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A Priced and Annota- 
ted Record of London 
Book Auctions 



VO LU M E 6 


Oct. 1 to Dee. 31, 1908 
Coniaining 3383 Records 

(Upwards of 15,000 fitcorc/; per annum guaranteed) 

Karslake & Co., 35 Pond St., Ham pstead, London, n.w. 

^W ^w ^w ^* ^* y&* %r* G^* Q&* 4&* 

Telephone : 

Cerrard 4664. 

Telegraphic and 
Cable Address : 

Bibuolite, London 



U 1\ \J U • L0ND0N 

Dealers in Fine and Rare England 

Books, Prints & Autographs 

Catalogues Issued Export Orders Solicited 




Commissions Executed at London Auction -Sales 


Reports Invited of all Rare & Valuable 
'Books, Prints and Autographs, including: 

English Poetry and Old Plays prior to 1660. Illuminated MSS. 

Elizabethan Literature. Books in Elaborate Bindings. 

Books with Coloured Plates. Specimens of Early 

Printing before 1500. Original Editions of Esteemed 

Authors & Presentation Copies. Rare Works 

relating to America (especially Canada, 

U.S.A., and Brazil), Australasia, etc., 

and Fine Engraved Portraits and 

Fancy Subjects. Interesting 

Autograph Letters and 

Docun ents. 


K 6 


IT was the late Henry George Bonn, the famous publisher, with 
whom my revered Master, Mr. David White, was an apprentice, 
• who once remarked to a clergyman, " Well, now, you've been 
preaching on one subject for fifty years ; how do you manage to say 
something new about it every week ? " The clergyman replied that 
he didn't attempt to say anything new, but that he endeavoured to 
say the old things in a new way. "Well," answered Bohn, " lean 
only say that I'm sorry for you." / have to attempt to write on 
one subject only once each year, yet I always begin by being sorry for 
myself , which merely proves that for me the Church would not have 
been an ideal vocation. For there seems to be nothing to say, 
except the heading, " Prefatory Notes," and the sole remedy appears 
to be to sit down to the typewriter and get that into black and white 
and let the rest come, whatever it may happen to be. 

The inspiration of the moment leads me to begin with the usual 
opening to conversation among Englishmen, namely that the weather 
this year has been as bad as it always is. After that we can get to 
business. The mention of the word " business " is a reminder of the 
exceeding interestingness of bookselling as an occupation. There is 
no other calling like it under the sun, for the printed book, being issued 
by the thousand, and scattered all over the face of the earth, is 
the most abiding record of the work, of the world. The clay 
tablets of the Assyrians have unfolded the life of the earlier years of 
the historic period,but they could be only infinitesimal in number com- 
pared with the material for libraries which has been put out since 
the invention of printing. So we may at least hope that whether 
Western civilization flourishes indefinitely or not at least its records 
may survive in the form of the printed page, and its philosophies be 
of service in moulding the destinies of later eras. That, alone, is an 
interesting aspiration. 

To refer once more to a point touched upon last year, viz. the 
idea among a few that antiquarian bookselling is "a wretched 
calling," experience shows that it is anything but that. Besides the 
solid intellectual gratifications it gives there is the fact that fewer 
fail in it than in almost, if not quite, any other occupation that can 
be named. Statistics prove that. And when those failures do occur 


they are accounted for either by personal reasons or from causes over 
which men have no control, some among those reasons being high 
qualities of character which prevent a man being brutal enough to 
compete successfully against his more commercial fellows. All the 
more honour to them, and not disgrace. I have known more than one 
such case. The antiquarian bookseller who finds that the times are 
" hard " must see, if he has eyes to see, that times are harder by far 
with others. Competition increases so rapidly that what the end of it 
is to be must be left to the surmises of statesmen and philosophers, 
for the man in the street cannot suggest what it will be. He is far too 
busily engaged in keeping the wolf from the door to spare time in 
which to speculate upon abstract questions. 

Romance plays a considerable part in antiquarian book- 
dealing. You never know what is going to " turn up. For instance, 
within the past twelvemonth a London bookseller bought from a 
country catalogue a tiny volume for three shillings. A month or two 
later he sold it for £250. Another purchased a bundle at a London 
auction-room for a few shillings, and found in it a rare pamphlet of 
which only one other copy is known, the latter being priced fifty 
guineas in a London dealer's catalogue. The self-same lucky book- 
seller in turn sold from his catalogue to another London dealer a 
little volume for 12/-, the latter re-selling it in a few days for £6 6s. Od. 
Yet another bought a book for £50 for which he was at once offered 
£150 by a bookseller, but he declines to accept less than £250. And 
one bundle of pamphlets was purchased at a London sale for £15, and 
contained one item worth £150. These are all cases within my 
own knowledge, occurring among subscribers to B.A.R. One other 
case was reported in the London press, in which, during the past 
season, a set of Johnson's "Lives of the Poets" was bought by an 
East End bookseller, from a stall, for ninepence. But on the title 
was the inscription " J. Wesley, the gift of the Author, 1781," and, 
in another hand, " S. Wesley, the Legacy of her much honoured 
uncle J. Wesley, 1791." The fortunate purchaser promptly sent his 
" find " to the auction-room, and realised £9 10s. Od. for it. The 
record will be found on page 84 of the present volume. The 
fact that such coups are possible adds a touch of excitement to an 
otherwise quiet and studious calling, and gratifies the sporting 
instinct inherent in most men. It also tends to sharpen the wits 
and to make one determine not, if possible, to let such chances slip 
through one's fingers. Upon the other hand, let no unprofessional 
reader into whose possession this volume may chance to come suppose 
that these " flukes " fall undeserved into the laps of members of the 

bibliopolic fraternity. For bookselling, while a delightful is also an 
arduous occupation, success requiring devotion no less keen because 
the work is congenial. It means many journeys to country sales 
throughout the length and breadth of the land ; constant attendance 
at the London auctions ; and the possibility that the best client of 
the week may be missed the moment one's back is turned. Every 
penny, in fact, of the bookseller's income is well-earned. What may be 
claimed for the calling is that there are infinitely less agreeable 
methods of employing one's time. 

In the present vohime, for the first time since B.A.R. was issued, 
will be found records of Japanese books sold in London, a fact 
not without its significance to those who recognize the rapidly- 
changing conditions between East and West. The exploitation of 
so-called " barbarian " peoples in the interests of Western commer- 
cialism will probably, before the end of the twentieth century, be a 
thing of the past. 

It afforded me peculiar pleasure to be able to include on the cover 
of one of the parts of this volume a view of the Hugh Frederick 
Hornby Library, Liverpool, thus helping, in however small a way, to 
perpetuate the memory of one of the noblest and most simple-minded 
bibliophiles it has ever been my good fortune to know. 

Infallibility in B.A.R. is not claimed. It is only aspired to and 
every possible effort made to achieve it. But when the sources from 
which the details are obtained are not under one's own direction some 
errors are bound to creep in. Thus, there may possibly be a few 
hitherto-undiscovered cases of the names of authors being in- 
correctly spelt. All that can be said on that point is that the names 
are reproduced from the sale-catalogues as printed, and that when 
errors are noticed they are corrected. When, however, not recog- 
nised during the printing of the Parts they are generally discovered 
while making the Index, and cross-references then act as finger-posts. 
The foregoing applies equally to previous volumes of B.A.R., and, 
cataloguers being only human, it will doubtless apply also to volumes 
in future. Such names as those of " Bevan " and " Beavan " are 
often transposed, and, but for one happening to know " which is 
which and which t'other," and happening also to identify the error 
while the proofs pass through one's hands, the mis-spelling may 
be perpetuated in B.A.R., and await later correction. Variations 
in the spelling of surnames will sometimes bring an author's works 
under different headings in the Index. An instance occurs in the 
present volume, being that of the Voyages of Cornelius Lebruyn, 
which appears on page 90, under the French form of the cognomen, 
viz. " Lebrun," and on page 417 his Voyage to the Levant appears, in an 
English translation, under what is presumably his correct name, viz. 
Le Bruyn, for as his works were published principally at Amsterdam 
and Delft he was doubtless a Dutchman. Brunet gives his name 
as being " Le Brun or Lebruyn." In such cases searchers must do 
what the indexer has to do, viz. exercise his intelligence. Initials, also, 
are a constant source of difficulty, wrong ones being continually given 

in catalogues, and doubtless they are sometimes reproduced. Such 
errors. ;irc howe v er, so patent that they do no harm, the surname, 
tin- title, and the date clearly indicating the particular author in 
question. Dealing, in fact, with such a mass of names, dates (both 
■ litions and of sales), and prices, it would require the eye of a 
lynx and the 'cuteness of the proverbial Philadelphia lawyer to avoid 
all error. And. as is well-known, I always feel deeply indebted 
to those subscribers who are kind enough to inform me of mis- 
prints, as notice of their existence can then be given, for the general 

The extra plates in Vol. 6 have received much appreciation. It 
will of course be remembered that they are " extras," and that B.A.R. 
would have found as ready a sale without as with them. They were 
added because they seemed interesting to myself, and I thought they 
might seem equally interesting to subscribers. 

The sins of compositors are so often represented as being flagrant 
that it is pleasant to be able to pay a tribute to the intelligence with 
which they decipher hieroglyphic handwriting. The following misprint 
had reason on its side, not unmixed with unconscious humour, and 
should be admired rather than merely condoned. The title of 
Dodgson's Hunting of the Snark had been transposed into Hunting of 
the Shark. Failing a knowledge of the works of the author of Alice 
in Wonderland it was most natural to suppose that the word must 
be " shark," and the compositor was so thoroughly to be commended 
for his well-intentioned correction of what he believed to be some 
other compositor's mistake that I felt sorry to have to correct it. 
Like the piano-player on the Pacific Slope, he was doing his level 
best, and it was repugnant to one's feelings to have to shoot. In- 
deed, during a prolonged experience of proof-reading I have never 
had so few printers' errors to correct as now. 

Among the pleasant incidents of the past year has been the pro- 
duction of Notes from Sotheby's. It is a volume which, quite unin- 
fluenced by the fact that I played the subsidiary part of compiler, 
should, in my opinion, be in every librarian's and every bookseller's 
reference library. It contains so much that may and ought to be 
useful to those dealing in books, never knowing from day to day 
when one of the editions may come into their hands respecting which 
the volume contains invaluable information. 

The correspondence which comes to me is so varied, so stimulating, 
and, like Matthew Arnold's three glasses of claret with dinner, so 
much " adds to the agreeableness of life," that space may be found 
for one or two extracts. A subscriber who had both B.A.R. and 
Notes from Sotheby's wrote : 

" I am at present trying to learn something about the second-hand 
book trade, and although I have been engaged with books for 
thirty years it is only since I attempted anything in this way that I 

discovered what a duffer one really is. Anyhow, if it is not too 
late in the day I hope to make something out of it, and at the same 
time improve my education." 

The writer's level-headed common-sense filled me with admiration. 

The next has a pathetic interest, for it is written by a subscriber who 
was forced by ill-health to retire from active work : 

" I enclose cheque for B.A.R. I thank you for sending them, and 
not the least for your personal contributions, always genial, breezy, 
fraternal. They form about my only link with old days that one 
would fain have linger, and through them, out of the past, returns 
touches of vanished hands. May the present year bring its 
increase of success and satisfaction which belongs to such lives 
as yours." 

My poor subscriber is afflicted with the same malady that robbed me of 
four brothers and sisters, leaving me the last survivor of the family, 
and whatever I felt able to reply was at least sincere and heartfelt. 

The next extract is brief, and has a satisfactory ring : 

" Before I close I should like to tell you that I know that Vol. 3 
of B.A.R., which was the first I received, saved me over £20 the 
first year." 

Need I add that this subscriber has since been wise enough to com- 
plete his set, and to add Notes from Sotheby's to it ? Another " wise 
virgin," an entire stranger, wrote from far-away Brisbane : 

" I am the proud possessor of three volumes of your B.A.R., and 
as they have proved so useful would like to complete my set." 

That was cheering, only I wondered how three volumes could have 
got to the other side of the globe without my being able to trace them. 

Then a canny Scotsman writes : 

" I have read the parts through page by page with great interest, 
as many hints can be had even when one is not actually looking 
for any special item ; in fact I went through Part I of Vol. 6 on 
Sunday ! ! (yes, this was done in Scotland) page for page until I 
got over the lot." 

And lastly, the daughter of a bookseller writes : 

" Please acknowledge the enclosed cheque for father's subscription 

to B.A.R. Father does enjoy having it." 
I couldn't help printing this for the sake of the gusto of the final 

The rate of increase of the circulation has this year more than 
doubled that of last year. 

F. K. 
September, 1909 



Page 2. Adam (R. & J.) Works in Agriculture, should be Works in Archi- 
tecture, and same in Index. 

Page 345. Camerarius (T.) Walking Librarie. The author's initial should, 
according to Lowndes, be P. 


Page 106. Paradivi (C), should be Paradin (C.) 

Page 307 Wiltshire (W. H.), should be Wiltshire (W. H.) 

Page 345. Callot, Miseres de la Guerre. The date should be 1633 instead of 

Page 395. Hawthorne. True Stories, 1518. The date should be 1581 

Page 435. Morant(P. ) History of Colchester, 1748. The four succeeding 
entries to this refer to the same author's ' History of Essex,' and not to 
the ' History of Colchester.' The same correction applies to the Index. 

Page 475, line 1. Shirley (E. P.) should be Shirley {J.) ■■ 

Page 550. Martens. History of Thetford, 1779. The name of the author 
should be T. Martin. 

Page 557. Pattinson (Mark) Essays, should read Pattison. 

Page 579. Wcrlymrrius (O.), should be Wcrmylierus (O. ). 

(The above corrections shoul.l be made with the pen) 


Notes on Hull Authors, Booksellers, 
Printers, and Stationers, etc. 

by W. G. B. PAGE, Librarian ; 

James Reckitt Branch Library, Hull ; and 
author of " Historic Hull Houses," etc., etc. 

KINGSTON-UPON-HULL ; or, as it is now usually called, Hull, has 
existed for the long period of over seven hundred years. Formerly 
it was known as Wyke-super-Hull, and at that time the town was 
confined within the limits of the present docks. Its first charter was grant- 
ed by Edward I. in 1293 and yet, outside the county of " Broad Acres " it 
appears to be very little heard of, although it is a city and county town of 
some 266,000 inhabitants, and is the third port in the kingdom. 

The literary history of the city dates almost from the first beginning 
of the introduction of printing into England, and numbers amongst its 
earliest authors such names as John Alcock, D.D., Bishop of Ely, and Lord 
Chancellor of England ; Capt. Luke Foxe ; Andrew Marvell, M.P., the 
friend of Milton ; Wm. Wilberforce, M.P. ; Rev. Wm. Mason, M.A., the 
poet, and friend of Gray, and many others, who were all born in this city. 

John Alcock, successively Bishop of Rochester, Worcester, and Ely, 
and Lord Chancellor in 1475, was born in Hull* about 1425, and is one of 
our earliest literati. He was the son of Wm. Alcock, merchant, and edu- 
cated in the Grammar School, then located at the S.W. corner of Holy 
Trinity Church ; he afterwards went to Cambridge, where in 1466 he 
graduated as Doctor, of Laws. He was also the founder of Jesus College, 
Cambridge, and built the Grammar School which was erected in 1486, on 
the south side of the churchyard, still existing, but now used as a choir 
school in connection with Holy Trinity Church. Bp. Alcock was the author 
of the following works, which were printed by Pynson and Wynkyn de 
Worde. 1. Spousage of a Virgin to Christ, 1486 ; 2. Mons Perfectionis, 
otherwyce called in Englyssh, the Hylle of Perfection, [1497 ] ; 3. Gallicantus et 
co[n]frates suos curatos in Sin'odo apud Bernwell XXV. die mensis Sept., 
1498 ; 4. Sermo[n] Johnis Alcok, Epi. Elieannis ; 5. The Abbaye of the Holy 
Ghost. He died at the episcopal palace, Wisbeach, Oct. 1st, 1500, and was 
buried in Ely cathedral. 

Capt. Luke Foxe, famed as the Discoverer of the North- West Passage, 
was another Hull man, who in 1635 published " The West Fox, or Fox 
from the North- West Passage ; being an Account of several voyages under- 
taken to find out the North- West Passage, by Captain Lvke Foxe of 
Kyngstone-vpon-Hull." London : B. Alsop, (4to., 272 pp., and map). 
" This treatise contains many important facts, and judicious observations 
on the ices, tides, compass, Northern Lights," etc.t In 1856 a copy of this 
book was sold at Sotheby's for £8 10s. Thomas Bridges, who was a partner 
in the firm of Messrs. Sill, Bridges, and Blunt, Bankers, Hull, was the author 
of the well-known Travestie of Homer, which was published anonymously in 
1762, entitled "A New Translation of Homer's Iliad adapted to the capacity 
of honest English Roast Beef and Pudding Eaters, by Caustic Barebones, a 
broken apothecary." 12mo., 2 vols., which was reprinted in 1764, 1766, 
1770, and 1797. Copies are now very scarce. He also wrote " The Battle 

* Not Beverley as mentioned by previous writers, 
t Lowndes, Biblio. Man. (Bohn's Edition) 


of the Genii," 4to., 1765 ; " The Adventures of a Bank Note," 8vo., 1770-1 , 
4 vols. ; " Dido, a Comic Opera," 8vo., 1771 ; and " The Dutchman, a 
Musical Entertainment," 1775. Andrew Marvell, who though he was born 
..t Winestead, a village near Hull, of which place his father was then the 
rector, we claim him as a local author, his father having removed here 
shortly after his son's birth. He was born in 1621, and received his early 
education in the Hull Grammar School, of which place his father became 
Master. He afterwards went to Cambridge, and was M.P. for Hull from 
1658 until his death, which took place on August 16th, 1678. Those wish- 
ing to know more of Marvell are referred to the various editions of his 
works edited by Edward Thompson, Rev. Alex. Grosart, and G. A. Aitken ; 
and his Life by A. Birrell, M.P., and Hartley Coleridge ( Yorkshire Worthies). 
Coming down to modern times there are many names of well-known authors 
in the literary world that should be mentioned who have had connection with 
the town. Amongst these, Miss Braddon, who in her early days was an 
actress at the Theatre Royal, under the name of " Mary Seyton." Her 
books, Dead Men's Shoes, Henry Dunbar, and The Trail of the Serpent have 
many allusions to the town and neighbourhood. "J. E. Buckrose " who 
has written The Toll Bar, Wood End, The Wolf, Voices, etc., Mrs. O. F. 
Walton, the popular authoress of A Peep behind the Scenes ; The Rev. Win. 
Keary, Curate of Sculcoates, and his daughter, Annie Keary, author of 
A Doubting Heart, Castle Daly, and Oldbury, both resided here for some 
years. Oldbury, the title of one of Miss Keary's books, is only another 
name for Hull, and in that work she gives some account of her former 
schoolmistress (Miss Stainton) and the school in Dock Street, which, as 
a child, she 'used to attend. Miss Frances Jane Lutwidge, the mother of 
" Lewis Carroll," author of Alice's Adventures, was born here, being a 
daughter of Mr. Chas. Lutwidge, who was connected with the Custom 
House for upwards of forty years. In 1827 the parents of " Lewis Carroll " 
were married at Christ Church in this town. There are aiso many other 
names which might be mentioned but we have not room to do so. 

The date when the introduction into Hull of the Booksellers, Printers, 
and Stationers took place is at present unknown, but I find that early in 
the 17th century the name of Wm. Fugill, stationer, is the earliest name 
to occur amongst my notes. Then follows John Goodricke, bookseller,, 
with whom Thomas Clarke served his apprenticeship, and who took up his 
freedom June 4th, 1702, and became a burgess. Richard Barnes, book- 
seller, and his son Jonathan Barnes, who took up his freedom on Oct. 16th, 
1697, and who is described on the burgess roll as " Bibliopola." Then 
onwards it is very easy to trace them, but the earliest Hull printed publi- 
cation is a Catalogue of Books (1735) which will be mentioned later on 
under Mr. Munby. 

The Ferraby's (1700-1848) were booksellers, printers, and stationers 
who had a shop situated in the Butchery (now Queen Street), and after- 
wards at 44, Market Place. There were four generations of them — two 
George's and two John's — who successively followed each other in the 
business. They carried on the business in the Butchery until 1803, in 
which year Mr. John Ferraby (junior) purchased some land in the Market 
Place, and erected the fine new premises, next to the Fleece Inn, which is 
now used as a jeweller's shop. During one hundred and fifty years the 
Ferraby's had an extensive business and published a large number of books 
and pamphlets. The earliest record (1746) I have, is a Sermon preached at 
Patrington in Holderness, on Thursday the 9th of October, 1746, Being the 
Day appointed to be observed as a Goteral Thanksgiving for the Suppression 
of the Late Rebellion, by Nicholas Nichols (8vo., 32 pp.). The next is a 
curious work by Malcolm Flemyng, M.D., entitled A Proposal for the 
Improvement of the Practice of Medicine, Illustrated by an Example relating 
to the Small Pox, The Second Edition, 1748. A copy is in the British 
Museum. They also published a large number of Chap-Books, among which, 
to mention only a few, are The History of a Doll ; containing its Origin and 
Progress through Life, with the various Calamities that befel it, N.D. [no date ], 
(fcp. 12mo., 32 pp.). Only one copy of this is known to exist. The Cries 

of a Wounded Conscience ; David's Repentance ; or, the Christian's Reliance 
upon God ; A Seasonable Word to Disponding Christians ; The Wise Men of 
Gotham ; Fatal Consequences of Licentiousness, a Sermon by Rev. John Scott, 
A.M., 1810 (8vo., 44 pp.). Mr. Scott was the son of Rev. Thos. Scott, the 
Commentator, and master of the Hull Grammar School. Mr. John Ferraby, 
the last survivor of this quartette, was born in 1767. His personal appear- 
ance was a little below middle height, full bodied, but not stout, and was of 
fair complexion. His dress, in summer, was a Quaker brown coat, buff 
waistcoat, ruffled shirt, knee breeches of drab kerseymere, white stockings, 
and buckled shoes ; and in the winter he wore long gaiters and a spencer 
overcoat. He was a familiar figure in the town, as on Sunday mornings 
he would walk up and down the promenade at the east end of Holy Trinity 
Church, talking with his friends, waiting for the service to commence. He 
died on March 2nd. 1848, aged 81 years, and the business ceased to exist, 
he being the last of the family. 

Thomas Ryles was a bookseller of considerable position in his day> 
for I find that he was elected Chamberlain of the Hull Corporation in 1718, 
and also held the office of Sheriff in 1726-7. He and Mr. Munby, his son- 
-in-law, were appointed in 1736 the sole agents in Hull and Beverley for 
the sale of The York Courant newspaper. Amongst other works he pub- 
lished Hildyard's " Sermon," Lincoln, Printed by John White, York, 
1706-7 ; Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Lincoln, 
July 22, 1716, by Rev. John Clarke, London : Printed for Thomas Ryles 
(8vo., 30 pp.) ; " Select Colloquies of Erasmus, with English Translations," 
by Rev. John Clarke, 1720 and 1723 ; " Florus's Compendious History of 
Rome, with English Translation, and many other works. He was twice 
married, firstly on Jan. 25th, 1698, at Holy Trinity Church, to Susanna 
Harrison, who died April 22nd, 1704 ; secondly on Jan. 29th 1706, to Ann, 
daughter of Wm. Marsingale. Mary, his eldest daughter, was the third 
wife of the Rev. Wm. Mason, M.A., vicar of Holy Trinity, and father of the 
Rev. Wm. Mason, M.A., the poet and friend of Thomas Gray, author of 
" The Elegy in a Country Churchyard." Elizabeth, another daughter, 
became the wife of J. Munby, mentioned later on. 

John Mace, bookseller, whose name is often coupled with that of 
George Ferraby (junior) as publisher of several books between 1750 and 
1770, was also a man of position, being in 1760 elected Sheriff, and in 1772, 
Mayor of the Hull Corporation. The sixth edition of Rev. John Clarke's 
Eutropius's Compendious History of Rome : Together with an English Trans- 
lation as literal as possible. London : W. Clarke,* under the Piazza at the 
back of the Royal Exchange, 1750, was sold by J. Mace and G. Ferraby, 
Hull," etc. Sallust's " History of the Wars of Cataline and Jugurtha, with 
a Free Translation," 4th edit., 1755, was also published by him. 

Mr. John Munby, bookseller (" Bibliopola " ), had a shop in the 
Market Place, Hull, and also one at Beverley, a small market town situate 
nine miles north of here. He was the son-in-law of Thomas Ryles men- 
tioned above, and was born in 1707. He became a burgess of the town on 
March 6th, 1728, on the completion of his apprenticeship with Mr. Ryles. 
In 1735 he issued a curious " Catalogue of Books " (8vo., 8 pp.), a copy 
of which is in my possession, and it contains a very quaint list of books. 
On the last two pages he says he has " Also the newest pamphlets and 
Plays, with a great variety of books in most languages, and all sorts of Sta- 
tionery Wares, viz. : Paper Books, Pocket Books, Books with Ivory Leaves, 
Vellum Pocket Books, Slate Leaves, Writing Paper of various Prices, 
Cap Paper, Brown and White Cartridge Paper, Paper for Hanging- Rooms, 
Gilt and Mourning Letter Papers, Letter Cases, Slate Pencills, Sealing Wax, 
Wafers, Spectacles, Maps, Landskips [Landscapes], Prospects, other 
Copper-plates, and Metzotint Prints, Lottery Pictures, Ink Powder, 
Harbin's Shining Japan-Ink, Indian Ink, Dr. Stoughton's and Daffy's 

* This Mr.W. Clarke was a son of the Rev. John Clarke, and was born 
in Hull. 

Elixers, Hind's Cordial, Foster's Pectoral Elixer, his Fibrifuge Electury, 
which cures all agues ; and the Bottle for the Scurvey in the Gums and 
Teeth, which has given great satisfaction to most of the gentry throughout 
England, at Twelve-Pence per Bottle." 

Munby may also claim to be the first to establish a Circulating Library 
in this district. In Feb. 1740 he published the following advertisement 
in The York Courant. " At the request of several gentlemen in and about 
Beverley, he has provided a choice parcel of English Books, appointed 
and approved by such gentlemen, to be kept at his shop at Beverley, and 
to be lent out to be read by the subscribers only, for five years, from the 
29th March next, for 6s. a year ; one third of the subscription money to be 
spent in new books every year. Those who are desirous to become sub- 
scribers to this project may see a Catalogue of the books and a copy of the 
proposals and conditions at large at the said shop in Beverley every Satur- 
day, or at his shop at Hull every day, where subscriptions will be taken 
by the undertaker." In 1745 he published " Antiquities of Beverley Min- 
ster, by a Scholar of Mr. Lambert."* A copy of which I have never seen, 
therefore should like to know if there is one in existence at the present day. 
On Sept. 14th, 1732, Mr. J. Munby was married at Holy Trinity Church, to 
Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Ryles. When he died I have not yet been 
able to ascertain. Mr. John Rawson, bookseller and stationer, who printed 
and published the earliest known newspaper in the town, had a shop in the 
Butchery (Queen St.) through the Fish Shambles. This paper, which first 
appeared on Nov. 24th, 1739, and continued for several years, was called 
The Hull Courant. It was a four-page folio, and with each issue was 
presented weekly to each purchaser a sheet of the " History of the Bible." 
On Jan. 12th, 1742, he removed to the Star, Lowgate, near the Market 
Place. He died Oct. 30th, 1787, and was succeeded by his son, Wm. 
Rawson, who under the style of Messrs. J. and W. Rawson, had previously 
carried on the business of letterpress and copperplate printers in Bishop 
Lane. In 1795 Mr. W. Rawson published " A New and Correct Tariff ; 
or, Book of Rates and Duties on Goods passing the Sound at Elsinore, 
in Denmark," which is probably one of the earliest books issued dealing 
with the subject of Tariff Reform. Mr. Rawson about this time took W. 
Bedford into partnership, and the firm became Messrs. Rawson and 
Co., and they removed to 13, Lowgate, and added a Circulating Library of 
5,000 volumes to their establishment, of which they issued a Catalogue 
(12mo., 168 pp.). On April 25th, 1800, this firm was dissolved, and Mr. 
Rawson took into partnership Mr. John Rodford. On Jan. 1st, 1804, 
Messrs. Rawson and- Rodford dissolved by mutual consent, and divided the 
business. Mr. Rodford carried on the bookselling and stationery, while 
Mr. Rawson devoted his attention to the printing business. Mr. Rodford , 
who is said to have been the last man in Hull who wore his hair in a pig-tail, 
was the son of Richard Rodford, of Beverley, where he was born, Dec. 1 1th, 
1773. In April, 1809, he removed to 54, and afterwards to 51, Lowgate, 
and carried on the business by himself until July, 1826, when he took his 
nephew, Wm. Stephenson, into partnership. For four years they carried 
on the establishment together, when on account of ill-health and old age, 
Mr. Rodford retired, and left it to Mr. Stephenson. Mr. Rodford died 
at his residence, Osborne St., Hull, Sept. 24th, 1834, aged 60 years. Mr. 
Stephenson in 1838 started The Hull and Eastern Counties Herald, as an 
advertising paper ; and in 1 852, The Hull News, both of which were publish- 
ed weekly by him until 1 866, when they passed into the hands of his son-in- 
law, Mr. James Alfred Cook. The Hull News is still issued by " The Eastern 
Morning News " Co., Ltd. Mr. Fred Clifford, who is on the editorial staff 
of The Times, was formerly a reporter on both these papers. Mr. Stephen- 
son died, Feb. 24th, 1866. Mr. James Plaxton succeeded to the business, 
and carried it on at Lowgate and Bowlalley Lane corner for some years, 
when he removed into Whitefriargate, where he took his assistant, Mr. 

* Mr. Lambert was organist of Beverley Minster for a number of 

Poster, into partnership, and the firm became Messrs. Plaxton and Foster. 
When Alfred Gelder Street was made a few years ago the firm removed into 
new premises there, and the name was again changed to Messrs. Plaxton & 
Co., and the business is still in a flourishing condition. Mr. Robert Gray- 
Battle, bookseller and ink manufacturer, for a number of years carried on 
that business in Manor Alley, Lowgate, and, afterwards, at 16 Paradise 
Place, Castle Street. He was born in 1752 and died, after a long affliction, 
on Sept. 4th, 1832, in the 80th year of his age. In 1791 he published the 
first " Hull Directory," and issued six other editions periodically until 
1820. It was a crown 8vo. (120 pp.). As a writing-ink manufacturer he 
was well-known, having travelled throughout the town and its neighbour- 
hood, selling his ink to the merchants. He used to carry the ink in a can, 
from door to door, like the milkmen at the present time take their milk 
round to the houses. Before blotting-paper came into use it was the custom 
to use sand, and Mr. Battle carried a supply of this as well as the ink, which 
he sold to his customers. The sand was sprinkled on the paper, and absorb- 
ed the ink, then it was brushed off. Some time ago, a gentleman told me 
that he, when a youth, well remembered Mr. Battle calling at their office 
in High St. to sell both ink and sand. The firm of M. C. Peck & Son, book- 
sellers, stationers, and printers, in the Market Place, which existed for up- 
wards of a century, has now gone, it having been dispersed. Mr. Robert 
Peck, who came from near Pocklington, in Yorkshire, commenced business 
at 31, Scale Lane.. He was born in 1764 and died June 9th, 1819. He 
became the printer and proprietor of The Hull Packet newspaper, now being 
issued as the Hull Daily Mail, and has changed from a weekly to a daily 
paper. Wm. Etty, the famous painter, served a seven years' apprentice- 
ship with Mr. Peck from Oct. 8th, 1798, and " while there he drew a ' Prin- 
ters bodkin ' on the Wall and would innocently ask a fellow companion to 
' reach him that bodkin ' from the mantel."* The printing business was so 
distasteful to Etty that he counted his latter days while thus employed, 
one by one, until the end of his servitude approached. In 1803 Mr. Peck 
printed " .Esop's Fables, New Versified from the Best English Editions, 
by H. Steers, Gent.," which was published by J. Harris, (successor to E. 
Newbery), corner of St. Paul's Churchyard. Afterwards the firm became 
Peck and Smith, and later (1833) it was carried on alone by Michael Charles 
Peck, who removed to 43, Lowgate, and bookselling was added to that of 
printing and stationery. Same years afterwards he took his son, M. C. 
Peck (junr. ) into partnership, and removed to 10, Market Place, where the 
business continued until the last of its days. While here they published 
" The New Hull Guide " (1869), reprints of " Gent's History of Hull " ; 
" Memoirs of Master John Shawe " ; a facsimile of Battle's " Hull Directory" 
(1791 ) and several other books. About ten years ago Mr. M. C. Peck retired 
and disposed of the business. 

The firm of A. Brown & Sons, Ltd., 26 and 27, Savile Street, 6 and 8, 
King Edward Street, also at 40, George Street, and 8, 11, and 15, Dock 
Street, with a branch in York and office in London, is one of the largest 
of its kind in the provinces. It was founded by the late Mr. Anthony 
Brown in 1860, who began business at 3,' Prospect Street, as bookseller; 
printer and stationer. He was born near York, his father being a farmer. 
He left the country for town, and was apprenticed to Mr. John Nicholson, 
bookseller, 48 Lowgate, with whom he remained several years after his 
apprenticeship expired. Mr. Brown then became head assistant to the 
late Mr. J. Mozley Stark, a new and second-hand bookseller, who was a 
scholar as well as a bookseller, and took journeys months at a time on the 
continent, buying literary treasures. These were mainly sold through 
catalogues in which Mr. Brown had a share in their compilation. When Mr. 
Stark removed to London, Mr. Brown remained and began business for 
himself. In 1863 he was joined by his eldest son, Mr. John Brown, and in 
1866 by his second son, Mr. Walter Brown. In 1878 the business was 
transferred to premises in Savile Street, specially built by Mr. Brown. His 
death took place in Jan. 1880. He was a bookseller who really did know 

* Gilchrist's Life of Wm. Etty (1. pp. 22-30). 

his business, a man of most genial nature, and had the regard of everybody. 
After Mr. Brown's death the two brothers continued the business which 
still developed, particularly on the educational side, the firm owning and 
printing a large number of popular school publications, as well as a number 
«>f valuable local and antiquarian books. Two years ago the business was 
turned into a limited liability company, and is managed with much vigour. 
Messrs. C. W. Holdich & Son, new and second-hand booksellers, is another 
old firm. Mr. Holdich was born in 1821, and was a son of James Holdich 
of Peterborough. He came here in the early forties, and commenced 
business as a printer and lithographer at 14 (now 9), Queen Street. After- 
wards he took up bookselling, and issued upwards of fifty catalogues of 
books in general literature. In 1854 Mr. John F. Foxton became his assis- 
tant, and afterwards manager, which position he held for twenty-three 
years. Mr. Foxton died in 1886, and in February 1887, Mr. R. C. Annan- 
dale became a partner, when the name of the firm was changed to C. W. 
Holdich and Annandale. Soon afterwards, Mr. Holdich retired, and died 
on Jan. 7th, 1892, since when, Mr. R. C. Annandale has carried on the busi- 
ness alone. He deals specially in books on engineering, seamanship, and 
nautical subjects generally. 

Second-hand bookselling in the city has now practically become a thing 
of the past, though in the olden times there were several noted shops. 
Hull, along with many other provincial towns has seen its best days in spite 
of the fact of its ever -increasing population and generally flourishing trade. 
Probably the innovation of Free Libraries, and the decrease of its book- 
collectors, may have had much to do with this decay. Among those who 
have passed away may be mentioned Mr. Robert Cook, who had a shop at 
58, Carr Lane. He was born in 1836, and after serving in the army for some 
3'ears, and going through the Crimean War, he commenced book-selling. 
For a time he had a stall in the Market Place, and later on opened a shop 
as above. He was a good business man, and had a wonderful knowledge 
of books and their values, and did a good trade. He died July 30th, 1896, 
aeed 66. Mr. James Farrell, who commenced as a travelling chapman, 
afterwards carried on business at 41 and 42, Savile Street. He was born 
in Dublin in 1814, and migrated to Hull, where for a number of years he 
had a fairly good business. He also used to attend sales in various parts of 
the country, on commission, for the late Mr. J. Mozley Stark. He died on 
May 25th, 1877, aged 66 years. Mr. John Mozley Stark, who was one of 
the greatest second-hand booksellers in his day, came from Gainsborough. 
He was the son of Adam Stark, printer and author of The- History of 
Gainsborough. In 1853 he commenced business at 64, Market Place ; in 
1 859 he removed to 30 Scale Lane, and in 1862, to 61 Whitefriargate. From 
1853 to 1862 he issued 45 catalogues, varying in size from 16 to 156 pp., a 
complete set, bound in 2 volumes, is in the possession of Aid. John Brown, 
bookseller, Hull. The fifth catalogue (1855) is probably the most interest- 
ing from a bibliographical point, as it contains a collection of " Ancient 
MSS., consisting of Bibles, Psalters, Breviaries, Missals, Rare Theological 
Treatises, etc., etc., on vellum and paper, chiefly from the Carthusian Mon- 
astery at Erfurt in Germany." Mr. Stark went to London about 1863, and 
had a shop in King William Street, Strand ; and latterly at 17, Garrick 
Street, where he continued in business until 1888, when he retired. 
Mr. J. R. Tutin commenced business here as an antique bookseller in 1881, 
in Savile Street, removing into Waterworks Street in 1887, where now 
(1908) the New City Hall stands, and in 1895, to Paragon Street. Having 
found that the pursuit of business was undermining his health, and also 
seriously interfering with bis literary studies and labours, he retired in 1898. 
After several years of rest and recuperation he has commenced business again 
at 189 Albert Avenue, Hull, as a publisher of early poetry and other works. 
Among his publications are the Orinda Booklets (1903-4), two series ; 
Pembroke Booklets (1905), two series ; Hull Booklets (1908), 8 nos. ; A 
Wreath of Christmas Carols and Poems, chosen and edited by the late Wm. 
Andrews (1906) ; Wordsworth Bibliography ; Shelley Birthday Book ; and 

Of the present day booksellers mention may be made of Mr. Joe Lynes, 
who has a shop in West Street, and a stall in the Market, behind Holy 
Trinity Church, which is the resort of collectors for miles round Hull. Mr. 
D. W. Edwards, who has been established since 1900, at 160, High Street, 
is also an antiquarian bookseller, and issues catalogues which circulate 
largely in the trade. His last catalogue (No. 15) 1st Sept., 1908, contains 
a list of Chap-books, Song Books, and pamphlets of a quaint nature. 
Old Maps and Plans is one of Mr. Edwards' specialities. His collection of 
country and general mars, dated from 1575, is one of the largest in the 
country. Mr. Waldemar Henius, 161, Spring Bank, antique dealer, has 
also been a dealer in books for many years. Mr. A. Whitworth, bookseller 
and picture dealer, 16, Bond Street, is also a dealer in rare books, prints, 

Of the libraries in Hull, past and present, besides those of Mr. J. Munby 
and Messrs. Rawson & Co., mentioned above, there are the following. The 
Lyceum Library and the Mechanics' Literary and Scientific Institution are 
both now dispersed. The Lyceum was established in 1807 in Parliament 
Street, and afterwards was removed to new premises in John Street, erected 
in 1835. In its day it was a fine library of upwards of 20,000 vols., but 
owing to improvements in the vicinitj^ the committee had to again remove to 
new quarters in Story Street — a street which was famous for having been 
the residence of Anne Porden, the poetess, and first wife of Sir John 
Franklin, the arctic explorer. In 1900 the library was wound-up, and the 
books # sold. The Mechanics' was founded in 1825, and Dr. John Alderson, 
a relative of Mrs. Amelia Opie, was the first president ; and after an exis- 
tence of over seventy-five years was sold by the shareholders. The Sub- 
scription Library, Royal Institution, was founded Dec. 7th, 1775. It 
commenced in a room over the shop of Mr. Wm. Browne, bookseller, 
Bowlalley Lane and Lowgate. who also was the first librarian. In 1800, the 
foundation-stone of the first building in Parliament Street was laid, and the 
library was opened in 1801. Here it continued until its removal to the 
Royal Institution. This building was jointly erected for the Literary and 
Philosophical Society, and the Subscription Library — the former occupying 
the eastern and the latter the western portion of the Institution. The lib- 
rary was opened on July 6th, 1855, and is one of the most valuable in the 
provinces, and contains upwards of 70,000 volumes. It also contains many 
valuable books in all classes of literature, and possesses a complete set of the 
Transactions of the Royal Society from 1671 to date ; Works of Chaucer 
(1602), Milton's Works, 2 vols., folio (1695-6J ; The Shahnamab, or " Book 
of Kings," 3 vols. ; Bateman's " Orchidaceae of Mexico " (1843) ; Gould's 
" Birds of New Guinea, Australia, Great Britain," The Humming Birds ; 
Book of the Gild of Bricklayers, Tilers, etc., established in Hull in 1598, 
a MSS. volume on vellum which formerly belonged to that Societj 7 , and 
many other equally interesting works. 

The Public Library Act was adopted on Dec. 10th, 1892, and there are 
a central and four branch libraries. The Central was erected in 1900-01. 
and was opened on Nov. 6th, 1901, by Lord Avebury. It is situate in 
Albion Street, and is built of red brick with stone dressings, in the Renais- 
sance style, from the design of Mr. J. S. Gibson. It cost, including site and 
fittings, .£20,000, and consists of two storie3, containing a spacious entrance 
hall, ladies' reading-room, magazine-room, librarian's and committee- 
rooms, lending library, newspaper-room, and large reference library. The 
Library possesses over 40,000 volumes, beside a very large Patent Library. 
There are also four branches, viz. : The James Reckitt, Holderness Road ; 
Western Branch, Boulevard ; Northern Branch, Beverley Road, and the 
Carnegie Branch, West Park, Anlaby Road. The income from the rates 
for 1907-8 is £4,814, and the total issues from all the libraries for the year 
ending March 31st, 1907, was 747,029. Mr. W. P. Lawton, who was ap- 
pointed in 1892, is the chief librarian. Adjoining the Central, on the right 
of the illustration, is the Hull Church Institute, which was founded in 1845, 
and it is located in what was formerly the private residence of tbe late 
Sir James Alderson, M.D., of Hull, who afterwards removed to London. 

The following article appeared in ' The Athenceum,' January 
9th, 1909, and is reprinted by the courteous permission of 
the Editor : 


THE second portion of the library of Mr. H. W. Poor of New York City, 
now in process of sale by the Anderson Auction Company, of 12, East 46th 
Street, New York, included an undoubtedly unique copy on large paper 
of the ' Poems by Two Brothers,' 1827. The importance of this was fully 
realized by Messrs. Anderson's cataloguer, and two pages are devoted to 
its description. As the Catalogue can be in the possession of but few collec- 
tors in this country, there is all the more reason for giving this particular 
entry a wider publicity than it could possibly enjoy through the medium 
of a book-sale catalogue. The literary interest of the subject would, how- 
ever, be of sufficient importance to warrant the extracts (given here 
" without prejudice ") which follow : — 

" It is the copy presented by Tennyson to his solicitor, C. R. Haddel- 
sey, of Caistor, Lincolnshire, and bears on the fly-leaf his name and ad- 
dress, written by the poet. The book appears to have been afterwards 
presented to ' Miss Charlotte Turquand from her affectionate friend, C. R. 
Haddelsey ' — this is written on the second fly-leaf. In addition, there 
is inserted a note from ' A. Tennyson,' viz. : — 

Dear Haddelsey, — I sent back the conveyances signed yesterday, 
and hope you got them safe. Make all haste to a final settlement. 

Ever yours, 

A. Tennyson. 

" The most interesting point in connexion with this book, however, 
is that it proves the poems to have been written not by two brothers, 
but by three ; and Tennyson has himself gone through each leaf and 
marked those by Frederick? by Charles, and by himself. 

" Appended is a copy of some inquiries which were made before 
purchasing the book, and also copy of the reply received. This makes 
the book of singular interest, because it corrects the errors madeinMac- 
millan's reprint of 1893. In that edition a number of the poems were 
attributed to Charles or to Alfred which this copy shows to be incorrect ; 
but as the present owner points out, they arrived at their conclusion, in 
the reprint, by an inspection of the manuscript, verified by the present 
lK)rd Tennyson. This evidence is not nearly so valuable as the evidence 
of this copy, as the marks in it were made at a time when Alfred Tenny- 
son's memory was clear and distinct on the subject. 

" The present Eord Tennyson, in his preface to the ' Poems by Two 
Brothers ' published in 1893, states : ' It is requested that none of the 
poems in this volume said to be by my father, and consequently signed 
A. T., be included in any future edition of his Works, as my uncle, 
Frederick Tennyson, cannot be certain of the authorship of every poem, 
and as the handwriting of the manuscript is known not to be a sure guide . " 

The correspondence in connexion with this copy consists, as already 
stated, of two letters. In both cases — the letter of inquiry and the answer 
— the names of the writers are suppressed, but these are not material. The 
first letter runs thus : — 

" I have received safely the copy of Tennyson which you were good 
enough to send me. I should like very much to purchase it, but before 
doing so there are one or two points which I should like to raise. Can 
you tell me any history of the book ? — in whose hands it has been all 
these years, or if you purchased it direct from the family to whom it 
was given ? Again, can you tell me who is responsible for the pencil 
note which appears on the half-title ? This note, you will remember, 
states to whom the book was given, and gives the different marks of the 
three brothers. Also, on comparing this copy of the ' Poems by Two 
Brothers ' with the reprint issued by Macmillan in 1893, I notice other 
points to which I would direct your attention. As to the Stanza on p. 1 , 
this is signed in your copy Frederick Tennyson, in the reprint the initials 
of Charles are given. 

" Page 67, ' Egypt ' is signed in your copy Charles, but in the reprint 

it says ' Begun by Charles, finished by Alfred.' 
" Page 90, ' Scotch Song,' is signed in your copy Alfred, and is queried 

in the reprint. 
" Page 109, ' The Deity ' signed Charles, is queried in the reprint 

Alfred or Charles. 
" Page 139, ' Epigram on a Musician,' signed Charles, is queried in 

the reprint. 
" Page 165, ' Thou cam'st to thy Bower,' signed Alfred, is not signed 

in the reprint. 
" Page 173, signed Charles, in the reprint queried Alfred. 

175, signed Charles, in the reprint queried Alfred or Charles. 

184, signed Charles, in the reprint queried Alfred. 

197, signed M. Who is M ? In the reprint signed Charles. 

209, signed Charles, attributed to Alfred in the reprint. 

210, signed Alfred, bears Frederick's name in the reprint. 

" These are interesting points which I should like settled before 
purchasing. Possibly you may be able to give me the information. 
The marks added to the poems, if made by Tennyson himself, should 
have settled any dispute as to who was the author of the various pieces, 
but the reprint was carefully edited from reliable information I take it, 
and so I do not understand how the divergence has arisen." 

The reply to this series of inquiries is as follows. : — 

" We fear we can do little to solve the difficulties which you mention. 
From inquiry we made at the time of purchase, we felt satisfied it 
had belonged to Haddelsey, that he gave it to Miss Turquand, in whose 
hands it remained till a recent date. If, as the latter owner believed, the 
marks were made while the book was in Mr. Haddelsey's possession, they 
were purposely made on good information, at a time when the memory 
of Tennyson would be of some value. The list in the reprint (' Poems 
by Two Brothers' — reprint — Macmillan, 1893) was prepared by the 
present writer from the original manuscript, entirely from handwriting, 
confirmed by the present Lord Tennyson ; some of those that were marked 
doubtfid, as to which of the two brothers wrote, were claimed by Freder- 
ick, the third brother. No one living has anything else than handwriting 
to go by ; and if the present volume is genuine, it is a strange confirmation 
of the accuracy of the list made from the manuscript. We do not think 
it likely that the difficulty which you note will ever be explained." 

It may be added that this copy formed lot 958 in the Poor Sale on 
December 9th. It does not appear to have passed through any auction sale 
in England, and was presumably sold privately. The original MS. of 
' Poems by Two Brothers ' mentioned above was sold at Messrs. Sotheby's 
in December, 1892, for £480. It consisted of 88 leaves, the greater part 
being in the handwriting of Alfred Tennyson. According to Mr. J. H. 
Slater (' Early Editions,' p. 307), this " MS. has since been resold at a high 
premium to an American collector." 



" Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." — Emerson. 

" To be an enthusiast is to be the worthiest of affection, the noblest and 
best that a mortal" — Wieland. 

These aphorisms are recalled as the result of some of my experiences 
in canvassing for the sale of tickets for the Association concerts and dinners 
In some instances the utter absence of enthusiasm for an idea is as appalling 
as in other cases support is gratifying. The idea upon which the Associa- 
tion is based is brotherliness. We have associated in order that the frater- 
nal feeling may be fostered. If no other purpose existed that alone would 
be full warrant for the founding of the Association. The feeling becomes 
crystallized in an Annual Dinner, which should be to bookselling what 
Christmas is to the family, viz., a function, or rite, in which every one 
should take part. Yet, reasons are advanced for not taking tickets which 
would be disheartening if one were not resolved that, blow hot, blow cold, 
the Dinner or the Concert shall be a success. One says he " never goes to 
anything of the kind." When you tell him that is just the very reason why 
he should go, he shakes his head and wishes he could shake you off as easily. 
Another opines that he cannot see what good there is in having an Associa- 
tion. He might just as well wonder what good there is in living, for an 
Association is the concentration of all the intelligence, the energy, the 
enterprise of a trade, focussed in one body for the common good. But 
they can't see it, although an Annual Report proves the good that is done 
even from the material point of view, letting alone altogether the moral 
good achieved by the fraternal feeling engendered. Enthusiasm in short 
is the greatest of all factors towards achievement. Do all things well, with 
grim determination to win, and — there you are. If you are only cleaning 
your own boots, as the Duke of Wellington used to do, "do it with enthusi- 
asm, and take care that the heels are more highly-polished than the toe-caps. 
That means good work, and self-respect. If you catalogue a book take 
care that the commas are in the right places, and that there are no capitals 
in the wrong ones. That means ditto. And when there is an Association 
of your own profession, take care that you support it vigorously and as a 
duty, making the burden of the work easier to those who undertake it for 
its own sake. Notwithstanding the few unenthusiastic ones, however, the 
fact remains that the Association is growing rapidly in membership, in 
influence, and in financial strength. 

* * * 

One discovery — and an important one — is the existence of a vein of 
humour such as was not even so much as suspected. The speeches of Mr. 
Stevens, Mr. Myers, and Mr. Tregaskis were especially notable in this 
respect, and the guests bubbled over with enjoyment while they were in 
progress. It was all so good that one wonders now how we shall possibly 
be able to "go one better " next year. 

* * * 

That old-established monthly trade-journal The Bookseller signalized 
the new year by appearing as a weekly publication, and in much improved 
and up-to-date form. Illustrations will in future be a feature, and special 
attention will be given to antiquarian bookselling, as evidenced by the 
excellent and very full account given of the Second Annual Dinner of the 
International Association of Antiquarian Booksellers, with a portrait of 
Mr. B. D. Maggs, and another of somebody else whom you know. From 
the same office appears also a new series of " Current Literature of the 
Month, with Occasional Notes and Illustrations." 

* " • * 

There were also very full accounts of the Dinner in The Publishers' 
Circular and The Clique, as well as in The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and 
The Morning Post. The speeches by Dr. Fortescue, Keeper of the Printed 
Books, British Museum, Mr. Barwick, Superintendent of the Reading Room, 
and Mr. Herbert Baily, Editor of The Connoisseur, were crowded with 

Mr. Frowde's The Periodical for December contains a most interesting 
block of a printing office, about 1600. It can be obtained gratis, upon 
a pplication. «. » » 

The following is the name of a genuine book-buyer to whom catalogues 
may be sent :— Mrs. Asiel, 15 East 63rd Street, New York City, U.S.A. 
* * *. 

Through the kindness of Mr. F. Hockliffe, of Bedford, an extra plate 
is enabled to be included in the present part. It consists of reproductions 
of two curious portraits of old-time booksellers, from the original engravings 
in Mr. Hockliffe's possession. The first is that of John Nicholson, styled 
" Mappesiani Bibliopolii Cant. Custqs." of Cambridge, from a picure painted 
by Reinagle. The engraving was published at Cambridge in 1790. In 
the background is a view of Trinity College. Nicholson, alias " Maps " — 
he was known by this nickname — was a bookseller and stationer from 1752 
to 1 796. The nickname is really a second-hand one, being originally applied 
to Robert Watts, who started the first circulating library in Cambridge. 
It is said that Watts, when on his rounds, used to announce himself at his 
customers' doors by calling out " Maps ! " and this accounts for him being 
so designated. He died January 31, 1752, and left his stock to his only 
daughter. She soon after married John Nicholson, and the latter thus 
acquired the business and his father-in-law's nickname into the bargain. A 
Greek hexameter of him, in a free and easy version, reads :— 
The ' Varsity Gods ' they call him " Maps " ; 

He's Nicholson to other chaps ; 
This is what " Maps," (J. N.), preferred : 
Mappesiani Bibliopolii Custos. 
Nicholson's shop was originally one of a row of old-fashioned houses which 
blocked the east end of King's College, nearly opposite to St. Edward's 
Passage, and he lived there till he died in August 1796. His son succeeded 
him and remained there till 1807, and then removed to a house in Senate 
House Hill. Messrs. Bowes & Bowes now occupy the premises, which are 
naturally much altered. The foregoing details are due to the courtesy of 
Mr. Charles P. Porter, of Cambridge, writer of the article on Cambridge in 
B.A.R.Vol.4. The second portrait is that of "IsabellaTinkler, late Bookseller 
in Richmond, Yorkshire, 6th October, 1794, aged 92." No information 
can be obtained locally respecting this remarkable " character," except her 
burial certificate, which shows that she was buried on Oct. 9th, 1794, that 
her age was 92, and that she was a widow. The engraving was therefore 
undoubtedly published immediately after her death, and she must have 
been a notable personage in the district for it to have been thought worth 
while to issue it. # * * 

The following correction should be made with the pen. In B.A.R. 
Vol. 2 (page 266), a copy of Ben Jonson's Works, 1616, is recorded as 
selling for £29 10s. It should be added that it was on large paper. The 
omission occurred through the fact being relegated to a note in the sale- 
catalogue, instead of being in its correct place in the description. 

* * * 

T.P.'s Weekly, Nov. 27, 1908, contains an article entitled :' The Second- 
hand Book Famine in London," with reference to Charing Cross Road, Red 
Lion Passage, etc. In connexion with this matter it occurs to one that 
the Public Library will never starve out the second-hand book-shop, because 
all the mystery and pleasure of never knowing what is going to turn up on 
the stall is unenjoyed by the habitue" of the Library. In the latter case you 
go with the definite object of borrowing a certain work, which, nine times 
out of ten, so people tell me, is " out," whereas when searching a bookstall 
you come across books you never heard of before, but the acquisition of 
which you would not have missed for anything. 

* * * 

Books occasionally occur with the plates disfigured with the stamp of 
some institution or library. Hitherto there has seemed to be no satisfactory 
remedy. The stamps can, however, be removed perfectly with a piece 
of typewriter eraser, costing threepence. Care must of course be taken not 
to rub too heavily in one spot, or a hole in the paper may be the result. 

The following is culled from an article on " The Village Library " by 
a librarian. Some subscribers might do worse than have it written in bold 
type by a ticket -writer, then framed and hung over the bookstall : — " It 
must be understood that the low-priced book is not always the cheapest, 
and as a rule a good edition of a book second-hand is much to be preferred 
before a low priced poor-quality reprint." 

* * * 

A note often occurs in sale-catalogues to the effect that two engravings 
in ' Italy, a Poem,' by Samuel Rogers are reversed in position, such " state " 
occurring only in the earliest copies. But the note never states which are 
the engravings in question. They illustrate the poem " Arqua." One 
vignette is of a tomb, the other of a house. In the first state the house is 
at the head of the poem, the tomb being at the end, and copies with the 
engravings in these positions are of course the more valuable. Later, the 
positions were reversed. Instead of trusting to memory to find this note 
when required it should be copied and inserted in Lowndes opposite the 
entry of Rogers. 

* * * 

Mr. E. M. Cox writes to ' The Athenaeum ' on January 16th as follows : — 
" I have a copy of Habington's ' Castara,' 4to., 1634, which collates as 
follows : A to L in fours, L4 blank, followed by leaf of errata, with errata on 
recto. I have not been able to trace any other copy, except one in the 
Museum, with the leaf of errata ; and I can find no other copy with the 
blank L4. It is only a small point in bibliography ; but as the book is very 
rare I thought it might be of interest. - Perhaps some of your readers may 
have seen a copy like mine." Put this note also in your Lowndes. 

* * * 

Twice last year statements were made that there were omissions in 
B. A.R. of lots that should have been included. In the first case I requested 
a list of such omissions, in order that the defect might be remedied. The 
list has never reached me, although some months have elapsed. A similar 
request in the second -case has had the same result, and the only omission 
(now printed in this Part [see Underbill] ) was discovered by myself. When 
in fact, exr mination is made of the reasons for omission of any particular lot 
those reasons are at once apparent. The book is so imperfect as not to be 
worth recording ; or, the lot proves to be a " composite " lot, viz., con- 
taining two or more books in one volume, and thus affording no criterion 
of value. In short, an attempt is made to make the plan of B. A.R. perfect 
as far as giving all information that is useful is concerned. 

* * * 

Occasionally — very occasionally — a small country bookseller will write 
" Do not send any more unless I order it." I then find that he has a com- 
plete set, and thinks he has enough and can spare his guinea per annum. 
This reminds me of a man I once knew who insured his plate-glass windows 
for seven years, and then ceased to do so because he had never had a 
breakage. The very next day a truck broke a pane which cost him £10 to 
replace. B.A.R. is in fact an insurance of a guinea per annum in favour 
of the chance of making £50 in one coup, besides being of invaluable 
daily assistance, and the man who drops his subscription is not a wise 
virgin. Of course I want your subscriptions, but you need B.A.R. still 
more. Several of the larger firms subscribe for two copies, one for the head 
of the house and another for the assistants, thus saving time. 

* * * 

A recent order was for a complete set of B.A.R., with instructions to 
continue, from the Public Library, Toronto, Canada. This is where B.A.R. 
is going to be so useful to its bookseller-subscribers. The Toronto people 
see a notice of a catalogue in B.A.R. and they say " That's just the firm 
likely to have the book I want," and they write straight to that firm. At 
least that is how I figure it out, and I believe I'm right. 

35 Pond Street, Hampstead, N. W. 


N.B. — All Booksellers should put us on their list of names, as one never knows where, 
in any part of the world, a notice of a catalogue attracts attention and leads 
to business. In addition, we constantly make purchases ourselves of prints, 
portraits, etc. 


Bath. — George Gregory, 5 and 5a, Argyle Street. — The Imperial Book Catalogue 
and Report ; Rare Books, Choice Books, Cheap New Books for Presenta- 
tion, Manuscripts, Antique Bookcases, Bath Books, Natural History, 
Standard General Literature, etc. ; an imposing Catalogue, consisting of 
3,204 entries, with Index on the front cover, and several blocks of fine 
antique bookcases and secretaires. Mr. Gregory claims that the Imperial 
Book Store contains "one of the largest and finest stocks of second-hand 
books in the world." 

Birmingham.— William Downing, The Chaucer's Head, 5, Temple Row.— William 
Downing's Catalogue of Books for the month of October, exhibiting brief 
descriptions of many volumes (both ancient and modern) of much interest 
and variety. It is hoped that the carefully-selected books whose titles 
form this Catalogue will meet the demand of the booklover in this, the 
season of bibliography ; and that herein will be found literature to suit all 
tastes, offered at right and reasonable figures. Among the books is the 
" Laws " of Justinian, 1538 ; Bacon's ' Proficience and Advancement of 
Learning," 1633 ; Camden's " Britain," 1610 ; Ogilby's " Britannia," 1695 ; 
and " The Praise of Hell," showing the exact locality of that tropical 

Bristol.— William George's Sons, 89, Park St.— Catalogues Nos. 307, 308, 309, 310. 
No. 308, consisting of 1 ,642 items, deals solely with the History, Explora- 
tion, and Literature of Asia, especially of the Indian Empire. Other sub- 
jects in Nos. 307, 309, 310, are Africa, Alpine, America, Australasia, China, 
Folk Lore, Military, etc., etc. A tall and fine copy of the first edition of 
Keats' " Endymion " is offered for £14 10s. ; Lipscomb's History of Buck- 
ingham, 1847, £13 13s. ; Raffaelle's Arabesques of the Vatican, unique 
coloured set, £55 ; a fine set of Latin Classics, etc., etc. 

Burnley. — Lupton Bros., 38 40, Manchester Road. — Catalogue of Second-hand 
Books, containing Purchases from the Library of Dr. Thomas Dean, etc. 
Principal classifications : — America, Angling, Architecture, Art and Artists, 
Bewick, Bibliography, Blake, Botany, etc., Chemistry, Cruikshank, Dic- 
kens, Freemasonry, Genealogy and Heraldry, Ireland, Lancashire and 
Cheshire, Lever, Military and Naval, Quakers, Scottish Literature, Yorkshire 
Also Catalogue No. 101 , Old and Modern Books, including Library Editions 
of Standard Authors, in handsome bindings, etc., etc. Principal Classi- 
fications : — Africa, America, Architecture, Art, Camden Society, Cruik- 
shank, Dickens, Facetiae, Gardening, Ireland, Lake District, Lancashire. 
London, Medical, Political, Rowlandson, Scotland. A copy of that fine 
work " The Mammals of Great Britain and Ireland," by J. G. Millais, is 
offered for £12 12s. 

Cambridge.— Galloway & Porter, 30, Sidney St.— Recent Purchases. Catalogue of 
Second-hand Books, in all Branches of Literature, including the valuable 
library of the late Thomas Darlington, M.A., 565 items, Botany, Classics, 
Early English Writers, Natural History, Political Economy, Topography, 
etc. The Edition de Luxe of Oscar Wilde's Works is offered at 26 guineas. 

Derby. — Frank Murray, Moray House.— Premises coming down. Genuine Clear- 
ance Sale, First Part, Recently Purchased Books, A-N, including a fine 
collection of Old Music, altogether 1,015 items of General Literature, in- 
cluding an interesting bibliographical note on the first issue of the first 
edition of Dickens's American Notes. 

Dublin.— Clery & CO.. Ltd.— Catalogue (No. 58) of Second-hand Books, carefully 
selected from a library of a well-known Divine, and a Collection of Rare 
Books on Irish History, from various sources, 1129 items, at extre nely 
moderate prices. 

Dublin Hanna & Neale, 18, Nassau St.— Catalogue (No. 3),of Second-hand Books 
in all departments of literature, comprising the library of the late Dr. 
Connolly Norman, and other purchases, including 17th Century English 
Classics, Modern Library Editions, French and Early Italian Literature ; 
Gerarde's Herball, 1597 ; Pine's Horace, 1733 ; Chapman's Homer, 1616 ; 
White's Selborne, 1789 ; and a large collection of Books relating to Ireland, 
and specimens of Early Dublin Printing and Binding, 1193 items. 

Edinburgh.— J. Hardie Brown & Co., 90, Hanover St. — Catalogue (No. 35) of a 
Collection of Second-hand Books, being recent purchases, including 
Americana, Chess, Draughts, Whist, Freemasonry, Scottish Literature, 
Australasia, Banking, Medical, etc., including a very curious collection of 
Rare Portraits of Celebrated and Notorious Characters. 

Glasgow.— James McKenzie, 32, Buchanan St. — Catalogue No. 44 of Second-hand 
Books in Miscellaneous Literature, 1696 items, including Africa, Angling, 
Burnsiana, Chap Books, Foulis Press, Glasgow, the Highlands, Military, 
Paisley, Scottish Literature, etc., a few being XVTIth Century Books. 

Hastings.— Bateman & Kiddie, 37, Havelock Road.— Catalogues Nos. 5-6 of 
Interesting and Miscellaneous Second-hand Books, including a number of 
Works of Early Fathers, and Books of the 16th. 17th, and 18th Centuries. 

Hull.— D. W. Edwards, 160, High St.— Rough Catalogue of New and Second-hand 
Books recently purchased, comprising Americana, Art, Science, Political 
Economy, Illustrated Books, Topographical, Quaint, Curious and Rare 
Pamphlets, Antique Songs, and Books relating to Music. Many curious 
old Chap Books and Children's Books are included, also Privately Printed 
Opuscula and Miscellanies of the Club of Odd Volumes. 

Leamington Spa.— Simmons & Waters, 10, Spencer St.— Catalogue No. 227 of 
Books, including probably the Largest Collection of Costume Plates ever 
offered for sale, £30 ; some fine Extra-Illustrated Books (of which the firm 
makes a speciality) ; Botany, Old Medical Works, etc. Also a Catalogue of 
Autograph Letters, Signed Documents, etc., and a Collection ofMSS.relating 
to Yorkshire. 

Leeds. — J. Conlon, 4, Vernon St. — Clearance List of Books, New and Second-hand , 
584 items. 

James Miles, 32, Guildford St.— Catalogue (No. 149) of Books Ancient and 

Modern, comprising Three Libraries just purchased privately. Section I. — 
Old Literature (XVIth to XVIIIth Centuries, English and Foreign). Sec- 
tion II. — Anglo-Saxon, Archaeological and Antiquarian, including Arundel 
Society Publications, Old Medical Books, Yorkshire Books, etc. Also, 
Catalogue No. 1 50, of Three Interesting Collections of Ancient and Modern 
Books, recently acquired, mainly from Private Libraries. Section I. — 
Library of a Bradford Collector, consisting of Modern Literature in choice 
condition, every book being practically in new state, and therefore very 
suitable for Xmas presentation. Section II. — Recent Miscellaneous Pur- 
chases in every branch of Literature, including a Collection of " Review " 
copies of Recent Books, all as new and unstamped ; also Purchases from the 
Library of the late Rev. Dr. Smyth, P. G.C., England, formerly Vicar of St . 
Chad's, Headingley. Section III. — The remaining portion of the Library 
of James W. Davis, F.L.S., etc., the eminent Geologist, and late Mayor of 
Halifax, just purchased privately. The Collection comprises Alpine, 
Literature, Botany, Books on Fishes, Geology and Palaeontology, Micros- 
copy, Meteorology, Dramatic Literature, Sets of Learned Societies' 
Transactions, Yorkshire Topography, etc. Also Catalogue No. 148, being a 
Selection of Second-hand Books, comprising Americana, The Fine Arts, 
French and German Literature, Ornithology (including the Works of 
Meyer, Seebohm, Morris, Yarrell, Dixon, Harting, etc.), and other works 
on Natural History, Sets of Standard Authors, Books on Brewing, Music 
and Musical Literature, a Selection of Yorkshire Topography, etc., includ- 
ing purchases from the Library of the late Rev. T. B. Whytehead of York, 
and other Libraries purchased privately, all fairly described, and moderate- 
ly priced. 

Leeds. —Joseph Milligan, Welton Mount. Catalogue No. 32 of a Choice and Valu- 
able Collection of Books, principally the library of a gentleman removed 
from Nottinghamshire, comprising many works on America, Australia, etc., 
including a Fine Copy of Angus's South Australia, bound in full crimson 
morocco extra. Books in Fine Bindings, a magnificently bound set of 
Dr. Johnson's Works ; Shelley's Birds of South Africa, and other Books on 
Birds. Coloured Plate Books, including the Martial Achievements of 
Great Britain. Books of Costume. Early Printed Books. Holbein 
Society's Publications — Ben Jonson's Works, first edition, 1616-40 ; First 
Editions of Modern Authors, A' Beckett, Dickens, Thackeray, Swinburne, 
etc. ; First Editions of Goldsmith's ' She Stoops to Conquer,' and the 
' Deserted Village.' Publications of Private Presses — Kelmscott, etc. 
Many Works on the Drama. Lilly's Sixe Court Comedies, 1632. Works on 
Philosophy, Logic, etc. Holbein's and Lodge's Portraits. A Set of the 
Abbotsford Scott, in original cloth, 17 vols. Books on Sport. Works relat- 
ing to Ireland. A Collection of Books on Roman Catholic Theology. 
Various County Histories. A Large Collection of Books relating to York- 
shire, including a Set of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society's Journal ; 
Foster's Pedigrees of the County Families of Yorkshire ; a Coloured Copy 
of Richardson's Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire ; Surtees Society's Publica- 
tions ; The Original Edition of Walker's Costume of Yorkshire ; Drake's 
History of York ; Ord's Cleveland, etc., etc. 

London. — G. H. Brown, 113, Edgware Rd., W. — Catalogue No. 52 of a Choice 
Collection of Second-hand Books, including Dibdin's Biblintheca Spenceri- 
ana, 1814-15, £6 10s. ; Burton's Arabian Nights, 17 vols. ; Hasted's 
History of Kent, 4 vols., 1778-99, £25 ; a Set of Punch to 1900 ; Swift's 
Works, edited by Scott, 19 vols., 1883 ; and other valuable books. 

- — Harold Brown, late Of Wimpole St. has removed to larger and more central 

premises at 79a, Tottenham Court Rd., W. Mr. Brown makes a speciality 
of Musical Literature. His new premises are most attractive and get-at- 
able ; and he has just issued a Catalogue of Publisher's Remainders and 
other purchases. 

John Buchanan, 49, Great Queen St., W.C. — Catalogues Nos. 114-115 of 

Second-hand Books, Ancient and Modern, comprising History, Biography, 
Voyages and Travels, Illustrated Works, the various departments of 
Science and Natural History, and Miscellaneous Literature. Both are 
good general catalogues, and Mr. Buchanan is always particular as to 

Bull & Auvache, 34-35, Hart St., Bloomsbury, W.C— Catalogue of 

Valuable Miscellaneous and Theological Books, English and Foreign, in- 
cluding many items of great importance and rarity. These include 
Illuminated MSS. on vellum. Books in Old Morocco Bindings, Bibles and 
Testaments from 1516 ; a Set of The Gentleman's Magazine ; Hearue's 
Works, large and thick paper ; Paradise Lost, first edition ; Wilkins' Con- 
cilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, 1737 ; and other desirable works. 

F. C. Carter, 13, Campsbourne Rd., Hornsey, N.— Hornsey Book List, Nos. 

9-10, including Topography (England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland), Old 
Literature, Travels, Railways, Bibliography, Art, Portraits, Sport, Topo- 
graphy, Illustrated Books, Coloured Prints by Rowlandson, &c, Old 
Deeds, MS., Archaeology, Memoirs, &c. Also, No. 8, consisting entirely of 
Americana, 492 items. 

Day's Library, Ltd., 96, Mount St., Grosvenor Square, W.— Lists of Surplus 

Library Books for Sept., Oct., Nov. and Dec, 1908, and January, 1909. 
With two of the Lists 1 5%discount is given to the trade, instead of the usual 
10 %, and in some cases special offers are made when parcels are selected. 
It is almost needless to add that the lists cover an immense range of subject. 

Ellis & Keene, 9, Ray St., Farringdon Rd., E.C.— Catalogue No. 309 of 

Recent Purchases of Second-hand Theological Books, including the Library 
of the late Rev. W. J. Salt, M.A., Vicar of St. George, Walsall, privately 
purchased from his executors ; also many smaller collections purchased 
from our customers. Among the items is The Eagle, a Magazine of St. 
John's College, Cambridge, Complete Set, £\2 12s. ; The Great " He " 
Bible, 1611 ; and a very wide range of Theological Literature ; 1,290 items 
in all. .... 

London. Henry Gray, 1, Churchficld Rd. East, Acton, W.— Book Bulletin, Nos. 
276-277, consisting of Antiquarian, Family History, Genealogy, Topogra- 
phy and Miscellanea. Also Portrait Catalogue, No. 1 , containing Engraved 
Scottish Portraits, Coloured Vanity Fair Cartoons, including Proof and 
Autograph Copies, Lithographic Portraits of Nobility, Gentry, States- 
men, etc. 

J. Haslam & Co., Ltd., 15 Broad St. Place, E.C.— Catalogues Nos. 17-18- 

19, consisting of Americana, Arts and Crafts, Biography, Essays, Criticism , 
Philology, History, Politics, Economics, Philosophy, Religion, Poetry, 
Drama, Science, Natural History, Medicine, Sports, Topography, Prints, 
Portraits, etc., and including the Beckford set of Hollar's Dance of Death, 
1651, £25 ; and Chauncy's Antiquities of Hertfordshire, 1700, £11 

C. W. King, 11, Red Lion Passage, Holborn, W.C.— Diet for Boke-wormes , 

being a Selection of Books and Prints relating to America, Art, Biography, 
Fiction, British Topography, (including many London) ; with many Pam- 
phlets and Books on out-of-the-way subjects, mostly minor items — but 
possessing much intrinsic value. These " Little Fishes " are both Sweet 
and Cheap. Also Baite for Boke-wormes, comprising Works on America, 
tbe Drama, Poetry, Sport, Topography, Travels, &c, &c, with a small 
collection of " Old Stagers," (alias sundry Antique Volumes), and Addenda 
of Recent Purchases and " Clearance Books." 

— Maurice & Co., 23, Bedford St., Covent Garden, W.C. — Catalogues Nos. 

183, 184, 185, 186, selected from the firm's extensive stock, including some 
fine Extra-Illustrated Books ; editions from the 17th century upwards ; 
First Editions ; Cruikshankiana ; Leech ; Dickens ; Angus's South Aus- 
tralia Illustrated, coloured plates, 1847, £9 18s. 6d. ; etc. Also Engraved 
Portraits of Family, Naval and Military, Literary and Antiquarian, 
Theatrical and General Interest, and a Collection of Hogarth Prints. 

Charles Meuel & Co., 147, Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C, and at 295, Liverpool 

Rd., N. — A Short Catalogue of German Books and Almanacs, with engrav- 
ings and woodcuts by Chodowiecki, Richter, Neureuther, &c. In prepara- 
tion: Catalogue No.2, containing a Choice Collection of English and Foreign 
Literature. May be had on application. Messrs. Meuel & Co. are the 
latest recruits to the antiquarian booksellers of London, and the firm 
exhibits every promise of success. 

W. T. Morrell & Co., 17, Dean St., Soho, W.— List of Second-hand Books 

offered to the Trade, including the Scarce French Edition of Paradise Lost, 
1792, with coloured plates by Schall. 

Myers & Co., 59, High Holborn, W.C— Catalogue of a Collection of Rare 

Old Maps of various countries, including interesting items relating to 
London and Counties, and a selection of Views of Places of Historical 
and Antiquarian Importance. Also, Catalogue No. 134 of Second-hand 
Books in all Departments of Literature, including many rare items and 
comprising Recent Purchases, among them being Carlyle's Life of Schilkr, 
with presentation inscription by the author, 1 825 ; a fine copy of Acker- 
mann's History of the Colleges, 1816, £24 ; Unique Set of Moore's Irish 
Melodies, with a Letter by the Author, and a Drawing by Maclise ; Sir 
John Skelton's Mary Stuart ; Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery, large paper, 
1803 ; Gilby's Answer to Stephen Gardiner, 1547 ; etc., etc. 

Pickering & Chatto, 66, Haymarket, S.W. — The Book-Lover's Leaflet, a 

Catalogue of Scarce and Valuable Books, being New Purchases (from im- 
portant collections recently dispersed at auction, and from private sources), 
which have been acquired too late for insertion alphabetically in our 
recent Illustrated Catalogue ; Nos. 154, 155, 156, 157, being four Catalogues 
consisting of 2,091 items, and so crowded with interesting matter as to be 
indescribable in the space at command. The majority of the books are 
of the 1 6th, T 7th, and 18th Centuries, but a special section deals with The 
Illustrated Books of " The Sixties," (1855-72), prefaced by au interesting 
Introduction. Messrs. Pickering & Chatto's Catalogues are among the 
most interesting of the present day, and the descriptions distinctly possess 
literary qualities. 

London. — R. Rayson, 90, High Road, Chiswlck, W. — Rayson's Book Compendium 
(No. 2), of Scarce, Curious, and Rare Works, and useful, blight, and read- 
able Literature, pleasant and desirable for the savant, the conversationalist, 
the worker, the flaneur, and the idler. Many of those quoted herein are 
from the dispersed libraries of the late Sir Richard Mills, Marquis of 
Conyngham, Lord Lingen, and other eminent previous owners. The 
prices are in all cases moderate in comparison to the excellence of the re- 
spective copies. 

Chas. J. Sawyer, Ltd., 23, New Oxford St., W.C.CataloguesNos. 8, 10, being 

a Selection of Works in divers departments of Literature, as Court Memoirs, 
Art, Anecdotes, etc. Some Standard Sets of Modern Authors and Pot 
Pourri from Recent Purchases, and a Selection of Recent Purchases, 
including Modern Illuminated MSS. on vellum ; a Choice Collection of 
Engraver's Proofs of XlXth Century Prints ; Markham's Master-Piece, 
1734 ; Scott's Works, 101 vols, extra-illustrated, 1839 ; many fine standard 
editions ; Large Paper copies of Black's famous " Colour Books," at half 
price (certain to rise in value) ; an Illuminated MS. Book of " Offices," 
Chaucer's Works, 1 598 ; etc., etc. Also, two Winter Lists of Book Bargains. 
This enterprising firm, in fact, cultivates the art of keeping its name 
before the book-buying public, and with what measure of success every- 
body knows. 
Suckling & Co., 13, Garrick St., W.C.— Catalogue of Engraved Portraits, 

of Family, Naval and Military, Literary, Medical, and General Interest, 
containing many hundreds of portraits in one alphabet, extremely useful 
for reference. 

Winter (George), 52, Charing Cross Rd., W.C. — Catalogue, No. 53, of 

Miscellaneous Books, selected from Recent Purchases, including many 
Interesting Items, on the following subjects : — Angling, Archaeology, the 
Arctic and Antarctic Regions, Botany, Entomology ,The French Revolution, 
Travels, etc. Also a set of Bullen's Elizabethan Lyrics, and The Inner 
Temple Records. Also, Catalogue No. 54, of Miscellaneous Books recently 
purchased, including a copy of Bibliographica, 3 vols., and a Fine Set of 
Burton's Arabian Nights,12 vols., also Works relating to Biography, Dante, 
Numismata, Travels, etc., etc. 

Manchester.— Albert Sutton, 43, Bridge St. Catalogues 163, 164, 165, Topography 
of Great Britain and Ireland, a Catalogue of Books relating thereto, ar- 
ranged under Counties and Countries, and including the second and re- 
maining portion of the Library of the late Thomas Parker, Esq. of Oldham, 
just purchased by private treaty. Illustrated Books and First Editions : 
including the remaining portion of the Library of the late Charles Skidmore, 
Esq., Stipendary Magistrate of Bradford, containing Books illustrated by 
Bewick, Caldecott, Crane, Crowquill, Cruikshank, Furniss, Gillray, Leech, 
Phiz, Rowlandson ; and a Remarkable Collection of the Illustrations of 
" The Sixties," together with an Assemblage of the Works of Ainsworth, 
the Brontes, Dickens, Bret Harte, Tom Hood, Douglas Jerrold, G. W. M. 
Reynolds, G. A. Sala, Albert Smith, Eugene Sue, A. C. Swinburne, Thac- 
keray, Anthony Trollope, and others, mostly in first edition. Miscellane- 
ous Literature, Ancient and Modern, an attractive catalogue, with 12 
reproductions of engraved titles, frontispieces, portraits, etc., from rare 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne.— B. Rowland Hill, 20, St. Mary's Place.— Catalogue No. 28, 
including Burton's Arabian Nights, original issue ; Americana ; Colour 
Plate Books ; Court Memoirs ; Cruikshank ; Dickens ; Gay's Beggar's 
Opera, and Polly, 1729 ; Music, Occult ; the Vale Press Shakespeare, etc., etc 

Oxford. — B. H. Black well, 50-51, Broad St. — Monthly List of Second-hand Books, 
chiefly English, on Art, Biography, Dante Literature, Miscellaneous, in- 
cluding a Collection of Acts of Parliament, 1656-57 ; etc. Also No. 
CLXXXI., Miscellaneous Books, chiefly in the Departments of Literature 
and Art, and including a Selection of Favourite Authors in choice bindings 
and suitable as Gift Books, including an Illuminated Book of " Hours," of 
the XVth Century, on vellum. Twelve other catalogues may be obtained 
on application. 


Reading.— William Smith & Son, 109-111, London 8t.— Catalogue No. 13 of 
Second-hand Books, in two parts, I. Miscellaneous ; II., Americana ; books 
from the XVIth Century to the present day, the section of " Americana " 
(including Canada), consisting of upwards of 600 items. Also Catalogue 
No. 14, of Second-hand Books from the Libraries of R. J. Hopkins, Esq., 
Tidmarsh Manor, Berks ; the late Rev. Canon Risley, Deddington, Oxon ; 
the late Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, Frant, Sussex, and other sources. 
Part I., Miscellaneous ; Part II., Topographical, Antiquarian and Local ; 
1494 items, including many of Kip's Views and Speed's Maps. 

Thames Ditton.— Frederick R. Jones, " Eastbury. — Brief List of Books in Good 
Condition, No. 2, including First Editions and Rarities, such as Rossetti's 
Poems, 1870 ; and Thackeray's Essay on George Cruikshank, 1840. 

Tunbridge Wells.— P. M. Barnard, M.A., 10, Dudley Rd.— Catalogue No. 25, British 
Antiquities, Genealogy, Heraldry, Books, Tracts, and Deeds of Topo- 
graphical and Local Interest. The following are some of the more impor- 
tant sub-sections : — Cambridge University, including many important 
Books and Early Tracts relating to the University, or printed at Cambridge 
(187-273). Penshurst and the Sidney Family, an important Collection 
of Books by or relating to Sir Philip Sidney, and other members of the 
family ; these include a copy of the first edition of the Arcadia and Dorothy 
Sidney's own Bible (437-463). Oxford University, including many Early 
Books and Tracts printed at Oxford, and for the most part relating to the 
University (653-730). Also, Catalogue No. 26, Aldine Press, Classical 
Authors and Antiquities, Works by Humanists and Scholars, &c. The 
Catalogues maintain the high quality, both of contents and descriptions, 
to which collectors are accustomed. Mr. Barnard is now opening a 
Branch Establish emnt at 85, Bridge St., Manchester. 

Wrexham.— Frank Crowe, Bank St.—" Celtic Book List," No. 18, of Books in 
various classes of Literature, with the Addenda of Shropshire Books and 
Pamphlets. Also No. 19, Recent Additions, Miscellaneous Literature 
Ancient and Modern, including purchases from the library of the late 
Postmaster-General — -Sir John Raikes, together with a Choice Collection 
of Books relating to Wales, and its Literature, and an Addenda of Maga- 
zines and Periodicals. Also, No. XX., Scarce and Curious Books, chiefly 
from Libraries purchased during the last two months. An Interesting 
Collection of Miscellaneous Literature, with an Addenda of Books relating 
to Wales and the Welsh. Among other Items is the First Edition of 
Goldsmith's The Good-Natur'd Man, 1768, £6 6s. ; and the First Edition of 
John Evelyn's Sylva, 1664, £1 8s. 

York. — The Book Co., 16, Stonegate. — Catalogue No. 21, of Second-hand Books in 
various departments of Literature, comprising a selection from the Libra- 
ties of the late T. B. Whytehead, Esq. (Clerk to the Chapter, York Minster), 
the late Dr. Dean, Burnley, and several others, including Antiquarian and 
Topographical Books, General Science, Theology, Yorkshire Items, etc. 


Albany, N.Y., U.S.A.— The Joseph McDonough Co., Booksellers, Publishers, and 
Importers, 98, State St.— Catalogues Nos. 244, 245, 246, 247, of Rare and 
Fine Books, embracing Scarce Americana — local and general — Civil War, 
Indians, Essex House Press Publications, Hawaii, and General Literature 
Folk-Lore, Classic, Biography, Drama, Shakespeariana, Catholic Con- 
troversy, Fine Art, Seebohm's Thrushes, first edition, Gulliver's Travels, 
Dickens, Classics, India, Napoleon, Russia, Natural Sciences, New Library 
Sets, etc., together with Recent Importations of Fine Old Books. Also a 
List of Publications and Remainders. The comprehensive nature of the 
firm's operations can be readily realized. 

Boston, Mass., U.S.A. — Goodspeed's Book Shop, 5a Park St. — Catalogue No. 62 
of American Literature, with an attractive cover, bearing the portraits of 
20 famous Americans. Also, Catalogue No. 63, of Five-hundred and Sixty 
two Books, every one rare, beautiful or unique, with a sepia vignette on 

the cover, and 25 reproductions of rare engravings, titles, choice bindings, 
etc. Among the items are Blake's Book of Job, 1825 ; an Original MS. 
(22 pages 4to. ), by Charlotte Bronte ; Carlyle's Life of Schiller, first edition, 
with autograph letter from Carlyle to the publisher ; Robinson Crusoe, 
3 vols., 1719-20 ; Mrs. Browning's Last Poems, 1862, with Autograph 
inscription from Browning to D. G. Rossetti ; Examples of Early Printing ; 
George Fox's Battle Door, first edition, 1660 ; an early MS. of Gower's 
Confessio A mantis ; the Printer's Copy of Meredith's Shaving of Shagpat, 
1856 ; and many another appetising morsel. 

Florence, Italy.— Otto Lange, 2, Via Montebello. Catalogue No. 4, of Books 
relating to America, including Philippine Islands, together with 2 Miscel- 
lanea of Manuscripts, Ancient Maps, Engravings, Views, etc. (with Notes 
in English), 1079 items. Also Catalogue No. 5, Napoleon I. et la Revolu- 
tion Francaise, Livres, Manuscrits, Portraits, Caricatures. 

Frankfurt am Main. — Joseph Baer & Co., Hochstrasse 6. — Catalogue No. 549. — 
Anthropologic und Ethnographie der Naturvoelker, a very interesting 
Catalogue of Books, in various languages, treating of the Anthropology and 
Ethnography of the World, with an engraving of Aboriginals in the Aus- 
tralian " Bush." Also, the Frankfurter Biicherfreund mitteilungen aus 
dem Antiquariate, containing many rare examples of Early Printing, with 
reproductions of Mediaeval Wood-blocks and Pages. Also, Catalogue No. 
558; Moguntiaca, Mainz, Rheinhessen, Rheingau.Taunus, Zum grossen Teil 
aus der Bibliothek des pralaten Dr. Friedrich Schneider in Mainz ; 1,230 
items, including Early Missals, many Works relating to Gutenberg, and 
Books of the 1 6th, 1 7th, 1 8th and 1 9th Centuries. A View of Mainz in 1 633 
is on the cover. 

I. St. Goar, Junghofstrasse, 5. — Antiquariats Katalog, No. 99, Kultur- 

und Sittengeschichte. Allgem. Kulturgeschichte, etc., Amerika, Animal. 
Magnetismus, Somnambulismus, Spiritismus, Armenwesen, Bader, Belag- 
erungen, Schlachten, Kriege, Militarisches, Berlin, Paris, Wien, Beriich- 
tigte, beriihmte und merkwiird. Menschen, Carneval, Documente, England, 
Irland, Erotica, Liebe, Ehe, Flagellation, Frauen, beriihmte u. Schriften v. 
solchen, Freimaurerei, Illuminatenorden, Genussmittel : Bier, Tabak, Thee, 
Wein, Heraldik, Genealogie, Hofleben, Festlichkeiten, Hofnarren, Humor- 
istisches, Initialen, Miniaturen, Judaica, Kalender u. Kalenderwesen, 
Kloster- u. Monchswesen, Kochkunst, Kriminelles, Inquisition, Vehme, 
Landwirtschaft, etc., Luftschiffahrt, Magie, Wunder, Aberglaube, Al- 
chemie, Hexen, Tod, Teufel, Medizin, alte. Medicina curiosa Geburtschilfe, 
Korperliche Gebrechen, Scheintod, Rettungswesen, Moden u. Trachten, 
Kostume, Toilette, Mundarten, Mythologie, Religionsgeschichte u. wissen- 
schaft, Napoleon, Naturerscheinungen, Erdbeben, Uberschwemmungen, 
Feuersbrunste, fabalhafte Wesen, Elektrizitat, Quellen, Numismatik, 
Pferdekunde, Jagd. Revolutionen, Reisen, Geographie, Ritterorden, Ritter- 
wesen, Burgen, Turniere, Duelle, Ritter-, Rauber- u. Geistergescbichten, 
Robinsonaden, Miinchausiaden, Utopien, Sagen, Marchen, Volksbiicher, 
Folklore, Satiren, Caricaturen, Travestien, Physiognomie, Physiologie, 
Psychologie, Mnemonik, Sekten u. geistl. Orden, Jesuiten, Mystik, Spiele, 
Spielbanken, Tanz, Sport, Sprichworter, Sentenzen, Anekdoten, Ratsel, 
Studentica, Universitatswesen, Theater, Musik, Turnweseri, Typograph. 
Curiosa, alte Drucke, Flugschriften, Nachtrag. This extensive catalogue 
contains 1,552 items. 

New York City, U.S.A.— The Anderson Auction Company, 12, East 46th Street- 
Catalogue of the Auction Sale of the Rare Napoleonana, the Collection of 
William J.Hillis, being Books,Prints and Autographs relating to the French 
Revolution and Napoleon, also a small but Important Collection on the 
French Revolution, formed by General Daniel O'Connell, the last Colonel 
of the Irish Brigade in the Service of the Kings of France, and including such 
Books as Thackeray's Second Funeral of Napoleon, 1841. The Catalogue 
contains 3 reproductions. Also, Catalogue of the Library of Henry W. 
Poor, of New York City, in Three Parts. A Sale of extraordinary interest, 
crowded with so many rarities and choice editions in special states, and 
superb bindings, from the date of the invention of printing to the present 


time, as to make selection impracticable. The catalogue is especially 
worthy of preservation for the many fine reproductions of rare portraits, 
illuminated miniatures, facsimiles of types (including an Aldus, with MS. 
annotations by Aldus himself), title pages, artistic bindings, autographs, 
mediaeval wood-blocks, printers' marks, etc., etc. Altogether, one of the 
most notable and distinguished sales of recent years, whether in Europe 
or America. The typography of the Catalogues fits them for inclusion 
in the highest-class library. 

Lexington Book Shop, 730, Lexington Avenue.— Catalogue No. 9 of Stan- 

dard and Useful Books, including many that are Rare and Curious ; up- 
wards of 500 items, including an interesting example of Early Printing 
(1516) ; Old Plays ; Napoleon ; Standard Editions, etc. 

Henry Malkan, 42, Broadway.— Catalogue No. 30 of General Literature, 

comprising Collections of Art Books, First Editions of Esteemed Authors, 
Standard Sets of Classic Writers, and Superior Second-hand Books in all 
Classes of Literature. Also, No. 31, being a Catalogue of Choice Litera- 
ture, embracing Belles Lettres, Sets of Standard Authors in fine bindings, 
Unusual Collections of English and American First Editions, and a Selec- 
tion of New Books at Second-hand Prices. A number of interesting notes 
in these Catalogues have been taken from Moulton's Library of Literary 
Criticism, and add largely to the probability of sales being effected. No. 
42 Broadway, and 55, New Street, are Mr. Malken's new premises, and he 
states that they constitute the largest retail book-store in New York City, 
covering 7,000 square feet, all on one floor. 

Paris, France.— Librarie Dorbon Aine, 53ter Quai des Grands Augustins.— Le Bou- 
quineur, Revue Bibliographique des Livres anciens et modernes, Nos. 65, 
66, 67, 68, containing 5,000 items under the heads of .Literature, Drama, 
History, Fine Arts, Illustrated Books of the 17th, 18th, and 19th Centuries, 
Philosophy, Sociology, Occult, Science, History of Paris, Sport, Heraldry, 
Voyages and Discoveries, Armorial Bindings, and Rare and Curious Books. 

Rome, Italy. — Dario G. Rossi, Via Bocca di Leone, 25.— Catalogue of the Library 
of the Due D. Mario Massimo de Rignano,a very fine catalogue, with many 
reproductions of wood-blocks, title-pages, etc., from rare early-printed 
books. Also Catalogue of the Library of Donna L. S. C. Comtesse de O. 

Catalogues received since going to press will be noticed in the next Part. 

D.W. EDWARDS, H,r H 1 s 6 T ° R ; ET . HULL. 

Catalogue No. 15 of New and Second-hand Books 
now ready, containing over 450 items relating to Art, 
Music, Chap Books and Chap Songs, Pamphlets. 
Topography and Illustrated Books. Sent free on 

DESIDERATA Reports Wanted 

Old Maps and Atlases before 1630. Emblem Books before 1610. Annotated 
Books in any Language before 1630. Chap Books. Chap Songs (Collec- 
tions of). Baxter Prints. Sporting and other Coloured Prints. 



Being a compilation of 2,032 Notes from Catalogues of 
Book-Sales which have taken place in the rooms of 
Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson. & Hodge, between the 
years 1885-1909, Edited by Frank Karslake. Square 
8vo., handsomely printed "on thick paper, with large 
margins, and having a frontispiece of the Amherst Sale, 
drawn on the spot, with key-plate of names. 

£l (£1 Is. to Booksellers.) 

' Notes from Sotheby's ' will go to Booksellers and Public librarians through- 
out the world. The wonderful amount of interesting information which it con- 
tains will make it as valuable as a work of reference fifty years hence as it is to-day, 
and it will consequently be preserved and be constantly referred to. The ' Notes ' 
arc arranged in a single alphabet, thus avoiding the necessity for an Index, and 
allowing of instantaneous reference. In the course of some criticisms upon the 
methods of cataloguing, published in volume 3 of ' Book- Auction Records,' there 
appeared the following paragraph : — 

" In some respects the work of the compilers of auction-catalogues is 
admirable. I mean in the matter of notes, the patience, industry, and 
research in the compilation of which are of invaluable service to the biblio- 
grapher, the bibliophile, and the bookseller." 

It can only be repeated that the statement is fully justified by the result of 
selection, and that the volume should be in the hands of every person interested 
in literature. 

The sales represented commence with that of the stock of the late Mr. F. S. 
Ellis, November 16th to 27th, 1885, and end with that of the Library of Lord 
Amherst of Hackney, in December, 1908, and March, 1909. The notes from the 
Kilis catalogue are among the most valuable in the volume, and there is no doubt 
that many were from the hand of Mr. Ellis himself — one of the most cultured 
booksellers of his time. In 1885 no publication existed recording book sales, and 
the notes in the catalogue referred to would have to be sought for in the British 
Museum but for the place they find in this compilation. It is sufficiently well- 
known that the Amherst Sale is the most notable of its kind that has yet occurred 
in the present century, and it was thought that a drawing of the scene would form 
an appropriate frontispiece to the present volume. The sketch, made by Mr. 
John Rowlands while the sfle was in progress, possesses special interest from the 
fact that it includes Lord Amherst himself, who was present upon the occasion, 
and that within a few weeks of the first part of the sale the death of that lamented 
bibliophile took place, viz. : on January 16th, 1909. Mention is made that a 
key-plate of the frontispiece precedes it, as it might otherwise easily be overlooked. 
The figures which are not named are those of the general public. 

Entries under the dates May 21 to May 24, 1906, formed part of the Sale of the 
Library of Mr. R. C. Fisher, of Midhurst, Sussex. The library was sold privately 
after the catalogue had been printed, and therefore no records of prices of these 
particular entries exist, nor, of course, do the notes appear elsewhere than in the 
catalogue and here. 

KARSLAKE & Co., 35, Pond St., Hampstead, London. 


he Library of Literary Criticism 
of English and American Authors 


Assisted by a Corps of Able Contributors, 8 vols., super imp. 8vo., strongly 
bound in cloth, top edges gilt, New York, 1901-1905. Price £8. 

The notice of Public Librarians is particularly directed to this work. It consists 
of eight volumes, of 800 pages each, together with 250 portraits. The plan of the 
work is 3s follows * - ■ 

VOLUME I. Period 680-1638 VOLUME V. Period 1825-1854 

VOLUME II. Period 1639-1729 VOLUME VI. Period 1855-1874 

VOLUME III. Period 1730-1784 VOLUME VII. Period 1875-1890 

VOLUME IV. Period 1785-1824 VOLUME VIII. Period 1891-1904 

Indsxes to authors and to critics — 200 page* — in Volume VIII. 

Nearly a quarter of a century has been devoted by Mr. Moulton and his co- 
labourers to the building of this work. 

It presents, in chronological order, scholarly studies of the lives and works of all 
authors who have made significant contribution to English literature, from the 
beginning in the seventh century up to nineteen hundred and four. 

All worthy criticism of the works of these t authors through the successive 
centuries, together with interesting facts illustrative of the lives and times, garnered 
from over 30,000 volumes, form the material of which these studies are composed, 
space being allotted in each case in accordance with the author's importance in gen- 
eral, and the particular importance of each work. 

The original text is adhered to in all cases, and the source from which it comes 
is accurately given — the assembled data and criticisms forming, practically, the 
verdict on each author's works, by a jury of his peers. 

The most complete and most authentic history of the literature of the English 

An unrivalled compendium of literary criticism and literary bibliography, and the 
only exponent of the evolution of the art of literary criticism. 

A most valuable time-saver to the literary worker, librarian, teacher, student, 
and man of letters generally, presenting in collected and readily-available form 
material of fundamental value that can otherwise be obtained only through long and 
laborious research. 

These estimates, by the great masters of expression, are themselves literature 
of a very high order. 

It does not duplicate any other work. 

The following Public Libraries in Great Britain already possess " The Library of 
Literary Criticism " : — 

Birmingham Free Library, Brighton Public Library, Chelsea Public Library, 
Croydon Public Library, St. David's College Library, Lampeter, Leeds 
Public Library, British Museum, Manchester Public Library, Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, Sheffield Public Library, Swansea Public Library, Edinburgh Univer- 
sity, and Mitchell Library at Glasgow. 
Also an immense number of Public Libraries in the United States have subscribed 
for it. The Philadelphia Public Library for instance, has the work at every one of its 
branches, and the New York Public Library has the work at more than twenty-five 
branches. It should, in fact, be in every Public Library in the World. Every libra- 
rian, every editor, and every journalist would find the work invaluable, and we do 
not hesitate to say that a set ought to be in the editorial office of every publishing 

Sole Agents for Europe : 

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from whom any further particulars can be obtained. 





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The Printers of '"Book- Auction Records," 

LONDON : «|j a rpyj 

Queen Anne's Chambers, Westminster, S.W. Jj/lL A XXy 


(The article on Leeds is postponed through illness) 

The Libraries of Leicester 


(Librarian and Secretary of the Permanent Library) 

flS^HK Borough of Leicester deserves honourable mention as being one of the 
^^ pioneers of the Free Library Movement. Mr. Edward Edwards, in hi.s 
" Memoirs of Libraries," chooses the Town Library of Leicester as one 
of three to represent the older Municipal Libraries of England which, early in the 
seventeenth century, were founded either by private munificence, by Corporate or 
public contributions, or by both combined. The Libraries named are those of 
Norwich founded in 1608, Bristol in 1614, and Leicester in 1632. But the connec- 
tion of a Library with Leicester dates considerably further back than 1632, for 
in the middle of Elizabeth's reign the leading Puritans of the district, desirous of 
promoting a knowledge of Scripture and the sound doctrines of the Reformation, 
placed a few books of a suitable character in the belfry of St. Martin's Church " for 
the help and benefit of ministers and scholars," to which the townsmen had free 
access. The building in which the Library is housed is known as the Old Town 
Hall, and, so far as the room itself is concerned, it originally formed the residence 
of the four chantry priests, or chaplains of the Corpus Christi Guild, and was alt- 
ered for the purposes of a Library in 1632. Parts of the original fabric of the 
Guildhall remain, and after its purchase by the Corporation in 1563 a handsome 
Hall was added in which formerly Assizes were held, and in which, according to a 
persistent tradition, Shakespeare presented one of his Plays — watched by Queen 
Elizabeth herself. The whole of the Municipal business of the Borough was 
transacted in the Guildhall from the reign of Henry VII. down to 1874. 

The old gabled building, formerly the Chantrj'-house, stands on the western 
side of the Church, divided from it by a narrow passage, and is at the east angle 
of the ancient Guildhall. The Library is square, well-lighted and lofty — '"spa- 
cious but not inelegant " one annalist calls it, and is approached by a door in the 
aforesaid passage opening upon a flight of steps. The weighty folios are ranged 
on two sides of the room, and the whole aspect of the place is quaint and old 
worldish. Prior to the provision of this building the books had been removed 
from the belfry to the chancel of the Church, but as this was deemed a desecration 
of the sacred edifice the authorities were doubtless influenced to provide other 
and more suitable accommodation. 

Mr. John Angell, Minister Conf rater of Wigston's Hospital and afterwards 
Public Lecturer at St. Martin's, displayed much zeal and interest in the matter, 
indeed it was at his instance that the books were properly housed. A chronicler 
says of him : "he was a speciall and liberall benefactor and well wisher to this 
Librarie ; and did not onely excite and stirr up many, both Divines and gentlemen, 
to offer and extend their guiftes to this Treasury, but was a pattern and example 
himself, to do that which he persuaded others to doe." Mr. Angell — " a good 
scholar, and a sound divine " — was held in high esteem by the Puritans, but in 
1634 he was suspended by the Dean of Arches for preaching without a license. 
In 1645 he appears to have been a prisoner at Leicester. About 1651 he was 
dismissed the Confratership for declining to sign the " Engagement " of the In- 
dependents, and was appointed by the Mercers' Company of London, as Lecturer 
at Grantham, where he died in 1655. 

The Bishop of Lincoln (John Williams, afterwards Archbishop of York) was 
also associated with the transference of the books to their present home. In a 
letter addressed to the Mayor dated Sept. 18, 1633, he says : "I thank you right 
heartily, and all the town of Leicester, for your great care and charge in pro- 
viding and adorning so convenient a place for the Library there ; and especially 
for your resolution, upon the motion I made unto you, to return the old room unto 
that religious use it was formerly builded and designed for, which is to be the chan- 
cel or choir of your fair and beautiful church. I pray you take your own time 
between this and All Saints' to remove the books into the new place provided for 

them. * * * * Now for the business of the Library : if you shall be pleased to 
make as good a stipend as you can spare for the keeper thereof, I do not doubt 
but by the uolik-in \ss and charity of the nobility, gentry and clergy of the County, 
i be stalls will fill apace, and that you shall receive much comfort every way from 
this worthy and pious work of yours. I have, according to myfpromise, sent mv 
poor mite of £10 to help to furnish the part of a stall, and write my letters to 
excite others to do the same." This donation was equal to at least £50 of our 

A ml;ii opposite the door informs all who enter that : " This Library was 
built in the year 1632, at the expense of the Corporation of Leicester, upon the 
motion of the Right Reverend Father in God, John, Lord Bishop of Lincoln, and 
by the promotion of Mr. John Angell, Public Lecturer of this Borough," etc. It 
is satisfactory to think that in the early and troublesome days of the 17th centurv 
there were those in the Corporation who were sufficiently enlightened to be not 
unmindful of the literary needs of the scholarly dwellers in this ancient and honour 
able borough, and who afforded them facilities for study by founding, furnishing, 
and maintaining a Library at the public charge, though the literary fare provided 
consisted of ponderous tomes of theology, mostly in the Latin tongue, with an 
occasional variant in Greek. It is probable that the books with their chains were 
removed from the Church before November 1633. 

The Churchwardens' Accounts of St. Martin's contain a number of interesting 
items of expenditure on behalf of the Library from 1587 if not earlier. In 1634 
for instance, there is ar item of 6d. for " wareninge the parishioners to meete about 
the Librarye," and as a result a considerable sum of money was raised " and was 
bestowed in bookes." The Hall-books of the Corporation, and especially the 
Chamberlains' Accounts, contain many records concerning the Library and the 
building generally, for instance in 1630 £18 9s. Od, was spent in the purchase of 
24 volumes of Anti-Romanist theology. In 1632-3, £10 15s. 3d. (about £60 of 
present value) was spent on repairs and furniture, and to cover the cost of 
removal of the books, and the usual " bread and beere." In 1637, £224 14s. 3d. 
(£1 ,100 of our money) was spent on " Newe building," some of which undoubtedly 
covered charges on the fabric of the Library. Even before 1630 there are records 
of gifts of books, the appointment of keepers, the purchase of books, coincident 
in point of time with similar entries in the Church accounts and for necessary 
repairs. In 1733, and again in 1775, the Library was " beautified." In 1757 the 
Common Hall " ordered that the books in the Library be put in their places and 
kept locked as usual as soon as conveniently may be." In 1796 a recommendation 
was made to the Mayor, by Mr. Richard Weston, a threadhosier of Leicester who 
took much loving interest in this ancient institution, desired its improvement, and 
hoped to see its usefulness extended, " that the chains affixed to most of the books 
cause great damage to the binding, and ought to be taken off." When they were 
taken off is not known, but it was certainly later than 1826 ; there is no trace of 
them now, and the bindings are generally in a good state. 

The first librarian was Francis Peck, who was appointed hi 1628 at a 
yearly stipend of 20 nobles. 

The number of books in the old parochial library removed from St. Martin's 
Avould probably be about 100 volumes, and from a list of donors extant it might 
be estimated that another 300 were added prior to 1645, when the library was 
enriched by a most generous bequest which included some of its choicest treasures. 
Under the will of Thomas Hayne, M.A., a native of the County, Leicester received 
several legacies, among them being "All his books in his own Librarie (except a 
few bequeathed to the Public Library of Westminster) amounting to the number 
of 500 and above, being worthy books, both divine and morall, Also many antient 
and modern chronicles and histories.books of Philosophic and Poetrie. Dictionaries 
of divers sorte, Tractates and Treatises of which divers weare sett forth, penned 
and put into print by the sayd Thomas Hayne with the addition of his name to 
same books. To be kept and reserved for ever in the Public Library at Leicester." 
He also left £4 (equal to £20 now) towards the cost of bringing the books down 
from London. Mr. Hayne was educated in Leicester, and in 1 599 at the age of 
seventeen matriculated at Lincoln College, Oxford, and ultimately became in 
1608 usher at Christ's Hospital. He is described as a " noted critic, an excel- 
lent linguist, and a solid divine, beloved of learned men, and particularly re- 
spected by Selden." Among other charitable acts he founded and endowed a 
school at Thrussington for the education of fifteen children. He died on July 


27, 1645, and was buried in Christ Church, London. The books bequeathed 
included the cursive MS. of the New Testament known as the Codex Leicestren- 
s».s, which belongs to the 14th Cent. It is on the whole in an excellent state of 
preservation, and is a beautiful specimen of caligraphv. Mr. Angell compiled a 
MS. Catalogue in 1650. Another Catalogue in MS. dated 1669 is still extant. A 
printed Catalogue prepared by Thomas Combe, junr. (of whom later), about 
1837, is very scarce, while only two years ago the Ven. Archdeacon Stocks, with 
others, carefully examined the whole of the remaining books in the Library, and 
catalogued them in a very scholarly manner. (I have myself examined most of 
the books, and published an account of the Foundation and some of its principal 
contents in 1891 ). 

It scarcely need be said that the library in course of time became neglected 
and starved ; many books both valuable and curious were severly damaged and 
destroyed, and a large number are now missing. To-day it is simply one of the 
sights of the town — only of interest to the antiquary and the lover of old-world 
things. It is redolent of forgotten memories and musty theological controversies. 

There are perhaps more than 1 000 volumes on the shelves, and among them 
are some rarities. The few MSS and some books that the Library once possessed 
besides the Codex are now in the Muniment Room of the present Town Hall. Thev 
are Stanlay's Biblia Latino. (15th Cent.) ; Wycliffe's Epistolae (15th Cent.)'; 
Miscellaneous MSS. of the 13th and 14th Cents. Among the printed books are a 
Missale ad usum Ecclesiae Sarum, 1519 ; Robert Stephens' Greek Testament 
[1550] (this is the first Testament printed with verses) ; and Eliot's New Testament 
in the Indian Language, 1661. Space will not permit me to name many of the 
books in the Library, though of course Theology is the subject most strongly re- 
presented, and that of the Reformers in particular. The Bibles include Walton's 
Polyglott, 1657, with the Commonwealth Dedication ; Tremellius, Junius and 
Beza's Protestant version, Wechel, Hanovh., 1623 ; also Wechel's edition of the 
LXX and New Testament in Greek 1582 ; the New Testament (Vulgate) with 
Notes by Montanis, 1619 ; the LXX version of the Old Testament, 1628 ; the 
Cambridge edition of the New Testament, 1542; Biblia Hebraica (no date) ; Biblia 
Sacra Polyglotta, Hutteri 1599 ; while of English versions there are " Cranmer's," 
1553; "The Bishops'," 1595, the " Treacle Bible " ; and the "Genevan" version, 
1 599. The books printed in the 1 5th century include Anthoninus Florentinensis, 
Summe pars Tertia, 1488 ; Antonius de Butrio, Prelatorum, 1485 ; Johannes de 
Imola, Opus in Clementinas, 1480 ; Thomas de Argentina, Sententiarum, 1490 ; 
Legenda Aurea [1476], a very early instance of the use of a title page, Gerson 
Opera, 1494 ; Herp's Speculum, 1481 ; and a very rare book Abbreviaturae, Peter 
Level [1490]. Controversial Theology has a very considerable place in the Library 
but calls for no special mention. Among the rare books and tracts one may notice 
" The Seduction of Arthington " by Hackett, 1592 ; "Cygnaeus On the Rosicru- 
cians," 1619; an editio princeps of "Athenaeus " in folio, Aldus 1514 ; and Kirste- 
nius's,"Grammatica Arabica," 1607, one of the choicest books in the whole collec- 
tion. There is a rare collection of Tracts printed at Basle in 1561, another choice 
volume is " Pharmacopoeia Bruxellensis," 1641 ; while among the school books 
there is a Latin Grammar with Ben Jonson's undoubted autograph and motto. 
There are other very interesting autographs, including that of Thomas Hayne in 
the Codex and emendations in the books, all of which add to the human interest 
of a collection which, when it was founded, was a modern Library, but is now a 
relic of the far-off past. 

In the year 1790, on July 30th, the Subscription Library known as the Per- 
manent Library was founded by Richard Phillips, then a bookseller and stationer. 
He came to Leicester in 1788, and shortly afterwards opened a pamphlet-room 
at his shop, situated at the corner of Humberstone Gate and Gallowtree Gate, 
where the Works of Tom Paine and others who espoused and defended the cause 
of the French Revolutionaries could be bought or perused. This room became the 
resort of all who had a taste for literature, and out of it most certainly sprang the 
idea of establishing a Literary Society and the formation of a Permanent Library, 
of which we presently hear, in the Journal of the day. In August, 1791, the first 
annual dinner of the Society was held. The notice convening the meeting is 
signed by R. Phillips, Secretary and Librarian. Phillips was in many respects 
an extraordinary man. His life was an exceptionally busy one; full of anecdote and 
accidents. He was always devoted to literature, and while in Leicester started 
several literary ventures, among them being the Leicester Herald, a rather valuable 


property, in connection with which the story of " Dutch Mail " is told. Hi> ex- 
treme opinions and strong and outspoken sympathy with the French Revolution 
made him a marked man. In 1793 he was indicted at the Sessions on the charge 
of sedition and for selling Paine's/rtgA/s of Man and The Jockey Club to an informer, 
and being found guilty was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment in 
Leicester gaol, The sentence was deemed vindictive and severe, but he served it 
all but two days. In November 1 795 a disastrous fire broke out in his neighbour' s 
shop, which completely destroyed Phillips' premises and the entire plant of his 
newspaper and printing office, and of course the Permanent Library. Shortly 
after this he removed to London and opened a bookseller's shop in St. Paul's 
Churchyard, and started the Monthly Magazine in July 1796. Becoming success- 
ful he was elected one of the Sheriffs of London, 1807; was knighted by George III. 
in 1 808, and became bankrupt in 1819. He however retrieved his fortunes and for 
a number of years a deluge of elementary class books poured from his publishing 
house under a variety of pseudonyms, which he acknowledged were used to hide 
his own identity as Editor, in a Million of Facts which he published in 1832. 
Long after the copyrights of his school-books had passed out of his hands they 
were known as " Phillips's Educational Works," and were published by Whitaker 
& Co. His Million of Facts was published by Ward & Lock. Sir Richard'.s 
many publications enabled him to retire from business and spend the declining 
years of his life at Brighton, where he died on April 2nd, 1840, at the age of 73, 
leaving a widow, seven children, and a large circle of closely-attached friends to 
mourn his loss. One of his " happiest memories," so he told his friends, was his 
sojourn in Leicester, Anyway, apart from his endeavours there would have been 
no Permanent Library. 

Meanwhile, nothing had been done after the fire and the departure of Phillips 
to revive the Library till October 23, 1800, when Mr. Thomas Combe, bookseller, 
etc., summoned a meeting of all interested in the matter. His efforts were entirely 
successful. The Library was restarted and he was appointed Librarian. In the 
following February a list of the first books added, forming the nucleus of the 
present Library, was advertised, and again at intervals during the first few years 
other additions were announced. Many of these are still on the shelves. To Mr. 
Combe, next to Sir R. Phillips, a debt is due for the energy, public spirit, and 
enlightened zeal which he threw into the work of re-founding the Library, which 
to-day is " one of our most valued institutions." Mr. Combe was at this time 
living in Cheapside, having succeeded to the business of one T. Nixon in 1799. 
Besides the Permanent Library he had a Circulating Library of his own for the 
supply of fiction. This private venture, which continued in existence for many 
years, was in no way associated with the Permanent Library of which T. Combe 
was Librarian and Secretary, followed by his son, also named Thomas. They 
held the office between them for 38 years. 

In 1817 the business of Thomas Combe, together with the Permanent Library., 
was removed to Gallowtree Gate, almost contiguous to the place of its birth. 
Here the Library remained till 1838, when it was separated from Combe's bookshop 
on the establishment of a General News Room and the erection of a building 
which was specially k adapted to accommodate the Library, now fast becoming a 
flourishing institution. The Library was re-opened in its new home on J annal- 
ist, 1839, with 108 shareholders as members, and 3.000 volumes. 

About this time Mr. Combe, junr., relinquished business, went to Oxford, 
and was appointed manager of the Clarendon Press, a post which he filled 
with great ability and financial success, especially at the time when the monopoly 
in Bible printing held by the Press ceased. For his business services to the Uni- 
versity he was made an honorary M.A. Mr. Combe built a chapel to Oxford In- 
firmary, and also a church — St. Barnabas — in the low quarter of the town, and 
supplied part of the funds for the erection of another. He was a great lover of 
art, giving commissions for, and possessing amongst other pictures, Millais' 
" Return of the Dove to the Ark," and Holman Hunt's " Light of the World." 
This last work is now the property of Keble College, through the generosity x>f 
Mrs. Combe. Mr. Combe expired suddenly on Oct. 30, 1872, at the Clarendon 
Press, at the age of 75, having gained the respect and esteem of all who knew him. 

The Permanent Library has always suffered considerable disadvantage from 
never having possessed premises of its own. It remained in part possession of the 
General News Room till Sept. 1895, when, owing to the need for street-widening, 
the building, a very handsome one in the Ionic order of architecture, was about to 

be pulled down. The Library was then removed to much larger premises, within 
3 few yards of its birthplace, and for similar reasons had to be removed again two 
years ago to even larger rooms close to its middle-period home. 

The Library has no literary treasures, and none of the books are older than 
the closing years of the 18th century. It contains, however, an exceedingly 
valuable collection of books, and adds the very latest publications to its shelves 
immediately on issue. It is fully recognised as an important educational insti- 
tution, containing over 20,000 volumes in every department of literature. The 
main object of its original founders is never lost sight of — that it is a " Per- 
manent Library." The Librarian has also under his charge within the same walls 
the Libraries of the Leicester Medical Society, the Church House, the Leicester 
Society of Architects, and other sectional collections. 

One unique fact may be mentioned : the same firm of booksellers have during 
the 1 14 years of the Library's existence supplied practically the whole of the " per- 
manent " books. First, Richard Phillips, and then the business taken over by 
T. Combe in 1799, to which was subsequently added the well-known printing 
office established by his son. These are still carried on by their successors, 
Clarke and Satchell, on the same site since 1817, and they are the official book- 
sellers to the Library. 

The Free Library was established in 1870 in a large room, once the 
Mechanics Institute, acquired by the Corporation for the purpose. It grad- 
ually outgrew its bounds, till at length in May 1905 a very commodious and 
handsome building was opened by Mr. Andrew Carnegie, who had given £12,000 
towards the cost of erection and equipment. The Lending Library is 100 feet 
long and has accommodation for 40,000 volumes, the Reference Library upstairs 
is a spacious and well-lighted room, and will also hold 40,000 volumes. The 
Reading Rooms are lofty and admirably arranged, and in the basement there is a 
Patent Library and a Reading Room and Library for Juveniles. The Lending 
Library contains about 25,000 volumes, and the Reference Library, 19,000. 
There are six branch libraries and Reading Rooms, containing in the aggregate 
about 30,000 volumes. The Garendon Street Branch was the first to be opened. 
It was built and presented to the town by a former Mayor, Sir Israel Hart. 

Leicester is not noted, so far as its modern Libraries are concerned, for the 
possession of special collections or literary treasurer, as is the case with some towns. 
But the Town Museum contains a highly-important and comprehensive collection 
of Scientific Books and Transactions of Learned Societies which are accessible 
to students. The requirements of all readers are however adequately met, 
and so far as the Reference Library is concerned books of a technical character 
suited to the needs of a large manufacturing town are freely supplied. It also 
contains an extensive, valuable, and in many respects rare collection of Leicester- 
shire books, pamphlets, and maps. Altogether, the Municipal Library, since it 
has been in its new home, has materially increased its usefulness, and is doing a 
noble work in the busy town of Leicester. 

The second-hand book trade is represented by Murray's, Limited, Loseby 
Lane. This business was taken over from Mr. Wm. Withers, widely known 
as a connoisseur, some nineteen years ago. who himself had carried it on for a 
number of years previously. It has been managed by Mr. Chas. Feaks since its 
acquisition by Murray's, and is a successful concern. Catalogues are issued 
at regular intervals, the speciality being Leicestershire books. There is a good 
general business, a large catalogue connection, and an extensive export trade. 
Feaks is well known in the trade as Murray's representative. 

At the end of 1903 Mr. H. H. Peach started a business, dealing more particu- 
larly with MSS., Incunabula, early-printed books, and such others as would 
specially appeal to collectors. It was essentially a catalogue trade, and was fast 
becoming established and recognised when, owing to indifferent health, Mr. 
Peach was obliged to relinquish the business. Only quite recently it was purchas- 
ed by Mr. P. M. Barnard, and transferred to Tunbridge Wells. 

One of the recognised authorities in the second-hand book trade is Mr. Ber- 
nard Halliday, who for some years carried on business in Silver Street. The 
business was started by the late Mr. Thomas, but Mr. Halliday worked up an 
extensive and rapidly-growing catalogue trad^, which led him, within the last 
two years, to dispose of his shop and the bulk of his general stock, so as to devote 
his whole time to his wide-spread connection. He now carries on business from 
nib residence in Svkefield Avenue. 


Swinburne's death is announced ; the greatest loss to English literature 
since the passing of Tennyson. I came into personal contact with him more 
than once. When I was a youngster of 20 my inductor into the art and mystery 
of bookselling, Mr. David White, who, happily, still survives at the age of 86, was 
on intimate terms with Mr. P. S. Ellis, the well-known bookseller of Bond Street, 
and, later, editor of the Kelmscott Chaucer. Just then Swinburne had written 
his pamphlet Under the Microscope, in answer to Robert Buchanan's Fleshly School 
<>/ Poetry, and Mr. Ellis had been asked, probably by Rossetti, of whose poems he 
was the publisher, to issue the pamphlet for Swinburne. After it had been printed 
Mr. Ellis, for some reason unknown to me, but probably because of the criticism 
of Tennyson afterwards to be referred to, did not wish to publish it, and he asked 
Mr. White to allow his name to appear on the title as the publisher. The request 
was acceded to, and when it was decided to cancel the offending leaf it fell to 
my duty to remove the cancels and replace them with the substituted leaf. I 
little thought at the time that a small page in the history of English literature was 
passing through my hands. One evening in particular recurs to memory. In 
1877 or 1878, when I was a bookseller myself, occupying the premises formerly 
Mr. White's, Swinburne came in with a catalogue of mine in his hand — for he 
confessed in a letter to Mr. Wise, to being " a bit of a bibliomaniac " — to buy some 
plays of the Elizabethan period ; plays then worth as many shillings as they are 
now worth pounds. He sat down at my table, and made me sit opposite him, and 
there he remained for two hours, talking divinely the whole time. Of course he 
talked " over my head," but nevertheless it was talk that I could appreciate, 
almost entirely about books. The fact that he should have honoured me by 
sparing two whole hours in which to talk about English literature is one of the 
remembrances of life worth dwelling on. More than thirty years have passed 
since that evening, but I can well remember his wonderful flow of diction, without 
a moment's cessation from first to last. What struck me most forcibly respecting 
his personality was the extraordinary excitability of his temperament, and his 
marvellous physical energy. During the two hours that he talked he never ceased 
to drum his fingers on the table, or to nervously handle and open the books which 
he was selecting, and there was absolutely no repose from the moment he sat 
down till he rose to go. 

* * * 

One characteristic anecdote that he related upon that occasion I remember 
distinctly, and there seems no harm in repeating it. A certain distinguished lady 
had asked him to go to her house one evening and read his poems to her. He 
did so, and, having made himself quite comfortable on a couch, he read, and read, 
and read. Presently his hostess became fidgety, but still he read and read. 
And he remained on that couch till dawn, reading poem after poem, and the lady 
was kept up all night. " She never again asked me to read my poems to her," 
he concluded. There seems something almost impish in such an act, which one 
cannot explain, and I can only give it just as he related it. 

* * * 

The following passage is from Mr. T. J. Wise's privately-printed Bibliographi- 
cal List of the Scarcer Works and Uncollected Writings of Algernon Charles Swin- 
burne, of which only 50 copies were printed, in 1897 ; 

Upon examining any copy of Under the Microscope it will be observed that 

D 5 (pp. 41-42) is a cancel-leaf. The original leaf was wisely suppressed, 

as certain of the expressions used in relation to the characters of Tennyson's 

Idylls of the King were unduly harsh. The following passage, describing 

" the courteous and loyal Gawain of the old romancers " as " the very vilest 

figure in all that cycle of strumpets and scoundrels, broken by, here and there, 

an imbecile, which Mr. Tennyson has set revolving round the figure of his 

central wittol " is unjust as well as severe. It is believed that only three 

copies of this cancelled leaf were preserved. 

I am permitted to add that Mr. Wise is preparing a Complete Bibliography of 

Swinburne, uniform with his incomparable Bibliography of Tennyson, of which 

atter I was one of the privileged recipients. 


■V^VlV j^Oy* ^L/hLu^ CUM. 4*H t 

^ ^^h ujjUi LuJUtA jtcSK. LUs -f £w\ 


The following note, also, is from Mr. Wise's Bibliography of Swinburne, and 
should be of use : 

" It is by no means unusual for second-hand booksellers to catalogue the 

first edition of the first series of Poems and Ballads with Moxon's title-page 

as " containing poems suppressed in later issues." ' 
This is apparently done in ignorance of the fact that in The Athenaeum, March 10, 
1877, there was printed a letter by Swinburne in which he stated that " . . not one 
syllable in any one copy ever printed of that book has ever been changed or 
cancelled since the day of publication." 

* * * 

It will be remembered that Infelicia, a volume of poems by Adah Isaacs 
Menken, has often been attributed to the authorship of Swinburne, but incor- 
rectly. It was published by John Camden Hotten, and in Mr. Wise's Bibliography 
there appears the following scathing paragraph from a letter written by Swinburne 
to him : 

" . . . . The moral character of the worthy Mr. Hotten was — I was about, 
very inaccurately, to say — ambiguous. He was a serviceable sort of fellow 
in. his way, but decidedly what Dr. Johnson would have called ' a shady lot ' 
and Lord Chesterfield 'a rum customer.' When I heard that he had died of 
a surfeit of pork-chops I observed that this was a serious argument against 
my friend Sir Richard Burton's views of cannibalism as a wholesome and 
natural method of diet." 

* * * 

By the bye, who, I wonder, is the ingenious gentleman who has, apparently 
not long since, reprinted the said cancel-leaf to Under the Microscope ? Anyhow, 
I had the entire bundle of cancels in my care for some months and then destroyed 
them, and doubtless Mr. Wise is correct in his surmise that only three copies of the 
pamphlet got out with the leaf in them. I know that it was just as the little 
brochure was being issued that Mr. Ellis became alarmed and took legal advice, 
with the result that has been stated. 

* * * 

Through the kindness of Mr. Wise I am able to give a facsimile of the Original 
MS. of A Song before Death, which appeared in Swinburne's Poems and Ballads, 1866 
and which is in Mr. Wise's possession. The portrait of Swinburne is from a 
photograph byMessrs. Elliott & Fry. 

* * * 

While Part I. of this year's volume of B.A.R. was passing through the press, 
a communication, signed by Mr. W. Roberts, appeared in The Athenaeum, January 
9th, respecting the Tennyson volume, Poems by Two Brothers. The article 
seemed to be of sufficient importance to warrant it being re-printed, and it was 
reproduced in B.A.R. An examination, at leisure, however, of Mr. Wise's Biblio- 
graphy of Tennyson makes it clear that the only absolute and undeniable authority 
upon the question of the authorship of the respective contents of Poems by Two 
Brothers is the original manuscript of the volume, which was sold at Sotheby's on 
Dec. 23rd, 1892. That manuscript was entirely in the handwriting of Alfred and 
Charles Tennyson. 

* * * 

The following is the name of an American book-buyer to whom catalogues 
■should be sent : — 

J. S. Auerbach, Esq., 17 West 10th Street, New York City. 

* * * 

The Story of Libraries and Book-Collecting, by Ernest A. Savage, will appeal 
to many bookmen. It is crowded with detail, and has an Appendix of the names 
of librarians and collectors, together with an Index. It is published at 2/6 by 


* * * 

The Library for the Jaruary-March quarter, 1909, contains an account of the 
bibliography of Milton, by Mr. A. W. Pollard. Full details are given of the 
various " states " of the first edition of Paradise Lost, and The Athenaeum states 
that the article is " the most complete bibliography of Milton's first editions yet 
compiled." The article should be in every antiquarian bookseller's reference 
li brary. 

In future all editions of the New Testament, in whatever language, will be 
classed together in B.A.R., under the heading " New," being another step in 
the direction of simplicity of system. 

* * * 

If any of my subscribers would like to know how to save 70 % in their 
electric-light bills, I shall be happy to tell them how to do it. The saving is ao 
great as to make one sceptical at first, but my informant (whose name is well- 
known to you), has made electricity one of his hobbies, and thoroughly understands 
all the technical points, and speaks from his own experience of the saving effected. 
To those who use much electric light the reduction in expense is revolutionary, the 
superior illuminant being much cheaper than gas in its newest forms. The fol- 
lowing figures clearly illustrate the position. In one case the bills for Sept. and 
Dec. 1907 were £38 5s. Od. Under the new system, the bills for Sept. and Dec. 
1908 were £11 9s. Od. As my house is lighted by electricity from basement to 
roof the subject was of importance to me, and especially as waste in any form is 
one of my detestations, so I at once ordered the new system to be installed, and 
now pass on the information to my subscribers. My informant tells me that 
he not only lights his house with electricity, but that he also boils kettles with it, 
and uses heat radiators instead of fires, and finds both cheaper, as well as infi- 

nitelv more cleanlv, than gas or coal. 

• # * 

Thi> is the kind of letter that makes work enjoyable. It comes from Mr. 
Albert Britnell, the well-known antiquarian bookseller, of Toronto, Canada. 

" March 8, 1909. — Dear Mr. Karslake, I do not know that ' Notes from 
Sotheby's ' will be of any practical service to me, but as a small apprecia- 
tion of what you have done for the profession at large, I think the least 
that one can do is to enter their subscription for a copy of this book. 
Send it along. With all good wishes, Yours sincerely," 
I have never seen Mr. Britnell, and his letter is a convincing proof of the brotherly 
feeling that is spreading among the followers of our calling, and is adding so much 
to what Matthew Arnold termed " the agreeableness of life." Don't you think 
that, after this, if ever Mr. Britnell wanted my services on this side, in however 
small a way, I shoxild put my back, with the utmost delight, into the pleasant task 
of being usefid to him ? * „, * 

The same mail that brought Mr. Britnell's letter brought also the following 

from a New York subscriber : — 

" March 9, 1909 — Dear Mr. Karslake, The new number of that most useful 
of all publications, B.A . R. just to hand. I want to pay in advance for the 
vol. I am going to give myself the pleasure of calling on you this sum- 
mer. By the way, I want to join the International Association of 
Booksellers. May I ? " 

The italicised words were the writer's, not mine. It is the receipt of such letters 

as these that makes the daily post eagerly looked for, and a stimulation to the 

daily task. * * * 

Two minutes after the above paragraphs were written came a letter from a 
I,ondon bookseller from which the following is culled : — 

" The volume (' Notes from Sotheby's ') covers the period of " Dark Days " 

i.e. before the arrival of B.A.R. Very best wishes and many editions 

for the ' Notes.' " * * * 

A large sum is still due for unpaid subscriptions. In some cases, as all know, 
subscriptions are payable for the whole year in advance. This is not so with 
B.A.R. You are asked to pay only after receiving each part, and, payment ought 
to be made. In one case a man had received four volumes without remitting a 
single penny, and when, knowing that life was somewhat of a struggle with him, 
I suggested that he should regularly pay one shilling per week or return the 
volumes, he did neither ! So I had to send for them. In another case a man 
wrote that he could not pay but that he " did not want to return the volumes^ 
as they were so useful ! " However, 

There's a good time coming ; wait a little longer ! 

Ev'ry day that passes by B.A.R. grows stronger ! 

When it happens folk will say, " Well now ! Did you ever ! " 

And my sole response will be, " Well, really ! No ! / never ! " 
35 Pond Street, Hampstead, N.W. ? I FRANK KARSLAKE 



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Portraits of the Court of Henry VIII., on extra thick paper, 1828, £6 1 5s. ; 
Seebohm's Turdidae, or Family of Thrushes, £12 12s. ; Baily's Magazine 
64 vols., 1860-95, £8 8s. ; and other desirable items. 

D. Webster, 68-70 Woodhouse Lane— Catalogue of Ancient and Modern 

Books in two parts. Part 1 : the Choicest Portion of the recently disposed 
Library of the Right Revd. William Dalrymple Maclagan, lately Arch- 
bishop of York, comprising Works in all Classes of Literature, and including 
many Presentation Copies. Part 2 : Recent Purchases from Reliable 
Sources, including Books on Art, Medicine, Music ; First Editions of Es- 
teemed Authors, &c, &c. Included is a unique Yorkshire Item ; the 
First English Edition of Boccaccio, 1625-20 (£5 5s. Od. ), and of Montaigne's 
Essays, 1603, (£27 10s. Od.) ; and First Editions of Works by Swinburne. 

London.— Thomas Baker, 72, Newman St., W. — Catalogue No. 539, of English and 
Foreign Books, comprising Theology and Philosophy (both Catholic and 
otherwise), Ecclesiastical Antiquities and Archaeology, History and Bio- 
graphy, and a considerable selection of General Miscellaneous Literature, 
both old and modern, from the XVIth Century to the present day. Also a 
List of Catholic Theological Books published by Mr. Baker, and Leaflets 
of the most recent publications of the house. The firm has been a notable 
one among the Theological booksellers since 1849 


London. John Buchanan, 49, Gt. Queen St., W.C.— Catalogue No. 116, of Second- 
hand Books, ancient and modern, comprising History, Biography, Voyages 
and Travels, Illustrated Works, the Various Departments of Science and 
Natural History, and Miscellaneous Literature, including such items as 
Doubleday's Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera, £6 6s. Od ; Beauties of England 
and Wales, 25 vols., £5 5s. Od. ; a fine copy of the best edition of Dodsley's 
Old English Plays, 15 vols., £11 lis. Od. ; Froude's Short Studies on Great 
Subjects, 4 vols., 1867-83, £8 15s. Od. ; and other well-known works. 

Bull & Auvache, 34 35, Hart St., Bloomsbury, W.C. — Catalogues Nos. 

330, 331, 332, being Catalogues of Books Ancient and Modern, comprising 
Recent Purchases, and including some Rare and Interesting Examples of 
Early Typography and Early Woodcut Illustration, also many works of 
importance and general utility ; Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Books, 
English and Foreign, Miscellaneous and Theological, including purchases 
from recently dispersed libraries ; Monthly Catalogue of Ancient and 
Modern Books in the various departments of Literature,English andForeign. 
Many important volumes are to be found in these catalogues, such as a 
Biblia Sacra Latina, 2 vols., Strasburg, 1466, £50, being the first Latin 
Bible printed bv H. Eggestein ; the Golden Legend of Voragine, printed by 
Wvnkyn de Worde in 1527, £18 18s. Od. ; Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, 6 vols., 
tol'io, 1514-17, £120 ; Walton's Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, 8 vols., 1657-69, 
£12 ; Biblia Sacra Latina, Nurnberg, Coberger, 1478, £9, and Zachary 
Boyd's Last Battell of the Soule in Death, 1629, £21 ; the last copy of which 
sold by auction for £55. The firm's speciality, in fact, is the old and rarer 
biblical and theological literature. 

F. C. Carter, 13 Campsbourne Rd., Hornsey, N.— The Hornsey Book List, 

Nos. 13, 14, 15, of Books, etc., relating to Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, 
Spain, etc. ; Americana, and India, Persia, etc., some as early as 1540. 

Walter V. Daniell, 53 Mortimer St., W. — Manual of British Topography. 

A Catalogue of County and Local Histories, Pamphlets, Views, Drawings, 
Maps, etc., connected with and illustrating the Principal Localities in the 
United Kingdom, conveniently arranged in one alphabet under the names 
of the localities, and thus affording a valuable book of reference as well as a 
sale-catalogue. Its wide range and importance are shown by the fact that 
it contains no fewer than 10,755 entries, and if one wishes to know what 
prints have been engraved of any particular locality this volume will 
probably state them. It is further illustrated with 12 portraits and plates 
from old and rare prints, among them being Nell Gwynn's house at Bag- 
nigge Wells, long since destroyed. 

Day's Library, Ltd., 96 Mount St., Grosvenor Square, W. — Two Supple- 
mentary Lists (Latest Additions) of Recent Surplus Library Books, and 
others, in good condition, at greatly reduced prices ; also a Quarterly List 
(containing works in almost every branch of literature, some of which are 
now out of print and scarce). The list is a comprehensive one, of 96 pages, 
with an Index of subjects. 

J. Haslam & Co., Ltd., 15, Broad Street Place, E.C.— Catalogue of Recent 

Purchases, being Americana,Arts and Crafts.Autograph Letters, Biography, 
Essays, History, Poetry and Drama, Science, Natural History, Topography 
and Travel, etc., including Chauncey's Historical Antiquities of Hertford- 
shire, 1700, £11 ; and an Unpublished Manuscript by William Cobbett. 
Also a Catalogue of a Few Choice Prints, of which the Original Engraved 
Plates are in the possession of the firm, with 4 reproductions. 

George T. Juckes, 35 St. Martin's Court, St. Martin's Lane, W.C— Cata- 
logue of a Valuable and Interesting Collection of Old Books, including 
First and Rare Editions of esteemed authors, Beautiful Bindings, and 
Standard Works, in all branches of literature, with many curious items, as 
well as a Small Collection of Arundel Chromos. Also a Catalogue of Rare 
and Interesting Books, in all classes of literature, from the Library of the 
late J. Lewis Roget, Esq. (author of the " History of the Old Water-Colour 
Society " ), and various other sources. Among the items is a Presentation 
Book from Frederick the Great ; a Collection of Pamphlets formed by 
Thackeray, with his autograph and list in his hand; Sets of Standard Works, 
a Wedgwood Bust of Shakespeare ; and a Spanish Illuminated MS. Mr. 
Juckes's business was formerly in Birmingham, and he has recently re- 
moved it to a central position in London. 


London Maggs Bros., 109 Strand, W.C- Catalogue No. 244 of Choice and Rare 
Books, Illuminated MSS., etc., being an Important Selection from the 
firm's immense and valuable stock of Literary Rarities, including such 
books as Jane Austin's Sense and Sensibility, first edition, in boards, 1811, 
£45 ; Beaumont and Fletcher's Comedies and Tragedies, 1647, £42 ; a 
Binding by GarTet Godefrey, of Cambridge ; Embroidered Needlework 
Bindings ; Blake's Poetical Sketches, 1783, £32 10s. Od. ; Boccacrio's Fall of 
Princes, printed by Pynson, 1527, £50 ; Americana ; Shakespeariana ; 
Portraits ; Swinburne's The Queen-Mother and Laus Veneris, first editions ; 
the Original Proof Sheets of Tennyson's The Window ; Turner's Liher Stu- 
diorum, £850. The Catalogue, in fact, is full of gems, and is illustrated 
with 35 reproductions of rare and curious title-pages, plates, portraits, 
autographs, etc. The firm also issues a List of Desiderata, or Books Wanted 
to Purchase, containing 6,1 15 " Wants." 

— Maurice & Co., 23, Bedford St., Strand, W.C.— Catalogue of an Interesting 

Selection of Engraved Portraits of Legal, Historical, Literary, Naval, 
Military, Family, Theatrical, Medical, and other Persons noted in the 
Political and Social History of Various Countries. The firm has in addi- 
tion an immense stock from which to select. 

Charles Meuel & Co., 147, Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C.— Catalogue No. 2 of 

English and Foreign Books in Various Classes of Literature, containing 990 
items under the headings of Art, Architecture, Biography, Poetry, Early 
Printing, History, Philosophy, Theology, Political Economy, Sport, 
Travels, etc. The Catalogue is a very great advance upon Catalogue No. 1 
recently noticed in B.A.R. 

W. T; Morrell & Co., 17 Dean St., Soho, W.— List of Second-hand Books 

offered to the Trade. 

Neville & George, 14 The Arcade, South Kensington, S.W.— Catalogue of 

General Literature,Art, Illustrated and Library Editions of StandardWorks, 
Early Printed and Miscellaneous Books. Special items and selections 
will be found under Art and Illustrated Books (over 150 items ),The Drama, 
Erotica, French Memoirs, Flagellation, Jesuits and Romanism, Legal, 
Military, Naval, Napoleon, Trials, etc., and Addenda of Recent Purchases. 
Also a Catalogue of Books, Travels, Sport, Science, Topography, classified 
and arranged in the following order : Travels — Africa, America, Austral- 
asia, Europe, India and the East, Persia ; Sport — Horses and Dogs, Guns, 
Games, etc. ; Science — Astronomy, Botany, Geology, Ornithology, etc. ; 
Addenda — Comprising Selections of the Topography of Great Britain and 
Ireland. Booksellers should note that this firm allows 15 % discount to 
the trade ; a concession which often " turns the scale " in ordering. 

— Pickering & Chatto, 66 Hay market, S.W.— Old English Plays, Noted Bib- 

liographically and Biographically, a Catalogue of a very Extensive Collec- 
tion of First and Early Editions of Old English Plays. This important and 
extremely interesting catalogue is far too extensive to quote any of its con- 
tents. It is worth possessing if only for the "Foreword " by Mr. Thomas 
Chatto, in which he declares that the assemblage of plays does not consist of 
a library bought en bloc but is the result of assiduous search and collection 
during a period extending over at least fifteen years. The " Foreword " is 
in fact a little essay on the subject, and should be read by every collector 
of that class of work. There are 1 ,450 items, described on 174 pages, with 
all the care and completeness of an enthusiast, and the authors range from 
Addison to Zouche. The " Shakespereana " alone occupies 94 pages, and 
includes the Second Folio and two copies of the Fourth Folio, as well as an 
unbound copy of the first edition of A Midsummer Night's Dream, for £350 
It is a catalogue not only to read but also to keep. 

J. P. Reuter, 139, Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C. — Clearance Catalogue of a 

Miscellaneous Collection of Books, mostly Foreign, 828 items from the 16th 
century, and including some French Illustrated Books. 

Chas. J. Sawyer, Ltd., 23 New Oxford St., W.C— Catalogue of the Fine 

Classical Library of the late James Bailey, M.A., the friend and colleague 
of Porson, collected while at Trinity College, Cambridge, and including 
Rare Editio Principes, and fine examples from the Aldine, Plantin, Juntine 
and Elzevir Presses ; of Gryphius, Stephani, Buon, Colinaeus, etc. The 
Library numbers 228 volumes, and is for sale en bloc for the very reasonable 
sum of 120 guineas. 

London. W. H. Smith & Son's Special Clearance Catalogue of Books withdrawn 
from Library Circulation (clean and undefaced externally with labels), 
also Important and Selected Remainders of Popular and Standard Books, 
new, as published, at Greatly Reduced Prices, with 10 % discount to the 
trade, and special terms for large orders. Printed on 114 closely-set 
pages, there must be some thousands of entries in the catalogue from 
which to select. 

Manchester.— Sherratt & Hughes, 34 Cross St. and 27 St. Ann Street— Miscellane- 
ous Catalogue of Second-hand Books (No. 1 ), containing Books in all 
Classes of Literature : History, Biography, Topography, Travels, Science, 
Art, &c, including a Collection of Books printed before 1500. The latter 
include a Biblia Latina, 1480, being the only edition of the Bible printed at 
Ulm in the 1 5th century, and the first edition of the Bible with Summaries, 1 
£30. Many other valuable books, as well as editions of moderate price, are 
in the catalogue. Also Catalogue No. 2 of Books Ancient and Modern ; 
Lord Lilford's British Birds, £56, fine sets of standard editions, Lancashire 
and Yorkshire Books, etc. The catalogues are in such large type that they 
are a pleasure to read. 

Albert Sutton, 43 Bridge St. — Catalogue of Second-hand Books in Litera- 
ture and Art, No. 166, including a volume with the book-plate of William 
Penn, and pencil notes by him ; The Temple, by George Herbert, first edi- 
tion, 1633, with an interesting bibliographical note, £22 10s. Od. ; The 
Musical Miscellany, 1729, books with coloured plates, &c, &c, 

Preston. Allsup & Stanley, 63 Fishergate — The Preston Book List, No. 10, up- 
wards of 1,600 items: Alpine, America, Arctic, Bibliography, Botany,Drama 
Early Printed, French Novels, Novels, Prints, Public Records, Sporting 
Subjects, Yachting ; including the Cabinet de Poullain, 1781, £7 10s. Od. ; 
an uncut copy of the Speculum Judiciale of Durandus, 1486, £5 ; some 
Arundel Society Chromos, &c, &c. 

Ramsgate. — H. A. Fletcher, 45 King St. — Catalogue No. 25 of Second hand Books, 
including Sport, Travel, Kentish Topography and Miscellaneous Works in 
all Branches of Literature, among them being the rare Tegg's Caricature 
Magazine, with 70 coloured plates by Rowlandson and Cruikshank, 
£7 10s. Od. 

Torquay.— Andrew Iredale & Son, 13 The Strand. — Catalogue of Second-hand 
Books, Ancient and Modern, xvi. to xx. Century, 446 entries. A small but 
attractive and well-printed catalogue, including Bacon's Reign of Henry 
VII., 1622, £3 10s. Od. ; a Cambridge '* Restoration " Bible, 1659-60 ; 
Fox's Acts and Monuments, in perfect condition, 3 vols., 1632, £4 10s. Od. ; 
.Sir T. Browne's Pseudodoxia Epidemica, first edition, 1646, £2 10s. Od. 
and other interesting volumes. 

Tunbridge Wells.— P. M. Barnard, M.A., 10 Dudley Rd.— Illustrated Catalogue of 
Manuscripts and Incunabula, containing 33 illuminated and other MSS.from 
10/6 to £80, and 144 examples of German, Italian, Swiss, French, Dutch, 
Belgian and English Incunabula,with very full descriptions,and nine repro- 
ductions of woodcuts, etc., and an index of authors and titles. Also, a 
Catalogue of Early Scotch History and Literature, and Old Science, mostly 
of the 16th and 17th centuries. Mr. Barnard's catalogues are worthy of 
ranking with those of the late Mr. F. S. Ellis, both as regards their method 
and the admirable taste with which they are produced, and the success of 
this comparatively new business proves that a love for the calling for its 
own sake is at least of as much importance as a long training for it. 

Wolverhampton. — H. Start, junr., 28, Dudley Street. — Catalogue of Interesting 
Second-hand Books, being recent purchases from private libraries and 
other sources, including many choice and scarce items. 

Wrexham— Frank Crowe, Bank Street. — Celtic Book List No. 21 ; Catalogue of 
Old Books interesting to the Antiquarian and Collector, from Libraries 
Recently Purchased, 894 items, Alpine, Americana, Angling, Cheshire, 
India, Ireland, Scotland, Sport, &c, all at very moderate prices. Also, a 
Catalogue of Choice Books, chiefly from the Library of the late Mr. W. A. 
Halden, Trefynant Hall, Llangollen, comprising handsomely bound sets of 
Works by Standard Authors, with a portrait on the front cover. 

XXXV 111. 


Albany, N.Y. ; U.S.A.— Joseph McDonough Company, 98 State Street- Catalogues 
Nos. 248, 249, 250, 2^51, of Rare and Fine Books, embracing Americana, 
Art, Architecture, Classics, Books Illustrated by Dore, London, Prints, 
Science, Shakespeare, Economics, Freemasonry, Italy, Quakers, Voyages 
and Travels, and a few Choice Engravings, Botany, Charles I., China. 
Coins, Egypt, Heraldry, Ireland, Scotland, Angling, Drama, Civil 
War, Canada, Africa, Arctic, Philosophy, Mechanics, French, etc. The 
comprehensive character of the stock will thus be seen at a glance. Among 
the special items is an exceptionally fine copy of The Bucatuers of Am 
1684-5; the first editions of Luther's Colloquia Mensalia,\6S2; and of Cold- 
smith's Life of Nash, 1762 ; Heylyn's Cosuiographie, 1652 ; and other 17th 
century volumes. 

Berlin, Germany.— W. Junk, Kurfurstendamm 201— BibliograpluYa Botanica, a 
very. fine Catalogue, containing 6891 items of botanical literature in all 
languages, scientifically arranged, with a Table of Contents and an Intro- 
duction, fourteen pages in extent, on botanical literature from the biblio- 
graphical point of view. The publisher states that in addition to the 
books contained in this marvellous catalogue he has more than 100,000 
other botanical works. 

Florence, Italy.— Otto Lange, 2 Via Montebello— -Catalogue No. 6 of Books, Views, 
and Maps relating to Australasia, Asia, and Africa, from the 16th century, 
with Notes in English. Also Catalogue No. 7 of Early Books on Railways, 
in America, Austria, Belgium, England, France, Germany, India, Italy, 
Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Also, Catalogue No. 8, Livres Anciens 
et Modernes, Rares et Curieux. 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany.— Joseph Baer & Co., Hochstrasse I.— Catalogue 
No. 560, Deutsche Literatur I. Geschichte und Bibliographic Deutsche Lit- 
eraturdenkmaler, 650 items, of which 450 are of books published between 
1600 and 1750, with an interesting 17th century plate of a musician, on the 
cover. Copious notes accompany some of the entries. Also, Lager- 
katalog No. 559, Austriaca, Werke zur Geschichte und Geographie Oester- 
reichs zum teil aus der Bibliothek des i*Historikers, Professor Dr.Hans von 
Zwiedineck-Siidenhorst in Graz. Inhalt : I. Allegemeines, II. Ober- und 
Niederosterreich, IILWien, IV. Tirol und Vorarlberg.V. Salzburg, VI. Steier- 
mark, VII. Karnten— Krain — Kiistenland, VIII. Bohmen, IX. Mahren und 
Schlesien, X. Autographen, consisting of 3,233 items. A list is also given of 
60 catalogues obtainable from the firm, upon a great variety of subjects. 

Leipzig, Germany. Karl W. Hiersemann, Konigstrasse 3. Katalog 348, Ostasien- 
Australien-Oceanien, containing 1 183 items of books of Travel, Discovery, 
&c, relating to Japan, China, Tibet, Korea, Siam, the Philippines, Aus- 
tralia, and Oceania, from the 16th Century to 1908, with a plate of the 
state vessel of the King of Siam in 1686. Also Katalog No. 365, Oriental - 
ische Linguistik, (Ausschlutz Aegyptischen und Koptischen), 1337 items 
of Oriental texts and works relating thereto. Twenty-nine other catalogues 
can be obtained from Mr. Hiersemann upon archaeological, numismatic, 
American, and other subjects. 

Mexico City, Mexico.— W. W. Blake, Avenida 16 de Septiembre 13.— Catalogue of 
Autographs and Manuscripts, Printed Books on the Inquisition, and Asso- 
ciation Books, This remarkable catalogue is printed in English, and the 
prices are in American dollars. It consists of 87 pages, and there are 
1080 items. It includes a remarkable collection of original documents of 
the Inquisition, requiring 8 pages for the description of them. The des- 
criptions of autographs, signed documents, and letters of mouarchs, men of 
letters, and others, fill 46 pages. There are ten pages of printed books on 
the Inquisition. The volumes styled " Association Books" are valuable 
and interesting on account of former ownership, being works from the 16th 
and other centuries which have once belonged to convents, monasteries, 
colleges, or to the authors themselves, or to various celebrities. To those 
interested in such matters it is a catalogue to write for. 

Munich, Bavaria. — J. Halle, Ottestrasse 3a. Katalog No. XLIL, containing 1239 
items of Books, Atlases, Maps, Engravings, and Pamphlets respecting Asia, 
Africa, America, and Australia, from the Fifteenth to the Nineteenth 
Century ; handsomely printed in large type, with a Table of Contents. A 
list is also given of 16 other Catalogues of importance, of Manuscripts, 
Incunabula. Portraits. Autoeranhs. Genealogical Works. &c. &c. 

Naples, Italy. — Francesco Perrella, Museol 8.— Catalogue No. 68, Bibliotheque P 
A. Casella, containing 1353 items of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, 
Occult Literature, Bibles, Art Books, Classics, Philosophy, History, Phil- 
osophy, Spiritualism, &c. 

NewlYork City, U.S.A. The Anderson Auction Company, 12 East 46th Street.— 
Catalogue of the Library of Henry W. Poor, Parts 4 and 5, containing 
Masterpieces of Printing, Illuminated and other MSS., English Literature 
of the Elizabethan and later periods, a Rare Collection of the English 
Authors of the 18th and 19th Centuries, Illustrated and Extra-Illustrated 
Books, Association Books, and Artistic Bookbindings ; Americana and 
Private Book-Club Publications, with numerous plates, being reproductions 
of bindings, title-pages, &c. Parts 1-2-3 of this extraordinarily-interesting 
Sale were noticed in the previous No. of B.A.R., and there is nothing 
to add to the fact that it is one of the finest book-sales that have ever yet 
taken place in the United States. The complete catalogue should be valu- 
able. Also, a Catalogue of Rare Books, MSS., and Letters, including the 
Pine Collection of William Herrmann, with reproductions of rare titles and 
fine bindings. This, again, is a collection that demands the purses of 
millionaires to compete, for every volume appears to be a gem. For in- 
stance, there is a matchless copy of the first edition of Shelley's Queen Mab, 
a presentation copy,with the author's inscription, in the original boards, in 
pristine condition ; the Tennysons, the Cruikshanks, the extra-illustrated 
books, the choice bindings — including some of the Guild of Women-Binders, 
with whose work I am proud to have been personally associated, although 
it was not commercially successful — and other volumes that space will not 
allow reference to. Both are fine sales, and beautiful catalogues, worthy 
of the repute of the Anderson Auction Company. The " Poor " catalogue 
is so superlative that I shall give my copy the only dress it deserves — the 
choicest red morocco. • • • 

The Lexington Book Shop, 730 Lexington Avenue. — A Catalogue of Choice 

and Rare Books, First Editions, English Literature, etc., a most-tastefully 
produced little catalogue, of books by English and American authors. 

Paris, France.— Librarie Dorbon-Aine, 53ter Quai des Grands Augustins. Cata- 
logues Nos. 69-70-71, entitled " Le Bouquineur ; Revue Bibliographique 
des Livres Anciens et Modernes ; Litterature, Theatre, Histoire, Beaux- 
Arts, Livres illustres des XVII'., XVIIF., et XIX . siecles, Philosophic, 
Sociologie, Sciences occidtes, Histoire de Paris et dei provinces de France, 
Chasse, Blason, Voyages et Explorations, Reliures anciennes armoriees, 
Livres curieux et rares. The three Catalogues contain 3149 items, and 
have a clever title-cover of a coterie of bibliophiles. 

Vienna, Austria. — Gilhofer & Ranschburg, 1 Bognergasse 2, 1 Stock.— Anzeiger 
No. 84 des Antiquarischen Bucherlagers. A fine catalogue, the contents of 
which are as follows : — Austraica, Bohmen, Bosnien u. Herzegowina, Cari- 
caturen, Dalmatien und Kustenland, Dreissigjahriger Krieg, Eisenbahnen, 
Ex-libris, Folklore, Genealogie und Heraldik, Goya, Caprichos, Erste Aus- 
gabe, Hogarth, Holzschnittbucher u. Drucke des 16. Jahrh., Jesuiten, In- 
kunabeln, Kalligraphie, Kostiime und Trachten, Mahren, Marie Antoinette, 
Medizin (Alte), Menzel. Siehe auch auf der 2. Umschlagseite Armee Fried- 
richsd. Grossen. Originalausg. Berl. 1851-57., Militaria, Musik, Niederoster- 
reich, Oberosterreich, Polen, Regiments-gesehichten, Rom, Rumanieu, 
Russland, Salzburg, Serbien, Stiermark, Studenten, Theater, Totentanz, 
Ungarn, Wien. It includes 13 reproductions of titles, quaint costumes,* &c. 
Also Katalog No. 90, Orts-u. Familienurkunden Historische Schriftstucke 
13.-18. Jahrh., with a Table of Contents, and a fine block on the cover. 
Also, the Catalogue of the exceedingly-fine Sale by Auction of the Collec- 
tion of Professor W. L. Schreiber, author of the Manuel de I' Amateur de la 
Gravure sur Bois et sur Mttal au XV e SUcle, containing the oldest and most 
precious examples of the two classes of engraving referred to,, Xylographic 
Books, the Masterpieces of Durer, Holbein, Cranach, Beham, & Lucas de 
Leyde, Engravings in " clair-obscur " from the 15th to the 18th century, 
and engravings on wood and copper of the 1 5th century, for the most part 
unique. The catalogue has a large facsimile-frontispiece in colour, and 71 
other reproductions of some of the rarest engravings in existence. Messrs. 
Gilhofer & Ranschburg were the auctioneers, and with them were asso- 
ciated Messrs. Joseph Baer & Co., of Frankfurt. 

.". Catalogues received since going to press will be noticed in the next Part 



The terms for these advertisements are as follows : — 2d. per line ; names 
and addresses free. A reduction is made for a whole page, and a further reduction 
if a page is taken for a whole year. Firms whose names are followed by (A.)are 
members of the Association, and no references are necessary before supplying 
orders to them. Remittances should not be sent with the lists. The charge 
will be added to the next invoice. Lists intended for Part 3 should reach us by 
July 15th, or insertion cannot be guaranteed. 


Bibliophile Press, 149, Edgware Rd., W. 
Oscar Wilde, Works by 
Beardsley Illustrations. 
Jews, Works in any language by, or 
Works or Cuttings in any language on 

• Portraits of Jews. 
Prints of Synagogues. 

Brown (G. H.), 113, Edgware Rd., W. 

Kindly Report to me at any time : 
Well-bound Library Sets. 
Books with Coloured Plates, 
r* County Histories. 

• Old Herbals, or 

• Early Books on Gardening. 

• Ornithological Works with plates. 
Books on Costume. 

Books published by Ackermann. 

Sporting Sets, or individual books 
on Sport. 

Editions de Luxe of famous Authors. 

Old stamped or richly tooled bind- 
ings, etc. 

Sets of Foreign Authors, illustrated. 

Carter (F. C.) 13, Campsbourne Rd., 
Hornsey, N. 

Blaeu & Jannson's Atlases of Gt. 

Rennell's Bengal Atlas, etc. 
London Magazine, 1761 
Civil Engineers' Proceedings, sets. 
Mechanical ditto, sets. 
Calcutta, large vols, of views. 
South Africa, ditto. 
Universal British Directory, 5 vols., 

Philipps' Collection of Voyages. 
Cook's Voyage, folio atlas. 
Atlases, 1600-1800, folio, cheap. 
Old Parchment Deeds, Grants, etc., 

New York, old views, plans, etc. 
Royal Autographs (Tudor & Stuart) 
New Collection of Voyages, 3 vols., 

4to., 1711 

Day's Library, Ltd., 96, Mount Street, 
W. (A.) 

Astarte, by Lord Lovelace. 
Badminton Library. Motors, L.P. 
Strutt (J. G.) Deliciae Sylvarum. 

Daymond (H.) 122, Great Western Rd., 

W. (A.) 

Baxter Prints, or books containing : 

Old Views on America or Canada. 

Old Views of Australia. 

Old Views of West Indies. 

Old Naval & Military Prints. 

Old Sporting, embracing Angling, 
Coaching, Cocking, Cricket, Golf, 
Hunting, Racing, and Shooting. 

Karslake, 35, Pond Street, Hampstead, 
N.W. (A.) 

Prints of the Thames, or of any place 
on or near it, from its Source to the 
Nore ; or portraits, autographs, &c. 
of persons connected with places 
on its banks. 

Portraits of Napoleon, his Family, 
Generals, Statesmen, &c, or any 
person, monarch, &c, in any way 
connected with his career ; also 
plates illustrating his Life and 
History. Imperfect sets and wa- 
ter-stained impressions are bought, 
but not when stained with oil or 

Cruikshank plates, autographs, &c., 
anything relating to him ; imper- 
fect and stained sets bought ; runs 
of magazines illustrated by him ; 
&c, &c. 

Portraits generally suitable for extra- 
illustrating, autographs, &c. 

Leech (John) Portraits connected with 
him, and steel plates by him (not 
woodcuts, except when in books). 

B.A.R., vol. 2, part 1. 

vol. 3, part I. 



Karslake, 35, Pond Street, Hampstead, 
M.W. (A.) 

Collins (Mortimer) Thoughts in my 

Secret of Long Life. 

Inn of Strange Meetings. 

Letters on Demonology and Witch- 
craft, 1830 

Richmond, Surrey, anything connect- 
ed with, or with the neighbouring 
places, as Kew, Twickenham, &c. 

Gazette des Beaux Arts, complete 
set ; also for the years i860, 1864, 
1895, 1896. 

Lightfoot (H. E.) 60 Chichele Rd., 
Cricklewood, N.W. 

Campbells' Maritime Discovery, 1840 
Eliza Cook's Melaia and other Poems, 

Hoole's Narrative Missions in Madras 

Milner's Astronomy and the Scripture 

New Year's Token or Christmas Pre- 
sent, 1836 
R.T.S. Scripture Pocket Books, 1847 

to 1851. 
Child's Companion, 1846 to 1851 
Missionary Memorial, New York, 

Jullien's Musical Albums, 1849, 1851, 

2, 5. 6. 
The following small Pocket Books 

pubd. by Suttaby's : 
Sovereign Pocket Book, 1847, 1858, 

Le Souvenir or Pocket Tablet, 1847- 

Poole's Select Pocket Remembran- 
cer, 1848 
Poole's London Annual Repository, 

Carnan's Ladies' Complete Pocket 

Book, 1847, 8 9. 
Baxter Colour Prints, loose or in 

Scrap Books. 

Meuel (Charles) & Co., 147 Shaftesbury 
Avenue, W.C. (A.) 

German Books, ancient and modern. 
Anything on Faust. 
Early English translations of Ger- 
man Classics. 

Rayson (R.) 90 High Road, Chiswick, 

W. (A.) 

Fry's East and West Ham. 
Day's Way about Essex. 
Hodgson's Westmoreland. • • 

Rayson (R.i, 90 High Road, Chiswick, 


Mudie's Channel Islands, 1839 
Scott Elliott's Story of Atlantis 
Malot's Fair Exchange. 
Rockstra's fhe Flute. 
Bradbury's Bank Notes, 1856. 
Larkin's Tour in the Highlands, 1818 
Letter to Jenkinson on the Highland 

Blue Blanket, 1722 and 1756. 
Epping Forest, Anything on. 
Mackenzie's Memoirs of an Umbrella. 
Dassigny's Masonic Works. 
Long Livers, 1722. 

Sedgwick (Alfred) 57 Vicarage Rd., 
Leyton, E. 

French Revolution, any Contem- 
porary Memoirs in English. 

Napoleon ; any uncommon Pamph- 
lets or Books. 

Lorna Doone, 1st Edn., odd vols. 

Froude's Short Studies, 3rd or 4th 
Series, 8vo. 

Fagan's Collector's Marks. 

Engravings by Old German Masters. 

Rambler's Magazine, high price for 
fine set. 

Bingham's Letters of Napoleon, 3 

The Savoy, 3 vols. 

Beardsley, all Books illustrated by. 

Old Engravings after Buck, Cosway, 
Cousins, Gainsborough, Hoppner, 
Maryon, Morland, Pollard, Rey- 
nolds, Romney, J. R. Smith, 
Tomkins, Ward, Whistler, Wheat- 
ley, or any Fine Old Coloured 

Slatter (A. J.), 5a Broadhinton Road, 
Clapham, S.W. (A.) 

Vase's A Great Mysterv Solved, 
3 vols., 1878 

Fitzgerald's Pickwickian Studies. 

Catalogue of the Pickwick Exhibi- 

Clapham, Surrey. Books and Prints. 

Thomson'sBibliography of C.Dickens. 

Cook's Ditto, ditto. 

Pictorial Pickwickian, 2 vols. 

The Drooping Buds. 

A Child's Dream of a Star, illus- 
trated, Boston. 

Pickwickian Dictionary. 

Neale's Index to Pickwick. 

Kitton's C. Dickens with Pen and 
Pencil, complete. 




39 Great Russell Street, LONDON, W.C. 

(who are the largest buyers of AMERICANA, and consequently can 
pay the highest cash prices), invite you to report at any time Books, 
l»rints, Maps and Pamphlets relating to North or South America, in- 
cluding Canada and the West India Islands. 
NOTE. — The following is a selection of works which we are always 
desirous of purchasing. 

Adair — History of American Indians, 

Allard (Carolus) Atlas Minor, Amst., 

Almon's Remembrancer, 1776-1783, 

any vols. 
Andrews. History of the War, 4 vols., 

Anspach — Hist, of Newfoundland, 1819 

or 1827 
Atlantic Neptune, 1777 
Atlases — Any containing Maps of 

America prior to 1820, 
Atlas Maritimus, or a Collection of Sea 

Charts, by Sellar (1676) 
Australia — Anv Earlv Views, Maps, or 

Azara. Voyage dans l'Amerique Me- 

ridionale, Paris 1809, 4 vols, and 

Baily — Tour in North America, 1856 
Barrington Miscellanies, 1781 
Bartram. Travels in America, 1792 
Bartram (John) Travels from Pennsyl- 
vania, 1761 
Beechey — Voyage to Pacific, 2 vols., 

Boston.Mass. — Early Maps & Views of. 
Bouquet Expedition against Ohio 

Indians, 1766 
Braddock's Expedition, 1755. Any- 
thing on 
Bradford (William) Anything printed by 
Bray (Thomas) Anything by 
Broughton. Voyage to N. Pacific, 1804 
Bullock — Sketch of a Journey, 1827 
Burney — Voyages in Pacific, 5 vols. 
California. Anything on. 
Cartwright — Labrador, Newark, 1792, 

3 vols. 
Carver's Travels in North America. 

Any edition. 
Catlin (Geo. ) Anything by 
Catlin. North American Indian Port- 
Champ d'Asile (Texas) Anything on. 
Christian's (The) Two Chief Lessons, 

1640 •;. • 

Colnett — Voyage to South Atlantic, 

Colton — Tour of the Lakes, 1833 
Common Prayer. Abridgement of 

Book of. 1773 

Cook. Voyage to North Pacific, 1785, 
3 vols., 4to., and folio Atlas of Plates. 
Cox — Columbia River, 1831 or 1832 
Coxe (D.) Description of Carolana, 

1727 or 1741 
Coxe ( Wm. ) Comparative View of Rus- 
sian Discoveries, 1787 
Dalrymple (Alexander) Anything by 
Davis— Travels in the U.S., 1803 
De Bry — Grands and Petits Voyages. 

De Smet. Oregon Missions, 1849 
Diaz del Castillo. Conquest of Mexico, 
trans. Keatinge, 1800 

— trans. Lockhart, 2 vols., 1844 

Dixon (George) Remarks on the Voy- 
ages of John Meares, 1790 — Further 
Remarks on Ditto, 1791 
Dixon — Voyage Round the World, 1 789 
Dobbs — Hudson's Bay, 1741 
Dodge — Hunting Grounds of Great 

West, 1877 
Duflot de Mofraa. Exploration de 
1' Oregon, Paris 1844, 2 vols, and 
Dunn. Oregon Territory, 1 84b 
Edwards — Campaigns in New Mexico, 

Equal Ways of God, 1632 
Paden. North American Atlas 
Parnham's Travels in Gt. West Prairies 

Any Edn. 
Flower — Letters from Illinois, 1 822 
Forbes — History of California, 1839 
Fourth Paper presented bv Major But- 
ler, 1652 
Fox (George) Anything by, relating to 

Franklin (Benjamin) Anything written 

or printed by 
Gass — Journal of a Voyage, 1807 or 

Georgia. Anything relating to. 
Goldson — Passage between Atlantic & 

Pacific Ocean, Portsmouth, 1792 
Gorges — America painted to the life, 

Gorton (Samuel) Anvthing bv 
Hakluyt's Voyages, '1589 ; 1 598-1 599- 

1600 ; complete or incomplete. 
Harrisse (Henry) Anything by 
Heather. Marine Atlas or Complete 
Pilot, 1803 

,, Please report odd volumes or imperfect copies of any of the above. " 



Heaven's Treasury Opened, 1645 
Hennepin — New Discovery, 1698 or 

Hennepin. Any edition in any lan- 
Herrera — History of America, 6 vols. 

History of War in America, 3 vols., 

Dublin, 1779-85 
Hooker (Thomas) Anything by 
Hudson's Bay. Anything on 
Illinois. Anything on 
Immortality of the Soule, 1646 
Imlay — Western Territory of N. Amer- 
ica. Any Edn. 
Impartial Hist, of War in America, 1780 
Indians. Any captivity narratives. 
Indians. Any treaties with 
Indians. Anything relating to. 
James. Expedition to Rocky Mts., 

3 vols., 1823 
Jefferys (Thomas) Any Geographical 

Book or Atlas issued by 
Jeffery's General Topography of North 

America, 1768 
Johnson (Capt.) Hist, of Pyrates. 
Tones. Tales of an Indian Camp, 1829 
Tones— Trad, of N. Am. Indians, 1830 
Joutel. Journal of La Salle's Last 
Voyage, 1714 or 1719, Chicago 1896 
or Paris, 1713 
Kalm — Travels in N. America, Any Ed. 
Kane. Wanderings of an Artist, 1859 
Keating Expedition, St. Peter's River, 

Keith (Geo.) Anything by 
Kendall. Texas Expedition. Any Ed. 
Kennedv — Texas, 1841, 2 vols. 
Kidd (Capt.) Trial of, 1701 
Kinzie— Early Davs in the North 

West, 1856 
Kinzie — Wall-Bun, 1856 
Kohl Kitchigami, 1860 
Kotzebue — Voyage to the South Seas, 

3 vols., 1821 
Kotzebue — New Voyages, 2 vols., 1830 
Krusenstern — Voyage round World, 

I,ahontan. Voyages to N. Amer., 1703 

or 1735 
Lahontan. Voyages. Any Ed. in any 

Langsdorff — Voyages, 2 vols., 1813- 

La Perouse — Voyage 1799, 2 vols., 4to., 

and folio Atlas 
I.awson — History of Carolina, Any Ed. 
Le Page du Pratz. Louisiana, Any Ed. 
Lewis & Clarke — Travels to Missouri 

River. Any Ed. 
Linschoten — Voyages, 1598 

Long — Voyages of Indian Interpreter, 

Louisbourg. Anything relating to 
Louisiana. Anything relating to 
Lutke. Voyage autour du Monde, 3 

vols, and Atlas, 1835-36 
McDonell — Trans, in Red River Coun- 
try, 1819 
Mackenzie— Voyages from Montreal, 

M'Lean — Notes on Hudson's Bay, 1849 
Maill ard— History of Texas, 1842 
Mante— History of War, 1772 
Marchand — Voyage round World, 1801 
Martyr (Peter) History of West Indies. 

Any Ed. 
Maseres (Baron) Anything by 
Mathers (The) Anything by 
Maximilian. Travels in North Ameri- 
ca, 1843, 4to., and folio Atlas of 
Maximilian — German or French Ed. 
Meares — Voyage to N.W. Coast, 1790 
Mexico. Anything on 
Miscellanies, by an Officer, Dumfries, 

Morris (Capt. T. ) Miscellanies in Prose 

and Verse, 1791 
Murray — War in America 
New England. Anything on 
New York. Anything onj 
New York. Early Views and Maps of 
Nootka Sound. Anything on 
North Pacific. Any Voyages to 
North- West Coast. Anything on 
Norton (John) Anything by 
OgDby. History of America, 1671 
Oregon. Anything on 
Ortelius (Abraham) Theatrum Orbis 

Terrarum. Any Ed. 
Page (Mons. de) Travels round the 

World, 1791 
Palliser — Exploration in Brit. N. Amer. 

Palliser. Solitary Rambles of a Hun- 
ter, 1853 
Parke— History of China, 1588 
Paterae (The) of Perfection, 1640 
Pennsylvania. Anything relating to 
Peters — History of Connecticut, 1781— 

Philadelphia. Early Maps and Views of 
Pike (Warburton) Barren Grounds of 

N. Canada 
Pike (Warburton) Through the Sub- 
Arctic Forest, 1896 
Pike Travels through West of N. 

Amer., 1811 
Pittman — Settlements on Mississippi, 

Ponteach or the Savages of America, 

Voyage round World, 1814 
" Please report odd volumes or imperfect copies of any of the above." 



Portloek — Voyage round World, 1789 
Ptolemy (C ) Geographia, Any Ed 
Pynochion (William) Anything by 
Quebec Anything relating to 
Queries of Highest Consideration pro- 
posed to Goodwin and others, 1644 
Red River Settlement Anything on 
Review of Military Operations in N. 

Amer., 1757 
Revolution. Anything on the Ameri- 
Roberts — Account of Florida, 1763 
Robson. Account of Hudson Bay, 

Rogers (Major) Concise Account of N. 

Amer., 1765 
Rogers (Major Robert) Journals, 1765 

or 1769 
Ross (Alex.) Adventures on Oregon 

River, 1849 
Ross (Alex.) Fur Hunters, 1855, 2 vols. 
Ross (Alex.) Red River Settlement, 

Russell (Wm.) History of America, 

17-/8, 2 vols. 
San Francisco. Anything on 
Schenk (P. ) Hecatomopolis, Amst. 1702 
Schoolcraft (Henry R. ) Anything by 
Selkirk (Earl) Anything by 
Sibbs. Saints Cordial, 1629 
Simcoe. Journal of Queen's Rangers, 

Exeter, 1787 
Smith (Capt. John) Anything by 
Smith (Joshua Hett) Narrative of 

Andre, 1808 
Smith (Wm.) History of New York, 

Smith (Wm.) History of Canada, Que- 
bec, 1815 
S.P.G. — Any Sermons or Reports is- 
sued by the Societv before 1850 
Soules (The) Exaltation, 1638 
Soules (The) Humiliation, 1637 
Soules (The) Implantation, 1637-1640 
Soules (The) Ingrafting into Christ, 1637 
Soules (The) Possession of Christ, 1638 
Soules (The) Preparation for Christ, 
Anv Ed. 

Soules (The) Vocation, 1638 
Sparks— Life of Ledyard, 1828 
Stedman. History of the War, 1794 
Sydney N.S.W., Early Views or Maps of 
Tarleton— History of Campaigns, 1787 
Texas. Anything relating to 
Timberlake (Lieut. Henrv) Memoirs of , 

Tonti. La Salle's Last Expedition, 

1698, or Paris, 1697 
Townshend's Sporting Excursions, 2 

vols., 1840 
Travels through Interior Parts of North 

America, by an Officer, 2 vols. 
Twiss. The Oregon Question, 1846 
Umfreville — Hudson's Bay, 1790 
Unbeleevers (The) preparing for Chrm . 

Vancouver. Voyage to North Pacific 
1798, 3 vols., 4to., and folio Atlas, or 

6 vols., 8vo., # 1801 

Venegas (M. ) History of California, 2 

vols., 1759 
Venegas (M.) Noticia de la California, 

Madrid, 1757 
Virginia. Anything relating to 
Walker (Hovenden( Exped. to Canada, 

War of 1812. Anything relating to 
Warre's Sketches in North America, 

folio (c. 1846) 
Washington (Geo.) Any engraved por- 
traits of , before 1825 
Welby — Visit to North America, 1821 
Western States of America. Any 

travels in. 
Williams (Roger) Anything by 
Winter (A.) in Washington, 3 vols., 

Woods— Two Years in Illinois, 1822 
Pamphlets on Banking, Currency, Bui 
lion, High Prices, Co-operation, and 
allied subjects. 
Pamphlets by Joplin, Torrens, Thorn- 
ton, McCullock, Overstone, Malthus, 
and Senior. 

" Please report odd volumes or imperfect copies of any of the above." 

STEVENS, SON & STILES, 39, Great Russell St., London, W.C 


Cambridge. Galloway & Porter. (A.) 

Clearance Catalogue on application, 
post free. 

Scholastic Wants — List on applica- 

Salmon's Higher Plane Curves. 

Geometry of Three Dimensions. 

Boole's Finite Differences 

Mathematical Analysis of Logic 

Laws of Thought 

Hastings Bible Dictionary, 5 vols. 

Cambridge. Galloway & Porter. (A.) 
Headlam's Election by lot at Athens 
Ferrer's Spherical Harmonics 
Todhunter's Probability 

Attraction, 2 vols., 

Newton's Mathematical Principles, 

Motte, 3 vols., 1803 
Hamilton's Quaternions 
De Morgan's Formal Logic. 
Boole's Equations. Supplementary 

Cookery Books in English not already 



Cambridge. Galloway & Porter. (A.) 
Petronius. All editions 
Bradley's Principles of Logic 
Cory's Letters and Journals. 
Jordan. Traite des Substitutions 
Gardner's New Chapters in Greek 

Porshall & Madden' s Bible, 4 vols., 

Curtius. History of Greece, 5 vols. 
Layamon's Brut, 3 vols. 
Catalogues solicited at all times. 
Returnable Lists also receive careful 

Mathematical Books — Ancient and 

Modern. Reports esteemed. 
Reports at all times of Modern Edi- 
tions in Classics, History, Eco- 
nomics, Theology, and Law es- 
Exeter. Drayton & Sons, 201, High St. 
Coleridge (Father) Commentary on 

the Gospels. 
Barrett (E. B.) Poems, 1844, vol. I. 

Foley — Records of Eng. Province, 

S. J. vols. 1,2, and 7 
Times Histy. of S.A. War, vol. 1. 
Gardiner's England (10 vols. 1883), 

vol. 1 oDly 
Robinson Crusoe, Stockdale, 1790, 

vol. 1 onlv 
Gay— Fables (2 vols., 1793) front, to 

vol. I. 
Pepy's Diary (5 vols. 1848), vol. V. 
Middleton (T.) Works, ed. Bullen, 

1885, vols, 1 and 3 only 
Holinshed's Chronicle, 1586; title to 

Addison. Anecdotes, Memoirs, etc., 

1795, vols. 1, 3, 10, 11 
Expository Times, vol. I. 
Maclean's Trigg Minor, part XIII. 
Coleridge, Literary Remains, vol. 3 
Kirby — Ecceniric Museum, 1820, 

vols 1-5 
Tennent's Ceylon, vol. I. 
Gt Yarmouth Farrel! (F. J.) 54 Wei 

lesley Road. 
Nashes Lenten Stuff, 1 599 
Preston's Pictures of Yarmouth 
Borrow. Any first editions in orig. 

binding, or anything unique. 
Yarmouth. Any books or prints, or 

anything unique. 
Leeds. Conlon (J.) 4, Vernon St. (A.) 
Wanted always, job Lots of Fiction, 

Juveniles, and Various. Send 

your List direct to me. 
U verpool. Jaggard & Co., 92 Dale St. 
Old Books printed or pub. by the 

Shakespeare — All editions before 

All Liverpool Books before 1800 

Oxford. H. G. Gadney, 2-3 Turl St. (A. ) 

Bartholomew — Atlas of Scotland. 
Battifol — History of the Roman 

Camden Society — Black Book of 


Domesday of St. Paul's 

Dante, Comedy, trans. Odoard Volpi 

[ed. Shannon]. 1836 
Dante, Comment on the Divine 

Comedy [John Taaffe], 1822 
Dante, Inferno, plain and direct 

trans, by C. Hindlev, 1842 
Day, Works, ed. Bullen, 3 vols., 1881 
DeTocqueville, France before the 

Revolution, 8vo. 
English Historical Review, vols. 

10-18 (in parts). 
Foster — Alumni Oxoniensis, 1 500- 

1714, vol. I., A.-D. 
Gibson — Thirty-nine Articles, 8vo. 
Girard — Manuel elementaire de 

Droit Romain 
Grueber — Lex Aquilia 
Grundy — Great Persian War, 8vo. 
Harnack — History of Dogma, 7 vols. 
Hastings — Dictionary of the Bible, 

5 vols., cloth 
Headlam, Election by Lot at Athens, 

cr. 8vo. 
Lightfoot — Apostolic Fathers, 1 vol., 

Loggan— Oxonia illustrata, folio, 

Perkins — France under the Regency, 

cr. 8vo. 
Poulton — Life of Darwin 
Riddles of the Sphinx, ed. Schiller, 

8vo., 1891 
Robertson — Indian Mutiny 
Shaw — An Unsocial Socialist 
Taverner-Certaine Experiments con- 
cerning Fish and Fruit, 4to., 1600 
Trevelyan — England in the Age of 

Trimen, S.African Butterflies, 3 vols., 

roy. 8vo., 1887 
Walker, Select Titles from the Digest 

part II., Digest XLL, 1 and 2, 

cr. 8vo. 

Florence, Italy. Otto Lange, Via Mon- 

tebello 2 (A.) 
North & South America, Australasia; 

books in all languages, views, por- 
traits, battle-views. 
Early Voyages round the world 

before 1800,atlases before 1700, 

and early separately - published 

Maps of America and Australia. 
Paris, France. Boyveau & Chevillet, 22 

Rue de la Banque. 
Telegraphic Codes, general or pri- 
vate, printed or manuscript, in any 




he Library of Literary Criticism 
of English and . American Authors 


Assisted by a Corps of Able Contributors, 8 vols., super imp., 8vo., strongly 
bound in cloth, top edges gilt, New York, 1901-1905. Price £8. 

The notice of Public Librarians is particularly directed to this work. It con- 
sists of eight volumes, of 800 pages each, together with 250 portraits. The plan of 
the work is as follows : — 

VOLUME I. Period 680-1638 VOLUME V. Period 1825-1854 

VOLUME II. Period 1639-1729 VOLUME VI. Period 1855-1874 

VOLUME III. Period 1730-1784 VOLUME VII. Period 1875 1890 

VOLUME IV. Period 1785-1824 VOLUME VIII. Period 1891 '904 
Indexes to authors and to critics — 200 pages — in Volume VIII. 

Nearly a quarter of a century has been devoted by Mr. Moulton and his co- 
labourers to the building of this work. 

It presents, in chronological order, scholarly studies of the lives and works of 
all authors who have made significant contribution to English literature, from the 
beginning in the seventh century up to nineteen hundred and four. 

All worthy criticism of the works of these authors through the successive 
centuries, together with interesting facts illustrative of the" lives and times, gar- 
nered from over 30,000 volumes, form the material of which these studies are com- 
posed, space being allotted in each case in accordance with the author's importance 
in general, and the particidar importance of each work. 

The original text is adhered to in all cases, and the source from which it corner 
is accurately given — the assembled data and criticisms forming, practically, the 
verdict on each author's works, by a jury of his peers. 

The most complete and most a\ithentic history of the literature of the English 

An unrivalled compendium of literary criticism and literary bibliography, and 
the only exponent of the evolution of the art of literary criticism. 

A most valuable time-saver to the literary worker, librarian, teacher, student, 
and man of letters generally, presenting in collected and readily-available form, 
material of fundamental value that can otherwise be obtained only through long 
and laborious research. 

These estimates, by the great masters of expression, are themselves literature 
©f a very high order. 

It does not duplicate any other work. 

The following Public Libraries in Great Britain already possess " The Library 
of Literary Criticism " : — 

Birmingham Free Library, Brighton Public Library. Chelsea Public 
Library, Croydon Public Library, St. David's College Library, Lampeter, 
Leeds Public Library, British Museum, Manchester Public Library, 
Newcastle-on-Tyne, Sheffield Public Library, Swansea Public Library, 
Edinburgh University, and Mitchell library at Glasgow. 
Also an immense number of Public Libraries in the United States have sub- 
scribed for it. The Philadelphia Public Library for instance, has the work at 
every one of its branches, and the New York Public Library has the work at more 
than twenty-five branches. It should, in fact, be in every Public Library in the 
World. Every Librarian, every editor, and every journalist would find the work 
invaluable, and we do not hesitate to say that a set ought to be in the editorial 
office of every publishing house. 

Agents : 
Messrs. KARSLAKE & Co., 35, Pond Street, Hampstead, London 
and from whom any further particulars can be obtained. 






W. T. MORRELL & Co. 




Bound Book Warehouse. 

If you wish your books to have an AOOED VALUE 
and Quicker Sale they should be bound by W. T. M. 
& Co., whose imprint is a guarantee of FIRST- 

Having been established over Half-a-Century 
their experience of all classes of work is both wide 
and extensive, and Right up to 1909. 


Catalogue and Price List by return of post 

Estimates for special orders supplied 

Our Showroom has a larger variety of specimen 
bindings than any other wholesale warehouse in the 


"Remarkably Clean and 
Free from Errors." 


Mr GOAD, 'Bookseller, Bath, Eng. writes .- 

Thanks very much for the prompt delivery of 
catalogue. It is one of the best catalogues I have 
yet had turned out. It is well printed, and the 
proofs were remarkably clean and free from errors." 

The Reason 

8 Pages 













16 Pages 

500 • 


1000 - 


2000 - 


5000 - 


is that we are fully equipped for the prompt and efficient 
production of Bookwork, and we print every book or 
catalogue from new type. 

To give you an idea of our price we quote for a demy 8vo. 
catalogue as under : 

8 Pages and 
Coloured Cover 





Will you kindly compare, and if you find our prices reasonable, give 
us a trial. We shall be quite content to depend for further orders 
upon the satisfaction given with the first order. 


The Printers of ' "Boofc Auction Records," 


Queen Anne's Chambers, "Westminster, S.W. MJaM. A . 



Being a compilation of 2,032 Notes from Catalogues of Book- 
Sales which have taken place in the rooms of Messrs. Sotheby, 
Wilkinson & Hodge, between the years 1885-1909 Edited 
by Frank Karslake. Square 8vo., handsomely printed on 
thick paper, with large margins, and having a frontispiece 
of the Amherst Sale, drawn on the spot, with key-plate of 
names. £1 5s net. (£1 Is. to Booksellers). 

' Notes from Sotheby's will go to Booksellers and Public Librarians 
throughout the world. The wonderful amount of interesting information 
which it contains will make it as valuable as a work of reference fifty years 
hence as it is to-day, and it will consequently be preserved and be constantly 
referred to. The ' Notes ' are arranged in a single alphabet, thus avoiding 
the necessity for an Index, and allowing of instantaneous reterence. Jn the 
course of some criticisms upon the methods of cataloguing, published in 
volume 3 of ' Book- Auction Records,' there appeared the following 
paragraph : — 

" In some respects the work of the compilers of auction-catalogues is 
admirable. I mean in the matter of notes, the patience, industry, and 
research in the compilation of which are of invaluable service to the bib- 
liographer, the bibliophile, and the bookseller." 

It can only be repeated that the statement is fully justified by the result 
of selection, and that the volume should be in the hands of every person 
interested in literature. The following are the opinions of purcnasers 
and journals : — 
From a Purchaser. " My hearty congratulations on your ' Notes.' " 

„ „ " I am very pleased with ' Notes from Sotheby's.' It 

is a book which one can pick up at any moment 

and procure an immense amount of bibliographical 


„ „ " Enclosed please find cheque for ' Notes from 

Sotheby's. A very useful compilation." 
„ „ " It is a remarkable production, and as I know by ex- 

perience that any work of yours, editing or origi- 
nal, is always accurate, will you kinuiy let me 
have another copy, and the bill." 
„ „ " Enclosed I have pleasure in sending cheque for the 

book, and I hope it will meet with as much success 
as your labours over it deserve." 
From The Clique, Mar. 20, 1909. — " A very interesting compilation, and one 
which is sufficiently attractive to a bibliophile to be read Irom the first 
page to the last ... a work which will appeal to all lovers of books and 
bibliography, a work which in more senses than one will be found pro- 
fitable by all our readers." 
From The Bookseller, March 19th, 1909. — " Mr. Karslake has done the edi- 
torial work with his usual skill and judgment." 
From The Westminster Gazette, April 2u, 1909. — " A book of considerable 
value to book-collectors, booksellers, and bookmen generally. Mr. 
Karslake, who is, of course, an expert in this class of work, nas evi- 
dently expended considerable care on his task, and the result is in 
every way satisfactory." 
From The Daily News, April 16, 1909. — " The volume is, in many ways, a 

From The Morning Post, March 13, 1909. — " This volume ought to be of 
great service to the student of bibliography and to the connoiseur. It 
contains interesting information about rare editions of old books. For 
instance, we discover the title of the first book which mentions Queen 
Mary by name, and find many volumes not mentioned in Lowndes. 
Mr. Frank Karslake, the compiler, is well-known as the editor ot 
Book-Auction Records and as a careful bibliographer." 
Sole Agent for the United States— 


Literature and Libraries in Liverpool 

of the Liverpool Public Library 

CS^HIS short history can have no earlier beginning than the dawn of the 
^^ eighteenth century, for in the year 1700, 250 years after the birth of 
typography, no trace appears of the existence of a printing press in the 
town. There were neither printing press, bookseller, nor newspaper in existence. 
It is on record that in 1647 two dictionaries were ordered for the Parish School, 
and that they were to be chained to the desk or wall, so that the scarcity of books 
at this period may be well imagined. 

The first Liverpool printer we have any knowledge of is Samuel Terry, who', 
shortly after 1700, set up a small printing establishment in Dale Street, and we 
know that later he was in possession of a fount of Greek type. Terry was enter- 
prising enough to commence Liverpool's newspaper history in The Liverpoole 
Courant, issued in 1712. Only one number has been seen in recent years, and 
even this could not be traced for inclusion in the Sept-Centenary Exhibition of two 
years ago. The paper only existed a few months, and was probably killed by the 
introduction at this time of the first newspaper stamp duties. Terry has also the 
credit of printing the first Liverpool book in 1712, Hymns Sacred to the Lord's 
Table by Charles Owen. The title reads " printed by S. Terry for Daniel Birchall," 
and so we have Liverpool's first bookseller and publisher in conjunction with 
first printer. But it is only fair to state, that there is a strong possibility that 
one Joseph Eaton was a bookseller in the town, prior to Birchall, Eaton's name 
being found as such on the title of a London published pamphlet, dated 1710. 
By the year 1719 we had a book printed by Terry " for the booksellers in 
Liverpool," so that we may claim printing, bookselling, and publishing 
at this date had made a reasonable start. Adam and John Sadler are the 
next printers of importance to appear on the scene, followed by Peter Whitfield in 
1748 with a sm. 4to. work on Hebrew Vowel Points, thus early introducing a fount 
of Hebrew type into the town. Adam and John Sadler were father and son, the 
father, Adam, an old soldier from the wars of Marlborough, who settled down in 
Liverpool with his printing press. Perhaps their best books are The Muses Delight 
and Apollo's Cabinet, Collections of Songs with music, engraved almost throughout, 
his son John having learned the art of engraving. John Sadler earlier (1152), 
with a partner Guy Green, invented the art of printing on pottery, and opened up 
what in those days must have been an extensive business. 

It is to R. Williamson, however, that printing in the town in a large sense is 
<lue. On the 28th May, 1756, that is 42 years after the demise of The Courant, a 
gap in the newspaper literature of Liverpool very difficult to understand, appeared 
Williamson' s Liverpool Advertiser and Mercantile Register, a paper which under 
changed titles practically ran to the 1st March, 1856. In 1757 John Sadler had a 
venture The Liverpool Chronicle, with R. Fleetwood for publisher. It only lasted 
twelve months. Another Chronicle, of which nos. are very scarce, was issued by 
the printer T. Cowburne in 1768. Another printer and publisher about this time 
came into action and became the most serious rival to Williamson. This was 
John Gore, founder of the Liverpool Directory in 1766. In 1765, he commenced 
The Liverpool Advertiser, and employed the press of W. Nevett & Co. for the print- 
ing. This paper had the lengthy existence of 107 years, its last issue being Dec. 
187L There were many ephemeral issues of newspapers up to 1808, which year 
saw the first number of the Liverpool Courier, a paper still enjoying vitality, and 
1811 saw the issue of The Mercury, amalgamated with The Daily Post in 1904, 
and still flourishing. 

So far, this survey of printing, publishing, and bookselling in the town has r 
by the very material to be dealt with, been largely the history of local jour- 
nalism in the 18th century. Yet at the end of the century, printers whose work 
was fit for the best company were to be found here. The provinces contain 
records of few printers who have attained national or noteworthy importance 
such as Foulis of Glasgow, or Baskerville of Birmingham. But one who narrowly 
escaped such dignity must surely be named in James McCreery of Liverpool. The 
city should feel in a literary sense very much more proud than she does of McCree 
ry, (1768-1832), who was both printer and poet of no mean order. His poem 
" The Press," 4to., 1803, was published as a specimen of typography, and the 
type used is generally believed to have been secured from the sale of Baskerville's 
effects. It is a beautiful specimen of the printer's art and the woodcuts in it, the 
work of Henry Hole, a Liverpool lad, who went to Newcastle to learn the use of 
the graver from the Bewicks. McCreery was afterwards tempted to London, 
where he produced many beautiful works, being favourite printer for T. Frognall 
Dibdin. London had taken full toll from Liverpool during these times. Joseph 
Johnson, the publisher and bookseller of St. Paul's Churchyard, was born in 
Liverpool in 1738. He went to London and served his time with George Keith of 
Gracechurch Street, and eventually became most prominent amongst the pub- 
lishers of London, publishing the work of the poet Cowper, Home Tooke, Mrs. 
Barbauld and others. He identified himself largely with the founding of the 
Liverpool Directory, by John Gore in 1766, a work which has had continuous pub- 
lication to this day. The original issue in 1766 is most scarce, only two copies 
known to be in existence, though several times reprinted. John Almon was also 
printer and bookseller in Liverpool until 1758, when he made a journey on the 
continent, and in returning settled in London, where his abilities as a pamphleteer 
were quickly recognised. He became the firm friend of John Wilkes, a friendship 
which in some ways cost him not a little trouble at the hands of the authorities ; 
though perhaps his sale of the famous letters of Junius, brought him into greater 
trouble. However backward in its inception in the city of the business of book- 
selling and publishing, the names of Troughton, Adam Holden, Gilbert Walmsley, 
Edward Howell, senr., David Marples, and others are all honoured names here, 
and we have names yet in Henry Young & Sons, the Howells, W. M. Murphy, 
Jaggard, and others, that worthily uphold the best traditions of the bookselling 

Before printers and publishers in a provincial city can make very much mark 
in their world they must have about them those who with the pen can call atten- 
tion to the fact that they have something to say of more than ordinary importance, 
and it has almost become a fashion to belittle any claims Liverpool may set forth 
to have or likely to have, in taking a prominent part in the literature of the 
country. Yet we find produced here, among poets, Mrs. Hemans, William Roscoe, 
Arthur Hugh Clough, William Watson and Richard Le Gallienne. Among 
romancists we may claim only in recent years, Col. Meadows Taylor, Mrs. D. M. 
Craik, followed later by Hall Caine, Egerton Castle, Mrs. W. K. Clifford, " John 
Garrett Leigh," William Tirebuck and the work of Ian Maclaren (the late Rev. 
John Watson ),was produced mid the atmosphere of this great city. William 
Ewart Gladstone was surely a worthy figure in the nation's literature, as well as in 
its statesmanship. The late Bishop Lightfoot was also a man whose literary 
work will outlast much that is produced now. Both worthy sons of our busy sea- 
port. And these names might easily be added to, all showing that if Liverpool 
men axe busy with their shipping and their merchandise there is space still for 
the literary spirit. 

Regarding the libraries of the city, it would require more space than is pos- 
sible here to deal with them adequately. The first we have record of is that 
formed in St. Peter's Church, in 1715. " John Fell of Liverpool, mariner, be- 
queathed £30 towards the formation of a library of edifying books for the general 
use of the parishioners." They constituted a chained library originally, but were 
brightened up and placed under glass early in last century. 

The Liverpool Library proper, senior by date of origin, and in its titular 
nomenclature is more generally spoken of as the Lyceum, being housed in con- 
junction with the Lyceum News- Room at the foot of Bold street, dates from 1756, 
though it was not formally constituted until 1758. It is a proprietary circulating 
library, and its early established date has led to the claim that it is the oldest of 
its class in the country. 


The Athenaeum, in Church Street, was established in 1797, opened in 1799, 
and in its frequenters is quite the aristocratic library of the city, and was the first 
library having a systematic supply of the principal newspapers of the day. The 
institution was the outcome of a movement of William Roscoe and his friends. 
The Library contains a valuable collection of local literature, consisting of portraits 
of celebrities of Liverpool, early newspapers and periodicals, directories, etc., 
but its most valuable possessions are certain Roscoe MSS. and portion of Dr. 
Currie's former possessions of Robert Burns' MSS. 

So far as these two libraries were concerned in the early years of the nineteenth 
century they served a very useful purpose in emphasising the great disadvantages 
the working classes were under in respect of reading facilities and study compared 
with their wealthier townsmen. In 1821 Mr. Egerton Smith commenced an 
agitation for the provision of a lending library for his poorer brethren, In 1823 
he appeared at a meeting of the Liverpool (Lyceum) Library Committee, and his 
appeal was so eloquent that they made a grant of duplicates they possessed, and 
these, along with other donations, allowed of the opening of a library for mechanics 
and apprentices, in Lord Street, in July 1823. Thus Liverpool's first free library, 
though there seems to be no evidence of any support being granted to the project 
by the Town Council then 

The Public Library of the city was opened in a temporary building in Duke 
Street, in October 1852 The pressing necessity of providing increased accommo- 
dation was the incentive which led Sir William Brown to offer to defray the whole 
cost of erecting a new and palatial building on the street then called Shaw's 
Brow, afterwards in honour of the benefactor altered to William Brown street. 
This was the beginning of that beautiful range of buildings, libraries, museum, 
art gallery and technical schools that has occupied the whole length of the street. 
Accommodation was still further needed as the city grew and increased use took 
place of the Library, and so the Picton Reading Room was built and opened in 
1879. This is a circular room of 100 feet in diameter, and is often called the 
British Museum of the North of England, being purely a Reference Library on 
much the same lines as the British Museum. The building was not the gift of Sir 
J ames Picton, but a graceful compliment paid to him in naming the room after him, 
in consideration of his great services as chairman of the Committee for so many 
years. The Reference Library is one of the finest in the provinces, specially rich in 
architectural books, decorative art, natural history, early printed bibles, scientific 
works and long sets of serials. As only to be expected, it also possesses the best 
collection of Liverpool literature, a wonderful catalogue of which, in 374 4to. pages, 
double columns, has only recently been issued. There are 153,000 vols, in thi3 
Reference Library, and with 1 52,000 deposited in branch libraries freely distributed 
in the crowded districts of the city, give a total of over 300,000 vols, for Liverpool's 
Chief Librarian to have guardianship over. 

The Hugh Frederick Hornby Library is a separate building annexed to the 
Picton Reading Room, and it is only through the latter that the building may 
be entered. As you enter, a bold plate tells of " this library and its contents of 
books, prints and autographs were the munificent gift of Hugh Frederick Hornby, 
a merchant of Liverpool." This last phrase is a proud title, particularly when you 
examine what manner of collector can this merchant have been. The collection is 
contained in a single room 64 feet long by 37 feet broad, built of Bath stone, in a 
style severely classical, eight Ionic columns carrying a barrel- vaulted ceiling. The 
collection consists of 8,000 vols., largely, if not entirely, devoted to the illustration 
of the graphic arts and book-illustration generally from early times to the end of 
the 19th century. Beautiful editions, rarest of issues, in most tasteful bindings 
constitute it an ideal collection. Then there are the prints, the autographs, and 
so many other rarities, that one has to live in the collection before realising 
what a treasure Liverpool is possessed of in its Hornby library. 

Probably the next library of importance in the city is that of the University. 
It contains upwards of 40,000 volumes and is housed in a most appropriate buil- 
ding, with timbered roof, and snug alcoves and recesses for the students. It was 
the gift of Sir Henry Tate, whose bust is to be seen on entering the library. 
Considering the few years it has had an existence the University Library is fast 
making progress to distinction. Then there is the Church House Library, Church 
House, South John Street, almost on the site of Egerton Smith's Library for 
mechanics, mentioned above. This is a valuable collection of 8,000 vols., mostly 
theological literature, and open to members of the House. 


There is also the Law Library in Cook Street for legal studies and reference, 
which may be said to be supplemented by that in the law courts of the great St. 
George's Hall. 

The Medical Society's Library, in the Medical Institution, Hope Street, is a 
special library of many years standing, which has recently been furbished up and 
brought to date. The libraries of various societies like that of the Historic Society 
of Lancashire and Cheshire, the Literary and Philosophical Society, and others, 
are among the smaller but useful libraries abounding in Liverpool, and of which 
particulars would be out of place in this brief account. 


In the previous part we had matter respecting Swinburne. Since then an 
extremely-interesting unpublished letter by Tennyson has come to light. It 
appears that in the year 1869 Mr. D. Barron Brightwell, then living at 5 Gower 
Street, London, made a Concordance of the Works of the Laureate, and sent a 
copy to Tennyson. Instead of Mr. Brightwell receiving a complimentary ack- 
nowledgment the poet wrote in a towering rage, from Blackdown, Haslemere, on 
Oct. 12th, 1869, stating that it was published altogether without his sanction or 
knowledge, and that Mr. Brightwell had done, presumably at the dictation of 
another, something thoroughly illegal. He complains that the Concordance had 
been made from certain little songs of his, privately-printed, and that in this act 
he sees rather the act of his ex-publisher (Moxon) than of the compiler. The final 
sentence is the most pungent of all, for he declares the facsimile portrait of himself 
to be a " fac-dissimile " and a caricature, equally disgraceful to publisher and 
engraver, and as being as little like him as he is " to — ancient Pistol." It seems 
that the original portrait from which the frontispiece was reproduced was made by 
a Mr. Jeffrey, whom Tennyson styles his " good honest friend," and he was doubt- 
less a photographer. A description of the Concordance will be found in Mr. Wise's 
Bibliography of Tennyson, vol. 2, page 60. The stamped envelope, addressed to 
Mr. Brightwell, accompanies the letter. A facsimile of page 3 of the letter will 
be found opposite this page. This characteristic epistle recently appeared in the 
catalogue of that well-known antiquarian bookseller, Mr. William Downing, of 
The Chaucer's Head, Birmingham, from whom I purchased it, and Mr. Downing 
gives these interesting particulars : — 

" I knew Brightwell. He was on The Daily and Weekly Post. I bought 

his books after he died. He was a good fellow. I remember when Brightwell 

came to Birmingham before I knew his name, we were chatting at my old shop 

in New Street and a copy of his Concordance to Tennyson lay on the table. I 

picked it up and said, Look here. What a fool a man must be to index the works 

of a living author Tennyson mill write hundreds of poems before he dies ; at least 

we all hope so. My good friend B. laughed, and said " Yes, you are right. I 

am the fool." 

The charm of Tennyson's letter is that there is no posing in it, no writing for effect 

or with an eye to publication at some future date, but is just a natural human 

document, written at a white heat in a moment of indignation. 

* * * 

Mr. Davis, of Davis & Moughton, Ltd., Birmingham, writes, with reference 
to the catalogue statement that Ben Jonson's Works, 1640 (vide B.A.R., Vol. 6, 
Part 2, page 216), does not want the partrait. He says, " There was no portrait 
published in 1616, It first appeared in 1640. I also think it wrong to call it 
Vol. 1, as it was all that was published until 1640, when two vols, appeared, of 
which Vol. 1 corresponded with the 1616 edition." Mr. Davis further writes. 
" See also page 157, last entry under Latin Bibles. 1585 is given as the date of 
the first Latin Bible published in England. The first was 1580, printed by 
Henry Middleton." We aTe all indebted to any subscriber who will send such 
items of information as these. 

* * * 

Confusion sometimes arises through loose statements as to the plate of 
" The Last Song " in Dickens's " Memoirs of Grimaldi " being in the " first state." 
It is often not stated what that " last state " is. It is well, therefore that it 
should be clearly understood that the " first state " is when it is the same as all 
the other plates in the volumes, viz. without a border, and bound in light pink 
cloth. Later on " Alfred Crowquill " (i. e. A. H. Forrester) added a grotesque 
border, and copies containing it were issued in dark brown and in black cloth. 


Messrs. Charles L. Bowman & Co., Publishers and Booksellers, 225 Fifth 
Avenue, New York, would like to receive catalogues of scarce books. Business is 
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those few who were " cute " enough to purchase the list ; orders varying from 
£10 to £50. But the unenterprising dealer looks at the £2 and forgets the possible 
£50. * * « 

On page 273 of the first edition of vol 1 of B. A.R. there is the following entry : 
7364. Goya y Lucientes (F. de) Treinta y tres estampas que representans 
diferentes suertes y actitudes del arte de lidiar los Toros, 33 pits., fo., hf. 
mor., s. d. Ellis, £112 

The same entry also occurs on page 673 of the new edition. In the interests of 
accuracy this should be noted as a misprint, which escaped the notice of the 
editor of the first edition. The price was really £12, and the correction should 
be made with the pen. Since B.A.R. has been under my editorship the greatest 
care is taken to prevent any such misprints, but if any ever should occur they 
will be announced as soon as discovered in order that the continuance of mis- 
leading information may be avoided. 

* * * 

The " Books Wanted " section will, apparently, not " catch on." This is 
exactly what I expected. It was a suggestion made by a subscriber, and I believe 
in giving every new idea a trial. If it proves to be guilty of defeat one can but 
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ointment will sell by sheer force of bold advertisement I don't see why advertising 
for books you want to buy — if done persistently — should not meet with equal 
success. There is much virtue in Abraham Lincftln's advice to " keep pegging 
away." * * * 

The tremendous difference which can be made in a sentence by the omission 
or the addition of merely two words was never brought home to me more clearly 
than recently. The Athenaeum printed a review of Notes from Sotheby's which 
was considered by many subscribers to be a " very good notice." But the review- 
er appeared to suppose that the volume purported to be a collection of the whole 
of the notes from the catalogues of Sotheby's during the past quarter of a century, 
and he pointed out that it was only a selection, and that there were many omis- 
sions of importance, I thereupon sent a reply which included the folkrwing 
sentence : " It " (the review) " appears likely to convey an idea to outsiders that 
I had merely made a selection of notes from the whole of Messrs. Sotheby's cata- 
logues, and, in justice to myself, I should wish it to be known that this is not so." 
A note was appended to my answer to the effect that I contradicted myself, con- 
tinuing " He says, first, that his notes are not a ' selection ' from Messrs. Sotheby's 
catalogues, and then admits that he had to depend on every spare catalogue 
which he could get," &c. What I did say in the reply printed immediately above 
this note was that the " Notes " were not a selection from the whole of Messrs. 
Sotheby's catalogues, and those two words — " the whole " — show that I did not, 
as The Athenaeum states, contradict myself. I did not care to ask The Athenaeum 
to print any further rejoinder, but I note the circumstance here as a proof of the 
need for literal accuracy in all matters affecting criticism. I am still contented in 
the belief that I was right, and that the reviewer in question was wrong, and 
there let the matter be. Anyhow, Notes from Sotheby's has been a great success. 
The verdict of those who have bought and paid for a work affords a far better cri- 
terion of merit than that of any critic. If buyers are more than satisfied with 

their guinea's worth that is all the justification required. 

* * * 

There are some subscribers who would like to have a complete set of B.A.R. 
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m « • 

There are so few persons who do anything that produces monetary results 
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actions when possible. Thus, Mr. G. S. Snowden (of "Sotheby's") has once 
again, at great personal trouble, organised a dramatic entertainment on behalf of 
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The London members of the antiquarian book-trade attended in considerable 
force, but it is to be regretted that the members of the " new " book- trade present 
were not nearly so large as should have been. 

* * * 

Special Notice : — Part 4, with Index, will be published early in September, 
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The decision of " ' The Times ' Book Club " to establish branch libraries with 
the leading drapers in country towns is much to be regretted. It will doubtless 
be the opinion of most " new " booksellers that such competition is — well, let us 
say " unfortunate." The latter are being ground between the millstones of dis- 
counts and capitalism. All the more reason for cultivating knowledge of anti- 
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I know of more than one case during the past twelvemonth in which " new " 
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* * * 

It's a risky thing for a subordinate to imagine himself indispensable. I knew 
a case, a year or two ago, in which a man did consider himself such, and he did 
not fail to let his firm know that he thought so. At length his employers got 
tired of his airs and the head of the firm said, "Well, Jones, what would happen 
if you were dead ? " " Oh, well," said Jones, " you'd have to do without me 
then." " Very well," replied the head, "We'll suppose you're dead. Takeamonth's 
notice ! " And a month later Jones was looking for a new post, and was a sadder 
and a wiser man. 
35 Pond Street, Hampstead, N.W. FRANK KARSLAKE 

• • lv. 


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sard's Parliamentary Debates, 319 vols. ; Journal of the Society of Chemical 
Industry, vol. 3 to 1907 ; Swift's Gulliver's Travels, First Edition ; Thackerays 
Christmas Books, First Editions and Coloured Copies ; Andrew Marvell's 
Works, Best Edition, bound by Kalthoeber ; Purchas, His Pilgrimes, 20 vols. ; 
Jesse's Works, Edition de Luxe, 30 vols. ; a Coloured Copy of Guillim's Her- 
aldry, Best Edition ; Repton's Gardening, with Coloured Plates ; American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers, to 1907 ; a Set of Book Prices Current ; 
Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, Complete Set ; York- 
shire Parish Register Society, Complete Set, &c, &c. Also Catalogue No. 
154, containing an Interesting Collection of Scottish Literature (especially 
relating to Galloway) formed by the late John McLandsborough, Esq., of 
Bradford ; also a considerable Collection of Books relating to the various 
parts of Africa (South Africa particularly) formed by a well-known Yorkshire 
collector. Some Valuable Sets of Engineering Transactions, Ordnance 
Surveys, Publications of Learned Societies, Music and Musical Literature, 
Sport and Travel, Economics, Mountaineering, Illustrated Books of " The 
Sixties," Astronomy, Geology, Military and Naval Literature, Yorkshire 
Topography and Local Works, etc., etc., all in good library condition. 

D. Webster, 68 70, Woodhouse Lane.— A Catalogue of Interesting Books, 

Ancient and Modern, being recent purchases from the Libraries of Herbert 
Spencer, F. Addison (Tbirsk), P. H. Ashberry (Sheffield), and other reliable 
sources, including the Rare Second Edition of Strabo's Geography, 1472 ; 
Owen Jones' The Alhambra, Holbein's Portraits of the Court of Henry VIII., 
Cooke's Grevillea, and Illustrations to British Fungi, Helmolt's The World'* 
History, a selection of Voyages and Travels (America, Australasia, &c. ), and 
Yorkshire Topography. 

London. — Harold Brown, 79a, Tottenham Court Road, W. — Catalogue No. 4 of 
Second-hand Books, including Library Editions of Famous Authors, Art,. 
Biography, Musical- Literature, Operas, Medicine, Theology, Travel, His- 
tory, &c. 

John Buchanan, 49, Great Queen Street, W.C. — Catalogue No. 117 of 

Second-hand Books, Ancient and Modern, comprising History, Biography, 
Voyages, and Travels,Illustrated Works, the various Departments of Science 
and Natural History, and Miscellaneous Literature ; 628 items, including 
Valle's Travels into East India, 1665 ; Edmondson's Heraldry, 1780 ; Heath's 
Chronicle, 1676 ; &c. 

Bull & Auvache, 34-35, Hart Street, Bloomsbury, W.C. — Catalogue No. 333 

of the Library of the late H. N. Hamilton-Hoare, Esq., of Chelsea, and other 
Recent Purchases, including also a Collection of Rare Tracts of the Common- 
wealth and Civil War Periods, &c, &c. Acta Sanctorum, 56 vols., folio, ^50 ; 
Bale's Pageant of Popes, 1574 ; St. Augustine, Of the Citie of God, 1620 ; &c. 
Also Catalogue No. 334 of Ancient and Modern Books, including a Collection 
of Rare Works by Brownists or Separatists and their Opponents ; some New 
and Recent Publications at Reduced Prices, and other important and inter- 
esting items, including Hakluyt's Voyages, 1598-1600 ; an early Biblical. 
Manuscript on vellum ; and many 16th and 17th century books. 


London — F. C.Carter.13 Campsbourne Road, Hornsey, N.-The Hornsey List, No. 16 
including Heraldry, Topography, Manuscripts, Old Literature, Railways, 
Curiosa, County Maps, Coloured Prints, Ireland, &c. Bacon's Sylva Syl- 
varum, 1631, 8/6 is one of the items among the older books. 

— - — Day's Library, Ltd., 96, Mount Street, W. — Supplementary Lists (May and 
June) of Recent Surplus Library Books, and others, in good condition, 
Biography, Travel, Fiction, &c. ; also Quarterly List of Surplus Library 
Books, in almost every branch of Literature, some of which are now out-of- 
print and scarce. Also a Special Offer of Parcels of Books, for a short time 

B. Dobcll, 77, Charing Cross Road, W.C, — Catalogue No. 172, Rare and 

Valuable Books, selected from the Libraries of John Davidson, Lord Amherst 
of Hackney, Herbert Spencer, Augustus Hare, and all the Finest Collections 
recently dispersed. Comprising a Remarkable Collection of Choice Books 
in Fine Condition. Notably First Editions of Matthew Arnold's Strayed Rev- 
eller ; Barnaul's Ingoldsby Legends ; Browning's Bells and Pomegranates ; 
Chapman's May Day, a Comedie, 1611 ; Drayton's Polyolbion ; Edward Fitz- 
Gerald's Downfall and Death of King JEdipus ; Fletcher's Rule a Wife and Have 
a Wife, 1640 ; The Germ ; Hazlitt's Liber Amoris, 1823 ; Keats's Endymion f . 
Wordsworth's copy ; Charles Lamb's Blank Verse, Adventures of Ulysses, and 
Elia ; George Meredith's Poems, 1851 ; D. G. Rossetti's Poems, 1870 ; Shel- 
ley's The Cenci ; Wordsworth's Peter Bell. Many First and Early Editions of 
Esteemed Authors, Byron, Carlyle, Coleridge, Dickens, Hewlett, Leigh Hunt, 
Jefferies, W. S. Landor, W. J. Linton, Morris, Christina Rossetti, Bernard 
Shaw, Stevenson, Swinburne, Walt Whitman. A Choice Illuminated Manu- 
script. Bibliographical Works and Books in Fine Bindings. The Ship of 
Fooles, trans, by A. Barclay, 1 570, fine and perfect. Beaumont and Fletcher's 
Works, the editions of 1647 and 1679 ; and The Wild Goose Chase, first edition,. 
1652. Books of Costume and other Books with Coloured Plates, and Books 
illustrated by Aiken, Bewick, Blake, Cruikshank, Leech, Rowlandson, and 
others. Dramatic and Sporting Books, including a Collection of Books on 
the Game of Cricket. The Publications of the Grolier Club of New York, 
Oriental Manuscripts, &c, &c. The title-page of this catalogue will act as 
the most piquant of hors d'Oeuvres to the appetite of every bibliophile who 
meets with it. 

J. Haslam & Co., Ltd., 15, Broad Street Place, E.C.— Calalogues Nos. 21-22 

and 23, of Recent Purchases, Arts and Crafts, Biography, Cookery, Sports 
and Pastimes, Travel, &c, including Dugdale's History of St. Paul's 1716 ; 
Stow's Survey of London, 1720 ; Rowlandson's Sketches from Nature, 1802 ; 
Combe's Life of Napoleon, 1815 ; and other rare editions. 

George T. Juckes, 35, St. Martin's Court, W.C. — Catalogue No. 192 of Books, 

including many Rare and Curious, as well as Standard Works of the Best 
Authors, and a Small Collection of Remarque Artists' Proof Engravings. 
There are a number of " Beardsley " Items. Also Catalogue No. 193, being a 
Choice Collection of Beautiful Books, recently purchased, including a Choice 
Edition of Burton's Arabian Nights, with Coloured Plates ; First Editions of 
Oscar Wilde ; Books Illustrated by Kate Greenaway ; Books by Aubrey 
Beardsley (including a Fine Copy of " Le Morte D' Arthur " ) ; First and Rare 
Editions of Esteemed Authors ; Beautiful Bindings and Standard Works in 
all Branches of Literature ; as well as a Unique Collection of Autograph Let- 
ters by Oscar Wilde to Ernest Dowson ; — from the Library of the late Sir 
Maurice Holzmann, and other sources. 

Maurice & Co., 23, Bedford Street, Covent Garden. W.C. — Catalogue No. 188. 

of Books, Miscellaneous Subjects in Various Branches of Literature, Angling, 
Art, First Editions, Extra-Illustrated Books, London Items, Standard Sets, 
&c, among them being the New York Packet, 1790 ; Angas's South Austra- 
lia Illustrated, 1847 ; Sowerby's English Botany, fine set, £15 15s. ; Doctor 
Syntax, complete set in boards, uncut ; complete set of Hissey's Road Books ; 
Stafford's Pacata Hibernia, immaculate copy, 1663 ; Daniel's Compendium 
of Penmanship, 1664 ; and other attractive items. 


London— A. H. Mayhew,56,CharingCross Road.W.C— There is yet another addition 
to the new Bookseller's Row in Charing Cross Road, being that of Mr. A. H. 
Mayhew, who has opened a shop in the heart of the best part of it. Mr. 
Mayhew has had an exceptionally wide experience of both the English and 
Foreign book-trade, having been for 14 years with Messrs. Sotheran, and 
four years with Mr. David Nutt, and he intends to develop a high-class trade, 
making a speciality of Folk-lore. Mr. Mayhew very highly values the many 
cordial expressions of goodwill received on all sides, which, I may add, are 
well merited by his urbanity and his quick-wittedness. 

Charles Meuel & Co., 147 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C.— Catalogue No. 3 of 

English and Foreign Books in Various Classes of Literature, including The 
DeviFs Patriarch, 1683 ; Early Editions of the separate works of Goethe and 
Schiller ; Romeo and Juliet, Dublin, 1730 ; Oscar Wilde books, &c. 

Pickering & ChattO, 66, Haymarket, 8.W.— The Book-Lovers Leaflet, No. 

1 58. A Catalogue of Scarce and Valuable Books, being New Purchases (from 
important collections recently dispersed at auction, and from private sources), 
a very important catalogue, containing such items as Eden's Historie of the 
West Indies, 1612 ; Captain John Smith's Generall Historie of Virginia, first 
edition, 1624, £90 ; Bacon's Essays, 1612, £45 ; a volume in a choice binding 
by Samuel Mearne, &c. 

W. H. Smith & Son, 186, Strand, W.C.— Monthly Clearance Catalogue of 

Books withdrawn from Library Circulation, clean and undefaced, 120 pages. 
Discount 10 % allowed to booksellers. Also Supplementary Catalogue of 
Important Miscellaneous Works at Exceptional Reductions. Special Book- 
Bargain Parcels are supplied to country libraries. 

George Winter, 52, Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogues Nos. 56-57 of 

Recent Purchases, including Military and Naval Subjects, Works on Africa, 
the Arctic Regions. Folk-lore, Travels, Colour Books, Works on India, a Set 
of Pitt-Rivers's Archaeological Works, Thacher's Life of Columbus, the 
special edition, &c. 

Manchester. — P. M. Barnard, M.A., 85, Bridge Street. — Catalogue No. 3 of Mis- 
csllaneous Books, Alpine and Mountaineering, America ; many 17th century 
books ; Sheridan's The Critic, first edition, &c. 

Sherratt & Hughes, 34, Cross Street. — Catalogues Nos. 3-4, of Second-hand 

Books, Ancient and Modern, being purchases from the Library of W. H. 
Hilton and other sources, including Special Collections on Africa, Angling, 
America, Bibliography, Cheshire, Cruikshank, Costume, Freemasonry, 
Lancashire, Manchester, Omar Khayyam, Yorkshire, " The Sixties," to- 
gether with an Addenda of Books on Religion. 

Albert Sutton, 43, Bridge Street. — Shakespeare and the Drama, a Catalogue 

of Shakespearian and Dramatic Literature, including Old Plays, Dramatic 
Biographies, Operatic Memoirs, Theatrical Histories, &c, a very attractive 
catalogue of 1533 items, with a portrait of Shakespeare on the cover, and 
six reproductions of fine old portraits and titles. Also Catalogue No. 168 of 
Useful and Interesting Books, including Library Editions of Standard 
Authors, Biography, History, Travels, Heraldry, Genealogy, &c, with Special 
Collections of the Works of Erasmus, Samuel Johnson, and A. C. Swinburne, 
all recent purchases, and Catalogue No. 169 of Scarce, Curious, and Interest- 
ing Books. 

Oxford.— Horser & Storey, 33, High Street. — Special Catalogue (No. 4) of Second- 
hand Books at very low prices, including some first editions, Elzevirs, Foster's 
Mary Queen of Scots, Oscar Wilde's Works, &c. 

Parker & Son, 27, Broad Street. — Catalogue of Miscellaneous Books, mostly 

Recent Purchases, including a curious old MS. of 17 Treatises on Astrology, 
Rolls, Series, Rackham Books, &c. Also Catalogue of an Interesting Collec- 
tion of Pamphlets and Books, printed chiefly during the 17th and 18th Cen- 
turies, in three parts : Part I. — Political and General. Part II. — Oxford, 
Oxford Printed, and Oxfordshire. Part III. — Theological. 

Southampton. — T. James & Co., 34, Bernard Street — Catalogue No. 123 of a very 
Superior Collection of Interesting and Attractive Books, carefully selected 
from most recent purchases. All in excellent condition. Comprising : Books 
for the General Reader and The Student, Scarce Books for the Book Collector, 
Books for the Book Lover. 


Tunbridge Wells.— P. M. Barnard, M.A., 10, Dudley Road. Illustrated Catalogue of 
Early Printed Books (1501-1520), and Later Books, many with woodcuts and 
other illustrations. As usual, a catalogue of great interest. It contains 18 
beautifully-reproduced early woodcuts and woodcut-titles, and Mr. Barnard's 
notes possess permanent bibliographical value. They bear the impress of 
labours of love. Also Catalogue (No. 130) of Books and a few Manuscripts of, 
or Relating to, the Tudor Period, many being in the original bindings, with 
an Index to the English printers before 1600, and of books in English printed 
abroad before 1600. Again, this is a Catalogue to get and to keep. 

Wrexham. — Frank Crowe, Bank Street. — Catalogue No. 25 of an Interesting Col- 
lection of Second-hand Books, including Africa, America, Architecture, Botany 
Cheshire, Herbals, Music, Ornithology, Silk, and Works in General Literature, 
chiefly from the Library of the late Sir Thomas Wardle ; also Catalogue No. 
26 of an interesting and varied selection of Books in Miscellaneous Literature, 
chiefly purchased during the last two months, including special collections of 
Angling and Sporting Lore, together with Choice Welsh Literature. 


Albany, N.Y., U.S.A.— The Joseph McDonough Company, 98, State Street.— Cata- 
logues Nos. 252, 253, 254, of Rare and Fine Books, including Americana, 
Adirondacks, New York, Regimental Histories, Bindings, Classics, Engrav- 
ings, Forestry, Medical, Turkey, Library Sets, Alison's Europe, 20 vols. ; 
American Universities and Their Sons ; Arabian Nights — Payne and Burton 
Translations ; Fine Art Books ; Balzac ; Facsimiles of Historical Documents ; 
Baxter's Spanish Colonial Architecture in Mexico ; Bentley's Miscellany ; 
Bible Illustrations, Eng'd 1659 ; Best Edition of Bulwer's Novels ; Edmund 
Burke's and Robert Burns' Complete Works ; Works of Charles I., 1662 ; 
Civil War in America ; Classics ; Clarendon's Rebellion with portraits, 
1732 ; Drama of the World, 22 vols , Early English Dramatists ; Early Plu- 
tarch's Lives, in French, 1583 ; Grapes of New York ; Catholic Theology ; 
American Indians ; J apan ; Great Events of Famous Historians ; La Fontaine 
Tales, coloured plates — best edition ; best edition of Lever's Novels ; Warner 
Library, 46 vol. ; Literature of Italy, 16 vols. ; Magazine of American His- 
tory — Complete set ; Early Laws of Maryland, 1787 ; Set of New York Daily 
Graphic ; Picart's Religious Ceremonies (translated), Large Paper ; Selden's 
Titles of Honour, 1672 ; Shakespeare's Collected Works, including Facsimile 
of First Folio, 1623 ; Agassiz's Contributions to Nat. History of U. S. ; Bal- 
zac's Works ; Benton's Abridgement of Debates ; Boston ; Botany ; British 
Poets, ed. by Child et al, 68 vols. ; Johnson's British Poets, 75 vols. ; Cam- 
den's Britannia, 1695 ; Paterson's Edition of Don Quixote ; Classic — Ovid 
1689 edition ; The same, 1727 ed. ; Conn. ; Cromwell ; Delafield's Antiquities 
of America, fine copy ; Marci Maruli, 1513 ; Early Travel ; Purchas, His 
Pilgrims, Library Edition ; Fuller's Holy Warre, first issue ; Game Fishes and 
Birds of U.S. ; Hotten's Original Lists 1600-1700 ; Ireland ; Lavater's 
Physiognomy, 1789 ; Lewis & Clark Expedition, best edition ; Warner 
Library ; London ; Massachusetts ; New Hampshire ; Hudson River Steam- 
boat painted in oil 1857 ; Pennsylvania ; " The Philistine," complete set ; 
Lodge's Portraits, best edition ; Quakers ; Scotland ; best edition of Lock- 
hart's " Life of Scott " ; First Edition of Sheridan's " The Critic " ; Turkey ; 
Voltaire's Works, Scarce London Ed. of 1761 ; Library Edition of Zola ; 
Shakespeariana ; etc. 

Berlin, Germany.— Martin Breslauer, Unter den Linden 16.— Catalogue of Books, 
of which the following is the contents : — Amerika, Astronomie, Berlin- 
Brandenburg, Bohmen-Mahren, Botanik, Deutsche Literatur, Drucke und 
Holzschnitt Biicher des 16. J ahrhunderts, I. Deutsch II. Ausserdeutsch, Ein- 
bande, Einblattdrucke, Ex-libris, Folklore, Frankreich, Graphik.Grossbritan- 
nien, Heinz von Braunschweig (Hans Worst), Inkunabeln, Konigsberg, 
Manuskripte, Miniaturen, Mathematik, — Alte Rechenbiicher, Kaufman- 
hisches rechnen, Buchfuhrung — Medizin, Militaria, Musik, Neudrucke (Fak- 


sir.iile-reproduktionen), Niederdeutsche Literatur Alterer zeit in Drucken nnd 
Haudschriften, Niederlande, Reisen, Ritterorden, Russland, Sachsen, 
Schwenckfeldt, Silhouetten, Sprichworter, Trinken und Trinksitten, Tiirkei, 
Ungarn, Urkunden, Autographen, Verbrecher, Gauner, Volksbiicher, Zumeis, 
mit Holzschnitten und aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, Wiedertaufer, Wiener 
Drucke, Wimpffeling, Zeitungen und Berichte Verschiedenes und Nachtrag, 
Verlagsanzeige, Liste der von nrir Gesuchten Biicker. A Special Index, or 
Systematisches Register, is also added. The editions range from the fifteenth 
century to the nineteenth. 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S.A. — The Torch Press Book Shop. — Scarce and valuable 
Books, some Titles, with Full Annotations, by William Harvey Miner, being 
Catalogue No. 8, containing Standard Editions and Scarce Books, such as 
the English Dance of Death and Life ; Confessions of an Opium Eater, first 
edition, boards, uncut ; Presentation Copy of Meredith's Shaving of Shagpat ; 
First Editions of Land or, Wordsworth, &c. ; a Relic of R. I,. Stevenson ; and 
other desirable items. 

Florence, Italy. — Otto Lange, Via MontebellO 2. — Catalogue of Books, Manuscripts,. 
Portraits, and Caricatures relating to Napoleon and the French Revolution,. 
446 items, some very scarce and interesting. 

Frankfurt am Main, Germany. — Joseph Baer & Co., Hochstrasse 6. — Lagerkata- 
log 565, Ungarn, Siebenbiirgen, Kroatien, Dalmatien, Bosnien, Herzegowina, 
Rumanien, Bulgarien, Serbien, Montenegro, Tiirkenkriege ; 2,052 items, with 
numerous Notes and an Index of contents. Many rare works, from the 1 5th 
century onwards, are included, and a reproduction of a portrait of Seanderbeg^ 
Also Lagerkatalog 561,Theorie und Geschichte des Handels, Bank, Borse.Ver- 
kehrswesen, Miinzwesen, Buchhaltung und Rechnungswesen ; 2,899 items. 
Also Flug und Luftschiffarht in wort und Bild Meteorologie ; Lagerkatalog 
567, Zur International en, Luftschiffarht-Ausstellung in Frankfurt am Main, 
Herausgegeben im Juli, 1909 ; with illustrations of early flying machines and 
balloons. Also Lagerkatalog No. 566, Autographen aus der Music-und 
Theaterwelt, 617 items. Also Frankfurter Bucherfreund mitteilungen aus 
dem antiquariate von Joseph Baer & Co., with reproductions of wood-engrav- 
ings from early-printed books. 

Munich, Germany. — J. Halle, Ottostrasse 3a. — Kupferstiche der Englischen und 
Franzosisehen schule des XVIII. J ahrhunderts, Handzeichnungen und 
Aquarelle, Sport, Jagd, Turf ; being a Catalogue of a Sale of Engravings of 
the Early English School, &c, taking place from June 15th to 18th. A 
large number of reproductions of some of the finest examples are included. 

New York City, U.S.A., The Lexington Book Shop, 120 East 59th Street.— Catalogue 
No. 1 2 of Choice and Interesting Books for Collectors, Libraries, and General 
Readers ; mostly modern editions of good class, but including some first 
editions, among them being Hobbes's Leviathan, 1651. 

Henry Malkan, 42 Broadway. — Rough Clearance List of Books in all Classes 

of Literature, including Essays, Belles-Lettres, Literature, and Books about 
Books, First Editions of Standard Authors, Poetry, Books about Nature,. 
Out-Door Life and Sport, Economics, Politics, Sociology, Travels, Theology 
and Religion ; 1554 items. 

H. A. O'Leary, 1597 Brooklyn Avenue, Brooklyn.— Catalogue No. 18 of 

Books, Maps, and Pamphlets relating to the South and Border States, a choice 
collection of over 1 ,200 items relating to the Civil War. Slavery, Lincoln, etc. ; 
the French and Spanish Colonial Periods in the Far South ; Local History of 
Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas, Louisiana and all the other states from 
Delaware to Arkansas ; 1230 items. Also Catalogue of Books, Maps and 
Pamphlets relating chiefly to Texas and California and the other States and 
Territories of the Southwest, including Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, 
New Mexico and Arizona ; Scarce Works on the Spanish and Mexican Colonial 
Periods, Indians, Antiquities, Mexican War, the Mormons, and the Great 
Gold Rush of '49 ; with Choice Collections on Mexico and the Panama Canal ;. 
877 items. 


Parts, France.— Librarie Dorbon-Aine, 53ter Quai des Grands Augustins.— Le Bou- 
qumeur, Revue Bibliographique des Livres anciens et Modernes, Nos. 71-72. 
Litt6rature, Theatre, Histoire, Beaux-Arts, Livres illustr£s des XVIIe, 
XVIIIe et XIXe siecles, Philosophic, Sociologie, Sciences occultes, Histoire 
de Paris et des provinces de France, Chasse, Blason, Voyages, et Explorations, 
Reliures anciennes armoriees, Livres curieux et rares. • ■ f • £ f ■ £• 

Vienna, Austria. — Gilhofer & Ranschburg, 1 Bognergasse 2, 1 Stock. — Anzeiger 
Nr. 85 des Antiquarischen Biicherlagers; Alchemie, Amerika, Arundel Society, 
Atlanten d. 16. Jahrh., Bohmische Drucke des 16. Jahrh., Chiromantie, 
Deutsches Heerwesen, Deutsche Landesgeschichte, Einbande, Elisabeth, 
Kaiserin von Oesterreich, Equipagen, Franzosische Revolution, Holzschnitt- 
werke u. andere Drucke des 16. Jahrh., Inkunabelu mit und ohne Holzschnitte, 
Krain, Litterature galante, Livres a figures du XVIIIe siScle, Maria An- 
toinette, Mode, Musik, Napoleon I., Pferde, Russland, Salzburg, Slovenische 
Drucke, Spielkarten, Topographien. Turnier, Van Dyk, Portrats,Wien, Wiener 
Drucke, Zurich. Also, Anzeiger Nr. 86 des Kunstantiquariates ; Kupferstiche, 
Holzschnitte Lithographien u. Aquarelle, Alte Meister, Aquarelle und Hand- 
zeichnungen, Kupferstiche u. Lithographien deutscher u. osterr. Meister d. 
18. u. 19. Jahrh., — Engl. u. franzos. Meister d. 18. Jahrh., Judaica, Polonica, 
Seltene Portrats, Russica, Sta.dteansich.ten und histor. Blatter, Ungarn, Wien. 
Also, Anzeiger Nr. 87 des Biicher- und Kunstantiquariates ; Autographen 
beriihmter Personlichkeiten, Urkenden, Historische Schriftstiicke. These 
important catalogues are illustrated with numerous reproductions of old and 
costly bindings, woodcuts and title pages from incunabula and other early- 
printed volumes of the greatest rarity, choice engravings and historical por- 
traits, &c. Catalogues are also obtainable on the subjects of Sport, Numis- 
matics, Music, Folklore, Africa, Military, &c. 

%* Catalogues received since going to press will be noticed in the next Part. 


Catalogue No. 15 of New and Second-hand Books 
now ready, containing over 450 items relating to Art, 
Music, Chap Books and Chap Songs, Pamphlets, 
Topography and Illustrated Books. Sent free on 

DESIDERATA Reports Wanted 

Old Maps and Atlases before 1680. Emblem Books before 1610. Annotated 
Books in any Language before 1630. Chap Books. Chap Songs (Collec- 
tions of). Baxter Prints. Sporting and other Coloured Prints. 



The terms for these advertisements are as follows : — 2d. per line ; names 
and addresses free. A reduction is made for a whole page, and a further reduction 
if a page is taken for a whole year. Firms whose names are followed by (A. )are 
members of the Association, and no references are necessary before supplying 
orders to them. Remittances should not be sent with the lists. The charge 
will be added to the next invoice. Lists intended for Part 4 should reach us by 
August 15th, or insertion cannot be guaranteed. 


Karslake & Co., 35 Pond St., Hamp- 
stead, N.W. (A.) 

Prints of the Thames, or of any place 
on or near it, from its Source to the 
Nore ; or portraits, autographs, &c. 
of persons connected with places 
on its banks. 

Portraits of Napoleon, his Family, 
Generals, Statesmen, &c, or any 
person, monarch, &c, in any way 
connected with his career ; also 
plates illustrating his Life and 
History. Imperfect sets and wat- 
er-stained impressions are bought, 
but not when stained with oil or 

Cruikshank plates, autographs, &c, 
anything relating to him'; imper- 
fect and stained sets bought ; runs 
of magazines illustrated by him ; 
&c, &c. 

Portraits generally suitable for extra- 
illustrating, autographs, &c. 

Leech (John)Portraitsconnectedwith 
him and steel plates by him (not 
woodcuts, except when in books). 

B.A.R., vol. 2, part 1. 

vol. 3, part 1. 

Collins (Mortimer) Thoughts in my 

Secret of Long Life. 

Inn of Strange Meetings. 

Letters on Demonology and Witch- 
craft, 1830 

Richmond, Surrey, anything connect- 
ed with, or with the neighbouring 
places, as Kew, Twickenham, &c. 

Gazette des Beaux Arts, complete 
set ; also for the years 1860, 1864, 
1895, 1896. 

Pyne's Royal Residences, plain 

Oliver Twist, 1863. 

Cruikshank's Table Book, reprint. 
Ditto Omnibus, reprint. 
Marchioness de Brinvilliers, reprint. 

Lightfoot (H. E.) 60 Chichele Rd., 
Cricklewood, N.W. 

Army Dress Regulations, before 1 855 
Campbell's Maritime Discovery, 1840 
Cromer & Sheringham items. 
Early Colonial Views. 
Eliza Cook's Melaia and other Poems, 

Hoole's Narrative Missions in Madras 

Milner's Astronomy and the Scripture 

New Year's Token or Christmas Pre- 
sent, 1836. 
R.T.S. Scripture Pocket Books, 1847 

to 1851. 
Child's Companion, 1846 to 1851 
Missionary Memorial, New York, 

Jullien's Musical Albums, 1849, 1851, 

2, 5, 6. 
The following Small Pocket Books 

pubd. by Suttaby's : 
Sovereign Pocket Book, 1847, 1858, 

Le Souvenir or Pocket Tablet, 1847- 

Poole's Select Pocket Remembran- 
cer, 1848. 
Poole's London Annual Repository, 

Carnau's Ladies' Complete Pocket 

Book, 1847, 8, 9. 
Baxter Colour Prints, loose or in 

Scrap Books. 


Leeds. Conlon (J.) 4 Vernon St. (A.) 

Wanted always, Job Lots of Fiction, 
Juveniles, and Various, 
your list direct to me. 


Ramsgate. Fletcher (H. A.) 45 King; 
Street (A.) 

Kent. Books or prints, any time. 
Bourrienne, Napoleon, 1836, vol. 4, 

Dickens. Any first editions or parts. 



Subscribers who purchased Notes front Sotheby's need not read this page. It 
is addressed to those who didn't purchase it, and it gives the opinions of those 
who did. 

Mr. William Downing, of Birmingham, says " I am delighted with Notes from 
Sotheby's. I spent all last evening in reading the volume, and shall not rest until 
I have gone quite through it." Another says, " It is an admirable work, and does 
you great credit ; of that there is no possible manner of doubt whatever." Anoth- 
er says, " We have received Notes from Sotheby's and we will keep it. I have 
looked through it with nuich pleasure. It contains a large amount of very 
interesting information which must have taken a great deal of getting together." 
Others say, " My hearty congratulations on your ' Notes.' " " I am very pleased 
with Notes from Sotheby's. It is a book which one can pick up at any moment and 
procure an immense amount of bibliographical information." " Enclosed please 
find cheque for Notes from Sotheby's. A very useful compilation." " It is a 
remarkable production, and as I know by experience that any work of yours, 
editing or original, is always accurate, will you kindly let me have another copy, 
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Manchester Libraries and Booksellers 

By C. W. SUTTON, M.A. 

BEFORE the foundation of the Chetham Library there had been several gifts 
and bequests of books to the Collegiate Church, the only organized cor- 
porate body in the town. Thus, Cardinal Langley in 1436 left a copy of 
the Flores Bemardi to the College of Manchester. In 1533, Henry Turton, a 
Chaplain of the Church, bequeathed a number of printed books. Henry Bury, 
who died in 1634 — note the interval of a hundred years between each recorded 
bequest — left £10 to buy books, " to be paid when they shall have a convenient 
place of their own, furnished with books for the common use of the parish to the 
worth of a hundred pounds, a tiling that may in my opinion soon be done in that 
great, rich and religious town." Though Lord Strange made a grant of the Derby 
Chapel within the Church, for the use of a library, and certain new books were ac- 
quired, it does not appear that the conditions of the legacy were fulfilled. Pro- 
bably the outbreak of the Civil Wars a few years later had its influence in divert- 
ing the parishioners' thoughts elsewhere However, between 1653 and 1655 the 
Rev. John Prestwich gave books to the town, and the Jesus Chapel was thought a 
fit place for them or any other books that might be given. The chapel was then 
roofless and greatly in need of repair, and a rate was levied on the inhabitants for 
its restoration. About the same time Humphrey Chetham's trustees carried out 
that benevolent founder's directions in placing a small library of chained books in 
the same Chapel. Interesting details are printed in Mr. R. C. Christie's "Old 
Church and School Libraries of Lancashire " with regard to the selection of the 
volumes for this and the other " Church Libraries " founded by Chetham and to 
their conveyance to and reception at Manchester. The books were almost entirely 
theological, and in course of time became neglected and many of them dilapidated, 
aud finally, to the discredit of the Warden and Fellows of the Collegiate Church, 
they were turned out and sold in 1829 and 1830. 

Since the Church became the Cathedral of the Diocese of Manchester a library 
has been formed, mainly if not entirely by gifts, for the use of the capitular body. 

Humphre}* Chetham, dying in 1653, instructed his feoffees to come to terms if 
possible for the purchase of the buildings called the College, formerly the Manor 
house of Manchester, and to convert it to the purposes of his intended Hospital (i. e. 
residence and school for poor boys), and public library After some delay the 
property was acqxiired and fitted up, and on August 5, 1656, the building was dedi- 
cated, Richard Hollinworth, chief assistant to Warden Heyrick at the Collegiate 
Church, and the earliest historian of the town, delivering a speech, an outline of 
which has been preserved. He " shewed that the house had formerly been the 
hall or manor house of the Grelles or Grelleys, Lords of Manchester, and was then 
called Baron's Court, or Baron's Yard. And afterwards it was built fin 1422] 
collegewise for the cohabitation of the Warden and Fellows of the Collegiate Church 
at Manchester, and called the College, and about one hundred years ago [1547] 
was alienated to the Earl of Derby .... He shewed also that from henceforth the 
said house could fitly and justly be named by no other name than by the name of 
Mr. Chetham's Hospital." 

The choice of books was left to Richard Johnson, who had been ejected from 
his Fellowship in the Collegiate Church by the Parliament and afterwards became 
Master of the Temple ; John Tilsley, the puritan Vicar of Deane, near Bolton ; 
and Richard Hollinworth. The books were bought in London and sent down in 
casks, and their arrangement was left to Henry Newcome and John Wickens, 
and others. The former was a greatly respected minister of the Collegiate Church, 
who declined to conform at the Restoration, and the latter was Master of the 
Grammar School. The shelving and bookcases which form such a striking feature 
of the Library were apparently modelled after the alcoves or " classes " at 
Merton College, Oxford. From the first the library has been open freely to all 
and has for many generations proved a great value to the literati of the district, 


though it is by no means so extensively used as in former days when it was without 
the rivals that now exist in the city. Still, its sixty or seventy thousand volumes 
include many treasures not to be found elsewhere, besides a large number of 
manuscripts of great importance. 

The first librarian was Richard Johnson, beforenamed, but the actual work 
was performed by his deputies until his death in 1575. The list of subsequent 
librarians includes the Rev. Nathaniel Banne, Rev. Francis Hooper, Robert Thyer, 
who published Samuel Butler's " Remains," Rev. John Radcliffe, compiler of the 
first printed Catalogue of the Library, Rev. S. H. Hindley, an Oriental scholar, 
Rev. John Taylor Allen, and Thomas Jones, B.A., who was librarian from 1845 to 
1875, and who did more than any of his predecessors for the enrichment of the 
Library. The Library was afterwards under the control for a number of years of 
the late Mr. James Crossley, President of the Chetham Society, and of Sir H. H. 
Howorth, as honorary librarians. 

The latter part of the 18th century, and the early years of the 19th, saw 
the foundation of several libraries of interest, but it will be convenient to deal first 
with the greater libraries at present in operation. These are, in point of time,the 
Public Free Libraries, the University Library and the John Rylands Library. 

The Manchester Public Free Libraries originated shortly after the passing of 
the Libraries Act of 1850, and to Sir John Potter, Mayor of the town, must be 
attributed their establishment. He was instrumental in starting a large subscrip- 
tion for this object. The first librarian was Mr. Edward Edwards, the chief 
author of public library legislation, and the library itself and the details of its 
management have proved models on which most subsequent free libraries have 
been formed The library was equipped and ready for work before the Act was 
adopted by the ratepayers, a few days before it was opened on September 1 , 1852. 
On that day there was such a gathering of distinguished men as has rarely been 
seen on such an occasion, among them being Thackeray, Dickens, Lytton, and 
others hardly less famous. The Library began with two divisions, the Reference 
Department with 16,013 volumes, and the Lending Department with 5,305 
volumes. In a few years branch libraries were opened, and these were gradually 
increased in number until there are now twenty-one branches scattered over the 
city. These branches contain in the aggregate about 230,000 volumes, while the 
Reference Library has 180,000 volumes. 

The Reference Library is one of the most efficient in the kingdom, and con- 
tains a number of interesting special collections, the most important being one of 
books relating to bibliography, printing, binding and other subjects connected with 
the production and preservation of books. This collection was formed and pre- 
sented by the late Mr. Thomas Greenwood, who at his death in 1908 left a sum of 
money for its augmentation. 

The jubilee of the Manchester Public Libraries was celebrated with con- 
spicuous success in April, 1903, by meetings held at the University and in the 
Free Trade Hall, when speeches were delivered in honour of the occasion by Lord 
Avebury, Bishop Moorhouse, and other eminent men. The following is a list of 
the successive librarians : Edward Edwards, 1851-57 ; R. W. Smiles, 1857-64 ; Dr. 
A. Crestadoro, 1864-79 ; C. W. Sutton, 1879- 

The University Library, which now contains considerably more than 100,000 
volumes, was begun in 1851 by a donation of 1,200 from Mr. James Hey wood, 
F.R.S. The beautiful building in which it is housed was the gift of the late Mr. 
Richard Copley Christie, who also bequeathed his own choice and valuable collec- 
tion of books, rich in editions of Horace, and in original editions of the works of 
the "Humanists" of the 16th century. The University is fortunate in being 
the custodian of several other remarkable memorial libraries and of collections 
formed by scholars in various subjects. Among these are the library of Dr. J. 
Prince Lee, first Bishop of Manchester (7,000 vols., history, art, etc.) ; that of 
Professor E. A. Freeman (6,000 vols., historical) ; the Hager Memorial Library 
(Greek law and Teutonic philology) ; the Robinson and Theodores Collections of 
Oriental literature ; Canon Hicks' collection of books on Greek inscriptions ; the 
Manchester Goethe Society's library relating to Goethe ; the Angus Smith Memor- 
ial Library (chemistry, physics, etc.) ; the Milnes Marshall Memorial Library 
(Zoology) ; and the Boyd Dawkins Collection of geological books. Among the 


book rarities is a copy of the first folio Shakespeare, presented by Sir E. Donner. 
The librarian is Mr. Charles Leigh. 

The John Rylands Library is but young in years but it is great in importance 
and well worth a pilgrimage to see. It is impossible in a brief sketch to attempt to 
describe the beauties of the building or the wonders of its contents. It was opened 
on October 6th. 1899, and is a memorial to the late Mr. JoluvRylands, a Manchester 
merchant, by whose widow it was created with loving care and lavish though 
judicious expenditure of money. Her original idea seems to have been to found 
a theological library, and she began about 1889 to make large purchases of books 
in that department of literature. Soon afterwards she broadened her scheme and 
acquired some thousands of costly and important books in other departments of 
learning. The collection had then already made considerable progress when, in 
1892, she secured for Manchester and for England the famous Althorp Library, 
which now forms one of the central features of the John Rylands Library. The 
other outstanding feature of the Library is the magnificent collection of Manu- 
scripts which Mrs. Rylands purchased in 1902 from the Earl of Crawford. These 
collections have elevated the John Rylands Library to a prominent position among 
the greatest libraries of the world, although in numbers it does not yet exceed, 
perhaps, 130,000 volumes. The number of specimens of books printed before the 
year 1500 is upwards of two thousand, most of them in the finest possible condition. 
There are more than fifty Caxtons, the first four folio Shakespeares, and original 
editions of many famous books, while the collection of bibles is one of the finest 
ever brought together. Such rarities, to describe which would take up many 
pages, form, however, but a comparatively small portion of the entire library, 
which embraces an abundant supply of " working tools " and other books needed 
by students of theology, philosophy, history, topography, archaeology, philology, 
and literature. For the augmentation of the Library and for its general mainten- 
ance Mrs. Rylands made very liberal provision during her lifetime, and at her 
death in 1908 she considerably increased her endowment. The library is con- 
trolled by a Council of Governors, and the librarian is Mr. Henry Guppy, M.A., by 
whom a number of scholarly special handbooks and bulletins has been compiled. 
Three large volumes of Catalogues of certain departments of the Collection of 
Oriental Manuscripts have recently been published, which will still further extend 
the reputation of this great library. 

There are other libraries which deserve extended notice, but they must here be 
summarily dealt with. The Salford Public Libraries were established in 1850 
under the Museums Act of 1844, and owe their origin to Mr. E. R. Langworthy, 
Mayor, and Mr. Joseph Brotherton, M.P. The System consists of a reference and 
a lending library at Peel Park, and five branch libraries, with a total of about 
90,000 volumes. Mr. B. H. Mullen, M.A. is the chief librarian. The literary 
and Philosophical Society, founded in 1781, has a large library rich in transactions 
of Scientific societies. The Portico Library, 40,000 volumes, was founded in 1804, 
as a proprietary library, and has a good collection of county histories, and a large 
number of 18th century pamphlets. Librarian, Mr. Ernest Marriott. The 
Manchester Medical Society, founded in 1834, has the largest medical library in 
the provinces, librarian, Mr. E. C. A. Clayton. The Law Library is another 
valuable professional collection. The Athenaeum, founded 1838, has a good 
general library, and there are about twenty other libraries connected with scientific 
societies, theological colleges, and other institutions. 

Two large subscription libraries flourished for many years but are now no 
more. The first was the Manchester Subscription Library, instituted about 1757, 
which had a collection of about 30,000 volumes. Its last home was in Newall's 
Buildings, Market Street, demolished in 1867 to make way for the new Royal 
Exchange. As the committee could not find suitable accommodation elsewhere 
the collection was dispersed by public auction in March that year. The second 
library was founded in 1792, and was long known as the Exchange Subscription 
Library from the circumstance that for a series of years it occupied rooms in the 
Old Exchange building. After leaving these premises it rested in several places — 
King'Street, Blackfriars Street, and King Street West — and was finally dissolved 
in'the early years of this century — its life being about the same as its elder brother, 
110 years. The Manchester Foreign Library was in existence from 1830~to 1903, 
when it was absorbed in the Public Library. 


It now remains to give some account of traders in hooks. We know that 
there were owners of private libraries in Manchester and neighbourhood in early 
times, but the first bookseller or stationer of whom we have any record was John 
Browne, who died in 1612. The next was William Shelmerdine, who died in 
February 1653-4, and is the only Manchester bookseller mentioned in Arber's 
" Index to the Term Catalogues." He was followed by Thomas Smith, who came 
from Barnstaple and stocked his shop in Manchester " with all sorts of Latin and 
English books." His name appears on the title pages of about a dozen books 
printed between 1643 and 1653. The name of Ralph Shelmerdine, " bookseller in 
Manchester," probably the son of William, is found as the publisher of books 
printed from 1656 to 1673 or later. The following three Manchester booksellers 
do not appear to have published anything. They were Nathaniel Heathcote, 
Abraham Holland and Robert Hilton. The name of Mordecai Moxon, who was in 
business during the years 1679 to 1692, is given on the title page of some copies 
of the first edition of Chetham's " Angler's Vade-Mecum," 1681, a very rare and 
interesting local book. Ephraim Johnson carried on a large business towards the 
end of the 17th century. John Dunton in his " Life and Errors," 1705, says that 
he thought it " necessary to be a knave, and as a consequence of it to walk off." 
Eight or nine books were printed for him between 1694 and 1699, including two 
by Zachary Taylor on the " Surey Demoniack," and several controversial writings 
by Thomas Gipps, rector of Bury. Zachary Whitworth, probably a Leeds man, 
published Chorlton's funeral sermon on Henry Newcome, and two replies to 
Thomas Gipps by James Owen. The next publisher was a woman, Ann Unsworth. 
She published two small volumes by Henry Pendlebury. Newcome considered 
her a meddlesome woman. Another Shelmerdine, John, son of Ralph, published 
two books in 1698 and 1699. 

There were several booksellers in active business in the early years of the 
eighteenth century. One of them was William Clayton, a member of the old Man- 
chester family, who learnt his business as an apprentice to Ephraim Johnson. He 
published two sermons in 1711-12 by Henry Newcome, rector of Middleton, and 
in 1719 brought out a small book which is memorable as the earliest product of a 
Manchester press. This was entitled " Mathematical Lectures ; being the first and 
second that were read to a Mathematical Society at Manchester, by the late in- 
genious Mathematician John Jackson." It was printed by Roger Adams, who also, 
in the same year, printed the first Manchester newspaper, entitled " The Man- 
chester Weekly Journal." He afterwards removed to Chester, and in 1730 com- 
menced the " Weekly Courant," which has been continued to the present day. 
Another of Clayton's publications was " An Introduction to the Skill of Music," 
by Betts, organist of Manchester Collegiate Church, 1724. This bookseller died in 
1725 aged 46, leaving two sons, William, who followed him in business and publish- 
ed Tilliemont's " Ecclesiastical Memoirs," a folio, edited by Deacon ; and John, 
who attained eminence as an Oxford Methodist in association with John Wesley, 
and as a leading " Jacobite Clergyman " at Manchester. 

John Whitworth, who died in 1727, aged 64, published sermons by Aldred, 
Mottershead, and Jones, Presbyterian Preachers, between 1716 and 1720, and 
was succeeded by his son Robert, who became the most prolific printer and pub- 
lisher the town had seen. He was the Whig bookseller, and his shop " The Three 
Bibles," opposite the Exchange, was resorted to by the Presbyterians and adher- 
ents of the Low Church Party, though he was not shunned by others, as is shown 
by John Byrom, the Jacobite poet, being a customer of his in 1737. He published 
a newspaper, the " Manchester Magazine," which was the journal of the Whigs, 
and occasioned more than one good humoured epigram from Byrom's pen. Whit- 
worth, besides printing a number of sermons and tracts, issued Smethurst's 
" Tables of Time," 1732, two astronomical treatises by Robert Wright, 1732-4, 
" Poems on several occasions," 1733, Gore's " Vulgar Arithmetic," 1733, Saxton's 
" Merchant's Companion," 1737, " A Complete History of the Bible," 1738, " The 
Imitation of Christ," 1740, and an interesting volume of " Essays against Popery, 
Slavery, and Arbitrary Power, published during the late unnatural Rebellion, in 
the years 1745 and 1746." The first edition of Tim Bobbin's " Lancashire 
Dialect," circa. 1746, is said to have been published by him. He did not prosper 
greatly in business, for his name got into the Gazette in 1759. He died in 1772 
aged 65. 


John Hodges was a bookseller whose name is attached to books published 
from 1728 to 1746. John Berry was connected with the " Manchester Journal," 
a local newspaper for a few years beginning in 1736, and in 1741, in conjunction 
with Russell Casson, he published a very valuable map of Manchester. Joseph 
Harrop is one of the best known of Manchester booksellers and printers of the 
latter half of the 18th century. He was born in 1727, and in 1752 produced the 
first number of his newspaper " Harrop's Mercury," which ran for 77 years. He 
printed many books, large and small. His long life of usefulness and prosperity 
was ended in 1804. 

Contemporary with Harrop were at least a dozen booksellers, some of whom, 
however, flourished only a short time. Abraham Clarke, " bookseller, stationer 
and bookbinder, at the Bible and Crown," founded a business that was continued 
by his nephews Isaac, William, and Joseph, until well on in the 19th century. 

Thomas Anderton, of the Shakespeare's Head, near the Market Cross, was in 
business in 1756, and in 1762 began a newspaper called " The Manchester Chroni- 
cle, or Anderton' s Universal Advertiser, " and in 1763 a periodical which he 
styled " The Lancashire Magazine or Manchester Museum." 

John Haslingden was already a bookseller when he married in 1760. He 
published an edition of Tim Bobbin's Works in 1775 and others in 1793 and 1803. 
The last named edition may have been issued by James Haslingden, probably 
a son of John. In 1736, Alfred Schofield printed the " Manchester Journal," but 
it is uncertain when it stopped. His brother, James or John, in partnership with 
M. Turnbull, revived the paper and the name in 1754. This had a career perhaps 
as short as its predecessor. They appear to have had a bookshop. " A General 
History of Apparitions " came out with their imprint in 1754. 

Thomas Newton, and afterwards his brother William, had a good connection 
as booksellers. The former died in 1758, and the latter in 1794. William had the 
good fortune to marry, in 1762, Sarah Parren, " an agreeable young lady with a 
handsome fortune." He issued an edition of Defoe's New Family Instructor in 

Still another " Manchester Journal " was brought out in 1771. The publisher 
was John Prescott, printer and bookseller, Old Millgate. It ceased long before 
his death, which took place in 181 1, at the age of 79. 

Charles Wheeler, born in 1756, began as a printer when he was only 
twenty-one, when he published an edition of Law's " Call to Professors." 
In 1781 he issued the first number of "Wheeler's Manchester Chronicle," 
a journal which had a great success and was continued under his own 
editorship until his death in 1827, and afterwards under that of his son John. A 
number of miscellaneous books comes from this press. It does not appear that 
the family were ever regular booksellers. One member of it wrote a useful " His- 
tory of Manchester." Another was a serjeant-at-law. Benjamin Wheeler began 
as a bookseller about 1823, but he may not have been one of this stock. B. 
Wheeler's firm is still in existence, chiefly as newsagents, and is by far the oldest 
house of the kind in Manchester. 

In 1785 a printer named Imison was at work at Manchester, where he pro- 
duced one or two books which are now rare. He was an ingenious mechanician, 
who not only cast his own type, but engraved the cuts that " embellished " his 
books. He died in 1791. 

Matthew Palkner, bookseller, stationer, and lettercase maker, son of another 
bookseller of his own name, published in 1792 the " Manchester Herald," a 
newspaper of such radical tendencies that it excited the ire of the Church and 
King mob, and led them to wreck his premises. He is said to have fled to America 
whence he returned some years later. He died at Burnley in 1824 at the age of 

Other printers whose publications are sometimes met with were John 
Radford, whose edition of Head's " English Rogue " is dated 1786, and Thomas 

Nearer the end of the century came William Cowdroy. In partnership with 
T. Boden, he started the " Manchester Gazette," in 1794, of which he was editor 
from that date until his death in 1814. He was a man of ability and wit, and 
his paper was one of the most readable in the country. He published many separ- 
ate books. His sons were also printers and newspaper men. 


George Swindells, who died at the age of 36 in 1796, was a well-known printer 
of chap-books and ballads. He also published in numbers an edition of the Holy 
Bible, folio. The business was continued by bis son John Swindells, who died 
in 1853, and A. Swindells, perhaps a brother of George. 

The last name reminds us of another publisher of small books of quite a differ- 
ent kind ; this was George Nicholson, a Yorkshireman, a man of originality and 
literary taste and ability. He published a series of well-printed poetical and prose 
selections and reprints, which were afterwards re-issued under the title of the 
" Literary Miscellany." After leaving Manchester, he settled at Ludlow, where 
he continued these books, and others of which he was the author or compiler. He 
died at Stourport in 1825. 

One must not forget Mrs. Raffald, who, although a cook, confectioner, and 
landlady of an inn, was also a publisher and brought out the first Manchester 
Directory that was ever published. The Directory is dated 1772 and was so 
successful that a new edition was published the following year. She was the 
author also of one of the best cookery books of her time — " The Experienced 
English Housekeeper." 

Another Directory compiler was James Pigot, who began business an an en- 
graver and copper-plate printer, but made his mark as the publisher of directories 
not only for Manchester but for other parts of the country. He was succeeded 
by his apprentice, Isaac Slater, who for a long series of years devoted himself 
to similar publications. He died at a very advanced age in 1883, after which the 
business was continued by his son, but has now been amalgamated with the firm 
of Kelly's Limited. 

The Manchester booksellers and publishers of the nineteenth century have 
been so numerous that it is only possible to name the more prominent, even if 
we do not go beyond those that were in business prior to 1860. 

One noteworthy publisher was Joseph Aston, author of an excellent " Man- 
chester Guide " dated 1804, the precursor of a long series of similar handbooks 
He also wrote and published :' The Metrical Records of Manchester," and many 
other books ; but bis chief venture was a newspaper " The Manchester Exchange 

During the first quarter of the century there were several second-hand book- 
sellers in a large way of business who issued important catalogues, some of which 
are still prized by collectors ; these booksellers were James Thomson, Ebenezer 
Thomson, Robinson and Ellis, and especially William Ford. The last named had 
an unrivalled bibliographical knowledge and had customers among the greatest 
collectors in that great day of collectors. 

Omitting many names of more or less interest we may proceed to that of John 
Gray Bell, a native of Newcastle-on-Tyne, who settled in Manchester in the fifties 
as a second-hand bookseller, He paid special attention to topographical books 
and prints and issued many interesting catalogues, some of which contained 
literary supplements by himself and customers. While at Manchester, where he 
died in 1866, he published a folio volume entitled " Genealogical Account of the 
Descendents of John of Gaunt." One of his contemporaries was Thomas Hayes, 
who for some years was one of the principal provincial booksellers. On bis re- 
tirement, he sold his large stock to Henry Sotheran & Co., of London, by whom the 
business was carried on under the management of Mr. W. N. Pitcher, who sub- 
sequently acquired the business in his own right. 

In 1848 Thomas Sutton began business as a second-hand bookseller in Shude- 
hill, and he obtained in the trade a considerable reputation for his wide knowledge 
of books. His third son, the late Richard H. Sutton, started on his own account 
in 1876, and before his early death in 1889 occupied a leading position among local 
booksellers. Thomas Sutton took into partnership in 1879 his youngest son, Albert 
Sutton, who, since his father's death in 1883, has carried on the business in his 
own name. 

The late James Edward Cornish came to Manchester in 1854 and soon after 
began his practice, which was speedily followed by many other booksellers, of 
allowing a discount of 2d. in the shilling off new books. He long held the first 
place among the new booksellers in Manchester. It was chiefly as a new 


This early and very eminent English printer, who flourished towards the 
middle of the sixteenth century, was born in St, Peter's parish, Dunwich, 
in the county of Suffolk. He is thought to have learnt the art of printing 
from Gibson, one of whose devices he frequently used. He begin the 
printing business in conjunction with William Seres, a little above Holborn 
conduit, about the year 1544. In 1549 he removed to the neighbourhood 
of St. Anne's church, Aldersgate-street, where he built a printing office. 
He had shops however in other parts of the town for the sale of his books. 
It is conjectured that he forbore printing during the reign of Queen Mary ; 
but it is evident, from his subsequent publications, that he must in that 
interval have applied himself to the improvement of his art. He was the 
first in England who printed in the Saxon letter, and he contributed to 
bring the Greek, Italic, and other characters to great perfection. He was 
considered by Archbishop Parker, by whom he was frequently employed, 
as excelling his contemporaries in his art. When the Stationers' Company 
obtained their charter from Philip and Mary he was the first person 
admitted to their livery He was chosen warden in the years 1564, 1566, 
1571, and 1575, and served the office of master in 1580. In 1583 he trans- 
ferred to the company his right to certain books and copies, for the benefit 
and relief of their poor. He died, July 23, 1584, having carried on the 
business of a printer with great reputation and success for 40 years He 
was buried in the parish church of Bradley Parva, in Suffolk. A monument 
has been raised to his n emory, on which aie inlaid the effigies of himself, 
his wife, and family : there is also upon it an inscription in the old English 
letter, recording his services in the cause of the reformation, by his various 
publications, particularly by Fox's Acts and Monuments, and intimating 
that he had two wives, and numerous children by each. Day printed 
several editions of the Bible, besides the works of the Martyrs, of Archam, 
and other standard writers of that age. 

(The name of John Day occurs so frequently among the " Records " that 
it is thought probable that this reproduction of a portrait of him, engraved 
about 1800 and accompanied by the above brief biography, may be of 
interest. — Ed.) 


bookseller and publisher that he was known, but about twenty-five years ago he 
had bequeathed to him the wonderful stock of old books formed by Thomas 
Kerslake of Bristol, and for a number of years he issued interesting catalogues of 
portions of this stock. Mr. Cornish died in December, 1903. 

The large publishing, bookselling, printing, and newsagency firms of Abel 
Heywood and John Heywood have been in existence for more than two generations. 
Abel and John were brothers, but were not in business together. The former in 
his earlier years was identified with the circulation of Chartist tracts and other 
publications of Cleave, Hetherington, and other advanced publishers, and engaged 
in the battle against " taxes on knowledge." He cultivated a wholesale trade 
among the booksellers in the towns and villages throughout Lancashire, and in 
this direction was eminently successful. In the course of his career he published a 
large number of books ; he engaged strenuously in public life, and was a member of 
the Manchester Corporation from its beginning in 1838. He was twice Mayor of 
Manchester and was the principal figure at the opening of the Town Hall in 1876. 
He died in 1893, when the management of the business was assumed by his son 
Abel Heywood, junior, who had been in partnership with his father for many 
years. It is carried on at the original premises in Oldham Street. 

John Hey wood's business was on similar lines to that of his brother, with 
the exception that he did not make a speciality of the " advanced " publications 
above alluded to. He began in Deansgate, not far from the present huge premises. 
For a short time he was a member of the Manchester Corporation, but evidently 
had not a strong tendency towards public life. He died at the age of 60 in 1864, 
when John Heywood the second succeeded him as sole owner of the concern. 
Under his hands the branches of the business became widely extended ; type- 
founding, making of school furniture, and other departments being added to the 
operations of the house. In his turn he died comparatively early, when John 
Heywood the third entered into possession, but unfortunately his life was not 
spared for more than a year or two. Since then the firm has been formed into a 
limited company for the benefit of the surviving relatives of its last two heads. 


The following is the name of an American book-buyer to whom catalogues 
should be sent : — 

W. E. Baker, Esq., 27 William Street, New York City. 

* * * 

A new bibliographical publication, entitled The Irish Book Lover has just 
appeared. The " Foreword " to No. 1 best explains its purpose : — 

" The aim and scope of this little venture will be apparent from a 
perusal of this, our first number. We hope to form a connecting link 
between all lovers of Irish books and books relating to Ireland, where- 
ever published ; to indicate where these latter may be procured, and to 
assist readers in securing them. We shall deal with Irish Typography, 
Bibliography, and kindred subjects, whilst noticing briefly or at length, 
all new works, the product of the pens of Irish men and women. We have 
been promised the co-operation and assistance of many well-known in the 
world of letters, and we shall spare no pains to make ' The Irish Book Lover ' 
interesting and useful." 

Then follows an account of John Power, who issued The Irish Literary 
Enquirer, and articles on the Beaufoy Sale, the private press at Duncairn, Belfast, 
and on Honours for Irish Scholars ; also Reviews, Gossip ; Notes from the North, 
notices of booksellers' catalogues, and a list of " Wants." There will be twelve 
monthly Nos. for a subscription of 2/ -, and it is published by Messrs. Whyte and 
Salmond, The Manor House, Kensal Green, London, N.W. Dr. J. S. Crone, J. P., 
is the editor. Subscribers have the privilege of advertising three lines of " Wants, 
Sale, or Exchange" without charge. It is a venture warmly to be commended to 

all interested in Irish literature. 

* * * 

Great Thoughts, May 15, 1909, contains an illustrated article on " St. Paul's 
and its Library," by Wilfrid Brown, formerly of Newton Abbot, and now manager 
of the West London Book Store, King's Road, Chelsea. 


I can strongly recomneiid The Book of Trade Set rets, issued by Messrs. Haslam 
& Co., 15 Broad Street Place, E.C., for 1 •' . I bought a copy myself, and it has 
been extremely useful in the extra-illustrating and print department. 

* * * 

Mr. Samuel Hales, of 2 Brownlow Hill, Liverpool, has taken premises at 
No. 4 Newman's Row, Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C., on the identical spot where for 
so many years was the late Mr. James Sage's shop. It is an ideal location for a 
bookseller's, as it has no wheeled traffic, yet is only a few steps from the busy 
hum of Holborn, and is a place where buyers can loiter and turn over books. The 
Liverpool business will still be carried on, but Mr. Hales himself will reside in 
London. Everybody who knows Mr. Hales will wish him prosperity and content 
in his new departure. 

* * * 

Mr. Lionel W. Jones, of 56 High Street, Folkestone, has issued the first No. 
of a new contribution to bibliographical journalism. It is entitled The Book 
Exchange, and is a meritorious attempt to supply what is felt to be a " want." 
What is meant in future to be the principal feature is " Exchanges, Sales, and 
Wants," by members of " The Book Exchange," and this is supplemented by 
Editorial Articles, Reviews, Correspondence, and " Boreings " by the Book- Worm. 
The first No. is naturally of modest dimensions, but we all have to be babes before 
attaining to the " grown-up " stage, and we may at least give a hearty welcome to 
the little stranger in the interesting land of bibliography. 

* * * 

The abominable plan of wire-stitching should never be resorted to in the case 
of catalogues. I know of a recent instance in which a collector, in smoothing out 
a page to read, tore his finger with the wire, and vowed he woidd never open 
another catalogue from that firm. In another case an American binder punctured 
his hand while " stripping " a volume; and, the wire being rusty, he died from 
blood-poisoning. Wire-stitching is cheap, and also nasty, and if it loses custom- 
ers it is the dearest possible method. 

* * * 

Members of the Association are asked to remember that the whole of the 
profits upon the sale of " Attic Salt " belong to that body. It sells at 3/6 net., 
and costs 2/6 net., and every copy sold produces about 1 Id. for the Association. 
It is not a book for one season but for all time, and will sell year after year. 
Finally, it is supplied, carriage free, on sale, so there is no responsibility and no 
expense incurred through having it. 

* * * 

In vol. 4 (page xliv), a list was given of subjects for illustration which would 
be included in B.A.R. These, having been promised, will of course appear in 
time. The only reason they have not already done so is that they have been 
shunted through the interest shown in the series of articles on the libraries, 
printers, and booksellers of the more important centres of population. 

* * * 

May one plead for the more general use of the typewriter ? Of course there 
is more sentiment, and some indication of character, in handwriting, and personal- 
ly I prefer it. But when it comes to matters of business the purpose of a letter is 
before all, that it should be understood, and this is impossible, or well-nigh so, in 
some cases. Many booksellers are writing letters, or matter for the printers, all 
day long, and it is to their interest that their communications should be beyond 
doubt. I speak with feeling on the subject as wretched scrawls sometimes reach 
me, requiring much time to puzzle out. Good second-hand machines can now be 
purchased very cheaply,. and their use can be learnt in a week. The saving of 
time in catalogue-work is tremendous, to say nothing of making everything as 
clear as daylight for the much-maligned printer, who often suffers for the sins of 
others. It was, I believe, Horace Greeley who wrote such a wretched hand that 
one line of a poem which he intended to be something as follows 

" The maiden clasped her hands and prayed " 
was set up as 

" The moon climbed up the hill and brayed." 
But that was before the days of typewriters. 


In July died Mr. Alexander Anderson, Chief Librarian of Edinburgh Univer- 
sity, not one of the least-remarkable of Scotland's self-made men. We learn from 
the pages of The Clique that in boyhood he was employed in a stone quarry, and 
was afterwards a surfaceman on a railway. He learnt French, German, Italian 
and Spanish in order to be able to read the works of the master-minds of those 
languages in the original ; published several volumes of poems ; and was eventual- 
ly appointed to the post in which he died. The Clique concludes by quoting the 
following verse from one of his poems, a verse which, to any who have had the su- 
preme fortune to be happily-wed, causes that curious feeling known as " cold 
water ruuning down your back," and I make no apology for reproducing it here : 

The years they come, the years they go, 

And as they go still stealing 
They take away the early glow 

And all the finer feeling ; 
But still I feel against my cheek 

That touch of hair so golden ; 
There are no pleasures that can speak 

Like pleasures that are olden. 

It reminds you of the time when you used to roam the fields 

" With an indolent arm round a darling waist" 

as Mortimer Collins sings in his "Summer Song." And although you see all the 
worst side of life in the Daily Paper it must be remembered that by far the larger 
proportion of marriages are happy, and in many cases very happy ones. 

* * * 

The Civil List recently provided for the unmarried female descendants of a 
famous novelist. Whereat some pained surprise was expressed. There need be 
no surprise at all, for it by no means argues that because a man emerges out of 
the ruck of the common people and becomes the most famous literary giant of the 
time that, therefore, his descendants will continue the tradition of supreme 
capability. It is, in fact, generally the reverse, and there are not often two 
William Pitts. Genius exhausts itself in a generation by its own volcanic energy. 
The type reverts to its original status, and the great men's sons are nobodies. 
That is perhaps the last word that can be said upon the subject. 

* * * 

In a letter by Lord Beaconsficld, sold at Sotheby's this year, there is an amus- 
ing sentence : — 

" They tell me that Lockhart has been abusing me in Fraser. I should 
like to see it. Why anyone should take the trouble of abusing me I cannot 
make out, as I am not aware that I have been particularly successful lately." 
Now isn't it a curious fact that directly a man succeeds all the nincompoops set to 
work to show what a fool he is ? But it was Beaconsfield who invented that 
immortal phrase, " The critics are those who have failed in literature and art." 
The incapable ones are every ready to tell you how much better they would have 
done your work if they had only had half a chance. Beaconsfield's mots are always 
arriding. They " touch the spot " so completely. 

The word " respectfully " should never be used by a bookseller, since it 
smacks of the want of the best of all qualities — se//-respect. Leave it to butchers 
and bakers and such folk to make use of because they know no better. 
The formal phrase " Your obedient servant " is infinitely better, because it is 
known to be only formal, and would be used by a Rothschild or any other million- 
aire in his business communications. But " respectfully " — never. It savours too 
much of the servants' hall for booksellers to write. No gentleman would ever 
say he was "respectfully" anybody's, and booksellers, of all traders, should try 
to be worthy of the term. I am reminded of the subject by the receipt of a 
circular by a firm which " respectfully " asks for orders for its goods, and naturally 
the last thing possible is to respect the firm for the way in which it puts its 
request. The firm in question was of course not in the world of bookselling. 


Among the amusing things one sees in print is such a sentence as " when taken 
out of the water he was quite dead." The writer invariably fails to explain how 
any person can be other than either altogether dead or alive. He cannot be 
partly so, but merely one or the other. And this is what looseness of expression 
brings a man to ! 

* * * 

Sir Theodore Martin, part-author with Prof. Aytoun of the delightful Bon 
Gaultier Ballads, died the other day, aged 92. A couple of years ago I saw him one 
day at Sotheby's, and it was difficult to realize that so sprightly and vigorous a 
man could be in his nineteenth lustrum. When asked one day what was the 
secret of his youth he replied, " Work ! Work ! Work ! " He was never indiscreet 
enough to " retire " from work, a step which, to a man of affairs, means rust and 
death. If one must retire the only chance of prolongation of life is to take up a 
hobby, and to work as hard at that as formerly at business. 

* * * 

If any man ever has, by any chance whatever, influence over his fellows it is 
surely his duty to use it if and when he considers he may do so to their advantage. 
The following is an excerpt from a review in a London " Daily " of Mr. David 
Grayson's " Adventures in Contentment." 

' I have come back," he says, " with the feelings that human nature, at 
bottom, is sound and sweet." And the secret of it all is — Work.' 
The next extract from the book is 

' I will not sell it you. I will give it you outright. The best things are always 
And the final paragraph of the review is as follows : — 

' There, I think, is the spirit of Mr. Grayson's content in a nutshell. " The 
best things are always given," and they are given only to those who know 
how to hold out humble hands for the gift. Seeking for happiness upon the 
highway, tearing along in its pursuit in a cloud of dust with the noise of many 
thunders up hill and down, day and night, man wears out body and soul, 
and drives his engine over the cliff at last, to vanish in irretrievable ruin. 
" The best things are always given," and given to those who learn to labour 
and to wait : 

Not here, nor there, but in a self forgot, 
Content is found of those who seek her not.' 
These three extracts furnish tons of philosophy for the over-wearied business-man 
if [he will but give heed. The happiest person I have ever known is a woman, 
and she is so because she has never sought contentment and, therefore, it always 
comes to her. 

* * * 

The short-sightedness of not adding to one's library of reference is illustrated 
by the fact that a London bookseller gave me a guinea for Notes from Sotheby's on 
the off-chance of some day finding a note in it that would be serviceable. He 
has just told me that within three minutes of receiving his copy he saw on the 
eighth page a note respecting a book which the day before he had priced £10 10s. 
The note was so interesting that he printed it, and raised the price of the book to 
£13 13s., and, what is more, the book was one of the first ordered from the next 
catalogue. So he at once paid for the cost of Notes from Sotheby's and made £2 2s. 
into the bargain, and has his copy of Notes to use indefinitely. Now, I am more 
than satisfied with the sale of Notes from Sotheby's so am not growling about it, 
but will it be believed that one or two dealers in old and scarce books 
returned their copies, and said they could do without them ? The bookseller to 
whom I have referred is a general dealer, and old and scarce books are not the rule 
but the exception in his stock, but, he has enterprise, and does not hesitate to 
cast a guinea on the waters when his judgment tells him there is a fair chance of it 
being some day returned with interest. In the present case he got what enterprise 
deserves, viz. immediate results. But when a bookseller tells me he can do with- 
out books of reference I feel inclined to reply it is about time he put the shutters 
up and did without a place of business. 

35 Pond Street, Hampstead, N.W. 



N. B. — All Booksellers should put us on their list of names, as one never knows where, 
in any part of the world, a notice of a catalogue attracts attention and leads 
to business. In addition, we constantly make purchases ourselves of books 
of prints, portraits, etc. 


Cambridge. Galloway & Porter, 30 Sidney Street. — Recent Purchases ; a Cata- 
logue of Second-hand Books ; Botany, Classical Books, Fiction, History, Ire- 
land, Language, Philosophy, Economics, &c, Theology, Topography. 

Carlisle. Thurnam & Sons, The Library, 11 English Street. — Catalogue of Inter- 
esting and Rare Books in all Classes of Literature, also a small selection 
of Local Pamphlets and Prints, including the rare first edition of 
George Meredith's Poems, with the Slip of Errata ; Ingoldsby Legends, first 
edition in the first state, with letter signed by Barham ; Ackermann's Micro- 
cosm of London ; Apperley'sLi/e of a Sportsman, 1842, fine copy ; Haywarde's 
Lives of the Norman Kings of England, 1613 ; and other very desirable items. 

Leeds.— J. Conlon, Bookseller, 4 Vernon Street. — Catalogues issued at intervals, 
containing Various Literature, all priced moderately. Send for latest 

Joseph Milligan, Welton Mount. — Catalogue of a Choice Collection of Books, 

being recent purchases from various private libraries, mostly in fine condition, 
comprising Works relating to America ; Books on Birds, including Seebohm, 
Yarrell, Morris, Shelley, etc. ; a few good books on Bees ; First Editions of 
Modern Authors ; A' Beckett's Comic England and Comic Rome, and many 
other First Editions ; Books illustrated by Bewick, Cruikshank, Rowland- 
son ; Coloured Plate Books ; Numerous Works relating to Ireland, York- 
shire, etc., including Foster's Pedigrees of the County Families, York- 
shire Archaeological and Topographical Society's Journal ; a few Books on 
Wales, including a small remainder of Mrs. Emily Pritchard's Cardigan 
Priory in the Olden Days. A Catalogue well worthy the perusal of the 
Collector, Student, or Scholar. 

London.— Bligh & Co., 69, Great Queen Street, Kings way, W. C— Catalogue No. 
1 of Books on sale at the Herrick Antiquarian Book Stores, including a 
" Vinegar " Bible, on large paper, 1717 ; Camden's Britannia, best edition ; 
French's Art of Distillation, 1653 ; Guillim's Display of Heraldry, 1679 ; 
Nicholay's Navigations, 1585 ; a copy of the 1503 edition of Horatius, with 
numerous MS. notes by Melancthon ; &c. The catalogue is admirably printed 
and is a most promising commencement. 

- John Buchanan, 49 Great Queen Street, Kingsway, W.C.— Catalogue 
No. 118, containing iEsop's Fables, 1666, Coleman's Scenes from the Snow- 
fulds, 1859; Cotgrave's French <&- English Dictionary, 1611 ; Johnson's 
Dictionary, first edition, 1655 ; many books of Voyages and Travels, all in 
good condition, and very moderately priced. 

Day's Library, Ltd., 96, Mount Street, W.— Supplementary List of Recent 

Surplus Library Books, and others, offered in good condition at Greatly 
Reduced Prices. 

— Henry Gray, 1 Churchfield Road East, Acton, W. — Gray's Book Bulletin, Stock 
vSeries, Nos. 1 & 2 ; Books, MSS. and Prints, Antiquarian and Miscellaneous, 
English and Foreign, including Latest Purchases, County Registers, Family 
Pedigrees, Voyages, &c. 

George T. Juckes, 35 St. Martin's Court, W.C. — Bibliotheca Curiosia, being a 
special classified and annotated Catalogue of Books on Goethe, Faust, Magic, 
Witchcraft, The Devil, Hell, Folklore, Alchemy, Spiritualism, Divination, 


Superstitious, and other Curious Subjects. Being the first portion of the 
library of a well-known collector, privately purchased. The larger portion 
consists of curious German Literature, from 1555 onwards, many entries 
having copious notes, mostly upon occult subjects. Also, Catalogue No. 195, 
of Choice Books in all Classes of Literature, including important recent pur- 
chases from Private and Public sources, among them being a collection of 
Original Drawings by Kate Greenaway, Picart's Religious Ceremonies, large 
paper, 1733-37 ; a Presentation Book from Frederick the Great ; aud Unique 
Set of Vanity Fair Cartoons of leading actors, with autographs. 

Maurice & Co., 23, Bedford Street, Strand, W.C. — Catalogue of an Interesting 

Selection of Engraved Portraits of Legal, Historical, Literary, Naval, Military, 
Medical, and other Persons noted in the Political and Social History of various 

Pickering & Chatto, 66, Haymarket, S.W.— The Book-Lovers Leaflet, No. 

1 59, being a Catalogue of Scarce and Valuable Books, new purchases, from im- 
portant collections and private sources, consisting throughout of books of 
great interest, value and importance, mainly in old English Literature, and 
examples of Early Printing such as Richard Rolle of Hampole's Contemplacyon 
of the Drede and Loue of God, printed by Wynkyn de Worde about 1 500, a 
fine copy in morocco, by Riviere, £135. Notes of bibliographical value are 
scattered through the pages of the catalogues issued by this firm. 

John P. Reuter, 1J9 Shaftesbury Avenue, W.C. Catalogue of a Miscellane- 
ous Collection of Books, English and Foreign, recently purchased, including 
editions from 1494 to the present day. 

George Winter, 52 Charing Cross Road, W.C. — Catalogue No. 58 of Books 

selected from Recent Purchases from various sources, including many inter- 
esting items relating to Art, Biography, Egypt, Folk Lore, Music, India, and 
the East, Travels, Voyages, and Woodcut Illustrations, including a few First 
Editions, an example of the Plantin Press, 1585, &c. 

Manchester. P. M. Barnard, M.A., 85 Bridge Street. — Catalogue No. 4 of Miscel- 
laneous Books (including a section on Trade, Commerce, etc.) from the 16th 
century to the 19th. As showing the care with which these catalogue.-, are 
compiled, a full collation of Blith's English Improver Improved, 1652, is 
given, that in Hazlitt being stated to be " incorrect and confused." 

Tunbridge Wells.— P. M. Barnard, M.A., 10 Dudley Road.— Illustrated Catalogue 
of Incunabula, Service Books, and Books of Liturgical Interest. An impor- 
tant catalogue, of 78 pages, with an Index to the Incunabula, which are 
arranged in Proctor's order. Justice could not be done to such a catalogue 
in the brief notice possible here, and all one can say is that every collector of 
this class of literature should write for the catalogue. There are 13 
reproductions from missals, books of " Hours," etc., and in many cases the 
prices seem extraordinarily moderate in view of the very full descriptive 

Southampton.— Henry March Gilbert & Son, 24 Above Bar.— Catalogue No. 229 
of Second-hand Books, Ancient and Modern, in various branches of Litera- 
ture, with Addenda of Books on Naval Subjects and Yachting ; 550 items, 
including one of the rarest examples of Dickensiana, being Sibson's Sketches 
of Expeditions from the Pickwick Club, 10 plates, with letterpress, 1838, 
£18 18s. Od. 

Wrexham. — Frank Crowe, Bank Street. — Catalogues Nos. 27-28 of Miscellaneous 
Books, principally Archaeological, Historical, and Topographical, with 
Special Collections on Folk-lore, Military, Napoleon, Shakespeare, etc., 
chiefly from the Library of H. Southam, Esq. Some First Editions of 
Thackeray items are included, in fine state. 

%* Catalogues received since going to press will he noticed in the next part. 



The terms for these advertisements are as follows : — 2d. per line ; names 
and addresses free. A reduction is made for a whole page, and a further reduction 
if a page is taken for a whole year. Firms whose names are followed by (A.)are 
members of the Association, and no references are necessary before supplying 
orders to them. Remittances should not be sent with the lists. The charge 
will be added to the next invoice. Lists intended for next Part should reach us 
by January 15th, or insertion cannot be guaranteed. 


Karslake & Co., 35 Pond St., Hamp 
stead, N.W. (A.) 

Prints of the Thames, or of any place 
on or near it, from its Source to the 
Nore ; or portraits, autographs, &c. 
of persons connected with places 
on its banks. 

Portraits of Napoleon, his Family, 
Generals, Statesmen, &c, or any 
person, monarch, &c., in any way 
connected with his career ; also 
plates illustrating his Life and 
History. Imperfect sets and wat- 
er-stained impressions are bought, 
but not when stained with oil or 

Cruikshank plates, autographs, &c, 
anything relating to him ; imper- 
fect and stained sets bought ; runs 
of magazines illustrated by him ; 
&£, &c. 

Portraits generally suitable for extra- 
illustrating, autographs, &c. 

Leech ( John)Portraits connectedwith 
him and steel plates by him (not 
woodcuts, except when in books). 

B.A.R., vol. 2, part 1. 

vol. 3, part 1. 

Collins (Mortimer) Secret of Long 

Inn of Strange Meetings. 

Letters on Demonology and Witch 
craft, 1830 

Richmond, Surrey, anything connect- 
ed with, or with the neighbouring 
places, as Kew, Twickenham, &c. 

Gazette des Beaux Arts, complete 
set ; also for the years 1860, 1864, 
1895, 1896. 

Pyne's Royal Residences, plain 

Oliver Twist, 1863. 

Cruikshank's Table Book, reprint. 

Ditto Omnibus, reprint. 

Marchioness de Brinvilliers, reprint. 


Leeds. Conlon (J.) 4 Vernon St. (A.) 

Wanted always, Job Lots of Fiction, 
Juveniles, and Various. Send 
your list direct to me. 

Norwich. Humph ris ( H. E.) St. Giles'. 


Blomefield & Parkin's History of 
Norfolk. Odd vols. Perfect or 
imperfect. All editions. 



This publication is now complete from the commencement in 
1902 to the present date. 

Volume 1, Part 1, contains 14,013 Records for the Season 1902-3, in one 
alphabet (thus avoiding the necessity for an Index). It contains also 
a view of John Keats' house at Hainpstead; a plate of the Mulberry- 
tree under which he wrote the " Ode to a Nightingale," and a plate 
of the memorial-bust of Keats, subscribed for in America, and placed 
in Hampstead Parish Church. 

Volume 1, Part 2, contains 14,611 Records for the Season 1903-4, and an Un- 
published Portrait of Thackeray, drawn by the late Sir Henry Thomp- 
son in 1857. It is believed to be the only portrait of Thackeray in 
profile, and was made without his knowledge. Sir Henry Thompson 
was Thackeray's surgeon, and was also a skilled portrait-painter. 

Volume 2 contains 15,751 Records for the Season 1904-5, and four plates, 
viz. : Puttick & Simpson's Auction Room, the Bodleian Copy of the 
First Folio Shakespeare (recently re-purchased for £3,000), a Sale at 
Sotheby's, and the house of Aldus Manutius at Venice, from a drawing 
by Charles Martin. 

Volume 3 contains 15,200 Records for the Season 1905-6, and four Plates, viz. : 
Hodgsons' Auction Room ; a Portrait of Mr. Edwin Parsons ; a Coloured 
View of the Grand Pump Room, Bath (described in ' Pickwick'); and 
a Portrait of the late Dr. Richard Garnett, of the British Museum, 
with Memoir and Bibliography of his Works. 

Volume 4 contains 15,131 Records for the Season 1906-7, four Plates of the 
Reference Library, Birmingham; the Central Library, Bristol; St. 
John's College Library, Cambridge ; and Trinity College Library, 
Dublin ; also a Coloured Portrait of Lord Beaconsfield, reproduced 
from a rare caricature of 1840 ; and four Vignettes of the house where 
" Oliver Twist " was written, the Statue of Dickens at Philadelphia, 
King's College Chapel, Cambridge, and the Bust of Goldsmith at 

Volume 5 contains 15,019 Records for the Season 1907-8; four plates of the 
Signet Library, Edinburgh ; the Public Library, Exeter; the Mitchell 
Library, Glasgow ; and the Public Library, Hereford ; also two addi- 
tional plates, and four vignette illustrations of Edinburgh University ; 
the Devon and Exeter Institution ; the Old College, Glasgow ; and the 
Chained Library, Hereford Cathedral. 

Volume 6 contains 15,035 Records for the Season 1908-9; a portrait of A. C. 
Swinburne and facsimile of a poem by him ; facsimile of part of a 
letter by Tennyson; a portrait of John Day, printer, ob. 1584 ; plates 
of Public Libraries at Hull, Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester ; a 
plate of Two Antiquarian Booksellers ; and four vignettes of Public 

Each volume is published at £1 Is., and any volume or the whole 
will be sent on inspection on application, if accompanied by a reference. 
When desired, sets are supplied on the instalment system, payment being 
at the rate of 1/9 per month for each volume. A complete set of this 
invaluable publication can therefore be acquired by the expenditure of 
the nominal sum of 12 3 per month. 

KARSLAKE & CO., H ™ ™'on 


Subscribers who purchased Notes from Sotheby's 


those who did. 

Mr. William Downing, of Birmingham, says " I am delighted with Notes from 
Sotheby's. I spent all last evening in reading the volume, and shall not rest until 
I have gone quite through it." Another says, " It is an admirable work, and does 
you great credit ; of that there is no possible manner of doubt whatever." Anoth- 
er says, " We have received Notes from Sotheby's and we will keep it. I have 
looked through it with much pleasure. It contains a large amount of very 
interesting information which must have taken a great deal of getting together." 
Others say, " My hearty congratulations on your ' Notes.' " " I am very pleased 
with Notes from Sotheby's. It is a book which one can pick up at any moment and 
procure an immense amount of bibliographical information." " Enclosed please 
find cheque for Notes from Sotheby's. A very useful compilation." " It is a 
remarkable production, and as I know by experience that any work of yours, 
editing or original, is always accurate, will you kindly let me have another copy, 
and the bill." " Enclosed I have pleasure in sending cheque for the book, and I 
hope it will meet with as much success as your labours over it deserve." 

The Athenaeum, May 15, 1909, says, " Mr. Karslake's compilation is full of 
variety, covering almost every phase of book- collecting. Messrs. Sotheby's cata- 
logues are compiled with care and special knowledge, and no bibliography of rare 
books can be approximately complete without an examination of them. It is, 
however, the peculiar fate of catalogues to disappear, and in a few years they 
become exceedingly difficult to obtain. Rooms in modern houses are not adapted 
for large libraries, and sale catalogues rapidly outgrow their allotted space. We 
are glad, therefore, that Mr. Karslake has rescued so much bibliographical matter 
from oblivion ; his volume will form a most handy appendix to ' Book-Prices 
Current,' in the earlier volumes of which very few notes were reprinted. We are 
glad that Mr. Karslake has gone to the fountain-head for his inspiration, and not 
contented himself with getting it second-hand." 

The Clique, Mar. 20, 1909, says, " A very interesting compilation, and one 
which is sufficiently attractive to a bibliophile to be read from the first page to the 
test ... a work which will appeal to all lovers of books and bibliography, a work 
which in more senses than one will be found profitable by all our readers." 

The Bookseller, March 19th, 1909, says, " Mr. Karslake has done the editorial 
work with his usual skill and judgment." 

The Westminster Gazette, April 20, 1909, says, " A book of considerable value 
to book-collectors, booksellers, and bookmen generally. Mr. Karslake, who is, 
of course, an expert in this class of work, has evidently expended considerable care 
on his task, and the result is in every way satisfactory." 

The Daily News, April 16, 1909, says, " The volume, is, in many ways, a 

The Morning Post, March 13, 1909, says, " This volume ought to be of great 
service to the student of bibliography and to the connoiseur. It contains inter- 
esting information about rare editions of old books. For instance, we discover 
the title of the first book which mentions Queen Mary by name, and find many 
volumes not mentioned in Lowndes. Mr. Frank Karslake, the compiler, is well- 
known as the editor of Book-Auction Records and as a careful bibliographer." 

Notes from Sotheby's is a compilation of 2,032 Notes from Catalogues of Book- 
Sales which taken place in the rooms of Messrs. Sotheby, Wilkinson, and 
Hodge, between the years 1885-1909, Edited by Frank Karslake. Square 8vo., 
handsomely printed on thick paper, with large margins, and having a frontispiece 
of the Amherst Sale, drawn on the spot, with key-plate of names. £1 5s. net. 
(£1 Is. to Booksellers). 

7/ is a volume which no bookseller who cares for his business should be without. 

Sole A gent for the United States : — 




More than Pleased" 


Editor of M Book-Auction Records" 

writes as follows : 

" Many thanks for advance copy 
of B.A.R I am more than pleased 
with it as now produced, and it does 
you very great credit in every way/' 

We are proud to receive such a letter, more so 
especially from the fact that there are few, if 
any, greater critics of typography than Mr. 
Frank Karslake. 

Now, rightly or wrongly, we feel convinced that, 
whilst keeping up the quality in every respect, we 
can save you money in the real economic sense ; 
that is to say plainly : we can produce your cata- 
logues for less than you are at present paying. 

We may be wrong, but we should like to be 
proved so. It need cost you nothing (we will 
refund the stamp for postage). Will you, there- 
fore, kindly send us a copy of your last catalogue, 
telling us the quantity you send out, when a 
quotation will be sent you immediately. 



Printers of Booksellers' Catalogues 

Telegrams: Harding, Printers, Bath T* A *¥^TJ 

Telephone: Bath 211 -D./"V 1 JLl 


Kcp to Saks from Oct. 1 1908, to Dec- 31, 1908. 


OCT. 6-9. Valuable, Standard and i Nov. 19-20. Library of a Gentleman, &c. 
Miscellaneous Books M 26-27. Incunabula and Rare and* 

„ 14-16 Library of H. Soutbgate, &c. J Old Books 

,, 22-23. Modern Books & Remainders! Deo. 4. Valuable Law Books 

,, 28 30. Library of Augustus H are, &c i ., 8-11. Valuable Miscellaneous Bks. 

Nov. 4-5. Library of a Gentleman, &c I ,, 15. Modern Books & Remainders 
,, 11-13. Miscellaneous Books ,, 16-18 Rare & Valuable Books 


OCT. 8. Heraldic Library of Major Price, &c. 

,, 29-30. Theological Library, &c. 
Nov. 30- Dec. 1. Valuable Books & Manuscripts 


Oct. 28-30. Library of W. O. Callen. 
der, &c. 

Nov. 2. Library of C. W. Cowan 

,, 3. ,, Dr. John Newton 

„ 10-12. „ G. Fielder, &c. 

Nov. 23-26. Library of a well-known 

,, 26-27. Library of W. T. Pellow,&c. 
Dec. 3-5. ,, Lord Amherst of Hackney 

,, 15-16. „ W. Holly, &c. 

,,17-18. „ Valuable & Rare Books 

Kep co Sales from Jan. 1, to mar. 31. 1909. 

March 31. Valuable Books. 


Feb. 9-11. Miscellaneous Books 
„ 18-19. Valuable Miscellaneous Hks. 

Mar 2-4 
,, 11. Modern Books & Remainders 

Mar. 18-19. Library of J. Lewis Roget, etc. 

Jan. 5 7 Miscellaneous Books 

,, 19-21 Valuable Miscellaneous Bks 
,, 28-29. Library of a Gentleman, &c 

Feu. 5. Valuable Law Books 


Jan. 7-8. 

Feb. n-12. 

Mar. 11-12. 

Library of W. L. Sutton, &c. 
Miscellaneous Books 



13 15. Property of T. Francis, &c. 

20 -21. Library of Lord Annaly, &c. 

1. Chess Library of N. Preti 

2. Property of a Gentleman, &c. 

15-16. Library of Lord Polwartb, 

FEB. 18-19. Library of Sir J. T. Knowles, 
„ 22-23. Small Library of Books, &c. 
Mar. 2-3. Library of Col. Henderson 
,, 16-17. Property of Bishop of Col- 
chester, &c. 
Valuable & Rare Books 

Mar. 24-27. 

„ 18-19 
Library of Lord Amherst (second portion) 

Mar. 10. Natural History Books 

Kep to Sales from April 1 to June 30, 1909. 

June 7-17 Library of B. H. Beaufoy 


April 1-2 Property of a Gentleman, 
„ 6-7 Library of J. Brunskill, &c. 

,, 16 Miscellaneous Books 
,, 22-23 Library of a Gentleman 

29-30 Library of T. C. Blofeld, &c. 
May 4-6 Valuable Modern Books 
„ 13-14 Valuable Miscellaneous 
19 Law Books 

May 20-21 Miscellaneous Books 

„ 26-27 Library of Sir M. Holzmann, 

June 4 Modern Books and Remain- 

„ 9-11 Valuable Miscellaneous 


„ 17-18 Library of Dr. Haslewood, 

„ 24-25 Miscellaneous Books 
* The Sale for June 30- July 1, being partly in July, will be included in the next part. 


April 22-23 Library of E. Chaplin, &c. 
„ 23 Engravings, &c. 

May 20-21 Library of Mrs. Batho, etc. 
June 17-18 Library of Prof. V. Oger, &c. 


April 1-2 Library of J. Hutchins, &c. 

6 Property of Sir R. Edg- 
cumbe, &c. 

20 Numismatic Library, &c. 

22-23 Coins and Books 

26-29 Happer Collection of Japan- 
ese Books, &c. 

30 • Japanese Books and Prints 

lay 6 Property of an English 

May 11-13 Property of A. B. Hill, &c. 

„ 20-21 Property of Lord Dormer, 

„ 24-25 Property of a Military Officer 

„ 26 Library of the Rev. N. Di- 
mock, &c. 

June 14-18 Happer Collection (second) 

„ 23 -24 Library of Alex. Smith, &c. 

„ 25 Library of Col. Cotes 

Kep ro Sales from June 30 to August 6, 1909 

(No sales occurred between August 6th and Sept. 30th) 

July 13 library of John Hick 


June 30-July 1 English & Foreign Books 

July 2 Valuable Law Books 

„ 6-8 Miscellaneous and Standard 


15-16 Calgarth Park Library, &c. 

July 20-23 Miscellaneous Books 

„ 27 Valuable Law Books 

„ 28-30 Library of A. A. Vansittart, 

Aug. 5-6 Miscellaneous Books 


July 8 Miscellaneous Books 
„ 28 do. do. 

July 1-2 Library of B. Hichlin, &c. 

„ 8-9 Oriental Books, &c. 

13-14 Rare & Valuable Old Books, 

,, 15-16 Engravings, and Books on 


July 19 

Library of Sir M. W. C. 

Gosset, &c. 

21 „ T. Blandford, &c. 

22-23 „ Mrs. Miles, &c. 

27 Valuable Books & MSS. 

28-29 Library of T. G. Dickinson, 





1 ft 

L. P. 

gotbic letter. 
Large Paper 










N. Y. 


New York 

P. P. 

Privately Printed 


Pres. copy 
s. d. 



Presentation copy 
sans date 




t. e. g. 


top edges gilt 




v. y. 


various years 

sold with all 


Where no sizes are given the books are 8vo. et infra. Where no 
binding is stated it is understood to be the original cloth or paper covers, as 
published. The following is a key to the abbreviations : — 

1st = first. 

bnd. =: bound 

6. I. = Black Letter 

ca. := circa (about) 

cf. = calf 

cl. = cloth 

cold. = coloured 

cont. = contemporary 

dup. = duplicate 

e. = edges 

ed. = edited 

Edinb. = Edinburgh 

edn. = edition 

engs. " = engravings 

ex. =: extra 

fo. = folio 

front. = frontispiece 

g- = gilt 

ft. 1. = Gothic Letter 

hf. = half 

g. t. = gilt tops ; same as 

top edges gilt 
w. a. f. ■=■ 

When, for example, a binding is stated to be mor. ex. t. e. g., the term 
^•fcfc- %• — K e - t°P e ^ges gilt — implies that the other edges are uncut. When 
the other edges are cut the fact is stated. In some exceptional cases — such, 
for instance, as a first edition of " Waverley " or a Keats' " Endymion " — 
when the condition of " original boards, uncut " exists, and accounts for an 
abnormal price, the description is given in full without abbreviation. 
| • In some instances autographs are stated in the sale-catalogues to be on 
the titles, or elsewhere in the books. When such autographs are not 
mentioned in B.A.R. it is only becaxise they are of no known persons, and 
have no bearing whatever on the prices realized. 

Titles are abbreviated only in the case of books in Lowndes and Brunet, 
and when not in those works the titles are given verbatim from the sale-' 

The names of the auctioneers, w-ith the date of sale and the number of 
the lot, are given within brackets, immediately before the price, thus : — 
(S. Dec. 16 ; 516.) This would represent Sotheby's, December 16, 1908 ; 
lot 516., while any month from January to August refers of course to the 
year 1909. The auctioneers represented are : 

C. = Christie, Manson, & Woods P. ==; Puttick & Simpson 

H. = Hodgson & Co. S. = Sotheby, Wilkinson, & Hodge 

St. == Stevens. 
All magazines are sold not subject to return on any account. The 
term " w. a. f." (with all faults), is therefore not appended to such lots. 
^- • Composite lots — i.e. lots containing two or more works — are not re- 
corded except in very rare instances, when the value of one work over- 
shadows the others, and the lot is bought for it alone. Composite lots 
mostly afford no criterion whatever of values. 

;•; The names of binders, when of importance, are given in B.A.R. When 
not stated, although printed in the sale catalogues, the reason is obvious. 

The spelling of B.A.R. is always that of the original titles, and apparent 
errors are not misprints. The same applies to some accents in foreign 
languages of which the type does not invariably permit ; and, also, to old 
and erroneous punctuation. 


A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of England, 2 vol., 1st Edn., cold, etchings 
by Leech, from the Library of Charles Dickens, with his crest inside 
covers, 1847 (S. Nov. 2 ; 1 ). Maggs, £5 10s. 

Abela (Fra. Gio. Fr.) Delia Descrittione di Malta, engd. title, map and pits., 
vell.,g. e. (the first book printed in Malta), fo., Malta, 1647 (S.Dec. 
3 ; 2). Stow, £2 8s. 

Abridgement of the Laws in Force and Use in Her Majesty's Plantations ; 
viz. of Virginia, Jamaica, Barbadoes, Maryland, New England, New 
York, Carolina, etc., slightly wormed, calf, 1704 (S. Nov. 10 ; 134) 

Tregaskis, £1 2s, 

Achilles Tatius. [ Clitophon ]. Narrationis Amatoriae Fragmentum e 
Graeco in Latinum conversum L. Annibale Cmceio interprete [Lib. 
V-VIII], editio prima, cont. mor., with " Narratioes Amatoriae" and 
" T. Maoli et Amicorum " on upper cover, g. e. in slip case, ex-libris 
of the Abbe Fauvel in cover, Lugduni, S. Gryphium, 1544 (S. Dec. 3 ; 3) 

Quaritch, £35 

Ackermann (R.) History of the Colleges, 48 cold, pits., including the cos- 
tumes by Uwins, calf gilt, 4to., 1826 (S. Dec. 17 ; 108) Quaritch, £25 

Historv of the University of Cambridge, 2 vol., cold, pits., half mor., 

4to., 1815 (S. Nov. 23 ; 97) Edwards, £7 10s. 

the same, 2 vol., L- P., cold. pits, and ports, of founders, half calf, 

uncut, 4to., 1815 (S. Nov. 23 ; 96) Quaritch, £20 

History of St. Peter's, Westminster, cold, pits , 2 vol., calf, from li- 
brary of Q. Charlotte, 4to., 1812 (S. Dec. 18 ; 339). Edwards £2 Is. 

Acosta (C.) Historia delle Droghe Medicinali portati delle Indie Oriental, 
woodcuts, sm. 4to., (binding broken), Venetia 1585 (H. Nov. 5 ; 483) 

Tregaski, £1 

(Joseph de) Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias ; limp veil., r e , 

fine copy, sm. 4to., Sevilla, 1590 (S. Dec. 3 ; 4). Quaritch, £9 

Histoire Naturelle et Moralle des Indes, traduite par Regnault Cau- 

xois, veil., Paris, 1600 (H. Nov. 11 ; 165) 15s. 

Another edn., Traduite par R. Regnauld (cut into), veil., Paris, 1616 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 427) 14s. 

Acta Scitu dignissima docte que concinnata Constantiensis Concilii Cele- 

bratissimi, ft. J. (1 leaf defective), Paris, 1514 (H. Dec. 9 ; 472) 9s. 
Acts of Parliament Anno XXXIV. et XXXV. Henrici Octavi, fo., half mor., 

T. Berthelet, 1543 (H. Nov. 26 ; 103) W. C. Hazlitt, £\ 15s. 

Acts of Edward VI , and Philip and Mary, unbound, R. Grafton and J. Cawood, 

1549-54 (H. Nov. 26 ; 105) Barnard, £\ Is. 

Acts of Parliament Anno XXXIX. Reginae Elizabethan, fo., calf gilt, r e., 

C. Barker, 1587. (H. Nov. 26 ; 104) ' Quaritch, 10s. 

Adam (J. and R.) Works in Architecture, pits., 3 vols., atlas fo., 1900-2 

(H. Dec. 10 ; 949) Thorp, £1 18s. 

Another Edn., plts.,3 vols., fo., 1907 (P. Oct. 9 ; 591a) Sotheran, £2 15s. 

Addison (J.) Cato, a Tragedy, 1st Edn., title, defective, calf, 4to., 1713 

(P. Oct. 8 ; 210) Nired, 6s. 

Adrianssen Van Dordrecht (B. Cornelis) Het tweede boeck Vande Sermcen- 

en des wel vermaerden Predicants, etc., t. fl., boards Noirdwitz, 1578 

(S. Dec. 3 ; 6) Quaritch, £36 

* One of the few books printed in Norwich by Anthony de Solesmne, 
the introducer of printing into that Cathedral city. The only other 
copy known is in Trinity College, Dublin. 
Adrichomius ( C. H. ) Theatrum Terrae Sanctae et Biblicarum Historiarum 

(editio secunda), engd. title and maps, old calf, with arms of Sir Chr. 

Hatton (Sunderland copy), fo., Col. Agr. 1593 (S. Dec. 3 ; 7) 

Tregaskis, £3 8s. 
Another Edn., engd. title and stamped calf, blue edges, large copy, 

fo., ib. 1628 (S. Dec. 3 ; 8) Maggs, £1 

Adventures of " Mr. O'Squat " and " Widow Shanks " on their Honeymoon 

11 cold, folding pits., each with a verse of 8 lines, 2-ft. 5-in. long x 5-in. 

calf ex. by Riviere, n. d. (H. Nov. 5 ; 370) Shepherd, £3 17s. 6d. 

1908-9 3 

Adventures of a Post Captain, bv a Naval Officer, cold, plates by Williams, 
calf, n. d. (S. Nov. 26 ; 145) Maggs, £2 8s 

Adventures of Sir Frizzle Pumpkin, Nights at Mess, and other Tales, 1st 

Edn., etchings by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, cover 

bound up, 1836 (S. Nov. 2 ; 44) Maggs, £2 4s. 

* Contains the illustration at page 157, not mentioned in the list of 

plates, and often wanting. 

.<Eneas Sylvius Piccolomini Papa Pius II. Abbrevatio Pii Pont. Max. 
Supra Decades Blondi ab inclinatione Imperii usque ad Tempora 
Johannis XXIII., Pont. Max. (Hain *259), a few 11. wormed, oak 
boards, half leather, fo., Absque nota [Romae, O. Serviusl, 1481 (S. 
Dec. 3,; 9) Dobell, £1 Is. 

Epistola; (Hain-Copinger, 170), fo., veil., slightly wormed, [Mediolani] 

A. Zarothus, 1487 (H. Nov. 26 ; 184) £2 

JEso-p. Fables of, in English, French, and Latin, with his Life, 112 pits, 
and 31 pits, of his Life by F. Barlow, vellum, r. e., 1 plate mounted, fo., 
1687 (S. Dec. 15 ; 329) Edwards, 9s. 

Fables, translated by Sir R. L' Estrange, calf gilt, fo., 1692 (S. Nov. 

23 ; 209) Howell, £1 

Fables, Stockdale's edn., pits., very tall copy, 2 vols., russ., 1793 

(P. Oct. 29 ; 190) Edwards, £3 5s. 

Agathyus. De Bello Gottohorum et aliis Peregrinis Historiis per Christo- 
phorum Persona in Latinum traductus, half calf, fo., Roma?, 1516 
(P. Oct. 9 ; 585) Leighton, 3s. 

Agricola (G.) De re metallica libri XII., etc., woodcuts, veil., Basileae, 1657 
(S. Nov. 10 ; 247) Quaritch, 17s. 

Opera de l'arte de metalli, etc., woodcuts, veil., fo., Basilea, J. Froben, 

1563 (S. Nov. 23 ; 210) Quaritch, £2 10s. 

Agrippa (H. C. ) Three Books of Occult Philosophy, trans, by J. F.(reake) 
[with the Fourth Book trans, by R. Turner ], 2 impressions of the por- 
trait, diagrams, etc., in 1 vol., old calf, sm. 4to. 1651-1655 (S. Dec. 
3 ; 10) Quaritch, £6 15s. 

Ainsworth (W. N.) Crichton : plates by Phiz, 1849 (H. Oct. 7 ; 417) 

Spencer, £3 

Guy Fawkes, 3 vol., 1st Edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, mor.- ex., t. e. g. 

by Riviere, covers bound up, 1841 (S. Nov. 2 ; 52) Brown, £15 5s. 

Jack Sheppard, 3 vol., 1st Edn., port, and ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf 

ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, covers bound up, fine copy, 1839 (S. Nov. 2 ; 
49) Brown, £8 15s. 

James the Second, 1st Edn., 3 vol., fronts, by Buss, half calf, m. e., 

1848 (S. Nov. 26; 147) Carson, 14s. 

Old Saint Paul's, ills, by Franklin and H. K. Browne, mor. ex. 

t. e. g., fine copy, 1847 (S. Nov. 2 ; 3) Young, £3 12s. 

The same, calf ex., t. e. g., 1847 (S. Nov. 25 ; 735) Watkins, £1 14s. 

Ovingdean Grange, pits, by Phiz, 1st Edn., clean copy, 1860 (H. 

Nov. 27 ; 474) Maggs, 17s. 

Rookwood, fourth edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, and portrait, calf ex., 

t. e. g. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1836 (S. Nov. 2 ; 45) 

Robson, £5 12s. 6d. 

The Spendthrift, 1st Edn., pits, by Phiz, 1857 (H. Oct. 7 ; 418) 15s. 

Tower of London, 1st Edn., etchings by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. 

by Riviere & Son, cover bound up, 1840 (S.Nov. 2; 51) Young, £4 5s. 

Windsor Castle, ills, by G. Cruikshank and Johannot, calf gilt, t. e. g. 

1844 (S. Nov. 25 ; 734) Watkins, £1 14s. 

The same, mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, wrappers bound up, 1844 

(S. Nov. 2 ; 55) Brown, £6 7s. 6d. 

Ainsworth's Magazine, vol. I-XIV, pits, by G. Cruikshank (some soiled), 
half calf gilt, t. e. g., 1842-48 (S. Nov. 23 ; 4) Howell, £1 16s. 

Aitsinger (Mich.) Terra Promissionis Topographice atquae Historice Des- 
cripta, cum duobus indicibus, limp veil., fine uncut copy, sm. 4to.; 
Col. Agr. G. Kempensis, 1582 (S. Dec. 3; 11) Sotheran, £1 


Albertolli (G.) Ornamenti Diversi, 24 pits., beautifully coloured, mor., g. e., 
fo., Milano, 1782 (S. Nov. 26 ; 45) Sabin, £18 

Albertus Magnus. • Compendium Theologice Veritatis, g. I., 159 11. (Hain 
439), sm. 8vo., unbound, Venitiis, C. Arnoldum Alamanam 1476 (H. 
Dec. 9 ; 466) Parker, £1 lis. 

Alciatus (A.) Emblematum Libellus, Vigilanter recognitus, & jam recens 
per Volphgangum Hungerum Bavarum rythmis Germanicis Versus 
(Lat.-teutonice),woodcuts, half calf, Paris, 1542 (S. Dec. 3 ; If) Sotheran, £3 

Emblemata cum Commentariis C. Minois et Notis L. Pignorii, front. 

and woodcuts, calf, 4to., Patavii, 1621 (S. Nov. 27 ; 515) Rimell, 3s. 

Alcoran des Cordeliers, tant en Latin qu'en Francois (par Conr. Badius), 
2 vol., front, and 21 pits, by B. Picart, calf gilt, with arms, 1734 (S. 
Oct. 28 ; 58) James, 5s. 

Aldrete (B.) Del Origen y Principio de la Lengua Castellana, veil., 4to., 
Madrid, 1674 (S. Dec. 3 ; 16) Quaritch, 10s. 

Ales seu Hales (Alex. Scotus) An Expediat Laicis, Legere Novi Testamenti 
libros lingua Vernacula, 1st Edn., new veil., fine copy, .sm. 8vo. [id 
fin] Ex Dresda Misniae ad Albim VI. 1533 (S. Dec. 3 ; 17) Quaritch, £21 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Alexander de Villa Dei. Doctrinale, a single leaf on vellum of a 32 line 
edition, I. g., veil., sm. 4to. [Utrecht c. 1460 ?] (S. Dec. 3 ; 18) 

Quaritch, £20 10s. 

* This edition is only known by similar odd leaves rescued from bind- 
ings ; and this leaf is therefore most likely unique. It belongs to the 
Costerian class of type. 

Testus alexandri cum Sententiis et Costructionibus, I. g., long lines, 

40 to a full page (including head line), 10311. with signs, title a full-page 
woodcut of Master and scholars (inlaid), first few 11. stained and weak, 
mor., g. e., sm. 4to. Pynson, 1516 (S. Dec. 3 ; 19) Quaritch, £29 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Alfieri (V.) Opere, 22 vol., port., russ. gilt, g. e., fine set, 4to., Italia, 1805 
(S. Nov. 11 ; 353) Grant, £1 14s. 

Aliaco (Pet de) Concordantia Astronomie cum Theologia, &c, g. I., diagrams 
half mor., Venice, 1490 (H. Dec. 17 ; 501 ) Wesley, £3 6s. 

Aiken (H. \ Beauties and Defects of the Horse, 18 cold, pits., mor. super ex. 
by Tout, imp. 8vo. (1816) (S. Nov. 2 ; 5) Maggs, £3 18s. 

Epsom National Derby Day open to all Nations, 1851, cold, folding 

panoramic plates, mounted on linen, original cloth, ob., 1851 (S. 
Nov. 23 ; 9) Howell, 10s. 

Illustrations for Landscape Scenery, 24 cold, pits., 2 stained, calf ex., 

t. e. g. by Riviere, wrapper bound up, 4to., oblong, 1821 (S. Nov. 2 ; 

177) Quaritch, £5 5s. 
National Sports of Gt. Britain, 50 cold, pits., red mor. ex., t. e. g., fo., 

1825 (S. Nov. 2 ; 224) Robson, £26 
New Scrap Book, 20 cold, pits., half mor., g. e., cloth covers bound in. 

4to., 1824 (S. Nov. 23 ; 103) Hornstein, £4 2s. 6d. 
Notions, 36 cold. pits, (no title), ob., half mor., g. e., 1832 (H. Nov. 

11 ; 186) Hornstein, £8 10s. 
Quorn Hunt, 8 plates, mounted on thick paper, half mor., ob. fo., 1835 

(S. Nov. 23 ; 214) Howell, £1 16s. 
Road to a Fight, folding cold, panorama, 56 ins. by \\, mounted on 

linen, red mor., 1821 (S. Nov. 23 ; 6) Hornstein, 13s. 

Scraps from the Sketch Book of, 42 pits, (uncoloured), calf gilt, t. e. g. 

4to., 1821 (S. Nov. 23 ; 100) Hornstein, £1 Is. 

Shakespeare's Seven Ages, 7 cold, pits., mor. ex., t. e. g., fo., ob. 1824 

(S. Nov. 2 ; 223) Parsons, £2 10s. 

Sporting Scrap Book, 50 pits., boards, imp. 8vo., 1824 (S. Nov. 23 ; 7) 

Hornstein, 1 3s. 

Sporting Sketches, title and 36 plates, half mor., wrappers bound in, 

ob. fo., 1817 (S. Nov. 23 ; 212) Spencer, £1 12s. 

Touch at the Fine Arts, 12 pits., ob. 4to., half mor., 1824 (H.Nov. 5 ; 

373) 17s. 

1908 9 5 

Aiken (H.) The same, 12 cold, pits., mor. extra, t. e. g. by Tout, imp. 8vo., 1824 
(S. Nov. 2 ; 6) Maggs, £2 

Tutor's Assistant, 6 cold, pits., calf ex., t. e. g. by Morrell, 4to., ob., 

1823 (S. Nov. 23 ; 101) Maggs, £2 12s. 

Allan (A.) Views in the Mysore Country, 20 pits, (no title), half russ., ob. fo. r 
1794 (S. Nov. 26 ; 46) Sabin, 14s. 

Allen (W. Card.) Treatise in defence of the lauful power and authoritie of 
Priesthood to remitte sinnes, 6. I., veil., Lovanii J. Foulerum, 1567 
(H. Nov. 6 ; 742) Bull, £\ 6s. 

Almanach des Gourmands . . . par un vieil Amateur (Grimod de la Rev- 
niere), 8 vol., complete set, fronts., half calf, Paris, 1805-12 (S. Oct.- 
30 ; 745) Lacroix, 9s. 

Almanacke for XV yeres. Here begynneth ye scycle or chaunge of ye 
Mone with ye coniuncyon/ & sheweth what daye/ houre/ mynute/ 
sygne/ and degre/ the Mone shall chaunge. Also ye maye knowe the 
Eclypse of the sonne and mone from the date of oure Lord. M.CCCCC. 
& XXV. vnto the date of our lorde M.CCCCC. and xl. And truely 
corrected by a true copye with great dylygence, b. I., few letters shorn, 
woodcut of the moon on title, unbound, 16mo. Imprynted by me 
Rychard Fakes, dwellvnge in Duram rente, or elles in Poules chyrche- 
yarde'at the sygne of the A.B.C. (1525) (S. Dec. 18 ; 216) Maggs, £12. 
* The only known copy. No bibliographer has recorded its existence 
from Ames to Mr. Gordon Duff, who recently tabulated all the known 
productions of Facques' press. 

Alonso (O Alfonso) Doctrinal de los Cavalleros, I. ft., 16811. [Hain 4538 and 
6313, Haebler no. 124 ], 4 11., © HI. and f{ 4 and 5 and title in f acs., old red 
mor., g. e., fo., Burgos, Fadrique (Biel) Aleman, 1487 (S. Dec. 3 ; 21 ) 

Hiersemann, £30 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Alpine Journal, vol. I-XII, vol. I-XI. cloth, vol. XII in parts 1864-86 
(S.Nov. 11 ; 301) Sotheran, £\\ 15s. 

Althamer von Brentz ( A. ) Dialloge, das ist vereynigung der streytigen 
spruch. in der Schrifft .... slightly wormed, stamped calf, rebacked, 
Niirnberg, 1528 (S. Dec. 17 ; 67) Leighton, £2 

Alyon (P. P.) Cours de Botanique, 103 cold, pits., 7 parts in 1 vol, slightly 
stained, half cloth sides, g. e., Paris [1877-8] (H. Nov. 4; 270) 

Wesley, £\ 2s. 

.Amadis de Gaula. El Noveno libro de Amadis d Gaula ; que es la Cronica 
de muy valiete y efforcado principe y Cavallero de la ardiente espada 
Amadis de Grecia, etc., I. g. (ff. I-II in f acs., title and next leaf ), several 
11 mended, mor. ex., g. e. bv W. Pratt, fo. Burgos, Juan de Junta 
Florentin, M.D. Y.XXXV. (S. Dec. 3 ; 23) Hiersemann, £41 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Los quatro libros del Invencible Cavallero Amadis de Gaula, Parte 

primera (libros I-II), 2 books in 1vol., wormed, cut into, veil., w. a. f., 
Lovayna, S. Sasseno, 1551 (S. Dec. 3 ; 22) Lewin, 15s. 

America. Charters of the British Colonies in America, half bound [1776] 
(H. Nov. 6 ; 808) ' 12s. 

Impartial History of the War in America, between Great Britain and 

her Colonies, from its commencement to the end of the year 1779, with 
Appendix, folding map and 13 ports., clean copy, calf, 1780 (H. Nov. 
6 ; 803) L. Rosenthal, £15 10s. 

* As no copy has appeared for sale for a considerable time, the colla- 
tion may be of interest: — Title, Preface, and Contents, pp. 1 (IV.) to 
12 (XI.), B to H.h.h.h. in fours; Appendix [A]-[F2] in fours, with 
Map and 13 Engravings. 

American Military Pocket Atlas, maps (1 missing), half bound, uncut, R. 

Sayer & J. Bennet [1776] (H. Oct. 29 ; 599) lis. 

American Museum, or Repository of Fugitive Pieces, ed. by M. Carey, 1 1 

vol., half bnd , Phil. 1790 (S. Dec. 16 ; 564) Lewine, 8s. 

The same, 11 vols, half bound, &c, Phil. 1790 (H. Nov. 6; 835) 

Stevens, £\ 


Araico da Gallipoli (B.) Trattato delle Piante & Imagini de sacri Ediffizi di 
Terra Santa, disegnate in Jerusalemme, engd. title and 34 pits., old calf 
with arms, g. e., fc. ; Firenza, 1620 (S. Dec. 3 ; 24) Dobell, 10s. 

Amman (Jost) Neuw Jag unnd Weydwerck Buch : woodcuts, veil., fo., 
Franckf. 1582 (S. Nov. 23 ; 216) Quaritch, £11 

Amsterdam. Nieuwe Altas van de voornaamste Gebouwen en Gezigten der 
Stad Amsterdam, folding engs., boards, fo., n. d. [ca, 1765-86] (H. Nov. 
27 ; 589) 9s. 

Anacreon, Sapho, Bion et Moschus ; traduction nouvelle. par M * * * C * * 
(Moutonnet de Clairfond), front, and vignettes by Eisen, calf gilt, 
Paris, 1773 (S. Nov. 11 j 331) Maggs, £2 6s. 

Another edn., par M. M [outonnet de] C [lairfond], with Supplement, 

pits, by Eisen, old calf gilt, g. e., Paris, 1780 (H. Nov. 26 ; 709) £1 2s. 

Anacreon, praefito commentario quo Poetae genus traditur et Bibliotheca 

Anacreonteia adumbratur, additis var lect., mor., g. e., Parmae, 1791 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 225) Tregaskis, 5s. 

Anacreon. Odes d' Anacreon, traduites en vers sur le texte de Brunck, par 

J. B. De Saint- Victor, pits, by Girardet, red mor., uncut, Paris 1810 

(H. Nov. 28 ; 226) Maggs, 8s. 

Analyst (The) from commencement in 1876 to 1902, first 5 vols, cloth, 

remainder in nos. (some wanting) (H. Oct. 9 ; 1242) E. George, £8 
Anderson (A.) History of Commerce,, front, and map, 4 v., calf, 4to., 1787- 

9 (H.Oct. 16 ; 922) 14s. 
(J.) Collections relating to Mary Queen of Scotland, 4 vol., old calf, 

4to., Edinb. 1727-28 (S. Oct. 29 ; 563) Martin, lis. 

(W.) Pictorial Arts of Japan, 80 pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 1886 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 912) Pimell, £5 5s. 

Andrada (J. F. de) Life of Dom John de Castro, trans, by Sir P. Wyche, 
plates, fo. (binding broken), 1664 (H. Nov. 5 ; 444) 

Stephenson, 17s. 
Andrews (H. C.) Botanist's Repository, cold, pits., the first 6 vols, (should 

be 10), old calf, 1797 (H. Nov 4 ; 243) £2 16s. 
Geraniums : a Monograph of the Genus Geranium, cold, pits., 2 vols. 

in 1. half mor., t. e. g., 1805 (H. Nov 4 ; 242) Wesley, £21 
(John) Historv of the War with America, France, Spain, Holland, and 

maps and ports., 4 vols., calf, 1785-6 (H. Dec. 17 ; 527) Leon, £2 5s. 
Andrewes (Lancelot) XCVI. Sermons published by His Majesties Speciall 

Command, third edn., port, by Payne, orig. calf, with arms of Archpb. 

Laud, and his autograph initials " W. L. 1635 " on fly-leaf, inlaid in 

old calf gilt, fo., l€35-(34) (S. Dec. 3 ; 25) Sotheran, £7 5s. 

Androuet du Cerceau (J.) Legons de Perspective Positive, 60 pits, (mour.ted) 

and 14 extra pits., old binding, fo., Paris, 1576 (S. Oct. 30 ; 927) 

I acroix, £1 Is. 
Angas (G. F.) New Zealanders Illustrated, front, and 60 cold, pits., half 

russ., fo., 1847 (S. Nov. 23 ; 218) Edwards, £10 15s. 

— — South Australia Illustrated, 60 cold pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 1847 

(S. Dec. 18 ; 313) Buckley, £7 

Angelus (Jo.) Astrolabium planum in tabulis ascendens, 1st Edn., I. g., 

long lines, outline woodcuts, only 157 instead of 174 11., and parts, 

stained and wormed, old calf, w. a. f., sm. 4to. August, Vindel. Er- 

hardus Ratdolt (nuper ex Veneciis), 1488 (S. Nov. 3 ; 3) I eighton, £1 5s. 
Annals of Newgate, or Malefactor's Register, 4 vol., pits., calf, 1776 (S. Nov. 

26, 1 ;) Sotheran, £3 

Annals of Sporting, by Caleb Quizem, cold. pits, bv Rowlandson, half calf, 

name on title, 1809 (S. Nov. 26 ; 154) Pickering, £3 10s. 

Annual Register, from 1758 to 1901, with Two Indexes and 4 duplicate 

vols., together 150 vols , the old Series in calf (faulty), the New Series 

from 1863 in cloth (except vol. for 1866) (H. Dec. 16 ; 54) 

Grant, £12 10s. 
Anstev (C.) New Bath Guide, etchings by G. Cruikshank, and front, etc. 

bv S.Williams, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, fine copy, 1830 (S.Nov. 2 ; ?6) 

Maggs, £1 16s. 

1908-9 7 

Anthologia Magna, sive Florilegium, Flores ac Plantarum, etc., orig. edn. 
engd. title and pits., half calf, fo., Francof. 1626 (S. Nov. 23 ; 219) 

Wesley, 5s. 

Antimachus Colophonius. Reliquiae, Gr. primum a Schellenbergio iterum ab 
I. A. Giles auctius editae, mor. ex., borders to sides, g. e., 1838 (S. No< . 3; 
4) Leighton, £1 13s. 

Antiphonale Diurnum. et Graduate Romanum, 2 vols., fo., t.igskin, fo., Tulli 
Leucoram 1625 (H. Dec. 9 ; 599) 17s. 

Antiquarian Itinerary. L.P., pits., mor., g.e., 1815 (S. Dec. 15 ; 5) Maggs, £1 Is. 

Antoninus (Marcus Aurelius) L'orloge des Princes, Traduict d'rspa'gnoi. 
Itttrte batavbca, fo., mor. ex., g. e. by Lortic, Paris, Galliot du Pre 1540 
(H. Dec. 9 ; 477) Myers, £5 5s. 

Apianus (P.) Libro de la Costnographia, augmentado por G. Frisio, maps and 
revolving diagrams, one made up with old fragments, mor., g. e., arms 
of Marquis de Morante, sm. 4to. Enveres, G. JBontio, 1548 (S. Dec. 3 
28) Sot her an, £4 

Apocalypsis S. Johannis. Block-Book XVth Century. Five Leaves, two 
partly coloured of Sotheby's third (Hemeken's fifth) Edition of the 
Xylographic Apocalypse. The leaves are 14, 15, 18, 19 and 20 of a 
complete copy. They are probably from the same copy as the eleven 
leaves presented by UfFenbach to the Francfort Library in the XVIIIth 
century, and are apparently the five leaves bought by Griffiths (of 
Wadham College, Oxford), at B. Delessert's sale in 18C2. Of this 
edition only two perfect and six imperfect copies in fragments are 
known. The margins are cut close, and the plates are mounted on 
cartridge paper, but are clean impressions, fo. [Holland, 1455?] (S. 
Dec. 3 ; 30) Quaritch, £150 

Apocalypsis S. Joannis. Original Block-Book of the Low Countries 
[Holland 1455?], a Xylographic Production on 48 11. the reverses all 
blank but some having cont. MS. text ; a few backs strengthened, but 
the blocks not injured ; cold, by a cont. hand ; in fine preservation 
[Holland, 1455?] — Thomas Aquinas. Postilla in Jobum, 1.0, parva 
(103 11. without marks) [Hain *1397], rubricated [Esslingen] Conrad 
Fyner, 1474 — Tractatus de Occultatione Viciorum Sub spem Virtutum, 
Manuscript on paper (26 11.) written in cursive characters in double 
columns, 46 lines, rubricated (1478) — Summa (de Sacramentis) Magistri 
Johannis de Aurbach Vicarii Bambergensis, I. 0., parva, rubricated 
[Hain* 2124], mended, Augustae, G. Zeiner de Reutlingen, 1469 — 
Joannis Gersoni Conclusiones de diversiis materiis Moralibus, I. , 
parva (18 11. the last blank, without marks), rubricated [Hain* 7641 ] 
[Esslingen, C. Fyner, s. a. ] ; in 1 vol., oak boards, stamped leather 
brass bosses and clasps (about 1478), fo. (S.Dec. 3 ; 29) Erskine, £2,000 
* This volume comes from the Crawford sale, and was sold in these, 
rooms in 1887 for £500 The Block-Book is extraordinarily fine. It is 
the fourth edition according to Sotheby and the second according to 

Apollo's Cabinet, or Muses Delight, with the Music, 2 vols, in 1, fronts., calf 
ex., Liverpool, 1757 (P. Oct. 8 ; 85) Sotheran, £\ 16s. 

[Apperley (C. J.)] The Chase, the Turf, and the Road, 1st Edn., pits, by 
H. Aiken and port., 1837 (S. Nov. 23 ; 11) Stevens, £1 16s. 

Hunting Reminiscences, 1st Edn., ills., calf gilt, m. e., 1843 (S. 

Nov. 11 ;466) Homstein, £2 12s. 

Life of John Mytton, cold. ills, by H. Aiken and T. J. Rawlins, fine 

copy, calf gilt, m. e., 1837 (S. Nov. 11 ; 462) Young, £8 2s. 6d. 

Another Edn., third edn., cold. pits, by H. Aiken and T. J. Rawlins, 

orig. cloth, g. e., 1851 (S. Nov. 23 ; 13) * Stevens, £6 

Another Edn., cold. pits, by Aiken and Rawlins, 1877 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

157) Sotheran, £1 Is. 

Another Edn., cold. pits, by Aiken and Rawlins, L. P., sm. fo., 1899 

(H. Nov. 20 ; 529) 10s. 

Life of a Sportsman, 1st Edn., 36 cold. ills, by Aiken, a few, as usual 

mounted, mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, 1842 (S. Nov. 2 ; 8) Bumpus, £15 


[Apperley (C. J.)] The same, illustrations, four, as usual, mounted, calf gilt, m. e., 
1842 (S. Nov. 11 ; 465) Hornstein, £19 

Another Edn., with duplicate set of pits, bv Aiken, plain and coloured 

2 vols., L. P., sm. fo., half mor., t. e. g., 1901 (H. Dec. 16 ; 227) 

Hornstein, £2 9s. 

Nimrod Abroad, 2 vol., 1st Edn., half mor., t. e. g., 1842 (S. Nov. 11 ; 

464) Hornstein, lis. 

Nimrod's Hunting Tours, 1st Edn., half mor., t. e. g., 1835 (S. Nov.ll 

460) Hornstein, 16s. 

Nimrod's Northern Tour, 1st Edn., half mor., t. e. g., 1838 (S. Nov. 

11 ; 463) Hornstein, 10s. 

— Remarks on the Condition of Hunters, half mor., t. e. g., 1837 (S. 

Nov. 1 1 ; 461 ) Griffiths, 8s. 

Apuleius Madurensis. Opera, Editio Princeps, rubricated, early MS. notes, 

175 leaves (should be 177, Hain 1314), fo., half mor.,' Rome [C. 

Sweynham et A. Pannartz] 1469 (H. Nov. 26 ; 178) heighten, £11 15s. 
Apuleius. Asinus Aureus cum Commentariis P. Beroaldi, vellum, stained, 

fo., Paris, 1512 (S. Oct. 30 ; 941) Andrews, Is. 
Metamorphosis, or Golden Ass, trans, by T. Taylor, with suppressed 

passages, 1822 (S. Nov. 11 ; 297) Shepherd, 15s. 
Cupid e Psyche, front, and 32 engs. inlaid, calf (injured), fo. (1670) (S. 

Dec. 15 ; 331) Griffith, 5s. 

Arabian Nights Entertainments, trans, by Sir R. P. Burton, with Supple- 

mentarNights, 16 vols., Benares, 1885 (P., Oct. 8 ; 104) Harrison, £24 

The same, orig. edn., 1885 (S. Nov. 23 ; 16) Ausbacher, £21 

The same, 10 vol. — Supplementary Nights, 7 vol. ; 17 vol., ills. y 

"Mecca Edition," (1885-86) (S. Dec. 17 ; 71) Sawyer, £6 10s. 

The same, trans, bv Sir R. F. Burton, Lib. Edn.,ed. by L. C. Smithers, 

port., 12 vols., imp. 8vo., 1893 (H. Nov. 26 ; 22) £3 7s. 6d. 

Another Edn., trans, by E. Forster, 5 vol., engs. by Smirke, half calf 

gilt, m. e., 1802 (S. Nov. 11. ; 469) Maggs, £2 

Another Edn., ed. by J. Scott, L. P., 4 vol., 19 proof etchings by 

Lalauze on Japanese paper, 1883 (S. Oct. 28 ; 143) Heath, £1 3s. 

Arber (E,) English Reprints of Rare Works, L. P., 8 vol., half mor., t. e. g. y 
4to., 1869-71 (S. Oct. 28 ; 301 Heath, £2 10s. 

Archaeology, or Miscellaneous Tracts relating to Antiquitv, pits., vol. 
I.-XVIII., old calf gilt, from the library of Q. Charlotte, 4to., 1779- 
1817 (S. Dec. 18 ; 334) Barnard, £4 5s. 

Archimedis Opera, cum Eutocii Ascalonitse commentariis, ex recens J. 
Torelli, L. P., front, and diagrams, boards, fo., Oxon, 1792 (H. Dec. 9 ; 
639) 13s. 

Argnani (F. ) II Rinascimento delle Ceramiche Maiolicate in Faenza, 40 
cold, pits., 2 vols., half mor., t. e. g., Faenza 1898 (H. Nov. 5; 551) 

Quaritch, £2 16s. 

Argote de Molina (G. ) Libro de la monteria que mando escrevir et muy 
alto y muv poderoso Rev don Alonso de Castilla y de Leon, woodcuts, mor. , 
g. e., fine 'copy, fo., Sev'illa, 1582 (S. Nov. 23 ; 221) Quaritch, £7 

Ariosto (L. ) Orlando Furioso, nuovamente adornato di figure di rame da 
G. Porro, engs., old blue mor. ex., with bookplate of David and ticket of 
Catharine Garrick, 4to., Venetia, 1584 (S. Dec. 16 ; 516) Maggs, £4 6s. 

Orlando Furioso, woodcuts, sm. 4to., old calf, Vineggia, F. Frances- 

chini, 1568 (H. Nov. 20 ; 508) 7s. 

Orlando Furioso, 2 engd. titles and 51 engp. by G. Porro, veil., fo. 

Venetia, 1584 (S. Oct. 30 ; 951) hacroix, 10s. 

* This copy contains at end the " Osservazioni del Sig. Alberto Lave 
zuola," with separate engraved title. 

Orlando Furioso, 4 vol., port, and pits., veil., 4to., Venezia, 1772-73 

(S. Oct. 29 ; 564) Martin, 9s. 

Orlando Furioso, 4 vol., ports, and pits., after Eisen, etc., red mor. gilt 

g. e. by C. Hering, Birmingham, G. Baskerville, 1773 (S. Nov. 23 ; 17 > 

Tregaskis, £2 4s. 

1908-9 9 

Ariosto (L.) The same, 4 vol. , with Autograph of John Hoole and inscription 
" This volume was lent by Mr. Hoole to Dr. Johnson who spilt a cup of 
tea on it on page 1, and stained it in the manner still visible," 1773 
(H. Dec. 17 ;488) Hatchards, £1 10s. 

Orlando Furioso, 4 vol., pits., half calf, m. e., Parigi, 1803 (S. Nov. 

26 ; 159) Rimell, 13s.. 

Roland Furieux, traduction par M. le Comte de Tressan, 4 vol., port. 

and pits, by Cochin, calf, 4to., Paris, n. d. (S. Oct. 29 ; 612) Scotty, 5s. 

Aristoteles. Ethicorum libri X per Leonardum Aretinum in Latinum 
translati, lit. semi-goth. long lines, 25 to a full page, signs ;l-j) 6 in 8's (a i 
blank), rubricated, capitals painted in red, JE iii-vi. in facsimile, some 
margins mended, mor., joints, g. e., sm. 4to. Oxoniis 1479 (S. Dec. 
3 ; 32) Stanley, £150 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Aristoteles, Greece, vol. 1, fo., pigskin, blind stamped, Venetiis Aldi Mauucii 
1495 (H. Nov. 26 ; 189) £3 

Politiques, or Discourses of Government, trans, by L. Le Roy, old 

calf, fo., 1598 (S. Oct. 30 ; 943) Andrews, Is. 

Aristoteles, Greece, ex recensione I. Bekkeri, edidit Academia Regia Borus- 
sica, 4 vols., half veil., 4to., Berolini 1831-6 (H. Oct. 8 ; 923) 

Sotheran, £2 

Arnaud. CEuvres, pits, after Eisen and fMarillier, 12 vols., calf, rebacked 

Paris, 1795 (H. Dec. 9 ; 501) Asher 6- Co., £1 15s. 

Arnault (A. V.) Vie Politique et Militaire de Napoleon, port, and pits., 2 

vols., fo., half bound, Paris 1822-6 (H. Nov. 27 ; 583) £2 12s. 

Arnold (Matthew) Empedocles on Etna, 1st Edn., 1852 (P. Dec. 1 ; 531) 

Spencer, £2 8s., 

Works, and Letters, ed. by G. W. E. Russell, port., Edn. de Luxe, 

15 v., 1903-4 (H. Dec. 8 ; 224) Edwards, £4 7s. 

Aron (Piero) Toscanello in Musica, full-page woodcuts, boards, fo., Vinegia 
1539 (P. Oct. 9 ; 587) Leighton, £6 10s. 

Arrivabene (Lodovico) II Magno Vitei, calf ex., g. e. bv F. Bedford, fine copy 
sm. 4to., Verona, 1597 (S. Dec. 16 ; 532) Edwards, 5s. 

Ars Memoraudi, per Memorabiles Evangelistarum Figuras, 15 woodcuts from 
the block-Book, with Hexastich by S. Brant, and Introduction by G. 
Relmisius, in all 17 leaves (last 3 defective ), sm. 4to., russ., g.e., Phorcse 1 592 
(H. Nov. 26 ; 162) Leighton, £2 6s. 

Ars Memorandi. Rationarium Evangelistarum omnia in se evangelia 
prosa, versu, imaginibusque quam mirifice complectens, 15 full-page 
woodcuts (sig. a vi. cut), unbound, sm. 4to., Phorcae, T. Anshelmus, 
1510 (S. Nov. 3 ; 7) Swann, £2 3s. 

Art of Manual Defence, or System of Boxing, by a pupil both of Humphreys 
and Mendoza, front, and 9 pits., 1789 (S. Oct. 29 ; 486) Baillie, 19s. 

Art of Pruning Fruit Trees ; and a Tract of the Use of Fruits of Trees for pre- 
serving us in Health, etc., old calf, 1685 (S. Dec. 5 ; 368) Sotheran, £2 2s. 

Art (L' ) de Verifier [les Dates, 3 series and 2 [indexes, 42 vols., new half calf 
Paris, 1819-1842 (P. Oct. 30 ; 339) Winter, 6s. 

Ascham (A.) A Little Herball of the Properties of Herbes, 6.1. (title mended, 
wants D 4, slightly stained and shaved), modern calf (Wilbraham 

[copy), J. Kynge (1550) (S. Dec. 3 ; 34) Knight, £5 15s. 
The Scholemaster, (fourth edn), 6. I., mor. antique, by J. Toovey > 
sm. 4to., 1579 (S. Dec. 3 ; 36) Sotheran, £7 15s. 
Ashe (T.) Travels in America, 3 vol., boards, 1808 (S. Dec. 16 ; 428) 
Quaritch, £4 7s. 6d. 
Asher (A.) Bibliographical Essay on the Voyages of Hulsius, sm. 4to., 1839 
(H. Dec. 11 ; 1206) 13s. 
Ashley (R. ) Cochin-China, containing many admirable Rarities and Singu- 
larities, half calf, 4to., 1633 (P. Oct. 9 ; 559) Sotheran, 12s. 
Ashmole (E. ) Institution of [the Order of the Garter, port, of Charles II., 
engs., russ. ex., g.e. by F. Bedford, fine copy, fo., 1672 (S. Dec. 3 ; 37) 
B. F. Stevens, £3 5s. 


Asiatic Society of Bengal. Journal, from commencement in 1832 to 1890, 
wanting vol. LVIII., part 2, with the Supplement , extra numbers, etc. 
59 vol. ; Proceedings, 1865-1890, 26 vol. ; Index, vol. I.-XXIII. ; 
Catalogues, Centenary Review, etc. ; together 88 vol. in 128, half bound 
not uniform (9 vol. in wrappers), 1 plate missing, w. a. f., 1832-90 (S. 
Nov. 25 ; 719) Quaritch, £30 

Athletic Exercise : or the Science of Boxing displayed . . . front, mounted 
half calf gilt, (1788) (S. Nov. 11 ; 472) Hornstein, 5s. 

Atkinson (J. A.) and J. Walker. Manners, Customs, and Amusements of 
the Russians, 100 cold, pits., 3 vols, in 1, port., russ., fo., 1803-4 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 48) Phipson, £5 15s. 

Atkyns (Sir R.) Ancient and Present State of Gloucestershire, 1st Edn. 
port., pits., etc., with list, calf gilt, y. e., fine copy, fo., 1712 (S. Dec. 
18 ; 312) Worrell, £6 15s. 

Audin de Rians (E. L. J. E.) I^iste Alphabetique des editions du XV. siecle 
recueillies par le Comte D. de Boutourlin, one of 4 copies printed on 
vellum, Florence, 1730 (S. Dec. 17 ; 92) Bloomfield, 10s. 

Audsley (G. A.) Ornamental Arts of Japan, Artists' Proof copy, 2 vol. in 
5 portfolios, 90 pits., fo., 1885 (S. Dec. 15 ; 332) Winter, £2 10s. 

Audubon (J. J.) Birds of America, 590 cold, pits., 7 vols., imp. 8vo., half 
mor. (slightly rubbed), t.e.g., N.Y., 1840-4 (H. Oct. 29 ; 584) Quaritch, £31 

Augspurgisches Friedens Gedachtniss, 126 plates, ab., half vellum, Augs- 
purg. n. d. (H. Nov. 5 ; 582) 5s. 

Augustinus (S. ) " Canon pro recommendacione huius famosi Operis sive 
libelli sequentis. de arte Predicandi Sancti Augustini," 1st Edn., t. g., 
parva, (21 11.), rubricated, (Hain *1955), mor. antique, by F. Bedford, 
fine copy, fo., absque ulla nota [sed Argent. Jo." Mentelin, c. 1465] 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 38) Hiersemann, £23 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Another Edn., I. g., parva, (22 11. the last blank), (Hain *1956), mor. 

antique, g. e. by Lortic (Crawford copy), fo., ib. (c. 1465) (S. Dec. 3 ; 
39) Maggs, £21 10s. 

* This is called the " Verso " edition, by reason of the text beginning 
on the Verso of the first leaf, the recto being blank. The two lines 
forming the title are in a different type ; otherwise the edition is the same 
as the above. 

Another Edn., I. g., parva, long lines, 40 to a full page, rubricated, 

mor. ex., g. e., fine copy (Syston Park copy), fo., absque nota [sed J. 
Fust, Moguntiae, c. 1466] (S. Dec. 3 ; 40) Baer, £102 

De Civitate Dei libri XXII. (Hain *2048), Index (14 11.) and text 

(257 11.) repaired, last leaf inlaid ; a few wormholes ; first page illu- 
minated ; illuminated initial to each book, old calf, fo. Venetiis, Vindeli- 
num de Spira, 1470 (S. Dec. 3 ; 42) Burnett, £52 

* The fourth book printed at Venice, and the first from Vindelin's 
Press. (The Coleman copy). 

De Singularitate Cleicorum (sic), 1st Edn., I. g. (33 11.), (Hain *2082), 

rubricated, mor., gilt, g. e. (Syston Park copy), sin. 4to. Olricu Zel, 

Moguntinen (1467) (S. Dec. 3 ; 41) Quaritch, £75 

* The second dated book from Ulric Zel's Press. 

Opus Questionum, g. 1. (slightly wormed), half bnd., fo. Lugduni, J. 

• Trechsel, 1497 (H. Dec. 9 ; 595) Parker, £1 lis. 
Sermones sancti Augustini ad heremitas, g. I., sm. 4to. (Hain, 1,998), 

boards [Spirse, Peter Drach, ca. 1490] (H. Nov. 26 ; 158) 

Hippe, £1 13s. 
Certaine select Prayers gathered out of S. Augustine's Meditations, 

also S. Augustine's Manuell, 6. I., wants last leaf of " Table," old mor., 1575 

(P. Oct. 29 ; 238) Leighton, £1 16s. 
« Manuell, or litle Booke of the Contemplation of Christ, woodcut 

borders, &. I. (slightly imperfect, binding broken), J. Wolfe, 1586 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 126) 18s. 

£ Austen (Jane)] Emma, 1st Edn., 3 vols., half mor., 1816 (H. Dec. 18; 

877) Edwards, £2 18s. 

1908-9 II 

Austen (R.) Treatise of Fruit-Trees, with the Spiritual Use of an Orchard, 
in 1 vol., engd. title by J. Goddard, half bound, sm. 4to., Oxford, 1653 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 43) Sotheran, £3 

Another Edn., 2nd edn., calf (broken), sm. 4to., ib. 1657 (S. Dec. 3 ; 

44) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

(Wm.) Atlas under Olympus, an Heroick Poem (wants leaf of Errata, 

stained), sheepskin, w. a. f., 1664 (S. Oct. 30 ; 992) Dobell, 3s. 

Avelianeda (A. F. de) Segundo Tomo del Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote 
De la Mancha, mor. ex., g. e. by F. Benford, fine copy, Tarragona, F. 
Roberto, 1614 (S. Dec. 4 ; 183) Quaritch, £35 

* First edition of this independent continuation of Don Quixote, pub- 
lished a year before Cervantes' own second part. 

Ayres (John) Accomplish't Clerk, or accurate Penman, port., engd. title and 
25 plates, half mor., ob. 4to., 1682 (P. Oct. 9 ; 463) Hill, lis. 

[Aytoun & Martin] Gaultier Ballads, ills, by Crowquill, 1st Edn., 1845 
(P. Oct. 9 ; 385) Hornstein, £1 2s. 

(Bacon (F.)] Certaine Considerations touching the better Pacification and 
Edification of the Church of England, L. P., sm. 4to., with both titles 
(one slightly torn), and blank leaf at end (A.-F. in fours), sm. 4to., 
calf, uncut, 1640 (H. Oct. 29 ; 558) Ridler, £\ 8s. 

Historie of the Raigne of Henry VII. port, by Payne (mounted), 1st 

Edn., fo., calf, with arms, 1622 (H. Nov. 26 ; 136) £1 18s. 

Letters during the Reign of James I., 1st Edn., port, inserted, half 

bound, uncut, stained, 4to., 1702 (S. Nov. 25 ; 819) Bull, 5s. 

Letters and Remains, by R. Stephens, port., 4to., old crimson mor., 

crown in centre, g. e., 1734 (H. Oct. 28 ; 177) 12s. 

Proficience and Advancement of Learning, 1st Edn., name on title, 

slightly shaved, calf, good copy, 4to., 1605(S. Nov. 10; 67)Pickering,£9 15s. 

Resuscitatio, by Rawley, port., calf, fo., 1657 (P. Oct. 9 ; 579) 9s. 

Resuscitatio, by W. Rawley, port, (mounted) and eng. by Hollai, 

calf, broken, fo., 1671 (H. Dec. 9 ; 590) 8s. 

Works, port., 10 vols., 1824 (H. Oct. 28 ; 178) 10s. 

Works, ed. by Montagu, 17vols., 1827 (P. Oct. 29 ; 130)Brown, £4 12s. 6d. 

Badius Ascensius (J.) Navis Stultifere Collectanea vario carminum genere 

non sive eorundem familiari explanatione conflata, I. ft. (2 types), 
woodcuts, brown calf, Grolieresque scrolls and gilt medallions, repre 
senting Henry II. and the devices of Diane de Poitiers (Hague of 
Brussels), g. g. e., clean copy, 4to. Paris, De Marnef, 1507 (S. Dec. 
17 ; 122) Bain, £12 

Badminton Library of Sports and Pastimes, complete set, 29 vol., ills., half blue 
mor., t. e. g., 1885-1902 (S. Nov. 11 ; 474) Hornstein, £4 

The same, 29 vol., L. P., ills., half roan, t. e. g., 4to., 1885-1902 (S. Dec. 17 ; 

109) Walford, £15 

Baillon (H) Dictionnaire de Botanique, 4 vol., plates in colours, half mor., 4to., 

Paris, 1876-92 (S. Nov. 23 ; 105) Quaritch, £1 2s. 

Baily's Magazine, ports, and pits., complete from commencement in 1860 to 

December, 1907, 88 vols., half crimson calf gilt, with sporting devices (fine set ) 

(H. Nov. 12 ; 527) Bailey Bros., £14 

Baker (Geo.) Newe Jewell of Health, b. I., woodcuts, calf, fine copy, 4to., 1576 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 544) ' Baker, £4 10s. 

Balbus de Janua (Jo.) Catholicon, 1st Edn., lit. semi-ooth. parva, double columns, 

66 lines (372 11. ) without marks, 2 illuminated initials, red capitals, colophon 

§ mended, last leaf cut and mounted, old calf, with arms of the Paris Feuillants' 
library (rebacked), fo. Maguntina (John Gutenberg ?) 1460 (S. Dec. 3 ; 4o ) 
* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. Baer, £530 

Bale (John) Apology Agaynste a ranke Papyst, ft. I., stamped calf, John Day 
(1550) (S. Dec. 3 ; 49) Sotheran, £2 2s. 

Illustrium maioris Brittanniae Scriptorum hoc estAngliae. Cambriae ac Scotiae 

Summarium, 1st Edn. (defective), woodcuts, calf ex., g. e.,w. a. f., 4to., Gip- 
peswici (Ipswich), per Joannem Overton, 1548 (S. Oct. 30 ; 1030) 

Andrews, 12s. 

* This copy contains the additional leaves Rrr, but not those marked Sss. 


Bale (John) The same, 1st Edn., old russ., plain edges, Wodhull copy, with 
arms, good copy. sm. 4to. Gippeswici, J. Overton, 1548 (S. Dec. 3 ; 48) 

Sot her an, £13 

* One of the earliest books printed at Ipswich by the first printer there : 
and the earliest biographical compilation on English writers. Pres. copy 
from author to Ralph Heyman in 1552, with autograph inscription. 

Stalbrydge (H.) Epistel Exhortatorye of an Inglyshe Chrystian unto his 

derely beloved contiey of Ingland agaynst the pompouse popysh Bishops 
thereof, 6. t, Orig. Edn. (36 11.), margin cut, but large copy (title shaved), 
covers of an old vellum MS. n. d. p. or n. (1544 ?) (S. Dec. 3 ; 47) 

Quaritch, £4 

* " Stalbrydge " is generally recognised as a pseudonym for John Bale, 
Bishop of Ossory. 

Ymage of both Churches, port inserted, b. (., 3 parts in 1 vol., sm. 4to. 

(wormed). J. Wyer, 1550 (H. Nov. 26 ; 121) Ellis, £2 12s. 

Ballantyne's Novelists' Library, complete in 10 vol., half calf, 1821-24 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 863) Hill, £1 10s. 

* Contents : Fielding, Smollett, Richardson, Radcliffe, Sterne, Johnson, 
Swift, etc. 

Balzac — Contes Drolatiques, 425 woodcuts by G. Dore, mor., Paris, 1855 (P. 

Oct. 8 ; 110) Sotheran, 12s. 

Bancroft (G. ) History of the United States, ports, (slightly foxed), Lib. Edn., 

10 vols., half calf, m. e., Boston 1841-75 (H. Oct. 29 ; 585) Sotheran, £2 10s. 
[ (Rich.)] Daungerous Positions and Proceedings, Published and Practised 

within the Island of Brytaine under Pretence of Reformation, and for the 

Presbyteriall Discipline, large copv, some uncut edges, 1st Edn., calf, g. e. 

sm. 4to., 1595 (S. Dec. 3 ; 50) Quaritch, £4 8s. 

* Said by a MS. note on title to have been the author's own copy. It bears 
the autograph of Roger Twysden, 164f, and was successively in the White 
Knights and Heber libraries. 

Bar (Jac. Ch. ) Recueil de tous les costumes religieux et militaires, vol. I.-V., cold, 
pits., half calf, uncut, fo., Paris, 1778-56 (S. Nov. 26 ; 50) Parsons, £3 15s. 

Barckley (Sir R. ) Discourse of the Felicitie of Man, 1st Edn., with leaf of Faultes 

escaped, and printer's colophon, binding broken, stained, 4to., 1598 (S. Oct. 

29 ; 570) Tomkin, £2 1 8s. 

Barclay (A.) Ship of Fools, ed. by Jamieson, woodcuts, 2 vols., sm. 4to., 1874 

(H.Nov. 26 ; 28) 10s. 

Barham (R. H.) Ingoldsby Legends, ills, by A. Rackham, sm. 4to., 1907 (H. 

Nov. 11 ; 42) Dobell, 16s. 

Ingoldsby Legends, cold. ills, by Rackham, L. P., 4to., veil., 1907 (H. 

Oct. 7 ; 371) Tickell, £\ 12s. 

[Barker (M. H.)] Greenwich Hospital, cold. ills, by G. Cruikshank, half mor., 
t. e. g., 4to., 1826 (S. Nov. 27 ; 516) Edwards, £2 12s. 

The same, calf ex., t.e.g. by Riviere, 4to.,1826(S. Nov. 2; \88)Brown, £4 8s. 

Tough Yarns, 1st Edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, tree-calf gilt, t. e. g. by 

Riviere, 1835 (S.Nov. 2; 43) Brown, £1 lis. 

[ (T. )] Country-mans Recreation ; or the Art of Planting, Graffing and Gar- 
dening, with the Art of Angling, separate title to each division, cuts, and 22 
separate plans at the end of " The Expert Gardener " on 11 11., calf, with 
T. Jolley's ex-libris, sm. 4to. 1654 (Art of Angling dated 1653) (S. Dec. 3 ; 
51) Knight, £14 

* The " Art of Angling " at the end is T. Barker's book of which Lowndes 
records a copy in 12mo. of 1651 , but without notice of the sale of a copy. The 
edition in this volume has a separate title as follows : " The Art of/ Angling/ 
wherein/ are discovered many rare secrets,/ very necessary to be knowne/ by 
all that delight in/ that Recreation. London/ Printed in the yeare 1653." 
This is the same year in which appeared " The Compleat Angler " of Walton. 
Barlandi (Hadriani) Dialogi, calf, Paris, 1530 (H. Nov. 26 ; 21 1 ) 2s. 

Barnes (Joshua) History of that most Victorious Monarch Edward III., Orig. 
Edn., port, of the king, port, of Barnes by R. White, port, of the king in armour 
and one of Edward the Black Prince, russ. ex., y. e. by J. Wright, fine copy, 
fo. Cambridge, 1688 (S.Dec. 3; 52) . Crossland, £2 15s. 

1908-9 13 

Barnes or Berners (Juliana) Treatise Perteynynge to Hawkyng, Himtyng and 
Fysshynge with an Angle, b. I., woodcuts and coats of arms, the latter coloured, 
the last leaf having the Tudor arms on recto and W. de Worde's Caxton device 
in red on verso ; first leaf cut and inlaid, 4 margins mended, dii defective, a few 
stains, modern russ., joints, g. e. by C. Hering, fo. Imprynted at Westmestre 
by Wynkyn the Worde, 1496 (S. Dec. 3 ; 53) Quaritch, £600 

Barnstaple (O.) Maria Stuarta Regina Scotiae, Dotaria Pranciae, Haeres Angliae et 
Hiberniae, Martyr Ecclesie innocens a caede Darleana ; Vindicae, calf, g. e. 
Ingolst., 1588 (S. Oct. 29 ; 482) Tregaskis, 5s. 

Another Edn., mor., g. e., Colon., 1627 (S. Oct. 29 ; 483) Dobell, 5s. 

Barrington (G.) Account of a Voyage to New South Wales, 2 vol., port, and cold. 

pits., boards, 1810 (S. Oct. 28 ; 149) Spencer, £1 8*. 

[Barrow ] King Glumpus : an Interlude in one Act, with 3 illustrations by W. M. 
Thackeray, orig. yellow wrapper, remarkably clean copy. On the first blank 
fly-leaf there is an inscription which goes to settle the question of authorship. 
It reads as follows ; — " Written by — Barrow, son of Mr. B. Secretary of the 
Admiralty, and acted by George Elliot, the Barrows and other young people 
when all living together at the Admiralty," It may be pointed out that this 
inscription corroborates the letter on the subject which appeared in the 
' Athenaeum,' on February 23rd, 1907. [For Private Circulation only], 1837 
(H.Nov. 27 ; 69) £148 

(J) Voyage to Cochin China, cold, pits., calf, 4to., 1806 (S. Nov. 10 ; 

61) Cown, 7s. 

Barry (Lodovick) Ram-Alley, or Merry Tricks. A Comedy, sm. 4to., 1636 

(P. Nov. 30 ; 121) Pickering, £1 6s. 

Bartholomaeus Pisanus. Summa (Pisanella) : in qua de Casibus et conciliis ad 
animam seu Conscientiam pertinentibus studiosissime tractatus, lit. semi-go I h . 
(253 11. the first blank) [Hain 2525 ], fine copy, half bnd., sm. folio [Paris, 
Martins Crantz, Michael Friburger and Ulric Gering] (1475 ? ) (S. Dec. 3 ; 56 ) 

Quaritch, £19 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Bartlett (John) The Pedegrewe {sic) of Heretiques (wants folio woodcut leaf of a 
tree of Popish Heresies), r. e., sm. 4to., 1566 (S. Dec. 3 ; 54) Thomas, £1 4s. 

Bartoli (P. S.) Recueil des peintures antiques trouvees a Rome, 2 vol., 54 cold. 
pits., mor., borders and inlays, fo., Paris, 1783 (S. Nov. 26 ; 51) 

Besomps, £\2 5s. 

Bartolomeo da li Sonetti (Z. ) Isolario (in Verse) [begins] " Al Divo Cinquecento 
Cinque e diece/ Tre Cinqz. a do Mil nulla tre e do un Ceto/ nulla, questa Opra 
dar piu altri lecce " / I. g. (56 11.), 49 woodcut maps coloured, the localities in 
cont. MS. [Hain, 2538], fine large copy, a few margins repaired, russ. gilt, sm. 
4to. absque ulla nota [Venet. Gulielmus de Piancerreto, 1485 ? ] (S. Dec. 3 ; 
55). Gilhofer, £39 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Bartram. Travels through North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, etc., port. , 
map, and plates, half calf, 1792 (H. Dec. 17 ; 529) Leon, £l 4s. 

Basan (Fr.) Cabinet Poullain, pits., russ., 4to. Paris, 1781 (H. Nov. 12 ; 567) 


Basilius Magnus (S. ) Opera : Interpretes, Jo. Argyropilus, Geo.Trapezuntius, Raph 
Volaterra, Ruffinus Presbyter, Monodia Grego. Nazian, oak boards, stamped 
leather, one clasp, well preserved, fo. Coloniae in aed. E. Cervicorni arte &> 
impendio M. Godefridii, 1523 (S. Dec. 3 ; 57) Knight, £7 

* The initials K.L. on the binding also occur in a band on the Notary binding 
of Hieronymus, Vitas Patrum (q. v. ). He was perhaps a Frenchman employed 
in London, [see Weale, " English Rubbings," 156]. 

Bassompierre (Marechal de) Memoires, 3 vol., old red mor., g. e., 1665 (S. Oct. 29 ; 

371 ) Lacroix, 7s. 

Bates (H. W.) Naturalist on the River Am?zons, 1st edn., 2 vol., ills., half calf, 

1863 (S. Dec. 15 ; 10) Young, 12s. 

Bauhinus (J.) Historia Plantarum Universalis, woodcuts, 3 vols., fo., Ebroduni 

1650 (H. Oct. 15 ; 629) 4s. 

- The same, 3 vol., woodcuts, calf, fo., Ebroduni, 1650-51 (S. Nov. 23 ; 224) 

Quaritch, £\ 


Baxter (W. ) British Phaenogamous Botany, cold, pits., 6 vols., half mor., t. e. g. , 
1834-43 (H.Nov. 4 ; 171) Quaritch, £1 10s. 

Beardsley (A.) Under the Hill, ills., Japan paper, sni. 4to., 1904 (H. Oct. 7 ; 373 > 


Beauchesne (M. de) La Vie et la Legende de Madame Sainte Notburg, ills., mor. ex., 
joints, silk linings, g. e., 4to., Paris, 1868 (S. Nov. 3,11) Howell, £\ 

Beaulieu (Seb. de Pontault, Seigneur de) Les glorieuses conquestes de Louis le 
Grand, Roy de France et de Navarre ; 2 vol. in 4, ports., many proofs before 
letters, and pits., old red mor., g. e., with the arms of Madame de Pompadour 
(slightly damaged), fo., Paris, 1680 (S. Nov. 26 ; 54) Quaritch, £48 

Another Edn., 2 vol. in 1, 92 pits., old calf, fo., ib. 1694 (S. Nov. 26 ; 15) 

Parsons, £\0 

Beaumont and Fletcher. Fifty Comedies and Tragedies, port, of Fletcher by 

Marshall (binding defective, otherwise sound copy), 1679 (H. Nov. 6 ; 779 > 

Dobell, £4 IDs. 

Works, with Notes by Theobald, Seward, and Sympson, 10 vol., ports., calf. 

1750 (S. Nov. 10 ; 120) Edwards, £1 13s. 

Works, with Notes by H. Weber, ports., 14 vols., calf, Edin., 1812 (H. 

Dec. 9 ; 416) G. H. Brown, £3 3s. 

Beavan (C. ) Reports in the Rolls Court, with Index, complete, 36 vols., calf, 

1840-69 (H. Dec. 4 ; 99) Stevens, £2 10s. 

Beccari (O.) Malesia — Piante Ospitatrici, 65 pits., hf. mor., t. e. g., Genoa 1884-C 

(H.Nov. 4 ; 232) Friedlander, £1 lis. 

Beckett (S. Thos. a) Vita & Processus Sancti Thome Cantuariensis Martyris super 

libertate Ecclesiastica, I. fl., veil., sm. 4to. Salmantiae, J. Gysser alemanum. 

de Selgenstat, 1506 (S. Dec. 3 ; 58) Leighton, £5 10s. 

Beckford (P.) Thoughts upon Hunting, front, and pits., sm. 4to., boards, Sarum 

1782 (H. Nov. 6 ; 697 G. H. Brown, £1 5s. 

- Another Edn., front., and pits., calf gilt, m. e., 1810 (S. Nov. 11 ; 478 

Pickering, £\ 7s. 

Another Edn., front, and ills., 1820 (H. Oct. 23 ; 730) 18s. 

[ (W. )] An Arabian Tale (Vathek), 1st Edn., Mrs. Piozzi's Copy, with In- 
scription " Given by Mr. Sharp [? C. Kirkpatrick Sharpe ], of Mark Lane, to H. 
L. Piozzi, 1804," boards, 1786 (H. Nov. 11 ; 158) Sotheran, £3 5s. 

The same, half bound, 1786 (S. Nov. 11 ; 479) Bloomficld, Is. 

Beda (Ven. ) Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum, 1st Edn., lit. semi-goth. (97 

11.), (Hain, *2732), painted capitals, new veil., g. e., fine copy, fo. absque ulla 
nota(sed Argent. Eggestein, 1473) (S.Dec. 3; 59) ' Maggs, £14 15s. 

Another Edn., lib. V., Latine et Anglo -Saxonice ; una cum Annotationibus, 

etc., old calf, with arms of J. A. de Thou and his second wife, Lord Orford's 
copy, r. e. (worn), fo. Cant, ex Off. R. Daniel, 1644 (S. Dec. 3 ; 60) 

Baer, £\ 18s. 

Beeverell ( J. ) Delices de la Grande Bretagne et de lTrlande, 8 vol. in 7, Orig. Edn., 

maps and views, old calf, 1707 (S. Oct. 30 ; 749) Tomkins, lis. 

Beharistan (The), or Abode of Spring, bv Jami, veil., P. P., 1887 (H. Nov. 11 ; 

98) Quaritch, £\ lis. 

Belany (J. C.) Treatise on Falconry, front., Berwick, 1841 (S. Nov. 26 ; 168) 

Porter, 18s. 

Belijdenisse ende eenuoudige Wtleyghinge des Waerachtigen Gheloofs/ ende der 

algemeynen Articulen van de fuyuere Christelicke Religie/ Gemaect met Ghe- 

meyner eendrachtcheyt van de Dienaers der Kerchen Jesu Christi die daer in 

Switzerlant zun, etc., b. I., mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, fine copy, sm. 8vo. 1568, 

Nordwitz, A. de Solemne, 1568 (S. Dec. 3 ; 61 ) Sotheran, £31 

* One of the first books printed in Norwich by the first printer there. Only 

two other perfect copies known, both in public libraries, [for other works from 

the same press see lots 6, 207, and " Psalmen " ]. 

Bell's British Theatre, L. P., ports, and pits., 34 vols., calf ex., g. e. (slightly 
rubbed), 1797 (H. Nov. 6 ; 677) £6 

Bell (J. G. ) Reprints of Rare Tracts and Imprints of Unpublished Manuscripts 
illustrative of the Topography, Family History, Antiquities, Costumes, 
Dialects, etc. of Gt. Britain, Complete Set, 21 Tracts in 2 vol., pits., half mor., 
t. e. g., 1850-54 (S. Dec. 17 ; 89) Waif or d, £1 15s. 

1908-9 i 5 

Bellamy (G. Anne) Apology for the Life of, 6 vols., old calf, 1785 (H. Dec. 8 ; 
196) 6s. 6d. 

Bellarminus (Rob. Card.) De Eterna Felicitate Sanctorum, port, and engd title,. 
ruled throughout, old red mor., with coronetted cypher of J. C. de Marchemont 
Coloniae, 1626 (S. Nov. 3 ; 12) Quaritch, £2 16s. 

Bellonii (P.) De Aquitalibus, woodcuts coloured, ob. 12mo., brown calf, centre- 
piece with black edging, inlaid and painted Grolieresque pattern, g. e. 
Parisiis 1553 (H. Nov. 5 ; 503) Leighton, £3 7s. 6d. 

Belon (P.) Observations de plusieurs Singularitez et Choses Memorables trouvees- 
en Grece, Asie, Judee, &c, port., plan and woodcuts, sm. 4to., calf, Paris 1555- 
(H. Nov. 5 ; 502) 18s. 

Another Edn., woodcuts, 3 folding pits., new veil., fine, large and clean, sm. 

4to. Paris, H. de Marnef et la Veuve G. Cavellet, 1 588 (S. Dec. 3 ; 62 ) 

Daniel-Tyssen, £6 10s. 

* The folding plates of Lemnos and Mount Atbos are not found in former 
editions. The portrait bears the mark of G. Tory. 

Belzoni (G. ) Plates illustrative of the Researches and Operations in Egypt and 
Nubia, 44 cold, pits., boards, atlas fo., 1820 (S. Oct. 29 ; 673) Abbey, 19s. 

Benese (Sir Rich. ) The maner of measurynge of all maner of Lande, 6. t. 1st Edu.,. 

(with a " Preface of Thomas Paynell, Chanon of Marton " ), diagrams, etc., MS. 

notes in margins, stamped calf, with the Royal arms and Tudor rose and 

"Arma Redemptoris Mundi," with the initials and mark of John Reynes, one 

of Henry VIII. 's binders, good copy, sm. 4to. James Nicolson, n. d.(1536 ?) 

(S. Dec. ? ; 64) Quaritch, £50- 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Bennett (Charles H.) Fables of .Esop and others, 1st Edn., cold, ills., calf gilt, 
t. e. g. by Riviere, cover bound up, 4to. (1857) (S. Nov. 2 ; 184) 

Hopkins, £2 2s. 

Another Copy, half mor., g. e. by Tout, cover bound up, 4to. (1857) (S. 

Nov. 2; 185) Sotheran, £1 10s. 

Bentham (G.) Handbook of the British Flora, cuts, 2 v., 1865 (H. Nov. 19 r 
138) Quaritch, £1 

Bentham and Hooker. Genera Plantarum, ad exemplaria imprimis in Herbariis 
Kewensibus servata definita, 3 vols, in 6, 1862-83 (H. Nov. 4 ; 175) 

Wesley, £5 10s. 

Bentham and Mueller. Flora Australiensis, 7 vols., 1863-78](H. Nov. 4; 176) £4 

Bentham ( J. ) History of Ely Cathedral, pits., in 2 vols., 4to., calf, 1771 (H. Dec. 

9; 557) 13s. 

Bentley's Miscellany, vol. I.-LXIV., all pubd., pits, by G. Cruikshank, half mor.,. 

s. e., 1837-68) (S. Nov. 22 ; 25) Edwards, £5 

Bentley's Standard Novels, 29 vol., fronts, by Leech, etc., half calf gilt, m. e.,. 

1835-50 (S. Nov. 11 ; 294) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Berkeley (G. F. ) Reminiscences of a Huntsman, 1st Edn., ills, by Leech, 1854 

(S. Oct. 29 ; 356) Martin, £1 5s. 

The same, half calf gilt, 1854 (S. Nov. 23 ; 27) Howell, 16s. 

My Life and Recollections, 4 vol., 2 ports., half mor., t. e. g., 1865-66 (S. 

(Nov. 25; 707) Edwards, 15s. 

Berlinghieri (Fr. ) Geographia in terza rima lib. VII., 121 11. text (wanting title 
and imprint, sig. ^ v. in MS. and sigs. gg nil and v. from a shorter copy), 
31 maps, in 2 vol., half roan. Firenze, 1481 (S. Nov. 23 ; 225) 

Quaritch, £32 

Bernard (Rich.) Threefold Treatise of the Sabbath, half bound (not in Lowndes- 
or Hazlitt), sm. 4to., 1641 (S. Dec. 3 ; 65) Hope, 6s. 

Bernardus (S. ) Omelie & Sermones de tempore & de Sanctis ; multis per Anni 
Circulum ; Solemnitatibus & Diebus accomodati, I. g., parva, Mediolani L. 
Pachel, 1489 ; Ejusdem Epistolae, I. g. (ut supra), ib. 2 vol. in 1, veil., fine 
clean copy, sm. 4to. (S. Dec. 3 ; 67) Leighton, £1 

. Opus Egregium beatissimi Bernardi, g. I., initials in red, fo. [Hain 2843 ],. 

stamped calf over oak boards, with stamp " G. W." rebacked, Paris, Pierre 
Levet or Georg Wolf, ca. 1485-95 ] (H. Nov. 6 ; 737) Edwards, £2 16s. 

Opera, 6. (., old calf (w. a. f.), fo., 1508 (H. Nov. 6 ; 883) 14s. 


Bernardus (S.) Sermones de Evangelio Eterno, l.g.(Hain *2828), rubricated, uior. 

antique, r. e. (slightly wormed), fo., N. Kesler basilee impresse, s. a. (c. 1491 ) 

(S. Dec. 3 ; 68) Baer, £3 16s. 

Berratz (J. M. ) Scenes in Ethiopia, 2 vol. in 1, cold, pits., half mor., ob. fo., 1852 

(S. Nov. 23 ; 226) Quaritch, lis. 

Berry (Miss) Journal and Correspondence, ed. by Lady Lewis, fronts., 3 v., 1865 

(H. Oct. 7 ; 518) 14s. 

Bertachinus (J.) Repertorium, g. I., 3 vols., boards, fo. Venetiis, G. Arrvabene, 

1494 (H. Dec. 17 ; 603) £1 2s. 

Besler (Basil) Hortus Eystettensis, sive plantarum norum, etc., best edn., engd. 

titles, ports, and pits., including the 7 of the Classis Hyberna, often wanting, 

veil., brass corners and clasps, atlas fo. Norimbergae, 1613 (S. Nov. 23 ; 

227) Quaritch, £7 10s. 

Bewick. Fables of iEsop, 2nd Edn., woodcuts, " thumb-mark receipt," boards, 

broken, 1823 (S. Nov. 3 ; 14) Howell, 13s^ 

The same, [no " Receipt " ], L. P., half mor., t. e. g., 1823 (S. Nov.ll ; 

483) Edwards, 17s. 

Figures of British Land Birds, vol. I., title, preface, and 133 figures of birds, 

with the vignettes, on separate leaves (all pubd. in this state), original drawing 
by Bewick inserted, mor. ex., uncut, by Zaehnsdorf, 4to., 1800 (S. Dec. 16 ; 
533) Malton, £4 16s. 

History of British Birds, L. P., 2 vol., woodcuts, half mor., uncut, t. e. g. 

roy.Svo., 1804 (S. Nov. 26 ; 173) Edwards, £1 16s. 

The same, L. P., woodcuts, 2 vols., calf, 1804 (H. Oct. 14 ; 100) 

G. H. Brown, £1 9s. 

Another Edn., L. P., 2 vol., woodcuts, calf, m. e., 1826 (S. Oct. 30 ; 778) 

Andrews, 16s. 

Supplement to the Historv of British Birds, both parts, cuts, L. P., mor. ex.. 

t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, 4to., 1821 (S. Dec. 16 ; 534) Malton, £2 5s. 

History of Quadrupeds, 2nd edn., woodcuts, calf, 1791 (S. Oct. 30 ; 779) 

Eales, 5s. 

Another Edn., woodcuts, calf, 1811 (S. Dec. 15 ; 15) Shepherd, 7s. . 

Another Edn., L. P., woodcuts, half mor., uncut, t. e. g., roy. 8vo., 1824 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 174) Edwards, 7s. 

Natural History of British Quadrupeds, Foreign Quadrupeds, British Birds, 

Foreign Birds, Water Birds, Fishes, etc., 10 in 1 vol., woodcuts, calf, wrappers 
preserved, Alnwick, 1827, etc. (S. Nov. 26 ; 175) Porter, lis. 

Select Fables, 1st Edn., woodcuts, half mor., m.e., 1820(H. Oct. 29; 1442 )7s. 

The same, royal paper, half morocco, t. e. g., 1820 (S. Nov. 11 ; 482) 

Sotheran, £1 6s. 

The same, L. P., ports, and woodcuts, and 2 extra portraits with the vignette 

on the title-page repeated, calf ex., t. e. g. by F. Bedford, 1820 (S. Dec. 17 ; 
34) Hill, £2 12s. 

Works, Memorial Edition, 5 vol., woodcuts, half mor., t. e. g., imp. 8vo., 

1885-87 (S. Dec. 15 ; 17) Hill, £2 4s. 

Beza (T. ) Icones, id est Verae Imagines Virorum doctrina simul et pietate Illus- 
trium, etc., Orig. Edn., emblems and ports, and extra portrait inserted, 1580 
(S. Oct. 28 ; 56) Wells, 7s. 

Newes from Italy of a Second Moses, or Life of G. Caracciolus, Marquis of 

Vico, trans, by W. Crawshaw, 1st Edn., calf ex., g. e. by Bedford, 4to., 1608 
(P. Oct. 9 ; 550) Bull, 14s. 

BIBLES, arranged under languages, in chronological order, irrespective of versions. 

BIBLES— English. 

Bible. The Pentateuch. [Tyndale's Translation]. [The fyrst boke of Moses 
called Genesis], etc., b. I., morocco, g. e. by T. Aitken, w. a. f. [Marlborough, 
Hans Luft, 1530-31 ] (S. Dec. 3 ; 97) Bury, £190 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

The same, containing 4 11. from the end of Genesis, Text of Exodus complete, 

wanting Prologue and ff. x and XLVIII. ; Leviticus complete with Prologue, 
and Prologue to the Numbers, in all 148 11. with 3 woodcut titles (defective), 
Large Copy, half bound, w. a. f., ib. 1530 (S. Dec. 3 ; 98) Quaritch, £10 

* With this is sold Fry's facsimile Reprint of the " Book of the Prophete 
Jonas," 1863 

1908-9 17 

BIBLES— English. 

The Bible, trans, by Coverdale, b. I., map and woodcuts, mor., stamped sides, 

joints, g. e. (Dent, Benson and Perkins copy), fo. Prynted in the Yeare of 
Our Lorde MDXXXV. and fynished the fourthe daye of October (Zurich, 
Froschover, or Antwerp, Jac. Van Meteren), 1535 (S. Dec. 3 ; 99) 

Quaritch , £385 

* The First Edition of the Whole Bible in English ; no perfect copy known. 
Wants title, first 2 11. of dedication (supplied in f acs. ), and map ; 2 11. mended, 
some margins mended, and shaved. The woodcuts are chiefly by Beham, many 
of which were issued separately as Bible Illustrations by Egenolph of Frank- 

The Bible [Coverdale], .b I., woodcuts, wanting all before Leviticus XVII. 

and after end of Malachi, some intervening 11. missing, margins cut into ; con- 
tains in all 316 11., calf, w. a. f., fo., Southwarke, Jas. Nycolson, 1537 (S. Dec. 
3 ; 100) Ginsburg, £10 

* The first folio Bible, and possibly the first Bible of any size printed in 
England. Only eight copies are said to be known, all imperfect (Darlow and 
Moule, no. 15). 

(Matthew's [i. e. John Rogers' ] Version). The Byble/ by T. Matthew, b. I., 

cuts, title to O. T. inlaid ; slightly mended, a few fore edges cut into, mor. ex., 
antique ornaments, g. e. by Zaehnsdorf, fo. 1537 [Antwerp ? for R. Grafton 
and E. Whitchurch] (S. Dec. 3 ; 101) Thomas, £150 

* Even Fry could never obtain a perfect copy, and the 4 copies in the British 
Museum are all defective. (Darlow and Moule, no. 17). 

The Byble in Englyshe, translated after the Veryte of the Hebrue and Greke 

textes, by ye dylygent studye of dy verse excellent learned men, woodcuts, b.X . 
wants title to N. T. , some 11. defective, some wormholes, oak boards, leather 
(wormed, broken), r. e., in a box, fo, R. Grafton and E. Whitchurch, 1539 
(in Apryll) (S. Dec. 3 ; 102) Quaritch, £58 

* The Genuine first edition of the Great Bible, and despite its minor defects, 
an unusually good copy. 

[The Great Bible ], b. 1. (wants title to O. T. and all introductory matter, be- 
ginning on fol. I. of text, and the last leaf of table,in all 1 1 11. has other woodcut 
titles from other editions inserted, mounted, several 11. defective and mended ; 
calf (broken) ; w. a. f., fo. [R. Grafton & E. Whitchurch finished in April, 
1539] (S. Dec. 3 ; 103) Bury, £11 

* The first genuine edition of the Great Bible (Darlow and Moule, no. 25). 

[The " Great " Bible, 1540 April ]. The Byble in Englyshe, with a prologue 

by Thomas Archbysshop of Canterbury, b. I., title to O. T. defective, woodcuts ; 
Apocrypha defective and other slight defects, duplicates of two weak 11. in- 
serted, old mor., g. e., w. a. f., fo. E. Whitchurche, 1540, fynisshed in April 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 104) Quaritch, £405 

* A good copy of the Second Edition of the " Great " or Cranmer's Bible, 
the first published with Cranmer's sanction. 

The Byble, that is to say all the Holy Scripture .... 6. 1., woodcuts, title in 

f acs., also portions of the next 5 11. with the separate titles, mor., joints, g. e., 
w. a. f., fo., Daye and Seres, 1549 (S. Nov. 3 ; 22) Bull, £5 

* Matthew's version revised by Becke, irreverently called the " Bug " Bible 
from the reading in Psalm xci., v. 

[The " Great " or Cranmer's Version, 1550]. The Bible in Englishe/ that 

is to saye, The Content of al the holy Scripture . . accordinge to the translation 
that is appointed to be read in the Churches, b. I., five parts, separate titles, 
Table at end ; some 11. cut close, and a leaf slightly defective, oak boards, 
stamped leather, with crowned Tudor rose in centres, in slip case, sm. 4to. E. 
VVhytchurche, 1550 (S. Dec. 3 ; 105) Williams, £88 

* Fry could never obtain a perfect copy. It has an inscription " This Buik 
pertinis to David Anderson burges of Abd anno 1573," and other old signatures 
of members of the same family occur below. 


BIBLES— English. 

The Bible and Holy Scriptures conteyned in the Olde and Newe Testament. 

Translated according to the Ebrue and Greke, maps, titles soiled and weak, 
margins defective, mor. ex., joints, g. e. bv Tuckett (from the Tite collection), 
w. a. f., sm. 4to. Geneva, Rouland Hail, 1560 (S. Dec. 3 ; 110) 

Quaritch, £26 

* First Edition of the Genevan or " Breeches " Bible, and the earliest English 
Bible printed in Roman type and with verse divisions. It contains the cele- 
brated Letter of the Pastors at Geneva to Q. Elizabeth. 

[The " Great " Version, Rouen, 1566 ]. The Bible in Englyshe of the Lar- 
gest and Greatest Volume, according to the Translation apoynted hy the 
Queenes Maiesties Injunctions to be read in all Churches, etc., b. I., title to 
O. T. defective, N. T. title torn, leaf of Calendar torn, last leaf of table defec- 
tive, wants second prel. leaf, some 11. stained and soiled (15£, by 10£-in.), 
new mor. ex., on wooden boards, g. e., fo., Rouen at the Coste and Charges 
of R. Carmarden (per C. Hamilton), 1566 (S. Dec. 3 ; 106) Austen, £10 10s. 

[The Bishops' Version, 1568.] " The Holy Bible," ft. I., engd. title, port. 

of Earl of Leicester to part II. illuminated ; port, of Lord Burleigh, numerous 
woodcuts by Jost Amman and Virgil Solis, including Leda and swan, maps, etc. 
old red mor., tooled ornaments, rebacked and re-rimmed, g. g. e., fo. R. 
Jugge (1£68) (S. Dec. 3 ; 107) Quaritch, £120 

* The First Edition of the Bishop's Bible, printed upon yellow paper, with 
the title and portrait of the Earl of Leicester mounted on white paper. A 
remarkably fine copy and believed to be perfect, but will be sold w. a. f . 

The same, b. I., woodcuts, first title in facs., some margins repaired, and 

defective, mor. ex., g.e. by Riviere, w. a. f. (Darlow & Moule, no. 89), fo., 
R. Jugge, 1568 (S. Dec. 3 ; 108) Quaritch, £32 

[The Bishop's Version, 1569]. " The holi bible " [these three words only, 

on a small white tablet surrounded by woodcut figures of Q. Elizabeth, etc., 
(in parts I. -II.) ], 6.1. , parts I. II., and V. only, stained, part I. wants 16 prel. 
11. and part V. wants title ; cont. black mor., covered with gilt scrolls, g. g. e. 
w. a. f., sm. 4to. R. Jugge (1569) (S. Dec. 3 ; 109) Leighton, £44 

* Archbp. Parker's copy of the second edition (the first in quarto) of the 
Bishops' Bible. On the cover of part I. is the inscription in red " these V bokes 
M. Parker" (in the autograph of the Archbishop). The titles of parts I. and 
n. are coloured by hand, that of part I. being printed on vellum. The binding 
is in first-rate condition, with holes for the ties. 

[Genevan or " Breeches"]. The Bible and Holy Scriptures conteined in 

the Olde and Newe Testament ; translated according to the Ebrue & Greke . . , 
with Moste Profitable Annotations, etc. (and Two Tables), maps and woodcuts 
first title and two last 11. in MS.,mended, and some letters in facs., mor., w. a. f., 
fo. Edinb., A. Arbuthnot, 1579 [N. T. At Edinburgh, T. Bassandyne, 1576] 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 111) Williams, £21 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

[Genevan or "Breeches"] with most profitable Annotations (with Two 

Tables), woodcut titles (inlaid), margins mended, ruled throughout, unbound, 
w. a. f., sm. 4to. Deputies of C. Barker, 1599 (S. Dec. 3 ; 112) 

Ranshaw, £1 2s. 

[Authorised Version, 1611 ]. The Holy Bible . . newly translated out of the 

Original Tongues, b. i. engd. title to O. T. by C. Boel(cut and mounted), Speed's 
Genealogies, maps, etc., oak boards, stamped leather, fine copy, large folio. 
R. Barker, 1611 (S. Dec. 3 ; 115) Quaritch, £41 

* First issue of the first edition of K. James's or Authorised Version of the 
Bible, with the " He " reading in Ruth iii. 15. Certificate of Fr. Fry, as to 
its completeness and genuineness throughout, pasted in cover. 

[Authorised Version, 1611-13]. The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Tes- 
tament and the New (with Speed's Genealogies), b. I., engd. title by C. Boel 
(split and mended), margins mended, 2 11. inlaid, some 11. stained, wants end 
after Rev. xi. 4, old calf, w. a. f., fo. C. Barker, 1611-13 (S. Dec. 3 ; 116) 

Quaritch, £2 

* The second issue of the first edition of the Authorised Version with the 
" She " reading in Ruth iii. 15. 

1908-9 19 

BIBLES— English. 

Holy Bible and Common Prayer, with Beza's Summaries, &c, ft.f. (binding 

broken), fo. R. Barker, 1616 (H. Nov. 26 ; 252) Bull &■ Auvache, 10s. 6d. 

— — Holy Bible, with Apocrypha and Calendar, Authorised Version, fe. I., old calf, 
fo. R. Barker, 1617 (H. Dec. 17 ; 608) 7s. 

Holy Bible, trans, by the English Colledge of Dovvay, and the New Testa- 
ment by the English Colledge at Rheims, 3 vols., sm. 4to., old mor., g. e. J. 
Cousturier 1635-1633 (H. Oct. 8 ; 870) £1 10s. 

[Authorised Version, King Charles, 1 638 ] The Holy Bible, newly translat- 
ed [with Preface of the translators and Apocrypha ] engd. title by W. Marshall, 
ruled throughout, fo. T. Buck and R. Daniel, Printers to the University of 
Cambridge (1638) (S. Dec. 3 ; 117) Quaritch, £1000 

* Charles' the First's copy, in red velvet, richly embroidered in silver threads 
in high relief, the panels consisting of the royal arms in heraldic colours, with 
crowned knight's helmet and mantle, above which are the initials C.E.. beneath 
a canopy, the rose and thistle alternately in the corners ; the edges painted in 
roses and thistles with the royal arms and initials in centre. Enclosed in a case. 

The same, with Book of Common Prayer and Psalmes in Metre, with Music, 

3 vol. in 1, L. P., old blue morocco, covered with gold tooling, g. e., in wooden 
case, fo. ib. 1638 (S. Dec. 3 ; 118) Quaritch, £39 

* In Acts vi., 3, " Ye " instead of " We may appoint " is printed. This 
blunder, first printed in this edition, was repeatedly followed by other printers. 
The binding is ascribed to Hugh Hutchinson about 1650. It is enclosed in an 
oak case. 

Bible (Holy) and Common Prayer, ruled red borders, front, by Marshall, fo. 

Buck and Daniel, 1638 (P. Oct. 8 ; 270) Falkner, 15s. 

Bible, and Sternhold and Hopkins' Psalms, woodcut title (defective), old 

black morocco, tooled design, R. Barker, 1646 (H. Nov. 6 ; 751) 

Pickering, £8 15s. 

Holy Bible, J. Field 1650, and Psalms in Meter, 1653, in 1 vol., ruled in red, 

black mor., with initials, silver clasps, g. e., by S. Mearne (H. Dec. 9 ; 452) 

Parker <&- Co.. £1 

Bible in Short-hand, Orig. Edn., engd. title (date cut off), and port, of 

David (cold.), rubricated throughout, cont. mor., g. e. (1650) (S. Oct. 28 ; 

62) Spencer, 17s. 

Holy Bible, Book of Common Prayer, and Psalms in Meter, black mor., 

tooled sides (cottage pattern), g. e. by S. Mearne, 1662-3 (H. Dec. 9 ; 454) 

Parker, £2 8s. 

Holy Bible, Authorised Version (the Vinegar Bible), engs. by Sturt, fo., cont. 

red morocco, gilt sides, with name, g. e., fo. Oxford, 1717 (H. Oct. 8 ; 933) 

£2 18s. 

Bible, Baskett's Edition, engs. by Van der Gucht, ruled in red, 2 vols., fo., 

old blue mor., with Royal arms, g. e., fo. Oxford 1717 (H. Dec. 17 ; 631 ) 

Bull, £1 Is. 

BIBLES— French. 

La Bible qui est toute la Saincte escripture .... Translatez en Francoys, le 

Vieil de Lebrieu, le Nouveau du Grec, aussi deux amples tables, I. q. (lettres 
batardes), mended, defective, large copy, calf, rebacked, folio. Neuchastel, 
P. de Wingle, 1535 (S. Nov. 3 ; 21) Ginsburg, £20 

* The first edition of the French Protestant Bible for the Vaudois, translated 
by P. Olivetan with the assistance of Calvin. 

The same, wants last leaf of " Apologie du translateur," some margins 

mended, colophon mended, oak boards, stamped leather, fo. Neufchatel, 
P. de Wingle, 1535 (S. Dec. 3 ; 87) Lacroix, £21 

* First Edition of the French Protestant Bible. The colophon contains the 
celebrated acrostic " Les Vaudois Peuple evangelique, Ont mis ce thresor en 

La Bible [Genevan] qui est toute la Saincte Escriture ; contenant le Vieil 

& le Nouveau Testament, avec arguments, etc. (avec Calendrier, Les 
Pseaunies en rime notes, etc. ), woodcut maps and other cuts (wants a map 
and part of a leaf in the N. T.), bound in 2 vol., old calf gilt, r. e., w : a. t. 
(Geneve) Fr. Estienne, 1567 (S. Dec. 3 ; 113) Bloomfield, £1 14s. 


BIBLES— French. 

La Bible reveu par les Pasteurs & Professeurs de l'Eglise de Geneve, avec 

les Pseaumes de David en metre par Marot et Beze (Preface by Calvin), 
ruled in red, orig. calf, gilt ornaments, g. gauffred e. (slightly worn, but fine 
copy), sm. 4to. Geneve, 1588- (S. Dec. 16 ; 593) M*ggs, £4 15s. 

BIBLES — German. 

Die Deutsche Bibel ; die gantsche Heilige Geschriffte (mit Prologen S. Hiero- 

nimi), in 2 vol., \. g., 583 numbered 11. without signatures, woodcuts, some 
with scrolls of text in the manner of the early block books, coloured by a con- 
temporary hand, several initials illuminated, capitals painted, stamped calf 

• rebacked, with metal bosses and clasps, fo. A. Koburger, Niirenberg, 1483 
(S. Nov. 3 ; 18) Rosenthal, £39 

* Fine, large (15J by 1 1^ in.) and clean copy of the ninth edition of the Bible 
in German, and the first printed at Nuremberg. 

De Biblie Uth der Uthlegginge Doctoris Martini Luthers yn dyth diidesche 

vlitich uth gesesstet (von J. Hoddersen), t. g., full page woodcuts of Adam and 
Eve, woodcuts slightly stained, a few 11. mended, stamped pigskin, on oak 
boards, metal corners and clasps, in fine preservation, fo. Liibeck, L. Dietz, 
1533 (S. Nov. 10 ; 253) Tregaskis, £10 10s. 

* First edition of Luther's version in the Low Saxon dialect. The large 
woodcut is the same as that which occurs in Matthew's edition in English 
of 1537 

Beider AUt unnd Newen Testamenten fleissig treulich un Christlich, nach 

alter inn Christlicher Kirchen gehalter Translation, etc. gesehen, durch D. 
Johan Dietenberger Newe Verdeutscht, I. g. (German type), double columns, 
58 lines, woodcut titles and numerous woodcuts in text ; mended ; stained, 
last leaf wanting ; oak boards, stamped pigskin, clasps," w. a. f. Mainz, P. 
Jordan in Kosten des Herrn. P. Quentells zu Kollen, 1534 (S. Dec. 3 ; 95 ) 

Ginsburg, £2 6s. 

Die Propheten alle Deudsch D. Mart. Luth. (Second Issue), und Das Newe 

Testament D. Mart. Luth. I. g. (German), woodcuts cold, by a contemporary 
hand, cut and defective ; in 1 vol., old oak boards, leather, w. a. f., fo. Wit- 
temberg, Hans Lufft, 1534 (S. Dec. 3 ; 94) Hartland, £2 14s. 

Biblia : das ist die gantze heilige Schrifft : Deudsch auffs new zugericht, D. 

Mart. Luth. Begnadet mit Kurfiirstlicher zu Sachsen Freiheit, 2 vol. in 1, 
I. g., title mended, partly coloured, numerous woodcuts, a few notes shaved, 
stamped pigskin, metal corners, bosses, and clasps, fo. Wittemberg, Hans 
Lufft, 1541 (S.Nov. 3; 20) Ginsberg, £16 10s. 

* The last edition personally revised by Luther. 

Biblia, das ist : Die Gantze heilige Schrifft : deudsch. Auffs new zugericht 

Doct. Mart. Luth., 1. 9., (German), eng. title and woodcuts by Hans Bros- 
amer (some with his mark), etc., all highly coloured ; a few 11. stained ; half 
leather, fo. Wittenberg, Hans Luft, 1551 (S. Dec. 3 ; 96) Hartland, £2 

Catholische Bibell von D. Johan Dietenberger, woodcuts, coloured by an 

early hand, the large initials heightened with gold, stamped pigskin, fo. 1571 
(H. Dec. 17 ; 604) Harding, £1 lis. 

BIBLES— Italian. 

La Bibia, che sichiama II Vecchio Testamento secondo la Verita del testo 

Hebreo ; con molte annotationi ; con il Nuovo Testamento secondo la Verita 
del Testo Greco, etc., woodcuts, title repaired, red mor., g. e. by Derome, fine 
copy, 4to. [Geneva] F. Durone, 1562 (S. Dec. 3 ; 83) Maggs, £2 Us. 

* The translation of Brucioli revised for the Protestant Refugees in Geneva 

La Bibbia, cioe, I Libri del Vecchio e del Nouvo Testamento, nuovamente 

tras. da G. Diodati, orig. veil., 4to. s. 1. e. n. 1607 (S. Dec. 3 ; 85) 

Crawshaw, 15s. 
• * The First Edition of Diodati's Protestant Italian Version. An " L " has 
Leen inserted in MS. in the date, making the figures read MDC(L)VII. 

La Sacra Bibbia tradotta in lingua Italiana e Commentata da G. Diodati, 

seconda editione ; front, by A. Bosse, old olive mor., panelled sides, g. e., fine 
copy, fo. Geneva, P. Chouet, 1641 (S. Dec. 3 ; 86) Edwards, £2 12 s> 

I908-9 21 

BIBLES — Latin and Greek. 

Biblia Pauperum. A single Leaf, with signs, ft of a Holland (?) Block Book 

of the Biblia Pauperum, about 1455, impressed on the recto only, of the same 
edition as the Sykes and Spencer copies, from the Bateman collection (see 
Sotheby's PrincipiaTypographia, vol. I., p. 45), fo.(S. Dec. 3 ; 70) Gottee, £41 

Biblia Sacra Latina, Editio Vulgata, cum prologis S. Hieronymi. [Mentz, 

1455. Vol. 1, Gen.-Psalterium ], I. g., magna, double columns, 40-41-42 lines, 
without marks, rubricated, running titles, capitals and initials in red and 
blue, a few illuminated initials, first page decorated, oak boards, leather, 
clasp catches, very fine, large, clean copy, with temoins, sound throughout, 
in a case, fo. Moguntiae, Gutenberg &• Fust. c. 1455 (S. Dec. 3 ; 78) 

Quaritch, £2,050 
* Volume I. of the Mazarine Bible ; as fine a copy as can be obtained. It 
includes the Four Books of Esdras, and the Books of Tobit and Judith. It 
comes from the Gosford library, in the sale of which in 1884 it realised £500 

Biblia Sacra Latina, 1462. Two Leaves on Vellum from the first dated 

Latin Bible of Fust & Schoiffer. 1462 (48 lines), containing a portion of the 
Acts (Cap. XXIIII-V) and the Second Epistle of Peter, fo. (1462) (S. Dec. 
3 ; 79). Maggs, £17 10s. 

Biblia Sacra Latina, Editio Vulgata, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi, q. I. (Hain 

3,')69), the larger initials ornamented in various colours (1 leaf wanting and a 
few repaired), fo., mor. over oak boards. Nurnbergae, A Coberger, 1478. 
(H. Nov. 26 ; 155) Bull &Auvache, £2 Us. 

Pentateuchus [cum Chaldaica Onkelosi Paraphrasi et comment. R. Jarchi, 

Punctis et accentibus], 1st Edn., printed on vellum, (219 11.) (Hain 12568), 
some 11. soiled, stained, and defective, old calf, not more than twelve other 
copies known. Bononiae,AbrahamBenChaiim,1482(S.Dec.3; 71 ) Quaritch, £104 

Biblia Sacra Latina, g. (., initials and paragraphs in red (3 11. defective ; 2 

wanting), calf. Venetiis, F. Renner de Hailbrun, 1483 (H. Nov. 26; 183)14s. 

Biblia Sacra Latina ; Editionis Vulgatae, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi et In- 

terpretationes Nominum Hebraicorum, I. g., illuminated initial and small 
miniature on a ii (a i missing), initials in red and blue, old calf, 4to. Venet. 
Joh. Herbort de Selgenstal, 1484 (S. Nov. 23 ; 110) Bull, £2 5s. 

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, Hebraice, Chaldaice et Graece, sum tribus interpre- 

tationibus latinis, de mandati ac sumptibus Card. D.F.Ximenes de Cisneros, 6 
vol. in 4, old calf, fo. Compluti, Arn Gul. de Brocario, 1 514-17 (S- Dec. 3 ; 73) 

Sutcliffe, £110 

* The fine Sunderland Copy of the first Polyglot Bible printed, comprising 
also the first printed (though not the first published) New Testament in Greek. 
Some 11. slightly wormed. 


BIEAIA OETAZ, etc. Sacrae Scripturae veteris Novaeque omnia (cura 
Andr. Asulani), printed in Greek italics, in double columns, anchor in black 
on separate leaf at end, old red mor., richly gilt, g. e. by J. Froding of Amster- 
dam, with ticket, large, fine copy, fo. Venetiis in Aedibus Aldi et Andreae 
Soceri, 1518 (S. Dec. 3 ; 75) Rosenthal, £51 

* The first Aldine Greek Bible ; and the first published edition of the Sep- 

Biblia, cum Concordantiis Veteris et Novi Testamenti et Sacrorum Canonum 

g. I., woodcuts, fo., 1 leaf defective, mor. ex., blind panel on sides, Lugduni, 
J. Moylin 1520 (H. Nov. 26 ; 205) Bull, £3 10s. 

Biblia Sacra, cum Concordantiis, title within woodcut border (cold.), and 

other woodcuts (some partlv cold.), g. I., fo., calf, with clasps, Lugduni, 1522 
(H. Nov. 26 ; 206) Harding, £1 Is. 

Biblia Sacra Latina, b. I. (few 11. defective), calf gilt. T. Kerver 1526 

(H. Nov. 26 ; 210) Sotheran, 16s. 

Biblia (Sacra Latina). Habes in hoc libro . . utriusq . instrumenti 110 vam 

tranlatione (sic) aeditam a reverendo . . doctoreS.Pagnino(cum Interp. Heb. 
Nominum, etc.), 55 lines, veil., 4to. Lugduni, Ant. Du Ry, impensis Fr. 
Turchi dom. Berticinium et Jac. de Giuntis, 1527 (on title 1528) (S. Dec. 3 ; 
81) Quaritch, £3 10s. 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 


BIBLES— Latin and Greek. 

Bibliorum Opus Sacrosanctum Vulgatis quidem characteribus, etc. access. 

etiam tertium Maccabeorum liber novissime additus, quem priores impres- 
siones non habebat, cum Interp. Nom. Heb., I. fl., woodcuts, brown morocco, 
covered with interlaced geometrical scroll inlays, interspersed with fleur-de- 
lys and D interlaced, with the royal French arms in centres (Henri II. and 
Diane de Poitiers), g. e., gauffred and painted, folio. Lugd. s. nom. impr. 
1536 (S. Nov. 3; 19) Young, £6 2s. 6d. 

* A modern imitation of a Henri II. and Diane de Poitiers binding. 

Sacro Sancta Testamenti Veteris & Novi, e sacra Hebraeorum lingua Grae- 

corumq . fontibus, consul tis simul Orthodoxis interpretibus, religiosissime 
translata in Sermonem Latinum, etc. (some 11. stained), oaken boards, 
stamped pigskin, clasps, 4to. Tiguri, C. Frosch. 1544 (S. Dec. 3 ; 82) 

Quaritch, £2 
* The Vulgate Bible revised by Cholino and Gualther. 

Biblia, ad vetustissima exemplaria castigata (3 11. defective), calf, Antv. 

1572 (H. Nov. 26 ; 87) Barnard, 6s. 

Biblia Sacra Latina, oaken boards, calf, brass bosses and corners, wormed 

throughout, 4to. Lond. 1585 (S. Dec. 15 ; 230) Edwards, 6s. 

Biblia Sacra (Hebraica) eleganti et majuscula characterum forma, qua 

ad facilem sanctae linguae et scripturae intelligentiam novo compendio . . 
literae radicales et serviles, etc. authore Elias Huttero, veil., fo. Hamburgi, 
Jo. Saxonem, 1587 (S. Dec. 3 ; 72) Knight, £2 4s. 

Vetus Testamentum (Graecum) juxta Septuaginta Interpretum ex auctori- 

tate Sixti V Pont. Max. editum, russia (broken), m.e. (Duke of Sussex's copy), 
fo. Romae, ex. Typog. Fr. Zanetti, 1587 (S. Dec. 3 ; 76) Bull, £\ 1 Is. 

* The authentic edition of the Sixtine Septuagint. 

Biblia Hagiographa. Libri Paralipomeni Psalmi, Proverbia, Ecclesiastes, 

Job, Ruth, Threni Hieremiae (no formal title), oaken boards, leather, 
stamped with the arms of Henry VIII. and Katherine of Arragon, the support- 
ers of the King's arms being the Dragon and Greyhound, well preserved [Basle 
Froben. 15—] (S. Dec. 17 ; 19) Quaritch, £36 10s. 

Biblia Sacra, Amst. J. Blaeu, 1651, and Sternhold and Hopkins's Psalms, 

London, J. Field, 1652, in 1 vol., cont. mor., g. e. with painting on fore-edge, 
" F. Lewis fecit, 1655 " (H. Dec. 9 ; 448) Shepherd, £1 

Biblia Sacra Polyglotta, ed. B. Waltonus, port., engd. title, maps and plates 

by W. Hollar, Royal Copy, 6 vol., 1655-57 — Lexicon Heptaglotton per Ed. 
Castellum, port., 2 vol., ib. 1669 ; together 8 vol., old French green mor., 
with arms of Mirabeau Aine, g. e. (Derome), ruled in red, very fine copv, fo. 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 74) Edwards', £15 

Biblia Sacra, engd. title, old English mor., tooled sides, g. e. Londini, 1656 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 755) James, 2s. 

BIBLES— Spanish. 

Biblia en Lengua Espanola traduzida palabra por palabra de la verdad He- 

brayca por muy excelentes letrados vista y examinada por el officio de la In- 
quisicion, I. g., with the Tabla de las Haphtaroth, complete 2 corners mended, 
old calf gilt, r. e., sm. folio. Ferrara, Jer. de Vargas, 1553 (S. Dec. 3 ; 89) 

Quaritch, £36 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

La Biblia, qui es, Los Sacros Libros del Vieio y Nuevo Testamento ; trans- 

ladada en Espanol (por Cassiodoro de Revna), cuts in preface, old mor., tooled 
sides, blue edges, 4to. s. 1. 1569 (Basil.) (S. Dec. 3 ; 88) Ellis, £1 12s. 

* The Protestant Version known as the " Bear " Bible from the printer's 
device on title. 

BIBLES— Wendish. 

Tu Je, use Suetu pismu, Stariga inu Noviga Testamenta, Slovenski, tolmaz- 

hena, skusi juria Dalmatina. Bibel das ist die gantze heilige Schrifft/ Win- 
disch, 1st Edn. in Wendish, woodcuts, 2 vol., old calf, m. e., folio. Wittem- 
berg, durch Hans Kraffts Erben, 1584 (S. Dec. 3 ; 90) Quaritch, £15 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

1908-9 23 

Bible Illustrations. Enchyridion, ou Manuel contenant plusieurs matieres traic 

tees es livres de Lancien Testament exprimees par figures, avec le texte appar- 

tenant a icelles : 86 woodcuts, and cut of S. Paul on last leaf, slightly soiled, 

mor., g. e. Anvers, M. Lempereur et S. Coc, 1535 (S. Dec. 3 ; 119) 

Quaritch, £20 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 
Figures des Histoires de la Saincte Bible, both titles within borders, and up- 
wards of 500 half page engs., old calf, fo. Paris, 1643 (S. Oct. 30 ; 925) 

Wells, 6s. 
Bibliographica. Papers on Books : their History and Art, pits., 3 vols., imp. 8vo., 

half mor., t. e.g., 1895-7 (H. Oct. 9 ; 1124) £2 15s. 

Bibliotheca Botanica : Original Abhandlungen aus dem Gesammtgebiete der 

Botanik, herausgegeben von Uhlworm, Haenlein, Luerssen, und Frank, pits., 

parts 1 to 64, 4to. Cassel und Stuttgart, 1886-1906 (H. Nov. 4 ; 221 ) 

Friedlander, £15 
Bickham (G.) Universal Penman, front, and pits., calf, r. e., fo. 1743 (S. Dec. 

15 ; 336) Tregaskis, 12s. 

Bicknell (C.) Flowering Plants and Ferns of the Riviera, cold, plates, imp. 8vo., 

half roan, g. e., 1885 (H. Nov. 4 ; 179) Quaritch, £1 3s. 

Bidpai vel Pilpai Directorium Humane Vite alias Parabola Antiquoru Sapientu, 

I. fl., long lines, 50 to a page, with signatures, but without catchwords or 

numerals, A to M in six's and N (the last) in 10, woodcuts, initials painted in 

red (C2 and 3, E2 and F5 in facs., old calf, tall copy, fo. sine ulla nota 

(Argent. I. Pruss., circa 1480) (S. Oct. 30 ; 924) Northey, £6 15s. 

Bing (S. ) Le Japon Artistique : Documents d' Art et d'Industrie reunis, 3 vol., ills., 

4to., Paris, s. a. (S. Oct. 30 ; 841) Rimell, £2 6s. 

Binns (W. M.) First Century of English Porcelain, pits., 4to., 1906 (H. Dec. 10 ; 

823) £1 2s' 

Biographical Mirrour, 3 vol., ports. (2 vol., mor. g. e. vol. III. boards) ,4to., 1795-8 

(vS. Nov. 26 ; 9) Stevens, £7 5s. 

Bird (Wm.) Magazine of Honour, enlarged by Sir J. Doderidge, half calf, 1642 

(vS. Dec. 3 ; 121) Bloomfield, 12s. 

Bisse (Jas. ) Two Sermons, one at Paules Crosse, the other at Christs Church, 6. J., 

mor., 15F5 (S. Dec. 3 ; 122) Sotheran, £1 4s. 

Blaauw (F. E. ) Monograph of the Cranes, 22 cold, plates, mounted as drawings, 

1897 (H. Nov. 4 ; 120) Quaritch, £2 14s. 

Black (W. H.) History of the Worshipful Company of Leathersellers, ills., fo., 

P. P., 1871 (H. Nov. 27 ; 577) Walford, £1 10s. 

Blackmore (R. D.) Lorna Doone, 1st Edn., 3 vols., half roan, 1869 (P. Dec. 1 ; 

405) Shepherd, £2 2s. 

Blackwall (John) History of Spiders, cold, pits., 2 vols., fo. Ray Society, 1861 

(P. Oct. 8 ; 290) Thin, £2 lis. 

[Blackwood (A.)] Martyre de la Royne d'Ecosse, Dovariere de France, etc. 

(S.B. no. 144), veil. Edimbourg, 1587 (S. Oct. 29; 481) 

Forrester, £3 5s. 
Blaeu (J.) Atlas de la Grande Bretagne, cold, title and maps, half russ., fo. 

Amst., 1654 (S. Nov. 10 ; 264) Ridler, £5 10s. 

Blair (R.) The Grave, etchings by W. Blake, roan back, 4to., 1808 (S. Dec. 17 ; 

128) Bloomfield, £2 8s. 

Blake (Stephen) Complete Gardeners Practice, 29 pits., last leaf of Table in MS., 

boards, calf back, sm. 4to. 1664 (S. Dec. 3 ; 123) Edwards, £1 12s. 
(William) Illustrations of the Book of Job, in 21 plates, india proofs, 1826 

(S. Nov. 2 ; 228) Rimell, £9 If 8. 
Songs of Innocence and of Experience, ed. bv E. J. Ellis, hf. mor., 4to., 1893 

(P. Dec. 1 ; 638) Ward, £7 15s. 

* One of 50 copies in water-colour, in printed outlines, touched with gold 
in imitation of Blake's own work. 
Unique set of proof impressions of the Pastorals of Virgil, mounted in a vol., 

red mor. ex. (P. Oct. 30 ; 495) Sabin, £10 10s. 

Blanco (Manuel) Flora de Filipinas, 4 vol. in 6, and Appendix, 2 vol. ; together 

8 vol., port, and cold, pits., veil., fo. Manila. 1877-80 (S. Nov. 23 ; 230 ) 

Wesley, £15 


Bleeker (P.) Atlas Ichthyologique ties Indes Orientales Neerlandaises, parts 1-36 
(all pubd.), 420 pits., in parts. Amst., 1862-78 (S. Dec. 16 ; 572) 

Maggs, £15 10s. 

Bloch (M. E.) Ichtyologie, ou Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, cold, pits., 3 vols., 
mor., (broken), fo. Berlin, 1785-88 (H. Oct. 6 ; 304) £\ 9s. 

Another Edn., cold, pits., 6 vols, in 3 (broken), fo. Berlin, 1795 (H. Dec. 

9 ; 625) G. H. Brown, £\ 18s. 

Blome (R.) Gentleman's Recreation, in two parts, L. P., 100 pits., calf, slightly 
stained, fo., 1686 (S. Dec. 15 ; 337) Tregaskis, £9 

Blomefield (F.) History of Norfolk, continued by C. Parkin, port, (stained) and 
pits., 11 vols., old calf, 1805-10 (H. Nov. 11 ; 198) Walford, £4 

Blume (C. L. ) Flora Javae nee non Insularum adjacentium, both series, 4 vol., 
cold, pits., half mor. ex., t. e. g., fo. Lugd. Bat. 1828-58 (S. Nov. 23 ; 231 ) 

Wesley, £9 10s. 

Rumphia, sive commentationes botanicae imprimis de plantis Indiae Ori- 

entalis, 4 vol. in 3, pits., and ports., half mor. ex., t. e. g., fo. Lugd. Bat. et 
Brux. 1835-48 (S. Nov. 23 ; 232) Quaritch, £5 15s. 

Blundeville (T. ) His Exercises, containing eight Treatises, b. I., diagrams, charts, 
etc. (title backed), old calf, sm. 4to., 1613 (S. Dec. 3 ; 126) Sotheran, £2 12s 

Another Edn., diagrams, volvelles, and woodcuts, b. t, sm. 4to., rough calf, 

1622 (H. Dec. 9 ; 373) Sotheran, £3 10s. 

Boccaccio (G. ) II Decamerone, woodcuts, calf, broken, with bookplate of Garrick 
and ticket of Catharine Garrick, 4to. Vinegia, 1548 (S. Dec. 16 ; 513) 

Bloomfield, £1 10s. 

II Decameron, white morocco super extra, covered with ornamentation, g. e., 

(13§ by 2f-in.), fo. Firenze, all' insegna di Dante, 1820 (S. Nov. 12 ; 897) 

Edwards, £1 

* The first book printed on this size paper (one of 100 copies). 

Contes et Nouvelles, traduction libre, pits, by Romain de Hooge, 2 vol.,. 

old red mor., g. e., Amst., 1697 (S. Dec. 16 ; 524) Maggs, £4 4s. 

Contes de Bocace, traduction nouvelle par A. Sabatier de Castres, pits., 10 

vols, in 5, calf, Paris 1801-2 (H. Dec. 9 ; 502) Renter, £\ 7s. 

Nouvelles, par Mirabeau, pits, by Marillier, 4 vols., old calf, Paris 1802 

(H. Nov 6; 664), £1 

II Decamerone : or Decads, consisting of One Hundred Ingenious Novels, 

port, inserted, mor., g. e. (stilted), 1712 (S. Nov. 11 ; 298) Edwards, lis. 

Decameron, trans, by John Payne, Japanese Vellum, with extra plates bv 

Chalon, 2 vols., 4to., 1893 (P. Dec. 1 ; 644) Edwards, £2 14s. 

Falles of Princes, trans, by J. Lidgate, woodcuts, b. I., fo. (defective), 4to., 

1554 (H. Nov. 11 ; 307) Edwards, £2 19s. 

The same, trans, by J. Lidgate (with the Danse of Machabree), b. I. (sig.G. 

missing, some leaves misplaced), fo., calf, 1554 (H. Nov. 26; 111) Edwards, £3 

La louenge et Vertu des Nobles et Cleres Dames, woodcuts, lettrts batnrbca 

ruled throughout (2 11. repaired, 5 11. missing, and 2 misplaced), fo., mor., g. e. 
A. Verard, Paris 1493 (H. Nov. 26 ; 197) Ramschburg, £18 

Plaisant Livre de la Vertu et louenge des Nobles et cleres dames, Irttrr* 

batitrbts (small hole in title), old calf gilt, G. Le Bret, 1537 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

212) £\ 3s. 

Thirteene most pleasaunt and delectable Questions, written in his booke 

named Philocopo, Englished by H. G., b. I., veil., 1587 (H. Nov. 11 ; 129) 

Quaritch, £& 

Bodenham (John) Bel-Vedere, or Garden of the Muses, 1st Edn. (contains title, 

4 11. of poetical introduction, 236 pp. of text, and 8 11. of table), (title defective) 

wants 72-7 (7j loose), severall pp. written in, sketches in margins, orig. calf, 

w. a. f. Imprinted by F. K. etc. (defective), 1600 (S. Dec. 16 ; 432) 

Pickering, £15 

* Very few perfect copies known. Livingstone (A. P.) only quotes the 
Corser and Gaisford copies, and an imperfect one. 

Boethius (A. M. T. S. ) de Consolatione Philosophic, cum Optimo comento beati 
Thome, g. I. (Hain, 3,382), sm. 4to., veil., Argent. 1491 (H. Nov. 26 ; 161 ) 

Heffer, £1 14s. 

De Consolatione Philosophic et de Disciplina Scholarium, g. I., diagrams, 

fo., Venetiis. J. de Gregoriis, 1499 (H. Dec. 9 ; 596) Bull, £\ 10s. 

1908-9 25 

Boiardo ed Ariosto. Orlando Innamorato, Orlando Purioso, with Notes, by Sir 
A. Panizzi, 9 vol., mor. ex., g. e. by Holloway, 1830-34 (S. Nov. 11 ; 492 > 

Maggs, £2 10s. 

Boissardus (J. J.) Emblematum liber ; ipsa Emblemata ab Auctore delineata : 
51 pits, by Th. de Bry, old veil., with ties, 4to. Francof. 1593 (S. Nov. 23 ; 
113) Howell, £2 2s. 

Icones et Effigies Virorum Doctorum, engd. title and ports, by Th. de Bry, 

calf, 4to., Francof. 1645 (S. Nov. 23 ; 115) Stow, £2 2s. 

Parnassus cum imaginibus musarum deorumque praesidum Hippocrenes ,-; 

engd. title, port, and 25 pits, by Th. de Bry, half mor., fo. Francof. 1601 
(S. Nov. 23 ; 233) Bloomfield, 14s. 

Vitae et Icones Sultanorum Turcicorum, engd. title and ports, by Th de 

Bry. veil., fine copy, 4to. Francof. 1596 (S. Nov. 23 ; 114) Quaritch, £\ 8s. 

Bolton (E. ) Elements of Armories, 4to., woodcuts, russ. ex., 4to. 1610 (P. Oct. 
9 ; 509) Tregaskis, £2 2s. 

The same, L. P. ? (some stains and worm-holes), veil, gilt, sm. 4to. 1610 

(S. Dec. 3 ; 131) Leighton, £\ 6s. 

Bonanni (F. ) Gabinetto Armonico, pieno d'instromenti sonori, pits., calf, broken, 
with bookplate of David and ticket of Catharine Garrick, 4to. Roma, 1723 
(S. Dec. 16 ; 517) Maggs, £2 12s. 

Bonaventure (St.) Mirour of the Blessed Life of Our Lorde and Savioure Jesus 
Christe, newlie set forth in Englishe, etc., woodcuts (defective), calf (re- 
paired), with licence, n. p. d. or n. (S. Dec. 3 ; 127) Dobell, £1 

* A poor copy but probably unique and unnoticed by all bibliographers. 
Probably printed in the Netherlands, c. 1600. 

Bongarsius (Jac. ) Gesta Dei per Francos ; sive Orientalium Expeditionum et 
Regni Fraucorum Hierosolimitani Historia nunc primum edita, 2 vol. in 1, 
half calf, fo. Hanoviae apud heredes Jo. Aubrii, 1611 (S. Dec. 3 ; 129). 

Baer, £1 

Bonnet (Chas.) Traite dTnsectologie, 2 vol., pits., old calf. Paris, 1745 (S. Oct. 
29 ; 469) James, 3s. 

Bononcini (Gio.) Sinfonie a trd Istromenti, col Basso per l'Organo, 5 parts and a 
duplicate of the " Violone 6 Tiorba " part, old vellum, sm. 4to. Bologna, 
1686 (S. Dec. 18 ; 263) Olschki, £3 3s. 


Book of Common Prayer, etc., with the Psalter after the Translation of the 

Great Bible, 6. t. L. P., wants first title ; preface damaged ; engraving pasted 
in cover, old blue mor., with crowned arms of William II., Prince of Orange, 
and Mary, daughter of Charles I., and Princess Royal of England (?) fo. 
R. Barker and Assigns of Bill, 1634 (S. Dec. 17 ; 184) Delany, £82 

* With signature of Charles I. on title of the Psalms, and may have been given 
by him to his son-in-law and daughter for use in the Private Chapel during their 
stay in England. 

Book of Common Prayer, &. 1., R. Barker, 1638,with Sternhold and Hopkins's 

Psalms, 1627, in 1 vol., old calf, with arms, fo. (H. Dec. 9 ; 589) 

Maggs, £\ 10s. 

Book of Common Prayer, fc. I., old calf, 4to. Bill & Barker, 1660 (S. Oct. 

29 ; 605 ) Ponsonby, 8s. 

Book of Common Prayer, 1664, New Testament, Edinb. 1646, and Sternhold 

and Hopkins's Psalms, 1664, in 1 vol., old needlework binding, figures on 
sides, on white satin, g. e. (H. Dec. 9 ; 459) Maggs, £& 

printed by Baskett, old mor., formerly the property of Princess 

Augusta of Saxe-Gotha, mother of Geo. III., with monogram and prayer in 
MS., 1741 (P. Nov. 30 ; 93) Tregaskis, 7s. 

Book of Common Prayer, fine copy, orig. mor., dentelle borders, g. e. Cam- 
bridge, Baskerville, 1760 (S. Nov. 11 ; 532) Maggs, £1 6s. 

Book of Common Prayer, 12mo., vellum, g. e., with water-colour painting of 

Eton College, by Edwards of Halifax, in a case. Halifax, 1791 (H. Oct. 8 ; 
800) Spencer, £5 15s. 

Book of Common Prayer, for Use in the United States of America, pits, after 

Westall, red mor., g. e., New York, 1825 (S. Oct. 29 ; 382) Grant, 12s. 

Book of Common Prayer, Pickering's Reprints, b. I., 7 vols., mor., antique,. 

g. e., fo. 1844 (H. Nov. 20 ; 628) Grant, £4 10s. 


Book of the Dead. Facsimile of Papyrus in the British Museum, 37 cold, pits., half 

mor.,fo. 1890 (S. Oct. 29 ; 687) Martin, £1 Is. 

Book of Good Manners (The) translated out of the French (of Le Grand), 6. I., 

(Caxton type), 49 lines, with signs, contains 44 11. beginning on a iii, fl has only 

ii. and iii, and h only 1. and vi., the latter being the leaf with colophon, 

mended, mor., tooled, g. e. by C. Lewis, w. a. f., fo. R. Pynson (1494) (S. 

Dec. 3 ; 128) Rutland, £240 

* The second edition, first translated and printed by Caxton in 1 486-7. This 

copy is probably the only one existing, as after diligent search no other copy has 

been discovered. It was originally Heber's, and Lowndes cites it as the only 

copy known. It was afterwards successively in the libraries of Philip Bliss and 

Cecil Dunn Gardner. It has Bliss's initial, as usual with him, before sign, b. 

Book-Prices Current : Dec. 1886 to July 1908, complete set, 22 vols, and Index 

to vols. 1-10, together 23 vols., 1888-1908 (H. Nov. 26 ; 81) 

Barnard, £10 10s. 

The same, from commencement to 1904, 18 vol. (S. Nov. 10 ; 39) 

Moore, £10 10s. 

Booth (E. T. ) Rough Notes on Birds in the British Islands, 3 vol., cold, pits., half 

mor., t. e. g., fo. 1881-87 (S. Nov. 25 ; 827) Porter, £12 15s. 

Boothbv (Sir R.) Sorrow sacred to the Memory of Penelope, engs., mor. ex., g.e. 

by'Hayday, fine copy, fo. 1796 (S. Oct. 30 ; 954) Maggs, 17s. 

Bordone (B. ) Isolario nel qual si ragiona di tutte lTsole del mondo ; woodcut maps 

half mor., fine copy, fo. Vinegia, 1534 (S. Nov. 23 ; 234) Bloomfield, 13s. 

Borlase(E. ) History of the Execrable Irish Rebellion to the Act of Settlement.old 

calf, fo., 1680 (S. Nov. 10 ; 236) Harding, 3s. 

(Wm.) Antiquities of Cornwall, pits., calf, wormed, fo. Oxford, 1754 (S. 

Dec. 15 ; 338) - Tregaskis, 16s. 

Natural History and Antiquities of Cornwall, maps and pits., 2 vols., old calf, 

fo. Oxford and London, 1758-69 (H. Nov. 19 ; 314) Harding, £1 6s. 

Borrow (G.) Lavengro, 1st Edn., 3 v., 1851 (H. Oct. 7 ; 410) 19s. 

Bossewell (J.) Works of Armorie, 1st Edn., 6. I., coats-of-arms, partly coloured, 

old calf, large copy, sm. 4to. R. Totelli, 1572 (S. Dec. 3 ; 130) 

Dr. Steeves, £2 10s. 
Bossuet (J. B.) Oraison Funebre du Grande Conde, papier d'Hollande, front. 

and pits, by Chevignard. half mor., t. e. g., 4to. Paris, 1879 (S. Oct. 30 ; 

878) Curtis, 10s. 

Bossuit (F. Van) Cabinet de l'Art de Sculpture, engs., 4to. Amst., 1727 (H. 

Nov. 12 ; 566) 8s. 

Boswell (H.) Antiquities of England and Wales, 2 vol., pits., half calf, fo. 1786 

(S. Dec. 15 ; 339) Bull, 9s. 

Botfield (B.) Memorials of the Families of De Boteville, Thynne and Botfield, 

port., roxburgh, g. t., 4to. 1858 (P. Oct. 9 ; 566) Harding, 19s. 

Bouchard (Alain) Les Croniques Annales des Pays de Bretaigne, woodcuts, Uttrr* 

baiarbts, fo., old mor. (rubbed). Paris, A. Cousteau et G. du Pre, 1531 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 222) £2 ?s. 

Boucher (F. ) CEuvres, reproduit par E. Wattier. 64 plates, half mor., fo. Paris, 

n. d. (S.Nov. 11 ; 409) Shafter, £1 16s. 

Bouchette (J.) Topographical Description of Lower Canada, port., maps, and 

plates, half bound, 1815 (H. Nov. 6 ; 828) 12s. 

Boulger (D. C. ) History of China, 3 vols. 1881 (P. Oct. 29 ; 192) Maggs, £2 2s 
Boullaye-Le-Gouz (Sr. de la) Voyages et Observations [2nd and best edn. ], wood- 
cuts, russ. ex., g. e. by F. Bedford, fine, large copy, sm. 4to. Troyes, Nic. 

Oudot, 1657 (S. Dec. 3 : 132) Sotheran, £7 

{ Bourne (J. C. ) Drawings of the London and Birmingham Railway, map and 36 

lithos, half mor., fo. 1839 (P. Oct. 30 ; 555) Hornstein, 16s. 

Bownde (Nic. ) Doctrine of the Sabbath plainely laid forth, margins mended, orig. 

veil., sm. 4to., 1595 (S. Dec. 3 ; 133) ' Bull, 6s. 

Bowring (Sir J.) Minor Morals for Young People, 3 vol., 1st Edn., engs. by G. 

Cruikshank and W. Heath, fine copy, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1834-'35-'39 

(S. Nov. 2 ; 42) Robson, £2 12s. 

Boxing (Complete Art of) according to the Modern Method, by an Amateur of 

Eminence, front., half russ., 1788 (S. Nov. 11 ; 496) Brown, 19s. 

1908-9 27 

Boydell (J. and J.) History of the River Thames, 2 vol., 76 engs., russ., fo., 1794 
(S. Nov. 11 ; 393) Kar slake, £3 8s. 

The same, 2 vol., map and cold, pits., russ., y. e., fine copy, fo. 1794 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 53) Maggs, £10 5s. 

Boydell's Heads of Illustrious and Celebrated Persons, with Biographical Me- 
moirs by J. Watkins, mezzotint ports., half roan, fo. 1811 (S. Nov. 11 ; 
420) .. Parsons, £2 18s. 

Boyvin de Vavrony (H. de) La Physionomie, L. P., cont. red raor., covered with 
gilt ornamentSjWith arms of Card. Richelieu,edges painted,gilt,and gauffered, 
fine specimen (from the libraries of Baron Pichon and Ricardo de Heredia) 
Paris, 1635 (S. Dec. 3 ; 134) Robson, £61 

* Dedication Copy to Cardinal Richelieu from the author, produced in the 
12th year of his age. 

Bradford (Alden) History of Massachusetts, half mor., t. e. g., fine copy. Boston 
(Mass.) 1822-25-29 (S. Dec. 18 ; 234) Maggs, £2 12s. 

( W. ) Sketches of the Country, Character, and Costume of Portugal and Spain 

and Supplemental Military Costume, 56 cold, pits., half bound, 4to., 1809-10 
(H.Nov. 6 ;857) £1 5s. 

Bradley (E.) College Life, 24 cold, etchings, mor., 4to. (1849) (P. Oct. 9 ; 517) 

Sotheran, £3 3s. 

Brahe (Tycho) Opera Omnia, sive Astronomiae Instauratae Progymnasmata, 
diagrams, calf, 4to. Francof., 1648 (S. Nov. 10 ; 177) Wesley, 15s. 

Brandt (G. ) Reformation in the Low Countries, ports., L. P., 4 vols., fo., old calf, 
fo. 1720-3 (H. Dec. 9 ; 633) T. Baker, £1 4s. 

Brant (Seb.) Stultifera Navis, per J. Locher in latinum traducta, 1st Edn., wood- 
cuts, title mended, a few headlines shaved and wormed, mor., g. e., 4to. 
Basil, 1497 (S. Oct. 29 ; 654) Leighton, £3 5s. 

The same, folio LXXV mended, fine copy, red mor., g. m. e. by Hardy, sm. 

4to. Basil, 1497 (S. Nov. 3 ; 26) Symes, £8 

Navis Stultifere Collectanea, woodcuts, g. I., sm. 4to., russ., g. e. (last leaf 

repaired). Parisiis in aed. Ascensianis, 1507 (H. Nov. 26 ; 199) 

Edwards, £2 9s. 

Navis Stultifera, woodcuts, g. I., sm. 4to. (3 11. slightly defective), 

veil. Basileae, N. Lamparter 1507 (H. Nov. 26 ; 163) Leighton, £3 17s. 6d. 

Stultifera Navis. The Ship of Pooles, trans, by A. Barclay (with the Latin 

text), woodcuts, mor., g. e., fine copy, sm. folio. J. Cawood, 1570 (S. Dec. 
3 ; 135) Dobell, £19 5s. 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Brazilian Flowers drawn from Nature in the Years 1880-82, in the Neighbourhood 
of Rio de Janeiro, 2 vol., 50 cold, pits., 1893 (S. Nov. 23 ; 239) Wesley, £21 

Brehms Thierleben. Allgemeine Kunde des Thierreichs, 10 vol., cold, pits., half 
mor. Leipzig, 1883-86 (S. Nov. 23 ; 35) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

Breton (Nich.) Pilgrimage to Paradise, 1st Edn. (title soiled and backed) ; 4 prel. 
11. and A-N 3 in 4s calf, sm. 4to. Oxford, 1592 (S. Dec. 16 ; 493) 

Quaritch, £22 10s. 

* No copy has apparently occurred for sale since Corser's in 1868. 
Breviary. Portiforiu seu Breviarum ad usum ecclesie Sarisburiesis, castigatum, 

supplementum, marginalibus quotationibus adornatu, ac nunc primum, ad- 
verissimum ordinalis exemplar in suum ordinem aperitissimis viris redactum. 
Pars Estivalis, 6. I., 3 parts in 1 vol., cont. brown calf, gilt ornament and 
initials, " F. S." in centre [? by Berthelet], g. e., fine copy, fo. in Alma 
Parisien impressa p. F. Regnault 1535 (H. Nov. 27 ; 570) 

Leighton, £17 10s. 

* There is apparently no example in the British Museum, though there are 
copies of the Pars Hiemalis printed by Regnault in the same year. 

Breviarium Romanum a Paulo III. recens promulgatum ex Sacra potissimu Scrip- 
tura & probatis sanctorum historiis constans : (Editum a Card. Quignone), 
etc., \. g., parva, 42 lines, Kerver's device on title, and last leaf, 2 large oval 
cuts, mor., g. e. Parisiis per Jolanda bonhome Viduam T. Kerver, 1539. 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 136) Quaritch, £20 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Breviarium Romanum, Maskell's copy, pits., 4 vols., old red mor., g. e., Antv., 
Typ. Plantiniana 1768 (H. Dec. 9 ; 381) Quaritch, £1 13s. 


Breydenbach (B. de) Dis buch ist innhaltend die heilige reysen gein Jherusalem,. 
I.g., large views of Venice, Modon,Candia, Rhodes and Jerusalem (mended), 
the 2 smaller views of Parens and Corunna, and woodcuts in text (Hain 
♦3958), half veil., w. a. f., fo. k. o. o. j. (" Ere sey gott in der hohe " ) [Mainz 
Erhard Reuwich, 14—] (S. Dec. 3 ; 139) Baer, £34 10s. 

Sanctarum Peregrinationum in Montem Syon ad Venerando Christi Sepul- 

chrum in Jherusalem ; 1st Edn., I. g., long lines, 42-44 to a full page without 
signatures ; front, of arms of Ph. Birken (facs. ), woodcut views (mended), 
2 smaller views of Parens and Corfun, and cuts in text, mor. ex., g. e. by W. 
Pratt, fine copy, w. a. f., fo. Moguntina, E. de Reuwich de Trajecto, 1486 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 137) Maggs, £48 

Le grant voyage de hierusalem, diuise en deux parties, woodcuts, without 

the two separate maps, g. 1., sm. 4to., mor., g. e. by Amand. Paris, P. 
Regnault, 1522 (H. Nov. 26 ; 208) Leighton, £6 10s. 

Le Grant Voyage de Hierusalem, en deux parties, I. g., two titles, large 

folding cuts of embarkment of Crusaders, and of Jerusalem, cuts in text, 
mor., g. e. by C. Smith, fine copy (from the Yemeniz library), w. a. f., sm. 
folio (or 4to.) Paris, Fr. Regnault, 1522 (S. Dec. 3; 138) 

Maggs, £28 10s. 

* The fourth edn. in French of Breydenbach's Travels to the Holy Land. 

Brickell (John) Natural History of North Carolina, folding map and plates, calf,. 

fine copy, Dublin, 1737 (S. Nov. 10 ; 118) Stevens, £4 4s. 

Bridgewater Gallery. One Hundred and Twenty of the Most Noted Pictures at 
Bridgewater House, reproduced in photogravure from photos by W. L. 
Bourke, with descriptive text by L. Cust, atlas fo., 1903 (H. Nov. 5 ; 547) 

Duveen, £8 10s. 

Briefe Examination for the tyme of a certaine declaration lately put in print 
in the name and defence of certaine Ministers in London, refusing to weare 
the apparell prescribed by the Lawes and Orders of the Realme, 6. I., slightlv 
cut, half russ., sm. 4to. n. d. (1566) (S. Dec. 3 ; 31) Bull, £2 4s. 

Brinkley (F. ) The Art of Japan, Pictorial and Applied Art, ills., some heightened 
with silver, 4 vols., Boston, 1901 (H. Nov. 5 ; 533) Edwards, £2 9s. 

Japan Described and Illustrated by the Japanese, ills., Yedo Edition, 10 

sections, 4to., native bindings. Boston, Mass, U.S.A., 1897 (H. Nov. 5 ;532) 

/. Rimell, £3 10s. 
Britannia Delineata. Picturesque Scenery of Kent, 25 cold, pits., fo., 1822 (H. 

Oct. 16 ; 925) £3 15s. 

British Military Library, 2 vol., maps, plans, and cold, pits., some heightened with 

gold, calf, 4to. 1799-1801 (S. Nov. 26 ; 11) Edwards, £6 5s. 

British Museum. Reproductions from Illuminated Manuscripts, 3 series complete 
150 pits., 4to., 1907-8 (S. Nov. 3 ; 27) Howell, £2 8s. 

British Ornithologist's Club, Bulletin of the, vol. I.-XX., in 15 vol. 1893-1907 
(S. Nov. 25 ; 717) Murray, £3 10s.. 

Britton. The Library of Mr. Tho. Britton Smallcoal-man ; also an extraordinary 
Collection of Manuscripts in Latin and English, will be Sold by Auction at 
Toms Coffee-House adjoyning to Ludgate, on 1st of November, by John 
Bullord (40 pp.) interleaved, old red mor., covered with tooling (rebacked),. 
no other copy known, sm. 4 to. n. d. (1714) (S. Dec. 3 ; 140) 

Robson, £13 10s. 

[Brocardus, Borchardus seu Burchardus (R. P. F. B.)] Veridica Terra Sancte ; 
Regionuq finitimarum ; ac in eis mirabilium Descriptio. Nusq antehac 
impressa, Joan. R. K. Lectori S. P. D. I. g., veil., good copy. Venet. 1519 
(S. Dec. 3 ; 141) ' Leighton, 19s. 

Another Edn., veil., sm. 4to. Magdeburgi, 1587 (S. Dec. 3 ; 142) 

Dobell, 6s. 

Brockhaus (A. ) Netsuke : Versucheiner Geschichte der Japanischen Schnitzkunst,. 

cold, pits., calf, t. e. g. Leipzig, 1905 (H. Nov. 5 ; 341) Quaritch, £3 

Jirongniart et Riocreux. Description Methodique du Musee Ceramique de la 
Manufacture Rovale de Porcelaine de Sevres, 80 pits., 4to., tree calf. Paris 
1845 (H. Nov. 5 : 553) Quaritch, £2 16s. 

1908-9 • 29 

Bronte (Charlotte) Jane Eyre, 4th edn., half mor. 1850 (S. Dec. 18; 293) 

Robson, £4 10s. 

* With note of Charlotte's father. " To Mr. Hugh Bronte, of Ballinaslogh. 

This is the first work published by my daughter, under the fictitious name of 

Currer Bell, which is the usual way at first by authors, but her real name is 

everywhere known. She sold the copyright of this and her other two works 

for fifteen hundred pounds, so that she has to pay for the books she gets the 

same as others. Her other two books are in six volumes and would cost nearly 

four pounds. This was formerly in three volumes. In two years hence when 

all shall be published in a cheaper form, if all be well, I may send them — You 

can let my brothers and sisters read this, P. Bronte, A.B. Incumbent of Haworth 

near Keighly, Jany. 20th, 1853." 

Brooke (Fulke Greville Lord) Workes, 1st Edn., port, and document signed Fulke 

Greville inserted, calf ex., g. e. by F. Bedford, fine copy, 1633 (S. Dec. 17 ;78) 

Dobell, £1 

(R.) Catalogue and Succession of the Kings, Princes, etc., of England, 1st 

Edn., " The Author's Gift " written on title, woodcuts, some coloured, old 
calf, clean copy, sm. 4to. 1619 (S. Dec. 3 ; 145) Daniel-Tyssen, £1 8s. 

Another Edn., coats-of-arms (cold, by hand), M.S. notes (wants leaf of 

table), calf ex., fo. n. p. or n. 1622 (S. Dec. 3 ; 147) Quaritch, £3 10s. 

The same, coats-of-arms, calf, (rebacked), fine copy, fo. n. p. or n. 1622 

(S. Dec. 3 ; 146) Dobell, £1 7s. 

The same, engd. title (coloured), and coats-of-arms, calf gilt, fo., 1622 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 564) Walford, 6s. 

Discoverie of Certaine Errours published in Print in the much commended 

Britannia, 1594 [by Wm. Camden], 1st Edn. [with " John Leylands New 
Yeeres Gyft, given of him to King Henrie the VIII. in the 37. yeere of his 
reigne concerning his laborious jorney and search for Englandes Antiquities " 
(4 11.)], veil., with 30 original blank fly-leaves, fine large copy, sm. 4to. 
n. p. d. or n. (1596) (S. Dec. 3 ; 143) Leighton, £2 4s. 

The same [with Leyland's New Yeeres Gyft to Henrie VIII. ], half bound, 

large copy, sm. 4to. n. p. or n. (1596) (S. Dec. 3 ; 144) 

Bloomfield, 18s. 

Brookshaw (G. ) Groups of Flowers, Fruit, Birds ; coloured after Nature, 3 vol. 
in 1, cold, pits., mor. ex., g. e., fo., 1819 (S. Nov. 23 ; 240) Quaritch, £10 

Brother Jonathan, the Smartest Nation in all Creation, by Hugo Playfair, 3 vol. 
1st Edn., cold. ills, by R. Chuikshank, calf ex., t. e. g., by Riviere, 1844 
(S. Nov. 2 ; 12) Sotheran, £5 7s. 6d. 

Brough (R. B. ) Life of Sir John Falstaff, pits, by G. Cruikshank, imp. 8vo. 1858 ; 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 181) Spencer, £3 12s. 

Browne (Alex.) Ars Pictoria : treating of Drawing, Painting, Limning and Etch- 
ing, port, and pits., 1 leaf shaved, half calf, fo., 1669 (S. Nov. 10 ; 244) 

Maggs, 18s. 

{ (H. K. ) ] A Run with the Stag Hounds, 12 cold. pits, by " Phiz," half bdg., 

ob. fo. 1863 (S. Nov. 23 ; 241) Spencer, £\ 12s. 

(Sir T. ) Hydriotaphia, Urne-Buriall, 1st Edn., plate and "The 

Garden," sheep, 1658 j(S. Dec. 3 ; ISO) Ellis, £2 

Religio Medici, engd. title by Wm. Marshall, and pp. 159, mor. ex., g. e. by 

F. Bedford, fine copy, 1642 (S. Dec. 3 ; 148) Dr. Steeves, £19 10s. 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Works, port, (loosely inserted), Best Edn., fo., old calf, 1686 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

141 ) Andrews, 8s. 

(T.) Works, with Life by J. Drake, 4 vol., calf, 1744 (S. Nov. 11 ; 334) 

Hill, 8s. 

Works, with Life by J. Drake, pits, by Kirkall, 4 vols., old calf, 1760 (H. 

Nov. 27 ; 478) Harding, 9s. 

Browning (E. B.) The Battle of Marathon, pres. copy, with inscription at back of 
title : " A birthday offering to dearest Grandmamma, from her affectionate 
child, Elizabeth, March 6th, 1820," orig. calf, m. e., 1820 (S. Dec. 17 ; 186) 

Hornslein, £80 

1 Casa Guidi Windows : 1st Edn , with inscription : M. Tripsack — from her 

ever most affectionate and grateful Ba." 1851 (S. Dec. 17 ; 190) 

Sabin, £5 5s. 


Browning (E. B.) Poems, 2 vol., 1st Edn., with inscription " With Ba's best love. 

to her dearest Trippy, August 1844," a portion of the original Autograph MS. 

of a " Lay of the Early Rose " inserted in vol. II. Moxon, 1844 (S. Dec. 

17 ; 189) Robson, £20 10s 
Prometheus Bound, trans, from the Greek of Aeschylus, and Miscellaneous 

Poems, by the translator [E. B. Barrett], 1st Edn., with inscription " Mary 

Robinson, from her affectionate Ba." 1833 (S. Dec. 17 ; 187) Maggs, £9 5s. 

The Seraphim and other Poems, 1st Edn., with inscription " Mary Robinson 

from her affectionate E. B. B." some leaves soiled, 1838 (S. Dec. 17 ; 18S) 

Sabin, £15 10s. 

* The Original Autograph MSS. of the following poems in the volume accom- 
pany the lot : The Weakest Thing, signed E. B. B. (a portion only), The Island 
(a part only), A Romance of the Ganges, The Student (a portion only), The 
Exile's Return, A Song against Singing, Stanzas, The Young Queen, signed 
E. B. B., Victoria's Tears, Vanities, Bereavement, and Consolation. 

Two Poems, by Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, with the original 

autograph MSS. of both of the poems, signed, wrapper, 1854 (S. Dec. 17 ; 
191) Maggs, £83 

(R. ) Bells and Pomegranates, No. 1 Pippa Passes, No. 2 King Victor and 

King Charles, No. 3, Dramatic Lyrics, No. 4 The Return of the Druses, No. 
5A Blot in the 'Scutcheon, No. 6 Colombe's Birthday, No. 7 Dramatic Ro- 
mances, No. 8 Luria and A Soul's Tragedy, all First Editions (except No. 5), 
1841-6 (H. Nov. 6 ; 786) Thompson, £5 

Sordello, 1st Edn., boards, no back, 1840 (P. Dec. 1 ; 408) 

Shepherd, £1 14s. 

Strafford, 1st Edn., half mor., g. e., 1837 (S. Nov. 26 ; 183) Dobell, 14s. 

Brunes (Joh. de) Emblemata of Zenne-Werck Voorgbestelt, engd. title and 51 

emblems, veil., 4to. Amst., 1624 (P. Oct. 9 ; 539) Smedley, £1 

Brunfels (Oth. ) Herbarum vivae icones ad naturae imitationem, 3 vol. in 1 , wood- 
cuts, coloured, (mended), veil., fo. Argent. 1532-36 (S. Nov. 23 ; 243) 

Tregaskis, £2 10s. 

Bruton (Wm. ) Newes from the East Indies ; or a Voyage to Bengalla( title and pp. 
35), half mor., large copy, sm. 4to. 1638 (S. Dec. 4 ; 151) Burton, £4 

Brydges (Sir G. ) Letters relative to the Capture of St. Eustatius and its Depen- 
dencies, unbound, 4to., 1789 (S. Dec. 16 ; 494) Edwards, £1 6s. 

Buchanan (G. ) Psalmorum Davidis Paraphrasis Poetica, nunc primum edita ; 
1st edn., rxiled in red, old mor. gilt, g. e. (Paris) R. et H. Stephanus, s. a. 
(c. 1564) (S. Dec. 4 ; 152) W. Brown, £2 10s. 

* The earliest of all the editions of the celebrated Paraphrase, with the 
Dedicatory Epigram to Mary, Queen of Scots. 

Another Edn., veil. Antw. ex off. C. Plantini, 1566 (S. Dec. 4 ; 153) 

Leighton, £\ Is. 

* One of the three early editions of Buchanan's Paraphrase, having the words 
" nunc primum edita " on title. The earliest is generally considered to be the 
undated one of Estienne. [See above ]. 

Buchoz (P. Jos.) Herbier, ou Collection des Plantgs Medicinales de la Cbine, 100 

cold, pits., boards, fo. Paris 1781 (H. Nov. 4 ; 276) A. W. Paul, £3 

— ■ — Les dons merveilleux et diversement colories de la nature dans le regne 

mineral, cold, pits., old red mor., g. e., fo., Paris, 1782 (S. Nov. 23 ; 245) 

Maggs, £1 14s. 
Buckler (Wm.) Larvae of the British Butterflies and Moths, 9 vol. in 10, cold, pits., 

Ray Society, 1886-99 (S. Nov. 25 ; 648) Wesley, £6 10s. 

Buckton (G. B. ) Monograph of the British Aphides, cold, pits., 4 v., 1875-82 (H. 

Nov. 4, 148) Wesley, £3 12s. 6d. 

Buffon (M. de) Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 4 vol., L. P., 1008 cold, pits., old 

calf gilt, no titles, 4to. s. d. (S. Dec. 15 ; 240) Wesley, £4 

Bullen (A. H. ) A Christmas Garland, Carols and Poems, L. P., ills., on Japan paper 

1885 (S. Oct. 28 ; 155) Heath, £1 2s. 

Buller (Sir W. L.) Supplement to the Birds of New Zealand, 12 cold, pits., 2 vols., 

1905 (H. Nov. 4 ; 122) Edwards, £4 4s. 

Bulletins of State Intelligence, &c, from 1793 to 185&, part 2, (1853 missing), 63 

vols., half bnd., 1793-1855 (H. Oct. 29 ; 453) Stevens & Stiles, £1 2s. 

1908-9 3 1 

Bunbury ( H. ) Propagation of a Lie, and a Long Minuet as Danced at Bath in 1787 

cold, plates in panoramic form (4-ft. 2-in. long), in cloth covers (2) (H. 

Nov. 5 ; 368) Hornstein, £1 5s. 

Buno (Johan) Memoriale Codicis Justinianei, engs., 4to. Hamburgi, 1674 (S. 

Oct. 28 ; 86) Willing, 8s. 

Bunyan (John) Acceptable Sacrifice ; or Excellency of a Broken Heart ; 1st Edn.> 

orig. sheep, good copy, 1689 (S. Dec. 17 ; 16) Quaritch' £5 10s. 

Defence of the Doctrine of Justification by Faith in Jesus Christ, 1st Edu., 

slightly damaged, sheep, sm. 4to. 1672 (S. Nov. 3 ; 31 ) Leighton, £3 

Grace abounding to the Chief of Sinners, 1st Edn., few margins torn, orig. 

sheep, 1666 (S. Dec. 4 ; 154) Williams, £20 

Another Edn., fifth edition, orig. sheep (loose), 1686 (S. Dec. 4 ; 155) 

Green, £2 10s. 

The Holy War, 1st Edn., port, by White, and leaf in verse at end commen- 
cing " Some say the Pilgrim's Progress is not mine," a few stains, and wanting 
folding plate, old calf, 1682 (S. Oct. 29 J 503) Leighton, £7 5s. 

The Pilgrim's Progress, Fifth Edn., port, of Author dreaming, left hand 

(differing from that in the edition described below), and a woodcut of the 
Martyrdom of Faithfull on p. 128 (no other plates), mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere,, 
fine tall copy (5$ by 3$ in.) _ Nath. Ponder, 1680 (S. Dec. 4 ; 156) 

Quaritch, £52 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

— 1 — The Pilgrim's Progress, the Fifth Edition with Additions, port, of Bunyan 
dreaming, with advertisement relating to the Sixth Edition on recto, and 13 
engs. (5 pp. of advertisements at end), orig. calf, fine copy (5| by 3f in.) 
Nath. Ponder, 1682 (S. Dec. 4 ; 157) Quaritch, £76 

* Although called " Fifth Edition " on the title, the advertisement on the 
reverse of Bunyan's portrait shows that this is really the Sixth Edition. For 
Note, .see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Burchell (Wm.) Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa, map and cold, plates, 

2 vols, (title defective), w. a. f., 4to., 1822 (P. Oct. 30 ; 510) Bailey, £8 5s. 
Bureau of American Ethnology, First to Twenty-Fourth Annual Report, pits.,. 

in 30 vols., imp. 8vo., Washington 1881-1905 (H. Dec. 16 ; 241) 

G. H. Brown, £4 12s. 6d. 
Burke (E.) Works, Lib. Edn., port., 12 v. 1887 (H. Nov. 27 ; 424) 

J. Bain, £3 
[Burleigh (Lord)] Execution of Justice in England for maintenance of Publique 

and Christian Peace, 6. I. (20 11.), mor., g. e., sm. 4to. Secondly imprinted 

1583 (S. Dec. 4 ; 158) Knight, £3 5s. 

Burlington Fine Arts Club. Catalogue of European Enamels, pits., 4to., 1897 

(S. Nov. 23 ; 121) Quaritch, £5 

Burnaby (A.) Travels through the Middle Settlements in N. America, 1st Edn., 

half calf, 4to., 1755 (H. Dec. 17 ; 572) 16s. 

Burnand (F. C.) The Incompleat Angler, L. P., the ills, by Furniss coloured by 

hand, mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1887 (S. Nov. 2 ; 13) Carlton, £3 6s. 

Burnett (M. A.) Plantae Utiliores, cold. pits. (2 leaves defective), 4 vols., half calf, 

4to.,n. d. (H. Oct. 7 ; 632) 10s. 

Burns (R.) The Har'st Rig, and the Farmer's Ha' : two poems in the Scottish 

Dialect, Edinb. 1801 ; and other Poetical Pieces, original calf, in a case, in 1 

vol. (S. Nov. 2 ; 15) Maggs, £3 15s. 

* This volume contains the First Edition of Burns' " Jolly Beggars," which 
was issued by Stewart & Meikle, in a series of 2d. tracts in 1799. Tbis one is 
bound up with other items, and the Burns' Tract " The Kirk's Alarm," which 
follows, advertises it as " Now printed for the first time." 

1 Poems, 1st Edinburgh Edn., port., orig. blue boards, uncut. Edinb., 1787 

(S. Dec. 17 ; 57) Collins, £\S 

* The earliest issue of this edition, with Addenda to List of Subscribers, and 
misprint " Boxburgh " on p. 36. Rare in boards, nearly the whole edition 
having been issued in calf. A few of the asterisked names have been filled in. 

The same, port, by Beugo, mor. ex., joints, g. e. by Grieve, fine tall copv 

with rough leaves, 1787 (S. Oct. 29 ; 369) Young, £3 3s. 

The same, port, by Beugo, half mor., Edinb., 1787 (S. Nov. 3 ; 29) 

Edwards, £1 17s. 


Burns (R.) Poems, 2 vol., 2nd edn.,vol. II. wants title, severalnames filled-in in the 
handwriting of Burns, also some MS. notes in another hand, stained, and 
slightly defective, half bnd., in a case, w. a. f. Edinb., 1793 (S. Nov. 2 ; 14 ) 

Spencer, £20 

Burton (R. F. ) Vikram and the Vampire, 1st Edn., 33 ills, by Griset. calf ex., t. e. g. 
by Riviere, 1870 (S. Nov. 2 ; 16) Robson, £\ 

Works, Memorial Edn., ills., 7 v., 1893 (H. Oct. 14 ; 112) £1 Is. 

(R. ) Anatomy of Melancholy, 1st Edn., sm. 4 to. (some leaves stained, a few 

wormed and binding defective). Oxford, 1621 (H. Nov. 6 ; 778) 

Quaritch, £28 

* The copy has the last four leaves containing " The Conclusion of the 
Author to the Reader " signed in full " Robert Burton," which were omitted 
in later editions, and, also, the leaf or errata. 

Another Edn., sound copy, old calf, fo. Oxford, 1624 (H. Dec. 9 ; 605) 

Edwards, £5 

Another Edn., fifth edn., engd. title, with Argument, calf, title cut, fo. 

Oxford, 1638 (S. Nov. 27 ; 565) Edwards, £1 16s. 

Another Edn., engd. title, old calf, fo., 1651-2 (H. Nov. 6 ; 873) 

Hill & Son, £1 10s 

Another Edn., engd. title, fo., calf, 4to., 1676 (H. Nov. 11 ; 232) 

Cohen, £1 Is. 

Another Edn., ed. by Shilleto, port., 3 v., L. P., sm. 4to., half veil., 1893 

(H. Dec. 11 ; 1134) Hatchard, £\ 12s. 

(R.) The English Empire in America ; or, View of the Dominions of the 

Crown of England in the West Indies, maps and woodcuts, 1728 (H. Nov. 6 ; 
832) Edwards, £1 3s. 

{Bury (Arthur)] The Naked Gospel ; discovering What was the Gospel which 
Our Lord and his Apostles preached ; 1690 — The Fires Continued at Oxford, 
or Decree of the Convocation for burning the Naked Gospel considered (by J. 
Parkinson), n. d. p. or n. (1690) ; in 1 vol., calf, sm. 4to. (S. Dec. 4 ; 159) 

Carter, lis. 

* For Notes, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

(T. T. ) Views on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 13 cold, pits., 

including a Plate of the Coaches, Machines, &c, with two titles, and 8 pp. of 
text, half bnd., 4to., 1831 (H. Nov. 27 ; 486) Edwards, £1 10s. 

Busy Body (The) or Men and Manners, 4 vol., cold. engs. by Williams, fine copy, 

raor. super extra, g. e., 1816-18 (S. Nov. 2 ; 17) Brown, £16 10s. 

Butler (Chas. ) Feminin e Monarchi e , or Histori of Bees, 1st Edn., cuts, old calf, 

sm. 4to. Oxford, 1634 (S. Dec. 4 ; 160) Sotheran, £2 18s. 

Principles of Musik, musical notation, sm. 4to., orig. vellum (defective), 1636 

(H. Nov. 6 ; 749) Leighton, £1 10s. 

(Sam) Hudibras, with notes by Grey, port, and pits, by Hogarth, thick paper 

2 vols., inor., 1799 (P. Oct. 30 ; 465) Maggs, £2 

Hudibras, notes by Grey, vignettes, on India paper, 3 vols., half mor., g. t. 

1819 (P. Dec. 1 ; 445) Sabin, £\ 2s. 

Byron (Lord) Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, India Proof vignettes by Finden, mor. 
ex., silk linings, by Zaehnsdorf. 1841 (H. Dec. 18 ; 789) Spencer, £\ 18s. 

Don Juan, Cantos 1 to 16, 1st Edns., Canto 1, 4to., rest cr. 8vo., fine copies, 

boards, 4to., 1819-27 (P. Dec. 1 ; 628) Sabin, £\ 14s. 

Caesar (Julius) Quae Extant ex emendatione Jos. Scaligeri, engd. title, maps and 
cuts, mor., g. e. (Padeloup). fine copy, ruled in red. Lugd. Bat. ex Off. Elze- 
veriana,1635 (S. Dec. 4 ; 161) Quaritch, £6 

* First Issue, with Buffalo's Head fleuron and errors in pagination. 
•Calendarium Romanum Magnum, woodcut of the Anatomical Man on first leaf 

(mounted), and diagrams, 20 11. fo. Oppenheym, per J. Kobel 1518 (H. Dec. 
9 ; 398) 16s. 

•Callender (John) Historical, Civil and Religious Affairs of Rhode Island and Pro- 
vidence Plantations, 1st Edn., mor. ex., g. e. bv F. Bedford, fine copv, Boston, 
1739 (S. Dec. 18 ; 246) Mat>g's, £3 15s. 

Terra Australis Cognita, maps, 3 vols., calf. Edinb., 1766-8 (H. Dec. 9 ; 

338) Maggs, £3 7s. 6d. 

Callot (T.) Les Miseres et les Malheurs de la Guerre, 18 pits., calf, ob. 4to. Paris, 
1633 (S. Nov. 26 ; 12) Quaritch, £4 5s. 

1908-9 33 

Calvin (John) Christianae Religionis Institutio, totum fer& pietatis Summa . . 
Complectens . . ac recens editum. 1st Edn., mor., g. e. by Riviere, fine copy, 
some marginal notes cut close. Basiliae, T. Platterum and B. Lasium, 1537 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 163) Quaritch, £31 

Institution of Christian Religion, trans, by T. Norton, b. i., stamped calf, 

(fragments of a vellum MS. Latin Chronicle of Saxon Kings XHIth Century 
used in the binding), sm. 4to. 1574 (S. Dec. 4 ; 164) Sotheran, £3 10s. 

Sermons upon the X Commandments of the Lawe. b- I., slightly cut, sm. 

4to., half calf, 1581 (H. Nov. 12 ; 505) 10s. 

Two and twentie Sermons on the CXIXth Psalme, trans, by T. S(tocker), 

(defective), 4to., 1580 (S. Oct. 29 ; 587) Martin, 2s. 

Cambine (A.) Two Commentaries, one of the Turcks and Empire of the house of 
Ottomanno and thother of the wares of the Turks against George Scanderbeg 
b. I., calf, 4to., 1562 (P. Oct. 9 ; 469) Ellis, £1 18s. 

Camden (W.) Britannia, 1st Edn., veil., 1586 (H. Nov. 6 ; 745) Tregaskis, £1 Is. 

Britannia, enlarged by R. Gough, port., maps and plates, 4 vols., half calf, 

fo., 1806 (H. Dec. 10 ; 923) Harding, £1 5s. 

Remaines of a greater Worke concerning Britaine, 1st Edn., title written on, 

old calf, sm. 4to., 1605 (S. Dec. 4 ; 165) Dobell, 5s. 

Canulli (C. ) Imprese Illustri di diversi coi Discorsi, 3 parts in 1 vol., engd. titles and 
108 engs. by G. Porro, old veil., 4to. Venetia, 1586 (S. Oct. 30 ; 882) 

Lacroix, 4s. 

Cammerarius (J.) Commentarii Utriusque Linguae, with MS. notes in margins, 
said to be in the handwriting of Ben Jonson, monogram on title, B.I., old calf, 
fo. Basil. 1551 (S. Dec. 18 ; 308) Dobell, £19 10s. 

* A note by J as. Crossley says : " The notes to this volume which are exceed- 
ingly valuable and elaborate are in the handwriting of Ben Jonson whose 
initials are on the title-page. Perhaps there does not exist so interesting a 
Memorial of this great writer as this Book." 

Campbell (A. J.) Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds, map, 2 ports., 28 cold, pits., 
1901 (S. Nov. 25 ; 644) Porter, £\ 18s. 

Cancionero de Obras de Burlas Provocantes a Risa, mor. ex., g. e. by F. Bedford. 
Madrid, Luis Sanchez (London, W. Pickering), n. d. (S. Nov. 23 ; 43) 

Tregaskis, £1 6s. 

Canini (G. A.) Iconografia cioe Disegnid'Imagini defamosissimi Monarchi, Regi, 
Filosofi, Poeti ed Oratori dell' Antichita, engd. title (mounted) and 115 ports, 
old calf (worn), fo. 1669 (S. Oct. 28 ; 90) Sotheran, 6s. 

Caoursin (Guil.) Exordium in Volumen Stabilimetorz Rhodiorz milita Sacri 
Ordinis hospitalis Sacto Johanis iherosolymitani (Texte Francois), I. g. (ba- 
tardes), 12311. (Hain 4365 ?) mor. ex., joints, g. e. with the Seilli^re arms 
by Belz-Niedree, fine copy, fo. absque ulla nota [Paris. G. le Rouge, 1493 ? ] 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 166) L. Rosenthal, £24 

* Probably not more than five copies known. 

Obsidiones Rhodie Urbis Descriptio (et alia Opuscula), I. g., parva, (60 11.), 

36 full-page woodcuts, two cuts cold. (Hain *4369), modern boards, fine 
clean copy, fo. Ulme P. Jo. Reger (de Kemnat) 1496 (S. Dec. 4 ; 168) 

Quaritch, £36 

Volumen Stabilimentorum Rhodiorum Militum Sacri Ordinis hospitalis S. 

Johannis Hierosolymitani, I. g., parva (92 11.), with signs, (not in Hain), 20 
full-page woodcuts, and numerous initials, mor., double, gilt borders, joints, 
g. e. by Chambolle-Duru, very fine copy, fo. Ulme, P. Jo. Reger de Kemnat 
(1496) Die XXIII. Augusti (S. Dec. 4 ; 167) Quaritch, £36 

" The Begynnynge and foundacyon of the holy hospytall & of the Ordre 

of the Knyghtes hospytallers of Saynt Joban baptyst of Jerusalem," b. (., 
25 11., commencing on A iii, long lines, woodcuts, Copeland's device on last 
leaf (B ii slightly defective, wants blank for A i and title for A ii), half calf 
(the Lakelands copy), sm. fo. 1524 (S. Dec. 4 ; 169) Quaritch, £45 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Carderera y Solano (V.) Iconografia Espanola, ports, and pits., 2 vols., fo., half 
bound, fo. Madrid 1855-64 (H. Nov. 20 ; 631 ) I'yi £1 Is. 

Carew (Thos.) Poems, 2nd Edn., calf (wants blank a j, slightly cut), 1642 (S. 
Nov. 26 ; 189) Dobell, 10s. 


Carleton (Wm.) Traits and Stories of the Irish Peasantry, 2 vol., port, and ills., 
caK gilt, m. e. Dublin, 1843 (S. Nov. 11 ; 513) Rinull, £1 16s. 

The same, 2 vol., ills, bv " Phiz," etc.. calf ex., t. e. g. Dublin. 1843-^44 

(S. Nov. 2 ; 19) Hopkins, £3 4s. 

Carlisle (Earl of) Tragedies and Poems, Lord Byron's Copy with his book plate, 
also MS. list of effects that belonged to Byron, written just after his death by 
Augusta Leigh, 4to. (ca. 1818) (P. Oct. 30 ; 540) Sotheran, £2 

Carlvle (T. ) Life of Schiller, port., pres copy " To Mrs. Nixon, and many kind 
regards, T. C. Chelsea, 16 July, 1845," 1845 (S. Dec. 17 ; 86) 

Spencer, £3 10s. 

Collected Works, Lib. Edn., with Index, 34 voL, port, and pits., tree-calf 

ex., t. e. g., 1870-72 (S. Oct. 28 ; 162) Edwards, £\8 5s 

Carter ( J. ) Specimens of the Ancient Painting and Sculpture, pits., 2 v., fo., uncut, 
1780 (H. Nov. 11 ; 246) £\ 

(Matth.) Honor redivivus, or the Analysis of Honor and Armory, 3rd. edn., 

front., engd. title, costume figures and coats-of-arms, half calf, 1673 (S. Dec. 
4 ; 170) Sotheran, 15s. 

Cartwright (John ) The Preacher's Travels ; wherein is set downe a true Journall to 
the Confines of the East Indies ; orig. edn., (title inlaid, with a dip " Ex dono 
Thomae Coryati " pasted on; several 11. mended), calf, sm. 4to. 1611 
(S. Dec 4 ; 171) Sotheran, jfll 4s. 

(Thos. ) Answere to the Preface of the Rhemish Testament, orig. edn. (shaved ) 

half bound. Edin. R. Waldegrave, 1602 (S. Dec. 4 ; 172) Bull, £\ 16s. 

Carver (J.) Travels through North America, folding map and pits., uncut, 1778 
(S. Dec. 16 ; 436) H. Stevens, £2 4s. 

Casaubon(I.)Animadversionum in Athenari Depnosophistas Libri XV.,mor, fteur 
de lys on sides, and monogram, fo., g. e., Lugduni 1600 (H. Dec. 17 ; 
617) Reader, £1 Is. 

Castell (Wm. ) Short Discoverie of the Coasts and Continent of America, with Sir 
B. Rudyer*s Speech concerning America, mor. ex., g. e. by P. Bedford, fine 
copy, sm. 4to. 1644 (S. Dec. 18 ; 277) Quariteh, £22 

Castiglione (Conte Baldessar ) H Cortegiano, limp leather, stamped ornaments, with 
crowned Tudor rose, Vinegia, G. Paduano, P. Torresano d'Asola, 1538 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 174) Leighton, £2 14s. 

II Coitegiano, di nuovo rincontrato con 1' Originate scritta di mano de 1'autore 

ruled in red. cont. Lvonnese calf, covered with blind tooling (azure), blue 
edges. Lyone, G. Rovillio, 1553 (S. Dec. 4 ; 173) Lindsay, £M 10s. 

Castillo (E. Drake del) Illustrationes Florae Insularnm Maris Pacifici, pits, in 7 
portfolios, Paris, 1886-92) (H. Nov. 4 ; 234) Wesley, £2 5s. 

Castro. Andrada (J. P.) de) Life of Dom John de Castro, Fourth Vice-Roy of 
India, trans, bv Sir P. Wvche, port, and pits., old calf, fo., 1664 (S. Nov. 23 ; 
217) Edwards, 9s. 

Catechism. A Short Catechisme, or Playne Instruction, conteynynge the Some 
of Christian learninge, sett fourth by the Kinges Maieties authoritie, for all 
Schole-maisters to teache, hi. title inlaid and mended, wants blank leaf in 
3L, mor. ex., g. e. by J. Clarke, sm. 8vo. Jho Day, 1553 (S. Dec. 4 ; 176) 

Williams, £40 

* First Edition of King Edward VI. th's Catechism in English ; Crawford's is 
the only copy occurring for sale by auction between 1887 and the present. 

A bryefe and necessary Catechisme or Instruction, very needefull to be 

knowne of all Housholders, wherby they may the better teache and instructe 
theyr families, in such pointes of Christian Religion as it is most meete, etc., 
ft. C (24 11.), title within woodcut border, half calf (not in Lowndes), 1577 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 177) Williams, £7 10s. 

* For Note, see Xotes from Sotheby's. 

Catlin (Geo.) North American Indian Portfolio. 24 plates, half mor., t. e. g., fo. 

1844 (S. Nov. 23 ; 259) Quarittk, £3 10s. 

Cattermole (G. ) Portfolio of Cattermole Gems, 24 India proofs, calf ex., t. e. g., 

by Morren, fo. 1846 (S. Nov. 23 ; 260) Young, £1 5s. 

Catulli Opera, old stamped caK , with arms of the City of Freiburg blind stamped 

on sides. Basfleae 1592 (H. Oct. 28 ; 171*) 6s. 6d. 

Cansrno (P. Nic) Historia di Maria Sluarda portata dal Francese nell' Italiano 

dal P. Berardi, calf, Venetia, s. d. (S. Oct. 29 ; 485) Tregaskis, 3s. 

1908.9 35 

Cauvet (G. P.) Recueil d'ornemens a l'usage des jeunes artistes qui se destinent a 

la decoration des b&timens, 2 engd, titles, dedication, and 74 plates, half russ.„ 

fo., Paris, 1777 (S. Nov. 26 ; 57) Batsford, £66 

Cavallerius (J. B.) Effigies Pontificum Romanorum, engd. title and 236 ports., 

calf, stained, 4to. Ronia?, 1595 (S. Dec. 15 ; 249) Bull, 2s. 

Caw dray (R.) A Treasurie or Store House of Similes, 1st Edn., shaved, 2 leaves 

missing, sm. 4to., half bound, 1609 (H. Oct. 15 ; 485) £1 2s. 

Caxton. Life and Typography of William Caxton, bv Wm. Blades, 57 pits., 2 

vols., 4to., half roan, 1861-3 (H. Nov. 26 ; 61 ) Evans S-Co., £3 7s6d 

Century Dictionary (The) ed. bv Dr. Whitney, cuts, 8 vols., half mor., 4to., 1899 

(H. Oct. 15 ; 599) £4 12s. 6d. 

Century Dictionary, ills., 8 vols., 4to., 1903 (H. Oct. 14 ; 279) /. Thin, £3 7s; 6d. 
Cepolla (Bart.) Cantelae, fl. I. (Hain, 4,865), sm. 4to., boards Padua, 1490 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 188) Edwards, £1 6s. 
Another Edn., q. I., 86 leaves (Hain 4859), sm. 4to., oak boards, leather 

back. Padue, 1490 (H. Dec. 9 ; 468) Renter, £1 5s. 

Cervantes (XI. de) El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha (primera parte) 

Brussellas, R. Vulpius, 1607 ; Segunda Parte, ib. H. Antonio, 1616 ; 2 vol., 

some 11. in part I. stained, margins of part II. written on, purple mor., g. e. 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 182) Hiersemann, £25 

* These are the first Brussels editions of each part. Part I. is the fifth edition 
of the text, part II. the second. Both reprint the text of the original editions 
before the alterations made in 1608. The volumes come down from the Mead 
library through Hanrott, Hibbert and Richard Ford, the well-known Spanish 
scholar. His autograph is on the fly-leaf of Part I. and on both titles, and the 
title of Part I. bears the stamp of S. Mead in red. 

II Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, 

very fine copy, sm. 4to. Madrid 1608 (S. Dec. 4 ; 184) Maggs, £45 

♦Produced under the supervision of Cervantes himself, and forming the text of 
nearly all subsequent editions. 

Primera Parte del Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, some 11. 

stained, large copy, veil. Brucelas, H. Antonio, 1617 (S. Dec. 4 ; 185) 

Maggs, £4 10s. 

El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de La Mancha ; corregida por la Real 

Academia Espanola, 4 vol., pits, by J. del Castello, old red mor., g. e., 4to. 
Madrid 1780 (S. Nov. 11 ; 350) Edwards, £4 2s. 6d. 

History of Don Quixote, First Part, W. Stansby 1612 ; Second Part, for E. 

Blount, 1620 ; 2 vol., stamped calf, with ex-libris and signatures of Richard 
Ford and D. F. MacCarthy, sm. 4to., 1612-20 (S. Dec. 4 ; \M)Quaritch, £50 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

trans, [by T. Shelton ], both parts, engd. title to both parts (that to 

Part I. loose and inlaid), Part I. stained, port, inserted, 2 vol., mor. ex. 
g. e., sm. 4to. [1612-20] (S. Dec. 4 ; 187) Quaritch, £40 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

History of Don Quixote, trans, (by J. Shelton), title scribbled on, margin 

mended, old sheep, fo., 1652 (S. Dec. 17 ; 171) Barrow, 10s. 

Historv of Don Quixote, trans, by J. P [hilips ], plates, old calf, rebacked, fo., 

1687 (H. Nov. 19 ; 323) 19s. 

Illustrations of Don Quixote, title and 12 pits, by H. Aiken, fo., 1S31 (S. 

Oct. 29 ; 674) Mason, £1 63. 

Los Trabaios de Persiles y Sigismunda, calf. Madrid, 1617 (S. Oct. 29 ; 

461) Barnard, Is. 

Novelas Exemplares, mor. ex., g. e. In Brusselas, por H. Antonio, 1625 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 188) Dobell, 16s. 

Chaffers. The Keramic Gallery, First Issue, 2 vols., half mor., 1872 (P. Oct. 

29 ; 165) Brown, £2 2s. 

Challenger Voyage. Reports of the Scientific Results of the Voyage of the 

Challenger : Zoology, 40 vol. ; Deep Sea Deposits, 1 vol. ; Botany, 2 vol. ; 

Narrative, 3 vol. ; Physics and Chemistry, 2 vol. ; Summary of Results, 2 vol.,. 

together 50 vol., pits., etc., 4to. 1882, etc. (S. Nov. 25; 822) 

Quaritch, £37 
Chambers (D.) De Scotorum Fortitudine, Doctrina et Pietate, calf, 4to. Parisiis, 

1631 (P. Oct. 9 ; 470) Smedley 7s. 



Chantelauze (M. R. ) Marie Stuart, son Proces et son Execution d'apres le Journal 

inedit de Bourgoing, son Medecin, L. P., half mor., t. e. g. Paris, 1876 (S. 

Oct. 29; 424) Lacroix, 18s. 

Chapman and Buck. Wild Spain ; 1st Edn., pits., 1893 (H. Dec. 8 ; 38) 

/. Bumpus, £2 5s. 
Chappe d'Auteroche (Abbe) Voyage en Siberie, with Atlas of plates and maps, 

4 vols., old calf, fo. Paris 1768 (H. Dec. 9 ; 629) 19s. 

Chardin (Sir J.) Travels into Persia and the East Indies, port, map, and pits, old 

calf, fo. 16,86 (H. Dec. 9 ; 603) 12s. 

Charles I. Eikon Basilike, with the erroneous pagination (pages 81, 84, 85, 88, 

89, 92, 93, 96), slightly shaved, pit. by Marshall, old calf, 1648 (S. Oct. 29 ; 

422) Tregaskis, 17s. 

The same, 1st Edn., 4 prel. 11. and p. 269, erroneous pagination on GI and 

H6, old calf. n. p. or name of printer, MDC.XLVIII. (S. Dec. 4 ; 192 ) 

Sot her an, £2 

The same, 1st Edn, Second Issue, with the same no. of 11. but with the 

corrected pagination on p. 1, and 801 (for 108) on G6,thick paper, front, by W. 
Marshall, calf (rebacked). n. p. or n. MDC.XLVIII. (S. Dec. 4 ; 193) 

Dobell, 10s. 

The same, mor., stamped ornaments, joints, g. e., 1648 (S. Dec. 4 ; 194) 

Quaritch, £8 

Another Edn. (with the Newcastle Papers), 2 fronts, by Marshall, and port. 

of Prince James,old russ.,n.p. or n.R. Royston, 1649 (S.Dec. 4; 195) Dobell, lis. 

Reliquae Sacrae Carolinae [with Eikon Basilike, Life, Tryal, Elegies, etc. ], 

2 fronts, by W. Marshall, 2 vol. in 1, old calf (Almack no. 19 ; who records only 
9 copies). Hague, 1649 (S. Dec. 4 ; 191) Dr. Meyer, lis. 

Works, pits., old calf, fo., 1687 (H. Nov. 12 ; 599) ■ 8s. 

Charles II. Eikam Basilike, by R.F., front, containing 4 portraits (defective), old 
mor., g. e., 1660 (S. Dec. 4 ; 199) Leighton, 17s. 

Eik&m Basilike deutera. The Pourtraicture of his Sacred Majesty King 

Charles II., front., old calf, 1694 (S. Dec. 4 ; 200) Hartland, 12s. 

Charpentier (T. de) Libellulinae Europeae [Dragonflies ], coloured pits., hf. bnd., 

Lipsaei, 1840 (H. Nov. 4 ; 163) Quaritch, £\ 4s. 

Charters of the British Colonies in America, half calf, J. Almon [1776] (S. Dec. 

18 ; 219*] Edwards, 10s. 

Chastellux (Marquis de) Travels in North America, plates and chart, 2 vols., orig. 

binding, uncut, 1787 (H. Nov. 6 ; 797) Maggs, £1 13s. 

Chatsworth Library Catalogue, 4 vols., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., 1879 (H. Nov. 1 1 ; 

48) Bumpus, £2 4s. 

Chatterton (T. ) Poems supposed to have been written by T. Rowlev and others, 

1st Edn., half mor., t. e. g., 1777 (S. Dec. 18 ; 238) ' Green, IDs. 

[Chatto ( W. A. ) ] The Old English Squire, a Song, the Music by D. Blake, 6 etch- 
ings by " Phiz," calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1838 (S. Nov. 2 ; 22) 

Hornstein, £\ 12s. 
Chaucer (G. ) Canterbury Tales, printed by Caxton, a fragment of 19 leaves with 

facsimile title inlaid in old woodcut border, mor., fo., " 1481 " (P. Oct. 9 ; 

580) Parsons, £3 5s. 

Workes, b. I. (batardes), woodcuts (from Caxton's second edition), (wants 

title and ^ 4, $ 3 and 4, and © 2 and 5 ; margins to title of Canterbury Tales 
frayed, 3 11. torn across, a few 11. stained and wormed), oak boards, stamped 
leather, w. a. f., fo., T. Godfray, 1532 (S. Dec. 4 ; 202) Quaritch, £30 

* First Edition of the Complete Works of Chaucer (except the Plowman's 

Tale), edited by W. Thynne. The only dated book from Thomas Godfray's 


Workes, (title backed), fo., old calf, 1598 (H. Nov. 26 ; 110) Maggs, £± 

The same, b. I., port, and Progenie of Chaucer, and woodcuts, defective, old 

calf gilt, fo., 1598 (S. Dec. 17 ; 182) Borrow, £2 10s. 
Works, with the Storv of the Siege of Thebes, bv J. Lidgate, and Life, b. I., 

front., old calf, fo., 1687 (S. Nov. 11 ; 400) Hill, £\ 8s. 

- — - The same, b. I., port., mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, fine copy, fo., 1687 

(S. Dec. 4 ; 203) Sothcran, £4 10s. 

Works, by Urry, with Glossary, &c, ports, of Chaucer and Urrv, and engs., 

fo., calf, 1721 (H. Nov. 13 ; 952) 17s. 

1908-9 37 

Chaucer (G.) Poems, 6 vols., Aldine Edn., 1845 (P. Oct. 9 ; 408) 

Zaehnsdorf, £10 10s. 

Poetical Works, port., 6 vols., calf, r. e., 1845 (P. Dec. 1 ; 572) 

Spencer, £4 10s. 

Poetical Works, port., 6 v., Pickering, 1852 (H. Oct. 28 ; 181 )Bailey, £6 5s. 

Chauncy (Sir H. ) Historical Antiquities of Hertfordshire, port., map, and pits., old 
russia (broken), g. e., stained, fo., 1700 (S. Dec. 15 ; 347) Bull, £1 12s. 

Chesterfield (Earl of )Letters written to his Son, 2 vol., 1st Edn., port., 4to., 1774 
(S. Oct. 29 ; 608) Abbey, 15s. 

Chesterfield Burlesqued, or School for Modern Manners, 10 cold. pits, by Rowland- 
son (mended), uncut, 1811 (S. Nov. 26 ; 197) Reader, 13s. 

Chifney (S.) Genius Genuine, russ., rebacked, 1804 (S. Nov. 11 ; 518) 

Quaritch, £1 4s. 

China. ConquStes de l'Empereur de la Chine avec leur explication (with Supple- 
ment), 24 pits., half russ., only a few copies printed, ob. fo. Paris, 1774 (S. 
Nov. 26 ; 59) Maggs, £1 18s. 

Chiromancy. La Science Curieuse ou Traite de la Chyromance, pits., 2nd Edn.. 
sm. 4to., half calf, Paris, 1667 (H. Dec. 17 ; 451 ) 19s, 

Chiromantia Scientica. [Begins] " Ex divina Philosophorum Academia ; secun- 
dum nature vires ad extram chyromantitio diligentissime collectum. Exor- 
dium." (. g., parva (25 11.) (Hain *4971 ), diagrams, veil., sm. 4to. Venetiis, E. 
Ratdolt, s. a. [14—] (S. Dec. 4 ; 204) Leighton, £5 5s. 

Christopherson (John) Exhortation to all menne to take hede and beware of re- 
bellion ; 6. I., mended and stained, stamped calf (repaired), r. e. (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 206) Tregaskis, £3 10s. 

* In the 2 front flyleaves is a cont. MS. macaronic poem of 22 stanzas (Latin 
and English), on the " Life and Manners of the Protestants " ; and at the end 
a MS. entrj' of the beheading of the Earl of Stafford, and the hanging of his 
adherents at Tyburn, for treason against Philip and Mary. 

Chronica (Die) van der hilliger Stat Va Coelle. I. g., woodcuts, title defective, first 
6 11. of Register re-margined (Hain *4989), oaken boards, stamped pigskin, 
clasps, with arms, fo. Jo. Koelhoff, Coellen (anno 1499) (S. Dec. 4 ; 208) 

Quaritch, £22 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Chronica del muy esclarescido Principe y Rey Don Alonso el Onzeno deste nombre 
de los Reyes que reynaron en Castilla y en Leon. Padre q fue del rey don Pedro, 
{. g., a few stains, otherwise fine copy, mor., g. e. (from R. Ford's library, with 
signed ex-libris ; ) fo., Valladolid, a Costa de P. de Espinosa y de A. de Zamora ; 
1551 (S. Dec. 4 ; 209) James, £4 18s. 

Chronica del Famoso Cavallero Cid Ruy Diaz Campeador, limp vellum, fine copy 
(a few slight wormholes), fo. Burgos, P. de Junta y J. B. Vareiso, 1593 (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 213) Wilde, £1 15s. 

Chronicle of St. Albans. Fructus Temporum. The Chronicle of England with 
the Fruit of Times, b. I., long lines, 31 to a full page, rude woodcuts, capitals 
painted, MS. notes, modern mor. by Maltby, 10$ by 7J-in., fo. [Printed at St. 
Albans by the Scholemaster, with device in red, c. 1483-4 ]. (S. Dec. 4 ; 21 5> 

Quaritch, £400 

* The First Edition of the St. Alban's Chronicle, and the Second Book printed 
by " the Scholemaster " there. This copy includes the blank for a j, and wants 
the 7 11. of Table. A few margins mended, and a few letters in facs. on the 
colophon leaf. No perfect copy is quoted, even the Grenville copy wants a leaf ; 
but there is said to be one at Longleat. 

Chronyc. Histoire der Nederlandtscher Oorlogeu/ Troublen en opzoeren Oors- 

pronck/ an = Vanck en eynde/ Item den Standt der Religien tot desen J are 

1580. Beschreven durch Adam Henricipetri, Docteur by den Rechten tot 

Basel, etc. wt den hoochduytschen in onse Nederlandtsche sprake overgesedt, 

b. I., old vellum, r. e., a few slight stains, Gedruct tot Noortwicz na de Copie 

van Basel Anno 1579 [by Ant. de Solesmne ] (S. Dec. 4 ; 207) Maggs £19 10s. 

* One of the first Norwich printed books. Only about eight other copies 



Chrysostomus (S. Jo.) Opera Graecd octo voluminibus [printed with the silver 
Greek types founded by Sir Henry Savile, and edited by him ], front, to vol. I. 
by L. Gaultier, 8 vol., cont. English calf, gilt, coronetted device on sides, silk 
ties, r. e., fine cop}', fo. Etonae in Collegio Regali excud. Jo. Norton, 1612-13 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 221) Leighton, £6 10s. 

Churchill (C. ) Poetical Works, port., 3 vols., Aldine Edn., 3 vols., half calf, g. e., 
1844 (P. Oct. 9 ; 409) Maggs, £3 10s. 

(Sir W. ) Divi Britannici, coats-of-arms, half calf, fo., 1675 (S. Dec. 4 ; 222 ) 

Bloom field, 1 3s. 
Churchyard (T.) True Discourse of the Governours in the Netherlands, and the 
Civil Warres, b. I., large copy, 4to. 1602 (P. Oct. 8 ; 262) Tregaskis, 13s. 
Cibber (Colley) Dramatic Works, port., 4 vols., calf, 1766 (H. Dec. 9 ; 351 ) 

10s. 6d. 

Cicero. Epistolarum ad Atticum lib. XVI. ; ejusdem Epistolarum ad Q. Pratrem 

lib. III., etc. ex emendatione D. Lambini ; access, annotationes, etc., cont. calf, 

with device of a crowned falcon holding a sceptre, r. e., in a case. Lutetiae ex 

off. J. Dupuys, 1573 (S. Dec. 4 ; 227) Leighton, £30 

* Prom the Library of Q. Elizabeth, the device being that adopted by her 
mother Anne Boleyn, after Elizabeth's birth in 1533. 

Epistolae ad Familiares, 146 11. (Hain 5215), painted capitals, some margins 

stained, modern boards, fo. Mediolani, A. Zarothus Parmensis (1475) (S. Dec 
4 ; 226) Quantch, £14 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Epistolarum libri IV., a Jo. Sturmis in Puerilem educationem confecti, old 

calf, ex-libris of Westminster School in cover. A Miller, 1663 (S. Dec. 4 ; 
228) W enthral, 5s. 

— — Officiorum Libri III., Paradoxa, et Versus XII. Sapientum, etc., t. g. (88 11.), 
old English red mor., double with blue morocco, g. e. with Duke of Sussex's ex- 
libris, sm. 4to. [Moguntiae, Fust & Schoiffer, 1465^1 (S.Dec.4 ; 224) Quaritch,£700 

* Editio Princeps of the first Classic ever printed, and containing the first 
specimens of Greek type. The leaf with the Horace lines is slightly mended. 
This last leaf is without the shields of the two printers. 

Officiorum libri III., Paradoxa, et Versus XII. Sapientum, etc. (Editio Se- 

cunda) printed upon vellum, I. g. (88 11. ), without marks (wants leaf 52 ), illu- 
minated initial on page 1 , many small illuminated initials and pen-letters, old 
English red mor. (Harleian), plain edges (from Earl of Jersey's library) sm. 4to. 
Moguntiae, Fust & Schoiffer, 1466 (S. Dec. 4 ; 225) " Quaritch, £290 

de Officiis, cum Commento Petri Marsi, g. I., 266 leaves (Hain Copinger 

5269), with 3 leaves in verse at end, " Laudes Virgilii natale," fo. (defective), 
oak boards, with inscription (broken), w. a. f. fo. Lovaniensi J. de West-, 
falia, s. a. (H. Nov. 11 ; 296) Barnard, £3 17s. 6d. 

Officia M. T. C. : Ein Buch so Marcus Tullius Cicero der Romer zu seynem 

Sune Marco .... in Latein geschreiben welchs auffbegere Jo. von Schwartzen- 
bergs verteiitschet, woodcuts by Burgkmaier, port, of translator, after Diirer, 
fo., half mor. Augspurg, H. Steyner 1531 (H. Nov. 26 ; 168) 

/. Baer & Co., £6 

Orationes quotquot reperiri potuerunt studio et Lahore Joh. Andreae Ale- 

riens [Hain 5121 ], 340 leaves (should be 356), wormed, stamped calf, over oak 
boards, fo. Romae, C. Sweynheym et A. Pannartz, 1471 (H. Nov. 6 ; 864) 

Leighton, £8 5s. 

Oratoru Omniu Principis Synonima ad Latiu veturiu, etc., b. I., large copy, 

unbound, 4to. 1514 (at end Lypsii V. Schuman, 1515) (S. Dec. 18 ; 252) 

Leighton, 13s. 

Ciceronis ad Titu Actin, Catho Maior alias de Senectute. g. I., 24 11., sm. 4to., 

veil. [Colon. UlricZell] (H. Nov. 11. 161.) £3 3s. 

Cicero's Cato Major, with Explanatory Notes (by Dr. Logan of Philadelphia) 

(84 11. ), title cut, somewhat stained, half bound, sm. 4to. Philadelphia, printed 
by B. Franklin, 1744 (S. Dec. 17 ; 118) Shaw, £9 15s. 

Opera, fo. Lut. Parisiorum, J. Badium, 1521 (H. Oct. 16 ; 935) 5s. 

Ciruelo (Pedro) Doctrina muy Verdadera y Catholica Sacada de las entranas de 

las mas sana philosophia v theologia, etc., I. g., wants title, edges frayed, veil., 
sm. 4to. s. n. [15—] (S. Dec. 4 ; 231) Burnard, 16s. 

1908-9 39 

Clark (J. H.) Practical Illustrations of Gilpin's Day, 30 cold, pits., uncut, fo., 1824 
(H. Dec. 8 ; 292) 19s. 

Clarke (C.) Architectura Ecclesiastica Londini, L. P., 123 pits., half mor., m. e. 
(spotted), fo. 1820 (S. Dec. 15 ; 349) Hunt, £1 10s. 

(Mary C.) Kit Barn's Adventures, 1st Edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex. 

t. e. g. by Riviere, 1849 (S. Nov. 2 ; 59) Maggs, £1 10s. 

(S. ) Account of the Four Chief est Plantations in America, fo., unbound, 

(defective), 1670 (H. Nov. 5 ; 458) E. A. Adler, £\ 2s. 

[ (W. ) ] Three Courses and a Dessert, 1st Edn., woodcut by G. Cruikshank, calf 

ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1830 (S. Nov. 2 ; 38) Maggs, £2 16s. 

(W. N.) Topography of the Hundred of Wanting, boards, 4to. 1824 (P. 

Oct. 9 ; 565) Walford, lis. 

Claude le Lorrain. Liber Veritatis, 2 vol., 200 engs. and port., calf gilt, fo., 1777 
(S. Dec. 15 ; 350) Bull, 16s. 

Claudianus. Opera (ed. B. Celsanus), 1st Edn., old calf, fo. g. e. Vicentiae, J. 
Ducensis, 1482 (S. Dec. 18 ; 320) Sotheran, £3 12s. 6d. 

Clavasio (Angelus de) Summa Angelica de Casibus Conscientiae, g. I., initials in red 

and blue (Hain, 5384 ),sm.4to., calf Venetiis, G. de Rivabenis 1487 (H.Dec. 

9 ; 467) Private, £2 2s. 

Clavergio. Storia Antica del Messico, maps and pits., 4 vols., sm. 4to., veil. 
Cesena 1780 (H. Dec. 17 ; 528) 7s. 6d. 

Clemens V. Papa. Constitutiones una cum Apparatu Jo. Andreae ; accedunt due 
Constitutiones Pontificiae (Exivi de Paradisa et execrabilis Johannis XXII. ), 
I. fl. (two types) (Hain *5413 ; Proctor 260), red mor., y. e. (Mrs. Weir), fine 
large copy, with rough edges, the Wodhull arms on upper cover, fo. Argen- 
tinae, per N. Eggestein, 1471 (S. Dec. 4 ; 232) Leighton, £2\ 10s. 

* The first or second dated book from Eggestein's Press, with the remarkable 
colophon referring to the printer's previous work. It appears to be the only 
copy which has occurred for sale since 1835. 

[Clemens (S. L.) ] Writings of Mark Twain, Author's 6dition de luxe, 23 vol., pits, 
on Japanese vellum, 1899-1903 (S. Oct. 28 ; 168) Heath, £9 10s. 

Clode (C. M.) Early History of the Merchant Taylors' Company, 2 vols., half mor., 

t. e. g., P. P., 1888 (H.Dec. 8; 41) 18s. 

Clusius (C.) Exoticorum Libri decern quibus Animalium Plantarum, &c. Historise 

describuntur, engd. title and woodcuts, veil., fo., 1605 (H. Oct. 16 ; 938) 


Clutterbuck (R.) History of Hertford, 3 vol., L. P., proof plates, red mor. ex., 

t. e. g., fine copy, fo., 1815-27 (S. Dec. 18 ; 311) Worrell, £11 

Coale. Books and Divers Epistles of Josiah Coale, &c. (title soiled), sm. 4to., calf, 

1671 (H. Oct. 29 ; 520) 5s. 6d. 

Cobleriana ; or, the Cobler's Medley of Jobson, the Cobler of Drury Lane, 2 vols. 

in 1, front., half calf, 1768 (P. Nov. 30 ; 203) Smith, 16s. 

Cochlaeus (Jo. ) Commentaria de Actis et Scriptis Martini Lutheri, Chronographice, 

etc.. 1st Edn., calf gilt, r. e., fo. Moguntiam, ex Off. F. Behem, 1549(S. Dec. 

4 ; 235) Quaritch, £5 

* The greater number of copies were destroyed by fire. 

Cogan (T.) Haven of Health, 6. I., fine copy, half russ., 4to., 1612 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

545) Tregaskis, £1 5s. 

Cohen de Herrara (Abr. ) Epitome y compendio de la Logica o Dialectica . . etc., 

2 vol. in 1, old calf. Sin notas [16—] (S. Dec. 4 ; 236) Rosenthal, 2s. 
Cokayne (G. E.) Complete Baronetage, 1611-1707, 4 v. Exeter, 1904 (P. Oct. 

8 ; 129) Harding, £S 5s. 
Complete Peerage, 8 vol., half calf, t. e. g. Exeter, 1887-98 (S. Dec. 17 ; 

52) Bedwell, £29 

Coker (N.) Survey of Dorsetshire, map and coat-of-arms, calf, fo., 1732 (S. Dec. 

15 ;351) Quaritch, £3 12s. 

[Cola ( Jo. ) ] Viagio da Venetia al Santo Sepolchro & al Monte Synai, 1. fl., wood- 
cuts, title mended, veil. Vinegia, G. Tacuino de Trino, 1538 (S. Dec. 4 ; 

237) Leighton, £8 

* This and the two following works are abbreviations of Breydenbach and 
have his views of Corfu, Modern Candia and Rhodes in reduced form. All three 
are unknown to Rohricht. 


[Cola (Jo.)] Another Edn., veil. Venet. D. Zanetti, 1600 (S. Dec. 4 ; 238> 

Tregaskis, £1 8s. 

Another Edn., woodcuts (stained), half bound, w. a. f. Dom. Dominici, 

1615 (S. Dec. 4 ; 239) James, 12s. 

Colden (C.) History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, 2 vol., map, calf, 1755 
(S. Dec. 18 ; 220) Grant, £1 10s. 

Coleridge (Hartley) Poems, Vol. I. (all done), Pres. Copy to S. T. Coleridge, with 
inscription and verses in author's autograph, mor. ex., g. t., 1833 (P. Dec. 1 ; 
482) Sabin, £5 

(S. T. ) Statesman's Manual, 1st Edn., orig. printed wrappers, uncut, 1816 

(P. Dec. 1 ; 479) Shepherd, 9s. 

Coles (Win.) Adam in Eden ; or Nature's Paradise, calf, fo., 1657 (S. Nov. 23 ; 

268) Wheldon, £\ 4s. 

Collection Spitzer : Antiquite, Moyen-Age, Renaissance, ills., papier velin, in 6 

portfolios, fo. Paris, 1890-92 (S. Dec. 17 ; 168) Nijhoff, £\9 10s. 

[Collier (J.)] Punch and Judy, 1st Edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. 

by Riviere, 1828 (S. Nov. 2 ; 35) Young, £1 10s. 

— — Tim Bobbin's Lancashire Dialect and Poems, 1st Edn., etchings by 

Geo. Cruikshank, inscription on title : " Geo. Cruikshank, Nov. 22nd, 1868 

N.B. — -The frontispiece is by my dear late Brother Robert," calf ex., t. e. g. 

by Riviere, fine copy, 1828 (S. Nov. 2 ; 33) Maggs, £6 

Collins (A.) Peerage of England, by Sir E. Brydges, Best Edn., 9 vols., half mor^ 
t. e. g., 1812 (H. Nov. 4 ; 314) Quaritch, £2 6s. 

(D.) Account of New South Wales, plates, 2 vols., half calf, t. e. g. 1798- 

1802) (H. Nov. 4 ; 30) Porter, £2 12s. 

(G. ) Great Britain's Coasting Pilot, maps, old binding, loose, fo., 1756 (S. 

Dec. 16 ; 648) Carter, 7s. 

Colom ( J. ) True and Perfect Pyrie Colom, where in are described all the Coasts of 
the Westerne, North and Easterne Zeas, engd. title and maps, calf, fo. 
Amst. 1668 (S. Nov. 10 ; 274) Tregaskis, 19s. 

Columna (F. de) Hypnerotomachia Poliphili, 1st Edn., woodcuts (Priapus un- 
mutilated), very fine copy (12| by 8£-in.), with the genuine leaf of errata, blue 
mor. gilt, g. e. (Derome), fo. Venetiis, Aldi Manutii, 1499 (S. Nov. 3 ; 41 > 

Quaritch, £159 

Another Edn. Hypnerotomachie, ou discours du Songe de Poliphile (par 

Jan Martin), 1st Edn., woodcuts (Priapus unmutilated), a few mendings,, 
leaf 2 torn, 11. 98-102 from a shorter copy, 1. 103 with a few letters in facsimile, 
old calf, fo. Paris, J. Kerver, 1546 (S. Nov. 3 ; 42) Quaritch, £15 

[Combe (W.)] Dance of Life, 1st Edn., cold. pits, by Rowlandson, mor., t. e. g., 
1817 (S. Nov. 26 ; 207) Spencer, £2 4s. 

English Dance of Death, 2 vol., cold, plates by Rowlandson, half calf, some 

leaves torn, 1815-16 (S. Nov. 26 ; 206) Bumpus, £4 7s. 6d. 

History of Johnnv Quae Genus, cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, orange cloth, 

t. e. g. 1822 (S.'Nov. 11 ; 531 ) Hornstein, £2 6s. 

Life of Napoleon, 30 cold, etchings by G. Cruikshank, 1st Edn., calf ex., uncut 

g. t., 1815 (P. Oct. 30 ; 479) Bumpus, £11 

Another Edn., aquatint pits, by G. Cruikshank, boards, 1817 (H. Nov. 13 ; 

887) Hornstein, £4 4s. 

Tour of Dr. Syntax in Search of the Picturesque, fifth edn., 31 cold, pits., 

boards, 1815 (S. Oct. 28 ; 38) Ridler, 19s. 

Three Tours of Doctor Syntax, 3 vol. , cold, plates by T. Rowlandson, orange 

cloth, t. e.g. n. d. 1820, n. d. (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 530 ) Hitchman, £\ 16s.. 

Another Edn., 3 vol., cold. pits, by Rowlandson, boards, 12mo., 1828 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 21 1 ) Hornstein, £2 2s 

The Wars of Wellington, cold, plates by Heath, hf. mor., 4to. 1821 (P. 

Oct. 29; 282) Sotheran, £2 17s. 6d. 

Commercial Tourist (The) 2nd Edn., 5 cold. pits, by I. R. Cruikshank, 1822 (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 216 Hornstein, £8 

Commines (Ph. de) Histoire, trans, by T. Danett, calf, fo. 1601 (S. Nov. 11 ; 

404) ~ Bloom field, 16s. 

Comte (Ch. ) Histoire de la Garde Nationale de Paris, 4 ports., 2 pits., wrappers, 

Paris, 1827 (S. Oct. 30 ; 792) Lacroix, 4s. 

1908-9 4' 

Concilium Tridentinum. Canones et Decreta Sacrosancti Oecumenici et Generalis 
Concilii Tridentini sub Pauli III., Julio III., Pio IIII., PontificibusMax., 1st 
Edn., old calf, fo. Romae, P. Manutium Aldi P. 1564 (S. Dec. 4 ; 241 > 

Savory, £1 

* One of the rare attested copies of the genuine First Edition, with MS. cor- 
rections by contemporary authorities authenticated by the official signatures. 
It formerly belonged to Bp. Butler (of Lichfield), who has written a note on 

Confession of the Fayth of the Germaynes exhibited to Charles V. at Augusta 1 53 
(sic pro 1530) ; with the Apologie of Melancthon . . trans, by R. Taverner, 
6. I., slightly cut, russ., g. e. R. Redman, 1536 (S. Dec. 4 ; 242) 

Maggs, £27 

* The First Edition printed before Cromwell was advanced to the Peerage 
and Privy Seal, and differing in many particulars from the Second Edition 
described below. 

Another Edn., ft. I., stamped calf, fine large copy. R. Redman, n. d. (S. 

Dec. 4 ; 243) Leighton, £15 

* Probably the Second Edition, and as rare as the first. 

Confession of the True and Christian Fayth, according to God's Word & Actes. 
of Parliament, holden at Edenburghe (Jan. 28, 1581), b. I., russ., cut and 
stained (1581) (S. Oct. 29 ; 479) Deane, £1 12s. 

Harmony of the Confessions of the Faith of the Christian and Reformed 

Churches, etc., newlie translated out of Latine into English, etc., 1st Edn. 
(wormed), old calf. Cambridge, 1586 (S. Dec. 4 ; 244 ) Tregaskis, £1 8s. 

Humble Advice of the Assembly of Divines, now by Authority of Parliament 

Sitting at Westminster ; Concerning a Confession of Faith (cut), mot, sni. 
4to. Reprinted at Edinburgh by Evan Tyler, 1647 (S. Dec. 4 ; 245) 

Quar itch, £5 

* With the leaf dated Edinb. 9 Aug. 1647, ordering 300 copies " and no 
more " of the Book to be printed ; " and that no Person presume to Re-print 
the same." 

Confessions of an Oxonian, 3 vol., 36 cold. pits, by J. Findlay, half calf, 1826 (S. 

Nov. 11 ;534) Parsons, £2 5s. 

Consett (M. ) Tour through Sweden, L. P., engs. by T. Bewick, calf ex., t. e. g. by 

F. Bedford, 4to., 1789 (S. Dec. 17 ; 113) Meade, 15s. 

Constable (J.) Various Subjects of Landscape, characteristic of English Scenery, 

22 plates on India paper, Open Letter Proofs, ob. mor., g. e., clean copy, 4to. 

1830-[32] (H. Nov. 6 ; 844) Leggatt, £15 

Another Edn., half mor., g. e., fo., 1855 (H. Dec. 8 ; 31 1 ) £3 3s. 

The same, half mor., g. e., fo., 1855 (S. Dec. 16 ; 617) Parsons, £2 Is. 

Leslie (C. R.) Memoirs of John Constable, port, and mezzotints by D. Lucas, 

half mor., uncut, fo., 1843 (S. Dec. 16 ; 655 Parsons, £7 10s. 

The same, half mor., g. e., fo., 1843 (H. Dec. 8 ; 295) Quaritch, £\ 1 10s. 

Constantine (A. ) Pleasant and Comical History of the Life of Scaramouche, trans. 

by A. R., front., mor., 1696 (P. Oct. 9 ; 396) Dobell, 7s. 

Convocatio Generalis Concilii ex parte Principum, Bulla intimatiois, Gen. Con. 

apud Lateranum, Bulla Monitorii Apostolici, &c, g. I. (6) in 1 vol., sm. 4to. 

Norinberge, J. Weyssenburger 1512 (H. Nov. 26 ; 167 Leighton, £\ 9s. 

Cook (James) Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, 4 vol., maps and plates, calf, 4to. 

1784 (S. Dec. 15 ; 253) Edwards, £1 12s. 

Second and Third Voyages toward the South Pole and the Pacific Ocean, 

maps and pits., 5 vols., old russ., m. e., 4to., 1777-84 (H. Nov. 6 ; 850) 

White, £2 4s. 
(Col.) Observations on Fox-Hunting, front., L. P., boards, 1826 (P. Oct 

9; 432) Hornstein, £3 17s. 6d. 
(Moses) Manner of Raislng.Ordering, and Improving Forrest-Trees ; pits.,. 

orig. calf, sm. 4to., 1676 (S. Dec. 4 ; 247) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

Cooke (W. ) Way to the Temple of True Honour and Fame, fronts., 4 vols., old 

red mor., 1773 (P. Oct. 9 ; 431 ) Hornstein, 9s. 

Cooper (C. P. ) Chancery Reports decided by Lord Cottenham, 2 vols., calf, 1846-8 

(H. Dec. 4 ; 120) £3- 

(J. Fenimore) Novels, 18 vol., fronts., calf gilt, m. e., 1866-67 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 

293) Maggs, £\ 16s. 


Cooper (C. P.) Novels, 32 vol., port., fronts., etc., half calf, t. e. g. New York, 
1883 (S .Oct. 28 ; 169) Heath, £5 10s. 

Cope (A. ) Historie of two of the most Noble Captaines of the Worlde, Anniball and 
Scipio, 6. 1., defective, old calf, sm. 4to., 1544 (S. Dec. 17 ; 136) 

Barnard, £1 13s. 

Copie of a Letter from Master C. S., concerning the Proceedings at Winchester, 
where Lord Cobham, Lord Grey,and Sir G.Markham was ready to be executed 
4to., 1603 (P. Oct. 9 ; 532) 10s. 

Copinger (W. A.) Incunabula Biblica, 4to., 1892 (H. Dec. 11 ; 1257) 

Bull, £3 12s. 6d. 

Cordiner (J.) Description of Ceylon, pits., 2 vols., 4to., calf gilt, 1807 (H. Oct. 
28; 268) 15s. 

Remarkable Ruins of North Britain, pits., half bound (broken), 4to., 

1788 (H. Dec. 9 ; 554) 10s. 

Corneille (P.) Theatre de, avec des Commentaires (par Voltaire), etc., 12 vol., best 
edn., proof front, and 34 pits, after Gravelot, calf gilt, 1764 (S. Oct. 28 ; 67) 

Woods, £1 12s. 

CEuvres, avec les Commentaires de Voltaire, ports, and pits, after Moreau, 

12 vols., calf, g.e. Paris, 1817 (H. Dec. 9 ; 500) H ate hards, £\ 15s. 

Cornelius Nepos. De Vita Illustrium Virorum, 53 leaves, sm. 4to., mor. ex., g. e. 
[no place or date, Milano, ca. 1479 ] (H. Oct. 8 ; 886) £1 1 s. 

Corner's Portraits of Celebrated Painters with medallions from their best per- 
formances, 25 India proof engravings, 4to., 1825 (P. Oct. 30 ; 515) 

Jones, 10s. 

Cornwallis (Earl) Answer to that part of the narrative of Sir N. Clinton which 
relates to the Campaign in N. America, folding table, half bnd., 1783 (S. 
Dec. 16 ; 562) - Leon, 13s. 

Coronica (La) de los muy valientes Cavalleros don Florisel de Niquea traduzida de 
Griego en latin, y de latin en Romance Castellano, por Feliciano de Silva 
(defective), mor. ex., g. e. by W. Pratt, fo. Lisboa, Marcos Borges, 1566 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 212) Hiersemann, £20. 

* The Seilli&re copy, probably the only other known 

Cortes (Ferd.) Von dem Newen Hispanien, etc., title in facsimile, half calf, 
w. a. f., fo. 1550 (P. Oct. 9 ; 588) Rosenthal, £1 18s. 

* A German translation of the Second and Third Letter of Cortes, with six 
chapters added of the affairs of Venezuela and two Letters of O'Viedo, dated 
Sanct Dominico, 1543 

(M.) Arte of Navigation, Englished by R. Eden, 2nd Edn., b. I., woodcuts, 

folding map and folding plate, calf, good copy, sm. 4to. 1589 (S. Dec. 4 ; 
248) Quaritch, £23 

Breve Compendio de la Sphera ye de la Arte de Navegar, 1st Edn., 6. (., 

diagrams, etc., some with volvelles, old veil., fo., Sevilla, A. Alvarez, 1551 
(S. Dec. 18 ; 328) Quaritch, £15 10s. 

* At the end are 8 11. of " Leyes de Toro," &. I., Salamanca, 1554 

Coste (P.) Monument Modernes de la Perse, pits., etc., half mor., t. e. g., fo. 

Paris, 1867 (S. Nov. 10 ; 91) Quaritch, £2 8s. 

Costello (D.) Holidays with Hobgoblins, 1st Edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., 

g. e. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1861 (S. Nov. 2 ; 63) Maggs, £1 

Costume du Moyen Age d'apres les Manuscrits, les Peintures, et les Monuments 

Contemporains, cold, pits., 2 vols., half mor., t. e. g., Bruxelles, 1847 (H. 

Nov. 20 ; 407) £1 

Costume of Austria, 50 cold, pits., russ., 4to., 1804 (S. Nov. 26 ; 18) 

Jackson, £1 Is. 
Costume of the British Islands, by Meyrick and Smith, cold, pits., mor., g. e., 4to., 

1821 (H. Oct. 14 ; 231) 12s. 

Costume of the Lower Orders of London, 24 cold. pits, by T. L. Busby, half calf. 

4to., 1819 (S. Dec. 15 ; 254) Daniell, £1 Is. 

Costume of the Netherlands, cold. pits, by Miss Semple, mor., g. e., fo., 1817 (S. 

Dec. 15 ; ) Edwards, £\ 9s. 

Costume of the Russian Empire, 73 cold, pits., russ., 4to., 1803 (S. Nov. 26 ; 16) 

Rippel, 10s. 
Costume of the Russian Empire, cold, pits., half mor., fo., 181 1 (P. Oct. 30 ; 551 ) 

Hector, 14s. 

1908-Q 43 

Costume. Collection de Cris et Costumes de Paysans et de Paysannes de St. 

Petersbourg, 16 pits., calf ex., g. e., fo. St. Petersbourg, 1825 (P. Oct. 8 ; 

278) Spencer, 12s. 

Costume. Military Costume of Turkey, front., and 30 cold, pits., 4to., mor., g. e., 

1818 (H. Dec. 9 ; 575) G. H. Brown, 17s. 

Cotgrave (R.) Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues, orig. calf, fine copv, 

1st Edn., fo., 1611 (S. Dec. 4 ; 249) Ellis, £3 7s. 6d. 

Another Edn., 2 vol. in 1, defective, calf, fo., 1632 (S. Nov. 10 ; 241) 

Parsons, 7s. 
Cotman (J. S.) Sepulchral Brasses in Norfolk and Suffolk, 2nd Edn., plts.,2 vols., 

half mor., t. e. g., fo. 1839 (H. Nov. 11 ; 243) G. H. Brown, £\ 18s. 
Cotovicus [Van Kootwyck] (Jo.) Itinerarium Hierosolymitanum et Syriacum, 

vignettes and folding printed synopsis, orig. veil., pres. copy from author, 

4to. Antw., 1619 (S. Dec. 4 ; 250) Stow, £1 12s. 

Cotta (John) Disco verie of the Unobserved Dangers of Ignorant Practisers of 

Physicke, calf, 4to., 1612 (P. Oct. 9 ; 558) Bull, £1 Is. 

Cotton (Charles) Poems, 1st Edn. (2 11. defective), old calf, 1669 (S. Oct. 29 ; 

364) James, 6s. 

Couch (J.) History of the Fishes of the British Islands, 4 vol., 252 cold, pits., 

1862-5 (S. Nov. 25 ; 755) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Another Edn., 252 cold, pits., 4 vols., 1877 (H. Nov. 4 ; 42) 

Hill 6- Son, £2 
Courses de Testes et de Bague faittes par le roy, et par les princes et seigneurs de la 

cour (redigepar Ch. Perrault), pits., red mor., g. e., with arms and monogram 

of Louis XIV., fo. Paris, 1670 (S. Nov. 26 ; 62) Quaritch, £10 

Covarrubias Orozco (Seb. de) Emblemas Morales Centurias III. dirigidas al Duque 

de Lerma, 1st Edn., 300 woodcuts, orig. veil., fine large copy, sm. 4to. 

Madrid, Luiz Sanchez, 1610 (S. Dec. 4 ; 251) Harvey, £5 

Coverdale (M. ) Godlye treatyse concernyng the Sacrament of the body and bloude 

of Our Savioure Christ, copiled by Jhon Calvyne, . . trans, into Latin by 

Lacius [Jo. A'Lasco, q.v. ] . . And now last of all translated into Englyshe by 

a faythfull brother, 1st Edn., ft. I., mor. gilt by Murton, fine copy, n. p. d. or n. 

(c. 1550). printed abroad (" Finis set furth by Myles Coverdale."/ (S. Dec. 

4 ; 252) Quaritch, £21 

* No copy for sale is recorded in Lowndes, and none occurs in Livingstone's 
auction prices. 

Covert (Robt. ) True and almost Incredible Report of an Englishman, that being 
cast away in the good ship called the Ascension in Cambaya, travelled by 
Land thorow many unknowne Kingdoms and Great Cities, h. \., with Colophon 
calf, 4to., 1631 (P. Oct. 9 ; 477) Maggs, £3 3s. 

[Cowper (W.)] John Gilpin, 6 ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g., 1828 
(S. Nov. 2 ; 34) Maggs, £\ 2s. 

* [In the catalogue this was stated to be the first edition. That, however, 
was published in the year 1783. Ed.]. 

Olney Hymns, 1st Edn., Pres. Copy from J. Newton, orig. sheep in case, 

1779 (P. Dec. 1 ; 542) Sabin, £3 7s. 6d. 

Poems, 1st Edn., 2 vols., with the rare half-title in vol. 2, calf gilt, 1782-5 

(H. Nov. 6 ; 655) £2 10s. 

Poems, 3 vols., Aldine Edn., 1843 (P. Oct. 9 ; 407) Brown, £1 

Cox ( J. C. ) Three Centuries of Derbyshire Annals, 2 vol., ills., imp. 8vo., 1890 (S. 

Dec. 15 ; 44) Harding, £1 Is. 

(N.) Gentleman's Recreation, 1st Edn., pits., including the Notes for the 

Horn, a few mendings, some headlines shaved, mor. extra, g. e., 1674 (S. 
Nov. 23; 54) Tregaskis, £3 15s. 

The Hunter : a Discourse on Horsemanship, half calf. Oxford, 1685 (H. 

Nov. 6 ; 649 £1 8s. 

( (T. ) ] Magna Britannia et Hibernia, antiqua et nova, 6 vol., maps and pits., 

old calf, fine copy, 4to. 1720-31 (S. Nov. 10 ; 169) Hitchman, £\ 

Craik (G. L. ) Romance of the Peerage, ports., 1st Edn., 4 vols., 1838 (H. Oct. 28 ; 
. .198) Edwards, £1 3s. 

Cramer (P. ) Papillons Exotiques des trois Parties du Monde 1' Asie, 1' Afrique, et 
l'Amerique, avec Supplement par Stoll, engd. title and 442 cold, pits., 5 vols., 
half bound, 4to. Amst., 1779-91 (H. Nov. 4 ; 157) Quaritch, £9 5s. 


Crane (R.) Account of Babylons Merchants, who are now forcing the Sale of their 
Old, Rusty, Cankered Ware, upon the People of these Nations, half calf, sm. 
4to. 1660 (Sale unknown 45) Bull, Is. 

Cranmer (T.) Aunswere . . . unto a Sophisticall Cavillation devised by Stephen 
Gardiner agaynst the true and godly doctrine of the Sacrament of the body 
and bloud of Our Saviour, woodcut front, of burning of Cranmer, MS. notes, 
good copy, calf ex., m. e. by Aitken, fo. 1580 (S. Dec. 4 ; 257) 

Quaritch, £3 5s. 

Catechismus, That is to say a Shorte Instruction into Christian Religion, 

1st Edn., b. t, cuts after Holbein, one having his name in full, " Hans Holben" 
(sic), cut and repaired, mor., with monogram, g. e. G. Lynne, 1548 (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 254) Williams, £51 

Defence of the True and Catholike doctrine of the Sacrament of the body and 

bloud of Our Saviour Christ, b. I., 1st Edn., orig. veil., fine copy, sm. 4to. R. 
Wolfe, 1550 (S. Dec. 4 ; 256) Chauner, £7 15s. 

Crantz (D.) History of Greenland, maps and pits., 2 vols., uncut, 1767 (P. Oct. 

8 ; 171) Quaritch, 7s. 

Crealock (H. H.) Deer-Stalking in the Highlands, ills., 4to. 1892 (S. Nov. 23 ; 

131) Quaritch, £15 10s. 

Creighton (M.) Queen Elizabeth, ills., 4to., 1896 (H. Dec. 8 ; 229) £9 10s. 

Cresap. Biographical Sketch of the Life of Capt. Michael Cresap, calf ex., g. e. 
by F. Bedford (cracked). Cumberland (Md.) 1826 (S. Dec. 18 ; 245) 

Maggs, £3 12s. 

* Jefferson, in his " Notes on Virginia," accused Cresap of the murder of 
Logan. The author of this sketch, John J. Jacob, had been from boyhood a 
member of Cresap's family, and ultimately married his widow. In this little 
book he seeks to vindicate Cresap's character from the aspersions of Jefferson. 

Cressy (R. F. S.) XVI. Revelations of Divine Love, calf, 1670 (S. Dec. 4 ; 258) 

Bull, 2s. 
Creuzer (F. ) Religions de l'Antiquite, traduit par J. D. Guigniaut, 4 vol. in 1 1, pits. 

half calf. Paris, 1825-41 (S.Nov. 3; 44) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

[Crevecceur (M. de) Lettres d'un Cultivateur American, 1st Edn., 2 vols., old calf,. 

Paris 1784 (H. Nov. 6 ; 813) 10s. 

Crofts (Robert) Terrestriall Paradise, or Happiness on Earth, Orig. Edn., front. 

soiled, leaf split, margins shaved, veil., 1639 (S. Dec. 16 ; 441) 

Dobell, £1 5s. 
Croker (T. C. ) Researches in the South of Ireland, pits., 4to., half calf, 1824 (H.,. 

Nov. 27 ; 300) Harding, 10s. 

Cromwell. Copy of a Letter written by Col. Cromwell to the Committee at Cam- 
bridge, concerning the raising of the Siege of Gainsborough, b. I., 4to., 1643- 
(S. Oct. 28 ; 78) Wells, 7s. 

* The first official document bearing the Lord Protector's signature. 

Some Farther Intelligence of the Affairs of England ; The Death of the Re- 

nowner Oliver, Lord Protector ; Proclamation of Lord Richard, Eldest Son of 
his late Highness, etc. (24 11.), cut into, vignette and port, of Richard Crom- 
well, mor. antique by F. Bedford, sm. 4to. 1659 (S. Dec. 4 ; 259) 

Lamplough, £8 

Cronica del famoso & invencible Cavallero Cid Ruy Diaz Campeador. Agora 
nuevamente corregida y emendada, I.g. (title backed ),wants sheet D, old calf,, 
r. e., fo. Medina del Campo, J. de Terranova y J. de Liarcari, 1552 (S. Dec. 
4 ; 21 1 ) James, £1 19s. 

Cronycle of Englonde, with the Fruite of Tymes. [Description of Englonde, 
etc. ] b. I., contains 4 prel. 11. including title and CXXVIII. numbered folios 
(wanting " Description of Englonde," etc. at end), title a woodcut of five 
blocks, full page cut of six blocks on reverse of last leaf of table, and numerous 
cuts (slightly defective), old calf gilt, w. a. f., fo. Julyan Notary, 1515 (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 219) (Sold with following book) 

* The second edition of the St. Albans' or Caxton's Chronicle from Julian. 
Notary's press. The Description of England, etc., wanting in this copy, will be 
found in the next lot. 

1908-9 45 

■Cronycle of Englonde, with the Fruit of Times [with the Dyscrypcyon of 

Englonde (14 11.) L &• !•, wants first 5 11. including title, folio II. mounted, MS. 

notes by R. Parmer, russia, w. a. f., fo. Julian Notary, 1515 (S. Dec. 4 ; 220 

* The 14 11. of the Description of England in this copy would make the 

former one perfect. The Two above Lots, Quaritch, £46 

Chronicle of England, with the Fruyte of Tymes, woodcuts, 6. 1, (wanting 

A i-v., part of U and the Description of England), sm. fo., calf. Julyan 
Notary, 1515 ' (H. Nov. 26 ;*101) Barnard, £2 10s. 

■Cross (Nic.) The Cynosura, or a Saving Star that leads to Eternity discovered 
amidst the Celestial Orbs of David's Psalms, cont. red mor., fo., 1670 (P., 
Oct. 8 ; 299) Bull, 8s. 

(T.) Autobiography of a Stage Coachman, pits, in duplicate, plain and 

coloured, after Aiken, &c, 2 vols., sm. fo., half veil., 1904 (H. Dec. 16 ; 229) 

Myers, £2 5s. 

•Cruikshank (G.) Comic Almanacks, Complete Set, pits, those for 1848 and 1849 
coloured copies (19), in 7 vols., hf. mor. g. e., 1835-53 (H. Nov. 5 ; 379) 

Sotheran, £5 17s. 6d. 

The same, Comic Almanack, complete set, 19 vol., pits, and woodcuts, calf 

ex., t. e. g., with wrappers and advertisements at end, 1835-53 (S. Nov. 23 ; 
57) * Shepherd, £12 10s. 

The same, complete, etchings and woodcuts by G. Cruikshank, covers bound 

up (the plates are in 3 states : usual impressions, proofs on india paper, and 
coloured), advertisements preserved, 19 vol., calf gilt, t. e. g. by Riviere, 
1835 to 1853 (S. Nov. 2 ; 70) Maggs, £29 10s. 

Comic Alphabet, 24 cold, pits., orig. covers, 1837 (S. Nov. 26 ; 218) 

Shepherd, 18s. 
Illustrations to the Fairy Library, 24 india proofs with autograph presenta- 
tion to each. " To his friend Fredk. Arnold " ; with 8 of the original drawings 
in water-colours, being the entire series of 6 illustrations to " Jack and the 
Bean-stalk," and 2 to " Puss in Boots " ; nearly all the drawings differ in 
many respects from the etchings, and nearly all have additional sketches in 
the margins, g. e. by Riviere, 4to. (S. Nov. 2 ; 187) Brown, £147 

Loving Ballad of Lord Bateman, 1st Edn., 12 pits, by G. Cruikshank, orig. 

cloth, loose, 1839 (S. Nov. 26 ; 242) Robson, £4 8s. 

The same, calf ex., t. e. g., cloth covers bound in, 1839 (S. Nov. 23 ; 63) 

Maxwell, £3 5s. 

Illustrations of Popular Works, L. P., 6 etchings, india proofs, the original 

drawing of the last plate : " The Deil cam fiddling thro' the Town," with 
sketch border, by Geo. Cruikshank, inserted, mor. ex., t. e. g. by Tout, wrapper 
bound up, fo., 1830 (S. Nov. 2 ; 230) Maggs, £9 

Illustrations to the " Miser's Daughter " by W. H. Ainsworth, 20 plates. 

India proofs before letters, calf ex., t. e. g. by Morrell, fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 23 ; 
270) Howell, £2 14s. 

Illustrations to " St. James's, or the Court of Queen Anne " by W. H. 

Ainsworth, 14 plates, india proofs before letters, calf ex., t. e. g. by Morrell, 
fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 23 ; 272) Howell, £2 10s. 

Illustrations to " Windsor Castle " by W. H. Ainsworth, 14 plates, india 

proofs before letters, with 4 by Tony Johannot, calf ex., t. e. g. by Morrell, fo., 
n. d. (S. Nov. 23 ; 271; Howell, £2 16s. 

Magazine, 2 parts, all pubd., pits., wrappers (slightly torn), 1854 (S. Nov. 

26; 221) Shepherd, £2 2s. 

My Sketch Book, pits., coloured copy, ob. (loose in cover), 1834 (H. Nov. 

6; 624) 14s. 

Omnibus, 1st Edn., 100 engs. by G. Cruikshank, with " Our Preface," fine 

copy, 1842 (S. Nov. 26 ; 219) " Shepherd, £1 6s. 

The same, 1st Edn., with " Our Preface," pits., 1842 (S. Nov. 23 ; 64) 

Spencer, £2 12s. 

The same, pits., 1842 (H. Oct. 7 ; 415) Spencer, £2 14s. 

Phrenological Illustrations, 6 cold, etchings, wrappers, fo., 1826 (P. Oct. 

30 ; 576) Hornstein, 9s. 

Points of Humour, the two parts, in 2 vol., etchings by G. Cruikshank, calf 

ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1823-24 (S. Nov. 2 ; 26) Shepherd, £1 6s. 


Cruikshank (G.) Progress of a Midshipman, cold, front, and 7 plates, half mor., 
ob. fo., 1835(S. Nov. 23 ; 269) Spencer, £\ 4s. 

J Scraps and Sketches, double set of 24 plates, plain and coloured, calf ex., 

t. e. g. by Morrell, 4to., ob. 1828-32 (S. Nov. 23 ; 134) Howell, £2 

Table Book, 1st Edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, fine copy, 1845 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

220) Edwards, £3 

The same, half mor., g. e., 1845 (S.Nov. 3; 48) Bumpus, , £\ 7s. 

The same, the etchings in 2 states, plain and coloured, "most of the illustra- 
tions in the text are also taken off separately, proofs on india paper, mor. ex.„ 
g. e. by Riviere, 1845 (S. Nov. 2 ; 56) Brown, £14 15s. 

The Toothache Imagined by Horace Mayhew, 43 cold. pits, on folding sheet, 

mounted on linen, mor. ex., D. Bogue, n. d. (S. Nov. 25 ; 607) 

Shepherd, £1 18s. 

Culpeper (Nic.) The English Physician, port, (inlaid), old russia, g. e. 1652 (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 260) Rutland, £3 15s. 

Cunningham (Wm.) Cosmographical Glass, conteinyng the Pleasant Principles of 
Cosmographie, Geographie, Hydrographie or Navigation, woodcuts, port, of 
author, coats of arms, plan of Norwich (mended), etc., old calf, good copy, fo., 
1559 (S. Dec. 4 ; 261) Quaritch, £47 

* No copy has occurred for sale by auction since the Ashburnham in 1896. 
[Prom the Bindley and Heber libraries ]. 

Cunningham (P.) Story of Nell Gwyn, 1852 (P. Oct. 9 ; 378) Zaehnsdorf, £1 6s. 

Curtis's Botanical Magazine : from Commencement to End of 1871, comprising 

First Series, 53 vols., the Rare Second Series, 17 vols., and Third Series, vols. 

1 to 28, over 6,000 cold, pits., 98 vols, in 40, including Indexes to vols. 1-86, 

half russ. (binding of 5 vols, broken) 1793-1871 (H. Nov. 27 ; 448) 

Edwards, £39 

Flora Londinensis, 2 vol., cold, pits., half calf, fo., 1777 (S. Nov. 23 ; 276) 

Wheldon, £2 5s. 

Another Edn., Best Edn., enlarged, cold, pits., 5 vols., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 

1835 (H. Nov. 27 ; 545) £17 

Curtius Rufus (Quintus) Historiarum libri accuratissimi editi, engd. title, red mor. 

with arms of Comte de Nedonchel, unopened leaves. Amst. ex off. Elzeviriana, 

1670 (S. Nov. 23 ; 73) Grant, 19s. 

Curtius (E.) History of Greece, trans, by A. W. Ward, 5 v., 1868-73) (H. Nov. 

19 ; 180) Hastings, £2 2s. 

Curzon (Lord) Persia and the Persian Question, 2 v., 1892 (P. Oct. 29 ; 194) 

Quaritch, £5 5s. 

Russia in Central Asia, 1889 (H. Nov. 4 ; 3) Sotheran, £1 7s. 

Cussans (J. E.) History of Hertfordshire, port, and ills., 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 

fo., 1870-81 (H. Nov. 27 ; 561 ) G. H. Brown, £3 12s. 6d 

Cutwoode (T. ) Caltha Poetarum ; or the Bumble Bee, Orig.Edn., title mounted ; 
begins on A4 with Preface 'To the Conceited Poets of our Age,' 4 11. followed 
by a Poem by "G. S. in Commendation of the Authour" (one leaf) ; text 
begins on B and proceeds to E in 8's, 32 11. (in all 38 11.) 2 11. loose, russ., g. e., 
w. af., 1599 (S. Dec. 16 ; 442) Quaritch, £20 10s. 

* Apparently the only copy known except the Lamport one, and the imper- 
fect one of the Earl of Crawford's sold in 1891 . It was condemned to be burnt 
by the Bishop of London. It mentions Spenser and Daniel in the preface, but 
not Shakespeare. 

Cyprianus (S.) Epistolae ad Cornelium Papam (et Opuscula) (cum Tabula) (ex 
recensione Jo. Andreae Episc. Aleriensis), (182 11.) (Hain, *5897), boards, 
leather back, fine large copy, fo. (Venetiis) Vindelinus de Spira, 1471 (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 262) Leighton, £10 10s. 

* Fine Edition, with the same date as Sweynham and Pannartz's Roman edi- 
tion, which is generally regarded as editio princeps. 

Opera .... repurgata per Des. Erasmum, stamped leather over oak boards, 

by Godfrey Garret, with fragment of a 13th Century MS. at each end, fo., 
Basilese 1530 (H. Nov. 6 ; 869) Quaritch, £2 8s. 

Dagley (R.) Takings ; or Life of a Collegian, 1st Edn., 26 cold, etchings, boards, 
1821 (S. Nov. 11 ; 541) Bloomfield, £\ 

Daglioni (G. N.) Venetia Trionfante et sempre libera, orig. edn., old calf, 4to., 
Venetia, 1613 (S. Oct. 29 ; 619) James, 3s. 

1908-9 47 

Damhoudere (J. de) La practicque et enchiridion des causes criminelles, 1st Edn.,. 

woodcuts, including those at pp. 196 and 199, usually defaced, small hole in 

title, sm. 4to. Louvain, 1554 (S. Nov. 3 ; 50) £3 8s. 
Le Refuge et Garand des Pupilles, Orphelins et Prodigues, woodcuts, sin. 

4to., calf Anvers, 1567 (H. Dec. 9 ; 476) 10s. 

Dampier (Guil.) Nouveau Voyage autour du Monde, maps and plates, 5 vols., old 

calf, Amst., 1717 (H. Nov. 6 ; 819) 15s. 

Daniel Press. Bridges (R.) Poems, Oxford, 1884, 4to. (P. Dec. 1 ; 625) 

Sabin, £\ 4s„ 

Webster (J.) Love's Graduate, Oxford, 1885 (S. Nov. 10 ; 33) Morse, 17s. 

Daniell (S. ) African Scenery and Animals, 2 dedications and 30 cold, plates, half 

russia, ob. fo., 1804-5 (S. Nov. 26 ; 63) Bumpus, £24 

(T.) and Col. Ward. Twentv-four Views in Hindostan, from Pictures bv F.. 

Orme, 21 col. pi., hf. russ., o'b. fo. 1802-5 (S. Nov. 26 ; 64) Edwards, £1 10s 

(W.) Voyage Round Great Britain, 308 cold. pits, on Thick Paper, 8 vols., 

4to., boards, 1814-25 (H. Dec. 16 ; 305) Hornstein, £40 

* The plates in this Thick Paper Edition are said to have been touched up by 
the Artist himself. There are 310 plates in all, those to vol. I (including 1 un- 
coloured and the dedication) in a portfolio. 

Dante. La Divina Commedia (col Commento di C. Landino), 3 vignettes after 
Botticelli, by Baldini [the first plate as usual frayed ], old russia gilt, rough 
edges, large, fine copy, fo. Pirenze, Nic. de Lorenzo della Magna, 1481 (S. 
Dec. 4 ; 264) Quaritch, £60 

♦First Edition of Dante with Landino's Commentary. Copies with three of 
the engravings very rarely occur for sale. 

Dante, con 1' Espositioni di C. Landino et d' A. Vellutello, woodcuts, veil., 

fo. Venetia, 1578 (H. Dec. 9 ; 591) Maggs, £1 7s. 

Opere, con varie annotazioni e di copiosi rami adornate dal Conte Zapata 

de Cisneros, 4 vol., L. P., pits., calf, with bookplate of Garrick, and a ticket 
" The Gift of her Father to his Daughter Catharine," signed C. P. Garrick, in 
each vol., 4to. Venezia, 1757-58 (S. Dec. 16 ; 511) Dobell, £\ lis. 

La traducio del dante de lengua toscana en Verso Castellano ; por P. F. 

de Villegas ; y por el Commentado allende de los otros Glosadores, dirigido ala 
Senora dona Juana de Aragon, etc., J. g., device at end, title backed and 
shaved, last leaf mended, wants G2 and 7, H3 and 6, M4 and 5, and 03 and 6, 
old calf, w. a. f., fo. Burgos, F. Aleman de Basilea, 1515 (S. Dec. 4 ; 265) 

* First Edition of the Inferno in Spanish. R. Ford's ex-libris. (See next) 

The same, title (backed and mended), wants P 2-5 and Q 5, veil., w. a. f., fo. 

lb. 1 5 1 5 (S. Dec. 4 ; 266 ) The Two above Lots, Quaritch, £54 

* These two copies mutually supply each others defects, out of which therefore 
a perfect copy could be formed. 

Dapper (O.) Naukeurige Beschrijvinge der Afrikanische Gewesten, engs., fo., old 
calf, Amst., 1768 (H. Nov. 5 ; 451) ' Maggs, £\ 9s. 

Beschrijvinge der Afrikanische Gewesten, Another Edition, engs., L. P., 

tall copy, old calf, g. e. Amst. 1776 (H. Nov. 5 ; 452) Edwards, £\ lis. 

Another Copy, Ordinary Paper, engs., 3 parts in 1 vol., veil., 1776 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 453 ) Tregaskis, £1 7s. 

Description de l'Afrique, maps and plates, calf gilt, g. e., fo. Amst., 1686 

(S. Nov. 23 ; 277) Edwards, 9s. 

Dares Phrygius. " Incipit hystoria troiaiia Daretis frigii," lit. semi-goth., 22 11., 
rubricated (Hain *5987), mor. ex., g. e. sm. 4to., absque ulla nota [Colon. 
U.Zel ? 1470 ] (S. Dec. 4 ; 267) Fleming, £5 5s. 

* From the Syston Park and Crawford libraries. 

Darien. Full and Exact Collection of all the Considerable Addresses, Memorials, 
Petitions, Answers, etc. relating to the Company of Scotland trading to 
Africa and the Indies, calf, 1700 (S. Nov. 10 ; 131 ) Maggs, £1 15s. 

Just and Modest Vindication of the Scots Design for having established a 

Colony at Darien, old calf, [Edinb. ] 1699 (H. Nov. 12 ; 540) 12s. 

Darly (Matth.) Comic Prints of Characters, Caricatures, Macaronies, etc., fo., half 
bnd., 1776 (S. Nov. 10 ; 102) Parsons, £3 3s. 

D'Audiguer (V.) Love and Valour ; Celebrated in the Person of the Author by the 
name of Adraste ; etc., trans, by W. B., 1st Edn., front, by W. Marshall, calf, 
g. e., sm. 4to., 1638 (S. Dec. 4 ; 268) Sotheran, £3 5s. 

4 8 


Daunce (E.) Briefe Discourse of the Spanish State, half mor., 4to., 1590 (P 
Oct. 8 ; 225) Dobell, 6s. 

Davenant (Sir Win.) Gondibert, an Heroick Poem, half calf, 4to., 1651 (P. Oct. 
9 ; 467) Dobell, 7s. 

Works, port, by Faithorne, calf, fo., 1673 (P. Dec. 1 ; 663) Sabin, £3 3s. 

David (F. A. ) Antiquites d'Herculanum Etrusques Grecques et Romaines, pits., 14 

vols., old calf, r. e., Paris, 1781-7 (H. Nov. 6 ; 712) 17s. 

Davies (J.) The Extravagant Shepherd, front, and engraving (torn), old calf, fo., 

1654 (H. Dec. 9 ; 604) Dobell, £1 

(John, of Hereford) Nosce Teipsum (slightly cut), cont. red mor., covered 

with mosaic ornaments, g. e., rich specimen, in slip case, 1622 (S. Dec. 4 ; 
270) Quaritch, £17 

* The final edition corrected by the author four years before his death. 
(Rich.) Chester's Triumph in Honor of her Prince, Orig. Edn. (14 11.), title 

inlaid, cut close and soiled, mor. (Heber's copy), sm. 4to., 1610 (S. Dec. 16 ; 
496) Pickering, £7 

Davy (Sir Humphrey) Collected Works, ed. by his brother, 9 vol., bust and facs., 
calf gilt, m. e., 1839-40 (S. Nov. 11 ; 546) Jackson, £1 2s., 

Dawe (G.) Illustrations of the Life of a Nobleman, 9 cold, engs., 4to., wrapper. 
1842 (H.Nov. 5 ; 401) Walford, £\ lis. 

Day (C. R.) Music and Musical Instruments of Southern India, ills., Japanese vel- 
lum, parchment, t. e. g., 4to., 1891 (S. Nov. 2 ; 190) Quaritch, £\ 6s. 

De Bry. Facta Mechmeti I Saracenorum Principes Natales, Victorias, Imperium 
et Mortem eius ominosam complectentia ; et Vaticinia Severi et Leonis in 
Oriente Impp. interitum Regni Turcici praedicentia, per J. Th. et Jo. Israel 
de Bry, engd. title and 26 engs., mor. ex., joints, g. e. by W. Pratt, fine copy, 
sm. 4to. Frankf. 1597 (S. Nov. 23 ; 141) Baer, £3 6s. 

Grands et Petits Voyages in Latin : America, parts I. to VIII. in 2 vol. (parts 

I., II., III., V. and VI., 2nd edns., parts IV, VII., and VIII. 1st Edns.) ; 
India, parts I. to X. in 3 vol., all 1st Edns., together 5 vols., old calf, fo., 
w. a. f. Frankfurt, &c, 1598-1613 (S. Dec. 18 ; 317) Harris, £10 15s. 

* Fine set, almost entirely free from the usual brown stain. Parts III., V., 
and VI. want each a folding map, part VIII. wants one leaf of text (pp. 77-78), 
map and folding plate (Cusco). 

Voyages to India in Latin, parts I. to VIII., 1st Edns., fine large copies, be- 
lieved to be complete, in 6 vol., vellum and half calf, etc., w. a. f., fo. Do. 
1598-1607 (S. Dec. 18 ; 318) Bloomfield, £5 

Defensorium Fidei, contra Judaeos hereticos et Saracenos libros seu dyalogos 
Septe Continens, Incipit feliciter. Prologus. [on reverse of fo. 72 " defen- 
sorium Fidei . . . explicit feliciter, sequiter alius tractatus de eadem materia ; 
editus per Rev. patre dominum Card, de Turrecremata," etc. ; at end, " Con- 
stants Imperatoris et liberti pape pro defensioe athanasii alexandrei episcopi, 
Dyalogus e greco in latinum per Cassiodorum . . translatus explicit feliciter " 
I. fl., 78 11., blank at beginning, red leather, initials rubricated, capitals painted 
(Hain *6083 ; Proctor, 8845), fo. Absque ulla nota [Utrecht, Ketelaer & 
De Leempt, 1473 ?] (S. Dec. 4 ; 271) Quaritch, £25 

* The capitals used for the dialoguers' names, Bellial and Anima, and printed 
in very peculiar thin gothic capitals, like the legends surrounding the cuts of 
the Block Books. 

Defoe (D.) Compleat English Gentleman, ed. by K. D. Bulbring, L. P., imp. 8vo., 
1890 (S. Nov. 25 ; 631) Bloomfield, 5s. 

Journal of the Plague Year, 1st Edn., calf, gilt. g. e., 1722 (H. Oct. 8 ; 891 ) 

Reader, £3 3s. 

Robinson Crusoe, front, by Clark and Pine, modern calf gilt, g. e., rather 

short but clean copv. Printed for W. Taylor, at the Ship in Pater-Noster- 
Row, 1719 (S. Dec. 4 ; 272) Quaritch, £100 

* First Issue of the first edition, with the reading always apply them on the 
second page of Preface. Two leaves of Taylor's publications at end. 

Robinson Crusoe, 1st Edn., tront. to vol. I. and map to vol. II. (latter torn), 

2 vol. in 1, old calf, good copy, but short, and binding broken, 1719 (S. Dec. 
17 ; 17) Bonce, £43 

Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 1st Edn., folding map (slightly 

torn), old calf, 1719 (H. Dec. 10 ; 880) Levine, £2 

1908-9 49 

Defoe (D.) Robinson Crusoe, L.P., 2 vol., ills, by G. Cruikshank, half mor., g. e., 
1831 (S.Nov. 25 ; 636) Sotheran, £2 8s. 

Political History of the Devil, 1st Edn., old calf, 1726 (H. Nov. 6 ; 765) 

10s. 6d. 

The Storm, with folding List of Ships cast away, calf, 1704 (P. Oct. 8 ; 1 16) 

Maggs, 7s. 

Treatise concerning the Use and Abuse of the Marriage Bed, 1st Edn., calf, 

1727 (S. Dec. 16 ; 444) Dobell, £1 4s. 

Delange (C. ) Recueil de Faience Franchise du XVI. Siecle, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 
fo., Paris 1861 (H. Dec. 17 ; 652) Symes, £1 7s. 

Recueil des Fayences Franchises dites de Henri II. et Diane de Poitiers, 43 

cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., Paris 1861 (H. Nov. 5 ; 554 ) Rimell, £2 10s 

IDelome (J. L.)] History of the Flagellants, pits., 4to., 1777 (S. Dec. 15 ; 258) 

Pickering, £1 3s. 
Del Rio (M. ) Disquisitionum Magicarum libri VI., engd. title, old calf, fo. Lugduni 

1608 (H. Oct. 8 ; 944) 6s. 

Demosthenis Orationes, Graece, L. P., with MS. notes, old Lyonese calf, richly 

tooled, with arms, g. e., fo. Lutetiae, 1570 (S. Oct. 30 ; 955) Lacroix, 9s. 

Dehham (Sir John) Poems and Translations, 1st Edn. (cut), mor., g. e., w. a. f., 

1668 (S. Oct. 30; 1021) Maggs, 6s. 

[De Quincey T. )] Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, 1st Edn., half mor., 

1822 (H. Dec. 16 ; 210) Spencer, £1 18s. 

The same, Lord Brougham's Copy, with MS. note, half bnd., 1822 (H. Dec. 

8 ; 206) Sotheran, £2 17s. 6d. 

Works, portrait, Author's Edn., 15 vols., Edinb., 1862 (H. Oct. 6 ; 243) 


Works, including all his Contributions to Periodical Literature, 16 vol., port. 

and ills., calf gilt, m. e., 1863-71 (S. Nov. 11 ; 548) Maggs, £2 17s. 

Works, port., 16 v., 1878 (H. Nov. 20 ; 537) 19s. 

De Quir (Ferd. ) Descriptio ac delineatio Geographica Detectionis Freti, sive Tran- 

situs ad occasum supra terras Americanas, in Chinam atqs Japonem ducturi, 

recens investigati ab M. Henrico Hudsono, etc., stiff wrappers, uncut copy, 

3 folding maps and woodcut, sm. 4to. Amst. H. Gerardi, 1612 (S. Dec. 4 ; 

273) Quaritch, £31 
Terra Australia incognita, or A new Southerne Discoverie containing a fifth 

Part of the World, 1st Edn. (16 11. including blank and sign. A.), headlines 

cut, mor. ex. by Riviere, sm. 4to. 1617 (S. Dec. 4 ; 274) Quaritch, £51 
Der Freischutz Travestie, by Septimus Globus, 1st Edn., 12 etchings by G. 

Cruikshank, cold, fine copy, mor. ex., t. e, g. by Riviere, 1824 (S. Nov. 2 ; 29) 

Maggs, £3 
Descourtilz (J. T.) Ornithologie Bresilienne, 48 cold, pits., half mor., atlas fo. 

Rio de Janeiro, 1856 (S. Nov. 23 ; 279) Quaritch, £10 

Desfontaines (R.) Flora Atlantica, 2 vol., 261 pits., mor., 4to. Paris, 1798 (S. 

Nov. 23 ; 142) Quaritch, £1 8s. 

Des Hayes (L. ) Voiage de Levant (2nd edn), engd. title and folding plates, old 

calf, sm. 4to. Paris, 1632 (S. Dec. 4 ; 275) Bloomfield, 17s. 

De Solis (A.) Historia de la Conquista de Mexico, fo., veil., Madrid 1704 (H. 

Nov. 27 ; 586) 10s. 

History of the Conquest of Mexico, port., pits., and maps, half mor., fo., 1724 

(H. Dec. 10 ; 962) lis. 

Destruction of Troy, in Three Books, b. \. (shaved), russ., g. e., 4to., 1676 (P. 

Oct. 9 ; 529) Ellis, £1 8s. 

Deuchar (A.) Etchings after eminent Masters of the Dutch and Flemish Schools, 

2 vol., 367 etchings, on india paper, mor. ex., g. e., fo., Edinb., 1803 (S. Dec. 

16; 359) Edwards, £2 2s. 

De Veer seu De Vera (G. ) Diarium Nauticum seu Vera Descriptio Trium Naviga- 

tionum admirandarum, etc., 1st Edn., engs. and maps, half russ., fo. Amst. 

ex off. C. Nicolai, 1598 (S. Dec. 4 ; 276) Cilhofer, £4 5s. 

D'Ewes (Sir Simon) Complete Journal of the House of Lords and Commons, 

throughout the Reign of Q. Elizabeth, published by Paul Bowes, front., 

russ. ex., y.e. by J. Wright, fine copy, fo., 1693 (S. Dec. 4 ; 277)Bull. 19s. 
De Witt (Mme.) Chroniqueurs de l'Histoire de France, pits., 4 vols., half mor., 

Paris 1883-6 (H. Oct. 14 ; 145) £1 Is. 


Dialogus Creaturarum moralizatus omni materie morali jocundo et edificativo 
modo applicabilis, I. g. 102 11. (wanting blank), woodcuts, partly coloured, 
rubricated throughout, mor. ex., blind tooled, g. e. by Claessens, fine large copy 
fo. Gouda, G. Leeu, 1482 (S. Nov. 3 ; 53) Maggs, £59 

Dibdin (T. F.) Bibliographical Decameron, pits., 3 vols., boards, fine copy, 1817 
(P. Nov. 30 ; 43) Maggs, £6 6s. 

■ Bibliotheca Spenceriana, 4 vols. ; ^Edes Althorpianae, 2 vols., the Supple- 
ment, and the Cassano Library, with General Index, pits, on India paper, 
L. P., together 7 vols., mor., g. e., 4to., 1814-23 (H. Nov. 26 ; 63) 

Quaritch, £10 10s. 

Typographical Antiquities, ports., L. P., 3 Autograph Letters of Dibdin in- 
serted ; with a volume in large folio, containing an account of books printed 
by Wm. Caxton, " The only portion and the only copy that was printed on 
vellum " (xi 11.), with printed title on paper, together 5 vol. (a few leaves in- 
laid in vol. I.), half veil., uncut, fo., 1810-19 (S. Oct. 29 ; 669 ) Bumpus, £2 12s. 

D'Haudricourt (T. ) Fastes de la Nation Franchise, engraved throughout, with 
Printed Text in English, 2 vols., L. P., old mor. gilt, g. e., fo., Paris 1809 (H. 
Oct. 15 ; 632) £1 15s. 

Dickens (Charles) Cricket on the Hearth, 1st Edn., 1846 (P. Oct. 30 ; 489) 

Lawrence, £21 

* Presented by Dickens to Victor Hugo and contains the latter's signature 
and inscription by Dickens, 30 Janvier, 1847. 

David Copperfield, 1st Edn., ills, by H. K. Browne, parts, with wrappers and 

advertisements, some loose, 1850 (S. Nov. 26 ; 249) Sotheran, £2 18s. 

Great Expectations, 1st Edn., 3 vols., (Librarv Copy, with labels), 1861 

(H. Oct. 15 ; 534) Hornstein, £7 2s. 6d. 

Memoirs of Grimaldi, 1st Edn., 2 vol., port, and ills, by G. Cruikshank, orig. 

pink cloth, spotted, 1838 (S. Nov. 26 ; 237) Shepherd, £2 2s. 

The same, 2 vol., second issue, with border round " The Last Song," black 

cloth, 1838 (S. Nov. 23 ; 79) Edwards, £2 2s. 

Master Humphrey's Clock, 1st Edn., ills, by Cattermole and Browne, orig. 

85 nos., some wrappers missing, imp. 8vo., 1840-41 (S. Nov. 26 ; 244) 

Shepherd, £2 2s. 

Nicholas Nickleby, 1st Edn., ills, by H. K. Browne, orig. 20 nos., 1838-9 

(S. Dec. 17 ; 12) Barnard, £2 10s. 

Oliver Twist, 3 vol., 1st Edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, including plate of 

" The Parlour Scene," in vol. III. and the substituted plate inserted, calf, 
ex., t. e. g., 1838 (S. Nov. 23 ; 80) Hatchard, £3 

The same, with Fireside plate, 1838 (S. Nov. 26 ; 238) Robson, £& 

Another Edn., 3 vol., pits, bv G. Cruikshank, half mor., t. e. g., 1840 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 638) Watkins, £\ 

Pickwick Papers, etchings by Seymour and Phiz, 1st Edn., orig. parts, 

with the wrappers, clean copy, 18?7 (P. Oct. 8 ; 152) Sotheran, £8 

The same, wanting the Buss plates, orig. numbers, with wrappers, some ad- 
vertisements, etc., one plate torn, 1837 (S. Nov. 26 ; 232) Robson, £\\ 

The same, with the Buss plates, orig. numbers with wrappers and some 

advertisements, in boards, uncut, a little spotted, 1837 (S. Nov. 26 ; 233) 

Robson, £\4 10s. 

Another Edn., 43 ills, by Seymour and Phiz, orig. cloth, 1838 (S. Dec. 16; 550) 

Robson, £2 10s 

* Wrongly described in the catalogue as being the first edition. The date 
was really 1838, " 1837 " being copied from the engraved title, which had not 
been re-engraved. 

Sketches by Boz, 40 pits, by G. Cruikshank, calf, 1839 (S. Oct. 28 ; 14) 

Abbey, 15s. 
The same, 40 ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., uncut, by Riviere, 1839 cover 

bound up 1339 (S. Nov. 2 ; 48) Brown, £3 8s. 
Sunday under Three Heads, 1st Edn., ills, by H. K. Browne, wrapper, 1836 

(S. Nov. 26 ; 230) Bumpus, £d 5s. 
Tale of Two Cities, etchings by Browne, 1st Edn., orig. nos., with wrappers, 

1859 (P. Dec. 1 ;575) Shepherd, £8 10s. 
The same, orig. numbers, with wrappers, advertisements, etc., fine condition, 

1859 (S.Nov. 26 ; 253) Robson, £12 10s. 

1908-9 5* 

Dickens (Charles) The same, cloth, slightly spotted, 1859 (S. Nov. 26 ; 254) 

Robso'n, £3 8s . 

Uncommercial Traveller, 1st Edn., 1861 (H.Nov. 11 ; 1 52 ) Hornstei n, £2 5s. 

Village Coquettes, 1st Edn.,folded,uncut, 1836 (S.Nov.26; 231 )Spencer, £2 

Works, pits, by Phiz, Illustrated Lib. Edn., 39 vols., half red mor., m. e., 

sound set. Chapman & Hall, 1874 (H. Oct. 29 ; 617) Bumpus, £\6 
Works, Authentic Edition, ills., 21 vols., half mor. gilt, 1901 (H. Dec. 15 ; 

77) Pearce, £4 2s. 6d! 

Dictionary of the Bible, ed. by J. Hastings, etc., 4 vol., imp. 8vo. Edinb. 1898- 

1902 (S. Nov. 23 ; 83) Sotheran, £2 14s 

Dictionary of National Biography, with Supplement, 66 vol., half mor., m e 

1885-1991 (S. Oct. 28 ; 178) Heath, £26 

Index and Epitome, ed. by Sidney Lee, 1903 (H. Nov. 26 ; 47) 18s 

Di'tionnaire Universel d'Histoire Naturelle, dirige par C. D'Orbigny, 13 vol. and 

3 vol., s-n. 4to., 288 cold, pits., together 16 vol., half mor., Paris, 1847-49 

(S. Nov. 25 ; 640) Quaritch, £3 

Dieffenbach (E. ) Travels in New Zealand, pits., 2 v., 1843 (.H Dec. 9 ; 435 ) 19s. 
Dietrich (A.) Flora des Konigreichs Preussen, upwards of 860 cold, pits., 12 vols. 

in 6, half bound, Berlin 1833^44 (H. Nov. 4 ; 205) Wesley, £3 10s. 

Digby (Sir K. ) Nature of Bodies and Nature of Man's Soule, 1st Edn., cal ; , fo 

Paris, 1644 (P. Oct. 8 ; 298) Falkner, 6s. 

I)i ;ges (T. ) Treatise named Stratioticos, the Science of Nombers, 2 plates, b. I.. 

sm.4to. (211. defective), veil., 1590 (H. Dec. 17 ; 514) Quaritch, £3 7s. 6d 
Dighton (R. ) Caricatures, 84 cold, ports., half calf, fo., 1794-1810 (P. Oct. 9 ; 596 > 

Sotheran, £3 17s. 6d. 
West End Characters, 51 caricature portraits on 18 leaves, ob., boards (H. 

Nov. 5 ; 399) 12s. 

Diodorus Siculus. Bibliothecae Historicae, margins mended, old calf, covered 

Grolier tooling, g.g.e. (mended), Paris, 1559(S. Nov. 10; 271 )Leighton, £3 3s. 
Dionysius. Geographia Gr. et Lat cum notis, etc. ab. Edw. Wells, L. P., front. 

and maps, old mor., imp. 8vo. Oxon. 1704 (S. Dec. 17 ; 124) Barnard, 4s. 
Direction for the English Traveller, by which he shal b^ inabled to Coast about all 

England and Wales, etc., engd. throughout, in demy 8vo. form, on 40 11., 4 

maps, fly-leaves filled with cont. MS., calf (re-backed), sm. 4to. T. Jenner, 

1643 (S. Dec. 4 ; 280) Sotheran, £5 5s. 

* This octavo form of one of the earliest Road Books of England is extremely 
rare. The maps are really the same size as the 12mo. edition (see below ),. 
but have very wide margins, and the folded maps are done in fours. 
The same, with the maps doubled into 12mo. size, and the lower maps folded 

in 8's, old red mor., gilt, g. e., ib. 1643 (S. Dec. 4 ; 281 ) Mat>gs, £S 

Directions for Musters, with the Order of Drilling for Musket and Pike, engd. title 

and 84 subjects on 22 plates, sm. 4to. (unbound, stained), Cambridge 1638 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 499) Quaritch, £7 

Diurnum Monasticum secundum Ritum Monach. Ord. S. Benedicti, woodcuts,. 

fl.t, calf, g.e. Venetii3, apud Juntas 1597 (H.Nov. 26 ; 196) Bull, £1 13s. 
Doctor Comicus, or The Frolics of Fortune, cold, pits., calf ex., g. t., 182S (P. 

Oct. 29 ; 200) Brown, £1 15s. 

The same, cold, pits., n. d. (S. Nov. 26 ; 272) Hornstein, 13s. 

Dr. Syntax in Paris, or a Tour in Search of the Grotesque, 1st Edn., cold, pits., calf 

ex.,g. e., 1820 (S. Nov. 23 ; 84 ) Hornstein, £2 10s. 

[Dodgson (C. L. ) ] Hunting of the Snark, 1st Edn., pits., 1876 (H. Oct. 15 ; 544 ). 

9s. 6d. 
Through the Looking Glass, ills, by Tenniel, 1st Edn., 1872 (H. Nov. 6 ; 

622) 17s. 

The same, 1872 (H. Nov. 27 ; 475) £\ 5s. 

Dodoens (R.) Florum, Coronariarum, Odoratarumque, Frumentorum et Aqua- 

tilium Herbarum Historiae, woodcuts, in 1 vol., half calf, Antv., 1558-56 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 486) 10s. 

Histoire des Plantes, traduite par C. de l'Ecluse, cuts (title loose, some 11. 

stained ),orig. veil. fo. An vers, J. Loe, 1557 (S. Dec. 4 ;283) Quaritch, £6 
• Niewe Her ball, by H. Lyte, b. I., 1st Edn., cuts, woodcut portrait of Do- 
doens, etc., old calf, good copy, but last leaf defective, fo. Antwerp, H. Loe, 

1578 (S. Dec. 4 ; 284) Quaritch, £1 


Dodoens (R.) New Herbal, trans, by H. Lyte, &.I., calf. 4tc, 1586 (P. Oct. 9; 537) 

Bull, 17s. 

The same, old calf, sni. 4to., 15% (S. Dec. 4 ; 285) Savory, £4 5s. 

New Herball, trans, by H. Lyte (Lyte's third edition), b. I., slightly wormed, 

calf ex., s. e., sm. 4to. 1595 (S. Dec. 4 ; 286) Thomas, £6 6s. 

Stiripium historia commentariorum imagines ad vivum expressae, port. 

and woodcuts, half calf, Antv. 1553 (S. Nov. 23 ; 85) Quaritch, £\ 2s. 

Stirpium Historiae Pemptades Sex, woodcuts, oak boards, stamped pigskin, 

fo. Antw., ex off. C. Plantin, 1583 (S. Dec. 4 ; 282) Quaritch, £3 7s. 6d. 

Another Edn., best edn., engd. title and woodcuts (wanting imprint), veil., 

fo. Antv., 1616 (S. Nov. 23 ; 282) Andrews, 3s. 

Donatus Moralizatus sive per Allegoriam traductus ; I. g. (8 11. the last 
blank) [Hain, *7723, etc.], illuminated initial and painted capitals, bound 
within 2 11. of an earlv hagiographical MS., fo. Absque ulla nota [Aug. Vind. 
G. Zainer, c. 1471 ] '(S. Dec. 5 ; 388) Drake, £5 5s. 

* This is printed in similar, if not the same type as that used by Zainer 
for the Editio Princeps of the " Imitatio." 

Donatus. Part of a leaf of vellum of a Donatus, probably printed by Gutenberg 
and Pfister, 1456-8 ; type of the 36-line Bible, only one other fragment known 
(S. Dec. 4 ; 288) Fleming, £39 

The Lower Half of a Leaf from a Donatus printed with Creussner of Nurem- 
berg's large second type, c. 1475 (S. Dec. 4 ; 289) Baer, £2 12s. 

Dondi (J.) Herbolario Volgare, woodcuts, veil. Venetia, 1555 (S. Nov. 23 ; 86) 

Quaritch, £3 12s. 6d. 
Donne (J.) Poems, port, by Marshall (wormed), sheep, 1635 (P. Oct. 9 ; 403) 

Tregaskis, £2 15s 

Donovan (E ) Natural History of Insects of China, cold. -pits., Orig. Edn., old 

mor., g. e., 1798 (H. Nov. 4 ; 164) Quaritch, £2 6s. 

Another Edn., 2 vol., cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1842 (S. Nov. 2 ; 

192) Quaritch, £1 16s. 

Dorat (CI.) Les Baisers, 1st Edn., Holland paper, front, plate and vignettes by 
Eisen, cont. blue mor., emblematically tooled, silk linings, g. e. La Haye, 
1770 (S. Nov. 3 ; 58) Quaritch, £41 

Mes Nouveaux Torts, front, and plate by Marillier, calf gilt, with arms, 1775 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 760) Lacroix, 5s. 

Doubdan (Jean) Le Voyage de la Terre-Sainte, etc., 2nd Edn., plates, ex-libris of 
Trinity College, Cambridge, on back of title, old calf, 4to. Paris, F. Clousier, 
1661 (S. Dec. 4 ; 294) Leighton, £1 16s. 

Doubleday (E. ) and J . O. Westwood. Genera of Diurnal Lepidoptera, 2 vol., cold, 
pits., half mor., g. e., fo. 1846-52 (S. Dec. 17 ; 170) Quaritch, £17 

Douglass (Wm.) Summary of the first planting, and present State of the British 
Settlement in N.America, map, 2 vols., calf, 1 755 (H. Dec.17; 525 )Leon, £2 14s. 

Another Edn., 2 vol., cold, map, calf, 1760 (S. Nov. 10 ; 126) Leon, £3 lis 

Doves Press. The Ideal Book, by T. J. Cobden Sanderson, veil., 1900 (H. Nov. 

20 ; 522) 17s. 

Milton (J.) Paradise Lost, veil., 1902 (H. Nov. 20 ; 527) Shepherd, £3. 

Doyle (Conan) Works, pits., Author's Edn., 12 v., 1903 (H. Oct. 7 ; 364) £1 14s. 
[ (J)] H. B. Political Sketches, nos. 1-917, in colours, and mounted, with 

descriptions from the key pasted underneath each plate, in 9 vol., half mor., 
fo., 1829-51 (S. Dec. 17 ; 162) Hornstein, £26 5s. 

(J. E. ) Official Baronetage of England, 3 vols., sm. 4to., half mor., t. e. g., 

1886 (H. Nov. 27 ; 356) Parsons, £28 

(R. ) Foreign Tour of Messrs. Brown, Jones, and Robinson, 1st Edn., ills., 

calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, 4to., 1854 (S. Nov. 2 ; 193) Hopkins, £2 6s. 
Grand Historical, Allegorical, Classical, and Comical Procession, by Dick 

Kitcat, 60 cold, pits., ob., wrapper, 1842 (H. Nov. 5 ; 407) Maggs, £3 5s. 

[D'Oyly (Sir C. ) 1 Tom Raw, the Griffin, 25 cold, engs., orange cloth, t. e. g., 1828 

(S. Nov. 11 ; 565) Edwards, £3 3s. 

Dozen (A) Pair of Wedding Gloves, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," tree-calf ex. by 

Riviere, 1855 (S. Nov. 2 ; 107) Maggs, 14s. 

[Drage ] Account of a Voyage for the Discovery of a North West Passage in 1746 

and 1747, by Capt. Fr. Smith, 2 vol. in 1, maps and pits., calf, 1748 (S. Dec. 

16 ; 448) Maggs, £3 5s. 

1908-9 53 

Drake (F.) Eboracum, or, History of York, maps and pits., calf, fo., 1736 (S. 
Nov. 11 ;415) Godfrey, £3 10s. 

(Sir F.) The World Encompassed ; 1st Edn., with the spherical map of the 

world (mounted and mended ),end leaves slightly cut.and wants the portrait 
of Drake, old calf. 4to., 1628 (S. Oct. 29 ; 653) Rimell, £2 12s. 

Drayton (M.) Idea ; The Shepheards Garland, 1st Edn., title, dedication and 
signs. B-K 3 in 4's, slightly cut, mor. ex., g. e. by W. Pratt, sm. 4to., 1593 
(S. Dec. 16 ; 497) Quaritch, £30 

* No copy appears to have occurred for sale by auction since Ouvry's in 1882. 
Polyolbion, front, by Hole, port, of Prince Henry, and maps, both parts, 1st 

Edns., 2 vols., calf, fine copy, fo. 1613-1622 (P. Dec. 1 ; 664) 

Sabin, £16 10s. 

* Contains the printed titles, including the Marriott title of 1622. 

Poemes, Lyrick and Pastorall, 1st Edn., mor., g. e., clean copy, large margins 

but some headlines cut close, with an Autograph note of T. Park to R. Heber 
relating to this " undescribed " edition. Printed by R. B. for N. L. and I. 
Flasket, n. d. (1605) (S. Dec. 16 ; 449) Quaritch. £20 

* With the blank, Al and leaf marked A5 containing two poems by Selden 
and E. Heyward which does not belong to this edition, but has been inserted 
from another (? that of 1610). Lowndes says only two copies are known — 
Heber's and Utterson's. This appears to be Heber's copy, or it may be Corser's. 
Livingstone only records Corser's and an imperfect one, and no copy has occur- 
red for sale since 1900. 

Poems, engd. title, margins wormed, calf, John Smethwick (1630) (P. Oct. 

9; 400) Sotheran, £2 12s. 6d. 

Poems, calf, 1631 (P. Oct. 9 ; 401) Sotheran, £2 

Dresser (H. E.) History of the Birds of Europe, 9 vol., cold, pits., half mor., 

t. e. g., fine copy, 4to., 1871-96 (S. Nov. 12 ; 845) Wesley, £45 

Drexelius (J.) The Christians Zodiake, engd. title and pits, (slightly defective), 

mor., g. e., 1647 (H. Oct. 15 ; 558) 15s. 

Drummond (Wm., of Hawthornden) Works, port., old calf, fine copy, fo., Edinb., 

1711 (S. Nov. 10 ; 258) Dobell, £1 Is. 

The same, port., calf, rebacked, fo., 1711 (S. Oct. 29 ; 700) Edwards, 12s. 

Drury (D.) Illustrations of Natural History, 3 vol., cold, pits., half russ., 4to. 

1770-73-82 (S. Nov. 23 ; 145) Edwards, £1 17s. 

Dryden (J.) Miscellany Poems, fronts., 6 vols., old calf, 1716 (H. Dec. 8 ; 197) 


Poems, 5 vols., Aldine Edn., 1852 (P. Oct. 9 ; 406) Hornstein, 18s. 

Du Chesne (Andr. ) Historiae Normannorum Scriptores Antiqui, russ. ex., g. e. by 

"Old Fosbrooke," [see note on fly-leaf], fine copy, folio. Lut. Par. R. 

Fouet, etc. 1619 (S. Dec. 4 ; 295) Bull, £\ 12s. 

Du Choul (W. ) Discours de la Religion des Anciens Romains, woodcuts, old mor. 

ex., g. e., fo., Lyon 1556 (H. Dec. 9 ; 628) * 5s. 6d. 

Du Fresne (Car.) Glossarium ad Scriptores Mediae & Infimae Graecitatis, 

front., 2 vol. in l,old calf, fo. Lugd. ap. Anissonios, 1688 (S. Dec. 4 ; 

297) Barnard, £3 15s. 

Dugdale (Sir Wm.) Antient Usage in bearing Arms, 2nd Edn. (slightly cut), calf, 

Oxford, 1682 (S. Dec. 4 ; 304) Sotheran, £1 Is. 

Antiquities of Warwickshire, 1st Edn., port, and pits., orig. calf, fine copy, 

fo., 1656 (S. Dec. 18 ; 340) Walford, £4 

Baronetage of England, pedigrees, 2 vols., calf, fo., 1676 (P. Oct. 8 ; 286 > 

Price, £1 18s. 

The same, Orig. Edn., 3 vol. in 2, calf ex., g. e. by F. Bedford, fine copy, fo. 

1675-6 (S. Dec. 4 ; 303) Sotheran, £5 

History of Imbanking, 1st Edn., pits., old calf, fo., 1662 (S. Dec. 4 ; 300) 

Fleming, £4 

History of St. Paul's Cathedral, 1st Edn., port, and engs. by W. Hollar, half 

bound, fo., 1658 (S. Dec. 4 ; 299) Thomas, £2 12s. 

Another Edn., port, and pits, by Hollar, mor., g. e., fo., 1716 (H. Nov. 1 1 ; 

234) Walford, £1 17s. 

The same, L. P., calf (broken), fo., 1716 (H. Dec. 10 ; 943) Haslam, £1 

■ Another Edn., by Ellis, port, and pits., half russ., fo., 1818 (H. Nov. 26 

228) Bull, £\ 


Dugdale (Sir Wm.) Monasticon Anglicanum, Orig. Edn., pits, by Hollar, 3 vols., 
old calf, fo., 1655-73 (H. Nov. 19 ;319) Barley, £\ 12s. 

Another Edn., with Additions by J. Stevens, 3 vol. in 1 , front, and pits., calf, 

fo., 1718 (S. Nov. 11 ; 433) Harding, 16s. 

Another Edn., ed. by Caley, Ellis, & Bandinel, 6 vol. in 8, engs. mor., g. e., 

fo., 1817-30 (S. Dec. 16 ; 362) Harding, £19 

The same, 6 vols, in 8, mor. ex., tooled sides, g. e. by Lewis, fine set, fo., 

1817-30 (H. Nov. 26 ; 227) /. Bain, £30 

Originales Juridiciales ; 1st Edn., ports, by D. Loggan, etc., russ. ex., g. e. 

by Riviere, fine copy, fo., 1666 (S. Dec. 4 ; 301) Fleming, £8 

Another Edn., 6 ports., calf, fo., 1671 (P. Oct. 8 ; 269) Harding, £1 14s. 

[Dulaney (D.)] Considerations on the Propriety of imposing Taxes in the British 

Colonies, for the purpose of raising a Revenue, half mor., N. Y., 1765 (H. Oct 

29 ; 594) Stevens <&> Stiles, £\ 4s. 

Du Moustier (A.) Neustria Pia, seu de omnibus et singulis Abbatiis et Prioratibus 

totius Normanniae, old calf, fine copy, fo., Rothomagi, 1663 (S. Nov. 10 ; 

220) Symes, £\ Is. 

Dunbar (Wm.) Poems, ed. by D. Laing, 2 vol., mor. gilt, g. e., 1834 (S. Oct. 29 ; 

460) Thin, £2 3s. 

Dunkin (John) History of Bullington and Ploughley, pits., 2 vols., calf, 4to., 1823 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 563) Walford, £\ 

Dunton (John) Ladies Dictionary, calf, 1694 (P. Oct. 8 ; 87) Harrison, 7s. 

Duplessis Bertaux. Portraits of the Leading Characters of the French Revolution 

of 1792, etc., 60 mezzotint ports., half russ., ob. 4to., 1799 (S. Nov. 11 ; 383) 

Sotheran, £2 2s. 
Durandus (Guil.) Rationale Divinorum Officiorum (Hain, 6,481 ) the initials in red 

and blue (repaired), old calf, g. e., 1479 (H. Nov. 26"; 156) Bull, £3 10s. 
Durfey (T.) New Operas, with Comical Stories and Poems, calf gilt, m. e., by C. 

Hering, 1721 (S. Nov. 1 1 ;567) Bloomfield, £\ 3s. 

Duruy (V.) Histoire des Grecs, papier de Chine, 3 vol., ills., half mor. ex., with 

inlays, t.e.g. bv Bretault,4to.Paris,1887-1889 (S. Oct. 28; 75) Lacroix, £4 12s. 

The same, 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., ib. 1887-9 (H. Dec. 11 ; 1 155) 

Sotheran, £1 19s. 

Histoire des Romains, 7 vol., pits., half mor., g. e., 4to. Paris, 1879-85 

(S. Nov. 23 ; 146) Hunt, £2 2s. 

The same, 7 vols., half red mor. gilt, t. e. g., 1879-85 (H. Dec. 11 ; 1154) 

Sotheran, £3 10s. 

Dusseldorff Galley. Collection of Fifty Etchings after Rafael, Durer, etc., by 
Huck, Selcke, and Billinger, 50 pits., russ. gilt, fo. Boydell, 1787 (S. Nov. 
26 ; 65) Vyt, £1 

Dynus de Muxello, seu Dinus. De Regulis Juris (cum add. et repertorio Mag. 
Nic. Boerii, etc.), per Celsum Hugonem revisus, I. g., oak boards, stamped lea- 
ther, with legend " Virgo Sancta Katharina Grecie Gema " (rebacked, but 
stamps well preserved), from the Sunderland library, s. 1. et n. M CCCCC XV. 
(S. Dec. 5 ! 306) Leighton, £6 15s. 

Earlom and Turner. Portraits of Illustrious Characters in History, 100 mezzotint 
portraits, 4to., Woodburn, 181 1 (P. Oct. 30 ; 514) Daniell, £4 17s. 6d. 

Eaton (D. C.) Ferns of North America, 81 cold, pits., 2 v., cf., m. e. Salem and 
Boston, 1879-80 (H. Nov. 4 ; 230 ) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Ebert (G.) Egypt : descriptive and picturesque, trans, by Clara Bell, 2 vol., ills., 
half mor., g. e.," 4to., n. d. (S. Nov. 3 ; 64) Quaritch, 17s. 

Eckhel ( J. H. ) Choix des pierres gravees du Cabinet Imperial des Antiques, 40 pits, 
mor. gilt, g. e.,4to. Vienne, 1788 (S. Nov. 26 ; 19) Quaritch, £2 18s. 

Eckius ( J. ) Homiliae sive Sermones, 3 vol., woodcuts, pigskin and vellum, 1534-55 
(S. Oct. 29 ; 379) Martin, 5s. 

Ecklin (D.) Reisz zum heiligen grab von Araw gen Jerusalem gethan, I. g. (chap 
book), boards. Tubingen, 1585 (S. Dec. 5 ; 307) Tregaskis, 16s. 

Edinburgh Review, from commencement in Oct. 1809, to 1902 ; vols. 1 to 196, 
with Indexes to vols. 1-20 and 51 to 140, in 4 vols., together 200 vols., half calf 
good set (H. Nov. 12 ; 439) Grant, £6 15s. 

Edmondson (J.) Baronagium Genealogicum, 6 vol., L. P., coats-of-arms, etc., old 
calf ; also vol. 1, ordinary paper, calf, 1764, fo., 1764-84 (S. Nov. 11 ; 41 1 ) 

Harding, £5 

1908-9 55 

Edward VI. All Such Proclamations, as have been sette furthe by the Kynges 
Maiestie from the last daie of Januarii in the firste yere of his highnes reigne 
unto the last daie of Januarii B.I. (slightly defective), calf gilt, g. e., 1550 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 308) Quaritch, £3 

Edwards (W. ) Sketches in Scinde, title and 10 pits, by Haghe, coloured and 
mounted, portfolio, fo., 1846 (H. Oct. 6 ; 31 1 ) 17s. 

Egan (P.) Anecdotes of the Turf, the Chace, the Ring, and the Stage, 1st Edn., 13 
cold. pits, by T. Lane, some plates soiled, half mor., t. e.g., 1827 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 
572) Hornstein, £2 

Book of Sports, 1st Edn., engs., half mor., t. e. g., 1832 (S. Nov. 11 ; 574) 

Bloomfield, 6s. 

The same, boards, 1832 (S. Oct. 28 ; 47) Northey, 9s. 

— Boxiana, 5 vol., pits., a few mended and mounted, calf ex., g. e., 1812, etc. 

(S. Nov. 23 ; 87) Young, £S 12s. 6d. 

Boxiana, both series, 5 vol., ports., half calf, 1830-28 (S. Nov. 11 ; 573) 

Hornstein, £5 5s. 

Life of an Actor, 1st Edn., cold. pits, by Theodore Lane, large, and fine copy. 

half mor., g. e. by Grieve, 1825 (S. Nov. 2 ; 109) Spencer, £2 12s. 

Life in London, 36 cold. pits, by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, music and wood- 
cuts, half calf, y. e., 1821 (S. Nov. 3 ; 65) Parsons, £3 5s. 

Another Edn., cold. pits, by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, calf, 1823 (H. Oct. 

15; 529) G. H. Brown, £2 2s. 

Life in London, 36 cold, etchings by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, 1821-22 — 

Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerrv, and Logic, cold. pits, by R. Cruik- 
shank, 1830 ; 1st Edn., half mor., t.e.g'., (2) (S. Nov. 11 ; 570) Sabin, £30 

Life in London, 36 cold. pits, by I. R. and G. Cruikshank, mor. ex., g. e. 

by Riviere, 1822 — Finish to the Adventures of Tom, Jerry, and Logic, 1st 
Edn., cold. pits, by R. Cruikshank, calf ex., g. e., 1830 (2) (S. Nov. 2 ; 68) 

Maggs, £16 10s. 

Sporting Anecdotes, cold. pits, by I. R. Cruikshank, etc., half mor., t. e. g., 

1825 (S. Nov. 11 ; 571) Hornstein, £2 

The same, cloth boards, uncut, 1825 (H. Dec. 8 ; 207) £4 10s. 

Egerton (D. T.) Fashionable Bores, or Coolers in High Life, by Peter Quiz, title 

and 12 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., ob. fo., 1824 (S. Nov. 2 ; 234) 

Maggs, £5 10s. 

Eisenberg (Baron d' ) L' Art de monter a cheval, engd. title and 59 pits, by B. Picart 

old calf, ob. 4to. La Haye, 1733 (S. Nov. 23 ; 156) Quaritch, £2 6s. 

Description du Manage Moderne, front, and pits, by B. Picart, old calf, ob. 

fo., 1740 (S. Oct. 28; 92) Lacroix, 14s. 

Elegant Extracts, Sharpe's Edn., 18 vols., 12mo., mor. (P. Dec. 1 ; 560) 

Maggs, £\ 10s. 
Elizabeth. Declaration of the Causes mooving the Queene to give aide to the 
People in the Lowe Countries, half mor., 4to., 1585 (P. Oct. 9 ; 486) 

D obeli, lis. 

Elliot (D. G.) Monograph of the Bucerotidae, cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to. 

1882 (S. Nov. 12 ; 850) Edwards, £3 18s. 

Elyot (Sir T.) Boke named the Governour, B. I., half calf, 1580 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

115) £2 5s. 

Castel of Helth, port, (inserted), B. I., sm. 4to., mor. g. e., 1541 (H. Nov. 

23 ; 113) Maggs, £6 2s. 6d. 

The Dictionary (Latin-English), 1st Edn., slightly stained, oaken boards, 

stamped leather (worn), fo. T. Bertheleti, 1538 (S. Dec. 5 ; 311) 

Leighton, £\3 
* The first Latin-English Dictionary published in England. It has a signa- 
ture " Cromwell " on title, which may be that of Lord Thomas Cromwell, 
King Henry VIHth's Minister. The binding may be Oxford work. 

Another Edn., augmented (by T. Cooper), B. I., (title coloured), headlines 

cut close, some 11. scribbled on, modern stamped calf, g. e., fo. 1548 (S. 
Dec. 5 ; 312) Knight, £4 

Image of Gouernaunce, 6. I., calf. W. Seres, 1556 (H. Nov. 26 ; 114)£3 14s. 

Elzevir. Catalogus Librorum qui in Bibliopolio Danielis Elsevirii, Venales ex- 
tant, mor. ex., g. e. by Thibaron. Amst., 1681 (P. Oct. 9 ; 369) 

. . Sinclair, £1 14s. 


Enchiridion Cosinograpkicuni, das ist ein Handbiichlein der gantzen Welt, etc., 
3 woodcut portraits, text describing America occupying pages 260 to 312, half 
calf, 4to. Colin, 1604 (S. Oct. 29 ; 591 ) Stevens, £1 Is. 

Encyclopaedia of Forms & Precedents other than Court Forms, 15vols. (Abstracts 
of Titles — Yorkshire Registry), with Index, first 7 vols., sewed. 1902-8 (H. 
Dec. 4 ; 22) Stevens, £15 

Enderbie (P. ) Cambria Triumphans, with Index, fo., half bound,4to. Reprint 1810 
(H. Nov. 6 ; 851 ) 6s. 6d. 

The same, coats-of-arms fully emblazoned, mor., g. e., 1661 , fo., reprint, n. d. 

(S. Nov. 11 ;405) Harding, £2 12s. 

Englands Imminent Danger, and Only Remedy, Faithfully Considered and Repre- 
sented by an Impartial Hand, old red mor. gilt, with crowned cipher of 
Charles II., g. e., 1671 (S. Dec. 5 ; 313) Bury, £5 10s. 

English Dialect Dictionary, with Supplement, Bibliography, and Grammar, 6 vols, 
half pigskin, by Zaehnsdorf, 4te., 1898-1905 (H. Oct. 7 ; 623) £8 5s. 

Englishman's Mentor : the Picture of the Palais Royal, Paris, cold, front, by G. 
Cruikshank, mor. ex., t. e. g., 1819 (S. Nov. 2 ; 25) Maggs, £2 8s. 

Entomological Society of London. Transactions, from commencement in 1834 
to 1907, part IV., 55 vol., pits., 31 vol., half calf, not uniform, remainder in 
parts, 1834-1907 (S. Nov. 25 ; 721) Forrester, £30 

Epictetus. Simplicii Commentarius in Enchiridion Epicteti ex Libris Veteribus 
emendatus cum Versione Hieron. Wolfii, et Cl.Salmasii animadversionibus, et 
notis (ace. Paraphrasis Arabica in Tabulam Cebetis), Gr. et Lat. old English 
mor., centre ornaments, g. e. (perhaps bound for Bp. Cosin by Hugh Hutchin- 
son, 1665-70), sm. 4to. Lugd. Bat., Jo. Maire, 1640 (S. Dec. 5 ; 314) 

Maggs, £5 

Epistles and Gospels. " Here begynneth the Pystles and Gospels of everye Son- 
day and holy day in the yere " (with Table after the Use of Salisbury), i. I., 
72 11., last leaf mended, mor., antique ornaments, sm. 4to. W. Powell, n. d. 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 315) Tregaskis, £5 15s. 

* The leaves probably form part of a primer printed in Q. Mary's reign. 
Erasmus (Des.) Colloquiorum Familiarum Opus Aureum ; cum scholiis quibusdam 

antehac non editis ; editio omnium absolutissima, port, by W. Marshall, old 
English blue morocco, with Prince of Wales' feathers, ornamental borders, 
the large feathers issuing from a crown with C. P. in centres, g. e. Milonis 
Flesher, 1639 (S. Dec. 5 ; 317) Quaritch, £41 

* This volume belonged to Charles II., when Prince of Wales, and has his 
signature "Charles" written in a bold boyish hand in last cover. There is an 
inscription on back of portrait : " Liber Jacobi Heywood Edis Xti Alumni, 
1688," and H. Ridley Univ. Coll. Oxon. 

De Recta Latini Graeciq* Sermonis Pronutiatione Dialogus ; 1st Edn., Eng- 
lish calf, the Tudor rose and other devices on upper cover, and the royal arms 
on the upper, with binder's mark and initials A. H. [see Weale's English 
Rubbings, No. 123], clasp catches. Basilaeum, in off. Frobeniana, 1528 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 316) Quaritch, £2\ 

* One of the " Henry VIII. " royal bindings, in capital preservation. 
Enchiridion Militis Christiani, saluberrimis praeceptis refertu (last leaf in 

MS.), mor., g. g. e. Parisiis, S. Colinaeuin 1523 (H. Nov. 26 ; 209) 

Bull 6- Auvache, 5s. 

Enchiridion, to which is added a newe and mervaylous profytable preface, 

ft. I. (wormhole in title and 2 following leaves, and leaf from another edition), 
mor., g. e. Bv Wynkvn de Worde for John Byddell 1533 (H. Nov. 26 ; 
98) Barnard, £2 12s. 

Another Edn. (trans, by Wm. Tyndale), b. I., sides inlaid in modern calf of a 

binding for Henry VIII., consisting of the royal arms on cover, the other in 4 
compartments, representing S. George, S. Catharine, and a figure of the king, 
defaced and repaired, but devices still apparent (Osterley Park copy), fine, 
large copy. Wynkyn de Worde for Johan Byddell, 1534 (S. Dec. 5 ; 320) 

Quaritch, £28 

Another Edn., 6. I., stamped calf, fleur-de-lis in corners and crowned Tudor 

rose in centres, plain edges, large, fine copy. Imprynted by John Byddell 
(1544) (S. Dec. 5 ; 321) Leighton, £15 10s. 

Another Edn. (defective), 6. t, calf, 1576 (H. Nov. 6 ; 747) 10s. 

1908-9 57 

Erasmus(Des. )Paraphrase upon the New Testament, 1st Edn.,fc. C., woodcut titles, 
(inlaid), a few wormholes, otherwise fine copy, 2 vol., mor. ex., g. e. by W. 
Pratt, fo., E. Whitchurche 1548 (1549) and 1549(S. Dec. 5 ; 322 ) Quaritch, £& 

* On last leaf of vol. I. is the inscription : " Richardus Stonley est dns mens 
teste Johne Cawood " (? the Elizabethan printer). 

With this was included the next " lot " being a duplicate copy of Vol. I. 
in old calf. 
Playne & Godly Exposytion or declaratio of the Comune Crede (which in the 

Latin tonge is called Symbolum Apostolorum) and of the X Comaundementes,. 

b. 1., 1st Edn., tall copy, last leaf weak ; a few wormholes, red mor., g. e.> 

R. Redman, n. d. (1533) (S. Dec. 5 ; 318) Quaritch, £8 5s. 
The same, 6. I., 1st Edn., black mor., g. e., sound copy, with a few slight 

wormholes (1533) (S. Dec. 5 ; 319) Quaritch, £8 

Erpenius (Th.) Historiae Josephi Patriarchae ex Alcorano Arabice, cum triplici 

Versione Latina et Scholiis, veil., sm. 4to. Leidae ex Typ. Erpeniana Lin- 

guarum Orientalium, 1617 (S. Dec. 5 ; 324) Birch, 10s. 

Errour Non-plust or Dr. Stillingfleet shown to be the Man of No Principles, old 

blue mor., covered with scroll work, g. e., 1673 (S. Nov. 10 ; 155) 

Edwards, 10s. 
Essex House Press. Treatise of Cellini on Goldsmithing and Sculpture, pits., imp. 

8vo., 1898 (H. Nov. 12 ; 515) 15s. 

The Psalter, fo., veil., 1902 (H. Nov. 19 ; 264) 7s. 

Wren (Sir C.) Life and Works, sm. fo., 1903 (H. Nov. 20 ; 534) 10s. 6d. 

Song Books, with Melodies, 2 vols., 1903-5 (H. Dec. 16 ; 93) 

G. H. Brown, £1 5s. 
Estate of the English Fugitives under the King of Spaine and his minister, 4to.> 

1595 (P. Oct. 8 ; 265) Dobell, 9s. 

Estienne (C. ) et J. Liebault. L' Agriculture et Maison Rustique, woodcuts, old calf y 

4tc. Lyon, 1668 (S. Oct. 30 ; 859) Maggs, 17s. 

* This copy has at end : " La Chasse du Loup n6cessaire a la Maison Rustique 
par Jean Clarmorgan, Lyon, 1668," consisting of 48 pages, including title, with 13 

(H.) Art of making Devices, treating of Hieroglyphicks, Symboles, Em- 

blemes, Cyphres, etc., trans, by T. B [lount], front, by W. Marshall, mended 
and pits., old calf (wormed), 4to., 1650 (S. Dec. 15 ; 265) Edwards, £1 5s. 

Etymologicon Magnum Graece (cum Graece prefatione M. Musuri), 224 11. capitals 
and printer's devices in red, old red mor., rebacked, g. e., fo. Venet. sumpt. 
Nic. Blasti opera Zach. Calliergi, 1499 (S. Nov. 23 ; 284) Boer, £16 5s. 

Euchologion sive Rituale Graecorum, Gr. et Lat. ed. J. Goar, title cut, plate, calf, 
fo. Paris, 1647 (S. Nov. 10; 218) Bull, 10s. 

Euclides. Liber Elementorum in Artem Geometriam (cum Comment. Jo. Cam- 
pani), 1st Edn., \. g. (Hain *6693), diagrams in margins, capitals rubricated, 
oak boards, stamped pigskin (repaired), vellum MS. fly-leaves of an Xlth Cen- 
tury Service Book, fine large copy, fo. Venetiis, E. Ratdolt, 1482 (S. Dec. 5 
325) Quaritch, £29 

Euonymus. New booke of distillatyon of Waters, trans, by Peter Morwyng, b. I. 
(2nd edn), woodcuts and full-page device at end, old calf, am. 4to. John 
Day, 1565 (S. Dec. 5 ; 326) Sotheran, £4 10s. 

Eusebius. Chronicon, id est Temporuin Breviarium, Latinum facta per Hierony- 
mum, etc. (ad Annum, 1481 ), cum tabula (Hain *6717), limp veil., large and 
fine copy, sm. 4to. Venetiis, E. Ratdolt, 1483 (S. Dec. 5 ; 327) 

Ellis, £3 8s. 

* In this edition the Invention of Printing is given to Gutenberg in 1440. 
Chronicon quod Hieronymus Presbyter Latinum facere curavit ... ad 

quern & Prosper & M. Palmerius addidere, etc. (2 11. from a shorter copy), 
orig. calf, sm. 4to. Paris, 1518 (S. Dec. 5 ; 329) Leighton, 19s. 

* In this edition under the entries in 1457 the Invention of Printing is. 
attributed to Gutenberg in 1440. 

Evangelicae demonstrations lib. X, Graece, 1st Edn. (4 11. mended), un- 
bound, fo. Lutet. R. Stephanus, 1545 (S. Dec. 5 ; 330) Wilde, £\ 7s. 

* T. Gaisford's copy, with autograph on title and a valuable collation in 
margins in his writing of the Greek MS. Paris 469. 


Evangiles (Les) des Dimanches et F6tes de l'Annee, suivis de Prieres a la Sainte 
Vierge, texte revue par M. l'Abbe Delaunay, 3 vols., mor. ex., inlaid, g. e. by 
Segouin. Curmer, 1864 (H. Dec. 18; 690) Hitchman, £7 12s. 6d. 

{Evelyn (John)] The French Gardiner instructing How to Cultivate all sorts of 
Fruit-trees and Herbs for the Garden, 1st Edn., front, and 3 pits, by Her- 
tochs, orig. sheep, 1658 (S. Dec. 5 ; 333) Bain, £5 2s. 6d. 

Another Edn., trans, from the French (of La Quintinye), fourth edn. ; with 

the English Vineyard Vindicated bv J. Rose, pits., orig. calf, 1691 (S. Dec. 5 ; 
334) Daniell, £1 12s. 

Kalendarium Hortense or Gardner's Almanac, third edn., orig. calf, large 

copy, 1669 (S. Dec. 5 ; 336) Leighton, £1 12s. 

Sylva, 1st Edn., calf, fo., 1664 (P. Oct. 30 ; 559) Wesley, 5s. 

The same, calf, fo., 1664 (P. Oct. 8 ; 292) Maggs, £1 18s. 

The same, orig. calf, fine, large, clean copy, fo. 1664 (S. Dec. 5 ; 335) 

Mason, £1 1 
Eyb (Albertus de) Margarita Poetica, 1st Edn., I. q., contains 27 11. of " Regis- 
trum," including 2 blanks, and 450 11. (paged in MS. to CCCCXVI.), rubri- 
cated, illuminated initial to first page (Hain *6818), oak boards, stamped pig- 
skin, metal clasps, very fine copy, some fore-edges uncut, fo. Nurembergae, 
J.. Sensenschmid, 1472 (S. Dec. 5 ; 337) Baer, £12 10s. 

* Unknown to the early bibliographers. The first blank leaf is filled with 
MS. notes relating to its rarity. It is the first and perhaps the finest repro- 
duction of Sensenschmit's Nuremberg Press, one of the prototypographers 
of that city. 

{F. (N. ) ] Husbandman's Fruitfull Orchard, 6.1. (pp. 28), mor. ex., by Riviere, fine 
copy, sm. 4to. 1609 (S. Dec. 5 ; 338) Sotheran, £10 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Falda (G. B.) Le Fontane di Roma, four parts complete, 107 pits., including titles, 

old calf, ob. folio. Roma, 1691 (S. Dec. 5 ; 341) Baer, £2 4s. 

Fancy (The) or True Sportsman's Guide, pits., 2 vols, (torn), w. a. f., 1836 (P. 

Oct. 8 ; 183) Spencer, £6 5s. 

Farewell Sermons of London and some Country Ministers, fronts. (1 mounted), 

2 vols., old calf, 1662-3 (H. Nov. 19 ; 170) 5s. 

Fastes de la Nation Franchise, pits., old red mor., 4to. Paris, 1808 (P. Oct. 30 ; 

517) Daniell. £3 10s. 

Fauchet (C.) (Euvres, 2 vol., 1st Collected Edn., with separate titles, port., calf 

gilt, with arms, 4to. Paris, 1610 (S. Oct. 29; 601) Lacroix, 12s. 

* This copy contains at end the three opuscvla, viz. : " Traicte des Libertez 
de l'eglise Anglicane," " De la Ville de Paris," and " Pour le couronnement du 
Roi Henri IIII.," numbering 24, 4 and 4 pages respectively. 

Faussett (B.) lnventorium Sepulchrale ; pits., 4to., P. P., 1856 (H. Dec. 16 ; 154) 

Featly (John) Tears in Time of Pestilence, old calf, 1665 (S. Dec. 5 ; 342) 

Maggs, 1 1 s. 
Felix on the Bat, ills., fine copy, 4to., 1845 (S. Nov. 12 ; 852) Dobell, 13s. 

Another Edn. [by N. Wanostrocht ], cold, pits., Third Edn., sm. 4to., 1865 

(H. Nov. 6 ; 630) 7s. 

Fenollosa (E. F.) Outline of the History of Ukiyo-Ye, 20 wood engravings in 

colours, Tokyo, 1901 (H. Nov. 5 ; 535) Australian Book Co., £3 19s. 

Fenton (G.) Certaine Tragicall Discourses, to. I. (cut and 2 11. slightly defective), 

sm. 4to., mor., g. e., 1567 (H. Oct. 29 ; 558) Barnard, £2 18s. 

Forme of Christian Pollicie gathered out of French, to. I., Orig. Edn., first leaf 

torn, large, sound calf, with the Arms of Archbishop Mathew Parker, g. g. e., 
sm. 4to., 1574 (S. Dec. 5 ; 343) Williams, £82 

* Archbp. Parker's copy, having his signature : Matth. Parker twice written 
on fly-leaf. 

Ferguson (T. ) Complete History of the Present Civil War between Gt. Britain and 
the United Colonies of N. America, folding List of Killed and Wounded at 
Lexington, etc., 1779 (H. Oct. 29 ; 590) Quaritch, £13 

* A sound copy, but apparently wanting half title. Collation as follows : — 
Title, Preface, 2 11. and pp. 9 (10) to 358, with folding page at end — not men- 
tioned by Sabin. 

1908-9 59 

Fernandez (Diego) Historia del Peru, diagrams, Orig. Edn., with Autograph of 

Author, fo., veil, (title margined); sound copy). Sevilla, H. Diaz, 1571 (H. 

Oct. 28; 158) .. Tregaskis, £15 
The same, with signature of the Author on last leaf, fo., veil, (defective),. 

w. a. f.,fo. Sevilla, H. Diaz, 1571 (H. Nov. 20 ; 638) Edwards, £5 10s. 
Feme (J.) Blazon of Gentrie, woodcut coat-of-arms, old calf, fine copy, 4to., 1586 

(S. Dec. 17 ; 105) Borrow, £3 10s. 

The same, Blazon of Gentrie, L. P. pedigrees and coats-of-arms, red mor. 

ex., g. e. (W. Pratt), fine copy, the Gosford copy, sm. 4to., 1586 (S. Dec. 5 ; 
344) Sotheran, £10 

Ferrar (J.) History of Limerick, folding maps and pits, (stamped), old calf, 
Limerick, 1787 (H. Nov. 27 ; 297) Harding, 16s. 

Ferrarius (Jo.) The good orderynge of Commonweale, englished by W. Bavande, 
b. t, with leaf of Errata, sm. 4to., 1559 (H. Dec. 17 ; 445) 19s. 

[Ferrier (S.)] Marriage, a Novel, 1st Edn., 3 vols , original boards, with labels, 
slightly broken, 1818 (H. Nov. 6 ; 654) Hopkins, £1 

Festiva ad Capita annulumque decursio a rege Ludovico XIV. principibus, scripsit 
gallice C. Perrault ; latine reddidit, et versibus heroicis expressit Spiritus 
Flechier, pits., red mor., arms of Louis XIV. on sides, fo. Parisiis, 1670 (S. 
Nov. 26 ; 67) Quaritch, £12 

Festivalis Liber. Quatuor Sermones, b. I., double columns, 33 lines (begins Aj 
and ends V6 ; wants Cjjj to e jjj, e VI., VII., VIII. ; some 11. wormed ; boc.rds 
(broken) ; from Brand and Heber libraries, w. a. f., sm. 4to. Finitum, P. 
Julianu Notarii apud Westmonasterium, 1499 (S. Dec. 5 ; 346) Quaritch, £14 

* Only two other copies seem to be known, both imperfect ; one in the British 
Museum, and the other the Earl of Jersey's. 

Festyvall (The). Quatuor Sermones. (These two words only in a riband above 
a large woodcut of Christ in glory), b. I., long lines, 33 to a full page, CXCV, 
folios, including title, and leaf with imprint unpaged, mor. ex., joints, g. e. 
sm. 4to. Wynkyn de Worde, 1528 (S. Dec. 5 ; 347) Quaritch, £76 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Fichet (Guil.) Rhetorica (194 11.) (Hain 7057), printed on very thick paper, capi- 
tals painted, mor., g. e. (Derome), fine copy, formerly in Card, de Lomenie's 
and Wodhull libraries, sm. 4to. Absque ulla nota [In Parisiorum Sorbona 
(Ulricus Gering, Martinus Crantz et Mich. Friburger, 1471)] (S. Dec. 5 ; 
348) Quaritch, £81 

* For note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Fielding (H. ) Joseph Andrews, 8 pits, by Rowlandson, Edinb., 1 805 (H. Oct. 1 5 ; 
528) 10s. 6d. 

Pasquin, a Dramatick Satire on the Times, 1st Edn., half calf gilt, g. e., cut 

close, 1736 (S. Nov. 25; 729) Jackson, Is. 

Proposal for making an Effectual Provision for the Poor, folding plate, title 

mended, calf gilt, t, e. g. by Pratt, 1753 (S. Dec. 17 ; 23) Dobell, 10s. 

Tom Jones, 1st Edn., 6 vol., old calf, 1749 (S. Oct. 28 ; 94) 

Spencer, £2 15s. 
Works, 12 vols., calf, 1766 (P. Oct. 8 ; 106) Sotheran, 19s. 

Works, with Life, by A. Murphy, 8 vol., port., old calf gilt, 1771 (S. Nov. 

11 ; 308) Maggs, £2 4 s. 

Works, with Life by A. Miller, fronts., 12 vols., old calf, rebacked, 1783 

(H. Dec. 9 ; 421) G. H. Brown, £1 6s. 

Works, with Life, 10 vol., ports, and fronts., calf, 1784 (S. Oct. 29 ; 453) 

Rimell, 12s. 

Works, ed. by Murphy, port., 10 vols., old calf, 1806 (H. Oct. 8 ; 843) 

£\ 12s. 

Works, Edn. de Luxe, ed. by Leslie Stepehen, ills., 10 vols., imp. 8vo., 1882 

(H. Dec. 11 ; 1141) Myers, £2 

Works, with Introduction by E. Gosse, 12 vols., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., 1898-- 

9 (H. Dec. 15 ; 72) Private, £3 

Works, with Life, by Murphy, ed. bv J. P. Browne, port., 1 1 v., 1902-3 (H. 

Oct. 16 ; 798) MiUigan, £2 5s. 

Complete Works, with Life by W. E. Henley, pits.. Limited Edn., 16 v., 

1903 (H. Nov. 12 ; 558) Hubbard, £2 10s. 


Fielding (T. H.) Picturesque Tour of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmoreland,. 
&c, 48 cold, views (title cut), russ., g. e., 4to., 1821 (H. Dec. 16 ; 304) 

G. H. Brown, £3 5s. 

Fiori (Giov. de) Historia (de Isabella et Aurelio) in Lingua Castigliana composta & 
da M. Lelio Aletiphilo in parlare italico tradutta (36 11. the last blank), stained 
mended, short copy, wrapper. Vinegia, M. Sessa, 1533 (S. Dec. 5 ; 349 )• 

Drake, £1 

Firenzuola (A.) Prose [Ragionamenti, Novelle, Bellezze delle Donne, etc.], old 
calf, r. e., good copy (from Stanley and Fountaine Libraries). Fiorenza, 1552" 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 350) Tregaskis, £\ 6s. 

Fiscine (M. ) La Vie Saine, Traduict par J. Beaufils, 2 parts in 1 vol., Icttrcs ba- 
inrbts (folio 49 in part II. missing, and 2 11. repaired), calf antique, Paris, 1541 
(H. Nov. 26 ; 213) Leighton, 13s. 

Fisher (A.) Defence of the Liturgie of the Church of England, old russ. e;ilt, sin. 
4to., 1630 (S. Dec. 5 ; 351 ) Ranshaw, 7s. 

(John) Assertionis Lutheranae Confutatio, per Joannem Roffensem Episco- 

pum, leaf of Errata, 1st Edn., stamped calf over oak boards, the work of 
Nicholas Speryng, bis initials repeated several times in the tooling (cracked),, 
fo. Antwerp 1523 (H. Nov. 6 ; 866) Barnard, £2 5s. 

Treatise Concernynge the Fruytfull Sayings of Davyd in the Seven Peny- 

tencyall Psalmes, 6. 1., W. de Worde's Caxton device at end, some 11. written 
on, mor., g. e., with arms of F. Perkins, and ex-libris, sm. 4to. Wynkyn de 
worde, 1508 (S. Dec. 5 ; 352) Maggs, £31 10s. 

* 1st Edn. No copy has occurred for sale by auction since this one in 1889. 

Livingston (Auction Prices) includes this by error under his record of 1509 

(J.) Picturesque Tour in Killarney, 20 pits., etc., stained, fo. ob., 1789 (S. 

Dec. 16 ; 628) Edwards, 9s. 

[FitzGerald (Edw.)] Euphranor, 1st Edn., 1851 (S. Nov. 23; 94) 

Tregaskis, 10s. 

Polonius, 1st Edn., 1852 (H. Oct. 7 ; 409) £\ 5s. 

The same, with Inscription " from Bernard Quaritch," 1852 (H. Nov. 19 ; 

225) Quaritch, £2 2s. 

Works and Letters, front. Edn. de Luxe, 7 vols., 1902-3 (H. Dec. 8 ; 223) 

Joseph, £1 16s. 

(R. D.) Australian Orchids, cold, pits., with Descriptions, vol. 1, half roan,. 

and vol. 2, parts 1 to 5 (all pubd.) fo. Sydney 1882-4 (H. Nov. 4 ; 256) 

Quaritch, £5 10s.. 
Fitzherbert (Sir Ant.) Boke of Husbandry, 6. I. (separate leaf of colophon bound in 
front ; scribbled on), old calf. T. Berthelet (1537) (S. Dec. 5 ; 353) 

Quaritch, £14 
* The colophon in front may not belong to the book. If it does, it is a hith- 
erto unnoted edition. 

La Graunde Abridgement, h. I., folio (binding broken). R, Tottell 1577 

(H. Nov. 26 ; 129) Taylor, 14s. 

(Mrs.) Memoirs, by Langdale, port., 1856 (H. Oct. 7 ; 521) 17s. 

Flaubert (G.; Herodias, Edition de Luxe, L. P., ills, by G. Rochegrosse, in three 

states, mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1892 (S. Nov. 2 ; 111) Isaacs, £5- 

Fletcher (Giles) Israel Redux'; or the Restoration of Israel, old calf, 1677 (S. 

Dec. 5 ; 354) 10s. 

(Lieut-Col.) History of the American War, 1861-4, maps, 3 vols., 1865-6 

(H. Oct. 6 ; 184) £1 5s. 

Flor des Serreset des Jardins de l'Europe, edite par L. Von Hutte, 23 vol., cold, pits- 
half bound, Gand, 1845-80 (S. Nov. 24 ; 292) Quaritch, £6 5s. 

Flora Danica. Icones Plantarum Sponte Nascentium in regno Daniae, Fasc. 1-51 
and Supplement Fasc. 1-111, in 54 vol., 3240 cold, pits., half calf, fo. Haf- 
niae, 1761-1883 (S. Nov. 23 ; 288) Lazarus, £68 

Florian (J. P. de) CEuvres, engs. by Queverdo, 9 vols., old calf. Paris 1805 
(H.Nov. 12 ;410) C. & E. Brown, £1 Is. 

Florilegium Novum, hoc est variorum maximeque variorum Florum ac Plantarum 
singularum una cum suis radicibus et cepis, 84 pits, by Th. de Bry (some 
mended), with bookplate of Horatio Walpole, w. a. f., fo., 1612 (S. Nov. 23 ; 
289) Stow, £2 4s. 

1908-9 6 i 

Floure of the Comaudemetes of God. With many examples and auctorytes ex- 
tracte and drawe as well of Holy Scripture as other Doctours and good auc- 
yete Paders, woodcuts, 6. 1, (title defective, last leaf in MS.), fo., calf, g. e. by 
Riviere. Wynkyn de Worde, 1 52 1 (H. Nov. 26 ; 97) Barnard, £6 15s. 

Folk-Lore Society's Publications, Complete Set (excepting Nutt's " Holy Grail," 
and Callaway's " Religious System of the Zulu," nos. 15 and 23), 57 v., 1878- 
1907 (H. Oct. 9 ; 1220) Thin, £21 

Fontano (J.) De Bello Rhodio libri III., dementi VII. Pont. Max. dedicati, mor., 
fine copy, but title cut, fo. Romae in aed. M. Calvi, 1 524 (S. Dec. 5 ; 356) 

Leighton, £\ 6s. 

Forbes-Leith (J.) Scots Men-at-Arms and Life Guards in France, etchings, Limited 
Edn., 2 vols., 4to., 1882 (H. Oct. 15 ; 512) Edwards, £2 2s. 

Ford (R. ) Hand-book for Travellers in Spain, 1st Edn., maps, 2 v., 1 845 (H. Dec. 
8 ; 199) Maggs, £1 

Foreign Field Sports, with Supplement of New South Wales, coH. pits., russ. gilt, 
4to., 1814 (S. Nov. 23 ; 159) Maggs, £2 10s. 

Another Edn., 110 cold, pits., red mor., g. e., 4to., 1819 (S. Nov. 23 ; 160) 

Howell, £3 8s. 

[Forrester (A. H.)] How he Reigned and How he Mizzled, by Alfred Crowquill, 

8 cold, pits., ob., wrapper, 1849 (H. Nov. 5 ; 404) 13s. 

Pantomime, as it was, is, and will be, by Alfred Crowquill, 12 cold, plates. 

(slightly mended), mor., t. e. g., ob. 4to., 1849 (S. Nov. 23 ; 161) 

Bloomfield, 16s. 

Foster (J. J.) British Miniature Painters, photogravures, 4to., 1898 (P. Nov. 30 ; 

244) Parker, 18s. 

The same, L. P., 4to., 1898 (H. Oct. 8 ; 903) £1 19s. 

Miniature Painters, British and Foreign, Edn. de Luxe, 2 vol., 120 pits., fo., 

1903 (S. Oct. 29 ; 683) Rimell, £5 

Foucquet. L'CEuvre de Jehan Foucquet, by A. de Montaiglon, etc., 2 vols., levant 
mor., t. e. g. Paris, 1866 (H. Dec. 18 ; 689) Vyt, £5 10s. 

Fouet (Claude) Le Secret des Bains et Eaux-Minerales de Vichv, calf gilt. Paris, 
1679 (S. Oct. 29 ; 428) Lacroix, 9s. 

* The earliest book on Vichy. 

Fowler (E. ) Dirt Wipt Off : or a manifest discovery of the Gross Ignorance, Erron- 
eousness, and most unchristian and wicked spirit of one John Bunyan, lay 
preacher in Bedford, half calf, uncut (one sheet unopened), sm. 4to. 1672 (S. 
Nov. 3 ; 30) Bull, £2 5s. 

(Wm.) Principal Mosaic Pavements in Gt. Britain, with Stained Glass, in 

the Cathedrals of York, Lincoln, etc., with Appendix No. 1 , 33 cold, pits., half 
russ., appendix unbound, fo., 1804-06 (S. Nov. 26 ; 69) Daniell, £1 17s. 

Fox (G.) John Stubs and B. Furley. Battle-Door for Teachers and Professors to 
learn Singular and Plural, defective, with the slip " more errors espied since " 
(wanting first leaf of Errata), half veil., w. a. f., fo., 1660 (S. Nov. 3 ; 72) 

Quaritch, £\ 

(John) Acts and Monuments, 1st Edn., 6. I. (woodcut title, first prel. leaf 

and calendar in facsimile ; slip woodcut at p. 25 wanting, duplicate cut of the 
Burning of Thomas Tomkyns's Hand by Bp. Bonner inserted ; some margins 
mended), mor. ex., g. e. bv F. Bedford, w. a. f., fo., 1562-3 (S. Dec. 5 ; 359) 

Quaritch, £120 

* No absolutely perfect copy is known. Lord Ashburnham's made-up copy 
was the nearest one approaching completeness occurring for sale for a number of 
years. With this was included the next " lot," being another copy, very imper- 
fect, but having the Calendar and first preliminary leaf which the above wanted. 

Another Edn., 2 vol., B. !., engd. titles and woodcuts, including Windsor Cas- 
tle, oaken boards, stamped calf, arms on sides, g. e., fo., 1 596-97 (S. Oct. 29 ; 
689) Tomkins, £1 8s. 

Another Edn., port, by G. Glover, woodcuts, with the burning of Ridley and 

Latimer, and Windsor Castle, 3 vol., orig. calf, r. e., fine copy, fo., 1641 (S. 
Dec. 5 ; 361) Austen, £7 

The same, view of Windsor Castle, 3 vols., 6. 1., half russ., fo., 1641 (H. Oct. 

14; 321) 14s- 

Another Edn., ed. by Wright, pits., fo. (1790) (P., Oct. 9 ; 591) 

J-'rere, 19s. 


Pox-Davies (A. C.) Art of Heraldry, cold, pits., fo., 1904 (P. Oct. 8 ; 288) 

Quaritch, £3 17s. 6d. 
Franchet (M. A.) Plantse Davidianaeex Sinarum Imperio, plates, 2 v., Paris, 1883 

(H. Nov. 4 ; 237) Wesley, £1 15s. 

Frankau (Julia) Eighteenth Century Coloured Prints, 51 pits., fo., 1900 (H. Dec. 

8 ;279) Haslam, £1 lis. 

Franklin (Benj.) Experiments on Electricity, pits., sm. 4to., boards, 1769 (H. 

Nov. 6;811) 15s. 

Frascatorius (H.) Opera omnia, ace. Andreae Naugerii Orationes duae carminaq. 

nonnulla, old calf, 4to. Venetiis, Juntas, 1555 (S.Nov. 3 ; 73) Jacobs, 17s. 
leaser (Sir W. ) Book of Carlaverock : ills., 2 vols., 4to., Edinb., 1873 (H. Oct. 29 ; 

483) W. Brown, £14 10s. 

Coila's Whispers, pits, by Cruikshank and Dore, 4to., mor. ex., g. e., 1900 

(H. Nov. 12 ; 457) Watford, £1 lis. 

■ The Dukes. of Albany and their Castle of Doune, pits., 4to. Edinb., P.P., 

1881 (H. Nov. 27 ; 503) Walford, 12s. 

The Earls of Cromartie, their Kindred, Country, and Correspondence, ills., 

2 vols., mor. ex., g. e., by Bedford, 4to. Edinb., P. P., 1876 (H. Nov. 27 ; 
501) £10 10s. 

Elphinstone Familv Book of the Lords Elphinstone, Balmerino, and Coupar, 

ills., 2 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 4to. Edinb., P. P., 1897 (H. Nov. 27 ; 
506) £8 

The Melvilles, Earls of Melville and the Earls of Leven, ills., 3 vols., half 

mor., t. e. g., 4to. Edinb., P. P., 1890 (H. Nov. 27 ; 505) £10 

Memorials of the Earls of Haddington, ills., 2 vols., half mor., gilt, t. e. g., 

4to. Edinb., P. P., 1889 (H. Nov. 27 ; 504) £7 

Freeman (E. A.) History of the Norman Conquest, with Index, 6 v., 1867-79 
(H. Oct. 14 ; 98) Harding, £5 

Another Edu., (no Index), 5 vols. Oxford, 1870-76 (H. Dec. 8 ; 156) 

Edwards, £4 4s. 

Another Edn., with Index, 6 v. Oxford, 1877-9 (H. Nov. 11 ; 137) 

Winter, £4 10s. 

Freemasonrv. Chansons Originaires des Francs-Macons, engd. throughout, old 
calf, 1747 (S. Oct. 29 ; 410) Magus, 17s. 

Freer (M. W. ) Henry III., King of France, 1st Edn., ports., 3 v., 1858 (H. Nov. 1 1 

'. 117) Quaritch, £\ Is. 

History of Henry IV., 1st Edn., ports., 2 v., 1860 (H. Nov. 11 ; 118) lis. 

Life of Jeanne D' Albert, Queen of Navarre, port., 2 v., 1855 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

326) Bumpus, £1 19s. 

Married Life and the Regency of Anne of Austria, ports., 4 v., 1864-1866 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 327) Quaritch, £3 12s. 6d. 

Historical Works, 1st Edns., 19 vols., fine set, 1852-1866 (P. Oct. 30 ; 491 ) 

Curtis, £24 
Freshfield (D. W.) Exploration of the Caucasus, 2 vol., ills., 1896 (S. Nov. 25 ; 
703) Barnard, 19s. 

Frisius (E. V. ) De Furoribus Gallicis, Horrenda et Indigna Amirallii Castillionei 
Narratio (slightly wormed), sm. 4to., half calf, Edinburgi. 1573 (H. Nov. 
12 ; 504) 10s. 

Frith (J.) A Boke made by Johun Fryth, prysoner in the Tour of London, an- 
swering unto M. Mores letter, . . . newely revised, b. 1-, calf, g. e., 1548 (H. 
Nov. 26 ; 117) Bull, £\ 

The same, b. i. (slightly shaved ; but large copy), new parchment covers, 

1548 (S. Dec. 5; 365) Austen, £3 

Pistle to the Christen Reader. The Revelation of Anti-christ, 6. I., fine 

copy,old calf. Marlborow, H. Luft, 1529 (S. Dec. 5, 363.) Quaritch, £8 10s. 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Frobisher (M. ) True Discourse of the late Voyages of Discoverie for the finding of 
a Passage to Cathaya, by the Norweast, in three Bookes ; 1st Edn., b. I., with 
the 2 folding woodcut maps, title mended, otherwise good, mor, g. e (from 
the Heber and Crawford Libraries), sm. 4to., 1578 (S. Dec. 5 ; 366) 

Quaritch, £315 

* Only three or four copies containing the two maps are said to be known. 
The maps are in very good state. 

1 908-9 63 

Froissart (Sir John) Cronycles, translated by Johan Bourchier Knight, lorde 
Berners, etc., h. t, 2 vol. (title of vol. I. and a few 11. repaired), red mor. ex., 
g. e. by P.Bedford, very fine copy, fo., R. Pynson, 1523-5 (S. Dec. 5 ; 367) 

Quaritch, £79 

* Very rarelv found perfect and in such fine condition, being frequently 
made up with Middleton's Reprint. 

Histoire et Cronique, reveu par Denis Savvage, L. P., Duke of Grafton's copv 

3 vols, in 2, fo., old calf, g. e. Lyon, 1559-60 (H. Nov. 26 ; 220) £1 

Chronicles, trans, by T. Johnes, 2 vol., engs., Humphrey's illuminated illus- 
trations inserted, mor. ex., t. e. g., imp. 8vo., 1842 (S. Nov. 2 ; 412) 

Hopkins, £9 5s. 

Chronicles, ed. by T. Johnes, ills., with the series of 74 illuminated plates, 

2 vols., half mor., g. e., 1852 (H. Nov. 26 ; 60) W. Brown, £6 5s. 

Froude (J. A.) English in Ireland, 3 vol., 1872-4 (S. Dec. 13 ; 86) Quaritch, £1 7s. 

History of England, port. Lib. Edn., 12 vols., 1856-70 (H. Dec. 10 ; 885> 


The same, 12 vol., Lib. edn., 1858-70 (S. Dec. 15 ; 85) Joseph, £\ 18s! 

Another Edn., 12 vols., 1877 (P. Dec. 1 ; 374) Winter, 13s. 

Shadows of the Clouds, 1st Edn., 1847 (S. Nov. 27 ; 287) Dobell, 9s. 

Fniyte of Redempcyon (The) b. I. (24 11. signs. a-JFin 4 s), long lines, 32 to a full 

page, cut of Crucifix within a border on title, 18 woodcuts, and Wynkyn de 
Worde's Caxton device on last leaf, slightly shaved, half mor., sra. 4to. 
Wynkyn de Worde, 1532 (S. Dec. 5 ; 369) Quaritch, £32 

* The Tite copy, sold in 1874 ; since when no other copy appears to have oc- 
curred for sale by auction. It is written by one "Symon, The Wretched Anker 
1 Anchorite) of London Wall " This edition is not in Lowndes, who mentions 
only one of 1530 (probably fictitious). The other known editions are 1514 and 

Fryer (J.) New Account of East India and Persia, port, by R. White, maps and 
pits., old calf, fine copy, fo., 1698 (S. Nov. 10 ; 231 ) Edwards, 13s. 

Fuchs (L.) Historia Stirpium, woodcuts, boards. Lugduni 1549 (H. Oct. 29; 
511) Harding, £\ 4s. 

Neu Kreuterbuch, whole-page woodcuts, fo., old pigskin with clasps (re- 
paired). Basell, 1543 (H. Nov. 26 ; 169) Quaritch, £19 

Fugitive Tracts in Verse, which illustrate the condition of Religious and Political 
feeling in England, and the State of Society there during Two Centuries, 1493 
to 1700, 2 vols., ed. by W. C. Hazlitt, P. P., 1875 (P. Oct. 8 ; 115) 

Sotheran, £3 5s. 

Fulgosus(B.)De Dictis factisqz.memorabilibus collectanea a Camillo Gilino latina 
facta, 1st Edn., boards, with ex-libris of B. Pirckheimer, and stamp of the 
Royal Society, fo. Mediol. 1509 (S. Dec. 5 ; 371) Tregaskis, £5 5s. 

Fulke (Wm.) Defense of the Sincere and true Translation of the holie Scriptures 
into the English tong, against . . the impudent Slanders of Gregorie Martin, 
1st Edn., mor. ex., g. e., large copy, 1583 (S. Dec. 5 ; 370) Tregaskis, £1 5s. 

Fuller (Thos. ) Appeal of Injured Innocence, in a Controversy between Dr. Peter 
Heylyn and the Author, russ. ex., g. e. by F. Bedford, fine copy, fo., 1659 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 374) Bull, 16s. 

Church History of Britain, 1st Edn., pits., russ. ex., g. e., very fine copy, 

fo., 1655 (S. Dec. 5 ; 373) Bain, £5 2s. 6d. 

Pisgah Sight of Palestine, 1st Edn., front, by J. Goddard, engd. title by F. 

Clein, map of Palestine (backed), and other maps and plates, calf ex., g. e. 
by Riviere, very fine copy, fo., 1650 (S. Dec. 5 ; 372) Bury, £4 10s. 

Fullonius (W. ) Acolastus — Joannis Palgravi Londoniensis, Ecphrasis Auglica in 
Comoediam Acolasti. The Comedye of Acolastus translated into our Eng- 
lysshe tongue, Interpreted by John Palsgrave [at end], b. (., the Latin text 
in Roman type (Collation : — A — Bb in fours), sin. 4to., orig. stamped calf, 
with a fragment of an early MS. at each end (worn and broken), large, clean 
copv, (7g in. by 5|-in. ) Lond. in aedibus, T. Berthel [et ], 1 540 (H. Nov. 26 ; 
112) Maggs, £49 

* There are examples in the British Museum and the Bodleian Library, but 
no copy is recorded elsewhere. The last copy offered by this firm — so far as we 
can trace — was that in David Garrick's Librarv which was sold on April 23, 1823 
(lot 1,831) for £U. 


Furerus ab Haimendorf (Chr. ) Itineraiium .£5gyptae, Arabiae, Palestinae, Syriae 

aliarumque Regionum Orientalium (editio secunda), port., views, etc., veil., 

sm. 4to. Norimb., 1621 (S. Dec. 5 ; 375) James, 10s. 

Gabbiani (A. D.) Collection de cent pensees, port, and lOOengs., half calf, broken, 

fo. Rome, 1786 (S. Nov. 26 ; 71) Besombs, £\ 

Gage (Th. ) New Survey of the West India's, maps, old calf, fo., 1655 (S. Nov. 1 ; 

227) Leon, £1 lis. 

Gaguin (R. ) De Francorum Gestis Compendium, 8 11. defective, russ., m.e. Paris, 

J. Petit, 1511 (H. Nov. 26 ; 201 ) 10s. 6d. 

Galenus (C.) Methodus Medendi Thoma Linacro Anglo interprete, margins 

mended, oak boards, with royal arms and Tudor rose, by John Reynes with 

his mark (repaired). Paris, 1526 (S. Dec. 5 ; 376) Tregaskis, £6 5s. 

Galerie de Florence et du Palais Pitti, dessines par M. Wicar, 4 vol., Papier-velin, 

pits., mor., g. e., fo. Paris, 1789-1807 (S. Nov. 11 ; 406) Vyt, £5 5s. 

Galerie du Musee Napoleon, publiee par Filhol, L. P., 12 vol. (including Supple- 
ment and Table Generate), 792 plates, proofs before letters, 4to, bound from 

the parts, uncut. Paris an XII. (1804-28) (S. Oct. 30 ; 843) Lacroix, £9 15s 
Galerie du Palais du Luxembourg, peinte par Rubens, 4 ports, and 21 pits., half 

russ., fo. Paris, 1710 (S. Nov. 26 ; 121) Gilhofer, £1 lis. 

Galerie de Rubens, dite du Luxembourg, 25 plates, printed in colours, calf, fo. 

Paris, 1809 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 438) Edwards, £27 10s. 

Galerie du Palais Royal, gravee par J. Couche, avec une description par l'Abbe 

de Fontenai, engd. title and 147 engs., russ., y. e., fo. Paris, 1786 (S. Nov. 

26 ; 72) Daniell, £1 9s. 

Galilei (G. ) Dialogo Sopra i due Massini Sistimi del Mondo. Tolemaico e Coperni- 

cano, 1st Edn., fine copy, boards, uncut (suppressed by the Inquisition), 4to. 

Florenza, 1632 (P. Oct. 30 ; 523) Sabin, £3 3s. 

Gallonius (Ant. ) De SS. Martyrum Cruciatibus, engd. title and pits, bv Tempesta, 

veil., 4to. Paris, 1659 (S. Dec. 15 ; 269) Bull, 2s. 

Gardiner (J. S.) Art and the Pleasures of Hare-Hunting, woodcuts, calf , g. e.. 

1807 (S. Dec. 17 ; 24) Hornstein, £\ 

• (S.) History of the Commonwealth and Protectorate, Lib. Edn., 3 v., 1894 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 325) Sotheran, £2 

History of the Great Civil War, with Supplement, Lib. Edn., 5 v., 1886 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 324) Sotheran, £2 17s. 6d. 

Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage, Lib. Edn., 2 v., 1869 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

323) Maggs, £3 

(Stephen) De Vera Obedientia, with Preface of E. Boner . . touching True 

Obedience, trans, by M. Wood, half bound, clean copy, 1553 (S. Dec. 5 ; 
381) Sidney, £4 

* First Edition of this translation, probably printed at Geneva. 

■ Declaration of Suche true articles as George Joye hath gone about to confute 

as false, b. I., 2nd Edn., front, stained, large copy, half bound, 1548 (S. Dec. 
5 ; 380) Sidney, £2 

Detection of the Devils Sophistrie wherwith he robbeth the unlearned peo- 
ple of the true beleef in the Sacrament of the Aulter, f>. I., slightly wormed and 
stained, 1546 (S. Dec. 5 ; 379) Sidney, £3 

* Lowndes only mentions its existence in the Lambeth and Grenville 
Libraries. Fuller-Russell copy. 

Gardner (J. S.) Old Silver- Work, 121 pits., 1903 (H. Nov. 5 ; 544) 

Evans, £2 16s. 

Gamier (E.) The Soft Porcelain of Sevres, 50 pits, in gold and colours, fo., 1892 
(H. Oct. 7 ; 643) Quaritch, £2 17s. 

Garonus (F.) Quinq Linguaru utillimus Vocabulista ; Latine, Tusche, Gallice, 
Hyspane et Allemanice, noviter maxima diligentia in lucem elaboratus, I. a 
(5 columns), autograph of Richard Ford on title, mor. gilt, sm. 4to. Venetiis, 
1533 (S. Dec. 5 ; 382) Leighton, £1 lis. 

Garrard (G.) Description of Oxen in the British Isles, 30 cold, pits., half bound, 
ob. fo., 1800 (S. Nov. 26 ; 74) Bloomfield, £2 4s. 

Garzoni (T. ) Hospital for Incurable Fooles, mor., Sir F. Freeling's copy, 4to., 1600 
(P. Oct. 9 ; 465) Leighton, £3 10s. 

* In the catalogue T. Nash was given as the author, but see Brunet and 

1908-9 65 

Gaucherel (L.) Exemples de decoration appliques a l'architecture et a la peiuture, 
Premiere Partie, pits., 4to. Paris, 1857 (S. Nov. 10 ; 66) Scotti, 3s. 

Gautier(T. ) Le Roi Candaule, Edition de Luxe, 21 Paul Avril, in three states 
mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, imp. 8vo. 1893 (S.Nov. 2'; 113) Isaacs, £9 

Gay (John) The Captives, 1st Edn., half-title torn, 1724 (S. Nov. 27 ; 288) 

Shepherd, 2s. 

The Distress'd Wife, 1st Edn., 1743 (S. Nov. 27 ; 289) Shepherd, 2s. 

Fables, 1st Edn., fine engs., old calf, 4to., 1727 (S. Oct. 30 ; 852)Abbey, 15s. 

Geiler ( J . ) Fragmenta Passionis Dni nostri Jesu Christi, unbound, 4to. Ex edibus 

M. Schurerii, 1508 (S. Dec. 18 ; 253) Dobell, lis. 

Geminiano (Johannes de S. ) Summa de Exemplis et similitudinibus rerum, I. fl., 

old veil., 4to. Venetiis, J. et G. de Gregoriis, 1497 (S. Nov. 22 ; 164) 

Wesley, £\ 12s. 
Gems of Ancient Art, 41 mezzotint engs., India proofs, 4to., mor., g. e., 4to., 1827 

(H. Nov. 6 ; 845) 17s. 

Genealogist (The) from commencement in 1877 to 1883, in 7 vols., and New 

Series, from commencement in 1884 to 1907, in 13 vols., and 40 parts ; 30 

vols. (H. Nov. 27 ; 330) Harding, £6 12s. 6d. 

Genest (J. ) Some Account of the English Stage, 10 vols., half calf, 1832 (P. Nov. 

30; 141) Pickering, £5 7s. 6d. 

* Pres. copy from Genest to Miss Blencoe, with autograph note. 
Gentleman Angler ; whereby the beginner may become a Perfect Artist in 

Angling for Salmon, etc., third edn., mor. ex., g. e. by J. Wright. C. Hitch, 
(c. 1728) (S. Dec. 3 j 26) Sotheran, £1 15s. 

Gentleman's Magazine, set from commencement in 1731, to Tune, 1896, being 
vols. 1 to 280 (2 vols, missing), with Indexes and List of Plates to 1818, to- 
gether 283 vols., sheep (H. Dec. 10 ; 53) Bailey, £15 

George IV. Letter from His Majesty to the Earl of Liverpool, presenting the 
Library of his late Father to the British Nation, printed on vellum in gold 
letters, silk binding, double with vellum, g. e., 4to. 1823 (S. Oct. 30 ; 890) 

Woods, 9s. 

Georgievicz di Croatia (B.) De Turcarum Ritu et Caeremoniis, 1st Edn. (20 11.), 
calf gilt, r. e. by Dupre. Ant. 1544 (S. Dec. 5 ; 383) Boer, £\ 15s. 

Specchio della Peregrinationc delle piu notabili luoghi della Terra Sancta di. 

Promessione et delle Processioni & Cerimonie che nella Citta di Hierusalem 
(44 11. including title), title (inlaid), 1st Edn. (Rohrich, 691, incorrectly 
described), calf ex., g. e by Riviere, fine copv. Roma, 1554 (S. Dec. 5 
384) Leighton, £3 5s. 

Georgius a Turre, Dryadum, Amadryadum Cloridisque Triumphus, ubi Plantarum 
universa natura spectatur, Affectiones expenduntur, Facultates explicantur, 
engd. title and port., cont. morocco, deep borders, g. e., fo. Patavii, 1685 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 482) Quaritch, £\ Is. 

Gerarde (J.) Herbal, port, and woodcuts, 1st Edn. (defective), calf, fo., 1597 (H 
Nov. 27 ; 573) £3 

The same, old calf, rebacked, large copy, fo., 1597 (S. Dec. 5 ; 385) 

Quaritch, £19 

The same, half bound, fo., 1597 (S. Dec. 5 ; 386) Quaritch, £26 

* Bound at the end is " Catalogus Arborum Fruticum ac Plantarum tarn 
iudigenarum, quam exoticarum in horto Johannis Gerardi Civis & Chirurgi 
Londinensis nascentium," (13 11.), two 11. mended, 1599 

Another Edn., enlarged by T. Johnson, woodcuts (repaired and stained), old 

calf, 1630 (H. Nov. 26 ; 142) Bull S- Auvache, £\ 12s. 

Another Edn., engd. title, numerous cuts, old russia (rebacked), large copy, 

fo., 1633 (S. Dec. 5 ; 387) Sidney, £Q 

* [Stated in the catalogue to be " Johnson's first edition," but, as will be 
seen from the previous entry, this is incorrect. Ed. ]. 

Gerning (J.J. von) Picturesque Tour along the Rhine, trans, by J. Black, 24 cold 
engs. and map, 4to., old mor., 4to., 1820 (H. Nov. 19 ; 271) 

Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Gerson (J.) De Passionibus Animae, fl t, boards. Jehan Petit, n. d. (H. Nov. 
26; 214) 12s. 

Dialoguus de Perfectione Cordis, ft. I., boards. Paris, F. Baligault, n. d. 

(H. Nov. 26 ; 215) £1 


Gesnerus (C.) Historiae Animalium, 3 vol., woodcuts, all coloured by hand, title 
of vol. III. repaired, and a few mendings, half calf, fo. Tiguri, 1551-58 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 483) Payne, £1 5s. 

Another Edn. 3 vol., woodcuts, calf, fo. Francof, 1620 (S. Dec. 16 ; 366). 

Carter, 4s. 

Practise of the New and Old Phisicke, published in English, by G. Baker,. 

ft I., cuts, orig. veil., fine clean copy, sm. 4to., 1599 (S. Dec. 17 ; 119) 

Sotheran, £3 

Gessner (S.) (Euvres, traduits de l'AUemand, 2 vol., port., engd. titles, calf gilt, 
g. e.,4to. Zuric, 1777 (S. Nov. 12 ; 855) Bloomfield, lis. 

Gest (E.) Treatise againste the preuee Masse in the behalfe and furtheraunce of 
the mooste hylye communyon, 6. I. (slightly defective), half bound. T. 
Raynald, 1548 (H. Nov. 26; 116) Bull, £1 

Gesta Romanorum, cum Applicationibus Moralisatis ac Misticis, f>. I. (pagination 
wrong in places, otherwise perfect), mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere. Paris, A. G. 
et J. de Marnef 1509 (H. Nov. 26 ; 200) Maggs, £2 

Gheyn (J. de) Maniement d'armes, d'arquebuses, mousquetez et piques, engd. 
title and 127 pits., mor. gilt, g. e., fo. La Hay e, 1607 (S. Nov. 26 ; 76) 

Quaritch, £5 15s. 
Gibbon (E. ) History of the Roman Empire, with Notes by Milman and Smith, 
port, and maps, 8 vol., half calf gilt, m. e., 1881 (H. Nov. 4 ; 299) 

Hill, £2 4s. 

Another Edn., Notes by Milman, etc., port, and maps, 8 vols., half calf gilt, 

t. e. g., 1903 (H. Dec. 8 ; 139) Bumpits, £2 5s. 

Gibbons (A.) Ely Episcopal Records, front. P. P., 1891 (H. Nov. 27 ; 282) 

Harding, £\ 

Gibson (W. S. ) History of the Monastery of Tynemouth, pits., 2 vols., rox., uncut, 

4to., 1846 (P. Nov. 30; 224) Brown, £1 12s. 

Gilbert (Win. ) De Magnete, Mqgnetisque Corporibus, et de Magno magnete tellure., 
1st Edn., woodcuts, orig. calf, with 4 original blanks, fo. 1600 (S. Dec. 5 ; 
389) Ogilvy, £20 10s. 

G.(ilby) A.(nthony) Answer to the devillish detection of Stephen Gardiner, Bis- 
hoppe of Wynchester, &. J., mor., m. e., 1547 (S. Dec. 5 ; 390) 

Tregaskis, £2 6s. 

Giovio (Paulo) Vita di Consalvo Ferrando di Cordova detto II Gran Capitano, tra- 
dotta per L. Domenichi, old red mor., with arms of Louis Henri Comte Lo- 
menie de Brienne, g. e. (Du Seuil), fine copy, Fiorenza [L. Torrentino ], 1550 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 391) Sotheran, £5 5s. 

Giraldus de Barri. Itinerary of Archbp. Baldwin through Wales, trans, by Sir R. 
C. Hoare, pits., 2 vol., calf, g. e., 4to., 1806 (S. Dec. 18 ; 335) 

Daniell, £\ 16s. 

Gladstone. Morlev (John) Life of W. E. Gladstone, 3 vol., 1st Edn., ports., 1903 
(S.Nov. 24; 374) Pallas, £\ 10s. 

Glanvill (J.) Scepsis Scientifica ; or Contest Ignorance the Way to Science, 2 vol. 
in 1, old calf, sm. 4to., 1665 (S. Dec. 5 ; 394) Sotheran, £5 

Glanvilla (B. de) De Proprietatibus Rerum, 1st Edn., I. g., parva (247 11.) (Hain 
*2498), rubricated, modern mor., g. e., fine, large, clean copy, 15£ by 10|-in., 
fo. Absque nota [at end of " Tituli Librorum " ] : " Expliciunt tituli libroru 
et capitulorum bertholomei anglici de pprietatibus rem," Colonize, Gotz de 
Sletztat (and Caxton, qy.) c. 1472 (S. Dec. 5 ; 392) Maggs, £100 

* For Note, see Notes from Sothedy's. 

Another Edn., " Le Proprietaire en Francoys " [translate par J. Corbichon 

et revisite par P. Ferget], t. g., woodcuts, coloured by a contemporary hand, 
initials in red and blue, a few mendings, large copy, russ., g. e., fo. Lyon, 
Jean Cyber (1478-98). (S. Nov. 24 ; 485) Nutt, £35 

* The large capital on first leaf and the first woodcut on 1 1 are richly deco- 

Another Edn., " Le Proprietaire en Francoys," translate par P. Corbichon et 

revisite par P. Ferget, J. g. (lettres batardes), woodcuts, roughly coloured, 
capitals in red and blue, Al of prel. 11. missing, and a few stains, old calf on 
oak boards, fo. Lyon, M. Hxisz (1485) (S. Nov. 3 ; 77) Leighton, £\7 

1908-9 6y 

Clanvilla(B. de) Another Edn. (trans, by John of Treves), &.I., double columns, 
42 lines, with signs., but no pagination, woodcuts, the leaf with the stencil 
title-page inlaid and mended, wants blank for A j and last leaf, slightly 
wormed, 1 1 J by 8 in., russ., g. e., thick sm. folio. fLond. Wynkyn de Worde, 
n. d. ] [1495 1(S. Dec. 5 ; 393) Stanley, £275 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

— Another Edn. (trans, by John de Trevisa), 6. C., last leaf bearing woodcut 
device (title inlaid and a few 11. margined), fo., mor. ex., g. e. by Hayday, 1535 
(H. Nov. 26 ; 106) Porter, £12 10s. 

Glasse (Mrs.) Art of Cookery, orig. edn., mor. ex., g. e. by F. Bedford, fine copv, 
fo., 1747 ( 536) Maggs, £13 5s. 

Glover (Rich.) Leonidas, a Poem, 1st Edn., old calf, 4to., 1737 (S. Dec. 16 ; 498) 

Green, 4s. 

Godwyn (Morgan) Negro's and Indians Advocate, 1st Edn., orig. calf, 1680 (S. 
Dec. 17 ; 47) Deane, £3 

Goedaert (J.) De Insectis, cum Commentariis J. de Mey, port, and cold, pits., 
2 vols. Medioburgi [1700] (H. Dec. 10 ; 787) 4s. 6d. 

Goldsmith (O.) The Bee : 1st Edn., old calf, 1759 (S. Nov. 11 ; 595) Dobell, 6s. 

Citizen of the World, 1st Edn. (name stamped on titles), 2 vols., calf, 1762 

(H. Oct. 8 ; 827) £1 5s. 

Retaliation, a Poem, Third Edn., sewn, uncut, 4to., 1774 (P. Oct. 29 ; 

286) Sabin, 8s. 

The Traveller, or a Prospect of Society, a Poem inscribed to the Rev. Henry 

Goldsmith, by Oliver Goldsmith, slightly stained (no half title ; red mor. ex., 
g. e. by Riviere, J. Newbery, 1764 (S. Dec. 18 ; 281 ) Manley, £26 

* Unique Issue of this Poem. It is identical with the first published edition 
of 1765 except for the date and in not having the word " Mr." after " Rev." on 
the title. The dedication on 2 11. is the same as the 1765 issue. There was an 
earlier privately printed impression in 1764, but in this the dedication to his 
brother consisted of only 18 words in 7 lines on the recto of leaf following title, 
while the title itself was totally different, and without the author's name. Only 
two copies of this earliest issue are known, the Van- Antwerp copy and another in 
private hands. The collation of the three issues are as follows, viz. : 

1764a (Antwerp), title 1 1., Dedication 1 1., Text pp. 1-22. 

1764b (the above copy), title 1 1., Dedication 2 11., Text pp. 1-22. 

1765 (First Published Edition), half title(with "price one shilling and sixpence") 

I 1., Title 1 1., Dedication 2 11., Text pp. 1-22, Advertisement 1 1. 

The Traveller, 1st Edn. (second issue), 1765 ; The Traveller, 1770 ; in 1 vol., 

mor., g.e., fine copies, 4to. (S. Dec. 18 ; 286) Maggs, £3 12s. 

* Ex-libris of F. Locker, and with note in his hand. 

The Traveller, inscribed to the Rev. Mr. Henry Goldsmith, 1st Edn., mor. 

ex., g.e., by F.Bedford, very fine copy ,4to.,1765(S.Dec.l8; 282) A dams, £14 10s 

Vicar of Wakefield, 2 vol., 2nd Edn., calf gilt, g. e., 1766 (S. Nov. 3 ; 79) 

Young, £1 17s. 
Another Edn., 24 cold. pits, by Rowlandson (one leaf frayed), half russ., 1817 

(H. Oct. 29 ; 553) /. Bumpus, £9 
Another Edn., 24 cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, orange cloth, 1823 (S. Nov. 

II ; 596 ) Hornstein, £5 1 5s. 
Works, ed. by P. Cunningham, front, (spotted), 4 vol:., 1854 (H. Oct. 7 ; 

398) Zaehnsdorf, £1 lis. 

Gongora (Luis de) Todas Las Obras, en varios Poemas, recogidos por D. Gonzalo 

de Hozes y Cordova, mor., g. e. bv Niedree, fine copy, sm. 4to. Madrid, 1614 

(S. Dec. 5 ; 397) Carter, £1 8s. 

Gordon (Pat.) First Booke of the famous Historye of Penardo and Laissa, wants 

1 leaf of the Introductory which Heber's copy had, signed on recto " J hone 

Wrren," and on verso " Mr. Robert Gordone," being the last leaf of sign. Aa ; 

title washed, mor. ex., g. e. by Lortic. Dort, G. Waters, 1615 (S. Dec. 16 ; 

454) Meade, £4 15s. 

* This is the Halliwell copy, the only one mentioned in Livingston's Auction 
Prices, where it is erroneously described as 4to. 

(W. ) History of the Independence of the United States, maps, 4 vols., boards 

1788 (H.Nov. 11 ; 133) £1 10s. 

The same, maps, 4 vols., half bound, 1788 (H. Dec. 10 ; 882) 17s. 


Gouffier (C.) Voyage Picturesque de la Grece, pits., fo., mor. ex., g. e., fo. Paris, 
1782 (H. Dec. 9 ; 627) 10s. 6d. 

Gould (J.) Birds of Asia, 530 cold, pits., 7 vols., fo., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1850-83 
(H. Nov. 27 ; 529) Edwards, £37 

Birds of Australia — The Supplement, cold, pits., in parts, fo., 1867-9 (H. 

Nov. 27 ; 537) £41 

Synopsis of the Birds of Australia, cold, pits., imp. 8vo., half gilt mor., g. e., 

fo. 1837-8 (H. Nov. 27 ; 539) £3 17s. fcd. 

Birds of Europe, 5 vol., pits., several spotted, half russ., joints defective, in a 

mahogany stand, fo., 1837 (S. Dec. 17 ; 154) Sotheran, £37 

The same, 449 cold, pits., 5 vols., fo., half mor., gilt backs, g. e., fo., 1837 

(H.Nov. 27 ; 534) £42 

Birds of Gt. Britain, 367 cold, pits., 5 vols., fo., orig. parts, 1862-73 

(H. Nov. 27 ; 535) Grant, £35 

Century of Birds from the Himalaya Mountains, 80 cold, pits., half mor. 

gilt, g. e., fo., 1832 (H. Nov. 27 ; 530) Brown, £5 10s. 

Mammals of Australia, 182 cold, pits., 3 vols., mor. ex., broad gold borders, 

g. e., fo., 1863 (H. Nov. 27 ; 536) Forrester, £20 

Monograph of the Odontophorinae ; 32 cold, pits., fo., half mor. gilt, g. e., 

fo., 1850 (H. Nov. 27 ; 538) G. H. Brown, £7 

Monograph of the Trochilidae, with the Supplement by Sharpe, 418 cold. 

pits., 6 vols., fo., mor., ex., gilt panel on sides, g. e. (Supplement in 5 parts), 
fo., 1861-87) (H. Nov. 27 ; 532) Hedmann, £36 

(R. F.) History of Freemasonry, ills., 3 vol., half mor., 4to. (1880) (P. 

Nov. 30; 245) Andrews, 16s. 

Another Edn., pits., 6 v., 1885 (H. Oct. 29 ; 933) 12s. 

Another Edn., ports., 6 vols., 4to., 1887 (H. Nov. 12 ; 453) 17s. 

Gower (John) De Confessione Amantis, &. \. (port, inserted, MS. notes, etc. in 

margins), fo., mor. ex., g. e. by J. Clarke. T. Berthelette 1532 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

107) Leighton, £9 10s. 

Graduale secundum morem Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae abbreviatum, revisum per 

Rev. P. Cinciarinum Urbinatem, woodcuts, fl. I., between staves of four lines, 

fo., calf. Venetiis, apud Juntas, 1560 (H. Nov. 26 ; 194) Ellis, £2 

Graetz (H.) History of the Jews, port., 5 v., 1891-2 (H. Nov. 12 ; 441) 

Hitchman, £1 
Grafton's Abridgement of the Chronicles of Englande, b. I. (slightly defective), 

1570 (H. Nov. 26 ; 130) 7s. 6d. 

Graham (J. A.) Descriptive Sketch of the Present State of Vermont, port., boards; 

1797 (S. Dec. 16 ; 455) Harding, £1 12s. 

Gramatica de la Lengua Vulgar de Espana. In sole posuit tabernaculum suum, 

(stained), mor. ex., by Niedree. Lovaina, B. Gravio, 1559 (S. Dec. 5 ; 399) 

Tregaskis, £1 6s. 
Grammatica Rythmica, g. I., 18 leaves (the last blank), first Part [Copinger, 2766 ], 

slightly cut, Mogutina [P. Schoeffer 1468] ; Marchesini Mammotrectus, sive 

Expositio super Biblia, fl. I., 129 leaves [Hain 10,553], with Colophon and 

Schoeffer's device in red on fol. 128 . . P. Schoiffer in Magutina .... 1470. 

In 1 vol., fo. (both slightly wormed), old calf, w. a. f., 4to., 1468-70 (H. Nov. 

11 ; 294) Leighton, £31 

* The first named was unknown to Hain. It is apparently complete, having 
a blank leaf, making in all 18 (17 according to Copinger), while the lines on a 
page vary from 33 to 47 (not 44) 
Grandidier (A. et G.) Collection des Ouvrages Anciens concernant Madagascar, 

pits., 4 vols. Paris 1903-6 (H.Nov. 4; 23) Edwards, £1 13s. 

Granger (J.) Biographical History of England, fifth edn., 6 vol., with Richardson's 

series of portraits, calf, 1824 (S. Nov. 25 ; 657) Irving, £1 10s. 

Gratian. Decretum Aureum Domini Gratiani, cum suo Apparatu, fl. I., sm. 4to., 

old calf (broken). Parisiis, T. Kerver, 1506 (H. Dec. 9 ; 470) 

Private, £1 16s. 
Gray (Thos. ) Odes, 1st Edn., modern boards, 4to. Strawberry Hill, 1757 

(S. Dec. 18 ; 283) Shepherd, £1 lis. 

Poems, First Edn., MS. Additions, calf, 1768 (II. Oct. 6; 27) fl 5s. 

The same, with 6 pages of MSS. poems and marginal notes bv Gray, calf. 

. 1768 (P. Oct. 30; 485) . ' Maggs, £22 

1908-9 69 

Gray (Thos.) Designs by Mr. R. Bentley for Six Poems by Mr. T. Grav, engs. by 
Griginon, etc., L. P. roxburgh, uncut, fo. 1753 (P. Nov. 30; 273) Green,£\ Is. 

Works, ed. by J. Mitford, 5 vol., mor., g. e., 1835-43 (S. Nov, 11 ; 599) 

Hill, £2 19s. 

Greco. Chess made Easy, or The Games of Greco the Calabrian, front, and 
plate, calf, 1750 (S. Oct. 28 ; 49) Rimell, 7s 

Green (T. ) Universal Herbal, cold, pits., 2 vols., half bound, 4to., 1820 (H. Nov. 4 ; 
247) 7s. 

Greene (R.) Dramatic Works and Poems, ed. by Dvce, 2 vols., half mor., g. t., 
Southey's copy with autograph, 1831 (P. Nov. 30 ; 146) Spencer, £\ 8s. 

(W. T.) Parrots in Captivity, 3 vol., cold, pits., imp. 8vo., 1884-87 (S. 

Nov. 25 ; 650) Buckland, 18s. 

Greenwood (T.) The Death of Life in London : or Tom and Jerry's Funeral, an 
Operatic Parody, cold, front, by G. Cruikshank, half mor., t. e. g. by 
Zaehnsdorf, wrapper bound up, n. d. (S. Nov. 2 ; 116) Robson, £6 5s. 

Gregorius IX. Decretahum Libri V. (with the six Latin epigrams on the last 
page, one containing the lines of the first three printers, :' Priorwm artis magis- 
trorwm typus" ) fl.J. (Hain 7,999), colophon and Schoeffer's device in red, fine 
clean copy, initials in red and blue, fo., pigskin over oak boards, clasps (re- 
paired), Moguntiae, P. Schoiffer, 1473 (H. Nov. 26 ; 152) Leighton, £25 10s 

Decretales, fl. 1., sm. 4to., old calf over oak boards (wormed). Bale, J. Froben 

1494 (H. Dec. 9 ; 469) Private, £1 12s. 

Gregorovius (F. ) Geschichte der Stadt Rom, 8 vols., half calf gilt, m. e. Stuttgart 
1869-71 (H.Oct. 28; 141) Hastings, £1 14s. 

Greville (R. K.) Scottish Cryptogamic Flora, cold, pits., 6 vols., half mor., g. e. r 
Edinb., 1823-8 (H. Oct. 7 ; 424) Quaritch, £3 15s. 

Greville Memoirs. Journals of the Reigns of George IV. and William IV., ed. 
by H. Reeve, 1st Edu., 3 vols., 1874 (H. Nov. 6 ; 689) £3 

Journals of the Reigns of George IV., William IV. and Q. Victoria, 1st Edn., 

8 vol., 1874-87 (S. Dec. 15 ; 92) Hopkins, £4 5s. 

Grew (N.) Anatomie des Plantes, traduite de l'Anglois, pits., old red mor., g. e., 
Paris, 1679 (S. Dec. 5 ; 401) Sotheran, £2 6s. 

Catalogue of the Rarities belonging to the Royal Society, oorts. and pits., 

tree-calf ex., fo., 1681 (S. Nov. 24 ; 486) Edwards, 9s. 

Grimeston (Edw.) Generall Historie of the Netherlands, engd. title and ports., 
tree-calf ex., fo., 1608 (S. Nov. 24 ; 487) Howell, 6s. 

Grimm (M. M.) German Popular Stories, 2 vol., 1st Edn., etchings by G. Cruik- 
shank, mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, original wrappers bound up, fine copy, 
1823-26 (S. Nov. 2 ; 27) Carlton, £30 

The same, First Issue of the First Vol., with the unmodified " a " in Marchen, 

the plates in brown, and " Directions to the Binder " on p. 218, 1823, and 
vol. 2, 1st Edn., 1826, mor., t. e. g., slightly trimmed (the half titles inset ; 1 
leaf repaired), 1823-26 (H. Nov. 11 ; 187) Maggs, £13 5s. 

Another Edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, 2 vols., cloth, 1834 (H. Dec. 17 ; 

536) Maggs, £1 

Another Edn.,2 vol., G.Cruikshank,1904(S.Oct. 28; U5)Bain, £1 12s. 

Vieux Contes pour l'Amusement des Grands et des Petits Enfans, [the 

12 plates (coloured) are reproductions of those by Geo. Cruikshank ], mor. ex., 

g. e. by Riviere Paris, n. d. (S. Nov. 2 ; 65) Brown, £3 12s. 

* This is " the impudent little volume," referred to by Hotten in the preface 

to his re-issue of Grimm, and contains the copies by Tardieu (issued as his 

own production) of G. Cruikshank's illustrations to the first series. 

(A. L.) Fairy Tales from the German, 1st Edn., ills, by R. Cruikshank, mor. 

extra, t. e. g., wrapper bound up, 1827 (S.Nov. 2; 32) Bumpus, £3 10s. 

Grisignani de Salerno (P. ) de Pulsibus et Urinis, veil, (first book printed at Salerno ) 
Salerni, C. Allifanum 1543 (H. Dec. 9 ; 402) Slowe, £1 12s. 

Groans of the Plantations, a True Account of their Grievous and Extreme Suffer- 
ings by the heavy Impositions on Sugar, etc., 4to., 1698 (P. Oct. 9 ; 481 ) 

Harding, £1 14s. 

Grose (Fr.) Antiquities of England and Wales, views, 4 vol., old calf, 4to., 1772 

(S. Dec. 18; 336) Tyrrell, 14s. 

Another Edn., 8 vol., pits., mor., g. e., 4to., 1784, etc. (S. Dec. 15 ; 274) 

Waif or d, £1 18s. 


Grose (Fr. ) Military Antiquities, 2 vol., pits., Etruscan calf, g. e., 4to., 1788 
(S. Dec. 15 ; 275) Hopkins, £1 2s. 

Another Edn., 2 vols., L. P., pits., calf gilt, fo., 1812 (S. Nov. 24 ; 488) 

Hornstein, 1 8s. 

Grote (G.) Historv of Greece, Lib. Edn., 12 vol., port, and maps, tree-calf ex., 
m.e., 1854-57 (S. Oct. 28 ; 201 ) Hornstein, £5 12s. 6d. 

12 v., half calf, 1854 (P. Oct. 8 ; 29) Ellis, £\ 8s. 

Lib. Edn., port, and maps, 8 v., 1862 (H. Oct. 23 ; 721) 17s. 

Cabinet Edn., 12 v., 1869 (H. Dec. 8 ; 56) 13s. 

port, and maps, Lib. Edn., 10 vols., half calf gilt, m. e., 1872 (H. Nov. 

4 ; 298) Judge Philbrich, £2 6s. 

Grynaeus (S.) Novus Orbus Regionum ac Insularum Veteribus Incognitarum, una 
cum Tabula Cosmographica, 1st Edn., with genuine map " Tvpus Cosmo- 
graphicus Universalis," fo., oak boards, half vellum, clasps, fo. Basileae, 
1532 (H. Dec. 17 ; 623) Edwards, £3 15s. 

Another Edn., folding map, old calf gilt, fine copy, fo. Basil., 1555 (S. 

Nov. 10 ; 229) Edwards, £5 2s. 6d. 

Gualthere (R.) Homeleyes, or Sermons uppon the Actes of the Apostles, trans. 

(by J. Bridges), fc. t (stained, wormed), old calf, fo., 1572 (S. Dec. 5 ; 403) 

Carter a, £\ Is. 
Guarini (B.) II Pastor Fido, with other Poems, by R. Fanshawe, port., sm. 4to., 

1684 (H. Nov. 19 ; 241) 12s. 

Another Edn., pits., calf, with bookplates of David and Carrington Garrick, 

and ticket of Catharine Garrick, 4to. Londra, 1718 (S. Dec. 16 ; 515) 

Dobell, 12s. 

Guaynerius (A.) Opus preclarum ad praxim non mediocriter necessarium cum J. 
Falconis nonullis non inutiliter adjunctis, aliisque in margine annotatis dili- 
gentissime castigatum, I. fl. (fol. LIX. defective), veil., sm. 4to. Lugduni, 
Jacobi Myt., 1525 (S. Dec. 5 ; 404) Slow, 14s. 

Guevara (A.) Golden Epistles, gathered by G. Fenton, fc. I., slightly wormed, half 
bound, 4to., 1575 (S. Dec. 17 ; 103) Bury, £1 12s. 

Guilbert (A.) Histoire des Villes de France, pits., 6 vols., half mor., g. e. Paris, 
1845-8 (H. Oct. 28; 123) lis. 

Guillemard (F. H. H.) Cruise of the Marchesa to Kamschatka and New Guinea, 
2 vol., ills., half mor., t. e. g., 1886 (S. Nov. 11 ; 601 ) Hill, £7 3s. 

Guillim (John) Display of Heraldry, fifth edn., pits., calf, fo., 1679 (S. Dec. 16 ; 

365) Andrews, 12s. 
pits., Sixth (and Best) Edn., sound copy, russ. gilt, g. e., fo., 1724 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 241) Maggs, £4 12s. 6d. 

The same, old calf, fo., 1724 (H. Nov. 27 ; 568) Harding, £3 

Habertus (J.) APXIEPATIKON, Liber Pontificalis Ecclesiae Graece, Gr. et Lat., 

calf, fine copy, fo. Paris 1643 (S. Nov. 10 ; 219) Bull, 4s. 

Hackney Stud Book, from commencement in 1884 to 1905, vol. I.-XXIL, wanting 

vol. XXL, 21 vol., pits., 1884-1905 (S. Nov. 25 ; 716) Joseph, £1 6s. 

Haghe (Louis) Sketches in Belgium and Germany, Three Ser., 3 vol., plates to 

Second Ser. cold, half binding (loose), fo., 1840-50 (S. Nov. 3 ; 83) 

Meuleneere, £1 7s. 
Hain (L. ) Repertorium Bibliographicum, 2 vols., clean copy, half calf, t. e. g., 

1826-38 (H. Nov. 26 ; 67) Sotheran, £6 
Supplement, by W. A. Copinger, 2 parts in 3 vols., 1895-1902 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 68) Maggs, £5 12s. 6d. 

Hakewill (J.) Picturesque Tour of Jamaica, 21 cold, pits., half calf gilt, t. e. g., 

4to., 1823 (S. Nov. 23; 171) Leon, £3 

Hakluyt (R.) Principall Navigations, Voiages and Discoveries of the English 

Nation, 1st Edn., &. I., map in facs. ; stamp erased from title, half mor., fo., 

1589 (S. Dec. 18 ; 309) Maggs, £\0 5s. 

* " The Ambassage of Sir Hierome Bowes," and the 6 unnumbered leaves of 
Drake's Voyage round the World supplied from the shorter copy. 

The same, with reprint of the Voyage to Cadiz, 3 vols, in 2, f>. (., fo., old calf, 

1589-1600 (H. Nov. 6 ; 822) H. Stevens, £12 10s. 

The same, 1st Edn., with Voyage of Drake, soiled and mended, no map ; old 

calf, w. a. f., fo. 1589 (S. Dec. 5 ; 405) Sotheran, £\0 10s. 

1908-9 7 1 

Hakluyt (R.) Another Edn. (with the Voyage to Cadiz), no map, 6. I., 3 vol., 
mor. ex., g. e., fine copy, fo., 1598-9-1600 (S. Dec. 5 ; 406) Rutland, £24 

The same, with Voyage to Cadiz, 7 leaves, 6. I., 3 vols, in 2, fo. (few 11. stained 

binding not uniform), 1598-1600) (H. Nov. 26 ; 135) H. Stevens, £3 10s. 

Another Edn., ills., 12 vols., Glasgow 1903-5 (H. Oct. 15 ; 422) 

Sawyer, £6 10s. 

Hale (John) Modest Enquiry into the Nature of Witchcraft, calf gilt, t. e. g., fine 

copy Boston (N.E.) 1771 (S. Dec. 18 ; 247) H. Stevens, £1 14s. 

Hales (John) Golden Remains, front., old calf, 1688 (S. Dec. 5 ; 408) 

Wreathal, 4s. 

Hall (E.) Chronicle, ft. I., old russ gilt, fine copy (from the Roxburghe and D. 
Laing's libraries), fo. In Off. R. Graftoni, 1548 [at end of table R. Grafton, 
1550] (S. Dec. 5 ; 410) Chauner, £2 12s. 

* A good copy, made up of gatherings from the first and second issues. 

(Jos.) Episcopacie by Divine Right, 1st Edn., dedication copy to Charles I., 

old calf, 4to., 1640 (S. Oct. 29 ; 609) Barnard, 5s. 

Salomon's Ethicks or Morals, in Foure Bookes ; (wants general title), mor., 

with Royal arms (James I.) and inscription " Strenula Radulphi Ewens, 
1608 " 1609 (S. Dec. 5 ; 409) • Leighton, £3 

Virgidemiarum Sixe Bookes, both parts, with blank for part I., marked A., 

and three blanks at end of part II. to complete the signs, some 11. mended, mor. 
g. e. by J. Clarke, 1598 (S. Dec. 16 ; 457) Quaritch, £8 10s. 

* The Second Edition of the first three books, and the First Edition of the 
last three. It was T. Jolley's copy, and has his ex-libris. The first edition of the 
first three books (1597) was condemned to the flames. 

(Thos.) Funebria Florae, the Downfall of May Games, half mor., 4to., 1661 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 533) Dobell, 17s. 

Hall and Twells. Chancerv Reports, temp. Lord Cottenham, 2 vols., calf, 1850 1 
(H. Dec. 4 ; 119) £3 5s. 

Haly (Albohazen) Liber de fatis stellarum, I. fl., 4 unnumbered 11. and 152 num- 
bered 11., initials painted, old red mor., g. e., fine copy, fo. Venet., E. 
Ratdolt, 1485 (S. Nov. 11 ; 450) Leighton, £2 14s. 

Hamburger Garten und Blumenzeitung, herausgegeben von Mettler, Otto, und 
Goeze, pits., vols. 1 to 46, half mor., t. e. g. Hamburg, 1845-90 (H. Nov. 4 ; 
218) Wesley, £6 

Hamerton (P. G.) Etching and Etchers, 1st Edn., ills., half mor., imp. 8vo., 1868 
(S. Dec. 15 ; 95) Rimell, £4 7s. 6d. 

Graphic Arts, L. P., ills., veil., fo., 1882 (S. Dec. 16 ; 367) Bull, £1 1 Is. 

Hamilton (Antoine) CEuvres, 3 vol., pits, (spotted), half mor., Paris, 1812 (S. 

Dec. 17 ; 42) Bloom field, £1 
Grammont Memoirs, ports., 3 vols., half russ. (cracked), 1800 (P. Oct. 8 ; 

109) Edwards, £\ 14s. 

Another Edn., 67 ports., 2 vols., red mor. gilt (rebacked), g. e., 1828 (H. 

Nov. 6 ; 651 ) Sotheran, £2 13s. 

(Gavin) Schola Italica picturae, 40 pits, (including title), old russ. gilt, fo. 

Romae, 1773 (S. Nov. 26 ; 78) Quaritch, £1 8s. 

(John) The Catechism, that is to Say, ane Comone and Catholik instruction 

of the Christin People, 1st Edn., b. I., some margins inlaid, and stained, a few 
letters of title in facsimile, mor., g. e., sm. 4to. Sanct Androus, 1 552 (S. Dec 
5; 411) Birch, £50 

* Not more than 12 copies known ; the Scott copy sold for £181 
Hamond (Walter) Paradox, proving that the Inhabitants of Madagascar are the 

happiest people in the world, russ., 4to., 1640 (P. Oct. 9 ; 480) Maggs, 17s. 

Hanbury (Mrs. David) One Day in the Life of a Stag, ills., ob. 4to., 1847 (S. Nov. 

12 ; 904) Hornstein, 9s. 

Hanger (G.) The Rat-Catching Secret, etc., folding port., calf, m. e., n. d. (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 607) Dobell, 4s 

Hans of Iceland, 1st Edn., etchings by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere 

1825 (S. Nov. 2 ; 30) Young, £1 7s. 


Hansard. Cobbetfs Parliamentary History of England from 1066 to 1803, 36 
vol., 1806-20— Cobbett and Hansard. Parliamentary Debates, 41 vol., 1803- 
20 — Hansard's Parliamentary Debates, New Series, 1820-30, and General 
Index, 1803-30, 26 vol. ; Third Series, 1830-91 , 356 vol. ; Fourth Series, 1892- 
1906 (wanting vol. CXIX. ), and Indices for 1900 and 1905, 168 vol. ; together 
627 vol. ; vol. III. in cloth, remaider half mor., 1806-1906 (S. Dec. 16 ; 543) 

Sotheran, £115 

Harding (John) Chronicle, f>. I., two titles, short copy, cut close (from Sir Henry 
Ellis's library), old calf, broken and loose, sm. 4to. R. Grafton, 1543 (S. 
Dec. 5 ; 412) Edwards, £3 18s. 

(S. and E.) Shakespeare Illustrated by Portraits and Views, L. P., fine copy, 

Publisher's mor. g. e., 4to., 1793 (P. Nov. 30 ; 229) Maggs, £3 17s. 6d. 

Hare (A. J. C.) Epitaphs for Country Churchyards, with A.L.S. from Landor to 
the Editor, Oxford 1856 (H. Oct. 28 ; 235) Shepherd, £2 6s. 

Harington (Sir J.) Nugae Antiquae, 3 vol., port, and folding plate of music, old calf, 
1779 (S. Oct. 28 ; 37) Robson, £2 6s. 

* Mrs. Piozzi's copy, with autograph and MS. notes. 

Harleian Library. Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae [compiled by Dr. S. John- 
son ], 5 vols., half bound, uncut, 1743 (H. Oct. 8 ; 895) lis. 

Harleian Society. Visitations for Oxfordshire, 1566, 1574, and 1634, ed. by W. 
H. Turner, 1871 (H. Nov. 19 ; 107) Walford, £\ 2s. 

Harris (Stanley) The Coaching Age, 1st Edn., ills., half mor., t. e. g., 1885 (S. 
Nov. 2 ; 119) Brown, 18s. 

Harrison & MacColl. Greek Vase Paintings, 43 plates, 1894 (H. Nov. 5 ; 556) 

Evans, £1 2s. 

Hartland (E. S. ) Legend of Perseus, 3 vol., 1 894-96 (S. Nov. 3 ; 85) Ntttt, £2 6s. 

Hartlib (S. ) Legacy of Husbandrv, calf ex., g. t., margins wormed, 4to., 1652 
(P. Oct. 8; 207) Surth, 10s. 

Another Edn., third edn. (margins of O j cut), old calf, sm. 4to., 1655 

(S. Dec. 5; 413) Bain, £1 Is. 

Hartshorne (A.) Old English Glasses, pits., fo., 1897 (H. Oct. 14 ; 280) £1 15s. 
Hartsinck (J. J. ) Beschryving van Guiana of de Wildekust in Zuid-America, maps 

and pits., L. P., 2 vols., 4to., half bound, uncut, Amst., 1770 (H. Nov. 5 ; 

459) 14s. 

Harvey (G. ) Casus Medico-Chirurgicus, or a Most Memorable Case of a Noble-Man 

Deceased [Lord Mohun], calf ex. by Bedford, 1678 (H. Nov. 27 ; 280) 

£1 10s. 

(R.) Philadelphus, or a Defence of Brutes and the Brutans History, b. I., 

4to., 1593 (P. Oct. 8 ; 264) Dobell, 5s. 

(W. H.) Phycologia Britannica, 4 vol., cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1846-51 

(S.Nov. 25 ; 693) Qitaritch, £2 10s. 

Harwood (S. ) Discourse of a fearefull Lightning which on Nov, 17 di^ burue up the 
Spire of Bletchingly Church in Surery, 4to., 1607 (P. Oct. 9; 490)Harding, 9s. 

Hasius (Jo.) Prefatio Laudatoria in Artem Chiromanticam, 6. 1., woodcuts (32 11. ), 
calf ex., centre gilt wreaths, by Birdsall, large, fine copy, many rough lower 
edges, sm. 4to. Auguste, J. Erffordianum, 1518 (S. Dec. 5 ; 414) 

Quaritch, £\\ 

* Unknown to Panzer, and the only copy quoted by bibliographers. From 
the Yemeniz library. 

Haslem (J ) Old Derby China Factory, cold, pits., 1876 (S. Dec. 15 ; 96) 

Edwards, £2 4s. 

Hassell (J.) Picturesque Rides and Walks round the Metropolis, cold, engs., 2 vols., 

half calf (1 plate defective), 1818 (H. Dec. 10 ; 774) Edwards, £5 5s. 

Hauksbee (Fr. ) Physico-Mechanical Experiments on Various Subjects ; containing 

an Account of several Surprizing Phenomena touching Light and Electricity, 

etc., 7 folding plates at end, old red mor., panel sides, g. e., fine copy, sm. 4to., 

1709 (S. Dec. 5 ; 415) Sotheran, £4 

[Hawskhaw (Mrs.)] Aunt Effie's Rhymes for Little Children, 24 cold. ills, by H. 

K. Browne, calf ex., t. e. g., by Riviere, 1860 (S. Nov. 2 ; 120) 

Brown, £\ 2s. 
Hawthorne (N.) Complete Works, with Notes by G. P. Lathrop, " Riverside edi- 
tion," L. P., 12 vol., etchings, Cambridge, 1883 (S. Oct. 28 ; 204) 

Maggs, £4 10s. 

1908-9 73 

Hayes (W.) Portraits of Rare and Curious Birds of Osterly Park, 100 cold, pits., 
russ.,4to., 1794 (P. Oct. 30 ; 502) Nursham, £1 5s 

Hazlitt (W. C.) Bibliographical Collections and Notes, 2 vol., 1876-82 (S. Dec. 

15 ; 99) Quaritch, £1 
History of the Venetian Republic, 4 vol., maps, calf gilt, m. e., 1860 (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 625) Hill, £1 16s. 

Head (B. V.) Historia Numorum : a Manual of Greek Numismatics, ills., Oxford, 

1887 (S. Nov. 3 ; 86) Hill, £\ 8s. 

Heath (H.) Caricaturist's Scrap-Book, 49 plates, orig. issue, ob. 4to., Tilt, n. d_ 
(H. Nov. 5 ; 383) 16s. 

Domestic Bliss and Domestic Miseries, 12 cold, pits., in 1 vol., ob. 4to., 

boards, Bogue, n. d. (H. Nov. 5 ; 384) 10s. 6d. 

The Heiress, 6 cold, plates, ob. 4to., half mor., 1830 (H. Nov. 5 ; 382) 

Parsons, £1 3s. 

Scenes in London, 24 cold. pits, (no title), half mor., g. e. bv Riviere, 4to. ob. 

n.d. (S. Nov. 23 ; 176) Maggs, £1 15s. 

Hegendorf (C.) Encomium Ebrietatis, engd. title, 4to. Lips, 1519 (P. Oct. 9 ; 
485) Leighton, 5s. 

Heideloff (N.) Gallery of Fashion, vol. 1 to VI., in 3 vol., engd. titles and figures of 
female costume, many heightened in gold and silver, fine copy, russ., m. e., 
4to., 1794-1800 (S. Nov. 12 ; 857) Edwards, £38 

Helffrich (J.) Kurtzer und Warhafftiger Bericht von der Reisz aus Venedig nach 
Jerusalem, etc., I. g., woodcuts and 7 folding plates (Rohricht 739), old calf 
gilt, sm. 4to. Leipzig, 1581 (S. Dec 5 ; 416) Maggs, £1 12s. 

Hendreich (Ch.) Carthago, sive Carthaginensum Respublica, old calf gilt, with 

arms of D. Huet, Bp. of Avranches, and ex-libris, r. e. Prancof, 1664 (S. 

Dec. 5 ; 117) Wilde, £1 10s. 

Henry VIII. Assertio Septem Sacramentorum adversus Martin Lutheru, 1st Edn. 

mor., g. e. by W. Pratt, sm. 4to. In aedibus Pynsonianis, 1521 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

418) . Quaritch, £26 

Copy of the Letters wherein . . Kyng Henry the eight made answere unto a 

certayne letter of Martyn Luther, &c, &. I., mor. ex., joints, g. e. R. Pynson, 
n. d. (1526) (S. Dec. 5 ; 420) Quaritch, £20- 

* The English translation of the Latin edition printed by Pynson in the same 
year. It contains 49 11., and should have 50 11. ; the last leaf, containing Pyn- 

son's device, being wanting. A few notes are slightly shaved. 

Determination of the moste Famous and most excellent Universities of 

Italy and Fraunce, that it is unlefull (sic) for a man to marie his brothers 
wyfe, h. I., stamped calf (worn), very large copy, some margins repaired, T. 
Berthelet, 1531 (S. Dec. 5; 419) Austen, £16 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Institution of a Christen Man, i. I., title in facsimile, preface mended, MS. 

notes, mor., g. e., fine large copy, sm. 4to. T. Bertholeti, 1537 (S. Dec. 5 ; 
421) Austen, £6 

* The First Edition known as the " Bishop's Book," and in later editions as 
the " King's Book." It is reprinted page by page in a different type from 
the next lot. 

Another Edn., b. I. (Caxton type), (title soiled and mended, cut into, and a 

few words in facsimile), (contains dedication by the Bishops to Henry VIII. in 
ordinary 6. I.), old calf, sm. 4to. T. Bertheleti, 1537 (S. Dec. 5 ; 422) 

Austen, £2 10s. 

* One of the first issues of the " Bishop's Book," printed in much earlier type 
than the above. 

Another Edn., Institution of a Christen Man (with Preface of the Prelates to 

the Kynges Majestie), ft. I. (small type), dated 1534 (title written on, some 
passages scored, MS. notes in margins, wants folio 56) , old calf. T. Bertheleti, 
1537 (S. Dec. 5 ; 425) Austen, £4 5s. 

* Commonly known as the " Bishops* " Book, afterwards re-issued by the 
King's authority under the title of " A Necessary Doctrine," and called the 
" King's " Book. The only edition issued in octavo size. 


Henry VIII. Another Edn., ft. I., MS. notes, old calf, with initials J . D. (John Dis- 

. . ney), and ex.-libris, sm. 4to. T. Berthelet, XXIX. May, 1543 (S. Dec. 5 ; 

423 fl. Austen, £4 

* This (the fourth ? ) edition of " The Institution of a Christen Man " contains 
the preface of the King, and differs from the others in several particulars. Above 
the colophon at end is " This Boke bounde in paper boardes or in clasps not to 
be solde above XVI. d." 

The same (with Preface of the King), 6. I., title with date 1534 ; a few 

wormholes and MS. notes, but large excellent copy, orig. stamped leather, 
with a leaf from an early printed English New Testament pasted in cover 
(from the Brand Library). T. Berthelet, xxix May, 1543 (S. Dec. 5 ; 426) 

Maggs, £5 

* A different issue from the following, with different woodcut border to the 

Another Edn. (another issue of the same date as the above, but with different 

border to title, on which no date appears), title written on, modern calf, the 
side of an original cover of a Henry VIII. binding of Royal arms and Tudor 
rose, with the mark of John Reynes, inlaid in upper cover, ib. 1543 (S. Dec. 
5 ; 427) Sotheran, £7 5s. 

Another Edn., fc. I., stained throughout, mor. gilt, g. e. by Aitken, sm. 4to. 

ib. 1543 (S. Dec. 5 ; 428) Austen, £3 5s. 

Another Edition, Institutio Pia et Catholica Christiani Hominis, mor., g. e. 

by W. Pratt, fine copy, sm. 4to. T. Bertbeletum, 1544 (S. Dec. 5 ; 424) 

Austen, £4 15s. 

* The first Latin version of the " Bishops' (or the King's) Book," issued in 
English, in 1 537,for the direction of the clergy under the authority of Henry VIII 
Archbishop Cranmer, and the bishops. The English title is " The Institution of 
a Cristen Man." 

Orders appointed by His Maiestie for the preventing and remedying the 

Dearth of Graine and other Victuall, 6. I., half mor., 4to., 1608 (P. Oct. 9 ; 
488) Harding. 16s. 

Heppelwhite (A.) Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Guide, 125 plates, old calf, fo., 
1789 (S. Nov. 24 ; 492) Quaritch, £25 

Herbal. Libro di Semplici di Incerto Autore, 150 leaves, with a woodcut on 
every leaf, MS. notes, sm. 4to., A-T7 in eights (some 11. stained or repaired), 
half veil., s. ,1. et a. [? 1496] (H. Nov. 5 ; 484) Llewellyn, £11 

The Grete Herball, 1st Edn., 6. I. (title shaved), MS. notes, Etruscan calf, 

joints, g. e. by Staggemeier, short but sound copy (Heathcote copy ), f o. P. 
Treveris, 1526 (S. Dec. 5 ; 430) Quaritch, £51 

Another Edn., slightlv wormed, calf. r. e., fo., 1561 (S. Dec. 5 ; 431 ) 

Wesley, £\2 

Historia Plantarum et Simplicium facilitates ex Dioscoride, woodcuts,24mo. 

(cut into) Lugduni, 1561 (H. Nov. 5 ; 485) Llewellyn, £2 2s. 

Herbarium sive Aggregator, lit.semi-noth. 3 prel. 11., text numbered to CL, and 19 
unnumbered 11. (in all 172 11. ),weakened and mended (Hain *8443), old russia 
(worn), sm. 4to. Absque ulla nota [Mogunt. P. Schoiffer, 1484 ? ] (S. Dec. 
5 ; 432) Quaritch, £4\ . 

* Numerous cont. MS. notes in English throughout. 
Herbert (G.) Remains, 1st Edn., orig. calf, 1652 (S. Dec. 17 ; 15) Dobell, £2 10s 

[ (T. ) ] Relation of Some Yeares Travaile into Afrique, Asia, East India, &c, 

engd. title (mounted), and cuts, fo., calf, 1634 (H. Oct. 29 ; 517) 10s. 
Some Yeares Travels into Asia and Africa . . with a revivall of the first Dis- 
coverer of America ; front, by W. Marshall (backed), and engs. (title and 2 11. 
mended, stained), half cal*> fo. 1638 (S. Dec. 5 ; 433) Bury, £4 5s. 

(W.) Amaryllidaceae, or Bulbous Plants, 48 cold. pits. (7 plain), 1837 (H. 

Nov. 4 ; 183) Quaritch, £2 

Hereford Missal. — Missale ad usum Percelebris Ecclesiae Herfordensis, by W. G. 
Henderson, P. P., 1874 (H. Nov. 19 ; 108) Hitchman, £1 2s. 

Heresbachius. Foure Bookes of Hvsbandrie, Englished by B. Googe, sm. 4to., 
6. I., orig. veil., 1586 (H. Nov. 6 ; 748) Ridler, £\ 19s. 

Heriot (G.) Travels through the Canadas, map and pits., 4to., old russ., 1807 
(H.Nov. 6 ; 827) K. H. Stephenson, £1 9s. 

1908-9 75 

Hermann (Archp. of Cologne) Simple and Religious Consultatio . . by what 
meanes a Christian Reformation may be begon, 6. I., damp-frayed, old calf, 
second and best edition. John Daye and W. Seres, 1548 (S. Dec. 5 ; 435) 

Bull, £8 

Hernandez (P. ) Nova Plantarum Animalium et Mineralium Mexicanorum Historia 
engd. title (printed title defective), and woodcuts, old calf, Romae 1651 (H. 
Nov. 5 ; 441) Sotheran, £3 3s. 

Heros de la Ligue, ou la Procession Monacale conduite par Louis XIV. pour la 
Conversion des Protestans de son royaume, 24 mezzotint ports, including le 
Roi Soleil, James II. and Madame de Maintenon, with separate leaf containing 
sonnet at end, red mor., 4to. Paris, s. d. (S. Oct. 29 ; 618) Northey, 8s. 

Heron- Allen (E. ) De Fidiculis Bibliographia, Limited Edn., 2 vols., sm. 4to., 
1890-94 (P. Nov. 30 ; 106) Sabin, £2 7s. 6d. 

Herodotus. Herodoti Libri Novem quibus Musarum indita sunt Nomina, 1st 
Edn., clean copy, mor. ex., g. e. Venetiis in domo Aldi, 1502 (H. Nov. 26 ; 
187) Maggs, £10 15s. 

Herp (H.) Speculum Aureum, I. g., oaken boards, covered with calf, 4to. Ar- 
gentina, J. Knobloch, 1510 (S. Nov. 27 ; 534) Leighton, £1 12s. 

Herrera (A. de) Description des Indes Occidentales avec la Navigation Australe de 
Jaques le Maire, engd. title, port., pits., and maps, fo. (slightly stained), veil. 
Amst., 1622 (H. Nov. 5 ; 428) Burgersdvk 6- Niermans, £1 14s. 

The same, old calf, fo. lb. 1622 (S. Dec. 5 ; 437) Quaritch, £3 

Novus Orbis, sive Descriptio Indiae Occidentalis ; metaphraste C. Barlaeo ; 

etc., L. P., engd. title, maps and pits., orig. veil., fine copy, fo. ib. 1622 
(S. Dec. 5 ; 436) Edwards, 18s. 

Hertfordshire Families, ed. by D. Warrand, ports, and pedigrees, fo., 1907 (H. 
Nov. 5 ; 570) Walford, £? 16s. 

Hertslet (L.) Treaties and Conventions relating to Commerce and Navigation, 11 
vols, in 8, calf, m. e., 1840-64 (H. Dec. 8 ; 177) 16s. 

Hervey (T. K.) Book of Christmas, 1st Edn., ills, by R. Seymour, calf ex., g. e. by 
Worsfold, cover bound up, 1836 (S. Nov. 2 ; 121) Maggs, £2 14s. 

Hese (Jo. de) Itinerarius a Jherusalem per diversas partes Mundi ; etc., I. g., 22 11. 
the last blank (Hain *8535), text rubricated, half calf, Inglis copy, sm. 4to. 
Absque nota [" Expliciunt duo tractatuli de mirabilibus rerum & statu to- 
tius Indiae ac principe eorum Presbytero Johanne " ] (Colon. C. de Zieriksee, 
c 1495 ?) (S. Dec. 5 ; 439) Leighton, £5 

* It is said only one other copy is known. 

Another Edn., 1. g. (21 11. with signs. ), mor. antique, g. e., by P. Bedford, fine 

copy, sm. 4to. Absque nota [" Expliciunt duo tractatuli de mirabilibus 
rerum totius Indie ac principe eorum Presbitero Johanne " ] (Colon. C. de 
Zieriksee, c. 1495 ?) (S. Dec. 5 ; 440) Leighton, £6 

* A different edition from the above, though apparently the same Press ; not 
in Hain, but Copinger 2948. Only two or three copies known. 

Another Edn., t. g. (20 11. with signs.) text rubricated (Hain 8537), mor., g. 

e. by Pagnant, fine copy (from the De Seilliere library), sm. 4to. Deventrie. 
Pafraet, 1499 (S. Dec. 5 ; 441) Quaritch, £8 15s. 

Peregrinatio ab Urbe Hierusalem instituta, et per Indiam ^Ethiopiam, etc., 

mor. ex., g. e. Antwerp, 1565 (S. Dec. 5 ; 442) Knight, £1 12s. 

* The only edition published in the XVI. century. (Rohricht, no. 227 ]. 
Hesse. Ehren Gedechtnus des Fiirsten Ludwig Landgraven zu Hesse, 16 pits. 

engraved on both sides, old vellum, with arms, fo. Marpurgi, 1626 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 956) Rosenthal, 13s. 

Heures de Rome. Printed on 1 08 leaves of vellum (sign, a-o), I, g., within gold 

borders, 13 full-page engravings and many smaller, all illuminated, old mor. 

Paris, N. Higman, 1517 (P. Oct. 29 ; 241 ) Iiimell, £15 10s. 

Heuy Newes of a horryble erthquake / which was in the Citie of Scarbaria in this 

present yere of xlii. The xiii. day of June. And also how that a Citie in 

Turky is sonke, 6. I., roan (1542) (S. Dec. 18 ; 278) Deane, £7 

* The only known copy of this tract. Mr. Gordon Duff places it first on his 
list of Lant's productions, but was unable to trace the whereabouts of a single 

Hewitson (W. C.) Eggs of British Birds, 131 cold, pits., half mor., in. e., 1846 (S. 
Nov. 25 ; 673) • . Sotheran, £3 3s. 


Hewlett (M.) Pan and the Young Shepherd, 1st Edn., 1898 (S. Nov. 10 ; 29> 

Brown, 18s_ 

Heylvn (P.) Cosmographie, engd. title, map of the world (mounted), and maps > 
calf, fine copy, fo., 1657 (S. Nov. 10 ; 230) Edwards, 7s. 

History of the Sabbath, L. P., mor.. g. e., sm. 4to., 1636 (S. Dec. 16 ; 500) 

Ellis, 6s. 

Heyn (P. P.) Triumphe van weghen de Gheluckighe Victorie .... verleent heeft 
aen de Vlote van de West-Indische Compagnie .... door D. Spranckhuysen 
[Account of the Capture of the Spanish Silver Fleet by Admiral Hej*n on 
Sept 8th, 1628], b. I., sm. 4to. (115 in Asher), veil., Delf, 1629 (H. Nov. 5 ; 

429) Symes, £1 13s. 

West Indische Triumph Basvyne yon S. Ampzing [Poems on the same 

subiect, &c. ], b. I. (No. 116 in Asher), sewed, Haerlem, 1629 (H. Nov. 5 ; 

430) Symes, £1 lis. 
Hey wood (J.) Woorkes. A Dialogue conteyning the number of the effectuall 

prouerbes in the English tongue . . . with five hundred epie;ramme.s, woodcut 
port., b. t, sm. 4to. (2 11. defective), calf, 1566 (H. Nov. 26 ; 124) 

Pickering, £8 5s. 

(T.) The Actor's Vindication (A 2 cut into), calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, w. a. t. y 

4to., n. d. [1655] (S. Oct. 30 ; 1029) Barnard, £3 4s. 

Hierarchie of the Blessed Angels, engd. title bv Cecil!, and pits., calf, fo. 1623 

(P. Oct. 8 ; 284) Tregaskis, £2 4s. 

Rape of Lucrece, sm. 4to., 1630 (P. Nov. 30 ; 120) Tregaskis, £2 4s. 

Hieronymi Cingularii Aurimontani Tersissima Latini eloquii Synony morum col- 
lectanea, b. I., unbound, 4to. Lipsise, 1515 (S. Dec. 18 ; 254) Dobell, 8s. 

Hieronymus (S.) Epistolae cum Vita, I. fl., rubricated [Hain *8559, Proctor 7673 ],. 
2 vol. in 1, oaken boards, stamped, metal bosses (rebacked), fo. Basiliae,. 
1489 (S. Dec. 17 ; 181) Bull, £\ 13s. 

* Rude block cuts of the Virgin and dead body of Christ on title, repeated 
three times on reverse of last blank leaf. 

Epistolae Selectae et in libros tres distributae opera Doct. P. Canisii, oak 

boards, stamped, pigskin. Paris, 1613 (S. Dec. 17 ; 83) Leightov, 6s. 

Vita, Epistole de Sancto Hieronymo vulgare (tfadotte da frate Matheo da 

Ferrara ], two titles in g. I., 182 outline cuts, a few mendings and one or two 
wormholes throughout, mor. ex., g. e. by W. Pratt, fo. Ferrara ; per Lorenzo 
di Rossi da Valenza, 1497 (S. Nov. 3 ; 89) Olschki, £72 

* The 4 preliminary leaves containing the Vita are rarely found. 

Vitas Patrum [Caxton's Translation], b. C, double columns, 41 lines, with 

signs, and pagination, " Here followeth the . . lyff of the olde Auncyent holy 
f aders hermytes late translated out of latyn into Frenshe and dylygently cor- 
rected in the Cyte of lyon ye yere of our lord M.CCCC.LXXXVI., upon that 
whiche hath be wrytten and also translated out of Greke in to Latyn by the 
blessyd and holy Saynt Saynt Jerome . . " [at end . . " translated out of 
Frensshe in to Enplysshe by Wyllyam Caxton of Westmynstre late deed, and 
fynysshed it the laste daye of his lyff. Emprynted in the sayd town of 
Westminstre be my Wynkyu de Worde the yere of our lorde M.CCCC- 
LXXXXV " ] : numerous woodcuts and Caxton's device, and the title with a 
large cut, repeated on separate leaf at end, title in facsimile, otherwise perfect 
large, clean copy, some rough fore-edges, 10} by 7|- in., violet mor., compart - 
mental sides, gilt doublures of red mor., joints, g. e. by Macnair (from the 
Crawford and Maskell libraries), 1495 (S. Dec. 5 ,-445) Sully, -flOS 

* One of the finest books issued from W de Worde's press, and most interest- 
ing for the reference to this last work of Caxton as translator, and to his decease 
in 1491. 

Vitas Patrum, t. q., full-page cut of S. Jerome, historiated initials, S. Vin- 
cent's device on last leaf, slightly stained, calf, with the Royal arms and 
Tudor rose, surrounded by legends, the City arms and mark and initials of 
Julian Notary the binder, slightly repaired, 4to., or very sm. folio. Lugduni, 
J. Mareschal (pro. S. Vincent), 1520 (S. Dec. 5 ; 446) Quaritch, £40 

* One of the " Henry VIII." bindings, issued from the workshop of Julian 
Notary, one of the royal printers. 

Opera, studio Vallarsii, 11 vols., calf, Venetiis, 1766 (H. Oct. 29 ; 623 > 

T. Baker, £\ 10s. 

1908-9 77 

Higden (R.) Polychronicon (trans, by John of Treves), the title with the single 
word " Polieronicon " in large gothic Utter in a stencil plate above a large rude 
woodcut of S. Jerome and his successors. 6. I., long lines, 4 1 to a full page, with 
signs, and folio , title and end leaf with Caxton's device inlaid, some margins 
mended and some marginal notes slightly cut into, otherwise excellent copy, 
mor., blind stamped, g. e. by W. Pratt, fo. Westminster by Wynkyn The- 
worde, 1495 (S. Dec. 5 ; 448) Quaritch, £ 102 

* The B. M. and Spencer copies, as well as the Ashburnham and others, were 
imperfect, and no perfect copy is recorded in Livingston's Auction Prices. The 
title -page especially is nearly always wanting. The first book with MusicalNotes. 

Polycronycon (Englysslied by one Trevisa), 6. I., title in red with woodcut 

(roughly coloured), colophon (cut and mounted), woodcuts with the rare 
blank leaf between table and first leaf of text, folios Xi andlXii. mended, old 
red mor., g. e., fo. Southwerke, P. Treveris, 1527 (S. Nov. 26 ; 80) 

Tregaskis, £15 lis. 
Higgins (G.) The Celtic Druids, pits., 4to., calf, g. e., 1827 (H. Nov. 19 ; 74) 

Evans <S-Co., £\ 17s. 
Hill (J.) British Herbal, 75 cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1756 (H. Dec. 17 ; 637) 

Reader, £1 7 s. 
Eden : or, Compleat Body of Gardening, cold, plates (" skilfully and art- 
fully colour'd by Ladv Mary Forbes for Lady Hyde, 1774,"), old calf, 1757 ; 
another copy, no plates, half calf, 1757, fo., 2 vol. (S. Nov. 24 ; 494) 

Edwards, 19s. 

[ (T.)l The Gardener's Labyrinth, by Dydymus Mountaine (dedication to 

Cecil Lord Burleigh, by H. Dethick), b. I., woodcuts, calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, 
fine copy, sm. 4to., 1586 (S. Dec. 5 ; 449) W. Brown, £9 

(W. H., A. F., and A. F,. ) Antonio Stradivari, his Life and Work, cold, pits: 

half mor., e. t., 4to., 1902 (P. Dec. 1 ; 618) Hyam, £\ 10s. 

Hills (Robt.) Sketches in Flanders and Holland, 1st Edn,. L. P., 36 pits., 
proofs, boards, 4to., 1816 (S. Oct. 29 ; 575) Woods, £\ is. 

Hind (H. Y. ) Exploration of the Labrador Peninsular, 2 vol., map, cold, pits., 1863 
(S. Nov. 25 ; 759) Leon, £\ 5s. 

Hinderwell (T.) Historv of Scarborough, pits., 4to., boards, 1798 (H. Dec. 17 ; 
635) 14s. 

Hipkins (A. J.) Musical Instruments, 50 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. ?., fo. Edinb., 
1888 (S. Oct. 29 ; 682) Tomkins, £2 19s. 

Hissev (J. J) Across England in a Dog-Cart, 1st Edn., ills., 1891 (S. Dec. 15 : 
101) Edwards, 5s. 

Historia da muy notavel perda do Galeam Grande S. Joam, em que se contao os 

grandes trabalhos .... que acontercerao ao Capitao Manoel de Sousa Sepul- 

veda . . . . na terra do Natal onde se perddrao a 24 de Junho de 1 552, woodcut, 

23 11. (A-F3 in fours), sm. 4to., unbound. Lisboa, A. Alvares, n. d. [1592 ] 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 422) L. Rosenthal, £S 

* An anonymous tract, describing the wreck of the gallev Grande S. Joam 

off the coast of Natal in 1 552. This edition is referred to in Silva's Catalogue of 

Portugese Literature, vol. 18 (Supplement by Brito Aranha), as " da rarissima 

edicao," and a facsimile is given of the title page. 

Historic Military and Naval Anecdotes, 40 cold, pits., half mor., uncut, 4to., 1819 
(P. Oct. 30 ; 537) Parker, £5 10s. 

Hobbes (T.) Leviathan, 1st Edn., front., old calf, fo., 1651 (S. Dec. 16 ; 659) 
M Harding, 16s. 

Hodgson (John) History of Northumberland, 3 parts in 7 vol., pits., boards (pt. 1 
rebound), 4to. Newcastle, 1820-58 (S. Nov. 23 ; 179) Quaritch, £\2 10s. 

Hogarth's Works, 108 engs. from the original plates, old half calf, fo. Boydell, 
1795 (P. Dec. 1 ;666) Samuels, £5 5s. 

Works from the Original Plates, restored by J. Heath, in 2 vol., pits., half 

calf, atlas fo., 1822 (S. Dec. 16 ; 376) Vyt, £2 15s. 

Graphic Illustrations of Hogarth, by S. Ireland, 2 vol., pits., red mor., g. e., 

1794 (S. Nov. 26 ; 4) Dobell, £1 5s. 

H °gg (J) The Queen's Wake, 1st Edn., boards. Edinb., 1813 (S. Oct. 29 ; 392) 

Wells, 4s. 

Another Edn., L. P., two portraits added, two autograph letters of the 

author inserted, half morocco, t. e. g., 1819 (S. Nov. 2 ; 122) DanieU, £\ 4s. 



Holbrook (J. E.) North American Herpetology, cold, pits., 3 v. Philadelphia, 
1836-8 (H. Nov. 4 ; 78) Stevens &■ Brown, £6 

* Two further volumes to complete this work were published in 1842, at 
which time the above volumes were reissued. 

[Hole (S. R.)] A Little Tour in Ireland, 1st Edn., cold, front, and ills, by Leech, 
calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, 1859 (S. Nov. 2 ; 123) Young, £1 12s. 

Holinshed (R.) Chrouicles, 6. I., 1st Edn., complete with all errata, map of Edin- 
biirgh and leaf with names of captains at the siege, woodcuts, a few 11. re- 
margined, a few shaved, others in facsimile as well as portion of the map, 
2 vol., mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, fo., 1577 (S. Dec. 18 ; 319) 

Barnard, £15 10s. 

The same, large view of Edinburgh, 2 vol., some fore-edges cut, clean, sound 

copv, containing a leaf of Errata in vol. I. not indicated in Lowndes, old russ 
gilt! 1577 (S. Dec. 5 ; 450) W. Brown, £4& 

[Hollingsworth (S. ) ] Present State of Nova Scotia, with brief account of Canada 
(title defaced), half calf, Edin., 1787 (H. Nov. 6 ; 796) 18s. 

Hollyband (C.) Treasurie of the French Tong, two 11. defective, sm. 4to., orig. 
veil., 1580 (H. Nov. 27 ; 484) Sotheran, £4 12s. 6d. 

Holmes (O. W.) Professor at the Breakfast Table, 1st Edn., Boston, 1860 (S. Oct. 
28 ; 18) James, 9s. 

(R. R.) Bookbindings from the Royal Library, Windsor Castle, 152 pits., fo., 

1893 (H. Oct. 14 ; 281) Edwards, £2 

Homeru^. Ilius, Odyssea, Batrachomyomachia et Hymni, Graece, 2 vol., fine 
old red mor. g. e. Venetiis, in aed. Aldi et Andreae Asulani Soceri, 1 524 (S. 
Dec. 17; 69) Olschki, £4 12s. 6d. 

Ilias et Odyssea, Graece, 4 vol., L. P., red mor., fine copy, fo. Glasguae, 

Foulis, 1756-58 (S. Nov. 10 ; 215) ' Hopkins, £\ 10s. 

Opera Omnia, Graece, Editio Princeps, with the Latin and Greek prefaces by 

B. Nerlius and Chalcondylas, 2 vols. (vol. 1 contains 42 prel. leaves, the last 
blank, and 208 leaves, vol. 2, 189 leaves, see Hain-Copinger, 8772), fo., old 
mor. gilt, g. e. Florentiae B. et N. Nerliorum 1488 (H. Nov. 26 ; 186) 

Quaritch, £250 

* Clean and perfect copy. The first volume has the 42 preliminary leaves 
not found in all copies, but the initials are not filled in. 

Opera Graece, 4 vols., mor., g. e., 4to. Venet. et Argent, 1537-9 (H. Nov. 

27 ; 416) Walford £\ Is. 

Hondy (J.) Historiae Mundi ; or, Mercator's Atlas, Englished by W. S[altonstall ] 
engd. title and maps, old calf, (defective), fo., 1637 (H. Nov. 12 ; 608) 

Stevens &■ Stiles, £\ 10s. 

Hone (W.) Every-Day Book, Table Book and Year Book, Orig. Edn., 5 vol. in 4, 
engs., half mor., t. e. g., 1826-32 (S. Nov. 25 ; 629) Maggs, £2 2s. 

Hood (T. ) Odes and Addresses to Great People, 1st Edn., boards, 1825 (S.Dec. 
18 ; 205) Dobell, 4s. 

Whimsicalities, 2 vol., 1st Edn., engravings, an autograph letter, 2 pages, 

4to., also a letter from Mrs. Hood, signed " Jane Hood," inserted in vol. 1, 
calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1844 (S. Nov. 2 ; 124) Maggs, £3 10s. 

Works, with notes, 10 vol., port., 1869-73 (S. Nov. 25; 901) 

Jackson, 7s. 
Hook (Theodore) Precepts and Practice, 3 vol., 1st Edn., port, and ills, by H. K. 
Browne, calf ex., t. e. g., covers bound up, 1840 (S. Nov. 2 ; 125) 

Quaritch, £\ 2s. 

(W. F. ) Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury, Lib. Edn., with Index, 12 

vols., polished calf gilt, m. e., nice set, 1860-76 (H. Dec. 8 ; 120) 

G. H. Brown £4 4s. 
Hooker ( J . D. ) Botany of the Antarctic Voyage of H. M. Ships Erebus and Terror- 
Flora Novae-Zelandiae, 130 cold, pits., 2 vols., 4to., 1853-5 (H. Nov. 4 224) 

Quaritch, £\5 5s. 

Another Edn., with Flora Tasmaniae, 200 cold, pits., 2 vols, 1860 (H, 

Nov. 4 ; 225) Quaritch £\4 

and Jackson (B. D.) Index Kewensis, 4 vols., Oxford, 1893-5, with Supple- 
ment by Durand and Jackson (1885-95), Brussels 1906, and Second Supple- 
ment, part 1 (1896-1900), 4to. Oxoniae, 1904 (H. Nov. 4; 222) 

Quaritch, £10 15s. 

1908-9 79 

Hooker (J. D.) Rhododendrons of Sikkim, 30 cold, pits., fo., 1849 (S. Nov. 24 ; 
497) Wheldon, £2 12s. 

Illustrations of Himalayan Plants, 24 cold, pits., fo., 1 855 (H. Nov. 4 ; 273 ) 

A. W. Paul £3 8s. 

(W.) Paradisus Londoniensis, cold, pits., 2 vols, in 1, (bound up irregularly 

but complete, and the Index of Genera in MS.), half bound, 1805-6 (H. 
Nov. 4; 241) Quaritch, £5 12s. 6d. 

Hooper (J.) Declaration of the X holye commaundements .... b. I., autograph of 

Wm. Painter, calf antique, 1 550 (H. Nov. 26 ; 118) Bull, lis. 

The same, &. I., shaved, binding broken, 1550 (H. Nov. 26 ; 119) Bull, 5s. 

Another Edn., orig. veil. R. Waldegrave, n. d. (H. Nov. 26 ; 120) 

Ellis, 13s. 

Hope (W. H. St. John) Stall Plates of the Knights of the Order of the Garter, 90 
cold, pits., sm. fo., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1901 (H. Dec. 8 ; 289) 

Edwards, £2 

Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis ad Usum Romanum (cum Calendario), " Ces pre- 
sentes heures a lusaige de Rome furent achevez l'an Mil CCCC IIII XX et 
XVIII le XXII jour de Aoust pour Symon Vostre," printed on vellum, I. g. 
(lettres batardes), device of Pigouchet on title, 21 large woodcuts and woodcut 
. borders,capitals in red, blue and gold (signs, a to i in 8's, wanting a ii^old pig- 
skin. Paris, S. Vostre, 1498 (Almanack 1488-1508) (S. Nov. 11 ; 345) 

Maggs, £15 5s, 

Horae B.V.M. Secundum Usum Romanum, cum Calendario, I. g. (batardes). 
printed on vellum, within woodcut borders, Pigouchet's device on title, As- 
trological Man, 14 large woodcuts, numerous illuminated initials, signs, a-l in 
8's, title, next leaf, and 2 last leaves soiled, mor., g. e. by Cape. Pour Simon 
Vostre . . (a Paris) (1496) (S. Dec. 18 ; 229) Marks, £41 

Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis ad usum Parisiensis Ecclesiae (cum Calendario), 
Heures a l'usage de Paris, I. g., printed on vellum, 103 11. (wanting a j and last 
leaf ),text within borders, 23 full-page woodcuts, including astrological man, all 
illuminated, old red mor. ex., g. e., with arms of Caumartin St. Ange, s. 1. et a. 
(Simon Vostre ca. 1500) (S. Nov. 3 ; 92) Kcrwood, £36 10s. 

Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis, cum Calendario. " Ces presentes heures a lusaige 
de Romme ont este faictes pour Simon Vostre," 1. g., printed on vellum, 92 11. 
woodcut borders, 1 5 full-page woodcuts, capitals in red and blue, touched with 
gold, limp veil., g. e. Paris, Simon Vostre (marque de Philippe Pigouchet), 
s. a. (Almanack 1502-20) (S. Nov. 3 ; 93) Tregaskis, £25 10s. 

" Hore intemerate Virginis Marie secundu Usum Romanum cum pluribus Ora- 
tioibus tam in gallico qf in latino," I. g. (batardes), printed on vellum, within 
woodcut borders, Kerver's device on title, astrological man, 18 large woodcuts, 
capitals illuminated, old calf gilt, g. e. T. Kerver, Paris pour Gillet Remade, 
etc. (Paris, 1503) (S. Dec. 18 ; 290) Leighton, £19 10s. 

Hore intemerate beate Marie Virginis secundum Usum Romanum (cum Calen- 
dario, etc. ), \. g., within woodcut borders, Kerver's device on title, astrological 
man, and 18 large woodcuts, capitals painted (contains a-q 4 in 8 s), title 
repaired, mor. ex., g. e. Paris, T. Kerver, 1503 [Almanach 1497-1520] (S. 
Dec. 17 ; 7) Lillie, £10 

* The colophon is on reverse of p 8, followed by 4 11. " Ad Matutinas de 
Conceptione beatissime dei genitricis Virginis Marie " with sign. q. 

The same, printed on vellum, old calf gilt, g. g. e. (back damaged). Paris, 

T. Kerver, 1503 (S. Dec. 17 ; 8) Livingstone, £20 10s. 

* The 4 11. of " Ad Matutinas," forming sheet q found at end of previous copy, 
are in this one inserted between signs, g and h. 

Hore Beate Marie Virginis Secundum Usum Romanum absque requisitione aliqua 
cum pluribus Orationibus in Gallico & Latine (cum Calendario), I.g. (batardes) 
printed on vellum, within woodcut borders, Vostre's device on title, skeleton 
man, 19 full-page woodcuts and illuminated initials, signs, a-p and a, e and i in 
8's (sign- d has 4 11. only), old blue mor., w. a. f. [no colophon] Paris. S. 
Vostre, s. a. [Almanach 1507-1527] (S. Dec. 18 ; 230) Marks, £20 

Horae Beatae Virginis Marie, scdm veru usum Romanu, cum Aliis Multis Folio 
Sequenti Notatis, woodcut borders, 18 full-page woodcuts, scored in ink and 
some 11. stained. Parisiis, T. Kerver, 1507 (H. Dec. 17 ; 515) 

Barnard, £4 10s. 


Horae Beatae Mariae Virginis ad usum Cameracum, cum Calendario. " Ces 
psentes heures a lusaige de Cambray toutes au long sans reqrir avec les figures 
et signes de lapocalipse, etc. ont este faictes a Paris pour Symon Vostre," I. g. 
100 11. within woodcut borders, full-page woodcuts, partly coloured, smaller 
cuts in text, initials painted, wanting several leaves, half mor., w. a. f., Paris, 
Simon Vostre, s. a. (Almanack 1 513-30) (S. Nov. 3 ; 94 ) Leighton, £10 1 5s 

Horae Deipare Virginis Marie secundum usum Romanum, plerisque biblie figuris 
atque chorea lethi circummunite, novisque effigiebus adornate ut in septem 
psalmis penitentialibus in vigiliis defunctorum, & in horis quoque sancti spus 
videre licebit, 1526, printed on vellum, woodcut borders, 44 full-page wood- 
cuts, wanting D II. and D VIII., a few margins soiled, slightly shaved, half 
veil. Parisiis, T. Kerver, 1526 (Almanack 1523-42) (S. Nov. 3 ; 95) 

Symes, £5 10s. 

Horae in laudem beatissimae Virginis Mariae, ad Usum Romanum (cum Calendar- 
io), red rubrics and capitals, within borders, some having a crowned capital F 
and dragon, the device of Francis I., 15 large outline woodcuts, etc., all de- 
signs of Geoffrey Tory, some with his mark, and the device of " Pot Casse " 
on title and colophon at end (wants ej, some stains and a few wormholes), old 
calf (worn), g. g. e., sm. 4to. Parrhisiis ex Off. G. Torini, 1531 (S. Dec. 18 ; 
268) Wilde, £36 

Horae in Laudem beatissimae virginis Mariae, ad usum Romanum, woodcut bor- 
ders, half calf, 4to. Parisiis, 1549 (S. Nov. 11 ; 387) Quaritch, £35 

Horatius. Opera JSneis Tabulis Incidit Jo. Pine, pits., engd. throughout, 2 vols., 
old mor. ex., g. e., 1733 (H. Nov. 26 ; 148) Edwards, £4 6s. 

The same, First (" Post Est") Issue, vignettes, old blue mor. ex., deep 

borders, 1733-37 (P. Oct. 29 ; 242) Hatchards, £13 

■ Art of Poetrie, Pistles, and Satyrs Englished, by Tho. Drant, 6. t. (title inlaid 

and some parts in facs., and a few 11. cleaned and mended), large copy, mor. 
ex., g. e. by Lloyd, the Rowfant copy, sm. 4to., 1567 (S. Oct. 29 ; 652) 

Stevens, £5 

Horeau (H.) Panorama d'Egypte et de Nubie, pits., half mor., g. e., fo. Paris 
1841 (S. Nov. 10 ; 90) Batsford, £1 8s. 

Horsfield (T. ) Plantae Javanicae Rariores, map and 50 cold, plates, 4to. 1838-52 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 398) Edwards, £2 

(T. W.) History of Sussex, map, pits., etc., 2 vols., half bound, 4to., 1835 

(H. Dec. 10 ; 888) B. Hall, £2 4s. 

Horsley (J.) Britannia Romana, pits., calf, 1732 (H. Oct. 29 ; 632) Bull, £2 lis. 

Hortulus Anime (cum Calendario), I. g., woodcut borders, numerous woodcuts, 
some roughly coloured, wants sig. G5, and a few 11. misplaced, old calf, with 
clasps. Moguntie, Jo. Schoffer, 1514 (S.Nov. 3; 96) Parsons, £3 3s. 

Hortulus Animae (cum Calendario), woodcuts (stained and defective), orig. calf. 
Moguntiae, J. Schoffer, 1516 (S. Nov. 3 ; 97) Symes, £3 5s . 

Hortulus Anime, cum allis q^plurimus orationibus pristine impressioni super addi- 
tis (cum Calendario), I. g., woodcut borders, numerous woodcuts, many weakly 
coloured, some headlines shaved, leaf 214 defective. Impensis J. Koberger 
civis Nurembergen . . ' . Lugduni arte et industria Jo. Clein, 1517 (S. Nov. 
3 ; 98) Symes, £2 16s. 

Hortulus Anime cum Horis Beate Virginis secundum consuetudinem Romane ec- 
clesie et aliis quam plurimis orationibus (cum Calendario), I. g., woodcut 
borders (some shaved), woodcuts, stamped calf. Jo. Koberger civis Nuren- 
bergen ; arte et industria F. Peypus, 1519 (S. Nov. 3 ; 99) Howell, £4 4s. 

Hortulus Anime cum Horis Divae Virginis juxta ritum ecclesiae Romanae, cum 
praeparatione accessuri ad rem divinam celebrandam, woodcuts, shaved, 
boards, with vellum wrapper. Basiliae, T. Vuolff, 1522 (S. Nov. 3 ; 100) 

Leighton, £2 4s. 

Hortus Sanitatus (Germanice) 356 11., woodcuts coloured by hand, leaf defective, 
old calf, 4to. Gedruckt und geendet 1475 (S. Nov. 24 ; 399) 

Strickland, £12 5s. 

■ De herbis et plantis : de animalibus et reptilibus, etc. (authore Joan. Cuba), 

'. I. g. (title mended), woodcuts, mor. gilt, by D. Cockerell, fo. Venetiis, 1511 

: . (S. Nov. 24 ; 499) Quaritch, £8 5s. 

Horwood (R.) Plan of London, Westminster, and Southwark, 8 sheets and lists of 
subscribers, half bound, fo., 1799 (S. Dec. 17 ; 176) Rimell, £1 12s. 

1908-9 8 i 

Host (N. T.) Salix, vol. I. (all pubd.), 105 cold, pits., half calf, fo. Vind. 1828 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 501 ) Wesley, £2 14s. 

Houbraken. Heads of Illustrious Persons, L. P., 108 ports., calf gilt, fo., 1756 
(S.Dec. 16 ; 379) Edwards, £6 12s. 6d 

Houghton (W.) British Fresh Water Fishes, 2 vol., cold, pits., 4to., (1879) (S. 
Nov. 12 ; 905) Quaritch, 15s. 

Howard and Crisp. Visitation of England and Wales, etc., ills., 12 vols., imp. 
8vo., half veil., t. e. g., with 2 lists of Parish Registers, etc., P. P., 1893-1904 
(H. Nov. 27 ; 336) £9 15s. 

Visitation of England and Wales — Notes, ills., 6 vols., imp. 8vo., half veil., 

t. e. g., P. P., 1896-1906 (H. Nov. 27 ; 337) Walford, £6 2s. 6d. 

Visitation of Ireland, ills., 4 vols., imp. 8vo., half veil., t. e. g., P. P., 1897- 

1904 (H. Nov. 27 ; 338) £2 5s. 

Howell (J.) Instructions for Forraine Travell, port, and engd. title by Hollar, 

mor., g. e., 1650 (H. Oct. 15 ; 557) 18s. 

Howitt (S. ) The British Sportsman, 70 pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1812 (S. Nov. 

24 ; 400) Howell, 19s. 
(W.) Northern Heights of London, 1st Edn., ills., half calf, t. e. g., 1869 (S. 

Nov. 25 ; 661 ) Watkins, 16s. 

Huarte (John) Examination of Men's Wits, Englished by R. C(arew), old calf, 4to. 

1616 (S. Nov. 10 ; 191) Ridler 5s 

Hubbard (W. ) Narrative of the Indian Wars in New-England, sheep. Stockbridge 

Mass., 1803 (H. Oct. 29 ;603) Quaritch, £1 

Huet ( J. B. ) Oeuvres, front, and 36 pits., half calf, fo. Paris, 1799 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

84) Parsons, £1 2s. 

Hughes (G.) Natural History of Barbadoes, L. P., maps and pits., half mor., fo. 

1750 (S. Nov. 24 ; 500) Edwards, 1 1 s. 

Hugo (Victor) Novels, fully translated, 28 vol., imperial Japan paper, ills, in two 

states, parchment, uncut, 1895 (S. Nov. 2 ; 126) Maggs, £9 

Hulbert (A. B.) Paths of the Mound-Building Indians, etc., ills., 2 vols., L. P. 

Cleveland, 1902 (H. Nov. 4 ; 13) 14s. 

Humble Petition offered to the estates of this present Parliament ; wherein the 

Wandering Ghost of the late Pyramis discourseth his hard fortunes, title 

injured, 4to. 1609 (P. Oct. 9 ; 547) 7s. 

Humboldt and Bonpland. Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Con- 
tinent, by Williams, maps and plans, in 7 vols., 1822-9 (H. Nov. 4 ; 17) 

Maggs, & 2s. 
Hume (D. of Godscroft) History of the Houses of Douglas and Angus, 1st Edn. 

(usually so described), shaved, calf, fo. Edinb., 1644 (S. Nov. 10 ; 250) 

Dobell, 5s. 

(D.) History of England, 5 vol., port, and pits, by Stothard, etc., half russ., 

uncut, fo. 1806 (S. Nov. 24 ; 503) Howell, £2 8s. 

Hume and Marshall. Game Birds of India, cold, pits., 3 vols., 1879-181 (P. 

Oct. 29 ; 126) Brown, £10 

Humourist (The) a Collection of Entertaining Tales, etc., 4 vol., cold, etchings by 

G. Cruikshank, mor. ex., t. e. g., by Riviere, 1819-20 (S. Nov. 2 ; 24) 

Robson, £34 
Humphreys (H. N.) Masterpieces of Early Printers and Engravers, pits., fo., half 

mor., g. e., 1870 (H. Nov. 26 ; 72) Quaritch, £\ 16s. 

Hunt (Leigh) Bacchus in Tuscany, from the Italian of F. Redi, 1st Edn., boards, 

1825 (S. Nov. 27 ; 312) Maggs, lis. 

The Indicator, 76 numbers, 1st Edn., 2 vol., in 1, half calf gilt, 1820 (S. 

Nov. 27 ; 309) James, Is. 

Jar of Honey from Mount Hybla, 1st Edn., ills, by R. Doyle, boards, g. e., 

1848 (S. Nov. 27 ; 315) Dobell, 12s. 

Juvenilia, 1st Edn., front., uncut, 1801 (S. Nov. 27 ; 308) Spencer, 6s. 

Men, Women, and Books, 1st Edn., 2 vol., port., 1847 (S. Nov. 27 ; 313) 

Dobell, 19s. 

The Months, 1st Edn., boards, name on title, 1821 (S.Nov. 27; 310)Dofec//,9s. 

Old Court Suburb, 1st Edn., 2 vol., half calf, 1855 (S. Nov. 27 ; 318) 

Dobell, 12s. 

Another Edn., Second and Best Edn., 2 v., 1855 (P. Dec. 1 ; 437) 

Edwards, 10s. 


Hunt (Leigh) Stories from the Italian Poets, 1st Edn., 2 vols., 1846 (P. Dec. 1 ; 
430) Winter, 13s. 

Stories in Verse, ills., partly unopened, 1855 (S. Nov. 27 ; 316) 

Shepherd, 3s. 

The Town, cuts, 1st Edn., 2 v., 1848 (H. Oct. 6 ; 247) 17s. 

Works, 7 vol., ills., half mor., t.e.g., 1870-82(S. Nov. 12; 644) Hunt, 15s. 

(W. H.) Pre-Raphaelitism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, pits., 2 v., 

1905 (H.Nov. 20; 494) 17s. 

Hunter (J.) Picturesque Scenery of Mysore, 41 cold. pits, and extra plate in- 
serted, ob. fo., half bound, 4to., 1805 (H. Nov. 6 ; 856) £2 10s. 

Hutchinson (T.) History of Massachusetts Bay, 2 vol., calf, 1760 (S. Nov. 10 ; 
122) Quaritch, £1 12s. 

Another Edn., old calf, 1765 (H. Nov. 12 ; 541) 12s. 

(W.) History of Durham, 3 vol., pits., calf, rebacked, 4to. Newcastle, 1785 

(S. Nov. 25 ; 789) Quaritch, £1 9s. 

Hymelstratz. Das Buch ist genant die Hymelstratz, stamped calf (damaged), 

fo. Augspurg, L. Zeissenmair, 1 501 (S. Dec. 17 ; 169) Borrow, £3 5s. 

Indagine (J.) Book of Palmistry and Physiognomy, trans, by F. Withers, seventh 

edn., 6. I., diagrams, some coloured, calf gilt, 1676 (S. Dec. 17 ; 84) 

Leighton, £1 18s. 
Inglis (H. D.) Rambles in the Footsteps of Don Quixote, 1st Edn., ills, by G. 

Cruikshank, calf extra, t. e. g. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1837 (S. Nov. 2 ; 

46) Maggs, £\ 12s. 

Innocent III. (Pope) Mirror of Mans lyfe, Englished by H. Kirton, fc. I (wants p. 8) 

calf, w. a. f., 1576 (S. Dec. 16 ; 460) Edwards, £\ Is. 

Innocent Epicure ; or Art of Angling, a Poem, calf gilt, 1713 (P. Oct. 8 ; 86) 

Spencer, 5s. 
Ireland (S.) Miscellaneous Papers and Legal Instruments under the hand and 

seal of Shakespeare, cold, pits., fo., 1796 (S. Nov. 26 ; 85) Sotheran, £1 6s. 
Ireland (W. H.) Life of Napoleon Bonaparte, 4 vol., 1st Edn., folding cold, plates 

by G. Cruikshank, and ports., mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, fine copy. J 

Cumberland, 1823-28 (S. Nov. 2 ; 28) Brown, £51 
The same, 4 vol., cold. pits, by G. Cruikshank, many mended and with Faii- 

burn's imprint cut away, red mor., ex., g. e. by Riviere, 1828 (S. Nov. 24 ; 

315) Spencer, £17 

The same, 4 vol., cold, plates by G. C, half calf, pencil marked, 1828 (S. 

Nov. 27 ; 327) Hornstein, £19 

Irving (W.) Old Christmas, ills, by R. Caldecott, 1st Edn., 1876 (H. Oct. 16 ; 
830) £\ Is. 

- Works, 10 vol., ports, and fronts., half mor., m. e., 1854 (S. Oct. 29 ; 520> 

Maggs, 7s. 

Isidori Hispalensis de Summo Bono libri III., g I., initials in red, 104 11., sm. 4to., 

[No. 1023 in Campbell], old limp vellum. Louanifisi, Johanne de Westfalia 

1486 (H. Nov. 6 ; 736) Barnard, £4 5s. 

Counsailes to informe man howe he shulde flee Vices and folowe Vertues, 6. I. 

(16 11. including title), mor. ex., g. e. by W. Pratt, fine copy. T. Bertheleti, 
1544 (S.Dec. 16 ; 459) Rotherbone, £3 10s. 

J. (R. ) Remembrace of the Honors due to the Life and Death of Robert, Earle 
of Salisbury (in verse), woodcut port, on title, half mor., 4to., (1512) (P. 
Oct. 8 ; 229) Bull, £2 

* No copv traced except in the Bodleian and British Museum. 

Jackson (Lady) Court of France in the XVIth Century, ports., 1st Edn., 2 v., 1886 
(H.Dec. 8; 159) £1 4s. 

Last of the Valois, ports., 1st Edn., 2 v., 1898 (H. Dec. 8 ; 160) 15s. 

The Old Regime, 1st Edn., 2 v., 1880 (H. Dec. 16 ; 219) 15s. 

(W.) Constitutions on the Several Independent States of America, port, of 

Washington, boards, 1783 (H. Nov. 6 ; 806) Brown, £2 3s. 

Jacquin (N. J. ) Icones Plantarum Rariorum, 100 cold, pits., half bound, uncut, fo., 
Vindoboniae 1781 (H. Nov. 4 ; 277) Wheldon, £1 6s. 

Jakuchu. Masterpieces by Jakuchfi, with Biographical Sketch, by Shiichi Tajima 
ills. Osaka, Japan, 1904 (H. Nov. 5) Maggs, £2 7s. 

James I. His Majesties Speach in the Starre-Chamber, the XX of June, anno 
1616, half mor., uncut, sm. 4to. R. Barker (1616) (S. Nov. 3 ; l04)Baxter, 3s. 

1908-9 8$ 

J ames I. Publication of his Maties. Edict and Severe Censure against Private Com- 
bats and Combatants, vellum, 4to. Oxon. 1613 (S. Oct. 29 ; 636) 

Adams, £1 2s. 

■■ Remonstrance for the Right of Kings and the Independencie of their Crowns 

against an Oration of Card. Perron, trans, by R. B. initials J. M. on title, and 
2 pp. of MS. notes suggested to be in the handwriting of John Milton, parch- 
ment covers, sm. 4to. Cambridge, 1629 (S. Dec. 17 ; 133) Barnard, £7 

Works, port, and engd. title by Elstrack, russ., g. e., fo., 1616 (H. Nov. 19 ; 

321) 13s. 

James. Account of the Military Occurrences of the late War between Gt. Britain 
and the United States, maps, 2 vols., half calf, 1818 (H. Dec. 17 ; 530) 17s. 

(G. P. R.) The Commissioner, 28 etchings by Phiz, 1st Edn., fine copy, Dub- 
lin, 1843 (P. Nov. 30 ; 66) Alison, £1 5s. 

(Wm.) Naval History of Gt. Britain, 6 vol., plans, calf gilt, 1826 (S. Nov. 

10 ; 116) Sotheran, £\ 4s 

Jamieson (J.) Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language, with Supple- 
ment, 5 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1879-87 (S. Oct. 28 ; 321) 

Heath, £4 5s. 

Jane (Joseph) EIKflN AKAASTOS, The Image Unbroaken, a Perspective of a 
Libell entitled EIKONOKAASTH2 against EIKON BA2IAIKE, etc., sheep, 
fine copy, sm. 4to., 1651 (S. Nov. 3 ; 135) Howell, £1 

Janscha (L.) Collection de cinquante Vues du Rhin, depuis Spire jusqu'a Dussel- 
dorf, 50 cold, pits., half bound, ob. fo. Wien, 1798 (S. Nov. 26 ; 86) 

Quaritch, £M 

Janua (Jo. de) Catholicon, I. g., illuminated initial, oaken boards, brass bosses and 
corners, clasps gone, wormed (broken), fo. Nuremberg, A. Koburger, 1486 
(S. Oct. 29 ; 690) Tomkins, £1 18s. 

Summa que Catholicon appellantur, g. I., fo , veil (broken), 1520 (H.Nov. 

26 ,192) 4s. 

Jardin (Karel du) Etchings, 52 etchings, in 1 vol., half russia, fo., 1652 (S. Nov. 
26 ; 87) Bloomfield, £\ 6s. 

Jaubert et Spach. Illustrationes Plantarum Orientalium, 500 pits., 5 v., 4to. 
Paris 1842-57 (H. Nov. 4 ; 231 ) Wesley, £11 10s. 

Jebb (S. ) De Vita et Rebus gestis Marise Scotorum Reginae, 2 vol., port., etc., vell- 
um, fo., 1725 (S. Oct. 29 ; 699) Thin, 2s. 

Jefferies (R.) The Amateur Poacher, 1st Edn., 1879 (S. Nov. 27 ; 336) 

Dobell, 6s. 

Jenerys (Thos. ) Dresses of Different Nations, Antient and Modern, 4 vol., 480 
pits., half russ., uncut, 4to., 1757-72 (S. Nov. 26 ; 23) Quaritch, £3 3s. 

Natural and Civil History of the French Dominions in N. and S, America, 

2 vol. in 1, maps, old calf gilt, verv fine copy, fo., 1760 (S. Nov. 10 ; 233) 

Edwards, £6 2s. 6d. 

Jerome of Brunswick. Das Buch der Chirurgia, I. g. (Hain *4017), woodcuts, im- 
perfect and wormed, old boards, broken, w. a. f., fo. Straszburg, Jo. Grilnin- 
ger, 1497 (S. Nov. 3 ; 106) Leighton, £4 8s. 

Jerrold (Douglas) A Man made of Money, 1st Edn., etchings by Leech, calf ex., t. e. 
g. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1849 (S. Nov. 2 ; 128) Hopkins, £\ 10s 

Shilling Magazine, complete set, 7 vol., pits, by Leech, half calf, m. e., 1845- 

48 (S. Oct. 29 ; 524) Hyam, 10s. 

. Works, with Memoir by Blanchard Jerrold, 4 vol., fronts, by Leech, 1863- 

64 (S. Oct. 29 ; 525) ' Edwards, 10s. 

(W. B.) Disgrace to the Family, 1st Edn., 12 ills, by " Phiz," tree-calf ex., 

t. e. g. by Riviere, 1848 (S. Nov. 2 ; 127) Hopkins, £\ &s. 

Jesse (J. H.) Historical Memoirs, etc., fine set, 24 vols., 1st Edns., 1840-67 (P. 
Oct. 30 ; 490) Lawrence, £12 

■ Historical Works, Illustrated Lib. Edn., pits, on Japan paper, 30 v. Nimmo 

1901 (H. Dec. 11 ; 136) Quaritch, £1 7s 

Life of George Brummell, 2 vol., 1st Edn., port, and front., calf gilt, m. e., 

1844 (S. Nov. 12 ; 646) Dobell, lis. 

Memorials of London, ills., 1st Edn., 2 vols., half calf, m. e., 1847 (H. Oct. 

28 ; 40) . i} Is - 

Literary and Historical Memorials of London, 1st Edns. of Both Series, 4 vols 

1847-50 (H. Oct. 7 ; 432) G. H. Brown, £4 5s. 



Jewitt, (L.) Ceramic art of Gr. Britain, pits., 2 vols, in 1, half mor., 1878 (H. 
Oct. 7 ; 454) G. H. Brown, £1 8s. 

Joanne de Mediolano. Schola Salernitana sive de Conservanda Valetudine Prae- 
cepta Metrica, ex recens. Zach Sylvii, front., mor., clasps, with Earl of Ox- 
ford's book-plate, Roterod. 1657 (P. Oct. 8 ; 168) Smith, lis. 

Johnson (Ch.) Lives of the Highwaymen, etc., 20 pits., calf, fo., 1742 (S. Nov. 
26 ; 88) Maggs, £8 

( Jas. ) Scott's Musical Museum, engraved throughout, vol. I. to IV., in 2 vol., 

calf, y. e., 1787-92 (S. Nov. 12 ; 648) Dobell, 3s. 

(R.) Relations of the most famous Kingdoms and Commonweales through 

the World, sm. 4to. (shaved), mor., 1616 (H Nov. 6 ; 789) 19s. 

(S. ) Irene : A Tragedy, 1st Edn., marble boards, with label, 1 749 (P. Dec. 1 

539) Sabin, £\ 10s. 

The same (no half-title), title soiled, mor., t. e. g. by Zaehnsdorf, 1749 (S. 

Dec. 18; 217) Shepherd, £2 2s. 

* From the Rowfant Library, with Locker's ex-libris. Formerly in Col. 
Grant's Library, with his ex-libris. 

Lives of the English Poets, 1st Edn., pres. copy, with inscription " J. Wesley 

the gift of the author, 1781," and in another hand, " S. Wesley, the Legacy 
of her much honoured uncle J. Wesley, 1791," 10 vols, (binding broken and 
vol. 4 missing), 1781 (H. Dec. 9 ; 489) Pearson, £9 10s. 

The Rambler, 1st Edn., the complete series of 208 numbers as issued, with 

separate title, in 2 vol., half calf, tall copy, fo., 1749-52 (S. Oct. 29 ; 692) 

Abley, £2 4s. 

Vanity of Human Wishes, 1st Edn., sm. 4to., unbound, 1749 (H. Oct. 8 ; 

736) Spencer, £1 18s. 

Works, with Life, by Sir John Hawkins, 11 vol., half russia, 1787 (S. Dec. 

18 ; 331) Rimell, 14s. 

Works, with Essay, by Murphy, port., 12 vols., calf gilt, 1816 (H. Dec. 9 ; 

419) Maggs, £\ 3s. 

Works, with the Debates, port., 11 vols., uncut, Oxford English Classics, 

1825 (H. Oct. 7 ; 603) 10s. 

Boswell ( J. ) Life of Samuel Johnson, 1st Edn., 2 vol., port., half calf gilt, 4to., 

1791 (S. Oct. 28 ; 305) Soiheran, £1 18s. 

The same, 2 vol., old calf gilt, 4to., 1791 (S. Nov. 26 ; 10) 

Quaritch, £?> 6s. 

The same, with Supplement, 3 vol., 1st Edn., port., calf broken, 4to., 1791 

(S. Nov. 11 ; 358) Maggs, £2 6s. 

Another Edn., with Notes, etc., by J. W. Croker, 10 vol., ills., half mor., m. e., 

1839 (S. Oct. 29 ; 516) Rimell, £\ 17s. 

Another Edn., pits.. 10 vols., fcap., 1846 (H. Oct. 7 ; 604) £1 10s. 

(T. ) British Lepidoptera : the Geometrae, 52 plates, coloured bv the Author, 

hf. mor., t. e. g., P. P., 1878 (H. Nov. 4 ; 144) Sot'heran, £2 6s. 

Illustrations of the British Hawk Moths and their Larvae (including the 

Sesidae), 36 original drawings by the Author, hf. mor. ex., t. e. g., P. P., 1874 
(H. Nov. 4 ; 143) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

Johnston. Narrative of Charles Johnston, made Prisoner bv the Indians on the 
Ohio River, boards, N. Y., 1827 (H. Oct. 29 ; 608) Leon, £\ Is. 

Jones. Kent (W.) The Designs of Inigo Jones for Publick and Private Buildings, 
pits., 2 vol. in 1, fo., old russ., 1727 (H. Dec. 10 ; 952) /. Rimell, £2 4s. 

(T. ) Diary of the Quorndon Hunt, half mor., t. e. g. Derby, 1816 (S. Nov. 

12 ; 649) Spencer, 17s. 

(W. D.) and F. Eardley Wilmot. Records of the Royal Military Academy, 

pits., 4to , 1851 (S. Dec. 17 ; 150) Warren, £3 5s. 

(Sir W.) Works, pits, L P., 6 vols., russ., g. e., 1799-1804 (H. Oct. 28 ; 267) 

Private, £1 

Jonson (Ben.) Workes, 1st Collected Edn., L P., engd. title by Wm. Hole, cont. 

calf, fine copy, with blank leaf before title making the first signature complete 

fo., 1616 (S. Dec. 18 ; 343) Quaritch, £300 

* With Autograph Inscription on title " To his most worthy & learned friend 
Mr. John Wilson Ben Jonsons Guift & testimony of his love." " John Wilson " 
may be Shakespeare's " Jack Wilson," who sang some of the Lyrics in Shake- 
speare's plays. [See D.N.B. ]. 

i9o8-9 85 

Jonson(Ben.) Workes, port, by R. Vaughan and engd. title by W. Hole (both 
inlaid), mended calf, g.e. by Riviere, fo.,1640 (S.Dec. 17; 172) Borrow, £3 15s. 

Works, port., calf (broken), fo., 1692 (H. Dec. 9 ; 606 ) Ridler, £1 10s. 

Works, with Notes by P. Whalley, 7 vol., port., calf, 1756 (S. Nov. 10 ; 1 19 > 

Ridler, £1 18s. 

Works, with Notes by W. Giff ord, port. , 9 vols. , old calf, 1816 (H. Dec. 1 7 

511) Maggs, £1 2s. 

Jonston. Histoire des differens Oiseaux qui habitent le Globe, cold pits., fo., 
old calf, g. e. Paris, 1773-4 (H. Nov. 4 ; 127) 12s. 

Josephus. L'Histoire contenant les Guerres qui furent au Pays de Judee, etc. r 
woodcuts, old calf, fo. Paris, N. Savetier pour Galiot du Pre, 1530 (S. Dec. 
17; 159) Lillie, £6 

Antiquitez Judaiques trads par Arnauld d'Andilly, the complete series of 231 

vignettes (including the 26 head and tail-pieces for the " Histoire de la Guerre 
des Juifs contre les Romains " ) by J. B. Berterham from designs by Van Orley 
in " tirage a part " without text, Artists' Proofs before letters on Large Paper, 
calf gilt, 4to., 1701 (S. Oct. 29 ; 617) Northey, 19s. 

Opera Graece (curante Arn. Paraxylo Arlenio) First Edition of the Greek 

text, veil., stained, fo. Basil. Froben. 1544 (S. Oct. 30 ; 938) Andrews, Is. 

Genuine Works, with Life by W. Whiston, 1st Edn., L. P., map and plate, 

old calf, fo., 1737 (S. Oct. 29 ; 675) James, 5s. 

Josselyn (John) Account of Two Voyages to New England, with leaf of license, 
calf gilt, g. e., fine copy, from Hamilton Palace Library, 1674 (S. Dec. 18 ; 
235) Ellis, £11 

Journal of Hellenic Studies, ills., from commencement in 1880 to part 1, 1808. 
being vols. 1 to 28, part 1 (pits, to vol. 4, part 2, and to vol. 8 missing), in 62 
parts (H. Nov. 19 ; 179) Dr. Hastings, £14 5s. 

Journal of Sentimental Travels in France, 17 cold. engs. by T. Rowlandson, orange 
cloth, t. e. g., 1821 (S. Nov. 12 ; 742) Rimell, £2 7s. 

Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 22 vols. St. Louis, 1 867-93 (H. Oct. 29 ; 408 > 

T. Baker, £2 8s. 

Junius' Letters, ports., 2 vols., Bensley, 1796 (P. Oct. 30 ; 476) Hill, 10s.. 

Letters, ports., 2 vols., mor., g. e., 1810 (H. Nov. 11 ; 131) lis 

Justini Historici Clarissimi in Trogi Pompeii Exordium, MS. Notes in margins- 

(Hain 9,651 ), fo., calf, g. e. Venetiis, P. Condam Petri 1479 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

181) £1 14s. 

Justini ex Trogi Pompeii Histroiis Externis Libri 43, Cambridge calf, Paris 1543 

(H. Dec. 9 ; 451) 5s. 

Tustinian. Digestum Vetus, opera magistri Andree Boucard impressum, <\ \. T 

sm. 4to., calf (shaved). Parisiis, J. Petit et T. Kerver 1509 (H. Dec. 9 ; 

471) Private, £1 8s. 

— Institutionum libri IV., by J. B. Moyle, 2 v., 1883 (H. Nov. 19 ; 182) 

7s. 6d. 

Juvenal. Challine (Denys) Les Satires de Juvenal en Vers Francois ; 1st Edn. r 

old calf Paris, E. Pepingue, 1653 (S. Dec. 4 ; 189) James, £1 3s. 

Ktempfer (E.) History of Japan, trans, by J. G. Scheuchzer, 2 vol., pits., russ., 

y. e., fo., 1728 (S. Dec. 16 ; 380) Edwards, £2 18«*. 

Karsten (H. ) Florae Columbiae Terrarumque adjacentium Specimina Selecta, pits. 

2 vols., fo., half mor. Berolini 1858-69 (H. Nov. 4 ; 265) 

Quaritch, £6 15s. 

" Katzleben." The Cat's Tail : etchings by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. by 

Riviere, 1831 (S. Nov. 2 ; 39) Young, £t 

Kav (John) Of Englishe Dogges, newly drawne into Englishe by Abr. Fleming, 

b. I. (30 11. and some blanks), old calf, Duke of Grafton's copy [binding not 

stated], Ashburnham copy, sm. 4to. R. Johnes, 1576 (S. Dec. 4 ; 162) 

Quaritch, £68 
* The first separate treatise on dogs in English, and no copy has occurred 
for sale since 1896. 
Keats (John) Endymion, 1st Edn., with " errata " and two leaves of advertise- 
ments, boards, with label (slightly defective), some leaves stained, 1818 
(S. Nov. 27 ; 348) Hornstein, £14 

Lamia, 1st Edn., advertisements at end, boards, with paper label, 1820 

(S. Dec. 18 ; 218) Quaritch, £33 



Keats (John) The same, with four leaves of advertisements, boards, with label, 
slightly stained, 1820 (S. Nov. 27 ; 349) Maggs, £10 5s. 

Poems, 1st Edn., uncut, ink mark on title and a little stained, 1817 (S. Nov. 

27; 347) Hornstein, £14 15s. 

Life, Letters, and Literary Remains, ed. by R. Monckton Milnes, port, and 

facs., 2 v., 1848 (H. Nov. 11 ; 155) ^2 7s. 

Keble (John) The Christian Year, 2 vol., 1st Edn., orig. boards, Oxford, 1827 
(S. Nov. 3 ; 107) Tregaskis, £3 3s. 

The same, with inscription " Original proof-sheets of the book given to 

Augustus W. Hare by Keble," 2 vols, in 1, calf gilt, Oxford, 1827 (H. Oct. 
28 ; 245) Tregaskis, £\ 16s. 

Keith (Sir W. ) History of British Plantations in America : Part I. History of 
Virginia (all pubd.), sm. 4to., half calf, 1738 (H. Nov. 6 ; 667)Grant, £1 
KELMSCOTT PRESS— Arranged Chronologically. 

Morris (Wm.) Story of the Glittering Plain, veil., sm. 4to., 1891 (S. Dec. 

18; 302) York, £9 

* With inscription ' To Kate Faulkner from William Morris, May 30th, 1891 . 

Historye of Reynard the Foxe, veil., uncut, fo., 1892 (S. Dec. 18 ; 303) 

Shepherd, £3 5s. 

Morris (W.) Defence of Guenevere, veil., 1892 (H. Nov. 20; 516) 

Barber, £3 6s. 
Morris (W.) Gothic Architecture, 1893 (H. Dec. 16 ; 87) 12s. 

Shakespeare (Wm. ) Poems, ed. by P. S. Ellis, veil., uncut, sm. 4to. 1893 

(S. Dec. 18; 304) Young, £4 Is. 

Chaucer (G.) Works, ed. by F. S. Ellis, stamped pigskin, Morris design, g. e.. 

uncut, with clasps, by T. J. C. Sanderson, in oak box, fo., 1896 (S. Dec. 1 8 ; 
305) York, £60 

* With the autographs of Morris, Burne- Jones, T. J. C. Sanderson and W. H. 
Hooper, loose in cover. 

Romance of Sir Degrevant, 1896 (H. Nov. 20 ; 519) Maggs, £\ 5s. 

Note by William Morris on his aims in founding the Kelmscott Press, half 

mor., uncut, 1898 (S. Nov. 12 ; 654) Shepherd, £\ 2s. 

Kempelen (de) lye Mecanisme de la Parole, suivi de la Description d'une Machine 
parlante, port, and 27 pits., calf, with arms, g. e. Vienne, 1791 (S. Oct. 28 ; 
60) Quaritch, 7s. 

Kempis. Opera et Libri Vite fratris Thome de Kempis, g. I. (1 leaf defective), 
veil., fo. Nuremberg, C. Hochfeder, 1494 (H. Dec. 9 ; 593) Barnard, £2. 

Een Schoonen en seer profitelijck Boecxken ghenaennt het alleen Spreken 

der Sielen met god. I. g., half bound, tantwerpen, 1553 (S. Dec. 17 ; 54) . 

Bloomfield, 5s. 
Kennedy (M.) Di.ssertation on the Royal Family of the Stuarts, old calf, Paris, 

1705 (S. Oct. 29 ; 457) Thin, 6s. 

Keralio (de) Les Crimes des Reines de France, front, and 4 pits., old calf gilt, m. e., 

Paris, 1791 (S. Oct. 28 ; 51) Rimell, £\ 

Key and Elphinstone. Compendinm of Precedents in Conveyancing, 2 vols., 

1878 (H. Dec. 4 ; 132) Stevens, £1 10s. 

Killigrew (T. ) Comedies and Tragedies, port, by Faithorne, inlaid, fo., calf ex., 

g. e., fo., 1664 (P. Dec. 1 ; 662) Sabin, £4 15s. 

King (C. W.) Antique Gems and Rings, 2 vol., pits., 1872 (S. Nov. 3 ; 108) 

Hill, £1 5s. 

(D. ) Vale Royall of England, map and pits., including the plate of Hugh 

Lupus, calf, fo., 1656 (P. Oct. 9 ; 592) Walford, £1 12s. 

The same, maps and plates (including " Hugh Lupus sitting in Parliament " ) 

MS. Poem, old russ., fo., 1656 (H. Nov. 19 ; 313) Bailey, £2 lis. 

(W. Ross) Sportsman and Naturalist in Canada, cold, pits., imp. 8vo., 1866 

(S. Nov. 25 ; 761) Porter, 14s. 

Kininger (V. G.) Abbildung der Neuen Adjustirung der K.K. Armee, engd. title, 
2 ports., folding plate (proof), and 47 cold. pits, of costumes of the Austrian 
army, half russ., fo., Wien 1803 (S. Nov. 26 ; 47) Hornstein, £81 

Kip (I.) Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne, 2 vol., 147 pits., old calf gilt, 
fo., 1708-13 (S. Nov. 26 ; 89) Parsons, £4 

Kipling (R. ) Departmental Ditties, 1st Edn., wrapper, (slightly soiled), Lahore, 
1886 (H. Oct. 16 ; 909) Spencer, £2 7s. 

1908-9 Sy 

Kirk (T.) Forest Flora of New Zealand, pits., fo., Wellington, N.Z. 1889 (H. 

Nov. 4; 227) 16s. 

Kirkton (J as.) Secret and True History of the Church of Scotland, ed. by C. K. 

Sharpe, the original proof sheets, with MS. corrections and additions, half 

mor., t. e. g., 4to. Edinb. 1817 (S. Nov. 2 ; 200) Maggs, £5 15s. 

* Three autograph letters of Sir Walter Scott inserted in the volume ; 
speaking of the Author and the Work, of Raeburn, and other persons, etc., 
addressed to Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe. There are also some MS. Memo- 
randa of, and relating to, Mr. C. K. Sharpe, inserted in the volume. 
Kit-Cat Club. Memoirs of the celebrated persons composing the Kit-Cat Club, 

48 ports., half mor., t. e.g., 4to., 1821 (S. Nov. 12 ; 906) Hornstein, £1 15s. 
Kitchin (John) Le Court Leete et Court Baron, &. I., orig. calf, 1623 (S. Dec. 17 ; 

74) Walford, 6s. 

Knoop (J. H.) Fructologia, of Beschryving der Vrugtbomen en Vrugten die Men 

in de hoven plant en onderhoud, cold, pits., half bound, 4to. Leeuwarden, 

1763 (S. Nov. 24 ; 405) Wesley, Us. 

Knox (John) Works, ed. by D. Laing, 6 vols, in 7, pres. copy, Bannatyne Club, 

1846 (P. Oct. 30 ; 452) Scott, £2 4s. 

(R. ) Historical Relation of Ceylon, map and pits., old calf gilt, fine copy, fo., 

1681 (S. Nov. 10 ; 228) Maggs, £1 3s. 

Kokka (The) an Illustrated Monthly Journal of the Fine and Applied Arts of 
Japan, upwards of 1,150 wood engravings in colours, vols. 1 to 17, wrappers, 
Tokyo 1889-1906 (H. Nov. 5 ; 529) Probsthain, £13 

Kolben (P. ) Present State of the Cape of Good Hope, trans, by Mr. Medley, 2 vol., 
port, and pits., calf, 1731 (S. Nov. 10 ; 129) Maggs, £2 4s. 

Beschreiburg des Vorgebiirges der guten Hoffnung und derer darauf wohnen- 

den Hottentotten, sm. 4to., veil. Franckfurt, 1745 (H. Nov. 5 ; 454) 

De Vries, £1 6s. 
Koran (The) commonly called the Alcoran of Mohammed, trans, by G. Sale, 1st 

Edn., map and pits., calf, 4to., 1734 (S. Nov. 10 ; 173) Bull, 7s. 

Kosewitz (W. F. von) Eccentric Tales, cold, plates by G. Cruikshank, uncut, 1827 

(H.Oct. 15 ; 531) £1 4s. 

The same, slightly spotted, mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1827 (S. Nov. 2 ; 

31) Maggs, £3 

Krafft (J. C. ) Plans of Gardens in France, England, and Germany, plans and pits., 
2 vols., ob., half calf, 4to., Paris, 1809-10 (H. Dec. 9 ; 581) Quaritch, £3 

Labarte (J.) Histoire des Arts Industriels au Moyen Age et a l'epoque de la Re- 
naissance, 4 vol., 8vo., and Album, pits, in colours, 2 vol., 4to., half mor., 
t. e. g., Paris, 1864-66 (S. Nov. 24 ; 321 ) Parsons, £2 2s. 

Labat (J. B.) Nouveau Voyage aux Isles de 1'Amerique, maps and plates, 6 vols., 
old calf, Paris, 1722 (H. Nov. 5 ;461 ) Edwards, £1 4s. 

Another Edn., Enlarged, maps and plates, 8 vols., old calf, Paris, 1742 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 462) L. /. Symes, £1 Is. 

Labillardiere ( J. L. ) Novae Hollandiae Plantarum Specimen, 265 pits, (uncoloured ), 
2 vols., half mor. Paris, 1804-6 (H. Nov. 4 ; 226) Hermann, £3 5. 

Laborde (J. B. de) Tableaux de la Suisse, 3 vol. in 2, pits., half calf, uncut, fo. 
Paris, 1780 (S. Nov. 11 ; 430) Vyt, £2 4s. 

(M. De) Choix de Chansons Mises en Musique, port, and pits, by Moreau, 

5 vols., mor. gilt, t.e.g. Paris, 1881 (H. Dec. 11 ; 1194) Maggs, £3 7s. 6d. 

La Cepede, Histoire Naturelle des Poissons, 5 vol. in 6, pits., half calf gilt, t. e. g., 
4to. Paris, 1798 (S. Nov. 24 ; 406) Quaritch, 17s. 

Lactantii Firmiani de Divinis Institutionibus adversus Gentes, initials in red and 
blue (Hain 9814), half veil., fo. Venetiis, J. de Colonia 1478 (H. Dec. 9 ; 
638) Bull, £1 16s. 

Ladies Pocket Magazine, 5 vol., cold, pits., half calf, 1829-31 (S. Oct. 30 ; 724) 

Shepherd, 15s. 

Laet (J. de) Historie ofte Jaerlijck Verhael van de verrichtinghen Geoctroyeerde 
West-Indische Compagnie, views and maps, b. I., fo., veil. Leyden 1644 
(H. Nov. 5 ; 437) De Vries, £1 8s. 

Lafitau ( J . F. ) Histoire des Decou vertes et Conquestes des Portugais dan9 le Noveau 
Monde, maps and pits., 4 vols., old calf, Paris 1734 (H. Nov. 6 ; 816) 14s. 

Mceurs des Sauvages Ameriquains, pits., 2 vols., 4to., old calf, Paris 1724 

(H. Dec. 9 ; 341) Leon, £\ 7s. 


La Fontaine ( J. de) Amours de Psyche et de Cupidon, port, and pits, by Moreau le 
Jeune, (2 plates tampered with), red mor., silk linings, g. e., 4to. Paris 
(1795) (S. Nov. 3 ; 113) Howell, £2 4s. 

Contes et Nouvelles en Vers, 2 vols., pits, by Romeyn de Hooge, mor., g. e. 

Amst., 1685 (P. Oct. 8 ; 112) Smith, £1 2s. 

Another Edn., port, of Eisen and Lafontaine, proofs before letters of the 

pits, by Eisen and Gravelot, the Cas de Conscience and Le Diable de Pape 
Figuiere decouvertes, 2 vol., red mor., g. e. (Derome), very fine copy. Amst. 
(Paris) 1762 (S. Dec. 16 ; 523) Quaritch, £47 

The same, 2 vol., cont. calf gilt, r. e., fine copy, ib., 1762 . (S. Nov. 3 ; 1 12 > 

Symes, £19 

The same, 2 vol. (" Le Cas de Conscience " and " Le Diable de Papefiguiere " 

"decouvertes,"), cont. calf gilt, g. e., ib. 1762 (S. Nov. 26 ; 6) 

Bain, £16 10s. 

Another Edn., pits, after Desenne (some stained), 2 vols., mor., g. e. Paris, 

1795 (H. Oct. 29 ; 556) Dobell, £1 7s. 

Tales and Novels in Verse, Japanese Paper ills, after Eisen, etc., Coloured 

Copy, with the steel plate to the ' Three Gossips' Wager,' 2 vols., P. P., n. d. 
(H. Oct. 7 ; 391) G. H. Brown, £2 18s. 

Fables Choisies, mises en vers, 4 vol., front, and 275 engs. after Oudry, old 

calf, cracked, fo. Paris, 1755-59 (S. Nov. 10 ; 109) Burchell, £4 14s. 

The same, 4 vol., " Papier d'Hollande," the plate " Le Singe et le Leopard " 

before the inscription, half calf, fo. Paris, 1755-59 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 410) 

Maggs, £9 

The same, 4 vol., with " Le Singe et le Leopard " before the inscription, russ., 

y. e., fo. Paris, 1755-59 (S. Nov. 26 ; 90) Gilhofer, £13 15s. 

Another Edn., pits, after Monnet, etc., 6 vols., old calf, g. e. Paris 1765-75 

(H. Dec. 9 ; 495) Edwards, £3 10s. 

Another Edn., 4 vol., pits, by Bertin, etc., calf, g. e. Bouillon, 1776 (S. 

Oct. 29 ; 403) Maggs, £1 15s. 
Another Edn., Edition Miniature, inlaid morocco and doublure of green 

morocco, g. e. (2g in. by 2 in.) Paris, 1850 (H. Nov. 11 ■ 214) 

Sotheran, £1 16s. 
La Harpe. Tanzu et Felime, poeme en 4 chants, L. P., engd. title and 4 pits, after 

Marillier, orig. wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1780 (S. Oct. 30 ; 772) 

Robson, 18s. 
Lahontan (Baron de) Nouveaux Voyages dans l'Amerique Septentrionale, 2 vol., 

1st Edn., maps and pits., half calf, fine copy, La Haye, 1703 (S. Nov. 24 ; 

322) Stevens, 14s. 
The same, 3 vols., calf. La Haye, 1703 (H. Dec. 9 ; 340) Maggs, £1 12s. 

New Voyages to North America, 2nd Edn., 2 vol., maps, calf, 1735 (S. Dec. 

16 ; 461) Edwards, £4 2s. 6d. 

The same, maps and pits., 2 vols., old calf, 1735 (H. Nov. 6 ; 792) 

Edwards, £4 17s. 6d. 

Lajard (Felix) Recherches sur le culte de Venus, with atlas of 35 plates (all issued ), 
Paris, 1837-49 ; Recherches sur le culte public et les mysteres de Mithra en 
Orient et en Occident, 1867 ; Introduction a 1' etude du culte public et des 
mysteres de Mithra, with atlas of 110 plates, Paris, 1847, 2 vol., 4to. and 2 
folio, boards and mor., 4to. and folio, 4 vol. (S. Nov. 3 ; 114) 

Quaritch, £3 18s. 

Lamb (C.) Adventures of Ulysses, with Inscription, " Francis George Hare, Jun. 
The gift of his Friend Mrs. Shelley, Feby. 1839," boards. Juvenile Library, 
n. d. (H. Oct. 28 ; 194) 17s. 

— — Album Verses, 1st Edn., boards, 1830 (P. Dec. 1 ; 571 ) Tregashis, £1 12s. 

Elia, 1st Edn., calf (broken), 1823 (P. Dec. 1 ; 570) Edwards, £2 2s. 

Elia, half calf, 1823 — Last Essavs of Elia, mor. ex., g. e., 1833, 1st Edns., 

2 vols. (S. Dec. 18 ; 202) Spencer, £7 

Poetical Recreations of the Champion and his Literary Correspondents, 

boards, in case, 1822 (P. Dec. 1 ; 568) Maggs, £9 10s. 

* A Selection from the Poetical Contributions to the Champion Newspaper, 

containing thirteen pieces by Charles, and one by Mary Lamb. The former are 

signed R. et R. and include the Three Graves (well known to be by Charles 

Lamb). Inserted are some MS. lines in the autograph of Coleridge. 

1908-9 89 

Lamb (C.) Tales from Shakespeare, pits, by Blake, 2nd Edn., 2 vols., mor., 1809 
(P .Dec. 1 ; 569) Green, £2 5s. 

Works and Life, ed. by Ainger, Edn. de Luxe, port., 12 v., 1899-1900 (H. 

Oct. 7 ; 400) Morrell, £4 12s. 6d. 

Landor (W. S.) Imaginary Conversations, 1st Ser., vols. 1 and 2, 1st Edn., with 

Fragment of an A.L. from the Author, in 1 vol., calf gilt, 1824 (H. Oct. 28 ; 

236) Shepherd, £\ Is. 
Works, 2 vols., hf. mor. ex., with many corrections and notes, also 2 page 

Autograph Letter of Landor, 1853 (P. Dec. 1 ; 497) Sabin, £2 2s. 

Lang (A.) History of Scotland, 3 vol., 1st Edn., fronts., 1900^1 (S. Nov. 12 ; 663) 

Edwards, £\ 4s. 
I.angbaine (G.) Account of the English Dramatick Poets, 1st Edn., with Errata 

and last leaf with title printed across (wormed), calf. Oxford, 1691 (S. 

Dec. 17 ; 46) Borrow, £\ 8s. 

Langland (W.) Vision of Pierce Plowman, ft. I. (slightly cut), sm. 4to., calf antique, 

R. Crowley. 1550 (H. Nov. 26 ; 108) Barnard, £2 2s 

Lanquet (Thos.) Epitome of Chronicles, continued by T. Cooper, b. I., calf gilt, 

g. e., wormed and cut, 4to., 1565 (S. Dec. 15 ; 286) Bull, £\ 

Larking (L. B.) Domesday Book of Kent, 28 pits., half roan, fo., 1869 (H. Dec. 

16; 313) Clench, £1 2s. 

Lartet and Christy. Reliquiae Aquitanicse, ed. by T. R. Jones, pits., half mor., 

t. e. g., 4to., 1875 (H. Nov. 19 ; 281 ) Hill, £2 10s. 

Las Casas (B. de) Umbstandige Warhafftige Beschreibung der Indianischen Lan- 

dern, so vor diesem von den Spaniern eingenommen und verwiist worden, 

engd. title and pits., sm. 4to., 1665 (H. Nov. 6 ; 790) Dietrich, £1 10s. 

Lasco(Jo.) Defensio Verae Semperque in Ecclesia Receptae Doctrinae de Christi 

Domini Incarnatione adversus Mennonem Simonis Anabaptistarum Doc- 

torem, 1st Edn., mor., g. e. by Hayday. Bonnae, ex Off. L. Mylii, 1545 (S. 

Dec. 3 ; 13) L. Rosenthal, £1 6s. 
Brevis et Dilucida de Sacramentis Ecclesiae Christi tractatio, etc., cont. 

white calf, stamped scrolls, g. and g. e. (title wormed and written on). Lon- 

dini, S. Myerdmannum, 1552 (S. Dec. 3 ; 12) Quaritch, £6 17s. 6d. 

Toute la forme & Maniere du Ministere Ecclesiastique en l'Eglise des Es- 

trangers dressee a Londres, par Edouard VI., traduit par G. Ctematius, (prel. 
11. in MS.), old calf. Paris, G. Ctematius, 1556 (S. Dec. 3 ; 14) 

L. Rosenthal, 12s. 
* MS. note says the only other copy of this French version known is in the 

l.a Trobe (C. J.) History of the United Brethren Mission among the Indians in N. 
America, trans, by Loskiel, half bnd', 1794 (H. Dec. 16 ; 209) £1 Is. 

Lavallee (J.) Voyage pittoresque de L'Istrie et de la Dalmatie, pits., russ. (broken) 
fo. Paris, 1802 (S. Nov. 11 ; 428) Weyhe, 9s. 

Lavater (L.) Of Ghostes and Spirites, trans, by R. H., b. I. (margins defective), 
sm. 4to., calf, 1596 (H. Oct. 15 ; 480) £1 lis. 

Lavender (T.) Travels of Foure Englishmen and a Preacher into Africa, Asia, &c, 
b. I., sm. 4to. (defective), calf, 1612 (H. Nov. 5 ; 433) 13s. 

Law (John) Money and Trade Considered, half calf gilt, t. e. g., Glasgow, 1750 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 325) Tregaskis, 17s. 

(W.) Works, Orig. Edn., 9 vols., calf (rebacked), 1762 (H. Oct. 29 ; 403) 

Dr. Hastings, £1 7s. 

Law Times Journal and Reports, from commencement in 1843 to March, 1860, 
34 vols., folio, cloth (6 half calf), and Law Times Reports, New Series, from 
commencement in Nov. 1859, to Jan. 23rd, 1909, being vols. 1 to 99, half calf, 
(last vol. in nos.), with Index to vols. 1 1 to 20 and 31 to 50, and Digest, 1856 
to 1869, 4 vols., together 137 vols. (H. Dec. 4 ,110) Stevens, £30 

Law Times Reports, New Series, from commencement in Nov. 1859, to April 8th, 
1905, being vol. 1 to the first 6 numbers of vol. 92 (vols. 49, 78, 79, and 82 
missing), 83 vols., half calf, rem. in nos., with Index to the first 80 vols., in 8 
vols., cloth (H. Dec. 4 ; 55) Sweet 6- Maxwell, £22 

Law Reports in all the Courts, with Statutes and Digest, from commencement in 
1865-6 to 1903 inclusive (Probate Div. for 1888-9 missing) first 94 vols, calf 
(a few broken), remainder in 218 vols., half mor., m. e., with Digest in 4 vols., 
cloth, and 3 parts, sewn, together 316 vols, and 3 parts (H. Dec. 4 ; 54) £74 


Law. The same, with Statutes and Digest, from commencement in 1865-6 to 1908 
inclusive, fully Noted up, with County Court, Companies Winding Up, Land 
Transfer, and other Rules, and Thirteenth Table of Statutes, in 94 vols., calf 
250 vols., half calf, 7 vols, cloth and 28 parts sewed, together 358 vols. (H. 
Dec. 4 ; 108) £85 

* The remainder of the current year's issue will be delivered to tbe purchaser. 

The same, with Statutes from 1889 to 1892, inclusive (Chancery, vol. 3, and 

Appeals for 1 892 missing), 38 vols., calf and half calf, and 4 vols, of Weekly 
Notes, cloth, 1888-92 (H. Dec. 4 ; 17) Kelly, £4 

Law Journal Reports, with Magistrates Cases, Statutes, &c. from 1846 to 1880 
inclusive (1878 missing), with Digest from 1850, in 90 vols., sm. 4to. (broken 
and a few defective) (H. Dec. 4 ; 19) £1 13s. 

Lawrance (Miss) Collection of Roses from Nature, 91 cold, pits., russ., fo., 1799 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 91) Quaritch, £& 

Lawrence (R.) Interest of Ireland in its Trade and Wealth stated, 2 vol. in 1, 
half calf, Dublin. 1682 (S. Nov. 10 ; 145) Harding, 10s. 

(Sir T. ) Cabinet of Gems, tinted pits, on India Paper, 4to., 1837 (H. Oct. 1 5. 

562) Maggs, £3 5s. 

(W.) Marriage by the Morall Law of God vindicated, 1st Edn., engd. title, 

old calf, 4to., 1680 (S. Oct. 29 ; 606) James, 3s. 

Layenspiegel. Der Neii Layenspiegel von rechtmassigen ordnungen in Burger- 
lichen und peinlichen Regimenten : mit Additon : [von Ulrich Tengler ], I. g. , 
34 woodcuts by Burgmaier and Prank, leaf 31 missing, few wormholes, calf, 
r. e., fo. Augspurg, 1511 (S. Nov. 3 ; 115) Dobell, £1 5s. 

Lear (Ed.) Illustrations of the Family of Psittacidae or Parrots, 42 cold pits., half 
calf, broken, fo., 1832 (S. Nov. 24 ; 511) Quaritch, £2 10s. 

Le Beau (C.) Avantures, ou voyage curieux et nouveau parmi les Sauvages de 
l'Amerique Septentrionale, 2 vol., maps and pits., veil. Amst., 1738 (S. 
Dec. 18 ; 236) Warren, £3 5s. 

Le Blanc (V.)World Surveyed, or Voyages and Travailes port., (repaired), half calf 
fo., 1660 (S. Nov. 10 ; 226) ' Carter, 4s. . 

Le Bossu (P.) Heures Royales, contenant les Offices, Vespres, Hymnes, et Proses 
de l'Eglise, etc., engs., old pigskin, g. e. Paris, 1680 (S. Dec. 5 ; 443) 

Ranshaw, £1 

Le Brun. Les Peintures de Ch. Le Brun et d'Eust. Le Sueur, qui sont dans l'hotel 
du Chastelet, ci-devant la maison du President Lambert ; La Galerie repre- 
sentant l'apotheose d'Hercule, 15 pits., in 1 vol., half russ., fo. Paris, 1740 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 92) Quaritch, £2 5s. 

— — (Corn.) Voyages, par la Moscovie, en Perse, et aux Indes Orientales, 2 vol., 
port., front, and pits, (mended), calf, fo. Amst., 1718 (S. Dec. 16 ; 382) 

Andrews, 4s. 

Le Clerc (J.) Geschiedenissen der Vereenigde Nederlanden, port, and pits., 3 vols., 
veil., fo. Amst., 1730 (H. Nov. 27 ; 587) £\ 6s. 

Lecky (W. E. H. ) History of England, 8 vol., calf, t. e. g., 1878 (S. Nov. 25 ; 620) 

Wallace, £5 7s. 6d. 

Lecomte (H.) Costumes Civils et Militaires de la Monarchic Francaise, 99 cold. 

litho. plates, 4to. Paris [1820] (H. Dec. 9 ; 576) £1 2s. 

Lee (Oswin) Among British Birds, pits., 4 vols, in 16 parts. Edinb., 1897-99 

(H. Nov. 4 ; 121) Dames, £2 2s. 

Leech (John) Mr. Briggs and his Doings : Fishing Experiences, etc., 12 cold, pits., 

half mor., t. e. g., oblong fo. (S. Nov. 2 ; 239) Maggs, £2 10s. 

Leger (J . ) Histoire generate des eglises de Piemont, engd. title, port., map and ills., 

old calf, fo. Leyde, 1669 (S. Nov. 10 ; 221) Higham, 12s. 

Legrand d'Aussy. Fabliaux ou Contes, Fables et Romans du XII. et du XIII. 

siecle, 5 vol., pits, by Moreau and Desenne, calf gilt, Paris, 1829 (S. Nov. 3 ; 

116) De Vries, £1 18s. 

Leigh (C.) Natural History of Lancashire, Cheshire, etc., port., map, and pits., 

calf, fo., Oxford, 1700 (S. Dec. 16 ; 383) Harding, 8s. 

(G.) Accedens of Armory, coats-of-arms (a few coloured ), folding woodcut, 

half calf, 4to., 1568 (S. Dec. 17 ; 106) Shepherd, £1 19s. 

Another Edn., cuts, with folding plate, half bound, 4to., 1576 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

497) Leighton, 19s. 

1908-9 9 1 

[Leigh (Percival)] Comic Latin Grammar, 1840; Comic English Grammar, 1840; 
1st Edns., ills, by Leech, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere (2) (S. Nov. 2 ; 131) 

Young, £2 8s. 

Jack the Giant Killer, 1st Edn., ills, by Leech, calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, cover 

bound up, n. d. (S. Nov. 2 ; 130) Sotheran, £1 12s . 

Leigh's New Picture of London, map and plan of London, 12 views and 24 pits, of 
trades, calf gilt, 1818 (S. Oct. 28 ; 12) Rimell, £\ 8s. 

[Leighton (A.)] Appeal to the Parliament, or Simon's Plea against the Prelacie, 
2 engravings, sheep, sm. 4to. (1628) (S. Nov. 3 ; 117) Adams, £\ 2s. 

Leland ( J. ) Collectanea de Rebus Britannicis, cum Notis Hearnii, 6 vols., old calf 
1774 (H.Nov. 6 ; 717) 15s. 

The same, 6 vols., old russ., y. e., 1774 (H. Nov. 26 ; 59) £1 9s. 

Itinerary, Second Edn„ 9 vols., old calf, 1745 (H. Oct. 28 ; 92) 

Tregaskis, £2 5s. 

Another Edn., published by T. Hearne, 9 vol., pits., half calf. Oxford, 1769- 

70 (S. Nov. 11 ; 299) Bull, £2 15s. 

The same, L. P., 9 vols, in 5, old russ., y. e. Oxford, 1769 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

58) £3 15s. 

Lemnius (L.) Touchstone of Complexions, Englished by T[homas] N[ewton], 
half calf, 4to., 1633 (S. Dec. 15 ; 288) Ellis, £\ Is. 

Le Prince (J. B. ) Manners and Customs of Russia, &c, 71 pits., sm. 4to., half bnd., 
[1764-74] (H. Dec. 16 ; 300) 17s. 

les Mceurs, les Coutumes et les Habillemens de differentes Peuples, pits., fo. 

(1769) (S. Dec. 16 ; 634) Rimell, 17s. 

Le Sage (R.) Gil Bias, trans, by T. Smollett, 15 cold, engs., 3 vol., boards, 1819 

(S. Dec. 17 ; 10) Barnard, £3 

Leslie. Laurus Leslaeana explicata, sive Clarior enumeratio personarum utriusque 

sexus cognominis Leslie, etc., port, and genealogical tree (mounted), calf, 

with the Leslie arms. Graecii ap. Haeredes Widmanstadii, 1692 (S. Nov. 

10 ; 265) Maggs, 5s. 

Lessing (G. E.) Nathan der Weise, 1st Edn., mor., 1779 (P. Dec. 1 ; 579) 

Meuel, £\ 4s. 
Lessons of Thrift, cold. pits, by I. R. Cruikshank, mor. ex., joints, silk linings, g. e. 

by Zaednsdorf, 1820 (S. Nov. 24 ; 330) Howell, £4 6s. 

Letters to a Nobleman on the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colonies, plan, 

unbound, 1780 (S. Dec. 16 ; 559) Grant, 13s. 

Le Vaillant (F.) Histoire Naturelle des Perroquets : 100 cold. pits, by Werner 

(14£inby 11 in,), in portfolio, n. d. (H. Nov. 4 ; 117) Dames, £2 15s. 

Lever (C. ) Arthur O'Leary, 3 vol., 1st Edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, fine copy, 1 844 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 335) Steele, £5 7s. 6d. 

Barrington, 1st Edn., pits, by " Phiz," 1863(S. Nov. 24 ; 346)Howell 12s. 

Bramleighs of Bishop's Folly, 3 vol., 1st Edn., 1868 (S. Nov. 24 ; 351) 

Edwards, 10s. 

Charles O'Malley, 2 vol., 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," Dublin, 1841 (S. Nov. 

24 ; 333) Steele, £2 4s. 

Confessions of Con Cregan, 2 vol., 1st Edn., ills, by H. K. Browne, n. d. 

(S. Nov. 24 ; 331) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Cornelius O'Dowd, 3 vol., 1st Edn., 1864-5 (S. Nov. 24 ; 347) Edwards, 6s. 

The Daltons, 2 vol., 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," 1852 (S. Nov. 24 ; 341 ) 

Howell, 18s. 

Davenport Dunn, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," 1859 (S. Nov. 24 ; 345) 

Maggs, £\ 3s. 

Diary and Notes of Horace Templeton, Esq., 2 vol., 1st Edn., fine copy, 1848 

(S. Nov. 24 ; 339) Sleeman, £2 3s. 

Dodd Family Abroad, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," 1854 (S. Nov. 24 ; 342) 

Steele, £\ 8s. 

Fortunes of Glencore, 3 vol., 1st Edn., " With the Publisher's Compts." 

on title of vol. I., 1857 (S. Nov. 24 ; 344) Spencer, 10s. 

Harry Lorrequer, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," Dublin, 1839 (S. Nov. 24 ; 

(332) Howell, 14s. 

Knight of Gwynne, 1st Edn., ills, by :' Phiz," 1847 (S. Nov. 24 ; 338) 

* Howell, 12s. 


Lever (C.) Luttrell of Arran, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," 1865 (S. Nov. 24 ; 349) 

Howell, 9s. 

Martins of Cro' Martin, 2 vol., 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," 1856 (S. Nov. 24 ; 

343) Edwards, £1 3s. 

The same, pres. copy from author, with Inscription, 1856 (H.Nov. 20; 

572) Maggs, £3 10s. 

Nuts and Nut-Crackers, pits, (slightly stained), 1st Edn., 1845 (H. Nov. 

5; 418) lis. 

The O'Donoghue, 1st Edn., ills, by H. K. Browne, Dublin, 1845 (S. Nov. 

24 ; 337) Howell, 13s. 

One of them, 1st Edn., orig. 14 parts, pits, by "Phiz," 1861 (S. Dec. 17 ; 58> 

Borrow, £2 10s. 

Our Mess, 3 vol., 1st Edn., port, and pits, by "Phiz," 1843-44 (S. Nov. 

24 ; 334) Howell, £1 6s. 

Roland Cashel, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," 1850 (S. Nov. 24 ; 340) 

Steele, £1 15s. 

Sir Brooke Fossbrooke, 3 vol., 1st Edn., 1866 (S. Nov. 24 ; 350) 

Edwards, 1 0s. 

Tales of the Trains, 1st Edn., woodcuts by " Phiz," (slightlv damaged and 

loose), 1845 (S. Nov. 24 ; 336) ' Edwards, lis. 

That Boy of Norcott's, 1st Edn., 5 ills., fine copy, 1869 (S. Nov. 24 ; 352> 

Steele, £3 8s. 

Tony Butler, 3 vol., 1st Edn., 1865 (S. Nov. 24 ; 348) Hornstein, 10s. 

Levett (J.) The Ordering of Bees, front., half mor., 4to., 1634 (P. Oct. 8 ; 24 1 ) 

Spencer, 12s. 

Le Vois (A.) Discours sur les medailles et gravures antiques, principalement Ro- 
manies, pits, (that of the Priapus on p. 147 unmutilated), mor. gilt, g. e., 4to. 
Paris, 1579 (S. Nov. 11 ; 389) Bloomfield, £1 12s. 

Lewin (J. W.) Natural History of the Birds of New South Wales, 26 cold. pits.,. 
4to., 1822 (P. Oct. 30 ; 511) Grant, £1 6s. 

Lewis (J.) History of Faversham, front, and ports., 4to., calf, 1727 (H. Dec. 16 ; 
151) Harding, £1 2s. 

History of the Isle of Tenet, ills., 4to., calf, 1723 (H. Dec. 16 ; 150) 

E. Avery, £\ 6s. 
Lewkenor (S. ) Discourse for such as are desirous to know the situations and cus- 

tomes of forraine Cities, 4to., 1600 (P. Oct. 9 ; 479) Dobell, 16s. 

Lexicon Graecum jam denuo supra omneis omnium auctiones longe auctissimum r 

stamped leather over oak boards, panelled sides by Geoffrey Garret, with 

fragment of a 13th century MS. at end, fo. Basileae 1 525 (H. Nov. 6 ; 868> 

Leighton, £4 15s. 
Leybourn (W.) Compleat Surveyor, 2nd Edn., port., etc., half mor., g. e., fo., 1657 

(S. Oct. 29 ; 679) Tomkins, 10s. 

Libellus de Modo Confitendi et Penitendi, g. 1. (Campbell, 1 133) initials rubricated, 

sm. 4to., (title and last blank leaf wanting), half calf. Antwerp, Gerard 

Leeu [? 1487] (H. Nov. 26 ; 173) Tregaskis, £2 

Libri. Monuments Inedits, facsimiles, half morocco, fo., 1862 (H. Dec. 17 ; 

653) Myers, £\ 14s. 

Lievre (E. ) Collections celSbres d' Oeuvres d' Art, pits. , 4to. , 1 866-69 (S. Nov. 1 2 ; 

908) Hunt, 4s. 

The same, L. P., 50 india proofs pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo. Paris, 1866 

(S. Nov. 25 ; 853) Hyam, £\ 8s. 

Works of Art in the Collections of England, Fine Paper, pits., proofs, 4 to., 

in portfolio, n. d. (S. Nov. 12 ; 909) Hunt lis. 

Lilford (Lord) Birds of the British Islands, 7 vol., port, and cold, pits., half mor., 
t. e. g., 1885-1897 (S. Nov. 12 ; 667) Lacy, £48 

Notes on the Birds of Northamptonshire, 2 vol., ills., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 

1895 (S. Nov. 12 j 861) Quaritch, £3 

L' Illustration Horticole : Journal Special des Serres et des Jardins, from com- 
mencement in 1854 to Sept. 1892 (First to Fifth Series, vol. 6), pits., mostly 
cold., 38 vols., half mor. (first 32 vols, uniformlv bound) and 9 numbers (1 
wanting). Gand 1854-92 (H.Nov. 4; 211 A. W. Paul £7 7s. 

Lindley ( J. ) Folia Orchidacea, vol. I. fall pubd. ), hi. mor., t. e. g., 1852-9(H. Nov. 
4 ; 188) Wheldon, £1 

1908-9 93 

Lindley (J.) Sertum Orchidaceum, 49 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1838 (H. 
Nov. 4 ; 253) Quaritch, £5 5s. 

( W. ) Digitalium Monographia, 28 cold, pits., boards, fo., 1821 (S. Nov. 24 ; 

514) Wesley, £1 

Lipscomb (G. ) History of Buckingham, 4 vol., L. P., proof plates, half mor., t. e. g., 
4to., 1847 (S. Dec. 17 ; 125) Watford, £10 10s. 

The same, 4 vol., L. P., half mor. ex., t. e. g., 4to., 1847 (S. Nov. 24 ; 41 1 ) 

Edwards, £\2 15s. 

Lister (M. ) Historia Conchyliorum, recens et indice locupletissimo instruxit L. W. 
Dillwyn, pits., calf fo., 1823 (H. Nov. 4 ; 100) 9s. 

Lithgow (Wm.) RareAdventures and Painefull Peregrinations of Travailes, old 
calf, 4to., 1640 (P. Oct. 30 ; 507) Dobell, £\ 

Litio (Robt. de) Quadragesimale de Pcenitentia, g. I., illuminated initial at com- 
mencement, other initials in red, calf, embossed sides, g. e., wormed, stained, 
1 leaf inlaid, fo. Venetiis, Wendelin, 1473 (S. Dec. 16 ; 384) Ellis, £4 

Littleton's Tenures in English, h. I., orig. veil., 1612 (H. Nov. 6 ; 744) 

Leighton, £\ Is. 

Another Edn., MS. notes, &. t, sheep, 1627 (H. Nov. 26 ; 132) 

Harding, 17s. 
Livius. Roemsche Historie .... in onser Nederlantscher spraken ghedruckt, 

woodcuts, 6. I., half calf, fo. Antw. 1541 (H. Dec. 9 ; 601 ) 14s. 

Lloyd (E.) Antiquities of Shropshire, enlarged by T. F. Dukes, ills., russia, g. e., 

4to. Shrewsbury, 1844 (S. Nov. 25 ; 791 ) Quaritch, £\ 7s. 

(L.) Game Birds and Wild Fowl of Sweden and Norway, cold, pits., 1867 

(H. Oct. 30 ; 835) 14s. 

Scandinavian Adventures, 2 vol., ills., 1854 (S. Nov. 25 ; 698) 

George, 10s. 

The same, 2 vol., half mor., t.e.g., 1854 (S. Nov. 12 ; 668 Young, £1 4s. 

Loartes (C.) Der Geistliche Hertzentroster fiir alle betriibte, angefochtene, arme, 

krancke, verschmachte . . . Personen, in Teutsch gebracht durch D. Phil. 
Dobereiner von Tiirschenreuth, I. g., woodcuts, oak boards, leather. Miin- 
chen, 1576 (S. Dec. 17 ; 4) Leighton, j£2 

Lobel (M. de) Kruydtboeck, engd. title (mounted), and woodcuts, coloured by a 
contemporary hand, fo., stamped calf over oak boards. Antwerp, 1581 
(H. Nov. 5 ; 488) Sotheran, £1 9s. 

Plantarum sen Stirpium Historia, woodcuts, calf (broken), fo. Antverpiae 

1576 (H. Oct. 8; 942) 9s. 

Locker (F.) London Lyrics, L. P., front, by Caldecott in two states (with and 
without feather in hat), india proof of the illustration by Kate Greenaway, 
port, inserted, parchment, uncut, 1881 (S. Nov. 2 ; 132) Maggs, £3 4s. 

Lockhart's Spanish Ballads, 1st Edn., with inscription, " Sir James Stewart, 
Bt., from his affectionate friend Walter Scott, Abbotsford, 7th Jan., 1829," 
in Scott's handwriting, 4to., 1823 (P. Dec. 1 ; 621) Sabin, £6 5s. 

Loddiges' Botanical Cabinet, 2,000 pits, by G. Cooke, some cold., 20 v., hf. cf., 
1817-33 (H. Nov. 4 ; 172) Quaritch, £14 

Logan (J.) The Scottish Gael, 2 vol., cold, pits., calf, 1831 (S. Nov. 10 ; 140) 

Maggs, 13s. 

Loggan (D.) Cantabrigia Illustrata, engd. title, dedication, address to reader and 
index tabularum, 30 pits., with port, of Duke of Somerset by J. Smith, and 
port, of Duke of Ormond, sometimes found in Loggan's ' Oxonia Illustrata,' 
inserted, old calf gilt, g. e., fine copy, fo., 1688 (S. Nov. 26 ; 94) 

Edwards, £10 

Oxonia Illustrata, engd. title and 40 pits., old calf, fine copy, fo. Oxoniae, 

1675 (S. Nov. 26 ; 93) Quaritch, £7 10s. 

Loier (Peter de) Treatise of Specters (title short), half mor., sm. 4to., 1605 (S. 

Dec. 17 ; 101) Dobell, Us. 

London. Modern London : being the History of the Present State of the British 

Metropolis, with the 31 cold. pits, of Itinerant Traders, half russ., fo., 1804 

(H.Dec. 8; 293) W. V. Daniell, & lOl. 

[ Long (E. ) ] History of Jamaica, pit ., 3 vol ., calf gilt, g. e., 4to., 1774 (H. Dec. 

17 ; 579) Stevens &■ Stiles, £1 18*. 

(J.) Voyage of an Indian Trader, with Chippeway Vocabulary, map, 4to., 

(broken), 1791 (H. Nov. 5 ; 469) Quaritch, £S 15s. 


• Longfellow (H. W.) Evangeline, 1st Edn., half calf, Boston, 1847 (S. Nov. 3 ; 
"l22) Spencer, £2 

Life and Pinal Memorials, ed. by S. Longfellow, L. P., 3 vol., ills. Boston, 

1886-87 (S. Oct. 28 ; 237) Heath, £1 

Writings, with Biographical and Critical Notes, L. P., 11 vol., port. Cam- 
bridge, Mass., 1886 (S. Oct. 28 ; 236) Maggs, £3 18s. 

Lord (J. K.) The Naturalist in Vancouver Island and British Columbia, pits. 

2 vols., half calf, m. e., 1866 (H. Nov. 4 ; 46) Wheldon, £\ 2s/ 

Lory (J. and J.) Picturesque Tour from Geneva to Milan, plan and 36 cold, pits., 

half bound, y. e., 1820 (S. Nov. 27 ; 368) Edwards, 17s. 

Loudon (J. C.) Arboretum et Fruticetum Britannicum, 8 vol., cold, pits., 1854 

(S. Dec. 17 ; 25) Tusser, £V2 

Magazine of Natural History, 9 vols., 1829-36, New Ser., by Charlesworth, 

4 vols., 1837-40, Magazine of Zoology and Botany, 2 vols., 1837-8, and 
Annals and Magazine of Natural History, from 1855 to 1883 inclusive, ills., 
58 v. ; together 73 vols. (H. Nov. 27 ; 447 ) Quaritch, £\6 10s. 

Louis XIII. Les Triomphes de Louis le Juste XIII., pits., half mor., fo. Paris, 
164 9 (H. Dec. 17 ; 649) 14s. 

Louis. Life of Lewis of Bourbon, Prince of Conde, port., from library of Robert 
Harley, Earl of Oxford, calf gilt, with Harley arms, 1693 (P. Oct. 9 ; 399) 

Dobell, 5s. 

Loutherbourg (P. J. de) Picturesque Scenery of England and Wlaes, 16 cold, pits., 
uncut, fo., 1805 (S. Dec. 16 ; ?86) Russell, £3 12s. 

Lovell (R. ) Panzoologicomineralogia. or Compleat History of Animals and 
Minerals, with History of Mineralls (separate titles), in 1 vol., mor., last leaf 
defective. Oxford, 1661 (S. Nov. 25 ; 681) Edwards, 7s. 

Lover (S.) Handy Andy, 1st Edn., 24 ills., calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, cover bound 
up, 1842 (S. Nov. 2 ; 133) Maggs, £2 16s. 

Lowndes (S.) The Situation of Paradise found out, 1st Edn., 1683 (S. Oct. 30 ; 
725) James, 2s. 

Lowth (R. ) Billesdon Coplow, a Poem oh Fox-Hunting, F. C. Turner, wrap- 
pers, 1833 (P. Nov. 30 ; 209) . Homstein. £2 2s. 

Lucanus. La Pharsale de Lucain, traduite par M. Marmontel, 2 vol., frontispiece 
and 10 pits, by Grav lot, old calf, Paris, 1766 (S. Oct. 30 ; 743) Scotti, 7s. 

Lucas (W. J.) British Dragon Flies (Odonata), 12 cold, pits., 1900 (S. Dec. 16 ; 
565) Wesley, £1 Is. 

Ludolfi Carthusiensis in Psalterium Expositio, g. I., fo. (last leaf repaired), stamp- 
ed leather over oak boards. Lugduni, J. Moylin, 1518 (H. Nov. 26 ; 204). 

Barnard, 18s. 

Ludolphus de Saxonia. Vita Christi sive Meditationes secundum Seriem Evan 
gelistarum, g. t. (Hain, 10,296), initials in red and blue, one illuminated (a few 
lines scored), MS. Index at end, " anno 1515," fo., old calf. Nuremberg, 
A. Koberger, 1495 (H. Nov. 26 ; 160) £1 Is. 

Vita Jesu Christi, Sancte Anne Virginis, &c, woodcuts, vellum, fo. Parisiis, 

1529 (H.Dec. 9 ; 597) 18s. 

Lullus (Raymundus) Arbor Scientiae, woodcuts, old calf, 4to. Lugduni, 1515 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 412) Stow, £1 4s. 

Lumley (W. G. ) Abridgment of Cases relating to the Poor Law, 2 vols., 1840-3 
(H. Dec. 4 ; 113) £1 Is. 

Lupton (T.) A Thousand Notable Things of Sundrie Sorts, &. I., half calf, title 
inlaid, wormed and stained, 4to. , 1601 (S. Dec. 1 5 ; 289 ) Tregaskis, £2 14s. 

Luther (M.) Divine Discourses, trans, by Bell, port, (stained), calf, fo., 1652 (H. 
Oct. 8; 936) 2s. 6d. 

Enchiridion Piarum Precationum cum Passionali ut vocant, quibus accessit 

novum Calendarium, 1st Edn., 50 small woodcuts, 23 of which are copies of 
Diirer's " Little Passion," mor., g. and g. e. Wittenbergae, J. Lufft, 1543 
(H. Oct. 7 ; 556) Maggs, £5 5s. 

Lyall (Dr.) Character of the Russians and History of Moscow, cold, pits., 4to., 
1823 (P. Oct. 29 ; 256) Edwards, 16s. 

Lyra (Nic. de) Postillae perpetuse super Novum Testamentum, g. t., blue and red 
initials, oaken boards, stamped calf, back injured, stained, fo. Venet. O. 
Scotus, 1489 (S. Dec. 16 ; 387) Hartland, £A 

1908-9 95 

Lytton (Lord) Novels, 28 vols., cr. 8vo., half green calf gilt, t. e. g., 1895-8 
(H. Dec. 15 ; 78) Lazarus, £3 7s. 6d. 

Works, Knebworth Edn., ills., 36 vols., 1874-5 (H. Oct. 29 ; 333) 

Bumpus, £1 8s. 

Novels, " Knebworth Edition," 28 vol., fronts, half calf, m. e. Routledge, 

n. d. (S. Nov. 24 ; 358) Joseph, £4 2s. 6d. 

Mnaskamp (E.) Tableaux des Habillements en Hollande, 20 cold, pits., 4to. 

Amst. (1805) (S. Dec. 16 ; 610) Edwards, £1 12s. 

McArthur (J.) Army and Navy Gentleman's Companion, front, and 19 folding 

plates, &c, 4to., 1784 (H. Nov. 6 ; 859) 18s. 

Macaulay (Lord) Works, Ed. by Lady Trevelyan, 8 vol., Lib. Edn., port., tree-calf 

ex., m. e. by Riviere, 1871 (S. Oct. 28 ; 240) Heath, £3 16s. 

Works, Complete, Lib. Edn., 8 vols., 1879 (P. Oct. 29 ; 193) Maggs, £1 14s. 

Complete Works, Albany Edn., port. , on J apan Paper.L. P., 12 vols., 1898 

(H. Oct. 7 ; 496) " Tickell, £3 7s. 

Macgillivray (W.) Natural History of the Dee Side and Braemar, ills., 1855 (H. 
Dec. 16 ; 178) Bull, £\ Is. 

McKenney (T. L.) History of the Indian Tribes of North America, 100 cold, ports., 
3 vols., half russ., m. e. Phil. 1870 (H. Nov. 4 ; 16) Sotheran, £4 5s., 

Mackenzie (A. ) Voyage through the Continent of North America, port, and maps, 
calf, 1801 (H. Nov. 5 ; 470) Bailey, £\ 6s. 

Macpherson (H. A.) Vertebrate Fauna of Lakeland, Preface by R. S. Ferguson, 
ills., half mor., t. e. g., 1892 (S. Nov. 12 ; 678) Carlton, 13s. 

[Madan (M.)] Thelyphthora ; or, Treatise on Female Ruin, 1st Edn., 3 vols., half 
bnd., 1780-1 (H. Oct. 3 ; 846) 14s. 

Magellan (F.) Relacion del ultimo viage al Estrecho de Magallanes de la Frigata 
de S. M. Santa Maria de la Cabeza and Appendix (1788-9), port., charts, map, 
and table, in 1 vol., sm. 4to. Madrid 1788-93 (H. Nov. 6 ; 815) 10s. 

Magna Charta, cum Statutis et Calendario, 6. I., printed without title, vide Hazlitt, 
old veil. R. Pynson, 1519 (S. Oct. 29 ; 374) Leighton, £8 10s. 

Magna Carta etcetera antiqua statuta, 6. J., cont. calf, 1556 (P. Oct. 30 ; 351) 

Bull, 19s. 

Magna Charta, cum Statutis, fc. (., calf, 1587 (H. Nov. 26 ; 131 ) Harding, 12s. 

Maier (M.) Strutinium Chymicum, engs., mor. ex., panelled sides, g. e. Francof. 
1687 (S. Dec. 17 ; 144) Llewellyn, £2 8s. 

Maimonides. Mishna Torah, Hebraice, 4 vol., original text with Glossary and 
four Commentaries, engd. title and pits., old calf, fo. Amst. 1702 (S. Oct. 30 
960) Rosenbaum, 18s. 

Maitland (W.) History of London, front, (defective), and pits., half mor., uncut, 
fo., 1739 (S. Nov. 24 ; 517) 6s. 

Malefactors Register, or Newgate and Tyburn Calendar, pits., 5 vols., old calf 
(1779) (P. Oct. 8 ; 118) Rimell, £3 7s. 6d. 

Malton (J.) Picturesque View of Dublin, maps, dedication, arms and plates, with 
key-plate, stained, fo., ob., 1794 (S. Dec. 16 ; 630) Rimell, £5 5s. 

Mander (C. van) Het Schilder-Boeck, etc., b. I., 4 parts with separate titles, engd. 
title, calf, 4to. Haerlem, 1604 (S. Oct. 30 ; 861) De Vries, £1 Is. 

Manning and Bray. History of Surrey, views, etc., and Domesday on 13 plates, 
Best Edn., 3 vols., half russ., fo., 1804-14 (H. Oct. 15 ; 613) 

G. H. Brown, £14 5s. 

Manuale Secundum usum diocesis Virdunensis (Verdun) (cum Calendario), au- 
thoritate, opera, & sumptibus R. P. D. Nicolai Psaulme cpi ac comes virdunen 
excusa, I. fl., woodcuts in text, 16 illuminated initials, cont. French calf, with 
arms of the Bishop, g. and g. e., 4to. Lutetiae excudebat G. Merlin 1554 ; 
Venit Virduni in edibus domini Nicolai Bigin, alias Morin capellani in Ecclesia 
Cathedrali ; at end: Paris, J. Amazeur, 1554 (S. Dec. 18; 250) 

Markham, £40 

* The Bishop of Verdun's copy, under whose auspices the book was printed. 

In very fine state ; on the reverse of last leaf is the following inscription : 

• "N. Psaulmeus Epus ac Comes Virdunen sponsae suae Virdunen Ecclie S. Hoc 
manuale sacru tibi do dignissima sponsa quod nitidu nitidi pignus amoris erit 

9 6 


Marcus de Grandval. Apologie seu Defensorii Ecclesiae Catholice non tres she 
duas Magdalenas sed unicam celebrantis et colentis, sm. 4to. in sed. J . 
Badii, 1518 (S. Dec. 18; 255) Dobell, 15s. 

Margaret de Valois. True Discourses of the Whole Occurrences in the Queene's 
Voyage from her departure from Florence untill her arrival at Marseilles, 
trans, by E. A., 4to., 1601 (P. Oct. 8 ; 209) Smith, 5s! 

L'Heptameron des Nouvelles, Orig. Edn., containing all the 72 "Nouvelles,'' 

and the first in which this division was arranged, title in facsimile, large copv, 
4to. Paris, 1559 (S. Oct. 29 ; 586) Barnard, £3 16s. 

Heptameron Francais, 3 vol., pits, by Freudenberg, some proofs before letter 

(many plates with the numbers on), old tree-calf. Berne, 1780 (S. Nov. 24 ; 
359) ' Hatchard, £1 

Heptameron Francais, pits, by Freudenberg, 3 vol., old blue mor., g. e., fine 

copy. Berne, 1792 (S. Dec. 16 ; 525) Wilson, £11 

Maria di S. Caterina. II Viaggio al Indie Orientali, sm. 4to., half mor. Venetia, 
1678 (H. Nov. 5 ; 449) 10s. 

Markham (Col.) Shooting in the Himalayas, ills., 1854 (P.Oct. 8; l82)Spencer,\5s. 

(G. ) Markham's Master-Piece, engd. title and folding plate, calf, sm. 4to., 

1668 (S. Dec. 18 ; 260) Ranshaw, 14s. 

Markham's Master-Piece revived, containing all knowledge touching the 

Curing all Diseases in Horses, engd. title and folding woodcut, old calf, 

4to., 1683 (P. Nov. 30 ; 250) Ellis, 6s. 

Another Edn., in 2 parts, cuts, sm.4to., sheep, 1717 (H. Dec. 8; 188) 13s. 

New Orchard and Garden, English House Wife, Country Contentments, 

Farewell to Husbandry, and Country House Wife's Garden, sm. 4to., unbound 
1683-4 (H. Nov. 12 ; 502) 14s. 

Marxyat (F.) Peter Simple, 3 vol., 1st Edn., front., calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1834 
(S. Nov. 2 ; 134) Robson, £4 12s. 

* In this copy are inserted 12 plates by R. W. Buss to illustrate the novel, 
issued in 1 837. 

Pirate and Three Cutters, 1st Edn., 20 engs. by Stanfield, calf gilt, t. e. g.. 

by Riviere, 1836 (S. Nov. 2 ; 135) Robson, £1 14s. 

Poor Jack, 1st Edn., ills, by Stanfield, tree-calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, cover 

bound up, 1840 (S. Nov. 2 ; 136) Robson, £1 14s. 

Marshall (C. H. T. and G. F. L. ) Monograph of the Capitonidae, 73 cold, pits., half 
mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1871 (S. Nov. 12 ; 867) Wesley, £2 14s. 

Marsilli (L. F., Comte de) Histoire physique de la mer, pits., all coloured by hand, 
old calf, fo. Amst., 1725 (S. Dec. 17 ; 173) Borrow, £1 4s. 

Martial Achievements of Gt. Britain, 53 cold, pits., 4to., half mor., uncut, 4to., 
1814 (H. Nov. 12 ; 564) Edwards, £6 15s. 

The same, 4to., half bound, 4to., 1814-15 (H. Oct. 7 ; 612) £3 12s. 6d. 

Martini und Chemnitz. Neues Systematisches Conchy lien-Cabinet, 11 vol., in- 
cluding the Index by Schroter, cold, pits., half russ., m. e., 4to. Nurnberg, 
1769 (S. Nov. 25; 804) Wheldon, £2 2s. 

Martinus Polon. Margarita Decreti seu Tabula Martingiana, 76 leaves, paragraph 
marks in red (Hain, 10,858) (2 leaves in facsimile), bds. Rome, J. Schurener 
de Bopardia 1487 (H. Nov. 26 ; 185) 10s. 

Martyn (Jo.) Historia Plantarum Rariorum, cold. pits. (1 defective) calf, fo., 1728 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 519) Wesley, £1 

(Th.) Entomologist Anglois, cold, pits., old mor. ex., joints, g. e., 4to., 1792 

(S. Nov. 24 ; 415) Stevens, £3 15s. 

* Presentation copy to Charles IV. of Spain, with MS. dedication bv Martyn, 
and water-colour portrait of author. 

Martyr (Peter) Warhafftige beschreibung deren ding, die sich in dem loblichen 
Konigreich Engelland im Neivmonat dieses gegenwertigen, pedigree, calf ex., 
g. e. by Pratt, 4to. s. 1. 1553 (P. Oct. 9 ; 499) Smith, 9s. 

History of the Trauayle in the West and East Indies, done into Englyshe by 

Richarde Eden, finished by Richard Willes, B. C. (3 11. repaired and a few 
letters restored), sm. 4to., calf, g. e., 1577 (H. Nov. 6 ; 787) £10 

Marvell (Andrew) Miscellaneous Poems, Orig. Edn., port., old calf, fo., 1681 
(S. Dec. 17 ; 177) Dobell, £9 

The Rehearsal Transpos'd, with the Second Part, 2 vol., old calf, not uniform 

1672-3 (S. Dec. 1 ; 48) Borrow, 5s. 

1908-9 97 

Mary Stuart. L'Innocence de Marie Royne d'Ecosse, (S. B. no. 85), 2 parts in 1 
vol., 2 11. of errata, mor., g. e. s. 1. ou nom, 1572 (S. Oct. 29 ; 480 

Maggs, £\ lis. 

Marie Stuartae Scotorum Reginae nuper ab Eli z abet ha Regina et Ordinibus 

Anglise . . Supplicium et Mors pro fide Catholice constantissima ; in Anglia 
Vernacula Lingua conscripta, etc., calf (S. B. no. 159), cut into. Colon. 1587 
(S. Oct. 29 ; 484) Ttegaskis, 13s. 

Maseres (P.) Collection of several Commissions proceeding from His Majestys 

Royal Authority relating to Quebec since its Conquest in 1760, 4to., boards, 

1772 (H. Nov. 6; 830) Leon, £2 18s. 

Masonic Mirror and Symbolic Chart, text and engs. mounted on linen and folded 

in a case, n. d. (S. Oct. 20 ; 41 1 ) Shepherd, 10s. 

Massachusetts Convention ; Debates, Resolutions, and Proceedings of, calf gilt 

by Riviere, uncut, Boston, 1788 (H. Oct. 29 ; 600) 

Stevens 6* Stiles, £1 3s. 
Massinger [and Dekker]. The Virgin Martyrs, a Tragedie, hf. mor., 4to., 1661 

(P. Nov. 30 ; 235) Dobell, £\ 12s. 
(P.) Dramatick Works, ed. by J. Monck Mason, port., 4 vols., old calf gilt, 

1779 (H. Nov. 27 ; 483) Brown, 16s. 

Masson (F.) Napoleon et son Fils. ills., 4to., Paris, 1904 (H. Nov. 5 ; 563) 

Vyt, £\ 14s. 
Matelief (C. ) Journael, ende Historische Verhael van de treffelijcke Reyse gedaen 

naer Oost Indien, ende China, etc., folding plate (mounted), (cut), 4to. 

Amst., 1648 (S. Nov. 24 ; 416) Edwards, 3s. 

Matthioli (P. A.) Discorsi nelli sei libri di Pedacio Dioscoride Anazarbeo della 

Materia Medicinale, woodcuts (defective), fo.Venet, 1568 (H. Nov. 5; 487) 16s. 

Another Edn., woodcuts, veil., fo. Venetia, 1573 (S. Nov. 24 ; 520) 

Leighton, 10s. 

Opera, cuts, engd. title, old calf, fo. Basil, 1674 (P. Nov. 30 ; 276) 

Reader, 4s. 
Matrimonial Ladder ! or such things are, cold. ills, by M. E., half mor., t. e. g., 1823 

(S. Nov. 2 ; 138) Maggs, £3 5s. 

Mauriceau (Fr.) Traite des maladies des femmes, 2 vol., port, and ills., calf, 4to. 

Paris, 1712 (S. Dec. 16 ; 502) Bloomfield, 2s. 

Maximilian. Le Triomphe de l'Empereur Maximilien I., en une suite de 135 

planches gravees en bois d'apres les desseins de Hans Burgmair, russ., fo. 

Venise, 1796 (S. Nov. 26 ; 98) Besombs, £\3 15s. 

Maxwell (W. H.) Hector O'Halloran, 1st Edn., etchings by Leech, calf ex., t. e. g. 

by Riviere, cover bound up, n. d. (1842-43) (S. Nov. 2 ; 140) 

Robson, £\ 6s. 
Rambling Recollections of a Soldier of Fortune, 1st Edn., port, and ills. 

by H. K. Browne, tree-calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, Dublin, 1842 (S. Nov. 2 ; 

139) Robson, 18s. 

May (Sir T. E.) On the Law and Usage of Parliament, Eleventh Edn., 1906 (H. 

Nov. 4 ; 307) Private, £\ 8s. 

Mayhew (A.) Paved with Gold, 1st Edn., ills, by H. K. Browne, cover bound up, 

calf ex., t. e. g., 1858 (S. Nov. 2 ; 141) Edwards, 19s. 
(Bros.) Greatest Plague in Life, 1st Edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, orig. parts, 

n. d. (H. Dec. 16 ; 205) Spencer, £1 5s. 
The Magic of Kindness, 1st Edn., ills, by Geo. Cruikshank, calf gilt, g. e. by 

Riviere, covers bound up, n. d. (1848) (S. Nov. 2 ; 58) Maggs, £\ Is. 
Whom to Marry, 1st Edn., etchings by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. by 

Riviere, a little soiled, cover bound up, Bogue, n. d. (S. Nov. 2 ; 67) 

Robson, £1 
Adventures of Mr. and Mrs. Sandboys, 1st Edn., pits, by G. Cruikshank, 1 851 

(S. Oct. 30; 715) Abbey, 8s. 

Meadows (L.) Dame Perkins, and her Grey Mare, 1st Edn., cold. ills, by " Phiz," 

calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, cover bound up, 4to., 1866 (S. Nov. 2 ; 201 ) 

Edwards, £1 4s. 
Meares (J.) Voyages to the North- West Coast of America, port., maps, and plates, 

calf, 4to., 1790 (P. Oct. 30 ; 505) BaiUy, £2 2s. 

Meerman (G.) Origines Typographicse, ports, and facs., 2 vols, in I, 4to., calf, 

Hagae Comitum, 1765 -(H. Nov. 26 ; 69) Harding, lis. 


Melanchthon Grammatica Grseca Phil. Mel. jam denuo recognita, boards. Nori- 
berga?, 1533 (H. Nov. 26 ; 177) 2s. 6d. 

Liber selectarum declamationum, title repaired, stamped veil., 4to. Argent. 

1541 (S. Nov. 24 ; 419) Leighton, £\ Is. 

Mellin de S. Gelais. CEuvres Poetiques, old calf gilt, m. e. Lyon, 1574 (S. Oct. 

29 ; 426) Horn, 17s. 

Memoires des Commissaires du Roi et de ceux de sa Majeste Britannique sur les 

Possessions et les Droits respectifs des deux Couronnes en Amerique, map, 

3 vols., 4to., boards, Paris, 1755 (H. Nov. 6 ; 814) £2 

Mendez Pinto (F.) Voyages in China, Japan, and the East Indies, trans, by H. 

C[ogan], fo. (1 leaf torn), cf., 1653 (H. Nov. 5 ; 443) £1 10s. 

Mengus (H.) Flagellum Daemonum ; Fustis Daemonum, veil. Bononiae, 1589 

(S. Nov. 3 ; 127) Blootnfield, 6s. 

Mercuri (Paul) Costumes Historiques des XIR XIII*, XTV et XV Stecles, 200 

cold, pits., 3 vols., hf. mor., 4to., 1861 (P. Dec. 1 ; 647) Rimell, £2 12s. 6d. 
Mercurius Trismegistus. Liber de Potestate et Sapientai Dei : per Marsilium 

Ficinum traductus, g. I. (stained), sm. 4to., half russ. Alma Parisior, Aca- 

demia W. Hopyl, 1494 (H. Nov. 26 ; 198) Leighton, £1 

Meredith (George) Modern Love, 1st Edn., 1862 (P. Dec. 1 ; 41 1 ) Sabin, £\ 8s. 

Poems, 1st Edn., pres. copy, " E. L. Blanchard from the Author," on title, 

no half title. Parker (1851) (P. Oct. 9 ; 448) Dobell, £\ 2s. 

Works, Edn. de Luxe, 32 vols., 1896-8 (P. Oct. 30 ; 347) Edwards, £14 

Merlin Prophetia Anglicana, orig. vellum, autograph of Sir Walter Scott on title, 

afterwards presented by Scott to Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, with inscription, 

in drop case, 1608 (P. Dec. 1 ; 534) Brown, £3 

Mever (H. L. ) British Birds and their Eggs, 7 vol., 432 cold, plates, mor. gilt, g. e., 

'1842-50 (S. Nov. 24 ; 366) Quaritch, £11 

Another Edn., 7 vol., 422 cold, pits., half calf gilt, m. e., 1853-7 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 763) Sotheran, £7 

(J. D.) Angenehmer und niitzlicher Zeit-Vertreib mit Betrachtung curioser 

Vorstellungen allerhand kriechender fliegender und schwimmender, etc.,. 
3 vol. in 2, cold. port. ; pits., calf, fo. Niirnberg, 1752 (S. Nov. 24 ; 523) 

Maggs, £1 10s. 
Meyrick (S. R.) History of Cardigan, pits., calf gilt, 4to., 1808 (H. Dec. 16 ; 284) 

Hill, £2 14s. 
Michael de Carcano de Mediolani Sermones, I. fl., initials painted in red, Venetian 

binding (worn), tall copv, 4to. Venetiis, F. de Hailbrun et N. de Franck- 

fordia, 1476 (S. Oct. 30 ; 860) Young, £2 3s. 

Michael. Marriage of the Czar Michael Feodorovich, 1626 (in Russian), 137 pits., 

rudely coloured, russ., g.e., 4to. Moscow, 1810 (S. Dec. 16 ; 582) Edwards, 12s. 
Michaelis (S.) Historie of the Possession and Conversion of a Penitent Woman 

seduced by a Magician, calf, 4to., 1613 (P. Oct. 9 ; 524) Dobell, £\ 7s. 

Micheli (M.) Contributions a la Flore du Paraguav, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to. 

Geneve, 1883-97 (S. Nov. 24 ; 422) Quaritch, £\ 7s. 

Middleton (T.) Works, ed. by Bullen, port., L. P., 8 vols., 1885-6 (H. Dec. 11 ; 

1120) Shepherd, £3 lis. 

Military Adventures of Johnny Newcome, 1st Edn., cold. pits, by T. Rowlandson, 

half bound, 1815 (S. Nov. 12 ; 741) De Vries, £2 Is. 

Military. New System of Military Discipline, Founded upon Principle, by a 

General Officer, Capt. McConnel's (of the Thompson's Pennsylvania Rifles), 

copy, with Autograph, calf, Phil., 1776 (H. Oct. 29 ; 598) Sabin, £1 

Military, Naval and other Costumes, by Atkinson and Bunburj-, 16 cold pits., calf 

ex., fo., 1808-9 (P. Oct. 30 ; 564) Hyam, £5 10s. 

Miller (J. F. ) Cimelia Physica, Figures of Rare and Curious Quadrupeds, Birds, 

etc., cold, pits., mor., g. e., fo., 1796 (S. Nov. 24 ; 526) Stow, £1 10s. 

Miller's Ancient and Modern British Drama, 8 vols., calf, 1810-11 (H. Dec. 9 ; 

425) 17s. 

Mills (John) D'Horsay, or Follies of the Day, 1st Edn., port, and pits., 1844 (S. 

Nov. 27 ; 381) Dyce, lbs. 

Life of a Foxhound, 2nd Edn., cold. ills, by Leech, mor. ex., t. e. g.'bv Riviere 

cover bound up, 1861 (S. Nov. 2 ; 143) Bumpus, £2 12s. 

Old English Gentleman, 3 vol., 1st Edn., calf gilt, 1841 (S. Nov. 12 ; 682) 

Shepherd, 8s 

1908-9 99 

Mills (John) The Old Hall, 3 vol., 1st Edn., calf gilt, 1845 (S. Nov. 12 ; 685) 

Shepherd, 5s. 

The Stage Coach, 3 vol., 1st Edn., pits., calf gilt, 1843 (S. Nov. 12 ; 683) 

Shepherd, 5s. 

Milner (J.) History of Winchester, pits., 2nd Edn., L. P., 2 vols, in 1, russ. (re- 
backed), fo. Winchester 1809 (H. Nov. 26 ; 235) Bailey, 7s. 6d. 

Milton (John) Apology for Smectymnuus, shaved, n. d. ; The Reason of Church- 
governement urg'd against Prelaty, 1st Edn., slightly shaved, 1641 ; Anim- 
adversions upon the Remonstrants defence against Smectymnuus, 1st Edn., 
1641, large copy ; Of Reformation touching Church-Discipline in England, 
1st Edn., 1641 ; The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, 2nd Edn., slightly 
shaved, 1644 ; Tetrachordon, 1st Edn., shaved (1645) ; Colasterion, 1st Edn., 
1645 ; Areopagitica, 1st Edn., 1644 ; The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates, 
1st Edn., slightly shaved, 1649 ; Readie and Easie Way to Establish a Free 
Commonwealth, 1st Edn., slightly shaved, 1660 ; Brief Notes on a late Sermon 
preach'd bv Matt. Griffith, 1st Edn., 1660 ; Of True Religion, 1st Edn.. 1673 ; 
in 1 vol., old calf, sm. 4to., 1641-73 (S. Nov. 3 ; 130) Quaritch, £53 

EIKONOKAASTHS in answer to a book intitl'd EIKfiN BASIAIKH. 

1st Edn., old calf, sm. 4to., 1649 (S. Nov. 3 ; 133) Tregaskis, £6 12s. 6d. 

Paradise Lost, 1st Edn., slightly shaved, and wormed, small hole through 

sheet Gg, russ., g. e., sm. 4to. Peter Parker under Creed Church neer 
Aldgate, etc., 1667 (S. Nov. 3 ; 132) Ashley, £115 

* The above, though having the second title-page according to Lowndes, (the 
first, according to Prof. Masson), is really a copy of the so-called eighth issue, 
without the Printer's address to the Reader at the heading of the Argument, 
and with the misprint lib. 2 for lib. 6 in the penultimate line of the errata. 
A clean, sound copy. 

The same, 1st Edn., scored throughout, witb annotations in an eighteenth- 
century hand (defective, w. a. f.), sm. 4to., old calf, 1668 (H. Dec. 17 ; 481 ) 

£4 15s. 

The same, 1st Edn., with seventh title (wants sig. A4), old calf, 4to. S 

Simmons for T. Elder, 1669 (S. Dec. 17 ; 142) Ellis, £10 

* This copy has the three line address to the reader, and is no 3 of the three 
variations mentioned by Lowndes, with the top line of the last page of book 
3 unnumbered, the penultimate line numbered 750, and the word " in " 
instead of " with " in the same line. 

Fourth Edn., port, and pits., calf, fo., 1688 (H. Dec. 17 ; 633) 12s. 

Paradise Regain'd, 1st Edn., no " Licensed " leaf, ((shaved), old calf, 1671 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 405) Sotheran, £3 5s. 

The same, with fly-leaf " Licensed July 2, 1670," and leaf of " Errata " 

(name on title, foxed and wormed), old calf, 1671 (H. Nov. 11 ; 160) 

Bull <S- Auvache, £1 

The same, with Licensed and Errata Leaves, old calf, 1671 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

146 ) Maggs, £9 5s. 

2nd Edn., old calf, stilted, 4to., 1680 (S. Oct. 30 ; 894) DobeU, 7s. 

Pro Populo Anglicano Defensio, slightly wormed, old sheep, sm. 4to., 1651 

(S. Nov. 3 ; 134) Dobell, 5s. 

Reason of Church-government urg'd against Prelaty, 1st Edn., slightly shav- 
ed, modern boards, sm. 4to., 1641 (S. Nov. 3 ; 131) Quaritch, £3 

Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes, 1st Edn., shaved, 1659 ; 

Considerations touching the likeliest means to remove Hirelings out of the 
Church, 1st Edn., title damaged, 1659 ; in 1 vol., mor. (S. Nov. 3 ; 129) 

Baxter, £8 

Works, with Life by J. Mitford, port., Lib. Edn., 8 vols, (clean set), Pic- 
kering, 1851 (H. Dec. 10 ; 886) Hornstein, £6 17s. 6d. 

Mirabilia vel potius historia et descriptio urbis Romae, I.fl. D.iv. and v. and H.iv. 
wanting (verso of D v. in MS. ), (Hain *1 1201 ), 7 woodcuts, and cut of Papal 
arms, in old half bound book box, w. a. f. (Rome, Eucharium Silber als 
franck, 1499) (S. Nov. 3 ; 137) Leighton, £9 

* Suppressed on account of its containing a history of Pope Joan. 

Mirri (Lod.) Vestigia delle terme di Tito e loro interne pitture, 60 pits, after F. 
Smugliewicz and Brenna, blue mor., uncut, with arms of Louis XVI. (much 
rubbed), fo. Roma (1776) (S. Nov. 26 ; 101) Edwards, £1 2s. 


Mirrour for Magistrates, ed. by W. Baldwin, 6. 1., 2 parts in 1 vol. (176 11.), small 

hole in title, large, clean copy, orig. black calf (worn), sm. 4to., 1563 (S. 

Dec. 3 ; 46) Quaritch, £21 

* For Note see Notes from Sotheby's. 
Mirrour for Magistrates, with " A Winter Night's Vision," with Dedication to the 

Earl of Nottingham (last leaf repaired ; few headlines cut into), sm. 4to., mor., 

g. e., 1609-10 (H. Nov. 26 ; 134) Leighton, £3 7s. 6d. 

Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, ed. by J. J. Howard, ills., New Ser., 4 vols., 

Second Ser., 5 vols., Third Ser., 5 vols., and Fourth Ser. vols. 1 and 2 ; 

together 16 vols, (last vol. in 9 parts), 1874-1907 (H. Nov. 27 ; 331 ) £9 
Miscellanea Scotica, Collection of Tracts relating to Scotland, 4 vol., half calf, g. e., 

Glasgow, 1818 (S. Oct. 28 ; 249) Thin, £1 12s. 

Mischna, sive totius Hebraeorum Juris, Rituum Antiquitatum. ac Legum Oralium 

systema, ed. G. Surerhusius, 6 vol., in 3, old calf, good ocpy, fo. Amst. 

1683-1703 (S. Nov. 10; 225) Bull, £1 19s. 

Missal. Vade Mecum. Missale Itinerantium, seu Misse Peculiares valde devote, 

0. 1., with 5 11. in large gothic Jrttrr between signs. D and E, sm. 4to., boards, 

s. 1. a. d. [? Bamberg] (H. Nov. 26 ; 176) £3 7s. 6d. 

Missale Romanum noviter impressum cum quibusdam missis de novo additis mul- 

tum devotis (cum Calendario ; ed. per P. Arrivibenam), i. 0., 14 full-page 

woodcuts, numerous small cuts, veil., fine copy. Venetiis, I«. A. de Giunta, 

1501 (S. Dec. 17 ; 82) Leighton, £9 15s. 

Missale juxta morem Romane F.cclesie, I. j|., woodcuts, a few leaves mended, paper 

boards, 4to. Impensis B. Stagnini Moutisferalis, 1509 (S. Nov. 3 ; 138) 

Bull, £4 7s. 6d. 
Missale ad usum insignis ecclesie Saisburiensis, nunc recens lypis elegantioribus 

exarutum, historiis novis . . . omni diligentia nuper emendatum, woodcuts, 

t. in red and black, fo., old calf (several 11. cut, margins stained, and sigs. 

t 4-5 of the Canon Missa? and K 6 wanting). Parisiis, pro G. Merlin, 1555 

(H. Nov. 26 ; 223) Barnard, £\2 10s. 

Missale Romanum, ex decreto SS. Concilii Tridentini restitutum : Pii V Font. 

Max. jussu ed. et Clementis VIII. auctorit. recog. engd. title, mor., g. e., 

clasps, fo. Burdigalae, 1623 (S. Nov. 10 ; 223) Harding, 1 5s. 

Mitford ( J. ) Adventures of Johnny Newcome in the Navy, cold. pits, by Williams, 

half calf gilt, y. e., 1823 (S. Nov. 27 : 384) Sabin, £\ 

Mocquet ( J. ) Travels in Africa, Asia, and America, etc., trans, by N. Pullen, pits., 

calf, 1696 (S. Nov. 10; 124) Maggs, 13s. 

Moliere. CEuvres, avec des Remarques par M. Bret, port, and pits, after Moreau 

(with the leaves 66-7 and 80-1, in vol. 1 ), 6 vols., old calf, g. e. Paris, 1773 

(H. Nov. 12 ; 517) Sedgwick, £6 5s. 

Moll. The World Described : or a New and Correct Set of Maps, atlas fo., vellum, 

1709-63 (H. Nov. 5 ; 577) H. Stevens, £3 12s. 6d. 

Mommsen (T.) Provinces of the Roman Empire, trans, by W. P. Dickson, 2 vols., 

1886 (H. Dec. 8 ; 72) Sotheran, £\ 18s. 

Mone (F. J.) Hymni Latini Medii Aevi, e. Codd. MSS. edidit et adnotationibus 

illustravit, 3 vols., half calf. Fribnrgi, 1853-5 (H. Nov. 19 ; 169) 

Quaritch, £2 
Monstrelet. Chroniques, 2 vols., fo., old calf gilt, with Arms, Paris, G. Chaudiere, 

1572 (H. Nov. 2« ; 221) Barnard, 12s. 

Montagu (R.) A Gagg for the New Goose ? No ! a New Gagg for an Old Goose 

(title cut), veil., sm. 4to., 1624 (S. Dec. 17 ; 139) Barnard, £5 5s. 

* With Inscription " Izaack Walton given me by Dr. Don, 1625," In 1624 

Dr. Donne was appointed Vicar of St. Dunstan's, Fleet Street, in which church 

Walton was a regular worshipper. There are several MS. corrections, and a 

note or two which may also be by Walton. 

Montaigne (M. de) Essayes, done into English by J . Florio, 1st Edn., with the two 

rare leaves of " Errors and Omissions," superb copy, orig. veil., as published, 

possibly unique in this state, 1603, 4to. (P. Oct. 30 ; 506) Sabin, £65 

Another Edn., by Florio, 2nd Edn., port, by W. Hole (damaged), veil., with 

arms of Anne of Denmark, Queen of James I. (to whom the book is dedicated ) 
(worn), fo., 1613 (S. Dec. 18 ; 321) Leighton, £\ 3s. 

Another Edn., trans, bv C. Cotton, port., 1st Edn., 2 vols., old calf, 1685 (H 

Nov. 12 ; 516) 14s. 

1908-9 IOI 

Montaigne (M. de) Another Edn., trans, by C. Cotton, ed. by W. C. Hazlitt, 3 
vol., port., 1877(S. Oct. 28 ; 253) Hill, £1 10s. 

Montanus (A.) De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld, port., maps, views, veil. Amst. 
1671 (H. Nov. 5 ; 440) De Vries, £7 

Monumens de la vie privee des douze Cesars, plates ; Monumens du culte secret des 
dames Romaines, plates ; 2 vol., mor. ex., g. e., 4to. a Capree, 1780-84 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 424) Howell, £6 10s. 

Moore (Sr. J.) System of Mathematicks, engd. title and maps, 2 vols., calf, 1681 
(H. Dec. 11 ; 1253) 7s. 6d. 

(T.) Epistles, Odes, and other Poems, 1st Edn., 4to., 1806 (P. Dec. 1 ; 624) 

Shepherd, 4s. 

The same, Author's Own Copy, with his MS. corrections, 1806, also other 

unpublished poems in his autograph, in mor. case, 4to., 1806 (P. Dec. 1 ;626) 

Sabin, £1 7s. 
Morandi ( J . B . ) Historia Botanica Practica, seu Plantarum quae ad usum Medicinae 

pertinent, half calf, engd. title and plates (cold.) fo. Mediolani, 1744 (H. 

Nov. 4 ; 286) Carter, 2s. 6d. 

Morant (P.) History of Essex, 2 vol. in 4, interleaved, pits., calf, fo., 1768 (S. 

Nov. 11 ;396) Bull, £<o 12s. 6d. 

Another Edn., map and pits., 2 vols., calf, fo. Chelmsford, 1816 (H. Dec. 

10; 922) Bull &• Auvache, £2 14s. 

More (Sir T. ) Dyaloge, wheryn he treatyd dyvers maters as of the veneracyon & 
worshyp of ymagys& relyques, b.l., title remargined and f. 126 mended, russ., 
fo. 1531 (S. Nov. 3 ; 139) Young, £6 5s. 

Workes, b. I., with the Poems written in his Youth, 8 leaves (portion of one 

leaf in facsimile), and the unpaged leaf respecting the Printer's faults, fo. r 
old russ., 1557 (H. Nov. 26 ; 123) Maggs, £15 5s. 

Morgan (S. ) Sphere of Gentry, front, and coats-of-arms, all roughly coloured, some 

slightly damaged, calf, w. a. f., fo., 1661 (S. Nov. 26 ; 102) Hill, 18s. 

Morland. Hassell. (J.) Memoirs of George Morland, port, and pits., a few stained, 

calf gilt, m. e., 4to., 1806 (S. Nov. 12 ; 856) Hornstein, 15s. 

Morris (W.) A Dream of John Ball, 1st Edn., L. P., sm. 4to., mor. ex., t. e. g., 1888 

(H. Nov. 20 ; 511) 10s. 
News from Nowhere, 1st Edn., L. P., mor. ex., t. e. g., 1891 (H. Nov. 20 ; 

514) 12s. 

Signs of Change, L. P., mor. ex., t. e. g., 1888 (H. Nov. 20 ; 512) 13s. 

Poems by the Way, 1st Edn., L. P., sm. 4to., mor. ex., t. e. g., 1891 (H. 

Nov. 20 ; 513) 12s. 

Morwyng (P.) New Booke of Distillatyon of Waters, woodcuts (defective), sm. 4to. 

1565 (H.Nov. 12 ; 507) £1 Is. 

Mudford (Wm.) Historical Account of the Campaign in the Netherlands, in 1815, 

28 cold. pits, by G. Cruikshank and J. Rouse, including the large folding one 

of the Battle of Waterloo, plan and map, 4to., 1817 (S. Nov. 2 ; 202) 

Brown, £13 10*. 
Muffet (Tho. ) Insectorum sive Minimorum Animalium Theatrum, title defective, 

woodcuts, half calf, fo., 1634 (S. Nov. 24 ; 529) Carter, 5s. 

Munchausen. Surprising Adventures of the Renowned Baron Munchausen, cold. 

pits, by T. Rowlandson, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 181 1 (S. Nov. 2 ; 152) 

Sotheran, £3 10s. 
Travels and Adventures of Baron Munchausen, 40 pits, by Rowlandson, 1819 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 391) Dyce, £2 

Munchausen at Walcheren, 5 cold, etchings by I. and G. Cruiksliank (1 leaf 

defective), half bnd., 1811 (H. Dec. 18 ; 871 ) 15s. 

Minister (S. ) Cosmographiae Universalis Lib. VI., woodcuts and maps, 1st Edn., 
old calf, fo. Basil, H. Petrus, 1550 (H. Dec. 17 ; 622) Sotheran, £2 14s. 

Munting (A.) Naauwkeurige Beschryving der Aardgewassen , pits., vellum, fo. 

Leyden, 1696 (S. Nov. 24 ; 530) Tregaskis, 2s. 

Murray (Jas.) Impartial History of the Present War in America, 3 vols., pits, and 

maps, front, to vol. I., mounted, calf. Newcastle, 1779, etc. (S. Dec. 17 ; 

66) Collins, £8 15s. 

* Ends abruptly at p. 332 of vol. III., was never completed, and this copy 
contains all printed. 


Musee de peinture et de sculpture, dessine par Reveil avec des notices descriptives, 

etc., par L. et R. Menard, 1 vol., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1872 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 

284) Hunt, £> 4s. 

Musee Francais, par M. Duchesne alne, 4 vol. (1829-30) — Le Musee Royal publie 

par H. Laurent, 2 vol., Paris, 1816-22 ; together 6 vol., pits., half russ. gilt, 

g. e., fo. atlas fo. (S. Nov. 11 ; 412) Rimell, £5 10s. 

Musei Botanici Lugduuo-Batavi (Annales) ed. F. A. Guil. Miquel, plates, 4 vol. 

in 40 parts, Amst. 1863-9 (H. Nov. 4 ; 266) Quaritch, £1 2s. 

Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova (Annalidel) 36 vol., pits., half mor., 

Genova, 1870-96 (S. Nov. 25 ; 677) Quaritch, £9 

My Cousin in the Army, bv a Staff Officer, 1st Edn., 16 cold, pits., half calf gilt, 

y. e.,n. d. (S. Nov. 2*7 ; 392 ) Brocklehurst, £2 10s. 

* This work is by some attributed to J. Mitford. 
Mynshul (G.) Essayes and Characters of a Prison and Prisoners, half mor., 4to., 

1638 (P. Oct. 8 ; 227) Pickering, 8s. 

Nannius Alcmarianus (P.) Miscellanea, cont. calf, with panels, binder's initials, 

etc. Lovanii, 1548 (S. Dec. 17 ; 21) Leighton, £1 14s. 

Naples and the Campagna Felice (by Lewis Engelbach), 1st Edn., cold. pits, by 

Rowlandson, uncut, 1815 (S. Oct. 30 ; 744) Sotheran, £2 16s. 

The same, orange cloth, t. e. g., 1815 (S. Nov. 12 ; 740) Shepherd, £2 2s. 

Napoleon. Campagnes de Napoleon Premier, engs. after Vernet, fo., old russ., 

fo. Paris, 1806 (H. Nov. 19 ; 326) Davey, £1 14s. 

Narborough. Narrative of the Burning in Tripoli of Four Men of War by Sir J. 

Narborough, engravings bv Hollar, fo., mor., uncut, 1676 (H. Oct. 15 ; 559) 

£\ 2s. 

J. Tasman, J. Wood and F. Martin. Account of Voyages, towards the 

Streights of Magellan, etc., map and pits., calf, 1694 (S. Nov. 10 ; 127) 

Tregaskis, £\ 12s. 
Nash (J.) Mansions of England, re-edited by J. C. Anderson, 4 vol., 104 ills., fo., 

1869-72 (S. Nov. 10 ; 77) Batsford, £3 5s. 

Natalibus (P. de) Catalogus Sanctorum, woodcuts, g. I., sm. fo., veil. Lugduni 

1543 (H. Dec. 9 ; 475) 12s. 

Natalis (H. ) Annotationes et Meditationes in Evangelia quae in sacro-sancto Missae 

Sacrificio toto anno leguntur, 1595 ; Evangelicae Historian Imagines, engd. 

title and 153 pits, by Wierx, 1596 ; in 1 vol., old calf, rebacked, fo. Antwerp. 

1595-96 (S. Dec. 16 ; 393) Leighton, £\ lis. 
Evangelicae Historiae Imagines ex Ordine Evangeliorum, in Ordinem tem- 

poris Vitae Christi digestae, engd. title (mended), and 153 plates by H. 

Wierix, mor. ex., g. e. by W. Pratt, fo. Antw. 1593 (S. Nov. 3 ; 16) 

Young, £2 6s. 
Nature : a Weekly Illustrated Journal of Science, from commencement in 1869 

to April, 1907 ; vols. 1 to 75, in 54 vols., cloth, 57 parts and remainder in num- 
bers (vols. 64, 66, 7 parts, and a few numbers missing), 4to. (H. Dec. 18 ; 

941) £4 

Naumann (J. F. ) Naturgeschichte der Vogel Mitteleuropas, neu bearbeitet von 

Prof. R. Blasius, W. Blasius, R. Buri, und herausgegeben von Carl R. 

Hennicke, 430 plates in colours, 12 vols., fo. Dresden 1896-1904 (H. Nov. 

4 ;291) Porter, £6 12s. 6d. 

Naval Achievements of Gt. Britain, 55 cold, pits., 4to., half mor., uncut, 4to., 1816 

(H. Nov. 12 ; 563) Edwards, £8 5s. 

The same, half mor., uncut, 4to., n. d. (S. Dec. 15 ; 297) Shepherd, £8 10s. 

The same, 1817 — Martial Achievements of Gt. Britain, cold. pits, after W. 

Heath, 1816 ; fine copies, orig. russ., g. e. (cracked), 4to., (2) (S. Nov. 2 ; 203) 

Robson, £\S 
Navler (Sir G.) Coronation of George IVth, pits, in gold and colours, fo., half 

mor., g. e., fo., 1839 (H. Oct. 15 ; 614) G. H. Brown, £6 5s. 

Neal (D.) History of New England, map, 2 vols., calf, 1747 (P. Oct. 9 ; 328) 

Bailey, £\ 10s. 
Nelson. Orme (E.) Life of Nelson, The Memoirs by F. W. Blagdon, 15 engs., 
including 3 cold, folding pits., fo., 1806 (S. Nov. 10 ; 79) 

Rimell, £5 2s. 6d. 

■ Clarke (J. S. and J. M' Arthur) Life of Lord Nelson, L. P., 2 vol., pits., russ., 

m.e., 4to., 1809 (S. Nov. 27 ; 523) Rimell, 14s. 

1908-9 103 

Nelson (J.) History of Islington, maps and pits (foxed), 4to., half mor., t. e. g. % 
1811 (H. Dec. 10; 715) 17s. 

New Testament, trans, in the English College of Rheims, sm. 4to., vellum. 
Rhemes, J. Pogny, 1582 (H. Nov. 26 ; 85) £3 

New Testament of Jesus Christ, trans, by the English College Resident in Rhemes, 
slightlv damaged, old calf, sm. 4to. Antwerp. 1600 (S. Nov. 3 ; 141) 

Bull, 15s. 

The First printed in the English Language (1525-6), trans, by Tyndale, b. I., 

Facsimile Reprint, by F. Fry. Bristol, 1862 (H. Nov. 26 ; 84) 

Bull & Auvache, £2 10s 

Testamentum Novum Latinum totum Erasmo interprete, text rubricated, 

MS. notes, mor. ex., Antv., 1520 (P. Oct. 9 ; 412) Bull, 13s. 

Novum Testamentum Jesu Christi Graece, fo., old mor., g. e. Lutetiae, 

R. Stephanus, 1550 (H. Nov. 26 ; 224) Bull, £1 

Neue Testament, I. g. (German), long lines, 47 to a full page, with marginal 

references [Gospels and Acts Ci fols. followed by a blank ; Prologue to S. 
Paul's Epistle to the Romans, 5 11. unnumbered ; Romans to Apocalypse 
LXXVIII. numbered 11. followed by a blank], initial cuts of the Four Evan- 
gelists and of S. Paul (the latter repeated), and initials ; signs. <2V - 3Jlin6's 
( Jl 6 blank), and £. - <D in 6's ( <D 6 blank) ; wants title ; oak boards, half pig- 
skin, fo. k. o. j. o. n. (1523 ?) (S. Dec. 3 ; 93) Quaritch, £5 

* An early and apparently unrecorded edition of Luther's New Testament in 
German. It appears to be one of the earlier reprints from the 1 522 Wittem- 
berg Bible. 

Die Apostel Geschichte. Das Ander Thayl des Evangel S. Lucas von der 

Apostel Geschichte, (. g., printed on vellum, 48 11., without title, mor., w. a. f. 
k. o. o. j. 1521 (S. Dec. 3 ; 91) Maggs, £2 10s. 

* Luther's Version ; the second volume of a New Testament. 

Newe Testament Deutsch (durch M. Luther), 1st Edn., I. g., long lines, 48 

to a full page, contains title and 3 prel. 11., numbered 11. CVII., followed by a 
blank ; Prologue to Epistle to Romans, 6 11. unpaged ; Epistles LXXVII. num- 
bered 11. followed by a blank ; and 24 11. of the Apocalypse unpaged (wanting 
bb 1 and 6), 19 full page cuts in Apocalypse, by Cranach, half russ. (Duke 
Sussex's copy), w. a. f., sm. fo. k. o. j. o. n. [Wittenberg, M. Lotter, Sept. 
1522] (S.Dec. 3; 92) Gothee, £12 10s. 

Newgate Calendar, bv A. Knapp and W. Baldwin, 4 vol. in 3, pits., 1824-28 
(S. Dec. 17 ; 41) Sotheran, £1 10s. 

Newhouse (C. B.) Scenes on the Road, 18 cold pits., ob. fo., half roan, boards, 1834 
(H. Nov. 5 ; 374) Sotheran, £4 

Another copy, half roan, boards, 1834 (H. Nov. 5 ; 375) 

Sotheran, £3 10s. 
Nicholas (T.) Annals of the Counties and County Families of Wales, cuts, 2 v., 

1872 (H. Dec. 16 ; 173) Walford, £\ 6s. 

Nicholas de Lyra's Commentary on the Bible, vol. 4, g. I., stamped leather binding 

by Godfrey Garret, initials " G. G. " repeated, fo., 1507 (H. Nov. 6 ; 867) 

Leighton, £4 15s. 
Nichols (John) Bibliotheca Topographica Britannica, 8 vol., maps and plates, old 

calf, 4to., 1780-90 (S. Nov. 24 ; 425) Edwards, £9 5s. 
History of Leicester, L. P., plates, 4 vol. in 8, orig. half calf, uncut (over 

20 by 12 in.), fo., 1795-1815 (S. Dec. 17 ; 185) Sands, £*Q 

* A very fine, apparently perfect subscriber's copy including the West 
Goscote and Guthlaxton Hundreds. The Guthlaxton Hundred was reprinted 
on small paper only ; the West Goscote was not reprinted in any form. In con- 
sequence of the original copy being bound up differently and the difficulty of 
collation, this will, as usual, be sold not subject to return. 

Nicholson (Win.) Almanac of Twelve Sports, Edn. de Luxe, in portfolio, fo., 1898 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 533) Maggs, £\ 10s. 

Nicolson (J.) and Burn. Historv of Westmoreland and Cumberland, maps, 
2 vols., calf, 4to., 1777 (H. Dec. 10 ; 889) Walford, £3 12s. 6d. 

Nieuhof (J.) Gedenkweerdige Brasilinense Zee en Lant Reize, en Reize door vers- 
cheide Gewesten van Oostindien, engd. title (stained), port., maps, and engs., 
in 1 vol., fo., old calf Amst., 1682 (H. Nov. 5 ; 442) Maggs, £\ 8s 


Noel (Amelia) Eighteen Coloured Views of Picturesque Scenery in Kent, in 3 vol. 

red mor., with " H.R.H. Princess Mary " on covers, ob. 4to., 1797 (S. Dec. 

17 ; 143) Spencer, £6 5s. 

North Riding Record Society Publications, 9 vol., 1884-1892 (S. Oct. 29 ; 352) 

Walford, £\ 6s. 
Northumberland (Duke of) Dell' Arcano del Mare, libri sei, maps, etc. Books I.- 

IV. only, in 1 vol. (first title backed), veil, (from the Earl of Devon's library), 

fo. Firenze, F. Onofri, 1646 (S. Dec. 4 ; 296) Edwards, £5 2s. 6d. 

Northumberland and Durham. Natural History Transactions, vol. I. -XL, pits.,. 

half calf, vol. XI. in parts, 1867 (S. Oct. 29 ; 353) Martin, lis. 

Nostradamus. True Prophecies or Prognostications, trans, by T. de Garencieres,. 

port., fo., calf, 1671 (H. Dec. 9 ; 406) G. H. Brown, £\ 7s. 

Another Edn., by Garencieres, port., old calf, fo., 1672 (H. Oct. 8 ; 945) 


Notes and Queries, from commencement in Nov. 1849, to June, 1889, being the 

First to the Seventh Series, vol. 7, with the Seven Indexes, and Eighth and 

Ninth Series, vols. 1 to 4 of each, together 94 vols., sm. 4to., 1850-99 (H. 

Nov. 27 ; 426) Walford, £13 

Indexes to the First Second, and Third Series, 3 vols, in 1 , sm. 4to., half calf y 

t. e. g., 1856-68 (H. Oct. 29 ; 494) Edwards, £2 3s. 

Nova Scotia. A Fair Representative of His Majesty's Right to Nova-Scotia or 
Acadie (64 pp.), unbound, 1756. (H. Nov. 6 ; 833) Leon, £\ 9s. 

Nouveaux Contes a Rire, et avantures plaisantes, 2 vol., fronts, and vignettes, 
old calf gilt, Cologne, 1722 (S. Nov. 3 ; 144) Parsons, £1 6s. 

Oddities of London Life, bv Paul Pry, 2 vol., 1st Edn., etchings by R. Cruikshank, 
etc., calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1838 (S. Nov. 2 ; 47) Sotheran, £3 18s. 

Office de la Vierge Marie et Devotes Oraisons, engd. title and pits., old olive mor., 
inlaid (repaired), clasps. Paris, G. le Be, 1631-2 (H. Dec. 9 ; 449) 

Leighton, £\ 18s. 

Officio della Beatissima Vergine Maria da dirsi nelle Compagnie de' Secolari, front.,, 
cont. red mor., tooling on sides, 4to., Torino, 1806 (S. Dec. 17 ; 115) 

Warren, 14s. 

Officium in Festo Corporis Christi, in Festo Nativitatis Domini, Officium Hebdo- 
madae Sanctse, &c, 6 vols., half veil., uncut. Antv. 1759-92 (H. Nov. 26 ; 
174) Tregaskis, 13s. 

Ogilvie. True Relation of the Proceedings against John Ogilvie, a Jesuit, execut- 
ed at Glasgow, calf ex., 4to. Edinb., 1615 (P. Oct. 8 ; 237) Smith, 5s. 

Ohio. A Fourth Letter to the People of England on the Conduct of the M— rs 
in Alliances, Fleets, and Armies, since the first Differences on the Ohio, half 
roan, 1756 (H. Oct. 29 ; 592) 16s. 

Oldfield. Egerton (W.) Memoirs of Mrs. Anne Oldfield, folding port., calf, 1731 
(P. Nov. 30 ; 167) Sabin, £1 10s. 

[Oldmixon (John)] British Empire in America, 2nd Edn., with continuation to 
1741, 2 vol.. maps by H.Moll, calf, 1741 (S.Dec. 16 ; 474) Edwards, £2 17s. 

Das Britische Reich in America, maps, 2 vols, in 1, sm. 4to., veil., Lemgo 

1744 (H. Dec. 9 ; 385) 5s. 6d. 

Omar Khayyam. The Rubaiyat, trans, [by E. FitzGerald ], 1st Edn., orig. 

wrapper, 4to., 1859 (S. Dec. 18 ; 219) Quaritch, £40 

* With a correction by the author on page 4. The book belongs to Miss 
Bessie Howe (whose name is written on the cover), a granddaughter of Mrs. 
Howe, the housekeeper referred to in Fitz Gerald's Life. 
The Quatrains, done into English bv John Payne, veil., 1898 (H. Oct. 14 ; 

204) £1 

O'Neill (J.) The Drunkard : a Poem, port, and ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., 

t. e. g. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1842 (S. Nov. 2 ; 54) Maggs, £\ 5s. 
Oppianus. De Piscatu libri V., De Venatione lib. IIII, Gr. et Lat. L. Lippio in- 

terprete, 2 vol. in 1, L. P., old French red mor., g. e. (Lamoignon copy), 4to. 

Paris, 1555 (S. Nov. 24 ; 427) Leighton, 15s. 

Ordinances of Henry VIII. At his parliament holden at Westmynster in the 

first vere of his most noble reigne, 6. t, unbound, fo. T. Berthelet (1509) 

(P. Oct. 8 ; 289) Tregaskis, 7s. 

Origenis Opera, edidit Lommatzsch, 25 vols, in 12, half calf. Berolini 1831-46 

(H. Oct. 29 ; 395) T. Baker, £\ 18s. 

1908-9 105 

Orme (E.) Essay on Transparent Prints, pits, a little stained, fo., 1807 (S. Nov. 

10 ; 85) Tregaskis, 8s. 

Ormerod (G.) History of Chester, by T/Helsby, pits., 3 vols., L. P., boards, fo., 

1882 (H. Nov. 20 ; 635) Edwards, £2 12s. 

Orrery (Earl of) Treatise on the Art of War, port, of Charles II., old calf, fo., 1677 

(H.Dec. 9 ; 615) 16s. 

Osbaldiston (W. A.) The British Sportsman, cold, plates, half mor., ex., t. e. g., 

4to., 1792 (S. Nov. 24 ; 429) Howell, £1 16s. 

Ottley (W. Y. ) History of Engraving, pits., 2 vols., half russ., 4to., 1816 (P. Oct. 

8; 192) Bull, £1 4s. 

Ovid. Metamorphoseon sive Transformationum Ovidianarum lib. XV., aeneis 

formis ab Ant. Tempesta incisi, 150 engs., half mor., ob. 4to. Amst., s. a. 

(S. Nov. 27 ; 545) Reader, 2s. 

Metamorphoseos Lib. XV., woodcuts, fl. I., fo., veil. Lugduni, G. Boulle, 

1527 (H. Nov. 26 ; 207) £1 2s. 

Metamorphoses, trans, by A. Golding, b. I. (slightly defective), 4to., 157S 

(S. Oct. 29 ; 607) Barnard, £1 2s. 

Metamorphoses, translated by the most eminent Hands, front., port, and 

pits., calf, fo., 1717 (S. Dec. 16 ; 394) Hunt, 3s. 

Les Metamorphoses, traduites par l'Abb6 Banier, 2 vol. in 1, engs. by B. 

Picart, calf gilt, g. e. with arms of Claude Antoine Cleradius de Choiseul-Beau- 
pre, fo. Amst., 1732 (S. Nov. 26 ; 104) Besombs, £\ 

Les Metamorphoses d'Ovide, en Latin et en Francois, de la traduction de 

Banier, 140 pits, by Boucher, etc., 4 vols., imp. 8vo., old tree calf ex., g. e. 
Paris 1767-71 (H. Nov. 6 ; 711) Parsons, £5 17s. 6d. 

Metamorphoses, traduites en vers avec des remarques et des notes par F. 

Desaintange, 4 vol., port, and 141 pits, after Moreau, etc., calf gilt, Paris 
1808 (S. Nov. 3 ; 146) Solomon, £2 10s. 

Liber Heroidum epistolarum, Liber Sapphus, Liber in Ibin, g. I., woodcuts, 

stamped binding, with initials N. S. [Nicholas Sperinck ], rebacked and worn, 
fo. Lugduni. 1514 (P. Dec. 1 ;661) Ellis, £\ 6s. 

Owen (R.) Extinct Wingless Birds of New Zealand, with Appendix, ills., 2 vols., 
half mor., t. e. g., 1879 (H. Nov. 4 ; 123) Quaritch, £2 6s. 

Oxberry's New English Drama, portraits, 21 vols., and Old English Drama, togeth 
er 22 vols., fcap. half calf, 1818-24 (H. Dec. 9 ; 426) Hornstein, £2 2s. 

P. (J. ) The English Fortune-Tellers, 1st Edn., front, and 48 woodcut portraits and 
astrological signs (mended), calf, 1703 (S. Oct. 29 ; 650) Northey, 14s. 

Packe (E.) Historical Record of the Royal Regiment of Horse Guards, port, and 
cold, pits., uncut, 1847 (S. Oct. 28 ; 48) Sotheran, £\ Is. 

Painters. True Effigies of the most Eminent Painters that have flourished in 
Europe, engd. title, front, and 120 ports., old calf, fo., 1694 (S. Dec. 16 ; 
395) Vyt, 10s. 

[Palfryman (T.)] Treatise of Heavenly Philosophic, sm. 4to., old calf. . W. Nor- 
ton, 1578 (H. Nov. 6 ; 743) Ridler, £\ 8s. 

Pallas (P. S.) Voyages en Russie et dans l'Asie septentrionale, traduits par 
thier de La Peyronie, 5 vol., 4to., and atlas of plates in folio, old calf, 4to. 
Paris, 1788-93 (S. Nov. 24 ; 430) Quaritch, 10s. 

Travels through the Southern Provinces of the Russian Empire, 2 vol., 20 

cold. pits. ; folding maps, calf gilt, 4to., 1802-3 (S. Oct. 29 ; 593) 

Lacroix, 18s. 
Palliser (Mrs.) History of Lace, ills., 1902 (H. Dec. 10 ; 834) Edwards, £\ Is. 
Palmer (Wm.) Introduction to the Early Christian Symbolism, cold, pits., fo., 

1885 (S. Nov. 3 ; 147) Young, £\ 5s. 

Palmer's Index to ' The Times' Newspaper, from Jan. 1877, to Dec. 1907, 124 

vols., sm. 4to., 1877-1908 (H. Dec. 10 ; 55) Sotheran, £5 10s. 

Palmerin d'Oliva. The Mirror of Nobility, the Map of Honour, Anatomie of Rare 

Fortunes, etc., turned into English by A[nthony] M[unday ], b. I., calf gilt, 

g. e. (wormed), 4to., 1637 (S. Dec. 15 ; 298) Maggs, £2 18s. 

Panormitanus. In II. Decretalium, Nicolai de Tudeschis eommentariorum, 2 

vol. in 1, I. 9., old calf, fine copv, fo. Lugduni, 1534 (S. Nov. 10 ; 270) 

Bull, 5s. 
Papworth (J. B.) Select Views of London, 76 cold, pits., half calf, fine copy, 1816 

(P. Nov. 30 ; 205) . Shepherd, £12 


Paracelsi von Hozenhaim. Archidoxa ex Theophrastia : Sampt den Buchern Prse- 
. parationum de Tinctura Physicorum, &c. von J. A. Wimpeneo, b. I., sm. 4to., 
. veil. Miinchen, 1570 (H. Dec. 9 ; 397) Stowe, £3 12s. 6d. 

Hermetic and Alchemic Writings, ed. by A. E. Waite, 2 v., 4to., 1894 (H. 

Oct. 14 ; 267) 17s. 

Paradivi (C.) Symbola Heroica, woodcuts, calf. Antw. 1563 (H. Nov. 11; 162) 15s. 
Pardoe (Miss) Life of Marie de Medicis, ports., 3 vols., 1852 (H. Nov. 11 ; 87) 
i."| Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Parey (A.) Opera Chirurgica, woodcuts, veil., fo., Francof, 1594 (H. Oct. 16 ; 
937) 13s. 

Workes, trans, by T. Johnson, engd. title and cuts, fo., 1634 (P. Oct. 30 ; 

557) Maggs, £3 

Paris a Travers les Ages : Aspects Successifs des Monuments et Quartiers His- 

toriques de Paris, pits., 2 vols., 4to., half mor., t. e. g. Paris, 1875-82 (H. 

Oct. 14 ; 289) Batsford, £2 6s. 

Parish Characters, by Paul Pry, Esq., 10 large full-length portraits, cold., half 

mor., fo., 1829 (S. Nov. 2 ; 240) Hornstein, £\ 18s. 

Parismus. History of Parismus, Prince of Bohemia, b. I., both parts, woodcut 

front, to each, mor., bookplate of Sir M. M. Sykes, 4to., 1681 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

500) Sotheran, £2 15s. 

Parkinson (J.) Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris, port, and woodcuts (1 leaf 

soiled, otherwise sound), old calf, fo., 1629 (H. Nov. 27 ; 571) 

Wesley, £15 
Parsons (R. ) A Treatise of Three Conversions of England, by N [icholas ] D [olmau ] 
1st Edn., 3 vols., calf, [St. Omers] 1603-^ (H. Nov. 6 ; 758) 

Edwards, £1 19s. 
Parton (J.) Some Account of St. Giles-in-the-Pields, ills., 4to., 1822 (S. Nov. 
10 ; 64) Harding, 16s. 

Passavant (J. D.) Le Peintre-Graveur, port., 6 vols, in 3, Leipsic 1860-4 (H. 
Dec. 10 ; 808) Hill, £1 2s. 

Passe (Crispin de) Hortus Ploridus, et Hortus Floridus Hyemalis, altogether 218 
pits, (description of plate 1 in facsimile), old calf. m. e., ob. 4to. Arnhemii, 
1614 (S. Nov. 24 ; 431) Quaritch, £4 12s. 

Passio Domini Nostri Jesu Christi ex Evangelistarum textu quam accuratissime 
deprompta, additis sanctissimis exquisitissimisque figuris (studio R. Philesii ), 
25 full-page woodcuts by Urse Graf, the larger number with his mark, un- 
bound, fo. Argent. Jo. Knoblouch, 1508 (S. Nov. 3; 149) 

Leighton, £7 10s. 

Passional. Leben der Heyligen [fol. 1 ], Hye hebt sich an dz wynterteyl der hey- 

ligen leben und zum ersten von dem heyligen Eertzengell sannt Michael, I. $., 

312 11., double columns, 42 lines (vol II. of Hain 9982), woodcuts all coloured 

by a cont. hand, first leaf mended, small hole through 3 11., modern boards, 

4to. Hanns Schonsperger zii Augspurg (1498) (date partly obliterated) 

(S. Nov. 3 ; 150) Leighton, £7 10s. 

Paul (H. H.) Dashes of American Humour, 1st Edn., pits, by J. Leech, 1852 

(H. Oct. 7 ; 419) £1 5s. 

Paul. Sermon preached at the Execution of Moses Paul, an Indian, executed at 

Newhaven, Sept. 2nd, 1772 (1 leaf defective), unbound. New London, 

[1772] (H. Oct. 29 ; 595) £1 

Peacham (H.) Minerva Britanna, 4to., 205 woodcut emblems, (defective), last 

page in facsimile, large cop}', calf ex., g. e., by W. Pratt, w. a. f., 4to., 1612 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 487) Smedley. £3 15s. 

Worth of a Penny, calf, 4to., 1667 (P. Oct. 9 ; 552) Quaritch, 8s. 

Peacock (T. L.) Philosophy of Melancholy, 1st Edn., boards, 4to., 1812 (P. Dec. 
1 ; 636) Sabin, 7s. 

Works, ed. by R. Garnett, 10 vol., fronts., 1891 (S. Oct. 28 ; 261) 

Hill, 12s. 
Pease (A. E.) Travel and Sport in Africa, 3 vol., ills., 4to., 1902 (S. Dec. 16 ; 587 ) 

Edwards, £1 Is. 

Peck (P.) Desiderata Curiosa, 2 vol. in 1, port., half bound, 4to., 1779 (S. Nov. 

26 ; 24) Dawkins, 15s. 

Peele (G.) Works, ed. by Dyce, 3 vols., half mor., g. t., 1839 (P. Nov. 30 ; 148) 

Spencer ^£2 17s. 6d. 

1908-9 107 

Penley (A. ) English School of Water-Colour Painting, pits., fo. Day & Son (H 
Oct. 6 ; 312) l 5s ; 

Penn (Wm.) The Sandy Foundation Shaken, 1st Edn., half roan, sm. 4to., 1668 
(S. Nov. 3 ; 156) Bull, 4s. 

Truth Exalted, in a Testimony against all those Religions that have been 

formed in the Darkness of Apostacy, half roan, sm. 4to., 1671 (S. Nov. 3 • 
153) Howell, 6s. 

No Cross, No Crown : or several Sober Reasons aaginst Hat-Honour, etc. 

1st Edn., title mended, half roan, sm. 4to., 1669 (S. Nov. 3 ; 155) Bull, £1 Is. 

[Pennant (T. ) ] British Zoology, 132 cold, pits., half mor., fo., 1766 (S. Nov. 25 ; 
828 Porter, £1 

Pepys (S.) Diary, with Lord Braybrooke's Notes, ed. by H. B. Wheatley, with 
Index and Pepysiana, ports, and pedigrees, Orig. Issue, 10 v., 1893-9 
(H. Nov. 27 ; 272) Maggs, £5 

The same, 10 vols., ports., etc., 1894-99 (S. Nov. 3 ; 157) Ritnell, £3 7s. 

The same, by H. B. Wheatley, ills., Lib. Edn., 10 v., 1899-1902 (H. Nov. 

26 ; 35) Morrell, £3 7s. 6d. 

Percy vail (R.) Bibliotheca Hispanica, with a Dictionaire in Spanish, English, and 

Latine, calf, 4to., 1591 (P. Oct. 9 ; 501 ) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

Pergolesi (M. A.) Ornaments for the Decorations of Ceilings, etc., on 65 pits., with 

dedication plates, russ., fo., 1777-92 (S. Nov. 26 ; 106) Parsons, £18 

Perkins (C. C.) Tuscan Sculptors, their lives, Works and Times, 2 vol., ills., 4to., 

1864 (S.Nov. 25; 787) Edwards, £1 10s. 

[Perrault (C. ) etBenserade] Labyrinth de Versailles, L. P., plan and 40 proof 

plates, old calf, 4to. Paris, 1679 (S. Oct. 28; 72) Ritnell, lis. 

Les Hommes Ulustres, 100 ports., 2 vols., calf (vol. 2 stained), fo. Paris 

1696-1700 (H. Dec. 9 ; 626) £4 

Perrot (John) A Sea of the Seed's Sufferings (in verse), 4to., 1661 (P Oct. 9 ; 

531) Dobell, 4s. 

Perry (G.) Conchology, 61 cold, pits., mor., g. e., fo., 1811 (S. Dec. 16 ; 396) 

Winter, 15s. 

{ (Mr.)] Mimosa, a Poem, uncut (damaged), 4to., 1779 (P. Oct. 30 ; 546) 

Lewis, 7s. 
Petersburg. Nouvelle Collection de Quarante Vues de Saint Petersbourg et de 

ses Environs, map and 40 cold pits , oblong, half binding, fo., St. Petersburg, 

1828 (P. Oct. 9 ; 594) Quaritch, £7 

Petitot (M.) Repertoire du Theatre Francois 27 vols., calf gilt, and Supplement, 

8 vols., half calf gilt, pits., 35 vols., Paris 1803-20 (H. Dec. 1 1 ; 1 166) 19s. 
Petrarcha, con l'Espositione di Gesualdo, woodcuts, sm. 4to., vellum, g. e., 

Venetia, 1581 (H. Nov. 6 ; 665) 5s. 

Petrarchea Trostspiegel, woodcuts, hf. cf., fo. Franckfort, 1620. (H. Nov. 6 ; 

886) Barnard, £\ 4s. 

Petrie (Geo.) Ecclesiastical History of Ireland, ills., imp. 8vo., Dublin, 1845 (S. 

Nov. 10 ; 5) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Petticoat Loose : a Fragimentary " Tale of the Castle," 4 cold. pits, bv T. Rowland- 
son, calf extra, t. e. g. by Riviere, 4to., 1812 (S. Nov. 2 ; 207) 

Maggs, £5 15s. 
[Pettigrew (T. J.)] Lucien Greville, 3 vol., 1st Edn., etchings by G. Cruikshank, 

calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1833 (S. Nov. 2 ; 40) 

Maggs, £3 3s. 
Phaedrus. Fabulae et Publii Syri Sententiae, red mor., g. e., with arms of 

Madame Victoire de France and bookplate, Paris, 1732 (S. Dec. 16 ; 539) 

Leighton, £1 15s. 
Philipott (T.) Villare Cantianum, folding plate, etc., calf, fo. Lynn, 1776 

(S. Dec. 16 ; 397) Quaritch, £1 10s. 

Phillip (A.) Voyage to Botany Bay, maps, port., and cold. plt»., calf, m. e., 4to., 

1789 (H. Dec. 18 ; 920) ,9s - 

Phillips (E.) Theatrum Poetarum, 1st Edn., old calf, 1675 (S. Dec. 16 ; 476) 

^ Pickering, £2 89. 

(John) Merry Thoughts for Merry Moments, 5 pits., calf ex., t. e. g. with 

wrappers, ob. fo., 1829 (S. Nov. 24 ; 541) HoweU, 10s. 

(R.) Modern London, pits., including the cold. Itinerant Traders, half 

russia, 4to., 1804 (S. Nov. 26 ; 25) Sotheran, £1 


Phillips (Stephen) Orestes, and other Poems, 1st Edn., wrappers, sm. 4to.,. 
(S. Oct. 28 ; 52) Maggs, £2 4s. 

Erasmus, a Poem, 1st Edn., wrappers, 4to., " Lillie Press," n. d. (S. Oct. 

28; 54) Brown, £2 2s. 

Philosophers Banqvet (The) Newly furnished and decked forth with much variety 
of many seuerall Dishes, that in the former seruice were neglected, 2nd Edn., 
by W.B. (defective), old sheepskin, 1614 (S.Dec. 18; 244) Quaritck, £10 
* A volume which has the distinction of being the first to contain a quotation 
from Hamlet, and although it is perhaps the lengthiest of contemporary quota- 
tions it has been overlooked by all Shakespearean scholars and commentators. 
Of the first edition of 1609 no copy is known, its existence being based on the 
entry in the Stationers' Register of May 29, 1609 ; only four copies of this second 
edition are known to exist, including those in the British Museum and Bodleian. 

Piazzetta (J. B. ) Icones ad vivum expressae, 26 ports., fo. Venet. 1743 (S. Nov. 

11 ; 446) Sotheran, 5s. 

Picart (B.) Ceremonies et Coutumes Religieuses, engs., 10 vols, in 11, old cf. 

Amst. 1736^*3 (H. Nov. 13 ; 956) Scotti, £1 13s. 

Ceremonies and Religious Customs of the Various Nations of the Known 

World, 6 vol., L. P., pits., old calf, fo., 1733-37 (S. Nov. 24 ; 542) 

Broom, £2 

Collection of Prints after Rafael, Guido, Rembrandt, etc., port, and plts. v 

binding broken, fo. Boydell, n. d. (S. Dec. 16 ; 399) Vyt, 8s. 

Impostures Innocentes, port, and 74 pits., calf, fo. Amst., 1734 (S. Nov. 

26 ; 107) Dobell, 7s. 

Another Edn., in English, port, and pits., half bound, fo., 1756 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

108) Scotti, 8s. 

Naaukeurige Beschryving der uitwendige Godtsdienst-Plichten Kerk-Zeden 

en Gewoontens van alle volkeren der Waereldt, pits., 6 vols., calf gilt, m. e.,. 
fo., 1727-38 (H. Dec. 17 ; 616) H. Davey, £1 2s 

Pierres Antiques Gravees, 70 pits, (slightly wormed), calf, fo. Amst., 1724 

(H.Nov. 11 ;238) 10s. 6d. 

Tempel der Zang-Godinnen, 60 engs., half calf, m. e., fo. Amst., 1733 

(S. Dec. 16 ; 398) Andrews, 9s. 

Pichon (M. ) Nouveau Plan Routier de la Ville et Faubourg de Paris, folding plan 
in colours, mounted in a case, half calf, 4to. Paris, an X (S. Oct. 29 ; 620) 

Lacroix, lis. 

Pieters (C.) Annales de l'lmprimerie Elseverienne, calf, Gand 1858(H. Dec. 9 ; 
512) 14s. 

Pill to Purge State Melancholy, 1st Edn., mor. ex., g.e., 1715 (H. Oct. 8 ; 890) 5s. 

Pinder (U.) Speculum Passionis domini Jesu Christi, 40 full-page and 37 smaller 
woodcuts by Hans Schauffelein, etc., roughly coloured, mended, fol. L. cut 
and mounted, modern boards, w. a. f., fo. Nurenberg, 1507 (S. Nov. 3 ; 
158) Blunt, £6 5s. 

Pinelli. Istoria Romana incisa all' Aqua Forte, 101 pits., boards, fo. Roma,. 
1818-19 (P. Nov. 30 ; 287) Grant, 7s. 

[and Hullmandel], Roman Costumes, 24 cold, pits., boards, fo., 1820 (P. 

Nov. 30 ; 291) Hyam, 9s. 

Pinkerton (J.) Iconographia Scotica, L. P., ports., russ., 4to., 1797(S. Nov. 26 ; 

27) Dobell, 18s 

Piranesi (J. B.) Vedute de Roma, 2 vol., upwards of 100 engs., half calf, fo. Roma, 

s. a. (S. Dec. 16 ; 400) Quaritch, £29 

Pisis (Reynerus de) Pantheologia, sive Summa universse Theologiae, g. I. (Hain, 
13,018), printed on stout paper with wide margins, the initials and headlines 
in red, with 19 large initials and a few decorated borders, 3 vols., fo. (last 
leaf of vol. 3 wanting), old pigskin over oak boards, clasps. Nurnberga?, A. 
Coberger, 1477 (H. Nov. 26 ; 154) Barnard, £1 

* Owing to the fact that the edges of these volumes have been very little cut 
down the printer's instructions to the rubricator remain at the extreme edge 
of some of the upper margins. 

Pittmann (Philip) Present State of the European Settlements of the Mississippi,, 
maps, half calf, fine copy, 4to., 1770 (S. Dec. 16 ; 505) Edwards, £\ 1 5s. 

1 908-9 109 

Plaisirs de l'lsle Enchantee ; course de bague ; collation ornee de machines ; 
comedie . . . et autres festes galantes faites par Le Roy a Versailles, pits, by 
J . Silvestre, red mor., with arms of Louis XIV., fo. Paris, 1673 (S. Nov. 26, 
HO) Gilhofer, £28 

Plantae et Insectae ad vivum pictae a pictore Academico Domine Happe, 146 
hand-coloured drawings of insects, etc., half mor., g.e., 4to. Berolini, 1765 
(S. Dec. 15 ; 303) Wesley, £3 

Plantarum, Arborum, Fruticum, et Herbarum effigies numero octingentae ad 
vivum depictae, cum earundem propriis sex linguarum, woodcuts, coloured 
by hand, a few 11. repaired, old half calf, with autograph of R. Dodonaeus, 
4to. Franc. 1562 (S. Nov. 24 ; 433) Stow, £2 8s. 

Plautus. Comcediee, woodcuts, 24mo., vellum (Sunderland copy) Argen- 
torati, J. Griiniuger, 1508 (H. Nov. 26 ; 166) Leighton, £3 10s. 

Pleasures of Human Life, cold. pits, by Rowlandson, half mor., a little soiled, 1807 
(S. Nov. 27 ; 396) Dobell, 5s. 

Plenck (J. J.) Icones plantarum medicinalium secundum systema Linnaei diges- 
tarum (Lat. et Germ.) Centuriae I.-III., 3 vol., 300 cold, pits., russia, fo. 
Vienna, 1788-90 (S. Nov. 24 ; 543) Quaritch, £\ 16s. 

Pleyte (C. M.) Indonesian Art, 25 pits., The Hague 1901 (H. Nov. 5 ; 540) 

Llewellyn, £\ 3s. 

Plinius. Historia Naturalis, somewhat stained, a large copy, old red mor., gold 
borders, fo. Parisiis, 1543 (S. Nov. 12 ; 912) Hunt, 6s. 

Histoire Naturelle, traduite en Francois, avec le texte Latin, 12 vol., old calf, 

gilt, 4to. Paris, 1771-2 (S. Nov. 24 ; 434) Howell, Is. 

Historia Mundi, cum vetust. MSS. collata, et cum castigationibus Sig. 

Gelenii, old calf, with initials, rebacked, fo. Lugd. ap. Beringos fratres, 1548 
(S. Nov. 24 ; 544) Howell, 18s. 

Historie of the World, trans, by P. Holland, 2 vol. in 1 , old calf, fine copy, fo. 

1634 (S. Nov. 24 ; 545) Hill, £2 

Plot (R. ) Natural History of Oxford-Shire, folding map on linen, and pits., old calf, 

fo. Oxford, 1705 (H. Nov. 27 ; 569) 12s. 

Plutarchi Vite, half bound, fo., 1514 (H. Nov. 6 ; 885) 10s. 

Lives of the Grecians and Romanes, trans, by Sir T. North, rough calf (short 

copy), fo., 1603 (S. Nov. 27 ; 571) Reader, £\ 12s. 

Another Edn., by North, woodcut port., calf, fo., 1631 (S. Nov. 11 ; 402) 

Edwards, 1 5s. 

Another Edn., by North, front, and woodcut portraits, old calf (rebacked), 

fo., 1676 (H. Nov. 19 ; 325) 15s, 

Worthies of the World, 1st Edn., front, and 78 woodcut portraits, half calf. 

1665 (S. Oct. 29 ; 470) Tregashts, 5s, 

Pluvinel (A. de) L'Instruction du Roy en l'exercice de monter a cheval, 1st Edn._ 
engd. title, ports, and pits, by Crispin de Pas, old calf gilt, fo. Paris, 1625 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 111) Quaritch, £5 

Poe (E. A.) Mesmerism in Articulo Mortis, sewed, 1846 (P. Dec. 1 ; 504) 

Sabin, £3 

Works, with a Memoir by R. H. Stoddard, 8 vol., port, and fronts., india 

paper, half mor., t. e. g., 4to. New York, 1884 (S. Nov. 2 ; 205) 

^ Sotheran, £3 10s. 

Poetes (I^es) Francois depuis le XII siecle jusqu'a Malherbe avec notice historique 
par M. Angius, 6 vols., half mor., uncut, by Purgold, one of four copies on 
large vellum paper, 4to., 1824 (P. Dec 1 ; 617) Smith, £3 3s. 

Poetical Sketches of Scarborough, cold. pits, by Rowlandson, calf, 1813 (S. Nov. 
27 ; 398) DobeU, £\ Is. 

Pollard (A. F.) Henry VIII., ills., 4to., 1902 (H. Dec. 8 ; 233) Pearson, £2 

Polwhele (R.) Cornish-English Vocabulary, port, and 10 engs., half veil., 4to., 
1836 (H. Oct. 15; 564) ' 6s 

Pompadour. Catalogue des Livres de la Bibliotheque de feue Madame la Mar- 
quise de Pompadour, prices in MS., calf, Paris, 1765 (P. Oct. 9 ; 368) 
H v * liim.ll. 19s. 

Suite d'estampes gravees d'apres les pierres gravees de Guay, port, and 70 

pits., old calf gilt, g. e., 4to. Paris, n. d. (S. Nov. 26 ; 29) Maggs, £20 

Ponet (J.) Defence of Priestes Marriages, agaynst Thomas Martin, b. L, mor. ex 
4to., R. Jugge (1556) (P. Oct. 9 ; 462) Bull, £\ 5s. 


Pontificate Romanum, ad omnes Pontificas Ceremonias .... accommodatuni, 
woodcuts, g. I., with Gregorian Notation, fo., modern calf antique over oak 
boards. Venetiis, apud Juntas, 1572 (H. Nov. 26 ; 195) 

Maggs, £5 2s. 6d. 

Pontoppidan (E.) Natural History of Norway, map and pits., half bnd., fo., 1754 
(H.Dec. 9 ; 624) 12s. 

Another Edn., map and pits., old calf, fo., 1755 (H. Oct. 8 ; 967) 8s. 6d. 

The same, 2 vol. in 1, calf, fine copy, fo., 1755 (S. Nov. 10 ; 234) 

Maggs, £1 3s. 

Pope (A.) Essai sur l'Homme, traduction par Mr. S., port, and 4 pits., L. P., calf,. 

4to., 1745 (S. Oct. 29 ; 599) Lacroix, 6s. 

Rape of the Lock (second complete edition), L. P., pits, by L. Du Guernier, 

orig. calf, MS. note on first fly-leaf, B. Lintott, 1714 (S. Dec. 16 ; 548) 

Lucas, £40 

— Works : being the first collected volume of his Miscellaneous Poems ; receipt 

for first payment to the subscription for the translation of Homer's Iliads, 
signed by A. Pope, inserted, mor. ex., g. e. by Tout, fo., 1717 (S. Nov. 2 ; 242 ) 

Robson, £4 15s. 

Works in Verse and Prose, by Bowles, port., 10 vols., old calf, 1806 (H. 

Dec. 18; 793) 8s. 

Works, with Notes by Warton, ports., 9 vols., calf gilt, 1822 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

39) Maggs, 19s. 

Works, with Life and Letters, by Elwin and Courthope, ills., 10 v., 1871-86 

(H.Dec. 11 ; 1140) £1 13s. 

Portfolio Monographs on Artistic Subjects, illus., nos. 1 to 38 in 12 vols., imp. 8vo., 

half mor. ex., t. e. g. and no. 40 sewed, 1894-99 (H. Dec. 10 ; 813) 

Maggs, £3 12s. 6d. 
Portlock. Vovage to the N. W. Coast of America, 1785-88, port., maps, and pits., 

half calf, 4to., 1789 (Sale unknown ; 575) 15s. 

Portocarrero. Histoire politique et amoureuse du Card. Portocarrero, front., 

mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, Amst., 1734 (S. Nov. 24 ; 308) Bloomfield, lis. 
Portraits des Grands Hommes, Femmes Ulustres et sujets memorables de Prance, 

graves et im primes en couleurs, in 2 vol., and 8 parts, 96 ports, in colours, 

russ. and unbound, w. a. f., 4to. Paris, Blin, 1792 (S. Nov. 26 ; 30) 

Lewin, £32 10s. 
Powerscourt (Visct.) Ye Kynges offe Cairn lochan, Forreste offe Glenisla, 47plts., 

mor., g. e. Dublin, P. P., 1858 (S. Nov. 24 ; 386) Maggs, £1 15s. 

Muniments of the Ancient Saxon Family of Wingfield, ills., atlas 4to., t. e. 

g., fo., P. P., 1894 (H. Dec. 18 ; 978) £3 

Pownall (T.) Administration of the Colonies, Fourth Edn., calf, 1768 (H. Nov. 
12 ; 542) 12s. 

Pratt (F. T.) Law of Contraband of War, pres. copv, half bound, 1856 . (H. Dec. 
4 ; 126) £2 

Prayers. Daily Prayers according to the use of the Roman Synagogue, in 
Hebrew, with vowel points, printed on vellum, initials heightened with gold, 
mor. ex., g. e. by C. Lewis. Boloniya (Bologna), 297 (1537) (S. Nov. 24 ; 
388) Reece, £\l 

* Excessively rare, if not unique, as Van Prael only knew of this copy, 
formerly in the possession of Di Rossi. 

Prescott (W. H.) Works, 12 vol., portraits, etc., half morocco gilt, uncut, t. e. g., 
1867-78 (S. Oct. 28 ; 264) Heath, £4 4s. 

Prevost (J. L. ) Collection des Fleurs et des Fruits, 48 cold, pits., fo., half bound, 
uncut, fo. Paris 1805 (H. Nov. 4 ; 278) A. W. Paul, £4 10s. 

Prideaux's Precedents in Conveyancing, 18th Edition, by Whitcombe and Cherry, 
2 vols., 1900 (H. Dec. 4 ; 133) £\ 9s. 

Prime (John) Sermon briefly comparing the Estate of King Solomon and His Sub- 
jects, h. I. Oxford, 1585 (P. Oct. 9 ; 402) Tregaskis, £\\ 

Primer. Prymer in Englyshe and Laten newly translated after the Laten texte 
[with a " preface and maner to lyve well .... compyled by mayster Johan 
quentin .... translated out of frenche in tho englysshe by Robert Copland 
prynter at London " ], woodcut of the Anatomical Man, 12 small woodcuts in 
Calendar, and 12 woodcuts at the various Hours, 6. \. [A-Z in eights, f4 11. ], 
title wanting ; hole in first leaf ; three headlines cut close, imprynted in Parys 

1 908-9 1 1 1 

in the yere of our Lorde, 1 538 — An exposicyon after the maner of a cotem- 
placyo upon the 51 Psalme .... which Hierom of Ferrayre made in the later 
ende of hys dayes, printed with the same type (A-H in fours) and same im- 
print, 1538 — Here begynneth the Pystles and Gospels : of euery Sonday and 
holy daye in the yere, several miniature woodcuts, ft. I., Imprinted at Paris, 
1538 ; in 1 vol., panelled calf (H. Nov. 6 ; 738) Maggs, £46 

* There is no copy of the third named in the British Museum, and though it 
was presumably issued with the first two, it is printed in a smaller type and the 
woodcuts are by two different schools. The chief publisher in Paris at the time 
was Francis Regnault, for whom Robert Copland — the assistant of Wynkyn 
de Worde, if not of Caxton — made several translations. These " Primers " 
were reformed or simplified Latin Service Books in the vernacular for the use of 
the people, and were largely drawn upon in the compilation of the Prayer Book 
of 1549. 

[Prior (Matt.)] Poems on several Occasions, front., half calf, g. e., fo., 1718 (P. 
Nov. 30 ; 275) Shepherd, 8s. 

The same, I,. P., fo., calf, fo., 1718 (H. Dec. 9 ; 607) 3s. 6d. 

Proctor (The) and Parator their mourning, or the lamentation of the Doctors 

Commons for their Downfall, calf, 4to., 1641 (P. Oct. 9 ; 551) Dobell, 6s. 
Propert (J. L.) History of Miniature Art, 23 pits., veil., gilt, uncut, 1887 (H. 

Nov. 5 ; 541 ) R. Bateman, £7 

Propheceien und Weissagungen Doctoris Paracelsi, Jo. Liechtenbergers, M. J. 

Griinpeck, Jo. Carionis, Der Sibyllen und anderer, I. g., woodcuts, mended, 1. 

Villi, partly in facs., last 1. wanting, half calf, w. a. f., sm. 4to. (s. 1. et a. 

circa 1520) (S. Nov. 3 ; 159) Leighton, £1 3s. 

Prynne (W. ) Breviate of the Life of William Laud, front, by Hollar, fo., mor., 1644 

(H. Oct. 15 ; 560) 18s. 

Healthes Sicknesse, proving the Drinking of Heathes to be Sinfull, mor. ex., 

4to., 1628 (P. Oct. 9 ; 507) Smith, 8s. 

Histrio-Mastix, The Player's Scourge, 1st Edn., calf, 4to., 1633 (S. Oct. 30 ; 

871) Rimell, £2 15s. 

and C. Walker. Relation of the Tryall of N. Fiennes, veil., 4to., 1644 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 872) Dobell, 6s. 

Psalms. Abbot (Geo.) Whole Book of Psalms Paraphrased, blank Aj, old mor., 
with Chetwynd-Haselrigge arms, g. e., fine copy, sm. 4to., 1650 (S. Dec. 3 ; 
1) Tregaskis, £3 10s. 

Psalter or Psalmes of David, after the Translation of the Great Bible, with the 
Morning and Evening Prayer, ft. I., calf, 4to. Companie of Stationers, 1615 
(P. Oct. 9 ; 464) Bull, lis. 

Psaumes de David par Clement Marot, cont. mor., elaborately tooled, g. e., Geneve 
1645 (S. Oct. 29 ; 536) Maggs, 2s. 

Ptolomaeus (C.) Cosmographia, the 27 maps only, printed on stout vellum, cont. 
boards, fo. (Romae, 1478) (S. Nov. 24 ; 548) Quaritch, £6\ 

Cosmographia . . . explicit. Opus Donni Nicolai Germani secundum Ptole- 

meum finit. Anno MCCCCLXXXII. Augusti vero Kalendas XVII. Impres- 
sum Vlme per ingeniosum virum Leonarduni Hoi prefati oppidi civis, vellum, 
fo., 1482 (S. Dec. 18 ; 307) Quaritch, £47 

* The first Ulm edition and said to be the only book printed by Leonard'Hol. 
Text 69 leaves (A10, B-G in 8's, H 1 1 ) x 32 woodcut maps on 64 leaves (includ- 
ing the last which contains the type-printed colophon) = 133 leaves in all. The 
description on the backs of the maps are printed within woodcut borders, which, 
with the initials, have been coloured. The paragraphs are rubricated. The 
map of the World which bears the following inscription : " Insculptum est per 
Johanne Schnitzer de Armszheim" is slightly defective. Although a large copy, 
a few maps are slightly cut into. 

• Geographicae Enarrationes libri VIII., begins on A ii., 27 woodcut maps, 

2 wrongly folded, veil., fo. Romae, Petri de Turre, 1490 (S. Nov. 24 ; 549) 

Quaritch, £IS 

• Liber Geographiae, (cum annotationibus Bern. SylvaniEbolensis), maps on 

3011. (letterpress in red and blue ), a few repairs, large copy, stamped binding, 
repaired, fo. Venetiis, J. P. de Leucho, 1511 (S. Nov. 24 ; 550) Leighton, ^8 

* The large map of the World contains part of America under the name Terra 
Sanctae Crucis. 


Ptolomaeus(C) Geographia Universalis Vetus et Nova Complectens, woodcut 
maps, oakboards, pigskin, fo. Basil. H. Petrus, 1540 (S. Dec. 16 ; 656) 

Bull, £1 16s. 

Geografia cioe descrittione universale della terra, tradotta da L. Cernoti 

maps, coloured throughout, old red mor., fo. Venetia, 1598 (S. Nov. 24 
551) Leighton, 16s 

Punch's Pocket Books, 1845-1880, ills., mor., some flaps torn (36) (S. Nov. 27 
403) " Rimell, £2 2 s 

Purchas (S.) Theatre of Politicall Flying-Insects, sm. 4to., 1657 (H. Nov. 4 
152) Llewellyn, £\ 7s 

Pyne (W. H.) History of the Roval Residences, 3 vol., 100 cold, engs., fine copy 
mor., g. e., 4to., 1819 (S. Nov. 12 ; 873) Hornstein, £13 15s 

Quadrigesimale novum editum ac predicatum a quondam Fratre Minore de 
Observatia in inclita Civitate Basiliens, de Filio Prodigo & de Angeli ipsitu 
ammonitione salubri per Sermones divisum, i. g., 1st Edn., 18 woodcuss, 
slightly wormed, half mor. Basiliae, M. Furter, 1495 (S. Dec. 17 ; 6) 

Lillie, £4 5s. 

<2ur.rles (Fra.) Job Militant, with Meditatione Divine and Morall, 1st Edn., calf, 
fine copy, 4to., 1624 (S. Dec. 17 ; 140) Pickering, £3 

(John) God's Love and Man's Unwortbiness, engd. title and verses, calf, 

1651 (P. Oct. 9 ; 413) Dobell, £\ 2s. 

■Quebec. Justice and Policy of the late Act of Parliament, for the Government of 
the Province of Quebec, half mor., 1774 (H. Oct. 29 ; 590) 19s. 

■Quintilianus (M. F.) Institutiones Oratoriae (Hain-Copinger, 13,644), fo., half calf, 
[Venetis 1476] (H. Nor. 26 ; 179) Baer, £\ 12s. 

■Quintinye (M. de la) The Compleat Gard'ner, with a Treatise of Orange Trees and 
Melons, made English by John Evelyn, port, by Elder and plates, old calf 
(cracked), fo., 1693 (H. Nov. 27 ; 572) £5 

Rabbotenu (Isaac) Bee Hive of the Romishe Churche .... trans, by G. Gilpin, 
b. I. (binding broken and margins cut), 1580 (H. Nov. 6 ; 755) 7s. 

Rabelais (F.) (Euvres, edition variorum, augmentee de pieces inedites, etc., 10 
vol., 2 ports, and 10 pits, after Deveria, and the series of 120 grotesque figures, 
generally missing, some extra plates inserted, half mor., uncut. Paris, 1823 
(S. Oct. 29 ; 370) Lacroix, £\ 10s. 

Racine (Jean)CEuvres, 2 vol., port., front, and 12 pits, by L. Cheron, calf, 4to., 
1723 (S. Oct. 30; 877) Lacroix, 6s. 

(Euvres, 3 vol., port, and plates, calf, r. e., 4to., Paris, 1760 (S. Nov. 11 ; 

351) Shafter, 12s. 

Raimondi (E.) Delle Caccie, pits., sm. 4to., veil., 1630 (H. Nov. 5 ; 492) 

Ma gg s > £* 14 s- 
Raleigh (Sir W.) The Marrow of History, port, of R. Vaughan, calf, 1650 (S. 

Nov. 10; 153) Maggs, 8s. 

Ram's Little Dodeon, a brief Epitome of the New Herbal, ft. I., half bound, 4to., 

1606 ((P. Oct. 9 ; 538) Ellis, 18s. 

Ramsay (Allan) The Gentle Shepherd, L. P., pits, by D. Allan, the portrait 

.mounted, and music inlaid, 2 portraits added, half mor., t. e. g., fo. Glasgow, 

1796 (S. Nov. 2 ; 245) Hopkins, £\ 15s. 
Poems, 1st Edn. (with Glossary), port, by J. Vercriisse, old calf, 4to. 

Edinb., 1721 (S. Oct. 29 ; 629) Thin, 6s. 
(D.) History of the American Revolution, 2 vols., half calf, 1793 (H. 

Nov. 12 ; 543) 8s. 6d. 

Raphael. Leonis X. (Jo. Medicis) Imagines, ab Hetruise legatione ad Pontificatum 

Parerga, 50 pits., ob. fo., veil. Roma, n. d. (H. Nov. 11 ; 239) 7s. 

— ■ — School of, or Student's Guide to Expression in Historical Painting, etc., 

pits., fo., 1759 (S. Nov. 26 ; 114) Bloomficld, 5s. 

Rathbone (F. A.) Old Wedgwood, 67 ills., fo., 1898 (H. Nov. 5 ; 543) 

Evans <S- Co., £5 5s. 
Rawstorne (L.) Gamonia, or Art of Preserving Game, 1st Edn., 15 cold. pits, by 

J. T. Rawlins, mor., g. e., 1837 (S. Nov. 2 ; 146) Robson, £7 

Raymond. History of England, plates, half calf, fo., 1784 (H. Dec. 17 ; 626) 


1908-9 ii3 

Raynalde (T.) Birth of Mankinde, woodcuts, b. I., sm. 4to., half bound, T. Adams, 
1604 (H. Nov. 26 ; 133) Leighton, £1 Is. 

Another Edn., J.I., pits., veil., sm. 4to., 1613 (S. Nov. 3; 164) Leighton, £\ 16s. 

Reach (A. B.) Clement Lorimer, 1st Edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. 

by Riviere, 1849 (S. Nov. 2 ; 60) Robson, £1 6s. 

Real Life in Ireland, third Edn., cold, pits., mor. ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, fine copy, 

1822 (S. Nov. 2 ; 148) Bumpus, £2 2s. 

Real Life in London, 2 vol., cold. pits, by Aiken, 1829-31 (S. Nov. 27 ; 406) 

Walford, £2 

Real Museo Borbonico, engs 16 vols., half mor. Napoli, 1824-57 (H. Dec. 10 ; 

794) C. Vyt, £\ lis. 

Reaumur (M. de) Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire des Insectes, pits., 4 vols, in 8, 

fcap., hf. mor., g. e. Amst., 1737-40 (H. Nov. 4 ; 150) 16s. 

Redford (G.) Art Sales, pits., 2 v., 4to., 1888 (H. Oct. 8 ; 900) £\0 

Redoute (P. J.) Les Lihacees, 8 vol., cold, plates, half mor., uncut, fo. Paris, 

1802-16 (S. Nov. 24 ; 552) Bumpus, £84 

Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum ex Authoritate Primum Regis Henrici 8 in- 

choata, &c, sm. 4to., vellum (defective), 1571 (H. Dec. 17 ; 517) 14s. 

Regimen Sanitatis Salerni, trans, by T. Paynel, 6. I., calf, sm. 4to., 1541 (S. 

Dec. 17 ; 100) Llewellyn, £4 

Reid (G. W.) Catalogue of the Works of G. Cruikshank, 3 vol., pits., roxburghe, 

4tb., 1871 (S. Nov. 24 ; 439) Parsons, £5 10s. 

Reisch (G.) Margarita Philosophica, woodcuts, 1 leaf repaired, mor. gilt, r.e., sm. 

4to. J. Schott, Argentorati, 1504 (S. Nov. 3 ; 165) Maggs, £3 8s. 

Reiss (W.) and A. Stiibel. The Necropolis of Ancon, in Peru, trans, by Prof. 

Keane, 3 vol. in 3 portfolios, fo. Berlin, 1880-87 (S. Nov. 2 ; 247) 

Edwards, £3 lis. 
Relicks of a Saint, by Ferdinand Parquhar, cold, front, by Rowlandson, boards, 

1816 (H. Nov. 13 ; 890) 10s. 

Rembrandt. L'CEuvre Complet decrit et commente par M. Eugene Dutuit. 

Catalogue Raisonne de toutes les estampes du Maitre,best edn., 360 pits, in 

2 states, Dutch paper and Japan vellum, and separate folio of larger etchings, 

6 vols., 4to., half mor., g. t., and folio of 8 larger plates, Paris, 4to., 1880 

(P. Dec. 1 ; 660) Voynich, £14 14s. 

Remnant (R.) Historie of Bees, calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, sm. 4to., 1637 (S. Nov. 

24; 440) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Renaudot (E.) Liturgiarum Orientalium Collectio, best edn., 2 vol., old calf. 4to., 

Paris, 1716 (S. Nov. 11 ; 176) Bull, 5s. 

Repertorium Statutorum Ordinis Cartusiensis per Ordinem alphabeti, g. I., five 

large woodcuts, coloured by an early hand, initials in red and blue, old calf, 

with arms, fo., Basileee, 1510 (H. Dec. 9 ; 600) Leighton, £4 5s. 

Repton (H.) Odd Whims and Miscellanies, cold, pits., 2 vols., L. P., mor., g. e., 

1804 (H. Oct. 8 ; 894) 15s. 

Sketches and Hints on Landscape Gardening, cold, pits., movable slips, 

old calf, 4to., 1794 (S. Nov. 26 ; 33) Sotheran, £7 5s. 

Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, port, and cold pits., with 

movable slips, russ. gilt, 4to., 1803 (S. Nov. 26 ; 32) Sotheran, £7 

Reresby (Sir J.) Travels and Memoirs, 40 ports, and views, half mor., t. e. g., 1813 

(S. Dec. 15 ; 163) Maggs, 19s. 

Restif de la Bretonne. Le Palais Royal, 3 vol., 3 folding plates, old half calf, 1790 

(S. Oct. 29 ; 373) Northey, £\ 18s. 

Retrospective Review, Three Series complete, 18 vols., half bnd., uncut, 1820-54 

(H. Dec. 16 ; 142) £2 15s. 

Retza (Ft. de) Comestorium Viciorum, fl. I. (the first Book Printed at Nuremberg, 

Hain, 13,884), initials in red and blue, with marginal decoration on first leaf, 

fo., half calf, W. Morris's Copy, with his " Kelmscott House " book-label. 

Nurembergae [J. Sensenschnnd ] 1470 (H. Nov. 26 ; 150) £14 

Revised Reports (The) in the English Courts from 1785, still of Practical Utility, 

vols. 1 to 91, with Index to the first 40 vols., Index Digest to vols. 1-65, and 

2 dup. Indexes ; together 94 vols., cloth, 1891 1907 (H. Dec. 4 ; 57) £18 
Revue Horticole : Journal d'Horticole Pratique, &c.,cold.plts., from 1850 to 1902 

inclusive, 56 vols., boards (5 sewed, 3 half bound, and 1 cloth) (H. Nov. 4 ; 

213) Quaritch, £13 10s. 


Reynard the Fox. Reynke Voss de olde nyge gedrucket, mit sidlikem vorstande 
und schonen figuren erluchtet unde vorbetert, woodcuts, g. I., with the rare 
8 leaves of Index, printed four years later, at end (few 11. defective), sm. 4to., 
mor. ex., gilt stamps, g. e. by Zaehnsdorf. Rostock, 1549-53 (H. Nov. 
26; 164) £5 15s. 

Van Reyneken Vosse dem Olden syner .... eyne schone und niitte Fabel, 

woodcuts, g. I. (title repaired, some 11. soiled), sm. 4to., mor. ex., g. e. by 
Zaehnsdorf, Franckfurt, 1550 (H. Nov. 26 ; 165) Maggs, £2 16s. 

Reynardson (C. T. S. B.) " Down the Road," 1st Edn., cold. pits, by H. Aiken, 

half mor. ex., t. e. g., 1875 (S. Nov. 24 ; 391) Edwards, £1 9s. 

Reynolds (G. W. M.) Mysteries of the Court of London, cuts, 8 vols., half bound, 

* g. e., n. d. (H. Oct. 14 ; 95) £\ 17s. 

(Sir J.) Engravings from the Works of Sir Joshua Reynolds, 3 vol., 300 

mezzotinto engs. by S. W. Reynolds, good impressions, mor., g. e., fo. 
Moon, Boys, and Graves, n. d. (S. Nov. 12 ; 913) Edwards, £20 10s. 

Rhodes (E.) Peak Scenery, 4 parts, L. P., pits., india proofs, mor. ex., t. e. g., fo., 

. . 1818-2? (S. Dec. 16 ; 405) Winter, 14s. 

Rich (B.) Adventures of Brusanus, Prince of Bulgaria, Orig. Edn., 6.1. (imperfect, 

containing 82 11. only, first 311. defective), unbound, w. a. f., sm. 4to., 1592 

(S. Dec. 17 ; 137) Barnard, £5 10s. 

* Only one perfect copy appears to be known, that at Dulwich College. 

This may be the Bright Copy, the only one noted by Lowndes. No record in 

Livingstone's A. P. 

New Irish Prognostication, or Popish Calendar, mor., g. e., 4to., 1624 (P. 

Oct. 9; 498) Maggs, £3 3s. 

Richardson (M. A. ) Borderer's Table Book, 8 vol., woodcuts, half mor. Newcastle 
1846 (S.Dec. 18; 231) Kar slake, £\ Us. 

(S.) Works, with Life, by E. Mangin, Best Edn., port., 19 vols., boards, 181 1 

(H. Oct. 29 ; 441) J. Butnpus, £3 3s. 

(W,) Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire, cold, pits., 2 vols., imp. fo., half mor., 

g. e., fo. York, 1843 (H. Dec. 8 ; 286) G. H. Brown, £5 2s. 6d. 

Rickham (T. ) Styles of Architecture in England, sixth edn. by J. N. Parker, ills., 

half calf. Oxford, 1862 (S. Nov. 10 ; 41) Sawyer, £1 

Ricraft (J.) Nosegay of Rank smelling Flowers, port., half mor., 4to., 1646 (P. 

Oct. 8; 226) ' Pickering, 14s. 

Ridinger (J. E.) Tiirkischer Pferdsaufbuz, 24 pits., half bound, ob. fo., Augspurg, 

1752 (S.Nov. 26 ; 119) Edwards, £1 16s. 

Ridley. Certaine Godley, Learned, and Comfortable Conferences betweene 

Nicolas Rydley and Hughe Latymer, 6. I., calf, 1556 (P. Oct. 8 ; 170) 

Quaritch, 5s. 

A Friendly Farewel, which Master Ridley did write a little before that he 

suffred for the truthe, ft. I., slightly defective, 1559 (H. Nov. 12 ; 506) 

Pearson & Co., £1 12s. 
Rituale Parisiense autoritate eminentissimi D. D. Cardinalis de Noailles editum, 
red ruled, red mor. gilt, g. e., with arms of Louis XI. " Ex libris Capellae Regia 
Versaliensis " on title, 4to., Paris, 1701 (S. Nov. 11 ; 386) 

Leighton, £2 2s. 
Robert (Alex.) Treatise of Witchcraft, veil., 4to., 1616 (P. Oct. 9 ; 523) 

Maggs, £1 16s. 

Roberts (D.) Views in the Holy Land, Egypt. Nubia, etc., 6 vol., 253 cold, pits., 

mounted as drawings, half mor., g. e., atlas fo., 1842-49 (S. Dec. 16 ; 406) 

Bull, £13 

(J. and H.) Sportsman's Companion ; engd. throughout, 40 head and tail- 
pieces (shaved), calf gilt, m. e., 1820 (S. Nov. 12 ; 735) Edwards, £\ Is. 

(Wm.) Account of Florida, maps and plans, orig. calf, fine copy, 4to., 1763 

(S. Nov. 10 ; 69) Quaritch, £4 2s. 6d. 

Robertson (A.) Survey of the Great Road from London to Bath, pits, (a few cut), 

half cut, 1792 (H. Oct. 15 ; 540) 19s. 
(J. P.) Solomon See-saw, 3 vol., 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," calf ex., t. e. g. 

by Riviere, 1839 (S. Nov. 2 ; 149) Robson, £1 6s. 

Robinson (H. Crabb) Diary, by Sadler, port., 1st Edn., 3 v., 1869 (H. Oct. 16 ; 

748) Edwards, £1 14s. 

[Mrs. ] Poems, port., L. P., 1791 (P. Oct. 30 ; 350) Maggs, 7s. 

1908-9 115 

Robinson (H. Crabb) The same, L. P., blue mor., g. e., George III.'s copy, with 
arms. 1791 (S. Oct. 28 ; 17) Robson, £\ 

(W.) History of Hackney, maps and pits., 2 vols, in 1, 1842 (H. Dec. 10 ; 

717) H. Davy, £1 10s. 

- History of Tottenham, 2 vols., half calf 1840 (H. Dec. 10 ; 716) £1 14s. 
Robson (Jos.) Account of Six Years' Residence in Hudson's Bay, folding plate, 

unopened, 1752 (S. Dec. 16 ; 482) Grant, £2 2s. 

(T.) The British Herald, pits., 3 vols., half mor., 4to. Sunderland, 1830 

(H. Oct. 9 ; 1252) £ 1 7s. 

[Rochefort (C. de) ] Histoire des lies Antilles de l'Amerique, Orig. Edn., with the 
dedication to Ambroux, front, and engs., wanting the portrait, sm. 4to., 
boards, Rotterdam, 1658 (H. Nov. 5 ; 435) 7s. 

Rodericus Zamorensis. Speculum Vitas Humanae, g. t. (Hain 13,940), initials in 
red (small hole in first leaf, otherwise sound), fo., calf. Augsburg, G. Zainer, 
1471 (H.Nov. 26 ,151) Maggs, £5 2s. 6d 

Another Edn., I. g., 4 unnumbered (1 blank wanting) and 203 numbered 

11. (Hain *13949), woodcuts, slightly wormed, a few stains, mor. ex., g. e. by 
Townsend, fo. Aug. parg, H. Bamler, 1479 (S. Nov. 3 ; 167 ) Quaritch, £90 

Roe (F.) Ancient Coffers and Cupboards, pits., 4to., 1902 (H. Dec. 8 ; 248) 

Levine, £\ 

Rogers (Woodes) Cruising Voyage Round the World, maps, calf, 1712 (P. Nov. 

30 ; 44) Edwards, 17s. 

- — (S.) Italy and Po«ims, 2 vol., engs. after Turner and Stothard, mor., g. e., 

4to., 1838 (S. Date unknown ; 597) Howell. £1 12s. 

* Wrongly described in the catalogue as " largest paper " This edition was 
published in one size only. 
Rolewinck (Werner) Fasciculus Temporum (in Dutch), a Curious Early Chronicle 
printed in a type simtlar to that used by Caxton in his " Siegj of Troy," two 
woodcut borders and numerous small woodcuts (about 6 leaves in facsimile, 
w. a. f.), fo., calf Utrecht, Jan Veldenar, 1480 (H. Nov. 26 ; 170) 

Barnard, £2 16s. 

Another Edn., woodcuts, g. C. (Hain 6,298), fo., oak boards, vellum back 

[Venetiis], E. Ratdolt, 1481 (H. Nov. 26 ; 182) Maggs, £2 10s. 

Rolt (R. ) Lives of the Reformers, 21 ports, by Houston, half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1759 
(H.Dec. 11 ; 1283) Maggs, £2 12s. 6d. 

Romney. Hayley (W.) Life of George Romney, port, (stained), and pits., mor., 
g. e., 4to. Chichester, 1809 (S. Dec. 15 ; 280) Edwards, £3 17s. 6d. 

Romoaldus Scotus. Summarium Rationum quibus Cancellarius Angliae et Pro- 
locutor Puckeringius Elizabeth* Reg. Angl. persuaserunt Occidendam esse 
Mariam Scotiae Reginam, etc. (S. B. no 220), mor., g. e. Colon. 1627 
(S. Oct. 29 ; 462) Barnard, 13s. 

Rosario de la Glorio a Vergine Maria, I. g., woodcuts, cont. Venetian morocco, 
blind tooled, Vineg. M. Sessa, 1524 (S. Nov. 3 ; 169) Bull, £3 12s. 

Roscoe (T.) Novelist's Library, 19 vol., ports, and pits, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., 
t. e. g. by Morrell, 1831-33 (S. Nov. 24 ; 394) Howell, £12 10s. 

Rose (Aquila) Poems on Several Occasions, uncut, clean as issued. Philadelphia, 
1740 (S.Dec. 16 ; 483) Quaritch, £3 10s. 

Rosel van Rosenhof (Aug. J.) De Natuurlyke Historie der Insecten, vol. I. -IV. 
in 8 vol., cold, pits., calf, 4to. Haarlem (1765-82) (S. Dec. 15 ; 307) 

Winter, £1 10s 

Rosellis (A. de) De Potestate Imperatoris ac Papae, g. I., old stamped leather, fo. 
Venet. 1487 (H. Nov. 6 ; 882) £1 8a. 

Rossetti (D. G.) Classified List of his Writings, by W. M. Rossetti, 1906 (P. Dec. 
1 ; 407) Ellis, 8s. 

Early Italian Poets, 1st Edn., 1861 (H. Oct. 29 ; 531 ) Dobell, £\ 15s. 

The same, tree calf gilt, t. e. g., 1861 (H. Dec. 16 ; 81) Myers, £1 

Poems, 1st Edn., 1870 (P. Oct. 9 ; 386) Hornstein, £2 

Rossini. Descrizione di Roma, engs., atlas fo., wrappers, fo., 1823 (P. Nov. 30 ; 

288) Harvey, 9s. 

Rosso (G. R.) I Successi d'Inghilterra dopo la Morte di Odoardo Sexta fino alls 

giunta in quel regno del Don Filippo d' Austria, fine copy, mor. ex., g. e., by 

Bedford, 4to. Ferrara, 1560 (P. Oct. 9 ; 560) Smith, 8s. 


Rousseau (J. J.) Botanique, 65 cold. pits, by P. J. Redoute, mor. ex., g. e., 4to. 
Paris, 1805 (S.Nov. 24 ; 442) Quaritch, £2 8s. 

The same, russ., 4to. ib. 1822 (S. Nov. 24 | 443) Quaritch, £1 12s. 

Confessions, unexpurgated edition, 2 vols., P. P., 1896 (P. Oct. 29 ; 73) 

Philbrick, £1 2s. 

OEuvres, pits, by Cochin, 18 vols., old calf, m. e. Paris 1817 (H. Nov. 6 ; 

662) Dr. Hastings, £1 15s. 

Roux Aine (H.) Herculanum et Pomp6i : Texte explicatif par M. L. Barre, with 
the Musee Secret, plates, 8 vols., imp. 8vo., bds. Paris, 1870-2 (H. Nov. 
13 ; 895) Kar slake, £3 

Rowbotham ( J. P. ) History of Music, 3 vol., pits., calf ex., g. e., 1885 (S. Oct. 28 ; 
15) Hitchman, £\ 5s. 

Rowe (Eliz.) History of Joseph, a Poem, front., cont. red mor., covered with ele- 
gant tooling, g. e., 1744 (S. Nov. 3 ; 171) Leighton, £2 14s. 

(Jacob) All Sorts of Wheel Carriages Improved, pits., uncut, half mor., 4to., 

1734 (P. Oct. 9 ; 501a) Sotheran, £\ 14s. 

Rowland (D. ) Account of the Family of Nevill, pits., etc., half mor., fo., 1830 (H. 
Nov. 27 ; 565) £1 6s. 

Rowlandson. Horse Accomplishments, 12 cold. pits, by Rowlandson after Wood- 
ward, mounted on linen guards, ob. 4to., calf ex., g. e., 1799 (H. Nov. 5 ; 
363) Shepherd, £1 19s. 

Hungarian and Highland Broad Sword, 24 cold plates by Rowlandson, half 

calf, fo., 1799 (S. Nov. 10 ; 78) Daniell, £9 

The same, 24 cold, pits., mor. extra, t. e. g., ob. fo., 1799 (S. Nov. 2 ; 248) 

Quaritch, £11 15s. 

Loyal Volunteers of London and Environs, cold, title and 87 plates by T. 

Rowlandson, coloured and heightened with gold, old calf, 4to., 1799 (H. 
Oct. 7 ; 611) Tickell, £23 

The same, cold, title, and 86 cold, pits., many heightened with gold and 

silver, calf, fine copy, 4to., 1799 (S. Nov. 26 ; 34) Maggs, £23 

The Rhedarium for the Sale of All Sorts of Carriages by Gregory Grigg. A 

New Book of Horses and Carriages, 9 cold, pits., half mor., ob. fo., 1790 (P. 
Oct. 9 ; 595) Hornstein, £5 5s. 

Sketches from Nature, 18 cold, pits., red mor. ex., t. e. g.. 4to., 1822 (S. 

Nov. 2 ; 206) Daniell, £9 5s. 

World in Miniature, 40 plates, half bound, 4to., w. a. f., 1816 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

549) Spencer, £2 12s. 

Rowley (G. D.) Ornithological Miscellany, 3 vol., cold, pits., 4to., 1876-78 (S. 

Nov. 25; 06) Forrester, £2 6s. 

Roxburghe Club. Life and Martyrdom of Saint Katherine of Alexandria, half 

bound, 4to., 1884 (S. Dec. 17 ; 94) Dobell, £1 3s. 

Rubens (P. P. ) AchiJles's Life, allegorical title and 8 pits., calf, fo., 1724 (S. Nov. 
26 ; 122) Sotheran, £1 10s. 

Ruding (R.) Annals of the Coinage, Third Edn., 3 vols., pits., 4to., 1840 (P. Oct. 
9 ;541) Sotheran, £3 

Ruling Cases, Arranged, Annotated, and Edited by R. Campbell, &c, with Ameri- 
can Notes by Irving Browne and L. A. Jones, and Index and Table of Cases 
by Manson and Gould, 26 vols., half veil., t. e. g., 1894-1902 (H. Dec. 4 ; 85) 

Kelly, £5 

The same, and First Supplementary Volume, 27 vols., half veil., t. e. g., 

1894-1908 (H. Dec. 4 ; 24) £8 10s. 

Rump Songs. Rump, or an exact Collection of the Choycest Poems and Songs, 
1st Edn., both parts, fronts., russ ex., g. e., by F. Bedford, fine copy, 1662 
(P. Dec. 1 ; 535) Sa'bin, £7 

Rumphius (G. E.) Herbarium Amboinense et Auctuarium, edidit Burmannus, 
ports, and pits., 7 vols., half mor. ex., cloth sides, t. e. g., Amst. 1741-55 
(H. Nov. 4 ; 267) Quaritch, £6 15s. 

Rupert. Exact Relation of the several Engagements and Actions of his Majesties 
Fleet under the Command of Prince Rupert, 1st Edn., 4to., 1673 (S. Oct. 29 ; 
592) Willing, 9s. 

1908-9 U7 

Rusconi (G. A.) Delia Architettura, woodcuts, veil. Venetia, 1590 (S. Dec. 16 ; 

520) Leighton, £3 3s. 

* With bookplate of David and ticket of Catherine Garrick. On the fly-leaf 

is the following inscription in Garrick's handwriting : " Padua, July 20th, 1764. 

This book was given to me by a very good friend Dr. Marsili, Professor of Botany 

of this University ; D. Garrick." 

Rusden (G. W.) History of New Zealand, 3 vol., map, 1883 (S. Oct. 28 ; 269) 

Edwards, £1 Is. 

Ruskin (John) King of the Golden River, ills, by Doyle, 1st Edn., boards, in 

silk case, 1851 (P. Dec. 1 ; 510) Shepherd, £\ 10s. 

The same, orig. boards, g.e., fine copy, 1851 (H. Dec. 16 ; 200) Spencer, £6 

Opening of the Crystal Palace, 1st Edn., wrappers, 1854 (S. Oct. 30 ; 761 ) 

Gibson, 4s. 

Seven Lamps of Architecture, 1st Edn., ills., imp. 8vo., 1849 (S. Nov. 10 ; 

22) Bacon, £1 2s. 

Stones of Venice, ills., 1st Edn., 3 vols., half mor., g. e., 1851-3 (H. Nov. 

26 ; 43) Bull 6- Auvache, £1 12s. 

Russell (P. ) Account of Indian Serpents on the Coast of Coromandel, 46 pits., half 

bound, fo., 1796 (S. Nov. 24 ; 556) Grant, £1 

Ruyte r (M. de) Journael gehouden op's L,ants Schip de Spiegel .... op de Custen 

van Africa en America, folding plan, fc. |., sm. 4to., half mor., Amst., 1665. 

(H. Nov. 5 ; 431 ) Burgersdyk, £1 

S. (P.) Journal of the late Proceedings and Successe of the English Army in the 

West Indies, uncut 4to., 1655 (P. Oct. 8 ; 263) Harding, £2 17s. 6d. 

S. (R.) The Counter-Schuffle and the Counter-Rat, half mor., 4to., 1667 (P. Oct. 

8 ; 208) Dobell, 6s. 

St. John (C. ) Natural Nistory and Sport in Moray, 1st Edn., ills., half mor., t. e. g., 

Edinb., 1882 (S. Nov. 12 ; 747) Hopkins, £\ 16s. 

Saint Real. Histoire de la Conjuration des Espagnols contre la Republique de 

Venise, mor. ex., g. e., 1800 (P. Dec. 1 ; 580) Winter, 10s. 

Sallust. The Conspiracie of Cataline, written by Constancius, Felicius, Duran- 

tinus, trans, by T. Paynell, with the Historye of Jugurth, trans, by Alex. 

Barclaye, both parts, b I., russ., 4to., 1557 (P. Oct. 9 ; 508) 

Leighton, £2 4s. 
Salmon (T. ) The Chronological Historian, 1st Edn., ports., old calf, 1723 (S. Oct. 

28 ; 20) Reader, 5s. 

Salvianus (H. ) Aquatilium Animalium Historian, engd. title and pits., old calf, 

Rome 1554-8 (H. Nov. 4 ; 95) Wheldon, £1 8s. 

Another Edn., port, and pits., calf gilt, fo. Romae, 1557 (S. Nov. 24 ; 

558) Maggs, £\ 16s. 

Icones Piscium, engd. title, and 99 ills., veil., fo., ib. 1 593 (S. Nov. 24 ; 559 

Edwards, £2 2s. 
Sanchez (Th.) De Sancto Matrimonii Sacramento disputationum, 3 vol. in 1, old 

vellum, with clasps, fo. Venetiis, 1685 (S. Nov. 3 ; 175) Nvtt, 14s. 

Sander (F.) Reichenbachia ; Piist Series, in 2 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1888-90 ; and 

18 parts of the Second Series, (1892), cold, pits., fo., 1888-92 (S. Nov. 2 ; 

249) Quaritch, £1 18s. 

Sanders (W. B.) Examples of Carved Oak Woodwork, pits., 4to., 1883 (H. Dec. 

8 ; 261 ) 17s. 

Carved Oak Woodwork and Half Timbeied Houses of the 16th and 17th 

Centuries, pits., 2 vols., 1883-94 (N. Nov. 5 ; 557) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Sandford (F.) Order and Ceremony for the Interment of the Duke of Albemarle, 

engd. title (damaged), and 19 pits., ob. fo., w. a. f. (1670) (P. Oct. 30 ; 558) 

Daniell, 7s. 
Sandrart (J. de) Academia Artis Pictoriee, pits., old calf, fo. Noribrgae, 1683 

(H. Oct. 16 ; 939) 15s. 

Sandys (G.) Paraphrase upon the Divine Poems, 1st Edn., (leaf A a a 1 torn ; this 

fly-title is generallv wanting), old calf, fo., 1638 (at end 1637) (S. Dec. 

17 ,179) Barnard, £\ 16s. 

Sargent (C. S. ) Silva of North America, with Supplement, 14 vol., ills, (uncoloured) 

4to., 1891-1902 (S. Dec. 17 ; 97) Quaritch, £36 

Sauvan (M. ) Picturesque Tour of the Seine, map and 24 cold, pits., calf gilt, t. e. g., 

4to., 1821 (S. Dec. 17 ; 131) Woolner, £5 17s. 6d. 


Savage (J.) History of the Hundred of Carhampton, L. P., front, and map, calf, 
Bristol, 1830 (S. Nov. 10; 141) Shepherd, 15s. 

Savage-Club Papers, ed. by Andrew Halliday, 2 vol., ills, by Geo. Cruikshank, 
etc., calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, 1867-68 (S. Nov. 2 ; 154) Sotheran, £1 4s. 

Saville-Kent (W.) Great Barrier Reef of Australia, ills., 4to., 1893 (H. Dec. 8 ; 250) 

£1 5s. 

Another Edn., pits., 4to., 1900 (H. Nov. 12 ; 571) 14s. 

Savonarola (H.) Opera Singulare cotra Lastrologia divinatrice in coboratione de la 
refutatione astrologice del S. cote Jo. Pico de la D. Siradola, I. fl. (imprint at 
end), limp veil. (Venizia) (S. Oct. 29 ; 442) Woods, 5s. 

Triupho della Croce di Christo volgare della Verita della Fede Christiana, 

" I^ettres rondes," veil., Vinegia, 1524 (S. Oct. 29 ; 441) Leighton, 18s. 

Saxe (Maurice de) Mes Reveries, par l'Abbe Perau, pits., cold, copy, 2 vols., 
old calf, fo. Amst., 1767 (H. Dec. 9 ; 616) Maggs, £1 7s. 

Scarron. Virgile Travestie en Vers Bulesques, 2 vol., 7 parts with separate titles 
and separate pagination, 10 pits, by Chauveau(3 defective), calf. 4to. Paris, 
1648-9-50-51-53 (S. Oct. 29; 602) Meuleneere, £1 6s. 

* Original edition of all the parts (except the first), with the address of 
" Toussaint Guinet," in parts 2 to 6, and the same imprint, 1648, beneath the 

Schatzbehalter. Der Schatzbehalter Oder Scbrein der Waren Reichthumer dea 
Heils unnd Ewiger Seligkeit Genant, etc., I. fl., double columns, 41-42 lines 
with signs, capitals painted, 93 full-page woodcuts (Hain * 15407), wants 
blank for aj, mended, veil., fo. Nurnberg, Ant. Koberger, 1491 (S. Nov. 3 ; 
176) Leighton, £48 

* But for the slight defects, a fine, large copy of the first edition, with un- 
coloured impressions of the cuts by Wolgemuth and Preydenwurfl ; the 19th 
cut containing the big calligraphic mark W [see Passavant I. 67 ] has a small 
hole near centre. 

Schedel (H. ) Chronicon Nurembergense. Libri Cronicarum cum figuris et imagini- 
bus ab initio Mundi, 1st Edn., I. g., woodcuts, with the De Sarmacia and 
numbered blank leaves, slightly wormed, orig. stamped pigskin, r. e., fo. 
Nurembergae, A. Coburger, 1493 (S. Nov. 23 ; 264) Bumpus, £16 

The same, with " De Sarmacia," and the 3 blank leaves, fo. (defective), oak 

boards, ib., 1493 (H. Nov. 26 ; 159) Maggs, £12 

The same (Hain *14508), illuminated initial and decorated margin to fol. 1, 

old vellum, fiue copy, except a few stains, fo., ib. 1493 (S. Dec. 4 ; 214) 

Bain, £26 

The same, with the blank leaves and " De Sarmacia " large capitals in table 

painted red and blue, and first large initial illuminated, title mended, a few 
slight wormholes, fine copy (18J by 12| in.), calf antique, old metal bosses 
and clasps, fo. ib. 1493 (S. Nov. 3 ; 40) Bumpus, £28 

Scheffer (John) History of Lapland, engd. title, map and ills., calf, rebacked, fo. 
Oxford, 1674 (S. Oct. 29 ; 701) Maggs, Is. 

Schultzen (W.) Ost-Indische Reyse, engs., fo., veil. Amst., 1676 (H. Nov. 5 ; 
450) De Vries, £1 3s. 

Schiitz (Ch.) et J. Ziegler. Collection de Vues de la ville de Yienne, de ses Faux- 
bourgs, et quelques Environs, engd. title, and 66 cold, pits., with descriptions 
in French, English, and German to the first 36 plates, ob. fo. Wien (1785) 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 125) Sabin, £160 

* Brunet mentions 46 plates, the list of plates in the volume, 36 only. The 
remaining 30 are of the neighbouring scenes and are by Janscha, Ziegler, 
Schaffer, Schallhas, etc. 

Scogin's Jests, full of Witty Mirth and Pleasant Shifts, Gathered by Dr. A. Boord, 
b. I., half mor., 4to. [about 1680] (P. Oct. 9 ; 536) Dobell, £1 Is. 

Scot (George) Model of the Government of the Province of East New Jersey in 
America, half calf, very fine copy. Edinb., 1685 (S. Nov. 10 ; 133) 

Leon, £42 

* This copy, the first appearing since the " Lefferts " (sold in 1902 for £56), is 
clean and perfect throughout, the page 37 with the paragraph commencing 
" where people find themselves straitned," etc. from the second issue neatly 
inserted, and with the leaf A before the title. 

I9C8-Q H9 

Scot (Thos.) Philomythie, or Philomythologie, with the Second Part (in Verae), 

engd. title, and woodcuts, mor., g. e., 1622-25 (P. Oct. 9 ; 395) 

PI Sotheran, £1 9s. 

Scotland. Certeine Matters concerning the Realme of Scotland, half calf, 4to., 

• 1603 (P. Oct. 9 ; 489) Harding, 9s. 

ocott (John) Sportsman's Repository, pits., 4to., 1845 (S. Nov. 24 ; 444) 

Howell, 10s. 

[ (Sir W. ) ] Guy Mannering, lstEdn.,3 vols, (last blank leaf in vol. 2 wanting), 

half calf. Edinb., 1815 (H. Dec. 16 ; 213) £4 

Kenilworth, 3 vol., 1st Edn., 3 portraits added, also a quarto page of a 

portion of the work, in the handwriting of Scott, inserted, mor., ex. t.e.g. by 
Riviere. Edinb., 1821 (S. Nov. 2 ; 156) Edwards, £\ 1 

Lady of the Lake, 1st Edn., L. P., port., mor. ex., ornamental borders, silk 

linings, g. e., 4to. Edinb., 1810 (S. Dec. 15 ; 312) Maggs, £2 8s. 

Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft, 1st Edn., front, and etchings by G 

Cruikshank, calf ex., t.e.g. by Riviere, 1830 (S. Nov. 2 ; 37) Brown, £2 6s. 

Lord of the Isles, 1st Edn., hf. bd., uncut, 4to., 1815 (P. Dec. 1 ; 637) 

Shepherd, 5s. 

Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border, 3 vol., half calf gilt, Edinb., 1812 (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 750) Hill, 4s. 

Waverley : or 'tis Sixty Years Since, 3 vol., 1st Edn., several leaves stained, 

half bound (broken). Edinb., 1814 (S. Dec. 16 ; 573) Shepherd, £10 5<. 

The same, 3 vols., (one leaf in vol 1 torn, last blank leaf wanting, and a few- 
letters of one page in vol. 3 defaced), hf. cf. Edinb., 1814 (H. Dec. 16 ; 
212) £11 

Novels, Tales, and Romances, 50 vol., Introduction and Notes, 3 vol. ; to- 
gether 53 vol., engd. title-pages, half green calf, m. e. Edinb., 1825-33 (S. 
Nov. 25 ; 586) Brown, £2 12s. 

Waverley Novels, 48 vol. ; Prose Works, 30 vol. ; Poetical Works, 12 vol. ; 

Life of Sir Walter Scott, 10 vol. ; together 100 vols., fronts, and vignettes, calf, 
t. e. g., 1829, etc. (S. Nov. 2 ; 155) Quaritch, £22 

Waverley Novels, Abbotsford Edn., pits., 12 vols., 1842-7 (H. Oct. 22 ; 

143) Tickell, £3 7s. 6d. 

The same, 12 vol., half mor., g. e., imp. 8vo. Edinb., 1842-47 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 726) Sotheran, £4 10s. 

Waverley Novels, pits, by Cruikshank, 5 vols., half mor., m.e., 1843 (H. 

Nov. 20 ; 395) 7s. 6d. 

Novels, Illustrated Lib. Edn., engs., 25 vols., 1853 (P. Nov. 30 ; 76) 

Hill, £3 7s. 6d. 

Waverley Novels, Lib. Edn., 25 vol., port, and pits., calf ex., g.e. Edinb., 

1854-57 (S. Oct. 28 ; 274) Heath, £9 

Waverley Novels, engs., Lib. Edn., 25 vols., calf gilt, g. e., handsome set. 

Black 1857 (H. Oct. 14 ; 193) Bumpus, £9 5s. 

Waverley Novels, 48 vols., fronts, and vignettes, half calf, m.e. Edinb., 

1859 (S. Nov. 11 ; 292) Rutter, £2 

Waverley Novels, fronts., 48 vols., tree calf ex. Edinb., 1868 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

387) Leader, £4 

Waverley Novels, centenary edn., 25 vols., half calf, 1871 (P. Dec. 1 ; 377) 

Wilkins, 17s. 

Waverley Novels, 25 vols., Poetical Works, 2 vols., Miscellaneous Writings, 

2 vols., Tales of a Grandfather, Life of Napoleon, 2 vols., and Life by Lockhart 
2 vols., engs., Lib. Edn., 34 v. Edinb., 1876-8 (H. Oct. 7 ; 363) £2 

Works, Victoria Edn., fronts., 25 vols., 1897 (H. Oct. 29 ; 691) 15s. 

Waverley Novels, Lib. Edn., pits., 25 vols., half calf gilt, t. e. g., 1900 (H. 

Dec. 15; 74) Forrester, £5 

Waverley Novels, " Edinburgh Edition," 48 vol., fronts. Edinb., 1901-03 

(S. Nov. 25 ; 587) Hatchard, £1 12s. 6d. 

Poetical Works, 11 vol., port, and pits, by Smirke, uncut, 1&30 (S. Oct. 

28 ; 13) Abbey, 7s. 

Life, by J. G. Lockhart, 10 vol., ports, and pits. Edinb., 1902-3 (S. Oct. 28 

275) Hill, £2 13s. 

Scottish History and Life, ed. by James Paton, L. P., ills., fo. Glasgow, 1902 
(S. Oct. 28 ; 347) Heath, 12s. 


Scottish Text Society's Publications, Complete Set, from commencement, being: 
nos. 1 to 57, the first 23 vols., in half mor., t. e. g. by Zaehnsdorf, and nos. 40 
to 57, as issued. 1884-1908 (H. Oct. 7 ; 563) Harding, £20 10s. 

Scribleriad (The) an heroic Poem, 1st Edn., proof pits, by Boitard, old calf, 4to., 
1751 (S. Oct. 29 ; 649) James, 3s. 

Scriptores Graeci et Latini, 64 vol., red mor. (rubbed), Glasguae, R. Foulis, 1745, 

etc. (S. Dec. 16 ; 507) Maggs, £3 8s. 

* From the library of Garrick to whom the volumes were presented by the 

Rev. Mr. Beighton. Twenty-three of the volumes contain Garrick's bookplate, 

and a few the bookplate of Carrington Garrick. 

Scripture, f Hereafter folowe X certayne places of Scrypture by whome it is 

£ roved, that the doctrynes and tradycyons of men ought to be avoyded, black 
ttfr (22 11. only, should have 24. wants leaves 2 and 3), the 11. are numbered 
in Arabic letters to 23 followed by the leaf with the devices, the printer's 
device of St. John in Patmos on title and reverse of last leaf, with the royal 
arms on recto of the latter, half bound, perhaps unique as there is no record 
of it. Imprynted by me Robert Wyer dwellynge in Saynt Martyns Parysshe 
besyde Charynge Crosse [c. 1540] (S. Dec. 5 ; 434) Quaritch, £10 

Scrope(Wm.) Art of Deer-Stalking, pits., 1839 (S. Nov. 25 ; 706) Sharp, £\ 12s. 

Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing, Presentation Copy from the Author, with 

Autograph Inscription, plates, original cloth, 1854 (H. Nov. 19 ; 31 ) £1 Is. 

Search after Claret, or a Visitation of the Vintners, a Poem, 4to., 1691 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

525) Dobell, 4s. 

Seboth (Jos.) Die Alpenpflanzen, text von F. Graf, cold, pits., unbound, Prag. 

1879-84 (H. Nov. 4 ; 195) 18s. 

Secretan (M. E.) Catalogue de Tableaux, anciens et modernes, Aquarelles et 

Dessins, etc. formant la Collection, 2 vol., Edn. de Luxe, Japan paper, 120 

ills., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1889 (S. Nov. 2 ; 250) Quaritch, £\ 5s. 

Sedgwick (A. ) Memorial of the Trustees of Cowgill Chapel [Dent ], with Appendix 

and Supplement, Pres. Copy, from the Author to Catherine Vaughan, with 6 

photos inserted, half bnd. Cambridge, P.P., 1870 (H. Oct. 28 ; 110) 

Tregaskis, £\ 5s. 
Seebohm (H.) History of British Birds, cold, ills., 4 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1883-85 

(S. Nov. 12 ; 754) Quaritch, £4 10s. 

Monograph of the Turdidae, port, and cold, pits., 2 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 

fo., 1902 (H. Dec. 8 ; 275) C. Vyt, £8- 

Segar (W.) Booke of Honor and Armes, 4to., 1590 (P. Oct. 9 ; 542) 

Sotheran, £3 3s. 
Seller (John) Anglia Contracts, or Description of England and Wales, engd. 

throughout, cold, front., illuminated title, pits., and 56 cold, maps, calf (1696) 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 719) Martin, 4s. 

Senator (The) or, Clarendon's Parliamentary Chronicle, 7 vols., old calf, 1792-3 

(H. Nov. 19 ; 117) 8s. 

Serlio (S. ) First (to Fifth) Book of Agriculture, woodcuts, 6. J. (title repaired), fo.,. 

1611 (H. Oct. 9 ; 1279) 7s. 

Seroux d'Agincourt, History of Art by its Monuments, 3 vol., in 1, pits., half mor., 

t. e. g., fo., 1847 (S. Nov. 3 ; 180) Bull, 5s. 

Sertum Botanicum, collection de plantes remarquables par leur utilite, leur ele- 
gance, leur eclat ou leur nouveaute, 6 vol., 600 cold, pits., half calf, 4to. 

Brux., 1832 (S. Nov. 24 ; 447) Quaritch, £1 15s. 

Servetus (M. ) De trinitatis erroribus libri septem : Dialogorum de trinitate libri 

duo ; de justicia regni Christi capitula quatuor, 2 vol. in 1, mor., s. 1. 1531 

(S. Nov. 3 ; 179) Higham, 9s. 

Seton (Sir H. W. ) Forms of Judgments and Orders in the High Court of Justice and 

Court of Appeal, 6th Edition, 3 vols., calf, 1901 (H. Dec. 4 ; 25) 

Wild, £3 5s. 
Settle (E.) Augusta Triumphans. To the Lieutenancy of the Honourable City 

of London, a Congratulary Poem, sm. 4to., old mor. ex., with arms, 171 1 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 147) £\ 8s. 

Seymour (R.) New Readings of Old Authors, Shakespeare, 25 vol., Byron 1 vol., 

pits., calf ex., t. e. g., 26 vol., fine set, n. d. (S. Nov. 25 ; 588) 

Maggs, £\2 5s. 

I908-9 121 

Shadwell (T.) Dramatick Works, port., 1st Collected Edn. with Autograph of 
" John Genest, Dec. 27, 1786," 4 vols., half bud., 1720 (H. Dec. 17 ; 421 > 

Walford, £1 Is. 

The same, 4 vols., calf gilt by Hayday, 1720 (H. Nov. 6 ; 781) 

Hill & Son, £2 4s. 
the same, port., 4 vols., calf, 1720 (P. Nov. 30 ; 138) Reader, £2 2s. 

Psyche, 1st Edn., 4to., 1675 (P. Oct. 9 ; 526) Smith, 2s. 

Shaftesbury (Earl of) Characteristicks, front, and vignettes, 3 vols., old calf. 

Birmingham, J. Baskerville, 1773 (H. Oct. 8 ; 849) £1 3s. 

SHAKESPEARE— Collected Works 

Shakespeare. Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies, Second Impression, port, by 
Droeshout (poor copy, with Ben Jonson's verses in facsimile, last leaf defec- 
tive, imprint cut off, and 2 other 11. repaired), fo., old calf, rebacked, with 
Garrick's bookplate and label. Tho. Cotes for John Smethwick, 1632 (H. 
Nov. 26 ; 138) £14 10s. 

Comedies / Histories / and / Tragedies / Fourth Edition, half calf, wanting 

port., small hole in fo. 7-8, two 11. damaged, large, 14 by 8i, w. a. f., fo., 1685 
(P. Oct. 9 ; 589) Maggs, £20 

* Two or three copies of the Second and Third Folios were sold at Sotheby's 

this quarter for nominal sums. They were practically fragments merely, and 
not worth recording. 

Works, with Life by N. Rowe, fronts, and an Engraving to each Play, First 

Octavo and First Illustrated Edition, L. P., 6 vols, (without the Poems), old 
calf (cracked), 1709 (H. Nov. 6 ; 780) Bumpus, £4 10s. 

Works, Collated and corrected by Mr. Pope, port., 1st Edn., 6 vols., half 

russ. (cracked), 4to., 1725 (P. Oct. 8 ; 218) Edwards, £1 9s. 

The same, 6 vol., calf, 4to., 1725 (S. Nov. 10 ; 168) Harding, 10s. 

Works, ed. by Sir T. Hanmer, 6 vol., ports, and pits., old calf, 4to. 

Oxford, 1744 (S. Nov. 11 ; 355) Grant, £1 3s. 

Dramatic Works, revised by G. Steevens, 6 parts, as issued, fo., 1791 (S. 

Nov. 11 ; 434) Griffiths, 2s. 

Dramatic Works, Boydell's Edition, engs., 9 vols, (foxed ), russ. ex., rebacked 

g. e., fo., 1812 (H. Dec. 16 ; 309) Bailey, £3 7s. 6d. 

Plays and Poems, 11 vol., port. Pickering, 1825 (S. Dec. 17 ; 65) 

Borrow, £2 5s. y 

The same, port., 11 vols., half calf gilt, 1825 (H. Oct. 8 ; 824) £1 As. 

Dramatic Works, ed. by S. W. Singer, 10 vol., half mor. gilt, t. e. g., Chiswick 

1826 (S. Nov. 10 ; 23) Hornstein, £4 

Works, bv Chalmers, port., 8 vols., calf gilt, rebacked, 1847 (H. Oct. 15 ; 

426) 10s. 6d. 

Plavs, from the 'Text of G. Steevens and E. Malone, ed. by A. Chalmers, 8 

vol.", port., calf gilt, m. e. 1847. (S. Nov. 12 ; 756. Hill, 19s. 

Works, ed. by W. G. Clark and J. Glover, 9 vol., 1863 (S. Dec. 15 ; 178) 

Joseph, £2 5s. 

Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, Facsimile of the First Folio Edition, by 

Sidney Lee, fo., rough calf, Oxford, 1902 (H. Nov. 26 ; 139) £4 15s. 

8HAKE8PEARE. Poems.:— 

Poems written by Wil. Shakespeare Gent. ,1st Edn., very fine large copy with 

the dated and undated title, port, by Marshall (backed and bottom line of 
inscription in facsimile ), old calf, covered with cloth , 1640 ( P. Oct. 30 ; 484 ) 

Curtis, £91 

Collection of Poems, being all the Miscellanies of Shakespeare, published by 

himself in 1609, and now correctly printed from those editions, 2 vol. in 1, 
calf, spotted. B. Lintott, n. d. (S. Nov. 27 ; 436) Pickering, £4 

SHAKESPEARE. Illustrations:— 

Shakespeare Gallery, a Select Series of Scenes and Characters, 50 pits, en- 
graved by C. Taylor, mor. gilt, g. e., 4to., 1792 (S. Nov. 26 ; 35) 

Sotheran, £4 15s. 
Shakespeare Illustrated by an Assemblage of Portraits and Views, 2 vol., 1st 

Edn., 150 ports, and views, joints, g.e., 1793 (S. Oct. 28 ; 10) Rimell, £\ 10s. 
The same, L- P., pits., proofs, with duplicate plate of Jane Shore (bare 

necked), 4to., 1793 (S. Nov. 26 ; 36) Sotheran, £2 6s. 


SHAKESPEARE. Illustrations :— 

The Seven Ages of Man, engd. title and 7 plates by T. Stothard, printed in 

colours, wrappers, uncut, fo., 1799 (S. Nov. 24 ; 563) Parsons, £3 10s. 

Howard (F.) Spirit of the Plays of Shakspeare, outline plates on India paper 

5 vols., I„. P., half mor., g. e., 1833 (H. Oct. 8 ; 823) £3 5s. 

Sharpe (R. B.) Monograph of the Alcedinidae, 120 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 
4to., 1868-71 (S. Nov. 12 ; 877) Wesley, £5 12s. 6d 

Monograph of Hirundinidse, cold, pits., 2 vols., 4to., 1885-94 (H. Dec. 8 

276) Hill, £3 3s 

Sharpe's British Prose Writers, ports., 25 vols., half mor., 1819-21 (H. Oct. 8 

807 ) £1 Is 

Shaw (G. Bernard) An Unsocial Socialist, 1905 (H. Nov. 20 ; 353) 10s 

Cashel Byron's Profession, New York, 1900 (H. Nov. 20 ; 352) 9s 

Quintessence of Ibsenism, 1st Edn., 1891 (H. Oct. 7 ; 413) £1 6s 

(H.) Dresses and Decorations of the Middle Ages, 2 vol., cold, pits., half 

mor., t. e. g., imp. 8vo., 1843 (S. Dec. 15 ; 177) Rimell, £2. 12s. 

The same, 2 vol. in 1, L. P., engs., initial letters, etc., coloured and heighten- 
ed with gold, red mor. ex., g. e., imp. 4to., 1843 (S. Nov. 2 ; 214) 

Hopkins, £1 15s. 

(L.) History of the Province of Moray, enlarged by J. F. S. Gordon, 3 vol., 

Best Edn., Glasgow, 1882 (S. Nov. 25 ; 768) Adams, lis. 

Shellev (G. E.) Monograph of the Nectariniidae, 121 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 
4to., 1876-1880 (S. Nov. 12 ; 878) Young, £5 

(Mrs.) Fortunes of Perkin War beck, 1st Edn., 3 vols., uncut, 1830 (P. Nov. 

30 ; 48) Reader, 5s. 

(P. B.) Alastor, 1st Edn., half calf, title defective, 1816 (S. Nov. 27 ; 437) 

Maggs, 4s. 

The Cenci, 2nd Edn., orig. wrappers, uncut, with label, 1821 (P. Dec. 1 ; 

561) Green, 4s. 

Laon and Cythna, 1st Edn., with leaf of errata, boards, uncut, MS. notes, 

criefly in pencil, 1818 (S. Nov. 27 ; 438) . Shepherd, £\ 7s. 

Posthumous Poems, 1st Edn., port, inserted, boards, 1824 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

440) Edwards, 10s. 

Queen Mab, 1st Edn. (title and last leaf of notes reprint), boards, uncut, 

w. a. f. (1813) (P. Dec. 1 ; 417) Sabin, £3 17s. bd. 

Queen Mab, boards, fine copy, 1821 (P. Dec. 1 ; 563) Sabin, 10s. 

Queen Mab, with Notes, boards, 1829 (S. Nov. 27 ; 441) Shepherd, lis. 

The Revolt of Islam, 1st Edn., boards, uncut, name erased from title, w. a. f., 

1818 (P. Oct. 9 ; 410) - Hornstein, 19s. 

St. Irvyne ; 1st Edn., mor. ex., g. t., uncut, 1811 (P. Oct. 30 ; 488) 

Laurence, £26 

Shellev Papers. Memoir by T. Medwin, and Original Poems and Papers by 

Shelley, boards, 1833 (S. Nov. 27 ; 442) Bumpus, 5s. 

Poetical Works, ed. by Mrs. Shelley, port., 4 vols., 1839 (H. Nov. 6 ; 785) 

Zaehnsdorf, £1 6s. 

Another Edn., by Mrs. Shelley, port., 3 v., 1857 (P. Oct. 9 ; 449) 

Hornstein, 19s. 

Sheraton (T.) Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book, over 100 pits., old 

calf, good copy, 4to., 1791-3 (S. Nov. 26 ; 37) Bain, £16 

Sherborn (CD.) History of the Family of Sherborn, front., 1901 (P. Dec. 1 ; 593 ) 

Walford, 8s. 

Sheridan (R. B.) Pizarro, 1st Edn., title repaired, tall copy, half calf, t. e. g., 1799 

(S. Dec. 18 ; 239) Dobell, 12s. 

The Rivals, 1st Edn., from a cut vol. of plays, 1775 (P. Nov. 30 ; 49) 

Quaritch, £9 

The same, no half title, 1775, and other plays (8), in 1 vol., half bound 

(H. Nov. 20 ; 432) £6 5s. 

Trip to Scarborough, 1st Edn., unbound (from a cut vol. of plays), 1781 

(P. Oct. 8 ; 153) Nired, 18s. 

Shew (T.) Panoramic View of Rome, coloured Panorama, 12 feet by 1 in a box, 
w. a. f., 1825, 4to. (P. Oct. 8 ; 211) " Rimell, 5s. 

1908-9 123 

Shirley (E. P.) Noble and Gentle Men of England, cuts, Third Edn., sm. 4to., 
1866 (H. Nov. 26 ; 48) Harding, 10s. 

— — (J.) The Doubtful Heir ; The Sisters ; The Cardinal ; The Imposture, and 
The Court Secret ; in 1 vol., mor. (defective), 1652-53 (S. Nov. 27 ; 446) 

Reader, 13s. 

The Schoole of Complement, half calf, fine copy, 4to.. 1637 (S. Nov. 10 ; 

68) DobeU, £2 

Triumph of Peace (1 leaf cut), sm. 4to., half mor. (Roxburghe copy), 1633 

(P. Nov. 30 ; 124) Tregaskis, £1 2s. 

(W.) Letter to the Duke of Newcastle, with a Journal of the Siege of I,ouis- 

bourg, &c, Gridley's copy (builder of the Bunker's Hill Fortification), with 
Autograph, sm. 4to., boards last leaf (defective), Boston [1746] (H. Oct. 29 ; 
591) Sabin, £2 12s. 

Sibly (E.) Key to Physic and the Occult Sciences, cold, pits., old cf., 1810 (H. 

Nov. 4 ; 89) Quaritch, 15s. 

Sidney (Sir Philip) Countesse of Pembrokes Arcadia, IT 1, blank 1 af, wanting, 

last leaf defective, veil., boards, fo., 1598 (S. Nov. 3 ; 181 ) Maggs, £4 

Another Edn., Sixth Edn., title mended, calf, fo., 1627 (S. Nov. 10 ; 1 10) 

Ridler, 18s. 

Another Edn., calf (broken), fo., 1638 (H. Oct. 6 ; 316) 19s. 

Siebold (Ph. Fr. de) Flora Japonica, 2 vol., 150 cold. pits, (all pubd.), half mor., 

g. e., 4to. Lugd. Bat., 1835-70 (S. Nov. 24 ; 451) Wesley, £10 

Sigeberti Gemblacensis Ccenobitae Chronicon ab anno 381 ad 1 1 13, cum iusertioni- 

bus ex historia Galffidi, &c, sm. 4to., veil., J. Petit 1513 (H. Nov. 26 ; 203) 

Signorum Veterum Icones, engd. title and 100 plates, half calf, fo. (1669) (S. Oct. 

28 ; 88) James, 3s. 

[Simond (L.)] Voyage d'un Francais en Angleterre pendant 1810 et 1811, 2 vol., 

pits., half calf, Paris, 1816 (S. Oct. 30 ; 720) Tomkins, 6s. 

Sinigaglia (L,.) Climbing Reminiscences of the Dolomites, pits., Japan Paper, half 

mor., t. e. g., 1896 (H. Dec. 11 ; 1076) 17s. 

Sion College. Catalogus Universalis Librorum in Bibliotheca Collegii Sionii apud 

Londinenses, H. Wanley's copy, sm. 4to., veil., w. a. f., 4to., 1650 (H. Nov. 

11 ; 293) Almack, £2 IRs. 

Sir Guy de Guy, a Stirring Romaunt, by Rattlebrain, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz,' 

mor. ex., g. e., by Riviere, 1864 (S. Nov. 2 ; 158) Brown, £\ 5s. 

Skeen (W.) Early Topography, half roan, t. e. g. Colombo, 1872 (H. Oct. 29 ; 

492) 10s. 

Skelton (J.) Poetical Works, with Notes, by A. Dyce (and Addenda in 2nd vol.), 

2 vols., 1843 (H. Oct. 29 ; 523) £1 4s. 

The same, 2 vols., Thick Paper, 1843 (P. Oct. 8 ; 88) Bull, £\ 7s. 

(Sir J.) Mary Stuart, ills., 1st Edn., 4to., 1893 (H. Dec. 8 ; 230) 

Bickers, £2 10s. 

ills., 2nd Edn., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1898 (H. Nov. 12 ; 569) 

Sedgwick, £4 

[and W. H. St. John Hope ] The Royal House of Stuart, 40 cold, pits., half 

mor., g. e., fo., 1890 (S. Nov. 25 ; 837) Harding, 13s. 

(J.) Oxonia Antiqua Restaurata, h. P., 2 vol., pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 

Oxford, 1823 (S. Dec. 16 ; 411) RimeU, £\ 6s. 

The same, plan and pits., 2 vols., Oxford 1823, and Oxford Founders, ports., 

&c, 1828 fo., cogether 3 vols., India proofs, L. P., half mor. (H. Dec. 8 ; 291 ) 

G. H. Brown, £2 15s, 
[Skene (A.)] Memorialls for the Government of the Royall-Burghs in Scotland. 

trans, by I. B., half mor., g. e. Aberdeen 1685 (H. Nov. 6 ; 724) 16a. 

Sketchley (W.) The Cocker, Information to the Breeders of the Game Cock, etc., 

front, and woodcuts, half calf, Burton, 1814 (S. Nov. 12 ; 762) 

Shepherd, £1 6s. 
Skinner (J.) Present State of Peru, 20 cold, pits., half russ., 4to., 1805 (S. Nov. 

26 ; 38) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

Slade Collection. Catalogue of the Collection of Glass, by A. Nesbitt, ills., P. P., 

1871 (H. Nov. 5 ; 545) Evans 6« Co., £3 3s. 

Sleeman (W. H.) Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official, 2 vol., cold. 

pits., 1844 (S. Nov. 25 ; 699) Edwards, 9s. 


Sloetton (C. van) New and Further Discovery of the Isle of Pines, with a Relation 
of his Voyage to the East-Indies, 1st Edn., 4to., 1688 (S. Oct. 29 ; 590) 

Abbey, £1 13s. 
Smedley (F. E. ) Frank Fairlegh, 1st Edn., 30 ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., t. e. g. 
by Worsfold, wrappers and advertisements bound up, 1850 (S. Nov. 2 ; 159> 

Robson, £f> 5s. 

Lewis Arundel, 1st Edn., ills, by " Phiz," calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, the 

original cloth cover and advertisements bound up, 1852 (S. Nov. 2 ; 160) 

Robson, £3 

Smirke. The Adventure of Hunch-Back, L. P., India proofs after Smirke, half 

russ., fo., 1814 (H. Nov. 20 ; 644) 4s. 

Smith (Albert) The Wassail-Bowl, 2 vol., 1st Edn., ills, by Leech, calf ex., t. e. g. v 

by Riviere, cover bound up, fine copy, 1843 (S. Nov. 2 ; 161) 

Carlton, £2 2s. 

(A. C.) British and Roman Antiquities of the N. Wiltshire Downs, map 

4to., 1885 (S. Nov. 3 ; 183) Young, lis. 

(C.) Ancient and Present State of Cork, Second Edn., port., maps, and pits., 

2 vols., old russ., Dubbn, 1774 (H. Nov. 27 ; 295) Quaritch, £\ 10s. 

Ancient and Present State of Waterford, folding maps and pits., Dublin, 1746 

(H. Nov. 27 ; 296) Hodges, £1 

Monthly Military Repository, ports, of Washington and Wayne, with battle 

plans, half mor., w. a. f. N. Y., 1796 (H. Oct. 29 ; 601 ) " £1 

(C. H.) Ancient Costume of Gt. Britain and Ireland, 60 cold, pits., 4to., half 

morocco, t. e. g., 1814 (H. Dec. 9 ; 574) H. Davey, £1 6s. 

The same, L. P., 61 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1814 (S. Oct. 28 - 

140) Spencer, £1 2s. 

Another Edn., 60 cold, pits., half mor., fo., n. d. (S. Dec. 16 ; 412) 

Winter, 19s. 

(J. C.) British Mezzotint Portraits, 4 vol., 125 ports., imp. 8vo., 1884 (S.- 
Dec. 16 ; 598) Parsons, £24 10s. 

(J.) Catalogue Raisonne, with Supplement, ports., 9 v., 1829-42 (H. Oct. 

8; 818) £1 5s. 

The same, 9 vols., ports., mor., g. e., 1829-42 (S. Dec. 17 ; 70) 

Bloomfield, £7 

The same, 9 vols , ports., 1829-42 (S. Dec. 16 ; 580) Powell, £9 15s. 

The same, 9 vols., half veil., 1829-1842 (P. Oct. 8 ; 180) 

Parsons, £4 15s_ 

(John) Irish Diamonds, 1st Edn., ills, by '"Phiz," tree-calf ex., t. e. g., by 

Riviere, covers bound up, 1847 (S. Nov. 2 ; 162) Quaritch, 16s. 

(J. T. ) Antiquities of Westminster, 246 engs., half russ., 4to., 1807 (S. Dec. 

15 ; 313) Harding, £1 5s. 

(W.) New Voyage to Guinea, pits., old calf, 1745 (H. Nov. 5 ; 455) 13s. 

[Smollett (T.)] Adventures of an Atom, 1st Edn., 2 vols., orig. grey wrappers,. 

edges untrimmed, 1769 (H. Nov. 6 ; 784) £13 

* Both volumes are in wonderfully clean condition, but the margins of a few 

leaves have been torn in opening, and the names of a few of the anonymous 

personages in the work are filled-in in pencil. Moreover the date of the title-page 

has been corrected from " 1749," showing it to be the second issue. 

Works, with Life, etc., by J. Moore, 8 vol., port., old calf gilt, 1797 (S. 

Nov. 11 ; 311) Maggs, £2 8s. 

Works, with Introduction by W. E. Henley, port, and fronts., 12 vols., half 

calf gilt, t. e. g., 1899-1901 (H. Dec. 15 ; 73) £2 12s. 

Smyth (Coke) Sketches in the Canadas, 23 tinted pits., fo. [c. 1840 ] (H. Dec. 17 ; 
627) Stevens & Stiles, £2 

Souvenir of the Bal Costume at Buckingham Palace, May 12, 1842, cold. 

pits., half mor., g. e., fo., 1843 (S. Nov. 11 ; 419) Black, £\ 8s. 

(J. F. D.) Tour in the United States of America, 2 vol., boards, 1784 (S. 

Dec. 16 ; 486) Warren, £2 6s. 

Soccus Ordin. Cisterciensis. Sermones de Tempore et de Sanctis, g. I. (Campbell 
1549), initials in red, vol. 1, fo., hi. bnd. Daventrise, R. Paffrod 1480 (H. 
Nov. 26 ; 172) £2 7s. 

Soete-Boom (H.) Derde voornaemst Zeegetogt na de Oost-Indien, map and pits.,. 
§4., sm. 4to., sewed (a few margins cut). Amst., 1648 (H. Nov. 5 ; 445) 15s.. 

1908-9 125 

Solon (M. L. ) Ancient Art Stoneware of the Low Countries and Germany, in the 
Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, ills., 2 vols., 1892 (H. Nov. 5 ; 546) 

Hitchman, £\ 3s. 

Art of the Old English Potter, Limited Edn., pits., 4to., 1883 (S. Nov. 

24; 452) Edwards, £1 16s. 

History of Italian Majolica, pits., 1907 (H. Oct. 6 ; 137) £1 

Solvyns (B.) Costume of Hindustan, 60 cold, pits., russ., 4to., 1804 (S. Nov. 26 ; 

39) Andrews, 18s. 

Something concerning Nobody, edited by Somebody, 14 cold, etchings, calf ex., 
t. e. g., 1814 (S. Nov. 25 ; 594) Maggs, £1 7s. 

Songs of the Chace : Hunting, Shooting, Angling, Hawking, etc., front, and engd. 
title, mor. ex., symbolically tooled, g. e., with a painting of Hare Shooting on 
the fore-edge, 1811 (S. Nov. 12 ; 772) Spencer, £2 15s. 

Sophocles. Tragoediae Septem, Graece, cum Interpretationibus vetustis et valde 
utilibus, calf antique, uncut, Plorentia, 4to. Junta, 1522 (H. Nov. 27 ; 417 ) 

Mayer &■ M Uller, 5s. 

Sotheby (W. ) Tour through Parts of Wales, Sonnets, Odes and other Poems, pits., 
4to., 1794 (P. Oct. 30 ; 521) Nersham, 5s. 

South Sea Bubble. Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid, plates, including the 
portrait of John Law, and the Playing Cards, old calf gilt, fo., 1720 (S. Nov. 
24 ; 565) Bloomfield, 17s. 

Soutbey (R.) Vision of Judgment, 1st Edn., pres. copy to Wordsworth, with in- 
scription, boards, 4to., 1821 (P. Dec. 1 ; 646) Maggs, £2 2s. 

Poetical Works, 10 vol., port, and vignettes, calf gilt, m. e., 1837 (S. Nov. 

12 ; 774) Maggs, £\ 

Life and Correspondence, ed. by his Son, 6 vol., port, and pits., calf gilt, 

m. e., 1849 (S. Nov. 12 ; 775) Hunt, 8s. 

Sowerby (J.) English Botany, nearly 2,600 cold, pits., with General Indexes, but 
without Supplement, Orig. Edn., 36 vols, in 18, half russ., 1790-1814 (H. 
Nov. 27 ; 449) £6 5s. 

The same, cold, pits., Orig. Edn., 36 vols., and General Index (vol. 10 no title 

and without the Supplements), in 18 v., old tree cf., 1790-1814 (H. Nov. 4 ; 
173) G. H. Brown, £\S 

Spaher and Ramilinus. Survey of the Microcosme, or the Anatomie of the 

Bodies of Man and Woman, by J. Ireton, moveable plates, fo., 1675 (H. 

Nov, 20; 642) Maggs, £\ 

Spalding Club. Sculptured Stones of Scotland, 2 vol., pits., fo., 1856-1867 (S. 

Nov. 10 ; 245) Hopkins, £S 

Sparrow (A.) Articles, Injunctions, Canons, Orders, Ordinances, with other Public 

Records of the Church of England, plate, L. P., old calf, sm. 4to., 1675 (S. 

Dec. 3 ; 33) Crawshaw, 14s. 

Spectator (The) 8 vol., L. P., russia gilt, m. e., imp. 8vo., 1797 (S. Nov. 12 ; 776) 

Sotheran, £2 10s. 
Spectator (The ) With Notes and Lives of the Authors, port., large type edn., 8 vols. 

half mor., 1819 (P. Oct. 29 ; 97) Brown, £1 1 Is. 

Spectator, Tatler and Guardian, Lib. Edn., 14 vol., russ., 1797 (S. Dec. 15 ; 

186) Bull, 10s. 

Spectator, with Prefaces, &c, by Chalmers, Lib. Edn., 6 v., 1854 (H. Dec. 1 1 ; 

1137) Edwards, £\ 7s. 

Speculum Humanae Salvationis Latino Germanicum, cum Speculo Sanctae Mariae 

editum a fratre Johannem, \. g., 269 11., long lines, 33 to 35 to a full page, 

without marks, woodcuts, half mor., sm. folio. Absque ulla nota aed Aug. 

Vind. G. Zainer, circa 1471 (S. Nov. 3 ; 184) Rosenthal, £AA 

* One of the first of Zainer's woodcut books, and consequently one of the 

earliest Angsburg woodcut books. A large (11^ by 7 J in,) and clean copy ;afew 

mendings and 1. 186 imperfect. The reverse of second leaf has been printed 

in a double impression. 

Speed (J.) Prospect of the Most Famous Part of the World, maps, a few cold., fo., 

1627 (H. Oct. 9 ; 1288) & 13s. 

Spence (Joseph) Essay on Pope's Odyssey, cf., T. Campbell's Copy, with 

autograph, in drop case, 1726 (P. Dec. 1 ; 533) Shepherd, £1 10s 

Spencer. History of England, pits., calf, fo., 1794 (H. Nov. 12 ; 603) 10s. 


Spenser (B) Vox Civitatis or London's Complaint against her Children in the 
Country, calf ex., 4to., 1625 (P. Oct. 8 ; 239) Smith, 9s. 

* Contains particulars of the social condition of London. 

(E.) The Faerie Queene [First Part ], 2nd Edn., 1596 — Second Part of the 

Faerie Queene, 1st Edn., 1596, 2 vols., red mor., g. e., some margins cut, re- 
paired, and a few MS. notes, 1596 (H. Oct. 29 ; 559) Ridler, £\2 10s. 

First Folio Edn., calf. r. e., fo., 1609 (S. Dec. 16 ; 658) 

Young, £2 15s. 

Works, First Collected Edition, woodcuts, separate titles, half bound,. 

slightly soiled, fo., 1611-13 (S. Oct. 30 ; 947) Spencer, £2 

Works, woodcuts, fo., calf, 16[13]-17 (H. Nov. 26 ; 137) Leighton, £2 

Works, with Life and Additions, front, by White, calf, fo., 1679 (H. 

Dec. 9 ; 610) Ridler, £1 

The same, front., old calf, fo., 1679 (H. Oct. 8 ; 951) 17s. 

Works, with Notes, etc., by H. J. Todd, 8 vol., L. P., port., half mor., t. e. g., 

imp. 8vo., 1805 (S. Nov. 11 ; 288) Maggs, £2 6s. 

Poetical Works, port., 5 v., 1825 (H. Nov. 12 j 509) Thorp, £2 14s. 

Poetical Works, (ed. by Masterman), port., 5 v., Boston, 1842 (P. Dec. 1 ; 

557) Andrews, 3s. 

View of the State of Ireland, with History of Ireland by Campion (wormed), 

fo., old calf, Dublin 1633 (H. Nov. 19 ; 36) E. Massey, £\ Is. 

Spilsbury (F. B.) Picturesque Scenery in the Holy Land and Syria, port, of Sir 
Sidney Smith, and 19 cold, pits., russia, fo., 1803 (S. Nov. 26 ; 128) 

Edwards, 7s. 

Sporting Repository, etc., cold.plts., chiefly byH. Aiken, mor. ex., g.e., 1822 (S. 
Nov. 2 ; 163) Hornstein, £38 

Another Edn., L. P., duplicate set of plates, 2 vols., 4to., half veil., t. e. g., 

1904 (H.Oct. 14 ;210) £1 15s. 

Sporting Sketch Book, ed. by J. W. Carleton, pits., mor. ex., 1842 (S. Nov. 25 ; 
596) Bloomfield, 5s. 

Sportsman (The) in Ireland, 2 vol., 1st Edn., ills., half mor., t. e. g., 1840 (S. 
Nov. 12 ; 779) Winter, 3s. 

Sportsman's Cabinet, engs., 2 vols., old half russ., 4to., 1804 (P. Oct. 30 ; 513> 

Greenstreet, £\ 10s. 

Staden van Homborgs (Hans) Beschrijvinge van America wiens inwoonders wildt 
naeckt seer Godtloos en wreede Menschen Eeters zijn hoe hy selve onder de 
Brasilianen, etc., woodcuts (shaved), half calf, 4to. Amst. 1686 (S. Nov. 
24 ; 456) Scotti, £2 6s. 

Stafford (T.) Pacata Hibernia, 2 ports., maps, &c, 2 vols., half calf. Dublin 
1810 (H. Nov. 19 ; 43) 9s. 

Stafforde (Rob.) Geographicall and Anthologicall description of Empires and 
Kingdomes, (shaved), half calf, 4to., 1607 (S. Nov. 24 ; 458) 

Tregaskis, £2 16s. 

Standish (A.) The Commons Complaint, wherein is contained two Special Grie- 
vances ; the General destruction and Waste of Words, and a Remedie for the 
same ; the extreme Dearth of Victuals, fine copy, folding plate, calf ex., 4to., 
1611 (P. Oct. 8 ; 238) Maggs, £1 18s. 

Stapleton (T.) Tres Thomae, seu de S. Thomae Apostoli rebus gestis, S. Thoma r 
Archiep. Cantuar, et Thomas Mon Vita, 1st Edn., port, of More, orig. veil., 
Duaci 1588 (H. Nov. 6 ; 757 Tregaskis, £\ 5s. 

Star Chamber Decree respecting Victuals, Taverns, Bakers, Horse Fodder, 4to., 
1633 (P. Oct. 8 ; 240) Harding, lis. 

Stark (A. C.) Fauna of South African Birds, 4 vol., port, map, and ills., 1900-6 
(S. Nov. 25 ; 649) Porter, £3 12s. 

(J.) Scenery of the Rivers of Norfolk, pits, in 2 states, one set India Proofs, 

half mor., g. e., 4to., 1833 (H. Dec. 16 ; 302) Read &- Barrett, £1 

Statues et Bustes Antiques des Maisons Royales, premiere partie, etc., 99 pits., red 
mor., g. e., with arms of Louis XIV., fo., Paris, 1679 (S. Nov. 26 ; 129) 

Edwards, £1 15s. 

Statuta Hospitalis Hierusalem (ed. J. B. Rondinellus), engd. title and 39 eng., old 
russ., fo. (Romae, 1586) (S.Nov. 11, 441) Leighton, £2 6s. 


1908-9 127 

Stedman (C.) History of the American War, folding plans, 2 vols., orig. boards, 
uncut, but backs broken, 4to., 1794 (H. Nov. 27 ; 485) Edwards, £S 2s. 6d. 

The same, 2 vols., calf, 4to., 1794 (S. Dec. lb ; 595) Edwards, £2 12s. 

(J. G.) Narrative of a Five Years' Expedition against the Revolted Negroes 

of Surinam, 2 vol., cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1806 (S. Nov. 24 ; 459 ) 

Edwards, £\ 18s. 

Another Edn., pits., cold, copy, 2 vols., half mor., 4to., 1813 (H. Dec. 9 ; 

582) G. H. Brown, £\ 13s. 

Steele (R.) The Englishman, uncut, 4to., 1714 (P. Nov. 30 ; 257) Nired, 4s. 
Stemmata Shirleiana ; or Annals of the Shirley Family, ills., 4to., 1883 (S. Dec. 

15 ; 315) Harding, £1 Is. 

Stephen (H. J.) Commentaries on the Laws of England, 14th Edn., ed. by E. 

Jenks, 4 v., 1903 (H. Dec. 4 ; 21 ) £\ 

Stephens (G.) Old Northern Runic Monuments of Scandinavia and England, 

pits. (1 repaired), pres. copy, 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1866-68 (H. 

Dec. 8 ; 288) Hill, £2 4s. 

Another Edn., ills., 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1866-84 (H. Dec. 16 ; 

310) Bailey, £1 12s. 

Sterne (L.) Letters, with Memoirs, published by Mrs. Medalle, port., 3 vols., uncut, 
1775 (P. Nov. 30 ; 50) Tregaskis, £1 5s. 

Sentimental Journey, 1st Edn., 2 vols., fine copy, orig. calf, 1768 (P. Nov. 

30 ; 52) Tregaskis, £6 5s 

Another Edn., " Edition de Grand Luxe," duplicate impressions of the photo- 
gravures (one printed in bistre before the letters), an original water-colour 
drawing, etc., unbound, imp. 4to. New York, 1884 (S. Nov. 2 ; 216) 

Edwards, £1 16s. 

Tristram Shandy, 1st Edn. (title soiled), calf, 1760 (H. Dec. 9 ; 490) 

Spencer, £1 18s. 

Works, complete, with Life, 10 vol., port., tree-calf, 1783 (S. Nov. 12 ; 

782) Blootnfield, £1 8s. 

Works, 10 vol., port, and pits., old calf, 1788 (S. Nov. 11 ; 304) 

Rutter, 16s. 

with Life by Himself, port, and engs. after Stothard, 10 vols., calf, 1798 

(H. Nov. 27 ; 77) G. H. Brown, £\ 

Stevenson (H.) Birds of Norfolk, 3 vol., cold, pits., 1866-90 (S. Nov. 25 ; 642) 

Quaritch, £1 18s. 

The same, 3 v., 1866-90 (H. Dec. 8 ; 179) W. Brown, £2. 7s. 6d. 

The same, 3 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1866-90 (S. Nov. 12 ; 783) 

Quaritch, £2 5s. 

(R. L.) Works, " Edinburgh Edition," including Life, Letters and Biblio- 
graphy, Appendix, etc., 36 vol., ports., etc., 1894-1903 (S. Oct. 28 ; 283) 

^ Heath, £?* 10s. 

Stone (P. G.) Architectural Antiquities of the Isle of Wight, in 2 pirts, ills., half 

mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1891 (S. Nov. 12 ; 880) Walford, £2 12s. 

Stork (W. ) Description of East Florida, folding map and 2 plans, Third Edn., 

4to ., half mor., 1769 (H. Nov. 5 ; 468) Maggs, £2 16s. 

Stothard (C. A.) Monumental Effigies of Gt. Britain, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo., 

1832 (H. Oct. 16 ; 946) & 5s- 

Stow (J.) Annales, or General Chronicle of England, augmented by E. Howes, b (., 

old calf, fo., 1615 (H. Nov. 19 ; 310) 8s. 6d. 

The same, old calf, fine copy, fo., 1615 (S. Nov. 10 ; 246) 

Harding, £1 6.". 

Summarie of the Chronicles of England, (shaved), calf, 1604 (H. Dec. 9 ; 

485) ,4s 

Survey of London, coats-of-arms, calf, stained, fo., 1633 (S. Dec. 16 ; 415) 

Tregashts, 16s. 

Another Edn., by John Strype, maps and cuts, 2 vols., old calf, fo., 1720 (H. 

Nov. 19 ; 309) Bull, £\ 12s. 

Another Edn., folding pits., maps and plans, Sixth and Best Edn., by J. 

Strvpe, 2 vols., fo., calf gilt (rebacked), 1754-5 (H. Nov. 26 ; 229) 

- ^' 6 Batsford, £6 15s. 

Stowe (H. B.) Uncle Tom's Cabin. 1st Edn., 27 ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., 

g.e. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1852 (S.Nov. 2; 61) Carlton, £J 17s. 6d. 


Strack (H.) Ziegelbauwerke des Mittelalters und der Renaissance in Italien, 50 
pits., fo., Berlin, 1889 (S. Nov. 2 ; 251 ) Batsford, £\ 2s. 

Stradamis (J.) Venationes Ferarum, Avium, Piscium, Pugnae Bestiariorum et 
mutuae Bestiarum, dedication, mounted title and 68 plates, cut round and 
stuck on drawing paper, old mor., rebacked, 4to. Antwerp, 1 578 (S. Nov. 
24 ; 460) Tregaskis, £1 4s. 

Another Edn., title and 45 plates, cut round and mounted, calf gilt, y. e., 

ob. 4to., s. 1. et a. (S. Nov. 24 ; 461 ) Edwards, £\ 16s. 

Strawberry Hill Press. Bishop Bonner's Ghost [bv Hannah More], 4to., uncut, 
1789 (H.Nov. 11 ; 130) Quaritch, £2 19s. 

Street (G. E.) Gothic Architecture in Spain, ills., 1st Edn., 1865 (H. Oct. 28 ; 69) 

Sotheran, £\ 16s. 

Strickland (A. ) Lives of the Queens ef Scotland, and English Princesses, ports., 
8v., 1850-9 (H. Nov. 13 ; 898) MorreU, £3 2s. bd. 

Lives of the Queens of England, ports., (some foxed), Best Lib. Edn., 8 v. 

(shelf number on titles), 1852 (H. Oct. 23 ; 723) Maggs, £2 1 Is. 

Strutt (J.) Biographical Dictionary of Engravers, 2 vol., pits., half calf, 4to., 1785 
(S. Dec. 16 ; 611) Griffith, 5s. 

Dress and Habits of the People of England, 2 vol., Orig. Edn., cold, pits., 

mor., g. e., 4to., 1796 (S. Nov. 12 ; 881) Wickham, £2 

Manners, Customs, etc., of England, 3 vol. in 2, pits., red mor. ex., g. e., 4to., 

1775-6 (S. Dec. 17 ; 130) Meade, £1 18s. 

Sports and Pastimes of England, pits., 4to., 1810 (P. Nov. 30 ; 252) 

Andrews, 5s.. 

Stuart (J.) and N. Revett. Antiquities of Athens, 4 vol. in 2, ports, and pits., 
russia (broken), fo., 1825-30 (S. Nov. 11 : 418) Quaritch, £2 10s. 

Stucley (Sir L. ) Humble Petition touching his own behaviour in the charge com- 
mitted unto him for the bringing up of Sir Walter Raleigh, autograph of 
T. Hearne, calf ex., 4to., 1618 (P. Oct. 9 ; 548) Dobell, 1 Is. 

* Printed without any title-page. 

Studer (J. H.) Birds of North America, 119 cold, pits., mor., g. e., 4to. New 
York, 1881 (S. Nov. 24 ; 463) Howell, £\ 6s. 

Another Edn., 1 19 cold, pits., 4to., mor., g. e., N. Y., 1888 (H. Nov. 4 ; 124) 

£1 13s. 
Stukelev (W.) Stonehenge : a Temple restor'd to the British Druids, pits., old 
russ. (worn), g. e., fo., 1740 (Reprint) (H. Nov. 19 ; 315) 6s. 6d. 

Suckling (Sir John) Fragmenta Aurea, port, by W. Marshall (defective), mor., 
f. g. e. by Riviere, 1648 (S. Dec. 18 ; 240) Vacher, £2 

Sue (E.) Le Juif Errant, ? vol., ills, bv Gavarni, half mor., m. e., imp. 8vo., Paris, 

1845 (S. Nov. 27 ; 457) Hanshaw, 5s. 

Mysteries of Paris, 3 vol., ills., half calf gilt, imp. 8vo., 1845 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

458) Maggs, 5s. 

Suetonius. Opera, cum Commentariis Pitisci, plates, 2 vols., L. P., old red mor., 
gilt borders, g. e., 4to. Leovardiae 1714-15 (H. Oct. 8 ; 924) £1 5s. 

Sully (Due de) Memoires, 2 vols, in 1 , old calf, 4to. Amst. [1638 ] (H. Nov. 1 1 ; 
268) 12s. 6d. 

Sunday in London, 1st Edn., ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf, 1833 (S. Nov. 27 ; 461 ) 

Rimell, 8s. 

The same, ills., wrapper bound up, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, fine copy, 1833 

(S. Nov. 2 ; 41 ) Maggs, £\ 8s. 

Surtees (R. S.) Analysis of the Hunting Field, 1st Edn., cold. ills, by H. Aiken, 

1846 (S.Nov. 11 ;453) Maggs, £5 15s. 

The same, 1846 (S. Dec. 17 ; 30) Herd, £6 5s. 

The same, calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1846 (S. Nov. 2 ; 7) 

Bumpus, £7 2s. 6d. 

Another Edn., pits, by H. Aiken in two states, half veil., 1903 (H. Oct. 14 ; 

118) £1 Is. 

" Ask Mamma " ; 1st Edn., cold, plates by Leech, 1858 (H. Nov. 6 ; 646) 

Bumpus, £2 7s. 

The same, ills, by Leech, 1858 (S. Nov. 3 ; 188) James, £3 17s. 6d. 

Another Edn., cold. pits, by Leech, n. d. (H. Oct. 7 ; 514) £1 2s. 

Handley Cross, 3 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1846 (S. Nov. 12 ; 789) 

Horlick, 18s. 


1908-9 129 

Surtees (R. S.) Another Edn., cold, pits., by Leech, 1854 (S. Nov. 3 ; 187) 

Bumpus, £5 5s. 

Hawbuck Grange, 1st Edn., 8 ills, by " Phiz," half mor., m. e., 1847 (S. 

Nov. 12; 790) Hornstein, £3 iOs. 

Hillingdon Hall, cold, ills., 1888 (S. Dec. 15 ; 194) James, £2 lis. 

Jorrocks's Jaunts and Jollities, 15 cold. ills, by H. Aiken, mor. ex., g. e., 

cover bound up, fine copy, 1843 (S. Nov. 2 ; 164) Sotheran, £26 

Another Edn., with duplicate set of pits, by Aiken, etc., plain and coloured, 

2 vols., L. P., sm. fo., half mor., ex., t. e. g., 1901 (H. Dec. 16 ; 225) 

Myers, £2 

Mr. Pacey Romford's Hounds, 1st Edn., cold. pits, by Leech and Phiz, clean 

copy, cloth, 1865 (H. Nov. 11 ; 188) Bumpus, £3 10s. 

The same, clean copy, 1865 (H. Oct. 7 ; 354) £3 15s. 

Nimrod's Hunting Tours, pits, in two states, half veil., 1903 (H. Oct. 14 ; 

119) 18s. 

" Plain or Ringlets ? " 1st Edn., cold, pits., by Leech, I860 (S. Nov. 3 ; 190) 

Hornstein, £2 2s. 

Mr. Sponge's SpDrting Tour, 1st Edn., ills, by J. Leech, loose, 1853 (S. Oct. 

30 ; 780) James, £\ 16s. 

Another Edn., cold. pits, by Leech, 1860 (H. Oct. 7 ; 513) 17s. 

The same, 1860 (S. Nov. 3 ; 189) Bumpus, £1 17s. 

Surrey and Wyatt. Songs and Sonnets, calf ex., g. e. by P. Bedford, fine copy, 

1717 (S. Dec. 17 ; 87) Dobell,l3s. 

Siiszli (R. H.) Les Costumes Suisses, les plus originaux et les plus interessants 

dessines d'apres nature, 12 cold, pits., 4to., Zurich, s. d. (S. Oct. 30 ; 853) 

Edwards, £2 lis. 
Sutton (C. )Godly Meditations upon the most holy Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, 

1st Edn., 6. I., old veil., 1616 (S. Oct. 28 ; 57) Stevens, 7s. 

Sweet (R. ) British Flower Garden, Second Series, 4 v., hf . bnd., 1831-8 (H. Nov. 

4 ; 178) Quaritch, £9 15s. 

Flora Australasica, cold, pits., 1827-8 (H. Nov. 4 ; 177) Quaritch, £\ 15s. 

[Swift ( J. ) ] Travels into several Remote Nations of the World, by Lemuel Gulliver 

port, and maps, 1st Edn., 2 vols., old calf, 1726 (H. Nov. 5 ; 509) 

Spencer, £2 2s. 
The same, port., '2 vols., old calf, 1726. (H. Dec. 17 ; 482) Spencer, £2 12s. 

The same, (second issue, with continuous pagination), port, and maps, 2 

vols., calf, 1726 (P. Oct. 9 ; 393) Spencer, £1 9s. 

The same, 2 vol. (second issue, with inscription round portrait, but separate 

pagination), port, and maps, calf ex., g. e. by Riviere, 1726 (S. Dec. 17 ; 
59) Sotheran, £10 

The same, L. P., port, by Sturt in First State, 2 vols., old tree calf, Benj. 

Motte 1726-1727 (H. Nov. 6 ; 782) Quaritch, £85 

* The earliest issue of the First Edition, with the inscription " Captain 

Lemuel Gulliver, of Redriff A$t. suse 58 " in a square panel beneath the portrait, 
and the separate pagination to each part. A few MS. notes have been made 
on the margins, and maps 2 and 3 are wanting. 

Another Edn., port, by Sturt, and maps, 2nd Edn., 2 vols., calf (rebacked), 

1727 (H. Nov. 6 ; 783) 19s. 

Works, pits.. 12 vols., old calf, 4to., 1755-1766 (P. Oct. 29 ; 255) 

Andrews, 10s. 

Works, with Notes by J. Hawkesworth, 15 vol., plates, old calf, 1766-67 

(S. Oct. 28 ; 122) Reader, 7s. 

Works, with Supplement, Notes, and Life by Hawkesworth, pits., 25 vols., 

old calf, 1768-79 (H.Nov. 11 ;69) C. <S<. E. Brown, £1 6s. 

Works, with Notes bv Sheridan and Nichols, port., 19 vols., half calf, 1801 

(H. Oct. 6 ; 25) 19»- 

The same, 19 vol., L. P., port., calf gilt, 1801 (S. Nov. 12 j 794) 

Hornstein, £2 6s. 

Works complete, ed. by Sir W. Scott, port., etc., 19 vols., L. P., old calf, 

1814 (P. Oct. 29; 181) Allison, £\ 5s. 

[Swift (Dean) ? ] Mully of Mountown : a Poem, by the Author of a Tale of a Tub 
[apparently undescribed, no copy in the British Museum ], fo., unbound, 1702 
(H. Nov. 12 ; 494) ^ 


Swinburne (A. C.) Poems and Ballads, 1st Edn., Moxon 1866 (H. Oct. 6 ; 99) 

Maggs, P 18s. 

The same, Second Issue, with Autograph Letter from the Poet to A. J. C. 

Hare, 1881, Hotten 1866 (H. Oct. 28 ; 241) Myers, £6 17s. 6d. 

Songs before Sunrise, 1st Edn., 1871 (S. Nov. 10 ; 37) Manley, £1 Is. 

Under the Microscope, 1st Edn., half mor., no half title, but has " errata " 

slip, 1872 (S. Nov. 10 ; 30) Manley, 16s. 

William Blake, a Critical Essay, ills., 1868 (H. Nov. 12 ; 387) 

Edwards, £\ 8s. 
Works, Collected Edition, ports., 11 vols., half mor., t. e. g. by Riviere, 

1905-6 (H. Oct. 14 ; 207) Bumpus, £4 

Symonds (J. A.) Essays Speculative and Suggestive, 2 vols., 1890 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

383) ' Edwards, £2 10s. 

Studies of the Greek Poets, 1st Edn., 2 vols., 1873-6 (H. Oct. 28 ; 242) 

Quaritch, £2 2s. 

Wine, Women, and Song, 1st Edn., vellum, t. e. g., 1884 (H. Oct. 7 ; 487) 

£1 14s. 
Symoneta (Bon.) Persecutionum Chnstianarum Historia, old red mor., floral 

borders, g. e., fo. Basil, 1509 ^S. Dec. 16 ; 417) Bull, ^1 lis. 

Symptoms of Drilling, 5 cold, folding pits, in the style of Bunbury(17 in. X 5i in.), 

ob. 4to., calf ex., by Riviere, [ca. 1790] (H. Nov. 5 ; 369) Edwards. £2 
Tableaux Historiques de la Revolution Francaise, 3 vol., ports, and pits., old calf 

gilt, fo. Paris, 1798 (S. Nov. 23 ; 267) Howell, £7 
Another Edn., 160 pits., and 65 ports., 2 v., fo. Paris, 1817 (P. Oct. 30 ; 

550) £3 

Tacitus. Annales libri qui supersunt edidit Beatus Rhenanus, old calf gilt, with 

head of Francis I. in centre, g. e., fo. Basil. 1544 (S. Dec. 17 ; 158) 

Leighton, 18s. 
Tales of Humour, Gallantry, and Romance, from the Italian, pits, by G. Cruik- 

shank, including " The Dead Rider," (suppressed), half mor., g. e., 1824 (S. 

Nov. 25; 601) Carlton, Ms. 

Tanner (T.) Notitia Monastica, port., Best Edn., calf (rebacked), fo., Cambridge, 

1787 (H. Nov. 26 ; 240) Bull &■ Auvache, £\ 15s. 

Tansillo (L. ) TA Vendemmiatore e la Priapea di Nic. Franco, blue paper, mor. ex., s. 

e., a Pe-King, nel XVIII. Secolo. (S. Dec. 1 6 ; 526) Walton, £1 6s. 

Taplin (Wtn, ) Sporting Dictionary, 2 vol., pits., calf ex., t. e. g., 1803 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

602) Bloomfield, £1 2s. 

Tarleton (B.) History of the Campaigns of 1780-81 in the Southern Provinces of 

N. America, map and plans, half calf, 4to., 1787 (H. Dec. 17 ; 573) 

Maggs, £3 
Tasso (T. ) II Goffredo, overo la Gierusalemme Liberata, red mor., gold borders with 

arms of Louis XIV., with inscription " Le Due de Nivernois " fo., Parigi, 1646 

(S. Dec. 16 ; 649) Edwards, £2 8s. 

■ Another Edn., 2 vol., port., proof front, and engs., and the series of proof 

plates by Castelli, russ. gilt, g. e., fo. Venezia, 1760 (S. Oct. 28 ; 89) 

Brown, 8s. 
La Gierusalemme Liberata, 2 vol., port, and pits., old calf, with bookplate of 

Garrick in each vol., and that of " Carrington Garrick in vol. 1, 4to., 1724 

(S. Dec. 16 ; 512) Maggs, £\ 2s. 
Another Edn., ports, and pits, by Gravelot, 2 vols, (name on titles), old calf 

gilt, g. e., Parigi 1771 (H. Oct. 28 ; 155) Polyglott Library, £1 5s. 
Godfrey of Boulogne, in English Heroicall Verse by E. Fairfax, russ. gilt, 

r. e., fo., 1624 (S. Dec. 17 ; 180) Bloomfield, £1 2s. 

Tataritus (P.) Reportata In quartum Sententiarum Scoti, I. g., binding broken, 

fo. Paris, 1520 (S. Oct. 29 ; 668) Wilson, Is. 

Tate (N. ) Elegies on Her Late Majesty, etc., 1st Edn., on thick paper, old mor. gilt, 

g. e., 1699 (S. Dec. 16 ; 488) Dobell, 13s. 

Taylor (Jeremy) Great Exemplar of Sanctity and Holy Life, 1st Edn., calf gilt, 

by F. Bedford, 4to., 1649 (S. Dec. 17 ; 116) Green, 17s. 
(John) A Valorous Sea-Fight (wants title and A3), unbound, sm. 4to., 1640. 

(S. Dec. 17 ; 134) Leighton, £\ 10s. 
Workes, engd. title by Cockson, some woodcuts cut into, calf, g. e. by 

Riviere, fo., 1630 (S. Dec. 18 ; 310) Potter, £S 

1908-9 131 

Taylor and Cresy. Architectural Antiquities of Rome, plates, XII. parts in VII., 

fo., 1821 (P. Nov. 30 ; 289) Batsford, 13s. 

Tedder. Recantations made at Paule's Crosse, by W. Tedder and of Anthonie 

Tyrell, at Paule's Crosse, 6. 1., mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere, 4to., 1588 (P. Oct. 

9 ; 534) Smith, 18s. 

Tempesta (A.) Icones Venantum Species varias representantes adumbratione, 

engd. title and 11 pits., ob. Prancf., 1598 (S. Nov. 25 ; 603) 

Bloomfield, £3 7s. 
Temple (Sir John) The Irish Rebellion of 164 1 , veil., 4to., 1646 (S. Nov. 10 ; 170) 

Maggs, 8s. 

(R.) Sixteen Views in the Persian Gulf illustrating the Proceedings of the 

Forces sent from Bombay against the Arabian Pirates, and 8 Views of the 
Positions of the British Army in Port Louis, Mauritius, 24 cold, pits., ob. 
(broken), fo., 1811 (H. Dec. 16; 307) Hornstein, £5 

(Sir W.) Works, with Life, 2 vol., port, after Lely, calf, 1731 (S. Oct. 30 ; 

959) James, 2s. 

Teniers (D.) Theatrum Pictorium, 1st Edn., plates unnumbered, russ. gilt, fo. 

Brux., 16fc0 (S.Nov. 26 ; 131) Bloomfield, £3 15s. 

[Tennvson (A.) ] In Memoriam, pres. copy, with inscription, "T. Satchell, from A. 

Tennyson, Feb. 14 '68," mor., g. e., 1867 (H. Oct. 15 ; 456) Dobell, j£9 

Ode on the Death of Wellington, 1st Edn., wrappers, 1852 (P. Dec. 1 ; 471 > 

Shepherd, 4s. 

Poems by Two Brothers, 1st Edn., L. P., boards, 1827 (P. Oct. 29 ; 243) 

Quaritch, £29 

Poems, chiefly Lyrical, 1st Edn., with errata and advertisements, calf gilt, 

g. e., 1830 (S. Nov. 27 ; 470) Maggs, 5s. 

Poems, 2 vol., calf gilt, g. e., 1842 (S. Nov. 27 ; 471) Maggs, 7s. 

Poems, mor., 1851, Lewis Carroll's copy with signature C. L. Dodgson and 

additions in the text, in his writing, throughout, 1851 (P. Dec. 1 ; 515) 

Sabin, £6 15s. 

Poems, 1st Illustrated Edn., bust and engs. after Rossetti, etc., mor., g. e., 

4to., 1857 (S. Oct. 29 ; 621) Abbey, £1 2s. 

Timbuctoo, 1829 (S. Nov. 27 ; 469) Spencer, 5s. 

Life and Works, " Edition de Luxe," 12 vol., ports, and fronts., 1898-99 (S. 

Oct. 28 ; 290) Quaritch, £5 5s. 

(Chas. ) Sonnets and Fugitive Pieces, 1st Edn., calf ex., g.e. by Bedford, Cam- 
bridge, 1830 (P. Oct. 9 ; 384) Sotheran, 9s. 

Sonnets, 1st Edn., pres. copv with inscription, 1861 (P. Dec. 1 ; 472) 

Sabin, £\ Is. 

Terentii Comcediae, green calf, inlaid, the gold tooling painted to resemble 

flowers, g. g. e. Edinburgi, 1758 (H. Nov. 5 ; 504) Leighton, £2 

Ternisien d'Haudricourt. Records of the French Nation and of the Allied Powers, 

2 vol., L. P., russ. gilt, fo., Paris, 1807-14 (S. Nov. 24 ; 573) 

Howell, £1 18s. 

Thackeray (W. M.) Books of Snobs, 1st Edn., ills., orig. wrappers, 1848 (S. Nov. 

27 ; 484) Maggs, 5s. 

The same, orig. wrappers, 1848 (P. Oct. 8 ; 151) Spencer, p 10s. 

The Corsair, 6 nos., containing original contributions by Thackeray, fo., 

unbound. New York, 1839-40 (H. Oct. 29 ; 619) C. E. Stewart, £1 6s. 

Doctor Birch, cold, pits., 1st Edn., boards, cloth back, g, e., 1849 (P. Oct. 9; 

452) Spencer, 15s. 

The same, cold, pits., orig. boards, slightly damaged, 1849 (S. Dec. 17 ; 

102) Bury, £1 14s. 

English Humourists of the Eighteenth Century, 1st Edn., (back torn), 1853 

(H. Nov. 27 ;473) 5s. 

Esmond, 1st Edn., 3 vol., 1852 (S. Nov. 27 ; 489) Maggs, 17s. 

Essay on the Genius of George Cruikshank, ills, by G. Cruikshank, calf ex., 

t. e. g. bv Worsfold, 1840 (S. Nov. 2 ; 50) Quaritch, £2 8s. 

Flore e't Zephyr, 9 pits, (title and 1 plate in colour), 4to., 1836 (P. Oct. 9 J 

520) Kobson, £\0 

Irish Sketch Book, 1st Edn., 2 vol., ills., slightly spotted, 1843 (S. Nov. 27 ; 

483) Edwards, £1 Us. 

Another Edn., pits., 2nd Edn., 2 v., 1845 (H.Nov.27 ;472) G.H. Brown, 9s. 


Thackeray (W. M.) The Keepsake, pits., contains Poem " Lucy's Birthday," 
by Thackeray, 1854 (S. Oct. 29 ; 395) Watkins, 4s. 

Kickleburys on the Rhine, cold, pits., 1st Edn., boards, 1850 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

453) Hornstein, 10s. 

Latour (T. ) Imitation of many of the most Eminent Professors in Twenty 

Six Variations on the favourite Gavot in Achille et Daidamie, n. d. ; and other 
Music, in 1 vol., old calf, 4to. (S. Oct. 28 ; 82) Wells, £10 

* On the inside front cover is a pen-and-ink drawing by W.M. Thackeray, re- 
presenting " Apollo surrounded by his tuneful Band," with the following words 
beneath in Thackeray's handwriting : " Dedicated with permission to Miss M. 
E. Graham by her devoted admirer W. M. T." ; above the signature is written 
in pencil : " Slavey Language, Eh ? " and, beneath, the following : " If music be 
the food of love play on, That surfeiting the appetite may sicken and die, 
Shakespear, W. M. T." ; at the head ot the music-title opposite the drawing 
appears Thackeray's autograph in full. 

The Mahogany Tree, port, and ills., 4to., Boston, 1887 (S. Dec. 15 ; 319) 

Hunt, 2s. 

Miscellanies, 1st Edn., 4 vol., 1855-57 (S. Nov. 27 ; 491 ) Hornstein, 5s. 

j Mrs. Perkins's Ball, 1st Edn., ills., boards, 4to., 1847 (S. Nov. 27 ; 556) 

Hornstein, 5s. 

The same, cold, ills., 1st Edn., half mor., g. t. (1847) (P. Dec. 1 ; 586) 

Spencer, £3 10s. 

The Newcomes, ills, by Dojde, 1st Edn., orig. parts with wrappers, 1853-5 

(P. Dec. 1 ; 584) Brown, £3 

Paris Sketch Book, 1st Edn., 2 vols., (vol. 1 recased), 1840 (H. Nov. 27 ; 

471) Maggs, £4 7s. 6d. 

The same, 2 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1840 (S. Nov. 27 ; 482) James, 2s. 

Pendennis, ills., 1st Edn., 2 vols., orig. 24 parts, 1850 (P. Oct. 8 ; 149) 

Spencer, £4 15s. 

The same, 2 vols., orig. parts with wrappers, 1848-1850 (P. Dec. 1 ; 583) 

Shepherd, £6 10s. 
Philip, 1st Edn., 3 vol., 1862 (S. Nov. 27 ; 493) Maggs, 5s. 

Rebecca and Rowena, 1st Edn., cold. ills, by R. Doyle, boards, back injured, 

1850 (S. Nov. 27 ; 488) Hornstein, £1 19s. 

Vanity Fair, ills., 1st Edn., Earliest Issue, mor. ex., by Riviere, uncut, with 

all the correctly dated wrappers, and advertisement of the " Hoggarty Dia- 
mond," 1848 (P. Dec. 1 ; 582) Hornstein, £39 

The same, (rustic type heading and suppressed cut), half calf, 1848 (P. 

Oct. 29; 173) Bumpus, £\ 14s. 

The Virginians, 1st Edn., ills., orig. numbers, with advertisements, fine copy, 

1858 (S.Nov. 27 ; 492) Edwards, £1 7s. 

The same, orig. parts with wrappers, 1 858 (P. Dec. 1 ; 585) Quaritch, £2 8s. 

The same, 2 vols., orig. numbers, 1858 (P. Oct. 8 ; 1 50) Spencer, £1 16s. 

The same, 2 vol., 1858 (S. Dec. 15 ; 201) Edwards, 14s. 

The Whitey Brown Paper Magazine, 1838-9. Veracious History of Diony- 

sius Diddler, introduction and 10 pits., and port, of Thackeray as Jester, in 
4 frames, and two other frames containing plates from " King Glumpus," etc., 
w. a. f., 4to. (P. Oct. 9 ; 521 ) Spencer, £10 10s. 

* " Diddler " is intended for a skit on Dr. Lardner, the editor of the Cabinet 
Cyclopaedia. Lord Lytton is also caricatured as " Pilham." 

Works, 24 vols., ills., tree calf ex., g. t., 1869, etc. (P. Oct. 9 ; 388) 

Bumpus, £9 15s. 

Works, Lib. Edn., 24 vol., ills., half mor., m. e., 1869-86 (S. Oct. 28 ; 291 ) 

Heath, £& 

Works, 12 vol., port, and fronts., 1871 (S. Nov. 25 ; 925) Broom, 18s. 

Complete Works, Lib. Edn., ills., half mor., m. e., 1874-86 (H. Oct. 7 ; 407) 

Forrester, £5 10s. 

- Works, ills., 26 vols., half calf gilt, t. e. g., 1898-1902 (H. Dec. 1 5 ; 76) 

Forrester, £3 15s. 

Theophrasti Eresii de Historia Plantarum libri decern Gr. et Lat. illustravit J. Bo- 

dceus a Stapel, accesserunt J. C. Scaligeri et R. Constantini Annotationes, 

engd. title and woodcuts, fo., russ., m. e. Amst v 1644 (H. Nov. 5 ; 489) 

9s. 6d. 

1908-9 133 

Theuriet (Andre) Reine des Bois, one of 10 numbered copies, " sur papier 
Whatman," ills, by H. Laurent-Desrousseaux, in two states, coloured, and 
india proofs, with an original water-colour drawing, mor. ex., elegantly tooled, 
inlaid borders, silk linings, t. e. g. by Zaehnsdorf, in a case, fo., Paris, 1890 
(S. Nov. 2 ; 252) Blaizof, £7 7s. 

Thevenot (J. de) Relations de divers Voyages Curieux . . . , traduites d'Hacluyt, 
&c, maps and plates, 4 vols, in 2, fo., old calf, Paris, 1663-72 (H. Nov. 5 ; 
439) Maggs, £4 4s. 

Recueil de Voyages de, folding map and plates, calf . Paris, 1681 (S Dec. 

18; 237) Edwards, £6 5s. 

Thevet (A.) Singularitez de la France Antarctique autrement nominee Amerique, 
woodcuts, calf gilt, Anvers, 1558 (H. Nov. 5 ; 423) Tregaskis, £10 

The same, mor. ex., g. e. by Hardy, fine copy, 4to. Paris, 1558 (S. Dec. 

18 ; 279) Quaritch, £19 

* The woodcuts furnished De Bry with some of his most striking illustrations ; 

the 32 pages relating to Canada contain one of the earliest accounts of " La 
Nouvelle France." 
Thiers. History of the Consulate and the Empire, 20 vols., wrappers, 1862 (P. 
Nov. 30; 31) Joseph, 10s. 

Another Edn., trans, by Campbell and Stebbing, pits., 12 v., 1893-4 (H. 

Dec. 8; 166) Myers, £2 10s. 

Thom (Walter) Pedestrianism : an Account of the Performances of the celebrated 
Pedestrians, port, by R. Scott, half mor., t. e. g. Aberdeen, 1813 (S. Nov. 
12 ; 800) Dobell, 6s. 

Thomas Aquinas. Catena Aurea, sive Continuum in quatuour Evangelistas, g. I. 
(Hain 1,331), remarkably clean, fine copy, four initials illuminated ; decor- 
ated borders, also paragraphs marked in red and blue, fo., pigskin over oak 
boards (broken). Nuremberge, A. Coberger 1475 (H. Nov. 26 ; 153) 

Leighton, £6 10s. 

Opus dignissimum cuilibet virtuose viuere volenti ac que anime sue desider- 

anti perutillissimu quaternatim procedens, g. I., boards, M.'Le Noir, n. d. 
(H. Nov. 26 ; 216) Leighton, £1 8s. 

Prima Pars Secunde Partis Sume Theologie eximii doctoris sci Thome de 

Aqno. ordinis p'dicatoru, 279 leaves and 1 blank, g. I. (Hain 1448) printed on 
vellum, first leaf with ornamental border and large initial, and 1 1 5 illuminated 
initials, small initials and paragraph marks in red and blue, sm. fo., stamped 
calf (rebacked), g. e., fo. Venetiis p. F. de Hailbrun, et P. de Bartua, 1478 
(H. Dec. 17 ; 602) Mages, £67 

Commentary on the Four Gospels, 6 vols., 1 874 ( P. Oct.8; 1 56 ) Thin, £2 7s. 6d 

Thorns (W. J.) Early Prose Romances, 1st Edn., 3 vols., calf gilt, r. e. (slightly 
rubbed), 1828 (H. Oct. 29 ; 527) 17s. 

Thomson (W.) Orpheus Caledonius, Collection of Scots Songs, with the music, 2 
vol., old binding, 1733 (S. Nov. 27 ; 479) Maggs, 12s. 

Thornton (A.) Don Juan, with his Life in London, 31 cold, etchings, 1st Edna., 
2 vols., half mor., g. e., 1821-1822 (P. Oct. 9 ; 429) Hornstein, £7 5s. 

(Col.) Sporting Tour through France, 2 vol. in 1, port, and pits., half mor., 

y. e., 4to., 1806 (S. Oct. 29 ; 565) Tomkins, 9s. 

(R. J.) Botanical Extracts, pits., 3 vols., fo., old mor., 1810 (H. Oct. 30 ; 940 > 

5s. 6d. 

New Illustration of the Sexual System of Linnaeus, cold . port, and cold. pits. , 

russ. ex., joints, g. e., atlas fo., 1807 (S. Nov. 24 ; 574) 

Parsons, £4 17s. 6d. 

Thoroton (R.) Antiquities of Nottinghamshire, map and plates by Hollar, with 

reprint of the Slip of Arms, old calf (rebacked), fo., 1677 (H. Oct. 8 ; 968) 

£1 5s. 

History of Nottinghamshire, with Additions by J. Throsby, 3 vol., port., 

map and plates, calf, 4to., 1797 (S. Dec. 15 ; 320) DanieU, £2 18s. 

The same, 3 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 4to., 1797 (S. Dec. 16 ; 591 ) 

Edwards, £3 5s. 
Throsby (J.) History of Leicester and Select Views in Leicestershire, with, 3 vol., 

port., map and pits., calf gilt, g. e., 4to., Leicester, 1789-91 (S. Dec. 15 ; 

§2 U ' * Edwards, £3 3s. 


Thucydidis Historiarum Peloponnensium libri octo, edidit L. Valla, initials in 
blue and red, g. I. (15,511 Hain), oak bds., with leather, fo. [Venetiis 1485] 
(H. Nov. 12 ; 598) Thorp, £3 

Thurloe (J.) Collection of State Papers, by T. Birch, port., 7 vols., old calf, fo., 
1742 (H. Oct. 15 ; 622) 10s. 

The same, 7 vol., calf, fo., 1742 (S. Nov. 11 ; 431 ) Andrews, £1 2s. 

Tibaldi (P.) e Nicolo Abbati. Le pitture esistenti nell' instituto di Bologna, 
descritte et illustr. da G. P. Zanotti, front., ports, of Benedict XIV. and Tibal- 
di, and 41 pits., half russ., fo. Venezia, 1756 (S. Nov. 26 ; 132) 

Sotheran, 7s. 

Tickell (J.) History of Kingston-upon-Hull, plan and plates, 4to., half bound, 1796 
(H. Nov. 19 ; 162) 8s. 6d. 

Titian. Opera selectiora quae Titianus Vecellius et Paulus Calliari veronensis in- 
venerunt et pinxerunt, quaeque Valentinus Le Fevre delineavit et sculpsit, 
81 pits, (including many reversed), mounted, old calf, fo., 1682 (S. Nov. 26 ; 
133) Parsons, 9s. 

Tooke (T.) and Newmarch (W.) History of Prices, 1848-1856, 2 vols., being the 
rare vols. 5 and 6 of the set, 1857 (H. Oct. 16 ; 831) Harding, £1 5s. 

Toovey (J.) Lives of the English Saints, 13 pts., 1845 (H. Oct. 29 ; 388) 6s. 

Torquemada (J. de) Monarchia Indiana, engd. titles and maps, 3 vols., veil., fo., 
Madrid, 1723 (H. Nov. 12 ; 602) Leon, £3 

The same, 3 vols., veil., fo., 1723 (H. Dec. 17 ; 625) 

Stevens & Stiles, £2 
Tour of Dr. Prosody in Search of the Antique and Picturesque, 20 cold. pits, by 

Williams, half mor., t. e. g., 1821 (S. Nov. 27 ; 504) Edwards, £1 Is. 

The same, mor. ex., joints, t. e. g., 1821 (S. Nov. 2 ; 166) Young, £3 

Tournament (The) or Days of Chivalry, 1st Edn., 24 engs. by Atkinson, half mor., 

g. e., 1823 (S.Nov. 2 ; 167) Robson, £\ 13s. 

Tragicum Theatrum Actorum, ports., calf, Amst., 1649 (P. Oct. 9 ; 370) 

Smith, 5s. 
Traill (H. D.) Social England, a Record of the Progress of the People, 5 vol., tree 

calf ex., m. e. by Riviere, 1893 (S. Oct. 28 ; 292) Heath, £5 

Trattinnick (L.) Thesaurus Botanicus, 80 cold, pits., half bound, fo. Viennae, 

1819 (S. Nov. 24 ; 575) Quaritch, 13s. 

Tregear (G.) Humourous Scraps, etc., cold. pits, by H. Heath, etc., half bnd. 

ob. fo., 1830 (S. Nov. 27 ; 574) Rimell, £\ 7s. 

Treillages executes a Bellevue, a Versailles, a Meudon,a Marly, a Madrid, a Peters- 

bourg, a Berlin, a Dresde, a Vienne, a Londres, a Malte, Vues des Berceaux et 

de la Colonnade du Jardin du Comte d' Althann en Allemagne, 16 pits., ob. fo., 

Paris, s. d. (S. Oct. 30 ; 952) Northey, £3 

Trew (Ch. J) Plantae selectae, quarum imagines pinxit G. D. Ehret, notis illus- 

travit Ch. J. Trew, 100 cold. pits, and 3 ports, by Haid, veil., fo. Norimb. 

1750-73 (S. Nov. 24 ; 576) Quaritch, 9s. 

The same, fo., old calf gilt, illuminated titles. Norimbergae 1750-73 (H. 

Nov. 4 ; 268) Dietrich, £3 8s. 

Trials. Celebrated Trials, pits., 6 vols., 1825 (P. Dec. 1 ; 334) Wildy, 18s. 

Hargrave's State Trials, 11 vols, in 7, old calf, 1776-79 (H. Oct. 29 ; 638) 


Tristram (H. B.) Survey of Western Palestine, the Fauna and Flora of Palestine, 

pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1884 (S. Nov. 25 ; 780) Wesley, 17s. 

Trollope (Mrs.) Charles Chesterfield, 3 vol., 1st Edn., etchings by " Phiz," calf ex., 

t. e. g. by Riviere, covers bound up, 1841 (S. Nov. 2 ; 169) 

Sotheran, £\ 12s. 

(T. A. ) History of the Commonwealth of Florence, 4 vol., 1865 (S. Dec. 1 5 ; 

203) Hill, £1 10s. 

The same, 4 vols., 1865 (H. Oct. 28 ; 29) G. H. Brown, £\ 18s. 

Trumble (B. ) Plea in Vindication of the Connecticut Title to the Contested Lands 

Lying West of the Province of New York, half mor., t. e. g. New-Haven 
(Conn.) 1774 (S. Dec. 18 ; 248) Edwards, £3 12s. 

Tudor (O. D.) Leading Cases on Real Property, Conveyancing, &c, 4th Edition, 
by Carson and Bumpas, 1898 (H. Dec. 4 ; 78) Reeves <5- Turner, 15s. 

i 9 o8-9 135 

Tudor Translations. Apuleius. The Golden Ass, trans, by W. Adlington, 1893 
(H. Dec. 8 ; 69) w. Brown, XI 10s 

The English Bible, 6 vols., 1903-4 (H. Oct. 9 ; 1196) £1 Is. 

The History of Comines, Englished by T. Danett, 2 v., 1897 (H. Nov. 20 ' 

532) i 4s ; 

Plutarch's Lives, by Sir T. North, 6 vols., 1895-6 (H. Dec. 8 ; 70) 

W. Brown, £4 5s. 

Suetonius, trans, by P. Holland, 2 vols., 1899 (H. Dec. 8 ; 71) 

W. Brown, £1 2s. 
Tuer (A.) Bartolozzi and his Works, ills., L. P., 2 vols., 4to., 1882 (P. Oct. 9 ; 

530) Rimell, £2 10s. 

Turenne, Life and Actions of, trans, by P. Spence, old calf, 1686 (H. Dec. 9 ■ 

491 ) 7s. 6d. 

Turner (J. M. W.) Illustrations to Milton, 7 engs. by E. Goodall, india proofs, fo , 

1835 (H. Dec. 8 ; 297) Maggs, £1 2s. 

Picturesque Views on the Southern Coast, pits., L. P., 4to., half russ. gilt, 

1826 (H. Nov. 27; 487) /. Bain, £2 

Exposition of the Work of Turner from the Writings of Ruskin, ed. by P. 

Wedmore, 91 ills, on India paper, Edn. de Luxe, 2 vols., and a Duplicate Set 
of the Plates in portfolio, fo., 1900 (H. Dec. 8 ; 299) G. H. Brown, £2 2s 

(L. M.) Contributions to the Natural History of Alaska, pits., 4to. Wash- 
ington, 1886 (H. Nov. 4 ; 125) 10s. 

Turnor (Thos. ) Case of the Bankers and their Creditors stated and examined, half 
calf, 1675 (S. Nov. 10 ; 144) Quaritch, 15s. 

Tusser (Thos.) Five Hundreth Pointes of Good Husbandrie, b. I., calf, 4to., 1593 
(P. Oct. 9 ; 461 ) Quaritch, £3 7s. 6d. 

Another Edn., fc. I., calf gilt, g. e. (cut), 4to., 1638 (S. Dec. 15 ; 323) 

Bull, 16s. 

Another Edn., with Notes and Glossary by Mavor, calf gilt, t. e. g. by P. 

Bedford, 1812 (S. Dec. 17 ; 32) Edwards, 15s. 

Twining (E.) Illustrations of the Natural Orders of Plants, cold, pits., 2 vols., fo. f 
half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1849-55 (H. Nov. 4 ; 279) 15s. 

Twyne (J.) De Rebus Albionicis Britannicis at que Anglicis Commentariorum , 
calf, 1590 (H. Dec. 16 ; 149) 10s. 

Tytler (P. P.) History of Scotland, Best Lib. Edn., 7 vol., calf gilt, m. e. 
Edinb. 1845 (S. Oct. 28 ; 294) Heath, £1 6s. 

[Udall (E.)] Noli me tangere, 1st Edn., engd. title (shaved), and front, by W. 
Marshall, 4to., 1642 (S. Oct. 29 ; 573) Abbey, 9s. 

Uffizio della B. V. Maria, cont. mor. ex., g. e. in a case, 1785 (S. Oct. 29 ; 445) 

Lacroix, 8s- 

Ulmeus (Paulus) Historia Sancte Monica, et Libellus de Apologia religionis fra. 
trum heremitarum ord. sancti Augustini contra Palso Impugnantes, ft. I., 60 
leaves (Hain-Copinger, 16,086), sm. 4to., mor. ex., g. e. by Cape. Rome, P. 
de Cinquinis 1479 (H. Nov. 26 ; 180) Letghton, £2 15s. 

Ulster. Collection of such Orders and Conditions, to be observed by the Underta- 
kers, upon the distribution and Plantation of the Escheated Lands in 
Ulster, half mor., 4to., 1608 (P. Oct. 9 ; 546) Harding, 8s. 

Underhill (John) Newes from America, 23 11. and the " folding Palizado " 
(wants a blank for Aj., margins cut aslant, and two cut into, unbound, 
sm. 4to., 1638 Quaritch, £245 

* The above item was sold at Sotheby's, Nov. 5, 1907 ; lot 353 ; and 

should have appeared at the head of page 141 of vol.5. By some mischance 

the entry was lost, so it is given here. 

Upcott (W.) Original Letters, Manuscripts, and State Papers (Catalogue of), the 

only copy on Largest Paper, and on one side only, fo., 1836 (S. Oct. 30 ; 

958) Abbey, 10s. 

Urins; (Nath.) Voyages and Travels. 2 vol. in 1, maps, unopened, 1725 26 (S. 

Dec 16 ; 489) Harding, £2 

Utterson (E. V. ) Early Popular Poetry, 2 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 1817 (H. Oct. 29 J 

526) 7s. 6d . 

I'zanne (E.) L'Eventail, 80 ills, by Paul Avril, mor. ex., t. e. g., by Grieve, 4to., 

Paris, 1882 (S. Oct. 29 ; 598) Lacroix, £\ 2s. 


Vaenius (O. ) Emblemata, 207 emblems, half calf, 4to. Brux., 1624 (S. Nov. 10 ; 
72) Scotti, 2s. 

Emblemata Horatiana, engd. title and 103 pits., calf, g. e., Amst., 1684 

(S. Oct. 30 ; 770) James, 3s. 

Valdor (Jean) Triomphes de Louis XIII., exposees par un Poeme heroique de 
Charles Beys, et accompagnees de vers Francis sous chaque figure, par P. 
de Corneille, L. P. (with the duplicate Latin title), 4 maps, 23 pits., 45 ports, 
and 45 plans and views, old calf, fo. Paris, 1649 (S. Oct. 30 ; 948) 

Talboys, £\ Is. 

Vale Press. Browne (Sir T.) Religio Medici, fo., 1902 (H. Nov. 19 ; 257) 15s. 

The Amber Witch, by W. Meinhold, fo., 1903 (H. Nov. 19 ; 258) 10s. 

Wordsworth (W.) Poems, ed. by T. S. More, n. d. (H. Nov. 19 ; 259) 'lis. 

Valentine (B.) Last Will and Testament, woodcuts (shaved), calf, g. e.,1671 (H. 

Dec. 9 ; 405) Stowe, £\ 2s. 

Valerianus (J. P.) Hieroglyphica, woodcuts, veil., fo. Basil, 1556 (H. Oct. 16 ; 

936) 10s. 

Valla. Laurentii Valise Elegantiarum libri VI., mor. ex., g. e. Venetiis, 1536 

(H. Oct. 8 ; 885) lis. 

Vallancey (C.) Collectanea de Rebus Hibernicis, maps and cuts, vols. 1-5 and vol. 

3, pt. 2, first 4 vols., calf, g. e., remainder cloth Dublin 1770-1804 (H. 

Nov. 19 ; 38) Walford, £\ 12s. 

Vancouver (G.) Atlas to Vancouver's Voyages, maps and charts, atlas fo., calf, 

1798 (H. Nov. 27 ; 585) £7 10s. 

Van der Meulen. Views, Hunting Scenes, Military Scenes, etc., illustrative of the 

life of Louis XIV. of France, Landscapes, Animal Studies, etc., port, of Van 

der Meulen, and 120 engs., in 1 vol., old calf gilt, fo. Paris, 1685. etc. (S. 

Nov. 26 ; 134) Gutekunst, £\1 10s. 

Van de Velde (C. W. M.) Vues de Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Celebes, &c, 50 pits. 

on India Paper, fo., half bound, Amst., 1846 (H. Dec. 10 ; 955) 16s. 

Van Dyck (A.) Cabinet des plus beaux portraits de plusieurs princes et princesses, 

des hommes illustres, etc., 125 ports., old calf gilt, fo. Anvers, s. d. (S. Nov. 

26 ; 135) Gilhofer, £13 

Van Hulle (A.) Pacificatores orbis Christiani, sive Icones principum, ducum et 

legatorum qui Monasterii atque Osnabrugae pacem Europae conciliarunt, 

131 ports., calf, fo. Rotterodam, 1697 (S. Nov. 11 ; 440) Scotti, £\ 16s. 
Vanquer. Livre de Fleurs, engd. title and 9 pits., 4to. Paris, (17 — ) (S. Oct. 

29 ; 616) Meuleneere, 10s. 

Varthema. De uytnemende zee en Land-Reyse van d'heer Ludowiick di Bar- 

thema, with Index, front, and plate, b. I., sm. 4to., boards, Utrecht, 1655 (H. 

Nov. 5 ; 446) . De Vries, £\ 8s. 

Vasari (G.) Vite de piu eccellenti Pittori, Scultori ed Architetti, 7 vol., pits., calf 

gilt, sm. 4to., Livorno, 1767-72 (S. Nov. 11 ; 366) Jackson, 7s. 

Vaughan (H.) Olor Iscanus, 1st Edn., engd. title by R. Vaughan, with leaf oppo- 
site and Errata leaf, 3 leaves shaved, half calf, 1651 (S. Dec. 17 ; 90) 

Pickering, £4 10s. 
(Rice) Discourse of Coin and Coinage, old sheep (worn), 1675 (H. Nov. 12 ; 

501 ) 14s. 

(Wm.) Directions for Health Natural and Artificial, 2 vols., half mor., 4to., 

1626 (P. Oct. 9 ; 466) Dobell, 12s. 

The Golden Fleece, transported from Cambrioll Colchos, out of the Souther- 
most part of Newfoundland, map, some side-notes cut into, mor., g. e., 4to., 
1626 (S. Nov. 12 ; 884) Quaritch, £6 15s. 

Vecellio (C.) De gli Habiti Antichi et Moderni diverse parti del Mondo, 416 wood- 
cuts, calf, Colbert's copy, with his inscription and arms on covers, Venetia, 
1590 (P. Oct. 9 ; 398) Maggs, £2 15s. 

Another Edn., woodcuts, mor ex., g. e. by Riviere. Venetia, 1664 (S. 

Dec. 16 ; 527) Walton, £2 

Costumes, Anciens et Modernes, pits., 2 vols. Paris, 1859 (P. Dec. 1 ; 

394) Reuier, 8s. 

Velly, Villaret, Gamier et Laureau. Histoire de France, 17 vol., front., plan, 
maps, and 68 ports., 4to. Paris, 1770-1787 (S. Oct. 30 ; 910) 

Lacroix, 1 0s. 

1908-9 137 

Venegas (M.) Natural and Civil History of California, map and plates 2 v 1759 
(H. Nov. 6 ; 798) "2 

Venuti. Interpretation des peintures dessinees sur un service de table travaille 
d'apres la bosse dans la Royale fabrique de Porcellaine par ordre de Sa Ma- 
jeste le Roi des deux Sidles, pits., mor. gilt, g. e., 4to. Naples, 1787 (S 
Nov. 26 ; 41) Edwards, £1 8s. 

Vergil. Abridgement of the notable worke of Polidore Virgile .... by T. Langley, 
b. I., stamped calf, with autograph of " William Lambarde, 1560," on title' 
1546 (H. Nov. 6 ; 746) £3 i 5s [ 

Vernon Gallerv of British Art, ed. by S.C. Hall, engs., 4 vols., mor g e fo 1854 
(H. Dec. 8 ; 283) H. Davey, £1 10s. 

Verstegan (R.) Restitution of Decayed Intelligence, 1st Edn., veil, (last 6 11 
defective). Antwerp 1605 (H. Nov. 6 ; 761 ) 7s. 6d. 

Viaggi Fatti da Vinetia alia Tana in Persia, in India et in Constantinopolitani alia 
Porta del Gran Turco, etc., mor. ex., richly tooled, double, joints, g. e. by 
Bozerian, fine copy. Venetia, Figliuoli di Aldo, 1543 (S. Dec. 16 ; 528) 

Warren, £5 2s. 6d. 

Victor (Ben.) History of the Theatres of London and Dublin, 2 vol., half bound 
1761 (S.Oct. 30; 711) Harding, 2s' 

Vidal (E. E.) Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte Video, 24 cold 
pits., 4to., boards (broken), 1820 (H. Oct. 29 ; 618) Quaritch, £5 10s. 

The same, half mor., 4to., 1820 (H. Dec. 17 ; 559) Quaritch, £6 2s. 6d. 

Villon (J.) Poems, trans, by John Payne, front., veil., t. e. g., P. P., 1878 (H 

Oct. 15 ; 458) Maggs, £3 10s. 

Villon Society. Poems of Hafiz, trans, by John Payne, 3 vols., vellum. P. P 

1901 (H. Oct. 14 ; 153) Cole, £2 5s. 

Vincentinus Omni bonus. In Lucani Pharsalium Commentaria, 1st Edn., fo. 

Venezia (Pilippo di Pietro), 1475 (S. Dec. 16 ; 657) Bull, £1 16s. 

Viollet-le-Duc (M.) Dictionnaire Raisonne de 1' Architecture Francaise, 10 vol. 

in 5, ills., half calf, Paris, 1858-68 (S. Nov. 10 ; 1) James, £5 7s. 6d. 

Dictionnaire Raisonne du Mobilier Francaise, 6 vol., ills., half mor., t. e. g., 

ib., 1874 (S. Nov. 10 ; 2) North, £5 10s. 

Virgil. Aeneids of Virgil, done into English Verse by William Morris, 1st Edn., 
1876 (S. Dec. 17 ; 38) Deane, 10s. 

Antiquissimi Virgiliani Codicis fragmenta et picturae ex Bibl. Vaticana ad 

priscas imaginum formas a P. S. Bartholi incisae, engs., calf gilt, with book- 
plates of David and Carrington Garrick, Romae, fo., 1741 (S. Dec. 16 ; 521 ) 

Dobell, £\ 

Bucolica, Georgica et /Eneis, pits, by Bartolozzi, &c, 2 vols., veil, gilt, g. e., 

by Hering, 1800 (H. Nov. 26 ; 149) Tregaskis, 12s. 

Opera: cum quinque commentariis (cura Seb. Brandt), wanting all before 

Bl and last leaf, old calf, w. a. f., fo. (Argent. Jo. Gruninger, 1502) (S. 
Nov. 3 ; 196) Bull, £1 17s. 

Opera [with Preface by S. Brandt], woodcuts, with inscription " Ex doni 

Humphredi Fen " (Humphrey Fen of Queen's College, Cambridge) on title, 
fo., calf, w. a. f., 4to. Parisiis, 1515 (H. Nov. 11 ; 310) Ellis, £2 

Opera, accuratissime castigata, woodcuts, calf (2 11. repaired), fo. Venetiis, 

L. A. Juntae 1536 (H. Dec. 9 ; 602) Bull, £\ 13s. 

Opera, cum Servii Donati, et Ascensiis Commentariis, g. I., woodcuts, fo., 

veil, (a few 11. soiled or repaired). Venetiis, apud Juntas, 1544 (H. Nov. 26 ; 
191) Harding, £2 

Opera, with autograph " Philemon Holland, Coventr 1579, Pro Christo et 

patria dulce periculu,'*fo.,calf. Antv.,1575 (H. Nov.ll; 312) Sotheran,£\ 10s. 

Opera, straight-grained red mor., g. e., 48mo. Pickering, 1 82 1 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 

328) Pickering, 16s. 

(Euvres de Virgile, traduites par l'Abbe des Fontaines, 4 vol., port, and pita. 

by Moreau, etc., calf. g. e. Paris (1796) (S. Oct. 29 ; 404) Wilson, £\ 2s. 

Vita Christi. Dit es d leve ons liefs heren Jhesu cristi, etc., I. g., 8 unnumbered 
and 316 numbered 11., woodcuts, all coloured by a contemporary hand, fine 
copy, stamped calf over oak boards, rebacked, with clasps, fo. Antwerpen, 
H. Eckert van Homberch, 1521 (S. Nov. 3 ; 198) Howell, £5 5s. 

Vivian (W.) Views of the Great Falls of Niagara, 5 cold. pits, and title, wrappers, 
fo.,n. d. (1820) (P. Dec. 1 ; 665) Edwards, £1 12s. 


Vojagien van J. Sanderson, H. Timberley en Capt. John Smith door Europa, Asia 

en America, engd. title and pits., b. 1., sm. 4to., boards. Amst., 1678 (H. 

Nov. 5 ; 432) C. Burrage, £2 

"Voltaire. La Henriade, avec des variantes et des notes, calf, Londres, 1733 (S. 

Oct. 29 ; 502) Dobell, 8s. 

* With inscription " a Monsieur Monsieur Blackwell, petite marque de la 
haute estime de Voltaire." 

La Henriade, L. P., port, and pits, on india paper, half mor., fo. Paris, 1 825 

• (S. Nov. 25 ; 852) Winter, 2s. 

La Pucelle d'Orleans, suivie du Temple du Gout, pits., calf, g. e., 1775 (H. 

Dec. 9 ; 499) Asher &> Co., £\ 5s. 

Romans et Contes, port, and engs. after Monnet, etc. (a few shorter than 

text), 3 vols., old calf gilt, Bouillon 1778 (H. Dec. 9 ; 498) 

M "ggs, £* 7s. 6d; 

(Euvres Completes, port, and pits, by Moreau, 70 vols., old tree calf (slightly 

rubbed), 1784-9 (H. Oct. 8 ; 854) Hill, £2 14s. 

The same, 70 vol., calf gilt, g. e. Paris, 1784-89 (S. Nov. 11 ; 300) 

Shatter, £8 

The same, 70 vol., L. P., calf, g. e. (Kehl), 1785 (S. Oct. 29 ; 452) 

Maggs, £8 5s. 

(Euvres Choisies, L. P., pits, bv Moreau, 21 vols., russ. Paris 1809 (H. 

Dec. 9 ; 346) 12s. 

Voragine (J. de) Legenda Sanctorum sive Historia Longobardica, g. I. (Hain- 
Copinger, 6,428), initials in red (first blank leaf wanting, 1 margin repaired), 
clean copy, fo., russ., g. e. (renewed) Coloniae [Ulric Zell] 1482 (H. Nov. 
26 ; 157) Maggs, £3 12s. 6d. 

Legenda Aurea, rubricated capitals, fl. I. (wormed ; stained ), old oak board 

covered with leather, fo. Argentine, 1485 (H. Nov. 6 ; 876) 

W. G. Taylor. £2 8s. 

Legenda Aurea, sive Hystoria Longobardica, fl. I., initials in red and blue 

vellum (wormed), fo. [1485] (H. Dec. 9 ; 592) Cohen, £1 10s. 

Legenda Aurea, alias Historia Longobardica vocitata, fl. I., 5 prel. leaves, 

A 2-6, and 297 numbered leaves, fo., oak boards, binding defective, w. a. f . 
[s. 1. a. d.] (H. Nov. 11 ; 295) Sotheran, £2 9s. 

Voiiet (S.) Porticus Bibliothecae Illustriss. Seguierii Galliae Cancellarii a Simone 
Voiiet depicta, port, and pits., half mor., g. e., fo. Paris, 1640 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 
408) Bull, 18s. 

Voyage (Le) d' la Saincte cite de Hierusalem avec la description des lieux, portz, 
villes, citez et autres Passaiges fait la mil IIII. c. IIII. XC. estant la Siege du 
grand turc a Rhodes & regnat en France Loys XL, woodcuts, limp vellum, 
wrapper, large copy. Paris, A. Lotrain, s. d. (S. Dec. 17 ; 55) 

Lillie, £8 5s. 
* The title bears the figures VIII. f. &• d. which may refer to the date of 

§rinting. Brunet does not notice these figures. The vol contains signs. 
; 3, 4 in 8 's. 
Voyages. Histoire Generate des Voyages, maps, plans, charts, and pits., 25 vols., 
half calf. La Haye and Amst., 1747-80 (H. Nov. 4 ; 27) Grant, £\ 3s. 
Voyages, relations et memoires originaux pour servir a l'histoire de la decouverte 
de l'Amerique, publies par H. Ternaux-Compans, 20 vol., half calf. Paris, 
1837^1 (S. Dec. 18 ; 233) Warren, £8 5s. 

Vriese (W. H. de) Illustrations d'Orchidees des Indes Orientales Neerlandaises, 18 
pits., 3 parts, in portfolio, fo. La Haye, 1854-5 (H. Nov. 4 ; 255) 

Wesley, £1 16s. 

Vyner (R. T. ) Notitia Venatica, 1st Edn., pits, by Aiken (foxed ), 1841 (H. Nov. 6; 

647) £1 10s. 

Another Edn., pits., calf, fine copy, 1842 (S. Nov. 12 ; 809) 

Champion, £2 4s. 
Waagen (Dr.) Art Treasures in Great Britain, with Supplement, 4 vols., 1854-7 

(H. Oct. 28 ; 66) G. H. Brown, £\ 12s. 

Wafer (L.) New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America, map and 

folding pits. (1 repaired), hf. cf., 1704 (H. Nov. 6 ; 821 ) 15s. 

The same, half calf, 1704 (S. Dec. 16 ; 563) Lewine, 9s. 

Another Edn., ed. by G. P. Winship, map and plates, 1903 (H. Nov. 4 ; 14) 3s. 

1908-9 139 

Wahlen (A.) Mceurs, Usages et Costumes de tout les Peuples du Monde, cold. pits.. 

4 vols., half calf gilt, t. e. g. Brux. 1844 (H. Dec. 10 ; 817) Myers, £1 18s. 
Walker (A.) Analysis of Beauty in Women, tinted plates, calf gilt, g. e., 1852 (S. 

Nov. 27 ; 508) Andrews, lis. 

Female Beauty as preserved and improved by Regimen, Cleanliness, and 

Dress, pits., some coloured, with moveable slips, mor., 1837 (P. Oct. 9 ; 
375) Spencer, £1 7s. 

(G.) Costume of Yorkshire, 10 parts, 40 cold, pits., fo., 1813 (S. Dec. 17 ; 

175*) Edwards, £3 15s. 

(Sir H.) Journal of the late Expedition to Canada, calf, 1720 (S. Nov. 10 ; 

121) Leon, £2 18s. 

Wallace (A. R. ) Geographical Distribution of Animals, ills., 2 v., 1876 (H. Nov. 4 
48) Sotheran, £\ 

Waller (E.) Workes (wormed), sheep binding, 1645 (H. Nov. 27 ; 480) 

Pickering S-Chatto, £\ 17s. 6d. 
Walpole (F.) The Ansayrii, and the Assassins, with Travels in the Further East, 
3 vol., port, and fronts., half mor., t. e. g., 1851 (S. Nov. 12 ; 812) 

Winter, 5s. 

(H.) Anecdotes of Painting, with Additions of Dallaway, pits., 5 vols., mor. 

ex., g. e., fine copy, 1826-28 (P. Oct. 8 ; 177) Duncey, £4 10s. 

Essav on Modern Gardening, with a Translation in French by the Duke of 

Nivernois, half mor., t. e. g., 4to. Strawberry Hill, 1785 (S. Nov. 12 ; 885) 

Quaritch, £2 2s. 
Works, Orig. Edn., 5 vol., pits., half russ., uncut, 4to., 1798 (S. Nov. 25 ; 

795) Bull, 5s. 

Walton (Izaak) Compleat Angler, Fourth Edition, orig. sheep, fine copy,1668 

(P. Oct. 30 ; 487) Lawrence, £19 

Another Edn., with Notes by J. Hawkins, port, and pits., binding broken, 

1760 (S. Oct. 29 ; 357) Pickering, 16s. 

Another Edn., with Dives, by Hawkins, ports, and pits., L.P., calf, 1808 

(P. Oct. 9 ; 418) Edwards, 19s. 

Another Edn., 1823— Lives of Donne, Wotton, etc., 1825 ; 2 vols., L. P., 

India Proof Plates, mor. ex., g. e. by Lewis. Major 1823-5 (P.- Nov. 30 ; 
82) Spencer, £3 12s. 6d. 

Another Edn., " Major's Edn," pits., russ., g. e., 1824 (S. Oct. 30 ; 781 ) 

Edwards, 1 1 s. 

The same, pits, on India Paper, L. P., mor., emblematic devices, g. e. 

Major 1824. (H. Oct. 29 ; 549) Private, £4 12s. 6d. 

Another Edn., ed. by Sir H. Nicolas, 2 vol., pits, after Stothard, etc., 

mor. ex., symbolically tooled, g. e., wrappers bound up, imp. 8vo., 1836 (S. 
Nov. 2 ;172) Spencer, £13 

Wamelius (F. E.) Iconographia Magni Patris Aurelii Augustini, engd. title (mend- 
ed), and 27 engs. half calf, ob. 4to. Antv., 1624 (S. Nov. 26 ; 42) 

Dobell, 6s. 

Wanderings of a Pilgrim in Search of the Picturesque, 2 vol., cold, pits., imp. 
8vo., 1850 (S. Dec. 15; 213) Hill, lift 

Wansey (H.) Excursion to the United States in 1794, port, of Washington, and 
view, 1798 (P. Oct. 30 ; 348) Harding, £\ 10s. 

Warburton, Whitelaw, and Walsh. History of Dublin, pits, and plan, 2 vols., L. 
P., 4to., half mor., 4to., 1818 (H. Nov. 27 ; 492) 7s. 6d. 

[Ward (N.) ] The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, willing to help mend his 
native Country .... by Theodore de la Guard, 24 11., unbound, London, 
Printed by John Deves and Robert Ibbitson, for Stephen Bowtell, at the 
signe of the Bible in Popes Head- Alley, 1647 (H. Nov. 6 ; 788) £3 1 5s. 

* Apparently an unrecorded edition of the famous pamphlet. 

Ware (Sir J.) Antiquities and History of Ireland, port, of Q. Anne, and 2 pits., old 
calf, fo., 1705 (S.Nov. 10; 235) Harding, £\ 2s. 

Warne (C.) Ancient Dorset, ills., fo. Bournemouth, 1872 (S. Nov. 27 ; 575) 
' ' Walford, 17s. 

Warner (R.) History of Glastonbury, 20 pits., 4to. Bath, 1826 (H. Nov. 5 ; 
325) ,2s ; 

(R.) Select Orchidaceous Plants, the Two Series, 79 cold, pits., in 1 vol., half 

bound, fo., 1862-75 (H. Nov. 4 ; 257) Edwards, £3 7s. 6d. 


Warner (Wm.) Albion's England, a Continued Historie of the same Kingdome, 
half calf, stained, 4to., 1602 (S. Oct. 30 ; 874) Dobell, 19s. 

[Warren (S.)] Ten Thousand a Year, 1st Edn., 3 vols., clean copy, 1841 (H. 
Oct. 28 ; 201 ) W. Brown, £1 

Warrington (W. ) History of Stained Glass, coloured pits., hall mor., fo., 1838 (P. 
Nov. 30 ; 280) Edwards, £2 4s. 

Original Work on Stained Glass, 24 cold, pits., half mor., 1848 (H. Dec. 18 ; 

914) McCaskie, £\ Is. 

Washington (George) Address to his Fellow Citizens, stitched. Boston, 1796 
(H. Nov. 6 ; 802) 13s. 

Official Letters to Congress during the War with Gt. Britain, 2 vols., calf, 

1795 (H. Nov. 12 ; 546) 8s. 6d. 

— — Marshall (J.) Life of George Washington, 5 vol., port., half mor., t. e. g. 

Philadelphia, 1804 (H. Dec. 16 ; 246) Harding, 13s. 

Wathen (J.) Journal of a Voyage to Madras and China, 24 cold, pits., half bound, 

4to., 1814 (H. Nov. 19 ; 304) 12s. 

Watson (H. C.) Cybele Britannica, 3 vols., with Supplement, part I., 4 vols., 1847- 

60 (H. Nov. 4 ; 182) 16s. 

(J.) Choice Collection of Comic and Serious Scots Poems, 3 parts (parts I. 

and II. uncut, t. e. g. part III. cut, t. e. g.), mor. Edinb., 1706-9-11 (S. 
Nov. 2 ; 173) Hopkins, £5 15s. 

[ (John)] Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush, Edn. de Luxe, proof plates, and 

extra set on Japanese paper, half veil., 4to., 1896 (S. Oct. .30 ; 846) 

James, 3s. 
Watts (H.) Dictionary of Chemistry, with Three Supplements, ills., 8 vols, in 9, 

1879-81 (H. Nov. 12 ; 449) ' 15s. 

Webster (John) Works, now first collected, ed. by Dyce, 2 vols., half mor., g. t.. 

1830 (P. Nov. 30 ; 147) Hill, £5 

Weever (J.) Antient Funeral Monuments, port., calf, 4to., 1767 (P. Oct. 30 ; 500) 

Sotheran, lis. 
Weidner (P.) Loca Praecipua Fidei Christianae, sm. 4to., veil. Vienna?, 1559 (H. . 

Oct. 29; 562) 17s. 

Weigel (C.) Koningen, Vorsten en geleerde Mannen, 85 mezzotint ports., old calf, 

gilt, fo., c. 1710 (S. Nov. 11 ; 437) Rimell, £4 14s. 

Weinmann (J. W.) Phytanthoza iconographia, 4 vol., front., 2 ports, and 1025 

cold, pits., calf, fo. Ratisbonae, 1737-45 (S. Nov. 24 ; 578) 

Quaritch, £5 2s. 6d. 
Duidelyke Vertoning, eeniger Duizend in alle Vier Waerelds Deelen was- 

sende Bomen, Stammen Kruideu, Bloemen, etc., 8 vol., front., 2 ports, and 

1025 pits, (same as preceding lot but with text in Dutch bv J. Burmann), 

veil., fo. Amst. 1736^18 (S. Nov. 24 ; 579) Quaritch, £4 

Welde (Thos.) Answer to W. R. (William Rathban) His Narration of the Opinions- 

and Practices of the Churches latelv erected in New England, Orig. Edn., 

title repaired, newly half bnd., sm* 4to., 1644 (S. Dec. 18 ; 265) 

Deane, £& 
Wellington (Duke of) Panoramic View of the Funeral of ,by H. Aiken and G. A. 

Sala (6fc ft.), ob. 4to., 1853 (S. Nov. 24 ; 471 ) Maggs, £3 5s. 

Wells (C.) Joseph and his Brethren, with Introduction by A. C. Swinburne, 1876 

(H. Dec. 16 ; 198) £\ 5s. 

Wermylierus (Otho) A Spyrytuall and moost precyouse Pearle ; teachyng all men 

to love and imbrace the Crosse, etc. (trans, bv M. Coverdale), ft. I., margins 

frayed, sheet M. in MS., calf, w. a. f. G. Lynne, 1550 (S. Dec. 4 ; 253) 

Daniel-Tyssen, 10s. 
[West (W. ) ] Fifty Years' Recollections of an Old Bookseller, 2 vol. in 1, 15 ports., 

P. P., 1837 (S. Oct. 30 ; 831) Rimell, 6s. 

Westmacott (C. M.) The English Spy, 2 vol., 1st Edn., cold. pits, by R. Cruikshank 

half calf, m. e., 1825-26 (S. Nov. 11 ; 316) Shepherd, £\4 5s. 
The same, 2 vol., fine copy, half morocco, t. e. g., imp. 8vo. 1825-6 (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 819) Hornstein, £14 10s. 

Westwood (J. O.) British Butterflies and British Moths, 3 vol., cold, pits., half 

mor., g. e., 4to., 1857 (S. Nov. 25 ; 779) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Whitaker (J.) History of Manchester, 2 vol., maps and pits., calf, 4to., 1771-75 

(S. Nov. 10 ; 172) Hunt, 6s. 

1 908-9 " 141 

Whitaker (T. D. ) History of Craven, views, etc., russ., m. e., 4to. 1805 (S. Dec. 18; 
338) Daniell, lis. 

Another Edn., 2nd Edn., pits., calf, 4to., 1812 (S. Dec. 15 ; 326) 

Edwards, 5s. 

The same, L. P., with duplicate set of the aquatint plates in colours, mor., 

ex., g. e., fo., 1812 (H. Nov. 26 ; 233) Edwards, £2 3s. 

History of Leeds, including a second edition of Thoresby's Ducatus Leo- 

diensis, and Loidis and Elmete, engs., 2 vols., calf gilt, g. e., fo., 1816 (H. 
Nov. 26; 232) Harding, £2 10s. 

History of Richmondshire, L. P., pits., views after Turner, hid in proofs, 

2 vol., old russ., g. e., fo., 1823 (S. Dec. 18 ; 341) Daniell, £9 5s. 

History of Whalley and Clitheroe, 2nd Edn., port., map, and pits., old calf, 

4to., 1806 (S. Dec. 18 ; 337) Daniell, lis. 

Another Edn., Third and Best Edn., map, views, &c, and an extra port., 

mor., g. e., fo., 1818 (H. Nov. 26 ; 234) R. Wild, £1 12s. 

White (G.) Natural. History of Selborne, 1st Edn., front., pits, and errata, russ. 
gilt, 4to., 1789 (S. Nov. 24 ; 475) Bumpus, £9 

The same, old tree calf, 4to., 1789 (S. Nov. 1 1 ; 348) Shepherd, £7 10s. 

Another Edn., pits., 4to., half mor., m. e., 1813 (H. Oct. lb ; 721 ) 1 5s. 

The same, fine copy, calf gilt, g. e., 4to., 1813 (S. Nov. 12 ; 891) 

Quaritch, £\ 8s. 
[White ]. Sporting Scenes and Country Characters, by Martingale, 1st Edn., ills., 

calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, cover bound up, 1840 (S. Nov. 2 ; 175) 

Quaritch, 1 5s. 
Whitehead (C.) Richard Savage, a Romance, 3 vol., 1st Edn., etchings by Leech, 

calf ex., t. e. g. by Riviere, 1842 (S. Nov. 2 ; 174) Maggs, £2 5s. 

Whitman (A.) Nineteenth Century Mezzotinters : S. W. Reynolds, L. P., pits., half 

veil., uncut, to., 1903 (S. Nov. 27 ; 576) Maggs, lis. 

Whittinton (Robt.) De Heteroclitis Nominibus, 10 leaves, should be 12, wants 

A.6 and B.4, russia, (w. a. f.), Londini, Wynandum de Worde, 4to., n. d. (P. 

Oct. 9 ;496) Sotheran, £4 7s. 6d. 

* Printed in two sizes of type, those used by Caxton. At the end are Caxton's 
and Wynkyn de Worde's devices. 
Whymper (Ed. ) Scrambles amongst the Alps, 1st Edn., ills., 1871 (S. Nov. 3 ; 203 

Watkins, 18s. 
Whyte ( J. C. ) History of the British Turf, 2 vol., 1st Edn., ills., calf gilt, m. e. r 1 840 

(S. Nov. 12 ; 825) Hornstein, 12s. 

Wierus (J.) De Praestigiis Daemonum, stamped leather. Basil 1568 (H. Oct. 16 

Wigstead (H.) Tour to N. and S. Wales, pits., old mor. ex., g. 

15; 554) 

The same, old tree-calf, 1800 (S. Nov. 3 ; 204) 

Wilde (O. ) The Chameleon, part I. (all pubd. ), n. d. (H. Oct. 

De Profundis, 1st Edn., Large Handmade Paper, 1905 

The same, 1st Edn., L. P., Japanese vellum, t. e. g., 1905 

Maggs, £2 1 0s. 

House of Pomegranates, ills, by Ricketts and Shannon, 1st Edn., sin. 4to., 

1891 (H. Nov. 20 ; 523) Bumpus, £2 10s. 

Importance of being Earnest, 1st Edn., 1899 (H. Nov. 20 ; 524) 18s. 

Picture of Dorian Gray, 1st Edn., L. P., half veil., 1891 (H. Oct. 9,1111) 

£2 12s. 

Woman of No Importance, 1st Edn., 1894 (H. Oct. 7 ; 488) 

Spencer, £2 2s. 

The Spirit Lamp : an ^Esthetic Magazine, ed. by Lord A. Douglas, 15 nos., 

complete in 1 vol., 1892-3 (H. Nov. 11 ; 40) *6 6s. 

Works, with Dorian Gray, Japanese vellum, 12 vols., veil., t. e. g., 1908 

(H. Oct. 16 ; 797) Shepherd, £10 5s. 

Wildrake. Pictorial Gallery of English Race Horses, 75 engs., half mor., t . e. g., 
imp. 8vo., 1844 (S. Nov. 12 ; 714) Maggs, £\ 

Wilkes (B.) New Collection of English Moths and Butterflies, 12 cold, pits., mor. 
ex., joints, g. e., fo., n. d. (S. Nov. 24 ; 581 ) Howell, £3 15s. 


. 6d. 

e., 1800 




, £i 


14 ; 198) 



(H. Nov. 



(H. Oct. 

14 ; 



Wilkins (Dav.) Concilia Magnae Britanniae et Hiberniae, a Synodo Verolamiensi, 
A. D. 446 ; ad Londinensem, A.D. 1717, 4 vol., old calf, good copy, fo., 1737 
(S. Nov. 10 ; 217) Bull, £19 10s. 

(H.) Vues Pittoresques de Pompeii, 30 pits., ob. atlas fo. Rome, 1819 (S. 

Oct. 30 ; 974) Lacroix, 5s. 

Wilkinson (J. G.) Manners and Customs of the Ancient Egyptians, 6 vol., pits., 
1837-41 (S. Dec. 15; 219) Bull, £1 Is. 

(R.) Londina Illustrata, 2 vol., engs., mor., g. e., 4to., 1819-25 (S. Nov. 

12 ; 893) Maggs, £4 12s. 

Williams (Edwd. ) Virginia : more especially the South part thereof, Richly and 

truly valued, 2nd Edn., folding map, slightly defective, woodcuts, last leaf 

mended and a few words in facs., mor. ex., g. e., sm. 4to., 1650 (S. Dec. 18 ; 

275) Stevens, £13 

* The map is very rare. It exists in several states, and the present copy is of 

the second issue with the imprint at the foot, "Domina Virginia Farrer Collegit 

Are sold by J. Stephenson at ye Sunn below Ludgate, 1651." At the top is a 

portrait of Drake, with inscription relating to his Province of New Albion. 

(R.) Cornish English Dictionary, 4to., 1865 (H. Nov. 19 ; 276) 

Quaritch, £\ 5s. 

(W. ) Oxonia Depicta, engd. title, dedication, and 65 pits., with Index Tabu- 

larum and subscribers, names, half calf, fo. (1732-3) (S. Nov. 26 ; 138) 

Rimell, £\ 10s. 

Williamson (G. C. ) Portrait Miniatures, L. P., ports., imp. 8vo., 1897 (S. Oct. 29 ; 

386) Rimell, £2 10s. 

(Th.) Oriental Field Sports, 2 vol. in 1, cold. pits, by S. Howitt, title backed, 

half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 1807 (S. Nov. 24 ; 478) Howell, £1 18s. 

Wiltshire (W. H.) Study and Collection of Ancient Prints, Second and Best Edn., 
fronts., 2 vols., half mor., 1877 (H. Oct. 9 ; 1123) Rimell, £2 

Willughby (F. ) Ornithologiae, libri tres, recognovit digessit, supplevit Jo. Raius, 
77 pits., old calf gilt, fo., 1676 (S. Nov. 24 ; 583) Wheldon, 18s. 

Ornithology, by Ray, with Discourses on the Art of Fowling, &c, pits., old 

cf., 1678 (H. Nov. 4 ; 129) Quaritch, £\ 14s. 

Wilson (Harriette) Memoirs, by herself, 4 vol., half bound, 1825 (S. Nov. 12 ; 
830) Hornstein, 4s. 

(L. ) Bibles, Testaments, Psalms, and other Books of the Holy Scriptures in 

English in the Collection of Lea Wilson Esq., veil., P. P., 1845 (H. Nov. 26 ; 
82) £2 

(Prof.) Works, ed. by J. F. Ferrier, 12 vol., 1855-58 (S. Oct. 29 ; 517) 

Griffiths, 4s. 

The same, 12 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1855-58 (S. Nov. 12 ; 828) 

Edwards, £\ Is. 

Works, 12 vols., half calf ex., 1864, etc. (P. Oct. 30 ; 446) 

Sotheran, £\ 8s. 

(T.) Art of Rhetorique, b. I., sm. 4to. (stained), veil., 1585 (H. Nov. 26 ; 

127) /. Bain, £1 6s. 

■ Rule of Reason, conteinyng the Arte of Logicke, 6. 1., sm. 4to. (three 11. 

slightly defective), veil. J. Kingston, 1563 (H. Nov. 26 ; 128) Ellis, 12s. 

Thos.) Correct Method of Waltzing, 1st Edn., front., pits, and music, boards, 

1816 (S. Oct. 28 ; 41) Willing, 6s. 

Wilson and Bonaparte. American Ornithology ; with Notes and Life of Wilson by 

Sir Wm. Jardine, 3 vol., port, and 97 cold, pits., mor., m. e., 1832 (S. Nov. 

25 ; 770) Quaritch, £4 

Winkles. Cathedral Churches of England and Wales, pits., 3 vols., imp. 8vo., 

1838-42 (H. Oct. 28 ; 67) £1 Is. 

Winston (C.) On Ancient Glass Paintings, cold, pits., 2 v., 1862 (P. Oct. 8 ; 160) 

Sotheran, 14s. 
Winterbotham (W.) View of the American United States, ports, and maps, 4 vols., 

calf, g. e., 1795 (H. Nov. 6 ; 805 Stevens, 16s. 

Winthrop ( J. ) History of New England, port., 2 vcls., calf gilt, m. e. Boston, 1853 

(H. Dec. 16 ; 143) 13s. 

Winwood (Sir R.) Memorials of Affairs of State in the Reigns of Elizabeth and 

James I., ed. by E. Sawyer, 3 vol., port., old calf, fo., 1725 (S. Nov. 10 ; 

216) Ridler, 18s. 

1908-9 143 

Wither (G.) Britains' Remembrancer, front., calf, 1628 (P. Oct. 30 ; 486) 

Pulker, 10s. 

Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne, 1st Edn., engd. title and 

explanation leaf, port, by Pass and engs. with " Lottery " leaf, no pointers, 
old binding (defective), fo., 1635 (S. Oct. 29 ; 680) Adams, £S 

Witty Apophthegms delivered at severall Times and upon severall Occasions by 
King James, King Charts, the Marquess of Worcester, Francis Bacon, and 
Sir Thomas Moore, frontispiece with portraits, some margins shaved, old 
panelled calf, 1658 (S. Nov. 10 ; 154) Tregaskis, 13s. 

Wolcot (John) Works, 5 vol., Best Edn., port., half mor., 1794-1801 (S. Oct. 30 ; 
783) Sotheran, 7s. 

Wood (R.) Ruins of Palmyra, 57 proof pits., red mor., g. e., fine copy, fo., 1753 
(S. Nov. 26 ; 139) Grant, £1 8s. 

(Wm. ) New England's Prospect, wanting woodcut map, cut, half calf, 4to.» 

w. a. f., 1635 (P. Oct. 9 ; 482) Stevens, £4 15s. 

(W.) Index Entomologicus, 54 cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1839 (H. 

Nov. 26 ; 18) 10s. 

Index Testaceologicus, by S. Hanley, cold, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 1856 

(H. Nov. 27 ; 443) £1 9s. 

Woodburn (S. ) Gallery of Rare Portraits, 2 vol., 200 portraits, mor., g. e., 4to., 
1816 (S. Dec. 17 ; 127) Meade, £1 8s. 

The same, Orig. Issue, 200 ports., mor., g. e., fo., 1816 (S. Nov. 25 ; 834) 

Sotheran, £3 

Woodward (G. M.) Caricature Magazine, vol. I., II.-III., four titles and 262 cold, 
pits, by Rowlandson, etc. loose in half binding, broken, w. a. f., oblong fo., 
1821, etc. (S. Nov. 27 ; 578) Sotheran, £30 

Eccentric Excursions, 100 ills, (some stained), half russ., 4to., 1796 (S. 

Nov. 26; 43) Hornstein, £2 10s. 

Another Edn., upwards of 100 cold, pits., etched by Cruikshank, calf ex., 

t. e. g. by Riviere, 4to., 1807 (S. Nov. 2 ; 221) Robson, £9 

Wordsworth (W.) The Excursion, 1st Edn., 4to., calf, m. e., 1814 (H. Oct. 28 ; 
227) 8s. 6d. 

The same, boards, 4to., 1814 (P. Dec. 1 ; 645) Dobell, 15s. 

The same, with autograph letter inserted, presenting a copy of his Poetical 

Works, calf, 4to., 1814 (P. Dec. 1 ; 629) Sabin, £2 7s. 6d. 

Lyrical Ballads, 2 vols., uncut, 1800 (P. Oct. 9 ; 450) Hornstein, £1 8s. 

The River Duddon, 1st Edn., boards, 1820 (P. Dec. 1 ; 477) Sabin, 7s. 

White Doe of Rylstone, 1st Edn., front, spotted, half calf, 4to., 1815 (S. 

Nov. 12 ; 894) Andrews, 2s. 

Yarrow Revisited, 1st Edn., pres. copy, with inscription, half calf, 1835 

(P. Dec. 1 ; 414) Spencer, £1 15s. 

Poetical Works, 5 vols., mor. ex., g. e., 1827 (H. Oct. 28 ; 229) 16s. 

Poetical Works, port., 6 v., 1836 (H. Oct. 28 ; 230) 18s. 

The same, 6 vol., port., calf gilt, m. e., 1836 (S. Nov. 12 ; 831) 

Edwards, £\ 4s. 

Poetical Works, port., € v., 1840 (H. Oct. 7 ; 41 1 ) 18s. 

Poetical Works, port, and vignettes, autograph of the poet on p. in. ; " W ni. 

Wordsworth, written for Charlotte Handley, 28 August 1848, Rydal Mount " 
1847 (P. Dec. 1 ; 478) M a Kgs, 13s. 

Poems, First Illustrated Edition, 100 engs., mor., g. e. by Hayday, 4to., 1859 

(S. Oct. 29 ; 622) Woods, 10s. 

World in Miniature, ed. by F. Shoberl, 42 vol., maps and cold, pits., fine set, ong. 
boards and wrappers, 1822, etc. (S. Nov. 2 ; 176) Maggs, £14 15s. 

The same, 43 vol., cold, pits., calf, 1827, etc. (S. Nov. 25 ; 618) 

Sotheran, £0 5s. 

Worlidge (T.) Collection choisie de desseins tires de pierres precieuses antiques, 

2 vol., port, and pits., including Hercules and Medusa, old calf gilt, g. e., 4^ 

1768 (S. Nov. 26 ; 44) Dawkins, £3 

Wouvermans (P.) (Euvres, gravees d'apres ses meilleurs Tableaux, port., engd. 

title, and 100 pits., boards, fo. Paris, 1737 (H. Dec. 18 ; 965) 

y Parsons, £2 16s. 

The same, port, and 61 plates, old calf, fo., 1737-48 (S. Oct. 29 ; 708) 

Rinull, £0 7s. od 


Wraxall (Sir N. W.) Memoirs, ed. by Wheatley, ports., 5 v., 1884 (H. Oct. 7 ; 

517) 14s. 

Wright (J.) History of Rutland, pits., old calf, fo., 1684 (S. Dec. 16 ; 426) 

Walford, £2. 10s. 
•*« — The same, fine copy, russ., with Earl of Harborough's arms, fo., 1684 (P. 

Oct. 8 ; 277) Bailey, £1 lis. 

Wyatt (C. W.) British Birds, 2 vols., 4to., half mor., t. e. g., 1894-9 (H. Dec. 8 ; 

277) W. Brown, £2 2s. 

Xaintongeois ( J. E. ) Histoire ou Commentaires de toutes Choses Memorables, half 
mor., g. e. Paris, 1572 (H. Dec. 9 ; 478) Us. 

Ximenez (Francisco) De Rebus Gestis, port., fo., limp. veil. Compluti, A. de An- 
gulo, 1569 (H. Oct. 28; 157) Sotheran, £\ 

Yarrell (Wm.) History of British Birds, 1st Edn., woodcuts, 3 vol., mor. ex., g. e., 
1843 (S. Dec. 18 ; 332) Andrews, £1 2s. 

fourth edn., enlarged by Newton, 4 vol., wood engravings, half mor., 

t. e. g., 1871-74 (S. Nov. 12 ; 833) Champion, £2 4s. 

— ■ by Newton and H. Saunders, 4 vol., woodcuts, half calf, 1871-85 (S. 

Nov. 25; 771) Quaritch, £\ 10s. 

History of British Fishes, with Supplement, 3 vol., 1st Edn., woodcuts, 

1836-39 (S. Nov. 25 ; 619) Saunders, £\ Is. 

The same, with Two Supplements, 1st Edn., port., 4 v., 1836-60 (H. Nov. 

19; 30) 10s. 6d. 

Yates (R.) History of the Abbey of St. Edmund's Bury, 2nd Edn., pits., L. P., 
4to., boards, 1843 (H. Nov. 6 ; 863) lis. 

Year Book or Juridical Annals. De Temino Hilarii, Pasche, Trinitatis, et Michael- 
is, temp. Edward III., ft. I., Pynson's device on last leaf, and on fly-leaf at end. 
fo., half vellum. R. Pynson [circa 1517] (H. Nov. 26 ; 102) 

Sweet, £2 2s. 

Yellow Book (The) ills, by Beardsley, etc., Complete Set, 13 v., 1894-7 (H. Nov. 
11 ; 14) G. H. Brown, £\ Ms. 

Yorke (Philip) Royal Tribes of Wales, 12 ports., half calf, 4to., 1799 (P. Oct. 8 ; 
197) Edwards, £1 Is. 

Yorkshire. A Series of Six Coloured Views of Bolton Priory and The Wharf, 
engraved by R. and D. Havell after T. C. Hofland, with margins, fo. Harrow- 
gate, 1811 (H. Nov. 11 ; 284) Private, £1 13s. 

Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Association's Publications : Record 

Series, vols. 1, 4, 6, 1 1, 12, and 14 to 35, 37 vols., 1885-1905 (H. Nov. 27 ; 

288) £5 

Yorkshire Parish Register Society Publications, from commencement in 1899 to 

1907, 30 vol., 1899-1907 (S. Oct. 29 ; 351) . Hitchman, £3 lis. 

Young (A.) Travels in France, maps, 2 vols, in 1, calf, 4to., 1792 (H. Dec. 18 ; 

924) 17s. 

Another Edn., 2 vol., 2nd Edn., cold, maps, half mor., 4to., 1794 (S. Nov. 

10 ; 171) Quaritch, £1 19s. 

Yriarte (Charles) Des Borgias : Cesar Borgia, sa Captivate, etc., 2 vol., papier velin, 
pits, in 2 states, calf gilt, g. e. Paris, 1889 (S. Oct. 28 ; 16) 

Rimell, £1 16s. 

Florence, its History, the Medici, etc., trans, by C. B. Pitman, pits., 4to., 

1882 (S. Nov. 3 ; 207) Bull, 9s. 

[Zanetti (A. M. ) ] Varie Pitture a Fresco de Principali Maestri Veneziani, ora la 
prima volta con le stampe publicate, L. P., 24 pits., boards, fo. Venezia, 1760 
(S. Oct. 30 ; 950) Sotheran, 10s. 

Zarate (A. de ) Conqueste van Indien. De wonderlijcke ende warachtighe Historie 
vant Coninckrijck van Peru gheleghen in Indien, ft. I., sm. 4to. (A-Rr in 
fours, last blank), vellum, slightly wormed. Amst., 1596 (H. Nov. 5 ; 426) 

C. Burrage, £1 15s. 

Zichy (Eugen) Dritte Asiatische Forschungsreise des Grafen Eugen Zichy — Fish- 
erei von Janko, Zoologische Ergebnisse von Horvath, Archaeologische Studien 
von Posta, &c, pits., 6 v., hf. mor., t. e. g. Budapest, Leipzig 1900-5 (H. 
Nov: 4 ; 80) Quaritch, £4 8s. 



Abbot (Geo.) Brief e Description of whole World, front., calf, 1636 (S. Jan. 15 ; 
877) Bull, 8s. 

(John) Jesus Praefigured, or a Poeme of the Holy Name of Jesus in five 

Bookes, the first and second Booke (all pubd.), title mounted a few leaves 
stained, otherwise good copy, with leaf at end, " faults escaped in the print- 
ing," calf, sm. 4to. (Antwerp), 1623 (S. Mar. 19 ; 300) Power, £8 10s. 

* A work of the greatest rarity, of which no example has (as far as we can 
trace ) occurred for sale at auction for forty years, the last being the Corser copy 
Not in the Huth Library. It contains a dedication, dated 12th November, 
1623, to Dona Maria de Austria, " Princessa de Gales " ! " John Abbot ... is 
the author of a very scarce poetical work entitled Jesus Praefigured . . . 1623, 
4to. (the first and second bookes). It is believed that no further portion of 
this almost unique poem was printed." — D.N.B. 

Abbott (H. ) Antiquities of Rome, 24 cold, views, fo., 1810 (H. Jan. 5 ; 316) 19s. 

A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic History of England, 1st Edn., cold. pits, by Leech, 2 vols. 

half calf, m. e., 1847-8 (H. Mar. 12 ; 480) J. Bumpus, £\ 18s. 

The same, 2 vols., half calf, 1847-8 (P. Feb. 11 ; 76) Maggs, £2 10s. 

Ackermann (R. ) Microcosm of London, 3 vol., cold, pits., half mor., 4to., 1808 

(S.Jan. 21 ; 565) Parsotis, £11 10s 

History of the University of Oxford, cold. pits, including portraits of the 

Founders, 2 vols., half russia, title of vol. 2 frayed, fo., n d. (P. Mar. 12 ; 
591) Hornstein, £11 5s. 

Sketches of Russia, cold, pits., uncut, n. d. (S. Jan. 15 ; 878) 

Bumpus, 9s. 

History of Westminster Abbey, 2 vol., port, and cold, pits., old mor. (broken) 

g. e., wormed, 4to , 1812 (S. Mar. 3 ; 649) Jackson, £1 

The same, 2 vols., 4to., russ., 1812 (P. Feb. 12 ; 521) Spencer, £2 15s. 

The same, 2 vol., mor , gilt, 4to., 1812 (S. Jan. 21 ; 372) Walford, £3 13s. 

Acosta (C. ) Trattato della Historia, Natura et Virtu delle Droghe Medicinali . . . 

dalle Indie Orientali, woodcuts, stained, but large copy, veil, (loose), 4 to , 
Venet., 1585 (S. Mar. 18 ; 63) Itnbert, 5s. 

Acrelius (J.) Beskrifning om de Swenska Forsamlingars Forna och Niirwarande 
Tilstand, uti det sa kallade Nya Swerige, half bnd., 4 to., Stockholm, 1759 
(S. Mar. 17 ; 402) ,-s, £7 

* Original edition of this important work on the old Swedish Colony in Pen- 

History of New Sweden, trans, by W. M. Reynolds, map, half mor , uncut, 

Phil. 1874 (S. Mar. 17 ; 342) Nifhoff, 12s. 

Actius (T. ) De Ludo Scacchorum in Legali Methodo Tractatus, Dime priinum in 
lucem editus, veil., sm. 4to., Pesauri, 1583 (S. Feb. 1 ; 128) Dobell, 17s. 

Acts. Acte concernyng the Kynges Highnes (Henry VIII.) to be supreme hed 

of the Churche of Englande, &c. ; b t, clean copy, unbound, 4to., (1535) (S. 

Jan. 15 ; 918) Barnard, 9s 

Actis and Constitutionis of the Realme of Scotland maid in I'arliamentis 

haldin be James the First, Second, Third, Feird, Fyfth, and in tynu- of Marie 
now Quene of Scottis, b. I , old calf (last leaf in facsimile), fo., Kdinh , 15H6 
(H. Jan. 6 ; 585) Oppciiheim, £3 I.S-. 

Acts, temp. Henry the Eight, anno XXIII., 28 pp , b. I , half mor , fo , 1540 

(H. Jan. 6 ; 586) ' Reader, £1 Ks. 

Adam (R. and J.) Works in Architecture, pits., fo., 1900 (P. Feb. 12 ; 558) 

Times, £\ 18* 

The same, 3 vols , atlas fo., in portfolio, fo., 1900-2 (H. Jan. 28 ; 31 1 ) £3 

Another Edn., 3 vol., pits., in portfolio, fo., 1907 (S. Mar 8 ; 4«3) 

Thomas, £1 18s. 


Adam (Victor) Caprices de Chasse et de Peche, 6 pits , wrappers, 4t<> . I'aris, s. a. 
(S. Feb. 19 ; 383) Maggs, £1 Is. 

Adam, Jeune. La Kaleidoscope Echiqueen ; Traite Complet de la Marche du 
Cavalier sur les Echiquiers, facsimile of MS with numerous coloured diagrams 
2 vol , Rouen, 1867 (S. Feb. 1 ; 77) Gaspard, £\3 5s. 

Adams. French Ports and Marine costumes, 19 cold. pits, (no title), ob. mor., 
4to. (1820) (P. Jan. 8 ; 551 ) Parsons, £\ 14s. 

Addison (C. G. ) Damascus and Palmyra, 10 cold. pits, bv Thackeray, 2 vol (bind- 
ing loose), 1835 (S. Mar. 18 ; 27) Lewiv, £\ 

Another Edn , cold. pits, by W. M. Thackeray, 2 vols , 1838 (P. Mar. 1 1 ; 

87) Edwards, £1 Is. 

The same, 2 vol., 1838 (S. Jan. 20 ; 17) Sotheran, £2 4>. 

(J.) The Campaign, a Poem, 1st Edn, fo., 1705 (S. Mar 16 ; 303) 

Pyne, £\ lis. 

Works. Proof port, and pits, Baskerville's Edition, 4 vols., 4to., calf, 

Birmingham, 1761 (P. Mar. 11 ; 232) Brown, £2 10s. 

Adolphus Archiep. Mogunt. Copia indulgentiarum de institutione festi pre- 
sentations beate marie, J. g. 18 11. (should be 20), (Hain *89), 4to (Basle, M. 
Flach, ca. 1474-5) (S. Jan. 21 ; 381 ) Quaritch, £2 12s. 

Adventure of Hunch-back, ills, by Smirke, L. P., India proofs, half mor., g. e., f o , 
1814 (P. Jan. 8 ; 595) Andrews, 6s. 

Advice to Sportsmen. Rural or Metropolitan, Selected from the Notes of Mar- 
maduke Markwell, 16 cold, etchings by Rowlandson (one cut), w. a. f. , 1809 
(P. Jan. 8 ; 388) Hornstein, £2 

Aegineta (P.) Praecepta salubria, Guil. Copo Basiliensi interprete, calf, 4to. 
Paris, 1512 (S. Mar. 18 ; 138) Ellis, £1 8s. 

-Emylius (P.) De Rebus Gestis Francorum ad Regum Franciscum I., lib. X ; addi- 
tum est De Regibus item Francorum Chronicon ad haec usque tempora, etc.,. 
L. P., sides of an original Grolier binding, cracked, repaired, tooled in elabo- 
rate lines, new end papers, title of book, Grolier' s name and motto on sides ; 
in slip case (a note on some bindings pasted on a fly-leaf reads like a note of 
Roger Payne's), it has an inscription on title " N. Cocqulin Ecclesiae et Uni 
versitatis Cancellarius, 1679" fo., Paris, 1539 (S. Mar. 19 ; 264 ) Leighton, £20 

.Esop. Fables, with Life, 2 vol., 1 12 pits., calf (broken ), imp. 8vo , 1 793 (S. Jan. 
13 ; 183) Rimell, £3 10s. 

The same, 2 vol., half calf, name on titles, 1793 (S. Mar. 2 ; 264) 

Edwards, £3 1 4 s. 

The same, 2 vol., calf, imp. 8vo., 1793 (S. Feb. 18 ; 517) Spencer, £-1 

Africa Vues d'Afrique Meridionale, 4 large cold, pits., with descriptions, ob. fo., 

n. d. (c. 1810) (S. Mar. 17 ; 621) Edwards, £8 5s. 

The same, 4 cold. pits, to Alberti's History of the Kaffirs, comprising View 

of a Kaffir Habitation, Kaffirs on route, Conference held by General Jaussens, 
and View of Fort Frederick (16 in. by 1H in.), with 1 leaf of text, ob. fo , 
wrapper (H. Jan. 19 ; 290) Quaritch, £\0 10s. 

A^grippa (Camillo) Trattato di Scientia d'Arme, 1st Edn., port, and engs , red 
mor. ex., g. e., 4to , Roma, 1553 (S. Feb. 19 ; 626) Ellis, £3 12s. 

Agrippa (H. C.) De Incertitudine & Vanitate Scientiarum, ruled throughout, orig. 
Italian calf, inlaid with scrolls, gilt lines, g. e., back slightly damaged, but^ 
sides in good condition, s. a. 1. et n. (S. Feb. 15 ; 2) Leighton, £6 15>. 

Three Books of Occult Philosophy, trans, by J. F(reake), port, and woodcuts, 

red mor. ex., g. e , fine copy, 4to., 1651 (S. Feb. 18 ; 297) Tregaskis, £4 

Agnew (D. C. A.) Protestant Exiles from France. 2 vol., fronts , fo , P. P., 188K 
(S. Jan. 20 ; 241) Maggs, £2 5s. 

Ainsworth (W. H.) Guv Fawkes, etchings by G. Cruikshank, 1st Edn , 3 vols, in 2, 
half calf, 1841 (P. Jan. 8 ; 407) Maggs, £2 

Jack Sheppard. port, and etchings by G. Cruikshank, 1st Edn , 3 vols , 1839 

(P. Mar. 12 ; 507) Leighton, £4 5s. 

Old St. Paul's. 1st Octavo Edn., pits, bv Franklin and Phiz, (back torn), 

1847 (H.Feb. 10 ; 373) Hornstein, £1 4s. 

Tower of London. 1st Edn., etchings bv G. Cruikshank, loose in cover, 184(> 

(S. Jan. 14 ; 557) Hornstein, £1 2s. 

The same, etchings, orig. parts with wrappers; 1840 (P. Feb. 11 ; 148) 

Spencer, £6 

1908-9 i 47 

Ainsworth (W. H. ) Windsor Castle, pits, by G. Crmkshank and Johannot, half 

m or, 1844 (H. Feb. 18 ; 78) lis. 
Historical Novels and Romances, ills, by Phiz, etc.,20 vols., fcap., 1902 (H. 

Jan. 19 ; 88) £1 3s 

Airy (O.) Charles II , ills., 4to., 1901 (H. Mar. 2 ; 306) 18s. 

Akerman (J. Y.) Catalogue of Roman Coins, L. P., 2 vols., pits., spotted, 1834 

(S. Jan. 21 ; 299) Bull, 6s. 

Albin (E.) Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, avec des Notes par W. Derham, 3 vol., 

cold, pits., old red mor., ex., g. e., 4to., La Haye, 1750 (S, Jan. 20 ; 34) 

Warren, £1 8s. 
Alciati (A. ) Kmblemata, woodcuts, defective, mor., g. e., Lugduni, 1548 (S Mar. 

3 ; 739) Bloomfield, lis. 
Los Emblemas, traducidos en rhimas Espanolas, engd. title, woodcuts, calf, 

slightly defective, Lyon, 1549 (S. Jan. 13 ; 140) Feather stone, 6s. 
Emblemata, cum commentariis, editae per C. Minoem, woodcuts, mor ex., 

g. e. by Lortic, with arms of Baron James Rothschild, Paris, 1602 (S. Feb. 

18;25'9) Sotheran, £1 10s. 

Emblemata, cum C. Minois I. C. commentariis, woodcuts, old calf, ex. off. 

Plantiniana, 1608 (S. Feb. 18 ; 260) Bloomfield, 6s. 

Ale man (M. ) The Rogue : or Life of Guzman de Alfarache (trans, by J. Mabbe), 
old calf, damaged, fo., 1622 (S. Mar. 2 ; 200) Tregaskis, £\ 8s. 

Another Edn. [by J. Mabbe], veil., fo., Oxford, 1630 (H. Feb. 10 ; 589) 

Cohen, £\ 2s. 
Alexander (W.) Dress and Manners of the Chinese, 50 cold, pits., russ., 1814 (H. 

Jan. 6 ; 425) 7s. 6d. 

Alfonso XI. Chronica del muy esclarescido Principe e Rey don Alfonso el Onzeno, 

engd. title, mor. gilt, fo., Valladolid, 1551 (S Feb. 2 ; 339) Bacon, £2 

Alison (Sir A. ) History of Europe, with Index, Lib. Edn. 9 v., 1851 (H. Jan. 28 ; 

39) 7s. 

Aiken (H.) Characteristic Sketches of Shooting, 12 cold. pits. (1826)— Leech (J.) 

Follies of the Year, 21 cold, pits., n. d., ob. 4to., 2 vol. (S. Jan. 21 ; 356) 

Hornstein, £4 6s. 

National Sports of Gt. Britain, 50 cold, pits , half mor., t. e. g., fo., 1903 (C. 

Mar. 31 ; 100) Sands, £1 12s. 

Picturesque Views in North Wales, 6 pits., wrappers, 4to., 1801 (P. Mar. 

12 ; 539) Ramler, 7s. 

Qualified Horses and Unqualified Riders, engd. title and 7 cold, pits., with 

plate by Bunbury inserted, in portfolio, ob. fo., 1815 (S. Jan. 21 ; 402) 

Howell, £2 14s 

Sketch Book, 43 pits., orig. issue, half mor., 4to., 1821 (P. Feb. 11 ; 257) 

Pickering, £2 2s. 

Sporting Scrap-Book, orig. boards (broken), w. a. f., 4to. (1830) (P. 

Feb. 11 ; 235) Hornstein, 12s. 

A Steeple Chase, 6 cold, etchings, on mounts, no lower margins (1821 ) (P. 

Jan. 8 ; 581) Bick, £1 

Studies of the Horse and other Animals, engd. title and 24 pits , ob. 4to., 

cloth, fine copy, 4to , 1831 (P. Mar. 12 ; 565) Hornstein, £3 

* A very rare item ; must not be confused with another work on the Horse 
by Aiken. 

A Touch at the Fine Arts, 12 cold, pits., original half binding, with label, 

4to, 1824 (S.Jan. 21 ;374) Shepherd, £3 3s. 

Trip to Melton Mowbray, 14 long narrow cold, engs., mounted in a volume 

(wants title, slightly damaged), mor. ex., g. e. by Zaehnsdorf, w. a. f., fo., 
n. d. (S. Feb. 19 ; 653) Hornstein, £2 6s. 

Allen (T ) History of York, 3 vol., pits., half mor., 4to., 1828-31 (S. Feb. 19 ; 

384) Bull. 8s. 

Allerneusste Entdeckung der verborgensten geheimnisse der hohen stuff en der 

Freemdurerei, oder de wahre Rosencreutzer, front, and plate, parchment, 

Jerusalem, 1768 (S. Jan. 14 ; 436) Isaacs, £1 Is. 

Alley (Win.) The poore man's Librarie, 6. I., titles mounted, 2 vols, in 1, okJ 

stamped calf, w. a. f , 4to., 1571 (P. Jan. 8 ; 545) Reader, 6s 

Allibone (S. A.) Dictionary of English Literature, with Supplement, 5 vols , imp 

Svo., half russ., 1900 (H. Mar. 11 ; 123) Myers, £3 2s 


Allut (P.) Les Routiers au XIV Siecle, etc , half mor , t. e g. 4 Lyon, 1859 (8. 

Mar 18 ; 10) Wr*n t L2s. 

Almack (Edw.) Bibliography of the King's Book or Eikon Basilike, L. P., pit*., 

4to., 1896 (S. Mar. 18 ; 128) Hull, £1 6s. 

Almanach dedie aux Dames, pits., satin binding, with design <>n each cover in 

colours, g. e., within slip case, clean condition, 1812 (H. Jan. 20 ; 421 ) 

Sothcran, £2 
Almanach du Chasseur, ou calendrier perpetuel, engd. title, and musical " Fan 

fares de Chasse," calf gilt, Paris, 1773 (S. Mar. 18 ; 115) Tregaskis, 10s. 
Altar Service Book, ed. by Vernon Staley, woodcuts, Handmade Paper, 1903 (H. 

Mar. 2 ; 213) £\ 

Amadis de Gaula, Los Quatro libros de, woodcuts, calf, g. e., fo., Venecia, 1533 

(S. Jan. 13 ; 259) Leighton, £1 15s. 

Los quatro Libros del invencible Cavallero Amadis de Gaula, wormed and 

shaved, old veil., 1551 (S. Feb. 2 ; 183) Tregaskis, 9s. 

Discours des XIIII. Livres d' Amadis de Gaule, veil., g. e. with Sir Keuelm 

Digby's motto and initials on title, Paris. 1573-4 (H. Jan. 20 ; 411 ) 16s. 

Le Neufiesme Livre d' Amadis de Gaule, rendu meilleur Francoys par C. 

Colet Champenois, woodcuts (title mended), half bound, Paris, 1577 (S. 
Mar. 3 ; 357) Leighton, 9s. 

America. Constitution of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of 
America, sheep, stained, Philadelphia, 1792 (S. Feb. 19; 547) Barnard, 9s. 

Beknopte en Zakelyke Beschryving der Engelsche Volkplantingen in Noord- 

America, 2 vols., sewed, Amst., 1776 (H. Jan 20 ; 418) 7s. 

Amman (Jost) Cleri totius Romanae Ecclesiae, etc , woodcuts, a few roughly 
coloured, calf, 4to., Francof., 1585 (S. Mar. 18 ; 136) Ellis, 19s 

Gynaeceum, sive Theatrum Mulierum, woodcuts (soiled, stained, binding 

broken), sm. 4to , old calf, Francof., 1586 (H. Jan. 29 ; 474) 

Barnard, £2 12s. 
Ammianus Marcellinus. Historiarum lib. XVIII emendati ab H. Valesio ; omnia 

nunc recognita ab Jac. Gronovio (Editio Optima), pits., veil., fo., Lugd Bat. 

1693 (S. Feb. 18 ; 325) Andrews, is. 

Amsinck (P.) Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood, pits., half calf, 4to., 1810 

(S. Mar. 3 ; 642) Phillips, 10s. 

Analecta Scotica, ed. by J. Maidment, 2 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 1834-37 (S. Mar. 

3 ; 494) Hopkins, £1 

[Anburey (T.)] Travels through the Interior Parts of America, 2 vol., pits., calf, 

1789 (S. Mar. 2 ; 49) Lange, £\ 19s. 

Ancestor (The) A Quarterly Review, 12 vol., pits., imp. 8vo., 1902-5 (S. Jan. 

20 ; 218) Reid, £1 Us. 

Anderson (Jas ) Royal Genealogies, 2nd Edn., calf, fo., 1736 (S. Feb. 15 ; 24) 

Quaritch, 15s. 
Selectus Diplomatum & Numismatum Scotiae Thesaurus, edidit T. Ruddiraan 

pits., calf, fo., Edinb., 1739 (S. Feb. 15 ; 23) Thin, £1 Is 

(J ) New Book of Constitutions of Free and Accepted Masons, 1st Edn., 

folding front, (repaired), calf, 4to., 5738 (1738) (S. Jan. 14 ; 398) 

Lafontaine, £4 4s. 

— History and Constitutions of Free and Accepted Masons, front., calf, title 

repaired, 4to , 5746 (1746) (S. Jan. 14 ; 400) Bradford, £2 18s. 

Another Edn., revised, by J. Entick. front.. 4to., 5756-1756 (S. Jan. 14 ; 

417) Shepherd, £2 5s. 

, Another Edn. ; front., old calf, 4to., 5767-1767 (S. Jan. 14 ; 418) 

Simpson, £2 12s. 

— — The same, front., old red mor., g. e., spotted, 4to.., 5767-1767 (S Jan. 14 ; 

401 ) Shepherd, £2 2s. 

. Constitutions, another edition, revised by J. Nouthouck, old red mor., g. e., 

4to., 1784 (S. Jan. 14 ; 402) Shepherd, £1 19s. 

The same, front., old calf (leaves repaired), 4to., 1784 (S. Jan. 14 ; 419) 

Shepherd, £1 lis. 

The same, with the Masonic Muse (plate wanting), calf, 4to., 1784 (H. 

. Jan. 29 ; 574) Andrews, £1 3s. 

Angas (G F ) South Australia Illustrated, cold, front, and 60 cold, pits., fo.,half 

bnd. (broken), fo., 1847 (H. Feb. 19 ; 673) G. H. Brown, £6 17s. 6d. 

1908-9 149 

Angelo. L'Ecole des Amies, 47 large pits., 1st Edn., half mor. ex., uncut, fo., 1763 
(C. Mar. 31 ; 126) Grant, £2 15s. 

Treatise of Fencing, pits., including Rowlandson's Broadsword Exercise, 

ob. fo., w. a. f., 1817 (P. Jan. 7 ; 289) Spencer, 18s. 

Angerstein (J. J.) Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures, by John Young, pit 

L. P., 4to., half mor., 1823 (H. Jan. 20 ; 562) ' 6s. 

Anglo-Indian Codes, ed. by Whitley Stokes, 2 vols., half roan, Oxford 1887-8, 

(H. Jan. 28 ; 224) 16s. 

Angus (W. ) Seats of the Nobility and Gentry, 63 views, slightly spotted, mor., 

g. e., 4to., 1787 (S. Jan. 14 ; 565) Ridler, 7s. 

Annales de Musee et de l'Ecole Moderne des Beaux Arts, par Landon, 33 vol., 

engs., boards, Paris, 1800-17 (S. Mar. 3 ; 540) Bloomfield, £1 14s. 

* This set includes the " Paysages " and Supplements or " Salons " to the 
year 1817. 

Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, 1616, with Translation 
by J. O'Donovan (with Index), 5 vol., 4to., Dublin, 1848-51 (S. Jan. 20 ; 
42) Cotton, £10 

Annual Anthology (with Contributions by Coleridge, Lamb, Lloyd, etc.), 2 vol., 
calf, Bristol, 1799-1800 (S. Feb. 18 ; 220) B. F. Stevens, £1 

Anstey (C.) New Bath Guide, 1st Edn., half bnd., 4to., 1766 (S. Jan. 14 ; 580) 

Ridler, 3s. 

The same, calf ex., by Riviere, 4to., 1766 (S. Mar 16 ; 187) Moore, 10s. 

Anstis (J.) Observations on the Knighthood of the Bath, sm. 4to., old calf, with 

A.L.S. from T. Hearne, the Antiquary, to Anstis, 1 page, 4to., 1725 (H. Jan. 
20; 412) 16s. 

Anthologia Graeca. Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum veterum, magno 
epigrammatum numero et duobus indicibus auctum (cura H. Stephani), pig- 
skin, with arms of Charles V., fo., Paris, 1566 (S. Jan. 13 ; 249) 

Reade, £1 10s. 

Anthologia Hibernica, 4 vol., pits., calf, Dublin, 1793-4 (S. Mar. 2 ; 36) 

Massey, 10s. 

Antiquarian Repertory, L. P., 4 vol., pits., etc., half calf, uncut, 4to., 1807 (S. 
Feb. 2 ; 44) James, £1 5s. 

The same, 4 vol., Best Edn., views, etc., calf, 4to , 1807-9 (S. Jan. 20 ; 

44) Sotheran, £2 6s. 

Apianus (P.) Cosmographicus Liber, woodcut maps, including America, diagrams 
and movable volvelles, wormed, veil., sm. 4to. Antwerp, J. Grapheus, 1533 
(S. Mar. 19 ; 299) Sprigg, £10 10s. 

* Apparently the third edition and augmented from the two previous ones. 
There were three editions of 1533, of which this is by far the rarest. Unknown 
to Sabin 

Apollonii Pergaei Conicorum libri VIII., front, and diagrams, fo., calf, Oxonii, 1710 
(H. Jan. 6 ; 444) 17s. 

Apollo's Cabinet : or, The Muses' Delight, English and Italian Songs, etc., 2 vol., 
front., 1757 (S. Jan. 15 ; 881) Dobell, 12s. 

[Apperley (C. J.)] Life of John Mytton, 12 cold, etchings by H. Aiken, 1st Edn., 
calf ex., 1835 (P. Jan. 8 ; 387) Bumpus, £10 15s. 

Another Edn., cold. pits, bv Aiken and Rawlins, half calf, 1837 (P. Mar. 

11 ; 205) Reader, £5 7s. 6d. 

The same (a few plates cut into, and p. 207 with Printer's imprint wanting), 

half mor., g. e., 1837 (H. Mar. 12 ; 537) • Bumpus, £2 14s. 

Another Edn., third edn., cold. ills, by H. Aiken and T. J. Rawlins, fine copy 

1851 (S. Mar. 16 ; 75) Young, £8 

Life of a Sportsman, 1st Edn., 36 cold ills, by H. Aiken, 3, as usual, mounted, 

cloth, g.;e.,1842 (S. Jan. 20 ; 77) Maggs, £13 15s. 

Sporting : engs. (some spotted), calf gilt, m. e., fo., 1838 (S. Jan. 20 ; 277) 

Howell, 17s. 

Apuleius. The Golden Ass, trans, by Adlington, fo., Chiswick Library 1904 (H. 

Jan. 19 ; 194) £1 5s. 

Arabian Nights, pits, by Smirke, 5 vols., calf (broken), 1810 (P. Feb. 11 ; 26) 

Brown, 19s. 

engs. after Westall, 4 vols., calf gilt, m. e., 1825 (H. Mar. 11 ; 456) 

. . . Barnard, £1 5s. 


Arabian Nights. Book of the Thousand Nights and One Night, in English, by 
John Payne, 9 vol., parchment, edges dust stained, 1882-4 (S. Mar. 18 ; 
5) Hackfivrd, £6 5s. 

The same, 9 v., 1883 (P. Mar. 11 ; 181) Shepherd, £7 

Burton (Sir R. P.) Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, with Supple- 
ment, 16 vols., 1885-8 (H. Jan. 19 ; 265) Quaritch, £22 

Supplemental Nights to the Book of the Thousand Nights and a Night, with 

Notes by Burton, 6 vol., 1886 (S. Mar. 3 ; 757) Quaritch, £5 

Arabian Nights Entertainments, trans, by Sir R. F. Burton, Lib. Edn., ed. by 

L. C. Smitbers, 12 vols, 1893 (H. Mar. 2 ; 248) Hill, £3 

Another Edn., by Sir R. F. Burton, ed. by L. C. Smithers, 70 ills, by A. 

Letchford, 12 vol. in 6, half mor. ex., t. e. g., 1894 (C. Mar. 31 ; 142) 

Joseph, £2 17s. 

Another Edn., by Burton and L. C. Smithers, Illustrated Library Edition, 

on thick paper, 12 vols., half mor., t. e. g., in morocco case, with lock and 
duplicate keys, 1897 (H. Feb. 9 ; 220) G. H. Brown, £5 12s. 6d. 

. Another Edn., by Burton, with Supplemental Nights, Facsimile Reproduc- 
tion of the Original Benares Edition, 16 vol., ills, by S. L. Wood, Burton 
Club, 1900 (S. Feb. 2 ; 43) Edwards, £8 10s. 

- Another Edn., by Burton, 10 vols., with Supplemental Nights, 7 vols., ills. 

by Letcbiord, 17 vols., half calf, t. e. g., Burton Club, n. d. (H. Mar. 11 ; 
222 ) G. H. Brown, £\2 

Arabian Nights Entertainments, trans, by E. W. Lane, 3 vol., woodcuts, 

1839-41 (S. Mar. 18 ; 98) Edwards, £\ 12s. 

Another Edn., by Lane, 3 vol., ills., 1865 (S. Feb. 2 ; 7) Dobell, 18s. 

Another Edn.. by Lane, etchings by Lalauze, 3 vols., half mor., t. e. g., 1883 

(H. Jan. 28 ; 186) Simmonds, £\ 6s. 

Arber (E.) English Reprints, L. P., in 10 vol., half calf, t. e. g., 4to., 1869, etc. 
(S. Jan. 14 ; 586) Mci^s, £3 5s. 

Archsologia Cantiana, pits., first 18 vols., 1858-89 (H. Jan. 28 ; 41) 

Walford, £5 2s. 6(1. 

The same, vol. I. -XX VII., including the Index, 1858-1905, Testamenta 

Cantiana, 1907, 28 vol., 1858-1907 (S. Feb. 19 ; 529) Sotheran, £1 15s. 

Archer (J. W.) Vestiges of Old London, etchings, fo., half mor., 1851 (H. Jan , 

29 ; 576) 15s. 

Arconii Paediani in Orationes M. Tulli Ciceronis, engd. title by Urse Graf, calf, 

by Riviere, fo., Paris, 1520 (S. Feb. 2 ; 343) Maggs, £2 4s. 

Arlotto Mainardi (P.) Facetie : Piacevoleze : Fabule : e Motti, g. I., woodcuts, calf, 

Venetia, 1531 (S. Mar. 3 ; 736) Scotti, 9s. 

Armstrong (Sir W. ) Gainsborough and his place in English Art, 1st Edn., 62 

photogravures, 4to., 1898 (C. Mar. 31 ; 132) Zaehnsdorf, £S 

Sir Henry Raeburn, with an Introduction by R. A. M. Stevenson, Edn. de 

Luxe, pits., with duplicate set on Japanese vellum and India paper, in 
separate portfolio, 1901, fo., 2 vol. (S. Jan. 20 ; 250) Hopkins, £3 10s. 

Turner, 103 ills., fo., 1902 (C. Mar. 31 ; 135) Zaehnsdorf, £1 10s. 

Arnobii Disputationum Ad versus Gentis, nunc primum in lucem editi, mor., g e. 

fo., Rome, 1542 (S. Feb. 2 ; 330) Barnard, 10s. 
* With autograph on title of Stephanus Baluzius. 

Arnold (M.) Cromwell, a Prize Poem, clean copy, wrapper, 1843 (H. Feb. 10 ; 

391) Magzs, £1 6s. 

Merope, 1st Edn., 1858 (S. Jan. 14 ; 519) Bruce, 4s. 

Works and Letters, with Bibliography by T. B. Smart, Edn. de Luxe, por- 
trait, 15 vols., 1903-4 (H. Feb. 9 ; 215) £5 

Arthour and Merlin, a Metrical Romance, from the Auchinleck MS., front., mor. 

ex., 4to., Edinb., 1838 (S. Feb. 2 ; 277) Lewis, £1 2s. 

Artist's Repository and Drawing Magazine, 5 vol , pits., calf, 1784-94 (S. Jan. 

21 ; 285) Parsons, 19s. 

The same, 5 vols, in 2, half calf, [1787] (H. Jan. 19 ; 21) 17s. 

Arts, Trades, and Cries of Paris, 60 cold, engs., half mor., 1818 (P. Mar. 12 ; 

445) Spencer, £1 Is. 

Ashmole (E.) Institution of the Order of the Garter, engs. by Hollar, fine copy. 

calf (rebacked), with arms of Venables, Barons of Kinderton, fo., 1672 (S. 

Jan. 14 ; 610) Ridler, (£1 12s. 

1908-9 I5i 

Asiatic Researches, 11 vol., port, and pits., half russ., 4to., 1799-1812 S. Feb. 
19 ; 386) Sotheran, £2 6s. 

Atkinson (G. P. ) Curry and Rice, 40 pits., 1st Edn., n. d. (S. Mar. 16 ; 87) 

Quaritch, £\ 8s. 

Atlantic Neptune (The) published for the Use of the Royal Navy of Gt. Britain, 
under the Direction of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty [The Sea 
Coast of Nova Scotia ; Coast and Harbours of the Gulf Rivers of S. Law- 
rence, etc.], 120 large coloured charts, views, etc., 2 vol., half bnd., elephant 
fo., 1780-81 (S. Feb. 15 ; 28) Quaritch, £116 

Atlas Maritimus ; or, Collection of Sea-Charts of the known Parts of the whole 
World, 61 folding charts, several with views of Cities, calf, fo. [1676] (H. 
Feb. 10 ; 616) H. Stevens, £7 15s. 

Aubrey (John) Wiltshire Topographical Collections, enlarged by J. E. Jackson, 
port, and pits., 4to. ( Devizes, 1862 (S. Mar. 18 ; 126) Milligan, 10s. 

Audsley and Bowes. Keramic Art of Japan, pits., 2 vols., mor., g. e., fo., 1875. 
(P. Mar. 11 ; 276) Maggs, £4 7s. 6d 

The same, 2 vol., mor. gilt, g. e., fo., 1875 (S. Feb. 18 ; 310) 

Edwards, £5 10s. 

Another Edn., cold, ills., imp. 8vo., 1881 (S. Feb. 18 ; 3) Parsons, 13s. 

Augustini (S. ) De Civitate Dei, fl. I. (Hain 2052), illuminated border on first leaf, 

several ornamental initial letters, smaller initials in red and blue, calf over 
oak boards, stamps (rebacked), with clasps, fo., Venetiis, G. P. de Tarvisio 
1475 (H. Mar. 3 ; 522) £5 2s. 6d. 

Opuscula plurima, fine copy, veil., 4to. Venet. P. de Pasqualibus de 

Bononia, 1491 (S. Feb. 2 ; 284) Bull, £1 19s. 

Opera, 10 vols, and Index (last leaf of vol. I torn), in 6 vols., old calf, fo., 

Paris, 1541-55 (H. Mar. 3 ; 585) 10s. 

Auldjo ( J. ) Ascent of Mont Blanc, L. P., pits., Mrs. Heman's copy with autograph, 
half bnd., 4to., 1828 (S. Jan. 15 ; 950) Barnard, 8s. 

Ausonius, Opera, cura Hier. Avancii, old boards, Venet. Aldus, 1517 (S. Jan. 
15 ; 1068) Grant, 6s. 

[Austen (Jane)] Emma, 1st Edn., 3 vols., half calf, 1816 (H. Mar. 3 ; 425) 

Bumpus, £1 16s. 

Mansfield Park, 1st Edn., 3 vols., (one page defective), half calf, 1814 

(H. Mar. 3 ;424) £1 Is. 

The same, 3 vols., boards, uncut, edges untrimmed (but rebound and labels 

reprinted), 1814 (H. Feb. 9 ; 195) Quaritch, £20 

Novels, Steventon Edn., fronts., 6 v., 1882 (H. Feb. 18 ; 130) 18s. 

Works, Winchester Edition, port., 10 vol., half mor. ex., t. e. g., Edin., 1906 

(C. Mar. 31 ; 101) Baker, £3 15s. 

Autographic Mirror (The) 4 vol., folio and 4to. (S. Feb. 18 ; 120) Maggs, 16s. 
Babington (J.) Pyrotechnia, a Discourse of Artificial Fire- Works, engd. title and 

ills. (3 leaves mended), old calf, fo., 1635 (H. Jan. 20 ; 590) 16s. 

Backus (Isaac) History of New England, 2 vols., calf, wormed and small defect), 

Boston and Providence, 1767-1784 (H. Feb. 10 ; 509) Bull, £\ 5s. 

Another Edn., 2 vol., calf, 1777 ; 1784 (S. Mar. 17 ; 333) Kingsley, £1 8s. 

Bacon (Sir F. ) Elements of the Common Lawes of England, 1st Edn., orig. calf, 

good copy, 4to., 1630 (S. Mar. 2 ; 169) Haslam, £2 4s. 

Another Edn., title shaved, sheep, 4to., 1636 (S. Mar. 2 ; 167) Newby, 9s. 

Essaies, fine tall copy, orig. sheepskin, 1612 (S. Mar. 18 ; 24) 

Douthwaite, £\1 

Another Edn., (sixth edn. ), first 4 11. of text transposed, original blank before 

the table, and 2 at end, orig. veil., with ties, 1613 (S. Mar. 19 ; 247) 

Pickering, £\2 

Another Edn., wanting A 1 (blank), title shaved, prepared for binding, 4to., 

1632 (S. Mar. 2 ; 192) Ridler, 12s. 

Sylva Sylvarum, published by W. Rawley, third edn., L. P., port, and 

front, by T. Cecill, orig. calf, (rebacked), fo., 1631 (S. Feb. 15 ; 30) 

Ridler, £2 6s. 

Another Edn., by W. Rawley, port, and engd. title by Cecill, half calf, fo., 

1658 (S. Feb. 2 ; 344) Graystone, £1 3s. 

Opera Omnia, port., veil., fo. Francof., 1665 (S. Feb. 18 J 324) 

Harding, 12s. 


Bacon (Sir F.) Works, ed. bv Basil Montagu, 16 vol. in 17, 1825-34 (S. Feb. 18 ; 
203) p, £3 158. 

Works, ed. by Ellis, Spedding, and Heath, port., 7 v., 1879 (H. Jan. 5 ; 138) 

Ridler, £2 4.-,. 

(Nath.) Annalls of Ipswche, ed. by W. H. Richardson, port., 4to., 1884 (H. 

Jan. 20; 473) 9s. 

Badminton Library. Racing and Steeple-Chasing, L. P., engs., half nior., t. e. jj., 
4to., 1886 (S. Jan. 15 ; 970) Hornstein, 8s. 

Bailey (T. ) Annals of Nottinghamshire, pits., 4 vols. (vol. 1 foxed), half calf, 1853 
(H. Jan. 19 ; 133) 5s. 6d. 

Baily's Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, vol. I. to XXXII., ports., half calf, 
m. e., 1860-78 (S. Jan. 20 ; 120) Thin, £1 12s. 

The same, pits., vols. 1 to 70, (vols. 67 to 70 in parts), 1860-98 (H. Feb 

18 ; 28 ) £2 

Baines (E.) History of Lancaster, 4 vol., pits., etc., half calf, 4to., 1836 (S. Feb. 
2 ; 46) Bull, 5s. 

Another Edn., ed. by J. Harland, 2 vol., map, 1868 (S. Mar. 2 ; 334) 

Barnard, 7s. 

The same, 4to., 2 v., 1868 (P. Mar. 11 ; 254) Watford, lis. 

Baker (W. S.) Bibliotheca Washingtoniana, port., 4to., Phil., 1889 (S. Mar. 16 ; 

205) Barnard, £1 2s. 

Engraved Portraits of Washington, 4to., ib. 1880 (S. Mar. 16 ; 204) 

De Vries, £2 2s. 

Medallic Portraits of Washington, half mor., 4to., ib., 1885 (S. Mar. 16 ; 

206) Leggatt, £\ 
Baldinucci (F.) Notizie de'professori del disegno da Cimabue (1260-1670) ; 21 

vol. in 7, port., calf, 4to., Firenze, 1767-74 (S. Mar. 16 ; 175) Fowler, 12s. 

Bale (Jo.) Illustrium Maioris Britanniae Scriptorum hoc est Angliae, Cambriae et 

Scotiae Summarium, etc., 1st Edn., 2 cuts, title defective, orig. calf, sm. 4to., 

Geppeswici, Jo. Overton, 1548 (S. Feb. 15 ; 32) Edwards, £\ 6s. 

Pageant of Popes, b. t, calf, 4to., 1574 (S. Mar. 16 ; 214) Bull. £1 4s. 

Balzac (H. de) CEuvres completes, " edition Definitive," 25 vol., half mor., t. e. g., 

Paris, 1875-99 (S. Jan. 21 ; 483) Hatchard, £\0 

Novels, completely translated, etchings, 22 vols., 1897-9 (H. Feb. 18 ; 

279) Brown, £5 

(J. L., Guez de) New Epistles, trans, by Sir R. Baker, front, by W. Marshall, 

cont. mor. gilt, tooled borders, g. e., Oxford, 1638-9 (S. Mar. 2 ; 105) 

Bloomfield, £\ 6«. 

Bancroft (E.) Essay on the Natural History of Guiana, fronts., boards, 1769 (H 

Mar. 3; 459) 3s 

(G. ) History of the United States of America, " The Author's Last Revi- 
sion " 6 vol., port., calf gilt, m.e., N.Y., 1886 (S. Jan. 21 ; 478) Shafto, £2 

Bannatvne Club. Liber S. Marie de Dryburgh, half russ., uncut, 4to., Edinb., 
184'7 (S. Feb. 15 ; 33) Hopkins, 17s. 

Barbour (John) Acts and Life of Robert Bruce, b. I., mor. ex. by Riviere, fine 
copy but title repaired, and three letters in facsimile, Edinb., 1670 (S. Mar. 
17 ; 393) Tregaskis, £3 9s. 

Barclay (A.) Ship of Fooles [the Latin Version and English Translation], with the 
' Mirrour of Good Maners,' and ' Eglogues ' at end, woodcuts, 6. I. (title in 
facsimile and 1 leaf torn), old calf, fo. [1570] (H. Mar. 3 ; 540) £5 10s. 

[Barham (R. H.)] Ingoldsby Legends, pits, by Leech, etc., 3 vols., 1848 (H. 
Jan. 28 ; 55) £1 

Another Edn., ills, by Leech, etc., 3 vols., cf., 1855 (P. Feb. 1 1 ; 59) 

Reader, 15s. 

Another Edn., cold. ills, by A. Rackham, 1907 (H. Jan. 19 ; 178) 12s. 

Baring-Gould (S.) Iceland : its Scenes and Sagas, ills., 1863 (P. Mar. 11 ; 208) 

Jones, £1 Is. 

The same, half calf, 1863 (H. Feb. 9 ; 56) 14s. 

[Barker (M. H. )] Greenwich Hospital, cold, etchings by G. Cruikshank, 1st Edn , 

half mor., 4to., 1826 (P. Mar. 12 ; 519) Haslam, £2 12s. 6d. 

Barlams (C ) Rerum per Octennium in Brasilia et alibi nuper gestarum sub Prse- 

fectura Com. J. Mauritii Nassoviae Historia, port., maps and double views 

(one repaired), fo., old calf, fo. Amst., 1647 (H. Jan. 20 ; 581 ) £4 

1908-9 153 

Barlandi (Hadriani) Dialogi, calf, Paris, C. Wechelus, 1530 (H. Mar. 3 ; 457 )> 

3s. 6d. 
Barletius (Mar ) De Vita et Rebus gestis Scanderbegi Epirotarum Principis (slight- 
ly defective), full-page woodcut port, before the text, veil., fo , Romae, s. a. 

(S. Mar. 17 ; 559) Richards, £3 

Barnes (Joshua) History of Edward III. and Edward the Black Prince, 2 ports., 

old calf, fo., Cambr., 1688 (S. Feb. 15 ; 34) B. F. Stevens, 8s. 

Barnstaple (O.) Maria Stuarta, Regina Scotiae, Dotaria Franciae, haeres Angliae 

et Hyberniae, Martyr Ecclesiae, Innocens a caede Darleana, sewed, Ingols., 

1588 (S. Mar. 16 ; 46) Barnard, 15s. 

Baron (Robert) The Cyprian Academy, port, by Marshall (cut and mounted), 

wants front., calf gilt, y. e., 1647 (S. Mar. 16 ; 169) Barnard, 6s. 

* A poetical romance formed on the plan of Sidney's Arcadia. 
Barrere and Leland. Dictionary of Slang, Jargon and Cant, 2 vols., 1897 (P^ 

Jan. 7 ; 109) Joseph, lis. 

Barrett (C. G.) Lepidoptera of the British Islands, 11 vols., cold, pits., 1893-1907 

(St. Mar. 10; 375) £22 

— ■ — The same, 11 vols., complete, vols I. -VII., half mor., rest in parts, 1893- 

1907 (St. Mar. 10 ; 337) £22 

Barrington (Sir J.) Historic Memoirs of Ireland, 2 vol., ports., 4to., 1835 (S. 

Feb. 19 ; 388) Bain, £1 18s. 

Barry (J. S.) History of Massachusetts, 3 vol., Boston, 1855-57 (S. Feb. 19 

536) H. Stevens, lis. 

Barthelemy (J. J.) Voyage du Jeune Anacharsis en Greece, 7 vols., mor. ex., 

g. e., and 4to atlas, Paris, 1824 (P. Mar. 11 ; 26) Maggs, 18s. 

Bartholomei de Usingen de Falsis Prophetis tarn in persona quam doctrina Vi- 

tandis a fidelibus, etc. contra f actionem Lutheranam, l.g., half bnd., sm. 4to., 

Erphurdiae, 1525 (S. Mar. 3 ; 380) Ellis, 14s. 

Bartoli (C.) Discorsi Historici Universali, old English calf, with arms of James I. 

(B. M. duplicate sold 1769), sm. 4to. Genova, 1582 (S. Feb. 15 ; 35) 

Leighton, £4 
Bartram (Wm.) Travels through N. and S. Carolina, etc., map and pits., stained, 

calf, 1792 (S. Mar. 2 ; 50) Leon, £1 Is. 

Bate (J.) Mysteries of Nature and Art. engd. title (torn), and woodcuts, old calf, 

4to., 1654 (S. Jan. 15 ; 955) Maggs, £1 

Bateman (Jas. ) Orchidaceae of Mexico and Guatemala, 40 cold, pits., half mor., 

t. e. g., elephant fo , 1837-43 (S. Mar. 17 ; 588) Manning, £\0 

Bates (H. W.) Naturalist on the River Amazons, 2 vol , ills., 1863 (S. Mar. 3 ; 

437) Sotheran, £1 Is. 

Bayle (P.) Dictionaire historique et critique, 16 vol., Best Edn., L. P , half mor. 

gilt, Paris, 1820 (S. Feb. 18 ; 168) Hunt, £3 3s. 

General History, Historical and Critical, with Life by Des Maizeaux, 10 vol., 

calf gilt, fo., 1734-41 (S. Feb. 19 ; 420) Crowe, 14s. 

Bavlev (J.) History of the Tower of London, 2 vol., pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to., 

"1821 (S. Mar. 3 ; 647) Power, 16s. 

Bean (W. J.) Boyal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 60 reproductions, 4to., 1908 (H. 

Feb. 11 ;890) 19s. 

Beardsley (Aubrey) Six Drawings illustrating M'm'selle de Maupin, in portfolio, 

fo., 1898 (P. Jan. 7 ; 280) Brown, lis. 

Beaumont (A.) Travels through the Maritime and the Lepontine Alps, cold, pits., 

(some soiled), 2 vols , half russ., fo.„ 1795-1800 (H. Jan. 5 ; 297) £1 8s. 
Beaumont and Fletcher. Fifty comedies and Tragedies, port, (cut and mounted, 

title backed), calf, fo., 1679 (S. Feb. 19 ; 421) Dobell, £5 15s. 

The same, port, (title repaired and first leaf defective), Home Tooke's Copy^ 

with MS. corrections, old calf, fo., 1679 (H. Mar. 3 ; 544) Aitken, £2 17s. 

Works, with Notes by Theobald, Seward and Sympson, 10 vol , 2 ports. 

calf, 1750 (S. Mar. 3 ; 555) Harding, £1 4s. 

Works, with Notes by Weber, portrait, 14 vols., calf, Edinb., 1812 (H. 

Feb. 19 ; 588) Edwards, £2 

Beauties of England and Wales, 26 vol., engs., calf, m. e., 1801-18 (S. Jan. 20 ; 
23) Joseph, £A 

The same, and Beauties of Ireland, together 19 vol. in 28, engs., half mor. 

gilt, m. e., fine copy, 1801-25 (S. Mar. 16 ; 79) Young, £4 


Beauvallet (P. N. ) et Ch. Normand. Fragmens d'Ornemens dans le style antique, 

2 vol., 100 pits., half calf, uncut, fo., Paris, 1820 (S Mar. 17 ; 607) 

Kncb, £2 5s. 
Beauvoir (Hiver de) La Libraire de Jean, Due de Berry, au Chateau de Mehun 

sur Yevre, 1416, papier de chine, mor. ex. joints, g. e. by Chatelin, 1860 (S. 

Mar. 18 ; 84) Leighton, 2s. 

Beck (T. A ) History of Furness Abbey, pits., mor., g. e., 4to., 1844 (S Feb. 19 ; 

389) Thumam, £2 6s. 

Becket. Life, or Ecclesiasticall Historie of S. Thomas Archbishope of Canterbury, 

mor. ex., Col. 1639 (S. Mar. 16 ; 51) Harding, £1 13s. 

Beckford (P ) Thoughts upon Hunting, 2nd Edn., front, and 2 pits., calf, 4to., 

1782 (S. Mar. 18 ; 133) Hatchard, £2 5s. 

Another Edn., proof front, by Bartolozzi (stained), sm. 4to., calf ex , 1784 

(P. Mar. 12 ; 518) Brown, £\ 5s. 

Another Edn., proof pits, by Scott, boards, 1810(P. Feb. 11 ; 125) 

Hornstein, £1 19s. 

Another Edn , front, and woodcuts, calf gilt, t. e. g. by Riviere, with arms, 

1820 (S. Mar, 18 ; 96) Wren, £2 6s. 

(Wm. ) Biographical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters, 1st Edn., mor., 

uncut, 1780 (S. Mar. 16 ; 134) Dobell, 9s. 

Behmen (J . ) Second Booke, concerning the Three Principles of the Divine Essence, 
old binding, 4to., 1648 (P. Feb. 11 ; 232) Shepherd, 17s. 

Works with Life, also Figures illustrating his Principles, left by the Rev. W. 

Law, port, and pits., 4 vols., calf, 4to , 1764-81 (H. Feb. 19 ; 646) 

Maggs, £9 5s. 

Belknap (J.) History of New Hampshire, 3 vol., folding map, orig. sheep, Boston, 
1792-91-92 (S. Mar. 17 ; 332) Hardy, £2 12s. 

Belleforest (F. de) LTnnocence de la trdsillu^tre, tres chaste, et debonnaire Prin- 
cesse Madame Marie Rovne d'Escosse (Fr. de Belleforest), mor., ge .1572 
(S. Mar. 16 ; 45) Kingslev £2 4s. 

Belvoir Hunt. Lays of the Belvoir Hunt, 1st Edn., Grantham, 1866 (H M. 
3; 380) 19s. 

Bemmelen, Bohnensieg et Burck. Repertorium Annuum Literaturae Botanicae 
Periodicae, 8 v., Harlem, 1875-86 (H. Jan. 20 ; 352) 9s. 

Benese (Sir Richard de) Boke of Measuryng of Lande, 1st Edn. (?), b.t, cuts, T. 
Colwell, n. d. (1502 ?) — Hyll (Thos. ) Treatise, teaching how to dresse, sowe 
and set a Garden, etc., b. I. (the rare second edition vainly sought for for the 
Amherst Bibliography of Gardening Books), Jhon Day, n. d. (1570?) — 
The Booke of Thrift, containing a Perfite Order and right Methode to pro- 
fite lands, and other things belonging to Husbandry, newly Englished and 
set out by J . B., b- 1, 1st Edn. (31 11. the last blank and wants a blank for A4 ). 
1589 — The Husbandlye Ordring and Governmente of Poultrie ; 1581 ; in 1 
vol., mor., (S. Mar. 24 ; 469) Quan tch, £49 

Berilowes (E.) Theophila, or Love's Sacrifice, pits., including the masked lady, 
spherical map, etc., old binding, fo., 1652 (S. Jan. 15 ; 998) Pope, £5 

* Copies vary considerably in the number of plates, this will therefore be 
sold w. a. f . 

Bentham (G.) Handbook to the British Flora, ills., 2 vols., 1865 (P. Jan. 8 ; 
349) Sotheran, 18s. 

(J.) History of Ely Cathedral, pits., russ., m. e., 4to., Cambridge, 1771 (H 

Mar. 12 ; 577) lis. 

Another Edn., with Supplement, port, and pits., 2 vols., russ., gilt., 4to., 1812 

(P. Feb. 12 ; 522) Harding, £1 Is. 

Bentley's Miscellany, vol. I. to XII., port, and etchings by G. Cruikshank, etc., 

half calf, 1837^42) (S. Feb. 19 ; 524) B. F. Stevens, £\ 10s. 

Benzoni (G.) Novae Novi Orbis Historiae, Latine overa Calvetonis, title repaired, 

calf gilt, g. e. (Genevae), 1578 (S. Mar. 17 ; 331) Kingsley, £\ 

Reraldi (H.) Estampes et Livres, pits., 4to , Paris, 1892 (S. Feb. 18 ; 199) 

Quaritch, £\ 14s. 
Beranger. Chansons, et Chansons nouvelles et dernieres, 4 vol., port., 1832-3 

(S. Jan. 13; 111) Barnard, 7s. 

(Euvres completes, 2 vol., port, and pits., half mor., 1847 (S. Mar. 3 ; 732) 

Bloomfield, £1 2s. 

1908-9 155 

Berenger (R. ) History of Horsemanship, pits., 2 vol., calf. y. e., 4to., 1771 (S. 
Feb. 15 ; 38) Tregaskis, 6s. 

Bergotnensis (J. P.) Novissime Hystoriarum omnium repercussiones . . . . que 
Supplementum supplementi Cronicarum nuncupantur : woodcuts, modern 
stamped pigskin, covered with fleur-de-lis, fine copy, fo. Venetiis, A. de 
Lissona, 1503 (S. Mar. 18 ; 161) Young, £4 18s. 

* This edition is remarkable for the fact that it is the first to contain the 
account of Columbus' voyage. 

Berkeley (G. F. ) Month in the Forests of France, 1st Edn., cold, front, and pits by 

Leech, unopened, 1857 (S. Mar. 3 ; 426) Nelson, 10s. 

The same, calf gilt, t. e. g., 1857 (S. Jan. 21 ; 316) Graystone, 15s. 

Reminiscences of a Huntsman, 1st Edn., cold, front, and pits, by J. Leech, 

publisher's stamp on title, calf gilt, t. e. g., 1854 (S. Jan. 21 ; 305) 

Graystone, 1 7s. 
Bernard (J. F.) Recueil de Voyages au Nord, 10 vol., maps and pits., calf, Amst., 

1725-38 (S. Feb. 19 ; 334) H. Stevens, £\ 6s. 

Berry (Miss) Journals and Correspondence of, ed. by Lady Theresa Lewis, 3 vol., 

1st Edn., ports., 1865 (S. Feb. 2 ; 92) Graystone, 15s. 

Another Edn., 3 vol., ports., 1866 (S. Feb. 2 ; 87) Edwards, 15s. 

Berthoumien and Schuisede Knecht, Genera der Ichneumoniden, 8 pits., 4to., 
half mor., 1904-8 (St. Mar. 10 ; 449) £1 10s. 

Bertius (P.) Tabularum Geographicarum contractarum libri quinque, engd. title 
(damaged) and maps, veil., Amst., 1606 (S. Mar. 2 ; 54) Tregaskis, 2s. 

Besson (J.) Theatre des Instrumens Mathematiques et Mechaniques, par F 
Beroald, pits., fo , Lyon, 1578 (H. Mar. 3 ; 560) £1 2s.' 

Betterton (T.) History of the English Stage, ports., calf, 1741 (P. Jan. 7 ; 162) 

Reader, 18s. 
Beven (T.) Negligence in Law, 2nd Edn., 2 vols., 1895 (H. Dec. 5 ; 78) 

Wild, £1 Is. 

Beverley (R.) History of Virginia, 2nd Edn., front, and pits., calf, 1722 (S. Feb. 

15 ; 40) Leon, £5 2s. 6d. 

Bewick (T.) Fables of /Ksop, 1st Edn , woodcuts, Imperial Paper, boards, uncut, 

1818 (H. Feb. 18 ; 235) Spencer, £2 10s. 

History of British Birds, 1st Edn., imp. 8vo., vol. I. (the sea eagle with 

" Wycliffe, 1791," the vignette on p. 285 before the alteration), half mor, 
m. e., imp. 8vo., 1797 (S. Mar. 3 ; 358) Neatby, £\ 12s. 

The same, 2 vol., 1st Edn , L. P., the one at page 285 in the first state, half 

russ , joints defective, y e., 1797-1804 (S. Feb. 18 ; 4) Maggs, £2 14s - . 

* It is said that this copy was purchased from Miss Bewick, who stated that 
the marginal MS. notes were made by an old friend of Thos. Bewick 

Another Edn., 2 vols., L. P., tree calf gilt, 1804-5 (H. Jan. 28 ; 64) 

Simmons &> Waters, £1 3s. 

Another Edn , L. P., 2 vols., calf, 1805 (P. Mar. 11 ; 66) Haslam, £2 5s. 

Another Edn., 2 vols., half calf gilt, 1832 (H. Mar. 3 ; 465) 17s. 

The same, 2 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1832 (S. Jan. 20 ; 92) Bull, 14s. 

— — Select Fables, with cuts, L. P., calf, m. e., 1820 (S. Jan. 20 ; 15) 

Howell, 16s. 

The same, L. P., 1820 (S. Mar 3 ; 359) Neatby, 18s. 

Collection of 213 wood engravings taken from the Original Blocks by T. 

Bewick and his pupils to illustrate the Chap Books issued by Davison and 
other printers during half a century, mor. (S. Mar. 16 ; 146) 

Barnard, £1 5s. 

* One of three copies only printed by Mr. Geo. Walker, who purchased the 
blocks from Davison. 

Memoir, by himself, engs., 1862 (P. Feb. 11 ; 128) Day, 18s. 

The same, 1862 (P. Mar. 12 ; 493) Day, 5s. 

Beza (T. ) Icones, id est Verae Imagines Virorum doctorum simul et pietate illus- 
trum, 1st Edn., 38 woodcut portraits and 44 cuts (some cartouches vacant), 
calf gilt, r. e., 4to., Genevae, 1580 (S. Mar. 19 ; 254) Dobell, £\ 8s. 

Bibiena (G. G.) Architetture e Prospettive, port, and 40 pits., fo., Augustae, 1740 
(H. Feb. 10 ; 607) Batsford, £1 10s. 


BIBLES. Arranged under languages, in chronological order, irrespective 

of versions. 
BIBLES— Dutch. 

Biblia dat is de gantsche heylighe Schrift groudelick ende trouvelick ver- 

duydtschet, old calf gilt, (Emden) W. Gailliaert, 1568 (S. Mar. 17 ; 591 > 

Manning, £\ 
* Known as the " Deux Aes " Bible, from a passage in the commentary on 
Nehemia (cap. Ill , v. 5), fo. 
BIBLES— English. 

Bible in Englishe [Cranmer's Version], b. I., woodcuts, rust-hole on title, 

marginal notes cut into, stamped calf, metal bosses, rebacked, joints broken, 
fo., R. Harrison, 1562 (S. Feb 19 ; 422) Sotheran, £15 10s. 

Bible (Holy) The Bishop's Version, 6. 1., woodcuts by Virgil Solis, and others. 

begins with "The Summe of the Whole Scripture," thereafter apparently 
perfect with all the sub-titles and calendar ; two 11. mended, old calf, fo., 1568 
(S. Mar. 18; 179) Quantch, £9 5s. 

Bible, with the Psalmes in Meeter, by Sternhold and Hopkins. Genevan or 

" Breeches" version, engd. title to. New Testament, old calf, stained, 4to., 
C. Barker, 1599 (S. Feb. 2 ; 48) Andrews, 5s. 

the same, engd. title, mounted, stamped leather, brass bosses, w. a. f., 

4to. : 1599 (P. Jan. 8 ; 546) Reader, 7s. 

The same, separate title to the New Testament, dated 1 599 — Sternhold 

and Hopkins, Booke of Psalmes, old silk velvet, silver clasps, w. a. f., ito , 
1633 (P. Jan. 8 ; 515) Johnson, 10s. 

Bible, wants title to Old Test., old blue morocco, silver corners and clasps, 

g. e., Cambridge, R. Daniel, 1648 (S. Mar. 3 ; 623) Bull, £1 Is. 

Holy Bible, engd. title, old calf, full gilt sides/gilt and painted edges, 1653 

(H. Feb 18 ; 207) 13s. 

The Holy Bible, with the Psalmes in Metre, engd. title (wants last leaf), old 

black mor., blind tooled, silver corners, clasp catches, and centre ovals en- 
graved with the name " Martha Wethered, 1692 " 12mo., John Field, 1653 
(S. Mar 18; 14) Cullins, £61 

* One of the earliest Pearl Bibles issued by Field, which, in consequence of its 

numerous errors, was suppressed and many sheets cancelled. This copy has the 
errors (with others) in Matthew vi., 24 ; Romans vi., 13 ; I Corinthians vi., 9. 
This copy is further interesting as having probably been in the possession of 
John Bunyan. The " Martha Wethered " engraved on the silver oval placques 
on the binding was the daughter of Mr. G. W. Wethered of Bedford, who helped 
the Bunyan Family while John was in prison. It is said to have been used by 
Bunyan and given to Martha Wethered by Bunyan's second wife, Elizabeth. 
Martha Wethered was an ancestress of the Family of Collings, of Bedford, who 
married into the Elliott family of Dunstable, the founders of the straw industry 
in that town. 

Holy Bible and Book of Common Prayer, engs. and maps by Hollar, &c, 

ruled in red, fo., old red mor. ex., with Royal Arms, g.e., with clasps, fo. 
Cambridge, J. Field, 1660 (H. Jan. 6 ; 598) ' £2 10s. 

Holy Bible, cont. mor., covered with old tooling, g. e., with faded painting 

on fore-edge (Scotch binding), 1703 (S. Jan. 21 ; 326) Howell, £1 

Holy Bible, Authorised Version, known as "The Vinegar Bible," engs. by 

Sturt, fo., cont. red mor., gilt sides, g. e., fo., Oxford, 1717 (H. Jan. 6 ; 599) 

£2 10s. 

Bible (Holy) old red mor., fo., Cambridge, Baskerville, 1763 (P. Mar. 11 ; 

298) Braun, £1 2s. 

Bible (The) in miniature, measuring lg by 1£ inches, engs , calf, 1780 (S. 

Jan. 14 ; 546) Edwards, 10s. 

Bible. Old and New Testaments, " Macklin's Edition/' engs., 7 vol., russ. 

gilt, g. e., fo., 1800 (S. Mar. 16 ; 36) Sawyer, £3 

The same, 7 vol., mor. super ex., joints, silk linings, g. e , fo., 180O 

(S. Jan. 20 ; 75) Howell, £10 

The same, 7 vol., mor., g. e., fo., 1800-16 (S. Mar. 16 ; 313) 

Bull, £8 10s. 

Bible. The Speaker's Commentary, ed. by Canon Cook, 10 vols, in 1 1. 1877- 

81 (H. Jan. 5 ; 41) Tickell, £1 10s. 

1908-9 157 

BIBLES.— French. 

La Sainte Bible, que contient le Vieux et le Nouveau Testament, enrichie des 

notes de la Bible Flamande de Diodati et d'autres, dispose en ordre par S. 
et H. Des Marets, engd. title and maps, old tree-calf gilt, fo. Amst., L. and 
D. Elzevier, 1669 (S. Mar. 17; 589) Sadler, £\ 

La Sainte Bible, avec les Nouveaux Arguments et les nouvelles Reflexions 

par J. P. Ostervald, old mot, me., fo., Amst., 1724 (S. Mar. 19; 303)Bull, 5s. 

La Sainte Bible selon la Vulgate, Dessins de G. Dore, 2 vols , fo., 1866 (P. 

Mar. 11 ; 283) Scotti, £1 12s. 

BIBLES.— Hebrew. 

Biblia Magna Rabbinica, 4 vol., L. P., russ., clasps (some defective), fo., 

Amst., 5484-88 (1724-28) (S Mar. 17 ; 564) Manning, £4 

* Fine copv of the best and most complete Rabbinic Bible. 

BIBLES.— Latin. 

Biblia Sacra Latina — Koburger's Third Edition, g. I., fo., clean copy, oak 

boards, stamped pigskin, with two clasps, inscription " comparatus est pre- 
sens liber per Leonardum Panholtz " on last leaf, fo., Nurnberg, A. Kobur- 
ger, 1478 (H. Jan. 29 ; 617) Barnard, £9 10s. 

Biblia Sacra Latina, editio vulgata, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi et Glossa 

Ordinaria Walafridi Strabonis et interlineari A. Laudumensis, J. g., capitals 
in blue and red, 4 vol., one or two headlines shaved, a few 11. slightly wormed, 
blank leaf III., vol. IV. missing, stamped pigskin, blue edges (vol. III. has 
different stamping and red edges), very fine copv, fo., absque ulla nota (Basil 
or Strasburg, c. 1480) (S. Jan. 15 ; 995) Hartland, £A 10s. 

Biblia Sacra, cum Prologis S. Hieronymi et Interpretationibus Hebraicorum 

Nominum, g. (., rubricated, initials in red and blue, 2 vols., old calf gilt, 
fo., [1481] (H. Mar. 3 ; 524) £3 3s. 

— — Biblia Sacra Latina, cum prologis S. Hieronymi, I. g. (Hain *3095), wants 
last leaf, initials in red, old calf, fc, s. 1. et tvp. n. 1486 (S. Mar. 2 ; 245) 

Hartland, £2 2s. 

Biblia, cum concordantiis veteris et novi testamenti, prologis S. Hieronimi 

et Interpretationes Hebraicorum Nominum, I. g., woodcuts, stamped pigskin, 
fo.,Lugduni, 1512 (S. Mar. 2 ; 230) Haslam, £1 18s. 

Biblia, cum concordantis Veteris et Novi Testamenti, woodcuts, 6.I., fo., 

Lugduni, 1520 (H. Jan. 6 ; 594) £1 

The same (wants Al ), fo., old calf, Lugduni, 1520 (H. Mar. 12 ; 646) 


Biblia Sacra (Latina) ex Sebastiani Castalionis postrema recognitione cum 

annotationibus eiusdem, woodcuts, oak boards, stamped sides, fo., Basil., 
P. Perna, 1573 (S. Feb. 15 ; 41) Lindsay, £1 

— — Biblia Sacra Latina Scholiis ab Tremellio et Junio, First Latin Bible Printed 
in England, 2 vols, in 1 , old russ., Londini 1 585 (H. Feb. 9 ; 235) 10s. 

BIBLES.— Welsh. 

Bibl Cyssegr-Lan, sef yr hen Destament ar Newydd, Ogyfieithiad William 

Morgan, Esgole Lanelwy, First Edn. of the standard Welsh Bible, &. I., 
imperfect, w. a. f., fo. Llundain, B. Norton a J. Bill, 1620 (S. Mar. 2 ; 226) 

Reader, £1 5 s. 

The same, title and some leaves defective, marginal notes shaved, russ., 

w. a. f., fo. Llundain, gan B. Norton a John Bill, 1620 (S. Mar. 17 ; 624) 

Pearson, £20 

Figures du Nouveau Testament, 96 woodcuts (2 11. defective), calf, Lion, 

1558 (H. Feb. 18 ; 205) 6s. 

Historie des Ouden en Nieuwen Testaments, 3 vol., 400 engs. bv Luyken, 

&c, half calf, uncut, fo. Amst., 1700 (S. Mar. 17 ; 590) Ba'dy, £\ 5s. 

Icones Biblica, Veteris et novi Testamenti ; folding pits, by J. Luyken, 

old calf, fo., Amst., 1732 (C. Mar. 31 ; 155) Wild, 5s. 

Bibliotheque de Carabas, fronts., Complete Set, L. P., with duplicate Set of the 
plates, 10 vols., half veil., uncut, 1887-94 (H. Jan. 5 ; 197) Nutt, £16 
* Unique copy, the first volume containing dedicatory verses by R. L. 

Stevenson to Andrew Lang, withdrawn by the Author before publication, and 

the second volume containing the cancelled leaves. 



Bibliotheque Portative du Vovageurs, 42 vol., calf, in case, Paris, 1802 IS |S 
Mar. 3 ; 604) Bloomfield, 17s. 

Bickham. Chorographical Description of the Dominions subject to the King of 
Gt. Britain, engd. throughout, including 21 leaves with separate title of des- 
cription of the American Colonies, old calf, w. a. f., fo., 1747 (P. Mar. 11 j 
262) Tregaskis, 17s. 

Billings (R. W. ) Architectural Antiquities of Durham, pits., half mor., t. e. g., 4to. r 
1846 (S. Feb. 19 ; 392) Ellis, 14s. 

Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland, 4 vol., pits., half mor.. 

uncut, 4to , 1845-52 (S. Mar. 3 ; 634) Sotheran, £2 12s. 

The same, 4 v., 4to., 1852 (H. Jan. 28 ; 282) £\ 14> 

The same, 4 vols., half bound, 4to., [1852] (H. Jan. 21 ; 902) £1 Is. 

Another Edn., 4 vol., pits., 4to., Edinb., n. d. (S. Jan. 20 ; 229) 

Richardson, £\ 12s. 
Billyng (W.) Five Wounds of Christ, woodcuts, 6. I., sm. 4to., 1845 (H. Jan. 6 ; 

463) 2s. 

Biographia Britannica : 6 vol. in 7, calf, fo. 1747-66 (S. Feb. 19 ; 423) Bull, 6s. 
Biographical Magazine, medallion ports., 2 vols., half bud., 1819-20 (H. Mar. 1 1 ; 

504) 10s. 

Biographie Universelle Ancienne et Moderne, 21 vol. in 10, ports., half calf, imp. 

8vo., Brux., 1843^7 (S. Mar. 3 ; 541) North, £\ 4s. 


Mammalia, 22 cold, pits., half mor., 1879-82 (St. Mar. 10 ; 343) £1 15s. 

Land and Freshwater Mollusca, 44 pits., half mor., 1890-1901 (St. Mar. 

10 ;344) £2 4s. 

Rhynchota. Hemiptera-Heteroptera, by Distant and Champion, 2 vols., 

61 pits., half mor., 1880-1901 (St. Mar. 10 ; 345) £6 12s. 6d. 

Hymenoptera, by Cameron and Forel, 38 pits., 3 vols., half mor., 1883-1900 

(St. Mar. 10 ; 346) £6 6s. 

Coleoptera, vol. I., parts 1 and 2, Adephaga, etc., bv Bates and Sharp, 32 

cold, pits., 2 vol., half mor., 1881-87 (St. Mar. 10 ; 347) £r> 5s. 

Coleoptera, vol. III., part 2. Malacodermata, by Gorham, 13 cold, pits., half 

mor., 1880-86 (St. Mar. 10 ; 348) £2 6s. 

Coleoptera, vol. IV., parts 1 and 2. Heteromera, by Champion, 2 vols., 44 

cold, pits., 2 vols., half mor., 1884-93 (St. Mar. 10 ; 349) £6 6s. 

Coleoptera, vol. V. Longicornia and Bruchides, bv Bates and Sharp, 26 

cold, pits., half mor., 1879-86 (St. Mar. 10 ; 350) £3 8s. 

Coleoptera, vol. VI., parts 1 and 2. Phytophaga by Jacoby, Baly and 

Champion, 56 cold, pits., half mor., 1880-94 (St. Mar. 10 ; 351 ) £7 7s. 

Coleoptera, vol. II., part 1. Prelaphidae, Silphidae, Histeridae Cucujdae, 

etc., by Sharp, Matthews, and Lewis, 19 pits., unbound, 1887-1905 (St. Mar. 
10; 352) £$ 

Coleoptera, vol. IV., parts 3, 4, 5, and 6, Rhynchophora, by Sharp, Cham- 
pion, Blandford, and Jordan, 68 pits., 4 vols., as far as published, 1889-1908- 
(St. Mar. 10 ;353) £3 10s. 

Rhynchota. Hemiptera-Homoptera, by Distant, Fowler, and Cockerell, 

1881-1903, 34 cold, pits., 2 vols., as far as published, (St. Mar. 10 ; 354) £A 

Orthoptera, by Bormans, Pictet, Saussure, Bruner, and others, 25 pits., 2 

vols., as far as published, 1893-1908 (St. Mar. 10 ; 355) £4 

Neuroptera, by Eaton and Calvert, 10 pits., as far as published, 1892-1908- 

(St. Mar. 10 ; 356) £2 5s. 

Diptera, by Osten-Sacken, Williston, Aldrich and others, 21 pits., 3 vols.,. 

1886-1903 (St. Mar. 10 ; 357) £1 10s. 

Pisces, by Regan, 26 pits., 1906-8 (St. Mar. 10 ; 359) £\ 4s. 

Aves, by Salvin and Godman, 84 cold, pits., 4 vols., 1879-1904 (St. Mar. 

10 ; 360) £8 15s. 

Birch (W. de Grev) Cartularium Saxonjcum, 3 vols, in 32 parts, 1883 (H. Mar. 

3 ; 385) £1 Is. 
Catalogue of Manuscripts of the Inquisition in the Canary Islands, 2 vols- 

1903 (H. Mar. 11 ; 38) Quaritch, £1 5s. 

Blackmoor Vale Hounds. Hunting Journal, from 1826 of 1831, Sherborne, 1831 

(H. Mar. 3 ; 381 ) 10s. 

1908-9 159 

Blades (Win. ) Enemies of Books, 1st Edn , 1880 (S. Feb. 18 ; 196) Hill, 19s. 

Blaeu (G. et J.) Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Mid Europe and Germany), 1 17 maps; 

atlas fo., old veil., Amst., 1649 (H. Feb. 10 ; 618) 10s. 
(Jean) Le Grand Atlas, 12 vol., L. P., the maps beautifully coloured, and 

the arms, etc., correctly emblazoned in gold and colours (one map inlaid), 

cont. red mor. ex., g. e., with red ties, fine set, fo., Amst., 1667 (S. Mar. 17 ; 

629) Hall, £46 

Blagdon's History of Ancient and Modern India and Picturesque Scenery of 

Mysore, front., title, ports, of Native Judges and 65 cold, pits., first title 

mended, orig. half mor. (broken), fo., 1905 (P. Mar. 12 ; 603) 

Edwards, £4 17s. 6d. 
Blair (R.) The Grave : a Poem, 1st Edn., port, and 12 etchings bv W. Blake, calf.. 

4to., 1808 (S. Feb. 18 ; 93) Tregaskis, £1 Is. 

Blake (W. ) Dante's Inferno, the set of seven plates etched by W. Blake, coloured 

by the artist, ob. fo., with bookplate of Birket Foster, fo., n. d. (P. Feb. 12 ; 

561) Sabin, £12 10s. 
Marriage of Heaven and Hell, early facsimile reproduction in colours, half 

mor., 4to., (P. Jan. 7 ; 260) Brown, 15s. 
Songs of Innocence and of Experience, engraved and coloured by the author, 

fine copy in the original calf, the sides completely covered with small stars 

in diamond 9haped compartments, g. e. (1789) (S. Mar. 16 ; 172) 

Dobell, £166 

* This copy has the complete series of both works; the text and illustrations 
arc engraved together. 

Another Edn., 42 pits, (including general title, the " Innocence " title and 

title to " Experience"), all uncoloured, russ., Pickering, 1839 (S. Mar. 16 ; 
145) Tregaskis, £6 10s. 

* These plates were struck off the original coppers some years previous to the 
publication of the poems, which were issued without plates. Gilchrist, in his 
life of Blake, speaks of being able to obtain a remnant only — ten plates, to 
enrich the work, and that the owner of these had once the entire series in his 
possession, but all, save ten, were stolen, and sold as old metal. 

Gilchrist (A.) Life of William Blake, 1st Edn., ills., 1863 (S. Jan. 15 ; 

687) Hill, £\ 

— — The same, 2 vol., 1863 (S. Feb. 18 ; 237 ) Bumpus, £1 4s. 

Blanchard (Amos) American Military and Naval Biography, ports., tin:e stains,, 
calf, Cincinnati, 1832 (S. Mar. 16 ; 163) Leggatt, 18s. 

Bland (Edw. ) Abr. Woode, Sackford Brewster and Elias Pennant. The Discovery 
of New Brittaine, began August 27, Anno Dom. 1650, from Fort Henry at the 
Head of Appa Mattuch River in Virginia to the Falls of Blandina, First River 
in New Britaine, which runneth West ; being 120-Mile South- West between 
35 and 37 degrees (a Pleasant Country) of temperate Ayre and fertile Soyle, 
12 11., including frontispiece of " Indian Wheat " and " An Indian Lay " (a 
bird ), and rare folding map of " Virginia discovered to ye Hills," engd. by John 
Goddard, and "sold by F. Stephenson below Ludgate, 1651," orig. Edn., 
unbound, sin. 4to. (S. Feb. 15 ; 6) Quaritch, £245 

* No copy is quoted in Livingstone's Auction Prices since Barlow's in 1890, 
and we believe no copy has occurred for sale by auction since. 

Blavatsky (H. P.) Isis Unveiled, 2 vol., port., N. Y., 1888 (S. Feb. 18 ; 211) 

Hatchard, £1 9s. 
Bleeker (P.) Atlas Ichthylogique des Indes Orientales Neerlandais, 9 vol., 420> 
cold, pits., half mor., fine copy, fo., Amst., 1862-77 (S. Mar. 17 ; 562) 

Quaritch, £12 10s. 

Monographs on the Ichthvology of the East Indies, Australia, etc., 25- 

brochures, pits., 4to., Amst., 1853-79 (S. Mar. 17 ; 404 ) Manning, £1 Is. 

Blith (W.) The English Improver Improved, engd. title (cut), and pits., calf, 4to.., 
1652 (P. Jan. 8; 512) Header, 5s. 

The same, with a Second Part, front, and pits., calf, sm. 4to., 1652 (S. Feb. 

15 ; 42) Dobell, lis. 

Blome (R. ) History of the Holy Bible, front, and pits., calf, fo., 1752 (S. Feb. 19 
425) Tregaskis, 6s. 

Blume (C. L. ) Flora Javae, both series, 4 vol., 327 cold, pits., boards, fo., Bruxelles. 
1829, Leide, 1860 (S. Mar. 17 ; 565) Quaritch, £8 15s. 


Blume (C. L. ) Rumphia, 4 vol. in 3, over 200 plates and ports., half mor., t. • 

fo., 1835-48 (S. Mar. 17 ; 566) Manning, £1 

Blundeville (M. )His Exercises, containing eight Treatises in Cosmographie. Astro- 
nomie and Geographie, with all the separate titles, diagrams, etc., calf, 4to., 
1597 (S. Mar. 16 ; 211) Sotheran, £5 7s. 6d. 

* Second edition, with " a brief Description of universal maps and cards," 
not in the first edition. 

Boccaccio (G. ) Amorosa Visione (with the Apologia of H. Claricio), 1st Edn., 
stampontitle, fine copy, sm. 4to., Mediolani, 1521 (S. Mar. 18; 54) Poer, £1 3s. 

Des Nobles Maleureux, translate (par Laurent de Premier-Fait), lettres 

batardes, Petit's device at end, red mor., g. e. (Padeloup), fine copy, fo., 
Paris, Nic. Couteau, 1538 (S. Mar. 19 ; 270) Quaritch, £\2 12s. 

Genealogiae deorum gentilium (slightly wormed), old calf, fo., Vincentiae, 

Symonem de Gabis, 1487 (S. Feb. 15 ; 44) Barnard, £\ 10s. 

Le Plaisant livre de Jehan Bocace auquel il traicte des faictz & gestes des 

illustres & cleres dames, traduict de Latin, mor. ex., richly tooled to a 
Grolier pattern, g. e. by Cape, fine copy, Paris, 1538 (S. Mar. 19 ; 245) 

Quaritch, £16 

II Decameron, title decorated with gold, old red mor., g. e., 4to., Firenze, 

1587 (S. Mar. 2 ; 130) Bloomfield, £1 14s. 

II Decamerone : One Hundred Ingenious Novels, done into English, port. 

and front., calf gilt, g.e. by W. Pratt, 1702 (S.Feb. 18; 6) Tregaskis, 16s. 

Nouvelles, par Mirabeau, pits, by Marillier, 4 vols., calf, Paris, 1802 (H. 

Jan. 19; 161) £1 2s. 

The Decameron, bv Rigg, ills, by Chalon, Coloured Copy, with the extra 

plates, 3 vols., 1906" (H. Jan. 19 ; 176) Shepherd, £1 6s. 

Falles of Sondry Princes, trans, by John Lidgate, with the Dance of Macha- 

bree, and rare duplicate leaf CCXX. " Greneacres a Lenuoy upon John 
Bochas," woodcuts, b 1., (repaired and few margins wormed ; tall clean copy), 
mor., g. e., fo., 1554 (H. Mar. 3 ; 539) £10 

Bocchius (A.) Symbolicarum quaestionum de universo genere, quas serio ludebat, 
libri quinque, Orig. Edn., emblematic figures by G. Bonasone, title repaired, 
mor. ex., g. e., 4to., Bononiae, 1555 (S. Feb. 18 ; 306) Skelton, £3 

Another Edn., pits, by G. Bonasone, a few repairs, limp veil., 4to., ib., 1574 

(S.Feb. 18; 307) Bloomfield, £1 8s. 

Bochiu.. (J ) Descriptio Publicae Gratulationis Spectaculorum et Ludorum in 
adventu Ernesti Archiducis Austria;, engs., half veil., fo,, Ant., 1595 (H. 
Jan. 20; 604) £1 

Bock (F.) Die Kleinodien des Heil-Romischen Reiches Deutscher Nation, nebst 
den Kroninsignien Bohmens, Ongarns und der Lombarde, pits., 2 vols., 
elephant fo., half mor., g.e., Wien, 1864 (H. Jan. 5 ; 273) Sotheran, £4 15s. 

Boerhaave (H. ) Index alter Plantarum quae in horto academico Lugduno Batavo 
aluntur, pits., 2 vols, in 1, interleaved, with MS. notes, 4to., 1720 (H. Jan. 
20 ; 572) 9s. 6d. 

Boethius (A. T. S. ) De consolatione pbilosophiae libri V. cum commentario S. 
Thomae de Aquino, t. S. (wants blank leaves), initials painted, old calf gilt, 
4to., J. de Westfalia in alma lovaniensi universitate, 1484 (S. Mar. 17 ; 410) 

Croston, £2 14s. 

Boetius cum triplici commento ; Consolatio philosophica et disciplina scholarium, 
cum argutissimis divi Thome & Jodoci Badii Ascensii commentariis nuperimi 
impressa, & accuratissime ab Humberto Montemoretano emaculatis erroribus 
correcta, etc., I. g., woodcuts, mor. ex., g. e., fo. (Lugduni), S. Vincent, s. a. 
(c. 1510) (S. Mar. 18 ; 176) Hill, £\ 15s. 

(H.) Scotorum Historiae a prima gentis origine, calf, fo., Paris, 1574 (S. 

Mar. 3 ; 703 ) Dobell, 9s. 

Bchme (J.) Alle theosophische Wercken, 10 vol. in 6, engd. titles, veil., Amst., 

1682 (S. Feb. 18 ; 258) Sotheran, £2 12s. 

Bohun. Diary and Autobiographv of Edmund Bohun, by S. W. Rix, pedigree 

and plates, Largest paper, fo., P. P., Beccles, 1853 (H. Jan. 20 ; 515) lis. 
Boileau (N.) (Euvres, 2 vol., port, and pits, by B. Picart, calf gilt, v. e., fo., Amst., 

1718 (S. Jan. 21 ; 591) " Quaritch, 17s. 
The same, 2 vol., straight grained red mor. ex., g. e. bv Kalthoeber (with 

ticket), fo., Amst., 1718 (S. Jan. 20 ; 245) .Wrt?»s, £3 10s. 

1908-9 i6i 

Boileau (N.) The same, 2 vol., old French blue mor., gilt, g. e., fo., Amst., 1718 
(S. Feb. 19 ; 427) Quaritch, £8 10s. 

Bolingbroke (Lord) Works, published by D. Mallet, 5 vol., old calf, 4to., 1754 (S. 
Feb. 19 ; 393) Joseph, 14s. 

Bonanni (P.) Verzeichniiss der geistlichen Ordens-Personen, 325 plates, 3 vols., 
sm.4to., calf, g.e., Nuremberg 1724 (H. Jan. 20 ; 420) £118s. 

Bonarelli (Co. P.) II Solimano, Tragedia, front, and pits, by J. Callot, calf, sm. 
4to., Firenze, 1620 (S. Feb. 15; 45) Martini, £1 Is. 

Bonhor (H. de)L'Arbre des Battailles, lettres batardes, woodcuts (an exact re- 
print of the edition of 1505), calf ex., g. e. by Purgold, 4to. Paris, 1515 (S. 
Mar. 19 ; 256) Leighton, £5 5s. 


Booke of the Common Praier, 6. I., defective and mended, fol. CXLV. in MS., 
wants 4 11. at end (sign. JC<), calf, w. a. f., fo. R. Graftoni, 1549 (S. Mar. 
25 ; 707) f Quaritch, £25 

* Grafton's First Edition of the First Book of K. Edward VI. The leaf of 
" Certain Notes " has the reverse in this copy blank. 

Booke of the Common Prayer, 6. 1, (title inlaid, a few margins cut), mor. antique, 
g. e. by F. Bedford, fo., E. VVhitchurche, . . 1549 (S. Mar. 25 ; 7041 

Neville, £68 

* Edward VI.'s first Prayer Book, and according to Lowndes* list, the last 
issue. It contains the note as to price on a separate leaf at end. 

The same, Booke of the Common Prayer, etc., 6. I., short copy, cut into, 

mended, and a few lines in MS., mor., fo., E. Whitchurche, 1549 (S. Mar. 
25 ; 703) Quaritch, £102 

* The second issue (according to Lowndes) of the First Prayer Book of K. 
Edward VI. 

Booke of Common Praier noted, John Merbecke, 6. I., with musical notes, 

mor. antique, g. e. by Hayday, sm. 4to. R. Grafton, 1550 (S. Mar. 25 ; 
723) Quaritch, £140 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Boke of Common Prayer, etc., b. I., a few headlines cut into, leaf at end in 

facs., mor. antique, fo'., E. Whitchurche, 1552 (S. Mar. 25 ; 705) 

Watson, £90 

* The Second Prayer Book of Edwaid VI., and the First Issue according to 
Lowndes, though he does not include the leaf on " kneeling " in his collation. 

Booke of Common Prayer, 6.1. (wants A2, a few marginal notes shaved), 

mor., g. e., R. Graftoni, 1553 (S. Mar. 25 ; 709) Quaritch, £24 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Book of Common Prayer, etc. (with Psalter), 6. I., begins on $ ii, D4 defec- 
tive, title to Psalms in facsimile, some margins cut into, stamped calf, with 
brass bosses and clasp catches (repaired), w. a. f., [Jugge & Cawood, 1560], 
(S. Mar. 25 ; 710) Thomas, £5 5s. 

Booke of Common Prayer, with the Psalter, 6.I., R. Jugge and J. Cawood, 

(1571 ) — Whole Booke of Psalmes collected into Englishe Metre by T. Stern- 
hold, W. Whittingham, J. Hopkins, and others, 6. I., John Daye, 1571 ; in 1 
vol., cont. (Lyonnese) calf, stamped sides, painted in brown, white and green, 
ornamental edges, in slip case, sm. 4to. (S. Mar. 25 ; 712) Quaritch, £220 

* Said to have been bound by " Archbishop Parker's Binder," but the bind- 
ing is characteristic of the Lyonnese style, of which many specimens occur late 
in Q. Elizabeth's reign and throughout the reign of K. James I. It was Lord 
Crawford's copy, and sold in his sale in 1889 for £140. 

Booke of Common Prayer, etc., with the Psalter, after the Translation of the 

Great Bible, pointed, 6. I., 2 titles (the latter cut), in 1 vol., old calf (broken), 
fo., R. Barker, 1603 (S. Mar. 25 ; 718) Quaritch, £96 

Book of Common Prayer, etc., with the Psalter after the Translation of the 

Great Bible, pointed, 6.1. , R. Barker, 1604— Whole Booke of Psalmes, col- 
lected into English Meeter by T. Sternhold, J. Hopkins and others, 6. 1., 1604 ; 
fine copies, in 1 vol., old stamped calf, fo. (S. Mar. 25 ; 719) 

Quaritch, £28 

* The second issue of the Prayer Book of K. James I. as revised at the 
Hampton Court Conference. 



Booke of Common Prayer, with Psalter, 6. I., 2 woodcut titles, ruled through- 
out, original calf, with the arms of K. James in centres (back broken), fini 
copy, with all the original blank end leaves, sm. 4to. R. Barker, 1605 (S. 
Mar. 25 ; 720) Carver, £30 

Leabhar na Xurnaightheadh, etc., arms of Sir Arthur Chichester, Lord 

Deputy Generall of Ireland, on a separate leaf at end (backed), title cut. 
some 11. stained, half mor., r. e. (Lakelands and The O'Kelly copy), w. a. f. v 
fo., Dublin, J. Prancton, 1608 (S. Mar. 25 ; 721 ) Neville, £47 

* The First Edition of the Common Prayer in the Irish Character. The dedi- 
cation to Sir A. Chichester is in English, and there is a modern transcript of a 
dedication to K. James by the translatorWm. Daniel, Archbp of Tuam, inserted. 
On the reverse of the title are contemporary Irish autographs of " McDonnell 
(? the first translator of the N. T. in Irish) " and " McBruin," and in English 
Godfray Daniel, and Lancelot Lowder. It afterwards belonged to the well- 
known Non-juror " Tho. Baker Coll. Jo. Socius ejectus," whose autograph is on 
the first leaf of dedication. No copy has occurred for sale since the Lakelands 
(\V. H. Crawford's) sale, and the only other copy, viz. Bp. Dalv's, was sold in 

Liturgia Inglesa O Libro del Rezado pubblico de la administracion de las 

Sacramentas, y otras Ritas y Ceremonias de la Yglesia de Ingalaterra (con los 
Psalmos), some 11. stained, two defective, old English mor., coat-of-arms in 
centres, g. e., sm. 4to. Augustae Trinobantium (Lond.) ClD.IOl.IXIIV. 
(1623) (S. Mar. 25 ; 722) Edwards, £5 5s. 

* For Note, see Notes from Sotheby's. 

Booke of Common Prayer for the use in the Church of Scotland, with 

Psalter, according to K. James's translation (ends with the catchword 
" certaine " ), 6. 1., old calf, fo. Edinb. R. Young,. 1637, '36 (S. Jan. ?1 ; 426 ) 

Barnard, £3 3s. 

* Archbishop Laud's celebrated Scottish Prayer Book. 

» The same, b. I. (instead of CC3 and 6 in the Psalmes are duplicates of bb2 

and 7, and a duplicate of hh3 from another edition is inserted), Edinb. by R. 
Young, 1637 (the Psalter ends with the catchword " certaine " and is dated 
1636) — Psalmes of King David trans, by King James (in metre with musical 
notes), 6. I., T. Harper, 1636 ; fine copies, in 1 vol., mor., fo. (S. Mar. 25 ; 730) 

Bridge, £10 

* This copy was originally presented to Wm. Nicholson, Archdeacon of 
Carlisle, afterwards Bishop of the Diocese, by Dr. Sibbald the Scotch Naturalist . 

The same, L. P. (13-in. by 9-in. ), 6. I., (last leaf wanting), old calf, fo. 

Edinb., 1637 (H. Feb. 10 ; 596) Oppenheim, £2 18s. 

Booke of Common Prayer, etc. (with the Psalter and certain Godly Prayers. 

and the Ordinal), etc., 6. I. (some 11. soiled and short), Dublin, Society of 
Stationers, 1 637 — Whole Book of Psalmes, collected into English Meeter, by 
T. Sternhold, John Hopkins, and others, 6. (. (short copy), Company of 
Stationers, 1641 ; in 1 vol., old calf, sm. 4to. (S. Mar. 25.; 727) 

Watson, £17 

Book of Common Prayer, etc., with the Psalter, very fine copy, R. Barker 

and Assigns of John Bill, 1639 — Whole Book of Psalmes, by Sternhold, 
Hopkins, and others, 6. I., Company of Stationers, 1638 ; in 1 vol.,orig. 
stamped calf, clasps (cover broken), fo. (S. Mar. 25 ; 728) Newton, £7 

The same, 6. I., fine copy, 1639 — Whole Booke of Psalmes in English 

Meeter, by Sternhold, Hopkins, and others, 6. I. (pp. 5 and 6 defective). 
Company 'of Stationers, 1640 ; in 1 vol., old calf, fo. (S. Mar. 25 ; 729) 

Newton, £2 2s. 

Book of Common Prayer, etc., with the Psalter, fe. I., ruled throughout, old 

red morocco, inlaid, with crowned monogram DL., g. e., in a slip case, fo., 
John Bill, 1661 (S. Mar. 25 ; 734) Onaritch, £75 

* A remarkable edition which seems to have been hurriedly printed directly 
after the Restoration as a stop-gap before the " Sealed Book " of 1662. Tht- 
King, Queen Mary, and James, Duke of York are prayed for. No copy appears 
in Auction Prices. The binding is probably the work of Samuel Mearne. The 
monogram on the side has not been identified. It has been assigned to the 
Duke of Richmond. 

1908-9 163 


Book of Common Prayer [with the Ordinal and Forms of Prayer for Nov. 5, 

Jan. 30 and May 29], ft. I., engd. title by D. Loggan, ruled throughout, large 
copy, blue mor., crowned monogram of C on back, panel side and crowned 
monogram, g. e., fo., John Bill and Chr. Baker (1662) (S. Mar. 25 ; 735) 

Quaritch, £36. 
* The " Sealed Book " of K. Charles II., bound for the King. 

The same, engd. title, ft. I (scored), old calf, fo., [1C62] (H. Feb. 9 ; 310) 


Book of Common Prayer, with Psalmes, ruled leaves, engraved headpieces, 

old calf, inlaid and covered with Grolieresque tooling, J. Sturt, 1717-1663 
(P. Feb. 12 .; 434) Leighton, 15s. 

Book of Common Prayer for Use of the Church of Ireland, front., calf, fo., 

Dublin, 1750 (S. Feb. 18; 669) James, 12s. 

Book of Common Prayer in Eight Languages, mor. ex., 4to., Bagster, 1821 

(S. Mar. 16 ; 221) Bull, 5s. 

Book of the Dead : Facsimile of the Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum, 37 

cold, pits., in portfolio, fo., 1894 (H. Feb. 18 ; 327) Andrews, £1 5s. 
The Chapters of coming forth by day the Egyptian Text according to the 

Theban Recension in Hieroglyphic, ed. by E. A. W. Budge, 3 vol., 1898 (S. 

Feb. 18 ; 207) Sotheran, £1 12s. 

Book of Gems, 1st Edn., engs., 3 vols., tree calf ex., g. e., 1836-8 (H. Jan. 21 ; 

885) 15s. 

Another Edn., 3 vols., mor. ex., g. e., 1848 (P. Mar. 11 ; 109) 

Reader, 13s. 
Book Prices Current, with Index to 1887-1896, 21 vol., 1887-1906 (S. Jan. 21 ; 

338) Doolan, £9 

Borde (A.) Breviarie of Health, ft. I., 2 titles, orig. calf, fine copy, sm. 4to., 1575 

(S. Feb. 15 ; 46) Leighton, £3 3s. 

Bordone (B.) Libro nel qual si ragiona de tutte l'lsole del mondo con li lor nomi 

antichi e moderni, etc., 1st Edn., maps, slightly wormed, a few mendings, 

calf, fo., Vinegia, 1528 (S. Mar. 2 ; 220) Bloomfield, £2 2s. 

Boria (J. de) Emblemata Moralia, emblems, half red mor., t. e. g., 4to., Berolini, 

1697 (S. Feb. 18; 301) Edwards, 17s. 

Borrow (G.) Bible in Spain, 1st Edn., 3 vols., 1843 (P. Jan. 8 ; 424) 

Shepherd, £2 

The same, 3 vols., half bnd., 1843 (P. Feb. 11 ; 136) Brown, 18s. 

Faustus : His Life, Death, and Descent into Hell, trans, from the German, 

cold, front., boards, 1825 (P. Jan. 7 ; 194) Quaritch, £2 12s. 6d. 
Word Book of the Romany, or English Gipsy Language, 1st Edn., 1874 

(P. Jan. 8 ; 426) Shepherd, £2 17s. 6d. 

Bosio (G. ) Histoire des Chevaliers de l'Ordre de S. Jean de Hierusalem, engd. title, 

and engs., 2 vol. in 1, old calf, fo., Paris, 1659 (S. Mar. 24 ; 504) 

Stone, £1 2s. 

* The best edition of G. Bosio's work, translated by P. de Boissat, and 
augmented by P. Baudoin and A. de Naberat. 
Bosman (Wm.) New and Accurate Description of the Coast of Guinea, map and 

pits., russ., g. e., 1705 (S. Feb. 19 ; 339) Edwards, 15s. 

Boswell (J.) Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides, 1st Edn., boards, 1785 (P. Mar. 

11 ;209) Hornstein, £1 4s. 

Botticelli (Sandro) and his School, by Count Plunkett, ills., fo., 1900 (H. Jan. 

28; 133) 16s. 

Bouchot (H.) The Book : its Printers, Illustrators, and Binders, 1890 (H. Feb. 

11 ; 866) 13s 

Bouillon (P.) Musee des antiques, 3 vol., pits., fo., Paris, 1810 (S. Mar. 17 ; 602) 

Scotti, 12s. 
Bourghesius (P. J.) Vitae Passionis et Mortis Jesu Christi domini nostri Mysteria, 

engd. title (mounted), and 76 pits, by Bolswert, illuminated by a contemporary 

hand, red mor., gilt tooling, g. e. in leather case, Antwerp, 1622 (S. Feb. 2 ; 

197) Cotterell, £4 19s. 

Bourke (A.) History of White's Club ; ports.; 2 vol., 4to., 1892 (C. Mar. 31 ; 123) 

Joseph, 15s. 


Bourrienne (M. de) Private Memoirs of Napoleon, 4 vols., 1830 (H. Jan. 19 ; 
154) 17s 

Memoirs of Napoleon, 4 vol., pits., half calf, 1836 (S. Feb. 2 ; 18) 

Baillie, £\ Is. 

Boydell (J. and J.) History of the Thames, 2 vol., 75 (should be 76) cold, engs., 

half bnd (damaged), uncut, fo., 1794 (S. Mar. 17 ; 583) Norton, £9 

Collection of Prints from Works of Shakespeare, 100 engs. (including the 

King and Queen, and The Seven Ages), 2 vols., orig. mor., fo., 1803 (P. 
Mar. 12 ; 604) Hornstein, £12 

Bracton (H. de) De Legibus & Consuetudinibus Angliae, oak boards, stamped 
leather (rebacked), fo., 1569 (S. Feb. 15 ; 48 ) Harding, £\ 16s. 

Bradford (A.) History of Massachusetts, boards, Boston, 1829 (S. Feb. 19 ; 
535) H. Stevens, 9s. 

Brand (John) Brief Description of Orkney, Zetland, Pightland Firth and Caith- 
ness, names on title, shaved, russ., g. e., Edinburgh, 1701 (S. Jan. 21 ; 312) 

Dobell, 14 s. 

(J.) History of Newcastle, pits., 2 vol., half russia, 4to., 1789 (H. Feb. 19 ; 

649) Edwards, £1 2s. 

Brantome. Les vies des dames galantes, augmentee de notes, par E. Vignon, 
3 vol., Holland paper, etchings, mor. ex., joints, t. e. g., Paris, 1879 (S. 
Mar. 18; 91) Hatchard, £3 12s. 

Les sept discours touchant les dames galantes, publies par H. Bouchot, 

3 vol., port, and etchings (in 2 states) by E. de Beaumont, half mor. ex., 
t. e. g., Paris, 1882 (S. Feb. 18 ; 185) B. F. Stevens, £5 5s. 

Brathwaite (R. ) Comment upon the Miller's Tale, and the Wife of Bath, 1st Edn., 
mor. ex., 1665 (S. Mar. 17 ; 349) Dobell, £1 9s. 

Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North of England, pits., fine copv, 

mor. ex. by Riviere, 1723 (S. Mar. 17 ; 350) Tregaskis, £\ 7s. 

* Third Edn., with, for the first time, the full number of 6 plates. 

A Solemn Jovial Disputation Theoreticke and Practicke, briefly shadowing 

the Law of Drinking, etc., 1617. The Smoaking Age, 1617, two parts in 1 
vol., wants front, to second part and leaf A3 of the first vol., clean copy, orig. 
boards (damaged) (S. Mar. 18 ; 26) Poer, £3 16s. 

Braunschweig (H.) New Vollkomen Distillierbuch Wolgegriindte Kiinstlicher 
Distillation, woodcuts, some cold. (1 leaf torn, a few stained), half veil., fo., 
Franck., 1597 (H. Jan. 20 ; 605) Stowe, £2 4s. 

Brayley (E. W.) Accounts of the Theatres of London, 14 cold. pits, by D.Havell, 
4to., boards, 1826 (H. Mar. 3 ; 444) Spencer, £3 12s. 

Topographical History of Surrey, India Proof plates, 5 vols., russ. ex., g. e., 

4to., Dorking, 1841 (H. Jan. 28 ; 268) Andrews, £2 6s. 

The same, 5 vol., half calf gilt, 1841 (S. Feb. 2 ; 1 1 ) Ponsonby, £1 2s. 

Brewer and Nightingale. Description of London and Middlesex, plates, 

5 vols., half calf, n. d. (H. Feb. 18 ; 61 ) 13s. 

Bredius (A.) Die Meisterwerke des Rijks-Museum zu Amsterdam, 83 pits., atlas 
4to., russ., g. e., fo., Miinchen, 1889 (H. Jan. 20 ; 597) Quaritch, £\ 15s. 

Les chefs d'ceuvre du Musee Royal d' Amsterdam ; traduction francaise par 

E. Michel, Edn. de Luxe, pits., half mor., t. e. g., fo, Munich, n. d. (S. Jan. 
20 ; 247) Loder, £3 4s. 

Brenan (G.) History of the House of Percy, pits., L. P., 2 vols., veil., 1902 (H. 

Mar. 3 ; 390) lis. 

Bridgens (R.) Manners and Costume of France, Switzerland, and Italy, engd. 

title and 33 cold. pits. (1 defective), in an album, 4to., 1821 (H. Jan. 7 ; 

908) 8s. 6d. 

Bright (J. B.) The Brights of Suffolk, England, Boston, 1858 (H. Jan. 20 ; 502) 

British Essayists, with Prefaces, by Chalmers, ports., 45 vols., old calf, 1803 (H. 

Mar. 3 ; 422) 7s. 6d. 

The same, 45 vols., calf, 1803 (P. Feb. 11 ; 75) Balfour, 10s. 

by A. Chalmers, 45 vols, port., calf gilt, m. e., 1817 (S. Feb. 19 ; 

.". 525) Rimell, £2 12s 

by Chalmers, ports., 38 vols., complete, mor., nice set, 1823 (P. Jan. 

8 ; 466) Money, £5 15s. 

1908-9 165 

British Essayists, with Prefaces by L. T. Berguer, ports., 45 vols., half calf, 1823 
(H. Feb. 9 ; 186) £1 15s. 

British Essayists, with Prefaces by R. Lynam, ports., 30 vols., 1827 (H. 

Mar. 4 ; 846) 9s. 

British Essayists, with Prefaces by Chalmers, portraits, 38 vols., Boston, 

1855-7 (H. Jan. 19 ; 166) 7s. 6d 

Britton. (no other title), 6. I., covers of Henry VHth calf binding, with Tudor 
arms and binder's initials M. D. and a medallion surrounded by emblems, 
See Weale's " Bookbindings," p. 128. Back gone and top corner loose. R. 
Redman, n. d. (S. Feb. 15 ; 49) Leighton, £& 

Britton (J.) Architectural Antiquities of Great Britain, pits., half mor., g. e., 4to., 
1835 (P. Mar. 11 ; 255) Sotheran, £1 8s. 

Fine Arts of the English School, pits., uncut, fo., 1812 (S. Feb. 19 ; 430) 

Dobell, 5s. 

Brockhaus' Konversations-Lexikon, with Supplement, maps and pits., 17 vols., 
half mor., Leipzig 1901-4 (H. Mar. 11 ; 223) £1 15s. 

Brockedon (W. ) Italy : Classical, Historical, and Picturesque, 60 engs. after 
Turner, etc., calf gilt, g. e., fo., n. d. (S. Jan. 20 ; 53) Richardson, 16s. 

Brodhead (J. R.) Documents relative to the Colonial History of the State of New 
York, procured in Holland, England, and France, with Index, 1 1 vol., maps, 
4to., Albany, 1856-61 (S. Mar. 17 ; 399) Nijkoff, £2 18s. 

[Bronte (Anne)] Tenant of Wildfell Hall, 1st Edn., 3 v., 1848 (P. Feb. 12 ; 446) 

Spencer, £5 15s. 

Novels of the Sisters Bronte, Thornton Edition, edited by Temple Scott, with 

Life by Mrs. Gaskell, port, and fronts., 12 vols., 1898-1901 (H. Mar. 2 ; 
236) £1 5s. 

Works, Thornton Edition, pits., 12 vol., half calf ex., t. e. g., Edin., 1907 

(C. Mar. 31 ; 102) Sotheran, £3 15s. 

Brooke (Sir R. ) Liver des Assises et Plees del Corone, 6. 1., 2 vols, in 1 , old calf, fo., 
1580 (H. Jan. 6 ; 583) H. Stevens, £2 10s; 

Brookes (R.) Art of Angling, 1st Edn., 133 woodcuts, calf, 1740 (S. Mar. 2 ; 33) 

Tregaskis, 12s. 

Brown (C. ) History of Newark-on-Trent, 2 vol., ills., half mor., m. e., 4to., Newark, 
1904 (S. Mar. 2 ; 140) Bull, lis. 

(H. F. ) The Venetian Printing Press, facs., sm. 4to., 1891 (H. Jan. 28 ; 154 ) 


Browne (Felicia D.) Poems, 1st Edn., boards, 4to., Liverpool, 1808 (S. Feb. 2 ; 

246) Austen, 4s. 

* Poems written by the future Mrs. Hemans, between the age of eight and 


(J.) History of the Highlands, 4 vol., pits., calf, broken, 1850-57 (S. Feb. 

2 ; 131 ) Ridler, 2s. 

(Sir T. ) Hydriotaphia, 1st Edn., 2 pits., with " The Stationer to the Reader," 

and " Books printed for Hen. Broome," but wanting extra slip, calf, 1658 
(S. Mar. 2 ; 92) Edwards, £1 6s. 

Religio Medici, with annotations by Sir Kenelm Digby, calf, 1669 (S. Feb. 

2 ; 206) Gray stone, 9s. 

Browning (E.B.)The Battle of Marathon, calf, 1820 (S.Mar. 18; 36) Quaritch, £97 

Prometheus Bound, 1st Edn., fine copy, 1833 (S. Mar. 18; 37) 

Shepherd, £4 12s. 6d. 

The Seraphim, and other Poems, 1st Edn., with inscription : " To the Revd. 

J. Orange, with the author's grateful remembrances, Torquay, October, 
1839," there are two autograph MS. corrections on pages 74 and 133, 1838 
(S. Mar. 18 ; 41) Spencer, 10s. 

Two Poems, by E. B. and R. Browning, wrapper, 1854 (S. Mar. 18 ; 38) 

Shepherd, 10s. 

The same, wrapper, soiled, 1854 (S. Mar. 17 ; 368) Shepherd, £1 3s. 

Poems, 4 vol., port., 1864 (S. Jan. 14 ; 550) Andrews, 3s. 

Poetical Works, ills., Handmade Paper, 6 vols., 1889-90 (H. Jan. 5 ; 195) 

£1 5s. 

Another Edn., 6 vols., 1890 (H. Mar. 2 ; 267) 8s. 6d. 

(R.) Bells and Pomegranates, 1st Edns., in 1 vol., half calf (soiled), 1841-6 

(H. Mar. 3 ; 435) Bumpus, £9 2s. 6d. 


Browning (R.) Ring and the Book, 1st Edn., 4 v., 1868 (P. Mar. 11 ; 169) 

Shepherd, 19s. 

Sordello, 1st Edn., 1840 (P. Feb. 12 ; 450) Spencer, £2 2s. 

Complete Works, ed. by C. Porter and H. A. Clarke, pits., Arno Edition 

11 vols., N. Y., 1889 (H. Mar. 2 ; 245) £1 18s. 

Brough (R. B.) Life of Sir John Falstaff, pits., by G. Cruikshank (few stained), 

half mor., 1858 (H. Jan. 19 ; 44) Reader, £2 18s. 

Bruce (J.) Travels to Discover the Source of the Nile, pits., 5 vol., old calf, 4to., 

Edinb., 1790 (S. Feb. 15 ; 53) Grant, 8s. 

Brucker (Jac. ) Ehren-tempel der Deutschen Gelehrsamkeit, etc., 50 ports, by Jo. 

Jac. Haid, veil., 4to., Augspurg, 1747 (S. Feb. 15 ; 54) Quaritch, £2 4s. 

Brusonius. L. Domitii Brusonii Contursini Lucani Facetiarum Exemplorumq. 

libri VII., 1st Edn., mor. ex., g. e. by Gruel, fine copy of the only uncastrated^ 

edition, fo., Romae, 1518 (S. Mar. 18 ; 162) Tregaskis, £1 12s. 

Bruton ( Wm. ) Newes from the East Indies ; or a Voyage to Bengalla (title and 

pp. 35), half mor., large copy' (no front., 4to., 1638 (S. Mar. 18 ; 53) 

Bruton, £2 2s. 
Brutus (E. J.) De la Puissance legitime du Prince sur le Peuple, cut into, calf, 

g. e., 1581 (S. Mar. 16 ; 165) Dobell, 2s. 

Bryan (M. ) Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, port, and pits., 1849 (S. Jan. 

20 ; 2) Hitchman, 7s. 

Another Edn., ed. by R. E. Graves, imp. 8vo., 1886 (S. Feb. 18 ; 10) 

Parsons, £\ 13s. 

Another Edn., enlarged by G. C. Williamson, ills., 5 vols., imp. 8vo., 1904-5 

(H. Jan. 19 ; 264) £4 2s. 6d. 

Bryant (W. C.) Poems, ed, by Washington Irving, 1st Edn., 1832 (S. Jan. 15 ; 
785) Andrews, 7s. 

Thirty Poems, 1st Edn., N. Y., 1864 (S. Feb. 19 ; 554) Shepherd, 9s. 

Bryce (J.) The American Commonwealth, Orig. Edn., 3 vols., clean copy, 1888 

(H. Feb. 19 ; 485) G. H. Brown, £2 14s. 

Brydges (Sir E. ) Impartial Portrait of Lord Byron as a Poet and a Man, half bound 

Paris, 1825 (S. Feb. 18; 191) Robson, £3 3s. 

* Formerly in the possession of Countess Guiccioli, the friend of Byron, with 
her autograph and underlinings throughout. 

Buchanan (Geo. ) Rerum Scoticarum Historia editio novissima prioribus accuratio 
& emendatior, port, and map, cont. red mor., covered with gilt thistles, 
etc., g. e., fine specimen, Edinb., 1700 (S. Feb. 15 ; 55) Quaritch, £13 

Fratres Fraterrimi, Three Bookes of Epigrams, calf, Edinb., 1708 (S. Mar. 

17 ; 347) Moore, 12s. 

Buck (S. and N.) Antiquities, 3 vol., port, by Houston, pits., russ. ex., g. e., fo., 

1774 (S. Feb. 19 ; 431 ) Butt, £34 

Buckle (H. T. ) History of Civilization, 2 vols., 1864 (H. Mar. 3 ; 397) 18s. 

Miscellaneous and Posthumous Works, 3 vols., 1872 (H. Mar. 12 ; 369) £1 

Buckle's Tracts. Library Illustrative of Social Progress, from the original editions 

collected by the late H. T. Buckle (P. Feb. 11 ; 135) Hill, £2 2s. 

* It is difficult to see in what way these notorious tracts can be said to illus- 
trate " Social Progress." Their publisher, J. C. Hotten, was however a past- 
master in the art of glossing. — Ed. 

Buckton (G.) Monograph of the Membracidae, 60 cold, pits., n. d. (St. Mar. 10 ; 

384) £3 7s. 6d. 

Buffon, Gueneau de Montbeillard. Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux, 10 vol., cold. 

pits., calf, g. e., 4to., Paris, 1770-86 (S. Jan. 20 ; 40) Maggs, £6 10s. 

Bulaeus (Caes. Egassius) Historia Universitatis Parisiensis ipsius fundationem, 

ordine chronologico, 6 vol., old calf gilt, fo., Paris, 1665-73 (S. Jan. 21 ; 406) 

Vyt, £9 9s. 
Bulkeley (P.) The Gospel Covenant, 1st Edn., sheep, broken, 4to., 1646 (S. Mar. 

2 ; 179) Barnard, £1 5s. 

Bulleyn (Wm.) Bulleins Bulwarke of Defence against all Sicknes, Sornes and 

Woundes that do daily assaulte Mankinde, etc., 1st Edn., f>. I. (wants 4 U.), 

sound copy, title soiled, old boards, fo., 1562 (S. Feb. 15 ; 56) 

Leighton, £1 16s. 
Bunbury (H.) Academy for Grown Horsemen, pits, (foxed, repaired), boards, 4to., 

1812 (H.Feb. 18; 304) lis. 

1908-9 167 

Bimyan. The Holy Citie, or New Jerusalem, wherein Godly Light Walls, Gates, 

Angels, and the manner of their standing are Expounded, etc., 1st Edit., orig. 

calf, (title torn), 1669 (P. Feb. 11 ; 144) Pearson, £10 

* Apparently of greater rarity than The Pilgrim's Progress of 1678, as there 

seems to be no record of a copy being offered for sale. 

The Holy War, calf, Edinb., 1718 (S. Mar. 16 ; 132) Bull, 10s. 

The Pilgrim's Progress, cuts, mor. ex., g. e. (margins cropped), 1767 (S. 

Mar. 16 ; 61) Young, 14s. 

Another Edn., ills, by W. Strang, 1895 (H. Mar. 2 ; 252) 12s. 

The Water of Life, 1st Edn., unbound (defective, leaf of advertisement want- 
ing), 1688 (H. Jan. 6 ; 459) 6s. 

Bureau of American Ethnology, First to the Twenty-Second Annual Report, 
(wanting 3rd Report, 4th and 18th, part I.), pits., in 24 vols, (a few stamped), 
Washington 1881-1904 (H. Jan. 5 ; 112) Cohen, £1 12s. 

Burgher (G. A.) Leonora, trans, by W. R. Spencer, designs by Lady Diana Beau- 
clerc, calf, rebacked, fo., 1796 (S. Jan. 20 ; 248) Hirsch, lis. 

Burghley (Lord) Execution of Justice in England for maintenance of Publique 
and Christian Peace, 6. 1., short copy, half bound, 4to., 1583 (S. Mar. 3 ; 377) 

Ellis, 15s. 

Burke (E.) Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents, 1st Edn., hf. bd., 
4to., 1770 (P. Jan. 8 ; 544) Walford, 4s. 

Works and Correspondence, 8 vol., port., calf, m. e., binding damaged, 1852 

(S. Mar. 16 ; 22) Edwards, £2 15s. 

(J. and J. B.) Encyclopaedia of Heraldry, cuts, Third Edn., half calf, [1851] 

(H. Jan 5 ; 84) £1 8s. 

Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies, port, and cuts, 2nd Edn., 1844 (H. 

Jan. 20 ; 435) Harding, £\ 6s. 

General Armory of England, Scotland, and Ireland, 1842 (H. Mar. 11 ; 

462) 17s. 

Burlington Fine Arts Club. Exhibition of Portrait Miniatures, ills., fo., 1889 
(S. Feb. 18; 122) B. F. Stevens, £10 

Exhibition of Bookbindings, ills., fo., 1891 (S. Feb. 18 ; 123) 

Quaritch, £10 10s. 

Catalogue of Pictures by Masters of the Milanese and Allied Schools of 

Lombardy, 27 pits., fo., 1899 (S. Jan. 20 ; 251 ) Edwards, £3 5s. 

The same, fo., 1899 (S. Feb. 18 ; 124) Quaritch, £3 10s. 

Exhibition of Steel and Iron Work, 70 ills., fo., 1900 (S. Feb. 18 ; 125) 

Bain, £2 '16s. 

Exhibition of Silversmiths' Work of European Origin, 120 finely executed 

illustrations, uncut, fo., 1901 (S. Feb. 18; 126) Bain, £4 16s. 

Exhibition of English Mezzotint Portraits, ills., fo., 1902 (S. Feb. 18 ; 

127) Edwards, £3 10s. 

Exhibition of Ancient Greek Art, 112 pits., fo., 1904 (S. Feb. 18 ; 128) 

Riniell, £4 

Exhibition of Pictures of the School of Siena, ills., fo., 1904 (S. Feb. 18 ; 

130) Rimell, £4 8s. 

Burlington Magazine, vol. I.-VIL, in 6 vol., ills., 4to., 1903-5 (S. Jan. 20 ; 172) 

Richardson, £2 6s. 

The same, vol. I.-IV., Edition de Luxe, pits, on Japanese paper, 4to., 

1903-4 (S. Jan. 20 ; 173) Richardson, £1 12s. 

Burnet (G. ) History of His Own Time, port., 6 vol., calf, g. e., 1725-34 (H. Mar. 

4; 832) 12s. 

-* — History of the Reformation, L. P., 3 vols, in 6, imp. 8vo., Oxford, 1816 (H. 

Feb. 18 ; 152) 5s. 

Another Edn., by Nares, front, and 22 ports., 4 v., L. P. [1829] (H. Feb. 

18; 153) 6s. 

Burney (C.) Account of Commemoration of Handel, front, and pits., uncut, 4to., 
1785 (S. Jan. 14 ; 579) Andrews, 4s. 

The same, L. P., proof pits., some in two states, mor. ex., 4to., 1785 (P. 

Feb. 11 ; 231) Edwards, £1 10s. 

General History of Music, port, and pits., 4 vols., russia, m. e., (cracked), 

4to., 1789 (H. Feb. 18 ; 311) £2 6s. 


Burney (C.) The same, 2nd Edn., 4 vol., engs., calf, gilt, m. e., 4to., 1789 (S. 
Jan. 20 ; 46) Braun, £3 18s. 

The same, 4 vol., russ. extra, g. e. by Hering, 4to., 1789 (S. Feb. 19 ; 394) 

Ellis, £4 5s. 

[(P.)] Camilla : 1st Edn., 5 vols., half bnd., 1796 (H. Feb. 19 ; 595) 10s. 

The same, 3 vol., old calf, name on title, etc., 1796 (S. Mar. 2 ; 265) 

Maggs, £1 lb. 

Evelina, cold. pits, by Heath, mor. ex., g. t., 1821-22 (P. Mar. 12 ; 446) 

Hornstein, £16 16s 
Burns (R.) Poems, 1st Edinburgh Edn., port., old calf, 1787 (H. Mar. 12 ; 484) 

£1 6s. 

The same, port., calf, 1787 (S. Jan. 21 ; 291) Bumpus, £2 4s. 

The same, with misprint " Boxburgh " in list of Subscribers, port., calf 

gilt, g. e., Edinb., 1787 (S. Feb. 18 ; 238) Quaritch, £2 10s. 

The same, port, by Beugo (cleaned) ; fly-title and last leaf of index loose, a 

blank slip cut out of title, orig. calf end cover and back, Edinb., 1787 (S. 
Mar. 19 ; 206) Spencer, £75 

* All the lines in which asterisks occur, are filled in with the full names, in 
Burns's own hand. These names amount to 38, and comprise some of the best 
friends of the Poet at the period of writing. Besides, in the Elegy on " Tarn 
Samson," is an additional stanza in Burns's autograph, as follows : 

Here low he lies in lasting rest ; 
Perhaps upon his mould'ring breast 
Some spitefu' moorfowl higs her nest 

To hatch and breed ; 
Alas, nae mair he'll then molest 

Tarn Samson's dead. 

Poems, first London edition, port., name on title, calf, 1787 (S. Mar. 18 

94) Sotheran, £1 10s. 

The same, calf, 1787 (S. Mar. 3 ; 583) Dobell, £1 5s. 

Poems ascribed to Robert Burns, not contained in any edition of his Works, 

1st Edn., (with the cancelled leaf and additional Epigram on page 53), 
boards, Glasgow 1801 (H. Mar. 3 ; 371 ) £1 2s. 

Works, with Life by Cunningham, fronts., 8 vols., 1834 (P. Jan. 7 ; 10) 

Brown, 19s. 

Works. Facsimile Reprints of the Kilmarnock and Edinburgh Editions, 

Songs, and Posthumous Poems, 4 vol., port., Kilmarnock, 1869-70 (S. Feb. 
18 ; 247) Sotheran, 18s. 

Burnyeat. The Truth Exalted in the Writings of John Burnyeat, sm. 4to., 
1691 (P. Jan. 8; 538) Grant, lis. 

Burr (Aaron) Funeral Sermon at the Interment of Jonathan Belcher, Governor 

of New Jersey, Pres. Copy from Author, sm. 4to., half mor., N. Y., 1757 (H. 

Feb. 10 ; 508) £1 

Burt (E.) Letters from a Gentleman in the North of Scotland, 1st Edn., pits., 
2 vol., fine copy, calf gilt, by Riviere, 1754 (S. Mar. 16 ; 63) Bain, £2 3s. 

The same, 2 vol., mor. ex., g. e., 1754 (S. Jan. 21 ; 321 ) Hopkins, £2 5s. 

Burton (Sir R. F.) Lake Regions of Central Africa, ills., 1st Edn., 2 vols., 1860 

(H. Feb. 9 ; 258) 17s. 

To the Gold Coast for Gold,, 2 vols., 1883 (P. Jan. 8 ; 321) Edwards, 15s. 

Works, Memorial Edn., ed. by his Wife, pits., 7 v., 1893-4 (H. Feb. 18 ; 

281) Walford, £\ 3s. 

Bury. Six Coloured Views of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, with a plate 

of coaches, etc., fo., 1831 (P. Mar. 12 ; 585) Hornstein, £2 17s. 6d. 

Bussato (M.) Giardino de Agricoltura, woodcuts, good copy, sm. 4to., Venet., 1593 

(S. Mar. 18 ; 55) Quaritch, £\ 7s. 

Bustis (Bern de) Mariale, g. I. (Hain 4160), 64 small metal cuts, few leaves frayed, 

mor. (binding damaged), sm. 4to. Mediolani, 1493 (S. Mar. 18 ; 66) 

Barnard, £2 4s. 

* Perfect copies are rare as two leaves are often missing. The fine metal cuts 
of the Virgin and Child are referred to in Pollard's " Italian Book Illustrations," 
p. 79. 

Busy Body (The) or Men and Manners, 4 vol., 24 cold, pits., half calf, clean copy. 
1816-1818 (S. Jan. 21 ; 317) Hornstein, £% 

1908-9 169- 

Butcher (R.) Survey and Antiquitie of Stamford in Lincolne, front., calf gilt, 
g. e. by Riviere, sm. 4to., 1646 (S. Jan. 21 ; 366) Hopper, 17s. 

Butler (A. G.) Foreign Finches in Captivity, cold, pits., half calf, t. e. g., 1899- 
(S. Jan. 15 ; 735) Quaritch, £\ Is. 

The same, 60 cold, pits., n. d. (St. Mar. 10 ; 389) £2 5s. 

(Chas. ) English Grammar, or Institution of Letters, Syllables, and Words hi 

the English Tongue, 1st Edn., orig. veil., sm. 4to., Oxford, 1633 (S. Feb. 15 : 
59) Quaritch, £1 12s. 

Feminine Monarchic ; or Historie of Bees, front., veil., sm. 4to., 1623 (S. 

Feb. 15 ; 58) Ridler, £1 2s. 

(H.) South African Sketches, cold, pits., fo., 1841 (H. Mar. 3 ; 572) £\ 7s. 

(S. ) Hudibras, first part, (published before the author's own issue), calf, 

1663 (S. Mar. 17 ; 358) Dobell, lis. 

Another Edn.. ed. by Grey, 2 vol., port, and pits, after Hogarth, calf, 1764 

(S. Mar. 2 ; 28) Winter, 2s. 

Another Edn., with Notes by Grey, etc., 2 vol., 12 cold. pits, by Clark, half 

calf, y. e., 1819 (S. Jan. 15 ; 1059) Hornstein, £\ 3s. 

Another Edn., with Annotations by Grey, woodcuts, 3 vols., boards, 1819' 

(H. Mar. 4 ; 799) 6s. 6d. 

Byron (Lord) English Bards and Scotch Reviewers (Cawthorn's edition, with no 
date, but watermark 1812), orig. boards, in mor. case, n. d. (S. Jan. 21 ; 448) 

Foxe, £1 15s. 

Fugitive Pieces : Facsimile Reprint of the suppressed edition of 1806, veil., 

4to., P. P., 1886 (S. Jan. 21 ; 450) Dobell, £1 

Hours of Idleness, 1st Edn., L. P., title mended, red mor. ex., g. e. by Riviere 

Newark, 1807 (S. Jan. 21 ; 445) Bumpus, £5 

Another Edn., L. P., front., red mor. gilt, t. e. g., 1820 (S. Jan. 21 ; 446) 

James, 10s. 

Poems, Original and Translated, 2nd Edn., front, (half-title mended), mor. 

ex., t. e. g., Newark, 1808 (S. Jan. 21 ; 447) Foxe, £1 4s. 

Poems written by Somebody, most respectfully dedicated (by permission) 

to Nobody, calf, 1818 (S. Mar. 2 ; 44) Hutt, 3s. 

* Attributed in Watts' Bib. Brit, and Halkett and Laing's Dictionary to 

Lord Byron. 

Works, with Letters, Journals, and Life, by T. Moore, 17 vol., port., fronts.^. 

and vignettes, 1832-33 (S. Feb. 19 ; 520) Harding, £1 Is. 

Another Edn., by T. Moore, 17 vol., fronts., 1848 (S. Jan. 21 ; 444) 

Richardson, 13s. 

Another Edn., fronts., 10 v., 1854 (P. Mar. 12 ; 371) Shepherd, 9s. 

Another Edn., 10 vol., fronts., half mor., t. e. g., 1879 (S. Feb. 18 ; 204) 

Continental Export Co., £1 12s. 

Another Edn., Poetry 7 vol. ed. by E. H. Coleridge ; Letters and Journals, 

6 vol., ed. by R. E. Prothero ; 13 vol., ills., 1898 (S. Mar. 2 ; 22) 

Hill, £1 18s. 

The same, L. P., 13 vols., 4to., half roan, t. e. g., 1898-1904 (H. Feb. 9 ; 

219) £4 

Works, ed. by Coleridge, 13 vols., new half calf, 1903 (P. Feb. 11 ; 38) 

Brown, £2 8s. 

Finden's Landscape and Portrait Illustrations to the Life and Works of 

Lord Byron, 3 vols., mor., 1833 (P. Jan. 8 ; 326) Last, 14s. 

Blythewood and Jarman. System of Conveyancing, 4th Edn., with Supplement, 
8 vols., 1884-93 (H. Feb. 5 ; 77) £2 5s. 

Cabrera (P. F. ) Description of the Ruins of an Ancient City discovered in America^ 
pits., boards, 4to., 1822 (H. Mar. 3 ; 505) 5s. 

Caesar (Julius) Opera Quae Extant Omnia, ed. S. Clarke, port, and the Buffalo 
plate, russ. gilt, fo., 1712 (S. Feb. 15 ; 61) Bull, £1 6s. 

Commentaries, trans, by W. Duncan, pits., including the Buffalo, &c, calf, 

(broken), fo., 1752 (H. Feb. 18 ; 329) 5s. 6d. 

Cahier et Martin. Melanges d'Archeologie, d'Histoire et de Litterature, pits., 
4 vols., 4to., half mor., Paris 1847-56 (H. Mar. 3 ; 507) 

Boer & Co., £5 2s. 6d. 
Caldecott (R.) Last " Graphic " Pictures, cold, pits., fo., 1888 (S. Jan. 15 ; 1003) 

Kyte, 6s. 


^Calderon. Six Dramas trans, by E. Fitzgerald, 1853 (S. Jan. 20 ; 127) 

Quaritch, £3 

* In consequence of unfavourable criticism FitzGerald called in all the 
unsold copies. 

•Calef (R.,) More Wonders of the Invisible World display'd in Five Parts, Includes 
Cotton Mathers, Afflictions of Margaret Rule — Letters to Cotton Mather on 
Witchcraft, Differences between the Inhabitants of Salem Village and their 
Minister, etc., sm. 4to., orig. calf, rebacked, 4to., 1700 (P. Mar. 12 ; 562 

Quaritch, £\2 

•Calendarium Romanum Magnum, diagrams, 20 11., fo., Oppenheym 1588 (H 
Mar. 12 ; 644) 10s. 

•Calentius (E.) Opuscula ; videlicet, Elegiae, Epigrammata, Epistolae, Satyrae, 
etc., mor. ex., with arms, fo. Romae, 1503, (S. Mar. 18 ; 166) Bull, £1 

* Though provided with the Privilege of the Court of Rome it was sup- 
pressed. This copy has the title (often missing), but lacks the last leaf, a blank. 

Callcott (W. ) Principles and Practices of Society of Free and Accepted Masons, 

half bound, uncut, A.L. 5769, A.D. 1769 (S. Jan. 14 ; 385) 

Lafontaine, £1 5s. 
Callot (J.) De droeve Ellendighen van den Oorloogh (the Miseries of War), 18 

etchings, mounted, half bnd., ob. (S. Mar. 3 ; 730) Pickering, 9s. 

Calmet's History of the Holy Bible [and Appendix], 3 vol., pits., russ., 4to., 

1800-1 (S. Feb. 19 ; 395) James, 3s. 

Calvin (John) Institution of Christian Religion (trans, by T. Norton), calf, fo., 

1561 (S. Feb. 2 ; 351) Bull, 6s. 

Sermons on the Epistles to Timothie and Titus, sm. 4to., calf, 1579 (H. 

Mar. 3; 477) 10s. 

Sermons upon the Booke of Job, trans, by A. Golding, 1st Edn., fine copy, 

cont. stamped calf, with initials E. G. and brass bosses, fo., 1574 (S. Feb. 2 
352) Lewis. £3 

Cambuskenneth. Registrum Monasterii S. Marie de Cambuskenneth, port, and 
31 pits., 4to., Edinb., 1872 (S. Feb. 19 ; 636) Ellis, 16s. 

Camden (Wm.) Britannia, ed. by E. Gibson, port., old calf, fo., 1695 (S. Jan 21 ; 
590) Andrews, 8s. 

Another Edn., enlarged by R. Gough, 4 vol., port., maps and pits., half 

russia, fo., 1806 (S. Jan. 13 ; 240) Thornton, £1 7s. 

Another Edn., ed. by E. Gibson, 2 vol., port., and maps, calf, fo., n. d. (S. 

Feb. 18 ; 319) Andrews, 4s. 

-Camerarii Symbolorum et Emble'matum Centurise Tres, 300 engs., sm. 4to., old 

calf, g. e., Typis Voegelinianis, 1605 (H. Jan. 20 ; 422) £1 

Campbell (A.) Sequel to Bulkelev and Cummins's Voyage to the South Sea, 1st 

Edn., uncut, 1747 (S. Jan. 15 ; 784) Wesson, £2 2s. 

(F. A. G.) Annales de la Typographic Neerlandaise, La Haye, 1874-90 (S. 

Jan. 13 ; 86) Leighton, 5s. 

(John) Lives of the British Admirals, 8 vol., ports., calf gilt, m. e., 1817 (S. 

Jan. 20 ; 19) Edwards, 10s. 

(Lord) Lives of the Lord Chancellors, and Chief Justices, 10 vol., calf gilt, 

m.e., 1848-57 (S. Jan. 20 ; 18) Maggs, £2 14s. 

Canning (C. ) Speeches, with Memoir, by Therry, 6 vols., 1828 (H. Jan. 29 ; 429) 


Another Edn., by R. Therry, 6 vol., port., 1836 (S. Feb. 2 ; 90) 

Harding, 16s. 
Canova (Ant.) Works, 2 vol., port, and pits., mor., g. e., 1824 (S. Jan. 20 ; 20) 

Howell, 7s. 

The same, 2 vol., L. P., half russ., uncut, 4to., 1824 (S. Mar. 16 ; 309) 

Andrews, 4s. 
Capella (Galeazzo) L'Anthropologia, veil., Venetia/heredi d'Aldo, 1533 (S. Mar. 

18 ; 108) Barnard, 4s. 

Caraccio (A.) Galeriae Farnesianae Icones, 24 pits., calf, fo., Rome, n. d. (c. 1680) 

(S. Mar. 17 ; 610) Manning, £\ 

L'Imperio Vendicato, poema heroico, engd. title, veil., with the A