?eobe. 3Sc{ he 

}uf f2dy ]rppecenbe* ^3 ^eompienbc. ** Nur pe flfi^ 

V rpeo^genbhce piran. p pe upc a^on lij: pojik^ 

*' ran f colan. frop J'am un;5emerhcitm J:eoflfcjrcii' 

** pe ))e upe ehrent>e on yytiboo. utrcra )?e«h hp^ 

^^ ^epe acpxpran. hu pe heopa an [i})>yfrpa 

*^ rihra ma^an mxpr bej^pican. ^ xiy yflpm 

' ♦ href r popt> ^3 kn^f umaj-r aer upum enoe J6- 

«^ jypcan:-'' t>u my eel "f ij-ro j-ecgenne. ^tc 

Le ni^a mib vi. c. manna vi. c. m, ppa ^^^hyyis^ 

pabe. j-ume opp loh. ^ j-ume ^ejc lymbe:? 

Xepxip * paej- ]?a ar rpam cyppum on ])zm 

\ nbe f jja Tej-cynb mib hij- opmaerum menijeo. 

hej^a i^yr ppibban p'Se paej- pilnieobe. mibfcip- 

fypbe ^ he Jjsep ^epmnef. mihre mapfe je- 

j:|emraa. ^3 him Ipnar. Epeaca leobe. mi p^ 

rim '^typton. J^eah hi ^p o):ep heo|ia piUan 

him ro^ecypbon. ^ hy him geheron. ^ hi | ^e- 

j:eohr aepej-r mlb him j-ylpum ^phreftn pol- 

tcn. ]?eah hi him epr jcacen ;5elaepran. jja hy on 

Jam fae fQohrenbe paeponl* Themiyrodef hatr 

re Srhenienpa [zjlabjjcop.. hy poefK)h cunien 

Ixpni'San ro jfrulrume. Jjeah hy act J?j»iti «ppan 

^ejceohre him ne myhron rocuman;* 8e The- 

* Prof. 1. ii. c. 10. 

.[i] J>yffa. C. C. [23 U^teopvC.C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^ftt^cley '^eiiiyn^abe lonaj- Ipxjie ealban jrxh- 
%e ft Xe/ricir mm tx) jepojir haepfee. hu he hy 
iBife fOjlii€jiTtH*e. ^ mib heopa mara flihrum. 
■^ J>ff ^ej>ealt? ^eny t>be:« ^e h£t> hi ead "J hy 
^emuiiboh J^aepa ealbena rpeopa. 3 J^aep una- 
jiiHiefelican ]:jieonbj^cipe|-* ]>c hi as^l'cp haspfeon. 
^ to !Srnhenien]^ium. '^e ro Laeceoetnonium 
«fi «i jearte ba^um. "3 hi bibbenbe paef . *^ hy 
ijaib j;0me j'cajia p/ieuce pjiom Xepj^e. ]?am cy- 
«i»^e. j^iime ihpile apenbe. •;f hy "^ La^cebemo- 
^mitkitTftri yi^ Pepjrum ])xy ^epinnej" j-uinne 
ti:i^^^^^j^pc^n. *J hy him j^iepe bene ^eri^'Se- 
*)on:- ^&€L J)a Pejij-e "f ;jjeppon. *f him {^a pjiam- 
bU2;aiEi. ]>e he berft; ^^crpeopobon. f him [-ce- 
HDlt>e pt^e ^e):!Goht:.mi. ihi p ylje cac jrleonbc p:}?- 
jaonk "^ -heojia }j3^p ycaji^ jcela opj^Ie^en. 3 
^uttcea. "3 ^e);ai>;^ep:- Xepjij- ;KS^" P^f ^*^" 
^CD <JDj^^8cMii^. pihme ykr ^<bjme li^penbc. 
f hc-mafeampeajib joffce. J?anne he J?aep lenj bi- 
ibe^ :|^ fe|- aehe^jw [i] 'un;5e)paepnepf on hiy 
dj^imm vjiice ahapen pupbe. T cpse^S y hih ^e- 
f ipeokcpe pagpe. -J 'he $ ^epmn him ber jehre 
iftib J>afn pilrume pe Jj^p ro lap ]?a ^yr pxy. 
ikn^aoxprnnenne. '•-( faebe J him ^am cynm^e 
lay'f-c abpir paepe. ^ijrjam folce buron him Ja 
^^yt: fnajY^pc- fP^ ^^^"^ ^P bybe:* 8e cy- 
bin^'^a ^Xepjiij- j^pi^e ;5elypeblice hip J^e^eiic 
•^ehypbe. ^ mib pmuin pxlc hif pilrumejia* 
iQn ajtop:* £>a:he j^ahampeapb to ]>xpt le com. 
^ be .aep pefrpeapb her ]?a opepmeran bpic^e 
mib p;ane ojcepjepypcan hip pi^e ro racne. ]>e 
he on J>am pi'Se ^uphreon ^ohre. fa yxy yco ea 

to j^ unjef^p^poipp. C. C. 

L 2 ro 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ro/San jde&e. "f bene myhte ro )>aBpc bpyc^c 
cuman:- ©a pa^j- j?am cynje j-pi'Se anje on mf 
mobc. Jna "Saeji ne he mib hif jculrume nasf. nc 
J he ojrep ]?a ea cuman ne mihre. to eacan ^am 
nehim pasj- j-pr^e oDbjixbeDbe. ;f him hij* pynb 
paepon aej:rep}:yli;5en&e. him Jja rocoman pif- 
cepe. *3 unea'Se hme aenne ojcepbpohrc:- Xixx Cob 
J?a maejran ojcepmerro. ^ "f maef re an^ion on 
rpa heanlice opepmetro 2;eny'5epabe. ;f J*e ]^ 
liim aep ^ejjuhre. J him nan yae piB habban nc 
mihre. ji he hme mib rcipum *3 n^ib l^if p^''^''^^ 
ajryllan ne mihre. J he ej:r paej- bibt)ent>e ancf 
lyrley- t:po;5e}-. aer anum eapman men. ^ he 
mihre hi]f peoph jenepien. 

OOop^oniu}-* Xepxij- ]?c2;n foplcr Jwi f apa. 
\t hy on faepenbe paepon. •J pop ro anpe by- 
pi;^. on Boerium, Lpeaca leonbe. ^ hi ^pa^« 
i)im mon ^ aBp:ep ]?am hpaebhce pppjcalb. ]» 
hi mon 2;ej:lymbe. "^ fpi^e popjrioh. j>eah Jje 
Srhenienfium j^e p;5e. *3 feo peapmj jwej* 
Pepfiy-can j:eoy ro mapan pconbe pupbc. jcop- 
^on f y^^an hi pele2;pan paepon* hi eac bli- 
'^pan ^epupbon:- yEjcrep oam Xeppf pean^ 
hi)- a^enpe J>eobe f pi'Se unpyp'b. ^ hme nij- 
a;5en calbopman Sprabarup bcrypobe. ^ 
[ij ploh:- 6ala (cpas'S Opopuy;.) hu luj^basphcc 
riba on ]?am ba^um paspon. j-pa f pa Ja y ccTa'S. 
J?e \xf Epij^renbomcf pi'Sepjdiran f ynb. p of 
nu aejcrep j^pylcum langian mae^e f pylce ba pae- 
non. fa j-pamycel folc. on f pa lyrlum |:yppre. 

* Orof. 1. iL.c* ii« 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

«C J)pjim ]polc;5epephram poppupbon. "^ paey ni- 
^on X. hunt) J)urcnba. op repp anpa aQpeaIbe4 
buton heopa pi^ppinnum, ae^il^^p ^e ojc Sa'S- 
^min. ^ ojc Epeacum:« Da«p racnobe Leooi^a 
on hif ])am nex*?;an 2;ej:cohre. ^ Pcpya. hpylc 
mancpealin onXpeaca lonbe pasp mib moni;^]ce« 
album bea'Sum.' nub %am )je he j*ppecenbe pa^p 
to hij* jefepum^ xz hxy unbepn2;epeopbe. aep 
he ro ^m ^[ejQeohte jcope. " Uron nu bpucaa 
** "Syffcj- uabepnmercf. fpa J)a j-colon. J)e heopa 
** ajcen^y}:! on helle jejccccan j-culon:^'' Geah he 
fpa J?a cpaebc. he cpae^ ept o^Sep popb. J>eah ic 
aepfaebc. ;f pero helle f ceolbon. J)eah ne jeop- 
tpupi;5e ic na Eobe. ^ he uj- ne mae^je ^ey-cyl- 
ban. ro.berepan ribon. J)onne pe nu on yynb:« 
Leooi^a yaebe ;f J)a tiba Ja yjcele paepon. ^ pil* 
nabe "^ him ropeapb bercpan paepon. *3 nu pu- 
mcfncn pcc2;a^ ;f ]ja berepan paepon ^onne nu 
fynb:- Nu hi ppa t;pypypbi5e f ynbon. ))onnc 
pagpon aBg))ep ^obe ;5e J?a aeppan. ppa rume 
monn nu j-ecga^. ge eac J?ap ajcrpan. j-pa hi aep 
f aibon. *3 naepon na ])aepe on "Sance. ^Jip hi ))on- 
ne j-o^ ne j-asbon. J)onne naepon na^op ^[obe. ne 
Ja ne nu:« 
Nu* pe i^ceolon efc (cpae^ Opopur) hpyp- 
n neap Roma, j^aep pe hir aep jcoplaeron. pop 
on ic ne mas;^ eal ^a moni^pealban yjcel enbe- 
mej- apeccan. ppa ic eac eallep ^ypep mibbaa 
eapbep. na mapan ba^lej'. ne an^ire. buton f re 
onrpara anpealbum ^epeap'S- on J^am a^pepran,. 
T on J)am p'Semepran. $ pynb 'Ryy ypi'^o ^ 
Koinane:* • 

* Orof. 1. ii. c. 12. 


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^ HbRMESfA iiijGii^ JE;LPiiitt>L 

^^ea^ jse ^bcni fiomane f jia ^f picon. ))a ^eo- 
|ia. 111. huab ^ yyt men. oj: »5^^jTe h*alpe* 
to aopi^e «obon. jHcajrti rayed ptmbojitoa lice^ 
|se«mm ^^fcpeo* f pyk eall j*c heojson t^jiuenbe 
p«Bjiie:« Bxc taccn peafi® o*i Itemaiiiim fj>i^ 
^ef j»i%«lab« mib ^m mycekn foi hj^iu^ midm^ 
c]>eakxief . J>c hmi pa^ie ^aej- «j:t«ja com. ffa f 
fcy hc^f e ^ek[pefte p upbon. •) lifc<^a rpc^eii 
cotindaf. ])e hi^ Ir«}:%KHi. ^ }^ «« iiettrafi. ])a 
}ie p»p ro I9J3C ^boon imopxm. paepofi *o ^tSaa 
me^i^c. J 'by nc myferoa J?a ^epajicnan^e eoip- 
%ati bpin^ant- 6ona ^pctfi )«in. e^lc heopd 
^op^ pi% ))a 1ilap9]<it^af pmnenbe ptcjiott. 'j %1 
ibcoamon heogia lieap>b y've/ber. f lie [apw^k- 
•um heroD. ^ hi tracde ^jejreotft grmb j^ ^hcjjfeofli 
«fB it ojrj-lo^oBi JiefiC flemic coeij'ifl, ]w Ihfi ^« iii- 
9)aa ^Cf er ha?j3b09> iS>eab j^a Wajropbaf on ^am 
^ixbe haejrbon iheacljcne yi^. *) j-ooa }igf fj 
9^yx:eppm ^eapc. Romane fuonoB j>ib {i] f »- 
j^ci ^ jrcik. 3 ^»p fapbon jyi'^e [2] j:opj4e^c* 
aie.^ fcbasl, Jjc^pijo lay^'.pSBj'. j)caji% oikui 
pej'rcn bebjuf en. *} J)aep pajibon mib fcunjjpc 
acpealbe, J)a5p heojia ^ ne ^jebulpe. Jja J^aep art 
iuttn psBpon. m«b J?am ^ hi ^e^abejioban eall 
•ffloncynnef ^ Jaep tepeb^pae^ . ^3 ^^namon «nne 
eapmne .man him '^o console. J^aep he on hif 
«ccpe eobe. •J 'hif j-ulh ^n hantoa haapbe. ^ 

•* Here the chapter commences in the JBodlei^ 

[![ Fucifci. C. C. [2] popfleje. C. C. 

T j-y'SlSaa 

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call ^tMm piee fM eop'66 f^r cp^citnbt. ^ 

hce 0pt:to 8*ii,TBta. '^f him pbon. ppam b«S 
sum. T fpamcunumon eoji^an bej-uDcan 1 
hy rylp paepon aelce bae^; on J)«pe onbn^&m- 
Se hpaenne hi on j,^ [i]eop«an berincene 
pup&on:. J^fcen >am com fpa mycel here re, 
onb Romanc. f eaile heopa eo/^p^rtrma. Te 
eacbi,-ylpe,neahruppupbot«. y€prdji},am J,|n 
Wis f e m^^a b^n^ep:. y€p:ep ),am Romane 
xeyerran him x. conpilaj-. Jr^p bi sen ?;t>ereii 
%bdn, ro >an t hi be V i bej,,/ioW. 
opaanpaep Elaubiuj- haren. re hiin W onre* 
oDbe ealbopoon opp ],a ogpe. j^ah hi him ke^ 
Sc))»t:len&e njfepon. ac pi« hioe pinnenoe i^non 
o« >0ne 0pp;. Ipc bi rume ro him Xeeynbon 
fume nolbon. ac rpa on rpa toticlbe. him berpe- 
onan punnan. f hi ppjeatoa J,«pe urrpa 4: 
Feohfea* >e him on henoe pjepon. o« ealle ba con^ 
r^r^o^artiepe Kecypbon..-;, Elaubium! bone 
anne, mib radium o;:beotan. -^ j-y^an heona 
ag^n laub pep^enbe pjepon:- ^ 

h«.KlS^^'''l'^ ^^^"^ OpofiorO "5 reopthce ic 
hsbbe ou geraeb hiopa in^epmn/ beah hi him 
FP^Fopneah >a mrEpran. ^ |,a pleolecepan. $ 
eac eSna $ ppejrlene pyp racnobe. >a hir up op 
helie-jear apppanj on Sicilia j)am ianbe. bpyl- 

* Orof. 1. ii. c. 13. t Orof. I. ii. c. 14. 

CO eojj^a. C. C 

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ce jepmn J)a fxjion. be J?am J)c nu j^yiK)on. •) 
i&iciha pela ojcfloh. mib bjiyiie ^ mib f rcnce. ac 
j'y^'San hir Epifreti peaji'S. y helle jcyp fXf 
fy^'San ^ef pi'Sjiab, j-pa ealle un;g;erima paejion. 
f hir pu ij- buron ypylcum racnun^um J^sefyfe^ 
lajr J>e hir asp bybe. f eah hir aplce ^eajie py 
bpabpe. ^ bpabpe:- 


j^poeji * 'Sam j?e Romebuph ^ctimbpeb paep. 
m. hunb p mrpa. ^3 an. f re Sicilie un^epabc pse- 
pon him berpeonaa. *3 hi healp appeonbon Lae^ 
cebemonie him on pulrum. ^^ heaij^e TTrhcnieii- 
jep. Epeaca J)eoba. J?e aep aer^aebcpe pi^ Pepp 
yionenbe pa:pon. acpy^^an hi onSicihum puii- 
non. hi eac py^'San herpeonum him pylpum 
pmnenbe paspon. o'S J Dapiup Peppa cyninj. 
LaecebemoDium on pulrume peap^. pi^S ]?am 
Srhenienpep. pp Jam ^epmnum hip yl&pcna> 
p'aep -f mycel punbop jJ eall Peppa anpeaib. ^3 Lx- 
ccbemonia. ^ hi ic'S [ i ] my hron Srhenc ]?a buph 
apepran. ]?onne hi ^ pole meahron ro heopa yd- 
lum ^enybon:- 

3Cnb+ pona aeptep ])am. ])^ ylcan ;5eape. Da- 
piup^fepop. Peppa cyD;^. ^ hip rpa puna ymb 
f pice punnon. Ttprecpeppep. ^ Eipup. o?> he- 
opa ae^^ep "^ maepre pole on;^eati o'Sepne ^e-^ 
reah. ^ ]?a unpibbe mib ^epeohrum bpeojcnbe 
p^pon, o^ Cipup oppla^en peap^. pe j^aep ^gio^pa 

*^ Orof. 1. ii. c. 15. t Orof, 1. ii. c. i8, 

[i] myhro Arene. C. C. 


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p«p* On ])am ba^mn j)»f an bojih tti Sj^juca. 
yco jety neafa |^ne fae. <nS an fatj:lot>OQfii. ^ hy 
apq4:e. '3])a.menaat>peiicx«:» 

, VII. 

y€fxep ♦ j)ain Je Romeboph ;5erimbjieb j>aBf 
fifiu. pmtrpa •J LV. ^ re Romane bepcron 
UeiojitHn pz baph X. pinrep. *) him "f pc^l fpi- 
"Sop bepobe, j^nne J?am ))c J)aep inne fxjxon. ae^ 
^p ;5e on cyle. ^c on huo^jpe. bncon ))am pe 
mon ojEC hep^obc. a^^p je on hy fVlfe. je 
on heopa lanb osz hant ^ hi ])a hpaeblice oefopaoi 
heona ):eonbum poppeop'San j^ceolbon* pxji hi 
15a bttph ne abpaecon mib ))am cjixfxe. )^ )mi 
fcaoblicop; paer. Jjcah he himejcr fe pedp^pra 
pupbe. ^ paej- •p hi jcpam heopa picrropum un« 
bep ])aspe eop'San baljcon. o% hi mnnan ]>aepe 
bypij upeobon. ^ hi nihrcf on ppumffcepe on 
befraeian. ^ ])a buph mibealleapeftran:* ©yj-ne 
nyrtan cpaejcr. ))eah he aplic naspe. |»nbe heo^ 
pa rictarop [2] Camiliuf hawcer* gona aB|:Tep 
j)am peap^ Romana ;5epinn. ^ J^aspe Galha. J)e 
paepon of Senno pxpt oypij. jJ paej* aspep; f op 
jam |?a Dallia ha^pon bej-eren Tuj-ci |>a buph;. 
Ba f'enbon Romane aspenbpacan ro Dalhum. *} 
hi baebon ^ hi ppriS pi^S hi ha?j*on> Da on J?am 
ylcan baeje. arprep j>am J)e hi J^iff ^fppecen 
nxpoon. jcuhron Caliie on |)abuph. ]7a ^cj^apon hi 
Homana sepenbpacan on hi jceohrenbe mib JTam 

* Orof» 1. ih c. 19. 

[i^ uuhunb pmrpa, C. C. [2] CamiUif. C. C, 
M buphpapum* 

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)?9p|cr«?p,;'j itMfrcalkunheopa jnitriicQe lUwpane 
phton. -^ hiiri Fauiqpjra cmwTBl roitj ^epocAre 
on^ean com. "j eac |ia=8e ^eplymet) peaji'S ep; 
in ro [i"j Romebujnh. ^ hi» Eallve pxpon aeprejv- 
j:yli^cn&e o'^ hi ealle jjaeji bxnnan [2] paepan. 
jcl^cp "3 JP911 masfte '8M)?e. Hi j^jion^ bwph 
W£igieet)9. |3 )ikan^. bu7oui0e4cepepa]Te:- Bar 
.Vaceo uu ^ys cw^ tj-., on >»pc e* aonutn. >sf 
Fo^f ujcf rl«S»r FaiMPi^f, ue p«ne ic, (cpa;^ 
Oj\cftuY,) J?»r «n*5 iww apellan waejc ealne 
fone ueip. }e Rotnaoum fram cyjV>© ^jcbon yc- 
aji^, jj^ali h* )a bujih iif fojibacpotsos. f jia hi )» 
2e5)yj3on, *3 ^ jqeapMi }« J»«p ro iajoc yuf*bon. 
;2[ereal^>«iii a»« p^t« ^wbQf , pr^ heo]ia )ceojie. 

h* fytS^ao hecjm uoi(>€4i)>copft)r pa^p* -3 punw 
hmnau }ys£fxen oJ3& jelujuoii. f hj Eapitjoiiam 
.beron. w>« eac befKvon. o"? ht fujoe hpo^pe 
Jil^aqpegJiDQq, fatue oa hanbeotjon. 7 hj ry'S- 
'S^an ^'tpum jfokum, him p*^ f»o ^efcs«xMir« 
,45u^jqc1^«opp\i (spa's 0|wj;iujr.) }>e J>ac]-Epif^ 
tenlwmfj- ^tgm ieahtipw^. fy^^an Baihw utof 
,^»pe bypi^ajcbjiap. hq bh^ mta Romane aep- 
^p J?aw hf&)ct5qa, )mi ^a yjwniD^af )« )»aep to 
laj:e pppijon. ux? ojc j)am holan cpupan. ]>e he 00 
Jutetjan, ^pa bepopene, f pylce hy op o'Sepnc po- 
nultjc comon. j?^nne hi bej-apon. on pa bejien^ban 
bpph. "J OR fa peir/can. $ hwn ]» parp fynijpi^ 
ege, J)«p him »^p pag|- f<o iiKBfTo pymveac bu- 
"can J)am yjccle [4] nahron hi naj^op. ne )»p innc 
masre. ne |)aep vw? ppeontjr' . 

fi] Romebypij. C. C. [2I pajpon. C. C. 
tjJ acr«lon-C,C. [4^! »aIito. CC'- . 

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©aet paepon J>a nba. J)e Romane nu aej:trcp 
pca^, 'J cpe^a^. ji him Loran pypfan tiba 
jebon habbon. J)onne hi aep hacfibon* *3 nac- 
pon on hy hcp^ienbe. buroo ^jiy ba^fap 1 
Eallie paepon aep f yx mooa^ bmaan jxpe 
bypi J nepj5ien&c. ^ J)a bujih baepncnbc *3 him 
? j'a ^yr ro lyrel yf el "Suhre. buton hi jfxy 
naman bename. ;f hi nan folc naepon:* €p; J^a 
Eoran Jwep laejrpn hp^le hepjebon. ^ hi fOp 
|)aej- DpifTcnbomefape. T ^uph Dober e^e. ;f 
hi naj^op nc J^a buph ne baepubon. ne pxy ]>one 
pillan naejcbon. *^ hi heopa uamon hi benamon. 
DC ])apa uannc ypelian nolban. J?e ro })am Dobef 
hu|-e 045jclu^on. J>eah hi hx^ene psepon. ac rpi- 
^opnuccle pa^poo pilnienbc ^ he Temonjj; him 
mib fibbe j-it;tan moj-ran, *3 unease mihre sep 
aeni^J^am Eallium [i] ofjpleon olS'^e o^ hyban, 
*} ]» "Sa Eoran j?aep lyrle hpilc hep^ebon- ne 
mihre mon buron jreapa ojcj^larenpa jeaxian:- 
Daep paej- S^fY^^ Cobej* yppe. pa heopa aepenan 
beamap *;} heopa anhcnef fa. )?a hi ne mihrot) 
fpam Callij-cum py^e jcopbaepnbe. peop'6an ac hi 
BCfcnlic j:ype aer J»m ylcan cyppe fopbaepnbe:- 
Ne pene ic (cpae'S Opoj-uf ) nu ic lanre j-peli 
haebbe. ro j-ec^enne. ^ ic hi on 'Sij-j-e bee ^e- 
cnbian mscje. ac ic o^epe oo;^innan f ceak* 

[j] oSfleon^eeft C. C. 

JVI 2 I. I B. 


by Google 

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I 85 ] 


j t^j paejf. 111. hunb pmrpa ^ Lvii* on Jam ba- 
^na J?e Dallie Rome apeft; haej-bon. )?a2;epcap^ 
reo maej^e pbb. JJ j-eo byj-moplecop;e. berpih 
Laecebemooium l!peaca loiibc. 'j Pepf um. sqc- 
reji fam J)e LaRcebemmnc hacj^on Pcpre ojpb 
opeppunnan:- Da ;5ebub0D him Pcpfe "f ni haep- 
boa ill. pinrep j-ibbe vi^ hi- j-e J)e ;f polbe, 
•[I f e }?e "f nolbe. ^^ ni polban Jja mib xe- 
feohre Tej-ecam--^ji J)a Laecebemonic luj-tncc 
j)aepe fibbe hyjijumebon, foji J^am lyrlan e^e. 
jje him mon ;5ebeab:- On Jjan mon mae^ j-purolc 
oncnapan hu mycelne pillan hi ro 15am Tepione 
haejcboDv j*pa neojia j-copar on heojia leo^um 
;5ybbienbe rynbon. ^ on neopa [i ] leafpellun- 

C. nc ^e'oinc^ }?c f pylc ;5cpinn nohr lup;- 
^ i (cpx% Opoymy) ne J)a niba fon ma. ;^ re 
him hij- jreonb mae^e f pa ea^e hiy mib popbum 
^ej-rypan:* yEj:rcp15am))e Laecebemonie hosj:- 
bon ojreppunnen [2]!S!thcneJ)a buph.hiopa aje- 
ne ho^e. hy hi]?aupahoj:on, jpinnanonjunnan 
on aelce healjre heopa, '^e pra neopa a^en folc. 
'^e pi's Pepfe. *^e jfv& Ja lae|-j-an !?Cj-iam. je pi^S 
S!rhene J)a bnpn. Jje hi aep apepran. pop Son J?a 
f eapan J?e J?«p ur oSjplu^n. baejcbon ep; J?a buph 
^ebo^ene. ^ haejcbon Thebane Epeaca Icobe. 

* Orof. I. iii. c. !• 

[1] leafpcUansum.C. C* [2] TCrcne. C. C. 


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bim on pulrum aj-ponen:- Lxcebemonie paejion 
f pa upahajcene. ^ ae^'Scji ^e. hy j-yJp penbon. ^c 
calle }z ncah Jjco^*i.. f hi dpcji hi eallc mihron 
anpealb habban. ac him Ttrhenienpe mib Thc- 
baiia jcalrumc piSftobon. ^ hi njip ;5ej:eohrc 
cayj-cfeoa:- y6|-rcja Ipzm Laecebcinonie geoipon 
him.rd Jarrcopc, Ipcclibip paef harcn. *3 nine 

fenbon on Pepfe mib plrume. [i]mibhiro 
2^ ^cpeohraune. bim ])a Peppe mib heojia rpam 
ealbopmannum on^ean comoQ« o^e/i hatte 
Fapnabuf cf . o^ep Uij-j-ipjinop:* Sona f pa |>«pa 
LaBcebcmonia labtpcop pij-re. ^ h« pr^ J?a tpe- 
^en hepaf peohran ]^ceolbc ' him ])* pasblicepc 
^^cfSuhre $ be pi^ o^pne jrpi'S ;5ename* ^ he 
)?one o'Sepne J)e y'S ojrepcumao mihre. ^ he fp» 
^eby be. ^^ hip afpeubpacan tK) ])am o^um onf eiv 
toe. •) him pec;5aaHer. ;^ he^opnop potee pbbc 
pi^ h* ])onne ;5epian:- J?e )>a pe ealbopnaaii. 
jelypebhce mib ribbe;])*)ia agpenba oapen^, *j 
JLaeceoemonie ]?a npJe gejdyrwbon J?one o^juie 
eateopman:* ^. . • 

y€prep J)am Pep pa cynin^ beoana j^one eal- 
toopmati hippcipe* J)^ aeji J>am f jijr8e onpe»J xt 
Lascebemouium. ^ hi gepealb ai>um pjieeceaa 
iOj: 5Cx::hen.e Cjoeaca bypig. pe p»p barcn Go- 
non. ^ hme peube mib pcipebe)ie op Pejipum. 
ro LaBcebemotiuum:* Kuiy hi fei:rt>on ito 65yp- 
rum Laecebemonie. *) him pulrumep bxbotl. 'J 
hi bim jepealbda. an C- b«pa mycdetia ]?jw- 
jie'bpeDa:- Ljecebemcme naejcboivhim ro lat> 
reope anne pipne man. ])eah he healr paepe. pe 
paej; haten Sjepilaup. •] him to ^ylppojvoe 

f I J yiS. C. C.^ [2] jepeofercotf** C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

k^pamh ^ himieo):pe p«)ie. ^ hi hce}:$)on healv-, 
ne cynin^. jjonne healr pice:- Jyo j-y^lSan oiv 
^am f « ro^aetoejte icojian. ^3 pasji fj>a un;5;emer- 
lice ^cpuhron^ ^ ru neah ealle pjipuj\t>ttt. f 
najjjqijje mihre on o^jium j*i^c .^jcjisetan. y 
jrajji pcajrS Laeoebemonia anpeiaro. *} heop« toom 
alejen:- Ne peie ic (cpaelS Ojiojfitij-), J^aer asnij 
rpejen larreopaj- emnap ^ep)jiht:oii:- ^ 

Jfyceji ])am Eonon jetefeoe pypte ept: btv 
LaEJcefteiiKxiie- ^3 ^ lanbburon }jipe byjtm on 
dcum '^m^i^um mjb calle apcjlte, f re J)e pa.|>e 
asp uTe oT&]\6 |)eot>a j^npcalba ^jtn&on. him J)a 
jjobjjuhre. jwepe hi mihrc hy^ fylpc asr ham pi's 
peopbombepcpun:* Pij-j-aiifeeji harre. yum La- 
cebemoDia lart;cop, he ^ef c^re Eonon mi& 
f c^ium. }Ja he: ojc Larcebemonium jiojx. ^ j^ajta 
}:olca ae^ep 011 o'fijium- mycel pseJ ^epo^^an:* 
Daji pupbon La^cebemonie f pa f pi^e fopj^la^ 
Jen, ^ hi n2po]\ nsepbon j-y^TSan* ne heopa na*r 
ipon. ne heojia *npealt). ac heopa hpype peapIS 
ffrhenum zq apaepnej-fe. 'f hi ]?one eal&an 
teonan ^eppecan mihron. ]?e hinci on aep t)a- 
^uin ^emenc paej-:- Snb hi ^ Thebane hi [i] ^e- 
^atjepon. ^ Laecebcmonic mm jepohreyoh- 
top. ^ hi jej:lymtx>D. "3 hi on heopa buph be* 
tjpipon. "3 fy'Swi hcfseron:- Da buphpape yen- 
ton ])a ag:p:ep [z\ !ff;5Cfilaupe. \>e mib heopi 
hepe pay m Spam. ^3 baebon ^ he rifclice ham- 
peapb pacpe* rj heopa ;jjeulpc. ^ he f pa ^ebybc. 
"3 on ^trheoe vin^eappc bccoman. ^3 hi ^ejcl)an- 
bon:* !Srhenienpe psepon J?a him ypi^e onbpas- 
benbc. ;^ Laecebcmonie ojcep hi pixian mihron 

[13 sejabepeftb^iCC. / [2] ley ulauf. C. C. 



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ff^ bi aeji bybOD. jroft )>am lytlan p^e. J?e hi ]» 
Ofep hi haejcboo:* j&i feobon )« on Pcpfc «f- 
rep CoQooe. ^ hmc bacbon. ^ he him on f ul- 
Tume paepc. ^ he hiom])£r ^eti'Sabc. ^3 hi mib 
^ miccluiQ fciphepe ^cf eontc. ^ hi jLaccebcmo- 
nie moep: callc apcf ran. ^ hi to ^an jebybort 
$ hy hi fyljce leron ae^^ep je pop heane jc 
fop unppiiep:c:' yC|:rep ])am Eonon ;^clenbe ro 
Jtrhcne )>aepe bypi^; hij- calb cylS^. ^ ))xp 
mib micclum ^epean j'apa buphleoba onpn;^eQ 
yxy. ^ he J^aep hij- yylfcy Ian;5e gemync^iunjt 

Pebybe, mib j^an j>e he genybbe ^S^p J^ 
^rp* S^ LaeDebemonie. f hi ;5ebert:on ja 
buph. J)e hi JEp robpaecon. ^ cac J Lascebemo- 
me. J)aepc bypi^ j-y^^an jchypjnunc pacpon. 
J^cah hi xp. Jange neopa pi^eppinnan paBjion:* 
y€p[;ep )?eof-an j^epmne. ^cpcap^ "f re Pepp 
^ebubon jcpi% eallum Cpeaca frolce. naep na pp 
pam ])e hi him a^ni^pa ^oba uj)aQ« ac jcop Sam 
be hi punnon on [ i ] Gjyptie. j hi mof tan pp 
him ]>y ber ))am 2;epinne fruU^an^ao:* 
. 3Cc * LaDcebemome haejcbon ])a hpilc mapan 
unjrriUncj-pa. ])onne hi roaB;5encp bacjcbon. "j pa&- 
bon fpiSop pinnenbe on Thebane* J>onne hi pul- 
ruroey haepbon. ^ hloSum on hi pralebon. o^S 
""^hi abpaecon ffpcabum heopa ]?a buph:* y€ftcp 
J)amThebane hi mibpypbe jjerohron. ^ him 
LaBCcbemonie o^Spe on^ean bpofiron. J?a hi Ian- 
;5e jruhron:- Da clypabe Laecebe ealbopman ro 
^pcabum. *} baeboa \^ hi J?«f jej^ohrep ^ef- 

* Orof. 1. lii. c. 2* 

CO esypruC.G. 


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ficm. f hi mojxm "Sa eeabkn bebyji;^ian. |« 
hcojia pDlcef of jda^g^ed paepon;* DsBr if mib 
Cpeacum feap. ]Jmi& 'Sampojibe bi'S ;5eci'8eo. 
hpaeBcp hcalf haefS ]?onne f i^^:* Foji'San ic 
polfte ;5ef cc^an. (cpse^ Ofxoymy.) hu Ejieaca 
jepmn* |)e on Laecebemodia byjii;^ apcf r on* 
ftadeto paef. *3 mi& fpell-cpibum ^cmeapciad. 
jepejx on !?Cthcna ])a bujih. ^ f y^^ao on The- 
bane. ^ yy'S'Sanon [i]Bde\:ie. •J jry^San oft 
(Dacebonie. J)if f p«pon ealle Ejieaca Icofee. •j 
jyS^an on J^a tef j-an Xf lam. *]( ))a on J?a mapan, 
T f y'S^San on Pepf e. *} ry'S'San on [2] 6^prie:- 
Ic fccal eac J)y larop Roknana iftopia aj-ecjan. 
jjc ic onjunnen haejc&e:- 


y€fwep ♦ Jam |>c Romebuph ^erimbpeb paef 
nt huoo pinrjia. ^ Lxxvl p*f iii 5!Cchie eoji^ 
beoptm;^. -j rpa byjii^* ebojia -^ €lice on eojl- 
?5ao btf tmcdh:- Ic fflfce;^ eaci on upam a;5enaih 
«*um ^gchc an^ihft )>am f ec^an^ J)eah hir f pylc- 
oe tttbt nsejeae. "f te [ 3] fconfrantinopolip Ep*- 
ca buph efl f pylcepfe cpacub^e pxy. ^ hype ^je- 
jnre^ao jWef op fd^f«j-rum mannum. f heb 
I*ceotefc Ob ^dp'San be^ mean, ac heo peapIS ^e- 
fcyte ^fiik )K)nc Epif tenan Eap epe [4] 'Kpci- 
ftiupap, ^ ISuph "f Epif tene folc, )?e on J^am 
bup^um piCf :• Dij- ^getacnobc f Epij^ if ca^ 

* Orof. 1. ilL c. 3. 

[i] Boen. C.C, [2} ejypti. C.C. 

[3] CQUftwriiiopohin* C^G. [4]S;pcabiufaf . C.C, 

N inobe^jpa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

motfC'^jxz help. ^ o}:epmo&i;5jia pyll:- CDajte ic 
'^yf^F S^D^yn^obe Jonne ic hif mib ealle aj-«- 
fce. xijc hif . hpa f y luprpuU mape ro piraone. 
yece mm J^ooe f yip.* ^ on ^am ba^um ^epeapIS 
j> re Fulchi. ^ Falifci ]?e aep pa^pon Lxx pmrpa. 
-pi^ Romane pmnenbe- ;f hi hi ]?ao):cppunnon. ^ 
.heopa, lanb ojcephep^obon. ^ pa'Se aejxep ))ain. 
Surrpiam "f jrolc pj^pon hep^ien&e on Roma- 
ne. o^* ])2epe bqp^e ^eata:* JlDir Romane sejrreji 
^am hpse&lice mi& ^gepeohre ^ mib bep^unje 
bun ppjuJbon* ^ hi gep lymfeou:* 


yEjcrep * ^am ]jc Romebuph retimbpcb paef 

111. hunt) pmrpa *J Lxxxui. ]?a ^a Lauciuj- Jjc 

o'Spe naman pa^p haren Eenuriup ^ Quinruj* 

.J)e o'^pe naman paep heren Sepphuy . ^a hi pae- 

,pon conpulay on Rome, jepcap^ pe micciaman'- 

cpealm on Jam lanbe. na laep j-pa hir ^epuna if 

jop unriblicum ^^cpybepum. If ip up oppaetnim 

{umepum. ^ op bpijjum pmrpum. '^ op pe^pc 
encrenhaeran. ^ mib un^emerlican haeppcfr- 
paeran. '^ asprepnaeban -f-, ac an pmb com op Ea- 
labpia pealbe. *3 ye pol mib J?am pmbe:* Dcj- 
,raancpealm p«p Qn Romanum puUe ii. ;5eape opep 
. ealle men ^[^^hce. J?eah ]?e f ume beabe paepon. "j 
. f ume unca^^ ^ebpehre ape;j5comon. o^S f beopa 
bij-ceopap paebon. f heppa Eobap basbon. J him 

"* Orqf. 1. iii. c. 4. 

•f This fliould be a?prep-hast:an ox ficcceeding l^eats^ 
though all the traafcripts agree iii the miftake. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


maa pojihre [ i ] TfmpJ^earpa; ^ man mihre 
|)oae hse^nircan pieman ))app inne toon ^ heopa 
beofol^ylb. ppsepon openhce ealle unclacneija:* 
tteji pe ma^on nu (cpae'S Opoj-iaj-.) J^a ^eanb- 
pypban. J?e J^aej- Epiprenbrnej- pi^eppliran j*yn- 
bon. hu heopa Do&aj- ])uph heopa blot:un;5e. ^ 
Jnijih heopa fceoj:ol;5yl&. ]fxy mancpealmer ^^e- . 
hulpon* buron J^aer by ne on^caron milD hpylcutn 
fcincpaepre. ^ mib hpylcnm lorppcnce hir be- 
o]da bybon, naej- na j-e fo'Sa Dob f hi mib ]>y 
yfcle pa inehn j-pencron. to "Son ^ hy '^tlff- 
bon hcopa opjrpun^a. *3 heopa beopoljyijbum. 
*]! t hi Jjanon mop:on ro ?5am pplum becuman. 
*3 ^ hi mo|-ron rapian mib J^aepe maej-ron bijrn- 
pun^e. ac heopa !ff mfrirhearpa J^a pa?pon una* 
pimcbe. *3 me nu meni^pealb ro a|-ec^anne. 
pp^oa ^u pebep !3Lu;j^uprinap hy hiaej:pr on 
^mum bocum ppcrole ^epasb. ^ ic ^ehpam pil* 
le ]wBp ro rxcan.^ f c hme hyp + lypr ma ro pi- 

y6)crep ♦ fypon. on ^am ylcan ^eape ro- 
hlab peo eop^e binnan Romeoypi^. pa pasbon 
heopa bipcopap epr. ^ heopa Eobajf baebon f 
faim mon realbe anne cucene manu. J)a him ]?uh- 
te ^ hy neopa beabpa to lyr haepbon. "j |-eo 
eoplSe ppa ^inienbe bab, o^ J^a^r 0[)apcup. J^e 
obpe namon harre Eupriup. mib hopp. ^ nub 
paepnum. jjaep op mnan bepcear, ^ heo j'i'5'baa 
tojaebepe bchlab;* 

* Orof. 1. ill. c. 5. 
t I (hould conceive that hyp (hould rather be ]>jf. 

Xi] TTnpirearpa C. C. 

N 2 IV. y€prep • 

Digitized by VLjOOQI^ 



y€j:rep* ^am J»c Romebvph 2;ctimbpet> pf* 
411. hunt) pmrpa. *3 [i] Lxxxviu. f liallie ojccp^ 
tiep^obob Ramane knb o'S im xxula t;o ^jiq 
bypi^. *3 J>a buph mihron ca'Se be;5iran. ^gijc hy 
]7SBp ne ^epacoban. pp J)am Romaoe p^ejiou fpa 
^ophre t. 3 f pa aemo&c ;f by ne peo&ioh. $ hy 
J;)a bujih bepepian miht^oa:- !S!c \xy qq SQOfi^eo 
(2] Tirup heopa labreQp, ))e oSpaii A^incn f^j 
baren QuiDriuf . hy rpib pyp&e jephre. "SJ^p 
jcjceahr [3] QDanliu]- aupij. ^ o^joe pamoa pf 
haren Topcuaruf . pi's aime Dallipcne mmn^ TJ 
bme ojq-lob. ^ Tiruj- Qumriuf . ^a o'Spc fvune 
^e}:iymt)e. ]fumc oj:f loh:- 3e ]>zm 910a imhte 
OQ^itan hpsBT Ifxp ojrpla^n po^j:** ]>4 ^cqjpa jceb 
J?uj-ent>a 5€}:;iJ[i;5eo pxjr:- 


ySpeji J ^am )e Romebunh jetrimbjicfepsBf 
nil hunb pmrpa. *3 rpa- 1 E^p^aine jjaejue bujije 
aejienbpacaii comon ro Rome. *3 him gebu&oa 
'^ by jrpi'S him beippeonum haej:bon, |:op]?on hy 
on an laab. ^a pmnenb^ paepon. jJ pae^ on 0cnc- 
pnre. mib "Sam J?e "Sa aspenbpacan tro Rome 
comon. ])a com eac mib him |-co of epmaete he- 

* Orof. 1. iii* c. 6. f Orof. 1. liL c. 7. 

:; This word is more commonly written pyphrc 

[i] Lxxviii. C. C. [2] ribuf. C. C. 
l/j CVuUiuf . C. C. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


a;rt>f«laef • "J mone^jpa ^oba ypro'Sa, jreo kai- 
j« ^jrccjt )?aiii Ipeiaanbe jw)r» f pa hir hejcenejr 
runjd on "Sam rican cy^oGe jwpon. "^ hit: paejr 
Eibt o^ imt>ne to«5» *) on funae/ie ritoc hxr ha^ 
J^l32^ f t:aniun apep ealle Romane:* Oo'Samba* 
jum jwBjr Xlcaanbep ^bopco 0*1 EpecimL f |« 
jrpaaa myoel yp: come o):ep ealjEie mibban eap^a. 
*) Oeuf Feppi cymn^. J?one raoa o^pam namon 
mx Xprccj-eppj*. lejcrcp "Sam )e he €gypwim 
):opfaep^be. he X^yop fi'^'San on lu^aoa lat«x 
^ heopa peU ^opnep^abe. f I'S'San on IpcsLtmm 
faaxi fartbQ. he hleopa fpi'Se fcala 2;^f ctre pCS 
J?ooe Y^ \^ oioxk Eafpia h«t?. ^3 hy j^aepe ^epM;* 
tenc pnr Jir o^ J^ij-ne baej. mib bpabum fol* 
cam* on ^^$am rohopan. ;^ hy fume j* I'Se Dob )^a« 
oon abo, xo heopa a^ium bnbe:* Si^^an !Sp« 
tccfcppjr abp«: Sioonem Fcniria buph. jreo 
f»yj^ jpeie2;aft? on J?am ba^m:- 

ytjcrep* J?am Romane ao^nnon "^ 8onmi<- 
ticum jepinn y mbe I^mpena lanb. hy )^a hs^. 
*) ojcr pasbkce, ymb ^ puhron. on hpeopjcenbuiii 

{ijum;* Da ;5cru^on Sommre him on jculrum 
^ippu|-an. Cpipa cyninj. ]fone marj-ran jceonb 
JtomoA^m:* ©«r 3;epinn peap'S hpaej^pe f ume 
hpilc jepsdleb. pop ]jon Puma [ijmibRo- 
manum pinnan on;5;unnon. f i^'Saa ^ ^epinn on- 
^nuen paef :• Dijc aeni^ mann j-y (epos's Opo|-i- 
Uf .) J>e on^cppirum jcmban mae je. f Jancf bUr 
pn j-ilS'San belocen pupbe, buran anum ;5eapc. ^ 
$ fxy f op^am Jc Romane ealne J?one ;5eap on 

* Orof» 1. iii. c. 8. 

[i] pi^.C-C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

maoucpealme las^ao. aepej-r on Ocravianuj' te^ 
^cjflej- Eaj*cpcf :• ;f huj- hsejrboo Romane ro "Sam 
anum racne jcjK)jmr. "f on fpylce healjce. j-pyl- 
cc hy j^onnepmnenbebeon polbOn. fpa pi^. j'pa 
noptS. rptt cj-r. j-pa pep;. ])onoe unbybon hy )?a 
Dnpu. pe on ]^a nealfre open pae^-. ^ hy be ^am 
pipron hpibcp hy rceolbon:- 3Cnb mib J)am J)e 
hy ISapa bupa hpylce opene ^j-apan. J)onne ru- 
Ton hy hcopa npae^l bujcan cneop. ^ ^l^pebon 
hy to pije. *3 bc))am pipran | hy pi^ fum pole 
jcpi^ ne hasjcbon. ^ )K>nne hy ppi^ ha^jcbon. J)on- 
ne paepon ealle %a bupa berynebe. ^3 hi letoo 
heopa hpae jl oj: bune ro forum:* 3Cc ]» ))a Oc- 
ravianu}- j-c Eaj-epe ro pice pcn^. J^a pupbon 
Janaj- bupa betynebe. ^ peap'S j-ibb. *3 ppi'S 
o]:ep ealne mibban^eapb:- /Epcrep ^am ]je Pcpf e 
jcpilS ^enamon pi^S Romanum. j-i^'Sad jelico&e 
callum polcum. ^ hy Romanum unbep]>eobct) 
paspe. •^ heopa x ro bchealbenne* ^ j-pa j-piSe 
pone jcpi^ luf ebon, ^ him leojrpe pxy. "f hi Ro- 
manif ce cynin^ay haejrbon. fonne of heopa a^- 
num cynne:- On ]jam paer j-peorole ^eracnab- $ 
nan cop^hc mann ne minre j^pylce lujre. "j ppyl- 
ce ribbe. opep ealne nubban ^eapb j5;*bon. ypyl- 
ce j?a pacf :• !ffc heo jrop "Bam pasp )fft Epip: oa 
Jam ba^m jebopen pasf. ])e j-ibb ij^ heoponpa- 
pe *3 eop'Spape:- Daer eac Ocravianuj- j-peo- 
role jeracnobe. Jja ^a Romana him polbon op- 
ppian. (fpa j-pa heopa jepuna paep) ^ paE^bon $ 
peo pbb on hi]- mihre pa^pe. ac he se^^ep ple- 
ah je J>a baeb. "je J>a pae^ene. ^ eac f yip pasbe. 
•f peo basb hip njepe. ne eac beon oe mihrc na- 
nep eop^licep manncp, ;f ealpc populbe ppylce 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

phbe bpin;5an mihre jJ rpa ]>eot>a aep faabbao nc 
Huhwfl. na J l^ffc paej*. tpa jemasj'Sa:- 


y€prcji * 'Saai ]^e Ron^bujih ^cirimbneb paejr 
lui hunt) pmrjium ^ vin. ^epeaji^ j) Romane 
'j Larine punuon:* On ]?am pojiman ;5cj:eohre 
peaji'S Romana consul opfla^en Oaaliuf . j?e 
olSpum namon p$j- hateii Tojicu^ruj-. •^ heopa 
o'Sep consul. Jje mon Deciuf her. ^ o^pum na- 
mon OOupe. hij* a^cnne j-unu ojcj-Ioh. p)p]x)n he 
ojccpbpaec heopa ^[ecpi&paBbenne, f paej- ^ hy 
haejcbon ^ecpeben, "f hy ealle emnhce on Larine 
teuton:* 'Kc j^aep an ur apcear op Larma pe- 
pot>e. *3 anpi^ej- b«&. *3 him ))asf cony ulcf f una 
on^ean com. ^ hme jjaep ojcj-loh:- Fop]?am ^yl- 
te nolt>on Romane bpm^an ]?am conpile J)one 
rpiumphan. J?e heopa jepuna psej^. ]?e he f ije 

On J?am aejcrepan ^jeape }xy CDmuria harre 
an pipman. J?e on heopa piy-an fceolbc [ijnuime 
beon. f eo hacpbe ^eharen heopa ^ybenne Dia- 
naii 1p heo pol&e hype hp on paSmnaiihabe ahb- 
ban. J?a jcoplas^g heoliy pona:- J&y pz Romane pop 
)?am ^ylxre ]?e heo hype ^ehar aleah. ppa cuce hy 
oneop'Can bebulpon. ^ nu ryzzotyxr^^jf^m 
^ylre ro racne, mon hxr f lanb manpelb. ]wp 
hy mon [z] bypibe:* 

* Orof, 1. ill. c. 9. 
[i] nunn.M.L/ [2] bypijbe. M.L* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ra^ ♦ ©prep ]w«n on Jjaepa Zfc^psi conjiila 
t)5E je Elaubiuf . ]?c o'^pum namon harce [ i ] CDap- 
celluj-. ^ Ualepiiinuy. fe o^jium namon hatrcc 
Flaccuj-, ^a ^epcap^ hir. ]jch hir me j-conblic 
j-y. (cpae^ Opof itif.) J j^ume Romana pij: on 
ppylcum fcmlace pupbon "3 on |rpylcua» potoum 
4)peame. ^ hy pol&on aelcne mano. ;^epij: je p«p- 
neb. }?aspa J>e hy mihroo. mib atrpe acpellan. "j 
{2] on mere o^^e on bpmce. ro ;5e'^iG^anne 
^ey yllan. ^ ;^ lan^e bonbe paepon. aep f pole 
yipre hpanon | ypel come, buron J hy f asbon t 
hit; upne op jjaejie lyp;e come. «p mr J)uph 
seiine )eopne maon ^eyppeb peap%:- {)a ^poo 
ealle pa pip bepopan Romana piran ^ela^obe. 1^ 
pa papf in honb ^ Lxxx. *3 J)aBp paepon jeoyb&e 
f hy ^ lice Jji^jebon J hy ap o^pum pealbon. $ 
hy ))aBp beabe pj^pon bepopan eailum ])am man- 


yCp«ep+ }am ))e Romcbuph ^erioobpeti paey 
111! hunb pmrpa. ^ xxii. Siexanbep €piporap* 
\}m cynin;5;. ^xy mapan Slexanbpep earn, he mib 
eailum hip mae^ene pi^ Romane pitman on^;^^' 
*3 aer Somnirc ^emaepe. ^3 Romana ^epabt;. ^ j^a 
nihfran lanbleobe on ae^'Spc healpe him on 
pulrum ^ereah. o^ Somnire him ^epuhron 
pi's. ^ ]?one cynin;^ [sl^JT^^^^-' ^^ ^^ ?Sipef 

* Orof. 1. ill. c. 10. f Orof. 1. ii'u c. i r. 

[ I ] cpapcelliup. C. C. [2] bir t)n. M. L. 
[3] opj"lo3an. M. L. 



by Google 


klexanbpef heji ^epmyji^a&e. (cpsB^ Opoymy.) 
nu ic piUe eac ]?aej- majian Xlcxantopej* ^jemu* 
ncnbe htoxt. Ipxy G^]\ty nasjcan. )>e ic ymbe Roi- 
mana ^jcpmn on J)am ;5cap jcjiime fiopS [0 ^^ 
? [2] gerclcb haebbc:- 

tc j-eealbpae}jcp«j:r jepetiban: "f ic aelene * 
hu ju bajl gcj-ccge T^lcxatibpey bae&a. "3 f hu 
Philippuj* hij* jraebcji. im hunb pmrjaum aejcreji 
j)am])e Romebujih ^erimbjiebpacf . he [3] ^epn^; 
to OOacebonia pice "^ [4] Epecum. "3 "f haB;i)e txv 
pmrjia. ^ bin nan pxm ^eajium he^eeobeealle ))a 
eynejiicu ]?e on Epeacum paspon:. Sn paej- Xrhc*- 
nienj-e. o^ep fs^y Thebane. 111 paep Thej-f all. nil 
Laecebemonie. v Folcerifcj-i vi Mdpi. vii GOace- 
bonie. ^ he sepeyr ha5|:be2- Phihppu j- ))a he cnyhr 
paej-. he paef Thebanumropfle jej-ealb [5] Gpa- 
minunbc }?ato j-rpon^an cynio^e. ^ pzm jeiaepe- 
befran Philoj-ophe. jcpam hi)^ a^^num bpe'Sep 
Stlexanbpe J)e Laeccbemonie pice J?a haepbe. ^ 
mib him ^elaspeb peap^. on Jjam 'Spym ^edpum 
k he "Saep paef :• ©a peap'S fflexanbep oprl^^^n. 
mj' bpo'Bop jjpom hif a^enpe mebcp. J)eh he6 
hype cfSepne pinu cae sep opf lo^e. |:op hype 
^eli^epnej-p. T hco pacf Phihppuj^ey peopnio- 
bop:- Da peo^ rhihppup ro COacebonia pice* ^ 
hirealle npile on midan pleo. rj on miclan eap- 
jreSan ha^pbe. ;f ae^ep ^e him monu urane oj: 

* OroC L Hi. c. iii 
f aslcepe, perhaps; 

i] opep. M. L. [2] jeaeleb. C. C. 
3] penj. C. C. [4] Cjieacum. M. L^ 
[^2 PammuDbe. C. C. 

O o'Spum 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


M^jivm kfibc him onpann. ^ eac f hi[* a^o^ 
folc ymb liif a;5ea j:eojlli fypcbe. Jwetr him ]» 
«r nMirran kojcjie j»j-- "^ he \ire jn^iuoe. ))om 
he ;«r nam p«|icr* j&if jx)pmc ;5epeohr paejr pilS 
Srhenienj-e. *3 hy opejiponn. ^j aej:ren j«im pi^ 
[i] Ihjiicop fe pe PulrajTC hatclS. *3 heojia mae- 
m^ J)u|-cnb oj:j-toh* '^ neojia msfrao biiph ^e- 
cotDC Lapif fan. •]( j-i'S'San on Thef pali he ^ ^e* 
ymtifpi^op: by&c. pp "Scpe piloun^e J>e he 
poJfee hy him oti jrulrum ^erec», yojt hcojiifc 
yi'zcpxfce. ^ pp^oii ])e hy cu15on on hopj'um 
^alpa foJca pohr^i berfr. "j aepej^ hy ^ 8b;5* 
^ep ;5e pp bif cTc. ;5e pp hif olecun^ Him w 
;g;ecypfepn;- ^ pa ;5e^t>epa&e mit> heopa pol* 
Tume *J mib hif a^eo-um. sB^ep ^ pi&en»e* 
;ge Jfati^eabpa. unofcppuonenfthcje hepe:* 

ytjcrep }»m ))c Philmpuj- haB|*)e TJLtbeoieiif 6 
*j Therj-aU htm uobeppiobeb. he be^ar 3Cpu. 
hej- bohrop h>m to pipe. OOalopokm cyoia^jep 
[2 J OhmphjalSe heo psef barenu:* XjumiSp p^- 
be "f he hij* pice ;5emiclian fceolbe. Jia he hip 
bohrop Phflippuj-e pce^hoe, ac he hme on \>»pt 
ptmun^e ^ebanb, *3 him on ^eiKHn ^ be pylf 
h«|*e. ^3 bKie pi'S^an jroppenbe* crC he hif hp 
ppler:- /^ftrep Jam Philippuy peahr oa [3 1 0- 
poiie ja buph* on Thebana picc. "3 him Jaep pe- 
^p'S ;f o'Scp ea^ge mib anpe plan ur af cotreti^ 
JiDe bpse^pie J?a buph 2;epann. -3 eall J maoGynii 
acpealbe. ^ he faep inne metre, ^ a^ep Jam 
mib hip [4] reappum he ^leeobe eall Epeaca 
|:olc, pop Jon neopa ^epuoa paep. f hi polbonop 

Dihpicop. C. C. [^i] Olimphiabe. M. 1^ 
Oftrhone^M^Xr [[43 peajpj^. M.L. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


«Icepe by |u^ him f yljc anpealb habbaa. "^ nan 
cySeji udbep]>ybet) beon. ac jwpon him f-pa be** 
tpcoHum ;pinnen&e:- Da b^etoon hy Philippuj* 
«ft: oc anjic bypi^;. Jwnne oj: otSepne, •f he him 
On ]calt;ume pacpe, pi'S'Sa }?e him onpunntiru 
j»nn6 he J^a c^pj^pi^eb haejrbe. )>e he ^onne on- 
pmoentDe jwj*. mi& ]?am poke J?e hme arp pulru* 
mcf bepb. J)ot>ne by&e he bim n'^^6e^ vo peal- 
ban, fpa he belyte^abe ealle Epeace on hif ;g;e-^ 
pealb:* ©a Epeace y J)a unbep^earan. ^ eac hiui 
fpi^ offSificenbum. |l hy an cynm^. rpa y^^ 
lice bur on alcoQ ^epmne. onhifjepealbbcj^py* 
ban f eedlbe. ^elice ^ hi him J)eopenoe paepon,. 
he by eac op o^pum pelcum oprpaebhce on J>e«- 
opo^peatee. ]?e aep nan pole ne mihre mib^e- 
pcohtse ^pmnan. hy ])a aallc pi^b hroe ^epmij 
Upahopon. *5 he hme 'je-ea'bmebbe ro ^m pol- 
ce. JJe him J^aep heapbop; anbpeb. "^ paspom 
Th6f7*alu. *;J on hy relec ;p hy mib him on 
Athene pannon:* ©a ny ro ])am ^jemaepe co^ 
mo». mib heopa pypbe. j>a hetpbon hy heopa 
cluran belocene> Da Philifpup Jaip binnan nc 
minre. f he hip reofian ^eppsece. he )>a ipenbe 
on }« ine J^e him ]?a ;5erpype paepon. ^ heopa 
buph gepop. ^ f pic mib ealle popbybe. ^3 he- 
opa hep55:ap ropeapp. ppa he ealle bybe. )?e he 
abpep merre* ^^e eac hip a^ene. o^ f him J>a 
bipccopap psebon. ^ ealle Dobap him yppe pai- 
pon. *^ pilSpmoenbe. ^ Jeah hy him ealle yppe 
on ])amxxT pmrpvm. })c he pmnenbe ysty. ^ 
peohranbe, he na opepponn ne peap^. J^f^^P' 
[j]]»m he ^pop on Eappabociam, J lanb. ^ 

[1] ^amdeeft M. Li 

O z jjaep 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


}stp calle ]?e cynin^af mib hif [ijyjptc^ o|:floh;j 
8yS5an ealle fcappabOfiam him;5ehyjij-umet>on. 
"J hme j-i'S^aa penbe on hij- ^ISfiy ^jebpo'Spa, 
^enne opj-Ioh. ^ pa rpe^en QS)dii;gon on OUn-: 
trhum J?a bu/ih. j-eo pxy paej-raj-r. ^j pele^apj 
QOaecie&oma piety. ^ bim Philippuj- asrtreji f op. 
^ ]?a bqph abpsc. 3 ]?a bpo]?op opj-lqh. ^3 eallc 
]wjr J)aep innje paej-* j?a J?py ;56bpo'&pa naepdn n^ 
Philippuj-e [2]5cmepe&, ap paepop [3] ^epr 

On )jam ba^um OQ Thpacia ^am lanbe. p»pon 
rpc^en cymn^a|* yoib "^pice pmnenbe. ^a p«- 
pon [4] ^ebpo?>pa. ]?a fpn^oo by xo PhiUpr 
puyo. ^ b^bon ^ he by ymbp ^ pice^ef^mbe. 
r| on j?a&pe ^epirnejf-re paepe. ;^ hir emne 
^cbaelcb pappe:- ^t)e |)a rhilippjip ro heopa ^Cr 
more com mib micdpe pypbe, •j ]?a cymnjap 
bejen opploh. ^3 ealle J}^ piran, 3 jren^ 
^'Sam picwn ba;ni:' /^prep ]?am Srhepjcnpe bie- 
i5Qn Phihppup. f he heop^ labreop paepe fv6 
Focpnpep fam polce, J^eh- hy xfi heopa clup? 
hira on;^ean beluce.- T *^ ,he o^cp J^jKpa bybe 
o'b'Se hy ;§;epenibe. o^^'Sp him ^[epulrumabe $ 
by hy opeppmnan mihran. he him ])% ^eher. 
^ he him ^ejculruman pplbe.t f hy hy opeppmi- 
noji:- 6ac aesp ]?am ilcan cijipe. baeban Focenpe 
hip pulrumep pi^S TSrhene. he him ])a jcher 
J)asr he hy ^epeman polbfs:- Si'S^an he pa clu- 
pan on hip ^^epealbe haepbe. p^ bybe he |iim eac 
J?^ pica ro ^epealban. ^ hip hepe:5eonb pa by- 
pig tcbaelbe. ^ hp bebeab, f hy f |anb hepp- 

I [i] btfpice. M. L. [2] jemebpen. M, L. 
[3J S^F^^r??;^:^ [4 J Sebpo^ojia, M. L. 

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40^ paepon. o'S J hy hir apef ron. f ]?am poles 

pf. [^]^ZP^J^ F^* S^ t ^y t ™3e]^e ypel jroji-. 
oepan j-ceolboo. ^ eac ;f hy hij- j-cipan ne bo/i- 
j-ran. ac he eal|e^a jiicojxzn pojij-lean her. ^ J?a 
oSjie j-ume on pjiaecp^ jcopj-en&e. f uqae on 
o^jia meapca ^eprre:* Spa he Phihppaj* J)a 
miclan picu ;5eni^ejaalDe. ^ch jje aep anpa ^je-? 
hpylc pcnbe "f hir oj:ep moni^ o^po anpealb 
habbaa roihtee. Ip^V hy ]ja «t; nihj^an. hy jyljce 
t:o nohr^ bepigeran:- 

Phihppuj-e * 2»^)^h^^ aejwep ^am. ^ he on 
lanijc ne mihte ^am poke nub ^Jipim ^ecpe- 
man. }c him on pmbel paepon mibpmnenbe. ac 
he f cjpa ;5e^abepabe. ^ ficitv^ay pupbon. "j yo- 
na [2j fee aer anum cy ppe an hunt) •^ eahrari^ 
ceappcipa ^ejcen^on;. Da ceay he him ane buph. 
pi's ]?one pae. fiizanrium paep [3] haren. ro 
Jx)n ^ him ^ehcobe J hy J)aep mihron betrfT 
ppi'S bmnaii nabban. "^ eac ^ hy )>aep ^jehen- 
bajre psepon. -gehpylc lanb j)anon ro pmnanne^ 
ac him J)a buphfeobe J>aBp pi'Scpaebon. Phihppuf 
mibhippulrume. by befaer "j himonpann> 8eo 
lice Bizanrium psp sepepr ^erjmbpeb ppam 
Paqp^ma Laecebernqnia labreope. ^ sepcep Jam 
ppam Eonpranrmo. ^am Epiprenan Eapejie 
^eeccb. *3 be hip naqion heo pxy ^jeharenu Eon* 
pranrmopohm. ^ ip nu j hcapre cyneperl. *J 
pegpo^ eallep eaprpicep:- yCprep ^am ]?e Phi?. 

* Orof. 1. iii. c. 14. 

[ i] aejj^pep paa. M, Lj .[2] he deed M. L. 
til h^V^^^* M. ^** . 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


bppuf hn'zt J>a buph hcj-eten haej*>e. }« ojrjmb- 
rc hiOT "^ he "^ jfcoh ro pUenne naBje&e hij- hc- 
jic f pa hy ^|una paejion, he Ja hij* hepe on I 
rpa rofeaetee. pirn yinb pi buph faer. "j he mib 
yumum hlo'Sampji 1 mane^^a byjiir bepeopobc. 
en Ehejiaoifce Ejieaca polcc. "^ ]-i^13an j:o|i oa 
feci^'Sie. mib !SIexan&}ie hiy f tmu. J?aeyi Sthe- 
af f e cynin^ pice faffif&e. )>e «p hij- ^eJ)ojfra yaf 
ju^S Ij-^piana ^pinnc. "j J^a on j} laot> pp« pol- 
De:- Sc hy )?a lan&leobc pi% f Tefapnebon. "j 
roib him pyp&e on^^san ja>p4n;f f)a Jfl^v )>aPtii- 
lippuf ^eahfO^De. ]ra ren&e he xyKep mapafijcd* 
tuinc to )>atn J« tta ouph ymbprtreii h«jrt)Ofl. ") 
iDib eallam m^e^ne on hy ^popc* D^b )e Sci%fSie 
)isftrc mapaii manna maeni^. ^ by felps b)'^^- 
«pan p«pon. hy j^eab Philippu]* bej^tpe&e^ |ni& 
htf lotnrppencuou mft> )»im ])e he hi]^ bepef 
tpxbban b^ ^chyttbe. ^ himf elj; mib pspf • ^ 
^m rpam t>a;ium bebeab- f pa hy peobi^ on^ 
;^nnoo. )r by pr6 bir jcfcfjon. j» he f it^laii mit) 
]»am ISpibban t>aele hy bcfpican mihte- J^^nae 
hy ropapene p^epqn:* fiaep peap'S Sci^t^ xxm 
opf la;5en. •;! ^yefran^n pipmantia n| paepmanna. *3 
Jwp pacp XX m hopp a ^ej^ati^n. j^cn h^ }xji 
n^n kc^cnbe peob ne merron. ppa hy aep ^epu^ 
na paspon. ponnc hy paelprope 3;epeaJb ahroD:* 
On "Sam jejreohte p«r aepeft: anponC^ft Sci^JV 
%ia-pannj-peba. ejfr Jja rhihpptif paer facan cyp- 
penbe J^a op pop hme o^ejie Sci^^ie mib ly- 
relpe pypbe. Tpibahalle ipsspon harene. Phi- 
hppup him bybe heqpa pi;^ unpeop'S. o^b hyne 
an cpene pceat Juph f iSeoh. ^ ^ hopp pxf 
beab. ]?e he on upan fa^r:* Da hip hepe gej-e- 
ah J he mib J?y hopj-e apeol. hy J)a calle plu^on. 

-3 call 

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^5 cafl ^ hejK peoh j^ojiletoit. J)e hy xj\ ^^^n* 
^cn hsBjSxjn:' j^a^r "f micd punboji. "f f pa micel 
nejic ifoji J?acf cymn^Cf jryVLt jrleab. ]?6 na scp 
J)am fjffton notee, J)e hif monn pela Jjaj-onbd oj:- 
rioje:- Philippujf mib hif lottr^ence. J)a hvllt 
ft he pun& pa^j-^ alyjrbe ealltim Epeacuifl. fm^ 
ojia anpeal&ej* moftron f-ranbon him bcrjpco^ 
nam. j-pa aji on ealb ba^um bybon:* !ffc j-onii 
j^pa he^elacnob yxy. jppa hcpjabe he on Krhe- 
nc:- ©t pnbcfn hy to Laecebemonium. •} b^cbon 
$ hy "stfpynb pupbon. beh «p lon2;e ^epynb 
pa^jton. ^3 baebon "^ hy calle gemseoelicc cunnor 
bon. mmznn hy hypa ^emasnan peonb him ppam 
abon;. J!>y ]^a fumc.him ^eritScbon. *J Ije^abe- 
pobon mapan mann|:ulmm pontic Phibppuf 
haefbe. fume pp hir e;5e ne bopp ran:* Philip- 
pufe jtf]?tihre J)a. y hclcng^mib plcTepeoh- 
tofni pits hy ne mihre- ac ojcrpacbhce he paej- 
mib hb^Som on hy hepfjenbc. ^ onbutan f yp- 
penbe. o^ hy cpr rorpaembe paepon. ^ Jia oa 
un;5capepe on Srhcne mib jcypbe ;5e}!ap:- yCr 
Jam cyjtpe pupbon !ffrhenienj-e j^pa paelhncop- 
lice jcopj-Ia;5en. ^ pphyneb. f hy na ymSztk 
nep ^pcalbej- hy ne bem^eran. ne nanep ppco* 

ytjcrep ♦ ])am Phihppuf jelaebbe pypbe on 
Laecebcmonie. *) on Thebane. ^ hy micclum 
^^tpe^abe. "Jbipmpabe. o'&hy fijealle paepon 
popbon. ^ pphyncb:- J^jXOfi "Sam J?e Phihp- 
pwj; hasjpbe calle Epeacaf on hij- ^cpealb ^cboD 

* Orofr h iir. c. 14; 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


he faal&e hij- bohtoji Slexanbpe Jam cymtv^e^ 
hif a2;fenum mxxt. Ipe he xfi Gpipa pice jej-ealb 
hxfbt:* i)^ on pam baege ple^ebdu by of hon- 
rum. aeg'Sep ^e Phihppuj- ge Slexan&eji. J?e ne 
Jnimhij- bohroji yyllaa polbe. ge Slexanbeji hijr 
a2;en f onu. f pa heopa J^eap aer j-pylcum paej*. "J 
cac maeni^je o^epe mib him:* Da Phihppuye ;5e- 
bypebe J he ):op ]?am plegan ut o): j?ain manpe- 
pobe apab. ]>a merre hme ealb ^c):ana f urn. *]( 
hme oyrj-ran^:. Ic nar. (cJ^as'S Opopu jr.) fop. hp 
€op Romanum rynbon j?a aeppan ^epmn f pa pet 
^ehcob. T j-pa luj-t:j-umlice on leo'Scpibum ro 
^ehypanne. "^ jiop hpy ^e ja riba p pelcjaa bpoca 
f pa pell hepigea^. "^ nu J)eh eop lyrlej- hpaet 
rpelcpa ^jebpoca on becume. J)onne masna'S je 
nir ro^am pyppepran ribum. *3 magon hy m 
hpeophce pepan. j^pa je ma^on j?aepa o^pa bli- 
^elice hlihhan:- Ei^ '^c j-pylce Jjejnaj- pint, 
j-pylce *^e pepa'S ^ ^e f len. ]>onne pceolbon je 
rpa luprlice eoppe a;5enu bpocu apejrnan. Jehi 
hy laeppaapyn. ppa je heopa pmr ro gehy- 
panne. J?onne J)uhre eop J?ap riba berepan. j^ocne 
.J)a. pop^on eopjie bpocu nu laeppan pinbon. ponce 
heopa J?a paepe. J:op]}on Phihppup paej- xxv pin- 
rpa. Epeaca pole hynenbe. ae;5^ep '^c heojia 
bypii; baspnenbe. '^c heopa pole pleanbe. ^3 pume 
onellpeobe [i]):openbe. 'j eopep Romana bpa- 
cu. ]?e Te J^asp ealne;^ bpypa^. naej^ buron ])py &a- 
^ap:- Phihppupep ypel myhre J?ch .J)a 2;y** 1^ 
j-umum ba^le ^emerhc Jjyncan. aep pe ppelgenb 
ropicepeng; S^lexanbep hippunu:- Ben ic ntt 

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«©k^ESTA' -REGIS ^LFREDl io^ 

hij*' febe f^ rcjiipian fcyle. p^ ic 

Romkna jcyec^jc. jie on pam ilcan ribum ^ebon 
paajponi* ' ' . 

'^; ./^"j • • vm. - ' '\ 

7%^t«tp'* J^'ani^ i>^ Roraebujih ;5etimbpeb p*j* 
hii^fcunb pnzjxi. ^ xxvi. Eaubenej- Fupculuj^ 
r^'H*^ S^^^P''^ fP*"®^ maejie. 'TJ jit ro bae;^^ 
ij-jx>ji-BomaQai>ijraejic:* D^.r geptajtS aeptrejf^ 
fam4ftj!edhre j[>c Romane "i Sftmnire ,ha^)$)9n 
jTaycjcjfibb^^ pa J^apa 6ominre k^ 

m!Ojij^^<ii*pu^0(ni ujabep JFauio ]?am' cbp- 
fofe:- 'J^- Soriiorce ser o^paa '^ej!e6hre mib 
toa^^d jstfty^ rhibm^pan paepj:cipe. roiRo^ 

nfafti 'Jjjetotettn*^ 2?p by boh 

fcti jjKjitt'^djpc Je,mod her Krfyben^ Fupculap. 

fJem- 'Jyehiift'f iaifoitocfl^^ Jjir 8om- 

nittjBi jjflepe. ' ^' op' uA^^^iy'oh ah nypepe^y be.- 
tejian. o^ hy Somiiire uroti beppp^n "^Tiy ji^- 
%an o^ep f deolbbn. tfSSe ):dji\[ir]me':;elefre 
l)Copa'kj: aleron.^o^'Se Somnirum on hanb ^gan:- 
Oftjjam anpcaibe J35pon Somnire rpabealbe,*^ 
pe«J)dj«i5; j)c lieojia iapVioj^ fxy. Ponriup fxy 
iiawn. her [>] abxian Jione cynrn;^ hij- jra^bep* 
^^Jwqi ape bam fxr.hpx^cjx him leojrpe pxpe. |^ 
he by ciHc lacpcdtee. J>e hy llbbenbe ro bij^mpe 
^epcnian here;- X)^ Ja f e ajj^elm^ ro paixi .bif- 
mjTC jcrap^ibe. J>c ]?a on J^ra ba;5um maepr ^psej-. '^ 

* P^of. 1. iii.c. 15. 

ti] xnerchepcai^ C. C. ' X^J apaan. M. L, 

P he 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


he hy bcjieapbc hcojia cla'Sa* "J lieopa papppa. *1' 
VI hunt) ^ij^Ia on hif ^epealt) uhbepjicnj. on f 
^ejiab. ^ hy him ji'Sj^an ece Jjcopaj- p^ejioo. *]! f c 
3&^ehn;5 bebeab j^umum hir jcolce. ;f hy ^ebpoh- 
icon Romana conj-ulay-. on fieopa [i 1 a^num lan- 
t)um. "J him bepopan bjiijcon j-pa j-pa [2 1 mcblin^J- 
Uy. ;f heojia bijrnep ])y majiepaepe:- Tseopnopyc 
Tpolfton. (cpae'S Ojiopuf.) eopjia RbmanaDij-moji* 
won ppf u^ienbe, Jonne j-ecjen&e. J)ae)i pe poji 
^oppe aB;5enpe jnbpnunge moj- t^e. ^e SejpiS pam 
tpifren&ome habba'S:. ^pser ^e pit?au f ge^ir 
to ttcege pasppn Spmnirum J)eope X^^i S^ hrai nc 
lu^oneoppa pebb. ^ eoppa a^ hin^j'e- 
plbon. ^ ^e ihupcnia'3 nu pp j|?ai^^ 
jpolc Jje /ge anpealb oj:ep nxftoh^ xiolpQt\ cop 
jelaej-tan. | hy eop beheron. ^3 nell^ ;^e ^n- 
'cean. hu la^ eop yylpim pxp ro laef •c^nae eoppc 
a'Saj- ])am )?e qjrep eop anpwlb haeponfj. jfeoha f a^f 
on "J^am aejA;epan ^cape^ ^ojibpfqcqa; Ronaaae 
Tieopa a'Sap: J)e hy Soimnirum jej^a^^ fafif^^ 
•3 mib Papipio heopa. cpn/ule. 'hy !'n?(it> pypfeo 
Vej-ohron. "j J^asp beabhcne fije^eppan. jfpji 
Jam j-e ae^ep faepa pica, pay- .^sep ^I^pohticj- 
^eopo. Somnite, pp ^am . anpealbe* ]?e hy.ipii 
:r^'5jie healp haepqn, ^ Romane f6p/5am bif- 
niepe. pe hy sep set; him ^[epjian. 0% Rom^e 
^epo^jori Somnita cynm^.y/j. "heopa pepreo 
abjiaecbn. ^j hy ro 7japl;5yitjun:^ ^^ebybon:- 6e 
ilea Papipiu J- paep aspep ]?am ;5epohre mib Ro- 
maruqi ppylcep bomepbeleb. "fny hine zo pon 
;5ecopeu hxpon. ;f hy mib jepohte inihrc 

[ i] pitran ac heopa annual. M. L# 
[2] OJebhngap B. ;r, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fam mapaij' !lSfe*afabjie pi^j-tratSan. ^ip he e^-i 
'CiM Of 'Kyizm Iraliam ^cf ohte. f pa ne jecpe- 
t)en haejc&e:* 


yGjrtrep * %am })e Romebujih ^erimbjieb fxf 
UH hunb pmrpa ^ xxvi. penj TCIexanbep ro 
OO^ccbonia jiice. aepreji Phili^uj^e hiy paebep. 
*3 hij- aepept^an jje^jojxipe on ]?oh jecybbe. ^a 
he ealle Epecdj* mib hij- rnyrrpo. on hip ^epe- 
alb [ij^eniebbb. calle fea ]>e pi% hme ^jepmii 
upahopon:* Daer ]>cap^ aejiepr ppom Peppam. J^a 
hy pceolbon Demoprhanape ])aai Philopophe lio- 
^enbe preoh. pi% ^am J?e he jelaepbe ealle Epe- 
cap ^ hy TOexanbpe pi^pocon:- ^ffrhene bubou 
^epeohr Slexanbpe. ac he hme pona popplob. *3 
^eplymbe 'f hy pi'S'San unjemerlicne ejeppam 
him haepbon. '^ Thebana paepren abpasc *;] niib 
ealle ropeapp. 'f aep pasp ealpa Epeca heapob- 
prol. ^ pilS'San eal-^ pole on sell'Seobe him pi^ 
peoh jepealbe. ^ ealle ]>a o^pe^ J)eoba. ])e o4 
Lpccum paepon, he ro ^apol^ylbum ^ebybo 
buron fl5aceboni^m. fe him epr rp ^ccypbon. 
^ ])anon paep papenbeoh lUipice. "jonThpacil. 
*3 hi ealle to him ^ebi^be. *3 pi'S^an he ^abc- 
pabe pypbe pilS Peppe. ^ fa npile )je,he hy ^a- 
bepobe. he opploh' ealle hip ma^ap ]?e he ^epae- 
cean mihre:- On hip pe%e hepe paepoti xxxii m. 
1 ]^^r ^ehoppeban pipte healp ra^ ^ pcipa an 

* Orof. 1. iii. c. 16. 

[1] 3cnybbe. C. G 

P 2 hunb 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t«p3b ^eahtrjft?!^:- N«; ic. (cj»^<l)|iXf i»jr.):bjpa^ 

rume. ])one maej-ran t>xl }iycy nut^tjifv TeajTjfcej? 
^e;5an mihre. J)e "^ he mifc f pa lyrlen pejiobe, 
j*pa micel anjionan &p)ljre> . 

On ^am [i] ppman ^ejccohrc J)e Slcxanbeji 

f yx bunt) nn. jcekef . he peap^ ])eh f pit^jl J>e- 

jrpiGen pji Slexari&pej- j-eapepe- ^ma^ jg9j> hip 

l^^eohre:- Paep paej^ ui>;^effierlic pspl ^e}^4a;|en 

Pepf a- ^ 3tlexftabj1ef nasp na ma J^ottne buaa 

rpclfri^ oil ^am patoc hepe. ^ m^oa on Jwin 

fc'Ba:- Da ayop !SIexanbep ^an^a^ oii Fp^|^ 

5f f lam lanb. *3 hcdpa buph abpsep. . *J t^p^ajip. 

^ moii hiEt: Saptoif :• Da jrae&e hjm toon ;^JDa- 

pittf [2]h3ejj:be ept; pyptie ^ejfa&ejrot) &n Pep- 

f uEft> JClexBobcp hito f J>a ontopeb jcop ^aepe ne- 

ape^sn ftope j?e he )>a on paef • ^ npa&&lKse pp 

fam e;ge fanon apop. ofcp Taupuj-an ]pdnc 

[3] beoph. rj ua;5elyj:cbhcne micelne ^^ 00 

^am bsB^e ^epop. oS he com to Thapfum J^apc 

J>ypi;^. on LilKiom ])ato lanbe:* On yam bie^e he 

^emert^ ane ea f eo hxybe iin^emetlicne ccalb 

,pa£rep. yeo paepEy^nuj- hawn. )>a on^jan hehy- 

.nc banian jjarponppa ppari^gne. ]>a jcop })am cyle 

him ;5ep<:puj«:an callc sebpa. ^ him mo<i ]?af Ii- 

jrep ne pe^nbe:* RalSe aep:ep ^am com Dajiiu]- 

XTiib yy.ptyt xo Mexanbpe. he hasjcbe iithufib 

j^ujenba pe^na- ^ an hunb m ^ehoppbpa:* 

.TS^lexanbep.paej- j?a him j-pi^e onbpaebenbe pop 

^xpc miclan ma?Di^e. ^ pp Ipxpc lyrlan Je he 

[ i] a^peftran. M, L. {^2] ha?p5c decft M. L. 

[3] beops- I\!.L. 


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*4Q^i)^ ;^opnpilo€|rfe o)c 13an)^ ptcum bam. ^ 
^/>j«|i»tt J* cfmn^bc^n/jcjaimob:* B»fi 

m;§errierhq& {i\\K^wSfx; ^eoh ftuoboct oo j»m 
|ipppojru»j;t ©aep p«f Dajuujr mcfiaop ^pui^aii. 
1 Hif j>tp jreo p«f hij* j"pco}4;eji, "j *^^r ^f '^^ 
^pa:- £>j^ beab Dapitaj- keatj: bif pice iSlexaiabpe 
lilSJ^flpL pijimftaimum. ac bimWt^e !7£iaaQt)ep 

te. ^ pi"^ !?!Llexant)per pop:* |)i hpilc )» Daprajr 
fypbe ^atoepabe/^hpik penbc IZCkxam&ep Pap- . 
riieiHQBcm hvf hXfctof. f he jDapinf faphepi^ 
ftflyBBbe. "Jl he rjlje jcdp mSipitmiv ^j hy hiki o» ' 
^fiappoflwo. *5 [21] Imj- nub ealSmobcpfan onpen^ 
Jfan.*;) he j^h m ])c kip heapa htnt) opephcp^fltoe; 
*) f ppJc jrUnft ^p ptrcjya ler; rume }7anao abpjstp- 
be. pu|0]ke da e)l)m)be himpra peo ^efealtoe* *J 
^ipup Jjijdateaii biiph. ^ j^a: pcJe^ao he bcpaet. ^ 
[3] tofc59*P* 1 »4*>caUc tirpcapp. })op }?on hy him 
JkipthiSe otipon i>oI»on. ^ p'&'oaja pop od JDhcn^ 
mn. •;|^ pofcro himTcny&bei ^ pi'S^an on Ro- 
fcmm ^ x^kntr. 7 ^ pole ro him ^cnybtDe. ^ ap 
rep J^am he p>fk ou e^yprie* *) hy ro him '^tm 
nybbei*;! }xp he her ]>a buph arimbpiaii* ]?e mon 
pi'S'San be nim her iS^lexan&pia. -3 pi'S'San he 
popro J?am heap^ej)e G^ypri paebon -^ he paepc 

[ f ] mtce\ h€5cnt)e. M. L. [2] him rathci:* 
[3] P^Satt robpsec. M, L. 


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SCmmonef h'eo/ia Epttcf . (yeyxyloheftr) pinu 
heojia o15j\ef Eabqf. ro ]?on f he polbe oela&ian 
bij- mobop [i]Necranabu|-ey Jjsbj- Dpy):. J)cmon 
yacte "fi hco hy pi^S jrojilae^ge. ^ ]5 he JClcxanbnej* 
j^sEOcp pflejie>-Da bebeab fflexanbep Jajn hasw- 
Haa bij-ceope. ^ he ^ccpupe on ))aej- 5Emmoncf 
anlicncf f e. )?e mne on J)am heap je paej^. asp J^am 
Je he •^ tplc hy ])^p ;5abepat5c. ^ paebe hu he 
liiiii an hij* ^eptll bejcopan ^am polce aubpypban 
yccolfee. J)aey he hyne acp^pe:- Eenoh ypeorolice 
u|- ^je&ybe nu ro piranne !S lexranbcp hpylce \z 
hae'Senan Eobaf finbon ro peop^ianne. j> hir 
tfpttop ly Of Jjaepa bifceopa [2] ^ehlore. ^ op 
heopa a^enpe ^epyptoe. $ ;f hy j-ec2;ea'6. Jjonne 
t>j: [3] heopa Eoba mihre:* "^ '^. 

- Oj: * Jjaepe prope* j:op 35!lexanbep fpibbSh- 
pjepn^ean Dapiup T hy aer Thapfc J^aepe by- 
fji^. hy 2;emert;on:. On ))am ^gejreohre paepon 
Pepj-e j-pa ppi^e popfla^en. ^ hy hcopa miclan 
anttealbejr. ^ lonrj-umon hy |-yl£e p^lSan pi15 
SCiexanbep ro nahre bemaeran:- ±)a Dapiuf ^c- 
reah $ h^ ojceppunnen beon polbe. ])a polbe he 
pine f yljcne oaj^am^epeohre fopjpillan. achipc 
hif Jjejnajr ojcep hip pillan fpam atujon. ^ he 
p)J>an paej- jrleonbe mibj^aepe jcypbe: •^TClextnb- 
•ep paej- xxxiii ba^ja on Jjaepe j-rope. aephe )?a pic- 
j-ropa. *3 ;f pael bepeapan mihre. ^ p'blSan pp 
-an repp e. "j ^eeobe [4I Pcppipohp.; j)a buph he* 
opa cyneprol. peo ip ;5yr pcle2:apr ealpa bup^a:« 

Orof. 1. iii. c. 17. 

[1} Necranebuper. C. C. [2] jchlo^e; C. C. 
[ jj I'sepa, C. C. -[4] Peppipulip. G. G.' 
• . Da 

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Da f asbe. maa 2£lexaot)fte* ^ Dajiiiijl hgtpyo ^^^ 
bunbetx hij- ajenem^jr nnb > gyiebnjie paccn^^ 
tan *. Da pji he pip hij* mkb f y x m ip^nqa^ "J^ 
pinbe hinc.amjc be peje lic;5ean^ mib j-pejijin* 
ro fUcob, healj: cucnc:* fte pz SClexanbeji Iwoi 
anum bcabum iyt;lc nul&hcojirneije ^seoyoc, "Ji 
he hine her bebypijcan on hif ylbpena by* 
pij. f e he p^'San nanum enbe hij- , cynne- ^t* 
bon nol&e. ne hif pxp. ne hij- mcbcjo, ne hifbe^ 
ajinum. rie f ealjia l«p; j>sej-. hir Ji^^pan &oh-( 
to)i. he nolbe buron haepcnyfte habban feo^yx^ 
lyrel cilb:* Unea'Se maer mon .ro jeleaj^f ui»ai| 
Jej-ecgan^ j-pa maem^ealb yj!el j-paon J?am %/xini 
Xcajium ^pupbon. on ^im jjolc-^^epeohrukiil 
Dctpeox tpamcyninjum. Jpsejion pp7ine hurit> 
j^peob manna. /^ bmnaq. J)am jcofipupbon. anbi cj: 
^am ilcan plcom. pojipojibofi lytie pep. j^a fatf 
heji bcjcopan.j-ecjB. m2;ontryne hunb^^tjj"enti 
manna, burkii . mif Ian heja^juiigufti. ))e bidnan 
jjam .^jum ;5ea]rium^ ;5epiqitoon. on 'monijjie jie^ 
obe. J If I Sfppip/call j-co J?eob apej-c fc^ji^ 
ppam Slexan&jiei. "j monejaibyprg on ffj^iam 
*) Tipuy feo ^lfiepebuJ^h. eall rDpeoppedu. *| 
EUicia "^ lanb, ealJ jipej^. '^ Eappabocia f iaiib. 
*] eallQ G^yi^ie on J?eopore ^ebjtoht; ^ Robum 
I^X^I^nb. mib ealle apeft;. - •j moni^ d^jie lanb 
ymbe Taujiof J)a munraj- :• f . 

Na t laef ;^ an ^ heopa rpe^pi ^epipn- J)a px- 
pc on J)am e|-r cnbe J^ifef mibban;5;eapbcj-. ac 
on emn J?am. ISiji^if Spaprana cynio^; If.Sn*- 
tipatep. oBep Epeca cynin^, punnon* 

* This fliould be jiacetrran* 
t Qfof.l. ill. c> i8, 


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cbn SSleaafltape)' ecm. fe |dnobe JMCf pept imb* 

jfciit'S. *! im J'JgjVi Jkai tabb Zpfju^aiDn Fo^ico 
caHe 1^- }:o)ig«a)fiD:* Ska^BOxp sofSce^Dixm* 

%jTce jcjpQQiniib SSfrym Ju]ift>|ajitmmaa.«o.|}OB 
|( fay ^okso }^ Xkx9x6Dep. 3 ^dS Im]* matpej* 

Siennbqp ftd$ Pa|t$Snin ^m fxicc. 3 jie hf tx^ 
oil «aHe t^n^ok ^ f ojibyftne. icji fae by ^^e^wtuntt 
vubte:* ^vej%. fwa he ^opona Opancaf f 
jEcic'^ €«i|)3^BKaf. ^3 P<9)|npcM3iiifuiaf . 3 %f p^ 
op. ;^ inoae|;as»^p% tScoba. ^ -^ef^cepe fitat 
fjnbe^a jnuvfta}* X9vipii|Tif. "^^ji iher -ane^ujDii 

iNa^ hif tr<aDla&.«e:b^f^Jbq);5in^ on ^d ||:j^eiiuia^ 
iaatas.iac {ve-^icpfikdu '0'hyiit»:}ia^ii«».qi 
riml ^laqpaamiii^pB^aiioc. *) yxnasa^i' J^ficfC 

luf .^jM)i5og». "^ (J» PapiQeotpn h»f ]je^»r} fci 'Fi- 
ioscep ^3 ^a .l!arnliT|-an. |)ia£o)uk>huf. jk P;»;if-a* 
may *3 mohejje otSpc. .j» c^ iCPaBceboruaa |»i- 
cof re jaepoo. *3 HJuruf , jre jjasf a^lSep ^ -hij* 
JSegn^jtpPtuI^pajfej" h£j"j!»tjep:« ©a by jra- 
<»e pi'Se fepiiQcne .ast; heopapmble j^ron. ]« 
•Qo^^nmon by rpeafatn^ean bjue^ep ma uueph- 
cpa toae&a jcj^pemeG haejcbe. ]?« Phihppuj-. ]>e 

[1] COanbof. C.C. [a] cpju<j^o. C. C. 


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HbjflMEsrA REGIS i^LFREDI. nj 

Xlexanbeji. ]?a j^&e j-e Eliruj- pp eabpe hylbe. 
|> Phihppuj- ma h^jie ^eboii ])onne he:« JiDe J?a' 
!?![lexanbep [i] ahleop pp J^^pe j^a5;^ene* ^ ojr- 
floh he. ro ecam J?am ))e he hynen&e poep ae;^. 
^ep ^e hi|- .Ji^en jrolc. ^e o'Sepa cynin^a. lie 
paej-pn ])yppreabe mannej- blobe}^:- na'Se aejrrep 
l)am. he pop mit) j:yp&e on Ehopapmoj-. ^ on 
Dacop "J him ro ^apol^ylbum hy ;g;eny&&e:* 
Ehahpren |)one Filopojcnm he oj^ploh. hif emn- 
fceolepe, ])e hy aer^ae&epe ^elaspe&e p;3epoii. aer 
T^piytorelty heopa ma^ij-rpe. "3 mone^a mena 
toll) him. pop J»pn liy nolban ro him ;5ebi&Gan* 
fpa ro heppa Eo&e:- 

ytprep* ]>am he pp on Inbie. ro]?on'^ [2] he 
hif pice ^bpaebbe o^ J?one eapr i^appec^:- On 
}zm pi^e he ^eeobe Nipan. Inbia heapb-buph. 

?ea£te J>i' beop^ap })e mon Debolaj- haer. 'j eali 
pice Eleopplep J^asjVe dpene. *3 hy ro ^^eh^e 
^enybbei. •^ pp ])amTiipe pice epr a;;5eap:. ,/tp- 
rep ])!am )^ ^fflexanbep haepeealle Inbie him ro 
jepylbon ^ebon. buron anpe bypi^. peo yxy 
on;5emasran pEj^e, mib clubum ^mbj)eaxea. ])a 
Jea'hpobe he '^ 6pcol yc enr. ]?aeji yxy rogepo- 
pen.on aep ba;j^tim. roj^on yhe hy abpecan ]?oh- 
t:e. acfeehir pop })am ne anj^an. ]?e |)a2p pxp edp'5 
beopan^. on fieji^ ri«e:« he j^a TClexanbep br 
fpi^pr pop J?am on^ann. J)e he pofoe. ;f hip 
ma?p6a paspon mapan }?onne epcoldp, )?eh Ipc hy 
[3] miclc poplope p^y polcep bejeare:- y6prep 

* Orof. 1. iii. c. 19. 

fil 1 hiene pop. M. L. [2] he deell C. C. 
[3] vaib miclcM.L. * 

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fVyitn'^cytzn Inbea cyiiin;5e:« On ]?am ^ejxdbre 

paepon ba maerran blob2;y^r ^^ ^X^P^ heiifc 

Jaepa pcuca:' On )?am ^epohre Pbfioj- *J ^SJcx- 

anbep Tcphron anpi;5 on hoptj-uin. ])a ojrj-loh 

Ipopoj- Alexan&pej- hopj-. ]?e BucepaUpaej- hareo* 

"^ hinc jrylf ne mihre ]?aen ;rip bim hjr J^ejqaj; tOr 

|:ulru9ie nc comon. "j he haerbe roppf moae-i 

Turn jmnbum ^epunbobne. ^ bme eac ^ej3«Ji?nc 

[i]t)yt5e:« Sx'Stian hif Jejnaj- him ro conjon* "J 

fyxm epr hif jiice ro yopkv yap hiy J^l^^w-qipc 

py ^e rPVFP^^'^ P^r F«>ht^"nfce an;5jeaj^ mpe^ 

!S!nb he mexanibep him hevp'S^ao tja byjvS 

%rimbpaa oSeji fxy h^reou be hay ijojif e Bu- 

^ejcal.oSeja Nicea:- Si'S^qhe j:pjioi^ [^]!|5t^aft)> 

taj- jja kobe, *] on Earhenaf . •j op rpej^^jp. "J 

(3J on DanTepi,t)ajr. Tl p'S hi e%Ue apj^afe^ ") 

Qfcjiponn:' t)a he com on Iflb^a ea.« ge^wpj?^ 

fa conv him J)2^p onj^an, tpa, hupb,^i:e^|J&%;^^ 

boppbej-plcef . •jhy Slexa^ibep une^iSei ^jcep- 

j.onn. ae^'oep ;5e pop J:aepe rumop h^zp, ^pe; ea^ 

J op "Sam oprpaeblican ^^peghuiro:^ ^A^^fW ^f^ 

tep Jam he J^olbe habwn mapan picrtjof ^ ^9^^)^ 

hiy ^epuna sep yd^pe. pop )on he hi^ f i^tSao 

^'1 rep f^aoi Xepeohre. ppi^op an past;, ^<^d$^ he 

? p by be;- ,/vprcp J?am he pop m pi), ^ap-jpe/c^. 

if^p^ani tnu^an Jjc peo ea p^p hareiau e;gifj^jpfc» 

i n an i^Unb- faip Smop f ^polc, -) Jepfost^ on 

^ij bobdn. ^ hy epcol ^aeji a^p Sefajrioht^^^j Xe- 

p rre. 'J he him ^a ro ^epylbura ^ebybe:- ytp- 

t' p ]^am J:e pop ro ]?am i;5lanbe, ]?e mon ;f pole 

CO jefeybe. M. L. [2] Raeptaa. C. C. 
[33 on;^ean5epi&ap. C. C. 

, CTanbpap 


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Manbjiaj* hast. "J Suba^^poj-. ^ hy hini bpohran 
jmjeati. ehra hunb m ^e^ena. /jhin ^jehojiya? 
bej- plcej-. •j hy jan^ f aepoii "j bjieo^^enbe, aeji 
beojia ia]?e)i ihihre. en o^pum p^e jepaecan asji 
Slcxanbep latre uiipeop^iicnc j-i^e ;^epashte:« 
J^jxep J^am he 2;^poji t:o anum jcaej^ene. J)a he 
J?aep to com. J?a oe tnihton hy haenne mann on 
J>itn pej-rene uran ^f eoii:- Da punbpabe TClex- 
CDftep hpi hir j^pa aemeniie paepe/) hjiae&hce Jjone 
peall jieljc ojrepclomm. *] he J^aen peajv'S jrpam'tSam 
Duphpajium irfn abjio&en. *3 ny [ij hij- p^^aa 
^pon j-pa fpi^e ehtenbe. j-pa hir if uD;5ehe* 
pdalice to j*ec; mib 2;ej-ceorum, ^cmib 
ftani tcjafriin^uto, ^5? mib e^llum heopa pi;g- 
cjTtd^Ucrt. [2 j *3 |*j)a peah ealle ^ .bupKjpape. ne 
mihifBti hint ^ntie ^enjban $ he htm on hanb 
•tan pohbe:- 3tc fn hiiri f pole rj>i'6djx on'Spati;^ 
pa^je^ he to ^nej- peallej- oy^e. '^ hme bae/i 
apejfi«)e:* 5ffl& fpa'edll*f pic. peap'S mib nidi 
lirtuAr a^ideb. ^ hy ^atr peallej- nape ^ynian ne 
tDyWati. o^!S;iexadbpief pe^naf ro emnep him.]jo^ 
ne peall abp^can. *j' j^aep inn comoD:« Dasppeap^ 
5Eleicalitoep ^qphfcoren mib anp^ plan, udbeji- 
neb^b ^ o'Sep bpeoj-t:- Nyre pe nu. hpsej^ep 
py fpf^oyi ro piiiibjiianne. ])e ;f hu he ana pi^S 
ealle jj^a bdphpape hme apepebe. J?e cfc. ]?a him 
piram com. hu he pujih ^ pic ^e'Span;^. $ he 
pone llcan ojrploh. j)e hine aep ^uppcear. J?e ep 
j^aepa %e^na onTjn. ]:>a hy onrpeo^enblice pen- 
bon "f heopa nlappb pa^pe on hcojia pconba 
^epealbe. o^^e cuca. o'oSe beab. ^ hy j-pa ])eah 
Dol&on J>aej- peall jebpecep ;5eppican. y hy heopa 

[r] hira rather.. [2] j? pp. C. C. 

Q^^ • hlappb 


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hlaropb ne ^eppascon* J?eh J?e hy hme me^i^- 
jie on [i] Giieopu j-irrenbc mct;ren> Sy^^an 
he J)a buph haej^e hira ro ^epyteom ^ct>on. ])a 
jcop he ro o'8pe byjii^^. ]?aeji S^mbijia j-e cyninj 
on punabe. J?aep jrojipcap^ micel !Slcxan&pef he- 
pef jrop [2 1 aerrpe&um ^^ej-corum:- 2Cc Slcx- 
anfepe peap'B on %aepe ilcan mhr. on |-pcjcne an 
pypr o'Sypet), J>a nam he }?a on mepren. ^3 j-e- 
albe he J)am ^epunbebum bpmcan. ^ hy puptx)ii 
mit) J?am jehaelet). ^ j^i'S'San J?a buph ^epiu ^ * 
he p^'San hpeapj: hampeajib io Babylonia, }xfi 
yxyion sepenbjaacan on anbibe. oji ealpe peopol- 
be. ^ paj jcpam Spaneum. *] o^ 3Cj:j:pica. "^ of 
Ealhum. *] op ealpe Iraha:- Spa ejejcull p«f 
Slexanbep. j)aj?a hepaej- on lobeum. on capte- 
peapbuni )?ipum mibban capbe. ^ ]?a fipam him 
abpeban. ]?a paepon on pef repeapbum:- €ac him 
comon aepenbpacan. je pj: mone^m ]?eobum. 
))e nan mann. Slexanbpep S^f eppcipep ne pen- 
toe. j5 men hip namon pipre. ^ him fpi^ep ro 
him pihiebon:- Ba ^ir fa JClexanbep ham com 
ro Babylonia. J)a ^ir paep on him pe ma^pra 
J?upprmannep blobep- !ff c ]?a fa hip ;5efcpan 
on^earan ^ he Ipxy ^epmnep fa ^eppican nol- 
be. [3] fa ^eleopnobon hip bypelap. him be- 
rpepnuin, hu hy him nnhroh ^ hp o'Bfpinjan. 
"3 him ;5epealban arrop bpmcan. fa ppler he 
hip hp:* €ale. (cpae'& Opopiup.) on hu micelpe 

* Orof. 1. iii. c. 20* 

[i] cneopum. M. L. [2] jexrrpefcum. M. L. 
[3] The Cotton Manufcript makes this addition : 
kc he'pgebc 'p he on !ZCjrpican papan folbe. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


byf i^cff e mfenn nu pnbon. pnj)yfoo EjHp 
benbome. f pa J?eah J?c him ly triej- hpaer uoetie 
17. hu capp'SIicc hy hir ^emaena'S:- (ytJeji J)ai 
pa If. o^^ hy hir nyhron. o'S'Sc hy hir pitaa , 
oyUa%. an hpelcaii bjiocum J^a li}±ion J^e aep him 
pi/ian. nu penarS hy hu Jjam jwepe }>t on !?^iex« 
anbpef paibe paepaa J>a him ))a j-pa j^pi^e hmc 
anbpeban J?e on peprcpcajtbum ])if cp mibban ^c- 
apbep paepan. f hy onrpa mide nej?in2;e. "J on 
fpa micel un^jepif se^'Oep je on pae|- jcyphro. ^e 
on.peptrennum pilbcopa. *3 pyjimcynna mippcn- 
hcpa. '^e on J^eoba jepcopbum. ^ hy hme aep- 
rep jcpi'be pohron. on eaprepcapbum j^ypan 
nubban ^eapbc:* Xc pe piran ^copne. ;f hy nu 
mapop yph^. najjep ne buppan ne pj)a peop. 
ppi'B ;5epecean. ne pupbon hy pelpc. [i] aer hc- 
opa corum [2] pepian. ))onnc hy mon xx: ham 
ppq^ ac ^ hy ))ap riba leahrpien:- 


J^fctp. * ]?am J)e Romebnph ^cnmbpeb pxp 
nu hunb pmrpa. ^ L. unbcp J)am trpam conpu- 
lum ])e o'Sep pasp haren Fauiup, "j o'Span na- 
mon ClOaximup. *^ unbep ))am ]?e Eumrup pacp 
haren. *] o^pan namon Deciup. on heopa con- 
rulapu on Irahum peopep ])a prpcnjepran J?c- 
oba. hy him berpeonum ^epppaecan. (;p paepan 
Umbpi: ^ Dpypci. T Somnire. ^ Calhe.) J hy 
polbon on Romane pmnan. ,*3 hy him f ppi^ 

* Orof- 1. iii. c. 21. 

[i] «t ham. ar. M. L. ([23 hie pepian. M. L. 


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OBl^pttmn^ hbt hy fMham eaUmi enMomf mib^ 
ve. 7 ;seojine ftptMm fau hy hy tp «j>«tt»ii 
tojhratt. rj ^epcatecnnc hcjieJ on ©jtyraA ^ en 
Umbijie: j'eii&ofi an hep^iln^e. ^ j^ )^ t») attiyjfe- 
pMm> f>& hy '^i^acfetian. )ia )mit>aar hy hitt 

"7 RosiaDe )}a hpile mib beojia taa/utti j^ut«iitti». 
^ hy mt ham hs^ptHMi* pjtsn on^n 6eikifutei 
^ on;^eao Cailie:* iDapn on )mh ^e]£eohTe« j^ttf 
Epimruj- f e conjul o^la^en. |5 J^'^tiiuf fe i^^cji 
cofifuL aejnrep Jj»f eSpef pylle. p^e hdlt|ttie^ 
Daep ycajtQ Somnira. *3 Daliia jscopc/»wi;5 nt 6p 
rUi'^tn. ^ feojEon m Komaafi. on ])am t$tele f6 
Dcauj* on opj-hrecn paejr:. Donne pme Liblaf 
$ Sonainra. "j Dallia pSaejie o}jeji heaip hunt) A 
opl'lajen J^aejia pe^na. ^ peopon m ^eh(J|i(^ 
tjpa:- .€ac ic ^ehypipe ro f oSum pcc^jaa (c^% 
Opofiup) "^ hrc na naepe on ^am ta^um ftttJ^ 
Romanum buron ^cpmnc o^^e pi% o'Spa pole 
dfjrbe on him pelpum.init) moni;j^pcalbum jx)- 
lum. '^ mancpcalmum. ppa ppa hit ))a paep- Da 
Faump pe conpul op J>am ^epeoh'ce ham^pb 
pop. |?a byfee mon J?onerpiui»phan hwn tte^ 
jiab. )c hebpa ;gepuDa p»p j^onne hy pi^<l hap- 
bon:* 3C€ pe ^epea peap^ ppi'Se pa^e orr hftopa 
fnobc xo ^cbpaep^bncppe ^epyppebb. )ni hy j^e. 
papan }z beabao menn ppa ^iclic!:^ ro eopxian 
bepan, }t ]?sBp agic ham )5aBpan. pop jjon Jte )>«p 
paepre micla mancpealm on ^rp6 ribe:- 

^ * ja^p ymb an 25^ap, Somnire xepiihron piS 
Romanam. ^ hy ^cpiymbon. 'j hy bcbpipao 

* Orof. 1. iii. c. 22. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


icm^emi^fn'S' 1 bjwtobtie iajpctp. ^m 8oaih> 
i^'SQ ajucnbao on o^jie pi^ae^ s^6s)ji %e hecoik 
p3ee|ip. ^ eall heopa psepo. o)»p fyUe}^et>ati. 
Xifi v^cne ^ ]fty o^ji jiodb^n. d^SfSe ealle Itbban. 
Q^^ ii]ealktltc;^eaD;* On ]iam ba^am ^cu-^ 
loa ^0Qf»e Fs^i|)iiif him ro coof afe. *} j«1^ 
"^ FTAl^ ^tiUebtaftn ooxean SomDirom. ])eh j)e 
mp^ bifceqK^ p):uim neo)w iCobum jra^on. f 
hy ;^ ^jreobr jcojAube:' 5Cc he Papi^iioj' |)a 
baiwpaf }X)fi j)epe. pgaHefpilSo hijripjiebe. •) 

n;^ ll^ej^e. fpa bi)^ aji imp«Gp'6bce J>^ Coba 
[4]t>qrceapano):ephypbe:* Bsji peajrS Sbimttra 
tjwljc m o^ffhtpfn. '^ iiu m ^ejcan jen. -y jt»«e, 
Vfs^ J»pi oirplicap f 1^. by pupbon f j:c ^c- 
unp«Et mtb iqaacpealaae.. *;| p ps]^ f pa un;^e> 
merlic *3 j-pa lan^pm. Jjaer nijt Jjaaer fflihjrrao- 
pirent>e mib fceojcolcpaepcum j-ohron hu hy hir 
5;ep:illan mihran. •;j "^^jfcvcon ej-colapuj- Jjone 
fcuilacan mit> j^aejie un^jemerlicaa nae&pan. ])e 
nwi? [^] ^piUjaujuunf her, *3' onUcojr bytoon 
fpyjflft his^ !);}):)>« ai?p ]>an(i ^elic ypci oa »e be-. 
cofl*^. ^p^ aB]fr^p Jjara e)!n; ae> become:* 5)y $j:- 
"Wpjaan jeape. |pff fe Faumf* beopa coDful, J)e 
q'Ojium namot) pflej- haren tjujuup ^epeabc?. pi'S^ 
Som^rvifiu 1 tjueantic^ bapipeajib olSjpkabt ]?» 
yoltjajfti-eft^^ui- b^QC ^peoppaa. jsopjjon be $ |r«fk 

eac JFavwur baren* ;|J>a [4]}-en*cuf popjea^oa 
)»ami funa xSone^jylr. "^ 'f hy bibban "f he mo)-re 
raib ^am j-una aer. o15p«n cy ppe pi's Somnirum 

f i] ealle dteft ML. I^, [2] bfifceopu-m-^M. L.\ 
Isl Cpi^aujiuf. C. C, C+D pnarum.Til.Xt 


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mib hcopa calpa pxlvamt- 7 hy him jfxf ^6«t-» 
^bon:* ©a bebeab yc fxbtji J?am codj-uIc. ^ he 
mib hif ppbcorvrtan p/ie. '^ he be «p:;ao^e* 
l?at) nut) f umum ^am pilrumci- ©a he 2i^f eah 
•b Ponriuj- Somnira cymnx. hxpx J>one con|-ul 
bij- j-unu beppcb* *} mib hif pice uran bepn- 
^cn. he him ])aro ^nlrume com. "^ hme fpiISc 
^cancme'ct:^. *;j Ponriu|- 6otnnira cymnj jc- 
]!2eD^on:« ©ajp jjeap^ Somnira xx tn opf lajen. ^ 
ail m ^epuQ^enmib )xam cynin^i* ©aeji peap^ 
Romana^jpioo 7 Somnira ^eentob. fop^on j)e 
hy heopa cy nin^ jefcn^jon. ^ hy aep bpeo^efibe 
yxjxon Lviii pmrpa^ Daf on o^pum ^jeape Eu- 
piui* p conj^ul mib Romanum '^jc^r pi'b/Sa- 
binan. -^ heopa un^cmer opfloh, ^ j-i2;e haspbc. 
be'Son mon mihre piran. ]?a he J)a conj-ulaf hy 
arellan ne mihran:* 


J^p^eyi * "Sam J?e Romcbuph ^erimbpeb pa?f 
1111 hunb pmrpum, ^ Lxiii. ])a )?a DoIabeUa. 'j 
Dominup paepon cooj-ulaj- on Rome. J?a Lucani. 
•5 {i]Bpurie. ^Somnire. ^ Dalhe op Senno 
an^uonon pi^ Komanum pmnan:- Da penbon 
Romane aepcnbpacan ro Dallium ymbe ppitS. )?a 
Opplo^on hy Ipz asjpenbpacan:- ©a penbon hy epr 
Cecilium heopa pperopium mib pypbe ]fxp 
Eallie. ^ [2]Bpurie aer^aebepe paepon. *3 he 

* Orof. 1. xii. c. 22. 

ft] Bjiuri. C. C. [2] Bpyri. C. C. 



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;hormesta regis -SLFREDL m 

yxy xviii m:« Spa dp; Dalli pi^S Komatium pun- 
wn. fpa pujibon Romana nch ;5ccny f c&e:- Foji- 
})0D. ^e Romane. (cpae^ Opoj-iuj*.) |?onne ^e 
ymbe ;f an ^ejceohr ealne^ ceojiia^ ]?e eop 
Eoraa ^^eby&oii. hpi nella^ ^e ^ge^nean ]?a 
mone^an asjipan. ))e eop Dallie opcrjiaeblice bif- 
mcplice ^uphru^ooiv 

. Ic* yceal eac ^^cmytr^isin be pimum bsel^ 
))aej: ^c ^Llexanfepejr aejcrepf yl^ehbaf- by&on on 
Sam rifean. ))e ^if ^cpeap'S on Romebyjiij. ha 
hy hy. f yljce nut> nuf fenlican ;5ej!:eohrum jrop- 
bybon> JjJir if (cpa^'o he) J^am ^elicoj-t;. jjonne 
ic [a] hij- ^e]>encan fceal pe ic prre on.anpe he- 
ahpe bune,*] ^ef eo ]?onne on j-me'Sum jcelba pek 
f yjia byjaoan. j- pa opcp eall |Ct)ascebonia pice, f 
ly opp ealle J>am mapan Tffiam. "j ojcep 6upo- 
pe Jjone maej^an bael. *3 call [3] Libiam. ^ hir na. 
naef buron here ^ ;5epinnum:- ©a ]?e unbcp 
^Slexaobpepypmeptpcepan. J)a^p J^aep hy a?j:rep 
him pixeban. hy ;f mib ^epinnum ape}-t;an. ^ 
.J?aep J)aep. hy nscpan. hy ^ebyban J?one m^^fran 
cje. f pylce j-e birepe^ra j^mic uppapri^e. ^ 
.^oone pibe roppe:- Slexanbep xii ^eap piytic 
mibban;5e.apbunbep him J)pypmbe. ^3 erpabe. *) 
hip a5j:reppl;5epap xiii ^eap hir pr5^5an ro* 
ru2;on. ^j rora^pon. J?am ^gehcop:^ |?onne peo Ico 
bpm^^'S nip hun5pe;5um hpelpum hpaer ro eran* 
ne. hy ])onne ;5ccyj?a^ on ])am «te. hpylc heppa 

* Orof. 1. iii» c. 22, 
£3] Libiura. M. L, 

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mxf^ nue^ [i] 'gekfyrypcinsia> Spt }aaat «y' 
t)c [z] Phrolomeuj* TCiexaoibpq* ^"^^ on |pa hs 
ro^&epe ^r^ec^ calle E^prum. *} Xjfiabia. 
"3 {3]Lauineboa. hi[* otSep }>e;^ fc bef»ii^ edle 
Sff intc. *3 Thcleniuj- [4] IjUcma. -) Phikmif 
[5] Uiijiicam. '3 [6] JSrjii^avu]- ]« majiaa CDe^i- 
am. *} 8r)iomen. |>a Isef pm OOemim, l Pejit>ice 
]>a l£|-}-an "Kytam. ^ Supna ^ majian Fju^aa. *) 
SntijoDUf Ltoam. *) Pamphiliam. -y [7] Ne- 
apcof Cajuam. I,*;) [8]Leonaruf ))a Ja^auFjU* 
^lam. 3 Lifimachuf Tbjiaaani. "I 6asieaef 
£app3t>oriam. 'I Pajcla^ooian. > Seuucttr haqs- 
te ealle }« s^lep:an mem 3EiexaD&)ie]*lie|tef. 
*;} OQ leo^^ mit> him he be;^ear e^ ^ eaf« 
Jaat>. '3 JGaffaobep Jua cempan aub £ate>eum. *) 
on Pacrjiium. *3 on Iiibeam. juaepon ])a eafeofH 
memi ))e 3S!lexaot)eji ^cf eroe. "3 ^ lanb hfcyaai 
\am •cfsm. eao. Inttwpe *) I^jixne h«e|t>e 
[9] Taxikf . *3 irhona haBj:^ Ddonte. ^ J^eobe 
on lnt>eum. *] Papapameaa|r haeftse Oxn^cbqr. 
set: ]»j* bcoji^cf enbe Caucaf^j*. *3 ffpa. *j JTjUh 
Thapbeptooj- haejtjc Sibapauj*. •3 Sr^xtxif h»f- 
fee Dpanccaf *]( Speaj- J»a 'Seeba. "j OdaBrai* 
JbaBjsfte 3St)pianuj-. *} Siche^ hxjcbe [loJRof- 
rianoj- ^ j:olc. T Nicaoop hacj:t)e Psap-rfiof . *) 
Phihppuj* [iijljicanof. "j Fpaicaf:c|inef haefbe 
SCjimcme. "^ Thelcomomoj- h«pe CDa:%a|-. "j 

CO hpyjiyipnao. M. L. [2] HlioJomenf^C.C 
[3 J- LaumDa. C. C. [4] nicilmra. C. C. 
£52 l3ilij«cam. G. C» [63 lecjtapacaj-.' C. C. 
C7] Napchup C. C. [8] Leonontuf. C. C. 
[9] Iraxjley-. G. G, [lo] SofCianufi C»C 

[u] Icacauop. C.G» 


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Eeaceftxif haejcbe Babyloniajr. 3 [i]^PcIauyt)f 
hxfbe Sjichof . "j [2}S!|ichelaa]* CQefoporaim*' 
anu* €aM heojia ^pinn apaBcnetxm aejierr )i^)iam 
li^lexaaOjaef ^fiole.. |t>j> }k»i ))e .be fetpc on 
bebeat^. ^ moo ealle ]>a j>}i»caa oq cy%^ lece. )« 
00 )amlatMDiisi pacjKMi. >e he» aep jry||p ^ebep^aly 
heji^*^ Dft noteaa JCjieeaf }>ain bcbei^ hyjiao* 
ppjfotk hy onbpebao. ])(Mine hy hy ^e^bepe- 
bOB. i^by on bim ^epjuecan ^ reonaa pe.hy aejx 
nut) bim ^e)?Dl^>an:> Ce eac pilSfocoo. ;^ by 
bi^ piiS IjeeebemomQm hyjian nolc>an. )»j) 
ht^ hea]£ob}*ro) jjap "j pa^ ps&Y 3Erhcnicn|TS 
^el£}>t>aa xxx m fQkcf *) vp« bunt jxipaan^* 
ao "KoKt^oe )>«ai cypioxe. ]>e eall JCpeca ptce 
habbw fceotoe. ppjKm ]>efae ]^ a^jieobef asjien- 
bpaca fxj^ fjam !Slexant>j)e. *3 «ererron bim 
ro l^t«ope Demof veooQ Jjone Pbilof ojoun. *} 
aj-ponon bun ro plruoie Eojunrbum )>a bujih- 
leobe. "3 Sihonaf . *3 COaji^ai'. -3 bcf aetran TCnri- 
patpum ^ne cynin^ 00 anum pejxcoc. jaop^n 
|e he papf Xnrjjone on pulrumc;* ©aep peap% 
|3]Leop«ncf. o^p heopa labreopa. mit) aope 
f I«i Off co«en:« Da. by ^pam j^aepe bypi^ [4] ham 
j»»pon. J)a merron by Leonantiuj- Jje j-ceotee 
Kntiparpuaie voyxAvume cuman. "3 Jjaep offla- 
joi peap^:* ytj^ep ]»m [5] Pepbicca. ))e J)a laej-- 
j-an !3!fum bsjSje. on^an pmnan pilS [6] Spia- 
pa'Sc liappabocum cynin^e. "3 bine bebpajt: inro 
aniun jcaBft:ene.*3 J)a buphpape f elj:e hir onbaepn- 
boQ on ]peopep bealjca. J eall foppeap]) -^ ^sp 
bmnan paj-:* 

[i] PolaufOf. C. C. [2] !H!nchoku|*. C. C. , 
f3l LeofCenaf, C.C. [4] nampeapb.C. C. . 
[s] PejiSicca. C. C. fj] KpiaraEapaboca. C.C. 


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J^y!teji J)am Ti] !S!nri^bnu]r 'J "PejtSidca 

^ebeoreban. "^ hy pol&an him berpeonum 

Tjejceohran. ^ Jan^e yitib ^ j-ipebaa. hpaeji 

hy hi ;5eraetan pol&ao. ^ moni^ i;^lant> apej-ran 

on Jmm Tfijriire. hpaej^ep hcopa mihre tnapan 

pilrum nim ro^ereon:« On J)am anbibe ^Pejfi^i-^ 

ca pop mib pypbe on G^yprum. ]?asp Phrolo- 

nieuy paej- j^e cyn>n j. pp^on J?e bim paej- ^ej-acb. 

$ he polbe TCnriTone jcylft^an ]?am cynm^^e:- 

±)a ^e;5abepabe Pnrolomeuj* liiicle pypbe on- 

^ean him:- ©a hpile je hy ro jasbcpe peapb 

f unbeban. ^gcpuhron rpc^en cynin^ay . [2] Ncop- 

trolemuj- ^ [3]eumenep. "^ he eumenej- ^e- 

jclymbc Neoprolemup "f be com ro JTnri^one 

J?am cynin'je. ^ hine fpeon J hei on Gumenep 

.dumynbhnca mib hepe becoroe:* ©a |-enbc !Sn- 

yi^ODUf hme pylpe. ^ hiy o^epne j?e^n Poh- 

^epcon mib miclan pltrume. ;f hy hme [4] bcfpi- 

cen:- Da ^eahjfobe ^ 6umenej-. ^ popj-aerabe 

hy. J?aep JjiBp hy ^eJ?ohr haepbon y by hme bc- 

j-asrcbon. 7 hy be^en of f loh. "j ]?a o'Spe ^e- 

jdymbe:- /Ejirep j^am ;5epeaht: PeplSicca 'j Phro- 

lomeuj-. ^ J)3ep peap% Pep^icca ojiyhrem* y€p- 

trcp J?am peap^ ClOaecebonium ax6. f [5]€ume- 

nep. ^ Pipon. *3 Ihp^up. -3 TTlcera. Pep^iccan 

bpo^op. polban pmnan onhy. ^ punbon ^ Tfn- 

ti;5onujr him pceolbcmib pypbe on^ean cuman:- 

On J'am ^epeohre ^eplymbe ^Tnn^onup 6u- 

menjp. *^ hme bebjiap into anum pseprenne- "J 

. hme jjaep [6] bcp^tr:- £)a pcnbe Gumenep ro 

[i] 2rnti3orcp. C. C. [2] Neoptrolomnp. C. C. 
[3] Gurrenip. C. C. [4] beppicejiban. C. C. 
[5] CuiKcn, C.C. [6] bpile bejaet. M. L. 


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5Cntnpa9:jie J?am cynin^.*3 hme fultumcr baeb:* 
Da Snri^onuj- '^ on^ear J?a jropler he y ytvb 
'Kc he €umenej- him penbe fjiom Sntajonuj* 
ham [i] faepelbe micelpa unrjieop'Sa. "j him ro 
pli^ume aj-pon, J>a J>e aep paejion SCIexanDnef 
cempan. ]?a pejian hareiie !ffpjijiaj-pi^iy. jcoppoa 
)e daflle heopa paepn paejiaa ojrep^Jcpjietoc:* Da 
onjiam tJpeon. )^' hy yya unjgcojine bif piUan 
fulfeobon. ]>a becom him 55Lnt:j,^oiiuj^ mib j:rypt)e 
on. 'I hy benaentoe se^'Sep ^e heopa pipa; ^jehe- 
opaoeapna, ^e heopa eapbcj;'. ;re calky^xy he- 
^enbam J^eof . ]?c hy unbep Slcxanbpe be2;ea-? 
tari. •]( by rylpe •unease olSplujon rb €upiene:i 
y€pep fam ])a j-cDbon by ro Snn^onfe ymb 
heopa "^ maejTe bij-mep. •J hme bebon y he 
him a^eayre ^ he aep on him bepeapobe:- Da on- 
beati he hira. $ he him ]>xf ^cry^^iari jK>ibe. 
^if by him 6iiipenef Jjone cynin^;* ]>t heopa 
nlapopb J?a paep. ^^cbunbenne ro bim bpohre. ^ 
hy J ^eicpemeban j-pa:* S c he heopa efc ae^cp 
^e jmb oif mepe onjceo;^. "je hi eac on J>one bij-* 
mephcopran eapb ^l^fetre. $ y^y on J?am 
yt^eme^ran enbe hif manna. T hirri ppa jjeah 
jianuht; a;5i)can nolbe. ])2ep J?e hy bena paspon:* 
J^p:ep J>am Gupi^ica Spi^euj-ep cperi COx^ 
cebbnia cynin^ef . heopflepfam poke moni^ ypel 
boDbeiJ)iiph Eapf-anbep hipe hiapopbep J>cj5;n. 
mib J)am hco hitpbe bypne ^eh^pe. ^ unbep 
J)am hco x^l^pbe ))one cyninjg. f he hin,e f pa 
upp ahop. y he pasp buj:an eallum J^am ]?e on J?am 
pice parpon ro ])am cyniD^e. ^ heo ^cb.ybe mib 
hype lape. ^ ealle CDseceboniam paepon )am cy- 

[i] paepelre. M. L* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Q^S^ Jl^^PP^^^P^^ c^by pjubon jf by jfes^ 
9e|:rep Q|binpia!oum 2!Clexatu>pef mebefw *^ heo 
bam Jfifyift:^ $ hy nuhraa aej^^ ^e Jone 
^y^^S Te ]pa: cpene bim t;Q ^ejpykmm ;^ebOD> 
Jbeo ]u ulimpupe^ huo vq com sub 6pijia jcot- 

^t) Cacet^arr ODolof jrojiuini cyoin^. 3 hy bota 
QFrJ^-SB? tonp cyjwns. je >a c^<»- -J I^fan- 
tePj ^S^^ 1 OlimpiaSe ^cnx ra |am jwce; "J 
^suffi' ]^ic9 jiek I^p ^etTybe par bjfUe j^ heo 

j:yjTi&«- ©a hco j JSpacfa&e $ ]?aa]r f:akef jpaer 
rpa fcla x;^ hun^j^rppeb, Ja ne r/wepbe hco| 

t ^t} ^^^!^ ^^ipft f aojie RoxaA SMe^an&jK^f Ia|)e« 
3. S»xjwt5fi€j- ifunu €pcol€f^ *3 jcleah ro Jwlm 
jip^rene ]?e FxSnainpe^ ^jCajrj-an^jihi- 

pe aejxep jcop. "J $ j^aepxa abjwep. T [:^] Cuun^ 
pxat)um ojcflob^ "3^ ]?abuphleobe o13bput)Oi| ]» 
j-iwpe ipiD bype jfuna^ ^ by Q^;g;ea;caa j|f jf pj-- 
ren|*ceoI&i& abpocen hton. ^ by reQt>opoa finSpft 
fxprpe jcaerreiK T Eaf p anbcp by bcr ]wp be- 
fifcan. ^ nim eaUcf J>aey; an|!ealt)ef pejo^b. CKtef 
ceboni^a pjiccf :• Da yentje 1900 ^ $ |;epiim wen- 
bab p«pfi bet:peox Klexanbp^ j* ]cc>l;^epym. >a 15a 
paepan ^epeallcn pc )>asp maepr ;^epunnon. ^^ paef 
Jpenbicca, 'j euroenef . ^ Xlaben. *] PoUpepcon« 
.T [3] Olirapiabe. ^ Snnpatep. ^ mai^ege o1^pe:« 
!S!c 7tnri;5onuj- pe mib uo^cmctre ^ipnbc an** 
yealbao^ep o^pe. *3 ro )am paepwae pop. Jaep 

[r] heojenam. M. L. [2] OlimpiaSura. C. C. 
[3] OlunpiaSaf . C. C. 


Digitized by Google 


ffloiaa&j^ej- lai: psejp. "j hijr jtrno. -j hy Jweji bere- 
At/ropn jJbcfbl&e jfpafolc himpy rFxwji 
toboje. J«he haeij*>e heojm cafo hiajropbef f uau 
on hif2;ej«al&e:« SitS^an E*f f^ntoep f jcalifatje 
)»^^^ he J>i15 Phfcoloiueup 'j j^ilS Lif i* 

maCHttf . "3 pi's Beleucuj-. J)onc ^af r cyniii^. 2[ 

Eteoictrprar hyj- j^u. j-ume on hn&c. fume on 
paerejie:* On Jjam jej^cohre ^efeoU f e toacyr^ 
t«rf CDa3oet>oma buju'Se on ee^fSpe healp. beah 
fayjtame mib TTiiriTone pasjie* jnime mib fcaf- 
ranbpe. ^ji peaji^ ISnti^Giiuf jejdymcto. jj 
nif j-timi aqprep j>am [i]Demet;]\iuf:- Xtinro- 
nef [2] pma ^ejiahr. on y cipam pi*8 Phrolo- 
meup "3 hinc befcjiai: on mr a^en lanb:* ytcte/i 
J)an Snwjbnuj- bebeab. p mon ae^^ep herfr 
cyfims 2;e hme. je hij* pinu. J>oji])on ]?e 3Ciex- 
anbjief jcolji^jiaj* naejian a?p Jjain f pa ;jehat:etie* 
buton labreopaj-:* Ecmon^ Jjam jrepinnum. Kdh 
tijonuj- him onbpeb €jicolep slexanbpej- j-u- 
nu. J ;f pole hme polbe ro hlajcopbe ^ceoj^aq, 
foppon J>e he pyht cyne cynnej pa^p. her J>a 
SBj^p o|:j-lcad 2;c hine. ^e hip mobop:- Da ]>xt 
la [3] 'JSpy ^eabpoban. f he.hy calle beppicao 
pohre. hy J)a ep; hy ^e;5abeponan* *3 piBpun- 
nam- ©a ne boppte Eap-anbep pylj: on Jjam paB- 
pelbe cumon jiop'hip Jam nihpran jceonbum. ]?c 
him ymb paepan. ac pcobe hir pil^m ro Lipn 
mache hip ^ejjopran. 'J haepbe nyp pipan ppi'Sopi; 
bejjohr ro Sekuceupe* popjjon.j^e he monije an- 
peateep mib ^epinnum jeeobe on J?am eaprlan- 

{1} Demcrpiap* C- C* [2} puuu^C. C 
C3] o^P^ M. L. 

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pum. ^ j^xy aejicfrBabylonxe. "3 Pactjiiane. "J 
9Bfreji pon he gepjx on lobie. j)*p nau man 
S5p. ne j-i^^an mib pyp&c ^efapan ne Do^j-ce* 
buron Xlexan&pc. ^ he Seleugujr ^enybbeeallc 
Ja labtreopaj-. ro hij- hy/if umnej^fe* ^ hy eallc 
Snrijonuy "3 Demcrpiujr hij- j-unu mib pyjibc 
^ephron. on ])am ^efeohre paej- Snrijonuf 
offla^en. 'j hif funu pj: ])am pice adpaepeb:* Ne 
pene ic (cpas'S Opopuj-.) ;p xnv^ pa&pe f)e $ atet 
^lanmihre. ^ on J?am Te):eohre [i] '^tfoji:* 

On Jaepe ri&e S^jrop jtaj^j-an&ep. *] hij- j^unu 
jien J to f am picc Phihppuf :• Da pen&e men ep 
olSpefi'Se, $$^epmnfflexanbpcf Foljjejia ^e- 
cnbob paepe:* 3tc by jona paep him berpconura 
punnon. *3 Sileucuj-. ") Demcrpiup. SLnriTonuf 
rnnu. heom ro^asbepe ^ejjojrreban. ^ pi^o ^am 
xSpim punnon. Phihppup Eappanbpcf. yum. ") 
j)i^ Phrolomeuj-e. ^ pi^S Lipmachu^e. 3 hy f 
^epmn J>a paephcofr an^unnon. ]?e hy hir sep ne 
on^jannon:* On ]?am ^epmne opploh ffnriparcp 
hip mobop. Eapf anbpep hyt. peh ])e heo eapm- 
lice hipe peopep to him pilnobe:* Da baeb Xlex- 
anbeji hipe p unu Demerpiup. f he him ^epyl- 
rte. J he hip mobop rle^e on hip bpe'Sep 3;e- 
ppecan mihte. ^ hy hyne pa'Se Ipxy opplo;5on:« 
ytprcp ]?am jepunnon Demetpiup. ^ JLipima- 
chup- ac Lipimachup ne mihte Demetpiuj-e 
pi'Sptonban, pop'Son J?e Dopup Thpacea cy- 
nin^. him eac onpann:- Da paep Demetjiiuf oq 
}xpc hpilc j-pi'Se ;5eanmett. ^ pypbe ^elaeb&c 
ro Phtolomeupe:- Da he "f ^eahpobe. J?abe^ear 
he Selcucup him to pultume. ^ Pippup €pipa 

fi] jepeol. M. L^ . 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


cyniajf. *5 Pijipuf him pjij?ain j-pi^oj^ Fy^r*^* 
J)e he lum yylfum pcabe flOaecebonia onpealb. 
•] hy J«i Demerjiiuy op ]>am abpipn ^ Pipjiuj* 
topen^;:' ^/€|?c:eji J)am Lipmachuj- o|:|-loh hij* 
ajennc funu ff^^a'Soclcn. ^ SCntiparcji hif 
,a))uin:« On J?am bayim [i ] Lipmachia [-eobuph 
bcf anc on eop'San miD pice mib ealle. "3 seyrcep 
Jjam )e Lifimacbuj- haef be f j>a jn'S hi]* j^unu re^ 
bon. "3 pi^ hif a]?um J?a onjfcunebon hyne nif 
cjene leobe. ^ monije jcpam him cyjiban. '^ 
Seleucuf j-peonan. f he Liyxdiachuj* bcfpice:* Da 
jyr ne mihre j-e ni^S berpux him rpam ^ehc- 
jean. Jeh heopa]?a nama ne h|:t>e, J»fia )e fflex- 
anbpcj* f ol jepar psepon. ac j-pa ealbe f pa hy J?a 
pcpon hy ^epinron:- Scleucuf hajrbe j-cojcon ^ 
hunb pofonri J pmtjia. '^ Lijumachuj- hsejtoe 
])]ieo •^ yeoponri;^ pinrpa:« Daeji peap^ Lij-imai- , 
machuj- ojcf lajen. ^ J^aer ymb j)peo nihr com 
Phrolomeuy. J)c Lif imacnuj* hij- f peo|-rep haej:. 
De. "J bip^ellice aejctep Seleucuj-e f op. Ja he 
hampeapb pasr. o^ hyj- pypb roppen pa^j-. "j 
hme [2j Off Ion:* Da paj- j-eo j-ibb. ^ j-eo milfcr 
heoptneff xeenbab. J>e hy aer Slexanbpe je- 
leopnobon. y psef ;f hy rpe^ien. J)e fsep lcn^|ice 
hfbon. XXX cynin;5a oj::j*la;5en. heopa ajenpa 
calb xepepena. ^ him hasj:n:)on j-i'SISan ealle J?a 
anpcalbay. )>e hy ealle aep haepbon. 2;emon5j l^am 
Jcpmnum:* Lif imachuy popler hij- xv )aina. f u« 
me he j-yl^ ojrj-loh. j-ume on jcj^eohrum bepp* 
paQ h;m j-yljrum mon ojrf loh:- Dylhcne ^ebpo- 
oopi^cipe (cp^e^ ^J^^p^V) ^y heolban him be- 
tpeonum pe on anum hjpebe paepan apbbc. ^ 

[i] Lipmachuf . C. C. [2] }>a?p opfloh. M, L. 

S S^^y&c 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

jct:^. tfeit If uf nil f w^Spfi tMfmpc "gfAim, 
J pe Jjaep be j-pec^^S. 3 $ f jpe jcyi^ iia iita^ 
toijne «!• j:pembc. *] {:l|)eQi>ixe <mi bipcnm^'S. *J 
ly ricj- hp9V on uf [ i J 'gcpMfxt, ^ uf eft? hjw^ 
Jicc foplaetia^. *3 nelia% ^ISeiican hffldivkTjNi 
jpaer. ]>a nan mann ne mih^e aev o^jiujQ luf |Xt 
pph gebicjan. ne ppjxm J j)a yofewn ^jtyrwti 
beon. }« yaeppn ^ebjio^/ij ojs |pa^p •;J o|- me? 

1. 1 a 

Digitized by vIjOOQIC 

tlORMSg^A REGIS JtlJ^Mt>i, 13^ 

' J ' . . ' •*>.'• • ; ■■ '•- *• '*. * 


jyy F T € 1R * )am Jje Romebujih XerioH 
/jn^ bpe& paej- cccc piiir num.|^ Lxiii. [ i ] Ta- 
Jiefitine )^ pic ple^ebbri binnaq Tapentran hft- 
opa l^f jii^. ?Btr fieo/ia f eatpa^ )e J??ep bmnan ;5e- 
pOjiht pSej-. Ja ;5ejrapan hy Romana j-cipe on 
[i] J)«jie j*2e'yjiDaii. )a hjtas&lice comaii Tajxcn- 
tme td heo/ia i^iuift rcipum^ *;J J)aot5pc hinbaa 
Ofpp^* -^ by' eaKe tiun to ^epyl&um S^&y^ 

hy tkpeftad ftttO ^aep magf taa unie^pj-jre. j*ume 
oJi-ksgan. jijitie off pt;prpri. rume him px^O jpeo re* 
f ealWQ> Di Ronuttie l^^eatif oban. J?a j-cnbon ny 
ftjiefifftrtadap Whim. •Jb*&ah ;f him mon «bat* 
te. $^|lifti l^xfi X(y aSbyf^e ^e»oip paep- ©a ra- 
pet)Ofl K^ ^ Ja sejpenbj^acan. iliib ])am itixj-tad 
bif mep^ f j^a hy |>W piSne aeji feybon. "3 hy f i15* 
^aft haih ^plerati:- y€jct:ep J?arii ppaa Rbmane 
on l^apentine, 'jf rpa . clasne hy namon heoju. 
pilttfitf Alb him. p hcopa ppoierapxi bc mop 
Tdtt [ sjiiim baepraa beio>n:. Dasr paepton Ja^ ]?e hy 
"S^X^^^ ^^P^^^* ? fceolban be heopa pipim 
Deapiia j;*t jtynan^ J)onnc hy on Sepm f opan. ^ 
cpaeootf t him piflicpe^ fuhre. 7 hy J?a ne ppr 
Jupe Jte pas'p urppeJ. haepebeapn j-c J?e mihrc> 

/ * Orof. I. IV. c. I. 

[0 ^ tre Tapentine. M. L. [a] ^am. Mt L. 
[3] br asptan; M. L. 

S a ;j3y 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


by ]>a Romane comon on Tajicnrine, |3 }xj\ eall; 
»pcf tan f hy ;5cmet;t:aD. ^ mone^ bypi^ abpae- 
can:- Da renbon Tajiennne [i] ae^hpap aBjrtcp 
joilrumc. Jwep hy him a^ni^cj- penbon. ^ Pippuj* 
€pipa cynin;^ him com ro nub )>am msefran 
iculrume. ^'^^tp Jje on jjanjhepe. jc on [2] pafe- 
ii'epe:- JiDe pxf on 'Sam ba^m jemaepf ob ojxp 
calle o^jae cynin2;af . aej^ep ^e miD mj- miclaa 
rultume. ^e mib hif paeb j^eahtnin^e. jc mib 
mppijcjiae^re:- Fop)?am j:ylp:e Pipnuj- Ta- 
pfenrinum. ppjH)n ^e Tapcnre reo buph paef 
^i^imbncb op L^cebcmomum. pe bij* pice J?a 
yaejr. ^ he haejtje [3] Thej- j-ali himro ^ulrome. 
•3 ODaecrt^onie. "3 he haetbe xx elpenba ro J)am 
^cpcohtje taib him. J?e Komanc «p nane ;5C|^p- 
on:- be paef j-e jcopma mann. J)e hy sepefC on 
Irahum bpohte:- J&e paej* cac on ^m ba;^m. 
^cleapaj^ ro pije. ^ to ^epmoe. buron. J>am 
antim ;f hine nij- Eobap ^ hij- biof olrylb bc- 
j-picon ])e he be5on;5enbe paej*:. ©a he m ahj*o- 
be hir EcA>^% hpad^cp heopa yccolbe on o^pum 
iri^e nabban. ]?e he on Romanum. ]?e Romane on 
mm. J)a anbpf pban hi him tpeohce •] cpasbon* 
** Du haB):j-t; o*S^e naefj^:." Dxrjcopme Xe)»- 
ohr. ;^ he pi% Romanum hse^e. hir paer m JLom- 
pania. neah ))spe ea ))e mon Lipim nasr:* Da 
flejftep J?am J>e ]y«p on aer^pe healjce. micel pal 
gef le^cn paef • j)a het Pippup bon ))a elpenbar 
on'f'^efcobr:' 6iJ>J?an Romane "^ ^cf apan. y 
him mon fpylcne ppenc tobybe. fpylcne hy asp 
ce gej-apon. ce f ec^an. nfc bypbon. J>a jclu^on 

CO aejpajK C.C. [2^ paa6ehej>c. Mt L, 
£3] Thef f ahum. M. L. 


D^itized by VjOOQIC 


hy eallcbuton anummenn. ye paej- [i]CDinutiuj-: 
harcQ. he jcnc&be unt>cp ane elpenb.J he hine . 
on jjooe najreJan ojrj^an^:- Da j-iii^an he yjipe 
f^f. ^ jepunbob. he opj-loh micel jjaej^ folcep 
J ajjl^ji ;5e ' j>a pojipuja&on. Jjc him on upn pas- 
pan, je eac ^a cijSpe elpenbaj- p:icabe. ^ ^jie- 
mebe. ^J^a cac maej-r ealle jroppujibon. J)e pae!ji 
oh aj»n pa^jion. "^ J)eh J?e Romane ;5eplyme& 
p«pe, hy paejian J)eh ^ebylbe. mib Jjam;f hy pif- 
ton hu hy ro })am elpenbam j-ceolban:- Oii 
Sam jejceohre pasp Romana xiiu oppla^cn j:e- 
^na, '3 hunb eahrati^;. ^ via hunb ;5e^an5en.^ 
T )>2BJia 2;chofipebjia paejaan ojcplaxcn iii hlinb ^ 
anum. •j J^aeji paepon vii hunb ju^Spanena^euu- 
men:* JiDitr naep na ^cpaeb hpasr rijipupep jx>l- 
cep jepeallen paejie. po)i]?on hir naer J^cap on ]?am 
tibum, J mon aeni^ pael on ]?a healpe pumbe. J>e 
Jonne pylbpe p«p, buron J^aeja ])y tep qppla^en 
paepe. ppa mib 3^1exanbpe paep. on ))am popman 
^^epeohre Je hepitS Dapiup peahr. J^aepi naep 
nip polcep na ma oppla2;en J?onne ni^on:- !ffc 
Pippup ^ebicriebe epr hu him peo pi2;e ^eh- 
cobe. ]>e he opep Romane haepbe, Jja (he cpae'S) 
asr hip Eobep bupa. ^ hvc ppa J?aep on appar:« 
" Dane hapa ^u lopep. 'f ic ))a mopte opeppmnan. 
" })e aep paepon unopeppunnen. ^ ic eac ppam him 
** opeppunnen eom:-" Da ahpebonhmehipjje^- 
nap. hpiheppa heanhc popb be him pylpum rec- 
paebe.^ he opeppunnen pappe.))a anbpppbe he him 
{^ cpae^). ^' Eipic^epape epr ppylcne pi^e aer 
*' Romanum. Jjonrje mae^; ic pi^^en buran selcon 
" j^ejne Epeca lanb peccan:-*' Daer peap'S eac Ro- 

[i] Ctjmuntiiup. C. C, . 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

134 tlORM£S¥A Jl£GtS MlfKttil 

mauom on yi^kim racae <4Sy|ati> «)% ^tkn ^pti* 
ohre. Ja hy onfypbc fxpoa. fjfXffoUxfftt^ 
obe imcel bjiy/ie \koo. ]» ^$iiqo|| Qj:j'Jph Ksitili 
heojia p^pepa. "J juo^i/je jeb/)Oi:ato««m^.ce« 
mon:- y6j:«cpj)am jejfuhron Pifi^f *) Kannne 
ID [i] ZCpulia )>«jie J^ot}e. jnep jwa^vS P^ijn}]* 
punb OB o^jian eapme. ^ ^omafit h^iptxm fi:^< 
3 biBjcbon ;^eleopiiob ma qtaB|era. hu hy ]p« d^ 
penbaf bef pican mihroo. oiib I'aiii Jw hf ti^moa 
tpoopu. "3 flojon oo o^jioe esib^moni^ fce* 
appe ifene nxxlaf. .*] hy oub flete befoabos* 
3 (mbaepobOQ hit;. *;! be^ybbon htc. J^^oe 00 
'Soneel|)$Dbhmbao.j» by J^oaaejpopwtpebeobe 

ncrla ft;ican^e. f aiv aelcan ^a jppp uj^miii aspcfi: 
)e hiiQoa up^o paepaa. *) p'SJSoD f o'S^ppok 
paepoa j"pa j-pi^ fkanbe. fpa by him fottan 
|-ceolban:- On J)am ^ejpeohre psf Rott^oa ehca 
m oj:j-la^en. 3 xi ^^jsaaoii ^eouoien:* Jtnb 

Sja'Soclcf [2] Sipatcapa cymn^ jjoept buphi&» 
oba pxy ^e^rapeo on SKika ]>im laabe:* Da pop 
be jHbcp. *3 1 piGC to him xenybbe:* 

Sona * f pa ^ ^pma mib Komanum i^ee&bGtt 
paep )-pa paep J?«p f eo monijpcalbcfre pol nub 
mancpealme. ^e eac ^ nanuht [ bepeabe|r ne 
pif ne ny ren. oe nwhron nanubr j + hU^enbef 2[«* 

* Orof. I. iv, c. 2. 

t The words induded betweea crocchcts areooaic* 
ted in the Ballard TrMifcript. 

C«}^Wba. M.t* 


Digitized by»VjOO^lC 


htpam^ ^hf}eL^ez nyhjran fxpon ojitjieoj*. 
hpas'Siftji him »ni^ maun eac acumon j-ceolt>e. 
^ penoe Pijip^r FP^^ feicihum cpc to Roma^ 
num. •J liHtt on^ean com Eup'qj' re conj-ul. •) 
heojm f ^fiibbe ;^ej:eohr ymy on Lucaniam. oa 
aCpopuy J>aBfic bune:* ©ch ]^ Romane f ume hjwie 
hasfrboQ fpi^p jcleam ;5e^ohr. Jjonne ^epeohfr. 
aqx )K)Dn^ hy ^papon. J man "ba helpeobaf 
[i] on $ ^jepecAt byt>e. ac n^an ny ))a ^Cfapan 
hu hy hi Tc*]iemeban. J hy )«i [pcepan f pi'Se 
[2] j-lcan&e pe ny ]c^lp:an pccotean. ^ PiJ^pupcf 
hepe peap'S jrofi j^am ppi^ojrt: on pleame:« On 
^am TjepeohrQ Pijijiup haeji^e hunt) cahranj 
m jselSena. *3 vjA ^sehoppebjia. •^ Jjaejiparp xxxvi 
|B ofTf lajjeo. Tj lui nunt) ^epmjcn:« y€ptep )am 
Pippuf jcop Of Italium. ymb v ^p. J«r )« he 
fsp l^sep on com. ^ pa'Se ^i£f ]?e he ham com. he 
jolt)e abpecan XpSap )?a buph. •) J7«p pcap'S 
in;b anum pane ojcpoppen:. 

yEjptjep* |)am ))e Tapenrme ^eahpoban f 
Pippjip beab P«r* )^ pnbon hy on TSIjcpice. ro 
Eap"i^ll5inienfef aejcccp pilrume. *3 cpr pi^ 
Romaoum punnaii. *3 pa^ J)«p )« hy ro;5x&cpc 
ciHnoQ. Romane haejcbon pje:* Baep onpmbon 
EaprCa^mi^ofer ;^ him mon ojcepf pi])an mih* 
ice. J>eh hy nan yrolc jep nub ;5C):eohre ojcep- 
j>innan ne mihtc;^ Iremonr ])am J)e Pipp"p pi^S 
Bomane pmnenbe paep. hy hsejcbon ehra le2;ian:» 
©a hasjcbon hy ])a cahrc^an Rc^^ienpe to j:ul« 
rume jepette:* Da ne ^erpuhpabe pe ehta'Ba 

♦^Orof.l. IT. c. 3. 
XO >on. C. a [2] rlealt>e. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


t>sl |)aBjia If^ian. ^ Romane PijipHyt fiSfC^t^ 
an mihte. ao^nnon J?a hepX^^- 1 nynan J^a* 
]?ehyj:)Ti^ian'j-ccolbaa:« DaKoimne f'S^dhyo^ 
ban. ))a fenbon hy J>y&cp Denuriuj* heojia con* 
pi mit) plrume. to J?on [i] Jje he on him '^e^ 
fpxct t hy J)a f logon •^ hynbon J)e calle Roma* 
n# jcpi^ian polbon. ^ he ]?a rpa jebybe:* &ume 
he ojcjrloh. f ume jebanb. •^jiam j-enbe. *! J»p 
pa&jian p'blSan ptrnab^. 'j f iBtJan J)a [2] hc- 
apban fpib ccQjif SBXum ppgop|:ep^f 


y€pc:eji * Jjam Jje Romane bwjih "^^ecimbpcb 
fxy cccc pmtpum ^ Lxxvii. gepupbori on Rome 
J>a yfelan punbop. f paej- aejiep;. "f ^unoji ro- 
jloh hyjia hehp;an Eobep hup. lojxfep. ^ eac 
facpe bup2;^. peall miccl to eoji^an [3] geh^ 
jieap •^ eac p Jjjay pulpif on anjie niht; bpoh* 
ton aner beabep mannep lichoman bmnan J^a 
bojih. ^ nyne ]>xp p'SISan pryccemaDlnm tobpu-. 
bon.o'b J?a men onpocan, ^ ut upnon. ^ by ri^JS- 
^an onpe;5 jdu2;on:« On J?am ba;^m ^peapxS. 'f 
on anpe bune ncah Romebypij- rohlab fco 
eop'be. *;! yxy bypncnbe pyp up op j^apc eop^ 
%an. ^ on selce heaipe ]}xy pypep peo eop^ 
yxy pip fiBcepa bpaebe ro axpan gebupnen:* 8on^ 
J?asp on J?am aepreppan geajie. Xepop Semppo- 
niup pe conpul mib fyjabe pi^S renccntep Itra- 

* Orof. 1. iv c. 4, 

[i] -p. C. C- [2] heap6a. C. C. 
[3 J I conceive, this fliould be ^ehpeap. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


lia plo Dij mit? J)am be hy hi serp^ymeb hjejs- 
bon. *3 ro^aeticpe polbvi, J)a peajiS cop^bea- 

Lce. J hy f ceoijt)an on J^a eop'San j^ejrincan. 3 
hy j?eah f pa ^ntfpxppt^t jebiban "f j-c e;5e ojcpjv 
gaii paef . *i| J>aej} fi^^an pael^pimhcc 2;epuhron:« 
Dap pger fe xn^p:a blo&jyre on asj^pc h^fe 
}?aBpajpolca. J>eh pe Roniatie fi^e hx]ft>e. ))a jpc- 
apan paep ro lajce puptoom* Daep pae)- S^rY*^ ^ 
j-co cop^beopiDj racna&e J^a miclan blob bpya* 
cap ]« hype mon on J?^pc ri&e to jiopler:* 


y€frcp* Jjam ])c Romebuph ^genmbpeb paej 
im hunb pmrpum ^ Lxxx. ^emon^ jjam o^pupi 
oione^iaqB punbpum. J?e on "Sam ba^in ;j5elam- 
pan. ^ mon ;5Cf eah pcallau blob op eop^^n. ;j 
punan pjeolc pp heojcenunu- On Jam bajupi 
( I ] C^trajinenyej- penbop pulrum Tapenrinum. 
t ^y Jl^ ^^^ mihron jieohran piS Rpn)anuin> 
Da f enban Romane gepeubpacan ro him. ^ hy 
ahj-etjon yop hpy hy f bybon:- Da o^f popan hy 
J?am a^enbpacan mib bam br pmeplicepran ai5Me. 
'f hy biijQ nasjcpe on jrulrume nsepon. ])eh ])e ]?a 
a^ajr paepan neap mane. ]?onqe ro^e:- On ]?am 
barum Ulcmjenf cp. ^ Thpupci pa pic. ppneah 
ealle pppnpbon pop heopaa^num byp^e. pop 
.]?am ]>c hy jume heopa Jjeopap jeppepban. ^3 e^c 
him eallum pupbon ro ,milbe. ^3 ro pop^ipene:* 

_ ' , * Orof. I. iv. c. 5. 

[i] Caprajmijenpep. C. C, 

T Ba 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Da ojrjjuhre heojia ceojilum. ^ man ]?a Jjcopaf 
pieotoe. "J hy nolbe:* ©a pi^j-apaa hy J)am hla- 
jropbum. 'J ]?a [i] ]?copaj* mib him. o^hyjil. 
bpanpasjion. J?onne hy:- 3Cn& hy p^^an mib 
calle op *Sam eapbe abpipon. ^ him. ro pipim 
•foybon J?a J)e asp paepan heopa hlaepfcian:. Da 
ri^'ban ^cphtran J?a hlapop&af Roitnane. -^ by 
him ^epylj-ran. ^ hy tp: ro heopa a^pum be- 


^/Ejrrep ^am fe Romebuph ^ermibpeb pasf 
cccc pmrpum 'j (2] Lxxx. becom on Romane 

' micel manncpealm. "^ hy ]?a aer nyhj-ran ne ahj-e- 
ban hpaer J?aepa ^epapenpa paepe. ac hpxr heopa 
J?onne ro lape paepe:- !S!nb eac fa beopola ]?e 
hy on fymbel [3] peop^obon. hy amypbon. ro 
eacan J>am o^Spum moni^pealbum bif mpum be hy 
tepenbe p^jpon, ^ hy ne cu'San on^iran p hit 
Eobep ppacu pa?j^:- 'Kc heron fa bipceopap "f hy 

' j-aebon fam poke. "^ heopa Dobap him paepon 
yppe ro fam ^ hi him fa '^I'c ppi'Sop oppjie- 
bon. ^ blorron fonne hy aep bybon:* Onfaepe 
ilcan ribe Eapepponie. f asp harenu heopa Co- 
ba nunne. fa ;5ebypbe hype, "f heo hy poplaey* 
Jfjy fa Romane pop f am ^Ire hi ahen^aD. ^ 
eac f one f e f one ^ylr mib hype ^^epopbre. *] 
ealle fa f e f one ^ylr mib him pipron. *3 mib 
him haelon:- ^u pene pe nu Romane him pyJp 
BiUice ppiron ^ perron, poji heopa ajenum 

[i] fa^opaf. C. C. [a] Lx^^jci, C, C. 
fSJ F^p^eboni G. C, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Sylpe. T hepm^e. ^ )?eah S^mon;^ J^asjie bepin- 
je. J)yllica bij-mepa on hy [ij yopyy'^tt^an 
fyJfe afae&on. hu pene pe hu moncjjpa mapan 
bij-mpa hy jcopf yjeban. ae;5^ep ^e jcop heopa 
ajenpe [2] lupn ^ lanbleofca. je eac pp heopa 
fcnarum e2;e:- 

Nu * pe jrculon jcon (cpse^ Opoj-iuj-) ymb ^ 
Punica jepmn. f paep op ]?am plcc oj: Eaprai- 
m ]?aepe bypi;^. feo yg^y ^erimbpeb f pam Gh* 
rann ^am pijcmen Lxxxii pinrpum aep Rome- 
Duphi fpa f'ome J)aepa buphpapena yjrel *;! 
heopa bij-raepef j^eap^ lyrel aj^aeb ^ ppiren, 
j-pa ppa Tpo;5up. ^ [3] Juprmup j-xbon p;ip- 
pjurepap. jcopj^on f e heopa pipe on naenne yael. 
pel ne ^l^fop. na'Sep )e mnan. rpam him f yl- 
f um. ne urane fpam o'Spum polcum:- Spa J?eah 
roeacanJ?atn yplum. hy ;5ej-erroa. ]?onne him 
micel manncpealm on becom. ;f hy fceolbon 
menn heopa Cobum bloran:- Spa eac J)a beopla. 
J)e hy on ^[elypbon. ^elsepbon hy. f |)a ]?e ]}xp. 
onhaelebe paepan. ^ hy hale pop hy cpealbon, ^ 
paepon Jja menn 'co )?on bypi^e. J hy penbon "p 
hy mihron ^ ypel mib Jjam ^epriUan. "3 |?a able- 
opla ro J)on lyri^e. ^ hy hir mib j^am ^emicle- 
fcan. ^ jcopj^on Jje hy ppa ppi^e byf ige psepon. 
him com on Cobep ppacu. on ;5e]:eohrum ro ea- 
can o^pum yjcelum. ]?aer paep ofcoyt; on Sici- 
um. *3 on Sapbmium J?am i^Ianbum. on J^a hy 
5eIomlico|-r punnon:* y€jcrep ]?am }t him j-pa 

* Orof. 1. iy. c. 6. 

[i] popf yjeban deeft C. C. [2] bupan. C. C 
[33 Juprinianuf, C. C. 

T 2 oprp^jbhce 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


o^r jisefelice tnij-iamp. ^ hy An;5unnoD hir j)ifcan 
heopa labrtopum. ^ heopa cempum heojra eaji- 
jre^a, "j him bebufeon ^ hy on ypxcyi^tiy J^o- 
jian. •j on cHj^iebe:- Ra'Se sepreji jram h^ bse- 
t5an. 'f hy tnon ro heojia eajifte jrojilcte. ;f hi 
moj-ranTejranbian. pas^eji hy heopa mebj-aelj>a 
bpjij-pi^an mihtroo:- ©a him men j^xy jrop- 
pypntoe. })a ^yohran hy mito jciji&e:- 6d pepe 
liep^un;5e ^emetre ye ylbey ra labteo^ CDa2ieDj- 
hij- a^enne j-unu, mit> puppunum je^yilebne'on 
bircdphabe. he hme j^a j:op pam ^ypelan ;gcbe- 
ilh. •j he hme opeppn her^ ^ ahoo. "J pen&e 
^ he pp hip troppcpenepfc yyclc jrceopj^ pc- 
pebe. pp]?On hir nsep Jreap mib him f semj 
©%ep puppppan pcpcbe butroti cypm jum:« Ra- 
Je aiptep jjam hie be^eatan Eaprama fa 1)aph* 
*;} eaile J)a fclraepepran bjfplo^oa fe ^)?*p inne 
paepon. ^ ]?a o^Spe ro him ;^nybbon:- Da ^r 
tnhj^ran. he peap^ pylj: bepypeb ^ oyyh'^en^ 
i)xy psef ;5epopben on Eipupep basje Peppa 


J^ytep^ |am ^imilco. Eaprama cynmj, 
[i ] pop mib j:ypbe on Sicihe. ^ him }xjibecom 
ppa paeplic yf ei. "^ fa menn pa?pon ppa pa^e be- 
abe- ppa hir him on becom. ^ hy fa set: nihptaa 
hy bebypgean lie toihron.*] pop fam fc^e hipufl* 

* Orof. I. it. c. 6i 

' Digitized by VjOOQIC • 


pillum ftbbt. ^ hafti jroja. mib }»am }c J)2Bp. /as- 
jion:« feona j-pa ;f ^6jime y^cip laob jej-ohre. •J 
t e;^6j-Iice j-pell ^eboba&e. f pa p^pon ealle J)a 
DUjihpajie- [i] Eajira^^tnenfer. mi& j-pilSlice he- 
ajre "3 pope onprypeb/j aelc anpenbe. ^ j:pinen- 
»e «j:rep hij- jrjiynb. *3 hy unrpe;5enblice oanpa 
tpeopSa hirti toe ren&oti. butoti ji hy mib ealle 
foppcoji^an rceol&an:. aOit))>am ))e pa bu/ihpajie 
fpa ^eomopiic ati^iiti haejt)on. fa com j^ cy- 

fpi'Ste ly^ephcaa ^e^pelati. ^ ^e^^p ^ he 
j^l|: hanipeap& pp. -ge jJ jpok jf him on^ean 
com. esjl hit: him pepenbe hampeapb fol^oDc 
•3 he f fe cynin^ hif hanfta paBf [2] upppeapbef 
bpsebeDtoe pi^ paep heopoej-. j| mib opepheopr- 
nepj*e him f^y panienbe ae^ep ^e hif a^enne 
heapb )-*l))a. ^e ealley Ipxy plcep ^ he fa ^yr 
hiili fyljcum ^ebybe. j5 faep pypftr paej*. fa he ra 
hij- lane cdm. J>a he "f pic f asp ure [3] beryne- 
be. '3 hitie sctsiie f»p inne beleac. ^ hme fylfne 
6pj*loh:- [4]/Ej:tep paej* pm peli^ mann bin- 
han tapt:aina. p poej- haren [5] Jbanno. 'J paej* 
ttiib unTettitte \&\ cynebomef jypnenbe:* He 
him jepuhte "f he mlb [6]fa^pe pitena pillum. 
him ne mihtje ^ocuman. ^ him ro paebe ^J^nam 
^ he hy ealle ro ;5epeopbum ro him jehcr . ^ 
he by Trfe^an mihre mib arrpe acpellan. ac hir 
'SepdjvB f uph fa amelbob. fe he ^efohr haepe 
f him ro IS^pe bStfbe jcylf rail peolbe-: Da he 
onpnbfe ;f J eta's piaej-. fa 5e2;abepabe he ealle 


i] naprajimjeufef . C. C. [z] upppeapbney . C.C. 



•berjrnee.€.C. [4] jCptep J>am. C.C. 
Panna. C. C. [^j f «pa. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


J^a J?copaf *3 J^ayfrelan menn j?e he mihrc. "J 
^ohre ^ he on j^a bujihpape. on un;5eapcpe be- 
come, ac hir him peap^ xpop cu^:- Da him xv 
J>aepe bypi^ne jej-peop. ]?a ^epen&e he mib xxiui 
m ro anjie o^ejipe bypi;^. ^ j?ohre "f he j?a abjiae^ 
ce:- Da haepbon ])a buphleoba GOaupirane him 
ro jrulrume. ^ him on^ean comon buran pej-- 
rene* *] JlDannon ^ejcunjon. *3 ])a o^jie ;5edym* 
t>on. *3 J^aeji p^^an rinrpcjab peap^:- ytpej-r 
hme man ypanr. J>a f ricobc him mon pa, e^an 
ur. "3 I'l^'ban him mori f loh J^a hanba oj:. j^a $ 
heajcob, ^3 eall hij- cynn mon ojcj-Ioh. J)y Ixf hir 
mon ujcejian [ i] ba;5um ppsece. o^'Se aepi^ o^ep 
bopj-te, cfc f pylc onjmnan:- Dif ;5epeap'5 oa 
[2] PhiUppuj-ef bae;5e. J?aBj- cynmg^ej-:- ytjcrep 
pam hypbon Iiapranienj-e|- f re maepa Slexanb- 
ep hasfbe abpocen Tipum ]?a buph. j-eo paej- on 
aep bajum heopa ylbpena ae^el. "J onbpebon ^ 
hy eac ro him cumon polbon:- Da j-enbon hy 
J}ibep TSLmilchop. heopa ^one ;5leapej"ran mann. y 
he Slexanbpej- pi j^an [3] bcyceapebe. j-pa he hir 
ej^r ham onbeab. on anura bpebe appiren. *3 p^- 
iSan hir appiren j>xy. he hir ojcep pophre mib 
peax:^ Gjcr fa SJexanbep jepapen paep ^3 he 
ham com. pa ru^on hme j?aepe bup;5e piran. ^ he 
heopa |-picbomef fv6 !S!lexanbep icpemmenbe 
paepe. *3 hme f op Jsepe rihrlan ojcpojon^ yCp- 
rep })am Eapranienpep punnon on Sicilie. J^aep 
|)im pelbon reala jej^peop. "j bef aeran heopa hc- 
apbbuph. Sipacuj-ep paep harenu:* Da ne on- 
hagobe TC^a^ocle heopa cynmje. f he piS hy 

[i] bojopi. M. L. [2] Phihppuf. C C, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


mihre bur on pej-reoe jefcohran. ne cac ^ hy 
calle mihron f oji mctclcfre ]>xp bmnan ^e- 
biban. ac leron heojia pilrum Jjaeji binnan beod. 
be ]?am baele. ]?e hy se^ep mihron jcheopa 
pj-ran ;5eh6alt)an. "ge eac ^ J)a mere haej:bon j?a 
npile. ^ j-e cynm^ mib JJamo'Spum baele on j-ch 
pum fop on Eapranienj-e. *} hy pa'Se J^aej* jnop- 
Daejinan her. J?e he ro lanbe ^epp. popbon he 
nolbe f hif jcynb heopa ey.v aeni^ne anpealb haejc- 
bc. 'J him jjsep pa^e jcaepren jepophre. ^ paej- 
Iplc ])anon urfleanbe *3 hynenbe. 0*8 ;f ^an- 
no. ]fxy polcef o^ep cyning. iiine xz )am pey- 
rcne ^ef ohr mib xx m:- ac hme 'R'^z'coclcy 
^ejclymbe. ^ hij- yolcty oyyloh n m. "3 him aep 
rep frylgenbe paej*. o^ v mila ro J^sepe bypij 
Eapranienf e. "j faep o^ep jcaej-ren ^epophre. *! 
]j2ep ymburan paep hep2;enbe ^ baepnenbe. j 
Eapranietif e mihron ^efeon. op heojia bypi^ 
t FYP* 1 ]^^^ reonan J?onne hy on pope paepon:- 
Ymbe foneriman Jje 'Sip paej-, TCnbpa paej* haren 
ST^alSodej- bpo^op (])one he aer ham on j^aepc 
bypi^ him be aepran ler.) he bej-ipebe "f pole 
}je hi embperen haepbon. on anpe nihr un^eape- 
pe. ^ hir maspr call opploh. *3 j^a o^Spe ro pci* 
pan o'Splu^on:- !?Cnb pa'Se ^pxy ]?e hy ham co- 
men. ^ f ppell cu^ peap% Eaprainienpium. ppa 
pupbon hy yy^ ppi'Se pop]?ohre. ;f naloep ^ an ^ 
35L^arhocle mane^a bypi^ ro ;5apol^ylbum pup- 
bon. ac eac hy him heapmselum pylpe on hanb 
cobon, ppa eac [iJOpeplep pe cynin^. mib Ei- 
pene hip poke, hme eac ;5epohre:- TCc TC^a^o- 
clcp ^eby t?e unrpeoplice pi^ hme. ^ he hme on 

[i] Feplep C. C, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC^ 


( J ] paejium bcfpac. •] o^j-loh, j-jja him cat: ryljsum 
p%fean aejcreji Uiiip. jij: h« ISa Ij? soe U4^pe- 
op^ ae ^c&ybc, fpom ])am bae^e he rajn?;c 
borjiQ b]ioce ealjia Cajiraioa ^pe^jb bepGr^pi* 
On Jj^pe hjjjle ]« he J)one unjweb "(Suphlccab. 
fa] B(^Ucop Kmicop Peoa cyjomj ^yj* put? f jb- 
te. pi's hif pjnenbe. nub caUum h;j* polcp;. 351c 
berpux JJ^arbocle. ^J hjr pice J^eajT'S wgc- 
naebDCf j-e. jJ he fjlf ojcj-Jascn pcap^:* /€j:?Fep 
juj* bea'Se pjiap e^ t^aprainienj^^ oo Sialm 
nub j^qjum:* ©a by $ jeahj-ebon. Jja j-eubon 
by aja^ep Pijr»puj-e epipa cynin^, "j he hjiqa j-u- 
me bpile ^e^ylpe:* 

y%«ep * ))»m ^ Bomebuph ;^triiiibpeb pasf 
cocc .pjinrpum "i Lxxxiii. j-enbon [jjcpaooep- 
noe. 8tciha p^. sejctep Romaoa pdiritffii?. t ^ 
,11^ Pena ploe inilire:* £)a f eobon hy him T^ffi- 
igf Elawbduj' J>one ^ooful mib jnil^nwiev eft; J«i 
hy ro^aebepe-pe^pb Kop^ mib ^heopfi po|<;Hiin. 
J»jdu^on Peoe. fpa % cj:r f ylpe f««)on. *5 hy 
punbpeban ;^ hy *ep jdu^on a&p hy ,ro5«b€pe 
^euueahlaeron:' Fop jJam icleame. J^aoo Pcoa 
cymo^ mib ealluai hy folcci peap*® Romanum 
■CO ^foljiylbum. *3 him aeiee {jeape ^cfcalbc 
t;pa hunb ralentaina j-eolf pej*. on oelcpe anpe 
ralearan paep Lxxx punba;* yCj^cep J>«im Ro* 

* Orof. 1. ir. c. 7. 

[i] hif paepura.B.T. [2] Bonulcoji deeft C C 
[[3] cpomeptme* C. C. 



by Google 

' lltftetttn'j Jjftttfc flbjian J!?anmb«an Pehft 
cytiit};^.; <«i [13 Si^i^ente Siciiia bym;^. oB he 
j;ojiii«ah*ttn^5fie fyealt:^ ©acorn him Pcna o*cp 
cyMit^ tS^ pciltuftie mm f ciphejie. J!Dannop^ 

ISin jl 'jg«f|'t;:eii abji0?can. '^ J!)anhibial |*e cymng; 
OQ fljfctf UT o'^^tiah mib jreapum fciaimum, Licj^ 
rGipaj5g*^t)e/ittbeJ *5 on Rotaaiwlafib^f ititejio 
Mn^W^i- On |a ppacdpmibon Riitnane ijieft 
f »yifti^ JtejihrahV -J ^tpjicmebei [2] Doihup 
hcojia c^rul ^ I aSh^n pcaji^ ritJicfc )Jupht:6- 
^to^f jiti-f aqirrepfy.xri'^um l^a&j* j>d f riiri- 

b6fi4ig£f)i^en j3te|'. j^^p p«pon xxx. 7 d -^eajtof a. 

fd|»i^h4tton;[3]'EopDdi!ur^pna. j^e ^epop on 
Lip^ptf. 'p ijlanb. to ^amiibile to yunbop 
ppp«e«? inib xvi y-eipan. ])a . opjtloh he hmc:* 
8]>fc f 5>a fe o55e)T: tbnraf ;^ehyjib6 Duiliuf . j-pa 
2^jaJp he rd Jam i^Iaribc mit> xx3t fcipum. ^ 
J!^obInbkfef /rolcef lit huito o|!fldh. *) hij-xxx j-ci- 
pa ^c*am. T xiii on yx heytncvt. '^ hyne )-yl)t- 
ne -^epiymbe:* >!^p:ep Jam PunicL f j-m&on " 
•Ea/it?aMeln|iB. h^ ^Cfetron r4]^annohem opep 
beopfbj'cifi^ j'pa-iBiinnibalcf pafpaftji. ^ hebcpc- 
pebeSftjt'Suiiam;- ♦j Eoppicam )ia ijbnb pi^ Ro- 
manum. •;! he piafSe J^f pi^S hy ^jepcahr mxb 
j-ciph*lte. "3 ofpfa^ca pcap^:. 

fitef: * on |>am -jttititpan 2;eape EaUrinur ne 
conj-ul pop mib pypbe. rb Eamepfnam SiciIia 

• Orof.1. IT. c. 8. 

[13 TCpjentnne. C. C. [2] Douhuf- C. C- 
^3] EopDcehuf • M. L. [4] pannonan, C. C. 

Ui bypi^. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


byju^. ac him hae|Cboti Pciie ]K>fie f^^ piiP)»- 
tco. J)flBp he ojccp J)ooc nmnr jcupw f ceolbe;- 
Da ^eoam Calarmuf* iiihunb maiuia wfJ^ hiin. 3 
on anpc bijclpe rroye J)one muar oj90fijp^[»ji. 3 
]>amenn ajpaeji&e. [i] ^ ^7 ealleon^eati hineps* 
jion j:eohreobe. ^ bane ^x letao botran y^pc. 
t y^ fy^^ f I'SISan f«n%i3}rfx pn, 'J ))»p |feap^ 
J m imnb manna oj^'^tn .ealle. bu«ao }>am 
confute anum^ hc/iom punbaper;- jfyc^p. Bam 
Punice jcf errcJn epc Jonc eafoaa JtWuWao. 
.^ he mib pcipum on Romaoe punne* ac e):t ]» 
he ])«p hcpjcan yccolbe. he peap'S jia^ «• 
jclymct). '^ on J)am ^eame hync o^ypffbQp hif 
ajene ^cj«pan:. yEjctep j>Mi Xtiljuf ffi:COih 
.f ul apef t:e Lipapum ^ oSeliram. Sxcilita' i^giaot):* 
yCjxep Jam ppan Romane on Ti^pfjiict miD 
[2] iiT hunb fcipa. -J J^pirxyim:* Da jrcnbonhy 
hcoparpejcn cyninjajr hunon^ean* Jf3ianiion 
.^TTmilcojv mib j-cipum. ^ j^aep pupboabejen 
jcplymeb. J Romane ^enamon on him Lxxxuii 

Ecipa, ^ p^'San hy abpacan [j'JElypeam heojia 
uph. T paepon hep^enbe o§ Eap7;aina bcoju 

heapob ouph:* y€p:ep))am Rcjulur. j-e confol* 
.unbepjren^; Eaprama gepmn. j>a ne [4]«pp 

j?ibepmib j;y pbe ppcnbc jap|-:-. Da ;5cpicobe he 
, ncah anpe ea. j-eo pacf hareo Ba^paba. J^acomoj: 

J?am paerepe ab naebjie. \to fxf unjjemerlicc 
-jpicel. ^ \z men eal^ oj^loh be neah j^am pas- 
.repe coinoa. Be pyCRe N/tDHSN:- Dajc- 

jabcpabeRc^uj- ealle \z j-cyrcan J>e on Jam 

[O %C.C. [z] mi. C.C. 

I?] 3ripeam. C.\C^ [4] «j:r. a C. . 

' . . jfaepclt) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


[i3)*jietee paejron. j^ hy moa mib jclamam ofcji-* 
come, ac J^onne hy mon floh o'8'8e jxear. J?onne 
jhb hir on J>am f cillum. f pylcc hit paspe finc- 
w If en:* Da hct he mib J)am palij^aj*. mib Jam 
hy peallef* bpaecan J?orine hy on paepjcnne pjh- 
ton. j> hijie mon mib ))am J^pipef onpuppc:- Da 
peajVB hijie mib anum pyjipe an pibo pojiob. f 
heo f itJISah me^en ne heajAe by ro ^efcylban^ 
ae. ac pa^ Jjoej^. heo peap'S ojcj-lajien. ^ opj>on 
hir If n«bpcna ^jecynb. ^ heopa mejcn *3 heopa 
Ftffife bilS on heopa pibbum. f pa o'Bepa [2] cleop- 
enbpa j>ypma. bi'S on heopa potum:- Da heo ^e- 
tylleb p«f. he hct hy behylbon. ^ )>a hybe ro 
Rome bpm^an. ^3 hy J^aep ro maeplSe a]?enian. 
pil])on neo paej- hunb tpel^rri^ep fora lan;^:* 
yCprcp j)am ^epeahr Re^uluf pilS 15py Pena 
cyom^f oil anum rtfieohtt. pi's rpcgen 
[3] ^af bpubalaf . ^ pe ^ibba paep haren TCmil- 
coji. ji p»f on Sieihum him ro jrulrume ^c- 
ferr:* On )?am ^epeohre pasp tapramienpe 
[4] xvii m oppla;5en. ^ xv m ^epan^cn. y 
[5] IX elpenbap ;5eniimen. '^ Lxxxii runa him 
eobon on hanb:- 

Da* 8&prep Jjam j)e Taprainienpe jeplymbe 
paepon. hy pilnebon ppi'bep ro Re^e. ac epr 
hy }mi oti^earan. j» he un^emerhc Jjapol pi^S ])am 
ppi^ habban polbe. J>a cpaebon hy ** ^ him le* 
•* oppc paepe y hy on ppylcon [6J nilSe bca'S 

* Orof. I. iv. c. 9. ' 

[1] pejielte. M.X. fz] cjieopenfcpa. M, L. 
[3] Pap;epbalaj-. C. C. [4] vu, C. C. 
I {5]xi,M,L, [6] nibe. M. L,' 

V z ** pjinamc. 

/ Digitized by VjOOQIC 



«: ppnume. ]?onne hy mitr rpylcao iMel)e fp^\ 
*• oc^eare*':- Da yenboia ny aejcteji j^tiir^me^ 
:£;^^p ge on Eallie, ^e on Ifpaaitf. ^c on L*^- 
ce&cmou p, «:i:rep 6xanripu|-e jnim cy»4n;g;ej' 

by ealle heopa pi^pae)craf zq 'exant?4p«rc* *) 

te px^^jm J?a pole gelaB&tje, J?app hy xo^^tb^pc 

Tccpct>cn baepbon. ^5 ;5ej-crre tpa poic Dw^el* 

uce on trpa bcalpc bip. *] tipit>be be ftfKm bii;B# 

•3 bebe^b )?jmi rpam polcum. jK)«ne be jryip patb 

)>am pyjvuef rao bale px^S )ap ^ptep^^prad jdu-* 

Te. jp by ))oiine 00 RejulwKyjibe. om^pa hft^ca 

ppypcp onrojie. J^asp peap'o Romana .xxx m op* 

j-jagen. 3 RejuJup ^cpan^cn mib v bunb mao* 

oa:« pcf f x^e gepeap'S runxcum on )>am tc-» 

p^San ^cape npopa ^cpionep ^ Ronxaoa:- fta^ 

tasp. CxantJipup pop epr xo hip a^aum pioc. ^ 

bim Roaiane onbpeb. popj>onn© by pop hip la- 

pe. aet; beopa '^emiztuy^c beppxcaene pujiboni' 

^prcp J)am [1] y€mil|up Paulup pe coijpul pop 

on Spnxcam mxb in hunj> pcipa ro Oypeam 

Jam x;5lanbe. j| hjm comon }>a&p oo^ean rucice 

mxb ppa pela pcipa. ^ }>2Bp ^eplymbe paepoo T 

^popa pokep paep v m oppla^en. ^ beopa pctpa 

XXX ^cpan^pn* •^ xxxx ^ ^ hiinb [2] abpnocen. 7 

Romana p«p an C. ^ ao m €)pplfi;5e04 ^ htop^ 

pcxpa XX abpupccn. ^ ny on J?am jglaxme papprcn 

ppplirap, tj hy ]>?Bp cpr Pene ^epojbrtroo mxl? 

hcopa rpam cynxn^m, J)a paeps^n bejcn Jbaiir 

pon harcnc. *J j^aep hcopai papppn ix m oppla^cn. 

T fa olSpp ;5ei:lyirieb;- O^ib ]?a£pc h^pcrhy^e 

Rpnaaiip opepblaspran beopa pQpa. )^ by b^in^ 

[|] jenihop, CCf [«3 *^P^«-C.Ct 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fttfOy jwfKia. $ hcopa ^bpaf cc t xxx. *} Lxx 
pn^lS vo k^o. qi unea'Se ^i^jieb mib |>am )( by 
m£)rv mHiC vtc upoppen '^i ))acfi on psp* i^J^^f^ 
])am SEmikop. Pena cyniox. pp on Nomfbiflm ^ 

S'l&vn»;5ejTt?t;c^ ^op)>on ])e hy asp Re^^ule <m 
ib^ob^ysc- ©»f ymb vi ^pSeppliUf Eepio. 
") 6efltppoiiiu[*' Bley^up ]^ coiif ulajr. pjian mib 
mhunb fcipa *;) Lx on !?l!^pice. *;) 00 Lzptaaieot^ 
fium. mone^a bypi^ abjiescon. ^^ plStiao imtl 
xmclum ])NiXufn hainpeapt> ppan*. ^3 ep heopa 
fcipa opepbfacftan. [i]T hcojia [2] Tebpttjron 
L 3 C:- fkfccp tam Eorra fC con|-ul jcop on 
Stcii^. •J hy caUc pojihen^at)e. J»p pxpoa fpa 
micle mannjrlybraf on ae2;'ojie healjte. ji hy mon 
»r nyhftaa bcby}\«an ne mihte:* On Luci-' 
UfCf &«gc [3] Eehufef. j^asf confolep *) oa 
ODctcUwjrcf Eaiurej-* ^ on [4]Fupiufef Paa- 
lufejr com SftcpDal j-c nipa cymn^ oj: Laprai^ 
mim on [5]Lilibeuni. ^ i^lanto nub xxx m ^c-' 
hopfcGpa. *3 nab xxx clpcnba. T C. 3 pa'Se )>«^ 
jejseahr pi^S CDcrellur ))one cyniny • Sc ym^' 
vm(Qe%e\hy.\fSi \6] clpenbajr ojcepcom. rtT^'Qao 
he h«j:bc eacpa'Se ;^ o^p \xAc Tepymetx* 
jGftep j?am jclcame. !Sf tepbaj peap^ ofyh'^tt^ 
ppan hif ajnum jcolce:- 

f>»* jwepoa Eaprvoien|*e }*):^ oppcunie. 7 
j?pa jebpcjpetoc bcr/ux him j-ylpm. ^ hy hi 

; ^^ .Otof. 1. iv. c* 10. 

. [»1 *. CC, [2] jebupjron.C. C. 
Cj J Pehufej-, C. C. [4J Fojiuj-ej- Blacit>u)-ef . CC. 
(.53 Libeum, C. C . [6J Ijelpenta. C C. 



Digitized b); Google | 


t3o liunim onpealbe nc hcatenmi. ac hy ^e|«ajM.' 
^ hy potoao ro Rxxnanum jcpi^j* piknaii:* Sa 
pcubon hy Re^Hf "Sone conyuL ^oc hy hscp- 
boo snib mm pj: poireji on benbam. *} he him 
^ef po|i 00 hij* Doba namon. jf he sB^^fi polbe 
je f asj^enbeabeoban |-pa fpa hy hioc bccon. ^ 
cjac him ;^ anbpypbe epr jecytSan, •j he hir fpa 
^lelaefte. ^ xuxsab '^ as^^ji Jraejia )colca ofttpum 
a^eape ealle ^a menn ])e hy X^nep^ab hasjcbon. 
3^):i^j5en hmi berpeooum. j'lbbe heoibao. ^sp 
%ep )^m be he hit; aboben hxpoe. he hy hal- 
f obe. ^^ y hy nanuhr ))xjia a^penbjia ne unbep- 
'^ j:enxon> '^ cpae'^, t him ro imcel apij-tre pac- 
" pe. p hy j-pa emokce ppixleboo. ^ cac ^ he- 
"opa ;(5epifna naepe ji hy fpa heane hy 3;e)x>h. 
** ran. p hy heopa pelican popbon'*. ©a aejcrcp 
bam popbum. hy bubon him ^ he on cy%%e mio 
nim puQobe. *3 ro hir pice jccn^c* J)a anbpypbe 
he him. ^ cp«^. ^^^ hir na ^epeop^an j-ccolbe. 
*^ ;f j-e paepe leoba cyninj. j-e J?e a?p paj* yiofce 
** j)eop'*r ©a apsban hip ;^epspaii hu he he- 
opa sepenba abeab. "Sa jcopcupjcon hi him ])a rpa 
a^bpan. on rpa healp ^spa ea;5an. f he aejcrep 
];am flapan ne mihre. o15 he ppa feapi^nbe hif 

/eprep )?am JTrrihuj- Reyiluf. T [ijOOan* 
hup Ulrco. J5a conj-ulap • ppon on Eapraine on 
[2] Lihbeum ^ ijlanb, mib rpam hunb fcipa. ^ 
]}xp, bej-ccran an pepren:-' Da bcjcop hme )»«p 
.t)annibal j-e ;5eonTa cynin;^. STmilcopcy ponu. 
J)2ep hy un^eapepe buron peprene pacran. ^3 j^aep 
calle ojcj-Iajcne paepan baron peapum:- j£prcp 

ti] Nallmr Ulfta, C. C. [2] Libeum. C.a 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

flm £laut>tt]f ft dofiyul po)i ep; on Fumce< "^ 

•iumJbaooibsd ur oq ' fje on^n com. 'ij eaUe bp- 

f lob. buraa xxx fcipkeprg. J^a o15)du;i^ «^ 

Lilibetim ])iaiii i;^isuA>e. )aBji jN^oj^'laTen ixm. 

7»x m^pm^ed:* yCjstep ^ad) jcoji vaiuf Jt^ 

•miif. f e cdufol. on "Kjijuco, -j mib ealttin[) bq" 

fsepdbe OD jrsjsojipeap'S:* SflOf On ])ain sBt«e;^ 

fjKifi ^||eajie. Jumbal fait>e fc^>hej)e on Rome. 

yfi^ un^einevbc Ttbep^boo:* y%teji )>am 

MLutaria. )*e coftfui. ):o}v ^ TSTj^jiipe nub m 

ourtb^'fcifia. TO 8ieihutn. *3 himPui^ice ^xjtfi^ 

^^efnihton. ISaep peajiS Lm»«iiiijpanb }>oph o^eji 

coeoi)». ]^p on ine|t;^n com Oanno mib' ^nm- 

'btfef ):^pbe. '3 |nBjv^e)»alf6 pi]) Luiratiia; j« he 

]»adt> y^pt. *} J!3anna» ^ejdynaibe, 'jhifUMreji 

|x>}i« o% he com rp Emam )>9^C byjii^v Rs%c 

^cooaon e):t Pene ihib p|lb0'vo bim. *;! ^ 

^"jiiy^Eibc^ pupban. "il 0):fla;§en um> 

ih * punebOD Lapraine o^iie ffSe pjiiJSef 
to iknnMum. "j by biT bun on f ^ejiab "^capau 
^ hy him 8ihciam tone ru^on. ne 8a|ibiniani« 
'j eac him ^efealbeo jwp onu;«ati lu m talent^ 


^preji + Jjam }e Romebaph jerimbjieb fdf 
V hunb pmtpum. ^ vii. peap^ unjemethc jcyp- 
bpync mib Romanum. y nan mann nyrte hpa- 
non bit com:' f)a J j:}'p aler. j>a peapTi Tibep 

• Orof. 1. ir. c. i r. f Orof! 1. ir. c. 1 1. 

[i] Lutalia. C. C. 
-\ j-eo 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


j«i . beopa ^Tano^Hmi' Oa ^m ipa^^UQ ^ Ti- 
*rtr 8«npj»oniaf . "^j Xfia«i9|'. C^wr jwfwi cqp- 

■joalce. ]! hcDjM ^^^QO>)i m;* 

On * Jnn ;^/)& yufOxin D}.1«fiiii6 ^ot^aoMp 

.pa<8e:])(ef beoj^^olc rojelBfji* xeianj^a, im 
Jioajia ]>aQi j»>)tqiin^|:e«b;;«< ip^ llofiMQaitu.m 

iiain(PQajit j^paQ;- J» ooj^o bf |t>Qo JMme vpt- 
nmftbaiii bepjiini heopa conjruhq). ))e neojw m- 

paU ^eapa oq puf feobcuo) j i^fl^ ^cogf^ 
jmbjioq:* ©d >a Tirwj* [a] CDanitttf*. *j TojKpa- 
•Bur taMif. 1 [3] 3£riUt>r .Bub»i<»^ ^mpm 
eoafxhy vn Kome. ]?« oo^Wusa S9|Diio>r>i ffa 
-liy Fene ^l«)ibon. puuiOQ -f* pi'^ Roomp^ib^ 3 
jia'Se ojcepfpi'Stje paspon:- /Ej:rep. jtWB Ho«iaiie 
puDoon on Dapraine. y:op.]pon |)e hy ppilS abpo- 
cen hajdjon:- Da j-ent)on by ma beona aepen* 
bpacan ro Romanum xjcrep ]:pi^. *3 arc abib- 
(bjume [4] mib^n:- £)aaer)aoi ^jimbaqt-cyp- 

* Orof. 1. iv. c. 1 2. 
^ •!• This Ihould rather be piiman ; and ydt the. vf<^ 
in the fnfinuive Infteadof a occurs fo often, that I ain 
apprehenfive, it is only a peculiarity of dialeft. 

[1 ] Daihe. C. C. [2] COalhup C. C. 

[^2 Xripiur-C. C. [4] mibtao. C. C. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ll6RMfe§tA R£GIS ^LFREI)!. 153 

Jifc'ljlp^ fenbon X -heopa ylbefrarf ptrena. *^ Hy 
hit; idftClbiib'iiis mihron:* yfe;;])am pdoiplSan cyji-i' 
pe hi^y-ehbojtt J^nnafi htfojiajjode unj>eOjfi15ef rati 
^JQ.'jhe hit? abfcabJ- fitobhce (cJjJ*« ppo* 
puf.)' nu pe pnWri'cuitten ro J?am ^dbao ri-- 
»um.»'J)e tif Rouiaiie ^olS'pita'S. ^ to^^sflpe ;5e- 
nih%umttej-f e. J^e hy of ^^nir pojie ^ylpa^. f 
tipeait'fien J?am ^ehcan:- 3& jcju^e hy moa 
foaneJ aiprep feif mofle^a pmrjauni j* eo j-iBb ^e* 
pupi)e^^«;|- ])e hy *pfc unj-ibbe pi^S mone^um 
|x>k:(|l!Q ha^p^on:* Donne- if ^ aSprep L fmrjia 
"3 <occ. Shfi;5e Jjoone ejct; hu lan;5c yeo yihb 
jer«bt>ei'JJonne y^yj an • jeap:* 

Sofi^r i^ j^am aefteppan ;5eape;- Galhe fun^* 
noa wis Rotfiiade. rj I?ene on o^pe healfe:- J&u 
^inc^ eojl no Romaitum; hu j eo fibb ;5ejOTfr4. 
nob jwepe^hpfi^ep hea;fi ))am ^ehcoj-r: j^e moa 
nime limiedbf bpopa. Ti^J^ype? on an lAycd 
yryp.Tj-^filcttGe hiriniit> J?aw abpa&fcan. jjomie if- 
pea'fpa mftfefj-pilSppv fpa he ^enc^S jJ he hi« 
abpaeji*^ jH^idhir f pa m\cle fpi^p ontfynbpe> 
6pa }^(Hi«^ fxf xnib Romanum. ;^ an ^eap ^ hy 
pbbe ha^)E8^n. "^ hy un&ep )ape f ibbe «o pxjic 
maeftafi fice become. 

* /On beopa«))am aepef ran ^epmne. !Sinikop 
Capraina cyoio^. );a he [i]mib Romanammid^ 
pypbe papan polbe. |)a peap^ he jrpam Spenui^ 
bej^ipibab. ^ ojcfla^jeii:- On J)am jeape ilipice 
ojrj-lo^an Romana aepenbpacan:* ytprep ))am Fi> 
luiuf PpfTuinlUf . fe conf«I. jcop )?am on hi 

* Orof. 1. ir. c. 1 3. 

li} CO. G. C* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


healj^e. "^ be ])c«h jvgi tmjfXA^" $om Jwot on )>n 

fpylce mpe pastry, f j»yic* by jfuU ope app wd&e 
^e&yboa. ))a him inon OQ.%j)e6 heajjc^ <n>piih' 

je Ealhe be nop^an i«(Ht](uni. ^Pom. ^ by 
f-ceolbaa wm» si^naum wfk Wf^ h«o|utGot>Qin hh- 
:tm. "J \e0ip f ceoi^ peon m Bl^rc pifn^ 
^nanii< *;! 0a J«allifC yaifx»tm* ^ bypftHooHUM! 
be J}a&p« bif ceopa la/te. hy fjKt dice bobyinysom* 
^c h(Vl>0b )^p«c «Q mm. f]>9 b« ^p^eifaM^ 
t>ybe. j-pa op; fft by mkp nyuMWiK Qj^jwDw. 
$ by m>b h^ift cu^iKQ ^«)oo | by Mtt^jjyhajc 
cjJcaltBon;- f)*t? pal^|r«pefc.^fyal0n]Nu »«^ 
l^eobrej^ by pi% Galimm, h«}*Qft* ]k1i [i}ny 
heof^ a^eo«|r )nt(tfiiQ9f trtejie .etbiF% bwib m 
jHtr^V e^piQ foicuv ^ b(i haep^ti 9q v^ 
f«n, f b;^ p«^ pbfj^n. >ft^ be bieQ|iai. conpil 
^jCfU^cd pg&f . *3 beojia o'S^jr yskttx m n. f 
W j» ^e^nhref pyk| majftc Mels fwrk by op 
^p pop sohr h2e)pt>0Q:* /6t; boop* o^im ;^]ce>« 

^pibbao ^eapie [zjCOanlii^ Tf^fHEWfVif *^Fa* 
4i«ijr FJ^co)* pa?p«ftCQttriikqrc«xBo«aek by Xc* 
l^ubroo jtt'&C^UMim. *> neopa bwib m q:po- 
^n» *J VI i» gejcen^oo;' 

Qa ]»Qi{e^eppa» ;i^e^e ^paa moju.^ ym' 
^pa.^ej-epcac. an ftsj: ^ on Pj£6r¥> )arai jm&a ao 
.piil« peoi blot>Q. TiQa .[3] Tbpacu ])am laot)e. 
moa j-eah fpylce f e heojrou bupne. *3 on ffpimi- 

f i] ^e. C. C. [2} cpaffior Tapcuatuj-. C. C, 
[3J Tbpacio. C C. ^ .. 

.-. . / tan 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


]«a)iv f]pa nucel eojtt^beojfUD^. j> on Esijiia *) 
qn Re^MHk, ^tn I'j^tmutn. pujibon micle [i ] liny* 
ji*f. T [-ajEdtefMif ^fthjTfeaj':. Dy ^W/ie 13] Ffa* 
iiumuy f cMifdl pohf e^h ]>a |«Tene. J>e J>a hlytt 
van hiiA fs«oa. ^ htm |o^b 7 he set; )«m ;se- 
fttiiaKtttBi come pi% CgUie. ^C tie hm $U|iteaI>. 
"} mm )»eo]i%Gipe ^tcnoaoe^ )Mp }»9e|' [4] Cal^ 
liuta Yu m ojij-kj^en, •^•xv m jepui^d-.f yCp* 
teji ^ittilikuibiuf fe cdnfut ^ef^aht; pi^ Gallie^ 
*} bwjfift 0|^h xxi^m. "^ he ff'l)* ^petthv pitl 
pone cyuios inpi j. -^j h^nd djifloh. 7 OTtf^^liUk 
j)a bisjih Teeoiie:* ^jJtJftji J)am pumjoii [sJIf*- 
tjue (X) Romatie. ))a f etif>t>n hy h^o|^ conpu«- 
jftf. on^ati Dojinehuf . *3i COmuti«»f'. ■ ]>«eji psen 
micel p«l ;j^efk^en. on it-^pa h6alf:e. "^J Ij-trnie 

r - VIJI. . V 

y^eji'* )ftim]jeltc{fflekifih*^erifh(r|i6» paef 
VI h\inb pmrjium "^ -xxxm. wnhibal. ' Penacyr 
nio^. beftpr Sa^nrum tj*p4nia bujih. jrbpjjoti J>c 
hy on |*inlbel pi^S [6] Romvift f ibtid hcolbart, 
*3 \x)\ j)jej-firtenbe v<n monalS. o"?!! he hy ealle - 
hunjjjie acpealbe. "3 j>a buj[\h ropeajip. )>eh ]» 
Romane hebjia ae/ietibjiacaii h;m ro j'enbon. ^ 
}iy pjnm0r«:Qn J hi j^ sepin popleron. a.c h(s 

* Qrof. 1. IV. c. 14. 

[t3 hjiupuf. C. C, [%\ toloruf. C. C. 
[3] Fiammiuf. C. C. [4] Dallia. G. C, 
[5I JjP^bpiC C. C. [6J Romanum. M. L. 

X 2i hy 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Jiy j-pa unpeop'Slicc jsopfcah. "^ hp hctojpafylj; 
pn^eou nol&c. on j)am ^ej)inne. ^ eacoo monc' 
gum. {1] o'Spum:- ^/^^rep ))ajn JDiaombai ^e- 
i;y^&e fone mti ^ J?one hcTc }?e he beppanluf 
jf^etocp gef peoji. J^a he lugon piqrpc cnibr p«f. 
i h^ iiaBjppe ne pujitje Romana jqiconb:* ©a fa 
jPubUuptpjiaeliuj-.; 3 8cipa Publiuj-. ^ Sempjw)^ 
luuf Lpnguf )?a hy f^pon conf ulaf . JSDauwbal 
abjii^ec mxb jejceohre. opep l)a beop5ay.:})e ffion 
Jiarcr Pejienei. j>a pn&oo bex;pyx Calleom- ^ 
^paijeujn. 7 fx'S'ban . he ^epp opcp ))a tpoi^'pn 
J^eoba. o"^ he com to Slpef ))am muntum. ^ 
))«p eac ofcp abpasc. Jjch mm men op:;paBbIice 
ini& ;5e)»ohrumpv8frpbet ^3 j>ope pej^ejKjph- 
treojccpnjunri. jcop j^pajjonae he tjo J>am f yn* 
^Dpi^giQ i^ane com. J^onne her he bine (nib 
jcype onhacv^p. *] j-i^'Sou tmb mavcpcum bear 
paiu *3 mib Jjam maej-ran gcf pmce ])a muntaf | 
Of epf op:« ftif heper p3?f an m pe'Sena. -3 xx m 
gehopj^ebpa:* Da he haejcbe on J?am emnetre 

J-^jc^pen 0^5 he com to [2] Ti^inum )>aBpe ea. 
a com him )?a5p opjean 8cipio fe consul '3))$p 
jrpecenhge ^epun&ob p^aji'S. T eac opfla^jen pae- 
ne. ;5ij: hij- punij hiy ne g^hulpc, mjb ]?am [3] K 
lie hme ppan ppprob, o^S he on jileame fealh. 
Jjjeppeap^ Romana micel pael jeflagen:- ^e- 
opa «f repe ^ejreohr paej: aer Tpepa J^aepe ca. ") 
m^ paepon Komane ppj-Ie;5en, ^ ;5eplymefc;' 
£)a j^aer Sempponiuj* hyp&e. heopa o'Bep cod- 
rul. j-e paej" on Sicihum mib f ypbe j^ej: apen. he 
j)onan ajiop. *j be^jen J)a con)'ulaj- paspon mit) 
j:y p&e pn;5ean Cannibal. ^ heopa ^emirrjng pa?f 

[i ] o^jium deeft C. C. [?} Jiiepan. C. C* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


tpc aer Tjiepia J>ape ea* ^3 cac Romane ^jcjdy- 
met). ^ YpviSojx ppf la^en. *3 JDannibal ;5epun* 
bot>:- ytpreji J?am pop J!3annibal opeja Bapbaa 
jK)ne beoph. )>eh J)C hit: ymbe ]?one riman pas- 
pon j-pa micel ynap 7;cblant>. j-pa ;^ ac^ep ^ 
)>a?pa hopj-a fela pppupbon. je ])a clpenbaj* 
ealle boron anum. ^e ^a menn fylpe unca'Se 
j^one cyle ^etiaepao:' Sc popjjam he ^ene'Sbe 
f pi'Sof r ojcep ^ne munr. ])e he pipre ;^ Fki« 
mimof fc conj-ul peobe ;f he buron fopre 
iQihr^ on ysm pmrcp j-erle ^epunian* j?e he pa 
on p«f m«> ^am pice }?e he Jja ;5e2;a)&ep«> 
faasj::b€^. 'j unrpeojen&hce pen&e ^ nan nacpe J« 
■f paepelr ymbe J?one riman an;5innan boppre. 
o'S^e mihte. pop ]x)n un^emerhcan cyle:* COib 
J)am ])c t)annibal ro ))am lanfee becom. fpa X^px- 
cpjDe he on anpe by^elpe p;openeah )?amoopum 
rolcc. -3 j-um him hip pole penbe 2;iab t ^anb ro 
.oaepnanne '^ ^o heji^eanne. ^ pe conpul paep pc* 
nenbe $ eall ^ pole pape jeonb $ lanbrobpaeb. * 
^3 J^lbeppeapb papenbe paep. ^ ^enccnbe $ he 
hy on ]?«pe hep^unxe beppice. ^ ^ pole baron 
rpuman Isbbe. ppa he pipre f ^ o'Sep paep. o^ 
^ Jbannibal him com 'Spypcp on mib J^am pul- 
rume ]?e he aerj^aebejie haepbe. ^ ^one eonpul 
[1] ofpioh, ^ J?aep o'Spep polcep xxv m ^ vi 2;e- 
panjen. ^ J!3annibalep polcep paep rpa m oppla- 
jjen:* /Cprep J?am [2] Scipio pe conpul. Jjasp 
o'bpep [3] |5Cipionep bpo^op. psep moneja g^r 

* Q. If this Ihould not be robpaecan ? 

[t] opplpj. C, C, [2 J Scipia. G. C. 
tsJ Scjpian. C. ۥ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Kebh« tK>ikbe on Ifpaneiui^ "j CDa;||^eni Pent 
labrcop ^cpcny • 

"3 *c:nioiiie5a jninbop 'gcfajOsoa on ]«ee/ie«t* 
toc:« /CpcfC jpaef. ;^ po rumie patf ffT^ heo 
)M>f»e eal ^eiyrlabut* OSeji ]!(i^ ^ moo ^feah. 
fj?yiQe fco jpunne. *3 fe nx>na |cub^n:> ©af 
]»anbep ^popbon on T^jipif pua Jaobe* *;! oa 
Sapbjoium mon ^ofeah rpe^n fcylbaf lilobe 
j-parran*^ 5) Falifci $ pok hy Tcpsyaa fjiyfce 
reo l^opn jnejie whldMtOo ') A^hintn 7 pok 
hun^9)ubve. t hy heona cojinpipM. *]( Issdnt 
capkf ajcylleb haej:bOn. | call Jjae^ )»tjMn Uo» 


y€pw|i t pam J)c Romebujih" ;5e«imbpe& jwf 
VI hunt) pintrpum *1 xl. )»J?a Luauf [il y€mi- 
liuf - T rauluf PuWiuf f *J Tcjienriuf [zj Ukjijio 
Ja by pa&pon conjniiaf% hy Tefapaii mio |ynt)fc 
on^ean Jt)annibal ac be m mib }ttn vctn 
j^pence bej-pac, }e he aet; heopa asnpan ^nac- 
nn^e »yt>e. *J cac roib Jam mj^an pc he aep nc 
cifljan. Jjast: fxy. f he on j!«yt:jTe p:6ft ler funj 
hif pic. ^ mib |-umum ipop, on^^ean Jja conpi- 
laj-, "3 palSe ]>xy j>o hy tro fomnc comon. he 
pleah yfS [3]}>^yi baepran paepan. ^5 him Ja con? 
pjlaj- p^pon aejrtep pyljen&e, T jf pole rleanbc, 
■3 pent)on j> by on J?am pst'^t j*ceolt>aa habban jjonc 

* Orof. 1. IT. c* 15. + Orof. 1. iv; c. x^^ 


i] 5Cm!liup C. C. fa] Uajipa. Mt L. 
33 J>aBpe J)e b«ppuan. M. L. 


by Google 

HORMESTA titOlS AtrfiEm, 15^ 

ysmoam ^onu lie ^^iyaobQ «aiile ]»ic»npiilaf. 
*) bo RonuMp^m pja inicel!p«I ^fioh. fpa heopa 
mepjie xmjy oe £p |te ffbS&ui. set; ^uiki'^|;efeoh* 
tei. ^aetr jn^: xkiu m. 'y jakja ooopiU r|)C^n 
Q|E|-lobu.';);jioqe 'Spso&aa TjejaeB;^. •;) fa on toee^ 
he aiittQ >com«B|tD eaijxt J^omann MpetiM. JMejt 

titnpdiffl: fcobe kam to' Difvcatna 9)teo toit> 
i^ltenjiai ^lo;!^ fc(if )t;5e to r««ne:* * Be ^n 
S|U0j|im qnoGi mibts pi^raii fajpeer Romana oojpi* 
^ ^«}9eaflen jmbj*. jx^Jmi }» htv jMcIf pdf mib 
himpii))siitt)^iB. "^ mn dt^jt ne mofVft^yl* 
tenne hmn;!^ peiuaji^ binxm m sASd^i* cynnef 
ymj^u J^Bjfftfi ptm igtsftohxn ytepon RotiMna 
fpa f)Hl3e]R^])olR7e. f [ijEecthafODereKif* 
|ej7a>hft0]|ia)con)nil|ttjr> ^ eeUe heopa f eoiiraf 
luBJtx>n ^)x»lio. ')r by foeakxm Romefmpb pojv* 
)a»HiB. -j^ ' )»|i1Son calle ItaUanu *) by j) fpa 
jelemio.;^^ him [z] Qcip«o ne ^ej*cyjibe» pe 
p^ ^aq<ia cempeiia yi&ep;. mtt> )^ro ^ he hif 
fpeopbe ^ebjwe. *3 rjop -f him leopjie pxjie. 7 
ke hiqe tpf^ acpearoe. )oDoe he fOfAett btf 
pebeji. a^laeL *) fse&e eac j|» he ])«fui aelcej* eh. 
tent>foti9e faeoo. fj>a j*pa tiif ):eoDber. po ^f^ 

hy eatle mib j^ra ^eny wse, ^ by a'Saj- f ^pan. 
^ by edlle aev^SBtoe/ie p<^on. ^15e on heo/ia 
eaji&e hc^eaa, tfS^e on heopa eaji&e libban:* 
/€p»ji j>atn by ^jiettan Tictacojt. ;^ be f ce« 
ob»4>^on h^pjia oj»ej? ]» conf ulij** pfif baten 
Deciuj- Juniuj*. bcnaej- buron xvu pinrpe. *J 

[i] Cehup C. C, [2] Scipm, C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


8cipiao hy ^ferton to con|ndle;^ eaUe ^ 
tsicn. ))ie m on )«opbome hxyibon^ hj "geprm^ 
toon* on ^ ^cpab. ;^ hy h^ aftSaf f jiopan. yhy 
faim asr pam ^epmnum ^ekepron. **! pmie ^a }^ 
heopa jrpe^ean nolban. 0^5 hme ao^otye ^ ny 
mi^on. ]x)nne ;g;ulbon hi ])a cbi^tihif mib ^ he* 
ojm ;seai»nan yco. ^ j* i1S5aa j^icoIxml ^ calle 
])a ^< ]copt}eme&e ]»ejion aep ]»m» o^%e hy |y^ 
}9pp|>o]ihr hxpcxm. , hy hir ealle fop%€^:3on:« 
l^iS ^am ]>e hi him 9» )mm ^pinnnm pulleotxm. 
f^a^pa manna paej- vi m J» hy ^^e^atoepab pae^ion. 
^ ealle Iraliam ^fpican Romannm. ^ to Jban- 
nibale ^cypbon. ]:op)on ])e hy ))aBppii oppene. 
hpas^pasppe Romane ro heopa onpealbe be* 
come:* Ba ^;e)oop i!>annibal on Benejxntev '^ hy 
htmon^ean comoh."] himro^cipbon:- /^px\i 
]wn Romane h^tfSbon Te^abdpan lui ie;^iaii he- 
opa polcep ^3 fcnbon Lvcraj- Pomimiujr J)one 
conpil on ^a Callie )^e mon nu [ijLan%be^)^^r 
haer. ^ pxp opfla^en peap*5. "^ J^aef pwccf pela 
mib -him:* y€prcpj?am Romane ^gcfcrton Elau- 
brnf CDapcelluy to conyule- jre paej* aep Scimo*- 
nef ^eppa, he j:op beapnin^a mib ;^epe^be* 
nan jcultume on Jx)ne cnbe J!?annibalcf ^loe;*. 
J?e he f ylj: on p«p ^ j:ela J^asj- polcep ojcf loh, "1 
hme [2jfylne ;5e):lymbe:« Da haejcbe OOapceC 
luf Romanviin cu^ ^ebon. "jTmon Cannibal j^- 
tdyman mihte. }?eh he hy aep tpeobe hpae&p 
hint mon mib asm^n man pultume ^ejdyman 
mihte:- Dcmonj J?am ^epmnum. ]?a tpe;5en 
(33 ficipion. J?e ]?a paspon conj-ulaj* ^ eac jebpo- 

[1] Lanjbeapt^an. M. L, [2] fylpne. C, C. 
C3J Scipian. C. C. 


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0Mp)l.ib«b:j|^i|ieB^tili^dtum):oJlin|atii fqah>o«. ^ 
he Mato^J^mduAtaA ;x|e}sboht;e,^9epeceflt>. '^ 

^'t^BPivibai Jxmne oyiwi b»bbg(D.'i|«'hy fipa tt|04 
* npljp^'^p^iipiil htfjlpoai atosniftf ooti^ep^nrireit.'Aii 

** tia:Jjtit^yttmai jEpdji^ aev luim in% JEdaondidi 

•* pib^.' 3^^ y»f jtfiwe |*p»tal.i j by Jja f«jMta 
<^ ^a^aa,^iiqi;oflnT.)ioim6 hi^ ob ftetu jy hy<]^ 
» JiBEjr i^mwri^^icaii aaiMa. jpc- hy op ^ 

** hjpumaf othf^q iuqcofa eiljia ^papz^iaef^a^ 

Jfyi^* ])tid' ^ Homebujiib^ermibpebja)* 
▼I faiiilb jjwrtrjiirtrt "J xlm. [3] (Pajiciellof Elau- 

* OroHl. ir. c. 17. 

[i] cyranT. M. L. • [a] rerliiTen. M. L. 

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])eh )« by 9r jwn aepfwnifKjieiWlie^f^t^ 
mihte^ ]^a her h^ befieron {»;««;. yoji^jicknot^ 
"^ (ip»j±e pwie SiciUa )e^iief:» On- ^am re- 
«i!^an ;^eape ]»f ))e ^^araubd ]Xkiijiipii Italie»;h^ 
|cop o|cDiinpanta )wn Jaobe* o^ "^iiea^iiia to 
lioiiiebypij. T sstrj^aepc ea.^picttcie J^tmoii :^ 
iftianef hsst. eaUtttn 'Rxmmoaatxo fwii maeiicaa 
e]^e. f pa hit tnoo on y$ej^y»pnitphmmra ^b^ 
pum on^tan mihte bn by apy}ihtel>e pa^ioik 
3 a^lpebe. j^ ))a pijnncn i^oti sii&/fta« 
num pi^ J«jMi pc^llai •;!; qr?ks|on :<f bf ^^ mph 
pepi^n polbpn^ ^F}^ pcpMb men iietx>ji!p^ 
©jcj- on mofijen JpanniW fooptajMefitb^ •J 
bcf opan j)am ;5;eare hif )3ote>^et)iyinelbe«.^ joon 
b»t £ol[ioa:< 3Gc ))a conjf'ukr; noiban by fdfe 
YfA eap^e^0];«00eaii. f paifat pa p^moii atp ^p- 
Cf»b$fi. fhy h^jbionan j^^cbypij pepi^^ nc 
no^fcan. ac by lim butan J^api.^te ^lu^ean 
^apnibal tjiymfe^n:- Scr)7si by tD^j^attepe pol* 
txui. ]:>a CQmrri^>uii^atietffiic i)ien« J faec^ nan 
; A^^imbte nanef {x} p^fsoj: r ^cfNsalbe^ 
)7am topjian:- l)a pe miiai>ira« by yojifo. ert 
ro;5»bepe. •j cpc peap^ ©"Sep f pyk pen. ^ ny 
ep; roi^opan:* ©a on;5,cat Jj^annibsu. ^ him J7lf 
j-sebe. peh J)e he pilnienbe paepe. "J penoibe Ro* 
.fnanaiappealbef. V hir Epb ne; ^^]x>be:« •• Ec- 
y fec^a^ ne nu Romaue (cpac^ Opopup) bpa&o- 
*' ne y ^epupbe. o^'SSe hpapa aep ])am Epiftcn- 
** bome. o'S'Se 2:c. o^'So o'Sepe ast »[iij[iim Eo- 
" bum mihton pen abibban. j-pa mon fi^^an 

• [0 psepnef.X. C. 
. •• mibtc- 


by Google 


^ iiidiee;yd5i5aQ j-e EpifrentKjmjwBf. ^ nu ^t;^ 
^^numj^ fhone^ S^t>e sdt npum baelenbum 
*• E/iifte. JKxiiie luin JHsajt): bi^:? feit paer J^eah 
** f jaSe f )H50t;oI. -f yt ilea Epif r. ye ^ hi ^::r 
*^ to{EjTyt:cnto(«ie onjieiitoe. J fc hira Jnjne pea 
<^ «o ^pcxteaiepfe ODf en&e. • ^dh hi J^bj* pyj\^ 
« noejiaa ro )x>nne 1^ hy f ylpe. •) oic moni^e 
*^ o^e %Qph hy. xo ©ajn Ljiirtenoome. •j to 

. On j)am &a^pim }^]^f .^ejpeaji^ yitpon rpe* 
^ CDhfnlajr c^la^^n «ti Ij^p^tiia. ^tf paspon ;^e^ 
Dpcr6op. "] fa^jf^ harene. hy 

[1] pujttw^ wj^ia««tpp?m J!3^ Pena cy-* 

Bio;^^ Oii;!)'iejie'Vit>e <^iQr«|r Kultiinf j-e con-? 
pl^^^pabee^^j^a;^^^ meQn])^ onEai^«i 
paiuarj^ae/iois, "^l hy hyl^rlpe mib arcpe aopeal-» 
boo; jj ealle j^ yteef^q mentii }>e pspon on Ca- 
n\}^psi^pi'^i he of^lqL foppon pc he penbe 
i hi |«ilboii JlDaQaiiialei on jcuhnitaoe beon. ])eh ]>e 
jzymiMSaf.htmhmfJx.^ past) ptfVC; ppboben:^ 
Ba^fikiTiidc ^eabpbqn p jia co^ftilaf <mi Ifpamum 
Offfk^etip^TftiDOQ )» lie inihvonijiapeiaatmp naen- 
iH^ qcaipA unto^p him psban. pc bopi^re on If^ 
paoi^ nub ]cypbe ^q::apan. baton ))aepa conpula 
o^cf funu. £2) Scipio pasp haren. j-e paep 
cnttm^ 6e rpxp ^opne * bibbenbe. '^ hiin men 
)cu)i:i3iEi ]realbe. j he mdpte on Ifpanie pypbe 
^elaebto* "3 h« $ pqielbe yptj^oj^pp ^m J)up- 
«»ib.-]^hBj)ohre^hyy jcaebep "J hif pebepan 
Teppaece. ))eh J)e be hir yixyte pi^ fcnatuj* 
h'£le> 3Cc Roipane p^pon j^aey pepelref ppa 
jeopnjcuile. j?eh j?e hy ppi'Se gebpocobe paE?pon 

p3 paepbon. M. L; [e] Scipia. C. C^ 

Y z^ on 

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^c ps]«Mtn h^^tt. atiff.^^}tP ^elbnil^. "9 an 

^aw boFfttSir' • • ■•'i'i.' "f:;-/; '-J .fit.; 

Bp; * 6aipio -hfejtbe , ^le^ntpeA to i^^er ipqati 
bypi^ Cajiraioa. )tt mnniiiu : {i^ ]^Qfiaa h f uhm v. 
be faefNcvflda^i^m^l^u^b^ejr bpaXufu '^fpaji- 

He hi on }y tlait yjjtfct jpipi hnKjgfie on. [s¥)5(^ 
foaind "^enytsibf.. f ium fe:<7noi^ f^l|eao>ihant> 

b»B&4 *} ^0 c^uo^.'^lMilllkaae/:!^';i^M^ 
vbnibe. *;} niDm^i^er irpto Jugt: )yn«;^yJ tof| tJc M^ 
[4] peovoias- ^mnanu )ic^ b#(S ^f nusei 
hc^E^eotMJxok f<ml)^n4 jHiniLhm:Si^octa SL^ta^ 
r«nt>e; fum kn»>fUm:fiok^ todintt' xOn 
{cepe «ktfrQs^iLeusniif <]1&'CDf^l^ OOcQDtDiUHi 
on 6icilik>autaiifcixfAD^^ 1 )rn ^i;p!BSb«. SG^^ 

UtoTXoy.f^if^^aaC bimcobaa! bnihanb iDbba|i^ 

^qpAie l^anmbai djrflali fia^n)*' Ifaluiufi J^tm coa* 
}-Di -on :£ta^Qiii;r.'^« nutiiiiunos' ,/^apBejk 

* Or6i:itif. c. r8« 

rO Sepinnum. C C. [2] Co]T6of:a. C. C. 
Esj h!f je)*ai&. M. L. [4] )ateo». M. L. 


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cmyvkt' J^^ft: ]fttak Tauraf iCDaxmnir je cooo- 
pjft.jpqp nub fctf^pe. tv Tvpeacaii: jnejie hf>» 

abJuBc f ]«' j>s n|^ft»ii te liiJDp: ,inp^ pxpos. i 
^ubalef iauinscrp ^amoh impeotoa. *| xaai< jai 
nubihmi:* Dai]f lanjiam p^ejfuui ;setf)ef JthnoK 
M bajraei on. (psquzelkf XlfiibiBf JNin^ ooDfuL. 
Jie^ifaeoii ftffibe pes. -j h}hcjdffl6k. "^ hif f:pic 
nub- huo:* Op i {npn ba^um bapio '^efLftoot 
fttftsephii OK If paoaittii* it>au»nafafller > p'bapat{ 
bpofiop. *t ]»f -|X)|cef hunjeobeicin naob itnQb' 
tattAjca bvqvjgoi' 6pa JaSS |iiefi Fena jcolc [ i ] 6ci*> 

thy iumt.fi6^ |ceo ^ffcaibd. ^ he> f )ie<m% 
aolbe aj^ ^ :hun nunv ^a'S; peaibcac^uc 

bcfjpac e}Ei; ^aaiuiui ^^en coopdof . QOajwef** * 
Idr y £m||rpttuf . '3 hy ofifbin' £^> Xthuflnup 
[zjN^. : 1 (3) Olajiovf I^anof ^alo^iro^ ^)fafr<i 

jOQ)) aub-jsyj^O'O]: Ifpdmium on l^aloi Jj^uptf 
bob «D ixmafete. )ta ^^e^jpeboa -^ oopji^tof j^ 
«]i ^DilQoxbaL r| i«ii| oa^^eKa.c^nwn jja ^rj^ 

foqi "^epsohi;. .«)i J»pa pica ajep^ p^S'^i'^ P^ 
na^|i an Jam ,«s)ai|^. .'^:^)^f«i;ji>al! yfkiafoci 
^Iv ):o})f70D ])e ne ttfttaoaf., may |ucp na^jcbSt "] 
nomaae haejib&n jri^:*. £>a)ii . [4] foaf^JOaipsejfin 
|)al opj-Ia^jen. *3 Jjui m hejjpf; "3 rm j^janjen:* 
fia heron ))a can|*ukf J^ajxe/ibale jl'beapb 

[i] Fcipian.' C C, [zj Nejwde,' C. C ' 

[3} Opapccfba €alp?^rojje. C» C» ^4] fxf. M, ^. 


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cf^catppA.: ytft»ppm bit bspofmn t>»bmm 
bakr ja^ppofo Ba JS)aiimbaie: cu% pasf 1^ > bir 
bjTofcoftojnicscii p«r. T )«r polocr rJ^jcek 
miti:hiii). pa peap^^hxniiaDfiejrt^^ejrpain Ro' 
i^UMfii^.:l[ ;2Sepproi^ Bjiurti^ lanto:* Da hxfS» 
J^iiBibaV^ iRomsa^ an ^etjijmhiei-fe haabe* 
t;]^conuin. ]>op)K>a.^e Jm pole birro aa jcep^p afele* 
Sim nonunertse^i^ Op J^iosjie fzdntfye 
SivpiQ :^obe ealfe . lypanic. ^ fi^^fui' cam ^a 
Bomc.3 IjLomasyum xq mebe^elaqifte. f hy nntr 
|Bsp^9c6;)e on Jj^atuubalef lanb>' Da f entxm 
[•i]llbittasie bine, f he ^y pi^ptVcty coftful 
f^pQ. "^^ S^'^p^filfP he ofi Pcnc copL mm 
cam oi^i^eap Ji^aano; j^ cynin|; uapaephce. ^j'aBji 
jeap^ ojij-ia^ea:- On j^aepe n^ JE}aQnii>al jmln; 
|ao8emppohiur)>Dne conpil on Ivkliam. ^ hioe 
lictsj^j:;4nt;o Romcbypi^.. y€pcep ham jsopan 
Peoe QQjean Sapiosf mit> eallimi neopa jput* 
tjumc/j picfrope n^mon on rpam |^t:Dpani.. neah 
]^xpe byjii^. J)e tnon Urica her. op o%|ie )»- 
pao^Pene. od^ oSpe Numd^. ^ him on pdteame 
fxpoA. "^ ^]yoht; ha3]cbpQ ;^ hy )wp foeolttta 
piuicep (:2]felr b^lxui:* !S!c p1S%an Sctpia 
^ahf obe ;^ ]?a ppq^e^ar p«poi^ jceopp pam 
fXftximc ^cf erte; T eac jp Jjaep nane o^pe ne- 
ap pafpaif . he J^a byjclUce ^eUst)t>e hif pypbe 
berpuh . ])am peapbum. y ^apa menu [3] ro 
Jpaepa [4] j»pen opycnb^. to }>on "f hy hip 
aennc en&e onba^pnoon. /^ p^'San maept; callc 
))c )?a5p binnan picpan. pcpcm. pi^S J)«f pypcp 
pcajit). ro ]?on ^ by hit acppncan Jjohrou;* JjDe 


Rome. C. C. [2] perl: M. L. 

ro oSpuift. C. ۥ [4] pefcenna, C* C* . 

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ptfoaOMi )>«p€>tf;~hi |>ag^a6 j:dt€ maelullii ^irsHjV 
jeajib^jfem [ i ] J o^jitim zo piltume. *j hf 6e^w 
)»n* ewtf )>a iim'& fleanbe. j*j)a by jM)ane tdUi(flf 
otSbai^. -Tj f f5%an [i | hy j-loh opcp ealne'JT^Mi^ 
baer-jdeo^. *3 heojia tpejcn cynm^jr ■©*)« 
teji^al. *] Sxjpnx o'Sjdu^n ro Capvama ])t^ 
byjiaij. •J ;^ja9Ei6jiet>an J)one pultum. Jje hy^^ 
he^BbOn. you^n Scipian comon. "j epcjiijV* 
Mti TfejiS^nieb into EapTaina:* 6ume o'8):lu;^ofl( 
to l^eviin )mud i;|^laDbe..*}- hioi Scipio f eo^se 
fophepe ap^' j^ mon fuiue o^loh. j'amext'* 
jAnj. *) 'Siplbt peftjilS, 3;ef:an^n. heopa oWft 
cyain^. *;) p^ab j^eei* vo Ronae on jtacentaa 
fenbeb:* - < • ' , 

Ob* yam'^ebhtvm j«|ionPeiic j-jMipoji* 
faynbe. '^hy na ]ril59an by fi% Romane'to tohxc 
lie beinaeton. *j renbon on Ivalie aeprejv {)anm« 
bale» '^ baeban "^ be himro joiltrupe coti^e. *3 bd 
bim )>epenbe )>«jie bene ^ety^abe. jroji^a 
Jie he fccolbe Iraham jroplaeraii. on]jam]>peoce- 
a8an ;5eape. ^e he aeji on com. "^ be ealle oj:- 
fioh |e 0|;'])am lanbum bij* menn yxpon. *]{ mit> 
him djceji j-se nolban;. Da he bampeapb fcjlcbeL 
j)a her be anne mann pri^an on Jjone msiej^. *J 
locian bpaelSefi he "f lanb ^ecneoye f by tope- 
apb psjipn. ^ fxbe he him. t he "^tiyaft ane 
tobpocene byp;5enne. f pylce neopa ^j> yxy j> 
mon jiicum mannnm bupin eop'San oj: jranum 

* Orof. 1. iv. c. 19. 
i: I ] :f deed B. T. [2] he rloh. C. C 


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unjwic faete ^aqr ADbpyfibof . *) ealne J^oae 
bftjie he her mib (am fCi^tm j>aiiOft ycMotn. 
Ipe he ^e)K)hv bas):^. *> up cpwoo- ha; l^sfyma 
fmk tune. *1 hjiablKe jpop trohCtjiv^uM, '^.^KK 
toeotiejiaef f He mofte ]vU Siopion ff^iec^t^ *)? 
|ilai«n«e jpssf j^ be ]^p>% b0^«« ^am []f| )K>i* 
«fln ^abap f cecdbe:* Sc by )¥fiOfm jraoboji ||9i«« 
ce ))e by berpecME ]^9m fio/caa\ tPQ!^^fet)e)i& Inmi^ 
|;e)7j«»?on» 3 ro wfibbe bpph^39iu :} ay^^d 
^):eobce ;^pc«)Oli^ ^3 fM^ Jwf ))e ht to^^i^pe 
como». J!?anmbalef )^ 9ft«^^ ^oyjiyinebt *;| n 

tkammld^]^oth jceoj^eiH fiiiii«i> AtifaaKrpND 
ham isefeenDe:* jDa pobon )a bujinleebe Dj: 
j>yicaifift fcyro:;) Deanibidfr *) opcboii kim fc- 
kft; ftept, f by ffm'Sof vo Romaiittiti pikMb&r 
fiii. ]^ Gatflf I>>pBeliiuf* *) Xrcymilaj* Publiiif' 
|i#)ioncooplaf. )««f^]>jit«tOQm|q»9 tAyfSM 
ffi»m Sapton. mit^ JyaBpe Seoatmfef piUan^ on jl 
^e|iab. f }» i^hnb Siaha. 1 6tjibfBtt bifitoo 
«o Rdmaouni *) f iiy btm a^ce %OKp» (2] ^-^ 
r»h>e f ]» )^1» raientwoa }-ee^ef . r^ b;^ btm 
jtoDiSte aly^. *} Sc^o her v biint>i»ecy|)« f opt 
trpaiECOO' *3 ppbaefman. *J ft'^'Siin ti> Rome 
bsin^alpt) foji:* £>a bim incwi jfom Xjmiafhm 
oai^eeB bpohve. ]?a eo^e Jwefi siit» T^ipeovvif 
remuepar Captwna f ceof>. *]| b«|i keefcc on faq" 
Jaa^^tje. |soji|oa Ronume bi^:boa )^a mpbce »?■ 
f etr. $ fa j>e baetr bepan moj'ron. jK>nne ny 

[i] Fokum. C. C. [2] jefealbe.C.C. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


fpyic fplc oj:c|ipiioncn hsppxMi. f J)a mojToa 
aeg^eji je habban je pcojin .je jcpcobom:* 


yEjcrep * ]?am ]>e Romcbojih jcrimbpeb pxr 
V hunb pinrpiim ^ L. paej- Tcenbab Pumca y 
asp:ep ^^epmn •J Romana. $ ny bpeo^^enbe par- 
pan xuii pmrep. ac Romana jia^e })2ep o'Sep 
onjunnon pi^S CPasce&onie:- Da hluraD J?a coq- 
j-qlaj-. hpylc heopa ;f Tepmn aepcpic unbepjcon 
j-ceolbc:- Da jehlcar hir Qomriu}* Flaminiitt* 
•} on ]?am jepmne monewi «jceohr Buphreah. 
•3 oft;of r f iTe hae|:&e. ox5 Philippuf heopa cy« 
ninTjcpitScf baeb. ^ hir him Romaae alyjcboo. 
•3 p'S^an he pp on Lteccbcmonie. •^ Qumriuy 
Flaminiuf jcnybbc bejen ]?a cynmjap. ^ hy 
f calbon heopa j-uoa ro ^ij-lum. Phihppaj* OOaecc- 
bonia cymn^ fcaibe Dcmerpiuj- hij^ ynnu. '^ 
Laecebemonia cynm^ f ealbe Spmeoian hij- j-ii- 
nu. ^ ealle J'a Romanircan meno )}e Cannibal on 
Epece [i]2)^p^lbc naepbe. himbebeab fecoa- 
j-al. f hy eali heojia heajrob bcjxeapon. ro tac- 
ne f he hy op Jjeopbome abybe:- On lixpe ribe 
[2] luj-ubpef, [3] ^ Eenomanni [4] f pole hy 
rojxbepe hy ^ef omnoban. pop !H!milc6pejr 
lape. JtJannibalef bpe^ep. J?onc he aep on Iri- 
Uujm him bcsejctan ppler. ^ j-ilS'Saa popan on 
Plaec^ntc. ^ on Epemone ])a lanb* *3 hy nub eaMc 

* Orof. I. iv. c. 20. . \ 

fi] jefeklb. C. C. [2] Subpef. C. C. 
[3] -3 €ubi > M. L. [4] j»i M. L. 

Z apcpron:* 


by Google 


"apcjttron:' Da f cnbon Romartc ]^yb6]i EIaufciu|- 
Fuluiiij- J?one conful.*^ he hy unea'Sc Ofejipaini:* 
yCfreji J)am Fiarnimuj- p conpl ^epeahr piS 
Philippuj- GDaeceboniacynin^. ^ pi^ Thjiaa. *J 
pi's Ihjiice. 3 pi's mone^a o%pc Seo&a oa 
•anum ^epeohre. ^ hy eallc ^eplfm&e, jjfcp paej' 
OOxcebonia ehra m oj:fia;5en. "^ vi m ^epn* 
^cn:« yCjcrep J?am Sempjioniuf pe couf ul pcap^ 
0):j-la;5en on Ij'pania mib ealpc hij* }^ypt>c-' On 
jjaeperiOc OOajicelluj- p conj^ul peaji'S y^eply- 
met> on Grpupia J)am lanbe- ]^a }>a com Fujiiuf 
orBcji coDful hixn tro plrume. ^ yi*^c ha'js>e. '3 
hy p)jj?an 'f lanb eaU apepran:* Da Jja JUuciuf 
Ualejiiuf ^ Flaccuj- Q^apcup paepon conj-ulaj*. j^a 
OD^an Snnochu]^ Sipia cyniaj pwnan pi% Ro- 
manum- *3 op ISf la on Gupope mib pypbe je- 
|:bp:- On |?jEpe nbe bebubon Romane ^ men 

•JjDannibal Eaprama cynin^ ^epen^c. "^ hinep^. 
^ao ro Rome bpohre:* Da he f ^^hypbi. J?a 

-pleah he to TCnriochupe, Sipia cyninje. }>aep 
he on tjpco^enbhcan onbibe paep hpcfep he yi% 

-Romanum pmnan bopfre.. fpa he onjunnen haej:- 

' toe:- 3Ec bme J^annibal aj-pon. -^ he ;f jepmn leng 
C0^an;t Da y-cnbon Romany Scipion !3i}!picanu|- 
heopa aspenbpacan ro 2Lnt?iochujre. ^a her he 

• X)anmbah f he ipv6 j^a aepcnbpacan rppsece. ^ 

• him jeaubpypbe:- Da hy nanpc fiobe ne gc- 
j)eap^. J)a com iprep J)am 8cipio f e conpil mib 

jClajrpione. fijo^pe confule. >) Jfnriochupf 
jcolcef ojcplon xl m. j^aej^ on J?am oeprepan Jjeape 
Tepeahr Scipio yt6 TCnmbai ure on pe. *} pxe 
K^pe;- Da ^Cnuochuj- ;f jjehypbe. pa baeb ne 

[i] o^pum. M. L. 


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Scipioa fpi'Se.p ^ , hm' hif ]-iiau • h jwv Qo^^epbe. : 
j-e paej- on hijr peal&e. j^pa he iiyf t;e hp he him 
rocom, burw fpa jupae menn j-aB&ao.:^ he jx^?- 
oloe bepn on hepjuoge jejcangen. owe ['Jon 
peapbeV Ooi J)appe ):ippan f If panie icojipeapIS 
6miliuj: fe coqful rai& ca|Uua:^ hi|- pice, -jcpatn 
Lupraniam Jwpe J)eo&e:- On ]?am tia^um j:op- 
peap^ Luciuf Beuiujr j-e conful. mit) eallum hij*, 
folce. jcpara 6ruj-ci p^m leotoum. ;^J?«pinan ro, 
lajre ne peap^ ^ hit ro Rome ^epoba&e> J^f*! 
tepj?am Fuluiuf fe: conj^ul jcop milb jcyp&e on. 
Epece -ro;j?ap be9P2;mm . jpe- mqn Ohmphuf her.; 
j?a [2] pa?f jcolcef jcpla on. an paBj^ren o^jclojgen., 
l)a on j?api ^gepohre.. ]?e' hyjpasj-rcn ;bpecapr 
poteaA, p«j: p-pmaoa, pela mib jclanum opf corb&^f 
*3 mib frantun ofropjfob. J?a yc cpnj-ul on^ear* 
^ hy j^.Jfraej-fcpn^ abpecaq ne m^hron. )?a bebeab 
he f um^m Jja^p polce. J hy jc)\am ])am pej-renner 
appan: •} )?a <x5jie he her ;f hy pi^S ]?aep^ o'^p- 
pa }du^f n J?onne.| ^ejpeohr maep; paepe. ^ bi nub 
))am aloccot>an lir ])a pe J^ana binnan [3] paepe, oa 
])am pjeame. j^e J>a buphpape ejcr pi^S J^sBjf paepce-^ 
nejrjplugon. heopa peap'S ojcj-la^en xl m. 'j )?a 
j?e Jjaeji ro lape pupbon, him on hanb eoban:- On 
])am ba;5mn fiop cbapcuf yt conf ul on Li^op ^ 
laab. ;•] rejclymeb peap^. ^ hif jcolcef o^g^lajjea 
mi m:* ©a J?a CWapcuf Elaubiuj- /] ClOapcelluf 
Qumruj* p^pon conpulap Phihppuf OOsBcebonia 
cymng. ppf loh RomanajBpenbpacan.'*^ j-enbe De* 
merjuuj' hipjruau ro]jamj-enarum.j;f he$ yppe 
^eprre jJitS hy. ^ J»eh Ipt he j-pa ^ebybe. J^a he 

£1] aet. M. L. [2J Ipxy. C. C. 
[3J P«P^n, C. C. 

J , , * Z a bam 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

him com. Philip^ hfct hir o^pne f uHtr f he 
hine inib atrjie acpealbe. jropJSion fehe reah 
hinc J he hyr unjepijna fpjiascc pro J)a j-cna- 
tAiT*:- Ofi ^xfio ilcan ri&e JiSannibal hij* ajnum 
plllati hme fylfiie mib sRJrpe acpedbb:* On 
Jfe/ie ri»e o^icptte Fokania ;f i^lant) on Sici- 
Imm. ^ riaeif ^jefejnstt aji J)a:* ^ }^*jie titte 
Qairturj" Ftifwi^ fe eonpjl jejxaht? j*i% )^ pyp- 
jian IfpaiSiie. •;| yi^e hxfbo Da ba [i] Lepibuf 
CDirtJiuf ,p»f conf*ul. polfce |-eo f2]n:pcn^ep?e 
Jfeob pmnan on Romaoe. fe mon Jja ncr Baj-rcji- 
ne* "J nu hy mon hart; (sj ^^^ejijii. hy polban 
cumon Pe/ifteuj-e to jiutetime. QCtecet>onia cy- 
riin^e. }i fxf Dcmua f co ca j-pa j-pilSe opepj^^io- 
jien. f hy ^erptijpfcbon f hy opep J?am ly e fa- 
jian mihtOa, iC'hy ihaBj^ tdile Jweji popybfltyani^ 
®a ^ P. Ltcirmir Lpzjjny ^ Eauiuf Eaj-puj* 
f aepon tonj^qlaf. pa ^epeap^ 7 (DsBctbomj* ce ^ 
pin£>* $ mon ea'Se mae* ro J)am m*fran ^pm- 
fiBftti "ietrellan. j:o)i J)am pe on Jram J5ia;5um paejion 
fcalle Italifc Romanum on j:vitvm6^ '^ cac Phto^ 
tomeup B'^pta cyhm^. '^ [4] !ffnjeat:o|- Cap- 
J[)a&ocia cynin^. 'j [5]€umenip Apiacyninj. ^ 
(Oapnippa Numc^ia cyninj:* 3fnb rtprtuye 
07ae;ceboiiia cynm^e. him paspod on piitome 
ealle Tb|iaci. *j| Uhpice. "j jia^ j)ajp Je hy tro 
pomne conlon. Romalie pupbon ;^cjdyilieb« ^J 
jia'Se Ipxy aer o^pum ^ej^ieohte hy pupbon cac 
^ejclymcb* ^ aeptep )?am ^epeohrum Pep|^uf 
paep ealne J^one jeap Romane jppi^ ppcnccnt>e. 

{i] Lapbuf • C. C. [2] nrpenjpte. C. C. 
C3J hunjepie. C. C* [4J Kpjeatap. M. L. 
[5 J emenip, C, C» 


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"^ f i'SISan he poji on lllijiice. "^ abpSBc Sttlcarram 
heopa bujih* yeo pxf Rominum onbejij^cob* •J 
micel Jjser mancynncj-. jfum acpealce. ftrm (0^* 
ceftonie \^bbt> J^fcep f am ^e^ eahtfe Eucinf 
emiliuj- p consul pilS Pepj'euj- '^ hine Ofcp^- 
poufi. -3 hip plcepopploh xsc m. ^ hepyj^art? 
jjam cypjic o'Sf leah. *J jia'Sc teptep J^am^^^n*' 
^en peaji'S. "^ ro Rome bpohr. ^ J^jt Of j^a* 
^en'. rj fiione^j^a ^gejpeohr ^pifjiOCKi on )am ba- 
^ttion mone;5Urti lanbiim. f hi« nu ip ro Idn^- 
pum call ro pecjjanne:- 


Mp:cji^ )^ni Jjc Ronaebuph Terimfejieb paep;; 
VI buob pmrjiuoi. J?a Ja Lucmp Lucmiup, ^ Lu* 
cullup TCula paepon conpulap* veapIS Romanunt 
pe maepra e;5e ppata [ijScefricepum Ippami 
polce. *3 nanne mano naspbon pe J^ibep mit> 
pypbe boppre ^jepapan. buran Scipion J)am con- 
pule, pe p«p aeprep J?ani paepelre jtppicanup ha- 
ren, pop ])on )?e he J?a o'ope pi'Se J?ibep fop J?a 
iian o^n ne ttoppre. ]?eh l>e Romane haepbe ]^- 
popben hpene asp. J he on !?tpiam papan pceofea 
ac he roone2;a ;5epeohr on Ippaneum on mij-pen- 
hcmn pig^ini ])uphreah> On j)am bapim Scpiup 
Iralua. Scipiori jjepepa. ;5epeahr f{6 Lupiranium 
Ippania polce. ^ ^eplymeb peap'S:- Oil )«m ba- 
^uim bebubon Romana Eobap j)am penarum f 

* Orof. I. iv. c» 21. 

[i] Scelripepm^ C. C» 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


mon Thcatpum jwphtjc hua to ple^n. ac hir 
ScipiooKCpaeblice'himabcat). $ ny hirnean- 
nraniion. T cac yyljc j-xbe ])a he ham oj: Ifpa- 
Scum com. $ hit paepe ye maj^a unjiaeb. -) ye 
mssrvi TCt>J>ola:« fey Ja Romane pop hij- ci&m^e, 
•1 «nph hir hpc oyephypbon Jjara Eobum. ^ 
call t peoh y hi jjaep roramnob haepon. ])e [ i ] he 
ri'5^ bam j-yium- 1 V^'^ P^ FP^e j-yllan polban. 
hyhir »i=8o=»pum15in:5umj-eal&an:. „ Numsj 
" WtpircenanOTComian }e jrpylcbeoFol^yte 
•^tafia's. T be;5on:5a«:]ja ye ye je Epiften naej-. 
«« hit rpa f pi'Se popfeah. ye ]je hit j^p'Snuo 
«* rceolbe. aejxep hecpa a;5aum ^epunan:-" Jty- 
tep tarn Sepiuf [2] Ealba jrop efc on Lupiranie. 
-j vnilS Tcnamon ♦ pi'JS hy. ^ hy unbep J?am }:pi=Se 
berpac:- Seobaeb pcap« jropneah ^omanuha to 
pam maefcan heapme. ^ him nan pic nc ^getpu- 
pobe. )>e him unbep J»eob pasj-^ 


y^ptep t ]jam fe Romebuph ^etimbpeb fxy 
yi hunb pmtpum ^ 11. fa })e Eenj-ojimuy (Pap- 
cur 1 CDalhup Luciuj- paepon confulaj". >a ^epe- 
ap% T "Spibbe ^epmn Romana -3 Eaptama. ^ ige- 
peap15 Jja j-enatuj-him betpeonum. Tip hy mon 
%nibban yi'6e opeppunnc. f mon eaUe Eaptaina 
topuppe. T ept penbon Scipian Jibep. -3 he 
hi pet heopa popman ^epeohte ;5cplYmbe. -J 
bcbpap mto Eaptaina:- ytpep Jam hy baebaa 

jsnamea rather. t OtoC 1. iv. c. 22. 

[il hir. C. C. [2] Calua. C. C. - 


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ppi'Sej" Romane. ac hit Scipio nol&e him alypn 
pi^ naaum o^pum ^mge buron hy him ealle 
heopa paepeno a^capon, ^ Ipz buph popleron. "J 
^ nan ne |-aere hyjie x milum neah:« ytjctep J)am 
^c ^ ^ebon paep hy cpaebon J him leojgie paepe 
•f hy mi& ^aipe bypij aer^jaBbcpe poppupDon^ 
J)onne hi mon buron him ropuppc. "J him ep; 
paepcno pophron. J?a ^e ij-en haepjon. ^ J?a pe 
n^e^rbon, hy pojihton j-ume op yeolppc. pime oj: 
tpeopum, ^ ^ef erron him ro cymn^m rpe- 
Jen J&aj-repbalai':. Nu ic piUc (cpae'S Opoyiuj-) 
fec^an hu lucu heo psej- hype [i] yinbc5an2;ep 
XXX bpab, 'J eall heo p«f mib j^ae uran [2] be* 
^[anjen. buran %pim milum. ^ yc peall paej- xx 
fora^icce. ^ xl heaba hcah, ^ J^aep psej- bmnan 
o'Sep Ixyye jraej-ren. on ])am yxy chjce. "f paep 
[3] tpcjpa mila heah:- Jjjy Ja Eaprainicnf ej- aer 
];am cyppe J?am bnph apepebon. J?eh |)e jScipio 
2ep [4] jceala J?sef peallej* tobpocen haB^ie. ^ 
yiB^an ham pcapb y:oj\> 

Da * ]?a Eneo Eopnehup ^ Lenrulu]- Luci- 
huj- psepon conj-ulap jjapop Scipio ^pibban p^e 
on!S!j::pice. ro ]?on ^ he J?ohre Eapraman ro 
pcoppan. ^ )ja he J)«p com. he pasp vi ba jap on 
ba buph jceohrenbe. o^ J)a buphpape b«bon ^ 
ny mopron beon heopa unbep^eopap. J)a hy be- 
pepian ne mihron:* Da het; Scipio ealle ]?a pij:- 
jnenn. Jaepa paep [5] xx m. "3 Ja f a paepnebmenn 

* Orof. 1. iv. c. 23. 

[i] ymbjan^paep. M. L. [23 bepanjen, Mf L. 
[3] ^f^S^'M. L, [4]j::cla,M.L. 
[5] xxvi m. C. C. 


I . ^ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Jaejia paej* xxx m. ^ yt cynmg ftap:eji)al Iiinc 
j-ylj:ne acpealbe* *3 hij* pip miD hypc.rpam j-u- 
xmrni hy j-yljinc jcojabsepnbe. jcoji fxf cynxn;gej' 
bea'Bc:- Scipio her ealle J)a bujih ropeappan. ^ 
alcnc hicpc j-tan robearan. "f hy ro naoum pe- 
alle f i55Ba nc mihron, "j j-co buph ippeapb bajui 
XVI baxaf . ymb vii hunb pxntpa Ipxy J)c hco aeji 
gcrunbjicb p«f :• Da p«f "^ "Spxbbe jepmn je- 
enbob Punica ^3 Rpmana on J^am ireop'San Tjeapc 
hxy j?c hit aep onjunneii pxj-. peh ])e Romane 
Kasjcbon xji laojpim pernor ymbe J hpjse^p 
him joaebkcne pape. }?e hi J)a huph mib calle 
|X)pby bon. y hy a j-i'B'San on ]?a hcalp ppi'S haep 
bon. J?e hy hi ptaobon * ppletan. ro ]?on -f him 
^epmn ep: Jjonan apoce, ropJ?on hy oobipeban 
^ijc hi hpilum ne puunon.;^ hy ro pa'oe af lapcbao 
}*3 acapgabon:* ** 6pa "f eop Romanum nu cpr 
«* en's peap^. yiSl&an j-e Epifrenbom paej^ (cpae'S 
" Ojioj^iuf )>. ^ ;5e eoppa ylbpena hperj-ran pop- 
** lupon. eoppa ^jepmna. 3 eoppej- hpaerf cipcf. 
** jcopjjon Jie f ynbon nu uran perre- ^ mnan 
*^ niaene. ac eoppe ylbpan paepon uran hlasne. ^ 
'' mnan j:xrre jrrpon^j- mobcp ^ pecrcf :• Ic 
^* nar eac. (cp«^ he.) nunyrr icj?a hpile beo. ]?e 
** ic ))af popb fppece. buron ^ ic mm ^ef pync 
H amy ppe:* ^ir biS eac ^copnhc. "^ mon heajib 
** hce ^nibe J)one hnefcej-ran mcalm-r'^an. sep 
*< rep ^am f he Sence J)onc j-clef ran hpas^ryran 
*• on ro j^epascanne:- Spa J)onne ip me nu j^pi^e 
^« eappe'Se hcopa mob ro [1] ahperran. nu hir 
<« nalSop nele bcon ne j-ceapp ne heapb:-** 

* I conceive that this fliould be f ranbaa. 
[i] abperranne, C. C. 

L I B. 

« Digitized by VjOOQIC 

L 1 B. V. ; 


j-pi'Sop: If. jcopJ?on ^ hi mane^;^ pic xypkfk- 
punnan. ^ maneja cynmjay bejr ojian heojia rjii- 
umphan ojrcpsjeblice bpipan. j^ pn&On ))a ^o&- 
cun&^nri&a. ,|^e ,hy ealne pe;^ pope^iIpa'S, ,2c- 
IlCoJi? ^am ]?e hi nu cpseoon. ;f ]>k ri&a him anum 
tefcalbe. paepan. ^ naepan eallumpolce- ac J)3cjt 
mhrc'^ebjine oh^i'Can ca^au. J?onhe pacppn hi 
eallum mlciirri. ^em^ne:- Eij: hi ^nne cpe^a^# 
} J>a tiDar^obe paejion; j:ojiJ)on hi ^'anebuph^pe- 
ije ^ebyban; J^onne riia^jjon hy jiihrop cpetian.' 
J ;p J>a, paepah un;5ef aeh;5ej'ran. pjtjjonjre "Suph 
>aepe anpd bup^e plencfed pupboh cilie -b^pe 


hynbe, :] on o'Spe lanb palbe xx pmrpa *]! c: 
^ip hi|)onnehim ne ^elypan. aq^i^e ]?onne Ip- 
panie. ])c ^ ylce paejiaivbpeo^en&e. tpa hunt> 
pmrpa. 'j mamxe p'SriTe* Jeo&a^ •) eac ^a mane- 
"2^an cyrim^p nti him [ijhco&ejjoirne hi man 
bn ^jeocon. *3 on' [i] pacenran bejropan heopa 
rpiumphari bpipon him ro ;5ilpe pi^ Romane 
[3] T^^r^"^' 1 f ylS^an on capcepnum ja^on. o^ 
J?e hi bea^ j-pulron:*' !?Chb himani^e cyningaj- 

fi] locobe. C/C. [z] pacenrum. M. L, 
L3] P^apb. C. C. 

^ ^ ^cfpcncran. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Xej-pctictan. ro J)on ^ hi eal ^e|*ealbon f hi 
^nne hsjirbon. pi% heojoa eapman hj:^:* 2£c 
t:oji])on hir ij* uj- uncu^ '^ un^clyjxbhc. poji- 
j>on J)e pe renbon 'bam ppi'Se ^ebopenc. J)e hy 
]7a unease neojia ytoph cnit> ^eceapobon:* Daer 
]P^ j-y^'San Epifc ;5ebojien pxp ;f ye jMcjion ojc 
9kQn.])eopt)flme alyj-ebe, 7 Of ajicpo e^c^ Ji); p» 
bun f ulganTan pylla^:* 

.■...;' n. 

/fyseji * Ip^m }e Romany bqijth retafabpet} 
j«ef VI hunb "3 vj purjuim. f paej* J)y ilcam "Stzjw 
le ^praua, xopojipeo psf:* j/^p:tji hyfie bpy« 

E. IlnepXiopQeliuj' *} Leorulup Locioropappoa 
tjimllnun ollju Xljieaca heapb bm)h:> Op by- 
]>e bjiiyne ^enwlTaQ eaile |?a anltcaeffa vo-g^ 
pfp»,fo Jwfi buinaa pafji^ je jylbcwe. jq fyJ^ 
Wicoc. ^e xpfixie. "^ cypejicnc. -j on pyr;^ 
£ef iidooq:« Ctr ^o t>ae^ man baer Co|UQ«|iu*cf 
pi^ ealle ])e ])9p oj: ^pophre paejiaa. pj1|Qa 
ft hi jrint frx^epan. 3 t>yppan ^niiQ 9^0139 

Qo + |)am »>a;5ujn patf an hyjibe i)p, Ji^ifpani. 
UBft pe p«f [i] Uapiauij* haten. "^J pasf iqyc^l 
^of man. 1 on ^aepe f ^aUin^^ he pcajiS pc** 
l»pc. T ott J«m pcajdaw he him ^ex^ah tm my-f 
CcW roajo]cuh?Jm. "3 mam^c t?vuiap offfphef^ 
gobe;' y%t:ep Jjam hif pejiQb peojc rpjKyn jrpite 

* Prof. I. ▼. <;. 3. t Ox<iU t ▼. c. 4* 

{1} Uep^jcpp. M. L* 

' • j»lie 

Digitized by VjQOQIC 


} heibAtu^e laob pophcji^jobe, "j Rbmirium 
peajill itticeie'te ppainhitn.^ [i]Uctuhu)^jK)iie 
coiipil otl^;;ean nine ihib p^Jibe f enban. ^j he fxft 
^jflyTOcbpea/itS. "J bij-^fcey fe maefra bael 6)!- 
flawed:* ytr isfftpum cyppe ^ybep ):op Uaitif 
jai FoliiCiUj* fc ConpiL '^ eac ^eplymcb peap^t^ 
yCr "Spibbiin cyppe )>ybep pop Daubiuj- p con^^ 
fuL "J }K)h%6 ^ he Romana byfmop^be^iirce^ 
olbe. ac he hir on )>aiii paepelbe ^eycte f py w>/i* 
•3 unea^ f yljrcom a})e5:- yCyrrep j^ani 1 3I Uejti^ 
a'Suf ^emet^e intub'Spim hunb manna Romana 
an M 00 ttbaiki puba, |«Bp j)ftj- Uepiarcfcf faktf 
huhb feo|:ontri2;ofyla3en. •j Romana 111 htiob. Tj 
Jwi^'Cpe ^ejdfDftebe ptfpban:- On Jjara jilcafflfepfri 
*pS « Fepiatru J- J*;ien J>am o^pum to lange «p4 
tepjjryljeftbe. ol5 tt»n hiy hopf unbep fciAi 6j> 
feet, fa jpoiban^a felSpe eaUehine aeime 0}!fleatik 
oH^^bmban. ])a j'loh he ancfitiannej- nopj*. 
ttOb hif rpe«)pbe. j^him panb f hcapbop. yilS'Sfitth 
fi^ tfalliidi }btA b'Spum j-pa mycd e^ VP^ 
him* jJ ill hi»e ;spet:an ne boppcan:- J^pxri J^anl 
Sppittf Elaubiuj- j-e coripul ^feaih* pi^ Callief. 
*1 p^p ^e/Aymeb peap^. •j pa^e Jaej- ej:t; pyjtbe 
^keJ»M pi% hi. '^ yi^t haejdbe. •j heopa o^yldh 
VI m:- ©a be barapcapb pasj*. ))a ba&b he ^ mati 
tybe 6cjc6piaii him Jowe rpitKnphan:* 3Cc Ra- 
ffiatie biiti otifepeopiKfc hijf * toppypnboft. T hit 
«tt)efi ^ tebebon. f6}^)on pe he «p ae)t >im 

* hist Mihtir, c^eciiBy ^ iur tinwp ;|i Ube&on fol- 

f 1] tleoiigf « a C ft J FWucnir deell M. t. 
[3] Ucpiatttf . Ct C. 

A t ^ o^pum 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


inycci waucpe^m on Rome ^ ]}*p nanwren-cu-r 
pica man ciiman ne bojij^ro^'j maiiu^elatils* tttooan 
J?aepc bypi^. paepon butan »lcum , y fij^pcapfec:^ 
J5)i pitran ^eah jJ ^ ilcc yjrel oj:eji-eot>e buran ^c- 
blot;e. fpa ja mane^au aeji &ytx)n j^e hy penbaa 
^ hy mit) hcojia beopl^ylbum Xef ry/HSto hsc):? 
t>on:* But;aa rpeon. ;5ii: ni )?a plot^ati .-mibtjaiK 
hi poiJ3an pecgean y nxm heqpa Ijo53aj' ;5ehult 
pan:* 'Kc hir pai^f Dot^cf ^ij:u ^ ealle ^a la^on 

;/€|;e.p jwin Fa^iuj- j-e cooj^ul ^oji mi^tv pypbe on- 
jjcap.Fcjiiatrujr. ^ jeflymeb pcap^;. 8e consul 
^efcg^be eallum . Roinanum ]5a byf meplicej-ran 
py&e» J)a he aj^pcoij.oj: Scj^Sium f yx hupb manna 
TO him Ijijr ;g;e])ojcrena.''^.J?a hi him to cbman* 
Ji] hev bitn eallum j)a han^ ppceojipio:* y€f. 
rep J?am pop Pomjieiuj- j-e codj-mI on Niimanrv 
jilij- Ij-pania J^cobe. *3 ^^e^clymeb yGfLp"^:- Ymbe 
feppppT^me ^eap jjaey ))e Uepja^uj- pi^ Romfine 
Jajonjan. he. peap'S j:pamjbif a^eoum lia^npum 
jopj-hj^pn. TfpaojA; j-pahineRonaane gii^^cpcr 
4)bt;f ^Prpnron. he ;hi . fimie S^Jplyjnbcif Bteji 
/pyban J?eab Romane ly^Iq :tp?o^p]^,r j^ hjwi )>a 
jaepan la^e ^ ^npyp'Se J)e hbopa hlapcjfjb twf pi- 
con. J?cah J^e hi him leaua ro ))c^pa tiJje pteqbaui- 
|p j-ceal cac nybe j?apa map^^pa ^epmpa'sefpi- 
. jiap. J^e ofl J)am eapjaobum |5ppupb{|n-i l»tf mc 
rceal aj?peoran jcop Rbinana jepmnum:- On 
paepc tibe OOirpibarij- • P^prhi [3] c^ypinj. 2;c/ 
pobc Babiloniam. "3 eaile)?alanb J?e bcrpeox j^aqd 

[i] Jielier.C C. p] pmiiau oBjataVM. L.* 

I? J cynicji a c, ;..... 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


tyam can jjaejion. ©liibafe ^ [i] I&arpe. fajwe- 
jion fleji on Romana anpcalbis. ^ j-i'StSan he ^jc- 
bpaeDbc hif pice, eaj-r o^S Inbea ^[^raaepo. ^ 
[2] DcHierpiuj-. TTria cyom^. hine irpipa mib 
j:yp&e ^ephre:- ycr o'Bpum' cyppe he peap'S 
xejdymeb. asr o'Spum ^cfan^jen:- ©e paej* on 
Romana anpeal&e. pop J)on )?e hi hmc }>aBp je- 
ptron:- y€prep )?am [3}CPancinuf j-e conj-ul 
pop on Numanrine Ifpania pole. ^ ))«p pa?p pm* 
pcnbe. o^ he nam ppi'S pi^ ;f pole. ^ p y^lSan 
hme ape J bcprasl:- Da he ham com. J?a heron 
hine Homane ^ebmban. ^ ^ebpmTan bepopan 
Numanria Faeprenep ^eare:* Da na!oep nc hine 
Jja.cpr ham laeban ne boppran. ]?e hinej>^t)ep 
lasbban. ne hip ]?a oopon nolbon. J)ehine nman r# 
bpohrc. ac ppi'Se hpeoplice ppa ^ebenb he on 
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poirome. 'j pa^e )>«p he pop epr on Lapit;*ime» 
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bagium pop (4] Lepibup pe conpul oii Jja n^aptE 
If paoie. ^ ^eplymeb peap'S. *) hip polcep pa?p 
op-lajen vi m. *3 ]>a ^e jwpi ape^ coman. hi o^ 
pu^c^ nub j?am masptan bijtnope;- .?>pac^ji 
nomane hir p»ron aeniTum men ro pec^anne. 
hjMrts? Jieopa polcep on Ifpamam o« pcapa ^e- 

* prof. 1. V. G. 5. 

[i] I^appe. M. L. [2] Dcmetpia. C C. 
Cs^ ^Wiciiip. C. C* [4] Lapibur* C C. 


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txim ^ilpa%. )K>nne. jKejioa |a bun |:ylj:um jm 

^a * ^ Sejiuit^ Fulmuf ^ Fiaccuf QuiQ^uf 
|asj)oii cotijHilaj* . peap% on Rocoe an cih» jebt>» 
pen ;^ bi£fOe peopep jeer. *} jccojpefi hanDa. "3 j»- 
ojjcp ei^oa. "^ j:eopep eapan;* On ^m ^eajie 
bfpan^ up Erea jcyp on [ 1 j 8icicliuni. *] tae»po 
jwcf laat^i' ]copbaBpot»e i|)on»e biv a^/ie sp 


/€f:«ej%t )>amjje Rotnana fatijth ^tttndifjtt^ 
fKfvi hnoD janvpum -) xx. ^a ]>a [1 j CDaocmaf 
9;«8v^ j>otae ^l«i )!^yS on Namanriom. f^ 

al&e nan byrmojlcjie bs& «e ^^mHidt^ . 

lB»tt Rooiaae SoijnoD oalNamaiAie Jbit> pype»t< 
Jby fynoon ion Jiam nop'^ }Wf r «Bt>e Ifpama^ *] 
tu hi YJlf ae/i )xaii mi& an m. apflaqitoet>oii jeiiop- 
•)ir^ pnvefu yi'6 RoniMa id m. *j o|[m)ft; p^ 
liaq:i3on& i>a bef set; hi 8cip40 healjc ^]t od 
lieejta jos^eae. 1 k «o ^00 ^ebjiK)com« j> bim 
J«^ yaq» ji hi hi yfift [3] j:flf»ifcJJOe. Jkjbto by 
yt, ypa^ ^<^ Jfiojp^a:* Da fb $ci{>k> <Ofisct 
j) hiffjkcf 'XXKSvsf fGkjta. )« tttt be fum 1|()' 
pic fcohron on'^ psyccn. f by init>}>ain ■J pic 

• Orof. I. V. c. 6. t Orof* 1. v. c. 7. 

rO ftoiliuni. C. C. [2] QDafltiC^. C C. 
[33 pojjne'iSDon. M, L. 
. . uraloccobani' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


*} to )oQi bh'Se. y hy jroQhcan mopnik *} ^e*- 
ia»n^ )>am ^^ejcqan hi hi fydj; mib ealab [i] o|> 
bfiehccswi:., "J ut^poeMbe jraBfioa afv t^tam^cwh. 
ton:* Ob Jjaejie byju;^ paej- aejicj-r M^ipejicope 
on^onnon. *]| jcop^n )>e hi pin nxpooni' On )>vn 
j-picbome peapIS NumcqW* buju'S ^ejceaUen. 7 
f e bael ])e ]>xp tx> laj:e peap^. |»)pbaejinbon ealle 
)>> bujib. ^)^o» )ie hi oe u^q'^ heop j^^pd 
^Q heomealtsAP s«nP<»?ao pen^w. *;j «?|^;> 
)»ra hi lia fyljw QD ^ eyjie jrojij-pil&pn:- 

©* * r« 6c4ptQ hu» »wnpcan0 pcn&* Pjs ]^a«i, 
ktnt)^. ]iA eem Um t:Q an eaib« sam f e paej^ Nu* 
JBcntafC )ft f p»SA T® Scipio hmp. on hpy \»v 
"^thuvs p«pe. ^ Nunuum fpa jta'^^ ahq«f co- 
*P0. fi» hei^be rpe hi la^jje pasjiae, >fr j-«&» 
he m, j^ hi pfcjitp h«t^il9e/]M hpl^ pe hi h«" 
o^a ai^ifffrQenre ^hec^ao him Ite^penafi* *} 
«OFwJt>oyff** 1 r°*» FP* b» bcirpCQwwui «&)»•< 

Da poap^ )«ii» Seipioii ^ anbpyptw f pi^fe^n* 
tpyfefQ. ^ caJlnm [3]Roma«um pit;um }:p)^ 
J»MR aot3py/)«je. -5 pp ))am pon&um hi pupJjQH 
rp»^ mife; [4] ^eee^epobe* ^ m h^m <:ora. |;op» 
)on )fe bi Jul haqsboft vi9^piit)iiyf f e hvn i}e^;pe» 

0»t |«^ ^ilie Epeanir F^r ^"^^ ao >^m 
coqrvls,..';} he: pionap Qo^^aop pi.^ ea})& ]tt o^5pe» 
()%Pt]iuMi«}qrb;5Qn* '3 eae oD)r9p» t;Mpe,«!ii<i^ir 

• Orof. 1. T. C..S. t Ott^ '• ''^' c. 9. 

fi] Gta fi^on %a. M.I^. [2] P|»pl>|*epei:«i.. C. C, 
p] Romana. M. L. [4] je e3efobe. C. C. 


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Giham ]» ])copaf pjmnan fi^ fa hhpopbzy. "J 
uoett'Sfe ofcemwincfnc poj^bbn. *j vu men opf-k« 
«n «jv man hi ^ebi^ainmhre. •j «; J»pe anjie 
byrpi^ CDinrDjinm t^jia man aheo;^ PP^ b^* 
alp htnibjieb:* 

. ■ . * IV.- 

yCprep * J?am J?e Romebujih ^etimbpeb pf 
VI hunb pmtjium *3 xxi. Lycibiu[* Epajyu|- p' 
conpl. (he paej* cat Romana yl&Cftra biyceop.) 
he ^ejcop init) )cypt)C on;5eaii !S!pij^tooicuj-e ))am 
cynincTC. ]x polbe ^eacnian lum ])a lacj-j*an !ffp- 
am. J^en be hi aep Srraliuf* hif ajen bpo^op. 
ha&yrbe Romanum ro boclanbe ^cj-eaJbe:* Epaf- 

Eifc paipon maoijje cynin^af op matoe;gpm 
Dt)um ro pult;ume cumeo. an paef Nicomebia. 
rpeg«i o)c Bit:hinia^/5py Of Ponto. nil of ffp- 
menia'. v ojc !SLp;5cat;a. vi oj: E^ppabocia. vii oj: 
Filimide. viii oj: Pajclajjcmia. *) ptah hpa^J^epe 
pa'Se l^aef J^ hi ro^ae&epc comati. j-c oonpil 
jpeap'^ [i] ajriymcb. JJeah j)e he myceltoe fmlrum 
ha5jrt>e> Da ^ Peppena ^ehyp&e. f c ptScp con* 
nil. he ))a hpaebhce jcyp&e ^^abepaoc- * ^ on 
pone [2]€ynin;5 unpaepne becom* ^a hij-)cyp» 
eall to jcapen paep, *]! hmc bcbparinro anum 
paefcehe. "^ hme oeyraet; o^ hine eaile ]^ bupble- 
obe a^eajran J)am conf ule. 'j he hine her f yiS- 
%an CO Rome bpm^an. ^ on capcepne bef ceu« 

* drof. K Y,c. 10. ' 

£i] aplymeb, M. L. f 2] cyninj. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC I 

fbfi^m^ fohtA ^irH^i'' Odmm mi 6m 

pe^na. maenbe nij* tzpi^fSitd ^ibivial j^lrdtilr.i 
}>aep hi sv heopa ^^mcyte hpaepoa. pfi h)>y 
fzjhi.hinej'pa unpyjilSn^ on hij* ylt>e t>yt>an. 
"j ahpbe hi. p>jt hpt hi noltxm ;g;e^n^ean ealle 

htf h):ale«:' €ala Romaoe :h)»a iliai^igOjf^nQ ^ij^J 
fian. ^ je f pylc lein bybob eoppum Jiam ^e^py* 
peft^an pit^n:* £>«)» €ii^bo}*«jieftej^ ytef con« 
f ul. e«iia fyp aptop lip j*pa bjiaD *;| f pa lUycel 
I jceapa )>a]U raa^na- n^htfe betmdtfi&'pefxe. "Se 
on Lipa)ie jiajio [3] in J^dmi^lande. )Nf J'aiji tiihlt 


I ] 0pfloh. C* C. [i] hi dccil C; C« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

par. m^xpehg^ If-PP- )WB itepctr^Jk 

toahfan. *} eaUe]a fopii mjunultan. )« J«ah 
lun fae fajienbej jpaeponi*. lie edle )>a ^i]|3zaf 
ft on Jumpe paejion aq^aebo'pp ]«pe h«^.:* 

|)a * ])a CKhpaif Flaccu)- jwr coi^. coman 
r^pfC9pan on ^jcpice. "3 sic uhr ifopycpujpota, 
{aef j« oii,]}aQi laobe pasf. pfcaxeqbe}- "3 ^yippe^- 
t)ep* y€]d?ep ]mn)>e luat>jiJuiicetine.]«jianL|u 
j^app feo rsix^ *) fi^'San m^p; eaU fpjifc^^ 
J on ]7ain lanbe pa^ ^ manna, ^e n^tena. ^t 
^ilbeofi pp )>ani fX»oce:* . 

• ' s * > » * * 

■ ; V. ; 

7^)n:ej[)i* Jieunjie [^jRomaaa bujtuh ^«im- 
^Oj^f .v». niinb j^ioi^pjiiim 7 [3]xxmi. Jw)>a 
Lqciuj* COella .'l Q^itltir Fwiniuf pupoDcoo- 
fulaf* jrft isefre^^ ^am .^fcaat^f . ^ man efc 
{x^eolbetaoat^TVui [4] C^/muoi:* ac ]}ae|ie ikan 
luht J'e Ban on bas^ nt^tw J^a bnjiub nub fta- 
cum vemepcob. fpa j^a hi bi )» jmjioean.pofoan. 
)« yvB^f xn'gm ]>a rcaooo 1^ }>a pojileton hi f 
*eo]ia pojiJxKm* *} ka]; ^mor hsjdbon hfx^ 
mt racnobe :)« pbbe. )* unpbbe. "^ hi hy f^ 
[5] ^f^ ;5erimb|)ebant* 

* Oroft L t. c J I. f Orof.. 1. t. c. 12. 

[i] pj'cay. M. L» [2^ Rotnebujih. M< L. 
[3 J xxYik M..L* [43 fajirainvB. Bl L. 

l53 >cali. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

f ismb hbji jWMii. ^j^h fe J»pa lam>te<n»i»U 


y^p:ejif J»m Jb Rpmebuph 'jetimbjieb wer 
Vi haab pintpiim "j xxv;lu Faiuuf j;c conpil jje- 
imett* peruiruf^d. Eallia cynujj. -j bi|ie mt^ 
lytittin pjjtume ofcpcom:* 



y^pteji :j; ]«ni ]w Romanai buph ^jpenmjbpeb 
paer t^ liunb piot;pum T xxkv, ^ (^ jia ScipiO 
12] P^ica *3 Lviciu|- Xa|):ujmmf i^epan coafd* 
laj-Ujj^ooDane pUoopi) i>i15 EcopeoplSau [4] Nu^ 
melSa cynin^* Sc ilea Cepeop'Sa j»»r CDecipru- 
•cf m9BS. Numcjja cynio;5ej'. 3 I^ jiiae oa hif 
ilgeogp^Se Mtib^pfeo's. ') hpt? jrebap hct. -3 
_^6^ kB|)aamib hif tpara ^-ununu "J j?a j-e cyiuo^ 
%eja>|iF he bd^eab, bi|* rpam f unum. ;^ hi )»aff pi- 
cef ^iubb«B bxl [7] Ucpepji'San , |-caIbon> 3x: 
n'o'Sa^fe^jubbaa.b^i on hi|- ^ejK^lbe^sBf.j^e 
ocfjjacbcjcn ^a, jfunu, o^jmc he of^Jloh. o'Scjir 

* Orof. 1. V. ۥ 13. t OroC 1. t. ij^ 14. 
J OroA l.v* c. 15^ 

■" ' . • • } 

rn B^kapif. M. L. [2] Nupca.C. C. 
'[3!] 6n Rome. M* L. [4] Numct>m, tA. L. 
ts] XeoBe. C. C. [6J tylitan. M. I^/ 
£7] ueopeo]>an. C. C. * ^ 

B b 2 ne 

.' Digitized by VjOOQIC 

9ppbe mib nif feq 7bc Jni|in cotafole. 7 Pi^<j??^p.j^7 
|>inpe]- lyrel ^phreah:* y^^eji }>atn Iieopedj^^ 
fom to l^pme, "3 t)i^ll|ei^ ^eceapotc ro ISaqB }«• 
parujn. ro anum *} txi'aQuiQ. y hi e^lle psjioq 

X " ?*t** ♦*^**^* m^wj*** **Y rrf 7;^ J ^^ iTTxy 

♦*ap»ap. ;5ij:hype afoixnismceaptobe:, , _.. 

bam ■ ?P)ajpjjan ;jjeapc ^Jpmanc f^nbon 3S!mUfl|- 
1 1 J Ppjrciimiui'. Jjonc tortj-ul. mibLxm oq^eao 
||eqj>eop'^ao:-. fteopa '^cmi.vvuic^ wtr arr [^1 Ea. 
lama f^neb^pi^.' 'j^^iep fCtpiftiOKoaiafid^^ljcejv 
j»«*ncn. '"j filMSan lyfcle lif lie lii .^eoamcMb 'j£pi15 
nim fe>etj>ipiaumi *j f i^^A macft; >e^ fl^fpK^ 
•«cyptoc)>n ro Ceo»eojflfcitt:» /€fwfi }wi Bcinaoe 
•fensJoniBfT 6Pet»Ilur Afty jrf^&c fm^ai> ^fceo? 
■^po^afi.''?|b€ i-ige n«jibe-aBfc rjMim cypptin^ -jj 
•sbtJ-^jpitrtwih cyj^^ie h« fectjiajc De^fcop^iip op 
Nwne^i^ti*hif a^cn heb. ^ b'tne *«jtt<ft>tee^ li 
}-ealbe Roma»um ISpeo hunb ^*r». *) fce.-Jle^ 
}'i%%on pa )>e htj- ne b^fi^oibe ^ 9^^Atais:* fh 
fenbon hi tfe {Papiuj- Jxipe ooofol. a ]^ ^«i^- 
ne. "3 a j*j>a l>pebcirt5e fya. hp jpp "^ fs>ftiBO «i|w; 
bypi;^. ^ehpop; ]»«m. ))c he hi abpecap ^lire:- 
3Cc j-Qrta f ^>a ffe<>jM}bp'§a haspbe mr' jn^euiti rp 
^pe bypi^^elaebop^qj^ CPajTrar- t^fopler be 
03apiu]r j^pej'ren. T pop tq olSpum Jjaep he 
jealyxibjJ7 Eeop^oppap^ip bbj|ib pasf". ^ jc- 

[1 J COo|T^mIUf . G. C. .[23 Cpliroa. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fium pke opeji ]wr. ac ;^)K)erut)e hun ^nS tf(v» 
Jhan CDaupirapia cyninp^ ^ ne him oam ro nub 
micimn man-pilvome. *3 ojcrjisblice on Romand 
rtalpbe^ o^, hi, »cp«toan icpl? -^tpphv bim 
M^jtepoum:* To Jam ^cpcofltc hsf t>9 . Boho 
fecopcoji'San ^ebpohr to jcultrunic Lx uj jc- 
iioji^etopiuJ)ut6^ ce^an:» CDib Rpmauviijsi^tte|' 
aep'ne fi'oQaH j-pa neap& ^peohr j-pa )?p5n ]??!?f .• 
popl^ ]^ ^^ pujibon on aelce hcalp uraa b«an* 
^cn. *3 heojia cac mapj-r }:opJ>on poppcap^ !» 
heopa mi«jnc paej; on fanbjhrpc.bune; f h* jP^P 
t5upre ne mihran jcfppn hu h; hi bjjhoafcafi 
jce^an. ro [i] cacon Jam hi t>epot)C jej^cli 
^e ^uji^fn. jrc hattrc. '3 calpc Jone bacj paepon y 
}^peQbe o^* mbp:. Da on ipqixeo hi pasppQ |> 
ilce boflbc. ';| cp: pasppn on aelce b^Ip aran 
i>cjfanj5en. j-pa hi sep pxpon. ^ Ja hi ppi^ji:;rpe- 
obc paelScp hi ape^ coipan. pa jecpaeban hi f hi 
>um6 hi i)6ae]praDpae]iebop. t pmc ^apu calle 
parpumanurai^ apjntan;^ij: m mihron;* J)a hi 
pya ^€bon hasjqbpn. Ja copa ^q pen 7 fpi^ J 
Cpamn»nie faeppn nHbJ'aQi ;^p<^py>be. jponj^pp 
J>c nfcopa f cylbap p«ppn bet^^cnc mib ytpci>- 
b4n. jbybum. jf hi beopa. fcapaicpp J^qi pae'^an 
ahe):!3)4n jpaihra. p pp Jaiii Xftpyq^^ 
^op)«jn Je dpenbcp h^b. pyic bpmcan paeftan 
jelicc afii rpinxe btf8> Dapp pcapxS CDaupitania 
Oj:)-la2;en [i j icl m •) 4 bunb m^na:* y€p7ep Jam 
Boho jcnam jqi/8 pij6 Rpmanum. •j him Dcopc- 

[i] ccon; t. C. [2} Lx. M. L* 

^ \ . opiJSan 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<9o HOflMESTA 'RE^S ' JELf^ZJ>t 

:banbdl*tek^aj:. "j Httife man oyben'Se 
jKejitk^yhif Vft'^ctt f una. otj hi pacji 

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caHe acvaeloii^ 

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piipW huabpmtjium •J xlii. Jwi J)a [i J OOalliuf 'j 

Qainrmuj- paepoq conpilap RpinancTepihron 

yi^ Eimb/iof. •) pi^'Tcuronap ^j pi^^nofcpo- 

nof . Jjaj ^eoba paepon on EalUum. ^ ^p callc 

oj:j-la5enc pujibon biiron x mannnm. 1^ yxy xl m. 

*T Ijai^PP^^r Romana ojila^n hunb cahrarj^ m. 1 

heojia conf ul. T hi|- "Cpejen fiina:- y€j:rcp J)am 

Jra ylcan ^oba b^ni^aa ODapiuf %one conj^uloo 

^anutti j:3ep:cne, "3 nir lan;^ ppfc paej^aspheur 

Vapan polJbe ro jejccohrc. aep mm inan f ae^ae. t 

ill polbaa pjian do Iraliapi'Romana lanb:* Tic 

jri^'Soa he nim pop ro ut oj: Jjifn pf renc. ft 

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conj-ulcf folc to him hcojia J)upp; J^c him ^e- 

teu^e pas|-. j)a anbpypbc he him. T cp«^. 

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hunb cahrarij m ^epuijen:' 

* Orof. K V* c* i^f 

[i] PalhupCC;. 

'* > IX. J^f^cp 

' Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iiOKMESTA : KtGIS 'MtTtkEJft. 19% 

■ 1 
i. ■ t. IX. 

fXf VI hunb jnnrjiuin "j xlv. joii^^m p^an^- 
9pe)e Ohpiuf jaj* conjul. ^ tic Jj* nao Rjii.'> 
mana ])sef {lb ^'ot^ium p^icumi ^oD^mOtt' 
RoBoane |a mae|^an }tkce'faini bttytmaimrupt- 
jvepask, ))eaii icnit nufceeptrhoe j4c;5ao f»cyte^ 
(c)wS Opdfttlp) hpa ^f opbpiiiimnn p*|ipn. jl» 
W aepep; CDajuuf j-e con|a»l. *) Luciuj-. ^J !ffpiw 
eiu)*. *] [i] 8avu]uunu)*. '^ hi a&pasftwn CD^ttl-' 
lor ^Booe coajnii on elj'eobe. f e )Me|* conpil mji 
(Dajuqp* J&ir jjacf j)aj7>y^ ojSJincentje )>am 
oSjiiim oonpihim PQiiipeiu]re. *3 [2] liaroii. ^ciAi 
)e hi mib pepe [3] ppaece )am aojiae):t>oD on na* 
num fvide-beoD ne mihran. hi Iptsh Jjaphi/U^on 
J hi of^lo^n Laciuf "J [4] Sarujioinaf. yeyv 
jnejian bit}beobe f flOerclluj* ro Rome morre. 
ac him )»a ^r (Da]uu|- -^ Fojiiuj* pppypub^ii, 
•3 him J>4 ri'CISan re j»ODt>fCipe paej* bccpeonQKif 
pexaobe. ^eah )>e nir hi openhce cy15an dc t>oj}< 
ftan. jMji )»»jta f«fiarum eje:* 


/fycep + J)am fc Romana buph ^crimbpeb 
pxf vihunb pmtjium *3 Lxi. on J)am vi jeajie 

. i ' • 
* Orof. 1. V. c. 17. t Orof' !• ▼• «• «8' 

[i] Sacupiuf. C. G. [2] Capan. C. C. 
C3J Ppacc. C. C. [4] Sacupmuf . C. C, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

19» fS&t^i^t^tA Ri^S JELPItSOtl 

^ luliu)* fc Eafcjic pacf conj*uI. *) Lticiuf (Wan* 
riaf . peap'S ojxji ealie Jdlia unxejcaeplic un|*iD< 
*3 opeolic cif5 berpuh luliufe *} rompeiuj*e« \t- 

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«)Of))OB«Q0QieS3UB kixDuai> ^itajwf if nui^9^. 
ye^Tiylfier aq ^pe& bfuJK^ Qm^^ 
nub foyioeittm'f je;5fK> Ooeji )!flc^^ Qi^'Ta^iep^' 

blob ur.' £>8ev "OiHtibe j^j? ^ lut ' faa^plabe tM»» 
Ti^ "I mftce)! Of»|t:0a11e Bomooe* *) :(ui Sonwii 

bype&be^p p6 }aef beoj^^t. '>fia&n:»fotf> 
|i]«ykerfaift ^ykpt 9a. "sJl^tata hjuoc^^ oih n^apS^ 
nwaoi bp9t>b)ie JroBoejfunne. ,*;)r yeof^ tmm JAbU 
beo|e0iie bfmtasoKM' mbeji.oti^ pieoj$$i»r.1 ptejt 

Picenbe j» jsofc ^Uejnaaei-j; [i.]a>aji)i •jrPc. 
li^i. 7 [2]CDa;^ucimr *]!■ bonntre. nUwakUi 
btealk ;^peap% bua berneoausk f- hi^ jtetour 
Rosaanum ^fptoao. *} ofifhpuk (3} I^uf SejH 
mliuj- Romana ealbojunan. fo jmbt mm apMnbum 
ro hun arcDbeb:* On ))ain ba^um apebban ^ in- 
rcoa. *} pa hunbaf J)evie)iaa 00 8oinntviim:> ytp 
' rep fam "^jxahxe Pompeinr ye conpil pi^ Jia 
jcolc. "JJ^yroc^ FapJ>« fhunx^ fc Eapcper^ 
jcedtir pipCI>^re]nin]Qolce. ^3 Te^dfymeb peJi^^S. 
•3 paVel^ej* luaoy ^i^F^^^ fro Somoiriim' "J 

. • Vicjeaa mdrc cottimoriljr. 

[i] CDanre. C. C [23 Mippo^WP' C. C» 
[3] rani^. C. C, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ff6 Lucaniim. "j hi j^fcjrlymbe:' /%rep J^am hind 
man her Eaj-epe:- ©a hxb he y man ]?one rpi- 
timphan him onjean bjiohte, J?a j-entDC him man 
ane blace hacelan pn^ean him. on byj-mop poji 
rpiumphati. ^ epr hi him j-cnt>on ane runecan. 
J?a ]?e hi ro jeheron. j he eallej- buron apin^;^ 
to Rome ne com:- ycjcrep J^am Silla f e con- 
pi PompeiufCf Tejrepa. ^ej^eaht pi's Gfejif 
nium ])am j:olce. "j ny jeplymbe:* y^J^trep jJ ^fr- , 
reahr Pompeiuf pi^ 1 1 j ricentaj* j)am poke, 'j 
m rejilymbe:* Da bjiohran Romana )?one rjii- 
umphan Onjean Pompeiuf mib mlceljie yfP^ 
p}\nyjye. j:op ]?am lyrian p^e )e he )^a h^itje. 
*3 nolbpn Juiiuj-e nanne peoji'Sj'Cipe toon, peah 
lie majian basbe 'getoon hflejctoe. puron ane tunt- 
can, •J heopa ^epuin mib j'am j-pi^e jej- errant- 
J^xxtfi Jjam JuLu^ ^ Pompeiuj- abpascon [2] 2Cj--. 
cuKim }2L bujih ofi CPaspj-um. ^5 J?aep o]:j*lo;5oa 
"ehrary^ne m:« y^jxep bam ^cpeahr 8illa yc con- 
j-ul pi^ Somnirum. ^ neopa opj-loh xviii m:« 


y€jcrep* J?an^ ]?e Roiijana bujih se'^»nibjie& 
pasjr vi hunt) puirpum 'jLxu. (3) Romane pn- 
t)on 8ilIan])one conj-ul onjcan QOerpi&arij- Pap- 
rha cynmc^e:- Da ojr^uhre ^ CDapmpe J?am 
confuleluliupep eame. ^ man ;f jepmn him be- 
r$cean nol&e- *3 bast) ^ man him j^eal&e ])one 

* Orof. 1. V. c. 19. 

[i] Pincentep G. C. [2! Ojrculum. C. C, 
[3] y Romane. C. C. 

C c j-copo^an 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


reopolSan conjnilarum« ^ eac "^ je jmn. jrop Ipoa 
mr pse}* }>eap mib heom "f man ymbe xumo- 
na1S Dybe aslcef conf uler ferl anum pyle hyp- 

Ce, []?onnehir«jipaBf]:-* Da Silla jeahj-obe on 
pylc ^epab COajim]^ com ro Rome, he }z hjiseb- 
lice im& ealipe hij- pvji&e pi^ Romepeajib jcapen- 
.t)e paej-, •j OOapiuj- oeDpajc mro Romebujih mitt 
eallum hij- jcolce. •J hioe j'l^'Son J?a buphleobe 
Jjcjrenjon. *3 T|^^^^^°* T *^^"^ fyS'Son Jx)hroa 
8illan a^fij^ani* Xc he pleah faepc ilcan mhre op 
)?am benbum ))e hine man on baej ;5ebenbc. "^ 
ji^^on jrleah j'u^ ojcep f ae on Xppicam. J)xp hij* 
pilrum mxjx fxy. ^ jialSe cjcr paej- cyppenbc 
pil5 Romepeapb:. JjDim paepon rpejen conj-ulaj- 
on pilrume. Emna ^3 Septopiuf. pk paepon ymi- 
ble aelcej- yj:elej* opbjrpuman:' 

•3 f pa'Se Ipxy ]>c J)a yenaruf rchypbon. $ 
(lOapiuf ro Rome nealaehre. hi calle urjdo^on 
on Epeaca lanb aejctep 8illan ^ ^sjxtp Pompei- 
ufe. ]?ybep hi ]?a mib pypbe ;5eppenc pflepou;* 
Da psBf 6illa mib mycelpe ^geopnpulnyrrc pa- 
penbe op Epecum pi^S Romepeapb. 3 pio QDa- 
piup heapbhce jepeoht ^upuhreah. ^ hme jc- 
jclymbc, *3 callc 6pj-loh bmqon Rome bypi^ \e 
' OOapiup on pulrume pseponr^ Ra^e Jjaep eallc 
J?a conpulaj- paepon beabe buron rpam. CDapiup'J 
SiUa ^epopan him pylp. ^ Eynna yxy opla^en on 
Smypna !H^pia bypi^. ^ Sepropiup psep bprplajjen 
on Ippgnia:- 

* I conceive, the words between the crotchets fliould 
be omitted, and that cep fhould be inferted between 
hit; and .asp, which precede. 

-}- Orof. 1. V. c. 20. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Da * unbcjipenj Pompeiuj* Paptha Xcymn. 
fojijjon (Derjaibarej* heopa cymnr reah him 
ro J?a IsBjpyan Spam. ^3 eall Epeaca lanb. ac hme 
Pompeiuf op eallum J?am lanbe aplymbe. ^ hme 
bebpar on !ffpmenie. •j him aejcrep pyljepbe 
paej- ofe hme o^Spe men opplo^on. "J ^cnybbe 
Spchelauj* J)one la&reop. ^ he paej* hif unbeji-^ 
])eop:. J:>ir ij- nu un^jelyjsebhc ro j-ec^enne 
(cpaelS Opoj-iup.) "hpxtr on ]?am ^jepmne foppc-^ 
ap^. "f hi paepon bpeojenbe xl pmrpa asp hir 
^eenbob beon mihre. x'^(Sej\ je on Jjeobe pp* 
hepjim^ge. ^e on cynin^a j-hhrum. ^e on hun- 

Da + Pompeiuj* hampeapb paej- fa nolban J« 
lanbe ^ pej-ren alypon aer ' biepur^lem, him pas- 
pen on pulrume xxii cyoin^a:- ±)a her Pom-- 
peiuf "f man ^ pa?pren bpasce. ^3 onpuhre bae^ep; 
•3 nihrej- fimble onlae^ aeprep olSpe unpepije. 
*3 "f pole mib J)am a^pytran, j hi him on hant> 
eoban ymbe 'Spy mon^ap pxy J?e hi man aep 
be^an:. Daep paej- Jubea oppla^en xui m. "3 man 
topeapp })onc peall ny^ep 0(5 ])one ^punb. ^ 
man IcEtobe !?SLpiprobuIu|- ro Rome ^ebunbenne, 
pe paej- ai^'Sep ;5e heopa cynm^ ^e hcopai 


J^pocp X 1^^^ I^^ Romt'buph ^erimbpeb paej- 
VI hunb pmrpum ^ Lxvii. Romanc ^epealbqn 

* ^Orof. 1. vi. c. 4, f Orof. h vi. c. 6^ 
I brof", 1, Yu c. ;• 

C c z Eainpe 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Eaiuj-e Juliuj- Y^ofon Ic^jon, jcopj^op )?c be fce- 
obf p^ piuteppinnan on EiU;e:* 

y^jcrep * )»m J)e he hi opppunnen b«j:toe. he. 
yioji on {i]Bpirtonie f ijlanb. "3 pxt5 j^a Bpyr- 
fcaf ^cj:«ahr, ^ ;5edymet) peap*5 on J»am lan&c 
J>e man her Eenwanb:- Ra^e J)aej- he ^ejcpaht 
pi's J)ji Bpytraj- epr t>n Cenrlanbe. ^3 hx pup&on 
aflyniet):-; t)eopa ^pibt^e jejceobr. .j^a^f peah 
)>^pa ca Jte man haet Temcfe. neah |7am popba 
Jfe man haer [2.] fcUnjappb:- yCprcp j^am 2;cr 
j:eohr<j..hun eobe on bant) re cyn^tig "3 buphr 
pape [3] yt paeppn on [4] Eypnceaj-rpe. ^ p'B- 
^on ealle J?e on ^am j^Ianbe paepoh:- 

y€f trep -f- J^am luliuf f op to Rome. *3 baeb f 
hjm man bpohte lone rpiumph^n onTjean^f ]?a 
b^bubon bi him. $ he qoro nub jceapum maonviin 
TO Rome. ^ ealne hij- pdrum beaejcran him Icr 
tci' 5Cc J?a he hampeap^ pop him.comao on^ean 
j?a '^py ealboppen j'C him on jculrume paejion. 
•3 him fo^bon f hi fop^ hif ^m^gum abpa^irre p«- 
pon. rj eac ;f ealle ]?a le;5ion. )>e paepon on Roma- 
ne anpealbe. paepon Pompeiuj-c on jrulrume ;§€- 
f ealb. ^ he }t jraeyrlicpe jepm mihre habban yvS 
hine:« Da penbe ej:r luliuj- ro hip a;5enum pol- 
ce. ^ paepenbe ma&nbe pa unapfc ^6 man him bu- 
'^^^ I SjTi^yy?^^^^ by be. *3 fpi'Sopr ))apa manna 
]?e pop hi J- "Sm^umfoppupbon. "J hehun afpeon 
ropi}]?an fa pepfon legion ])e paepon on [6]8u1t 

* Pr6f. 1. vi. c. 9» t Orpf. 1. yi* c. 16. 

[1] Bpirtannie, M.L. ' [2] pdenja. M. I.. 
[:}] };e. C. C. [4] Eypenceaprpe. M. I- 
[5] 5-pyj^hron.C. C. [6] Siloitrpne. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


foone ^amlaobe:* £)a Pompciujr. ^ Lsko. ^ ealle 
]?a j-cnaruj- J jchyplbon. ]» pojian hi on Cpea* 
cap 3 nuceloe pilrum 2;e;^benot>aQ op Thjiaa 
^aepc &unc:» D?i pop luUuf ro Kome. •^ robjiaec 
heopa majMBhuj-, -3 call 2;e&aelt>c $ j)«p jniic pasf > 
Daer ii* unalypebiic ro j-ec^anne* ^cpae^ Ojiof x-* 
uf ) hp«r j^aejr callcf pae}-:« yCprep ^ni be fbp 
[i] ro [2] OOaj-j-iliam ;f lanb, TJ taep ler "Speo le- 
gion beaejcran hipi^ro "Son $ bi y folc ro bim jc* 
ny&fton. 3 be j-ylf mib ])am o'Spum baele yrop oa 
[3] Irpanium. })aBp Pompewrcf Legion paepoa 
init) hif Spim larreopum. ^ he hi ealle ro him 
reoybbe:!* yGjcrep ])am he pop on Epeaca lanb* 
plep bip Pompeiur on anpe bune onbab mib x^yi 
cymng^n. buron hip* agenum pulrume:- Da pop 
Pomp^iup ))«p QOapcellup. p«f IuU"f cp labreop. 
•3 hme qpploh nnb eallum bjp polce:* y6prep 
j)aqi luliup bepaer Topquarup. Pompeiup larre^ 
pp. on anum paeprene. ^ him Pompeiupep aeprep 
pop. J>aep peap^ luliup geplymeb. •^ hip^polcep 
fela popf J^geni. popbam ]« him man peahr oa 
rpa healpa. on o^pc nealpe Pompeiup, on o'Spe 
p larreop:* Si^'San pop luliup on Theppaljant 
T jjapp hxp pulrum gegabepabe:* Da Pompeiup 
y gehypbe. pz pop he him «prep mib [4] ^»S^- 
mcrlican pulrume. he haepbe [5]hunb eahrarig; 
cooprana. (j) pej nu rpuman hara'S) "^paep on 
)?ambagum [6] pip hunb manna, ^anm, ]?ip eall^ 

* him rather. 

fi] pn. M. L, [2] gamapiam* C. C* 

[3} Ippanie, C. C. [4] unjemedicura. C. C 

[3J eahre 3 eahranj, M. L, [6] op. C. C. - 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


he hxjfbt butron hij- a^emim piltume. "J butan 
Earone h\y ^jejzepan. 'j buton ]?apa i-enaruj-ei*:- 
Sob luliuf hxffoc hunb cahratn^ cooptana:- 
tJeopa ae^^ep haejibe hif pole txn ^jiira heapum. 
•3 hi f yl}:e paepon on ])am mi&mef ran. *J J)a olSpe 
on rpam healf a heopa:* Da luliur hsejc&e aennc 
)>aepa baela ^eplymcb. ]?a clypobe rompeiuj- him 
ro ymbe Romane calbe ;5ecpybp3ebenc ])eah ]?e 
hi j-ylj: jelaefcan nc ])obrc. " Depepa. ^cjrepa. 
« ;j5cnnyne jJ^u upe ^cpep^bene ^ cpybpaebenne 
** ro lan^ ne ojcepbpaec":* Da anpcapb he him. 
•3 opal's. " On pumepe ribe %u paepe mm ^e- 
*< jrepa. ^ jcopj^am J>e ^u nu ne eapr. me ly eall 
•* leopp: ^ iSe la'Sop if":- Dasr paej-reo^e- 
cpybpaeben J?e Romane jef er hacjcbon. y heopa 
nan o'Bepne on ^ne anbphran ne floje. Ipxp, 
)>aep hi hi a:r Tepeohrum ;j^emmerron:« yCprep 
\am popbum rompeiup peapIS ^eplymeb mib 
eallum hip pojce. ^ he pylp p^^an o^pleah on 
!ffj"iam mib hip pipe- *j mib hip beapnum, ^ 
ry^^n he pop on Gryprum. ^ hip pulrumep 
baeb aer Phrolomeupe pam cynm^ge. ^ pa^ J?aep 
]je he ro him com. he him her ;f heapub opace- 
oppan. 'J hir py^^on her luhupe onpenbon. "^ 
hip hpmj mib:- TTc ])a man hir ro him bpohre 
he paep maenenbe ]?a bsebe mjb miclum pope, prop- 
)?on he fxy ealpa manna milbheoprapr on ]>am 
ba2;uni:- ^/6prep fzm Phrolomeup ^claebbe pyp- 
be pib luhupe. ^ eall hip pole peap'S ^eplymeb. 
•3 he pylp ;j5epan5en. ^ eaile ])a men [i] luliup 
her opplean. J?e asr J>aepe lape paepan "f man Pom- 
peiup opploh. anb he ppa ])eah epr popler Phro- 

[i] TTleXanb^p. M. Lv 


Digitized by VjOOQI^ 


lomeuf ro hir pice:* yGptcp jjam luliuf ^cjre- 
ahr pi's Phrolomeuj- J?jiipa. T aer aelcon cyppe 
pje hae^rbe:. 

yCpcep * pam jepcohre ealle ^KXP^^ pujabon 
luliure unt>epj)eopaf* "3 he himjry%'Son hpeapjc 
ro Rome. ^ cjx ytxxc fcnaruf . ^ hme j-ylpne 
man ^ej-crre ^ he paej- hy ppe jjoone con pal. "^ 
hi heran ricratrop:^ /Eprcp J?am he jpop on 
Sfpice aejcrep Earone jJam conj-ule:- Da he ^ 
jeahfo&e. J)a tep&e he hij-punu jp he him on^jc- 
an jcope. ^ hme him ro ppi'Se jej-ohre. ):op)>on 
" (cpae^ he) ])e ic par. "f nap j-pa job man [ne 
»' leoplS. rpahe i|^.|[on fij-pon hjce. ]?eah ]?e he me 
** ry r^ laxSoyra.^ pp])on ic ne ma^j pnban aer 
" me j^ylpum. $ ^^ ^^^^ ^FP^ jepo: •" 

y€|:rcp ))am popbe he eobe ro jjaepe bup;5c pe- 
allum. *3 jJcah ur ojrep. ;^ he call robaepj-r:« TCc 
])a luhu J- on ]?aspe bypij com. he him yxy j-pi^e 
[i] maenenbe 'f he ro him cucon ne com. "3 ^ he 
j-pylcon bea^e f pealr:- y^p:cp ]?am luliuf Jepc- 
ahr pi15 Pompeiuj-ef jencj:on. "j pi^S manije 
hip majap. ^ he hi ealle ojrploh. ^ p^^^on ro 
Rome pop. ^ j^aep paep ppa anbpypne. t him man 
bybe i:eopcp pi^n J)one rpiumphan pa he ham 
com:* Si'oSon he |:op on Ippanie. ^ jepeahr pi^ 
Pompeiupep rpam punum. ^3 J)«p f^y hip pole ppa 
rpi^e poppla^en. ;f He pume hpile penbe $ maa 
mne ;5epon pceolbe. T he pop ^arpe onbpabm- 
je J?aBp j?e ppi'So)! on J pepob j^panj. popJ)on J)e 
him fpey leoppe. ^ hme man opploje. J^onne hme 
man ;5ebunbe:* 

* Orof. 1. vi. c. 16. 

[i] panitsnSe. M.L. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


yGjrrcp * ))am he com t:o Rome. ^ ealle j)a ^e- 
j-crnyj*|-a })e Jjaeji ro rtpan;5e psepon. •;! ro heap- 
fee, he hi ealle ^ebybe leohtpan ^ h^pan. hrej^a 
eallum Jam f enarum ojfbmcenbum* ^ J>am coin 
j-ulum. ^ he heopa ealbatf jej-^^tTnyf fa robpc- 
can potee. ahleopan ])a ealle ^ hme mib heopa 
merj-eaxum opi-ricetDon on heopa ^jemorepnc;' 
Daepa punba psep xxvii. 


y^ftcji f J)am fc Romana buph ^etrimbpcb 
ifxy vii hunb pmtjium ^ [i] Lxx. jceoj Ocravi- 
anup ro Romana anpealbe. heopa vm^aacep. aef- 
rep luhurej- ^h^t niy maejep. poji})on ))e hine 
hxfbc luliup him aep mib jeppirum ^epeft- 
no'o. J?aer he «fren him ro eaimm hip ^eprpc- 
onum pen;5e* pop pon J?e he hme pop masjpaebc- 
ne jelaepbe. '^ ^erybc, "3 he py]?jH)n 1111 ^ejcc- 
ohr pel cynelice gepeahr. ^ ^uphrcah. ppa fpa 
luliup hiy m«2; bybe aep. an pi^S Pompeiuf. 
[2] o^p pi'BSnroniup J?one conj-ul. [3] "Spibbe 
pi^Eaj-pup [4] people yi^ Lepibup. ]?eahj)e 
he pa^e j?aep hip ppeonbpyp&e. "l he eac ^tt>yt)C 
J Snroniuf hip ppeonb peap^. y he hip bohrop 
pealbe [5] Ocraviane ro pijx. ^ eac f Ocravi- 
anup)-eal^ hip ppeoprop Anroniupe:* 

♦ Orof. 1. vi.c. 17. t Orof. 1. vi. c. 18^ 

fi] Lx.M.L. fz] anpiB. M.L« 
£3] obpe. M. L. [4] |?pit)t)e. M. L. 
[5] luliufe. M, L. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

HdHMESTA .B.E0JS .^LfREDL: ft6< ' 

aIt)e:^^ie.3Criam:r jfyvej^ )>am h€ jrojitex: Oc^ 
tivijgiuj^j- fpeojrreiv.^ htm ryipiparPBbeat) ^i 

F ^<^^l«»aa Eleopavpan >* cpcRC* rl>a haejtt)© 
Jujiu|» a^ *] hipe jcopt'aai liasjc&e ^$fealt> fall 

hi ro^actiepe copaanc* Daef , ymbe 'Sfico nint?hi 
^epuhrfm^^r. OB j-ap:? .0cravianuf hqj^jc&e xxjt 
r^ip*- 3 cc ]?apa miGi^lpa /Spype^pena. on }>am 
fc^pa |:j^njbc eahra je^ioo* -3 Xnroniaf hK}&f 
be huab eahrapi^ f cipa. on ^am f^pan ^i^pcOM^ 
X lexfoa jcopJ)Qn j^a micle f pa|be laej* hx^. j^pi* 
Eucfe hi paeppn bcrcps«r| majian. PQpJjon hx y^ 
pon f^a ^epophr,. $ lii, maq ne. nua:ce mib maof 
num o):epihl^f rail. ;^ hi n«pan t?yn jcota heage 
bujcanjpxfce^:- Daer j^oht; peap^ j-pi^epiayKf 
])eah J)e Ocravianu|- pre hasfOe. j?arp Ocraviay 
nufCf- -f- jcplc^rP2B)^.oj?pIa5en xu m- xflcoparjia 
hif cpen pcjap'o.;g[cj:lyme&..fpa hi togae&epefOf 
man nut) hjme bepe;« yCjcrep |)am Octaviauuj* 
^ef eaht: pi^o TCnroniu)^. -3 pi^S Eleoparpao. ^ bi 
^eplymbe. t P^ej- on j)sepe ti&e her ^2] 'K'^xxf^ 
tup. "J on pam toaeje ]?c pe hara'S hlaf m^f j-an:* 
Si^lSon paep Ocravianup !S!;j;upruj- haren. fropjjon 
J)e he on )>xpe ribe pije haepbe:- y€j:tep j^am 
SnroDiup *3 Deoparpa haejrbon ^egab^pab 
j-ciphepe on Jam Rcaban jrae* ac J)a him man j-a* 

♦ Orof. 1. ru c. 19* 

f From the tontcxt this fliould be KntrnvaY^p 

to jcpcalboik M* L. ii] Hulenbaf . Mg Li 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

a»el)f<b b^jUi by)H;$ena^. *;) ^ oil t^tah etibt 
H i^t&^tdfi on ^th-^cti pip JNi hoV he(Mii^(iii| 
Bp fialij* J)a naibjtan. ^ tton vo hijvb dajHte; f ko 
hi Abite. pp ))oA >6 ^)<> oaebjMn «!^nt> Ij* tSiV 
*lc uhr >sisf ^e heo «bitrfcte4 hiF % ott yhltj^ 
^eeubiati; *j h«o ip0p jKim b^ f li4D0^^)ofoe>f 
hi mtA ^ijje be^pail jteiil '&|u«ftiipil«ii t^ 
Romej^^b!' i>4 Tttirdciuip ;$ifefeaAi f^tb hi to 
t>ea%c ;^yjriebe. |*a ojefticdbete hl«fe;ffl^ *) 
hebeab f hiiie mao on ]Ni ylcAa'^/i^^iife to 
hijf^ f pa * focpe ak^!< ^ 0£aei^illiiit|r|yi> 
beft com. )ni h6« he nifiiiii o^t^ittf efiMef ii(t^ 
c'ftiii.'Vrrftlluf If huoea, f^oiat^ifoitA kifief 
tf hieiitfvtzop vfc op vata*'^jp ta tiaeth'oithct M 
b]nnc^. ic lAo j«f j:0)i%4^- ^ hit ^Tbe|i 
cdme:- Si'SBoit Oc^avioiH^ Isfe^cate SElrfJcailbjttr 
hm Cjypt* bcapb^bujth. "l miphipa ^jcfiqie^ 
onie} he ve))er^obe Kbi^^jrh |^i^ |/iriiia cftUti^ 
et^iinhre b(rBi^m)»0ibum be^ [,^]i^a^ii. |eB» 
^ n^i e^ mihie:* 

f i] jeapb. M. L. £«]] cepiSQ. C; C. 

* f amcuche (or rather j^mcuce) occottiKng to ttte 
I^tiderdale Tr»f(ea» to be thcittickatiiogt tttd-^jsi- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


orole ^racnob ^btfta^ibrr ^."^fii^ B*fii: 
pi% Romepeajib iftbbe ae|:rep luhufCf* x^tjjti' Da 
ilcan be^e. ^ hue matt to confole [2]}-erre. 
[3]^pcap.15 "^ man ^fcah ymbc )>a j-unban 
f pylof ^ 'Zfl«>eii fitik%. -J binnaq Ropocbyjii^ 
pepll ap pyUf> ^ calif b^;^. On }jtm hpiti^c 
psB)* |gp^m»<H!f j> op bif m^pun fctoibe peoji^on. 
^boijie^ |H»' )ns lm^t;|i|i i]^. "1 f ctnpnb)^a ])onne 
}*eo pp9ft J^ |^««. fiPbfe ew^^aciifbe mtitr- 
fon^fftl^JujiBk m^^OAf. rf>a he cac iiisi>i;^iTacea 
rti^jc ;$^yb« J» «^ ^iwnb«n. jieab }>p hi unjn-: 
^cn»?«byfie. on ftobCf byfTne:- fiWtijiarf «jicn? 
$ he b^i^^ of3f p ealne Aibban ^eajnb j> alQ 
maj55^ ymbc ^fa|ief jfiyrie vo^a^bene cortae. t 
aelc in|^i}>y (^eg/iOp .Jiftre hj^/i hi pblie haqatoft. 
^ ^s|en(^ ^ Qh hif ba^m fceolbe beon ;^e- 
bopen. f e }ft ujr calle ro anum jax j Tcmote je- 
la])oti, ^ bi"^ jE)n ])am r?Qp.efibanli|£e:« O^ppsef jl 
hebebe^t) | taM hmH) eyu ^ne {ibbe haejcbon. '3 
an ^a}:oi ^Ibpn. ^racqobe ^ pe eolle j-ceuloit 
suae ^le^jcoii habbon. "J aenne piUan ^obpa yt- 

* Orof. 1. TJ. c. xp. 

r 1 1 nonplatM. C. C. [23 6ybc. M. L. 
t'il 5^Faj»^ deeft C. C. 

D d 2 Cjica:' 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

9P4 HOltMEBTA ftEOiS JEt^HE&t 

pjica:- Djiibbc paey ^ he hebcab ;f xlc ^apa ]?e 
on ael^p&i^niffc pxya. come t;o hiy a^enum 
^capbc. •) to hif jcebep c^le. xe ]>eope» ^c ppi» 
^. -3 fe^$i»ol»e, he bd^eab pman ^aiMUe«»p 

poo. )»e3? racQobf ^ i|f ;ealium i^ pebobeiijr )» 
jxeok^ ^wnwn o):'8iffe ]K)puUw«> upefj^^ 
cJilie. ^ If ^ heQfXMiviQi pioe. "J jre ]ft% n«fe, b» 

• ;'-^ -.'. xv; 

yfpcep * ^m ^ Romebuph ^ctrimbpeb p«f 
vu htinb jHatrpum *} xKxvii )»dpbda fttnU^ Ijt»- 
me li^oba 'S'^upevfe jfitJeppmnan. ^ 6i!ft>ybe he 
epc lanef bupu. tJ)i=8 hi jcypbetetobe; -5 hr^e- 
pyinbe. *J bi p^l^ii on aiium ppfwee bcj-aet, 
;f hi f ilS^on hi fflfi^j^isbe ofYlo^om. fvaSae mb 

punnan pi^ Jt^Uftruf. «^^p ;5e Mipice; ^ 
Pannonn. "^o bepmetine. '^e inani^e &6j\c Ik-? 
oba:* !ff^up:uj-cj- lattcppaf mane^ micle '^t- 
jceohr pjIS hira 'Suphru^on. butron !ff^uyrufe 
yylpum. aephi opepcuman fnihran:- yCpceji ^m 
Jtjuftruf feribe Qumriliuf ^one conjul on Eep- 
manie mib tSpim le^iop. ac beopa pcap% aslc op- 
pla^n. baton |?am conpule anum:* Fop })aepe 
bflebc pcap'S JC^guptur j-pa jiapij. $'he opr un- 
pitenbe floh mib hip neapbe on jK)nc pah,, Jroooe 
he on hip perle paer. ^ ]>one conpul he her op- 
plcan:- J^fctj\ J?an) Eepmanie ;5cpohron ^Sgup 

* Orof. 1. vi. c, 21* ^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


tuy unjenybbc him tro ppi'Bc. ^ he himpop^e- 
9f jx>nc mp. )>c he ro him pif re:^ 

yCpep * pam J?eoy t)opult> call jeceaf Xjajr^ 
CTfCf ppilS. "J hif j-ibbc. ^ eallum mannum oaa 
uhr j-pa 50^? nc J>uhre. j-pa "^ hi ro hiy hylbon 
becomao.^ "^ hi hif unocp^opaf pap&on:- Ne 
pplSon ;f aemjum pice hiy a^enum x ^elicobe 
to bealt>enne. buron on J)a pipin Je hyn Xjuj-- 
tuf bebeab:- Da pujibon lancf bujiu ep: bcty- 
neb. "3 hif loca puj-^i;5e. ypa hi naejcpe aeji iix* 
pon:- Oa^amilcan ^eape Ipc J?Tf eall jcpeaplS. f 
yxy on J>am rpam "[J peopeprijj^an pinrpe ^ff^uf 
tcf ej- pice. )>a pcap^ p ^jcbopen. ye J?e J)a pibbe 
bpohre e^lpe populbe. ^ ly upe bpihrea haelenb 
Epif r:* Nu ic haebbe ji;eyxb. (cpae^S Opopiuj-) 
jcpam jrpym'Sc ^ifpcf mibban^eapbep hueall 
Oiancyn on^ealb J>aBj^ apepraa manncp fynna 
mjb miclum reonum. nu ic pylle eac pplS^cpc- 
^an. hpylcmilrpunj. ^ hpylc S^J>p«pnepp ptJ- 
^n pasp pi iS'Son pc Epiprcnbom paep. jclicop* 
})am ^e mann^ heoppan apenbe. pop)>on j>e )>a aep* 
pan J)in5 a^olibene p«pon:« 

J^p epba'S peo v boc. •j cn^in^ peo vi. 

L I B. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

.>. % I 

. ...;r. 

, /" , ■; • . ■ 

• i 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

' .' -HIE Vt. ' ■■■ ' 

• ' • • I 

. , 1. _ - r 

JE>ser kfikfctf^ 6tx ISrrifaiiia, on }aiiillcsftie«* 
nucfcai^ stn|>eak}e, oh Balbiloiiii jHc^eflfA^fi 

aifl jealbe, a^ litttr 2;ej°^'^Ufci )c/iam Nmuffe hsopA 
ftjiefran ipyhui^e^ ti^Sftjit«bapoIiiin heoTU toed* 
l<ran : jlif ^UuihiHrt) pnr/ja "j amrii. iDa^Ei* 
puj- iJ^iiarti B&poma, hi>d aapeateef Jteeu^ 
xjf)6ft RoiAKoapeaxan. €^on^mb«;^ai)r^f«| 
;! noptSmejxe midienbe on CDaecebonia6)> )wV 
^cfroti ^t\k % Jtonne vit btrob jumtfia rfiaih. 4ie- 
opa a^eftaikcynm^c [j^llajiune, [4|c«i^tffi» . 
j-euf^hedpa^ixettieprafi. 6paeact>n [|$]1C)^ 
canii 1^ ^fti fu^emtejran, Cap«au» ^isobtfjiA 
heo tepcA eac bmtian vii hmib )'ttlt;)tay *f ^tabt 
J^ifife, ppjt J>*r )?e bcoiejTttfr [6] Mo jt |>ij> 

* drof.I.vii.c.2. 

[i] popeSan. iiilM. fi] In. C. C. 
[3 1 Hanone. C. C. [j^^ or. M. !,• 
[5] S^Fpxum.M L^ ^ {ijjDiJwi. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQI(2 


man ;^runbjiet>e, olS [ i ] heo cpc 6ctpio ropea]^ 
yt conpiL 8j>a eac Romana, (pc if mxrc ^ pcj-- 
rcmcj-t;) ymbc vii ^anb ^iiir^a, *J yinb lyrclne 
cacao, com in}'cel f:yp-cyn, "^ mycel bpync on 
Romebaph, 1^ j^p bmfiao ppbapn xv ruoap 
)7a nan man nyjre hipanon f jryp com, T J)«p 
)!X»pjPjea})1S maefT eaU 7 )>^ bmnanjpef, p^^j^ 
wwaiSe «Biu^ ^jiobr : p^a^^lej* o^jrrot). dm 
JWB bjjyjftf- nco jwej- j-jji j-pi'Se jsopbyncnb, 'J>«« 
beo ^^pe 'fi|S^n fpik mej-, a:n hi ep ^JCot' 
tuf-fja ancle bet:.;^eri^pet)e fonqe ^eo xfpe 
9ji]^IH^rjyZ^p^^^ir^iS^paayxy. Spa 
|( ;i^ fif»e is^n fl^^^i^ J ^o J>^J[^ out) pmfTa* 
»ua<5»|HPteci¥^^ |one pilra^^^ Sguj-- 

laif-j^hrc mibi^Ia m ralenrana. Xiitf^Y 
cac j[T^fi(^o\t gcj-ync, $ hir paer Eobej- rmbrung 
ymlMt j'apa Tiica oDpealoaf , )>a pa TSbpaname paej* 
>^peba%en, Lpif ref cyme on ])am rpam "^ 6a 
^pt^^an pinrp}[ )>a?f j)e Nmuj- picpobe on 

SjM.f eac ejct on jam .}-i^me]^an anpeafoe, *] 
Oi[k)}aa[i.p&fteme}^an(^ ij- Rome) peap'S jpc ilea 
^ebqpeo, ]>e aep Abpahame ;^ebareu pa:)-, on^ain 
iq>iM» *j ,j:eopepTi^]Jan Xeape bas|- ^ 3S!gart;uf 
piqfOt>e,. f paj- j-«5Son Komeouph ^erimopeb 
jwej" yu bunt) pmrpa "3 rpa -j pprij, SrS^on 
^pcr(Jb Romebuph t;pelj: pmtep, nub miclum 
pelom, )>e hpUe \t 2![!^j*ruf , ea^me «o pt^ Eob 
Teheblb, )« he on^uaneo haejiDe ; )>aer paef ^ae« 
he j:leah, *} jcopbeab j^ hme man Itob here, fpa 

* QioC 1. yii. c. j« 

Ci] hi c. a 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


i»fi«yii^^ nalbe ^i^ihtin j>aBf^ iaic ploilbon f 
awKpD l|iin rofaae^f^^ b»cn oyjf}ick>t. 3^c l^aef 

f C^ffwrxi onSipte^ (hit hq^jcbe T^ujtruj* hi^ 
to ui^sdte sq^ealb,) jni iiQlt><: Jift him ^ebu>ban» 
tp.jfam fltkniThri^m Oot>e, )>e he trd J&iepuf a- 
1cm com, }>a nifc man S^pre f«t)<i, j)a hcpet>e 
he,]7ax2)xpmerro, 'inapuhris^jeah Ka"^ 

j^f Bofoiane OQ^nlbop )»e;)^ j^opbej*, imt) fpa mir 
ttent Auaype, j)jei? X^f ruf a&)i«p oj: Rbmcbyi- 
ptjhttilfrp ])C j)aji binhan pajian* ©a pcaja'S cpt 
Jaocf^trajm ucibon, popj^oii ^e^ Itf&rcopaj* pa^* 
jlonyjS^^frujre pf tntfoe^mlaot>utn un^efia&e^ 
leah j?^ i^il ^cjciiohr ^fijihhtro^en <ie pujibe. > 

^/Bpiwip* paffl ^e^ RomebtijntH ;5;etimbpeb pa?f 
-▼11 hunt) piarjiuni ^ Lxvii* jren^ Tibejiluf r0 
pice je Ecfap aejrteji ff^upruf e:* J!3e paep Roma- 
num ]*pa Fop;5yj:en •;j f pa mil&e. j-pa him nan an- 
peak)a n«j' ap j?am. o^ Pilariif* hwn piibeab ppaiti 
t)iepu[*aliem yrabe Epiftcr Tacnunj;a. ';j ymbc 
hiffflaprpun^^a. ^ cac $ nmemaeni^e yiop Dob 
h®pboH> !3lc ]>a he hir j-aebc bam j^enamm. )?a 
pupbon hi ealle pi^S hme fpy%e pylScjipeapbe. 
pp ]}on }e hir man ne [-aebe seppop. ppa hir mib 
him Tepuoa pae]^. ))fiEt:«'hi hit p^'&ob mihron eal-i 
lum Komanum cyiSon. ^ cpaebon y hi hme fop 
Dob habban jiolbon:* i)a pc^p^ Tibepinp Roma« 
num j-pa ppa'B *] fpa heapb. j-pa he him aep pasf 

* Orof, 1. i, c. 4. 

t n^atn feeiiis to be here Ivanung* 

E € milbt 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


milbC;! ♦lej«. f he pjineah iMnoe }»/ia j-e- 
nat:u}-|*a ne ler cucune. ne ])apa rpa *} rpeIIt^ 

fpa manna ))e he him ro pilrome na^|:t>e «copea 
[i] hi bij* paeb-Jwahrepaj' pspon..)^ qian her 
[2] parpiciof • ealie )?a be her ojcj-teao* baton 
rpam. j^e hij- agene rpe^en f una:* J!5u EoD J» )»a 
maep:an ojfe/imcrro ^cpp«c on j>ani jcolce. •J ha 
j-pi'Se hi hif onruteon }:pam heojiaa^cnum Ea- 
f epe. J^eah hir 6allum ]?am p)lcum on o^pum lan« 
t)um fpa j-pi^e jeppcccn ne pupbe f pa hir o)jr 
aep papp- On j^am xii jjcape Tibepiuj-cy- piccp 
peap'S ejcr Eobej- ppacu Romanum.J^a hi acr he* 
.cpa thearpum paepon mit> heppa ple;j5on. J)a hit 
calltofcol.^ heopa oirj-Ioh xx m:- fyp'SiXpc ppa- 
ce hi j:oppupbon fa. (cpae^ Opoj-iof.) J>a pa ^e he- 
ppa pynna y-ceoteon hpyppan. *j baebbote boo 
j'pi'Sop fonne heopa plcgan began, j-pa heopa 
punna pap aep ])am Epip renbome:- On ^am eah* 
rarco'San ^[eape hip nicep. ]?a Epipr p«f (3] on- 
hangen. peap'S mycel "Seoptepnyrpc ofep ealnc 
mibbanxeapb. ^ p pa mycel eop^B beopun j. j} clu- 
bap peoJlan op munrum. *J J^aer J?a;pa punbpa 
maepr yxy. Ja pc mona pullpaep. Tj)^ppc pimnan 
pyppcpr. ^ heo )?a ajjyptpabe:- y'tptep ])am Ro- 
mane acpealbon Tibepiup nub arrpc. he haepbe 
nice xxm pinrpa:* 

* b^e more commonly. 

[i] hi decfl: C. C. L2] patfnciupf C C. 

[3] abanjen. M. L. 

III. yCprep 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



y€jrt:eji* )«im j^e Romebujih ^crioabpeb pasf 
VII hunt) pintjiiMn'3 Lixxx. peajt'B Enuj* Cali- 
gula Eaj-epe iiu^ap:- t)e paej- j-pi'lJe ^jepylleto 
mib untieapum. '^ mib ppenluj^ram. "j call he 
j-pylcc Rohwina J>a pyp^e paepon. jco/i^n Jjc hi 
Epiftrcf bebob byfP^o^^ T ^^^ pjif apknt* 3te he 
hir on him f pa f-proe ppac ^ hi him f pa la'Se 
paepon. J)i2Br he ojpr pifcre. $ ealle Romane hae):- 
bon aenne j-peopon. p he hme jia'bopt: jropceoji- 
pn mihtre. ^ i^ iflir un^emcre maencnbcpaep f 
j^ |)a iiasjr- j-pilc j-acurpilc jjieji o):t: aji pajf. 'j 
he j^ylf jcop ojrcon o^pe lanb. 'n| polbe Tepmn 
nnban. ac he ne mihre buroo pbbe:- Un»c* 
lice paepoo J>a riba (cpaeS Opofiuj*.) nlS^oon 
Epift; ^ebopcn paej*. f I'B^on man ne minre un- 
pbbe pnbon. "^ aep Jjam [i]man ne mihre mib 
nanum ISm^m jropbu^jon:- On J)am bajum com 
eac Eobej- ppacu oj»p Jubeum. ^ hi ae^^ep 
haejcbon un^J>p«pnej-fe ^e betpeonum him 
Yylmm, ^e ro callum plcum- j^pa J)eah heo paej* 
f prooj*r on 3Clexanbpta J«epe bypiT. ^ hi Daiuf 
her urabpipn:* Dia j-enbon hy Filoncm heopa 
Jjone ;5ela2pcbcp:an man. ro Jjon ;p he him j-cc- 
olbe Eaiuj-cf milrfc [2] ^eaepenbian. ac he 
[3] IP? J^P^ ^epilnun^c yyy'l&Q by|^mopabe. ^ 

* Orof. 1. vii.c. 5. 

f This ftiould probably be mib* 

[i] hieman. C*Cf X^] sea^pcnbiap. M. L. 
[5 J hio pop. M. L. 

E e 2 bebeab 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

bebeab j? hj man on aelce hcalja hynbc ))a5ji m^n 
J?onne niihre. "^ bebeai "^ man wylpe biopol- 
^yJba J?a cypiceao ar -bicjivfyalcm^p man ha j- a^cn 
?>iO|CQ%ylb j)»j>i:o'ipi8&«j? afO«^#. tPfr*^^.^^^ 
anlicpcfj-e^ "7 JPiUtuj- he hw:bo pa J^jiearuo^a- 
Q^ be nine |7lpe opfcan j, ne *ebemt)Ci ujiiie 
bjiittten ro &eal5d:- Ka^9 ]^|^ l^mane pjerylo: 
jon Eaiujr fla?pent5e:- {)< pti]» man oa hif 
malSnihqy- ^pa cyj-r^. >^ .yaejion a^scpejr jculle* T 
on o^jSpe paejr aa ^ppit. ^a|/i jxepea^a a])pire»e 
j&alpa ])ajia }4CQft:/ia manna ^ami^n* j'^ be^acpel: 
Janjiphre.^ h0|ij J»e laef ppp^earpf* £la ^ear 
irit^n J arxx^p uipon |?one [•«.*;) na^^e ^«f ^p conv 
up my eel p ael fc^pa pf<:a:* yc^&ep j>a5j- fj?i^ 
gej-yne Dpbcp ppapu. j he "^ «olc [i] poyi;ian 
ler. ^e epf bj-, m|lrf un;^*?! J)a ne h^ pppbOn ue 
Jer. j-pa bir Ediuj- ^)?ohte baejct)?;- 

r. -. ' ly/ . ■ • . . 

y€p:ep * )?am }« Rlbmebupb ^priml>pcb paj- 
ifr|i hunb ptnryta "J [ 2] xcv. )>a cen;^ Tibqpiuj- Elaii- 
biuf ro Rompaa anpealbcv On J^ani aspcj-Wtti *c^ 
ape hiy picef PeTjpujp f^'e-appftoluf cootr t:o clo- 
me. T ]?jep pl\j*)oh aepcps JCfufret^c men ^nph 
h\y lape:- Ba 'polbbn Komane ojriean Claubiuf. 
p5p J3aiu|-ejf Ha^nm hi|- ma?^ep paej* ctpfian £a- 
fepef< ^ ^jajte J>^ ]?e )?«pc nia&^'Se [3].Jp»pc. ac 
iiiib )op pt lij ]?a?]- Epij-renbome)- onjreb^on. lu 

* Oroff 1. vil* c*. 6. 

Ft"! cpfrjjatt. M . L. [2] xci.^. L, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


pMcftpoD para Effej)e. >• iO J^SJ^l^ bif ina:^ 
lio^^ pi's hi f^j^pophr- T hi jcoj^2?<^ajc l»si 
e^iiim ^ uopihr 3 j) pceop )^bi mm bon ]>oiDi^ 
»xi:' On }xpc riXae ^eppajf^ eac 0^/1 taicea on 
^HSMii^ f|opea}t)e« filS't^oQ him fe £pift»ntx»m 
t;e com. f p9f I Diilmarie poliMO ^e]ry Ikm &qu* 
jbaoianuire JMiaa ks^vc^oft heopa cyoepice. *3 fi1S» 
"^ly pi'ilioiMoe jWinan. acjTa hi ^epmnabjia?* 
jion. .•^ hjac ro cyninjc bon jH^lbcm. )» oe nwh- 
ran hi )a [3] ^ij'Spnan upahebban. |-pa beojia ISe- 
ap paj". ^nne [4] anpeal&aj" fcrton. ac puji&on 
hjm rylpiij? pilSeppeapbe ;f hi hit aej:pe on2;un* 
ppn. *3 Scpibiniamij- ojrj-lojpn:* [5] ffcpacc- nu 
(cpartS Ojipj-iuy) yc J5e pylle. o^'Se j-e f e bupjic^ 
p J an jp paepe jej-riUeb pp J^aej* ijiij-rftobo- 

Ejiij-renbbme j-pa 5enpu]i):e. 3;if hir onjuQiien 
pacpe> CWJep punbop gepeapp eac ]?y popjj^ 
^eape Elaj^bjuj-ef picep f he j-ylj: »p;ep jpo/j 
2;epinne. ^ nan jcjinbaa np mihrc:- On ^am ^ey 
iape pfcy- mycel nunjjop pn Sipia-^j on^Paleprma* 
buroa "^ €lena/[6]!S^biabpn4 cpcn. j'^ealbebam 
muniiCianj popp renoh. j)c paspon aer JlDicpuf-aJueim 
jppp Jofi ji^ heo pa psej- nipilice Epipren:- On J?atn 
pfran^eape nau&iu|-e|- picep. peap'S o^ypeb 
an i;5lanb berpuh Tbepiam. T Thepapam* 
[7] feopn mila bpab. ^ pp mila lan;^:* On J>aiii 
[8J feojroj^an ^eajie hij- picej- pcap^ J74 mycel 
un^e))paepnej-|- pn t)xepu|'alem. berpub J?am Je 

j] psehfe^C.G. [2] ^xepopht;^ M. L. 
j] ^«%onan. M. L. [4] hie anpeatoaf. M.L, 
'S\ oS. M/L. [6] aethibexia. M. L. 
.7] V. M- L. [8J po])^an. C, C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ejiif t;enc n«jian. jj jjaep pxpela xxx m bpfld^eo, 
^ aer Jjam ^care ojrcpebcn. rpa nan man nyy^e 
bfanoD peo ppdit; com:« On pam ni jc]H>n ^eape 
hi)r ]Mcey peajiS mytel huh^p on Roiiic. ^ 
[i] ElautMUf het urabpipn ciwc ]» Jutjcaf j)c 
pseji bmnan pfepon:* ycjrcep ]»m Romana ptrbn 
Eiautoiufe fonc hun^oji. pe him ;5;ctcn« pa^jr. 3 
he pcap^ him j-pa ^pam. f he her ojrpean J^aepa 
fcnaropum [2] xxV. "j J)apa otSpa *pco hunb. )^ 
]ysp ylbe]rre pispon* xjxcjipzm Romane hise ac* 
pealbon mib arcpe:* 


y€jrt:ep* jjam ]je Romcbuph jctimbpeb parf 
vin hunb pinrjia ^3 ix. jren^; Nepo ro Romana 
anpcalbe. T hme hae)*e xim jcap. . ^ he haeptoc 
Tyr maunpcapa J)onne hi}" earn hasj:be aip Eaiup 
ro cacbn ^am maBni^ealbum bjj-mpum ^c he 
bdnbe paep* JiDe her aer pmon cyppc onbaepnaa 
Rome bypij. ^ bebeab hir a jenum mannum. ]^ 
hi f imble ^ejpipon Jjasf Jicjenban jpeop j-pa hi 
mxyv mihran. ^ ro him bpohron. j)onne hir 
man uro'8bpube. •J S^frob hup j-e);: op Jjam 
hyhfTan roppe J^e |)flBp binnan paej-. '^ pnjap 
)>ypcean j^ceopleoB be J>am bpync. fe paej- vi &a- 
Jaj- bypnenbe. •J vu niht:- a6 he ppaec hijf un- 
^pealbef f. asppj^ on ]pxj\p bypi^ hcopa tnif- 

* Orof. 1. vii. c. 7* 

-f Mr. Lye obferves, in his Saxon Diftionary, that 
when this word is ufed as a fubftantive, (and not as an 
adverb) it is always in the Genitive Cafe, 

[ij Dauf. C.C. [2] xxxy. C.C, 


X Digitized by VjOOQIC 


baelMu JMcr hi Brtjiuf 7 Fanhij- j^majtcpcban. ^ 
p'S^npa hiln yylfrum. )wthc hme opp;any* JUe 
pcj* manoa a^fr ehrenb Epifrenfia^ iDattoa> 
y^wep hif jcy Uc pcaptS fajia Eaf ^a mat^ oH^ 


yCrtrcp* }»m J)e Romebujih ^6rimbpeb jpaef 
vm nunt) pintyium "j xxiv. penj [i] Dalp ro 
Romana anpeal&e:* fxy on %am vii mon^ hine 
o^loh OrhoQ an man. ^ him ro ))am anpealbe 
penr:* 8ona f I'd Aomane aepej- r Ejiifrenpa man- 
na enton. j^a [ajNepo onprcalbe. fpa puptx>Q 
ealle ))a pole heojia pi^eppinnan. ))fs be eap^on 
8ijiia p^pon. je eac hi fyljce him betrpconum 
hasjrbon unjcpx&nej-j-c:* Virelhup Eejimania 
cvnmj. x^jccahr J>jupa pi% Oyhon, •j hme ojr* 
f loh on pam %pibban mon'Se. J^sef J^e hi pm* 
con on^nnon:* 


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Dccc pmrpa *) xxv. ijccnr Ucfpapanuf ro Ro- 
mana anpealbe:* Da pea^ro eps fib oftji ealne 
Romana anpeate. •j he [^] beab Tirade, hij-fu- 
oa.. ])^cr he ropeapp j) rampel on J!?iepu]ralem« 'j 
ealle I'a buph ):opbon. )?e Dob nolbe. j> hi ]^one 

* Orof. 1. tiucX. t Orof. I vii. c. 9. 

[13 Calua. M. L. [2] hirNepo. M,I- 
[3] babeab.M. L. 


Digitized by 



ti] BQ«n ntlicjp. tftr ne 'timbjielbc. *$ be fjojibftcf 
faftt TulMca eraiujsoo ft^niamh m. fone br 
jOfif]tm. fome en «%ep iamb ^^realbe' fimehe 
nub hun^jie acpealbe:> y€}:t7ep ]>ani man bybp 
him tjpam j>one tjiiumphan. Vc|parianc. ^ Ti- 
Zuyei' 8co an^yn peajV6 [3] mycci punbop Ro- 
manum. poji)>on )« ni xp ne ^eppan trpe^en mea 
je&pomneJisponjutKam' t^^e^ipysobpn JN^nef 
bupu:- T^ftqi ]iam Verpaj-wiiuf jJ^PJ* pn,W5- 
jihtjc on jam uc ^jie luj* juQeyr.toa ^pum t^ne 
J»i1^ Roooe:* , 


.^icep )jam])e Romebuph ]||e1^an6pe;» p^ 
vuiiuum pio^^pa *1 «xi$. jxng Tiruf t;o lldmH^ 

IfObCf jtttlaD.'^ hepssioe.fMfXiplf»p& ))Quetd% 
jjclic nalft; oh t?o ^obe ne ^ebyt>e^ jbe ^^jcop 
eac on ))am ilcan tone J^e hif j:xbep bybe. *} oik 
Jnepe ilcan able:< 

• IX* • ■ - ' 5 

Jfytxp *:)><m ]se -Ronirbii^ -^j^etmubpeiditti^ 
titi hifiafl^jMfiiepa *;) xxx. jceo^jDomtiTiaiitqpnsv-Ko- 
miaiu.MiiwaJlDe. Tiru)-ef bpo'S^ *;} hir ^x|Sbe 
sBfi^pc^ J^peap^e]:rebrei^|]pt)-«et^fliafi> 

* Ocof/.l.vii.tio. • ' .. 

[0 ipjl** E|»iften5j«ne. M. L. tO flaon.M.L 
tsJ I>a mycel. M. L. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ua. ^j»aq* on fpa [i] imcle ppcpmex^ a/^ljen* 
J hfrfi!^ ^imo ,^ yikct ro him onbujon jx:©- 
4)l&e.^yj)a rp IfOto^tr Snb he bebeab ^irian Jo** 
hmac.y'jpne apofcol ;^bjioh«e on [2) Thorajo- 
iie j>am i;;laat}6 oh i^pscpi^^ j^jiatao'Spdm Ep*f- 
teoura mannuiaiv. ^nb bebeabrf man ac)>eallb^ 
eal Davi&cj- cya. tcb pon ^ijf Ejiijrr ^ gw xe- 
bopen ifiaejie. ^ H^fj^i^^n ha ^^bojiea oft; pujioe. 
j:ojij)on pir^^in fsbon. y he op 'Sam cynne cu« 
man j-deolbe:- ytjcteji jam bebo&e he ytuji'^ 

;'..:" " ■'■ ' t* ' ' ■ 

y^jctep * Jtai ^ Rometujiii ^efcimbpeb. jwBp 
dcccpiPT^ *} xlyii ))a pen^ Nejipi ro Romana 
zafCA^*^ pji))>atn^ he ealb.^!*, hexeceaf 
hmi vo jsultume Tji»aianuy Jjpne man> ^a^- 
)*pascQn: hi him berpeonum ^ hi pol&<Hi-ropenr' 
t>on eaile J>a ^efevneyj-a. *3 ealle ^a jebobu. jjc 
DomiVtaDU]" hx]cb& aeji 2;ef er. copjjoh j)e he him 
jwj* aep bam JafS. *j. heron ep; lob^aoeir ^bjiin- 
^n aeT hir myoppe on €pejnim. pjpam Jjam jro- 
juiltj! ypm^vim Jhs he bj>jle od parj-i' ©a jepop 

Tpamntif "f haej!:be]>€ine aapealtuxlx^eap ap- 
tep him* "^ he unbepjjco&rse Romanom ealle ]ja 
KOlC j)e hun niphce Terpieen .hsp|*on. *j bebea& 
Wf ealdopmannum. phipaepon tplj-renpa man* 

* Ofof. L vii. t.iii f Orof. 1. tH. c< 1 2 . 

[i] nuclon. C* C* [a] tbomofe. M^ I,. 

F f fia 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

iVB hit )>a hjr«t>lice tlpc^fainhmi:' <hk ^ Jfi^^t^ 
♦^pdn [i] JiHSfci ©n miduA^^ctlftrc *1^ri1Mi&e4- 


• ••"._ ^ ■ -i' • 

yfycejt * Jam J>e Rojnebaph jctimbpcb wef 

Dccc pmrna "3 [2] Lxvii. j:en^ !H!t)|iiannj- roRo. 

mana anpealbe. Tpaismuycf ^ene^ a. "^ hine hx)C« 

•^We XXI j>iiir6?j?:. '^iib'jW^ ^f}e liivSlSfiiftcM 

•bee cu^ )>«|icto^'5ujth a6iindj«^a afi^totd^ 

vii^jieni. (Q«abjiat*r ^j<*»t?en() rhc'«i*j*««> 

- «»^<^ eabi« tii|- aii}«alb. ^ kKfrtttftMffiii'i^ilft^- 

HummcffBeafcul^. ^'gipla8«iT^i3j«ft«n'-«^- 

• to. t fe JyoBtie jfti|Te tiey«i|<itftein. =^ 4ii«J»0Hric 

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IRomtaxmi Yfa Jet)}:. "J fj>a j)fe6jiS5. f'hi hUb^itk' 

nuht ncher<>ribttt<5ii:;«tte"ji:"j;bititftofe*^15- 

( jcipe hi* hepOQ hdj- jflji C^jih:- 17tm>1ie^«t c^- 

)-lean ealle Ja Ju&eifcan men. )e paeponf'*© Pi- 

kftiha,. t niJii he*;' f^] Jtft*» lato&.«)lbfAdn >c 

man timbpetw bn |«pefte^ J!Di^|^m'|a 

* Ojof. 1. Tii.c. 13. 

[i] Jtrpan, M. L. [[2] xhii.M,^I^ 
[3] JuSefla;M.L. 


Digitized by LjOOQIC 

hutt f^fl^ Jwn<i©9X T« Phiisqroptaf aof Ejur- 
tcflc boc f^. h«9j^ |(peoiibtppe:« w%^oh!i?.V 
Sel69j>9j»ie>; ^flpf^'. he K^(& Epifnamum in^o-. 
»i«« riftJ«i«^ "3 vvi'^. bote 0(8 hjj- t^Kj- eflt*;. 


y%?pqp -f Jjam J>e Bomekiijih jetwmbpeb paep 
Dcccc "t ui pmippa. yf nj CPapcut- |z}, !aCht?(toii; 
ouf t»x lUuxi^iia apj)f aibe nub Aif b/ie^qi ^lyie* 
liu]*e:* J!}i psjion ))a aepe]lc7an ine«^iR9^MQa<ki\?' 
pealb OD rj>a robaelbon. '3 hi hiDe laxjSboa xiui 
Tcaji. *3 hi bebubon "fmanxlcne E|U|-t;enc man 
[3J opj-lp^ont* yCp;ej\ }?am hi haejcbon my eel 
%9}u» yi'<^ PitftJb^ T biiii Y(ti^6fiii t^cpoi on 
fj»a a{yQ^\ hyp^op. j3)p^on )>c bi hgefboji it 
pep; j^lk; Eappaboqiam. *3 Siljimewapi. -^ e»||ft 
Sjpjagjj- yCjctrep ^sgji.hi ^en^mon );pi^ pt^ Paji^ 
t;he, 3 hip fi'S'Sonbpcom Qnfpa mycej huajQfi* 
:3 miccl m^ncpeajm* ^ heop^ jceapa ro lapq pupr 
ton:' j/Cpcp J'ajti [4] hi becoman o» ^. l^etuj-c© 

* Orof. I. vii. Q. 14. t Orof. I. vii. c. 15. 

[i] €hum. M. L. [^2] "aTntroniuj-, C. C. 
Is] opflo3en. M. L. [4] him. M. L. 

F f 2 S^pin- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^pinJ itiid eallum Eejimanium:* Da on ^m 
lb«2;e ]?c hi jcephroQ j*ccolbon. him com an j-ps^ 
mycel haere. ^ |-p mycd Jupj^. ;^ hi him heojia 
poper ne penbon:* f>a basban hi J)a Epfrenan 
men. p hi heoj\a on j-umc pif aB ^ehulpon. '^ on- 
Searafa "^ hit: pacf Cobef ppacu:*' Da abaeban hi 
«t; J)am laelmihri^um Dobe. "^ hft; jfpa fj?i^ pm- 
jSe. jJ hi haej*oo'part;eii ^enoh on j^on ^aejie t)u- 
ne.'^ $ J^p TP* miccl ^utiop coni. |asr he offioh 
fcala m manna ^eman^ J>am ^pconit(e:« Da «j:- 
!2:ep ^ani RomanaeaUe pupbdn Cpif rpnum man* 
nuln ypa holbe. ;^ Ei on n^ane^qmtrei^pium spp^*" 
ran "f aeic Epif tren man haepbe jrpi'^ ^ f i j>be. ^ 
pac^ asic paepa mofre Epij^enbomc onpn. j-p pe 
polbe:- 3Cnb TCnronmuj- pop^eap call $ Xapl 
;^|n|an to Romp fyll^n fceolbe. rj h^r popoaepr 
jijuj "f 'S^JIJWX \>t hit on appiten paep, hpaer maq 
op geape ^ylbin jfceolbe, *]( J^aep on.jjafji asjirtfttjn 

y€ptcp* J?am ]}^ RomcUiph ^ctimbpete pxf 
DcGcc hunb pinrpa '^ xxx. pen^ Liiciuj- !ffnro- 
limfffropice. ^3 hir haepbe xiii ^eap:- JjJc faej: 
y|>i^'y|rd m^n ealpa J?eApa (bqron ))aer hd-paDj- 
wne. rj op jccahzi ^npi^j) "^ feala )apa j-enairQ- 
pum he hflt opy-lcan. j^cjjaep berpre pipati:* y€p. 
tcp ]?am an ^unop z76j-|oh hebpa Eapusohum. 

* Orof. l.yiL c^ \6. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


[il Je heopa Gobaf mne paepon, *3 heojia beo^ 
ful^ylb. •} heopa [2] bibliobeca p^p5 jcpjibaep- 
neb ppam Jjamlijerrc. ^ ealle heopa cal&on bee 
pipbupnan JTaep inne:* ©«p paef an j-pa miccl 
bem ^cbupncn, f pa on ff^exanbpia paef, J?«pe 
jbypig;. on heopa biblio|>ec^n Jjaep ppbupnon fe- 
pjpcp hunb m boca:?, 

. ../• ' ' xv, •• ' 

J^ftcji* fim J?e Romebujfih ^etimbpebpJPf 
Dcccc pmtpa ^ xliii. jcenj Scvepui* ro komana 
finpeatee. '^j hme hasp^e xvu ^cap:« J!De bcfaer 
Pej-cenninj- on anum paej^renne. o^ he him on 
hanb eo&e. ^ he hine p^^on het opflcan. jrop* 
Jjdn he polbe picfian on 8ipie. "j on Gjypt^ii 
yEjrtjep )?am he o^flph SIbinuj-jjone man on Eal- 
lum. popJ)on J>e he c^c polbe on hine pindan:* 
Si^Son he jcopon Bpyrannie. "j ])aep opr ^jcpe- 
ahr pi's Peohrjir "3 pi% Sceorraf. aep he Bpyr-* 
taf mihtre pi% hi bepepian. *]( her aenne peall 

•3 pa'^e jJa*r he jepp on eopeppic ceajippc:' 


y^fueji * ]?am J)e Rotoebuph jerimbpeb paf 
Dcccc pmrpa "^ Ixii- pen^ hij- j-unu rp pice 3Cn« 
^onmuf • •j hi^ [3] haebbe vii ^e?p:* pc har}S>c 

* Orof. 1. vii. c. 17. t OroC I. vii, c. i8. 
[t] f ImpM. L. [?] bibliotrhecQ. M*!, • 


Digitized by 



yeajii'oi 6^);la3en oa Jam p^Jiilbe pjiajA hif aj^? 

XVII. * ■ • 

y€jrt:ep }>am J^e Romebujih igetrimBjicb paej- 
Dcccc pmrpa T Ixx* jrcnj. ODajicup ffupcliuj- to 
Romana anpealbc. "3 hmc hae):t)c jceopcp ^jeap. 
hinc ojcj-logon cac hij a jepc njen. ^ jjij moboji 

xym. ;. 

Dceo^ ^ttiTpa *7 Iscxiqi.. uen^'^itpeilianuf !Z£ie?oaD- 
)»^ tm ttomana finpealbe. ty bme haspz>Q i|vi ^e- 
zfu y.^vaokG^ hip peo ^gabc xmtop frent^c a^« 
"'^F I*'] €jji«^iief e jam jcfepaticfraw nxacf f e^ 
mieofto^ "^ heo pe^p^B frStJ&ni Ejiiprcit pjum 
lam, ^5 j»i 2;»IaepQt>. ^ ^et>J50e»| hifje funu pttf 
]3fii]rteiiiipi maonum Yyf$^ l!U)lt» Jfa 3^cqt pfiA 
jcyjibo on Pejifc. *) oyijioh Pi?jifaa k^opa cy- 
nin^r- y€pep f am he ppler hif h]: oji [2] ODa- 
^enrj-ran j^aepe bypi^;. 

. ,^«ji* l^Bi V Romcbujah ^etrtmbjietxpf 

-) ■ .♦ OroC I, vii. Ct 19. 

[1} bpmf^.G.€, [2] Ma3q-rati/C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

rti|-^IlcHnaaaanp6»lt>e:' Jjje bebeab cjfr'^-man 
Ej^Wnte "r6dn ^ocotjc. *) J man J)a ^pt>an 
^iaafaitiam^^intt/itjiobe. 1 ealie J)a ppeo]-t;ar j)c 
fa|ie;f:«l2jfiben. butron [3] Ojiirencjr. he'o^^eah 
^An^^jypte. •3' CDjfttfninuj* t);:)-Ioh' hij- a^geae eal- 
bojtib^ -ton ' J)am-^jirt)ban ^eape .'hij- piQty vn 


y%»cifcji =fam J>e 'Romtbujrh '^timbjieo yaB|- 
•DcCcc'f!mfejia*5'xc. 'j»n^Eojibiinuy ro.jiice. •^ 

'bjio'Bfto.JIPiJbpfelxuninvij-.Ofj'lojon. yh^jflf 


y€p:e|» * J).am ]« Eomebujih ^etimbpeb paej- 
Dcccc pmrpa *3 xcvn. j:en^ Philippuj- ro Roma- 
naaovealbe. *) hine haejrt>c.vii^cap:. J5)e jieap^ 
bi^^^ce Ejiifren. fo/ipon he scapaajja nc *op^ 
' jiw;* Od ]4i» ill jeape hir jiicef . ■ hir ^^cfeajfo. 
fpa*ir Eob^eftAtfa&e.:'p. paf ymban 'Supnb 
piftrji*')«j^ )c RoWe bujih jetimbjtetj j>«)-;',^«t- 

ihr )a miekQ ;»Qj«atflSi^t>ott Cpifrcf %anc^. 

'* Orof.l.'T&t.'so. 

[0 LaritxttvMiL. £2] ^8snxr.C;C. 
(33 OjMcnef. C C 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


aet Jjajr Eaf cpcf palcnrj-^; -J^ h^t sep aelec gcajic 
^i;5e&on aer Beojia beojroljjyl&ura. J pacj- feco^ 
^anccf . %asr ealle Romaaa pol43an ymb xii mo- 
Da's bjiin;50n ro^t>ejic)>one j-clerran bad hcoj^ 
[ij^oba 3C2;cajiot> ro heojia ;5CDlore- ^ hcopa 
ri^^on jreala pucena asrgae&cpc bjiucan:- yEftep 
|>am Dcciup an pice man bcj-pac]?onc Eafepc. ^ 
f C115 hiffi p^'Son to J?ain aopcal&c:* 


. y%ccp * J>am Je Romebuj^h "^timhjytti paf 
in pinrjaa "j 1111. jrcn^ Deciuj- ro Romaaa anpc- 
al&e, "3 hme hxtx» m ^t^.H r^M ^e)»y)D« rp 
orol «acn $ Jie JPhiUppuf aeji oej-^pcbc. m*& fam 
f he her EpifTenjia manna chran, *} nuuu^xe* 
t)ybc ro hal2;um majirypum, '3 ^ef ertre hif 
yunu ro J?am anpeal&e ro him, ^ jia'Se j^aej- lu 
pupbon bcjen aer j-omne ojcj-la^n:* 

xxiii. \ 

y6jrt:rep Jam J?e Romebujih ^erimbjicb p«f 
ta pmrpa ^ vxii. jren;^ Ealluj- Oj-nlianuj- ro picc. 
•3 hir haetoe rpa ^eap:« Da peap'S e^r Eober 
ppacu on Rome, rpa Ian;5e fpa yco [zjchrmje 
fxy Jjaepa Epiprcnpa manna, fpalanxc him [3] un- 
2jcma2;tlic man-cpealm s^tensc. Jnanhuj-B«f 

* Qrof.L viuc. 2i« 

[i] xobpa. M.Iii [[2] ehmef . M. U 
[ 3 ] pasf unjcmerlic. M. £• 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


bmoan ]4epe teijiix. f iaxaspK. ^pc pjiace 4Q-: 
|;DJisek> /%r«i:if«ttH^i»ili«*«f pfjflob.DftHijf. 
*] hxjcbe him fone aQpealbi'Dsf eac on ^m 
^jubboa mon^ hine man ojcj-loh:*, 


y%»c}i* jjjim J?c Rojtocbuph .^jjctmibpcb v^^p 

jiiao«]r y^^ btfcwi. o^ji paej* hmdao Koine byt 
j«^^ Eillicniif jwcjr hatJeoi' Da j-ceoteon on fin^bel 
beon piimenbC) Jwpd hiz Jwnae >eapp ]»jt^ Ba 
bebubofi pi be^en lijiifrenpa manna ebcnyfre. ac 
h]i^liceyOii hibe^^en bccomDobcr ppae:* Valcr 
pianuj- pji mit) pp^ onjean Sapnan. P^^a cy- 
nin^e. ^ J^aep jcpm^^en paep -3 j-i'B'Sbn he paej- 
Sapan J>am cynin2;e ro ))M0 ^ej-err. o'S hiy lipef 
enbe. ;p he j-pa fceolbc ojrr j-rupian. j-pa he ro 
% Hppjre pol&e. rj he }Jonne j-e cyninj h^epbe 
hif lapic him ro hlypon:- Dam o^pum Dal- 
hanujre p^epon mani^e pole onpinncnbc ;f he hif 
pice rpib^miCfclpeunpeop^nerfe. ^mib micelpe 
UDeatSnyrfe ^jehaepoeiv y^pep r JDeapmanip. ]}e 
be Dpnua pjcpocpphepgcbon Irajiam, o^ Re* 
peun^irQ ]>i bupli. *] 8p*rap pophepTObon ealle 
Ealliam-.TJ Eoran pjccpnep^joban calle Dpccon 
lanb. ^ )>a laepf an 3f pam. ^ Sepmcnne yenybbon 
ealle l)arie j:jiam Romana anpeatee. 'j /Junap 
pphepjobon Pannoijifl^m. :;j Paprhe jrophepjo- 
bon OOepoporamiam. "J ealle Sipie:* To aecon 
Jam Rom^ue hx|:bou 2>^pinn berpuh hinv f yl- 

♦ Orof* '• vi<. c, 22% 

Q g fum:« 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2«6 K611MKTA KECTS MlFKEiyi, 
pebiolj^p ^^e by^fu;^- fTum hif a^jenpm msfo? 


yCjrcej} * J)^m J>e Roraebuph 2^et;iinbjwe& psjr 
|tt pinrp^ -^ xxy. pn^ naujjjuj* «d Ronuna an- 
veal&e:* £)^ dean ^efpe hi; ojsepKiii Eoran. ^ 
pi at>jia}: u^ c^ ipa^caa^. "^ hnn Rpfnana^et>yT 
|3on anrie ;^tO0rine fcyte |»aqic baeiDc tO; ve^qro* 
roynre.. *3 ane ;5yl&enfle anlicnyiTie. ^ [i] bpo-r 
^on h> up on hcoja Capivphum. Jw^ on Jjamaq:- 
?;pan ^eajijs he TS^^jxip. "i iity bjiojxjfi (Q[ufn%allo|' 
pn^ t;o f ^ anj»calbc, ^J ]»!• on ^pn i|Vii twe. 
fje he peaj^B [a j pjtj-iajjeii;. 


yCptpp J?ani J)e Roinebuph ^rimbjiet) wej 
jn pxqrpa "3 xxVii. jrefij; [3] 3!u)ieliariu|- ro Ro- 

mana jjnpealfce. ^3 'hjne h'ae^be v ^egp '*3 yi mor 
na"^, *3 atopa): troran be noji^an Dopua. "^ J^anon 
pja on Sijiic, T hi reny&be ep; Zo Romana an- 
pe^tee, *3 ri'8'Son he pji on Dallie, •] oprloh 
Terjiicpm pone man, ppji J^y ]?e lie hi him reah 
ro anpealbe:- J^]fx:cji j^am he bebeab Epiij*renjia 
mun^ f h^nypj-e. ^ pia^c faep pcapilS oprla^en;- 

* OjTQf. ]. yii. c. 23. 
[i] ahetijpn.M. L, [^] ojrplaTen,C. C» 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

XxVu. • 

l|)tt«^ 'j xxXii. ):ein2; Ticitof t» RomaiKit 
aiqiicdk>e> *>')'s^ oft 'oarai vi motfSe be peajirS op*; 
fia^n oil Ponro [i] laobe:* J^fctjv J^am Fk>^ 
jwanuj* j»n55 to J>am anpedbd. *J paer ojq-Iajed 
}>£]' on J>aiil j>jubt>ffii.n]OtfSe on Thapj-a J^aiu 

mpuarjia ^ ixxni. jcen^ [aj'PfioJaaf xo RomaDdl 
anpealbe. *} hinei bas]F&e vi jeaji *) i? (3] hkWhi 
'Sajii ij he aeytJC [4] JfJunaj- ojc BaUiumw "^ ne op 
)'loh'[5]Saxn»jwHtuti ])^ sjrcejt anpealb^ yan;. 
y%xe?ji ]»m he o]cf ioh Ppoduluf . *}. [6] BoQOj-ujr 
j« ^jin6on eac aeprep, J)am anpealbe:* ./^pccji 
Jam he pfap^ j-ylj: ojffU;^u on Sypmie j»aej^f 

;€j:rgjt ))slm jJ? Romebujiih ^erintttijict) jpaeji* 

* Orof»). vU.c 24. 

to J?am laittoe,' l^f.L. t/] Djiobftp C. C* 

[3 J motia^.M. L. {^4} cpmaf. M. L. 

[5^ Satupnmuna. C;> C. ' [6]'Panopuiiu^.L< 

G g i mpmrpi 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


m pmtjia ^ [i] xxxiii. f eii;^^ Ca/iuf to Romana 
an^albe. T hme hxfht'tfa. Xcaji. ^ ^cpeahtr 
rpypa pi'b Pa/irhc. *5 jceobe neojja bujt^a rja 

hane ojsjrloiraq ISnuabji. "Jrhif pura ^^ftl^le|xanuf 
1^^ 'eoH^acm atlpfedbo.- '|,:p^^.|^|fa(mG<^^h 
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yCjcrcp * J>am J>e Romebuph '^etiabpcb pacf 
m pintpa "^ xli. ):eo^ Dibdirianu^ to Romana 
anpealbe. "j hme haeftse xx. pinrpa:* ^ j^fctte 
^rtbcji hi!p-5;«i;5pika Eajrejie. :CIDaiXimi]|- ]a^ ha- 
t»ijt "5 hiup jre®i9^ ; <5n EftH^,j yey^on ta|'J« hi 
naeltce . hapjft^n r ^pjane«|>ftlaaj»n« ar he: |a^] hi 
W**^^'^® -^J^f^^^™*' -^' ^^^jie "CttHSr' tpaepoo 
r^iDut>id««P«ier^jiy., cyfii^sp . oo: ilJinacw&e. 
(7]. Eaji^qpur Q»> ^p^AP'miSSehileuf od ^^"^ 
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f (BTitre hes »u jCapeji^ u?^©p. him. ;,ftQ,jWB)r oiaxi- 
mianuf . o'Sep Eonj-ranrinuf . t)pit)&e Eaiejuup* 
CDaximimanuf- he j*en&e on 'Kfpice, "3 he opcp- 
pan heopa pi^ppinnai» Eenprauz^inuf he j*en&c 
on Ealhe. "^ he opeppan Afamanie f pic. ^ p'6- 
^an he ^eeofce Bpercaniam^ t^lanti. "j, he-j-ylf 
t^iGcferianup pop on ^jjypre.-j bepaet' "5Cchi- 

♦ drdf. l.vli.'c.'25. 

[ly^xXix.O.C.- - [2I. ajbn j-ffeop. M. L. 
L35 .hi •fja.'M.'L. : {.^] fjL^M L. 
-fst ea^SfrliceiGi G. • [6J Diocline. CC: 
[7] Eapucapiup. M. L. [8J Mapfcuj-. M. L. 


^y Google 


Icuj* Jjooc cynin J viii [ijmon^af;. on SIcxan- 
bjiia j^flcpe byjii;^. o^ hme )>a buphJcobc him 
ajearon. "j [2] jpi^^on o}:cjihenxot)e calle 6;5yp- 
te:- [3'JlJalepiUf he rcnbe on Fepre. *3 ^ejceaht; 
rpeopa pi^ mjireur poja^e cynin^j. y heojia na^oji 
naeja>c f^S^** ^^^ neopa 'Spibban jejccohr e Ca- 
tejiiu^ pcaji^ yplymcb. T.^ib micelpe pyphr- 
nej-fe com ro Dioclertaoe. ac he hij- ajccn;^ mi& 
imceljie iinpyji'Snej-fC, *] hme her yjwiao on hij- 
a^enuixipuppupan p5^a mila bcjropan hij- j-MBt>- 
pne:* ytptrepj^am )^e hij; mob j^aej- mi& J^m bifm- 
pe ahper. he pop ejx on Pepp. 3 hi rcjclynafce. 
T Napj-eur 25?cpcn^. -j hir pip. •] hip beapo. )>a 
onpen J JDiocliTiariup E alepiurc peop^pullice> 
Diociit lanup -3 OOaximinianup bebubon ehrnyp- 
j-e Epiptenpa manna, Diochtrianup eapcrenc. "j 
OOaxwaitiianuj* pcptene. '3 pop j^amv^ebobe pup-i 
feon pfcala maprypap on x pintmum pyppre:^ ©a 
^epeap^ hi him berpeonum p hi poltoan ];a an* 
peal&ap popleran. ^^z puppupan alec jan; J?eht 
pepeban. '^ polbon heopa fta^p on peptntppe 
^eenbian. *] J ppa ^clasptran:* Dioditriaimp "^c^ 
yx-c on Nicomebia j?aepe bupi^. "3 CDaximinianup 
^eprr oii CPebiolane j^xpe bypi;^. ^ leran ]?aau** 
pealbap to Ealepiupe. "3 ro Eonfrannnupc. ^ hi 
hme robaslbon pixS^on on rpa:- [4] Dalepiup 
Ihpice "3 be jeonboh fam Jx)ne eapr»enbe.^ J?one 
msepran bael "Sippep raibbah^eapbep. "3 Eonpran* 
rinup nam ealle Irahc; ^3 Sppicam. ^3 Ippanie- "3 
Callie. "3 Bpyrrannie, ac he psep hpon ^[ypnenba 
Jjipj-a populb 'Sin^a "3 micclpa ianpcalba.^ popjam 

[ I ] monaSap. M. L, [a] he pi^^Son. M. L, 
I/C3] 3 alepiup. M. L. 


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230 tiORMESTA REGIS MttJktni, 

he fofiler hi): ^j^enija^ pilUa Italidni^ '>^FP^<^ 
(;api ro Dalepiuf e:' Ba ^revct, t^ep^uxY "cfftt 
'gtn cymnxajf uobepihua ofeeji jaef hitseo 6»eve-. 
jHij*. >uii he ;gefeal&e Ir»li«B. 7 SSpjjic^, '^ 
QOstximiaQUf he ^jcferreon J)4<i^rtbn)>:' Qn J»m. 
ba^vioi com £Qn)-ran9inu]:- |-e fpiIj)l)eo|i^pp^i 
mai?. •> JM)ji on %yrTame, *3 >aEp.-3ep|i, "ifTc. 
ftdiio^ h>i* f una "J jiucc, Jjonipaffcii»xj-^ j^^ofi nt 
fejtje ^ ^lenan hif [ P»lf?V ^ W(? Cfeaxeu.- 
tW. CDaxinuapuf paoM. h^t^b^ J^one ajjje^lj^.oa 

J>a * fedbe Milepittf him )i?ij^ean Sdvqiuj: 
mib 0P&C. J>e bim fe anp^bjm ^eajpr p^j* -j 
^ \ff^ befpjceo j^eux^ ^1410 uf axenum,ma&^ 
mtn.^ p)f:J-la;5aow4]ilUfepaaJjappeby|U3f' Da 
ODax^nwanuT Sf*%o^ I % fwv F*^ 'rP Jaoj 
Sltli^Eibe. he ]/a hfuetajice ):x)ipl<^^ ^^ h\|ph. j>e he 
pa jej-ereft psr. -^ feobve hif jrunp to heffi- 
'canije. *3 he fx'8^5oa jloj* tro 'Saw anpcafeje. ac ]» 

hi« j-e pintt;3|;«nt)e. V*'?/^*?**^.^ fo^ pp*^jv 
•;j lie fleah oo^Ilallie. p polcie tdnj-tranrw^f bcr 
j-|)]jcoa. hif aj}ui|i. ^ habban hup f jiice. ac hir 
4)nfunt>e luf t?oh3?op. "3 hit? Epiijrt?aaria»uj-c 

|iiham» 'J he Jaep (jwfij^en peap'Si- ©a ^r*3^&c 
iKalepiQf LjcirnHf e Iraliam ■j'^fiyfitm.')h& her 
tiSfi Ya X'pifV^oftt. >e Jja?p. ISetpjie j)^p60 je- 
b^imson w dL15eot)e:« y%t:ep Jiam k^ ff^^f^ op 
imcejjip m^riiomoej-fe. "^ htm to ^hei; okuii^ 


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[rjlaoceap 7 hyjia tian him ne mihte httm ott 
panumj^obe. aphim fasbe hyfia an. j) hitf psejie 
£ob^ pfiacir' {)a lici? he •j^tnan ]» jppifrBnan 
men epc ^bpoirce 00 hyji^ eapbe. adspne jwji. 
he aeji psej-. j-pa ])eah he ^ejcop on ^aepe mer- 
tnymnerjfc. -j Licmiuj- j:en^ ro J>am anpe^teet^ 
ycjcrcp pam peaji^ SC;pin berpuh Eonj-ranrinufe 
^ OOaxenriuye^ *) pa'Se J)sef Eoaf t:an«iaiy 6f • 
jrloh ClOaxenriu r bmnan Rome, xz ))«j%e ( 2]l>pycg 
]^ man [3j(Duiviuf hst;:- On ])amt)a^uin G;}axi« 
mmujr bebeab Epiftrenpa qaairaa eh^i\yff«. ^3 |ia^ 
^ J^aBj- ;5epp on Dapj-a J^aepe 4>ypi^:- On J?am 
&ajvim{4] Liciniuy bebeat) f nan Cpipcen man 
ne coine on hif hipc&e* peon hir jcaapelbe. 'j pa- 
Se J?«j- peep's ^epjn berpTOh mm. 3 berpeofe 
Eonjxantinnj-e. "3 cfrpae&Ucc ^ejceaht;. ot^ Eon- 
rtantrxpuf ^efen;^ Lianiu)^. •j hme f i^^n htt 
beheaptnap. ^ fi^iBon jc^ngpo «allum Romana 
anp'ealoe:- On ]?am &a jum ^ppiu j- j-e nwESfye- 
ppcop; peap'S on ;5c&polaii ymbe J>one pihroa 
jeleajcon. ynibe ]?one reonaa jwef je^abepoa 
^peo hunt^pet) bij-ceopa ^ ehca t;;J^ne. nine xo 
opep|direnh^. *3 oo amanrumianne:* On ]^am ba- 
.^utn Eonp:antinu]r oj:fflon Epirpumhjf yunu.-'j 
Licmjum hij- fpeoj-rcp putia y nan man nyprc 
hpaer p ^ylr paef buton him anum:- y^rcep 
Jjam he unbepj^eobbe him j-ylpum manj^e j)eoba 
fc aep paepan Romane up^epyJbe. *3 her anm^ 
bpian ane buph on [5] Epecnm. rj her hi be bmoi 
^aton EonpranrinopoUm:* J0^ [6] her ^epejn? 

[i] laere, M,L. - [2] bypi5.C.C. 
[3] CDolvia. M.Li [^^ J-uaaiu)-; M. L» 
f 5] Epecmp. C; C, • 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


matiiia'^* man cypicean tambjicbe. 7 j^ man be* 
luce adc beopulgylb Jiuf :• Jbc ^gcpji ymb an 
•3 "bprcvv^ pmrpa j^aej* Jye he jiicc h^px. on 
anum tunc neah Nicoinebia ]«pe byjii^:- 


ytpep* J>am J?e Romcbujih ^etimbjieb paB)* 
m pxnrpa ^ xci. jxsn^^ Eonp;annnuj- rd }?am an- 
peatee mi& hif rpam bjio^jium Eonfranrine, "J 
Eonftantc. "J he Eonpranrinup haepbe [ijxxiii 
pinrpa:^ JjDi pujifeon ealle fa ^[ebpo'Spu on ]>am 
Spianifcan ^cbpolan:* Eonj-ranrmuj- ^ Eon- 
l-tranr punnon bmi berpeonum. o^ Eonj-taof 
pcap'8 oj::j-la^en:- J^p:cn J)am 0[)a;5nenriur op- 
j-lon Eoiip;anp. ^3 p^nj nim ro ])am pice. (2] |)a 
paep Ealliam. ^ lualiam:* On j^am baj^um Ihpice 
^Cfctrari Verepomonem )>one man ro hypa an- 
pealbe. ro Jjon *$> hi- rilSBon mihron pjnnan pi15 
0Da;5nentiu)re. ^3 hi nine nybbon ro leopnunja. 
})eah he ;j5epinrj>ab paepe. ac Eonpranrinuj- hme 
[3] benaem. aejISep 2;c J)a2p anpcalbcf . ;5e J)a&pe 
puppupan. j?e be pepebe. ^e J?aepe j^cole }t he on 
leopnobe:- J^yxtp. J>am he ;5ei:eahr pi^ CDaj- 
ncnriuj-e. ^ bine 2;e|:lymbe. ^ bebpa): inro Luc 
rhiqa ^aspe bypi^. ^ he hme pylpne p'S^on op- 
- j-ricobc2- yBfrep, ]>^m Eonpranrinuj* ^epettc 
Juhanup ro Eapepe unbep him. pe ^^xy a?p ro 
biacone ^eh^ljob- ^ j-cnbe hine on Callie tnib 

♦ Orpf. 1. vii. c. 29. 

1] xxmi. M. L. [a] ;f. M. L, » 
beoasmbe. M«L» 

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i:fnt», 3 he hjts&lice opdjiym ealle }z ])e ou 
wUic j^uoooo. *3 p«f sejcreji "Sxpe baefce fpa i^ 
^huffWi f he polbe ealoe Romaiia anpealb him 
[ij^atifiian. -) mib pypbe paejr pap€nt>e. )?«p 
tooprantrinof- p«f mib o^epe pypbe pi^ Paji^ 
the:- ©a he f ^eahj-obc. 3 him oo^eaa pc^fiti 
yzy. J)a he ^ejcop on pzm pejieltoeir 

Snty?'^ Julianuy jceaj to Jam anpealbe. "^ hin6 
hxyx>e an ^cap. ^ eaht;a [2J mon^aj-:« Da psey he 
J-ona ;^eopn}:ull, ^ he poIt>e bijolice })one Epif- 
reotwrnonpenbon. ^jropbeebopeahce ;^nian 
haae f*j;re boc ne leopnooc. •j j^be ead ^ nan 
E/i^eaitiaane mdjtre habban riaenne hlf [sjuri- 
beppl^o'^a. *] hi mib ])am j?ohte bcj-pican:- 3td 
ealle hi pppon ]^y popbey . j-pa pe hir cpr f cc^ 
jan .^ehypbon (cpae'S Opopup) jJ him leoppe 
yxf ]^e tnu-tenbom bejan^d. poniie hij- fci- 
patp h^bennei-.yEp^ep J?am he 2^ej5;afeepo&e 
fypbd* "J polbe jcapan on Pepfe. ^ bebeat> J?on- 
ne he efc paepb caj*renc hampcipb. ^ man haep- 
be ampitearpum jepeopht: aet ^icpuf alem. -^ 
he mih%:e tiober jjeopaj* on bon- 1p hi &eop })aep 
inne abiran:* ac Coo ^eppaeC on Ipzrtx pasjielbe. 
fpi'Se ^ebarcrilicfc on J)am aplea|-in nien. hip ap- 
ieaj-a ^ejjonr. mib J)am "^ hme ^emirre an man. 
Ja he f:op jcpam [4] Eref iphonre Jjaepe bypir. 
TchcofT J)am )?e he plyma paepe.. ^ him rae&e. 7 
ne hlfle tnihre teban "Oupuh jj pcf tten. f he on 
Pepfe Qtk unjeajliipe become:- Xc ]ja he hmc to 

* Orof. 1. vii- c^ 3<5* . 

C^l jeajnian.C.^C. [2] mona?. M. L. 
LjTpinT5cj^oi30^a# M. L. [4] Sctepponre. C. C* 

H h toibbef 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



he him. jJ nan man nfytt )«Bf ijrjejiek^ *^r^ *^ 
torn- ac pjian bpeapptnb© ^jeont) | fibjtxak ^ 
he nyj-rc hpa;ji he ur yctokft. o*5 )«q^ fdccf 
j>«f pela pppojiGcn. asj^iep ^e pojt Jnj^iee. ^e 
fcac pji huQTp6:- Da com himon^eafli jua^uncat) 
man. •;) ofploh Jukanuf:« ^ 


yGjir'eji *' Jam ^e Romebujih ^cttAibJteb i«ef 

m pmr/ia "J an hun&, "^ xvii. |cefa^ [i] Jovmianuf 

ro Roraana anpealoe:- J&meraan ^ecear on ^m 

pej^enne J?y ilcan tyx^e. fe man Tdrianw ojr- 

Yt:an3> ^e geyeal&e Peppni Nij-poi ))a onph. 

T healf e OOeppotamiam J tent), mib ^*n ^ hi 

^moj-ran op fam lanDc butqn la^e:* Oit*5Samviu 

mon^e. J?«j- fe he ro ^am anpcaltie jieif^. he yol- 

be ppaii 00 Ihpice. J)a yxy he jnitae mhr on 

anum nip cilcran hure. ]?a her he ber^ ^jw mne 

micel pyp. ppJ)on hir pasf cealb pebep. j^a on^jaD 

; j-e cealc mtb un^mere j-rincan. jra peajf&'Jovi- 

^ Bianuj;' mib J?am bpas^^ oj^f mopob:'- 


. 'I 

' • • • . ^ , 

y€]:rep -f {^am J)e Romebujih ^ct:im6^et> psf 

^^rojmrjia. ^ [2]an hunb •} xviu. pn^.Vaienri- 

nianiij- *ro Romana anpealbe. ^ hme haejtbe xi 

* Orof. 1. vli. Ct 31. f Orof. U vii. c. 32. 

. '. [ 1 J Javinianuf • ,M. L. [^2 J .xcvim. M. 3U 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


;^/). he paef asp Ipim Julianupf cempenaealbop- 
man:. JjDe mm bebeab f he poplere }>one hij* 
Epifrenbpm. o^^ hif j:6Ito^. )?a yxy him 
leofjia ;f he pppler hij- pjl^o^S. J^anae )one 
Epif reiifeomv TCc bim je}:ylj-re Cot) pjcr t;o ma-^ 
pan ape. ^^a he Ja laej-fan pop hij* Iu|:q jcpplcr/ 
[1] J he Jaej:' ilcan picej* ahre Tepeate. jje ifiy m-' 
15epj)mna aep ahre:» Ra'Se J)aB|- nc gej-eal&e Va- 
lente hif bne^ep healp hif.pice. *j he her op- 
j-leaa [i] Pepcqpiuj- J)e J?a pici-ian pol&e. •J ma- 
niac o^pe mit) nim:* Valenf paej- 5elappeb):pam 
anum Sjipianij-co birceope. Guboxur^ iwb|' ha*, 
ten, aq he hit hael jrPilSe paj^re pi% hip bpo*. 
"Sop. pji J)on he piptre. p he hir on him ppecon 
pol&e* pp he onpunbe "J he on o^pum ^eleapon 
paepe. on o'Spum he pylp paep. popbon he pipre 
hu pay^rmob he pabp aep on hip relcapon. j)a he 
fej-pan anpealb hce^rbe:- Qn Jjam lYcah ;5eapc Do- 
ftenpip fcotrena cynin J ^J^by be peala maptypa ^ 
on hjp ji^pba Ejiiprenpa manna:* On j)am bajun^ 
Valentrinianup ^enybbe epr j^a Seaxan z6 hyp^ 
ajenupi lanbe. J?a hipolbon pmnon pi^ Romana, 
fa paepon eapbpaepre.neah j^am S^ppec^c:* S'nb 
Bup;jenbum hip Teprypbe eac. ^ hi on Dalhe 
ne punnon:* ODib pam J^e him pip' ppiSorr ge- 
pnypcb. ^ him man ;jeher pulluhr:^ On pam xi 
^eape hirpicep* Sepmcnne hepj^o&on on JPanr 
Boniat!).' pa he jjybeppeapb fxy mib j^ypX^fi. ]?a 
Jcpop he on blobpyne:* 

[i] T"^. M. L, [2] Pcpcopiopup> M.L. 

H h 2 XXXIV, /Cptrcp 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




yCjpteji * J>ain j?e Rqmsbujih jepnibpejt) pa?|- 
in pinrpa /I c •;! XX15C. f ea;5 Va|enr. VaJcp^mi- 
^nuf er bpopoji. to Rpmana anpealbe. T Dpari- 
anur- Vgilenrinianupj- j-unu, fcnj to Irahaanr 
peatee. "1 ro Eallia. ^ ro ly-panja upl>pji Valcn? 
p:«Jt)e pa Valenf o'Sypbe ppeolice. j> he «ji t)i* 
Telicc jehyb haej*e. j-pa ji he bebeab "^ munq- 
da J*. }t pojiu jbhce J^mj ^op^Jjn jccolban ^ p3fp- 
ria jefephr. ^ hi paepna namoii. :^ ipib ))ajn puhr 
ton. *J ^ftl b^J'bon ipib p^jiuna mannum. 'J yen- 
be on €^ypte ^ her ropyjipan eallc J>a munu- 
dip J?.e hjf bpb^ojT aeji jej-rajelobc. ^ fame ]?a 
muDUcair he hct; ojcj-leap. fume on eljeobe'pji- 
bjiijcon:- On ])am ba^fum Fjnmur pajf harea 
f urn man on Sjcpicum. p paef preji pxinienbe }«p 
anpcalbep:- Da f enbe Valenf ]?ybep Dcobof luf 
hif ealbopman ipib fypbe. J^sef ^pbao Deobopr 
jbfef f?ebcja. fe eprpaef Eafcjie:- On Jam per 
nelbe Fipitiuf paef ^epn^eq. y foptS ^elaebet) 
to fleane. \>^ baeb he f ylf Jjcer hme map aep 
fi] jqfuUobe. *3 ]?a he [2]^cj:uI|ob paef. he psej* 
%npuh J)ief maeffeppcoftef lape. J>e bmc 
fs] f ullobe. on f pa fiillan ^jeleappn heofunpiccf. 
k hfe cpae^ |:o ]?am f olce " boS nu fpa ge pil- 
Ian/* 1 hmi fyljrleat: fop^S. ;f himmah arlob 
J heafob op. ^ peap'S Epiftep maprip;- On pain 

* prpf. 1. vij. c. 33. - 

[i] jepplra^Bje, M. L. [rj] jepulpa&c. M. L. 

C,?J S^pulj'abe.'M. L/ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


iba2;unj EpatrianUf ^cjceahr on Ballium ft^ 3tla-^ 
ihianne J>am • f ojce. "3 hypa fcla m ojcfloh:* Oti 
Jiam ^jii&Jjan ^eane fcif piccj-. J?a he J ma^pta 
poh pi^ j^a Eo&ej* ^eopaf . j>a abjiipn hxne 
CorgQ lit; ot hyjia capbe. *3 hi f ojion |-i1S15oii 
opcp. Dooua Da ca on Valenrej- pice. ^ piInoMn 
rq him. J ni njoj-ran on hir pice mib ji^ii^ 
^pttran:. 3E)a opphep^obe he ;f he him a^p 
bybe. o^^ pypnbc. c^lS'Be ri)?obe. ac hi lerpr-^ 
ran Jtep ]»p hi pol&on:* Sc hif ^cnepn ^3 hir 
ealbopmen nybbt^n hi aejcrep ^ajoile. ^ micel 
^eplit haejcbon ymb ^. 0% )>a Eotran hi mib 2;e- 
jeohre ^cjdymbon:* ©a Valenj- j^ Tcahyobe on 
3Cni;i^faia J^aepe b;J'pi;5. J)a peap'tS ne j-pilSe fa* 
pi^* ^ jej^ohtre hij- mij-bscba. hu hi hii]^ djc* 
ftan pihtef ^cleapn. *3. pullpihtep hx%ef. •^ he 
tiim fenbe Xppienifce bifceopaf ro lap'eopum. 
^ ^cbpolmcn. f pa he f yip yxy. ^ hpr he hx}> 
be Dobef J>eopum on ojSrj-i^ap ro laiSe xebon:- 
j!5cr ]>eah fcnban asj^tep. J^aep he aenne Jubben* 
bene pif re. |)eah he y lare bybe. "j him pS^n 
her ;5eapian:- Orj J>ain peop'Ban ^eajie hif pi- 
cef Be pahr pi^S Eoran. •j ^{d^lymtt) peajv5. ^ 
bebpijren on anije run. *} peajV5 oh anumhufe 
ppbaepnen:- Ba^p fxr rpi^fc jiihre bom xeen- 
bob, ]^ hi J)pne populblice ppbd^pnbon. pe hi 
tehr^ bxpnan on ecnyf j-e:- 

-.. / xxxv. ; 

y^prep* J?am he Romebuph ^enmbpeb wf 
1 piprp^ *] c 'J xxxiii. pn;^ Dparianuj- ro Ro- 

* Orof. 1. vii. ۥ 34, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


maw* ^peaJoc. 1 hmc haepc. y^ gje^p. -j tc-. 
j-ejcxreijfJiiobpnuj" hiip vO jcukubie. fopljop mm 
^^i4«;e, ^J^3f'J)eot>.4l>e hyjpa.pinnan jwEjioa. Jae* 
jxow tro J-pi'pe ^^ejl^pan^obc. I hn manieoxne 
niihT:^. jtijb. jejfeohtum of eiifpi'San:- 5fc Igcp- 
to^vyriijiDam ^p>i)5 j?i^ hy. -^ pp JiiB|icj j-ifaib^, he 
laebfce A!&hanajiicurhijia cyninj".^^^ hi© tp. 
Eoflr^aupinppoiin^lJ^pebypij.,.^ Jfip ji^^ ^^jr, 
fcij* Ju: ^esn&obet- jRg'8c f^ej- J»0. Juotao. on^CAr 
^^' Ji^ ^Qb Thepbopuj- pjp. ae^ep ^e hv S*!^ 
4Blle'.|>eoba te on S^x'o^iutn paepon, gecuppji; .hif 
jpilS;.. Oo pan* ^Jajum ^ccuppn Ppyr^i^nic 
C^mxpianuj- hun rq jDij-epe. o):cp liij- pjllap: j-e 
jjEnc jjyppe italpa Romana aopeal&aj-^, fonhii*. 
niccnj jjJsaJtjuffi touju^vun. bwrpn $ he ])3 mxS hif 
blappt) fftno. fop. p^pa roanna lape, *3 pal5? ^aej:* 
Ijc p^ tvloA palhe. Jl nngrianuf o^j-joh, •} 
Y akq-TiUianu^ hij- bpo'Sop he atipap ur dj} Ita-- 
Iism. Jheo'iPflcah toTheotJopuj-e;- , . 

XXXVI. \' 

, y€jcte|^* ]?am Jje Romebupb ae^im^petr jWBf 
m pi^ppa •) c 'J jcxxviu. ]cea^,-^eoC>9f lUf ro 
■KeH)^9aa9peaIt>e. 3 hinf haejcbe xi^eap. he hxf- 
tiC v% ^eapum xp., anpeait) o|:ep j)a ea]ir,baelap:' 
J!3e )'a Deoftopuj- pa? j- "Oencen&e hu Jie Gpa^j^nuf 
hij* hlajcopb ^eppecan mihre. "3 eac hip bpo^op 
on jjam anpealbe ^eb/ttn^^an. '^ pyptje ^claefcpc 

. ^ . , . * Orof. I. vii. c. .35. 

[i] in. C. C. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

on h)a|ia.')iae^ CKHnUifivif HMO ^#t)e a^ibciM/ 

[i)jailJ}ia^s^Siiri>fSB]t:»e beboben ))a^afan tto hc- 
Hbeime:' Acyec^U3aflti!aR hi bczshvt h^pxim 
maixoom to healbeaoe. -7 ^htre bitn ^yljc pi^ j-^n^ 

Oft {kooof luf hu«>an:> TEc prut>.)>am )« hie ^ji«n 
^pfr dopo^ti^raifien ftef pi'&jajia fcipeu ^.com 
fieoiDojni^ fgap vo. *} pifib '^£|i »r j^eajia ibantMv 
^ la^flBTjr^tt -J ci^-^y *j: he hi paf$e jqjc^ 

^ fflunt^, 0%> lie com vo W^^-^a. ^ (Daxt* 
fflof «):flote>-&a 5^ f e eait>6fiinafi^€hy|U}e. )ii 
aejienctfe h^ *ii>e fyijsne:- •^Ua ylSekcc Coi> 
^' geeooo&e ^'myole ^ejruti. ntflj' hjfu t;pe^pi» 
** ):yilei )« <Daxisiu)'. -j hi}' eafoo/^man hsj^jea 

/Ej:rejii)?ampen;5 ej:t: Valenrimanor to hnj- 
pice. *3 Jjsf ymbrpa ^eaj\. J>a he on Callium com. 
bine oj:}*mopot>e Smbo^xyxej* hijr eabopman. 
*) hioe p'S^o 9i)& Jiftputii be ]^iial j^eojjwn.ypa- 
henj. ;5elicofr J»m J)e he bine ryipae. vjopweiv* 
toe. bajfjbe apip^eik?^. ^ ^efftlpte-.^ttjeniof ro J»ffif 
picej* namaa. -f be Eaj:e/ic .jM?pc. "^ jeeog him 
ryij: ro ])am aupeabe. pjajjam np q« roibTC fylf 
lubban jjacf- awrpcal&er ujiiMn... jf:c^> J>y M. fiaef 
Ri^a^mfC. ac l^jitie pone o^eji^iie f hip ^fe]ct4- 
;5yl& j^eojfHi© beeofecJ- J)a gftlae^oe ef1<;©e«sQ* 
;fiu)r fyjitepi'S h*n i^am. t;o^«pertl€m4l!tt>m> 
pc he aep haE|:t>e pi's CDaximino]-:* Da j-enbe Dc- 

* eal&opmao rather, 
[i] ^Tubjie^atia, C. C. 


Aigitized by Google 


140 HORMESTA regis JELfREttt * 

otx>fiUf Iforctia jnikiim bcfojtan fann. j^ hi ^ 
dafao xchpxcon^ ac hi f ujibon uron yxohpLjiftti 
Of ])am muni^m. *} ealle [i] ofj^lmrgcn.- f^ttys^- 
jion X mi* ©a }cop Dcobopuj- )rfbepj)eapb. 7 
pif re ;^ hine nun polbe miD J^am ildan pjience be<» 
pptbito:* Da hi vo'^gasbtptyt^pt) |:op^ {mt )oh« 
tran eujcmuf 7 3Cpbo^cp:ef. "^ hi jxeolbaD 
tt]\cjV Off ]^am n^arum hi ;^bi;^can xmbr heopa 
pioa ;2;ef ceovums* ^c aelc com ope|i ]niji». o%%e 
on hy fylf e* o%>Se on ))a eop^n« 7 THeobojriuf 
hasj:t)e jK>ne pinb nub him. t bif F^!^<^ Ruhce 
[2] maq^ne a;lcne heopa pana on heopa ]ce6ii<< 
t>um af xpTnitn:* £)asp peaptS €u;^eniuf* ofT[^ 
jcn. rj !ffpboj0Bpcf offranx hine f ylj^ic:* /%• 
trep ^am Dcobopuy- pop on Irialie. 7 })a he com 
TO oSae^elan je )cpc bypi?^. j^a ;5ccnt)obe he hi; 
lip .7 berathre mj- rpam pinum )one aq))cab^ 


/^fXep * ^am he Romebaph ^nmbpeb yx\ 
mpmrpa T c 7 xlix. pcii^g Xpchabiuj- ro anfe- 
albe ro tSam eapr-basie. 7 hine hae)rt>e xii ^eajt 
T X)onopiuf to Jwun pej-r-bxlc* 7 nu ^Jtr haej^. 
(cjW^ Opof lup-) 

Xnb f fopfam]>e hi ;5eoii;5e p«pmi. he hi be- 
voehte iif |iPpt ealbopmannum to bcprtjmne. 
TTpchabiur paej- betachr Rupnuj-e. 7 JlJoaopiuj* 
yKf htvmtc 8«ilecan:« He hy^ccf^iboa pa^ 

• Orof. 1. vii- c. 36. + Oroff 1. vii. c. 37. 

to ojTflasen. C. C [2 J mafcfCpew M* t^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


j?a&p hpilce hlapopb [i]hylba, hi Jjohtonro cy- 
jjonnc on hcopa eal&Wapopbcj" beapnum. ';^iphi 
hir ftijihreon mihron:* Rupuuf* polbe hab* 
ban ,l\iai,pyk jjoft^ anpealb J^aejie eafr. ^ 8-^ile- 
ci j^lbe;,f;yllanhif. j-una J)ij-ne heji pep;:- 'Knty 
pjv p9lA.p;6nbfajte.^ Eotan on Ira- 

k. iiubheojja rpam cyningum. TClpicau *] Ra^b- 
jotdri., ^.^ ))bht;e yfS'Son. "f pic opppiiribeu 
paepe.' ^ m fi'S^ph'^ polbon fcall ';f he polbe.' ^ 
penbci^ cac|>am Ectean.faej- Tjepiiinej- mihrepa'Sd 
S^ftTypan^ ppj^ain ftc; d^ heopa lanbe ^ebopeii 
paepr-.Ra^ |>cej-. Sflapica peap'S Epij^reri. ^ Raeb^ 
Jottt.*^2^eri fnpbpunobe. *3 bse^pamllce paef 
Worch&e r to^OplSylbitm mi6 manj-hhrum. ^ 
fimle'^hirn psep leojcopr. ;f Pa pipori Romanipc:- 
. •' Nu^ir CiDp. Raniane mae;^ ^epcamiab (cpae^ 
'/ bpoj^iup.) ^ 56 jpai heanlic ':^6p6hv pceolboa 
*^ oi^.eojj.'gemiiian. icbp andp iriannep e^e. ^ pop 
'' aoef jnannep.3?bldre. pe ;5e pxban f fa Hx^e* 
" nan x^ibapaeppn betepan fonne ]ia Epiprenan. 
" "3 eac. f ebp pyjjcum Ipxjie betepe "f ;5e eop- 
" fepne Epiprehbom ^(^ilcton. ^ to })am ha^^c- 
** nipcean ]?eapum pen;5an. ]je eoppe ylbpail ^p 
'' beeobon:« Ee ma^on eac ^e^encean hu hean 
" he epr p^ap'B hip ^eblotra. ^ hip beopul^ylba. 
^* ])e he on lypbe. |»a J?a ^e hne^ebunbene haep* 
" ban 'J hine pl^'Bon arujjon ppappa^d polbon, 
«' ^ eahie hip pulrum. ]?asr pasp ppa ppa ^e yyift 
♦' paebon. rpa hunbpeb ]?iipenb« ppa xopep fcan 
** ne peap^S ;5epuiibob:''' 

* Orof. 1. Yu.c. 38. 

[i] h\lbo. M. L. 
I i XXXVIII. ytpt^ep 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



/Epctji * fam Jje Romcbu)ih ^erimbjictt paf 
m pmrpa 1 c •) Ixiiii. Eoto geby be hij- imlt- 
j-un^e on nomanum. I?a J?a be heopa mif*tatbl 
pjiecan Icr. ^ hjr )?cah b;f fee Xljiica j-e Cjiijicc* 
ncj-ra cyinn^, 'j re mitee/'ra, /^j hemib.fpa ly^ 
rluro m'Se abpae(c Ilomebuj^h. J5 he bebeab ^ man 
naune man ne j^loTe. *3 cac 'f man nandbr vt pa- 
nobe. ne ne y):elobe Jjaef {)e on fzm cyntcum 
jpa^pe. T j'onaJraej-on^amTSpibbdn basje. hi J^ 
j:ojian ur oj: ^asjie byjiij hcojia a;^enuni pdfiiL 
f pa ]?aep ne peapilS nan huj- heojia pillan fd/ibseji- 

J)aej-if ^enam J&crrulp TClpican W«X^ ^ono- 

hine ;5eJ>in;5pbe. ^ hi him ro pipe ^eoain:- Si]f- 
J)on j-rerao pa Do^an \xj\ on lanbe. Jtime be )«f 
Eaf epej^ piUsn- j-ume hjf unpillan. jnime hi fCh 
pan on Ij-panie. ^ J?asp ^eyaetran* j-ume on Sjgn* 

J!?ep enba^ )-co vi boc* 
^ Prof. 1. vii, €• 39. t OroC 1. vii. Ct40« 

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A N 





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Digitized by VjOOQIC 

TABLE df the BOOKS and ; 

B O O K I. 

Ch A^. L Our elikrs divided the whole worfd 
into three parts. p. i« 

IL How Ninus King of Aflyria firft began to 
reign in this world, with great Uridine^ and 
feverity* ' ?• 25* 

III. How fire from heaven deftroyed the coun- 
try on whch.were built the two cities of Sodonx. 
and Gomorrha. P* 27. 

IV. How the Telefci and Ciarfath had wars 
with each othen p. 27^ 

V. How the righteous Man Jofeph foretold 
by his wifdom a great famine, which was to 
happen for feven years, and how they [a] brought 
the fifth part of their corn to the King accord- 
ing to his ordinance. p. 28* 

VI. How in the days of King Amphidioa 
there was a great flood in Achaia. p. 30* 

VIIw How Mofes led the folk of Ifrael,^ over 
the Red Sea. . P* 30* 

Vin. How during one night fifty men were 
flaiu in Egypt by their own fons, and how King 

[tf] Sc, the Egyptians. 

A 2 Bofiris 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ '" ] 

'B^iM ordered all thofe to be facrificed who re«* 
ibrted to him, and about man3r other wars, jp, 33 
- IX. How the Athenians and Cretans had wars 
together. p. 35. 

A. How Vefoges King- of Egypt endeavoured 
to conquer the Southern part ci Afia, and how 
two noblemen were defeated by the Scythians, 
and about the women called Amazoixs, and about 
the Goths, who were dreaded by Pyrrhus the 
£erce King of Epirus, Alexander the Great, 
and Julius Casfan P* 35* 

X[« How Helena the King^s wife was taken 
aviray from the town of Lacedsemon,* and how 
King ^neas went with an army to Italy* p. 41. 
Xu. How Sardanapalus was the iaft King of 
Afrina, and how his alderman Arbatus deceived 
him, and how the wives reproached their huf- 
bands for running away, and how the bratkr 
made the likenefs of a bull for a nobleman* p* 42. 
XIII. How the Peloponefians and Athenians 
had wars with each other. p. 45. 

. XIV. How the Lacedaemonians and Athe- 
nians had w^s together on account of the 
maiden's o&ring^. p« 46. 

BOOK n- 

Chap. L How Orofius faid that our Lord 

made the firft man perfed, and good ; as alfo 

about the four empires of this world. p. 49. 

. IL How the brothers Remus and Romulus 

built Rome in Italy. v p. 53 

UI. How Romulus . and Remus confecrated 
Rqme in wickednefs^ p. 55. 

IV- How 


by Google 

IV. How th^ Homans and Sabines h^d wai^ 
together, and how Cyrus was flain by the 
Scythians. P- 57- 

V. How King Cambyfes dcfpifcd the Egyp- 
tian idolatry, and concerning the wars of Da- 
rius, Xecxe9, and Leonidas. p« 64* 

VI. How the Romans iaw a wonder, as if 
the heavens were ori fire. ?• 7 '• 

VII. How the nations of Sicily bad wars with 
each othcc* / p^ 7 3* 

Vni. How the Romans bcfieged the itfty of 
the Veil for ten. winters^ and how the Gauls of 
SmuQ took the town of Rome« p. 74^ 

BOOK in. 

Chap. I. How. a deceitful, and ineffeftuaU 
peace was made between the Lacedaemonians, 
and Perfians. . P* 79* 

DL How an earthquake happened in Achaia. 

p. 83. 

ni. How a great plague happened at Rome, 

when they had two Coufuls,^ and how Marcus 

Jhot him/elf into the gaping earth. p. 84. 

IV. How the Gauls laid wafte the Roman 
territories, to within three miles of Rome, p* 85* 

V. How the Carthaginians fent ambaflkdors to 
intreat peace from the Romans. p. 86. 

VL How there were wars between the Ro- 
mans and the Latins, and how a nun was burried 
alive. p. 88* 

VII. How King Alexander (uncle of Alcx^ 
ander the Great) had wars with the Romans, and 
how Philip (father of Alexander the Great) be- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t vi 3 

came Kiiig of Ma^edon^ afld how he fixed ti{)on 
the town of Byzantium. p. 90. 

VIIL How Caudinae Furculae was diftinguifhed 
by the defeat of the Romans at that '^ace. p. 99. 

IX. How Alexander the Great fucceeded to 
the kingdom of Macedon, and how he ordered a 
bi(hop to fay as be had direded hiih, and how 
be conquered King Darius, and how he him- 
felf . was kiHed by poifbn. p. i o i • 

X» How, while Rome was governed by Con- 
iuls, four moft' powerful natrons attenipted to 
conquer the Romans, and how a great plague hap-^ 
pened in Rome, and how they ient for Efcula- 
pius the Jkin^kech^ with his medicinal adder. 

p. 1 1 2. 

XL How, while Rome was governed by Con- 
fuls, the Samnites and Gauls of Senno marched 
to take the city of Rome, and how Alexander's 
fucceilbrs after his death ended their lives in flrife. 

p, 115. 

Chap. I. How the Tarentines faw the Ro- 
man (hips on the fea, whilft they were in their 
theatre at fome publick reprefentation, p. 127. 

n. How, many difmal prodigies were feen 
in Rprau5. P- 132. 

ni. How men faw milk rain from heaven, 
and blood well out of the earth. p. 133 

IV. How a terrible plague happened at Rome, 
and how the nun Caperone was hanged, and 
how the inhabitants of Carthage facrificed men 
to their gods. ^ P- i34« 

V. How Hamilco King of Carthage went with 
an army into Sicily, and how a man called 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ vii ] 

Hanj)0 affcfted to be rulers and how the Car- 
thaginians heard that Alexander the Great had 
taken the city of Tyre. p. 136. 

yi. How the Sicilians and Carthaginians had 
wars together", . and bow the Romans be/at An- 
nibai. King of the Carthaginians, and how 
the ^nful Gollatinus went with his army 
to the town of Camefine, and how the Car- 
thaginians appointed the old Annibal their ad- 
miral, that he might attack the Romans at fea, 
and how the Romans failed to Africa with 33a 
(hips, and how the Conful Regulus deftroyed 
the immenfe adder, and how Regulus fought 
with three Carthaginian Kings in one battle, 
and how the Conful Emilius failed to Africa 
with 300 (hips, and how the Conful Cotta plun- 
dered Sicily, and howtwo Con fuls failed to Africa 
with 300 (hips, and how when there were three 
Cohfuls, the npw King Afdrubal came to the 
iiland of Libeum, and how the Conful Clau-- 
dius jafterwards naarched againft the Cartha- 
ginians, and how the Conful Caius in failing 
towards Africa died at fea, and how the Conful 
Lutatlus failed to Africa with 300 (hips. p. 140. 
Vlll. How there was a terrible fire at Rome, 
and how the Gauls oppofed the Romans, and 
how the Sardinians made war againft the Ro- 
mans at the inftigation of the Carthaginians, 
and how Orofius faid that he was come to the 
good times which the Romans boafted fo much of,' 
and how the Gauls warred with the Romans, 
whilft the Carthaginians attacked them in ano- 
ther quarter, and how two Confuls fought 
againft the Gauls ; and how many wonders were 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ viii } 

fceii, and how the Conful Claudius dttttoyed 
30,000 Gauls* p. 148. 

VIII. How Hannibal King of the Cartha- 
ginians befieged Sagunhim, a town of Spain, 
and how he forced his way over the Pyrepees, 
di>d how the Conful Scipio fought ^ in Spa^fljisLq^ 
how many wonders happened in thofe limes. 

p. 152' 
' 1X4 How Hannibal deceived the two Confuls 
when he engaged them, and how theHomans 
appointed a Diftator, and Scipio for their Con- 
ful, and how the Romans fent the Conful Lu- 
cius into Gaul with three legions. p, 155. 

X. How the Conful Marcellus (ailed with a 
fleet to Sicily, and how Hannibal engaged him 
for three days, and how he Me upon the Con- 
ful and flew him, and how Afdrubal (Hannibal's 
brother) went from Spain to Italy, and how the 
Carthaginians were permitted to obtain peace by 
the Conful Scipio. p. 158. 

XL How the Roman wars were concluded, 
and how the Conful Semproilius was flain in 
Spain, and how Philip King of Macedon put 
to death the Roman ambafladors, and how the 
Macedonian war was occafioned, and how the 
Conful Emilius conquered King Perfeus. p. 165. 

XIL How the Romans fufFered much from 
the Celtiberians, a nation of Spain. p. 169, 

XIIl. How the third war viras ended be- 
tween the Romans, and the Kings of Carthage. 

p. 171. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i ix ] 

fe O O K V^ 

Chap; J. What Orofius faid about the boafts 

dnd glory of the Romans^ and how they con^ 

quered many nations, and how. they drove many 

Jfeig s before them in their triumphs as they ap« 

fn^hed Rome. P* i75*^ 

II. How, in one yeari the two towns of 
Corinth and Carthage were entirely deftroyed,^ 
and how the fhepherd Feriatus b'egan to reiga. 
in Spaing and how the Conful Claudius de- 
feated the Gauls, -and how the G>nful Mancinus 
made i^eac^ with the Spaniards^ and how the 
Conful Brutus (lew 60,000 of that nation, and 
how d child pi was bom in Rome* p* 176; 

m* How tile Romans fent Scipio with an army 
into Spain, and how the Conful Gracchus con* ' 
tended with the other Copluls till they flew 
him, and how the flaves warred againfl: their 
Lords/* p. i8i« 

IV. |Iow the Conful (who was alfo the eldeft 
Bilhop of the Romans) marched with an army 
againfl: King Arii3:onicus, and how Antiochus 
King of Aiia endeavoured to procure the empire 
of Parthia, and how Scipio the beji of all the 
Roman Thanes reminded the Romans of their 
treatment of him, and how flames arofe from 
Mount Etna. p. i %t. 

V. How the Romans afterwards ordered Car- 
thage to be rebuilt, and how the Conful MeteU ^ 
lius fubdued the Wicingae. p. 185* 

VI. How .the Conful Fabius overcame Be- 
twitus a King of Gaul. p. 185. 

[*]<This child was a monftcr. See p, 140. 

*B VIL How 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

t. X ] 

Vll. How the Ronaans carried on a war agamft 
Jugurtha King of the Numidians. p. i86. 

Vin. How the Rocoaiis fotfght with the 
Cimbrs » the Teutorue, and Atnhronx. p. > 1 88. 

DL How the Roiaaoft began to have a Civil 
War amoagft themiblvos .in the fifth year oL 
Marius's Confulfhip. ip. i%^ 

X* How * there were terrible wars oWer. all 
Italy hi the fixth year of Jvtlim Cisf«r'ft Cboful- 
Ihip. : p^ 190. 

' XL How the Roolaua fent tbe Cooful Sylla 
s^inft Midiiiidatea Kitig of Parthia* • p. . 191. 

XQ. How the Romans gave the Conlul Jo^ 
lius the command of &ven legiooa^ aodi how 
JuHua blockaded the Gener^ Tarcwatus Pom< 
peiua in aibong pott^ and bow Juliu* engaged 
Ptolemy three times. p. 194. 

XIII. How Odavius fucceeded to the Roman 
Empire^ ^^nft the inclination of thp People. 

. XIV*. How Odavianus G^e&r flwt Janus*s 

doors. p. 201. 

XV. How fonie nations of Spain were at war 

with Auguftus. pk ao2. 

B O O K VI. 

Chap. I. What Oroiius faid about the four 
principal empires of the world. p, 205. 

II. How Tiberius Caefar fucceeded Auguft us. 

p. 207. 

III. How Caius was Gefar for four years. 

p. 209. 
IV. How 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ ^ I 

. IV. How Tiberius Claudius tecanse Empemr. 

p. zi'o. 

V. How Nerp became Emperon p. ziz. 

VI. How Galba became Emperor. p« 21^; 
Vn« How Vcdipaiian became Emperor. ibid. 

. VUL How Titus became Emperor, p. 214. 

IX. How Pomitian (Titug*s brothei) bee^eie 
Emperon ibid^ 

X. How Nery^a became Bmperor^ . p. zt$. 
XI.. How Adrian became Emperor, p. 21 6. 
XIL How Pompey [c] became Ebfiperor. ibid. 
XIII4, How Marcus Antoninus became Ernpe^; 

Mr, together with his brother Aurelius. p. ziy^ 

XI V. How Lucius became Emperor, p. 2 1 8. 

XV. How Severus became Emperor. ibid; 

XVI. How Aittoiiinus (Sei^rus's foa) fuc- 
ceeded him. p. 2192^ 

XVn. How Marcus became Emperor, ibid. 
XVni. How Aurelius became Emparor.; 

p. 220. 

XIX. How Maximus became Emperor, ibid. 

XX. How Gordian became Emperor. ibid. 

XXI. How Philip became Emperor, p. 221. 

XXII. How Decius became Emperor. ibid. 
XXin. How Gallus became Emperor, p. 222. 

XXIV. How the Romans chofe two Em- 
perors, ibid. 

XXV. HowClaudius became Emperor, p. 223. 

XXVI. How Aurelius became Emperor. 

p. 224. 

XXVII. How Tacitus became Emperor, ibid. 
XXVin. How Probus became Emperor, ibid. 

[c] This (hould be Antoninus Plus. 

XXIX. How 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[xii ] 

XXl5t. How Caius became Emperor, p. 215. 

XXX. How Dioclcfian became Emperor, ibid. 

XXXI. How Conftantine became Emperor, 
together with his two brothers. ' V*^^9* 

aXXH. How Jovinianus became Emperor, 

p. 231. 
XXXin» How Valentinianus became Em- 
peror, ibid* 

XXXIV. How Vaiens became Emperor. 

:'.'-. p.. 233. 

XXXV. How Gratian became Eqfiperor, and 
how the Britmis made Maximianus their C^r 
againft his will. • p. 235. 

XXXVI. How Theododus became Emperor, 
and how Valentinian fucceeded him. ibid. 

XXXVII. How ^rcadius became Emperor, 
and Honorius Emperor ^of the Weft. p. 237. 

. XXXVin. How God (hewed his mercy to 
the Romans. P* ^39^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ « 3 




O F 

G R O S I U S. 

C H A P. I. 

OUR elders have divided all the circuit of 
the earth into three parts (quoth Orofius) 
comprehending what is furrounded by Oceanus^ 
which men call Gars£co[^]; and they named 

[if] This word fignifies a vaft tra£t of Sea or Ocean, and 
when narrower it is always termed j*ea or fea^ as U/enbel-fea^ 
the Mediterranean, &c. I take an early opportunity of lay- 
ings that I am not aniwerable for the accuracy of either JEU 
fred or Orofius in this geographical defcription ; and where 
fuch a number of places are mentioned, one after another, it 
is fomething difficult to difcover to which of them the context 
relates ; it is therefore very probable that I have myfelf made 
fome miftakes alfo in the pund^uation^ upon which much de- 

B thefe 

Dfgitized by VjOOQIC 

2 B O O IC I. 

thefe three parts Afia, Europe^ and Afria, 
though fbme have fatd that there are oi4y two 
dKvifions, Afia and Europe* Alia is bouaded to 
th^ fouthwardt northward^ and eaft wardi hy the 
Ocean, and thus divides all this earth from the 
eaftern parts. All to the northward is Afia, and 
to the fouthward Europe and Alia are ^arated 
by the Tanais ; then fouth of this fame river, 
(a^ong the N^iterranean,, and wej^ of ^ex« 
andria) Europe and Afia join, 

Europe begins (as I faid before) at the river 
Tanais, which takes its feurce from tlW nerthem 
parts of the Riphaean mountains, which are near 
the Ocean that men call Sarmtmdifc [^] ; and this 
river then runs diredlly fouth, on the weft fide of 
AlexaQjder's temples, to th^ patioo of l|if Rho- 
covafci [r]. Here rifes that j^» [d] (wbkh men 
call Maeotis) ; and thence it ifTues with a great 
flood near tne town called Theodofia W, from 
whence it emptiQS itftlf tQ the, eaftward into the 
Euxine Sea^^ ^nd then becon\ing ijarrQVi^ fqr a 
confiderable t^a^ft, it jpafles by Conftaoti^oplt, 

[^} Sarniaitioa Occano ii^ Qnoluis ; whjNie the Saxon hov- 
evier pl^ii^ly. re%)^ tp a; known nm^e of a pj^afrcr o»^ fe|^ I {«• 

nerally fhall tranflate the Saxon corruption, by what is the 
real, and commonly accepted name. 

[f] Roxolani, in Orofius, and thofe who define to- know 
where this nation was fituated^ may confult Hayexoamp's 

[4] \ '^^ve tranllatcd this literally, by ufing the Saxon term 
j:en, as I (hall in every inftance where the modern English is 
clearly derived from that language,, and ftiall common^ pri^t 
ftich word in Italics. 

[e] LiteraJIy, which men call Theodofia ; but as f have 
given two infliances before of this Saxonifm> I ihall 'laot repeat 


Digitized by VjOO^IC 

C H A R Iw 3 

and thence iiKo the Mediterranean. * The fouth« 
weft [/] end of Europe is in Spain bounded by 
the Ocead ; but the Mediterranean almoft entirely 
clofe? at the iflands called Gades, where Her- 
cules^s pillars ftandii In this fame Mediterranean » 
to the w6ftward, is Scotland [g]. 

Aiia and Africa are divided by Alexandria (a 
city of Egypt J; and that country is bounded to 
the fouth by tne river Nile, and then by Ethi* 
opia to the weftward, quite to the foutheru 
Oceao* The north-weftern boundary of Afri"* 
ca is the Mediterranean fea^ where it is di«» 
vided from the Ocean, near Hercules*s piU 
lars ; the true weftern boundaries are thp 
mountiuns called Atlas^ and the iflands Fortui^ 

Thus have I fliortly mentioned the three divi- 
fioDS of this earth ; and t will now (as 1 before in<* 
timated) ftate how thefe are bounded by land 
and water. 

Oppoiite tb the middle of the eaftern part of 
Afia the river Ganges empties itfelf intp the 
Sea, whilft the Indian Ocean is to the fouth- 
wardi in which is the poit Caligardamana. 

t/3 ^eft-Couth, in the Saxon, which we never fay, 
though fo maify of our ifautical expreffions are borrowed from 
Ihe Sai^dii, as Sfart$a^J^ kc. 

lil Tfaia IB a ftrong sddirional ^roof, that fome of the 
Scod came from Spain, as is aflerted by Lbuyd, in hi$ Welch 
t'reface to the Archaeologia, where he argues both from this co« 
lony being called, in the 6M Irilh MSS. Kin-SkUiU (of the 
Scottifh nation) as alfo from the great affinity between the 
kifli I8ifig(uiges^n4 Che old Canrabriah^ See thi^ trinlljlioln of , 
this Preface^ in Bi(hop Nicholf6n's Htft. Library • 

B 2 To 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4 B O O K I. 

To the fotjth-eaf]k of that port is the jfland Ta- 
probane, and to the north of the mouths of the 
Ganges (where mount Caucafus ends) is the port 
of Samera, and to the north of this port arft the 
mouths of the river called Corogorre, m th? 
Ocean named Sericus^ 

Now thefe are the boundaries of India. Mount 
Caucafus is tb the north, the river Indiis to the 
weft, the Red Sea to the fouthi arid the Ocean to 
ihe eaft'. Jn this land of India are four an^ 
forty nations, beifides the ifland of Tapjrbbane, 
which haA tpn boroughs ift it, as alPW many 
others which are fituated on tile banH? of the 
Indus, arid lie all to the? weftwardof Iti^ia. 
Betwixt this river of Indus, and another river to 
the weft, called the Tigri§ (bqth whiph etopty 
themfelves into the Red SeaS, are the countries ot 
Oracaffia, Parthia, Afilia, Pafitha, and Media 
^though writers call all this Idnd either Media or 
Affiria) ; apd the country is much parched by the 
fun [A], and the road's very hard and ftonyl The 
northern boundary of this land is njourit Cau- 
cafus, and to the fouthward the Red Sea ; in 
this country' are two great rivers/ the Hyftafpes, 
and the Arbi§j in this land alfo are two. and 
twenty nations, (hough it is 'all called by thp 
jgcnetal name of rarthia'. Tq (he weftwafd frorp 
hence, dll that lies betwejsn the Tigris and Eu- 
phrates is either Babylonia, ChaWaea, or Mefo- 
jotamia. VVithii^ this cpiintry are eight and 

\i] The Saxon word is beophte, or bright, whieh I have 
ycntured to Xtzni^^Wparthid by'thfyrty as this figViifiGation 
Agrees well with the context • ■* -■ •* 


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CHAR I. 5 

twenty nations, the northern boundaries of .\vhich 
are mount Cauca^fus^ and Taurus, and to the fouth 
the Red Sea. Along the Red. Sea, and at the 
north angle of it, lies Arabia, Sab^a, aad £u^ 
domane. Beyond the river Euphrates, quite 
weftward to the Mediterranean, and northward 
to mount Taurus, even unto Armenia, and foutli^ 
ward, near Egypt, are many countries, nam^ely^ 
Comagena, Phoenicia, Damafcus, Coelle, Moab^ 
Ammon, Idumasa, Judaea, Palejftinej and Sarracenc^ 
though all thefe nations are comprehended 
under the name of Syria. To the north of 
Syria ^re the hills called Taurus, and to the 
north of thefe is Cappadocia and Armenia (the 
latter being weft of the former), and to the weft 
of Cappadocia is the country called the Lefler 
Afia, and to the north of Cappadocia is the plain 
called Temifere, and betwixt Cappadocia and the 
Leffer Afia is Cilicia and Ifaurio. 

Afia is entirely furrouuded with fait water,' 
except to the eaftward ; to the north is thic 
Euxine Sea, but to the weft the Propontis, and the 
Hellefpont ; whilft the Mediterranean is to the 
foiith. In this fame Afia is the high mountain 
of Olympus. 

To the northward of hhber Egypt is Palef- 
tine, -to the eaftward the land of Saraceae, tp 
the weft Libya, and to the Ibuth the moun- 
tain called Climax. The head of the Nik 
is near: the clifs of the Red Sea, though fome 
fay it is in the weftern part of Africa, near 
mount Atlas, whence it flows over a large traft 
of fand till it finks ; it then proceeds in its courfe 
till it becomes a great fea ; and the fpot where the 


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6 B O O K I. 

river takes its rife, is called hy fome Nuchul, 
and by others Dara. Hence, at fome diftance 
from the wider part, before it rifes frona the 
fand, it runs weftward to Ethiopia, where the 
river is called Ion, till it reaches the eaftern parts, 
where it becomes a wide river [/], and then it 
finks again into the earth; after which it appears 
bppofite to the cliffs of the Red Sea (as I 
tnentioned before), and from this place (where 
It rifes again) is the river called Nilus. Then run- 
ning from thence weftward, the Nile divides^ its 
ftream round an ifland called Meroe, and taking a 
turn to the northward, it empties itfelf into the 
IMediterranean, where (in the winter feafon) the 
current at the mouth is oppofed by the northern 
winds, fo that the river is fpread all over Egypt, 
and by the rich earth which it carries along with 
it, fertilizes all that country. The further 
Egypt lies along the fouthern part of the Bed 
Sea, and to the eaft lies the Ocean, and tp the 
weft is the nearer Egypt, and in the two Egypts 
are four and twenty nations. 
, As we have given a defcription of the north 
part of Alia, now will we fpeak of the/ fouth 
part. We have before informed you that mount 
Caucafus is ta the north of India, which beguis 
• firft eaft ward of the Ocean, and lies due weft of 
'the Armenian mountains, which the inhabitants 
*of the country call Parcoadrae, from which moun- 
■ talos the river Euphrates takes its rife, aiid from 
'^thc Parcoadrian mountains mount Taurus conti- 
nues due weft quite to Cilicia. To the north of 

f/j LilUrMy a great fea. 


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CHAP. I. j 

thefc ittottntairis, aJong the Ocean (quite to the 
north-eaft end of the earth) the river Bore toip- 
ties itfelf into the Ocean, stnd from hence weft- 
ward along the Ocean, to the C^ian Sea (which 
extends to monnt Caucafos) j all this land is called 
Oia Sicytfna^ arfd Ircania. In riiis country are 
three and forty nations, fituated at great diftances 
from each other, on account of the barrennefs of 
the fbih Then to the weft of the Cafpian Seai 
tMitd rfie river Tinais, and to the fen Maeotrsv 
thence fouth to the Mediterranean and mount 
Taurus, and north to the Ocean^ is all Scythia j 
though it is divided by tviro and thirty nations; 
and the land on the eaftem bank of the Taiiaisf. 
The country rs inhabited by a nation called the 
j^hMri^ m the Latin tongue, and which we tidW 
hdmt^ Lwkne. Thus have I fhortly flated the 
boundaries of Afia. 

Now will I alfo ftate thofe of Europe, as mncf^ 
as rre are informed concerning them. From the 
river Tanats, weft ward to the river Rhine (which 
takes- its^ rife: in the AlpSr whence it runs north- 
ward to the arm of the Ocean, that furrounds 
Bryttania,^ and fbuth to the river Danube,, whqfe 
fource is near that of the Nile,, and runs norttf« 
ward of Greece till it empties itfelf into the Mc- 
diterfanean) and-north evcnxintorthe Ocean (Which 
men' call Om;^« fea) are many nations, and the- 
wholteof this traft of country is callect Oermwy. 

Htaice to the north of the fburce of the, Da- 
nube, and to, the eaft oj^ the Rhiae, ace:the.£ail 
Francan ' % and to the: ioodb of them are the 

* This and the following figures refer to Mr. Forfler's 
notes| printed at the end of this chapter* 

* Suevae; 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

8 B O O K L 

Suevs * ; ou the oppoiite bank of the Danube> 
and to the fputh and eaft are the Breath- ware' 
\u that part which is called Regnefburh. Due 
^ail from hence are the Berne % and to the north- 
f aft [k] the Thyringae % to. the north of thefc 
are the SeMan% to the north- weft are the Fry- 
fas % and to the weft of Old Saxony is the mouth 
cf the Elbe, as alio Friieland. Hence to the 
north- weft [/] is that land which is called 
'jingle^ f Sillende, and fome part of Dena; to 
the north is Apdrede % and to the north-eaft the 
wolds [m] which are called ^feldan "''. From 
hence eaftward is .Wineda-land ", which men 
"call Syiyle, and great part of the country to the 
fouth-weft Maroaroy and thefe Maroaro " have 
to the weft the Thyringas and Behem;ie, as alfo 
half pf the Beathware, and to the fouth, on the 
other fide of the Danube, is the country called 
.Carendre ". Southward, towards the Alps, lie 
,the boundaries of Beathwara» as alfo Swaefa; 
and then to the eaftward of the Carendre country, 
and beyond the weft part, is Bulgaria '*. To 
the e^ft is Greece '^ to the eaft of Maroaro 
js Wifleland ", and to the eaft of that is Datia*', 
^though it formerly belonged to the Goths. To 
the north-eaft of Maroaro are the Dalamenfae''; 
eaft of the Dalamenfa; are the Honithi, and 

,\ C^l £aft-nortb, in the Saxon, as I have before obfenredt 
*Wid) regard to the fouth-weft, which in the Saxon is weft- 
"ibuth ; a fingle inftance follows, however, where the point 

fouth-weft ill mentioned, and not weft-fouth* 

. [ /] Thisilhould be north-eaft. : 
[/»] Wylte. 

- . :' 7 north 

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C H A p. I* p 

north of the t>alamenfe are the Safpe *', to the 
weft alfo are the Syfele ***. To the north of the 
Honithi *" is Maegthahnd, and north of Maegtha- 
land ** is Scrmende, *^ quite to the Riphaean 
mountains. To the fouth-tveft of the Pene 
is that arftt of the Ocean that fiirrdunds Britan* 
nia, and to the north is that arm of the Sea 
which is OJi Sea^ to the eaft and to the north 
are the North Dene *% either on the continent 
or on the ifland, to the eaft are the Afdre- 
de, to the fbuth is the mouth of the Elb^ and 
fome part pf Old Saxony. The North Dene 
have, to the northward, that fame arm of the 
Sea which is called OJi *\ to the eaft is the 
nation of the Ofti ^^^ and Afdrede to the fouth. 
The Ofti have, to the north of thera, that fame 
arm of the Sea, as well as the Winedae and the 
Burgundae*^ and to the fouth is Hasfeldan* 
The Burgundae have this fame arm of the Sea 
to the weft, and the Suedn *' to the north ; 
to the eaft are the Sermende, to the north, 
over the waftes, is Cwenland^ to the north- 
weft are the Scride'Finnas*^[^], and to the weft 
the Northmen. 

" Ohthere told his Lord (King jElfred) that 
** he lived to the north of all the Northmen* 

[p] Hakluyt terms the country Scrick^finnla j aftcf Richard 
Johnfon, in his account of Nova Zembla, fays, ** That 
** fouth-eaft of the caftle of Wardhus, arc the Scrick-finncs, 
** who arc a wild people, who neither know God nor good 
*' order s and thcfe people live in tents made of deer-fkins, 
'• and they have no certain habitations, but continue in herds 
** and companies, by one hundred and two hundreds/* 
Hakluyt, vol. i« p. 2S3. 

C '♦ He 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

lo BOO K I. 

«' He quoth that he dwelt iu that h»d to the 
" northward, oppofite the weft Seai he faid, 
•' however, that the land of the Northmen is 
^^ due north from that Sea, and it is all a wafte, 
«' except in a few places, where the Finnas for 
** the moftpart dwell, for hunting in the win- 
** ter, and in the fummer for fifliing in that Sea. 
♦* He faid, that he was determined to find out, 
*' once on a time, how far this country ex- 
*' tended due north, or whether any one lived to 
*' the north of the waftes before-mentioned. 
** With this intent he proceeded due noxth from 
" this country [y], leaving all the way the 
" wqfte land on the. ftarboard, and the whole 
" Sea on the Baecbord [r]. He was within three 
*' days as far north as the Whale- A^«/^rj ever 
*' go, and then proceeded in his courfe due 
*' north, as far as he could fail within another 
*' three days, whilft the land lay from thence due 
" eaft, even unto the inland Sea, he knows not 
*' how far [in that direftion] [j]. He remem- 
*V bers, however, that he flayed there waiting 

[^] fa poji he noji^jaite be ^aem lanbc, which is not 
fully tranflated; " atque ea propter fe reda vcrfus feptcn- 
** Hionem effe profeftum." See the Oxford edition, by the 
fcholars of Univerfity College. 

[r] Or to the left. 

[j] The words in the original are, ojjjje jno j^a m on 
fset; lant) he nyrte hpacfcp, which, in the Latin tranfla- 
tion, runs, ** Nefcire aucem fe num infra terram illam fi 
** mare 5" but the objeflion t« this traoflation is, that thtrc 
is no word in the Saxon to be rendered Jtt* 

7 " for 

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G H A p. I. II 

« for a weftern wind, or a point to the north, 
" and failed near that land, as far as he could in 
" four days, where he waited for a due north 
" wind, becaufe the land there lies due fouth^ 
" quite to the Inland Sea^ he knows not how far [/] ; 
*« from whence he failed along the coaft due 
" fouth, as far as he could in five days. A 
'' great river lies up. this land, and when they 
« had gone fome way up this river ^ they return-- 
'^ ed [a], becaufe they could not proceed far, on 
" account of the inhabitants being hoftile, and 
« all that country was inhabited on one fide of 
*< this river, nor had Ohthere met with before any 
" land that was inhabited fince he came from his 
" own home. AH the land to his right, dur.- 
*^ ing his whole voyage, was a defert, and with- 
" out inhabitants (except fifhermen, fowlers, and 
" hunters) [w] all of which were Finnas, and 
" he had ^ wide fea to his left. The Beormas, 
*' indeed, had v/ell-peopled their country, for 
" which reafbn Ohthere did not dare enter upon 
<« it ; and the Terfenna [at] land was all a defert, 
" except when it was innabited by fifhers and 
*' fowlers. 

[t"] By this the land and inland Sea hefore^-mentioned is 
plawily alluded to. 

[tt] I mufl: here objedl again to the Latin trartflation of the 
following words, Jja cyjibon hy up on fa ea, viz. •' ad ejus 
" oftia fe fubftitiffe," which is by no means the fenfe of the 

[w] Ohthere hath explained before this refort to have only 
been occafional. 

[*■] Mr. Lye, in his Saxon Dictionary, refers to this word 
in this chapter of Orofius, and renders it Tariary. 

C 2 ^^ The 

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12 B O O K I; 

** The Beorcnas '** told him man^ particulars 
^* about their land [jy], as well a& of the other 
M countries near them; but Ohthere could not 
^4 rely upon their accounts, becaufe he had not 
« an opportunity of feeing with his own eyes ; 
M it feemedj however, to him, that the Beormas 
f^ and the Finnas fpoke the fame language. He 
" went the rather, and Jhaped his courfe to each 
** of thefe countries [z], on account oi the 
?f i??or/^-whales, becaufe they have very good 
f<^ bone in their teeth [^), ibme of which he 
^* brought to the King \b\ and their hides are 
*^ good* for fliip-ropes. This fort of whale is 
** njuch lefs than the other kinds, it being not 
5' longer commonly than feven ells ; but [Oh- 
i^ fhere fays] that in his own country is the beft 
f* vi\i?\t'hunting^ becaufe the whales are eight 
** and f^rty ells long, and the largefi \c\ fifty; 
** that |ie had killed yj/w^ fix; and fixty [^ in two 

[j^] It muft be owned that this rather contradifts whatii 
inentioned in the preceding period. 

[a] Sc. of the Finnas and the Beormas. 

\a\ It i§ faid that one of thefe teeth, in the i5th century, 
fold for a ruble. Hakluyt, voh i. p. 280. 

\y\ Sc. Alfred, From this circumftance it bath been 
inferred, that Ohthere was fent by this king on this difcovery, 
which however is by no means conclufive ; for every traveller, 
in relating his voyage, (hews the produft of the Countries he 
hath vifited. Richard Chancelor, fpeaking of the commodi- 
ties of Pvuffia, fays, *' There are alfo a fiih's teeth, which 
*' fifh is called a Morfe." Hakluyt, vol. i. p. 237. 

[f ] COsefcan, very improperly rendered in the Latin 
tranflation nonnulla* 

[d] I conceive that yyxa, fliould be a fecond time repeated 
here', inftead of f yxti^, or fixty ; it would then only be 
aflerted thatyf;^ had been taken in two days, which is much 
inore probable than fixty. 

<« days. 


by Google 


CHAR 1. 13 

«* days. Ohthere was a very rich man in fuch 
" goods as are valuable in thofe countries (name- 
<* ly, in wild deer), and had, at the time he came 
*< to the king T^], fix hundred tame deer, none 
*» of which he had purchafed ; bcfides this, 
** he had fix decoy [/J rhein-deer, which are 
*«' very valuable amongft the Finnas, becaufb 
*« they catch the wild ones with them, 

*« Ohthere himfclf was one of the moft confi- 
*« derable men in thofe parts, and yet he had 
** not more than twenty horned cattle, twenty 
** (heep, and twenty fwine, and what little he 
** ploughed was with horfes. The rents in 
** this country confift chiefly of wh^t is paid 
•* by the Finnas, in deer-lkins, feathers, and 
** whale-bone, (hip- ropes, made of whales 
** hides, or of thofe of feals. Every one 
** pays according to his fubftance ; the wealthieft 
«« pay the Ikins of fifteen martins, five rhein- 
*< deer, one bear's -(kin, ten bu(hcls of feathers, 
*« a cloak of bear's or otter's-(kin, two (hip- 
*< ropes, (each fixty ells long,) one made of 
** whale's, and the other of fears.(kin. 

** Ohthere moreover faid, that North manna 
** land was very long and narrow, and that d\l 
* « of the country which is fit either for pa(bii^ <Sr 

f ^] This fiiews, that Ohthere was a ipan of coniiderable 
fubftance when he kft his own country to come to EngUad ; 
and there is not the leaft allufion to his having been fent to tbe 
northward by Alfred, as this voyage feems to have happened 
long before he was known to that king, 

[/] '^^^ Saxon word is j-tael-phanaf; and we apply, 
even to this day, the word^ale to a d^ad bird, which is placed 
c^n a tree in a living attitude, furrounded with lime-twigs, ia 
order to entice the wild ones. 

<< plowing 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

14 BOOK I. 

** plowing is on the fea coaft, which how- 
*^ ever is in fome parts very rocky ; to the eaft- 
** ward are wild moors, parallel to the cultivated 
** land. The Finnas inhabit thefe moors, and the 
** cultivated land is broadeft to the eaftward, and 
*< grows narrower to the northward. To the 
^* eaft. it is fixty miles broad, in fbme places 
*« broader, about the middle it is perhaps 
« thirty miles broad, or fomewhat more, to 
^* the northward (where it is narroweft) it may 
*' be only three miles [from the Sea] to the 
*« moors, which are in fome parts fo wide, that 
** a man could fcarcely pafs over them in a fort- 
" night, and in otherparts perhaps in a week [g*]. 
" Oppofite this land, to the fouth, is Sweoland, 
" on the other fide of the moors, quite to that 
*' northern land \hy and oppofite to that again, 
<* to the north, is Cwenaland ^". The Cwe- 
*' nas Ibmetimes make incurfions againft the 
*' Northmen over thefe moors, «nd fometimes 
** the Northmen on them; there are very 
*' large frefli meres amongft the moors, atid the 
" CwenaS carry Xhtxrjhips [/] over land into the 
r*' meres, whence they make depredations on 
" the Northmen ; xhtwjhips are fmall and very 

«* Ohthere 


\j\ Thefe very minute particulars fecm plainly to te taken 
down by ^Ified, from Ohthcres's own mouth, as he correfls 
himfelf moft fcrupuloufly, in order, to inform the king with 
accuracy. » 

[h'\ i. c. Normanna land, Ohtheres's own country. 

[/] T\\t(ejbips were probably the fame with the fmall boats 

to' this day called coracles, which are ufed both on the Towy 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

OH A Pi L 15 

*« Ohtherc faid alfo, that Xhtjhire which hc^, 
*' inhabited is called. Halgoland [>t], and he fays^ 
** that no one dwelt to the north of him [/] ; 
** there is likewife a port to the fouth of tnia 
" laud, which is ealled Sciriages heal ^% which 
" no one could reach in a month, if he watched 
" in the night [;»], and every day had a fair wind ; 
" during this voyage he would fail jiear land, 
" on his right hand would be Iraland ", 
" and then the iflands which are between Ira- 
" land and this land. This country continues 
" quite to Sciringes heal, and all the way on the 
" left, as you proceed northward to the foUth 
" of Sciringes heal, a great fea nmakes a vaft 
" bay up in the country, and is fo wide, that no 

and the Wye. They make them near Monmouth, not to 
weigh above 451b. and they are eafily therefore carried on z 
iifherman's back over (hallows. 

Ik] " The land was full of little illands, called ^geland 
** and Halgelandy in lat. 66. deg. N." Hakluyt, vol. u 
p. 235. where the following note is inferted in the margin, 
*' In this land dwelt Ochther, as it feemeth." 

[/] It fhould feem that this is to be underftood as confined 
to Halgeland> as the port to the fouth, which follows plainly, 
relates to the fame province. 

[m] The word in the original is mcobc, which is rendered 
** curfum fiftens ;*' but it properly ugnifies to go back, and not 
flop. I cannot, therefore, but think that it fhould be pacot>e, 
and the meaning would then be, that this port was diftant a 
month's fail, if the veiTel contiiiued it's courfe both by day 
and night. As for this port called 8cijain5er-h6al, in order to 
find out what place is hereby intended, we mould fuppofe it to 
be pronounced Shiringes-hezl^ for fcy followed by the vowels 
i and e (and fometimes by others) feems always to have been 
pronounced by the Saxons, as it is by the Italians in the word 
Sciolto pronounced Shiolto. Thus we pronounce j-cip Jhip^ 
fciell ^J/, Ycilt> Jhield, j-cma^^/w, ycipit Jhin pfcaj*, Jjjhy 

" one 

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i6 B O O K I. 

** one can fee acrofs It. Gotland i^ oppofite 
*< on the other fide, and afterwards the Sea of 
« Sillende lies many miles up in that country. 
" Ohthere further fays, that he failed in five 
•* days from Sciringes heal, to that port which 
*« men call -^t-Haethum, which is between the 
** Winedum, Seaxum, and Angle, and makes 
w part of Dene. 

** When Ohthere failed to this place from 
•• Sciringes healj Denmark was on his leftj and 
«* on the right a wide fea for three days, as alfo 
•* two days before he came to Hasthum, Got- 
<* land, Sillende, and many iflands (thefc lands 
** were inhabited by the Angle before they came 
** hither) [«] ; for two days the iflands which bc- 
** long to Dene were on the left.*' 

** Wulfftan^faid, that he went from Heath- 
« um to Trufo '* in feven days and nights (the 
** fhip being being under fail all the time) that 
** Weonothland was on his right, but Lango- 
** land, Laeland, Falfler, and Scoley on his left, 
*« all which belong to Denemarca ^\ we [o] had 

** alfo 

\n\ This clears tip moft decifivcly the doubts in Camden's 
preface, p. clviii, with regard to the fuuationof the Angles. 

[o] It feems very clear, from this expreflion of we^ that 
when king «£lfred came to this part of Orofius's geography, 
he confulted Ohthere and Wulfftan, who had lived in the 
northern parts of Europe, which the antients were fo little 
acquainted with, and that he took down this account from 
their own mouths* For the fame reafon it is not improbable 
that there may be fome miftakes in the king's relation, as 
though thefe ilorthern travellers fpoke a language bearing an 
affinity to the Anglo-Saxon^ yet it was certainly a diakA with 
<mattrial variations. For proof of this let a chapter of the 
Spiculu^ Regale^ written in the old Icelandic, or Norwegian, 


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e H A R I. 17 

*« alfo Burgetida-Iand on our left, which hath a 
" king of its own. After having left Burgenda- 
" land '% the iflands of Becinga '\ Meroe '% 
** Eouland ^% and Gotland % were on our left, 
^' which country belongs to Sweon ; and Weo- 
'^ nodlartd was all the way qn our ri|;ht, to the 
" naouth of the Wefel *'. This river is a very 
*' large one, and near it lies Willand and Weo- 
*' nodlahd, the former of which belongs to 
" Efhim^ and the Wefel does not run through 
" W^onodland^ but through Eft mere '^% which 
" lake is fifteen miles broads Then runs the 
^' Ilfing, from the eaftward into Eftmere; 
" on the bank of which ftands Trufo, and the 
" Ilfing flows from Eaftland into the Eftmerei^ 
«* and the Wefel from Weonodland /^' to the 
" fouth; the Ilfing, having joined the Wefel 
♦* takes its name, and runs to the weft of Eft- 
" mere, and northward into the Sea, when it is 
" called the Wefel' s mouth* Eaftland is a large . 
'* tra£t of country, and there are in it many 
" towns, and in every town is a king; there iis 
" alfo a great quantity of honey and fifh, and 
" the king and the richeft men drink nothing 
" but milk, whilft the poor and the Haves 
*< ufe mead. They have many contefts 
<* amongft themfelves. and the people of Eftum 
, ** brew no ale, though they have mead in pro- 
*' fufion[y]* 

be compared tvith the Ang'6-Saxoil. This very Ciunous work 
. was publifced at Soroe, in 1768. 

[yj 'Here WulifUii^s voyage ends in Haklayt4 

I> •♦ Tbf r« 

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i8 B O O K L 

<< There is alfb a particular cuftom amongft 
«* diis nation, that when any one dies, the 
•* corpfe oontinues unbumt with the relations 
<^ and friends for a month or two, and the bo- 
** dies of kings and nobles [r] (according to 
** their refpiedlive wealth) lye for half a year 
** before the corpfe is burned, and the corpfe 
** continues above ground in the bonfe, during 
** which time drinking and fports laft till the 
«* day on which the body is confumed. Then, 
*« when it is carried to the funeral pile, the 
** fubftance of the deceafed (which remains 
«< after thcfe drinking bouts and fports) isdi- 
** vided into five or fix heaps ((bmetimes into 
^« more) according to what he happens to be 
*« wortn. Thefe heaps are difpofed at a mile's 
«« diftance from each other, the largeft heap at 
«• the greatcft diftance from the town, and fo 
« gradually the fmaller at lefler intervals, till all 
f * the wealth is divided, fo that the leaft heap 
•* (hall be neareft the town where the corpfe 
« lies. 

** Then all thofe are to be fommoned who 
** have the fleeteft horfes in that country, wth- 
** in the diftance of five or fix miles from thefe 
*« heaps, and they all ftrive for the fubftance 
•' of the deceafed; he who hath the fwifteft 
** horfe obtains thejnoft diftant and largeft heap, 
•* and fo the others, in proportion, till the whole 
** is feized upon. He procures, however, the 
*^ leaft heap, who takes that which is neareft 
«* the town, and then every one rides away with 

[r^ High men in the Saxon* 

*< his 


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CHAP. I 19 

« his ihare^ and keeps^ the whole of it; pa 
<< account of this cuftom, fleet horfe; are qx«' 
« cefEvely dear. When the wealth of the de* 
<< ceafed hath been thus exhaufted, then they 
** carry the corpfe from the houfe, to bum it^ 
*« together with the dead man's weapons and 
^' cloathsy and generally they fpend the whold 
" wealth of the deceafed, by the body^s conti«« 
*« nuing fo long in the houfe before it is bu-^ 
" ried [s] ; what, however^ remains, and is thus 
<^ diipofed in heaps on the road| is taken away 
"by thefe foreign competitors, 

«* It is aHb a cuftom with the Eftum, that 
*^ the bodies of all the inhabitants (hall be 
" burned ; and if any one can find a iingld 
^' bone unconfumed, it is a cauie of anger* 
" Thefc people alfo have the means of pro- 
" dociiig very fevere cold, by which the dead 
" body continues lb long above ground with« 
*< out putrefying [/]; and if any one fet? 

fxj That is, bv the confequential expcnces. 

[t] Phincas Fletcher, who was ambaflador from Queen 
Elizabeth to Ruffia, gives an account of the fame pra<9:ice 
continuing in fome parts of Mufcovy. *^ In winter time^ 
*^ when aU is covered wttfh fnaw« fo manjr as die are piled up 
*' in a hovel in the fuburbs, like billets on a wood-ftack; 
** they are as hard with the froft as a very ftone, till the 
" fpring-tide come and refolve the froft, what timp cverjr 
*' man taketh his dead friend, and committeth him to the 
*' ground.'* See a note to one of Fletcher's eclogues, p, iq^ 
printed at Edinburgh, in 177I9 i2mo. See alfo a poem 
written at Mofcow, by G. Tuberville, in the firft volume of 
Hakluyt, p. 386, where the fame circumftance is dwele 
upon, and the reafon given, that the ground cannot be dug. 
Bodies, however, are now buried at Mofcow during tbe 

D 2 *^ a veffel 

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t0 BOOK I. 

^^ a veffel'full of ale or water, they contrive 
** that they fhall be frozen, jbe it fummer [jy], op 
•* be it winter/' 

Now will we fpeak with regard tq Greece^ 
which lies fouth of the Danube. The Sea Pro- 
Montis is eaftward of Gonftantinople, to the 
fiorth'of that city an arm of the Sea iflues from 
the Eiixine to the wcftward, tq the north- 
weft the mouths of the Dfinube empty 
themfelves into the fouth-eaft part of the 
Euxine, to the fouth and weft of thefe mouths 
are the Mpefi (a nation of Greiece), to the 
weft are the Traci, and to the eaft th^ Mace- 
donians, To the fouth, on the fouthern arm of 
the Egean Sea, is Athens and Corinth, and 
to . the fouth- weft of Corinth is Achaia, hear 
the Mediterranean. AH thefe pountries are in- 
iiabited by Greeks. To the weft of Achaia, 
along the Mediterranean, js Dalmatia, on the 
inorth fide of that Sea, to tlie north of Dal- 
matia is Bulgaria and Iftria, to th? foyth of 
Iftria is fhe Adriatic, to the weft the Alps, 
^nd to the north that 4^fert wjiiph i§ between 
Carendau and Bulgaria. 

' Italy is of a great length to the north-weft 
land fouthrcaft, and it is furrounded by the Me- 
jditerranerai on every fide buj; the porth-weft. 
At that end of it lie thq Alps, which begin from 
the Mediterranean in the Narbonenf? country, 
/^nd end in Dalmatia, to the e^ft of the S?a opr 

[tt] This muft have been cffefted by fome fort of an icc- 
^ou^ ; aodit app^a-^sby the Amoenitates Academicse, that 
^hey have now ice-houfes in Svfcden ^nd Lapland, which they 
.J(j[iJ4 with mofs^ 


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CHAP. I. ki 

jofita to Gallia Belgica. Near this is the river 
Rhine, to tlie fouth the Alps, to the fouth-* 
weft' the Sea called Britanifca, and tp the 
portb, oil the other fide of this arm of the Sea, 
is Britannia. ' llie land to the weft of LIgoro 
is jEquitania, to the fouth of ^Equitania is 
feme part of Nafbonenfe, to the louth-weft 
is Spain,- and to the weft of the Sea, to the fouth 
of Narbonenfe, is the Mediterranean, where 
the Rhone empties itfelf into that Sea, to the 
north of the Pjrofent Sea. Oppofite to the waftes, 
js the nearer part of Spain, to the north-Weft 
Equitania, ^nd the Wafcari **. to the north. 
The Profent Sea ^^ hath to the north the Alps, 
to the fouth the Mediterranean, to the north- 
eaft ^he Burgende, and to the weft: the Waf- 

Spain is triangular, being fiirrounded with bays 
of trie Sea on three fides, the boundary to the 
fouth- weft is pppofite to the ifland of Gades ; that 
to the eaft is oppbfite the Narbonenfe; and the 
third to the nprtn-weft is* oppofite to Brigantirf, 
a town of Gallia, as alfo to Scotland, over aft 
arm of the Sea, and oppofite to the mouth of the 
Scene, As for that divifionof Spain, which is 
-at the greateft diftance from us (jy], to the weft 
is the Ocean^ to the north the Mediterranean, to 
the fouth and to the e^ft, this divifion of Spain, 
to the north Equitania, to the north-eaft the 
li^o/ds called Pyreni, to the north-eaft Narbo- 
nenfe, and to the fouth the Mediterranean. 

[y] It muft be recollected that Orofius is fuppofcd to fpeak, 
and not jElfrcd. 


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zz ROOK L 

The iiland Britanaia is long towards the north- 
eaft« being 800 miles in Tength, and zoo broad: 
to the ib\|th of it, on the other fide the arna of 
the fea, is Gallia Belgica, to the weft, oa 
the o^h^r fide an arm of the fea, is the ifland 
Iberuja, and to the north Orcadua^ Igbemia 
(which we call Scotland) is furrounded on qvery 
^de with the Ocean, and becaufe it is nearer to 
the fetting fun, the weather is milder than it is 
in Britannia ; to the north-^wed: of Igbernia is 
tliat utmo^ land called Thila, which is I^nowu to 
few, on account of its very great diftance. 

Now have I mentioned the boundaries of 
Europe, and I will proceed tp ftate thofe of 
Africa. Our elders conceived tjbis to be a third 
part of the earth ; not, indeed, becaufe it con- 
tains {o much land as the others, becaufe 
the 'Mediterranean cuts it, as it were, in two, by- 
breaking in more on the fouth part than on 
the north part jz]. Now becaule the heat is 
more, intenfe in the fouth, than the cold in the 
jaorth, and becaufe every wight thrives better in 
cold than in heat ; for that reafon Africa is in- 
ferior to Europe, both in the number of its peo- 
ple, and the quantity of its land. 

The eaftern part of Africa (as I faid before) 
begins well ward from Egypt at the river Nile, 
and the, raoft eaftern nation of this continent is 
Libya., Ciramacia is to the eaft of hither Egypt, to 
the north of the Mediterranean that part of Li- 
bya called Ethiopicum, and to the weft, Syrtes 

[z] Which north part is Europe. 


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G H A p. h i3 

To the w«ft of Libya j^Ethiopicum is the 

Jurther Egypt, and to the fouth the Sea called 

iEthiopicum* To the weft of Rogathitus is the 

nation called Tribulitania (to the north of that 

part of the Mediterranean which is called the 

Adriatic,) and the nation called the SirtesMinores [a]. 

To the weft again of Bizantium, quite to the 

fait mere of Arzoges, this nation hath to the 

eaft the Syrtes Majores, with the land of Roga- 

thite ; and to the fouth the Natabres, Geothulas, 

and Garamantes, quite to the Sea of Bizantium. 

The Sea-ports of thefc nations are Adruttietis 

and Zuges, and their largeft town is Catharina. 

The country of Numidia hath to the eaft the 

Syrtes Minores and the fait mere [b\ to the 

north the Mediterranean, to the weft Mauri* 

tania, to the fouth the hills of Uzera, and 

the mountains that extend to Ethiopia, quite to 

the Mauritanian Sea. To the eaft is Numidia, 

to the north the Mediterranean, t5 the weft is 

the river Malvarius, to the fouth Aftryx (near 

the mountains which divide the fruitful country 

from the barren and wild fands which lie fouth- 

ward towards the Mauritanian Sea, by others 

called the Tingetanian). To the eaft is the 

river Malon, to the north the hills of Abbenas 

and Calpri ; another mountain alfo clofes the end 

of the Sea, between the two hills to the eaft, 

where ftanJ' Ercoles's [c] pillars ; to the weft 

[a] I have tranfiated this literally as I found It, and I have 
already faiti that I do not profefs to maintain the accuracy of 
either the geography, or the exprefSons of the royal tranflator. 

[h'l.Oi Atzugcs. before-mentioned. 

[c] The Saxons fpelled the name of Hercules precifely as 
the Italians do* 


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*4 B O O K L 

again Is mount Atla?, quite to the. Sea f td 
the fouth the hills called -^fperos, and to the 
Ibuth again the nation of Aufolum,. which in- 
habits quite to the Sea, 

Having thus ftated the boundaries of Africa, 
we will now fpeak of the iflands in the Medjiter- 
raneart, Cyprus lies oppofite to Cilicia, and If- 
faurio on that arm of the Sea called Meiicos ; it 
is 170 miles long, and 122 broad. The ifland 
of Crete is oppofite to the Sea called Arfatiuin, 
north-weft the Sea of Crete, and weft of therSi- 
cilian (otherwife called the Adriatic) Sea ; it is 
100 miles long, and 150 broad. There are three 
and fifty of the Cyclade iflands ; to the eaft 
of them is the Rifca Sea, to the fouth the Cre- 
tifca, to the north the Egifca, and to the weft 
the Adriatic. The iiland of Sicily is triangular, 
and at each end there are towns ; the northern 
angle is called Petores, near which is the town 
of Meilana ; the fouth angle is called Lilitem, 
near which is a town of the fame name. The 
ifland is 157 miles long, from north to fouth^ and 
70 broad to the weftward; to the weft is part 
of the Mediterranean, called the Adriatic, to the 
fouth the Apifcan, to the weft the Tyrrhene, 
and to the north the Sea [^Z], all of which are 
both rough and narrow. 

Oppofite to Italy a fmall arm of the fca di- 
vides Sardinia and Corfica, which is two and 
twenty miles broad ; to the eaft is that part of 
the Mediterranean called the Tyrrhenian Sea^ 

[d] The name of this northern part of the MedittFrtneaA 
is here ooitted. 


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CHAP. : L ig 

wheife the river Tiber empties itfelfi tb the 
fouth, the Sea which lies oppofxte to Ntimidia ; t6 
tile weft the two Balearic ifland^^ and to the narth 
Gorfica, Corfica lies eaft of the city 6£ Rome^ 
Sardinia is to the iouth^ aitd Tufcarty to tht 
north; it is i6 miles long, arid nine broads 
Africa is to the fbtith of the two Balearic iflandd, 
Gades to the weft, *and Spain to the notth. Thus 
have I fhortly defcribed th6 fittiation of thcJ 
illand^ in the Mediterranean Sea« 

H A Pi IL 

Tbirteeti [i] htiridred ^Inters befcfre the bulld-i 
iiig of Rome, Ninus, king of Afly ria^ began his 
reign, and having greaft defire to increafe hi^ eni-i 
pire, he committed devaftatio'n^, and co'ntinued 
to carry on wars fdr fifty fticceffive years^ till he 
obtained all Afia to the fouth of the Tied Sea, 
and td the north as far as the EiTxine, This 
king likewife ttiade many irriiptioiis into Scy- 
thia, (ituated to the northward, whofe inhabi^^ 
tants are confidered as the hkrdieft men in the 
world, and at the fame time the pOoreft. By 
Nirttis*s making war againft them, hoivever^ they 
wdre taught military difcijilJne, of which they 
Were before ignorant^ having liv«d ai life Of iri-»' 
nocence* They paid dearly afterwards for thi^ 
knowledge, for they fooii delighted as mudh iii fee- 
ing man s blood, as the milk of cows, on which 
^they chiefly, livedo NinUs overcame Zoroafter^ 
king of Badlria^ who firft praftifed magic^ arid 

[e] Orof. 1. i. c. 4^ 

£ wheft 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

%6 B O OK h 

when he was attacking. Ab Scytlians in one of 
their towns, he was &ot miktn arrbw. After 
his death queen Seroiramis &cceeded both to his 
.conqiiefts and his kingdoiBf which fhe had^ob- 
tained from Ninus throc^ her criminal ambi- 
.tion, and continued in pcmeffion .of thein far two 
,ajid forty years. She thought, hoswevcr, the em- 
|>ire which Ninus had coiK|mei;ed was too fmall, 
and therefore with feminine luft of jpower flie 
attacked the innocent iEtbiopians^ as alio the 
Indians, which no one elfe ever went fo far as 
to engage, exc^t Aiexand^;* ; though (he was, 
however, very defirous to fubdue them, fhe did 
jiot thorpiighly cffed it. This love of en9t>ire 
[in Semiramis] and the conifequenpes of the war 
to the j^hiopians^ were both fhe greater, be- 
caufe they were entirely UAacqu;ainted with the 
arts of war, having always liy^ a life of iuuo** 
cence [/]. 

This, fame Semiramisi^ after fhe became queen, 
thirfted fo much for hu,m^n blood, and was alfo 
.of fo abandoned Icwdnefs, that (he wifhed to 
proftitute lierfelf to all thofe who were related 
to Ninus ; thoygh (he aftervvafds deceived, and 
put them to death. She alfo 'prevailed upon her 
own fon to lye with her ; and that {he might do 
. thefe abominable afts without repro^ich, flie pub- 
liflied an edid, permitting incettuous commerce 
between all forts of relations. 

[/] Homer thus ftiles the Ethiopians always, A/xv/Ad»«fr o' 



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•• • 9 

C ITA-P. in,lV. if 

G H A P. HI. * 

In [g] the ii6oth year before thff building <i§^ 
Rome^ the fruitful land on which Sodom and 
Goraorra flood, y/is blalfted b j fire from heaven. 
It was between Arabia and Paleftipe that this 
fertility was chiefly eXperieadbd/ which was dc- 
cafioned by the Jordan's annually - o^^cr^owing^' 
the country for feveral feet with a very ricb 
flood. [i&], that ferved inftead of manure [/]. 
At this time thefe nations were enjoying the. 
riches of their fituationt till fiery lufis waxed 
within thep, and they drew upoQr them God's 
wrath ; infopiucii that he deftroyed the whold 
country by lightning, After this a flpod co^ 
vered me land to as great a height as was evcr« 
known, aiwi that part which vm^ POt fertilized by 
the flood, is ftill to this day vei^y productive of 
all kinds of grain, which look yery fair to thq 
eye ; bot if any one takes the feiad into hi^haad^ 
the grain turns to a(hes. 


In [k] the year 1170 heforct the building of 
Rome, the Thelefcifes and Cjarfaithi had wars 
between them, and continued to carry them on 
till they were all flain except a few, and thofe of 
the Thelefcifes who furvived, abandoned their 

[g] Orof. 1. i. ۥ 5. [A] Tbici water, liuratly. 

[1] With which it is Jur^id liter ally) j^&ynseb. 
[k] Orof. I. i. c 7t . ' 

£ 2 own 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

%^ BOOK I. 

own country, and went to the ifland of RhodeSi 
jfioping that they jiiight procure a fecure retreat, 
in poffeffion of which they found the Creacx, 
^d entirely extirpated them. 

C H A P. V, 

Eight [/] hundred years before the building of 
llome there was a vaft plenty, for fcven fuc; 
ibeffive years, in Egypt, and the next feven years 
there was a terrible famine; during which Jo- 
feph {ztightious man) much aflifted'the^i by the 
divine help. With regard to [m] {:his' Jofeph, 
Pompeius the heathen writer, ^and his Jervani 
Juftin, give this account. * Jbfeph wars the 
yoimgeft of his brethren, arid thewileft of them, 
Oft which account they hated him [»] j and hav- 
ing Teized hirh, they fold him[ as a {lave in 
Egypt. Pompeius alfo farther informs us, that 
Jofeph there learnM miagic, and by this know- 
ledge wa^ able ' to ivhrkmaiv^ wonders ; tftat he 
was alfo a good interpreter of dreams^ and that 
he was beloyed by Pharaoh for this talent, ii} 
which he had fuch heaVehly wiSfdom as to fore- 
tel the feven fruitful years, and the fevcfi ye^jrs 
lif feniine; ^ lii cdhfequeri'cis'of thi^ preference hq 
ftored the corn foir the firft feven year^, and the 

[/) Orof. 1. I. c. 8. 
.£»*']. X^c Saxon is jrjipm Jwrai Iofepe» and I muft acjmit that 
I have not met withr any authority for Tuch ftgnification of 
ppara. If I might be allowed to point the paflagc thus, 
^ibjobcUfcfee p^^healp pyi'am b«m:* and ftrike out wfcpe^ which 
ifollows, all difigniltie^ would vWniQlr.' ' ^'^^ *• i * 

'' [«J Dreaded him, in the S^xon. * 

. A ' / ■■ / 'I ■ following 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CHAP. v. 2^ 

following ones prefervcd the people from famine* 
Pompeius aifo writes, that Mofes was Jofcph's 
fon, from whom he learned magic^ ?nd by this 
means worked many wonders in Egypt, As, 
for the plagues which happened in that land, the* 
writers fay, that the Egyptians drove Mofes out 
with his people, in order (fays Pompeius, and the^ . 
Egyptian bijhops) that God's miracles, which 
happened in that land, might be imputed ta'^ 
their own gods (who are devils) and not to the' 
true God, becaufe their own gods are verfed in 
magic. This nation alfo ftill retains this token oC 
Jofeph*s ordinance, that they pay a fifth of the' 
fruits of the earth to their king for a tax. 

This famine happened in the days of Ampfes, 
king of Egypt, though indeed it was ufual to 
call all their kings Pharaoh. About the fame 
time Balius ruled in Aflyria, having fucceedcd 
to Ninus ; and over thofe people, who are called 
Argi, Apis was king. In thofe days there were 
no kings but in thefe three kingdoms, though 
afterwards the neceffity of them was found over 
all parts of the world. It is, however, very ex* 
traordinary, that the Egyptians fliould have 
ilhewn fb little gratitude to Jofeph for having de- 
Jivered them from famine, that they gathered 
together his kindred, and Ibid them for flaves. 
So, however, it happens ftill in this world ^ 
though God permits men to have their wifties 
for a long time, if they fufFer for a (hort inter* 
val, they forget the mercies of God which they 
iiave before experienced, and dwell upon the 
trifling 'diftrefs which they tljien endure. 


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3p, BOOK I. :? 


Bight [^1 hundred and ten years before the 
huUdng of Rome, An>pbi£):yon reigned in Athens, 
a jtown pf Greece, and he was the third king of 
that city after Cecrops. In the time of this 
AtfXiphiayon, there was fo great a flood over the 
wWe world, and particularly in Theflaly (a 
Omek. town) iiear the hills called Parnaffus 
(where king Deucalion reigned) that alraoft all 
me inhabitants periflied ; th is king received and 
fiibfified, hmvever, on the mountains, all thdfe who 
fied to him for refuge in (hips^ . }% was feid of thi$ 
tieucalion (by men's fables [f^J) that he was the 
parent of all mankind^, as Nodn really \v;^. In 
thoifc days happened a moft.dreadftjl plague in 
^Ethiopia, fo that few furviyed. In thofe days 
alfoj Liier Pater fubdued the unwarlike Indians, 
and deftroyed moil of that nation, cither by 
drunkennefs, luft, or manjlaughters^ though after- 
wards they confidercd him as a god, and a mi^ty 

C H A P. VII. 

/Eight [q\ hundred and five years before the 
ifaWn4atioa of Rome, Mofes led the people of 
tbntX out df Egypt, after having performed fo 
many miracles in that country, The firft was, 
fbiit ^imter turned to blooJ. The fecond, that frogs 
•a^Bcover the whole land of Egypt in fuch num- 
» ■ ^ 

[^] Ofof. 1. u c. 9. \f\ mon-bifpcl, {q} .Orof. 1. i. c. 10. 

- . . bers 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A P. VII. ^j 

bers tha^ do boe c^l4 do any wotik, or prepare 
any meat^ hecaufe it was coveftd with worms 
before it could be dreflbd. T%fce third evil was, 
that goats wene fpread over the ^whole coufitry^ 
both within 'door» and without, whofe bites 
fiaaited fo fevcrely, that both men and cattfe 
phiui. The fourth plague, and tnoft difagr^eabfe - 
o£ all, was, that hundreds e£ fiea$ covered ever^ 
ooe, creeping between men's thighs, at)d over 
all their lindbs; fo that it thus happened that 
God deftroyed moft of them, as they w<ell de- 
ferved, for the (hameful ai^er which fhey had 
ihewn [agaixift the Ifraelites]. The fifth plagiK? 
a£Fb£tedthe nrat cattle. The iijah plague appeared 
in bladders^ which foon burned with, great pain, 
and thence iffued worms. The feventh plague 
was hail mixed with fire, which killed bot$i men 
and cattle, and every thing that waxed \r\ and 
greva on the land. The eighth was, that ^a{s^ 
hoppers \s] came and eat up every thing which was 
green, aild alio deftroyed aU-^he grafs and pbiAts. 
Thfe m'mth plague was hail, artd fueh darktieft, 
both by day and night, and of fuoh a cdniiftence, 
that it might be felt by thfe^buch. The tenth 
plague was, tliat all the li^ft-born, the ywrths 
and maidens of Egypt, werejcilled in oneiiight; 
and though this people would 'not wcqrfhip God, 
yet they fulfilled his^purpofes againft' t-heir wills, 
as when they drove Mofes and his followers 
from Egypt, and were ib much in earneft to 

[r] I apprehend that peaxenbe (or waxing) is moft properly 
applied. tQ animals; aud gpopeni* {Qt ffomng) to plants, 
[j] liaBpp:85ian< ,«;... ,..*•: 


Digjtized by VjOOQIC 

^z B O O K L 

Jurif from God^ This d^i^acy [t] fooa prdditcei^ 
wprfe defigps [^gainft the Ifraclites], for the king 
^was det^riQined to purfue them, and bring them 
back to Egypt ; and he had with him fix hun- 
dred waggons [«], and fo great an army followed, 
that the Ifraelites had oqcafion to dread the 
force of the Egyptians, though they 'were 
'600,000 men. God, however, lejfened [w] the 
heart of Phardah, and confounded their pride 
before Mofes and his people, and he alfo made 
twelve dry road§ over the Red Sea, through which 
the Ifraelites . pafled with dry feet. When the 
Egyptians obferved this, they afemiled [x] their 
magicians (the Geames and Mambres) and trufted 
that by their magic they Ihould be able to pais 
.over the fame roads; but when they were march- 
,ing on the fand, they were all drowned. The 
'track of this [miraculous paffage] where the wag- 
gons at this time pafled, ilill appears ; and God 
;does this to convince mankind, as though the 
wind or tide covers the marks with fand, yet 
they are ftill to be feen as plain as ever they 
were. Jn thofe days was a moft intenfe heat all 
over the world, fo that both men and cattle fuf- 
^fered fo much, that they were near periftiing. 
The -Ethiopians (who are fituated furtheft to 
the fouth) were abfolutely burned, and the Scy- 
thians even, who are the furtheft to the north, 

^ [/] I conceive hpeoprnnzc thus to fignify in diis pafligc, 
though the moft common lenfe of the word is repentance. 

[w] Delytlobe. 

[*J I take this to be the fenfe of jctyiymebon in this prf- 
fj^ge» which commonly fignifies to trim^ or put in otitt. 

n were 



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C H AK Vlt. f^ 

were iMch afflicted by the heat. •• Then mmf 
umvije men (aid^ that this calaYiiity did nrt 
^nit from their fite^ and that it hap^ened^by 
thefauk of PhatfCoD^ who was only a man« ^ 


In {3^] the year 605 before the building o^ 
Rome, fifty men were flain in oncni^ht, by 
their o\vn fons, whofe fathers were two brothers, 
and who lived after this maflacre*. The eldeft 
was named Danaus, who was the catife of this 
flaughter, and who, havingbeen driven from his 
kingdom, took refuge in Argos, where Tcnelaiis 
the king received him kindly, thdugh Danaus 
afterwards made a moft ungrateful retum, ]5f 
banifhing him from his kingdom;. At this tinnA 
it was the cuftora of king iBofiris, in Egypt, 
that all ftrangers who reforted to him wert fa* 
crificed by order of his gods. 

I (hould be glad now (quoth Orofius) that thoft 
would anfwer me, who fay, that the world at 
prefent, fince the eftablifliment of Chriftianity, 
is worfe than it was in thofe heathenifh daysi 
when they "were guilty of fuch abominable facri^ 
fices and murders, as 1 have juft now been men- 
tioning. Where is there now, in any part of 
Chriftendom, any occafion to dread the being 
thus facrificed ? or where are there any gods who 
will proteft fuch men as lived in thofe days } 

At this time Perfeus, king of Greece, went 
into Alia with an army, and made war againft 

[^yl Orof. I h c. li. • So the original. 

F the 

Digitized by Google 

34 . 90 O K I: 

^he, l&babit^itSj; till he fubdued them. Tkfiy ^tet- 
wards changed their name».c^lliug themreivedPerfiL 
I am. aware pow (c^uoth^ Oroiius) that I ihall 
here pgift .pMUt)y.thi»g8i;th»t:jrelate to jPfirfeus^ 
and that I flhail (horten my hiftory ia other re* 
Ipefts, becaufe. th? AfTyrignii '5>r 1160 ycarsj 
under the reigns of fifty different kings^ had no- 
thing but wars tjU the death of Sardanapalus, 
when this kingdoii) becanie fubjefted to the 
Medes \ and who is there, indeed, that can relate, 
or even enumerate all the calamities which bcr 
fell them ? 1 will alfo pafs^ by the moft abomi- 
nable hiftory of Tantalus and Pelops, and what 
wars the former occafioned after he became king,, 
by his carrying off the youth Ganymede, and 
how he facrificed his own fons, and afterwards 
df efled them for his table. . I (hall alfo not dwell 
neither upon the ftory of Pelpps or Dardanus, et 
jthe Trojan war, becaufe they have been, related 
both in hiftory and in verfe* I (hall like wife 
omit what; hath been laid about Perfeus and Cad- 
mus, as alfo the deeds of the Lemniathum, and 
king Pandion, who was baniihed from his king- 
dom by his owlvfubjects; I fliall not ftate iieither 
what relates to the Atregas and Thyefthes, who 
flew their own fathers, nor their execrable luft; 
nor (hall I further mention Oedipus, but by fay- 
ing that he killed his father, Jiep-faiher^ znAJlep^ 
[on- In thoie days, indeed, there was fuch guilt 
and calamities, that, ii^rs.fiew about [%\ [forebode 
ing] miferies. . 

[«] Jratt heponer tun jul hiojaa yjrel Flugom 

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CIt A p; 1X7 X. 55 

C! H A P. IX. 

In [a] the year 660 before the foundation 0*^ 
Home, happened that bloody battle between the 
Cretans and Athenian?, in which the Cretans 
-obtained a iignal vi(5tory, took many of the 
Athenians prifbners, and gave thefti to the Mino« 
ta«r td devour, which monfter was half maa 
half Leo [^j. In thefe days aifo happened the wars 
between tne Lapithse and the Centaurs ; and 
when the Lapitha? faw the Theffalians fighting 
againft them on liorfeb4ck, they fent for the. 
Centaurs to their affiltance, who are half .horfe 
and half men, becaufe they never before had 
occf^ion to encounter cavaky. 

C H A P. X. 

Foot [<rj hundred and eighty years t^efore the 
building of Rome, Vefoges king of Egypt car- 
ried on a war in the fouthern parts of Aua, till 
moft of it was conquered by him; and he after- 
wards marched his army info the northern parts 
of Scythia, and fent his ambafladors before him^ 
with orders to declare openly, that they (hould 
either give up their country to him, or that 
otherwife he would lay it wafte. To this the 
Scythians very properly anfwered, that it was 

f^] Orof. 1* 1. c. 13, 
h^ The Saxons, having no lions i^ their ^vfA cotintrjr, 
^dopt the Latin name for that animal* 
[r j. Ori^* L i. c. 14* « 

\F a ^ «noft 


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35 -to OK U-^ 

moft hard and unjuft, fo powerful a king fhould 
make war againft fp weak* a nation as they were. 
They, however, informed Velbges, that they 
would oppofe him to the utwoft, rathe}: tjjan pay 
him any tribute, which . tbey accordingly per- 
formed, and puf the king and his army |o ^ight; 
after which they puriucd hittj iijlio Egypt, yirhich 
they laid wafte, excepf the fenny part pf it* They 
then returned home, having rpade all Afi^ weft 
of the Euphrates, pay tribute to tl^em, and they 
continued alfo to plunder that country fojr fifteen 
years, till their wives fcnt roefl'engers after them, 
who were dirpded to tell their hufbands, that 
they niuft return, to their homes, or ^otherwife 
they would m^rry othep ; on which th^y kft 
Afia, and returned bac^. again to tjieir owa 

In thefe fame days two. noblemen were defeat- 
ed by the Scythians, whofe names were Plenius 
audScolopetius,whohad fettled betweenCappi^dq- 
cia and Pontus, and continued there till the Scy- 
thians conquered their country ; they were, how- 
ever, at Ijtft killed by the inhabitants, who laid 
fnares for them, after having fupported thejr go- 
vernment for a great while. On this the wives, 
^Oth of the two noblemen, as w^ll as of others 
who perirt)pd with them,- were fo enraged, and 
became fo defperate, that they armed themfqives, 
to revenge the deaths of their hulban4s, >an4 
ibon killed all the men capable of bearing jarnas, | 
jhat happened to be neareft them. Thf^y^ did 
jhis the rather, becayfe they were determined 
that tile wives' of thof^ whom they had 'murder- 
ed fliould be as forry as they, were, 'and migi^t 

; . " ' afterwards ' 

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C H A P. X. 37 

afterwards^ iaffift them in rev6nging the deaths of 
their hufbands. It foon happened accordingly, 
that all thefe wives' united, and carrying on the 
war againft the men of the country, they not 
only put them to death, but ruled over great 
part of the land ; foon after thefe wars, how- 
ever, they made a peace with the men who were 
capable of bearing arms. After this peace they 
ufually i^elbrted every twelve months to the men; 
and when they had thus conceived [^J, and bore 
children, they fed the child if it was a maiden^ 
but if it was a male they deftroyed it. They 
alfo burned off the right bread of their girls, to 
prevent its growing, and to make them the bet- 
ter archers ; from which circumftance they were 
ftiled in Greek, Amazonas^ which figni$es in 
Englifc^ burned \ey 

The two queens of thefe Amazons were calle4 
Marpcfia and Lampida, who divided the ^ares oF 
goveri>nient, one of them ftaying at home to 
take care of the cultivation of the land, whilft 
the other went forth to war. They foon carriedl 
devaftation over the greateft part of Afia anij 
Europe, after which they built the town of Ephe- 
fus,' as alfo mtny others in the Lefler Afia, and 
fent home moft of their troops, with the plunder 
they had procured, leaving feme, indeed, behind, 
to keep poffeffion of their Conquefts. At laft^ 
however, Marpefia was flain, tqgetlier with thQ 

[d'\ 7Cftj\ynbon. 

f^J It muft be admitted that the royal tranflator hath here- 
Ittemp^d what be was not quite equal to. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

jt B O O K I. 

greater part pf her army* Oa this her dstighter, 
queen Sinope» fucceeded, that fsme queen Simpe^ 
who to her bravery aiid other virtues, added the 
fiierit of ending her life in chaftity. 

In thofe days both Europe and Afia fuffered fo 
much from theie women, that all the nations 
combined could not agree upon any mtfhod of 
refifting them, tUl they fixed upon the giant 
Hercules, to over-reach them with every kii)d of 
Grecian cunning. Even Hercules did not dare 
approach them with an army before be had 
procured fome Grecian (hips {which are .called 
Du/munusy each of which it is fajd will cotitain 
a thoufand men) when he dole upon the Ainazoos 
in the night, and fpondeftroyed them all, though 
he ftill could not conquer the country ♦ In thofe 
days there were tw6 queens [of the Amazons], 
TLvho were fifters, Amhiope and Orithia, the 
Jatter of which was taken prifoner, and was fuc- 
ceded by Penthefilea, who diftinguiftied herlelf 
in the wars of Troy* 

Now ought 1 to be afhamed {quoth Orofius) 
to have given (bch an account as I have done, 
how thele milerable won>en [and fo barbarous, 
}iad fubdiied the craftieft and mo(l valorous part 
pf the globe, as they conquered the greateft part 
of Afia and Europe, deftroying old ciftles aod 
told, tpwns, after which d>ey fought other king- 
doms, built new cities, and governed the whole 
^vorld as they pleafed, for full near one hundred 
.winters, and fo frequent were the calamities then 
6ifJered^ .ti^at the nations they harrafl^d fcarccly 
' JWfifted 



C H A K % i^ 

rcfiffeJ tl»ir devaftation] f/] committed fitch 
outrages; and. now when the Goths come from 
thofe parts of Germany where men arc brareft, 
and whom Pyrrhus, that fierce \g] king of 
Greece^ Alexander^ and that confummate general 
[b'\ Julius^ Caefar, dreaded as enemies, [is there fo 

f/3 What is between the crotchets is not to be found in 
the Cotton MS* being sm mfertion In the Lauderdale trari-* 
fcript, without anjr auchoritjr referred to. I have^ in a noxt 
fubjoined to this in(ertion>,(p. 49, of iEIfred's verfion) intimated 
that j-psept^eftan (hould be cjiaepcjejrtan ; as alfo y*eaps|tt^ 
cenpt)ia; ahd that other words of this addition ftill feemed to 
want conje&ural emendations* I muft own, that, in defe- 
rence both to Mr. Elftob and Mr. Ballard^ who had each of 
them tranfcribed this paflage, with a repetition of the fiime 
miftakes, I could not prefume to take farther liberties. I^ 
however, had an opportunity, to conRilt the learned 
Mr. Manmng on this p'lfiage, who hath confirmed thi^ 
two alterations which 1 had ventured to make, as well a^ 
added feveral others. From this infertion, fo amended^ 
I have made the above tranflation, having found it necef- 
hxy to adopt all Mr. Manning's ConjeAuKs, except retaining 
the word paln« (whicfc he fuppofes to be a. corrupt explanation 
of the word wt^ich fpllows [pop-neah} and therefore t^ ftaml 
for pel-neah, which fignifies the fewne as ppp-neah} as I rather 
conceive it to Aand in the place of cake, often ufed £6reaUev 
or alL Perhaps alfo,» oft.-]>cncnbe fhould Ve on-pinnenbt, rather 
than on-pcnttenbe* • 

The Rev. Ml-. Manning's Reading. 

Jjiix q- iTcopblic (cps«S Gpopuf) ymb xyfit to rpjiccanne lipj^fi 
hit ^a paej*. ])a j*pa eapme pif^nen (-3 j^pa Meoityt) hmpiifna 
jejan, Jone cjiafptjfcj-tan bscl "j ))a hpaTce3rcan men ealUf J*r*r 
mit)&an-5eajit>ej*. J«t paf Xfi»m •j Cupope [pine] pofi-neah 
mib ealle apcjibon. •j eal ^a ceafryva /j eal "Sa bejiij xo«pu|vpoD.. 
*] apteri ^am hi6 oybon a^}^p je cynmg-jucu pscani je nipv^ 
casf tpa Txmb|i€bon. n calle ^ pofvto on hiofta ajen ptil onf«n- 
tent>e pacjion polneah C pinx]vi. *) fpa J^OTMme jDDn p*)ioii cekff 
bpocajf. )atte hir polneah to nanum la^ tti^:oon» ^arttv 
ki6 fpa [tintpebo^. 3 hy fpa] tiat/iegebon. . 

[^ j Re^a, from whence our word v^mh probabJy, 



by Google 

4P B O OJKi h 

much rea(bn to repine; at being coiiquereclPJ Why 
therefore^ Romans, do ye myrmur, aad complain 
that yc are more miierable in tbefe times of 
Cliriftianity , than thofe who lived before you, be- 
cauie the Goths have lately plundered you^ taken 
your city, and killed a few of you ; and by their 
knowledge in the arts of war, and their bravery, 
might have entirely fubdued you ? They now, how- 
ever, aik you for peace, and fbme land, in order 
that they may affift yon, of which land ye had 
more than enough, as it lay wafte from your'hav- . 
iftg no need of it. How blindly^ therefore, do many 
nations fpeak about the prelent ftate of Chriften-* 
dom, fuppofing the times to be worfe than they 
were formerly, and yet wiir not recoHedl (or 
othcrwife know not .from ignorance) that it 
njever happened befcn-e Chriftianity was efta- 
bliihed, that any nation ever fued for peace, 
without wanting the affiftance of the nation ap- 
plied to for it [/J. Nor can an inftauce be cited, 
in which any country ever obtained peace, either 
with gold, filver, or other money, without being 
enflaved. Notwithftanding this, (ince Chrift was 
born, there is peace throughout the whole 
world ; fo that there is no occafion to purchafe 
freedpin, and nations alio are at peace, without 
enfla ving each other. Recoiled, therefore; {from 
vvhat I have juft now related] in ^ what troubles 

[tj The application of tbU (as it fhould fceni) Js^ as the 
Qotbs applj^d to th^. Romans for peace, the Romans were 
fiill /uperiofy a^id. would in the end enfla ve them. Confe- 
^iMotly, acoocding to Orofius's repeated adnlonitions, tbey 
l^ad no cccafion to complain of their prefent ftate. After all) 
this and'feveral other paflages muflr be admitted to be rather 
obfcure, and yet the Anglo-Saxon veriioa is feldom^r fo, iban 
the Original. 




C H A P. XI. 4r 

men lived fbfmerly, when the women [k] (pread. 
fuch devaftation over the whole world. 


Pour pj hundred and thirty years before the 
building of Rome, it happened that Alexander 
(fon of Priam king of Troy, carried off the wife 
of Menelaus (king of Lacedaemon in Greece) 
whofe name was Elena. On this account there 
were thofe terrible wars between the Greeks and 
Trojans, as the Greeks had looo long [m\ (hips 
with them, having entered into an alliaiKO 
confirmed by their oaths, that they never would 
have peace with the Trojans, till they had 
avenged their wrongs; and they continued the 
fiege of the town for ten years. Who is there 
that can number thofe wno fell on each fide? 
and as Qmerus the poet hath given fo ftveet an 
account of it (quoth Orofius) there is the left 
occafion for me to dwell upon it, becaufe th<J 
ftory is a long one, and known to moft people. 
Let him, therefore, who li/is to be informed of 
all this, read, in Ij^ book, what immenie 
calamities happened, ^mr by flaughter, hunger, 
Ihipwrecks, and other dangers which we hear of 
in Homer's ftory. 

Thele nations continued at war for ten fuc- 
ceffive years ; and let any one, therefore, compart 


[i] Meaning the Amazons. 
7j Oraf, 1. i. c. 17. ^ 

>J Dulmuna in the Saxofi, which I have rto other rcafoa 
tranflating Ungj bur that profius ftiles tbem J§nga H0va. 

G paft 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

4Z. fiOQJt I., 

daft, with tl^ preieat tipie$^and dcterxnine which 
he fliould wi(h to live in* . . ^ , 

Soon after thele contefts ot!fiers enTue3, when 
Eneas went fromrthe wars.of'Tr^y to Italy, and 
any one may learn from books, how man/ 
%hts and battle^^ he wa^ f ogaged in* 

C H A P. 3^IL 

f Four [«] a»d; fiicity year? beftjjre Hqixm wjis Imh 
king Sardauapalus reig»ed in Affyria (%Yh«i^ king 
Ninus ruled before, biiq), and he wfis thij laft rf 
the Aflyrian kings, t|e was y^fy ,§Wi^in?At^ 
luxurious^ and libidiiiovis^ fb that He :|if €^erred 
the maonem of women, |o thqCe of j^^rriors. 
When hh alderman Arbutus obf^rvod this (^difpo- 
fition iia the king] Arbatuj^ b^aa to f QPt/iy^ widi 
the Aflyrians (Ml/;hora he i^efl^d juled Qvi^) how 
he might aUenate the a^i^ioi)^ of 41 thal^ who 
were fuppofed to wifh w«ll to their kjing. When 
Sardanapalils,: therefomi; fouiid that this confpi- 
racy had taken. placet he: ^rned himfelf, and 
the Med€3 theh. became md%rs of the Aflyrians. 
It is very difficult to en^n^rate how mapy wars 
happened after thi^t bflP^en the Medes, Chal- 
deans, and Scythians; &>)d any oine may cafily 
conjefture, when fuch powerful kingdoms warred 
egainft each other, *vhat flaughter mufl have 
happened in the baftlea which were fQught* . 

After this Fraotes became king of Media, 
when the empire of the Medes was much in- 
created ; and to Diodes fuccecded Aiiiai, who 

[«} Orof. 1* i. €• xg. 

:.^ ... had 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C^H^A^/ X!I. 4435 

had no fbti,:ati(J ado^t^d his ncphev* Called Cyrui, 
whd was. >^ P6tfikii/'aiid virhfen heljeeaitte ti 
man, thfe P^ftans' conccivcc! that they were \m4dt 
the dotniriibh'of his untie;' and the Medes, that 
they were fabjeifts of Cyrds ; on this accotit* 
a war arofe between the two nations. King 
Aftiai applied t6 Appelles his alderman, and dh- 
re6ted him to taktf ttie command againft his new 
phewp becaufe the' king tqf Perfia did not mind 
the diftrelfes of his ftibjeftS, which he had foif- 
liierly otcafioned ; ficJr [did he feem to recolleiJI] 
how he had killed his own fon,, aiid afterwards 
ordered his flelh to'beHrved up in a di(h [o]. ' 
Whea the war had thus taken place between 
the Perfiahs and Medes, the aMertnan' matched 
with his army againlt the Perflans, whoiA he 
fooh drove before him, and by a ftratagem hail 
the king of Perfia fo much inhls poWer^ thtlt 
the battle which ^nfued, almoft put an end tto 
the difcipline and bravery of the Medes. No<v 
when Aftiai found that the encrny was thut. em- 
barrafled, he collefited all the force he could, and 
led them on againft his nephew. Cyrus king 6f 
Perfia left [in the mj^j^ime] a third pa^rt of hk 
army at fome dffl|l:e behind, with in- 
ftru^ion«, that, if any fled from the van-guar\J 
towards this reifefve, they ftiould put them 
to the fword as enemies. When, therefore, it 
fo happened that the van-guard began to fly, 
their wives with great indignation hafted towards 
them, alking them whitherto they intended to 
retreat, as they (hould have no other place of re« 

[tf] What tkis alludes to I muft own I do not recoUeft. 

G ? fugc 



;44 B O O K' L 

.fvige buf their wombs. On this reproach firom 
ithar wives, they returned to attac^ Aftai, de- 
feated his army, and took the king himfelf pri- 
£)ner. Cyrus, however, returned his uncle all 
:that he had been in poiTeflion of, except allow- 
ing him to be king again ; and this Afliai readily 
renounced, becaufe his alderman Appelles had de- 
ceived him, and prejudiced his fubjeds againft 
him, on which Cyrus permitted him to rule over 
Jrcania. Thus ended the empire of the Medes, 
to which Cyrus fuccceded,. together with that of 
the Perfian? ; and the towns which uied to pay 
tribute to them became Cyrus's, after feveral en- 

, In tbofe days a nobleman afpired to be king at 
Agrigentum, who was named Falaores^ and by 
.birth a Siciliaq, who opprefled the people to fuch 
a degree, that they at laft fubmitted to hjfn. Iji 
this city there was a brqfier [p] who made won- 
drous ftatues [y], ar)d this brafjer told the noMeman 
([thinking to pleafc him) thaf he wpuld affift him 
in tormenting his fubjefts. This he did accord^ 
ingiy, by the contrivance of a brazen bull, which \ 
was to be made red ho t, jn d when the mifcrablc 
Sicilians w^re thrown wjfk h^^o it, tht^n, to in- \ 
jcreafe the torfpent, gr^t quantities of fulphpr I 
were to be caft into the fire, that thus the nobleman j 
might receive pleafure and amufement, when he 
, heard the outcries of the tormented. When the 
ilatue had been thms heated, and every thiug elfe 
done according to the brafier's diredions! the no* 

[p] ynjeorepe, 

\n] TCnhcipf^ or Ukeneffis pcrhajw. 

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CHAP, m 4| 

hbman faid, << That no one was fb ipwfu to find 
« how the work aofweredt as he who made it,** 
On which he ordered the brafi^r to be feized^ 
and to htjbiivfd into the ftatue. 

Why, therefore, do men now complain of the 
times iince Chrift was born, and infill: that they^ 
are worfe than formerly ; when all thefe kings 
were guilty of fuch abominable a£tions, fo that 
no kind of property was iecure to the fubjeftf 
Whereas now, kings and Caefars, though your 
wills are often oppofed, yet the mercy ihewn hj 
you from your love of God, remits the pum(h« 
ment due to their crimes [r]. 

CHAP. xin. 

Thirty \s] years before the building of Romct 
happened tne wars between the Peloponnefians and 
Athenians (both of them nations of Greece) 
which were carried on with great military &il!, 
and fb many wer^ flain on eacn fide, that few re« 
mained alive. In thofe days alfb the women 
(who were eflablifhed in Scythia) made a fecond 
time iticurfions on Afia, plundering, and laying 

wafle the whole country. 


[r] I have endeavoared to put the beft fenfe I could upon 
this period, though I muft own I ftill have great doubts with re* 
gard to the propriety of the cranflation. The Saxon is as follows. 
*} nv cynitisap,/! Cajrejiaf, Jieah hpa fi6 hiofia pdlaa 2^tea, hi 
Jpb j»xi Coeef lupan, b6 ]»9j«^lvef vaxXt fOKSfP'^rr^ bcrtb*^ 

[f] OroC I. i. c. 21. 



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;;:/>:V';;^d'jtiAP: xiy. • , ., 

. Twenty, [i] ycars.beforethe bpUdiug c\f.]^oinc, 
4V,i^?dg&moniaas ^fid iMei|eDia»8 jwere at. wa,r 
j&MTi^jnnty jear^^ becauiib the MejGiie^jans \^ould 
-Aot perrait the Spartan virgins to facrj^ce jvith 
^ elixir go4s. ,^hen thefe nations had 
^/3gaged all; Greece. in their quarrels, the Lz- 
xf 4^pxo«^iaus hefieged ihe tpwu of M«ie for 
.lea .yearst and fWore xiwil lolefiin oaths^ that 
they never would .return till th^y had re- 
venged themfelves by taking it. Then they 
confulted togedifr, and ;fai(d, 'that they (hould 
fpon be without any recruits, from want of 
^chilxfjeu, as they fggpofed they^ould cocHjmue 
{^(b If^g before thi^ town as they had ei^ag^ 
f$o idor by^the^r ^oj^hsy ^i^d that tbprffore th^r 
^{qpfpies wo^d , in the end be in a better 
^cpadit ion than they ^ were. They detei;niined, 
jjtj^refore^ that; thofe who were not under auy 
^pl^UgaJ^ion from their paths, iht>uld go home and 
.^bfgf^ children, on t;heir wives, whilfl the other 
part of the army befieged the town, till they had 
conquered thofe who a little while before were 
their futy'efts. The Spartans, after this, chofe 
.4n Athenian poet their king, anid marching wlili 
<2m army -againft. the Mefienians, when they ap« 
^ ^pfcWchied the enemy, they doubted whether they 
were able to engage them. On this their king 
began to ling, and make verfes, and with his 
poetry had liich an efFeft upon their courage, 

(/] Orof. Li. C.2I9 


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CHAP. XIV. 47 

that they conceived they (hould be able to op* 

Eofe the Meflenians. When the battle enfued, 
owevcr, few furvived on either fide, and the 
Grecian nations continued at war many years, 
either with the Lacedaemonians, the Meflenians^ 
Boeotians, or the Athenians, who alio drew many 
others into their quarrels. 

Now hath it been (hortly ftated, what hap^ 
pened before the building of Rome, which took 
place in the year 4482, and it was after the 
710th year from the foundation of this city that 
our Lord was born. 

Here endeth the firft book, and beginneth that 
which comes afterwards. 

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IU^een [a] (quoth Orofius) that there is iid wift 
man who does not know, that God created 
the firft man both good and juft, as alfo all man- 
kind together with him ; btit becaufe he fotfook 
the Grod which was given to hirri, and chofe a 
worfe* God long (hewed his wrath ; firft againft 
the man himfelfj and afterwards on his children, 
afflicting the* whole world with mdrlifold mife- 
ries and wars, and likewife making barren the 
earth itlelf, by which all quick wights are fuftain- 
ed. Now we know that bur Lotd fornied us, 
and is our pfoteftor, and fhew's hi§ love to us by 
every proper indulgehcie, more than any man* 
We know alfo that all, poWers are from him, 
as well as all kingdoms, becaufe all powers are 
derived from kingdoms. NoW as he watches and 
protefts the fmaller kingdoms, hbw much more 
does he the greater, which included fifch vaft 
empires. The firft was the Babylonian Emf)ire> 
over which Ninus reigned'; the fecond was that 
of Greece [3], under Alexander^, the third of 
Egypt, under Ptolemy; and the fbutthi 6f the 
Romans, which ftill continues [ir]. Thefe four 

[a] Orof. 1. il. c, i. 

[i] JEAhtAy throughout this Hiltory, klways coiifiw* Mk» 
cedonia as part of Greece. 

[c] Orofius lived in the time of Arcadiiis and HptioKus, as 
appears hy the laft Chapter of the Hiilory* 

H principal 

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so BOOK 11. 

principal empires were fituated at the fbtrr ends 
of the earth ; the Babylonian to the Eaft, the 
Grecian to the North, the African to the Souths 
and the Roman to the Weft, Both the Baby- 
lonian and the Roman (the firft and laft of thde 
empires) might be refembled to a father and fou 
who live in harmony with eacK other ; the Gre- 
cian and African to the government of the con- 
?iuered and of flaves ; and this I will now more 
uUy explain^ that I may be the better under- 

The firft King [of the Babylonian etapirej 
was Ninus, who was murdered, on whole 
death Semiramis, his Queen, fucceederf, and built 
the town of Babylon, intending it {hould be the 
capital of Aflyria. This empire continue^ 
many winters^ till Arbatus (an alderman oi/tit 
Medes) flew Sardanapalus, who was the ^laft] 
king of Babylon ; on which event the cppire 
of Aflyria devolved to the Medes. |p this 
fame year Procus (father of Numetor) reigned in 
Italy, where afterward Rome was built. This 
Trocus^. was the father of Numetor and Muliefes^ 
and was uncle to Silvia, who^ w;as the mother of 
IRcmus and Romulus, who were the founders of 
Rom^, , I will, however, now take an opportu- 
*nity of faying, that none of thefe empires were 
^framed by man, nor happened by any accideitf 
'crj^/^ [i/j, but only by God's ordinance. 

All writers agree, that the Aflyrian empire 
^b^g^n with Ninus,. and that* of Rome with 

'- • Ml^^Wl''*^^ in the Saxon, which figniiiesyir/ttstf among* 
c>tber tiMngs; and bcice.the ^iyicw;/Sifl^^ 

iLi:^.Zi:r U Jprocus, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A p. I. jt 

Procus ; now from the firft year of Ninus to the 
building of Babylon, were fixty-four years, and 
from the firft year of Procus's reign, it was ex- 
aftly the* fame time before Rome was fotmdeA 
That very year alfo, in which the Romans be* 
gari to wax ftrong, -and to extend their power, 
Babylon was deftrcjyed, together with the Affy- 
rian empire. 

WhcB Sardanapalxrs was flain, the Chaldeans 
inhabited part of Afia, living in freedom, 
(though the Medes had fubdued thofe who dwelt 
neareft to their towns*) tillCirus, King of Perfia, 
began to reign, and laid wafte feoth Babylonia 
and Aflyria, making the whole, together with 
Media, iiibjedl to the Perfians. It however lo 
happened, that at the period in wTiich the Baby- 
lonians were conquered by Cyrus, the Romans 
were delivered from the tyranny of their moft 
unrighteous, and moft defpotic King, who was 
called Tarquin ; fo that when the Aflyrian em- 
pire fell ill the Eaft, that of the Romans arole 
in the Weft. I (hall now rather more fully 
make answer to thofe yrho fay, that kingdoms 
are the work of accident or fate, and do not arife 
from the will of God, as I have juft now fliewu 
that it thus happened to the two chief empires 
of the world, the Aflyrian and the Roman. 

The Ninus whom I have before mentioned, 
reigned in the Eaft for two and fifty years, and 
his Queen Semiramis two and forty winters after 
him. In the midft of her reign (he built Baby- 
lon; and from the foundation of this city the 
empire continued eleven hundred and fixty-four 
years, till it was deftroyed by the treachery of 

H 2 Arbatus, 

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5* 5 O/^^^. ^ 

Arbatus, an al4erman of that country, and the 
King of the Medes, though that nation w?^^ for 
a ihort time, free under fne Chaldeaijis, s^s 1 be- 
fere ipentioned* Thus alfo it happened at the 
fame period of years after the building of Rome, 
that Alleric, the alderman^ and the KiiJg of the 
Goths, endeavoured to deftroy the Roman em- 
pire, and afterwards eftablifhed their own. The 
defolation of both thef^ cities was brought about 
by God (though his ways pi^y leem dark). 
Firft, that of Babylon, by the alJkrman^ who 
deceived his ICing ; as alfo that of Roipe, when 
their own alderman, and the King of the Qoths, 
,V^ould have deftroyed their city ; but God did 
not permit this, on account of the Chriftians 
I who were within the town], ap4 PP' from any 
regard to their C^fars^ or the other citizens, and 
there they continue in the ftate thpy were before, 
both as to their Chrifti^nify, thpir Empire, and 
their Caefars. . 

I have dwelt the longer upon this, fqr the 
convidion of thofe who inve^h againft thefe 
times of Chiftianity, and to pui: them in mind 
what miferies we have experienced of late, and 
what ^errible calamities befel the inhabitants of 
the more ancient worlds as alfo to (hew them 
with what equality God formerly eftabliihed em- 
pires, and continues to do fo, malting every 
kingdom fubmit to his will, ' (1 have alio 
ihewn] what pqual miferies both the Aflyriaa 
and Roman empires. lufFered, apd hpvr exa<31y 
iimilar both their bleffipgs' and calaniities were. 
The ends of thefe empires, however, were very 
unlike ; for the Babylonians^ hy their great un- 


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CHAP. I. S3 

xl^em{mC$9 and.luft 6f empire, (together with 
their JLmg) perfHled in thefe abominations with- 
out any repentance, nor would they defift from 
them, till God confounded them with moft ^x* 
emplary puni(hment, and took from them both 
their empire, and their Sovereign. But the 
Romans, with their Chriftian King, ferved 
Godf on whicii account he protected both their 
King and their empire. The adverfaries there- 
fore of Chriftianity fhould ceafe their obloquy 
and taunts, if they will but recollect the «ii- 
cleofmefs of old times, as alfo the battles, contefts, 
and cruelties, which they not only fhewed before 
God but to themfelves ; fo that there was no 
benevolence [between man and man] till the 
atoiijement [made for our fins] by Chrift, which 
however they reproach us with. 

C H A P. II. 

About [^"j 440 years after the deftrudioh of 
Troy, Rome was built by two brothers, Romu- 
lus and Remus, and Romulus foon afterwar<Js; 
uncleanfed this rifing town \f\ with his brother's; 
blood, as he did afterwards with his marriages, 
alliances, and the bad examples he (hewed his peo- 
ple of outrages. For when the Romans had alkcd 
the Sabines to give them their daughters for wives, 
wrho refufed the boon ; nowithftanding this, 
they feized upon the Sabine women by a 
^Iratagem, whilft they intreated their affiftancQ 

W Orof. K ii. c. 4. \:^;^ 

(/] t^^m WS^\ ^k project or cadeayour^; ]itcrall/. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

54 BOO K II. 

in iacrificit^ to their God&t whtdi "^requeft when 
4:he7 had complied with^ they married the Sa« 
bine womeci» smd would not fend them back to 
^heir fathers. Oi account of thefe mpes, a 
bloody war arofe, which continued for many 
years, infomuch that the greater part of the two 
nations was ilain^ or otherwiie perifhed; and the 
enmity was fo lafting, that they could not be re- 
conciled, belbre the Roman wives, with their 
children in thetr arms, ran amotigft the coraba- 
.tants, and falling at their fathers feet, JMfeat* 
cd that in pity to their daughters they would put 
an end to the war. Thus worthily and mildfyv^z^ 
. the city of Rome firft confecrated with the blood 
of a brother-in-law, and of Romulus*& uncle 

• Numitor^ whom he put to death whilft he was 
king, and fucceeded to his throne* 

Thus it was that Romulus bleffed the walls of 
Rome with his .brother's blood, the churches with 
that of his father' s-in-law, and the kingdom it- 

• felf with that of his uncle; and before he** had 
^ treacheroufly flain his fathcrrin-law, he firft iri- 

iiAed upon the having half the kingdom, 
afber which he murdered him. AftDer this, 
Romulus made war againft the Crinenfa, be- 

. caufe he had as yet Icarcely any land without 
the walls of Rome, and the Romans indeed 
were much defpifed by other nations, be- 
caufe in their childhood they had all of them 
been flaves to others. Now when they had be- 

,iieged the town of the Crinenfa, and fufFercd 
greatly from a famine, they agreed amongft 
themfelves, that upon the whole they had rather 
loie their lives from hunger, than raiie the fiege, 


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OH A R IL $s 

or prQppfe a pea^e. Thus they cmtimied 
their attacks, tiU ithej took the. town, after 
which they warred with the nations on all (ides, 
till they, fubdued many cities in the neighbour- 

The ^ings who reigned after Romulus, were 
more brutal and oppremve than he was^ and the 
people more troublefome and unruly, till that: 
Tarquin (whom I have before mentioned, and 
who was the moft deteftable, moil tyrannical,- 
moft libidinous, and proudeft of all the Roman 
Kings) fucceeded to the throne. This tyrant 
debauched all the Roman women that he could, 
and ordered his fon to lye with JLatinus*s wife 
(Lucretia)y who was lifter to Brutus, the general 
of Tarquin's army, and of mqft illuftrious birth 
amongft the Romans. When Latinus (Lutre- 
tia*s bufband) and Brutus her brother heard this^ 
they Ipft the arniy which they commanded, and 
returned to Rome, from wh^Ke they drove both 
the King, his ion,, and all his relations, whom 
they banifhed from. the kingdom. After this 
the Romans appointed generaU to rule over 
them, (whom th^ called Confuls)/ and each was 
to OHitif^ue in office for one year.* .. 

Aft3er{i&] that the city of Rome had been huilt 
two . nurvdred winti|0 ^and fQur ; [$]% Brutus was 
the 6ri^ Cqnful : Romulus, their firftKing, and 
Brutus, their firft Conful, were both of theift 
cruel., ; ^^' ' - . . . . ; 

[*3 Orot III. c. 5. 

[tj PCXLIV. in Orofiaa. See 1. u. c. $. ibcte at. hvUff 
ever continual variances of this fort* 


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56 e O IC It. 

Romulus fleW his brotbdrt his tincle,- s^ttd hiJ 
&ther-in--lavir ; Bruws alfo killed hisr five fons 
and his wife's two brothers, for having laid that 
k would be better that the Romans ilibuld be 
governed by Kings as before. For this, Brutns 
ordered them to be bound and Jwinged with be- 
J&ms^ before the people, arid then to have their 
heads cut o^ with axes. 

After thisf, Tarquin (who was- dethroned) pre- 
^iled upon Pcirfef^a, ^ king of TufcSany, to affift 
him, perfuaditig him that, he might eaiily iub« 
due both Bi^utus arxl the Romans. B^ufus^ how* 
ever, declared war againft this King for his 
comity fo hioh } and Tarquin fent againfl* him 
ioother Thane (Arnus the Prouffs fon),when each 
of thefe flew the other. 

Afterwards the Kings Porfena and Tarquitt be- 
iieged Romd^ and they would have taken it, if 
it had not be^i^ for the words which Mutius, a 
Roman Cititeti^ fiid to thofe who had made him 
prifoneri and toitured him by burning his liand 
(one finger af»r anotlier) lyhilft they aiked him 
how many thei^e were who r6fiafed Tarquin for 
their King.- Whenh* would not gi*t any an- 
fwer to this, they qtieftJoned hirti him taany 
fucH men 4s' himielf there were? to whfch he 
anfwered, that th^Jre were tfteny wfeo hid diter- 
tnined either to lofe their own Uvea, or txy kiU 
King Poriena. 

When Porfena heard this, he gave ufrthc 
fiege, and all intentions of war againft the Ro« 
mans, after he had been carrying it Oil fot three 
years. — • • 


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Then f^t followed tli^c wkra be/Wcn) ^Ke^.l^f 
mans and oabines^ whtph fo mu9]i al^nne^^ fh^ 
former,, that whereas theConful .w^J^fore^heif^, 
only General, they now' called hin^^^i^^to^^ 
and under thefe Di£btprs obtai^i^ 
ries. "After this many contentioi^;^^oi|jDciweenj 
the rich and poor, which <:ohiunue4. ja jjr^fit 
while before they wer^ jfettled. . , ^ ^,[ . . ; .. 

In thofe tinies the Romans fuffered much ^rom j 
bad feafotos, both by pla^ue^ana ifamin^whilftTi-i , 
tus and PuMiu? were Cpnlyls ; (he^.therefore now ^ 
put a' flop Vo'fheir quarrelsf ?hyMgJ}' xhc^ C0|il4 • 
nptdo^thjpfetpe to.t^jh]ai^^ JP%W>. fP«l o^* 
mibl4 ^fe^Flisi VhicU aihw^^ued tp affliAibe d^^^ti 
Itrefled city^ ; . , . ^... -. . ^ ,^ .,, I ., • , ,^ 

'Befdre. thefe calatpkies wetej;w^<»^*4% t?M^ 
Veien^es ap^ Etnilci made wpr'agg^q^.^ihc^Bor^^ 
mans, who' marched to meet theiti under thV 
two Coi^fvls Marcus and Greaftf [/V who fwor^ 
that they would not remm but wijm €oiii)Ucft i ^^ 
many of the Romans however wfre^ killed^ ^ 
though they obtained tlie vifipryV'iiifohii^eH , 
that the furviving Conful refofed ,tp Mt??uippli/ 
(vhen be was <aet on. his return, aod faid^ thafe.^ 
It was more proper they fhottld mdct^iiim with 
lamentitiott^, than a triumph; . -^^'f.;' • ' 

t^rr 'ne iilra Chi^^^'Xhouta have ^oMiJehcea, «' [Am,. , 

• that I^JMyu R- is* ' ' 

f/jiiwrlf «ie name m lh«^ Sa^on Vcrlion; but the two ^5 
^onfttla^ meatioAcd bjr Orofiui, are M* Fabiui and Gn* 

1 Now 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

58 B^r^J^l "• 

Now this is a triumph ainonf^ the Romans; 
[ipf] when a yidory i^atlC^ep ^tayied, the fenate 
meets their Cooftus fixmiies from the city with 
chariots, of [isj^ ^Id, an<| ocnaucicp^ gpms \p] ; 
thejr ^Ifo Bring with t^iji /pur iiats ^^Kofthet^ 
w))ite); thefi, wheb the proceffion sAqv^6nto- 
wards ^5 cl^, the ^nate>event in their bh^Iots 
alter the ^c&n^L and ordered t^^ captives to draj^ 
hha oh Ixs^ire them, that their glbry might U 
the niore n^ntteft 

^If koweVer the CotiHiJ^ fnbdued ahy qatfon 
without a yi^ory, then they were ^p a^t by 
the citizens, in chariots cpfered wrapjiy^^ 
asf alfb t^itti^ four v^/ of, any Ifbrt JNi^^ 
wfth treiiure, in order to h(inou/ their' Cf^fQl. 
Si5ch is the form 'of a trlpm]ph; ''[ -V' 

nom^i^m eft^iilhed the^$et^t:^t^'^^ 
then tohflfted of ohe hjjndfed, %u{ Was'^ifter- 
war^s €;nl^rKedto three hundredf Tfai^c S^^<C,was 
nebdp['ai3^*j^d«to^ tKi?.c*ty^of ,K^^ 

callft di^\kte coub/ell6rs^' ^pjpointe^jtj^^. Oaii- 

5ml Tlris'iccottnt of a triumph is an ad^^ion dt'Xifcc^s, 
Iwift-t-tontft itifoita the-AcMaiPf^oiii wKkcelMlbiM 
thde parttcuii^yw- ;, // -il ..mliv'H '.-lii to • 
^ W ll>V5jwat,j«R4 to Jraa^ ^f:tm «hV!J» f^^ 

>] That « r«ber. of ain^^»0M^ is>'*e,<»ft««»lift«f 
triumph two cl the vefleu were to be wotte. 

niqr froiji ^ha Senate's roakip^^^artj ^^.^j^^fl^^i^ * 

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•C H A k IV- , 59 

fills, hdd the flii?r6mfc 'cobmand ovfer {he. citl- 
2ens, atid kept' ^1 the treifiltt which arofe ei« 
thtt froftl taxes or ptudder, under one 'roof, that 
they might apply it tb 'the common tteceffities, 
by thfc V0ip of the whole coiriniiuhity^ exceot 
that'of'ikves. i ' 

*rhi'l66tt(uls. Who, iri'thofe 'days, undertook to 
oppofe th6'^ibhiesi^ ^6rt all of /the. Fabian h- 
TMyl^^»K<^ Were IhpS^i^oV/tp^* and: more expert 
watrWfs'^rJ than the4thWRon^ah's; hifbmuch 
that theif ^om^ whittitfeey hififted upon, is to 
this-^a^e^f^brated natioiis. . f t is alfo 

defiyefed cipWft of 'wliar numbers this .family 
corififtdo, Which wefe t)ifcch6d upon, for this cqn- 
teft/and likewlfd hqW a particular gate (fro 
which tijiey iljucd to meet the enemy)^ was callejd 

. ; Aftet tfiisV. tlit iRoixiiajifft'! chofe. /i^r^^ bu$fJred 
Cham^Ms\ iiidjix dbamSmsy who \ye!» to :Coij- 
tend with ihfe fame hiiniber of Sabines, aifd the^ 
trufted thit with thteir experj^ce in feafs of 
arms tliey mould obWiri me victory; but the 
Sabines^ by their devices, and ftratagem^^ killed 
them all; except, one lad thai l!layfaat hona?.. , 

Th^iVa^idiai)^ however were not confined 
to the Rcn9«ns,> becauie the Hiitortatis of all 
na6on^ agrie, that at this time cares ^ hattlesy and 
alarms wete f^Hread oyer, the Whole ?g^th. 

Cyrus [fjltrog of Perfia (whom wfe before fpoke 
of) whtlft t4ie Ronmns were at war ^Vith the 

[r] Ejiaett, in Saxoq, often lignifies expertneb ^ * I cannot 
bowcvcf AW^, With the Saxon DiAionarics, tW it ever im- 
ports Twert bmtkrilrtngth. 

lO Orof. 1. ii. c. 6* 

I 2 Sabines 

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Sabinof in the weftern pfrt^^ cpqauecf^ ^ much of 
"^Scythia and India, tfr^ lijp . ha^ lajdiKatte the 
] grcateft part of the l^ajty and after that' led his 
army agalnft ^abyloi), \yliich was richer than 
'any other city, whilft the accefe to it was .made 
' iftbfl: difficult (as Cyrus' had ho Ihips) h|j tKe wide 
ilream pf the CandeSf which is the lar^)(t; of all 
^ frefh- water rivers, excMtthe Euphcatea* 

Then Cyrus orderedfonc of his Ti&^i.tb,iwirt 
acrofs this river [^;' bqt thie ftreajivf!|y^ npi- 
I dity wouid not permit Jbim to dp this; ' ^T 
After this, Cyrus threatened [«], ^a[t lie would 
take luch^ revenge 6n the river, for tb^s indig- 
nity tq his Thaiie,' as niight fatisfy feift' anger 
"land wrath againtt the ftreaniy tecaufe'hp would 
^m^ke it ;fc (hallow, th^t women (j^Q^I^ wtf^ 
* without Wetting their feiiees, where off^fe the 
^ river was nine miles broad, ;wh(|h it w^s^* flood. 
This^reat river Cyrus divided with' cjikes, and 
let it^fr^by four hundred cBannfls^ Tca^Jix^ eban- 
/nels^[w] ;' after which he puffed it withhiparjotiy, 
^. Vfel^ as. the Euphrates^ wjbicl^ is the |;rjQate|l of 

[^3 ClSib tpjim r^neeouiji Follows, the fign jfication •<jf the laft 
of -which' wohls Fim totklly unafc(j|uajiited ^^. 'The neareft 
* wdird to iti«Ubich IciCn find^kifyCarpentieKii'Suppktnent to 
pu Cf^ngf , wber^ be renders Tynnciij Propogi^idalimi* Tlltf 
Thane might therefore have jaecn dirededto fwuii acrofs the 
' river between two of the towers, or bulwarks, of the city. 
[OOiS tpam rftiC^num.'i The word cannot ftpnfy ijAi fifli called 
^tiftfij in/diisplatee, tK&itisreiidered by Mh JL;*. "^ '^ 

M Mr. l^/^ trgpfli|^9yeb<fnr«^, ufcd jij tbU p«<&gc, hf 
tentavit, it fboirld however be only underftood in the more 
(:ommoniac(:ept^tion of threatened. , ^ 

l%y'j M*frec is (aid to have thui divided .the 0rcani of thfi 
flyer Lee into Vnany channels, in ordtT to l^vc the D«ini^ 
fleet without a fufficent depth of water. 


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alL:.freiE'ri!ir^^ aod yffhkh runs lV9ii£^':the 
middle of tfee town of Babylon. 

This ftreaa> Cyrus alfo divided by ditches iQ«> 
niany cahmiels, and pailing afterwards with his 
w^le amiy to the city, mad^ hiiofelf sxiafter of 
it. , Np^o^e can fcarcely be believed, when he 
flates eimer how iiich a qity was built, or altev- 
wards how it was takenr • , 

The gimi Ninirod [jt} firft. be^an to build Ba« 
I)^^p, ¥^ f^.f% Nmus. and hts Quiceo Slomiri* 
jpfiis finiiked itf haying plaqfd the Iowa in tl|e 
n)idft of their dfMiunions. { 

Xhi§ cif7 was built [^J oa vpry ficJx and fer- 
tile land, 'and w^trjair to Joc^ ^t : , it w^i divided 
into four pirts^ and it is incredible p9t ^ how 
xoMSy and i^vong the walMt -w^e, . bein^ fifty ells 
^wide« and. two h}uidre4 trUs high ; jIp .circuit 
aifo ifas a hundred and ^enty miles, ^il»44^^« 
ventb.parf ^* a mUe. l^)^eSt walls wer« entire^ 
coppoiibd'of^ tiles and bricks; round v^3^ was 
a' vjeiy large ,4y^Cr fuppligl by th^r ftupwideos 
ftircam' '(th^i^CaiidesJ, ^f:yc«ld the dylce ^fo wis 
a wall twQ^e^ls .high, ftc^ngthened in ^propw 
parts with fortifications [z]..'..' i .^ 

, . . Tl»is city of Babylon, which was the &t^ and 
^neateft ii^ :th? world, is now tl^ laft^aftd^naoft 
^dffbUte^i..,., ,. 


I . . lx\ Nemb;»aS in the Saxon. . ^ : *'.,.• 

^^ ^^j It is rcmarkiblc that the Saxon term for bqilding ;• 
"jtemttjua^^wfcich feems to prove that the material commooly 
ttfttt v^Lt XiiiiBer; ttud not brick or ftdne. Wheh k bHck w^ 
it afterwards Wenti^lied, the expreiSon is }jjt\ojCixu 
[»] fitjw^niun pj5huj-um» . : .' :.:;>' 

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42 Uo'bK tP. 

in ftrength, and 'ai^oni(h«d the !)^hol4*rs by 
n^ir-^ttht* feerfts«o have beeii Hdd ^rthftsan 
^WidlteAp^ to the irhdle World, wfirM 'it ^ddi^s 
-'kfel^fO aU tiiankind'? ^d jt^/^i *VNoWtteiI 
'-^ 'fl¥tf9''decayed *nd in rtiins, <hat fe tAif lealto 
-•» fitoaProe* there 'i^-Ji0thitt^ whidi ii fofaft dtid 

•' ftrong, that it can long cdtttitjttp*/'' ' 

- : jfetboffriddys, i*hen Cyriis K\tig iiFi^rfia took 

-Bi^tfV^t^roeftiS kkig of Ly«i.'tpkeh«.d Wiiti 

^ Mnsy^cd »i£ft the HabylotiiansV :tt«I Wlieh He 

Icnew that he could not favethfe bity' (^^^tWs 

-»l*e^ ahtitiiff) hl6» retU^ii^d bai^\^n t6 Jliis 

1J6W« kittgdiftm, oh whifchC^i^JJiiffticd htia. 

^iU- y»' Kftbk feroefiis and flew htiff. 

■ 'AA<tJiidW we Chrifcans tnay iiifo^th til* Ro- 

■itiaudv i!hat:th^ w%!l^ Of Rome'at^ dhljr <ted^- 

4^ kjr Ita^h 6f . ttnrte, hotwithffaiid?h| thkt' it 

AlMt «9 flWch preflfed by > fiege lai ^l^Ion ; "bdt 

«ft <k(j^nc: of th<f -Clirtftkins -^bieh the ^ty 

OORV^imi both the kdmans ahd thei^ ieiiaifire ^ 

•fe'pwiftStd, that they ire rather iterjMij^itee^ 

•iill«HIgfc lehgth of years* thin bjr tH^ op^reffidti 

or conquefts of any fforeign] Kingi ' . ' • 

f ^'Ati%t{tl\ thisj Gyrtts' led Ws.trobps iritb Scy- 

:ih!la, and « young King went forth,- tdeechtfr 

with his army, againft him, accompanied by fifs 

nsothcr (whofe name was Tomyri^. Now when 

Cyrus had^ paiied over the cturatieii^ ixid bad 

crofiedthe Ara&<^s, this young King wovld >i;)t 

'then (^Iru^i him (though lie mighc.iiave'^doBe 

To) becauiib he trufied.that he ihould be able to 

bring Cyrus into his fnares, who bad'hotonly 

[«J Orof. 1. ii. c. 7. 

' entered 

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eatp)^ jj^Spjtfrri^fif^v but rcQca^p^d w^hlK 
them. .•!;•'■. ■ , '. 

:CyiW8, hpwfJvier, fuppoi^ that M% yW9g 
Kfiag W9«I<1 .^k hin» wMe. ]» ivsi5 (hen en*,. 
canjl^ij, ai]|d beoaufe th^ . SpyjJiUn^ iy«r0 ^^<>f . 
ri^iMt^ pn|4 mpa^»aii?ted with thq Mnpficfttiflff. 
qualities of wine, he marched froogt th^ pQlc>' 
which his army then occupied* to a plstce proper 
for ati ambuicade^ leafing ]l|ehind him in his 
former campall that was moft luxurious and fcveet, 
^"^^ thjfi S^Pg ^JmgfW9^ be M*^«4*t*|e 
more |p fei»c:uponi boGju^fe' t^Q ftoa»i>s Ml 

ture tp b9pft fncpei^frfvp tb^if ambur(<a(}e{ ,whm t 
theScythito army therefore came into this (}e|^jit<$! . 
Plwe ^h ^*»i ^fitb/^(fi,' V^ yniihcm . W »- 
ftnuQfi c^ tmf99W^^» ffb^y 4fank fo idmiI:^ 4<P^ 
tlie wiwt fibttt tJwy bi>4 liWlJJ mnnan4of iib*iv» ■• 
felvfis S: t||b<ll». l^b^Sk ;^h0». he h«4 tii^ i»tmgl^a 
tlwOfr lliifrib«iw 1(11, '. ! ;: \ { 

^rw;|l49A(;h«».Kiat!s. «i9ther I9ar^e4 «ith t 
iWQ iKir* («f,.tlM5..wbabita»» ro the voiy^%H;:r 
wbor^i^^ym ha4 f:irfi!K9>y<i«il64 (b« oth^f fMS^.f 
tq^fthfr fVK^ t)«piF,Kjng« tud tjgc^r f8lM0ril«9tfo». | 
tatMHM;fqic J|^-4fl3tl) «£.bM iaot ,ite H^ejt^l^l 
herielf how ihe might revenge it. She ^mAfdk > 
her folk into two parts, the one coniiftii^ of 
"fmtuhr fifi4;$h« otlikw «»ea (fi3r>iibf(.9)9KH 
msn fight'iia^.tiiali fCO«iiitpyi>i« the fame HkibiHer 
thisMr'*Ben'd&)r flic'the:^) jpnai^edher army be- 
i<xt Cyrus (as if Ihe was flying ^-ojn .h}n^),.ifit(> 
a large valley, whilA; the other hftJi of iChe Sgy-j 

•-■.• ; tWaiM 

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64' BOOK n. 

thiins were behind him: there wiis t6ts King 
flain, and two thoufand men with him. 

. Then this Queen ordfered his head' to be cnt 
offi arid' caft into a calk, which' was liHcd with 
man's bkxid, whilft (he thus faid, ^« Thou who 
••''haft been thirfting for man's blood thirty 
« winters [*], drink now thy fill/* 


After {fjthe city of Rome had been buflt tw« 
hundred winters a^d^jfburteen [i]/ Cambyfeslje* 
came King of Perfia, who was Cyruses fon, and - 
ivho (when he had conquered Egy^J Jdid moire 
than ever King durft before, by abotiflimg then? 

After h^ reigned Darius, who coiiquared-ttt 
Ai^ria and Chalda^a, which had been taken SMA 
the P«$riians. This King marched inlfo SeytRia, 
btfth^OU'«tc(ioiint of Cyrus (his kiiifm&riy being 
killed there, and alfo becaufe he wdl ftmidAfed 
to enter the country ly tkis w^iM^fU}.^^ '^i¥&& 
aitny confiftdd of fe¥«n hundred ^libdAn^mcff'^ 
he^Mtrer, the Scythians wodild not meiCftMmti a 
piltth«d battle, but #hen any oP tf«e PiBtfiirtit 
pdHbli^ed into thfir ftountcy,vthbylleW* many 
ol'thttii. <- 

Jlfl 'AH ^e 'Northern natkMis count tfaeiryiailB hf wiilMrif ^ 

the feveficy. of the cold ^ad long darkiie^ inakf ti^ciA agpstf: ■ 
more tedious than the fununer half. ' * . 

i4 orbf; 1. ii. cfi. • '' *v *• ^'"^^ ^'' ' v' '■■ 
d\ 245 inOroCua* iW ^voliiv vv" * 

i] SCtTomyrii* 


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By:tiba6 mMns tHe>Pcrfiatns were £)on tired oi 
the .war; thqf like wife began to fear that thq 
Sqrth^a would break down the bridges on th« 
coiiimiev ^nd prevent their return. The King 
by thisiniiftance ic^ a confiderabk part of hi3 
aroa^. and having left behind one hundred and 
eighty thoufand men (who had orders to con- 
tinue a long time in that country) went into the 
Lefler Afia, and plundered it. After this he did 
the &me, in Macedonia^ lonia^ and Greeoe; he 
likewife made it a jcaijft of war with the Athe* 
nians, that they had aflifled the Macedonians. 

As ibon as the Athenians therefore knew that 
Darius would invade their country, they picked 
out eleven thoufand men, and marched againft 
him to the plains that men call Marathon. The > 
General of the Athenians was called Thefeus» 
who loft no time in feizing the proper opportu- . 
mty.for di^^ting the Betriian forces, flaying two 
hundred thoufand noea^ and putting the reft (p 
flight; tlwn, when he had colleded an army 
againit the, Perfians, he marched where he 
thoueht he might have his revenge. 
^ After f/] Darius*s death, his fon Xerxes 
reigned over Perfia, who for five years built fhip$, 
and colleded an army. At this time there was 
at his court a banifhed Greek from the city of 
Lacedaemout whofe name, was Demaratus, and ^ 
who informed, his countrymen of ,thefe d^figns, 
writing on a tablet, which he covert, with wax. 

Xerxes, [^1 when he nw.rched againft tl^s 
Greeks, had eight hundred thoufand men of his . 

[/] Orof. 1, ii, ^, g, [^] Ofo(*. !♦ ii. c. 9. 

K owtv 

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«8 B OiG RI 9. 

bwn r«bje^$t and from otiter fiatioab he lad 
ordered 400^006 to attend iiim^ befidcB i20<> 
large arid lo^g (bip^v rnufee tfaou&ad Tef« 
fels alfo were iieGelfl^u:yi to iupply th^ ^feroopi 
with pfOvi!(ioii«9 aa his. army !wa8 fb amajDuiglj^ 
^t^U ttiar It might well bi &id 10 bb a.wMder 
where they could have* land to dw^il in, or water 
to qtiench their thirft. This immefife mukhadev 
however^ frofti its being £> tiukni^ousy was fot 
that redfon more eaiy to be fiabdued, tixto wt 
can either explain or beiieva 

Leoi^idaifty King 6f Lacedaeaoft, (a Grecian 
city) had with him an army of 4000 meo^ when 
he catofe lip with Xerices at a narrow iami-Jartn/j^ 
and there oppofed his paifage^ 

Xerxes defpifed his enemies fit^ muchy diat 
he aiked what occadion there Was for .<iiiy other 
part of his army, except thofe who mttR feel 
proper indignation f/Ofii tKeir relifeibtiB. being 
ikin It Marathcm^ bnd be i^tcd them dl in one 
VattAlion, knowimg- tfear their wrath muft laft 
longer thftnthat othis other forces ;. whieh hap- 
pened accordingly, for moft of them wtctfe killed. 

XcKx^gj on this, was much ftrucfc with th* 
Jofs of bis Soldiers, and going himfelf in peribn, 
together with all the force he could xncoilefv con- 
tin\>^d tile engagement for dhree days, until there 
was aft immenfe flatighter of the Perfiana^ 

'<He then ordered his troops to marc^ :oot of 
the deBle, that his army might attack the Gre« 
cians iii morb parts than one. 

Eeonidas, when he law this intention to fur- 
round him, left his former poft, and led his 
army to another mofl advantageous fltuation, 


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CHA7. V- e^ 

where he' eoiittnnedaU night. Ha dicni ordered 
all tbd trodpa which were hot Spartans^ to return 
to theiv own homdSp fbecaufe he did not- ftatid in 
need of any afliflance hut from his own country* 
men, and he thus addreflbd them ^aaning f^V*} 

** We know all wbl|' that we ihall fell "i. fa- 
>< crifice* to our inveterate eneiiimi; yet it behoves. 
^^ us to coi^^r how we may he& takisM advan* 
^' tage o£/the dark ni^ht, and {>rQaare by 0ur 
<^ d^tha the hail oMi noftul^g endixrhig 
" fame [/].'* ^ 

How ftrange is it tohy^ diat Leonidas, with 
600 rn^m thiis diftm^fed 600^000, as well as put 
to Jitgfat tod fl^ w i&ich munbers ! 

Xerxes [k] having been t^Mice thus deiG^ted iti 
Greece^ notwithftanding his Immenfe array, now 
flattered himfdf, ithati by means of a §Qet he 
might beitiil Qonfidene offuccefs, efpecially as 
he had pnsmiiled: upon* the loniaiTS (a nation of 
Greece) tQ aifif): hiin, though rather againft iheir 
inclioatiou They promifed Xerxes^ howdver^ 
that they livouldluhdertake the war alone againft 
the Grecians^ though the Ferfians had formerly 
betrayed theih in a fea engagement. 

Themiftocles was the General of the Athe* 
nian army that was then marching to affift Le- 
onidas, which could not reach their allies till 
after. the battle. * 

Thcmiftocles reminded the Ionia«s of their 
old fricadihip^ though Xefxe§ hjidnoiV procured 

ih] Ireotti)tifcnbe, 
f 1 Beft ^d Ipngeft word, in the Saxon« . ■ 
*] OroC 1. ii. c. 10. 

K z " their 

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6« B 0,0 K Jt 

tWir alliance^ 'who bad formerif pltmdered their 
country, ^nd flain their rektiohs : he alfo ex- 
iK^irted them not. to forget ^ old treaties they 
had entered iato, both with the Athenlatis and 
th$ Lacedflemonians. 

Thus Thcmiftocles,' by hi$'wlf3om^ prevailed 
tipon the lonians to defert Xerxes, that' the Athe- 
nians and I Lacedaemonians in the me^ time 
might brixig the conteft with the Pekfians to a 
good conclufion ; and the Icmians granted bis 

Wlipti the Perfians, therefore, faw that thofe 
in which they naoft confided for vi^ry^ had left 
their alliance, they inomediately fled, ^hen many 
were {lain, drowned, and taken prifbners. 

X^rxrs had a TW/, whofe name^-was Mar- 
donius, who advifed him to return Mmediately 
to Perfia, left any difturbance might artfe in his 
own kingdom, whilfl: he left die war to be car- 
ried on by him againft fcfae Grecians; fwith that 
.part of hi$ array that ^ would not want ^on his 
return. M^rdonius further laid, it was a lefs re- 
proach to the King, if that nation [the lonians] 
deceived his General, than Xerxes himfeU^, as they 
had (done before [/j, who readily liftened to the 
advice of his Thane, and went thence with part 
pf his army. 

When he. approached the Sea, however, over 
which he had built a vaft J?w« bridge to the wefi- 
%vard [m], (P perpetuate the conqneft which be 

[/] At lead thus I underftand the palTagc, which is veiy ob- 

[nt] /. f. When 00 bis march from Pcrlia,, fj/ the bridge 
yiA$ then wfftwfkfd. 

/' ' thought 

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e H A p. V. 69 

thought himfelf fum of, inhere was fo great a 
flood, that he could npt come to the bridge. On 
this the Kbg was very wrath, that neither he 
nor his cfcort could pafe over; but as he was 
much frightened, his enemies being in purfuit,. 
they hired for him a little fifhing-boat^ which 
carried him over with great difficulty. 

Thus does God humble the moft arrogant in 
their greatcft attempts, and entirely overthrow 
them; for he (who a little while before con- 
ceived that no Sea could prevent his*paffage, nor 
was of fuch extent, but that he might cover it 
with his fhips and army) was now obliged to 
hire a little trow from a poor manf, who wanted 
to earn hkfafe. 

Mardoniiis \n\ in the mean time (Xerxes's 
Thane) left the fleet behind hitn, and marching 
to a town in Boeotia (part of Greece) took it by 
aflault ; fuch alfo. as purfocd the Perfians, were 
either difpci-fed or flain* The victory of the 
Athenians, and plunder of the Perfian army, 
contributed in part to this ; for as they were be- 
come richer, they were alfo more negligent \o]. . 

When Xerxes returned, his own fubjefts be- 
haved ill to him, and his Alderman Artabatus cir-» 
cumvented him. 

Alas (quoth Orofius) what envious times 
were thefe, will thofe fay who are adverlaries to 
Chriftianity ? but [on what grounds] can we long 

{n\ Orof. 1, ii. c. la. 

\o'\ Blithe in tbe Saxi^n, as from exultation and luxury 
negligence might arife« iVt }^aft I t^ke this to be tbe mean* 
ing of this pauage, 


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79 .?9^P:K.:I5. 

foe the return of t^^^ \ hflvp Ipeea fpeaj^tug o^ 
w^eh'fo large. ^.^^^ in ip flpq^l; fi t^ipe, 

was Qonc^uered^ in thre.e.pitfh^d.lx}a;lqs,. fq as t9 
delVropr /^^ bundrid thot^an^ b^fi^P^ Scy^ 

'thi*ns ' aind . Gre'cijiip^^ w^o ^jveije f:l;i,?jir qo^fed^- 

^ Both'Xeopid^sii in hislaft Ufffe {apd th^ 

Jpejrfiao^, piay f^rvo to prove, wli^t^ d|^fpl^tian and 

'ilabgjiter happenq4 «QW in Orewe, when be tl^iis 

^id ^Q his. officers V at their, breakf^v^^^. befov^ the 

.Jbattle which enfueda " Let U5 nqw e^t tfiis our 

.v;i)reaj^faft» as Jf we were to lup i}yheH[py^ 

', When Lepnidas. h<^d thus f^^i^id, he aft^r\yards 

Ippke thefe otner. words (tq his. -Qpnerals]. 

*** Though I jufi: how told you that we Ihould 

>* go to HelliJi truft, how9yer^ in God, th^t he 

*** will bring li^ to better fimes tl>iin we ?r? iiiftC 

:** prefent." .. ,. 

^ I^eonidft$ iijdee^ conceived, th>t l^is.timef were 

S^\\l% and wijhed ^ they Vi?f re, , better; apd now 

fpine naen fay, that his tipftcsj yff^tp better than 

^they are at prefenjt .: now it^ is doubtful v^h^the;r 

Yorj:ncx times were better than tjie. preient (as 

fpmc men fay) or not ; but perhaps thofe judge 

Jpapr? truly, whp cmitend that neitj^'f r the paft 

not the prefent are fo good as they flight be» 

^ow [jil vve ihould ^turn (qupth Qroljus) to- 

war^p/Rprae, whjlch we have for ipme tifne left, 

thpqgh even then I cannot give an account of all 

*i:he manifold evils that befbl tliis 'world, but 

only thofe which happened to the twp Grf^t Em- 

^pire?^. which fucceed^d ^a(;h othpr. (thofe pf Af- 

liyriii and Rpip.e) 

ijfl hdle. [f] Orof. h\L c. 4 2. 


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CHA'P.^Vl ft 

ti^ty iifitatm ^he fame y^ar-^hat the Rofmati« 
beat the SabiiiB$» xvh«n th«y ^ght Ihtefe hUn-« 
dred and fix ©n • e^ch fide) there Kvert Arange 
wotiders ittu^' and the heavehs appeared as if ott 

Tbas iffim wa4 ^xH) 4iAahi^{led to- the Hotndni 
by a moft terrible plague •that followed, itxfc/- 
DQXicK that half of thetti Mtdy ahd amongft the 
»ft theit i^q Contals r thofe who continued alio t6 
iivc, wcte fo fotigtied with the bo rials, thaft Ae^ 
oftuM npt briiigiill tbe dea^ bodies to the grai^e. ' 

Soon; afti* -this, the flalVes rftade wir againft 
AftirmafttrSjaMd ifhey took the chief fofrtrefs, 
called the <»ajf>i^ol-," • whkh- they feefieged wkh 
Ibc^ Kvmberai chM lliey atlaA kiikd'one of the 
0ew>eiei%dd=-&QAlfui6. ■ 

The aaiSliiiSi, hoover ^ at liSt fobdutt* ^ik 
^vis, and idte -year a^tehvat^s thft- Romany weirt 
to war Hvhhwthe Falifci, tnttty of ^Hofii were 
flain, whilft thofe which furviyed were driven itt^ 
to a »kt«'0W IdkfAe, Whete ^they fofFened tttuch 
frooa him^r« in f>tderj however, to exftricite 
them from fhis '6iikt<!Csy tlie 'citiisens, wh^ cotiv 
cinaed at hotne, toileted t^tx:^elve$' tc^hei^, 
and thofe a p<»oi* ^an ftit-^t^ii OonJuK "Who 
dived 6n bli^aotat^ md:hAt l^'iffldiiigh in his latti^. 
they tfefen t»»<^ to the d^flflffci, and kt tfiehr 
cmmtymmjikk . ' • ' 

A fter t[r} thid, ih%" eartfe *h tfee Roinah territo- 
ries dOnaMOft^ '0dd;(^ and burft, for a whote 
y^ar t^getii^#, 'Whaft everyday ttiefieijgets came 

• • ^r3 Orof. 1. it. <ei f'3.' 
. ; ' to 

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to the Senate, from hrowf^ and towns ixrhich 
had been fwaUow0d up. The Senate itielf was 
alfo in daily dread that they ihould fufier the 
fame fate; thefe earthquakes were likewife.fol* 
lowed by fuch hot weather, that all the ft-uits of 
the earth were deilroyed» and the Romans them^ 
ielve^' Scarcely eicaf>ed death ; this intenie heat 
was alfo fucceeded by a famine^ 

Not [i\ long afterwards the Romans choie tm 
C^^/i inftead of the two which they had before, 
that their laws might be obferved. The name 
of one of thefe was Claudius^ who arretted to 
himielf elder dom over the otibers, though they 
by no means allowed his claim of iuperiority^ 
but quarrelled with him. He gained over fbme 
of them, however^ whilft the othe]:s continued 
to oppofe him with fuch warmth, that they fiw- 
got all their contefts with other nations, (which 
were upon their bands) till at laft the nino.Con- 
fuls beat Claudius with Jilch^ and baniihed 

Thus [/] (qiKrth Ordius) have I ihortly men- 
tioned the diflrefles of the Roo^nsi though per- 
haps one of the greateil, and moft terribk, was 
the fulphureous fire which iflued fnmi i£tna ia 
Sicily, as if it fprung from hell's gates (what 
.miferies it occafipned may bo cpojectured from 
what happens now) and killed many Sieilkms 
with the flames and ftench. Now, becauie^^nce 
.Chriflianity was eftablifiied* heir$ fire bath 
ceafed, together with other caktMtiffS» lit only 
^appears by former marks [of dqva^lbttion}. what 

[i] Orof, !• ii, c, 13, \t\ Orctf. L ii. c. 14. 

. difecflw 

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(S H A p. V. 73 

diftrefies were cccafioned by thefe eruptions, 
though thefe marks become every year wider 
and wider [uji 


After [w] Rome had been biiilt 300 wintefs 
and one^ the SiciUans had civil diffentions 
amongft themfelves, and half of the nation pre- 
vailed upon the Lacedaeriibnians to affift them, 
whilft the other half were proteded by the Athe- 
nians, who before had perpetual wars with the 
Periians. Whilft the Athenians thus conti- 
nued in Sicily, together with the La<Jed*mo* 
nians, they were at war with each other, until 
Darius^ King of Peffii, affiftad the Lacedae- 
monians againft the Athenians, On account of 
the former contefts between the Atheniians and 

To the aftoniflinient, however, of the Per- 
fians and Lacedaemonians, tht Athenians rather 
chofe that their city fhovild be laid wafte, than 
comply with their wills. 

Soon [.v] after this, in the fame year, Darius, 
King of rerfia, died ; wheii his two fons, Arta- 
xerxes and Cyrus, quarrelled about the throne, 
who both collefted a large army againft each 
other, and continued their contefts until Cyrus 
(who was the younger brother) was (lain. 

[u] Thus atieaft I underftand this paflage. 
[tt/] Orof. U ii. c. 15. 
[*j Orof. h ii. c. 18. 


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74 B o o it n. 

In thofe days there was a city in Africai 
Irtuated near the Sea, which was entirely co- 
vered with water, fo that the inhabitants were 


After \y] that Rome had been built 300 win- 
ters and hfty-five, the Romans befieged the city 
of the Veii for ten winters, and during this 
liege they fufFered more, both from cold and 
hunger, than thofe who w^ within the town, 
befides being frequently attacked both in their 
camp and at home. They would alfo have pe- 
riflied in the attempt, if they had hot prevailed 
by a moft extraordinary craft ; for they delved 
tinder the earth, from their camp quite to the 
city, until they entered it by night, ftole upon 
the Veii in their fleep, and deftroyed both the 
inhabitants and the town. 

This neat craft (the like of which was never 
tried before) was the invention of Camillus the 

Soon after this, the wars between the Romans 
and Gauls happened, which were occafioned by 
the Gauls having befieged a city of the Tufci : 
then the Romans fent ambafladors to the Gauls, 
to conclude a treaty with them. 

In that very day when the Romans had de- 
livered the purport of their cmbafly, the Gauls 
made an aflTault on the city ; but when they ftw 
the Roman ambaffadors fighting in perfbn with 

If'] Orof. 1. ii. c. 19. 


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CHAP. VIL 'js . 

the Tufci, they complained an4 kft the city, 
proceeding with all their followers towards 
Rome. After this, the Conful marched ^gainft 
the Gauls, and being beat back quite to Rome, 
the Gauls purfued fb faft, that they entered the 
town at the fame time, fo that it was filled with 
fl^ughter, and every kind of devaftation, in- 
fomuch that one of their rivers is to this day 
called fram Fabius's being killed near it, who 
was one of their Conluls. 

Nor ween I (quoth Orofius) that any one caa ' 
enuiperate all the diftreffes that then befel thp 
Romans, though the Gauls did not burn their 
city as they had formerly ; the few alfo who 
remained, gave a thoufand pounds of gold 
for their livesj which they fubiaitted to, be- 
caufe they conceived themlelyes to be abfolutely 
under the dominion of the Gauls [55], Some of 
the Romans, likewif^, fled to thztfq/lnefs which 
wa*s called the Capitol, who were immediately 
hefet^ till many of them periflied with hunger, 
whilft others, fqrrendering as prifoners, were 
afterwards fold for money. 

And vs^bat do ye now think (quoth Orofius) 
who complain of the prefent ftate of Chriften- 
domin thefe times, becaufe, after the Gauls left 
the city of Rome, they experienced blither days ? 
Keraember, however, that thofe forlorn Wretches 
who furvived the flicking the town crept out oj 
their holes where they were concealed, and wept 
^as if they came froni another world) w^en they 

i%\ Oroff 1. it. 0. 19. 
; L 4 faw 

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76 B O O K 11. 

faw their city fo befieged^ and To defolate. Rct 
member alfo, the jundry affliftions which they 
fuffered, and were witnefles of, where before 
was their greateft profperity; infomuch that 
both their inmates and put-friends conceived they 
were entirely ruined. 

Ye fliould rather fay, that the Romans have 
Jately fuffered lefs jfrora the Goths, than they 
dfd formerly from the Gauls, who then ran- 
jfacked the city for fix months ; whereas the 
Qpths plundered it only for three days. The 
Gauls, on the other hand, continued their op- 
preffions for fix months ; and npt contented with 
this, they made the Romans take a name which 
they never had before. 

The Goths lately [as I faid] did not do {o 
inuch damage^ nor for fo long' a time, to the 
city; and for the honour of the times fince 
Ghriftianity was eftablifhed, as well as through 
Qod's mercy, they neither burned the town, nor 
obliged the inhabitants to change their name 
againft their wilj. Nor would the Goths then 
•do any injury to God's HoufeSj (though they 
were heathens) and rather chofe that the citi- 
zens fhould live quietly ampngft them. 

Nqw [to carry on this comparifon] it was 
moft difficult for any one, either to efcape or 
hide hirnfelf from the Gauls; whereas the 
Goths plundered but a (hort time, nor coulcl 
|hey be accufed of many (laughters. 

Therefore God's anger was th^n manifefted 

againft their brazen beams and Jlatues^ by his 

ordaining that the Romans Ihould fuffer from 

:} the 

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CHAP. VII. 77 

the fipe of the Gauls, at the iaine time that 
they fijfFered from heaven's fire. 

Now ween I (quoth Orofius) that as I have 
much to fay, it may be as well for me tp coi^r 
plud^ phis l^opk, and to begin another. 


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WHEN [^] Rome had hten built three hun- 
dred winters, and fifty-feven, in thofe dayt 
when the Gauls facfced Rome, there was mc^ 
ftria and moft blamable [c] friendfhip between 
the Perfians and Lacedsertioniahs. Then the 
Perlians ordered the Lacedaemonians to have ait 
alliance for three winters with them, as alfo 
that they fhould confider their friends as friends, 
and their enemies as enemies, which the Lace- 
daemonians readily agreed to^ on account of the 
cafinefs of the terms. 

From this one may eafily know how willing 
the Lacedaemonians were to go to war, according 
to the panegyrics and lies of their writers ; nor do 
we think their conquefts defirable, nor the times 
better, when an enemy can fo eafily over- reach a 
nation with his words. 

After the Lacedaemonians had taken Athens, 
they became arrogant and divided into two halves^ 
when they began to be in danger from every 
quarter, from their own people^ from the Perfians, 
from the Lefler Afia, and from Athens, which 
they had facked ; for the Athenians had fled from 
the city when it was ftormed, and had afterwards 
retaken it, having prevailed upon the Thebans 
to afl[ift them, 

[b] Orof. L ill. c. u The preface to this book is omit^ 

[cl Bipnojilicdft. 


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§6 fe O O K lit. 

The Lacedaemonians, however, were ftill fd 
confident^ that both thcmfelves and the neigh-^ 
bouring nations conceived they would conquei* 
all their enetnies ; but the Athenians, affifted by 
the Thebans, withftood them, and had the fupe- 
tiority when they engaged. 

After [d\ this the Lacedaemoniatis chofe Der- 
(iyltidas for their General, and fent him into 
Perfia, with an army which the Periians march- 
ed to oppofe, with two Aldermen^ one called 
Pharnabazes, and the other Tiflafernes. 

As foon as the Lacedaemonian General knew 
that he Ihould be obliged to encounter two ar- 
mies, he bethought himfelf immediately it was 
right to conclude a truce with one of them, 
that he might the more eafily overcome the other* 
He did io accordingly, and fending meflengers to 
one of the armies, he ordered them to fay, 
that he had much rather have peace than war. 

The Perfian Alderman readily received the 
errand with kindnefs, and in the mean time the 
Lacedaemonians put to flight the other Alder- 

After this the King of Perfia banifhed that 
alderman from his JbirCy who made peace with 
the Lacedaemonians; after which he took into 
his pay a banifhed man from Athens, (whofe 
name was Conon) and fent him. with a fleet 
againft the Spartans, who applied to Egypt for 
affiftance, from whence they received a hundred 
large triremes. 

The Lacedaemonians alfo chofe for their Ge- 
neral a wife man (though he baited) whofe name | 

[i] Orof, 1. ill. c. I. 


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CH.AP. I4 If 

to hid hctoaur) *^ tkat, t^fy.M rather baw-a latm 
'* -Kwg:, .tim a latAt, Kingdom*'^ *T)^^^ 
wards Ailed with their fleets and fpwght with 
fuch cpfolutibiiji tba( they almpft. all of them 
were flain^ nor could on^ ieet claim the vidlocjr 
bvel: thb dther; Thi9 eoga^emeat put an end to 
the Lacedaeototiian doAinipn and power^ UOC 
wr^if I (quoth Orodus) that any twQ Genetala 
ever fought with greater equality. 

Theii Gonon kd his arqay into, the Spatt^n 
ferritwy, laying every thing ivafte except the 
towns^ iuibmuch that thole who ufed to fubduf 
other xiatbnsi now thought it. right to A^fy^ 
themfd^es at . home againfl flavery^ and thf 
Spartan General TPifander) failing Againfl Goqqi^ 
with his fl«t^ dbefe was a fccatikughe^r on 
b(^ fides. - 

lii this battle fo many :of thft SpartSios i!Wff 
flain, that they never afterwards either reccrverfti 
their power or their naroe^ when th^ir ruin and 
difb:e£es made the Athenians determine to tsjs^ 
revenge of what they, had formerly fu&red froaa 
them ; they therefore joitled their army to thit 
of tiw Thebansy and putting the Spartans to 
^ight^ drove them into their dity, vhicb tb^y 
befet. ; . 

The iiitaens thcn:ient for Agefilaus, who w»i 
with their army in Afia^ and ordered him to 
affift them with alLexpedition i^ he did fo, and 
coming by furpri:se on the Athenians, difperiod 

The Athenians on this began to dread that the 
Spartans mjgl^t rujQ ov§r them again, as they 

M b^d 

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1^ before^ wk^ AgeftUus Iwd obtaiiffid t^i< 
£nall advantage OM^r thefiA * they thtttekaa fknt 
ibrCiontMi, who was m Perfia, td thtbr aili^iMtee, 
wli«' laid Wtfftt the Spar»l» territories t» litoil a 
4«gr«e, that the)^ rubri|itt«d, either fiUta poverty) 
Q)p watit of power t^ itMU 

Aftet this* Conofit rtt^rned to his old kki<fetd 
at Athens, and wad received hy the citisena with 
fodi iK>bk pr^ftfits, ^at he long enjoyed him* 
ielf there with- this w^^h» as wbU as with what 
he'had gained ^r^m )he P&rfians and Spaittus. 
The Atm^ians then i^e-fbrtified the towns whkh 
the La^edsemooia'ns had rai&ed; is they had alJd 
ddfiKfr bf Spaita itfetf^ ^noe k ^^ fvibifiitred to 
thent) though not long befdre they weptf iufc^s 
•fi^ the Spai^ns«. 

i'^Atf^^ttttCe-WAfb k haj^ptbeil^tl^atP'eiriia alke4 
to be at peace with all Greece, not fiojeaning 
fhtfih< any good, but foecaiifi> ^ey waateA. to 
ifttacl: the Egyptiat^ the xnor&«<Fe^«iaJ:fy^. 

^ante-his qitiet than thsyihemli have b«e«^ ooo^ 
^Sdering their weaknfe^, and ix>ad^ W«r ^» tbe 
3|^ban« tefo^e^they had a proper amyv tho«gh 
(^•ifyfpnXe fh^ey tot»k[ the chief «owa of the 
'^rsadiond/ ■ ■. - .. 

Then the Thel^ns brought rheir ifoyees agaisft 
•eih«in» ^and the Spartans reiofoi>e»d duii)rs>^ aftei 
'Whkk they had an (^ftinate %ht', t4sea die 
•^rtan Atd^m;m ealled to f^c ArcodiMlSy and 
•Of de{ed> th«a9E to> deiift hook ^e enga|;8taenr, 
that they ixught bury the fokiiers who were fiaifi» 

[t] Ckof. Kiii. e. t* 


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m hSs a^ffiftom AitKnigft the Qrw{ftii6:6Qprthi» 
to dei^rame who k^xh the vt£fcory . 

N«w would I (quoth Orofiug)^. ft«» h(»v -tbc 
Gr^a6« took L#c«4pfi{ioa ^y fui^iria^ aiKi ti^ 
xrontiivue ^j hiftijry of ^^e Ath^ttOfi, Thebaal, 
Boeotiai^y and Macedonians, {who were all na- 
tions of Greece^; 35 w^il ag :;|hat of the two 
Afias, Perfia, ^ndKgypt. I (haU, however^ now 
give an acooum of what relate to (he |U)]:mn$t 
which 1 Ijiad ^|>efi?,ce begun [/]• , , 

C H A P. II : 

W^ten [g] Home h«d feaen huikitowc haiv 
dFed wintars and feventy^^^ th^re was an earths 
quake jo Achaia^ and the twio cities of £hora ahd 
£lip9 were oif^mh^impd,. I m^y aifo here take 
notice of i^bc fame calao^ity (though it had ndt 
{o fatal an ei^d) vfh^ch belel CoQixantioople kft 
piy oTya time, ai^ it was fuppofed hy imny, 
that thi$ city alfo 'wjO^H h^ve been fwaliowed, 
but it wd.B ^ieldfid by: the Chrifli^n Arpadiity, 
and the Chriftiaa iiahabitanfis that were in the 
tow0« This pro^iTi^ that our oijly help is » 
Chrift, Mwe is jnteui^ed by this than I ihj^l 
now fay ; and he who waat$ tp know ojbre, let 
him feek; it himfelf. 

In thefc days it happened, that the Vdifcl ^and 
Falifcji (who had beep at war with the RotDans 
for i^venty winters) «rere fiow overcome by 

[ rj Two pirts out of tljkrec ^ pwtted ija tliis diajptpt hv 
jhc iratiflator. 
M prof. 1^ iii. c. 3^ 

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% BOOK m 

thtfltf «nd the Romans laid wi&t '^dhr ^c% 
country. Soon after thki the Sutrim entered 
the Rcmab territories, platl4eAng ev€n to the 
eates of Rokne ; but the Romahs revenged them- 
^Ives^ ^d f iit their 6neihie$ to flkht; 

C H A P. p. 

> In [h] the year of Rome 383 [/], I 
{whofe other name; Wa§ Genupusy ztva Qi: 

(whpfe other name was ServSlius) being Confuls, 
^here was ^ mott tehrilJle 'plague, not lefs than 
fuch as commonly happens after wet fummers, 1 
^ry 'wiiitfers^, great h^ats in Lint [)&], and vajd rains 
in harVefl; time, followed by fultry weattier [)], [ 
^IpecialijJ^ when the wind hlows from the mouh- 1 
taihs of Calabria, hringing peftilence with it. I 
This plague coilfinued in the' Rortiah territories | 
jj^// two' years, and fpated no pric; yet though 
^jflaijy died, fon;iei opprefled With their aneafineffts, 
iprent away, tmtil their bj/hi^s ftid, their Gods 
ordered them to build amphitheatres, that they 
might make thei/* heathenifh offerings within 
them; aiidjcheir deVil ^Vprfliij), which was ma^ 
wStAly all unckanne/s^ ;; ^ - 

i'lnore. proper tranflatiof) of lencteo- 
teraft than beats in ^he Sfr^ng^ a» t^ ^axofi; Pidionaries 
render the word lencren, -which therefore only fignifics the 
Sprir^j becaufe (.ent and the Spring comn^only coincide. 

[If ^irpeeji-hsetim; as it ftouW be tead^' and not Wten-i«&Pj 
(15 jn all the Tranfcripta, , ^ 

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!G H A P/ HL Rj 

Hjrr^ may we now (quoth Orpfius) anfwcr 
tho(t who arc enemies to Cbriftendom, and who 
fuppofe that their Godsl on acjcount of thcfe fa- 
crifices and devil- wormip, helped the Ronaans 
during this plague : but they do not underfliand 
with what fnagick and deceit the devils brought 
this about (frfr it was not the aft of the true 
God.) Thefe falfe Gods, therefore^ firft afflia- 
cd the Romans with thefe roiferies, that they 
mifcht believe in the efficacy of their bifftrin^s 
and idolatry, (whilft they thiis took pofTeffion of 
their fouls)receive wbrKhip fromthenbi to their great 
repppachf and h^ye adpratiqo in the amphitheatres^ 
which were innumerable.- it is unneceflaryi 
however, for me to dwell on this, bec^ufe thou 
(Father 'Auguftfae) haft truly faid this in thy 
book, and to that i will refer thofc who want to 
know rifibre about ^his matter. 

In this fanie year the earth opened in the city 
of Rpnie^ and their bt/hops laid, that the God& 
required a qmck man, aspey thought they had 
tod few barcafles [;*] ; the earth, in the mean 
while, continued to gape, till Marcus (whole 
ptber name was Curtius) Jbot himfelF [»] into the 
opening, and then the ground clofed again, ' 


In \o\ the year of Rpme 387, the Gauls pluij: 
dered the Roman fcrntbries to within four miles 
♦f the city, Whiqh they might have taken pof- 

fm] /. «. Notwithftanding the plagu<« 
r>i] In the Ssixbn, bej^t. 
M Orof. 1. iii. c, t, * " 

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£s£&Qsx of J if they bad not loft their of^octunityi 
iiecaufe the Homans were fo deprived of all ^rit, 
and preieQce jof ^lod^ that they did not mmk 
they Qould defend their town. In tfaie jnorxuog> 
ho\y^^9 Tit;us, jheir, General (whofe other name 
^as Quintius) engaged tlie Gajuls with his army, 
and Manlius (wliofe other name ytras f orauatus) 
haying had a iingle combat with a G^ul^ flew 
liim. A^^^^wards f it;us Quintius put the reft of 
them to flight yf\x3^ gre^t carnaget and it auy 
he conceived from hence what a (laughter thera 
)vas^ as 8000 nien wer^e taken prifoi^rs^ 

^H A P. Y. 

lu [p\ the year of Rome 402, j^mbafikdors 
f:ame from Carthage to Rome, who proposed i 
treaty, on account of the twp jnations having 
land^ at jB^eAeveptium, syhjich bordered 9ti ^^tch 
<;)ther, after which piany iniijb-ies, and general 
calamities^ enfued. One of thefe wa^ fuch a 
darknef$, thai: the i3:ars appeared in mid day, 
^nd in the furanjer it hailed llopej all Ropae. 

In [y] thofe days Alexander was bprix at Greece, 
as a great Jiorm fpreads ail ov^ the earthy and 
pcus King of Pema (whom fome call ^rjtaxerxes) 
after he had laid jvafte Egypt, marched into Ju- 
daea, where he did the faime. He afterwards 
proceeded to Hyrcania^ anS fet(le4 many of the 
Jews pppofite to the Cafpian Seia, where they 
cpntin.ue to this day, furrounded wijth numvw^ 
Fr] nations^ in hope? that God, fome time or 

p\ OroC I lit. 'c. y. • [^3 Q^of? !• y^^ ?• 7* 

r] Bjiat>uni| or hroadi^ in the Saxog^ 


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CM A p. v: 1^ 

odieff wiU bring them back to their ovirn latiiij 
After this, Artaxerxes ftormefl Sidon, acity<i£ 
the Pbocs^iciaos^ which vrzs wonderfully fortified 
in thofe times. 

Now [i\ began the wars between the Romans 
imd Samnites about Campapia, which lafted fo 
}ong» with fuch animofity and variety of for- 
tune^ when at laft the Samnites procured the al-* 
liance of Pyrrhus King of Epirufs, who was the 
moft deadly enemy the Romans ever had. 

Thefe contefts with the Samtiites ai>d Pyr* 
ifaus^ however, were dropped, on account of the 
Wac which was declared by the Carthaginians^ 
who took advantage of the difputes which the 
Biomatais wer& engaged in. 

If any one can find (quoth Orofius) from the 
kiltoriaiis^ that Jatius*s door was ever locked birt: 
coe year (and that was occafioned by the R^man^ 
being afflifted with a plague)^ it was i«t the 
tame of Oftavianus Caefar [/]. 

This [«] houfe was built with this defign by 
the Ronaaas^ that in whatever quarter they car^ 
rifioL an their wars^ whethei' fouth> north, eaft, or 
*weft^ they undid the door, which looked towards^ 
that half and by this means kn<?w which of 
them to apen. Then they imked up their gar- 
ments above their knees, and girded themfelves 
for the camp, as they knew by one of the doors 
being thtrs open, that they had not peace with 
ibmbC natioq 5 but when they had peace with aJf^ 

[*] Orof. 1. iii. c. ft. 

[f ] This pcFiod is fomc waaf Jmperfbd; 

[«] This account of Janus's Temple, ie an infertiofl byjtbe 

£c^ Tranflat<^, 


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then wi^re all the doors ihtit, and they let their 
garments hang as low as, their feet [*]* 

When Od:avius reigned^ all the doors i^erd 
accordingly fliut, and there was peaee over tho 
whole earths 

. After the Romans made k treaty with th€i Pcr^ 
fians, all nations liked to be under the Romad 
dominion, and to be bound by their laws. Thejr 
alfo loved peace fo much, that they chofe rather 
to have the Roman Emperors for their Kingsj 
than any from their own nation ; and by this it 
was truly (hewut that no earthly man ever faw 
fuch love and peace prevail over the whole world 
as then happened, which arofe from Chrift be-^ 
ing born at this time ; £b that there was peace iii 
earth, and in heaven. 

0<5lavius himfelf confefled this^ when the 
Romans would have worshiped him (as their 
cuftom was) and faid, that they owed this uni** 
verfal concord to him. He refufed, however^ both 
their offerings and adulations, allowing that it 
was not to be attributed to him, nor to aojr 
earthly man, that the whole world enjoyed fuch 
pr^foiund peace as never was experienced betweea 
jtiyp fftp^iiilies, much lefs nations^ 

C H A P. VL 

In [y\ the year of Rome .408 there were was 
ly^w^en the Roipans and the Latins^ and in th& 

[xl f . e. They put on the Roman /d^^r, iftftcad of the drefi 
pir6per for a march 9gaitift the ^nem^* 
if] Orof. 1, iu. c. 9* 

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C H A p. VL «9 

l^rft of their battles, ManliusTorcjuatus the Con- 
ful Was (lain, when alfo the other Conful, Decius 
iVius [%], killed his own fon^ bccaufe he broke the 
order He had given him, to march with hafte 
iagainft the Latins, at 'the fame time with the 
other part of the army. 

It happened, however, that one of the Latins 
advanced before the reft, and gave a challenge to 
the Romans, on which the Conful's fon came 
agatnji him^ and flew him. The Romans, tor 
this guilt of the father, would not permit him 
to triumph according to their cuftom, though 
he had obtained the vidory. 

The next year a woman, called Minutia, (who 
according to the Roman ufages (hould have been 
a nun, and who bad vowed to the Goddef$ 
Diana that (he would live thafte) lay with her 
fon. For this guilt, in breach of her vow, the 
Romans dug a grave for her (when quick) in the 
earth, and to perpetuate her crime, the field is to 
this day called Manfeld [V?]^ where fhe was 

Soon [3] after this, whep Claudius Marcellus 
and Valerianus Flaccus were Gonfuls, it bap* 
pcned (though it is horrid to mention, qupth Oro* 
iias) that fqmc Romaic wonaen wbre fo diftra<Stedi 

\%\ tthijpe, in the Saxon, which if rather fii^gulart as Mu$ 
i» Saxon .for a Moufe, as well as Latiq, Orofius, however, 
uflxig tide ablative Mt^re^ the Rpyal txanflator conceived it ta 
be the nominative alfo. 

[d\ Or fuld ^ wickidruju Mr. Ljre, in his Saxon Pi<£Uf- 
onary, (art. Klan) hath made this very ingenious obfervation. 
Obiter hie notandum vocem God apud Anglo- Saxones S( 
Deum fignificafTe & bonum^ uti Man^ & tominenf ic ne^uitiam^ 
1 f^J Orof^ )» iii, 9% 10. 

N ^7 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


by magick, and wode drwms, that they poir 
foned all they could of hpth fe^es, either in their 
meat or drink. They had continued thi§ for a 
long time, before it \vas known whence the mor- 
tality arofp ; but it w^s fuppofed to be occafioned 
by the air abovcy until a iervapt m^id was exa- 
fpined. Then all the women werp cited before 
^he Romav fneif ajfemkhd^ (who aipoynfed to 380) 
and they were obliggd to e?t that whicH they 
had prepared fpr others, upon which fentence 
being execute^, they fell dowi> dead in the prer 
fence pf a}l fhe Roman men. 

^ H A p, yii, 

In \c\ the year of Rome 42a, Alexander (King 
of Epirus, and uncle to Alexander the Great) 
marched with all his forces againft the Romans, 
.and flopped ^t the confines pf the Sabine and 
Rom^n territpries. This King took to his affif- 
fapce the ppareft nations on both fide3, but the 
Samnites fought with him, and flew Alexander j 
himfelf. Npyi^ that | have mentioned this Alex- 
ander (quoth Orofius) I will alfp take notice pf 
his nephew Alexander the Great j when I have j 
finifted what I have to ftate ^ith regai^d to tb? 
Roman miferies in this year. I fhall, however, 
afterwards refume what relates to Alexander^ as | 
I have a huge d^al to fay about his deeds ; as alfo 
Jiow Philip \i\^ his father, became King of Ma- \ 
eedon and Grdece, (four hyndfed year^ frcmx the I 

[f] Orof. 1. iif, c. II. 
[jf J prof. K iii. c. i2» 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cf H A l>. Vil 91 

foundation of Rome) and continued to fiile five 
and twenty winters; during which time he over- 
fan all the ftates of Gredcfe; the Athenians, 
Thebans, Theflklians, Lacedaemonians, Phocdn- 
fes, and Mefii, (as for the Macedonians, he was 
King of them from th6 beginning.) 

Philip, when hd was oilly a kmgBtj was 
delivered a$ ati hoftagel to Epaminondas 
(that bravfe Kirig^ ahd more learned philofo- 
pher) by his own brother Alexaiider, who 
was then King of MaCedon, and was educated 
three years arhongft the Thebatls. 

After this, Alexaiider (Philip's brother) wiaS 
killed by his dwn mother (who was Pnilip's 
Jiep-mbiherJ andwho had befote flain Another of 
her fbns. 

Oh the death of Alfexahcier, Philip fUcceeded, 
knd continued for a great while iri a critical and 
dangerous (ituatioii i for either the neighbouring 
nations made war againft him, .or his own fub* 
jeAs had defigris upori his life, id that hd rather 
chofe to have wdr out of his kingdoni, than to 
Continue dt home. 

His firfl: battlfe vvas \Vith the Atheniahsi whom 
he conquered; then with the Ulyriaris (which 
we call Pulgarians [e],) flaying many thoufands 
of them, and taking mofl of their cities, par-* 
ficiiiafly Larifla. Hd ndxt attacked the Theffa- 
liaris, becaufd he wanted to have theif affiftance,- 
brt account of their being fuch ablb warriors,' as' 
^Ifo befcaufe they were fuperior to all other na» 

tions in their cavalry ; at laft, either from dread, 

"^ ' " . • " • • _ . 

N a ■^. Of 


by Google 

9S BOOK hi 

or from his winning arts, they became his al« 
li^. Then Philip coUedted from the Theflalians 
and l^is own dominions, an immenfe arm j, both of 
cavalry and infantry ; and after he had conquer* 
<^d the Athenians and Theflalians, he taokfqr his 
wife the daughter of Aruhes (Kiqg of the Mo- 
loflians) whole name was Olympia. 

Now Aruhes weened that he (hould enlarge his 
dominions by this alliance with Philip, who find- 
ing this to be his defign, took from him what 
before belonged to him, and font him into ba- 
nilhment, where he died. Then Philip be- 
iieged the town of Othone, which belonged to 
the Thebans, where one of his eyes was Jbot 
with an arrow, which, however, did not pre- 
vent his taking the city ; after which he put to 
death all the inhabitants^ and bv his arts he 
then fubdued 41 Greece, beqayfe their ufage was, 
that every ilate ihould be independent of each 

. This obliged all the ftates feparately and 
fttcceffively to requeft his affiftance againft 
the others; the consequence of which was, 
that he conqueped the enemies of thofe who 
|irft applied to him, and ajfterwards thofe who 
|iad requeued his friradihip; thQS Philip ac- 
quired all Greece. 

The, Grecians, however, concei^ecj ttiat they 
ihpuld eafily, in one battle, fhakc off thfsryofce j 
and becaofe alfo, whilft they were under his 
powers he fold thofe a$ flaves fa other Nations, 
who had never before been coiiqtiered nfferety by 
force of arms j they entered into* a g^iiei'at con- 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


federacy againft him. When Philip perceived 

this, he applied to the Theflalians, (the nation 
which he moft dreaded) and prevailed [A] upon 
them that they (hould attack the Athenians in 
concert with him, who, when the Macedonians 
came to the confines of their territories, locked up 
all their fortreffes. 

When every thing was now ripe for Philip^s 
vengeance, he marched his army even againft 
thofe who were true to him, and plundered the 
country, whether it belonged to friend or foe ; 
fo that the Bilhops faid, *< all the Gods were 
*• angry ^ and fought againft them.'* From this 
it happened, that though all the ftates of Greece 
were united againft Philip, yet during the five 
and twenty winters he earried on the w^ar, he 
was always viftorious. 

After this, Philip marched into Cappadociay 
and flew all the Kings by his deceitful art»^ 
when he had alfo plui>dered the country, be went 
againft his three brothers, and killed one of 
them. The others efcaped to the city of Olyri-i 
thus (which is the ftrongeft and richeff in all 
Macedonia) to which Philip purfued them*; and^ 
having taken the town, he put them to deiathy 
as well as all the inhabitants^ [Thefe three bro-s 
thers had not the fame mother with Philipy 
though they had the faipe father.} 

[/i] ThtTs at leaft I tranffate jelec, which Mr. Lye render** 
rtgavify referring to thii chapter of Alfred's trahflatlpn, in! 
Which fcufc it cannot poffibly bfc ufcd*, if the context k cote- 

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^4 ]^ O 6 It lit 

In thbfe days there were two Kings of Thracd 
it war with each other^ who being brothers^ 
fcnt to Philip to defire that he would make 
Aeace bctweeh therti ; as alfo befconie their ar-s 
bitrator [/], and divide the territories in dif- 
pute equally. Oh this Philip went to their 

f emote with a great army, and put both thd 
Lings to death (as well as all the other Thra- 
tians) feizirtg updn all the riehes that belonged 
to both of them. 

Not long afterwards, the Athenians rfeqiiefted 
l^hilip, that he would be their General, againft the 
l^hocenfesj (though they had before locked their 
pafles [k\ againft him) and the Phocenfes made 
the fame application againft the Athenians, in- 
treating that he would either make peace between 
them, or affift them againft their adverfaries. 
On this Philip told thein both, that he would 
help them to conquer each other : hay even af 
the very time that the Phocenfes impldred his 
aid againft the Atheriiahs, he faid, that he would 
be unipife between theni. 

When he had once the paflTes in his p6'wer, he 
took pofleffiori of all their riches, and divided 
his army into two parts, that thefy might plun- 
idef the more efFeftiially, ordering them to lay 
ill wafte, fo that the poof inhabitants were op* 
preffed, both by being fubjeft to thefe diftrefleS| 
and becaufe they did not dare to forbid thefe but- 
ifages [/J* Philip then ordered the richefl: to be 

[i] Depitii^rfii, iti the Saxon. 
lk'\ i.e. ' ^ ' ^ ~ 

the ftraits of Thermopylat Sec Orofius in tBis 
[0 BofSLn tit bojijran. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C.H A P, VII. 95 

put to death ; fome indeed he fent into banifli- 
inent, and' others to fettle in different coun- 
tries. Thus Philip overturned great king- 
doms, which a little while before conceived that 
they fhould extend their own empire, infomuch 
fhat they were at laft entirely reduced to nought. 

Philip [«], however, conceived that he fhould 
not be able, either with his land forces or his 
arts, to get the better of the confederacy againft 
him, and he therefore colledted a fleet, which 
confifted of a hundred and eighty trading vef- 
fels \o\. After this he fixed upon a town fituated 
on the Sea fide, called Byzantium ; which he 
chofe, becaufe he thought his fhips might lie 
there in the greateft fecurity, and alfo becaufe 
they would be near at hand; when the inhabi- 
tants of Byzantium would not permit this, he 
befieged them with his army, and took their 

This city was formerly built by Paufanias 
(the Lacedaemonian General) and afterwards 
eked by Conftantine, the Chriftian Cafar^ as alfo 
called after his name ; it is now the capital of 
the Eaftern Empire. 

When Philip had befieged the town for fome 
time, he found that he had no money or booty 
to pay hi? men with, fo (as he had done in other 
inftances) h^ divided his forces, leaving fome of 
his troops before the town, and marching with 
the reft, he plijndered many cities of Gherfo- 
j^tefus, He then took his foil Alexander with 

[«] Orof, 1. ill, c. 3, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

96 BOOK in; 

him into Scythia, where Athcas was King (who 
formerly had requefted his aftiftance agaitlit the 
Iftreans) but when they had proceeded in their 
march, the Scythians forbad their entering into 
their country, and oppofed the Macedonians. 

Upon this Philip fent for more troops from 
Byzantium, and marched for%vards with his 
whole force, (though the Scythians were 
flill more numerous and more brave.) Phi- 
lip, however, got the better by his ftratagem^ 
for he hid a third part of his army, (which he 
himfelf commanded) and ordered the other two 
thirds, as foon as the battle began, to pretend >to 
fly towards his ambufcade, that he might there 
attack the Scythians with the troops which he 
had concealed. 

In this fight 20,000 Scythians were fiain or 
taken prifoners, both foldiers and women, z% 
alfo 2o,oQo horfes. The Macedonians, how- 
ever, did not find any treafure or booty, as they 
pfually did after a viftory, and from this ih^ 
Scythian poverty was thoroughly known. 

When Philip, after this, intended to retuni, 
a fmaller Scythian army (confifting of the Tri- 
balli) oppofed him, which Philip did not much 
j-egard, till a Queen fhot him through the thigh, 
JO as to kill his horfe. Now when his troops 
pbferyed that he fell^ together with his hprle, 
they immediately fl^d, leaving behind them all 
the booty [jb] they bad taken, zxid it wjȤ furpriz- 

[b"] This muft have confifted of the ftp^oo^ horfes which 
they had taken after their viSory^ a$ it is ft^^ttd tlut tk^ Scf ^ 
tiii«is had nothing clfe for booty. 

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C^H A P. vir/ . ^7 

ittg, that fo large an army, fhould immediately 
fiy^ which had never done fo before, though 
they had flain fo many thoufand men* .. 

Whilft Philip^s wound Was not yet cured, he 
releafed all the ilates of Greece from their thraU 
dom, and reftor^d to them their ancient confti- 
tutiona. As foon, however, as he recovered hii 
healthy he began to plunder the Athenians, who 
fent to the Spartans, requefting that they would 
be their ajlies, (though they had been their ene* 
mies) and that they would form a confederacy 
againft the common enemy. 

Some of the ftates of Greece entered into this 
alliance, and raifed a greater army than Philip 
had ; however, fomc continued neuter, from the 
great dread they had of his power. Philip, in 
the mean time, thinking it might be long be* 
fore he could bring the allies to a general en* 
gagement, advanced very rapidly againft them ; 
and having pafled them fd as to divide their forces, 
he then marched againft the Athenians, who 
little expefted him. In, the battle which enfued, 
fo many Greeks were {lain, that they never af- 
terwards had any power, nor even their free* 

Then [q] Philip led his army againft the Spar- 
tans and Thebans, whom, he threw into fuch 
confternation, that they were embarraffed and 
undone:- when he had thus reduced all Greece, 
he gave (in marriage) his daughter to Alexan- 
der, his relation, whom he had before made 
King of Epirus. 

[q\ Orof. 1. iii. c. i\n 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

9$ BOO K m. 

In thofe days both Philip and the two Alex- 
anders (fuch was their ufage) tilted \r] on horfe- 
back, as alfo many others With them; when 
Philip was transfixed by one his old compa- 
nions, [j]. 

I know not (quoth Orofius) why thefe- old 
battles are fo pleaiant to you Romans, and why 
they afford you {o much delight when ye are 
told of them, and why fuch troublefome times 
are fo much extolled ! How ungrateful is it, that 
now, when ye experience fo few diftrefles, yet 
ye weep, when ye compare your prefent 
manners with thofe [of paft times] which ye 
are fo happy in commending ! If ye are really 
fo miferable [/j as ye fuppofe, then (hould we 
the more readily bear to hear of former misfor- 
tunes, as they are greater than what are now ex- 
perienced, and for this reafon we (hould think 
our own fituation the better. Remember, there- 
fore, that at this period Philip plundered Greece 
for five and twenty winters together, burning 
their towns, flaying the inhabitants, or making 
them flaves; and now, Romans, though ye 
Should dwell upon all the calamities which have 
befallen you, they lafted but three days[«]; 
therefore ye (hould furely think the miferies 
which happened in Philip's time (even if the 

[r] Plejeboh, or pl^fyed. 
' [i] D^pana, ufed here, ihould be ^^pajia. 

[r] 1 conceive^ this to be the meaning of the word Sejaaf 
in this place. 

[tt] Viz, when the Goths took pofTeiSon of Rome, which 
Orofius hath before alluded to. 

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CHAP. vn. 99 

M-grafping [x\ Alexander had not fucceeded to 
the throne) confiderably the heavier. I (hall, 
however, now drop what relates to Macedonia, 
and refume what^concerns the Romans in thofe 


In [j>] the year of Rome 426, happened the 
great battle at Caudinas Ferculx, which is to 
this day a difgrace to the Romans, and this ca^- 
lamity befel them after other wars between the 
Samnites and the Romans, in which 20,000 Sam- 
nites were flain by Fabius the Conful. After 
this defeat, the Samnites oppofed the Romans with 
greater armies, ^as well as more experience in ge- 
neralfhip, and met them at Caudina^ FercuLs* 
In this fituation the Romans were the more 
likely to be defeated, becaufe the country was 
Jefs known to them than the Samnites; they 
therefore moft unguardedly marched into a nar- 
row valley, which the Samnites hiad left, and 
thus brought themfelves into fuch a fituatioti, 
that they muft either be ftarved, or deliver them- 
felves into the hands of their enemies. 

On this the Samnites were io confident of foc- 
cefs, that their General, Pontius, fent to the 
King his father (who xtm^ home) to alk 
him whether he rather chofe that all the Ro- 
mans fhould be killed, or would fave their lives 
for their greater ignominy. Then this Nobleman 

\x] Svelsenb) or voracious^ in the Saxon« 
[yl Orof. 1. iii. c, 15. . 

O % orderedi^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


ordered, that they*'{hould fubmit to the greateft 
Jiumiliation of thofe days, which was, that they 
ihould have their cloaths taken off, deliver up 
their weapons, and fend fix hundred 4K)ftages to 
him, which were alfo to be his flaves; he like- 
wife direfted fome of his people to carry the Roman 
Confuls into their own territories, and drive 
them like flaves, to infult them the more. 

Now would I (quoth Ordfius) much rather 
pafs over thefe dilgraces of the Romans, than 
dwell upon them, was it not for the reproaclies 
which they caft on Chriftcndom. 

Now know ye well, that ye would have ftill 
continued flaves to the Samnites, had ye ad- 
liered to your treaties, and your oaths, which 
yc plighted to them. Can ye alfo complain 
with juftice, that the many nations over which 
ye rule, will not obey your orders, not recol- 
Jefting how loth ye were yourfelves to fwear 
fealty to thofe who had conquered you ? 

The next year the Romans broke the oaths 
which they had plighted to the Sabines, and 
marched againft them, under Papirius the Con- 
ful, when a moft deadly fight enfued, as both 
parties were incited to diftinguifli themfelves by 
the ftrongeft motives ; the Sabines for their new* 
ly acquired territories, and the Romans to wipe 
off the difgrace which had befallen them, till at 
laft the Romans took prifoner the King of the 
Samnites, broke into their camp, and obliged 
them to pay tribute. This fame Papirius was 
fo highly thought of by the Romans, that they 
had deftined him to oppofe Alexax^dcr the Greaf» 

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C tt A p. VIII. ibi 

if, after having conquered Afia, he had turned 
his arms againft Italy, as he had given out* 

C H A P. IX* 

In [%] the year of Rome 426, Alexander fuc- 
ceeded to the kingdom of Macedonia, after his 
father Philip, and his firft adl of government 
was, that by his prudent meafures he eftablilhed 
his dominion over all thofe ftates of Greece who 
had oppofed him. 

Then the Perfians gave Demofthenes^ the 
Philofipher^ much treafure \a\ that he miglit 
perfuade the different- ftates of^Greece nottoiub- 
mit to Alexander. 

The Athenians [thus incited by Deraofthenes] 
fent a defiance to Alexander, who ibon fubdued 
them, infomuch that they fufFered the greateft 
diftrefs. He alfo took the fortrefs of the The- 
bans, and deftroyed it, which was the principal 
town of all Greece. Alexander afterwards 
continuing to pufh his fuccefs,' foon made all 
the people captives, and fold them, together 
with all their fubftance ; he laid all other parts 
of Greece likewife under contribution, except 
Macedonia, which afterwards fubmitted. 

Alexander then marched into lUyria and 
Thrace, both of which nations alfo fubmitted ; 
and then, whilft he was collecting an army 

[%\ OroC 1. iii. c. 16. 

\^a} This charge is not firft igdputed to Demaflhcnes ei- 
tfecr by Orofius or King Alfred, as ^fchincs alludes to it in 
cn^ of his orations. 


by Google 


ioz BOOK 111. 

againft the Perfians, he killed all his relations 
that he could reach. 

His forces amounted to 32,000 foot, (his caval- 
ry being thtfifthJkdfoisi tboufand^) whilft his fleet 
confifted of 186 fhips; ana I know not (quoth 
Orpfius) whether it be the greater wonder that 
Tie conquered fo confiderable a part of the world 
with fo fmall an army, or that he attempted fo 
great an enterprize with fuch poor means to ac- 
complifli it. 

In the firft battle that Alexander fought with 
Darius, the latter was defeated by fuperior gene- 
ralfliip, though he had 600,000 men, of which 
there was an immenfe flaughter, whilft Alex- 
ander loft only 1 1 2 of his infantry, and but nine 
of his cavalry. 

After this, Alexander marched into Phrygia, 
(which is in Afia) and having taken Sardis, he 
demoliflied the fortifications; when, being 
informed that Darius had coUefted a fecond army, 
and apprehending that" the Periians might attack 
him in the narrow valley where he then was, 
he immediately made a forced march over 
Mount Taurus, till he came to Tarfus in Ci- 

Here he met with a river, called Cydnus, 
which had remarkably cold water, in which he 
bathed whilft he was in a great Jweat\ after hav- 
ing thus bathed, it was neceflary to give him d 
forts of medicines J to prevent his going out of this 

* In Orofius 4^00j and the 4000 is, by miftake, omitted 
in the tranflatian. 


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CHAP. IX: io^ 

Soon after this, Darius oppoied him with bis 
army,, which confifted of 300,000 foot, and 
100,000 horfe; Alexander, therefore, inuch 
dreaded to engage the Perfians, on account of 
the great difproportion in their forces, though he 
had before obtiained the vidlory under fimilar cir- 

The battle was fought with great animofity on 
both fides, and both the Kings were wounded : 
of the Perfians were flain 10,000 horfe, and 
80,000 foot, whjlft the fame number were takea 
prifoners. The Macedonians alfo found great trea* 
fure and booty in the camp, together with Da- 
rius's mother; his wife, (who was at the fame 
time his fifter) and his two daughters. 

Then Darius offered half his kingdom for the 
ranfom of thefe women, and Alexander would 
not take it. 

After this, Darius raifed a third army, confift- 
ing of Perfians, and alfo of many other nations, 
upon which he had prevailed to furnifli troops. 
He then marched againft Alexander, who in the 
mean while had fent his General Parmenio to 
difperfe Darius*s fleet, whilft he went him- 
felf into Syria, where he was met by the inha* 
bitants, who received him with fubmiffion. 
This, however, did not prevent his plundering 
the country, whilft he permitted fome of the Sy- 
rians, indeed, to continue in their habitations, 
obliged others to quit them, and fold many of 
them as flaves for money. 

Then Alexander befieged and took the rich 

city of. Tyr^ and razed the walk, becaufe tho 

citizens would not eafily fulrrender ; whetice he 

5 . proceede4 

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proceeded to the ifland of Rhodesj which he 
conquered* From thence he went into Egypti 
which likewife fubmitted; where he built 
that town, which hath fince been called Alex- 
andria. After this, he proceeded to that Temple 
which the Egyptians fay belongs to their God 
Ammon, (who was Jove's [^] Ton, their other God) 
in order to conceal his mother's adultery [rjwith 
Neftabanus, (who was faid to be Alexander's 

To bring this about, he ordered an heathenifli 
Bifliop to creei into the ftatue of Ammoni 
which was in tnis temple, before he and his fol- 
lowers were there aflembled, and told him how 
he (hould anfwer a queftion he (liould then aflc 

Fron^ this tricH Alejcaiider hath truly ihewn 

us what is the real worth of thefe heathen Gods, 

and that [oracular anfwers] rather proceed from 

.the contrivance ,and words of their own bijhops^ 

than from the intervention of their Gods. 

Alexander \e\ now marched from Egypt a 
third time againft Darius, and they met at Tar- 
fus, where a battle enfviing, fo many of the Per- 
fians were flain, that neither their Jarge extent of 
l^ominion, nor the armies they ?ould raife, were 
afterwards able to withftand Alexander. When 
Darius npw faw that he Ihould be conquered, he 
wanted to kill himfelf during the battle, but his 
thanes prevented this his intention, and fo he fled, 
together with his army. 

f ^1 W)^r r^n*' W Dpyj:^ 

\jl Qrof. !• Ui. c. I7# 

; . . • . . Alexander 

Digitized by VjOOQIC g^ 

C H A P. IX. 10^ 

Alexander continue^d on the field of battle thfee 
jnd thirty days^ be&re h€ could colledl all the* 
treafune dnd fpidils which were found in the Per- 
lian tfamp* He then marched into Perfia^ a$ far 
as the city^ Perfepolis, where their Kings refided^ 
and iN^ich is ftill the richeft town ifi the woHd. 
Then Akxander was told that Dariu^ had bound 
his own relations with gildecl fetters, . ' ' . ' 

After this Darius marched Vith 600,006 
men/aftd he was found on the way ftlick through 
with (pears, and yet half quick; Alexander then- 
fhewed him at Icraft this compaffion, that he or- 
dered tfeecorpfe to be buried in his ancient city,* 
and wpuld not retain, as prifoners, ar>y of his 
kindred, neither his mother, nor his wife, nor 
his younger daughter, nor' any hoftige except a 
little child. ' ' '- - 

. One^caiifcarcely believe' thdfe'who inform us 
that (uch' terrible <ialarnities l>app<^ded during 
thofe three ^years, in the three battles which 
were fought between tHe two Kingb ; as i , 5 00,000 
were (laini-and not long before (as I have already 
faid) i,p&o,o6o of the fame people weredeftroyed 
in tHe-fainie manner« ' Many town&. were alia 
plundered during this period jj fo that Alexander 
may be faid to nav$ laid Wiiftp, not only Tyre, 
but all Aflyria. 

The fame devaftation alfo was experienced in 
Cappadocia and Egypt, which was reduced to 
a ftate of flavery, as well as the ifland of Rhodes, 
and ma«y otl^er territories round Mount C^^^ 

1? Whilft 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

tQ6 poo K :IIf^ 

Whilft [f] thtefe ikcadfi^l eo^teft^ happe»ad in 
theEaftt Agis^ King of Spart^^ and Aiitipater, 
another King of Greece,, c^frkd on ^ war ivitb 
^laal aoimofity^ M the fame titue Ai<^}iander» 
IF^ing of Epiraa, (unck of Alexamtei the Gr^t) 
y/ax^ted to conquer the weftern part of the twtld^ 
^s his nephew did the eafternj and marched 
into Italy, .where he wa& foon flaini, .t whilft 
at the fame time Zopyrion^ King . of Pon- 
tpst led forth an arniy, which) as well :aA<;him« 
fplf^ was foon deftroyed.t 
. Alexander, after Darius's de^th* con^eted all 
the country of MarniaudHyr^nia^raB^lMhilft 
he continued in theie parts, Minotb^a^ Qoeeu of 
Scythh, fought him, together..withtbr^ hun- 
dred other wosTlent that they might bear f hiU 
dren frpm him and his ether champions^ 
; Then Aleximder warred' agai<^ft*4k^ P»fthitns, 
^E^ was obliged to dcftrpy molt of rfi«to before 
they would fubvpit \ aftiar which he ooiiquered 
the Dranc»t . Everget^, Paramami^nti Afapiit 
as well as otfify Qther natiqnai which are iitwated 
xound Mb^ntvCsiucafus, and Ordered a i^hy itD be 
built th^fe,. which hath fipccbefin oalkad Alext 

Nor did, Alexander confine his cnjeltiesi and 
love of plunder, to his enemies, as he^ al|b kilkd 
fome of f hofe who marched with him into Per? 
fia ; for firft he flew Amyntas, his mot^efs fou, 
*and afterwards his brother ; then his T^e Par- 
mcpio,. as jtlfo Philot^s, AttaWsf Eurytecbu^i 
Pai|fftni?is, with many pthcrls, whq w«ra tba 

[/] Oron iju c, ;8, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

d tt A P. IX. i<^ 

ticheft of the Macedonians ; to thefe alfb mu;ft 
be added Clytus, vAio was Thane both to himfelf 
and his father^ 

This laft murdof happened When they were 
drunki Wid fitting together, from its being a 
matter of diipute, whether Alexander or Philip 
had dme the greieteft deeds ^ when Clytus, on ao 
account of his old obligations to Philip^ did, 
" the father had done more than thefon^^^ on which 
Alexander leaped up, and Aew him. 

Thus was he always killiiig eithef his own 
people, or other Kings, {o thirfty was he of 
other men*s blood. 

Soon afterwards he marched againft the Che- 
rafmi and the Daci, and made them pay tribute* 
Then he flew Califthenes, the Philofopher, who 
was his hr other 'fcholar^ (as they both were in- 
ftrofted at the fame time by their mafter Arifto- 
tie) and many others with hini, becauft they 
woiild not adore" him as their God* 

Alexander's [^] next expedition was into India^ 
fo that he extended his Empire to the Eaftern 
Ocean; he then conquered Nifa, which was the 
chief city of India^ and that chain of moun- 
tains Which are called Dedole^ as alfo the king* 
dom of O^GC^^^^ofilc, who, byproftituting her- 
felf to the conqueror, regained her kingdom. 

Thus Alexander made all India fubmit to 
him, except one city, which was very^^, be- 
ing furrounded with rocks [^]* Now, as he 

\i] Orof. L ni/c. ig. 

[h] cOib dutmra. Elub is commonly rendcrcJ a rock oxflimei 
and yet .a& our word ckd is moft clearly derived from it, I qan- 
not but think that dub Ibould more properly be thu4 tranCi 

Pa had 

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Apt BO q K III/ 

iiad heard that ipe^ Giant HcrenUs^ in^ j^mer 

-diys, had been there., with intention^ 4;p?,J^ake 

this town, but did not fucceed in, tl^^ ^ttj^rppt, 

jthough affifted by an earthquake ;, he{th.Qrefore 

^wiihcd.the more to be in polJei^onjaf it, be- 

^aufe he might th^n fay^ that he j^d 4one 

greater deeds than Hercule$,.^^ough^ ^at hero 

h^d much laid* wafte the country .^ }i ],. ,_,' ^ 

[^ After^ this, Alexander attacked Pooi^,: the 

flrongefl Kmg^^in Jj:HJia, and in.cheir j?jjtdfts there 

was inim^fe :,flaiightj?r.^ Jn one of tl^efe i\^lex- 

.ander enQpuiitere^ Pprus on^horfeb^cki, and Po- 

Tus killed Alexander's horley Buq^phjalus, as 

^he might have done the -riderj^ if his Thqnes had 

not haded to his aiiiftanpe. Porus, however, 

.being much wounded, furrendered himfelf a 

.prifoner, when afterwards hh^banes cam^ t^ him, 

^and begged him to give up his kingdom for a 

.^hunefldip [/l, though he was oj^ppfing lAlcxan- 

der with fuch ,animolity, . who ordered Porus 

then' to build two cities, one of which was 

called by the name of his horfe Bucephalus, aud 

the other Nicjea. 

. Then Alexander marched ^againft the AAlreftap, 
.Cathei, Prxfidae, ^and Gangaridi^e ; and having 
/ought with them all, conquered them. . After 
this he proceeded to the JEaftern confines. of In- 
^ia, where he v^as oppc^ed by two hundred 
.thpufand horfe-fo^h^ • who^ Were with difficulty 
•fubd'ued, both on" account of the intenfe heat of 
the fummer, and" the number of battles which 
.he was obliged to fight. ,• . 

to 1^^^^ i?, under Alexander, a^ I underftand this paf- 
'^igcatleaft: • •• - 
. . After 

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After thiSt AJlexander mad^ , largctr eoqafi;!]:^ 
ments than he ufefl; tordo, ;^n4, |)aftkuladj)r^gM 
after thefe battles which yf^s' mpch ixK).r6 coi^ 
derable than any of his former pncs [(&]• ,. . r; 

Then he failed into the Ocean, off the mou^ 
of the river Eginenfe, wher« ,he landed. fip[ an 
iilaiid which was iuihablted by ti^e Sibl ai^d .Qeif 
fonsB, whom Hercules had formerly plante4 
there qs a coiopy^.,ap.d thaji; ^uf rendered .th?m- 
felvesc .prifpjifirR^,to ;|>in). ,!YJii?^^^^^9 proceeded 
to two iflands, .^^ich. are; jqaUedj^andfae and Su^ 
bagr^, whofe .inh;^bijtant;9 t^r^vght dow^i againil 
him SoOyOqo .foot anid 6o^a9p horfe. It .was a 
long, time, however, before .either fide -could 
l^qaft^iof being the conquerors, till at lail Aifjfr 
a()dfr obta^d a yiftory, which did not. do. Kim 
i^uch honour.;. . /. . . . , 

. .JProoa this place' Alexancjer went to. a fortrefe, 
♦which. when he a^roach^d, he jcould not fee 
Jiny one tp defend it, and,b^ing much foj{)riffed 
.at its being (o abandoned j Jbe clambered- J^rj^felf 
oveq the wall, on which the^^nhabltants dra^ 
ing, ^im i;n at^cked hina wkaj^afi'q;y(^s,. (|jn^ 
and ajl forts of machines,, yjet could npttmp/ 
air together, objijige Alexander to furrendei;^ ^}P9r 
felf, their prifoner. - Now, tw)ien thej /i^^ 
much upon ni*^*^He fioppcd at the. coropcpf a 
wall, and thereV^efend^d hiipfelf,^jf liilf?;^^ 

. [*] Oroftus fays, thcfe c^ps MjcrcL n|J«ie...lo ^999f6t^9^ 
Alexander's vidorjes, ,and therefore if is vTuppofed^ai, jtbe 
mounds were high, arid encompatfeH'miicfi ground., u if j)p)5» 
fiblc ihat many of whht' we' ckll Wtimp^cnts, waii ^66ii% 
made .to conittiemorate'the fpot ora'vi5t<d/^^:W'figitAirdMi^ 
of defence. ^_ \,, ] ^, ^ a m.- -; ^r-rr ^jij; ftiirfv/ 

u , ^ ' enemies 

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tie BOO IC tiL 

^Sftitoics wert fo aftonilhed at his ihtrcpii^tyj 
ihlit t!icy ditl not attend to the wall behind him, 
lift*Alexander*s Thanes broke it down oppofite 
to where he flood, and by thefe means entered 

''•^ During: this conteft Alexander was pierced 
rqtJke^throtigh with an arrow under one of his 
^riiijlsi . ' " ' - 

"Now know I nclff whether it be more won- 
derful how Alexander ^lone cotild defend him- 
Icif againft all the citizens, or liow, after ^ffift- 
ance came, he made his way through jrll hia 
affaiTants, and killed that very man who (hot 
hihi'with: an arrow. It is equally aftotiiihing, 
liow his Thanes (when they knew witli oer- 
tariity that their Lord was in the power of hii 
enemies, either quick or dead, and therefore with 
great eagertaefe broke down' th^j wall) did not 
^avenge their king, whom thev found quite ipent 
wtth fatigue, aii^ kneeling on ifhe ground; 

When Alexander had reduced this c^tjr, lie 
iharehed to another, over which ruled King 
Ahibira, where many of the M^edoniaos were 
killed by poifoned arrows j '^biit a certain plant 
ynt^Jfmvn to Alexander in a dteam, wliich he 
^pickbd himfelf in the morning, and gave it to 
ibpac t)f the wounded foldiers to drink [after in- 
itifion] by which means they were healed. Af- 
terwards he took the town, and then returned 
iioiMTwards to Babylon, where embaffies were 
'icbt tp him from all the world ; that is, from 
^i^iHt Africa, Gaul, and all It^ly. So much 
«^>7i«a& Alexander dreaded by every nation, that 
whilft he was in the molt Eaftern parts of India, 
:•.:*:•: :. / he 

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,0 HAP/. IX, U» 

he /vr^s feared: by Che inhabitants of the ma(t 
Weftem coxmtm^^.who ient their ambaiTadors^' 
becauTe everyone wiihed hisprot^iont ^ho:ha4 
heard of his name. 

When Alexandw ha4 tbu^ returned to Baby* 
Ion, he did not ceafe to third after nuu*s blood ; 
and when hi^ fej^vant^ underwood. thAt^thift cr^el 
difpofition ftill, J^^ Iws ,^/«^^ f/j con^ 

tri ved togett^fj i\Wr^i^^ i:^^^^ ^{>/i2T* ^^ 
gave him ppiib» ^dri^'^^ .» 

•% Alas; n^yr (w'th^ Ofo|iu§i)^|i0W;»||,t ?re incii 
«' in :Chri{^en'^nx ,to bl?flpiV9W»..if ,^p^ little 
•^ ui3ie*jllficfe,,lii^^ mifer 

^' r«bly do thejr .laroei^ hovir^ 

'.* ever, frpm their being* ig^iorant (or chooljng: 
'' to he. fo) of the calamitiea that, were expe- 
^' rieoced by tbofe who lived before theni; nor 
•' do they recolleft what was fuffered by thofc 
<« who were under Alexander's dominion, 
** who w»s more dreaded (and fo far weft-' 
*« ward) than ^ly other calamity* or accident 
^* which might happen, either at iea or in de* 
^ farts, either from wild be^s orfeypents^ or 
•^ wilder inhabitant*; iuibqauch that the mofli 
^' remote nations implored his protedipn, ^whilil 
^« lie refided fo far to the Eastward [«].** 

At prefent no one will go fb far to conclude a 
treaty, on account of the mere fatigue of tt^a- 
veiling, i)9r will they be even at the trouble of 

[/] ^ypthtff poffibly fo called, beoaui^ they bad this care 
of the ha^nh to the cert ar, 

f i7f] This IS, at leaft, the beft fenfe ki which I can under- 
il)i>4 chi^ very perplti^ed ^d bybcrbiHical period* 


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Hi BOO-K fH. 

d^ndlng their own cot; and yet they Wi\l'{tt it 
home t& abufe thieir own times, when compared 
with thbft which a<e pafled. 

' In^^^J the yc^r pf jRomcr 4^0, when Pabius 
IVia^in^u^ W^s Cohfbly and Qtllntus Decrus under 
him [dljV foifr ^ the )naft powtfmil -nations (the 
Umbfii^^K?<ira^ Saifthites, ;and <5auls) entered 
inttt a * c6tiifedinicy ^ agJiinft the Roihans, who 
wfe re* under ^rcitapprebenfl^^^ that they fliould 
nbt^ lie ""able to refilt fp many combined enemies, 
'tlti^y Wcf e therefore detertniried to fow dtvifion 
jrrnbiigft thdm, if poflible^ and ient an army tq 
piurffle? th'e country of the Etrorcans'dnd Umbri, 
inekniiig to drjit<r them off from the general 
confederacy. '• ' i ' .^ . ' 

• Wheh the Etrufcans and Umbri obffirvfid this, 
they rerutned home to defend therr oWh territo- 
Ties ; whilft the Romans, in'tKre ftie^n time, with 
the greater part^of thert,?Vmyv '(which they had 
left iiear. Ronie)' 'Mabchefd'^gaiHft JHct Gauls and 
the SamniteV. A^H^tle^ then'/AifueH, in which 
the Coiiful QulM*^ ;<^af'5fl^iny'^^ after which, 
however, Fabius obtained the Vitftory, having 
fiaiigbteVdd '4b,b6o^fe^hinitcs,^whilft the Romans 
loft only 7,000, /aiiy chiefly Iii that'* part where 
DecHus commanded; 'thotJ^h- 'ifrvijr-f^] hatl^; 

\o\ Properly Di£lator, and Mafter of thlpft^^>^\A 
[/>}Xivy,it)akes L. Genvjiu^and Sjtry. Cpjnefius Confixls ih 

the year of Rpme 4^0 ; nor. does he tbeij{n|^o)\ jtni,j?f'?igJ!?T. 

ter of Che S^irinitcs. Sec Dec' x, 1. x. c J , 
. • ' — ^ faidi 

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iaid,; tkat half a hundred thrufand of the "Samr 
tiite and G^ulilh infantry were killed^ together 
with ieven thpufand of the cavaliy. 

i have alfo heard (quoth Orofius) for a true Jay^ 
ing^ that the Romans at this time were in perpetual 
W4^, either with their enen^es, or amongft 
them&lvest whilfl: they fuffered the moft terr^ 
ble calaiiAities and plagues ; andy^ it then iMtas. 

W^en Fabius the Cottful returned from this 
vi£iory^ the citizens ^ Rome walked before his 
triumph^ as was their cuftom, when they had 
be^ii fuccefsful ih war j but their rejoicings were 
immediately turned to forrow^ as fooa as the/ 
behehd^ On their return to the city, fo many 
dead bodies (of thofe whom they had left at 
Jiome) cairried out for interment, which had dieji 
of the plagud, that at this time prevailed. 

About [q^ a year after this, the Samnttes 
fought the Ronaans, and put them to flighty 
driving them into their city; after which tha 
Sanmites niade ati alteration in their whole ar« 
inpur \r\ and weapon?, by covering them with 
fil¥«r^ meaning to iignify by this, that they 
woiitd ^U live, or all die together \s\ In xhA 
tneaH time the Romans chofe Papinus for their 
Confttli and very £bon marched their army againsft 
the SammteSi though their Bifioops told thena, 
that their Gods forbad their engaging; But Pi* 
piriiis blamed the Bijhops much for this faying^ 
. aad continuing his march, gained as confiderable 

tq\ Orof. \. 
[r 1 JBc^opp, 
W TMs all 

yi Orof. \. Hi, c. ilk 

allttden to the band of^ Argytaf^pidjib 

Q a viflkory 

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1T4 6 O OK ill. 

^ vx^ikf cfver the Samnites, as if he had not 
field thi Bilhops Gods in fuch improper con- 
tcnnpt. In, this battle i'2,ooo Samnites were 
•flairi, and 4000 taken prifoners ; immediately 
•after which vidory, the Romans were diftrefled 
by the plague, which extended fo far, and con- 
tintted fo long, that at laft they endeavoured to 
put a flop to it by diabolical incantations [/}. 
They therefore fetched the [ftatue of the] Phyn- 
ciari [«] j^fculapius (whom men call Epidaurius) 
with his monftrous adder, becaufe fo great a 
calamity had never happened before, and that it 
might liot be experienced for the future. 
"^ The next year their Conful, Fabius Curius, 
engafged the Samnites, and (hamefully retreated 
horhetvaird ; on which the Senate defigned to dif. 
place him, becaufe he had brought fuch di(gntce 
upon theni J but his father (whofe name alfo was 
•Fabius) previailed upon the Senate by His entrea- 
ties to forgive him, and likewife to order that he 
(together with his fon) might a fecond time en- 
counter the Samnites, with their whole force. 

Then the father direded the {cm to rilarch 

' with his arjny, (himfelf cohfinu-ing behind "with 

fome part of it) and when he obfer^e* that 

Pontius, King of the Samnites, had nklt^ only 

' p'afled, but furrounded his fon, he haftencd moft 

• opportunely to his affiftance ; in the battle which 

' followed, the Romans took Pontius priibner, to- 

*gether with 4000. Samnites, who alio loft 

20,000 men, 

[/] Deopolcnse]:!tum. 

[«] Scmlaca) or Siitt'^ecbi znd^ not z mon^tt\ ai Mr. Lye 
renders it, referring to tbfi title of t&is chapter, 
t ^ This 

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CHAP. Xr ti5 

Thifi^^cifivc engagement put an «yl to th6 
wars between ^he Ronians and Samnites^ which 
had continued fiftjr-ci|^t winters* 

The next y«ar after this, the Confvil Curius; 
engaged the Sabines^ making ^n imn^enfe (laugh- 
ter of them, and gaining a yi<aory fo compleat,. 
chat the Romany could pot numbi^r (he d^^^dt • 


In \x\ the yegr of Rome 463 (when DoFabella 
and Domitius were Confuls) the Lucani, Brutiv 
Samuites and Gaulsy begaq to m^tk^ war^againlk 
the Romans, who fenf ambaffadors to the Gaujsg. 
with offers of peace, but they were killed by theni. 

Upon this the Romans (ent their Prsetor Gici- 
Hus with an army to the place where fhe G^uU 
and Bruti had rendezvouzed, where both Ceciliui 
and 18,000 of his troops were flain; fo that it 
might be faid, as often as the Gauls engagedi 
the Romans, they obtained the vidory. Why, 
therefore, (quoth Orofius) are ye Romans Jtlways 
lamenling the fingle defeat which ye have fuf«? 
fered from the Goths, aqd do qot recoiled the 
numbers of fuch difgfgpes whiph ye formerly 
experienced frorn tjie QaijlsJ 

I \y\ il^all now tafie notice, ii^ fqme meafure^ 
Qf what \ya^ dflJ^^e l^y AJ^xander^s. fucceflbrs^ 
about the time that tl^efe tranf^ftiqns happened 
at Rome, and how, by quarrelUqg ^mongft 
themfblyes, |hey vyere ruin^pd^ 'J'lji? is ((luotk 

Ex\ Orpf. L ill. c. 22, 
^] Qrof; 1. ill. c, 23^ 

9* ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ti6 p o ic hi; 

ki[%]) V^ctt I rurain.j^te upon it, as if IwftS to 
Ht down upon a high hill, and to view a ^re^t 
'many fires burning on the finaotk plains Ijc- 
Acath [0], 

Thus over all the Macedonian empire^, which 
aonfifted of the greateft part of Affti, Evirope, 
^nd all Libya, there was nothing [to bie feen] 
but diflentions and wars. ^ 

Thofe parts which weye moft: thoroirghly fub- 
dued by V Alexander, were fpon aftervv^ards lai4 
lArafte by thofe who ruled after him ; ^nd'^^hatever 
part they approached^ they occaikmed the greateft 
calamities to^ as the ^///fr^ fnio^ flies up^ and 
jihen fpreads wide. ^ ' ' 

. • Alexander plunderied aiid laid waft^ the WDri4 
fpr twelve years, and hi? focceffors harraiied and 
iotff it to pieces for fourteen; as when ^ lionel's 
bripgs to her hungry whelps what ta eat^ and 
vfignities to them at their n>eal which piay dleyotir 
\b] the fnoft. 

V Thus did Ptolenjy (Alexander's ^ane) aft, 
jBvho formed into a Kingdom for himfelf all E- 
gypt and Arabia; Laomedon (another of hif 
Thai^es) claimed all Aflyria; Thelenus, Cilicia; 
Philotas, Illyria; Atrabatus, the Greater Media; 
Stromen, the Leffer Media ; Perdrcf as, Afia Mi- 
jaor; SuAna, the Greater Phrygiaj Antigonus, 
{^ycia and Pamphyliaj Ne^rchw, Caria^ Leo- 

\%\ Sc. Orofius. 

\a\ proTius/ however, docs not f^y, f bat (ii(:Ka.piorpe& of 
buniah calamities was pleafing, as Lucretius doth. 

[b] IIeJipyf:];iemaii, or, according to the Lauderdale Tnrn- 
fcript, hpypipw^n. I niuft ^ij^p, fabwevjer, tliat I traofljitc 
this word rather bjr gucli ihjUi authority. 

I *^ patus, 

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CHAR Xt, tif 

flatus, Phrygia Minor j Lyfin^^chus, Thracia | 
Euttieaes, Capoadpcia and Paphlagooia. To Soi* 
leucus were ailott'ed all the npbleg of Alexao?. 
4er-s army, and by their affiftance he obtained, 
fit laftf ail the land tp the E^ftward [c]i 
Caffander had, however,, the comn^oh fqldiers, 
together with Ba£lriaj whilft Alexander's 
jildermen \d] were fettjed iij Ba^lria and India, 
^he CQuritrj^ bet\¥een- the two rivers Indus andt. 
JHfyd^fpes, vJ^as giveq to Taxiles ; Ithon had the - 
polonies \eY w India j Oxyarthes, the Para-- 
ppii^epgs, wjjere the chain of mountains, called 
Ciaucafu$, inds ; Siburtus had the Araa and Ara- 
fhaiiherdij' Sfontes, the Draocea; and Areas; 
Atrianus, the Omiritfc ; Sicheus, the Roftrani j- 
jNicanor, the .Parthi ; Philip, the Hyrcani ; 
l^hratafernes, Arnjenia; Theleomomos,. the Mae^ 
t\i2t ; Pheucefter, the Babylonians ; Peleufus, 
jthe Archi ; and Archelaus, Mefopotamia. 

All the difputes between thefe Generals arofe 
frprp a letter „ of Aleijander's, by which he di- 
fdAed^i that all thoFe who had been baniflied by 
fhe.ftates of Greece, fhoyld have leave to return 
to thdr own country, which he had laid wade* 
The Greeks, however, would not hear of any 
fuch injunSion, becaufe they feared, fhat when, 
fhefe banifhed. men gathered together, they 
might endeavour to take their revenge againil 
them, for the injuries they had fulfcred; 
^ey alfo refuftd to ferve any longer againft 
Lacedasnion, which was the chieif city of 

[^1 I. e. probably, of the territories before-mentioned. 

[d] Veteran officers, probihlf* 

[e] Calonie, which feem^ M be i word coined to tranilate 
f^Joni^/in Oroflus. 


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xi8 1^0 qji 111 

Greece. Tiie AtheQiaus joining this con£^deracy«^ 
hpmediately marched 30,069 men, and fitted, out 
200 (hips againft Antigorius, to whom all Greece 
was allotted, becaufe he was the meffenger on this 
errand from Alexander, They chofe alfo De- 
mofthenes, the Philofother^ for their Genetal, 
having prevailed upon the Corinthiaps, Scythians, 
and Mag«, to join them, after Which they be- 
fieged K jng Antipater iu a fortrefs^ becaufe he 
intended to have affifled Antigonus, and during 
' the fiege Leollhenes, another |^^] of their Ge- 
nerals, was (hot with an arrow. 

After this the Athenians, on their return 
homeward^, fell in .with Leonantiu$, who was 
jnarching to join Antipater, and who fell in the 
a<^ion wnich enfued. 

About this time Pprdiccas (who ruled over Afi^ 
Minor) b^gan a war ag?iinft Ariarathus, King of 
Gappadocia, and drove him into ^fortrefs^ which 
the citizens themfelves fet fire to mfour halfs^ fo 
that every foul peri(hed* 

fhen Antigonus and Perdiccas agreed, that 
they (hop Id fight a duel, and were a long time 
without fettljiig where they were to meet ; they 
alio laid vyafle pnany iflands, whilft they were 
difputing whethef they (hovijcTuQ^ pi; paqh fid^ 
bring more warriors. 

Whilft this remained undecided, perdiccas 
raarche4 with his army into Egypt, where Pto- 
lemy wa^s King, becaufe he was told that he in* 
tended tb (iftift Antigonus; JPtoleniy, on tb^ 

other hand,* Was prepared to oppofe hi^i,; 

'. ^ ' *' i# 

• . Whilft 


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CHAP. XI. 119 

WKilft Perdiccas and Ptolemy were thus ap- 
proaching each other, there was an engagement 
between the two Kings, Neoptolemus and Eu- 
menes, in which the former was defeated, and 
then went to Antigonus, where he prevailed up- 
on him to attack Eumenes by furprize. Then 
Antigonus lent Neoptolemus himfelf (as alfo his 
Tbane Polyperchon) with a confiderable army, to 
make this unexpeaed attack on Eumenes, who 
faw, however, ^ through this their defign, and , 
taking pofleffion of the pafs which they intended 
to make ufe of for their ftratagem, both Neop- 
tolemus and Polyperchon were (lain, and their 
army defeated. 

Not long after this, Ptolemy and Perdiccas 
fought a battle, in which the latter was killed; 
and when the Macedonians knew that Eumenes, 
Pifon, Herges, and Alceftes (Perdiccas*s brother) 
intended to make \var againft them, they con- 
trived that Antigonus (hould oppofe thefe con- 
federates with his army. . A battle afterwards 
cnfued, in \yhich Eumenes tyas defeated, and 
driven into zfgrtrefsj where he was bcfieged; on 
which he fent \o King Antipatcr for afliftance. 

When Antigonus \yas apprized of this, he 
teft the fiege of the fortrefs; on which Eunienes ^ 
went home through many-fcad ros^ds, and per- 
fuaded the Argyrafpjdae to join hitPi who were 
champions of Alexander, and were called Argy^ 
rajpidie^ beeaufe their weapons were covered with 
(ilvef . In the mean time, whilft they doubted 
whether they Ihould comply with EumencVs re* 
queft, Antigonus came^ upoa them with his ar-i 
' my^ tod' to^ from: them their wives, children, 

Digitized by VjOOQI-C 

land, ati4 all the tfeafore they had ol^teUied tf^def 
Alexander. It w^s aUb with gteat difficulty 
that the Argyrafpidaethen^ielve^a^uldiii^ke their 
cfcape to j&umcnes^ whence, the^ ieqt ta Anti^- 
gonus^f in great di£lrefs^ heggiiiig tt^t he w^ould 
leftore ivhat he had pluruiered from thf nx. 

Antigoj^iis agreed to do what |hey ree^ueiled^ 
if they would bring their lord and jkiHg Eu-^ 
menes to him in chains^ which the))^ contrived 
to do; after which Antlgonus reproaicbed tbern^ 
and took them all prifoners^: fending th^em to the 
worft and moft extreme parts of his kingdom^ 
nor would he give tl,ienqi back what he had plunr 
dered from them. 

After this Eurydice, wife of Atitheus ICing of 
Macedon, di(lrefled her iubje£ts n^uch, through 
Caffander, that King's Thane, with Y^hom ftp 
committed lecrctly adultery* Eurydice had zKo 
fixfth an afcendaucy over Aritheus^ tha( ihe raided 
Cailander above the other noble% wj^lft at the 
fame time, by her perfidy, all Macedonia was 
ready to revolt. 

Things being in this fituation, it 'Was ^me^ 

that Olympta (Alexander's mplfher) (hojM U 

lent for, with an intimation that ihe^h^ld feizd 

upon both the KIpg uxd Queen., Olympt^f w 

.^is application, avrcbediaperfQabwith^ her^n 

forces, front Epkust and ha^ii^/ rec&ived tb^ 

alTifiance of J£$^:idas, ,King ^f tm Molo&f Afl 

put to death both Aritheus and ^iirydice, as well 

as drove Caf!and[er into baniihmentx* ^f|er wbicb 

ihe ruled over the Macwkwians^ . . ; 

When CaiTander, how^vet^ o^i&^t^ti^at tbd 

Macedonians began to hthe Olyqiida^ 1^ collet 

■ " ' ' • ' " cd 

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,1^ h:iAl<:Po XI. cft 

ked' ail : afrnj^j . .fti}^ ' jv^icji; (be percdvcd t^ttt :ibl 
Vaanji of .liie M^5Qitewaij§»flopked tp bi$^ baHftifii^^ 
flie ttlo«ghS.ibe-,/G€*rtiln&t;ji:uft che reft pfithem^ 
tor which iF*^fpt^k tt>g*tbfif witb. hfrr dapghtec^in-*; 
Uwj Rflxao?,Xv«(hd jry|t$ (hp ?tf/A9of;A]eatander) and 
bis f«s»:rierc^l^»> jftic fl^- td ^rtrdfs^. called^ 
Pydtt^, ^ Cafl^nder^.KoW^vcfi;^ Olympia^ 

and iHviRg tajkeu the* cjiftlei h^: pH* hei! tdS death. 
The inliabif^ntgi; )iij; .thft ftiq^n tiipe^ feot away. 
Roxaa^j, together with: her /foij, /ivhea th«y con**; 
<jeiyed- ^ fba^; their: to>yn: vyould . be ftorijfifidi and. 
conveyis^ tliem- tp a ftiCOf^Rr citadel, whefe Caf* 
lander ordered them to be befieged*; ; jfoon after. 
which he hecame raaftef of AlltMa^dcmia* 

Ic : was then conceived that tljcrje , wowld :be ail; 
end of, war between Alp^catider's focceflbrs, .as. 
moft of them ha4 f^Uj^n during, their cqn^fts,; 
particularly Perdiccas, EuaaeaeSf, Alcidesi; P^y- 
perchon, plyoopias, Antifafefr and many others « 
i!^atigpnvis, howerver^^from an inordinate deiire of; 
empii;e9 : marched towsirds the fortrefs tp which^ 
Alexander's widow and icai had retired, and carried^ 
them int?: :^ijs own ^ovniniops, thinking that his; 
own iia]^^%;wb\i^ moje-probably lubimt to. 
hiqi, iwbibn. hiq[had iu; his. potfeifion their LonTs, 
Cqiv$iKV.wi5o;w. . ; ^ - _ ^ 

. 'Whc^> this intention of AntigonuS was^ p^r-^, 
celved -bj Cadiand^^ he entered iqtQ. an,a]liabc& 
with Pff^^y, rtyfipiachus, and S^iepqus (^^ 
H? < ?^?. Sftftft^P P¥^0 ,^.^?^ 'hey fhould caify on. 
the war m cohceii agaihft^Antigoniis^nd *hi^ fon^ 
Demetrius, both by land and fea. During^ this 
war, Macedonia was nearly, divided, fome ad- 
hering to Antigonu^ and Others toCafiander; 
r K the 

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tit B o OK m. 

the event, however, was, that both Antigonus 
and his ion Demetrius, were defeated, though 
he firft obtained a naval Viftory over Ptolemy, 
and drove him back to his own kingdom. 

Antigonus, after this fuccefs, ordefr^d that no 
4U\t (hould ftile either himielf or his foa other* 
wife than Kings, though Alexander's fucceflbrs 
never had been fo called, but only Generals [e]. 
Antigonus alfo dreaded much that the Macedo- 
nians would chufe Alexander's fbn, becaufe he 
had claim to the kingdom by lineal defcent, and 
he therefore directed that both he and his mo- 
ther be put to death, 

Antigonus*s three opponents, perceiving 
that this was his intention, coUe^ed their 
armies together, and oppofed him ; but Caffan- 
der could hot march himfelf, on account of the 
many enemies that furrounded him; he fent, 
however, his quota to his ally, LyHmaehus, as 
he did alfo to Seleucus, becaufe he had con- 
quered many countries to the Eaftwafd, parti- 
cularly Babylonia and Badtria. Seleucus, after 
this, proceeded even into India, further than 
any other man ever ventured to lead aft army, 
except Alexander ; after which he gained over 
to his party, all the other fucceflbrs of Alexan- 
der, who fought Antigonus wrth one confederate 
army, when a battle enfuing, Antigonus was 
ilatn, and his fon driven from Macedbnia ; nor 
iveen I (quoth Qmfius) any one tatt number hot^ 
ihany fell in that fight, 


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C HA P. XI. 

r In tha& ^ay$^ di^ Cafl^nder» and 
Philip fucqeeded to the ^throne, whei 
agaiu (upfpfyd that there would be ai 
the wars.bftiv^eeu Alexander'? followerfi 
ibon, how^ver^ quarrelled igaia, when 
^nd P^metirius entered iiuo an oSenfiv! 
gg^jinft Philip, Ptolemy, and Lyl5 
they earned ^n the vyar alfo againft e2 
wfth a$ mq(:h ipirit and aniroofiity, as if i 
ha4 then firft begun it. In thefe conte 
pater put to death his wiother (who waj 
Gaflander) though (he earneftly ii3Ltre3t< 
fpare her life ; on which Alexander or 
fon Deraetrius to ailift him in taking v 
againft his brother, for the murdei 
mother, and Antip^tex was accordin 

After this^ :Demetriu$ and Lyfima 
^lare4 wai: j^ainft eaeh Q»bef, butLj 
could not; withfland Demetrius, becau 
(King of Thrace) attacked him at t 

In the mean while Demetrius niat 
army againft Ptolemy, who immedi 
:quefted Seleupus's alliance, : as well at 
JPyrrhus, J^ing of Epiius. This King t 
affifted Ptolemy, because he had himfel 
ou M^cqdoniar; Demi^rius»: however, < 
army of his ^^miea before him, and 
received them after theiil letreatt 

After this, Lylimachus flew both his 
Agathocles, ajid Antipater his fon-in-la 

In thofe days the city pf Lyfima 
fwallqwed upj^ together with all it's i^il 


in BO OKi'lIt 

fttid when' Lyiimachus ^had thct^' <put to ddsL\h 
both his.fbri' and fdA-ki*lai»^ Ibid -fubjeias re- 
feiitsed thefe miirxlers, &nd f^t^lfed fri»e^4iit»i^whilft 
gelitcusover-reached'afld'de6ei»ftd't]Sto.-'^^ '' • 
i i Nor feve«= noiv* did^He war^ iwtweeh Lyfi- 
maebhis and' Sekucus iceafe, ^ though? ^We- dori^t 
kfldw-libe. n^meb of tkeii* battles,' ^litd' their conr 
tdfb.cohtmufedJas1oiigi-a»- their^ livfc^^ Sckucua 
died ^ 'fh^ age., of fo\reiifcy-feven; ^and 'L^flma: 
chusat feteniJjrithrde^jWhdn he^vis^ flaiii j' about 
three ' nights^ aft^ir \vhikh, -Ptolemy ^{who* Had 
lAarcied ' Lyfimachus V Mer) advailced rapidly 
Hvith his army agaitaft! S^leucus, ^feo \vas' re- 
turning ' ho|ne^ •• iand ^liiaWng oQ^niai'cih^d him, 
yut Seieuc«stotdeat^. .• r' ' ' - - -; 
; c An4 ; |iOW<. ended //6^ ^^i^r^ ^ ^»i/ ^kindnefi of 
heart [f^ which they had learned from Alekan-' 
<teV, ' iddirii^:i wfcich • thefe two >Whe -rifrvi'v^^ all 
di6:other'.fl(3i&6flbrsii«fi tllbt- m<>^f^, Hen khlxlj 
Kings v;:(tfaeti** ©Id compinfons aiid[ fellbw-fof- 
^krt) as: vJ^lL as^ depiJiv^Athem tiif* their domi- 
nions* ^ ^ ' 

'. Dyfimarchus loft fifteen ions ^Uinng- thefe wars, 
4omd of 'which he- hin>felf put- to- dc^h,' and 
Whfcrs' werd^flain in battle. Such> brot^rhboci 
(qutorii>iOi5^iu^) Wafe there- ;bkWfe0ri'iiiofe who 
4ad^f©d tatt ilie fame tabk; '. It,*- thcti^fo^eJi Httfe 
4)fccorhes us to complain, that etieta^ie^ ancf jflran- 
*j^iri:2(^dk)ding:agkififtmstake lome trifling booty 

on itheir march, iftfcr wbiic^ they do. not fiirthct 

[/] It'rited fcarcejy Wbtfcrved, that this is faid iro- 
: /' ^ J. . . . :... :•: / .;■ j^ : .; * - ' molcft 

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CHAP. 'XI. 125 

fi^oleft us I nor do we reflect, how much more 
diftreflibji thofe who lived in thefc times were, 
when man n&quefted his lifis from hi^ fellow* 
create re^ without obtaining it ; nor was there 
any friendfhip, pr affeAjoni hefwpen brother 
^nd brother. 


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.2 * » 

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^ CHAP. I. 

IN [^] thfc y«ar of Rottie'4g4, whilfl 
rcntines. were at their.thefatre, whe 
was ai^ed, thfey otifcrved fowic Rom 
failing on thttr fea, and imnicfdiately g^ 
boarf their own velTels, they prefently 
With the Rom^ti ftdrt, and 4ellroyed all 
having alfo taketi rilany piifoners, the 
fome of them to their ^at torment, 
or hanged othoi^s, and ford the reft for ; 

When* th« Romans were apprized 
they fent ambaffadors to require fatisfa£l: 
w^re mutilated and tortured in the fame 
after which they were permitted to retui 

Then the Romans marched againft th 
tines, and their levies were fo compleat 
they did not leave even their Proletatd be 
who were commonly to ftay at home a 
children, vrfiilft the other citizens marc 
the army/ On this occafion, howev 
thought \i wifer that they (hould leave 
though they might otherwife have anfw 
purpofe, and with this numerous army the 
advanced into the Tarentitie territories 

[^3 Orof. 1. iv./C. 1. 

[A] Elsene, in thq Saxon. 

[/] The word u fed in tlie Saxoii'vcrfion, is the 
that ifx Of^fius, which figoiiies as 19 cxplainci 
felto#»r •. '^ 


128 B 0;O K :IV. 

lyafle all they met with, and took many o^ theif 
towns; ; ; I . .^ , 

tJpon .this tke Tarentines ferit for the fefeft ally 
they could procure, Pjrrrhus Kipg of Epiras, re- 
quefting him to lupply them with the greateft 
number, of in&ntry. and cavalry, he cmiM fpf^^ 
as he was fuperior to all other Icings or his tim^ 
ih the Ja^genefs pf:Jii^ arxny, th(^«idifcij>line. of 
his cavalry,. and jn every art of war.;. .' 

Py^rhiis accordingly .affiftcflthpqa,] iid the ra- 
ther becaufe TarpfttftBijifVvas buiU t^ihe^ 
ftionians, oyer which,* he, then luI^^V 1^? f^^t 
tjhera ulib both. Theilalian.iand/I^acedaBuaouian 
troops,* cbgethei: with twenty elephants, againft 
which. the Ronj^ans/had never' fought ; nqr in- 
deed had they feen thefe animals^ as Pyrrhus 
was the firft who introduced .them in! Italy* 

This Rixig .was the moft know:iiig.\in/^thofe 
days c^ every thing that related to war; he was, 
however, deceived ip the anfwer which he pro* 
cured from his Gods, ?^ fraternity of Devils [k\ 
when he aflted themi whether he or. the Ro-. 
mans would be vidorious, to w^ip/f>^ .^t^fy 
him \ an ambiguous anfwer, anU' fii^V S^ . Tho** 
** wilft Either. obtain ihe yi(5oiyr j^jmcjC^^ ;; 

•, • -:-*::'• -;;. .jt .;.- : */t !.:^.'. I '^ ". '. . 
^ [k] This feejns Jo be. thcproper tranljationpf %tojd'^} 
arMi^t merely idols, as"il'is*cbmmbnryre^ *^ 

[/] It muft be admitted that this is not a vexy accurate 
tranflation of the known line, . . . ' ^ . ^ 

Aio te ^cida Romanos vinccre'p«oiffle, * *;:, * ' • 

<9rhich is not indeed to be found in Orofiu's; - * 

.■• ?/. :. .: ' . '.• ::•; .-: - . . r. ^ , . .^y. 


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d H A P. I;; 

\; 'iPyrrhus's firft battle with the Rdma 
Campania, near the river Lifus [/w], 
long time' many i^ere flaiti oii both {id< 
rhus, however, prodnced at iaft his elephat 
being a new ilroke in the art military, a 
the Romans had never before either leer 
bf, they immediately fled, except a ma 
naitie ivas Minutius) who getting und 
the elephants, (bU^bed him in the navel ; 
£bquente of which was, th^t when the 
l^n to be in pain, he killed inany of t 
,were mounted on his back. Minutius a 
wounded many of the other elephant 
moft of their drivers were killed, an< 
the Romans were defeated, this was 
.meafure compenfated by their knowin 
reiift the attack of the elephants. 

In this battle the Romans loft 8^808 
InJfantry^ 800 prifoners, and I9500 of 
valry, together with 700 banners ; on 
hand, it is not known how many fell o 
of Pyrrhus, beCaufe it was not ufual 
disiys to give an account of thofe that w 
on the conquering fide, except they we 
remarkably few. This was the cafe 
ander's firft battle with Darius, when < 
of the Macedonians were (lain. Pyrrl 
ed what opinion he had of this vidory 
had obtained, by faying at his God's 
afterwards writing upon it. 

" Thanks to thee, Jove, that I h 
quered thofe who were nev^ conq 


^ ^ [«] SiV/V, in Orofius^ ^ 



ji3* n a o K m 

ffi iot€y and yei I myfeif zxd oooquend. by 
^« thcln [nY 

On this ryrrbusTs Thanes a&ed him^ why he 
proclaimed his own difgrace, by ikying be was 
fonfu&red; then anfkvered he thm^ and ^mtkuMto 
thtmt '^ If 1 obtain fuch another viGioryj I 
*♦ fhall return toGroeqc[^] without n^jr Tbanet.^^ 

Before this battle, it was obferved by the Ro- 
mans; as a bad tokeny that their army woaldi 
mtfet with fi>me great calamity, becav^ 
fixur and twenty of their foragers were killed by 
thunder, s^d the reft who were thui emplc^ed, 
tame away half dead. 

After this, Pyrrhus and the Romans fought 
again in Apulia, and Pyrrhns being wounded m 
the aroif the Romans obtained the viftory* 
They put in pradice, however, a new method 
t)f jgetting the better of the elephante ; for they 
&oed many iharp iron nails at each end of 
ievecai^i7ifcrj(j6], which they afterwards bound with 
Ibx, and fet on fire, faflening them to rtie hind 
parts of the eicf^nts^ fo that the beafts became 
'mad through the pain which they felt, both 
from the fire and the nails« The conicqaence 

[n] Thcfe lines are to be found in Orofiu§, 
' ** Oui aateh^c invi^i fuverc viri, pater optime Olympic 

*^ noff^^o » pugna vici, viAufque fum »b iifi}em»- 
•srbicl) one of Orofius'a Commentators jifcribes to £nmii9« 

f^] JElfred hereby confiders Epirus as part of Greece, ift 
whigh be aJfo ^ftcn includes Macedonia. 

[/>1 Tpcopu, which figftifies both trees and Jl^hs^ though 
tl)e fia^on^ ufe the word fcaea, firosi wheiice uiido«|»ediy 
Jiaki is derived. 

4 - was, 

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^fH§j rtiaf: moft of thdie who rode u( 
were killed, and the beads alia rarhiii 
Pjrfiliut^a armj fle?ttr mroy Others wh 
weiie kiteoded to defend* 

In this Mtle Sooo of the Romans 
on the fieldf and eleven ftandards taker 
on Pyrrhus's fide ao,ooo were flain^ 
ftaadar^ M iieii^; after wfaich^ being 
th^at AgathocIeSt King of Syracufe^ J 
into SijClily^ he immediately followed 1 
conquered that kingdom^ 

As [r] foon a$ the war between th^ 
and Pyrxhus was ended, they expwiena 
dreadful plague, which fpared nothitjg 
life, and particplarly neither whttut^ not < 
infomuch that tho& who wei'e t>ear^ft u 
did not chooie to coniie near th^itti.^ 

Pyrrhus did not negled this oppor 
attacking th^ Roman$9 and marched frc 
btft being opjtofed by thei Conful C 
thirj(2 cngagemifcnt edfujcd in Lucafiia, 
plains of Arufianif^ 

The Romans fi»r ibmc time rather tl 
ret^reatii^gy th^n continuing the battle, 
obferved the elephants brought fofwar 
they knew, from former experience^ t 
would turn againft the army which re 
them, Pyrrhus was therefore (fefeated ; 
of i8o,Qoo fpot, apd ^090 hprfe (pf \ 

[f J 9to%Mf the fofal fbnditrd* 
[r1 prof. I. it. c. a» 

[/J What relates to this plague attacking womc 
is 6mitte4 in the. Ballard Tranfcrtp^ 


f^ BOOK IV. 

txmj wa$ compofed) 36,000 were (lain, wi 

400 were taken prifoners. ' 

- After this, Pyrrbus departed from Italy, when 

he had been five years in that country,' and oh 

his rftuju homewards, in endeavouring to tak6 

the towp of Argos,' he was killed by a ilone; 

.; Od [t] the death of PyrchusV the Tareptincs 

i^nt to the Cai:thagimans ^r their s^ififfance, ani 

thei> carried on the war againfl: the Romaps ; but 

89. foQn as the two armies engaged, the' Romans 

had the vidory, whence %he Carthaginians dif- 

ipojrered f;h?t the Romans might fubdiie them, 

though no otbejrpation eyer had. 

; Whilft the )var continued with Pyrrhus, the 

Romips had eight Jegiori§ in their arndy, and 

jthey ftnt the eighth of thefe legions to the 

affiftance of the inhabitants of Rhegiiim, the 

ibldicrs pf which conceiving that they tould 

not refift Pyrrhus, plundered thofe which 

jh^y were ordered to prote<a. On this the Ro- 

nlans fent Genutius tne Conful to ppnifh the 

foldiers who had been guilty of thefe outrage^ 

which he accbrdingly executed by putting fome 

of them to de&th, apd fending others l^me iii 

chains, wh?re they were afterwards fentenced tq 

l^ave their ^xeads fevered firoHi their bodies; 

C H A P. IL 

In [u] the year of Rome 477 happened many 
ev/J wonders ; the firf| of which wasi that thun- 
der deftroyed the bouje of their iigJSff^ Gcri, Jove, 

[t] Orof. 1. iv. c. 3. [«], Orof. L ir. c. 4. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

G H A p, n. 

^&d alfo threw down ^reat part of the i 
The fccond was^ that thrc6 wolves in I 
brought a dead body into the city^ 
tvovld have torn the corpfe in piecics, i 
habitants had not awaked, ^nd drove th i 
In thofe days Hkewife it happened, 
jplain near Rome, the earth opened, 
iifued from it ; on each fide of this fire 
was burnt to alhes, fot the breadtt 

Soon after thefe prodigies, the Cor 
pronius inarched agaiiift thelpicehtines, 
of Italy ; and when' they were prepan : 
gage, the earth (hook fb, that both ar : 
ceived they fliould be (wallowed up, af • 
they contiYiued on the fpot till their con I 
wa^ over. After this, a moft defper i 
enfiied, with an immenfe carnage on b i 
and though the Romans obtained th( 
yet few of the conquerors furvived. 
it feen, that this earthquake fignified, th ; 
have iaved this profliiion of blood. 


In [x] the year of Rome 480, amon 
other prodigies, it fo hapipened, that blc 
out of the earthly and it trained m 

In thofe days the Carthaginians fent 
to the Tarentiries, that they might car 
war to the greater advantage againft the 

|[jr] Orof. 1. iv. c. 5. 

134 B op K IV. 

on which the Romans ient an^aflador^ /o ^fi^ 
why they Md this f but the Carthaginians fwore 
snoO: '{bamefully^ that they never had fent any 
fuch fuccours^ and their oaths wire rather ferjury 
^han truth. 

About the faoai^ time the Vqlfci and Ekryfci 
nvcre nearly rjoined by their own folly, ibmie of 
them having enfranchifed their flaves, and others 
having ihewjQ too is^uch kindnefs to theoi ; on 
which indulgence the carh r^uefted, that the 
ilaves ihould be freed, and liiey were refifiisd. 
Then the farU and flares tp^d the I^rords, that 
they "iverf better than them^ jafter which they 
drove the lords from tjbat country^ apd took for 
their wives, thofe who were before their ladiesi 
however the Romans inarched to the afiift^nce 
of the lords, and helped them tp c^fffe a( thefr wun 

C H A P. IVe 

In the year of Rome 480, fuch a terrible 
plague happened, that they at lad did not aik 
who were dead and who wert alive ; during 
which alfo, the Devils, whom they worfliiped 
i>nder Symbols, taught them this ihameful doc- 
' trine ^unotigft others, that chefe calamities did 
not. proceed from God's wrath. Thefe devils 
likewife direded the Roman Bijbops to tell the 
people, that their Gods were abgry, inlbmuch 
that they made more ofierings ^d £(Crifices to 
them, than they had done before. 

In thefe fame times Caperione, who was ftiled 
a nun of their Gods^ wa§ bu^ed'alive, on account 

Digitized by VjiOOQIC 


ol^f hf r- ineontlnence i the Bomatis all 
Mt tbe.fasDfi time, thfi man who had i 
lMr« a$ well as thofe who contributed I 
c:Qil;iictt8 commerce, and thus pui^ed ch 

Nqw as we well know that the Ron 
always fet forth what redounds moft to i 
glory and praife, (though amongft thef 
of commendation they fometimes droj 
ib much to their difgrace) ; it is fiir fa 
to conclude, that they were guilty of tti 
ihftinefol actions, which they have {t 
out of national vaia*glory, or dread 

Now [y] we ihall fpeak (quoth Oroi^ 

the contens that h^pened between the 

and Cardiaginians, (whcfe ci^ was bui 

^M^mhm Elif^ eighty win/ers before R 

al£> touch upon fbme of the miferies i 

mities that befel the Carthaginians, as Vi 

ibrmed by the Hiftorians, Trogus [«] an 

that their affairs did not pro^r, either 

or abroad. Bcfides thefe diftreifes, the} 

much. from a great league, which obli^ 

to facrifice men to their Gods; andtbel 

whom they believed, advifed thofe who j 

from the peftileuce, to offer to them on 

tars, thofe who were in health. The 

ginians were £o infatuated [by this advi 

1 they conceived they could thus pur a ft( 

• calamity ; wheteas it really occafionec 


r^} OroC I. i^. c. 6. 

[«J /, /. Trogus Pomptiiis* 

136 BOOK IVi 

creafe df the plague^ ad it brought ttpdti ttielii 
God's wraths which was manifcfted in the waft 
that prerailed^ both in Sicily and Sardmia, wherti 
toa& of the inhabitants were Carthaginians; 
The plague thus increafing, they began to punifll 
their Generals and foldiers^ as ; the caufe of 
their mifery^ and banifhed them ; whcr fboti af« 
terwards made fupplications to be permitted to 
return^ as alfb that their countrymen would miti'* 
gate their fentence; which being refufed^ they 
proceeded againfi Carthage with an army« Whilft 
they were thus on their marcbj Mazeus (theii" 
commander in chief [a^ met his own fon^ who 
was drefied in a robe of purple, and officiated as 
biihop ; on which Mazeus ordered him to be 
ieized and hanged, for his contempt of the law 
in wearing fuch a garment, becaufe it is not 
i]fu4 amongft the Carthaginians, for any one 
to wear purple but the King. Soon after this^ 
Mazeus took the town of Carthage, and put to 
(death all the nobles which were befieged in it. 
He alfb prevailed upon the other inhabitants to 
fubmit, though not long after he was himfelf 
betrayed and flain : this happened in the days of 
Cyrus King of Perfia. 

C H A ?• V. 

Afterwards [^] Himilco, King of Carthage, 
marched into Sicily, and fuch a mortality befel 

[a] GJdeft General, in the Saxoiu 
[*] Orof. K iv. c. 6* 



by Google 

hb Undy^ that he could not contintld 
title ifl&nd, on ilccdHilt of this calamit 
turned home miidh togainft his wilJ^ > 
few that remained. As foon as thd 
reached the lan'd^ and bitought the nei 
diftrefs) the Carthaginians, with mat 
tations, aiked after their friends, and 
forxned that they were all dead. In th 
this fceneof tnifery^ the King's [c] ihi 
and he landed in forrowful apparel. 
milco, ^nd thoie that followed him^ v 
tears ad he went towards his bomcj and 
himielf faifed his hands; towards he. 
moaning his own hard fate, as well as t 
people; after which, when he came 
(ami this was ivdr/i of all) he turned 
out, and^ locking the door of his r 
ftroyed himfelf* 

Not long afterwards, there was 

rich man at Carthage, called Han 

was ambitious to rule dver the in 

but as he thought this could not be effe 

their good tt;///, he determined to in' 

to a feaft) and poifon them. This pi 

ever, was difcovered, by thoft whofe 

he depended upon in the carrying it it 

tion, and when his intentions were t 

rious, then he afi^mbled all the {lave 

as the evil men that he could colleft^ 

that he could furprizc the citizens; 

were apprized ih time of his defigns.. 

li} Sc. Himilco'*^ 

tsi 5 o o K m 

After having failed ht this atteiripty he then 
proceeded with 40^000 men to another city 9 and 
conceived he (hould take it ; but as the citizens 
were aififted by the Mauritaniaos, they iflued 
from their fortrefs, took Hanno himfelf prifbnerf 
put mod 6f hi$ army to flight, and punifhed 
many of his foldiers in the following man- 
ner. Firft thty /winged them, then pulkd their 
tyt% out, then cut their hands off, then the head, 
and after this, all their relations were put to death, 
left any of them (hould be prompted to revenge 
this puniihment, or any one Aiould dare attempt 
to commit the crimes for which they fufiered^ 
All thefe tranfadions happened in the days of 
King Philip id\. . 

After this, tne Carthaginians were informed 
that Alexander the Great had taken the city of 
Tyre, which in ancient days was the fpot from 
whence they originally came, nor were they 
without their ipprehenfiom that he would at 
Jaft attack them. On this they fcnt their wifeft 
man, Amilcar, to be a fpy upon Alexander's 
afiions, and directed him to fend them intelli- 
gence on a tablet [^1, which he was afterwards 
to cover with wax ; however, upon the death of 
Alexander, when he returned home, they con- 
ceived that he had, in concert with this King, 
plotted their deftru£lion, and put him to death 
for this charge. 

The next enterprife of the Carthaginians was 
in Sicily, where, after they had carried on tho 

[d] Sc. of Macedojt, 



^ar for fome time with bad fuccefs, d 
befieged the chief city, Syracufe« 

Agathocles, however, King of Sici 
ing that lie could not refift them, exe 
fortified town^ tho^ at the (kipe time tl 
was fb large^ that the/ wpuld ibon w 
(ions, left fuch sl proportion of his tro< 
the walls« 9s might be fufficient to < 
city, as well as be fubfifted during 
Agathocles, in the mean time, with 
part of his army, embarked oil' boa 
which might tranfpoft them to Cart 
immediately, as foon as he landed, c 
the (hips to be burnt, becauie he v 
mined that his enemies (hould never ts 
them [f]. After this, Agathocles bu 
trefs^ trom whence he (lew many of tb 
ginians, as well as made depredations, 
no, tbeir Kingj marched againft h 
20,000 men, which Agathocles put 
with the lofs of 2ooOf and purfued th 
ginians to within five miles of Carthag 
he built a lecond fortrefs. From thi 
harrafled the Carthaginians, as well as bu 
of their towns, lb that the citizens of 
might^ Tee the fire, and what their p< 

Whilft this happened in Africa, 
(Agathocks*s brother^ whom l^jrhad 1 

[/] It muft be rccollc£lca, that thcCarthag 
fuperior fleet, and therefore had it in their pow 
the Sitiliaa veflels, whilft .they cootinued on 
efpecially when all the troops were direml>arli;ed» 

T 2 

DinitizBd hv.GooQie 

140 BO P K fIV. 

I'acufe to df fend the town) attacked the beficgera 
by furprize in the night, flew the greater part 
of them, and drove the reft to their Ihips, 
r As foon ^s the remains of the.Cii^thaginiaQ 
^tmy returped, and the citizens were i4forme4 
of the bad tidingSi they ilefpatred fo m^ch of 
their affairs, that many 'of thQ towq^ (befidcs 
that of which A^tiiooles ^vas in pofleflion) paid 
him tribute^ and in <vaft iwmb9r9;(Mi?re{)dered; 
Oph^llus (Kipg of th? PyrenianpValfo fub^fiitte^ 
to him. Agathocles, however, oehav^d t«each- 
rroufly toward; them, fpr he Killed them all i 
which if h6 had not dgne, he might have been 
the conqueror of Carthage without, aiiy diffif 
culty* Whilft Agathocles was thfu*. tin wifely 
loiing the advantages he might have r^ajpedi 60* 
jnilcar [g]^ King of Carthage, was. advancing 
to joii> hiiij with his whple aripy j but fu?h feuds 
jirofe b^tweep theip, th>t Agathocles killed him^ 
felf ; after which the Carthaginian? again failed 
for Sicily, on which the. Sicilians immediately 
iniplojred fucppp?s from Pyrrhua, King of Epirus, 

C « A P- VL ^ 

In [h] the year of Rome .4^3, the Mamer- 
tines (a people of Sicily) requefted affiftance 
•from the Roopans, to enable them to refill the 
Carthaginians; fU>d thje . Romans feAt Appius 
Claudius, their Conful, for this purpofe, who, 
>vhen he hj^c} jqined the Maqier^incs, the Car* 

r^] Bomalcop 5Cmico|t, in th^ ^axqq, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CHAR VI. 14^ 

tfaaginfens fl«d. This rather furprized the Ro- 
mansy as they had not tried their fortune in ad 
eagagementf After the Carthaginian army was 
thus difperfed, Hanno their King (together with 
his wholes nation) fubmitted to pay the Romstns 
a tribute ^f two hundred filvcr talents ycarlyj 
the weight of each talent b^ing Solb»; anq 
icon s^fterwards the Romans befieged the^ Elder 
Annibal (King of Carthage) in Agrigentum, a 
town of Sigily,; till he was Q^rly reduced by fa* 
mine. At this critical tim^t Hanno (the other 
King of Carthage) arrived with an armed fleet 
to ailii^ him> . b^t being defeated by the RomaoSf 
the towQ was taken by ilorm ; King Anniba}» 
however^ made his efcape in the Jiight, and em« 
barking on board eighty velfels with the remains 
of his armyi he plundered the Roman terri* 

To revenge this iuiult» the Romans ordered^ 
that (hips ihould be builtt and DuiUus their Cdn- 
ful, contrived that they fliould be finiflied with 
great difpatch, infoiiiuch that within fixty days 
from the felling the timber, there were 13P 
vefTels completely fitted, bpch with mafls and 
fails. Then the other Conful (Cornelius Afiua) 
failed to the ifland of Li pars, with (ixteen (hips, 
to have a conference with Annibal, du^Jjag which 
he was (lain. When Duilius heard t^his, h# 
liafted: with thirty (hips to thofe iflands, killed 
three hundred of the Carthaginians, took thirty 
(hips, funk thirteen, aqd put Annibal himfelf to 

After this,, the Poem (who are the fame peo- 
ple with thq CSarthaginians) appointed Hanno to 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^4^ B O O K IV- 

be theif Admiral^ in the place of Annibal, tvith 
ordcfs to proteft the iflands of Sardinia and Cor- 
(ka agamft the Romans ; but a naval battle en- 
fuing^ he was (lain, 

The{i] fueceeding year the Gonlul'CoUatinuj 
inarched towards Camerina (a city of Sicily) and 
Ihe Carthaginians lay in wait for him on the 
ro^<f which he was obliged to take ever the 
mountains. The Copful had only three hun- 
dred men with him, an4 crofled the mountains 
throtigh a narrow pafs, where he was attacked 
by the whole Carthaginian army, who flopped 
every pafs through which the Romans could 
march, iriibmuch'that the whole three hundred 
were flain, except the Coniul, who efcaped, 
though wounded. Then the Romans obferved 
the motions of the Elder Annibal^ fo that he 
was obliged to carry on the war only by his 
fleet, for wherever he attempted to land and 
plunder, his army was difperl'ed; after which 
defoats, his own foldiers ftoned him. Then Ati^ 
lius the Conful plundered the iflands of Liparsp, 
Malta, and Sicily ; upon which the Romans failed 
for Africa with 330 fliips, and the Carthaginians 
ieiit againft them their two Kings, Annibal and 
Hanno, with a fleet, who were both defeated. 
The Romans, after thisVidtory, took 83 of the 
Cartha^nians veflcls, ftormed their town erf" 
Clypea, and laid the country wafte, even to Car* 
thage their headbortmgh. 

Not long afterwards, Regukis tindertook thft 
war againft Carthage, and whilft he was eu- 

[<] Orot I. iv. c. 8** 


Digitized by'vjOOQlC 

C H A P* VI. 14^ 

camped neat a river, called Bagrida» an immenfe 
adder came out of the water, and all thofe who 
approached the river were killed BY THIS 
ADDER m. On this Regulus coUeded all 
the archers or his army, that they might deilrojr 
th^ ierpent; but wheti th^ ihot at him^ the ar- 
rows glanced over his fcales, as if they wero 
made of fmooth iron [/]» . Then Regulus ordered 
that they ihould try to transfix the monfter with 
a balifta (which they demolish walls with 
during a fi^) and this ftruck the fer|>ent oti 
ooe o? its ribs, fo as to break it, after which tho 
znoniter could make no defence, but was eaiily 
killed; becauie it is the nature of the adder*kindf 
that their firength and confidence is in their ribs^ 
as it is in the feet of other creeping [119] worms. 
"When the monfter was thus flain, Regulus di# 
re£bed it to be ftufied, and f^t the ftin to Romet 
where beii^ extended to its full length, on ac^ 
count of its fiqgularity> it was fouinl to meafure 

[i] B6 S)X6R6 NXeDRTTNf Thefe three words are in 
cftpiuls, both in the Coitoa MS. and in the Elftob and Bal- 
lard Tranfcripts, which feem rather to imply a ridicule of 
this abfufd and incredible fa^l. In the Cotton MS. lifcewife, 
^e ink ufed for tbefe three words is the fame vrith that ia 
which the initial word of a chapter only ia written* 

[/] It is rather Angular, that both ijutn and Ajfen (hould 
itgnify iron 1 ipn is the word ufed in the Saxon verfion. 

[mj 1 in this adopt the reading of the Lauderdale Tran« 
fc;ripCy c^itfopenbfia ioit^ of cleopenbjia. Orofius gives a verf 
long, and rather unintelligible defcription, of the reafons 
why this ferpent was thus at lail de(lroyed| which the Royal 
Tianilator YCry properly omits. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


• After this^ Regtilu^ engaged three Puttk Kirigs^ 
the two Afdrubals and Hamileo {who was ap* 
pointed to affift the Sicilians) ; and in this battle 
17,000 of the Carthaginians w*r6 (Iain, 15,^00 
Were taken ptifoners, together with nine ele-i 
phants; on which 82 towns immediately furren^ 
dered to the Romans* 

When [n] the Carthaginians had bwn thtis de* 
feated, they made overtures of peace to Regulus j 
but when they vinderftood that he iiififted upon 
an immoderate tribute fof the purchafe of it, 
they faid to him, >« that they rather chofe death 
*« in their diftcefsful fituation, than to buy a 
«< peace at fuch a rate." They, therefore, fent 
for fuccours to the Gauls^ the Spaniards, and La- 
icedsemonians (under their King Xantippus)i 
When all thefe auxiliary forces vt^ere aflembled) 
they detei-mined td put in prai^ice every art of 
generalftiip, and laid all their ftrats^em^ before 
Xantippus, who marched the army to the fpoc 
they had agreed upon. This General then di* 
vided his troops into three equal parts, leaving 
the third behiiid him, rfnd ordered that the two 
other divifions (when he himfelf with the firft 
retreated towards that which was left behind) 
ihould then attack Regulus' s army ; [by which 
ftratagem] ^0,000 of the Romans were flain^ 
and Regulus taken prifoner, together with 500 
of his men. This vidory happened in the tenth 
year of the war between the Carthaginians and 
Romans. Soon after this, Xantippus returned to 
his own kingdom, and the Romans much 

£»] Orof» L iv. c« 9. 


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CHAP- VI. 1^5 

ikea^e^ hUn^ becaufe, by hi$ ^xcdjiag t^em in 
the arts of war, he had obtained vidtories 
over th^na. 

Then, Pauius Emilias, the Conful, failed with 
300 i^i'fp^ fox the iflcind of Clupea in Africa, 
when the Carthaginians advanced with an 
equa.1 number of veflfels, who being . defeated, 
500Q were ftain, 30 of their fl>ips talcen, and 
104 fui)it. Th.e Romans loft^ on the other fide, 
one hundred and one thoufand * of their troops, .^od 
nine of tljicir Ihips weare deftroyed, after which, 
having b\iilt> fojtrefs on the ifland, they then 
marched agwnft the two Kings of the Carthagi- 
nia^^s, b|p(h of whoie names were *Hanno« Soon 
after th^s. a bafttle enfued, in which 9000 of the 
Car^tJ^agUKan^ wei;o ftainy and the reft put to 
flight* When the jRjpmaps now had overloaded 
their ;fl^ps with booty, 011 their return home- 
wards 230 were funk; ftventy indeed, out of 
the ^.eer> wpre fav^d with difficulty by throw-* 
ing almoft every thing overboard. 

After this, Amilcar (King^ of Carthage) 
rnarc^ied ii>to Numidia and Mauritania, plunder- 
ing t;^ country, apd exacting contributions, be- 
caufe they had given afiiftance to Jlegulus fomc 
tinae J)efor45, 

. About ;fix years afterwards, the Confuls Se?- 
vilius Scipio and Sempronius Blaefus, failed to 
Africa with 360 fhips againft the Carthagi- 
nians; but returning with great booty (with 
which they had overloaded their veflels) they 
loft 150 of them. Then Cotta, the Conful, 
proceeded with an army to Sicily, and many 
ikirmifhes enfuing, fo many wore killed on both 
♦ Millc centum, in Orofius. 

U fides. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

146 Book IV. 

fides, that the neighbouring inhabitants t^oid 
not bury the dead. 

During the Confulfhips of Lucius Cafccilius, 
Caius Metellus, and Furius Pacillus, Afdrubal 
came to the ifland [o] of Lilybaeum, with 30,000 
horfe, [/►] as alfo 1 30 elephants ; he then engaged 
Metellus, who, having overcome the elephants, 
foon put the Carthaginian army to flight, and 
Afdrubal, On his return home, was killed by his 
own countrymen. 

The [y] Carthaginians were now fo fubdued, 
and fo divided amongft themfelves, that, defpairing 
of fuccefs, they thought it necefl'ary to beg a 
peace of the Romans, by the Conful Regulus, 
whom they had kept in bends for five years ; and 
he (wore in the names of his Gods^ that he would 
either perform his errand according to what they 
gave him in comraiflion, or that he would him- 
lelf bring the anfwcr to the terms propofed. 
Thefe were, that the Carthaginians fhould give 
up all the prifoners which had been taken, and 
make a peace. When he had, however, pro- 
pofed thefe conditions to the Romans, he in- 
treated them, that they would not liflen to fuch 
terms, and told them it would be an infinite 
difgrace that they fhould thus agree with the 
Carthaginians, or think fo meanly of themfelves 

\o\ It is a promontory j but I have before obferved, that 
Alfred is not aiWays very accurate in his Geography. 

\y\ The nuiryber of the infiantry is not mentioned, but Oro- 
fliKs nakes the horfe and foot together toconfift of 30,000, fo 
that it feems to have been an accidental omiiEon in the 

[f J ^^^^* !• iv* c. 10. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CHAP. vr. 

as to approve fuch conditions of peac< 
be had th^us advifed the Romans, theji 
that it was proper he (hould continu* 
bis kindred and countrymen, and all 
their King; but he anfwered, and fan 
" it did not become hin> to be their K 
** had been a prifoner/' 

Now when the Carthaginians who 
with Rcgulus [r] reported how he had 
his commiffion^ they cut off his two e 
to prevent his fleepiug, till through pain 
lofe his lifsp 

After this, the Confuls Attilus Reg 
Manlius Vulco, proceeded to the ifland 
baeum, with 200 (hips, where they I 
fortrefs ; on which Annibal (the young j 
was Hamilcar's fon) came upon them bj 
as they were blockading the town, and n 
Romans were flain. Then, as the Coi 
dius was failing towards the Carthag 
ritories, Annibal fell in with him at 
deftroyed the whole fleet, except 30 ihi 
efcapcd to Lilybaeum, after having loft < 
who were flain, befides 20,000 who v^ 

The next armament of the Romans 
the Conful Caius Junius, who, toge 
his whole army, periflied at fea in the 
the coaft of Africa, and the following 
nibal fent a fleet to the coaft of Italy, n( 
wl^jch plundere4 thg ,cpui>!try to ^ greai 

[r] Thus I underftand the woxA 3.€j:e^an, 

' u * 


f,4» B O O K IV. 

After this, the Cotiful Lutatitrs ferkd trf^x- 
^ cily (in hid way to Africa) with 300 fhips, where 
the Carthaginians engaged him, and in the battle 
Lutatius was wounded quite through one Of his 
knees; ' The next morning Hanno having join- 
ed Annibars army, a fecond time attacked Lu- 
tatius, who, though wounded, put Hanno to 
flight, and purfued him to the town of Efycina, 
i^rhen, foon afterwards, the Carthaginian army 
iadvanced againft him, which was defeated, and 
loft 2000 men. On [/] this the Carthaginians 
again. propofed peace to the Romans, who grant- 
ed it^ upon condition that the former fhould 
leave both Sicily and Sarditiia, and that they 
Jhould befides pay annually a tribute of 300a 


In the year of Rome 507 there was a terrible 
fire, and no one tvj/i whence it came ; then, 
when tjii? calamity ceafed, the Tiber rofe to a 
greater degree than it ever did before, or hath 
done fince, which deftroyed moft of the inha- 
bitants of Rome, as well as their houfes. After 
this, when Titus Sempronius and Caius Gratus 
were Confuls, the Romans fought with the Fa- 
Jifci, and killed 12,000 of them. 

In [«] thofe years the Gauls (called Lang- 
beards i^]) marched towards Rome, and haying 

[/] Orof. 1. iv4 c. u, 
[ttj Orof 1. iv*. c. 12. 

[x] Gallr Clfalpirii,' itx Orofliis ; but iElfrcd ftilW them 
Lanjbeapbaf, which feems \o have expreffed his notion of the 
.Gain Comati^ who are rattW^r fuppofed, hoWcveii, eo. Ibave worn 
the hair of their fieads to a great length, th^n fhat of their 
)L;eards, and who alfo were Trai]falpine Gauh. 

Crinibus efFufu* toti praelate Comatx, Luc. 1. i. 

' ' raifed 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A P. Vn. 149 

ralfed a gre^t army in a (hort time, they flew 
3000 6f the Romans in their fir ft battle, befides 
takifig 2000 prifoners; but in an engagement which 
was fought the next year, the Gauls loft 4000 
meii, as alfo 2000 prifoners. After this, 
when the army returned honie, the / citizens 
would not pernait their Confuls to triumph (as 
was ufual when they had obtained the victory) 
becaufe they had fled from the enemy in the firft 
encounter ; but a continued feries of .great vicr 
tories occafiione4 triumphs afterwards for many 

During the Confulfhlps of Titus M'anlius, 
Torquatus Caius, and Atilius Bubulcus, the Sar- 
dinians (at the inftigation of the Carthaginians) 
began a war with the Romans, and were foon 
fubdued. After this, the Romans attacked the 
Carthaginians, for having broken the articles of 
the laft treaty, who immediately fent two am- 
bafladors to Rome, to intreat peace, which, how- 
ever, was not obtained. Then they delegated their 
ten pldeft citizens, who were likewile refufed ; 
after which they deputed Hanno (that moft ««- 
worthy Thane) who, however, procured peace 
from the Romans. 

Now are we come (quoth Orollus) to thofe 
go&d times which tlie Romans twit us with, 
and to their profperities which they boaft of, 
telling us, we never experienced the like : they 
fupprefs, however, after how many winters oi 
war with different nations this peace took place, 
^nd thefe winters were not lefs than 450, Alk 
them alfo, how long this peace continued? it 
was but one year, for on th? following,- both the 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

150 P p O K IV. 

Gauls and Carthaginians attacked thein in dif* 
ferent parts. How, therefore, Romans, can ye 
conceive that this peace [ye boaft of] was efta- 
bliftied^ and is it not juft .^s if a man was to takf 
a drop of oil, and drop it into a great fire, fup- 
pofing that he fliQuld extinguifli it: the fire, 
however, on this account, burns the niore fierce- 
ly, at the very time it is imagined to be quenched, 
apd when in reality a greater quantify of tinder 
is fupplied. Thus fared it with the Romans, 
who, after this peace of a year, were to fuffer the 
greateft diftrefles. 

In \^y\ the beginning of thefe wars, when 
Amilcar was preparing to march with an army 
againft the Romans, he was betrayed and flain 
by the Spaniards, and about the fame time the 
Illyrians put to death the Roman Ambaffadors, 
On news of this treatment, the Conful Fulvius 
Pofthumus marched againft them, and many 
were flaughtered on both fides, though upon the 
whole he might be faid to have gaixied the vidory. 

In the following year the Roman Btjhops in- 
culcated fome new dpftrines (as indeed they had 
often done before) and adyifed the Romans to ap- 
peafe their Gods with human facrifices, they being 
now attacked 011 three parts, viz. by the Gauls, 
fituated on the S, and N, of the Mountains fz], 
as well as by the Carthaginians. Thefe Bijhops 
alfq directed, that this expiation ftiould be the 
death of a Gaulifh man and v^pinan, which adr 

Ey'\ Orof. 1. m c. 13. 
x] Vizj, the Alps, x^t ^byp^^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CHAP. Vil. 

vice they followed, by burning them 1 
God, however, puniflied this (as he s i 
when they offered human facrifices) i 
that the Romans paid with their lives i 
killed the guiltlefs ; and this was man : 
the battles they had with the . Gauls 
their army confifted of 800,000 Romai 
the fuccours they had received from 
tions. Notwithftanding thefc numb 
were foon defeated, aiid 3000 killed, 
with their Conful; from which laf 
fiance they confidered this defeat as a g : 
though before they had often looked v 
lofs of 3000 men] to be of no gr< i 

In the iecond battle, however, tl: 
9000 Gauls (lain; and in the third, i 
Torquatus and T. Flaccus were Confuls 
of the Gauls were killed, as alfo 6000 t ; 

In the following year, many wonders'^ 
in a wood of Picenum, a fpring welle 
in Thracia, men faw the heavens all 01 
thm town of Ariminum, it was night in ] 
in Caria and Rhodes, there were fuch eai 
as to occafion great ruins, and the Col 
down [^1. 

This fame year the Conful defpifed tl: 
of the Augurs [^], who advifed him n 
gage with the Gauls, which, howeve 
to his great honour, as the event of 1 
was^ that 7000 Gauls were killed, an 

152 BOOK IV, 

taken* After this^ Uxe Coi^fu^ Clawilu& IbugKt 
with the Gawls, flew 30,000 of thpna, and bp- 
ing pjerfopally eug^ed with their King, he kilkd 
hxm ^Ifo, as well as took tiie town of M^gela. 
The next enemy the Romans, had on their bauds 
were the Iftriaus, againft whom they fe«t their 
Confuls Cornelius ^ud Minucius, when ixiaiiy 
were iJain on ^th iides^ but thp lArians werf 


- In [/r] the y^ar iof Rcm^ 63^ Anntbal befiegei 
SaguutwOf .a tQwp of Spaing' becaufc they were 
allies of the Romans, and the blocka<fe con- 
ttou/ed for^ight monies, tiJi the inhabitants jwere 
ailri iaiwihcd, n^hen he took the city. On this 
db^£o(n^6'^t ambafladors ivithi orders tx> put 
a i):!^ £9 ibe vt»t; but Hai^mbal treated lihem 
with fuch contempt, that he would neither give 
them ita dudiQcieet^ i^KbxAw to this complain^ 
ftm to wany oihers, hy which .he (hewed the 
unndity which (when nimigbt of but nine years 
joW) be fwore to ihis faniher Jfie wovild ever retaita 
^aioft ithe BxMnai^fi. 

Afterwaris, :durii»g the ConfuMbips of Pub- 
lius Cornelius, Publius Scipio, and Sempronius 
X^ongus, AhiiibftU a£ber manj^&lrmiihes, forced 
his paflBige (Ovi5r the Pyrenean hiUs \d)L (iwhich 
are hf^tweoo %ain and .Gaul) and then marched 
thirough the imriAont% of mmfj natioBSy till be 

[a] Orof. 1. iv. c. 14. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CHAP. vm. 

arrived at the Mountains [r], called Alp 
he likewife paffed, after much oppofitio! 
his way over them by heating the \i 
he met with, which he afterwards h 
mattocksy and thus, after incredible labc 
his way over the Mountains. 

His army confifted of 100,000 fo< 
20,000 horfe; and when he had mar 
the level country, as far as the river T 
was oppofed by the Conful Scipio, 
wounded, and would have been killed, 
had not defended him by ftanding befoi 
he was flain by an arrow* hi this b; 
was a vaft flaughter of the Romans 
next engagement was near the rive 
where there was almoft as great a fecon 
of the Romans. 

When the other Conful Sempronius 
in Sicily) heard this, he hafted fror 
and then both Confuls marched again ft 
who meeting hun again at Trebia, t 
defeated, with the lofs of great part 
army, hi this engagement Annibal wi 
ed, who marched immediately over t 
nines [J], (though there had been fo g 
of fnow, that many of their horfes 
and all the elephants but one) whilft tl 
themfelves could fcarely endure the col 
hazardous march was undertaken by 
becaufe he knew that Flaminius the Cc 
ceived that he (bould, without being 
continue in his winter-quarters, whe; 

[c] CDunrum. \d'\ Bajiban, in the 

• X 


154 BOOK IV. 

colleded his army ; imagining that no one dared 
attempt even fuch an enterprize, much lefs fuc-^ 
ceed in it, on account of the extreme cold. 

When Aqnibal, however, had reached Flami* 
nius's winter-cjuarters, he encamped near the 
Conful, in a concealed fituation, whence he fent 
part of his troops to burn and plunder the coun- 
try. On this the Conful conceived, that Anni- 
bal's whole force was thus employed, and apr 
proaching towards him, with intention to fur^ 
prize the maroders, he marched his army in 
diforder (as he knew the Carthaginians 
were not formed) till Annibal advanced with 
the part of his troops he had rcferved for this 
purpofe, killed the Conful, together w^ith 
25,000 of his men, took '6000 prifoners, and 
loft on his fide only 2000. Soon after this, how- 
ever, the Conful Scipio (brother to him who 
was flain in the laft battle) had many engage- 
ments with the Carthaginians, in Spain, and 
took their General [^] Mago prifoner. 

' At [f] this time many wonders appeared ; the 
fun looked as if it was diminished, and many 
conceived that they faw the fun and moon fight 
together. In the country of the Arpi, and in 
Sardinia, Ihields fweated blood ; the Falifci faw 
the Iky rent in twain ^ and the Athiri (when they 
conceived that they fhould fill their bu/hels [^], 
and the corn was ripe) found all the ears to be 
covered with blood, 

[1?] This is th^ firft laftanqe of calling a Cartbaginiai^ 
pommander by the name of Gimral^ and not that of King. 
[f] Orof. 1. iv. c. 16. , 

\g'\ Eauluj , ' ' 

• CHAP, 

* Digitized by VjOOQIC 


C H A P. IX. 

In [h'j the year of Rome 640, the Confuls 
Emilius, P. Publius, and Terentius Varro, 
marched their armies againft Annibal,, but he 
deceived them by the fame ftratagem which he 
ufed before, and likewife praftifed this new one.. 
He left part of his troops in a ftrong poft, and 
advanced with the reft againft the Confuls, when, 
on reaching the Roman army, he retreated tc^- 
wards thofe he had placed in the ambufcade. Oil 
this, the Confuls purfued, killing fome of the 
Carthaginians, and conceiving they fliould obtain 
a complete viftory ; but when Annibal had re- 
treated towards his troops (which he had left 
behind) he then put the Confuls to flight, and 
made a greater carnage of the Romans than they 
ever fuffer^d, either before or iince ; as 44,000, 
together with the two Confuls, were flain, befides 
a third of the army which was made prifoners, fo 
that Annibal might have been mafter of the Roman 
empire, if he had marched to the town. After 
this battle, Annibal fent home three bufhels of 
gold rings, in token of his viflory ; and it might 
be inferred from hence, how much of the beft 
Roman blood had been fhed, as in thofe days 
none wore fuch rings, except they were nobly 

After this defeat, the Romans defpaired fo 
much, that both their Conful Geciliiis Me- 
tellus, and the whole Senate, had thoughts of 

[h] Orof. 1. iv. c. 16; 

X 2 BOt 

" Digitized by VjOOQIC 

156 BOO K IV. 

not only abandoning Rome, but Italy, which 
they would have done, if Scipio (who was their 
oldeft champion) had not diverted them from this 
refolution, by drawing his fword, and fwearing 
that he would rather deftroy himfelf than forfake 
his father [i] country. He added alfo, that he 
Ihould coniider all thofe as his enemies, who 
were for leaving Rome. By this fpirited fpeech 
he perfuaded thofe who were prefent, to fwear 
that they would live and die in their own coun- 
try. Then they appointed Decius Junius Dicta- 
tor, who was to control the Confuls, though he 
was but feventeen winters old, * and conftituted 
Scipio Conful ; they alfo enfranchifed all their 
flaves, on this condition, that they Iwore to 
aflift them in their wars, though fome, indeed, 
would not do this till they were obliged by the 
Confuls paying for fuch (laves with the publick 
money. At the fame time there was a general 
pardon for all criminals, both thofe* who were 
con v idled, and thofe who had voluntarily con- 
fcfled their guilt. 

When all the troops they could mufter were 
thus collefted together, they amounted to 6000 
-men only, and all Italy revolted from the Ro- 
mans to Annibal, becaufe they doubted whether 
the Romans would ever recover their former 
power ; therefore, on Annibal's marching to- 
wards Beneventum, the citizens declared for him. 

The Romans, however, had now raifed four 
legions, and fent Lucius Poftumius againft the 

[/] Facbeji ae^el. 
* This IS applied by Orofius to the age of the recruits, 
and not to that of the Di£lator. 


Digitized b 

CHAP. IX. 157 

Gauls (called Langbeards) who was flaia by 
them, together with many of his troops. After 
this, they chofe Claudius Marcellus to be their 
Conful (formerly collegue [k] to Scipio) who 
marched with a powerful [/J force, to furprize 
that part of Amiibal's army where he was him- 
felf encamped, and not only killed many of his 
men, but obliged Annibal himfelf to quit his 
pofl; by which he (hewed the Romans, that 
Annibal was not invincible, though before this 
they doubted whether he could be conquered by 
any human force. 

Amidft thefe battles, the two Scipios (who 
were brothers) commanded in Spain, and having 
engaged Afdrubal (Hannibars uncle) who was 
killed, befides 30,000 of his troops ; niany alfo 
were taken priionefs, together with the other 
Carthaginian King. After this, Centenius Pe- 
nula, the Conful, requefted the Senate to fend 
him fuch an army as he might be enabled to op- 
pofe Annibal ; but the confequcnce was, that 
he loft his own life, and 8000 of his troops. 
On this defeat, the Conful Sempronius marched 
againft Annibal, and was not only put to flight, 
but many of his men were flain. 

How can now the Romans (quoth Orofius) 
fay, that thefe were better times than thofe they 
now live in, when they rifqued fo many fuc- 

[k"] Thus I underftand the word jej^jia to fignlfy in this 

[/] I thus tranflate jepealbena pilrume, though Mr. Lye 
(article 5epcalt)an) renders it, in this chapter of Orofius, 
cum imperatorio praJi£o% 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

158 BOOK IV. 

ceffiw engagements in Spain, Macedonia, Cap- 
padocia, and at home, in all of which they 
were defeated or brought to difgrace?^ True, 
however, it is, that their Thanes were men of 
more perfeverance and firmnefs than they are at 
prefent, becaufe they perfifted in defending them- 
felves (though often in iky unpromifing a ftate) 
and thus, at laft procured that vaft empire 
which they became mafters of. 


In \m\ the year of Rome 64J, the Conful 
Marcellus Claudius failed with a fleet to Sicily, 
and took Syracufe, their mofl opulent town, 
though after much oppolition from the inge- 
nuity [n\ of Archimedes, a Sicilian Thane. 

About the fame time, in the tenth year after 
lie came to Italy, Annibal marched into the Cam- 
pania, within three miles of Rome, and en- 
camped near the river Anio, to the great dread 
of the Romans ; one may conceive, indeed, how 
their foldiers were frightened, becaufe the women 
ran toward the walls with flones, faying^thcy 
would defend the city, fince the men durft not. 
The next morning Annibal marched quite to the 
town, and drew up his army before the gate 
(called Collatina) on which the Confuls, not 
thinking io meanly of themfelves as the women 
did (when they told them that they had not 
courage to defend the inhabitants) drew their 
army up likewife near the gate» oppofite to Haa- 

[m] Orof. I. Vf. c, 17. [»] Ejiaept, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A p. X. 159 

nibal. After this they would have engaged, but 
there fell 1q heavy a rain, that they could not 
wield their weapons, and were obliged each of 
them to retire ; but when this rain had abated, 
they then approached each other, when a fecond 
ftorm enfuing, the two armies were again obf 
liged to feparate, infbmuch that Hannibal faid, 
though he had hoped to be mafter of the Ro- 
man empire, yet (hat God would iK)t permit it* 

Tell me now, ye Romans, (quoth Orofius) 
when or where, before Chrift's nativity, either 
yourfelves, or any others, might obtain rain 
from your Gods, as ye may fince Chriftianity 
hath been eftabliflied, as well as many other 
bleffings when ye ftand in need of them from 
our holy Chrift. Know alfo, that it was this 
fame Chrift (before he appeared in Chriften- 
dom) who lent the Romans this rain for their 
protection, (unworthy as they were) in order 
that their [defcendants] and many others through 
them, might become Chriftians and true be- 

About the fame time, twoConfuls (who were 
brothers, and both of them named Scipio) were 
flain in Spain, being drawn into an ambufcade 
by Afdrubal a Carthaginian King; fbon after 
which, the ConfulQuintusFulvius obliged all the 
principal men in Campania to deftroy themfelves 
with poifon. He likewife put to death all the 
chiefs in Capua, becauie he imagined that they 
would affift Hannibal, and this he did expreffly 
in con trad idlion to the orders of the Senate. 

Now when the Romans were informed that 
the two Confuls had been killed in Spain, the 


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i6% .BOOK IV. 

Senate could not find out any one who would 
undertake to command their army in thofe parts; 
but a fon of one of thefe Confuls, whofe name 
was Scipio, and who was yet but a knight \o\. 
This youth eameftly preffed for a proper army, 
and faid, that he rather undertook the command, 
becaufe he hoped to have an opportunity of re- 
venging his father and uncle's U>\ death, if the 
Senate would appoint him their General, and 
firmly fupport him. On this the Romans were 
fo defirous of raifing a fufficient army, that, as 
they had nothing in their Treafury, they divided 
what belonged to themfelves into four halves^ and 
gave Scipio their whole fubftance, except that 
every woman was allowed to referve an ounce 
of gold, with a pound of filver; every man alio 
(bearing arms) was permitted to retain a ring, 
and a bulla [^1. 

When Scipio had reached New Carthage 
(which is now called Corduba) he befieged Mago 
(Hannibal's brother) and having marched to the 
town when be was not expefted, he, with a fmall 
army, gained pofleflion of it, by the inhabitants 
iiot being fupplied vi^ith provifions for a fiege, for 
which reafon Mago[rjfurrendered himfelf with his 

[o] The word cni^ht; fometimes fignifies even a child, as 
it hath been before applied tQ tj^nnib^l, wj^en he was but 
nine year? old. 

[pi Fae&efi -3 hir psptsepau. 

f ^J noppan, in the Saxon, which, perhaps, only fignifies 
that fort of ring which we now term a hoop ring. 
About a hoop of gold, a paltry ring. 
Shakefpeare's Merchant of Venice^ where it is ufed to fignifjf 
the fame with a circle. 

[rj Orof K iv. c. 18. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A p. X 

tfdopS. Some of thefe Scipio put 
others, together with Mago, were feii 
to Rome, amongft which were mait 
oldeft Counfellors [j] ; Scipio likewil 
confiderable treafure in this city, part 
he remitted to Rome, and divided 
amongft his troops. 

About the fame time, the Coliful L 
Macedonia, and failing to Sicily wit 
took poffeffion of Agrigentum t he j 
Hanno, the commander, prifdner; aft 
forty towns fur rendered, twenty- fix 
made a confiderable reflftance, Wl 
things happened in Sicily, Hannibal de 
Conful Cn. Fulvius, and killed 8000 ol 
after which he had three battles with t 
Marcellus, three days following; in 
the fame number fell on both fides ; i 
cond, Hannibal obtained the vidlory } 
Conful the next day. Soon after this, 
ful Fablus Maximus marched with hi 
Tarentum, without Annibal's being a 
it, and took the towti in the night, 
the garrifon, flaying Hannibal*s General 
together with 30,00(1 of his troops, 
year, however, Hannibal Jole upon tl 
Cliudius Marcellus, and killed both 
his army; whilfl about the fame tin 
defeated Afdrubal (another brother ( 
bal*s) In Spain J after which 18031 tow: 
dered to him, and fb odious were the 
jLiians to Scipio, that when after his v 


i6t BOOK IV. 

fold them for money, yet would he not retain 
the price for himfelf, but gave it to others. 
The farne year Annibal furprized the two Con- 
fuls, Marcellus and Crilpinus, who were both 

During the Confulfhip of CI. Nero and M. L. 
Salinator, Afdrubal (Hannibars brother) march- 
ed his army from Spain into Italy, in order to 
join Hannibal, and when thefe Confwls faw that 
this was his intention (before he and Hannibal 
could meet, and after he had pafled the Moun- 
tains J they attacked the Carthaginian General, 
when the event of the battle was long doubtful, 
neither army giving way. Afdrubal protraftcd 
the fight, by means of his elephants; the Ro- 
mans, however, at laft, obtained the vid:ory; 
the Carthaginians lofiirg, not only Afdrubal, but 
53,000 men, together with 5000 prifoners. 
After the engagement, the Romans fevered Af- 
dfubaPs head frorn his body, and threw it before 
Hannibal's camp. 

When Hannibal heard of his brother's being 
flain, together with fp many of his troops, he 
then firft began to dread the Romans, and march- 
ed into the country of the Bruti ; after which 
they did not attack each other for a whole 
year, as there were fevers in both camps, of 
which many died. During this interval of 
quiet, in Italy, however, Scipio conquered all 
Spain, and returning to Rome, he advifed his 
countrymen to fit out a fleet, in order to. attack 
the Carthaginians in their own territories. The 
Romans, on this, appointed him Conful of this 
expedition; and when he arrived in Africa, 



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CHAP. X. 163 

Hatino came againft him unexpectedly, but was 
flain in the battle which enfued. VVhilft this 
happened, Hannibal engaged the Cbnful Sem- 
pronius, and drove hifn into Rome. 

Not long after this, the Carthaginians marched 
againft Scipio with all the forces they could raife, 
and they made two leparate encampments near 
the town of Utica (in one of which were the 
Carthaginians, and in the other their allies the 
Numidians) where they propofed to talcQ up 
their winter quarters. 

Scipio, however, obferving tliat the out-pofts 
[/] were placed at a diftance from both their for- 
tified carhps, fec'retly marched his arniy between 
them, and fent a few of. his men to fet one end 
of their camp on fire, on which all thofe who 
were withirf haftened in order to exftinguifli it. 
Scipio, obferving this,, charged them with his 
troops, and killed, moft of them. When this 
was perceived by the army in the other camp^ they 
immediately haftened in great numbers and con- 
fufion to the iaffiftance of their countrymen, 
when Scipio made a carnage of them during the 
whole night, and continued the fame flaughter 
the next d^y, till at laft the two Kings^ Afdrubal 
and Syphax, fled to Carthage, where they ^igaia 
collated ah army, with which they attacked 
Scipio; but were a fecond time driven into the 
town. Part, indeed, of the Carthaginian army 
retired to Crete, againft which Scipio detached a 
fleer, and killed or took prifoners many of them, 

Y 2 together 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

l64 B O OK IV. 

together with King Syphax, who was fent to 
Rome in chains. 

The [x] Carthaginians fuffered fo much in 
thefe battles, that tliey never afterwards oppoftd 
the Romans with any fuccefs ; on the contrary, 
they were obliged to fend orders to Hannibal to 
quit Italy, and haden to their aiSftance, which 
command he obeyed not without tears, becaufe 
he wft5 obliged to leave the enemy's country the 
thirteenth year after he had marched into it ; he 
jilfo put to death all his Italian fbldiers, who 
would not fail with him to Carthage. 

During his paflage he ordered ope of his men 
to obferve from the mafts-head, what land they 
were approaching, who faid, that he faw no- 
thing but a fepulchre in ruins, fuch as it is ufual 
to build qf ftqne over the graves pf rich men. 
This anfwer (according to their heathenifh no- 
tions) made Hannibal very forrowful, and fay- 
ing, that he did not thank the failor for it, he 
ordered the fleet to alter its courfc towards 
the town of Leptis, from whence he proceeded 
to Carthage, where he defired a conference with 
Scipio, meaning tq propofe terms of peace be- 
tween the two nations. This conference was in 
prefence of the two J^rmies j but ending without 
an agreement, they prepared tq ?ngage each 
other, and a brittle irnniediately enfuiqg, Han- 
nibal was defcfited, with the Ipfs of 20,000 men, 
jis well as 580 elephants, after which he made 
his efcape, with pnly four of his arn^y, to the 
fQrtrefs of Adrumetum, whither th? Cartjiagi- 

[x-^ OtoU I^Iv, c, 19, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


nlans fent after him, defiring he \il 
peace for them from the Romans, 
durhig the Confullhips of Caius G^ 
Publius Lentulus, Scipio granted i 
againft the opinion of the Senate, i 
that they yielded the iflands. of Sicily 
nia to the Romans, as alio that thej 
nually fend a tribute of as many talei 
as they then fubmitted to pay. He li 
500 of their (hips on fhore, and d 
fire, after which he returned to R 
he triumphed, when Terence (the g 
ginian author) made part of the 
having his bat on his head, becaufe t 
. had lately made a regulation, that wl 
tives were permitted to wear their h 
head, they were entitled both to th 


In [y] the year of Rome 556 then 
clufion of the wars between the C 
and Romans, which had continued 
'(vinUrSj after which they immedi; 
another with the Macedonians, ai 
Confuls drew lots, which (hould ha 
mand, when the lot falling on Quin< 
nius, he had feveral engagements w 
cedouians, in moft of which he wa 
infomuch that their King Philip fu< 
which was granted. 

i66 , B O O K IV. 

Then Quinftius Flanlinius marched into Sparta, 
where he obliged the Kings of both countries to 
fend their fons as holbge?, Demetrius for Ma* 
cedonia^ and Armcncs for Sparta ; the Conful, 
like Wife, having delivered from captivity many 
Romans, who Imd been fold in Sparta by Haii* 
iiibal, ordered thetn all to ihave their heads, to 
fhew that they were delivered from thraldom. 

At this time the Infubres and Cenomanni af- 
fembled together at /the inftigation of Amilcar 
(Hannibal's* brother 4 wliom he left behind him 
in Itajy) and marching to Placentia and Cre- 
mona, they laid all tbe country wafte; upon 
which ^ the Romans /fent tbe:Gonfnl Ciaudius 
Fulvius, who withfome difficulty fubdued them. 
Then the Conful Flaminiiis engaged Philip, 
King of Macedoni as well as the Thracians and 
Illyrians (with many other nations) in one and 
the fame battle, defeating them, with the lois of 
8000 Macedonians, afid 6000 prifoners. After 
this, the Conful Sempronius was flain in Spain, 
together with all hi,s army. About the fame 
time ahb, the Conlul Marc^Uu^ was put to flight 
in Etruria ; but the qljici' Conful, Fulvius, com- 
ing up to his affiilance, he^obtsined the viflory, 
and laid ^11 the country %vaf1:e- ' ■ ; 

During the ConliiHhips.of Lncius Valerius 
and Marcus Flaccus, i^ntlcchuSj King of Syria, 
dec hi red war again ft the Romans, and marched 
from Alia into Europe, The Romans likewiie, 
in thefe days, ordered Hannibal to be feized, and 
brought prifoner to Rome, which when he was 
apprized of, he fled to Antiochus, King of Sy- 
ria, at the time w^htn this King w^as doubtful 


Q H A R > XL 

whether he (houid go to w^r with the i 
and Hannibal prevailed Upon him to dc I 
this the Romans fent ambafladors to A I 
who ordere4 Hannibal to- give his a 
them, which being a refufal of peace, 
fuls Scipio and Glabrip flaughtered 4 . 
Antiochus's army, and .Scipio, the n< 1 
having a naval engagement out atfca w ■ 
nibal, was vidorious. 

When Antiochus w^5 informed of tY 
he applied to Scipio for pqao?, ai:ud fent 
fon, whom he had taken prifonet, tho 1 
not known in what manner^ as fome fa ' 
furprized in a foraging party, and other , 
he was de^nding a poft. ' ^ 

About this time the Conful Emi 
killed, in the remote parts. o£ Spain, wii I 
army, by the Lufitanians ; as was alfo 1 1 
ful L, Bevius by the Etrufcjios^ togethei 
his troops, ii]ifqm\ich thJit no one wa 
carry the tidings to Rome. 

Soon after this the Conful Fulvius 1 
into Greece, as f^r as the mountaii 
Olympusj vvhere many of that nation 
to a fortrefs, in the attempt :to take wt 
Romans loft many of their foldiers, b> 
and by ftones from flings. Now, when ! 
ful found that he could not ftorm the ci 
ordered fome of his troops to retreat, wl 
reft were to pretend to fly towards the;; 
middle of the attack, and by this ftratagen 
pofed to deftroy the inhabitants of the 
This happened accordingly, for they iflli 

i68 B O O K fV. 

their citadel, when 40,000 of them were flain^ 
and the reft furrendered themfelves. 

In thoie days the Conful Majrcus marched into 
Liguria, "and was defeated with the lofs of 
4000 men. 

During the Ck>niul{hips of Marcus Claudius 
andQuindliusMarcellus, Philip, King of Macedon, 
put to death a Roman ambaflador, as likewife 
fent his ion Demetrius to the Senate, to excufe 
this outrage; but when he had done fo, and re- 
turned home, Philip inftieated another of his 
ions to murder him py poilon, by which means 
he puniihed him for his improper ipeeches [z] to 
the Senate. About the fame time alfo, Han- 
nibal deftroyed himfelf by poifon, and the iiland 
Vulcania (off the coaft of Sicily) emerged from 
the Sea, which had never been feen before. In 
thofe days likewife, the Conful Quintius Fulvius 
engaged the Spaniards, who are iituated at the 
greateft diftance from Italy, and obtained the 

Lepidus Mutius, who fucceeded as ConfuI» 
was determmed to conquer that moft warlike 
nation, which were then named the Bafterne 
(whom men now call Hungerri) the pretence for 
which was, that they intended to affift Perfeus, 
King of Macedon; but the Danube being fo 
much frozen that Lepidus concluded his foldiers 
might pafs over the ice, moft of the army pe- 
rilhed [in the attempt], 

[a] Unjcjuj-na rpjiaccc, which, perhaps, were confidcrcd 
by Philip as improper, becaufe be had humbkd himfelf loo 
much before the Senate. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


During the Confulfliips of P. 
Crafliis and C. (paflius, happened the '. 
nian war, which may be coniidered ; 5 
the greateft in hiftory ; for the Roi 1 
for allies all parts of Italy, Ptolemy 
Egypt, Argeatus King of Cappadocia, : 
King of Alia, and Mafinifla King of > 
Perleus, on the other hand, was fupf : 
the Thracians, as well as the lllyrian 
foon as the armies engaged, the Rom i 
defeated, as they were afterwards in ; 
battle. After this, Perfeus /winged tl : 
whole year, and marching into lllyria, 
the town of Sulanum, which was unde 
vernment of the Romans ; he alfo kill : 
of the inhabitants, as well as made m ; 

The Conful, however, L. Emilius, 
terwards engaged Perfeus, and having 
him with the lofs of 20,000 men, the K 
felf was taken prifoner when he was at : 
to make his efcape, carried to Rome, < 
put to death. Many othtr fights happ( 
in thofe days, which it would be tcdioui 


In [a] the year of Rome 600, wher 
cinius and LucuUu^ Aula were Confuls, 
mans were under great confternation frc 
with the Celtiberians (a nation of Sp 

[a] Orot K U. c. 21. 


they had no commander who dared to march an 
army into that country, except Scipio (who was 
called Africanus, becaufe he had taken the com- 
mand in that quarter of the globe, when all 
others declined it through fear) though they had 
before fettled that he Ihould be their General in 
Afia. When Scipio had thus obtained the com- 
mand in Spain, he gained many fignal viftories; 
his collegue Serius Galba, however, w^s de- 
feated by the Lufitanians. 

In thofe days the Roman God^ ordered the 
Senate to build them theatres; but Scipio oppofed 
ftrongly any fuch works being undertaken, and 
alfo when he returned from Spain, he reproached 
them with having thought of doing what was fo 
injudicious and ruinous to the {late. Thus the 
Romans, by his prudence and advice, over- ruled 
the commands of their Gods, and all the treafure 
which they had collected for fuch buildings they 
difpofed of for other purpofes. Now Chriftians 
may well blufh, who hone after fuch diabolical 
amufements, as the Romans (who were not 
Chriftians) defifted from building theatres, toere^: 
which they were not forbid, either by their 
Jaws or cuftoms. 

After this, Serius Galba marched into Lufita- 
nxa, and made a truce with that nation, which 
He took advantage of, by deceiving them; but this 
breach of faith was of infinite prejudice to the 
Romans, as none of the conquered nations could 
afterwards trull them. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

. f ^7^ ] 


tn [h] the year of Rome 602, when Marcus 
Cenforinus and L. Manlius were Gonfuls, began 
the third Punic war, and the Senate determined 
amongji themfehes^ that if they conquered the 
Carthaginians a third time, they would entirely 
deftroy Carthage. With, this intent they fent 
Scipio into Africa, who in his firft battle defeated 
the Carthaginians, and drove them into their city ; 
after which they fued for peace, but the Romans 
Would not grant it upon any other terms, than 
that they Ihould deliver up all their weapons j 
abandon their town*, and engage to build no 
other within ten miles of it. When this an- 
fwer was made to the Carthaginians, they rather 
chofe to be buried with their city, than deftroy 
it, they alio made weapons for themfelves of 
iron, ir they had any, and thofe who had not, 
ufed filver for this purpofe, whilft others made 
their arms of wood ; after which preparations, 
they appointed the two Afdrubals to be their 

Now will I tell you (quoth Orofius). how this 
city was in circuit thirty leagues, and was fur- 
rounded by the Sea, except for the fpace of three 
miles. The wall was twenty feet thick, and 
forty ells high ; on the infide alfb was a lefs for-, 
trefs, fituated On a cliff projedling into the fea, 
which was two miles high ; by thefe fortifica- 
tions the Carthaginians were now able to defend 

[i] Orof. 1. iv* c. %2. 

2i % '^ thci 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

172 BOOK IV. 

their town, though Scipio had broke down fome 
part of the wall; after which he returned 

During [c] the Confulfliips of Cn, Cornelius 
and Lucilius Lentulus, Scipio went a third time 
into Africa, with intention to deftroy Carthage, 
and when he arrived, he continued his attack on 
the town for. fix days, till the citizens at laft fub- 
mitted to be flaves, as they could defend their 
city no longer. Then Scipio ordered all the 
women, to the number of 20,000, and 30,000 
men able to bear arms [to leave the town] [dj ; 
and king Afdrubal having killed himfelf, his 
wife burned herfelf with her two fons, after the 
death of her hufband. Then Scipio dire£led the 
town to be entirely razed, and the hewn ftones 
to be broken in pieces, that they might not be 
ufed afterwards ; the city alfo continued on fire 
for fixteen days, in the feven hundredth ^winter 
after it was built. 

Thus ended the third Punic war, in the fourth 
year after it began, and not long afterwards it 
was mooted amongft the Romans, whether it was 
well advifed to deftroy the town entirely, that 
they might have peace in thofe parts, or whether 
they might not have permitted it to ftand, be- 
caufe it might occafion a war which would pre- 
vent their becoming inadlive and torpid, a ftate 
which they much dreaded^ 

[c\ Orof. 1. iv. c. 23. 

[^J What is inferted between the crotchets, is added ta 
make the fenfe compleat, as the pericd is imperfedt^ onty &/' 
ing that Scipio ordered^ and not what he ordered, 

2 From 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


From this, Romans^ it appears, the 
ceftors (quoth Orofius) before the 
Chriftianity, knew that war was the 
of bravery and virtue ; but now ye ai 
out and lean* within^ when your elder 
without and f^t within, as well as of 
daunted and firm courage, I kno^ 
(quoth he) how neceflary it may be tl 
fay what I have faid, and probably 
own labours, as much as if a man 
very ftrongly a foft ftone, conceiving 
moft excellent whetftone: the fam 
fhall I experience, probably, in endej 
ivhet people's minds, w^hen my whetf 
ther fharp [^] nor hard. 

* Or have a good outward appearance, but 
leafl: thus I underftand this paflage. 

[^] Sccajip, which in this place muft rath( 
Ibarpening quality. I muft admit thq whole 
graph to be both quaint and obfcure. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A R L 

I Know [/] well (quoth Orofius) that the Ro- 
maas boait much of the vi£tories they have 
obtained over many nations, and how they 
graced their triumphs with captive Kings. Thefe 
ate the happy times in which they fo much 
glory, conceiving that thofe ages were made for 
them alone, when, if they would confider pro- 
perly, they would find them to have been made 
for the other parts of the world, in common with 
them. Though they therefore conceive that 
thefe times were prosperous and happy, becaufe 
they took a moft opulent town [g]j they ihould 
lather imagine, that the times were unfortunate, 
becaufe, through the power of their own city, all 
others were reduced to a ftate of wretchednefs. 
If they will not think thus, let them alk Italy 
(their own country) how they liked thefe times, 
when they were killed, plundered, and fold as 
flaves in foreign lands, for one hundred and 

[/J Orof. L V. ۥ I. This i$ the firft inftancc of Oro- 
fius's introductory chapter to any of the Books of his Hiftory, 
being tranflated by iElfred ; it is, however, much abbreviated, 
and infinitely more clear than the original. The fecond 
chapter of this Book of Orofius is alfo entirely omitted^ 
which gives an account of his being then fettled in Africa, 
and of his general benevolence to the inhabitants of every 
part of the globe^ 

[gl Meaning Carthage, the deftruftion of which is men- 
tioned in the preceding chapter. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

176 B O O K V- 

twenty winters together. If they will not think 
thus^ let them alk Spain, which fufFered the fame 
calamities for two hundred winters, as well as 
many other nations, and Kings, how they liked 
to be driven with infult and mockery in chains 
before a Roman triumph in the approach to 
Rome, as alfo afterwards to be confined in a 
prifon, till they were delivered only by death. 
Many of thefe were > alfo fo harrafl'ed and tor- 
mented; that they were obliged to give the Ro- 
mans all they had, in order to purchafe the pro- 
longation of a miferable 4ife ; though we, who 
are born in times of peace, can fcarcely conceive 
how difficult it was, for [thefe captive Kings] to 
obtain their lives, even at fuch a price ; as it hath 
only happened fince the nativity of Chrift, that 
we have been delivered from thraldom; and every 
calamity, if we will but entirely devote our- 
felves tohim [h]. 


•In [/] the -year of Rome 606 (in which Car- 
thage was deftroyed) Cn. Cornelius and L. Len- 
tulus razed the city of Corinth, which was the 
head borough' oi all Greece. In the burning 
of this town all the ftatues were melted (whether 
of gold, filver, brafs, or copper) and funk in 
pits ; from this accident, to this day, we call thofe 
Corinthian vats that are made from this mixture 
of metals ; they are alfo fairer to look at^ and 
dearer than any others. 

EA] Uip pe him pul^ansan pilla'S. 
1] Orof. 1« V. c. 3% 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C M A P. ir. 

tn [k] thofe times there was a (h \ 
Spain, called Viriathus, who was a g : 
and by thefc Jtealings he made fo mi 
that he was affiftcd by many other rob i 
laid many towns under contribution, 
had thus committed depredations o^ : 
countries, (from which the Roman 
tnuch\ they fent agalnft him an arn | 
the Conful Vetulius, wKo was defe; 
inoft of his troops (lain ; after which, 
happened to the Conful Falucius. 
Conful Claudius marched againft Virial 
ceivinjg he (hould have wiped away thi i 
from the Roman army> but, however, I 
mcreafed it, in a battle which enfued, ; 
which he made his efcape with great d I 

After this, Viriathus, accompaniec 
men, furprized looo of the Romans ii 
when a hundred and feventy of his folio 
killed in the engagement ; 300 of the 
however, fell, and the reft were difperfed 
this flight, a Thane (whofe name was 
being at a great diftance front his men 
horle pierced under him, upon whic 
of his purfuer? endeavoured to klil, 
hirtr priloner; but he fmote one of th 
with his fword, fo as to fever the head 
body {r\p aiKl afterwards made fb ftout a 

[Hi] Orof. i. V, c. 4. 

[/I If the common fpecimena of Roman fwoi 
j|iofed to be fuch' as they ufed at this time, it 
that a horfe's head ihould be fevered from it's \ 
fliort a weapon* 


178 B O O K V. 

againft the reft, that they could not make hitn 

The next war of the Romans was carried on 
by the Conful A, Claudius, againft the Gauls, 
who, in his firft battle with them, was defeated ; 
but on bringing up afterwards a frefli army, he 
obtained the vidory, JciUing 6000 of the Gauls. 
When he returned after this to Rome, he ap- 
plied for a triumph, but the Romans refufed 
this improperly [m]j e^ccufing themfelves, be- 
caufe in the firft battle he was not victorious. 
Afterwards, there happened fo great a plague in 
Rome, that no one dared either to leave the 
city [«], or. enter it, and much ground within 
the walls was without any owner. They were 
fenfible, however, that this calamity did not 
ceafe by means of facrifices, which they before 
had recourfe to, when they thought that with their 
diabolical offerings they could remove their mi- 
ieries* I make no doubt, however, that if they 
had facriHced, they would have fuppoled that 
their gods helped them; but it was God*s pro- 
vidence that all thofe died [0] who might have 
offered fuch facrifices, till the plague ceafed of 

After this, the Conful Fabius marched ag^nd 
Feriatus, and was defeated; he was alio after- 

[iw] Untjtcoplice, or untruly; the triumph, however, fecffls 
to have been very properly denied. 

[n] On account of an edi£l:, probably, which was iflued 
againft any on«'s leaving the city« 

fo] Lajon, jacuerunt ; and it may not be improper here t# 
ie<fl feme other Saxon expreffions, importing death* As 
's^o|\ on unphte, hs wmt out of fight \ sepoji, limply, hi 
Wint away. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CHAP. IL 179 

wards guilty of the moft (haracful aft that ever 
was done by a Roman, for when he had pre- 
vailed upon fix hundred of the Sicilians to re- 
volt to him, he cut off their hands. 

About this time, Pompey the Conful marched 
again/l the Numantines, a nation of Spain, and 
was defeated. 

Fourteen years afterwards^ this fame Vi- 
riathus commenced a war againfl: the Romans^ 
and was flain by his own men, who as often as 
he had before been attacked by the Romans, al- 
ways obtained the viftory. The Romans, how- 
ever, behaved rather honourably, with regard to 
thofe who killed him, treating them as deteftable 
wretches for having betrayed their lord, though 
they had expefted rewards for committing the 

I (hall now pafs flightly over the many wars 
that happened in the Eaft, as I do not think they 
would prove fo interefting as thofe of the Ro- 
mans. In thofe times Mithridates, King of 
Parthia, fubdued Babylon, and all the country 
between the Indus and Hydafpes, which before 
belonged to the Romans j after which, he ex- 
tended his dominions to the Eaft of the confines 
of India. On this^ Demetrius, King of Afia, . 
marched twice againft him with an army^, in 
the firft of which expedition? he was defeated, 
and in the fecond taken prifoner. He was, how- 
ever, tributary to the Romans, who had placed 
him on his throne. 

After this, the Conful Mancinus led ah army 
againft the Numantines (a people of Spain) and 
haying carried on the war againft them for fomc 

A a 2^ time. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i8o BO O K V»^ 

time, he made a peace withthem ; after which ho 
Jlole away from them. When he returned, how- 
ever, the Romans ordered him to be fettered, 
jind to be fent before the gate of the fortrefs of 
Numantia, from which iituation, neither his own 
troops durft remove him> by parrying him back 
to Rome, nor would thofe receive him withia 
their walls to whom he was brought } fq that, 
being ruefully bounds he continued on the fam? 
:Q)Ot before the gate, till he at lafl perifhed. 

In [p\ thofe days the Gonful Brutus flew 
lBo,poo Spaniards who had aflifled the Lulitanians, 
foon after which, he marched into Luiitania, 
flaughtered 50,000 of the inhabitants, and took 
6000 prifoners. About this time alfb, the 
gonful Lepidus marched to that part of Spain 
which is neareft Italy, and was defeated, with 
the lofs ,Qf 6000 of his men, whilft the reft of 
his troops rap away, to their very great reproach 
and ignominy. Now, can the Romans blame 
any one for mentioning how many pf their forces 
were flain, during the courfe of ^ few years, in 
Spain, when they are eternally bpafting of thefe 
happy times, which were on the contrary molt 
palamltous ? 

During \q] the ConfuKhips of Servius Fulvius 
ind Quinftius Flacgps, a child >yas born at Rome, 
that^had four feet, four hands, four eyes, and 
four ears j in the fame year aUb there was an 
eruption from Mount ^tna, in Sicily, which 
de{lrpye4 more land than had before bepri expe- 

[p] Orof. 1, V. c, !• |f} QxqL 1, V, c. 7. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


In [r] the year of Rome 620, whd 
ful Mancinus concluded that very dil 
peace at Numantia (infbmuch that tl 
themfelves laid that nothing fo ignon 
ever befallen them, except atCaudin; 
they fent Scipio with an army againi 
mantines. This nation is iituated in 
weftern part of Spaiti, where, w 
j^diftance, and with only 4000 men 
defended themfelves for fourteen ye 
40,000 Romans, 

Scipio now befieged them for half a 3 
fortrefs, and reduced them to fuch a i 
<ery, that they rather chofe to de{ 
(elves, than bear thefe calamities s 
When Scipio found that the befieged 
difpofition of mind, he ordered fo 
troops to attack the fortrefs, in ord! 
the inhabitants out of their fortifii 
which the Numantines were glad a\ 
that they became intoxicated wiih ak 
forth from two of the gates. [Now 
pf Numantia were the firft who mad 
called itkj becaufe they had no wine 
3y this ftratagem all the Numantii\ 
peri(l)ed, and thofe who remained ;: 
to the town, becaufe they did not cho<: 
Qld habjit^^iqns ihould fall intq the. hi 

[r\ OroC 1. V. c 7. 

lU B O O K V. 

enemies, after which they threw thcmfelves into 
the firei 

' As [/] Scipio was returning home from Spain, 
an old man of Numantia came to him, whom 
Scipio alked, whence it proceeded that the Nu- 
mantines were at length fo eafily fubdued, after 
they had refifted fo effeftually for fo many years. 
To this the old man.anfwcred, that it was diffi- 
cult to conquer them whilft they afted in con- 
cert with each other, but when that union was 
broken, they all foon pcriflied. This anfwer 
was much attended to by Scipio, and all the Ro^ 
jnans queftioned him about it on his return, 
as there was then great difcord between them. 
At [«] this time Gracchus was Conful Ix] ; who 
warred againft the othersj till he was flam. In 
the fajne days alfo* there was a conteft in Sicily,^ 
between the Lords and their (laves, who were 
fubdued, but with great difficulty, as 7000 vfcre 
killed before they would fubmit, and at one 
town, called Minturna?,^?//y [being half a hundred] 
of their men were hanged. 


In [jv] the year of Rome 621, when Licinius^ 
Craflus was Conful (who was the oldeft Bi/bop 

[i] Orof. 1. V. c. 8. 
[u] Orof. L V. c. 9. 

[jr] Alfred applies the word. Conful to Maftcr of the 
Horfe, Praetor, and TribunCt^ 

W Orpff 1. V. c. 19, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CH A P. IV, 1% 

amongft the Romans) he marched againft King 
Ariftonicus, who claimed the Lefler Afia, though 
Attalus, his own brother, had given it to the 
Romans by an inftrunaent in writing [a]. Many 
Kings, from many lands^ affifted Crauus on this 
occafion ; one of Nicomedia, two of Bithynia, 
three from Pontus, four from Armenia, five 
from Argeata, (ix from Cappadocia, icven from 
Philimenia, and eight from Paphlagonia ; but 
when they had fcarcely joined their armies toge- 
ther, the Conful wa& defeated, though he had 
fuch powerful fuccours. 

,.When Perpenna, the other Conful, was in- 
formed of this, he collected an army, and at- 
tacked the King by furprize, where he was 
pofted, after v^hich he drove him into a fortrefs 
which he befieged ; when the garrifon gave hint 
up fbon afterwards to the Conful, who ordered 
him to be fent to Rome, as well as thrown into 
a prifon, in which he continued till his death. 

In thofe days Antiochus, King of Aflyria, 
thinking his kingdom not large enough, wanted 
to conquer Parthia, and marched into that coun- 
try with many thoufand men, ^where he was 
overpowered by theParthians, asalfo himfelf flain. 
After this, the Parthians loon obtained his king- 
dom, becaufe Antiochus only troubled himfelf 
about the numbers of his troops, and did not 

[z] Thus I conceive boclanb to figntfy, in oppofition to 
lands acquired bv any other means, though the Saxon Dic-^ 
tionaries render the word hy pradia indefinitely. Mr. Lye, in* 
deed) cites this paflage from ^Ifred^s Orofius, and tranf- 
lates to boclaat>e9 fir tejiamentum* 


Digitized by VuO'OQIC 

I«4 K O O K IVS 

mind of what fort of men they coniitfed, (dt ' 
which rcafon the greater part of his army was 
rather bad than good. 

In thofe days Scipio, the beft and the moft fuc- 
cefsful of the Romans, or their Tbants^ laid his 
grievances before their gemote^ becaufe they did 
not treat him with proper relpeft in his old age, 
aiking them, why they did not remember all the 
toils and labours he. had undergone in executing 
their orders, as well as the many winters he had 
ierved them. He alfo reminded them how he 
delivered them from thraldom, under Hannibal, 
as Jikcwiie of many other of his deeds y and par^ 
ticularly how he conquered all Spain for them, 
together with Africa. On the night of that 
iame day in which he made this fpeech, the Ro« 
roans thanked him with worfe rewards than he 
had earned of them, by fmothering him in his 
bed, and fqueezing him till he loft his life* 
Alas, Romans ! where can ye find an inftance of 
thus recompenfing the fervices of the truejioi men ? 
; After this, during the Confulfliip of Emilius, 
there was fo wide and large an eruption from 
Mount ^tna, that few of the inhabitiants of the 
Lipary Iflands could continue there, on account 
of the heat and ftench. All the cliffs, more* 
over, near the lea, were reduced to a(hes, and 
all tile fhips were melted; the fiih alfo were de« 
llroyed by the fame intenfc heat, 
< • During [a\ the Confullhip of Marcus Flaccus, 
locufts infefted Africa, deftroying evety thing 
that grew on the land, and after they were 

; [a] OroC !• V, €• ix» 

5 drownedi 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A p. IV. 185 

drowned, the fea threw them up again. The 
ftench iflbing from them alfo, was fo great^ that 
it killed all the inhabitants, cattle, and wild 
beafts [6] in thofe parts. 

C H A P. V. 

In [f] the year of Rome 623, (when L. Mella 
and Q, Flaminius were Confuls) it was ordered 
by the Senate, that Carthage fliould be rebuilt; 
and on the night of the fame day in wl>ich the 
Romans had marked the foundations with (lakes, 
they were taken up by wolves; on which the 
Romans did not immediately proceed in their 
works, but after a long confutation whether 
this portended peace or war, they at laft rebuilt 
the city. 

In [d\ thefe days the Conful Metellus failed to 
the Balearic Iflands, where he fupprefled the 
pirates, after having put to . dbath many of the 


In [e] the year of Rome 627, the Conful Fa- 
vius fell in with Bituitus, King of the Gauls, 
and defeated him, though the Roman army wa$ 
very inconfidcrable. 

fA] UJilbcoji, or wild-dccr, ^properly, 
[e] Orof. 1. V. c. 12. 
ld\ Orof. I. V, c. 13, 
[^J Orof. I. V. Ct 14. 


/ Digitized by VjOOQIC 


In [/] the ycaf of Rome (SiKt when Sclpia 
Nafica and J^f Calvus wefe Confyls, the Romans 
(declared war againfl: Jqgyrtjia, king of the Nu* 
midiaps, who wjs sjf relation [5J P^ Micipfa, 
king of the farpe country, and who adopted [h] 
Jngurtha when very young, as wpll^sj^a and/«- 
Jtru£l(d himy together wiUi his two fon^, Ju? 

furtha' havirig thus obtained ^ third part of the 
ingdpm, killed one of the king's fbns, an4 
drove the other away^ who iptreating the pro? 
teftion of the Honaans, they fent the Confu| 
Calp\irniu^, with an army ; bpt Jugurtha con- 
trived to bribe the Conful, fo th^t be did little 
agiinft hito. After this, he w^nt himfelf ta 
Rome,**ncl contrived tp dp the lamp fe^tetly 
iivith every Senator, infomwch fh^f all of fhefl[i 
tvere well incline^ towardfs him. 

Not long afterwards, Jugijrtl^a (as he ^eparte^ 
from the city) ^ddreffed the iiomans ip thefe re-: 
proachful yifoxAs^ laying, ^h^tt 0^ one might buy 
the town itfflf^ tf he tJDMtd tHat^for if [/J, 

The next year tlie Rotnans fent the Conful, 
A* Poftuniiu?, with 60,000 men, againft Jugurr 
|ha ; and the two armies ineetuig near C^lama, 

[/] OroC h y. c. 15. ' 

f^l ^«S> in the Saxon. 

|l] It piuft be admittfd that tb!$ account, is by np m^m an 
jmprovcpicnt oi the words ppmmon^y ^^^t IntQ J^^ttha's 
Tnouth, who addreiTe^ tbcm to tbe'C(Au an4 po| to the 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

i\it Romans we^e defedt^d* on whu 
was conbluded between therp, the c 
of which was^ that thd gre^tfei}: pati 
revolted to tugurtba* The next G 
poifit^d by the Roman» ^ainft this 
MeteHus, who obtained two fucceftiv 
which being followed by a thirds Ju 
obliged to take refuge ill NUnlidia, 
fabmltted to git9 tbieer hUndfed hdfli 
Romans i notwithftai»d|ng whidhi he 
to commit ads of hoftUity<r Thei 
mans fent the Conful^ Marius (aa c 
and wary a general ^^ Jugurtha) wh 
towards a town as if he had intent 
veft it* On this, Jugurtha haftenec 
army to the alliftance of the befieg 
Marius immediately left this city, and 
to another, where Jugurtha^s goIM 
winch foon furrendcfred to him, togeth 
the tr^afure that bad been there amafii 
tbi^,. Jugurtha coul4 not trufl his 0^ 
but made a treaty with Bocthus, JCinj 
I'itattia, who marched a great army tc 
tance, ^nd Jiole upon the HOmans^ fo t\ 
^agemtint neceflaril/ enfued^ To t 
Boccblis had brought 60,066 horfe^ 
fan try , and the Roolans neyer wei'e mo 
attacked^ iis they wfere fufroufided on < 
In this fight nloft of their troops W 
becailie the armied' engaged oil a fand} 
that by the great dull, they could nc 
they (hould zA, which inconvenience, 
duft and heat^ they were obliged to 
liigbt4 The next morning they contk 


i88 BOOK V. 

fame ttiflrefsful (ituation^ and were likewiie again 
furrounded; but when they began to think of a 
retreat, they determined to leave part of the 
army on the fpot, whilft the reft fhould force 
their way through the enemy, if poffible. When 
this was efFeded, then a rain fell, which foon 
diftrefled the Mauritanian army, as their Ihields 
were covered with the hides of elephants, fo 
that fevv^ could make ufe of them [>&], becaufc 
elephants hides will drink wetj like ^Jpunge. In 
this battle it,ioo of the Mauritanians were 
killed, and Bocchus, after his defeat, making his 
peace with the Romans, delivered Jugurtha to 
them in chains, whb confined him in prifon, 
together with his two fons, where all of them 


In [/) the year of Rome 642, (when Manlius 
and Quinftilius were Gonfuls) the Romans en- 
gaged the Citiibri, Teutones, and Ambroiies (who 
are a nation of Gaul) and they were all (lain, 
except ten men out of 40,000 *, befides the lofs 
of 80,000 prifoners, in which were included the 
Conful and his forts. Afterwards thefe different 
nations befieged the Conful Marius in a fortrefs, 
and it;was a great while before he could leave it, 
in order to fight with the enemy, tiir his men 
declared that they were determined to return to 

[*] TChebban, which, however, fignifies properly U bold 
them up. ''' 

[I] Qrof. 1. V. c. 16. 

* 80,000 Romans with their allies, according to Orofius, 
and 40,000 of the followers of the camp. 

.... Italy. 

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Italy* When he had thus abandon ; 
trcfs, the two armies met on a down, i 
the Romans complained to the Con . 
thirft they fufFered ; to which he ^nj \ 
quotha " Ye may eafily fee where 
•* which is neareft to us, is to be p i 
" the other fide of our enemies,; anc 
«' within fb fmall a diftance of them, . 
*< reach it but by our fwords." Tl i 
then obtained the viftory, killing 2 : 
the Gauls, together with their Gej 
making 180,000 prifoners, 


Jn [w] the year of Rome 645, which 
5th year of Marius's Confulftiip, the Re 1 
ing peace with all foreign nations, bej ; 
fatal civil war, and I (hall now (hortly f 
Orofius) what was the caule of thofe < 
Marius the Conful, together with Luciu 
and Satu minus, drove Metellus into b 
whom Marius fucceeded as Conful. Th 
however, was not approved of by the Co: 
pey and Cato, who when the Mari 
could not prevail ag^lnft them by theij 
both Lucius and Saturninus tp death ; 
wife propofed, that Metellus fhould re 
his banilhment. This was violently c 
Marius and Furius, whence grew a gr 
between them and Pompey, thougl^ 
not dare (peak their fentiments ppexily i 
of the Senate. 

[m\ Orof. 1. V. c. 17. 


C H A P. X. 

In [n] the year of Rome 66 1, and the cth 
year of Julius Caefar's being Conful, togetaet 
with L. Martins, there was a moil extenfive 
and open war m all parts of Italy, between Ju* 
Hus and Pompey, though they hiad before fmo* 
thered their refentments : in this year alio hap- 
pened many wonder^ in many lands. A fiery 
ring Appeared to the northward with great vi- 
bration of light : at a feaft in the town of Fa- 
ventum, when the loaves were made, blood 
iflbed from them : it hailed both day and night 
over all the Roman territories ; in the country 
of the Samnites the earth burft, after which a 
fire afcended towards heaven :' IaKly,[ men faw 
(as it were) a golden ring, broader than the fiin, 
which declined towards the earth, and after* 
Wards rofc towards the flcy. 

In thofe days the Picentihi, Marfi, Peligni, 
and Marmecini confpired together to deftroy the 
ttomans, when they ilew C. Servilius, a Romaa 
alderaian> who was ient to them on an etrand\ 
about the fame time alfo^ both the cattle and thd 
hounds became mad, in the country of the Som^^ 
t)ites. After this^ the Conlul t^orapcy carried oil 
a war againft thefe different nations, and was 
defeated, as was alfo Julius C^iar by the Marfi^ 
though he afterwards engaged the Sathuites and 
Lucaliij over whom he obtained a vifltbryi on 
which they ftibmitted to him. Oti his return 

[a] Orof. i. \i c. i8, 


Digitized by VjOC)QIC 


afterwards, Ctiefkv required that th 
fhould permit hiin to triumphf but thi 
a blacliL clpak, by way of contempt, 
ft^uic 9 v^itY^ orders that he ihould m 
HUtoic witi) any attendants fe?!. Aftei 
Conful Sylla (Pompey*s Cbllegue) ei 
Piferni, and defeated th^n^, whilft 
i(ame tin^e, Pompey obtained a viStor 
Picentfrii, The Romans, however, 
with a^ honourable triumph, for the ii 
advantage he had gained over the er 
took no further notice of Julius Csefai 
his ferviccs were greater) than by femi 
funic^ by which they occafiqned the ej 
afterwards fubfifted between then). T 
pind Fpmpey took the town of Afculu 
bek)nged to the Mard, when they flew 
the inhabitants'; abqut the fame tini< 
Confyl ^ylla kiU<e4 the f^tqe numbe 


In [j»l the y^ar of Ronie 671, thi 
ibnt Sylla againft Mithridates, King ci 
^nd Maraus (who was Caefar^s uqclel 
that tliey would not give him thi) 
otherwiie, endeavo<ired to procure 
phofeii Conful a feventh time^ ftogeth: 
being appointed! General agajnu Mithi 

M %^<>i^ ^T^nZf 9 '° the ortginil!.. which I mi 
|lot i^nderihind the figniiication of, lb that I trat 
conjeAure. If I am. bovireverp permitted to res. 
BzxoT^ GlolBiries render it homratio^ which I f 
ffonourf and will therefore agree ^11 with the CO ; 
' [>] 9fof- !• Yr ?• !9! 

igi BOO K V. 

catife it IS a cuflorn with thejn to put a cufiiion 
feVery twelvemonths under the Conful's (eat [^]. 
Wheh Sylla, therefore, perceived with what in- 
tentions Marius was approaching Rome, he 
marched immediately towards the, city with his 
armj)-, as alfo drove Marius, with all^ his people, 
into the town, where the inhabitants took " him 
prifoner,' and intended to deliver him up to SylJa, 
Marius, however, made his efcape in ihe nighty 
from the chains with which they bound him in 
the dayy and fled Southwards over the fea to 
Africa, where he could depend upon the greateft 
fuccours. He foon afterwards proceeded towards 
Rome, where the two Confuls,* pinna and Sue- 
tonius, fupported his caufe;*and hence arofe tlie 
occaiion of all the calanrjjties t'hat^ ehfued. 

Now [rl when the Senate heard that Marius 
approached Rome, they immediately fled towards 
Sylla and'Pompey, in G'ree^d, where they had 
marched their arrnies.^ Onjthefe motions Sylla, 
with great difpatch, returned^ from Greece to- 
wards Rome, aixl after an obftinate engagement, 
defeated Marips, as alfa put to death all the Ro- 
j;nans who hadrefpoufed his caufe. Soon after 
this, all th^ Confuls [i\ died^ Marius and Sylla 
by,thpir oyvn hands; Cinna was killed .in Smyr- 
na :(a town of Afia) and Suetonius in Spain, 

[^] This alludes to a cuftom which no other writer hath 

S^eniiqped, and feems to be a very odd reafon for Svlla's 
efiring lo be a feventh. time Conful.. Upon further connder- 
ation, I do not fee any occa&on for the note 1 have inferted, 
p, 194. of the Anglo-Saxon verfion, with regard to this paflage. 
Orof. 1. V. c. 20. 

All thofe who had been Confuls, 


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d H A R Xl 

Then [/] Pompey undertook the v 
^Mithridates, becaufe he had poflefied 
all the Lefler Afia, as well as Greece, 
pcy drove him from both thefe cou 
Armenia, where he purfned this kin| 
of the inhabitants killed him. Po 
gained a vidlory over Archelaiis (wh 
thridates*3 General) fo that he entirely 
it is fcarcdy now to be Credited (quo 
what was fufiered in thefe wars^ whicti 
for forty nJDinters^ either by plunder^ 
of kings, or by hungfer. 

When \m\ Pompey was returning li 
the Jews would not furrender 
of Jerufalcm to him, thougji he wasi 
fcwo and twenty kings \x\. Poinpey. 
attacked the city both day and night \ 
tcrmiffion, and drove the inhabitants 
iceflities^ that they furrendered aftfei 
had lafted three months. The Jews 
men, and their walls were razed e 
ground ; Ariftobulus was alfo carried ; 
RomCj who was both their king 

f/] Orof. 1. vi. c. 4; the five laft chapte: 
jcedihg book of Orofius being omitted, as Well a! 
chapters of the fixth book. 

[u] Orof. 1. vi. c, 6» 

[r] The words here ufcd arc father equii 
fignify alfo^ w^hilft ih;;. 2a kings aflifted the. Jeii 



In ly] the year of Rome 6/7, the Romam 
gave Julius Caefar the command of feven legions 
to carry on the war fcit five winters in Gaul [z]> 
and after hei had conquered thefc natioti?^ he went 
'intb the ifland of Brittonie, where, fighting with 
'rhe Bryttas [iz], he was defeated in that part of 
the country which is called Centland. Soon after 
*this, he had a fecond engagement with the Bryt- 
tas, in Centlatid, wlio were put to Sight. Their 
'third' battle was near the river that mea call the 
'ITemefe (near thofe fords which are cdled We- 
lingaford) ; after which, not only all the inha- 
bitants of Cyrnceaftre [b^ fubmittedy bm tl>e 
whole ifland* 

After [c\ this, Juliu$ went to Rortie, and re- 
quefted that be fliould be honoured with a tri- 
umph, wh6n he was ordered to approach the 
city but with few attcrxlafits, and th^ h? ftrould 
leave all his army behind. Whilft he wa&, how- 
\-ever, thus on his return, 'he was met by the 
three aldermen who were his faft frienda, and 
who laid,; they were banilhed for having efpoufed 
his ifttcrcft* They alfo iaformed him^ that all 

[yl OroC L vJ. c. 7. 
• {2ij Orof. 1. vi. c. 9; tbecigMh chapter being otnitted. 

[a] Bfiyttai;*. 

[b] I fiiould fuppofethjtt this fhould be Dorchcftcr, rather 
than Cirencefter, a8 the fcrmer i« lb H©af t» WirfHjigforti* 
it is from this paflage that Bifliop Kennet hath infifted thsff 
Caefar's army forded the Thames at Wa]iingfoJ?d> aod not at 
Coway-S.tarkes. See Par* AnU 

« [r] -Oi^ef. !• vi. c# 15* 



by Google 

C HAP. Xn. loj 

ihe kgipns of the Romans were under the cotxit 
mand of Pompejr, in order to enable him to carry 
on the war more effeftu^Uy. . On this, Caefar 
turned to his ow^i trpops^ and, weeping, re-» 
tnindcd them of the injuries which. werp raedi-» 
fated ^gaiuft him, without having given anj juft 
gauie of offence on his part, a$ alfo againft thofe 
who had efpoufed his interefl:: thu» he prevail 
ed on bis army to fuppprt him, together with 
ihvcn iegions, which were ia Sulmo* 

When Pompey, Gato, and the Setiate, heard 
this, they went into Greece, and raifed a great 
army which was collected on the Thracian clowns, 
whilft Julius went to Rome, broke open the 
Treafury, as alfo divided what he found there 
iimongft his army, which, according to Oroliua^ 
.was ii>credi.bly great. Then Ca&far marched to 
Marfeilies, and left three legions behind him, in 
order to awe that people, whilft he himfelf pro- 
ceeded into Spain, where Pompey^s legions we«c 
with his three generals, whom he gained over 
to his caufe. Hence he haftened to Greece, 
.where Ponapey awaited him on a down^ affifted 
by thirty kings, befides his own troops. Ponx- 
pcy, however, leaving this encampment, attacked 
Marcel lus (Gaffer's General) and flew him, toge- 
ther with all his forces. After this, Caefir be- 
iieged Torquatus (Pompey^s General) in a for- 
trefs, and Pompey marching to his affiftance, 
defeated Caefar, killing many of his men. 
Then Caefar went into Theflaly, where he col- 
lected a large array. 

When Pompey was informed of this, he 
marched againft him with an immenfe force, 

C c z having 

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io6 B O O K V. 

having 80 cohorts (which we now call truman 
^nd which confided in thofe days of 500 and 
1000 naen [d]^) befides his own followers, thofe 
of his Collegue Cato, and the fupport of the 
Senate i Caefar, on the other hand, had 80 co- 
horts* Both thefe Commanders had difpofed 
their army in three heapj themfelves beiqg en- 
camped in the centre, and the reft of their troops 
on their two wings. When it happened, howv 
ever, that Caefar had defeated aiiy part of Pom^ 
pey's army, then Pompey ubraided him with 
breaking old conventions (though he did not in- 
tend to adhere to them on his own part), and 
faid, ♦' Cafar^ Cafar^ iah care that you do not 
♦* too long perjijl in breaking through our alliance 
j^* and agreement. ^^ Then Caefar anfwered, and 
faid unto him^ " In fummer thou waft my rela- 
■i« tion and friend, but becaufe thou art not fo 
^* at prefent, that is raoft agreeable to me, which 
** is kthed by you/' [Now the agreement be- 
tween the two armies, thus alluded to, was 
the following, that they (hould not kill each 
other in any Ikirmifhes, when they happened to 

After thefe words, Pompey, together with 
his whole army, was defeated, when he himfelf 
-fled into Afia with his wife and his beamsy from 
whence he went into Egypt, intreatin^ fuccours 
from King Ptolemy. Now when Ponapey ar- 
|-ived for this purpofe, Ptolemy ordere4 his he^d 

[d] Th!s fectns to be the Saxon method of exprefflng 1,50®* 
and doe« not mean (as I conceive) that the cohorts fomctimes 
^ppnfte4 of 509 meq^ and foipe^i^es of |0OQ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CHAR Xn. 197 

to be cut ofF, and to be fcnt to Csefar, together 
with his ring. When it was brought accord* 
Jngly to Caefar, he wept much for the deed^ as he 
was the njoft mild-hearted of all men in thofe 
days. Afterwards Ptolemy marched an army 
againft Julius, when he was foon defeated, and 
hirnfelf taken prifoner. Caefar alfo ordered all 
the men to be put to death who bad advifed the 
killing Pompey, though he permitted Ptolemy 
ftill to be King of Egypt. Afterwards Cacfat 
engaged Ptolemy three difFerertt times, and al- 
ways obtained the victory. 

In M confequence of thefe battles, all Egypt 
iubmitted to C«far ; after which he returned to 
Rotpe, appointed his own Senate, who di- 
rected that Casfar (hitherto only Conful) 
fhould now be ftiled Diftator. Immediately 
after this, he marched into Africa againft Cato 
the Conful ; which when Cato was apprized ofi 
he advifed his fon to meet Caefar, and beg a 
|>cace from him ; " inafmuch (quoth he) as no 
^« pne loves any thing in this life, fo much as 
^* Cajfar is hthed^y me, I cannot therefore ^nrf // 
^* in myfelf t\i2X I can bear ever to fee him.** 
Having faid which words, he went to the towtx 
walls, from whence he precipitated himfelf, and 
was burften. When Caefar afterwards approached 
the town, he conceived that he fhould not fee 
Cato alive, but that he would die feme fuch 

Caefar^s next war was againft Pompey's no- 
t)l>ew, an4 many others of Jiis relations, whom 

|[f]^QroG 1« vi. c. 1 6. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

JO? «-O^K V, 

he- deftroytd.. Aftj^r-.this,, ^f weat. tq.RoftJC^ 
vvhllft the celebiity qF Jfais tam^ was fuch, thatibc 
J[iad .four triunVphs 'pn\his . refum; .but ibou 
inaarcKiiig into Spain, he engaged' Pompey's- two 
jfoqs^ when, he Igft. fb m.a|,..that Ke.was 
jiiol; without apprehcnlloi>s*pf- ^^iug 'tak^n,' pri- 
foiiot This he dreaded tlie more'(whi|ftpreffcd 
))y. a throng of his eiiemies). becaufe he' wpuM 
iniich wther have chofen to be killed in fight, 
.than he fettered in'bondu • , ♦ 

Q^far [/] i|ow relumed again to Home^ where 
lie mitigated thofe ordinances and regulations 
jivhich -were too fevere and penal ; however, the 
\yhole ' Senate, together with tlic Confuls, con- 
ceiving, that he. would break througjti. their old 
laws, ^apedvpoh him in their g^mote^ fii^ Jiick- 
jvg him with their knives [^], gave him twenty- 
fcv^ui woundd. 

- .1 


. jii f i6]. the year o£ Rorae 776, Odaviauus fuc- 
*cce^d to the Roman empire^ ^poa the death .of 
•his .relatio;x (without. the conpirrence o£'th<^ 
,peuple)r becaJule.Cariarhad efla:bij(bed it by his 
rwiJl [r]f that he thou fd i^iherlt. all his fubffance, 
•halving educated him as his adopted Ion [k].- Oc- 
!taviauii6, foon nfter his acceflion,, tbugnt four 
. battles with dia fame goodfortupe p his kiuiinaii 

.J[/} Orof. L-vi.rc. 17. 

'• -fA]' Qrof.. K-vi, 'C» 18. • ' • - , 

[/] Ireppirum. 




Jolitrs i tW lirff with P<)iApey,; the ftcond^\firh 
/iiithoiiy the GbtifulV the tllifd with Caifius^ and. 
the- fog^rtfe with Lepidus, though -he vvas before 
his Ifrittiidi. Oaavianus alfo had procured the alli-^ 
ance-df* Anthony, by intermarrying with hi^ 
daughtef, whilft Anthony fnarried (>ftavianus*i 
fifter. . . • 

Scon {/] afterwards, Anthony took poflefl- 
fiou of lall Afia, and wa6 divorced from Ofta-- 
via. - He then declared open enmity againft 
Oftavianus^ and ordered qvieen Cleopatra to bfe 
brought to hitn for a wife' (wIkmh Julius Caefat 
had before - enjoyed, as well as given het 
cilJ' Egypt). On tliis, Odamhus led his army 
againft Anthony, and defeated him. as fooii as 
they met. About three nights afterwards they 
had three engagements fi^irfy eutai Jea. Ofta- 
Tianus had thirty Ihips and tea large triremes, on 
%vhicli were embarked eight legions. A'nthon)4, 
on the-otherhand, had i-8<£> (hips, ii> which he 
had ten legions ; far tlK)ugh the number of veii- 
fels were fewer than in Oftaviaaus*«fre6t, yet they 
were larger and better [f^],' as likewile fo builf, 
that they could not be overloaded wilh men, be- 
eaufe they were ten. feet high above the wate#. 
This engagement vvas a very- obftinatb on^, 
though Oclavianus obtained ^hevi6:5ry, with the 
lols \n\ of 12,000 men, aiitd queen CkopalJfia 

*. r/} Ofoc J. vi. c* 19. • - . '*-i 

t |j^ Ibis Lil^u^nU iiiter <7//4MV>kn*: : ^ . . /. '.; 

* * " [«} Tf t>m *tSe^ con text ;His doali be- tE« lofs of 'iitimoAy* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

zoo /B O O K V* , 

was it the fame time put to flight, who had 
joined Anthony with a fleet. After this,Oftavianus 
engaging both Anthony j^nd Cleopatra, defeated 
them, in the month called Augu/i^ and on thofd 
days we call loaf-mafs [o\ j after which viftory 
Odavianus was called Auguftus, becaufe he had 
conquered at that time of the year. T^hen An* 
thony and Cleopatra colleded a fleet on the Red- 
Sea ; and when word was brought that Odavius 
was advancing towards them, the whole fleet re- 
voked. On this, Anthony and Cleopatra retired 
to the fmall remains of their army, when Cleo* 
patra ordered her grave to be dug, and went into 
It. Now when (he had thus (hut herfelf up^ 
ihe ordered fome adders to be brought to her» 
and taking them by her nails, (he applied them 
to her arm, till they bit her ; the conlequence of 
which wounds, from this fort of adder, is com« 
monly a death by fleep. Cleopatra thus deftroy- 
ed herfelf, becaufe fhe would not fubmit to be 
dragged in triumph towards Rome* 

When Anthony was informed that Cleopatra 
was thus dying, he fiuck himfelf, and ordered 
that his body (hould be carried, whilft be was 
ftill alive, to the fame fepulchre where (he was 
expiring. Soon afterwards O&av^anus hafted to- 
wards the grave, and ordered another fort of 
: adder, called Fi^i^j, which will cure the bite of 
any kind of ferpcnt (if timely adminiftered) but 
ihe was dead before he reached the tomb. After 
this, Odlavianus took pofleilion of Alexandria (the 
cbieC tQwn pf Egypt) and enriched Rome with 

£*] U«janejyta. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC ' 

C H A:P. XIIL aoi. 

jts ipoUs,^to fuch a degree, that ev6ry thing, gbf 
the lame kinds] became cheaper at RpmeA , 


tn [^] the year of Rome 7^51 it haftpeiied 
that (Ddavianu^ Caeiar, iti his£ftn Confulate^ fliyti 
Janii3*s door^ whilft he had the empire, of tba 
whole world. This general peace v<rds htok€m4 
when he was yet a lad, and was coming to Rojixa 
after Julius Caefar's afiafiinatioQ'; for the yerjr 
day he was chofen Conful/a golden ring was 
iben about the fun^ and in the city of Rome 
one of the fprings welled oil during the .wholt 
day* Now by this ring it was fignified there 
Ihould be a birth which (hdutd exceed the fun 
in brightnefs^ and the oil *prefaged the general 
peace to all mankind ; as 0(9:avianus hinlfelf (hew-^ 
ed by the words which I hare before alluded 
to \q]i though h'e manifefled God's glory un^ 
nvittittglyi Now as Oftavianus ordered that all i»* 
tions might come together during the courie of a 
whole year, whence they might kqoW what a gf^ne* 
ral peace was eftablifhed^ this fignified that one 
fhov^Id be born in thofe days^ who fhould lead 
us all to one gemote^ which is the life to tQme. 

Another token of Chrift was, that Odavianua 
ordered not only. that this general peace (hojuld 

[p] Ot6(. 1. vi. c. 46. 
. [f] Book Ilh Chtp. J. ^ 

;. * Oroiius fays, that this oil iignifidd Chrift; ihould b^ borit| 
ftlludiilg to the Greek w6."d Xp»rofi or ahbiiitcd.' - — * - - " 

D d take 

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ibi BO OK V. 

thilt jilace/ b<lt fhaf all naiioeis (hiyuU.pzj the 
fame tax^s^ -which typified that we (tumid all 
have one and the fame belief, as well as the 
fame inclination ^tiv do ^ood \Hr|;>. 

The third type of Chrift*s coming was, that 
()6ktvi$nbS'{)erinittedraU th'ofe who were Is^ilBed 
k> return to their owhtyard^ ^nd xhtix jktlHr's 
toiMffy^ whetheii flame : oc:fr^i . isaljR), that thofe 
Who would not thus return,^ ihoald be (lain, 
4^hen bi/io^ aflbmbled together they amoutit^d to 
8606. Thi^ ihewed that we are all directed to 
i>eicrt to 0&r own country^ that \% to the king* 
dbtti of heaven, ' which tho^b who refujQb ihall 

C H A P. XV. 

In [r] the year of Rottie 736^ fbme txattons of 
6pahi made war agstinfl: the Romans, do whi£:h 
A^guftug ordered the door of Janus^s Temple to 
foe opened, and leading an army againft them in 
jperfon, they were defeated ; after which, having 
^rive;^ thehl into a fortrefs, fome deftroyed them* 
IblVes by their own fwords, and others by poifon. 
This Spanifli war was followed by others with 
the lllyrians, Pannonians, Sermenni, aswellas 
many other nations, and Auguftus's Generals 
had many battles with them before they were 
thoroughly fubdued. When thefe wars, how- 
ever, were ended, Auguftus fcnt Quindilius 
Varus (the Conful) with three legions into Ger- 
many, all of which were deftroyed except the 

[f] Orof. 1, vi. c. 21. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Cnnflil himfelf. Oftavianus was lb ^o 
lofs, that he raviiigly beat his head 
wall, and when he had feated himi 
throne, he ordered the Conful to 

And [j] now tl\e whole world appli 
guftus for peace and his protection, 
thought he could be happy, but in ful 
his ordinances, or becoming his futi 
did they defire to retain any of their zi 
biilhed laws, but only fuch as Au 
proved of. This general peace occji 
(hutting all the doors of Janus*s il 
that the locks contradled a ruft which 
had before. In that very year when s 
pened (which was the two and fortiet I 
Auguftus's reign) be was bom, who I 
this peace to mankind, our holy li 
Now have I told you (quoth Orofius) 
the creation of the world, every one 
the firfl man*s (ins with many calai 
DOW will I relate what peace, and w 
nefs we have experienced (ince th< 
Chriftianity, that men's hearts may kn 
we had fuch a retribution. Here 
fifth book, and beginneth the (ixth. 

[i] Orof. I. vi. c. a2« 

Dd 2 

(.: : 

..> < i . 

..r .. ; 

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' t *o5 1 • 

C H A P. I. 

NOW will 1 (quoth Orofius) in the begin- 
ning of this book, take notice, that it was 
God's high [/] order (though it may perhaps 
appear fevere [u\) the four kingdoms of this 
world fliould continue for an equal number of 

The firft was that of Babylon in Aflyria^ and 
the moft Eaftern of thefe empires, which ftood 
twice feven hundred winters before its fall, as 
from Ninus their firft King, to Sardanapalus the 
laft, there were 1400 years. 

When Cyrus conquered Babylont then began 
the rife of the itoman empire, and in the fame 
days the Northern empire of Macedonia took 
place, which continued little lefs than feven 
hundred winters^ from their firfl King, Carane *, 
to their lafl, Fergus. Thus likewife the Sou- 
thern empire of Carthage lafled only feven hun- 
dred winters and a little more, from the city be- 
ing firft built by the woman Dido, till Scipio 
the Conful deftroyed it. In like manner, when 
the Rpman empire (which was the moft Wefterh 
and greateft) had continued the fame time, or a 
little more, a moft terrible fire happened in 

[t\ I hav^ observed in tbe Saxon of this chapter, that 
Jftsii fbould rather be read heah> or high. 

[tt] The Saxon y^qxA is yxymxx% 01 Jlrwg: paef f pite 
CO ftfiangr Csed. 40* 19. where it ligni6es, however, a^ I have 
tranflated the word. See Lye in Artlculo. 

* So the Saxon V^rfion^ but fuch a name is not mentioned 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

2o6 B OK- VI. 

Rome, fo as tQ<^ilrof fifteen -if ards [x] ; and yet 

no one knew whence this fire proceeded, though 

it confumed alm^ft every iji^n^ in thefe diftri&s, 

fo that fcarcely any part fyl of their foun- 

4atidfi$^ seftMifnidd* ' The ram^ lifeewifti ^iis. fo 

'gresdr^ Jtbat JKdme ne^er recovered iCs (plendotir, 

t^il Angltfttfs 4»rdeced h te be rebilitt (aildiQ a 

better manner than it was btfcte) the very yttr 

\thitt iSiwiik ¥^^b(mii infomueh that feme wUHx 

have faid it was decorated with precious -^ms, 

^fer the ^peM:e«o Aoguftus was matij thduiand 

It -was ^o dlius mahifeifted, that what hap- 

pen«d^ fbdfe empires, proceeded from^ Goi^s 

wilU as the coming of Chrift Was p^omi^ed to 

r AbrahMa, ill «he two an4 fortfcth winter 'that 

• Ninus. reigndd in'-Baby4on. ^ow it 4»p|)«Bid 
in lifee manner, during the kft of thefe em- 
pire^ (W, that be was ^km^ vjrhd was fprecol^to 
Abrafeam, in ffce two* and fortieth wmter ef 
Aigig«rfkis*s reign, and in ;the 752d year of 

A&tt this, the Romans corrfinned Jfe -great 
profperiey fw t^^lve winter Sj^ whilif 'M-* 

• guftus adhetied td tfie cot^yetition k)^ h^tffiAt 
with God, w4iicfc was ihit: lie not etily 
fhouki a^«>id, but abfolotdy- fei^jid, ai^ eftc 

' W Tuners tft tee Saxon^ ^hJcli are fai^ to be witBin the 

'jy^MRi% ajicfcacj iii'tftevSaxon, wuny^^at. 

y^' Owt 1. vy. ixj; 

^i] viz, Rome. 

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tb: . coniider , ;Hito: 'asf a ;I>ivi«k; 
hxife«d^. no King had ever 4one ho\ 
thfii€q|itrary ptiamotod both a4of9t^n 
ittg$(ini3a«miiidbms).'. in th^ twelfth 
reign, Attgiiftub:«:ji«phew Grfijis w6nt 
iciCb Syria (isrhuth. Auguftm h^ giv 
comif]^nd.of^i bulche wouMi ji^pt a 
mnibty God wboti became to:J<2rura 
midn it iwas.refsoctied to Aug^ftus^ be 
of- k, IK* did he t!ct>rdve Caw)$« T| 
hpwfeirer^ f6onv4eie punifhed for thi 
ibeh.a £ifnine^ that Auguftu^ was obi 
half of the inhabitants out of Rom 
iifao^^tkasie thb doors . of Janus!s T< 
opetsed, beoaiife smrty ibcuriioiis wei 
on the provinfces under difierent Genei 
in :np ioftaikce >W9$ tiiere ai;^ pit 

;QH^A P* IL 

. vlnj[c] the year of, Rome/ 767, Tib 
fucceeded to Auguftus, who was the 
mpfk forgiving, of iall the Romaa Eir 
Pilate informed hitn from Jierufalem 
racks and fufferings of Chrift, as, lik 
many confidered him as a Cod. No 
aiked the advice of the Senate on this 
Were all angry, with* the Emperor, 
had not imparted this intelligence to t 
(as it was ufual, in order for them to 
peoplc-at large) and they told Tit 

[^] Orof. 1. vii. c. 4. 

i38 BOOlC VI. 

they would n^ acknowfedge^GHrift for a<3oi; 
At this anfwer Tiberius becoKiiie. nidft wratt and 
cruel [d]^ havittg before been mild and gcnde, 
infomuch that he put every Senator to death, as 
he did likewife thofe twoaiid twenty, men 
(except two) whom he hfad-fixed upon for 
cbunlellors (commonly called Patddans)^ as 
akohis own two fofts. How hath God, there- 
fore, taken • vengeance on thk people .for their 
arrogance, and hdw foon did they fufier from 
Hieirown Cafarsy though it did not always hap- 
pen tlial other nations were ftf iquicfcly pundlhcd, 
lis often as they have offended! 

' -Iti the twelfth year of Tiberius's reign, Ood*8 
\Viath was again manifeftedagainfl the Romans; 
^l' wliten they were iflembled at a theatre, during 
the reprafentation of a play, 'it fell down, and 
deftroyed 20,000 of the audience. This punifli* 
ment they well deferved (quoth Orofius) ; for thejr 
(hould have confefled their fin v and made atone- 
ments for them, rather than have renewed fuch 
fpefiacles as they were acctiftomed to before 
the time of Chrift \e]. 

^ In the eighteenth year of Tiberius's reign, 
Chrift fufFered on the crofs [/] ; and there was 
darknefs over the whole earth, as aifo fuch 
^earthquakes, that clods fell from the motilfi- 
tains [g\. The grcateft, however, of thefe pro- 
kligies was an eclipie of the moon vrhctifuU^ ani 

* [</j hea^b * . 

[/J 1 l)is aU^de9 ^ what has ^before bcw.mentioae4« 

[/] Onhanjen, ot was hung^ literally* ~ 
[g] Duoup 


Chap. ir. 

at the gpeateft diftance from the ft 
twenty-third year of his reign, the 1 
ftfoyed Tiberius with poifon. 


In [b] the year of Rome 790, Gaii 
was Cafaf- for four years, who was 
depraved, as well as lewd difpbfition, 
ke was fuchj the Romans dcferved i 
Emperor, becaufe they derided and m 
iojun<9:ions of Chrift, Caligula, hov 
tliem luffer fo much, and detefted tli 
a degree, that he wilhed all the Rom 
one neekf that he might immediai 
through. Being alfo very unhappy hi 
were not fiich difcords aod contentic 
rally had prevailed, he went into c 
and would have found out fome p 
there was war, but he could not n 
part'oC the world where there wis no 

Unlike were the times (quoth Or 
the nativity of Chrift, to thofe whic 
as there were now no wars, aiid be 
could by any means avoid them^ 

la thefe days God's wrath cam( 
Jews, for they had both diffdntioi 
themlclves, as well as with all oth 
and their difputes in the city of Alex 
1^ fuch a height, that Caligula ban 
from the town. On this account the 
(who was the wifeft man amongft then 

[h] Orof. K vii. c. 5. 

E e 

*40 BOO K VI. 

Caligtfla*^ inlerpbfitkmy who tti^ch blamed them 
for making this requeftj arid ordered that every 
one Height follow what ft(3 they pleafed, a» 
likewifc that the churches at Jerufalem ihouldbe 
filled with the r.^pfefe/itafioii of devils, and par- 
ticularly that his own ftatue (hould be placed in 
the centre; [df ih^ Temple], He^ alfo thfiMiteried 
Pilate^ who had candemt>e<l our Lord td di$, till 
he krll64 himfelf^ Soda after this, Caligula wa& 
flain by tb^ Romans, wbilft be wis ileeptngy 
aod two cheili wete fouhd in bis clofet [/} filled 
with peliou^ qU oUt of whiph waft an infcripticHi; 
containing the namea <>f all the richeit men in 
Rome, whom he d^Ggtied to deftroy, and by 
this memoraltdum was to be reminded of fuch 
bis intention. When this poifon wH afterwards 
tliFOwn in^o the fe9, imiilediately aii immenfo 
iiumber of doad fifh appeir^dz by this^ there-^ 
6>pet God\3 wrath was t»*»ifeiled (by which he 
meant to try the Roman^l and afterwards his^ 
inerey, in not p^ri^itting Cftligula t© wry fqch 
t^ru^l defigns into execution* 

: . . G H A p. JV, 

. In [k] ih^ year of Romfe 795,^ Tiberiws CUu* 
4ius iuccegded to the Ronba^ einpire ; and in thd 
firft )^ar of his rei^» Peter the Apoflle cJamc to 
Rome, wh9\\ th^ firfl converts w?re made to 
^hrifli^pity by his pfeachihg. And now the 
Jloniai)^ weskli have pui Claudius to death (on 

E/] COa?$roh\ip, or Tre^furc-houfc, 
i] Oiof, 1, vir. Ct 6, • . 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

en AP. iv. *!< 

^otlnt of the aftiotis of Caliguk the late em<^ 
pejx>r, who was ClauAks's relation) as well as 
aU the oth^r kinfmeo o^ Caligula i mt (ince they 
had hecome Ohriftians, they were fo peacefully 
9Qd benevcdcndy difpof^d, «hat th«y forgot all 
the idjuries they ^had re;qeiv€ki from Caligula^ as 
:w0ll as the iujuftice^ aftd -wroags they had 
footed under Qaudiue bimfelf* ' 

In Jbhoie days happened othtt ftrange things in 
jfhe Roman Empire, finee Chriftlartity had bceii 
introduced, for the Dalmatians would make the 
^reuorai Seribanjlaiius their ICiiig, and on that 
account waged war againft the Romans* When 
they wsere aflembled, however, .witjl intent to 
choofe him King, they could not rarfe the baiW 
iier (as was their cuftora at fuch eleftions) oil 
which they weri angry wirfi themfelves to have 
had fuch a deiign, and killed Seribanianus* 
1/etliininow (quoth Orofius) who will, or Who 
[dares, aflert^ that this did not proceed from thfe 
<j6d of the Chriftians, and let him point put 
.an inftatice of a war being thus prevented, beforjs 
the eftablifhment of Chrillianity* 

Another wonder happened in the fourth year 
:Qf fClaudius?s reign, for he endeavoured to find 
out la country where there was war, and could 
.not difconer any fuch* In the fame year theris 
was a great £simine in Syria and Paiefl:ine : how- 
^ycr, Elena^ Queen of Adiabene, gave thei 
^Monks [^ at Jerpfalcm corn enough, becaufe fli« 
was a Chriftian* In the fifth year alfo of Clau* 
dius^s reign, an Ifland emerg^, betwixt Thera 

[/} CDunucun« 

E e a and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

212 BOOK VI. 

and Therdfia, which .was feven miles long^ 
and fiye broad* In the leventh year there 
were many contefts in Jerufalem^ between 
thoie who were not Chriftians, in which 30,000 
were killed, aiKl trampled vpon at the gates, 
without any one's b^ing able to difcoyer whence 
this (laughter aroie- In the ninth year of Clau- 
dius's reign was a great famine, infomuch that 
Jae drov« away jail the, Jews that lived in Rome; 
and when the Ramans reproached him with 
being the caufe of this famine, he was fo in- 
cenfed [w], that he ordered 25 of the Senatorsi 
to^bc killed, together with three hundred of the 
principal men, but the Romans afterwards poi- 
soned him. 

G H A P. V. 

In [n] the year of Rome 809, Nero fucceeded 
to the. Roman Eropirei and reigned fourteen 
-years, wjio was flill more infamous for every 
.kind of reproach which his uncle merited. He 
ordered Rome to \>t fet on fire, and thefa direfted 
Jiis fervants to gripe all the treafure they could 
jiind [during the confuiion], . which they brought 
ftp him, and fpread . before him.- in the mean 
-time the Emperor hiftifeif flood on the higheft 
.tower in the city, ai>d tnade verfes \p] by 
.the light of the fire, which continued bum- 
ping for lipc days and fcvcn nighfs. He began. 

.{in} S)itm-v or g^ttn.^ . - 
[«] Orof. 1. vii. c. /• 


;< I 

;however^;' his^' fevdrities, ' by '^fxn 
Romans for the mt/deeds they 
guilty of in the martyrdom of 
Paul [/>], an<f afterwaHls\ deftroy 
He was,* irideed", the ^fitft' perfect 
Chriftians, and many of his' relatic 
with him. / 

C H A P. VL 

In [q] the year of Rome 824, Gc 
Emperor, and within feven nionths I 
by a man called Otho, who fucce 
Empire. Soon afterwiar d^ the Roman i 
the Chriftians as Nero had taught : 
and they fuffered likewife 'frtpm all th : 
the eaftward of Syria, as well as ^ : 
amongft' thenlfelvcs. ^ Vitellius^' Kii 1 
many, fought fhric6 with Qtfio,- anc 
in the third month after. they became 


In [r]the year of Rome 8V5,Vefpc 

emperor, and there was peace over 

"empire, when he ordered his foii 1' 

'ilroy the temple at Jerufalem^ as 1 

• whole city, becaufe God would iv 

[P2 This is to be undcrftodd, ptobMy^ ^ 
him an indiument ef fuch puailhm^nt^ 
[q] Orof. 1. vii.,c. 8. . ; --r . 
[r] Orof. 1. vii. c. 9- -^ . 

;ti4 B OO K Vt 

Jl0Bgear to ftai^d io the way of Chfiftiajtiky [j]. 
Titus alft) forced the Jeivs to rebuild it, and 
ixerfecuted iop,QOo of the inhatbitants, fome 
of wKom Jbie put to deaths or bamflied, whilft 
others periled with hunger. Affer this, the 
Bomans ^r^uied a double triumph to Veipafian 
and to Titus. This fight was quite new to the 
Romans, as they had never before fcen two men 
fitting together f3» the-famoriea* [/], after which 
they Ihut the doors of Janus's Temple, and Vef- 
pafian.died of a diarrhoea, 4n a towp not faf /rem 
Rome; In the ninth year of his reign. 

CHAP, vnt 

In the year lof Rome .829, T^tus fpcoeed^d his 
,father, aoA reigned, for two yejars. He was of 
fo b^n^vcdent a difjpofitipn, ithat ^p faid k^ con- 
jfiderjcd the day as loSt^ in which he had not 
' done any .^Qd» .He ,^ed ^ftorwards, in the fan^e 
town that liis fisithb: did, and of the iame di« 
ftemper. - • - 


Iji f«] the year of Rome J830,, Pomitian (who 
was Titus's brother) became E^mpfsr^r, a«d 
feijgfied t5 years, duiring which 'Jie.much jperfe- 
buted the Chriftians ; he was likewife fo extra- 

.f/] This jdludes^/pmibs^Uy, to the p^^oj^hccy, ^hat the tem- 
ple and city fliould bdideftroyed. 

[/] I. #. in the fame triumphal chariot, 
[ttj Orof. 1. vit. c. 10. 


CHAP. }% 

vagamiy prdud, that he otdtrei eve 
adore him as a Ocfd. He dire^^d afte 
ApoAle Johm to be ieujt t6 th6 idanc 
and feparated from ail other Chriftiani 
fued an edift alfo, that thofe who were 
David^ Ihould her put to deaths in oi 
Chrift was not yet born, he might ni 
at all, becaiife the Pmphets had fi)ret 
Ihould be 6f that feed. Sooti aftef t 
3i>iKiiitiani was aflailiiiated. 

G H A P. i£. 

In [;i;} the year of Rome! 846, Kerv 
edi and becaufo he wad old^ he pitch 
maft, called Traj^h, to affift hini in 
the empire. Thefe Emperors deterr 
itiediately fo revoke all the ordinance 
of D6mit'mn, as he was much detefte< 
both, and they directed alfb John to 
his minjttr at Epheliis, from tne folifai 
which he was banifhed 5 after which 1^ 

Trajan [^ ] reigned nintteen years 
during which he fubdued all the Roi 
were not firm to his caufe, and order< 
jdermen to perfecute the Chfiftrans. 
them, bo^yever, (whofe nanae was Pli 
him that his orders wftfe imih attd that 
iHuch therein, on which he readily reca 
Jia thofe d»y5 the Jews bid many 

r^l Or(5f. h vfl. e. Id- 
I J/'] Qrof, 1, vii, c, i|. 

^d by Google 

2i6. WO 0K VL 

with the na^tioiis,, where theyliredt till many 
thoufands of .tijem were deftroyed in different 
countries, • About this time Trajaa died at Se- 
leucia of a diarrhcta*. / 

['■ :\ :, ;' :C:H A P.. XL, ' 

In [k]. the year of Booae 867^ Adrian (who 
\g?is ^Traj^n's. nepb.evsr) .fuccecded him, vfho 
reigned one and twenty. years. As the Chriftian 
Books were not unknown to this Emperor, 
through one of jhe younger Apoftles, (whofe 
name was Quadratus) he forbad the perfecution 
of that. feft. He alfo direfted, that if a Chri- 
ftian wa$ accufed .of any crime, he (hould be. 
brought b^fQire him, ^yhen he would bimfelf. de- 
termine as he tJjought right. This EmperOr was 
fp bel9ved by the Romans, that they called him 
by no Other name than father^ and to honour 
him the more, they, uiled his wife Cafern. 
This Emperor likewife ordered all the Jews in 
Paleftine (wl-jich n\tn call Judapa) xo be flain, 
becaufe they tortured the Chriftlans, and that a 
n?w town (hould \kt built on the :fpot where Je» 
rjbiaif ij^.floQdj vvf^icjb Vas to' be qalled Elia, 

/ / . C:!h.a P. xiL '': ^ 

In ftf] the year of i^pme 888, Pompey ♦be- 
came E.mperpr (whpi§ ptjier name was Pius) ; and 
Juftiu the Philpfoj^ier ,. gave htm a Chriftian 

[z] Orof. I. vii. c. 13. [fi] Qrof. 1, vik c. 14. 
* Thib ihould be Antoninus, ~ ' 

r' / book, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

O H A t>. XIL 

book, in token of his friendfliipj ^iv 
the Emperor had rbade himfelf ma 
was much beloved by the Chriftians, 
iiued ftedfaft in the faith to the end o 

CHAP. Xllt. 

In [If] the year of Rome 903^ M^ 
ninus* was proclairtied Emperor, to| 
his brother Aurelius, and they wei 
Emperors who divided the ertpin 
parts. They reigned fourteen years, 
that every Chriftian fhould be 11 
had alfo many wars with the Parthi; 
which the Roman armies were almo 
becaufe the Parthians had laid wafte a 
cia and Armenia, as well as all Syria ; a 
ever enfuing, it was followed with fu< 
and plague, that few furvi ved. The nei 
Romans was with the Dentfci, and all 
but on the day when they were goin^ 
there was fo great a heat and thirft, t 
concluded they (hould periih. The 
plied to the Chriftians, defiring they 
them in this neceflity, who infor; 
that their diftrefs proceeded from G 
Upon this advice the Romans implore 
cy of God almighty, who fent fuch ; 
they had water enough in the plains ; 
time alfo, there was a thunder- ftorn 
ftroyed many thoufands [c] during 

[A] Orof. 1. vii. c' 15. 

[c] Of the Germans undoubtedly* 


Aj8 BO O K VI. 

After this, all the Romans became fo fteady 
Chriftians, that they wrote oii qiany of their 
temples, -Ewry Chrtjiian Jbould be protedied^ and 
that every one might embrace Chrifiianity who chofe 
it. Antoninus alfo remitted all the taxes which 
ufed to be paid at Rome, and ordered the ordi- 
nance to be burnt, in which thofe who were to 
pay them for that year were named ; after which 
he died in the following year. . 

C H A P.. XIV. 

In [Jt] the year of Rome 930, Lucius Anto- 
ninus fucceeded, and reigned thirteen years. He 
was a very evil man, in all refpedts (except that 
he was warlike and perfonally brave \e'\)y and he 
ordered many of the worthieft Senators to be 
put to death. Soon afterwards the Capitol was 
deftroyed by thunder, together with the fta- 
tues of the Gods which were within it. Their 
Bibliotheca [/] alio was burnt down to the foun- 
dation, and all their old books were confumed. 
This| therefore, equalled the lofs that happened 
to the Bibliotheca of Alexandria, when 400,000 
books were deftroyed. 


In [g-] the year of Rome 943, Severus became 
Eaiperor, and reigned feventeen years. He be- 

V] Orof. 1. vii. c. 16. 

V] 0)rt peaht anpi3, <M* ofteii yj«^A/ dueh^ literally. 
' f] It is not extraordinary that the Saxons (hould have no 
name for a Library. 
[g] Orof. 1. vii. c. 17. ♦ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


figged Peicennius in a fortrefs till -be 
when he ordered him to be killed, be( 
endeavoured to rule in Syria and I 
which he put'Albiilus (a naan of Ga 
becaufe Severus made war againft hin 
enterprise was againft Brytannie^ and 1 
battles, both with the Peottas and t 
before he could defend the Bryttas 
them; he likewife ordered a wall 
acrofs the whole ifland, from fea 
after which he died in the caftle of ] 


In \k\ the year of Rome 962, Ai: 
ceeded, who was Severus's fon, and 
feyen years. He married two fift<! 
raifed an army to make war againll 
ans, but was killed on his march 


In the year of Rome 970, Mar 
became Emperor, and reigned four 

{h^ Though I have, through the greateft p ; 
lation, made ufe of ' the common Roman 1 
men and nations ; . yet, in what relates to '. 
think it right to adhere fcrupuloufly to th< 
tions, Wheh the name of ^ nation is in Latir 
it becomes, in Anglo-Saxon, Bryttasy and ii 1 
as well as the accufative, 

[1] (or York). 

[i] Orofc K yiif c. jl8, 

Ff z 


a?e >0 O K VI, 

ho was flain, tc^cther wHh mother, by his fub. 


In the year of Rome 974, Alexaoder Aurclw 
imus fticccededy who rcigiied fixtoen ycars^ md 
Mommas (his godmother) Tent sft^r Qkigea 
(that moft learned msfs^priifi [7J), who opsade her a 
Chriftian ; the confequence of which wns, that 
her fon alfo becatne a fte^dy convert. This Em* 
peror marched into Perlia, and flew the king of 
that country ; after which, h^ loft his own life 
in the tpwn of Magenftae. 


In [w] the year of Rome 9861 Maximinus be* 
came Emperor, who ordered that the Chrifl:ians 
Ihould be opprefled, and that the good Mammnea 
fhould be put to death, together with ail the 
priefts protefted by her (except Origen) who 
made his efcape into Egypt. This Emperor alfo 
dew his own aldfrman \n\ in the town of AqviiT 
legiji, in the third year of his reign. 


In the year of Rome 9^0, Gordjanus fuccee- 

;ded Msximinqs, and reigi^ed fijf ypars j he p«t to 

7] OJqeffC-pfieopce. 
w] Orof. 1. vii. c. fg; * 
\n] The n^m? Pf thi§ qld^rmn }« not m^ntien^d^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A R XX. 

death the two brothers who had ] 
minus, after which he died himfelf i 


la [<?] the year of Rome 977, Ph 
Elmperor, and reigned feven years, ^ 
cretly a Chrillian, as he did not { 
himlelf to be fuch openly* In the tl 
his reign, however, Twhich was the 
after the building of Rome) it ha 
God's ordinance, that the Emperor d( 
felf to be of this perfuafion, infomu 
Chrifltans held a great feflival at th< 
palace, in honour of Chrift, which 
ufed to hold every year in honour of 
The confequence [of this feftival] was 
Romans agreed to bring together, al 
m(»th$ afterwards, the greater pa 
they ufed to prepare for facrifices, 
for feveral weeks. Soon after this 
rich man, deg?ived C^e/ar^ «id a 


In [p] the year of Roncip 1004, 
peeded Philip, and reigning three ye 
(hewed that he had oyer-reached Phi 
he ordered the Chriftians to be perfei 
jng niany of them die the death of he 

[0] Orof. 1, vii. c. 20. 
[^J QroO }. yij. c, 2|, 

jt2i BO OK VL 

after which, he fhared the empire with his fon, 
when they Were both very fbon (lain.' 


In the year of Rome 1008, Gallus Oftilia- 
litis became Emperor, and reigned two years. 
Then was God's wrath manifefted againft the 
Romans ; for fo long as the Chriftians were per- 
fecuted, fo long did the Romans perifh by a moft 
calamitous plague, infomuch that there was not 
a houfe in the whole city which did not fufFer. 
•After this, Emilianus killed Gallus, and fuc- 
ceeded him as Emperor, but was himlelf flain 
within three monthsi 


In [y] the year of Rome loio, the Romans 
had two Emperors, one of which was Emiliiis 
(called by them Valerianus), and the other (who 
refided in the city pf Home), was named Gal- 
lienus. It was agreed between thefe Emperors, 
to rule together whenever there was occafion ; 
they alfo foon ordered the Chriftians to 
be perfecuted, and as quickly experienced God's 
wrath. Valerianus marched with an army 
againft Saphas, King of Perfia, and was taken 
prilbner ; after which, he was obliged by that 
monarch (as long as he (hould live) to Jloop be- 
fore him, in fuch a manner, that Saphas might 

[f ] OroC I. vii. c. ?2. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


mount [r] him as if he had been his 
the mean while fo many nations made 
Gallienus, that he continued to reign 
a difgrace, and many calamities. 
Germans who live upon the Danube 
curfions into Italy, even to Ravenna ; 
did the fame over all Gaul; the ( 
Greece and the Lefler Afia ; the Ser 
quered all Dacia from the Romans 
laid waft e Pannonia ; and laftly, th( 
did the fame by Mefopotamia, togeth 
Syria. Soon after thefe wars. Gal 
killed at Milan by his own people. 

C H A P. XXV. 

In \s] the year of Rome 1025, C 
jcame Emperor. In the firfl: year of 1 
fubdued the Goths, and drove th 
Greece, on which fuccefs the Romar 
(hield of gold to be ipade in commei 
his victories ; as alfo a ftatue of the ] 
which they hung up [f\ in their cap 
Emperor, however, died the followinj 
his brother Quintilius fucceeding to 
was killed the feventeenth day after 

V] hlypon, or leap upOHy in the original. 

/I Orof. K vii. c. 23. 

]/] H^ht expreiljon in the Saxon is, henjon 
upy which is more applicable to a pi<5lure, with : 
than- 2Ljiatuey which anUcn<5fre hath in all othe 
liified. Jt feems, however, to import no more 
nejsy or reprefcntation of a perfon* 

[ 214 ] 


In the year of Rome 1027, Aurelian was 
crowned, who reigned five years and fix months. 
He drove the Goths to the northward of the 
Danube, as alfo fiibdued Syria, whence he 
went into Gaul, and put to death a roan called 
Tetucus^ becaufe he had been ambitious of ruling 
in thofe parts. After this, he ordered the Chril- 
tians to be perfecuted, and was himfelf foon 

C H A ?• XXVU. 

In [«] the year of Rome 1032, Tacitus begati 
to reign, and was killed fix months afterwards 
in Pontus ; to whom fucceeded Florianus, who 
fufFered the fame fate, within three months, at 


In the year of Rome 1053, Probas became 
l£niperor, who reigned fix years and four monthsr 
^his Emperor frfeed the country of the Huns 
from the Gauls ; after which he put to death Sa- 
turninus, who /^«^ [;t] for empire; he then flew 
Proculus and Bonofus, who likcwHk yearned [y] 

• [tt] Orof. i vii. q, 44. 

[x] j>& aeprcp anpealbe pann, or grew wan from the dcfire 
of it; from pannan, tA biiome fale% 

iy] Cynnoon. , • ^ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C tt A p. XXVIIL 

after it ; riot long after Which, Probii; 
felf killed, in the plains of Syrmia* 


In the year of Rorttd 1633, C!arui 
Probus, arid reighed two years. H< 
with the Parthians, and took two 
were fituated on the banks of the Tj 
after which he was killed by thund( 1 
fon Numerianus becoming Emperor. 
Ihort time (lain by his father-ih^law. 

G H A P. XXX. 

In [55] the y^ar of Rotiie 1641, 
Succeeded to the empire, and reign 1 
years. He appoihted lindei* him 
Cafar [^], and fending him agairift 
Who had lately raifed fome commo: 
were foon fubdaed. lil thofe days tl 
declared War againft Diocletian, C; 
Bfetlande^ Achileus in Egypt, arid Narli 
On this occafion he appointed three C^\ 
imianus, Conftantine* and Galerius. R' 
was fent into Africa, where he qw. 
enemy J Conftantine into Gaul, whe 
dued the Alemani, and afterwards 
Britannia. Diocletian himfelf comii 
Egypt, and befieged ^ing Achileus 
dria for eight months, till the inhabit 


2] Orof. K vii. c. 25. 

426 BOOK VI. 

delivered up their King, whilft Diocletian 
laid all Egypt under contributions. Ga* 
lerius, in the mean time, marched into Perfia, 
when a doubtful battle was fought between him 
and Narfes, infomuch that neither could claim 
the viftory. In their third engagement^ how- 
fiver, Galerius was defeated, and fled in coa- 
fternation to Diocletian, who received him 
with great indignities, making him run before 
his chariot many miles, drcffed in bis own purple. 

After this, when his anger had been 
whetted by thefe difgraces, Galerius went into 
Perfia, and defeated the enemy, taking both 
Narfes the King, as well as his wife and children, 
prifonei:^. After which fuccefs the Emperor re- 
ceived Galerius with the proper honours* 

About this time Diocletian, in the Eaftern, and 
Maximianus, in the Weftern Empire, ordered 
the Chriftians to be perfecuted, in confequencc 
of which mandates, there were many njartyrs in 
the ten firft winters % after which, they both 
agreed to refign their thrones, and leave off the 
purple^ (which they had hitherto worn) being 
defirous to end their days m fafety. When they 
had made this refolution, Diocletian retired to 
Nicomedia, and Maximianus to Milan, delivering 
tip the empire to Galerius and Conftantine, who 
afterwards divided it [in the following manner,] 

Galerius had Illyria, and beyond it every 
Country to the eaftward, including thereby the 
largeft part of the globe ; whilft Conftantine's di- 
vlfion, on the other hand, confifted of all Italy, 
Africa, Spain, Gaul, and Bryttanies As be was, 
hpwever, very little covetous of the things ?/ 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 


this worlds nor dcfired to increafe his 
voluntarily gave up Italy and Africa t 
Then Galerius appointed two kings 
to one of which (called Severus) he g 
vernment of Italy and Africa ; and t 
(named Maximianus) he allotted th 
In thofe days, Conftantine (the moft 
of men) went into Brytannie, and d 
gave his Ion Conftantine (whom he 
wife Elena) that kingdom ; on whl 
tins (Maximianus's fon) claimed Itj 
rius \b\y however, fent Severus againl 
an army (as this province was befoi 
vifion of the empire), and Severus bei 
by his own people, was killed nea 
Now, when Maximianus faw that ] 
thus obtained Italy, he left the towi 
he had retired, and thinking to circ 
fon, he proceeded towards that pro^ 
fon, however, was aware of his c 
obliged his . father to fly into Gaul 
would likewife have broken his con 
with Conftantine ; but his daughter, 
covered thefe his intentions, inform* 
tine, who purfued him tp Marfeilles 
was flain. 

Then Galerius gave Italy to Licin: 
as Africa, who ordered all the Chr 
made flavcs ; after which, being atta 
terrible diftemper, he lent for many 
were not of the leaft affiftance to hi 

[*] Orof. I. vii. c. a8. 

[c] u e, to refign the empire to himt 

P g a 

228 BOOK yi: 

him that the difeafe proceeded from God's wrath. 
On this, Galerius diredled, that the Chriftians 
might all return to the country from whence they 
had been banilhed ; he died, however, of this 
complaint, and Licinius fucceeded him. After- 
wards there were contentions between Conftantine 
^nd Maxentius, when Conftantine flew him in the 
town of Rome, near the Milvian Bridge. la 
thofe days alfo., Maximianus perfecuted the Chrir 
ftians, and died foon afterwards at Tharfus. 
About the f^me time Licinius ordered that 
BO Chriftian Ihould come into his prefence, 
or meet him on the road, when foon a battle ei> 
fued between him and Conftantine, in which 
Licinius was not only taken prifonerj but be- 
headed ; after which Conftantine became the fole 
Emperor. In thofe days, likewife, Arius the 
Mafs'PrieJ} was in an error, with regard to the 
right belief ; when three hundred and eighteen 
Bilhpps afiembled to conviiS: and excommunicate 
thofe who had been guilty of herely. About the 
fame time, Conftantine put to death his fon 
Crifpus, and Licinius, his fiftei's fon, 
one but himfelf knew what was their guilt ; after 
•Vvhich he fubdued many nations, who had (haken 
oiF the Roman yoke, and ordered a city to be 
founded in Greece, which (hould be called from his 
pwn name Cpqftantinople. He was the firft 
Emperor alfo who directed that churches fhould 
be built, and that the devil's houfes ftiould be 
locked up, I^? died in the thirty-firft year of 
}iis r^igUj in a town near the city of Nicomedia. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^ [ 229 ] ' 


In [J] the year of Rome 1041, Conftantine 
became Emperor, together with his two4)rothers 
Conftantius and Conftans, who were all of 
the Arian herefy : Conftantine reigned three 
and twenty winters. As for Conftantius and 
Conftans, they had wars with each other, till at 
laft Conftans was flain, and afterwards Magnen- 
tius killii)g Conftans M, feized upon his king- 
dom, which confifted of Italy and Gaul. In 
thofe days the Illyrians appointed Vetranio to be 
their Emperor, that they might the more effec- 
tually carry on the war againft Magnentius ; 
they obliged him, however, to go to fchool, 
though he was covered with winters [f^ ; foon 
after which, Conftantine took from him the 
empire which he had alTumed, the purple which 
he had Worn, and the fphool in which he 
learned [^1. About this tirrje Conftantine 
engaged with Magnentius, and drove him into 
the town of Latima, where he ftabbed himfelf. 
Soon after this, Conftantine made Julianus Em- 
peror under him (who had been ordained a dea- 
con) and fent him into Gaul with an army, 
where he conquered thofe nations, with which 
vi£lories Julianus was fp elated, that he deter- 

[41 Orof. 1. vii. c, 24, 
M It fhould be Conftantius. 
[/*] Eepinrjaab, or aged, 

[g] Oroiiu^ intimates, that he could not read when he was 
(phofen emperoff 

, {xiined 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

230 BOOK VI. 

mined to rule over the whole empire. With 
this intent be iBarched ap.mft Cotiftantine, (who 
was carrying on a war with the Parthians) and 
when Couftantine perceived that he was ad- 
vancing againft him, he died in his own camp. 
. Julian [A^ now fucceeded Conftantine, but r efgn- 
ed only a year and eight moiiths, during which 
time, being very defirous to fubvert Chriuianity, 
he made nibtle ordinances [/], forbidding that 
any one (hould leari> the faji^book [iE]» and like- 
wife puUlifhed an edidl, that no Chriftian {hould 
have any followers. Now whilft by thefe laws 
he hoped to deftroy [/] the fed, he ufed fre- 
quently to fay, (as I have often heard, cjuoth 
Orofius) that he had rather extirpate Chriftianity, 
than rule over the Romaq empire. 

After this, Julian raifed an army ; and refblving 
to march into P^rfia, he direfted, that when he 
fhould be on his return from the Eaftward, an 
amphitheatre (hould be built for him at Jerqfa- 
lem, in order to deftroy Ggd's laws, as alfo that 
his [prigfts] might be expofed therein to wild 
beafts. God, however, manifefted his vengeance, 
as might have been expefted, on this moft daring 
emperpr for his audacious thoughts, by fend- 
ing a man lo meet him on the road from the 
city of Ctefiphon, who appeared like a deferter, 
and told him that he could conduct him through 
the defert, fo as that he fhould come unexpeftr 

[h] Orof. I. vii. c. 30. 
}] Di^olhce, Of fecretly. 

'ij 3ej-pican, or to deceive them^ h'tcrally, 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

C H A P. XXXI. 251 

cdly on the Perfiana. When he had guided Ju^* 
lian> however^ into the midfl: of the wildertiefs^ 
he deceived him, fo that no one knew the road 
from tl>e place where he had brought them to. 
The Rortian army, thus circumvented^ went 
round and round ill the defert, without being 
able to find their way out of it, fo that many of 
them died either through thifft or hunger* and 
in the midft of thefe diftrefies a wild man fleW' 


In [m] the year of Rome 1007, Jovinianus 
became Emperor, who was fo chofen in the 
Weft, on the fame day that Julian was killed. 
He gave the Perfians the town of Nifibi, and 
half Mefopotamia, on condition that they de- 
livercd up to him, without difficulty, the other 
half. In the eighth month of his reign he was 
determined to go into Illyria, and lying one 
iiight in a new [n] houfe, he ordered a great fire 
to be made, becaufe the weather was cold ; upon 
which the mortar began to ftilik to fuch a degree^ 
that he was killed by the effluvia [d], 


In [p] the year of Rome 1 1 18, Valentinianus 
fucceeded Jovianus^ and reigned eleven years; 

[m] Orcf. 1. vii. c. 31. 

[«] Nip-cilctan> or New-mortard. 

[^] B;i£})e, or bnath of it, in the Saxon* 

[/»J Orof. h vii. c. 3a. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

23a B O O K VI. 

he had formerly been Julian's Alderfnan for 
war [^], who told him that he muft either give 
up his command or his Chriftianity ; Valenti- 
nianus, however, faid that he had rather quit his 
aldermanfhip. God, therefore, prepared for him 
the greatefl treafures, as he had relinquifhed his 
office for the love which he bore to him, and he 
was advanced accordingly to the rule of that 
very empire, which his adverfary [r] had for- 
merly been in poffeffion of. 

Soon after his acceffion, he gave his brother 
Valens half his kingdom, and ordered Proco- 
plus to be put to death (who pretended a claim 
to the empire), together with many others bis 
aflbciates. Valens was inftrufted by an Arian 
bifhop (whofe name was Eudoxus) which was 
concealed moft ftridly from his brother Valen- 
tinian, becaufe he knew that he fhould not be 
forgiven by him, if they differed in belief; as 
Valentini^n was fo fteady in his own faith, that 
he chofe to refign his command for the fake of 
it. in the fame year Goderic, King of the 
Goths, put to death many of the Chriftians, 
and about the fame time Valentinian drove the 
Saxons back to their own land, who had carried 
on a war againft the Romans near the fea. Va- 
lentinian alfo prevented the Burgundians from 
molefting the Gauls, and was the more willing 
to enter into friendfliip with them, becaufe they 
encouraged baptifm. In the eleventh year of 
Valentinian's reign the Sermenni laid wafte 


Cempena >albepm^iu 
Sc. Julian. 


C H A P. XXXm. ajj 

Pannbtiiay and when tHe Emperof was trlafchiiig ^ 
to thofc pirts, he;died of an efFufion of Wood [j]* ' 


In [/] the year .i 124, Valens fucjceeded hU ' 
brother Valentiniah, when Gratianfts (Valetitihi- ' 
an's ion) obtained the kingdoms of Italy, Oaul^ ' 
and Spain^ under Valens* And now Valens did ' 
openly what he had before ccMicealed^ by order- 
ing the monksi (who fhould not ^interfere with 
worldly things or weapons), to arnij fights and 
do evil againft other men. Valens alfo fent into 
Egypt /his orders to deftrOy all the monaftic re* ; 
gulattons whicLh(& brother had eftabli(hed, and 
likewife direfted, that fome of the monks (hould " 
be put to' death, whiift others were banifhed asf • 

In thofe days there was a man, in Africa, named 
Firriius, who' afpired to the empire, and Va- 
lens fent agaiiift him Theodofius^ his alderman^ 
with art army (the father of that good Theodolius 
who was afterwards emperor)* When the ar* 
mies approached each other^ Firmus was made 
. prifoncr, and led forth to his execution, on 
which he requeftcd to be baptized, when this was 
done accordingly. By the doftrine alfo of a 
Mafs^Pri^fi^' who then made him a Chriftian^ 
he was fo fully perfuaded in the belief of the" 
kingdom of Heaven, that he faid to the execu- 
tioner, *« Do now what you wilh*\ After which^ 

[j] Blobjayii€. 

£/J Orof. hviu c. 33, 

Hh he 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

234 BOOK m. 

he laid hitnfelf down^ fo tHat his head, might be 
feyered from his bcdy^ and b6cajsaQ.a:Chriftian 

In thofe days I'lkt^i&j Q^atlan fought in Gaol 
with the Allemanni, and killed many thoufands 
of them. Then it h^ppcoed, in the diifd year 
after Valens had thus fiibvertseid Gdd^s laws* 
that the Goths drove him out of their ccmatry, 
and croiling the Danube, they gained t;he sffcc* 
tions of moft of the inhabitants^ by noC moleft- 
ing them. At this, ValeDs wm fo irritated^ that 
he oppr^fldd them by extorting taxes t6 iiif>tjly 
his luxury, and he permitted his rcvenuc^officcr^ 
to take poffeffion of what lands they.ivoyld. 
When his Jberhes and aldermm had. mosaved 
theie commands, they were very eager a&er taxes, 
and had many conteft^ with the peojplejof the 
country, until the Goths attacked and difperfed 

. When Valens was informed of this at An- 
tipch, he was very forry^ aod bethought him- 
felf how his fubjefts bad requefted to be in» 
llrufted in the true belief, when he fetit .ibme 
Arjian Bifhops vdio were heretics^ Jike himfelf, 
by which he tranfgrefled God's laws. . He likewife 
applied to another biihop*, (knowing where he 
lived) though he did this very, late, anddefired him 
to pardon, his fins* In the fourth year of his.reigrt 
Valens had a war with the Goths^ and being- de- 
feated, was driven into a town, where be was 
burnt ; thus he experienced a juft doom, as thoio' 
burned him in this world, whom he intended to 
b\Jwfor ever. 

* Who was not an Arlan vaidoubttiTy. 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

[ ^35 ] 

^ C H A P. XXXV. 

in [u] the year of Rome 1133, G 
came Emperpu who reigned fix yt 
appoimed Theodofius to be his colleaj 
he thought that the nations at war v 
mans, wire fituated at fuch a diftanc 
couM siot otherwife be eafily fubd\j 
dc^us,'. howe\rer, made peace with t 
which means he was enabled to 
Athanaricus with him to Conilanti 
died there very ibon ; the Goths alfo 
underflood how merciful Theodofiu 
tx> themieives, and to all the Scythiai 
his fnend(hip. 

In dioie days the Bryitannie chofe 
for dieir Csefar againft his will, who 
of the w;h<)le Roman' empire for 
virtues, except that he was at varia 
Loxd [x]^ by the feduftion of other 
emperor foon marched into Gaul, w 
Oratian, and drove Valentinian's bi 
Italy, ^ that he fled for proteftio 


In [y'l the year of 'Rome 1138, 
fucceeded to the empire, who rei 

[«] Orof, L viL c. 34» 

[j.] Sc, Chrift. ^ 

[j] Qraf. K vii. c, 35. 

Hh 2 

236 BOOK VL 

years (having ruled for fix years before over the 
Eaftern divifion) and he was very defirous to re- 
venge the death of his lord Gratian, as alfo to 
bring his brother into a ihs^vc of the empire. 
.With this intent he marched into Italy^ where 
Maximus waited for him with his forces at Aqui- 
Jegia, and ordered his alderman^ Andragatius^ not 
-to quit the defiles. This alderman^ however^ 
thought he Could keep pofiTeffion of them with a 
-Jefs force, and that be, coii^d btmielf go Eaft 
about by fe?, and {o Jled behind Theodofius. 
Now when he had deferted the pafles, in order 
to embark his army, Theodofius approached the 
defiles, which were guarded by very indifferent 
; troops, who b?ing foon difperfed, he broke into 
the defiles; after which he went over the 
jnountains to Aquilegia, where he killed Maxi- 
jnus. When the alderman was informed of this 
difafter, he killed himfelf. How eafily did God 
^thusend that mighty contention which Maximus 
find his alderman had raifed in many nations, by 
thp fall of both of them ! 

. At this time Valentinian fucceeded to the whole 

empire ; and about tvvft yeaj's after he had re* 

turned from Gaul, Ambogaftes,, his alderman^ 

fmothered him, as alfb hung him up with ropes 

by the neck,^ as if he had l^iid. violent hands up* 

on himfeif. Valentinian afterwards raifed Eu- 

.genius to the name of Ca>far^ but ruled himfeif; 

?ind this he broughf abpdt, becaufe he .could not 

'himfeif have that title (not being a Roman) : he 

taught Eugenius alfo to b? an idolater. After 

this, Theodofius marched two armies to thofe 

v^ry pafles which he before held againft Maximum?, 

, . / ; :' \ and 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

CH A P; XSbiVl. 

and he fcnt before him fbme troops 
Goths in forcing thefe defiles, i 
furrounded from the mountains, w: 
to the number of 10,000. On this, 
advanced, and fuppofed that they w: 
to deceive him with the ftratage: 
praftifcd before. When the armies 
each other, however, Eugenius an: 
determined to ftay on the mountain 
archers ; and Theodofius advancing ; 
with intent to drive them from thi 
the advantage of the wind, fo that 
transfixed moft of their opponents. 
tic Eugenius was flain, and Arbogefl 
himfelf ; after which engagement 
went into Italy, but when he came 
of Maegelanga, he died, leaving th 
his two fons. 


In [%] the year of Rome 114 
became Emperor of the Eaft, s; 
twelve years ; Honorius fuccceded, 
time, to the ^yeftern Empire, wli 
continues to hold (quoth Orofius). 

Now [a'j becaufe thefe Emperors 

very young, Theodofius direfted, t 

aldermen (hould be joined to them in 

- Rufinus to affift Arcadius, and Stilio 

Honorius. Thefe coadjutors fooo 1 

T%] Orof. 1, viK c. 36. 
- |<fj Qlrpf. UviU c. 37. 

t;or4's a^e^ipn to ^'tliem/ by .what tl;icy|^ 
a^unftjiis t^o ion?, If .they; (^4 been able to 
e^eaix^ Rjufi^u? ^^figiied to c^fiypa the Eaftern 
^iyifipri of the engipke to hirafelf,; and Stilico iq- 
tended p give Kis j[qo t^at pf t^e WciS, ' 5e- 
fiaes thefe ,trait?rovs dejfi^^ on ^^xount of his 
enmitjr aga}nft thetwo yoyng Exx^erors, Stilico 
]pexmit^t0 ijJLQ Gothj? to iriy^e If^y, ;gpx^ the 
cooiijiand of Jtji? t;wp )K^i^3» Alaric ancj lUiij- 
;4agafins, fu^ tnat whea tfjie Romans >werc 

thus lu]bd,ued, he p(^u|cl dQ ^tt]^ jthend ^f;^^/ i&^ 
'^ would.' [ He Ukfewife cor^cpiyed that fhe Gptl^s 
would deiii^ frpra jthpir invaAon, as he was a n;f- 
tiye'p/'tjieij: country- ^pon after this, Alarjc 
Became , a .CbxiJB^*!^^^ ,whili^ J^hadagafiijs conti- 
nued to be a heathen^ and djiily offered to his de- 
vils huriian hlood, in which facrifices he /|lways 
preferred the Romans.- 

Now it i^ ^ /hajpeful reproach to you Ro- 
mans (quoth Orofius) that ye fliould think your 
iiqjadofi fp t^err)b|,e, ffpni the o|)prei{ipf| of 
oiie mah^ and his thus offering ypu to hi^ Gods, 
fp ^s to' fay that the Heathen ones were better 
%\\^n tnpfe of Cbri^ianity. Ye have moreover 
* conceived it advantageous for tp leave CUrifti- 
j^nity, ^nd returp tp tpe religion of the he;||:)iens, 
^wmch youj: ^nceftors follo^yed. But ye (^^jd 
'ratner.refl^ jiow ^his oppreffor was afterwardls 
reduced to the greatefl calamities, after thefe hu- 
minTacrifices, 2Xi^ devil-worfhip^ for he lived to 
b6 fettered with chains. Did ye not alfo carry 
him about wherever ye pleafed, together with 
his attendants ; which, thopgh accordiiig to.ypur 


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own account they confifted of 2oo,o< 
Roman was even wounded. 


In [6] the year of Rome 1 164, God 
mercy to the Romans, when he dc 
punifliing them according to thehr fi 
was manifefted in that moft Chriftian 
mild of kings, Alaric's taking Ron 
little damage to the inhabitants, b 
that none fhould be put to death, 
his goods, or in any manner diftrefled, ^ 
forted to the churches [for an afylun; 
third day alfo, after entering the city, 
left it by their own inclination, fo 
lingle houfe was burned by their orde 

At [c] this time Hettulf (a relation 
made the fifter of King Honorius ] 
whom he married ; foon after which 
fettled in Italy (feme by Csefar's pern 
others without it) whilft the reft o 
diers eftablifbed colonies in Spain^ or 

[i] Orof. ]• vii. c, 39. 
j[rj Orof. L vii. c. 40. 

* > 

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X «♦■ ] 

N O T E S 

" - ON ' 

The firft Chapter of thcfirfi Book of iE l f r E d*$ 
Anglo^axon Verfioo of Oros^ius. 

By Mr. J. R- Fp r s t e r, F. R. S.* 

rpHE Geography of kittg jElfred, is hot to ht confidered as 
'^ a mere tranflation of Orofius^ for he brings in the tefti- 
mony of Ohfhere aikl Wulfftmy who came to the king and gave 
-him a moft minute and accurate account of their own navi- 
gations; and therefore it is a ntoft precious fragment of the 
real Situation of feveral nktiohs in the ninth century. Thejjveil 
which tftec-has^hawn over the hiftory of thofe dark middle 
ages,' efpfecially in regard to the more remote countries in the 
north and eaft of Europe^ makes it certainly very difficult to 
find out ' t3ie- real names of feveral natidns and places men- 
tioned by king iElfrtd i but the comparative view of the fitua- 
tion of fuch nations as ai« known to us, will contribute to 
identify thofe that are cither unknown, or at leaft fo dtlguifed 
as to make it no eafy matter to fix their feats- with any degree 
of certainty, 

I will bfegin with Europe* The fijftt country King ^EI-/ 
frcd defcribes in this quarter of the globe, is Germany: but 
he gives thd country fuch an extent, as few other writers have 
done. Among thofe few is Paulus Wamcfried, Hift. Lo'ngob. 
Li, c. i» fub initium. It muft therefore be underftood, that 
he takes in all the Teutonic tribes, when he fpeaks of Germany ; 
and even then the geography is not eafily comprehended ; 
though upcMi examination we find the royal geographer to be 
well infornicd and perfe6ily accurate. The limits of Germany 
are to the eaftward, the river Tanais, to the weft the river 

f Now with the veffeU fent upon diTcoreries la the fouthern hemirphere, 

li Rlilne^ 

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Khine, to the ibuth the Danube, and to the north the ocean 
called the Cwen^Sia. The rivers Tanais or Don, the Rhine 
and Danube, are. well known ; the fea however called the 
CwiH'Sea^ is very little if at aU ft. 

'^ ihew its^^e fituatidfit Ve muft jTHke Ohthere. lA his 
nxK^tion. ife 4firft fays, thit he lived t& l!he north of aM the 
Nmrthmeu : and calls the (hire he inhabited Ha^okmd. This 
Halgoland cannot be the Ifle;9fjH>/|'i^'^^t ^^t the mouth of 
the Elb; becaufe it lies not north of all the Northmen; i* e. 
Norwegians i^ bc^dcs this iile.had in ancient times another 
Wnfc, viz. "rtn^Hij i^ii; ^r KarHfiaj for ft' vj^^coitfe- 
crated to tbeiEarth^ the Ipett^Yiffity or feVef|d<SeTman na- 
tions* Tacit» de mor.Germ. c. 40. and from theoce it^ad the 
name of ilarthin from iiferrfeArtMe divhrfty. Tdrt^s tmfcrves, 
Efl in infuk eaani caftum mmut^ a holy foreft; this caufed 
the whole ifle to be called Htlgbiland; i. e. Hofy-lanJ. 
^ Ohthere'i Bafg^kmi hoym^ was in N^nifayj aiiiftiift^ 
lolling to the ^lovmce of N^ri^md (i. ^ Nir^kmfsi .^bAit 
.65'' north lu* it isftill called £i^^/Am4 and is iref^W one 
of the nbthermc^^ places in o^r.time, which j^re inhabited. 
From this jJadc Ohthere ftiled diae laotA^ with-^inteAtto 
jdifcover how far this cpiimry ^tehded in tl^tt dirediicmi ana 
ht being the ^lon^ernmoft ihhabitant> b^vof^ him the countiy 
.was detert* This wafte land he had on his^^AMfr<^, 9nd m 
.wide fea oi» l^s larboard fide : thefe circnmjftanoes ihew evi* 
jdently that he biid the weftem cKrea^i on his lef^ aii4 the ifaoros 
.of Lapland on his right; fpr he failfd nordt iy ^ lakd (he 
ihxm lande) ^e^ alpng-tbe (hote; the particle i^f having^ 
Signification t^^ Qerman. ., Three daysfailbrpught him 
to the pJac^ ^lyhicKw^ the »# plufidira of the whaleH&«i|r/i» 
in that age : and he tben continued hb courfe dye north throe 
^oriier day«. , A day^ ikil WX^, with thlb a[^k^nt Greeks^ 1000 
iiadia, which rs aboi^. a degree, or about lOp fiia miles,; and 
Wvilfftan ^fterwards failed jfrorn a Dajliih port in five di^s anda 
half about eighty ^liles perd^y, prjabotttthrqek^o^s l>er hour,: 
fo that it is no wonder, ^t Qhtiiere ic^nd hil^elf at kadfl 
near the Nortb^Capi^ within fi^x d^ys ei^y ifail ; whidb is not quite 
fix degrees north of HHgbelani4. He coidd not double die 
Cape uiilefs with a weft wiild ; afid after a ihort fby hf iha^ 
his courfe eaftward during four days, but then t]» ceaft b^n 
to run fputh, and he therefore Waited till ke could promd 
with a north wind. Having obtained this wind, he went on 
for five days in a fouthern &edion; and ^^e m that time to 


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I Hi T 

tlif upoaUi of a gvrat rtvfir^ itkicb JCU tohab&ttol hf 9i§nuu^ 
^^ l»fiiclpr^ him fxm going hig)i^ up in thzt dyer: tbis 
W9« th« $!# iii]»)>itni coimtrjr lie met with; haviog bad all 
t\k^ timp of hU cowft a 4fkrt oh hia right, frajuehted onl]^ 
^*f^^im^Y by ths ffm\my iO^ktrmca and hunters of th<» 
f^fW^U or ffr/mn0i* I^and is called ^inmark by the Dauet 
tp ^19 }(pxy wfi wbicl} proves^ tJiq Fixmas to be the Lappb- 
nia^^ j[|i tb^'coui^try of the Beormas he lonnd the harfi^ 
ykfkspif tibe fFqkufu Witiala whicb he diftmguiflies carefiuly 
frpi^ tjie Y^tes aod the feals, of whofe teeSi he trough « 
pre^iyt ^ King ^Ifi^, add which aie found no where bpt ia 
the Wbito &4'near Archangel and' the other i^s to the i^ortk 
of Spb^isi. In aU the oqean n^r Koxw^y and Lapland no 
W^lruj^^ ar0 ever ften, Jbut ftill iefi in the Baltic; and this 
ftroiiglY 'proves Ohthere to have beea in the White &a. 

C^tift^j:^ afterwards deicribes hhrtbmtamalani^ .vdilch is a 
\sxv^ Air^PW country extending ail atoiig the flu>res of the 
we$Br^ pcraHf haying to the eafi great moors, inhabited by 
thp ^'d^;* To the ioutb o£ this, country was Swepland or 
Sweden : quite beyond the moors (on the defert, which liea 
n^th from his- habitation) is Cy^enlandy whofe iniiabitants 
maude ini^ads into Northmannaland, going over the moori; 
Cpnfequi^lltLy it is evident that Cwfdanacajiht ho where eli^, 
but in Ji^e modem FinUmdy which lies beyond the moor^ of tho ^ 
l>tf(nrt (which laft are now jLapland). King iElfred faid the 
ijune before, mentioning the.Swoons, to the eaft of which are 
the Strmndi in Livonia ; and to the north of the Sweons, oves 
the wafies, (i. e, having pafled the wafles or deferts) are tho 
Cwenas* From hence it is inconteftable, that Cwenland is 
the &me with Finland, <and the Cwmr-Sea mull be one of the 
&as indiudinff FinlaiML The Baltic is on one of its fides, but 
this i» .call^by king JEIfredthe Ofi-Ssa^ which is its name, 
pfujd in .the German language to thia day. On the other iide^ 
is the mdph called ^Whifif4a\ this therefore Cwen- 
Sea* Nay Snorro Sturiefon menuons, that Car/Z/a extends quite 
toGaniwidii (i.e. theWhite'Sea) where J^fi^n/(7n^ lyes along its 
(bores, near Biermia : £> that there is no doubt, but that Cwen^ 1 
Sea is the White Sea. Therefooe Germany extended quite to 
the Cwcn-Sca. The Danes, the Swedes and Normans, fpoke 
ccrtaunly a dialed of .Geto^n, underftood then bythe.Ger* 
mans, :whioh is plain from a comparifbn of both lan^ages in 
the moft ancient jccords. The RoJ^n fFarcegkes or Swedes of 
the province of Rofslaghtn^ had long opprcflfed Livonia or th^ 

I i Z ^ftii : 

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r 244- ]• 

JEftii; and thiC Sclavonltns or Siivi living ntNovogradj were* 
expelled ; but foon recalled. In the year 86a Rurik and liis 
brethren took pofleffion of the whole traft between the Baltic 
and the White fea, and about 879 thefe Waragbians or Reffians 
fprcad fo far as Kiof upon the Dnetr, and gave their name of 
Roffians to the various tribes of oclavonians they governed. 
This revolution introduced, no doubt, the Nomian language 
amongft their nobility and princes at leaft ; fo'that a dialefi^ of 
the German was fpoken from the White fea to the Baltic, 
along the Dnepr^ and probably farther eafl to the very Tan:ti?:. 
This, I believe, induced kingiElfred to look upon all that vaft 
trafi, from the Don to the Rhine, and from the Danube to the 
White fea, as belonging to Germany, Having thus ftated the 
limits of Germany in general, wc muft follow the royal geo- 
grapher in the particulars- 

* ^ The Eaji Francan were confined betiiVeen the Rhine to the 
weft and the Sala to the caf^, the Danube to the fouth^ and tJic 
Saxons to the north, according to Eginhard, Charlemagne's 
fccrctary : and this fituation isiikewile given to them by our 
royal geographer, 

* The SuiVi^ or Switf^c^ arc the Suabians^ and inhabited 
that part of Germany called fince the time of Caracalla 
Ailemanma. This was not fo mucli the name of a nation^ ai 
that of a league or airoclation of feveral German nations, 

" againft the incroaching Romans, by virtue of which all 
men of thofe nations were bound to take up arms, either in 
defence of their country in cafe of aq attack, or in order to 
make an incurfioa into their territories, when they thoi^ht it 
neccirary to avenge fome injury received from them; and hence 
they were called jiiUmannu It feems, that when the Marco- 
manni retired towards Bohemia, in the time of Aqgwftus, tbni^ 
pf the next Suevian nations, as for inftance, the Hirmundurl^ 
came to fettle in tlieir evacuated feats i and from tlience it is, 
that Paulus Diaconus, lib. ii. c, 15. and lib, iii. c, 18* fay=j 
the Suivi are Jkmanni, Our author gives the Suivi the fan:e 
fituation, beyond the Danube, and to the fouth of the Eaft- 
Francan: the fame is faid'by jornandes de reb. Get, c. 55^ 
who litewife obferves^ that die Alemanni were joined to the 

^ Etaih-ware arc undoubtedly the Baimrians^ or the Bmart^ 
U'liofe country was called Boiaria; its prefent German name 

• Tkife nnnfibcrs refer to pU«S aad (ounulcs incnUoncJ hom fJ£C 7 to ^, i;.if 

^ is 

t a4S 1 

5s Bayernf zni k is really to tlic foutheaft of Francia oricn- . 
talis. Its limits formerly extended beyond the Danube, be- 
tween the riytts Led to the weft, and the Ens or Antfus to the 
Eaft. The town of Ratifbon is called in the German Regenf- * 
Ittrgbj and belonged to Bavaria. 

♦ Benii or Beherme are the Bohemians. Their country w:as^ 
in ancient times, inhabited by a tribe of Celti or Uaulsj 
who conquered and fettled in it, and called it Botohemum, the 
home of the BolL They were expelled by the Marcomanni in v 
Auguftus's time, under the conduft of Maroboduus. The . 
Marcomanni were almoft dcftroyed by the emperor Marcus 
Aurelius : butexiftedftill, though Jul.CapitoU [in Marco] fay* 
they were extirpated ; for they were fubdued m the year 376 
by the Huns. Thefe revolutions, however, weakened them fb 
much, that the Sclavonic tribes began to fpread and to fettle 
in thefe countries, ever fince the time that the Longobardi, 
the Vandali, and the Burgundi, retired from thence in the 
fourth and fifth century ; 1. e. from the borders of the Elh, 
the Oder- and the Danube below the river Ens. Bohemia had 
its Sclavonic dukes in the time of Charlemagne, in whole an* 
lials we find, in the* year 805, the following account : Eodem 
anno mijit mpenxtorexercitumfuum cum filio fuo Caroh^ in terram 
Sclavorum^ qua Beheim vacatur, qui omnem eorum terram dfpopu* 
latus, diicem^ eorum, nomine Lechomm occidit. The royal geo- 
• grapher's centre is ftill Francia orientalis, and to the eaft of 
that is Boheinia. 

' Thyringa are a nation to the north eaft of Francia orlen- 
talis. They were formerly called Therringi, mentioned by 
Amm. Marcellinus, l.xxxi. c.3. Eutrop.,1. viii. They were a 
branch of the Goths in ancient Dacia ; and afterwards in one 
of the great migrations they fettled fomewhere north-eaft of 
Francia oriehtalis, near the river Saloy wHere at prefent TAy- 
ringen is fituated. " 

^ The Saxons or Seaxans, were to the north of Thyringeri 
and the EaftFrancan. This nation has been very famous; 
It was thus called, to diftinguifti it* from thoft nations, which 
had Yio certain fettled habitations, as the Suevi and Vandali i 
and their name implies a fettled people (Sajen). They for- 
merly lived Oil the eaft Ihores of the Elb, and this our royal 
geographer calls old Saxony; for according to Stephanus Ethrei- 
coffraphus, they lived formerly in the Cherfonefus Cimbrica, 
"Wnen the Francs h^ concjuered France, the Saxons took pof- 


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\ ^ J 

Ccffion of tbtir ie^ts, fsvna fp At R|>in<^; and ^kfift p( %qi 
tiiait liye4 on th^ weft DfOfCf fl^ ^9 ^^r wm m^f^ tf^ 
tbaliy fnxo the ol4 wor4 jfi?^^ tM^/#ii or 4ioB}(^ |jq ||^ 
becaufi? they rea)ly were to the wffi j thofe jtbat 9m cfft of duf 
Weftr, bore the name of Ofipbcii* i* ^ ^^'4l^lk^^9 i^f^Wt 
of t)ic;intq(l;e;ndii)gto the north a|o^g the Weior^fper^ tfa$ !^ 
friywy or jngrii: hut the ^i)^4' i^^ed l)etw«^ ^ 40)!rns qf 
jK/#/ and tubukj in old Sgxony*. 

» The /ia/2r areplaced to thciiQrtljirVcft pf Franclajofrientaltf, 
p?hich is triic ; for Oharlcmffgne cpn^b^ tfaem wi^iia the Wefcr 
^e Schejd and Fryijand^ fljpd ,^y werie 4^c«tif9^ weibvanl <^ 
9ld Saxony. 

* ^j^ is to the Aorth^-^a^ of old Saxony, togedicr witj^ 
^f7&iM!& or SioUmiy and pait of Dpf^ or Dmtmfrck ; lun^ th^i^:? 
jToic it 18 very piobahte •thai the point of die cpmp^fs inuft 
be wrong ^ the original^ ^r that the good King h^ iK«9 

» Apirti^^ or as they are fftsrwardji called Afir^% mr< n» 

doubt both by their i^uae an^ pofition the OUirit^^ a Vf ^edie 
Xiation, ii^ttled in Meckknbunpi* 

^"^ fifddan are as king ^fred calls tiicm wolds : ihei^ 
9xe at preient in the middle part of Yutland large Xx^ of 
high nioors covered with heath only. 

" iVmmUmi or Wimiahmd if the country of the Vuudk 
It nation originally of the fame origin with the Prulfi^ and 
Lithuanians ; they are commonly thought to be Sclavoniainsy 
)3ut they are sipt; whjcjkn^iy be^r^vM ^y ^e Iftngpuf they 
^ke, which wu different from the Sdavonic d^qfis, fo^ 
(juite the fame with /the I^uiian jnd Lidiu^nijuiy tl^gtt{t|i«f 
»rore mu(ph connected with the $cjavon|c nations, ^W/mlg^r 

^^ Maroara are the S^^lavi Affih^pifa^ or tike ^ormHutu^ 
from the river Marus^ or Maharus^ runni^ fthrq^gh Jtheir 
/countiy, and w4uch empties itif 1/ it^to ijt^ Pawbe j^pt ffir be- 
low Vienna. . 

-*' par4mdr4 is the p»pofiy by which king iEljfced probably 
xalls the Schrai CarMlfamy or Cartntani: at prefent the^r coun- 
^try is the Dutchy of Carintbia or Qsernih^. ^oinam^y uk 
jStrabo's time, theCarni lived there, lib, via, wji^hcr they if cxe 
jof Teutonic offspring or one of thoie Gaulic trihe^, whp.iet« 
tletT here, with the Scordifci and Boii, cannot be calmly ^fcerr 
tamedi. From the neighbourhood Of the .il^rmf^tfp ip Pannoni?, 
.aivd from the affinity of the name of Carni with Craifiy which 


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in tlfe Skvbfueldhgniigb figiiHies z IMt^ t flifpeft the Csml 
ykott &uMatiafn% hmI continued td live in ihsk parti, tfll br 
ItA^tH of titni tbejr trtre ctitod Oir^i mJ Catinthi^ and at laft 
their name was changed into Carnaanu This opinion may bt 
ftnther ptond^ronlthe naaie of die Dmdiir of Cr4^ wmch 
Ifoi neiEt to CurhMiy and wfckh pttftrtesttifc Bdat^nic nstfnt 

Paul Wamefried Rift. Loi^bar4 1* ^^* c. IQ4 This ooufitiy 
wte aHiri^t odnfidbkd as thi^ tibumlalrf <$f PaiiMt^»<$tffmatiy^ 
and lodr. fiveii in die latlMr agei thete Vras heye eftablifiiM 
ft Mavfuate of die WinwH, «r an k k ^ohsMonl^ csalltd, th» 
i$%i^Mar9k^ U^ limes V^hefictti, brMatdiia Sciavtaftda^ 
T|i6 fii:lavt»aic naiikslli lre4timtPr'to^Io]F«d the m>xA Ghiik fbt 
% Kiiot : thtis the VJMf^ ih KuiEa W^ed as i barrtet agaiiiftilifc 
TkAars. U jgttsBt PUand il a ttaa ^Qittifid aloogm Netv*- 
Marck of Biaadeftbtttt^ awl^^iia, oaHdd grainy becaiife it 
nuMs diie limits tctmnrds the abbve odtthtries t k i^ therefoi« 
lij^hly )ptt/baM^ thiic this OtfeAdre dt^ «aiH>/ JC:;ii^#iA&Hii ate de^ 
liivod frdrn tke aabient Ovmi, and had fcymeHy ih^ iiame ef 
Cram, on acooaiit of thett timilary fituatioh. The Alps wens 
no doubt the Ifhongcft bari^i^rs^ fior all nations; thdfe bfegin iH 
this fart call^ Grain, and were called by Sttabo and othef 
WMXcn Jlpis Carnka. 

'^ Butgaria is >mi\ knowb in hiftory and geogt^hy ;- k was 
fituaited upon the Datinbe, nektto Dada: this is the opinion 
of Eginhavd, who relates, ;tha in die year 824 an emhaiTy 
came to Charlemagne, irom fome Motritds (jui vulgo Prasde- 
neoenti vocantui', tt contermini fiulearis Daciam Danubio ad^ 
jacentem inoofamt. The Bu^ari had thi« name, becaufe th^ 
came ori^afly from theriver Volga : and it is well known that 
about iixty miles to the foudi-weft of the city of Kazan in RuiSa^ 
bctwMd the rivets Wolga, Kama and Samara, is a place called 
Suigitrjk, wbeie Peter tt^Gieat, in die year x 7^22, when he wa# 
going on thePerfianf expedition, fout»ta great many old buildinga 
and wpukhral tombs in miiiB, with ancient infcriptions, writ«- 
kefis in Yarious ckamfteia aod fengnages, chiefly Armeniaik 
Abulfedah, who died in the year 1345, mentions, in his great 
^ographical w6rk, the town of bokr or Bolg^r, as being not 
far from the AtQl or Eul, i. e. the fTolgcu The Perfian gco^ 
grapher N&fir Bnufi, who wrote between^ 1258*— 1266; and 
U lughrbe^h the grandfon of Timerleng, who wrote in 1437^ 
both mention the town of B^lgnr. The name of this natioa 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

r *«» I 

Is . certainly <}(:rivcd from the river fF$lgap.bij!Dod/mBiciii3at 
Bulgari or JVolgari lived; for fo it ought to be ^iled^ 
bedaafe the latter Greek writers pronouiiced the B like 
aW. . ^ 

The Bulgari however, mentiooed by the ancient writers^ 
are certainly of two difiereat nations. The Sarmatic or Sau- 
ronutic tribes were no^dovlbt the firft and true Bn^iri that are 
recorded in hiftory, who lived beyond the Tolga. in Bulgaria* 
sThey were expelled from their the Hnnnic tribes^ who 
became powerful at the latter end of the fiojurth ebiltary : one 
part of them fettled between the rivers Citpbity or Cubany Ta* 
nais, and Attal, or Wolga ; and another part marched towards 
the Roman empire, and fettled on the Viftvda near the Lango- 
bardi, who were then already in .the nei^bovrhood erf the 
Danube, perhdps in the c^mtry afterwards called Moravia^ for 
they killed Agelmund king of the Langobards, iL D. 592* The 
ether Bulgarians near the Cuphis came together vrith die Hiinni 
into Europe, land joined in thefi? expieditionsi under .Attila ; but 
after his death they took pdiTeflion of Moldavia and fome part 
of Mafia, and had their own kings; but tlieir kingdom was de« 
ftroyed by the emperor Bafilius, A,D. 1019, .wbafor this reafon 
took the furname <^ BulgarciiQWh Abput 1180 thefe Bulga^ 
rians revolted under the conduft of Peter, and Afan, who were 
delcended from the ancient kings, of Bulgaria : they formed af- 
terwards a new monarchy, which^lafted till the great battle of 
Nicopolis in 1396, whenAmurath L conquered their country. 

The country beyond the Wolga, from wh6nce>.the Sarmatic 
Bulgarians had been-expelled, was occupied by Hunnic tribes, 
who obtained the name of Bulgaria tho'they were of a difiereat 
offspring. The Onoguri and Cuturgurt were chiefly thofe tribes 
that were called Bulgari, becaufe they had taken po0effion of 
ancient Bulgaria. One of th^ir chiefs (Cubratw) is mentioned 
by Theophanes : he came into Bulgaria or Mafia upon the Da- 
nube, and fliook off the yoke of the Ayari. Two of his fons 
went after Cubras's death back into Bulgaria, beyond the Ta- 
Aais, about the year 667. Bulgaria mentioned by our royal 
geographer comprehends, no doubt, the country where now 
Moldavia and Bulgaria is on both fides of the Danube. I 
itifpea however that they had, about the time wherein kiog 
gfilfred wrote, occupied many parts of the cpuntry which the 
Avares formerly had in their poffeffion : for Charlieinagne had 
£0 much weakened. them, that their country was then reckoned 
a waftc, till in the year 893 the Madgiari or the prcfent Hun- 
j garians 

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r i49 1 . . 

gflriani unitrfd \Vith the pkrful remains o( tlie Avariy and,cr^4ltd 
k new' kingdom. This at the fame time, is a proof, of tli9 . 
time whetem king Mlfrcd drew up Iiis eeographica} account i • 
for as he ftill mentions zdefiri pr w^/S^tetween the Carendri . 
and the Bulgaria it muft of courfe have been before 899, when- • 
the Himgirians made the firft invafion into Bulgaria and Pa|i-.; 
nonia i about fifty yeari before this,- the emgerw ConftantinHis 
P6rph>^ogenita wtote his book Di admini/iraikru inherit, which 
Was in 939, . . • 

'* Greece J whiidA is mentioned here, fignifies the Byzaatiftj? . 
empiref, afid not ancient Greece : for of mat the royal autfeof/ • 
fpeaks afterwards. 

*' fPtftdandh that part of Poland which commpnly goes by 
the riame of IhtU Poland i for in this part pf the country the . 
river Vifhib takes its origin ; which is called in Germaa - 
ff^eiffet otfVeixet^ aftd in Polifh Wtfla: and the pofition of it 
to' the eaft of Moravia cannot be eafily miftaWen. 

. ^^ Datia comprehends the country which now is called R«d 
Rufl^a, Tranfjrlvania, with tlic upper parts of Moldavia, ^nd. •. 
alt Waladhia • arid it is to be dbferved that our author tJ^kes 
notice, thdt all this formerly belonged to the Goths. 

*• Daldfhefifa are thofe Sclavonians who formerly inhabited . 
Sik/lay from Moravia as far as Glogau, along the river Oder of _ 
Viadrus. Witekind of Corbey calls them Sclavi Dalamanti^ , 
and their country I)i?£?/wtf«//^.- fome other writers call them. 

'* Surpe arc th6fe Sclavonic tribes which were known by ■ 
the name of Sclavl Sorabi or Soraviy Sorbi or Sorvi^ who lived 
in Lufatia'ahd Mifnia, and part of Brandenburg and Silefia 
below Glogau; their capital was Sorawj a town which ftill ex- 
iffs. Charlenlagne conquered thefe Sorabi about 806 : and 
they were afterwards under the controil of the Dux SorabUi 
limitis. The IVendlc language (a Sclavonian dialeft) is ftill 
fpoken by* the country people; the Bible is printed in tliis 
language, and divine fervice performed in the 4me. 

*•" The Syfele are placed to the weft, of the Surpe, When king 
Alfred mentions JVimda-landy he adds tliefe words, which men > 
cdil Syfyli* There is no douhf that he means here the fame 
corantry : but IVineda-land cannot be faid to be to the weft of 
the Surpiy as it rather is to the north of it. The name SyfeU 
or SyfyUy is very little kno^n in hiftory, unlefs this name be . 
prefcrvcd in the' lately publifhed Obotritic monuments, where 

K k oii 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

on the tafttd Cadiiceus^ iig. 23* a. the following Runic charac- 
neri are engraved, viz. Sb^l. The Annates Fuldenfes mention, 
in the' year 874, the revolt of the Scrbi and Siujk; perhaps 
thcfe latter may be onr Sy/ele. In the ode of Harald tie Va- 
liatity amongft the five pieces of Runic poetry : Harald fays : 
•* My (hips have made the tour of Sicily ;^^ which I fulpea 
to be our Sy^le* 

** The Honithij our royal author places north of the Data^ 
tnmfit. By their fituation it appears that thefe Honithi are 
the inhabitants of great Poland, who had dieir own dukes; 
and were defcendents of a farmer called Piqfij whom they had 
chofen for their fovereign : but how king iElfrcd got this 
name of Honithi is altogetl^er unaccpi^ntable, unlefs he means 
the town of Gnezen or Gneznoy which was then the capital of 
Poland : and it Is remarkable that the letter G in ibme Scla- 
vonic dialeAs is pronounced very near like an H; fo that it 
may be ipelt Honithi or Goniji^ which is not io much di£&r- 
ing frc»n Gnezen or Gmzm. 

"** Magthalandy our royal geographer places to the north of 
Jtwithi or Great-Poland, where formerly the Dutchy of Ma- 
Zdvia was fituated. It was then fubjeA to fovereign princes, 
' who took the title of Dukes. This country is called Magau 
or Maziawland in the ancient writers, and feem^ to be our 

>*' The Sermendi are, according to our royal geographer, 
to- the north of the Mazovians, and to the eaft. of Born- 
holm and Sweden, which is confequently now Livonia, 
Efthland, and part of Lithuania. In the beginning of this 
w6rk it is faid, that the Tanais takes its foura from the northern 
parts of the Riphaan mountains j which are near the ocean that 
men call Sarmondifca. It is pretty clear, that the Sarmonik 
muft be the Sauromata ; for the ancient geographers were of 
opinion, the Tanais took its fourcc near the Riphsan moun- 
tains, »in the country of the Sauromata or Sarmata. Thele 
nations lived not during the time of kingiElfred in Livonia ; nor 
are the fources of the Tanais and the Riphaan mountains (o 
near to the lea : but it muft be obferved, JElfrcd tranflates 
Orofius, who gives the vulgar opinion of thofe times. The 
real Sauroniata were, according to Diodorus SIculus, lib. li. 
p. 126. the offspring of the Medes : for when the Scythians 
over-ran Afia under king Cyaxares,^ they fettled a colony of 
Medes between the Tanais and Mount Caucafus. The Greeks 


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It their firft accounts of the northern nations, in Scythi% 
3m thofe Greek colonies^ who were fettled in that counti]^ 
They fpoke a mixed language full of Greek words ; and fudi 
is the Lithuanian language ; for it contains innumerable 
Greek terms, mixed with mofe of other languages. Sbaure it 
in this language norths and therefore the name of Sbaun 
Matai figniiies the northern Medes: for Madaiy in all the ori<» 
ental languages, lignifies the Medes. What Is more curious^ 
and proves this {K>int of hiftory inconteflably, is the great conr 
formity of the words of the Median language with thofe of 
the Sclavonic languages. The PMvi and the Zend are thofe 
diale£ts of the Peman, which are preferved in the facred books 
of the Farfiety and which, according to Mr. Anquetil do 
Perron^ contain a great many Median words, and bear a great 
limilanty to the Georgian language : in this language I found 
a good many Ruffian words, by running the vocabulary of it 
over. The Sauromatay or, as the Latin writers call them^ 
Sarmata^ were • governed chiefly by their nobility, and had 
originally no kings; thefe petty lords are frequently called in 
the ancient writers Sceptruchiy mace-bearers ; this inftrument 
being a lymbol of their dignity ; and they themfelyes were 
called SlawTtfy honourable : fometimes their fubjefts revolted 
and drove the inafters out, and fet up themfelves for honour^ 
abUj fo that in a little time the general denomination of Sar- 
matians was forgotten, or at leaft Uid aiide ; and the name 
Slaviy which the various branches of the nation all alfefted t0 
bear, became more general, Th$ tribes of the Slavi were 
diftinguifhed by peculiar names ; thus we have the Slavi Ma* 
rahani, Slavi Sorbi, Slavi Behemani, Slavi Dalemincii, Slavi 
Carentani, Slavi Polaci or Poloni^ Slayi Chorvati, Slavi Rofli, 
&c. A great many of theie names are taken from rivers, and 
papts of the country they inhabited. ^ Thus the Marahani arc 
named from the river Marus or Maharm. The Carentani, 
from the Crj/«, or limits they were fettled upon. The Behe- 
mani from Boiohemum ; the Chorvati, from the mountain Car-- 
patus or Carbatus ; the Dalemincii, from Dalmatian where they 
were firft fettled before they came to Sil^fia. ^s the San* 
matic and Slavonic tribes are fo ^ittlc known, and their origin 
is fo much involved in darknefs ; I thought that what I have 
here thrown put, might caft fo^nc light qn this obfcure part of 
geography and hiftory, 

^ K k ^ *♦ The 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

•♦ Xi^t North Dine J piar author t^J% .Ut^ bq(|;t-pn tl» cpp? 

tfinent and en dip Iflahds j cpnfequently jt h&nce cvideBthr ap^ 

?' ars^ that the North Dene not dniy were fettled in Klorth- 
utland, but alfo in the ifles of Fyljnei^^ Sealaijd^ if^n^^ 
Laland, and Falfter:' ' 

*' The Oft'Sfa is here, according to pur author, th^t ann of 
' the fca which furrounds Yutlaad oij its north fide, the ifles 
^bove enumeratjed, and alfo xhp ifle.of Bornholm ; it waflies be- 
(idcs the fliores of Pruflia, tomerania, and Mecklenburg, and this 
very arm -Alfred extends even tp the north of Svsrcdea up lA the 
Bothnic gulph : confequent!y it comprehends what y^c call aj: 
prefent the Shagcr-rack, the Lattc-gat, the ty^o B^lts^ the 
Boupd, ian4 the Baltic, The Germans have fpr the Baltic np 
otlicr name than thp Oft-feay i. c. eaft Sea, \vhich fully proves 
that no other fea can be underftood : and thqugh i^ feeips, that 
Idic n^me of Oft fea hath fomis impropriety, becaufe it is tp 
the north pf Germany, it muft lie remarked, that the 
Genpan nation, in the ninth Century, wa? entirely excluded 
from this fea by the Wenedi and the other Slavonic tribes, and 
had confequcntly no notion of it: what they knew, of it, they 
learned from the pane§, who %>ke the fame langujigc : now in 
jregArd'to the Danes, this iea certainly lies to-the^eaft; it is 
therefore no won Jer they adopted from them this name of 
Oft'S/a. However, it is remarkable that even the arm, .which 
Is between Norway and t)enmarck, is called by pur author xi\^ 
Vji'Sea: which ooferyation will be ufeful in clearing up fomc 
bther geographical points. As the great ocean alfo, fectween 
Brit^'m and Norway, Denipark and Friefland, is called the 
J^ortf> Sea in refpeS to this fea, the arm between Norway and 
Vutland, may juftly be called '0/?-5^i7. 
' *• The Ofii are undoubtedly the fame nation which was af- 
terwards caBed by Wulfftan the E/tum ; they lived, according 
to the fame n^vigator^ eaft of the mouth of the Wefel or YiU 
tula, along the Baltip. Taicitus mentions the Mfiii in the fame 
place; a'pd king Thepdoric [ap.'Caifiodor.] calls theji by the 
fame name. It Sems they obtained it from the Danes and other 
Teutonic' tribes, bepule they lived eaft of the Viftula, the 
boundary of Gernaany, in Tacitus*s tim^. When the Hanf: 
catic league exitled, thefe wealthy merchants eftablilh erf their 
factories in Livonia, and even in great No vogorod inRuiEa, they 
called alfo the nations living in thefe countries the Oftertings, 
. *^" ^ ' ' '' ■*■ ' ' " ' " ^ ' ' *■ - ' ' •- • "i. e; 

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T «J3 1! 

i^e^Ac ii^lbHs;%nA^t country- iA% Ej^uni tx Eifihmi: 
itQBi wheaoeth« nOftheimoftput of/Lhroma ftill bean dte 
4»nac of Efihni. . < ' 

^^ The ^^^yiMiiir wtre fonwrljr a Mtion iivitig in the north of 
(jennanyy ^iMti^ J^^iiny^ L iiu c -ift. beiondng to the 
WaucbU or Vind^U* ..Xbis nation wss aftenn»ds defeated bjr 
Ithe Go4i% «^ s^rhftps part of the nation retired fxst fkfet^ 
into th« Ifle or fiornhoio^ another ;p9rt &ttled near the 
river Saal inGermany, aiui had with the Aieinanm frequent 
feudft and contefls about tiAe^dt*wdlis.^Amm.MancelL Lrmii. 
Thoib in tb? ifle^ve th^ir name to it, asd it was conftantlj 
padled Purgw¥UM^i i. e.. the Ille of At Bnrgnndians; from 
whence B^rnhohn h a mete contraAu>a«' WnlfAan in. vhia 
account afterwards cidb it Bu^anda^kaaLi and 'mentibfos that 
Its inhabitanu had a king of their owik* From rtt -fimadon 
on the larboard^iide in Wulfilan*^ courfe, from At^Hmthmn to 
Iljing it appears, that w^ other hmd ooold be underfiood, at it 
lay between Falftet and Scania on onf fide, .and Bieckinger and 
Ocland on the other. 

^* &nue9n are the Svion<s of Tacitut de morib. Germ^-who^ 
according to that writer, lived in the oosan, and had fliipi^ 
cither end of which they nfed oocafionally, and were fdb^ft 
to a king. They occur likewife in E^nhatd in vita Karoll 
Magni, and in Adamus Bremenfis, Jomaodes calb them Ssvi'^ 
tbans^ and fays, they fend to Rome Japbilinas pilles^ remark^ 
able for their fine Uacknefs; he means, i iiippofe, fable^lkinsj 
faphilinas. pelles being barbarou* Latb, *> 

*• Scride^Finnai arc the fame nationiwith the Ftnnas^ likeJ 
wife mentioned by Qbthere. The unooymoi^ geographer of 
tlavenna divides the Finnas into the Surdrfemt and tlie /?^A- 
ftnos^ u e. fuch as ufe oply fnow fhoes, and fuch as have 
fledges drawn by rein-decrs ; for Scridm in the ancient nor-« 
thern languages, ztiA fchreiten in the modern German, fignify 
uftridey to walk with long and accelerated fteps : from thence 
the Germans derive the word Sehritfliuke or Schreitjhuke^ 
which fignifies Jkates^ becaufe in Ikating they make long 
ftrides ; and as the fnow-fhoes, employed . by the Eikiraaux in 
America, by the Laplanders in the north of Europe, and many 
Other nations in the north of Afia, not only affift them in 
walking over the deep fnow, by preventing their finking in, 
but alfo accelerate; their motion, it is highly probable that the 
l^innas obtained their name fcom thence, efpccially as the Fin- 

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t «4 3 
Aas tiere mentioned are the anceftors of the LaptanJeri or 

inhabitants of Finmarck^ as the Danes call that country : thofc 
Finnas, who had vehicles, Rhidas^ drawn by rcln-deers, were 
the fecond branch of theni| and therefore called Redffeni^ The 
djvifion is very natural ; fonie of this nation had tame rein- 

' dcers, lived upon their iniJk and flefli, and ufcd them to draw 
their fledges ; fbme otlien fubliftcd chiefly upon hunting, 
fowling, and filhing ; and therefore were obliged to make uie 
of their fcred'Jh^a ot fmw-Jh^ei^ in order t\m% to overtake the 
animals they h\jntcd. Such denominations arc not fo very un- 
common. In the north-caft part of Siberia is the nation of 
J'ungufi divided mlo Kunn'u Tunguji^ CUnnie Tunguji^ and 5"^- 
tuuhe Tungufiy bccaufc thele diflfcrent branches of the nations 
had cither horfes, reins^ or dogs, for their beafts of draft- 
Jornandes mentions, de rcb* Get. p. 6ii. the Crefmme^ which 
no doubt is ufed inftcad of ScndifinniS i or as Procopius hift. 
Goth, lib. ii. p. 261, calls them ScrstifinnL Paul Warncfricd 
cxprefsly mentions, they were thus called, a faUiffd^^ juxta 
iinguani bdrharam^ Saltibm enim utentes^ arte quadam Ugmt in- 
^urvoj ad arcits Jtmilitudimm, /eras ajfequuntur : and Adanuis 
SrcmeirGs fays, " between N^rdmannia and ^mnia the Warmt* 
** lani and Finwtdi * live, as alfo fome other nations. Upon the 
*' limits between the Svcons and Nordmans, towards the norths 
** live the Seriufimiy who are faid to overtake wild beafts by 
*' tunning : their capital is Halfmgaland^ In Sweden, to the 
■* weft, are the Goths, and the city of Scarane; to the northj 
** are the IVermikni with the Scritifinni, whofe capital is Hal^ 
** galmd. To the fouth is the Baltic and the city of SiM&m.^ 
Thus we learn, from the defcription of Adamus Bremenfis, 
the iVirmilani arc the neighbours of the Scritrfinm. By caft- 
ing our eyes on the map of Sweden, v^c find between ^lOrway 
and Gothia the province of Warmshndj and to the eair 
of this is Heffingimd or Hiifmgm: it therefore is eafy to 
colleft from thence, that the S^tedifinvaoi king jElfred are 
the fame Finnai whom Ohthere mentions as inhabiting the 
moors to the eaftward of Northmannaland, and oppofite this 
land, to the fouth, he places Swcoland ; which perfcflly 
agrees with the account of Adamus Bremenfis. Terftnnaknd 
is the defert or wafte to the north of Nor thinanna land, and 
of the country where the Finnas were fettled^ near i/*f/- 


"■ • The fii^tdi itt pcrhapi the ]^bf^*fnn'tf or ffnrtdi* 

t a5S 1 

>^ Bnmtu itre « natiiem living caft of the river Dwina, near 
the White fea. The northern writers frequently ^mennon the 
Byarmiani, and the Normai^s and Swcons had much inter- 
courfe wiA them, which was very eafy'by the Newa, which 
conununicates with the Ladoga Lake. * ' 

'' Cwiu-Landi as we have ftated the fituation of this couh* 
try before^ I ihall only add, that Ae name Cwena perh^];>s 1$ 
preferved in Cajimiburgh^ a towo'in thb eaft parts of Finland^ 
where Cwiuknd was. 

^* Sdringes'beal feems to be the fame place which is "men- 
tioned by raulus Wamefried, Hift. L<^ofo. 1. i. c. ;• by Ae 
n^me of Sceringa^ where the ff^inill or Long^bardi^ when they^ 
cougrated from Scandinavia, firft went to ; it was m the neigh- 
bourhood of the Wandals. Wandalia is commonly though , 
to. be, where now die icountry of Mecklenbut^ is fituated : 
apd according to Pliny's account, 1. iy. the Burgundi, An^^ 

fii, Varini, Carini, andGuttdnes, belonged to the\andali. 
f we confult Tacitu^ he calls the Gothmi, the Var^i, api 
the Angli Suevian nations, together wi& the Sviones. This 
fhews that the Vandali and Suivi muft be the fame nation, and 
in reality the names are^the fame by theififignification ; for 
Schpeifin fignifies. /d rambU, in the German lan?tiage, and 
waudein is t9 wander^ i& rambU: the Suefae therefore ahd th^ 
Wandals muft be the fame; confequently the Gothi, the 
Sviones and other tribes in Scandinavia were all Swefae or 
Wandals, rambling, unfettled, turbulent nations, which pex;- 
fedly anfwers to their chara^er and hiftory. The Wandals 
therefore, whom the Vinili met near Scoringa, were one of 
the Sueonic tribes; which may be further proved from the 
pnigrefs of the Vinili, as they left Scorhtga, and had pe^ 
netrated to Mauringa^ from whence they crofled the fea, 
and landed in Gotland i after which they took poiTeffion 
of Anthabeb, Batfaait and Surgundaib, which latter coun- 
try is Bornholm: hence they proceeded further fouth, till 
they fettled near the Bulgari {upon the Viftula, and foon 
after they took po^effion of Rugeland^ at the north of she Da- 
nube, where Odoaver had killed Teletheus king of a branch 
of the Rugii. It appears hence, the march of the Vii^ili or 
Lpn^obardi was direAed from north to fbuth : they lived 
originally in Vinuiloth mentioned by Jornandes dc reb. get. a 3, 
po the nc^b of Upfala, 


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. ^Sbrinjftf wag neaf;!^ filac^ ^h^ soiRite tliftvjimiiice 
c/£ T/j^IamL is; £o^.:i^ Jf/%,iiot &r from Gotland: aikl Ob- 
diere'favs/ ^ciri^is^bud is due ne^ ^f A/^ok^ and » 
the ibuth of this poit is> .a* vaft h^ff yfiaidi no One can fee 
acrofs, biit that (jodand i& ogpofit^- doafiqnnntly Soenii^eM 
ib<a/ muft be the: ^fffif/^ of Paul Waraefrisct, But tKis 
wiU fooa be nme ^e^ined* Th^ fhtives- bf Ufiland 
and Q^ .Gothland ^ar^ pqvf^ted..wit]i AnaR .racks:' and mcky 
iffands, ^hkb are called in German Scbmnnf in Siredifh 
Skiitren .^.^ Hsal %Difi«s i| |^rt Jit the northflik'n langoages; 
coniequentlv SUarem^JiMl |s,ti^ SM:< of tUtiSUar^nj a naoie 
weH adapt^ to the poet p^ $t]|icyicilm>; imtk^Ufiam^ Siuormi 
and the ceuntcj may, ^ -^g^f .ealkd Smnmgtl or AtMNoipKr 
Tbkmay W ftill raoVe pnyred hy tbd diftaMce of Sceringw*' 
hes|I frcm the fort of jA-J^liualmm;, hutaa w& maft fix firlil: di^ 
£tu^ioaof thi&portyive qu>0o|,9A yet OHike itib of this armaem^ 
but MEC will iio&J^ «|^ it in Urn nc^ft a^cle« The oi^ £ffi- 
ctth;Y in s^Qptim thU fitoation, in die.di&uico fioak lidgokfid, 
wHwOhtherei^ystp |3C.^ fuU loonth's contiausd iaQ'iw; bat 
it^ieafv to<af count fi^r tbi|ii;;, wh^ Ohtkereiiukd totbeCweo- 
S<a arid the Beonnasn bei look his; cpurfe in the open fea, 
ttf?ugh i)i fij^ oC \v^ buc here h&wentclofe tothe fiiorey 
and ail the fnoces o£ O^ Guhland and XJptaod are fi> M of 
rocks,' we ipay eai^Iy thiAk, what a daageroufe and therefore 
te(lious navigation it\ituift have been in this labyrinth of rocks, 
without charts^ without compafs, without pilots^ or »iy of 
thofe helps,, which n^aloe our voyagct^ expedkiouS' and Jefs 

^.Iralandi is nO doubtTthefe ScQtlaAd^ whidk: fhew9y how 
uiifettled thefe countries i«u# bafe beeu;: and that they were 
xnuttXatly 'peopled from eachoiber* 

'^* Jt'tkathHw has conamcH^ly been thofugbt to be the port 
of Srejwicltr for thus Sir John-Spehnan tranuateb it; b«rt if we 
«ftamine/the courfe pf Wulfftaa from Ji-Hsa^imm to Ilfln^, 
we may be foon oonylryred how imppfliUr it is to be ^lef- 
wick ; fpr when he failed from Huithum be had ffecmihhiuli 
u e, the ttle of Fyhnen to his, right hand» aod the Hies of Lang* 
land, Laland^ Falfter.anfl Scpneg or Scania^ tO'his.ieft^wiiith 
cajinot' happen in failing from Slefwick tO' ElUag,- ^xA the 
mouth of, the Viftula* It muft therefore be fomc poft beyond 

* Pronouiiced Sbam* 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

the Beit in Yutfand ; where h will make part of the Defii, ztii 
be fituated between Winedumy^ or the Vcnedi, the Seaxnm, and 
Angle. In the province of Tutland in the ^loctk oi AarhuueSf 
not very diitaht from the city of thb lan^e nslme, is a larger 
diftrift called AUHeide^ i. e. At-Htathj foi* ftich reklly it \ii 
being entinily covered with heaths The ptcffent city of Aar^ 
huusy u c. Ori^houfiy is modern, and in the elfev6nth ceiitiiiy 
it was fituated higher up in the country clofe to Al-tiiathy and 
its port had but few mean habitations, which therefore probably 
l>ore not the nam&of Aarhuus^ but df Al-Heatbum^ in whole 
vicinity it was. *' 

If you fail from Airhuus, or Al-Heatbu^^ to the mouth ^ 
the Yiftula, p&Ifing through the great Belt, or |>etween Sea-« 
land and Fynen, the Utter ifle is on the right hand; the 
iflandd Langeland, Laland, and Falfter, may be left on the 
larboard fide, suid the whole will well agree: which is im->- ' 
poffible, if Slefwick is to be Al-Heathum or Hiatbum* Sup- 
pofing Sceringes'beal to be in the Upland Siiaren, Aarhuus ift 
very little more diftant froni thence, than from the mouth of' 
the Viftula; and I believe, therefore, the feven days fail men-' 
tioned by Wulfftan are but five, as it ftands in Sir John Spel-* 
man's edition : and if we niakeufe of this corre£tion, the fitua- 
tion of Sciringes'-heal is ftill more confirmed. 

*' Trufo feems to have been a town on the banks of the- 
river IlfiHg. There is a lake, from which the river Elbing in 
Prufiia takes its fource, and is called Draufen or Drufen by 
the common people. This lake includes a great natural 
curiofity, in its fwimming or floating ifles, covered with fine 
grafs of the aquatic kind, and even with fome Ihtubs. Whea 
thefe ifles are driven on fliore, the cattle grafing on the con- 
tinent, invited by the fine verdure, venture to walk on 
them (for fome are of more than half an acre), and they 
are eafily driven out into the lake by the leaft fliifting wind, 
and are thus carried to the oppofite more ; fo that the owner* 
muft go to fetch their cattle Ibmctimes at the diltance of ten 
miles. For other lakes of the fame kind, fee Seneca Nat. 
Quaft. 1. iii. c. 25. Plin. Hift. Nat. 1. ii. c. 95. Plin. jun. 
L viii. p. 20. Upon the banks of this lake, 1 fufpeft, the 
town of Trufo or Drufo formerly ftood. 

^* Denemarca. Marck fignifies country in the old north- 
ern languages ; Denmark is therefore the country of the 

L 1 Danes; 

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Oaaes ; Finmarci^ the country of the Finau Wulf&m u 
the nioft early writer hitherto kaown, who i»eiitioB& this 

' ^^ Bidnga is called an IHe; but as thore sore jaoiw.betweeii 
Hornholm and Qeland, it muft be rather Bkckin£9n^ ^ 
' ^* iWfra^ feemar to be compreh^ndled in the diftriSs^ wliich 
now are called 5iyr^r. and J^^^f^'!l^^ir^ in the province of 
Smahnd: Maur^ngih mentioned by Paul Warncfir^ 4e ^eft. 
I^angob. 1. i. c. x x» sui one of the ftation^ of the Laogpbirdjk oa 
their march fouthwtrds; is very probably this Abro4* . 

^ ^' Rowland is clearly the fame with Oeland ; , ai^cl i^ one of 
the molt fertile and agreed[>k iflanda of the BaitQp^ 

^ Gotland has, unalterably kept ixs oamC) to the profent 
time ; and is famous for, havmg been the conftant ipendesvou^ 
of the northern heroes before they went on thoir marine %if* 
; *' IVifel n the mixil or ITiiJfel, called by the- Poles mjki 
and by the Latin writers, Vijula* Jornandes de reb. Get. c. 3» 
defcribes tUia river extremely well ; faying of Scancia : iicc 
H fronte pojita efi ViftuUe fiwaii : qui Samuiticis montiim ortusy 
in conjfehu &canzuefepUnirimali c^e^no' trifukus iUakitur : for 
this river has really tliree arm& : tl>e weftenod]; ia near Damt- 
zig ; the two eaftermoft branches enter a large lake of frelh 
water, called Frijh-Haff: it is about eighteen Germaa miles 
long, and in fome places three German miles broad (or ninety 
Engtifh miles long, and fifteen Eqglifh nulea broad). 

** Efi-nure \% the Frijh-Hag' above mentioned, which is 
QOnneaed with the Baltic by a mouth opening near Pilleu* 
' ^^ IVeoncthland is the Ifle of Fjbuinj or as the Danes call it 
tyeny and in Latin Fionia. 

^ ff^afcau^ Thus Alfred calls t^e province of Gafiogns 
or (^ajcoitt : whiclx is a clear proof of ^ the dif&rent pronun- 
ciation between the Celtic,, or Gallic^ and the T^utanis tribes. 
](or the Gauls called thenafelve& thus; but the Teutonic 
Xiations and the Saxons faid IVaUsy from whence it arifes 
tliat the Germans call the Italians to this very day by th& 
name of tVdJby becaufc all Italy was in the poffeffion of the 
Gauls, long before the Romans conquered them. The Ger- 
mans had their name becaufe they were foldiers,. JVarmenj 
which the Gauls pronounced Guermen^ from gium^ war : 
for the firft Germans who cam^ into Gaul were warricfs.. 


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I ^59 3 

Thus alfi) Tf^tlUam is -changed by the French 
and the family of the Welfiy arc the Guelfs c 
French writers* 

*' Profent and ProfeniSea are certainl] 
the Roman word provincial for this pan 
formerly the Prmncia Gallia^ and is nc 


%• The BINDER ^ill fold the Map to front diis Fa^; 
and will place the Englilh Tranflation,^ with the Contents bc^ 
feeing to it, immediately after the Anglo-Saxon Verfion* 

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