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Rtiflted for R. Dodsiev in Pall-Mall. 


• . 't w » 


% .i .: 








B Y 



Voim A ^OBN 



JOH}f MJRSTOH UtfUin the Reign, cf James 
the Firft, He «was an Author of fame Refute for 
Wit and Satire ; hut his Manner is generally too rough 
mnd uncouth. Rewrote a Satire in three parts y caltJ 
The Scourge of Villainy ; whici^ Langbain fays, ren- 
der'* d him more eminent than Ms Dramatick Poetry, The 
Ptan of this Play w2v A?/V*y Wtbftet ; hut it nvasfntfif^S 
hy our Author, njJho Zedica/es ii^ to Ben Johhfon in the 
following Manner^ 

Benjamini Johnsonio poetae elegantifllmo^ gra« 
viffimo^ Amico fuo candido & cordato, Johannes 
Ma it 8 TON mufiuivn alunouius aiperam hanc fuam Tha* 
liam J). D^ 

KotwUhJiandi^ tj^is^ ■ he had afterwards- a Wipe •«# 
Bo!i in his Preface /^ Sophoniiba. " Know (fays he) 
'* that I ha^ue not laboured in this Poem to relate any 
** thing as an Hiftorian^ hut to enlarge every thing as a 
** Poet. To tranfcrihe Authors^ quote Authorities, and 
•' tranfiate Latin proffO^ations into EngUflfhlank Verfe^ 
**'halh in this Suhjea heenthe ieaft Aim of fff^ Studies,*'' 

Every Body that has read fica Johnfon, <u;/// perceive f 
that this is leveltd at his Sejanus and Cataline. He wrote 
hefide this^ feven other Plays, viz. Antonio and Melida^ 
Antonio*i Revenge, Infatiate Countefsy and Sophonifba, 
&^^/^;^utch Courtezan, What you will,, and Pa- 
rifitafter, te the Fawn, Bmsdies, On cttcodnf of his 


[ J ] 

(atirtial Fern, I fisi him rtpriftnttd in tit Return flDia 
PatnadTos, under the faHawing rldicuhm Jthnge : 

" Whaf^ Metifieur Kinfyder, lifting up your Leg, tend 
" t'^H- "g^'^fi t^' ^orld? fHt tip, Man', put uf, far 

In the fame Piece he ii alfo charaBeri^d tbusi 
" Metbinks he is a Rtiffi^ in bit Stile, 
Wilhouten Bartdi, or Garters Ornament. 
Ht quaffs a Cup D/Trenchman'j Uilicen, . 
Tirt roifler daifier in bis oily Terrm, 
Cits, thrufii, andfiyiies at luhomfie'er he taeeii, 
AnifirtFois abaut Ram-Alley M^ditatiani. . 
Tui, <wbat tares be for madeft,cU/e-eiiiiib'd'TenHS, 
CUojily la gird aur hafer Libertines f 
Give him plmn naktdWiirds, firifdjrtm their Shirts, 
5iat im'gbt be/em plain-dealing Jrttine. 



• t 

Dramatis Peribnae. 

Giovanni Altrfrtmto^ dirginfed Malevcli, fometimo 
duke of Genoa. 
Pietro JacomOy duke of Genoa. 
Mendozoy A minion to the dutchefs of Phtro yacomol 
tUlfoy a friend to Ahofronto. 
Biliofoy an old cholenck marflial. 
Prepajfoy a gentleman-ufher. 

Fernew^ a young courtier, and inamoored of the dutchefs^ 
Ferrardoy a minion to duke PUtra Jacopta, 

P'"*".' I two courtiers. ' - 

AuTiliay dutchefs to duke P1W0 ^i7r0M^* 
Maria, dutchefs to duke Ahofronto. 

b" '1* C ^^® ladies attending the dutdicf^ 
Maquerelle, an old pander efs. 

Pajfarello^ fool to Biliofi, ^ ' ' -^ T . 









The Additions afled by the Kuig'i 

Majefty's Servants. 

Written by JOHN WEBSTER, 
Enter W.SIji a flrt-man f^lliFwing him wttkafttl. 

B I R, the gentlemea will be angry if yon fit 
, here. 

Sly. Why, we may fit upon the flage U 
> the prirate houfe. Thou do'ft not take me 
• for a country gentle^pan, do'A } do'ft chink 
I fear hiffing 7 111 hold my life thou took'fl me for one 
of the playen, 

A J firi' 

6 7he Induction U 

Tire-man. No, fir. 

Sfy. By god's-flidy if you had I would have gwen y^ 
but fix-penee for your ftool. Let thein that have fiale 
fuits fit in the galleries. Hifs at me ! He that will be 
laugh'd out of a tavern, or an ordinaiy^ fhall feldom 
feed well, or be drunk in good, company. Whereas Har- 
xy Cundale, D. Burbidge, and W. Sly ? Let me fpeak 
with fome of them. 

Tire-man, An't pleafe you to go. in, fir, you may. 

Sly, I tell you no > I am one that hath feen this play 
often, and can give them inteHagence for their adion*. 
I have niofV of the jefl$ here iq my table>book. 

Enter Sinilpw* 
. Stni, Save you, cuz. 

S/y, O ! coufm, come, you (hall fit between my k^a 

Sink. No. indeed, coufia ; the audience then will take 
jtne for a viol de ganobo, and thiixk that you play upon 

S/y, Nay, rather that I work upon you, cm2« 

Sink. We ftaid for you at fupper laft night at my cou- 
fin Honeymoon's, the WDollen-dra|)er's. After fiipper 
we drew cutts for a fcore of aphcots; the longeftcutt 
JRill to 4raw an apricot : by this light, ^twas mrs. Francit 
Honey-hiocm's fortune flill to have the longelt cutt. I 
did mcafure for the women. What be thefe,, cuz ? 

Enter D. Buriidge, H. Cundale^ Js Le^in. 
^Sily, The players. God fave you. 
Bur, You are very welcome. 

Sly. I pray you know this gentleman, my coufin ; 'tis. 
mr. DdomlUay's fon the ufurer. 

Cund. I befecch you, fir, be cover'd.. 
Sly. No, in good faith, for miue eafe ; look you, mf 
hat*s the handle \o this fiu : god*s fo,. what a beaft waa 
f , I did not leave my feather at home ! Well, but I'll 
take an order with you. 

[Puti bis feather in bis pockety 

Bur^ Why do you coaceal your feather,, ixl . * 


Slj^. Why! do you think I'll have jefts broftcn upon 
me in the ^y to be laugh*d at ? This p^ay hath beaten 
all young gallants out of the feathers. Black-frian hathr 
almoft fpoird Black-friars for Others. 

SM. God's fo, I thought *twas for fomewhat our gen- 
tlewomen at home Gounfel'd me to wear my feathtr to 
the play ; yet I am loath to fpoU it, 

S/y. Why, cuz? 

SwA, Becaufe I got iit m the tilt-ysad : Thei« was z 
herald broke my pate for taking it up. But I have worn 
-it up and down the Strand, and met Imn forty times fince, 
and yet he dares not challenge it^ 

^<^. Poyou hear, fir, this play is a bitter play. 

Gtnd^ Why, iir, -^tis neither (atire nor moral, but the 
meer parage of an hiilory : yet theie are a fortof diiom- 
tented creatures that bear a ftinglefs envy to great ones, 
and theCe will wreil the doings of any man to their bafe, 
Bia&ioas -appliment r but fiiould their interpretation 
come tathe teft, like your marmofet,i they prefently turn 
th^ teeth to-their tail and eat i(. 

Sly. I will not go far wkh you ; but P fay,, any man 
liiajt-hiftht'Wit may ceniuie, if he fit in the twelve-penny- 
jroom : and I- fay again, the pky is bitter. 

Btk'^ Sir, you <ire like a patron that/prefentbg apoor 
feholar t» a benefice, enjoins him not to rail againft any 
^ iking that ftands within compefs of his patron's lolly. 
Whyihould not we enjoy the antient freedom of pocfy ? 
Shall we proteft to the ladies, that their punting makes 
them angels ? or to my young gallant, that his expence 
in the brothel fliall gain him reputation ? No, fir, foeh 
vices as ftand not accountable to law, fhould be cur'd as 
men heal tetters, by cafting ink upon them. Would yott 
be fadsfied in any thing elfe, fir? 

Sly. Ay marry would I. 
I would know how you came by this play ? 

Cutrd. Faith, fir, the book was loft, and becaufe 't^;v'a» 
pity Co good a pk/ fiionld be loft, we found it and play 

Sly, I wonder you would play it, another company 
laving intfiiefiL in it. 

A 4 Cund^ 

$. Tie Induction fo 

Qmf. Why not Malevole in folio with us, as well as 
leronimo in decimo fexto^ with them ? THey taught o&a 
name for our play, we call it. One for another. 

Sly. What are your additions ? 

Bur. Sootby not greatly needful ; only as your fallet 
to your great feaft, to entertain a little more time, and to 
abridge ue not-received cuftom of mufick in our theatre. 
Imuftleaveyouy fir. {Exit Bur bidge^ 

Sink. Doth he play the Malcontent ? 

Qmd. Yes, fir. 

Sink. I durft lay four of mme ean the play is not fci 
well adled as it hath been. 

Cund. Ol no, fir, nothing, AdParrmnonisfuem, 

Lenv. Have you loft your ears, fir, that you are Cm 
prodigal of laying them ? 

Sink. Why did you a(k that, friend ? 

Li^. Marry, fir, becaufe I have heard of a fellow 
would offer to lay a hundred pound wager, that was not 
worth five baubees : and in this kind you might venture 
four of your elbows: yet God defend your coat (hould. 
liave fo many. 

Sink. Nay, truly, I am no great cenfurer, and yet I 
jmght have been one of the college of criticks once. My; 
coufin hiere hath an excellent memory, indeed, fir. 

Sly. Who, I ? I'll tell you a ftrange thing of myfelf ; 
and I can tell you, for one that never fhidied the art of 
memoty, 'tis very ftrange too. 

Cund. What's that, fir ? 

S/y. Why, I'll lay an hundred pound. 111 walk but 
once down by the Goldfmith's-row in Cheap, take no- 
tice of the figns, and tell you them with a breath in- 

L€*w. 'Tis very ftrange. 

S/y. They begin as the world did, with Adam and 
There's in all juft Rvc and fifty. 
I do u£b to meditate much when I come to plays too. 
What do you think might come into' a man's head liow^ 
feeing all this company ? 

Cuftd. 1 know not, fir. 


7be Malcontent. 9 

Sly. I have an excellent thought If fome fifty of the 
«iGrecians that were cramm'd in the h<Mfe-belly had eaten 
garlicky do you not think the Trojans might have finelt 
out their knavery ? 

Cund. Very likely. 

Sly, By God, I woa*d they had, for I love HeOor 

Sink, Obotcuz, caz! 
Great Alexander when he came to the tomb of Achillea 
Spake with a big loud voice, O thoa thrice-blefled and 

Sly. Alexander was an afs to fpeak fo well of a filthy 

Leva, Goodfir, will you leave the ft^e ? 1*11 help yoa 
to a private room. 

Sly. Come, cnz, let's take fome tobacco. Have yoa 
never a prologue ? 

Ltw. Not any, fir. 

Sly. Let me fee, I will make one extempore. 
Come to them, and fendng of a congey with arms and 

Be round with them. 

** Gendemen, I could wiih for the women's fakes you 
** had allfoftcttfluons ; and, gentlewomen, I could wifh 
** that for the men^s fakes you had all more eafy ftand- 
** ings." What would they wifli more but the play now ? 
And that they ihall have infiantly« 


[ lol 



Aa. I. Seen. i. 
^e vileft out-of-tunt mufick beit^ Beard, 

EnltK Bilii)/» ami Prefa^i^ 

|t HY, how nowf axe ye mad, or dnink> 
I or both, or all ? 

Prep. Are yt building Babylon, there f 
Bit. Here'i a noire in court ! yoa think 
[ you are in a tavern, do you not i 
' Perf. You think you are in a brothel- 
houfS', do yon not i This room is iU-fcented. 

[£«/«■ ani luitb a prfunu. 
60, perfume, perfume i Tome Dpon me, I pray thee : 
the duke is upon infiutf cntraoce t fo, make place there. 


Tie Malcoktbnt. li 

Ad. I. Seen/ 2. 

Enter the duke PietrP^ Ferrardo, cowtt Equato^ count 

Cel/o before f and Guerriao, 

Pie. Wr HER E breathes that nwfick ? 

\^f BiL The difcord rather than the mofick i& 
heard from the malcontent Malevole's chamber. 

Ferr^ Malevole F 

Mal^ out of his cBamBer^ Yaugh^ god-a-man, what 
do*ft thon there i^ duke's Ganymede, Juno's Jealous of thy" 
long Hocking^. Shadow of a woman, what would'll^ 
weefel } thou lamb a court,, what do'fL bleat for ? ah^ 
you fmooth-chinn'd catamite ! . 

Pie. Come down,, thou ragged cur,, andfnarl here ; I 
give thy dogged fuUenaefs free liberty : trot about and 
befpurtle whom thou pleafeft.. 

Mai.. 111 come among you,, you goatifh blooded tode* 
rers, as gum into tafFata,. to fret^ to fret : Pll fail like & 
^unge into water,, to fuck up,, to fuck up.. Howl again.. 
I'll go to church and come to you. 

Pie. This Malevole is one of the 0U>ft prodigious affec- 
tions that ever conversed with nature. A man, 6t rather 
a monfter; more difcontent than Lucifer when he was- 
thruft out of the preience. His appetite is unfatiable at 
the grave ; as far from any content as from heaven. His. 
higheft delight is to procure others vexation,^ and thereia. 
he thinks 1^ truly ferves heaven ; for *tis his pofition,. 
whofoever in thb earth can be contented, is a ikve sCnd. 
damn'd ; therefore does he affli£l: all in that to which they 
are moft affedted. Th' elements ftruggle with him ; his 
own foul is at variance within herfelf : his fpeech is halter- 
worthy at all hours. I like him, faith ; he gives good 
intelligence to my fpirit, makes n\e underftand Siofe: 
weaknefies whick other's flattery palliates. Uarkl thejr 

A 6 Aft 

jji^ .7)6^ Malcontent* 

Aft. I. Seen. 3. 

Eftt£r MalevoJe, after thefong, 

' PiV.OEE, he comes. Now (hall you hear the extre- 
(3 ^i^ of a malcontent : he is as free as air : he 
blows over every man; and— ^ Sir, whence come yoa 

Ma/. From the pablick place of much diffimulation, 
die church. 

Pie. What did'ft there? 

Mai. Talk with a ufurer ; take up at intereft. 

Pie. I wonder what religicm thou art of. 

Ma/. Of a foldier's religion. 

Pie. And what do'ft think makes moft infidels now ? 

Ma/. Seds, feds. I have feen feeming Piety change 
her robe fo ohy that fure none but fome arch'^evil caa 
ihape her petticoat. 

Pie. O ! a religious policy. 

Ma/., But, damnation on a politick religion. I am 
weary ; would I were one of the duke's hounds now. 

Pie. But what's the conmion news abroad, Malevole? 
thou dog'ft rumour itill. 

Ma/. Common news ? why, common words are, God 
fave ye. Fare ye well : common anions, flattery and cou- 
zenage : common things, women and cuckolds. And 
how' does my little Ferrardo ? Ah ye letcherous animal I 
jmy little ferret ! he goes fucking up and down the palace 
into every hen's nell, like a weefel. And to what do'il 
thou addid thy time now, more than to thofe antique 
painted drabs that are ftill siffe^cd of young courtiers, flat- 
tery, pride, and venery ? 

Ferr. I ftudy languages. Who do'ft think ta be the 
btft linguift of our age ? 

Ma/. Phew ! the devil ; let him poflefs thee ; he'll 
/teach thee to fpeak all languages moil readily and flrange- 
ly ; and great reafon, marry, he's travcU'd gready in the 
world, and is every where* 


T^^Malcontent, 13 

Terr. Save Tth' court. 

MaL hy^ fave i*th' court. And how does my old 
maddull, overfpread with freih fnow ? thoa half a man^ 
half a goat^ all a beail ; how does thy young wife, old 
huddle ? [ftf BiUofa^ 

Bil. Out! you improvident rafcal. 

MaL Do, kick, thou hugely-homM (^ duke's ox, 
good mr. make-peace. 

Pie,, How do'^it thou live now-a-days, Malevole ? 

MaL Why, like the knight St. Patrick Penlolians, with 
killing o^fpiders for my lady's monkey. 

Fie. How do'fl fpend the night \ I hear thou never 

MaL Ono; but dream the moil fantaftical: O heaven! 
O fubbery, fiibbexy ! 

Pie, Dream! whatdream'ft? 

MaL Why, methinks I fee that fignior pawn his 
foot-doth ; that metreza her plate : this madam takes 
phyfick, that t'other moniieur may minifter to her : here 
is a pander jewel'd ; there is a fellow in (hift of fattin 
this day, that could not ihift a fhirt f other night : here a 
Palis fupports that Helen ; there's a lady Guinever bears 
up that fir Lancelot. Dreams, dreams, viiions, fanites, 
chimera's, imaginations, tricks, conceits. [To Prepajfo. 
Sir Triftnun Trimtram, come aloft Jack-a-napes with a 
whim-wham ; here's a knight of the land of Catito (hall 
play at trap with any page in Europe ; do the fword- 
dance with any morris-dancer in Chriftendom ; ride at 
the ring, till the fin of his eyes look as blue as the wel- 
kin, and run the wild-goofe chace even with Poihpey die 

Piet, You run ! 

MaL To the devil. Now, fignior Guerchino, that 
thou firom a moft pitied prifoner fhould grow a moft 
loathed flatterer : Alas ! poor Celfo, thy flar's opprefs'd, 
thou art an honefi lord ; 'tis pity. 
Equa. Is't pity ? 

MaL Ay, marry is't, philofophical Equato ; and 'tis 
pity that thm being fo excellent afcholar byart,fhould'fl: 


14 72^ MAteoNTfiNT* 

be (o ridiculous a fool by nature. I have a thing €6 tell 
youy duke^ bid ^em avant> bid *em avant. 

Fien Leave us, leave us ; now, {n^ what is^t? 

\^Ex. allp facing Fietro ami Mafivotu 

MaL Duke, thou art a beco, a corauto^ 

Pitt. How? 

Mai. Thou'^ a cuckold. 

Piet. Speak ; uniheli him quick. 

MaL With moft tumbler^like nimblenefi. 

Piet. Who ? by whom ? I burft with dcfirc, 

MaL MendozQ is the man makes thee a homM beaS» 
Di^e, *tis Mendoao cormites thee. 

Piet, What conformance ? relate ; fhort, (hort, 

MaL As a lawyer's beard, 
*rhere is an old crone in the court y her name is Maptenll^ 
She is my tnifirefs footh tpfay^, andjhe doth ever tell me. 
Blirt, a rime;. blirt,arime; MaquereUe is a cunning 
bawd, I am an honeft villain; thy wife is a clofe dcflft>,» 
and thou art a notorious cuckold ; farewell,, duke. 

Viet, Stay, ftay. 

MaL Dull, dull, duke, can kzy patience make lame 
revenge ? . O God ! for a woman to make a man. that 
which God never created, never made ! 

Piet, What did God never make \ 

MaL A cuckold. To be made a thing that's hood- 
winked with kindnefs, whilft cveiiy rascal filUps his^ 
brows ; to have a coxcomb with egregious horns pinn'd 
to a lord's back, every page fp^rting himfelf with de- 
lightful laughter, whilft he muft be the laft muil know 
it ; piftols and poniards J pifiols and poniacds L 

Piet, Death and damnation! 

MaL Light'ning and thunder \ 

Piet, Vengeance aad. torture \ 

MaL Catzo [ 

Piet, O revenge ? 

MaL Nay, to fele6fc am(mg ten thouiand fairv 
A lady far inferior to the moft. 
In fair proportion both of limb tod foul : 
To take her from aufterer check of parents^ 
1 Q make her!iis by mo£ devoutful rites^ 


7be Malcontent, ig 

Make her commandrefs of a better eflence^ 
Than is the gorgious world even of a man. 
To hag her with as raised an appetite. 
As oforers do their delv*d np treaforf, 
(Thinking none tells it bat his private felf».^ 
To meet her fpiiit in a nimbls tiis, 
Diftilling panting ardour to h^neait. 
True to her flieets, nay diets firong his bloody 
To give her height of hymeneal fweets. 

Pi€t. O God ! 

Mai, Whilft (he lifps,. and gives him fome cooxt 
Made only to provoke^ not fatiate i 
And yet e\'en then,, the thaw of her delight 
Flows from lewd heat of appreheniion,. 
Only from ftrange imagination's rankneis,. 
That forms the aduberer^s prefence in her fouT^ 
And makes her-think ihe dips the foul knave's loins. 

Piet. Afflidiontomyblood^sroot! 

MaL Nay think^ but think what may proceed of thif^ 
Adultery is often the mother of incelL 

Piet. Inceft! 

Mai. Yes, inceft : mark; Mendozo of his wife be* 
gets perchance a daughter^ Mendozo dies; his (on ma^^ 
ries this daughter. Say yoa ? Nay 'tis frequent, not on* 
iy probable, butnoqueitionoltenaded^whiiftignonQioey. 
fearlefs ignorance, dafps his oi^ feed* 

Piet, Hideous imagination I 

Mai. Adultery ? why next to the £n of iimony, *tis 
the moft horrid tranfgreflion under the cope of ialvation. 

Piet,. Next to fimoay ! 

MaL Ay 9 next to Hmony^ m which our men in next^ 
a|^ftall not£n. 

Piet. Notfih? why? 

MaL Becaa£e (thanks to fome church-men) our age 
will leave them nothing to iin with. But adultery ! O 
dalnefs ] ihew fuch exemplary puniihment, that intempe- 
rate bloods may freeze, but to think it. I would damn 
him and aU his generation I my awn. hands ihould do it; 

i6 Tie Malcontent. 

ha, I would not truft^ heaven with my vengeance any 

Piet, Any thing, ^ny thing, Malevole ; thou fhalt fee 
inftantly what temper 'my Ipirit holds. Farewell, re« 
member I forget thee not, farewell. ^ ^Exit Pietro» 

MaL Farewell. 
Lean thoughtfulnefs, a fallow meditation. 
Suck thy veins dry, diftemperance rob thy deep; 
7he heart'* s dihuiet is revenge moft deep. 
Be that gets bloody the life ^flejb hutj^iilsy 
But he that Ireaks hearths peace ^ the dear foul kills ^ 

Well, this difguife doth yet afford me that 
Which kings do feldom hear, or great men ufe^ 
Freefpeech: and though my fbite*s nfurp'd. 
Yet this afFeded ftrain gives me a tongue. 
As an emperor's. 
I may fpeak foolifhly, ay knavifhly. 
Always carelefly, yet no one thinks it fafhion 
To poize my breath. ** For he that laughs and firikes^ 
*« Is lightly felt, or feldom ftruckagam." 
Duke, I'lltormenttheenow, my juft revenge. 
From thee than crown a richer gemm fhall part. 
Beneath God, noughfsfo dear as a calm heart. 

Aft, I. Seen. 4. 

Enter Celfi. 

Cel. m^y honoured lord! 

iVX ^^^' Peace, fpeak low ; peace, O CcHb ! 

conftant lord, 
(Thou to whofe faith I only reft difcovered. 
Thou, one of full ten millions of men. 
That loveft virtue only for itfelf ; 
Thou in whofe hands old Ops may put her (bul :) 
Behold for ever banifh'd Altofront, 
This Genoa's laft yearns duke. O truly noble 1 

I wantc4 

T^he Malcontent. ij^ 

1 wanted thofe old infhximents of flate, 

DiiTemblance, and fufped : I could not time it, Celfo^ 

My throne ftood like a point in midft of a circle. 

To all of equal neamefs, bore with none ; 

Rein'd all alike, fo flept in fearleis virtue, 

Sufpe£ilefs ; too fufjpefUefs ; till the crowd, 

( Still liquorous of untried novelties, ) 

Impatient with feverer government. 

Made ftrong with Florence, banifh'd Alto&ront. 

Cf/. Strong with Florence ! ay, thence )rottr mifchief 
For when the daughter of the Florentine 
Was match*d once with this Pietro, now duke. 
No ilratagem' of ilate ontry'd was left, tiU you of aU«« 

Mat. Of all was quite bereft. 
Alas ! Maria too, dofe prifoned \ 
My true-faith'd dutcheis, i*th'citadeL 

CeL I'll ftill adhere : let's mutiny and die* 
MaL O no ; climb not a falling tow*r, Celfo ; 
•Tis well held defperation, not zeal, 
Hopelefs to flrive withfate ; (peace) temporize. 
Hope, hope,, that never for&k'fl the wretched'ft man^ 
Yet bid'ft me live, and luik in this difguife. 
What ? play I well the free-breath'd difcontent ? 
Why, man, we are all philofophical monarchs, or natu- 
ral fools. Celfo, the court's afire; theduchefs' jQieets 
will fxnoke for't e'er it be 'long. Impure Mendozo, that 
iharp-nos'd lord, that made the curfed match, link'd 
Genoa with Florence, now broad horns the duke, which 
he now knows. DUcord to malcontents y& very man« 
naj when the ranks are burft, thenfcuffie, Altofront. 

Cel. Ay, butdurft 

MaL 'Tis gone ; 'tis fwallowed like a mineral j fon:^ 
way 'twill work ; pheut, I'll not fhrink : His rejbliat 
nuho can no Itrwer fink, 

Biiicfi) entering f MalevoU Jhifteth his fpeech^ 
Mai. O the father of may-poles ! did you never fee a 
fellow whofe ftrength confifted in his. breath, refped in 
his office, religion on his lord, axKl love in hhnfelf? why 
then, behold—— 


j2 Tbe Malcon^tent. 

Bi/. Signior \ 

MaL My right worfhipfiil lord,. 
Your court night-cap makes you have a paffing high 

BiL I can tell ypu ftnmgc news, but I am fare you 
know them already. The duke fpeaks much good of 

MaL Go to then ; and ihall you and I now enter inta 
a ftridl friendfhip ? 

BiL Second one another ^ 

MaL Yes. 

BiL Do one another good offices ? 

MaL Juft ; what tho' I caird thee old ox, egregious 
Wittal, broken-bellied cowasd, rotten mummy. 
Yet fince I am in favou r ■ ■ 

Bii, Words of courfe, terms of difjport. 
His grace prefentsyouby me a chain, as his grateful 're- 
membrance for—— I am ignorant for what,, marry, ye 
may knpart : Yethowfocvcr-?— Come— —dear friend, 
Do'jft know my fon? 

MaL Your fon ? 

BiL He fliaH eat wood-cocks, dance Jiggs, make* 
poiTets, and play at (huttle-cock with any young lord 
about the court : he has as fweet a lady too \ doit know^ 
her little bitch? 

MaL 'Tis a dog, man. 

BiL Believe me, a (he bitch : O 'tis a good creature ? 
thou ihalt be herfervant. VVl make thee acquainted 
with my young wife too : what ? I keep her not at 
court for nothing : 'Tis grown to fuppcr-time, come to- 
ii\y table j that, or any thing I have ftands open to thee» 

MaL How fmooth to him that is in ftate of grace i— • 

How fervile is the rugged'ft c6Tirtier''$ face ! 
What prof ty nay nvhat nature *would keep dtrwn^^ 
Are hea*v*dto them aremimons tc a cro^wn^ 
Envious ambition ne^erfa*vei her thirfiy, 
^ill fucking ally he fwelby and fiwelUy and hurfts. 

BiL I fhall now- leave yoU'V^^ my always befl wifhes,^ 
only let*8 hold betwiJCt as a. firm correfpondence, a ma- 


Tibe Malcontent. 19 

tual-friendly-reciprocal kiad of ftcddy-uiiammoas*]icarti- 

Ma/. Did your figniorftiip ne'er fee a pigeon-hoafe 
that was fmooth, round, and white without, and fuU of 
holes and ftink within ? ha'e you not, courtier ? 

Si/, O yes, 'tis the form, the fafhion of them all. 

Ma/. Adieu my true court-friend, farewell, my dear 

Cf/. Yonder's Mendozo. [Exit Bi/iofe^ 

Ma/. True, the privy-key. [Defcria Mendoze^ 

Ce/. I take my leave, fweet lord. [Exit Ce/fi^ 

Ma/, 'Tis fit, away. 


A(5l. I, Seen. 5. 

Enter Mendozo^ with tbreeorfourfuit^s. 

Men. T Eavc your fuits with me, I can and will • 

1 ^ attend my fecretary ; leave me. 

Ma/. Mendozo, hark ye, hark ye. You^e a treach-^ 
«rous villain ; God be wi' ye. 

Men. Out, you bafe-born rafcal ! 

Ma/. We are all the fons of heaven, tho' a tripe-wifo 
were our mother; ah you whore-fon, hot-rcin'd he-mar- 
mofet ? Egiftus, did'ft ever hear of one Egiilus ? 

Men, Giftus ? 

Ma/, Egiftus, he was a filthy incontinent fleih*monger^ 
fuch a one as thou art. 

Men. Out, grumbling rogue ! * 

Ma/. Oreftes, beware Oreftesu 

Men. Out begger ! 

Ma/. I once fhall rift. 

Men. Thou rife ? 

Ma/. Ay, at the refurredion. 
** No nfu/gar/eed, but once may rife, andjha//^ 
^ No kingfo buge^ but 'fore be die mayfaU. [Exit^ 


20 Tibe Malcontent. 

Mfn. Now good Elyzium! what a delicious lieaven.i^ 
it for a man to be in a prince's favour ? O fweet God [ 
O pleasure f O fortune ! O all thou beft of life ! what 
Ihould I think ? what fay ? what do ? to be a favourite ? 
a minion ? to- have a general timorous refpeft obfervc a 
man, a ftateful iilence in his prefence, folitarinds in his: 
abfence, a cosfufed hum, and bufy murmurs of obfe- 
quious fuitors training him ; the cloth held up, and way 
proclaimed be&re him : petitionary vaffals licking the 
pavement witb their flavHh knees, whilfl fome odd pa- 
lace lamprels that ingender with fnakes, and are full of 
eyes on both fides, with a kind of infinuated humblenefs^ 
tx aU their delights upon his brow. O blefTed fiate ! 
•what a ravifhing pr«fped doth the Olympus of favour 
yieldiJDbeath f I comute the duke ! fweet women I mofl 
fweet ladiesX ^^7 angels ! by heaven, he is more accurfed. 
Ifnan a devil that hates you, or is hated by you, and hap- 
pier than a god that loves you, oris beloved by you; you 
prefervers of mankind, life-blood of fociety, who would 
l^ve, nay who can live without you ? O paradife, ha^ 
majeflical is your auilerer jpr^fence ? how imperioufly 
chafte is your more modeil face? but O t how full of ra- 
vifhing attradion is your pretty,, petulant,, languifhing^ 
lafcivioudy-compofed countenance ! the amorous (miles, 
the foul-warming fparkling glances, ardent as thofe 
fiames that iingM the world by heedlefs Phaeton I in body 
how delicate, in foul how witty, in difcourfe how preg- 
nant, in life how wary, in favours how judicious, in day 
howibciable, and in night how — Opleafure unutterable! 
Indeed it is moft certain, one man cannot deferve only to 
enjoy a beauteous woman: but a dutchefs? in defpight of 
Fhaous I'll write a fomiet inflantly in praife of her. 

M I, 

Wl^c Malcontent. 21 

Ad. I. Seen, 6. 

2n^tr fern^xe ufiertng Aurelioy Smilta^ and MaqiuriUi 
hearing up her train ^ Beancba attending : all go out 
but Aurelia^ Maquerelle and Fernesce. 

dur, A ND h't poffiblc ? Mendozo flight mef poiBble ? 
J^l^ Fer. Poffible ? what can be ftrange in him 
that's drunk with favour^ 
<970ws infolent with grace ?«-Speak Maquerelle, {peak. 

Ma^, To {peak feelingly, more, more richly in folid 
fenfe than worthleis words, sive jne thofe jewels of your 
ears to receive my inforced duly. As for my part, *tis 
well [Femezepri<vately feids Maquerelle* s bands ivitb jewels 
during tbis/peecb,'] ImoWn I can put up any thing ; can 
bear patiently with any man: But when I heard he 
wrongM your preciouiTweetnefs, I was inforc^d to take 
deep offence. *Tis moft certain he loves Emilia with 
^hign appetite; and as flie told me (as you know we 
women impart our fecrets one to another,} when (he 
repnlfed his fuit, in that he was pofTefsM with your iir- 
dear^d grace f Mendozo moil ingratefuUy renounced all 
faith to you. 

Fer, Nay, caQM you— (peak MaquerfeUe, fpeak. 

Maq, By heaven, witch ; dry'd bifquet ; and contefted 
bluihldlyhelav'dyoubutfor afpurt^ orfo. 

Fer. For maintenance. 

Maq. Advancement and regard. 

u/«r. O villain ? O impudent Mendozo ! 

Maq. Nay, he is the hiltieft jade, the foxdeft mouth*d 
knave in raiUng againft our feX : he will .iiul againft 

Jur. How? how? 

Maq. I am afham^d to fpeak't, I. 

Jur. I loveto hate him ; fpeak. 

Maq. Why When Emilia fcom*d his bafe unfteadineis^ 

the black-throated rafod fcolded, and faid— — - 

Jur. What) 


22 7^^ Malcontent. 

Maq. Troth 'tis too (hamclcfs. 

Aur. What faid he ? ^ 

Maq, Why that at four, women were fools ; at four* 
Ceen^ drabs ; at forty^ bawds ; at fourfcorcy witchesj and 
ahundred» cats. 

Aur. O ttnlimitable impudence f 

Ter, But as for poor Femcze's fixed Jieart^ 
Was never ihadelefs meadow drier parch'd. 
Under the fcorching heat of heaven's dog» 
Than is my heart with your inforcing cyes> 

Maq, A hot fimile. 

JRfr. Your fmiles have been my heaven> your frown^ 
my hell ; 
O pity then j gracse (ho&ld with beauty dwell. 

Maq. Reafonablc perfed, by'rlady. 

Aur. I will love thee, be it but in defpight 
Of that Mendozo : witch ! Femeze : witch ! 
Femeze, thou art the dutchefs' favourite^ 
Be faithful, private ; but 'tis dangerous--^'^^ 

iVr, " His love is li/ekfsy that for lovt fears breathy 
** 7he <worft that*s due tofin^ O mipuld fiuere deaths 

Aur. Enjoy my favour, I wiU be fick inftantly and 
. takephydck; 
Therefore in depth of night vilit— — 

Maq, Vi£t ifer chamber, but conditionally, ypuihall 
QOt offend her bed : by this diamond ! 

JVr. By this ^amond [Gives it to Maquere/Ze* • 

Maq. Nor tarry longer than you pleafe : by thisr^ruby ! 

Fer. By this ruby. [Gives again, 

Maq. And that the door ihall not creak. 

Fer, And that the door (hall not creak. 

Moq. Nay, but fwear. 

Fer. By this purfe— • ^ [Gives her his pur ft. 

Maq. Go to, I'll keep your oaths for you : rememberi 

^ [vifit. 

Enttr Mettdozo.^ reading afonnet. 

Aur. Dry*d bifquet ! look where the bafe wretch comes. 

Men. Beautfs life^ heaven's models love's queen, 

Maq. That's his -/£milia. 

Men. Nature'' s triumph^ bejl on earth ! 

7 he Malcontknt.. 23 

Ma^, Meaning i^milia. 

Men, Thou only wonder that thi ^w^ld bmtb feen^ 
Maq. That's iEmilia. 

Jur, Muft I then hear her prais*d, Mendozo? 
j Men, Madam, your excellency is graciouily incounter'd ; 
I have been writing paifionate flafiies in honour of— «* 

[Exit Fermexf, 
I .-^^^ Outy villain! villain! Ojudgment, where have 
hicD. my eyes ? what bewitched eledtion made me doat 
on thee? what forcery made me love thee? But be 
£one? bnry thy head! O that I could do more than 
loath thee ! hence^ worftof ill ! Noreafin mky ourreafin 
is our iviH,^ : lExii with Maquerelle^ 

Men, Women? nay furies! nay worfe^ for they tor* 
ment only the bad} b«t women gOKxi and bad. 
Damnation of xnankind I breath, haft thoiiprais'd them* 
/or this? and is't you Femeze are wriggled into finock- 
£race ? lit fure, O that I could rail againft thefe monften 
in nature^ models of helj, curie of the earth; women 
. that dare attempt any thipg^ and y^hat they attempt, 
they care not^how -they accomplifh j without all preme- 
iditation, or ];Mrevention,. raih in aflcing, defperate in 
working, impatient in fufFering, extream in defiring, 
-flaves unto appetite^ miffarefles in diiTembling^ only con- 
;fiant in uncpnfbrticyy only pecfed in counterfeiting: their 
vords are feigned, their eyes forged, their fighs diflem* . 
hlcAy their looks counterfeit, . their hair faUe, their given 
hopes deceitful, their very brefith artificial. Their blood 
is their only god; had clothes^ and old age^ are only tbi 
devils they tremble at* . 
That I could rail now ! 


Aft. L Sctn. 7. 

_Enter PietrOy his fword dra«ujn. 
Pie: 4 Mifcluef fill thy throat! thoafoiil-jawMflave: 
j[\ Say thy prayers. 
iIen.J}&' fo3?got-'cin. 


j24 ^be Malcontent. 

Pi>. Thott (halt die. 

JIf/xr. So (halt thou ; I Am lieanmad. 

pie, I am horn mad. 

Men. Extreammad. 

.' fie. Monfiroofly mad% 

Men, Whjr? 

Fie. Why> thou, thoa haft difhononr'd my bed« 

. Men. I ? ^ome, come^ fir; heteH mybare heart tO'dic^ 
A* fteddy as is this center to the glonoas worid. 
And yet hark, thou art a conwto ; but not by me. 

rpie. Yes (lave, by thee. 

'Men. Do not, do not with tart and ipkenfiil breathy 
Loofe him can loofe thee : I offend my duke ! 
Bear record^ O ye duemb -and raw-air*d nights. 
How vigilant my ileepkfs eyes* have been. 
To watch the traitor ; record, thou fpirit of troth^ 
With what debafement I have thrown myfelf 
To under-offices, only to learn 
The truth, the party, time, the means^ the place. 
By whom, and when, and where thoa wer4 difgracMt. 
And am I paid withilave? hath myintrofion 
To places private, and prohibited,* 
Only to obferve the dofer parages. 
Heaven knows with vows of reveladdn^ 
Made me fufpedted^ made me deemM a viUainf 
What rogue hath wrcmged us ? 

Pie. Mendozo, I may eir. 

Men. Err? 'tis too mild a name ; but err and ^ir. 
Rim giddy li^th fufpeS, for. through me thou know'ft 
That which moft creatures fave thy (df do know : 
Nay, fmce my fervice hath fo loathed reje^, 
'Fore I'll reveal, (halt find them dipt together. 

Pie, Mendozo, thouknow'ft I ama moftplain-breafted * 

Men. The fitter to make n cuckold: would your 
brows were moft plain too. 

Pie. Tell me, indeed I heard thee rail — 

Men. At women, true: why what cold phlegm could 
Knowing a lord fo honeft, virtuous, [choofe 

So boundleis loving, bounteotts. ftdr-ihap^d, fwect, 

z To 

Hie Malconten^t. 25 

To be contenm^dy a^'d, de£un'd^ mack cockold : 
Heart? I hate ail women for*t I fweecfiieets, waxliglits^ 
ai^tique bed^pofb,. canbrick fmocks^ TiSaiaoiis cortMDSp 
arras pidiu«s, oU'd hinges^ and all tbe tongue-ty'd 
lafciviotts wkiiefies.of great creatines wafttooiie& : wtoc 
falvation can you» expeft ^ 

Fie. Wilt thoa tell me f 

J^. Why you may find it yourfelf j obferve, obfeive»' 

Fie. Iha' nocthepatien^:wikth«ttdtferveme?.tell^ 
giTe it. 

Mim. Take't ; why Fetneze is die man, Fem^ve ; TU 
ptov% this night yon {hall take him in yoiir (beets, wiU*t 

FU, It will^ my l^ooi*s in fame peace s till nigbt'** 

Men. What? 

Fie. FareweL . 

MfjT. God! how wealfalerdateyou! 
Why do you think cbere is no jnose l^at fo f 

Fie. Why? 

Mefi. Nay then will I prefttme to counfel yon i 
It Ihould be thus. Yon. with fdme guaad upon the (Udjfti 
Break into theprincefs' chamber^ 1 A^r behind 
Without the door^ through which he needs siuft pais ; 
Femeze flies^ let him> to me he coaiiet^ he's kfil*4 
By me, QbTerve, by me; you foApw, 1 rail. 
And feeiB to fave the body : dutchefs comes* 
On whom (refpeSting her advanced birth. 
And youf ^ir nature,) I know, nay I do know. 
No violence- mtift be us'd. She oomes, I ftorm» 
I praife, excufe Eeraeze, and ftili maintain 
The dutcheis* henouf ; ihe fior thia loves me, 
I (hall know* hep feuU you mine ; 
Then naught ihali (he contrive in vengeaftpf 
(As women aas moft thoughtful in revenge) 
Of her Femeze, but you ihall: fooner know*! 
Than (he can thmk't. 

■ Thus Ihall his death come fure> » 

Your dutckefs' brain^rcaught ; ib y«ur li£e fe(ure» 

Pie. It is too well iHLy boiom, and my be^t, 

'* lf/?en nothing hefj^s, cut off the rotten fat't. lExit. 

Vol. IV. B ^^^«- 

Mm. -** Who emau^fiiptfiitM^h <«* ^"^ iirakt€ 
:^^ thieffi^s of batnd. Hoacft ,fool Adce f fubtlo laftl- 
vious dut^eft ! fiU^ nmiee Fcmeze ! I dokvgK^at^yc, 
snybiainisHi kteurtili iosproduceniichirf, and I feel 
fttdden throws, proofe fcnfible, the iffae ia at hand. 
« Js bears P II firm mp de^ifry 
•< Which grtywn proves herridi «vH^tamet makes men nvtfi, 
r • ^ * • ^ . lExit. 

Enter Maifnmieaxd PajjfkreUd. 

Mai Fool, moft happUy incountft^'dj cah'ftfiag,fool? 

Faf' Yes, I can -fimg fool, if you'll bear the bOtden ; 
imd I can pky upon inftniments, fcorr^, a» gendemen 
do O that I had been gelded, I fliould then have been a 
-fat frol for achaa^jer, a *iii6ia«fool forataVom, and 
a private fool for all the ladies. 

Mai. You are in good cafe fmce you came to court, 
fool ; what granted,: ^uwdfrff - ^ ; . ' 

Pa/. Yes' faith, crrcn as footmen and bawds wear 
velvet, not for anomamcnt of honour, but for a badge 
of drudgery : for noi^ the duke is difcoatwited, I aui 
fain to fool him afleep c\try raght. 

jif«/. What a» his ^efs? 

:Paf. He hadi fore eyes. 

.JW<i/. I never obfenp'dfo-inuch. . 

Pa/. Horribteib»f5nes*.and fo hath every cuckold, 
for the roots of the horns fpring in thceye-balls, and that's 
the rcafbn the horn of a cuckold is as t«nd«r as his eye ; 
or as that growing inthe. woaaaa's forehead twelve years 
fince that could nut endure to be «oucht. The dulite 
hangs down his head like a coluabinc. ^ 

Mai PafiiMllo,.why do gi!ca|in«» beg fools? 

Paf,' As the Welchman ftole ndhes, wh^ there was 
nothing elft^W filA; only to kecpbeggmg in faihion. 

MaL Pue, thou givcfk no good reafon. 
Thou fpcakeft like a fool. 

P/t/: Faith I utter fmall fragments, a* your knight 
courte'your city widow widi jingling of his gilt fpur^, 
advancing his buih^colour'd beard, and taking tobacco. 
This is 2l die mirror of their knightly compliments : 
r **" nay. 


fie M Ax€oirt E Mr* hj 

tay, I ftall talk wlien my tongue is a gmng onoe i 'ds 
tike! a.icttii»eii.«ii Jborie-'ba^y a £lfe gattop* 

)P|7/1 Failh Iwaswoot to (klnte ket as ourfingUfh 
womelt lai^ .at tbAir iril litftdbg m Fliiihi&g : I nmM 
call her whorei but now that antiqntty leaves her at 
an old piece, of plaftitdc t*work by^ I only aik her 
how her rotten teeth fare every mormng, and fo leave 
her : (he was the firft that ever invented perfumM fmocks 
for the. gentkwomea, and woolkn .flioes for &ar of 
oeakiog^ for the viHtant. She were an excellent, lady, 
1^ that her face peekdiilike Mitfoovy glafs. 

Mah And how doth thy old lord» tihat : hath wit 
enough to be a fl3itterer» and conlbience enough to be s 
knave ? . 

Pa/, O exceUenty.he keeps i>efideme fifteen jefters, 
to in^rud him in the art of fooling ; and atten their jefb 
in private to the. duke and datchei^ i he'll lie like to your 
Switzer or lawyer ; he'll be of any fide for moft money* 

MaL I am in hsi&Sy be biief. a* . . 

Pa/. As your fiddler when he is paid. 
He'll thriye I warrant yon, while yo«r yolifig comtief 
ibnds like good-friday in len^ <niei» long to fee %* be- 
caufe more fatting days come^iftei: it^* elfe he^s ^e leaneft 
and pkifuiril ador inthe^whdkrpageanu Adieu Male- 
vole. .;-... • ■ - 

Ma/, O world moft vile, wh«i thy *loofe vanities 
Taught by this iboV' do JDEake the fool ibem wife ! 

Pa/ You'll know me ogda, Malevok. • - - ' ' 

Ma/. O ay» by thai.vehietv - 

Pa/ A>F, a«,»petty-fQggpr6yhjsbodc»tthtog. 
I am as common.ii»the cbiot a» im hoAeis's lips In'- the 
country; knights, iod.ckwnsy^oand knaves,- and all 
ihare me : the court qumoc* poffibly be wkhout me. 
Adieu Majevole. 

B 2 Aa, 

«8 2i&r Malcontent. 

Ad:. II. Seen* i. 

EnUr MenioKfi nmtb a famcey U obfer*vi Femnu's en-^ 
trdtict \ if^ho mshileft the aS is playing^ enters unbraced^ 
pu^ pages before, him njoitb lights ^ is met by Mpquerelle 
and cofifuefd isi» The pages arefent epvuij^ 

Men. ¥ T E's caught, the woodcock's head is i*th* noo(e: 
X X NowtreadsFemeze in dangerous patboflttll^ 
Swearing his fenie is wjoSiy deified. 
The fooT grains douds, and Ihall beget centaurs % 
And q^ow in (orength of panting ^nt delight. 
The goat bids heaven envy him. Good goofe, 
I can afFord thee nothii^ but the poor comfort of calamky, 
'< Luff^s like thepbmmets hanging on clock litt^s, Cpi^* 

** Will ne'er ha^ dme till all is quite undone^ 
Such it the coarfe fait fallow luft doth run, 
jy^Hiich thou (halt try : I'll be reveng'd. Duke, thy fufpea ; 
Dutchefs, thy difgrace; Femeze, thy rivaUhip, 
Shall have fwift v«B2eance. Nothing fo holy, 
Ko bond of nature to fbrong, 
Ko law of friendAup £b iacred ; 
But lUl.profane^ bjorH, Tjalate, 
'Fore rU indure difgrace, contempt and poverty. 
Shall I» whofe very hum ftruck all heads bare, 
Whofe face loade ftlence, creaking of whofe ihoe 
ForcM the moft private parages fly <^, 
Scrape like a fervile dog at fome latcht door f 
Learn now to make akg ; and cry, beieech ye> 
Pray ye» is fuch a lord within ? be aw'd 
At fome odd uiher^s fcoft formality ? 
Fird fear my brains ! XJnde eadu^ nan quo^ refer t ; 
My heart cries, perifti all : how! how! What fate 
** Can once avoid revenge^ that^s defperate^ 
1*11 to the duke ; if all fhould ope, if! tufh ; 
^ Fortune flill doats mthofe luho cannot bltt/h. 

Aa. IL 

The Malcontent. S29 

A<ft. 11. Seen, 2. 

inter Malevole at one door^ Beancha, Emilia and Ma-* 

^rell^ at the ether door* 

Hal, "Q L E S S ye, chafte ladies ! ha, Dipfas, how doft 
Jr> thoo old Cole ? 

Ma(l. Old Cole? 

MaL Ay, old Cole j methinks thou Heft like a brand 
tinder billets of green wood. He that will inflame a 
young wench's heart, let Mm lay dofe to her an old 
coal that hath firft been fired, a pander.efs, my half- burnt 
liiitjL who though thoa canft not flame tbjfelf, yet art 
able to fet a thoufand virgin's tapers afire. And how 
doth JanivCTe thy hufband, my little perriwinckJe, is lie 
troubled with the cough of the lungs flill? does he huv\k 
a nights ftill ? he will not bite. 

Bean. No, by my troth, I took liim with his mouth 
empty of old teeth. 

MaL And he took thee with thy belly full of young 
bones : 
Marry, he took his maim by the ftroke of his enemy. 
^ean. And I mine by the fl:roke of my friend. 
MaL The clofe flroke ! O mortal wench ! lady, ha* 
yc now no reftoratives fir your decay 'd Jafons ? look ye, 
crabs guts t)^k'd, diftillM ox-pith, the pulverized hair^ 
of a lion's upper-Hp, jelly of cock-l^arrows, he-monkey's 
marrow, or powder oi Tox-llones. And wldther are 
you ambling now ? 
Bean. To bed, to bed. 
Mai, Do your hufbands lie with y^ ? " 
Ban, That wiere country fafliion, y'faith." 
Mai, Ma' ve no foregoers about you? cotoe, whiflicf 
ingooddcedfeWnow? , . 

Bean. In good indeed law now, to eat the mbH miia- 
culoufly, ttdmirably, aftonifhablc composM poflet with 
three curds, without any drink. Wm ye help mc with 
ft he fox? hCTcYthjJ duke. \The ladies go out. 

B 3 M<J. 

^ I 

'3© ^e Malcontent. 

Jda!, VTy*d frogs arc very good, and french4ike 
too. [to Beantba. 

Aft. II. Seen. 3. 

Enttr duke Pietro, count Celfoy cmmt Eqtutto, BiRofoy 

Ferrari^ und Memdoxo. 

Pie. np* HE night grows d^et^ and foul^whathour Wt i 
J^ Celf. UponthefbrokeoftweiTe. 

MaL Save yc, duke. . 

Pie, From thee ? be gone, I do not love thee $ let tmt 
jTce thee no more, wearedHpleas^d. 

Mai. Why God be with thee, heaven hear my curfei 
May thy wife and thee live long together i . . 

Pie. Be gone, iirrah I y 

Mai. When Arthur fird in conrt began,*^ Agamemnon : 
Menelaus-— -was ever any duke a Corouto! 
*/*f^. 3^gone, hence! 

^al. What religion wilt thou be of next I 

Mevd. Out with him ! * • . • 

Mai. With moil fervile patience. Time will come. 
When wonder of thy error will ftrikedumb. 
Thy beztrd fenfe. Slaves, to finrour, nuunry (hall arife, 
*^ Good God ! bow fubth hell dfftb flatter ^ice / 
*^ Mounts him a loft ^ and makes bimfeem tafiyi 
** As fmul the tortoife mockty Hfjkotothejky 
♦* Th' ambitious fi>elt'fijb raised \ tb^ endefaU^ 
** Is onfyf tb/a/r§m height be ndgbt deadfall* 

Mil. Whywhfa? outy^ro^iae! be gone ye ralcal ! 

MaL I flull now leave ye with all my.beft. iriihca*. 

^//. Out, ye cur ! . • :. 

^' Ma!. Only let*» hold together : a £na cdBne^poaiciioe. 

BiL Out ! 

Mat. A,mutnal friendly reciprocal pecpttnal kind of 
fteddy unanimous heartily leagued^-v-i-* 

BiL Hence, ye grois-jaw'dpea£Matly««ai^ gQ.^ . 



7^0 Malconteni'. 5» 

. Jl/i^/. Adieu^ pigcon-heure ; thou burr, • chat only 
Rick^&. to nappy fortunes. The ferpigo, the flnmgury, 
an eternal onefFe^ual priapifm feize thee ! 
BiL Out, rogue f 

Ma/. May'ft thou be a notoxious wittally pander to 
thine own wife ; 2tnd yet get no (^ce, but live to .hm 
the utmoft mifery of mankind, a beggarly cuckold. [£x;V. 
Pie, It (hall be fo. 

Mefui, It muft be fo, for where great ftates Kvenge^ r 
*Tis Tequi£te the parties with piety. 
And lofty re^d be dofely dog'd. ^ 

Lay one into his bxead (ball ileep with hun, 
'' Feed in the fame diih, ran in.fe}f-fa&ion» 

Who may difcovet aay (hape of fiaager ;- . . • 

For oBce difgrac'd^ difplay'd in offence", 
** It makes man bluihlefs, and man is (all confefb) 
^ More protie to vengeance than to gratefulnefs. 
** l^a*uours are «wHt in dufiy but firffes ^wifeeiy 
. ** Depra*ved nature fiamf 5 in lafiingfiuL 
Pie. Yott (hall be kaga'd with ther dutchefs. 
Equat. The plot is very good. 
. Mend. You ihall both lull, aodfeom th^ coarfe to fitv. 
Fer. A moft hut brain-trick. 

Ceif, Of a moftconnmgknava. [tMtti* 

Pie. My Lords, the heavy adion we intend. 
Is death and ihaiiie» twa of the uglieil (hapea • • 
That can coi^bnnd a foul ; think, think of it: > 
I ffarike, but yet like him that 'gainft (Iqiie walls 
Direds, liis ihafts lebdund in his own fac6» 
My hidy^s fhaiki« is mine} O God, 'tis mine. 
Theiefore I do €onjure all decrefy. 
Let it beas^^rylit^asniaybei pray ye,. as may b<P^ 
Make frq;hde(s entrance faiute her with foft eyes^ 
Stain aoogbt with faik>«i, onlyJ'emGse die$» 
But not bobre her brows: O gentlemen^ . . 
"Gwl knowa I love her;, nothing elibt buttkis^ 
lamnotweU. If grief, that fucks veins dry^ 
Smb dieiUiriy cafta%aAe8 m men'a facet, 
Be-dulls the eye» - «ybengtheRS aU the bloody 
Chano^tQj«PM>Yt pe-tq anoOier world,. .... 

B4 M 

' ' ► 

^i 7b€ Malcontent, 

As fore I once muft die, kt hjm fucceed : . 

I have no chiKl ; aB that my youth begot . , .. 

Hath beea youf loves, which ihall inherit me : 

Which, as it ever fliall, I do conjure it, . ...... 

Mendozo may fucceed : he's nobl/ bom 3 - 
^IK^ith me of m«ch defert. 

CeL M»ch. {Tadfl^ 

Pie. Your filence anfwen, ay. . 
I tiiank you. Come on now : O that I might die 
Before her fhame's difplay*d ! Would I were forc'^d 
To bum my father's tomb, unheal his bqne$. 
And daih them in the dirt, rather than this : 
^liis both the living and the dead offends : 
*' dharf furgtry^ WHtt naught hut death amentts,^ 

[Extf Hvittth other s'l 

A^ 11. Seen. 4« 

^nter MaptirtUc, WmtHa, andJf^ancha *viki thift^. 

Jtftf^.TT? YEN here k is, three cords tn three regions 

X^^ mdividually diilind. 
Moil methodical according to art 4ompos^d without any 

i?^«/?.JWith6ut any drink? 

Maq. Upon my honour. WSlIyoii'£t4tod eatf 

Emil, Good PM^oompoAire, the Koeto, hofw ls*t? 

Maq, 'Tis a pretty peatl j by^ls fesQil, (how do'ft 
wiAme) thus it i«. Seven and thirty yolks of Barb»ry 
hen's eggs, eighteen fpoonfuls aiid ^ half of the juice of 
cock-fparrow bones; one ounce, three drams, four 
fcruples, and one quarter of thelymp of Ethiopiau 
dates 5 fweeten-d^vith three ^uaitafekjf ftpotmd of jHire 
candied Indian eriiigos ; ftrewed mtt With the powder 
of pearl of America, anib^r of Ca^a,)add'feaib-ibiiet 
of Mufcovia, 

Sean. Truft me^i the ingrediinfi»^ «1«^ Iffiry coidiaU 


aod no i{aefli<» good, and tasA po^tx S O in leftai^- 

Maf. I know not what yon mean bfiitfrmtatibDPi 
bat dus it doth, it ptu:%eth the Uood, imoatheth tKe 
ikin, enHveneth ^St ty^, ftret^thHieth the veins, mun- 
defieth tiie teeth, comforteth the ftonoch, fortifi^ the 
back, and quick*neth the wit ; that's all. 

EmiL By my trdth, J have ealen bnt twp fpoottifnls, 
aad methinks I could dlfcoarfe moft fwiftly and wittily 

Maf, Have you the art to-i^em honeft ? - ^ 

Ben. Ay, thank advice and practice. 

Afo^. Why then, car me off this pdfiet, quicken your 
blood, and pre'ferve your beauty. Do you know doftor 
Plaifier-£ice ? By this curd, he'« the moil exquifite in 
forging of veins, fpright'ning of eyes, .dying of hair, 
flecking^. ^ (kini^ blufluog .of cheeks, ibupluig -t£ 
breafts, blanching and bleaching of teeth, thatevcr mads 
an old lady gracious by torch-light : fay this* card law! 

Bean. We ! we are refolved, what God has given ^ 
we'll cherifh. 

Maf. Cherifli any^iing {aving your hulband: keep 
him not too high, Icfl he leap the pale : but, for your 
beauty, let it be y6ur faint, bequeath two iioiiis to it 
every morning in your clofet. I ha' been young, and 
yet in my confcience I am not above five and twenty; 
but, believe me, preferve and ufe yoar beauty ; for 
youth and beauty once gone, we are like bee-hives with* 
out honey ; out a f a!hion ^parcl that no man will wear j 
therefore ufeine your beauty. 

Emi/, Ay, but men fay— — 

M/rf. Men fay ? let men fay what they will : life a 
woman ! they are ignorant of your wants ; the more in 
ycafs, the more in perfc6tion they grow ! if they lofe 
youth and beauty, they gain wifdom and difcretion : But 
when our beauty fades, goodnight with us. There can- 
not be an uglier thing to fee, than an old woman ; from 
which, O pruning, pinching, and painting, deliver all 
ftveet beauties. 

* B 5 Bcatf* 

,^ « • • ». « 

3|r^ .Ti&«* Mac CONTENT. 

J?i:tfff. Harkf'inufickt ^ — 

Mdj^. Peace^v'tis in. thedutchefs* bed-changer. -Good 
itft, mAftproiperoailygrac'd ladies. - • - x 

Bea. Nighty doir Alaquerelle. [ExistniallhttMaf. 
Maq. May my pofTet's operation fend you my wit and 
hondfy ; 
And me, your youth and beauty : the pleaiingeft reft. 

[Exit Maq, 

Aft, ir. Seen. 5« 


IVhitft thi/ongisfimgitfg, enter Mauhi^ nuM his faiwrd 
drenun, reajfy to murder Fimexe as be flies from the 
Dutcheff*s chamber^ 

JUL QTrike, ftrike. 

1^ Jvr. Save my Ferneze ! O £ive my Ferneze ! 

Enter Femexi in hisfiirt, and (s receifved nfon-. 

Mendanfi sfvawd^ 
All. Follow, porfue. 
Aur. O favc Ferneze I 

ACrxr. Pierce, plevce, thou (haHow foel, drop' there; 
*' He that attempts a prince's lawlefs love, 
*' Muft have broad hands,, dofe heart,.witJi Argos^ eyess 
y And back of Hercules^ or elfis he (ties. 

\^hKuJbs bis rapier in FermeKt. 

Mpi^ Aurelia^ "DnkeyVietro^ Ferrard^ Bitiofot ^fi^ 

and Equate, 
AU. Follow, follow. 

Men, Stand off I. forbear ! ye moft undviMordtv 
Fiet. Strike,. 

Men. Do not ; tempt not a man refolded,. 
Wculd you, inhuQiane murderers, more thaia death \ 


^Ee Malcowtmit; ^ 

\Sir. Opoor Fcraeze ? ' * ^ 

Men. Alarf now all defence Is tOo bte* 

jfur. He's dead. ' 

Piet, I am fony fdr oitf Ihame : go to jrcmr bed? 
Weep not too rnoch, but leave fome tears to (hed*. 
When I am dead. 

Aur, What, w^ for thee ? my (bdl no tears ihalt* 

Piet, Alas, alasy that womens fouls are blind f' 

Men, Betray fuch beauty ! murder fiich youth ! con« 
'CeiDn ciTxnry 7 
He loves him not that rails not at him. 

Piet, Thou canfl not move us : we have blood enough. 
And pleafe you, lady, we have quite forgot 
AUjrourdefefts: ifnot, wifythen.. 

Jur. Not. 

Piet. Not: thebcftof reft; goodnight. 

« [Exit Pietro njuith other eottrtiirsl 

Avr, Defpight go with thee. ' 

Men. Madam, you ha* done me foul difgrace. 
You have wrong'd him much, loves you too much. 
Go to ; your foul knows you have. 

Aur, I think \ have. 

Men. Do you but think fo ?' 

Attr. Nay; fure I have : my eyes have witneiTed thy, 
love : 
Thou haft ftood too fihn f^^me. 
Men, Why tell mej fair-cheek'dlady, who-cvehia; 
Art powerfully beauteous, what unadyifed paftion 
Struck you into filch violent heat ag^nft me ? 
%Kak; what mifdiief wrong'd us ^'what devil injured us$; 

Aur. That thing, ne*er wor^yof'titee name.ofmaiv, 
Femeze ; 
Femeze fwore thou lov'dft Emilia ; • 
Which to sSdvance with moft reproachful breath, , 
Thou both didft blemifti and denounce my love. . 

Mcfi. Ignoble villain*! ttidr I ;for thia bcftride 
Thy wounded limbs ? for this f O God ! for this ? 

B6 Sudb&c 

SunK all my hopesy^and with ray. hopes my life % 
Kip'd bare my tl}roat unto the hangman's ax. 
Thou moft difiiAnour^d cnmk«-^«^£milia I 
Bylife^ I know her not— — £inilia ! 
XMd. you believe him ? 

Jur, Pardon me, I did. 

Men, Did you? «nd thereupon yon graced higi* 

j^ur» I did. 

Mifi, Took>him tofa<rour^ nay even cla^^d with him ? 

jiur^ Alas f I did. 

2d£9. This night? 

jifur. This night. 

Men. And in your lufiful twines the duke took you ? 

Jur, A moft fad truth. 

Men. O God f O God I how we dull honeftibuls^ 
Heavy brained men, are fwallowed in the bogs 
Of a deceitful ground, whilH nimble bloody 
Light jointed fpirits fpeed s cut good mens throats^ 
And 'fcape ? Alas, I am too honed for this age. 
Too full of phlegm, -^and heavy fteddinefs : 
Stood ftiU whilft this flave cafl a noofe about me ; 
Nay, then to fland in honour of him and her. 
Who even flic'd my heart. 

j/fir. Come, I did err, and am naoft ibrry I did err. 

Men, Why, we are both but deiad, the duke hates us« 
** jfnd thofe lokom princes do once ground^ hate, 
** Let tbem fr9<vide to die, as fure as fate% 
•* "Preventkn is tbrhempt rffoilicyC* 

Aur. Shall we murder him ? 

Men. InSantly ? 

Aur. Inftantly; before he calls a plot. 
Or ftmher Uaze my honour's much^kpown Uor> 
Let^s murder him. 

Men, I would do much for yoo ) will ye marry me? 

AuTi IMl make thee duke. We are of Medices; 
Florence our friend ; in couxt my fadion 
Not meanly ftrengthful \ the duke then dead i 
We wellpreparM for change i the muUitude 
Irrefolutely reeling ; we in force ; 

I Our 

Our party {econded ; fikeLkinpkift Hoae'di < 
No doabt witk fwifc ioccfifk afiiha]! be grac'd, 

Af^. You do con£nn me ; we are xeibhite^i 
To*morrow look for xiiaoge^ 4^'ConfaiMt. 
'Tis now about the immodeiik waift of night ; 
The mother of moid dew with pallid light 
Spreads gloomy fbades about the Hummed eartlu 
Sleep, fleep, whilft we contrire our mifchieTs birlhi 
This man TU get inhum'd. . Fasewell : to bed ; 
ril kifs the pillow. Dream thednke is dead. [Ex, dar\ 
^o» ^o, good night : how fortune doats on in^xidBneel 
I sQCn in private the adopted fon of yon good prince : 
I nmft be duke. Why, if 1 muH, I muft ; 
Moft fiUy lord, name me ! O heaven ! 
I fee God made hone& ibols to n^aincun cnifiy knaves. 
7'he dutchefs is wholly mine too ; muil kiU herthuflNii^ 
To quit her ftame, muft then marry her : ay. 
O I grow.prottd in proTperous treachery ! 
** As nurefilers clif, fo Vll embrace you all, 
" Net to fupport, but to proemre your fttlL 

EvUr MaieV9le» 
Mai, God arreft thee. 
MeK, At whofe fuit? 

AfaA At the devil's. Ah^ youO^eachditas damnable 
How do'il I how do'il, thou tr^cherous rogfte ? 
Ahy yerafcal, I am ba&ifli'd the coifrtj &rrah. 

Men, Pr'ythee let's be acquainted; I do love tli€&, 

Mai, At your fervice, by the lord, law : ihall's go to 
fupper ? Let's be osice d^vak togett^r, and fo unite a moil 
virtuoudy ihrenghthened frieodihip : Shall's, HugonOt ? 
ihall's? . , 

i4wu .Wilt fall upon my chamber to-morrqw mom ? 
MaJ. As a raven to adunghilU They fay thei^B's one 
dead here ; prick'd for the pride of the .fleih. 
Men, FecQ^ze : there he is; pr'ythee bury him. 
Mai, 0« Oioii wiUingly : Imeantotum pure Rochel 

church-mau, I. .; 

/ Men. Thou church-man 1 why, why? 



lie MA*.C6NTfiNT. 

MaL Because VVL live IsaSr^ raif tipcm anthoritf, im/^ 
kings fapitnkcy in diii^ imuffertnt, sad be a pope in * 
mine own pariih. - / 

Men. Wherefore do^ft thou-think ckurdtes are made t 

Mai. To icower pttm^fiuurs : I hare feen oxen plow ' 
up altars. £t nuncfigts ubt Sion/idt^. 

Men. Stwmgef 

MmI, Nay^ monftrousl I Iia* feen a fomptaons fleeple 
tum'd to a ftiiiki&g privy : more beafUy, the facred'il. 
place made a dog-kennel : nay, moft inhuman, the ftone. 
cofins •£ long fl^ chriflaaas barft up^ and made ik^j^* 
troughs. . Hie finis Friami, 
Shall I ha^ fome fack ana cheefe at thy. chamber ? 
Good night, good mifcfaievous incarnate devil, good: 
nighty. Mendozo; ah, you inhuman villain, goodnight;. 

Men, Goodnight: to-morrow mom. \Ex, Mendozo. 
]MmL Aj9 I will come,' fri^dly. danmation,rI wilf 
I do defcry crofi-opoints ; honefty and coortflup ftraddle asC 
far afondo* as a true Frenehman*s legs. 

Fern. O! 

MaJ. Proclamations! more proclamations (' 
: fem. Of aTurgeon!' 

Ma/. Hark! luh cries lor a furgeon j what news fronv 
How doth the grand cuckold, Lucifer-? 
' Fern. O help ! help! conceal and fave me* 

[Femetce ftirs^ andMaUvole belfts him up and coTrvfyf 
him a<way^. 

Mai. Thy ihame more Hian thy wounds do grie\'^e me 
•* Thy wounds but leave upon thy flefti fpme fear j ■- ^ 
** But fame ne'er healsyilfli'rankW^worfe and wQiic; 
*^ Such is of uncontrolled luA the curie. 
** Think what it is in lawlefs iheets^ to lie s • 
'^ But, O Ferneze, what inluft to die ! 
^ Then thou that (hame refpeQs, O fly conveife 
*' With, womens eyes, and lifping wantonm6. 

*' Stick candles *pMt a virgin wall's ijfrhita hack, > 
<« Hthcy not barn, yet ai theleaft they^B black.'* 
Come, ril convey thee to a private port. 
Where thou ihalt live . (O happy man) fh»n cotnt; . 
Tte beaioty of the day begins to rife. 
From iK^hofe bright form night's heavy fhadow flier. 
Now 'gins clofe plots to work, the fcenr grows fiill^ 
And craves his eyes who hath a folidfkuU. 


Aa. III. Seen. i. 

Enter Pietro the duke^ Mendo%§y count Equato and Biliofi^ 

AV.r'T' f S* grown to youth of day, how fhall we waftft 

Jl this light? 

My heart's more -heavy than a tyrant's crot^. 
Shall we go hunt ? prepare for field. {Exit Equmta^ 

Men. Would ye couU be merry. 

Pie, Would t'God I could: Mendozo, bid"emhafte: 

[Exit Mendozou 
I would £iin fliift places i (> v&n relief! 
'* Sad fouls may nvell change f lace, hut not change grief :*l 
As deer being ffaruck, fly morongh manvfoik^ 
Yet fbll the flttft flicks foft ; fo 

Br/: A good old fimile, my honeft lord; 

Pie. I am not much unlike to fome fick man^, 
That loi^ deiired hurtful drink ; at laft 
Swills in and drinks his lafl, ending at once 
Both life and thitft : O woidd I ne'er had known 
My own diflkonour ! Good God, that men fliould 
Deiire to fearch out thar, which being found, kills all 
Tlicir joy of life f totafte the tree of knowledge. 
And then be driven from out paradife! 
Can'fl give me fomfe comfort ? 

Bif, My lord', I have fome books which have been 
dedicated to my honour, and I ne'er read *em, and yet 

4* ^ MalcoMtekt. 

they had veiy fine names : Fhyfickfor ftttt^e. IjotungtM 
tf fanBifiti fincerlty. Vcfy pretty woi^ks oTcurafies, fcri- 
veners and fchool-xnafters. Many, I remember one Se>^ 
neca, Lucius Anneus Seneca. 

Pie, Out upon him, he writ of temperance and forti* 
tude, yet lived like a voluptuous epicure, and died Cke 
an effeminate coward. Hafte thee to Florence.. Hei«^ 
take our letters \ fee *em fealed : away ; report in private 
to the honoured duke, his daughter's forced difgrace, tdl 
him at length, 

We know too much ; doe compliments advance : 
** There*s mughi thafsfafe andfiweet hut ignorance.*^ 

lExit Duke. 
•Entir Bianca, 

BiL Madam, I am going emba/fador for Florence ; 
*twill be great charges to me. 

Bian, No matter, my lord, you have the leafe of two 
manors come out next Chriftmas ; you may lay your te- 
nants on the greater rack for it : and when you come 
again. 111 teach you how you ihall get two huadred 
pounds a year by your teeth. 

Bil, How, madam ? 

Bisin, Cut'offfo much houfe-keepingy that which is 
liaved by the teeth, you know is got by the teeth. 

Bil. *Fore 'God,^axKi -fo X may ; I am in wond^rous 
credit, lady. 

' Bian, See the ufe of flattery ; I did ever counfel you 
to flatter greatnefs, and you have profited well : any man 
that will do fo-ftiallbe fure tobe likeyOur Scotch barnacle, 
now a block, inftantly a worm, and prefently a great 
goofe : iSiis it is to rot and putrify in the bofom oi great« 

Bil. Thou art ever my politician. O how happy is 
that old lord that hath a politician to his young lady ! I'll 
have fifty gentlemen ftiall attend upon me : malry, the 
moft of them Ihall be farmers fens j beca-^lie they fl>all 
bear the!r -own charges, and they fliall go appareM thus 5 
in fea-water green fuits, afli-colour cloak, wetchet ^ock« 
ings, and popin-jay green feathers. Will not the coliours 
do excellent ? 


r, "Oyt uponk } thejr'Uiook like otiMBixkfiqg tQ 
thmr friendft at: WhiHiantide^; tlicir tpf^ixd jaft ta mau^. 
feveral pariOieSv 

BiL ni have it fo, and PaffivvDo, my fool, ihall go 
along ^th me, many he (hail be in vdvet, 

Mian, A fool in velvet I 

BU. Ay, 'tis common for your fool to wear iatdni 
ril have mine in vclvct- 

Bian. What will you wear then, my lord ? 

Bii. Velvet too ! marry, k fliall be embroidered; be- 
caufe 111 differ from the fool fomewhat. I am horribly- 
troubled wkh^the.goot ; nothing gfieves me^ but that my 
do^or hath forbidden me wine, and you know your am-. 
l^iTador moft drmk. JDid'ft thon jft. thy dodor what 
was good for the gout I 

Jiian, Yes; hefaid, eofe, wine and women were good 
for it. 

BiL Nay, thiHi haft fach a wit^ whai; was good to<n]fe 
it, faidhe?, 

^icin^ Why, the rack. All yoiir empiricks codd ne-* 
ver do the like cafe upctn the gout the rack did in £ftg- 
land, or your Scotch boot. . The French harleqtdn w3l 
inftru£l you. 

BiL Surely I dowcmder, how thou, having for the 
moft part q& thy life-time beoi a country body, jQiould'il 
have fo good a wit. 

Biav, Who, I? why, I have been a courtier thrice 
two months. 

BiL So have I this twenty, year, and yet there was a 
gentleman-ufluer^alPd me cooccomb t'other day, and to. 
my face too : was't -not a back-biting raical \ 1 would I 
were better travePd, that I might have been better ac- 
quainted with the fafhions of feveral countrymen : but 
mf fecratary^ ] dunk, he hath fufiiciently inftrudled me, 

Bian, How, my Joed i . 

BiL Marry, my good loid, qnoth he, your lordihtp 
(hall «veriitid affiOR^ 901 InrndredFrenclmieny forty hot 
fliocs:.amiOQgft'Aivh<uidn»d Spaniards, threefcorevbr^gaits: 
amongil an hundred Datchmen, fourfcore drunkacds: a^ 

4* ^e M At coi^'i' EN r . 

moagft an hvudrcd Engyihrnefi^ fourfcore and ten mad- 
men: and amongd aoi liandred Welchmen'— 

Bian, What, my lord? 
< j5iL Foarfeore and nineteen gentlemen. 

Bian, But fmceyoB go about a fad embaify, I woald> 
have you go in black, my lord. 

BiL Why, do'it think I cannot mourn, unlefs I wear 
my hat in qrprefs like an aldennan*s heir ? that's vile,, 
very old, in faith. 

' Bt4t», I'll leant of yon ihordy ; O we Ihould have a 
fine gallant of von, fhould not I inffaru^ you : how witt 
yttvi bear youHdf ivhen you come intQ the duke of Flo- 
rence** court ^ 

: Bi/, J^oud enougli, and 'twill do well' diough; as I 
walk up and down the chamber, 1*11 fpit frowns about 
me, have a ilrong' perfume in my jerkm, Jet my beard 
grow to make me look terrible, ialute no man beneath 
die fourth button, and 'twill do ejttellent. 

Bian. But there is a very beautiful lady there^ how 
wiH you entertain her f 

• Bi/, I'll tell you that, when the lady iiatk entertained 
me: but to fati»y thee, here comes th^ fool: fool, thoib 
ihalt ftand for the fair lady. 

Bnter Pajfartlk, 
: Paf, Your fool will fbuid for your lady mofk willingly^ 
and rooft uprightly. 
.' . Bil. I'll faltttc her la Latin. 

Paf, O your fool can underiland no Latm. 

Bil. Ay, but your lady can. 

Pa/. Why th«i if your lady take doiKgi. your fool, 
your fool will iU&d no longer for yom* lady. 

Bii. A pefblent fool: 'foie God I think the world be 
tum'd up-fide down too. 

Paf, O no iir ; far then your lady/jand all the ladies, 
in the palacefliould go with their heds li^ward, aiid^t 
were a^ftraoge fight !yQii;know. 

Bil, Thm be nuuiy that will vepine at 'my preferment; 
^ P«r/ lO ay, like the envy of an elder fifter, chat kathf 
her yooager aiade a. lady before her: 
- J//. Th^dukei&wond'roaftdifoofttented. 


'< 4 

The MALCOJftBNTi * 4^) 

Taf, Aj^ and mote mflancbc^x-like* dttn^a ofiirer 
having all hi$ money out at the death of a prince. 

Bt7, Didft thou fee madam Fiona to day ? 

Pa/, Ves, I found her repairing her face to dav; the 
red upon the white ihewed as if hier choeks ihould have 
been ferved in for two difhe$ of barberries in flew'd broch, 
and the fleih to them a woodcock. 

£i/. A bitter fool ! Come madam, this night thoa 
flialt injoy me freely, and to-morrow for Florence. 

Pa/l What a natural fool is he that would be a pair of 
bodice, to a wonian's petticoat, to be tru(s'd and pointed 
to them ! Well, I'll dog my lord, and the word is pro- 
per : for when I fawn upon him he feeds me j when I 
Ihap him by the ^^ngers, he fpits in my moitth. If a 
dog^s death were not (hrangling, I had rather be oae than 
a ierying-man : for the cofrruption of coin, is either the 
generation of a ttfurer, or a lowfy beggar. 

Ifixeunt Bia. agdPa/, 

Ad:. IIL Seen. 2. 

Enter Malg*vale in fome freeze grnvn, •while Siliofi reaJt 

hts fatent, 

MaL T Cannot ileep, my eyes ill neighbouring lids 

1 Will hold no fellowihip. O thou pale fobcr 

. mght,. 

Thou that in fluggifh fumes all (enfe do'ft fteep; 

Thou that givefi ailthe wc»:ldfull leave to play, 

Unbend'il the feebled veins of fweaty labour i 

The gaUy-Qaye*. that all the toilfome day. 

Tugs at the oar againfl the fhibbom wave^ 

Straining bis cugge(f veins, fnores faft; 

Tbe'jft^opii^ieyith that doth* baib the field, • 

Thou makeft wink fure : in night all cee^fti^eB fi^p, > 

O^ tbo malQQQtenty that *gamft his fke 

^epine^^nd qu^Miels: alas, .hePs^gpodaaan tellrciock^ ; 

His fallow jaw-bones iink witK wafting moan; 

Whilft others bfidi are jlown, ■ his pillow's ibone* 


44 ^^ MALCaNtENT.' 

Bii. MaHevole ? 

Mai, Elder <ifIfracl,tiiouli<»ieftde&ft of wicked na- 
ture and 0bftinat^ ignorance/ when did thy wife let thee 
lie with her ? 

BiL I am going arfbaflador to Florence. 
" Mai, Ambaffadorl Now for thy country's honour, 
pr'ythee do not put up mutton and porridge in thy dbak- 
bag. Thy young lady wife goes to Florence with thee 
too, does fli not ? 

Bil. No, I leave her at the palace. 

Mai. At the pahce I Now difcretion (hield man ; for 
God's love let's ha' no more cuckolds I Hymen begins to 
put off his faffron robe ; keep thy wife in the ftate of grace. 
Heart-a -truth, 1 would fooner leave my lady fmglcd in a 
Bordello, than in the Genoa palace; fin there appearing 
in her ftuttiih fhape. 

Would foon grow loathfome, even to bnitifli lenfir^ 
Surfeit would choak intemperate appetite. 
Make the^fpul, fceijt t^e rotten.bxeathjQf luSL, . ... ... 

When in an Italian lafcivious palace, a lady guardianleis^ 
Left to the pulh off ^1 allurement. 
The ftrongeft incitements to immodefty, 
yo have her blood inceoied with wasfiton fweet9« 
Her veins fiU'd high with heating delicates j 
Soft reft, fweet mufick, amorous mafquerers, lafcivious 
banquets, fin itfelf gilt o'er, ftrong phantafie tricking up 
ftrange delights, prefenting it drefe'd pleafingly to fenfc, 
fenfe leading it unto the foul, confirjped with, potent ex- 
ample, impudent cuftom, inticed by that great bawd op-^ 
portunity^; thus being prepared, dap to her eafy ear^ 
youth in good clothes, well (hap'd, rich, fair-fpoken, 
promifing, noble, ardent blood, feir, witty, flattering; 
UlyiTes abfent^ O Ithacan ! the chafteft Penelope cannot 
hold out. 

Bil, 'Mafs 111 think on't. FareywjU. [Ex, Biliofi. 

*i^f<?/. Farewell, Takethy wife with thee. Farewell. 
To Florence ; um : it may-prove good; it may. 
And we may^uum^ our bxows. 

- ' Aa. 

^e MAtCOJHTltNT. 45 

Ad. IIL Seen., 3, 

• * 

/ Enter count d/fi. 

Cii^lk/jfY hoDOttrablelord! 

j Vt MaL Celfo, peace ; how is't ? fpeat low, 
pale fears fufpeft that hedges^ walls and trees iiave ear& : 
(peak, how runs all? 

Cel. I*faith, my lotd, that beaft with many heads, 
Tlie ftaggermgrnd^ude, recoils apace. 
Tho" tfaknroQ^ great mens envy, moH mens malice^ 
Their nncli intemperate heat hath bam(h^d you, 
Yet noipv they find envy and malice ne^er 
Produce famt teformatibn. 
The dake, the too foft duke, lies ^ a block. 
For which two tugging fadlions feem to faw. 
But ftillthe iron tlm>* the ribs they draw. 

Ma/. I tdl thee, Celfo, I have ever found 
Thy bfeaft moft &r from (hifting cowardice 
And fearful bafenefs ; therefore I tell thee» Celfo, 
I find the whid begins to come abon^ 
. rU fhii^my fiu^of fortune. I know the Florentine, whofe 

only force, 
"By marrying his proud daughter to this prince. 
Both baniih'd me, and made this weak lord, duke^ 
Will nowii^ake them all, be fure he will : 
I'll lie in ambu& for coavenienqr. 
Upon their feverance to confiri^ myfelf, 
Cei, Is Ferneze interred ? 
Ma/. Of that at leifure : he lives. 
CeL But how ilandis Mendozo ? how is^t with him f . 
• Ma/. Faith like a pair of (huifers, fnibs fikh in o|:h^r 
men, and retains it in himfelf. 

C3. He. does fly from publick notice methinks^ as a 
haiedoes from hounds, the feet whereon his flies betr;Lys 
him. . ' 

Ma/, I can track him, Celfo. 
O my difguife fools him moft powerfully I 

I For 

46 fi^ MALCOKi^E^T: 

For that I feem a defperate malcontent^ 
He faia would daip wkh me^ lie ische true (lal^ 
That will puton tite moft affeded grace, >' ^' 

For Tome veil'd kcosd caufe. [Enter MenAzp^ 

Cel. Hc'shcre.^ 

Jlf^r/. Give place. 
Illo! .ho, ho, ho, art there, oldtnie-peAiiy ? [Sx. Celfi. 
. Where luft thou fpcnt thyfelf this morning? I fee flat- 

• tery in thine eyes, and damnation in thy foul. Ha, thou 
huge rafcal I 

yMen. Thou art very merry. 

MaL As a fcholar, futuens gratis : Howdodi the de* 
vil go with thee now ? 

Men, Malevole, thon art an arrant knave, 

Mai. Who I ? I have been a fergeant, man. 

Men, Thou art very poor. 

MaL As Job, anal(£ymif(, or a poet. 

Men, The duJce hates thee. 

MitL As Iriflunen do bum-cracks. 

Men, ^hou haft loft his amity. 

MaL As pleaiing as maids lofe their virginity. 

Men, Would thou wert of a lufty fpirit, would thou 
wert noble. 
• MaL Why fure my blood gives me I am nobl^, fur© 
I am of noble kind ; for I find myfelf poflefTed' with all 
their qualities; love dogs, dice, and diabs ; fcdrn wit 
in lIufF doaths, have beat my fhoemaker, knockt my 
femfters, cuckold my 'pothecary, and undone my taylor. 
Noble, why not ?_ fmcc theftoick faid, Keminem fir*vum 
non ex regihus^ nemnitn regem tion exfiri^is ejfe oriundum ; 
only bufy fortune towfes, and the provident chahces 
blends them together. I'll give you a fimile :• did you 
e'er fee a well with two buckets, whilft one comes up 
-full to be emptied, another goes down empty to be 
filled ? fuch is the ilate of all humanity. Why look yod, 

• I may be the fon of fome duke ; for belie\*'e me, in- 
temperate lafcivious baftardy makes nobility doubtful : 
I have a lufty daring heart, Mendozo. * 

Men, Let's grafp, Ido like thee infinitely, wilt cnad 

one thing for bie ? 


Ma/. Shall I get by it ? [Gi^s kirn kisfurfi. 

ComnuiBd i&e» I am tl^ flare, bejond death and hell. 

MiM. Murther the diuce* 
' . MaL My heart's wilh, mf foal's defire, my iancy*s 

My blood's longing, the only height of my hopes : how ? 
O God, how ? Ohow oij united fpirits throng together. 
To ^e^gthen my refolve. . 
Men, The duke is now a hunting. 
•Ma/, Excellent, admirable, as the devil would have 
it ; lend me, lend me, rapier, piftol, crofs-bow ; fg, 

Men, Then we agree. 

Mai. As lent and £(hmongers. Come caf-a-fte^ how ? 

• inform ? , • 

Mefi, Know that this weak-brain'd duke, who only 
flands on Florence flilts, hath out 5f witlefs zeal made 
me his heir; and fecretly confirmed the wreath to me 
after his life's full point. 
'Ma/, Upon what merit ? 

Men. Merit! by heaven I horn 'him, only Fenieze^s 
death gave nxe flate's life ; tut, we are politick, he im»ft 
not live now. 
r Ma/* No reafon, marry': but how muft he die now ? 

Men, My utmipfl projedl is to nyuder the duke, that 
I might have his ftate, becaufe he makes me his heir ; 
to baniih the dutchefi, that I might be rid of a cunniag 
Lacedemonian, becaufe I know Florence will forfake 
her ; and then ^ta many "Maria the tairiftied litike Alto- 
front's wife, that her friends 'might ftrengthe^ me and my 
fadion ; thisi^l,'i^llr. . . . 

Ma/. Do you love Maria? 
% M0Kf.^JP^i^xiO,fftsx aiFeiftion, but as wife men do love 
great wom^n, to iiuioble their bkiod, and augment their 
revenue : to aocompUih this now, thus >now. The duke 
is in the forreft next the fea, fingle him, kill him," hurt 
him u^ the main, and proclaim thou fawdt wolves eat 
him. ♦ . 

Ma/, Um, not fo good : niethinks when hd is flain, 
to get fome hypocrite, fome dangerous Wrietch that'^s 


^miiflled, or. with, feigned holiDefii to fweaf he hi^rcl the 

duke on fome fteep oifF laknent his wife*s difhonoiit;^ and. 

in an agony of his. hearths tortatt hurled his ^aning 

fides into the fwoten f^a 1 this dixminftance well made* 

,foun4s probable : and hereupon the duKrheis -r— . , 

Mefi, May well be baniflied: O tlnpeerjtbk? inrentiQki 
Thou- god of ppKcy,- it honied me. [rare ! 

MaL Then fear not for the wife- of Ahofront, I'll 
clofe -to her. 

Men, Thou (halt, thou (hahy our excellency is pleafed : 
why wert not thou an emperor t when we are duke, I^ * 
make thee fome great man fore. 

MaL . Nay^ make me fonie rich knave^ and Til make 
my felffom'e great man. 

Men. In diee be all my fpidt^ retain ten fouls, maite 
thy virtual powers ; refolve,. ha, remember greatnefe : 
heart, farewel. 

Enter Celfo. 
^ The fate of all my hope^in thee doth dwell. 

. . ^ , . [Exit Mendozo. 

MaL Celfo, didft hear ? O heaven, didft hear 
Such devililh mifchief ? foffertft thou the world " 
paroufe damnation even with greedy fwallow. 
And ftill do'il wink, ftill doth thy vengeance flumber ? 
• J* If now thy brows are clear, when will tliey thunder! 



Ad. ni. Seen. 4. 

Enter Pieiro, Ferrari, Prefajhy and thru Page^ 

Cornets like hems, 

Fer. ^1'^ H E dogs are at a fault. 

X ^'"^- "VV^ould God nothing but the dogs were 
at it ? let the deer purfue fafcly, the dogs folFow the 
game, and do you follow the dogs y as for me, 'tis unlit 
one beaft fliould hunt another ; I ha' one cfcifeth me : 
aiid't pleafe you, I would be rid of you a little. 

72>e Malcontent,-. 49 

Fer. Wou'd your grief would as foon leave you as we 

41) quietnefs. . . [Exeunt. 

Pie. I thank yoa-— Boy what doft tiioa dream of now ? 

Page. -Of a dry fummer, my lordy for here's a hoc 
world tqnvards : — *-4>tit my lord, I h2A a ftnnge dream 

Pie. What ftrange dream ? . , . . 

Page. Why methought I pleafed you with finging,- and 
then I dreamt you gave me that fliort fword. 

Pie. Prettily beg'd !- — hold thee. 111 prove thy dream 
true, tak't. 

Page. My duty: but ftiU I dreamt on, mjr lord, and 
methought, and't (hall pleafe your excettency, you would 
needs out of your royal bounty give me that jewel U 
your -hat.. 

Pie. Oh, thou did'flrbut dream boy, do not believe itj 
dreams prove not always true, they may hold in ^a fliort 
fword, but not in a jewel. But now/u*, you dreafnt you 
Jiad. pleas'd me .with finging> make that true as. I have 
made the other. . ' ' ' 

Page. Faith my lord, I djd but dream, and dreami 
you fay prove no/t always, true : ihsy, may hold in a good 
fword, but not in -a good fong: the truth^is, i ha' loft 
iny voice. • 

Pie. Loft thy voice, how? 

Page. With dreaming, faith ; but here's a couple of 
foenical rafcals fhall enchant ye : what fliall they iingi 
iny good lord ? ' ] . 

Pie. Sing of the nature of- women, and then the fong 
Ihal! befurely full of varieties-, old crotchets and mem 
ifwect clofes; it ftiall be humorous, girave, ' fantaftick, 
amoro\^s, n>eiancholy, fprightly, one in aD, and all in 

Page. All in one? ' / 

Pie. By'r lady too many; fing, my fpeech grows culi; 
pable of unthrifty idlenels, fing. . [^^^ 

k . » 

•A/^l..IV. C' Aa-Itf, 

. •♦ V 

^ fie KJA'tt?bj^Tik>; 

Pie. A Str^ fo, fongi lanheavy*^ walko^I gialit^Slit 
/\^ in my deep's ^valk hS, \^npt Pa^er*^ 

Mrl. Brief, brief, who > thedulte i good tiea^rcR,. that 
Tools (hoajki ilumble upoa gr^rtDc^ I 'do not fleep, ^iU4^ 
give ye good morrov^ : yoa muft be brief,' oakt V X am 
teed to murther tkee^ (kstxt not: Mendoaidp NCej3^z6 
liired me, here*6 his gold, his pilM; cttifC-bo^^ aad 
fwordy^m all as -firm a^ earth. O ^m)» ^>o^ cboakt 
XQith the common maze of eafy idlotS)^ tredulity. idakc 
him thine heir ? uliat tlur fwom muither^Vl 
: A>. Ocanitltf? . ... - 

ifeCtf/. Can? ^ / . ^ ' 

#»*V. piTcoveredhenotEemeiic'? V , . '^* 
ATtf/." Yes; "but why ? but why? for love W'Yhee't 
bioch^ tauch, to be revenged upon his rlvalj who, hki 
diruftlm jaw^ awry ; who beiag Aaia. fuppofed hf ihj^ 
own hands; defended by his fword, nuuk thet moft 
tbatUbme, him moft gracious with diy loofepdsceis; 
Thou dofely yielding egre& axid xegrefs to faei^ mad^ft 
}iim heir« whofe hot unquiet luSt ft^aittowz^d thyfheetsv 
and now would &ize tihf fhite. Politician f wi& nUft f 
deiathl'td be ted to the flake like a bull by the hor^sj 
to make evea kindnefs cut a gentle throat. Jlife ! w)iy 
attthcu nummed? tboufogj^duUnefs ! fpeak. Lives not 
indre faith in a home-th^Sing tongue^ than in theft 
ftftcSi^ig tib-^'couttiers? 

Enter ttifo *wiih a itefinit^s g9nun anJtieafi.^^ 
•C/r. Loid Malcvolc, if this be trte 1 ;^' 

Mai If? come,, fhad^thee with thi&fdi&dfe^ ^r 
iffrca'fiudt hahdle ir, he fbaH thank thee ^ fSM£^'' 
t&S. 'Come, follow my direOionff, and t^U . floSt (ee 
ibange Heights. 

Tie. Worlds whither wilt thout _^ \ . ., 
Mai. Why to the devil : come^ tlie ^oru f^Wilaie, 
\ajtmif\nidtnefsUthefQut^fJtate; - ' {Exemtt. 

' Aft. IV. 

i >>.. < 

-^f^-l^ll'?'^^ xntdanv arc yon ftirrjng inoiam? tf 
;: J(IjOl 79^ ^ fti'^y^qj nw4««» if I Aoughf'I.ftoold* 

,."''i*2^vi^7 forfoodi. 

' ^&* ^i^W ,^? filths, how oH art thon ?. 

;./I/^^» l3Siitfo«necn* / 

."JSi^f^ ii^ay\ send yfc be in the teens : »c ye a gentj«- 
iom'bbipa I dp ^oii know me ? <ny name Js medaoi Ma- 
'^erdfey 1 J& m thcpld Crainy-cpuit, 

^eeherr^lacBef/ ^]Snter3eaffC^a an/Smj/ia^ 

Bean. Afi^djqrtoyc, MaqoereHe. , 

Emil, Js Ae dut^pkcfs up yet, Tcentni^l. 
. .,jWw- Q 'Wks^ the. nioft abcmunable nujBbEanoe^ O 
iSw^EfJfe^ iKc'naott piteous d&flfert Pcm^e Vas tak^ 
laftnxjhtniAe^utch^'diamhjcr: aFas ! the'duke catch'd 

Ajpr.-.Wa^befovyidinbedf ' . ^ *^ ' 
[iiaat'Cf,' no ; but'the vxUaiiteus certaJnty is^. the jfoor 

^^.iottofte^.'flie tdngue-tfed* hatch held ^jpe^qe: 
i ^ife^^^i^aii^ his'-ftjrti ^^?* 

/tktJro&W .amntiiN?^ Jay m the QutWard' cHsiniber, 
^|pi^jp49wi% yet they icame by me ;n the dark, 

]im4t^t l^tliem no^, lifee a fenfeleft creature as I was. 
'Oh^u^j l^k to your Birfk-point$, Mt not xSxMp yet 
cKzr9f:l^x^ the door be ^ted. . I3 jrouiilpca j;pnc 
toFtecncct? . . " ' ' 

^iy;*1W]fe-. *«« y.^r ^^^ -.^^ w^v ■«^*-*» '"--- 

Let '^ be ft]9 your fixM po£tiony ^em me every man 

J! — r tf^^O* jjj^ gifts^ and fo.yeil^llever remaia 

%*aM iftOK "woithy to b« mjpft dsar^i ladies. 



EmtL Is the duke returned from hunting yet? 

Maq. They fay not yet* ., ^ . ^ , 

j5^^». 'Tis now in ini^ of day. • " * 

^^^/V. How bears the dutchefs with this blemifh now ) 

Maq, Faith, bX>Idly; ftrotigly defies de&me^. 'OS <mei 
that has a duke to her father. And there's a note to you : 
befure of a flout friend in a corner/ that may altHrayis awe 
your hufband. Mark the 'haviour. of the dutchefs now : 
fhe dares defame; cries, duke, do what thotl tsxCS^ 1*11 
quit mine hdnour : nay, as one confirmed in hentovl^n vir- ' 
tue agaihft ten thoufand mouths that mutter h6r difgi-ftee, 
flie's prefently for dances. [^Enter Ferrario. 

^.Bean. For dances! 

Maq, Moft true. ' . . . ' . 

Emil. Moft ftrangef fecj here's my fcryant,- .young 
Fcrrardo . How many fervants think'ft thou I . ittve^ , Ma* • 
quereile? ,. / . 

* Maq, The more the merrier : 'twas WjBJlfaidl^ ufe.yaiir 
fervants as you do your fmocks.; have many, ule OQ^^. 
and change often ; for that's moil fweet and courtlike. - 

Terr, Save ye, fair ladies : is the duke retum'd? 

iean. Swefet fir,- no voice of him as yet ui«oiirt. 

Fcrr, 'Tis very ftrange \ - - ' 

. Bean, And how like you my fervant, Maquerelle ? 
. Maq, I think he could hardly draw UlyiTes* bow i but. 
by my fidelity^ were his nofe narrower, Jiis eyes bro94cri 
his. hands thiiHipr,' his lips thicker, his legs, bigger^ his 
ifeetleiTer, his hair blacker^ and^ his teeth whiter, he were 
a tolerable fweet youth, 'faith.- And he will cowie td 
my chamber, I will read him the fortune of Jiia beard. 

Terr, Not yfet retumM I fear i but 
Thedutcheftapproacheth, - . k 


<f7i&^ Mae CON TENT. jl 

Adu5 IV. .Scfna 2^. 

^ tiHtrMtmdviCofufportin^thiiutthefi^ Querm^i thilmiles 

that are on the ft age rife : Terror do ujheri in the duuhefs^ 
and then takit a iady H tread a mtajure^ 

Aur, ^TT^ ^^ dance ; mufick; we will dance* 

V^ Guer. Les ^jnanto (ladic) ^/et biin, fajfa 
■re^Oy or BeanchiCs brawl. 

wi^n We have forgot the brawK - ^ , » 

Terr. So foon ? 'tis wonder. 
« Quer. Why, 'tis but two iutgles oa the left, twO/ on 
ibe right, tl^^ doables forward, a traverfe of fix rounds : 
da this twice, three Angles fide, galliard trick of twenQr^ 
curranto pace ; a figure oi eight, three fingles broke^ 
dowp, cone up, meet two doubles, fall backhand tfaea 

Aiir. O Dedaltts ! thy maze, I have quite forgotat^ 

Maq. Truft me , fo have I, faving the fall^g back,' 
afid cbro honour. - [Entir Frepajfo. 

Jur. Mufick, mufitkf 

Prep. Who faw the duke? the duke? [Enter M%uat9'9 

Aur» Mufick ! , 

^rep. Tfardokel is the duke ictiim'd ? 

AttP, IfAxiSu^X . ; IJSnter Ce(f9^ 

CeL The duke is quite invifiblej oreUeisnot. 
%-Au&, We' are not pleafed with your ijDtru^on upon our 
private retirement: we are not pleafed : youiiave forgot 
yoarfeiv«9. {Enter a Page. 

Cel. Boy, thy mafler ? where's the duke ? 

Page, Alas ( I left him buiying the earth with. )m 
fpread joylefs limbs : he told me he was heavy, would 
Heep ,* bid me walk off, for that the firength of fantafy oft 
made i^m talk in his dreams. I fh-eight obev'd, nor ever 
iaw him fince : but wherefoe'er he is, he's fad. 
zJhir. M^fiCkit fooodhighjasisourheart; found high. 

' C3 Ata, 

, . . A^fti'IV-i iSo&ii'' m^ iron ni:siV-r^'/ 

J-lJ.« .J 

J&AT^HE duke? jHRJce^ th* Aftt fe'ddifl. -"^ 
J[ Aur. Mufick? - 

Jlf^A lB*tmufickt / ' -^ ' - 

Men. Oive.prodr. '* '■ ' ' • '" '' - ^^ '^ '''■" *-' ^ 
iVrr. How?- .' • . } ^' --;=' ^^"'' ' -^'"- • ' 
CpA Where? \ -^^ -.5 i W,.w i ,;::J^ ^. . 

I^at Reft In pdicc, lid' the ctiik^ 4>cj; qtiiedy', ^ i 
for my own ptft, f fefehteM Mm trtft dci^ dtttt^s itfl V 
many^ here> one can give yon A more pahkula^ai^edaff^ 

* Men. Spesk^ holy&liter;. aori^'^Wy til<bilH|p|8tiff ^^ 
prefence frk^t^ the^fro^ the truth: ^i|K^ tbiJaUk^itlyftttA 
^^"Ar.- "" "^ ' '"' .«-■-.;..• *• w. •;-(/,. \,j 

^' jfir. We afttei . ^ < '-^^ ■ ■"• .^ ' •'-' 

* ^t. Now hJul the mounting {un^altnj^efdn^^Rm 
Sw^pt the cold fweat of ni|ht imff^MtithV^tuiM^raKi^ 
When I (whom men caH Hecmitof th^ i^k) ^ 
Forfook my cdL and damber'd up a clfffi * • 
Ajainft wJofe bafe' the Kckdy'N^tteetdMfll^-'^^ ^ ^^ ' * *' 
HBrhigh-wA'd brows ; ^cr6 'twas^KsW^a^yMmto^^-" 
Wiicn lo r my m^*^ iildted^wMl'fhe^iJW)«ti '- « •' *' .-. 
^mebne, who far 'boare ifi6 was efiixlB'd, dM^mdHi^^ 
lihalloffcnd. * • : • ; ,.- >t,v/ .-r-. ;t 

* J*w. -Kot. • , ' - i'-^^;! '- 1 

w/wr. On. * ' '. i ,. vV • ,. j ,i^,:i 

PJt. Methh^ f hear him y^, — ->C>'fti»ii!b^f^t 
Giffitv the in^etteftd fan^y emdlonft a fwffrtdiri^ .'^*ltt . 
Anddo^Il^vetobcthcfcoffoffcerff^^ *r -.1' v .-^it^ 
Ird'te tfie wittall cuckofl; evt!hitj?^hti^'*)ri^0ffea r 

Thou knowil, o trtfthf ' - v.. :v. ,..-!,^ff .;t-;,« . 

Sooner hard ftcd wifl*melt-with (ballieni miiftl^f •'- ^J. 

A Teaman's whiftle talm the ocean; ' • W* ■♦''' - 
A tawn on fire be extindt'W^h'tearf^ 


Tbof^ wocaeii VQiwJd to bhiihkft iii^ptt^^ 
Witji fweet behavwNir and (oft mizuoningy 
Will turn fteua thft wteyHyiyti| i> fctfj. 

powerful blood I liow thoado*fl flave their fovli t 

1 wafli^d an EtlHope, wbo^ fgr x««pippeace^ ^ . . 
8n]lyM my saine : aad Qidl I ttoi be ferc'd 

To walk, {o.lmtliui black} mo&l mdkl ^ 
/£r /i&i7/ ^tfnf hior 'with mufi^ he eamntdie. 
With that he i^*d ta piffigittrly dedp. 
That die dull air evoi grhau'd: at laft he cxiev 
Sink &aaac in ieas» fink dec» enough : fo dips^ . 
For iStxo, I viewed Jus body talV via fowfc 
Into the fofliny aain. O then I iaw 
Tb^ whkh mcthinki I k^^ k wgji die^djikc^ 
Whom fbrei^ the nioer-ftomaich'd &a 
Sdch^dm: butthoft^^*-^ 

ill^/J Then came I an bn^ '\m\ all wia too fattij' 
{lor tM« Ib^ight he funk. 

i'/^. SMh iwaa the dote'a iad fate^ 

Cel. A better fortune to our duke lifendoao. 

JIm. A^gqaidl a^uardJ W^fttUofheaityteaia^ . 
Fur ««r food father's \ok 
(For fo «ve well may call hun» 
Who idid bcfeedi your higw frr our fugeeflion) 
Cannot jB^ U^tly cfvetrjiunp hi» death,, , ^ 

As leave his woeMcvtasekft* Woman of ihame^ \^ 
Webttiiibdieefbrever |othej)lace» Jurnia^ 

Fiom whenoe this, good man comes ; 
Nor permit, on death» unto thy body any onuunent,. 
But, bofe aa was thy lifie^ ^kpsataway* 

Aftr, Un0Ea|eiul! . - 

JJlor. Awa^i 

Air^ Valkun^ hear aPV^ 

Mm. Bcgoae,* J^y lords» addreis to jpu&Uck a>un£dl^ 
nrkmoftii,, . • 

S2r train Qffartun$ is h^nu up ly wit* 

. Q+. Away, 

^6 5^^ Malcontent. 

Away, eat prefence ihall be fudden : hafte. 

[>/// depart fit^ving Mendo^b, Male^oh^ tmi Phfr^i^l 

l^al. Now, you egregious devil ? Iia^ Vtiiwrd^rir^'po- 
litidlifr! how do'ft, duke? how do'ft »ok now t'hm^ 
duke, i'faith. 

Men, How did you kiH him ? 

Mai. Slatted his brains out, then fows'd him m tKe 
briny fea. • 

Mefi, BrainM hhn and drown*d him too ? 

Mai, O *twas befl", ftirc work : 
F&r he that ftriket a great many let " htm ftrike homt^ of^ 
elfe nuare^ helllp^o^e no man: Jhoulder not tthttge'fdl(fv:^ 
iinlffs you may he./ure to lay him in the kenneL 

Mtn. A moft found brain-pan f 
I'll make you both'cmperors. 

MaL Make us chriftians, make us chriilians, 

Mnr: f 11 hbift- ye, ye fhaR mount. 

Mai. To the gallows, fay ye ? Come, pnemiufn incti^ 
turn petit certupijcelns. How ftands the progrefi ? ' 

, Men. Here, take my ring unto the dtafiel, 
Have cutrance io Maria, the grave dutchelv 
Of banifti'd Altpfront. Tell her, we love her : 
Omft no circumilance to grace our pcribn ; do*t. • 

Mai. I'll make an excellent pander : Duke, farewell ^ 
'dieu, adieu, duke., [ExH MaK 

Men. llake Maquerelle with thee ; for 'tis found 
Ij^ofie cuts a diamond but a diamond. 
Hermit, thou »t a rimn forme, my iponfcflfor ? 
Ci thou felefled fpirit*; bom for my good ; • ' 
Sure thou would^ft make an excellent elder in a deformed 

». church. . 
Come, we m aft be iiward, .thou and I all <mc. 

Pie. I am glad I was ordain'd for ye. 

Men. Go to then ; thou muft know that MaleVQle uz 
fti:ange villain: dangerous, very dangerous t you fee how 
broad a fp^ks, a grofs-jaW^d rogue, I wdttld have thee 
poffon him : he's Hke a com upon my grekttoe, I can- 
not go for him : he muft be cored out, he mufl. Wilt 
do% Jia? ' ^ : •' \ 

-'.-P/a- Any thing, any thisig^. 


5]&? Malcontent* (jy 

Jliiny. Heart of my life f tlui9thon: CO the ciudely 
*ipbov ihaltconfoit with this Malevole^ 
There being ai, fupper, poifon him : 
It (hall be laid upon Maria, who yields love, or dies : 
Skud quick^ like light'fiiiig. - 

Pie, Good deeds cra'wl^butmifchieffii9S, lExitPiftrff^ 


^ Enter Malruo/e* 

• Ma/. Yom: devilflrip's rin^ has no viitae; the bu^- 
captain, the fallow weAphalian, gamon-faced zaza, cries. 
Stand out, muft hare a fiifier warrant, or no pafs into the 
CafHe of comfort. 

Men. Command our fudden letter. — - Not enter ? ftialt : 
w^at place h there in <jenoar bat thon (halt ? into my 
^eart, into my very heart: Come, let'i love ; we muft 
love; we two, foul and' body. 

, Ma/, How did'ft like the Hermit? a ftrange Uennft, 
* Men,, A dangerous fellow, very perilous : he muft dir. 

Ma/, Ay, htfmuftdie.u 

Men. Thou muft kill him. We are wife j w^ muft be 

Ma/., And provident. . . • 

ISi/e^. Vea, provident : bewafe an hypocrite. • 
^ churc/r'inan anc^ cormpted^ ah ! anfoid. 
A feZ/o^w that makes Religion If is fia/hing horfi. 
He breeds a f /ague : thou ft>alt foifim him. 

M«/. How! 'tis wond'rous neceflary-: how^ - 

Men. You both go jointly to the citadel,- 

• Thcrr ftp', there poifon him : and Maria, 
Becaufe ilie is our oppofite, fhall bear 

The fad fufpe^, ^on ^vhich (he die9> or l^vee U6. • ^ 
Mai. I rum • . > . . \Exit Ma/enole, 

\ Mfn. We that are great ^ our Jole f elf good jlill mo^VA tH» 
They (hall die both, for their deferts crave more ' 

Than we canvrecomp^ce ;• their prefcnce ftiil 
Upbraids our fortunes with beholdingnefs, • . • 

^ Which vv^c abhor; like deed, not do*: dieki conclude, 
'They Kvc not^ to cry out, ingratitude. 

* * \ .; , 

^ Tbi Mai COM rt m-ti 

OntfiUkhitnui'atbfr^fitiliiUtJtttitilahi " •"" '^ 
'tit tMd irufififO), but 0, 'tk iejl trufi. mu, ^ • - '"^ 

Aa. IV. Scfen. 4. 

Jlfo/. IT O W do you ? how do'ft, duke? 

J[ J[ Pi>. O 1^ the laft day fallf drop^^rop (hl 
our norM heads;' ' T* 

Xet heaven tmcbfj^ it&lf» vomit fertl flaoics ! i, 

JIftfl not lan^ do /lot turn player ;, there*s mam 
of them than can welf live one by andtittr already • 
What, art thon infidel ftifi! 

Fie.^ I am amazed f fhnck in a fwoo»with*¥POiidttltj| 
9m commanded to poifon thee. - . 

MaL I am commanded to poHbntkei' at (opptTtf 

Pit. Atfufipipr? - 

MaL In the citadel* . 

FU. In the citadel? 

MaL QtoUcxptnl tricks'! tmth^ahelvtfi! ht would 
difcharge ns as 007s do eldtr-gons, one pdlet to firike 
out another: of wW faidi ait now? 

Fie. All is damnation! lArft&ednd&^ektMam! that ^ 
no faith in man. . . ' , '. 

Men, In none but uAners and brokers ^diey^dctivtra 
nuuiy men take *em for bldod-fuckers^ and io diey aN • 
now God deliver vac from my friends, T 

Fie, Thy friends? «' 

Mai. Y,es^ from "my friends, fbr ftom inlae:«AtmJb^ 
rU deliver nwTdf. 0;^CQt^timkttfikMMuj^i^th»i«mk:* 
eft vlil^j;/ Mark t)ns Mimclotao^l malilc bDniblr^ii.'tS- 
lainf But^iMlaven wiU feiid '% jdaguc npon liniibr a 
rogue. ." * :., ... 1 ; Q 

Fie, O world! - ■••^'^' 

Mai, World ! ^m< the only region- <^ ^Mtt^ ■ ikt 
i|preateft ihop of the devil i , thotrud^ ptiCan of aill^ 

of the which nons pa& withoutpaj^inv ^eir deareil breatif 
fyr a fee : there's no^ung perfe^ iti it W ex(ream. e;(- 
WaWfeWiwarj ^^^ ^^^ yonder. "•''"' 

A€t. IV. Seen. /. 

forteJ hy Celfi ami Ftrrarda ^ Aurtlia m iafe m^unf^ 
ing attire. * t ... f J »• • 

Awr^'^yr^O baiufliment ! fed on to bamdun^ilfj * 

X ^^* i^dy, ^ blefled^efs of t^^^wr^ 
^ teypu, . 
^«r. Why? why? Ixahde&txidthilig.Iiutleath, hiT 
deferve any thin^ but hell. 

lfhiivmibitold;g{v«rr^lfidencY '/^ 

Todear my fom^ it wooidma^p heaven g^aoelefir ' . 

My ^^ifnold 19^ fhe flock of me^cy.poor ; 

O th^ weald dse heavenl eoodnefs to redalm themf 

Jadgmeoiisj^: yet, fcMT £at vail villainy 

Be liire he ihall not mifi fad puniflnnent 

TSogii h# &aU F^fe ; Oa to my cdi of (hame. 

AVc My cell'tis^ lady; wliere^ inftcadof inaiks,j ' 
Mttficky tilts^ toomief^ and fuch court-lik^ Ib^ws^ * * * 
The h0n<^ ^^MipiixjKy^ of the checki^ wind«. 
Shall groan again, whilft the an(;^et fea . . ^ 

cShakieQ;$h^ lytd^^e.rock with lototy battejy. 
.'l^hevA.^ii^'ry^ the Air comes in imd out i 
The rheumy vault wiH foice your eyes to wee£^ 
Whilft you behold true deflation. 
5A,tockx>hiw-«a^ toiB jtf'el^ your drei, 

•XTiiiiteQm.^ r<»?fr vM^ >>^ls ^ithbbth liis ha^ ' 
ii tdfci^aJc iid^ W^< ^Jcaed^irofmx. fordf .. 
O in what orb fo e'er tny foul is thron'd, ' . * 

Beh^d me worthily moft miierable ! ' . . 

O i5^l4rt..*ngnifc of «iy contrite fpi^t /.. 
ilot5a«ftfcWftl«WGftwrio.n; , ^ . , 

66 Trhe Malcont'ent/ 

If j[iotr O joy, tnumph in my juft grief, ' . "^ ' 

DiPtfif is the end of tuoe^ and tears rtluf* 

Fie, Belike your lord not lov'd you, Was uridhd# 

Aur, O heaven ! 
As the foul lov'd the body, fo lov'd he : ' " 

*Twas death to him to part my pefence^ 
Heaven to fee me pieafed. 
Yet I, like to a wretch given o'er to hell. 
Brake all the facred rites of marriage, ^ * 

To cKp a bafe ungentle faithlefs villain. 
O God ! a very Pagan reprobate — ^ 
What ihould I fay ? ungrateful,, throws, me oot^ - 
For whom I loft foul, body, fame, and honour.' 
But 'tis moft fit : Why Ihould a better fate 
iVttend OA any, who forfakes diafte fheets^ 
Fli€$ tic embrace of a devoted heart, 
Join'd by a folemn vow 'fore God and man. 
To tafte »fhc brackifh blood of beaftly kft. 
In an adulterous touch? O ravenous immodelty I' 
lo&tiate impudence of appetite! 
Looh^ here"* s your end, for mark fwhatfap in dufi^ 
What good in Jin y e^venjo much hyve in lufi^ 
Joy to thy ghoft, Tweet lord, pardon to me ! 

CeL 'Tis the duke'^s pleafure this night you reft in 

Jur, Soul lurk in ihades, run fhame from biightfome 
In night the blind man miffeth not his eyes. ' [Exit, 

MaL Do not weep, kind cuckold j take comfort, manj 
thy betters have been Beccoes: Agamemnon; em peroir of 
aH the riierfy Greeks, that tickled all th^ true Trojans^ 
was a Cornuto, JPrjnce Arthur, that cut off twelve kings 
beards, was a'Comuto. Hercules, whofe back bore up 
heaven, and got forty wenches with child in one rri^t— 

Pte-f Nay, twas fifty. 

A/iff/.'P'aith, forty's enow a-confcience ; yet Wis a 
Cortmto. Patience, mifchief grows proud ; bfe \Vifc\ 

Pit, Thou pincbeft too deep; art too kc<*nnpon me." 

MetL Tut, a phiful furgeon ms^es a dangerous fotd 
^'11 t€»i thee to the growd. Thhieft I'll- foftain wyM^ 

Tife MftLCONTENT. 61^ 

ty fiattermg thee, bec^nfe tkou' ait a prince ? Tkstd ra*^ 
ther follow a drunkard, and live by licking up iiis vomil^ 
than by fendle iatteiy . 

Pie, Yet great men ha' done't. ^ 

Mai. Great flaves fear better than love ; bom natttrztP- 
ly for a coal bafket ; tho* the common ufhcr to princes 
p-efence, fortune, hath blincfly giren* them better place; 
I am vowed to be thy afflidion. 

Pie. Pr'ythee be ; I love much raifcry, and' be thoa 
fontome. [Enter Biliofl. 

Mai. Becaafe you are an nfiirpmg duke.-^^^ 
Your lordfidp'sTvell retom'd from Florence. [To BiiioJS^ 
Bil. W^rctum'd, i praife my horfe.- 
Mai. What news from the Florentines ? » * • * 
Bil. I« will- comaeal- the great duke-s pt^eaAire ; onA' 
this was his charge : his pkafure is, thatf his daughter 
die; duke Fietro be baniihed for banifhing: his blood's 
difhonour ; and that duke Altofront be re-aocepted. Thh 
is all ; but I hear duke Pietro^is dead. ' • ■ *• *. 
Mai. Ay 9 and Mendozo is duke : what wOl yoa dof 
Bil. Is Mendozo ftrongeft } * 

Mai. Yet he is. - ' - 

5/7.^ Then yet ril hold with him. 

Mai. ButifthatAltofrontihouldtdmihait again ^ 
Bill Why then I would turn ftrait again. » • 

*Tis good itm fbll with-him that has moft might r- * 
I had rather ftand with wrong, than fall with right. » 
Mai. What reM^on will you be of* now h 
Bil. Oftke duke's reiaffoRy when I know what it i% 
Mai* O Hercules ^ ....... 

Bif. Hercules? Hercules was the fon of Jupiter smd 
Alcmena. - 

Mai. Yonrlordfhipisavery wit^aiK 
^.BH; Witafi? 11 

Mai. Ay, all-^t. 

Bil. Amphitrio was a cuckold. i 

A&/. Your lordfliip fweats, your young lady will get 

you a cloth 'foi*^your old wcirihip's brdws. [Ej^it Biliofi. 

^ Here's a felbw txr be ckmned y Tilis is. hia' inviobblib 

'MlnHdo^ flatter the |;reat;dft> and c^prefs the leaft. A 


whorefon. fMk^f^,: thai wjU ^ icfA^Yi HP^ Af^fmi 
miul'd backs. . , , .. ^._ ,, .,.^ j 

PiV. Why do*ft thmt^im him? ., j. r.,. ,/ ,,; \ 
JIf/r/. 'Faicb> aa b$iwd8>g9 to QhvStch^.S^^sJftif^^pr 
come, be not confiwio4«d» tbou ai(t b^t^int da^)§er^4oA 
a dukedom. Think this ; chi$ 9ntk M^opiy fttip fgcsam 
and golgotha wkewin all thiqgB that liveimMil rot : 't9> 
but die draught wherein the h«avenly bodies difcharjgjB 
their cormption ; the very muck-hill oa whicJ^ the ^&blu« 
sary oibs cafl their excrements.. Man is t^e lUiipbf. f)if thj^ 
^ttng-pit^ and. princet are ^ gpTemo^.^qf thje4:«)ea>^ 
Ibr, for oar t<m^ thty arp as iree a» eft^pevq^ ,fi(l 0}" f»i^ 
yiece ; there goes but a pair of (be^n betw^ aQ en^nif 
and the fen of a bag-pioer;. only the dyui^ dreffing^ 
mtSjm itoflSng mak^ w difference . Noipr, wha^ ar^ 
|6ou l£ to lofcl . ^ . .* 

ji jaiior^s 9§X9^ U h^ mm im Inub^ 
Jflilfi Uii and trfajbu ail Ufi'i gpod mfmnii^ 

tie, I here renooaee Ibf evtr regency ; .worUfa tricka^ 
abjure. _ 

C Altofront, f wrong thee tofup^antthy sights 
To tvip tl^ hedd 1^ with a dKvilidi iljght^^ \\ '. 

For which I now from off thy throne am tbravvnV 

Olamchang'dl iorberf^'iiam.(he;dM»dp0^ . 

In ttiie contdtmy ido^^da d i ci^ .: . . / 

My bfM^ t^feUtoiy )iolioe&^ . . . 

Jtfylipfttopmycr»..aadmy,braaft!««arfiiballbQr). r.> 
jit^iiog Ahttfrott to «e^qr; . . , 

JUii/. : TJ^ vows are hfiard» and we^iccept thy iSUUi«* 

Biii^r Fepwexs ami Ceffr^ 
Mttfir$U9 f/'vmr*. Cef/k 9md P$f¥^* . 
Baniih amazement : come, we fo^noft^gMdriuUfllPck 
•ffofKtnse^ heaotfirwomkc^rickelu-;:. uo i 

JP/^, Doth Femete Kt*I - , : .. ^ ,. . . .,:. . 

. FfK^ ForyoiirfaiNktt.. :...-.»., 

Pi>., Pardoaafid'kve; ^gpiTekaveto^mcolkA^.. .. ii.v 
J4y tho>|bts» di^eni*^ ii> wald aaoniflHnrtrtfr- 

T/^Mk HMd fit'd m heaven^ mi&Ofi hakr ^ 

J crave all love and psurdoa* 

MaL Who doubts '</pro!VKkf)ce, 
lltt Af^ iyik ^angt P ft iiesf^ &itb to all 7 
AnM& mtfi'Hfi^ iLi^<^»f /9W€rfa/L 
For ftin imperious vkifitude 
Towfelii ^ >v^id> then kc na amaze ktrude 
Upon your fpirits : wimder not I rife ; * 
Nr nvba'ean fir^^ that <hft can iemporifef 

Ifyj^rhraa'tt^loCi left ignofance fear iuf{)e^ . 
lifCi doCe .fO> coanCeU l^ve the rdl to fiite. 

Adfc V, Seen. i. 

2i/*T7 OOLt how do*A diott liku aij calf in a lone 
17 ftocking? ^ 

P<7/. An 09iccUeAt<alf» ttiy fevd. 

^//^ l^kiscatfhathbeena««iffdkv tUttwwity yelu^. 
When monfieur Gundi kf hn««ari)affiidor, I toukl have 
carriedaladyupanddownatann*sendiaap]att«?i vA 
I am t^yotty there Mae-cfairfe aa^tbat time^ who, W 
^ the ftrength of a man^s bade and his araa, wcmid be 
€oite* j< t haive aieaiiiir'd calves wkk moH of the fa- 
'tl^ and ^ijr come nothing, near me r befidei^ I think 
^^ be not many inaoun in theat&nal wiU fit aCj. 
Specially fotf the head*piecc» riittUthee ' 


A7. I can eatiltw^d'hwdiaa tt eettMtt feechkigieff 
tne fire ; or a cuftard, as it coaiet tedkingout of l3ie ov>c|i ; 
^^ 1 diiok there are not many loadt eoi do it^ A good 
poiaandi^^ a< little' deeajr'd in the ibeatf hat li?c grains of 
^^y groaad.'fwih rofe-watcr^and te^ipe'r'd with a little 
Ffct^ ihall fetch her again prefently. 

^ ^3e MAL^OhTfiN^i 

Pa/, Oay, as a bawd -with apta nnt^t, - \ 

BiL And what^ doft thou rail up on the ladies as tholl 
wert wont ? . ^ - 

Paf. I were better roaft a live cat, and might ^ it 
with more iafety. I am as fecret to ladies as their paint- 
ing; there's Maquerelle okieft bawd, and . a* perpetual 
fccgger. i)id you never know of her trict to be knQwn 
in the city ? 

Bii. Never. 

Paf. Why fhe gets all the pidlure-makers to draw her 
pifture ; when they have done, -fhe moft courtly finds 
fault with them one after another, and never fetcheth 
.dWfmj they in revenge of this, e^eute h^ in pi^iu%s 
as they do in Germany, and hang her in their ihops ; by 
thismeajss is fhe better knowa to th& ilk^urdi, tiW if 
ihe had been fire times carted. ... .- 

Bii. *FGre God, an excellent policy. 

Pn/, Are there-any revels |iihni^b.t, .my lord ? 

BiL Yes. 

P^/. Good my lor4, g^ye- me leav^ to break a fel- 
low's pate that hath abuft^d |xie, 
: ^ftY.'Whofcpate? - '^ i. . ' . 

Paf, Young Ferrard, my lord. 

BiL Take heed,- he*s very valiant ; I have knowit 
kirn fi^ght eight quarrels in-five days, belike it. - 

PaJ\ . O is he fo great ft quarreller ? why then he's an 
• arrant coward. 
' Bil. How prove yoii that ? 

Paf, Why thus ; He that quarrels feeks to fight; aHd 

he that feeks to fight, feeks to die j and" he that fedtis to- 

die, feeks never to fight more ; and he that will-qnar- 

c yel,- and feeks means never to anfwer a man mcfre, I 

tkinkhe^a'Cowardr. - • 

Bil. Thou canft prove any thing .^ 

Paf. Any thing but a rich knave, for I cai» flatt^rnO' 

Bi/, Well, be not drun , good fool yl ftaU fee y6» 
anon in the prefence, {E^u 

Tie MALcontinTl 6§ 

ttttir Makvh aid B^^enUe^ at ftfOtrul dmn , 

Mai, . Tife Dutchnutnfor a drunkards . . \ 

Maq: The Ihftu fir gulden Ucks .;. • • - " 

MaL The lrifl>manfir nfftiehaugh^ 3 

Ma^, The Frenebmxnfinr the fox. 

Mai. O thoa art abkfied cseatnre f h!^ I a iiioddl 
woman to conceal^ I would put her to thy cuAodyy foir 
no reafonable creature would ever fufped her to be in 
thy company ; ha, thou art a melodious Maquerellei 
tiiou pidttfe of a woman, and Alliance of a beaH. 

Enter Pajfarello. j 

' Maq, O fool, will ye be ready a^on to go wkh BM 
tatherevels? the hall wHi be fo peft^M anon* 

^ef. Ay, as tha country is widb attonues^ 

Mai. What haft thou there fool ? . 

Paf. Wine ; I have learnt to drink fince I went with 
my lord ambaffiuior, I'll ddnk to the heakh of madam 

Mai. Why, tkott waft wont'to rail upon her» 
. Paf, Ay,, but fince I borrowed money of her, . 
rU drink to her health now, as gentlemen vi£t broken-} 
Or as knights fend venifon to the city j 
£ttjter to take np more nuaney, or to procure longer 

Mai. Give me the bowl; I drink a heakh to Alto- 
front our depo^ duke, 

Paf. I'll take it fo; now I'll begin a heakh to ma^ 
^a» Maquerelle. 

Mai. Pew, I will not pledge hef . 
'' Pa/i Why I pkdg'd your lord. t 

MaL I care not. 

^of Not pledge madam Maquerelle } why then will 
I fpew up your lord jigain with this fool!s finger. 
^ ' Mah ^fAi,lt^\$k&'\t. 

^•^<e7|. Now thou haft drank my health, fool« J jM)% 
™nd8 with thee. , 

M' Art? art? . . *. ' . 

^^^nQriffonfaiuibe reconciled queAn ' . 

'feting ^ifiut kis neck her arm* to ^fi i , • . ^ 


6^1 ^ MAzowiTtifTiL^ 

And her hetonio the itmefyt^m tmtrac^d,. 

'M9L iixA hm doft iihMi Aisk 9l^^^mm6*miA^ ; 

of ftatenoivv? 

* Mttf, Vertljr veiywdi ifHr wets vromeii «bvaiys imtCi^ 
iS» iilliisg of^ the ^oim w the rifeg of th& oten; fane^ 
niiilbe fiit» ftine maft be lam^ ibme maftbe fao^ aod 
fonie nmft he Idids $ i^« ssmA be km.v€s, aaEl ibmoF 
muft be ofBcers ; fome muft be beggers, fome amft .b(» 
kn^bts I' iome Mittft be .cudEddti^ «^fi)p9»^i|iuft^e ci* 
th«is. A3 for example^ I h»?e|iV9 i^owrt-dogSi %hot, 
loeil fawning cais^ t}|e ^nc caUcd Wlandli^ t^ otbor^ 
Catch ; now I, like ktipfmctpsa^^ Qinmtnm love thu^^ 
dog» IbmetixmB ttiie tbttt: dog « fo«i«ti«e8.ftvofxr Ws^tchy. 
mOft commonlx fancy Catch ; aow that; d(^g which . I ^- > 
Toorlfeed^ «ad Wife mvenous^ that «^tlgi;v)&jbia 
liever chaws it^. gidfis 'it4ki«ini'Wboley wit^st ai^ jopfn 
li^ of what }^ hitSp but with a gfoedy ey pft a ii o n /of 
what he-fliall hvre, TbrQdier<dx^«ow«r* 

' Ma/. No. 81019 4o|s >fi»ie«t JifequffvAo). so 4aore d*g* 
And whar hope haft thod of the datohiib IMhaa^ wiE (km 
fioop to the dttke V Ivok, will flie coo thmk'ft ? 

Jmttf,- he^ me ft<^ whwi^ rJw ligii. suom lhM*ft,t*€t 
m calendar ? whereas the £gn tmw yoa ? 
MM: Sign] mkjii4hin:mjl^i^ 
Maf. O \ believe me, a moft f«cret powo $ loiA jifl^ 
ft*Oi»iean OF an ASfyrm^ I «aiiiife*tw«s amoft fweet 
Jew, told me, court any woman in the tigiit fign, yw 
Ihall not miis. Bat you Miit talDe hcT' ia the xii^ Tekfc 
then ; as when the fign s$ in PifceB^ a fiflun JfigerV 
wife isTery fodable; in Cancer^ a fwciftau»-i wi^. ia 
fery flexible ; in Capiic(»n/a vMVdhafit^^r viift hjodly 
Italdsjoii^ im. Ifltea, a lawyer's wi6 it ytty /fsa^kabfcw 
e^pteiatty if her ltiid)and be at the mmi h^oidfi iiifSoofr 
fio 'tis vely;4kLfigar«ttft iMiUlfiiig. llMcike daipB>&9(r 
«y jewel^, aiqr xidi ftoiies ? » t.ii: 

Evtir Captam*. 
Mid. Aft I think lhof». im» Iha Jieft l|g^.to.4ak^.4' 

ifdyku Bjr y<iur &vMr^ figwi^ I Mft:^dtf^^ 

•'^ :n the 

the duke. ..'..*,-.;.- 

Grjh S&'haieih^ giare yM tamtilM9.|.tMBnt«iV 
the gMiiFlil%«f'^<tkadfll Aosi the food AltolMiU^ 
and for his lae rU keep k till 1 4m of no db/ . 

Mai. W9tthouf 9 kevrott, tiist ft duittui teaUl 
kefoond' in « t^iff^eridn I tipim OotiGcMce^ i Jofc 
tlMe oqptaki; [£xf> CafisHm, 

We attend^ |Ukd whfti hope faaiftdiou of tkisdiuckefi^a 

\Mif^. ^Tvrill ^o haid,, ftc was ft cold cieatftse circr |i 
Satiated nl&fikieSy, fo^^ jebory^ ftttd j^deftieii-aflim 
dfti^mely*; iho faftd tke vild tvick oii*t« not imlf to.fae 
truly modeM]f kesoaMble in Ktr^dmraimdcieaGe, butihe 
would' ftTdid dke Iftdl fnmioii' carringt that mig^t incur 
foi^ea. A$<90d I4eft mt^ fliekad afanoft k^^g^bed^ 
pr«(Sng oat #f iftflkion i i dtxiid loam ffeiftJbe for tiw 
Iptk of-a Mdy^ft fatDOftr onde in a fyfbaipkU 
'"^Im. ^m ilk cktfuftiDc <if ionnoikflx, how» jmit! 
Hiddenheads faafbtii6ii broogllt tb*die Uock }. 

ilji^. ijet^mrfeft^ HormiibigNeaiMrJftiiiMiBl 
Kere^t tii» 4l«ickcA. 


•v i i --//•., ^ , ,^ 

Aft; V, Seen. «. 

' ■• » ^ . «.. . 
* fitter Siapta W Caftain^ 

' 'Ab3C ^^''^ Out of the cOBO^ftny. 
^''Mth W^o'kbrve brought tbee «eodcr of ft kftAand. 

vKiK^. i^hope: I'^ha^e one fttredty, 

< 'Itk^'-rNiQ? '1>y mine kmoor tnadao^ ai gvod ka^ 
■«Vra IbilMdd^ A'^ bahlfh'^ kuibatul, iie'stfii jboiker 
^talU'Mir^i^f^kellTe lady^ X ^y» toad of a foa: 
^ aumtained^ wken tke kulband'«a»afifep9, tin iv^ 
''^ight lawfully entertain* another man ; for tim her kiif- 
tiw«i^^'liMd; ihca:k niiie itdiea ke4»ibaiilh*d« 

^^ afa»;:«fcMi J rtKi-tofrfti ^- .--< ^-^ *: - . t ' « ^ ^i^ 

*ۥ fbe Malcontentp. 

•. Ma^, Pifii, liqneDy lili'btit an art to feem fo ; pra/ 
yt what's honefty ? what's conftancy ? but fables feign'd, 
Jpr old fools- chat, deviied by jc^ousTear, to wrong our 
Jiberty.: * 

MaL Molly, he that loves tliee is a duke, Mendozo,* 
Jfac win maintain thee royally^ love thee ardently, de- 
fend thee powesfully, marry th^e fumptuoufly, and 
keep thee in defpite of Rofciclere, or Donzel del Fhoebo } 
Jthere's jewels, if thou wiki fd ; if not, To. 

Mar, Captain, for God's fake, fave poor wxetch'edi* 
nefs* . 
.From tyranny of lulfcful infolence : 
Inforcame in the deepeft dungeon dwell. 
Rather than here, here round about is hell. . ,. 
O my dear'ft Alto£ront i where e're thou breathe^ 
Let my fc^^^l iink into the (hades beneath, 
-Before 1 flain thine honour I this thou haft ; 
And long as I can die, I will live chaite: 

MaL *GainJl him that can inforce, how vain &( 
^ ftrifel •• • 

. iiCtzr. ShethatcatnbejtnfbrcMy^hasne'eraknilc. . 
She that through force her limbs ^with luft enroUp. . . . . ' 
Wants Cleopatra'* s afps and Portia'* s coals. 
Cod amend you. [Exit 'with Captain,^ 

MaL Now the fear of the devil for ever go with ' 
thee F Marquer^e, I teB thee" I hav'e found an honeft 
woman : faith, I perceive when all is done, there is of 
women as of all other things, (bme good, mod bad ; 
fome faints, fome fihners ; for as now-a-days, no cour- 
tier hut has hismiilrefs, no captain but has hif cotkia^ 
trice, no cuckold but has liis horns, and no fool but 
has his feather > even fo, no woman but has her weiik- 
nefs and feather too, no fex but has his : I can bunt the 
lettef- no farther. O God, how loathfome this toying \i 
to me I that a duke (hould be forced to fool it ! w/ll^ 
fitdtorum pltna funt omnia. Better play the fool lordy 
than be the fool lord ! now, whereas your* flights ma* 
dam Maquerelle ? . 

M^q. WJvy, are ye ignorant thit *tis faid, a fqueamiflii 
iife^ed niceneis is natural yi wofacn^' and that .the ex- 


^fe of tkeir jldding^ is op}/ (forfooth) the clificuk eb- 

BSiiTng. *' You mull pat Eer to'ti 'women are flax, a{id 
vilJ £re in a momeiit. 

. Mtf A Why, was not the flax put into thy mouth, Vki 
yet thou not fet fire, thou not euflame her I 

Maq. Marry, but I'll tcU ye now, you yvere too hot» 
, MaL The fitter to have inilamed the flax, woman,* 
'^ ^Maq\ You were too boifterous, fpleeny, for indeedt— • 
\ Mai. Go, go^ thou art a weak pandrefs, now I fee. ' 
Svoner earth* sjiie heanjen itftlfjhall 'w-ifify ' . 

^'han allijuhi heat can melt a mind tha€i chafie. . * 

Go thou, the duke's lime twigj Til make the dufce' 
turn thee out of thine office j what, not get one touch of 
ISspt^ and- had hef at futh advantage ? ' ' ** 

Maq. Now o" my confcience, now I think in my dif- 
cretion we did not take her in the nght'^gn, the blood 
IfTzs not in the triTe vein, fure I [^^//t 

' • ' • E^ter JBiliaJh. 

SiL Make Way therfe, the duke returns from the In- 
thronement, Malevole. 

Mai. put, rogue ! 
^ JBiL Malevole. . • , .- : 

MaL Hence ye grofs-jawM, peafently— out, go. 

Bil, ^SLYf fwect Malevole, iince my return, I hear 
yovL are become the thing I always prophefied would be, 
an advanced virtue, a worthily imployed falthfulnefs, a 
jnan of graces dear friend. 

Come; what? Si qupties petcant homines, ^^Mz&otXjo^ 
AS courtiers play the knaves, hpnefl men fliould be an- 
gry. Why look ye, We muA collogue fometimes, forf; 
iwear fomctimes. 

Mai, Be damnM fometimes ? . . f 

Bii. Right ; Nemo omnibus horis fapih No man caft 
be honeft ^ all hours. Neceflity often depraves virtue.- 

ikaK I will commend thee to the duke. . ' h 

'.J?//. Do, let us be friends, man. 
' Jftq!, And. knaves, man. , . \ ' . : 

.S//. Right, let ds profper and'purctafc.; oi^^r4^ 
flupslballlive, and.our fcaaveiyjbt forgotten. . ^. 

: * 


Mk/, For in^vufciiPl fend ^fekM^ffii^'isfp tb^.liunflf 
tojTsW cia«n«fa. ..V, \ 

Mil %tliek»d, thatfftrtaprafwjnd^lad? 

tintiexit cbumxatioii. * 

^ «!€ as I am a liimve» Im iM>t a Imave to me |{$ l^aixy .thjf 
'l&iendy asddHciore me. Peace^ Comeliw , 

' • 1 

■ :.„A<a. V, Seen. 3. 

4 . . - « ^ 

rino* S-M^ftt ail/a^t4 Mufrwli ami Meidt^^ > v -< / 

^Un^f^S^^ on;. U8> leavQus : ftayj^ iKhiarf isjii 
1;^ hermit? 

jWW, tVithddcePietr^' witWi^c Pietrot ; 

Mend, Is he deadi? Is he poifestedff 

^4r// SeaidaistiLediikeis. 

Jlt£ar. ,Gc(Qd> excfllent; faetii^iMfit bl^r.^ jc c a i e u i ^ 
fc^ in fccrecy. Come Kitker, comc^ifjr, 

Mai. Thoahacftajo^rtunfirangvfflam^ 
dBee, my mctosv' canm)t endcore. 

Met^, Scent, man? what returns «I^ri|L^ ^i^tiajn^wei^ 
looi^riakl; ^^;. . . , , \/ 

iyi|ff4,Tlifnlhe'<i^tde«dj 'ti^xefolial^ 

J^Airi^ deed only thrmtgh black deedferfefyfies:^ v^, ^^ ^ j 
*MaL ftw.per/eehrafimfer.Aik^ 

Men^ Whfttv m a fcholaii ^ a pob^aai}2 (t!M;f;ithoa 
itt't^an errand knrre. . .^ : V. 

Mai. Whp-^ f bwt beoir t«H^.^ .i^t^c^ 

furdasdc the baftinado, or die go mtrqr Amrncil Q«« 

lioanlady, and inftantly go travel. ' 

il^/. Ay, tis your yoimg lord'» fafiuon trdd lb, M"^ 
hewa^ fo bae^j b^af^ btedrtHKns litttlie' would nrrer 
%avselfo€air »t!ttMvey<hy? .yet fyfcen Jte tt i iul^ 
tales ofi^ find Catfoe for Engkndv 

Af^i/. And wliy for listghndl 
\ Mai: Becaofe theie is no ltfodkd*lMrafes dieire; 

ilf^v. Nor conrtezam^ 

Ma/. Neither ; your whoie wentdowB irMi ilie flewa^ 
*nd ynnr pitnfr rawif iqi wiA tiie.pBii>Bu . . 

Men. Caxift thou ixn|}Qiibtt? eaift ihou in^oifbii ? 

Mtf/. Excellendy -^ no Jew^ 'fo^ieciUFf , or polkiciaa 
better. Look ye, here^ a box-: wMm woidd'ft tkou 
5ni]^t{bii 1 Here's a box) which when tmeoed, and ^ 
wiBie trafiti Vk^^ the cuiidiiitB nlfo^wluilli ikt biaift pfilpffs$ 
ftfteU'/dOtlr inllantfy fbr twdtehoon iptoe bind tip zA 
&ew dF ^ hi a ^cpfoAMi fleq^t berets anodiei^ 
^wliich being qpened under the fleeper*& nofe, thoaks sdl 
fl^c powers of life, kflls him fuddenty 

lEttfr Cef. 

Men. I'll try experfinent»i 'tfc good -nee Id -be de e emd -s 
«>,fo,catta. '^"'' • " • ; ' 

, , . ISnmsfff ftnfm Male^voU, 

^d Kilter's greats i^^hnarffittfnf 
y'^^^^ftturderyfcme &ni*tPfVJtg — »- Ctflb ? 


'Men, Thcgoed Malevole, that pbun-totogued- Awii 

*Ja8, is dead on/udJfeti f "Wond'rouffftraigefy ! lie held iA 

^«t «c^ ^ -^ate. Cdftr, fee hhn beried: fee Jmn 
buried. ♦ •' "^ ^ .\y^ ^ . . ^' . .:; 5.'.' %. • 


. »^«r.- Andi'Ceiro/pf>thee Jet ifbc thy earc to»Taght 
*^ have feme fretty ihew> to fblemnite ' '^' 

y^bi^iftftaflmenti fomcinWick, maftery. . 

fm SF^^^lAtcotrrENTrv 

^ _, _ ottcftain mno Maria^' 

TJie dutcheis to tlie banifliVi Akofront : 

Thou {halt coodadt her from the citadd 

Unto the palace f dunk on ibme maikeiy. "^ 

«^ ^/. Of what (hape, fw«et lord ? 

. if^ff. Whatihape? whyany qtfick-donefi^ioo^^ 

J^ foiae brave (pirits of the Genoan dukes, 

Tocome out of Elyiium forfooth. 

Led in by Mercury, to gratulate 

Our hapfk^ fortoney fome iuch thing, fome far-fetched 

good for ladies ; fome ftale toy or othei; no matter fo't 

S^f oordevifing. < 
o thou prepare'ty *tis but for a faihlon fake. 
Pear not; it diail be'.grac'4> man> it ihall take. ' " 

r- -CeL Ail l*ervice. 

. Men, AU thanks, our hand ihall not be clofe tO/thee^ 
farewell^. , ^ * * ~ 

'Mow is my treachery fecure, nor can we fall ; 
Mifcbiff that proffers^ nun do 'virtue celL 
rU trnfi to m matu he that hy tricks gets nvreathesl 
iCeefs them nfjtth fie$l ; no manfecurely Ireathes 
Out of defer<vedrank: l^be cro^wdwuill mutter ^ fo6l\ 
Who cannot hear njutlh fpite^ he cannot rule* ' ^ *'* 

^hethiefefifecretfora manofftate^' 

Isy to linje fenfelefs of a firengthlefs hatt, 

■ \Rxit Mtn, 
MaL Death of the damn*d thief J [Starts uj> and' 
Jjfeaks,'] V\\ make one of the mafk, thou (halt ha'e fomd 
JBrave Ipirits of the antique dukes. . <• , 

CeL Myeloid, what firange delufion ? * '* 

MaL Moil happy, dear Celfo, poifon^d with an ein|>- 
ty bole: I'll give, thee all anon: my lady comes to 
court, there is a whirl of fate comes tumbling on i the 
caille's captain fbnds for me, the people pray for me, 
the great leader of the juft Ibnds for me : th^n courage^ 
Celfo. • , • - 

For no dtfaftrous chance can rpmr mo^ve hinty 
J^hafiewveth nofhit^ but aCodah^ve him, " « 

:> - Snfer 

i?Avir. Make room thcse^ joom for the ladies: vlijr^ 
sentienMn, wiUnoiye bSbx thekdiet tobecaleradiA 
8ie great chamber ? wkjs gaUant^ ? aad you, fir, u> 
drop yo]^ torch where .the b«uities moft fit too. 

Prf. And there's a gieat fellow plap die knave^ why 
do*ft not ftrike him ? 

Bil. Let him play the knave a God^s name/ think*ft 
thooy I have no mme wit than*lo firike a great fellow ? 
ilRinufick! mote lights ! revdlingl icaiFokUf do yoo 
hear ? let there be oaidis enough ready at the door, fwear 
W, the devil himfelf. Let^s leave the ladies, and go fee 
if the lords be really for them. \JllJaw the laJies depart. 

Maq. And by my troth, bouties, why do yoa not 
^t you into the fa&ionl this is a Ibde cut» you muft 
come in ^fhion : look ye, you muft be all felt, felt and 
^ther> a felt upon your oare hair ; look ye, thefe ti- 
ritfg things are juiUy out of requeft now : and, do y6u 
hear ? you muft. wear fidliag bands,. yqu muitcome into 
tjie idling fafhion ; there is fuch a deal a pi|miag thefe 
niffs, when the Ene deanfall is worth all : ami again, if 
you fhoold chance to .take a ^aj^ in the afternoon, your. 
fidling band requires no poking ftick to recover its form : 
believe me, nb fafhion to the failing, I fay. 

Bsmn^ And is txn fignior St. Andrew a gallant fellow 
liow? . 

Maq. By my maidenhead, la, honour and he agrees 
as well togethcSr, as a {attin fuit and woollen ftockings. 

Emii. But is not marftial Make-roOm, iny (ervant in 
reveifion, a proper gentlexpan,? . - . • 

Maf. Yes, ifl reveilion, as he h^d his office ; as in, 
truth he hath ;iU things in reverfion t he has his miftrefs 
in lere^B, his dOa^ in .revedlon, his wit in rever- 
fion 1 and indeed he is a fuitor to me for my dog in re-' 
verfion : but in good verity la, he is as proper a gentle- 
man in rtfverfion as-i! — >-and indeed as fine a man as may 
be, having a r^d beard, and a pah* of warpt legs. * 

Bean. But I, faith I am moft monfth)fifly:fr/lQtfift >?ith 
countQuidlibelinquodllbeti is he mrf a prfettyi dabfien 
\inidlc gallant ? . ^ -^f. 

Maq. He is cvca ttoe of the moft InWyififagft-'d terds| 
he will put the beauties to the fqueak mofthldeotilly. 

Bil, Room ! makf a lane there I tht dtike is entering * 
fiand handfomely; for beauty's fake> take u}> the ladies 
there. So, cohitts ! cornets I . 

A<a. V. Seen. 4. 

Enter Prepajpr^ joiks to Biltdfii tiKO pages eini lights^ 
Ferrardoy Mendozo^ at the other door >auo pages tvgti] 
lights, and the Captain leadihg in Maria j the Dukn 
meets Maria, andchfeth nuith her, the rejl fall hack ^ 

Men. Tl/fAdam^ vrith gentle ear rcteeiV^fe my fuit; 

iSX A kingdom's fafety Ihodd o'exfoifc ilig^ 
Marriage is merely nature's policy : . 
Then, fihce unlefs our royal beds be join*di 
panger and civil tumults' fright the fiate. 
Be ,wife as you are fair*, give way to fate. * ^ 

Mar, What would'ft. thou; thott affliafon Cb ^m* Kottfe) 
Thou ever devil, 'twas thou that baniftfed'ft 
My truly Aoblc lord. ♦ 

Men. IJ • ' 

Mar, Ay, by thy plotsj by thy black ffi^fagems) 
Twelve moons have fdfFer*d cTiange fince 1 beheld "T 
The loved prefence of mydearcftlord. 

thou, far wbrfe than death ! he parts but foul ^ ^ 
> From a weak body ; but thou, foul from foul ^ ^ 
Diflever'ftj that which (Scni's own hand did knilf. ,^ 
"rtiou fcant of honour; fuU of devilifl?wi(, ". 

Men. ' We1t check your too intemperate lavfflfmelS. 

1 can, and will. 

• ■ ^' * • Mar. 

Meih Oo to ia bwlbment thy huflMind dk|« 

Mar, He e*ver is at bona tbafs ever *uftfe^ 

Mm. Yoi^xiiiiftxiever meet m^tcgmioaflioaldlov^ 

il^r. Not meeti ^ 
^e'that dear tovis^ herl9<ui^:^^illimh€rjind^ 

Men, You are but a womaoa lady, J^u muft yiekU 
, Mar* Ofaveme^ thou ^omte4l>iEUSid^^^ 
Thou only ornament of woman's modelly. . : 

T^en,' Moile% ? deathi fll torment th*ee. 
Mar. Do, urge all torments, all afHi^ons tryv 
I'll die my lord'3y|is lollg^as I can 4i«». " 3 

Jlffff. Thou Gj>ftinate, thou (halt 4ie. Captain,, that 
lady's liJFe is fortified to juftice 5 we hate .examined her, 
Aiid we do £nd, &e hath impoifou'd ' . . 
^he reyei^nd hermit ; thei]eibre we coJEomand 
5evereft cuftody. Nay^ if you'll do's no good^ 
Vou'ft do^ no harm ; > tyrant's peace is blood. 

Mar. O thou art nierclf^l 4 gracious d«vil I 
JRather by much let me condemned be 
Forfeeming murder, than be damn'd for thee, 
ril mount no more ; cp^ie^ girt my broM^ with £k)W*x^ 
Revel and dance; ibdl> apw thy wiQi thou ha£^ 
Die like a bird, poor imrt, thou ibalt die chaAt* 
Bnter Aurelia in moumfng habit* 
An^^ lift is a froft of cold felicity^ 
Jnk death the tbaiM of all our 'vanity* 
Was^tnot anhoneilprieilthatwit>tefol 
Men, Who let her in f 
Bil. Forbear, 
^e, Fbrbear> 

Aur, Alas I calamity^ is every m^beriH 
Sad mifery y defpight your doubk doora^ , 
WiU enter even in court.^e^ 
Aur. Iha'^one; on^word; takeheed;. IhaMooe^ 

Enter M^f'^O '^^ ^^ '"jfi^^* 
Mer. Cillenian Mercury, the god atghofl% ^. - -• 

J^ODi gloomy (hades that ^ead the lower coafts* 

Da Calls 

\> r. 

j4 7&* M At (5oKTB HTi 

CalU four high-famed Genoan dukes pconie,|. 
And maket^ preience their Elyfyxm, 
To oafs away -this high mumphal night, . . ^ 

Wita fongs an4 daaccs, courts more ioft delight. ' ' 

Aur. Are you god of ghoib ? I have a fait deppnd* 
ing in hell betwixt me and my cpnfdence ; I would iaii^ . 
have thee he^> me tia an advocate. 

Bd^ Mercury Aall be your lawyer, lady. * ^ • 

Jur. Nay faith. Mercury has too' go^ a' face, to be %, 
jight lawyer. 

Fre. Peace, forbear : Mo^uiy prefents the mafk, . 

Cornets : The fing H the cwmtSy tMcb ftayhtgy the 
* ' mdfi entirs.' Malenjohy Fietrt^TemeKe^ and Ct\fo^ 

^ in <wbiti r9heSf ' njjith Jukti cronnns ftfpn laurel 
^wreathes ; piftolets and fitvrt fvoords under tbeirrohts^^ 

Men, Cdfo, Celfo, count Maria for our love i Udyi^ 
te gracious, yet grace. 

Mar^ With me, fir ? {Malevoie takes his ivife tt ^nc^^ 

MaL y«s, more loved than my breath; ' ' '^ ^ 
\Vith you PU dance.. 

Mar. Why then you dance with death. ^ 

But come, £r, I was ne^e? more apt to mirth. ' 
Death gives eternity a glorious breath : 
O^ to dieMnour'^dy. who wouid/ear t» die ? 


Men, Yes, believe him, lady> and be rui'd by hiip. 

fiet. Madam, with me. [Pietra takes his nuifi 

Aur. Would'ftthenbemiferable? AureRatatlana^ 

Pi£t,, I need not wifli. , • 

Aur. O yet forbear my hand ! away I fly f fly I ^ 
O feek not her, that only feeks to die I. • • : 

Piet. Poor loved foul I. 

Aur, What, wguld'ft court mifery ? ' 

Piet. Yes, ' • '. 

Aur. She'll come too foon; O my grieved heart f 

Piet» "Lan^i ha* done, £a* done. ... 

Come, let'sdanci^ be once from forrow fr^« . 

m »» » 

ST^^ MaLc^ontient/ ff. 

Piet, YeiV^ett. - 

Amr. Then we'll agree, 

[Femezf takes *Mtijufretfe^ and Celfo Sfsfficla:' rhtq 
themrmitfntnds the meafurey one change andrefi. 
• -ftf-/ BAcye it, la^, (hidl I fwekr, let me enJQy'you 
ift private, ahd I'll marry yoo, • by iny foul. \Je Bean. 

Bean. I kad rather you would fwear by your body :- 1 
think that would p^ove the more regarded oath with 

Fer^ I'll fweaf by tKem both to pleafe you. 

Bean. O? dama them not both to pleaib me, for 
God's fake, 

Ter. Faith, (weetcrcature,^let me enjoy- you to-night,, 
and I'll marry you to-monaD^ fortnight, by my troth, la. 

Maf, On his troth,, la \ believe him not; that kind of 
ctmnicatching t& as flale as fir Oliver Anchove's perfum'd 
jeiiin : promife of matrimony by a young gallant, t6 
bring a virgin lady into a fool's paraaife ^ make her X 
gt^ woHiai^ and th^ caft her off*: 'tis as common ^d 
natural to a coortier, asjealoufy to a citizen, gluttony tq 
apnitan, wi£dom to an alderman, pride to a taylor, or 
an empty handbaiket to one of thefe fijq)eny damnations r 
ef his troth, la! believe him not t traps to catch pole-^^ 

Mal^ Keep your lac^ eonfUnt, kt no (udden paffioR 
i^okiayonfi-yes. \To Marian 

,Mir, OmyAltofront? 

' Fh. A tyrant's jealoufies - ' . 

Are vfty mmble ; you coiKeiveit df, 

Jur. My heart, tho' not my knees, doth htmibty faR» 
Low as the earth to thee. [To Pietro^ 

Pie. Peace, next t^iange, no words. 

Mar. Speak to fuch, ay ; O what wiH afFonb! 

Comets found the meafure over-agaisr } nMch danced 
'- ' th^unmajk. 

Men. Malevole ! ^' SJhey mnnron Mendozo, hend- 
Ma/. 'No. ^ '^ ■■ ing their piftols on him, ^ 

Mftt. AkofroBt! dnkePietro! Pemezel hah! 

D 5 AIL 


jfif. Duke Altofront! duke Ako&oirt!' ^^ -^^ 

Men. Alt we farpriai'd? what f&wgc ddnfiopi mbttK 
OttrfeRTesf do I dream? or have I dre^itit {7hyjiixh 
This two days fpace ! where am I ? mfon Mendcfkoj^ 

Mai* Where an arch villain is. 

Men. O lend me breath till I am It to die. 
For peace with heaven^ for your own foaI*8 fake^ 
VottchTafe me life. 

Pie. Ignoble villam I whom neither heaven i^or heU^ 
Goodnefs of God, or man, could once make good. 

Mai, Bafe, treacherous wretch ! what grace can'fttho0 
That haft grown impudent in ^^aodeflheTs ? 

Men. Olife! 

Mai, Slave, take thy life. 
Wert thou defenced thro* blood and wounds^ 
The fterneft i^LorTdr of a dvil fight, 

Wouldlatchkve theey; butproiiTateatmyffet ' « 
Jfcwn U iiutt thnt '/« ti>4 keart of flakes 
That deigns to triumph over feafants graifes, ' 

For/uch.tiou art, Jince hirth^doth ne*er inroU 
A -man '*numg monarcl>Sy hut a giorious fouL 
O I have feen fbange accidents of ftate, 
Thse flatterer like the ivy clip the oSjJck, 
KxA wafle jt to the heart : luft fo c<mfir0ied,^ ' 
That the black ad of fin itfelf not ifaam'd,. 
To be term'd courdhip. 
O they that are as great i^ be their fin«, , 
* Let them remember, that th' inconiSaiit people 
Love many men meerly for their fiices. 
And outward ihews ; and they do covet more 
To have a fight of thefe than of their virtues. 
Yet thus much let the great ones ilill conceal. 
When they obferve not heavens impofed conditions, ^ 
They are no men, but forfeit their commifiions. 
; Maq. O good vof lord, I have liv'd in the Coprt tUs 
twenty year, they thatiiave been old courtiers, andcoipe 
to live in the city, they are fpfghted at, and thmfl to th« 
walls like apricocks^ good my lord. 

7ii MjUrCpHTEMT- 119 

Bif. My lonl, I did know your lardSiip in thU 
^fgaiie i yaa heard me ever fay, ifAftofront did re- 
^rtir X wvi^d ^and i^ liisi : bcftda, 'twM. }(oar l((rd- 
{hip's pleafure to call me wital and ccdcold j you auift 
MKthicik^ but that I-kn^wyout I would luvc pit k a^ 
(a patioidy. 

Ma/. You ovei-joy'd fpiriu, wipe your long wet eyet. 

[fePithi, endJurtUa, 

Hence with this man : \Kith tut MegJ.} an eagle takes, 

not flies. 
You to yonr vows ; [ff Pittrt and 4mtlia^ and thou mtv 
to the fuburb*! . . [^« -Wo?. 

Youtomy n^orafriendlwould hanUy give; Ta Bil, 
Thou an a perfeA dd knave ) all plraled live, 
YoQ two unco my breaft ; {To Ol/a and ibf Cap^ig, 
thou to ray twait, [7e Mtria, 

The refl of idle aaon kUy put ) 
Aodasforme, 1 heresflumemyrightt 
With wbicb I htuft all'* i^eas'd : to all goodnight. 

SfiumhJhKi/b. Exeiait tmna. 


tp U%e MalcontenTj^ 

AnimpcrfeA OJDE, I>cing buf one Stave^ 
. Spoken by the Prolocu]^ 

n^O ivrefieach hurtle fs thought t9 prwaU fenfe^ 
L tbtfoul ufe of ill bred impudence : 

Immode^ cenjure no^ grows njuild^ 

uill Qver^nftming^ 
Xr/ innocence he ne*erfo chafie^ 
Tet at the lafi 
SbeisdefPd , 
With too nke-breUmd cummtf 
O you of fairer fiulf, 

With an Herculean aro^ 
flis harm : 
"jfndonce teach all eld freedom of apen^ 
WhUbJUl nMjt yirjte of foQh^ <wbiljl'mritei pf mm), . 


72^Malcoktekt» 8i 



E P I L O G U E. 

^ Oi^* modep filenctyfull of heedy fitUnefs, 

Makes me thus /peak : A 'voluntary illnejs 

h meeriy fenfelefiy hut utFwillwg error ^ 

iucb as proceeds from too rap youthful fervour y 

May lAjell be calVd afau ^ty but not ajtn, • 

Kivers take names from founts where theybegiiii. 
Then let not too fe^uert an eye ptrufi^ 

The Jlighter brakes of our reformed mufe ; 

Who could herfelfy herfelf of faults detea^ 

But thatjhe knows ^tts eafy to correB^ 

Tho" fome mcn*s labour z troth to err isft^ 

As long as ivifdom*s not profefs'^dy- but *ivii^. 

Then till another'* s happier mufe appears^ 

Till his TYi^abifeaJt your learned ears^ 

To ivhofe defertful lamps pleased fates impart 

Axt above^tore, * judgment above art^ 

Recein^e this piece nvhich hope^ nor fear yet daunteth' i 
He that knows mod, knows moft how much. h& 

D5 A WOv 

-» 4 




Kiird vith 





2) 6 TBOMJi 

1 84 J 

tfHOMAS HETWOOD //^V <« the Rngns ^f 
•^^ j^!?^^ Elizabeth and King James /i&^ JVr^, nuas a» ' 
ABw^ and tbt meft woJuminous Dramatick WriHr wait 
hacve^i \f fwe may hilte^e his onvn fefimmy^ in tie frgi' 
face to his Englifh Traveller, ^Y^'<"^ hejajs moat me^ re^ 
fer^S d amangfi 220, in which he had either an entire Hand^ 
•r at lea ft etmain Fipger, But of theft tve ha<oe onfy 2C 
Plays fjft^ome ^^ns fgr which he jp<ves in thtfaid 
Preface, vis. That many of them hy Jhif^ing and Change 
ef Companies 'were loft^.'Cthers remained in the Hands of^ 
fime ASors^ who thought it againfi tleir particnlar Profit, 
to ha*ve them come in Prim ; #«/, thirdly ^ That^it wa* 
never his ^ Ambition /»■ he tnluminwfly read;, And in hir 
Preface to the^Kwpt of Lucrece he gi^es us another Rea^ 
fon, *which is, that he ufed to ff^ll his Copies to the Players^ 
and therefore fuppofed he had no Ri^t to print them 'with" 
out thiir'CoiifentJ' Cfne may gueft^rom hence y tSey had nit 
tbenfomsd ote^ ttt method'ef fayrhg al^ Author, hyginring- 
him his third Nights i hut that the Cstftom tvas to pay hint 
a certain Sum for the Piece* ** TUMtPhysofour Author that 
are come down to us, are as follows i The Golden Age^ 
The SikerAg^' The Brizcn Agf^ ;<*»/ The jlron. 
Age, in two Parts ^ The Life of the Dutchefs oi Suffolk^ 
Edward the fourth. Four 'Prentices of London, If yoa 
know not me, you know nobody, or the Tjoubks of 
XJjjpen Elizabeth, in two Parts, The Downfall and I}eath 
of ^Robert Earl of Huntington, otheiwifc ^alL'd. Rohim, 
Hood of Merryjhire-Wood, in two Parts : All thefe ha 
talk Hifiories. The fair Maid of the Exchange, Lan* 

tajtire V?itche«, A Maidrahead well loft. The wife 

'Wotean of Sag/Utn t Cemtdin. The Rape of Larrtetf 

by Land and Sea, Royal King and Loyal SubjeQ : 
Tragi-CttarJiti. And Lort't Miflrefs, or lif QuecQ** ' 
Ma&. Hm^ iw»ft mr Apofogjf for Aftore; frintidin 
1612. TTic Hierarchy of the AngeU, aPMm, in 163^^ 
The Life and Troubles of Queen Eliaahetb from her 
Oadle to her Crown, in i6-^\. The LiVet and ASa 
of nine Women Woffhlej, three Jcwi, three Gtntiltt^ 
and three Chriftians, in 1640 ; anJn Geoefal Htftory at 
Wotnen, the moft holy and projrf'^ie, the mdR famous 
ftidiafatooos, tnallAges, iu 16^7, 



Dramatis Peiibna:. 


CUK FtMcis ASon. 

^ Sir Charles Mmtntfmrdm 

Mr. Frankftrd. 

Jl/r. Malby. 


Afr, Cramvel 

Jbger Brickbat* 

Jack SUme. 



Sheriff with Officer;. 

A Butler. 



Spigety Muficiaruy TaUmery Bimtjuan^ S^^ 
jeant^ Keeper ^ Coachman^ Cof^erf, Servants^ 


Mrs. Frankfird, 
Miftrefs Anne* 
Sujam, . 


1 87 } 


P R O L O G U E. 

/Gmw^ lui as a barlinger^ being fent 
To teUyou «wbat tbefe freparations mion i 
lo9kfw no gkriws fiati^ our mufi it biut ^ 

Upon a barren fnljeff^ a Unnfcnu^ 
We could afford this twig a timber tree, 

Whofeftrongth might boldly onyourfa'vours huildi 
%ur ruffkt^tijfue \ drone, a bon^'^bee | 

Our barren f lot J a lar^e and fpaciout field i 
Our foarft faro, banquitsi our thin water, winoi 

Our brook, afea \ our bat^s eyes, eagles fight; 
Cur foetus dull and earthy mufs, diodno % 

Our ran;ensdo^es s cur crowds black feathers, white ; 
B^ genfk thoughts when they may gi*ue the foil, 
Ssive them thatyieU, and^re where they mayffoiL 


A WO- 


tS8 1 

A ," - 


• EU'd wiik , :, , , 


Aaon, /r Chaths Mountford,. mafcr Jtf^, Mmfitf ■' 

WtnieU, andmr. Cruifwell. 

lOME muilck there: none lead tbft 
bride a dance ? , 
Char. Yesj would fbe.danee thA*> 

{halting of tiie flieets :. 
Eut that's the dance £er {uiJhaiMt 
] lead her. 

U'ex. That's not the dance that eveiy nun mull dancCi. 
according ts the ballad. 

Frhn. Miifick ho : ., 

By your leave, lifter J ' by 701^ hnAaaifslwie 

"^AWmnak liffd v^kb Ktndnefs. t^ 

I (hoold h^ve f«d : tl^e liand that birt this day 
Was giTeayoaintfaednirdirilbonow : found $ 

iggeauiikkboifbmefiomtJ^gjKljBnd. . ..?«.. 
A99>yofiiBay caper, yoaueli^ and free | 
^mage.iath yoak*d my heels, pray paraoo ioe« 

/f^iir. rU haveyosdanoe too, brother* 

G&iiT. MaderFnmkford, ^ 

Y^are a hsLjppy mas, iir ; and mnch jay 
Succeed your ^marriage mirth i you have a wife 
So qjialified, and.Avidi fuck ornaments 
Both ^ the miitd and body. Firft, her birtb 
Ik noMe, and her edocatian f ach 
As might become the daughter of a prince : 
Her own tongae fpeaks all tongues, and her own hand' 
Can teach all ftrings to fpeak in their beft grace. 
From the ihrill*^ treble to the hoarfeft bafs. 
To end her*lnany praiies in one woid, 
She^s besmty aqd piufei^ion'a eldcft daughter, ^ 

^nly foqiid by youn, though many a heart hath fonght.. 
ber. . 

Trank. Bat that I know your viitoea and chaAe- 
I fluMild be jealous of your pisife, fir Charles. 

Oran. He ijpeaks no more than you approve. 

Mml, Nor flatters he that gives to her her due. 

Ann, I woddyour flraife could find a fitter theme . 
Than my unperfed beauties to fpeak on ; 
Suck^as they Be; if they my hnlband pkafc^ 
They &ffice me now I am jAarraed : 
Qis fweet content is like a flattering glafs. 
To make my &ce feem fairer to mine eye ; 
But the leaft wrhikk from his ftormy brow, 
WMl blaft the.roies in tsrf dieeks that grow* 

Frttn. A ^cr£c6t wife already, meek ai^d patienl i 
How ftraogely the word.hulband.fits your mouth* 
Not nanted three hours fmce ! Sifter, 'tis g«Bod ^ . 
Yon that begi4 betvpes thus^ nmft needs prove £ 

Pljaatrittid duteous in your hulbuid*s love* 
Gramercies brother, wropdit her tp't already : 
Sweet buahaod^ aqdtf £sm'& the,M day ! 

: Mark 

f<S AWmmiia!dmtb KhtM^ 


Mark this, marie tUsy. you tkat are botdBcIoia^ 
And never took liic gms pf iioneft jaa% 
Mark this agamft yoo, aiany« tbb oae phsafe; < 
Iir a good taaie cha,t.fBan both wins and wdes» 
That tako hit wife down in her wedding ifaoes. 

Frank, Your iifter takes not aftor yon^ fii- FnuxcisA 
All his wild blo6d your father fpent on you : 
He got her in his age, when he grew civil i 
AH his mad tricks were to Jus land intail'd^ 
And you are heir to all : your MutVy ihe 
Hath to her dower.her mother's modefty* 

Char, Lordy fir, in what a happy ftate live y oaf 
This morning, which (to many) feems a burden tod 
Heavy to t>ear, is onto you a pleafave. 
This lady^is no ck>g, as many are ; 
She doth become yotf like a well-made Aiit^ 
In which the taylor hath usM all Jus art t 
Not like a thick coat of un^mfon'd fiscze^, 
Rorc'd on your back in fnmmcr. Stfae*« ao dudtt 
To tie your neck^ and curb ye to the yoak i 
Buihe's.a chain of gold tQ adom^your neck. 
You both adorn each other, and your haikb 
Methinks are. matches s. tfaeape*s eqtudi^ 
In this fair combination J y*arebothfcholars» 
Both youtigy botli beiae defcended nobly. 
Theic's mufick in this fympathy, it carries 
Confort, and expedbdon of much joy, 
WJiich God beftow on you, from this firft dajr 
Until your diffoludon, that*s £ot aye. 

Fran, We keep yOu here too kng^ good faoAlir 
Into the hall ; away ; go chear yeor gue(b. 
WJiat, bride and bridegroom both withdrawn a( once I 
If mifs'd, the goefla will doubt their welcome^ 
And chaige yon u^ udkiadneis. 

Frank To pieveilt it, . . ^ 

I'U leave you here, to iee th^dance if^diini 

Jnn, And fo will 1. £JBftW* 

Fran, To part you it were fin. 
Now gallants, wJiilc the CMniirmiificiaat ^ 
,:.. , Finger 

AWmMkiitdwitb&ndik;^ 9f 

Finger their fists widda ; and the mad lads 
And country-laiTes^ evetf mether's child,. 
Wi^noTt^fsatd^delacesiA Chair Jiat»^ ' 

Dance all their coqntry meaibreSy miin^, and jigs; ' ^ 
What ihall we doi Hark, the)r*Te dl oa the hoigh,^ 
Thejr toil like miU-horfes, and turn as rotmd^ 
Many on the toe. Ay, and they caper. 
But not without cutting ; you (hall fee to-morrow 
The hall-fioor peck'd and dinted like a niill-ftone. 
Made with their iiig^ (hoes ; though their (kill be fixydl. 
Yet they tread heavy where their hob-nails fall. 

Cbso', Well, leave them to their fports : Sir Prands 
1^11 make a match with you \ meet to-morrow 
At Chevy-chafe, I'll fly my hawk with yours. 

Fran, For whstt \ for what } 

Char. Why for a hundred poand. 

/Iriiir. Pawn me fome gold of that. 

Char^ Hero areiten asgds ; 

rU make theH^ good a hundred pound tct^momw- - 
Upon my hawk^s wing. ' 

Fran. 'Tisamatch; 'tiadone: 
Another hiihdiiBd pound upon your dogs, 
IHue ye fir Chaales ?_ . . 

Ckar, I dare: wersi fittetalofe, 
I durft do mare than that: here^s my hand. 
The firft courfe for a honired pound. 

Fran. A match. . 

Wen. Ten angels OK fir Francis Adon's hawk } 
As much upon his dogs«. 

Cran. I am for fir Charles Mountfoid, I have fcen 
His hawk and dog bodi tried : what, dap ye hands I 
Or is't no bargain ? 

ii(m. Yob, .and fiake thmndmvn : 
Were they five hundred, they were fl\ my own. 
. Fran, Be ftirnng early with the hffk to-morrOW^ 
ril rife into my f^dle e>r the fun 
Ufefromlus'bed. ... , ^ 

Char. If there you mifs me, fay ' 

{ am no gentlenua : I'll hoidmf day. 


f» AWman ktlFdwith Ktnd^ 

Fraif, It hoMs dntdl fides j come, ttf-ttig^t tet^s ^nci^ 
Early to-morrow let's prepare to ride, 
Wb Juii iieed fee three hours up before the bride; \ixtt^ 
Enter rj^ick and Jenkin^ J^ck Slime y Roger Brickbat , 
nvitif country nvincbes^ and tnvo or tbfei mujtci arts', '- 

yenkl Cpme^ Nick, take you Jone Miniver to trace* 
ivithal : Jack Slime traverfe you with Sifly Milk-pail, I 
will take Jame Trubldn, and Roger Brickbat fiiall have* 
liabel Motley ; and now that they are bnfy in the par-' 
loor, come ftrike up, we^li have a crafli herein tli& 

Nick, My humour is not compendious; daficing I 
profefs notj tho' I can foot it ; yet j&nce Tarn fidlen inr 
to the hands of Siily Milk-pail, I ccmfent. 

Jack. Truly Nick, tho* wewcre never brought up*^ 
li« fcrving courtiers, yet we. have been brought 'up. 
vdthferving creature?; ay, and God'^ creaturd^too ; for; 
we have been brought up to ferve Iheep^ oxen, h<]^rieS|. . 
hog^y ahdfuch like; and tho' we be but'Cot{xtff]^ftt> 
lows, it may be in the way of dandi^ye Csxl 'dOtEe* 
horfe-trick as well as the fervmg-mett: 

Rog, Ay, and the crofs-pdint too. ' ' ."* ; 

Jen. O Slime^ O Brkkbat, do not you know tfuit 
compttiftms are odious ? now ^we are. <>dious^ outfelve^ .. 
too, therefore there are no comparifcHis tbi)e made bt- . 
twixtos. . ^; . 

Mr. I am fudden» and noti\tper&^ou5 i^ ' 
I am quarretfome, and not feditious ;r 
I am poaiceabie, «id not cofiientious ; 
I am brief, and not compendious. 

Slim. Foot it quickly; if the mufidc overcome noT 
my melanch<dy I ihall quarrel i and if they do not Ad* 
daily ftrike up, I Ihall prefently ftrike them dowi^. 

Jenk. No quarrcllmg, f6r God's lake; truly if yoti 
do^ Ilh^'fetiaknaVe between ye. 

Slim^ I come to dance, hot to quarrel i cbme, wluUr ' 
fhall it be i Rogero } 

Jen. Rogero^ noi wc wiD dance thcbeg^innii^ of tfie 
wodd« ' . 



j§J^mm iOrJ^ifi Kimbitji. 9]) 

^S^. I loy^ 00 ihnce fo wcH, as Jpbacoaic k^taie 

i\r%.T I^havc.c'cr now ddcrv'd a qifluoi^ a^ jgul A^ 
cmhidir--dan($e. ' * -i 

i?o^^. For my part I like notJijMr So weU a» Tom 

yen. No; we^U liave die hondng of the fooT. 

^//W. The hay, the hay; there^ nothing* like the 

iVrr, I have (kid, do fay^ and will lay ag^au 

jW. Every man agree lo have it as Nick fays, 

jfl/. Content. 

Ific. IthitiL been, 2t now is, and it fhsJi be. 

Sz/Tj. What ? mr. Nicholas, what? 

Nic. Put lOn yoor fmock a Monday. 

7/xr. So the dance will come deanly off: onsif,. iitfi 
God's fake agree of fomething j if you like not that, pot 
it to /the mnfidans, or let me ipeak for ail» and we'll ktfvfr 
^eOenger's roond. ' 

AU. That, that, that, 

JViV. No, I am refolv*d thus it fhall be j 
- Firft take'kands, then take ye to your \tt€i%. 

y^. Why, wottld ye have us run away ? 

/?iV. No; but I wouldhave you Ibakf your heels. 
Mufick ihrike up« - 

^h^ Janet, Nick dancing fpeaisfiatefy and fcurvifyy (ht 
Tfft after the country fajhion, 

yen. Hey; lively, mylaffesj here^ a turn for theeu 

.. \Exif^ 

Wind htrm^ Enter fir Qharlcs^ fir Fremcis, Mally, 
Crannjuetly ITeniolf, Falconer^ and Hunt [men, 

Ch^'\ So ; well caff oif: aloft, aloft ; weU flown. 
O npw (he takes her at th|E fowfe, and ilrikes h^r down 
Torth'wth, like a fwift thunder- clap* 

JFutd, She hath llruck ten angels out of my way, 
: ^ram. A huzid^ poqndfrom mc. 

aar. What falc'ner ? 

Fanit. At hand, fir. 

.■ * 1. Caar2 

|4 J'l^mmm^.iimi^m^kjk. 

Chiir^ , Now. Cs^ haxk .feiafd tke fewl» attd^ 'gki»>l» 
|>lume her, rebeck her not; rather fkaDd ftill and oiiOBii^ 
-her. ■ ^* ■> 

^o/ ieize her gets^ her jeiTeS) and her bdls < > 

* Fran, My hawk kiU'd too ! 

Char. Ay^ but 'twas at the quenr^i^ - - ^ ' . 
iiot at the mounts likc-iame* . • '. 

frtf«. Judgment, mymsAm. 

Cran, Yours mifs'd her at the fclte^ t 

■« • • • 

liT/W. Ay, but our Merlin &# had pIui^U the tcfsA^ ' 
And twice renewed her from the river too -|- ' 
Her bells, fir Fr«nci% had no^hodi one weighti 
Nor was one jemi-^pe above the^ther: ; ' 
Methinkfi thefe Milain beJJa dof^und t09fiili» 
And -Tpoil themou&ting of your hawk». 
. Char. 'Ti*loft., : 

, Fran. 1 grant it nof>. Mine likewtfe im^d^iv*A ' 
tV^ithin her talons ; and you faw her j)aw8 
Full of the feathers : both her petQr'fin^e9» 
-And her long fin^esgrip'd hi&r more than other t 
The terrials of her }eg3 were ftain'd.with bloody 
^ot of the-fowl only, fiie did'difcomfit 
-Some of her feathersi but (he brakjs away. 
Come, come^ your hawk' is but a rifler. 

Char, How! 

Fran. Ay, andj^ourdogAiU^irindlewtraSi^uid.c^^ . 

Char. You ftir my bloodv 
You keep not one good hound in all your keone^ 
t^or one good hawk upon your perch. 

Fran. How^ knight? 

Char. So, knight : you will, not fwajgger, fir, 

Fran. Why, fay I did ? 

Char. Why, fir, I fay you would gain as much by 
-SwaggVing, as .you have got by.wageision your dogv 
You will come fhort in aU things. 

Fran. Not in this ; no'W I'll &:2c(e homei 

Char. Thou fhalt to thy long homi^ orliviU wm 
my will. 

Fran. All they that loVe fu: Francis^ . fdlo«riflr» 

i Chan 

witbKifianejs. ^J 

««t2iar. Ail t^affeft&^Cfasries draw on Jny part. 
^.Otfv*. 0&'s£ift £de iKaires n^ iuaid. "^ 

Wind. Here goes my Jicart 

iir Charles-^ CrSmwiU^ Falaner and Himtfman fight tf <« 
gainft fir Francis-^ Wendolh; hi* Fakmier and Ihtntfnwn^ 
•and fir tharles hath thit-iitfir^ 'and Stats fhem away^ 
killing both of fir Fronds hi* men, • - 
Char. My God! what have I done? what haT$ I 
My rag^ bath plung'd kto a Tea of bloody 
In which my tool lies drown'd. Poor innocent^ 
For whom i|re are to anfwer. We]|> *tjfl done> 
And I remain the viS^oit. A great conqoeft, 
Vhen I would gMis tins ja^ haiK^ aiy^ Ms headj^' 
To breathe in ttonnew Hfe whom I hare flain. - 

Forgive me» God, 'twas in the heat of bIoo(^ 
And ai^B'^ finite removes me from myielf : 
It was not I, butragCy. did this vile murdert 
Yet I, and not my ragc^ rauft answer it. 
^ir Francis A£loa he is fled the itdd) 
With him all thoiir that didpartake his qaand^. 
And I am ,left alone> with forrow dumb^ ^ 
And in my height of canqneit'overccRiie; 


Suf, Oh God! mybrolherwoanded'mot^ the'dead^ 
Vnluippy jefty that in facfa earneft ends : . 
The rumour of this fear ftretchM to my ears, 
'And I am coma to JS0OW if yoa be Mfouaded. 

Char, OhMer^ Mer> wounded at the hearts 

Suf. My God forbid.! 

Char, In doing thafethmgwi^ch he forbad 
f am w6unded> £iler« . 

Si^. I hope not at the heart. 

Char. Yes> at the heart. . . 

Suf, OGod! a furgeon there. 
, Ofar, CallmeAfttr^on> Mer, formyfeul; 
Thefittofmordetkha^ pierced my hearty ' 

'And made a wide wound there : But for thefe Dcratchcs^ 
They a; a jootfaiogi nothing.i ^ 


^6 'AWomanmdv>Uhl&uk^ 

<^i^ . Chsdesy wbot have yon done ? 
Sir Francis hath grtat friends, and wffl pisrfiieyoii 
Unt» the utmoft danger of di^ kw. 

C6«r . My coiifcience is become mine enemyj^ 
And will pimoe me more than AAon can« 
. Sttf. O fly, fwcct brother. 

Char. Shalll fly from tiiee? 
^hy. Sue, artweary of my conqpanyf 

A^ ' Ply frc»h y oiv &e. 

Char, Yon, After, are my friend. 
And flying yon/ I iliall parfue my end, 

Su/, Your company is as my eye^ball deaiv 
Seing far from you, no comfort can be near $ 
Yet fly to fare your hk : what would I care 
To fptod my future age in, blade de^Kiiv 
'So yon were fa£b t and yet to live oneweek 
Without n\ybrother€hades, thro' either dheek 
"My flreaming tears wjDnUdownwaids nud & nmkji 
Till they w^ld fet on either flde a bank^ 
And in the nddft a channel ; fo my face 
For two falt-water brooks fiiall ftill find place. 

CJIfar, Thou ihalt not weep fo much, for I w31 Mf 
In fpight of danger*s teeth : 1*11 live with thee. 
Or m not live at all. I will not fell 
My country and my father's patrimony, 
ir(tf ^y fweet itght, 'for a vain hope of life* 

r Enter Sbtriff^ <with officers. 

dher. Sir Chades, I am made the nnwiHing inflirtt^ 


Of your attach and appreheniion : , 
I'm fony thk the blood <£ innocent men 
Should be of you enadled. It was told me. 
That you was guarded with ft troof of friexidsy ' 
Therefore I came thus arm*d. 

Char, Omr. Sheriff, • 
I came iq^o the field with many frien^ 
But fee,' they all have left me ; only one 
Clings to my fad misfortune, my dear fifl:er, 
I know you for an honeft gent^many. . ^ 

z ^ 1 yield 

^Af^oman liitrdwiib Kihdnets. 97 

I yield my weapons, and fabnut to yoa^ 
C«ivey me where you pleafe, 

^ber. To prifoQ<tK£n, 
To anfwer for the lives of thcfc dead men. 

S«/. Oh God r Oh God I 

Ci>ar, Sweet filler, every ftrain 
Of forrow from your heart augments my pain ; 
Your grief rebounds, and hits agalnft my brcaft. 

Sher* Sir, will you go ? 

Char, .Even where it likes you bell. \Exeunt* 

Enter mr. Frank ford in a ftudy, 

Frank, How happy am 1 amongil other nicr^. 
That in my mean efjate e^nbrace qontcnt ? 
I am a gentleman,^ aftd by my birth 
Companion ^Yith a king, a king's no mor^. 
I am poflef^d of many fair revenues, 
Sufficient to maintain a gentleman. 
Touching my. mind, I am iladied in all arts, 
'the riches of my thoiights ; and of m^ time. 
Have been a good proficient : but die x:hief 
Of all the fweet felicities on earth, 
I have a fair, a chafte, and loving wife ; • 
Perfedion all, all truth^ all ornament j * • 

if man on earth may truly *E^pp)^ be, . • 
Of thefcatonce pofteft, furelamhe. *- 

Enter Nicholas, 

Nicb. Sir, there^s a gentleman att^ds without to 
(peak with you. ' ' 

Frank. On horfe-back > " ' ' '' "'. 

Nicb. Yes, on horfe-baclc! " ' ' * : " 

Frank: Intreat him to alight, and I'll att?end" {uin. 
Know'A thou liim, Nick ^ ' * 

Nicb. Know him ? yes, his name's Wendotl : 
It feems he comes in hade, his horfe is booted 
Up to the flank in mire ; himfelf all fpotted* 
And ibun*d with plafhing: fur^ he rid in fear, , * - 

Or for a wager; horfe and mtlA both fweat, ' j- ' 
I ne'er faw two in fuch a fftibaking heat. • 

Frank. Entreat him in, about it inftantly.- '* i ' 
Thi3 WenddUIhare'QOtca^aAdJhfecfc^age' • *' 

Vol. IV. E Hath 

Hath pkas'd me.siuchi fo ohTov^ie^ 

I have noted many good oe&rts in him t « .«. ./ .,, \ 
He*s affable, and feen in many things^ ■ /: . 

Difcourfes well^ agoodcampanipnj -. /> 

And tho* of fmall means, yet a gqitlenu^n , 
Of a good houfe, fomcwhat pre&*d hy wai»t;> 
I have pre&rrM him to a fecond place . . 
In my opxniotn, and my bell regard. 

Enter Wetuiolly mrSnTrtmkf^rd^ and Nick. ■ \ 

Anne. O mrs. Frankfi>fid, mr. WendoUliese. , . 
Brings you the ftrangeft news that e^Cf yoj^. lizard. 

Frank. What news, fw^et wife^ what n^v(S|pgf|Qd 
mr. WendoU? . . - -j * 

Wend, You knew the match made *twixt fu[ Fn|(icii| 
Adon and fir Charles Mountfbrd. 

Fran. True, with their hounds and haw|c«. 

Wend. The matches were bo<;b i^ay'd. . , ^ 

Fri7ffi. Ha I and who won ? . ^„ .. 

Wend. Sir F^uici$^ your wife's brother, had the woriljg 
And loft thp wager. 

Frank. "Wliy, the worie his chanoe^ x 

Perhaps the fortune of iome other da]f ^ c 

Will change his lock. 

^iMTf . Oh, but you hcaf not dL 
Sir Francis loft, and yet was Ibath to yiel4: 
At length the two knights mw to difterenqe, 
Vioa words to bkws^ andlo to bandio^>i&dcsj 
Where valorous fir Charles flew in his ^le^ 
1' wo of your brother's ineii : his ^Idner, 
And his good huntfman.whom he lovM £b well i 
More men wm wounded,, no more (lain outright. 

Fran, Now truft me, I am forry for the kntght ^ 
But is my brother fafe ? , 

M'^end. All whole andfouod, . . : : , ^ • * 

His body not being bkmiih*d with eni^wQun^t . 
But poor fif Charles is to the priifon led, .,^. 
1q anfwcr at th'afize iax them that's dead. 

Fran. I thank your paina^ fir, had the news beea 
Xour wiU was to have btoug^ tt, mr. WcodolL 

! "* Sir 

4 •• 

( -♦ / 

'JNKmdn mdwith mnihp. - $9 

And will be moft fe^rily cerfmfd Oh V ' 

Tin fony for him. ^«^,'a:w(ml'Vftli'yifiit 

I know yoo, ftf^ t© be'^rf'tt^Hftlfehart ' ' 

In all tWngs ; yCtrf odffibflit3l^i>ut irtfafi'r ^' ^ ' 

J^cafc you to liife^my table, ahdmypurfe, ' '" " 

They arc yooff. - ^ * ' 

ITiW. Olord, fir, Tftirt! never defefvc ft. 

. fV^«. O-firV ffifpaf^Tiof y 6m" worth too iiiudb, 
Vou are futf «f t^dHy'; ah<! fafr defth ; *" - 

Choofe fffWf^ m*i VhkA ftial! attend you, fir» 
Aiid*e fe ybu^:* - I v^^lbw'you,' Rf, ' . ;• " 
Yottfinan, your gelding* and your table ' [ \ ' 

All '«t- ibf owh diai^;l>« tny ^cOrtipaniori. ' ' 

. ITf «^. • Mr, Frankford^ I Jiavc oft beeabeund to you ' 
By many fk'^oatt ! ifihfe ejW^eds thctti aU, 
Tbftt f ftail nevetifterityoeir le^ftvour. , ' . . .'.* *^ 
But when your laft rcmcmbfante I forget, * * / ' ** ^ 
ljfeav« at my fbtil fetkft thit weighty 'debtf. " /, | . 

Frad. There needs no proteftation^^ for1/J;hoWyo\»* 
Virtuous, and thtrtfetrrfatifxil? * PfV^hee Ns^'.' " ' 
Ufehimwith^thf1«vTtf^Slcrtrftcfy: '' 

Amie, As far as modefty itiay welt extend. 
It is my duty to receive yoifr mend: 

Fnik. TodiW!dr?-<im«,'*f, ftbm.fliisprefAit'dVV 
Welcome to'We ftr 'evef :' c6toe iwgV. ' * - [f jr//, 
:- Nic. I4<rWt'Ii»*t«i!ff«oW'bynomearisf ' "^ 
I never fee him Titifihyli^ari fell yearns r,""'"' ' '- ' 
Zowids, r couWIfiglit^th^ hifh; yet kiiovv pofwhy; : ' ' 
The devil' and hfe are hHorifeiiimitlcVyi'. ' " 've^xk 

7«r:^0Mit*S Wh^ gentleman 'is' that Mt'coTttes to 

^ t <.»! A. 


I'll turn away itory'taialler. 

tiflj, Nich'las, where are you, Nicholas? >"0u mafl: 
J.-.>;0 •^- >- • .* ^-2? * •'■- . "' ' ^ ' tome 

^00 Aff^oms(nkilNmt}>,KmiB^s 

come in, Nicholas, and Kelp the gentleman offwitk hi^ 

Ni€, U I pluck ofF kis boots^ Til eat4;be ffirrs^ ^ j- 
And they (hall (bck fail in 21^ throat like- bub^ , - - ^^' 

Sijty. Thtu) Jenkxn^ come you. ,...-. .t 

Jen, Nay» 'XiS no boot for me to deny h. M)r na- 
iler hath given 'me a coat hare, but he t^kes- pains- hiiVir' 
ielf to bruih. it once or twice a day with aholly-watid. 

Sijly. ComeyCome, make haHe, that y^^may v^aSh 
your hands again, and help to feive in diimer^ - *' 

Jen. You may^ fee, my maftevsy though itbe^ft^moon 
widi you, *tii but early days with us^ to -weJia^ «et 
ilin'd yet : iiay a little, TU but so inland help to bear «p 
the i^^ courie, aad come to you againipeimly. 

"Enter Malby und CrawwelU -. . ' . 

MaL This is the feffions-day, pray can yoo tell 019 '' * 
How young fir Charles hath fped ? Is he acquit, - 
Or muil he tiy the law^s fhri^ penalty f ^ ^ ^ : 

CrA«. He> cleared QjFall« ijpight of his enesnes^ - 
Whofe eameU labour was tot^ehi» life: - • ' 

But in this Tult of pardon he hath {pqat ; ; • j 

All the revenues that his f^th^r left 4ihn ^ ; 
And he is noiw turned a plain ooontreyman, . .. . 
Reformed, in all things : fee, fir, here he com». 

BnUr fir Charles and bis -Keepers " ' ' ' 

Keeper, Difcharge your fees, an^ 7^^ av^ thcs ac 
freedom. ■ . * • • • •• :^ ^ 

Chan Here, mr^ Keeper, take the poor t^niai&4cir 
Of all die wealth I have : my heavy fod ' 
Have made my purfe light; but, alas! tome 
*Tis wealth enough that you have iiet me frtfe, • 

MaL God give you joy of your delivery, • '* 

I am glad to fee you. abroad, . fir Chaites . - ' ' 

Cbur, The poorefl knight in Eag^d, inr. Madby 1 
My life hath cDil me'all my patrimony ' - ■ 

My father left his fon : well, god forgive them ' ^ 

That are the authors of my penury. 

- - - , JBnUt^ 

A Tf^man iiWd izitb Kindnefs. lot 

Enter Sh^ftiin. . 

Shaft. Sic Charles ! a hand^ a hand ; at liberty f 
Now by the faith. I owe» I am^lad to fee it. 
What want ydu ? wherein may I pleafurc you I 

Ck^^ O me ! O mo^ unhappy gentleman \ 
I 9JXk noteworthy to havd friends Airr'd up, • 
Whafc.hands.ihay help me in this plunge of- want. 
I would I were in heaven^ to. inherit there 
Th'ixnmortal. birth -right which my (aviour keep3» 
And il^ HbO unthrift can be bought and fold ;. • 
Foff ii^eoa oaith what pleafures ihoald we trufll 

^b^f^ To rid you from thefe contemplat,ions» 
Three hundred- pounds you ihall receive of me i 
Nay. five for fail:" Conie, iir; the fight of gbU 
Is the moftlweet receipt for melancholy^ • - 
And.wfU, wive your fpirits. " You (hall hold law • 
With yourprbud^dverfaries. TulK, let Frank A€i<3fO^''' 
Wage his knighthood-like expence withme« 
And a' ,wjtt fiaic, . he will ; nay, good $r Charles, j 

Applaud your fortune^ and your fair eicape • 
From all thefe pejflls. 

Char. Oh ill:, they have undone me : 
Two tHoufand ^3d.£v« hundred pound a yoat 
My father at his ddath poUeil me of j 
All which the fnvio«B Adoin made me fpend. 
Au4^$^iPtwi(hlla«^ing ail this large expence, 
I had much ado to gain my. liberty : 
And X have. only »ow a houfe of pleafare. 
With fome five hundred pounds, referved * 
Both ta maintaa tAeVUid my loving fiilier. 

Sbaf Th^ skuft I have, it lies convcfuieBt former 
If f can faft^ but oiie "finger on him, 
With my full hand I'll grtxxi him to the heart; ' 
*Tisn<^rloi(e.'I profi^'d him this coin. 
But for my ga,in and^pleafure. -«-«•— Come, fir Charles^ 
fteow you have need of mbiicy, take my offer. - 

Char J Sic, I accept it, and remain indebted 
, Even to the beft of n^y unable power. . 

Come, gentlemen, and'fc^eit tendered down. [Exeunt 

3 Enter 

Voi Aff^omimkrlPd'mtbKiik 


' Enter Wendolt melanchbh: 
Wend. I'ak^vilfeiil tf I apprehend '^ , ■' -'*^- 

away this paffion with a long^ 
A fong ! hZy ha: a fang ! as if^ fond riiaii. 
Thy eyes conld fwim in laughter,' when thy 'foiil^ 
Lies drcnch'd and drowned inrnea tears of blood* 
I'll pray^ and fee if God within my heart ' ' ' * • 
Plant fitter thoughts : why praj^ers are invitations j 
And when I meditate (O God forgive me) '. * 
It is on her divine perfeftions. ' , t...*^- ;. 
I will forget her; I will arm myfelf >?. ' 

Not t'cntettain a thou^t of love to her : ' ' ' ' ' ' 
And when"! come fcychanc^intaher prcfencc^;,. '.^ ' 
I*Il hale thcfc balfs uiitil my ej^e-ilAigs QTziH^^ *• ... 
From .being putf d and drawn'to look that way. '^^ * \ 
' Enter o'ver fhejfage, Tranififd, Us Wife/awi'Ml^^ 
O God! OGod r with what a violence '- "\ ' .:'' '- 
I'm hurried to mini* Own Seftrxidlion'. * 
There goeft thOH, the moft j)Cife£l triaii " 
That ever f'wjfAi^/ bred a genfleroaii; 
And'fhall J wrong his bed ? Thou gbd of thunieir^ 
Stay in thy thoughts of Vengeance and of ^wut^. 
Thy grtot, almighty, and ailMttdgiiig haa4 ^ " 

From fpeedy executiOlS oh a viMafa; 

A Villam aiid st'traitof to hisfneiid* .' ' 

Enter yenkifi, '' . . 

Jenk. Did ytiiif Vbrlhip caB ? • •• ""' ; •*. / " ■ ; 
IVmd, He dcJth maintain jnc, he allbws me WteW- 

monty to '^ — ^ 


*■* 7?>f.--By^ fairii ft dbnoifyott me, Tcaifljotg« a 

crots of you, . * , " : " ; 

^V;/^; My getdittg, and my man^-i-^" * ^ 'Y'^- 
7.^^, That's S-orra and r.' ; ' ■ ' fV-^'^v'^ 
/^t;;. * if' his kindncfe grows of no allmice "^iwxtt lai-^^ 
Je?t. Nor is my fejvlce of any gifeat acaU^ii^ "*.; 
Wen. r never bound him to mct^ifcKtt :/? _ .^ . ' 

Of a mete ftranger, at poor gentleman, \-^^ . • '" ' ;, . 

A man hy wiomtn-'no kind he cduM'giin:'"' '*''•••" * * ' 

■••' ' "^ ■ And 

And he hath plac;'4 :me in J^ higiirft thoaghts^ 

Made me companion wkh tlic b^fl saA chiefeft 

In Yorklhire./. H€ caunOteau wittout ini^ 

Nor laughSvithout me : I am tp hialxK^ . . . 

As neceftiry ashkdigeftiipa;. . . r. 

And equally do jnake iun| whole or fick : 

And fhaU 1 wrong tlvis mftn ? Ba& man! iagratef / 

J^A tkott the.p<)wer ftmight with thy goaiy handa 

To rip ihj image front hw blecding heatt? . . 

To fcratch thv nan^ from out the holy book 

Of his remembrajQcei and iCQ woundhis name 

ThfiC htoUs thy name fo dear i ^r rend his h^eart . 

To whom thy heart wruLknit.aml jbiB'd to^sher? 

AivLyct I xnaft; Xhcn». WendoiU be content i 
Thus villaina» when diey wonldy cannot repent.. 

yen. What a^(inuigeboDK>nrisiny newmiJier in f prajr * 
God he hg aoinnad « i^ht fiiouM be fo, I ihould ncv«r 
have an^ inind {o ferve him in Bedbm» It may be he*.a 
snadfbr miffing; of ne. < .^ t 

ffen. What, Jenkin,, where V your nufirefs?. . 

y^;r. Isybnrwotihtpmarriedi . 
. ^/». Why doft thou a& ? 

Jen, 'BcditSfi yon are my 'ro^Stes, and if I . hare a 
mi^efs I would he glad> liKe a good fervant^ . to do my 
duty to h^r. . \ . . .' . 

/#Vir. I mean miftrefs Frankford. » 

yen. Marry, fir, her iwfband is riding oat of towif, 
jtnd fke went very lovingly to bring him on hL» way to 
horfe. Do you fee^ {ir ? here fhe comeB» and iicre I go. 

, IF^. Vanifh 

5> * ' Enttr mfircfs Franifird. . 

^ Ann, Y/or^wdijnurt^.iir; nowintrotht.niyhdban^ 
j3cto?e'Iie took horfe,' hkd a great deltrc 
To fpeak with^rgu ; , wp fought abo4it. tjic houfe^ 
HoUow'd into the fields, fent every .way, . ' 

Jiat jcould not^meet jrou k therejbne he enjpyn'4 mo 
To do onto you Hs mofi kind commends. 
Nay more,* be wills you as you prize hb love^ 
Or holdin elUmation hie kind friendffiip, . . 

To make bold in his sibfence, , and .command 

I . ^ . E4 •^ . Evea 

2 04 *A Woman kUCdndth JSinheJiM 

Even as himfelf were preTent in the houfe : * 

For you muft keep his table> ofe his fervants^ 

And be a preiient Frankibr«l in Kb abfence* ' ^ , 

Wend, 1 diank him for his love: * 
Give me a name, yon whofe infef^ioos tdngoei 
Are tip^d with gall aiui poifon, as you wookl ' 
Think on a man that had your father (Iain, 
Murdered your children, made your wives bafe ftrumpttsji 
So call me, call me fo : print in my £ice 
The moft ftigmatick title of a villain. 
For hatching trea^m to fo trtie a friend. 

Jnne. Sir, you ^e nmch beholden to my hc^and i . 
You are a man moft dear in his regard. 

Wend, I am bound unto your hufband, and you too* *• 
I will not fpeak to wrong a gentleman ^ . 

Of that good eftimation, my kind friend : 
I will not, zounds, I will not. I may chufe^^ 
And I will chufe, ShftU I be fo milled ? 
Or (hall I purchafe to my ^Rither^s creft -^ 

The motto of a viUain ? If I fay 
I will not do it, what thing can inforoe me ^ 
WhatcancompeUme? What iad deftiny 
.Hath fuch command upon my yiddingtnonghts I 
I wiIlnot.<^Ha f. fome fiiry pricks me on, 
I'hc fwift fates drag me at their chariot wheel, * 

A\A hurry me tO mifchief. Speak I muft ; 
Injure my&if,N wrong her, deceive his imft: ' 

Jfine, Are you not ' well, ' iir, diat youieess thui 
There is fedition in your countenance. 

Wend. And in my heart, Bdr angel, chafte and wifCji 
J love y^u : - fUrt not, fpeak not, anfver not. 
I love you : nay, let me fpeak the reft : ' '. 

Eid me tofwear, and I will call to record ' 
'Jhehoft of heaven. 

^ffft£. The hoft of heavea'^^rbid 
Wendoll ftiould hatch fttch a difloyad thought. 

Wend, Such is my fate, to this fuit I was borl^t 
To wear rich pleafure*s crown, or fortune's fcorn. : 

Jvne. My Iraihand loves 3'W. 


"'^^'Wofrtan hltd'njoitb Kindnefs. XQ5 

Wend. IkxiQW^it ,.,... '- ; 1 

^m/. He eftcems you. . ..«. 

Even as liis brainiy His eye- ball, os his hiwtt 
\ IVend, IJuLve tcied it. 

>^inr^. HaJpoHeisyoiirezdiequer, and U» table 
Doth freely fcrvc you. 
. ^^4/, Soihay^fonQdit. 

Anne, O f ' with what face of bra&>. what hmw- df 
ftccl, ; ... 

Can yon, unblvQiinff^ if^CRk this to th# faoe < 
Of the efpoufeji wife of fo (iear a frieed 2 
It is my huiband that jnaintain&y our. iUte^ 
Will you £ihoi|G^r:him ? I am his wife^ 
That in your pow^rhath left his whole a&in^ 
It is to nipi^QtJjpwk^ 

Wend. O fpeak n0'tn«#e/^. - ;...:.. 

For more than this I lqf)QW» and hitre recorded^ 
Wijfcj»jth(pr«d4eiiY'dta)il^<)fay.hej<rii»i . i... v » 
Fair, and of .all i)eIov'd« \ w^ not ffsacfttl * . . ; V 
Bluntly to give my life into your hand;. , . 
i^id at one hazardaUmy ear^y moans. '^ 
QOy tell your hufband ; he will turn me o^F, . . 
And I ani pteu;mrflptic : J|C^q noti I« J : '. 

^Twas for your fakei Perchance Ip t9^% \if^j^ .k5U flit : 
I KMxt Jif t, 'iliifcas ibc y^.v S^, J in«Hm: r ' . . / 
The general i»jp^<rfrXiJh|iw through; the ifwld^'- . ^ 

gftrStor)jtg,^yfnetid4^I.ciri&nQri. T^^ 
^gery, Ihame^ d^ath, jfciwidal aiKi r^prOachf. 
For you' I *U hazard :all ; why » what caee I ? > ^ 
Foryou rillove« acdin^o|i]:lQve^rii die^ 3 ? 

'Jime^Mq^ moxejpie,. fir, ¥{)fp^ffi^n.'Aii4tO pitgp:. . 
Th5.1oye I.l?ea^ my hu^^d^: il as ^K^pu^ ^ . - . • 
As my foul's he|U]^.',. ,.. • .; : ., ■ / { , v . J y. u \' 

Wen, I loye your hu(hand too, . V • -: .'-.'.** 
And for his love I wijiljeng^« sjiy life 1 * 
Miilake me zK>t, tli^(aA|^ematio|i • ^ *' 

Of my fincerqaffeftiqabornto yott . 1 :. 
Doth nb w^t lipffca^ty, ^ai;d of ,]uiii.Hi. :•; : ^. ; 

I will beTccj-et, .lady,.(;l0fe^aji,pjght;^:;;j] ;;,-►. . : i ^ . . 
Ak^IKK theiight oi one fmall glorious fbw 



•^6 Am&^'t^^^ 

•mtiua of nigEIT - * • ''! ^' ''^''' ^^^^^-'^ ^ t'uowt-j V/ 

My foul Is irahdVing; ind ftsaX lb* Ew wijrV- ^**'' 
Oh, mr..Windobl Si^ ' '^ ' '• '• - * - ' 

^z'*^ Sighncti'fweetfeifitj'; ' . - ' > { 

For every figh you bricathe, ix^Ws^fi^tnniy heart ' ' •. 
'jA drap of mod. ^ ...... r- 

u/ffw. Jae'c^offeodeJyet^ ' .^ * '^ ^ 
My.fa^lt (I fir}^nih%tttwHbt'wHtr' -• ''-' '- ' '-^ 
Womeh that faE not qutetf t)«f*i<ftwice> * ' - ^ 
Have their offences ii9ted in (heir £m» $ * 
I blufti and am alhiuii'dl • Oh xnaftef WeticWi/ - - 
JPzay God.I. be not bom to cuHe your teh^ 
That ham ihchanted ine. l^hismazt^I attk fify -^ 

I fear will n^Yf th^ labyrinth ^ fin, 

liT^^. The padi i[>f .pktftm,ib«[die^Utd%liiK' ^ 
Which on your lipt Tlcnodc at wfth'a ifil. '^^ ' - - - ''- 
Nic. rU JciU the lt%fte. ' " • ^ - * 

XT/xr. Your huiband is froih ^mt, yoor bt(i*9'i^ 
Nay, look not down and bhiflj ' \tx. Wtn, and <Anhi^ 
'Mv;2ouh*,.ril-«al>/» .'^ . i'T' 

AyJ^ickt yfSA if thy chaYkCe t(vC€ini«]iitt^m'3ie*tick If^ [ 
1 love my mallier, and I h«t Aififctrfe^ • ** '• » -^ '^ ' - 
J love my xoHhs&i^ hattht^ tricks I like aot^^ 
My mafterJtiai! not jp6cket*\ip thii wiwg; ■ * * 
m eat my fingers firft. Wh«f^ffthMi metals • ' 
Does not that rafcal Wttidolt gb'Cii 1^* ' '" * - 

ThatstlHMi muftcutoff? H&th he liiithsUfi-^fli^gs' ^ 
That thou muft'^hoag}!? Najr ttetal^ tliott'fii^S'ft^'*'^^ 
To all I fajr ;, fll henceforth turn aij^y; '" ' -'^ ""^ /^ • 
Ai4i>Kfitckthemin Aek^ctofci:o%viyiW(*««-* * ' *>f '^ ' 
I never lookMfor1)ctter of th^rtifcil* ' ' •'* -'^ ' '; 
SincehecamemichingfirftlritO'OttthoUfei **** ^'-^^^^^ 
It is that Satan hath corrupt^ her j " ' - ^' ' '^• 
For fhe was f»r ^ad chafte i VW have'to tjt "'***' ' '•' -^ 
In all their iciBhjrcs. Thus T thfck df th^f ^** ' - 

(If they ptoocfi^i tli^gr binre done IkAiv) 

WeodoU^A a kswre^ nx auftrds it a«--« ^ [imi^ 

C^^rx SiA^fy yoa fee ircjK dinvoi tQ. h4rd ^uft* 
To keep this pow liode we licrc left imibld ^ 
I amnowiaforcHitefeHey heftflfrfry; 
And 709 to aiikv tad dtt we MC live well ^ 
Well, I thjok God. 

Sm/. O brother* heit^t »,rimy 
Since old fir rirtriira dielae cmtmaji houfe ! 

C^^iir. AUthingi€R.ttlthlh«l€h4iV;^fiMiKap^fom() 
^SoWn; ... 
Oxitent^s a king^eov audi wear that crowa. ' 

fMOO^-aiumw^ tmaa^ix Cbwles,. what with ytm 

"Mer, •.,... 
Plying your hnftandiy ?--^Serieaat» ftsmd off*<« 
Yoir^eofvcttyrheofe here,, and a ^iia^. 
An^ goodly Kr6pd afaoat it. Since at .lies 
So near a lomflup that I lately bought^ . ' 

XwQuIdfaia liiwf ix^offoiu I wJU gbe yoe— r-« . 

dor, Oifaaidoanie: Tliis hooie fiicceftvely 
Hadi *hHig*d:ke me aad my pcogeoitors 
Three hundsed yean. \My gmtgceat graildftther; 
He jii^whoia^iA ew^ti^. ftile. beg9<k. 
Dwelt here ; and in.thi^ groivod, inefeas*d this m^l^ 

Unto that moontaia whidi my father left me« 
Where<l^tfacfirft:o£:aIl onr hojiie begttn» 
I jaoiif the iailrwiU ea^axid keep thi$ Jipafe s 

f'biB.m^iisi^p never :y^tdili^ . / \ : "^ 
yraxvyupah^i&GfxheMaunti^ .: ' . A 

In brief, 1 wiU not fell it for »QfC*gQWL > . ., .1' 
Than you«coeId:hidci>r jpave the gfOtmd wkhal* '- . ' 

Sha/: H% Jia, apidaa xnmd aiid A tisgg^r-i pokife t' . i 
Whereof my three hondrcd pQaiidi« befidts the u^ j: 
I have broneht it to execution . . T 

By cottrfe of J|aw^.W)hac», irmy ^ticmSps^tmif)^ 

Char. An.air<Qittii|^^^^ awlnrfeft^ttm^. : 
YMfBt.ttyJbeddio&it4vyoii.doil^^ ;:v, ^ 

j^6m& iiiitMiitb i^mTfie/t^ 

f.- Sell iiidnhT'lMd; a»ijI*U ftc<)iii<i]n«4kniigb< 

To cherifh me and piy pMriitt^*€iii«^^ 

If thi§ vmrfotdv' oii^nsiiiMi.ftMidd{d»(tf bt^pifte -« ' ^ 

Kaz'dfroittthttbted-^bllofgencSAy. . ^ ' 

You fee what haidM&Jwhsite'fKiadie tokQq»kv -r vn 7 

Allied iliUtd•lIr<>Wll^IiMe»yltMs^pa]^^7Mfe^^ ' -• 
Liboar hath glow*d within ; her iilicr.br0«i% ' .■ ^i. > i 
That never taited a wJflgli.lRritttV^MjUJk: .:i ... 
Without k hidfc <>»?li)iv^ dSth-Mi^i^ugface^ '^'-.-^ .a u ; M 
Defy C!^)dtmtQr;iU^*-hivlbnnrmMiacer i <. u.; . 

St/. Sir, we feed fparing, and we labourhafd^ ' 

We lie uneafy, to TenbflMPtDUi^-* ►" : i. ..:'.".♦ J 
And our fuccdfion this findl ptot oPgvonod. 
^ t^ii^K. I hi^v^rfo bent- my «hoBgkt»:tD toifoaaiiyi ^ ' '> 
That I proteft I fcarcely can remember , : * • 
What a neWsi&ihioft is-} Itow^Ucopi^um* n -' "•' .- . 
Feels in my,hafidM Wliy 'pride b-gnwinimi'vt i <* ^i- v.'^'l 
Ameer, meer ftriuiger. I hare t|Mi«e ftttgorl r^ ^ .^. 
The names of all that ever Avakal'4oo'awi' 'ai - ' -. : i - 
I canndtiraMe'^^yof'my houa(k>$ : ,ii:,fu. -i .\ v . 
Once from whofe echbing moathfr 1: hetttdjalliiiuitcib> 
That e*er my hem ^fired'. What AimU lU^i ^ .: 
To49t^^ii( pbce I hftvechntrg''ieif Mray. -: 

-Siuill ke^ <K'et kt ootiliinial^txxi&ge faOb * : ^ : . . 
Nay more, I'll fue thee by a late s^>peal, . ^i 
And call t^fbttatfiiSt in queflbn.. , . , 
The keeper is lay friend, t}WiliAl«i4unr«:ii3ra% *>: '. ^ 
And ufage <Ti€h a6 IHl deny to^o^9 ^way .with Umv ^ 

C^^r. Yeare t<io*timdfoiis-j btittioabkJiftifayanafie^ 
And I will fervei him tiill^My'lcifld Mo/ 'it' . *- '/^ 
Thy tears are ol'iiftsfoiceacjimoiliff' r-J .».»^ i .-' ' ' ? tr. 
This flinty'ltWrf. ^- <30 td-bsy fathc^'l»tttfcw;T: .v. or, ■ \ 
l/iy-hsMme^^iiSgi^^iet^^ i«treat«beip.'fQr mnii .: i3>i -. 
To ifiMfoftitfntflibiii this iAjo^va znaa w ' ^v 'u ^ «ui..'r 
That feeks my ruin. n.^i; ^ o: "i 3/>0ir:{J av*.: ), 

Sha//QkM^ iMMj irons ;.ieoiiieawiH^ to :«:!£f^ « '^ 
rU fee thd#lbil|M*fiir<fibi» thc^figk of^r/^' " ^ 'i - 

So IcaE thfatoiJft OOP JoiM»fl<> ifo4» to lueU^ • f ^\ ..% / 

Frani,Affh»iS<k fxHioii t Mtiky^ hn^ tJuHi Aem^ i -. 
A poor (lave better ta9M'4^$iMU)WtJicir' * ^ 

TbeiiKificlpLofUi^iMise.oy ff«ai'llipgi»te». « 

M^at for^bi.l»ri\f^f4h^ ^^VQy yet I im noe. 
ThorougUy^MMNig^t Xli^ fay ^ h^bd ik pMty wescb 
To' his filler : ShaUiX k^Jny in«ffy f^e. •- -^ 

To him and .tO'hi^tkiiidMitiiiribe Ute^gxil ,o * * 
To fhaoie her fel£ bHik)w4-dift¥»iicft lufth - . . T 

ril.prqjbr J3Cgel^ ilttt the (leed being 4Qne> . > 
I'll (mile to fee her bafe cenfotel. • i 

Af^/. Methink9> fir Fnuici^y y^ ajr« M leveog'd. 
For pjqucr !Pawfiit rfhi ift thffxiw» yogcr you. » • . 
See where the poor iaigcatlevaaiiiB fta[\<is. ,. . 

.Frj7«.'HaK^»'A0.W ^Xfl9iit^ftr|)»vi^r^„ - , >. 
Deride iierfiMOfiefl^ feoff her biife * • .- 3 

My very fovd tibitt nsfl^ •£ Moontferd iiates^ . 
But ftay» my hMrt,^..oh5vhiat a look didily . : f 

To ibcike my ibul thiotigh with thy. pigrciiigjeye I . . i 
lawjitctoitfodt aUimy'^lWteMcflcd;. ' i. . . 
And widk otte gJflRoe ofy envious fple«a ftrack 4«lid«i .•: 

Suf, AdM« that feekt put Uodti. . [JEwti^jw^ 
.. /nnu O chaflo and fs^iL 

I^aU ^ir Frabcts^ t vifty fir.i'iwici^ iq a.tnmop^ ^ ;\ 
Sir Francis^. what;che»man 2 Coine» €0«ie, hpjy is'tJ! 

Friiff. Was file not f4>r ? Or eUb thj& jtK^png.ey^ '. 
Cannot diftiagiiilhibcmy* : • . 

i^/. She wai fair-., i ' ^* . .. i. i 

i3n«/^ She vHorftt ftQgje^ ja ii mdrtal> (hape>, ;. .1 
tAadtsie'ier dfiisMdedtftm. old M^witfivd't liaaj^ > .v .\ 
.Batfoft^ foft,. let jn^iwtt my iwite tognhie^u ,/ : - / 
A poor, poo«t;iMeh> tomy^great adverfiwy /:. « » .. . 
Sifter; wbofd Yflty fenk d^fkunce ftem w^fi, > 4 
Each againft other. How now Franki (wmrdfeoi - 
Or madman, l^ethet ^ Bat no; mafterof • .. r 
My tKlfea.foaft^*wldil:K4i^•wi^l^ . ,.\- .: . . ' 

Then why ihciuld tjk *» th» vi©l(BT|tihWM«W . u . • •: 1 

So diffcrciit flua tyy y ay ; ftMUb^^ffoM - ? L £ ;:f^^ 
In atitxHiAmAMiis; aad tiB^viaMftgiaApan^ f;oi> vfi V/ 
Fie, iic, how IcK^pirttftgluiiikin^rtfoul ! <r . r:; • 5/ 
Come, icoffte^ ril'gMn Mr r or iirhlBfcifidr^ttiA 
Purchafe my (wk f)ree awl imiMrtd t«i« 

, ^w^odknkmjkf^toik^mmMt^ £nm^keftHkf*Mi^ "tn^d breads 

My maimer sKid diie giMtfbiMur^lBMVl aiMsdft »tt'< i^lten 
away: herQ sMir i^ad for tilt ItnvjagiEtfaiilit^tiwJi^; 
Butler, it bdongs to ytar oSioe. . . •. J 

What d'ye odl the gtMiMttttrtJat A^ Imw tMi^j^^ . 

y«wJ. Who, mymflfter^ ♦ «r i ^ ' .... .7 

ir«9r«.Mo^ no, flttior W«iidQtt» vke^^ .«Wly ^gm^ ; 
I mean the gendeman that casie hut thiso«i^ertM»ito« « ;/I 

T^i. Hii^name's our. CrtuMrei Ood'^ ti|[hg*jM»rk 
within ther^^ mymaier oillt» to iaf tMftihiiOita iBpCfU 
the firi. /CSpoie^ cosie. Lord Imr we that,4re* VLotkk 
herein the hodbafcffOiiMedttOne^prea^itlieiBivp^ 
in the parlour, atid fiand ready .to ^iiS^/the^lighl»« tlie 
Jefthe reai^ to prepare their Aomacht. tftf<tt^ligh^ in 
the halithere^ Come KkSoB;*'. ?.<' r -: • i>i - * £&(li|. 

Nic[ Icanni&ttat^ hiarhadl W^ndoir4,h)aMt-> .t 
Fwoald eat that; the rogue gnifwsi'impi«l<liti. A' • a p 
Ohy I have i*e<^i fuch vile notorkius triiete, - / ■ - 
Ready to make my eyes dutfrtixAmf hia^^ • ^^ < v J 
I'll tell my mailer, by thi« air I will j ' '» 

Fall what 'ftmyT^iIUfetthsmv < H«i^he^mf9u/o^^ I 

Enter- mafittr F^a^firi^ mf Hmkrt ifP9^fi^Mi§^ffmih 
from his </m^ 4Evi^ir>« >.i«r/4i>^ l^^iMU^ ^n0^i^^^ 

Frank. Nic1a8> what make yo« here }t mbf aie not 

At fupper in the hall among yout feUtv^ f >- ; > < 

Nic. Mader, I £isxf'd your rMng 4r«Mli ikp b^Aii '^ ^ 
To fpeak with yoih - ;^ -» • * • ..' .-^, { 

Jfmm*k yifj mtkmn^ef, tti 

4t • •< 

My wife «iidfiidfc-«ltCMd tt^in the {Ktftonr i 
Why doft Choia piufe ? Noti^ !l<^tlfl» ym ^^Mt Htohe}^ ^ ' 
And unchrifc-lik^ would dfel^ii^yfmr^««^ei' ^' , "* - ? 
£*cr you'ltt^re earn?dit ; here £f^sl«ir a crown j; ^ ^ 
Flay the good haftjHiA»'*aHd.iLwa^mfii^r: ^ . 

* Mk.' By dnsliand an htmourafaie'gnitlemtnf I wiflt 
not fee fauix wroBjfdt^iM.Sir-, I hare ferv*d ymrlonji f vot| 
entertauisd r^ 4meik y^$x% hdbtt your 'liecbd. roa 
knew me, fir, befoferyookiiewiiT^ miflrefr. - ^^' 
j^«ffii WtefiflMsi good^Nk:'htf r - 

Ntc. £4iever'was«^nake-b«ite,*iirakiunre^^ ' v- 
Ihave xio fault bat one, I*m given to qnatve}/ 
Bk^ not with women. I will tell« yon, mafter, .,, 

That which will make your hcatt leap from your brcitt t 
YduF hair co ftaxtle h^m ycmx hcaAy yonr tars to tingle; * 

Frank, What preparation^ thfi to difmal newsi 

Ni^. 'Sblobd, •&« 2 lore yotr better than yourwife ^ 
ril make it gftod. 

' Ft^kfi: y "are a knave, and I hsve mnch add : 
Wilh moD^A patience to contain my rage. 
And not ta4imk thy pate. Thoa'rt a bisve; 
ril-cornyoa, with yoor bale companfons 
Out ofay doors. 

Thcs^ is not room for WendoU and me too 
Both indue houTew- Oh inafter, mafter;- 

That Wcnd6ll is a'viHaitt. ' 

Fran, Ay, faiicy! - 
'• JWtf-, Strike, mte^ >do Alike ; yet hear me, I am nO 

I know a vilkdii when I f<^him a^ 
i>eed$ of a villain $ mafler, mafter, that bafefiai-e ^ 
Enjoys my m^refs^ and diflionours yoit. 

Fran, Thou baft killed me with a >veapoiT^ ^ofe 
" - - £Mxf point ' . . • 

Hath prick'd quite through and through my (hiv'rmg 

heart. ' ' 

Diop8 of cold iweat fit dangling on ttiy hairs; 
like morning dew upon the golden ftowen > "* 

And I am ^tt^NttntorfiraDge agonic^ ^ •': **" 

,i^ What 

♦ % 

WJial did*ft tho|iAy ? If anx word.tifitt %(^<!iCi ^. ;., ;;^« or Acr ieputatiofi ;. . s *.,-?...• ',u. :, 
It is as hard to ^nter my bqlkfl ' -^ '^ ' , • '' 
As Dive* into he;iven.. , ' . ; 

can gaimiotliing ; they are tW0 ^ .. : 

That never wrong'd me. I knew, befere •: 
^Twas but a thanKlefs office^' axtd perhaps ^i 

As much as my fqrice, or my lifi? k ^wOrdU' _ \ , :.. i 
All this I know j biit this and ii^or^r h- - i. ,;ii * • . » 
More by a thoufand dangers coul^notjure.^me \ .-. ^^ 
To fmother fuch a heinous wrong from yoi^ ^ 
I faw, and I have faid. , , / 

Fran, 'Tis probable: thoaghblant, .yctheisho^cft^, 
Tho' I durft pawn my Ufc, and on their faith . . ^. 
Hazard the dear {alvatjon^pf my fo)4i > ,. : .;,-.. t 
Yet in my truft I miy he too.fecnre, _ ;.; . .^ 
May this be true? O, may it f. Can it ^be: J, 1 ' .• . 
fs It bj any wonder pofiible ? .. ♦ J t . :.. j I 

Man, woman, -what thing mortal can welriif^; ,;.7 -* ^ 
When friends and bofom wives prove (^ uiijail J~ / 
"What inftancc haft tkou of^nee report ? 

Nic, Eyes mailer, eves. ... 

Frank. Thy eyes may be deceived* I tell thee : . > , 
For fhould an angel from the heavens ^rop-doyvp,, ,.^;^ 
And preach this to nie* th^t thy feif hirft^ toid, ^ , ^ ;\" ^*. ^* 
He fhoold have much adoto-winiieiief,^ ,; .^.^ ; Z^' \ 
In both their loves I am fb coniiuciit, . ..J 

Nic, Shall I difcourfe the fame by circumflancei ^ 

Fratik. No more;, t^ fuppcr, and command your 
fellows ' ». • ^-^ ' '^ 

To attend us and the Grangers. *. Not a. word,. ^ . •; t 
I charge thee on thy life; be {ecret then,, ' - * C ^ . ^ ^^^ 
For I know nothing, . .... * \- \*\ 

.■ J^7^. I am dumb ; and now that;I iave eai'i iny 'fto- 
macb, I wiH go fill my ilomach. • [^xt^,. 

Frank, Away; be gone. • -,. . ,^\ ^;., 

She is well born, dcfccnded nobly ; . ' 

Virtuous her education^, her repute -. ■ [^ ^-r 

Is in the general voice of aD the cpuntiy ;. V/^ ;,,.:..^^' i- 
Hond^ and ^^i kcV carriage, her dmBandur' 7 "J '^^^' 

• ' 'Til- 

j^ all her ajQtions that concem tfe love . i, ^ , . 

To me her huibandy modeft, chaile, aodgodly^.. 

Is all this reeming gold pkui cppperi . t: • - 

But he, ^hat Judas that hath bora my purfe,, .... 

Hath fold me for a fin. Oh Gbd» oh Godr 

Shall I put up thcfe wrongs I No, ihall I trull . 

The bare report of this fafpicioos groom,. 

Before the double-gilt, the well-hatch ore^ 

Of their two hearts ? No,. L will lofc thefc tboughta^ 

JDiftra^on JLwill baoiih from my, brow. 

And from my looks exile' (ad difconteiit. 

Their wonted favours in my tongue fluill Sow » 

Till I know all, I'Jlnothing ie^.to know. 

Lights and actable. th«re., W2e, mr. WeiidoU, and geutl« 

Mailer Cranweli. 

Mntir mjfrefs Frqnkfgrtl^ m^fin- WendoUy mafttr Qran^ 

'welly Nick, and Jenkwy wtb cards, carpets, fiools^ 

and other uecejfaries, 

Fran. Q mafier Cnnywell,. you area ilranger here. 
And often baulk my houfe ; faith, y*are a duirl |. \ 
N.OW we have fUppM, a table and to cards. 

Jenk, A pair of cards Nic'las, and a carpet to cover 
the table ; where's Silly with her counters aod her .boy ? 
Candles and. candlei&cks. there. Fie, we have fuch a 
hottihold of ferving creatures, unlefs it be Nick and.I» 
there*8 not one amoi^them aUcaniay.bptp a goefc. 
Well {aid Nick. " .. .- . i 

. TbtyJ^iod a catfet, Pet da^vm lights- and cards, 

Ame^ Comey-cnr. Frankfoi4, who ihall takemy.part:? 

Frank,' Marry that will I, fweet wife. 
. Wtnd. No^.bymy^&ith,,whe;iybo^e. together! fit 
out ; it mufl be miflrefs Ftankford and I, pr.eUe it is no 
match. < . > 

Frani^ hio QAt like that match» i . / « 

. iV/V« You have no reafonmarry» knowing all,, \4fide. 

Prank. ^Tis no great matter neither. Come mailer 
Cramveli,. ihall you. and X. take tb^Oi Up.?. .^ . * 

Cran. At your pleafore, lir. ♦ 

Fran. I muft look to you, maft^f Wfwd^U^/toypli'^ 
i&c-.playing falfe i nay, fo will my wife too. . 


014 dWotOanm^wkkmnA^ 

AT/Vi. I will be fwom ike wUt. '» ^IfiA. 

Jnnu Let them that are taken falfe forfck ihe^ArC, 

Fr^m^. Contents hMdbvtl'U^ike^yM. 

Cran, Gentlemen, what Aafl our 

Wend. MafterFiianfcfoni^ 70a f^r heft at noddy » *; 

fr^isr. t^oBrihall not 'find k fo» indeed yt|ttftalin#t. 

u^»«r. I can play a:t nothing io weM as doable -miifF. 

Frank. If maHer WendoU and my wife be togetheiv 
thtt<e'sj)o pkying againftihenr at double hind. 

Nic. I can tea you, fir, the game that ^aaOerWendoft 
is bcft at. , ' • 

^"^ff^ What game i^Aat^'NIdtt. : ' > / 

Ni€, MnRy» fir, kKnt oat of doors, 
^ T^W. 'SJke andl Witt take^OBot hidmiv^ 

Jnnc, Husbandj (hall we play at faint ? < . 
• fraH. My. Jane^ todk^ dovd. No» m*I| Mtt' of 
.» . (laiat 1 c :...."• ^ ■ ' , ' - . ■*, 

YoD are befi at new-cut, wife \ yo«HV phy*^ that*** 

jrw. Ifyouphiy tfneW-^mtt i*m jEaonrit bitter of 
;any haOle-liMrfawttger - 

Frank, 'T» flMr they fla^ On* . WeU»yo«rtt»y4nM«r 

Ottt . . , \ - ^ 

ForallyoorconttOg) 'twittboifiyonrihaii&es . . ^ 
•I'll leadi you ae yoof iiew-«at a new {ame« 
C<Mne, come. .-^ -^ * 

0*4». Ifyovkcamioe agme.iqMm Ae'ga)t|e,.lo'^ot 
and pair. .' ., ...A 

^ MTAtVit ih^lbedbdKltfdix^^Mi my 0Do4.iQft 
%VJi^n^he comet late, he muft kifs thr^[>oft^ . < 

Frank. Whoever Wins^ it {ba4^ be40 tjlycoil. '\ 

' Cr4n. Fatcli, let it be wide-raff^ and^ler^^nM^^ 1^0^ 

v<i)oaai« I '*'*'{. .: j'-' r 

F/tizif.. if yon make honours, one thii>g>}et j^.ow^ 

Honour the king andipitdnj xtcv^^,imf^e^-r. ; /n I 

/^^riTi/.' Well, as yon plealr. forthat^' ^Juiit'WJmrM^ 

Jnne^ The Icaifc in fights ^wbataie yoo^^inilWWcn^ 

doll ? . \ ^ ..r : 

. *MW. rilfwearit. . ,. i . ./ 

yfimt^ I AtAqteenji .. i ^ . 

are ttune,.) - •• ' - -* 

They are the groilUb pair that c^^fJE fete. 

j4ikr#. $hvAe» 1*11 cot ; would I had never dealu 

frank, I have loft my, dealing. 

Xr«v^ Sir, the fault's mine; 
This quecan I hair«BKM9r than mine ora you fee* 
trive me^^tha. ftodu - 

* Frank. My mind's not on my game f • 
Many a deal I hare feft; the inofe*'t yoi»Oa±ine^ . ^ 
. 'J^«»/. Sir; you muft take your lot. T« end th]| 

ftrife, ;..-•- ' 

' kMw I have dealt better inithyDnrwife^ 

Fran. Thou haft dealt ftUely then. 

-<f«^; -What's truM|j$ ? 

IP^. 4ieam ^ pamier/I xnbu : 

Fri»ri. Thou lobb'ft me ef my foul; ef her^bafte kpfft^ 
%i thy Me dealing thoah^robb'^^nqr Iwait. 
Booty yoi play, I like a lofer ftand. 
Having nd hearty, or helre, drvimy hand. 
I wiQgive o'erthei<%, I amiuKi Wftt; 
Come, who will hold; my curds I * 

^ ;ii#fe^//Ni4^w4l, A^ran-.Fnnkferdl > 
Alas, ^whataib you ? 'Tisfome fudden qualm. <'>.: : : * 
^^Witii, tlotv loiig have yois beenfo, mafterFhmk* 
4ord f ' -i '^ ./ . ' •. .*''■'• 

Fr^irif/ Sir, : X tms lid¥) and I hadnqr healthy 
But I giew ilt when yoaoegan to deal* 
Take hence thiff uble. Gende mafter Cnunvctt 
Y*afe itf^cimie; fee your chamber at your pleafase^'. 
Tm-fo^f thtt^thflim^fnmtakeamelb, :* t^/! • 
IdinftdtfitaiidbeasyQttcoB^pany.' i- > 

Jenkin, fope lights, and (hew him to his ehamher. 

It is ibme rheum or ^oldi 

Wind, Now, in j^^&ith* this Stasfryw hm got . 

►«»A * By 

By fitting ktc without your gown. • . ■ ., • 

Frank. I know it, mr, Wendell-. ,. • j •. 

So, g0 to bed, left you complain hke me. 
Wife, pr'ythec wife^ into my bed-cjif mber; . ' ^ 

Tke* night is cotd iridraw,' and rheumatidk i , * j "^ 
Leaveme tAj gown and light, 'Pll walk away my fitji 

IVetiil, Sweet fir, good night/ ' 

Frank. Myfelf, good night. 

.//»»f. .Shall I. attend you, husband? 

Frank, No, gentle wife, thou'lt catch • pqld in ^/f 
head 5 
Pr'ythcebe'gonc, f^cet, Tl! make hafte to bed. 

!^nne. No jteep wiU faften on mine eyes^ yon know; -^ 
Vntil- you come.- - . • ' ' . ^ . . • C-^Jrt*/. 

i^ra^i. Sweet Nan, I pr'ythee gq.^- , < =^ 
I have bethoug^ mlK*, g^ me by 'degrees -' ,,^ * 

The keys of all my-doors, which I wll mould • ' , ^ 
in wax, and take their fair impreffion, - : : .\ 

To have by them new fceysl ^ This being .co|»paf^» •;» : 
^ta-felhout^ lettei^ (hall be brought me r , ^ /, ' - 
And when^the/thhik thfey lAay fecurely pfaj;, . t / . i 
They neareft are to danger.- 'Nick, I muftrql/^ : . ' ^: 
Upon thy truft. and fiithfulfecrfefey. ^ ''*^ 

MV. Build on;my fai«v. '— ' ; '^ .. ' - 

Fran. To bed then, hoi t6 reft 5 ^ 

Care lodges in my brain, grief in my trcaft. • • •• , 
Enter fir Chkrio his fiftiry old Mc'unt/ord^ Sand^f^ R^trjx 
. ' • andl^ify.' ^ 

Mount. You fay my nephew is ii\ »eat.dillrc6 v 
Who brangkt ktohirn SA Ms cjwtt lewd life ? 
I cannot {pare a CTOfs. I muft confeft 
He was my\bfotkef*8 (bti: why bieCe, what then ^- ] 
This*l8 no world in which to pity men. 

Su/. I was not bom a begger, tho' hi&extreinci * 
Enforce this language fcooi me: Iproteft^^ 
No fbruMsof'lxune'owncoul^i-lekd 'my tongue' - . 'I 
'X\ythisb«Kfekqr.< .1 do 4b6re^di yon" imcSe*.' \ *; 
For the names fake, for chriftianity, * , .f - * ^ 

Naf , for.t«bd's iJ&a?%<i |StJ^ jus^ifcifi; " • • *♦ - • - 

.4^^f''^9 ^^^^^(^ Jfi'^^^* W7 

I t 

r* > 

Kris deny^d the freedom <>f the prifon» ' 
Asd in the hole is laid ^thmen condemned; 
Plenty he hath of nothing biitof iroas^ 
And it remains ih you to free him thence. ^ ,. /, 

. Mount.' M&ttty i auMiQt ^p^e' i men ihould take Wd^ 
lie loft my kindred ^kciahe fell to need. 

Sm/. 'Gold is bat earth, thou earth enovgh Aialtiuive^ 
When thou haft once took meafure pf thy gmve. 
You know me, mafter Sandy/ and my fuit. 

S^mify, I knew you, lady, when the old man liv^d, . 
I knew jron «*er jour brother fold his land ; 
Then you were miftrefs Sue, trick'd up in jiewels ; . 
Then you lung well, pliid fwcetly on the lute, *' 

But hGiw Ixteiflher knowybu nor. your fuit. 

&uf. You, mafter Roder, Wias my brother's tenant^ : 
Rent-free he placed yoa in that wealthy £uia . 
Of which you are ^ifeft. . ^ • 

Rcdtr, True, he did ; . . 

And have I not there dwelt ftiU for his fiike ? . 
I have feili bufinefs i^pw, but without doubt. 
They that have huil'd him in, will help him out. [^Extfi 

Su/, -Cold CQinloilt ftiU :,wha't fay you, coufin Tydy^ 

Tydjf, I fay this com^s of royfting, fwaggering*. . 
Call me not coufm ; Each man for himfdf ; ^ 

Some men are bom to mirth, and fome. to forrow, 
I am no coufin untp them that borrow. ' . [£y//« 

St//, Oh charity ! why art thou fted tp leaven, : , , , 
And left dSL things upon chi( eaitlk uneven i 
Their fcoffing anfwers I will ne'er return > . • 
But to myfelF his grief in filenq^ niounv. . '.. . . .. ^ 

Enter Sir Francis and Ma Ihy, 

Fran. She is poor, I*U therefor^ tempt her.with Mus; 
gold. . 
Go, Malby, in my name deliveir it, . .^ 
And I'^tttay thy anfwer. 

Fran. Fair miftrefs, as I .underftand, yo.ur.gri«f . s . 
Doth grow from' want, fo I have here in ftore. - w 

A means to fumifh you, a bag of gold, , ...,..,# 
^hich to your hands I freely tesid^ you* « 



liB AN^manku 


»• *■ 

Sii/. I thank you; lie»n»^ X ttmilk y^i^'giftltett^ 

God make flic aUeitsvrequit^idii) fiwronriE -i ?/(>';<i .ix^'V^ 

iii^/. This goldibr-FraoCBs Altai ft»ilto'b^ttl^»'''«'t t).iA 

And praySi viou-***«-i» -'..' •-. *^ *• f - '^' ^ ''^'^ •• '*-t*' ''*.i) lu.-) 

/ Suf. Adbnl OOod^diii^iflttiit I^bi^mf^^^^ 

Hence bawd^ ha^ht^kser^ ^'t^ t ^pttto hi» g|!>!d^ ' ^ ^^^ ' 

]^y.hoiiodr»eirer ikaUibrgainfae^K^v > ^ '^ .. . ^^ 

/>«». Stay^ kdjTy ilay. . : . .u •. 5 -. ' 

^ir/ From yoa ril poftii^ hte*; : . ' . ? . . t . 

£v^ as thedar^ fromieaitherM eagks ffi«;^ ^ ^ f Firr^/ 

fVaif . She hates my nsMc,' my fuc^, how Ihoald I 

I am difgiiac'd m every thing I do: f >r . : r .^^ ,*• 
The more (he hates me>^afiddi|dtuismyl<H^^ 
The mere I am wrapt in admifation *- ' , * ^ 
Of hjer diviius«n4 chafte perfeidtidASi - '^ 

Woo her with gifts> I cannot : for aH^iltt i' i 

Sent in my name fhe fpums. Witiilqofcs J'«aflnOt9' '^ ' 
For ihe abhon-smy %ht. • Kttryetvith I^ttcv^^^ ' r ( t. 
For none (he will receitrei iibwrahen^- jb«^>tliWit^^> *' 
.Wen, Iwai:Mqpi.fach'akk(kiefe<)blier,M^ <• ^ ^ ^ ^ 
A$ Ihall o*eitoxiie her. haie afiid eoBquer it** 
Sir Chsy-ks her biiother lies in execution - • ^ 
For a great fusioft moAey : aikl:befide» ^ : 
The a^>ealis futdHiUlbr my huntfmei«s<dc8tii/ >• ^ 
^luchonly IhavepoHnertorcnrerie: " - "•* • * 
InherrUbanraUmyiuttafhiiiii - '^: 

Gofeek the Kuf ti^ MUhg^ j britigliim^o met ' '' ri 
To iave his body i ifis fUbts will pfl^ I 
To fave hisli&r it ids appMil will i^r. 

Eniirfir CharU* in frifiu^ wiih ihtWy • hUfnt hWff 

bis ganmntt ull ragged and Hint-. • • ^ : ^ 

C^tfi*. OfaU<»nth«earUk*«f»»iiioftniir(nidb^ n.j 1 
fireathe in thi^ hciliii dungeoa thyferiients': <n ' ^ ^'>'( ^ 
Thusliliealbtejn^'M/ttkeafdongyi^'d^' (<.*» -I 
That hurlschoa Iwodlong tor Ibis badKe eftai9. '-'''■^^: '-^ 
Gh unkind uncle ( Oh my friends ingfate ! 
Unthankful kinbiQi'l Mouutfotds aS^oo bafe^ .• " 
<T^ let the name be fetter'd in difgrace. 


F«ar» hUBger^ £(mwi^ col<^ afi direat my death. 
And joiMf^9^^ ^ dqpme my breathe 
But that which znoft torments mc^ my 4ear Mef 
Hatlfc.ki1t.^vi&«»e» and fnniLmy friends 
Hath brD)j|^t na hopelul anTwer : therefore I 
Divine diey will not help, my mileiy . , 

li it be fo^ fiiaroe> fcand^^ and conteomt 
Attend their cavetous thoughts ; need make their graves | • 
Uiiuirers they live» aikd-m:^ they die like ilaves. 

Enter Keeper , 

Ke^, Knight) be di comfort, for I bring tiiee fre€^ 
From all t}]^ troubles^ [dom^ 

Chur. Theql am doomed to die ; 
Death is the end of ^ calamity. 

Ketf. Live» your appeal is ftaid'j the executica" 
Of all your dd>ts dHdbirg'd : your creditors 
Even to the .«mo& peny fatisfied. 
In fign whereof^ your fhadcles I knock ofFi 
You ai^ not left fo mudi indebted to us 
As for your fees^; aR is difcharg'd, all paid : 
Go freely to ytnur houfe, ox where you plcafc. 
After long miferies^ embraceyour ea(e» 

0)ar. Thou grumhleU; oat the fweeteft mu&k toixti' 
That ever #xgan played. Is xIma a dieam \ 
Or do my waking fei^es apprehend \ 
The pleafkig tafte of thefisapplaufiveneMrs? 
Slave that I jwas, to wrg^igiuch iiti^fl frieads %• ^ . 
My loving kin£men» and my nea# aJQies : "I 

Tongue^ I will bite thee for the Icandal bceath. - 
Againfl fuch faithful kinfmeh : they are all 
Composed of pity and Ci^npaflion, . 
Of melting chanty, and of moving ruth. 
That whidb X fp^e before wa& in ray ragej 
They are my fricndsj. the mirrors of this age : : 

Bounteous and fre^. The noble Moiintfords race^ 
Ne'er bred a covetous thought, or humour bafe. 

.,. : Enter Sufaa^. ■ '> 

9u/, I caiLBOt longer Kay from vifiting 


t26 A Woman kiifd -with Itinhih^ ~ 

My woful broAer : while I could I kept * ' ^ 

My haplefs tiding from his hopeful ear. 

Char, Sifter, how much am I indebted to th'ce. 
And to thy travel ? 

5k/. Wlrnt! atlibert>^r 

Oyar, Thou feeft I am j thanks to thy induftry : * 
Oh ? unto which of all my courteous friends • ' 

Am I thus hound ? My uncle Mountford, he ' 
Ekxn from an infant lov'd me ; was it he ? 
So did my coufm Tydy ; was it he ? • ' 

So mr. Roder, mr. Sandy too : 
Which of all thefc did this high kindnefs do ? 

5a/l Charles, can you mock me in yoqr poverty. 
Knowing yotw friencre deride your rfiifery ? 
Now I proteft I Hand fo much amaz'd 
To fee your bonds free, and your irons knocfc'd o£^ 
That I am wrap'd into a maze of wonder : 
The rather, /or I know not by what means 
This happinris hath chancM. 

Char. Why by my uncle, 
My coufins, and my friends ; who elfe,^I pray. 
Would take upon them all my debts to pay ? 

Suf. O brother, they are men all of flint, 
Pfeures of fnarble, and as void of pity 
As chafed bears. I begg'd, I fued, I kneePd, 
Laid open all your griefs and mlferies i - 
Which they derided. More than that, deny'd us 
A part in tneir alliance ; but in pride. 
Said that our kindred wjth our plenty ^jf'd. ^ 

Char, Di-udges ! too much 5 what did they \ oh knowA 
evil f . ' 
Hich fly the poor, as good men ftiun the devil : 
Whence ihould my freedom come ? of whom alive. 
Saving of thofe have I deferv'd fo well ? 
-Guefs, fifter, call to mind, remember me : 
Thefe'I have rais'd, they follow the world's guiie j 
Whom rich in honour, they in woe defpife. ' 

Suf. My wits have loft themfelves, let's aik the keeper. 

Char, Jaylor! • - 

* Ksef, At hand, fir, 


Gbar. Qf^cNiHirKfyterplveme.oned^piaod. 
WbaC was Jbe tookthe bunJioi of jofr debts 
Prom. off pv^bael^ fhudn^^peai to death, 
Pircluu]^*d my fees, and brought me Hbeity \ 

Keep, A courteous knight, and call'd fir Francis Aftooj 

Chur^ ^1 AAont Ohme, more diftreft in this* 
Than all my troubles ! hale me back. 
Double my iron$» aod i^y fparing mdd» ' «' . 
Put into halves, and lodge me in a cku^coii 
^loredeep, more dark, mote cold, more oomfbrtleft. 
By A6ion freed I not all tl^ manacks 
Could fetter fo my hcds, asthisonewotd 
Hath thrall^dmy heart ; aodkmnft now lie bound 
In more ^di priiion than thy ftony jail. 
I am not free ; I go .but under bail. 

Ifaf, My charge is do9e» iir» bomt I \asit my fisesi 
^ we get little, we will nothing leefe. 

,Char. By AAon Greed; tecf da^a:oQs oppbfitef 
Why to w^t end ? or what occafion ? ha ! 
Let me .forget the name of enemy » 
lApd with indiffeience ballaace t^ high &vour : ha ! 

ZuJ. His me } upon my foul *tis& : 
tW is the root from whience thefe fhamge things giow. 

Char, H^jd Ihis. prOGMdipd fr<mi my faiiicr, he \_Afide. 
That by the law of natdre is molb bound 
](a offices of love, it h^ deferv'd . 
My beft employment to requite that grace. 
Had it proceeded from my friends, or allies, 
Fromi them this aSion had defenr*d*my life : 
Andfromafh-angei^more; beduife from fnch 
There is lefs expe^tion of igooddeoda. 
fiut he, nor father, nor ally, nor friend. 
More than a fbanger,. 'both femote in Uood» 
And in his heart oppos*d my enemy. 
That ^ high boiu^ty (bould fK^Oceed from bWy 
O there I lofe myfelf ! What Ihould I fay \ 
Whatthink \ wiiat do, his bounty to rej^y ? 

^uf. You wonder, I «m (ure, whence this ftisnge kind< 
aefs proceeds j^ Adoo. I will tell you. ibroUifirj 

VoLIVt F He 


He doats on mft, aiuL^ h^isil^mff^^. ! -. - :7 
Letters and tokens: I refused thfW allvt;> ^i: rm ^^t./ 

Clufr. I^vc-eaottght' th0>^M>pv•f^4ilxJbeitt js (eki^, 
In one rich gift to^pay bapk all i|»y'4«bt % p . ^- £&iUqM 

£flfi^ frankfirJ^ aad Nick y^th k^md^ l/»iir mAis 

Fran, This is the night that I muft fitoy «i]r pait • 
^ try two feeming angds. WliereViiiykeyi f ' ^ 

^^c, TheyaieinMUaccoidingtoyoarmoiiUini^^ 
I bade the finith be feciet, gave him moaqr. 
And here they are. The letter, fir. 
' Frau^ Tru;, take it, there it is; 
And when thou feeft me in my pleafant^H vem, • 
IktsAy to fit to fupper, bring it me. 

/VfV» 1*11 do't, make no more qneftioi bat 1*11 do*h 

EntiT mrsx Frm^fird^ Crsunvdl, WsndoU^ mnd jinkhu 

Jmii. Sirrah, 'tis fix a'dock^dieedyib^udc, 
Gobidthemfpreadtheflothandftrveinfupperv - . // 

Jitt. It ihall be done, forfeoth. WSa^ whei!e^ 
Spiggot, the butler, to give us -ovialt and drenchers? 

Wend, We that have -been -a hunting all the 4ay). 
Come wkh prepared ftomachs, mr. Frankfofd | 
We wiih'd you at«uri*port. 

Fran. My heart was with you, mind wni Oft 
yoa» / ' ^\ 

Fie mr. Cranwdl^ you.are ftill thus fad: - 
A ftool, aftool e where's Jenkin, ai|d wherc?s Ni<^i 
^Tis (upper«Ctiiie at leaft an hour ago i 
What's the beft newsabroad j \ ■• ^ ■ \ 

Wind, I knownonegood*^ 

Fran. ButJ know.toOlIMlChb9d•^ v. 


• r • • ; ' • f ' i. 

Enter Bsoler and Jenkin nmth m faUkrcM; ingi^) 

tr^nekers and fait* ' 
Cran* Methii^, fir, youciighi have that imemfl: 
Bihyour wife's brother, to be more remiis 
In his haid deaUng againft poor fir-€haileS| ^ 



t .> ,- 

• r 

Ncfdf. and in gi^^WMIf.^ ^ - * ' > - ■..■^:^i.^ 

IWi^&# away, J ^(i%idd hirve kix)i]^\i p^ 
Betwixt them wkh all care, indeed I would, fir, 

Jfme.' 1% writt xaasb lAy brotiief earneffly 
fa tiot behalf. 

^^Mf. A^hdi^abkd^ 
And will beget the good opinioit' ; ' 
Of att .yow-ftkftds^ th^.love fm^ mtn. Ffankford. 

Fran. Th«ri*'y»ii^onej IkftoWyOulovefirChari<5^ 
And my wife too w^v - * 

WauL He defenres the-love ' « 

Of all troe gentlemim j'fee youtfebe» judge, 

/rtf«. But fupperj ho :' ndw as* thou Iov*ff iBe> 
Wendoll^ / ^** ....... . .. i. 

IJI^fii I. am fure thou doeft ; be meny, pkafant, 
Aai'MUck k to-Wght : Sweet, mf. Craffwell, ' ^ 

Do yon thafttc?. Wffe^ l^tcilmy heart ' -, 

Was nc'^ |!iofe*«il on fivefef abcrigr : • ^ ' 

W'h^^ brthdfe laay ^k»«*« ^to feiVe in fupper > " 

Nic. Here's a letter, fir. 

Fran. Vlheite^^3dfiieV it ? ^ndi;(/>h6braught it? ^ 

Nic. A fbrk^g that below attends y<kir anf\ver, *• ^ 

Afidaarheldhme, k isfaitfi^mYol'k. * "- ' 
Fran. Have him into the cellar, let him tafte !& cup of 

oiif ^ferch beert Go, make him drink. 

J^V»;iFlliwd»*iiildriHdc, ifhebeaTwi^a^^ ■ » 
Fri7». My boots and fpww : whereas Jenkia ? Gbd fbr- 

P*ve mc, how I negle£t my bttfi^ds I -wife, look hei^;' 
have a matter to be try'd to-ift<mow — * 

B^ eight a'dock ; andisy a^rae^ WtiM m^ * > - '^ 
i jnuH be Muece betimes with evidence, 
QrifewillS«^aga^ifte. Where's my boots? • - 
Ent^r Jenkin ix^h ht»ts andj^urs^ 
Aim^ I laloffe ytiWf baftMfs oave^ no fu'ch di!|»«M:h, 
That yon^nntt ride to-night* i^fi^ 

^fw/, ihopciidoA. 


Fran. Gods m^f .sltliiBkd^pilciit - ,^;• i 
Jenkin, my boots : where'e Nkki BmUi^viyJIimmi r,k 
And the gniy^ dafypie for lMM£i:--^^m^t.y»^M\ .t< . 
ft much cononrv ii»B. Gaitle maAer CraiiaMU^ b ;k w I 
And mailer Wendo^, ifini^ »bfi9M)^iift>c jr iio ■ r.. I 
The veiy ripeftpleftftu«3 oii wyiiwffi^ ir d : .v. :. 

IT/tt/. Lord^ mailer Fraokford^ wilLiyoa Jad^itoS 
night? , : .' : ;. ...'.• 

The waysave dai^erovi^ . / : j . '^ 

/>ir». Therefbitt.willlride 
Appointed well ; and fo fliallNidcmy .mtt^i ^ . •' ' t 

Jnne, rilcaUyouupby five6*dOskl0tf«oiire*b>/: oT 

Fran. No) bymy faithwife^ I^Unotirbfttotha^K > 
*Tis not fuch eafy nfia^ ia «' jQOli«ng. 
Prom one I ioYefpde^d^ : no^ by-aiy faitk^^^ 
t ihall notleave Co fweet a bedfelloW) 
But wichanM^h pain^ yeiihiiYe ikMute la^aflnggasif . >7 
^ince I £rilknewyoa. . ] 

Jnne, Then if you needswiU |[0 ' . . j/\ 

This dangerous evenisg s aiaflcr WeadoUi . : - . ..< ^ 
X^Wiaticatyoa bear htm aMaiiii^. .. ^ . .--.u 

Whtd. With an my. hearty fwoet milbeft: my bitfoll 
there? . iv: 

Fran. V'v^Jmi ibiifiMmy primitBrfaifiidl/ r rj . 
i^flioo] radbcati^^ .-. m- '. 
To the whole hpufe: Nidj^i-^ . • ' : : -./^ 

Nici* J^tum, fir* c , /?/ ,.-.0 

Fran. ^aa%iottkmyyMltt%r-'Mjff^e^i^ 
Ufe no nsore words; aJiaad^ good mttte-^liAawelL. 
*: Cr^n. Sir, God be your:gaad!%>e«i; i vi 
- Fran. Goo<inight^ fweet Naa« iiay,i nejf^\uki aoi 
-part. . •; ii^.'iv. '.sJ 

1MkaiAnk%}ip^.j^ ftjtfiotwkh v^hemij : {j^Ui 

Wend; Haw bubM&p tXmf^'JViii]uHa9(DaA^g^^ 
proTe, V • J / ;•' ? •. • -J: .vji 7*. 

And are the furdiftfrs to mfjaenrhomUml 
I^ anvhiifliMid nowin nwfly ftankfcri^^Uwe^ I .v..'. 
And muft command the houftr. My j^bafure »:>■■ 11 -vl 
iVe n^ai not {np alnoadfo pablickly,. , . : ' 
IfittJttyottf private chamber oufiivi^Fxqikloid. j-» 

'\^^. O £r, you ft^ t<><>flttb&Qk in your love^ 
MJLma&t0^ta!Uf6td^$ wife. 

I would ^tftwat .\&6<l. I ss^t fee my chancer i 

I am on the {vtdam growji exoecding ill, ^ 

And would be fpar^d from fupper. , . < 

.'^f^mi. Lt^ttkcrc, ho. 
See you want nothing, fir } for if you do, 
i You injure that good man, and wrong me too* 

Crao, I will make bold : good^night. [Sxih 

WenJ, How all confpire 
To make oar 'bofom fweet, and joys entire I 
j Corner Nan, I {»r*ythee letut fup within. 
I ' ^;f7«. O! what adfi« onto the fotti is fini 
We pale offiendets are £11 full of fear I 
Every fafpicious eye bnn^ dangernear: 
When ^digr-whofe clear heam from offence ara ffee» * 
Pefpife report, bafe fcandals do out&ce. 
And (land at mere defiance widi difgrace. 

W^irni. Fie, fie, you talk too like a puritan. 

Jnne^QXk have templed me to mifchief, mr, WendoO^ 
f have doner, I know not what. Well, yon plead 

lliflt whidi fiMT wattt of wit I grttited erf^ 
I now muft yield chpoiigh fear. Coooe, Gonie» Iet*a ii^ 
Otace o^er fhoes^ we are ibraig^ o'er hnd infill.. . 

ff^end. My jocund foul is joyful above meafure^ 
lil be fSroAife in Fra»kg>rd's ri<;he& treafurc;. [^Exinnt. 

3nterSyfy^ JenkzM^ end Butiir. 
^ yen. My mifbefs, and mr. Wendell, my maifUr^ fup 
Ji. hei*. chamber to*aight: SiHy, youare.prferr'd 6om 
being the cook, to be chamber-maki ; of aU. the loves 
betwixt thee aiidme» teii me what thou.thtak'ft <)fiJi}s^i[ 
«^'il^. Mumi therc?6anbOklpcorfeifa» When the Ciit'a 
away, the moufe may play. 

Jen. Nowyott talk of a cat^ Sifly, I fmeH a rat, . 

Sijly. G^od woids, Jenkin, left yon be eaU*d to an« 
fwer them. . 

Jen. Why, Godildakemymiflcefsanhoneft womany 
ate not tb^ good -words? Pra)&God my new.maifter 

'phy not the knave withmy ol& softer ^ is'^M^'iifjr 
hart in this } God fend nd'V^aky intended;- endif;t1ie)r 
(to4¥'K%iG^^i^> F^y ^<>d they donoi ^'iogetker. 
God make my miibefs chafte» and make ui^alllxidfesr^ 
vamsr : whut hstrm h there in ^ t)^ f' 'N'ky nfk>re i &ere 
is my handy thou (halt never have my heart, vsa^k thoa 
fay Amen. 
SiJ^. Amen, I pray God^ I fay. ' 

Enter SeriHng-men. 
Ser, My miftrefs fends that you fiiould make lefs lioife, 
to lock up the doors, and fee the houfhold all got^ bedt 
you, Jenkin, (or this night are made the porter to fee ^ 
gates Ihut in. '^ 

Jen, Thus by little and tittle I Creep into olHce. 
Come, to kennel, my mafters, to kennel, Jtis ele\noa 
a^clock already. • 

Sfr, When you have lock'd the gates in, you jEiiv& 
fend up the keys to my miftrefs. 

StJIy. Quickly, for god's fake, Jcnkin, for I muft dtery 
*theni : I am neither pillow noi* bolder, but' I know' 
tfapre than them both. 
*• yen. To bed^ good Spiggot, to bed, good honed 
iming creatures, andlet us &ep as fnug as pigs in peafe- 
Ibraw. [Exeitnt* 

• Enter Trankford and NicJ^. 
'Fran, Soft, foft; vs^e have tied yoiir geldings ^o a 
tree two flight (hot off, left by their thundering hoofs 
they blab our coming. Hear 'ft thou no noife ? ' - 

*Nic. I hear nothing but the owl and you. ' * ' 

. Fran^ So : now my watch's hand points upon tweliie. 
And it is juft midnight : whefe are my keys ? "• ' 
AW. Here, fir. * - * 

Fran, This is the key that opes my outward gMe 5 
TliiS'is thef httlUdoor ; this the withdrawing tSamber : 
But this, that doorthat's bawd unto my ftiame; 
Fountain and fpring of alt my bkeding thoughts^ 
Where the moft haUowed order and true knot 
Of nuptialfanaity hath been profanM ; 
It leads to my polluted bed>chamber. 
Once my terr^ddl heaven, now my earth'-i Idl,^ 


'^-.>gr(tn^.^^i^c\i jRve oiOf dftrk idfithom to tk« reft r^ 

AVr. I will walk on eggs this pace. ; . 

Fran, A general filcotCc hath furpfiz'd the houfe^ 
And this is the lafl: door. Ailonifhoienty 
hi^, ,%sA amazement beat upon my hearty 
^^jBfi^s^, a madman beats upon a drum : 
^P;fec;fpmyeyes, you heavens, before I entav- 
-Froni any fight that may transfix my foul: 
.Qr if;ther< be foblack a fpedade, 
,PK ftrike mine eyes ftark blind. Or if not fo. 
Lend me fuch patience to digell my grief, 
j^rhat^I may keep this white and virgin hal^d 
Frpra any violent outrage, or red murder i 
vA«d 5i/itfe that prayer I enter. 

V i^/V» Here's a circumftance indeed, a man may t« 
made a cuckold in the time he's about it. And the cafe 
were mine, as 'tis my maftfer*s, 'fblood, that he makes 
me fwear, I would have plac'd his action, enter'd there ; 
J would, I would. 

Fran. Ohf oh? 
. . NU, Matter ! 'iblood ! mifter ! mafter f 
. , fran. Oh me Unhappy I I have found them lyiag - 
Clofe in each other's arms, and faft aflcepv 
But that I would not damn two precious fouls^ 
Bought with my fayiour's blood, and fend them laden^ 
Witf all thejr fcarlet fins upon their backs, * 

Unto a fearful judgment, their two lives 
H^ met upon my rapier* 

Mic^ . Mftjier* wj^t have ye left them ile^ping fiill f 
Let me go wake'emv .: i 

Fraa^ Stj^y^ let me p&ufe a while. . • : > : 

O God ! b God ! that it were poffiUe . 
To undo things done i to call back yefterday: * * 

That time could turn up his fwift ikndy gjafs, , , 
To oniisU the dpys^ a^dtoi^emthetehoufsv 

raS A Woman ktlfdwithKindnds. 

Qrthat tbc^fiift '' . 

CoaId» rifing from.tke we(^, draw^htf (dftc&indDVi^ t;'^ 
Take from3i''account of time fo maoymiiaites, * '^ ' 
Till hehad all thefefeaTons called agab, ^ 

Thoie minutes^ and thofe aflions doite in them. 
Even from her firft offence ; that I ought take her * ' 
Asfpotlefs as an angel in my arms. "^ 

Buty oh ! I talk of things impoifible^ 
And caft beyond the moon. G«id giTC me patience^ ' 
JFor I will in and wake them. [Exiil - 

Nic, Here's patience perforce. 
He needs mufi trot afoot that tires his horie. 

Enter JVendoII running over the ft age in a night-go^witp 
he after him ivith hisjkvord dranvn, the nutid in her 

. fmock ftap bis band, and cJaJ^ b^U in bim^ Hit ' 
faufes for a'wbile* 

Fran. I thank thee^ maid, thou like an angel'i h^ni. . 
\bA flay'd me from a bloody facrifice. 
Go, villain, and my wrongs fit on thy foul 
As heavy as this grief doth upon mine. 
When thoa record'ft my many courtefiel, . . 

And fhalt compare them with thy treacherous hearty 
Lay them together, weigh them eqaaliy, 
'Twill be revei^ enough. Go, to thy fi-iend 
A Judas I pray» pniy, leil I live to fee 
T^, Judas-like, hang*d on an elder-tree. 

Enter miftrefs Frankford in ber/moeb,, night" 
t gotun^ and night-attire » 

Jnne. O by what word ? what title ? or what namt 
Shall I intreat your pardon ? Pardon ! oh f 
1 am as far from hoping fuch fweet grace. 
As Lucifer firom heaven. To call you kufbandj 
(O me moft wretched \) I have loH that nanie^ 
I am no more your wife. 

jViV. *Sblood, fir, ' fce fwoofift 

Fran. Spa*e thou thy tears, for I will weep for theo j 
And keep thy countenance, for V\\ blu(h for thee : 
Now, I prote^ I think, 'tis I am tainted^ 


:A Woman kilt J with Kindnefs. 1 2^ 

For isntmiAaHstsmf^ i uA^th mone hard 
For me tojook iifiHithy goikjr face, 
Th^n on tltefun*&cli«r Imw : 
What' wouldl&iiuMi ^H»k ? 

Jnne, ^I wotild I hid ao tongue, no ears, zio qrc9^ 
No apprehenfion, no capsseky. 
When do yott fpuni me like a dog ? when tread me 
Underftel? wiea^ bythehair? ^ 

Tho' 1 deienre a thoafand thouiknd fidd 
Kf ore tKan yon can inflid : yet once txxf huAand^ 
For womanhood, to which I am a fiiame, 
Thou^ once an ornament ; even for his fake 
That hath fedeem^oor fouls, mark not my &ce. 
Nor hack tat with your fword :' but let me go 
Pevfed and onddbnned to mf tond). 
I amnot worthy that 1 fhould prevail 

In the leaft futt ; pp, n9t to fpeak to y<Hi9 
Norlook on you> nor to be in yo«r ppeftMe ;. 
Yet as an abjd^ this one fuit I crave. 
This granted, I am ready for my girove.. 

Fran. My God, with patience arm mc \ tik, n^rife^ 
And I'll 4ebate wkhthee* Wasit for want , 
Thou plaid'ft the ikumpet ? Was't thou not fuj^'d 
With every pl^ure, faihion, and new ^.i - 
Nay even beyond iny.calling i 

jdnne, I was. a 

Fran, Was it then difability in me ? 
Or in thine eye feem'd he a properer man ? 

Jmte. O no. . 

Fr^.-Did not I kKigetlnee in ipy bofom ? . . . '. 
Wear th^ in my heait ? 

Anne. You did. 

Fran. I didttndeed,^ witncfs my teai:^! did. .. 
Go bring my infanft; hither. 6 Kan, O Kan » 
If neither fear oCfhame, regard of honour, . . 

The blemifh of my hqufe, nor mjr dear love 
Could Mve with-held th^e &om (o lewd a fafi.:- . ^ 

Yet for thefe Infanr , thefe y oung,harmlcfs ipuls^ . . * . > > 
Oa whole white brows thy itiame is chara£ter*d. 
And groWs in greatnefs as they wax in yean i 

' F5 I-^H 

Look httt on theniy and mtk tmay in Usa^. • 
Away with them; left as her fpotted body ; '• ^ * 
Hath fbunM their nam« with MpetffMhcftly/ < < > 
£o her aduheroos breadi may tfaftdieir %nit» ^' ^ > 
With her infeftious thoughts. Aw^wkhthtttt. I 

Am$, In thb one lift I di^ ten thoufand deaths. ^ 

F^r^ffi. Stand up, ftandup^ I will do no^dng raAdy i 
I will retire a while into'my ftody, 
And thott ihalt hear thy ^»ttence prefendy. ' \ExiK 

Anne, 'Tis wekcrnie^ be it death. O melbiafe ftrmnper^ 
That having fnch a htifhand, fuch f^eet children, - 
Muft enjoy neither \ oh to vrdeem mine hononr^ 
I would have this hatia cot of, the(% my Wealh fttr^d^ 
Be rack'd, ftrappadoM* put to any torment: 
Nay, to w4||p but this icandal oat, I would imzard 
The rich and dear reden^on of my foul. 
He cannot be fo bafe as to forgive me ; ' 

Nt^ I fo Aiameleis to tceept Ms ptrd<m., : . . 
O women, women/ yo« that yet have kept 
Your holy matrimonial vowunAainM, 
Make me your inftance, wheti you tMad awry. 
Your fins, like mine, will on your tonicienoe lie. 
Enter Sifyy Spiggpt^ alt the ferwngmeWi and yeniin^ di 

nenjolj tonu out rf hid. 

AIL O miiibeft, miftfef», what hove yoffdone mtftre^ ? 

A^/V. What a caterwauling keepycm here ? 

Jtnk^ O lord miftrefs, how comes this to pa6 ^ my- 
mailer is run away in his ihirt, «id -ntfl^ef fo mttch ftfr 
c^^d me to bring his cloathft altef Mm* 

Anne, See what guilt is ! here ftand I ia ^is^pkce^ 
Afliam^d to look my fervaiit»4ft the fixe. - 
Batfrmr, Trankford and Cramjiitll\ iwkmfikiH^ifk'faUf 

wiherkneei, ..*..• . ^» » 

Fran. My words are fvgAerM in heaven akeady, 
'With ^tinkce hear me. I'll not martyr tbcti: 
Nor mark thee f«r a flnrmpet^ but* wkh vfiifii • • { 
Of more humility torment thy ibul. 
And kill thee even with kitttibdf?, - *^ » 

Cran. Mt. Fmktotd. ^ -^ • .. - ^^i ' 

Frank. Good f»v* CtwMveL W«inaii» bear tky jodgr 

Go mak^ itheesei^y ¥» tk.>r befl «ttire^ ; 

Take with tiMsa aft d^gO^M, al^cby af^paNl v 

Leave oofebiag that dLd ever call thee miibefe^ 

Or by wiidb %ht^ being l^c here in the hoaTtr, 

I fl)sCy remember fueh a woman was. 

Chufe thee a bed and hangings-for thy chamber ; 

Talce with thee every thing which hath thy mark» 

And get ibea to my maaor fevenf mile olF I 

Where live» ^lif ^mm» I freely give it thee. 

My tenants by fl^iU funikh thee with wains 

To canyallthy ftnff withm two hours $ 

No longer w^ I iimit thee my fight. 

Chnfe which of all my ienrants thott lik'ft beft. 

And they are thine to attend thee. 

Arnie. A mild fentenoe. 

Fran, But as thcmliii^'ft for heaven^ as thou believ'ft 
Thy name's rao»idfidia the book of tife» 
I charge thee never after this iad day 
To fee me> or to meet me ^ or to fend 
By word, or WEm9g> gifty or otherwife 
To move me^ byi^yfetf, <Mr by thy friends ; 
Nor challenge any part in my two children. 
■Stt .farewel ^aaa ^ for we wiU henceforth bo . 
As we had never (een^ ne'er more ihall fee. 

Anm^ HoW'fuU my heart is, in mine eyes appears i 
What waats ia. wosds, I will fiipply in tears. 

Frank* Come^ take your coach, your ftuff » all mufi; 
Servants and all flM^e ready, all be gone> 
^ It wjis thlT^^^iAdcttt two heaks out tS* (me. [Exeunt i 
Enter Jir Charles gentkman^Iiie, and his fifier ^entlen.^Q' 
! J- ^ <*■ ' . m^n^Jfh* 

inf, Bsotfaer^ why have you tiick'd me like a biide > 
Bought s|8(|^Siga»y attire, -the^^^mameAtsI^ ' . ' 
Forget you our eftate, our poveniCy ? 

Char. Call me not brother, but imagine mc 
S«Bie baibaroat out-kw, or uncivili&em : : 
. f «r if thoa ihat*ft thy «ye> and only hear'lt 

F'6 T^ 

1^ Aff^mati kiH:id\ialiib Mimifujk.^ 

Char, Doft lo?e sne» fifier? wouM^ tkbtt-fee lot 

A bankrupt bi^er in the wofld't difgncey 

And dif indebted to iniiM cneoiieft ^ . t ;i 

Would'ft thou behoU meftnad like a kigc beaiti 

Ifi the world's eyei h by-woid aad a fcom I r , 

It lies in thee ^ thefe to eo^t ne fice. 

And all my ddH I may 08t:*ftrqp faf thee. - <^ 

Su/, Byrne; why .1 haiFe Bflihttg, aodHBfltft,' 
1 owe even for the doatfae upon my back; ^. 

I am not wort h 

CSar. O filler, fay not fo ; ^ * 

It Uefi in yoa'n^ down-cafl ftife to laife; 
To make me fl»^ on evee pointo with- the worlds ' i 
Corne^ After, you arerichi indecdyonnes - . 
And in your power vou have withoat delay,. 
Avon's live hundred pound badL to repay. 

Su/. Till n6w I had didu^t y'had locv^dflK. By wf 
(Which I have kept a^ fpotleftasdiemoon) . ■ . < 
I ne^er was mifbefi of tkit fingle doit i 

Which I referv'd not to fufi^ly yoitr wanlB : 
And dVe think that I woidd hoard fifih yon j . 
Now, by my hopes in heaven». Jcnew 1 the nffi^it 
To luy you from the flavery of your debts . 
(Efpecially fron^*A^Ott whom Ihatc) \ 
I would redeem it. with my life or blood. • 

.ChflTj I chaUengeit;,aadkiadKed£Bt.apad;9. . '.,"' 
Thus (raffian-like) Ilay.£ege to thy heart. . * -j ^• 
What do I owe to'Adlon ?• .: . • . .: . I • 

Su/, Why fame five himdied|ioands,. .i. 

Towards which. I fwcar» 
In all the .world I have not one.dtninu ' : . 

Gfar. It wiU not pifoVe fo. SMer, siowarefid?e mtj^ 
What do yott thank. («^ fpeak yow ttmfrinttrffjf" 
?: .n Wouli 

Suf. He mtmMiKsxstmMt «6 fpttid « HkmSiimI potmd.' 
TogivetheMoi]iitfa^*s]iaiB0lbdeepa womld. *'' ' 

Grant lum 7<w b«d, hie*s pajr'd widi intereft fo^ ' ^' 

C^/KT. Ofifttr, (ntl)r this one way, 
"With diat ikh jewd ]W« my ddb(s may parf : 
In fpeaking this my cold liomfluikies widi j^^ 
Nor do 1 wda 70a Id ft bMclier*s name, 
Botkrafbanger?!. Siiall I die in debt 
To A^n my gxand ioe, and yon iSSL vrt» 
The predotts jewel tbtt lie hdlds lb dear ? 

5»/l My iimMMr I dieem as dear and pt^icktl 
As my redemptiOA. 

Gkcr. I eiteem yoo, fifter, as dear. 
For (o dear prizing it. 

Suf, WiU Clia& 
Hnre me cnt^iiF my liaiids, and fend them A^ami 
JRip up my faroaft^ aild widh my bleeding heart 
Prefent him, as a^talEai ^ - i 

Otar. Neither, fiiler : 
Bat hear ok in my ftrange a(ftrtion. 
Thy hoaoor and my Aral are equal in my regard ; 
Nor w^ thy brother Charles forvlve thy ihsune. ' ^ 
Hia kittdnds (like a burden haih furchai^'d^me. 
And under his good deeds, I ftoopmg, go 
Not with an upr%ht foul. Had I remained 
In prifon iftili, there doubdefs I had died : 
Tiien'iHtto him that freed me ffon dmt prifen. 
Still do I owe this fife. What morM my fbe 
To infinnchtfe me? 'Twat fifter for your lo^e. 
With full five hondsed pounds he bought your lovt^ 
And (hall he not enjoy it ? Shall the weight 
Of all this heavy burden lean on me, 
And w31 not you bear part ? You dki pattake 
The joyc^myreleafe, will you not Ibind - 

In joint-bond bonad to fatisfy the debt ? 

?«>: BntiintlkMvr 
V- 2 Tkcife 

154. Ammimkm^ithMhdB^Jil. 

Thefe arg«m«M ipf«ift.4rai« t« liondai^d^ i:' ^' 

Asinybumoftcxdipiiiity.QfifiMd /;)..... 

Nay. rather wooU.eQgage yowr 4tirfhii&M koaonrv .^' L' '. 
Than to be held ingrate^ I (hou)d<sQDdeiim'yoiK» * j k t 
I fee your refolution, and ailenti .• . ^ . 

So Charles will have iae» and I am Comeaft. • \'r' 

Char. For this I trick'd yott up^ . .-v . ff 

^i/. But here's a knife, ^ . . k \ 

To fave mine honour, ihall ilice out my life/* i : l 

C^^r. Ay, now thou'pleafeft mea thoi^andLtinun 
More in thy refolution than thy grant. ^ * 

Obferve her love : to footh it to my fait, V 

Her honour fiie will hazard (thouj^ not loft ;) . > 
To bring me out of debt, her rigorooshand * 

Will pierce her heart. Oh wo^er I jtW will chufe . 
Rather than ftain her blood her lofe. 
Come, you £id iifier to a woeful brother^ 
This is the gate : rjlbeariusifuch^frefeal^ 
Such an acquittance for the knight to seal^ - 
As will amaze his iCinfes ; and fmprtsw 
With admiration all his fanta^es. 

Enter ji3on iuid Malhy. 

Suf, Before his unchaile thoughts ihall fei^e oaaie;' 
*Ti8 here, ihall my imprifon'd foul fet fre^. 

As. How. I Mountlbrd withius. fi^rhand.injhaiid.l 
What nlirade's afoot I i r 

MaL It is :a fight . : . / 

Begets in me much admiration. ^ :...... i' . 

Char, Stand not amaa'd to fee iae thusr st^^i^ )f. » . 
A£ton, I owe thee money, aiyi bei^ig unal^e :. ' > ... 
To bring tfajfe the full fiim in r?ady coi^r. . . .-./.« '. 
Lo ! for thy mpre aifurac^ hereV a.pawo:3 ^ .::.<« • 
My iifter, my dear fiiler, whoie chafte honour o < ^ * i 
I prize above, a million* heie, nay /take hei^ t 
She's worth yow mo^ey. man* io^fi^ forfake bei^ ...:> 
. From \ would he were in eajijieft. . . . . , , ) 

Suf. Impute it not to my immodeftyA •' 

My brother being rkh in nothing eJie.: . - ^ * .. i . / 
But in his intereft that he haith in UM^ji,^ . ,.^,:, .; .^; 
-:, > ■ .Accords 

According ito Ims poycatf Itttk bi^^ 

Me, allhisftoref whoinhowfoe'erTdajnize' 

As forfeit to your bofid, \jie vak€» bigMy, - '^ 

And wonU not UXL but to acquit your debt. 

For any (Cmpefor*! rmfcHii. 

Fran. Stan heart, relent. 
Thy former croeltir at leneth repent. 
Wasever known m any tormer age ' 
Such honourable wrefted courtefy ? * ■ ^ 

Lands, hdaouni lUe, and all the world forego^ 
Rathiar than ftaxbd engaged to fuch a foe. 

Char. A£ton, fhe is too poor to be thy bride. 
And I too much opposed to be thy brother. 
Thtre, take her to thee, if thou haft the heart ^ I 

To feize her as a rape or luftful prey, ' 
To blur our houfe that ne^er yet was ftainM ; 
To murder her that never meant thee harm; / 

To kill me now whom once thpQ iav^dfl from death, j; 
Do then, at once on her i allthderely 
And peri(h with her fpotted chaility. 

Fran. You oveicome me in yout love, fir Charles,' 
I cannot be fo cruel to a lady 
I love fo dearly. Since you have not fpar'd 
To in^ge your reputation to the world. 
Your lifter's honour which you prize fo dear, 
N«3^ all the comfort which you hold oft earth. 
To grow out of my debt, being your foe. 
Your honoured thoughts, k) ! thus I rccompence* \ 
Your metamorphosed foe receives your gift 
In &ti&fa6lion of all former wrongs. 
This jewel I will wear here in my heart : 
And where before I thought her for her want* 
Too bafe to be my bride : to end all ftrife> , * 
I feal you my dear brother, her my wife. •/ v 

Suf. You ftill exceed us i I will yield to fate^ - - 

And leani to lo^e, where I till now did hate. 

Char. With that enchantment you have charmed my 
And mafiie me rich even in thofe very- tv<^ j \ 
Ipay IK) debt^ but aH^ indebted move. 

i y»f -^ ' t^rt >i.1\' 1 

I' 1 

/Vtfff. i«l's mfoe is yotjrs, >iire al^ ilike fri -fhte, 
Let's kmt in love ^hMt^ms oppo^ in lefte. ^ '- ^ 
Come, for our nupttafe sve wm ihttight ^itvid^, ^' ' 
Weft only in our brother and fair bride. * * ' * ' 

Enter Crarrwely Frdnkford; and tffcJ^: • ' ' ~ 

Crag. Why do yon fcaixA eacJr room' about^ ybttf- 

Noi«r that you have difpatdx'dy oar v^^eiWayf' ' 

Frati. O iir, to fee that nothing majr be 1^' • ' ' 
Th^t ever was my wife's : I lov'd ker dearlfy. 
And when I do bat think of her unkindnefs. 
My tho^hts are dl in hclh to avoid which torment, " 
1 would not harea bodkin or a cuff, * ' : 

A bracelet, necklace, or rebato wier ; ^ ■ 

Nor any thing that ever was called her's, * - ■ 

Left me, by which I inig^ iwncmbcr her. 
Seek'xoisQd'idjOQt. '^' < 

Ntc, •SWood mafler, here's beriute fltog;^ In i' cof-^ ' 

Fran. Her Lute ? Oh God ? upon this inflrumcnt ' * 
Her fingers have r^n auick divifion, 
Swifter than ttiat whidi now divkies oar hearts. 
Thefe frets have made me pleafant, that have liow 
Frets of my heart-ftrir^s made, O mafter Crilnwel, ~ " - 
Oft hath ihe made this melancholy wood *'- : 

(Now jnute and dumb for her difaftrout chance) * ' i . 
Speak fwectly many a note i found many a fbaia . : r r^: 
To her own ravifbing voice, which being well fining . 
What pleafant ftrange airs have they jointly rung? . ' 

Poft with it after "her ; now'nothing*s left ; .* ' ' 
Of her and Ker's I am at once bereft. 

Nic. ril ride and over^take her^ do my toeffage 
And come back again. i; - • ,^ 

Cran, Mean time, fir, if you pieafe .^ .-. • 

m to fir Francis Aaon, and inform him * ' - 

Of what hath paft betwixt you and his fifier. 

Fran. Do as you plcafe ; how ill am I beHeai- 
T« be a widower 'e'er xny wife b^ dead t .' * ' 

A IVomajt it ltd wkb Kindne^ r 3 j^ 

Enter mrs. FraniforJ, with, yefkin, htr maid Sify^ hof v, and three atrttru. . . ' 

June. Bid my coach fiav : whvflifxddl nde iiiibu^'> • 
fiemg hurlM folow d^o by tiie iniid of £tfe } > 
A feat like to my fortuiies tet me have ; 
Earth for my chaiTy and for my bed a gnnrc. 

Jfu. Comfort, good miftre^; you have watered yirar 
coacli with tears already : yoa have but two miles now to 
go to your manor. A man camiot lay by my old mafier 
Frankford as he may 'fay by me, that he waatt manors i 
for he hath three or four ; of which this is one that we 
are going- to now. 

^Jly, Goodmiibefsbeof goodchear; forrow yonfee 
harts you, but helps )'0tt not : we all moom to fee yoa 

Cart, Miftrefs, I fee fome of my landlord's tnen 
Come riding poft, 'tis like he brings fome news. 

Jmte. Comes he from mr. Frankford he is welcome^ 
80 U his news becaafe they come from hisu 

Bntiir Nich9las^ 

Nic. There. . 

jfuMi, I knowtEelate; ofthavelfungtotheer 
We both are out of time, both oat of time. 

Nic, Would that had been the worft infbmHent that 
e'er you f^ajr'd on. My mailer commends him unto ye ^ 
there's all he can find that was ever yoen : he hath no-^ 
thing left Chat ever jom could lay daim to but his own 
heart, and he cottld noc afford you that. Ail that I have 
to deliver you is thisi he prays yoa to forget him, and fo 
he bids you farewell. 

Jntif. I thank him ; he is kind, and ever was* 
All you that have true feeling of my grief. 
That know^ 9iy lo&» and have lekntmg hearts, - ^ 
Giid jne about ; and help me with yoor team 
To wa(h n^ fpoOed fins : my late fhail groan ; 
It cannot weep, but Ihall lanient my mean* 

• Enter Wendoll, 

Wend. Purfu'd UrMi horror of a guilty foul. 
And with the fluup fcourge of repentance Mi'd^ 



^ I fly from mine own ibadow. Omyfhai^f - ^ 

What have my parents in their lives^eferv'd. 
That you (hould ky thu penance on tM» itmi ' - -^ 

yfhok I but dunk of mr. Franhford*JB lofir^, '^ 
Andlayittomytreafon, or^ompore ' ^' '^ 

My murdering him for his relieving me, ' ' 
It ftrijces a terror like a light^ning^s flalh 
To fcorchmybloodup. Thns f , like the owt ' 
AHiam'd of day, live indiefe ftiadowywoodsy ' * 

Afraid of every leaf or murmuring blaft, ' 
Yet longing to receive fomc pcrfeft knowledge 
How he hath dealt with her. Oh my fed fate, ' ' 

Here, and fo far from home, and thus attended! ^ 

Oh Godr I havedtvorc'd the troeft turtles 
That ever liv'd together, and being divided . ' * 

In feveral places,, make their feveral moan s 
She in the fields laments, and he at home. 
So poets write, that Orpheus made the trees 
Afld ftones to dance to his melodious harp. 
Meaning the ruftick and the ttarbarous hinds,' 
That had no underftanding part in them : 
So ihe from thefe rude carters tears extra6tsy 

, Making their flinty hearts with grief to rife. 

And draw down rivers from their rocky eyes. 

•jifmi. If you return unto my maimer, 
(Tho/ not from me ; for I am unworthy 
To biail his name fo with a ih*umpet*s tongue) 
I'hat you have feoi me weep, wifh iiC)rfetf deed* • 
Nay^'yon may fay too (for my vow is paft) 
I ^a^ night you faw me eat and drink my laft* 
This to your mafter you may fay and fwear : ' " 

1 For it is writ in heaven, and decreed here. 

Nic. I'll fay you wept : I'll fwear you made me fad. 
Why how noWy eyes ? what now ? what's here to do:) • 

I Tmgone, orlfhftliilraittumbaby too. • ■ ''• 

IVend. I f:annot weep, my heiatt is ^VK kte $ ' - '^ 
Curft be the fruits of my aachaKe defire. > 

! Anne, Go, break this lute on my coaches wheels 

Asthelaftmufidithatl'e'erlhallmake; ' 

I Notas fl>y hufband*s gift, but my farewell 

To «U eanh's joy ; and fo yom mailer t^* ^iV« 

Nic. If I ca« £»r,oryteg. 

Or like a sosA-mm: I fliaU farantick njUL > 

^«ir^. You^YeJ)diddtib6 wcScfa&'ftwteteko&tttA') 
A woman made of tciars : would yoa had wards ^ 

To exprkfs but what yon fee. My iaward giief 
No tongue can utter : vet unto your power 
You may defcribe my forrow^ and difclofe 
To thy lad m^&r my abundant woes. 

Nic, ril do yoor commendations. 

r dare not fp prefume ; "nor td my children i 
Tarn difc^aim'd in both, alas^ I am : 

never teach them, when they come to fpeak. 
To name the name of mother : chide thebr tongue 
J^they by* chance light on that hated word ; 

Tell them 'tis naught : for when that word they name, 
(Poor pretty ibuls) they harp on their own fhame. 

WM, To recompence her wrongs, what can'ft thoa 
do ? 
Thou haft made her htt(btndlefs and chUdlefs too.. 

Jnne, I hfve no mare to Jay. Speak not for me ; 
Yet you may tell your mafter what you fee. 

Nic. ini do't, [Exii, 

JVend, ril fpeak to her, and comfort her in grief. . 
Oh ! but her >votf.nd canned be cur'd with words : 
No matter tho', 1*11 do my beft good-will 
To worit a cure on' her whom I did kill. 

jinue. So, now untamy coach, diento my home^ - 
So to my death-bed; for from this fad hour» 

1 never will nor eat> nor drink, nor tafte 
Of any cates that may preferve my life : 

I never will nor (mile, nor fleep, nor reft. 

Bu^ when .my tears have wafh'd my black foul w^iitc, 

Sweet Saviour to- thy hands I yield my fprite. 

ir«r^, .Ouwc&^rFra^Jrfbrd-^-— • . 

Aine, O for God's feke fly i 

The jioTi! doth come to tempt me e*er I die. 

My coach : this fieod» that with an angd's face 

Conjur'^d mine.kmour,. 'till he fought my wrack, 

: In 

• •r 

i40 kmrnitnimMiB^ma^^, 

IftUiywenttttrtcycfeemsTiglybfcdt'. ' *^ ^ 

Jen. What, mf ybtmg mafler tlntt llWte'l&^irtf 
low come y6u by ycmr ctethrt tgain > Voir liiv^ W^t 
otarhottfQinarweecpackle, ha^ettoC; tKinlcyau?*'ma^\ 
Ihall I fexvc you ftill, 6r cleave tb tht oM Kddfel* " \- 

Wend, Henee, flavfe, away wiA thy unfeafon*d mirth 4 
Unlefs thou cafi*ft (hcd tears, and figh; and howl, 
CurTe thy fad forttineSy and exclaim on Ht^^ 
Thott art not for my turn*. 

Jen, Marry, and you will not, another wi!i: farewell 
and be hangM, would you had never come to have kept 
this quoil within pur aoors, we (hall ha* you run ^way 
like a fnright again. 

Wend, She's gone to death, I live to want and woci,. 
Her life, her fins, and all uporn my head. 
And I muft now go wander like a Cain 
In foreign countries and remoted climes^ 
Wherethereport of my ingratitude * . * 

Cannot be heard, 1*11 over firft to France , ' . . r» 
And fo to Germany ahd Italy 5 

Where when I have recoverM, and by travel " -j 

Gotten thofe perfed tdngue^, and that thefe rumooia 
May in their heighth abate, I will return : , ' 

And I divine (however now dejedted) ' \] .\ 

My worth and parts being by fome great man prabM^ / 
At my return I may in court be raised. , \ L?xit%^ 

Efittr fir Francis y fir XAartes^ Cran^wetf^ ehut^u/anl 

Fran, Brother, and now my wife, I think thefe troubles 
Fall on my head by juflice of the heavens. 
For being fo ftrift to you in your extremities : 
But we are now aton'd. I would my fiflcr 
Could with like happinefs overcome her griefs, ^ 

As we haveours. • ^ . '' 

Suf, Yoa tell us, on*. Cranwell, w^nd*rou9 things^ ' 
Touching the patience of ihat gentleman. 
With wlut ftraiige virtue he demeans his' grief, 

Cran, I told yott what T w& Witnefs Ot ; 

It was my fortune to ledge there tikat night; ^ 

Tran. O that iSoy :itgl^Ay«dDBt *t W Hfr^ . te lO ipm. 

*r^ did cQirropf^ier;; ihe w^ of herfelf 
Ciiafbe ai[|d ^ifotlf d,well^4 Ii».thi»thf liooTe? ^.. 
. (V^ Y«% ^> I taki?ithmyiOttriifterlie9w ^ f' 

^ Frun^ Jyfy brocher Fiankford ihew*4 ^4PAii4 a ipirifr 
Jin the ise3ff!^of£uchf»lQathed crime; / . 
fLc& than Ke did, no num of fpirit could ioi . 
1 am fa far from bkuning his.revenge, * . 

That I conmmid it Had it bieen my caiS;^ 
Their foals at once had from their ^eaib been firoed^ \ 
I>e9th Op fuck deeds of Ihameiftthe4tte meed* . . 

'-; • / • ^ lEnter Jenkin. / / 

^ jen. Omynnftpefs> miftrefs, mypoof miflfefs, , 

Siflj. Alas! that ever I wasbomj wliat fhall i ddfor 
mf poor lAiftrefi t 

G*^. Why, what of her? 

y^t. O lord, fiiv Ihe no foOnet heatd thlt her tirptho' 
and her friends were come to fee how fhe did,* but fli^ 
for very fhame of hn* £uilty confcienee, fell into fach % 
fwoond, that we had ihucU ado to get liife in her. \ 

Suf. Alas! that (heihould bear fo hard a fiite % 
Pity it is repentance comes -too late. - 

ito^f. Is fhe fo weak iri body ? 
• yrtf.Ofiry I can affure youthcre^s no hopeof Kfe in her* 
for ihe ^^ take no fuft'nance: |he hath plainly liarv'4 
h^rfisV, aikl'now fhe^s as lean as a lath/ -5he ever looks, 
for the'good hoar. 'Many gentlemen tind gentleAyomeii^ 
of the conptry are come to contort her. 

,. Enter mr^. Franiford in hir itJtA 

»^ • * 

MaL HowjEmypUi mrs.Fra&kfordl* 

Jnne, SicV ftak» oh fick : - Give me fom» ak. I fTajr. 
^ell me, oh 0dl 9%» . where'iS mr. StAskSsfsd^. 
Will he not deign to fee me e'er I die ? . . - 

Mah .^%s^ a^. Fraakf(»d.: diven gentlesMt 
Your foving neighbourii witb thai jofbreq[aeft, . 
fiitve mov*d and told him of your weak etote^ 
Who^ tho' wk)i4iwch.ado.|»iget.belle4 

Bmnining of tae getyaral f us a w a g a DC Cy v - /^ . .< ^ 
» . A See- 

Ua ji lif^anWd^iiH^miMe^ 

Tfl^ , 

SeekigTMurlbitowtAdTdCii^fttittiMtf; ' " ' . ^ 

And hearing thereWithiffl tH gWaf»defir«- '^ ' ' ' - ^' "^ 
You have to fct him e*d- y o«i left. the ivoM,- 1 ' ^* ^^^^ 
HegavetonshttfklthtOfUto^ui^ ^ '^^' ' x ^' '- ' 
And forche^»« be hcreinHn^k^ely. ' ■ ^^ J ^ t 'l 

^jMf« You hiive half revived me ivitfa the pleaiiifff^ 
news^ ' ' • • ' 

Raifc me a little higher in my bed. . ' * \ 

BliA I not, brother Aaon ? Sfufli I -not; fir Chirks ? 
Can you not read my fetjflt •writ it my chttki • • *^'' 
ts not my crime there? tell me, gentlemieti. " '^ ^' ''** 

dar. Alas ! good mtftrefs, iichnefs hath !iot l^fb y^tt \ 
Blood in your face ^ough to make yott blufii. ^ 
. ^rme. Then ficknels likeafrieiidmy&iilt wimldlddd% 
Ismy'httfbandcome! My foul but tarries 
His arrival, then I am fit for heitven. 
^ jf^M, I Game*to dMe y6u, but mywords of liate^ ' 
Are tumM to pity and compaffionate grief. ^ ^ *. 
I came to rate you, but' my brawls, you fee, • ' * 

Melt into tears,, and I mtAwteji by the«. * ^'^ 

Here's inr-Ftankford iww, 

Satir Frmnkfiri. ' 

.Trmt> Good-monfow, brother; morrowj gendemebf; 
^od, that hath laid this crofs upon our heads,* 
Might (had he pleas'd) have made our caufe of metethig; ^ 
(}n a more fair vctA mord contented ground £ ' ^ 

But l^e that made us, made cTs to this -woe. 

Jkni. And is he come ? Rethinks that voice I know/ 

Fran, How do you, woman > 

Amte. Well, mr. Frankford, wdl| but fliall ^ bitter 
I hope within tlus hour. Will yoa v^Mchbfe 
(Outof yourgrace> and your hnmanitv) 
T« take a fpotted ifarmnpet by the haoa ? 

Fran, This hand once held tny heart filfaifter bevidi ^^ 
Than noV 'tis grip'd by «hn God pardon them 
That made us Mi break hold% . . r^ 

Anne, Amen, amen>. • .i • ' 

Out of my zeal to heaven, wMtfaet rttnofwbotinli ' '*' 
I WIS fo impudent to wifli yon herei 

z And 

'And once more b^ yoioifflirdoii'.- ' jQh f eoOdBsan^ . 
And father to my childre»^ jpardon.m^^ . .a 

3Paidon,^opai^aja^V>iy4uk49iLf0ioiMi^ . 
7*hat if you in this world- ioigive at t^y ' - . 
Heaven will not dear it in the world to cone. 
Saiptneis haih $> ufurp'd upon my knee^ 
That kneel I cannot : But on my hearths knees 
My proftrate foal lies thrown down at your feet 
To beg your g^cious pardon : Pardon, O pardon sici ^ 

f^^lf . A« finely from the low depth of my fouL 
As my redeemer hath for us given his death, 
I jpardon thee { I will fhed tears for th^e; 
Pray with thee ; and in mere pity of thy weak efiafic^ 
I'll wiifa to die with thee. 

JIL So do we all. 

iViV. So will not I; ^ : 

ril^handfob, butbynry &ith»Qt(fie« 

^^(W. Oinr.F^tsnkford, all. the sear dliance; , J, 
i lofe by her^ fiattbe fupf^yM in thee ; 
You are my bro^MTt by ^e..pie4lreft way, . 
Her kindred hath M'n oiF, but yours dodi Aay» 

Fran. Even as I hope for pafdon at ttetd^tf^ 
^^hen the great judge of heaven in ftarlet fits, 
"So he thou pardon'd* Tbo' thy ralh ofenc^ 
I)ivorc'd our boc^j t)^ repentant tears 
Umte:Our fouls* .. . ^ 

Char, Then comfort, miftrefs Frankford, * 

You fee your hufband hath forgiven your faU i 
Th^ rouze,y^ar fpH^V ^ ^ttr your faiotii^ fouln 

Suf. How is it wifli yXiu^l 

Jfim^ Hqm^ d'ye fed ybutfeif) 

Jnne, NoJ^ qf.tlm^w^xld. ^ 

Fran, I fee you ar^ Boliy aiid I weep toiee itn- 
Wy wife, the mothftFjto my pi«Uy babes; . 
JBot]^]^^^4Q^|i9^^ I dQrfeftor^ thee back> 
And with^a Icjfs [ .wed ^e q^»se again : 
Tho^ thou art wbunded in thy honoured nam^ : 
And with that grief upon thy death-bed lieft, 
Hondt^t-^r^. .^P^ ^ ^ ^^^ <^* 

iU Ammurt M^ ^tb Kw4ntfs, 

* Anm* PardonVlo9 eaxth, fouU thou m heaven art fiijp 
Oncfc more ; diy wife idles thus embracmg thee. 
trmi^ New inarriecL and new widow*di ohj ihe^ 

ieid,- •/' ^ ' : \r^^ 

And a cold grave muft he her nuptial bed. 

Ckar, Sir, l)e of good comfort i and your heavy 
]HurCeqf^yamoiigftu€:^ft9rms4ivide^ . • 
Abate their ibrce, and with lefs rage are guided. 

G-ifm, Do, mafter Frankford ; he that hath ItjA part. 
Will iiiid enough to drown a troubled heart. 

jf^on. Peace with thee. Nan. Brother and gctlempi^ 
(All we that can plead intereft in hpr grief) 
Beftbw upon her body funeral tears. * 

Brother, had yon with threats and u£ige bal 
JPuniih'd her iui, the grief of her offence 
Had not with (uch tipiieibriow touched her haai^. 

Frati. I fee uW not: therefore on her grave 
Will I |>efbw this funeral epitaph, * - ^^ 

Which on her marble tomb ihall be encrav^d^ 
In golden letters fhaH thefe words be fiu*d, • */* 



E PI L O G U E. 

jf^ htmfi crewj diffofed to be merry ^ 
•*^ Came to a tavern by^ and calPdfor itfine: 
^Ibe dranver brought it (fmiling like a cherry) 
And told them it *wm plea/ant^ neat and fine, 

Tafieit^ qstoth one 7 he did^ fief (quoth he) 
This wine n^as good ; now^t runs ^00 near the lee^ ' 

Another fy^d to ginfe the wne his due^ 

And /aid unto the refi it drunk too flat ; 

TAr third faid^ it ivas old; the fourth^ too nevo ; 

/7^9 ^uoth the fifths tbejharpnefs likes me not, 
Thus^ gentlemen^ youfee^ bo^w in one hour 
^he inine 'was new, old, fiat^Jharfy fiweet, and ^aar^ 

Vnto this nvine we do allude our play ; 

Which fome fwill judge too tri^vial^fome too grawe : 

fou as ourguefts ive entertain this day^ 

A»d hid you ^welcome to'the heft ive ha've : 

Excufe us then} gpod nvine may he difgrac^d^ 
When every Jcveral mouth hath Jundry tafte^ o EAST.' 

'\. ■ 1-1 .- 


4 • 


.''▼ ? ^ \ 

» .-Ov : 

f • 

* •* \ 

\ . '» 

B^^? Johnson,- ^^fedR^itpii ApW-^^ 
tf/ra John Marston. 

- Y Gz r^/* 

C H^: ] 


nrms FJ^ was the joint JProduShn^ ^f 
^ Ben Johnfon, Chapman^ and 'Marfton.^ 

Ji was firft printed in 1 605, and was ocet 
iy a Play cf Decket^s^ galPd WtftwBxd Hoe. 
JFhat Part each Autber bad in the Cmpcfitim 
af this Pky^ may perhaps he dtfictib to i^f^ : * 
tut ftm the CorrWnefsand^ Regularity of the 
Planj one would he aj^t to give that Part of^ 
it to B^n Johnfon. V/ was fome Tears a^^ 
revived an4 altered hy.Mr. Tate, tofar m/^ 
i^ CuckoldV Haven. . ^ 


> t < 


^ r H9 1 


-I ' 

Pk O L O G U E. 

^ir f <«/ ?/^«rtJf , (fir fheri's M effea^ - 

^^ ^Bete there* s no Cimfi:) mrhut of tmitatiw^ 

For ^tua bave Evermore been imi toted ^ 
Kor^-'O^of^rx^ftftttiion io do ht(er, • 
Th^m that nvhich is ^(^(d to oitrt in tithi 
/Vr /jjtf / ^as goo,^^and letter cannot Be, 
Jindfir the title^ if it feem affeB^d^ 
IFle mighf as *we!i have calPdii, God you goodrwen f 
Oid^JSil<U -id/hoard, 'J^efivnards ftitl exceeds i / 
Honour the Juris fair jrifingy not hlsfyttingt, ^ 
Nor is our title utterly , enf ore'' d^ • 
Jishji^'foii^MJiie touch at you Jhall-fee^ >- i 
Bear fwith our 'willing fainr\ if dttlV or ^iiiittyi 

mm^mftiWtotkftitu '.- " : ' \' 

,% .^ •4 

6j Dta- 

I i^c3 j 

Dramatis Perfonae. 

CfOuchfioMi ; an hondU goldmfmith In the cliyv 

-* ^ckfiher-, va rake,ria« :jittiti«^# ' . - " . . /; 

Cvldingi his fober 'pfcntice. * * 

Security i 2jioiAvS}anfs. 

MramtUi aJawyer. . ^. ..■ . .ir, .. 

Seagull captain of a fliip. 

Sh'tguf; a butcher's *«fl«ntlce* ^ , - 

PMa^i 2L French ts^QY. 

Woff^ ' } *^^ ^®^'* bdongiqg to the Con\pjfciS 

* • r 

Jlfr/. Touchfiimei the goldftnitVs wife. ' 

CiV/rft/; her daughter, that affoaai© hwiitt^^yi' " 
Mildred I her g^od daughter. ...:., r.. ^\v • - • 
J^/«j^^; Security V wife. ..,,., , . ,. 

Sjndefyi a caft-miftrefs of Qgickfilvcf «; ''\-""* • ' * 

. • ./fri. JR?«^, Mrs, Gazer, Bettrice, Hamhr, Poffhf^ 
' f^gfp Footman, Conjiatles, Pri/oners, &c^ 

' ).^'^ 



\ >5' 1 

Eastward Hoe, 

Aa.1. Scencl. 

"inter wuiffr Touehfiaiie end ^idtlflver at fivtral detn^ 
'^Uijihotr viith bh hat, fttnfi, ^rt fivtrd and Jagr 
.ger, Mid a raciet tvafs'S up utiiier tit ekak. At tbt 
middle dver, ealer Gelding,; dijcirvtrii^ a galdfmith'i 
fi^t and he •waliiiigfiert lurai itfart itj 

Smidf. JfltlPfifi N" D whither with yon now? w^ 
, loaie ttftion are yoa bound Fof \ 
\ come, what comrEdes are yon to 
( meet wJthal ? where's the fupper I 
' wliere't the rendezvous ? 
*/«i. Indead, andmreiy good fobcr truth, fir— ■ 
5««rf^ Indeed, and in very good rob« cnitb, fir?. 
Behind niy 'back thou wift fwtar fiiSer than u Prenifh 
^t^ioy, vsA talk more bacdilyfhan a common milj< 
Wifej sndtKJw, indeed snd in very good fobertrutl^ 
fir; bM-iPai»:iTy 'barck fiiouU be m^e, with whac 
(uniture-areyov rig^ditowi Simli, I tell thee I am thy 
tinft<^ WiHiaBl TwKhftooe gtdd&iith, aud ihou -my 
,* C 4 'pTcnticef 

^^pmtice, Fflmci» Qokkfihrez^ «iid I wai.6eiidiitM 

' ^ou are running. Work upon that menu, 
, S^ufck, Why, fir, I Jtf>pe a man maj nfe iMJ^xptSxM 
wjtb lus mailer's profit. 

Touch, ^prentices recreations are ie}dQiii ^a&k ihidf 
mafter'^s profit. Work ufon that wfw, Tou ihall ws% 
up your doak, tho* you be no alderman. Heyda^rf 
ruffians! ha! fwordi pumps! here's a racket, indeed I 

IToHci. M^loaks ^2^* 

^ick. Work upon that now* p. 

Touch, Thou Jhameleis varlet, do'il than jeit at tkf' 
lawful mader, contraiy to thy indentures ?. 

j^/Vi. *Sblood, iir, my mother^s a gentlwoman, and 
my father a juftice of peace, and of quontmi <93bA 
tho* I am a younger brodier, and a ^prendcc^ yet» I 
hope, f am my father's fon ; and, by god'ffid, *XiS Cot 
your worfhip, and for your conunodity, that ^ I keqi 
jcompany. I am entertained among gaHants, *ti8 trae^; 
they call me coufin Frank, right; T lend them monies, 
good ; they fpend it, well : But when they are fpent, 
muft not they drive to get more? muft not their land 
file I and to whom ? (hall not your woiihip ha' the ro* 
fufal? Welly I am a good member of the city, if I were 
well confidered. How would merchants thrive,^ if 
jgentlemen would hot be unthrifts ? how could gexme* 
men be unthrifts, if their humours were not fed ? how 
Should their humours be fed, but by white meat, tcA 
cunning fecondings ? Well, the city might confid^r .u% , 
I am going to an ordinary now ; the gallants fall to play ; 
I carry light gold with me; the gallants call, couiin 
Prank, fome gold for iilver : I change ; gain by it i 
the gallants lofe the gold, and then caU, coufin Franky 
lend me fome fdver. Why— 
, Touch. Why ? I cannot tell j feven fcore pbiu^d art 
thou out in' the cafli ; but look to it, I i^ill not be galf 
latited out of mv monies. And as for my rifing by oUior 
mens fall, God fhield me ( Did I gain toy wealth by 
ordinaries f no: by exchanging of gold ? no: by.keep-» ^ 
ing of gallants compamr .' no : I hir'd me a little ihop* 
fought Jow^ took vwX gain, kept no debt bpok, j»r« 

ISapward Hoe. • ♦^ 

^ jffllief ttty -ihop^ for want of piate, witk good, wfcoUboit* 
thrifty fentcnccs * as, Toitchfione^ hef tiy finofy ani th^ 

'^'''-p^-mlhhep^hitr lAght gains mukebewvy furfii, ^Tis 
good to Be merry and n^/e. And when I was wiv'd^ Bar- 

^-^Ifig fi>metHri\g to fHck too, I had the horn offuretiihip 

^ tHT jjcforc my eyes. You all know the device of the 
>oro, where the young fellow 111|k in at the butt-end, 
«ftd<osn^ fque^'d out at th£ baclcall : and I grew up; 
wsd^ I praife providence, I bear my brows now a» 11X^1 
2fi thebeft of my neighbours : fiuttkoa — ^Well, took k> 

' the^aceoonts ; your &ther*s bond liea for. yoa : ievM 
icore pound is yet in the rear.. 

' '- ^mek. Why» *iljd, fir, I have as good^ as proper 

"gallants words for it,, as any are in London : genUemen 
-of good phrafe,. perfect language,, paflingly Dehav^d ;* 
gallai^ that wear focks and clean Unen, and call me 
Itizid C4;mfin Frank ! good couiin Frank ! for thcjr 
know my &dier : and, by ^od^ilid^ (hall not I ttuft *eni? 

Enter a Page^ as enquiring for Touchjione^s Jkof^ 

Gold. What do ye lack, fir \ what is*t you'll buy, fir ? 

7oucb^ Ay, marry, fir, there*s a youth of another 
piece ! there's thy feUgw-'prentice, as good a gentlenxaa 
fcbrn as thou art : nay, and better meanM. But does he 
pump it, or racket it ? Well, if he^ thrive not, if. he 
out-lail not a hundred foch crackling bavins as thou 2^ 
God and men neglect induftry. 

Gold, It is his ihop, and here my mailer walks. 

[7> the Paffi 
' Touch, With me, boy ? / 

Pi^gK My mafter, fir Petronel Flalh, rccomgicnds hU 
love to you, and will inftantly vifit you. , , , . " 

[Touch, To niake up the match with my eldeft dau^* 
fer,' my wife's dilling, whom fhe longs to call madam*, 
Rie fiiail find me unwillingly ready, boy. [ExttPag(\ 
There's another afflidion too. As I have two 'prenticem ;. 
the one of a boundleCs prodigality, tlie other pf a moii 
hopcfol ind\iftry : fo have I only two danghtcrs ; the;. 
c}deft^ of a\ proud. amUtion, aad nice wantonncrs ; tli« ' 
* '■'-- ^ S othfrji 

3^^ .Safh^ttr^-Not.- 

•tifljfer, '# V'ttotteft htnttilhy; ^ttd Im^ "^XcrS^, 

^he one muftbe ladyficd, forfototh, lat*I be AttitM jiJfttd 

the co\irt-cuf; endlong tat!. So far b-flie iff-natur'^ t^ 

-the place ^nd- means of my preferment and fortune,- that 

•^c ^row9 all the contemj^t and def fight,* hatredlhfclf 

•<fan eift upon it. Wdl,' fe piece of land iHc has*; *twas 

her grdndmotheffe gtft j let her, and her fir Petroncl, 

^flafh out that : but as At mv fiMiance, fhe that icorm 

*lmty )I5 1 Um a' ckhoi >Q)kl tradefman, (hall liinrer ^ai&pir 

her pride withrmy hidUftiy : ihdUnev«r ofe mcas lAcn do 

Ho^t6& 5 *ke§pthemfelw6HMarm in the'fldn, rattd^throw^die 

body that bare it to the d\Mg^l. ^I mud ^ eittercaiii 

nhrsiftr PfetA«ifet. XJifliUng, niy iihn<Jft care's. for thee, 

and oifly truft in thfce j lock to the ftiop. As foriroat 

Jmafter 'Qviickfilver,tthiftk df hniks j for thy wwfc 'is 

=5furinirig direftly tothe prodigal's hog-tnaugh.* Hit&si 

"^rah! Work upon that iwM*;. * [BxH T^iuh, 

''"■ ^Uk, Marry, pko, ^oodnjanTPkt-cap: ?«foot, thb* 

I am a 'prentice, I can give arms : my father's a jtiffcices* 

peace by defcent j and, 'Mood— 

GoU, tit, how you iW^r ! 

^ick, 'Sfoot man^ 1 am a gentleman, and may f^ear 

* by my pedigree. JGod's my life, firrah •Golding, wilt 
'be ruled by a io(A ? turn good fellow, turn fwagg«r- 
'ing gallant 5 and i&t'the 'welkin r$ar^ antlErilms alfi^ 

Lo^ not weftward to the fail of don Phc^bus ; but to tbe 
itaft, Eajhward hoe. 

•* where radiant beams of Jufty Sol appear, 

*^ And bright Eoui ntdkes the <we/kin t/ear, 

•WeWc'both gentlemen, and therefore ftiould be nocox» 

combs : let's be no longer fo6ls to this flat-cap, Touch- 

*^flone, eaftward bully ! this fattin belly,', and canvas 

back'd Touchilone — 'Slife, man, his father w^ a mak« 

"man, and his another fold ginger>breiad in Chrift><;hurch. 

• ' Gold. What would you ha' hie do ? /" 

^ick. Why, do nothing: be like a gentleman, 

' hk iSIe ; the curfe of nan is labour. Wipe thy 

btmiwith teftoons, and make ducks and drakes with 

iKilliijgs. What, Eafh*^ hoe ! wilt thou cry, whatis't 

vrs^laick ? fland with a bare pate, -and a dropping nofe 


ta4cr:t.'fropdeti.peiiiUhoufe» and. ait a gentleman i wik 

^^ : faEar.- taokards, ap.d . jnay *il bear ann&? 3e.rul'tf» 

^Qiat^aUant, Ea&wsad toe ^ ta^ lyre^ lyre^ ro, Who^c^ 

JgriTtoffUL?. , Sfeak, hers^ Gods fo» Jiow like-^ 

flKucp tiuHi lo^-ft ! A' jny coioicience, fame . cow-hoiL 

>b^at.tliee, thou Golding of Goldii^-hail ! Ha, boy I ^ 

1 ,G«^ Go,. ye axe a |fflodigal cosccomb ! I a. cow-besdfs 

Ifim i becaufe.I tanuxot a drunken, whore-hunting mkc- 

Jiell, like^byfelf. \He offers to dranjj^ and Golding tr^ 

upMs luilf, a9db$Us him. 
. '. Quick. Rake-bcll, rake^U ! % 

,. Cudd* Pifh.; in Toft terms, you are a cowardly brag- 
ging boy ! rU ha* ye wh^» 

^ikk. Whipt ? that's good, i'faidi \ Untrufs me^— . 
Gold, No ; thou w3t undo thyfelf. Alas! ;I behold 
Ace with4)tty, not with ai^er. Thou common fixoit- 
cl<^ guB of all companies ! methinks I fee thee alroa- 
dy waiting in Morefields, without a cloak; with hal£» 
Jiat^ without a band ; a doublet with three buttons ; 
without A' girdle.; a hofe, with one point ; and no gar- 
ter; widi a cadgdimder thine arm, borrowing and beg- 
. ingithree pence. 

^/Vi. Nay^ ^ilife, take this, and take all : as I am a 
^endemux bom, rU be drunk, gcow valiant, and b^t 
I thee. [Exit. 

Gold* Go, thou moft madly vain f whom nothing can 
.recover, but that which reclaims atheifb, )and makes 
great perfons fometimes religious, calamity. .As %ar my 
place and life, thus I have read : . . 

• Wha^\ir fome riminer youth meg term difgr ace f 
The gain of honefi fains is ne^er hafe : 
From trades f/rom arts, from 'valour honour fpings % 
Thtfe three are founts ofgmtry, yea ofkings^ 

* ft 

Enter Girtred^ Mildred^ Bittrieiy and Poldofvy a ieytm*. 
Poldaiy *witb a fairgotun^ Scotch farthingale^ umka 
Trench fall in his arms, Girtred in a French head at* 
tire J andacitixen'^s gonuny MiMrtdfowing i and Sst* 
trici kading a monkey after her^ . . 


G 6 Gir. 

^Gin For tfaepaffion* of fotieno^' Jook i{t£f PdroBifr 
appMmch 1 that fiMct, ^i^t^ne, tWcMcaie^ tka>«c^ft#' * 
l<we1s &ke» tell me if Jie come i >Qhy fift«y MiUy tho' on^r ^ 
father be a low-capt tradefmaiiyr yet I v^jxfi bea^lady: 
smd I piaife God my mother mu^ call meaouktf. I>q^ 
ha come ? off with this gown f^ fhamo's fakc^ .off. with 
this govm ! let not my knight take me in the aity^aty aa 
any hand : tear't ! pox on't (does he come f ) tear't off I 
Tins mjhi/fi J^e JkipSj I farr§w for her fakt^ Ssc. . 

Mil. Loid,Mer» with what an imnu)deft xmpatiency^ - 
and diigraceful (corn, do you put off yourdty tire ! I am, ' 
ibny to think yon imagine to right yoorfel^ in wroagiog 
that which hath made both yon and us. 

GfT/. I tell youy I cannot endure it s I muilbeala<- 
dy : do y oa wear your qnoiff, with a London lickct ; your - 
fiam^ petticoat, with two' guards ; the bu^A gowB^ 
with thetufiaffitie cap, and the vdvet iace : I muft b&a . 
lady, and i willbea lady. I like fome hnmoor^ of thft 
city dames well : To eat cherries only at an angel wl 
pound, good; to dy rich fcarlet, Uadc, pMCty % ta 
line a grognun gown dean throu^ with vdvet, tole<-. 
rable; their pare linen, their fmocks of three poood. ft 
fmock,'ai3etoi>ebom withall: but your mincing nice- 
ries, taffata pipkins,, durance petticoats, and fibrer bi)d- 
kin9*-^God's my life, as I fhaU be a lady, I cannot fea« 
dure it. Is become yet^ Lord» what a kng knight 
^tis ! jind en)€r Jhe crfd, Jhoot bome^-^oA, yet I kmir 
one k)nger-«-^JMf evir Jhg crfd^ frwt home j /5r, la^ Jf^ 

re^Io, U. 

Mil. Well, fifter, thofc that fcom th«r neft, oft ifip 
V'ith a fick wing. 

€ir: Bbw-bell ! 

MiL Where titles prefume to thruff before fit means 
to fecond them, wealth and refpedl o^en grow fallen^ 
and "will not follow. For fure In this, I wookLibr your 
fake I fpake not truth. Where ambitiou (ffiaa goes ie^ 
forefitnefs ofhirthy contempt and di/gracefdUvi. 1 heard 
a fcfaolar once fay, that Ulyffcs, when h0 coonterflsited 
himfelfmad, yoak^d cats, and foxes^ and, dogs. Dogetiier» 
to draw his plough, whiles he followed and fonied (ak^ 
•'» * : But 

aI]|im1uiigl]k!^^ WeQ,HBfter,.pn^ :G^ my fatli«r fowl 

^M Ak^fmrMillJ wksn I ama lady^, l*]i"pniy:fb«'« 
tlieeyy<^i*^Kith: najr^ aad Til voucfaikfe to calithevt 
fiflec J4ifll, iliU } £ot tho' thou artnoe like to be a lady, ^ 
as r am, yet fare thoa art a creature of Ged*s makingi 
and mxy^ft^pendresnaxc be&v*d as foon as I, (does'£e^ 
tQW^^^jimd infer mttd am9LjBkdomhled in -her foug. 
Now, (laflty^s jnycomfoit) what a profane ape's hereS^ i 
X^TMI^oldavis^ pr'ythee £t]t^ fit it ! isthii a right Scot^ ' 
Does it clip dofe ? and bear up rosnd } 

Bold;. Fine and ftifly» i*faith ; it will keep your thighs 
^ 'C0ol^ and make your waHl fo fmall \ Here waa a ikalt 
in yoor body; bat I have fuppUed the defeft, with the 
eied of mjr ftoel iuftroment ; which, tho^ it have bot^ 
ooe eye, .can -fee tafedify che impeifedion of the prCK 
portion* • ^ . , ^ . 

• GiV. Moft ectifying taylor! I proteft, you t^oes aio-. 
»eft fan6lilied memwrsi and make ma»y ctooked thiog 
go Qprig^t; How muft I bear my hands ? light ? lights 
FoU. O ay, now yoa am in the ladyiafliion, yott 
2BB&do>all thb^s light. Tread light, light; ay,< ami 
fall fa : diat's the court-aiid>le, [She trips, about $bifi^^ 
' 'G^4 Has the comt ne^er a trot ^ - 
Bdd. No, hnealaUe gallops lady. 
.Cir^ Amdifjbenxfiilnptgotobeii. . \€ai^mK 

J^#» The knight's come^ forfooth. 
• ■ , »* 
Enter fir Petronel^ mr. Touchftone, audtmt$, Touchfione* 
Gir. Tsmy knight come ? O the lord» n^ hufbu^d^ 
Sifter^ do my cheeks look well ? give me a little h^x o^ 
the ear that I zoay feem to blufh. Now, nowf ,f<^i 
there h there I here h.e it ! O my deareft delight I hti I 
lotd ! and how djoes my knight? » 

Temcb, Fie, with ^noic-modelly. 
Gk-. Modefty ! why, I am no citizen now. Ma- 
defy ! am I. not .to be married } y'are beft to keep me 
sndeft now I am 10 b9 a bdy. ! ^ 

Sir Pit, 

Sir Pa. BoViads it a gotd 6&ioii, «nd ^i^nft-Vkt^ \ "* 

d>. Ay, ina countxy ia4y I hope kisf 93 J ituiUlpf jii» 
Vbul how chtn^ye ouneao fooaer, kf|igJ^U , t « r.- ^ 

Sir Pei. Faith, I was fo entertained iu the prQ^:«& wki» 
file, count BpenuAun, a Wekh.kni^t ; we had a matdx 
fit Balooix too with my lord Whachwn^ foribm €roiios4. 

Gir. At fiaboon? Jefii ! you and J ^ill plaf at jBa« 
iioon in the country* , 

. ^iri'^/. Ofweetlady, 'tisaftrongpby wiikth«attB* 

Gir, y/ith arm or leg, €xt any ^othormembccj if it bf 
m court-fport. And when ihali's b&manied, my knight t 

Sir Pit. I come now to confummate it.; and yvoxj^ 
ther may call a poor knight, ion in law* 
- Mr, T9uch, Sir, ye aw come; what is not mine to 
keep, I muft not be forry to fej-ego. A hnndied pound 
Jand her grandmother left her ; 'tis your*s : herfelf (^ 
her mother^s gift) is your's. fiut if yoa oacpoft w^js^ 
from me, know, my hand and mine eyes x)pea- together i 
I do not give blindly. Work upen that now* t 

• Sir Pit, Sir^ you miibrttft not my means I lam a knight* 

Touch, Sir, fir, what I know not» you will give me 
leave to fay I am ignorant. of.. 

Jliir/. Tmch, Yes, that lie is a knight; I know where 
he had money to pay the gentlemen uiheis and hesalda 
«thehrfees« Ay, that he is* a knight, and fb might you 
have been too, if you had been aught elfe than an afs, 
as well as fome of your neighbours. . An I thought you 
,<would not ha* been knighted, (as I am an.honeH wo- 
man) I would ha' dubb'd you myfelf. I piaife God* I 
have where withal. But as for you, daughter-^ 

Gir. Ay, ntother, I muH be aiadyto*ni&rrow :.and^ 
:fay your leave, mother, (I fpeak it not without my duty, 
but only in the right of my hufband) I muft take place (^ 
^ou, mother. . . 

. Mrs. Touch. That you ihall, lady-daughter; and haiQC 
a coach as well as I too. . \ 

Gir. Yes, mother. But, by. your leave, mother, (I 
Xpeak it not without my jduty, but only in my Jmib^d's 
j-ight) my coach*hories muil take the wall of your 


' Toiftk. ©wfte, toiSjc, thetla^ gr6wHov r »t5 ftppor- 
tittie.* 'Ufemy houfei the wedding folemnity is at my 
wife'scoft; thnak'me for nothimg bat my willing hiefling: 
fbr'^I'temoi feign) my hopes are faint. And, fir, rc- 
ipe3^«my dangter: ihe has refused for you, wealthy and 
•koaeft^ini^ches ; JciNrarn good men, well named, better 
traded, befl reputed. % 

Gir. B6dy^^a;txuih(, cttken&l citia9eos!'fw0et knlghf,^ 
a&foon as ever we are married, take me to t^ merfy 
edtQfthis'fidfeitd>le^ityhprcf«ii^y1 carry me out df the 
foe&t of NewcaiHe "coal, asd the hearmg of Bow«bell, 7I 
bdktdi tliee^ 'dow» widi me, for God's hke, 

Tcuch. Weil, daughter, i ha:v:e read that old ^itfingi ; 
*rhe gr^ateft ri'vers fmv from Utile Jfrings, 1 

f'lvfi^ ibtmvri fili^ fnm H9t ^fy nutans at firfi ; 
Me^Aat has tnafidrtork^ may^famtefi heutkirfi^ 
W0rici!iponth^iiM»w. ; 

Jllhm^wehfimM, Mildred, erndGolHifeg depart. 
No, no i yonder iknd my.hopes. :Mildied, come hither, 
.daughter: And how approve you your 4fter'8 failuott^ 
how do you fancy her choice^ 'M/hat'ddft^thou think ? 
Mil, I hope, as a iiter, well. . 
Touch. Kay but, tiay, but how doeft .thou like her be- 
liaviour and humour ? (peak fr^ly. * 

'Mili I am loath'to ifoeak Jll j -andyet, I am forry Cff 
this Icaimotfpeakwell. 

Touch. Well ; very good ; asM would wifli : a mbdeft 
anfwer. Goldmg, come hither : . hither Golding. Hdw 
doeft thou like the knight, fir Flalh ? does he not look* 
big ? how lik'ft thou the elephant ? he fays, he ha^ ^ 
■xaftlein l3ie country. 

Gold, Pray heaven, tfce elephant carry nothis caMe 
on his back. ^ 

Touch. 'Fore heaven, very well: but ferioufly, how 
.doe ft -repate him ? 

Gold. The beft I can fay of him is, I know hkh not. 

Touch, Ha, Golding, I commend thee ; I approve 

ce ; and 'w31 makeit appear, my aiFeftion is ftrong 'to 

thee. My wife has tor humour, and i will ha' mine. 

^ . Do'H 

fidef tiMta fte my ilMgtor beie 9 ii« is net finivvAtt. 
€inro«red or kt indiffeMfti wlikk waode&rmeiiateimf 
beauty, flull not make it thy only work 4o wifeiiiwBS; 
»orfuficient mifchance to iiifpeft iBefr " Tltou^tow- 
•nilyi (heisniodeft; tfaoiiartpR>vkiantrte v-cawfuL 
Siie^s now mine : give me thy hand, iheV aoirtiaiie^ 
if^or^ upon ti^af nrw. ■ t 

* GvU. Sir»a5y<Mir£m»I JtOBmvTKtt; a&dasyoorfer* 
vastf 9 obey' yon. '*■* 

Tomei^. Say'ft thou fo ? Cooie hidier, HiiUivd. I>» 
70tt feeyon fellow f He is a genthman^ -(ilio'^iiiy^ptai* 
tke) and hat fomewhat to tske too ; a yoatirtof gdvd. 
hope ; well friended^ weU parted. Are you mine^ yo« 
are his. fFcrk j$u upM that new. 

MA Sir, I am ail yoar*s ^ yoor body gsve nr lifif $ 
your care and love» hs^inefs tk life t let your virtaelllill 
direA it i for to your wifdom 1 wholly difpofe myfyMp^^ 

^omrh, Say^ thou fo ? Be yon two better aeqwuntedf 
Kp her, lip her, knave I fo, fitot up : In. «Wi^ jii^ 
mafce holiday. [Exit G^liL-mmiimjL 

Wlncbt*^iwes the hfft, tbememw^^Uftj ivve: 
Whither ft nueMock, wvw^d ^ixt like and Ukev ' 
Or prouder bofes^ lAihicb daringiy el^^frike t 

*rbeir -pla$e and means. [To the aadienee.^ ^7u Mefi 
ifme*s expence, ? ^ 

When feendnglightnep hears a woraifmfe. 
Work npon that now. * ? 

Ad, 11. Seen. I; y* 

*/ . . ■ . ■ . . * ■ * J ■ • ^ ■ ' 

Twchffone, Goldingy and Mthh^y fitting ^-ehbet^Jidi^ 
;• • theftaU. " ' ' ^•': 

Vouch, f^ tJicfcTilvcr ? maiiter Ftands Qoiet^MHI^' 

Vf^ maiftcr.QtuckfilYerl /.*•.'- 

^^ Enter ^kkfiPver, - . - ' u- -- 

'^ci. Here, fir— ^ump. Iwrcit. 

•mA-mtf^ jftmBin' -adfiitiom) wtt isBBk yw I- WiU ]KNP 

■^ - - - -^ - jS— > 

SBtt SlQn^Kf 

.^Eu-i. 'Tis but the coldneft of my Aooiach, forfootlu 
. fmd^. Wltft!. ] M w^y» mtiiec>iifei>atBiaJ6yiti 7'are 
a Tery learned dronkard. I believe I ifaall imfr fimecrf' 
iiqr filviBf •%aati^ «idi y>wir kuiiing. T^oapiialttiglil; 
wdi HOC moiften ysmx. thfOi( i^BcSndy, but the iaom« 
iogrlihrajfe floail Jiiii iier dew9 into yoiup gkittooout 
JKmnd* . . r 

^fVi. An't pleafe yoa, £r^ we did but drink (amp) 
tetbecxiamg off of the knighdy bridegroom, 
. tfmi. To the coming off an him? z 

^^. Aff foribotki we drank tp hU coming oii 
(oii^) when we went to bed ; and now we are ap^ wff 
mAdgptak torhis cmeag off: £Mr thaH's tbe:chief hoaour 
of ajoUier, &r, and therefore we muSt dxwk fa muA 
the more to it, foj^dw-fiunp^ . 

T§ucif, A very fiapkal eeaion I So that, you go t» bea 
late^ and rife, early to commit dronkenni^^.; Yoa fulfil^ 
the icriptare vety fofident wkkedly, fcdboth. . . 
' ^Vi.:The Mgbtls j»eib forlbotbi, be ftiU a* thdM 
knees at it — amp; and becaofe *tis for youjr aedit, fir, I 
would be loth to .flmcb.' . . .^ 

Touch, I pray, fir, e'en to *em agftin then : y'are onQ 
of the ieparated crew $ one of my wife's fadion, and my 
Xp^Jbdy's i wkh wb»m». ax4 mtk their gjujs^t malx:h|| 
X wiu have nothing to do. 

^ick. So, fir, now I will go keep my (amp) credil 
with them; an't pleafe you, fir. 

Touch, In any cafe fir, lay one cup of fack mote a* 
fEHlr^.fiokUQfla9<4^ I befeech you^ . > 

^ick. Yes, forfooth. [Exit ^Uk^ 

Touch. This is for my credit ! Servants ever maintaii% 
4|i9|keiUiei^ in their maker's houfe,fQr their ipa^'s oe^ 
dit; a good idle ferving^man's reafoaf I tlunic time, 
theo^tispafi; I ne'er w«k'd to foch coft ; I think w^ 

v. ... ' . *ayc 

hmt Aofr^a mmst -ten cSJUk k o« MUiis tUm^trtrr. 
iNi|th?»«rk xMdhred i ^ui&iir wui&tt why xs^ hoofettinfi. , 
giddy with it: aodixiDxe mfe inittdiiipDuwt^a^^QcmdmCw.^ 
Ah me ! even bea& amiiBiim'-^9iir^lHiia>i]Qri WeU^ 'tis. 
OQr ci^'s fault J :wUch»^ becaufe we commit leldoi% we 
commit the more AnfoUy. We lofe no tim« ift onr foif- 
ftaiitje, 3>ut we nkkeBmeiidsibr itc O^tkat w^ wocdddo 
ib in viita^ andfel^toasaB^igMieer.! fittt«iee,'^ 
sll •tiie'fober parcels my hodb can (hew. I'll e«vie$ drop^ 
iMftr what. thoBghts they stter this morning. 

.JBMUr GMii^ ami Miidred, 
JQM^ Bns is sitf><^ilak,..thatft>a.fsme^i70«.fl^ 

Jprefer'd to the bed of a knight, ihoald contain your 4li^ 
edions*mt£hemM of a 'pvintiert 

Mil, I hadorathsr mwce up tke ^gutastiti'JaS 'smf^A 
fe£Uons in fome of the «fame piece, than, like « fttolj, 
w«ar vpiwss 4^ cfWo oofeorsy or mix iackdoth w^ 
fitttin. • V 

i)f ^fhuly, ^liie fiiiuon, />t>blepwiiob, .aiulisevteii«e pii^* 
per to fach preferment, nq nfereiintoRie you» thui fticll 
convMidiice as'my {)OOr'jn«ans:jUKi'iiialii&py cvm^fer to 

MrV. I.hafvieobf<^v'd<tii«t/^brfdte giwn to^tlioie ^ 
okftt latbries •4>f :£mi»ie, k felOMai M^wrer'd : they 
iie$Qr:o0eh«8idUiisin-dtlire,:fjF<Mn one novelty^toan^dieri 
ftnd whore thofe ranging appetites ^i^n, ^hente^is ever 
moM pofidn ^n' mion i iSo Hayv ^^^ 4> no-hapipnefs, 
Thefehafty advancements ^»re not natnnd. Ntftnrehatil 
giveA«5i|eg%^ {o^looMT'Ol^j^edsi not wings, teJfytOL 

» GM. Hdwihfso: tin 'objed yon are to myddfires, I 
cannot exprefs ; whofe fftittion would t)ay4ttaft»i^ 4ihfi»» 
luteieiMB^snt and yetrsfven^hfafe mty»IxAiiM»ldbe«ab(o^ 
Iiitely happy. And tho' it^were^ gra^e^ io far vbeyoiMt 
my meHt, that I fhould blufh with ^inwos^mefs xq re- 
«sive it ; yet thusf^r, both iHf l(yv«.iind my meam>'^ihaU 
alTure your requital: you ft^l want. nothing fit^for yMr 
both afid^ecb^ott. What iacreafe of wcillli andttd- 
taneonent the 4ios^ and oMk^4adulby ^ 4^,^ 
I our 

only yoor'grid'fh^1)e my Jliiieiy, aAi;}^6ur'4^btiiii)r 
felicitf. ' •"> -^'J .*->c.-^' ..../. 

Toucif* IP^ ^1^ #l^f iMt; .«>tBy^y kspfbs^ -kft woes 
honeiHy and orderly, ffe (h^%e"^'^hdho^bf «iy &i^pe«< 
Look y^, ^ee Ihe ill^yoak^d ntonftcr, his itilow ! 


*. ^J%/M/::Siaftv9urd iSbtl -Hoiktt yt ^ampei^Bt jadft if 

.' ?»»r^. D^fl4einow^>;iftole^t« )>'qR(y Sddity f 

' igjctftri. Jiy^pCI^ jwAiieo, putta! ihowle, quoth the 

in? . ; 

: ' V 1^^. ^Plftk^ ^VSLt in thv liiMR>. Zmti&i^ pMde f . 

lady Goldfiiuth. Come oiF, knight^ wi^ aL^ottSttrbafF, 
for tke-homoorif^Flklii^tiiood/ 

-'jGoU, Why how now,^flr, doyoaknowwhtieyott 
are? , > 

j^/e*. *^lwie I am 1 why, ^tood, you jodtibaadji 
Where am I ? 

r^^'M^ O(Mt^,^g0 t(^; 1br4iaiB« f9 to bed, and ikep 
€>ut this immodefly : thoa (haiii^ botib ifiy malbr aM 

<^'42***.^^ftHief' v^at fhame? -I-thoiighr thoa wodd'ft 
Ihew thy bringing up : an thou wert a gentleman a^ I zm, 
thou would'H think it no fhame to be drtmk. Lend *me 
^Niift Infoney ; fave my credit. I maft diac with th» 
•ftHTng-meft'tfndtheif wives : and their wwe»^ liyiah, "^ 
Com, ^'en ^^tfd-yott ^ti -ininot-ltiid^dicc.ihiffe 

^<n^ff^.>^^fik»t; \e^ mi tbrnt^mmyi Haft ibmi nu 

7mchl Why, how ni^- ftWbf 'iWil^vtia^^is, 

ftp »Tou"*fe4inmk# , - » ..---': ■■^•'i *' ''>'•/ *" • 
^ick, 'Tis for your credit, maftcr/ ' *' • . ^-'-•'y 
•. ToM^, Andlkearyoukccp&wlioreintOwiu ^ 
^Vi. 'Ti(fbryowca«^r, m^er. / ^ 

7V»r^« Andwh^yoaare<mt incdhi I'knowJ^ * ., ; 
^ck. So do 1 : my fatfaer*6 a gentlemsm ; fFork ufoH^ , 
thatntfw.. £aftw»dhoe! Jl *' ^ 

70«f^, Sir» EaftwardJioe witl flIUdce yott go Wdtwa^ 
ho^, I wiU DO loager diihoiwa sny Jionft^; «t>r.ife;3^4ir^ 
iny (lock witk your licenfe. Tkere, fir; tfaere*$;^^^lu' ^ 
indenture. All your v^pstA (liiait I nAift k6ow)^fs: to ^ 
your back : . and. from this time my doos Ss ftifil^l6^ . 
you. From me be free ; but for other frieedom,^ ^x)j 'd^^ 

moni^ y^ iiavft wa^led^ Baftwsrd hot ihail :x»>ti(^^»> 
you. j,.'iTi!»«i 

kuich. Ami fi3Bi^o' my fetters?' Rent t f^t^^^^^ 
in thy mp9th : tadaviw I teU ihee^ Touchftpiie-i^ ^ " 

ffKfA Gpp*iir) — • :• .-rr'"*/ 

Quick, When this eternal fuhftance ^ftnyfeu l: < »- "^t '\ 

Toivc^. Wdl fiud I change your geldreilds fox your ^y^ ' 

onds« ' . 

^ickl t>U lifoe i$afHj<ftt^d in Ivy iwanMrf^h^ 

Ttfwc^r What then, i&r? - . ,, / 

^iVi. Iwain ^euriif^ ip^^e SfMi^^cmf; imd*M^ 

Touch, Good nu^fter Don Andrea^ will yduiaardi f i 

!^§Uk^ Sweet Toochftone^ ivill you- lend me two ihil« 
Gngs ? . 

TofuJk N<9t a penny* ; / '* *; * . 

^ifik. Not a pefiny ? I have friends, and I'^hiter «i^ ;;^ 
^aamlaiice« .1 wiUpp6fitthyAfop^^,-andthHih0in^ 
tea tSSOL at ihy^iigii. : ,iVork uMttcfhai m^. \ ;- «' ^^ '^ ^ , 

' {Eicifi^P^^i^::^ 

Ttmib. Nqw, ^m)|, yon^ hj»r;y^tt ^ yw IJfifllftrtlf .' ; 
me no more neither: not aahoasJongen * I'V^^ ^i* * 

(Jf^^- J m^ to w» Hm AyStaimVwnA ivAth 
.thy Bxedot^iQvdaui^tirr: oocim^uny 4bNi|^drj afk*'* 
tber*s Ipve. .^<i wkk all tfa^fe facfa; a portion as-fliall 
fltafce kni^t iPetronel lumfelf envy thee. Y*afe bdtfit 
agreed^ arcy«jioti.» , ^ . . 

u/i^9 With all iubmiffion both of dunkftaiKichiff.' 
' Tokck. Veil thfen» theigt cjrtt ioir gr df JieavenMcisaitd 
cpnfon yoml A»d^ Gol4i]Bg» mati my love to thee tnay 
not j!^c\y-lefi than, my wife^ lore to my eldeft daoghttfr^ 
t]iy t^a^rugefeaft'f)udl eqoaithekaighi^ ' 

^ <?c^4 ^ me befieech jom, iib» fir. The fuperftiity 
i\n^Qol44lifiatleftatthfiknoptiab^^ fur*' 

iiilh ou»* The groiTeftpiiodigafity is fnperfloous cc^ of" 
tkCt>dily 1 jior wctald I wifh any mvitement of UtaOcs'or 
fn^pd^ fualy yoor tc/^treud prefeace and witads IhaO fcif-; 

9^,,graGP andxooirm fi9« 

^49^*. &^ ^ nune own faofiat ; take her and my 
bkSng. The nice fondlii!ig, my lady, fir'— rererence»' 
t|t«|I^u^ii$^prw prefiuiw tO'C^ 
with 'de£re to hanfd her new coach, andiee her knight's 
Saftward caiUe^ that the next mdming will <Weat with 
her hofy, ^P^k^. foisth^ Away will ihe and her ipother $ 
9»i^f$jit ^m figrqparation 19 makings ouifelves with 
fonnStwo.or tnree oidier friends, will confammate the 
humUe match, we have in God*s name condaded* 

*T/jr to my wjh i Jor Iba<ue tftn remJy * 

, fitbsrtK J^ ^'» ^'^ l^ * P^^ ^^• 

^7 ji to mjf *wifif J for tratbfinen (^vgii^th ktionwi) ' 

Cfii.njuitbjm^roHi/fs f^^f*£^fO ^^^ ^i^ o'wn. 

. • : ^r . . -'m' 4 ' • [Exhi 

Enter Security, 

Seen. My privy goeft/ lofty QricUliver, has drank* 

too dm^JCif .t^ Imde-I^owl; bne with a iitde fleep he is 

mua^fP^lifif^i a^t jt tiuiak is maktng^himfcaif ready to' 

he drank in a galla^t^r Ubemcfiu My iioaieis u'^twete 

>die QOK^ wtjere tlie young oat-law hoards the ftoVn^ 

vaiUiq^||i•^M^^ And hcre^ whea he willi>evelit 

in hSprodljg^ fimilitiide» hereiiBes to his trank; and (I 

na/ 6y ioft^> hin punk* iie<to»)tniA me with the 

.i > keeping 

^ I 

limt breeches andftockingn garterihghhitfrff. SmtHif- 

til' Jiidg«t«d;fhe«pflc^ ^ buni'd, wlici^*! Waft'iMrapt;^ 
opdl ttnfnow. Ioofe» t» fefe* moret^MldraA of p«tidtti!>&> 
into th^ nfimms laoo^ ^^Tfaw fted'il n^ tet^enr^^ ^d> 
I tKy covctoafficff. T;%w:k art paidor to. me^ &t my 
iKi«ach>: and I'tochae> £[>r i^coufiiifltget -K^ mi M'?fAte^ 
iTOsdiro'coatt^iid.coiiantiy. *' 

oftt.tbe. deoB to all this world Vi«^«i^'' . T^ dit^i 
forehead fees it. Let not mr. Coiiitia?'thitikii6^<auw6 tttf 
d^ knaw^.on hk flioaiders. i h«reiktib^im. pocir'ff^b^ 
it^ the ooimtrys thiit has worn l«^b-nail4»ionY(hocs^- hive- 
as mndt viUaii^ 'm\ bead as hr duftrwefii^ g<^lyirit6Da* 


^fci* Why>xpan, Hit tlte London l^ghw^ to tMftf 
if ¥Sitne'teas!d, 'tiiliara-^fcapc to«tlle ngtt of^vflyi^*' 
They thdb-vh it fiaaapiyv iMvtt'',^]ilt>l)r| I '^waitast, 
Wes^^and Moon makes goldfmkte cackol^. ''- * - 

1 .i 

and dagger* 
Syhdi Here, fir> pat oflF th« other half of )t)itf *|>ren- 

tilhip. ♦ ' • . * • • 

, ^rVyf. Well faid, fwcet Syndefy^ brii^ fordi my 

Now let my traila ihoot foirth tWr &k»bQ;ti<S^i^\ 
t now am free; andnow^tiiH jttflSy' • ' *' - * 

My trunks and pu^iks. A^aHt, dMifkttSB^ lEh6d:f * 
Via, thrcuftam that fliadowcd Bfai^i*! *^ **' ''' 
There lie, thoa hulk of my envaftlrd>Me. -^^ '''^' 
1, Sampfon, kiow hafve^busilthdFhiliAStie^teidfil^ 
Andmthylap, raytewiyDafila^' •♦ ^ " '••«^^;* * 
ru lie i andfnlWJCWIiaBt cafraftfehitfdJll^ ^^ -^ ^'/^ ^. * '^ 


*• # 

His fotmr aniftrtngtb incrtafid then i . 
UMfoldMomorr^mr'tup^ nor cami. 


ISn^ dadf. haft thou iiaca aqr.numtAgp gddiog. drc/^'d. to^ 
• ■• dfty ?. 
&i»l Tint L h»e» Fnak^ The oflkr, o'tj^* Code 
4re&'drhi9 fox^ bi»aJi&fl. 
i^/a. What did he cat him ? 
fiieor. No I. bathcicit^ak&ft for dreifioghia^l 
and fo drefs'd hiin for brcakfaft. 
, ^kJL O ivittf. eggy nubirt ageJtyouMg in ^.ii i 
., AmLaUymahkMarJi ktstergr^b^ardifiill of it I 

\^Mtf»..fiiit>aias».Fnudcl how will ^thi&hc/iQauLtaiiC4 
. isimt youp Riaoe tnainftiinM, it. before 

Simdt. Why» and I maiatain'd my place. rU tQ x!si% 
,€«mt; mothirr manner of. place for. mainrftpance». I hopc^ 
thttLdie£llx.ctt)K. I heard my fatiier ia>y« I heii^d.aiyi 
mother img, an old fong and a^tnie.: Tbiu an m*fic fi^m 
, amd Jbiafu/]fi: not *uduit. beloMgs. /« mr mali nnifibm* I ihaU) 
be a mercfaaat^ forfeoth I trail, my eftate in a wooden, 
ijQong^ MA he does ! What aro tfaefe. Qsdfi^ but tenni^-bsHsi 
for die wind to pday. withall ! Toft ^m on^ wave t4> 
a&ether: now imdec-line>. now over, the houfe : Some- 
times brick-waird agabft a.rock^ fb that the guts Sy out 
ag^; ianietimeaibu9kun4ecth»wid^haz^i andfiire* 
well mr. merchant ! 

4^. Well» Franks wfi.; , the (eas you fay tte .uocer^* 
tarn ;. but he that faib inyeur coiirt-&a^ ihall find!<m teik 
tiJnea&lkr of hazard; wherein to fbewhat 19 to btsi feen^. 
istorment more than a free fpirit can indure : But wheu 
yon come<.to fuffieiv how. many ii\iuries fwallpw you? 
What care, and devotion muft you ufe to humour an iift-. 
pcrious lord ;. {proportion, your loolu: to his Iooki^.i? 
Imilea to hie mitp; fit your £ul% tft the windof hit 
.iTfcadil '" ". / . .,, .. .^ 

i. .. / i ^ici* 

t6t m^^riU^. 

^ei. Tnflii heV no joorDejr-a^ui in Im cnfi t&af 
cannot do that.: ' 

Syn. But he^s worfe than a *prentice tliat docs it : xnat 
0Xiiy humouring the lord, but ever}r;irencher-bear«r, ever/ 
groom, that by iodulgenpe and intelligence crept into hu 
mour, and by panderifin into his chamber $ heruksthe 
roaft. And when my honourable loid fays it fiiall be 
thus^ my worfliipful rafcal (the groom of his dofe ftool) 
Ikys it Ihail jiot DC thus i dapl^ ue*door afier him, andl 
^ho dares enter? A ^prenticej quothyou? *tis but to 
team tolive, and does 'that difgiace %maii? he thatnfet 
hardly, Hands firmly i btit he that rifes with eafe, alaa^ 
falls as caiily. . ' ' 

' QiiicL h pox on you, who taught you this mora- 
lity ? 

Secu; *Tis along of this witty age, mr. Francis. But 
indeed, mrs« Syndefie, all trades complain of inconveni* 
^ce ; and therefore, *tis beft to have npne, ThQ mer- 
chant he complains, and fays, tiafiick is fubjed to ninch - 
ifhcertamty a^ lofs : let 'em keep their goods on dry 
^kiid with a vengeance, and iiot expofe other mens fub- 
Aances to the mercy of the winds, under protedion. ofa 
wooden, wadl, as tax. Frauds fays, . and all Jfor .greedy . 
defire to inricK theinfekes with unconfdonable gain, two- 
kr one, or fo ; wher'ls I, andfuch other honefl mien as live 
by lending of money, are content with.moderate.profit, . 
mirty or forty i''the' hundred, fo we may have it with 
quietnef^ and out of peril of wind and weather, rather 
^n run thofe dangerous courfes of trading as they do. 
• ^ukk. Ay, dad, thou may'il well be <^'d Secorityy 
for thou takeft the fafeft courfe. 
' Secu, Vz\^y the quieter, (and the more contented; 
md, out of doubt, the more godly. For merchants io * 
their courfes are never pleafed, but ever repining againft 
heaven : one prays for a weilerly wind to carry his ibip 
ftrth, another for aii eailerly to bring his (hip home ; . 
and at every fhaking of a leaf, he falls into an agony, 
to think what dai^er his ihip is in on fuch a coaft ; ahd * 
ft) forth. The farmer he is ever at. odds wkh the we^-% 
Iber : fometimet'the clouds have be^too barren i fme* ' 
I timet 

tSber Ae Retvens Ibiigetltiieiardws i tiiii)- htrvelb an>^ 
fwer not their hopes; fometimes the feafon falls out too 
fraitfiili eohi Svill bbar no price, and fe forth. Th*ar- 
iificer, he*s all for a ftirring.woiid : if his trade be to<i 
fall, or fall ihort of his expedtatioiH then faHs he out 
lif Joijit. Where we> diat trade in nothing but mo-^ 
ney, site free from' all this. - We -are pleas*d with all 
'weathers : let it rak, or hold up; be calm or windy i 
4cft the fetfon be* whktfoever ; let trade go how it wilU 
ive take all in good put ; e*en what pleafe the hea- 
vens to fend tts ; fo the ftm ftand not ftill, and the moon 
keep her ufnal returns } axid make up days> months, and 

^icL And yoi^hkve good fecurity^ 
Secu, Ay, marry, Frank, that^ the fpecial poiiit. 
^mci. And yet, forfboth, we mtdl: have trades to livi 
Ivithall: for we caniTOt ftatnd without legs, nor fly with* 
out wings ; and a number of fuch fcurvy phrafes. No, I 
fay flill^ he that has wit, \tt him live by his wit : he that 
has none, let him be a tradefmam 

Setti. Witty niaJfter Francis! 
*Tis pity any trade ihohld dull tfcat 'qi^ck brSin of yours." 
Do' bur bring knight F<*tfofiel Iftto jny parchment-toils 
•once,' and you jhall never need to toil in toy trade, o'my 
^eredit f You know hh wife's lands ? 

^ick. Even to a foot) fir ^ I have b^en often there ; 
a pretty fine'ibiat ; good land ; all intirev within itfelf. 
' Seen, Well Wooded?. 

^ick. Two hundred pounds woi^h of wood, rtady t& 
fell : and a fine fweet^h(^/'that Hands juft in the midft 
«n*t; llktir))fftk>iA the febidCdf a circle. Woukflwer^ 
.your fanner, for an hundred pound a year^ 
* Suu, BxCelJent iiir. l^randtf^ how t do long to do thed 
good f Iio*w t d$'hf(hgir and fbitfi i0 have the honour to- 
/th-ich thee f ay, even to die, that thou mighteft inherit mj' 
li^og I e«t€n hMger ifiid thi^ft-^^ {<k o'my religion, mr.^ 
Francis, and (b tMkid^t Petrond^ I4p it to do him a 
^tttftire. . ' . 

^ici. Marry> dad> his hc»fes aiff n6w coiUftg vip^ to^ 
VollV. a bear 


'bviT itnfm^Wfy i mkiibioq}ai^Hfa,^tifttb^t» fat 

. ^#cy. Faith* mT..Mf^ky lyknlib^iathioi&p^^y 
liable out of doors ; in a greater Jif^ttl^ Jv^ipi^l^fsdbne 
j^, ]i)ut opt in^^* .'^ */.» .: . .' ;,.,y 

- ^ick, A pox of your itatger aiid tHrfih Well^ jiad^ 
\t% him have money. AH iie xoiddanyivafget is.*^- 
^wed on a fhip, no>v boimd for^ Yirginia ; .ti^ fame's^f 
which voyage is To clofdy conviey'dy that his new lady 
nor ai^ of her ^nds know it. Notwithibandiqg, - as 
foon as his lady's hand is gotten to the.fs^ of her iaitorit* 
ance, and you have .f»ri)i(h^d hifi with jaoiitfy, Jie^will 
inilantly hoift fail and away. . ' , - 

Seen. Now a it^rik gtfld of ^^mi go with bim«' nu^er 
frank f We iiav^tj^Q^ewf^c^ knight adventurers. WJio 
wouki -not fell away ^omp^eat c^t^nties to .purchafe 
(with any danger) excellent uncertainties ? Your true 
knight venturer ever does it. Let iiis wife feal to jday, 
be Siall have his money to day* 

- Siuick. To-morrow flie ihall» dad, before fhe goes in- 
fo the country. To work her to i^hich a£Upii with the 
3Bore ei|gines^ I porpofe frcfently to prefer my ftvcet Sinie 
li^re^ to the place of Ker gentlewoman ; Whom you (foe 
the more credit) Ihall prefent as your friend's daugl^tex^^ 
a gentlewoman of the cOun^try, new come up with a wiU 
£or a while to learn faJfhipns, i^poth^ and be txsward.fome 
lady; and flie (hall buz pretty ^evifes^nto her lady'<$eai^i 
■feeding her humours fo feryiceably (as thejnanncr rf ^foch 
as fhe is» jou ktiQW^.) - . , , 

. .St^u, True^ good maifltr Fi^gncis, ^ . - . . , 
^ick . T^t The {hall k^]> Jher font Knfm <^ any tiuog 
ihe commends, to-^her. * > - . . . : , ; 
. S^af* O'my reUgiof!,' a dao^ iMbk»Mibte frqjedl .«4p 
gbod0ie fpoil the lady, as the lady fpofl her: fp^*t^ 
<hr^e;toQ|ief^.one$de.^---S^efMmfs.^3^nd«fy^ hovK^are 
you bound to maiier Fran5hl^ 1 4p,^|KXit,^jji;H^ 
ihoxtly wedoiiQ of .thei^M^EW <^ oil^i^il)^'! 

Synd, But, fwcet Frank^^lpyball my fati^ $9(nui(r: 
aw?. ,. •-•.«:;!^' . \•^,. 1.' '. 


* ■ 


It ^lTCzdy: aod will prefently to -the knight*s'>h^l^: 
"<(Wt3itfa-^''^ fet me pray tktt, wMi all 

"ibrtit^ty toinan her. .: ; . 

' ^^r». Command me, maifter Francis t /^ bukgerakJ 
tiirft ltd do thee fetnnce. Gome, fwect mr*. Synne, 
take feive of triy Winifrfed, and we wffl mftantly meet 
Ftank, maifter Francis, at your lady's» • 

Enter JFinifred abo*ve^ - ' ' 

f9'^rt: Where is my cuz there ? Cuz ! 
■ ' (Stdu. Ay,* Winny ? ^ 
'- Win, Wat thbu come in, fwect cuz ? 

^ecu. Ay, Winny, prefently. {Extu 

^uick. Ay, Winny, quoth he ^ that's all he can do, 
poor man : he may well «ut off her name at Winny. O 
^tis an egregious pander! What will not an ufurous fcna-re 
ht. fo he may be rich ? O 'tis a notable J€W'»-trump ? 
I tfope to live tb fefe«dog's meat made of the old afarer?s 
flefh, dice of his bones, and indentures of his Ikin. And 
yet hii ikiri is' too thick to make parchment; 'twould 
make 'g<y6d boots for a peter-man to catch falmon iw. 
Ybur only Smooth &in to make line vellxun,' is your pu- 
ritanV Ikin f they be die fmootheft, and (leekeft knaves, m 
a'country. . *• 

Enter fit Petronef, hi hoots^ «wiih a ridtng-tuand. 
' '/•<ifr: l^^ottt ^f this wicked town, as faft a» *ny^ 
fiorfe taji Irotr hci-c'snow no good a^ion for a man to 
JpcnS- Ms'-^lime iri. Taverns grow dead ; ordinaries ai^e 
blown np ; plays are at a ftand; honfes of hofpitaliiy at 
a fall : not a featheir living, nor ^ %ur gingUng'any 
%iidret'I^tt#ay1hlkntly. • ^ 

^ick, Y'ad beft take forae crowns in your- jmrfi^ 
Ifhight r*<:» ^e^ yotif-eaftwite-d caMc wiU fmoak burmi- 

"^'PiH") O Pra&ik! my cftftle : alasf all the ca^ed I ^Smz 

iw \m^mi air,' ^(^ iihow?ft; ' • . . ' 

WHmh* yeifttrt^ lis goiftg. 

Fetr, Faith, to feek her f<^tune> I think.. I iaad, I 
iiilj^^caftle and land eaflwards and eaftward fhe will, 

H 2 whkoat 

ikn mvftmect full butt : aod tJb.c fun biding out-flune4 
-witl^ bar bdyihqp'fl^kH^r^ jbe fcar$ he %o^& weftward j^ 
hang himfelf. . , . 

' '^iek. An'^lhaXf wh«D her inchanted caAle becomes 
Inviiibiey bar ladyibip will return and follow his example 

Pf/r. O that fte would have the grace ! for I ihaUnever 
%t'aMe to pacify her^ when Ihe fees herfelf deceived fa.' 

-^uick, As.eafilya8canbe« Tell her ihe miftook your 
•(Uref^ions ; and that fhortly yourielf will down with h^ 
to approve it ; and then» cloath but her trouper lii a new 
gown, and you may drive her any way you liil : for theiib 
AMometty fir, are like EiTex calves, you moil wrig^e ^em 
*on by the tail ftiU» or tfaey will never drive orderly, 

Pitr, Sat alas! fweet Frank^ thou know'ft my ability 
mil not fumiih her blood with thofe coilly huinoun. 

^ick, Caft that coil on me, jUr. I have fpoken to 
my old pander, SecttriQ^y for moneys or eommoaity ; and 
commodity (if you wiH) I know he will, procure yptt. 

Pttr. Commodi^! Alas^ what commodity ? 

i^/Vi. Why, iir? what iay you to £gs aixd. rations f 

Fetr. A plague of figs and raifons, and all fuch fraii 
commodities! we ihall n^ke nothing of 'em. 

^ick. Whythes) fir, what fay .you to forty pound in 

< Peir, Out upon't 1 I haVe lefs ftbmach to t^at 
^the figs and raifons. TU out of town, .Uiough I IbJDU^ 

- with a friend of mine : for ilay here I mufl not; my cxe- 
'iditol^ have laid to axreft mei and I have no friend un«(pr 

- heaven but my fword xo bail me* 

^hk. God's me, knight^ put 'em in. fuffident fureti^ 

^ rather than let your fwonl bail you ; let 'em take#eir 

' choice ; either &e Kuig's-fioieh or tbe Fleet,, .or 4«dUfh 

t>f th^ two Counters they like beft » for^ by the lordgj^liks 

-none Dr 'em. ■...'.//,*: 

' Pttr. Well, Frank, tbeeeisaojeflingwithniiiye^ffi^ 

neeefiSiy) th»u know'ft if I snake not prefent jnonpy to 

further my voyage begun, aUV lo^aad all i Jyive hid out 

aboutit. ...... 

: .^/i-ih "W&f dttn,' fir, incsMrncft, if jnoatattget^rattr 
wijk'lsiiy to fet her hand to (he &k of her iaharitftoitt^. 
ihe blood- hound Security will fineU ouc^reiul^r mooey for 

f^ir: There ^ake ^ angel t To brmg her to which 
confotmity, I mufb fain xnylelf extreamty amorous.; a>«i 
alladging ui^ent excufes for my ftay behind, ^art with, 
her as pallionately, as (he would from hetfotiliiig-hoitad^ 

^fck. You have the fow by the right ear,, fir ! I war- 
tant there was never child long'd more to ride Ei cockr 
hotie. or wear his new coat^ than fhe longs toride iir 
her new coach. She would long for every thing when 
&e was a maid: and now {he wiU run nod i&o 'exm^ Til 
hy my life ihe will haj^e evecy year four childioi ^ and 
what charge and change of humour you mail endure 
while ihe k with thikl s and how ihe will tk you to your 
jtaddmg till ihe be with chfldi. a dog would not encbire. 
Nay, there is no tumfpit dog bound to hia wheel ma^ 
fisrvHel^^than you fhoiald be to her whed : for as that dog 
can never climb the top of his wheel; but when the top- 
comts Insider htm s^ fo ibaK yon never climb the top of 
her conitentfnffit, but when d\e is under you. 

Fetr, Slight, how thou terrifieit me ? 
' :^EF<i. NiKf^ h^A you, fir: Whatiuvic«> what i|ud- 
wiveS| what fools, what phyficians, what cunnii^g wo* 
Sim flsift^ be ib«|;ht iof (feafing foouttime^ (he i| be- 
'WitchM, fometimes in a coofunkpcicm) to tellher ta]bf» 
i^ oifit bawdy tb heif, to make her Ui^, to g^ve her 
l^fterff, to let her blood under the tongiie, and. betwixt 
the toes ? How ftie will revile and ki($*you ; fpit in Jfourr 
fix$e,and Hd^it'oflTagain? How ihe will vaiiDityouaxe^her 
creatuire7 ihe made you of noting & how ihe«q)u]4.h^e 
had a tkodfimdmarlU jointure: ihexottldhaye^been.jfnade^ 
Vbd^^by at SootcH ks^ht,^ Bfkd o^ts ha'marxied him t 
, She could have had panados in her bed every* 4)f>«eung;: 
^'hmfHU^kt you upw ^mAhfiw ^ wSl put! you, down : 
yoa^ never bft able tft ijNuid^of your leg» to indure it. 

Fetr* Out of my fortune ! What a death is my, lif<s 
boond fiiee to &co to ! The beft i% a larj^ tim^-itt^ed 
conSiUciice k bound to nothiug, Matri^e k but a form 

H 3 . "i 

iy4' Ea/lhbdrd Ehe.' 

urtliK JS^l of polity^ to which Mol^ ft jj^flrn'^ on? 
ly with painted chains. Old Security's young wife &< 
nlV this teher oiF with mei. < ;.' . ^ 

^ci. Thereby lies a tale, fir. Tl|e oii ufoiw wi^ 
be here inftantly, with my punk Syndefy^ whom^ you 
kaow, your lady has promifl me to entertain for har 
genticwoman ; and he (with a purpofe to feed on you) 
invites you moft folemnly by me to (upper. 

Petr. It falls out excellently fitly : I fee, defire of ^^ 
imkes jealonfy venturous. [Mfitfr Gir/re^. 

See, Frank, here comes my lady : Lord, how flie vk\^ 
C&ee [ (he knows thee not I think in this bravery. . 

Grr, How now ? who are you, I pray ? 

^ic^. One maifter Francis Quick£lver, an^t pleafe 
jrOnr ladyfhip. 

Gir, God's my dignity ! as I am a lady, if Ke did not 
make me blufh fo that mine eyes flood a-water : would I 
were unmarried again ! ^ 

Entir Security and ^yndefy^ , 
Where's my woman, I pray ? 

^ick. See, madam i fhe now comes to attend yoa« 

Secu. God fave my honourable knight, and hii won^. 

Gir. Y'aie very welcome ; you mufl not put on your 
tot yet. 

Seat, No^ madam : till I know your kdyihip's fur- 
ther pleaAuse, I will notpr^ume. ' 

G<V.. And is this a gentleman's daughter luiw come out 
of the country ! 

Secu. She is, madam ; and one that her Tather hath 
a fpecial care to Jbeftow in fome honourable lady Vi^^- 
ytfjc; ^^put her out of her honeft humours; foHoQthi^ 
for fhe had a great defire to be a nun, an't pleafe you., . 
!<^/r. A nun I what nun } a nuB,fubfiantive,vipr ^ nun 
adjeftive? V ', ' * 

B^ticn, A nun fubfbintive, madam, I hope^ if a ium 
be a noun. But I mean, lady, a vow'd miaid of tha^t 
order. . ' ".\.^ 

Gir* ril teach her to be a maid of the order, T waiC 
rant you — and can yon do any work belongs to a lady*^ 
chamber? Sjffd. 


Gir. Wellfaid ; hold up th£ln \ hold tip y(mf bildy, Ir> 
fay y- cdftie hftier a httle. 
^^^. I thank' jour ladyfliip, 
Gir. And hark ycki, good man^ you may put on your^ 
hit "now* I do not look on you. — I muft have yoft of 
my fafhion now ; not of my knight's, maid^ 
^«</.'No, forfooth, madam i of yours. ^ 

Gir, Arid dpaw all my fcrvants in my bow ^ and kee^ 
my counfel'; and tell me tales; and put me riddles t 
and read oil a book fomedmes^ when I am bufy ; and 
laiigh at country gentlewomen ; and command any thing 
ill the houfe for my retainers y and care not what you 
fpend, for it is all mine ; and in any cafe, befl^ill a maid, 
whatlbever you do, or whatfbever any man can do uAtQ 
you. • • 

Secu. I warrant your ladyfhip for tli^. * 

Gir, Very well : you fhall ride in my coach with me 
into the country to-morrow rooming. Come, knight, 
I pray thee fet's make a fhort fupper, and to bed pre-^ 

^ecu. Nay, gcfod madam, this night I have a ihorC' 
Tupper at home waits on his worihip's acceptation. 

Gir, By my faith, but he fhall not go, fir^ I fludBi^ 
iwcfon and he fup from me. 

P//r. ^ Pray thee /orbear ; fhall he lofe his provifion f ' : 

Gir. Ay\ By* lady, fir, rather than I lofe my longing ; 
come in I iay: as 1 am a lady, you fhall not go. 

^icL J.tdM him, what a burr he had gotten. 

Secuytf you will not fup from your knight, madam^ 
let me' entreat your ladyfhip to fup at my hotkfe witlt 
him':' \'*' ' I ' '■•.»... 

* ^T^.'l^d, Bjiitty fAh, fir; thfcn we cannot be a bed. 
foon enough alter fupper, - • 

^\.'JP<r/ir. "What a meoicinp is diis ? Well, mr* Security, 
ycftc a/e n^married, as well a;s I ; I hope you are bound 
as well : we mufl honour our young wives, you know* 

^/V^.' in policy, dad, till to-morrow fhe hat feal'd. 


Ireak &ft with mq. * > ^ 

^ Setr^ As early ^s yoa wiB, fir, 

^rrtf . I thank yonr good woiibip i I Jk J^Uf^ger mfd, 
tffirfi to do you good, iir. . 

Uir, Come, fweet knigKt, come;. I do hunger mid 
iffirji tohe ahed'Uiith^ee, \E»tunt^ 

Aft. JII. Seen. i. 

Enter Fstrofiel, ^Wkjil^er^ Securiiy, BrttmhU^ and' 


Tetr. 'Tn Hanks for ypur feaft-like breakfaft, good mr* 
. ^ Security, I am ferry (by reafon of my inibnt 
Bal!e to To long a voyage as Virginia) I am withOu^ 
jncan§, by any kind amends, to ihc>y how ^ffe&iooately 
I take yoar kindnefsL; and to con&rm by ibme worth/ 
ceremony a peq)etua} league of iriend{hip betwy^t its. 

- *Secu, £xcel]ient kntght, let this Be a token betwixt xm 
^ inviolable friendfliip : I am new married to this 6ir 
gbidewomanyou know ; and, by my hope to make her 
Irmtful, tho' \ be fpmething in years, I vow feithfully 
unto you, to make you godfather (tho' in your abfence) 
to the £rft child I am blefs'd withall : and henceforth call 
me goffip I befeech you, if you pleafe to accept it. 

. Fefr^ Tn the higheft degree of gratitude, • my mpil 
worthy gofljp j for confirmation of which friendly title^. 
ict*rae entreat my fair goflip, your wife here, to accepjt. 
this diamond, and keep it as. my {(ift to her iixft ci^l«.i 
whercfoever vay fortune in ^vent of my voyage fhall be*, 
flow me. , . .. - 

IS ecu. How now, njy coy wedlock ! n[iake yoa ftrang^^ 
of fb noble a favour? t^e it I charge you, vith ^}I ai'^ 
feAion; and (by way of taking your leave) pr^fcnt boJd* , 
ly your lips to our hehQuratJe JoiEp. • - 


Par, Long mKf this kind touch of oat lips prinf iv 
«ip tevto^akiw fonns ofalfe^Uon. Andnow* mygood^ 
goffip, if the writings be readf , to. wliich my wif€- 
flioold fea], let them be bcoi^ht thia xnernii^, before: 
A^ tnkiBt coach ii^ the coontfy, aca my kitubefs fbalt 
Work her todtfpatch it. 

:.Si^0h Th9 writings are rrad|?»»iir; Jd^.kamodcotixir- 
fid here» sir. Bnunble the lawyer hath perus'd them i 
and wA» thi^h^r I will bring thr fcrivener with theoi 
to.yoar worflupful hidy. 

Petr. Good mr. BramblCr I wiH here take my leave of 
you then : God ^snd you fbituiiEMte pleas^. fir, and con- 
tmtious. clients. 

. Bram. 4nd you. foren^t winds, fir, and a fortunate; 
wyagp. {Bxit,^ 

Enter a Meffenger, 

' M$ff. Sir Pettonef, here are three or fooc gendemeiv 
defire to Q>eak with you. 
Pitr. What are they? 

^ ^Hitk, They sire your followers in this voyage,', 
knight, captain Seagull, and his afibciates ; I met thefik. 
I^is morning,, and told them you would be here. 

. Petr, Let them enter, I pray you. I know they long, 
ti»>be gone, fbrtheir ftay is dangerous.* 

Enter Seagull^, Scapetbrift, and Speudall^ 

Bfa* God-ftre my honourable coloneL 

Petr. Welcome,, good captain Seagull, and worthy 
gi^emen ! If ^ou will meet my friend Frank here, andL 
»e,/atthe Blue* Anchor tavern by Billinfgate this even- 
ing, we will ijiere drink to our ha^y v^'X^gCf ^ tncxry, 
and take' boat tt> our ikip. with all expedMioo. 

Spefui, Defer it no longer, I befeech you, fir; but as- 
lourvoyage is hitherto carried, cloiely, and ia another 
knight's same", fo for your own fafaty, and ours, let ie 
be conttnoed ; oiir meeting, and fpeedy pui^fe of de- ' 

Siting,, known to as few as it is poffible, left your 
p a«4 gpod^ iboaldbc aitachM; ^ 

money this morning^ to difpati^h all IMIT/ ^jKt^mm^f 
fivi^ thofi^ gqitkoea u Bjf $t ^Oh.4^ fteKrf^^l^ ; 
and with our flcins full of vintage, we'll take occa£oD^ 
by the Vantage, andaway. .,.,'. 

Spend, We will not fail but be tbete, fir. ' i - * -^ 
Pet, GoodmorroWf good captain, and my vrortjhy af- 
(bciates ! health and all fpvereignty ta mybcMXtllfttl g^f* 
fip. for you, iuTj we Ihall fee you preiGmtly mVk ike/ 
writings. • r../ 

^Seta, With ' wikingi and crowns to «iyJi<mo«iabIe 
^ofiip ; lib buMger and thirfi to dojfu goodjfir. [Emltnt^ 


Enter a Coachman in ha fie ht^tfroei^ fe0ding^ > 
• Coach, Here's a ftir when citizens ride out of town 
i]Eideedy as if all the houft were afire I ^flight, they will 
TOfiii gii^e a man leave to cat's breakfaft afore he rifes^ ' . •"' 

Enter Hamlet^ a footman^ in bafie, 

. Ham, What coachman ? my lady's coacJi, for QiaBiiet 

her ladyihip^s ready to come down. . . i 

Enter Potkin^ a tankard bearer, 
*> Pot^ ^Sfoot, Hamlet, are yoa mad? whither runfOtt 
now ? you ihould bru{h up my old miilre&. 

Enter Syndefy, 
Syn. Whaty Potkin? youmuftpntoff your tank^.> 
and put on your blue coat, and wait- uj^n mp. Tonchr 
0qne intp the country. ^ [_E^it. 

Pot, i will, &rfooLh, presently. {Em^ 

^ , • Enter mrs, Fond^ andtnrs, Gafcolf% 
- . pond. Come, fwect miftrcfs Gazer, let's watj^h heui^ 
a^dcfe^ my lady Flafh take coach. « < . > .r^ * 

Gax, O'my word, here's a mod fine place to &u|d i|i» 
j[^djri|u#e^ t^ new /hip launc^'d laft day^3irs.)FQpd? 
,^F^nd,, 6 Qod, and we ckizens Aom* k>f^s(iicbt> 

Ga%, I warrant here will be dowble ftSt- naanj^ p e opl^ 
%:> ^e her take coach, as these were to fte it take wat^r. 
, fpnd/OX {he's married to a fine ca(Ue'^'th'cOiinJtrxii 

y^y:%« (...•- • • •''■^.''- •«* 

f9<f«b Ju^ ^^<^ ^e ^ gWt9 iAjdv9;qiflki^#miI^«» ?}&> 
rv ..'. ' fond. 

^'finitrblmtmf ikf her kmght'tard "ein all, and 
feaKrlffbdMiR) God het'kd/fhip would coinc awaj^ ! ' 

~ ^T*". C-'Xi-. -."V •' M -"Jj- 

Enter Girt, mrs. Touch: Synd, Ham, Pof» 
Fond, She comesf'-lhe Comes! flic Comes T 
'Gi?*V FoTid •Pftiy heaveti blefs yoar ladyfliip I 
-v^jrVi'Tl^tik you, good people? my coach, for tii« 
Ime 6f 4ieaven> my coach ! in good truth, 1 fhall fwoc»f 

**'tfym) C^ads ? 'coachrf mylady*s coach f '" {ExiK 
:*^i(Sir."As I am a lady, I think I am with child already^ 
I long for a coach fo. May one be with child afore they 
are married, mother ? 

'" M^s. Touch, Ay, by *r lady, madam ; a little thing 
dort that. I have feen a little prick, no bigger than a 
pin's head, iWcU bigger and bigger, till it has come to at>- 
ancome ; and e'en fo 'tis in thefc cafes. [Enter Ham'^ ■ 
^Ham. Youreoach is coming, madam. 
Gir, That'* well faid*5 now heaven! methinks, I am 
e'en up to the knees in preferment. 

Mi^ a itttle higher^ iuta'^ little higher^ hut a tittle 

higher \ 
There y^ there, there lies CupicTs Jtre. 
Mri, Touch, But muft this' young man, an't pleafc youj,^ 
madam, run by your coach all the way sifoot ? 

€r?r, Ayv by my faith, I warrant him ; he gives no 
Other tnilk, as I have another fervant does. 

Mrs.Toucif, Alas f 'tis e'en pity methinks ; for God'i 
feke,' bay him a hobby-horfe y let the poor youth have 
fomething betwixt his legs to eafe 'em ; alas f wt muft 
do, as We would be done to. 

' Qlf^, Go fo,'lK)ld ydtn: peace, dame, yoh talk lik^ a& 
iM^Wo!;- f tefl^you. v* - ■ {EiiterPet. and^cL 

Pet. Wilt thou be gone* fwcet honey -fuckle, befor^ 
f>dir; gb^%i4th»thee f 

&r, Ifncf tfiee, fwcet knight,, let me; I do fo long 
t«*df«ft \ip thy caftle afere thou com'il *. hnx I marvel bo^ 
iny modeil iifter' occupries herfelf this morning, that fhf 
caiiMI >p|riit^]y4ft6'40f w (baclj, 'as wcS te her mother. ■ 

^uui, Maciyv iiuK^am, fkf^ mmM4^ tWiAmdhof 

*prentice Gotding: your' Sxtiatr^ k^ {tmA -ici^rttuisffir^ 
ft(4e>t» church with 'eay in-all h^aile'i tiial^ dbld^ifceat 
Itft at your Weddkig,' might fttrmih their nUptial t(tf)k. .1 
. GfV. I'here^s a bdc i«llew, my father^ < now ^ but 3ieV - 
c^cn fit to father fuch a daughter ! hctmi^ call metdaifh- 
' t^rno more now: but, madams and f^efou^ mad^mi 
'afuifl€a/eyourm;orjbij>, madam f'mdc&i, Qatupbnhimf 
Jtrariy lusdaugh(er toabafe'preiiticel 
' Mrs, Touch: What Jhould one do> Is th^enor hx^ 
for one ^at marries a woinan^g daughter *a£aiaA h» wiiLh 
liow fliall wt pttniih him, madam.? - . 

Gir, As I am a lady, an*t would (how, w^'ll £> ])ebU# 
^em with fnow balls, as they com^ from church l«^but 
^rrah, Fjrank Qgjickfdver. ' . *» 

. »" ^ick. «fty, madam* • '" 
; Gir. Do0L remember fince thoa^d I cis^t what d!jr« 
fcall'ts in the garret ? ^ •..'>' 

'' j^iVi. I know not what you mean, madam» - - ^ 

Gir. Nil head as *wbittas milk^ ali flaxen <was^hi$-b^\ 

But no^Aj bets deady and laid in bis hedy 

Jndnever nviit come a^is. 0odbe ^t your laJb^uf » 

Enter Touch, Goldwg, MOd. <wiih rofimary^ 

Pet, Was there ever fuch a lady? ' 
* '^ick. See, madam, the bridegroom ! , 

Gir, God's my precious! God give yo^ Joy, mitop& 
"What-lack-you. Now, but upon thee, jjtggagrl mj^ 
fiftcr married in a tafFeta hat? Ma»ry, hang ycm ! weft- 
' Svard, with a wanion t'ye ! Nay, I hay^^ d^i^* Ve^y^*- 
minion, tlien i'fkith ; never look to have my oounjtemu)!^ 
any more, nor any thing I can do. for thee. T^^ridi^ 
in my coach ? or come down to my cafUe }. : ikc^. njon 
l^ee.4 I charge thee, in m/ ladyfhip'sifSame, ^a&m^ 
^er no more. * - . i.. 

Touch, An't pleafeyour worihip^ thisifrnot your &ftor> 
lulls' is my da4ehter, and (he calls me fatijief 1 andf<idoea 
;notyour ladyjttiip, an't pleafeyour worfhip^* m^daxa^f • 
.' Mrif Touch.^lio, noc fbi m4Anot, ca^ihee father. by 

Bcr^diy, becaife- thQu m^'ij fJtf'^'iyiMSW*^ 

. - '' . ' ^ wdl 


^^ipSmfi^wamm^^itdf^S^mii'' ;. .. » i 

worthy! fiich (i wGff$l^ wjlfe, b^ing hi part her fervaat^aftv 
(aii|r^o&i*tt»eatm:Kyet (jSftce I 91^7 % it without. 

banQ lME|i'4.oi^ my auiftef^ ^wluch^ I tniA», taintr noi^ mji 
^lood) i^bk v(ith mm i€»invi«dHfti^< an^povtkm'to maiii^ 
tftin y09r dai]^hter; My liopc; la^ kemreii wiEXo'bMsoar. 

g^atathc^ace wit^.wfa^ckiny maftcff batb boiiodin0i^ 
kii. dfiliUe ''prenticcu 

fWi^. Mafter me na more fon, if tkoatfaiok^ftm^r 
worthy to be thy father* 

Gir, Son ^ Now^goodLocd^ homrhe^ fhines, aodyovL 
nark him ! he's a gq;Qikauu^ I r . 

Gold. Ay» indeeoy madMSr ^ gentleman bprhv. t 

. Pti:^ Nei^cfliioda.*iyoiis gentry » nr. bsU^rooqij i£ 
yo»ir leg$ be no better, than ^ou£ arms, yoil'll be able to^ 
teid on neither ftoctly. 

.Tff4vA« Ao*t.plocife y0iu:g9Qdwx»xftipy fir^ tfaoeare 
^o forts of geitttemea.. « 

P^/^ .WJiat meao yoo^ fir ^ . .- 

Totui, BoM toTOfe«ff.tty/ha^tix)ioiii^wi»6iip.--«**-» 

Pet^ N^y pray.fodKar«i,lfa-( and then Jorth with-yoiw. 
AMo^ibrtii.ol' gpHtemen* 

.7««K^» If youir.woiifliip wpti have it fo^ Ifayah^eare. 
twot{oi0. ofgefidemm.: Theneit.^gendeai^aitifiGad). 
and a.geadamaA nattuaL; now,t tho' yma woi&ip^ bea. 

u.. .^gkK. W^IL fiybd^ old Touch 5 I am pfoudto hear' 
lii^reotet a. fot fj^eech^j i'fiuth, : forth, J bdeech thjpe. 

3^«fi&. Cry^you^nieccy,, fir<.; your worihip'sa gentk- 
man- 1 do^ not know : if you be one of my iacquaintance, 
y'aa^mo^imfHsh^di^iM, fifi. . 

r *%ir<L GOitii)^ old Qgippcr i foath. with thy %eBch> 

' ikwh^ What, fir,, my i^peechea were evext in vain to 
jcoiii; tpRllfi^H^diepfllhie I 9pd.t^N»eforc till I fpeak toypur 

^(t ■ gallantry 

non. CoflW, injr poor 'fttt .^iid'^aitgte>i'>1^ «t*yd«i 
Ottrfelves in our poor liuiniiity, and livefftfoi'^AnMion 
confomes kSd£ witii the vtrfr fliow/' ' X^(M upotr^^iJ^^ 
nc*w. ■ ' • ■;.,.•. .«. ,/a 

Gir, Let him go^ let him go, for God^s (ake : lot liim 
make his 'prentice, hia fan, for God'» &ke: giw awafliis 
daughter, for God's iake: -and .when they -oome^a b^- 
gbigco us.ibr God*s iake.««-«*^Fasi^e]l^ Afereet 4cB^t» 
pniy^ thee make haCb after. .> '^ 

P<<» Whatfludll &)ri I wouUtiochsvie^ae go.-^ 

^fVi. iVi^y O MWJ I mt/fi depart i parting tkmgh itM-i 
fmt move. This ditty, knight, do I iee in thy kxJca in 
ciqpital Ictten. 

What M grief *tis to depart,. , i. •, ./ 

. AndliA'ot tk^floRatr tbmt kas^m^ heart F • - ^ ' 
My laify, and alack fkrnji»€i ^-'v 

Why Jbould lue part fo-i ^ 
TeU tnithy ksigiit^ and fliame ail difiembling-' lor^s ; 
does notyoucjpoin lie on that fide ? 

J et* If it do, canft thou tell me how Imay 'cure it^'' 
. ^tfitk. .QxceUent eafilyc divide youvfeif into two 
halfs, juftby the girdleAead; fend one half ^^^ntk your 
lady, and keept'o&er to yoaifelf*. Or elfedoasaU true 
lowed do^.pnrt with your heart, and kaveyoor <bodybe* 
hind. . I haveieen'tdoneahiiQdredtiiiKs. 'Tis^itseafy-a 
matter for a lover to part without a heart from hisfweetv 
hearty and he ne'er the worfe ; asior'a mouft to get 
bom a trap, and leave lu$ tail behiad hi]ii.-^--See^hient 
come the writingib [Enter Ssturity wuith afoamniK 

Bern. Goodmoirow to my woHhrp^ kdyi. Ipnleot 
]pDur ladyihip with this wridag^'^o. which if yoa^pleafe. 
to fet your hand, with your knight's, A 'VehfeC'gottnit 
flUli; attead< your jootney a'my, oedik < * ■ »^xi- h > . 

Gir* What writing is it'?' ; /no j ..i ... •- 

P^fi.Theiale (fweetheart).of the..paep^te&emeat I 
told thee of ; only to make a. little money^ <|oiend thee 
down furniture for my cafUe; to which my. {iSi^im//^ 
^tf/fr.] hand, fliall lead thee. " .' .» '.^^ r./j;..i . 
j^ Gir. Very well; itow.9ivenieyoti&))eiV*i'pM|f; lo/^ 

ISiflfMf^Bo/. (83 

> A^Md ^tqgcn dmm vnthm^tlkwiMgr' i^fiuA t ^ * ' -* li 

^ ^.€;^>Jl^9o iMEvd^ kiuf htp fmwd till i iee tbcs. c 

Pet, All farew^ to my fweetheart. 

Mit^Ttfitch: Goodbof, fon^kiiight. 
'I ' P«r. vFarefreUy good modier. - [I coiikf. 

Girj EaioveU; Franlr^ I would fain take thee down, if 

'f^m^. ItiuuUcjPotu-goedkdyikip;. £uKiweU^ miftse^ 
Syndefy. f J!4r^»vit« 

Pet* : (y tedioii* iGoyage^ wKereof there is no end ! 
Wiiat Witt ikeyi think x>f me ? 

t i^adk. Think what ith^y lift ; they long*d for a vaga« 
ry into the country, and now they are fitted ; fo a wa« 
man marry to ride in a coach, flie cares, not if (he rides 
to her ruin. 'Tis tfar great end of man^ ^ their mar- 
riages : This is not th^ firft time 9 kdy has rid a falfe 
journey in her coach, I hope. 

i^»^ I^,'tiB^&o mattery 1 care littie what they think; 
He that weighs mens thoughts^ has his hands full-, of no^ 
thing.* A man in the eourfe of thi& world fiiould be like 
afmgeon's inftnimcnf, work in thewoonds of others, and 
ftd nothmg hioolcif. The iharper and fubder, the better; 

^tekk^ As it £dls out now, knight^ you ihall not need 
to^devifeexipdes^ or endufe^her oat^cdes, whenibe rei' 
VAvmi weilhall mow be giooe i)efore, where they cannoe 

-'Pit* Well, my ^ kind compeer,, you have now th'a£-' 
^iniiicewehodicaBmftkeyoai let me nowintreatyos, 
the money we agreed en siaybe brought ta the \Am 
SBUS^uoff neai^loi &ilingfgate» by fix a^ deck, where I 
and^tqy*' chief Ixiends boond for this voyage^ ' wiU mdk 
ikti&f^WtifyovL ' I . <*• 

Stcu. The money,^ ray hanqmaj^ compeer^ Hudl 
without fail obferve your appointed hoar. 
1 J^ir^xnTiiank^ipy deargofiip, J muftnoA^ impart « 
To* your approvedhnre^ & loving fecret ; » 

A»oo^ on ^^OBxi jny life doti^ more rdy> 
In friepdly truft, than any man alive ; 
Nor il|dttpnDahothe chofin ieeretary 
^m%WB&ions, for affedion only& foe 

To nuke yon pattner in my Mftion's ami ^ ^ > 
As deq^y as if you had ventured wka vm • ^ ^ 
Half my ^asftaaoL Kmmi dMu^ hxmtk gaCp^. 
I have enjoyed with foch dijrine contenioMnt; 
A gentlewoman's bed j, whom yon wdl: knoM^ « 
T^ I Iball ne'er enjoy this iwdtous vo](agei 
Uor live the leaftpa^ of the time it aft^il^ 
Without hev.potCenc^ ; io Itbirfi mtibwKgm 
To tafte the dear/eafty of her company. 
And if xkk'^htmgfr and.thfli ihirfi yoa wa» 
(As my fwom gofitp) to my wiflwd goodly. 
Bs^ as 1 know it is» nsfes^'d and £»,. 
I>o me an eafy favour in your power^ 

Sicm. Be fiue, bravegoffip, all that I €a»<fci« 
Tomy bcftnenreis whdly at youcftnuoe; ^ 

Who is the woman (£iii) that is otnr fciend i . 

Ff/. The woman is your learned conociVs wife 9, 
TheUwyer, mafter Bramble : whom windd>yoiL . 
Snng out this even, in honeft ne^hfaauidiQodr ^ 

To Wit lus leave with yon, of me yowrgofi^r 
I^ in the mean time, will 
Home to his houfe, fb bring his wife difgais'd 
Before his £Me» into our company: ' . . 

For love hath made hnr look Ant fiick*awsle. 
To free her from his tyrannous lealoafy^ 
And I would take this courfe before another,. 
^fleallng^heraway. tonakens^fport^ . 
Aad goU his ciscumfpe£tton the more grofly* 
And I am fure that no man like yonrfelf 
Histh credit with him to entice his jealouCy^ • 
To iohnk% fbiy abroad,, as may .give time 
To her enlargement, in foch fafe difguife* 
t S^m, A pitttty, pithy, andmoftpieaiantiproje^ f 
Who would not ilrain a. point of neighboorhood,. 
For iuchapoint? devife,. that asthe^fhip 
Of famotis Draco went about the world. 
We'll wind abovt the lawyer, compaffiag 
Theworldhunfelf^ he hath it in hisanna.;i. . .• * * 
And that's enough fpr him without hk wife* 
it* lawyer is ambitious; and his head. a: Cattf 

Cannot )>ejpfa]s^d nornds^d too^higii. 

With any fork o^liigheft knaToy. 

I'll go fetch h^ ftKdjght. {Exit Sicmifji^ 

Petr. S0y (of Now, Frank, go thou home to his htme^ 
%tead of his lawyer^ and bring his wife hither: 
Who, juft like to the lawyer's wife,, is poifon'd 
With his ftem ufurous jealoufy j which could never r 
Be over-reach'd thus^ but with over-reaching. [Enter Secttt 

Secit. And, mr. Francis, watch you the inlUnt timo 
Tq enter with his exit : 'twill be rare. 
To find hom*d beafls f A camel, and a lawyer I 

^ick. How the old villain joys in villainy ! 

Secu, And hark you, goflip, when you have her herc^ 
Have your boat ready ; Slip her to your fhip 
With utmod bafte, left mr. BramUe flay you. 
To o'er-reach that head, that out-feacheth all heads, 
*Tis a tridc, rampant ; 'tis a very quiblin^ 
I hope, diis harveft, to pkch cart with lawyers ; 
Their heads will be fo forked ; thisjfy touch 
^s II get ap4f to stfvent a number fuch^ [Exit* 

Sitfick. Was ever raftal hon^*d fo wiith poi£>a ? 
^ //< thai dfili^bJ^i ififiamfi atMricey 

li aft to joy In every fgrt of vice ^ ' 
t\rell, m go fetch his wife,, whilft he theUiwyer^s. 

Pef, But fiay, Fnnk, let*s think how w^ may dif^^ 
guife her upon this fuddea^ 

^ici, God*8 me, there's the mifchief ; but haiic you^ 
bore's |ya ^eyceUent 4^vice; ''f<u:e God,; a rare one : t 
will carry a iailbr'^ gown and cap, and cover hf r ; and 
a player's beard. 

Pef, And what upon her head ? 
^ J^/V>. I tell yoi^ a f^or's cap j 'flight,. God for* 
give me, what kmd of figent memory have you ? 

Ptt, Nay then, what kind of figent wit haft thou ^ 
A failpr's cap ? how ihall ihe put it off^^ 
Whep thou prefcnt'ft her to our company ? - 

^ick. Tiiih, man, for that; make her a faucy iailon 

Pet. Tuih, tuihj 'tisdoiitfawcefor fuchfweeismt^ 
I Imow not Av^hat t'advife. (ton : 

[Enter Security^ with bis nuiffe g^^m 

lU ^aPwhr'i 'met 

Secu. Knight, knight, a^rJuredeviceT '' ' ^ " ^ 

Pet. Soons, yet again r 

^ick. What ftratagem have ycm h(iw ? ' * ^'^'- ' "*' 

Secu. The beft that ever. You talk'd ofcfergiiam^-fi ' 

Pet, Ay, marry, goflip, that*s oiir prefent c^e'; 
^Secu, Call care away then ; here's the beft device 
For plain Security, (for 1 am ho better) 
I think that ever liv'd : here's iny wife's gown. 
Which you may put upon the lawyer's wife ; 
And which I brought you, fir, for two great reafohs t 
One is, that mafter Bramble may take hold ■ ^| ^ 

Of fome fufpicion that it iis my wife ; "^ ' 

And gird me fo, perhaps,^ with his law wit : ' 
The other (which is policy indeed) 
Is, that my wife may now be tied at home^ 
Having no more but her old gown abroad j 
And not (how me a ^uirkj^ whilft I iirk others*, 
fo" not this rare f ' ^ - *. 

Jmbo. The beft that e^r was. 

Secu, Am not I born to fumiih gentleman f j 

Pet: O my dear goffip \ . ^ . . . . 

S^ecu. Well,: hold; niafte? FrandsV watcK when' the 
lawyer's out,- and put it in ; and noW— ^I triU go* fetch 
him. ' '. ' [Exif, 

'^ic, O my dad!— he goes as it were the devil to 
fetch the lawyer ; and devil fhall he be, if hbrns Wllf • 
make' him. • -x. • -•' - 

jPif. Why, how now goffife, why Iby yott there- 
mufingt ' ....«>.. f . . > 

Sec, A toy, a toy runs in my head, [•fitith. ' " ' '^ ' 
^c. A pox of that head,, is there mo^e toys yet ? 
Pet, What is it pray thee, goffip ? 
Sec, Whyi' fir ? what if you fhould Hip away now 
wiVfrnry wife'iS beft gown, I having ho'ftturity for it ? 
^r. For that, T hope, I>ad, yoawitftake^our WofdsV: ' 
'5>r. -Ay, by the mais, yout word! tot^^s a. pfoper'ftaft 
For' Wife Security to lean'upon. • ' " ' 

But*tirft6 matter, once rii truft myfeamfe ' 

On'yodr crack'd credits 5 let it take no fliame/ *-'*-'• 
Fefchifhe wcnch> Frank* -* ISxff. 


^»f^. TlI wait upon yoil| fir. 
And fetch you over, yoa were never (o fctch'd ! 
Go to the tavern, knight ; your followers 
D^A njpjt ()c drank, I diink» before their captaini [Exif* 

Pai Would I might lead them to no hotter fervice. 
Till our Virginian gold ware in our purfes. \ExtU 

Enter SeaguUy Spendall^ and Scapethrifi in tie tdvem, - 

^'ith a dranjoer. 

Sea, Come, drawer, pierce your neateft hogflicads^ 
and let'* iiave chear, not fit for your BillingTgate tavern, 
but for our Virginian Colonel ; he will be here inftantly , . 

Dra%v, You fhall have all things fit, fir; pleafe you 
have any more wine ? \ 

Spend, More wine, ilavc ? whether we drink it or no^ 
fpill it and draw more. 

Scap, Fill all the pots in your houfe with aJl forts of 
liquor, and let them wait on us here, like foldiers ia 
their pewter coats ; and though we do not employ them 
now, yet we will maintain 'em till we do. 

DnxiAj, Said.Uk« an honourable captain; you ihall 
have all you can command, fir. {Exit Drai*:. 

jS#tf. Co^n^ boys, Virginia longs till we ihaure the 

reft of her maidenliead. 

Spen: Why, is (he mhabited already with any Englifh ? . 

Sea.^,.A wlu>le country of £ngli(h is there, man \ bre<f 
of .t^fe that were left there in 79. I'hcy have married 
witk the Indians, and make 'cm bring forth as beautiful j, 
fa^es a^ any we hay« in EogUmd 5 and,th«refore die In- 
dians are fo in love with them, that all the treafuie they, 
have they lay at their feet. . t 

Scap. But is there fuch treafure there, captain, aa!i 
have heard? 

,S<a. I tei} th,ee, gold is more plentiful there thim cop- 
per is ;M^^h »H :and for as much red copper as I qm 
'^'«?gr. X"^. hav^, thrice.the w«ght in gold* Why, man,' 
aftiheir dripping-pans and theii: ckamber-pOts are pure 
gold '5 and all the chains with which they chain up their* 
ftreets, are malTy gold j all the priftmers they take are* 
^cr»d in gdid» ftnd for rubies and diamonds, they go 
forth on holidays, and gather them by thefeacfb^DPe, ta. 

V,;.: bang 

•^88 ^Ba/iward'B&t. 

bang on their ch3dmi*s coats» ami fti^tc in tAciircbI&.. 
cbens cap^i as ^Mmmonly as^ our children we^ur ftffkoA** 
gilt broaches^ and grouts with holes in thenu : 
' ' Seap, And is h a pkafsnt coiihtry withal ? 

Sut, As ever the itin IhinM on ; temperate,, andiull o£ 
9II forts of excellent viands;. wild boar is as common 
there as our tamed bacon i^ here ;. venifon as mutton,. 
And then you fhall live freely there,, without ferjeants^ 
or courtiers, or lawyers,, or intelligencers. Then for 
your means to advancement,, there it is (imple,. and not: 
piTOoftet-oufly mixt. You may be an alderman there^^ 
and never be fcavinger; you maybe an/ other officer^ 
and never be a flave. You may come to preferment 
OAOugh, and never be a. pander j^ to riches and fortune, 
enough, and have never the more villainy,, nor the le{k 
"mu Befides, there we (hall: have no niore law than, 
confcience, and not too much of either.. Serve God. 
caoagh, eat and drink enough ; and tnough is as good a^ 

Spends Gods me f and how far is it thither ? 

^a,. Some fix weeks fail,, no more,, with any. indif- 
ferent good wind : And if I g;et to ^ny part of ^e coafF 
of Africa, I'll fail thidier wmi any wind. Or When I 
come to cape Finifier,.thei»'saiforerigbtwindcojBiii\ual- 
^ wafts us till we come to Virginia,. See^ (mr colo^ 

Emitei^ fir^Petronel, *witb bUfulk^tn* 

Pet, Well met, good captain Seagull,, and Wf ^^^^ 
gudomctt! now the fweet hour of our freedom is at 
hand. Come, drawer, fill us iomt carbufes, and pre* 
pare 119 /or the mirth that will be oqcafioned prefently.. 
Here will be a pretty wench prefently,. that wul bear ui 
ottrnpany aU ($ur voyage. 

:J^ia, Whofbever (he be^ here's to her healdi^ nobto 

Colonel, both with cap and knee» * • ." ^ 

.'^ B4t, Thanks^ kind captam Seagull: ihe*s oDeill lot^a 

dearly, and muik not bn known till we be free ftotn all 

tkflS boow us : AM^« gentlaaen, here*s to her. h^aUi« 

Jmbo^ Let it come, worthy CQh>n0l> nxiM Ahmgar 
muttbirfifor U^ 


. fft. ^^^ore boayen* you have hit tlM phttfe of ono^ 

^at liCf prefence wiQ touchy from the foot to the fore«» 
head, if ye knew it> . 

Sfrnd. Why theii we will Join his forehead wkh her 

J^ealth, ^,^ aDd» captain Scfpethrift, here's to *em both. 

Efrter Security and BranAU. 

'Sec. See, tkc, mailer firamble! Tore heaven their 

voyage cannot" but profpcr, they are o'their knees foe 

ibccefs to it. 

Sram, And thqr pray to god Bacchu9« 
Sec, God &^e my brave colonel, with all his tall cap^k 
tabs and corporals; foe, fii^ my worfhipful learned 
tpunfel, mr Bramble, is come to take his leav^ of you. 

Pet, Worlhipful mr Bramble^ how far do yoo draw, 
lis into' the fweet-brier of ^our kindnefs ? come, captain* 
Seagiil, another health to this rare Braiable> that hath 
never ^ pnck about him^ 

Sea. 1 pledge his moft finooth dllpofition, fir: comei^ 
mailer Security, bend .your fupporters, and pledge thia. 
notorious health here. 

Sec, Bend yoilr knees likewife, mr. Bramble^ for it is 
you SbsOU pledge me. 

' Sea, Mot (o, mr. Security, he moft not pledge his owiir 

Sec. "No, mafter captain ? . y* 

Enter ^tckfii'ver 'with Winny tUfguiid, . i 

Why then, here's one is fitly como to dd him that ho- 

^tci» Here's the gentlewoman yonr coufin, fir, whod; 
with much entreaty I have brought to take her leave. o£ 
you in a tavern ; aiham'd whereof^ yon muft pardon, 
herifiheputnot ofFhermaflc. . : . '. 

Pet. Pardon me, fweet coufin $ my kind defire to fet. 
you before X went, made mp fo importunaite to entreat 
-your prefehce here. . • ; 

Sic. How now^ mr. Francis ? have you honovrM 
ttiis prefence with a fair gentle wongan? .. ^ 

j^'fi., Pniy>; fu# take n«to of her i for iho' 
Mf^fnot fee io^own toyipii.. 

. . SefK 

% \ «. 

« • - 

' S'ec. But my Ifearned couiiTel, nir: SpainUc heitf, l 
Ropemay know her. -:^ ^ 

^ick. No more than you> &; at tMs thne ; Idsf leam^ 
ing muft pardon her. " , ' 

• Sec. Well, God pardon her for my |)art; and I do 
rU be fworn ; and fo, mafter Francis, here's to all that 
are going eaftward to-night towards CuckoW's-Hafveri 5 
and 10 to the health of mallet bramble. ** ' 

^ick, I pledge it, fir : hath it gone round; captdns? 
Sea. It ha^^ fweet Frank, and the round clofes witk ^ 
Aec. •>.-..•-. 

- j^/VI. Well, fir, here's to all eaftward, ahdtowatai • 
Cuckolds, and fo to famous CuckoWs-haven, fo'fetally 
*emember'd. \HiriJes. 

' Pet. Nay pray thee> cu^, weep not. — Goffip Security. 

• *Sec, Ay, my brave goffip. 

Pet, A word I befeech you, fir: Ourfiiend, nfiHrefi 
Bramble here, is fo difibivM in tears, that (he dtowns 
the whole mirth of our meeting 5 fweet go&p, take h^r 
afide and comfort her. » " 

Sec, Pity of all true lore, miftrefs Bramble, what weep 
you to enjoy your love ? what's the caufe, lady ? Firit, 
becaufe your hufband is ib near, and your h<salt e^ns, 
to hav^ a little abus'd him ? Alas! alas! the offence is 
too common to be refpe£ted. So great a grace hath 
feldom chanc'd to fo unthankful a woman, to be rid.oif 
ath old jealous dotard, to enjoy the arnts of aioving 
young knight ; that when your pricklefs Bramble is wi- 
tfiered with grief of your lofs, will make ybu fiourilh a 
fteih m the bed of i lady. 
^ Enter dranuer: * 

Dranjo, Sir Petronel, here's one of ybur v(aterihen 
cfeme to tell you it will be flood thcfe threi^ hours,' i'nd 
char ir will be dangerous going againft 'the tide ; for' tlie 
fkv is over-caft, and there was a porpoife even ribv4^ ftth' 
at Lori3bn-bridge, which is always the tfieflfettger 'of^ 
tempefts, he fays. ' . 1 - ; .,* -A 

' Pet, A- pdrpoiie ! what's that to the purpofe't charge' 
him, if he love his life, to attend us ; carfwfe iwfteaCh; 
Blackwall (where my&ipliesj agaibfi:'the tide, aAd«^ 


|^igbl^aff/te?9Sffts ? C^taiss wl gqntiemeii|» we*U be- 
gin a new ceremony at the beginning of our voyage^ 

wJ^qh.J^bdl^Ye.'wiU be ibllowed of ^ future adven- 
turers. • , 
/ ^e^, What^s tliat, good Colonel ? ' 
' ■ Ptt. ^Thi, f aptain Seagull : we'll Jiave our provided 
. (Mppei; brought aboard fir i?^rancisDrake!s.fhip, that h^ 
compafs'd the wosld^ where with fi41 cups and banquets 
we will do facrifice for a profperous voyage. My mind 
« m^esme that feme goodipirit of the waters fhould haunt 
tnejdefart ribs of her, and be aufpicious to all that ho- 
no^r i^r memo;7> and will with like orgies enter their 
yoy^gea, ... 

^ea^ Rarefy conceited ! one health more to this mo- 
tloiv andaboaid to perform it. He that will not this 
jaight be brunk, niay he never be fober. 

\Tbey CQii^afsin W.innifrU^ dance the drunken round^ 
. and drink xaroufes, .. \ • 

../Br am. Sir. Petronel, and his honourable captains, in 
thefe young fervices we old fervitofs may be fjared : We 
t>nly came to take our leaves, and with one health to you 
all, ril be bold to do fo. Here, neighbour Security, 
Xf the heallK pf £r Petron^l and all his captains* - . . 

i^ec^ Xpu muft berid then> mafter Bran^le ; fOr'^oW' 
I am for you ; I have one comer of my brain, \ hope, 
fit to hear one caroufe more. Here, lady, to you that 
m-e i^com^afs'd th^re» and are afliamM of our company. 
-Ha. ha^ ha ! by my troth, (my learned counfel, mafler 
BraiYibl^} my mind rui^s fo of Cuckold's-havcn tp-nighr, 
ttc^ my head turns pound with admiration. 
Bram, But is not that your Avifc, neighbour? 

: ^<fC%,lSfo* fca^.«iy troth,, mailer Bramble ; hn,. ha, ha ! 
a,pQx of all Cuckolds-havens, I fj^. 

^ Brfi^. I'fpy Zaith^ her |;arments afe exceeding like, 
ypjijE, ^'ifeV ...... ^ 

^€f, CJfcullus non facit Monet chum^ my learned coun.-. 
iel J all are not'cuckolds that feem fo, nor afi feem that 
ajfje foj Give me y.our hand, n;y learned counfel ; v»-i 
aj^ 1 .will fup foniewhere elfe than at fir Francis Drake^s 
fi^t9-nig^t. Adieiig .yy noble goflip. 

Btam. Gbod fofMne, bfare capbuns ; iBBir lifcs bbi 

' 0«9M«f. Parewdl. tscy heattd^ fiurewell. 

P^/. Goffijs laugh no more at Cu<^oId*s-Iiaireii^' 

$fr. I&kvedoney Ihave'done^ fir. Will you Iea<^. 
Inafter Bramble ? ha^ ha, ha ! \Exiti 

' Pet. Captam Seagal]> charge a faoat^ ' ' 

Oifmes, Aboat^ a boat, a boat^ , [Sxev/rfi 

Dra^w. Y^arc in a proper taking Indeed to take # ^ 
4boat» eipedally at this time of nighty and againft tide 
and tethpeft $ dicy lay that drmiken men fwotr take barfni 
this night will trie the 6iith of tjiat proverb « ' [£;r/>; 

' Enter Security. ' 

Sec, What^ Vi^ny* Wift^ I fay > Oiit of ^oo» ^ 
this time ! where ihould I feek the Gad-fly f Billingf- 

Ete, Biliingfgate, BilliAgfgate ! She's gone with die 
ight) fhe*s gone wit^ the knight ; wo be to thee Bil- 
Im^gate. A faoat^ a boa^ a boat I a foil hunxhred mark^ 
ibr a boat! [Exh. 

Aa-IV. Scene I. ^ 

tntir Slitguty ivith a pair ofox-btrns^ dijc^erlng Cui*^ 

kolas'bwven abtnie. 

Slit. A I< L hail, fair haren of married tdtn otdy t 
J\^ for there are none bat married men icuckoios. ■ 
"I^>r my part, I prefume not to arrive hertj but inmv 
maker's behalf (a poor butcher of Eaft-cheap) whofeim 
me to fet up (in honour of faint Luke) thdfe necefiaiy 
enfigns of his homage ; and up I gat tins morning, thus 
^arly, to get up to the top of this £imous tree, that ft 
all fruit and no leaves, to advance this creft of my ma- 
iler's occupation* -Up then; iKararaadfaant iiuk^ 


lfe^,«K -tti* I tf ;iiat,,Uj?« ipto tik -Tirades. ^. j 
fdimpy with th|s funovs tempdOb. 'SbgKtv I thk^ ^ 
devil be alMbad» in likeniC&<if a ilonn» (9 r^b meqf o^ 
|gi^ : ttark^ how he foarsl Li(»d, what § co3 the 
Thames keqps ! ihe bcfrs fom^ 4injuft hur<^ 'I ^>^i^^^ 

fil 4W^ I^^e^^ars that dtft upqa her l^bcjc x]f>VK;| if^T 
the hit Ui 9ttt of h!sr fli^utii I fee, ,^ jbe ^jU ^n ay^ay 
with ^eiB.-^-So^ ib j I diink ^I haya ina^,it ;}Qpk ^i^ 
lij^t w^y ; it runs againft London-bridge (as it were) 
$v^n fall but. And now let me di&over feoi^this'jb^fty 
froipeQ, wl^i^t {iranks the rude Thames pl^ in -h^ 
4e(p<|rate iai»^.—- O me, ^eire> 4,/)oat hga i)«^ c$# 
a^y ha^:l3y ! Ala% alas>; fe^ one of i^er pa{{€%ng^s .]%> 
j^<^}^ for jLi^ life, tp lapd at thjs ^javen We i..*riijr 
]|^4ir^ h^«i9ay repov^ritl HisAext^and i&^eireft.iiji%.]rt^ 
dfir fjfic J h<44. out ^. Uttje, . wh^tfoever thop ;art j ^ p^}^ 
Md take a goqd hearr ,19 thee. It is a ifiani; tajt^ 9, 
ism^'s h^K tq thee, yet a. little^farther : >get ^^^ 9('ti^ 
V^^ manj now it is fhallow enoogh. S9, fo^^ fo^. ak^^ 
j^'jB down ^ain ! Hoki.thy wind, tfatj^i it is a inanip 
Aifi night-caf . So, now be> g.9t vp again i npw fee'js 
4«ift tte wwrfr, Thantei be fo heaven, he cflJjieB toww^ , 
asypp50Qr.ftrofigly^ , .. . .; , . 

hanJU iifc^ * 

Sec* Heaven, I befeech thee> how have I offended 
i&e« } where am I cafi. aiHoi^now, (hat I may go a right^r 
way ihpme by land I h^ me fee I £) I am l^arce able to 
Jipok about 0e i wh^<( M thrri; 9Ry Jip«-9ia^k that I ami 
acquainted withal ? r 

. £AV, ^iMik^M, faih^ aM ,y<l« ^^cfoaii^d ^i^ith tbis 
»ark I ^ : , • . 

,.. ^4r. Whitl) W«4. St Cudjy>IdVhaveift ? Hell and 
damnalioiw t wUlrui&baivk ai)d drowno^lf* > 

... {fit faUi ^kum. 

' SUt^'lfciox urn, how weak ho it ! 1^ vitak wa^r 
Jiaa waih'd away his ib:wgth. . * 

, . £e€* JLpdfii aat Cuckola'a imm \i£ k hadiiot bann 
to die tweniy times alive^ I ihould new hmr« *fes#l 
• yol.lV; I death. 

l9^ E/^^drdlh^. 

cl^h: I will never mfe^iiovc ;' I ^Vt ^ff^\%tvt.Hsa!i 

ib'tibac^cniel9irater]|«s4jfniiNlme. : ' u . -« 
V * ^H^^ AhsygQod fttSwer, b« net ib4d*pem^ ! Rii^ 4rtiw>i 
ffyouwtU, ritconie prefently, andiead-yoq hodscf. < * - 
''' ^e>« Home? fhflll I siake aity know my heme, thai 
lifls laiown me tfiu9 ahioiul;? Hew low (hall' I ^t^oueb 
away^' tfaftC no eye nay fee n^e ? i Ivill •creep-on Ijie^eanh 
^K^iuO^ i live, 9SDik ntrex look heaven uiUhif face niore. ^ 

t . • ' ~ \£jfii <reephigt 

' •' SUt. What young planet reigns new> that okl- men ana 
tofooliih? What daperateyoangiwag^orer would havi4 
^Wn^i^te>ad fach weather ite tlm» nppn the watet? Ah 
ifte, ' 4«e another renwant of this unfortunate fh^wreck^ 
\^ fi)me other ! — ^A woman, t'faith I a woman !. thoiiglk 
it be ahnoft at St.- Katharine's, I difeern it lo *bfe ^ we^ 
^ffm »for al) her body- is ab^ve the water^and her doaths 
tv^im about her moil handibliid)L«— Oth^ bear hemj^ 
moft brav^! 'Has not a i^lKmiaii reafon to lave the4fd(^ 
Jug up of her doaths the better while Relives, for this ! 
Alas, how bufy the rude Thames is aboat her ? A -pox 
a'tha^ wave ; it will drown her, i*faith it- will drown 
tier ! -Cry God mercy ? ihe^ has 'icap'd it ; I thank hea.^ 
W^n (he has 'fcap'd it.-— O, how fiie fwims like a metv 
aoaidl. Some v^ibnt body look out, and &¥e.he». 
^hat^s well faid ; juil wcbere thtfrieftfell in^ there^9 Ofie 
4et9 dovyrn a ladder, and goes to take her up. Qpd's 
Jrie^ng <o*thy heart, boy ? now take her up in thy arms^ 
and to bed with her«-She*s up, ihe*s up f Ihe^aabeauH* 
^iAd. woman, I warnuit her^ - the billows durft sot de- 
vour, h^. . • 

.. Qravj. How&re younowi, lady f. . . . k. 

<*. 'Mfir. Much better, my godd ^endy dumil wii^i ^ 
4i»iia4efpexate of her famoi «ow my-li^r is fi^^StHla^-^ ^ 
', i>fv?qv..Comfoityourfelf ; that power that pfdj^jTY^ 
-yoa fiwi death, caiv likewife defend you £tqmr4gtbmy^.i 
tiidw&ever vou deferve it. Were not you one -that |oqk 
.boat lat^ this mght,( with alcny^t^ and Other g^&dmi^, 
lit Billiagfgate ? .^ ...:/.. ^ . i • : ^ r %.: 

djT^j^p^im ^idrit '^wm kayg&&d hxp to come Ao^m 
thus far after you, to* ii^'lioi^ or mf lrieiid*6 hiartf iii ^i 
EMfkfdti^ i Aitelitftt i»m«]u{s^ly msrde si mean to 
your Mlbtb; iBfoUi^diieiiithlirs'tempeft; which (whatiyob 
I06k bottK i^nu "^QT! )exn«ine^ xnd the gjon^ttiaxi that 
b«i0ttght<yo«i f(Mthy -for defpemte and unfober^ tteat t 
f^M iohg e^er this I fiu>aki hear of your (hsp-wrtck i 
andthef«me (iRiillh ikde-otherreafon)' made. thtK far «ht4 
ymsfi 'And this I mnft tell you, fince perhaps yoa xasf 
make^afeof k/ tk^fe'was left behind you at ottr tavcnm, 
^roilght by a^^mr (Mr'd by the young gentlemitt that 
tt^ugkt 'you) k ^gefitlewEOiaan^B gown, hat, ftocking4 
and ^e» ^ «iybh if "dlief be.yiMirs, akid yon ploaie t4 
ftlft:you (taking a hkt^i bed here, lit this \uMt4/f'iD(f 
ftiend),f^^^prtl(Bntlfgp'&tch^e]ny<oa; * <' * '' > 
' H^*, ThatikB/my ^jgdod firieiid, for your more thatt 
{oodtitws, 'Thegorniw^thtUi thiiigsbcnsnd widiita»^ 
iiikte^<*1(rhidi if yotf piiea£»<to fetcha^ yoii^hai^ promfotd^ 
I 'wMl boUfyireoeivo the kind iviroiir yoa have olFerM; 
^you retttrft; ilitr«aibig yon, by aH^e goodyou^have 
4oiie-in prelki^kig tne ^therto, to kt none^ake know« 
liUgrppf #hast £itotiiryou do tie ; orwhere fodi a one aa 
.iiutk beftouAly left^yoii aicur me much more^damage iM 
mf faiBc^ Ikm yoittkwe dooe me pleaHxre infceCeisviA^ 

. ^ l)tf^4i^i Come'^hv iady^; and ihift' yourfeU r ^ohh 
thflit^othiiigb^t your owti pleafure fhali be us^dinyoilir 

WrV* Thank yoo, goqd friend; the timiJ' may' come 
I-fliaU requite you. ,r . r .» [^Sx^f^f. 

': h iSM'm^^tlt, 'f^^il^Mdmy life there*-* fome oijicr 
a-taking up at Wapjiitig, now ! Look what ^ foit <jf . 

iBeO|[fc^liftMb<^^the^k>^^^^ -ih 'gicTod troth it 

U fo.«^0!8£^ H l&ieyoung-gemlet&aa'! Wl^stiad^flii 
iip<0ei<>llie^gallOwdi! litevea ^ant he be not on<^ day 
AikmAcmi-^iki^, < Q^my lifo it » OD¥n<»«»^^: - W^ Ijic 
>iiq|s|ltoilcMor die ^)m/. I fee the9iM^.h2ve«Q4^ 
« iim:f^y4g^i4^lt^l^9W^o{f^ A wjule, KT fee if mf 
.jaw«cW^beciiihi4)^y»B5^ k: .. /. . ^ r ^^ 

i^l B^ltik»^: j^ 



. \^/ci. Accrin'idthateycf Iw*#l«ryoti>om^',^^ .- 
How fatal is mj fadtrrivkl kcrel ■ « \ Ji. • ' mc 
^sif theflarsy andprovideftceij^etdidc^ - i - oi:i. ,;. 
And fdd, the drift of tU tmiaiml «Mifesjr • ' * or* ^ 
^Whafieverenddicy (krepK^ofe tkemitthriesi . /.. 
Inlirto^ of their bcentkms ^licies) . . : re rj 

Jin the lufih Older of joftikfhiLy, 
fThey are theTeady highw«}Fs to^yar rrnat* . : . . ., \ 
i know not what to do j nLy wicked hopes .^t./ 

^re, with this tiempeft, torn ap by ihef<>ots; > ^ i 
O9 which way fball I hend my dc^ientte Jbrpt). 
|n. which unfufferahle ihatneand mkftf - . ,. 1 

IVill not attend . them ^ i ^vitt wik tibis hcak, 

Snd fee if I. can meet the odber rdidcs 
f our poor fhip-wred&*d erew^ or ]iear\)f Ibem* . * 1 *. 
.tThe kn^t;^ alasf wa« ^ ht gone wkh wiae». 
And the other three, that I reftis'ddieurbDaty . 
^^nd took the hapkis woma»in aiM^hcri .. 
Who cannot but iie-fbnk, vHuaerer foMine i : 

' Hath wroi^t npontheodiende^pecaae lives; ti 

EfitirParomei ftndSeagidi^artbeaM,' ■ j 
> Pet, Zounds, captenn, 2Mll<tli#ewearriaiftii^'i^lte 
soaft of France* ^Sfbot, I am not dnrnk^/Ui, Ilhafi* 
|}o!ftrea9efflberwh^ciiiew«telaflrdMgh|ti . . i 

Sea, No, by my Mth, kni|ht, ifot I ; liiir iiftjiiihi 
^c have heen « hoitiUe while' UfSoii itbr jwatov vatti « 
th« gaiter* - . „ : \ ♦ 

Pet. Ah me, we are undone for ever t hail-aaDiy '^no^ 
ikgr about:thee'>? ' . 

Sea, Not a penny> by heaven* 

Pet. NoK A^|>enny betwijit'tfe, ftad Cift aftitet ;ixi 
.fsancef^ •- .- a % 

^^ea. Faith> I caimot tell that; lAy^tfaltt, «ot/mim 
«y«, Mc not mine own yet* ' ' ' ■■ *- - 

Ent£rtw9 gentiem&ttt ^^-i ^ 

' /^f/. '^SPo^i w)k tlof biliev^ me ? i\BiMP%f^Aibti^ 
t«tion of the poltt mdiAyf xktHkk^soik'it^^laoka^ 
the cUmate.-r-See, ker^ i6iai% ft %bii^ dF f^Miilh '^cttlk- 

a|i^ I knew wc were iti Fnbi^t fi#fl«*«M 4liUMBr 

- . Englilh- 

• - « • 

itigtiMi^ tsit h^F¥m»^$d, that a infaitdMlWB aot 
ii(fh^JtelP itoixr ih Fi'iM^ Ykt in EngbiSd wtieik Ac4M 
'em? t^KA fltall we do ? W^ xsuft e'en to 'tts^, andm.^ 
maffcUie ridjdfof ^'«iti} • L^e k fwtet, und we faaye nd 
Qther means to idieve ewr lives &ow> bift their tharitief ; 

S^d.rHj^ ydtt^ 4^ yoti- b^g* oa 'etxk th«o^ you icaa 

feeak F^ncft; . t 

^ /^rf', M^Jkur^ fiaifi il iPanmr fity de nitre granJ ii^ 

fortune: Ji ftik im p^tt^vre Cke^mUar fAikgttterrey fw/-*. 


^ f Oenf. Witp9Mf9rtchwKiKfrd*Augleterr0^ . ' ^ 

petr, Ouy^ mmfctur^ Vieft trop 'vraj ^ wuiis «vovs ffont^ 
thn^ itdtgtjymkltsfoks^Juf^afirHikii / ' 

2 G^/. .A poor knight of England? . a poor knight 4f 
Windfor ^Sf6' you- i«4} Why (peA you ^is broken 
Ft^dr^-wM^'aflT^ whole £j|gfi{hmM)i ? On whAtcoaft 
aire ytytt, GbuK ^^du ? - ** .^ 

. r Ge^f. ^eo' At f^gfi. of 4egs, fir. Tare i^tK*!!!© 
6* Bogs^, Ptdiyov. I i«e y'have been wafil'^l in tlkb 
Thames, here ; and I beLi^ve ye were drd^'d in a tav<rA 
))efpre» or dfe^ydn^ wonld lieverhare took boai in foch 
M dxmAii^^a ^OhM- wns-, Panew^U^ ftfeweU; we wiO'not 
Idhiwjrofkibf i&amin^ of yoa.«^I kto^ the mbnWdtihe*^ 
lil» bfiny'^itlirCfpOaQd karughCf. « 

f Gen. Now^tiu9*i^ he that fide hk knighthodd ft* 
ihr pzai'^, fosr foot pound given to a page, j^ the 
-^niKiej^ iA^^Jwxfe I i^ot well. [txeunt. 

' Sea, Death, Oolonet^ I knew you were oveiihot ! ' 

Pet: -Shrc I think now indeed, wtab; SeaguU, ^ 
Wert fenlcthhtg. overfhot. (Enter ^ickJhHf^. 

'Wljat r my fWcct Frank Quidcfilvert doH thoa foiVW^ 
to njdfc^ fixe f' B«t, wharpobody at thy heels^ Prtfnk f 
Ah me, what is become of poor miftrefs Sccmlty f " . 
"^ :l5iftW. F4Ut% goite ;qiii^ from her n^e, as^'ft^ia 
from hct fame, fdiinkr I Teft her' to the mfercy erf tht 

wiccf.-'-'^ - "^ /.• '"; .;• ■ . • -'"^ ^' '^'^.^i 

^ ^Ai. Lee bf^^oft let ^cr.go: Rt us. go to^our JMp at 

• -^[^tfi^by m)r trotit, lef ©a-dottes rot n^n'-H 
and lafi iia ((M»-&i thcnrr'^tikiit^ T^^e our' fliip is^t^ 

ns^'A h^'ikk time; 'ff^irefiSt her not viiS^ UShHuB 
laft tlde^ I never l^ok ibr aqy other« Woe f ^woe i$ ine ! 
wlut ihaU become of us f tte laft mcmey We «oi^'iiij^t» 
the .gfted^ Thames has devoofed i Md if cuhflUp |i««^ 
t^Vjy t^PK is no hope can relieve us. - • 
. ^cL *Sfoot; knight, what an unbl^;hUy>AiHlliefs 
transports thee ? let our ffiip fink, and all the w<vkl chat's 
without us be takenfrom us; Ihope I have foo^e triek^, 
in this brain of min^, ihall not let us perifli. 

Sea. Well faid, Jfrank, i'^th. O my niinbld-fpl- 
nted Qttkkfilvcr ! Toregod, would, thOu had^ft been oar 

PeK I like his fpirit rarely : but I fee no meanshe has 
lo fuj^tt that fpirit« 

^uick. Go to, knight, I have more meiuis than thou 
.:art aware of; I have not Uv'd amongft gokifmiths and 
^oldmakers all this while, but I have learned fom^thiiffi;^ 
worthy of ntydnie with thexn.' And not to let thee (^* 
where thou &Dd*ii, knight; PU let thee know feme >^f 
.xny (kill prefc;ntly. 
i Sea: Do, good Frank, I befeech thee» - -^ 

^UK t will blai^ch copper fo cunningly, that" kjlhaU 
\^niiuce.ajil proofs, but^the teft; it fiiaUendtire malloa.- 
tion, it fhaflhave the ponderofity of^Luna, and tha te^ 
tkacity of* Luna; by no means friable. . / . . ^ . '^ 

; F,€t, 'Slight, whereleam'ft thou theCe terms trow? . 
. , ^ick. Tuih, knight, the tennsof this art ev«iy jg- 
' lioraht (juack-falver is perfe£l in^ but 1^11 ^1 )Kdu* hiiw 
yofurfelf ihall blanch copper thus tunningl^. Takg Arf- 
.^ick, otherwife called Realga (which indeed ii plaii> 
•Ratibane) fublime them three or four times 4 then tidce 
the fublimate of this Realga, and put thetn intOcft; UjMsp 
* into Clyrmia, and let them have a eonvenienit decixtion 
. mttiral four and twenty hours, and hfi wHl ^bedoine 
r jg^ifedtly fix'd : ^en take Wis <^d t)($^r, 'ftna>»)4»€^. 
%m*upoin Well purg'd coppe):, tf habdiinui^Jbti^ 
' AmU^ Excellent Jfrank, Jet i> hug th^«* - "' -* 
^' ^/Vfi. Nay thTs'f will^o bc£tf<» ; I*ff tkke )fdu df 
twelve* pence frpm^miy angc^i -With a kind draqua'f6r« 
tis» and never oefiior any pan of the image* 

^, AHi* Bu^liicftit u$iUiwwt» weight., ., ^ ^ / .^ 
'^i<»f»/.Vpuilull ref^ore that thus; tak^ yovug/al^^^h/m 

ij^rd, S^, ycW-rdiftiU'd wriopi and let youj;.'angefs 
^ ill it bu^^four ^ twenty, hpui^ afid they i^aU^'hai^e 
their perfed weight, again. Come, , I .holdythis 
is eq^CH^h, ta^puc ronve fpirit into the ..livers of you ;.. Fit 
untn^ more another time* . We have fainted the' proud 
air long enough with our bare fconces, now will I have 
you to a wcnch!^ houfe of mine at London ; there matce 
il^ift to ihift^ us i and after take fuch fortunes as the iiars 
.AaJlaflignusj ... .).'.,, 

jim6o. Notable Frank, we will ever adore theeV ^ 

, . Etrter I)m'iMr *wrth Winnifridy new attir'J* * 

. Wim^ Now, fweet friend, you h^ve brought me pigh 
: enough your tavern, which I deiired I might with fome 
^ colour. b^ feen near^ enquiring for my hun>and ; who,t iriuil 
'.tell you, ftok thither .the laft night, with my wet gown 
. ^^^g^eieftat your friend's, which to continue your f9r- 

mer honeft kindneis, let me pray you to keep ^oit 

from the knowledge of any ; and fo with all vows of your 
. xequital^ let me now entreat you to leave me to my wo- 

;ni^> wit. .and/ortune* 

Oratv. All fhall be done you defire ; and To all the 

fortune you can with for attend you. [Exif Dr/iiver. 
*, . .. Enter Sicur*. 

x\ 9^^fu. I wQlonc^ more to this unhappy tavern before I 
. fl^ft of me more, that I nuy there know what 

is left ^hind^ and w^ n^ws of their paflenger^ : t have 
. Ibnugbt me a hat . and l)^d with' the little money I had 

^ibbntm^ iu^4 mad? the ^cets a little loive (taring at 


tBy dear JittAand I where have yon ,been t<^ 
'fiifito? .ftU n^t aibroadat a tavern.? ro^me ofoiy g4r- 
mmpJc.jimiMxe^ as one. ran, away froni me KA^sris 
ma^kusK^^Jot. a man of yQur.csedit ? of jov^ ^^^». ^<^ 
affe&ionto yf^v'ifyl 

i .^^.^^WMt (fipuld. I fay? how miraculpufly forts 
Ihisf JW^ tt»;j a|.h<Mne^, frnf^SH^i ^ee.laftmjhtf ' 

A - 

aiifwer tt> yoi^ would have wd^efs'4 x^ if yOHjkJ^.Jiadr 
thejKtioioe to hsrrc ftaid 8|ul aniw«EcA|tie;rWt«3tfMir i% 
iQd^a rei;riat , mad* mc imagiae you weiv ^pm ti6^. 
iivc/Bramlde's ; aiitd fa I rdl^ padeatasni hopelui -cf . 
roar coming again^ tilt tkis yoixt imbefieved abfence^ 
brought ine abroad,, with no lefs than wondor, to ^edCr 
J^Qu wWe the falfeiaiight had carried yoiu '. ■ 

SecM. Villain and' monftor that I wa^ how ha^ I; 
abusM thee ? I was fixddenly gone indeed ! for my jtixir^ 
den jealoufy : I wall fay iftQ more but thi^ 
dear wifip, I fufpcded thee. ' ^ ' . • . .^ 

; PTlx, Did you fufpe^ mc ? . 
' Sectf. Talk not of it^ I befeech thee : I am a^uim^ to* 
imagine ir ; I wil} home, I,will home/ and eVery mc^» . 
^ On my knees, xtft: thei^ heartily forgitenefs. [Bxi' 
5/rr. Now wiUf defcend my hqnotifabfc profped ; thdj 
fartheft feeing mark of itbe wozid : no marvel dien if I 
could f^e two miles about me. t hope the red^tem^&'i 
^bger be now. overblown ; whrch/ure,. I diinfe, healrei^' 
hnt^ a i^unifhmen^^'pro^i)iR?holy St; Lv&^''\ me-^. 
inory,- With fo ridiculous ., a cttTOirf. ' Yhon^^ ^Aoncft^ 
Satire, farewell to hqneft mairird men f far^fweH to aS 
ifertf 2did degreei of thee. . • JParewcH thou hcmr 6f Irtiiy 
fed, thabdl'lfc the inn>o' coutt to-their mangfr; 'FaiV- 
wclji^ thou horn of abundance, that adorneft t^ he^-^^ 
men of the common we^h. Farewdl tibn horri';ordt» ^ 
rc^ion^. that is the city lanthtrrt'. l^^cWeltthop Jord 
ofpfeaiiire, the enfign of the Imntfmaii. J^areweU: tiio^\ 
bom of deftiny, the enfign'of tfie mairfed man. Fare^ 
wfH thou Hotn tree, that beareiflrHothing but ftone-fhiit^. 

Enter ^cuchftaiie^ 

90rt-h ? ^9t plain eaft^rd^ Ha^ ! * hai^ w^ - never l^qeSi 
©r XargihiaJ fipr ^CaV^ariSi?*'ir0r-'tlie Colonoi%? 
fan -we (&lc6ver* iid di^Jd^rfes^'Well,^; mint *&ranr fli ♦ 
FlaA, and my xunnag^^ Quickfilver, you ipfiy.^drittk* 
.■:\ ' . , drun£. 

1*^ fb^ jMrif iidmiral, attd vice-admiral/ ahd -ri^-ad-' 
t^\S^j' -yftit ihfSf all (As they arfr)- but orte pinnace,' 
^d tinder fa3, as well as a-'iteihora-,-dd«bt it not; and?' 
ftipii ^fefWhce, withodt cfther powder or Jhot. fPV^f 
Uftffi'f^ahitrtxT, '^fa^, and y 6^*11 Ihew trick», -well vie 
^Uttfar ^ * Iktle. My daiighterj hi^ lady, was fcnt* 
eaftward by laAdto acaiHeof hi$ iHkcarr, (in what itri 
gion I know not) and, as I htar, was gl^ to taJre xip 
TO ^K^*fg &i her ct>adi: fecj and her two waiting 
ivdWcn, K<? maid' and her moAer, like three {bads in a 
Ihefr, and tfi^ coachman a top of 'em, I thihic. Since 
they have sB? {a\irA the way back again, bv wtepmg 
CJTO. frat rn not fee 'em. And fbf two or^cm, itia- 
fitm- and her malkin, they ar6 like to Bite o'the bridle 
for Wffliam, as the jpoor horfes have done aH rfiis whilft^ 
that hurried *em ; oreHc to graze o* the common t S<^ 
Ihould my dame ToucMone too ; but (he has been rty 
trofs there thnty years, and 111 now keep her to fright 
away fprights, i'faith. * I wonder Lhear no news of m^ 
fon Goldmg : he was fent for to the GuildhaSI this 
morning betimes; and I manrel at the matter ; if T had 
liOt laid lip comfort and hope in him, I fhonld grow de- ' 
fjferate of all. See, he is come i'my thought !— Hovr ' 
now, fon; \*^hat news at the conrt of aldertnen ? 

- ' ' Enter Gvldhtg. • ^' 

' *lTo4/rTrotTi,Jir,' an accident fomewhatftrahgo; dfeJt 
li^hi^kde ia it worth the reporting. ' - - 

'• f9Uch. Wliat ?• It is' not borrowing of money then ? ' 

'€(j//J^6, fir, it hath pleaiedthewOrftipful-conttnon- 
'etS'bf the citj" to take me one i' theirnuiiiber at prrfen^ \ 
'tation of the inqueftl 

• • GWi/.' And th« aldef man of the ^^i, i^Herfehi I dWeH; ' 
to appoint me his deputy. .- *. » 

«eW ^>iM)rfhlf, and a' Ihde'ikidl ituhe t>^^ka^^)l^fti 

^thae. iWhat ft fortiihe Was it (or -rather ^m^- jbiig^tMc 

indeed) for me. firft to An: that in his di^ikioi^, whicrhrsa 

wholecityfQconfpixesto fecond? Ta'en into the tivapy«f 

^lus company the firft day of his freedofai f now (AOt ~a 

week married) chofen commoRer and aldenaan^s deputy 

in a (£ay? Noaghtbut the reward of a timlty coorfe^ 

the wonder of his time! WeU^ I ivitt honour isirVA* 

dehxttui for this ad, as becomes me ; and fliall thitilf Ike 

better of the common council's wifdom and wotdttp 

while I live^ for thus meeting, or but coming after oe 

in the opinion of his defert. Forward, my fu&ient 

Ton, and as this is the firft, fo e^em it the lead fi^ to 

' that high and prime h<»iour that expeds thee. 

^ Gol, Sir, as I was not ambitious of this, fo I covet ho 

l»gher place ; it jiath dignity enough, if it wiflbBti^ye 

me from' contempt : and I had rather my bearing' in 

this, or any other office, (hould add worth to it, thao^the 

place give the leail opinion to me. 

Tvuci, Excellently fpoken : this modeft anfwer of thine 
t>lufhes, as if it faid, I will wear fcarkt fiiortly. Wor« 
IhipfWl fon, I cannot contain myfelf, I mufttell thee^ 
I iK>pe to fee thee one o'* the monuments of our city, md 
reckoned among her worthies, to be remembei^- &e 
iame day with the lady Ramfay, and grave Grefham a 
wheii tne famoos fable of Whittington and his puifs fhaQ 
be forgotten, and thou and thy ads become diepofies 
ibr' hofpitals j^ when thy joame (hall be written "upon 
ccmdioits, and thy deeds played i'thy lifetime,' by the 
b«flfCD0qpQny of adbrs, and be called their Get-pony^ 
' ^^I^is: r divine and jprophefy. * -** 

V CvH^ £k, engage not your expcAatiOQi fimher ^duui 
my abilities will amwer : I, that know my ownl^ret^fi, 
">f^ar >m ; and there is fo feldom a lofs in promifing the 
hsi&9 that commonly it brings with it a welcome d«f^it» 
' i have other neWs for you, fir, . . 

'3Vi^i&. Noue more welcome.' I am tuQ*. 

fim. Tbe colonel, aiul all his coiqfeug^^ thhxox^^fdi^ 
^tdt^f^rt^drupk &;«)4Fa BQUngCgate;, ha4 ^ke to.Ju^ve 

:Wf»€Oi^cp, i>}r fi falfe. )bj|other.) are comq, dt^^pping t^ 
.;tQwn lif|?,TQ ta^y iQafterle^men^ i' tbeii; dpi|ble(& ana 
-^IlqC^ ^itftpuJ ^^t 9r cloak,' or aiy,otli€i:-r— -.. . 
^. \?tf»r<(. ;A miracle I the juiHce of heaven L where ajpe 
.■lii^,? let's g9 pa:?fcntiy,aj)4 Jay for '«mi. ^ 

/'; G^Id. I have done that alreadyj^ iir^ both by cmiftables 
, jl^d ot}ier offi^rsy .who (hal) take 'em at their old anchor, 
^4n4.with leis tumult or foTpicion, than if yourfelf .Wj^ 
^feen ixC\.: under colour of a great prefs, that jLs now a« 
^;btroad« aud they fhall here be brought afore .me. 

; Xpf^c^* JPrudent and politick fon I ditgrace '^m aQ 
. that ever thou canil : their fhip .1 have already arrefted. 

How to my wilh it falls out, that thou hail the place of a 
^ jufticej: lapontheml I am partly glad of the injury done 
;^ ine^ that thou may'il punifh it. - Be fevere i'thy pla^e^ 
: like a newpofficer of the firll quarter, unreflef^ed. You 
^ l^cax how our liidy is come back with her trains from the 

invifible caftle ? . ■ 

Go/d* 1^0 ; where is fhe? 

■ Touci, Within J but I ha' not fecn hcr^j'tt, nor her 

mother: who no\y begins to wifh her daughter undubb'd, 
. tfiey fay ;;and that fhe had walked a fpot-pace with ^er 
:; .i(ler*-r-Pere tiiey come, ibmd back. 

Xouchpney 'Mrs. Touchfione, Cirtnd^ GoUing^^ A///- 

,God Taye your ladyfhip : fave your good ladylhip : 
yoHJf ladyihip is welcome from yqur enchanted caftle,, fcJ 

v.tre your beauteous retinii^. I hear your knigi^ errant is 
fravcird on ftrange adventures r Surely, in my;.|X^iid» 

i.)^nh^it'hsiih.^Jb''d fairyand caught afrejg, AS thc^ 

' '#ying.i5. - . . :. 

• Miji Xfiuch. Speak to your fath^r^ mad^m, andknecl 

l(y , '■ ToucJS: 


' 6it* icWt t IkOp^i' zm kilt hwpa^feftAr-ryt^^f 

fyb(<*. Ymr bdyft^ fijrs ttttiV jt^daiA r aifd it7fe^^ 
fitter, iida^gfcaietcieconlin, dtot f febuk coWefy^tdf^ 

Eoit' tiuttirt a-kit^k^ wife; ani alifcdy, than Jrfttt.fee: 
Bwight^o' your kA^ fo .me» wto am i !««« <ialSdft|^ 
atar youf /atlar: / :-* v. i? 

:G#r. Lowi.niy.AthefkfioWlilr&tf. 'I , : " ' 

?Wf3. Arid th^tfore r dd deflre ydur ladyflup, |»jftr 
good lady FI^V la all humflay, KJidaparriftybhfcra^;: 
cottage ; and rettfrn in quefl of your Bright and moft tran- 
ia8Lrent,ca!lle»'i&^at;4*t«ri7//r{//»/ amceakd h moruH'^es. 
And as fot one poof woman of yotir train Ymssty I '^kSSk^ 
take that order, ihe ihall no longer be ft charge iintO y 6^, 
Aor help to ipend your ladyihip ; /he Aail &y at hoii^ ; 
witli. m<^ I and not »> ^dnroad; nor put yon to the pivm^* -. 
i^g of an odd coach-hoHe, or three wheeb i but tsikfr.] 
pa^( with the Tobchflone ; If we lack, ^$ft wiU ntbt leom- 
plain to your ladyfhip. And fo, good madam^' witk' > 
your damfel heie, pleafe yoti to let m (ee youl ilreight 
backs^ in equipage; for truly, here is' no roofl Sot foch " 
chickens i& you are, or bird^ o' your feather, if it jiki; 
your ladyflii^. 

Gir. M'arry, Q^ft 0' your kihdnefs.~I thought M 
much.— Come away, Sinne ! We fball as foon get a farC 
from a dead man, as a &rthing*out of courteQr here* T 

MAT; O, good fitter 1 

Gir. SiHer, irreverence.-— Come AWay^ Ifay; Jbii^er 
drops out at his nofe. t 

Gold, Q. madam, JhirnjuarJs he*v£r burtjthe tMgue\. '. 

Gir. How fay you by that ? you cdme <ftit With y^ 
^oklends ndw f * . , . V 

Mrs, Touch. Stay, lady-daughter: good Huiband* -''j 
' Jouih, Wife, no man -loves his £etters, be they tria& 
of gold. 2 lift not ha^ my head &i!ened under my childja 
girdle. As flie ha»;brew'd, fo letherdrink^ o' God'i-; 
naiQA'^ 9ie went iritleis to wedding, mow ihe may < go 
iniklf a bcgg|i^. fit ifi Mt ^baaey-mooa yet. with Icxw > 
...» "^ ladyihip i 

ther, mother, brother, filler, or ^ body: *W5lrti tt^fe-" 
^ Mplrori^or ^efa^^'^eftejf^s 1M0 fl]^ return^ in(o durCift. 
of^heriasiiftnbElnce. - . ....,.,, 

ffi/r. I fconi ki i*faitLiip-e«Kie; SJmrel [i?;t«Pl7/Vf , 
, ,Afi»T* T<»i^. O, macdatt), "Vrtfjf . d» you provdktf yduy 

fether Alus? 

' *Tffi^i>Nay, filqr, '€*8if lwpri.^.e go afor^, flame wJrt 

follow after, I warrant you. Come, why* do^ft tfin^ii 
w«e( now? tliou^urt not. the fitH good' row has had an 
fll cal^ I truft.— Whafs the news wiA that feUoW ? ' • , 

Enter Gofifialk. " '' 

'GMStt^ tiie knight and your man C^itkitlwr are^ 
ivttidut, WiB you have >iri brought in ? / 

r^ittch* O, by any means. And, fon; hete'^s a diatr; 
a|pso terrible unto '^trti^ on the firft interview, let 
them behold the mels^dioly x)f a niagifbate, inA tafl«^ * 
tfai^£ary of a iddaen in 6ffice. \ .. , 

GM; Why, fii^, I dtn' do nothing to *em, «Sc^ vM f 
charge ^en&wnlthfomewhat^ ^"**. i 

TfucL 1 will chKyge *em and recharge '^m, rathei^ 
than iiuthority fliould wahc foil to &t it o£F. 

jGc/d. No, good fir, r will ndt, 

Tofic^. Son, it is your plac^ j by any means/ 
: ^oii. Believe it, I will not/ fir. ' '- , 

\ .::A . ' • ■ . • «.-.: • 

inter kmghtPetrotlii, ^ickfilver^ Conftahk^ O^cef'H » 
, Tetr, How misfortune puriues us ftiU in oar ftiifery f 
' '^tci. Would it had been my fortune, to haVe bceii 
'^aft up at, Wapping, rather than ever ha' come here J 

Petr. dr mine, to have fasniih'd in thc'ffland . - 
; iJ^cL MxA Golding fit upoti us ? \ . \ 

; Con, You might carry an M under your girdle, . to jn£ \ 
^eputy*^^ woHhip. . ' . • *A. 

GM, What arc fehofe, mr, Conffable? l; 

; Cm. A^\ pleafc your worihip^ a couple of fr alt rkfW ' 
jneui I'pFcft for the Low-Countries, fir. . 
. Gold, Why don't you carry them to Bridev;^^!, ac^ 

{»sdiiig to y6vv«rder, Oaathajr may be t^'gt ^y. ? :"*• ^ 

^ • . _ _. ^ 

a knight ^ and we tlwugk gofidtOtfliew l)m.y(»it i^^ 

ihifv fiwour.difckajgc-... . j ^ . . . .:..../ .^^^ o^"* 

^ Gold. Whickis;|iei ;,,.,. . :^ ..L„..jue/^ 

\Gwr. Tib, £r. : . ,.... -b' 

. /Gold. And what's the other? ♦ . ;.,,4 

.* Cfeff. A knight's fellow, fir, an*t pleafe yott. i ^ . - ^' 

'. GoA/. What, a knight and liis feuow tlmsractasitred I 

.Where, aie their hats and Jeathfi;ns> thek «apie):i$,aAcI 


^^i. O, thffjT mock us.. . 

€am Nay, tndy, itr, they had cafl both theiS* feathers 

and hats too before we did fee Vm« Kerens aQ Aeir &I- 

xiiture, an't pleafe you, that we found. They; fat, 

knights are now to be known without feathers like cocfe^ 

~ rels by their fpur?, fir. 

GM, Wiut are their nanies, fay they ? 
Touch, Ver>''we!l this. 'He (hould not take knoMr- 
ledge of 'cm in his place, indeed. _ 

Con, This is fir Petronel Flafli. . , 
7ottch. How ! ' J 

^ Cw. And this Frances Quickfilrer. 

Touch. Js'tpoffible? I thought your worlhqp had been 

gpne for Virginia, iir ; you are. welcome hiome, firl 

Your worfhip has made a quick return, it feems » and 

no doubt a good voyage. Nay, pray you .be 'Cfivpr'dy 

fir. How did yourbifquet holdout, fir? Me^hOi^t 

1 1 had feen this gentleman afore.: good mr^ Qvuckfilvef ! 

- how a degree to the fouthward hafe changed you ! . . * 

• Gold, Do you know 'em, father? Forb^, yoM ofiiers 

a little, you (hall be heard anon. 

Touchy Yes, mr. deputy: I had a fmall venture wittt 

' them in the voyage ; a thing call'd a foftrin-law^^Orfc. 

./Officers, you may let 'em fiand aloije ; they wiH'n^t run 

-•away; ' I'll give my word for them. A couple. of vci|[ 

'. .honeft gentlemen. One of 'em was my 'prentice, >TOr. 

:. Quickfilver here ; and when he had two years, to ferve, 

. kept his whore, and his hunting, nag; wouH'pJay his 

iiundoed pound at Grefco, or Primero^ as familiarly :^d 

alto'niy purfe) as^y bright piece c^crimfim oit^^ya^ll ~ 

y^ hi&^^uci khkhd^of pm^xnipdliiicn, and hiiJbatl^ 
ing tubs; which when I told hixnt^> why he> he wifs k 
gentlftinan» aod I a poor Cheapfid& groom. The reme- 
dy wasy we muft . part. Since when, Be haitk had the 
gift of gathering up fome fmall parcds of mine^ to the 
value ot fiv9 hundred pound diiperft among my coftom-^ 
i^rs, to fami^ this his Virginian venture ; wherein this 
Jcxkight was the chief, ^Flafh: one that married a daughter 
of mine ; ladyfied her ; turned two thoufand pounds 
worth of good land of her's into cafh within the firfl 
week ; bought her a new gown and a coach ; fent her to 
leek her fortune by land, whilil himfelf prepared for his 
fortune by fea; took in freih fieih at BiUinfgate for hi^ 
owo diet^ to ferve him the whole voyage> .'the wife^ofa 
certain^ ufurer call'd Security,, who hath been the«broVer 
for 'em in all this bufmefs : pleafe mr. deputy,' ffvrk ufam 

' GoiJ, If my worfhipful father have ended— -• 
Touch. I have, it fhall pleafe mr. deputy • 
Gold, Well then, under cofreftion 

. Touch, Now, fon, come over 'em with {bme fine gird; 

as thus, Kttigbty youjhall he encounter' d^ that is, had to 

the Counter j oX'^ickfihery I ^mUI put you in a crucible i 

- <©T fo. • , 

\ Cold, Sir Pctronel Flafli, I am ferry to fee fuch-fiaibcs 
. ks thefe proceed from a gentleman of your quality acd 
tank; for mine own part, I could wiih I could lay. I 
could not fee them : but fuch is the mifery of magiilrates 
and men in placd, that they muft not wink at offenders.. 
'Take him alide i I will hear you anon, fir. 

Touch, I like this well yet ; there's fome grace i'tl^c^ 
blight left, he cries. 

Qtdd. Francis Quick£lver, would God thott faiad'ft 

\ tuni'd Quackfalver, rather than run into th'efe diifolute 

. find lewd courfcs.. It is great pity $ thou art a proper 

.young' man ; of an honeil and clean face, fomewhat n^ar 

' a good one, (God hath dc^e his part to thee ;} butthoa 

• liaft. made too much and been too proud of that ^'e, with 

•ths'scfl'Of thy body; for maiiitenance of which* 'itfte^ 

krt- and 

houfwbrts, them haft prodigally confiuned itlitditxyBfjWi;: 
ibafler^s eiHite : afid being hy ]iAmiAf:^!lS3MfAMifi^^ 
fef<!M tihies^ haft tam't thyfidf hatt^-^^ii^ 
ou« in idfine anfwers ; ^nderitig o«t tmdvii taexfm^ 
knsi reqnidng aH his kmdnefswith a coarfb vsd^iboffll 
Imteitickir ; never retiiming thaaks for'any oneiibenefit^ 
bat receiving ail as if thej had been debts to thte, andnd 
courtefies. I muft tell thee, Ptands^ thefir Are ^nan^lef 
'^gnrof an ill nature; and God doth olcen pttniftL foffl 
jpride and outrecnidtince with/oom and inAony, "sUdch ii. ' 
the Worft of misfoitune. My worihipiiil father/, ^ai 
ddyOQjAeaie to charge them withall? Prom the prefs t 
tvfilftte^en, mr. conftable. 
' fo*. iThcn rUlcave your worihip, fir. ' 

Gold. No, yoti may ftay ; there will be other mattex^. 
Igamft 'em. 

Touch. SiTi I do charge this gallant, mt, Qosckfilver; 
on fdpicion of ^lony ; and the luiight, as beii^ acoe&ry 
in the receipt «f my goods. ' 

j^/V/t O, goodfo! 

Touch. Hold thy peace, impodent vatlet, hold thy 
peace ! With i^at ' forehiE^id or fac^ dct'ft thon ofter to 
thap hgtck with me, having run fuch-a raceof riot, ai 
' thott haft done ? Does not the fight of this worlhipful 
mtth^ forttme and tamper' eottfbund thee ? t)m was^^ 
yotonger fellow in houfhold, and now come tb^have^wW* 
tdace of a judge upon 'thee. Do*ft not obferve this J 
Which of all thy gallants andgametlers, thgr fwearers and, 
thy fwaggerers, will come now to rndan thy misfortune;, 
or pity thy penury ? They^ll look out at a Window as 
thou rid'ft-iri triumph t<S 1 yburn, and cry. Yonder goea 
jioneft Frank, mad Quickfilve'r f He wis t ffbeJ^On- • 
companion, when he had money, fays'ori^ ; lia^igBSm. 
fool, fays another, he could nof* keep it \vheii heKaa' 
it. A pox o*th' cullioil his mailer, fays a third,' h^ h^ 
brought ^him to this. When their pox oTpteaihtd^antthek' - 
piles of perdition, would have been better bellowed upofc 
Shee, that haft vent»urM for 'em with the belli V(^ bV 


found ixuts h6m ^ee. TKdu liaft leamM to Vflhit at 
tte ifixf ywide^ Mir. deputy, |>i^y ydtf ccmiiiit' *en> 
bodt to &fi8 cuftody, till L be able farther to chafge 'em. 

^uicL Ome, what an unfortunate thing am I ! 
' Petr, Wffl you not take fecurity, fir? 
■ ftjKT^r Yes, marry will I, fxr Flafli, if I can fmi 
kitt ;.anklt:barge him as deep as the bell on you. , H4 
iisSi bten thJe ]$lotter of all this : he is your engineer^ I 
heSif. Mr, deputy, vou'lf difpofe of thefe ?. In t^e mean 
time, ril to my lord mayof , and get his warrant to fe'iz^ 
tliat ferpent Secnrity into my hands ; and feal up botK 
honie and goods to the king'^s uCky or my fatlsfa^tibn,.. 

GS/d: Officers, take 'cm to the Counter. 

, fmcb.Jftzy^ bn, on : you.fee the ifludof yoifr ilotJx|^. 
bf floth cbmeth pteafure J of pleafur6 cpmetH noi^.df 
iiof cdmes whofing \ of wKorlng/ com^ fbcndiiig ;, w 
ipqiSing comes ly^ant; of Wan\. comes therl;- ,oT theft 
.^flies Sowing: and ^cr« Is ^y tijkickfdv^r fiifd.. . , 


iSiT'^ K H, Syttne I haft thoii ever read i'tlie drpni; . 
.jf\. c|e of atjy lady and her waiting-wonufi. dxi* . 
Ven to tflUt exti-cniity that we axt, Synne ? ,^ / . ' 'v 
^* i^i^'N^t^I tfuly; madam";, and ifl had, it.wei'eUut '. 
cpld OMoiprt fliqjJd tome out of books now: 

^ Symi. None bat ndoe owo» ^aaduxm. rW^Ms^Js kiaient- 
kble eriough : fifft, to' be^ftorn from my. friot^^ /MfU^ 
.vrere worflupful, and .of good. acconQl^/.by^ik 'prentice, 
jn the. liaWt.mul di%vi&. of a g(snd^mdeb9..^adv;haSe 
brought up t« Lohdonjanjd!pramisMniarri9ge« iod i^vi, 
likely to oe forfaken; for he is in a po&bjlity to be 
hang'd. ; . .• . t 

Gir. Nay, weep npt, good Syiuie. My. Pctronel is 
in as good poiUbility as he. Thy miferies are^ nothing' to 
miue, Synne. I was more than promisM marriage, Syaof ; 
I had it, Synne: and was made a lady ; and by a kmgh^^ 
Syn : which is now as good as no knight, Syn. And: J 
was bom in l^ondon ; which is more than brought up, 
Syn : ai^d already forfaken, which is pafl likelihood^ 
Syn : and inftead of land i'the country, all my knigbCs 
living lies i'the Counter, Syn : there's his caiU^ now. 

Sytui. Which he caimot be forced out of, madam. 

Gjr. Yes, 'if he would live hungry a week Qr. two ; 
piinger^ thty fay^ Ireaks fione nxtaUs, But. lie is e'en 
inrell enough fervM, Syn, that ib fooo, as ever lie had got 
my. hand to the fale of my inheritan(!e, ran away ffom 
me, as I had been his punk, God blefs us I, Woulii the 
knight of the Sun, or PSalmerine of England^ hs^e ufed* 
tiieir ladies fd, SyllBe^ oT £r Lancetot? -or £r Tri-; 
Aram? ; 

^»/. I do not know, madam. . . ^ 

. ^ir. Then thou kno weft /lothing, SyBf .ThoKArl^a 

: fool, Syxi, The knighthood now adays are nothkjg Uke 

V the knighthood of old timie. They j*i4 a horfe^bat^; 

' ours go afoot. Tiey were attended by tMr 'fquires ; ours 

' by their ladies. They went buckled in their armour ; ours 

- nuiffled in their, cloaks. They travel\d wilderneflcs a4id 

deferts ; oun dare fcarce walk the ibreets. They wtrre AiU 

preil to engage their honour ; ouxs ready .to paw:^ their 

'^loiiths. Thty would gallop on atifight of^^motifter; 

•.0iirs'r^n awaf aft fight of a feijeant. They would help 

.. poor ladies \ ours maike poor ladies. , ' 

SymL hy:y madam ; they were knights of the Rouod- 
. TaUe, at Winchefler, that fought adventures ; but titl^e 
<if cbe S<ittait*T^le» ^totdioarie^ that lit atiiazard. ^ 


A «» 

> ^ ' Qim l^mtf*6fBk\Aa^^Wi vaBiOi; Aad teB mc^: what 

, Sjiidi A)r» ixi^KTiTV^Avaiaigy a ^mety- confidetatiop) 

^fsr^ ouv lio4i&< dtfjD^xe. woma^) 4m^ fivorn b^ breud and 

ialty ^M^wyinatttoftiistfiotheTn^ ;• - 

- Gir.. Let it ftiiik in her haad then ; I 'U not bebehoid-' 

en to her; rLet me fee ;; my jewels be gonej and my' 

gowti y and my ried velvet petticoat, that X was married 

ui; and my wedding iilk ilockings; and idl thy beftap^ 

ptfety poor Syn. Good £uth, rather than thon ihouldeft 

a]»3wn a* ra(g more^ I'll lay mf ladyibip in lavender^ if X 


SynJ, Alas, madam, your ladyihip ! . 
. <?*>• Ay, why? you do not (corn my ladyihip, itho* 
It k'ia a waiftcoat ? God^s me life, you are a peat indeed! 
do I offer td mortgage my ladyihip for you and for your 
availiaiiddoyou turn t}ielip and the alas to my lady Chip? 
Shfik^, Nby madam i but I make queilion^ who will 
iexid -any ^ling upon ic. 

* ,Gi9^. Who? iQftny, enow» I warrant you; if yoa'll 
f«ek *em out^ 1*11^ Aire I remember, the time, when I 
•wtPoold ha^ given a thoufand poi^d (if I had had it) to 
have been a^Gidy v ^d I hope I was not bred and bom 
with that appetite alone : fome other gentle bom o' the 
city, have the fame longing X trufl, And^ for my paxt» 
1 would afford ^em « penn'orth ^* my ladyfhip is little the 

«'^nir£eifor the wearing i and yet I would bate a good deal 
«f(fhieffimi ' I would lend it (let me fee) rorfort3rpoiuid 
. IB hand, Syn,' that would apparel us, .and tea pound* a 
-^ear, th^t wc^d.keep me and yQo,*Syn, (with, our 
4i6edlesi) and we ihould never need to be b^olden td 
t ^r icurvy parentSr Good lord, that there are no fiuriet 
<A6w«di^», Synr^' 
~i^^W/: Why, madam? 

r . ^pi^i To do miracles, and bidng ladies money* Siire^ 

^ r^w^ilayina'cfeanlyhotife, they would hwmt it; Synse? 

ni,t3yiX'llfwecp the chamber foqh atnjght, and ie$ a. 

• Idiih of water o'tlie heasth. A fairy may come, and brinp 
a^|>c^rl<»a diamond, W^ do not know,' Synne} Or, 

\i&H ^ be a pot of gold hid o'the backiide^ if we *htd 
■ ' * * * ^ - ' - •' toola 

fit J5^|z»ilMi^M^* 

mornings Synne, afore tojr body h ^, itaS ftli^i^ jbfv^ 
r*e iUet^ ^i^tlttk i^ KtiiMfiv^^tiiid r^^ay 'hoc %e 

tocricoiit 6f her coi^ Ir^'^ir^ ';Bid* bfieHAch^ ;! 
fBWti, nxii^tfmd k T -ha! • ' -' • •* • - i ' ; 

. Qrrr Or may\noc fcwie oM'iifWwfttok-dvtr AigjRft* 
withra l»g of irtoney, tncl leave it bdiiitd hiA'cit^ftaHf 
For God's IMce, Syrt, !rt*» rtfc fo-nlorrt)w W'fe-ettlc bf 
4af, i^d-ftet I' ^mttrfb^ hnvr, if f fiad k^-'m^h motM* 
aaanaldeiniafiy 1 would fcatter fome.on^t iWlbtcfe fw 
poor ladies, to fbi^, When tftetf lcnirfrt8^ wPte^lAd* tip." 
And, tMiwii reifrtirtbei' itijr fbftg* xfiSieOoUSe^-Si^^Ti 
ythiy may not T hare fiich a fbrtuirt ? iTFfing it^. arid tA* 
Watkcfcpftedlhavedfter=it.v'- ' " ^-•^•\^^\ 

-MSw/ir the Blow chto ibr/atau^ -^ \ • - 
mg^tohefob^aUTk.. , ... 

1/ X 

< *»i.i^ :v-«t^ 

; lifted Mtt^^dtuhpmt. 

" -fffr.v O^ Irctd's toy Aiother f goodirfdtr I Hdp^. '*'Maf 
j^crti IWOTtt any ^nioncyr «oth*ct >«iy*y6ti/ Jftt)thA,' 
Vj^liJwng. • Nay, fvrertmothw^donbtix^ejff-' • '^' 
1^' ilSTr^. fdtffA. GpdWcf^you r TwDtiTd Tl^cle'ih^inV 

G«r. Nay, dear mother, can.youftesdnotti«^e!h(JJte^ 
ho^ ay .^thcr f Dry vour eyesr aAd coftifort ^ftte; Aks I 

jt fe ^y*- Itniyit's fault, and not mine, that f M. to a 
waifltoat, aiid attired 'tiwffinrply; ' * ' * "*^' " ' 

^ ^aJ^J;i^Mhfc Siniptyr *tb Mttfi' ftatf tlteti difeiY'*. 
•N^^wWtttpfei- fof \he msfttfir: 'f^ufrtiaJf''ji^th'tfi^t^ftS 
•lij^ftfe-tbiMhd^'i^af^^ 'Thau wcrraflni tb be ^ fedfi 
^na now your fcdy{8S]^r«ftfotif ttaytwi'Atfn; *r/#^ 

^y- ■': ^X¥ ^ V^ck ^ likii^^ but buJK pf •Uv3i^» tkai^ 
fevers us. , And ydu talk like yourfelf, and a cittmeri^ 
|^iH^;^'§|fh. ; yg|ij[ftew ^^t |i»ib^nd7<m.^ctae on, I 
^hl. Yoa imell o' the Toiichftone. He that will doimotp 
ft)f }m 4w»gJmr>; <M h^iiuwried « fcuSrvy g^end 
1^, and hss '{ventioef <^b h^ wiU for hi» t'odier ^ogh^ 

^t» l^ci^ik i^iMKiny l^kknate fathca:.. 

Mrs.fotuif, Nay/ nay, let Her e*<3i dcme, iMim 
ladyihip grieve la^ ^Ul, iirith Ji^UOiar ta»Q0 and terms. 
$ l^p.Y» not dote eilQiigh. t|> fee her m tjm iQif^raUc €»fe : 
without' her velvet gowns ; without ribbaiMki wijjih 
out jewels; w.ith(Hit F^reiieh- wires j or cheat^bre^id, or 
I|«^;;ip4r a.4Htle.d|>g:; or a gpatksp^^-oA^ ; Of 9ny 
ibia| ind^od ltat'« At 6?r a lady— -r- 
. {|w^. Ex«^ h«r toB^gue. 

Mrs, TpUih, And I not able to reliQVf ihcr-Aeither, h^ 
}Bg k^ fo^QiJ^ by iny hufbaod. WqU, Q.od k|M>w$ my 
heart, I did little ih^ lh«lt ipvor ibe ibould hav<& hftd 
«a«d.0f h« fiOir G^Uyiilg/^ . . 
r,<3yr. Why» imtb^*.! ha^ AOt^t, Ark^ ^bod ano- 
ther, b^ npt. irtpwcutTrij&ar f^e^ I^ jam .well caough ^fl 
woi4d a«t QhiiiigeihDft^^/iwilh «^ Atsr^ ay». fiv /^ e/^ 

the d^. - ^ . 
.. <^ir» That's tni€^ 3U>tfae|! ii ah-rtnei 
v... Jtfrju^^PKi^ iby». fiHBet Iftdy-bM, ifigh. not; cMd, 
,tRadiO^ i Wii^ d« >m w^ff^thos^ . .&-of igao^t «hcsr. 
.^ ih«lldie/. if y<ut ary*^jwlimar jsouir fiDrnpleKknlhoik 
o^ift-'^AIs^ «»thiK^ JwbcAaui&Ijtol :^ . 

• 1 

tby ladyship will come' under Aerroof. v-Shtfil wai tJi^ 
fgxhtst to rekafe thy lUiieht ; * aiid.ireckemcthx'flOWB); kn^ 
thy coftch, and thy hories ; aiid iet^tiiee up-'again..".') .^^ 
' <?/r. fiat will ihe get li^ to fet my knight tt{>,".to9^? 
Mfu. ^9kcki That flie^willj or any tlm^ eife thov^i 

*Qir. I win begin loloire htei; if I tiioaght' flie ^ir9eiit 

- itfrj. T^i&. TVy her, go<$d*chrick> I wantdit tiieti *• 

- G/>. Do'fi thou think (hcHdo'e ? '- -^ 
^^ SyihiJ- Af, tnadam, and be ghbd yoa will ivoeiveit^'i 

Mn.Toueffi That's a good maifkn : fliefettiyotLtnHr« 
Come; l-*it'lMie^O]^fep for your' ddbls^ikh^^e4i0iife«!^ 

Grr, Go, Syn, and pray for thy Franks aa I will fW 

•toy?et. ■• "'-' • * ' * ■ ' ' * '-''^ • \£i^frt. 

'• Eht^Toucifike,^6Miftg; imdVKoif. '.^^ v '• 

T^tfo^. I-wfll recave no lettb%, nrn^W^lf; yOitffiall 
]KLrdoii me. ' • ' < 

Go//. Good father, let sie entreat vou. ' ' n>. 

^(Swri^. Soi^ GoUing^ I wiH not be temptbl;^ likA 
mine own eafy nature, and I know not what'a wili-^n^d 
fubde letter may work upon it ; there may be tricter pack- 
-ing, do you4ee : return widi your packet^ fir« • ' 

IVvIf. Believe it, fir, you need feafno' packing h«pr«; 
Thefe are but letters ef fabmtfBon, all. • • ^ 

7cuch. Sir, I do look for no.fubanfioa; « I wfllibMi 
myfelf in this like blind juftice, W^^rk ufnt that nofUJX 
When the fefliona'to&e they fhall hearfnni tfie.^ 

Goid. From whom comeyour letters, mr. Wolf? ' 

JVoif, An'tpleafeyou,.fic, onelrom£rFlstxbnetj ana- 
dier from Fransit Quickfikrer^ «nd abodier fjoom ^^ 
Security; who is abboft mad mipdroBi l^t^v^kwo 
to^ your worflup; one firom nr; Francis,: fiiV aoacftbcr 
from the knight. ' . ./ .f lu"- 

Jotich., I & wonder, mr. Wol^ why ybO'lhodd tra- 

«ve! thus in a'bufmeis fo contrary to the: kind, jmp nacnw 

.^y<3iaT*y^0^\ That iyoi^ bmg fte. kaefer ibf atTfrKta* 

ihould labour the rcteafeof'your^piiaiieisKiWhfKreas^ 

iBctbitiki^ it #fic ifat>ipwr attwuliftiiit inUly jn fcat; 


iilie'migii^s^diitMbr more, aiid not let thefe Hdup^. 
yut hkitcl^HrMy onder the tooth* But they 'fyyy yoa 
Wtdves wh^ yta ha' fiick'd the Uood once that tjiey; 
tre dry, yoa ha* cbte. 

W^(f< -Siiv yottr woi^p may defcant ^ you plcafe 
d^yname.; but I proteft, I was never To mortified vi^tH 
any men*s difbourfe or behaviour in' prifon 5 yet I liave 
Bad of an forts of men i^thekix^gdom under my keys ; 
and almofl of all religions i'jhe land : as Papift, Protcftiit,' 
PoritBtr, firownH!^ Anabaptifl; Millenary, Family o'Love, 
jew, Turk, Infidel, Atheilff, -Good -Fellow, &c. 

Gdld.'AsA Which of all thefe (thinks mr. Wolf) was 
ti»:befti^igion> , ' ' ' 

' Welf,. Troth,. mr. Depxity, they that pay foes bcilf 
wr never examine their cohfcicrices farther. 
^ Gold. I belive you, 'mr. Wolf, Good faith, fir, here's 
i great ded of humility i'thefe letters. 
. IFW^ ' Hmnility, fir ? ay, were your woHhip an eye-- 
witness of it, you would fay fo. The knight will be i'tho 
Knight*s-ward, do what we can, fir; and mr. Quick- 
ittver would be i'the Hole, if we would let him. I ne^ 
terkncw or fawprifoners more penitent, or more devout. 
They will iit yoa up all night finging of pfalms, and edi- 
fying the whole priibn. Only Security fings a note tOQ 
faigiifamedmed ; becaafe he lies i*the Twopenny-ward^ 
far off; and cannot take hi&tune.. The neighbours can- 
not reft for him, but come every morning to aik, what 
godly prifbners we have. 

* ^mch. Whidi on 'em is't is fo devout, the knight. Of 

' Wolf. Both, fir.; but the yoting man efpecially : J 
sever lietrd hk like. He has. (fut his hair too ; .he is (5 
wdi <giveo, \and Msjfiich good gifts ! He can tell you'aU 
jlftoft^A the ftoqes of the Book of Maityrs j and fpeak 
70U afl the Sickman's Salve, without book. 
' '^wnfr; Ay, if he hid had grace, he was brought up 
wiiecc it grew, I wis. On, mr. Wolf. • 

^Wtl^i And he hiis converted one Fangs, a fcrjeant; a 
fcilow could neither write^ nor fcad.* Hfc WasCall'd thb 
Bfllidogo'KiwCoiuiter; and he has brought him already 


V> pair Us m^s, and fay his prayers ^ ax)([ *.ti|^0|!!4| *1)4 
•ftrm fell hfe tolace IhorCly, ana become ^n In^QIgex^er,. 
^ Ti^ftr^. No more;. I am coming already. If I fliQttU 
give any farther ear, I were taken, Adiiep» gOfi^>xnr^ 
w olf. Son^ I do Jeel mine own weak^efs ; do bot i^- 
jiortime me, pity is a rheum that I api fubjed to'i but 'X^ 
Willrcfiftit. Mx.^o\f, fjh is cap anvay^ thutiscofiiit 
Hty pools : TeTl hypocrify it will not do^ I have touc|i^ 
And tried, too often ; I am yet proof, ai^d I will remain 
h : when lAit feffions come, they ihall Hear from me. In 
die msan time, to all fuits, to all intreaties, to all letters, 
to all tncks» I will be deaf as an .adder, and blind as a 
be^e ; lay mme ear to the ground, aij^d lock mine eye$ 
i['myiuuid, againftaU teipptations* {Exit. 

' G»/i. You fee, niafter Wolfj^.how inexorable lie iftf 
tlhereis x^o hope to reppter him. Pray you commend ine 
to my^brother knight^ ^d to my fellow Frances ; pre^ 
ient >m . with thi^ fmall token of my Ipve ; tell '^m I 
wifli i could do *em any worthier oiHce; but i& this it 19 
ileijperate 3 yet I will not fail to tiy tlie uttennoft of my 
power for 'entu And fir, as far as I have aAy Crew 
>yithyoa, pray you let ^em want nothiiig; ih9ugb. I axi^ 
Hot ambitious th^y fiiould know b mHch. 

Wol, Sir, both your %6lions and words fpeak you to bt 

fa true gentleman. They (hall know.oply wJ^at is fit^ 

^d no more. \E^j^uittf 

Enter Hd/Jfajf, Bratf^ble^ Security^ , 

Bold, Who would you fpeak with, fir ? 
. Bram, I would fp^ak with on^- Security, ths^ is pri* 
foner here. ; 

Hold. Y'are welcome, Zfi Stfy .there,- Wl call him 
to you-— Mr. Security ! 

^ec. Who calls? 

HoL Here's a gentleman would fpeak with yon. 
' Stc, What is he ? Is it one that grafts my fopehead^ 
now I am in prilbn, and comes to fee how the honis 
Sioot -up and profper ? 

HoL You muR pardon him, iir^ the old nuin is « 
^le craz'd witl^ his. iinprifojuueAU 

Eafitvard Jloe. 1 1 j 

^' -Seel 'Wlotfay you to me, fir? My leahftd'cponfel 
mr. Bramble ! Cry you mercy, fir 3. wliea fiiw you my 

Bram, She is now^ at my houfe, fir ^ and defired me 
Kkat I MTtfuU come to vifit you ; and inquire of you your 
cafe, diat we might work fome means to get you forth,. 

Sec. My cafe, mr. Bramble, is ftone walls, and iron 
gi9les$ yoiifee i^; this is the weakeft part on^t. And 
for gettii^ me forth, no means but hanging myfeli^ aiWt 
fii be canried foith^ from which they have here bound 
aiti; in intolerablefaonds. 
'. Bram, Why, but what is*t y#u are infos, fir? 

Sec, For my fins, for my fins, fir ; ymereof marriage 
1% the greateft, O, had I never married, I had never 
known this purgatory ! to which hell is a kind of cool 
bath, in refpe^t. My wife's confederaqr, fir, with old 
^udi^ne, that fiie might keep her Jubilee, and the ^ 
feaft of her new-moon. Do you undeifiand me, fir I 

Enter ^ickfihoir. 
* Si^ck, Good fir, go in and talk, with him. The 
light does him harm ; and his example wiU be hurtful xa 
the weak.prifoners. Fie, father Security, that youMl be 
ftill io profane ! will nothing humble you ? 

Enter tnvo frifiners, iMth a/rienJ. 
: ^ru What's he? 

I Prif, O he is a rare young xnan ! Do you not know 

Fri» Not I ; I never faw him, that ,1 can remember. 

^ Prif. Why, it is he that was the gallant 'prentice of 
JLondon, mr. Touchilone^s man, 
; Jrien, Who, Quickfilver? 

I Prsf, Ay 9 this is he. 

Frt\ Is this he ? They (ay he has been a gallant in- 
deed. : 

Fri/. O, the royalleft fellow that ever was br<d up 
i'thecity. He Would play yo«f:Jii5 t^oufand pound a 
night at dice, keep knights and lords^.company, go with 
theiin to bawdy-hootes, ^had his fix in¥n in livery, kept 
a Hable of hunting-horfe^ and his wench in h^ velvet 
' Vol. IV.. K >wn» 

'in Mjf»ari'm>^ 

Mwn, wAhtt do&i ot Siivtr^ Kerens a kn^lit witk 
j^ here in prifon. . 
. ^ Ffi. And how miferabi/ he bchangM ! 

* 1 Prtf. Of 'thaf 8 vfiim^tBiy i^Jum; iic gave^iwvagr alt 
hb 4ch cloaths as foon as ever he came on hes^ amoag 
the prifoncirsy and will eat o'the baftxt^ £tr hoxniHty. 

Fri. Why wiU he do & ? 

2 ?rj/. Alas, he has no ho|se of life. iHe inoftifiM 
Jbimftlf ; he doe? hot linger oo^» till the fekffiont/ 

I Pri/, Oy he has }>en*d the beft thing, that Jie calli 
his Refentancif or his Lafi FarewtU,' that ever )nav 
heard: Heisavprettrfpoeti and for mofe -^Yatt would 
tifon^ how many prifonecs he has heqtM OBt, iwithfsn- 
Iking petitiona for *em, and not take a penny. Look^ 
'this is die knight, in the Tiig->gow]^.^-*— Stand iby. 
Enter p€trattil^ BramhU., ^wckfihxtry W^If. 

Bram, Sir, for Secarity's cafe» I jia^re tojd iana. Sa^r 
he^dunild benobdemned to 'be castfld, or-whiptjfQr a 
l>awdy or fo ; why 1*11 by an execution on him p'twA 
linndred pounds kc hitt^acknowle40e a judgment, ha 
ihall do it in half an hoar ; th^ Ihall' not all ftlch laOL 
cut wttKout paying the execution^ o* aiy word. 

Pet. But can we not be bailed) mr. Bramble? 

Bram, Hardly; there ve none of the judges in town» 
elfe you (hould remove .yourfelf, in %ight of him^ with 
ll Habeas Cor dob: Butif^ou have a fi'iand to deliver 
, your tale fenfibly to fome juflice o'the town, that He majr 
Mve fueling <tf it^ (do you fee) you may be baird ; fbr^ 
IM I uhdei^l&nd th$ caie, it is only done /« tirrorsmi and 
you ihall have an a£Uon of falfe impriromnent ^ainft 
him when you come out^ and perhaps a thoufand pound 

Enter i/tr. Wolf, 

^ick. How noWj mr. Wolf ? whAnews? what^e* 

IfM^. Faith; ' ^dd all.; yonder will be 410 letters !«<• 
lieived. He fays this feflions (haQ determine it i only mr. 
Vieputy Goldingjpommeads him to you^ and With this 
^oken wMhes he 4fMd do you odier good. 

•. trmufi, 

j^tcyF. I'|hankl4pi. Good mr. BcamlilQi -trouble our 

;^ulet no more; do not moldl us in prifon thus, with 

^your winding jjevices : Tray you depart, For'my parj, 

I cpmniit my <kttfe to him that can fuocour jjj^.j Ift God 

Woirk his wflL ' Mr. Wolf, I piay you let this te diftri- 

iJuted^ampng the prifonersi "and defirft 'cm. tqjpay 

ibr us. ' . - 

. ^fjW. I| (bkj). hei don©, .mr. F' 

*'''i rrt/. An excellent ten^rl 

, « Prtji Now G,od fend h^ good luck 1. [Ixeunf. 

Fef. B»t what Ciid my fether inlaw, nir. Wolf ? 
j; ' r -■ • Inter mUfafi. ' * ^ 

** ' /?i7/</. Here*s one would fpeak with- you, fir. 
* Wolf, VU tell you anon^ fir Petrbne^ ' Who.'is't? ! 

Hold, A gentleman, fir, that will not be feen, 

lEnter Galdiug. 

: Wolf, V^hpre fe. he t— MaAer Deputy ! jroiv woiAip 
Ss welcome. 
^\ Col. Feace!- '* ^ • ' ; 

Wolf Away, firrah! ' , 

Gol. Good faith,' mr. W(JC. theeft^^-Ofthefe gentle- 
|nen^ for when} you were fe late and willing a iuitor, doth 
much affedl me ; and becaufe I am defirous to do theoi 
fome fair ofGca, and iind there is no. means, to make my 
father' relent to likely, as to bring him to be afpe^lat^r of 
their mifeiy i t have ventured on a device, which is 49 
inake myfelf your prifoher ; intfeating you will preientr 
\y go report it to^my fath^^.and (feigning an a&don at 
iUiit offoHie'^hird yerfcn( ju;^ biin':)>y this token, that 
lie will preTently, 'ind with ilXkf^ttOfl come hither fiy 
mybail; whichtraift ^Jif wy) t ki^ will bring him 
d^zoad J and then, .^v^g. Jtum here, t ^bi^t not bat we 
ihab be all fortunate in the event. ' 

tFolf Sir, 1 .will put on. my beft fiie«4 ta^tflwpft it. 
pleafe you come in. - . 
^ ^^^/;>Yesj^ndlet|9«icft<;oiu:eal*d, lB«ft^j^ 

W;i>lf §ee here a bcnefife truly donefi ywWnJt ifi 
4one timely, freely, and to to junbitio&« , \Exit^ 

2^b IRq^ard 'Hoe^ 

ToMch. I will ikil by fan, and fibt 'hear /dL iike^ 
ivifcUlyfles. .- ^ //r.r.I —/ -'f *\ \ 

Mrs.Touch.HxdbsLRdl ' ' '- 

Win. i^ Sin. Mr. ToMchftene! 
. CovrA. Axvay/^ensf I wHl immiiie 'm^elf ^c^giunift 
]mr ocib^ aivl look toy felf up to your l^menttkCions/ 
Mrrl Touch. Gende hufbandy hear me f 
^C^.Father, itis I,&ther;' tfy Iftdy i^li&t'my'itter 
and I are friends. . 

mi. Good fadiert 
- Mvi« iteioot liivdeirdy good mr. T^nchftofie^ ^ 
iSjw, I|^yyon» fir, be merciful. 
> f«yci^. I a«i d^, I do Aoe hear you s I have ^pt 
mine ears wi(h ftuxinaker*» wax $ -and dlank Lethe ahd 
Mandmgeni, to ibrg«t you i ^ yoa f^fok to me| I 
commit to the ait. '^.^ 

M7. Hownow, mr. Wfllfr ' ^^ -'.^ •. 

IF#^. Where's mr. Toudiftone'? I imia^ekk'With 
Um imeraly ; I have it>ft iny breath 'for halfte. 

MiU, W4uEt'« the matter, Ar ? pray alFbe well. ' ^ 

ITtf^. Mafter d»uty JGolding -is antiled upon an exe-^ 
CHCiifli, and defii^ mm pi^endy to dbme' to'him^ iTorth^ 

MiU. Ah me! .doyoulkeit,'feAe4'?''i' ^^^ '^-^ t^^* 
Torrid. Trkks, tiick«, cahftderacy, trt^ i f"li4ve 
'llfl hi my liofe, I feent^em. ' -^ '^ ^ ^^^ 

\#*y. Who's that? Mafter T^ttcKftonier -'^ ' -^ - '^- 
^^U^,^$ncb. Why, itis mp. Wblf^iftnfiff.-^laif- 
'• l^i4Ai*F*hl*-*4 - * - -^ ' ~ *»'. -* '^i-ifi'4.-> vt.Tt sitcii 
ir0»ri&. I amdeafftill, I fay: I wiQ i^'4fiW$«l4fW 
the ibng of the fi^afh' iI6i<^ IM ^(«ld^ki(Piiid>ill}^}^^^ 
•Mllsl:^ the ottodlle, Hof iSle^i^ng^'^t^^^rblf. 
Amii^^y hdbitati^R, lAlSftfteft. ^ «' v:c.. :CT-i, hixos 
'i.ffFtpy$f^uWI^> v^#» ire notmadV ^^^I pray y6i^4ddk^ 
forth, and fee the token I haje brought youi-fer;^-'^ *^^ 

ilFV^. !Doyonkiiowit,.fir? . ''irjiii/* 

70tfri&. My fon Golding's ring ! -Are ymi^%i AduWefr^ 
inr. Wolf? *•;..': H -> . ^ A\ 

2^/^; Ay; by my faith, fir. He 13 in priibttt airf lej 
quired me to ufe ^ fpeed ^td^fiecrecy ta you. .^ V. 

.^^i'4 My cl^ak thece ) (pray.yxni be patient).! txxk 
plaguM for my auilerity;.]&y cloak !--»At ^ihxXtiak, mr^ 
Wolf? .,.•..'....•* -' .-< • • ..* 

^*S^^'- I'Ujdl yowkas. we go^ fijv. . {£;»«<»/. 

• • • ^ 

» . . . . • X' 

Enter Friend. Prlfifmu\ . - ) .. » 
, FrL Whv^. b«tis.)u»o&nce faek akJutcaaiothdpe 

i^PnP Tr^th^ tt ilMU icem &^ «id it tt.^»it 

' />/. Thf^r %'ii but INI fiifpicM«|Ldf .i&i 
lony, yet. :....{ : :..: .v? 

2 Prir/. Ay; but his nMiflerJ»4 flurewd fellow : he'll 
prove ^eeat matter againf^ ki0U ''>'>' 

. ^ JSr/ .V l!d a«,U^ a3 any thing I could £ei& hb tarewdl* 

1 /r;/, ;0, ^tip laRily wrftt^n j why, . ToV «»X . 
get him to^ <fii)g ,i^ to you,, : Jie*» 0ot..curioBs 10 a&y 

, t) fi A//; P ^ga^ i; JHewWo^d Uiai.aQ ^ ,w<BrU ,fcft«fcj ' ^ 
take knowledge of his repentance ; and thinks he nuisitt 
ia't, the more ihai^;^ fviffeis. .. . . , ^ M 

4.p«/. «0^y;theo tjry ^11^ thoji^an*6.^V ^ 

2 Pr^/t I warrantryou he f^l not 4efty it, jf telli AOl' 
]ioajfe|sritht]«Qirfc^ne|!ieiitii^olit. . - . {JSiii^ 

]^^^ Tpujieverf9Mr3^more.c6iirtefto^Q«$tiir^tilka» 

he is; and the knight too; the pooreft prifoner ofijiMt 

lioofe may command *eiti; You ihall boar -%.ltuQg^* 

. JriV iji^ die kia^4myfcho)ar tool . \j it 

li^ri/* Noi Nt >e wiUfpeak irenr w«l^ iksd 4ih 

coorfe admkably of rmmiBg liorfo, «na ivUte frien^ ani 

a|^^i4bawk» aod^cctiMi ttidlaikj^loiid^iiktoi- 

Wolf. neaTe you flay &eade/firr iH catS Ui worfhip 

"inter !^ic}t^l<veran4,Titr9net.^ 
' 1^ i^. S«v Me hS brougHt him an<f tiic fcnight too. 
Salate him I prajr.' — r*€ir; dlxr gend^man^ ujbn our re** 
jjfert, *is Vefy defirpvtf to. heti" feme pie^ of your itj)en7 
faiicfe.. ••'*•' -.'••• ^ .. ' • 

^ick. . Sir, with all ipy heart; and as I told mr. '1rt>- 
by, I fhall be glad to haire any man a witnei^ of it. And 
the more openly I prpfefs it, I hope it will appear th« 
heartier and the *ofe unfeighcd'. ' • , . , ' ./ 

• TxntS: 'WJl6ris*i»?-*fyinaifJKlttCi«; and^failr fdiilrt 
law! , . , , 

• i^Vf. Bir, It i» idl -^ telHmony I Ikatf leaVe B^liiMi 
xne to. the world and myind^, diat Plait^ib ofisndied^' 

^ #rnw<^ G<»d' fir. ♦. * '. 

\^ick. I ^t it w])ien my ^liirics were Qpprcfff*d. 

"\ PltbefWorhfbryo^, Prands. - 

^iek. 1% 18 in iQ^itation of MamxihgtcnCsi ke tUt'^van 
hang'tif at Ctttttirid^ tJutt^ott off the faorfe^ heM:, «r« 
blow: . •' * /' • * ■ • '^ * . • ' 

'^/flw/. So, '4*/^ ' " -^ ^- * -• • ' * ' ; 

P^. An cxceHenr ditty^^ it is, ana worthy of" a iicv 
iiRie. ^ 

' He tuas a Tonchjtme, blaett imt trffthgn^-, y:,"^ ^ 
C«/. Q, let him alone ; hois taken alrettb^ -> -ird ,ijt 

lEaijemtalfi/goMmetMitrs^I ^ ,, ' 

(/^ib »M«; uforrypr thefamd^ 
, JRte. I tiiAftk yoa^ Ffandft I 

/ th^ttgbt hjfen to run a*wayf 
BUi Thamis and ttmpefi diimifip^^ 

. Ihuch. Thk cannot be feiffliedfttce. Heaten ptfdas 
»y 'fe?cftiy !■ TSr raggti ctlritHty fro^i a 99%dlmie\ 

Gold, How he HftenB^ an4 is tranTported f Ic nar fl^r^ 

^rik St^^B^a/huMfd-kot, m^r ail mymsmTi 
Put JVefrward I bad no regard t • ' 
JVor ^*ifw» thought wkttt:ttvowid comt ^/kr %. 
^ did^ afas,bfity9UftgifjlhiAittgi^0ir. 
* Jfhiafi'fk^HatkoxH^od'f^styfhtf. 
Now cry /, Ttmchficm^ touch mefiiUf j 

AM make me currently thy fidUt . 

. TitffA. Anii wiUdo iV^ran^^sl 
. Wolf, Stay him, mr. Deputy, now i« the ^mjc : We 
fcafl lofe the foiig el(e. ... 

FW. I proteft, h » the b^ that eve^ I heafd. ' 

^mck. How Kke yon it, gentlemen-P* 

AIL O admirable, fir ! . . 
' ^tck. This ftsoiza now^lowmg, aSndei tt> the ftoiy 
of Mannington^ from whence I. tooicmypraj^ for mj 
invention. - • — ' 

Trt. PrajrfOtf go on; fir. 

^ick, O Stanningt^^ thffioriesjbofw^ - 

7houau]fi ^ horfe-head (m ai a hhw j^ 
For to cut offtb'* head^faiioo^ y ■ 

K4 j'^ 

' Whtrih^ 1 may take virtues pm-fe^ 

IW. A^mirable^ fir, aik[^xGelfeA0)^<;(Aic^i«ed/' -^^' 
^iVi. Alas, &r ! • - .-^^ 

.JTiMur^ Son Golding Mid mi^.^ Wblf, I tMiJc ye^; 
the deceit is welcome, efpecialty ftom tkee, yMt-if^ 
rkable foul in this kath fhewh a Ikigh point of wifdom and 
AtfMiefly. LiAen ! I am rsviihed wjth his re^ntanee, 
and could ftand here a whole prenticdhip to hear him^ 
. Fri. Forth,, good fir. ^ * ■ ,^ 

^itk. This IS the lafi, aod the Farewell. 

fanntfilL dear. jkJhnu -prentices ail! " *' 


tikun i^urersy bamub^emdJUeyiindeliH^i^ 

A'voidibem as you nuouldFrencbfcabs^ ^^ 
Seek uot to go beyond y«urUtber, 
But eutyeur tiongs^wito^pur Jea^b$t s.\ • 
Sofiallyou tbrive by little and little^ 

t.\ :"^^flhr^» QmfUrs,.amltbeSfUtkr 

iP^M, Aihii*fcape dicmiitadc dsou, a&j fcnittht mA^* 
dca»<^faici&>f . - "' : "i ' 

^icki Matter f '' • * • '^ / 

Per* ^diifa\ ' ^^-^ 


filver, i^Smthadcopa of ikf foniw; fladJsilM' tk^^ii^2 

Iperate o{>inion I had of Jthf roclmi. " * ***- 1 -i* t 

^a^^O fir» I «kn act woithy^ to kt jmiirwolihipAl 

^^. Mdlar TodBiiAne I ftfafier-ToocMbAe ( 
Ttfsr^. WJbd?«dutr: < 

"iFV^. Security, fir, . .^ - - . ? 

V« Pn^r you, fii; if yoa'll be ^HRffi wA Z^ Iblic^: 

kpMTipy 1 wirnriiMr turn tpo. ^ - t - * . i » x 

S O If G. - .^^i 

^^ Mj^ heart is full of tvoiX 
AlaSf I am a cuckold! 
AndnvhyJhouU ithifi ^' 
Becaufe I 'was an ufyrer^^ 
^M hanjody as all you iuanv, 
Ftrnvhicb again^ t tell you, 

My heart u full of wge^ 

. , • . • • 

Touchy Bring^J^m ferth,. mr. Wolf> Vki* fedeafe ha 

of this eEOOiiater in the coiaptiftr.t*-«->See» we.aK-Mp.^ ' 
couQteced with more fuitors. 

"EMutUre^ Jctuhfi. Gin. Mild^Synd. Winmf. \Su 

fttiq^t04eJLiftyoi»wi(be9/«iut we ace Jbesirtily jfiiMedio^.' 

ChfiCMllM)^* . iV . - t, '^ ^^ ..;. ' '-- i \.x -; r 

Anithoili hMtiiqr^ioof Jmgte dtt^ aUtfaia ittittH, -. « ^.X 
Pr/. Dear lady wife^fiiqpiFe ine. . . i . / . , , / vj» 
IB^jrU)Mwiiii^'a3 I .wwU be. foigi,v»i> kaigbu 

I>ear ntthery give me your bleffing^ and forgive me tob^*^ 

1; l^'been groud andlafcivious, jfettoi^U>A^.fefjtffitfh<yi . 

an^biiitt; rais'd to the fiatepf a wanton coy thine, caJI'd 


aoidi&jr fiftcKWVriinfccafi.tdt> i«i m i M m k if^ vimri&^ 

Bow-beU ; I ktv« Aid )K^r beardHii^'S: kiiA(#iiV«Uv 
thcr, anJ tfiat yott lookM like Twierp^ the. tsb^rer ^ 
^dthat!xQ)raUibehwatfb^id)&iidaMe.' -.'' *' ./'> 

Mrs. Touch, Now God forgi' yoU; ^tfki9l:MGhi^ - 

Touch. No more repetitions. Wixit eUfiii^wlniii^ to 
I5|k0lotr iii»«ii5lrfutt!? :: \ i *. 

G<7/i/, Only this, fir, that ]n]r:idlttifc.£ttB6b(3i»laBt 
Amends to Mifbefs Sindefy, with marriage. 

^ick. With all my JieaHi r^ -< 

Gold. And Security give "Eer a dowef, which (hall be 
All the reftitution he SiaJI xnak# pf- llu^'luige mafs he 
hath fo unlawfully. gptton' *" ... - ^J 

Twr^. Excellency devifed^fa good^ motipn f What 
jaysmr. Security ? '..../.. 

Sec. I fay any thiife;^ fiR» -.#h«t' yiitsSIUh^^mt fay; 
Would I were no ciickoXd,? - * ?« 

PTin. Cuckold, hufbknd? why, Tt^in^.this wearing 
of yellow has infedted' you. • , - ^ 

Teuch. Why, mr,,Se»Britf, Aat ihoidct fiAcr be a 
comfort to you than a cojppfive; If j^oube, a cuckold, it 
ii an argument you have k beauiiFul Woman t<T youi wife ; 
then you.fhal} be ipuch made of; you fliall have ftore of 
ffiencfe, nei^ei* Vrant money • you* %sJS be %afed pi much 
^ o'your ^ed!ock-pRi», tHftets^ill'-Afe if forytm •. BcMes>' 
ymr beiiig-ffli fifcrcr, (and -lifcely tqi go to hefi^ tfc^ivcte 
will neyer toriQe^it you: They'H talcfr' you for-daeof 
their*pwn race. . Agmn^ if you be-a cttckold, and* knew 
i^not, jroii'asre-aft i^toccntil'if'you kncHF^andlnditre'fty 
a^ruemarfyit •*•• -^— •' • '• .'--•• i — <»' - • - •' 

iS^r. I am refolved, /ir. Come hither, 

MafierWi»lf, yekrib^ Ik^y mMSfinfei: Hkve y«tf ^ 
no ^parel to lend Francis to ftiftkhn ? 
'^'Smick. No, fir, nor Idefire -tionc j buthefCinake'it, 
jify ioit, that I xkiay go homethrough the^fiett^ «t theie ;- 
at a ipeCbnde, or rather an ^xample^ to ^ thildren'of 
(^ei^pfidftt • * * — -* "• 

Tbe faleaui deeds whicfa each of us have done i 
The urarer jranifli'di md from ^ fo flcep, 
The |fQd)g)J ^tM rcduiu'di >nd the left Jheep. 


7a S 


i ■■■" ' ' ■' • "■ ' '■.■ ■'• *^','" *^-:^.':«^ 
,.--■• ■-■ - •xHp ■■-■'- '■-'-'iiM 


S^x^kcn by ^kkfiher. 

gttber, taTiew our coming oiit' at "^eCompfcr. 
See if -the ftrecO and the fronti of tlte-honfetbe not aade. 
with people, uid the windows fiU'd with ladin, » on die 
I'elnnn day of the pageant I 

O mayyhijiniiti ihti our fagtant htre^ 

'^bt jbmtvmuetmcTit -yihithjm eatu ttfi'ti j 
Jnd Bs Aetfim ha dra^s yw met ayiitr, 
Jlftjj tbii attradjau ^thtr me a wetk ! 




• f «. 




:0OW JF 

^ • / > 

V -^ 

— •!* • •» 




" w 

C O M E D Y 

fm 9 



7 H 19 

I -Jty> ] 

i . 


ff'HIS Amh^rlho^iintU Utftr End rf JS^m Eliza- 

' -* bcth'j Timi^ and in th$ Reif^ of James thefrft. He 
nvM reputed a g90itPoet tn bts Tfme, and joined witit Ben 
Johnfon andMir&on in the Play ealVd £aftward Hoe. 
Htiarmro$e^ hfdes this Camaf^ -Alplmnfivfispexor of 
etttottjr," BUfly >i*/BTiboie; Bufl5^ d*AmlW!fc*1ii8 R'e- 
venge, Byron's Confpiracjr in two Parts, Csefar and 
Pompey^ Revenge for Hoaemv Tragedies ; All Fools* 
Blind Begger of Alexandria, Gendeman Uflier, JEJjimo- 
roos Da^ Mifth» May^yy Moni^giF d*01m^ Two 
wife Men an4all the reft FqdK fomdief; ofid pwo or 

, three Ma/ques. Se tranjlated the mohole norks 0/ Homer 
and Hefiod in Ferfis of fourteen Syllables. Hea^o /- 
ff^V ^i&^ Hero ^rxi/ Leandkri^ .MvTaeiis, wirrV^ Ckri- 
fiopher Mario w had begun. He nuas bom in 15579 died 
in 1634^ and wot buried in it, ClAtsi^x^^urcM^' where Iri 
had a Monument ert^td o*ver him iy his dear Friend I^igo. 




* *-> 



*^ • s 

Dramatis Perfonoe^ 

Thar/aUe, the woep. 

Lyfandir^ his brother. 

Tl/r. govenioi;,0f Q^/, 
\Lj!cp5^ ijervmn to the widow e^oatofei rr 
>'^^/y'gendhmaft*'Ufher«' % ;' ^ 

^i&r^^ Lwds^ fuitors to Eudoray the widow COtmteif ; 

Hylasy nephew to Tharfalio^ and fon ta Lyfander^ 

Captain of th$ wmieif:^ " 

TiMo^ Jhldiers, ^ . , • 

Ettdora, the widow (X)ante0^ 

C/ntBta, wife to LyfanderT 


l^^j^ gendewoman'^tenShg on Fai(/^^« 




-'• ^.^ 

--f-2^»*f ?' --"^ 

Wl D 6 W V T^ A R S. 
C O M E D-Y;: V 

Aft. I. Scene!. ' ■ 

. •■- - -. - - - ^- 

76tnf^foiv,_ mM a glefi in bit head mMMgrtaif\ 

IHOU -blind impe ife'ft goddefi^ 'dBt-4e- : 
ligkn ...-.,■ . ■ ■-:! 

-. .TClfc' , ■_ ,-: r,ir. . il i'.3 Jt 

Only with foob: jealoBt-of iootfin:''' 
fpmts ; - : . . 

For^ir diiii pieiciBg jiu^ments might di&avct: >' 

Thf JtawaM wcakocl^ aail'dcfptfc thy^ponner ;- 
Contemn thee for a goddefa : Thou that ladS, _. i ;i=;.^ 
Th^werthf a& wkh gold i while wonb aod merit 


ffl^JffW^rTliars. 4j$ 


I4f6^, €oiSfidillice: " "^ . r r % 

lifbrttJfW, brothtr.' Not ready yetr "^ '^ ** 

Srii7r. No-;^ I have fome^that of the brother in me : I 
dare fay, your wife b many tusfii^read^^ and- yoa not 
up.^— Save you^ fifter ; how are yooi enamoured of mjr. 
prefence f How like jaa my afped^ 

Q»r. ^tfa|. nawwlE thaa IdidJa^^Kpelffrthf wei-^ 
th^i§as^i!^t^i|g clan^ the grain of ybm^ cooiplpudi. if 

Thar. A firm pnx^ 'tfe ia grain, and (6 are not all 
A good fddier^s face,, fifter^ 

Cyn, Made to be worn under a^betrer^ 

Tif4tr. Ajf, ud ^twonld^ iheW .well OKOqjglv under a| 
maik too. 

Lff^ So much for the face. 

Hm . Dm is thw r tiP T ibj eftrigiarirfttnir^ttfligf ^^ 
tongue upon? , - , 

JLj/. None, but foitune lend yoa well lo wear it : for 
file oeil knows how yon got it. 

Tluuu Fittth».*tta the porcioa ihebeftowflriqpon.yoimgar; 
brothers,' valour and good doaths. Many, if you afk 
how. wecome by this new {kit, I mull take tS^iSM^; 
fwer it : for as the ballad fays, te Mtndtteu lfw4^ ^jfi^'^'^ 
BrQther,Aefe are the UoffiHOtof ffMrit v»aad |^w%;)i^^^: 
it faid for my fstfher's honour, that&me of ^;€li^>t%v 
wettilndjcibelpttea^. ; .! ^ t>ri<' ^ 

iS/: NotaUi -- ' -^ 

TJifor. Shall I t4L >aoo, faiodierv that i know wSlxe^* 
jpiceyott? My ibixatf ii;^ have bcfii att ifendeia». ftht^ 
ftall be a fpeeoer^^ 

iJ5^ SfiS^ WtSniTs ^euKS:. 

heed you be not guird, be not too ^KwanL 

Tlmr, 'Thad been mllibc nc^ if yoit had Jpllow'cl. 
that counfol : You were toa forward \ihim yxwrfiept mto: 
the world beftoae me,, and guU^d m&o£tke land^. that injr 
ipirits and parts were indeed bom to« - 

Cyn, May we not have the blsifing to.knos/ .theairn oC 
' your fortunes? what coaft^ for heaven^s love I 

Tihtr. Nay^ 'tis, a pix>je£l of fhite : yoii mi^Xea.the; 
preparation ; bat the defign Ilea hidden in the breads of 
the wife. 

Ly/. May we not kiiow't I ■ . ■ ' \ 

Thar* NotunlBftyouUlpromife-metoJaug^atit; &i^ 
IrichotttyoypappiaufiK rU none.. 

Iff, The quality^^ of it ma|r»be fach at-Vi. Ikagh wjft 
iiM be4ft bn^w^ up«i!t :^ p«i}t heay«n^ £ call oat Ax&ce. 
fiOer^ ' -'^ci 

. X^ What! th^pm^'tefar^ v',^ 

Thar, Know you (as^ who'knows not?) tlie* diqiUfita- 
lady of the palace^ the late gove«nai:Vaa]iBnid^Wtt^ 
the rich and haugiM)it «aiuttefs Entdocai Wceo. not fiie a 

f^\9iA ^k>t^tilm*\$amttgr if a* dual taMift:(hm¥tQ wia 

Zg/; How's that ? how'« tkuil ^ . 

9%ii^/ Bmtiler^ t^ere is- » icttiaai godde&<»fi'flPC<»B£,-»^ 
dence, that carries amain ftroke in honourable prcsGer** 
ftenltor •Fd«tmi»'W«uce^QpiMi her v Cupdisiat hm- hifsk-r 
- &e fends them both of ecraads^ . ThtsdnQr- doth^pron^' 
ikit much afflbmce iii^hn bofineft. . < • 

• /^ JBttt if this deity (hould intw jm i^ in- a bafitet to^ 
. y«ar coanteis's window^ and- tems^^kt you*hA^ for all 
. the witsin thetown t&fliootat; hod9v»thGn> 

Thar. If ibedO). let themr (hflor- their lk>ks and fpa^ri^ 
net : I ' have a lilde bird in a cage heM that iing» me bet^ 
teF comfort. What fhould be the bar*? You^ll&y^ B 
was .page to fht count her hufband., What pf that I I 
bilye- ehereby: cme fkiC'ki' her flClroar already-; ihe has 
CK^n« note oJF my ipii»it^ and fiirv^'d m^ good ^^tai^ 
and the pidlure of them lives in her eyo*; wl^li fleep^^ £ 

♦ i> > know. 


7ht TTidtmh Tears]: ajjf 

kstdv?,. rannot cbfe tHl'fte }iaTt^'einbxti6^'dte fob* 
Jl^ncr. * ' 

Z>p^ All this favours ofdie-Uoid godiiefs yori focak of*. 
T'ifttfr. Why fhbuld I defpair^ bat that Cupil hath one- 
d«rt^ ftbre-ibrher £mt kd^fllfp; as wed as for any 
c3t^et:httge lady, whom fiieh^ made iteop gaHant^ t<y 
Idfs tlior Worthy foilowien. In a word» I am affored of 
jsxf£peaL Such fair attempts kd hy a brave reColve^ io^ 
erermore (eeonded by fortune. 

C|r*«. Bat, brother, have I not heard you fayv youf- 
aivis.ear8.have been witnefs to her vows, made folemnly 
to your late lord^ ia iQ^nory of hhn^ to prefewe till 
deathrthc iuiilahi'd honour of at widow's bed? If nothing 
difey yet that might cool your conMenoe. 

^baf. Tufti, fiibr ! fuppofc you (hould proteft with 
fdtnh oath (as peiEbaps yoir have dbne. If ev^ heaven 
hesBSiyaiir praycss, dtat you may live t^ fee nly brother' 
nahlf intesred) ta feed only upon' fifti, and not endure 
the tctach of flefti, daring the wretched Lent of your 
jni&raMe life ; would yt>a betieve it,, brof^r^? 

r/^ I anrtherein inofr coiiMtat^ 

': f0«K Indeed? yoa had betted B^eve it than try it : 
but pray, Mer, tell me (vou are a woman) do not you^. 
yfak^mirym hMs^ ajut fitade onis upon' another whea 
yfir meet abroad? - 

'€jw. Smae! whyfo? 

-S^har, As who fhould fa^, are not we inad-wcnches„[ 
tliarcaii.ltadiottrbtitidhu(ba]ida^Au» by the nofes? t>o:^ 
yen. nig hbag amoaKft y^tirfel^s; How^rolly yo« nfyoS^^ 
their hcmeftcndbtitlbi^^' Ho^ th«^ adore you for iai^tir ^ 
add you. brieve \z i WHilV yon VL^orti thar temple, 0id ^ 
they believe it not? How yi)U voW VvidioW-hood in thdlf^ 
}i&- tiiwe; add tficy believe you, whfen eve* in the^fij^t 
of their bceathlvft corTe^ e*er they be fully cold; yt)u' 
j<»D: unbraces with Ms groom, or hb phy^ian,.'and per^^ 
hap$ his^ poifesier ^ or at leaft^by f/he next nlke^n (If you 
caa ttocpea.fii long) iblenn^ly ^ight ne#'F^meftetd1>ondar 
v4th^awilft,.cbi£(k!ifti'ttmamed'ri^^ ' ' - 



veraiga lord of die ^palace ? A$ fee j:wpfi»/4f^ yMy^ 
brother, this glaftkxnyit^ i ^ ' -^ ''« ^: *I ^^ 
. Zjj/. 'Wbitofthat?- ' .'. . * -.'..LIT- !:•>'•' i"V 

^bar. While I |up with k>. it takes impfffficm Irwr ' 
sny i^ce ; but can I make it fe muiey. th^jt ^ ArU. feit^'^lf 
no ufe to any other i! will it not doiuaoi^eet|»3iM, ior 
you, and as well to vccf groom as tqix^&lfi^T4MJ>W 
monopolies are cried down« Is it x^Qt madncr%^gp»Pfc» i<|> 
believe, when I have conquered thatfort of" 5j|u^ty>.^e 
great counteis, that if another man of my inakiiagA^di 
metal (hall ailaalt her, her «ye^ and ears fhoolfl -rl^q^ 
their fundion, her other parts tiieir ufe,; aat.ifcM%ir#.^ 
had made her all in vain,, unlefs I only, had AoqibMpu^t^^ 
her quarters? --": ; 

Cyn. Brodier, I fear me,.. In your tray^ yov M"^ 
drunk too much of that Italij^u air^ that hat^ jy^^ftyT^XT 
whole mafs of your ingenuoas. nature, ;daed<ap in yoa 
all lap of generous di^iK)iition, poifon'd ihe vcsy eQpce^^ 
of your foul, and fo polluted your fen^^ t^at,^ .wl^2|t^' 
ever enters diere, takes from them contagiqu^^aoiia^ia/ 
your fancy repTelented: as foul a^ .taiuted,^whicb in-itf^ 
perhaps is fpotlefs. . . .. , ,.;., ,,^7^' 

^hcfr. No, filler,, k h^ teiin'd ^se^JbsSts^ awffnajhp 
me lee wkh-ckar eyes, and to judge of s^y^xi^tiicp'^ 
truly are^ sot as thQ^ feemi and llhro^k tlunr ial^^oi 
difcern the true £k^ of tiiingp. It tells me how iS^^ . 
liv'd widows-tears are„ diat their weepii^k in truth biH 
laughing under a maflc,. that they m^ujaitin that gowaa - 
and laugh in their: fieeves ^ all which 1 believe as a M- 
I&ian oracle, andam refolv*d to bum in that faith., .;Aadt 
in that refolution do- 1 march to the great lady ^ ' . 

Lyf. Vou lofe time, brother,: in difcomJe ji by tluff had;> 
▼on bdM up witk.the lady a^ dapt her aboardif(^ Jt*t 
kiiowyourtonfidence will not dwell long in the fciyJRe. ; ^ 

. ^hir^ Mo I I wilA perform it iu tb^ conqueror'a 9Sa^.t 
Your way is, not to win Penelope by fuit^ b.ut by ioX'^* 
prife. I'he caiHe's catried by a fudden afiault,.|hat wsojiii 
perhaps lie out a twelve-month*s f\ege. It would b«u<a 
gooi^ieeding to ihy foung nephew^ere, if he could 



•^procure a ^and'at me palace, to fee witl^ what 2da<lity 
' V^ *«^5ft"^fc^ coufitdslhlp^ m wifiat gaxb I wjJl weo^Jier, 
•vrf«KwtetfacSB^^f*rai^v/i\her.' T / . ^ 

Lyf, It Ihall go hard but wc^'ll Iiear your entemiment* 
ibr your confidence f^. . .. . - 
*i<W<*^.-'lftM'1fav!nrwbnker^ nepiew, thjs fwcct fac<^ 
1yhlA,-«ri^tIie city lays/ is fo li^e me, 
"Eftt- Ai fliaM'be preferr'i ; for I will wed thee 
<rO' Vh/'great widow*B daughter and fble heir, 
Tht»ibVdy'%aHe, Ac bright Laodice. 
^%/3* A |odd plcafant dream ! 
*ftsit A^>]iat ftall in me inflame the mother, 
AMthai inthis flraU fet on fire the daughter. 
Jl^gott; fir, iti a blood : believe me, brother^ 
Ttefe deftiiricsgo ever in a blood.. 
^W: Jtraefcdflfeafes do, brother : lake heed of Uiem, 
ftafe^u' Wfcll T tie heed you be niot baffi'd. 
J'^v '"pP;^«^Xy; (^'rf. Hyt, Em. Mawt TharfaJio^, 
*>*TOtt». Wbv^thotf that art the thh-d blind deity 
Tite'gjlhrcrfts'ear^h mall her happineii, . v 

ThcflTO^falf chHowmenfe, Confidence^, 
•dih^iamftnrbfref my intention. 
Command th^ (ervant cities, Love and Fortune;, ^ . 
TiMfifcoiM niy attempt for Qiis great, lady, 
W!ie?fe^gcr f fetelf wife > that me, whofc board 
I'-Ai^ -not fit at, f may board a-bed, . 
AJRPihdei-tHhg, ' who bore. fo high her Jicad* . X^kit^ 

^ ^ 1' 

• Jij^«5f. ]^& niiradulous that you teD nic,. fir: hft coooe? 
to^woo-ottflady rtiiftrHs for 'his wife ? . « . . *:: 

£y. 'Xif^'frenfy heis pofTefsMwith, an4 will not be 
ctSi'^d irnt bjrfbnie violent remedy.. And youPiaUifibraiir^ 
nJe {Byiutn tcr xfi^e' ine a' fpedator of tine ic^<9« JBvt h^ 
ihei[fay.j;oti) already acceflible ftjrjfuitois f I $tiOugi&r-lhe 
vr&kA ia^'ikod fo (iifjy p.u.herSividowvow, t&fcihe' 
wcruld nbtefadar^ the fight of a iuitor. •• t 

^B^Us'r¥iiHhy fir, Tenelope could not bar l^cr ponsZ^i 
g«i*bcr:i«fcft bUtfliew;UftiUiemi^fcjtf>Jwrtt6^ 

It is, as you know* a certain itch in female Uoq4» ^ia$ 
'kve to be fued to ; but ihell heari&en to no fuit42rs. 

Ljf, But by your leave, I^ycps Peeaelqpe. is not £o (wife 
^ her hlin>aiKl U lyi)ie$$ for he fearing ^e jaws Qf the 
Siren, tlopt his ears with wax againft her voke. . Thi^ 
that fear the ^dder^s iti&gi^ will nQ( come near he^ hu* 
feg. Is any fuitor with her now ? 

Lye, J^ Spartan Iord» dating himfelf our great vicCi- 
I'oy^skinfman ; and two or thnee other of his country lords^ 
as fpots in his train. . He conoes armed with hi9 altitade*s 
letters in grace of his peifon, with promife to ma^e her 
a ducheis, if (he embrace the fuuioh. This is no n^eaa 
attiadioii tg her high^lJioughts^ but yet ih&..di£i}^|bt 
him. . . 

Lyf. And how then fhall my trother prefume of ^ocqph 
tanee ? yet I hold it much more under her contentment) 
to marry fuch a naily.{)raggait> than under her honour 
to wed my }>cother : A^gentleman (tho\ I fay itj more 
honourably defcended than that lord ; who {)erh4|te, for 
all hi»anceftry, would be much tiottj^led to jciame yonifae 
flace where his father was bora. ,. . 

Lye. Nay, I hold no companfonl^etwixtrair brother 
and him. And the Venerean difeaiCeik to whiiclh^ th^ fa^ 
he has been long wedded, ihall> I hope, firft rot him» 
e'er ihe endure the favour of his lulphurous breath. 
Well, her ladyihipis at hand ; y*are belt take you to your 

l^ Thanki^ good fsiend Io^us> . \ V^^% 

Efjfir Argus . barehe^A^ fvdtk luistft anvtler ufher 
Lyem jeins^ got fig onjer the fiagji ;. ffiarbas^ lond 
Pforabeus next^ Rebus Jingle before EuJer/tf Lmdiu^ 
Sthema bearing her ^ain, Jantke/(dl9wing* 

"Reb. I admire, madam, you cannojt love whom the 
anceroy loves. 

Hiar, And one whofe veins fwell fo with his bloody 
madam, as they do in his loirdfliip* 

PJh, A near and dear kinfman his lordihip is to his 
altitude, the viceroys in care of whofe good fpeedheie, 

I know 

3 kno^ kk altitude hfttk not ilept a found flecpfince-Mi^ 

J^uJ: I thank 'Y^mis I have, ever fihce lie came. 

Red, Ypu fkesp away jr^ur honour, madam, if yoo 
megledl me. 

Hiar. Ne^^edyour lordihip ! that were a negjag&kct 
'110 lefs than diik^yal^. 

Eud, I much doubt that, &r ; it waie lather a pre« 
'fiimption to ^e him, being of the blood vice-royal. 

Ret. Not at all, being offered^ madam. 
' ' Eid^ But offered ware is not fo fweet, you know. 
'They are the j;races of die viceroy that woo me, not 
:ytrar lordflvip^s ; and I conceive it ihould be neither ho^ 
nour nor pleafure to yoo, to be taken in for another Hian^a 
j&vours. . 

Re^. Takenin^ madam! yOu f^eakas Ihad no houfigi 
^o hide my h^ad in. 

Eud. I have heaid £> indeed, my lord, nnlefs it be 
Another man*s. 

''^ RfL Yon haveheaid mitruth then ; diefe fordo oai 
well witneis I want no houfes. \ 

Hiar, Nor palaces neither, my lord. 
, Pfo. Nor courts neither. 

EuH, Nor templesy I thinki neither ; I =bdievej Wf 
Ihall have a god of him. 

Enter Tbarfalh. 

Arg^ See the bold fellow I whither wiH you, fir ? 

fbar, Away-«- All honour to you, madam. 
• ^Eiult How now, bafe companion ^ 

^har, Bafe, madam ! he's not bale that fights as hig^ 
^ your lips. 

;£«</. Aitd does- that 'beCsem my fervant) • 

Thar, Your cOurt-fervant, madam. 

*Eud, One that waited on my board? ' ^ 

Thar, That was only a preparation to toy weight on 
>your bed, madam. 

Eud, How dar'ft thoa come to me with fuch a 




^ Thar, -Come to you^-mailam? I dxre come toyoo at 
Ihidnigh^ and bid defiance to. the proudeft ipirsrtfaat 
haunts thefeyour loved (hadows. And would any way 
xuake terrible theaccels of my love to^yo n *■■ » 

£W. Love me > love my dog. - 

fioff. I am 'bound to that by the proverb, madam. 

Eu^. Kennel without ., with him, intrude not here«^ 
What is it thoa prefuiri'ft on 7 

T^ar. On'your judgment, -madam, to chafe a mati;^ 
and not a giant ;. as thefe are that come with 'titles, and 
:iuthority, >as they wbuld conquer, or ravilh you. But I 
tome to you with the liberal andingenulms graces, love, 
.youth, and getitry, which (in no more deformM a per- 
loii than myfelf) deferve any princefs. 

Eud, In your iaucy opinipn, fir, an4 firrah too, get 
cone; andletthismakpert humour return thee no nK>re, 
?QT aforeJieaven I'll have thee, toft in-Uankets. 

TJb'ar. In blankets, madam!- youmuft add your iheets, 
and you muil be the tofier. , . * 

' ReL Nay then, fir) y'arc as grofs as you're-faucy. 

Thar, And all pne^ fir, for I am neither* 

I^eL Thou artijoth.. 

T/jar. Thou lieft ; keep up your fmitcr, lord Rebus^ 
• U^ar. Ufeft thou thus his dtitade's coufin ? 

Reh. The place thou know'H'prote^ thee. 

Thar. Tie up your, valour, then till ^another place torn 
me loofe to you ; you are the lord (I take it) that woo^d 
my great miih-efs here with letters fi^om ms Aljdtude; 
which while (he was reading, your lordlhip (to entertain 
time] llraddl'd, ;ind fcaPd your fingers ; as you would 
ihew what an itching defixe yoU' had to get betwixt her 
Iheets. - *^ 

Biaf^. 'Sli^Lt, why does your lady (hip endure him ^ 

Iteh, The place, the place, my lord. 

Thai:,. Be you his attorney, fir ? 

Riar, What would you do, fir ? 

Thar, Make thee leap out at window, at which diMl 
cam'fl in — -"whore's fon, bag-pipe lordsi 

Eud, What rudencfs is this i 


^ar. What tamene&is it^in yoM, j^a^4f^fP .^^ ^^ 

^e ^fd^of qt^frs : A difeafed lord tpo^ that opting 
certain inagick chafaders in an uniawful bQok>- up fbo^ 
as many^hes in'^boj^s^ asdiero^ure oachpsin his ikim 

Send hiflf 4^f^^) .^^ ^ widow your tenant, - the vir- 
tuous pandereis) Arfa€e« .1 pei:ceiye he >has 

puriei.-ttAtmmktf ^paiiv fiirOud cf aftniig,^ ^Wt herjpiuck^the 
^^l^e^JEtrefqrpi. ^afd her ipa^ds drei^ him. 
Pfi. Still, n^ bid, '^uffw him ? 

7'i^^r. O giood 1<M JR«bu6l- the; place is never Hke to. 
'4>eyour's, that yon need f^^ed^.^^^j^uch.^ 

. ; ;JA7r:.^f>fefegi^tl?«fcaa I a|uiij^,.aq|py2pftl^unic he 
is, hiadam; a yq;^ hfUttJbfay, ' a<>,bag;pipe; in whom 

i^/4^^. QgitibeJifpfe.of jiiQii %^th' h^ ajnKl Jhoul- 
:4«rs. • . . _ 

7>,(»r. 'JFhiciks: t9 yaor honoja^ ..maidamv \and.,iny Ipi^ 
>C«^n.<h€?wrqy ih^^$baak.y^. ... ; \ 

^^. Soihall he indeed, fir; - , 

'Lye, Jrg. Will you be gone> lir ? 

T'-fttfr. Aw«y, poor -^eUows! 

ftfi. What is he maide of ? or what devH.'fees your 
^94iftiaad.«|£emixMle?^ in hixn^ that thus. ye fhun 

•him? Free.usof tliyi^ght; b^ne> or I.proiKi^ thy^e 
ihallgo. / ' 

T/tar, Yet (Mljaay jgt^ft i^y ftill, ^i Juiunt %^^e 

^auti!^t$ffl4cg)^fih:^ hww>ifn^;d-it4miaa^ 
But iince I iee your blood j;mis, {for , the, time) 
M^ »#^t i;wtra4iaiwn,ttetfi»K-^i;w^^ ' 
,'^weft.f^g<f«|j»^t& (fHkcthe,4cp)^ts^ 
, ^^^ng4^fore th^y ^eneisate ;} «fid that time - , 

X^uft be attended moli, in thu|gdmod Vf9rth ; ^ , . , ; 
{leave.your'honofir freely^ «nd con^mi^xd .^ ; * 
That Ufj^^tt4iu;cj|teq,^^^ea,ypi^ 

Jltquire it hkewife. * * . 

\ Vol, IV. L ' £U 

ja4« The WtdovPs Tean. 

Ettl Do Aotcome'«gai!i; 

7har, I'll come again, believe it, and agam. [EJcif^ 

' Eud: If he ftall dare to come a|;ain, 4 ^htu^yoo fhirt 
the doors uponliim. ' ' ; 

• y^rg". Yoa muft Ihut'them '(madam)^ 
*To all men dfe then, if itpleafe your h'bnonr ; • 
i^or if that any enter, he'll be one. • - » * 

End. 1 hope, wife fir, a guard t^ keep him but. 

Arg, Afore heaven, not a 'guaid '{a'ht j>]e^ your 
honour.) ■ f;c . . 

£«^. Thou lieft, bafe *&-$ one mah eti(fbh*c a ^ard .' 
?'ll turn ye all away (by our ifle's goddie^) ' 
If he butfeta foot within my gates. -' ' * 

Lord,Y(yar honour flial! ^b Well to hav^him poiibnM. 

War. Or beggM of ydiir<ottfin tlte viceroy. [Exit, 
* I^frnHer fitm'hy fiand. ' '.: ' 
' tyf: This-bravfeg Wooer- haffe fl* to<»ft«xpeaed'; 
the favour I obtain'd,, made me witnefa to thef ^rts; 
find let his cbnlBdehci^' Mk fure. Til ghre it him home. 
The nevfs, by this, is blown through the four ([aartel^ of 
"die city. Alas, good'tbnfidenc^ f but the happinefs is, 
he has a forehead of proof ; the Aaia (haU never fUck there, 
whatfbever his reproach be. 

Enter Thorfdti^. 

Xyf. Whit, indifcoiirfe? 

7 bar. Hell and the furies take this vile eneoaster! 
Who wduld imagine this Satumiaa peaeock 
Could be, fa barbarous, to ufe a fpirit 
•Of iriy creftion with fuch low reipeft ? 
^Pore heaven it ciTts my gall ; but Til ^fctiTembte it. 

Ljf, What> my noble lord? 

^n^ar. Well; fir, that may be yet, and means to bd> 

tyf. What means your fordfhip then-to h^ng diat head, 
thstt hath been iberededf it knocks^ fir> atyoorbofom» 
to come in ^d hide itfelf. 

Thar. Not a jot. * - 

Lyf. I hope by this time It needs fca* no horns. 

Thar. Well, fir/ but yet Aat Ucffing rtutf not always 


.... ijg^ 

7heWidvw[s Tears^ 243 

Lj/: What, blanketed ? O - the goi ! ipum'd btft by 
grooms like a bafe bifogno ? . thruH ,out ^y tii" ^a^ and 
ihoulders? ' \-, 

'Thar. y#u do well, fir, to take your ple^urf of me : 
(I may turn tables with you e'er long.) ^ 

Lyf, What, has thy wit's fine engine taken cold ? art 
ftufF'd in th' head \ can'il anfwer nothii^ ? 

l^bar. Truth is, I like my entertainment the better, 
that 'twas no better. 

i^ Now the gods forbid that this opinion fhould 
run in a 'blood! 

l^hur. Have not you heard this principle. All things 
hy ft rife engender? 
Lyf, Dogs and cats do. 
T'i&izr. And men an(d women too. 
Lyf, Well, brother, in earnefl:, you have now fetyour 
confidence to fchool, from whence I.hope 't has brought 
liome fuch & lefifon ; as willinftrudl his mailer never after^ 
to begin fuch attempts as end ii:\ laughter. , \. ^ '^\ 

, Thar. Well* fir, you leflbn xsiy confidence ftill \ . I pray 
heavens your confidence have not more Ihallow' grour^ 
(for that I know) than mine you reprehend fol 
, , Lyf, My confidence, in what ? 
€har. May be you trull too much. 
Ljf, Wherein ? 
l^har. In human frailty. 

Lyf, Why, brother, know you aught that may im- 
peach my confidence^ as thik fuccefs may your's \ hath 
your obfeiyajtion difcovered any fuch frailty in my wife ? 
(for that is your aim I know) then let me know' it. ', 

I'har, Good, gopd.^r-Nay, brother, X write no books 

of obfervationsj^ ^et your confidence bear out'itfelf, as 

mine fhall me. . . ' 

. -^ That's fcarcc a bi*other's fpeech. If there be 

• aught wherein your bjotlier's good might any way be 

;M8|tteftion'd> <^n yqu conceal it from his bofom ? 

Thar. So, fo— Nay, my fayii^ was but general ; I 
glanc'd at ho particular. 

Lyf, Then, muft I prefs you farther. You. fpake, (as 
toyourftlf, iutyfi^t J ovjer-heard) as if you knew fome 

' "Lz ' difpofition 

fi44 ^^ Widow*s Tears. 

, , - • 

4ife(Sfition of weakrters where f nxDft had fix*d mytrvJL 
I dialienge yoa to tetine know what 'twas. 
Titar. Brother, arey<ou wife ? 

zy: Why?- 

vitar. Be ignorant. Did you never heu* of A^eon }- 

Lyf. Whatthjfe? 

^bar. Curlofity was his death. He could not be con-^ 
tent to adore 'Diana in het temple,* but he mx& needs dog 
her to her. retired .pleafiJb, and fee her in her naked* 
licfs. Do you enjpy ifte fole privileged your. wife's 
bed ? have you no pretty Paris for your page ? no young 
!Adoni8 to iirOHt you there t 

Ljf, I think none.: I know not. . 

Ikar. Know not ftill^ brother. Ignorance and cre- 
dulity are your fok means to obtdn that bleilmg. You 
fee your created clerks, your wifeft politicians, are^ot 
thatway fortunate s. your learned lawyers would lofea 
do2en poor meat caufes to. gain a leafe on't but for a 
term. Your phyiician is jealous of his. Yppr fage^ in 
general, bvieeing too much, overfee their happix^fs« 
OnfyyouT'blQckheadly ttade&ian, your hoDed-mcanlng 
cittaen; your knot-headed coontiygendemani yourun- 
mpprelieiidiiig ftmkard, is bleft with the fole prerogative 
of his wtfe^s chamber ; for which he is yet beholdei^ 
not to his ftars, but to his ignorance :*for if he be wiii^ 
brother, I muft tell you^ the cafe alters. 
How do you relifii.thei& things, brother ? 

Uf. Faffing ill. 

Hbar. So do fick men (olid x^eats. Hearkye;,. bro- 
ther, "are you not jealous? * 

Z^. . No : do you know cauie to make me ? 

^har. Hold you there ; did your wife never fpicf 
your bcoih tidth a dram of fublimate! hath fh^viot 
yielded up the fort of her honour to a daring foUadfl^ 
and ^taking couiage from her guilt) pbdd iQ(pen. Jif^ic^ 
ruptofallfhame, and run the couaoy with >himr?^yjh(ien 
blefe your ftars, bowt^youx* knee» to Juno. Loojc. Vhfxr 
ihe appear?. 

J»^«r Cynihiety iI;fiuSi . j' - ■ ' / ^' 

(5^». We have fought you lotig^ fir'j thei^'s a nief- 
fcager within^ hath brought you letters ffoml Sit coftrt, 
and"dcfH'€s your fpe^cb. 

Lyp I can difcover nothing in her looks.— Go, I'll 
not be long. 

Cynth. Sir, it is of weight, tie bearer fays ; and be- 
fides, much haftens his departure. — Honourable brothter^ 
cry mercy? what, in a conqueror's flile? but come aSiid 
overcome ? 

7'bar. A frefh courfe. - •' \ 

Cynth. Alas! ' you fee of how. iliglit metal widows 
¥Ows are made. 

Tbar^ And that (hall y«u prowc too e'er long. 

Cynth. Yet for the honour of our fex, boaft not abfoad. 
this your eafy conqueft ; another might perhaps hav^ 
fiaid longer below fl:airs; but it wasi your confidence tlmt 
fepiii*d h«r love. ?. 

HyL My uncle haA inllrudcd!me how td accolE^af Jto^ 
nourable lady ; to wia l^r, not by fait, but b)t iurgriici 

^i&arr; The whelp and all ?: - ■'■.:.- 

. I^. Good* ajttle^ let not your near^hoai»ii» dunge 
your manners ;. be not forgetfm of your. promife* tab in«^ 
^oiidiiQg.yQurJady'^.dRD^tef, Laodice. My hxicy w^siM 
{d upon't^ that I dream every night of" her, . " 

Thar, A -good, chicken! go thy v^myS) thouliafldohfe 
weU ^ eatl3irea4 with thy meatv 

€yn,:Qome,, fir^ will you in ? ' 

W. rU follow you. • 

Cjn: I'll notlEiraibot without youf. I^ cannot ^fatlsfy 
the mellengjr'i impatience. 

Ly/, [HttaketThar, ofdi.1 Will you «ot fi£)lveme» 

r&w*. Of wl«<^ • 

Lyfan,ftamps^ kind ^'v^d'nmtlf Cyn. HyL: Ero. 
Sq, thfite*s veny for veily ;. I \mt given't oioi* Tthe 
feeding place for- all his confidence. Well;>oiit of this 
perhaps there may: be -moulded matter of more mirth, 
than my balBing. It fball go hard^ but Fll make my 
oonftant filler a£l. as £uiious \ (ceae as'Virg^ did his 

L X suftrelsy 


The Widow's Tears. 

mlflreTsy who caas'd all tke fire in Rome to £ui> to that 
none could light a torch, bat at her nofe. Now forth : 
At this houfe dwells a virtuous dame, (bmetime of wor- 
thy fame ; now, like a decay'd merchant, turn'd broker, 
and retails refufe commodities for unthr^ gallants. 
Her wit I mull employ upon this bufinefs, to prepare 
my next encounter, but in fuch a fafhion as fliaU make 
all fplit. — Ho, madam Arfacc — pray heaven the oifter 
wives have not brought the news of my wooing hither 
amongft their ftale pilchards. 

Eniir Arface, Tomafin» ' . 

Arf. What, my lord of the palace^? 

^har. Look you — 

Jrf, Why, this was done like a beaten foldier. 

Thar. Heark, I muft fpeak with you. I have afhare 
for you, in this rich adventure. You mtift be the aflr 
charg'd with crowns- to make way to the fort, and I the 
conqueror to follow and feize it. Seeil dKm.thb 
jewel ? 
' Af'f. Wt come to ihat ?. why, Tomafin. 

Tom. Madam. •» . 

Jrf: Did not one of the tounte&'s ferving men tell us 
that this gentleman was fped ? 

Tom. That he did, and how her honour grac'd and 
entertained him in very familiar manner. 

j^rf. And brought hkn down ftairs herfclf. ^ 

Torn, Ay, forfooth, and commaad^ im mc^'^taj^^ 
him out of doors. * • ' 

Thar. 'Slight, pelted with rotten eggs ! 

Jrf. Nay more, that he had already poffefs'd her- 
fheets. * 

* Tom, No Indeed, miflrefi, *twas ^cr blankets. 

Thar. Out, you young hedge-fparrow, learn to tread 
afore yovi^be fkdgM !. . • '^ kU^fUr pttU 

Well, have you done tlow; lady. ''■'' • ''' O ' 

'^^O, my fweet kill-buck. " ' -' ''■- 

* Thar. You now; in your fti^Hibw|)ate; tirade this a^di^ 
trace to me ; fuch a difgrace as* is a battered hefanet on m 
foldier's head, it doubles" his Ytfc^hition,' Sayy ftall I 

life th«e ? ' '- 

- ^ Jr:A 

Tke^ Widi}w!s Tears. z^'i 

'Arf, Ufcnie^ ^ - '■' \ ,, 

. Tbitr. p. holy leformatiofil Jiow art thou fallen 4owtt 
iVoin the i^pper-bodies of the. church to the. fkirts. of the^ 
dty.bHtHie%^i9 firijp|>'fi out of his tnue ftib(!ance ipca 
▼erbal doetf*: Common Tinners ilartle at common te^ms ^ 
and they tfaat^y whole mountains f>yallow down the 
deeds of daiki»e&^ a poor mote of a familiar word 
makes them torn up the white o'the eye. I^hou art the 
]ady*s tenant. ' . 

• Arf. For term,, fir.. 

W^r. A good indu£Uon: be fuccefiful iot me,|make* 
me lord of the palace»and thou ihalt hold thy tenement to^ 
thee and thine heirs for ever, in free.fmoclcag^i as of, the 
manor of pandecage : provided always-^ — • ^ 

^ Arfk. Nay^Iif you take me unprovided /r-— 

• yifrttr. Provided^ I {^^y^. that thou mak'ft thy repair ta 
^r prefently with a plot I will inftrudl thee m ; and for« 
thy furer aoceis to her greatnefs^ thou flialt prefent her» 
m from, tliy&lf^. ' with this jeweL 

Arf, So her old grudge fiand not betwixt hex' and me., 
^har. Fear not that. \ 

Prefentsfare prefent cures fo» female grudges: 
:. Make had fecm good> alter the cafe*— with judges.^ 

' / 

Aft. It. ' jScen. i.. 

hyfandtr^ and Tbar/alio. 

>• " • ■ - . ' " 

Lyf. ^O, novwe are oorfelves. jBrpther, that ill re- 
l3 lifl^^'d fpeech yovi let,,ilip from your tongue, 
hath taken fo deep hold of my thoughts, that, they will 
never give me reft* tittl be refolv'd what 'twas you faid, 
you knonwy'toachi^ my wife. 
liar, Tuih! I W weary of this fuBjeft, I fcidnot fo. 

L4 ./# 

Iff, B]r troth it&lf you did! lever^lidtfi-jfyiait CoMISL 
iril»U nothihg move me^ whotfocvcK if,foj,.fB;9^i|eQL 
H^U bitefiy what you know. ^ .--^-yft 

^ *thtir, Why» briefly > brother^ I kaoiraiyiUtectVJ^ 
rib« wtmder of the eaiih» aod the«Qvy. ^ tl^4|wvfii^ I; 
virtuous^ loyaI» and what not. fimfly>-J kaow iW. 
hftth vl>wM, that tiU deadly, an^ after dic9tth,.ihe'U holA 
inviolate her bond^. to yoy, and that, her Iklsick fluilhtakr 
BO other hue ; all which I firmly believ^« . la bric^ 
brother, I know her to b^ a woman, fiut y^u iui^S^ 
brother, I hateotherirons^ontb'tnvil. 

hffintdv Yon fl»ll not leave nie&tialb(i«£olartett^ 
wlikr W\b yon know. . ^ 

Than, Why^ brother, if you bc^ ftimof yp»» iwsfeV. 
loyalty for term of^lile, why fhonld you be oorulib to 
f>jirch thfe ^hnanadkb fbr after-times, whether foniewan<* 
d^ing' .^eal^ (hould enjoy' you^ reverfiow; prwhetbec^ 
ybuft#dfe'tujrtk' would fitmournkig^Hi a witkesed-b^^ck; 
tiU Atropos cut her threrid ? B«WaM' of' cinMity» Sm 
vASb i:^v^\i>eycM you-'IMay; perlUifdj JnniBOw;.. 

Lyf. Perhaps, I fliall. . . • . 

Tbat^. i\m Mii^f ' Idh^^fii n^ vAat: fhft: fliaS do^ 
^^ fhe" isr 1traii9fi9frtiied;iiit% a * ^0<«t, . . V«#ala ji»w a, 
f^il^i^and (laid gentleman : but if Diana^ for your cu- 
riofit)% fhould tranflate you into a monkey, do you knowi^ 
what gambolds you (hbuld play? your only way to bet 
refolv'd, is to die, andjnafee xrial of her... , ^.; ^,. ^ 

hyf. A dear ej^rimeut I th«n I inui^r^ #g»i» to btf: 

^har. You (hall not njfd. I^an. (end you (peedicr 
advcrtifement of *ller coironcy b^ the next ripicr that 
rides tliat way with mackreU^^ And fo I leave you. 

[Exit nary 

Lyf, All the furies in hell attend thee; he as giv'nme A 
bonetotireoWwlfhap^ftliCTice. ^SU^c! knaw?V 
What can hVk«ov«^? what^ajli his eye obferVe. s, 
^ftore than miAe^dwi^, Oi^ tji^ moA pierdttg figh^ 
That evcr-viewed' her ?' liytlriiiight, I' think 
Her privateft thought may ddffe the-^ycr of h^ttveiif 

. And 

95fc 'Wiinrs: TtarK ij^ 

Jl£tiA chaHeo^ th^enviote world to witnefs it,~ 

I kiibw JumlcM'a w3d'contipced xottth. 

Whom ^fane niifiai|s,^ 'fquives to bawds^ and finunp^ti^ 

Dninkardsy fpew'd outo£tav«nit into th' &n^ ., 

Of tap^hoofes and^ft^ws^ irvolts from manhpod^ 

DtbaochM perdu\ have by their companies 

Tttm'd devil, like thcoUelves^ and (btt^d his fool 

Withdi^nit'd'OiMnions, an<l onhaliowcd thoughta 

Of womanhood, of all humanity, 


Enter Lycus, 
l^jt/r.Wekomc, friend Lycos. 
lyc. Have you met with yBOur capricious bcpdier } 
^jS^. He paired* henoe but now» 
i^. And. has he yet refolvM you of that point yo% 
iMrake with me about ? 

Lyf. Yes, he bids me die for farther trial of her con- 

Lye. That were ftrange phyiick for a jealous patient ^ 
to cure his thirft with a draught of poifon. Faith, fir, 
difcharge your thoughts' on't ; think 'twas but a buz de* 
visM by him to fet your brains a work^ and divert yoitf 
e^e from* his difgrace. The world hath written your 
wife in higheft lines of honoured fame ; her virtue's fo 
admir'd in this iile,. as the report thereof founds in foreign 
car*; and ftrangcrs oft arriving here (as fome rare fight) 
d^five to 'view he#prdence». thereby to compare the p^c* 
ture with'the original. Nor think he can turn fo fai^ rcr; 
bel tohi&Uood,. 

Or to the truth itfelf,. tomifconceive 
Her fpotlefs love and loyalty : perhaps ; . 
Oft Jiving M^d yofo hddher faith fa facreJ^i, 
As you being dead,. no man might flir a fpark 
Of virtuO.tts love, in "^«^ of fecpnd bonds; 
As if you at your death fhould carry with yoa 
BothlHrancK 2tnd'roOtvtr^l^e<^ion: 
*Tmay be,, in that point he's an infidel. 
And thinks your confidence may over-w^en, 
LyJ\ So think not I. 

Ls lyci 

2^ ^ TbfWUfidfs ^ark 

Ljc. Nor I: if>v«r Ally mlideit good, '^ ^V V-^ 
X am rdTolvMy of all, ihe^tt prove tto chtaf^iiigi ^ ^ '^ 

lyf. Well, I muft yet be farAcitokified ; ' ^ \ 
AfidventdusKunioaf byfomelhidii ofwit^ - ^ 
Somewhat 1*11 do; bat what, I know not yet. 

• [Exeunt. 

Enter Btbenia^ Inntht, 

Sthe. Mfion of Vxrginity, lanthe, how fhall'we quit 
ouifelves of this panderefs, ^at is ib tm|K»tanate to 
fpeak with ns? Is ihe known to be a pandered i 

Ian, Ay, as well as v^ arekaown to be waiting wo- 

Sthe. A ihrew take your comparifon. 

Ian. Let's call out Argus, that bold afs, thit never 
wei^s what he does, or fays, but wriks and l^ks like 
ont in a ileepj^ to relate her attendance to my lady, and 
prefcnt^ her. . • i 

Sthe. Who, an't pleafe your honour ? None fo fit toi 
fet- on any dangerous exploit. 
Ho ! Argus ? 

Enter Argus hare 

* Jrg, What's the matter, wenches? 

Stbe. You muft tell my lady, here's a gentlewoman 
caird Arface, her honour's tenant, attends her^* to im- 
part important bufineis^o her. \^Exk Arg^ 

Jrg* I will preicntly. , • - . • 

• lant. Well, flie has a welcome prefent,^ to bear t>nt- 
het* unwelcome prefence ; and t never knew btrt a eood^ 
gift would welcome a bad perfon to the pureft — ^Anace^ 

Enter Arface. 
Arf. Ay^^ miflrefs. 

Sfie, Give m^your prefent, TU do alll can,, to make- 
way both fb^ i» and yourfelf. .-• 

Arf, YoufhalltMnd metoyour^fervice^ lady. 
Stife: Staftd unfeen. - - ■, 

Enter Lye. Eudora^ Laod. Reh. Hkrr, PJor. 
coming after, Argus coming ta E tutor a ^ 
Arg, Here's a gentlewoman (an't 
Pleafe your honour) ooe of your tenants, 
Deires accefs to youv - . 


> • 

\£«^. AriaceJ iVi^i Aekaw«d|. - - ^ , •/ 
^r^. Thebawd) iW^ial \,fififtrih£s\ tha^-^ without 
jny privity. " 
*j?W. Out^ afs ! know'll not thou thepand'refs Arfacel 
Sth, She- prefeBt»3icQiir. honour with ^s jewel. 
: E^ ThifijewoL? how came ihe by fuch'ajewel ?. 
She has.h«4r|;reat <u&omei>3. . , 
Jrg, Snbe-hadoaeedy liadam, ihe £ts at a g^e^it 2$n|* 
ip«^ Alasi! .for^ypur gwait rgi^ : IH keep her jew^U 
and keep you her out, ye were beft : fpeak to me for a- 
pand'refe? • «>• * ' ■ 

. jitg'. What fliaU we do ?. 
^i&<r. Go to; let us alono-^AHace^ 
.^Arf. Ay, lady. - 

Sthe, You muft pardon us,, we cannot obtain ybax^ac- . 
c«fs. - • 

: Jrf, Mrs: Sthenia, tell her hqpQur^ if I gefe not;iac-*' 
cefs, to her, and that inftantly, fheS undone. 

Sthe. This is fomething of importance — Madam, Ihe 
fwears your honour is undone, if fhe fpeak no( with yx)u 

Eiid. Uadoner 

Arf, Pray her, for her honour's fake, to give me in- - 
IVant accefs to her. 

, Sthe^ She makes, her bufinefs your honour, madi^m,. 
and eirtreatSy foiv the good of that, her inftant fpeech witi^ 
you. • . . 

Eud, How comes my honour in queftion ? Bring her 
to me. 

Ejfter Arface, ... 

^Arf.- Oar Cyprian goddefs five your^good honoiir ! 
. Eud, Stajnd you ojF, J pray-^Hojv dire.ypUf miibef?^. 
importune accefs to me thus,, confid^riag the lail warn- 
ing I gave for your abfence ? . . 

Arf. Becaafe, madam,. I have been moy'.d, by your- 
honour'&lailmoft-chafte admonition,, toleav^ the offen- 
iive life I led before*..: .....'. 

Eud, Ay ! have you left it then? ;.. - 

^ L 6 * An,- 

pWur^ of two or three po^'hdStfs^^s^liirdpfttfgal 
knights to thek Kulbarlds: * ' \ " ; 

*«/. Got on thee, impudent! ^'* * - . .'. 

^r/: Alas^ madam 1 we would dl be glibi^ to Gt|B itl 

our adlifigs. ♦•,-■... 

ir«^. Is this the reforhiM Bft thotf tfc!lc*ft-ctf» ? 

-</r/I I beftech your good honour thStirke me tat^ I 
boaft of nothing but my charity ; tteit's^^lftfWrtfft.-'' ** 

EuJ, You get thfefe jewdi yi(f^f^ x^tlnty'/ 1^ 4dtibt. 
Sut what'^s the point in Which my honocir fltods eikttui- 
^rM, Ipray? " • 

Jr/. In care of that, madam, I h«*e prefoih'^fO <rf^ 
fend your chafte eyes with my prefence, Hearing it re- 
ported for truxh, and gciierdly, tfiat yoWr hbnouf will 
take to hufband a young gentleman oFthis dty ciyHed 

Ekd, I take him to hulband ? 
. Jr/. If your honour dx)es, you are utterly- im^Ofie-^ 
for he's the moft incontinent, and irf^fiate liiJ&i of wo- 
men, that ever Venus bleft whh ability to ^l«!af«^ theiii. 

Ek^. Let him be the devil, I abhor his thought ? and 
could I be informed particularly of any of thefe flanfdee- 
ersof mine honour, he fhould as dearly dafe it, a^aiy 
thing whferein his life were endanger'd", 

Jr/, Madam, the report of it is fo ftrbngly^iiftkht,. 
that I fear the ftrong deftiny of marriage is at woA-in it^ 
Bat if it" be, madam, let your Tionour*s knfihvn -Wrtuc 
?c£ft and defy it for him; for not a hundred will ferve 
his one turn. .1 proteft to your honora*, wlien (Venus 
pardon me) I wii^M at my unmaidenly exercife, I have 
known nine in a night made mad with his lore. 

Eu^. What, teirft thou me of his love I T tdl tliae, * 
I abhor him j and deftiny muft have anOthe^ iftoikM*for 
my thoughts, than nature or mine honour; arid* a ^^4e)db« 
craft above both, to transform me to* another (h^e, as 
foon as to another conceipt of him. 

Ar/. Then is your good honour jnft as I pray fbf you ^ 
and good madam, even for your virtue^s fake, and com- 
fbrt of all your dignities and foM&oxis, fix your whote 


jioufiewiyps) is not worthy of lus iCweetnefs. 

JTim/. Go to, begbite. ... ' '^• 

Ar/. Dear, nud»i^ your honour's moft p#rfa£l a4- 
nsonkions Hav^^ brought me to (iich a h^C» of thefe imper- 
Ib&ioos^. thatri fxwld not but attend youwkb my duty*^ 
Btid*vxge.lm'Vat^9iQ3ashhi maaakoodto the fiUv 
; Eud. Miii^od9,.qnotb you? 

* .^IqC .Nay^.bea^ylwod I might fay^ indeed madam^^ 
but &>r iayiag^ypur honour ; nine in a nighty faid I ? . 

Eud, Goto, no more. ^ 

• Jr/i. Na JiiOBce,^ madam ? that's eoough one would 
ibiak. , 

. JSjv^. Well be gpne,..! bid thee. . 

Jrf, . Aloif, madam,, your honour t& tht cbidF of o«c; 
city } and to whom ihalLI c^seipliixiofr thefe iuchailities,^ 
(bong your Uutyflii^s refonxv'd tefiiafi^)L» but to you that. 

EmJ. I pray, thee ^ tby ways, and let me fee this x^* 
^rmation. yon prefiaid csontinued . 

Jff*- 1 humbly thaaM your good hoAOur> that wa» firilr 
End, Hcre^sa. complaint a» firange as my fuitor. 
Jrf. I befieech your good honour thinlt upon hhti^ 
sudce hunita example. 
Eiul. Yetagaiiii 

jfrf, AU niy duty to your excdkuce. [Exit Arf,. 

Eud^ Thefe forts of licentious pexfonSy when they are 
' oncerecbamed^ are moft vehement ^ainft licence; Kit* 
• it is the courfe of the world, to difjpraife faults and tife^ 
them, that&x we may ufe them the fafer. What mig^t 
<«^fe. widow refoke upon this point now ? Content- 
ImeJM: i& the end of all worldly beihgs: Bdhriewher, 
would fhchadfpared her news. ' '•' \Eiit. 

. E^b. See. if ihe take not a cbntrary Way fd ftte ber 
felf of us. '■ " ' . 

. Biar. Yo« mif^ complain to his altitude. 

Pfot^ AXit this for trial i»; yo^ mo& iiidare. 
That will hapft wxvvt ; aoutkt^e^kii'tliDeiii U £mtl . 

Enter TbarfaJio^ Apfuct*^ ' ♦ • 

^Ll>ar. Haft thou been amnittsni chear f 

^f. Admitted f Kj^ into her hearty Ttt able it; se4> 
i«er was Aian fo prais'd with a di^raife ; norfolpdoefK 
for, in being railM on^ I'll give you b^ wosd, I h«ve 
fet her heart upon as tickliih a pin* as the needle of. a 
dialy that will never let it refl tillit be inthe right por- 
tion. I .•---;.* 

7h€tr^ Why dofl thou imagine this f 

• Arf, Beeaufb I faw Oipid ihoor in xxxf words, and 
open his wounds in her looks. Her blood went andr 
came of errands betwixt her £ifie/and her heart; .and 
thefech^geSy lean tell you, are^fhsewdtellHtaks. 

l^har. Thott ^peA?ft like ado^refis in thy .Acuity i. 
but howlbe¥er, foir aU thisfoily I^ retiifire the gasK 
once again ; jie^s a ihallow gamefter thaJt for one dif" # 
}4ea£ng caft gkesup^fo fair a gameforlof^. 

Arf. Well, 'iwas a villainous inventiflii of tliine» and^ 
had a fwift operation ; it took like -fidp^kor.. And yet 
this virtuous countefs hath to my ear fpuaout many a te^r 
dious le^ure of pur^ Mers thread agajBdconcupifcenQe ; 
but ever with fudi an affe^ed zeal^ as my ■xniltd. gave 
me, flie had a kind of fecret titillatioa to.^grace my pooA 
houfe fometimes, but that fhe fearM a.fpice/of the fciad- 
ca \ which,' as you know, ever runs in. the blood-*-; . 

^hur. And, as you know,- foaks into the bone^. Hut 
to fay truth, thefe angry heats, that break out at the lips> 
c^thefe ftr«ight-lac'd ladies, are but as fymptons of. a- 
luftfol fever that- boils within them ; for whiareforc rage 
wives at their hufbands fo, when they fly. o«t ;. :^%\vkXji, 
againfl' the -fm ? - . j ; 

Jrf,. No; but becaufe they did notprargeithat fin* 

• ^har, Thou'rt a notable- firen;- and I fwear to. thee, 
li I profper, not only to give thee thy manor-howfe gra* -. 
tis, but to marry thee to-fomeonefkoightiOKiDther^ abd 
buiy thy trade in thy • ladylhip : Go, be gone. 

]Jxit Arf., 

fS^f Widmfs Tears. 25:5 

*'Smter tycus, ' 

Thar: Wkatne^n^ Lycns ? wliere^s th« lady T 
' Lycx' fletir'd inta htr orchard. 
Thar, A pregnant badge of lore ; fhc'i melancholy. 
*Xyf. 'Tis with tfce fight of her' Spartan Svoer ; but 
howfoeverkis with her, yoo have praftis*d ibangely 
upon your brother,- - 
T^ar. Whyfo? 

Lye J Yoa hzA alxnofb lifted his wit off the hinges.'' 
That fpaik jcaloufy falling into his dry melancholy 
brain, had well near fet the whole houfe on fire. 

Thar. No matter, let it work ; I did bat pay him in'» 
6wn coin. *Sfoot, he piicd me wkh fuch a V^ey ofnn- 
feafbn'd feoffs, as would have made patience- itfelf tunr' 
ruffian, attiring itfelf in wounds and blood. But ia hts"" 
humour better quaHiied then ? 

Lye. Yes, but wkh » medicine ten parts more <&n- 
geroiis than theficknefs. You know howfbange his- 
dotage ever was on hi* wifey taking fpecial glory to have* 
her love and loyalty to him fo renown'd alwoad : To* 
whom fhe oftentimes hath vow'd conllancy aft^ Hfe, till^ 
her own death had bitought, forfooth, her widow-troth to 
bed. This he joy'd in ftrangely, and was therein o^ 
infallible hi^lief^ ttl^l your- funmfe began to (hake it; 
which hath loos'd it fo, as now there's nought can icttle* 
it but a trial, - whidi hc*s refoWtl upon. 

fhar. As how, man } as how ? 
• Lye, He is Tefolv*d tofollo'i^ycnir advice, to die, antf 
m^e trial of her fbd^lenefs, and you muft lend your hand 
to it.' • ' 

Thar, What, to- cufi throat ? 

Lye. Tofbrgearumour of his* death, to uphold it bjr 
circumflance,. maintain a publick fuce of mourning, and 
all things appertaining. 

Thar, Ay, but the means, nton ; what time ? what, 
probsibHity ? • 

Lye. Nay, f think he has not lick?d his whelp into 
full (hape yet) but you (hall fhortly hear on't?. 

Thar, And w^n fhaU thb ftrange* axioeption -feo 



T^e fFidm'^'Wifa^ 

Ljt, FordMrith; thci«!t^ mydoiif ib^liim bat fime* 
•dd bufineik of inpoKt, Hihich ii* mi^widlw/^ per- 
haps bs sd^fence,. by occa£(Oa of bisrifiipnW'ti^f jit^ 
probniged fldiovekis aiiM* 

Thar, Thanks for tbi» xiaiWy.i^fakiL Ttt^iay.pec^ 
baps piove .bsfipy tO'ni£,iiapbew» Tia^.^^. X-lofs; 1113^^: 
fifter well^ and maft ackiiowledge her'«i9i« tban ovdi-^ 
nary virtues ; bat flie hath fo pofieis'd ]ii)i;bMC)sfirV heart 
wiUi vows and difasowings;, &al*d wkb daths|.of feoond 
nqprials, as in that confidence be hath iawdbA-btr inall* 
bis ftate, the ancient inheritaoGC of onr ivg^^j^ ind k^ 
Biy ncpbeiv and die reft ta hasig upon her f^sr devotion;. 
& as he dead, and ihe matching (as I acn rei<4vod» A*> 
wiU) with foiae young prodigal ; whal siuiir enfue^ but. 
her pod-ifiue bogger'd« and o«r hoaib ab^a^^ink^q^. 
boned quick in ruin ? fiat this trial may remove- it 1 audi 
fince ^tis come tO'thisi. mark but the ifioe^ Lycos'i for ^. 
thefefdemnvows/if I do not make her ppve in the 
handling as weak as awafer, iayl k>il my tune-m dni-^ 
vel. I'his reMotion then ha^ iet bis wiis in ^int a^k^l 

Lye, Yes,, and talks of you ^^kh in tho faipeft- man«-J 
fter, liftens after your fpeed* 

Th^. N«y,. beVpaffing kind^ but I a»irgjbd^>Uli# 
trial for ail-that. 

hj^, Whidihe thinks to be a flight beyondyoorivrngv 

nar. But he will change that thought e'er long.. My 
bbd yoQ faw «veA tmNy^B^ mo good ni«^ and makes 
bopefoi me« 

Lye. Somewhat can T fay too ; finee your meiToigerV 
departm« hec ladyihip hath been fomething-slt«r*d> more 
ptnfivcrthan before, ^ad took oceaAon to qo^Hiian of yon 
what yoar additions weret of what tafte yoo^]lumettn 
was F of what cut you wofe your wit- ? sm4 ^ this^ in a» 
lic^d of dl^kindd fcoMw 

- ^har. Good calendars, Lycus. Wi^l,, I'H pawa 
tbis j«wel with ^lee, my -nesct encoontcr ilhsdl quite alter 
my brother^ judgment. Come^ let's in ^ he dial! com- 
jnen4ie for a difcreet and honoundbk attempt. 

• >• •-■ '-' Menu's 

' JrgC'l' flpnftrcQO^ls I wai^igQtiraat wJutt it m9Mi^ 

' >^^i Jknil jgrn/iyoa vthal is it ntxw ? 
. jefir^. To onurt iiar>« Lperccive^ is tCKMsoo W wkb 
tUSM) ffcmfc OQOBi ; &t fe this Spartaa lordf& coutt^diff . 

«^iie teadietlL -..'.: 

. . jiA(#;^ iHi»i9i4fripF^liath.f«DCtn^d a axw pac4aetifoini 

C//jr« If he brii^ no better ware, thaa Utttn in's pao« 
fiiet> I ibdl gMa%. doufae o£hk good fpeed. 

/<?«. If his lord&xp did bat know hour gracious hi3-a£«- 
|pt6L]Std'ni^ladP|r.iii thkiblitar)^ hnmonr* . . 

C/sn: Wdly tbeie4@rsEed« walks of hcr,'« axe^not ufaal^ 
«idib«d8fpinQ;akenttioail^hfir:tfaoag^s. . What inieyriie 
the csuife, Sthenia^ . • . / . 

'^the. Nay, 'twould trouble Argus^. with his. hnndrot 
eyes, to defciy the ciuife. ' 

law: Vehu^'keep hawpA^^. tluU> flie. £dLaot.fi3Dfliir 
Ibf^^eof h(nr hitaobr; aqr feari8»\hit Hovm oftheftr 
jEsrpfsnftme fuitors will tempt her from her xottibnt YjmH 
of »ViMQiKh<3od4 if thsf d^ ^mkL n^ to our good, 

, !^«&ff. 'Tweve. afinift {uijpeEl her; I havie been^wite 
aefs to fo many of her fearM protefbkioos to oar lata 
kffdaguafl<tkat€Mrfe'; ta her- infinite oaths impnoted 
on his iips^ aadfeaPdiorhis heart with fuch imptecatiooft 
ta hflr.bed* <if/erec it Aipidd ieoBve a fecond iaprdBoii^ 
to her open and often deteftation of th8t.iace&iD«$.li£» 
^s {hs^ temiUit) lof wUtaiw»:ii|si3tegesi>as .being, b\it a 
kdisd .of hnvfui adukeey^; like. uSmfj^ gessited b^Ai9 
law» not>pprov*d. 1 iaKdi^l<fax)ad»iiva& nobet* 
terthan to cuckoU tlnfiHli ThAtivoiinttrwMa^ 
tsui wedloolil a&ane:bod^ m Ofs: iife^.bSfoiid which 
there were oo^'^g^^up^ikoxighX^jaQfe^ltm^ 
na^ceititutioQ to it. So as if the confcience of her vows.]4 

t^B The Wiiwo's ^ears^ 

fhould not reftraia her, yet the world*s fhame to KreiJc 
luch a conftant refolution. fhould reprefs dny fuch mo- 
tion in her, 

jirg. Well, fox her vows, they are gone to heaven, 
with her hufband ; chey Bind hoc upon e^ixth r And as for 
womtns refolutions,. I muiib tell you,, the planetar, YukI 
(as Ptolomy fays) the winds have a great fboke in themj 
Truft not my learning-, i£ her late ftrangenefs and exor- 
bitant foHtade be net hatching fome new monfter. 

Ja^, Well applied, Argus ; make you huibands mon- 
gers ? 

Jrg. \ fpoke of no hofbands f. but yon .wenches have 
the pregnant wits to tarn mongers into huibands^ as yotf 
turn huibands into nnSnfUrs. 

Sthf. Weil, lanthe, 'twere high time we made in» tq» 
part our lady and her Spartan wooer. 

Ian. We fhall appear to her like the two fortunate ftm 
in a tempeft, to fave the fhipwreck of her patience. 

Sikf. Ay, and to him too, I believe ; for by this time 
he hath fpent the laii dram-t>f his ne\^^. 
- u^^» That is, of his wit, 

Sih. Juft, good wittals. 

Ian:. If hdt, and that my hdy be not too deep in her 
sew dumps, we {tkJtL hear from his lordfhip, what iuch X 
lord faid of his wife the firft night he embraced her ; tor 
what gentleman fuch a coupt was- beholden for Jus fino 
children i what young lady fuch an old* count fhovid 
marry; what> revels; what prel^ntmcnts are towards, 
2nd who pennM the pegmas, and fo forth : And yet for 
all this, I know her harih iuitar hath thr^d her to the ut-' 
termoft fcruple of her forbearance,, and wHl do more, un« 
lefs we two, like a pair of {beers, cut afUnder the thread* 

Sth. Well then, let^s in ; but my malbers, wait yon oq 
yonr -charge at youi: perils ;. fee that you guatd hef ap- 
proach fWun any more- intruders. ^ : ■ '■ ' 

/jfff.T Excepting yeiing Tharialio/ 
/ Sib. Tnie,iea(oeptii^ him indeed; for m guard of men 
is not able to keep him put>. an'tpkaic ybur honour. 

The Widow's Tears. 259 

' Ar^, O wenches, that's the property of true valour, ta 
promife like a pigmy, and perfojm like a giant. If he 
come, I'll be fwom I'll do my lady's commandment np- 
on. him.- 

Ian, What, beat hi9i out ? 

Sth, If he ihodd, Tharfalio would not take it iHat 
3iis hands ; for he does but his lady's commandment. 

Enter tharfalio. 

Jrg, Well, by fiercules he comes not here. 

Sth, By Venus but he does ; or elfe (he hath heard my 
lady's prayers, and fent fome gracious fpirit in his likie-. 
ne{s to fright away that Spartan wooer that haunts her. 

• ^har. There ftand her centinels. 
Arg, 'Slight, the ghoU appears again \ 

^har. Save ye, my quondam fellows in arms \ (kve ye^ 
xny women. 

^tb. Your women, fir ? 

^bar. 'Twin be fo. What, no courtefics ? no prepa- 
ration of grace? Obfeive iiie^ I advife you* for your own 

• Um, For your own fake I advife you to pack hence,, 
left your impudent valour coft you dearer ^thanyo* 

Clin. What fenfelefs boldncfs is this, Tharfalio >' ■ * 

Jirg. We.Ufaidj Clinias, tall^to.him. , 

Clifl, ' I wonder, that notwi'thftanding the (hame. of 
your laft entertainment, arid threatnings of worfe,' you 
would yet prefume to trouble thi^ place again. * 

^^bar, Come,y^are a widgeon ; off with your haitj, fir, 
acknowledge forecaft is better than labour! Are you 
fquint-ey'd ? can you not fee afore you ? A little fore- 
fi&ht, I can tell you, might fted you much, as^ the flars, , , . . ' " J ^ ' " 

C/?«.- ^Tis'well, Ur, 'tis not fbmotiiiftg yoiir-brdther 
is afham'd on you; but fir, 'ydu'mt!ftlAi6w,' we^ ari 
charg'd to bar your entrance. "' \ 

Thar, ^ut ,whifler, know .you, th^t whoTd'fhaH dare to 

execute that'charge, -rfi bfe his exccuti6i»rJ ** 


^6 o ^e Widfi^^s Je^rt^ 

. 4^^ 9y Jovc> CltaisMi».iBethink» the {^ndeniaA fpealcf 
Tcry honourably. ^ 

Thar, Wielly I fee this hottfe needb reformation ; h^re^s 
a fellaw ftands behind now; of t forwarder in£ght ti^A 
ye all. What place haft ciKKi } • 

Jrg. What place yotipteafe, ias. - 

TJ^r. Law you» firT Kerens a ftOdvr to make x 

§entleinan-iiiher» fir. I dtfcharge you of the place, $jkI 
o here inveft thee into his room-; make itnich of thy 
haky thy wit wiUfiiit k. rarely.* And for tke-fiill pofief- 
fion> of thine office^ come> uihec me to thy hdy ; and to> 
keef thy hand fuf^e^ fake thisfroni me. 

Jrg, Noibribcs^ fir».an*t pieaieyottrworihr^. 

Thar. Go to, thoa do*ft well, but pocket it for a!l 
that ; 'tis no impais to thee, the^greateft do^t. 

4rg: Sir, 'tis your love only that I refpedl ; bnt fmcc 
out of your love you pleaTc to bellow it upon me, it 
were want of courtihip in me- to refiife it; TU.acquajnt 
my lady with, your comings iSxi^jftg. 

fhttr. How fay hf, thial Hare not I mtde.a lit choice^ 
that hath' fo fooli attained the deepeft myflery of his-pob* 
fefikur? 'Goodfooth^ vipKnchefi^ a^^mnrcouxtefic^ had*not 
been caft away upon yo«r new lord. 

Stk. We'll believe that« when our lady Ka9 Inew fi»^ 

JBW. What*& die matter? who& that yoti £9^ If. 
coinc \ 
. Jtg, The bold gentleman,; an^tpk^yoorhoBOQf* 

Etuf, Why, thou fleering a& thoa ! 

jfi-g, AnVjdeafe your honowr<^-^ 

£t¥L Did not I forbid hk approach^ bf all th^chftrj;^ 
tnd duty of thy fcrvtce I 

^i6ar. Madam^ tht&ltttaw oiiy h brtdttgetn s for he 
truly uoderAoiKliroar command,, aocgi i dyiRte iht ftHe o£^ 
the court of Venus ; thast h, by contraries 1 when yoU. 
ftibidt yott bidr^ 

J^iui. By heavGiv rU difiJaarge^my hoafr ^lye aU., ' 

^Se Wiilw>'s Tears. 26 1 

. Thar, Yoa MH Mt need, madam ; for I have alreadjT 
«,afiii,€jr'd your •ffieiau»<ttftier4itre» and c\aft this i^ilM 

- Thar. MadaHi,( I comt not to csMuiMiid .^ar \<sw% 
with enforced letters, nor to-wooyoawitii tedious ilories 
>of my pedigree, as he who draws'^ thethread of his de- 
scent &om Leda^s diilafl^ when 'ds w^U known his 
grandfire cried concry (kins in Sparta. 
Reb. Whom mean youy firF 

i'hur. Sir, I name none Irat hkn who firft fhaU name 

Reh, The place, fir, I telly^tt f^, and thtsgdddefs^k' 
fair pre(«nce, or elfe my reply fhonld.take a far other 
form upom't. 

7iar, If it (hottld, fi% I woitld ouike your lordfliip 
«nai)fwer. . 

Jr^. Apfer's LfttiB Ibra goofe^ an^t pleafa your ho« 
aour. . ■' 

Eud. Weil noted, gander ; and wkat of that > 
yfr^. Nothiag, an't.pkafe your honour, but that he 
faid.he would mako ki» lofdihip an anfwcr. 

Eud, Thus every &ol moelo lyy poor fuitor.— Tell 
me, thou mod frondefs of all mctH did'il*>thou (when 
vtliou had'ftnieans to note^me-beft) «ver obfervo fo bafea 
-temper in me, as to give any glance at ftogping to tof 

Thar, Ycni dnxtger^sttf^^uiiy to do your <li>cidgery. 
£««/:« Or am I-'boW fofoant of worthy fuitors, diat mav 
4idvance mine honour, advance mj eftate, ftrengthen my 
alliance (if I £ft la^Wl). that 1 mnft'fb^ ^to^ miakt inv 
.foot my head ? ' 

Thar, No> but your iide» to ksop you warm a>bed. 
Btttipadaoi) Tou^^exae^ your padani^ ttf that^po^ift^ 
lerit>us anifwer ; 'tshough I confe^' «o igbfilJghef' pk^ ^ 

my,park>a fi^e grAci<^9 ^Y ffiind mooe^aibdMi'ki with '' 
fioble and hjnroi^^rfittefi ; >yet^ madam;^^tha*t irou 'think 
' not your blood difparag*d by mixture with 1n4ne) deign 
40 ]mowfi2|i>.U9w£NW*f «ice,;oalff(^yQi6-'ldvo^ 

* , dif* 

>6a TheWidw^'^^T'ears. 

difguis*4 my&lf in the feryice of your late lord and mine i 
y^t Qiy deicent is as honourable as the proudeft of your 
Spartan attempters ; why by unknown quills o^ coiiduits 
under ground, draws his pedigree ^tn Lycurgas his 
great toe, to-thc viceroy's little finger, and from thence 
to his own elbow, where it will never leave itching. 

Reb, 'Tis well, fir, prefume ftill of the place. 

7har, 'Sfoot, madam, am I the iirft great perfonage 
that hath doop'd to difguifes for love ? what think you 
of our country -xnan Hercules ; that for love put on Qm- 
phale*8 apron, and fat fpinning amongft her wenches, 
while his mifirefs wore his lion's ikin, and laai^b-ikin'd 
idm, if he did not his bufiixefs > 

Eudf Mpft fitly thou refembPft thyfelf to that violent 
outlaw, that claim'd all other mens pofTefTions as his own 
Jby his mere valour. For what lefs haft tliou done ? Come 
into my houfe, beat away thefe honourable perfoiis. 

ifbar. That I will, mad^. — ^Hence, ye Sparta- 
velvets. * * 

Pfor, Hold, ihe did not mean fo. 

^har. Away, I fay, or leave your lives I proteft here. 

Hiar, Well, fu", his altitude Ihall know you. 

Reb. I'll do your errand, fir. [^Exeunt. 

^har. Do, good coufin Altitude ; and beg the rever- 
sion of the next lady : for Dido has betroth'd her love to 
me. . By this fair hand, madam, a fair riddance of this 
Caledonian boar.,, 

Eud, O moil prodigious audacioufnefs ! 

n^r* ;True, madam i O iyt upon 'em, they are into- 
lerable. And I can not but admire your fingular virtue 
of patience, not common in your fex ; and muft there- 
fore carry with it fome rare indowment of other mafcu- 
line and heroical virtues. To hear a rude Spartan coart fo 
ingenuous a lady, with dull news from Athens^ or the 
viceroy's court i how many dogs were fpoil'd at the laft 
bull-baiting ^ what ladies dubb'd their hufban^s kmghts, 
and fo forth. 

£«y. But haft thou no fhame ? no fenfe of what dif- 
dain I ihew'd thee in my laft entertainment ? chafing thee 
from my prefen^e, and charging thy duty, not to at- 

3ife Widow's ^ears. 263 

tempt the like ^itrofion for diy life ; and dar^ thou yet 
4ipproach me in this anmannerly manner ? No quefHon 
this defperate boldnefs cannot choofe but go accompanied 
ndth other infinite rudeneiHes. 

TJtan. Good madam^ give not the child an an£t name^ 
4efin knot boldnefs, which the fages call true confidence, 
founded on this moil infidlible rock of a woman's con- 

Eud, l( ihame cannot rellrain thee, tell me yet if any 
.bmiiJeis fool would have tempted the danger attending 

fhar, Noy madam; that proves I am no fool : then 
,had I been here a fool, . ai^d a bafe low-fpirited Spartan, 
' if for a lady^s frown, ojr a lord's threats, or for a guaid 
of grooms, I ihould have fhrunk in. the wetting, and fuf- 
fer'd fuch a delicious flower to perifh in the £dk, or to 
|>e favagely piuck'd by a prdfane:£nger— No, madam ; 
firfl let me be made a fubjedt for difgrace ; let your r^- 
morfdefs guard feize on my defpifed body, bind me hand 
and foot, and hurl me into your ladyfhip's bed. 

Eud. O gods ! I prptdft thou doft more and more 
-make me admire thee. 

Thar. Madam, ignoi:ance is the mother of admkatton : 
.icBOw Qie better, and you'll admire me lefs. 

Eud, What would' ft thou have me know ? what feeks 
thy coming ? why doft thou haunt me thus } 

Thar, C5nly, madam, that the j^tna of my fighs, and 
Nilus of jny tears, poured forth in your prefence, might 
witnefs to youi: honour the hpt and moii^ alFedlion of my 
hszxty and work me fome meafure of favour, from your 
fweet tongnew or your fweeter lips, or ^^t elfe your 
good ladyfhip ihall efteem more conducible to your divine 

Eud. Pen and ink-horn, I thank thee. This you 
4eiirn'd were s( ferving-man. ' . , 

Thar, Madam, ftill the fame creature ; and I will 

£0 tie n^ whole fortunes to that flile, as were it my hap- 

. pinefi (ail know it will .be) to mount into my lord's fuc- 

^odliony yet vow I never to.afiume other title, or ftate. 

1^ JaSa^^HUdf^^ 

ithan f oor ichrttt's ; .>ot .iqppro^plMDf :j^Qak boird* halt 
lUika : not })refiing to yoin: ht^ butym»:ti4iQ!i£Mar4i9^ 

Eud, Thy vows are as.vaia .as ^ niBta*! |iliTTr ^^^i^ 
icommcA/as the air ^^! and.^^daft«' iisig^ 
jnany of the light h«ifwives^ thy ij»fiBS».,fa^ tkv.limfp 
^immua'd this fentice befidcs, . J^fiV^ thflel 

7'i&^7r. Compare fhadows to bodies, madam ; piAni^^ 
^o.thelifei aid fuchareithey to yooy m«iy v^hiw^on.. 

£ib/. .t.fee wQids »dU jiever/&eajDC of thy hoI4w& 
aod will therefore now ufe blows ; and thofc. of )t|tf vi^Xr 
talleil en&roeinBnt/ Letisfiiffice^ iii>jth4t «& tki»4m% 
.«]id ta tius jQlaGe»^yAu ej^.yoor &fety ; hagphst^i 
.no ou^ foot foUow me farther v. foc.Ipx«tdl.^|B 
next thtdhoki ^)alfc i let's jafi^ a .|B£jiir''«ltmiMh ^^^ tl^ 
iafttftbraath. ..: . :. iRxiuBMdmA. 

Sfaor. .Thi&^fior 7our.ainbtt0u ££& j^cmni^.] J^^f||r 
•love wkh death] , , . 

C/rs. 'Stight ; iblbw^j«tW^iafe.y<lttrJliMir^ 

Jrg, Not I, bythifcl^^* * , •; 

5/^^. Not we, fir 9 we are no .palters, of iisayj; 
i^'ir. £aith^ .lior will Ii>eaiigr bm]^i>£iQliftAm$* 

AGii HL Seen, 4. i 

^Ente^ Lyfander mnd Lyim hdoud* 

tyc, \T /Ou^ afiy heart of ^damaa^ iKxt flritftaiott 
1 ^ ^f^ : of aa <ngroondedhtt»Ottrr wtidic a ftaor^tedy "> 
innocence as you tBrtend to dot ' Itfwn a iSanu^gt cuca^. 
fity in diatmnpefdiv thi^ ri|>t Ms 49iodwff'«4ii^mb4^ fee 
the place he lay4ii* * ■ . i 

Zy. Come^'^n<yt4oadmi^wkhv6laiacaoffi^iu^^ 
, I aih'TdplT^ if fke^be gold^fhe oiayi^abide 4^^ trfij>W« 
iiwayi i woflkder where Siis wild brother is^^.. 

The fFubw's Tetfri. t«f 

S»t£r CynrUa, iJ^Ius, ' and Brc, 

Cynthia. Sirf 

Lyf, I fncf ^kee, t^; fliew bat thyfelf a wom«il | 
•nd 5^ fileht : ({ueflion no more the reaCbn of my j^umey^ 
wkich our gitat viceroy's charge, urged in this letter^ 
doth enforce me to. 

Cyn. Let me bat fee^t letter ; there is fomething ia 
this prefaging blood of mine tells me, this fudden journey 
can portend no good; refolve me, fweet, have not I 
g^en yba'catrfe ordiiccHiteia, byfoipe mifpniion, or 
want of £t obfervance ? Let me know, that I may wredc 
jnyfelif upon myfelf. 

:• ' Ijf, Com6, wife,' 00^ love is now grown old and flaid. 
And muft not wanton it in tricks "of court. 
Nor interchang'd delights of melting lovers } 
Hanging oii ii:eev^,' fighing, loth to depart ; 
Thcfc toys are pail witli us i biir true love's fubftance 
Hath worn out aU the fb^ : let it foffice, 
I hold the^dear ; and thhik fome caufe of weight. 
With no excufe to be difpens'd withal. 
Compels me from thy mm tiejir^l embraces. 
I ^y but for my. brother, came he hot in laft night? 

Hfix For certain no*^ fir ; wh^ gaVe us caufe of woqis 
der, what accident kept him abroad. 

Cyn. Pray heaven it prove not fome wild refolution,. 
bred ia Um by his (iQCOiid I'epulfe from die bountefs. 

Lyf, Truft me, I fomething fear it; this infatiate fpU 
rit of afpirtng, being io dang^ous ^an^ fatal; ,de£re 
mounted on the wings of it, de&ends not but hcsidlong. 

Hyl^ Sir, ^^ hetc's my uade; . 

Enter Thiffolio, 
Cyf, Whait, wrapt in careleis cloak, £ice hiit in hat 
unhanded ? thefe ai« the ditches,* bsocher, in which out* 
raging odfes plunge both themf&hrea and thnr riders. 

- l^har. Well, we muft. get out as wellas we may ; if 
not, there's the maksi^ of a gr^ve iaved. 

- Qiw. That's deiperately ff^ea, brother: had it not 
been hi^pier the colt, had been better broken, and his 
jider not fallen in? 

Vol. IV. M - Th^e 

U6 ,ntm'dow's Yftiri 

Tb4fr. True; iift^ but w« mofttide^olkMore We 
can break them, jrou know. ' '^ 

• /^/ Tfcia>yourb&idgodddarConfide»te^ ' 

• Ti^<rr. AlsUy brother^ oar houfe is J^oeaj-d, 7ni joyt 
ISattft «ibidon4oj:«ftoiie.4t^ I- faope;' is f)«Ridtiafale/ ^jt 
comfort isy the poet t^at pens the ftotf wHI tvMte49lev 
ifttv'iiead Magnis tamen exciMt4iufls\ whldi'iiliourlnadve 
fdiom. Jets you kaowv his ndad y/ni high, tho* ^— ^-- 

" ly: A gooi rcfoWe, bfotif^^ tb • ont^cfb 
Come, I had been tm nq^ jc^M^boc ior jfoxtie |vimK 
Ipf ech with, you : let*s in. ^ — c 

^ ?i^^. 6<>od1brotlier, fti^^tfttle; hflptb&txaggcd^olt 
out of the ditch', ' * 

£WI How^nowt - 

i%ar. , Nbw*I obivfeft'my ^v«rCghC9 this ift«fr I pmrA 
chafd by myxronfjdeiMe. 

^^Ijj/". Hike you, •brothtt'; 'tlsthe'tniegaiibyyinft^aMw^ 
What wants iii real woith,^ fuppl^iii^AioWs- ' 

Thar. Infhow^ ala?, 'twas- €vea the thing itfdf/., 
I op't n^y conft)tihg4iou^ aiidtook awa^' 
Thcfe fimple fragments^f'mj^ tress&iy : '; 

Hulband; my coctriSif9€ry*d, takemord, move yet; . 
Yet \^ in haHe to pay iri' pan* my debt, 
And prove myfclf a hufbamd of hel< jlifiw,' 
Klfs'd and came ofF; and t)^ dme tooknooAOre. : i 

Cyn. But, good broth^r--^-^ 

t'bar. The< wei« our hoUou^r^d ^i^fai rliei.pclt 
We made all (hort, a»d IWtet,'. and clofe^. aad fqre. 

Uf. He's rapt r 

^bar, Thendidmy ulhtersasd-diieffenrantsitoop; 
Then made my women cttit^fies, am^tinvied 
TThen* lady's fortune : - 1 wfti^^inagnlfiedk 

L^. Let him'^m^>- this^irit witt {^sgJtk vsuiffl^ . 

Thar, Btodier andfifter, as I \^^ you, aifdam-'ti^e 
f<?rvant,to Venus; a!f tH^jfrriKmH^ iiie teiious. mikxta»\ 
and the conduiion is,, the greai^eouttt^^s mitte; tb* pa- 
tocc-isatyourfervicey to wltklli I ^liivitr -yoa *alir4:d^ 
kmnize my honour'd nuptials. * . - :- ^ 



.. tl'yif* Can this be credited? , 

T/p^r/Good brother, do act yda envy byipftuilate 
atchievement ? ' \ ' 

^ ZW'^ ^S?»- ^ fiver- faid the attempt V^a« comin^ndaUc. 

' 1^7!. tf "the i%e were fttccefsf^^^ 
jfiSz^. .A gppi ftate-condufiori ! hj^py events make 

Jjood the worft' attempts. Here are your widow-vows, 
mer ? thus are ye all in your pure natural*! certain mo- 
Tal difguifes of cQynefs,. which theignorant call modefty^ 
yp l)orrow pi sxt to coyer your bttilk -points ; which a bf unf 
^nd r^ffolute encounter,* talden under a fortunate afpe^tt 
ealUy .dif^4;ins you of; and then; ali?s, what ai'e' you? 

Soor naked ilinners, God wot' T' weak* papef walls, thfuft 
own with ȣng^r I .Thi^ is the way pa't, boil-theirap^ 
l^edtes tP a full heig^i of loft i and. then' take them dowi^ 
in the nick. ' ♦ 

Q/f. [ U thw probabiliQr in thjs ^ that a laqy fo great; 
fo virtuous, ftaudiin^ on fo high term? of honour, Ihouldi 
fo fopn ftoop ?' . 

nar. You wo\iId not wonder, Mer, if you kn^wlhe 
lure (he ftoop'd at:, gt^atnefs! tl\ink you' that, can curb 
affe&Jon ? jio, it whets it more ; they have the /ull 
jkeam of blood to bear them ; the fweet gale of their 
Tublimed fpints to drive them^ the calm of eafe* to pror 
'pare them'; the fun-(hiae of fortune to allure them; great - 
jiefs to -waft them fafe througlx «11 rocks of infarijiy ; when 
youth,, wit, and perfon come aboard once^ tell me,^ filler, 
can ypu chiifo but hoifl feil, aud put f9r>^W to the 
jmaih ? 

Lf/. But let nae wonder -a-t this frailty yet ; would (he 
an fo ihort time wear. put hi* memory,? fo foon wipc^ 
from her eyes, nay, from her heart, whom' I myfelf^ 
jaod. this* whole ifle befid-Cs, .ftill /"emember with grle^ the 
impreffion of his lofs taking wdrthily fuch root in us? 
how thitJi you^ . wife ? 

Cyn, r am afhani'd'on^t," aiid abhor to think. 
So grpat agdrVQwJd a patter;^ of our fex • 
Should tsSe into her thoughts, na)^, " to her b^d^ 
4P ftaiin to woman-hood, f ) .« (econd teye. 

"■ ■ ■■ ■' lit-z^ "'• ' ''• Lie: 

€>«. Ip any tunc, , . . .^,,. .^ . ,.. . . 

. JM: No> wife. . . ...•.' • ; -. .,, : , 

^%| -!r&r Widow's iTwrv 

£^/. In fo fliort time {. 

t^rt, 8y Junoi no; foorier a loitKJoiii'tCW^/!!.,''*. '^' 
TiKiir. High .words, bclkve mc^ and jf Ihi^ J^TDI ^<<^ 
U^ein :.iiext turn, is yours, nephew ; yoq fl\^,i]L9W j^^^a^ 
my nobleft lady-daughter ; the firft mairlage i^ ^^o^ 
t|j?xf my nnptials^ (hall be yours. TJicfc Mfi (iisf;^ 
currents, brother ; but pretty and paA^icaT/|Cyo4j[9 w^ 
in my chair of honour and my CQuntefs'jpiiEV^e'a]:^; 
yoji win then believe, I hope, ramb}V4',pf ^ V^^* 
tKcn'ftuH you try my great ^aiyV finJffHaunmwLjT^ 
^oj^r hands free d of me, and mme tajicmg ^9^ ^.^Y^ff t 

ly/ Well, an this, rids ;tot my tunhciS;: syirp,.,^^^ 
Ihall be there to partake the une;^>eAed h6hQiur o^ our 
hpufe* Lycus ani I wiU mak^s it our recre^h by ,lhe 
Svayj,. to think of your revels and nuptial ipor^': bro^^ 
mjc fiay h!ath been foryoii; wife, pray th^^fe^j^^^ 
and fodn prepare' ifbr the iCbienmity^i fi^ni^ptm k^^ 
me. . ,^^^,^ Va 

- Gpi, .H9avcDs.guidc your journ^* ; ^ * ^N-.» 

<* JffT%.%wc^, Tiqpjie^i, profper m Y^^p^PJ^i^m'^ 
you hear ? keep yOur hand frpp your ^Wt^, %,hw^ 
part fer you in our Hymeneal fliow^ - . \ ' • ' v \ 

th^tfgc. Ac pan. , [-%> •^f'ilf^f ^ W*"' 

' ^. Ocpurreiits-can ye &Qtn> l^vliame C9PS^^ 
them aU f that impr^nabl^ fert of cia^i^tyi^Jdy^^^ 
that amazement of the worU — ye,dcltie^|Cd!ulo^o- 
^ng refirain her ? [1 took h[er Ipirit to V^ top J^^^^.]!^ 
fuch an imprcflion. ". . • - - vjn^jl -^J m l^hB 

ft^ But who commorijf, more ftpj|#,^f fgPe|^# 
that are lugh i^theanftep ? . :^ y^ ^^^ -jiiui^ ' <1 

, Zjif M^iiik«yciih^<5^idd*^^ 
4eii aa,a|{^petitie« 

Wiir^.TuihJ. ihame dotlv exti^^i^i^*.^ ^ jy4f,| v 
firei, ,.. . , ^ 
The blood onc6 £ot/ fliame doth, .^^^ 

What they before by art diffembled moft;^ * ' ^ 
They ad more freely; fiiame once found, is loft; i -!^ 
And to iky tnith^ bccdier, what fh^me is due to't ? or m^zt 
congn^nce d6t& it carry, that a yoanglady, giaiOaht, vi- 
^rous, fellof fpfrit awl complexion; bet appetite new 
whetted' vrhh nopdal deU^hb ; to be Confined to ihe fpe- 
culatioii of a de^*)s head, en: for the lofs of a hufhand,. 
[tilt ^orld jfibtsdUnc lifeih enough] make the noon-tide o£ 
licr ye^^ bf her picaiares ?? 
. £)^^/Ai^d^et the^haviibeenfuchwo^ 

Thak Of the £rft fiaxfip perhaps, when the i&etal wad 
piiSret-thflri ih'thdfe ^efierate days ; of later years, much* 
of ^ cok hatLbeeti couiterfdt, andhefides ft) crack^df 
and worn with, nf^, that they are grown lieht^.and indeed. 
& fctf fabthing, Biit to^e iumU^ver ia p&}^ 

X^ Not 3l^ brother. . 
^ TMr, My nmtchleft met c^Iy excepted: for ihe, yoa 
l&ow, is made of another metal, than that fhe borrow^, 
^ her 'motheiv-^Butdo you,, brother,, fadly ktend i^e 
parfait4if this trials _ \ . : .. i 

M^ Inrevocafalyi. 
«*r. it!j 

\t aiiigh projefi % if i(.be onee raised; ^9 egrth; 
Ht90^weaktobnriowetgbey n accideht, itcamici^be 
eca^iufddQivm again withotttao eaitfa^pake y Iheicfinne be- 
Ikirelhe wilt be conftuilu . . 

. Xj8c,««, I wiu not- ) ;.:^^ 

1[h4if, Then b^eve (he wilf not^ conRai*. ^^ ' 
;i:j|/:'l^Hthet: I'^rtB-beKeve p^Jthkg bat lyM^Wia 
et^rces. Will yon hold yt>Dr Jxronufe for ^e gbveraling 
ofthispi!03ip6twtth:fkiDani fecrecy?* ^. 

^hta-. If it&uftneedsbef6'^Bat.harfeyoq, brother; 
have y#d nio other. &apriaorn$ ifi'your. heao, to enth^ my 
fifter in her fialityj^ but to prove the firmhefs oflier widows 
toWsaftttyoiiitfttppikeddeafli ' ; ^ ** 

Lftf None in the world* 

'^har. -ilich here's my faand'v 1*B* be as cTbfe as toy 
1ady*(fiioe to her foot, that pinches an4 pleaf^ her, ai!^ 

win b^ar On. With the plot till the veflet (pUt again. 

A^' P<3fS^ smv doith, fo you can force belief: S^y 
t was |K)lfoiiM, 'diotnf (i ^"'^--^ . ^. - . 

rhar. Hang'tf. ' / - '^ '- " 

tyf^ Any thin;, foyoattflMbit witH liMy eij teuiutortfe'j 
Iiie^d no^ inflnsa yoa ; thflt mtfftbe yt^ cm| iBy^hiai^ 

Xj»f . W^ll, fir; 

^i&/7r. But, broikery you mnft .&t tetoo :• ft*' eoo^te- 
lunce truth out, a heaH^etken imif^ be too. It*8 ibange 
to thltik how much the eye previttk in fQCh^iinpreBk>n»'; 
I have mark'd a widow, tliat7ttfti>tfbi)e war.i&eii'^ea- 
fant enough, fottc^ at) empty hc8ire,^aiMjwe6J)d!rroatlJr. 

lye. All thofe things lea^etaiae-i * >'•'.» - 
■Lyf. 3ut, bnHher, for the beftoiwiagiofthtsdieaHbiiir 
th&monoment of our fainSy, and tfaeniMhsffiiig'^ j^ 
f^ne rtd ' ^ ■ .- ; ; •* >i».- !y . 

7'i&<7r. Leav^ ^ftt to> my c«fie,'i]i& iFd dQrtbt)d<r^l 
mourner as lively as your heir, )B»d 'wef^i ai klftSy is 
yout Widow; fay ^«ft^ no y^Mxxt in onkxoi : AaftM^ 
4ene, 1^11 tonie €6 ^t ^ ^dKhtft^diwidoivb S ad^^Hdli 
^kids €>f comiim to <k«r griefs tb(it<t)i^4btnden df JtytMi|> 
'ihall be to teU her, words are bat dM*imtf3MB;}&ii% 
therefore couiifel her to take a living ci.i|jMarr*i iMt ittffit 
ftrri^bnt the th<luf4ft:t^[^riaeiA*^r^^ 
tl^t^'^kh €mc^^tH&spn ; iBkkinffTS teatattrkndy I 

may folder \ip her cracked eftate, 4md?faibnhIHt C a i<Wi«J 
Would you fay, brother^ if you fto/dlMUi^fibrMinM^ 
your arrival-? * ^ . '^— ^ ... af. :^. .-T/^:- > 
'^Z>7. ' By -this h4ffd, '^r her .*feairt.V r - \ ;-' 1 ' ^; ^{ _ 
7har. Well, forget not: youf mgfef r4 tCEiKJ^ #^iiie • 
with four brave hories «f the 11iTadan*bmd,Hri^^ 
jp^rtenances. 1*11 preparethe iyce%r7t>u^iF'|6irjiWe 
v?aof ; but, w^ YefJMonher'tf^ *.wbeQre^Wil*)ibtot iiH^ilpt ' 
whiles* '' ' * * ^ ■'! 'fs » 

Zy:" MewM up clofe, foirtt^ftbit iiy^IiaiJKnr!^^ r 
^Lycus' fhaU know the place : 'wifer^fflU^aA^Hifc 

•pifs : brcJth^, afiairaioy^^tttiidpij r-*^^.-4^^ 

, Ti^^2r■/Wll^youn«1lay, outnup^^ " 

Zy. im^feia ie ^kra 1nan^tb& IftrtfiPfadlcr ■ l*v • , 
Asid heeds ic^et i oMJab^*frQifr>ai h1 1 ^^%|l % ^ 

Shall attend the coutteii, antt-i»yif<iii*v.j ^'>\i^.\ct .♦-« I 

.tiar, ' Adi^u; Jove be ypur fpeed.. . .. : '/- 

Ji^y^iMipuals done, your funems fucceedL ' lExeuft^ 

• •• 

4lqgu:AJ]a%«;a:iiaH:^wiLO?8witiiaattbe£ei^ ' . ./^:. 

Come pa]i y'arc proper .:gtooms, are ye not? 'Sl^vT 
think y'areall brideipspmsy'ye .take your '^eofities fo£ 
A con^pany ^ >doniuce. . Tdieir. iximours areiupon tsnn« 
ingy a^d xitt . mrni .aot Jiesldyi. . -^Aufhea and tfesits. in- 

.. J bar, Now» alas, felfcw Argus, how thou to fcna-i 
ber'd Vith an office ! . ' 

\ Sf£uc^ iN^fC you^jsay Ioltc i^tkatioffice toithe ladiei;; 
.dijey'^ perfume it fufficieotly. i ^ 

l,^,Jrg: pi^ixmamf^ix^ liere'^.a wtolexhoru&of Sylvani 
i^iCtoid, ifiiB3V6ttmg-aiid.tti^pmg o'th^toc^ «as; ^e.|^ound 
i^y uodoiuj»»eaoaiu)t&c>their'^ :Tlie.d^dae i£ 
rar^; and there's yaBey9gti|^iirphewtop,^e^hiiig&mii|l 

jdovidip ^i^jfyoK-wi^ ' < - • !' 

. T'W. Is he oe]&ftia*i^faz^i: Easjootdi^toogae ]esun« 

andadion, as if he^ick'tKe^rpnt^i^-pbyH; hemifb^ 
all the young ^mni(^in4n.tkeipa!att;. Ite^e VenosiAy 
^oung lady, IwidiGe.i)»&^ BOt looirTluiieL ^^ 3q£ XJxv^iw 

M her, fhe'a fo diligent at(s.i»keii&Is« . .. s . 

\ , ^i&«i.,jfo:^^>&ce;:ib JRy'Ae3ct;^rQ^ (hat. if 

.Cupid hav€ pnGk^ &er, il^eai&a^care Jier, T 

^5 w -^^^ ^tfn^Offsai your nepbfiffif, ^ . tbatiprefeats Hf^ 
jncn. . '^ * . 

Tii^r, Why £i? :ic3li|f«ak;90t;hi«g,( bi^ 
in me: ^.^^wlttifiAuu^ 

boy no. wjQfiksfoaxmt. ^ And* wfoe^;my i8dyJsiicntoUip.f : 

nipara^fttildJSiter i^pteafa 


iervice ; for I will not. . , . :: -> 

Enttr Eudoralltdding Cy-nthla V^utkciy^lt^t.Tkkth)^ 

. tmd. Come, fitter, now* wemuflf esochdngirtftiftitiai^ * 
For ftranger tides : lct*8 difpofeoorfelves * \ " 

To entertain thefc Sylvan rcvdlere, ' , 

That come to grace our loved nuptials. • 
I fear me, we muft all turn nymphs'tb tiigHr, .'/ " ' : '* ' 
To fide thofe fcrightljr wood-0ods m-^thdr daiit^; ' ^ '^ 
Can you do*t nimbly, filler*? •flglrt what ail you fiallfey^: 
not well? • ' , .'';*■-•- / ''"*•■' 

0«, Yet, madam. ' • * 'vJ 

Jfiu/. Bur your looks, methinks, ai^clbady; tmiuitipg, 
aQ the fun-fidne of this clear honour to your kttihaiid*t 
houfe. . , 

Is there aught hene that forts not with your )ik^ ? 

Thar, BUme her not, miftrefs, if fier looks iliewcajf|p».. 
£xcufe the merchant's fadnefs, tiathatliiiade . " '^^ * 
Adoabdiilventttreof his whole eftate, ' 
His livdyhood, his hopes, inooepoorbottonr^. ' 
To all encounters of the fea and fiotms. 

Had you a hufband that lov*d you as wcfl^ '^ . ' 
Would you not take his abfent pli|;ht as# ? 

Cavil at cvciy fimcy? Not an objcft ' ' r^fiV* *-^ '^'^^. 
That coold prefent itfelf, but it would fcijfc-^ '^ * ^ ' ^ .: 
Some vain objedion, that did ddidittisi&ftt}^}/^ ^''''-^ 
'i rue love is ever fuH of jealou^. '^ -'» ** :\ '^\^ 

.Eud. Jfealousl of vHhat? of every little joufncyMj^ - /^ 
Mere ^cy then is wanton ; and doth caft ~ *: . *. ~ "O^ 
At thofe flei^ht dangers.there, too doating^llm<e$j^ ' ^* 
Mifgiving mmds ever provoke mifchanccs r •" • - • • -^.^ •* :• 
Shines not the fun* in fis way bright as'^iAef *^^ ' f-^ ,^''*^- ^^ 
Is not the 

Jrg, t 
Thexain may wet, the wmd vaf blow onJximii 
Msayjihrewdhazuds watch poor travdO^s. - ' . ^ * '\ 

Eud. True, and the ftrcwdcft thlMfatfrreckon^.ifSll^; 
CcKvt fitter, thdecarcsfitygiing married wives!-- r'* ^'- 

loves. - . i 

Time bean no fcythe ibould bear dowm them before him«. 
Our.]^cs]icui»X^^fl^<^> but not QUI, loves., r ^.. i 

Thar. Si&er, l?e wife,' and^fliip not in iEViel)ark/ 
AHyoucabiUc^r: ifbe mifcarry, , i 

Your wcUrtiy'd >vifdom iliould look out for new. * , , 

Cyn^ I wifti them happy winds that ruji that coucfe,. 
From me 'tis* far; oac temple feal'd,6ur.troth;. "' ^ ^ 
Q|ie ton^ ooe hoiv (hall (okI^ aadibrpud m», both^ / ^ '■ 

ihar^ Weil, y*are,a phcenixi there, ,be t}ut yo^r qheer^ 
Loire <ii^th j[our hnAiand be, yoju; wHdom here. . ^ > 
i^k! our fports challenge it ; £t, . deareft mi&^«^ . . . .^ 

,£W1: Take your place^worthieftfecvant« ,« . '^ 
J^QbflsfV^erve me, heaven, * ' [Mstfid.. 

Ai I my jbeavenly miftrefs ;. fit, rare filler. 

[Mujsci.^ Hymen defcends i and Jtx SjJ'uam enter be- ,. 

* Jlfg.,* AhaU;' k'iaHl : let ho more ptizeiis In there. 
JSw</. O, not jny cou%, fee.!^ but^j;aven's felf. , j 
^/i&r. He doek becbmrit mofb enflamingly. « 

Hjmen. Haily.>onoar'd bride^oom,, and his princely 

-• •/ Wie,; .^.. /. r . •.:.; . :. , .' ■ 

With the mod fam'd for.virtae,. Gynthi^ a 

Andthk young l^dy^^. bright ^Laqdice^ 

One rich hope of thiHK>lMe^fainilyJ - . * . . . .^ / ,.. , 
&^^, Harkikqf)ii he. co^itsf \\t is. enamoured toor. ,•" y 
Ihitd. O giii^tttit,. Vxanua,.aBd-beever.honOurM.. T. 
Hymn, . In grace andlovx jof yoa^ I Hymea feaccK'd 

The groveiaod thickets,that embrace this .palace,. 

With this clear-flam'd..aiid good aboding torch. 

For iaiiuB9Ba of theie. frdSi and.flaw'ry Syivans . 

To thisfair pcefence f ^wit^thw, wuv^^luyjl, 

Aftivie and gnrirjyy j|t^yi<y/w J^ ddigHt > 

YottrfKdick.fS{yea.^andihmtacek^ ,.i, . . 

Ordained pajt cuuom and all yulgsu: objedl>. . / . 

To be the feadvaj(kcemento£ a haufe/. 
NobU fii^y^ncely^ and rej(tore.UiiQ palace . ^ 

Tgt.that jaaauft, jlwut iJ3(^h)iiyl|PP(i. lyopcp^cg ... 

VMantientaiidiiioftviitiie-fam^dl^^ ^ 

Uflftotliii gfdBff4>rkfe, >«ui4tiM^ o^ii¥4llu«69, -' 
AfKi hteigkMi^* wiHiTW fpc^rts, fifty att|^kEl^lh»i«R 
/.^0^. O would hmifetf defeeml> Knd iiie^^ofritfiimd #^ 
^/^. DaMce? irM kd» heart «at«h4n'fmolliei'^ha«l; 

afier *wW<*,-W//^ in Jtbfirfh^^s. - \- • '•'*: • 

Hath kitte^kfffings of ^oorntt^l^^/ >^ ^^ > 

tGmt brit«4MdiKiiegMoto)^7^ ^' 

Betwixt ywuf free lores, and^foigde'itirt*^; ^ > ri.-. 
-Oaiir. ThluA9'tt^^dlt^HJFIrien^ tn4 Mx^Sfhnan^t^. 

. •' ' • ^'--•- • rffiUMKfl 

^ ;sceflu; I. 


^isr/klh, Ljms wtb his arm in u fiarf^'mi'idghiTcaf 

Mai's ^mi^ . . . ■ , -«• r* 5." *'\ 

Zjrc. T Hope, fir» by* liio tii n e w < n ^' r ^ . .r* <« . 

£^. Tits-^edge ef jyobr coftfidence^ is ^nnd tAmmK ^ 
vibuULyoQ notbe eooicilt to iwithdHi^|no9pr«t8^pBi^ «: 

T&ar. Eakfa, ieUow iLycus^ if my>4«amRWfieiwodc^^ 
lybiuk; Uusia]ie9qBeaed«:oidintiBi|(ht'J&g^ ii£«r 
jthe tiuth iSytMs ibaai 4s ^ca idaw dgiMttyv' »orfiglUw«.iM» 
koikuid's bady^i|Ui»udie''tomb^ j^ iJiore ilac hiatnwppii' 
n^to baty bflabfelf qttkkj ?tk?n<»gaaflfc J>u tinmSk 

this, I'll not defpdteHrtQf;/aayiiMger«' '. . ^ of r .u^ ,'■ /.-r;. 

%r. :Wliy^ ^, tan yoa tlia& <£idk«jpaiiiii dUffimL*^ 

Thar. M.^^ onitiQTi$Jlmtymha^>l^ik^ 

tbe plotiiatbi<|Qe8&fdyitJkat~ifa6i]i0wsiitf liiMtaiiitshiifik: 
&■ ' >!'- taken 5- 

and i b^jribit 9^sifr$hM^~f^y€ jriUltofellif gi ii i Ol h 
cable virtu^9ja»,^i4$^ji^vf|^TJ#J(>l)^ 

c^riok Jio^bklg but th/^r^wfk pian^^ ti»d kyM$ tii&9?are 

liblllft^a.^ xu^iaher'X>f ftnMJgfeJou abio^d. ?Yaa left 
him well ? 

^.-fe' y^^f fF*>?t for A« je?ilou»,^S8^|^:ht^n^ 

^YiarT^elt^' this ncv^ will^^lolutely pui^e tfet'Ku- 
moar. 'Write-jall^ fcu^g^nol |9jide&ribe Jberljp^ffioii^t 
thy difcovery of his^^^t^. DiidJ^etpeiform itwcU 
for her hulbaa4's wa^err 

j^r« PeffonRiVc^7ti^ittyou4s$«K4»Q^'^^ 
hares to death for thcirSpottSf .but {iie /poor be«ft%'<tie in 
earned : you ^f^get of her jffai&om for yoar.i^e^aiie, b^t 
fhe takes little pkafiife in tho^B^affiieft.p^fio^. |I nen(|r 
faw fach an«ilttdipoof foifow^ fifise I kaewthe/iiatn^ 0r 
foTKmf. lW^aft(kfltwtnp«tai)fr|wa41tke£4r 
all her beautieB' In bet di^vePd hair,, aod/wspt^a^ibe 
v^ould turn foiBitun. ■ I ivaMU|roa4B|d WihuA^ull^had 
beenbdbind ifae4inKia;b^^vhaiie.^ieirKLher^ I^ore 
you» Ary Iw^fo i^lr^oii^' with ticrCpG&id 
d ^ flighg 4f j9»y.4itoaMNi^ l4Via3 iope>'«LtOi«(iili wc^luu^ 
.a&dists'arja. firt^^ mtih>«W'< ti&ntani^'bHike kiflifei&tfioa. 
my heart, and I^e8m^A:|hi0^*c^H^e€y«8♦ .. . *.t' 

xr:£6yar..Ift.jprore.thoiiWi0pft'ik So have^Litoiffmy 
a i«pt&. a9s4&)r do «t a^vViy.; i<4icii the ftoiy- yv^J^ 
a mere fiaionj*^4{nd jU*&«ai«he Nvai^ ««U^«Qidd. 
jf'had h&^ik':yii0B0id:ik^^^^ 


. Lye.' Not witho ut j p n tffMm k>iiyA»*'wpA(flfe iWi^^ 1 

fifarsfiMhm^t -for hcAvenV Ake^ -3 -* \n l'..rt >> 
' t^. PlKsbvs juMi^ his chttioe towaffk!d]db««^;^ 
T»«iuttg» -lua-wtaxiidcwnren^ aiidfo<£nrth: -*' • 
w 7'^r. Nay on, aad thou k^ me: r> ,'•}-' 
, ig;rr LyteAet aAd Itiyieif bcguilVI thewsy n: z*^ 
y/khiMiM€ht^^4t4iko^i^ rb^towf chief thcnir; :. -^^ 
Was •^fOar 4«tfeft Uf, - hit lionoi|r?«biii«fil ; '• i^^ ^^ :: '^ 
yo^Umt y'^ncieutuc^ woodvena cottftimcy; .-..^'y. .* 

7i«r« Then was her cue to whimper-^^-on^ — . ' ^ 

Ly€n Wheft^uddfdly iq>pear'B^as'fi&*Uo 'fight, • 
Att0^/>f'httfi%/effaiMy'as m«tgpit<id(cem^ '^ '':'^' * 
•With^javeliM^ fpears^* miA {ittk eeeomr em eBies^ . ' ^^^ ' 
He doubted pQttghty (as iimoceiicc even >^'' 

il5fitee#oiado«htiogttt*). *• :j:' 

*/i&^r- 1 Jnere diopc A teflic <: O:.; .♦'^-i*- 

ThiQr jD^Ji^«Hit»t»efB. . Atthek&appraadui^rji')^ 
T^oy iM*4n^ptfaerlaiftgoegeibitlhrir.i;reapoia;.^^ 
. 1 ^ tell us what they were ; Ly&nder dvew, 
A»d bot« himielf AehOk^ Itke tn figfafe; 
«itAad as a moAwer fweeps^ofi* Hi^rheads of bents;.' * ^ 
' $« 4fd hj[(nnd^fi Cwefd ihaire^fldutiie |m>!|x(s ^^ / } 'i /^ 

'Hiihofie at JWkif ibre ilu«i. Ml ntatohim >.• loct ?oi 

%,fiwk^ I cqatd-iiAt rffcuei; ualdtRift^fpars ^ «1 n j> 

^ToAieawjQ^^; ..,..-■ ■- *- . ♦.•,'•* yit.iM - ^^^ 

ITiiw. What, from thy friend ? • '■* t' -f* 

. ^. A taii^efwfofd^iiie^ h<»i ighi g e AaAfaga«fa»t 

isAn4^wF€|k t^ WMnds k9ft*Msifs46oiiitiMm]t i* >^i ^ii'n • 

- I^h^ggn^ A «y hieaih ii0irye% geae^ ^fasHtoikmBK i 
A^ revise ftpt(» : I tH^mf Amegoiitf^n' ^^?' */ ''^^ " 

•^uW'di <o i*yAu)4er,, ftinAd Um»{ iffift<wiAurilr / \ 
JHe^)^|.€sir4>i(^|niHk^ immfma >o.' 

« -« 

'« <'i("f,i 


Streight to a neighbour town; where I f«#i5i%hr5 " * 
Coffined nnr friend miiead'r«^^<>'^D0BlW9^l^ ^^' 

T'^tfr. 'TwBs wdi{$ 4nd(BorieUiiot 4MKIF but iHni^Iyw 
Lyc^ Wdl^fir^ tins ttle |>mioim&'d .nv^k turret ^ ibited 
wkh aaioiy c&sdied widi ftich likeijr drese^Obbcft ; my 
wound» io^ftidw*pheB ^iMlfbaiid's 'hiz9(th;ilgl»^'^ii0L 
^hat ^edtk'iMviteglitn AAdtif ;ioit doti^^ 
confeqaen€e«£'1ittl^i««Kto«o^ his^totfib-^te ymt yftoM. 
-inftruftor.. • - - :.'- ' " ' -^ 5 * ; •* ^ ^-'^' »' . < i\ .' ; 

Thefe pieh; thatrfoudlb ^od, ]^»ftv« always Ighr ; *' 
-Title forfoW'ev«iiM>fe^kBt{»e<Mi»Qf^4igli^ 
T4u» fkahi^f laoiwuftf^JN^ like- im pireh- 

doing adtofy aflPedls grofly, aadis. indtfcd- fo Itttf'ftyFc^. 
from th&Iifey that it bewrays^itielf lto4>«laltogedle»<uti- 
•fidal, To fet open a {hop'9f«io«niiiig4' '*ir&pa]|)abU. . 
Truth,, the^ Cobftanoe^' d&unt^iMt/aiter th« ^(hadow t>f po- 
pular faai«. 'Her offitt0t]S'.olMitati^of> fomw €<ni- 
demns her fiaoefei^. . 'Wh»a did- ertt^ ^ \^«iQftn ; iMniim fo^ 
unmeafurably, butiihe diddiffiBmi^li ^ ' 

Ijpc. O^Gods i a fUffion tiiii^born r- thus ^|^eM 
with foarsy 'iigh&, fwoMagiv. and lA the bbdgescKf true 
ibrFOw, to be 4iflSmiblM*!«l^ V^musIkiafr'^iVyfieN'tr' 
fet foot ia't. ecndd fin*, if IheidiiT^^bPd, thtii %iibf 
with hunger^.to deasf to^ ttor4^Rtking ^ hcriapp^ite^'. 
not having thefe four^days relieved najtaie-\;^tli''Qae 
dram of iuftenance ? ■'' ' 

Thar. Fof'liiii^oiK lli0^kMk-tO'>J3e deified,, t^^iore. 
hymns ihade o^htty vaif^x»h»pi 'lll»toitib, whet« ike is^ 
to*fae.|a>*M » fc «|i Mie i ii ^ 9MAo»m»mxkt^ of ^ fa- 
mily 'the-Lyfia^h^^Uffttoitlw-^mjglMt ^ir^c^PeyiitlAi : 
To which aU>ths^i]^i|3i44dl»^^s'{had^^t'itiftM t^ 
bands funerals^, offer their^^ wet mucidnders^Vi^iflbiKi- 
meMs 4tf'o^Ri4ia)gnai)];«y v]fii9pc.^^ ia44^asd«»: dft'^i^r 
wet gannent»^^e^tmie'»<ie*i^e'aftet^#'fllit»#t^ 

/jj^fl ^PMli'i^ti app«hindiyod ary«ttir^ttdfetit*^I, 
for idTOput^ willfi^ ttm KlvMUOi^ bHU Cloiii^ 'as 

her bv» k hmff md 0mSf6^^k9iit9^^ 
challcagc » JUi^y to.qiiOnMie tWifty - * : -'^'^^ 

pble of aU gifts. If the braio of thr «^,«fMeaiMi|k 

jn€a-coiiiicil-siM> and f9ex$ »4UKi9eoi:}4(M«ies^- ilf 
iiiler nMy tun Niobe for ioTQ» hut'dllJ^hiwebBttvA'd 
jOianniKblc^ .l^ttwb/dA^ptiiirJMrt flM^uy^pM^ir^ a. iwooaii^ 
iijettkrliialri«ft.«iii if lhc>d»<aat nniwii it»<3Ma^fef»»: 
ctB>«ref)0:pt^ph^» pR)gn«ttioMfK»(afl(ibQMaii«it^Mi^ 
iitfl ttone tdl true bdlfc w^odmoiq^ - .r. ,, .. '(&i^. 

wkat'^momaii* 4iwi«tine» ^wiait-jaftinp 4qrii W tf if ^ 
glide over, butittetvesa fliiaeufKii^'i WUl,>fittfv&i 

JblM«weuAiqrtjpniie fiafl-: ••. '-< ^ .j i.^tn-' 

Atttkii)l'4)i«lr^if^teUlvMld<cbifW i^ ij* 

Mttttm^^xertOKp • tko' JivMiienV tmthsare weak. [fyitL^ 

%/ a/T|jMiradc^rf ni iwi P J .swrncn^^aqn I . 

\^ Mcp?»<iMtf I a>dewqr¥»ftke d [ ri> i B » > t.' ^^ 
iYet»Qftdiflfe4i]«KttlMMCttatutai»^ . 

vAcoos'd,* GtodBMBi'd? • • ^ j * j ». .. ;- 

dXhejfonther merit jdt^rs;, ^acnfi^^ < • 

Than iovc and courtlhip.. * ^ 


. QTaatiog her jiair^ .apA 4ma«acd*i&rhttritin. v «« ^ - 

Which Jot9eih6«Ui.iinBpjM>tcr3iftRl» ^aMi«»jmrtfni$i .ti ot 
:Make ofj^em^ wbsi«m«iQa<*iMy)irelb>«aii?w4Bdn:i :. ^h 

At'WQxnemvertuesi^ -»fihalli itefawtfe them? r i^.:/ t^; 

WiU men {wkh0ll^dsffvl«dma) fuiiv - - j ...I.' 

.Soi)dgfat'Bironi«m0i)iac^<aia9h,i4ap^'^t9i^ - 

Iaea^-6vdarkbofein:?«-r«<£Io !' - r->v- 

.1^bo!sJn.thetomhj<har(? ••..;. r '* 

. JSra. Wh0 oalW jvrhfiocei SKLybttl . ^rJia;> ;»4.^ y : 

Era, Amongftibe docL-t - i « i ! - t^ i . >: j / < 7 

Wlico&ai»giitftetiiea«bawliier.»neiMki^ ^ 

HrklieroMMgllbikejlMdi' . r 

. Erfi» Gocid-fbldier, dj&notftir her ; - '^ 

fiiws^ and mtk iOBittiii tsoirtde rftaE ili«t jbiM& i«mU :IMl 

,Biar^ days th])s Ktidi Q^ftmtfi v toinot/QOdeif^ifc^'dL 
Iter fpalfte^wilittheiUfir^f'tteit iMrjiMBn of Hie (re 
^peocs aiidw]iatiaaain»«i£iieriudifli'di{m^ 
tttHbpttfiie,^.4i«t jBgbv , ^ . i 

She hath exB'd her ejpei&Mii floef^sor i^^^aad^jirai 
them wholly.ii|^ tt>:ceafelefe tears. over tfaat:raiUttl^i«»# 
of her dearipmcw lhd»*^iBMiitiiro^|,^.o<My''lHMBi ii9at 
.fiHider. • •• : ., 1. . , . . ../( 

Lyf, And hopes fte aii^tb $hefe;hciKvy - notes tn4. crie$^ 
to- csdl him f^cunidKe^deadi m th«fe fireds^tath flie-te 
made him ftir»ftiger^ orfetch.o»e gafr ^ AftB ftm^lHWI 
life {he moiOBs? : !^ ! 

Come, hononrSd^nuArafii^ fl WaMPet.jwarvuttterj^ •#; . , i% 
But mttft vepove thiftVM esBaA iQ£f^ v .r' ^^ [ 

Roufe yoaxjetf» lady^ and look )if j^aap-dMli^ .^ > T 
Well faidf ^tis weU\^ Aa)^ hy my Wd^aadri^. '. \ 
Tto^fec^hath. been; tiwiirtainai^ awtth liatterhQu£Mf«i;f.. 

.4^xr. What«te ymi 2 ^ I 

L^f. iLady, i amccnttad» .. ^ 

Setiadus hattKnddftace^ tpiwatdiduid-gaani . . ..^i 
€ki.ioAai of:ia9«]i6;(tb^fi»an0tniiVMiita ,» 

Andfac«eth»bedic^»;tka&wMHiH^jfrQnii^^ _^ 
Of crucified offeaders ; that no finendt 
May bear them hence to ho0«a]»'dJMiiiaL 

Qnr. ThoiL|eoi»'Arattik«Kdi)rfiiUter;>9ray tfaee^tiiqiL) 

Be a6 thou ibemeft.; .betidie thee to thy dttige, ■ ■: I 

And leave this pbu^ j adddMtjrfUftiiK^ . - ' • ^ f 

TotheaiBiftci ... ^ . 1 

•- 1 iy. 

WA* lirmdbwh^^atSi: 

Por wluttyon tr i iii JMliaii umiy .«yptt> i r.^ . lancn 
Is hM fdi» hiim wm ■ Multy yfewo ' : •> vu^r. „ ^.r. j: 
Impos'4 upon yoMdf t andyott baMnr' >. . ?. :. 

As did th« S«^ once, that « aibigfaittt - ' . T 

Ftom diat horn's fand. dntt Ke hiaMf -tei wncbd^ - 
Which humour to abate, mf^maA^^unAisl%ywUxm^i 

Wl>» I'^far phyto gi»c,. yap take fcg p t ifea . ^^ ..i 
j^cdlTOVi hosrauT'd mifirefsy chefe ipgndtCMtsy . -- 
Are wholefome, tbo' p^haps. they item aatoo^Mne^ 
^rtf. This^foldier, fi^ mUnat deca^'d 'pntM^ftry^ . 
Lyfi Dear g^ft,^ wife,, and pity yoM£NmM^:::K 
Thus by younelf unnaturally afflided : 
Chide back heart-breaking groans, dca;it>uy ihftfc laasgy* 
Report them to their firjft creation ; 
Windowslbr light, not floioesmacblbrSeaor.^ . ! . > * n ^ 
Beat net ti);^ftft£diirair amhneedlfliBcaioi,';:: ?9 hj:./; 
Baneful to lif^, and-bootie6 to the dead-. - ^lort :uL 

T1us»theimi, wheirpAaHUkucalioiiVnoe^v v^^r-, ,. '. :: 
Sooner or later) 'mulbt^dce up theirdod^ag>s. ' <^ >i. 
No privifege cah frae suvfrom this prtfon ; 
No tears, no prayers, can redeem fnmi hesce^. 
A cutiv^d foul ; make ofebf 4vhac;yoio^fce^ 
Let tois affrighting fpe^tadeof ddMJs. "^ .a r . r ^.- 1 
Teachyoutonourifhliie. - r /.-?:?,•» t t-i?/ 

Er9, Gock!, hear him :rthi«ls«m {xUikts:^ vv :\ya 
'^/. Say, that wkh:^fti«enGa^ymi)puii«Bibpfil)dMi^ 
knot of life: fuppofe,. that in th»tOBdb<:leiti.y<X0E dmf;. 
ibottfe, you fliould entomb yburfelf a living oarft; Ay^ 
chat before- your hour, tpsitinar^att fiaawMwis dGrOm thei 
fues, you fend your* hafty^ fouittOxheU^tciui froWdiaar' 
&ottfe take notice of ycaif^faitfaiand iiin^fl;iiy y hvftaUifrfqne'i 
dear fpoufe re^tfv«ff0^gflrry<nrtA■nlBs/^(.^^^ > x '>cv .^^^ino.) 
Cjn, Idle difcoorfea^ ''^ : ; ' h ''- i«' ^lar^baidsk! A 
Ly[, No, yoi»M|oaii»aaeadlo( : -. - .n -:..\.v tni ;£jrr 
Goto, Itay; beoounfiBiVl^^iaiibTfOwfelf:!^: . .r: i. >' 
Eujoy the^fniits of life, there's viands &t yoo^ Ji-r.-: .%^t\ 
How ritve for a Jas ttsri ia fti KL ,: ».i.^i r-j 

NaJ wS^yottrtoiie ?. .- . .„ : ; . -. .^.w * i»uiw ibi 

Ero, Forl<»Teofc(Hi]t0^|9MUiiiAnfi^t4»l^7 ..^Cv 
Do not reje& fo kind^andfiwiti(iiu^<iBirnr:- .;r . .• nn^i r:.Z 
Who knows but titii iq^i Jbpfa»BiMego«rymi'! i ji ^r": c} 
Difgois'd, andf«i«Tftoai JuBafioreliaAcnis?.:. : ..y ^i 
Did ever any leud^tnwiiiuig f»s ' ^ -;:'- * . 
To tiuiifetdiM <Umle iiri& jbcdkges ^ . 

^^ I pmy thcekaTv $kj riietoikk. « 

J&/-0. By my foul, to fpeak plain troth, I couMjrather 
wiih t*employ toy testh than ny tcaigjie, fi^yooc examifiayr/ 
would be my^wamEDt*. .^' < 

Qny; Tfaoohaftn^wanaat. . .. - ^ 

Zyi' Wctt dieny^«i^ my We&chy ^ ; 
Let obftinaiy &uve. 
Fall to. - 

i:^)^. PcrfiuKte mymiteA firft. 

Zy. 'Slight, tell me, lady, 1 

AreyoarelolvHitodieM£thi^hefo^ , ^ ' 

Chafenot (for &|Hne)'abaieaadfa«^etr!i<kftCh: . 
Die not for hunger, ItkeaSpartait ladyj 
Fall valiantly upon a {W<Md, Off dzmk , . 
Noble deadi, ei^dl yonr ^ief wit)i poiiiMi^ 
There ^, feize kv^^-r- Tu&! yon daf« JM>t 4i<k • 
Come, wenck, thoii haft Mt kift a hufttodi: < - ^ 
Thou ibait eat rtb'aitnonrwidaii •. j\ 

The place where I GOnuDand^ .. .. ; ^ . 

Er0. Ij^teft, fir ^, 

Iff. WeU ttdi eati and piotefti or Til pOteil, ^ 
AadTdd dMtt cat|.thotteafftae><i^^y ^^ 
TJMEt'lit^«woeid'&&y. ! .^ 

£^. A ad w ad fr fKlui pBal^ftatloii ... 
Tkoo^loft Af 'maIden^head. 
Fapy9tt»4>wn iiriEB» aobdiiBi^,vf<li^ 
Come^ youarenowMBQH»adv9igrwid$a¥»: 
A Uefiednefi that nuiny would be ^Lid^f* . .... ' : , 
That and your hufband's iaXanlMry .togrdicr^. y 
Willxufeyoiitipuinlbaodsstiiliw. f . , ., 

What thinfc»lKii>f 3gie^ . j.;. -■ .': •• , ..> , 

Qif . Trifler, purfue lhiiiWgi»iii|)(iHf jaft farUier ^ . : 
Left [which I would be loth) your fpejwbfmfO% / . ^ ; 

its S%rJriik^ 

• « < -• » 

Unciva ImmmgtiS m M i 

Than the nob^ vake4>f Ay incto body. , -« ^^ ; /, 
£r#. O,- 1 kmm wk^t jjsmiitiSk^mBfm ' '' 

Ijj/I WcU^ I have dop^ » . * 

And wen done, fedltf; TpaM»'liow4ih^ tiMiMlt^ 
£r0. Very toothfiMne'iii^fdi«Bit4ttt«if , ,^ • > 

WiHttbotfemeii^Qontoifoofp^raiethain. ^ 

I>f/. Thap 'ti^y qRHxafe* ♦ . ^ ,. r 

j?r9. I humbly thank yoii> fiff» 
ly/. Hold» pledge me ikmr. 

£ra. *Tts thepoifofty^KV' .'* ■ ' • ' • ' -;.»' ^ 
That preferves life, 1 take it. . .» • - '^ [^ J nMti 
Lyf. Do fo, take it. . -! -- * 

£ro. Sighing has ma4eiiM«»Mhi>S*0»«lMia^d^ 
lUl pledge y'at twice* i- • » •' ..; - ; 

Xy. 'Tis well da)iie;'dom9*ri^« > » ..' '* 

Bro. I |*ay> ftr, 4|artKMydiai«t»i. ^hps^rf N; ' v^ ^ ^ 
Lyf. Mariyhav^I^.i«l»Bbi-a.w0a!|Ba'8^pathe«iy^v 
£rp. HaveyougaidiiyeiiwitftiK* > /.• • •'^ ^ 

Ilikeyourbodlow^W. -Good wiftrtft, talk it t: -*!' ♦ 
Try birf^e^opei^ioa, /twllifetA-^'' > • /' > - 
TiuBTofies imyo«r«hteiLS^A; - , -- *" . - v | 

Br^ yjn>9e'8 botdis aie.novUh0(k>: • \ ' '^ - -* -^^ 
There's no guaicom here, IJaomffltoe y^a^r-* v*/. ^ ;i *' 
Lyf. This will do well anon.' v . . .- . ^ « « >.• 

O I have laft«y>W*g«*^ thisiiiWievficibA * - • • • -r 7 
The fpring oPt's fpoal'd, metWiilus-i^g^e^llo* ttflf'-- * 
With the old twang. • * - . 

Lyf, Well faid, #w^^'v«t4t ^^r^WtfUi^alf^k 

Aide wdl. ' ••:-•'•>!?• - -' / 

Lyf ThisfvreMli i^i«ai>nllKl4u«^ «rh«tt%B'te 1/ ^ -' 
16 his heart, m^'Mt^ai^^kf»tfm^i/&,. * f'ir-)\ ^.^'t -- »-j.*j 
kind of fpinners ; if their legs bet^ ^^ixkid^^im^ 

#ri?it - > or 

^o^ not to tsdce rcfe£ti<m : 'tnuiftiaM bfi^<ki9^ ' : / 

Well faid, wench ; tickle that Helkon. 
But' fbaUw^ quit the it^ with^8ldi%race 
Given toiour oratoiy ?rbQthii«tg9m 
So a^dtigitOviDii ^ ker afe ^ make jjeer/eat ? 
j^rtf. Faithyilw'tntthis^ fir> )!Ott^areiioiitofg$ri^ 

*Tis quite oat ofyoBrdemait': 

I^etjusllofiey fhe^l^eatylhttr^^BoiiBar^ • '' / 
A woman's.' tong«ei>eft its a^woonm^Q'aari/ ? 

Joretnorer iaAemfSay Mennuy^ 
JBstiris»fcurJaa:]neflfengerto juQO. . ' . . ^ 

\fy/- Cmne^'tet^ineikiA tii0e,^eDdi'} MfilitndtitUB^ 
Tc> make thy mMbsfsreat? . ... i 

Ero, It (hall go hard, fir» 
ftft'IIwillaaAke htlr<tnn^iAefli!UKhUMd^ . . 

And learn to live as other moitals do. I 

Ly/. Well faid: the moming.teiKg} jickt rflS^ht tK« 
pe6t me. '':..••.■... i 

: J^. Very good i '^U^gfiig^ 

;:&«:. 1 Ami teing more* win& i[9iHt^t9it$jftri»0omk.^ 

Otl^l^thia,?lBQrjofiieri>f^t'fiisit)r» .i 

\^^iofemnie)dEatt;(k»'ft'intetit; thco-difilliilM^ ; t 

(Sover'd iiromiall t»iftretidn> -to^fetdr * . - > / I 

UpoD tkVljift food: of igroT^eiciBenai. ..j 

ThoualLartibQh;.dlliminfBtalsqr. . . .:\: >. ' ..^4 

Thou fiifts for Ne£l»r:ak^zA3nbj»iav ' - -• ^ .1. » 
Which, till thou find'ft, 'and-eat'^liebove tEc itars. 
To all foo d hej ittt tot fbif^fe^yhial tern. : ' :^\li&ilf. 
' C^Jiti^^tiini.^amtmit fining. : 

thisgrofs muddy clcmiettt; ' . • •« r 

jhow flre«tH^<)|n^miVh t^ iM^^b^hai^^U^^ 
V^'i thera 

9^4 ^hiJf^ido^s^eari. 

ibldier? Know, and acknowledge his wordi wiuin m 
tmMi'ki ntfy cafe; nlgreft. ''*' '';, .^/^^;. 

. Qr^.- Soy nund I '^ r-:,*, 

.£rd. Gdd^E my patiencel iiidroTi)b^/.fbmotli,;W^^ 
Juno ihould have fencyoiainear!TOm''hd-^}vmt^cha'^ 
in reward of yotir widow^s tatsf you mkht fit and ^h. 
firft ttt your heart-ftring? broke, Jfllablc^ '; ^ ;; : 

Cy*. I fear me, thy up have gone fo i^t ») tlje t^e^ 
Ami thy tongue*ftrings are tome btpt^cn Hbm^. "^^ ^' ' 

£r0. Faith, the truth is, my toHgue hlfil¥edrfolti 
tied up, thar*A cover'd with Tiift,'Vm?ff^;ab'ita^ 
my palate, as we do furpededccrms; to tr^wheth^ itba 
dnrent or no. But now,, miibvfs^ for an upfiiot of thi^ 
bottle; let's have one casot^e to the good ipeedijf^y 
old mafter; and the good fpeed of ixiy new» 1 ' - 

Cyn. So, damfel! * : . ' 

Era, You mu2 pledge it^ hifre^ to it ' pUmt t^t; 

I pay. . , . »:-v, r^ . 

•^^ Y«i%, Ifltnft. ^ ^ - ' ^^ - : *^ . 

:£r<>. Mufti what dfe? - r . . '• ^ 

€pf. How (buxlltar ill this' IratAoixr 

iSfm, €^ to, mift^efs, do not tlunfrbutyou'^ttii IiSil|' 
htm good ^pott-witfa this jeft; when we a^iipMSitpC' 
home. I would to Venus we hsld feiHe hcftidb ftlft Sir j>- 
ther 00 get offwithalli iwa^ftnoinai«btt!trt!lI*^A^^^^^ 
turn blt-p^tb' hi this vault for never a^&anV ^aAn|knjg 
living ; much lefs fbs a woman's. Sure Jim, tKiir'wtul^^ 
dsr'iover^ and 'twtt otoly for that» t1iatTihid(iFd m>^ 
and fo o'my confcience did yto. - Never d«ay^ifc: ' , *' * 

9#. Nay^ f r'ydiec eake itto thefc ' ' '** ' ' ''^ ^ 
* - EnUrfyfMkr.* ' *' '-- "';• 

.^«.. Hark ! I hear fome footing nearns.. ^ >*'t^ 

£fv. God's mc ! 'tis thiHbldier, iniffftB f;^^<p(^i^ 
ff yot ftff f<x your hte'tiick 8«atits agat^'^fV oi&Mpr 

IjS^ WIMfsteivf^'^rhs fns&l ludk certaiiily rm^'d 
vdi&JKer: methinks thofe cloddjsti6ieMiu^Kiov^il 



J^ro, ^ono^rable foldifir.!.y*are,weIcpsi»e; j^finkytnu^ 
iSejpih, fir? , .... • - .' 

*Lyf. With all my Heart, fwcct. heart: .1^ jonpp^ 
tience, lady. Why, this bears fome ihape of lif^ ^. 
Damfel, thou^ft peiform^d a fervice of high reekoobg, 
vjii^h cannot perilh unrewarded. 
* Ero. Faith, iir, you are in the way to do it once» it 
jovi have the heart to hold on. 

Cjft' Xour bottle has poiibned thist wench^ fir. 

Ijf. A whoUomiepoxfon it'is,'k^r'^ I v^ be. 

re ;^ o^ which . fort here is one better^ bottle qo^re* . 
^ine fs ardaimd iti raifefucb hearts msfimk | 

Whpm 'wifulB^ars iifiemfer, lit bim,4H^ . ^. 
r aoK^nod gkd I have been.foine sieaa to this part cf • 
your jrecovexy, and will drink to the reft of it. ^ 

£r0. Goto, mifbe&y. pray fimperiia 9iorti|dedgo 
the man of war here. 

(m. Coine, y'arc too rode.' 

Ero. 'Good. ' ,'. 

Ljf. Good footh, lady, y*are hoii^KirM ill hff iervicc ; 
1 would have you live, and fhe would haire yon live 
freely, without which Ufisris bipt death. To mp freely 
» to feaft our ^mpetytes freely, without which hunujia are 
Hones; to the latisfa&ion wnereof I diink^- lady. . 
*Qf«. Ill pledge you, fir, . 

' . Era, Said like a nxifireis, and the iniil|«ft of yoaWelf 2 } 
ple^eJuni in love too : I fee he loves you. She^9 Aait^ 
ihfe cpnfents, fir. . ; . * 

Lj^, *0 .happy ibrs I And now, pardon, lady; 'me«-* 
thinks thefe are all of a piece. 

Ero, Kay,.if you kifs all of a piece, we ihsdl ne^cr 
Aave don&<— Well, it was ^ell offered, and as wefl 
taken. ' . . . i 

|OS.^^f l^e world ihbald&e..this,- • . ■ \ 

jt^ tW wqc(^) (hould oae io lare aa yoiar ftif cfsC'^.r 
fpea the vulgar Wond ? • : / 

, Qw.4;he praife I^^e l^sidXiroald.Cffiti^Miv v . 

: i^. JW^, ,of ^&e yvUgifr ? Wia ha^ei. not the vulgar, 
definves^niiptloveof' tl&e ^^^iitumis,^ j^^Sfl affe€t;^pfat(e 
of that we dcTp^, ' htlw ridiculous ft u I . i» — -* • ^ \ 

Ere. Coiofiut^Je do^kine, mtflrdB, tAify^ - > ^ 
"Mctliinks even thu8 it was when Dido .. - 

Axid.u£ncaf met in- the care : Aod^lieadc^ / 
lMttbiQk& r bea]> fome of thi biiDter&.v 

*: w^'o'*v<a 


, KQu V, Seen. . i,., 

1&^ li'TP i^ fcck^n pI^f^ ypu^ fir, :, y 

And what yoor eyes may witnefs ; to«adven|i]|:e 
The famiihment for grief of fu«i^a*wc{fQaxi9.y 
As all mens merits met in any one 
jCQfi}d4K)|Me^S9nre«'. -• - . • - • .? ,r* r.. r . - 1 

. T'M** l/iu|fljCQi^;y Lagcus.^ >-: , • -. . i 

iJWVil Jiff q&re now- pTjC*^ 

'^i^d»th#to^r'Ctt^^s•&B^l 1^^ . . 

Too long* 9n thi«rH{ifieceiiai^ haiu)^ . ^ . . . . . . 

Grief, aiid all want of food^ not hc^AUi^waioi^hit •. 
^I'oo SMTtaliy oA^r-divine^pofure. 

Z;||-.^ Ifeartlkeyhave, aBd^fhe;if.j|^.oit!^ciuc^ '.' > 
Ti'ijr. I muii confeis, with fear and fham<^y as jsttch.' 
X>c. AJDdihatihe ^t^not Cruft i^^am^.thiog . 
What you perfuadtf her to. .• 

- Y^Atr. Then thou-lhidt-haftc, •• . • • 

And c^ll my .brother, from hi^rfecsret ihrQwl, .... ' 

AVhere he appointed thee to comcy and teH him . 

How all things hav^lbficeeded. . ' 

.. £?ir. This i^'WoU. i. .• ...../; 

li (as I fay) the ill be not fo grawiv- - • .:,..,.*< 

That ^VMp^i^«()^^>^^^^- '^^^^^^^ • ' 

Thei/maixlik&dame is.&miih'd.. 

ThM\ 'Slight^ ;W)wfelL«:a?.. - .• ^:* .^ . * 

• ' " ' A 

Xiffing, by Jove ! Uie^ a£ I la)^ 'lis flie, . 
Zyr. What, isKhdwcfly fir-r 

^&e^ii jpaft 0iH^cai|ifi3rt» (He Iles^dravviQgJDJK / 

i^f. TlieGoS forbid ! . ^ 

<- . T^^i ^^^^|rifsi^«»»» Ac's, drkwing^n^. . 

Ho\i7:la77ttfiQu? . 

Zyr. Dfawing oa? Illiiifribiis witckcrafia ! 

y^^r. Lie&ffijCrn0tdcawihg,on.? 

^c. Sb^ dcaws on^faldy. 
Our fifter, ffi f TJxkihe^g :caa tWs -he. fte > . 

7i^/zr,._§lifi,flic.iLe,.,andnonetutihe.- / , 

She, only queen of loKC^and ehaility* . ^^ 

Qchafti^! Thiswcaneflibe. 

Lye. 'Slight^ ^'m^jjeodigipus. . : , 

7^tfr» Hoi^, .Ixone^ ioifc ! . ^ . 
Fourcllarioti.hodbsdf.the13hiaciapbi»e^ . « 

Come- bring me, i)rother« O thc.hapBieft.jpvCTing:ii. 
That ever dxew her veil Before *die fim J 
Whois't?vcan'4tpU.i .' . , 

Lye. The foldier, fir,, that watches. • ...... 

The bodies crucifiedjnJthis haUow'd place. 

Of which to Jofc oajfi, . it, is.death tQ hm i ' \ 

And y^xhe luHfiil knav* is,atiu& yeue«y. 

While-one might ftea^.one. 

Tiar. Wh^a^ilave was I^ 
That held not out my wind's firongth ^onffantly^ . , 
That (he would prove thus ? O incredibly ! 
•A .popr-eightp^nny foldier! She .that litely, 
>\(a& at fuchr.heightlof in£erje£tioni.; 
Stoop now^toittch^b^.cQiiiuiidUQn J 
By , heaven I wpndec, ;now I fcc't ixvad. 
My brain could, ever dreanv of fuch a thought. 
And yet.''ti& tcu^ i JS^are^l .peerld^ ! iVt n^t, Lyias, i ^ ^ . 

Lye. I knowiiot^liatit isy uor.wh^t to fa^. 
. : « Tirari O iiad' J Jield out (villain that I jivas) . ' 

My bUftdxoai&ileAce but oiie minute longer, . 
I iliould'hav^.beistiu^temi2;*d«.~. Qbdamy f<^r(u^e ! 


Tie Widmtfi te4^. 

WImc an imfpeakaiUe 4weet %^ k is I 
O ey«i, ril Sacrifice to jFOor ^6ar ftnie^ 
Aadconfccrate a faoe to CoaMcace. 

Lj^. But this yon miift at no hand teDTOor brodier^ 
^Twill make him inad; for he diat was before 
•So fcooig'd but only with bare jcaloofy. 
What woa'd he be if he ibwld come to know k f 

Thar. Hfi would be left knad; fi^r yodf only way 
To dear his jealoufy, is to let him know it. 
When knowledge comes, fuf^don vaniibes. 
The fun-beamf boeaking forth, (wallow the miila- 
Butasfor you fir, gallant, howfoever 
Your,banqoet feems fweet-in yoorliquorifii palate^ 
ft ihall be fure to torn gall in your maw ; 
Thy hand a little^ Lycus, here without. 
. Ljc. To what? 

Thar. No booty ferve you, fir Soldado, 
Dut my Door filler? Come, lend me thy ihotdder^ 
lii dimo the crofi ; ifVill be fuch a coder 
To Ay Venerean gentleman's Hot liver. 
When he (ball find one of his crudfied bodies • 
StoPndown, and he to be forthwkh made faft 
In place thereof. Bar the fign 
Of the loft cetitinel. Come, glorify 
Firm Confidente in great inconftancy. ^ 
And this believe <f6r all-prov*d ktk)wledge fwears) 
He that bdievesin error, never errs; [£4»»«f» 

The tomb cfens^ Lyfander^ Cynthia^ Ero. 

hjf^ *.Tis late ; I muft away. 

Q«. Not yet, fweet love ! ' 

Lyf. Tempt not my ftay, *tis dangerous.- The law Is 
((ri€t,-and not to b^ dlfpens'd with ; S* any centind be too 
late in's watch, ^ that by his.negledl one of the crucified 
bodies ihoujd be'fiol'n from the crpis, his 1^ buys it. 

Cpf . A little ftax will not endanger them. 
The aay*s prodainier has not yet eiiren waming, ^ 
, The cock yet has not beat his thiM alarm. 

Lyf, What, fhall we ever dwell here asiongft th* Anti-- 
pedes > Shall I not enjoy the h(monr of my fortune in 
pid>lick, fit in Lyiander^s chair, rdai in his wedtb ?. 

Hath prov'd thus Sodden, and fin; kafte te^it «vet 

The coxhi^cnt of wooing; yet only far the w6rU*« 


C^ff. I mail mdntain a fonn in paitmg.i 

Ly/l Oat dpon't l^-^Opawiii tht^ijaidgoddeft df fooK 
Ibe Ko dif virtooosy zi^' ojAy-kieak to -undeftiTkig per- 
fons, contemn it. Thou know'ft thou hafl d^e vk- 
tuoufly; thoa Mk' fttangdy Ibmdwfd Ibr tby iiafbjUid^ 
folbw*d him to deaths farther thou could'ft not, th^ 
had bttvied^ thy fdf (pnck.*^ O that' it were troe l)^piiNl: 
mors tears ORrer his carcafsthan would fenre a.wbole pity: 
of faddeft. widows m a ^agae tio^;. beideff:fighii^ and 
Iwooningf nottoliecxeditei;^ . - ^ 

Qw. True; but tho& compliraents might. iiave their 
timey for fefhion iakei • < 

L^. Righit, opinion and &flnaal *S£ootf what ca^-. 
you time? thou ika;fi; wept, thefir foiir whole: day^.. ' 

Efv, Nay, byV ladyv ^dnxo^-ikre. \ ^ ' . /.* 
. Ljif, Lookycmthi^re^. neat'tqMm'fivrwholr^ays.l 
■ C^. We'll go ^d.fee; Reeam^ wdligorkdme. 

h^. Hell be thy hone, kage.moafterA damn ye and 
your whole creation;! Oye God^ inf tke^ height, of her 
snoarning, in a tomb^ wtthki- figlkto^ ib maay.deaths ! 
her hu(l»nd*$ believed body 'iii:iwr eye ; hecdead a few 
^ys'b^re ; This mirrour of nuptial chaftity, this vo- 
tfiefs of widow conftmcy^ to chai^^h^rf^th, exchange 
kifTes, embraces, with a Granger ; 'and but my (hame 
withllood, td give the udnoft eacneil of her love 'to an 
^ightpenny centinel; inefed^, to proftitufeherlelf upon 
her hufbaad*«€Ofihi! hv^ impiety, heH, womanhood it 
ielf i 'add, if you oan, o&e ftep to t^. . ' 

Enter captain^ <with tnvo or thrhfoldUrs^ 
' Gff^. d^enof the cfiidiied bodies taken down ? 

tyf. Enough, v*. - [Slinks avja^^ 

'Cap. Andthec^Rtixi^nottobeheardof? 
1 SoL No, fir; % ' . ' 

Vol.IV* N ^ Caf. 


<kf* lMtt«at I imt^ fiaich alioBt At JuH ; A^i 

^ 5#/. Hc% ^ut aihanger liere of four iasf% 9aa^^ji^ 
and we never fet eye on Urn Iwt aT ietOMiiiMM^ch,.' \ 

Caft. For whom fenres i^ I jrcm iookweU to ftm 
watch, maftni. • : .i. ... ,r 

. 1 Sdl. For figaior Station aad wheace Jtei^ 'tb ig-. 

BOrant to at; we ara not €QaBQ)Oiidcialor, any .{Mitotic 
own places. r > 

iCap. y^tfe doqmae.- Abroad I \£i]r» to me hava 

Tikis neg^^ence wUlrb^r the gafvenorbe vvkoUjr caft on 
me i hthmhfimil {tagdttQ the vioero^^ ttet^tke dty- 
flaardtafeTeif caBdeM^atteodad.. Haloves me not, I 
know, becaafeofJate I knew him bat ofimeao condi- 
tion'; but now byfortaii^'siniudickraftilKLad* guided by 
bribing courders, ke- Is rais'd to tihis l^gh feat of hcMiour ; 
nor bkfhes he to fee!kiiifel£adKaBir'd ovei; ttw^ 4^a(^ of 
ten times higher .woitlis; but takes it^^ farfootb« tohis; 
merits, and looks (as all.upftamda^.£ir moft hjige obfer- 
vance. W«tt»aqrtai]Kl.iiKuftAt>qp.toJuftiu^fi^^ 
learn within itildf to iarar hio^liMns ^^ and (Q.aidare 
Authority the Goddeft, however sbomi by an^Bwopthy 
beaft; and let the beaft's.dullaiiqpr^btnfiaatak^^ejio*' 
nour doae to Ifisiione to himfeif. .1 aa»ft fitiai^ and be 
-fvze to give no- hold to feh(efe.faultrhiuiti«{ j«ae|i^» r 

Cynthia €mLBxp*r! r. i.w. / .. , 
i 7.v/. Fraytheediftittb jOBieoottj put oirt th^ Ugfc(|s« 

Era, FaithJ^lltakeanapagaia* { : ..lii. .i:.t 

Cytt, Thou(hakiiot2eSl3tQfQa!eIbe.r<{6llye4t .. 
What happy wind hath jdriyen thee^bafik to httjbtHU* i 
Was it my love ? . • . ^ ■ . 

Zjj/I No. * . t i '. : . .^ • . ->-i. :. 

C>. Yet fay fo (fwieet) thatwilih diQ.dMllglit tfacseeof 
I may enjoy all that I wilh on earth. -./ vtj : 

Lyf. I am fought for. A«i^)CiMd:i)^;)9JX)I'n wUlc 
I loiterM her« i and I mull die for*!. . ., ^ . . r . 

• • M 


ments me ten pam mdiietiian>thefftd 'lo^ of siy deidr 

!>/. ^Dffli«diti^ r^li)fc8eve'^ 
i4*.'Yetl«earaw(Mnan's-^it> ^ 

Take counfel of ncceffity and it. 

I have a body h^te^ whkh once- 1 Ibvtd 

And boiidor'd ^hm^My buttliat timers .paft^*«^ ^ * 

■Ljf. It is 5 Tcvenge it heaven. . i 

6fft, That ^hafi" fupply sGtib exti^ane a seed the vacant 

Xy. CihCK) ! What, thyhulband'sbodf i . 

(^, What hurt is% being dead it fav^es the Hviag? ^ 

Lyft O heait hold in, check 'thy rddetiioixs motion \ 

Cyn, Vex not thy iel^ dear love, nor a(e delay. 
Tempt not thid danger^ &t thy hands to woric. 

Ly/, I Cannot do^f; my heart will not peimic 
My hands to execute a fecond murder : - 
The truth is, I '^am he that ilew thy h^iibaiuL 

Qw. TheGods;^forbidl 

Ly/, It W3$ tiiis lumd dukt bathed my reeking fword- 
. In hk life Uood, while he cry*d out for mercy ; 
But I vemorfeIe&, ^paiich'd'him, cut his throat. 
He with his lail breath ciying Cynthia. 

Cyit, O thou hall told xne news .that clea^res my heart ? 
Wodd I had &ever feen thee, or heard fooner 
Thii bloody ftory !— :yet fee, note my truth. 
Yet I muft love thee* 

Zy/. Out upon the monfter I 
Go, tell the governor j let me be brought . 
To die for that moil famous villainy; 
Not for this miching bafe tranigreffion 
Of truant negligence.^ 

Cyn, I cannot do't>. 
Love muft falve any murder : PU be judge 
Of thee, dear love ; and thefe ihall be tky pain«, 
Inilead of iron, to fuiFer thefe foft chains. . . 

Ly/, O I am infinitely oblig'd ! 

Cyn. Arife^ I fay, thou faver of my life, . 

50 not with vain tiffrighting confcience 

N a Betrav 

Betray a life that is not thine, but mine : 
Rife and preferve it. 

Zjj/: Ha ! thy huftand's body ? 
Hang't up you fay, inftead of that thaf s f!6rn^ 
Vet I his murderer-'^is that your meaning ? ' 

Cyn, It is my love. 

Lyf, Thy love amazes me ; 
The point is how we (hall get it thither. 
Ha ? tie a halter about'^s neck, and drag him to the gal- 
lows 5 ihall T, my love ? 

Cyn, So you may do, indeed ; 
Or if your own ibength will not ferve, we'll add 
Our hands to yours, and bear him to thejplace ^ 
For heaven's love come, the night goes ofTapace. 

Lyf All the infernal plagues dwell in thy foul. \AJiie. 
VVl ietch a crow of iron to break the coffin. ' 

Qyn^ Do, love ; befpeedjjr. •^* 

Xyf, As I wilh thy damnation. \i%uts the'toni^ 

O 1 could tear myfelf into atoms ; off with this aiitick ; 
the fhirt that Hercules wore for his wife, Was 'not ihore 
baneful. Is^t poffible there fhould be fu(ih a latitude in 
the fphcre of this fcx, to entertain (uch an extenfion 6f 
mifchief, and not turn devil ? What \% a womaa? ^lliat 
^re th^ wprft, when the beft are 'fo paft naming > ^i'jnen 
like this, let them try their wives again ; fut wbmto to 
the tell, difcover them, paint them \ * paint them ten 
parts more than they do themfelveS| rather tl^lbofirbn 
them as they are ; their wits are but paihte^'diat'dhlike 
their painting. Thoufoolifh thirfler after idJe fdcrets 
and ills abroad, look home, and fldre and choak thee ; 
there fticks an Achelous* horn, of all copia cnbiigli,'/ * 
As much as Alizon of ftreams receives, , ' 

br lofty Ida ihows of fliady leaves. " ' * ' * ^ ' / ^ * 

. . ' EntcK Tharjaljo, 
Who's that ? 

fbar, I wonder Lycus fails me ; nor can I hear whatS 
become of him. He would hot certain' ride td 'Pip9li9 
to call my brother back, without my krioi^^agi?; 

Lyf. My brother's voice! what makes he Wffe about 
;to untimely ? Til flip him, : * * '' ' '*' t* J^oA»^- 


TBflT, Who «)(?» thcyc ? 

Ltf, A friend. 

i%ar. Dear friend, let^s know you. A frknd leaft 
look'dfor, butmpft wekome, and with many a lojig 
look ejq>e£Ud here. What, fir, unbooted? have yep 
been long arrived I -- 

l^f. Not long '9 ftnne two hours before ijJght. 

Thar. Wdil, bniother^y 'have the nioft rare, admiraUie, 
unmatchabje wife, that ever fuffier'd for the fin of a huf- 
band* I cannot bUmei your confidence indeed now, it 
is built on fuch infallible ground : Lycus, I think, is 
gone to call you to the refcue of her life; why .^e ! O 
incomprehenfible f— 

Lyf. I have heard all reLued fince say arnval ; we^U 
i»ect to morrow. 

Thar. What hafte, brother ? feat was it refetcd wiA 
what - yti^flJff^M^ pains I and my miftrefs, her other 
friends, a^^tpooa and magiftrates, labonr'd h^ diverfion 
firom that courfe ? 

Thar. What ftreams of tfsars flie BOurM oa ? what 
trefies of bjsr hak ibe tore„ an4 <^iBred «a your fuppofed 

£j{/i I^have heard all., 

Thar. B|it iiMfn^ all,, how fince that time her «yes 
a^ver harboured wink of fkunber thefe fix days \ no, nor 
lafted the leaft dram of any fufienance \ 

Lyf. How isth^i affiired ! 
'Thar, Notafcruple. 

Lyf. Are. you fare thetre camft no fioldkr to her, nor 
jbrou^t he/ vidus^ls .? 

Thar, Soldier! whatfoldier? 

Lyf, Why, fome foldier of the watch, that attends the 
executedbodics-^Well, brother, I am in hafte, to-morrow 
fhall fupply this night's defed ofcQpfeieiioe. Adieu. 

[Exit Lyf. 

Thar.^ J^f€^l£iBX of the watch hxhg her vifhuls? Go 
to, brother, I have you in the wind ;* he's uiihanie(s*d 
of all his travelling acQeutnemeaKs : Z cune diredlly 
fy.jasfi's houfe, no word of him there s he knows the 

N 3 whole 

;^4 '^^With^l^mrs: 

wholereittio*! fte^s piffiottdte'; dl^cdlteaioiis f^Mi^ he 
was the foldier. What fhoiild be the tnUle>oi>tiiis^ that 
lir is HoPn-'hitherint^ a foldier^ difgiife^ ke/fllLtould 
luiiveftakrMDipoiktoreceivse'iifewsfii^lus^ ^^beddnr 
lie fiifpt€ied'OiiT fcktiQiis ^or had not parienor ftci'>c3qped 
it, or whether that furioiiSy fraatidc^ capricious deril 
jalw£fy hzxk toft hte hither xm ha horns, I camotcon- 
leftiare ; but the caft is dear^ he's die foftcKer:»«»Siflrr, 
look toyonrfame, yoorchaftity'fimcovenxl;. Asf^iitsf 
' Keie iliVF hferti Miire i^ Isoth neft^ vofi^iveepiiig 
ever the bottle. - > >:{2&iiK3b. 

£r». Who's theje? ^? - ;.• ^^ -"^ 

Wtfr. Tharialio, op«. " ■' '' !<^ ;-...> 

£r9. AUttf fir/tknobenrtO'iiestyoirfiMfaiid^oar' 
felf; Ihe is dcfpmte, and wiU not iiear {)erCBi&iB ; 4he 
' isTery^wtak. • •-'^" ^'-"^ •** 

7'^iM'. Here*8frtniebredchambeiwia]d.x*M»Aksf:iiQii 
lorry for*t ; I have broiighih«r tnesi aadOuiaian^ivixie to 
fhengthen her. . .< ''-:•< \-'\ 

"' Erv. O the v^ tiamhtgon^t will>driire:lKrH]alA a 
' fwoon ; good iir, ibrbetf. '»^ •■ : .-sic? i*i 

^ 7i&4r; ¥^ fpttiy fweet^ diat I riiiyiUefcmhicncyesvmth 
light of her ftirfiirines andofthyfweeteftfelfliiirfinibiis 
pandrefs) open, I fay. Sifter, yott hour me^^wcU ^'qpdint 
:'i»Hyocifto^M^th<Mit $ We know too weH^hat'iottea 
' 'ca^t^es Wtt kdg*4 v^ktoA y ^foa^ I €a3fii£> ^Bm tf^msy 

i>r0agli^ yoa tkling^ to Wake yoaoQti^itbbi^qiDg 
'•' inKimnlery. • - >-v ' •> :*-' Lto^si 

' S^, Alas ! ihie'l^filiir, aiid>4>€feiBh & paihfti t^Jiet. 
r^AT. Well (aid, ^vbbcr, wto liune^M'&Ui^itere 

' *J?>>^ A lMditr^»«wl«n ? . - • , : • V ya -nii'i 
i:har. This night, laft' iilght^Vodier n^ht i audi 

J^ YoiirjM^]fert«ttiitft^ Uiir aibtfciiek&itae^iiot 

a foldier heie^ - i*. -t* i- : ' •>v^'i 
Q>ff. Here was no foldier. xu^h) /: \vo t^^ 

« • w 4 

70u,tQaknohecd of kim. i . ■.jm;.>., 

^ar\ G^jto, Meit.i didnot you joia..kiffes,, qit- 
inKMi and;|iiig|ht indeed wttk l^Pv the utmoftplo^e 
^ofvnupdai levj6>? Deny't, ^eny't i but firil hear, n^Q a 
fhort ilory. The ibld^er* was your difguis'd hufband, 
difpate it hot. That you fee yonder, is but a ihadGg^^ 
ah empty cheft, coi^iniog nothing but air* , Stand x\ot 
\] tcr gase at 4t» ^tb tn». This was a proje{l pC his p}(rn 
. concrking^ to pufyoUr loyalty and cOnfta^t \(^^ tQ^l^e 
.teft:$ y^e wam'd, be arm'd. .^; K*^* 

£r<^. O fie o' thefe perils ! 
€yn, O Ero ! we are undone. - ; 

Era, Nay, you^d ne'er be warned ; Ieverwiih'4 yon 
<to withAand .the puik of that foldier*s pike, . af)d not win- 
ter him too deep into vour bofom, but to keep facred 
y6ur widcHv's 7owa maae to Lyiander, • . 
• Qr»..Tiottdidr'ft,;Aottdid.'Jft. : ,, ... . ,v 

Ero. Now you may fee th' event. "V^Ilr ^^.^fe^y 
I IiBSfiR.oiur^peed; he!Il do us mi&hjefj, if we prevent not 
his coming. Let^s to your mother's i . ai>d ther^ caj}, put 
: ' your sughtie& fidcnds to gtmrd you (xoffk id^ fui;/; ^ Ltt 
them begin the quarrel with him for praAiil^g. this yit* 
iapy on your fcx to mtrap your frailtiie§. 
' C^ai Kay I refolv^ ta fit out on^ brui)^ fiioic ; to^ry 
>t9 wlat ainLWll Aoforce his pioyeCli were ^e^ fpme 
' ethecmiui^ unbaaown to me, his violence might ^we jx^ i 
bnt knowing him as I djH I fear hin? not* Do thou but 
iecond me,, thy ftrength and mine fball maAer hls-beft 
fooce^ if he &ould pitMre outragioiis. Defpair, thef 
iky,; inako cowMds tum icoomgjous. Shut up the tomb. 

She Jhutt 0^ t9mb» 
Enter one of the foldiers fn^. ma hefore to f^eh the 

" rr .5' 

v. 3 


^ I. ZoL AH p^fii^Are loft ia huntjfpig out this folder ;• 
his fear (adding wings to his heds) ot^rgoe^.us as far aa 
.4us.lre&hai^ die tjr:d hOttnd9.^Who goes tdlierei 

Enter a. SoUier another ev^« 
2* Sol^ A fikaid. 

N4 1.^*/^ 



?. '&/. t)T yoor'fiiocrfjr'awf mine toudi&g tKTs <y%. 
tinel, tells, 1 fuppofe, one tale j he*» far enoagh J iio- 
4ertake, by this time. - - - - 

2. W. I blame him not : Ae bw's feverc, {the'*jui!, 
and cannot be difpensM.) 

1. ^o!. Why mould the laws of Pajjlios, with more 
vigour tljan otnef city laws, purfue offenders ? that not 
;»peasM with their lives forfeit, exaft a jufticc of them 
«ater death ? And if a foldier in his watch forfooth lofc 

' ene ef the dead bodies, he mull die fof t : It feems the 
Jbtc needed no foldiers When that was made a law." 

2. Sol, So we may chide the fire for burning us i or 
fey the bee's not good becaufe fte Hings : "'TIS not the 
body the law refpcdts, but the foldier^s nfegleS ^ when 
the watch (the guard and fafetyof the city) is left abaQ- 

"donM to all hazards. But let iiim go ; and tell me if 
your news fort with mine, for Lycus is apprehended, 'they 
£sty,. about Lyfander's murder. 

I . Sol. Tis'truc ; he^s at fh'e captain's Ibdgc under 
guard, and 'tis my diarge in the morning to undofe the 
leaden coflp, and difcovier the body ; the captain wiM 
ailay an old conclufion often approv'^d ; that at the mur- 
derer's iight the blood revives again, and boils afrdh; 
and every wound has a condemning voice to cry but 
guilty 'gainll the murderer. 

2 ShZ O world, if this be true ! his deareft friend, 
his bed companion, whom of aR his friends he CUll'd 9ut 

for his bofom ! ' . , . \\ 

I . SqL Tufh, man ; in this topfy-turvy world, tta:^* 
Clip and bofom kindnefs arc but made covers for mif- 
* chief, means to compafs41L ' Near-allied triift, li but a 
'bridge for treafon. The jprefumptions cry aloud. againil 
him; his anfwers 'found disjointea, ;<nt)(s-lcgg'd, tf ip|>|hg ' 
up one another. He liames a town whither ic broy^ht 
Ljfander murder'd by mountaineers ; thafs,f|Jf^; Tome 
of the dwellers have been here, and all difdaiih it. 1^- 
fides, the wounds he bears in ftiow, arc fuCh as flireWs 
clofely give their hiifbands, that never bleed^ andfi^dto 
•be counterfeit. . ■ 


iSol. Qth«tj«<k:P^&oodis ACverfoimd^aUi but 
'1^t5 of one legiljll. 

Thith 't>ace is all upnght, (bund every where, . • . . « 
And, iike.adie, fetiever oa.a fqiiare. 
And how is Lycus Kls bearing in this condition } ■ 

1 . SqL . Faith* (as the ntamier of fuch defperate of- 
fenders is till it come to the point) caieleis and confidmt, 

' Uttghing at all that deem to pity him. Bat leave it to 
^*event. Night, fellow foldier, yoa'U not meet me; in 
the morning at the tomb, and laid me your hand to th* 
unrigging of Lyfander's herfe ? 

2. Sol. I care not If I do, to view heaTen*s power in 
tius^anbotiom'd celiac*- ^« 

Blood, tho* it fleep a time, yet never dies. 

The gods on nwrderers iix reirengefol eyes. {Exiunt, 

Lyfander folus^ wt^itb a crmv of iron, and a baiter ^ 

^which beihyj dinuni ^id puts on Ins difguifi again, 
Lyf, Come, my borrowed difguife, let me oace more 
B^ reconciled to thee, my troftieft friend i 
t ThcMi that in tmeft Ih^e haft let me iee 
That which my truer ielfhaih hid haai me. 
Help me to take revenge on a difguife. 
Ten times more falfe and coonterfeit than thou. \ 

Thou, falfe in (how, hafl been mofl true to me; 
The fei^ing mie, hath proved inore falie than her^ ' 
AiHft nie to behold this a!d of luft, 
Note with a Icene of fbange impiety. . . 

Her huflband's murder'd corfe ! O more than horror ? 
' rU not believe *i vmtry*d ; if ihe bat lift 

A hand to aft it ; by the fates, her brains fUe out, 
. $ihce fhc4>^ snadded me ; let her beware my homs. ^ 
for tho^ hy goring her, no hope be ihown 
To cur(5 niyfelf, yet I'll noj; bleed akme, [He hiocis . 
Zr'o. Who knocks ? \. 

Lyf, Thefoldierj open. . \Sbe ofens^ and be etiieru 
. See, fweet, here are the engines th^ mal do^t^ . 
^ Which, with much fear of my diicovexy, 
* I have at lall prociir'd, ' ' ..■.-.. 

- . , N5 " ^Shall 

•0 rk^wuk^i^if^. 

Shall wc abcmt this woik ? I ftar thrttiottfc- ^'^'^^^ '•'^^ 

Thenighi #eart *wj^y"7 comci Uit^t*rti'^^ ^ *^'^';; 

CJ^ir. Ay, yonihftllf^ixie'CMlam. ' *N • '•; 

ly. Ay, fo I hive; moft pndigiooSy oniftitel; 
Here*8a iwe hahertohngfaun with. - - \ ' '" 

Ero. Better you atid-l join ottr hancb and bdif^iimi 
thither ; yoa take fais head. ';,''v 

« Cjffi. Ay, for that was always hearief tH&it 1^ Wlm 
body tiefides. -'^ '/' ''^' 

i^. TbU'taBtdibeft,thatbadcdTt. - \ /ti? 

£r<7. ril be at the feet ; I am able to btar tf^ 
you, 1 wamint7oa. 

Lyf. H^ thott prepared weak nature to d%eft 
A fight fo much cfifta-fteful ? haft fear'd thy heart • 
Itbkedhet ar the Moody -fpe^laelef ^ . . . «^ i^ 
Hail arm'd thy fearful ^yes againft th^ afiitmt • ' ^ - 
Of fuch a dirtW objca ? . . ^. . ; '. 

Thy murder'd huiband ghaftly ftaring on dieii f 
His wonnds gaping t& alright thee? his body (oil^d With 
Core ? *fore heaven my h»rt fisiugs at it^ ^ 

Cyn, So docs not mine.. > . . 

Love's refolnte ; and fhmds not to cottfidt 
With petty terrcMr ; %ut in ftdl carreer- • 
Runs blind'fold through an army of imfdoe^j^ ' -^ \^ 
And interpofmg fears ; perhaps TIT wcBp;' '^^ *^''^*^ 
Crib, make a forced face, and kUgh again. h^^ 

l^f, O moft^aHant lore ! •••:', 

I was thinking with myfelf as- 1 came, how.4f dS^ 
£reak to light ? his body known, v' - = ; 

(Asmany notesmight make it] would it notfik >' ^' ^ 
Upon thy fame-aa imremoved brand - /' , • ''-''• \ 
Of ihani€<, and hate ? they that in itehcf drtc^^ jx *i/> 
Ador'd thy virtue, would they not Bbhort'" 
Thy loathed memory ? , - . ; ^ .-:i 

Cy/f. All this I kiiow.' 
But yet my love to thee . * 

Swallows all this, or whatibever doub^ ' •* ^ ' • -7 

Can coincagai?^ftjitv- ; /: ; * ,^ ;^ : ,: ::.-o-> ? . . -^ i 
Shame's byi^%|i3«)OTi>iaU^ lavft, :; • _ '. 

Proof (but I ^1 inonyou;} Coii|€ tbeat,.let'» to w^Hs^s 
Alasy poor corpfe ! Jiow many .^^lattyipdbiiif , . ^ 
Moil tlMH¥j<in4uiiQ ? mangled bymc ^L-YjlUin,, 
And now exposed to the foul ihame of the gibbet 2^ 
/.I'ore.piety, thei^ is-fomewhat in me Iteives . 
Ag^unil the dee^, my very arm rcl^nte^ .^ , . 
Ta (rikf a ftroke ib inhumane. 
To wound a hallow'd herfe ? foppofe .'twerQ mne^ ^ , 
Would not my ghoft fiart up and fly npon thee ? ^ 

Q/9- 1^9 I'd 4<>)^ again, with.this. , 

[Shejkatchf4 upthfcro<wl 

Zy/» Hownow? \}le Qotcb^i at htr tbrpai, 

Cyn. ^ay^ then 1% efiay my firength ; ^ foldier, and 
afraid of a deadfluuii A ^^^-^^^^ l^i^-fpp S Come, 
ril do't myfelf. - ,:-t .^ •;..:;•; 

Ly/, And I look on ? give me. the iron. 

Cyv. No, I'll notjofethe glory on't. TluB.)iand, {jfr. 
. •i|/'.^Pr'yth«efweet,ietit.notbe faid tlu? la;v^^e.i(i 
wks thme ; deliver me the engine. ... , 

Cyn, Content yourfelf, 'tis in a fitter hand- .-, . 

hjf, Wiltthouiirft? artnot thou the moft—j 

C>». lU-deftin'd wife of a transformed monttfir;- . 
Whotoaffuighimfelf of wh^t.hfir}uiew, . -t \ ., . 
Hath loft the ilu^ of man I . .^ .*. <. 

hif. Ha! crofs-cj^pers ? ♦ . , ; 

Cyn, Poor foldier's cafe L do not we know you,, fir \ 
Sut I hayqgiyen t];^.what thou cam'fi to feek. ; 

Go, Satyr, run affrighted, with the nqife v 

Of that hai^ foun4ing.,ho4rn tl^rfelf . haft blowp i, , , ^ 
Farewell ; I leave tjjee .thje^s^ ^^y huilb^d's corpfe,.. ■ / 
Makcm«^-of,tta^.,i. ^.; .., ... ^IJEx/f^i^A^r^ 

Ly/, What havej I don^ ? - O l^t cie lle^a^ ©pi?ve,;^d 
. fpcak no more! ...^ ..j, , ,^, \^ 

Captaiff^ Lycus <with a guard of thref %)fofitJol<Iitrs. 

Cap. Bring him away ; you ijf»|i^ Jba¥fi p^Uenpe,j ffi* t 

If you can fay aught to quit ^^ouJjl" thpfe /gfei^jtiiC^s 

> N 6 ■ • * that 

^0# rie Widtm's^^iurs. 

t^ lie kwry <tt foa^ yoa fludl be -^eeeA, IFnot^ 'tis 
90C fp«r braves, nor^er afefting iooks:CEtti car^ it; ^ 
We miift acquit our dudes. 
*' Zyr.-Y'aieetplaino'th' watch, iir> ' . : 

Cap. You take me right. 

Lye. Sowereyonbeftdo meriee-]rearfre(tiinptiot» 
be ibeng ; or be aflared that ffiaU prove a dear pre- 
fumpcion, to brand me with the flwider of my friend. 
fist you hare bees fcbomVl by iotgit dofe villain tode- 
fame me. 

Cfl]^« *Tw9 not be lb pat off, -frtend^^fcas, I could 
wiflkyour ibnl as free firom iBintdf dns Mk€9J^,-n& mine 
firoin any-fnch unwordiy practice. 

Lye, Condnd me to the govonor himfelf, to confioat 
.before bim y oor (Itfflow accofatioip. 

Cap. Firft, fir, Pil bear you- to Lyiimder^s tomb, to 
confront the mnrderM body ; and lee ^hat cfridenpe the 
voundft will yidd againft yoa. 

Lye. Y'are wife, captain. But if tjie ^body ftouhi 
chance not to fpeak ; if the wounds ihoald bs tongue- 
tied, whereas then your evidence. Captain^ will not yoa 
be laughed At for an officious captain ? 

Cap. Y 'are gallant, fir. • 

Lye. Your Captaidhip commands my fervice no fiu- 
ther. ." - . , 

• Cap, Well, fir, perhaps* f may, if tbis <iQnEthifiDir take 
not; wte'U try what operation lies in torture^ topdfi 
cMfefiion from you.- ' • "- •" 

Lye, Say you fc, Cafifain ? but hcaik ye. Captain,. 
Might ifnot cdnctir with flie qua)ity of your office; eVr 
this matter grow to the .height of a more tiueat^nidg 
danger, to wink a litde at a by flip or fo? •' ^ " 
^Caf. How'Bthat? - - ..,,,.. ,...,p 

' ' Lye. To f^d ft man idbroad under genrd^.tkte^ fif 
yourfillyeftfhack-ragsi that he may beat the^iolavey 
-khd ,ran'« Way. X m^an this on good tenAB^KjtftMk^ ^ 
ril be thankful. *.; . 

Capt, I'll think on*t hereafter. Mean time I have 
other employment for you. - ' * . - 


' Lytr Year piace is iwbrtkdy a^plcatfr^i^ Q^p^ntit. ' Mjr 

army; I'll go raife the governor. . • . ^fs g/ting^. 

Cap, No hafte, iir ; he'U {b<Mi be Jiere wkhbut your 

SMiffv thrufi up LyfanJer fr9m the t9fnhi 
' I. M. Bring fortk the Jcaigkt o' th* tomb; h^yt we 
metwitjiyouy fir? . ./ 

Ljf .?i'ythB€^ feUkr, u& thinft offioe^wkh better 
. .x.M. Come, convey himix) the lord goremor. 

I. Sol. Afore tke Captain, iir. Have the heavena 

- nought elfe to do, but to &saEtd ^iXk, and turn all their 
iDBS&gnant a^po^ upon one imm? 

z« So/, Captain, here^s the cesrinol we fovght ^4 
he's fomenew-^preCfd.foldter, for none of us know him^ 
*)€fly. Wiiece found you him? ' 

I. Sd, My truant was michH, fir^ into a Blind' comer 
of the tomb. 

Cap, Well find ;gaa9d htm rafe-*4»ttti0r the'Corpie.) 

i.SvL For -thecorpfe^ fir? bare mifpriliieni thfcfe3s 
no body ; nothii^. A mereblandation; a deteptio vijms, 
^ Unlefs this fohlier for hunger have eat up Lyfander^s 
bddy.- ' 4 i 

Lye, Why, I could have told yoa this before, Caji- 
* -titia ; liue^body was bom away piece-meal by devojbt la- 
dies ^ Ventis' ofder, for the man died qcc of V«no$' 
martyrs. And yet I h^ard fmce 'twas feen %hole o'' ^' 
odier fide the Tkos^m^ upOn acoleftaf^ betwixt two huntf- 
men, to feedthetr dogs withal. Which was a miracle. 
Captain.' ^ 

Cap, MHchiefxntius ad hath. A'deep bottom; andi^e- 

quires more time to found it. But^yoi», fir,, it feen^s^ sire 

:«. Mdiet'Of^ the newed ftamp. ,&now<y<w wh^ it is t<y 

forfidte yoor&and ? There's one of the bodies jln-y^r 

duu'ge. ftd'n away i how anfwer you that ? Ss^, h^-e 

- comes the governor. [ 

' ■■•■ .^' • *'^" . 



, . J JrgWj.CIimasy, brfinr*. E^d^i^^ /-Q^^^jl fi<4»M^ 
Sthema^lafithf, £r9f S^Q.; ..,,,?, - -.iji 1 -jiy^a 

Cff/. Room for a fbaiig<e governor. Tkfi, 'p^f^ 

draught of a moft braiiik&>. inperioai pfftarr.^ Qi^ 

iert ! where wert thou» when this wo^d^ ^W^ ^^ 

gUded over with the title of governor ? , ,, . v- 

, Guard., Tesyce^ mailers .$ hear my lord. ^.; ,, . j. ., , 

7iar, AU wifdom befilent; now fpeaks AiMj^^iijipS:o 

Cover, Iam€omeinpeifpnrto4iic^afig^j,uffig6«^i)£/!: 

Tifetfr. Of his office. 
.. Gowr* The caufe you ihaU know hereafief ; .;3^it 
is this. A villain, wh&k very jjight I aUior jr wheif ^ 
he ? Let me fee him. 

Cap, Is't mfaQi. ii^y lord f . ,_ ^ ■; 

Gtf*ivr. Go t6, firrah, y'ar4. too majapfct>..4 fei* 
Jieardof yqtur centiaers^ape; look tp't.j_ v . . ^ 

Cap. My lord, this is the centinel you fp^k of. ^., 

Cover, How now, fir,? what time a-dayi^t? . ..^^ 

««^^. I cannot ihew yon.precifelyy ai|'t pibafe ypur 
honour.. A - : 

Cover, What ? fhall we have replications ? rejoiuders^? 

Thar, Such a creature, fool is, when he befbidjes'the 
back of authority. , *-- * 

Gcver. Sirrah, Aand you forth*, >*%^f A^P?^^^^^^^ 
h3& cQOuniueda moft iJu;ollyeniieI^4¥lU]rdes^^£9n;^b^ 
dy of Ly&nder. -• .- - .., ; . j,.^^,. y.,^ 

j^r. My good lord, I have not. . . y,. .*\J 

Gfiver, Peace, varletjj do'ft chop jyjfhgie J^jl faj^^ijt 
IS imagined thou hail murdered Ly?ander« Ho\^jtiyiU 
be prov'd I know not. Thou ihajt Uij^qfons pr^^tly 
be had to execution, ^ juAlc^ ^ J^^^i^i^.^^wi^- 
jSoHdiers, take him away .: bring /of^ ^^cfg«S»4«V> 

part i am latished, ]t is lo : that^s enow 
had ever a fympathy in my mind agaii^ ^^* 
Lahim be had aw^ay*^^ ^ . ♦ , .i.v, < -^0,'' 

,.': 'jt . 

fe^'' to^jodge *o£ -a tattfie^'ftt iiH^ fighr, irtid'hcStf cbut two 
parties. Here's a fecond S^Aon. ^ v ^. , / 

Eud, Hes^ ham, my lord; ^refmnptrons pftddtUaes 
(Thfo* likely graniMied) reach not to tht truth. 
And trath is oft abusM by likelihood. 
Let him b« heard, my lord. 

Gfivfr. Madam, content yourfelf. I wSl do joftice^ 
I will not hear him. ' Yovar late lord, was my ho^otir- 
abl^prcdeoeflbi : but your ladyihip muft pardon knb^ in 
jnatter^of jultice- 1 am Wild. 

fbar. That's true. 

G0Vi I btow no perfons. If a coort-favoutite writ^ 
to me in a eafe^f^^ jtiftke,^ I will pocket his letter and 
proceed. If z fuitor in a cafe of juftice thrufb a bribe in* 
%(x my hand, I will pocket his bribe and proceed. There- 
foK) Aadam» iet your heart at reft 7 I am feated in the 
throne: of juftice ; and I yniXL ^ juDike ; I will not httr 
him. •• - ' ; 

Eud. Not hear him, my lord? 

Got;: No, my htdy : and moxtover put ybn in mind^ 
in whofe prefence you ftand ; if you parrot to me long*^ 

TJ^ar. Nay, die vice mnft ihap his authority at all he 
meets ; how (halt elfe be known what part he plays f ' " 
■ Qov.' Your hufband was a noble gendeman ; but, alas ! 
he' came fiiort, he was no llatefinan ;~ he has left'a feul 
city behind him. 

nar. Ay, and I canf tell you *twiU trodbk his lord- 
ihip, and aflhis ho&onzable afflftants of fcaringers to fweep 
.it dean: ,• 

Gov. It^s full of vices^ and great ones. too. - - ; ^ 
i--f%^l And thou none of the n^aneft. 

. Gtftr. • Bttt Pft turn alltopfy-tnrvy ; and ftt up a hew 
d]fc^>%Mf^ihongft you. TU cut offaU pbiih*dtnembe6. 
• • OTwr. Thaf i the furgeon's oflke. 
' Gmu; €laft out theiib rotten ftinking careafes for infe^ 
ing the whole city. . .:?/ 

^rj[* Rotten they may t)e i but their wcn'chei' ttfe to 

.p0oper^d>Mv. and JdbdiJbigeomi» peurbail tbtm ; aod that 
(.jne&rVe^ tbm from ffi<iking» an*t ^eafe your iiofiouT. 

Gw, Peace, firraH, peace; aad^ret ^ w^ fiiid too. 
Jll.gDod^pn^iiantfidi^r>''£udi. . f^ttftprooped; I will 
fpew drttoJsmie{8 oot oW dt y ■ ■ 
^bar. Into th' QOuntrX^ 

Gov, Shifters ihall cheat and ibuve ; and sta man fhall 
, dp jspod'ibift where/there 18 ii&xiecd. BoSfVtsftaUlive 
-alk filie head; aod the tsuufdt that haofit-tayicfDs.^.. Aflb 
ziihfLtt hear |;0Qd qualities^ aadiwHe inea Xhjdi.nfe them. 
' J will whip letchery out o'th* dtjc, thene;ftall be no more 
cuckolds. They that heretofore .wnce .azrmit canwtos^ 
i-fl»U vsm be hooeftihop -keepers, and Juftke ihaii take 
^place^ I will hint jealoafy out ofmy domiwcn* . . 
- . Thmr^ Doiyoahear^ hrotber2 ,.. 

• Gw, It flail be the esily note of lore- to thei hiiihaiid». 
: lo love the wi& t and jhoi^ fhaU he jnooe ktiu% wd^oKL 
: to him. than he. that cuckolds him. . ;. 
Hbar. Believe it, a wholfome reformation ! 
Grv^ 1*11 have no sofifct, beggers. .Pools {hall havr 
. meaithy joid the learned fliaUiive by hfs .wits«, III have 
-no more ixuikiupts. They .that owe money ihall pay it 
at their beft leiiure : and the reft jQiall make a virtue of 
.impriibnmeat; and their wires ihall help to ps^ their 
debtSk I*J1 haarc all yoikb% mdowzs fpaded.for manying 
^ain. For the old and i^ither'd, thear ihall be. ocsifif- 
X Gated to uothrifti^ gallants nod iiecay.*d Lughta. If they 
be poor, they fhall be burnt to make foap-aihes, 0£ gisja 
» io mrgeoBs4uilly to be/fbrnp^i to lalstt fizr the French 
<^»eafela. Tojomdade, I wi|lcartpddejoikxf^*^«ii. 
Arg^ An't pleafe your honour, pride^ an't be ne'er ii 
beggaiiy^.<mlllookfbr.a coaqh; :'.< \ 
. Gov* Well iaid«. o' ^my: houooc. . vA gpod fign^cant 
V fellow, 'faitfi : wl^ iak^ ^ hctalksmuchx. does herfcdi- 
^lowyonr kdyihipj ^ .♦ 

., ' 'jirg» No, an't pleaibyoar honour,. I go before her. 
* : Gifu* *A good jundevtakang^refeuce ; .a. welL-pn>mJi£uig 

forehead, your gentleman-uiher, madam?-- ^ 1 

' Eu^, YomB if, jeoafieaie^ l^yi(^ .,.,.. 
: G<w. Bom^iWcityi , . ^ ; ... ";. 

' Arg, Ay; ^i pkafe yom- fconotir; hut begot TA' 

Go^. Treffbl-legg*dt 

Arg, Ay, an*t pieafe yotir honour. 

Gw. The better; it bears a breadth ; snakes room o*^ 
both (ides. Might I not fee his pace ? 

jfrg. Yes, an't pieafe your honour. \Argu5 ftalks, 

Ga^y 'Ti8 well, 'tis very well. Give me thy haindi 
madam, f will accept this property at your hand« aifd 
will wear ft thread-oare for your fake. Fall in there, 
firrah. And for the matter of Lycus, madam, I muft 
tcl! you, you are (hallow : there's a ftate-point in't : hark 
you i the viceroy has given him, and we mnft uphold 
correfpondence. He muft walk; fay one man goes 
wrongfully out o^th' World, there are hundreds to one 
come wrongfully into the world. 

Eud, Your lordlhip will give me but a Vord in jwl- 

^bar. Come, brother; we know you well: what 
means this Habit ? why (laid you not at Dipolis a» you 
refolv'd, to taJa 'adR^erfflfeiient 'Kfr'-ualN/ your wife'* 
bearing? / : .. .< ' ' 

Lyf. O brother,^ this jealous frcnfy hi^ bom me head- 
long to ruin. 

Thar, Go to; be comforted ; ¥tAcafe yourfelf ; and 
discharge your Aiend. 

Go^. Is that Lyiander, *&y you? and is all hit ftory 

By'r lady, inadam, that jeaioufy will coft him dear : he 
undertook the perfon of a foldier ; and as a foldier muft^ 
havejuitice. Madam, his altitude in this cafe cannot 
difpenfe. Lycus, this foldier hath acquitted you. 

Thar. And that acquittal rn for him requite; the body 
loft, is by this time reftor- d to his place. 

SeL It IS, my lord. 

Thar. Thefe are ftate-points, in which your lordfliip's 
tinje hii not yet train'd your lordfhip ; pieafe your lord- . 
fllip to grace a nuptial we have now in hand 
Hy/us and Laodice ft and togitbtr. 
*Twixt this young lady and this gentkman I 


3o6 The ft^dctv's Tears. 

Your lordOiip there fball hear the ample &oty. 
And how the aft wrapt in a lyon's fkio 
Fearfully roar'd ; but his large ears appear'd. 
And matJe Jura liugh'd at, that before was fear'd. 

Gov. I'll go with yon. For my part, I am at an 
noo-pliu. „ 

■ ' {Ea^tra mihifpsa viriti GfAtbia. 

Thar, Coine, brother, thanlt the countefs : <he hath 
fweat to make your peace. Sifter, give me your hand. 

So, brother, let your lips compound the drife. 

And think you iiave the only conllant wife. 



[ 3»7 3 


Revenger'^ Tragedy. 


[ $09 } 

jfLL that I can horn (f' this Author isy that hi 
liv^din thi Riign rf James the Ftrjl^ and wroti 
anottir Play calN the Atheift*8 Tragedy. Mn 
T¥tnftanly fuitm Dj/licb from finu ^ hisdum- 
poKariiSf im Relation to our Author y whicB teftiJUi 

His Fame unto that Pitth was only rais'dy 
As not to be deTpis'd^ nor over«prais'd. 

» — 

^ ». 




I 3^9-] 

Dramatis Perfonae. 

•*--' Dutcbtfs. 

Lujuriofo^ the Dutchejs\ fon. 
Spuria, a baftard. 

Amhitio/o,^ 2 thcD»/rM"'sfcms; 

Stipervacnay i *' 


Dondolo. . - * . 





faro 1' 

Revenger' J Tragedy, 

Aa. I. Seen. i. 

Enter findld. Thi Duh, Dutehtfi, Lu/utiefi Icf fiir^ 
Spuria the hafiarJ, ivitb a train, fefs fvtr thtfiagc - 
■^vitk torih'light . 

aUKE! myal leedwrt go, gn^-tait'S 
^ -BdobMyt ■ ■ ' ■ 

I And thou hi£ ioD, as itnpious Ae^M ai 
I Jie : 

And thou hit baitard, trse begot in evil : 
And thou his dutchefs, that will da with devU : 
tour exc'Uent ehara£iErs..— O that mairowlclc age 
Should ftuiF the hollow bones with damn'd defires I 
And, 'Head of heat, kindle internal fires 


The Revenger's Tragedy^ 311 

Within the fpeoil-thrift veins of a diy duke, 

A parched and juicelefs Juxur. O God ! one 

7^li^as.fcarce ^ood e90t;^ ltf» l^v^ tfP^Q^ ^ > w ' ^ ; 

AiU he Co dot 1t»;iike^afQn and -helfi 

O, the thoiight; of thai - " .. . . , , " ^' 

Tiints any ahufedheart-ftrings into fret* \ ; ^ 

I'hou fa^ow pi^iire of my poiron'd lovCj 

My ftudy's ornament, thou ftiell of death, 

Qnc^ the bright lace of my betipthckl la^, 

Vi^heniifc andbeatfty'aaturallj fli'd qut. 

WJtef^ragg^d^P^rfedions;;. -^ .-...- .^ ■ 

When two heaven-pointed diamonds were fet 

In thofe unfightly rings,- — then 'twas a face 

So far beyond the artificial fhine 

Of any woman's bought complexioti. 

That the uprighteft man, (if fuch there be. 

That fin but feven times a day) broke cuilom^ 

And made Hp.eight withtlool^ng^tie^ her. 

Oh^ M jKral ahl4 loiia' jfiiade a uihrer's fon >^ 

Melt all his patrimony in a kifs ; . 

And what his father fifty years told. 

To have confum'd, and yet his fuit been cgld^ 

Bat oh,' accurfed palace I 

Thee, when thou wert apparel'd in thy flefli. 

The old duke poifon'd, 

Becattfe thy purer part would not confent 

Unto his palfey-lutt ; for old men luilful. 

Do- (hew like young men angry ; eager, violent. 

Out-bid like their limited performances. 

O Vare an old man hot and vicious ! 

" Age, as in gold, in luft is covetous." 

Vengeance, thou murder's quit-rent, and whereby 

Thou fhew'ft thyfelf tennant to tragedy ; 

Oh keep thy day, hour, minute, 1 befecchi . ' 

For thofe thou haft determin'd. Hum— who V?i^ M.CW 

Murder unpaid ? faith, give revenge her due, 

Sh'as kept touch hitherto : — be meiry, merry. 

Advance thee, O thou terror to fat folks ! 

To have tKeir coftly three-pil'd flefh worn off 

As baxe as this— -for 'banquets, eafe, and laughter, 

^ ■ • Cai 



3^1 2 . The Revenger' 1 7rageify. 

Can make gveat men, as greatneis goes by day ; - 
£ut wi(e mto little, are more great than diey: 
^ntir his brother Hippolita, 

Hip. Still figbmg o^-er <lcath»s vizard ? 

Vin, Brother, welpome! 
What comfort bririg^ft thou^ how^o things at court ?: 

Hip. In ^k «nd filvcr, btother : never leaver; ' 

Viv, Pub! • .... 

Thou play'ft apon- my meaitmg. Pr*ythee fey, 
lias that bald ma^m. Opportunity, 
Yet thought upon's ? Speak, arc we happy yet? 
Thy wrongs tmd mine are for one fcabbard nt. 

Hip. It may prove -bappinefs. ' ' 

r/». What is- 1 may prove f 
Give me to taltp. " -* 

Hip. Give me your hearing then. 
You know^hiy place at court? '' 

Fin. Ay 9 the duke^s chamber i . 
But 'tis a marvail thou^rt not tum'd but yet ? 

Hip. Faith, Ihave,bceffihov*dat ; bur"*twas fflUmy 
hap, , ; . 

To hold by th'dutdids^fldrt: you gtrefe at tliar; 
Whom fuch a coat keeps up, can ne'er fkU flat. * 
But to the purpofe-T • . - t 

Laft evening, predecefTor unto this. 
The duke'« fon warily. enquired for me,.. 
Whofe pleafure f attended : be began 
By policy to open* and unhuflc- me. 
About the time and common rumour : 
But I had fo much wit to keep my thoughts ' 
Up in their built houfes ; yet afforded him 
An idle fatisfadlion without danger. 
But the whole.^m and fcope ot his intent^ 
Ended in this; conjuring me in private 
To feek fome ftrange digelted fellow forth. 
Of ill-contented nature, either difgrac'd 
In former times, or by new grooms difplac'd, ' 
Since his ftep-mothei^s nuptials ; fuch a blood, 
A man that were for evil only good ; 
To^ive you thetrue word, fome bafe-coin'd pander* 


^he Revenger^ $ Tr^eJy. .313 

yin. I reach yoa ; for I kaow his heat is fuch« • 
Were there as many concubines as ladies. 
He would not be contained $ he mvft fty out.< 
I wonder how iil-featarM, yile-|iroportionM, 
That mie ihodd be, if fhe were made for woinan^ 
Whom, at die infarreftion of his Itift, 
He would refttfe for once. Heart; I think hone : 
Next to a-'(kttll, tho* more unfound thaii one. 
Each foce he meetr he ftrong^ doats upon. 

Hif. Brother,- y^avetcolyiptAe* him. 
He iuiows not you, but TU fwdir you know him. 

Fin. And therefpre Til put on tkA knave for oace^ 
And be a right man then» a man o'th* thne; 
For to be twneft is not to be o^th' world. 
Brother, Fll-be that ftfftige«compofed TeIIow<, 

Hif. And ril prefer you, brother. 

Fin. Go to, dien t 
The fmall*ft advantage fiitten wronged men : 
It may point out ocoifion ; tf 1 meet her, 
ril hold her by the fost-top &^ enough t 
Or,: like the French Moale, -heaVe up hair anda)!. 
I have a habit that will€t it quaindy. 
Here comet our medier. - , •" ^ 

Hif. Andiifter. 
' Fin. Wenmftown: ^ : . % 

Women are apt^ you know, totake &Ue money ; 
But I dare Atke imy foal for tkefe two creatures. 
Only ex€ttie*«xoepted, ilttt tliey'U fwi^ow, 
Secmife their- ftx is okff vx belfef. 

StttitMotbitiMCMiisa. • 
« M^^. WfaafieWi fioiiixottrt, ionCatIo^ • 

Hr>. IMth, llQMher, 

*Tis whifper'd there the dutchdV* youngeft ion . 
Has play'd ^ rape on' loid' Antonio*'* wifo. 

Motb. Ob that rdigioas lacty ! 

Caft. Royal Mood f monfter, hedeferves ^dfe; 
If Iisdy had no mofe hopes but he. ^ 

/ Vim. S^er, y'ave fentenc^dmoftdireft and true, 
The ]aw*s a woman, aiid« would Ibe were f oa. 
Mothor, I muft lake ktvw of y«it«r 

Vol. IV. O Motb. 

»>. That he 4Mhs mn i m^ 'Vi\ti.ri jAifit :^.in»Ofift A, 

Aa if 4 4iv'4^ mm, i^fim^^^o^M 4i»4e,j ; *<. a\ 

AUih. Indeed, h# WNMtiWAiit^K^^t^iMI^. . j.ii.i 
Had his efbaeip^firUfMH^-m UftJMilifft 0/ 0% s.-.n .i,'^i4 1 

FtM. Too miid^.; : '..-.. ;t: . .1 ■[ . -.0;:: " 

And tho' di{fsrM»4>f^ im^Mifmim %ilj^ ir .i: nr :r r 
When it would pittHir,iMKJtjt)MR^ ^.el) 

Of difcontnis ti^ P»M» l<M{ft fHil fim i fititf Ut ,. .11 1:. ., 

il&/A. Moft fure.ln^ 4id.. , , - ;: ; h j^ .; . 4 ^. 

TiVr. Did he? bckf—yottknw^iBii ,^ . O .*. i 
You were l»» | |i M » i|bt > ft «Pi»wllt. . >,m^ ;6fl /; v.: .- .:.>' 

Moth. No, • ,- 1 "»' \'v' '^li^ *3?* Ur '-^l.' T<-y? I 

He was tooivifoM^Mfl WAiMl^4pi|iN»#/ i^ < lO ^ 

«* Wives arc but made ft »:lQ*Wl*wd:*ll4fc'! ». 
Come, mother, fifter : .Xoi?UJMr^K^«««iMMf4 bVQlter^ 

rw. rttq«iddy«minta,M(Q$te«.i2:A- ^M^mf^ 

for the rape. . ftlP Ji|iif%A^ ^^wtoA, . •.:-'. .' ;- 

His violent ad has €?e» 4mw%li]^iifillP|tfmfai ^ .^"^ 
And ftaui'dMNHbtaMiMjt /if jiti as-ifr .ViiO ^m iiT' 
Thrown ink qm^^ftiMw^^Vt^MA -)?^«3 ! fviK-. 
Whidi envious fpttits wilMi!H4#ft%lr#}flU»^,v ; stiit : 

For that which would fw4 Ueflftn ia ou«^tM ^r.^t . j 

Xslawk«^^«hmw$^^pi4^ ^ 

That dares nat thaiiiibnihi^nf AAnd a*<eik«nB2aifl^ ■* -V 

jnth iouAiiidr4fcw4h wJ rwwm< l(( w y iwig l<jt "r. 

• .1' ■ ^ 

Jud. Your grace hath i^ke niie^^HNiii^H^)^^ 
Fi^ of confirm^ gnnritf ;Ji4br%%i» j^^ '''^' 

Aflbutering^lftkiiaiipfMl^tflc^ >'^ >'- ■ 'V 
And in inftm iMtm fepiback ? tlMfMMPiHdraNMirps ' '^> 
May be feai'^RTii but^^lA tim^^mif^'^K^f^^ ' 
The faults of ffi«at«iim tifM^k^ ibifHtKilft^s^ktj&j^ 

To live iniettff; '^uit ii« ^^c^h iral!^. • ' ' '>'* 
1 leave him loyOTr4lM(M!e,^4dlMhMA^ 1Mb; * •'^ "^ 
ThefaaisgiMti«i^litl««l%fftnd<^^'^ ; i^ >« ^ > 

Ac/rit. My gracaouf lord, I pmy be ihi&i6tAy'^^ ^ > 
Althoueh his trefpafs far eseeed his yeM^ • < ' ' - ^ 

Think&m^^^Wj^^MiMwi^aifltimVilMV' '"^ '^^ 

Call hftnB^fi)ft4»la*#: 'the^ew, Iih»fl| s ' - ; - '-' <- '' 

Temper his fault with pi^« »>>' / x 

Luf. Goodny'lMli *- -- ^ ' -' '- ■:>' '''^ J' ' '^^' ' 
Then 'twill notcaftiefc iilllet^ilid^'«ttj^li^^ ^ > / 
Upon the judgeVpakte ; for -oCenoes "^ • • ' " • ""■ *• 
Gilt o*er wkh 'M^y 9MN«^<m% iy»MI%»<llli^ • - ^^ > 

* i^. I befeedr yo i if p t ^ ^ ^ • ♦ » ^ .- . j 
B^fofliiiAsMMy kcaoti-elentlefflaw -^ - '^ 

2«<K>k withaniimMtlMad^onMi^bifMflMrr • -^ 

Spu. He jfields fmall comfort yet : hope he (hall die ; ^ 
And if A bttfeBWTt ^ifli V a ilU t fl te4 te^iccii - 
WoaMdltkeMmwen^«tAi^44iii»%tc9Me.^ ' « 
* iWc^; N^^tyj^r mttftlxifefrlBdeiMicat 
-* . Awonderln ftWOAanf «p6itt)F^lcBCes 
Qf Ikchlov^ iMHl^'>^tiMr !iiM^»ii3^^ 

1/ 3W^ik»<die ^ fefetef 'R iifcd»f<grtii t . ^ . - 
^Tifi the duke*3 plesfofe, thftt J(ifpi»iM<lom» « ; 
Shall take ftll^WlMf^^ii^*^^ 
Arape! wf^'twt&fri^fi«re^^h^ -i wv 
J>ouble adulteiy:- ' / '»' ' ^-^ * - -^ » f'v 

Cem8dtte$Mt!heldrdAiMtiil^lr^M% -^ 

" . Oz What 


}i6 W< i?Ciw?J»r'4 %5i^ 

7-1^. Why fldh «i4.blQ9<l mylonJ;' .J T;^n 
What ihould move men unto a ^pnuui du;^ ^ ,>^ ^ ^ 

£</. pdoiiotJeftthyioQml.truftiistMf^'^..^ 
Or fwoid too ^ : the law is a Wift fem^;, Jji^c ,|^^" ) 
tayi quickly can beguile thee pSikyt lite.' , ';^, _ , ,. 
Tho* goanj^ only has made t}iee. my bro^uor.,. . , 
I love thee lo far,, play not. with thy desit)^ [.,/ ,'{! ,^ 

7«f«. I thank you, troth; gopd admojuftipi^ ^i^j 
If rd the grace qq^ tojnalM^^e pf theuv, Ji^a l^C 

1/ 7V. Xliat la4y;* JM^mi^lw^ jpf^ %*> M>^ 
Oyer all Italy, ^ if out f Pflgu^ , . , . ,^ ^ ^^^ 
Were fparing toward the fta, judgment Mflf'^.^; l,^^. 
Would b< cofidcjnn^d, and fuffer in 4|iea>.tbm{^^;; ' 
. ^MM. Well ^n, ;|u% dme i and ^ ^4p!<J^ea|:^ 

Were it to do MffSn : fure lhe'4 » twMWi^M : V ^-.^i*; ^ 
For LUno jpier jojec >er, an4,^o %e,,^, ,^^ ^|^^ 
il falls oat true in this, for I souSt die ; ^^^^.^'^^ 
Her )wmty wa^ onWa;d i^ fic^flS^ ~ -c, : .,% 3 ,^i/^ 
And yet, methinks, J .WgJ>^ hfi,|Cffer Tcii'd^ 
My fiuilt being foprt, let jn«.,lwt die iaje^vj v - . ,(i 
ly? jMtL This be the fciitei;^r-Tr„.. ; .. ,..^; j^^^i^^ 
Da/ri. Ohk^'^^nyp9rt<^ei 1^^^^ 

I)eath tooJo9yfl»al^o#9f.4Mw*5^*P',f{ ^'>^r. tnA 

ifi7Md.:^maf^ mu^ par^cu^iu ix ,^ b^^:,^^ ^,^ 
•Tisbut the juttice of . tl^ hw^. ._ v.v^l^ clo,,?^ .^H 

Z)ltf«A. 13«vl?W. -•;«.. V^Mi.y.h' ,b^,b.-il 

ts grown moMiuboe.thanaJWQinan Jb^d^Mv ' ^ jf 
^. 2<Iowi now he 4ie8 1 xnt'i^tifK^. ,^ ^.j.. ,,;^ 

1/ 7«ZJj:f,fflotw*. wljf-r. ,.,, 1 „. jr,ri ;{j.^. ,5.;. 
J9atfr«. Pr^, be a,-bea, my low,, ,. ,. -„, ,^ --- : 

Amb. No. t.»aaf.Mi»«^, , ,. , .,. ^ j_,j„^^ ^,^i 
Your too x^wi^^sk*^»>?^'^Whf°mmmimlA 

iftjui. Let that offender— • ' r .. 

Dutch. Live, and fee iii healths ' .'' _ ,,^, 

ijfjuil. Be on a Scaffold— \ ' "'' ''- ^ ^< 

5^ir. Pox Ol^t • ' * . ? 

What makes my dad l^^eak now ^ 

DuJtf, We will defer the iidgmcnttiUnttct fictfag : 
In the mean dme, let him lekepc dofe prifQiici^V ' ' " i 
Ottard, bear him hence. - ' " '• ^'^ 

Ami. Brother, this makc^'for thte'j ^ ' "< [. ^. ' ^ - 
I'ear' notl wfe*il^ have a ti^k to (et teec ikfe; ; ; / ' - ^' 

7««. Brother. I will e^pcft it ffoifl ybu both ; 'aSd; ji 

5ir^. JPircwell, be Jncny. * {Exlf ^itp/a guard. 

Spm: DelavMT deferred! nay thenj, if jadginent'^havc 
cold bloody 
Flattery and bribes wffl .fan it. " ' ' • • ''. 

Dmk£. About ir^. then,,: my Krds, 'w!4 yonr feft 

powen; ^ . ! . . . .1 

More feriotts bafihefs calls upon our hbars« ' " TEiccunK 

' 'Manet Hutchifi. ■' .\ 

Duich. Was it ever known J^rdatchdKws^ (b s^d' 
And jcalm as I ? Some now would. (Ibi his deatK 
With ca(y doAors^ Aofe Ibofe-Bving meh, . 
And make-his Withered grace faB to his grave, '\ 

And keep church better. '*' ^. 

. Some fecond wife Would Ao tUs^ and'dxl^tt^ *~ ^ / 
Her double-loath*d lord at m«i or ffcep. ; ' '• ' / 
Indeed, 'jis tirue, an old man^s twice a^ilnlcl ;. • ' • 
Mine cannot (peak; one icff hs ^glewoMs -- ^ 

Would ^|uite naVifi freed my youngeft^dcirefttoft "'^ 
From (b^th or dmance,, ^nd have made him walk' ' ^ 
Witji a boldfobttlBOndie thorny Uw,' ' * - ^ i^' 
Whofe*pridiiiej ftibuldbo^ nndei 'ifih r Wt 'ft'ioi^ 
And therefore wedlock-fiuth (hall be forgof t - ^ ' 
I*U kill him in his foremd ;'^e there febdi ^ 
That wound is decgefl^- tho* it TMhrer bleed. 'V -'^•• 
And here coniei he, whdm'thy hdbtiksilnts )jflS^ * 
His baftardfon, but my loVe^ due begot s' '^ - ' . 
W^y a wealftjr letter have Iftni h£, - ' ' ^ ^' ^^'^^'- 

Oj Sweffd 

Swdl'd op with jeweb; and die tbA6rm§itiitk'''' ' ^ ' 
!• yet bttt coldly kind. '^ -'^ '^^^ ^ ^> 

liockng Jul i^afbr'a chQ»eft iOd vsiq ^ ^ 
H'a8^dmci»w. ^ .^ : -t •. . 

iSjpv; Maim, ymir grace ft ptiy«Se:^ -^"^ ♦ '. 

My dutr on yovrlttfid? ' '* » ' ►' ^ ^) 

X>atf^. Upon mj hzni, firf trdtb, 1 ttfiik-^^d 

To kift my lia«d too, if aylip toAd^cit/ / ' - -^^^ 
J><f. Wtmefirt w<irtd-irof,*iMaaiiJ '-^ :"'^'^ ''^^^^^^ 
DsttcK 'Tisa winder, * :^ '^^ '"'^' 

for certmony ]m made many feibli f *" . '^ - *'^.' 
Jl !r af eafy Spviiru^to a cfetdrdi; • * ' "^ ' ^* ' '*^^ 
Af tp a hatted dahie. if her love «riW^!^ * '"^^ - \ 
But that by timorous honottfs; ttafe W^eftT/ -^ ^ ?' ^> ^ 
Idle degrees df few;* inc»iw*e dleir i^ ^ ^'^^*' ' *^ 
Hard of tbeinieive»— What We yte^ tht)t^ %f^ii^P . 
• Jt^i. Madam! Ifev'^j'tliiiltoftdff^jrife 
Regard, and ' ' ' ''"' ' : '■ / f ^'^?:^^ 

Mr/&;*pBtr'ip<a!rt!^feMer^<fsrii:*. *- ^'■'-'' **«^'^. 

Tha^i lud : tojEi' s^ my fatherV \rtfe*^it>er grtot^y 
What I coukodl it. -. '^ i-'^""* 

*Tis a haid quefliofl wither h<? begot^tftW •'^^''*^ •^"'O v'l 
■ :S>«. *lfaiflb, *fii true : I'm art imcert«|ii k^, '^- v'^; 

Of more unceitaia woman. Ma; 

liable b«SO^i^» yOu knoM^ I Iciib' 

a horic weir, a flirewd iufticictoi i 

d'roi taD : l^e haf[ hiV togtfi, 'i^ft 

half (hut txii-ii:^ w^dow^, t&^^tdOtd 
^frfica hci^ a-fobt: ' - -^^ •"' ^'-^ ^-J;- 

He made i goodly ftow p)ider a geiit-hcWi^r *^ 
-And, whenhc'«a.]^'Bartt^J^^ 

ftttbers bafons.^ «J^: i ~^-'i 

'•^'V^ ' ^ -*i' You'll 

W Ina«c(r, lamabegg^. ^. .>...;,{,,,,„». r,^ 4 

Let it ^ firm both in tl^" &ori^KM^Jcai^,, .,.-^- 
Tbc tne dake' was tliv nther,^ n« dquot . . . ^ 

HeWd fiut foft, thy.^irjf is Ai^xvmil^.[^(,'-Jv : 
For h«r he <fUt thee a nght qiamooq, . , , ,;, ^,,^ 

'Tlkw1i4d'atJe«nne«ft^Jnt^.d4;cd^?»/lnj^,.t; ., 
"Whtohb worn feLf, like ageVeaivUaveV -,j,t i 

Had dropt ^•prih^.xoUet iMo ^'gr^. .'>. ^Z , ^W 

Whae wrong can e<w9l.yu»i' Cmft ^,be- wvs.; . •• 
Ai4:tlunkui*)fl*c^ . ^. ,^^^ . s- ^. - 

Sfu. No i ma4, .kji4-Apk u^ojCt . . . ... ; , 

Z>«/r/&. Who WouU obt b€ reyeiig'jljpfl^rupjyj^;^^ 

E'en in the woifty^yl 1 wfliul4 1 


The citfe <?lhf w^, tl^ejjtjief dMmJi'.'.'^ C t \ 
Besot agamfi thiejev<nth.conuhandm«»J» ,..;,..',, 4 . 

gr#i33£»t?^.?:'^*t^ ■' . '■ ■ •, 

Dji/ci^; Would tpi this m^ia e^eo p£ktj|f^\f (if». tmst blooi 

By dne felfe «&SI. da^ferit^^^ - ^V^ V ' ' * 
' ; . wrapt uiL '^ t -1 '^^ .- V 

Xfatft-tf. Faith now, old duke, bif yeffMJ^ iMU 

,r.':oi .IJ i 

-t.T **'^^****^^^*'g^'» &«?i*ji;;*/i 

t m - ^m^ • - m' '--- » "♦ 

* «>- •.«. JU- .«»«i ^^ . i. 

. « v» . ^ 

SfM^'TMie, tKott didA do ^e ¥f}^ii ^i 

aa, , — ^' — 

Adatarjr.if^my n4tiir«; " ' * . . 

ytfth, if the (mth were ltfioWn/V\^tcg5f ' 

Afin ibmc KlutootiOiu diBner, fomeftirrui^ ^Sh' '. ' ''- 

Was mjT&il £iudier; when deep healths went rduB^^' 

And ladies cheeks were painted red with wine, " ^ • . ' 

TMi tongues/as ftott knd nimble as their heels, ': ' : 

Uttering words fweet and thick i and wh^ they rcfc^^ 

Wert ilienaydifpd^ to fall aKun. Tr 

In inch iL wyfp*nng and with£awing Tidwr, . • '^' -' " -f 

When bafe m^e-bawds kept centmd^atjflair'i^ad^'r I 

WasIfternfofUy^ oh-^-Mumnatidn nv^, "] ,'" ^, 

The fin of feaftt, drunken adu^teiv, . / ^ '.'.'-'[ 

I feel it fwell me ; my revfenge is juft ! " ' 

S was begpt in iinpudent wine ancfluft., \\ . ," * A 

St^p.|notief» I cdnfent to ^y delires 5 "^ * ~* ; * . "^ :- 1 

J[ love thy mifcluef v?tIT, but I'hate thee,;. '^"'^ '" .^ ^^ ^ 

Aijd thofe thrfee f ubs thy fons, wifhing confufib|,|. , ^j"!/^* 

Death, knd difgfac^^ may' be fh<eir epitaphsV J*/. 

As for my brother^ tie <ni1ce*s only Ton, ,_"'/ /" ' V 

Whofe birth is inore beholdeh to report^ '^ ' " . 

Than mind, and yet perhaps as falfly fown,. " ' 

(Women moft not be trUfted with their, bws) 

I'll Ippfcmy daj's upon him, hate allVIf' " ^ ''i. ['. '." 

l)uke, on thy bnjw I'O draw my baftardy,: ^, ," ^' - " 

For, indeed, a biJlard' by nat&re thould ma^'cuckbl^ 

Becaufe he h the fon pf a cuckold-maker, " ^^ TL^^i^ 

iP«/<fr- T/W/V/ ^^ Hippolitit. VinTtct in ij^tff, to yt- 
tend L, Lujfurkfo^ the Jukfi Jwr[ '^* -' \. 
Vin, What, brother, am I far enougti from myfeu J'.^ 
Hip, As. if another nian had beph {enf whole r *. ' ^ . .- 
Into the world, and none wif! how he' caijie'. ' ^ • - • -- ^ 

r/ff. It Will copfirm me bold; iKe eMdoir courts ^ 
tetbluffies^iweirrth^ifountiy; Ifnpudenc>t^::; ^'^ 
Thou goddeis of the palace, miftrefs of niitfrelC^,,^ ] \ , 
To whpiA the coftly perfumM people pray, * ^ * J * " 
S^ttilCB thou my fbrdidad into dauntlefs marble,^, *^ * ** 
Afinit eyes to fteadyfaphire^. .'^o^ ^X vifag^ ; 
• * * • ' ' ' Afid, " 

AJ9i% K Ijpn^ needs glt9w, let p9 bl^hxfVBl^ ^ 
*rhad this iftimodeil feafon may not fpy ' *^ * 
Tiiat (cholar in my cheeks, fool balhfiiliieis i,^ .. . ^ 
That niai4 }^:Ac oldtix^Cj^ wjbiQfe. flufh of psf^ ' . .' . i 
Would never TdfiFer Ji^r to get good doat^. " . . J^ .** ^ 
Our maids are wifer, and are Ids alhamM i ; . / 

Save Grace tfie baw4> I feldom hear grace nam'4 ^ 

Htf. Nay, brothcrj you reach out oW verge novf^^ 
*S£6.ot, the duke's fon I fettle your loQk^ " . . \-\ 

Vin, Pray, let' me not be doubted. 

//i>. My lord , ^XJ^tatriulJu^^ 

Luf. HippoUto !— be |d>feqt^ lejivc ys. . /* ",' . . ':J 

mp. My lord, after long fearch^ wary inquirit?, ^ , 
And politick fifthigs^ I made choice of yon fellow, 
WJu>m I gucfs rare for many deep employments : ' 
This our age fwims within him ; and if Tune ; 

Had fo much hair, I ihould t^ke him for Time^ ' ; 
He is fo near kin to this prefent minute. »• 

£*/""risanpughi ' ^ . ' . ; 

We thank thee : yet Woirds are but great men*& bUnks ;• 
Gold, tho' it be ciumb, does otter the beft thanks. , ^ 

Hip, Your plenteous ^honour-r-Aa excellent fellow,.. 
my lord. 

Luf, So, give us kave— welcome, be not far off; 
wc muft be better. acquainted : pifh, be hold with us^^ 
thy hand. * 

Fim.. WitJv att. jny hearty i'f^th : how ^^K ft^'^'^t, 

- ^'mujk-catr . . ; 

When fliall we lie together ?* 

Luf. Wpnd'rous knave! . t 

Gather huff into boldnefs ! 'sfoot, the flave'd 
Alre;^y as famiHar as an ague. 
And Ihakes me at Ms plealure. — Friend* I can 
Forget myfeir in private \ but elfewhete, 
I pray.dp J^ Jf'cmcmber me. , 

Fin. Oh I veiVwelV fir— X(^»ftrMetDyf<irftQcy. ; 

I*/. What haft been? 
Of what prOfeffion ? _ . * .; ' ^ 

Fin, A bpne-fettef'. ' 

X*/.- A.!)t?ne-fetter J ' 

. i . .• >' t 

v <<?\ 

One that fets bonet togeiltf. ' .v/. ^^1 

Fit» fit for m»; e*«itfMi*d>9^foin7klBdr:. .....'^< i 

ThoaluA bacAfon^etertAAUdifclitlMtff'd^ li 

Vin. Fool Id abiiiMlan0e» fir: I tttre bcal«ittc& 
ToUiefvTQ»dmo£«tbMbatfvitg||is^ n - 

And not fe littfe. .. : 

I luve Teen pttriinoiiifi MAM ^|kfie%. . ': 
Fnut-fields tornM into baflardsx .1 

MA in a world of acres, . .: . ' ' . \ 

Not fo mach.dnft ll0« tjD Ae kdr ^flnrleft iiV r !/' 
As wdaldw^myd a petition. .11. 

^a^ Fitte¥iU«Mi! if«ttIGkelJxiiwo«fa(Mftlfyi. 
He*s c*en Ih^Ufor my pttrpioie.r-^Thca. tltofil }K±Miit\ 
rth» world ftnii«« loft I * 

Fi/f. ODutehlatl iblfoirfe fcft i . • 
Pninken prpcpead<A I whidi begefi (bnlfa]r dflintadlBf 
Some failinra dread tiot (gflpe /to M. m wki^^to fid^ 
&«& tha luQlkxt . \'--^ 

Andaling^dattgliter^n-Iairi . -^ 

Sbmeimdesareaaalterbuswitkthekniceesj 'H^ 

Bratfaers^.with brochen wiv^. Q lu>ur td laoeft f v^ ^ 
Any kin now^ next to the rim o'ti' fi^i^ . i " . 

Is man's meat in th^. dsqrs i Imd m tha moftdug^ ^ ^ il' j 
Whexkihe]r'are:iq»anddvoft». and thiirinafra»»i^. .: .il 
WAoi can. perceive this^ fayethat ewttBaf ejpi' ^ .: \ 
That fees thro' flelh andall? Well, if ^Am% to- 

tt will be twelve «'doek:at night $ t&at mdv«> - i 

Will never *feape ; ' .: 

ItJDi thcivHtoof'thjilioart, whoreiflt : . : r 

H^ncft fidvadon fejbrtrayii tofiiu ; :: :^ / 

Z:^. In troths it is trae:< buitJei:th«Ht^ gMSf/^ 
It is our blood to eir^ tho' hell flaps yvidfi^ . / ''' i 
Ladies know IxsaS^t fidB» >er fiffl are ^nuid^. > n j j7 
Now, £r, wert thoa ssfeoretAs thouTrt iid>tk^ .- >. >^ 
And deeply fathom'd into aU.e^te^ / y . :/ 

I would)inibi>ace.theeibr4iaeartB^lbymcnt^.. - .U 
And (hott flKWi^fmB in jnaiwy^ iaod ba ;aUd -i .: v/'^ 


To make lame bcggm ctoviiAii tSfiec-l '^'t'j ft' ^^'^ 
Fin, Myloi^ ' ' - ' *i?.'^*r-^^""/fO'' '^Hnxi) srO 

Secret! IneVrhadthatdtfekft'X^iadfflifV^ V^ ^ 
1 praife mrStxH^A^yfiitptJk mM fflade dtof(5^ - '^ <^^ t 
But tcikjiAtteK^titsfitt'Wkt ^>|ig^ " ^'^^ 

Your doftor may *f**4ff the Aihtt-i^thT wOBate|[ji ' '^ 
Bat, Blyiard*-.' \ " ' •' ' -^ '^'^ ' '^ 
!»/: So, tho«ft*'<t>rffitei*4itt'l^^ -^ ■ ' - ' ■« \ -*' -'^ ''■ I 
Aad thiflrl"efltct thee. • . '' ■ r^: ^^^ *^ -^^ ^ i. '-^ f:---! 
' ^*. TKis Itidian cfevfl .^-^ *^ '- ^^' '-• :^ iU %r.\ 

^» q oM d ^ C ttt q g irty tftahy tor a^ irfblitr;.^ ^^ t o): ioVf 

He prevents that, by entefiag t}i« ieyil litft/ > ' "^ ^^ 

Aiidl i^^ixQ or dppWii.^ Al^ffif defifw''' ' -^ ' ^ i 
Ate i^d'd « a virri& iiot ftr ft^thf cooft, * I 'x - * ^ ; 
To whom 1 Ixavt cdtMf^'^sy tfteflbfeek^ /v 1 • ^ ' "': 

Without the help of man ; all winidi siadiintir " • 
Sfc«, feoHfh thafte, fcftf bicfe j ti*»m€fibngfei^; ; " ^ 

Fiff, Bofibfe-f ' :^- *"' " *' . V* . ^ -"'.■•"> 

'TisararePhogfuik, v4iacHETfhebt, /- " '^ 
If yourddter be facH, flie ftrtcpugifaftr,^* "^ ' ? ri 4 
In trothVaaaylofd, Td be^re^enK*d'andmahyHw:^* •'' 

Ii^. Piiht tHfl'itewrf of iiet blood, '}X!!i&t^ :tof «3Ji» 

Are Wh too mean — good enongh to be bad: wl(hai. •► 
I'm one (rf fttft iiiirfabcr can defthd ' 'v^,; 

Maffiagt is good ; yet rather keep a ftittid. / ^ ^' 
Give me my bed bf tedthr— ^heife's tr^e de%|ki ^^ 'i "■ * 
What breeds a bathinoiSa^, but sd^ ta^iftdg^^i^'*^ ^ 
f7«. A^reiyrfeirreirgloil ^ -^-'J • -■ *^ ^i -^I -V. • 
Luf. Therefblbj' d|MMk ' ^^~ - -> j: ': -M^-. r. ,. :> 
m truft thed iiPtiebiififleft ^ iny hdfft|i '''c? ^ > ^ v. .^j i 
Becaufe I fed iheerweB e3q)eti«! W *" '*' ^-^ " .7 ^ .a >'^ 
In^this luxurious day t^^hereitt wc'bhfa^'r** ♦' '•* . ' '• '' 
Go thou, -atid wicU |i:fm'oaili iric&mtiifgton^l^^ »>^ >* » 
Bewitch kfiteairil^ omd pcwenha^ ^)lll;:^ittNr^'^^ >' ' *i ' 
yf 6 Ectft 

£nter upon the portkmof herfanti^ i/iiu::*^ q vrjsiq A 
Her honoor, which fhe calb J^ckb^kf^jj ;» / 1 '. ..u\ 
And htmg it ipttix^MBCU W l^docflf i. .^j ^ . c iq ou': ii 
b like a flock flfinimyJbQd (aikcf^ ^'i^ ^ 

Which ne*cr fo liuklhrokr^. 4oeB prntxiocf^i 11. ^ . / 

^jv. You havf giVt the taqg», i'^ikb^^jnjr'tftrdx 
Makctoaovm the U4/ to me^ aad |]^ hoqa^ ^ - '^ i 
Shall fwell with flrangc invention : '\ will jbiqpk. it^ » . y . 
Till I aepiie with^^oiking^ mA dxsxftifxwn ;./' 
yfjAuat a word to .we mo ■ ; feut rili»pdct>-'»*r v i j; c* 

L«/. We thank thee^ and will raife theemA0niiirc Jbti^ 
same ; it is the isaoif. tfanghftcr tf> jmadua Gmiaim^:^ilt 
late widow. . - c 

^i«. Oh» myfifter, myfifiecl-t* 

Zv/: Why doft walk afide? .. ^ .. . :- . .:. 

"' ¥im. My loid^ X was. thiddng how I mjj^b^n^ 
As thus, oh lady — or twenty hundred dences^ . :., •. -; 
Her yeiy bodkin wUI pot a man iiv ' i*\'- 

Lnf, Ay, or the wagging of her hair.., . \-i 

..jri]»..No, tiatihall.put.youiB,.my lofd^... .;* 

Inf. ShalPt ? why, contentr— Do'ft know:t])A datigk« 
ter, theni -' , 

f79. O excellent well, hy fights . v 

Luf. l*hat was her brother * - ' 

That did prefer thee to us. . .. >.^. ... i: 4 

Viiu My loid, I think (b i . .. i ; •:.■.: r.^V 
Iknew Thad fecn him fomewhere— . : ., wua-. ^li 
' Luf. And therefore, pr'ythee, let thyhciU^Ji^ 
Be as a vii?gm,clpiie. .. • . ;, *.. j,:>^ 

'■ViiL Oh, my good lord. . . .. J . -i. :/^'- 

■ Luf: We may laugh at that £mple ^ wltl^aiotfi^^/ 

Xi/;.Himidf faeiiog made.thq iAibtle^inOBialadnll .. w> 

To wind4lpia.]good^|ak)ii4r.*.' . i.::.: uu.ii i> jii;r[! ijoni' 

^ Fi». That's l^my lord*. - •./ / v- .;.!.. y/;..n ,).>* bnA 

Luf, That's ,thof^' •■; :■ . ■-■n *? ^r. iq :;a ijLCV/Jl 

To entice and wOkkhis fiSer* j:.. .. . ; , '; :v i r. .:.i; .J 

^jw, A pttt^iiovice } » -.. * :*!?:r\ 

Z,»/I ^Twas finely maaagMv. ... /-» ».* ^.i^" 

/7ff.,6alistotl^tajrriedl. .- --.. :. v ^ ,-:*u^ kir, vn- 

A pretty peifum'd viUaiii K: i i^ i; r.^q j.;. rr.^ij T:ir'i 

If (he prove chall^ itill# laJ oflUMfVinihhi^i' ^ A^ir.d h :A 
Venture upon the maifSiepj $uyimiikpSot^^^:^' .^ ^ li «!! 

/7/»« Oh^ £e/-^ that*5 the wroog end^' my . rorJl 
?Tis meer inqpofibie^ thsftainothex, by.aiQrgifo^flml4 
becomeaiiKttnltoherowiid&ughterl - . ;. * 

£ff/I Nay» cbciH I fee thqg.'4t hot.a.^iuiy;/iir^iid>tIb 
myftery, ^ « 'Woauuu-4«M^.?tis ^eld sow no cbMlJf 
diii 7 ihe'iiaaie .- -- - - k..^^.: -,•.'; "wl *, 

itTaln*ii0agtie.mikjgc^ that Qow ar^». ,v .ua 

It does ed^pie three quarters of a mother., r ;».{ 

Fi«, Does k fo, my losd^ /'. \ 

Let me alone, then, to ecHpfe-the iburdu ■ \ ' 

Z«/ Why, wellfaid— cobie^ rUMniOidife'S bntlirft 
SweartDbctnie:iaalL - ■ './o .A 

Fin. True! * * . .. .1;' .ii' 


Lu/. Nay, hativeat* w .,• . x • f * .-. •^.nl 
^MT. Sweat .U<.l^hop«^ yoiir houdor .litfe doubts 'bijr 

- Qtt(n«< » '•''!".« :\ 

£2/. Yet, for my homour^s hkt, ^caule I lov^fwearlng. 
Via., 'Caufeyoalovefwearing,,*dad,.IwiU^: >. ^ 
L15/I Why enough f .-';,* 

E'er bng look to be made of hcttecfeiC . :... ')' 

Fin. That wUl' do well indeoii'm^loxxL :r .'.\K \ 
Luf. Attend me. .'.-S, . ., ' <.., ji 1 

KowletWburft. I've eaten noble polfoir^ . ^d 

We are made ilrange fellows, brother, innocest^viUaiiis ?.' 
Wilriiotbeimgty whan thouheac'itim^^uk'flthau I 
lYakh thou ihsdt : fwear me to foul my &Skx, \. : . '< 
Sword; Idftril.makeA'pfomi&t>f,hjtt txstlWi '..I 
Thou (halt diiheir him ; it (haiibethioe'^niHUU.i^ v j' 
And ^et, now angiy froth is dtm* 'vtwtt ' m\V . r A 
It would not jprove the meaneft poliqr^^r .. :,; - V \^ ^ 
In this difguite, to try theisUi ofifaipidu ^. ^ 10;;^^ c . 
Another might have had the felf-laiBA oike ^ 
Some^hve, that would have:^foaght tfEpftually, 
Ay, and peAap o'er*wrought ^cmi^ xfa^o&fipj* . 
'ij . •• -. ■ Being 

.'•. t\. « 

t \ 

<> • 

Being thought tGiTjcl'da w^«J>pif «9^. -- f . - ,4 
Unto the fclf-faine form, fyrfgs^my.fmiMifg.^ r^ -.:•-:. i 
A« if no,Mrt idbcot mc weie Int^t •(W^f V { ."- - - >a 
So touch w^^'^tho'. I dttfft «tiR«ft f^go^b- : ^'•.: T 
YentiU^ AX.laadt i& torrea upou-tiif^ Hmld. ^ fBxSn 

Ant. XhzsffiM^etj toidl^' fBa4t)efU#k»^ffi^'* ' K 
Of a fair comdv l^uilding^ ncwtr tUl*!!^ v :!r: • .t m- '' 
Being felfdy aiwcnninM, ViD3«atwp»' . -; •- r.-! hrA 
HasplayM a|;loriottff a£S: .bdiqld» nrf.lcy^ . -t trt: J 
A iignt that firikes xaxa, o^t of oml • • .*■.->• r - ' 
.. A>r». That Ttttnoitt lady ! t : ^ -*.. ^ 

• ^. P n e cdl ei it fefr wives'! - :• iir- ; 

H^. The bluih of suny wpme6»: iirfai»^ eK|l4ril»^ 

WoaU.e^Qi call ihaxne im to thefr dw^k9|. ^ y, r ,^ -* ,q 
And make pale wasxon finftcniiitYe gfSx) colo^n**^ . < 1 

Ant, Deadl . . iv ^ \. 

Her liDmmr iirf^ jrank<poxU)h/ Jiad he« Gfe, - ; 

Bring fellotirs in one hottfe, ()icl plqdge h^r IkMl^^ /. 

fiir^ O grief of many J ^ .^ ' . ., ^•» , 

Aftti I mark'd'iiot this before: " . • • /'j !, \ • 
A prayer- booje; thajtiihriAr to Jiet dnitk : .. ^ - \. . • v5. 
This was her rich confcfluon j and anotiier *^\ _ - •> 3/'^; 
PlacM in her right hajid/ with a le;^ ^tt(pk.'d iq^-^ ^y ;| ;' 
Pointing to iheie wrcls ; ," "" . '^ 

Melius *vtrtute morif juam ffr d^deatr9fi^ef^T . : ■ ; J^ 
Tme, and effefhial it is indeed. i'- 

Hf^f . My lordj fine* ypu inrite vb tp yo«jf JCbiinniifttf : - f: 
Let's truhr tafte *ienj, that with equal coniforff ; .j: :-i:c. 
As to ouifclvcs, we may rclicv-^jwur wr«iig%.^l inim^bL'i^ 
We have grief too^ thatyc(tTvaflci>^^ 10 

Grr^r /^x;« U^uuniutp, majorfs^J^Mf/nttm .., [. .^ . •. 2 A oT 

^«/. You deaf with trirth, my lord. ^ . .^ \ !. ' » 
ICi;id me but Jour atten^nsy and I'll cut . v *^ * 

Long gri^f into fhott words, Lait re)reUi^^iiJ|Mf " . 
When torc&light']x»de sm astificU am^ v/l** aa 

• About 

About the couxt; «»«cW»ti^rf iit tfiVfeiiftl- ; -' r^ ^'i 
Putting on betftBi-Aeig tt«ff tteiTWii^, ■ .'^ "' • ; ? 
Being fall of fisUkT. sir&i«i)ttapjri aihongJ! wKJinI/' '' '^^ 
The dutchclfif 7!t>ffiftk«flMbfA {tlitt indtit TO IipnouB ' ' ^ 
Pft^ up a fwsff, laM^ WftH'lohg M to t?at ."; • • * ] 
Into my wearing, amongft all the ladies ., ./ 

Siigled out thkt ^estffbfA/ who ever ny^d' \ /!* 
Ascoiiialtrftas^ihe is now hi deaths \ -^" ^ 

(Which that Itep^dwflifefs monilcr knew llbo vnHStS ^ , 
And thwfbw/iftthrh«ght<rM file r^cW -'• ^ • 
IfWsai mufick was Ili?4i»dl6tfa^ courtiers biificft^' '^ * ** 
And ladies great ^t^ laiighter— *0 vidous minute ! ' ^ 
llift Ihif fM^f4lati^W bte ^poM df : ] -^ y [ "// 
IT^eft, with face more impudent than his yizar^» 
He huny^d her amidft a throng of pandei^. 
That live upon ^tmrnuioiif of both JSoAi^i 
Andrfad the ifev^iiOus Vukure of hiyluft. ' ' '* 
(O death to thmk on't !] ihe> her honovf forc^i^' , . 
Deem'd it a nobktf'Tttewiy foi»Tier htihe'; 
To die* Mtbpoifon,;than tolWe with flume. " ^' • .; 
' Hif, A wond'roui lady.t of rare Ere compaft; 
S£^as made her name an emprefsby that a^^. 

Fier, M^' fotd, what judgment follows the offender 1^^ 

Ant. Falfh none, my lorcC it cools, and h defi^r'd, 

Pitr, tklsiy the dooiii f^ rape ! 

Jnt. O/youmuft note who ^tsi^loold die. 
The dutcheis* fen ; fiie^l look to be a faver ; 
** Judgmeitit, in this age, is ndfc Itin to favour.** 

Hip, Nay, then, flep forth thou bribdleis officer % 
rjU bind yott'^in Aeel^ to bind you f^rely ; 
Here let vour oaths meet, to be ke|^ and paid« 


Of fufcl a Ife^pe^Mf, feVn bcfoi'e their feats 
To let his foiu out, whkh long iince was fo^md* 
Goiky. in heaven. V* 

JIL Wefwcat'ir, andiviUaftit.' ; ; 

Jfif^ kiftdigeirtldiiciij; I thank you lii |ttl^e,ire, \ 

l^.Twere^-^ -'"•'• '■ * ' ^' 

'%:A^ ' The 

The nam of So hSr a montrnimr ^ , ^ 

SliouMiiot be drpit !ft th£ defaccr'^ Woo4. * ' ; ^- 7 -. . 

/*tr^. Her fuDefal ft^U be wealdiy ; lot 1^ nun^. ^ , . 
Merits a'ttttib of peaUrL My lord Antonio, 
For tUi tane wmyont lady from yoijr eyes i ' / . 
No doafat our gnefand yours may one day opurt i^ 
Wlien we are more familiar with revenge. . . 

jiHt, That is my comfort, gentlemen, and I Joy 
In thiiL one happineis aboye tbe ref^ 
Whidk will be call'd a miradc at.Wt. 
That, beinganoldman,. rdawirefi}€fta&e*\t'^4^«i«^^ 

A£t. IL Sceir. n 

* ■ 

Cafi. T TOW hardly fhall that maiden be Wfet,^. , '" ; 
J' J, WhofeonlyfortuncsarcherconUantthpt^^t^' 
That has no other child^s part hot her honour^ 
That keeps her low »id empty in cftate!' . . * , • 

Maids and theirhonoors are like poor bejinfien ; ' ' ;, '^-i 
Were not fin rich,^ there would be fewer liiiften : '^[ * , ^ 
Why had not virtue a revenue ? Welli * " ;» * 

I know the caufc, *twould have impoyerU&*(i Scft-^/[, \,, 

Enter DonddU* 
Howiiow, Dondolo ? 

Don. Madona^ there is one, as they fay, alKng of 
fleih and blood, a man I take him by his beia^d^ thak:. 
would very defiroufiy mouth to moutii wtt^ you. 

Caft. What's that? . ; '■ /; ' z':^''^ l\/^, ;; 

Don. Show his teeth inyourdomp^: :.;.:\' :; * . ';V" 

Caft, I underftand the^ not. ., /-'..,' r ' 

Don. Why fpcak with you, madofta» 

Caft. Why, lay fo, ipadn^an, .and c^t off ^ 'great deal*', 
of dirty way : had It not. been better fpoke. in glrdifa^ 
words, that one Wjpu^i^eak ]^it)i ;[Djpi^ 

^'^-•- 'i>^/' 

Am. Ha, ba, t}iajL'$ as ^ixSnanr a» twp OuIGog^ t 
wottld^firive a little to ftioW my^felf jji niy^pbceV a. genr* 
tknum-uflier fcbms to ufe th^ fhrsSt and fiuiqc oJT.a ,7 

Cr/. Yours be your own^ fir i go» diroEl hua luther i^ 
X.lK>pe feme happy tidings from my brothcTi^ 
That lately travelled, whom my foul afFcfis. 
Here he comes. 

Ettttr Vin£ce htr brother ^ Hfguifid^ 

Fin. X^ytthebeft of wifhestoyourfex. 
Faiir iiuns'and new gowns. 

Cajt. Oh they fl)^ thank you, fir* 
Whe^fcCithis? . : . - ^ 

Fin, oil, from a dear and worthy friend. 

Caft. From whom ? 

Fin: The duke's fouj 

C#/f. Receive that. * [Abex oUht tar t$birbmbir^ 
I fwore I'd put anger in my han49 
And pafs the viigitt limits tsi my fidf. 
To mm that next appeared in that bafe office^ ^ , 
To be his fin's attorney. Bear to him / v 

That figure of my hate upon. t\^y cheek . . ' ,. .' 
WhM 'tis yet hot, and I'll reward' thee for'tj 
Telhhim, my honour fhall have a rich name. 
When feveralliarlots fhaU ihare his with (ham^. . 
Farewel ; commend me to him'^in my hate. {£x//« . 

Fh. It is the fweeteft bo^r. 
That e'er my' nofe came nigh; 
The fineft draw- work cuff* that e*er was wpm 1 
I'll love, this blow for ever, and this cheek 
ShaOJ^r hence-forward taJce.the wall of this. . 
OIi'/rm*abovc nfiy tongue: moft conftarit filler. 
In this thou haft right honourable (hown t 
Many are call'd b^ their honoar,thaf h^ve none i 
Thou art approv'd for ever In iny. thoughts. . . * 

It is not in the power of words to taint thec^ . 1 

AiyJ jre^for the falvaiion of my path, ' . 
As my refolve in that point,^ I will lay . . , 
Hard fiege uiito my mother, tho' I knoyf, . , . . i 
A Siroi's (QDg\ie could not bewitclther {fi 
. ^^ ^ ' - Mafi, 

Madame good aftet»aOft^ . " i i 

^ ilffffifr. jr*«io.mlcoi9e) irr l 

Fm. Tkt next of Italy, commends kimTt^'ytP^ /*r 
OvIQ^<)^6ift£^atiOI^ i9iedujte*slbfi; . 

M^/i^ I tlunk mykU mx$cik kenoti/d^tiist iv^b«&r 
Torankmebilitt'tlMWgjto. ' « 

r/ff. So may yoa, lady : * 

Tiie crown gipes* for )te evory tiSc* «o9^dM|l^^ ) . A 
Commander o'er us all» do but driiijtf (fa hinoC^^^ • ^^ 
How bleU were thef AowHi*! eooU j^fa^^ Wz«^ .h:^, 
£*enwitli any thing almoftf . •» -' 1' /,, f: pv 

Metif^ Ay^te^'ihrW.JIoiMwf. '^ :. : 

r/if. Tut^ one would 1«( a little dT All {;!» i^j ,.^ 
And aeViieieen in't : a*v bf iW ill% sdtfitMtV.J i; 

I^wiiik.a)id-l0MtfSH: — .- - ''i ry\h - 

. Afitift. Many but I WtmU, wr» ^ ' * - >! . ^;\ 
:. Fm. J^a|^te(iiw««14 jl :bttp«f Iteow JtcmvWnlA 

• • too,'..-- ' • ••• - ■''•.*.•:■'', 

If you*d ttia^ bk>Qil^«r nMfftb y0^ 8»reySMsr49A|^^ 
To ber indeed 'd^ tbii w&#ei«oiM>«bO)iir ' 
Tbat man iliatmiift be ^Skt^.f^A^t^frMU 
(For his whitefai^er do> but modld ft«^y.:/r) \ 
H^ long ddifM 31W1: daoghter.^ - r r :•- - / ■?. T 

^wr* Nay, but hear me,» • '\ , 

He defiresi^QW^ that will ddmiM^j^iieflftcil^./ lr/7/. 
Therefore 4)rwtfei f (fecak'armoi'r^ ft-iiwj- . * / *. 
To you thgn Wmt-i: ni«&m, I* ldrfow'5l>a'«:^»Qt ;. T 
And (lack the daf !> thm ute-tod" maibf ^foot lac^d^ 
ready, I' , * ; . ; . * 

WhymfHiUyoil WX^^heii^rtwt l 

Live w(^thy, rightly underiMdntke iwrwfi^A .^.^rv 
And chide away thit fooliihrtxifl^Jtry'gW ■ ^f{T ; •'^ • 
Keeps coipaiiy is^A yottr *tti jhetfe xiMtfi .' „ *> , :. t 
Moth. Ofie, fiel^hetichesofthefwadiwifi^ 

mother to Ib^ k tsSoiVo^criAMS tifc. ; \ 
T/Vr. No, b«la! thouland aingeb can 1 * :>" * 
Men have no power, aftgflu m#-writ,|r«i*rtr : : u!'': * 

ikrtfT* TWi 

That forty angels can make fowrfcote ic^rS^: ' 
There wiU be/OoUftill I i5*4c^<*:--iffi!Hfifcr? " "^ ^^ »\ 
WouMrtopOo^,'^*J#Rea; f€«^MoF» ' 

Swept from the pBkxSt; iiM'fce^tHeTS''davgHtia/s" "'} ^ ^ 
Spi6g 'Wkii'iihii^ dat^VAhe co«rif,' hftViit^ ihine ^wtr ^ 
So much dcfir'd-aftd lov'd-;455r tSkb dt^?t Jok f '^ • '^ 
tkif 1 woold fa^e'my ^t^tt^n her ht^s/^j ^ * . ^ . ' 
And call her eyl»»iy tenants ; I'wmiSld tmmt ' • • ' 
My yearlf Ufatitunatide iJpon her cheeks;* '"' ^ ^^ \ 
Take coack bj>dii hei* Ifp ,• ind aH'hrt^* mtts ' ' - ' 
Should l{ie«p.!<er mdtt^ iM'I'i^nld'iAd.^' ^ ''? 
In pleafure upon plealore. * •'• ' . '^ • ^* "^ .''' ^^ " 
You took great pains fpf hior, briitf' When iftfes,. • ' / 
L€tWl^^Jlte%W,ihcrtlefcet^^^ , 

You bni^ght keg Ar% flta^ tof weO BHhg^^ b6li)h 
JM;i/i&. O heavens! this o'ercoimi ft* f - •' V 
f7if. Not I hope already ? f^''* 

- us, • . '• ' - •; t^ifc 

He toAift^d-nitfilte^,* ttiiaftf tty irirtdes Bfttey • • '•^ ^ , ,. 
Wliiii'll»'lDl%tte^riid)^tt^n0k)rt)o^r<!lbM^^ -'^^ ' ' V 

r/«. I e*ea iqaake «0 proceed, in/ fpiHf hu^ e^^^ 
I fear me (he*s umnodi^r^d; yet Fa ventufti.' ' **' 
'< That woman is all male, whom noAe can eniet/ 

Wiitthiijffj^rft^lifajrf^eikiferey^ ., 

Whatfaida*wiCeto#fttttrfoo?'Atf8it fidd*,' • * *• ;. 
The dHK^terVftlMff&TOitert^tjtfierVfieJi*: 

■I)^d:4<'^c«fl*I<ftt^^wtraf*gw*h '^ ^ ' ♦ * : 

In many places: tut, diis age fears no man, ' ; 

•• 'Tis Ti6 Vmesetti W l«B4.^t«CJiiifiF "tfe tdifamdft; ' ^'f 
Moth i^lfcK'^Acr-CirfaWkOT't:'^^'* --^ • ' '^ ■'/' - 
^iV. The eoAlftfrtiPt>f »* ' ^' '* -' ' ^ ^^''^'^' '^^ ' ^ '•r'^: 

I keep tfee be^Wiafti(?*ii!feft^pciro«)& y«*!^ '^^ ^ '^ 
Jiffl/i^. Ay/.^aiJcfc jrf**tk^«-^* • * ^^ ' *>" *'' '**^' ' % 

-*> Th«Ci 

5^4 TBemienge/stfhg^^. 

ThtStutiktwt90$ dise govcro ogt »iffgftiffltc-;<Mt 

^""W"*** ^ /.-> I 

WiQ not ftpe ttddbkd with Ae ii^pO\ct Ipq^p 

Thatfettdietomfdrtabkfluneof you:. , , i f\^^ ,- 
I hbaSOL to think what fot your lakes Hi do. ^^ ^ 
rw. O faffering heaven ! . with thy invi^hl^' ^^^it 
B*en at ite inftaat turn the precious fide, . / ^ ., ... c 
Of both' mine eye-balk inward^ not to (ec o^yfj^.Q^i^^ 
M9ib. Look yott^ fir. ':..rirvvy*MM'f 

/V«. Hollo. V-' ?/-.b -"'i^ r. " j" 

Motb. Let thh thank your pains, . , .;;, ,,- ,.-, 
Vim. O you're a kind fl^dam. ! . , \ .,^ i ^^.\^ 

JMiif^. 1*11 fee how I can move.. ^ ^!. ., ,^, ,^,'1,' 

^iV. Yoior^woxds will Aing, * ^',^ 

Jlf«fi&'. If Ihe be ftia chaft^I^ p<tr caIth^i^;si[M;»/ 
/7«. Spoke truer than you lnd^U it. . \. , ..^. ./.,v 
* M9th. Dattght^ Ca j >ig a, v V,l« • 

: TA: O, fceVyonder, * ? .; ! .; ^^ ,. ^; ^ 

Meet her : troops of cel^fthl Ibldidrs g^urf lies )ieatt» 
Yoir diauL has devils enottgl^ to take her part.^ '_ 

Caft, Nfadath, what makes yon evil-o£c*d ioa^ [ 
In prefence of you! . ^ \' 

i/(rfA. WhyJ . ' ... 

IGff/. He ktcly brought * / .:; J..:Vc 

Immodcft writing fait from tt^ dike's, fon^r^; :^ :.^.^,.j 
TLo tempt me to dHhonourable adl. ...,-, j 

M0/i&. J>iihonottraUea£t?^--foed'h^dui^i]!TV^^ 
That would'fi be honeft^ catiie cfai^a woold^ii be Tq,., 
Producing no one reafon bat thy will^ . . ,.. « , •* 

And ^t has a go.od report^. prettHy cclmmende^^ ' ,!.. . 
But praj^by whom?>or^^^ ;, 

The better fort, Tm ISre,. GOinoc abide it ^ . ..„ ^^.^^^j -y 
And by what'n4clh6uld w^ fQoare oilt o'^iTjit^^! A ^'r, 
But by our b^h aBibas^r oh; itAoh Imei^^f ^'^ J.'.^ ^ 
What t'wcjc to toft k;^ tlK)uw6ulinii¥|6j ke^^^^ , 

But thereof a eoH turfe laid'uTK>n ^ maidv: \ '\ >^ - 

Virginity is paradif« \<K^d up. /^ ^ ' 

Yon dbiibttoiiiibi^yoifjOwesw&houtftib ^ 

h; .^*%A^ 


t <* 

AiA 'nns dcct^, that;ipAp,flipitI^ kei ^ lmluy^!,,,^ 1' 
J>Mij'^van'ceinfijit ! ureaiurc! the duke'i^!,. 

Cajl. I cry!.-i^t l.flJJjQQ)(.jfiHV;.,, ..i'V 
Pray did you Me my mpther, ^Jucli.wftf -W9» yw %i I'l" 
Pray God I have not loil. IiM. !• •, ,.:;■> J 

rir>. Prettily put by r .\ 

JtfoAk '.Afcyoiias-proud'tafo;, ascoy M.liim,? .. 
Do you not know me niaw > . ■ . . . l i ■'! 

Coy*. Why, are yoaiheJ , . . i >_".f. 

7Ke world's To chang'd, one fhape Jnto anoUu^,! - , .. 
It isa wIEb child now .that JcAQi^ Mr ^Fj^cCri >-..U 

Tiif. Moft right, i'/aith, . . j .. i ■: . - .a 

ifa/ifr. I owe youi cheekily hand . .. w 

For that prefumption now, but I'll forget it J, ^ 
Come, you fhall leave thore'chUdifl^^vioifn); '.,;\ 
And ondcrllaad yoiv tinie^ Foruutes flow tq yffiij .- 
■W■hat will you be a girt j , .' - -.U 
If aQ fear'd drowning that-fpy wavei aJhorCr ' . , 
Cold wodd grow rich, and all tti<;JBercbaD|^ poor^ '^ 

Cafi. It is. a pretty laying 1^. a wicked 4»Vv '"'^VK*' 
""'thitiltStiow^ . ,.' ..". ' ' '., .,..,-. 

It docs not Ihow to well out oT your moutl^ 
Better in his, ' ,.,,.. .-„ „• 

Fig. Faith, bad enough in both, .■. 

Were I ia eameft, as rU feem no It^ ^ ■\>t40': 
I wonder, kdy^^ui^Own nw4^'^ W^n ; - . - . :r i'. 
Cannot be taken, nor Sand jn full torce.', ; „ .'.r.v^- ... 
'Tii honeily jrou Higfej wW's hooel^ ? . . .- ;., ■• 
*Tis but heaven's bcgger ^ and. what >vainui u.-£a fooUllt' (' 

to keep honeuy, .- . , 

And'benoti rfelff iuV.. 

Times ue g «1 wiQ JuKp^ chiugiii,..' 

A maid that WDoyt-ff'"-^- 

To break w ^ ]fflei'|q^kBafct ■ ■ . ■. , .\ 

HowbWt^i vtMff^g&^mfi i^,. ,1 ■■ : 

Othenin^' % yOUIqflM ••i',A : :< : '-' 

Dade the w^ ^»0i j^ifilsj andfie^OflBX EWel?'— " 
Stan at yobr prelence;' , , i kici ■ a^-jLi^ 

_ JWii/i. 01i,^.I^W(^cj^H^IJ^uli^jjija}i;^'l^,i 

Vim. 'Siid. how aui you lofc jrour honour, ^^ ^^ "-'^« 
To deal litkk flif ford's grace ^ ' v^ hv.^\*A 
He*lt«ddmoi«teiio«rtoitbfhbtltte; ' ^ ';*'^a\ 
Your mother will tell yon how. ' . . ^-i -.^ 

Moth, That I will. • u'.-l ^ 

Fin, ' O thh^c uposthe fltefire <if the palaee f 
Secur'd eafeand^ate! the fthrriiig^ iiita(», > 

Ready to monre out of the diflies,^ffte( e^rii isyyv^ qdd|M 

when they^re eaten ! . /v - \.. 

Banqiiets^hawdfaytotdi*'!^! tftifllief'lt^^ ' - 
Bare-headed Tafials^ that had sif^crilie'^iWiH! • ■' 
To keep on their own hats, but kt horns Wear '"^^ 
y ine coach^e-wiatiB g ■ h !irfy,hiarty,4tnl»y'^^'l 

Cafi. Ay, tothedeYil. 

FiMi. Ay I (a the Abt^ 1 'to th** <Mce» fay 'my ^h. ' 

Motb.PiYy to the 4ake:daifghter,y^^ii Hickn td &fbk" 
o'the derB^' and you were thtre once. • • 

Vht, Tntt^ for moft' there at«<i3]Mi0i!d «^ ife"for hli^ 

' heavt« t'iairfi. [i^. 

WhoM fit at home in a nefkded room; " 
Dealing her ihort-KvM heanty to th^ pi^t^^ ' 
That^re as ufdefs as old x|ie9, when thofe 
PcM^ecin £ice and fpitnnethan herfel^ 
WaUc ^vith It hnpdroi aeivd' bn-theiiHbades^ ' ' ' 
Fairmeadaw9eottntogreen'f<iiie;-partsl-»«*oh^ •'' •'' ^ 
it was the grcateft-fal^qg e ye rkaj jtci i^ trti^ iw h iiljS '^^ 
A^^eQ^fstfrnen fonaagreed, aRdmct tpi^V "^ ' ' 
To* waih their hands^ and come np gett^ toi iCtt ! 
l*he common-wealth has flourifii'ti^ erer fince t -' ' ' 
Lands that^eby the rod,. that bibotii'i^l^ar'd^ 
Taylm lide down; and meaftrrr^dm-bjr'tho^sMi ' 
Fairtjees, i!^ dmfAf-^xenxffi bfw'lteWv^ * '^^ i 
Are ctt^ (0^ maintaif^ head4tini$-Mnik:hvQni3S^ ^^ 

Allthriyeihtottia*ity, fcelic»*«Afc ' '[^ ^ *^**' 
IMay, ihall I oome nearer toyoirt nuMt bnf^4ft^ 
Why^are there fo finir hQn^W0ttte&;;Mt liMfjdkf^^ 
the poorer prtfMbn^tint'b^seeoiitited MI:i<|iitaX'S^4lM 
ibUow^d ; leail.i^tradc^ leaftin^KOyfi^i 4a^4haf^!^M: 

"•■^ • .^ ^ - * r 

price of it: .^ ; , ,; . ^./ ^-..s. .- - .... ,. ..i; j.;-,.* *!, ..\. 
Lofe hut a pearl, tut fi^n^^ cmrnn h»^9k fe j^* '» > 

iW<7/^. Tn>tli Jie i^»<rM. v 

IhavecndurUyou with^«4pdffr^j - ' 
Vour tongues l»«e4i>uttk«hotiro»s on-noy fece' ' • ' 
Mqjjier, GQs»e from Ihat.foiftttiousVonMin Wfe ' 
. Jl/tf/J. Where ? ' ..•,;...' 

Save, wnaJ^rt»Ay4ifii««<r3««»lw*wwt^ ^ -A 

HimCf^rth to make the mother a difeafe, 
WitiKh:!ii£:^m«riAw&, yet-Precmtgon^ycm: - 

iJft^ l^^ ^^ ^"^^^^ --^^"^ *^^^ ^^s ^wer, 
4^y loaAAfta h«iJi^i|i«<^koiiie,'when-to 
Condiias Wm this wiiy J I will fWay mine Wfi ' 
Women.wkh woBic^-mwo* bdl alone, - * fyw/* 
r/». Indeed rU tell him fo. ^ • 

O.iniarei9navj}y..moii» iottittUflBl, 

T^nthofe bafe-tided crctttecr.tfart look idbwft ward' . 
Why dtf«».nocii«|fi»t!4m%k«k, or^im^ • 

Undo the MlMd1-^Hi*y ddea-iiotaswh- Itoiu^ . - -. 
And IMto. tte J&i(h4ha« tmd ppcm'^ ?-^h, ^ 

HeU would look iaw^*3(ir4^s-grcat kitchen, withbut tak 

That they^fljOPld be t\itteok*to.taed»at.nan. lEkit 
Luf. l«uch g^fcwi' % 'judgaw*; -thovr «ft well 

^ #>. Knave ia your face, xo^ loid, behind y«ur bactf. 

3^6 Wr ti£^engef^s Trageif. 

. Luf. And I orach tbttk tlife, diat dtooteft pnftr'^ 
. A fellow of difcourfe^- wcU mingled^ 
Aad wbofe biain time hath fiafon*<L 

Wf, Tnic, mvlord. 
We iWl fixid fea£ui once, I lioi»--0 viUaiB ! 
To make fuch «n onnatiual flave of me !— -bat«^[u^Gdfr. 

Zi^. Mafsy here he comes. 

Hif. Aod aowihall I have fiiee lesve to depait. 

Luf. Yourabfence, leave us. 

Hif,* Are not toy thoughts true ? i4fi^* 

I iquft remove ; but^ brother, }roo may flqr. 
Hout; we are both made bawds Aaew-mnd my ! 

Luf. Now we^xeaa even muBber, atluidman^s daa- 

/her brother} — &y, befipee» 
Have I a pleafure toward*— 

yin. Oh, my lord! 
' Luf, Raviih me in thine anfwcri mrtthou rare? 
Haft thou.hegufl^d her of fidvation, 
And rubb'd hell o'er with honey ? is flie a woman } 
* Fin, In all but in defire. 

Luf. Then (he^s in nothing«-I bate in courage tiomjt 

J^/«. The words I brought. 
Might well have made indifferent honcft, nau^kt^ 
A light good woman, in thefe days, is chaqg^d.. 
Into whhe money with leis labour &ri 
Many a maid has tum*d to Mahomet, 
With eaiier working ; 1 durft undertake 
Upon the pawn and forfeit of my li&» 
^Yith half thofe words to flat a Puritan's wife* 
But ihe is dofe and good;-— yet *tis a dOubt by this tuM 

oh the mother, the mother! 
'' tuf, I never thought their fex had been a wonder^ 
Until this minute. What fruit from the modicr? 

Fin. Now muft I blifter my foul, be fcufwosm 
Or ihame the woman that received me firft. 
I will be true, thou liv*A ix>t to pr OGlaim# . . 
Spoke to a dying man, (hame has no fiuuoe. l:Afidtk 

My lord, r ; . 
- , »» . • f #» 

Luf, Who^s that?^ 
\ #%r; Here's none but I, mjr lord. ' ■ 

i»/. What wodd thy Iwile utter ? - 

Fitu Comfort. ^ -^ 

Luf. Welcome. - • 

Vin. llie niaid being duUj having QO mlhd to- travd 
Into unknown hndsy what did me I ilraigkt. 
But fet fpurs to the mother ; golden fpurs. 
Will pat her to a. faHe gallop in a trice. 
. jL»/. Is*tpoffil^that:intl»8> 
The mother fliou'd be dainn'd before the daughter ? 

Yin. Oh» diat^s good mannciSy xssf lord, the miptbftr 
for her age mufl: go foremoft, yon know. 
* Lnf. Thou'fl: ippke that true ! but where comes in this 
' Vin. In ailne place^ my lord,*-y^the unnatiiral«4iai- 
ther . ^ . ' . : 

Did with tongue fd hard befet her honour, v/ . . 
That the poor fool was ftruck to filent wond^f . 
Yet ftillthb maid^ke an ur£ghted taper, < . . v i ', ; ^.: 
* Was cold and chafte, fave that her mod^er*8 breathy 
Did Uow fire on her cheeks : the girl depaited; ^ 
But.the good antient msu}^* half mad^ threw me 
Thefe promifbg words, which £ took deeply note xi, &. - 
My lordfhall be moil w^lcoone^ . , . ; , . . 

Luf. Faith, I thank her. . . ^ , ' 

Vin. When bis pleafure.condufts him Hsca wfty. .; 

Luf. That ihall be foon, i'faJli. i , : ; . 

Vin. I will fway nuneown-^ . 

Lu[, She does the wifer; I commcfidher for!t. 

Vin. Women with women can work bdt alone. 

Luf. By th^ light, and fo they can $ g^ve 'cm their do^' 
men are not compaxaUe Ig *em. . . 

Vin. No that's true, for ydafluitt.iiaife one wconaa^ 
knit moreinanhour, than any. aancanravel again in 
loren and twenty year. . ' . . -^ 

Luf. Now my defiresarehap^,.ril make -em free« 
men now. , . * - 

Thou art a predous feUbw, fidth I lovftt^^i 
Be wife and make it thy revenue; beg, bcf ; . . /> 

Vol. IV, , y : Wirt 


5 J • ^e fUvenget^s TrageJy: 

What (Ace could*ftthoiibratftUti6ii^ for ^ ' ^"^T 

Fiti, Office^^ my 'JordJ .Bonj if 1 rni^kt -(^v^ i^jr 
wUh, I would fiave one that was never 1)t^*d^ ytt, V ^ > 

Zm/. Nay, then thoucan'ft have none. ' -'-'' ' -^ \ 
: Fm* Vesy myloni, I conid pkk oat another ^oftce^ 
yet» nay an^ keep a horfie and drab nfottt. 

Ltf/. P^'ythee, good Uostnefk; till me; 

Fin. WhylwMlddefirebotthis, mylord, tah^fS^ 
all the fees behind the arras; and d^tltt^fiiitliiiig^es.diat 
fall 'idnBj^ ahotft twchre a c&6dcact tS^t %^it& xnfh^^ 
•. XV** Tboifrtanad,a|»i»riienftTcfaiaveidi[Athin^ 
Biake any great purchafe of ^aaf 

Fin. Oh 'tis ait -naioidwn thing, my ferd, I wonder 
f has been mi&M fo long. 
* £»/ WeU» this a^ I^U vifit her, and tis tmtHiM * 
A year in my defires — farewefl^ attend, 
Tmft me with thy irefenn^t; ' * * ^Eiefn 

Fin. Mylav'dlordr ' 

Oh ihall I kiU him o'thHmmg i^e now f no f 
Sward; thOQiKrast never a badc-biter y^i; 
rn pierce Urn to his £k»» ke ihdl die looking npoame^' 
Thy vcjnaare fwdl'4 wit& lBft» JiBS ^all im& "em. 
GrcatincB tPiHm gada» if begger^ cosM not ksM Ntt^ 
Foqnve^ me heaven^ to calt tof modier wicked>l \ ' '« 
Oh leffcn not my days upon the-cardt, ^^ 

I cannot l&baoi^lier^ iyttfs, I feannei 
Her tpngue has tunMji^. fifhsinto uie« ' ' 
I waj i vlHoin not to be for^Morii • ^ * " - - 

To this our teechwom hope, ^ <Wkie> fei^ ^ - 
For latiyeb, ixien&ahts, ioM^svmeiwld all»' ' 
^niit \^afdkasikigifixf a fin^ihiaft. - ^ ' 
It ihall go hard yet, but iSl .ffwad ieriwiw^ ^ ^ 3 - 
^Btti keqrth&potts-TurSf. ...*,*. ^ -. 

Hif, BrtiAer, how goes die world .>*^i vkMI lOUif 

&ew»'«f yon; : *.'-t v 

But I have news to tefi you. ^' 

/7ir. What, iait&enameoikiiaVety-f -f- 

H(^. Knavery, €uthi ^ :.*.., ; 

:Tfii/^icibusolddt*e's w«)rfjulyidjt^^ .^. .... y 


V- -* 

33k 4tm$^get]i Skipjf^PC 3|f 

The pen of his baAant4ifntes.ii]ip'43i|^|c^^ I.. ;s , ... \ 

..K«. H»:h»ftaidr. . ..._/... . . 

' hif. Pra|i; beUev« it; he and the dutdiflfi^ . ^ 

By night toeetb their liniin» they. iunre.bceaic«i 

^ ft^r-ibot paiulers. 
T/jr. Oh fin fojol And deep! 

Great fiutkt^ ait wiiik*d At whm tli« dakeVafleQ|iw 

ffi^, fee, l)ere conies the Spurio^ . 

liTnE, t/nbr»c*j) ' ^^ o^ Us.vaiaanit ^aavtds vodi jiiii 1 
Q t^re^s a iiici4^ wU^peri -heli is inii^^ar^. r ^ ^\ 
Stay, let's obrerve his pail^e-***^. 

Sfu, Oh, butareyouiiEuretoHt. . * v. , i I 
' Sir. My lord, oioft fUre atiit fyr 'tmsS'pokeJtsfm^i 
That is moft inward with the duke^'s {QsC&,im^\ . .. .\ 
Ths^ he intends within this.hou£ to ileal * . - .; .^ - . 
Uiilf^tlippolifots^&cr, wkofe chsiftelife , . V o./ ' 
The mother bas^Gomipted ^.Jusufe. . .1 , .. . «, 

Sfu. Sweet wor^lfweetoccafiontfaitktbcii^^r^d^ 
rU disherit yott in as ihofttime^ ., ...^ . / 

As I was wkoi t was-bcgot.!!! ha£|^* . » . ; ': 

I'll daian 70a at yourpkafure : precaDqi do^l . .^, 
After ymirluA^ oh ^tvnll be fine to Uded. . ^ ^ ^ 
Come, let our paffing out be foft and wary. . ^ , [jEfjtr^f, 

f7v. Mark, xhtfp^ tixar^ tbgO^fliep.i j^ 

TUs their fecond ineetiiig^. wirj|tcs|4he duke eiifkoUC . 

With new additiDnvrl^hani»jibRrlyiieviv/d>» 

Night! thou that look'fl like funeral keralds ftch 
Torn down betimes Vtfi^ sko^n§^^ €mihtuif^i mfi 
To grace tho&iJpsJChsuliaYe 110 gxa&e^!^^ ,, .^, ^ 
Now *tis full fea a^4ea 4v^ tileiWorU*: .. Li .... 
There's juggling of all ildos ;.(Qme that were W^4^ 

Kaeifcfttfij^J5tmW<^<W¥P«^^^ ,v. 

This wom^ immodeft thin apparel, '. .., „U . 
Lets JR her|ipi«Mby watif inhere 4.d^i^ ^.." . , f jn 
Cunning, nails-4eii(|riMr<UiifB»&^^^ / ,^ai .^Jv . 

To.avoidprochuM*d«i* ; •.. i^ -'•^*-^ :v,C ,^vi. 

How Cttckdia^ ««;Mii!iif«rm^ .W^ I, 

:;< r . P 2 ■ And 

iVnd cweM iiw fp« that tl^^ 

1 hat docs roaintaia them and their bawds lih, day- 

Hif. Yott*«w-well, brodicr. • ;. r .,. 

ri>.-P«di, Tjafludlowyft; ,>...• 

Too fparing and too modeft ; (hall J t«U theei 
If every trick were told thatV dealt by night. 
There .nee Tcw'hcrc that woukLnot Uwlb «HtniPit. 

///>. I am of that belief too. . . . , - t 

J^i».- Who's this comes ? V « L u 

V .*to; Theduke's fon up ft htc }.-brother, ftll 1;^, 

And you (hall kam fomBjnHchief »-tMx€^^^^ 

Enter Luf. 
hrf, Piato ! why the man I wifh'd for, Cpme, 

I do embrace this fcafoii for the fitteft . , ^• 

^ta^ of that young lady. i . 

^/«. Heart and hell f < ^ 

i//*. Damn'd villain! / ' i 'iVk' 

Vin. I have no w«y now to crofc iW Puti? wU W»* 
Luf, Come only thou and L .. r: 

. r«. Mylttdf my lord* 
tu(. Why doft thou fkart us ? . 
Vin. rd almaft foifot-r-thc baftwrd \ .... 
i«/: Whatof hfan?, . .: ' 

Vin, Thismght, this touTt-thw nwnu^ «>^, i 

itf/i What(whiit?. . . /. r: -j ■: .;-oW 

/'iVr. Shadows the dutchrfi*?** ^ - » t'-^ ,.- i'' -^^ n^ »i 
!«/; Horrible word! t ii ^1:^ r j.^: N 

nn. And like ftrong poi&n, «^i 
' Into the di&cyoBrfttf£tr'ifcieh«4*,v:I: ^;/ r 

. x.«/: owti-.i'.: ••■ •' ••'• ^^ ---■• ^ -'■*,• 

|ri>. He^mito horn royd. 

ImL Moft taiohle flavc V x » . ^ - : . ..i.:u£ : > 
yin. This is tjia firuit 0^ two W»k >:. ; ;v .u. ^Jn£ 
IW". lAtomaii;. - •'''^•' -*' ••..jjj .'J.•^/c/. :j 

^- TliatpaflagekctrodWMfl^ .'.x-*w<^ 

/-,/ Hedidf '- * ' - *^'» '^ ^ lun: r.ww h 

Vin ^dWh'4 hi* viflMt «»» fteftAf to#K 
L»/! His WW"»* Ptt*****'^^*'*' ' • '^ 

JP'Ai'. Take 'em finely, fi»ely»nf*'ir "ll'L^^r^x -,- 

» I.' fc - 

Hif, (?ood» happy* ^ift: there^s gonpowd^. i'(Kl 

W3d-&re at madnight. .In thisheedle&fojy . 

He may (how violence to crpfa himfeUL .. . . 

I'll follow the event. . [Sxi/. 

Enter again ^ 
Luf, Where is tkat. villain F 
. Fin. Softly, my lord, and you may take 'em twiftcd.. 
Z«/. .1 care not how. 

Vin. Oh! 'twitt be glorious . ' 

To kHl *em doubled, wheik they're hcap'd. : fie.foff,,^y^ 
lord. , • »•• ^ • • ' ' 

Lu/l Away, thy fpleen knot/qlaey: thu^r aad,thus 
m fluke their, eyelids ope> and with my Iword . r 
Shut 'em again for ever. — -rv Villain I.itrMnipetf-^-* ' ^ 
Duki, You'upper guard defend .U8. 
Dutch. Treafon! treafon! 

Duke. Oh; take ixie not in ileep ! I hav^ great jihis ; 
I muft have day^, 
Nay months, dear' (on,' with penitential heay<^ \ /** ■ 
Tolift^emottti andnottodie unclj^n.. >^ 

O, thou wilt kill me both i^* heaven abd herc». \ 
Lmff, I am amazM to death. , . - i .' > 

Duke. Nay^ villain, traitor, , 

Worfe than the fouleft epithet ; b<kw FIl gripe the*. 
£*en with the nerves of wrath» .and throw (by head 
Amongft the lawyer^s guard. 

Enter Mohief an^ Sons, 

1 NiAle. How comes the quiet of your grace diJ[{urbM^ 
Duke. This boy, that ihould be myfelf afler me. 

Would be myfelf befbre^OBte: ; and in })eat . 
Of that ambition- bloodily rijdth^d iHi 
Intending to depoie^ me in my bied* 

2 Noble. Duty, and natural loyalty forefend f V . 

. Du$<b. HecaU'4htfi^iQrYMliun,,andp;^^ibru^ 
A word that I abhor to fill my lips with, ' ' ^^^ , 

w/ji9ri;'Th^iM^flitt&3ridU9ncb V 

Litf. I am abvs'd--— ^Iknow th$;ire> i^o excu{^ can do 

me good. . . '. * ^ - u ' A 



i^i lie itn)e?tgm''r?^f4'' 

Mk ncioas purpofe to \t)ur fifter*s hOnonr^ 

1; cffft*d be)rond our thought. . '* '' * " ' 

J5&>. You IWc dreamt his AAer'ifeptllcrd'/ "" '' 
Viul Oh. 'twtefefbcyrondmc; * • **' * 
lot ilnce it ftlt fo,— without frightful W^rds, ' 

Would he had kill d him, ^twouhl have eas^d our fworii* 
i>«l<. Be comforted our dutchefs^ fte fhiH di^. ^ ^ ' 

\ffijftfnhh a fii^K 
tmjf, Where's this flavc-pander fioW? tkx: iX iSnc 
eye, ' - *''- '. - * ■ 

doDty of'this abtfft.- -' ■" ' ' • ''- ^* ■ , ' "• ^^ - 

Sfu. Y»are villains f &blen ? '"-'' •• ''';_ '^^^ 

Tou hav^ knaves chin^ and hailotktohg^es^ jroa Qe'i 
And r win damnyoo with one meal a da/. 

1 Serv. O, goodttV 16rf! 
9^. *Sblood, yoo ihaU never Iti^/ ' " ^ 

2 5/rv. O, Ibefeechjrdei, fit?' • ^ ^'^ * ' '^' ♦^"^* 
Stu. To let jny.fword calch cs0td W^iofB^^ sffti^ 

hinff"' * * ' ' '■* '^ " * * *"* ***' * ^^ '*' ^ 

1 ^/rv. Tcoth; my lord. *tw«^ )^ i«eid?^4^ 

thA^. • • * •'• •*' • -*' '■•' '^'-* ''*• ' • 

^/cr. 'Heart, he'^yondcr! ' ^ *.- : . . a^. 

Ha, what new? here? is Afe Hky ottttf tfcHBcttt^ "^''^ , 

That It is noon ^t mianifeht>' fite cdurticn?1* ^-^'' ^-"-'"^ 

How comes'the guard ibT^icf with h«T»<J«bf^^^-» ^' 

L^/f. The baftard here ? ' '*- ^ ° -"^^^^^ ^^^ i^-?^ ^^ 

Hay, then the truth of mylrtteftt ffiSfl'tw j^* '^ '^ •'''' ^' 

My1ordandfatheivh>rkrm«. -»-->^" «'- -^ -^'^^^ ^ 

i)«ife. FtfarWm-hcftCe, '^- ' "*' ^^^^ ' • •■;«» '^-^' ^'^"^ 

£ij^ I can with loyafiy C3tctiffi. '■ '- ' ^f^^'-^^H J'^ 

Daif. Excnfe? to prifon witkthe^'vS*!^ 

PeaUi (hall »ot loiuj lag after Wm. ' -■ ' « "•■'-\ ^-'-^ 
^■i>*; 'Good; i'fa!tli;'3itti'«i'hdtffltitlf«H%:^ •*««''- 

I pr?' perfuade RrieV " • ••«'^'-^» ^'-H ^] 

5«/. Wellfwdtttoylteding: " —^-iLisfti^ 
i«^ Awll may live to thank yttif" = =>''^*ir«iwBte. 

.4ii^' No; % daih i^jdadrtte^iMe^ su^- ii i 

*" Sfu. 

5>«. He's gone i; rUrft^JBm,.,^ , ... , •._ ,^,^ 
And know his trefpafs; fecm to bear ajjart , , ; 
In all his iil^ J>ut w^th a. ouritan heaxt. , . , V^J^^t 

Amb, NoWy. brodier, let oar hat^ and wovem^ 
So fubtlely tpg^ther , that in fpeaking one woid for 1i^ 

We may make three for his death : ... * 

Th^ craftieid pleader gets moil gold for breath. 
. Buf,\ Set on, I*tl not be fiur behind you,, brother. 'v 

Duk€. Is't podfible a fon fhould be duobedient as isa ai 
tite fword? it is the hisheft,. he can go no fkrtliier, . r . > 

Amb, My gracious loi?^ t^e^pi^'— 

JDjd.Fity^ boys! 

Amt. Nay, we'd be bth to move your grace to^ 
much;, . . . .r. 

We know the trefpafs is unpordonabl/^^. . . 
Blacky wicked,, and unnatural. 

Suf. In-afoD,. oh^nonftrottsl. 
..jiA.,YtX^ mv^loiad^ 

A (liike'^sfoft hand £dakit&e rough hcadofUiVf. ^'' 
AM:inake& it lie finooth. 

Duie. But my hancl ihaQ ne^er db't. 

Ami. Thait as you pleafe^. my l^rd.. 

5«r^. W^nfill needs co»fei$> 
Some &ther& wouli^ Kav^ cnter^ into liat^ 
So deadly pfu^jtec^ t^t before W 

He would ha^ ieen the executtqi^Cpifiid^ , ^ 

Without corrqptedfavoiiEr«^ ,,,\.^ 

Ami, Bui, my.Ion!^ \ . ; .r . : 
Your grace may live the iftonder of afi tlmeij^ 
](a ptrd'aing that offiniQe^ wJUoh neve;; yet ^ 

H^face to.b<^ap8urdon«. 

Dif^f. How^sthis? , ^j",, ' . . '^^ , 

Ami. Fm»y«^«ai,^0OM 

£«r. He's the next heir : yjet £bs tru^ reafon gathers^ 

Koi«B{«q^!pa^4Mff.4^^ .: 

Bcjnerciful] ■■ ■ ^^ . - 

Ifuh. Here's no &pmOther^& wiC ; ' . 

^^4 5n6^ ^^evenger* s^rdgedf, 

jM. Be mrrcSfiil-^ldio^-^ 

iHrif. Yon hare prevailed ; 
My wratb, lie ffanting-wax, haA'i^^nt itfelfV 
I know *twa8 but fome peevilh mood an him j go, kt" 
him be released. 

Sup, 'Sfoot, how now, brother ? 

A»tb. Your grace doth pleafe to fpeak befide your 
fpleen ; 1 U'ould it were fo hapfy. 

Duke, Why go, teleafe him. 

Sup. O my good lord f f know the fatflt*s too weighty^ 
And fuH of general loadiing ; too inhmnane. 
Rather by all mtm voices worthy death. 

Duke, 'Tistnie too; here thou, receive ti3a J|^^ 
Doom fhall pals ; 
Diredt it to the judges ; he ihall die 
E*er many day&. -Makt hafte. 

j^mh. AYL fpeed that may be. 
We could have wiii'd hklmrden not fo^e i 
Wc knew yourgra^e.did but.delay before^ • [^Rjrrtotf. 

Dukfi, litre's envy with a poor thm (rover on'l;* 
Like fcarlet hid in lawn, eafily fpied through. 
/This their ambition by the mother^s fide, 
Is dangerous, and for fafety muft be purged. 
J will prevent their enyies ; furc it was 
But fome miftaken fuiy in our fon. 
Which thefe afpiring boys would climb uponl 
lie ihall be release fuddenly. 

Enter Nobles, 

1 Noble. Good morning to your grace. 
Duke. Welcome, my lords. 

2 Noble. Oar knees ihall take away the office of iar. 

feet for ever, 
Unlefs your grace bcftow a father's eye 
Upon the clouded fortunes of your fon , 
And in compaffionate virtue grant him tha$ . . ^ 
Which makes e'en Wan men happy, lifcfer^.* 
, Duke. How fcrioofly their loves and honours Woe 
]^or that which I am about tq pray them do f /* 
Arife, n\y lords, your knees fign his relcaft; 
Wc freely pardon him. 


I Noile. We owe your^gR^ inu<?}i..t)^^i^j^ 
. much duty. ^';^. *,;,,,., [£^^// 

Duie, It wdji bexf^wwts that judge to nod ^ ci;mf^ v V 
That docs commit greater .himfelf,.arM^ U^f s,,. .^ . .. ^-, . . 
I may forgive a diiobedient error, . . 

That exped pardon for,aduIteiy ; j . - ^ , - \ ' 
And in my old days asdi a youth in luftl 
Many a beauty have I turned tq ppifon , • , ^ . . 

Tn the denial, covetous of aH. / . , 

Age hot is like a mcigafter to be ieen ; . ^ 

]^^ hairs arc wjiite,, and yet my fins ar^grc^n.- • , , *, 


; . A(3;. III. .Scentk i. 

Rothcr, let my opinion Tway yoii once ; 
I ^ak it f6r the beft, to have him die ; ' - 
Sureft'and foorieft, if the fignet come 
"dntd the judges "hJinds, why then his doom ^ 
Will be deferred till fittings and court-days, " , . . 
Juries, and farther. — Faiths are bought ^d foW^jj V » 
Oaths inthefedays-are but the (kin of gold* *; */ ^ ' '*. 

^OT^. In troth 'tis ^true too! • ^ i* . " ^ 

Suf. Then let's fet by the judges, " "' ' ' 

And fall to the officers ; 'tis but millaking , . ., 
The duke our father's meaning ; and where ht nanai^dl 
E'er many day^s,,, 'tis but forgettin^^ >' \" 

PM hWc iim-'dte rtr momihgl' ^ ' ' ^;- \ ^- ^ \ . 

Amh, Excellent f . ' ^ ' . ''*. 

Thcnamlheir— ^lJukb'ihV:n\5SaS, r\' ''^ / '" ^ 

Syp. Nay, . ' "'^' ^"" ' * ' ''- ' ■•''••' ^ ' -''' ''' -' "' ^ 

And he wereottt^pufif^d'Jwt, \yi\tl^^^yj^^, ;:.;;.:;;• 

Should quickly prick your bladder.,, .^ . ** 1 * '^ 

Ati^iM'i^d.r '-" -' ^■^'^•: . ■ ■'■' • :■''■' ^ 

He being packt, VJell have foifilffeiijgf WWlIe;" "^ ^ ''* 

;j;o.wgdourybfingeri>roAerotttbfprir9% \. ' . -jj 
• .- »■ ■ pj ....... .jg^ 

s *» ■..■*. 

And peoples ^ooghtsuriH-foon t>e boned. - ?t>7rv[ 

Sup. Wemaj:^bh^fyf4o:brmDaMi^BAAiSt^^ 
The^tMchefs^i^iB sre too prtawkto Udnd^TJue b::it ^.1 r 

Jmh. We ife ffirith, to ^. tHw-fMEoairicl^^mt 

linger I" . *.' -- *■ ■ • - .' ^ . ■»«> "tm- • :r 

ril to the officers rgp^cwbdhwr^ • / 1 

And fet an edgcapen^taecxeaitianer.' * - ' * " ,-r ' I 

fi^. Let me aloncto grmdUnL - '. ' ' .^ExiK 

Amb. laan^rdl; . :' ' ^.' 

I am next now, I rift jnft in that ptee:* • ' . - /' 
Where thoci*rt cat off^7iipDirtfafii8ci4 ilBMi>nftiftes 
The fattm^ of one* head ^ifts Ep another^ • [ji»/. 

Enter nuitb the n^bUs^ yyt^m^&2^M;^n{likn/ i'/f 

Itf^. My lords, .1 am ib modi indebted to>>o^>Iares 
For &is delivery,' ". ^ \:^* 

I J^A/r.^B«e amc< 4Di{e% ajF Iqni^^ afitovthl^ hopea 
. . that grow in yoo. 

luff, if e*cr I UtfetobemyftKg m^^imtkxft^^i^ 
C liberty ! thoo fweet and hcavenlys^UtBe^ i;>''i) T As^c. 
Bot&elilbrprlfonis toomild^saiaine. '; ;.V; t[Smiittit^ 
,' * £»^/r JbMtioff^ atid Suferkioemf nMitktjfi^KRH 'uH 

jimi. Officers/ her^^s the dcd^^V^g^e^ j^Mirfirm war- 

raatf - '>--i ^ . 

Brings the command of prefent death aloog with k^ A 
Unto our brother, tiie doke^a fon $ ^we iscSoiff^, . uV 
That we aj« fo onnaturally cmploy^dL. .[..:..:. .. v - ^ . .nA 
TnlichttiindEiadtAce^'^ccer&r h:^ M . A 
For enemies than brothers. i:y . . .:'.: }dgu<ji4 

. ^«/. Butyookndw, /*-',:"'>"X "-^ 

The duke^s command muft be olmr''d».< ; 2 :....: J I 

1 C^^ IttodllBO^d ihftll, myior£^^;4toViaom9|p£^ 
Sofuddenlj^' ! ii ; -* ,!v- :-" . . . "..liw Ajrl 

.^Ac*. Ay, alas,.pew*.'5S0iQd'i«dl /' «^u>A 

He moft brelMkft4[Mstbni9f J ike^mccciiticter ..^ ; ; . ,LuiV. 
IStands ready to autfjoff^k Mi>''cQwacdly^tvi)flNiu/ 

And that is Irift iraud^^y foOo^^lesr . 

leaves : s • .l^ ,-'i •-.'».:> ;"' r - '^ir- ' .• '■ .i h-H 

TlietJiirdi^'aC'jKnuMrtR'; - j -> r < -• He'- ;ii F 

Tourfelves good men,, and upi^t oflceis, • ' 
Pmylet himdie tisprif«te^Jiei»a}^;. -^ \ ^ " 

Do liim diat fttvosr ;-•<« tliegq^g^peopir 
Wfll' bat trouble him at his praqpeis,. .-; 

And make him aiHe. andfwear, audio die UacK. . 
K^li you be ib £u4hh^ ?' * * I 

'^jAb^. Why9.wediitkaBkyQa;.H''Wfr'H9tbtobty' 
Tou fh^htffra< better 4]ffioe. . . .. *.. v 

mOff: Yout^goodlonUhip-* ' 

^K^. Commend US to thefcaffdldin oimteaie; • 

^ I0i€>^i3 We91 w^j, aemidAyoldr QonunctidatiOBiw : 

^. Things fall oat ib fit f - i 

cHjM; 'So happily! €aBe,bif>dier», e'er* nes^tbelr^ H 
IBs head.%sH be made^Cfte aliig|^^)loek. {Exiunt. 

:•■ ' . &tmin frifmjumBr hr^btn. ♦> ' 
Jun, Keeper^ 

7jk«. ^fovttevfslaie^^iroiiiotirbfedien! j^ •; 
Are they unmiiKlfiii of u»? - . i ^j-- » 

A>^. My lord,, a melibiger tsfoc/SieMlf ^>^i0ii)^ 
bcoag^t this from 'em. - • - » .:*.. -^ : * 

Jun. Nothing but papei^eomfbrts I • . " • ». • . 
tlook'd formydcKvery.beibBethis,. - ^•' . .T 
Had U)S)r b€en.>«Dith dieir oaduf.^«-tPr>tbeejbi$i fi^ ^ 
Now what lay you, , fbrlbeth,- fpcak out I play, . ' - ^ j j 

Letter,'] Brotber^Mif j^ cbmti , 

^Slod, it begiift^ibe a» wjme with good ttelr? >: ^ ^ : >} } 
Tkmjbfih mt^ioa^ siftrffimtrrr ^^'.:'i' - %.^ 
Not fiyc and Airty. ycaw, likra bankrtpMI tWA 

W^lmw tb(mgBt *uf^ aJe&rtr^'i^ tti^Mt' 

% a trick ! pox «r your tridc, an* it Ufa long trfiayiiig. 


JuJf$ reft cmfrriid^ ^he Mirry^ and exft&^itfiUUi^! ' 
Be mcny ! luuig«i«i)r# .dmwv^aad ^uMor wunf^ i>t: 

Is^t act teu^ge^ tliat««ianiboiikLli&iaa*w]]ofexioaitii 
for a woman? Well^ we fliall fee how fadd^ioar Imx>- 
then will be in theif prooiUc. ImnA.ejtpoft ftiU a 
trick : I ihall not W long a prifoncr. % How nowy wint 
news ? .'•••. 

Kiif, B^newiy my lord» lam di&faargVd of you. 
Jun, Slave ! call'ft thou that bad ncyfs^i Xdumk you, 
brothers. . . . " » ^ .« *- 

iCe^. My Umitx !twiU ptove lo>«T-UlereACQineAdie 
Into whofe hands I muft conunit yoa. . 

JuM. Ha» oficecsl wfaati why^- . . . , 

i.Q^« You^aft|ianlonit»» B^locd; ; 
Our omce muft be found ; here is our waosainty 
The figne( froB^ the duke ; you mufb ibnrf a&r. .^ . . . 
7ir9. Suffer ! 1*11 fuffer you to be gone.; I'll £iifo fo« 
To con^ liOrmora ti whflt would you^have me fufier ? 
a. O^. My lord, thofe words were better chaa^'d to; 
The timers but brief with yoU : pr^are to di& 
. Jufl, Sure 'tis not fo f 
3. Of, It is too true, my lord. 
ytiM. I teU you 'tis not i for the duke,:flBy. fadier, . 
P^Serr'd^e.tiU next. fitting.; and I look 
F/en every minute, threcfcore times an hour, . . . 

For a releafe, a trick wrought by my brothers. 

I . Of. A trick, my lord I if you. expoft fuch comfort, 
Y^Hurhope'tasfiriutkif as a barren woman: . 
Your brothers were.the,unhappy meiijengcxs. 
That brought this powerful token for your deadi. 

yaw. My brothers!. ao^ qou. ^/.*i - o:. w^. t^.:- • 
; 2.0jf. 'Tismfi4true,..mylofid... ^ •:'./ • 

' Jun. My brothers to bring a warrant . for jn^^idcatl^ I / . 
How fbrange thi&ibows? . ^ . < . . «. . ^;:. ' 
. 3, Off. There's no delaying time.. 
Tan. Defirei'enpL hither J c^',jan>.(p«*-4n|)t4>MttKm! 
jri^ihalldenyittoyour jaces*.. / . - .' . :!', . i " 

i.O/:.My^loficl,« . — i ^ . ^ 

TJieyVo iarrcndiigh b/ diis, at leafr fit <o$frt s a ' ^ 
And this nM^ fih^ command they left behahd '^em, 
WJun^pief hmm- ift thtfir cyes» they ihow'd like Im- 1 

Bnmfbll of kraty fenow ; bat ihe duke 
Mnft haife hit pkaTttfe* 

Jun, His pleafurc I 

x« Off. lliefe.WBre thdr laft words, wAach my memb^ 
ry bears, 
Comtmndus tOi4he fcaffold in our tears, < ' 

7m«. Fox di^ ikeir tMis ( what fho^Id t- do .wkh 
tears? ^ - 

I hate *em worTe than any cidasen^d fon 
Can hate fait- water.*— Here came a k<$er now. 
New bleeding from their peas^ icarpe tindledyety 
W9ttld rd iaeeBrtom in pieces when I tore its ^ 

Look, yoii*.offidous whoi efons, words of comfort^ 
Hot, hug- A frifonir^ 

1. G^.' It fiEiysr true in thai> &r i fov you muft iUffer 

Jun. A villainous Duns upon the letter, knavUhexpo- 
Look you then here, fir : WeUlga tkti out hy a^ck, 
fays he. 

2. Off. ^TJbat m^ hold too, fir ; for you know a trick 
is commonly four cards, which waa meant by U0 four 

Jun, Worfe and worfe dealing. 

1 . Off, The hour beckons usj 
The headfman waits, lift- up your ^es to heaven* 

Jun. I thank yoa, faitb^ good pretty whoUbme 
I fliould lookupto heaven,, as-youfatd/ * • 
Whilfl he behind me^of aoy head. 
Ay, that's the trick* _ . - . 

I. Off. You delay too long, my. lord*' 

Jun, Stay, good anthorit/s bafhirds \ &ice Ijnufi^ 
Thro' biQtl^pe^ury, die, Oi«t me veaoia ^ ^ . 
Thdr fouls with curfes*. ^ ' 

^. .l.Ojf. s 

5. Of. Coine^. *t» ng tmie lo^«iax<e. :.! -'\' f - , :.^ 

Jtm. Muft I bleed tfaen^>i#idioiie.4rti%eft Iftfr figaf 

* . wel l .•• * '. : -.: <•' K in ; .-r>.:..i »£ 

My fiuilnmftibdte ffdi^ ttdikkttetMdd i^frMrev^ ^ 

Idfelbrtkatwlikkwny.wOBUMriovvsv: T jv rl&hMir. 

Vind. O fwett^ ddeaaUe^ ianv^iM^ppf» /mMiing^ - 
Sif, Why, what's tlien»cier».binilwrf- 
FfW. O 'tis able to mdce a maa ffniig vpaod kood&: 
lia forehead againftyoi^ fiheroefliiig. i ) -. . i 

tfr>. Pr'jttoitdiaKr ^'^''oV 

Why may not I partake with j^on ? Yo« ^n^Moooe 
To giv« me ibaie to every tragidc thought, '^ '- 

f7«i/. iy ih'jnaft^: I thiidi»I didio*^ ' • 
Then Pll dWideit to^tfieei-^^^^'^ThrtALMte' 
Thinking aiy mHWMod'lhape and mwavdi^'heut' . . . r 
Are cut out of out piece; (terhethaifcateaidsADhBtt^^ 
Hisheaitftandso^'^otilGie) hi^s at ky-pide^) • 
To greet him widi a ladij^,. . * 1 ".c v ♦ . . k f 

In ibrae fit ptoce^ veU'd (bok tho eyea i»?ii? ^optff^ . v'A 
Sonlle daikcD*d blafhleii angd, that is gulkyf . ^ t ^04 
Of his foie-teher^ L^ andgfeat foUcViidttr^ ' : - fi? &/'. 
To which I. eafily (to maintain my fhajpe) • ?'v» I -^J\ 
Confeilted, aitddidivi&hisimpad^at'gacr*'.^: ^\-r> ^ V/ 
To meet her here in this nnittmied'lo^e, ; .^lu -3*- .iA 
Wherein 'tis night at noon : and Jienetii^aaliiR^^ 0; ihi^ 
BecaoTe nnto the tormrmg' of hit ibutsir .}, »'- r. «^ /? -; A 
The balbud and the dutchefs have a|)|ioiiit^ < jtit. :f>I 
Their meeting too in diii bixuTioti5>dnie^ I } ^ ^'i A 
Which moil affixing fight wMtki^^i^at^es^ . - :: * o f 
Be^fewe kill the tSt S[ htisi: < c ^ ^ - « c -i^* . 1' 
A>. 'TwiB^ i^luth h MoftdKad£i%lig8M4i ^lo^r 
I fee not how you could^havemi&dffie^.hrolhfr/ * > . ilA 
#7W. True; bntdieidblenceof myrjayibtjQtti^j^iW 
fli^. Ay,,-bttt wh^tre^stkBt kufyrnowf^ " ■ - t»^ jt ii.ii V 
Vind, Oh! atthatwoid-. ^ - j^ •• ^\H 

Tmloft again ; you cannot Jifid- me ^et^*- '•' * ifh. -m d 
I'm in a wrong' of happy apprehenfions v^ ' zn^ "% r^ 
He's foited f<^ii{idyf|^.2 h»\rai|^Rife4M:u mn? -voai' mih 

For a delicious Up, .x fpackHng c^c ;:i. , .t» ' •; ^ ;• . 
Y«^IQM b^>«toefi, brodier : •/ . ..'' i i,.i/ ..u>^ 

Be ready ; ftand with your hat o£F L^^ \Exiu 

Hif. Tylpdi^li«oiMteKwhatlad]tJ[rA«U<fe 
1^ 'tkno wonder,, Ji6w^ Iiiunk jgauL^. I -. ^ ^ i<. . : 1 I 
Tq have a lady ftoop to a duke,, that ft&ps unto his men.. 
*Ti9 comnMkaio be (Munbtt, through tbe worl^ 
And themes oum^vate conmoh ihad<Hvkg vked^. ; 
Than thoCe wh^ ane \know&^ both Jxy theic hamet aiuL 

1. pricea.. 
*Tis parcof my allmoneetafbuidbare. j 

To the duke's coacm>ine— — *and her^ ihe^comcS. . . i \ 

.: K- 

«i ^ 

. Enter VinMity^ tdti tU jj^uti ttf kis lo^ Jrtfs^i up in tiref, 

Vind. Madam,, his gcace ^ not be abfoxt kvig. - \ 
Secret ! ne*er4bubt U8> khadam i H^ndlLbe ilnetfth 
Three Velvet gowns l»yoo]:la4yibiSb--'»-^knpwnf r. . 
Few«lad^s;ife$ea that difgcace : a poor th^ fiuQ «. . . .^ 
*Tisthebeft|^ai3^}«Mihayetddok'il^lI. : w . >.. J 
1*11 fave your hand that labour,. FU umiiaiL ^rou F o ; ? ^ i 
Bip. Why> brother, bik>ther f i ' ^ • li 

rw. Art thou beguilM now? tui!,'alady «»h^I V 
Ai thus all hidv beguile a wi&r. nasiJ* \ 

Have I not fitted the old furfcitcs ^ ^ ' - . , 

With a quaibt piece of beauty ? A^e a&d iMue bone . .. i^ 
Are e*eridly*d in aAiod. .Here*& ah eye. 
Able to tespt; a giett man-*--— <to fenre God^ i m 

A prc^ hanging lip„ that has forgot now to diiFemUc. 
Methinks this^mcMitii ihootd make a Cwearer trembkvi 
A drunkard clafphis teeth, and not undo 'epi, . . . / 
To fufier wet damnation to run thiough^em.. . ^^ 

Here*i a cheek 'kee^ her oobur let the wind go whilUe fr' 
Spout rafaiy wef^^u* thee^not : be hot or col^ 
All's onOiW^h tn i and' is notJtr abfurd, - 1 

WhofefiKlMi^ are, upon their facet let,^ .. ; i 

That fear no othdr God but wiird sxs^ wet ? ' >^ 
Hip, Brother, you Ve fpoke that right : .., • 

li this the form that living (hone. £6 bright? 

FfW. The veiy fawc^ ' 
AninowmethinkXomVe^ca&Qhi^mi^ . i 

K« f For 

3 52 ^^ Revenger' I Tra^d^.- 

For doadng on herbeauty^ tho' her 4fath , ^ . \ ,. * 
Shall be revcng'd after no common a£Uon« ' *" [^^ . * „- - 
Does the |ilk- worm expend her yellow labqyjs '. /^ . ^ ^ 
For thee ? For thee docs flie undo herielf J • * - - * ^ * \ 
Are lonUhijM fold to maintain ladyHupsji . 
For the poor benefit of a bewitching inihate I ,' ' 
Why does yon' fellow fallify highways. 
And put his life between the judge's lips;' 
To refine fuch a thiitg, keep's horfe and meii 
To beat their valours for her ? 
Surely we're all mad people, and thejr 
V^^hom we thixik are, are not : we mUlake thofe ; ' 
•Tis we are mad in fenfe, they, but in clothes. 
' Hip, Faith, and in clothes too we, give us our due. 

VinJ, Does every proud and felf-affeftihg dame 
Camphire her face for this? and grieve her maker .. 
In imful baths of milk, when many an infant fiarves. 
For her fuperfluous out-fide, all for this? ' 

Who now oids twenty pound a night ? prepares 
Mufick, perfumes, and fweet meats?. All^arehuih'd. 
Thou may'ft lie chaile now f it were fine, methinkg. 
To have thee fcen at revels, forgetful feaf^, ,' • ' 
And unclean brothels : fure 'twpuld fright the Unner^ 1 *. 
And make him a good coward : put a reveller /\^ ^ \'\\ 
Otttof his antick amble, ' . "*. 

And cloy an epicure widi empty dilhes. ^ - • ^ 

Here might a fcomful and ambitious woman 

Look through and through herfelf^ -Se^, 'J^iw. withj- 

talie torms * x 

You deceive men, but cannot deceive worms. ' 
Now to my tragick bufinefs. l<ook you,,brQtKgr^ 
I have not fafliion'd this only For fliew ' ^'\' " / 
Ardufelcfs property; no, it (hall beaf a part"* ' * *^1' 
IE.' en m it3,own revenge. This veiyAull, ^^^^ .^^J.^ 

Whole jruftrefi the duke poifon*d/ wrf|i ^^^^^fe^^gs 'Itjc r* 
The mortal curfe of the efirth, (hall bif revfifl^ , ;.'* 

In the like ftr^in, and kifs his lips to death. ^J ^^ '^' .^j' 

As much as the dumb thing can, ^e (hall !e3 • ' ' ^^ 


\Vhat fails in poifon^ we'lj fyjit^p] ^g 

JSip. Brother/ r do applaud diyconilaht vengeance. 
The quaintnefs of thy malice, above thought. ... 

'Find, So/ 'tis laid on : now cosne and welcome^ ^^i^ff t 
I have her for thee, I protell it, brother, 
JMethinks ihe makes almoH'as fair a figri, / 1 . 

As fome old gentlewoman ia a periwig. 
Hide they face now Jor ihame ; thou had^ft need Ivave a 

maik now : 
'^Tis vain when beauty flows, but when it fleets, ^ 

This wo'ild become g;t;aves better than the ftreets. 

Hsp. You have my voice in that — hark, the duke*i 
come. , 

Find. Peace, let's obferve what company he brings^ 
And how he does abfent ^em i fbr you know 
He'll .wifh all private.-— -Brother, fall you back a little. 
With the bony Jady. 

///>. That I will. 

Find, So, fo-— dow tiine years "vengeance crowd Into a 

J^f. You Ihall have leave to leave us, with thk 
charge, ^ 

Upon your lives, if we be mifs'd by th' dutchefs. 
Or any of the Aobles,^ to give out, * 

We'ce privately rid fbrth. 

Find. Ohhappinefs! ' ' ' 

Daike. With fome few honourable gentlemen, yoa 

You may name thofe th^t are away from court. 

Gentle, Your will and jpleafure ihall be done, my lord. 

Find. Privatelv rid forUi ! . 
-He ibrives to make fure work on't — your good grace ? ' 

Duke. Plato, well done, haft brought her? what lady 
is't ? - . 

iFind. Faith, my lord, 4 country lady, a little bafhfli} 
at firft, . as mcA of them laire ; but after the iird kifs, my 
lord, thenroril is paft with' them. Your grace knows 
now what yoahave to do ; fiie'as fomewhat a grave loolc 
vith he r b u t - ■ ■' 

Duki. Ilorveihatbeft; condufther. .^ ^ 
. Find, Have at all. 


Dmke. Ifl grtvdilodks tite greaieft fkoM lean IJbfk ^ 
Give me thst fltt ditc^ft vab'd in ItoUifiefe. ^ • ^ 

t yhtd. Back with the torch : brother, ralA fiie^* 
Duh. How fwvetom a ddce fareatbe'f A^ias fi4 
Pletfttre would meet in & perfbmc^ mtt. 
Iiady»«<weetly encountered, I came fromxdntt, (miff be 
. bold with you. — Oh» what^ this? oh! 

F/W. Ro)ral viUain F iKphite dei^f * ' ^ '- ^ 
**W^. Oh! ^^'- ---^ 

^ Find: Brother---placethttorch here, that Us^flTi^i^^ed 

eye-balb ' / 

May ilart into thofe hollows. D«ke,'d0*ft know 
Yon'divadfenvixaftl? View^wvU; *tJ8th<AUlL^ ^ 
Of Gloriana, whom thou poifened^blL ;" - - 

Duie. Oh? Vj» poHbncd me. 
fiW. Did'ftnotknowdottiaBOW? * '^ 

Dkie. What are yon two ? -» -^^^ ^V ^ 

Find. Vtlkintf •iJl t hffg e ' i ■■ ti lt ^i^ itggrii'toiie^ ' ^ 
Has been fufficxently rcvcngM. -. t .< > . \ 

i)«i#. Oh, Hippolito ! calt W**i* ' 
X ffif. Yt$^ my loxd: troi^OBf tMtffenf I mUm t^-'^^ \ 

Duie. Tlicn Pm betrayM. - T ..Wi^ 

' T/W. Abo, poor!eteher»^ittthehawb«f^lMMi^ ^ 
Aflaviflidukeisbaferthanhiadflrp^. ' : .'-i ^^^ 
i)»i#. My' teeA'are ^li^Hr^iitr - * ' .-.m^ A... V 
Find. Had'ft tny 4eM » ' ■ • » >' ^^^ ^'^-^ 

^. I think but few. »^< -^'^e 

iP!ff/jr. /then thbfe that dMett are ettlMi;. ^^ ^ • 
Djde,. O my tongue I - t/c - •' 

FM, Your tongue^ *tWiS tMchyottt6fciGndoft«^'/l 
)^ot Hke a flobbeHng Dntttirian.'^ ^VUxhtmif^MkA^^ 
Lootf^ ro6rmer^ ii^at a lady^hrtPt»tf Ifclii^nBittt^ib ^W 
My once bctiVitftLed wHb?''^ v-'^'-- ^m^J i^" ^^^^ ^^^ s^ f' 
2)«lf. Is it thOti/tiHIitt? wyth Mr - » i-^o ' «-^ *• ' J *^ 
Hifti "'TIS I, 'tis Vindid. \i^ It- - ^ -^ - • ^ >*•; = /. 
fi^. Attltiit thaicttdi^tiiMr ouplttrdiid ffi*i« 

FeU fick jlyov the iofisikioQ ofidiy frowns^ 

And dy'd in bdncifi; htt liutt thy hope of lifer .* 

.t JPn^ <]kiiJ r. . , , [fpeccfakfs. 

V^nd. He liad his tongue, yet grief made him die 
JP«bl 'tig but eauiy yet i i|ow i'U b^9 . 
To fiick thy foulivith ulcers. I will make * 
Thy fpirit grievous fore ; it fhall not reit, . 
But like foo^. pefUicnt man tois in thy brea£U^(inark 
me, duke). y 

Thou'rt a renowned,, hi^, sad mighty cuckold. 
. Dukg. Qh. I ... [bit^w. 

,, ,/^flMi^/ Thy ba0ay4» tl^inftafd jides a hunting in thjf 

Duke. Millions of deaths! 

Find. Nay, 'to affli^ thee jhocc^ . . a 

Here in this lodge thc^. meet for damned dipf • i 

Tliofe eyes fhall^fip^ the iaceft of their lip^, 
. Dukg. Is there a hell hefides this^ vilUiinsf ^ 

Find. Viilaml. . ■ -y 

Nay, heaven bjuft I iccrnsai«thehireoif fcem: t 
I n^'^ff/^Rfti^ ye| ad^lt^er witbout^homs^ 

Hip. Once e'er they die 'tis qnitted. 

Find, Hark! tb^adficic'. 

Their hMpH Tk fl^Vir'd, tbbyVe r e tei p g ■ 
. i ftrf/ , c Ohr ktt me not with that fight. 

F4md., Thxm fliah not kfe that fight f>r aQ lh]|^ 

,«4id«ndjiaB-»i..<' *- • 

Duie, Traitors ! i^rdereisl > - . y\\ 

Find.*Whu\ is n0( i^qr mipieinienxifit yet T . v 
Then we'll invent a (ilence* Bv0ther, 4iile-the toipck^ 

Duke.t'Tt99£»nt numier! 

Fifuf. Nay, AMb -we'tt Jiuve fO« lw&!d. Ko^w^^ 
thy dagger 
Nai)t4oiMto($9qg»e,.iUi4inii>e(hallkejq>.po^ > 

Ab^nfchisrhwij ji^liebuiijj^fp,. hedie^.. . . * > :\ 

If ki( bM wii4^ not biooklBf; th«.fodl ^b)^ ^^.^ 

Let our two othry lyjB^f ^ »P kis lid% > .; 
And sMl^e his ey«s:l&e ikMlM^H^lunAit^^ 

,^. Whi(l| brother^ mufick's at cw car : theycfl^M^ 

- r 

v« t 

3 j6 ^Th Revenger^ s Tragedy. 

EvUr 4he BMftard Mutmg tb* Dmich^s* 
Spm". Had not that kifs a tafte of fin, ^isvvexfiiweet. 
Dutch, Why, there's no pleafuiefwecty batk i#fp4i)lY 

. Sfu^ True, fttch a bkrerfweetaefs isxc jmtbrgiveiii' 

Sefi fide to us, is the^orft^de to h«ayea. • t 

Dunb, Pifli! come; *tis the olddokie, €)!/ doubtful 
• father : 

The thought of him rubs heaven in tUxy yta^. - ' s . 

But I proteH by yonder waxen fire* 

Forget him, or rilpoifoniii^,^ • » ' • '^ ^ -^ 
Sfu. Madam, you urge a thought which ^^-tir had 4ifc^ 

So deadly do I loitth him for my. birth^ .;.,.< i 

Thax if he took me hafp'd witlun hi& bed* 

I .would add murder to. adultery, ... 

And with'iDyfword give up his years to deatkk . 

Dutch. Why, now thou^rt fociable % let's in andf<aftt 

Loud'ilmufick found ^^ pl6Stfarekbangudl'tgtt«lb« ^[fiir» 
Duke. I cannot brooK—— ,♦./ ..^^ 

Find. The brook is turned to blood* . . ^^ »^ . ^ ' 

. //n^. Thanks to lottd.mufick^ .,v'^^» * 

Vind. ^was our friend, indeed. 

^Tis flate in muiick for a'duke to bleed. 

The dukedom wants a htad, tho^ yet imknOfOi I 

As faft as they peep up, let*s cut *em down. [Rtmtt* 

Eiiir the Dut chefs' t two fms^ Jmhiiiqfi em4 S9^erf/Mi9% 
Jmh, Wasnothisexecutionxardy plotted^. ;.!v 

We ai^ the djiV^'s fons now 

Super. Ay» you may thank my policy for that..,/: 

JM. Your policy! for what? .. . ; V.-,:\,if 

Sufer. Why, was't not my invention, brother, . 

T9 flip the judges ? and in leCer comp^fs, . ^ . 

Did not I draw the model of his death $ :. 

Advifing you to fudden officers, , -. . ,t . .\ . . ;,t 

Ande^enextemporal executipn} . . ., .o^/r^-.* •'-' • 
jffnb. Heart ! *twai a thing I thavgj^^h.tqp^ ,.. 
Sup. You thought on't toaJ' .'sfoot^Haj^cr nQ|L]f:Qur. 
thoughts .... . .,..^ • . i\ '.,.-> 

With glorious untrudi,. I know ^tw4$ apt firom^yoiu ^ « « 
Jfnb. $ir, I iay, *t]ivasinmy.hesuU .,^ -*' • ' J 
. ^«« Ay^ like your brains then, ." ^ ** 

-; • Ne'er 

^ie Revenger's Trage^. 357 

Ne*erto come outasiong as you liv*d. 

Jmb. Yoo*d lave the honour on^'t, forfo(ith, that 
jrottr Wit , ^ 

ttAWci to tire feafFold. 

^lif/. Siiice1tl|mydue» 
ril publilh't, burril ha^t 'm fpite of you. f Uttte 

AfHb. Methinks y^are much too bold :* you ihotdd a 
Remember as, brother, next to be honeft dnke. 

Suf. Ay» it (hall be as eaiy fbr you to be duke 
As to be honeft; and that*s never, Vfaith. ^ 

jfnA. Well, cold he is br this time ; *and bedufe 
We're bodi artWtious, be It our amity. 
And let the glory be fhar*d equally. • 

5!«/. I am content to that. 
/ Jmh,T\6& night our younger brother Audi out of 

prifbn-^^-^ ' ♦ 
I h;ive ar trick. 

Sup. A trick? pr*ythee what is*t> 

Jm^. We'll get him out by awile. ' • 

Sup. Pr'ythee, what wile > 

Jmh. No, fir; you (hall not know it, till it be done i 
For then you'd (wear 'twere yours. 

' Efief anCfficer. 

Sup. fifowtiow; what*shf? 

Jmh. Oneof the officers. ' * 

•'^/; Defired news/" - \ • 

'■ Jmb, Howftbw, iri/«cnd? • — ' 

Off, Mylords^ under j^ar pardon, I am allotted \ 
To that deferrlefr olBc*; to prefehtyou • * 

With tlic yet bleeding head — - 

Sup^ Ha, ha, excellent" 

Jmb. All's iure our own i brodier, canft weep tfaink'ft 
thou? . - .' . ' • 

*Twould grace our. flattery mfach ; think Of ibme iax^ 
•Twill teach thee to diiTembier ' " 

Sup. Jft aye thooglif ;^ow /or yourfelf. ' " \' 
'AfiA\ omt tefrows arc fo fluent; • ' ' ! 

Our eyes o'erflow pur tongues ; words ftpke id tears;^' ^ 
Arelucfethkmurnuifc'ofwvwiters, theiound ' 
Is loudly iKatd, tot canno^ &e diftinguUh'U. 


'• - "^ -'■ *' ''ftf/. 


J5* 7ht Mfi^ngiff^i Tr^i 

Off, Op full of'rage and fpleen. . * 

SMf! He died moft vailandf tlMi» w«^ ^ad 6) hefiP;k<. 

Cy. We«©aldliotfw«>him<mcctop5r^. ' • '* 

u£n^. He ftowMbiniUf a g^tleraab m llttit : gSi^ 
him liis. due. / 
' Of, But in the Head pf prayer^ he dr^ forth patiii»» 

Stff. Then did he pny* dearhear^ .« ' . 

Altho* you undeiilood hiin not. ' , \ ' 

Oj: Mylordk .',.!: V * 

E'en at his laft, With jpardon be it (j^^, \ 

He curs'd you both. ;- \ 

^i^. He curs'd us ? *las, good foul f 

Amt. it was notin our powers, bat the duke^frpl^aftttf* 
Finely diitenibled a both fides, fweet fate^, 
O-happy opportunity! , ^ , ^ 

Luf. Now, mylotfds. 
JB^h. Oh! 

. l^f. Why do you fliun me, brothfifs ? ■" • 

Vou may come nearer now ; , 

The fivour of the piifon has forfoob me'. 

I tfianic fuch kind lords ai youcfelv«s, I'm frai, 

Jm^. Alive! .. . ' .. 

In/. I am» much tiianks to you. * -• » .-'{dohe.^ 
Sup. Faith we fpar*d no toagMe, unto- iiiy- fard 'flii * 
Ami. I know your dcfivcry,, bn^fcf, ^^^ ^ '- - ^-^v 

Had not been half fo ihdden but for us^^ » i 

Suf. O how we jJcadcd 1 - / ;. - . ^ '^ 

Lufi Moft dcfcrving brodicts ! - - ■ ' »' . 

ill my b^ftudies I wUl think of iu [Exk.Luf, 

" 4w. 0<iipit^^at4v#i^e*xw^)^^ 

^M^. Hdl and torments! ' ^ 

' Jmb. Slave, cam'it ihon to df^e^uftji . 

Qjf. Delude you, my lords *? 

Suf. Ay J villain I wh«re\hi5Jw^ii<¥KJA 

OJ', Why, here my lord; 
Juft after his delivery, you both ciwne \ , \- * T Y "^ ^- ' 
With warrant i&om the duke to bckoiii yemt. orq||u^ ^^ 

jimt. Ayi o«rtaitfaer,t^dokfJilQa;l^:''\i ': : ' 't> 


7&r B/s^oengefff Trajg^iy: j jgjr 

, Of. Th€ Avkes fon, my lo^d, hgd' Hk jwipidfe^bc- 
forc you came. 

Of. His whomyou left cosun^d for^ ypur own bro* 
'^^. pur brother's t Oh Siries ! 
^up. Plagues ! - 

4^9^^ C^uiionsl 

^up, Darknefsl 

jif^. DevUsl 

4Sa/. Fell it out fo accujfedly ! , , , 

.<i5w^. Sodami\e^y^? . ^ . , . . ; 

^«/^r. Villain, I'll brain thee with it# 

Of. O my good lord f' ' / 

Super. The devil oy^r-take thee? 

Jfidf. O fatal ! 

Super, O prodigious to our bloods f ^ . 

d^ui, Didwedifiemhie? ' , 

Super. Did we make our teaw women for tljce^ 

jfm6. Laugh and rejoice fpr thee? 

Super. Bring warrant fpr thy death ? 

Jmi. Mock off thy head? 

Super. You had a took i yoRhad a wile, forfooth. 

jfmi. A murrain meet 'em ;• there's no^e of thefe witoi 
^at ^er come to good : I fee how, there's nothing fure 
in mortality, but mortality* WeU, no inore words; 
ih«it>eieye^'d«.£faith, , 

Come, throw oiFdottds; noY^^ brother, thixik of ven- 
And deeper fettl^ hate : firrah, fit fail, 
We'll pull down all, but thou ibalt down ^ hgu lEx* 


ACK^iV. Sceir. r. 

• I . . . V . 


tmj: T TIppolitol .. 

Ifsis your good fonUutiangiit to cosHOnd ixip-lk ? V 

j6a 7&f Bev^^r's "^rufff^jii^ 

' Ijtf. I pr*ythee leave U5. 

Hip. How*stliifi? <9oine, ma l^vc us? ^ i 

Z^^^Hippolito! • " '^ 

A>. Your honour-i-— I tttaA tesif fcft ai^ duteous 

Luf, Heart I what inak*ft thou here ? 

Hif, A pretty lordly kumour ! . 
He bids me be prefent, to depart : folnething liail ftung Bis 

Lujf. Be nearer ; diawrtmrer: 
Ye're not fo good, methinkt j I'm ai^ry wbh you. 

Hif. With me, my lord f rmanffrywithmyfeifiRis^t 

LuJ^, You did prefer a goodly fellow to me : 
•Twas wittily defteij 'twas. I thought 
H'ad been a vtUain, ftnd he proves a knave ; 
To me a kmnre. ♦ - 

Hif, I chofe him for the beft, my lord ; 
*Tis m¥cii my fonow, if nq;le£t in him breed difcon- 
tent in you. 

Luf. Nedcai :twaswiU. Ja^ofit. 
Finnly*to teu of an incre<i^ble aa, 
Not to be thought, Ms to be fpoken of, 
*Twixtmyftep-motherandthebafl«rd; of 
Inceftuous fweets between 'cm. ' ' ^ 

Hif. Fie, my lord r - 

Luf, I, in kind loyalty to my ftthfer's fijtthead, 
Made this a defperate arm ; tod, in Ast faty. 
Committed treafon on th^ fciW** bed, ^ *•'' ' 

And with my fwdid-€*<n ns'd;my feth«r's bofi3^ j 
For which I- was within a ftrota^ of deafli. 

Hif. Alack! Fmforry: 'sfoot.-jtift upon the fboke, 
Jars m my brother ; *twiU be ^aUatnous mtx&ck. ' 

MnHF r fUPWf ♦ 

Fin, My honoured lord. 

lu/. Away, >pr*y4ie^ *rf*e u»v*«B«ftar^'Bi!0t 

know tnao. 
Fin. Not bMwr me, my kid-l yrtar *irifcip caaini, 

chttfe. 1 

Lu/. Begone, I fi^» thou «ittt«M^k!ii9e. 
Fin. Why, the fa&n'ic^be in»m, a^foA 

»» • .ii^.**.-j, -w ^ * ^9^ 

Alake xhee a fie^tM«LiMifciier> 
And lay this v$AM^ii)9l>9i<hK. • 
Vin. Mum! for ^re'&^jl0Q0iAwaaM>n«k^a^w9mafk 
dum^. ^ ^ .' 
Miffing the baftard> next him,. thftwiodJi aoneabom: ; • 
Now 'tis my brdtherlsL^lMi9Kti9.;^,.HUiie to go out. 

Hip, Uaov^>)'£»ilb» 
//.]^. But j['H»f«Gwruata hkiMua^ > ^SHv^as ipkl me 

lately, ' • 

I tuMOwnet H^be<jif^JWy^9u(kft&|a>^^sifaw)iher. 
/f/>. Who I ? yes, my good loed, :ti inie a^rtliier. 
£1^. How chance,lk» lBQiartL:iie!eri&i».hi]»t>>of -what 
nature? . .: . ' • 

How doe^'h^ ^]^l}i:hkihiM)aiif . - 

Hip, Faith, to curfc f«t^ 
Who, as he thinks, ordain'd liJBi:lD.4e poor 1 
Keeps at home, full of yifia^MiA cbfroa^ait. 

fiti^. ^'I^^^'^'kiPf^taMmiV^^ want 

I«'tl)^>Mt3ci»yiio miHld^^ifiikimo^. > 1 : • [;J^e. 

Hippolito, wifl^iUmtncpftifiloiu: .1 - . « 

If there be aught i^thmutti fl«^irtii»>btoDi#, • 
For thy fake jwcflUjwiyMir.i him j AKllMMid^afr 
His.okeaaeil fbrtones $ for it it/aa^us 
To r««r. «pvt»w«n itiHm.<M9i%^ 

Hip. IxM^y^tKfA^ iiiiieiiriil«ilHMfryoiir iio»«2rs 
Bat ^e'samtinin«jwig«Mdumttoitho^yiwtfc^ 

/.^. Whjrtbl^MttBrLiMBgiMtotcOttn. > 

///>.. Wid»<wttbi«pm »4%# • 

WhoSn. h(e c^ pff ^'A.aiop^Ma^ 

.How ftrapgglyjdtiEt*fafttfvw»dc.>o n»hfiiii^ • [i^jriVr 

: Thii " 

iV« thi«lM«W«MUMMM}r|ViM4Ui<Ull 

That j»t]M JU(tre#)lliardidja^^ 

And made ttiMfc«klMfiM.-:J JliMW^M 

Much <^ my heart jaipte t dMMM^;- 

y^;ivT^^ ct That 

1^2 ^f Jfi^ep^r'^Tfk^e^^^^^ 

Q2*liptiSiy9 QeVr liwf- to (ce his b<»](i^j^ani>wj||j(^t r .1; 
Ay, DC ihall ipeed hini >. PU employ the brp||i^ i ^ 

He bfbg of.bliick conditiqDy ^uitaWe '^ ^ i^ 

To want ap4 lU coDteii^y bope of prefipi^eQt ; .^ 
Will srind JiiA to 4a «^.T^ 

1, QoodiiAysiiiitoyoiiirl&ogioor. ^ 
;Z.j|/. 3dy km lords^ I do ;»tuni tkielike^.^ 

2. S^wyouyjnylora the duke f -. , ^,' . ;*vf- 
Zi^ Myiontaodfttherf kiiefKHUCOiutl 

I. He'sfure^-Qiacouit^ ^ . . > ., . -, 

But where, which wny hss pl«iiiu« look, we know t^ 
Nor an we hcas oa't. v ■ . . 
. Zfi^ (lere. cowe riiofr ihouU teii« ! * : -; 
^Saw yoa my.lord and faidier ? 

, 9^ ^Ot fiocetWo >pitfs befjm noo%siy I6r^( . . 
And dum he privately rode ibith. • ^ 

Xa/. Oh, he's rid fefdL :> *> .' .- ; 

I. *Twaswoadteiisprwj)td]r« > .T 

< «. .T)ieK?f A09e i W court had any Jcnowieclge on*t 
^ Xgf.. Hi» gt^ce is . rt dy and iiiddBX *tit<iQ^ti«aib<i 
To lay the duke my fiuher hat a humosk-^ 
Or fach a toyabont him; whatia iia • '• ' ^ 
Would appear light, ia him; fama .vi(|KiOit. v/ /^ 
, 3. 'Tii^widei miE^kinL .. , ,► ; / - l^m^^ 

. ...^ So,fo,aU'a^itihoaldbci y^art^^ 

Vin^ How that great viUaia pots me to s^ ihifb ! 
Hip. He.tWQ4iUkMywn^diip|iiM«ea>c^ 

Shall, now ihou art thyfelf, m much refpej^^ibee. ^ 

'Sfoo^ ,wJfe^,uf(^)»UMp»ttrli|!»«^WWir*i«^ 

///>. NaJM5<*wl^#*Wal9i^^n^|*^?^^ 
4%'^ foii^.^[|^iy^ei^o^yoaf Itut «*at 'tis, • 

He an4 his ffscretary, the devil» Jcnqw^l^ejh^/ «^,^ ^^ ' 

Vin. Well|^iql|^fiiit,«iif.toil£^toJ^^ 

What coloi|r<^(ftty ^}lbe,f .h«fmg^4aft : ^. 

Topil«^p.alVi|iy,jp#^»^Jmb^^(|i^^.^ -^j,^ / :' 

Vin. N'dw' the (take?' is acad, the tcaliii \t ^^i li 

His death b^i^iWt yfetkhowh/iinder'Hs tiame ''' ■' 
The people ftfll arfe gdvern'd . MOdl,^ thou^his^ ftrti' • 
Art not loitgVlR^*4rtkoaffiaItn<3it joy Ills deith': / '" 
To kill thee then, I (hould moft honovtt thee i ' • " ' 
For 'twould fbind firm in every man's belief, 
Thou'ft a kind child,' and Only died'ft wlfli grief. ' ' * 

H/>.Yott fetch about well J butlet^starfcinpreftiit ' 
Haw will you appear ftffafhioh dlflfttJerit, ■^' - '' " , 
A5 well ^ in ^rj^rel, ' to makfe^f th^^s' poffilfte K" ' ' 
yf you be but once tript, we f3dl f6r ever. " 
IMs^ttOtth^ieaftpblicytbbedboblb;' ' ' ' ' '•.' 
You muft change tongue : — Famifiaf was ydU fiif(^. ' '^ ' 
- ViH. Why, ril bear me in fome'lhain of melancholy;'* 
And ftringmyfelf with heaVy^^ftnmding'wirfe, * 
lake fttdi^aii 5hftrohient thatYtieakk mSiy thing 
^ f% That is as I meant ,•' • ^ • - 'f '^ • 

I gave yott out at firft in difc^lieht. ^ " * 

f7«. ril tune myfelf, and then^-i. -• ^ ^ 
^ip ^Sfckjiti heife He cotos^ftaft €f6ii|^ tfpont f '. 
/Tir. S Aite him ; Fear not me/ 'VEmtr'tuJBtrit^^ 
Luf. Ifippofitbf - ' ^'- ' ' • ^ - ^ 
. Hip, Youriordfti^" '^ '' 

luf. WhiftV4i^yoiia^r • '-' ^ -'^ '^-v- > • "' 
• ^JET^J *Ti8 Vmdid, my difeontented'toothf^; 
Whom,^^N:6Mh% to^ybor wil^ Pre Vrdugfit to WrtA • 

Z«>;*'ffcaf^«h^^<herf Befliww me, a e(>6d»p^^^ 

• '''1cn«r'^^-' '^^' '• '^' .' ' ^- ' '• 

I wond^'i*a!r bgett^fi»m-!fte coifct *| 1^ *» 

Comfe iftfirfefC' '- ' ^'^' -'-'^ -' ■ ■- •' • . - *• ^ ' • 

^:^BroiJfer, IdW 'EtflR«(>f^, the^dd^Toa. ' ^ 

Xi^ l%ftW^4^^«^lisy viNilcdiiie'j ^ri^tfe vet. ' ' 
->i^«aF.'ijAow^rf^yW^^^^^ ' 

^/^ W^WJ^^ thee: ' - « .,'.•.: .T- , .i 
Howlti^bgdyf^<^it^fa]Gf^He^ ^ 

Shows in thc'pMa^; "iHiere w« Ijfett hi^i 
Nimble and defperktetongoes,- "mbliad ^vt^^iiame 

* heaven i Qj I'eiJ 



56+ ^e flm^^4s^!Ii^^^. 

T^m^, what kU PMde thee fo mcbiichojy ? ,/'. \,;v 
. VM. Why, .gQii% » law. v:..i,\ r./^ 

f*/ Vlqu waittati9al^ia4a«p««biBchply^u .,- 
. f7«/. Ves, to look joog. upo^ ink ^pd blyck ]|^i|^- 

*ram*-l went me to kw^ in m^ f^^f^t^^vsl^vfi^w^ 
and I waded q\k\ of it ip a^ifo /exagefim t^ffHa. : . : 
' luff, Wba^ t}iifee and twenty ycaxs iAjawt: . « 

A7i></. I kAi^dnowa thbf&that havcbeen-fiYc an4*£/^f 
aa4.aH^1>out|R41co and pigsw , ', ,. j^.j; v, ,' .^ 

iAif- >fay It be i^Iible lachmen mould. breatlic;^,.,. r 
Ta V¥» iJh^iMns ft) wUchl . : .i I.tA .;, 

/^in. Tis food p^ fome.^ my lord. . . "^^u^ r^yn^ fMf 
-men at the prefeht, that are To pdifon'd with Jt^^>a[|^^ 
^ioaof law-T^cools,. (haviiq^,\]iad ii^fly. fn^ts-^^M) ibcj^ .jcoiQqu^ talk jbi jpthinp J^ut ^ajc(Mif9r;la^i 
'tJIcy cannot To. muc^ ai^t^^^\lm ,in jaw^^thatJij^ 4i>P 
may be; rqi^^v'd ^ii\ a. wtU of eftqg^ aad a^evf ^ig^ 
4iNipi'<l uptD heaven with a; ilaiai;anL ; ^ .:ji3 j .r.^ 

Tct all the world m^ts^ixiind m t^g|9^«tapa^^. ^ .^^ci^ 

Wliere _ 

Find. Study ? why to tAink how a ||ea ~ 

'«-dying, and a poor cobbler toU^j^JfilLi 
he cannot dnAlt^j^pvUi aijdipeqtli^ 

before him, whence 4i^lM|Mp^^^ 
you 13^4^^ %o. allthe: hoxf s^ 
moiy, ajthj'gb^'gjl^j^ . 
•and ^pDUgttioos ; ^nay wboa^to 

whuries uid r9P^'mt^^V*kMh.4^ 

Kis poor tenantii. 4^ this vp^ 4a4 ^ll^ilMWr >|Upc 

feven yearrthinkpgo onthertaOjoii^ a 

conceita coming p. waiiic xifon^if^iX^ 

vrhich, ?faitH la^ rilpr^^pn$ j^.l(i«fe4«>PHMtf<^^ 

thing for It. u ■ '> .:• r- . /. ■! . .i? '..j ;.tioI ic.i ::t,;L 1 

W- Nay, y w WliW iCygitiHgB^ .- .: ^ i :r..u I a 
For I am pu^ifti'/i bountmd cnooghA . , r c;j n. i' - ! :i 
Let's t^J^of yo}j| coMajt;.^, -, . r. . : - j .^^ ^ / ; "" 

Vin. Marry, this it i^^-^JhJt^fli^Ydtli^'M'Bi iciith^in^ 

/ft>/ H?«&fjpiM''^^ die quick. ' '- I-^?ir. 

£*/. The contck^s pr^, ri«tk r • ' ' ' ^ 
But tak't upon my life 'twill ne'er be-Hk?d. ' ' . 

•hoiigh. *' ' ' .• * * * * * • " "* 

Hip, If flic were out o' the juaure, he!# liki^ ha* theft 
himfclf. - ' t» '' -■ i '•'•^ ^^^^•' f-^^. 

Vin, And ^ ftti; .thc/oii zsA hm^ ^^ ^6&^^ ^ky^ 
(bre totio yb^n^ revdlef9|^ftiDh«:ikift;b^ draw^ia^tslbdi 
of gold blotches'. ' • • : ' - • '' .--^7, t vi . fr 

^fi And th6tt"1i«i!'put my fJfetnUigtt«tfe\^cld6t% " • 
And hM not di^w t]iat'&ae^-4-JMy! thou)^ wsb t)ns $ ' 
To fte,%- fdaw^iof 'a:ttftiiilfeAAt?ft' ' - ' -. 
Boiling ihiheli^ our rich nieh y/f^i£AiKfy«t^Ut'i^ ■■ * - "- 

Fin. O txucy I cry yott heattifyjjfita^ 1 -l knoiitfKth^ 
veafon ; for fome of tI^e)b{blui^M!ker4^.dki^^ indl^d^ 
than d4m*^&ed3J0iim; -^' . i; t >, '., r^ *»i'^^ 

iir/ A p8ifi«j*lrffi0iocMjr f: )^a« wil^iMi^W - ^{ 
To murder any, latey .fedJ^yyfr^hiiiriTiiWife 'r ' - -h 
I ^^ thoa attffi motued. ' *' ^^ '» 

/%. MoncyF hb. Hot ' ; . . , ' 

'4^^))lii^n bi^i4uitr<^)6iig^ 'tia^iiOW my^feoff'^.' 
r*e*'^nfcffgocvrliir<tofatti^^ - » - '* 

£b/; I|fi$btadfl iioti - i , >/ 

'^rmr^f gttgek)dcioiyiti -. - •*-' 

ef tKofe-tMt di^e^ my liQilMia^; attd* ftr tttferffooio,. 
£ leed ^m^ofib- Aat cflBuiite b^n4o£' iiio» 

* W»> d m«ife eyes r ' , . ^ 

TKU>mtJtti^lfilHl1>HiiiV tM^Siitm^pmtii *- >yi 
I dare not looktM^tfaafubeia a douoi '^ -^ • • "' 

X«/. I thinM «fiibi*A UlcMlnaM^^. 
Hovnttteu-flow?^' ^ .^ 

rr>. The,lMi$8riS».y|inCtafidnr. - 

£»/ Yoaihalll>el)etter yfet^ ifcfffc IM ft<|i 

CU Trulx 

». * 

Trnly on mjr intcsnt. Now y 'are bath prcfeit, . '"'^ 
I will unbbcc foch z dbfc j«vatfe VitlSm ^ "^ *' ' ^ 
Unto voor vciigefiz! fworfs; tlte li^b ni'4fr'K8^d <^i. ^ -^ 
Who hath difgrac'd yoa much^ and injixi^i (^ • 
Jiif. DifgracedM, mylord? i ' ♦ 

lu/. Ay, Hippolito. ' ' ' ' * , 

I kept it here till now, that both yOur ang^iir' 
Might meet him at on€r. ' '--:.!: 

^fii. I'm covetous : . : . -v .n 

Vo know the villain. ' ' ' ''] ^r*' '^^^ 

ii/. You know him, that flavc pander;^ ^'/.^ , , 
Piatt)/ whom we threaten*dfaa • ■ ' ^ '^'' ^ *". v \ ^ 
With irons in perpetual prifonmcnt. "^^ ^* " ** *'^' 
/7«. All this is I. -' - r^^ 

i6>. Islthe, my lord? ' • 

Im/. m tcU yoo,' you irftpfcfei^dimtt fo nie, * *, 
iS7«;lJidyou,bniAer? ' - > .x:; -,I.a 
»>. I did indeed. * * *" -^ ' \ ^ \?'^^'..V*- ' 

I*/. And thr Ibgntoefal viBain, ' ^' ■* ' '*^>^*^. v^- 
To quit that &mdncfs, ftrongly wwjpf^i^^ ^ 

Being, as yon fee, a likely iftanibr'pl^ifiire; '^T^ V^ 
With je^vds rbroriupt your virgfei fiter. * ' ^ " '^ 
*^a^. Oh villain ! : - * » - {, V '^ 

' '>7iir. «e fhail fiKcly die that «a it/ ^ ' ' • ; '• ^ 
Xuf, V far^rom thinking any virein hansr, V' ^^ 
E^icciallyknowjngherta'i^aschafte^v* '' V^ ^- 
* As that part . which fcarce .Mers to ^imSlfd^ ' '^''^' ^ - 
'Th^ eyi, i^ould not endure him. . ' ,. ^ 

, ^/)r. Would yott not/ my -lord ^ -• ^ ' - :» 
.*Twas wondrcus honoUraWy done. ' ' '-* v ■■'.''' y 
luf. But with fomc fiveififo^s fceptfim-ottt. - ^ 
Vin, Oatflaye! t ' ^' V ^-j"^ i^ 

' tiif. Whatdid me hetwHtt-^reWsftgq'bMitt,^ V^-^. 
Went of his own free will^to make infimr :''f '^ 
Your fiiler^s honour (whom I h( 
For chafte rcfpea) and i»6tftefiffiiS|g:<ffi^''? i 
(As 'twas but dcfperatc folly to'icttdh]^^t) -'- ' 


i>r ' » 

ly: He, pro^d of this adv^jitage, (i W t}iibjOglit\; ^ 

}\xfht. me.fivi^ xipws'fQi: lutopy. - But. I^ Wvcn ./6f> 

giye awfor tl — . ..'...>,, ^. 

^iir. Mnbt' did your 1v6dw " ;\ 

£»/I In rage pttfh VI him from me, 
Tramprd l^iica|li his.tliroat, fpiim*d him,, and bruised.: 
Indeed I wis tbo^ cruel, to fay troth, ■-'■■. 

Hip. Moft nobly managed } 

Ftfu Has not keaven an ear? is all |hq 
waftedl. . . 

Lu/, If I now wdre fofinipaueitt in i^hodeit cai^l^tt 
What fliould you be ? . _ % . ?/ 

, /S«, Full mad; he Jhall not live ' ; ' 

To^e the moon change. . , ' .v 

Zj^Ije^s about the jp^lace; , ., ' V; 

HippolitOy entice him th& way,, tW thy brot&er * ^ 
May take full mark of hkn. '' " ^' \x 

Hip. Heart f-^-^hat i^aU&ot n^, niy lord/ ^ 
I can dJwa*J4ai4a^/ : ; * : , ; Vr 

£«/! Vet fpr my hate's fakCj^ / ' ^ 

Go, wind him thjs way. ^'U fee. him bleed myfeKL. r 

/f/>. Wha|:now, brother? £4^^- 

F/flr. Nay e*eA what you willr-ry^^f put toY^l^ro* 
ther-j, J . \ •". J C-^^!^* 

flif]^. A^ impoffible ^&9 TQ twesu^, ' i 

To bring kjpnjuthor^thaii'fi already h^rr. \ [^4^ 

Ltff. Thy name? I have forgot It. . 

Fin. Vindid, my Ipfd. 

Lu/, ?Tis4rg9odjDame that. < . 

Fin. Ay, a revenger. 

luf. It (bes«betok^ cQpfage ; tjiou (KouId'A bV^^a- 
liant^. , . ... . ^ I 

AndJ^,<Wn^,j9>emies. V / , ! i» 

r/». That's my h^, my lord, 

£«/. .This Havcf is oael 

^^•« {.'Jtt doom him. 

i«/.' Thcii,rj| p^e thee 

I>o tiott obterve me bcft, and rij b^ ralfe thee/ ,- 

\. .k 

■•>«« * « 

* T 


fii>. Your goodlord&ip -, ,, . j ,.; 

The wqift^all th^ a^dljiifiMw ilbkni^ 
That beggerly dan^nti^n^.4williM»(b 

^y: Tkmhe'8axioal4^fl«9«k.. .^ 

i^ ]i^/f9&;yf€ll€Qvvfy'd, jupofeA MAmiRiC. 

L«/ What, aw yoii both. „ . .;;:^/. .'i\ 

Tiw. Or dfc, let not us live. • ; u> j i<? i. \j# if 

/. Liy: YoaBiAy4k«4lyQwte?(tlisiri$(>idv 

Nif. I ihalL ' . .V. *- . ' . . <\ A 

luf. RKe bttt in this, 2nd )wn>flntt.ii<ipr.ftll.., a 
IV/iK Yeiif honcwlfrvafidi. • ^^ \ 

£ir/. This was wifely carricdU ,?*^ o 

Deep policy^ inm^ ifiak^ faito^tff - ft<rli4fe r ^ I vH 
Theft^ muft a ibve<Ue,. when he Iwwiil WW wmh.. \ '. 

^Chnc fttch a fellow^ impwr&tili iMwIiiKidwij 

ShimftiuMi be ekMn-aahe Aaftd a. < 

QriKith a fecret wind bnrft^ Open f 

It ^Mtc no thondejiMt.? it »tjfc heyi«||i 

S > .t > < A 

r. t < u 

v^in* Bnt r have i5mnd>iAit ^ ; I -^0^ : : 
^TwiUliold, *tis fure; thanHs». .diailliMo,0q|F»%ttri^.v . 
That mingFd it 'mon^i mj^Mmt^tioUf^ 

4/$f. Whatis't? .'.i . '• ..^ 

Fif^. Tis ibund and gfoijk. tbm fMtipm^r k^ 
I'm hir'd to kill myf^lf>^ , ..,1 , > 1 *. » 

ffx*^. Tree, • .QnJ Lr '»^ <^».. 

r/w. Pry'thec aimk4t!i^ tai j /• ,^ . i. - ♦ ' ^ .' 
And the eUduke being. des^; JMIfoHAMoM^'d^^i^^ 
For he'a.d^eddy.miis'd«oo^ and ymi,;kmmb v. ^.-^ . 
Morder wiU pe<^ ofttof HhtcirfliM^MI^ »^ 

:a .4^. What fay you thcof lojiiis device^ If 

Hip, In that difeuife of yOonf * - • 

yi». V^rtr fakk, /ive reritiMRh' . *- ' - *• * 
ftj^/ 1 liW it wonderooif: * • • *- 

^^ .mi. And beiiigin'irMc, a» ^Mte^r^jMAfiilk^dlii^ 
T^tksn lasm^ Hh Kb' dbew^ i5 if iidt^hMd'taaighthim ? 
Which chumtmoi inlet«ft in fich flug^ lAtito; ' * 
- Mip. (^ood)f«t; bw ll«pe?9 a^d^bt, 
We, thought hf th* dul(liSflrf«!tf'«(>kfl)^tliMl-fd9idei\ ^ ' 
Shall, ^tii he is known, be thoa^ to i^ the Mot- 
rin. Neitiier, 6 thanks; iriHubUMttii^ '■' \ 
For thtt<ii%4ill bcteg in ttug wbkh I iv<ore> ' ' ' 
It will be thought I, wMeh he calls t]ie' psmder, did 
fclit the d«ke, and fl^«^ ih Mft aj^pu^^ leaving 
him fb di^uiled, to avoid Twin pnifuitk ' 
Hip. -firmd miHimct. ^ - . • 
Fsn. Nay, doubt not^ 'ti» in ^[raln, I vrMant it4foldd 

Hip. Let's abotiti^ ? 

^ixr. But bjr the wa^ tooy. now I thhik'onr*ty bvOther, 

I IietVconjiire that bafe devil out of otr mother. [Exeimtv 

imtet^ ^"^Wt^i^ejf arm in artk ^wM ♦ tift Bafiafvt .• ^&i 

SufervacuOy running nvifh a ^trpier'fhh'br^erfi&pif hifH .- 
Spu, Mikiam,. mdodf ydUffetf, afeOu!4*irtoltor, *• 

Yourarm-woirtdbeHaifpefted; ► « •*- ' ' - • ' 
Dut. Who: is't that dates f^[^/ Of ^ 6r4h0fe% 

May not we de^ oer fkydui^ where wa.^t^4f ^ * 
^^». I'm confident you miy. • [AK*r«»ft 

Amh, *Sfoot,. brother, hold* ^ ^ • 

^ar/. Woultlet the-'buftaidihlimt'il^F . . - > 
^y;»^. Hold^Hold, b]iother>! there's fittertlmlt^thaitnvwv 

-»^«i^. 'Tistoo much iem alMdy;t - 'i ;' 
Sup. Seen and known;' -' *; ' 

Th e nobler (he's, the bafer is^^fhe gKMMii; - r . ^ 
Amb^ If()»Mpete beathAivicMf (ttefiii^ 

Of mighty w^en, • ttcat deep Mtf) '-^s^O deM»!^'^ ' ' 

Tct make iU worfc ?— Mntr-i' >• • 

jIh^. O ourdifaaeet.- l ^w f<i^ \'« 

Moft women haveunall waifts the-woiM tlrimighout'; 
Sot their defires s^ tkonfimd tojka about. ' * *[;£4e^!tMr« 

^ar^. Come, flay not hem, lcs*« after, ianidf rev^t^ 
Or elft t^r'U fin fafter thali we -li {cpcftt. • ^^ 
Emttr Fimlici and ^iUfp^Ug^ hinging 9»t tbHr mti»krr^ 

' 4^tgfr i. in their. hnmU.' 

Fin. O thouy far whom no name » bad «Mmgh. ! 

JIC?/i&. Wim^Aeanrmy^fana^ wfast," wM yoa la&fder 
■me ? . \ . -.•■•'/• 

Vin^ Wicked omuitara] parent i ^ 

Hip. Fiend of women f . ^. . 

Mo$k, Oh! are fans tum'dmonfles8^hri{>r 

Fijr. Inirain^' 

Moth, Axe y<m fo barbaroiis>^ fet ittm n^]^ * 
Upon the hrcai that gave y«i fudc r 

/7«. That breaft '^^ 

IstucnVl to queried potba. - - \ * 

Moth. Cut not yo|ir days for*tl ffisnot I ymirmo#ier ^ 

Vin, Thou dpft i^nqp^ that title«now by Aa«d% ^ - 
For in that ihelL of mother breeds a baiwd. 
Jiotif^ A bawd? Onamefar^loathfosner thuihetti 

Hip, It fbouki be fo» Jknew'ftthoii liiy office wi^lk i ^ 

Fiirv^Ah.! is3epoffiU£j yoo.powen. on hij^i^ ^^ - i 
That ^woniMi ibendd difleaUe when they die I ' *- 

Mod. IMemUc} 

r/«: Did not the ibke's fon diruft 
A ff^w, of the world^a candition, hitfadr; 
That did corrupt ail t^t wai good an 4he«i? . . ^ 
Madethee tincirillyvibigetxthjSrelf^ : / - r "" '^ * ^' - 
And wQarfeoipr$te«o^lu&?. ^ ; -^y :i x , . . :^ ^^ 

That had b^en monftroo^. I defy that 191A > ^^ 

For any facii intent f none lives fo pure^ -^ ^ 
Bift ihaIllMrioil!dwith ikmder ^'^^food ftm, bdieve k not. 
^/». Oh, i'mJadottbt; . ./; . ^ - ^4 . ;. 

JTh^Aei I'm myf^^^ or n^ Stay 

S^*>l^;«ifil(HdcaB»mjqpMt]iis - ^. 

Whofhallbeiav*d» when motheis have Jio grace? 
Hxp. 'Twould inake one half ddfain 

D^(y .We now» let'A fee, do*t modcftljr^ ;.j i-i 

jif0^^« O Jbell unto my fooll 
>?«. In that di&uife, I, fent fiom tiie dujoe^ toB,; > 

Tigf^dyiOR, andfottodyottbaiemetaV - ^ 

;i(fU any viUaui'jnight have done* >«> v -^ ■"« 

M>/;&. O no, no tongue but yoan . could ha^^-bt* 
• ;. wk^h^dmefo.. . -'^ 

.i> . Fiiit O niipblein damnatfioa, qnkk^iartiini ( ^A 
There is no devil could ibike fire fo foon ; ^ 
1 am confuted in a word. . ! . / . 

Moti;. Oh fonsy forgive me ! .to. myfislfril- p^ve 
moreiroe; ^ ' 

You that fhould honour me, I kneel to yoB. • 

Fin, A iQioUi^ to give.aim : to jher own daughter I 

Hip. True, brothers howiaivbcyoiidtttfsfo'tis^ - : i 
Tho* many mothers do't ! .,-,..- 

Fin. Nay, and you draw tear^ioi^ce, .go yoBtobed^ 
Wet win make iron bluih and change to 'ted. . ^ v 
Brotherrit rains, 'twill fpoi) your dagger, houfe it^^ 

Hip. 'Tisdooc. . . ^i 

riW r£iith 'tis^afweetihower, it doet smch.good. 
The fitful grounds and meadows ofhl^riQulv 
Have been long dry : pour down, thou Uei&d dew«^. 
Rife,^motWi troth tlu»ih(iw'r haa-jnadeyou higher. 

Moth, O yoaiHeaTB&&! take dua in&^ioaa fpot Otit 
of my foul, iv- j^ '\ 

TU rince it in feven jvatecs. of mine eyesl 
Make my tears &lt enough totaile of gsoce. 
To weep, is tprOor £ex jiatuially.givea: \*>^ u'\ . 
But to weep truly, thatfaa.gilbfxom.iicaKeni 9. . .'.^ii«'i 
* Fin. Nay, TH kife you now. 'JCift Mr, biotft|er.7 h.ih, 
Lett's marry her to our fouls,, wherein's na>iu0> Ar . ^V^ 
And honouraUyi lavtt heri, " • j j. . * y> - I>-d i: 1 1 

Hip. Let it be. 4 .^ -. . \\ . * .1 . i* .. **... i x*'"- - '** 
' ^Fin.^^'^fili^ltQioidk^WiiKf^ 
*Tis g«odtocherilhthofepoor&«r'tliai^aie.d<.' .. > ^ 

ThftC oiEcc wooM^k«ve «iKg*«l wsfnhy^luf-fotA^^iJt': 
All mochcn chat ha4apyti;M:$l4Vlni^ T ' \. 

Woddhftvewof«««ft^toi^th»rGmttifiHiK ''r 
It would have grown to tkis, at yoorfooifDiiiiirv 
GaMH gat i u/ A^inakb woulfi Jmiw ttm^dl red withrigimie. 
/Tf/. ABdtlie»mHriM«r,&ft^hiTrmi^Mhi«fr^ 
Tnv TheKhadbee*Waiiir)eiria|pcm^ 
'Aifdvk^'fioA'f giwt eonet&iMf ! 
A drabrfflate, aclotha*&br«rfiijit^ . i .'T 
To hav« Ker train tam-v^ and^ktr icrnl Wl* iW^ifllJ 
Mif. Jo b« grtat, jsifevaUrr u» bt . Btdx^ coeaadly 

wretched. . . 

Wtm O eemnoft madiief^ f . • ' < ; 

Aik bat the thnTin^'ft harlot in coU bloody 
She'd.givefiWiWin«tiiO']iiakehiybonoi^g0(i>d9 . ., 
Pefte{>sjo«i3%t b«ito|i2t*A»tbedidce's|bii, > ... 
Iiiprivatie; wl^f A«ftftbcgmv^^iMt| v^, . 
Who afterward to thoufimd.ptfown a i^iffn * . ■• .' .. ^ 
^ Bteftk ioAiOiOfiepbQr* it wiMmfilci9-iBomr» ivi 
ilfofj&. bioft ceriamlf awty'd I 
11^ Ohrbrofiber, yoa forget oorbofiaefe: 
y$n^ fixA well reitieaiber^d f joyVaf ivbtfl. ^,. 
>4ittkiKan*6fasq9preikw!imfrheforg(^hiiRfe^^ o;> 

Farewell on«ed^,]iOirhol^-w«tffr\txQcadf'! . . 
Our hearlr wear leatfarfSy. fhgf bffiff^lNfe'lrpf^*' : 

JIfirt*. Jllgif^^fhisy ch«eo9eIfwiHsr|fmmri.;r 
ffcad befier for, «n4 ^is^tJie 4ev3» 4llftr jn9»*^ ' . : A 

Fin. yo»iijakei|ie.pi»«idon't. - ' ' . .V. 

'Fin. Ay» ftvthoWe:<rf^b«fti<«iWi»^iA«^xnieiin^ 
Jtffl/j^. With i?yM:.*NWtfe ..'//lol 

f7ff; Why fttaf nm^fDNHbeih^ 6^4 . ; . i£4€mifk 
hM^. Iw^QMkv«^wiii4M(Ary<^ .u 

I feel goo<^ tf i <nglW i but ft iihfettte in ^ag, .' . 1 lr.> 
Qb with wKot fordMfld can I Ibfb^oittMgr^ : - ^* * 
Whofc bon&ut Tve To Unpioafly befct F \ < ^ 
nd here mft comes, *-. • j :' • v'o. .^a,^ 

Ct^. Now^ notbef^ yfWL-bKfe VfmifttiMk WT.^ 

»> . 

Tltatwharibr my «!WtfK5fti!ieiit, 4s t6 'calm' '^ - ;' ' 
The troabte Cif • y Wr toftgae; 1 arti dmte«t. • ^ ^ 

Gr/^ Tadoasy6uhavc*i*iir*n!e;* ' 

To pmilfnitv tny Breaft'td the dtikn's foil^ * - 

And put inyfdf to tttBrnton ufdrjr. * * » 

-Cajh fitepeyou I wi»not7 ' ' 

That's not the hdpe ftm foektobcfkvM m. • ^ ' 

Jlffl/i^. Truth but if is. 

Cafi, Do not' dtc^tymtti^; . ... / 

1 am asiyoii^ if^ ourejf iitiirfSfe wfbttglft* ' ^ 

WktC'O^fald^yott lio^ ? a« y« not glea^M^et w|t{>il^c,^ 
Yoa ihall nor wHh me to be more laibivi^ub 
Than I intend to be. 

. Mof&. Strike not mecoldv >...«. 

' €ajf: f&Kr olteir M^ yoe chai^'Jtm'cAywat bkifllrrg 
To be a curfed vMsaif ? 'When Voti kiiew :^ 

Ybur bl^ng kfti no iR!si!»c« Co make me k:wi, * 

You laidyour^urfe ^poft nJte* ^tlkaf did' mote, '**' * 
The nioth«#^<^ilrie 1^ heavy ; wkettt tdUir fi|ht»; - '* ' 
Sonsfetin ftonn, anddaugftj»tsh>fr tHeirlfg^. ' ^ 
' JBR?/i$, Good: tWW; dcair maid; ifiche««|yeany j^tk, 
Of heavenly im^M^atmlfk-e widiiU'thee, eh let my hte&th 
Rcviveitfd altem^ ? - ' '* " '- ^ 

FutnotaUout^witil WOtnaliV^lftillUiitt. / * * 
^ amreaoNreKdrdfthaffoiildlfelfft .. . . -.^^ : . 
That homits too many mothers) kkkl^ fotdve ore;: * ^ 
Make.menot'fidtih health ^^--if then ' ' ' ' 

My word^ prcvaE^d. when thtjr were Wkksedheft^ * 
How much more n&» wh^ they sre )iSt ani good'f ' 

C»jf. ' X^^lroHdiBi' whftt yoi> iftean r ateijotf yovt to^ * * 
JTor whofe infea per(ua&)rtf f eoulii fcot^ 
XMel^^Ut my prayer^r hnAh^muDdr ^^ ' '' ' *^^ 

Jn diteehi^^^iKm^M^tivtwitl^m^ ^ ** '^ 
Of the black rea(gM>ya8rt<ttW0iind^irbt^t^ ' ^ ^ 

• jai!;. • r -^ . .. . . '•-• ' • I . '^ ;' ^, o -^^ 
XTm now your mfent mother. ' ^'- ' ■* :- ^i. A 

?ti. BctkiokagpiD^dMm fcaow^ft Pot WitttliMrii by% 

< '*U 

Mott. O fe^l fpoke Uk^Tc; woids».fiu4. A9]i^')(^l9 
poilgnmcr ,. . j,_ .n -i -t 

What will the deed do thqi ?.. , -j^v *^ 

^Advancements true ; ajs Jiig^ as iluipc cap P^A ^ * iS>< ^ 
Fortreafurei who eVr knew a Jbarlot n<^ ? u. 
Or could build by the purchafe of her fin^ v ; 
An hofpital to keep their baflfurds in ? The djikei^s ifoq; 
CJh ! wnen women are ypung courtiers, they are Aui^^>t9 
be old beggers J ' * . .:. ,> 

ToknowthemifcriesQ»oilharlots.4ai^. . ^ .,, , 
Thoud'ft wifh thyfelf unborn^ when ^u aJiftrnadu^- 

Cafi. Oinother, let me twii^e about ypiorneck^,. , .♦ 
And kUs you till my foul melt on your lip s . 
I did but this to try you. ^^ ^. 

Jlf«^. Ofpesdc truth! .,, 

Cafi, Indeed I did not; for nQtongu^^al- 

ter me from hon^^, ; • . i - .. . . . . 

If maidens would, men's words could tuLve^^po^iji^er^ 
A Virgin's honour is a qryftal tower, , ,. . w > i ,. ' .^ 
Which, feeing weak, is guarded with, gppdfpiritsj ^.. ,. 
Until fhe bafely yields, no ill inherits, . , 

MatJb.Oha,vpy child 1 faith»;^ld thy birth hat^fav^jpe. 
*Mongft thouiand'd^ghters, happieU of all otjhers :',. j ,\ 
Buy tnou a glafs for maids, and I formotbe^.* lE^sgpt* 
Enter VauUci fMd Hifp^itp. ', \ 

Viud, So, f9, . he leans well J take)ieedy9Ui;ivalf:#Jiim 

lk>t, brother. • ■ ^' -f^ - - . • i^ -'•3- '- ^-^^ 

Hip, I warrant you my, life ror yours. , : . '^ ^.^ 
Find. That's a good lay. for I muft kill myielf..^ . , 
Prother, that's I, that jEifs for me : ,d9 yqa mark i| ? 
An^ I m'ufl ftand ready here to make away myfeliT jrpn^ 
der-— I mull fit to be kill'd, i^d A^,v>. JjF^ ^^^ 
I could vary it not fo litjje as' thrice bvei^ag^njj , ^?i^^ 
fome eight retufii$, like Michaelmas term^ r >^ ^^y ; o i 
Hip, That's enow o'confcience. . r , j^* 

Find. But, firrah, does the dij^J^'s Ton com/e fiiidef ' 
Hip. No ; there> the hell on^t : his faith's topieebte 
to go alone. H^ hnngs. fic^-^ie^ Jifter )iim, Uu|j;^ni 
bo2 aeainft fupper-time^ ^ lium.tpr his coming out^^ 

^^Reveftg^^t Tragedy. : ^fg 

J^W/ Ah'thc fly-iiap of vwigcantc beat *em to jngccs ! 
Hare ivas tlie fweeteft occafion'; ' the fitteft hour, ito have 
made my revoke fiimiliar with him $ {new him the body 
of the duke his father, and hbw quaintly he died like 
a p^liticiasiv in hugg^-mugger, made no man acquainted 
with it i and in cataftfophe ilainhim over his father*^ 
breaft. Oh I*m mad to lofe fuch a fweet o{>portunity !- 

Htf. Nay, pifti I pr'ythec be content I there^s no re- 
medy preTent i may not hereafter titties open in as fai^ 

Find. They may, if they can paint foweD. " , ' 

lii^. Come, now to avofd all fafpicion, let's ibrfake 
this room, and be going to meet the duke^s (otL 

Fix J. Content, I'm for any weather. Heart,: fep 
dofe : here he comes. 

Enter Ittf, 

Hip. My hononr'dlordf ' ** 

Lnf, Oh me ! you both prefent ^ 

FM: E^cJh newly, my lord, jaft as /our lordfhip e»V- 
ter'd now : about this place we had notice given h^ 
fhould be } but infome loathfome plight or other. 
, Hif^ Came your honour private ? . '* 

JatJT' Private enough for diis; only a/ew , y 

Attend 'my coming out, 

M>. Death rot thofcf few. 

Lnf, Stay, yoa^S the flave. 
^'I^i^i Mi&, that's the flkve indeed, mj lord. : 
*Tis a good child, he calls his &ther ilave. (j^£i 

Luff. Ay^th^t's the villaip^ the damned villaid; foftiy. 
Tread eafy. 

Vini^ ¥ahf I wartant yon, my ford, we^Q difie lii oiiuf 

•^ Luff* ThatwiH tfo t^rdl : / 
Vtl^ rogue, thdn ileepeft tby laft \ 'tis policy 
To have him kfflM in^sl deep ; for if he tirak'd * . '. 
He would betray all to them. ' . ^ 

irtWl' »it, my lord- — ^ . . 
"I^ Ha, whatfay'il? 
* #7«i/^. Shall w^ kill him pow he's drunk ? . ^ 

ii^j^yi beft'ofall.-- \ " 

'Vtnd. Why, then he will ne'er live to be ftberV . : 

• Lm/i No. natter, l«r Ite reri tp idl ' "" '^'' ' 

«UaUtfac&r.- • • r .* \^\J iq loi ^ic^odn./ 

FSmli Aai loMre nofi^ «^ >nfwi«^ yo<ir liidAS^ «>b 
«Mnli; for Jm thairdics ^bnmk, mH Itm K^firslifeii 
tmdiet of water ; qufii, qiilh» 

Z4^ Come, be rcttd^; imJ^ y&ar' fl/vsoiAi^'VUift^ of 
insr wflOogB;;, tfab fl^r^lhM'iiijtirM'^^tt-.'^ " '''^* *' " " 
Fikd, Troth, fohc hzs, and he haspdid^DWMBW/ ^^ 
Luf. Mflttrwitk liawiww. • v i.>/- \'/. . .^ 

Find. You;H bear U6 out, my lordf » ' '''' ' '^- 

Lfffr Pah! am 1 alend'IbriKxhiiig, fS&rAcymf ^ixii^ 

Mfp. now. -^ - V 

Fiwf, $Zf fa, fa, Aumpe^— there he Hcfe- •'' •-* 
Itf/: Nimbly done.-i-Wk? O^, villains! Thpdcj0«I' 
•Tis the old duke my father. ' " 

T/W. That's a jefUl . - •*- ' 

ly: Wat, ftMRand^dd aiwdyf 
Oparaonmeto call' yoa from your names r -'**'.: 
n^isnoaeo^your deedyr— that vtlfeuii'Piato,* - -^ ^ 

Whomyou thought aew^t^tHi^r hatiii«nKM^kim>-'* * 

And left him thus.di^f>us'd. •"-■' *' 

Hif. And not unlmely. --^ * 

Fin. Graftal? was he no«<'iafcrt»*« ^ . . . n.r.': 
To pot the duke into a greai^ double >. • : > ^ •; 

£»/ H^ iuu( becnoott mi §M, iiMi^tsm^ktm^migr 
Find. Umyy that do* f. -"^ - 'X^fib!- 

tuf. Mawexds, Ijnuy, ofaa^ iHii^llllNraM. ' 
r/W. Oh, my lord. • <* ^ 

« £i>. 1 w4a2df<»mka3rayourl^tMi|^iMt'^iS!i» we 

have fmall reafon to- prate. •^' - * 

X«/. Faith, thou fay *fttraeitni«MftHlirf^ 
For all the not»K bafbat^ 4btdU#f^«d[r( ' "^^ ^^ 
Howhtre.byi»ira«kw«fouiidWrifc4B«a^ ^-^^ •»^. ^ 
And m his raiment thiitfocriMMamMMfi ■ -• '-^ ^ -' -•» ' *- 
Fin. That will be the faeft mf, ^^ Mi/. W^ttelil^ ^ 
all; let's caft about to W€1eRr^ ^ ' " *- " - * »^ * 

i • t 

Chbofing for'prjvttKSonfoieiwe -^t fid iroom, 
Wc found thcLtbboiDji^ilhlr^gndfddn^i^^ 
I. Myeloid the duk^! nu^ faie,th^> N«»P9>' ., 

J^/W. Thus urach.bytwit^ ^'de«p.reveager.<te> 
WhfttiMtrHnrhrtiiip^w^ ^tobc^the-ciea^cftman'; - * 
We*re fardieft off, and Witk as bold an eye 
Suorn; iiis.^X» as the fiaswlers by. ^ %. 

Ltf/. My roy^ father^ too<bafiAy4ec^ltood /^ - 
ByajxkwdfirftftfcwilX' .'x 

J^ Hsukl he calJsrtjbtB^iMFe^agittiiv ^ t^'^- 

ri«. H'asloft, he xasLVr ^ * t^^ir. 

* b^.' Ohr%yitJaoteAilh(WV-fl% Us^ljp^ ^ gnawa 

. . JB% O good deceit l^he q|Uts him fn^i I^;(rq3iV 
1^ Where I :.*/-''«* ,, . ^ 

«• Which way 2 . i- - . 

\ JU^. Ovesr what rogf haiqptUsifWD^^urcoiipief^ . 

£«/: Behold, beh0U»4iipf4o«h,^)^^<ilce«if'rathe^^ 
muntor'd by atyi<|iiifciPMfw»dB»-habk; -and here kft 

. ..'a^ j^everend majefty I 

I. I |uv»i(B(sivth^ cloaths oiMnratttmliag^wliiirtr. 

Fh. That; nobknaff- }m» btem i'th^ counti^ rot 
he,dQC»notiie, . 

Suf. Learn of bur mother ;.kt*s<yfienBfaletoa I . ^/ 
J^W^^^ i»'B vwft'd. J fot tho^j arc yo*. 


Mog jhy ty 0W» « i«nAat fe » 5 4^. fcis own fon i - 
1*11 tug in the new ftrenOI <ifeWr^^tfa b» dq^« . 

Za<C> 1 ilikpBti>Vy < ^.tw #A ai did-affirmrtQi»» , ; 
My lord the duke was pw^i^^fid fi^sth ?' ^ 

I . O pardon us, my. lords; iie g/ivjt ^thatdharge i 
XJponoar lives, if he were mifta^^itrt,^ > ; *^ 

To«^wpfq|.l»K)4cno|^mywh«t^. - -- %f 
We left nim, private with that&llowlicrt^- 

^/W. Connrm'd. / - : .. , . ; * 

£«/. O heavens? that falTe diaige washia4eatii;^\ 
Impudent beggeis 1 durft you to oar &ce . . « 
Maintain £ach a. ialfe answer f JBteipc hini fiai^ 40'«»f«^ 
cation^ ... r ^ . 

1^ My lord t . . .. ., / -j:--'. 

i^i/- Urge me no more. : -.---«; 

In tiuB, the excuTe may be caff'd half the mvidciv.' . . 

Fin. You've fentenc*d Witt.. \> 

Lm/, Away; fee it be done. >. . . . . ^ . v/. 

Fiu. Coukl ypi^ a^ &k^ I S^ whar <onfefli|»a 4ath I 
Who woidd not lie whe^nm are haj^'A fiM^-trat^ I 

Hip. Brother^ how h^^pyis cnur.Tf^ifgBan^ ! f^A- 

Fin. Whj» il. h^ Jtaftsth^ ^gpi^idienfion of indifferenC 
wits. • i.; .,.<{ (^^» 

Luf. My lordy letjpoftThorf^ ]^ faa]^ . . v /. - .. i 
Into all places to intrapt];|§ viUaiQ. r >. ; ..--•^ 

-ri». Poi-horfes, ha, ha! iJfdf: 

. . ATfl^. iVf y lord, we're foshethijig tvQi4 to kx|^9neN]i;(n|t}l 
Vour fathei's accidentally departed^ ^ i« >% (w 
The titles thatwere ^hie. to h^ aie^ yi9ii#\ i .-. i >- . r A ^ 

i»/. Meet me ? I'm not ajt leifiirR, ,?Hfe gwi ferf^r. L ^ 
I've many griefs to.difpatf^ oi^^ft^' Wy..ioV -t rsi 
Welcome fweet titles.-— .- ,^ , ; .v .lr4^f 

Talk to me, my lords, . ♦ '.Mi.t' * •> 

Of fepulchers ai^ migh^ empemss t^o^os &-. . . : - < ; 
That's thought for me. . «. i :• i-v;: 

, K/fl^, So opemajieebythis , , : i/ .,^. v -'. , 

How foreign markets go ; *.« <im si ' 4 

Courtiers hav^feetA'th' nme8^jW»4:fPBgR».9''|Ktj(Hii|CH 
Tljcy flatter dukes, aiyl dukes i^^i^/^^s^fm^um .• 1 

Not. My lord, it is ya^^ t^^jt^ tQif^§fig;xi$^^ . 

£«/: 41asl I ihine %^«i»^ ^t^ |^^ W^fl^. • "^ 
.^fl^. You're now. mj;lox4*sgr9Mff»' , , , >i .• •: [I \ 

luf. Idy lord's .|^a^i 1 pei»e3;i'^;gm^tt h*^ ft fe* -. 

^.^iig/l Then hcav'ns give mc gnifqsilA j^Mibl.:^ 

Nob, Madam, all {6rt<im ' r ; ; i 

Moil run their drtlta into j(^s. No doab^ hiA ^iat V 
Will make the murderer bring fortk iuinfdf^ • ' " 

^/V. He were an afs then» i*iaith. ' F^^* 

Ab?. Jn the mcah feafon, , " 

Let us bethink the lateft funeral hononn,- 
I)iietbthJcduke'ja.<:cd(ibody.--Aiid^jwAal, ^' 

Calling to memory our new happineis 
Spread in his royal fcm.— ^i^Lords^ gendemei:!^' . *' 
Pieporc for revels. Z*^ 

iV«^. Time hath fcveral-faD*; 
Griefs lift up joys, feaib pot down faAciafe. ^ 

Luf. Come, then, nliy lords, mj farour^s to yon aU* 
Thediitch^feijyfrfpefted fOiilybemj . ^ 

I^U begin dakedMii with her baniihment. ' 

-•&>. ReveUI ,. . 

Vin. Ay, that> the word : wearefiimyttf'' ^'^^ ^ 
Strike one ibain more-,- and fheir%e dPoWn omlwit* / ' 
^ ■- .* - \kxeunt BrptJL 

'i i^M, Well,hm 3k tiiefiureft maik^(fo GUd, the,dul^^ 
when h&begel^ me,} - • ^'t •. 

' And if I mifs hiii heart, ernearabqut, ' ' . ^i '• 
Thek-ha¥6^'it^]^ itlMfbrdfeornstobeottt. *' "'-^ 

Super. Nof ft^hoti that Spwto, hrdawr! 
^^^''^wt. Yes, I note him to ourAatne; . .! 

Super. He fhall not Uve, his hair fiiftttnot' g^W Utoch 
longer. In this rhne^of revdUtricfemay be fet air-fbof. 
See'll thou yon n^w.moonj it ^dl Outlive the liew 
duke by much: this haad-ih^H di^i^fi him x then 

we're mijgjbty. - : v . .1 

A^>Mii«^ii^liiuiftta?Hlci!^ee, thtf 

'Tis mttrae!«i B^aeej- #hen it irtiaidVon. ; ^'X^M* 

Andld^lf on lhinlt«o4^kit£e iSm,' kikd^brother ?> 
rU fee fair play 1 d)*op*bar, a^d^there lie^ tVnher. [£W//. 

Fin. My lords, be all of mo&«k, flrike^td |^^ ^to 


.„ \ 

'/ i 

That flow in too iiiu^&»teifc; -tmS^Avji Vbi^livcrv ' I 
Not daring to fiab home thar^difeoiirenQ. ' : ; . %/ ' 
Letonr Ud flttnes bitik<)at^«i^ 'iu1^}kfi^ 
To blaft thiaaiillakaiiS'dqkttkinr, 'vik-d!^l^tRini 

Piero. How? •' - **^ J^ ' 

I. Which wunt' ' ' ' 

3. Any wyi:' mi »' # roB g^ 4tttfltehy' 
We cannot johlylMmeaig'tl^oo.teticitl^^ 

'9H^ VvKfliil h«9e<)dlfceiM»ttgii^^*--i^ 
And thofe few nobles that have loQg*rtto0tfeflrd j^^ « 7 
Arc bttfied to the fumifiiing of a mSkV* ''' ^'j-'^"' ' 
And do affea to make a^pfiaittrrxfli^ 
The maikingifiriH«a«lmioiiiri{^t now pon#ft49* 
.Thaicwkitte flMfNjta^in^^-^lAae^ttir tikil J^aii^fiie^ 
Of all thofe fiiits,r#tf<(NMiii; triinvhi^; f^^H^:' ' 
Fen to an undiiiiimfliki; ha^ abnojl:: T >" '"'• 

Within a ftnun^'tvrd We^fcallfind leifiiit^ *^i X^;',.. 
To ftealomr /wMkAa »iaaite»e!»0 «' '• ^*- '•• *'^V' ^ '^ ,; 
And wimdiMHhlMMipiM^MimC^^ 
lttrjiiullN)6.aa their JOTS, t&y1hal!'«^'bIool\ ' "' 

%. Beforrtiie t'othermalto^itoMii * ' 

Fm. We*itgQiie> aShtoiiMnMt -r/' I; ' ' 

Pie. BiittllBi» for ^ cMUytTyrttf gf ^^ t»^'' "'^^ ' 4 

r,». Let ttonatoiie* " ^ ^'-^ -" - '-' ^':* : ''"''■•*; '^ 

By one and one dMl»4l6iR^ IMI iM^dwid^ttKtt»« ; ""^ 

Thatwillm^l^v^^ r'^^f ' 

. ^1 » Comcv myloiSti^ * ' . ^^ ' ' . 
Prepare for decds^ \h bther tines hafre ^void^^^lj^iiiidai^ \ 

Jit a duMifjhmt A^fh^^tfiJ^ii'm^'ml^ 4^ ; 

table uhf^ifMWm^eMhM'^^^ 
• ' i; iVtf^t^ ManyAa n wo mo m J HPiiig;!^ 

; £«/. k^Jmk4wii?aMMldtt>J^^ 

.ISiirbttt your duty no#te-^Hfli*«:'* t^''^1^**ti3W*;: 

" i' \ 

T . « • 

* t* « . *. 

1. Nob. Thatlhipe oiakes tt$^Jm^» 
3. y<?i/His grace fiwm.. ... 

1 . JVi?*. 1 tifck we muft. ,. . ^ 

Li^. That fburiiicoqtineiit dutclie(s'w Imre lNMi3b^ | 
•fhd baftaM^ffidl hot' live. [After thefc^revdi * ^* 

ni begin fb^ge* ones : ' he «nd the Aqp<!&Bs. 
Shall pay their lives Ifor tlie firit fiib&Ues ; 
We muft fiot frown io Topn,^filfe 'tbadJ)oftn now. 
a. Nob, My gnacious lord> pkafe yQO prtjtareibr 

Thcmafk isndrlfarplK ....... *,...- 

Z»^. We are for pl^furc. '.,)..... 

Befhrewthee, what art thou ^ saa^^J^n^rfta^I v 
Thott hafl committed treaTon.— A Uazjxiftftu^i 
1.^^^, Ablaaiogjbri 0.wbei«»4iE^Uwd?. . 

Zl^/ S^jrOUt. ' ^^' . ', ' .1 

a, ATa^. See» fee> myTord[s» a wn^raiVt 4i«ailfidoKe J 

Tha^bafh^ftg flaying' tor.-— rAm YQf I-A^Mi . . 
It'Ihoiild nc^fmakeWnow^ Had k^Qpaucld . ; ^ 
ifefore/lihi^theh'hliv^eji^lfyfe^^ . ■ ^, '. - 

But yet they (ay> wbomWl^ jwaLl^^raii^iv^^ 
X'l^hea ibrs WsearJb^k^ t^NTt^^ 
Is it lb? you are read, my.lbcd^. . , ^ • 

I. Nab^ May it |il^U!egrour j0(a^» . ^ 

It Ihows great anger. . * • 

i.ATtf^. Befide^ s\ylbra> 

VQj^'f«»<^fiJ^^cAaBKfix'dj \wt^ .* . : 

1 jjope. Jt wJu be wjftJcoi».y^»r8 a.cpi|iing» 
*i. ^i, FotrrifOre I hopeic myloid^ . ^ v» 
'3. ^^r'^iit *'ds myJ»9pe^.my lQfid,;)Mi]rih^ 

«ejbat hQp«8 fo, is ^fej^Jjo^MmK , ^ i- ^ 33ho» 

r « 

^nhott/fldit «t nQiit nrr Wee yoor jiUcw • Idfife^i; - "^ 

We^ retdy BOW for iports ; let *eiB fet t>n ;.i ■' ' 

Yoii thing! wcfltall forger you ^Waik&in ^ ^"^ 

5. iSTirK rhcar 'cm comkig, toy lortf. '^ ; - - J'^ 
. Entir ibi rnafo ^frevitfgirs^ ihei*W9 hr^thers^ aw^^w§. 

lords more* 
The re^megtrtianai At the end fieal mit their fworiu 
^ and theft fomrkiH thefotr At the tahlt^ in their 

chairs. It thttndert, ' 

?7»; MkHc, thunder n ^ ^' :/^ ^ 

Do'ft know thjr cue, tho« hig-irtll<?ft*c*Jree?' 

Dukes groans are thunder's wdech-^^r^tds. 
Hip. S9, wylorff^ yw haver en6ogh. 

• Tw. Come, let's away; no lingering, ^ '{SxetM.. 

Hip. FollowJ gof ^' ' ' 

Tin, Nopowcrit an^ whcn?ttefci»iV«e. - . • 

When, thunder ckp, btayeo l^es tiie tragedj;. \* 

.. tuf. Oh-, t>h! ' ' : ti^xieFhd. 

Enter the other miifi'bfiitH$idii'-na^ '/epm^ 
hafiard^ and a fourth^ nutn^ comwg' in d^hfctkg .* -^ \he 
duke recovers a Httie heo^^tjUi^groetni^calU^k 
guard! treafon-f - ;. ' . . ^ ' y .;^ 

yfr a*;*/Vi& thn oBftaH akt^f fhti^ imfikN^ and tiiMki 
towards fie feiie^ they find thtai'all to be'M^dtt^d. 
,fi*«. Whofegisoanwastite? '^ 1 1 iv( -.^ 
Uf, Trcufon! agoatd! - .^^i:> ^ ■ ''■''' •; •-,_. 
^«^. Hownow? aUnmnler^ - . - -^.i - -^ ; 
tuper, Murder«dl -. +. And^hwfe l«^|tt*i ?;--'• 
^Vj«^. HcreHaUibowfav'd:^ ' -* ^../^^ 

5*«. Then I ins&olaim^myfitfi now fiMfi46kc. '^ 
Jmh. Thoudttk^l biothwr, di»oli«&- V ^^ ^-'' 
^ps. Slavei^tyAj'ft-djoti; ' "' ' > ^ ♦ ^^ ^ •'^^^^ 
L Bafft yfflais, Jodl ttea Axhr«iy44)t^ia9d<^^ 

r/Vr. Piftflsi-tieafen, mttider!-4iel|^ i(jtitti€ «yldfl 

the duke. - - . - . :•.'-'*. --^ •■'^■^ 

Hi>, Lay hold uikHi thefe^traiem; iJtf: 01?!^ -t* 
#7». Ahts! the duke is mmfdcr'i • '' 

f'in. Sufffpns f* furgeons f--rHeaaty does he bsmdielA' 

jfi»/. Apit?Q^«^;tiag^y I.aWctowafce ' x, 

An old maA's eye$^blop4-ihot. Luf: Oh f 

^ /fwu^Lookrtp.iiy ior4 the duke— A vengeance thro£. 
de hin> I \ [JJUe^ 

Confd$, thou .anurd'rous and uphallow^d man, • ^ 
Didft thou kill all t^^fel 4. None but the baflaid, I. 
Vin. How came the duke flain, then } 
4. We found him fou Luf O viUainf Fin. Hark ! 
Luf. The&»the<iiia(kdidjxisnierus« * ^ 
Vitt. Law yo♦^>QW^ fift^ , . 
O maible impu(knGe4 wiH y<Nrconfefi now? 

4, *Sblood, 'tis aUfalfe. . - - \V 

A/. Away with that foul monftcr, ' ' 
Dipt ia a pi^ce^ bloM» ' 4. -Heart, 'tis a lie^ ' 
Ant. l^tbjoihave^UitjerexBeutioni' 
Vin^ New marrow ! no, it cannot be ejtpiefl. [»^^.- 
How^iaM^esmyioQi^thedttke?'* - 

•iLir/L f awiirdtt to^{, , 
He that climbs hishi^i-haa diegteatefl falL . 
My tongue is out of office. Vin. Air, geutlenieti^ air. 
Now thoa'It%iigC pots Wt; 'twas Vin(!bci aiurder'd thee. 
Luf,0\k\ . Vin. Murdered thy fether. Luf Oh I 
Vin. And I he: tdinobody^-fo^fo, the doke's departed: 
Am, It was a deadly hand that wounded liim : - - 
The red, ambitious mdia^koaki rule and fi^y*. 
After his dsiKl^ wave Aiuuie all a^liray; 

Fin, My l<»d was unlikely'-^ "Hip. Now the hope 

'r/». .Yo\ir,^JvM»wil jfla^ 
When there wjtofewd^ bitf ^oidre iuoneil men. 

Ant. The bujthen's weightyittnd will |>refs age down^ 
MMfi^i^;(>untf<^«tia^JKMidi^ mm ftet^ the' cit^w^. 

FiVr, The .rape /aiEtyOttrfeM^achr has been quitted 
"^^ithjdeatfeuMi ^dk^^ - 1& ^^ M-'is f he' Uw above. 
But, of all things* it pats me moil tO' Woiider' * ' 
How^|L«Jj4^jik^3cmauiniif^ •' " '" '-' ' ' * 

/7w*. oh, mylofd.l^ .1. 
'j!^«/. It was thC.teagely'fi<anl«(U'l%AlA heitfd oT 
...-? thelikc^ Hif, 

^^ The Reuf^x^U 3f»^^ 

^'Hi^. *Tw»s dl iaag for (dieJ)c(^ i^^iarj. ^ 

•".fiV*. 'AH for yoirf grace's good. ' Wc nuy bt bold ta 

*Twt8 fomewhat witty carriod^ &o* we ftyit : 
Twaswetwomtirdcr'd'him. '^te. Voiitwo? 
' * yh. Wone elfc, iYaith, my loid. * t^^ 'twas wcH 

^Mt. L^ nands upon tiiofe v]Ih|iof« 

>7«. How? opBsl » 

. Jni. Bear 'em tofpe'cdy^egBecu^km. 

f7«/ Hearty was't jaot Joryom gOQd^ Ay lord! 

jfbu. My good f Away withlcm : ^M^aftold^imm atlit ! 
You that wQuld mttrder Jijjji^ would nuurder ae^ '' 

#Viv. Is't6DiineaB<mt? 

Hif, 'Sfoot, brother, you higjwi,. 

Fijf.. May ]K)t we ict as well a$*thie^dufce'8i^ 
Thou Kift no cbnlcieiioe, aie*we AOt;iivcoig'd i 
Is. these one .enemy- left alive amongft^oCr! 
'*t1s^dmc' to die wKoi we afe> omMVEtsmr^tet. 
When muiderers Ihut deeds dofeytlliscBcfedM^isal.^Mij 
jr none difdob '-trnk^ .tj^y d)«Ri6biQi jntettlv^sm ) 
This murder might have 4q>t in fongsdefe^ml!^ 
^for otufd ves> and di»wi0r^diQdim adk ' "» - • 

Noy rremcmber too^ hoe^jtmsiBkto. ' • ^ 
£rau|Kt forth a Ipuiyiih. fentliDce notice ; iso^ doi^^t^ttd 

-he) hilt time 
Wifi make the muxdecer Uk^foAhkamf. 
^TkweHhedied; Jiew|^^aMt«iu ^' 
And now» n^y^loitly fincejwe .iurJ?i3B;lbr«ever» 
This work was oor^, «^hk^^e]AmiMPl«MhB^hceA %e, ^ 
And, if we lift, wiaon^dliKKlkiiU&v tUpt, - 
And KO for le& dban iiea^^'^bl^^"^^l^<^ 
To Ueed <b cow9ttx^y 4 yifetJmAcn«igh> 
Ffaith, we^rc wtlL.ow»«wmitriftBnrfd» »oo|gtoel^trtte, * 
We die Sfter ameft Qf>di4ta^*u>Adieu. [^;rrtfl»/^ 

Jdtu. Howfljbtlc^msitetmuidfasilotMf "Beirn^ 
Tltofe tr^gick iKdiea : 'tit4>Jieaif{yf(Mdb& $ ' 
ftay heaven their bfaoiKMQftiioihflmy*^