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Full text of "Catalogue of the library of the Boston Athenaeum. 1807-1871"





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O . Observations on the mineral waters in the southwest 
ern part of Vu. ; letters. 1 liila., 1843. 8. (B 1564) 
O., F. The government is an effect, not a cause, of the i 

situation of every country. Boston, 1819. 8 U . (B 448) i 
O., J. II. Letter to a clergyman of the Church of Eng. on 

a belief in evangelical doctrines, n.p., [ISl-?]. 8". 

(B 1359) 
- HOXVDKN, J. Letter from a churchman to his friend 

in New Haven, cont. strictures on a pamphlet signed 

,1. 11. O. New Haven, 1808. 8. (B 290) 
O., Jo/.eiiiie. Wajdelotka czyli dolina Aleksoty, 

powiesc. \Varszawa, 1844. 3 torn. IS". 
O., X. Etudes sur quelques langues 

sauvages do I Amerique. Montreal, I860. 8. 
O., It. Short questions and answeares, cont. the 

summe of Christian religion. Loud., 1600. 8. 
O., W. New llebrew-Eng. lexicon. London, 

S. Bagster, 1845. 10. 
O., Y.; a Danish romance; by II. C. Andersen. 

X. Y., 1870. 8. 

O temporu. I hila., 1803. 12. (D 35) fountain; pub. by the Oahu Temperance Soc., Jan. 

1-Oct. 1. Honolulu, 1847. 4". (E 168) 
Oak, The. MICHAI:X, A. Ilistoire des chcnes de 

1 Amerique. Paris, 1801. f. 

LINCOLN, B. Remarks on the cultivation of the oak. 

(In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 11. 1814.) 
Oak openings, The ; or, The Bee-hunter ; by J. F. 

Cooper; illust. by Darley. X. Y., 1864. 8". 
Oak Orchard. MKRCIIANT. O. W. History and analysis 

of Oak Orchard acid mineral springs. Buffalo, 

1850. 8". (C 270) 
Oakeley, Frederick. Historical notes of the tracta- 

rian movement, 1833-45. London, 1865. 12. 

Position of a Catholic minority in a non-Catholic 

country. (In Manning, II. E. Essays. 1865.) 
Oakes, C. II. Who s who in 1851, 53-55, 59. 

London, n.d. 4 v. f". 
Oakes, John. Description of a self recording instrument 

for taking the sun s altitude without an artificial or 

natural horizon. (In Amer. Assoc. 1 roc., v. 13. 

Oakes, Urian. New England pleaded with to consider the 

things which concern her peace; sermon, May 7. 

Camb., 1673. 4". (B76) 
Oakes, Win. Scenery of the White Mts. ; with 

plates from the drawings of I. Sprague. 

Boston, 1848. 4". 
Oakfield ; or, Fellowship in the East; by W. D. 

Arnold. Boston, 1855. 12". 
Oakley, Henry A. Outline of a course of Eng. reading, 

based on that prepared for the Merc. Lib. Assoc. of 

X. Y., by Kent; with add. by C. King. X. Y.,1853. 

8". (C 199) 
Oakley, AVr. J. The religious difficulty in education. 

(In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1866.) 
Oasis, The; ed. by Mrs. L. M. Child. Boston, 

1834. 12". 
Dates, Titus. True narrative of the plot and conspiracy of 

the Popish party. London, 1679. f. (A 53) 

ELLIOT, A. Modest vindication of O. from perjury. 

London, 1682. f. (A 53) 

HLK and cry after O. London, 1681. f. (A 53) 

L KsTRANGE, 11. Discovery upon discovery, in de 

fence of O. against B. W. s libellous vindication of 
him. 2d ed. London, 1680. 4. (B 10, 12) 

Further discovery of the plot; ded. to O. 4th ed. 

London. 16S1. 4". (B 10, 12) 

LETTER from a friend in London to another at Sala 

manca. London, 1681. f. (A 53) 

MANIFESTO; or. The complaint of O. against the doc 

tor of Salamanca and the same doctor against O. 
London, 168:5. f. (A 53) 

- MEMOIRS of O. (In Somers, J. Col. of tracts. 2d 
ed., v. 9. 1813.) 

SALAMANCA doctor s comment upon the proclamation 

for apprehending Col. J. Rumsey and others for 
conspiring to kill the king. Lond., 1683. f. (A 53) 

VINDICATION of O.from Hue and cry . London, 1681. 

f. (A 53) 

W.. B. Additional discovery of R. L Estrange, his 

Further discovery of the Popish plot wherein O. 
and the King s evidences arc vindicated. London, 
1680. f. (A 53) 

2T2. (22. 10. 78.) 


, PENN, W. Treatise of oaths. [1675.1 (In 
hi-. .Select works, v. 2. 1782.) 

MISOIU-LS, pxeud. The Anti-Quaker; or, Answer to 

A treatise of oaths , subscribed by a jury of 12 
Quakers, W. Peon, [and others]. London, 1676 4" 

- SANDERSON, 11., Bp. of iMndon. De jununenti 

promissorii obligatione. Londini, 1G76. f". 
Same. Londini, 16 J6. 8". 

- WILLARD, S. Brief dise. cone, the ceremony 

of laying the hand 041 the Bible in swearing. 

London, 1689. 4". 
Same. (In Whitmore, W. II. Andros tracts. 1868. 

Prince Soc.) 
Fear of an oath; sermon, Jan. 30, 1700. Boston, 1701. 

16". (C 51) 

- LA PLACKTTE, J. Truite du sermeiit. La 

Haye, 1701. 111". 

OATHS appointed to be taken instead of the oaths of 

allegiance and supremacy and declaration, 1702. 
(In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc , 1858-60.) 

- BOULTER, H. Obligation of the oaths to the govern 

ment and the pretences for breaking them, July 31. 
London, 1716. 8". (B 56) 

REYNOLDS, T. Hardships occasioned by the oaths to 

the present government. 4th ed. London, 1716. 8". 
(C71, 285) 

GUEE.N, K. The benefit of oaths to civil society; ser 
mon, July 5, 1744. [London,] 1745. 4. (B 56) 

DV.MONU, J. Oaths ; their moral character and effects. 

Phila.,[18-J- 12. (B 1770) 

- BKNTHAM, J. Needlessness, etc., of an oath. 

London, 1817. 8. 

JOHNSON, \V. L. Xature, use, and lawfulness of 

oaths; disc., Oct. 19, 1823. Trenton, 1824. 8. (B 
1779, W 3) 

- LEWIS, E. Dissertation on oaths. Phila., 

1838. 12. 

Git. BRIT. Commissioners [on] the Oaths, etc. 

Report. London, 1867. 8". 


- TYLER, J. E. Oaths, their history, etc. Lon 

don, 1834. 8". 
Set alto Swearing. 

Oatnessiana ; or, Capt. Ord s return. (In Fraser s mag., 
v. 77, 78. 1868.) 

Obadiah of liar tenor a. Commentaries. (In Mishna, v. 1. 

Obadiah. See Bible (p. 281). 

Obando, maty, de. Carta sobre la inundacion del Calico, y 
terremotos, etc., de Limn. (In Valladares, A. Se- 
manario erudito, v. 16. 1788.) 

Obe River. BALAK, J. Voyage to Sibier and the Oh. 
HfRROL till, S. Voyage towards the Ob. 1556. (In 
Hakluyt, It. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1809.) 

Obedience. SANDERSON, K. Letter on the meas 
ure of obedience to be paid to an usurped authority, 
[1648?]. (In D Oyly, U. Life of Bancroft. 1821.) 

Dt MouLiN, P. Vindication of the Protestant 

religion in point of obedience to sovereigns. 
London, 1664. 4. 

Sume. 4th ed. London, 1679. 4. (A 30) 

Sdine. (In Bray, T. .Papal usurpation. 1712.) 

Heplie to a person of honour his answer to Vindica 
tion , etc. London. 1675. 4". (B 1396) 

ENQUIRY into the measures of submission to the su 

preme authority. (In Collection of papers, pt. 2. 

SEASONABLE reflections on [Seller s] History of pas 

sive obedience since the Reformation . London, 
1689AJO. 4. (B4) 

PASSIVE obedience in actual resistance; remarks upon 

a paper by G. Hicks. London, 1691. 4. (B 4) 

HOADLY, B. The measures of submission to 

the civil magistrate considered, in a defense of 
the doctrine in a sermon preached Sept. 29, 
1705. 2d ed. London, 1708. 16. 
Same. 5th ed. London, 1718. 16. 

VINDICATION of the Bp. of Exeter, occasioned by B. 

Hoadly s Reflections on his sermons of government . 
London, 1709. 8. (C 231) 

BLAOKIIALL, O. Answer to B. Hoadly s Letter. Lon 

don, 1709. 8. (B 100, C 231) 




VINDICATION of the Bp. of Salisbury and passive 

obedience, with remarks on a spct-ch under his 
name and postscript. London, 1710. 8". (C 228) 
-- BERKELEY, U. Passive obedience, or th- Christian 
doctrine of not resisting the supreme power proved 
and vindicated, 1712. (In hit Works, v. 2. 1784; 
v. 3. 1871.) 

OBEDIENCE the best charter; or, Law the only sane. 

lion of liberty; letter to Dr. i rice. London, 1776. 
8. (B 379) 

FEUEHHACH, P. J. A. Anti-IIobbes, oder iiber 

die Grenzeii der hochsten Gewalt und das 
Zwangsrecht dor Burger gegen den Ober- 
herrn. Giessen, [1797]. 12". 

AKULMKNT on military obedience; by a half-pay offi 

cer. (In Pamphleteer, 1820 ; v. 17 of B 838) 

CIIKINTIAN S obligation, The, to obey the civil magis 

trate; sermon. Jan. BO; by a presbyter. London, 
1827. 8 U . (B 1248) 

HILL, T. Law; a sermon. Boston, 1846. 8. (B 1293) 

WAYLAND, F. Duty of obedience to the civil magis 

trate; three sermons. Boston. 1847. 8". (B 1304) 

WooniitKY, A. We ought to obey Uod rather than 

men. Concord, 1850. _S U . (B 1306) 

KICIIAKDSON, J. Christian obedience to civil govern 

ment; sermon, llinghum, Feb. 2. n.j>., 1851. 8". 

(B 1300) 

Sre ulso Allegiance; Charles I. A ote; Oaths. 
Obedience due to the present king, notwithstanding our 

oaths to the former; by [F. FullwoodJ. London, 

]8y. 4 U . (B 6) 
Obedience of H Christian man ; by W. Tyndale. (In his 

Doctrinal treatises. 1848.) 
O Beirne, James. New views of the process of 

defecation, and their application to pathology ; 

with correct, of Sir O. hell s Views of the 

nerves of the face. "Wash., 1834. 8". 
O Beirne, Thomas Lewis, lip. Sermon at St. Paul s, 

N. Y., llrst Sunday after English churches were 

opened on Uen. Howe s taking the town. X. Y., 

1776. 8". (B 363) 
Sermons. London, 1799. 8". 

Sermons on important subjects. London, 

1813-21. 2 v. 8". 

VINCENT, W. A defence of public education, in an 

swer to O U. s discourse at the anniversary meeting 
of the charity children. 2d ed. London, 1812. 8" 
(B 1410) 

Obelisks. FONTANA, I). Delia transportation del 
obulisco vaticano e dellu fabriche di Sisto v. 
Koma, 1590. f". 

- STUAKT, J. De obelisco (Jicsaris Augusti. 

Homa-, 1750. f". 

Ober, Robert. Letter to Drs. Miller, etc. [Dated at the be 
ginning Oct. 2, 1823, at the end Mar. 10, 1824.1 n.t.v. 
8". (B964) 

Oberamraergau. BLACKHUKN, II. Art in the 
mountains ; story of the passion play. Lon 
don, 1870. 4". 

- SKLLAK, A. C. The passion-play in the high 

lands of havaria. Kdin., London, 1871. Hi". 

STANLEY, A. 1*. The Ammergau mystery ; or, Sacred 

drama of I860. (hi kin Essays on church and state. 

- WATTS, Mm. A. M. H. The miracle-play at O. (In 

her Art-student in Munich, eh. 4. 18;~>4.) 
Oberlausitzischer Gesellschaft der Wissenchaften. See 

Oberlin, Jean Frederic. Memoirs. Lond., 1829. 8. 
- Same. With introd. by II. Ware, Jr. Boston, 

1845. 12". 
Oberlin College. FAIHCHILD, J. II. Oberlin, its 

origin, prog., and results. Oberlin, I860. 8". 
Oberon. .W Wieland, C. M. 

Oberon, Konig der Ellen : ein Singspiel. Sff Wranitzky I 
Oberon, ud.-r Hug von Bordeaux. (In Simrock, K. iK-ut- 

schen Volksbilcher, v. 10. 1864.) 
Oberon a vision. .sVe Halpin, X. J. 
Obertug. Annales Oenuenscs. (/// Muratori, L A. Scr 

v. 6. 1725; ,,,id in Pertz, (J. II. Mon. Germ " 

Her., v. 18. 1863.) 

Obi; or, The history of three-fingered Jack, in 
letters from Jamaica. Worcester, 1804. 12". 
Obituary notices. See Crosby, X. 

Object lessons. CAI.KINS, X. A. Primary object 
lessons. X. Y., 1870. 8". 

Objections to the project of creating a vice chancellor of 
England. (In Pamphleteer, 1813; v. 1 of B 838; 
alto B 1432) .See Observations occas. by Objec 
tions . 

Objects of the expedition [to] the islands of the Scheldt. 
London, 1809. 8". (B 785) 

Obligations. MrKHLEXKiircn, C. F. Die Lehre 
von der Cession der Forderungsrechte ; nach 
clem Grundsat/eii des rom. Itechts. 3e veim. 
Ann. Greifswald, 1836. 8". 

- PoTimut, K. J. Traite des obligations scion 

les regies tant du for de la conscience que 
du for exterieur. Xouv. ed. Paris, 1827. 
2 v. 12". 

Obokiah, Henry, und others. Narrative of five youths from 
the Sandwich Islands, now receiving an education 
in this country. X. Y., 1810. 8. (A 455, 521) 

- BIOGRAPHICAL notice of O. (In Choctaws. CIIAIITA 

holisso a tukla. 1S27.) 
Obolenski, Yevgenii. Souvenirs d un exile en Sibe- 

rie ; tr. par A. Gulit/in. Lp/., 18(i2. 18". 
Obotrites. MASCII, A. G. Die gottesdienstliehen 

Altcrthiimer der Obotriten /u Khetra. Ber- 

lin, [1772]. 4". 
LKVK/.OW, K. Ueber die Aechtheit der sogenannten 

obotritischen Runendcnkmaler -/.\\ Neu - Strelitz. 

(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abli., 1834.) 
Obraz siwiata. Warszawa, 1843. 2 v. 8". 
Obrecht, 11 rich. Alsaticarum rerum prodromus. 

Argentowiti, KJ81. 4". 
NICEKON, .7. 1 . (Inhia Mem., v. 34. 1736; and, Germ., 

v. -J1-. 1761.) 
Obregon, Marcos de. KSPINF.L. V. Relaciones de la vida 

del escudero M. de Obregon. (Jn Rosell, C. Nov. 

post, a Cervantes, v. 1. 1851.) 
O Brien, Edward. The lawyer, his character and 

rule of holy life. London, 1842. 12". 

- Sa>c. Phila., 1843. 8". 

O Brien, Henry. Hound towers of Ireland, or 
mysteries of freemasonry, Sabaism, Budhism. 
London, 1834. 8". 

O Brien, John. Exertions of the O Brien family, at Machias, 
in the Revolution. (Jn Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 2. 

O Brien, Matthew. Mathematical geography. (In Manual 
of ireoi;. science, v. 1. 1852.) 

O Brien, Richard. Message from the Pres. of the U . &. 
communicating a letter from R. O Brien [on] trans 
actions before Tripoli. Wash., 1802. 8. (B 504) 

O Brien, Thomas. Reliques of Irish minstrelsy 
collected in Munster, 1645-1834. MS. 

O Brien, Thomas M., and Diefendorf, O. General 
orders of the [U.S.J War Department, 18(51- 
63. X. Y., 1864. 5 v. 8. 

O Brien, Wm. Cross purposes; a farce. Dublin, 1773. 12". 
(C 146) 

- Same. (In Collection of farces, v. 6. 1792; and in 

London stage, v. 2. [182-].) 
O Brien, Win. Smith. Education in Ireland. (In Central 

Soc. of Educ. Pub., v. 3. 1839.) 
O Bryen, Denis. I trum horum? the government or the 

country? 4th ed. London, 1796. 8. (B 786) 
Obsequens, Julius. Qua> supersunt ex libro de pro- 

digiis ; cum animadversionibus J. Schefferi 

et supplementis C. Lycosthenis ; curante F. 

Oudendorpio. Lugd. Bat, 1720. 8. 

- S<IMC. Cum animadv. Schefferi et Ouclen- 

dorpii ; ace. Snpj)l. Lycosthenis cur. J. 
Kappio. Our. Hegnit, 1772. 8. 

- De prodigiis. cum suppl. C. Lycosthenis. (In Maxi- 

mus, V. De dictis, v. 3. 1823.) 

Observation. BCKTOX, W. Observing faculties. 
X. Y., 1865. 24". 

- EASTI.AKE. O. L. How to observe. (In his Contrih., 

v. 2. 1870.) 

MILIZIA, F. Art cle voir dans les beaux art; 
de Pommereul. Paris, 

tr. par [F. H. J.] 

an 6 [1798]. 8. 



- MrniE, II. Popular guide to the observation 

of nature. X. Y., [1832]. 1C". (Harper s 
fam. lib., v. .57.) 

SENEKIER, J. Essai sur 1 art d observer et de 
fa ire des experiences. 2e ed. Geneve, 1802. 
3 v. 8". 

Observateur hollnndois, L ; ou, le - 40e lettre de 
M. Van ** [J. X. Moreau]. La Haye 
[Paris], 1755-58. 5 v. 12. 
Observations addressed to landholders. London, 1831. 8. 

(B 934) 
Observations et memoires sur la physique ; par 

Kozier. Paris, 1773-93. 44 v. 8. 
Note. Vol. 1-12 par Kozier; 13-16, II. et M. J. A. 
Mongez; 17-26, II. et M. J. A. Mongez le jeune; 27-43, 
It., Si. lejeune, et J. C. dc la Metherie. For continua 
tion see. Journal de physique, etc. 

Obsjrvations in justification of the establishment of wet 
docks in the 1 ort of London. London, 1817. 8. 
(B 1746) 

O o33rvations leading to a fair examination of the 
system of government proposed by the late 
convention ; in letters from the Federal 
farmer [R. II. Lee], n.p., 1787. 8". 

A ote. App., with continuous pagination, An 
additional number of letters. 1788 . 

- Samf,icit/toiit the Additional letters, n.p , 1777 [error 

for 1787]. 1-2. (B65, 613) 
Observations occasioned by Objections to the project of 

creating a vice-chancellor". London, 1813. 8. (B 

Observations on a late pamphlet, [Burke s] Considerations 

upon the Soc. of the Cincinnati . Phila., 1783. 8. 

(B472, 630, 2512) 
Observations on a late state of the nation ; [by E. Burke]. 

4th ed. London, 1769. 8. (B 1706) 
Observations on a letter from Noah Webster, Jr.; pub. in 

the I anoplist: by an old fashioned churchman. 

New Haven. 1809. 8. (B 2017) 
Observations on A letter to the Duke of Portland , [on] 

revenue; [with] the state of the distilling trade of 

Ireland. Dublin, 1782. 8. (W 29) 
Observations on a pamphlet [by J. Macpherson] intitled 

A short history of the opposition , n.t.p. [Lon 
don, 1779.] 8. (B 1521) 
Observations (in A plan of the London dock . London, 

1794. 8. (B 1747) 
Observations on contagion; as it relates to the plague and 

other epidemical diseases. Lond., 1819. 8. (B 866) 
Observations on free-masonry; with a masonic vision ; by 

a lady in Worcester. Worcester, 1798, 8. (B 530) 
Observations on government incl. some animadversions on 

Adams s defence of the constitutions of the U. 8., 

and on de Loime s constitution of England ; by a 

firmer of X. Jersey. N. Y., 1787. 8. (B 701) 
Observations on Ld. Hath u rat s speech, Mar. 18, 1817. (fn 

Pamphleteer, 1818; v. 12 of B 838) 
Observations on medical reform. (In Pamphleteer, 1814; 

v. 3 of B 83S) 
Observations on Mr. Burke s Speech on Fox s India bill. 

London, 1784. 8. (B 1537) 
Observations on public principles and characters 

with ref. to recent events [in the U. S.], 

November, n.p., 1820. 8. 
Observations on several acts of Parl. [of 4, 6. 7 George I.] ; 

by merchants of Boston. Boston, 1769. 8. (B 610, 

Observations on several authors and books in the Eng. and 

foreign languages. (In Pamphleteer, 1813; v. 2 of 

B 838) 

Observations on the agriculture, manufactures, and com 
merce of the U. 8. N. Y., 1789. 8. (B 417) 
Observations on the commerce of Spain with her colonies 

in time of war; by a Spaniard. Phila., 1800. 8. (B 

Observations on the conduct of Gr. Brit, with regard to the 

negociations and other trans, abroad. London, 

1729. 8-. (B 757) 
Observations on the different breeds of sheep, etc. Edin., 

179J. 8". (W60) 
Observations on the doctrines and uncharitableness, eti:., of 

J. Parsons of Newbury. Boston, 1757. 8. (B 156; 
Observations on the emigration of J. Priestley; witli a 

comprehensive story of a farmer s bull. 3d ed. 

Phila., 1795. 8. (C 156) 

Observations on the evil effects produced in the human con 
stitution by stimulating food and spiritons liquors. 

2d ed. (hi Pamphleteer, 1818; v. 12 of B 838") 

Observations on the fifth article of treaty with America; 

with an app. n.p., 1783. 8". (B 674, 682, 1522) 
Observations on the homilies of the Ch. of Kng. London, 

1790. 8. (B 1916) 
Observations on the Lord s prayer, on Christian perfection, 

and on prayer in general. Loud., 1819. &". (B 273; 
Observations on the nature and use of paper-credit. Phila., 

1781. 8". (W 54) 
Observations on the new constitution, and on the federal 

and state conventions; by a Columbian patriot. 
. n.t.p. [Boston? 17.] 8. (B615, C 265) 

Same. Boston, X. Y., reprinted, 1788. 8". (B 701) 
Observations on the original architecture of .St. 

Mary Magdalen College, Oxford. London, 
1823. 8". 

Observations on tuc peculiar case of the Whig merchants, 
indebted to Gr. Brit, at the commencement of the 
late war. N. Y., 1785. 8. (B 635) 

Observations on the plan for estab. a dispensary and med 
ical society. London, 177U. 8. (B 836) 

Observations on the present financial embarrassments. 
London, 1831. 8". (B 931) 

Observations on the presidential veto, with a plan for a 
change of the constitution rel. to this power. Bos 
ton, 1842. 8". (B 1499) 

Observations on the prevailing abuses in the British army, 
arising from the corruption of civil government. 
London, 1775. 8. (B 368, 1719) 

Observations on the proposition for increasing the means 
of theolog. educ. at the Univ. in Cambridge; [by 
W. K. Charming], Camb., 1816. 8". (B 461) 

Observations on the reflections of E. Burke on the Kevolu- 
tion in France; [by Mrs. C. 8. Macaulayl. London, 

1790. 8. (W61) 

Same. Boston, 1791. 8. (B 709) 

Observations on the religion, law, government, 
and manners of the Turks ; [by Sir J. Por 
ter]. Dublin, 1768. 2 v. in 1. 12. 

Observations on the river Potomack, the country adjacent, 
and the city of Washington. X. Y.,1794. 8". (W 17) 

Observations on the single query proposed cone, thechoice 
of Parl. men for the city, n.t.p. [167 ?] f. (A 54) 

Observations on the sinking fund. Loud., 1810. 8. (B 786) 

Observations on the utility of patents. 4th ed. London, 

1791. 8". (C 56) 

Observations on the whale-fishery, n.p., [1789?]. 8. (W 17) 

Observations on the writings of the Craftsman, [by J. 
Hervey]. London, 1730. 8. (B 668) 

Observations on thoughts on executive justice; added, a 
letter on the same. London, 1786. 8. (C 114) 

Observations upon the conduct and behaviour of the Meth 
odists, (hi Whitefleld, G. Answer to Observ. 
1744. (B 583) 

Observations upon the congregational plan of church gov 
ernment. See Congregational Churches in Mass. 
Convention of Minixtern. (B 16, 194, 1092, 2501) 

Observations upon the Memorial and report of citizens of 
Boston, opposed to an increase of duties on impor 
tations. Prov., 1828. 8. (B 1511) 

Observations upon the state of the nation in Jan. 1712/.3. 
2d ed. London, 1713. 8. (B 589) 

Observations upon the statutes, from Magna 
Charta to the 21st of James i. ; [by D. Har 
rington]. 2d ed. London, 1766. 4. 

Observator, pseud. See L Estrange, K. 

Observator, The. Vol. 1. 1702-03; [by J. 
Tutchin]. London, 1703. f. 

Observatory. See Brussels ; Dudley Observatory ; 
Harvard College ; Georgetown College ; Green 
wich ; St. Helena ; St. Martin ; Toronto. 

Observer. Two concluding articles of an observer [against 
a national bank], n.p., [183-?]. 8. (B 1543) 

Observer, The ; [by II. Cumberland. No. 1-40.] 
2d ed. London, 1785. 8. 

Same. No. 1-152. (In Chalmers, A. Brit, essayists, 

v. 41-44. 1810.) 
Observer, The. June 3, 1804; Mar. 2, 1806. London, 1804- 

06. f. (E 198) 

Observing. See Observation. 
Obsopoeus. See, Opsopoeus. 
Obsta Principiis, pxi-iul. See Principiis, O. 
Obstacle favorable, L ; en tin acte. See Le Sage, A. K. 
Obstetrics. See Midwifery ; al*o Fecundity ; Foetus ; 

Generative Organs ; Ovariotomy. 
O Callaghan, Edmund Burke. History of the Xew 

Netherland or. X. Y. under the Dutch. 

X. Y., 1846-48. 2 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1. 1492-1647. 2. 1646-64. 




^ Documentary hist, of N. V. Marriage licenses issued 
before 1784. See N. Y. Seiretary of State (p. 2120). 

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See alx<> Marine : Maritime ; Naval ; 
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See al*o Polynesia ; Voyages round the world. 

A ote. Many of tin- voyagis mentioned under 
South America describe part of Oceanica. 


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Por la Pnente .Tuana ; Kl perro del hortelano ; Si 
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vida es sueiio; Casa con dos puertas mala cs dc Gu- 
ardar; La dcvocion de la Cruz; Kl mayor monstnio 
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Clavijo y Fajardo. A. de Capmani y de Montpalau. 
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A. de la Vega. J. de Timoneda. R. Cota y F. 
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Kojas G. Vicente. J. de la Cueva. J. Romero de 
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escogido. 4, 5. Teatro e*<O(/iito ilem/e tl i{//o XVH 
fiaxtti nuextiox <tia*. 4. de Molina. A. M. de 
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A. Moreto. F. de Rojas. J. It. de Alarcon. M. 
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Xote. Vol. 2 is entitled History of the Saracens. 




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etc. Tafeln. 

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r> iri u I f ( /M T R y- I"sh Acad. Trans., v. 14. 1825.) 
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Britannia depicta; or, Ogilby improved. See Owen, J. 




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The principles of organic architecture as 

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Content*. Study of mathematical science. Nature, 
extent, and limits of human knowledge. The modern 
abuse of moral fiction. Supplementary narrative. 
Address. Appendix. 

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prophecy in behalf of the Ohr. rejigion ; sermon 

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2d part: The pretended democracy of Martin Van 

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pital (p. 1778). 

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1859. 8". 

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etc. (In Georgia Hist. Soc. Col., v. 1. 1840.) 

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IMPARTIAL account of the late expedition 

against St. Augustine under O. London, 
1742. 8". 

Another copy. (B 920) 

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his expedition to St. Augustine. (In Carroll, B. It. 
Hist, col., v. 2. 1836.) 

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Oglio or Ollio River. Ma p. Desegno del ponte, et fortifi 
cation! fatte dalli imperial! sopra il flume Olio al 
conlino del Crcmonese, Bressano, et Mantovano. 
./>., [16]. (E 78, no. 1921) ) 

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(In Hand-book of the Democracy. 1864.) 
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Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1861.) Amendment of the 

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chronic ophthalmia, etc., and on remittent 
fever. London, 1824. 8". 

Yellow fever on the south and east coasts of 

Spain. London, 1823. 8". 

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esteemed farces, v. 3. 17U2.) 

Midas. (In Scott, Sir \V. Hrit. dr., v. 3. 1810; 

and in Collection of most est. farces, v. 2. 17<J2.) 

Tom Thumb; a burlesque opera. (In London stage, 
v. 2. [182-. V J.) Two misers. (In v. 3.) 

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65. Columbus, 1861-6.3. 5 v. 8". 

Canal Coininitxiomrn. Report, with aecomp. docu 

ments. Columbus. 1824. 8. (B 902) Report, 
[Jan. 8]. Columbus, 1825. 8". (B 902) Dec. 12. 
n.p., 1825. (B901, 1108) 

Commissioner of Statistics. Ann. report, 1858- 
61. Columbus, 1859-62. 4 v. 8". 

Convention of 1802. Letter from T. Worthington in 

closing an ordinance passed by the convention, with 
the constitution, n.p., 1802. 8 . (B 502) 
See. also Politics (COKRY). 

- Geologist. 2d annual report, [by W. W. 

Mather and assistants]. Columbus, 1838. 8. 

Governor. Annual message of [C. Anderson], 

1866. Columbus. 1866. 8". 

Legislature. Legislative documents, 1850-51, 

53. Columbus, 1850-53. 2 v. 8". 
Report of special committee appointed by legislature 

on the geological survey of O. Columbus, 1830. 8". 

(E 110) 
Report of the standing committee on the currency ; in 

the senate by M. King, Jan. 10. Columbus, 1838. 

4. (B 1543) 
NOTICES of the Ho. of Rep. of Ohio, Jan., 

1856. Columbus, 1857. 8". 

- Secretary of State. Annual report on the con 

dition of common schools. 1848, 50, 51. 
Columbus, 1849-52. 3 v. 8". 

- State Board of Agriculture. 5th, 10th -17th 

annual reports, 1850, 55-62. Columbus, 
Chillicothe, 1850-62. 9 v. 8". 

Note. The 12-17th reports contain an abstract 
of the proc. of the county agricultural societies. 

State Commissioner of Common Schools. [1st], 

10th annual report. Columbus, 1855-64. 
2 v. 8". 

- - Superintendent of Common Schools. Annual 

report. Columbus, 1839. 8". 
See alao Secretary of State. 

ATVATER, C. Description of antiquities in O., etc. 

(In Amer. Antiq. Soc. Trans., v. 1. 1820.) 

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Assoc. Proc.. v. 6. 1852.) 

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(In Smithsonian Inst. Contrib.. v. 3. 1S52.) 


HIT,I>RETH. S. P. Biographical and hist, me 

moirs of the early pioneer settlers of Ohio. 
Cincin., 1852. 8". 

See alxo Butler Co. ; Marietta ; and, back, 


HILDRETII, S. P. Original contrib. to the Amer pio 

neer, [1778-1842. Marietta?] 1844. 8. (E 110^ 

EXPLANATION of the map of the lands between Perm. 

West line, the Rivers Ohio and Scioto and Lake Krie 
Salem, 1787. S. (D 1) 

- HARRIS, T. M. Journal of a tour into the 

N. W. territory, made in 1803 ; with a geo 
graphical and historical account of O. Bos 
ton, 1805. 8". 

Same. [Geog. and hist, account only. 1S03 1 MS 

(B 995) 

Kn.iiofR.v. J. ()hi( 

bus, 1821. 12". 

- GENERAL description of the state of O. n.t.p. [1826.] 

1- . (C 277) 

- HlLDRETH, S. P. Ten days in O., 1832. [Pages from 

the Amer. jour, of sei., v. 25.] (E 110) 

Observations made during a tour in 1835, to the Falls 

of Ouyiihogn. [Pages from the Amer. jour, of sci. 
v. 31.] (E110) 

- MICHIGAN sentinel extra. 1835. [Documents rel. to 

the boundary between Michigan and Ohio.] (B 1495) 

;a/etteer. 7th ed. Colum- 




ROBERTS, S. W. On the topog. of the states of Penn. 

and O., [1848]. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., v. 1. 1849.) 
See ulyo Cincinnati ; Clinton Co. ; Marietta. 


- TAYLOR, J. W. History of the state of O., 

1650-1787. Cincin., 1854. 8. 

- HOWE, II. Historical col. of O., [1673-1843]. 

Cincin., 1847. 8. 

- HARRIS, T. M. See, Description. 

BUTTERFIELD, O. W. Introil. cont. a hist, of the state 

from the discovery of the Mississippi River, [1673]- 
1817. (In his llist. of Seneca Co. 1848.) 

AT WATER, C. History of O., natural and 

civil, [1680-1837]. Cincin., [1838]. 8. 

CHAUNCY, C. Letter to a friend; giving a concise 

ace. of theO. defeat. Boston, 1755. 4. (B 649) 

CHASE, 8. P. Sketch of the history of O., [1787-1832]. 

Cincin., 1833. 8. (A. 43) 

ATWATEK, C. General character and prospects of the 

people of O.; address, 1826. Columbus, 1827. 8. 
(B 936) 

- REID, W. Ohio in the war, [1861-65]. Cin 

cin., 1868. 2 v. 8". 

See also Cincinnati ; Knox Co. ; Marietta ; 
Maumee Valley ; Ohio Citizens ; Seneca Co. ; 
Steubenville; also Soldier s Aid Soc. of N. O. 

Natural history. 

DESCRIPTION du sol, des productions, etc., de cette por 

tion des Etats-Unis situeeentre la Penn.,les rivieres 
de 1 Ohio et du Scioto et le lac Erie. Paris, 1789. 8. 

WHITTLESEY, C. Physical geology of eastern O. 

(In Boston Soc. of Nat. Hist. Mem., v. 1. 1866-69.) 
Seealtso, above, History (ATWATER, C. History). 


CHASE, 8. P. Politics in O. ; letter to A. P. Edgerton, 

Nov. 11. [Cincinnati], 1853. 8. (B 1505) 

CORRY, W. M. Speech, with the proposed amend 

ments to the constitution, March 11. n.p., 1857. 8. 

(B 1508) 

Save the canals. Cincin., 1857. 8. (B 1508) 

Ohio, Prot. Episc. Church in. See Prot. Episc. Ch. in Ohio. 
Ohio, Soldiers Aid Society of Northern. See Soldiers 

Aid Society of N. O. 
Ohio Anti-Slavery Society. Narrative of the proc. against 

the liberty of the press in Cincinnati. Cincin., 

18:i6. 8. (B 1120) 
Ohio Bible Soc. He-port of the proceedings. Marietta, O., 

1816. 8. (B 460) 
Ohio Canal. Commencement of the Ohio Canal, at the 

Licking summit, July 4. Lancaster, 1825. 8. 

(B 1108) 

See also Ohio : Canal Commissioners. 
Ohio Citizens. Celebration of the 47th anniv. of 

the first settlement of the state of O. Cincin., 

1835. 8. 

- Another copy. (B 1172) 

Ohio educational monthly ; E. E. White, ed. Vol. 

14. Columbus, 1865. 8. 
Ohio Falls. IMPROVEMENT of the Falls, n.p.. [18461. 8. 

(B 1605) 

Ohio Historical and Philosophical Society. Trans. 

Vol. 1, pt. 2. Cincin., 1838-39. 2 v. 8. 
Content*. Burnet, J. Letters relating to the early 
settlement of the North-western territory. Walker, 
T. Annual disc., 1837. Harrison, W. H. Discourse 
on the aborigines of the valley of the Ohio. Perkins, 
J. II. Disc, deliv. before the Ohio Hist. Soc. Worth- 
ington, J. T. Essay on the origin and progress of po 
litical communities. Nye, A. Fragment of the early 
history of Ohio ; Address, Marietta, 48th anniv. of the 
first settlement of the State. 

Ohio Indians. PENNSYLVANIA. Commis. to Treat 
with the Indians. Treaty held with the Ohio Indians; 
report, n.t.p. [1753.] f. (A 24) 

SMITH, W. Historical ace. of the exped. 

against the Ohio Indians, 1764, under H. 
Bouquet ; Reflections on the war with the 
savages ; Account of the Indian country ; 
with lists of nations, fighting men, towns, 
etc. Phila., 1766. 4. 

273. (26. 10. 78.) 

Same. With a preface by Francis Parkman. 

Cincin., 1868. 8. 

Note. For other editions and Irans. see Bouquet, 
II. (p. 358). 

Ohio Land Company. WALKER, C. M. History 

of Athens County, O., and incidentally of 

the O. Land Company, etc. Cincin., 1869. 

8. (Ohio Valley Hist, ser., no. 2.) 
Ohio Lunatic Asylum. 3d annual report, n.o., 1837. 8 

(B 1132) 
Ohio Mechanics Institute. Report of the 3d annual fair. 

Cincin., 1840. 8. (B 1185) 
Ohio River. CUMINGS, S. Western navigator; 

cont. directions for the navigation of the O. 

and Miss. Phila., 1822. 2 v. (v. 1, a folio 

vol. of maps, w.). 8. 

ASHE, T. Memoirs of Mammoth bones found in the 

vicinity of the Ohio, Wabash, Illinois, etc. Liver 
pool. 1806. 8. (B 685) 

ELLET, C. Mississippi and O. Rivers; practi 

cability, etc., of improving navigation of the 
O. and other rivers, etc. Phila., 1853. 8". 

HILDRETH, S. P. History of an early voyage on the 

O. and Mississippi rivers, with hist, sketches. (In 

his Original contrib. to the Amer. pioneer. 1844.) 
HUTCHINS, T. Topographical description of 

Virginia, etc., comprehending the O. and 

Mississippi. London, 1778. 8. 

Another copy. (B 343) 

Same. Boston, 1787. 12. (C 64) 

RAFINESQCE, C. S. Ichthyologia Ohioensis; or, Natu. 

ral hist, of the fishes [in] the O. River. Lexington, 

1820. 8. (B 954) 
Ohio River Improvement Co. PENNSYLVANIA. General 

Assembly. Act to incorporate the Co. Phila. ,1855. 

8. (B 1605) 

See also Ohio Falls ; Ohio Valley. 

Ohio Theological Seminary. Statement relative to an in 
tended theological seminary in the diocese of Ohio. 

n.t.p. [London, 1824.] 8. (B 566) 
Ohio University. WALKER, C. M. History of Ohio Univ. 

(In his History of Athens Co. 1869.) 
Ohio Valley. DRAKE, D. Geological account of 

the Valley of the O. (In Amer. Phil. Soc. Trans., 

n.s., v. 2. 1825.) 

HILDRETH, S. P. Pioneer hist. ; first examina 

tions of the Ohio Valley. Cincin., 1848. 8. 

- Observations on the bituminous coal deposits of the 

Valley of the O., 1836. [From the Amer. journ. of 
sci.,v. 29. New Haven, 1836.] 8. (E 110) 

- Observations on the saliferous rock formation in the 

Ohio Valley. [From the Amer. journ. of sci., v. 24.] 

n.p., n.d. 8. (E 110) 

See also North- West Territory. 
Ohio Valley historical series. Nos. 1-5, 7. Cincin., 

1868-71. 6 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Smith, W. Historical account of 
Bouquet s expedition in 1764; with a preface by F. Park 
man. 2. Walker, C. M. History of Athens Co., O. 
3. Clarke, Gr. R. Sketch of his campaign in the Illinois 
in 1778-79 ; with an introd. by H. Pirtle. 4. McBride, 
J. Pioneer biography ; sketches of the lives of early 
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See also Illumination ; Petroleum. 
Oil on the waters ; [right and wrong of the North 

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4 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Life s vagaries. Le grenadier. 
Modern antiques. Castle of Andalusia. Tony Lump- 
kin in town. Sprigs of laurel. The poor soldier. 
2. Wild oats. Wicklow mountains. Fontainebleau. 

Little hunchback. Basket maker. Blacksmith of 
Antwerp. Positive man. 3. The toy. Czar Peter. 

London hermit. Irish mimic. Tantara-rara, 
rogues all. Birth-day. A beggar on horseback. 4. 
World in a village. Highland reel. Magic banner. 
Farmer. Man milliner. Prisoner at large. Love 
in a camp. The doldrum. 

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(B 1236) 

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[Kvika] ; tr. du russe, par Mme. C. Moreau 

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par C. L. Sevelinges. Nouv. ed. Brux., 

1841. 8". 

Contents. Considerations, etc. Mem. sur les prin- 
cipcs de la strategic. Examen raisonne des proprietes 
des trois armes. Mem. sur Tartillerie. Buelow, 11. 
W. v. Hist, de la campagne de 1800 en Allemagne et 
en Italie. Pr6cis de la campagne dans la Souabe, la 
Baviere, et 1 Autriche. 
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sanct., v. 34. 1868.) 
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Script, rer. Svec.. v. 2. 1828.) 
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regions of O. (In his Explorations in Honduras. 


Olaudah Equiano. See Vassa, G. 
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of Pres. Lincoln. 1866.) 
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scgun doc., v. 2. 1852.) 
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4. (B1896) 

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old age, and on the means for prolonging 
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century, by [E. Manning]. Lond., 1855. 12. 
- Same. 2d ed. London, 1860. 16. 
Old Colony. See Plymouth. 
Old Colony memorial and Plymouth Co. advertiser; 

May 4, 1822 - Oct. 25, 1823. Plymouth, 

1822-23. f. 
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Old curiosity shop. See Dickens, C. J. H. Master Hum 
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Old Deccan days; or, Hindoo fairy legends. See Frere, M. 




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knight, C. 

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Old England s worthies; a gallery of portraits. 

London, 1847. 4. 
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- Same. Phila., 1839. 16. 

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Text Soc.) 

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Camp Ford, Tyler, Texas. Vol. 1, no. 1-3; 
Feb. 17- Mar. 15. [N. Y.,] 1864. 4. (Litho 
graphic facsimile.) 
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Old gooseberry ; a farce. See Williams, J. F. 
Old heads and young hearts. See Boucicault, D. 
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Old Hicks, the guide; by C. W. Webber. N. Y., 

1848. 12. 

Old Honesty ; a comic drama. See Morton, J. M. 
Old Humphrey, pseud. See Mogridge, G. 
Old Indian chronicle. See Drake, S. G. 
Old Jollift e; by M. A. P. Mackarnesa. (Inker Sunbeam 

stories, v. 1. 1868.) 
Old judge, The; by T. C. Haliburton. (In Eraser s mag., 

v. 35-36. 1847.) 

Old law, The. See Massinger, P., and others. 
Old lieutenant, The, and his son; by N. Macleod. 
London, 1867. 16. 

Note. From Good words, v. 2. 1861. 
Old London. Set. Archaeological Inst. of Gr. Brit, and 

Ireland. 1867. 

Old maid, The; a comedy. See Murphy, A. 
Old maids. CONSIDERATIONS on establishing a college for 

old maids in Ireland. Dublin, 1790. 12. (C 46) 
Old man taught wisdom, The; a farce. See Fielding, II. 
Old Mortality ; by W. Scott. (In his Works, v. 9, 10. 1829.) 
Old New Zealand ; native customs and character in 
the old times, by a Pakeha Maori. London, 
1863. 8. 

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prayer, [with] reasons why Scotland refused [it]. 
London, 1600. 4. (B 647) 
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flying mail. 1870.) 
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by It. Bigsby. London, 1851. 3 v. 8. 
Old play in a new garb, An. S?e Rice, G. E. 
Old plays ; a continuation of Dodsley s collection. 

London, 1816. 6 v. 8. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Marlow, C. Doctor Faustus; 
Lust s dominion. Lyly, J. Mother Bombie ; Midas. 
2. Lyly, J. Endymion. Marston, J. Antonio and 
Mellida; What you will; Par.isitaster. 3. Dek 
ker, T. Wonder "of a kingdom; Old Fortunatus. 
Chapman, G. Bussy d Ambois; Monsieur d Olive. 
4. Chapman, G. May-day. Middleton, T., and 
Rowley, W. Spanish gipsy; Changeling. Mid 
dleton, T. Dissemblers besides women. 5. Middle- 
ton, T. Women beware women ; Trap to catch the 
Old One. Rowley, W. New wonder, a woman never 
vext. Webster, J. Appius and Virginia. 6. Web 
ster, J., an<l Rowley, W. Thracian wonder. Hey- 
wood, T. English traveller; Royal king and loyal 
subject; Challenge for beauty. 
Old sanctuary, The ; romance of the Ashley ; by A. 

Itequier. Boston, 1846. 12. 
Old saws new set ; by Mrs. Mackarness. London, 

1872 [1871]. 16. 

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v. 88-8;), 91-95. 1866-67; and Macmillan s mag., 
v. 13-15. 1865-66.) 
Old-South, pseud. See Austin, B. 
Old South Church. See Boston (p. 348). 

Old stories re-told; by W. Thornbury. London, 

1870. 8". 

Old Testament. See Bible, O. T. (pp. 275-82). 
Old Virginia Gorgics, Extract from a poem entitled; [by J. 

Tallaferro?]. Wash., 1840. Its". (D 20) 
Oldbury, Eng. CARPENTER, B. Oldbury truth; or the 

conduct of the ministers at the trades justified. 

Birmingham, 1782. 8. (B 240) 
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and death of C. (In Bale, .1. Select works. 1849.) 

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and Lives of reformers, v. 1. 1809.) 
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and JAMES, G. P. 11. (In their Lives, etc., v. 1. 

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seigneurie de Knipharisen. (In hi* Etats de la 

Confederation Gennanique, 1842. Univers.) 

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[16]. (E 78, no. 152a) 

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changes red. to Eng. currency. London, 
1756. 4. 

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der Mission der Evang.Briider auf den Carai- 

bischen Inseln ; hrsg. von J. J. Bossart. 

Barby, 1777. 2 v. 8. 

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healthy] houses being built. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. 
Soc. Sci. Trans., 1863.) 

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of ivory-carvings. London, Arundel Soc., 
1855. 4. 
- Same. New ed. (In Wyatt, M. D. Notices of 

sculpture in ivory. 1856.) 
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Brit. Corps of Hoy. Engln. Papers, v. 6. 1843.) 
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Africa. 1837. See Laird, M. 

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hist, of the Ho. of Commons, and of the 
counties, cities, and boroughs of the United 
Kingdom. London, 1816. 6 v. 8. 
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conscript law, Senate [C. S.], Sept. 4, 1862; 
[also remarks on amendment to the exemption 
bill, Sept. 9, 1862]. n.t.p. [186-.] 8. 
Speech on the resolutions of Texas, cone, peace, 
reconstruction, and independence, in C. S., 
Senate, Jan. 10, 1865. n.t.p. [186-.] 8. 
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taires. (In Turenne, II. de laT. d A. Mem. sur la 
guerre, v. 2. 1739.) 

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Philatheus ; in which the principles of The 
rights of the Christian Church , [by M. 
Tindall] are answered, etc. London, 1709- 
11. 3 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1, 2. Dialogue. 3. Dialogue. 
Slitsleeves, Rev. 8., pseud. Letter to Timothy, author 
of The Dialogue against the rights , cone, some mis 
representations of that book by Dr. Wotton. Tryal of 
The rights ; answer to the Second defence . Vindica 
tion of W. Tindall in answer to the misrepresentations 
of the author of the Second defence . Judgment and 
opinion of H. Grotius cone, the principles and notions of 
The rights . Some account of .\f r. Hales of Enton in 
answer to those tracts ascribed to him. Answer from 
a country parson to a letter from a country attorney 
cone. The rights . 

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O. Church and the world. 1867.) 




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London, 1708. 2 v. 8. 

- Same. 2d ed. London, 1741. 2 v. 8". 

- Dutch. Het Britanische ryk in Amerika ; met 

een berecht aang. de koffy-plantery, nit het 
Fransch vertaald. Amst., 1721. 2 v. 4. 
Critical history of England, ecclesiastical and 
civil. 2d ed. ; added, a Review of Dr. Z. 
Gray s Defence of anc. and modern historians. 
London, 1726. 8. 

- Same. Added, An essay on criticism. (Vol.1, 

3d ed.) London, 1728, 26. 2 v. 8. 

Essay on criticism, as it regards design, thought, 

and expression, in prose and verse. London, 
1728. 8. 

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col., v. 2. 1836.) 

- Memoirs of North-Britain, [from the Revolution 
to 1715]. London, 1715. 8. 

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Reply to Bp. Atterbury s Vindication of Bp. Small- 

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Oldrey, Cujit. REDDING, C. (In his Personal reminis 
cences, v. 3. 1867.) 

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Williams Coll.,Oct. 14. Stockbridge, 1806. 8. (B435) 

On episcopacy and presbyterian parity. Green 

field, 1815. 12. 

Statement of facts rel. to [his] appointment [as] pro 

fessor of chemistry in Middlebury College, etc. 
Greenfield, [1818]. 8. (B 456) 

and Corning, S. K. Review of A narrative by J. 

Keep . Syracuse, 1833. 8. (B 1395) 

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Note. From Atlantic monthly, v. 25, 26. 1870. 

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1869. 8. 

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Same. 1st Boston, from 2d London ed. Boston, 

1796. 8. (B 762) 

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Works, v. 1. 1829.) 

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Bibl. deutscher Dichter, v. 9. 1826.) 

Relation du voyage en Moscovie, Tartarie, et 

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J. A. de Mandelslo aux Indes Orientales ; tr. 
de 1 allemand par A. de Wicquelort. Paris, 
1659. 2 v. 4. 

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Olearius (Oehlenschlaeger, Oehlschlaeger, Oelschlaeger), 

Gottfried, d. 1715. NICERON, J. P. (In his Mem., 
v. 7. 1729; and, Germ., v. 8. 1753.) 

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Schelhorn, J. G. Amten. lit., v. 12. 1730.) 

O Leary, Hen. Arthur. Defence of [his] conduct nnd 
writings, during the disturbances in Munster; 
with a justification of the Irish Catholics, and ac 
count of the risings of the White-Boys; in answer 
to TheopbiluB and Woodward. London, 1787. 8. 
(B 341) 

OBSERVATIONS on the indecent and illiberal strictures 

against the Bp. of Cloyne, in O Leary s Defence. 

Dublin, 1787. 8. (B 860) 
Olegario, San. See Ollegarius. 
Oleron. Ancient laws of Oleron. (In Godolpbin, J. S.w- 

>j-yopo9 SaAao-o-ios, the admiral jurisdiction. 1685.) 

Jugemens d Oleron. (In Cleirac, E. Us et coustumes 

de la mor. 16fil.) 

Map. INSI;I,.T, Divi Martini et Vlinrus, vulgo L Isle 

de Re et Oleron. n.p., [16]. (E 78, no. 29) 
Olevianus, Caspar. Heidelberg catechism. See Palatinate. 

Olfers, Ignaz Franz Maria von. Ueber den Mordversuch 
gegen den Konig Joseph von Portugal am 3 Sept. 
1758. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1838.) 
Ueber die Jydischen Konigsgraber bei gardes und 
den Grabhiigel des Alyattes. (In 1808.) 

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- Travels in Egypt, Arabia Petraca, and the Holy 

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Andover, 1818. 8. (B 961) 
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its United States. Edin., 1800. 8. 
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schools act. (In Nat. Assoc. " Prom. Soc. Sci. 

Trans., 1859.) 

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Edin., 1855. 8. 

- Narrative of the Earl of Elgin s mission to 

China and Japan, 1857-59. Edin., London, 
1859. 2 v. 8. 

- Present state of political parties in America. 

Edin., London, 1866. 8. 

- Russian shores of the Black Sea. Edin., 

London, 1853. 8. 

- Trans-Caucasian campaign, Turks under Omer 

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N. Y., 1857. 12. 

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Same. (/ Blackwood s mag., v. 101-103. 1867-68; 

and in Littell s living age, v. 92-96. 1867-68.) 

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- Chronicles of Carlingford. N. Y., 1862. 8. 

Same. (In Blackwood s mag., v. 90-96. 1861-64; 

and in Littell s living age, v. 71-76. 1861-63.) 

- Francis of Assisi. London, [1871]. 8. (Sun 

day library.) 
Historical sketches of the reign of George n. 

Boston, [1869]. 8. 

Contents. Queen Caroline. Sir Rob. Walpole; the 
minister. Lord Chesterfield ; the man of the world. 
Lady Mary Wortley Montague. Alexander Pope; the 
poet. The young chevalier. John Wesley; the 
reformer. Commodore Anson ; the sailor. Bishop 
Berkeley; the philosopher. Samuel Richardson; the 
novelist. David Hume; the sceptic. William 
Hogarth ; the painter. 

- Same. Edin., London, 1869. 2 v. 8. 

- John; a love story. N. Y., 1870. 8. 

- Same. (In .Blackwood s mag., v. 106-108. 1869-70; 

and in Littell s living age, 104-106. 1870.) 

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Same. (In Blackwood s mag., v. 72. 1852; and in 

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Margaret Maitlaud. See Passages (p. 2179). 

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Dialogo de la dignidad del hombre. Discurso de las 
potem-ias del alma, y del buen uso dellas. Muestra de 
la lengua castellana en el nacimiento de Hercules, 6 com- 
edia de Amphitrion, tornado el argumento de In latina 
de Plauto. La venganza de Agamenon; trag., cujo 
argumento es de Sofocles. Hecuba triste; tragedia 
[por] Euripides; Oliva, tomando el argumento, y mu- 
dando muchos cosas, In escribio en castellano. 2. Ua- 
zonamiento que hizo Oliva en el ayuntamiento de Cor 
dova, sobre la navegacion del rio Guadalquiver. Razo- 
namiento que hizo en Salamanca el dia de la licion de 
oposicion de la catedra de filosofia moral. Algunas 

foesias. Quince discursos de Ambrosio de Morales : 
,o mucho qui conviene enseiiar lo bueno con dulzura 
de bien decir; La diferencia que hay entre Platon y 
Aristotelcs en la manera de ensenar; Quanto quiere 
Dios que hagamos todo lo que a nosotros es posible en 
todas las cosas, aunque suplicandole por ellas, esperemos 
del el buen suceso ; Dos exemplos notables, donde se 
ve como Dios algunas veces obra en sus maravillas con 
solo BU poder; y otras con servirse de algunos instru- 
mentos naturales; Quan difercnte cosa son grande 
ingenio ; y buen ingenio ; Unos hombres valenmas que 
BUS riquezas, y las riquezas -de otros valen mas que 
ellos; En que consiste principalmente scr un hombre 
necio, y qual esta condenada por lama yor necedad de 
todas; El gran dano quo es en el juez proceder con 
impetu y con ira ; Quien ha sido estimado entre los 
Gentiles por el hombre de mayor sabiduria; y como se 
puede dar a entendcr que se acerto en juzgarlo; Una 
consideracion Christiana de mucho alivio y consuelo 
tomada de un verso del poeta Virgilio ; Un error muy 
daiioso, comun entre los hombres, en desear muchas 
veces lo que no les conviene; Una consideracion por 
donde se puede bien entender, como algunas veces las 
estrellas tienen poderio sobre todo el hombre; Lo 
mucho que importa la bucna crianza de los hijos; 
Quan agradable es a Dios, v quanto importa que los 
criados scan virtuosos ; Del admirable y mas alto 
efecto que hace el amor, quando transforma al que ama 
en el amado. La divisa para D. Juan de Austria, y el 
discurso sobre ella. Tabla de Cebes, filosofo Tebano, 
discipulo de Socrates, transladada de griego en castel 
lano por Ambrosio de Morales. Argumento y breve 
declaracion de la tabla de Cebes. Discurso del licen- 
ciado P. de Valles, sobre el temor de la muerte, y el 
amor y deseo de la vida, y representacion de la gloria 
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SENTACION qui liizo al rey un buen vasallo despues 
que 8. M. separo dc sua privanza il conde-duque 
tie (). Decreto de S. M. que baxo un dia decpues 
que salio de Madrid y tie la privanza el conde-duque 
de O. (In v. 19. 1789.) 

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Note. No more was published. 
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See also Artillery; Guncotton ; Gunpow 
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See also Columbia River ; San Juan Island. 

See Chinook jargon. 


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and v.7. 1850.) 




Original talcs, a new year s gift for 1813. 

1813. 18". 
ginaux, Los; com6dle. See Fagan, C. B. 


gine des lois. See Law (eap. DLTENS). 

gines Kuropaiir. See Diefenbach, L. 

gines patrieiiv. See Hampson, 11. T. 

gins (in the arts and sciences). See Arts, Useful ; In- 



ventions ; Science. 
Origins (of empires, states, and cities). See Ancient history, 

(-/). DKLMMOND). 
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See also Nueva Andalucia. 

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Another copy. (B 433) 

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Ornament. See Chimney pieces; Decoration; Jew- 

elery ; Terra cotta. 
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!&- In the following titles * means that the work con 
tains noteworthy illustrations, f that the illustrations, 
or some of them, are colored. 

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Note. The plates form a separate volume, with 
the title Collection des oiseaux, graves d apres na 
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(B 738) 

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Note. For other editions and trans. See Cuvier 
(p. 722). 

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custodire una ragnaia e di uccellare a regna. (In 
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de la science, (fn Revue d. D. Mondes, avr. 1870.) 

- BURROUGHS, J. Wake-robin. N. Y., 1871. 


See also Canada ; Europe ; Great Britain ; 
Indiana ; Iowa ; Ireland ; Massachusetts ; 
New England ; N. America ; Norway ; Nova 
Scotia ; Paraguay ; South America ; Sweden ; 
Tuscany ; United States ; Vera Cruz ; also Co- 
lymbus torquatus ; Eggs ; Flying ; Humming 
birds; Muscicapidae; Migratory birds; Nat 
ural history ; Ocean ; Pigeons ; Poultry ; 

Ornospade. See Zeno, A. 
Orono, a chief at Pcnobxcot. NOTICE of O. (In Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Col., v. 29. 1846.) 
Oronoko ; tr. de 1 angl. de Mme. A. J. Bonn. (In Biblioth. 

univ. des romans, Xouv., v. 18. 1792.) 
Oroonoko; a tragedy. See Southerne, T. 
Oropesa, ComleAe. RESPUESTA al memorial del conde deO. 
(In Valladares, A. Beman.. v. 15. 1788.) Repre- 
sentacion al rey Carlos II. (fn v. 34. 1790.) 
Oropia. FINLAY, G. Remarks on the topography 
of O. and Diacria. Athens, 1838. 8. 

orpe. n au, t. Lie of Alfred the Great. 

y Berra, Manuel. Geografia de las lenguas 
v carta etnografica de Mexico. Mexico, 

Ciudad de Mexico. Itinerario del ejercito espanol en 

la conquista de Mexico. Moneda en Mexico. 

Cuyuaoan. (fn Noticias. 1855.) 
Orphan, The ; a tragedy. See Otway, T. 
Orphan-House in Georgia. WIIITEFIELD, G. Account of 

money received and disbursed. London, 1741. 8. 

(B 735) 

Orphan of China; a tragedy. See Murphy, A. 
Orphans advocate; June 11 - July 7. Wash., 

1806. 8. 

Orphee aux 6nfers; opera. See Regnard, J. F. 
Orphelin de la Chine, I/ ; drame, tr. du chinois par 

S. Julien. Paris, 1834. 8. 

Orphelin de la Chine, L ; tragedie. Sec Voltaire, F M A 

Orpheline du chateau, L ; pnrC. Smith; tr. parG.M.J. B. 

Legouve. (hi Biblioth. univ. des romans, Nouv.. 

v. 45. 1801.) 

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Orphica. (hi Lobeck, C. A. Aglaophamus. 1829.) 
- Enff. Mystical hymns ; tr. from the Greek by 

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chus. Hymns. 1755.) 

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sidered. London, 1803. 8. (B 1412) 

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(B 399) 
Oration. July 4. Boston, 1804. 8 3 . (B 342) 

Properties of animal and vegetable life. (In Mass. 

Med. Soc. Med. comm., v. 3. 1822.) BIOG. notice 
of O. (In v. 9. 1860.) 

Orr, James Lawrence. SAVAGE, J. (In his Our repre 
sentative men. 1860.) 

Orr, Thomas C. Duty of municipal authorities to improve 
the sanitary condition of towns. (In Nat. Assoc. 
Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1858.) 
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1854-56. 4 v. 8. 

Content*. Organic nature. Vol.1. Principle* 
of phyxioloyy. Orr, W. S. Princ. of physiol. Owen, 
It. Structure of the skeleton and teeth. Latham, R. 
G. Varieties of the human race. 2, 3. Syttrm of 
natnrul history. Smith, E. Botany. Dallas, W. 8. 
Zoology. [Inorganic nature. 1.] PraHiral 
chemixtry. Gore, G. Theory and practice of electro- 
deposition. Sparling, M. Photographic art. Scof- 
ern, J. Chemistry of (bod, with a chapter on its adul 
terations. Chemistry of artificial illumination. 
Orra; a tragedy. See Baillie, J. 
Orrery, John, bth Earl of Cork and. See Boyle, J. 
Orsanmichele. Tabernacolo della Madonna. 
MASSELLI, G. II tabernacolo lavoro di A. 
Orcagna ; incise da G. P. Lasinio. Firenze, 
1851. f". 
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v. 2. 1846.) 

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norum. (fn Graevius, J. G. Thes. antiq. Rom., 
v. 11. 1699.) 

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Guide to the usages of society. N. Y., 

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hits Vita; Ital., v. 11. 1785.) 
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Berni, F. Opere burlesche, v. 1. 1824.) 
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tione script. Grape, illust. ; ace. L.C. Valck- 

enarii opusc. nonnul. Leovardiae, 1747. 8. 

Familire Romanw nobiliores. (In Graving. Thes. 

antiq. Rom., v. 7. 1698.) Notse ad Kalendarium 
ruBticum Famesianum. (In v. 8. 1698.) 

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biiona milizia in tempo di pace. (In Archivio stor. 

ital., app., v.6. 1848.) 
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v. 4. 1847.) 
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supplementary contributions; tr. by L. and 
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- BEAUMONT, E. de. Memoir of II. C. Oersted ; tr. by 
C. A. Alexander. (In Smithsonian Inst. Ik-port. 




Orsua or Ursua, Pedro de. SIMON, P. Expedition 
of Ursua and L. de Aguirre in search of El 
Dorado and Omagua, 1560-61 ; tr. by "\V. 
Bollaert, with an introduction by C. 11. 
Markham. London, 1861. 8. (Hakluyt 
Soc., v. 28.) 

SOUTHEY, R. Expedition of O. Phila., 1821. 


Orta, Garcia de (Lat. Garcias ab Horto, French Garcie du 
Jardin). Aromatum apud Indos nascentlum liist. 
(In L Ecluse, 0. Exot. libri x. 1605.) 

Orte. FONTANINI, G. De antiq. Horta?. (In Grsevius. 
Thes. antiq. Ital., v. 8, pt. 3. 1823.) 

Ortega, Francisco Cipriano. Defensa legal por cl conde de 
Floridablanca en la causa contra el marques de 
Manca, etc. Defensa legal por el conde de Flori 
dablanca en la causa de su arresto por el llamado 
abuse de su autoridad. (In Floridablanca, J. M. 
Obras 1867; v. 59 of Aribau. Bibl.) 

Ortega, Francisco Xavier de. Instruccion para 
hacer saber la construccion con quo deben 
ser formados los animales quadrupedos. 
Madrid, 1790. 4. 

Ortel. See Oertel. 

Ortel, Andreas. Commentarius in novum lumen cliemicum 
Sendivogii. (In Zetzner, L. Tlieatr. chem., v. 6. 
1661 ; and in Manget, J. J. Bibl. chem., v. 2. 1702.) 

Ortelius or Ortel] or Ortels, Abraham. Belgii 
veteris typus. Verodunum, [16 ]. (E 78, no. 37) 

Deorum dearumque capita liistorica narratione illus- 

trata. (In Gronovius, J. Tlies. Gr., v. 7. 1699.) 

FezzaeetMarocchi regna. n.p., [16 ]. (E78, no. 303) 

Hispanic veteris descriptio. n.p., 1586. (E 78, no. 12) 

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(E 78, no. 67) 

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- Same. Ed. ult. Antw., 1603. f". 

- Thesaurus geographicus. Antw., 1596. f. 

Typus Gallise veteris; excud. G. Blaeu. [Amst., 

16.] (E 78, no. 24) 

Ortes, GiamMaria. Delia cconomia nazionale. (In Econ. 
class. ital.,pte. mod. , v. 21-23, 49. 1804-16.) Rifjes- 
sioni sulla popolazione. Delle scicnze utili e 
delle dilettcvoli per rapporto alia feliciti umana. 

Calcolo sopra il valore delle opinion] e sopra i 
piaceri e i clolori della vita umana. Lettere al 
F. Algarotti e al M. Ciani. (In v. 24, 49.) 
Error! popular! intorno all economia nazionale. 

Lettere sulla religione c il governo de popoli. 
(In v. 25, 26.) Dei fidecommessi a famiglie e a 
chiese e luogbi pii. (In v. 27. 1804.) 

Orthodox clergy. TRACT on the arrogant pretensions of 
of the O. C. n.p., [18]. 4. (B 1354, 1754) 

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and errors. Boston, 1866. 12. 

A., P. Treatise on Orthodoxy. (In his Three curious 

pieces. 1782. B 255) 
Orthoepy. See. English language. Pronunciation (p. 906); 


Orthography. DENINA, G. M. C. Le divers em- 
ploi des lettres elemcntaires et le divers usage des 
mots, pour servir d introd. & 1 etude etymologique. 

Supplement. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 

- HALDEMAN, S. S. Analytic orthography ; an 

investigation of sounds of the voice and their 
notation. Phila., 1860. 4. 

Note. From the Trans, of the Amer. Fhilos. 
Soc., v. 11. 

Stealno Alphabet; English language. Pro 
nunciation and Spelling (p. 906). 
Orthopedy. See Deformities. 

Orthoptera. SCUIWER, 8. H. Catalogue of the orthoptera 
of North Amer. described previous to 1867. (In 
Smithsonian Inst. Misc. col., v. 8. 1869.) 
Considerations drawn from the study of the orthop 
tera of N. A. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., v. 16. 1868.) 

See also Grasshoppers. 
Orti esperidi, Gli. See Metastasio, P. 
Ortigue, Pierre d , sieur de Vaumoriere. NICERON, J. P. 

(In his Mem., v. 35. 1736.) 
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en el siglo xix. Madrid, 1869. 8. 

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Epistolario esp., v. 1. 1850; v. 13 of Aribau. Bibl.) 
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G. H. Mon., Scr., v. 10. 1852.) 
Ortnit. (In Simrock, C. Heldenbuch, v. 3. 1857.) 
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law; tr. [with] chart by I. T. Prichard and 

D. Nasmith. London, 1871. 8. 
Orton, James. The Andes and the Amazon ; or, 

Across the Continent of South America. 

N. Y., 1870. 8. 

- Valley of the Amazon. (In Amer. Assoc. Froe., v. 

18. 1869.) Glacial epoch at the equator. Con- 
dors and humming birds of the equatorial Andes. 
(In v. 19. 1870.) 

Orton, Job. The Christian s triumph over death ; 
sermon, death of P. Doddridgc. London, 1752. 8. 
(B 1242) 

- Letters to a young clergyman. Bost., 1794. 12. 

- Memoir of P. Doddridge. 2d cd. London, 

1766. 12. 

Religious exercises recommended ; or, Dis 
courses on secret and family worship and 
observation of the Lord s day. 1st Amer. ed. 
Bridgeport, 1809. 12. 

Sacramental meditations. 2d ed. Shrewsbury, 

1787. 12. 

- Short exposition of the Old Testament; 

R. Gentleman. 1st Amer. from 2d I.ond". 
ed. Charlestown, 1805-06. 6 v. 8. 

- Three disc, on eternity. Newburyport, 1805. 


Orus Apollo. See Horapollo. 
Orvieto. EPHEMEKIDES Urbevetana>, 1342-63. (In 

Muratori, L. A. Rer. Ital. scr., v. 15. 1729.) 

- VALLE, G. della. Storia del Duomo cli O. 

Roma, 1791. 4. 

Stampe del Duomo di O. Roma, 1791. f. 

Oryctology. See Paleontology. 

Osage Indians. "\VasH A SHE wageressa pahwgrch 

tse. The Osage first book; [primer and Bible 

lessons]. Boston, 1834. 18. 

- MITCHELL, S. Specimens of the poetry and singing of 

the Usages. (In Amer. Antiq. Soc. Archseologia 
Amer., v. 1. 1820.) 

Osagiitiuin an Jesus, gibinibotauat iniu meiiizhiucbiziniiin. 
Boston, 1820. 12. (E 54) 

Osander, psettd. Miscellaneous poems. N. Y., 
1812. 18. 

Same. Hudson, 1811. 12". 

Osann, Fricdrich. [Sylloge inscriptionum antiq. Lat.] Sect, la: Marmora Elginiana ; 

2a: TituliParisienses. n.t.p. [Jana?,1822.] f". 
Note. The complete work was in 10 fasc. 1822-34. 
Osanna Andreasia, St. SILVESTER, F. Vita B. Osannso. 

HIEROSYMUS Montolivetanus. Vita B. O. (In 

Acta sanct.. v. 24. 1867.) 
Osbaldiston, Richard, lip. Sermon before Soc. for Prop, of 

Gospel, etc. London, 1752. 4. (A 31) 
Osbeck, Pehr. Voyage to China ; with voyage to 

Suratte by O. Toreen, and ace. of Chinese 

husbandry by C. G. Eckeberg ; tr. by J. R. 

Forster. London, 1771. 2 v. 8. 
Osborn, Rer. Ethan. Address. (In Hotchkin, B. B. The 

pastor of the old stone church. 1858.) 
Osborn, J. Catalogue of books [for sale]. N. Y"., 

1806. 8. 

Osborn, John. KNAPP, S. L. (In his Biog. sketches. 1821.) 
Osborn, Laughton. The vision of Rubeta. Boston, 

1838. 8". 
Osborn, Mr*. Sarah. Nature, certainty, and evidence of 

true Christianity. Prov., 1793. 8. (C 162) 
Osborn, Selleck. Poems. Boston, 1823. 12. 

Oration to a republican audience, July 4. New Bed 

ford, 1810. 8. (B415) 



Osborn, ( apt. Sherard. Cruise in Japanese waters. 
Eclin., 1859. 10". 

Note. Repub. from Blaekwood, v. 84-85. 1858-59. 
Discovery of N. W. Passage by Capt. K. 
M Clure. London, 1S5G. 8. 

Japanese fragm., with facsimiles of illust. by 

artists of Yedo. London, 1861. 4. 

Qucdah ; journal in. Malayan waters. London, 

1857. 8. 
Osborne, Bernal. RITCHIE, J. E. (In his Brit, senators. 

Osborne, Edward. BOURNE, II. II. F. (In his Famous 

London merchants. 1869.) 
Osborne, Edward O. Free library of Birmingham. (In 

Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., ]8fi2.) 
Osborne, Francis. HiHtorical memoirs on the reign of 

Elizabeth and King James. (In Secret hist, of the 

court of James I. 1811.) 
Osborne, Jonathan. Nature and treatment of 

dropsical diseases. 2d ed. Lond., 1837. 8". 
- Same, (fit Dunglison, Ii. Med. and surg. mon., v. 2. 


Sketch of the physiology and pathology of urine. 

London, 1820. 8". (B 827) 
Osborne, Michael. Sermon, first meeting of the Central 

Board of For. Missions. Richmond, 1834. 8. (B1330) 
Osborne, Sydney Godolphin. Scutari and its 

hospitals. London, 18-55. f". 

Beer-shop evil. (In Talbot, C. J., Vise. Inye.stre. 

Meliora. ser. 1. 1852.) Immortal sewerage. (In 
ser. 2. 1853.) 

Osborne, Thomas. Earl of Dauby. Answer to Examina 
tion of the Impartial state . Lond., 1680. f. (A 51) 

Arguments the second time, upon his motion for bail. 

London. 1682. f". (B 51) 

Speech in the House of Peers, Dec. 23, 1678, upon [his] 

impeachment. (In Montagu, R: Two letters. 1679. 

ACCOUNT of the Earl of D. s arguments, upon his mo 

tion for bail. London, 1682. f. (A 51) 

- B., J. Some reflections upon the Earl of Danby, in 

relation to the murther of Sir E. Godfrey, n.t.p. 
[1680?] f. (A 51) 

CHRISTIAN, E. Reflections upon [J. B. s] Some re 

flections, etc. n.t.p. [London, 1679.] f. (A 55) 

- EXAMINATION of the Impartial state . London, 1680. 

f. (A 51) 

FOKSTER, J., and COURTENAY, T. P. (In their Lives 

of Brit, statesmen, v. 5. 1838. Lardner. Cab. eye.) 

OR. BRIT. Ho. of Com. Articles of impeachment of 

high treason and other crimes against Thomas, 
Earl of Danby. n.t.p. [1679 ?] f. (A 51) 

Parl. Exact col. of all debates, etc., rel. to Thomas, 

Earl of Danby. London, 1679. f. (A 51) 

IMPARTIAL state of the case of the Earl of Danby, in 

a letter to a member of the Ho. of Com. London, 
1679. f. (A 51) 

LIST of the grand jury that found the bill against the 

Earl of Danby. (In Two assoeiations. 1681.) 

SENTIMENTS, The; a poetn to the Earl of Danby, by a 

person of quality. London, 1679. f. (A 51) 
- TOUCHSTONE, T. , pseud. His reply to Mr. Christian s 
letter in vindication of the innocence of the Earl of 
Danby. n.t.p. [16.] 8. (A 51) 

Reply to Sir Anonymus, at Mr. Christian s lodging, 

between Ilamden and Danby Houses. n.t.p. 
[1682?] f. (A 51) 

Osborne, Thomas. Catalogues of libraries [sold by 
him]. London, 1753. 2 v. 8. 

Collection of voyages and travels. London, 

1745. 2 v. f. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Geographical descr. of Europe. 
Gonzales, M. Great Britain. Story, J. Sweden. 
Description of Muscovy. Overbury, Sir T. Observ. in 
Netherlands and France. English gentleman in France 
and Italy. Davis, "\V. Travels and captivity. Usher, 
J. Disquisition on Asia. Account of Turkey. 
Blount, H. Levant. Daulphinois, X. N. Turkey. 
Cartwright, J. Preacher s travels in Asia. Lavenden, 
T. Travels of four Englishmen and a preacher. 
Dandini, J. Mt. Libanus. 2. Baudier, M. China. 
Barnardini, . China. De Sa, P. Biam. Account 
of revolution in Siam. Bernier, F. Travels. Coverte, 
R. East Indies. Bmton, W. News from E. Indies. 
Cruel proceedings of the Dutch against the English 
at Amlioyna. Declaration justifying the same. 
Answer to Declaration. Defence of Dutch E. India 
Co. Confession and sentence of English. Reply to 
Defence of E. I. Co. Galvano, A. Discoveries of the 

world. Langhenez, B. Four Hollanders voyage to 
East Indies. Drake, .s ir F. Round the world. 
Knight, F. Captivity at Algiers. Dunton, J. Jour 
nal of the Sallee fleet. Phelps, T. < aptivity in Barhary. 
Murder of three Englishmen in Guinea. Pigafetta, 
P. Account of Congo. Frpger, . Voyage of M. 
de Genncr, Africa. LeMaire, J. Canary Islands, 
etc. Boothby, K. Madagascar. Castle. W. Ace. 
of America. Charles i. Commission for Newfound 
land. Geare, A. Ebenezer, or Monument of Thank 
fulness. Description of New France, from De Monts, 
De Pontgrave, and De Poutrincourt. Warren, G. 
Description of Surinam. 
Osborne, W. C. Non-imprisonment of children. (In Nat. 

Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1862.) 
Osborne, W. G. Court and camp of llunjeet Sing. 

London, 1840. 8. 
Osborne, Family of. SANFORD, J. L., and TOM NSEND, M. 

(In their Great gov. families, v. 1. 1865.) 
Osburn, Win., Jr. Ancient Egypt, her testimony 
to the truth of the Bible. London, 1840. 8. 
Oscan language. MOMMSEN,T. Dieoskische Spraehe. (In 

his Unterital. Dialekte. 1850.) 
Oscanyan, C. The Sultan and his people. N. Y., 

1857. 12". 
Osgood, Daniel, M.D. Letter on the yellow fever of the 

West Indies. N. Y., 1820. 8. (B 826) 
Influence of stagnant water and iron upon health. (In 

Mass. Med. Soc. Med. comm., v. 6. 1841.) 
Osgood, David, D.D. Conclusive argument for the 
truth of the Gospel ; disc., ordination of L. Woods, 
Newbury, Dec. 5, 1798. Newburyport, 1799. 8. (B 
229, 1313) 

The devil let loose; fast disc., Apr. 25. Boston, 1799. 

8. (B170) 

Discourse. Dec. 29, 1799, death of G. Washington. 

Boston, 1800. 8. (B 173, 229, E 162, W 50) 

Discourse, deliv. at Cambridge, Apr. 8, [political]. 

Camb., 1810. 8. (B 870, 915) 

Discourse, Feb. 4, funeral of J. Roby. Boston, 1803. 

8. (B 174, 229) 

Discourse, Feb. 19, [national] Thanksgiving day. Bos 

ton, 1795. 8. (B 163, 229, 844, 855, 1833, W 38) 

Discourse, general election, May 31. [Boston], 1809. 

8. (B 178, 211, 325, 868) 

Discourse, [state] Thanksgiving day, Nov. 19. Boston, 

1795. 8. (B 229, 843, 855, 2508) 

Discourse, validity of Presbyterian ordination, May 5; 

[Dudleian lecture.] Camb., 1832. 8. (B 171, 195, 
229, 848) 

Reflections on the goodness of God, etc. ; sermon, 

Thanksgiving day, Dec. 11, 1783. Boston, 1784. 8. 
(B 67, 229, 842) 

St. Paul s example a model for ministers; sermon, or 

dination of N. Thayer, Lancaster, Oct. 9. Boston, 
1793. 8. (B 168, 915) 

Sermon, artillery [election], Boston, June 2. Boston, 

1788. 8. (B 325) 

Sermon, ordination of C Francis, "Watcrtown, June 23. 

Camb., 1819. 8. (B 279, 1595) 

Sermons. Boston, 1824. 8. 

Signal advantages derived to nations, etc. ; disc, before 

the convention of Congregational ministers of Mass., 
May 31. Boston, 1798. 8. (B 167, 229, 844) 

Solemn protest against the late declaration of war; 

disc. Camb., 1812. 8. (B 1876) 

Same. 2d ed. Exeter, 1812. 8. (B 286, 915) 

Uncertainty of life; disc., Apr. 2. Boston, 1797. 8. 

(B 151, 172, 229) 
Unsearchable riches of Christ; sermon, [installation J 

of P. Thacher, Jan. 12. Bost., 1785. 8. (B229, 1312) 

Validity of baptism by sprinkling, etc. ; two disc, at 

Maiden. Boston. 1804. 8. (B 171, C 186) 

Same. 2d ed. Chnrlestown, 1804. 12. (B 207) 

Wonderful workfcof God are t* be remembered; ser 
mon, Thanksgiving day, Nov. 20. Boston, 1794. 8. 
(B 229) 

Same. 2d ed. Boston, 1794. 8. (B 1833) 

Same. 3d ed. Boston. 1795. 8. (B 855, 856) 

SMITH, E. The clergyman s looking-glass; an exam. 

of O. s arguments in favour of the antichristian 
practice of sprinkling children. Boston, 1804. 8. 
(C 238) 

SULLIVAN, J. (pseud. NoviON.^toy de). The altar 

of Baal thrown down; the French nation defended 
against the pulpit slander of O. ; sermon. Boston, 
1795. 8". (B 163, 741, 856, 1078, 1298, 1478, 1488) 

Funeral sermon on. 1822. See Holmes, A. 
Osgood, Mrs. Frances Sargent (Locke). Wreath of 

wild flowers from New Eng. Lond.,1838. 8. 




A fable. (In Boston book. 3d col. 1841.) Labor. 

(In 4th col. 1851.) 
Osgood, George. Historical sketch of Danvers 

Plains. Salem, 1855. 8. 
Osgood, George, Dr. Remarkable extra-uterine case. (In 

Mass. Med. Soc. Med. comm., v. 1. 1808.) 
Osgood, Joseph. Account of an extravasated tumour on 

the labium pudendi. Account of preternatural 

obstructions in the vagina. (In Mass. Med. Soc. 

Med. com., v. 1. 1808.) 
Osgood, Joseph Barlow Felt. Notes of travel ; 

or, Recollections of Majunga and other east 
ern ports. Salem, 1854. 12. 
Osgood, Mary. Grand jury s bill against her for witchcraft. 

(In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 7. 1800.) 
OsgDOd, I eter. Sermon, influence of bad associates. (In 

Liberal preacher, n.s., v. 6. 1836.) 
Osgood, Samuel, </. 1813. Letter to S. Higginson. (In Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Proc., 1862.) 

Report on the establishment of a mint. 1786.] See U.S. 


Osgood, Samuel, D.D. Address, inaug. of C. C. 
Fclton. (In Harvard College. Prea. Addresses. 
1860. H 10) 

Our patriot scholar; disc, in memory of Everett, Jan. 

22. N. Y., 1865. 8. (B 1594, 1961) 
- Student life ; letters and recollections for a 
young friend. N. Y., 1861. 12". 

Osgood family. HOLGATE, J. B. (Inhis Amer. genealogy. 

O Shaughnessy, Mark S. The changes in the marriage laws 
required to insure a complete registration of mar 
riages in Ireland. Hearing of pauper children out 
of work-houses. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. 
Trans., 1861.) 

Notes of lectures on nat. philosophy. 1st ser. : Gal 

vanic electricity. Calcutta, 1841. 12. (C 270) 
O Shea, H.A. Guide to Spain. London, 1865. 8. 
Osiander, Friedrich Benjamin. BLTMENBACH, J. F. Me- 

moria O. (In Goettingen. Ges. d. Wiss. Comm., 

Osiander, Jon. Adam. De asylis gentilium. (In Grono- 

vius, J. Thus. Gr. antiq., v. 6. 1699.) 

Osiander, Joh. Friedrich. Volksarzneimittel und 

einfache nicht pharmaceutische Heilmittel. 

6e Aufl. Hannover, 1865. 8. 
Osiander, Lucas. Epitomes historue ecclesiasticse 

cent. iv. Tubing;?, 1613. 4. 
Osier, Edward. Life of E. Pellew, Lord Exmouth. 

London, 1835. 8. 
Osmanlis. See Turkey. 
Osmia ; tragedia portugucsa; tr. al castellano nor I. M. R. 

L. [Madrid,] 1798. 12. (D 49) 
Osmond, mnrquwe d . BASSANVILLE, A. L., comtexse 

do. (In her Les salons, v. 3.) 
Osmond, Elenore Adele d . See Boigne, E. Adele de O., 

cotntesse d . 
Osmont, Jean Baptiste Louis. Dictionnaire typo- 

graphique, historique, et critique des livres 

rares. Paris, 1768. 2 v. 8". 
Osnabrueck. HOSEK, J. Osnabruckische Geschichte. (Vol. 

6-8 of hi* Siimmt. Werke. 1858.) 
Osnaburg. Instrumentum pacis ab utriusque 

partis plenipotentiariis, Csesareis et regiis 

Suecicis, Osnabrugis 27 Julii, 6 Aug. 1648 

approbatum. n.p., [1648]. 12. 

TitAiTfc de paix cntre 1 Empire et la Suede signe ;\ O.s- 

nabruck le 24 oct. 1648. (In Mauvillon, E. Droit 
publlque german., v. 2. 1749.) 

Mu]i. GK;AS, J. Osnaburgfrnsis episcopatus. G. 

Blacuwexc. Amst., [16 1. (E 78, no. 155) 

MAP. Amst., [17]. (E 60) 

See also Westphalia. 

Osney, Abbey of. LUARD, H. It. (In Jus Annales, v. 4. 1869.) 
Osorio, Jeronymo, Bp. History of the Portuguese 
during the reign of Emmanuel. London, 
1752. 2 v. 8. 

NICERON.J. P. (/w AisMem., v. 11. 1730; and, Germ., 

v. !). 1754.) 

Ospite franccse, L ; commedia. See Nota, A. 
Osroene. BUTTMANN, P. K. Ueber die alien Namen von 

Osroene und Edesua. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. 

Abh.. 1822, 23.) 

Ossat, Arnaud d . Lettres. Xouv. 6d., avec notes 
par A. N. Amelot de la Houssaye. Paris, 
1698. 2 v. 4. 

NICERON, J. P. (In his Mem., v. 34. 1736; and, 

Germ., v. 21. 1761.) 
Ossawattomie Brown; by J. Swaayze. (In Sargent, E. 

Mod. stand, dr., v. 29.) 
Ossetic language. ROSEN, G. Ueber die ossetische Sprache. 

(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1845.) 
Ossian. See Macpherson, J. 
Ossoli, Sarah Margaret Fuller, marchesa d . At 

home and abroad; cd. by A. B. Fuller. 

Boston, 1856. 12". 

- Memoirs. Boston, 1852. 2 v. 12. 

Contents. Vol.1. Youth; autobiography. Clarke, 
J. F. Cambridge. Groton and Providence; letters 
and journals. Emerson, R. ~\V. Concord; Boston. 
2. Channing, W. H. Jamaica .Plain. N. Y. ; journals, 
letters, etc. Europe; letters. Homeward. 

- Woman in the 19th cent. ; ed. by A. B. Fuller; 

with an H.Greeley. Bost.,1855. 12". 

- MoNTEGt T, E. (In Revue d. D. Mondes, avr. 1852.) 

- SMILES, 8. (In hi* Brief biog. 1861.) 

Ossory, Hj,. of. See Newcome, W., Abji. of Armagh. 

Ossuno, Pedro Tellez y Giron, iluca d . CROWE, E. E., and 
JAMES, G. P. R. (In their Lives of for. statesmen, 
v. 1. 1833. Lardner. Cab. eye., v. 34.) 

Ostade, Adrian van. TOULONGKON, F. E. (In his Manuel 
du Museum Franqais, v. 6. 1804.) 

Osten, Anton Prokesch von. See Prokesch von Osten, A. 

Osten-Sacken, Carl Robert Romanoff, Huron von. Cata 
logue of described diptera of N. America. (In 
Smithsonian Inst. Misc. col., v. 3. 1862.) Mono 
graphs of the diptera of North America. (In v. 8. 

Oster, Philipp Jacob. Was lehrt das Neue Testa 
ment von der Kirche? nebst Gespracheiib.das 
heilige Abendmahl. Frankf. a. M., 1834. 12. 

Osterhofen. ANN ALES Osterhovenses, 43-1433. (In Pertz. 
Mon., Ser., v. 17. 1861.) 

Osteria della posta, L ; commedia. See Goldoni, C. 

Osterman (Osterdam), Abraham. Siren lacertina. (In 
Linnaeus, C. Amcen. acad., v. 7. 1769.) 

In the contents the name is given as Osterman ; 
but in the caption as Osterdam. 

Osterman, Magnus G. Culina mutata. (In Linnaeus, C. 
Amoen. acad., v. 5. 1760.) 

Osterwald, Jean Frederic. Arguments of the 
books and chapters of the Old and New 
Testament with practical observations ; tr. 
by J. Chamberlayiie. 7th ed. London, 
1811. 2 v. 8. 

Catechisme, ou Instruction dans le religion 

chretienne. 4e ed. Amst., 1712. 12". 

- Lectures on the exercise of the ministry ; tr. 

and enl. with notes, by T. Stevens. London, 
1781. 8. 

Treatise cone, the causes of the present corruption of 

Christians and remedies thereof; tr. by C. Mute). 
(In Watson, R. Col. of theolog. tracts, v. 6. 1791.) 

RAMHACH, F. E. ? (In Niceron, J. P. Nachr., v. 18. 

Ostilio, Andrea. FABRONI, A. (In his Vitas Ital.. v. 17. 


Ostler, Win. COLLIER, J. P. (In hi* Memoirs of the prin 
cipal actors in the plays of Shakespeare. 1846. 

Shakespeare Soc., v. 39.) 
Ostracism. PARAIH.TS, J. A. Deostracismo Atheniensium. 

Lugd. Bat., 1793. 8. (B 708) 
Ostrander, Tobias. Complete system of mensuration 

of regular figures. 3d ed. N. Y., 1834. 12. 
Ostrowski, Jozefat Boleslaw. llewolucija 1830 i 

jej kierownicy. Paryz, 1844. 8. 
O Sullivan, John L. Union, disunion, and reunion ; 

a letter to F. Pierce. London, 1862. 8. 
O Sullivan s love; by W. Carlcton. (In Dublin univ. mag., 

v. 29. 1847.) 
Osunkhirhine, Peter Paul. Wobanaki kimzowi 

awighigan. Boston, 1830. 18". 

compiler. Wawasi Lagidamwoganek, etc. Boston, 

1830. 18. (E 54) 

Oswald, St., King of Northumberland. LIFE. (In Lives 
of Eng. saints, v. 6. 1844.) 




Oswald, Kleazer. CAREY, M. The plagi-scurriliad ; a 
hudibraslie poem, dedicated to E. Oswald. Phila., 
1786. 8. (B 469) 

Oswald, Eugene, td. Early German courtesy-books; An 
account of the Italiau guest by Thomasin von Zir- 
claiia; Of how the knight of Winnbeke taught his 
son. and the lady of AVinsbeke her daughter ; The 
German Cato and J annhaeuser s courtly breeding. 
(In Gilbert, tiii-ll. IJ. Elizabethes acbademy. lt-69.) 

Oswald, James, D.I). Divine eflicacy of the Gospel dispen 
sation ; sermon before the Soc. in Scotl. for I rop. 
Chr. Knowl., June 8. Edin., 1770. 8". (B 841) 

Oswald, John. LIFE. (In Soc. of Anc. Scots. Lives of 
Scottish poets, v. 1, pt. 2. 1822.) 

Oswald fray; by Mrs. II. Wood. (In Good words, v. 5. 

Oswego. CLARK, J. V. H. Historical sketch of O. (In 
hlx Onondaga. 1849.) 

Qvnin, St., King of Northumberland, LIFE. (In Lives of 
the Eng. saints, v. 6. 1844.) 

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biog. 1838.) 
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no 2. 1869.) 

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8. (B544) 

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mitting merchant vessels to arm. Boston, 1798. 8. 

- Letters developing the character and views of 

the Hartford Convention ; by one of the 
Convention . Wash., 1820. 8. 

- Another ropy. (C 117) 

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people of Mag*. Boston, 1S24. 8. (B 978, 1652, 2006) 

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394, 2511) 

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iner . Boston, [18 ]. 8. (8448,554) 

anil Mellen, P. Letter to the governor [on the claim 

of Mass, against the U. R., with report of n com 
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anil others. Correspondence between J. Q. Adams 

and several citizens of Mass, [on] the charge of a 
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and other*. Memorial on the license law. [Boston, 

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and Bluster. See Trowell, Adjutant. (B 659) 

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Reviewer reviewed; defence of an oration, July 4. 

Boston, 1831. 8. (B 1022} 

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wdhonetl ; hymn book. Shawannoe Mission, 1834. 
16. (E 132) 

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bilibus Hydruntinse ecclcsiee epitome. (In Grsevius, 
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cences ; early settlement of O. N.Y.,1862. 8. 

RIGHTS of suffrage [contested election], n.t.p. [1792.] 

12. (B613) 

- POLITICAL wars of O., The. See Political. (B 423) 
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Jerusalem Church. Bait., 1847. 8. 
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remedio. (In Lisbon. Ac. d. Sci. Mem. econ., v. 2. 


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among the Indians. X. Y., 1830. 8". 
Works in the Ottawa language. 

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1837. 16". (E 132) 

Same, with additions. Detroit, 1845. 16". (E 32) 

ANICHINAKEK amisinahikaniwa, Dcjean macntc 

okonoye. Wyaotenong [Detroit], 1830. 16". 




JESUS od ijitwawin; [Roman Catholic catechism]. 

n.t.p. [1846.] 16". (E 33) 

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1838. 16. 

Same. 2d cd., with portions of Luke and Ot 
tawa laws. Otta. Bapt.Mis. Stat., 1850. 24. 

Original and select hymns. Shawanoe, Ind. 

Ten, 1845. 24". 

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prayer book], Wawiyatanong, 1832. 16". 

- Same. 3eed. Detroit, Wawiiatanong, 1846. 16. 

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prayer, with hymns; [tr. by G. Johnson]. Detroit, 

1844. 12. (E 54) 

See also Bible (p. 283). 
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Archaologie des deutschen Mittelalters. 3e 

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Sermon at the yearly meetingof charity schools in and 

about London, June 1,1837. n.p., [1837]. 8. (B1268) 

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tiquarum Francicaruni ex libris evangeliorum atque 

aliis; cura D. von Stade. fcjtadse, 1708. 4". (A 63) 

Volumcn Evangeliorum Francicis rhythmis a J. Schil- 

tero Latinitate donatum; ac notis auctum a J. G. 

Seherzio. (Jn Schilter, J. Thes. antiq. Teut., v. 1. 

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Graevius. Thes. antiq. lUil., v. 7, pt. 2. 1722.) 
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neck. See- Paris. Acad. des Chirurg. 
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recent and living painters and engravers ; a 

suppl. to Bryan s diet. London, 1866. 8". 
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early history of engraving upon copper and 

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1823. f. 

A series of plates after the paintings and 

sculptures of the early Florentine school. 
London, 1826. f. 

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Kaiserpolitik Otto I. (In Historische /eitschrift, 
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known hand. (In Rye, \V. B. England. 1865.) 

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anonymi vita Oltonis ex Herbordi dialogo confccta. 

Vita auct. EBBONE. VITA, auct. monacho Prie- 
flingensi. Excerpta de Ottone ex libris ANDRE.! 
abbati.s S. Mich. Bambergensis. COM MEND ATIO 
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incerto. MIUACULA S. Ottonis auctore monacho 
8. Michaelis. (In Pertz, G. H. Mon. Germ., Scr., 
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Ex MIRAOULIS Ottonis. (In Jaffe, P. Bibl. rer. 
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Isomorphism. (In Graham, T. Chem. reports, 

etc. 1848.) 
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on the disc, of Amer. (In Amer. Phil. Soc. Trans., 

v. 2. 1786.) 

- CLADKKA, C. Sobre los principales descubri- 

mientos de los Espanoles en el Mar Oceano ; 
en respuesta a. O. Madrid, 1794. 8". 
Otto-Chippeway language. S<e Bible (p. 283). 
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v. 9.) 

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tecture of North Italy. 1867. 
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(In /<;> Miscel. writings. 1825.) 
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pt. 4, v. 1. 1751.) 

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Contents. Vol.1. Alcibiades. Don Carlos. Titus 
and Bernice. Cheats of Scapin. 2. Friendship in 
fashion. Soldier s fortune. Atheist. 3. The or 
phan. History and fall of Caius Marius. Venice 
preserv d. Poems and letters. 

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Cab. eye., v. 15.) 

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in hix Works, v. 9. 1806.) 

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cantos; by Philcnia [Mrs. Morton]. Boston, 1790. 
8. (B743) 

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istration of Oude. [London, 1861.] f. (E 151) 

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dom of Oude, 1849-50. Lond.,1858. 2 v. 8. 
See a/no India (esp. Sepoy rebellion, p. 1505) ; 
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de Fhmdres. Anvers, 1571. 4. 
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and, Germ., v. 2. 1750.) 
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de 1 electro-metallurgie. (7?t France. Com. Imp. de 

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v. 11-12. 1871; and in Temple Bar, v. 32-33. 1871.) 
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otlus procedencli in foro ecclesiastico-civili. 

Londini, 1788. 2 v. 4". 
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Oxon., 1652. 8". 

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don, 1858. 12". 
Our campaign around Gettysburg, 23d N. Y.S.X.G. 

Brooklyn, 1864. 4. 




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(B 1234,1467) 
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acting plays.) 
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1844-45; in Hood s Works. 1863; and in his 

Tales. 1866.) 
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it; [by Miss Coulton]. 12th ed. London, 

1859. "18. 
Our first men ; persons reported to be worth 100.000 dollars, 

with biog. notices. Boston, 1846. 8. (B 1603) 
Our girls. See Lewis, 1). 

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Our liberties defended ; is the Protestant or Papal 

system most favorable to liberty ? by Obsta 

Principles and Catholicus. N. Y., 1841. 12. 
Our living painters; their lives and works. Lon 
don, 1859. 16. 

Our martyr president. See Lincoln, A. 
Our Mary Anne; a farce. See- Buckstone, J. B. 
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65. 4 v. (v. 4 w.). 12. 
- Same. Pt. 2. N. Y., 1865. 8. 

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1852. 16. 

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Southern literary messenger. n.p., [1842]. 8". 
(B 1475) 

Our schools and colleges. See Fry, II. 

Our social bees. See Wynter, A. 

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don, 1848. 8. 

Same. (In his Christmas books, 1866; a/icZMiscel., 

v. 5. 1870.) 
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scenery ; by M. R. Mitford. Vol. 1-3, N. Y., 

1828, v. 4-5, London, 1830-32. 5 v. 12". 
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monthly, v. 87, 28. 1871 ; republished, with additions, 

as Yesterdays with authors . 1872.) 
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tura dos terrenos baldios de Ourem. (In Lisbon. 

Ac. d. Sci. Mem. econ., v. 2. 1790.) 
Ourika ; [par la duchesse de Duras]. 3e ed. 

Paris, 1826. 12. 
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Mondes, sept. 1841.) Limoelan, recit des guerrca 

de Vendee. (In fey. 1845.) 
Ours et le 1 acha, L ; comedie; par A. E. Scribe. (In his 

CEuvres choisies, v. 1. 1845.) 
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harmony. Oxford, 1868. 4. 
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of Persian poets ; with memoir of O. by J. 

Reynolds. London, Oriental Trans. Fund, 
1846. 8. 
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the east ; more particularly Persia, 1810-12. 

London, 1819-23. 3 v. 4. 
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and political institutions of the United 
States ; added, statistical tables. London, 
1832. 8. 

Ousaouri Uiver. See Usnri. 
Out-door papers; by T. W. Higginson. Boston, 

1863. 16. 

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Out of harness ; sketches. See Guthrie, T. 
Out of the past ; by P. Godwin. N. Y., 1870. 12. 
276. (21. 11. 78.) 

Out of town; by F.C. Burnand. Lond., 1868. 16. 
Out-posts. FKKDEHIC n. Instruction destinee aux 

troupes lege res et aux officiersqui servent dans 

les avant-postes. n.p., 1 an iv [1796], 12. 
Polixh. Instrukcyn dla ofticerow kawaleryi lekkley, 

podlug ktorcy wezasie woyny postcpowac powinni. 

Krakow, 1834. 8". (E 83) 

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outposts, etc. N. Y., 1861. 16. 
Same. New Orleans, 1861. 16. 

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Pinkerton, J. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1808.) 
Reise. (In Allgemeine Hist., v. 17. 1759.) 

Outline of a system of national education. Lon 
don, 1834. 16. 

Outlines of a new commentary on Solomon s Song, 
by [T. Harmer]. London, 1768. 8. 

Outlines of a plan of finance. (In Pamphleteer, 1813; v. 1 
of B 838) 

Outrage upon southern rights. (In Collection of valuable 
documents. 1836. B 1718) 

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ram and Havelock s Persian campaign. Lon 
don, 1858. 12. 

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(In Inst. of Civil Engin. Trans., 1842.) 

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W. Longfellow]. N. Y., 1835. 2 v. 12. 

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licans of New Jersey. Trenton, 1800. 8. (B 401) 

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penhagen. K. Com. f. Olds. Opb. Antiq. Ann., 
v. 3, pt. 1. 1817.) 

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3 v. 8. 

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de la rente 5#. 3e 6d. Paris, 1838. 8. (B 1134) 

B., A. Du remboursement, etc. ; reponse a O. Paris, 

1838. 8. (B 1134) 

Ouvriere, L . See Simon, J. 

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di Cile, e delle ministerii che esercita in quelle 
la Comp. di Giesu. Roma, 1646. 4. 

Eng. Hist, relation of Chile. (In Churchill, O. and 

J. Col. of voy., v. 3. 1745; and in Pinkerton, J. 

Col. of voy., v. 14. 181.3.) 
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dares, A. Seman. erud., v. 24. 1789.) 
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removed by the accidental rupture of the cyst. ( In 

his Col. of published writings. 1868.) 

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1830. 8. 

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of O. Phila., 1851. 8. 

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Louisville, 1850. 8. (B 1549) 

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459-470 of the Chicago medical examiner. I860.] 8". 
(B 1549) 

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Mass. Med. Soc. Med. com., v. 9. 1860.) 

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Boston, 1856. 8. 

Same. (In Mass. Med. Soc. Pub., v. 1. 1856.) 

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J. Obras, v. 1. 1852.) 

Over the cliffs ; by C. Chanter. Boston, 1861. 12. 
Over-Yssel. Map. TEN HAVE, N. Transisalania pro- 

vincia, vulgo Over-Yssul. n.p., [16]. (E 78, no. 





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Contents. Declaration of glorious mystery of person 
of Christ. Communion with God, each person dis 
tinctly. Nature and power of indwelling sin. Tempt 
ation. Mortification of sin in believers. Death of 
Christ. Display of Arminianigin. 

Brief declaration and vindication of the doc 

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Brief instruction in the worship of God and 

discipline of the churches, etc. London, 

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4. (Bl) 

Peace-offering, in an apology and humble plea for in 

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4. (Bl) 

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Si veait; Trreu/zrm/cA/, causes, waies, and means 

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Classification and geographical distribution of 

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(C 173) 

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Footfalls on the boundary of another world. 

Phila., 1860. 8. 

- Hints on public architecture. N. Y., 1849. 4. 

- Wrong of slavery, right of emancipation, and 

the future of the African race in U. S. 
Phila., 1864. 12. 

UNMASKED by his own pen ; showing his unqualified 

approbation of [11] work, What is love? or every 
woman s book . N. Y., 1830. 8. (B 1717) 

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(B 1632) 
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Practice of circummeridian altitudes at sea or on 

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Owhyhee. See Hawaiian Islands. 

Owl and the nightingale; poem. Ste Guildford, N. de. 
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2 v. 8". 
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Cleft-stick ; a comedy. ( No. 65 of Spencer s univ. 

stage.) Doubtful victory; a comedietta. (No. 60.) 

Only a half-penny ; a farce. (No. 90 of De Witt s 

acting plays.) The porter s knot; serio comic 

drama. (No. 50) 
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(In Schloezer, A. L. Schwed. biog.. v. 1. 1760.) 
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Oxford University. 

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Ashmolean Museum. 

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miscel. curiosities. Oxf., 1836. 8. 

Antiquities and Art. 

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Bodleian Library. 

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ani posseduti dal C[onte] A. M[ortara] ed 
ora passati in proprieta della Bibl. Bodl. 
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Note. The catalogue was made by Mortara. 

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Clarendon Press. 

- Specimen of printing types belonging to the 

Univ. Oxf., 1786. 8. 


- DE QUINCEY, T. Oxford. (In. Ms Memorials, v. 1. 


- NEW pocket companion for O.; with descript. 

of buildings, etc., at Blenheim. New ed. 
Oxf., 1807. 12. 

- Same. New ed. Oxf., 1815. 12. 

- NEW O. guide ; with tour to Blenheim and 

Nuneham. Oxf., 1819. 12. 

- OXFORD Univ. and city guide; with guide to 

Blenheim, Nuneham, etc., with plates. 
New ed. Oxf., 1824. 12. 

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Oxf., 1827. 12. 

Edmund Hall. 

- HIM., R. Goliath slain; being a reply to Nowell s 

"Answer to TietasOxoniensis ". London, 1768. 8. 

- - Letter to T. Newell containing remarks on the 2d ed. 

of his Answer to Pietas Oxoniensis . London, 
1769. 8. (B 21) 

Pietas Oxoniensis; or, Full account of the expulsion 

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[the] expulsion of six students from Edmund Hall. 
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See also, back, Edmund Hall. 


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See also Bodleian Lib. ; Radcliffe Lib. 
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See Epthalamia; Oxford English prize es. 
eays; Oxford essays; Oxford sausage. 

Organization, Reform. 

- COM^ECTION of papers to explain the mode of sub 

scription required by the Univ. from all young per 
sons at their matriculation. Oxf., 1772. 8. (B905) 

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of O. and the Edin. review. (In Pamphleteer, 
1822 ; v. 21 of B 838) 

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(In his Misc.. v. 2. 1867.) 

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organization with ref. to O. Edin., 1868. 8. 

- - What measures are required for the further improve 

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Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1868.) 




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See, forward, Oxford review; Oxford spectator. 

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See also Organization , also Nat. Assoc. 
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Commerce. Rudd, E. Connection between intellec 
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sense. Hendy, A. Utility of classical learning in sub 
serviency to theological studies. Heber, It., Up. A 
sense of honour. Marsh, E. G. Posthumous fame. 
Grey, C. Hereditary rank. Burney, C. P. Love of 
our country. Whateley, II., lip. What are the arts 
in the cultivation of which the moderns have been less 
successful than the ancients? 

3. Attfleld, W. Funeral and sepulchral honours. 
Keble, J. Translation from dead languages. Cole 
ridge, J. T. Etymology. Burdon, It. Comparative 
estimate of the English literature of the 17th and 18th 
centuries. Arnold, T. Eft ects of distant colonization 
on the parent state. Milman, II. II. Comparative es 
timate of sculpture and painting. Ogilvie, C. A. 
Union of classical and mathematical studies. Adolphus, 
J. L. Biography. Rickards, 8. Characteristic dif 
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Influence of the drama. Sandford, D. K. Study of 
modern history. 

4. Wanting. 5. Eden, C. P. Use and abuse of 
theory. Harrison, B. Study of different languages as 
it relates to the philosophy of the human mind. Wall, 
H. Emulation. Anstice, J. Influence of the Itoman 
conquests upon literature and the arts in Rome. Moz- 
ley, J. B. Influence of ancient oracles in public and 
private life. Vaughan, II. H. Effects of a national 
taste for general and diffusive reading. Jackson, J. 
Character and doctrines of Socrates. 

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Contents. 1855. Sellar, W. Y. Lucretius and the 
poetic characteristics of his age. Froude, J. A. Sug 
gestions on the best means of teaching English history. 

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ian comprehension. Freeman, E. A. Ancient Greece 
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The study of the evidences of natural theology. 
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Christianity not founded on argument , etc. 
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Oyanguren, . Supplement a la grammaire japonaise. 

See Rodriguez, J. 
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Methods of Oyster Culture. Report, with a 

view to the introd. of improved methods into 

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Contents. Des ecoles de 1 instruction publique en 
Italic aux temps barbares. Notice des manuscrits 
publics dans ce recueil. Texten latins. Graphia aurc 
urbis Roma3. Prsefationes ad chartarium Farfense. 
Obituarium ecclesise Senensis. Hymnorum eccleslastl- 
corum collectio antiqua. Carmina Alfani et Guaiferii. 

Textes italiens. De Jerusalem c(elesti. De Baby 
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report on the elevated country between the 

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sonian Inst. Report, 1864.) 



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Paris, 1766. 8". (B 889, 891) 

Jfote. P *** is filled out in ms. Peruzzy or Perussy. 
P ***., M. de. Recherches philos. sur les Americains. See 

Pauw, C. de. 
P***., M. Discours sur les avantages, 1787. See Chastel- 

lux, F. J., marq. de. 
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(B 14, 652) 
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Jesse, E. Gleanings in nat. hist., v. 2. 1832.) 
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1858. 8. (B 135) 
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W Wroclavviu, 1825. 8. 

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f u . (A 54) 
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(In v. 3.) 
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See Dumourier, C. F. (B 796) 

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See Torres de Mendoza, L. 

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la Marmarique, la (Jyrena ique, etc. Paris, 
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VIE de St. Pncome; par un ancien auteur grec ct tr. 

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See also Natural history ; Zoology. 
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(Vol. 13, 14 of Byzant. jiict. ser. 1729.) 

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See also Hawaiian Islands ; Polynesia ; 
Voyages round the world. 

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(C 224) 

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for the Pacific Railroad on the 32d parallel. 
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8. (B 1504) 

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allels, extend, the Kansas Pacific R. R. to the 
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route for the Pacific railroad, near the 47th 
and 49th parallels, from St. Paul to Puget 
Sound. [Wash., 1854.] 8. 




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and surveys to ascertain the most practicable 
route for a R, R. to the Pacific Ocean ; made 
1853-54. Wash., 1855-60. 12 v. in 13 pts. 4. 

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a railway from the Mississippi to the Pacific. 
n.t.p. [Wash., 1854.] 8. [33d Cong. 2d 
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See also Kansas. 

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almanac for the Pacific States. S. Francisco, 
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ments and documents rel. to the establishment of 
Bteam navigation in the Pacific. London, 1838. 8. 
(B 1742) 

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Soc. de Geog. Rec. des voy., v. 2. 1825.) 

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gard to slavery; essays in the Western reserve 
chronicle after the election of 1842. n.p., 1842. 8. 
(B 1174, 1499) 

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du grand Turc. (In Ternaux Compaus, U. Ar 
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12". (El) 

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- NICERON, J. P. (In his Mem., v. 39. 1738.) 
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Same. (In Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 3. 1853.) 

Oil the best method of teaching the ancient languages. 

(In Amer. Inst. of Instr. Lect., 1833.) 

Our alma mater; address before the alumni of Bow- 

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and the classification of the neuroptera. The insect 
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Observations on the glacial phenomena of Labrador 

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Inquiry into alleged tendency of the separation 
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See also Carrara family in Padua . 




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See also Greece : Religion , Mythology ; 
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- Same. (In Amer. Inst. of Instr. Lect., 1838.) 

Advancement in means and methods of public in 
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Pageants. See Anne, daughter of George n. ; Antwerp ; 

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Highlands, Dundee, Penn. Edin., London 
1861. 8. 
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(Inker Biog. sketches. 1869.) 

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and, Germ., v. 7. 1753.) 

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of heretickes and sectaries in these times. 
Sixt addition [sic]. London, 1661. 8. 
Pagliardini, Tito. Improved dwellings for the industrial 
classes. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 
1862.) Several articles.] (In 1867.) Land laws 
of Europe. (In 1869.) 
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v. 3. 1792.) 

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Paid in full: by H. J. Byron. (In Temple Bar, v. 11-13. 


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Another copy. (B 1139) 

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(In Tufts College. Address at the inaug. of A. A. 
Miner. 1862. B 1576) 




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assistant. London, 1762. f. 

- and Pain or Paine, J. British Palladio ; or, 

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See also Pleasure. 

Pain and sorrow of evil marriage ; from an unique 
copy printed by Wynkyn de Worde. Lon 
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May 27. Boston, 1808. 8. (B 669) 

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Gannett, E. S. (B 1222, 1247) 

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his character against P.; also, an expos, of the 
character of P. ^Boston, [1811 ?]. 8. (C 158) 

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Co. of Windham to the people in the several socie 
ties in the Co. n.t.p. [1744.] 8. (B45) 

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Prov., 1813. 8. (B944) 

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noblemen and gentlemen s houses in Derby, 
Durham, Middlesex, etc. 2d ed. London, 
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British Palladio. 1793. See. Pain, W. 

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P. (B 233) 

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- Discourses on soul and instinct, and on organic 

life. N. Y., 1849. 12". 

Essays on the philosophy of vitality as contradistin 

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N. Y., 1842. 8. (B 1189) 

Examination of a Review of the Medical and physiol 

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- Same. 5th ed. N. Y*., 1859. 8. 

Same. 8th ed. N. Y ., 1867. 8. 

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N. YV, with other letters. N. Y"., 1832. 8. 

- Materia mcdica and therapeutics. New Y ork, 

1848. 12". 

Medical and physiological commentaries. 

N. Y., 1840-44. 3 v. 8". 

Reply to an attack by H. I. Bowditch upon 

the essay on the writings of P. C. A. Louis. 
Boston, 1840. 8. 

Review of theoretical geology. [From Prot. 

Episc. quar. rev. N. Y., 1856.1 8. 

and M. A. W. Memoir of R. Troup Paine. 

N. ~Y.,priv. printed, 1852. 4. 

Bowmxcn, H. I. Remarks rel. to Paine s 

Commentaries upon the writings of Louis . 
Boston, 1840. 8. 
Another copy. (B 1163) 

Rejoinder to Paine s Reply , n.t.p. [1841.] 8. 

Paine, Mrs. Mary Ann (Weeks). See Paine, Martyn, and 

Mrs. M. A. W. 
Paine, Nathaniel. Remarks on the early paper 

currency of Massachusetts ; read bef. the 

Amer. Antiq. Soc. .April 25. Camb., 1866. 8". 
- Report upon American coins and tokens. (In Amer. 

Antiq. Soc. Proc., I860.) 
Paine, Robert Treat, I. 1731, d. 1814. [MEMOIR.] n.t.p. 

[181-.] 8. (B 570) 

SANDERSON, J. (In fiis Biog. of the signers, v. 2. 


SKETCH of the character of P.; from sermon at First 

Church in Boston the Sunday after his decease. 
n.t.p. [1814.] 8. (B1459) 

Paine, Robert Treat, Jr., previously Thomas, b. 1773, 
d. 1811. "Works ; with sketches of his life, 
etc. Boston, 1812. 8. 

Contents. Sketches of the life, etc., of P. Tributary 
lines. College exercises-. Miscellaneous poems. 
Odes and songs. Prose writings. Notes. 

Eulogy on Washington. Newbnryport, Jan. 2. New- 

buryport, 1800. 8. (B 87, 1879, 2510, E 61, W 52) 

The hasty-pudding; a poem; also The ruling passion. 

Hallo-well, 1815. 12. (D 20) 

Invention of letters; poem, Cambridge, July 15. Bos 

ton, 1795. 4. (H 22, W 58) 

Same. 2d ed. Boston, 1795. 4. (B 650) 

Same. 3d ed. Boston, 1819. 8. (B 573, W 33) 

Monody on the death of Sir J. Moore, with notes. 

Boston, 1811. 8. (B 439, 573) 

Ode for Independence, 1810. Cutting. (C 307) 

Oration, Boston, July 17, [on] the dissolution of trea 

ties between France and the U. 8. Boston, 1799. 8. 
(B 138, 1839) 

The ruling passion; written by the appointment of the 

Soc. of" the <I>.B.K., July 20. Bost,, 1797. 4. (B 650) 
See also, above . The hasty pudding. 

LORING, J. S. (Jn fits Hundred Boston orators. 1852.) 
Paine, Robert Treat, Jr. Latitudes and longitudes of sev 
eral places in the U. S. Table of the longitude 
and altitude of the nonagesimal degree 42 23 28" 
N. for every minute of the right ascension of the 
meridian latitude of Boston, (hi Amer. Acad. 
Mem., n.s., v. 1. 1833.) 

and Borden, S. Tables of bearings, distances, etc. 

See Mass. Secretary of State. 
Paine, Robert Troup. PAINE, M., and Mrs. M. A. 

W. Memoir. N. Y., 1852. 4. 
Paine, Sumncr. PAINE, Mrs. F. C. (In Higginson, T. W. 

Harvard mem. biog., v. 2. 1866.) 
Paine, Thomas, d. 1757. The pastoral charge; sermon, 

Weymouth. Aug. 19, 1719, at his ordin. Boston, 

1720. 8. (C21) 
Paine, Thomas, b. 1737, d. 1809. Age of reason, 

The; an investigation of true and of fabulous theol 
ogy. Boston, 1794. 8. (B 159) 

Same. N. Y., 1794. 12. (B613) 

Same in 2 pts. Wilmington, 1832. 8". (B1717) 

Same. Pt. 2d. ?>.;)., 17 1 J6. 8. (B197) 

Same. Paris, n.d. 8. (B1699) 

Agrarian justice, opposed to Agrarian law. Phila., 

[17]- 8. (B354) 

American crisis. No. v.; addr. to Sir W. Howe. Lan 

caster, New Haven, 1778. 12. (C 65) 

Common sense addr. to the inhabitants of America. 

2d ed. Phila., 1770. 8. (B 361, 990. 2502, W 23) 
Contents. Origin and design of government, with 
concise remarks on the English constitution. Monarchy 
and hereditary succession. Thoughts on the present 
state of American affairs. Of the present ability of 
America, with some miseel. reflections. Large addi 
tions. The American patriot s prayer. American 
independency defended, by Candidus. The propriety 
of independency, by Demophilus. A review of the 
Amer. contest, with some strictures on the King s speech ; 
addr. to all parents in the thirteen united colonies, by a 
friend to posterity and mankind. Letter to Ld. Dart 
mouth, by an English American. Observations on Ld. 
North s conciliatory plan, by Sineerus. Appendix. 
Necessity of independency. Address to the people 
called Quakers, on their testimony cone, kings and gov 
ernments, and the present commotions in America. 

Note. Large additions has a separate title-page. 

Same. [With] A dialogue between the ghost of Gen. 

Montgomery, just arrived from the Elysian fields, 
and an Amer. delegate in a wood near Phila. 
Phila., 1776. 8. (B 575) 




Note. 3d ed. of Common sense. A dialogue" 
has separate title-page and pagination. 

Same. New ed. 1 hila., repr. Newburyport, [17 ]. 
8. (B 133) 

Jt otc. This and the following four are without 
Large additions . 

Smtie. 1 hila., repr. London, 1776. 8. (B 347, 348) 

Same. London, 1791. 8". 

Same. London, 1792. 8. (B 600) 

Same. London, 1817. 8. (B 1657) 

Sume. Large additions onfy. 1 hila., 1776. 8. (B703) 
Decline and fall of the Eng. system of finance. 12th 
ed. Paris, 1796. 8. (B 667, 754, 1850) 

Same. 1 hila., 1796. 8. (B 1750, 2507) 

/Same. N. Y., 1796. 8. (C 46) 

French. Decadence et chute du systeme de finances 
de I Angleterre; tr. par F. Lanthenas. Paris, 
[17]. 8". (B 808) 

Dissertation on the first principles of government; 
[with his speech in Convention, July 7, 1795]. 
1 aris, 3d year, [1795]. 8". (B 1750) 

Sam?. Phila., 1795. 8". (B 1850) 

Same, without the speech, Paris, [1795]. 8. (B356) 

French. Dissertation sur les premiers principes de 
gouvernement. Paris, an in [1795]. 8. (B 1892) 

Examination of passages in the New Testament, 
quoted from the Old, [upon] Christ; [with] an 
Essay on dream, [and] private thoughts of a future 
state, and remarks on Matthew and Mark. N. Y., 
[18]. 8. (15209) 

Jet.ts; being a col. of patriotick lion mots, etc., on po 
litical subjects. London, 1793. 12. (D 55) 

Same. [Another ed.] n.t.p. [1793.] 12. (C 155) 

Large additions to Common sense. See (p. 2208-9) 
Common sense. 

Letter addressed to the addressers, on the late procla 
mation. Phila., 1793. 8. (B 423) 

- Same. London, 1792. 8. (B 600) 

Letter to Abbe liaynal on the affairs of If. Amer. 

Phila., 1782. 8. (B 592, 2503, W 23) 
/Same. London, reprinted 1782. 8. (B 637) 
Same. London, 1793. 8. (B 600, C 321) 

- Letter to G. Washington on affairs public and private. 

Phila., 1796. 8. (B 356, 641, W 60) 

- Letter to the people of France, on the event of the 18th 

fructidor, Sept. 4. Paris, 1797. 8. (B 716) 
Same. N. Y., reprinted 1798. 8. (B 776) 

- Letters on government. [London, 1792.] 8". (B 600) 
Opinion concernant le jugement de Louis xiv. Paris, 

1792. 8. (B 1014) 

- Political works. London, 1844. 12. 

- Prospects on the Rubicon; investigation into the 

causes and consequences of politics to be agitated at 
the meeting of Purl. Dublin, 1788. 8. (B 751) 

- Public good; an examination into the claim of Va. to 

the vacant western territory, and the right of the 
U. S. to the same; [with] proposals for laying out a 
new state. Phila., 1780. 8". (B 702, W 21) 

- llights of man ; answer to Mr. Burke s attack 

on the French Revolution. London, 1791. 

- Same. Dublin, 1791. 8. (B 1858) 

- Same. 6th ed. London, 1791. 8. 

- Same, n.t.p. [ Boston? 1791 ?] 8. (B 1693) 

- Same. 3d ed. Boston, 1791. 8. (B 631, 2507) 

- Same. Parts 1, 2. London, 1792. (B 600) 

- Same. Part 2. London, repr. Boston, 1792. 8. (B 

626, 2507) 

- Speech in the [French] Convention, July 7, 1795. n.v., 

[1795]. 8. (B356) 

- Theological works ; with profession of faith of 

a Savoyard vicar, by J. J. Rousseau. Bos 
ton, 1840. 12. 

Contents. Introduction. The age of reason. A 
letter ; an answer to a friend on the publication of the 
The age of reason. Letter to T. Erskine on the prose 
cution of T. Williams for publishing The age of reason. 
Discourse to the Society of Theophilanthropists. 
Letter to C. Jordan. Examination of the passages in 
the New Testament quoted from, the Old, and called 
prophecies of the coming of Christ. Appendix : con 
tradictory doctrines in the New Testament between 
Matthew and Mark. My private thoughts on a future 
state. Extract from a reply to the Hp. of Llandaff. 
Origin of free-masonry. Letter to S. Adams. Extract 
from a letter to A. A. Dean. Miscellaneous pieces. 
Rousseau, J. J. Profession of faith of a Savoyard vicar, 
extracted from Emilias; or, A treatise of education; 
Letter U) his bookseller at the Hague. Taylor, . 
Religious dogmas; their origin and consequences. 

- Writings. Albany, 1794. 8. 

Contents. Common sense. The crisis. Public 
good. Letter to liaynal. Letter to Earl Shelborno. 

Letter to Sir G. Carlton. Letter to the authors of 
the Republican. Letter to Syeyes. Rights of man. 

Letter to Mr. Dundass. 

ADAMS, J. Q. Answer to P. s Rights of man [in 7 

letters reprinted from the Columbian sentinel]. 
London, 1793. 8. (B 596) 

- Same, entitled Observations on Paine s Rights of 

man ; [in eight letters]. Edin., [179-]. 8. (B 575) 

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death, etc., of Christ, and the evidence of his 
gospel ; with remarks on some sentiments in 
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Another copy. (B 159) 

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Williams, for publishing the Age of reason by P. 
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Another copy. (B 343) 

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Eng., with P. s Life and writings. London, 1792. 8. 
(B 1523) 

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(B 600) 

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Same. Boston, 1796. 8. (B 762) 

PERNICIOUS principles of P. exposed; an addr. to la 

bourers and mechanics, by a gentleman. 3d ed. 
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Continuation of the letters to the philosophers and 

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(B 667, 2509. C 76) 

TRUE interest of America impartially stated; 

tures on Common sense . Phila., 1776. 8 . (o M>) 




Same. 2d ed. Phila., 1776. 8. (B 703, 990) 

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(In Collier, J. P. Shakespeare s lib., v. 2. 1841.) 
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Paiiiier- engravers. ANDRESEN, A. Die deutschen 

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Jahrhunderts, nach ihren Leben und Werken. 

Lpz., 1866-70. 4 v. 8. 

and WEIGEL, R. Der dcutsche Peintre- Graveur 

oder die deutschen Maler als Kupferstecher 
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graveur franc. ; catal. raisonne des estampes 
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who were contemporaries of Van Dyck. (In his 
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Paris, 1866. 8. 

- SPOONER, S. Biographical and critical diet, of 
painters, engravers, etc., from anc. to modern 
times. N. Y., 1853. 8. 

There are in the Library biographies of the following 
painters : Allston, W. ; Angelico, Fra ; Bacon, J. ; 
Buonarotti, Michael Angelo ; Collins, W. : Duerer, 
A. ; Dyck, A. van ; Etty, W. ; Gainsborough, T. ; 

Giotto ; Gros, A. J. ; Haydon, B. It. : Hogarth, 
W. ; Holbein, H. ; Ingres, J. A. D. ; Leslie, C. R. ; 

Poussin, X. ; Raffaello ; Rembrandt, 1 . : Rey 
nolds, SirJ. , Rosa, Salvntor; Rubens, P. 1 .; 
Scheffer, Ary ; Shee, Sir M. A. ; Stothard, T. ; 
Turner, J. M. W. ; Vanloos, The : Veronese, P. ; 
Vinci, L. da; Watteau, A. ; West, B. 

See alao Painter-engravers ; Painting : Catalogues 
(the catalogues of some collections, the National Gal 
lery for instance, contain notices of the painters) ; 
also Arts, Fine. 

See also the heading Art. under the various cities and 
countries, especially, Athens (p. 163); England (pp. 
890-91) : Flanders (p. 994) ; France (p. 1033) ; 
Germany (p. 1132) ; Gr. Brit. (p. 1225) ; Greece (p. 
1259); -- Italy (pp. 1240, 41); New England 
(Biography, p. 2103); Spain; Rome; United 
States ; Venice. 

Painters in Water Colors. See Society of Painters in 
Water Colors. 

Painting. General and miscel. works, ^Esthetics. 

BORGHINI, R. II riposo. Milano, Soc. de 

Class. ItaL, 1807. 3 v. 8. 

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painting, and music, etc., tr. by T. Nugent. 
London, 1748; 3 v. 8. 

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CEuvres, v. 3. 1810.) 

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Malerey und Poesie. (In his Sammt. Schrift., v. 9. 

PECHEUX, L. Discours sur 1 harmonie en peinture. 

(In TUrin. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., v. 13. 1803.) Du 
gout en peinture, de son application, et de ses va- 
rietes. (In v. 15. 1805.) 

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pliquee a la peinture. Paris, 1858. 8. 

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tibus popularibus, v. 3. 1660.) 

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ing. 4th ed. London, 1777. 16. 

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painting. London, Bohn, 1848. 8. 

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Sammt. Schrift., v. 8. 1822; v. 12. 1808.) 

HIRT, A. Die Mahlerey bey den Alten. (In Berlin. 

Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1798-1803.) Les difterentes 
methodes de peindre ehez les anciens. (]n 1799- 
1800.) Sur la peinture des anciens, [-B.C. 400]. (In 
1801-02.) A quel point les anciens ont-ils possede 
1 art de la peinture? Re-marques sur les couleurs 
dont les anciens se servoient pour peindre, et sur 
quelques passages de Pline, rel. & la peinture des 
auciens. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1802.) 




- FUSF.LI, H. See, acovf, General works. 

- COOPER, T. Observations on the art of painting 

among the ancients. (In Lit. and Philos. Soc. of 
Manchester. Mem., v. 3. 1790.) 

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[jusqu a. 1868]. le ser. Paris, 1868. 16. 
(Bibl. dcs mcrv.) 

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acterized ; sketch of the history of painting, 
[to 1847]. London, 1847. 12. 

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1846]. Boston, 1846. 12. 

- HAYDON, B. II., and HAZLITT, W. Painting and 

the fine arts, [to 1838] ; articles contributed 
to the 7th ed. of the Encycl. Brit. Edin., 
1838. 12". 

- PHILLIPS, T. [To 1833.] See Theory. 

- BCIILEGEL, A. W. Histoire de. la peinture. [to 1830]. 

(In his Lecons sur 1 hist. dps beaux arts. 1830.) 

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[to 1829]. Edin., 1829. 18". (Constable s 
miscel., v. 39.) 

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Kunste, [bis 1808]. Gott., 1798-1808. 5 v. 8. 

- BOBGHINI, R. [To 1807.] See Gen. and Miscel. works. 

- EASTLAKE, C. L. Materials for a history of oil 

painting, [to 1792]. Lond., 1847-69. 2 v. 8. 
Note. Professes to point out some of the causes of 
that durability for which the earlier examples of art 
are remarkable. Preface. 

- PILES, R. de. Art of painting; with lives of 

painters, etc., [to about 1650]. 3d ed. Lon 
don, [1752]. 8. 

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man, Flemish, and Dutch schools, [800- 
1800]. London, 1860. 8. 
EMERIC-DAVID, T. B. Histoire de la peinture 
aux Moyen Age. Paris. 1863. 16. 

- TYRWIIITT. R. St. J. [1276-1493.] See Theory. 

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says. 1858.) 

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ture, etc., [1500-1700]. (In Robillard Peronville, 
ami Laurent, P. Musee fran$ais, v. 1, 2. 1803-05.) 
See also Arts, Fine : Hist. 

Theory and practice. 

- MAPP^E clavicula; a treatise on various processes of 

the decorative arts practised during the Middle 
Ages. [12th cent.] (In Archaeologia, v. 32. 1847.) 

- DIFRESNOY, C. A. Art of painting, [1656]; tr. into 

English verse by W. Mason; [with a life]. (In 
Reynolds, Sir J. Works, v. 3. 1801; and in 
Mason, \V. Works, v. 3. 1811.) 

Same. Tr. by Dryden. (In Dryden. Works, v. 17. 

- FELIBIEN, A. Principes de peinture; avec un dic- 

tionnaire des termes. [1674.] (In his Princ. de 
1 archit. 1690.) 

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- SERMON on painting. (In Walpole, H. ^Edes Wal- 

polinnse. 1767.) 

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noy s Art of painting, in Lat. and Eng.]. 
[1778.] 3ded. corr. London, 1801. 3 v. 8. 

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L art de la peinture ; tr. sur la 2e ed. [par H. 
Jansen]. Paris, 1787. 2 v. 4. 

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cor. daC. Fea. Roma, 1787. 4. 
RICHARDSON, J. Works on painting. London, 
1792. 4. 

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London, 1806. 4". 

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by A. Opie. London, 1809. 4. 

- DOCGAI.L, J. (hi hi* Modern preceptor, v. 2. 1810.) 

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(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1814-15.) 

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principles of painting. London, 1833. 8. 

- BURNET, J. Treatise on painting. London, 

1834-37. 4. 

LOMAZZO, G. P. Trattato di pittura, scultura, 

ed architettura. Roma, 1844. 3 v. 8. 

- HAYDON, B. 11. Lectures on painting and de 

sign. London, 1844-46. 2 v. 8. 

ALBERTI, Li. B. Delia pittura. (In his Opere vole.. 

v. 4. 1847.) 

- HANDBOOK of young artists and amateurs in 

oil-painting ; by an Amer. artist. N. Y., 
1848. 12. 

- LESLIE, C. R. Handbook for young painters. 

London, 1855. 12". 

SL-TTEK, D. 1858. See Gen. and miscel. works (p. 


- GULLICK, T. J., and TIMBS, J. Painting popu 

larly explained. London, 1859. 12. 

BLANC, A. A. P. C. (In his Grammaire des arts da 

dessin. 1867.) 

COUTURE, T. Methode et entretiens d atelier. 

Paris, 1867. 18. 

- TYRWHITT, R. St. J. Handbook of pictorial 

art; with perspective by A. Macdonald. Ox 
ford, 1868. 8. 

See also History ;(p. 2210, 11) ; Eastlake, C. L. ; also 
Anatomy for artists ; Architecture ; Arts, Fine ; 

Badigeon ; Color ; Decoration ; Drawing ; 
Encaustic ; Etching ; Flower painting ; Olass 
painting ; Miniature painting; Mural painting ; 

Pastel ; Perspective ; Polychrome ; Pre- 
Raphaelitism ; Water colors. 


BALDINUCCI, F. Vocabulario toscano dell arte del 

disegno. (Vol. 2. 4 of his Opere. 1809-11.) 

FELIBIEN, A. Diet. See Theory and practice. 

- WATELET, C. H., and LEVESQUE, P. C. Diet. 

de peinture, etc. Paris, 1792. 5 v. 8. 

See also the references under Painters. 
Painting (mechanical, materials). RIFFAULT, J.R. 
D. Peintre en batiments. Paris, 1859. 18. 

BRARD, C. P. (In his Mineralogie appliqude aux arts, 

v. 2. 1821.) 

SEBASTIAN. Infante of Spain. Des huiles et des ver- 

nis employes pour la peinture. (In Gazette des 

beaux-arts, v. 15. 1863.) 

See also Varnish. 
Painting, its rise and progress; [by P. Dodge]. 

Boston, 1846. 12. 
Painting ; a poem ; with biog. notes. London, 

1792. 8. 

Paintings. Catalogues and accounts of collections. 

BLAKE, T. W. J. A long vacation in conti 

nental picture galleries ; [notes on the best 
pictures]. London, 1858. 16. 

CUNNINGHAM. J. L. Catalogue of 120 oil paintings by 

old masters of the Flemish, Dutch, and German 
schools, to be sold Nov. 28. [Boston, 1837.] 8. (B 

DEFER, P. F. Catalogue des ventes publiques 

de tableaux et estampes, depuis 1737. le 
partie : Estampes. Paris, 1865-68. 2 v. 8. 

Same. 2epartie: Tableaux. Paris, 1865-68. 

2 v. 8. 

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admired masters, [with] description. Lon 
don, 1776. 3v. 16. 

NEUMAYR VON RAMSSLA. J. W. Pictures and othor 

works of art in the royal palaces. (In Rye, W. B. 
England as seen by foreigners. 1865.) 
See also Barry, J. ; Brett, J. W. : Denon, D. V. ; 

Fraser, C. ; Harding, C. ; Marismas, Marq. de 
las; Paignon-Dijonville ; Reynolds, Sir J. ; 
Schendel, P. van; Stanislas n, A. P., King of Po 
land; Walpole, H.; 




also the names of the various galleries, exhibitions, 
museums, etc., as Amsterdam. Musee du Royaume 
des Pays-Bas ; Berlin. Koenigliche Museum ; 
Bologna. Pontif. Acad. di Belle Arti ; Boston 
Athenaeum. Gallery; Cambridge University; - 
Dresden. Koenigl. Gemselde Gallerie; Florence. 
Accademia delle Belle Arti; Florence. Gal- 
eria Imperiale ; Hague, The. Musee Royal ; 
Houghton Hall; Leuchtenberg, E., llerzog von; 

Madrid. Real Armeria ; Madrid. Real Museo 
de Pintura ; Munich. Glyptothek ; Munich. 
Pinacothek ; Naples. Real Museo Borbonico ; 
National Gallery, London; New York Hist. Soc.; 

Nimes. Musee ; Oxford University ; Paris. 
Academie des Beaux Arts; Rome. Calcografla 
Camerale ; Rome. Campidoglio; Royal Academy ; 

Saint Petersburg. Musee Imperial de 1 Ermitage ; 

South Kensington Museum ; Stafford Gallery ; 

Vatican ; Vernon Gallery ; Vienna. K. K. 
Gemaelde Gall. ; Westminster Palace ; Yale Coll.; 

also Paris. GALLERIES, MUSEUMS, etc. 

Collections of engravings after paintings. 

CHOIX de tableaux et statues des plus celebres 

musees et cabinets etrangers, par une societe 
d artistes et d amateurs. Paris, 1819-21. 
3 v. 8. 

DUCHESNE, J. Museo di pittura e scultura. 

Firenze, 1838-45. 16 v. 12. 

GUATTANI, G. A. La pittura comparata nolle 

opere di tutte le scuole ; con incis. da S. 
Morelli. Horn a, 1816. 4. 

HISTORIC gallery of portraits and paintings ; 

graphic imitations of the finest specimens of 
the arts. London, 1807-11. 7 v. 8. 

JAKVKS, J. J., and others. Letters relative to a 

collection of pictures made by him. Camb., 
1859. 8. 

LEHRUN, J. B. P. Galerie des peintures fla- 

mands, hollandois, et allemands, avec un 
texte expl. et notes sur la vie de plusieurs 
peintres. Paris, 1792-96. 3 v. f. 

PIRANESI, G. 13. Schola Italica picturae sive 

selectau quaodam summorum e scola Italica 
pictorum tabula) aere incisac. Romae, 1773. f. 

ROCHETTE, D. 11. Peintures antiques incdites. 

Paris, 1836. 4. 

The Library possesses engravings from the works of 
the following painters : Allston, \V. ; Angelico, Fra , 
Buonarotti, Michel Angelo ; Delaroche, II. ; Duerer, 
A.; Dyck, A. van; Ghirlandaio, 1).; Giotto; 

Gros, A. J. ; Hogarth, W. ; Holbein, H. ; In- 

fres, J. A. D. ; Poussin, N. ; Raffaello ; Kem- 
randt, 1 .; Reynolds, <S ir J. ; Rosa, Salvator; 
Rubens, P. P. ; Sanzio, Giovanni ; Turner, J. M. 
W. ; Veronese, P. ; Vinci, L. da ; Watteau, A. ; 

West, B. ; also engravings contained in various 
Galleries , etc. 

See also the division Art under various countries 
espec. Bologna ; England ; Flanders ; France ; 

Great Britain ; Greece ; Italy ; Naples ; 
Netherlands; Paris. GALLEKIES AND MUSEUMS; 
Spain ; United States ; Venice ; also Arts, Fine ; 

Galleries ; Museums ; Painting ; Prints ; 
Soc. of Painters in Water colors ; Water colors. 

Paisios. Yvujiai f/Wv/cat /eat iroAtTMai. Kverhjaiv, 

1778. 4. 
Paisley. FERRIER, W. Account of Sabbath schools in P. 

(In hi* Two disc. 17 ( J8. B 1857) 
Paix du menage, La ; par Balzac. Paris, 

1865. 16. ((Euvres compl., v. 34.) 
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Aus (U-in Nachlass, v. 2. 1867.) 
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Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 1857.) 

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Palaa, G. Engins et appareils des grands travaux publics. 

(In Lacroix, E. Etudes sur Pexposition, 1867. 

2e ser.) 
Palaces. BOECKLER, G. A. (In his Arehitcctura curiosa 

nova. 1064.) 
Palacio, Diego Garcia de. Carta dirijida al rey de Espana, 

por el ano 1576. (Vol. 1 of Squier, E. G. Col. of 

doc. I860.) 

Palacky, Frantisek. Geschichte von Bohmen. 

Frag, 1844-60. 4 v. in 8 pts. 8. 
Content*. Vol.1. Bis 1199. 2, Ir Th. 1197-130G. 2, 
2r Tli. 1306-78. 3, Ir Th. 1378-1419. 3, 2r Th. 1419-31. 
3, 3r Th. 1431-39. 4, Ir Th. Das Zeitalter Georgs von 
Podiebrad; 1439-57. 4, 2r Th. 14.37-71. 

Die iiltboliinischcn Handscliriften und ihre Kritik. 

(In Historische Zeitschrift, v. 2. 1859-70.) 

Urkundliche Beitriige zur Geschichte Bbhmens und 

seiner NachbarlJinder im Zeitalter Georg s von Po- 
. diebrad, [1450-71]. (In Vienna. Ak. d. Wiss. 

Fontes rerum Austr., 2. Abth., v. 20. LS60.) 
Palaeography. BARING, D. E. Clavis diplomatica. 
Hanov., 1737. 4. 

FEUILLET DE CONCHES, F. 8. Des documents 6crits 

dans 1 antiq. sacree, et d abord de 1 origine de 1 ecri- 
ture. Des mss. dans 1 antiq. profane. (In his 
Causeries, v. 1. 1862.) 

LIST of abbreviations.] (In Great Britain. Parl. 

Statutes of the realm, v. 1. 1810.) 

MONTFAUCON, B. de, Paleographia Groeca 

sivede ortu et progressu literarura Graccarum. 
Paris, 1708. f. 

WAILLY, J. N. de. Elements de paleographie. 

Paris, 1838. 2 v. 4. (Doc. ined.) 

WRIGHT, A. Court hand restored. 8th ed. 

London, 1867. 16. 

See alxo Abbreviations ; Alphabets ; Illu 
mination ; Writing. 

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Sermon preached to the church in Brattle Sq. 

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Another copy. (B 288) 
Sermons on duties belonging to private life. 

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Worthy student of Harvard College; sermon, March 23. 

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To the Free Soil members of the General Court of 

Mass, for 1851. n.t.p. [1851.] 8". (B 1505) 
HOAU, E. R., and others. To the voters of the fourth 

Congressional district in favor of P. s election to 



Congress. Boston, 1848. 8". (B1503) 
LORING, J. S. (In his Hundred Boston o 

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Contents. Vol. 1. General relations of medieval 
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Danish expeditions in the Gauls. The establishment of 
Rollo. 2. 912-87. The three first Dukes of Xormandy; 
Rollo, Guillaume-Longue-Epee, and Richard-sans-Peur. 
The Carlovingian line supplanted by the Capets. 3. 
987-1087. Richard-sans-Peur. Riehard-le-Bon. 
Richard III. Robert-le-Diable. William the Con- 
queror. 4. 1087-1101. William Rufus. Accession 
of Henry Beauclcrc. 

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Mediaeval kalendars. Saints days. Election 
committees and registration of electors. Review 
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Le Rhine. (In v. 71. 1843.) 

Rotuli Curiue Regis, 1835. Antient kalendars and in 

ventories. 1836. Documents and records. 1837. See 
Gr. Brit. Rmord Commission. 

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ms. prices and names]. London, 1862. 8. 

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of historical literature with remarks on 
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servir ;\ 1 hist. de notre litterature depuis 

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Pallacopas, a branch of the Euphrates. GHONOVIUS, 

J. Epistola de P. ubi descr. ejus ab Arriano 

liberatur abl. Vossiifrustrationibus. Lugd. 

Bat., 1686. 8". 
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ad CCCCLII lib. n. De oppugnntione Gradiscana. 
(In Graevius. Thes. antiq. Ital., v. 6, pt. 4. 1722.) 

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qtii representent 1 enlevemeiit du Palladium. (In 
Turin. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., v. 21. 1813.) 

Palladium of conscience ; cont. Furncaux s letters 
to Blackstone, Priestley s remarks on Black- 
stone, Blackstone s reply to Priestley, and 
other tracts. Phila., 1773. 8. 

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De re rustica. (In Gesner, J. M. Scriptores rei rus- 

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- BOHGHESI, B. Diehiarazione d una lapidn gruteriana 

per cui si detennina il tempo della prefettura ur- 

bnnn di Pasifilo, e 1 eta di Palladio Rutilio Tauro. 

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sic. fatto pub. da Airoldi paragonati ad avveni- 

menti accaduti nello stato della repubblica di Ge- 

nova. (In Turin. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., ser. 2, v. 2. 


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Contents. Vol. 1. Se il prinoipe debba essere letter- 
ato. Int. alia superbi: . Sulla prowldenza. Del 
bene. Perfezione cristiana. 2-4. Istoria del Concilio 
di Trento. 5. Lettere. 

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partment of the St. Louis Univ., Mar. 1. St. Louis, 

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Ladv Wallace. London, 1860. 2 v. 8. 




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uti traite pliilos. d Algazali. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. 
Sci. Mot: ft J ol. Mem., Sav. air., v. 1. 1841.) 

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ways. London, 1869. 8". 

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ations on the principles of naval discipline. 1781.) 

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rel. to the exploration of a portion of Brit. 
N. Amer., 18.57-60. London, 1863. f. 

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tagio. Lieorno, 1824. 8. 

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[also] Critical remarks on Bulvver, Emerson, 
i ecchio, Humphreys, Stanhope, Parry, and 
Blaquiere. London, 1826. 8". 

- AMATO, G. d . (In hi* Panteon, v. 2. 1851.) 
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Painting in Xorth Italy, v. 2. 1871.) 
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acad., v. 4. 1759.) 
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tado; tr.) Moraes. Lisboa, 1786. 8 r 

- Eny. Palmerin of England, tr. from the 

Por tug. tr. of Monies [by R. Southey]. Lon 
don. 1807. 4 v. 12". 

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present slate, productions, etc.. of the Comoro 
Islands, Abyssinia, Persia, Burinah, etc. N. Y., 
1846. 8. (B 1501, 2545) 

Memorial to Congress. Wash., Jan. 1851. n.t.p. 8". 

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New Kng. in Penn , on tile 1st anniv. of the Society. 

Pliila., 1859. 8. (B 1234) 
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of artificial limbs. July 18:>f> - Jan. 1857, May 1859. 

1 hila., X. Y.. 1855-59. 8. (B 1559) 
Palmer, Benjamin Morgan. D.D. Discourse before 

the Gen. Assem. of S. Carolina, Dec. 10, 

1863. [fast day]. Columbia, 1864. 8". 

Mormonism ; lecture before the Mercantile Lib. 

Assoc. of Charleston, S. C., Jan. 26. Columbia, 
1853. S. (B 15S9) 

Slavery a divine trust. (In Fast day sermons. 1861.) 

GRAHAM. J. Strictures on P. s defence of infant bap 

tism. (/ hix Reasons for renouncing infant bap 
tism. 1810. B200) 

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maxims. London, 1748. 4. 
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Massachusetts forces with provisions, 1675. (In 

Mass. Hist. Soc. Col.,v. 6. 1799.) 
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[man] ; oration at X. Y., 4 July. X. Y., 1797. 12. 

(C 46; 

Extracts from an oration. (In Political miscel. 1793. 


Principles of nature. 3d ed. [New York,] 

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Seas ; three months cruise of the Rosario. 

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Resistance of barges moving on canals. (In Instit. 

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paradoxes; by Bacon. London, n.d. 8. (B 1361) 

Same. (In Bacon, F. Works, v. 7. 1859.) 

A T atf. On the authorship see the note in Ba 
con s Works. 

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Palmer, J. C. Thulia ; a tale of the Antarctic. 

X. Y., 1843. 8. 

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. sure upon the money. market. London, 1837 8 
(B 1135) 

Reply to the Reflections of S. J. Loyd. London, 

1837. 8. (B 1135) 

Lovi), S. J. Reflections [on] Causes and conse 

quences . London, 1837. 8. (B 1135) 
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our naval commanders. 1867.) 
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Kng. justified and the people vindicated from the 
aspersions of J. Palmer in his pretended Answer 
to the Declaration . Boston, 1691. 4. (B 23) 

Snnie. (In Whitmore, W. H. An tiros tracts, v. 1. 


Sttinf. Added, a narrative of the proc. of Sir E. 

Androsse, etc., by [W. Stoughton, and others]. 
Boston, 1773. 8. (B 611, 2501} 

Same, (hi Force, P. Tracts, v. 4. 1846.) 

Palmer, John. Free thoughts on the inconsistency 
of conforming to any religious test as a con 
dition of toleration. London, 1779. 8. 

Another cop;/. (B233) 

Observations in defence of the liberty of man 

as a moral agent in answer to Priestley s 

illust. of philosoph. necessity. Loud., 1779. 8. 

App. to the Observations. London, 1780. 8. 

Sermon, death of C. Fleming, with oration by J. 

Towers. London, 1779. 8. (B 1851) 
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Up and down the Irrawaddi ; passages of 

adventure in the Burman empire. N. Y., 

1856. 8". 
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Harvard College, 18-51-63. Bost., 1864. 8. 

Paper on longevity, (hi Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc., 


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18-52. 12. 

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1609-1814. Albany, 1866. 8. 

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Spiritual improvement. Boston, 1839. 12. 
Palmer, Roger, Earl of Castlemaine. LLOYD, W. Ren. 

sonable defence of the Seasonable discourse, shew 
ing the necessity of maintaining the established re 
ligion ; or, Reply to A full answer , etc., [by It. 
Palmer]. London, 1674. 4. (E 150) 
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best Eng. hymn writers. London, 1863. 16. 

Speech on the N. Amer. blockade. London, 

1862. 8. 
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answer to Wesley and to Sacheverel. Lon- . 

don, 170.5. 4. 
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London, 1732. 4". 
Palmer, Samuel, of Hackney. Nonconformist s 

memorial; abridged, with add. anecdotes and lives, 

bv P. St-f Calamy, E. 

Brief mem.. of 8. Wilton, n.p., [1805]. 8. (B267) 

Sermon, Apr. 12, death of S. Wilton ; added, 

an oration at his interment by S. M. Savage. 

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1865, pt. 3 - 78, pt. 3. Lond., 1877, 68-78. 

3 v. 8. 
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Hist. Soc. Col., v. 11. 1814.) 

The glory of the second temple greater than that of the 

first; sermon, Dover, June 11, with introd. address 
by T. Xoyes. Dedham, 1811. 8. (B 325) 

Sermon before the military company of exempts, 

Xeedham, Nov. 17. Dedham, 1814. 8". (B 325; 




Sermon, death of C. Whiting, deliv. at Xeedham. 

Boston, 1795. 8. (B 325) 

Sermon, death of Col. W. M Intosh, Jan. Boston, 

1813. 8. (B325) 

Sermon, Needham, Afar. 22, death of Rev. Mr. Sears, 

Hi v. Mr. Caryl, and Rev. Mr. Cliickering. Dedham. 
1812. 8. (B325) 

Sermon, Xeedham, Xov. 16, a centnrv since the incor 

poration. Dedham, 1811. 8. (B325) 

Sermon, Oct. 22, interment of T. Tluicher. Boston, 

1812. 8. (B 915) 

Fun -rnl sermon on. 1821. See White, J. (B 283, 

Palmer, T. II. Historical register of the U. S., 

1812-14. (Vol. 1, 2, 2d ed.) Phila., 1814- 

16. 4 v. (v. 3 w.). 8". 
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Palmer and Skirving, during a voyage to Xew South 

Wales in 1794. on board the Surprise. London, 

1797. 8. (B 1680) 

TRIAL of P. for sedition, n t.p. [Edin.,1793.] 8. (B714) 
Palmer, Thomas II. Arithmetic, oral and written. 

Boston, 1854. 12. 

Evils of the system of primary instruction. (7 Amer. 

Inst. of Instr. Lect., 18:38.) Essentials of educa 
tion. (In 1849.) 

Palmer, \Vm. J. Report of surveys across the 
the continent, 1867-68, on the 35th and 32d 
parallels, extending the Kansas Pacific 
11. It. to the Pacific. Phila., 1869. 8. 

Palmer, Mass. WILSON, T. Historical address, 
Palmer, July 5, 1852, centen. aniiiv. Lowell, 
1855. 8. 

Palmerin of England. See Palmeirim do Tnglaterra. 

Palmerius, Jacobus, flee Le Paulmier de Grentemesnil, J. 

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Palmerston, I i^oiuit. <See Temple, H. J. 

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Naniili/. STEWART, K. J. Geography for beginners. 
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itiil., v. 1. 1846.) 

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ital., Hiippl., v. 41). 1S16.) 

Riflessioni sulla pubblica fclicitii rel. al reeno di Xapoli. 

(In Econ. class, ital., 1 . mod., v. 37. 1805.) Osserv. 
snlle tariffe con applicazione al rcgno di Xapoli. 
Delia na/.ionale. (In v.3S. 1805.) 
Palmieri, Matteo. De captivitate Pisarum, 1406. (In Mu- 
ratori. Her. Ital.. v. 19. 1731 : anil in Graevius 
awl Burmann. Tries, antiq. Ital., v. 8. pt. 2. 1723.) 

Excerpta ex lihro de temporibus, 1294-1448. (hi Tar- 

tini. Her. Ital. scr., v. 1. 1748) 

De vita, et rebus gestis X. Acciajoli, 1310-66. (In 

Muratori. Her. Ital. scr., v. 13. 1728.) 

XICEUON.J. P. (In his Mem., v. 11. 1729; emit, Germ., 

\. 9. 1754.) 

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83. (In Tartini. Rer. Ital. scr., v. 1. 1748.) 

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v. 9. 1754.) 
. Palmieri, Vincenzo. CANALE, M. G. Elogio di P. (In 

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Palmire et Klaminie; par S. K. D. de Genlis. (Vol. 65, 66 

of her (Euvres. 1826.) 
Palmistry. See Chiromancy. 
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17-.] f. (E99) 
Palmyra. ADDISON, C. G. Damascus and P. 

Phila., 1838. 2 v. 12". 

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Zeitschrift d. D. morg. Ges., v. 18. 1864.) 

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(In Goettingen. Ges. d. Wiss. Comm , v. 6. 182:3-27.) 

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etc. Paris, 1852. 8. (Univers.) 

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mascus. 1855.) 

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desert. (In Knox, J. Col. of voy., v. 6. 1767.) 

See aluo Zenobia. 

Palnatoke ; et Sorgespil. See Ohlenschlager, A. G. 
Palsgrave, John. L eclaircisscment de la langue 

francaise. Paris, 1852. 4". (Doc. ined.) 
Palsy. See Paralysis. 
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(In Schelhorn, J. G. Anujen. lit., v. 9. 1728.) 
Paludan (Fri-wh Desmarais. Flemish van den Broeck), 

Johann. Om Roddinge-Kongens Begravelse og to 

maerkvservserdjge Jeltestucr i en Hoi user derved. 

(In Copenhagen. K. Com. f. Olds. Opb. Antiq. 

Ann., v. 2, pt. 2. 1815.) 
Pambour, Francois Marie Guyonneau de. Theo- 

rie dcs machines a. vapour. Paris, 1844. 4 

and Atlas obi. f". 
Pamela; by S. Richardson. (In his Xovels, v. 1. 1824.) 

See tilno Anti-Pamela. 

Pamela Girand; piece en cinq actes. See Balzac, II. de. 
Pamela fanciulla, Pamela maritata; com. See Goldoni, C. 
Pamflli, Olympia. TROI.LOPE, T. A. O. Pumfili. (In his 

Decade of Ital. women, v. 2. 1859.) 

Pamfllo ; madrigale. (In Trucchi, F. 1 oes. ital., v. 3. 1847.) 
Pampas. BISHOP, N. II. The Pampas and the 

Andes; 1000 miles walk. Boston, 1869. 8. 
- HEAD, F. B. Journey across the Pampas. 

Boston, 1827. 12". 
French, abridged. (In Montemont, A. Biblioth., 

v. 41. 1836.) 

SCARLETT, P. C. Journey across the Pampas. 
London, 1836. 2 v. 12". 

Pamphila Kpidanrin. Fragm. (In Mueller, C. Fr. hist. 
Giv, v. 3. 1849.) 

Pamphilus. Fragm. (In Mueller, C. Fr. hist. Gr., v. 4. 

Pamphilus, Prexbyter of the church of Caaareia. I?iog. no 
tice. Exposition of the chapters of the Acts of the 
Apostles; tr. by S. D. Salmond. (In Methodius. 
Writings. 186 J.) 

Pamphleteer, The. 
1813-28. 29 v. 8. 

(Vol. 1, 
(B 838) 

2d ed.) London, 

Aote. Vol. 29 contains a classed catalogue of 
the pamphlets. 

Content*. Vol.1. 1813. Appeal to the Dissenters. 
Wylde. S. T. Letter to the clergy of Somersetshire 
[on] undue marriages. Marsh, II. Sermon on the 
Bible Soc. ; Address to the Univ. of Cambridge. 
Vansittart, X. First letter on the Brit, and For. Bible 
Soc. Marsh, II. Consequences of neglecting to give 
the Prayer Book with the Bible. Vansittart, X. 
Letter to J. Coker; 2d letter to Dr. Marsh. Mac 
lean, C. The E. I. Co. s charter. Objections to cre 
ating a Vice Chancellor. Vansittart, X. Outlines of 
a plan of finance proposed to be submitted to 1 arl. 
Hawkins, II. Reform of Parl. the ruin of Parl. Tom- 
line, G. Charge. Marsh, II. Answer to the 2d letter 
of X. Vansittart. Gandolphy, P. Congratulatory 
letter to II. Marsh. Bernard, T. Account of a supply 
offish for the manufacturing poor. Fish Association. 
1st report. Butler, C. Address to the Protestants of 
(Jr. Brit, and Ireland. Anticipation of marginal notes 
on the declaration of government. Fabius. Letter to 
the Earl of Buckinghamshire on the open trade to India. 

Probus. The East India question. 

2. Examination of Cobbett s objections to the bill for 
the relief of the Unitarians. Rogers, 1). Plans for 
increasing the incomes of officers of the army; with a 
suppl. by J. Philippart. Account of the Report of the 
Xat. Soc. for the Educ. of the Poor. Eustace, J. C. 
Answer to the charge by the Bp. of Lincoln. Marsh, 
H. Letter to P. Gandolphy in confutation of the opinion 
that the vital principle of the reformation has been con 
ceded to the Church of Koine. East India Co. Report 
of the Com. of Correspondence, upon claims of outposts. 

T., J. Hints on the question between II. M. s minis 
ters and the Directors, rel. to the renewal of the E. I. 
Co s charter. Fish Association. 2d report. Ad 
dress to 1 ari. on the claim of authors to their own copy 
right, [ with arguments of Lord Mansfield]. Huskesson, 
W. Speech in the Ho. of Commons resp. the state of 
finances and the sinking fund. Correspondence with 
the editor of the Times relative to the American question. 

Observations on several authors and books for the 
formation of a library. Meadley, G. W. Sketch of 
the various proposals for a constitutional reform. Sil 
ver, F. Observ. on Vansittart s plan of finance. 
Roberts, D. Letter to the officers of the army, with 




suppl. obs. by J. Philippart. Case stated between the 

fublic libraries and the booksellers. Lawrence, J. 
>ramatic emancipation ; strictures on the state of the 
theatres and on the consequent degeneration of the drama. 

Gandolphy, P. 2d letter to the Rev. H. Marsh [on] the 
opinion that the vital principle of the reformation has 
been conceded to the Church of Konie. Bruce, J. 
Speech in the Ho. of Commons. Maclean, C. Re 
marks on the evidence before Parl. on the E. I. Oo. s 
affairs. Baverstock, J. Observ. on the state of the 
brewery and on the saccharine quality of malt. Marsh, 
C. Substance of his speech in a committee of the Ho. 
of Commons [on] the amendment on the clause in the 
K. I. bill. Le Mesurier, T. Counter address to the 
Protestants of Or. Brit, and Ireland. Becket, A. 
Public prosperity ; a plan for raising six millions sterling. 

3. 1S14. Musgrave, T. M. Consid. on there-establish 
ment of an effective balance of power. Wilberforce, W. 
Speeches on the clause in the K. I. bill for promoting 
relig. instruction and moral improvement. Strictures 
on the right, expedience, and indiscriminate denunciation 
of capital punishment. Conciliator. Two letters on 
Cath. emancipation. Masers de Latude, H. Life, 
[with] some account of the Bastile. London. Manufac 
turers. Origin, etc., of the apprentice laws. Insurance 
against robbery. Phillippart, J. Observ. on the bill 
rendering the militia disposable for foreign service. 
Sheffield, J. Trade in wool and woolens, incl. an expo 
sition of the commercial situation of the British Empire. 

Elmes, .1. Letter to T. Hope; for promoting the fine 
arts. Fearn, J. Review of first principles of 15p. 
Berkeley, Dr. Reid, and Prof Stewart. Ruggieri, C. 
Narrative of the crucifixion of M. Lovat. Eliot, F. P. 
Letters on the political and financial state of the nation. 

Observations on medical reform. Chateaubriand, 
F. A. de. Buonaparte and the Bourbons. Appeal to 
the Legislature for the repeal of the act regulating the 
marriage of the royal family. Valpy, R. Short sketch 
of a short trip to Paris in 1788. Milner, J. Reflections 
on the letters of Conciliator on Cath. emancipation. 

4. Eliot, F. P. Political situation of this country. 
Narrative of the journey and imprisonment of Pius vn. 

Francis, P. Policy of Gr. Brit, and the allies towards 
Norway. Holroyd, J. B , Lor<i Sheffield. Report 
at Lewes wool fair. Reply to the most popular objec 
tions to public schools. Parnell, 11. Speeches in the 
Ho. of Commons, with observ. on the corn laws. 
Mercator, paeud. Sketch for a new division and sub 
division of moneys, weights, and coins. Inquiry into 
the policy, etc., of the alterations in our corn laws. 

ui IJIIUIICCB lui 1010. v/woivw, \ . DuuBiaiiuts ui L |l| sj 

speech to amend the statute 5 Eliz., eh. 4. Stephens, 
J. History of Toussaint Louverture. Calculator. 
Observ. on the report of the committee of weights and 
measures. Fletcher, Justice. Charge to the grand 
jury of Wexford. Romilly, S. Speech in the Ho. of 
Commons on the slave trade. Forster, T. The 
brumal retreat of the swallow. Talleyrand, P. C. M. 
Commercial relations of the U. 8. with Gr. Brit. 
Naismith, J. Propriety of increasing the import duly 
on foreign corn. Brief observ. on the pillory. 
Conciliator. Why are we still at war? 

5. 1S15. Carnot, L. N. M. Memorial to the King of 
France, July 1814. Butler. C. Hist, view of the 
principal religious and military orders of the Catholic 
Church. Fearn, J. Essay on external perception. 
Daubeny, C. Churchman s reasons for declining a 
connection with the Bible Society. Compressed view 
of the points to be discussed in treating with the U. 8. 
Grenville, W. , Lit. Grenville. Letter to the Earl of 
Fingal on the claims of the Catholics. M., I. U. Letter 
on the tone and matter of Judge Fletcher s charge. 
Onslow, A. Speech, Ho. of Commons, 22 Nov. 1814, 
[on] the liberty of the subject. Prussia and Saxony; 
the claims of the King of Saxony. Forster, T. Sketch 
of the new anatomy and physiology of the brain and 
nervous system of Gall and Spurzheim. S., W. Exam, 
of ccrtayne complaints of divers of our countrymen. 
De Constant, B. Responsibility of ministers. Long- 
ley, J. Obs. on the trial by jury. Wilberforce, W. 
Letteron the slave trade. Means of guarding dwelling 
houses against fire. Talfourd, T. N. The poetical 
talent of the present age, incl. a sketch of the history 
of poetry. Forster, T. Application of the organology 
of the brain. Eliot, F. P. The financial situation, 
1815. Montagu, B. Inquiry resp. the insolvent debt 
ors bill. Thompson, G. A. New theory of the two 

6. Vansittart, N. Speech, Feb. 20, 1815; The 
budget, 1815. Atcheson, N. American encroachments 

on British rights. Brief account of the Jesuits. Gr. 
Brit. Jlo. of Common*. Report on laws rel. to the man 
ufacture, etc., of bread. Young, A. Rise of prices in 
Europe compared with that in Kng. De Constant B 
Liberty of the press. Dudley, II. B. Address to 
William, Ld. Primate of Ireland. Gr. Brit. Ho. of 
Common*. Report on mad houses in England. Brit 
ish and For. Bible Soc. Trans. Benett, .J. Commu 
tation of tythe. Letter to H. Marsh [on] the Dis. 
senters. Marsh, H. Answer. Kerrison, R. M. 
Obs. on the bill for regulating the medical profession. 
Wardrop, J. History of J. Mitchell. Banks, J. 
Account of the cause of the disease in corn ; [with] letter 
to J. Banks by T. A. Knight. Smith, C. Speech on 
the Union. Gr. Brit. Ho. of Cum. Report on the 
King s Bench, Fleet, and Marsbalsea prisons. Letter 
on the situation of France. Assoc. for the Relief of 
the Manufacturing Poor. Report rel. to the supply of 
fish. Modicus. Letter on reform in Parl. Falconer, 
T. Plan for building twenty-five churches. 

7. ISKi. Edmeadg, AVn. W. National establishment 
national security: or, Thoughts on the consequences of 
commuting the tithes. Reasons for establishing a reg 
istry of slaves in the British colonies. Phillips, C. 
Speech in Court of Common Pleas, Dublin, in the case 
of Guthrie vx. Sterne, for adultery. Letters on public- 
house licensing, [from] the Times ; by a magistrate for 
Middlesex. Preston, R. Review of the ruined con 
dition of the landed and agricult. interests ; with observ. 
on the extent of their losses, etc. Frost, C. Consid 
erations on a remuneration to witnesses in civil actions 
for loss of time; with obs. on the present system of 
taxing costs. Ganilh, C. The financial situation of 
France in 1816. Eliot, F. P. Political and financial 
situation of the British Empire in 1816. Sugden, E. B. 
On the rate of interest, and on redeemable annuities. 
Plan for the reformation of Parl. on constitutional 
principles. Inquiry into the right of compelling Spain 
to relinquish her slave trade in Northern Africa. 
Rouse, W. Remarks on the Comparative value of free 
hold and copyhold land, and on the purchase of advow- 
sons. Payne, I). E. Address to the proprietors of 
bank stock on the management of the governor and 
directors of the Bank of Eng. ; and on the laws rel. 
thereto. Butler, C. Inaug. oration, Nov. 4, 1815, at 
the ceremony of laying the first stone of the London 
Institution for the Diffusion of Science and Literature. 

Chalmers, G. State of the United Kingdom at the 
peace of Paris. Nov. 20, 1815. Tathain, E. The 
scarcity of money, and its effects upon the public. 
Beamont, B. Provident or parish banks. Short letter 
to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on the dangerous 
competition of the distilleries with the breweries; by a 
freeholder. Western, C. C. Speech on the distressed 
state of the agriculture of the United Kingdom, Mar. 7, 
1816. Lingard, Rev. J. Reply to the obs. of the Edin. 
review, on the Anglo-Saxon antiquities. Brief remarks 
on the slave registry bill; and upon a special report of 
the African Institution. 

8. Curwen, J. C. Speech in the Ho. of Commons, 
May 28. 1816, on the state of the poor laws. Taylor, 
T. The Eleusinian and Bacchic mysteries. Raffles, 
T. S. Disc, to the Lit. and Sci. Soc. at Java, Sept. 10, 
1815. Some remarks on the mildew of wheat, and the 
choice of seed corn, partic. in ref. to an hypothesis of 
Sir J. Banks. Crombie, Rev. A. The present state of 
the agric. interest. Richardson, W. Simple measures, 
by which the recurrence of famines may be prevented, 
and the pressure of the poor laws abated. Peter, W. 
The present crisis. Polidori, J. W. The punishment 
of death. Willis, Rev. J. The commutation of tithes. 

Cappe, C. The desirableness of ladies visiting the 
female wards of hospitals and lunatic asylums. Clark- 
son, W. Inquiry into the cause of the increase of pau 
perism and poor rates. Holdsworth, A. H. Letter to 
a friend in Devonshire, on the present situation of the 
country. Gr. Brit. Parl. Report from the select com 
mittee on the Earl of Klgin s marbles, etc. Taylor, T. 
The Eleusinian and Bacchic mysteries. Address to 
the Princess Charlotte, on her marringe; shewing the 
cause of the distress of the country. Onslow, S. 
Speech. May 23, 1816, on the laws which regulate the 
rate of interest . Glover, Rev. G. Character and 
tendency of the property tax, as adapted to permanent 
taxation. Watson, R. Letter to the Archbp. of Can 

9. 1817. Bentham, J. Defence of economy against 
E. Burke. Treatise on greyhounds. Hints for the 
cultivation of the peat-bogs in Ireland. Field, C. 
Tpitotenea; or, A brief outline of the universal system. 

Preston, R. Further observ. on the state of the 
nation, etc. Chitty, J. The game laws. Holdsworth, 
A. H. 2d letter to a friend in Devonshire, on the eitua- 




tion of the country. Plan suggested for superseding 
the necessity of the poor rates, by means of cottage 
acres, and farms termed leaven farms. Pellet, 8. 
Constitutional aids; progress of taxation, with a new 
plan of finance. Blaue, Sir G. Causes and remedies 
of the scarcity and high price of provisions. Savary, 
Gen. A. J. M. R. Vindication of the political conduct 
of S. Anglo-Hibernus. The source of the evil ; on 
the league between the Irish lay separatists, and the 
Irish Roman Cath. bishops, on emancipation. Sym- 
mons, J. Reform without innovation. Frend, W 
National debt in its true colours, with plans for its ex 
tinction. Beaumont, J. T. B. Letter to Ld. Sidmouth 
[on] the injustice of public-house licensing. Sinclair, 
J. On the state of the country, Dec. 1816. Malthus, 
T. It. Statements reap, the East India College. 
Grenfell, P. Speech to the Ho. of Commons. Apr. 26, 
1814. on applying the sinking fund towards loans raised 
for the public service. Francis, Sir P. Plan -of a 
reform in the election of the Ho. of Commons adopted 
by the Soc. of the Friends of the People in 1795; with a 
new introd.. etc. Jee, Rev. T. Practical observ. on 
the management of the poor. Burrows, J. On 
national prejudices. 

10. Canning, G. Speech in the Ho. of Commons, 
Jan. 29, 1817, on an address to the Prince Regent, on his 
speech from the throne. A few cursory remarks on 
the obnoxious parts of the game laws. Long, C. 
Temperate discussion of the causes [of] the high price 
of bread. Curwen, J. C. Speech in the Ho. of Com 
mons. Feb. 21, 1817, on the poor laws. Smith, T. 
Letter to the Earl of Liverpool on the new coinage. 
General report of Scotland; statistical tables regarding 
the geog., agric., and political state of Scotland. 
Argument shewing that a standing army is inconsistent 
with a free government. Irish oratory ; with its effects 
on Cath. emancipation. Bernard, Sir T. The supply of 
employment and subsistence for the labouring classes in 
fisheries, manufactures, and the cultivation of waste 
lands; with remarks on the salt duties. Journal of an 
Eng. traveller, 1814-16; or mem. and anecdotes of the 
Princess ot Wales and of her court, with letters of the 
Earl of Liverpool, Mr. Whitbread. Preston, R. Ad 
dress on the corn laws. Bentham, J. Defence of 
economy against G. Rose. Somers, J. Defence of 
the constitution of Gr. Britain and Ireland, against the 
friends to annual Parl. and universal suffrage. Glover, 
G. The present state of pauperism in England. 
Jacob, W. The causes of agricultural distress. Sin 
clair, Sir J. The means of arresting the progress of 
national calamity. MacLean, C. Suggestions for the 
prevention and mitigation of epidemic and pestilential 
diseases. Gr. Brit. Parl, Report to the Ho, of Com. 
by the Committee [on] the petitions against the employ 
ment of boys in sweeping of chimneys. Brydges, Sir 
E. Reasons for a farther amendment of the act 54 
George in. c. 156; being an act to amend the copyright 
act of Q. Anne. Torrens, Jfaj. R. The means of 
reducing the poors rates. Crombie, Rev. A. Letter 
to D. Ricardo, cont. an analysis of his pamphlet on the 
depreciating of bank notes. 

11. 1818. Method of increasing the quantity of cir 
culating money. Dissertation on the state of the 
nation resp.its agriculture, 1817. Leckie, G. F. Essay 
on the practice of the British government. La Roche 
St. Andre, le chevalier de. Letter occasioned by A 
vindication of the conduct of Gen. Savary . Project 
of finance. Brydges, Sir E. The practicability of 
relieving the able-bodied poor, by finding employment. 

Dormer, J. Usury explained; or, Conscience quieted 
in the case of putting out money at interest; by Philo- 
penes. Thomas, Rev. J. Address, Bath, Dec. 1, 1817, 
[against] forming a church missionary soc. Address 
to the Guardian Soc. Observations on the manufac 
turing system; [and its] improvement of those parts 
[in regard] to health and morals. Considerations on 
British commerce, with ref. to British India, the U. 8. 
of America, and the slave trade. Bennet, H. G. 
Letter on the abuses in Newgate. Three letters on 
the game laws; by a country gentleman. Courtenay, 
T. P. Letter to W. S. Bourne [on the poor laws]. 
Dunlop, A. Sketches on political economy. Voght, 
C. von. Account of the management of the poor in 
Hamburgh, 1788-94. Wilson, D. Defence of the 
Church Miss. Soc. against Rev. J. Thomas. Roscoe, 
W. Origin and vicissitudes of literature, science, and 
art, and their influence on the present state of society. 

Fitz-James, E., Duke of Opinion on the 
proposed law rel. to periodical journals. Preston, R. 
The poor-rates gradually reduced. 

12. Vansittart, N. Speech, Mar. 16, 1818, on a 
grant of one million for additional places of public 
worship. Philodicieus, pseud. Letter to W. W. Pole 

resp. the disappearance of the gold coin and the re 
sumption of cash payments. Delpla, A. French 
drama; what are the best means of making theatres vie 
with each other in promoting taste and morals ? Bos- 
quett, A. Treatise on duelling; with the annals of 
chivalry, the ordeal trial, and judicial combat. Ham 
ilton, J. Letter to Sir W.,Garrow on his bill for regu 
lating surgery. Dyer, G. Four letters on the consti 
tution. Navagero, A. Funeral oration at Venice on 
the death of the Doge L. Loredano ; tr. by C. Kelsall. 
Fearn, J. Letter to Prof. Stewart on the objects of 
general terms, and on the axiomatical law of vision. 
Letter on the true principles of advantageous exporta 
tion. Observations on the evil produced by stimu 
lating food, and by spiritous liquors taken moderately. 
Montagu, B. Some inquiries resp. the punishment 
of death for crimes without violence. Myers, T. On 
a course of education to prepare the youthful mind for 
a career of patriotism, etc. Observations on Ld. H. 
Batlun st s speech in the Ho. of Peers, Mar. 18, 1817. 
Garland, R. The establishment of offices for the regis 
try of deeds and wills and the collection of the ad valo 
rem duties on conveyances and mortgages. Field, G. 
The 3d organon attempted ; or, Elements of logic and 
subjective philosophy. Tadman, L., pseud. To the 
ed. of the British review, in answer to his remarks on 
the pamphlet of W. Edmeades resp. commuting the 
tithes. Lemoine, J. B. M. Observ. on the libels 
against Chateaubriand; tr. by Sir J. Philippart. Sin 
clair, SirJ. On the approaching crisis; or, on resum 
ing cash payments at the Bank, in July 1818. 

13. Brougham, II. Letter to Romilly upon the 
abuse of charities. Breckenridge, II. M. N. Amer. 
pamphlet on S. Amer. affairs. Kirk, Rev. J. Roman 
Catholic principles in ref. to God and the King. 
Uwins, D. Modern maladies, and present state of med 
icine. Holroyd, J. B.. Earl of Sheffield. Obs. on the 
impolicy, abuses, and false interpretation of the poor 
laws; and on the reports of the two Ho. of Parl. 
Cooke, E. Thoughts on the expediency of repealing 
the usury laws. Vastey, Baron P. V. de. Political 
remarks on some French works and newspapers cone. 
Hayti. Sinclair, Sir 3. Collection of papers on po 
litical subjects. Letter to Brougham from a Master 
of Arts of Queen s College, Oxf., on the best method of 
restoring decayed grammar schools. Letter to the 
Archbp. of Canterbury on the expediency of revising 
the authorized version of Scripture. Bowles, Rev. 
W. L. Vindieias Wykehamicse: vindication of Win 
chester College; a letter to Brougham, occas. by his 
letter to Romilly on charitable abuses. Wray, J. 
Dangers of an entire repeal of the bank restriction act; 
and a plan suggested for obviating them. Observa 
tions on credit, with rel. to the provisions of the bank 
rupt law and insolvent debtor s acts. Sinclair, Sir J. 
Papers on political subjects. Dyer, G. Theory and 
practice of benevolence. Whalley, L. Vindication 
of the Univ. of Edin., as a school of medicine, from the 
aspersions of A member of the Univ. of Oxford. 
Rigby, E. Holkham, its agriculture, etc. Gregory, 
O. Oration, anniversary of the Phil. Soc. of London. 

Observations on banks for savings, [and] clerks in 
pub. offices, etc. 

14. 1819. Decius, pseud. Complete refutation of 
the arguments used on the subject of the agric. petition. 

Gilbert, I). Plain statement of the bullion question. 

Bartlett, J. M. On propelling vessels by means of 
wind-mill sails. What is a revolution? Dyer, G. 
Theory and practice of benevolence. Ireland, J. 
Letter to Brougham. Forster, T. Casual nd peri 
odical influence of particular states of the atmosphere 
on human health and diseases, partic. insanity; with a 
table of ref. to authors. Abernethy, J. Hunterian 
oration for 1819. [Swift, E. L.] The equality of the 
constitution. On the presence of Pluto in Elysium. 
Chambers, A. H. On the resumption of cash payments 
by the Bank, and on the corn bill. Torrens, R. Let 
ter to the freemen of Rochester, on the petition against 
Ld. Binnings return being declared frivolous; and on 
the right of the eldest son of a Scotch peer to represent 
an English county, city, or borough, without possessing 
a landed qualification in England. Cooke, E. Real 
cause of the increased price of necessaries and the high 
price of gold. Letter to Sir I. Coffin on the inade 
quacy of courts martial. Jenkinson, R. B., Karl of 
Liter-pool. Speech on the report of the Bank committee. 

On the relation of corn and currency. Estrada, A. 
F. Representation to Ferdinand vil. in defence of the 
Cortes; tr. by C. Toplis. Right and practice of im 
pressment, as cone. Gr. Brit, and America. Thorpe, 
R. Commentary on treatise [slave trade] of 1S17. 
Gr. Brit. Ho. of Commons. Reports from the secret 
committee on the Bank resuming cash payments, [5th 




Apr., May 6] ; Reports, [12th May]. Representation, 
May 20. 1819, by the directors of the Bank of Eng. 
Assey, C. The trade to China, and the Indian Archi 

15. Vansittart, N. Speech on finance; comp. the 
finance resolutions for 1819; Speech on the budget of 
1819. Bowles, \V. L. The increase of crimes, the 
education of the poor, and the national schools. 
Frend, \V. Is it possible to free the atmosphere of 
London from smoke, etc. ? Campbell, 11. Y. Ossiana; 
or, Fingal ascertained and traced in Ulster. Forster, 
T. Obs. on insanity; a suppl. to Obs. on the influence of 
states of the atmosphere. Field, G. Analogy of the 
physical sciences. Morrison, R. Embassy from the 
British government to China, 1816. Observations on 
parish registers and the marriage of Non-Conformists 
with a bill for a register of marriages, etc. Gurney, 
J. J. Visit to prisons in Scotland, etc. Rattenbury, 
J. Cession of the Floridas to the U. S., and the neces 
sity of acquiring Cuba. Two tables illnst. of the 
speeches of the Earl of Liverpool and the Chancellor of 
the Exchequer. Erskine, T., I.d. Defence of the 
"\Vhigs. Gr. Brit. Ho. of Common*. Report of the 
select committee [on] capital punishment. Chambers, 
A. H. Comments on recent political discussions, with 
the fallacy of the sinking fund. Fry, J. S. Concise 
history of tithes. Congreve, Sir W. Impractibility 
of the resumption of cash payments, tie. Gentz, F. 
von. On the liberty of the press in Gr. Brit.; tr. from 
the German. Goerres, Prof. J. J. von. Germany and 
the revolution. Heathfteld, R. 1 lan for the liquida- 
tion of the public debt. Gr. Brit. Ho. of Commons. 
Report of the select com. [onj gaols, etc. 

16. 1820. Cottu, . Administration of the criminal 
code in England, and the spirit of the English govern 
ment. Gurney, J. J. Visit to prisons in Scotland, 
etc. Gr. Brit. Commissioners [on] Weight* and Meas 
ure*. 1st report. C., A. Letters to Earl of Liverpool 
and X. Vansittart. MacLean, C. Causes of plague, 
etc. Smith, W. C. Charge. Mar. 9, 1820. The 
British metre and its derivatives. Canning, G. 
Speech at the Liverpool dinner [on] his re-election, 
Mar. 18, 1820. Brougham, II. Speech on the educ.of 
the poor. Dunn, W. The Vansittart plan of finance. 

Letter from a Jew to a Christian [on] the recent at 
tacks on the Bible. Grammar schools considered 
with ref. to a case lately decided by the Ld. chancellor. 

Lingard, J. Nature and constitution of timber. 
Whitehead, W. B. The expected parliamentary pro 
vision in furtherance of general education. Means of 
retaining the population within any required limits. 
Episcopacy consid. with ref. to the modern popular so- 
cieties. Means of benefitting the poor. Smith, Sir 
W. C. Two political allegories, 1793. Heathfleld, H. 
Practicability of liquidating the public debt. 

17. Toreno, Count. Events in Spain, 1808-14; tr. 
from the orig. Spanish by \V. Walton. Heathfleld, R. 
Addenda to [his] 2d pub. on the liquidation of the pub 
lic debt. Marryat, J. Speech. Ho. of Commons, on 
the petition of the ship owners of London, against any 
alteration in the duties on timber. Bowles, \V. L. 
Reply to the charges brought by the reviewer of Spence s 
Anecdotes, Quart, rev., Oct. 1820, against the last ed. of 
Pope s works. Burchell, W. J. Hints on emigration 
to the Cape of Good Hope. Milton, J. Plan of edu 
cation ; with the plan of the Edin. Academ. Institution. 

Argument on military obedience. The curates 
appeal to the equity and Christian principles of the 
British legislature, etc., examined. Field, G. ^Esthet 
ics; or, The analogy of the sensible sciences; with app. 
on light and colors. U. S. Treasury Dept. Report of 
the Sec. transmitting the condition of the Bank of the 
U. S. and its offices. Christian, E. General obs. on 
provident banks; with a plan of the unlimited or provi 
dent bank at Cambridge. Say, J. B. Letters to Mai- 
thus on political economy; partic. the causes of the 
general stagnation of commerce. Marriage and di- 
vorce. Bowles, W. L. The poetical character of 
poetry. Gray, S. Remarks on the production of 
wealth. Vindex, paeitd. On the present national 
distress. Clay, J. Free trade essential to the welfare 
of Gr. Brit.; or, An inquiry into the cause of the pres 
ent distressed state, etc. James, H. Essay on the 
currency; or, The alterations in the value of money, 
the cause of the distressed state, etc. The United 
Kingdom tributary to France; the real cause of the dis- 
tresses, etc. Fitzmaurice, H. P. Speech on foreign 
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tnlning a long life. Brief obs. on the copy. right bill. 
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20. State of the nation at the commencement of 
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Catholics. Mainwaring, G. B. The present state of 
the metropolis concl. Elector s remembrance ; votes of 
each member of the Ho. of Com. Eubulus. Thoughts 
on academic education in the Univ. of Camb. Monk, 
J. H. An additional examination of students. Kaye, 
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Parl. Gr. Brit. Parl. Alphabetical list of members. 

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cussion on the Spanish question. Gr. Brit. Ho. of 
Com. Resolutions rel. to the national debt. Sketch 
of a plan for suppressing mendacity. Lowe, >T. Let 
ter to G. Canning on S. Amer. States. Maclean, C. 
Remarks on quarantine laws. Cunningham, J. W. 
Cautions to continental travellers. Vindex. Post 
script to Obs. on the present distress . Opinions as 
to the real state of the nation; by the Ghost of the 
Marq. of Londonderry. 




tion. Henry vm. Love letters to Anna Boleyn. 
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influence on public morals. Craft, Z. First sitting 
of the Committee on the proposed monument to Shak- 
epeare. Hughes, T. S. Considerations on the Greek 
revolution, with a vindication of [his] Address to the 
people of Eng. , from the attack of Sheridan. Bade- 
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nor, a nun. Bignon, . Lea cabinets et les peuples, 
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the British House of Commons. Beutham, J. Lead 
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the recognition of Columbia by Or. Brit. Whitehead, 
liev. VV. B. Prosecutions of infidel blasphemers vindi 
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cabinet of France towards free Spain. Blaquiere, E. 
Keporton the present state of the Greek confederation. 

23. 1824. Good, J. M. Letter to Sir J. C. Hippisley 
on the mischiefs [of] the tread-wheel. Erskine, T. 
Appeal to the people on Confederated Greece. 
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Trial and defence of Eugene Aram. La Grece en 
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Spain and Portugal. Pepe, G. Relation des evene- 
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Suicide. Turnor, E. Proceedings of the committees 
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Erskine. Maugham, li. On the principles of the 
usury laws. Field, G. Ethics ; or, The analogy of the 
moral sciences. Hillary, W. On forming a national 
institution fur preservation from shipwreck. Gr. Brit. 
Pail. Sel. Com. [on] the /{eduction in the JRemwurat on 
for Labor r Summary of report. Opinions of the late 
Mr. llicardo and of A. Smith on some of the leading 
doctrines of political economy. Philo-Junius. Reform. 

24. Pradt, L abbe IX D. de. Comparison between 
the powers of Eng. and Russia as they stand in rel. to 
Europe at large. Letter to Sir C. Forbes on the sup 
pression of public discussion in India and the banish 
ment without trial of two British eds. Opinions of 
llicardo and Adam Smith, on some doctrines of pol. 
econ. compared. 2d pt. Chateaubriand, vet. F. A. R. 
The censorship established by art. IV. of the act of 
Mar. 17, 1822. Thoughts on the present disturbances 
in Ireland. Considerations stir la guerre actuelle 
entre les Grecs et les Turcs. Scott, Sir W. Character 
of Byron. Gordon, <s trC. Life and genius of Byron. 

Non-establishment of liberty in Spain, Naples, Por 
tugal, and Piedmont, explained. Hastings, F. R., 
JUuryuess of Jlastinys. Summary of the administra 
tion of the Indian government, Oct. 1813 - Jan. 1823. 
Hillary, Sir W. Suggestion for the improvement and 
embellishment of the metropolis. Lennox, C., Duke 
of Jiir/imond. Letter [on] annual parliaments and 
universal suffrage. Urquiiart, T. Letter to W. Wil- 
berforce on impressment. Forster, T. Causes and 
mitigation of pestilential fever. Sheridan, C. B. 
Thoughts on the Greek rev. Urquhart, T. Letter to 
Vet. Melville, May 1815, with the outlines of a plan to 
raise British seamen. Philostratus, pseuct. Soma- 
topsychonoologia ; showing that the proofs of body, 
life, and mind considered as distinct essences cannot be 
deduced from physiology. Joplin, T. Principles and 
practice of banking. 

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her evils and their remedies. Remarks on the Asiatic 
policy of England and Russia. Second letter on the 
suppression of discussion in India, etc. Blomfleld, 
C. J., Up. Letter to C. Butler in vindication of English 
Protestants from his attack on their sincerity in the Book 
of the Roman Catholic Church . Butler, C. Letter 
to C. J. Blomtield in vindication of a passage in his 
Book of the Roman Catholic Church . Barb6-Mar- 
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departements du Calvados, de 1 Eure, etc. Skene, J. 
On the Regiam majestatem. Hillary, W. Plan for 
the construction of a steam life boat. Remarks on 
some of the evils of Ireland, and their removal. Firth, 
W. The case of Ireland set at rest. Statistical illus 

trations of the territorial extent and population, etc., of 
the British Empire. P., I. The plagiary warned; a 
vindication of the drama, the stage, and public morals 
from plagiarisms. Observations on the buildings, 
improvements, and extention of the metropolis of late 
years, etc. Topham, E. Life of the late J. Elwes. 
Granville, A. B. Letter to W. Huskisson on the quar 
antine bill. Bentham, J. On Peel s Ho. of Com 
mons speech, 24 March, 1825. Sugden, E. B. Letter 
to J. Williams on the abuses of the Court of Chancery. 

Pradt, D. D. Vrai systeme de 1 Europe rel. a I Ame- 
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Russia, in rel. to Europe at large. Macmichael, W. 
Sketch of the progress of opinion on contagion, with 
remarks on quarantine. 

26. 1826. Bentham, J. Indications resp. Lord 
Eldon, incl. history of the pending judges salary- 
raising measure. Maclaren, C. Railways compared 
with canals and common roads. De Pradt, . Vrai 
systeme de 1 Europe rel. a I Amerique et a la Grece. 
Finlayson, R. On the means of preserving the health 
of crews, and [on] dry rot. Stewart, M. Considera 
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Burmah. Outlines of the life of Lafayette. Re 
marks on the present state of the law, its administration 
and abuses. Blaquiere, E. Greece and her claims. 
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Preface to the appendix to the 1st ed. of the Statistical 
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Charge. Dupin, . Proces du Constkutionnel ; dis- 
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law with respect to assaults. Hughes, T. S. Remarks 
on An essay on the eternity of the world . Powell, 
J. Erroneous consequences of the financial and com 
mercial systems of Gr. Britain. Observations on the 
public utility resulting from the jurisdiction of the 
Court of Chancery. Bird, C. Christian charity; a 
sermon. Hume, J. Resolutions rel. to the state of 
the nation. 

27- Gardiner, H. Absenteeism considered. 
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tion. Croft, J. W. Respective situations of the 
Reformed Church in France, and of the Catholics in Gr. 
Brit, and Ireland; with remarks on Catholic emancipa 
tion. Frisell, . De la constitution de PAngleterre; 
avec quelques remarques sur 1 ancienne constitution de 
la France. Jemmett, H. On Ricardo s Principles of 
pol. oecon . Higgins, G. Horse Sabbaticae; an at 
tempt to correct certain superstitions resp. the Sabbath. 

Hughes, T. S. Letter to G. Higgins on his Horas 
Sabbaticae . Western, C. C. Cause of our present 
distress, and the remedy. Higgins, G. On M Cul- 
loch s doctrines resp. the corn laws, and wages, etc. 
Joint-stock companies. Thompson, T. P. Exposition 
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Memorandum of the decease of Frederick, Duke of 
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schools. Whately, li. Historic doubts rel. to Napo 
leon Bonaparte. Objects, advantages, and pleasures 
of science. Phillpotts, H. Letter on the bill of 1825 
for removing the disqualifications of [the Catholics] ; 

Letter to Canning on the Catholic question. Notes 
to II. Taylor s memorandum of the illness and decease 
of the Duke of York. 

28. 1827. Temple, G., Ld. Nugent. Plain statement 
in support of the political claims of the Catholics. 
The Protestant Tory refuted ; in reply to The grand 
vizier unmasked . Pickmere, J. R. On midwives, in 
stead of surgeons, practising midwifery. Wade, A. S. 
Letter to G. Canning; vindication of the ministry. 
Brief reflections regarding the power of the Brit. Em 
pire. Forman, C apt. W. Plan for improving the 
revenue of the country. Whitmore, W. W. Letter 
to the electors of Bridgenorth on the corn laws. Ob 
servations on the corn laws; addr. to Whitmore. 
Walton, W. Affairs of Portugal and Spain. Platt, 
T. P. Facts resp. certain versions of Holy Scripture 
pub. by the Brit, and For. Bible Soc. ; in reply to the 
71st no. of the Quart, rev. Iturbide, A. de. Political 
life; tr. Burgess, H. Memorial to Ld. Vet. Goderich 
on the fitness of the system of the Bank of Eng. 
Gisborne, T., Jtm. Letter to Rev. H. Philpotts on his 
two letters to Canning. 

29. 1828. Wilmot, Sir E. E. Letter to magistrates 
on the increase of crime. Letter on the necessity of 
a close alliance between England, France, and the Neth 
erlands. Senior, N. W. Introd. lecture on political 
economy. Westerna, W. W. Lord Rossmore s letter 
on Catholic emancipation. Channing, W. E. Anal 
ysis of the character of Napoleon. Bird, O. Letters 




to Peel on his alteration in the law of Eng. [on] the 
jurisdiction of justices of the peace. Remarks on the 
corn question, an append, to Obscrv. , tic., udilr. to 
W. \V. Whitmore. Beames, J. Power [of] the Court 
of Chancery of depriving a father of the custody of his 
children. Merewether, F. Letter to the Quart, rev. 
in furtherance of three articles : Agriculture and rent; 
Substitution of savings banks for poor laws; Planting 
waste lands. Brougham, II. Speech on the present 
state of the law. Farren, G. Letter to the Karl of Eldon 
on the report uf the finance committee. Potter, J. P. 
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Note. Vol. 1-3 called the Panoplist, 4-13 Panoplist 
and missionary herald, 14-16 Missionary herald. For 
continuation see American Board of Com. for Foreign 

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See also Bank notes ; Banks ; Continental 
money; Money; lso the division finance under 
various countries, as China ; France (p. 1039) ; Gr. 
Britain (pp. 1233-36); India (p. 1503); Ireland 
(p. 1531); Italy (p. 1543); Massachusetts (p. 1898, 
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salva. G. F. Zappi. C. Zampieri. L. Valerian!. 

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3 v. f. 

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Contents. Vol. 1, 1. Paramirum de quinque entibus 
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De generatione hominis. 1, 2. Paragranum, 1 hilo- 
sophia, Astronomia, Alchimia, Virtus Med. Ein ander 
Paragranum. Chronica des Landes Kiirnten. Defen- 
siones und Verantwortungc. Labyrinthus medicorum 
errantium. Vom tartaro. Epistel des Landschaft t 
inn Karnten. 2, 3. De viribus membrorum. De con- 
servatione quatuor elemenlorum in homine. Von 
.vrsprung vnnd heilung der natUrallchen 1 estilenz, der 
zaubrischen 1 estilunz. Ein BUchlein von der Pesli- 
lenz an die Stall Sterzingen. Von vrsprung und 
vrsachen der 1 estilenz an die Stall Sterzingen. Vom 
Pestilenz zwei Biicher. Item drey Biieher. Col 
lectanea de peste. DC morbis ex tartaro oriundis. 
Epist. ad Erasmum. Erasrni responsio. De icteri- 
tiis. Libri xiv. paragraphorum. 2, 4. Von den 
Tartarischen Kranckheilen. De morbis amcntiurn. 
De conlractoris. Von Wassersucht, Scliwindtsucht, 
Farbsuchten, Colic, Paraiyss, Taubsuchl, Wurmen 
Stullauff. Podagra, den fallenden Suclit Kaltcnweh. 
Vom Podagra. Vom Epilepsia. Decaduco matricis. 
3, 5. Von dn Bergkranckheilcn. Typi de morbis ali 

quot generaliter agentes. De febribvs. Curalionis 
morborum larlareorum fragm. Etlliche consilia medico. 

Ellliche fragmenla medica zu diesen bisher ausgang- 
enen fiinft Theilen. Aj/p. Commenlaria in Aphoris- 
mos Hippocralis. De modo phlebolomandl. Vom 
Gebrauchder AderlassinimPurgiren. VomSchrepffen. 

Fram. de sangu. min., etc. De vrinis, de pvlsibvs, 
el de physiognomia medica. In aphorismos Hippocra- 
tis de vriua iraclanles commentaria. De modo phar- 
macandi. Vom Purgiren elliche fragmenta. 3, 6. 
Archidoxis ex Tbeophrastia Paracelsi pars I. De 
renovatione et restauralione. De longa vita ein Buch 
Teutsch. De vita longa Laline libri v ex irans. lo. 
Oporini. Ettliche Teutsche fragmenta der Biicher de 
vita longa. De praeparulionibus libri duo. Process 
don spirilum vitrioli zu machen. De nalura rerum ix 
Biicher. De linclvra physicorvm. Das Vexierbuch 
seu Coelum philosophorum. Thesavrvs alchemistarvm. 

De cementis. De gradationibvs. Cetnenivm super 
Venerem ex Marte. Das Manual de lapide philosoph- 
orum. Ratio extrahendi ex omnibus melallis mercu- 
rium, sulphur, et crocum. 4, 7. Intimatio Basileae 
publicata qua studiosi ad novae medicinae sludium 
vndique aduocabantur. De giadibvs rerum naturalium 
el composilionibus remediorum, ilemq; de eorum dosi- 
bus et administrationibus libri vn Latine ex vers. lo. 
Oporini. Herbarius. Von den uaiiirlichcn Dingen 
das ersle Buch. Vom Turpentin. Vom Honig. 
De xylohebeni preeparatione et usu. De curalione 
rupturae. De mumiae prat-paratione et usu, ex vers. lo. 
Oporini. Liber principiorum. De thermis. Vom 
Bad Pfeffers. De gradibus et compositionibus. 
Fragm. de re herbaria. De ihermis fiinff fragmenta. 
4, 8. Philosophic ad Alhenienses drey Biicher. Ex 
anatomico opere fragm. Philosophies de generation]- 
bus et fruclib. quatuor elementorum 11. iv. Philosophise 
de generalione hominis libellus. De meteoris ein 
Buch. Opusc. de meteoris in fiinff Biicher. Ein 
anders Buch meteorum. Zwene prologi in die gantze 
Philos. de gen. element. De elernento aeris. Von 
Verstossung Lvciferi vnd Adse. Liber tertius meteo 
rum de impressionibus ignis. Andere capila meteorica. 

De generatione melallorum el mineralivm. Schcd- 
ula de mineralibus Lalina. Von den natiirlichen 
WasBcrn, in. -v. Buch. 5,9. Vol. primtim philo- 
sophiw. De lunaticis. De generatione stultorum. 
De nymphis, sylphis, pygmaeis, et salamandris. De 
arte praesaga. De bona et mala fortuna. De vera 
influi-nlia rerum. De inuenlione rerum. De volis 
alienis. De sanctorum authoritate, beneficiis, signis 
el blasphemiis. De superslitionibus et oeremoniis. 
De sagis. De damioniacis et obsessis. De somniis. 

De sanguine ultra mortem. De animabus hominnm 
post mortem apparentib. De virlule imaginativa. 
De characteribus. De homunculis et monstris. De 
animalibus ex sodomia natis. Philosophia occulta. 
DC imaginibus. Vom Vnterscheidt der Zeit. Von 
Geberung vnd Erhaltung d. vier elementischen Cbrpern. 
Vom Fk-isch vnd Mvmia. Vom Vnterscheidt der Lei- 
ber vnd Geister. Vom Schlaft vnd Wachen der Leiber 
vnd Geisler. Vom Fundament vnd Vrsprung der 
Weisheit vnd Kiinsten. Fragm. : De fundamento 
sapientiae et scientiarum. De euntibns in somno, etc. 

De generatione stultorum. 5, 10. Philosophia 
sagax oder astronomia magna. Erklarung der ganlzen 
Astronomey. Practica in scientia divinalionis. Er 
klarung der nalurlichen Astronomey. Probatio in 
scientiam nigromanticam, signatam artium incertarnm, 
manualis mathematical Fragmenta vnd schedules. 
App. : Azot, seu, De ligno et linea vita?. Archidoxeos 

woruen. i logiiosiKauuii zuKuniiuger vjr*( UK. nu ii. 
Ausslegung etlicher Figuren auss dem ersten Theil dess 
Liechlenbergers. Fasciculus prognoslicalionum aslro- 

Nine books of the nature of things. (In Sendivogius, 

M. New light of alchymie. 1650.) 

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ern inquiries. 1867.) 




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Paradise regained, get. Milton, J. 
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ser. viniz., v. 2. 1754.) 

Paradoxa. See Cicero, M. T. ; Sanchez, F. 
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- Same. (In Brydges, Sir 8. E. Brit, bibl., v. 4. 1814.) 
Paraeus. See Pare. 
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(B 438) 

Paragreens in Paris ; by J. lluffini. N. Y., 1857. 



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See also Abipones. 


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See also Francia, J. G. R. 

Natural history. 

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See also Moon. 

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text of arbitrary government and popery. London. 
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for his opposing the promotion of Dr. 81 C k 
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See also Argentine Republic. 

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1 expos. de 1867, v. 1, 2, 4. 1867-68.) 




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45. 6 v. 4 

Content*. Vol.1. Commerce maritime anterieurement 
& la decouverte de 1 Amerique. Peuples anciecs. 
Grecs. Romains. Invasion des barbares. Empire 
d Orient. Textesdes Basiliques. Droit maritime des 
Rhodiens. Droit maritime des pays conquis par les 
Croises en Orient. Jugetnens d Oleron. Jugemensde 
Damme on Lois deAVestcapelle. Coutumes d Amster 
dam, d Enchuysen et de Stavern. Droit maritime de 
Wisby. 2. Consulat de la mer. Guidon de lamer. 
Ligue anseatique. 3. Norvege. Islande. Suede. 
Danemarck. Breme. Harnbourg. Lubeck. 4. 
Pays-Bas. Angleterre. France. Genes. Pise 
et Florence. 5. Venise, etc.. Etats pontificaux. 
Deux-Siciles. Sardaigne. Catalogue, Aragon, 
Valence, et Majorque. 6. Espagne. Portugal. 
Make. La mer des Indes, la prosqu Jle Malaye, et 
1 archipel d Asie. Tables. 

Etude du droit commercial. (In Camus, A. G. Let- 

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L origine du droit coutumier en France, et son etat 

jusqu au 13e siecle. (In Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Inner. 
Mem., v. 10. 1833.) Sur la continuation de la tables 
des chartes imprimees. Rapport sur la continua 
tion, etc. Surune nourelle publication des Assines 
de Jerusalem. (In v. 12, pt. 1. 1836.) Les diffe- 
rentes rapports sous lesquels 1 age etait considere 
dans la legislation romaine. (In v. 13. 1838.) Le 
commerce de la soie chez les anciens. (In v. 15, 
le pt. 1842.) La distinction qu on peut faire dans 
les textes de la loi salique. (In v. 15, 2e pt. 1845.) 

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2 v. 12. 

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Pardon, Wm. New general dictionary. See Dyche, T. 

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Pardon of G.; or, Poetry and romance in 
modern Brittany. London, 1870. 8". 

Pardoner and Frere. (In Child, F. J. Four old plays. 

Pare, Ambroise. CEuvres completes; 
notes, et une introd. par J. F. Malgaigne. 
Paris, 1840-41. 3 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Introd. sur 1 origine et les progres 
de la chirurgie en Occident du 6e an 16e siecle. et sur 
la vie et les ouvragcs d A. Pare. CEuvres le - 7e livre. 
2. 8e-18e livre. 3. Preface. ]9e-27e livre. Discours 
de la mumie et de la licorne. Apologie et traite conte- 
nant les voyages fails en divers lieux. Le livre des 
animaux et de I excellence de 1 homme. 

Opera chirurgica. (In Uffenbach, P. Thes. chirurg. 

Pare, Win. Plan for the suppression of the predatory 

classes. (In Nat. Assoc. Prom. Soc. Sci. Trans., 

Parea, A. Novelli morali. (In Soave, F. Novclle mo- 

rali. 1826.) 
Parecido en la corte, El; de A. Moreto. (In Huerta, V. 

G. de la. Theatro hesp.. pt. 2, v. 2. 1785.) 
Paredes oyen, Las; por J. R. de Alarcon. (In Ochoa, E. 

de. Tesoro del teatro esp., v. 4. 1838.) 
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1730; and, Germ., v. 9. 1754.) 

Parent, Etienne. De 1 importance et des devoirs du com 
merce. Considerations sur le sort des classes 

ouvrieres. De 1 iiitelligence dans ses rapports avec 

la societe. (In Litterature canadienne, 1850-60. 


Parent Duchatelet, Alexandre Jean Baptiste. Hy 
giene publique. Paris, 1836. 2 v. 8. 
- Prostitution dans la ville de Paris. 2e ed. 
Paris, 1837. 2 v. 8. 

Same. 3e ed., [avec] notes par A. Tribuchet 

et Poirat-Duval ; [et] un precis sur la pros 
titution dans les villes. Paris, 1857. 2 v. 8. 

and Martinet, L. Recherches sur rinflamma- 

tion de 1 arachnoide cerebrale et spinale, ou 
Histoire de 1 arachnitis. Paris, 1821. 8. 
Parental instructions ; or, Guide to wisdom and 

virtue. N. Y., 1846. 18. 
Parental legacies. Boston, 1804. 12. 

Contents. Glasse, S. Advice from a lady of quality 
to her children. Gregory, J. Father s legacy to his 
daughters. Miscel. extracts. 

Parents. COMSTOCK, C. Essays on the duties of 
P. and of children. Hartford, 1810. 12. 

See also Children ; Mother ; Youth. 
Parent s assistant ; by M. Edgeworth. Boston, 

[182-?]. 24. 
Parent s assistant, The, and Sunday school book. Boston, 

1822. 8. (C 119) 

Parent s friend ; or, Extracts from works on edu 
cation. Phila., 1803. 2 v. 8. 
Parent s gift ; or, Youth s magazine. 1830, 31. Vol. 

1, 2. Phila., 1830, 31. 2 v. 16. 
Parent s monitor and teacher s assistant ; comp. 
by A. Bullard. Vol.2. Boston, 1829. 18. 
Parents pauvres, Les; par H. de Balzac. Paris, 

1865.16. ((Euvres, v. 15, 16.) 
Pareto, Asrostino. PARETO, D. (Jn Grillo, L. Elogi di 

Liguri.v. 3. 1846.) 
Pareto, D. See the previous entry. 
Pareus or Waengler, Daniel, d. 1635. NICERON, J. P. 

(In hi* Mem., v. 43. 1745.) 
Pareus or Waengler, David, d. 1622. Operum 

theologicorum torn. 1. Vomit, 1628. f. 
Conti ntx. Vita Parei, ii P. Pareo. -- Commentarius 
in Genes]!), in prophetiam Ho.neie. Notae brcviores in 
pr.iph. Joelis, llaggaei, Amos. Com. in evang. S. Mat- 




Corpus doctrinae orthodoxse sive Cateehetica- 

rum explicationum Z. Ursini opus absolutum 
1). Parei ; adj. sunt Miscellanea catechetica. 
Ed. nova. Heidelbergiv, 161G. 8. 

Xote. The Misc. catech. have a separate pag 
ing ami title-page. 

- In Gcnesin Mosis comment. Geneva?, 1614. 4. 

- Do potcstate eccles. et civili carundemque vin- 

dicatio. Ed. 2a. Franc., 1633. 18". 

- XICERON, J. P. (In hit Mem., v. 43. 174").) 
Pareus, David. Predictions. (In Atwood, W., ed. Won 
derful predictions. 1689. A 52) 

Pareus or Waengler, Juhann Philipp. DC imita- 
tione ferentiana. Neapoli Nemetum,1617. 8. 

- Xarratio de vita D. Parei. (In Pareus, D. Operuni 

theo!., v. 1. 1628.) 

- XICEKON, J. P. (In his Mem., v. 43. 1745.) 
Parfait ingenieur franqais, Le, ou La fortification 

offensive et defensive. Amst., 1734. 4. 

Parfaita amans. Lcs; ou, Les metamorphoses; comedie, 
[par (Jr. F. P. de St. Fois]. Paris, 1751. 8. (C 287) 

Parfre, llian. Candlemas Day; or, The killing of the chil 
dren of Israel ; a mystery. (In Hawkins, T. Ori 
gin of Eng. dr., v. 1. 1773.) 

Parga. DE BOSSET, C. P. Parga and the Ionian 
Islands ; a refutation of mis-statements. 
London, 1821. 8". 

OR. BRIT. Purl. Papers relating to Parga. [London, 

1820.] P. (E166) 

Paria, Le; tragedie. See. Delavigne, J. F. C. 
Pariati, I ietro. Costantino; drama per musica. Venczia, 

1711. 12. (D48) 

Poesie drarnmatiehe. (Vols. 9-11 of Zeno, A. Poesie 

dram. 1786.) 

Parieu, Marie Louis Pierre Felix Esqnirou de. Rapport 
eur 1 enseignement administratif et politique. (In 
Paris. Inst. Ac. d. Sci. Mor. Mem., v. 12. 1865.) 
Parini, (jiuseppe, il abate. Opere ; pub. Oda F. ! 

Reina. Milano, 1801-04. 6 v. 8. 
Contents, Vol. 1. II mattino. II mezzogiorno. 
II vestro. La notte. L auto da fe. Sopra la 
guerra. Al barone de Martini. Frammenti del 
poemetto sulla Colonna infaine. 2. Sonetti. Odi. 
Canzonette. Frammenti. 3. Scherzi. Canzone. 
Novelle. Sonotti. Capltoli. Pistola. Prologo. 
- Traduzioni. Poesie pastoral!. Epigramrni. 
Poesie drammatlche. Festa teatrale. 4. Elogi. 
Diseorsi. Dialogo. Letter!. Novella. Pension 
varii. 5. Programmi di belle arti. Pareri e giudi- 
zii letterarii. 6. De principii delle belle lettere appli- 
cati alle belle arti. 

II giorno. Odi. Canzonette. Sonetti. II laiiro. 

In morte del Barbiere. Alcanonico Agudio. 

Lo studio. (In Poeti Hal. contemp. 1843.) 

- Lettere. (In Raccolta di prose e let , v. 2. 1830.) 

CANTU, C. L abate Parini e la Lombardia nel 

secolo passato. Milano, 1854. 12". 
Note. This contains II giorno . 

- GIUSTI. G. Delia vita e delle ope re di G. Parini. 

(In liis Scritti vari. 1863.) 
Paris, M, BIBLIOTHECA Parisiana ; catalogue of 

books sold, London; [with ms. prices]. 

London, [1791]. 8. 
Paris, Alexis Paulin. De la necessite de publier 

le catalogue general des livres imprime [de la 

Bibliotheque Royale], 2ded. Paris, 1847. 8. 

Xouvelles recherches sur le veritable aiiteur du 

Songe du vergier, le, 2e mem. (In Paris. Inst. 
Ac. d. Inner., Mem., v. 15. 1845.) 

Paris, Antoine Louis. Dictionnaire des anoblisse- 
ments, 1804-68; par une societe d heraldistes 
sous la direction de L. P. Paris, 1869. 2 v. 8. 

Diet, des anohlissements, 1270-1790. S?e Gourdon de 

Genouillac, X. J. II. 

- Indieateur du grand armorial general de 

France, par C. d Hozier. Paris, 1865. 2 v. 8. 

- Negociations, lettres, et pieces diverses rel. au 

regnede Frangois ii. Paris, 1841. 4. (Doc. 

Paris, Francois de. RF.CUEIL des miracles operes au 
tombeau Paris. Par., 1732. 10 v. 12. 

Paris, Franqois Edmond. I/art naval a 1 Expos. 
Univ. de Londres, 1862. Paris, 1863. 8 and 

Atlas f". 
Paris, Uaston. Histoire poetique de Charlemagne. 

Paris, 1865. 8. 
Paris, John. Sermon before Brig. -Gen. Hoke s 

Brigade, Kinston, N. C., Feb. 28, on the 

death of 22 men executed for desertion. 

Greenborough, 1864. 8". 
Paris, John Ayrton. Life of Sir Humphrey Davy. 

London, 1831. 4". 
- Pharmacologia. 3d ed. London, 1820. 8. 

- Same. 3d Amer. from the 6th Lond. ed., by 

A. W. Ives. N. Y., 1825. 2 v. 8. 

- Same. From 9th London ed., with notes by 

C. A. Lee. N. Y., 1844. 8". 

- Treatise on diet. Phila., 1826. 8. 

- Same. 2d ed. London, 1827. 8". 

- Same. Phila., 1841. 8". 

Paris, Louis Philippe Albert d Orleans, comte de. 
Les associations ouvrieres en Angleterre. 
Paris, 1869. 18. 

- Eng. Trades unions of England ; tr. by X. 

J. Senior, T. Hughes. Lond., 1869. 8. 
Several article*.] (In Revue d. D. Mondes, fev. 1863 - 

mai 1875.) 

Paris or Parisiensis, MaUliaeus. See Matthaeus Parix. 
Paris, Les comtes de. MOUKIN, E. Les comtes de 

Paris; histoire de I avenement de la 3e race. 

Paris, [1869]. 18". 


4" Arrangement. A. Works of and about depart 
ments of the government. B. Works about Paris, 
under heads Antiquities, Architecture and Art, 
Bibliography, Charities, Commerce. Descrip 
tion, Maps, Education, Fortifications, His 
tory, Hospitals. Industry, Prison, Water, 
Sewage, c. Associations, etc., viz. : Benevolent and 
Moral. Business, Clubs, Ecclesiastical, Gal 
leries, Museums, Artistic associations, Industrial 
exhibitions, Libraries, Literary and Scientific, 
Political, Theatres. 


Abattoirs. HAKEWILL, J. Plan of the A. 

London, 1828. 4". 

LAVOISIER, A. L. Des projets pour eloigner les 

tueries de I entericur de P. (In his Giuvres, v. 3. 

Chdtelet. Procedure criminelle instruite au 

Chatelet de Paris sur la denonciation des 
faits arrives a Versailles dans la journee du 
6 octobre 1789. Paris, 1790. 8. 
DESMAZE, C. Le Chatelet de Paris, son or 
ganisation, ses privileges, etc. Paris, 1863. 8". 

Conseil de .S ilubrite. Rapports generaux, 1829- 

39. Paris, 1840. 4. 

Eaux. See p. 2232 ( Water, Sewage}. 

Electeurs de Paris. Proces-verbal des seances, 

etc., red. par Bailly et Duveyrier. Paris, 
1790. 3 v. (v. 2 w.). 8. 

Entrepot*. APPEL an Conseil d Etat sur les cahiors de 

charge et les adjudications des deux entrepots de 
Paris. 71 .{>., [1833]. 8. (B 1083) 

Heraldry. BEAUMONT, P. F. [Xoms, qualite/, 

et armes des gouverneurs, des prevots, etc., 
de la ville de Paris. Paris, 1776.] f. 

Hopitaux. See p. 2232. 

Hdtel de Ville. Registres de 1 Hotel de Ville 

de Paris pendant la Fronde ; pub. pour la 
Soc. del IIistoire de France. Paris, 1846. 8. 

Municipality . FRANCE. Annetnblce Rationale. Plan 

de la municipalite de Paris, presente par le Comite 
des 24, adopte provis. par les 280,et souinis an OomlU 
de Constitution. (In Buchez, P. J. B., and Rouz, 
P. C. Hist, parl., v. 4. 1834.) 

Octroi. See Industry (p. 2232). 



PARIS (Description) 

Police. MANUEL, L. P. La police de Paris 
devoilee. Paris, an n [1794]. 2 v. 8. 

- Prevot (Et. Boileau and successors). Reglemens 

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See also Chalelet (p. 2229). 



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moyens dc procurer a la Bibliotheque du Roi les 
avantages que ce monument exige. t.p.w. [Paris, 
1785.] f. (E 126) 

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Paris, 1780. f. 

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(In Annales archeol., v. 6. 1847.) GOBINEAU DE 
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- Tuileries. See, above, Louvre. 

See also (p. 2230, 1) Description (LEGRAND, J. G. 
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See also Estienne ; Grolier ; also Libra 
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Description . 

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PARIS (Descrip.) 


PARIS (History) 

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HISTORY of P., cont. a descr. of its antiq., etc. See 
Histury (EIlSTORY) in the next column. 

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See. alto Paris a I envent. 1853; also Thackeray, 
M. T. Paris sketck book [1840] ; also Architecture 


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Le Roi, 1832. 

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Paris, 1848. 

Note. There are also maps in the eiiidc books, ng 

See Commerce (p. 2230). 


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Paris. London, 1815. 8. 


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See Architecture (p. 2230). 

Sec A (p. 2229). 

jjgy- See also France: History (p. 1039-49). 

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PARIS (History) 


PARIS (Societies) 

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conjuration de L. P. J. d Orleans, [1747-93]. 

Paris, 1796. 3 v. 8. 
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resident in Paris. From the Daily news . 

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Seventy-three days of the second siege. 

London, 1871. 8." 
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Se.e. also Bastile; Mrmtmartre ; Pont 
Neuf ; also A (p. 2229). 


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medical and sanitary matters, 1865-66. Lon 
don, 1866. 16. 

See alxo Hopital Nesker, in the next column. 


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2eed. Paris, 1867. 8". 

See Bastile (p. 224). 

Water, Sewage. 

FRANCE. Prefecture de la Seine. Memoire sur 

la distribution des eaux du Canal de 1 Ouvcq 

dans 1 interieur de Paris ; par P. S. Girard. 

Paris, 1812. 4. 
Memoire sur les eaux de Paris ; presente a la 

comm. municip. par [G. E. Haussmann], 

Paris, 1854. 4. 
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1854. 4. 

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pendir 4 o/ GREAT BRITAIN. Gen. Board of Health . 
Report on the supply of water, v. 1. 1850.) 


Creche*. POMPEE. P. C. et asiles. (In France. Com. 

Imp. de 1 K.rpoa. del&6~. Rapport, v. 13.) 
Creche St. Louis d Antin. CAPEI.LE, Mme. Manuel. 
2ee<1. Paris, 1850. 8. (B 1549) 

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clinics ; tr. by II. Dunglison. Phila., 1837. 8. 

Societe de la Morale Chretienne. Journal. 

[Paris, 1822]-25. 5 v. 8. 

Assemblee gen. annuelle, ler mai 1829; diseonrs 

d ouverturepsirM. Guizot. [Paris, 1830.] 8. (B930) 

- Distribution of prizes in Paris, on peace. London, 

1842. 12. (C 183) 
Programme d un prix de 1500 fr. snr la question de 

la peiiiedemort. n.t.p. [Paris, 1825 .] 8. (B 1003) 
Same. 2000 fr. destine an meilleur ouvrnge en favour 

de la liberte des cultes. n.t.p. [Paris, 1825.] 8". 

Traite des negres; renseignomens tendant a pronver 

la continuation de ce trafic [Paris, 1824.] 8. (B1003) 
Note. Extracted from the Journal de la Societe 
de la Morale Chretienne, v. 1-4. 
Comite df. Chnrile ft tie Ri en f distance. Bulletin. 

No. 4. Paris, 1824. 8. (B 1003) 

Reglement, etc. n.t.p. [Paris, 182-.] 8. (B 1003) 

Comite pour I Abolition de l>i Traltf. des Noir*. Reg 
lement, etc. n.t.p. [Paris, 182-.] 8. (B 1003) 

_ -Societe formee a Liverpool pour I adoueissement 

Pt 1 abolition gra<lncllc do I esclavage. n.t.p. 
[Paris, 182- ] 8. (B 1003) 

Inxtitttiinn piiitr l?x Jftinr* OrphelinK. Prospectus. 

n.t.p. [Paris, 1823.] 8". (B 1003) 

Societe Generate des Naufrages. Journal. Paris, 

1836. 8. (B 1134) 


Banque de France. See p. 202. 

Paris and Rouen R. R. Mor.n, K. Paris and Rouen R.R. 
and Paris guide. London, 1843. 12. (D 70) 


Athenee des Etrangers. Prospectus, 1806-07. [Paris, 

18(16.] 8. (B 696) 


Convent of the Conception. (Blue Nuns.) ROKE- 

WODE, J. G. Brief history of the late Kug. convent 
at Paris. (In Archaologia, v. 2S. 1839.) 

Eglise de 1 Hotel des Invalides. See. Architecture 

(p. 2230). 

Notre Dame. Cartulaire. (In Guerard, B. E. C. 

Col. des cartulaires de Franco, v. 4-7. 1850.) 
See also Architecture (p. 2230). 

- St. Denis. See Architecture (p. 2230). 

St. Germain des Pres. ANNAF.ES S. Germani Paris., 

466-1061. (In Pertz, G. H. Mon. Scr., v. 3. 1839.) 

- Societe Biblique Protestante. Summary no 

tice cone. Bible socs. in general, and those of France 
in particular, Jan. 1825: tr. by J. Porter. North 
ampton, 1827. 8. (B1002) 

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avec notices biog. par Schickler. Par., 18 68. 8. 

Societe des Traites Religieux. [Publications.] Xo. 

7, 8. 12,13. 15. Paris, 1822-24. 12". (C 160) 
Xamelij. 1822. No. 7. La priere du cmnr. 1824. 
8. Conversation entre deux amis. 2e ed. 12. La croix 
de Christ. 13. La mort de Jesus Christ. 15. La resur 
rection de Jesua-Christ. 

PARIS (Societies) 


PARIS (Societies) 


- MLSEES, Leg. (/ Paris guide, v. 1. 1867.) 

- Academic Royale. Explication dos peintures, sculp. 

turcs, ct gravures exposes au Louvre. I aris, 1789. 
3-_>. (C172) 

- Cabinet des Medaillea, etc. Du MEKSAN, M. 

Ilistoire du Cabinet des medailles antiques, 
et pierres gravees; avec notice sur la Biblio- 
theque Koyale. Paris, 1838. 8". 

- HAGER, J. Description des medailles chinoi- 

scs du Cabinet. Paris, 1805. 4. 

- Louvre. See, btlaw, Musee du Louvre. 

- Luxembourg. See. below, Musee Royal du L. 

- Lycee des Arts. Riipporl sur la manufacture des la- 

pisseries des Gobelins, n.p.. [18 ]. 4. (A 74) 
Musee Campana. KONCHAUD, L. de, and others. 
Collection Campana. (hi Gazette des beaux-arts, 
v. 12-14, 19. 186:2-65.) 

Musee Central des Arts. Explication des 
ouvrages depeintureet dessins, sculpture, etc., 
des artistes vivans, exposes le 25 fructidor, 
an viii [1800]. Paris, [ISO-]. 12. 

- - Stime. Exposes an ix. ii.t.p. [Paris, 18 .] (C 99) 

- - Notice des dessins originaux, cartons, etc., ex 

poses pour la le fois dans la galerie d A- 
pollon, le 28 thermidor de 1 an v de la repu- 
blique franchise, [1797]. Paris, [179-]. 12. 

- - Notice des principaux tableaux recueillis 

clans la Lombardie, dediee a 1 armee d ltalie, 
[exposes 1798]. Paris, [179-]. 12. 

- - Notice des principaux tableaux recueillis en 

Italic, [exposes 1799]. Paris, [179-]. 12". 

- Notice des statues, busies, et bas-reliefs de la 

galerie des antiques du Musee Central des 
Arts, ouverte le 18 brumaire an 9 [1801]. 
Paris, [180-]. 12". 
-Same. [Avecsuppl.] Paris, [180-]. 12. (C99.108) 

- Notice des tableaux des ecoles Irancaise et fla- 

mande, exposes le 28 geiminal an vn [1799], 
Paris, [179-]. 12". 

See also Museum Franqais, in the next column. 
Musee de 1 Artillerie. Notice bur les col 
lections. Paris, 1842. 12. 

- - Another copy. (D 70) 

Musee des Monuments Franais. BEES, J. 
P. Souvenirs du Musee. Paris, 1821-26. f. 

- LENOIII, A. Description hist, des inonumens 

de sculpture reunis au Musee. 7e ed. Paris, 
1803. 8. 

- Eng. Historical description of monuments 
col. in the Museum ; tr. by J. Griffiths. 
Vol. 1. Paris, 1803. 8". 

- - Descrip. hist, des statues, etc. Paris, 1800- 

01. 2 v. 8. 

- Ilistoire des arts en France, et descr. hist, des 

statues, etc. Paris, 1810. 8. 
Musee du Louvre. Notice des tableaux ex 
poses ; par F. Villot. (le pte, liieed.; 2e, 
6e ed.) Paris, 1855. 2 v. 12. 

Content*. Vol.1. Italic elEspagne. 2. Ecoles 
allemande, flamande, et hollandaise. 
ALISON, A. The Louvre in 1814. (In his Miscel. es 
says. 1845.) 

See aho Museum Franqais, nert column. 
Musee Napoleon. Notice des statues, busies, etc., dc 

la galerie des antiques. Paris, [1804]. 8. (C 99) 
ViscojiTi, E. Notice des statue*, busies, ctbas reliefs 
de la galerie des antiques du Musee N. (In his 
Opere vane, v. 4. 1831.) 

Musee Royal. Explication des ouvrages des 
artistes vivans, 1824, 27, 38, 44. Paris, 1824- 
44. 4 v. 12". 

- Notices des tableaux dans la galerie. Paris, 

1818. 12". 

- Musee Royal, pub. par H. Laurent, [avec des 

descriptions par Visconti, Guizot, Clarac] 
Paris, 1816-18. 2 v. f. 

- Musee Royal du Luxembourg. Explication 

des ouvrages de 1 ecole moderne, 1818, 42. 
Paris, 1820-42. 2 v. 12". 

- Museum d Histoire Naturelle. Annak-8 

Paris, 1802-27. 21 v. 4. 
--Archives. Paris, 1839-41. 3 v. 4. 
-- Memoires. Paris, 1815-32. 20 v. 4. 

- Nouvelles annales. Paris, 1832-35. 4 v. 4. 

- Museum Francois. TOULOKGEON, F. E. Man 

uel du Museum. Paris, 1802-C8. 10 v. 8. 

A ote. The Museum Francais was opened in 17P3- it 

was aftei wards called Museum Central disArts- (nee 

the previous column) and later Mutec du I.ouvre. (rfo). 

- Soubise, Hctel cr Palais de. Gtirrmy, J. J. Jen 

bailment*, les tableaux, le mui-ee. (Jn Gazette cits 
beaux aits, v. 26.) 

- Tuileries. MILLIN, A. L. Dci-cHpiion dcs statues 

Paris, an vi. 1718. 8". (C 108) 


- Exposition des Produits de 1 Industrie Fran- 

gaise en 1839. FRANCE. V Agric., 
etc. Rapport. Paris, 1839. 3 v. 8". 

- Exhibition Universelle de 1867. Plan d tn- 

semble ; pub. par la Com. Paris, 1867. 
(A map folded.) 

- FRANCE. Com. Imp. de I Expos. Rapports du 

jury internal, pub. sous la direction de M. 
Chevalier. Paris, 1868. 13 v. 8 U . 
Contents. Vol.1. Chevalier, M. Introd. au recucil 
des rapports du jury internal. Oroupe 1. Peinturc, 
dessins, sculpture, itc. 2, Groupe2. Materiel et appli 
cation des arts liberaux. 3, Groupe 3. Meuoles et 
mitres objets destines a 1 hahitation. 4, Gronpe 4. 
Vetcments, tissus compris, et autrcs objets portex par 
la personne. 5, 6, 7, Groupe 5. Produits bruts et 
ouvres des Industrie! extractives. 8, 9, 10, Groupe 6. 
Instruments et precedes des arts usuels. 11, Groupe 7! 
Aliments, frais ou conserves, a divers degres de prepa 
ration. 12, Groupe 8. Produits vivants et specimens 
d etablissements ile I agriculture. Classe74. Specimens 
d explorations rurales et d usines agricolcs. 75. Che- 
vaux, anes, mulets, t-ti-.; marechalerie. 76. Boeufs, 
bufflee, par A. Sanson. 77. Moutons ct chevres, par 
M. Magne. 78. Pores et lapins, par M. Keynal et J. 
Laverriere. 79. Oiseaux de basse-cour, |>ar F. Pre- 
vost. 80. Uaces canines, par P. Pichot. 81. Insectes 
utiles. 82. Poissons, crustaces, et moliusqnes, par XT. 
de Champeanx. 12, Groupe 9. Prodnits vivants et 
specimens d etablissc ments d horticiilture. 13, Groupe 
10. Ob.jets specialement exposes en vue d ameliorer hi 
condition p)iyique et morale de la population. 


- BLAKE, W. P. Bibliog. of the Exhib. (In U. S. 

Com. for the I aris Erpos., 1867. Reports, v. 1.) 


- - FKANCE. Com. Imp. de V Expos. Catalogue 

general. 2e ed. [Paris, 1867.] 12. 

- Catalogue officiel des exposants recompenses 

par le jury international. Paris, 1867. 12. 

- L onquete du lOe groupe rel. aux insti 

tutions pour amoliorer la condition de la 
population. Paris, 1S67. 8". 

Histoire du travail et monuments historiques. 

Paris, London, [1867]. 12". 

- - Liste du jury international. Paris, 1867. 12. 

- - ALCAX, M. Fabrication des etoffes ; etudes 

sur les arts textiles a 1 Exposition de 1867. 
Paris, 1868. 2 v. 8 and Atlas f. 

- - ARNOLD. H.P. The great Exhibition. N. Y., 

1868. 8. 

- - AUVKAY, L. Le Salon de 1867 et 1 Expos. 

Univ. Paris, 1867. 8". 

- - GK. BKIT. Ho. of Com. Report from the se 

lect com. on the Exhibition, n.p., 1867. f". 


PARIS (Societies) 

Treasury. Copies of correspondence between 

the Treasury, the Dept. of Science and Art, 
and the Com. for the Exhibition, rel. to the 
expenditure to be incurred in connection 
with that Exhibition, n.p., 1867. i . 

- - LACHOIX, E. Etudes sur 1 Expos. Par., 1867- 

68. 4 v. and Atlas 8". (Vol. 3 incomplete.) 

OPPERMANN, C. A. Yisites d un ingenieur a 

1 Expos. 2eed. Paris, 1867. 2v.dAtlas 8". 

- - PARIS. Soc. MED. ALLEM.DE. La medicine a 

1 Expos. univ. de 1867. Paris, 1867. 12. 

- - HIMMEL, E. Recollections of the Exposition. 

Phila., 1868. 8. 

- - RUSSIA. Com. Imp. de V Expos. Catalogue 

special de la section russe. Paris, 1867. 8. 

SCHMIDT, W. Le Danemark a 1 Expos. Paris, 

1868. 8". 


Reports of artisans selected by the Society to 
visit the Exhibition. London, 1868. 8. 

U. S. Commissioners for the Exposition. Re 

ports. Wash., 1868-70. 6 v. 8". 

Note. In v. 1 is a General survey and Bibliog 
raphy of the Exhibition". 

Report on the fine arts ; by F. Leslie. 

Wash., 1868. 4. 
Note. Reprinted from v. 1-3 of the Reports. 

Dept. of State. Message from the Pres. of the 

U. S. trans, a report from the Sec. of State. 
[Washington, 1865.] 8". 

Official correspondence containing general 

regulations, classification of articles, etc. 
AY ash., 1865. 4". 


- GUIDE des curieux et des etrangers dans les biblio- 

theques publiques de Paris. Paris, 1809. 8. (C 108) 

- LA BORDE, L. E. S. J., comte de. De 1 orga- 

nisation des bibliotheques dans Paris. Paris, 
1845-46. 4 pts. 8". 

- Bibliotheque du Ministere de la Marine, Bibl. du 

Depot Gen. des Cartes et Plans. See. FRANCE. 
JJiniitere de la Marine et des Colonies (p. 1032). 

- Bibliotheque (Royale, Imperiale) Nationals. 

Dtpartement des Imprimis. Catalogue de 
1 hist. de France. Paris, 1855-70. 10 v. 4. 
Content*. Vol. 1. Rapports. Regies pour le cata 
logue. Preliminaires et generalites. Histoire par 
epoques. Hist, par regnes jusqu a 1643. 2. 1(544- 
]i2. 3. 1792-1848. 4. 1848-56. Journaux et publi 
cations periodiques ou semi-periodiques. 5. Hist, 
n-ligieuse. 6. Hist, constitutionello jusqu il 1848. 7. 
1848-59. Hist, administrative, diplomatique, 
mililaire. Moeurs et coutumes. Areheoiogie. 8, 9. 
Hist, locale. 9. Hist, des classes, des families. Biog. 
francaise. 10. Suppl.: Preliminaires et gene 
ralites; Hist, par epoques, par regnes. 

Catalogue des sciences medicales. Tome 1. 

Paris, 1857. 4. 

MERLIN, R. Reflexions impartiales sur le 

catalogue des livres imprimes de la Biblio 
theque. Paris, 1847. 8. 

PARIS, A. P. De la necessite de commencer, 

achever. et publier le catalogue des livres 
imprimes. 2eed. Paris, 1847. 8. 

TECHENER, J. J. Considerations serieuses a 

propos de diverses publications sur la Biblio 
theque, suivies du seul plan possible pour en 
faire le catalogue en trois ans. Paris, 1847. 8. 

Departement des Manuscrits. Catalogue des 

manuscrits francais. Tome 1 : Anciens fonds. 
Paris, 1868. 4". " 

CHAMPOLLION-FIGEAC, J. J. Etat actuel des 

catalogues des mss. de la Bibliotheque Royale. 
n.t.p. [Paris, 1847.] 8. 

PARTS. INST. Ac. des Inner. Notices et extraits de 

mss. dc la Bibliotheque du Roi. See Institut. Ac. 

den Inner, et Belle* Lettres^ 
FRANCE. Convention Nat. Report on the means of 

compleating and distrib. the national library; by H. 

Gregoire. Phila., 1794. 8. (B 744) 
DELESSEKT, B. Memoire, 2e memoire sur la 

Bibliotheque Royale. Paris, 1835-38. 2 v. 4. 
Du MF.KSAN, M. Notice. (In his Histoire du Cabinet 

des Medailles. 1838.) 
ROCHETTE, D. R. Lettre sur le projet de 

mettre en direction la Bibliotheque, ou Re- 

ponse au rapport de M. Allard sur les credits 

supplem. Paris, 1847. 8. 


- Academic Imperiale de Medicine. Memoires. 

Vol. 1-30, le pte. Paris, 1828-73. 30 v. 4. 

Report upon cholera-morbus ; tr. by J. W. 

Sterling. N. Y., 1832. 12. 

- Academic Royale de Chirurgie. Memoires. 

Nouv. ed., avec notes. Paris, 1819. 5 v. 8. 

Memoires sur les sujets proposes pour les prix. 

Paris, 1819. 5 v. in 7 pt. 8. 

Observations on surgical diseases of the head 

and neck ; tr. by D. Ottley. London, 1848. 
8. (Sydenham Soc.) 

Namely. Bordenave, F. Diseases of maxillary sinus, 
with supplem. by A. Louis; Exostoses of lower jaw. 

Ferrand, . Encephalocele ; or, Hernia of the brain. 

Lassus, P. Wounds of the superior longitudinal 
sinus. Louis, P. C. A. Applic. of the trepan on 
sutures of the skull; Bronchotomy ; Fungous tu 
mours of the dura mater. Malle, P. F. N. Summary 
of cases on swelling of the tongue. La Martiniere, P. 
de. Perforation of trachea by a foreign body. Quesnay, 
F. Use of trepan in doubtful cases. List of addi 
tional memoirs on diseases of head and neck. 

Conservatoire Royal des Arts et Metiers. Catalogue. 

n.t.p. [Paris? 1817.] 12". (C 83) 

GUEGOIKE, H., Up. Rapport sur 1 etablissement d un 

Conservatoire. Paris, an in [1794]. 8. (B 1892) 

- Ecole Roy. de Fonts et Chaussees. Des- 

sins rel. a 1 art de 1 iugenieur. Paris, 1826- 
27. 2 v. f". 

- Ecole Roy. Polytechnique. Correspondance 

sur 1 Ecole ; [red.] par M. Hachette. Paris, 

1804-16. 3 v. 8. 
Journal. Vol. 1-19, 27. Paris, 1796-1874. 

20 v. 4. 
Rapport du conseil de pcrfectionnement; session de 

1811-12. Paris, 1812. 4. (A 74) 

- Ecoles Normales. Seances. Nouv. ed. Paris, 

1800-01. 13 v. 8. 

Contents. Agriculture, v. 7. Histoire de 1 agric., 
dans Pane, et nouv. monde, et en Europe, v. 9, par 
Thouin. Analyse de 1 entendement, v. 2, 11, 13, par 
Gu rat. Art de la parole, v. 1-6, 11, 12, par Sicard. 

Chimie, v. 1-6, 9, 11, par Berthollet. Economic 
polit., v. 2-5, 11, par Vandermonde. Geographic, v. 
1, 2, 4, 11, par Buache et Mentelle; 3, 5, 6, par Mentelle. 

Geometric dcscr., v. 1-4, 11, par Monge. Histoire, 
v. 1-3, 11, par Volney. Histoire naturelle, v. 1-6, 8, 11, 
par Daubenton ; v. 8, par D. et Lacepede; v. 13, par 
Haiiy. Litterature, v. 1-5, 11, par La Harpe. Math- 
ematiques, v. 1, 3, 4, 11, par La Grange et Laplace ; v. 10, 
par La Grange; v. 2, 4, 5, 6, par Laplace. Morale, 
v. 1, par St. Pierre. Physique, v. 1-6, 11, 12, par Haiiy. 



(The Academies were suppressed in 1793, and 
the Institut organized in 1795.) 

Academy des Beaux, Artn. 

(Established in 1648 as Peinture ct de Sculp, 
ture ; received its present name in 1655. In 1671 an 
Acad. d Architccture was founded, which lasted till the 

Recueil des dessins qui ont remporte le prix 

de 1 Academic, 1774-89. Paris, n.d. f. 

PARIS (Societies) 


PARIS (Societies) 

- - LECOY DE LA MAKCIIE, A. L Academie de France a 

Rome d aprcs la correspondence de scs directeurs, 
1666-1792. (lit. Gazette des beaux arts, v. 26, 27, 29, 

30. 1809-72.) 

Acadfmie den Inscription* et Medailles. 
(Founded in 1663.) 

- - Medailles sur les cvcncmciits du regne de Louis 

le grand. Paris, 1702. f. 

- - Same. Paris, 1702. 4. 

- - Same. Paris, 1723. f. 

Jtci~ In 1701 this Academy received the name of 
Acudciitie den Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. 
- Histoire, avec les memoires de litterature, 
1701-1793. Paris, 1736-1808. 50 v. 4. 

Note. Vol. 11, 22, 33, 44 are Tables. 
Contents. Vol. 1-46. The contents of these volumes 
are given, in a systematic arrangement in the Tableau 
(nee the ne.rt vol.). They are therefore not printed here. 

47. Histoire. Hist, do 1 Ac ad., 1784-93. Regie- 
nient, 22 dec. 1786. Eclaircissemens sur le travail re], 
aux niss. du hi blbllotheque du roi. Sujets des prix, 
1785-87. Changemens arrives dans la liste des Acad., 
1785-93. Liste des inembres. Memoires sur les an- 
tiquiles de la Perse. Kclaircisseniens ur le livre de 
Tobie. Hemerologo au calendrier de difiereiites villes, 
compare avec celui de Home. Obs. wur le monument 
d Ancyre. Remarqucs critiques sur 1 Etymologieum 
magnum. Reclierches sur la geog. ancienne. Kssai 
de traduction de quelques cpigrammcs de I Anthol. 
grecqne. Inscriptions et medailles. Dacier, B. J. 
Klogfde M. Bignon ; Seguier; I aciandi; L abbe 
Arnaud; De Burigny; Grosley; De 1 aulmy ; 
Ui-jot; De Rochefort; De Xicola i; D Ormesson; 

L abbe Brotier. Memoires. Freret, X. L ori- 
gen et 1 ancienne hist, des premier habitant) du laGrece. 

Barthelemy, J. J. Essai d une palcographio numis- 
matiquu. Freret, X. Les causes et quelques cir- 
Constances de la condemnation de Socrate. Ansse de 
Villoiaon, ,]. B. G. de. Mem. sur quelques inscriptions. 

Guignes, I. de. Les Sares des Chald6eus ; L ori- 
gine du Zodiaquc, etc. Freret, X. Quelques peuples 
de la Helgique. 

48. Sainte-Croix, (>. E. J. G. de. La ruinc de Baby- 
lone. Larcher, I . II. Les principaux evenemens de 
I histoiru do (x admus ; L ordre equestre chez les Grecs. 

Sainte-Croix, .1. E. J. G. de. Les anciens gouverne- 
mens et les lois de la Sicile; La population de 1 At- 
tique; Les meucques. Larcher, 1*. II. Mem. sur 
Hermias ; Sur quelques fetes des Grecs : La fete du 
manage de Jupiter avec Juno. Barthelemy, J. J. 
Ancienne inscrip. grecque. Gamier, J. J. Les 
ouvrages d Epictete; Tableau de Cebes. Silvestre 
de Sacy, A. I. Hist, des Arabes avant Mahomet. 
Guignes, J. de. Plusieurs families juives etablies an- 
ciennement In Chine. 

49. Silvestre de Sacy, A. I. La version arabe des 
livres de Mo ise. Arnaud, F. La vie et les ouvrages 
d Apelle. Choiseul-Goumer, . de. Hippodrome 
d Olympie. Arnaud, F. Mem. sur Catulle. Gail- 
lard, G. II. Horace consid. comme fabuliste; Meta 
morphoses d Ovid. Sainte-Croix, G. E. J. G. de. 
Eclaircissemens sur 1 autorite legale d Auguste; La 
cloture du temple de Janus; Le gout de 1 Ernp. 
Hadrien pour la philosophic, etc.; Zosime. Ameil- 
hon, II. I*. Fragin. d une inscription gr. sur une plaque 
de cuivre trouv. a Tunis. Anquetil-Duperron, A. H. 
Le premier tteuve de 1 Inde, le Gange. Gossellin, 1*. 
F. J. La Herique des anciens; Les connoissances 
geog. des anciens des cotes rnerid. de 1 Arabie. 

50. Anquetil-Duperron, A. II. Les migrations des 
Mardes. Sainte-Croix, G. E. J. G. de. Le gouverne- 
ment des Parthes; L Kmpire des I arthes ; La 
Medic. Guenee, A. La Judee depuis la captivite de 
Babylone. Silvestre de Sacy, A. I. La litterature 
ancien parmi les Arabes. Houard, D. Les antiquites 
Galloises. Dacier, B. J. Sur 1 usage observe en 
France quand les rois out acqnis des liefs dans la mou- 
vance de leurs sujets. Brequigny, L. G. O. F. de. Les 
regerice en France. Poirier, G. Examen des 
opinions sur 1 avenement de Hugues Capet i la cou- 
ronne. Clement, F. L epoque de la mort du roi 
Robert et la le amice du rogue de Henri son flls. 
Brequigny, L. G. O. F. de. L histoire le Calais. 
Desormeaux, L. R. La mort de Henri de Bourbon. 
Conde. Brequigny, L. G. O. F. de. Les negocia- 
tions touchant les projots du manage d Klisabeth, reigne 
d Angleterre, d abordavec le due d Anjou, ensuite avec 
le due d Alencon. Gamier, J. J. Une pretendue con- 
spiration contre Jeanne d Albret. 

281. (29. 1. 79.) 

- - Tableau generate raisonne et methodique des 

Memoires de 1 Acad. jusqu a 1788; servant 
de suppl. aux Tables; par M. D. Paris, 
1791. 4". 

- - Notice de 1 ancienne Gaul ; par M. D An- 

ville ; suite des Mem. Paris, 1760. 4 v. 4. 

- - Notices et extraits des mss. de la Bibliotheque 

du roi. Vol. 1-4. Paris, 1787-[98j. 4 v. 4". 
Note. For continuation and index see INHTITUT 
(p. 2239, 2d col.). 

Selections in Eng. Accounts and extracts of 

the manuscripts in the library of the king of 
France. London, 1789. 2 v. 8. 
Contents. Vol. 1. Guignes, J. de. Hist, essay on 
origin of the oriental characters in the royal printing- 
house, etc. , The golden meadows and the mines of 
precious stones, by Aboul-hassan-aly ; [also] a chronol. 
table of the kalifs; Hist, chain of countries, etc. ; 
with treatise on science of the spheres. Brequigny, L. 
G. O. F. de. Account of the journal of Burcard; 
Acct. of an nutographical chronicle of Bernard Iterius. 

Rochefort, G. D. de. Account of a Greek lexicon. 

Vauvilliers, J. F. Account of mss. of Eschylns. 

Silvestre de Sacy, A. I. The book of councils, 
by Sheik Feriddin-Mabommed ben Ibrahim-al-Att:ir- 
al-Xiscbabouri. 2. Silvestre de Sacy, A. I. The 
book of the wandering stars. Gaillard, G. II. In 
structions given to M. de Wissant, P. R. de Syssac: 
Relation of the embassy of A. d Espagne; Relation 
of the embassy of M. de Rochefort; Relation of the 
death of Richard 11. La Porte du Theif, F. J. G. de. 
Acct. of tnss. cont. hist, of the reigns of Charles vil. 
and Louis xi. by Amelgard. Keralio, L. F. G. de. 
Acct. of Chronicon regum Sueciie scriptum ab Olao 
Petri. L Averdy, C. C. F. Acct. of ins. A criminal 
process against R. de Artois. Guignes, J. de. Hist, 
of the Atabek princes in Syria, by Aboulhasan Aly. 

Academic ties Sciences. 
(Founded in 1666.) 

- - Cometographie ; traite hist, et theor. des co- 

metes; parM.Pingre. Par., 1783-84. 2 v. 4. 
- Elements d* astronomic; par M.Cassini. Paris, 
1740 N 4. 

- - Elements de la geometric de 1 infini ; suite des 

Mem. de 1 Acad. ; [par B. le B. Fontenellej. 
Paris, 1727. 4. 

- - La figure de la terre ; determinee par les 

observ. de Bouguer et de la Condamine ; avec 
une relation de ce voyage par M. Bouguer. 
Paris, 1749. 4. 

- - Grandeur de la terre. See, Suite (p. 2239). 
-Histoire de 1 Acad. Vol. 1, 2, 1666-99. 

Paris, 1733. 2 v. 4. 

Note. For the Memoires of these years see the titff, 
Memoires, below. For the index to the Histoire see the 
titles Nouvelle table (p. 2238) and Table (p. 2239). 

- - Histoire de 1 Acad., avec les Mem. de mathe- 

matique et phys., 1699-1789. Paris, 1702- 
93. 92 v. 4. 

- - Journal du voyage a 1 equateur ; introd. a la 

Mesure, etc. ; par M. de la Condamine. Paris, 
1751. 4. 

- - Journal du voyage de la marq. de Courtan- 

vaux pour essayer plusieurs instruments rel. 
a la longitude. Paris, 1768. 4. 

- - Justification des Memoires de 1 Acad., 1744, 

et de La figure , etc. ; par M. Bouguer. 2e 
ed. Paris, 1809. 4. 

Machines et inventions approuvees par 1 Acad. 
Hoy. des Sci. depuis son etablissement ; 
dessinee et pub. par M. Gallon. Paris, 1753- 
77. 7 v. 4. 

Contents. Vol.1. 1666-1701. 2. 1702-12. 3. 1713- 

19. 4. 1720-26. 5. 1727-31. 6. 1732-34. 7. 1734-54. 

-- Memoires de 1 Acad. Vol. 3-11; 1666-1699. 

Paris. 1729-34. 12 v. 4. 

Note. For the Memoires after 1699 see the title Hia- 
toire, above. For an index to the Memoires nee the titles 
Nouvelle table (p. 2238) an<l Table (p. 2239). 

PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 


PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 

Memoires de 1 Acad., 1790. Paris, 1797. 4. 

Memoires [de ma them at.] donnes 11 1 Acad., 

non imprimes dans leur temps, par M. Fon 
taine. Paris, 1764. 4. 

Memoires de mathem. et phys. pres. par divers 

sgavans. Paris, 1750-86. 11 v. 4. 
Conttntt. Vol. 1. Virgile, . Les terres depuis 
Beaucaire jusqu a la mer; Les bons cffetsdu sel dans 
la nourriture des bestiaux. Bassuel, P. Diss. hy- 
draulico-aiiatoniique. Pezenas, E. Solution d un 
probleme propose par Kepler, sur les proportions dcs 
segmens d un tonneau coupe parall. a son axe. Arcy, 
P. d . La courbe d egale pression lorsque Ie milieu re- 
siste comme le quarre des vitesses. Soumille, B. L. 
Un sablier de 30 heurcs, propre a servir sur mer. 
Dalibard, P. M. Le reseda a rleur odorante. Baron 
d Henouville, T. Une propriete singuliere qu a le sel 
de tartre. Schlichting, . De motu cerebri. 
Torres, . La glande thyio ide. Saint-Jacques, G. 
de. Supposant la loi d attraction en raison inverse du 
quarre de la distance, trouvt r la nature du solide de la 
plus grande attraction. Godeheu de Riville, . 
Hist, d un chenille mineuse des feuilles de vigne. 
Marcorelle, . La statique du corps humain. Cos- 
signy, J. F. C. de. La grotte qui se trouve a quclque 
distance de Besai^on. Dalibard, T. F. La variation 
de pesanteur des corps plonges dans differentes liquides. 
Petit- Vandin, . Ilydraulique. Gunz, J. G. Obs. 
anatotniqnes. Sue, J. J. Due transposition des vis- 
ceres. Baron d Henouville, T. Analyse du borax. 
Saur, . Cobalt ou mine arsenicale. Du Tour, K. F. 
Eleclrieite; Deux phenomenes de Paimant. Baron 
d Henouville, T. Maladie mortelle de 1 estomac. 
Bigot de Morogues, P. M. S. La corruption de 1 air 
dans les vaisseaux. Chabert, J. B. La longitude de 
Buenos-Aires. Bonnet, C. La vegetation des plantes 
dans d autres matieres que la terre. Baron d Henou 
ville, T. Analysis du borax. 2emem.; Levernomme 
en latin trenia. Geer, C. de. La propriete singuliere 
qu ont les grandcs chenilles. Espeue singuliere de 
millepied ou de scolopendre. Grischow, A. N. La 
difference des meridiens entre 1 observatoire royal de 
Paris et celui de Berlin. Menon, . Le bleu de 

2. Salerne, . Los dendrites des environs d Or- 
leans. Bordeu, T. de. Les articulations des os de la 
face. Mazeas, . Des couleurs engendrees par le 
frottement des surfaces planes et transparentes. Bon 
net, C. Une nouvelle partie, commune a plusieurs es- 
peces de chenilles. Venel, G. F. L analyse des eaux 
de Belters ou de Seltz. Esteve, I*. Le meilleur sys- 
teme de musique harmonique. Le Gentil de la Galai- 
siere, G. J. 11. J. B. Une etoile nebuleuse nouv. de- 
couverte a cote de celle qui est au dessus de la ceinture 
d Andromede. Bigot de Morogues, P. M. S. Un ani 
mal aquatique d une forme singuliere. Morand, J. F. 
C. La grotte de la Balme en Dauphine. Salerne, . 
Maladies que cause le seigle ergote. Geotfroy, E. L. 
L organe de 1 ou ie des reptiles. Sue, J. J. Descr. 
anatom. de trois loutres femelles. Nadault, J. Le 
gel de cbaux. Dutour, E. F. La maniere dont la 
flamme agit sur les corps electriques. Berryat, J. 
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Romas, J. de. Plus le corps isoleest eleve au dessus de 
la terre, plus le feu de Pelectrisable est aboiidant. 
Esteve, P. La base d une pyramide triangulaire etant 
donnee avec les angles au sommet, determiner les di 
mensions de la pyramide. Baron d Henouville, T. 
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du barometre dans la pratique de la medicine. Geer, 
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Relation des travaux fails pour relever le navire le Tojo, 
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les corps qu on electricite par communication. Bos- 
sut, C. de. Deux problemes de geometric. Anger- 
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tirer 1 or employe sur les bois dores a la colle. Sue, 
J. J. Les proportions du squelette de 1 homme. De- 

mours, P. La mechanique des mouvimens de la pru- 
nelle. Clozier. . La decouverte d une souche 
d arbrc petririee. Adanson, M. Latitude de 1 odor, 
tiree par la meridienne. Outhier, R. Carte dec pleya- 
des dont la position de 35 principales ctoiles est deter- 
mineepar les obs. de M. Le Monnicr. Marcorelle, . 
Obs. meteorologiques faites a Toulouse. 1750. 

3. Cossigny, J. F. C. de. Si les nitrations de I eau 
de la mer au travers des pores du verre sont possibles. 

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. La recherche de 1 erreur des tables lunaires de Hal- 
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chyle qui passe des intestins aux veines lactees n er.tre 
pas dans le canal thorachique, pour de la fit re introcluit 
dans la souclaviree gauche, etc. Bouillet, J. H. N. 
Obs. anat. Suvigny, . Nouv. theorie du pyrophore 
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Boscovich, P. Extrait d une lettre. Bezout, E. Les 
quantites difterencielks, qui n etant point inlegrables 
par elles-memes, le devienrient ]ieai;moins quand on 
leur joint des quantites de nieme forme qu elles. 
Lorry, A. C. Les mouvemens du cerveau. Barthez, 
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4. Mazeas, G. La cause physique dc 1 adherence 
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Experiences pour faire eelorre dcs poulets par le fer 
mentation du tan. Baume, A. Analyse d un eau 
minerale singuliere, trouve a Douai en Flandre. Du 
tour, E. F. Question d optique. Bouin, J. T. Obs. 
a Rouen sur la route de la comete, sept, et oct. 1757. 
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d un foetus mai oonforme. Bosc d Antic, P. La cause 
des bulk s qui se trouvent dans le verre ; La cause des 
soufrlures des metaux coules au jetes. Gerard de Vil- 
lars, . La sensibilite den parlies des animatix. 

PABI3 (Soc. : Inatit., before 1793) 


PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 

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fcuillesdans les planted . Bouin, ri. T. Occupation de 
f 2 de la BaleiiK- p:ir la lun". M mduit, . L i cuba- 
lure des corps gaudies. Vosmaar, . Xouv. g, i nrc de 
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rons de liiom. Jars, (T. Nouv. machine cxe iitee aux 
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1702. i: i nn. J. T. Pueuomiaes astro-ioin., 17-VJ. 
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C. L histoir* naturelle ot mj;licale des eaux de Plom- 
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aux Indes. Ernauld, . L.>s et mu as. 
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L i colL A? poisson. I! i ,nl mill da Guanndeuc, A. II. 
Position de Venus dans son passage sur le soleil, juin 6. 

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1. alkali d. s pi antes marines, et les m oyens de le rendrc 
propre aux menus usages que la soude. Arquier de 
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1761. Mazeas, G. La mine d Alun de la Tolsa, dans 
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stret, . Passage de Mercure sur le soleil, 6 mai 1753. 

Baume, A. le, 2e mem. sur le refroidissement que 
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Obs. a Lille sur les ditferentes temperatures de 1 air, etc. 

Foageroux da Bondaroy, A. D. Le coquillage appele 
Datta en Provence. Rtllier dos Ourmes, J. J. Usage 
des diviseurs d ua nombre, pour resoudre un probleme 
d arithmetique ; Methode pour decouvrir tons les 
nombres pivmL-rs cont. dans un cours illimite de la 
suite des impiirs, et tons d un temps les diviseurs 
simples de ceux qui ne le sont pas. Pereire, J. li. 
P. Les sourds et mucts. Mircorelle, . Lesalieor. 

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Kioii d Aldebaran sous le disque eclaire de la lune. 
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Valmont de Bom-ire, J. O. Les pyrites et les vitrols 
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pecheo s dans la Mediterranes. Messier, O. Comete 
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Obs. des degres du chaleur de differentes sources de 
Bagaeres. Mircorelle, . La p^santeur et le chaleur 
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thier, R., an-/ otlierx. Eclipses de la lune. Cimber, P. 
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J). orbitis comet u-uin di-tcrminandis, op trium observ. 
parum a so invicem remotarum. Bras d Or, P. La 
m iladie epidemiquo des chii;ns. B:iume, A. La de 
composition du tartiv vitriole par 1 acide nitreux seul. 

Antslmy, P. T. d . Obs. et calcul. de 1 oppositiou de 
Siturne de!76:{. Arquier de Pellepoix, A. d . Obs. sur 
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P. Que le point visible est vu dans le rayon qui va de ce 
point a 1 usil. Bouin, J. T. Aurore boreale obs. & 
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des eaux minerales d,; Siint-R-my I Hoiiore. Peze- 
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T. Occultation del etoile 8 des (remeau par la lune, obs. 
s\ ROIKMI, 1759. Navier, P. T. Ditf. moyens d unir 
Intimoment le mercure au fjr, et sur la maniere de le 
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sions et immersions des satellites de Jupiter, 1759. 
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quadrature de la partic b f d du cercle a h r b d a. 
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dis. Libour, . Passage de Ve ms sur le dis^iie du 
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G. P. Decouv. d un papillon a tote de chenille. 
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relle, . Obs. anat. Bormes, . Decouvorte sur 
Tether marin, fait par I intiirmede du zinc. La Place, 
P. S., marq. de. La probabilite des causes par les 

7. Prix, 1774. Lagrange, J. L. L e lUation secu- 
laire de la lune. Libaude, . Les moyens do per- 
fectionner 1 espece de cristal necessaire i la construction 
de lunettes achromatiqiies. M6m. Bucquet, J. B. M. 
Experiences phys-.chim., sur 1 airqui se degage des corps 
dans le temps de lour decomposition, etc. Vicq-d Azyr, 
F. L hist. anatom. des poissons, le et 2e mem. La 
Place, P. ST m.iry. da. L integration des equations 
dlflferentlclles aux differences rinies, et letir usage dans 
la theorie dcs hasards. Sonnerat, P. Dascr. du coco 
de 1 ile Praslin. Monge, G. La construction des 
fonctipns arbitrages qui entrent dans les integrales 
des equations aux differences partielles. Vicq- 
d Azyr, F. Observ. anatom. sur u:i extremite infe- 
rieure dont les muscles on ete changes en tissu grais- 
seux, sans aucune alteration dans la forme exterieure. 

Monge, G. L i determination des fonctions arbi- 
traires qui entrent dans les integrales d.-s equations 
aux ditferentes espec -s. Ribelt, . Une tete ex- 
ostosee. Camper, P. La structure des os dans les 
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regies de maximis et minimis a quelques problemes de 
statique, rel. ;X 1 architecture. Dez, . La theorie du 
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d Angos, . Obs. et calcul. de 1 opposition dc Jupiter, 
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Geneve. Dulague, V. F. J. X. La comete decouverte 
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. Extrait d une lettre sur la cause du froid en Canada. 

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Sur quelques particularites dc la structure du cerveau et 
de ses enveloppes. Bordenave, T. Analyse de la bile. 

8. Swinien, J. H. Recherches sur les aiguilles ani- 
mantees. Fourcroy de Ramecourt, O. R. Obs. sur 
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nouv. genre des insectes aquatiques. 

9 Quatre.nere Disjonval, I). B. Anal, et examen 
chimique de 1 indigo. Coulomb, C. A. de. Maniere de 
fabriquer les aiguilles aimantees. Geoffroi, E. L. le 
et 2e mem. sur les bandages propres a retenir les hernies. 

Mazeas, G. D.-s tubulaires a tube elastique et carti- 
lagineux. Queronic, . Un insecte singulier trouve 
dans la rade de Lomariaker. Li Faille, C. de. Le 

PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 


PARIS (Soc. : Instit., before 1793) 

sentiment des anciens et des modernes sur 1 origine des 
macreuses. Monge, (Jr. Les fonctions arbitrairos qui 
entrent dans les integrales des equations aux differences 
finies; Les proprietes de plusieurs genres de surfaces 
courbes. Laborie, . Anal, de la mine de plomb 
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La crystallisation du fer. Chaulnes, M. J. d A. d A., 
due de. L air fixe qui so degage de la biere en fermen 
tation. Bucquet, J. B. M. Mem. sur le sel ammoniac; 
anal, dela zeolite. Tinseau, . La theorie des surfaces 
courbes ; Sur quelquos proprietes des solides. 
Bucquet, J. B. M. le et 2e mem. sur 1 arsenie. Veil- 
lard, . Anal, des eaux de la fontaine de Montmorenci. 

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thique. Duhamel, G. 1 F. G. La mine de plomb de 
Iluelgoat en Basse Bretagne. Monnet, A. G. Une 
espece de mine decouvorte nouv.a Ste.Marie-aux-Mincs. 

La Tourette, M. A. L. C. de F. de. 1 nc nouv. espece 
de mouche, du genre des cinips. La Tourette, M. A. 
L. C. de F. de. Sur des os fossiles. Troja, M. Mem. 
sur le tibia des crapauds. 

10. Fuff, . Le derangement d une comete qui passe 
pros d une planete. La Grange, J. L. La theorie des 
perturbations quo les cometes pcuvent eprouver par 
1 action des planetes. Guignes, J. de. Planisphere 
celeste ehinois. Catalogues des cometes. Coulomb, 
C. A. de. Theorie des machines simples. Mechain, 
I . F. A. Recherches sur les cometes de 1532 et 1661. 
Bayen, P. Examen cliimique du marbre de Campan. 
Le Gendre, A. M. L attraction des spheroides homo- 
genes. Dietrich, P. F., baron de. Descr. des volcans 
decouverts en 1774, dans le Brisgaw. Cagnoli, A. 
Methode pour trouver la situation de 1 equateur d une 
planete. Meusnier, .1. B. M. La courbure des sur 
faces. Monge, G. Les developpecs, les rayons de 
courbure, etc. Le Veillard, . La formation du 
Boufrc par la voie humidc. Charles, . Les integrates 
des equations aux differences finies. Marcorelle, . 
Obs. thermometriques. Anisson-Duperon, E. A. J. 
Sur 1 impression en lettres, suivi de la descr. d une nouv. 

?resse. Gengembre, . Un nouv. gas obtenir par 
action des substances alkalines. 

11. Memoires sur la formation du salpetrc, par C. M. 
Cornette, 1 . Thouvenel, J. M. Gavinet, Che- 
vrand, J. B. de Beunie, Thomassin de Saint- 
Omer, C. Romme, N. Clouet. A. L. Lavoisier, 

L. A. de la Rochefoucauld. Lorgna, A. M. La 
formation et la multiplication des nitres. 

Meridienne de 1 Observatoire Royal de Paris ; 

par M. Cassini de Thury ; avec des obs. 
d hist. nat. par M. Le Monnier ; suite des 
Mem., 1740. Paris, 1744. 4". 

Mesure des trois premiers degres du meridien, 

dans rhemisph. austral ; par M. de la Con- 
dam inc. Paris, 1751. 4". 

Nouvelle table des articles de 1 Acad. des Sci., 

1666-1770, des Arts et Metiers, et dans la 
Collect, acad. par 1 abbe Kozier. Paris, 
1775-76. 4 v. 4. 

Recueil de memoircset d observ. sur la forma 

tion et sur la fabrication du salpetre, par les 
Commissaires pour le jugement du prix. 
Paris, 1776. 8. 

Contents. Glauber, . La nature et la formation du 
saltpetre. Stalh, . La nature, etc., du nitre. 
Lemery, L. Mem. sur le nitre. Petit, E. De la pre 
cipitation du sel marin dans la fabrique du saltpetre. 
Pietsch, . La generation du nitre. Sweden. 
Kriyv-lM partemfntetx Kungliga Ksitl. Construction 
et I establissement des nitrieres. Bertrand, E. La for 
mation du saltpetre. Grunner, T. 8. La generation du 
saltpetre. La nature, etc., du saltpetre. Neuhaus, 
. Experiences de la formation du saltpetre. Vannes, 
M. de. La nature du nitre, etc. Granit, A. La fabri 
cation du saltpetre dans la royaume de Suede, tr. M. 
Baer. Milly, N. C. de T., cte. de. Une nitriere artifi- 
cielle. Du Coudray, T. Me.thodes employees en Prusge 
et a Malte pour la generation du saltpetre. Desmazis, 
. La nitriere de Malte. Simon, J. C. L art de 
faire du saltpetre mis en pratique a Dresde, 1771. 
Clouet, . La recolte et la fabrication du saltpetre 
en Asie. Bowles, . Maniere dont se fait la poudre 
dans 1 Inde. Methode de fabriquor le saltpetre en 
Amer., 1775. Lavoisier, A. L. L existence de Pair 
dans 1 acide nitreux. Incarville, I i .re d . La mauiere 
de fabriquer le saltpetre en Chine. 

Recueil des pieces qui ont remporte le prix, 

1720-72. Paris, 1732-77. 9 v. 4. 
Note. Only v. 1, 2, 7-9 have tbe title-page Recueil ; 
the others have the title Pieces qui out remporte le 
prix , etc., or the titles of the separate papers. 

Contents. Vol. 1. 1720-27. Crousaz, J. P. de. Le prin- 
cipe, la nature, et la communication du mouvement. 
Massy, . Maniere de conserver sur mer 1 egalite du 
mouvement d une pendulc. Mac Laurin, C. Loix du 
choc des corps. Bernoulli, D. Maniere de conserver 
sur mer 1 egalite du mouvement des clepsidres. Ma- 
ziere, P. Les loix du choc des corps a rosso rt parfait 
ou imparfait; Traite des petits tourbillons de la rna- 
tiere subtile. Bernoulli, J. Les loix de la communi 
cation du mouvement. Bouguer, P. De la mature 
des vaisseaux. 

2. 1727-32. Super problemale nautieo dc im- 
plantatione nialorum. Camus, F. J. de. La mature 
des vaisseaux. Bulssinger, G. B. De causa gravitatis 
physica generali. Bouguer, P. La methode d ob- 
server sur mer la hauteur des astres. Bernoully, J. 
Nouv. pensees sur le systeme de Descartes. Bouguer, 
P. La methode d observer en mer la deelinaison de la 
boussolc; Entretiens sur la cause de rinclinaison des 
orbites des planetes. 

3. 173o-:i7. Poleni, J. Quanam potiori ratione, 
nullis babitis stellarum observ.. navigantes metiri queant 
iter a navi confectum. Bernoulli, J. Essai d une nouv. 
physique celeste. Bernoulli, D. La cause physique 
deVinclinaison des plans des orbites des planetes. Ber 
noulli, J. La propagation de la lumiere; Disc, sur 
les ancres. Tresaguet, . Mem. sur la fabrique des 
ancres. Bernoulli, D. La meilleure figure a donner 
aux ancres. Poleni, J. De praestabiliori figtira qua 
anchoraj fonnari queant. 

4. 1738-40. Euler, L. De igne. ejus natnra et pro- 
prietates explicantur. Lozeran de Fesc, L. A. Sur 
la propagation du feu. Crequy, . Explication de 
la nature du feu, etdeea propagation. Cavalleri, P. A. 
La cause physique du flux et du reflux de la mer. 
Mac Laurin, C. De causa physica fluxus et refluxus 
inaris. Euler, L. Inquis. physica iueausam fluxus ac 
refluxus maris. 

5. 1743,46. Bernoulli, D. La maniere de eonstruire 
les boussoles d inclinaison. Euler, L. De observ. in- 
clinationis magneticae ; De magneto. Du Tour, E. F. 
Sur 1 aiman. Bernoulli, D. and J. La nature et les 
proprietes de 1 aiman. 1741. Bernoulli, J. Sur le ca- 
bestan. La meilleure construction du cabestan. Po 
leni, J. De ergatas navalis pra;stabiliorc facilioreque 
usu. Ludot, J. B. La meilleure construction du ca- 
bestan. Pontes, . Sur le cabestan. Fenel, J. B. P. 
Diff. experiences sur la meilleure construction du ca 
bestan. Delorrne, . Cabestan 4 ecrevices et cabe 
stan a bras. 

6. 1745, 47. Bernoulli, D. Recherches median, et 
astronom. sur la meilleure maniere de trouver 1 heure 
en mer par obs., soil dans le jour, les crepuscules, et sur- 
tout la unit quand on ne voit pas I hori/.on. Medita- 
tiones in [eandem] qiurstionem. Maniere de trouver 
1 heure en mer. etc. Essai d horolepse nautique. 
Maniere de trouver, etc. 

7. 1751-53, 59-61. Bernoulli, D. La nature et la 
cause des courans. Euler, L. Les inegalites de Jupi 
ter et de Saturne. Bernoulli, D. La maniere la plus 
avantageuse de supplier a 1 action du vent sur les 
grands vaisseaux. Groignard, A. Le roulis et le 
tangage d un vaisseau. La perfection dans les verre- 
ries de France. Euler. J. A. L arrimage des vais- 
seaux et quelles qualites on en pent procurer. Bossut, 

C. L arrimage des navires. 

8. 1753, 56, 57, GO. Bernoulli, J. De promotione 
navium sine vi venti. Mathon de la Cour, .1. Maniere 
de supplier a 1 action du vent. Euler, L. Investi- 
gatio perturbationum motus planetarum. Bernoulli, 

D. Le roulis et le tangage d un navire. Euler, L. 
Examen des efforts qu ont a soutenir toutes les 
parties d un vaisseau dans le roulis et dans le tangage. 
Euler, C. De successiva mutatione motus medii plane 
tarum. Euler, J. A. Sur la resistance de la matiere 
6theree. Bossut, C. Des alterations du mouvement 
moyen des planetes. 

9. 1764-66,70,72. La Grange, J. L. La libration de 
la lune. Groignard, A. L an image des vaisseaux. 
Bourde de Villehuet, . L arrimage du navire. La 
Grange, .T. L. Les inegalites des satellites de Jupiter. 
L arrimage des vaisscaux. Euler, L. Le vrai 
mouvement de la lune. Euler, L. and J. A. Theorie 
de la lune. La Grange, J. L. Le probleme des trois 
corps. L arrimage des vaisseaux. 

llcgia? Scientiarum Acad. hist.; autore J. B. 

du Ham el. Paris, 1698. 4. 

PARIS (Societies: Institut) 


PARIS (Societies : Institut) 

- Suite des Memoires de 1 Acad. dcs Sci., 1718. 

Paris, 1720. 4". 

Note. The half-title of this is De la grandeur 
<-t de la figure de la terre . 

Table alphalx -tique des matieres con tenucs dans 

1 llistoire et les 1 Acad. Roy., 1666- 
1790. Paris, 1734, 29-1809. 10 v. 4. 

Note. Vol. 1-4. 1666-1730 by Godin ; 5-9, 1731- 
80, by Demours; 10, 1781-90, by Cotte. 
-- Same. 1666-1734. Paris, 1734. 4 v. 4. 

- Tables astronomiques du soleil, de la lune, 

etc.; par M. Cassini. Paris, 1740. 4. 

- - Tabula> astronomies) ab P. de la Hire. 2a ed. 

Paris, 1727. 4. 

Traite physique et hist, de 1 aurore boreale ; 

par M. de Mairan; suite des Mem. de 
1 Acad., 1731. Paris, 1733. 4. 

Same. 2e ed. augm. Paris, 1754. 4. 

- Voyage, 1750-51, dans 1 Amer. Septentrionale ; 

par M. de Chabert. Paris, 1753. 4. 

- - CUVIKK, G. L. C. F. I), llecueil des eloges 

hist. Strasbourg, 1819. 2 v. 8. 

FLOURENS. M. J. P. Historical sketch of the Acad 

emy of Sei. (hi Smithsonian Inst. Report, 1862.) 

- MAUKY, I,. F. A. L ancienne Acad. des Sci 

ences. Paris, 1864. 8. 

Academic Franqaisf. 

(Founded in 1635.) 

-Dictionnaire. Seed. Paris, 1740. 2 v. f. 
-- Same. 5e ed. Paris, 1798-99. 2 v. f". 

- Same. 6e ed. Paris, [1836]. 2 v. 4". 

- Dictionnaire hist, de la langue franc,. Vol. 1. 

Paris, 1858. 4. 

Recueil des plusieurs pieces d eloquence et de 

poesie, presentees pour les prix, 1671-1761. 

Paris, 1674-1762. 39 v. 12". 

Note. The Hecueils were not pub. every year, and 
the set is complete with the omission of 1671, 1720, and 

- - AI.KMHEKT, J. leR. d . Histoire des mcmbres de 

1 Acad. Fr., 1700-71. Paris, 1787. 6 v. 12. 

Same. Eloges faites sur les meinbr es de 1 Acad., 

1700-71. (In his (Euvres, v. 6-11. 1805.) 

- - DUDEVAXT, Xfme. A. L. A. D. Pourquoi les 

femmes a 1 Academic. Paris, 1863. 8. 

- - PELLISSON FONTANIEK, P. Histoire de 1 Acad.; 

avec des remarques et des additions et une 
continuation, 1652-1700, par 1 abbe d Olivet. 
Paris, 1729. 2 v. 4. 
- Same. 2e ed. Paris, 1730. 2 v. 12. 

Same. Avec introd., des cclaircissements, 

etc., par C. L. Livet. Paris, 1858. 2 v. 8. 


(Organized, 1795; composed of three Classes, and 
after 1803 of four Classes which, in 1816, became four 
Academies; since 1832 there have been five.) 

- Base du systeme metrique decimal ; ou, Mesure 

de 1 arc du mcridien entre les paralleles de 
Dunkerque ct Barcelone executee en 1792 ; 
par MM. Mechain et Delambre ; red. par 
Delambre. Suite des Mem. Paris, 1806-10. 
3 v. 4. 

- - Discours snr les progres des sciences, lettres,et arts, 

depuis 1789 jusqu ace jour. Paris, 1809. 8. (B733) 

- - Funerailles de Larcher. 23 sept. 1812; [discours pro- 

nonce par A. C. Quatremere de Quincy. Paris, 
1812.] 4. (E71) 

- - Furierailleg dn eomte de Bougainville, 5 sept. 1811. 

[Paris, 1811.] 4. (E 71) 

Funerailles de Toulongeon, 26 dec. 1812; [discours 

prononce par A. C. Quatremere de Quincy. Paris, 
1812.] 4. (E 71) 

- - Inventaire des pieces manuscrites de la collection Go- 

defroy, conserv. la Bihlioth. de 1 Institut. Suite 
et fin. (In Paris. Soc. de 1 Hist. de France. An- 
nuaire-Bull, 1866.) 

- - La mort de Rotrou; [vers] par Millevoye. [Paris, 

Is .J 4 . (E 71) 

- Notices et extraits de mss. de la Bibliotheque 

dultoi. Vol. 5-23. Paris, 1798-1874. 32 v. 
(v. 23, pt. 1 \v.) . 4". 

Note. For preceding vols. see Paris. Ac. d. 
Inner, et (tea lielles-Lettren (p 2235). 
>8Tg- Tome 15 is a table alphabetique des matieres. 

- - Rapport [sur le] precede de feu Bachelier, pour la 

composition d un badljfeon conservateur par Guy ton- 
Morveau. n.p.. [1809], 4. (A 74) 

Rapport sur les moyens de sauver les personnes ren- 

fermes dans les maisons incendiees. n.p., n.d. 4. 
(A 74) 

- - Rapports et discuss, de toutes les classes de 

1 Institut, sur les ouvrages admis au concours 
pour les prix dccennaux. Paris, 1810. 4. 
-Recueil d observations geodesiques, etc. ; ed. 
par J. B. Biotct F. Arago ; suite au 3e v. de 
la Base du systeme , etc. Paris, 1821. 4. 

- - Seance publ. du 4 Jan. 1813. [Paris, 1813.] 4. (E71) 
Tableau des sciences philos., des belles-lettres, et des 

beaux- arts. [Paris,] 1791. 4. (A 10) 

Clause d Histoire et de Literature Anciennf. 
Expose des travaux, [1815]. [Paris, 1815.] 4. (E71) 

- Histoire dc la Classe. Paris, 1815-18. 4 v. 4". 
Rapport hist, sur les progres de 1 histoire 

dep. 1789, par B. J. Dacier. Paris, 1810. 4. 
Rapport historique sur 1 etat et les progres de 1 his- 

toire. Paris, 1808. 4. (A 9) 
Rapport sur les travaux; par M. Ginguene. 1810, 11, 

13. [Paris, 1810-13.] 3 v. 4. (E 71) 1814, par P. 

C. F. Daunou. [Paris,] 1814. 4. (A 35, E 71) 

Classe de Litteratiire et de Beaux- At tit. 

- Memoires. Paris, an vi-xn [1798-1804], 5 v. 


Contents. Vol. 1. Sujets dcs prix, an 4. Liste dcs 
ouvrages impr. pres. Dewailly, . Cone. 1 ellipse 
et les supplemens qu on emploie pour expliquer les 
phrases elliptiques, etc. Lemonnier, . Le pronom 
soi. Sicard, R. A. C. La necessite d instruirc les 
sourds-muets de naissancc; Examen de I llermes 
d Harris. Domergue, U. La proposition grammati- 
cale. Rapport sin un monument antique. Le Blond, 
G. M. Sur la magic. Ducis, J. F. Epitre contre le 
celibat. Le Brun, P. D. E. L enthousiasme; ler 
chant de La viellec du Parnasse . Andrieux, F. G. 
J. S. Le proces du senat de Capoue; L Jwpital des 
fous. Monvel, J. M. B. Fables. Lemonnier, L. G. 
Conseils d un vieillard aux jeunes gens; fables. Bi- 
taube, P. J. Sur 1 etude des anciens ; Socrate ; i 1 ecole 
d un theologien. Levesque, P. C. Sur les trois poetes 
tragiques de la Grece; Aristophane; Les progres 
de la peinture chez les Grecs. Schweighaeuser, J. 
Sur un passage de Simplicius. Le Roy, I). Les 
navires empl. par les anciens. Mongez, A. Sur les 
travaux publics des Homains, compares a ceux des mo- 
dernes. Ameilhon, II. P. Surles couleurs desanciens 
et sur les arts qui y out rapport. Le Blond, G. M. 
Sur le vrai portrait d Alexandre le grand. Camus, 
A. G. La distribution et le classement des livres d une 
bibliotheque. Peyre, A. F. Sur I aehevement du 
Louvre, etc. 

2. Liste des mcmbrcs et des associ(5s. Hist. No 
tice des mern. non imprimes. Mongez, A. La vie de 
Lemonnier. Villar, J. B. Louvet. Sujets des prix 
proposes Pan 5. Tableau des prix. Xoms des 
artistes qui ont temporte les prix de peinture, etc., 
de Pan 5. Livres et ecrits pres. Mem. Mongez, 
A. La reunion des litterateurs et des artistes. - 
Collin d Harleville, J. F. La grande famille reunie. 
Sur la continuation de la collection des Historiens de 
France. Dupuis, C. F. Sur les Pelasges. Le Roy, 
D. Sur le Meris. Mongez, A. Sur les vases mur- 
r hj ns . Villar, G. Fragment du 16e livre de Plliade; 
trad, en vers francais. Vien, J. M., and Le Blond, G. 
M. Sur des vases trouves dans un tombeau pres de 
Geneve. Camus, A. G. Mem. sur llepi 0avnaari<av 
a(cou<r/iaTio> (De mirabilibus auscultationibus). Mon 
gez, A. Sur les types des monnoies compares a ceux 
dcs medailles. Lebrun, P. A. Ode d un philanthrope 
republicain contre la monarchic; Ode d un philan 
thrope republican) contre Panarchie. Bitaube, P. J. 
Sur les deux premiers livres dc la politique d Aristotc. 
Mongez, A. Les gladiateurs. Chenier, M. J. Le 
dernier hymne d Ossian. Ameilhon, II. P. Sur 

PARIS (Societies: Instit.) 


PARIS (Societies: Instit.) 

quelques changemens qu on ponrroit faire a nos cata 
logues de bibliotheques. Collin d Harleville, J. F. 
L homme et sa conscience. Ameilhon, II. P. Sur lea 
differentes especes de sparte dont il est parle dans les 
anciens autcurs. Sells, X. J. Lasireneetle passant. 
Peyre, A. F. Antiquites de la ville de Troves. Le- 
brun, 1 . A. Ode. Camus, A. G. Notice d un livre 
impr. a Bamberg en 1462. 

3. Liste des membres. Hist. Villar, G. Mem. 
non impr. Andrieux, F. G. J. S. La vie et les tra- 
vaux deC. Dewailly. Villar, G. E. L. Boullee; J. 
Dusaulx. Prix. Artistes qui out remporte les prix 
de peinture, etc.., de 1 an 6. Livres et ecrits pres. 
Mem. Camus, A. G. Comte rendu. Chenier, M. 
J. Le vieillard d Ancenis. Dupuis, C. F. Les Pe- 
lasges. Le Roy, D. Sur la marine. Dea petits 
navires des anciens; Sur la marine des ancieus, et 
partic. sur un bas-relief pub. par Winckelmann. 
Camus, A. G. Sur [le Teuerdanck]. Mongez, A. 
1 ersepolis. Le Gouve, G. M. J. B. La sepulture, 
poeme. Bitaube, P. J. Des jugemens de quelques 
philosophes et eerivains celebres de 1 antiquite. sur les 
republiques anciennes. Ameilhon, II. P. Les cou- 
leurs et la teinture des ancieus. Mongez, A. Deux 
inscriptions latines et 1 opobalsamum. Raymond, A. 
Sur la construction du Dome de la Madonna della 
Salute a Venise. Mongez, A. Sur les inoyens de 
faire entendre les diseours et la musique des fetes 
nationales par tons les spectateurs. Camus, A. G. 
L histoire et les precedes ; du polytypage et de la 
stercotypie. Sur un livre allemand; Hoffmann et 
son polytypage. 

4. Liste des membres. Tlist. Villar, G. Mem. 
non imprimes. Collin d Harleville, J. F. A. Le- 
blanc; C. A. Demoustier. Prix. Artistes qui out 
remporte les prix en 1 an 7. Livres et ecrits pres. 
Mem. Mongez, A. Sur les costumes des Perses sous 
la dynastic des rois Achemenides et celle des sticces- 
seurs d Alexandre. Peyre, A. F. La Bibliotheque 
Rationale peut-elle roster entouree du Theatre des 

- Langles, L. Les papiers-monnoies des Orien- 

taux. Mongez, A. Les costumes des Perses. Duels, 
J.F. Epitre a Vien. La Porte duTheil, F. J. C. Les 
relations au 12e siecle cntre le Danemarck et la France; 

L etat de 1 eglise de Mcssinc jusqu au 13e siecle. 
Villar, G. Le desespoir d Achilla apres la mort de 
1 atrocle. Camus, A. G. Kapport [sur le proceile de 
Boudier fils] Peyre, A. F. Projet d une bibliotheque 
nationale a eriger sur 1 emplacement de la Magdelaine 
de la Ville-l Eveque. Bitaube, P. J. Reflexions sur 
Pindare. Andrieux, F. G. J. S. L Olivier, etc., fable 
de Joatham; Socrate et Glaucon; Dialogue entre 
deux journalistes, sur les mots monsieur et citoyeu. 
Collin d Harleville, J. F. Melpomene et Tlialie. 
Gibelin, E. A. Sur le Gladiateur de BorghtMe. Le 
Gouve, G. M. J. B. La Phaivale. Collin d Hirville, 
J. F. Dialogue sur la comedie. 

5. Liste des membres. Hist. Camus. A. G. Hist, 
des travaux. Liste des ouvrages. Sicard, R. A. 
La vie de N. E. de Wailly. Mem. Dupuis, C. F. L in- 
fluence que les babitans des lies du golfe Persique, etc., 
ont cue sur 1 Europe Rapport sur le panorama. 
Collin d Harleville, J. F. La cnmpagne et les vers. 
Valenciennes, P. II. Rapport sur Elemens de per 
spective pratique . Mougez, A. L harangues 
attrib. par les eerivains anc. aux orateurs; les masques 
antiques, etc. Franqois de Neiif chateau, N. La mort. 

Mongsz, A. Une statue antique consorvee autrefois 
dans la Villa medicis. Francois if. Nftifchfitean, N. 
Trad, en vcr.s de ( Expedition des Argonaules, de Vale 
rius Flaccus. Mongez, A. Le bronze des anciens et 
une epee antique. Barailon, J. F. Les mines d une 
ancienne ville appelue aujourd hui Toull. Dacis, J. F. 
La solitude et I amour. Camus, A. G. Les travanx 
des citoyens Herhan, etc. Ameilhon, H. P. Re- 
eherches sur la pecbe des anciens. Camus, A. G. 
Sur Pimpression des cartes ge.)g. et de quelques autres 
objets en caracteres mobiles; Sur le Teurdanck. 
Guyton de Morveau, L. B., and others. La restanration 
du tableau de Raphael, La Vierge do Foligno. 
Mongez, A. L emploi du chanvre dans 1 antiquite et 
dans le Moyen Age. Andrieux, F. G. J. S. Snr la 
continuation du Dictionnaire de la langue francaise. 
Camus, A. G. L expos. pub. des produits de I industrie 
fr., dans 1 an 6, 9. Mongez, A. 2e mem. sur le 
bronze antique, sur des epees et un anneau elastiques 
des anciens; L epee gauloise, et les precedes que les 
anciens ont suivis pour converter le fer en acier. 
Camus, A. G. Add. el corr. a quelques passages des 
vols. precedens. 

Notice des travaux, 18)9/10, 14, par J. Le Breton. 

[Paris, 1810-15.] 2 v. 4. (A 35, E 71) 
Programme et ordre de la seance du ler oct. 1814. 

[Paris, 1814.] 4. (A 35) 

Clause de.s Sciences Mathematiques et Physiques . 
Rapport hist, sur les progres des sciences 

clepuis 1789 ; par G. D. Cuvier. Paris, 

1810. 4. 

Same. Par J. B. Delambre. Paris, 1810. 4. 

Analyse des travaux, 1806. Partie phys., par G. D. 

Cuvier. [Paris, ISoS.] 4. (A 9) 1807. 10, 12, 13. 

[Paris. 1808-13? ] 4 v. 4. (E 71) 1814. [Paris, 

1814.] 4. (A 35, E 71) 1815. [Paris, 1815.] 4. 

Same. Pte. matb., par J. B. Delambre. 1806. [Paris, 

1808.] 4. (A 9) 1808, 10, 12, 13. Paris, [1812-13]. 

4 v. 4. (E 71) 1814. [Paris, 1814.] 4. (A 35, E 

71) 1815. [Paris, 1815.] 4. (E 71) 
Memoires, 1795-1815. Paris, an vi [1797]- 

1818. 14 v. 4. 

Note. Vol. 7, 8, 11. 12, 13 are in 2 parts. These Me 
moires are indexed in the Royal Society s Catalogue 
of scientific papers . 
Memoires presentespar divers savans. Pans, 

1805-11. 2 v. 4. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Sinclair, J. Plan pour etahlir 
des fermes experlmentales. Mourgue, M. J. A. Les 
naissances, les manages, et les morts, (Montpellier), 
1772-92, etsur les probabililes de la vie. Bjuvard, A. 
Obs. astronom. faites a I Observ. Nat. de Paris, an 4. 
Dayeux, X. La seve des plantes. Bondt, , and 
others. Trois especes ditfei-entes de g;vz hidrogene car- 
bone. Venturi, J. B. Experiences sur la section qne 
des cylindres de camphre eprouvent a la surface de 
1 eau. Deyeux, N. LH sang bilieux consid. sous les 
rapports cliimiqucs. Deze, . L aiiile citrique con- 
cret. Deyeux, X. Las fils ou polls qui recouvrent 
toil tc la plante qui produit le cicer arietinum. Men- 
telle, S. Obs. meleorol. a Cayenne 1 dec. 1778 -30 nov. 
178;). Odier, L. Hist, d une femme qui avoit un 
ovaire transforme en hydatides Proust, J. L. Recucit 
de differentes obs. de chirnie. Burckhardt, J. C. 
Micrometres. Noel, S. B. .T. Les ditt erons bateaux 
empl. a la peche du hareng paries nations europeennes. 

Deschamp, . Obs. anatom. faites sur un sujet opere, 
Buivant le procede de Hunter, d un anevrisme de I artere 
poplitee. Lhuillier, S. Theoremes de polyhepopliUie. 

Burckhardt, J. C. Determination des orbites de 
quelques anciennes cometes. Biot, J. B. Les equa 
tions aux differences melees. Decandolle, A. P. 
Experiences rel. a I influence de la lumieresur quelques 
vegetaux; Los pores de 1 eaorce; Li vegetation du 
gui. Parseval, M. A. Integration generate et com 
plete des equations de la propagation du son. Burck- 
hardt, J. C. Les orbites des cometes de 1763, 71, 73. 
Dacandolle, A. P. Un nouveaux genre de la familledes 
apocinees. Lancret, . Les ooiirbes a double cour- 
bure. Poiteau, A. L arachis hypo<;:ea. D vngoi, 
J. A. Les refractions terrestres. Labillardiere, J. J. 
Deux especes de litchi cultivees dans les Moluques. 
Parseval, M. A. La resolution des equations aux 
differences partielles lineaires du second onlre. 
Ampere, A. XI. L applieatiou des fornuiles ge:ierales 
du ealcul des variations aux problemesde lamecanique. 

Parseval, M. A. Deux equations importantes dans 
la mecanique des fluides. Leblond, J. B. Le poivrier 
apporte en 1788 de I lsIe-de-France a Cayenne, par M. 
Martin. Parseval, M. A. Methode gen. pour som- 
mer, par le moyen des integrates definies, la suite 
donnee par le .tbeoreme de L igrange. Brongniart, A. 
line classification naturelle des reptiles. Parseval, 
M. A. L ^s series, etl integration complete d une equa 
tion anx differences partielles lineairies du second ordre, 
a coefflciens constans. Nieuport, C. F. de. La solu 
tion d un probleme de mecanique propose par Alembert; 

L equation gen. des polygones reguliers. 

2. Lancret, A. Les developpoides des courbes 
planes, etc. Boullay, P. F. G. Le mode de composi 
tion des ethers muriatique et acetique. Duvernoy, 
G. L. Mem. sur 1 hymen. Hisaenfratz, J. H. La 
propagation du son. Pictet, A. L occultation des 
pleyades par la lune. Thenard, L. J. L action des 
acides vegetaux sur 1 alcool. Boullay, P. F. G. La 
formation de Tether phosphoriquea I aide d une appareil 
particulier. Roussille de Ciiamsru, . I^e plica 
polonica. Laugier, . Un nouveau principe dans 
les pierres meteoriques; La nature chimique d une 
substance animate de la grotte de I Arc dans File de 
Capree. Larry, D. J. La plique. Malus, E. L. 
Traite d optique; La double refraction; La mesure 
du pouvoir refringent des corps opaques. Roard, J. L. 
Le decreusage de la soie. Poinsot, L. Les polygones 
et les polyedres. Deslongchamps, L. Recherches 
hist., etc., sur les narcisses indigenes. Garrica, , 
and others. Les cuves d indigo. 

PARIS (Societies: Instit.) 


PARIS (Societies: Instit. ) 

Prix propose an concours 1810. [Paris, 18.] 4. 


Rapport d une commission sur un memoire do M. 

Mu rat, intitule; Experiences rel. a la meilleurc ma- 
nierc d enfonccr les pilotis. Paris, 1812. 4. (A 74) 

Prixdemnlhenintiqncs, [1811. Paris, 1809.1 4. (E71) 

^(inif. [1812: avec Rapport adopt4 dans les seances 

ilu 13 fev. et 18 mars 1K09, snr 1 ouvrage de Chlailni, 
relatif i\ la theorie du son. Paris, 1809.] 4. (E 71) 

Proclamation des prix (lucernes. Onus la seance pub- 

lique du 4 Jan. 1813. [Paris, 1813.] 4. (E 71) 

Seance publique du 2 Jan. 1809; prix propose au con 
cours 1811. [Paris, M09.1 4. (E 71) 

CtviEK, G. L. C. F. D. Eloges. Set p. 2239, lot col. 

Clause des Sciences Morales et Politiyues. 

Memoires. Par., an vi-xn [1798-1804]. 5 v. 4. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Su.ielsdes prix proposes dans 1 an 
4. J.,iste <U ouvrages imprimis envoyes a In classe. 
Titres des memoires Ins par les membres de la classe. 

Le Breton, J. La vie et lea ouvrages de G. T. Ray- 
nal. Anquetil, L. P. Les aticiennes relations exle- 
rienres de la France; Etat de 1 Europe avant la paix 
de Westphalie en 1648 : L etat de I histoire de France. 

Cabanis, P. J. G. Stir 1 etude de I bomnie; Hist, 
pliysiol. des sensations. Levesque, P.O. Burl homme; 

Les obstacles que les anciens pbilosophes out ap- 
portes aux progres de la saine philosophic. Tracy, 
A. L. C. D. La faculte de penser. Laromiguiere, P. 
La determination de ces mots, analyse des sensations; 

La determination du mot idee. Buache, J. N. 
L existence de quelques isles entre le Japon et la 
Californie. Baudin, P. ( . L. L esprit de faction 
consid. par rapport a son influence sur les dif. gonverne- 
mens; Des clubs. -- Diannyere, A. Preuves 
arithmet. de la necessile d encourager 1 agriculttire, etc. 

Gregoire, U. Les moyens de perfection ner les 
sciences politiques. Sales, J. de. Analyse des me- 
moires lus a la classe par 8. 

2. Histoire. Prix. Liste des ouvrages impr. et 
present eg a la classe. Lebreton, J. La vie et les 
ouvrages de Deleyre. Memoires. LeVesque, P. C. 
Hesiode; Homere; Les mojurs et les usages des 
Grecs du temps d Homere; Les nnciennes relations 
de la France avec la Kussie. Talleyrand-P6rigord, 
C. M. de. Les relations commerciales des Etats-Unis 
avec 1 Anglcterre. Cabanis, P. J. G. Les rapports 
du physique et du moral de I hommc. Talleyrand- 
P6rigord, C. M. de. Les advantages a retirer de colo 
nies nouvelles. Legrand d Aussy, P. J. 13. La ma 
rine en France au commencement de 14e siecle. Bau- 
din, P. C. L. L origine de la loi. Legrand d Aussy, 
P. J. B. Les anciennes sepultures nationales dans la 
ci-devant eglise de Saint-Germain des Pres. Baudin, 
P. C. L. Rapport, 2e rap. de la com. chargee d exam. 
comment, au deces de ses membres, il doit leur rendre 
les derniers devoirs. 

3. Histoire. Champagne, J. F. Travaux de la 
classe; La vie et les ouvrages de Baudin. Prix. 
Ouvrages impr. pres. a la classe. Memoiree. Cam- 
baceres, J. J. It. La science sociale. Buache, J. N. 
LaGuiane franchise. Bougainville, L. A. de. Les 
navigations anc. et mod. dans les hautes latitudes sop- 
ten tr. Baudin, P. C. L. L ostracisme. Champagne, 
J. F. La morale d Aristote, et trad, du chapilre de la 
Iiberalit6. Toulongeon, F. E. L influence du regime 
dietet. d une nation sur son etat politique. Bouchaud, 
M. A. Les colonies romaines et les municipes. L6- 
vesque, P. C. La retraite des Gaulois apres qu ils so 
furent rendus maitres du Capitole: Quelques accep- 
tions du mot nature. Bonchaud, M. A. Essai sur 
I histoire numismatiqire de la legislation romaine. 
Buache, J. X. Decouvertcs a faire dans le grand 
Ocean. - Bougainville, L. A. de. Hist, sur les sau- 
vages de 1 Amerique Septent. Levesque, P. C. La 
constitution de la republique de Spitrte. Legrand 
d Aussy, P. J. B. L uncicnne legislation de la France. 
Mentelle, E. La position de quelques lieux et de 
quelques fleuves dans 1 Argolide. Veron-Fortbonnais, 
. Le genre des questions dont la science del economie 
politique comporte la solution exacte. Tracy, A. L. C. 
D. Quelques questions d ideologle; L existence et 
les hypotheses de Mallebranche et de Berkeley; Les 
projets de pasigraphie. 

4. Liste des membres. Histoire. Prix. Tra- 
vanx de la classe qui ne font pas partie de la coll. impr. 
de ses memoires. Champagne, J. F. J. A. Creuze- 
Latouche. Levesque, P. C. Legrand d Aussy. 
Liste des ouvrages. Memoires. Lescallier, D. L ile 
de Madagascar; Voyage dans 1 Inde. Gregoire, II. 
Apologie de Harthelen iy de Las-Oasns. Bouchaud, 
M. A. Le code d Alari c. Levesque, P. C. La con 
stitution de la --publique d Athencs; Le retour des 

Argonautes par le nord. Buache, J. N. L ile de 
Juan de Lisboa. Koch, C. G. L origine de la maladie 
venerienne; I ne societe litteraire :i Strasbourg vers 
la fin du loo siecle et au commencement du ]6e. 
Buache, J. N . Les lies Dina et Marseveen. Bouchaud, 
M. A. La morale de Ciceron ; La morale de Seneque. 
Toulongeon, F. E. L usage du numeraire dans un 
grand etat. Daunou, P. C. F. Opinions di verses sur 
1 origine de I imprimerie. Tracy, A. L. C. D. La 
metaphysiqiie de Kant. 

5. Liste des membres. Histoire. Travaux de la 
classe. Distribution de prix. Liste des ouvrages im- 
primes presenter s\ la Classe. Memoires. Buache, 
J. N. Les terres decouvertes par La Peronse & la cote 
de Tartarie et au nord du Japon. Gaudin, J. He- 
flexions pliilos. sur la legislation de Solon et le gou- 
vernement d Athenes. Buache, J. N. La carte de 
Pcutinger. Girard, P. 8. Snr le nilometre de Pile 
d Elephantine et 1 aneienne coudee des Egyptiens. 
Bouchaud, M. A. De 1 autorite et de I usage des in- 
script. dans la legislation romnine. Levesque, P. C. 
La formation du langage; Le gouvcrncment de la 
France sous les deux premieres dynasties. Dupont, 
P. 8. Le nombre des ecolcs primaires que I on doit 
i-tablir. Bouchaud, M. A. Les edits des magistrals 
romains ; Des edits des empereurs. Bertrandon de 
la Brocqui^re. Voyage d outre mer et retour de Jeru 
salem en France par la voie de terre, 1432-33. 
Recueil des discours, rapports, etc., de 1 Acad., 

1820-69. Paris, 1843-72. 8 v. 4". 
Kote. In the following contents, under the heading, 
DiHcourx de reception the names of the authors 
of the Discours are in black type, of the authors of 
Heponses in italics. 

Content*. 1820-29. Discours de reception. 
1820. Pastoret. l.inia. 1821. Villemain. l{,,<t>r. 
1822. L eveque d Biermopolis. Kif/ot </e l rtiim>neu. 
Dacier. Villrtnriin. lSZ*. Quelen. Aiif/er. Soumet. 
Auger. 1825. Droz. Anytr. Delavigne. Anger. 
1826. Montmorency. Darn. Brifaut. J tmtoret. 
Guiraud. 1 ax tore t. 1827. Fourier. I illtmuin. 
Feletz. Anger. Royer Collard. I>aru. 1828. Le- 
brun. Feletz. Barante. Jouy. 1829. Arnault. 
Villemain. Etienne. Jiroz. Discours sur les 
prix de vertu. 1819. Darn. 1821. Lacretelle, 
Sur de Montyon. 1820. Lava. 1821. Laplace. 

1822. Segur. 1823. L eveque d Hermopolis. 
1824. Seze. 1825. Daru. 182f>. Cessac. 1827. 
Picard. 1828. Lemercier. 1829. Cuvier. Rap 
port du secretaire perpetuel. 1820-29. Ray- 
nouard. Pieces in vers lues en seance pub 
lique. Lemercier. Tableau des legislations succes- 
gives du monde, tire d un poeme sur Moi se, hi 1821. 

Fontanes. P pisode du poemc inedit de la Grece sau- 
vee, lu 1821. Raynouard. Le dcvouement de Males- 
herbe, 24 avril, 1822. Ducis. Epitre & Richard pen 
dant ma convalescence, 1822. Raynouard. Fragments 
de Fenelon et le due de Bourgogne . 1823. Daru. 
Sur les facultesde 1 homme, 1825. Andrieux. Kur la 
perfectibilite de 1 homme, 1825. Lemercier. Ode a 
la memoiredu comtede Sonzn, 1825. Soumot. Frag 
ment d un poeme de Jeanne d Arc, 1826. Daru. 
Fragment d un poeme sur I astronomie, 1827. Lebrun. 
L inspiration poetique, 1828. Pieces en pros e lues 
en seance publique. 1820-29. Lemontey. De la 
precision consideree dans le style, leg langues, et 
la pantomine. 1824; Eloge hist, de Vicq d Azyr. 1825. 

Chateaubriand. Discours servant d introd. ; i 1 hist. 
de France, 1826. Michaud. Quelques obs. sur /e 
cnraclere et 1 esprit des chroniqucs du Moyen Age. 1829. 

1830-39. Discours de reception. 1830. La- 
martine. Cuvier. S6gur. Arnnult. Pongerville. 
Jouy. 1831. Cousin, t eletz. Viennet. 1 urstval- 
(iran(1mainon. 1832. Jay. Arnault. Dupin. Jouy. 

1833. Tissot. Jony, Nodier. Jony. 1834. Thiers. 
Viennet. 1836. Scribe. Villemain. Salvandy. /.- 
brnn. Dupaty. Itural. Guizot. Seyur. 1837. 
Mignet. I oni/errille. Prix de vertu. 1830. Par- 
seval-Grandmaison. 1831. Lebrun. 1832. Brifaut. 

1833. Jouy. 1834. Villemain. 1835. Tissot. 
1836. Nodier. 1837. Lebrun. 1838. Salvandy. 
1839. Etienne. Secretaires perpetucls. 1830- 
32. Andrieux. 1833-34. Arnault. 1835-39. Ville 
main. Pieces en vers. Lebrun. Stances sur 
le ciel d Athenes; reception de Lamartine; Ode 
faite en visitant en Grece le mont Liakoura 1 ancien 
Parnasse. Andrieux. L enfance de Louis xil, et 
quelques traits de sn vie. Lemercier. Le triomphe 
national; Appel aux Muses con t re la depredation de 
la morale publique et des beaux-arts ; reception de Jay. 

Viennet. Fragment de la tragedie des etals de la 
ligue. Arnault. Les des pipes, fable ; reception de 
Dupin. Lebrun. Stances ecrites A Olympic. Ar- 

PARIS (Societies: Institut) 


PARIS (Societies: Institut) 

nault. Fables inedites. Lebrun. Strophes faites en 
mer. Lemercier. Hommage a la memoire du peintre 
David ; Lampelie et Daguerre. Viennet. Fables ; 
Fables inedites. Pieces en prose. 1830-39. Ar 
nault. Dissertation sur 1 apologue en action. Lacre 
telle. Analogies et contrastes entre Cromwell et Napo 
leon. Lemercier. Sur la decouverte de 1 lngenieux 
peintre du diorama. Ouvrages lus en seance 
particul ier e. Jouy. Eloge de Rcgnault de Saint- 
Jean d Angely. Lacretelle. Kloge de Bailly. Fe- 
letz. Eloge du cardinal de Bernis. Dupin. Eloge 
[duj due de N 1 vernois. Notes contenant des eclaireis- 
sements historiques et quelques citations cmpruntees 
aux reuvres [du] due de Nivernois. Jouy. Notice 
sur llydir-Aly-Khan. Feletz. Du dialogue; De 
1 anecdote. Disco urs pro nonces dans di verses 
solennites. Inauguration de la statue de Corneille; 
extr. des proces verbeux. Lebrun. Inaug. de la 
statue de C. a Rouen. Nodier. Inaug. de la statue de 
Ouvier, a Montbeliard. Michaud. Inaug. de la statue 
deCuvier; rapport uu nom de la deputation envoyee a 
Montbeliard. Barante. Trans, des restes de Montyon, 
de Vaugirard a 1 llotel-Dieu. Tissot. Trans, des 
restes de la Harpe du cimetiere de 1 ouest an cimetiere 
de I est. Lemercier. Trans, des restes de Florian a 
la cummunc de Sceaux. 

1840-49. Discou rs de reception. 1840. Flou- 
rens. Mianet. Mole. Ditj/in. 1841. Hugo, Sal 
vandy. Sainte Aulaire. Roger. Ancelot. Jirifuut. 

1842. Tocqueville. Mole. Ballanche. Barante. 

Pasquier. Jlignet. 1843. Patin. Bnrunte. 1845. 
Saint-Marc Girardin. lingo. Merimee. Etitnne. 
Sainte Beuve. Hugo. 1846. Vigny. Mol< : . Vitet. 
Mole. 1847. Remusat. Dupaly. Empis. Viennet. 

1848. Ampere. Alvrinu e. 1849. Noailles. Patin. 
Prix de vertu. 1840-49. Salvandy. Jouy. 
Mole. Flourens. Scribe. Dupin. Viennet. 
Tocqueville. Saint Marc Girardin. Sainte Au 
laire. Rap ports des secretaires perpetuels. 
184U-49. Villemain. Pieces en vers. 1840-49. 
Viennet. Fables inedites; Fables. Ancelot. Le 
Havre, epitre a Mme. C. I ersac. Soumet. Fragment 
d une epopee de Jeanne d Arc. Lacretelle. Sur 1 em- 
ploi de la inythologie. Viennet. Fables. Ponger- 
ville. Fragments d une epitre sur la peine de niort. 
Viennet. Fables inedites. Dupin. Eloge de Males- 

1850-59. i. Discours de reception. 1850. St. 
Priest. Dujiuty. 1851. Nisard. SaintMarc Girardin. 
- 1852. Montalembert. Guizot. Musset. Xisard. 

1854. Dupanloup. Salvandy. Prix de vertu. 
le partie. Salvandy. Noailles. Vitet. Vien 
net. Salvandy. Secret a ires perpetuels. 1850- 
59. le partie. Villemain. 1850-54. Pieces en 
vers en seances publiques. le partie. An 
celot. Souvenirs et visions, fragment compose a Home, 
au milieu des ruines du Forum. Ancelot. Venise. 
Ampere. Ode sur le temps present. Brifaut. Le 
monde a refaire, conte. Viennet. Epitre a Clio. 
Pieces en prose, le partie. Ampere. Fragment 
d un voyage au Canada. Pieces en vers. le partie. 
Brifaut. La soeur de charite; L bymen ; Regrets 
et espoir. Discours prononces dans diverses 
solennites. Nisard. Rapport, au nom des membres 
presents a 1 inauguratlon de la statue de Gresset a 
Amiens; Discours, pour 1 inauguration de la statue 
de Gresset a Amiens. Ancelot. Discours, dans la 
meme solennite. Musset. Discours, pour les inau 
gurations des statues de Bernardin de St. Pierre et de C. 
Delavigne, au Havre. Ancelot. Poeme dithyram- 
bique lu au Havre. Salvandy. Discours, dans la 
meme solennite. II. Discours de reception. 2e 
pte. 1855. Berryer. Salvandy. Silvestre de Sacy. 
Salcandy. 1856. Legouve. Flourens. Broglie. 
Jfixard. Ponsard. Xisard. 1857. Biot. Guizot. 
Falloux. Brifitut. 1858. Augier. Lebrun. 1859. 
Laprade. Vitet. Sandeau. Vitet. Prix de vertu. 
2e pte. Noailles-Barante. Vitet. SaintMarc Gi 
rardin. Guizot. Secretaires perpetuels. 2e 
pte. Villemain. 1855-59. Pieces en vers. 2e pte. 
Viennet. Epitre a Despreaux; Epitre a Pontmartin 
sur la tragedie; Epitre a Villemain. Legouve. 
Les deux miseres; un souvenir de Manin. Viennet. 
Epitre a mes quatre vingts ans. 

1860-69. I. Discours de reception. 1861. La- 
cordaire. Guizot. 1863. Feuillet. Vitet. Broglie. 
SaintMarc Girardin. 1864. Carne. Viennet. Du- 
faure. Patin. Prix de vertu. le pte. Remusat. 
I860. Laprade. 1861. Montalembert. 1862. Saint 
Marc Girardin. 1863. Le prince de Broglie. 1864. 
Sainte Beuve. 1865. Secretaires perpetuels. 
le pte. Villemain. 1860-65. Pieces en vers. le 
pte. Legouve. Un jeune homme qui ne fait rien; 
comedic. Viennet. Fables. Legouve. Fragments 

dramatiques. Viennet. Epitre a ma vieillc muse. 
SaintMarc Girardin. De 1 apologue et de la parabole 
dans 1 antiquite. 

Academie des Inscriptions et Belles Letlres. 

- Histoire et mem. de 1 Acad. Vol. 5-28, 

Paris, 1821-74. 33 v. (v. 20, pt. 1 ; 22, pt. 
1, 2; 27 v.). 4. 
Note. Vol. 11 is a Table des dix prem. vol. 

Memoires presentes par divers savants, le 

serie. Vol. 1-8 : Sujets divers d erudition. 
Paris, 1844-69. 8 v. 4 U . 

2e serie. Vol. 1-5 : Antiquitesde la France. 

Paris, 1843-65. 5 v. 4". 

Recueil des historiens des croisades. Paris, 

1841-59. 5 v. f". 

Contents. Lois. Tome 1. Assises de Jerusalem: 
Haute Cour; pub. par le comte Beugnot. 2. Courdes 
Bourgeois; pub. par Beugnot. Historiens occi- 
dentaux. Tome 1, le ptie. Rapport sur la publica 
tion du Kecueil. Notice sur la carte generate du theatre 
des croisades. Tome 1, le, 2e pte. Guilelmus Ty- 
rius. Ilistoria; frent-fi. L estoire de Eracles empe- 
reur. 2. Contin. de I estoire de Guillaume arcevesque 
de Sur. Contin.. 1229-61. Analyse chronologique. 
Glossaire. Table. 

Academie des /Sciences. 

Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances, 

1835-75. Paris, 1835-75. 81 v. 4 U . 

Supplement. Paris, 1856-61. 2 v. 4. 

- Table gen., tomes 1-31. Paris, 1853. 4". 

- - Memoires. Vol. 1-38. Paris, 1818-73. 38 v. 


Note. Vol. 27, 31, 37 are in two pt. The 2d pts. 
of 27 and 31 are wanting. 

- Memoires presentes par divers savans. Sciences 

mathem. et phys. Vol. 1-20. Paris, 1827- 
72. 20 v. 4. 
Academie des Sciences Morales et Politiques. 

- - Compte rendu des seances ; par C. Verge, le 

ser., tome 7, fev., mars 8, sept. -dec., 9-10. 

Paris, 1846. 2 v. 8". 
2e ser., tome 1-10. Paris, 1847-51. 10 v. 

(T. 8, aout, sept, w.) . 8. 
3e ser., tome 1, 2, juil., aout. Paris, 1852. 8. 

- - Memoires. 2e ser. Vol. 1-12. Paris, 1837- 

65. 12 v. 4. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Fondation, suppression, retab- 
lissement de la classe. Reglement pnrticulier. Etat 
de 1 Acad. Comte, C. La vie et les travaux de le comte 
Garat. Philos. Maine de Biran, M. F. P. G. Le 
sommeil, les songes. et le somnambulistne. (Anal, et 
nlem .) Laromiguiere, P. Lecons de philosophic, 
Broussais, F. J. V. L assoc. du physique et du moral. 
(Anal, et mem.) Morale. Roederer, 1 . L. Sur la 
religion, la raison, et la sympathie. Bignon, L. P. E. 
La conciliation progressive de la morale et de la pol. 
(Anal, et mem.) Jouffroy, . Cours de droit nature!. 

Lucas, C. Theorie de I emprisonnement. Leg! ela 
tion, etc. Berenger, A. M. M. T. Rapport sur In sta- 
tistique de la justice civile. (Anal, etmem.) Carnot, 
. L instruction criminelle. Comte, C. Traite de 
legislation. Beaumont, G. de. La condition sociale 
et politique des negres esclaves et des gens de couleur 
affranchis aux Etats Tnis. Tocqueville, A. de. L in- 
fluence du point de depart sur 1 avenir de la societe des 
Etats-Unis. Saint-Hilaire, B. L ordre des livres de 
la pol. d Aristote. Berenger, A. M. M. T. Les 
moyens propres a generaliser en France le systeme 
penitentiare. (Anal." ft mem.) Econ. pol. et stat. 
Villerme, L. R., anil Benoiston de Chateauneuf, L. F. 
Docs, propres a constater la marche et les eff ets du 
cholera morbus dans Paris. Villerme, L. R. La dis 
tribution dc la population francais par etat civil. (Anal, 
ctmem.); L influence des marais sur les differents 
ajr cs . Lakanal, J. Lettre sur son sejour en Ame- 
r fq lle . Comte, C. Melanges et correspondances d eco- 
nomie politique. Morogues, . Les recberches des 
causes de la richesse et de la misere des pell pies civilises. 

Dureau de la Malle, A. J. C. A. La population 
de la France au 14e siecle. Costaz, L. La construc 
tion des tables de statistique et sur la mes ure des valeurs. 

Renouard, C. La statistique de la justice civile. 

PARIS (Societies: Institut) 


PARIS (Societies: Institut) 

Berea, E. L affaiblissemenl du commerce cU> Bordeaux 
et les moyens d y remedier. Benoiston de Chateau- 
neuf, L. F. L entrepot do Pari. Quetelet, L A. J. 
L inlluetice des saisons sur la mortalite aux diffe rents 
ages, dans la Belgique. Hist. Roederer, 1 . L. L his- 
toire tic la soc. polie en France. Mignet, F. A. A. 
L elablissement de la reforme religiense et sur constitti- 
tion du calvinismc a Geneve. (Anal, et mem.) Du- 
reau de la Malle, A. J. C. A. Lea causes tie [ extension 
du droit de cite chez les Romania. Sujcts (lew prix 25 
avr. 1836. Rapports de M. Cousin et le due de Bus- 
sano. Mem. I us. Simeon. . Le regime dotal et 
le regime en communaute duns le manage. Cousin, V. 
Sur ie sic et non (oui et non) d Abullard. 

2. Notices et eloges hist. Mignet, F. A. A. 
Analyse des travaux de 1 Acad. Comte, F. C. L. Vic- 
el travaiix de Maltlius. Mignet, F. A. A. Vie et tra 
vaux de Sieyes, de lioederer. Talleyrand-Perigord, 
C. M. de. Le comte Reynard. Mem. et rapports. 
Jouffroy, . De la legitiinite de la distinction de la psy- 
chologie t-t de la phyi-iologie. Damiron, J. P. Rap 
port sur POrganum d Aristote. Morale. Dunoyer, 
B. C. P. J. Rapport sur les classes dangcreuses dans 
les grande8 villes. Legislation , flc. Portalis, J. M. 
Quelques obs. a [ occasion d un code civil pour les etats 
de Sardaigne. Kcun. pol. et stat. Rossi, P. L. E. 
Le droit civil francais. Passy, II. P. La division des 
heritages et I intluence qu elle exeree sur la distribution 
des richesses. Dupin, C. L inrtuenee des nouvelles 
forces motrices et des nouveaux moyens de transports. 
Villerme, L. R. L etat physique et moral des ouvric-rs 
empl. dans les fabriques de soie, de colon, et de laine. 
Hist. Mignet, F. A. A. La formation territorial et 
politique de la France, lle-liie siecle. 

3. Etat, Jan. 1841. Mignet, F. A. A. Anal, des 
travaux, 1 Jan. 1839-31 dec. 1840; Livingston; 
Talleyrand. Mem. Broussais, M. J. V. Du senti 
ment d individualite. Barthelemy Saint Hilaire, J. 
La philosophic sanscrite, le Xyaya. Damiron, J. P. 
Hobbcs. Morale. Jouffroy,. Rapporteur I Ecolea 
normales primaires. Leg! si., etc. Passy, II. P. 
Les formes des gouvernements et les causes qui les de- 
terininent. Portalis, J. M. Droit des gens; De la 
recherche de la verite des fails dans les debats judi- 
ciaires. Econ. pol. el slat. Blanqui, J. A. Sur 
Petal econ. et moral de la Corse. 1838. Passy, H. P. 
Assoc. commerciales Allemandes. Benoiston de Cha- 
teauneuf, L. F. De la durce de la vie chez les savants 
et les gens de lettres. Hist . ge n . el ph i los. Miche- 
let, J. Les causes qui out amene 1 abolition de Pescla- 
vage ancien : Comment I ancienne Germanie est entree 
dans la societe civilisee de PEurope occidentale, el lui a 
servi de barrieVc eontre les invasions du Xord. 

4. Etat, 1844. Mignet, F. A. A. Anal, des travaux, 
1 Jan. 1841-31 dec. 1843; Broussais; Merlin; 
Destutt de Tracy. Mem. Damiron, J. P. Spinoza et 
ua doctrine; Cartesianisme. Legist ., rfc. Portalis, 
J. M. Code civil pour Sardaigne. Troplong, R. T. 
L inlluence du cbristianisme sur le droit civil des Re 
mains. Berriat Saint Prix, J. S. Pauperisme en 
France an 16e siecle; La legislation rel. aux nullites 
des actes de procedure. Berenger, L. P. Code penal. 
Econ. pol. et stat. Benoiston de Chateauneuf, L. 
F., ami Villerme, L. R. Voyage fait dans les cinq de- 
partements de la Bretagne. Hist. gen. et philos. 
Naudet, J. Sur la police chez les Romains. Mignet, 
F. A. A. Le droit de succession des femmes. 

5. Eloges hist. Mignet, F. A. A. Daunou : 
Simeon. Mem . et Rap ports. Barthelemy Saint- 
Hilaire, J.~ L eeole d Alexandrie. Remusut, C. F. M. 
de. Examen critique de la philos. allernande. Legist.. 
etc. Giraud, C. Des nexi. Berriat Saint Prix, J. 8. 
Sur la loi des xil Tables. Econ. pol. Passy, II. P. 
Systemes de culture et examen de leur influence sur 
I econ. sociale. Benoiston de Chateauneuf, L. F. 
Duree des families nobles de France. Thierry, A. 
Etats generaux. Naudet, J. Les recompenses d hon- 
neur chez les Romains. Passy, H. P. Des causes qui 
out influe sur la marehe de la civilisalion. 

6. Eloges hist. Mignet, F. A. A. Sismondi; 
Comte; Ancillon. Mem. et rapports. Franck, 
A. Mem. env. pour concourir au prix de philos., 1843- 
46. Damiron, J. P. Bayleetses doctrines. Morale. 
Giraud, C. J. B. Le concours ouvert pour le prix quin- 
quennal de 5000 francs, fonde par F. de Beaujour. 
1848. Legisl. Giraud, C. J. B. Le prix de legisla- 
tion. Econ. pol. Passy, II. P. Ecole des physio- 
crates. Blanqui, J. A. La situation econ. et morale 
de 1 Espagne en 1846. Benoiston de Chateauneuf, L. 
F. Duree de la vie hutnaine dans plusieurs des princi- 
paux Etats de 1 Europc; La condition des femmes et 
cles jeunes flllcs detenues et liberees. Hist. Mignet, 
F. A. A. La question d hist. mise au concours pour 
1847. Naudet, J. La police chez les Romains. 

282. (7. 2. 79.) 

-icnesses. .uupin, u. Hu-n etre et concorde den 
classes du peuple francais. Thiers, L. A. Droit de 
proprlete. Mignet, F. A. A. Vie de Franklin. 
Barthelemy Saint Hilaire, J. La vraie democratic. 
Villerme, L. R. Assoc. ouvrieres. Portalis, II. P. 
L homine et la societe. Damiron, J. P. Providence. 
Lelut, L. F. La sainte du peuple. 

A ote. For another edition of these nee p. 2244. 
8. Etat de 1 Acad. au 1 dec. 1852. Mignet, F. A. A. 

M. le baron Bigi 

Rossi; Cabanis. Mem. 

M. le baron Bignon ; Rossi; Caban 
Barthelemy Saint Hilaire, J. Sankhya. . 

Troplong, R. T. Des republiques d Athenes et de 
Sparte. Berenger, L. P. De la repression penale. 

9. Mignet, F. A. A. La vie et les travaux de Droz ; 
Jouffroy. Mem. Barthelemy Saint- Hilaire, ,J. Com- 
paraison de la philos. morale et politique de Plato et 
d Aristote. Damiron, J. P. Helvetius. Morale. 
Frank, . I. P. Prix en 1852. Legisl. Giraud, C. J. B. 
Prix de legisl. Portalis, II. P. Prix de legisl.. etc. 
Berenger, L. P. De la repression penale. Econ. pol. 
et slal. Reybaud, L. Les assoc. entre ouvriers <-u 
entre palrons et ouvriers. Villerme, L. R. Sur Ua 
tables de tnorlalite. Hist. Guizot, F. P. G. La ques 
tion d hist. mise au concours pour 1850 : La condition 
des classes agricolcs depuis le 13e siecle. 

10. Etat, 1 nov. 1860. Mignet, F. A. A. Ge- 
rando; P. Laromiguiere. Mem. Damiron, J. P. 
Prix de philos., 1854. Lelut, L. F. Rapport sur le 
concours rel. a la question du sommeil. Rernusat, C. 
F. M. de. La philos. de Thomas d Aquin ; L innuence 
de la scolastique sur la langue francaise. Damiron, J. 
P. Maupertuis. Morale. Reybaud, M. R. L. L in 
nuence de la litterature contemporaine sur les mojurs. 
Dunoyer, B. C. P. J. Rapports de la morale avec 
I econ. politique. Guizot, F. P. G. Sur le concours 
Felix de Beaujour, rel. au role de la famille dans Pedtt- 
cation. Legisl. etc. Passy, H. P. Sur la diversite 
des formes de gouvernement. Laferriere, F. La philos. 
du droit; L inlluence du sto icisme sur la doctrine des 
jurisconsultes romains. Econ. pol. et stat. Du 
noyer, B. C. P. J. Rapport, a la suite d informations 
prises en Angleterre. Wolowski, L. F. M. R. Sur le 
concours rel. a [ administration de Colbert. Broglie, 
C. A. V. L. de. Sur le concours Felix de Beaujour. 
Reybaud, M. R. L. La condition morale, intellectuelle, 
et materielle des ouvriers qui vivent du travail de la 
soie. Passy, H. L. Sur le concours ouvert au sujet 
de la rente des tei res. 

11. Etat de 1 Acad , 31 dec. 1862. Mignet, F. A. A. 
La vie et les travaux de Lakanal; Schelling. Mem. 
Barthelemy Saint Hilaire, -I. Le concours rel. a la 
question du beau. Damiron, J. P. Le concours rel. 
a la philosophic de Leibnitz; Sur Condillac et son 
Traite dessystemes . Morale. Gamier, A. L autorile 
paternelle. Leg! si., etc. Laferrierre, F. Sur Phistoire 
et 1 organisation comparee des Etats provincial)! aux 
diverses epoques de la monarchic jusqu a 1789. Re- 
nouard, A. C. Sur le concours rel. au droit maritime 
international. Econ. pol. et stat. Passy, H. P. 
Rapport sur le concours L. Fancher, rel. a la vie et aux 
uMivres philos. et econ. deTurgot. Reybaud, M R. L. 
Rapport sur les ouvriers qui vivent de I induslrie du 

12. Elat de 1 Acad., 1 sept. 1865. Mignet, F. A. A. 
La vie de Portalis; Hallam; Macaulay. Mem. 
Franck, A. Rapport sur le concours rel. au role de la 
psychologic- en philos. Barthelemy Saint-Hilaire, J. 
Rapport sur la philos. de Saint-Angustin. Morale. 
Janet, P. Traite des devoirsde Ciceron. Reybaud, M. 
R. L L etat des classes ouvriers depuis 1789. Simon, 
J. Rapport, fait au nom de la commission pour le prix 
Halphen. Econ. pol. el stat. Passy, H. P. Le 
prix qulnquennal fonde par F. de Beaujour; Sur le 
concours rel. au pret al interet. Lavergne, L. G. L. 
G. de. Rapport rel. aux grandes agglomerations de 

Eopulation. Wolowski, L. F. M. R. Rapport sur 
; concours L. Faucher, rel. i\ 1 histoire de la ligue 
hanseatique. Legisl., etc. Renouard, A. C. Rap 
port, rel. a la nature et a I influence des peines. 
Barrot, C.1I.O. Rapport sur le prix fonde par Moro- 
gues. Reybaud, M. R. L. Rapport sur les ouvriers 
qui vivent de 1 industrie de la laine. Hist. Guizot, 
F. P. G. Rapport rel. a Petal du gouvernement et a 
I etablisscment de certaines inslitutions sous le regne 
de Charles vn. Mignet, F. A. A. Rapport rel. & 
1 histoire des etablissemcnts francais dans les Indes 
orientales. Politique, etc. Vuitry, A. Rapport 
rel. a Pimpot avanl et depuis 1789. Huason, J. C. A. 
Controle dans les finances sur les recelles el les 
depenses publique. Parieu, M. L. P. F. K. de. LVn- 
seiguement uduiiuistralif et polilique. 

PARIS (Societies : Institut) 


PARIS (Societies : Soc. de Geog. ) 

- Mcmoircs. Tome 1, 2: Savants etrangers. 

Paris, 1841-47. 2 v. 4. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Heusde, P. W. van. Vnes sur 
Tine encyclopedic d apres les principes de la philosophic 
de Platon. Galluppi, 1 . Le systeme de Fit-lite. 
Pallia, . Sur 1<: ms. arabe Celui qui delivre de 1 er- 
reur et expli<|ne 1 etat vrai des choses d Algazali. 
Franck, A. Sur la Kabiile. Jacques, A. F. Sur le 
sens commnn eomme principe et metbode pliilos. 
Bouchitte, L. F. II. Hist, des preuves de 1 existence de 
Dieu. Chalmers, T. Sur les inconvenient* d un impot 
public pour 1 indigence. Giraud, ( . J. B. Du vrai 
caractere de la loi Voconia chez les Remains. Lin- 
gard, J. En quelle annee Anne Boleyn quitta-t-elle la 
France et retourna-t-ellc en Angleterre ? Rotteck, C. 
V. I), de. Sur la marche, le caractere, et 1 etat actuel 
des etudes hist, en Allemagne. Guehrauer, G. E. 
Sur le projet d expedltion en Egypte. Filon, C. I). A. 
Sur 1 etat moral et religieux de la societ6 romaine, a 
1 epoque de 1 apparition du christianisme. Rosseeuw 
Saint Hilaire, E. F. A. Sur 1 origine des immunites 
ecelesiastiques eri Espngne. 

2. Martin, II. L opinion de Platon sur les dieu*; 
[prec. d un rapport par J. Barthelemy Saint Hilaire]. 
Bouchitte, L. F. II. La notion de Dieu dans ses rap 
ports avec ritnagination et la sensibilite; [prec. d un 
rapport par C. F. M. Remusat]. Schmidt, C. Etudes 
snr le mysticisme alleniand an 14esiecle; [prec. d un 
rapport par J. Bartheleniy Saint Hilaire]. Montet, L. 
Saint Thomas d Aquin ; [prec. d un rapport par J. Bar 
thelemy Saint Hilaire]. Bouchitte, L. F. H. De la 
persistence de la personnalite apres la mort; [prec. d un 
rapport par A. Franck]. 

- - Petits traites. Paris, 1848. 7 v. 16. 

ConUnts. Vol. 1. Cousin, V. Justice et charite. 
2. Troplong, It. T. De la propnele d apres le code 
civil. 3. Passy, II. P. Des causes de I inegalite des 
richesses. 4. Dupin, C. Bien-etre et concorde des 
classes du pennies francais. 5,6. Thiers, L. A. Du 
droit de propriete. 7. Cousin, V. Philosophic popu- 
laire ; suivie de La profession de foi du vicaire Sa 

Section <1 } Agriculture. 

Nouveau ccmrs d agriculture, par les membres 

de 1 Institut. Paris, 1809. 13 v. 8. 

- Same. Xouv. ed. Paris, 1821-23. 16 v. 8. 

- Jardin des Plantes. NOTICE des principaux 

objcts d liist. nat. dans les galleries du Museum. 
Paris, an IX [180]]. 8. (C 99) 

UoiTAitn, P. Descrip. des mammiteres de la 

menagerie, etc. ; prec. d une introd. hist. par J. 
Janin. Paris, 1845. 8". 

- Observatoire. HOY, W. Operations pour 

determiner les positions respective des obser- 
vatoires des Greenwich et de Paris ; tr. par 
R.Prony. Paris, 1791. 4". 

- Parlement de Paris. St-e Paris, Parlement de 

(p. ^49). 

- Societe Anatomique. 23e, 24e, 26e bulletin. Paris, 

[182U?]. S". (B1562) 

- Societe Anthropologique. BROCA, P. History of the 

trans, of the SMC., 1865-67; tr. by C. A. Alexander. 
(/ Smithsonian Inst. Reports, 1868.) 

- Societe Asiatique. Elemens de la grammaire 

jiiponaise par J. Rodriguez; tr. du portugais 
par C. Landrcssc, etc. Paris, 1825. 8. 

Rupp]. ou remarques tirees de la grammaire 

composer par Ovangurcn, etc. Paris, 1826. 4. 

- Rapport annuel fait 25 juin 1862, 8 mai 1863 ; 

par J. Mohl. Paris, 1862-63. 2 v. 8". 

- Societe Central de Vaccine. Rapport. Paris, 

1803. 8". 

- Disc, par Guillotiii ; [avec] Rapport; par 

W. Ilusson. n.t.p. [Paris, 1805.] 8. 

Rapport sur les vaccinations en France en 

1806-07; [par Ilusson]. Paris, 1809. 8. 

- Societe Chimique. Lemons de chimie et de 

physique, 1861. Paris, 1862. 8. 

Content*. Jamin, J. C. Les lois de 1 equilibre et du 

mouveinent des liquides dans les corps poreux. Debray, 

H. Sur la production des temperatures elevees et sur 

la fusion du platine. Lissajous, . L etude optique 

des sons. Cloez, S. Recherches sur la nitrification : 
Assimilation de 1 nzote des plantes. Becquerel, E. 
Ett ets lumineux qui resultent de 1 aetion de la Uimiere 
sur les corps. Pasteur, L. Sur les corpuecules or 
ganises qui existent clang 1 atmosphere. 
Soc. d Agric. du Depart, de la Seine. Programme 
de la seance pub. avril 9. Paris, 1809. 4. (A 74) 

Programmes des prix proposes et notices des nie- 

dailles donrees. [Paris,] ISOo, 07. 08. 8. (B 805) 
Societe de Geographic. 47e anniversaire de 
la fondation de la Soc. ceh bre dans un ban 
quet au Grand-Hotel, le 21 dec. 1868. Paris, 
1869. 8. 

Bulletin. 2e ser., v. 8 ; 3e, v. 1-7 ; 4e, v. 5-8 ; 

5e, v. 13-20 ; 6e, v. 1-14. Paris, 1837-77. 
34 v. in 5 ser. 8". 

Rote. There are lists of the members in 5th ser., vol. 
19, 18; 6th ser., v. 2, 8, 10, 12, 14; maps and plates in 
each vol. 

Contmts. 2e per., v. 8. Memo! res, extra its, 
a n a 1 y se s, et rapports . Tamisier, II., anil Combes, 
E. Voyage en Abyssinie. 1835, 36. B., M. A. Voy. 
dans le Turqnie. Note sur la nouv. entree du port de 
Boulogne-sur-Mer. Dubois de Montpereux, F. Snr 
I areheol. et de geog. anc. Paris. Acad. Roy. des Sci. 
Instructions rel. au voy. de 1 Astrolabc et de la Zeli -e. 
Raffetot, Ctf. de. Hauteur de la vallee de Bareges. 
Moerenhout, . L ile lluaheine. Grandpre, L. M. 
J. O., , te. de. L ile Panchaia d Evhemere. Santarem, 
M. F. de B. y S., vet. de. Sur les voy. d Americ Ves- 
puce, 1501-03. La Roquette, . Population de la 
Norwegc, 1835. Voy. de la fregate la Venus. W., 
M. Afriquc occidentale. Arago, D. F. J. Instruc 
tions pour le voy. de la Bonite. Lafond, G. Sur [sa] 
tr. du Guide de J. Horsburgh ; Le detroit d Allas. 
Back, G. Retour de cap Tnrnagain, ftc. ; Guizot, F. 
P. G. Discours. Desvergers, X. Travaux de la Soc. 
Callier, C. Les courriers de Tnrquie et la caravane de 
Bagdad. Combes, E., >n>(! Tamisier, M. Route de 
Dher a Angolala. Berthelot, S. Leslies de Lance- 
rotte et de Fortaventurc. Delaporte, . Empire de 
Maroc. Francfort. Sec. de Geog. Statuts. A ctes 
de la societe. 

3eser., v. 1. Mem., ftc. Daussy, P. Les glaces 
du pole australe de Dr. Hombron ; Carte gen. des 
possessions ncerlandaises dans 1 archipel Indien par 
G. F. von Derfelden. Lefebvre, O. T. Lett re du 
Caire; I^ittre. Decouverte du lac Torrens, pur M. 
Eyre. Avezac-Macaya, M. A. P. d . I ne anc. carte 
de G.B. du Bocage. Hommaire de Hell, I. X. M. Voy. 
a la mer Caspienne; Carte de la Russie mend. 
Merkes, J. G. "VV. La mer de Haarlem. Voy. de M. 
Schomburgk aux sources du Takutu. 1842. Simmond, 
. Voy. de M. Schomburgk dans la Guiane. 1843. 
Allen, . La riviere de Cameroons, et delabaie d Am- 
boises. Roger, . Culture des limoniers aux bords 
du lac de Garda. Jomard, E. F. Les crues piema- 
tur6es du Xil, 1843. D., J. Le Sahara. Montagne, 
. l"n phenomene obs. dans la mer Rouge. Rei- 
chard, G. G. Le Niger, le Nil, le Gir. Frober- 
ville, E. de. Decouvertes geog. dans Madagascar. 
Itineraire de Raguse a Constanlinople. Gay, C. En- 
terrement du cacique Cathiji flans 1 Araucanie. Texier, 
C. F. M. Kourdistan. Smith, A. Texas. Noel, V. 
Madagasca. Fuss, . Travaux de 1 Acad. d. Sci. de 
St. Petersbourg, 1843. A ctes de la Soc. 

3e ser.,v. 2. Mem . , ftc. Roux de Rochelle, J. B. G. 
Notice surM. Du Ponceau. Galinier, , anil Ferret, 
. Antiquites de 1 Abyssinie. Daumas, E. Voy. de 
1 Abd-el-Kader dans 1 Algerie, 183U. Berthelot, S. 
Le georama de M. Guerin. Roux de Rochelle, J. B. 
G. Les travaux de M. Dennix. T., 1 . Qmlques 
villes de la Russie. Bovis, E. de. Navigation du de 
troit dc Magellan. Lavallee, F. Trinidad, Sancto- 
Espiritu. SaD-Juan-de-los-Reniedios. Hommaire de 
Hell, I. X. M. Les plaines de la Russic mi-rid. Eer- 
thelot, S. Lettre [de Cadix]. A ct es de la Soc. 

3e ser., v. 3. M6m.,^c. Lafond, G. Ouelques se- 
maines dans Samoa et Viti. Lefebvre, C. T. Explor. 
de la riviere Mareb. Wrede, A. de. Voy. en Arabic. 

Abbadie, A. Lettre du Onarya. Coppenaal, J. 
van. Borneo, 1S32. Roger, . Doc. rel. a la Sene- 
gambia. Roux de Rochelle, J. B. G. Fixation d un 
premiermeridien. Froberville, E. de. Decouv. geog. 
dans Madagascar. Musee d antiq. amer. a Copen- 
hague prop7 de M. C. C. Rafn. Roux de Rochelle, J. 
B. G. Arbre du soleil decrit dans les voy. de M. Polo. 

Cochelet, A. L. Voy. de Mexico a N. V. Lund, 
. Lettre de la Lagoa-Santa. Gay, C. Geog. botan. 
dans le Chili. Abbadie, A. d . Le Nil-Blanc. Jau- 
bert, A. Msg. [de] M. Boilat. Abbadie, A. d . Le 

PARIS (Societies: Soc. de Geog.) 


PARIS (Societies : Soc. de Geog.) 

Nil-bleu. Figari, A., and Husson, A. II. Voy. & 
Gcbel-Zeyt, etc. Jomard, E. V. Monument & C. 
Colonib; Cartes en relief; Col. etlmog. Ac tea 
de la Soc. 

3e ser.. v. 4. Mi- m., etc. Christave, B. Mada 
gascar. Ahbadie, \*i\\ Les Juifs d Abysstnle. 
Middendorf, II. A. K. de. Voy. a Oudskoi et aux iles 
Hchantar; Kin de 1 exped. Joinard, K. K., <ind 
other*. Rap.snr le relief dn Mt. Blanc, par M.Sene. 
Creutzer, (i. F. Les Pheniciens. Perron, I . C., dit. 
Voy. au Bahr-el-Abiad. Abeken, . Voy. en Nubie. 
- Alciati de Grilhon, \ <-te. Voy. en Arable et en 
Egypte. Hericourt, R. d . Voy. an Choa. Explo 
ration du I ilcomayo. Saint-Martin, L. V. de. Tra- 
vaux de la Soe., 1845. Joinard, E. K. Col. geog. de 
la Bibliothcquc Royale, 1S45. Hericourt, K. d . 
Mcuurs relig. dans Clioa. Lefebvre, C. T. Commerce 
de la iner Rouge. Saint- Martin, L. V. de. Voy. en 
Asic-Mmeure de \V. ,J. llamilton. Actes de la Soc. 

3e ser., v. 5. Mem ., ft,-. Santarem, M. F. de B. y S. 
Mem. de M. da Silveira rel. a la decouv. par leu Portu- 
gais. Figari, A., uinl Husson, A. H. Voy. & Gebcl- 
Xeyt, etc. Saint-Martin, L. V. de. Voy. en Asic- 
Mineure de W. J. Hamilton, 18:!")-:!". Daussy, 1 . 
Hist., etc., de Madagascar. Hellert, . Istbme de 
Panama. Santarem, M. F. de B. y S. Ouvrages de M. 
Lopes de Lima. Avezac-Macaya, M. A. I , le expe 
dition de Bethencourt anx Canaries. Maury, L. F. A. 
La route [suivi par] les Arabeset les Persaiis pour aller 
en Chine. Itier, J. I/arehipel des isles Solo; Voy. 
anx isles Philippines. - Hellert, . Un canal a travel s 
1 istbme de Dariun. Actes de la Soc. 

3e ser., v. 6. Mem., etc. Berthelot, S. L ile de 
Cuba a Fepoque de la decouverte. Cortambert, 1 . P. 
K. L orthographie geog. Monuments hist.du G-roen- 
Isind. Avezac-Macaya, L. F. A. La veritable situa 
tion du mouillage marque an snd du cap Bugeder dans 
toutes les cartes. Montemont, A. L Oregon et la 
Californie. Jomard, K. F. L etat present du Japon. 

Figari, A., and Husson, A. Suite d un voy. aGebel- 
Zeyt. La Roquette. . Notice sur M. Eyries. Jo 
mard, E. F. Travcrsee du desert de Xubie; Decou- 
vertes de M. Squier sur les bordsdu Scioto. Maclear, 
F. Un ace. meridien au cap de Bonne-Esperance. 
Saint-Martin, V. de. Travanx de la Soc. Lavallee, 
F. L origine des Antilles. Jomard, E. F. Les Bo- 
tecudos. Actes de la Soc. 

3e ser., v. 7. Mem., etc. Chaix, P. Les progres 
imprimea a la geog. anc. Desjardins, C. Voy. en 
Allemagne. Mas-Latrie, L. de. L ile de Chypro. 
Daussy, P. Configuration de 1 ile Tenerirt e. Borda, 
. Voy. aux Canaries, 1776. Santarem, M. F. de B. 
y S., vet. de. La vie et les travaux de M. daC. Barbosa. 

Jomard, E. F. Voy. de M. Prax dans la Sahara ; 
Mem. sur I uniformite a introduire dans les notations 
geog. Santarem, M. F. de B. y S., vcte. de. Monu 
ments geog. ined. du Moyen Age, etc. ; A quelle epoque 
I Amer. a cesse d etre representee comme une ile. 
Delegorgue, A. Mreurs des Cafres. Voy. dans la 
presqu ile du Sinai, 1845. par K. R. Lepsius ; 1837, par 
L. Cortambert. Actes de la Soc. 

4e ser., v. 5. M6ra.,c. Mathieu, C. Diseours. 
La Roquette, de. Travaux de la Soc., 1851. 
Malte-Brun, C. Progres des sci. geog., 1851. Cortam 
bert, P. F. E. Notice biog. sur M. le baron Walekenaer. 

Bellot, J. R. Exped. a la recherche de Sir J. Frank 
lin, 1851-52. Malte-Brun, M. V. A. La geog. phys. 
de 1 Abyssinie; Orographie et hydrographie. Cor 
tambert, P. F. E. Etymologic de quelques noms de 
France. Escayrac de Lauture, N., cte. d . Routes af- 
ricaines, etc. Damersay, A. La vie et les travaux de 
M. A. Bonpland. Reglement interieur, 1853. Saint 
Cricq, . Les Indieiis Llipsis et Changos. Coraboeuf, 
Col. M. Operations geod. fdes] ingenieurs geog. fr. a 
Rome, 1809-10. A n a 1 ., etc. Thomassy, St. It. Les 
papes geog. et la cartographic du Vatican. Poulain 
de Bossay, P. A. Sur 1 Histoire des grandesforetsde la 
Gaule et de 1 ancienne France, etc., par A. Maury. 
Malte-Brun, M. V. A. Les Savanerics; Geog. phys. 
de 1 ile Mayotte. Travaux de la Soc. Imp. Russe de 
Geog. Guigniaut, . Les fouilles de M. Beule & 
1 Acropole d Athene*. Malte-Brun, M. V. A. Tableau 
synoptlque de 1 etat actuel de I Amer. Cent. Poulain 
de Bossay, P. A. Deux cartes de la Palestine. Malte- 
Brun, M. V. A. L archipel Gambier. Not, H. Re- 
tour de Californie par Nicaragua. Travaux dela Soc. 
Imp. Russe de Geog. Exploration de I Afrique mend., 
par M. Gallon. C., K. Emplacement de Tomes. 
Bourville, V. de. Lettre. Coraboeuf, Col. M. Ope 
rations geodesiques. Etat de la Chine, 1853. 
N o u v e 1 1 e s geog. Actes dela Soc. 

4e ser., v. 6. Mem., etc. Coraboeuf, Col. M. Ope 
rations geod. [des] ingenieurs geog. fr. ii Rome, 1809-10. 
Cortambert, P. F. E. Carte dcs celebrites de la 

France; distrib. geog. de Fr. Maillard, . Les cy 
clones de I Ocean Indien. Saint-Cricq, \\-t. de. Voy. 
du Peron au Brezil; Indiens Conibos. Anal., 
etc. Maury, A. Voy. fait [en] Afrique occidcn- 
tale, par M. Hecquard. Jomard, E. F. Montagues 
nelgcusesde I Afrique orientate. Fatio, M. -Narra- 
live of a mission to Cent. Africa, 1850-51 ; by J. 
Richardson. Pfeiflfer, . Voy. dans 1 interieur de 
Sumatra. Travaux de la Soc. Imp. Geog. de Russie. 

Montagned Aimant a St. Domingne. Nouv. excur- 
BionduDr. Krapf au pays d Ousamlmra, 1852. Place, 
V. Le jeuue en commemoration du prophetc Jonas, 
4 Moussoul. Cortambert, P. F. E. Les iles Sand 
wich, etc., 1850-52. Fredoux, . Le desert du 
Kalagan. Sierra-Leone, 185 1-52. Notice statist, 
sur I Australie, 1852. Matchett, . Mdnirs des 
Sindhis. Fatio, M. Mission dans I Afrique Cent. 
Cortambert, P. F. E. Exped. du capt. MacCluru dans 
I Ocean Glacial arctique ainer. Population de 1 AI- 
gerie. Antiquites dans la Rnssie merid. Isambert, 
F. A. Sur les voyages de MM. Lynch et de Saiilcy. 
La Place, C. P. T. Discours. Cortambert, P. K. E. 
.Notice des travaux de la Soc., 1S52-53. La Roquette, 
. Pr. Galitzin et le lieut. Bellot, notices biog. Joirard, 
E. F. Les missionnaires en Afrique. Nouvelles 
geog. Actes de la Soc. 

4e ser., v. 7. Mem., etc. Demersay, A. 
Paraguay. Faidherbe, L. L. C. Les Borberes et les 
Arabes des bords dn Senegal. Maury, L. K. A. Popu 
lations prim, de 1 Hindoustan. La Roquette, . No 
tice biog. sur le Col. Poinsett. Cortambert, P. F. E. 
Parallelede la geog. etde 1 hist. Malte-Brun, M. V. A. 
Nouv.-Caledonie. Renard, E. Culture du riz ea 
Chine; Batavia et Java. Instructions donnei-s a 
divers voyageurs par la Soc. , 1854. Perrey, A. Trem- 
blements de terre. Anal., etc. Isambert, F. A. Voy 
ages de MM. Lynch et de Saulcy. Poulain de Bossay, 
P. A. Voy. en Chine, de R. Fortune. Travaux de la 
Soc. Imp. Russe de Geog. Krapf, J. L. Afrique 
orientate. Petermann, A. Nouvelles du Dr. Bartli i 
Tombouctou. Faidherbe, L. L. C. La batuille d Isly. 

Jomard, E. F. Conference maritime. Fischer, . 
Nouv. carte de 1 Asie Mineure. Jomard, E. F. Rene 
Caillie ct le Dr. Barth a Tombouctou. Livingston, D. 
Lettre. Humboldt, F. H. A. von. Lettre. Itineraire 
de Constantinople a Schumla. Kohl, J. G. Notes rel. 
& I hist. de I Amer. Voy. de M. Krick au Tibet. 
Travaux de la Soc. Geog. de Londres. Xouv. geog. 

Actes de la Soc. 

4e ser., v. 8. Mem., etc. Chaix, P. Le passage 
des Alpes par Annibal. Cuny, C. Dar-Four, et les 
caravanes. Reuard, E. Industries chiuoises. In 
structions par la Soc. a F. S.. Lopez. Jomard, E. F. 
Notes pour le voy. de M. II de Saussure au Mexique. 
Cortambert, P. F. E. Travaux de la Soc. Voy. de 
M.Brun-Rolletau Nil Blanc. Anal., etc. Vaillant, 
J. B. P. Situation de 1 Algerie, 1853; Creation de 
plusieurs communes de plein exercice dans 1 Algene. 
Tra;te entre les Etats-Unis d Amerique et du Japon. 
Traite entre les Etats-Unis et le Mexique. Vogel, E. 
Hist. nat. de I Afrique Cent. Marcou, J. Voy. depnis 
les montagnes Rocheuses jusqu a San Francisco. 
Krapf, J. L. Voy. dans 1 Onsambara. Jomard, E. F. 
Nangasaki. Renard, K. Quelques industries chinoises. 

Linant Bey. Canalisation de Pisthme de Suez. 
Nouvelles de I Afrique Cent. Tremaux, P. L isthme 
de Suez. Nouv . geog. Actes de la Soc. 

5eser., v. 13. Mem. , etc. Chevalier, M. Discours. 
Barbie du Bocage, V. A. Travaux de la Soc. Bour- 
diol, H. Voy. de M. Le Saint. Mage, E. Voy. au 
pays de Segou. Duval, J. Les puits artcsiens du 
Sahara. Lambert, G. Prqjet de voyage au pole nord. 

Simonin, L. De San Francisco a Santiago. Ros- 
taing, - vet. de. .Iwrp^ 1 - (lu Hang-Kyang en Cor6e. 
Braouezec, J. La riviere Maneah et les montagnes du 
Sonmbonyah. Abbadie, A. d . Instruc. pour les 
voy. d exploration. Dastugue, II. Talilet et Sid- 
jilmassa. ChasseloupdeLaubat, F., marq. Discours. 

Marcou, J. Une ascension dans les montagnes Ro 
cheuses. Delajnarre, C. Almeria. Girard, C. 
Explor. au Nouv.-Calebar. Anal., etc. Com 
munications. Le Saint, L. De Marseille au Caire; 

Lettre. Actes de la Soc. 

5e ser., v. 14. Mem.,?<c. Beamier, A. Le Maroc. 

Delamarre, C. Almeria. Desjardins, E. Les 
embouchures du Danube. Heine, \V. Le chemin 
de fer du Pacifique. Coignet, F. L ile de Madagascar. 

Coutinho, J. M. Da S. L embouchure de PAmazone. 

Grandidier, A. Madagascar. Voy. de Gerhard 
Rohlfsde Tripoli a Lagos. Mauss, , anil Sauvaire, 
H. DeKarak a Cbaubak. Marcou, J. Distrib. geog. 
de 1 or et de 1 argent aux Etats-Unis et dans les Canada*. 

Lambert, G. L expedition an Pole Nord. Anal. 
etc. Communications. Desjardins, E. Mem. 

PARIS (Societies: Soc. de Geog.) 


PARIS (Societies : Soc. de Geog.) 

sur la province romainc, etc. Delesse, A. Carte 
lithologique des rners de Franco. Chasseloup de 
Laubat, F., marq. de. Explor. du Me-Kong. - 
Marcou, J. Voy. dans la Chine. Germain, A. Note 
BU r la determination des positions geog. d un nombre 
de points du globe. Actes de la Soc. 

5e ser., v. 15. Mem., etc. Squier, E. 8. La geog. 
et les monuments du Feroii. Boudichtchefif, . La 
region de I Onssouri. Gilbert. T. L Abyssinie. 
Maunoir, C. Travaux de la Soc.. 1867. Rivoire, I), 
de. La baie d Adulis etses alentours. Beaumier, A. 
De Mogador a Snft y. Balansa, B. De Mogador a 
Mnroc. Becourt, A. De Copiapo a Famatin.i. 
Chasseloup de Laubat, F. Discours. Poncet, J. and 
A. Les pays situes a I ouest du Haul Fleuve-Blanc. 
Gamier, J. La Nouvelle-Caledonie. Raynal, F. E. 
Dix neuf mois aux lies Auckland. Pricot de Sainte- 
Marie, J. B. E. DC Serajevo a Taclilidja Pina de 
Saint Didier, A. de. Le territoire de Deli (ile de Su 
matra). Saint Martin, L. V. de. L ile de Formose. 

Guerin, II. V.. and Bernard, H. Les aborigines de 
1 ile de Formose. Passard, L. Les Guaraunos et le 
delta de I Orenoque. Anal., etc. Doc. sur les mars 
polaires boreales. Actes de la Soc. 

5e ser., v. 16. Mem., etc. Du Bisson, K., etc. Iti- 
neraire de Kassala a Souakim. Boogard, J. F. Le 
nouveau canal maritime d Amsterdam a la mer du Nord. 

Wiet, E. Itineraire en Albanie et en Roumelie. 
Bjcerkland, . Voy. en Trans-Caucasie. Patino, D. 
Voy. sur le Parana. Explor. de File de Formose. 
Crampon, E. Tauris. Delesse, A. Distrib. de la 
pluie en France. Stephanoyitch, D. L Anti-Liban. 

Gloukhovsky, . Captivite en Boukharie. Beau 
mier, A. Itineraire de Mogador a Maroc et deMaroc a 
Safty. Germain, A. L Oman et le sultan deMaskate. 

Rousseau, A. Geog. de la Bosnie et de 1 Herzego- 
vine. Lambert, P. Maroc. Gamier, J. Tahiti. 
Guerin, H. V. Vocab. du dialecte de File Formose. 
Favre, L abbe. Langue des aborigenes de 1 ile For 
mose. Germain, A. Zanzibar. Anal. Comm. 

5e ser., v. 17. Mem., etc. Grad, C. La vallee du 
Grindelwald et ses glaciers, aout!868. Durand, P. A., 
Vabbe. Excursion a la serra de CaraQa. Lejean, G. 
Excursion a la recherche de Gordium, Asie Mineure. 
Benedetti, . Les iles espngnoles du golfe de Guinee. 

Gamier, F. L cxploration du cours du Cambodge. 

Sainte-Marie, K. P. de. Itineraire de Tachlidja a 
Mokro. Lejean, G. Les cartes de laTurquie d Enrope. 

Voy. au Tibet par trois Pundit en 1867. Malte- 
Brun, C. Les voyages et les travaux du cte. d Escayrac 
deLauture. Maunoir, C. Travaux de la Soc. 1868. 
Halevy, J. Excursion en Abyssinie. Khanikof, N. 
de. Samarkand. Chasseloup de Laubat, F. Dis- 
conrs. Gamier, F. Voy. dans 1 Indo-Chine. Reade, 
W. \V. La cote d or. Voyage d explor. de 1 Ogooue 
entrepris par Aymes. Kertanguy, . de. Notes sur 
les elements qui ont servi a dresser la carte du Gabon. 

- Bourdon, G. La geog. phys. d Oran. Anal., 
etc. Communications. A c t e s de la Soc. 

5e ser., v. 18. Mem., etc.. Barbedor, . La 
faune et la flore du Gabon. Thomson, . La Perse. 
Desjardins, E. Les Fosses Mariennes et le canal St. 
Louis. Marcou, J. Not. biog. sur A. Dollfus-Gros. 
Levy, 1 . Amer. centrale. Cooley, W. 1). Le Tacuy 
de Barros. Skattsckhoff, K. A. Connaissances geog. 
des Chinois. Gatell, J. L Ouad-noun et le Tekna. 
Eynaud, . Les Armeniens dans I Arinenie turque. 
Nordenskiold, A. E de. Exped. suedoise de ]868 au 
Pole Nord. Poltoratsky, . La contree situee entre 
les fleuves Tchou et Syr. Anal., etc. Communi 
cations. Delesse, A. Lithologie des mers de Pan- 
cien motide. Avezac-Macaya, M. A. P. d . Les navi 
gations terre-neuviennes de J. et S. Cabot. Dinom6, 
L abbe. Not. biog. sur Fr. Cailliaud. La terre de 
Carpentarie. Actes de la Soc. 

5e ser., v. 19. Mom., etc. Gamier, J. Les migra 
tions polynesiennes, leur origine, etc. Chasseloup de 
Laubat, F., marq. de. Discours. Nachtigal, Le doc- 
teur. Hel. de la mort de Mile. Alexina Tinne et voy. au 
Tibesti. Simonin, L. L homme amer. Craig, J. 
Maroc. Levy, P. Le Nicaragua. Maunoir, C. 
Travaux de la Soc. Cortambert, P. F. E. Rapport 
sur les prix decernes par la Soc. Beaumier, A. Pre 
mier etablissement des Israelites a Timbouktou. Le 
jean, G. Explor. en Tnrquie d Europe. Zuber, H. 
Note sur la carte de Coree. Anal., etc. Guerin, V. 
Travaux de la commission scient. angl. en Palestine. 
Delamarre, C. Les peuples slaves et les Moscovites. 

Comm. Villemereuil, B. de. Not. biog. sur E. 
Doudart de La Gree. Meyspnnier, . Not. sur An- 
dros. Taurin, Pcre. Extraits des lettres. Actes 

dc la Soc. 

5e ser., v. 20. Mem., etc. GauldrSe-Boilleau, . 

Tarapaca. Grad, C. Kecents voy. dans la mer de 
Kara; L exped. allemande dans 1 Ocean Glacial en 
1868. Mir - Salikh - Bektchourine. La mosquee 
d Azret. Morineau, A. de. Des residents francaisau 
Mexiqne. Wiet, E. La Tripolitaine. Gauldree- 
Boilleau, . Explor. den cours d eau du 1 erou. Le 
leve topog. des Indes neerlamlaises. Ann]., etc. 
Comm. Lepissier, K. Positions geog. de douze 
points de ( Empire Chinois. Voelkel, I . Chronique 
russe. Maunoir, ( . La revision et le prolongement 
de la meridienne de France. Gasnault, A. Les iles 
Fiji. A etes de la Soc. 

6e ser , v. 1. Mem., etc. Bourdon, G. Dahra. 
Gatell, J. Descr. du Sous. Broch, I>r. p. J. Iles 
des cotes de Norvege. Grad, C. La theorie des sys- 
temes de monUignes. Comm. Delamarre, C. No 
tice sur P. A. Tardieu. Bizemont, H. de. Lettres. 
Quatrefages de Breau, J. J. A. de. Disc, au funerailles 
de G. Lambert. Actes de la Soc. 

Geser., v. 2. Mem., etc. Levy, P. Le Nicaragua. 
Dupere, N ]). La Senegambie frnncaise. Grandidier, 
A. Madagascar. Grad, C. Les glaciers dii Groen- 
land. Manuel, J. Le Soudan. Saint-Martin, V. de. 
L ne nouvelle race a inscrire sur la carte du globe. Du 
rand, L abbe. L Amazone. Simon, E. L Hgricnlture 
en Chine. Muller, H. Les cotes de la Norvege. 
A n nl., etc. Delamarre, C. Les peuples slaves et 
les Moscovites. Comm. Marcou, J. L Amer. du 
Nord. Desgodins, . Itineraire de Pa-Tang a Yer- 
kalo. Marcou, J. Les homines drills 1 Anstralasie. 
Silva, C. E. C. da. Voy. a 1 Ajuda. Cortambert, R. 

A. L. M. Fatio. David, L abbe. Voy. en Chine. 
A etes de la Soc. 

6e ser., v. 3. Mem., etc. Delesse, A. Les cotes de 
France. Durand, L abbe. Le Rio Negro du Nord. 
Grandidier, A. Excursion chez les Antanosses emigres. 

Gamier, F. Nouvelles routes de commerce avec la 
Chine. Grad, C. L Alsace. Beaumier, A. Le 
cholera au Maroc. 1S68. Grandidier, A. Madagascar. 

Maunoir, C. Travaux de la Soc. 1870-71. Bourdon, 
G. Le Dahra. Perrier, F. La meridienne de France. 

Comm. Picard, E. L exped. de I Oued-Guir. 
Khanikof, N. de. Le Pamir. Chanoine, . La 
province del Amour. Hepp, A. La Norvege. 1859-68. 

Cortambert, R. G. Lejean et ses voyages. Nou 
velles et faits geog. Le commerce de Madagascar. 
Colon sur la Nouv.-Caledonie. Comtes rend us. 
A c tea de la Soc. 

6e ser., v. 4. Mem., etc. Avezac-Macaya, M. A. 
P. de. Annee veritable de la naissance de C. Colomb, 
etc. Bourdon, G. Le Dahra. Girard, J. L Ocean 
Atlantique merid. Bernoville, R. LaSouanetie libre 
et la vallee de 1 lngonr. Martin, l>r. Population en 
Chine. Vienne, C. de. De Zanzibar & I Oukami. 
Girard, J. La Nouvelle-Gulnee. Durand, L abbe . 
L Amazone bresilien. Grad, C. La geologic et le 
regime des caux du Sahara algerien. Gaffarel, P. La 
mer des Sargasses. Comm. Earth, Dr. Les ex- 
ped. sci. en Afriqtie. Beaumier, A. Obs. meteorol. 
faites a Mogador, 16 aout 1867 - 31 dec. 1871. Girard, 
J. Les sondages et les specimens du fond de la met. 
Lavertujon, A. Ecoulement des eaux dans les Pays- 
Ban. Saillard, P. La Nouvelle-Andalousie. Les 
mines de Zimbabye. Nou v. . etc ., geog. Les Turko 
mans Yomouds. Comtes rendus. Actes de la 

6e ser., v. 5. Mem., etc. Derrecagaix, V. Le sud 
d Oran. Martin, I>r. L extreme Orient. Balansa, 

B. Nouvelle-Caledonie. L6vy, P. Nouv. carte du 
Nicaragua. Durand, L abbf. Le Solimoes ou haul 
Amazone bresilien. Yule, Col. H. L orographic et 
le systeme des eaux du Pamir. Rey, E. G. Le nord 
de la Syrie. Khiva. Mauuoir, C. Travaux dc la 
Soc. 1872. Huber, W. Le reseau telegraphique du 
globe. Comm. Dufresne, A. Utilite pratique de 
la geog. ancienne. Khanikof, N. de. Docs, sur le 
Khanat de Khiva. L authenticite des Historic . 
Comtes rendus. Duveyrier, II. C. C. von der 
Deckcn s Reisen in ost. -Africa. Sayous, E. Les pro 
vinces finnoises de la Baltique. Actes de la Soc. 
Nouvelles et faits geog. 

6e ser.,v. 6. Mem., etc. Hal6vy, J. Voy. au Nedjean. 
Lemercier, A. Le mont Rose et le mont Blanc. Re- 
clus, E. L histoire de la mer d Aral. Allain, E. 
Baie de Delagoa. Homer, R. P. De Bagamoyo a 
I Oukami. Rouby, E. Sol de Marseille au temps de 
Cesar. Durand, L abbe. Le rio Doce. Martin, I)r. 
P< kin. Grad, C. Kesultate sci. des explor. de I Oceau 
Glacial a Test des Spitzbergen. 1871. Avazac-Ma- 
caya, M. A. P. d . Livre de Colomb. Germain, A. 
L etat de 1 embouchure du Rhone et du golfe de Foz. 
1S72. Dozon, . Preveza et Arta. Pinart, A. 
Voy. d Ounalashka a Kadiak. Dournaux-Dupere, . 
Role de la France dans 1 Afrique septen. Comm . 

PARIS (Societies: Soc. de Geog.) 


PARIS (Societies: Soc. de Geog.) 

Triangulation dc 1 Inde anglaise. Compiegne, do 
and Marche, . Escales do deux voyagcurs iVai^ais & 
la cote occidentale d Afrique. Verne, J. Les meri- 
diens et le calendricr. Suayi, A. Her d Aral. 
Com t e s r en d u s . No u v . geo g. Chemins de fer de 
PEurope. Hepp, . Mori des malelots norvegiens 
an Spilzberg. Duveyrier, II. Voy. du Dr. Nachligal 
au Bahnr-El-Ghnzal. Acles de la Soc. 

6e ser., v. 7. Mem., etc. Gamier, F. Voy. dans 
la Chine cent. Levasseur, E. Ln geog. a PExpos. Univ. 
de Vienne en 1873. Dastugue, H., If gen. Hants pla 
teaux et Sahara de PAIgerie occidentale. Girard, ,1. 
Colonisation anglo-saxonne aux iles Fidji. Lome, D. 
De Calais & Douvres sur des navires porte train. 
Stueble, A. Voy. an Chimborazo it 1 Altar. Maunoir, 
C. Travaux de la Soc. Gorceix, II. Apercu geog. de 
la region den Khassia. Duveyrier, II. Une mer inte- 
rieure en Algerie. Adam, A. Method? pour 1 en- 
seignement de la geog. Bouche, L altbf.. Le Dahomey. 

Durand, L J al>/>i : . Le rio San Francisco dn Bresil. 
Fedscenko, . Le khanat de Khokand. Coinm. 

Savons, E. Les imisues ethnog. de Copenhagtie et de 
Moscou. Chancourtois, H. de. Carte dn globe en 
projection gnomonique. Thoulet, J. Geol. survey of 
the territories aux Etats-Unis. Gamier, . Siam. 
Schweinfurth, G. Oasis du desert Lihyque. Gasse- 
hn, E. De ouargla a In-Calah. Egret, L. V. Ma 
gellan. Comtes rend us. Nouv.geog. Duvey 
rier, II. Nouvelle du docteur Nachtigal. Hedde, . 
1 opnlations du Gabon et de POgoway. Wyse, N. L. 
B. Excursion en Tunisie. Actes de la Soc. 

6eser.. v. 8. Mem.,f<r. Contenaon, U. de. Inon- 
dations dans la plaine de Tien-Tsin. Durand, L abbe. 
Le rio San Francisco du Bresil. Viollet-le-Duc, E. 
Nouv. carte topog. du massif dn mont Blanc. Niox, G. 
L. Carte du Mexique. Dournaux-Dup6r6, N. Voy. dans 
le haul Sahara. Compiegne, V. de, and Marche, A. 
Voy. haul Ogooue. Chancourtois, A. E. B. de. Sys- 
teme de geog. Delesse, A. Carte agricole de la France. 
Weyprecht, ( .,.</ Payer, .1. Exped. auHtro-hongroise 
au Pole Nord 1872, & 74. Harisse, II. Les historic. 
La Haille, C. D. de. Cours du Hong-Kiang on fleuve 
Rouge au Tong-Kin. Kostenko, L. Khiva en 1873. 
Duveyrier, H. L Afrique necrologique. Comm. 
Perrier, F. La nouvelle triangulation de Pile de Corse. 

Thoulet, J. Projections gnomoniques. David, 
A., I abbt. Voy. dans la Chine occidental?. Puydt, L. 
de. Canal interoceanique ; i travers Pisthme de Darien. 

Semalle, R. de. Etat des populations indigenes 
dans les colonies europeennes. Wilson, II. H. Pre- 
paratifs de ( expedition scientifique rnsse de PAmou- 
Daria. Duveyrier, II. Livingstone. Girard, J. 
Bondages dans ( Ocean Pacifique. Levasseur, E. Em- 
ploi des cartes en relief dans 1 enseignement, etc. 
Cointes rendus. Correspon dance, etc. 
Actes de la Soc. 

6e ser., v. 9. M em. etc. David, A.,l abbe. Voy. en 
Mongolie. Visconti, G.,lecomte. Du premier meriilien, 
par U. Struve. Rivoire, D. de. J. Poncetet les expl. 
fr. dans Ics regions du Haul Nil. Martins, C. Topog. 
geol. des environs d Aigues-Mortes. Berthelot, S. 
Caracteres hieroglyphiques, aux iles Canaries. Sainte- 
Marie, E. de. L Herzcgovine. Marescalchi, Lt rointe. 
La Birmanie anglaise. Thanh-Hoa. Harmand, Dr. 
Souvenirs du Tong-King. Maunoir, C. Travaux de 
la Hoc., 1874. Dewulf, E. Un ins. de Pjellal-ed-din- 
es-So iouti. Duveyrier, II. Mission des Chotts du Sa 
hara de Constantino. Germain, A. Le premier me.- 
ridien et la connaissance des temps. Gros, J. La Soe. 
dc Geog. fondee en 1821. Malte-Brun, V. A. Apercu 
de Petal de nos connaissances geog. au moment de Pou- 
verture du Congres international a Paris. Chambey- 
ron, L. Nouvelle Caledonie. Marcou, J. Originedu 
nom d Amerique. Dozon, A. Excursion en Albanie. 

Fonclayer, de. Arlesia. Comm. Chan 
courtois, . de. La carte geol. detaillee dc la France. 

Delaporte, L. Le Cambodge. Bessels, ]>r. E. 
L exp. polaire amer. sous les ordres du capitaine Hall. 

Armand, Dr. J. Voy. scientiflque dans Pinterieur 
de Plndo-Chine. Cosson, E. L acclimatation de 
1 cncalyptus globulus. Comtes rendus. Cor- 
res-p., etc. Duveyrier, H. Exploration du Chotts 
Melyhigh. Actes de la Soc. 

6e ser., v. 10. Mem . , etc. Petitot, ~R.,Vabbe. Geog. de 
1 Athabaskaw - Mackenzie. Clermont - Ganneau, C. 
Les cotes de la Phenicie et de la Palestine. Duber- 
nard, IS abbe. Lessauvagcs Lyssous du Lou-tze-Kiang. 

Roudaire, E. La mission des Chotts du Sahara de 
Constantino. Pricot de Sainte-Marie, E. La cours 
de la Miliaska et de la vallee de Serajevo. Girard, J. 
Les cotes de la France. Raffray, A. Voy. en Abys- 
sinie, etc. Desgodins, L abbe. Itineraire de Yerkalo 
& Tse-Kou. Long, C. C. Voy. au lac Victoria 
N Yanza, etc. Ollive, C. Geog. med. : clirnat de Moga- 

dor. Baudens, G. Le Japon, et . Boisse, E. Les 
iles Samoa, Mukunono. etc. Durand, L ultbf. La 
Madeira et son bassin. Thoulet, . I. Les projections 
orthograpblquei. Marguin, U. La terrc de Feu. 
Duveyrier, 11. Du Mogador au Djebel Tabayoudt. 
Comm. Hist, de la ville de Iliad. Allain, E. 
Statistiquedn Bresil. Largeau. V. Voy. a Ghadames. 

Gordon, Col. . Voy. sur le Haul-Nil. Fournier, 

A. Mozambique, etc. Comtes rendus. Corre 
spon dances, etc. Bouche, P., Vubbv. Les repnbliqucs 
Minas. Nordenskjold, J rof. Voy. a la Nonvelle- 
Kemblu. Perrier, M. T., I abbe. L observatoire du 
mont Pie. Lanin, L. C. A. LesMatabeles. Actes 
de la Soc. 

6eser.,v. 11. Hem., etc. Malte-Brun, V. A. L exped. 
polaire anglaise en 1875. David, A.. I nbbf. 2e voy. 
d explor. dans Pouest de la Chine, 1808-70. Codine, J. 
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PARIS (Societies : Soc. de Geog.) 


PARIS (Theatres) 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Introd. aux voyages de Marco 
Polo. Polo, P. Voyage; Peregrinatio. Glossaire 
des mots hors d usage. Variantes des noms propres 
et des norns de lieux. Liste des membres de la Soc. 
de Geog. depuis sa fondation. 2. Relation deGhanah 
ct des couttirues de se.s habitans; 1 arabe, par 
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quelques sommites des Alpes. La hauteur du lae de 
Geneve, au-dessus du niveau de la mer. Determina 
tion de la hauteur de la Dole au-dessus du niveau de la 
mer, par un nivellement geodesique, partant de Stras 
bourg. Roger, A. Mesure trigonom. de la hauteur 
de la Dole au-dessus du niveau du lac de Geneve. Re- 
eultat des questions adressees au nomme Mbouia, mara 
bou maure, de Tischit, et a un negre de VValet. Itine- 
raires de Saint Louis a Maroc : De Maroc a la Meeque ; 
De Galam a Maroc; De Galain a la Meeque; De Galam 
a Sego. Laporte, de. Reponses aux questions 
proposees par la Soc. sur I Afrique Sept. Itineraire 
de Constantinople a la Meeque, extrait de Kitab Menas- 
sik el-IIadj, trad, par M. Bianchi. Warden, . De- 
script, des ruines decouvertes pres de Palenque, suivie 
de recherclies sur 1 anc. population de 1 Amer. Rous 
seau, . Notice sur la carte generale des paschaliks 
de Ehaleb, Orfa et Baghdad et sur le plan de Hhaleb. 

Hammer-Purgstall, J., Freiherr von. Extrait dc 
la trad, d un mem. sur la Perse. Warden, . Re- 
cherches stir les antiquites des Etats-Unis de 1 Amer. 
Note sur la col. de M. Latour-Allard. Humboldt, K. 
\V., Frdhcrr von. Lettre & M. Latour-Allard. Liste 
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6 v. 8. 

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4gr For the Universite de la France see France 
(p. 1032). 


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Note. Thi* <ontinx nlxo Tradition des fnits qui 
manifestent le systeme d inclependance quo les eveques 
out oppose aux principes invariables de la justice sou- 
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Capitulaires; Collections d arrets et arretes; Lettres- 
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See also Mole, M. 
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~~ DI /R QoT J^ 01 1 X V> 29 18 4 SaIC m > 1805 8 

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Contents. Park, E. A. Introductory essay; rise of 
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Three sermons on the necessity of atonement, etc. 
Smalley, J. Justification through Christ an act of free 




grace; None but believers saved through the all- 
sufficient satisfaction of Christ. Maxcy, J. Discourse 
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N. Two sermons on the atonement. Griffin, E. IX 
Humble attempt to reconcile the differences of Christ 
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and other*. [Report on the school system of Boston.] 

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Plan for the diffusion of human knowledge. (In 

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3 v. 4. 

Con/enta. Vol. 1. Breton, N. Small handfull of 
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S., R. Phoenix nest. Barnes, B. Divine centurie 
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Catalogue of royal and noble authors continued by 

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ings and the periods when each was first in 
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Glossary of terms used in heraldry. London, 


Introduction to the study of Gothic architec 

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Edward i.- Richard n. Oxford, London, 
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- Same. Richard n. - Henry vm. Oxford, 
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jfutf. These works are in continuation of Tur 
ner s Domestic architecture . 
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Papers. 1868.) 
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283. (21. 2. 79.) 

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- The stomach in its morbid states. Phila. 

1839. 8". 

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Lt NT, G. Speech on the amendment offered by P. to 

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and contrite the source of their revival. (In Free 
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3 v. 8". 

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ers of the So ith Parish Sunday School. Ports- 
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Missouri as it is in 1867. Phila., 1867. 8. 
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Progressive exercises in rhetorical reading. 

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(In 1838.) 

Tribute to the life and character of J. Chick - 

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and Fox, C. Progressive exercises in Eng. 

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Kneeland for blasphemy, Boston, Jan. and May. 
[Boston,] 1834. S". (B 1165, 1721, 1809) 
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Demonstration of the divine authority of the 
law of nature and the Christian religion. 
London, 1681. 4". 

A discourse of ecclesiastical politic. London, 

1670. 8". 

MAHVELL, A. The rehearsal transposed ; or, 

animadversions upon [Parker s] -Preface 
shewing what grounds there are of feiirs and 
jealousies of Popery . London, 1672. 8. 

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upon occasional subjects. London, 1701. 8. 

Parker, Samuel, of Boston, Up., b. 1777, ,1. 1S04. Charity 
to children enforced ; disc, before the Boston fcemale 
Asylum, Sept. 23. Boston, 1803. 8. (B 325) 




Sermon, May 20, general election. Boston, 1793. 8". 

(B 176, 179, 187, 868) 

GARDINER, J. 8. J. Sermon. Dec. 9, death of S. 

Parker. Boston, 1804. 8". (B 314, 424) 
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Rocky Mts., under the direction of the Y. 
M. C. F. M., in 1835-37. Ithaca, N. Y., 
1838. 12. 
Parker, Samuel J. Description of a. new species of helix. 

(In Amer. Assoc. Proo., v. 4. 1851.) 
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(B 306) 
Parker, Stillrnan 8. TJ.., Funeral sermon on. See Chandler, 

8. (B 1222) 
Parker, Theodore. Critical and miscel. writings. 

Boston, 1843. 12. 

Content*. A lesson for the day. German literature, j 
Life of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Truth against 
the world. Thoughts on labor. Transient and per 
manent in Christianity. Pharisees. Education of 
the laboring class. How to move the world. Primi 
tive Christianity. Strauss s Life of Jesus. Thoughts 
on theology. 

A humble bee s thoughts on the plan and purpose of 

creation. (In Album von Combe- Varin. Zur 
Erinnerung. 1847.) 

The chief sins of the people: sermon, fast day, Apr. 

10. Boston, 1851. 8". (B 1968) 

Discourse, death of D. Webster, Oct. 31, 1852. Bos 

ton, 1853. 8". (B 1728) 

Discourse, death of J. Q. Adams. Boston, 1848. 8. 

(B 1206, 1207) 

Discourse on matters pertaining to religion. 

3d ed. Boston, 1847. 12. 

Discourse on the transient and permanent in Christ 

ianity, ordin. of C. C. Shnekford, May 19. Boston, 
1841. 8. (B 1778, 1821, 1878) 

Discourse, ordin. of M. G. Kimhall, Barre, June 13. 

Boston, 1855. 8. (B 1321) 

Effect of slavery on the American people; sermon, 

July 4. Boston. 1858. 8. (B 1968) 

The excellence of goodness; sermon, Jan. 26. Bos 

ton, 1845. 8". (B 1968) 

False and true revival of religion; sermon, Apr. 4. 

Boston, 1858. 8. (B 1968) 

Four sermons. (In Progressive Friends of Penn. 

Yearly Vetting. Proc., 1858. B 1968) 

Fragments tr. : Ce qui passe et cc qui demeurc dans le 

christiantsme, etc. (In. Beville, A. T. Parker. 1865.) 

Historic Americans. Boston, 1870. 8. 

Contents. Benjamin Franklin. George Wash 
ington. John Adams. Thomas Jefferson. 

The idea of a Christian church; discourse at the in 

stallation of T. Parker, by himself, Jan. 4. Bos 
ton, 1846. 8. (B1321) 

John Brown s exped. reviewed; letter to F. Jackson. 

Boston, 1860. 12. (C 263) 

Lessons from the world of matter and the 

world of man ; selected from notes of uiipub. 
sermons, by II. Leighton ; ed. by F. P. Cobbe. 
London, 1865. 8. 

Letter to the people of the U. S. touching 

slavery. Boston, 1848. 12. 

The Nebraska question ; some thoughts on the new 

assault upon freedom in America, and the state of 
the country in relation thereunto; disc., Feb. Bos 
ton, 1854. 8. (B 1968) 

A picture of the war. (hi Boston hook. 4th col. 1851.) 

Present aspect of slavery in America, etc. ; speech be 

fore the Mass. Anti-Slavery Convention, Jan. 29. 
Boston, 1858. 8. (B 1968) 

The previous question between A. Norton and his 

alumni, by L. Blodgett [pseud.]. Boston, 1840. 8. 
(B 1162) 

Public education of the people; oration before the 

Onondaga Teacher s Inst., Syracuse, Oct. 4, 1849. 
Boston, 1850. 8. (B 1585) 

The relation of Jesus to his age and the ages ; sermon, 

Dec. 26. Boston, 1845. 8 U . (B 1968) 

The relation of slavery to a republican form of gov 

ernment; speech at the New England Anti-Slavery 
Convention, May 26. Boston, 1858. 8. (B 1968) 

Review of Webster; speech in the old Cradle of Li 

berty, Mar. 25. Boston, 1850. 8. (B 1968) 

The revival of religion which we need ; sermon, Apr. 11. 

Boston, 1858. 8". (B 1968) 

Sermon of immortal life, Sept. 20, 1846. 2d ed. Bos 

ton, 1850. 8. (B 1968) 

- Sermon of merchants, Nov. 22, 1S46. Boston, 1847. 8. 

(B 1968) 

- Sermon of slavery, Jan. 31, 1841; repeated June 4. 

Boston, 1843. 12. (C 199) 

- Sermon of the consequences of an immoral principle 

and false idea of life, Nov. 26, 1854. Boston, 1855. 
8". (B 1968) 

- Sermon of tl.e Mexican war, June 25. Boston, 1848. 

8 C . (B 1968) 

- Sermon of the perishing classes in Boston, Aug. 30, 

1846. 2d ed. Boston, 1847. 8. (B 1968) 

- A sermon of war, June 7. Boston, 1846. 8. (B 1968) 

- Sermon on false ami true theology. Feb. 14. Boston, 

1858. 8. (B 1968) 

- Sermon, public function of woman. (In Woman s 

rights tracts. 1846.) 

- Sermons of theism, atheism, and poptilar theol 

ogy. Boston, 1853. 12". 

- Some thoughts on the most Christian use of the Sun 

day; sermon, Jan. 30. Boston, 1848. 8. (B 1968) 

- Speeches, addresses, and occasional sermons. 

Vol. 2. Boston, 1852. 12. 

Conttnts. Political destination of America, and the 
signs of the times. Disc., death of J. Q. Adams. 
Speech, meeting of the Amer. Anti-Slavery Soc. [on 
the] abolition of slavery by the French Repub. 
Speech, Faneuil Hall, before the N. E. Anti-Slavery 
Convention. Thoughts on the Free Soil Party, and the 
election of Gen. Taylor. Speech [on] the speech of 
Mr. Webster. -- Speech, Anti-Slavery Convention, 
May 29, 1850. Disc., death of Pros. Taylor. Function 
and place of conscience in relation to the laws of men. 
State of the nation ; a sermon, thanksgiving day. Chief 
sins of the people. Three chief safeguards of society. 

Position and duties of the Amer. scholar. 

- Speeches, additional addresses, and sermons. 

Boston, 1855. 2 v. 12. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Speech at the ministerial confer 
ence, Boston, May 29, 1851. Boston kidnapping; disc, 
to commemorate the rendition of T. Sims, April 12, 
1852. Aspect of freedom in America; speech at the 
Mass. Anti-slavery celebration, Abington. July 5, 1852. 

Discourse, death of D. Webster, Oct. 31, 1852. The 
Nebraska question ; thoughts on the assault upon free 
dom in America, and the general state of the country in 
rel. thereunto. Address on the condition of America, 
before the N. Y. Anti-slavery Soc. at the Broadway 
Tabernacle, May 12, 1854. 2. "Thoughts on the progress 
of America, and the influence of her diverse institutions; 
address for the Anti-Slavery Convention, Boston. May 31, 
1854. The new crime against humanity; sermon, 
June 4, 1854. The law of God and the statutes of 
men; sermon, June 18,1854. Sermon of the dangers 
which threaten the rights of man in America, J uly 2, 1854. 

Account of my ministry ; sermons before the 28th 
Congregational Soc., Nov. 14, 21, 1852. Sermon of the 
public function of women, March 27, 1853. Sermon of 
old age, Jan. 29, 1854. 

- The state of the nation considered in a sermon for 

Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1850. Boston, 1851. 8 
(B 1968) 

- Ten sermons of religion. 2d ed. N. Y., Bos 

ton, 1864. 12. 

Content*. Piety, and the relation thereof to manly 
life. Truth and the intellect. Justice and the con 
science. Love and the affections. Conscious religion 
and the soul. Culture of the religious powers. Con 
scious religion as a source of strength. Conscious 
religion as a source of joy. Conventional and natural 
sacraments. Communion with God. 

- The three chief safeguards of society ; sermon, July 6. 

Boston, 1851. 8. (B 1968) 

- Two semions before the 28th Congregational Soc. in 

Boston, 14th, 21st of Nov. 1852; on leaving their old 
and entering a new place of worship. Boston, 1853. 
8. (B 1968) 

- DF.SOK, E. Esquissc de la vie de T. Parker. (In 

Album von Combe- Varin. Erinnerung. 1847.) 

FCKNESS, W. II. The exclusive principle considered ; 

two sermons on Christian union and the truth of 
the gospels. Boston, 1845. 8. (B 1291) 

- GANNETT, E. S. Mr. Parker and his views; an article 

from the Christian examiner for March. Boston, 
1845. S". (B1356) 

JUNILS Amtrn-antts. Review of I . s Discourse on the 

death of Webster. Boston, 1853. 8". (B 1729) 

- MARTJNEAI:, J. Theodore Parker s Discourse of re 

ligion. (In his Misc. 1852.) 

QUESTIONS addressed to P. and his friends. Boston, 

1845. 16". (B 1968) 




- UEVILLE, A. Theodore Parker sa vie et ses 

oeuvres. Paris, 1865. 12. 
Un reformateur amer. (In Revue cl. D. Mondes, 

oct. 1861.) 
SAIUJENT, J. T. T. Parker, the reform pulpit, and 

the influences that oppose it; sermon. Boston, 

1862. 8. (B 1301) 
True position of I .; a review of II. C. Waterston s 

letter. Boston, 1845. 8. (B 1963) 

- THEODORE Parker s experience as a minister, 

his early life, etc. Boston, 18.59. 12. 

- TRIAL of T. Parker, Apr. 1855, with the de 

fence. Boston, 1855. 8. 

- WEISS, J. Life and correspondence of P. Lon 

don, 186,3. 2 v. 8. 

Same. Amer. cd. X. Y., 1864. 2 v. 8. 

Parker, Theodore D. See Wildes, G., et al. vs. Parker. 

(B 1440) 
Parker, Win., of Plymouth. Account of the taking of St. 

Vincent and Puerto Bello. (In Harris, J. Col. of 

voy., v. 1. 1705.) 

- Voyage to Margarita, Jamaica. Truxilio, etc., 1596-97. 

(In. Hakluyt, It. Col. of voy., v. 4. 1811.) 
Parker, Win., />./>. Sermon. Feb. 23, fast. London, 1794. 
4. (B 1258) 

True Intention of academlck education; sermon Jiefore 

the Univ. of Oxford, July 13. Oxford, 1755. 8". 
(B 1265) 

Parker, Win. II. Instruction for naval light artil 
lery ; 2cl ed. rev. by S. B. Luce. N. Y., 
1862. 8 U . 

Parker, Win. Thornton. BIOG. notice of P. (In Mass. 
Mei. S->c. Med. comm., v. 9. 1860. ) 

Parker, Win. W. Biography of A. C. Parker. (In Hig- 
ginscm, T. W. Harvard mem. biog., v. 2. 1866.) 

Parker Society. [Publications.] Camb., 1841-55. 

46 v. 8 and 16. 

Kinneli/. 1841. Ridley, N. Work?; ed. by H. 
Christmas. Sandys, E. Sermons; ed. by J. Ay re. 
1842. Hutchinson, 11. Works; ed. by J. Bruce. 
Philpot, J. Examinations and writing*; ed. by R. 
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Note. The Narrative* has a separate title page. 

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History of the conspiracy of Pontiac. Bos 

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AWFUL disclosures and startling developments in rela 

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See aim Gr. Brit. : Ho. of Commons (p. 1211); Gr. 
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Note. Vol. 1,3,4, 7 [6], 8, 9, 11-13, 16. 17 relate to the 
Ho. of Com., the others to the Ho. of Lords. 
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.;>., [16-j. (E78,no. 206) 

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des torn, iv et v de la Feuille du cultivateur. 

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Parnasse franco!*, Le. See Titon du Tillet, E. 
Parnassian shop. The. See. Story, I. 
Parnasso espaiiol y musas casti llanos. See Quevedo 

Villegas, F. D. 

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Cnntdit*. Vol. 1. Prelim, obs. Gas illumination. 
Preservation of wood. Dyeing and calico. printing. 
2. Glass. Starch. Tanning. Caoutchouc. 
Borax. Sonp. Sulphur and sulphuric acid. Soda. 
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Hist, of the penal laws against the Irish Catholics. 

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Same. (In Pamphleteer, 1822; v. 20, 21 of B 838) 

Substance of speeches with observations on corn laws. 

3d ed. (In Pamphleteer, 1814; v. 4 of B 838) 

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- Poems on several occasions, [Dublin, 
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Paroles d uii croyant, etc. See La Mennais, H. F. R. de. 

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dans les decombres du donjon d une des portes de 
la ville de Turin. ( In Turin. Ac. d. Sci. Mem., v. 15. 
1805.) Discours sur le caracterc et I etude deg 
langucs I ital. et la fran^alse. (In v. 19. 1811.) 
La mort du surint. Foucquet. (In v. 21. 1813.) 

Paros. Marmor Par! urn cum commentario C. Muelleri. 
(In Mueller, C. Fr. hist. Gr., v. 1. 1841.) 

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rotid gland ever been extirpated? Phila., 1833 8" 
(B 1880, 1882) 

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Content*. Doctrines handled in the Epistles to the 

Romans. Grounds of divinity. 5th ed. 1832. 

Abba Father; direction cone, private prayer. 4th ed. 


Note. The Grounds and Abba Father have 
separate titlepages and paging. 

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and tide. New ed. London, 1869. 16". 

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- Mr. Wynward s ward. London, 1867. 2 v. 8. 

- Sylvan Holt s daughter. Lond., 1858. 3 v. 12. 
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1871. 12. 

- Dorothy Fox. Phila., 1871. 8. 

Same. (In Good words, v. 11. 1870; and in Lit- 

tell s living age, v. 104-100. 1870.) 

- How it all happened. Phila., 1871. 16. 

John Thompson, blockhead. Phila., 1872 

[1871]. 16. 
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Contents. Vol. 1. Memoirs; by J. Johnstone. 2. 
Two sermons, preached at Norwich. Discourse on 
education. Discourse on the late fast, 1791. Spital 
sermon, preached at Christ Church. Notes on the 
Spital sermon. Sermon preached at Hatton. 3. 
Notice of Dr. Combe s Horace. Prefatio ad Bellendeni 
libros. Miscellaneous remarks on politics, jurispru 
dence, morals, etc. Letter from Irenopolis to the 
inhabitants of Eleutheropolis. Warburtonian tracts. 

Letter to Dr. Miller. Extracts from a pamphlet in 
answer to Dr. Combe s statement resp. his variorum 
Horace. Notes on Rapin s dissertation on Whigs and 
Tories. 4. ( haracter of C. J. Vox. Notes. A pp. to 
notes. Note upon Fox s History of the early part of 
the reign of James II. Inscriptions [Latin]. Inscrip 
tions [English]. Illustrations of the inscriptions. 5, 6. 
Sermons. 7. App. List of correspondents. Cor 
respondence with Dr. Parr. 8. Correspondence with 
P. Plan of teaching. Correspondence on toleration. 

Catholic question. Correspondence illust. of the 
inscriptions in v. 4. 

Characters of the late J. Fox, selected and in 

part written by Philopatris Varviccnsis. 
London, 1809. 2 v. 8. 

Discourse, fast [day], by Phileleutherus Xorfolcicnsis. 

London, 1781. 4. (B 1258) 

Sequel to paper circulated by C.Curtis. Lon 

don, 1792. 8. 

Sermon, fast day, Oct. 19, 1803. 2d ed. London, 

[1804]. 4. (B1258) 

A spital sermon preached at Christ Church, 

Apr. 15, 1800; with notes. Lond., 1801. 4". 

Tracts, by Warburton and a Warburtonian, 

not admitted into the collections of their re- 

pective works. London, 1789. 8. 

Contents. Warburton, W., Up. Miscellaneous 

trans, in prose and verse. A critical and philosophical 

enquiry into the causes of prodigies and miracles, as 

related by historians. Parr, S. Dedication of two 




tracts of a Warburtonian ; Prcf. to the two tracts of a 
Wnrburtonlan. Testimonia auctorum. Kurd, H., 
Sp. On tho delicacy of friendship, a seventh disserta 
tion, addressed to the author of the sixth ; A letter to 
the Rev. T. Lcland, in which his late dissertation on the 
principles of human eloquence is criticized. 

BARKER, E. H. Parriana ; or, Notices of P. 

London, 1828-29. 2 v. 8. 

BIBLIOTHECA Paniana; a catalogue of the li 

brary of P. London, 1827. 8. 

BLUNT, J. J. (In Ms Essays. 1860.) 

CUMBERLAND, R. Curtius rescued from the 

gulf; retort courteous to P. Lond., 1792. 8. 

DE QUINCEV, T. (In his Essays on philosophical 

writers, v. 2. 1854.) 

FIELD, W. Memoirs of P., with notices of 

contemporaries, etc. London, 1828. 2 v. 8. 

GODWIN, W. lleply to attacks of P., and 

others. London, "l 801. 8. 
Parr, Thomas. HARVEY, W. Anatomical exam, of the 

body of V. who died at the age of 152 years. (In 

/tin Works. 1847.) 

Parra, Pietro. AMATO, G-. d . (Inhis Panteon, v. 2. 1851.) 
Parrain, Le; comedic. See Scribe, A. E. 1845. 
Parras, Pedro Joseph. Gobierno de Ips regulares 

de la America. Madrid, 1783. 2 v. 8. 
Parrhase, Theodore, pseud. Pari-hasiana. See Le Clerc, J. 
Parrhasius. Fragm. (In Bergk, T. Poet. lyr. Gr. 1853.) 
Parrhasius, Aulus, Janus (Itul. Parisio, Auto Giano). Quse- 

sita per epistolam, etc. (In Gruter, J. Lampas, 

v. 1. 1602.) 
Parrino, Domenico Antonio. Teatro eroico e politico dc 

govern! de vicere del regno di Napoli. (In Gravier, 

C. Itaccolta di tutti sci-ittori, ec., v. 9, 10. 1770.) 
Parris, Samuel. Account of the differences between the 

inhabitants of Salem village and Mr. Parris. ( In 
Calef, H. More wonders of the invisible world. 
1796; and Wonders. 1828.) 

FOWLER, S. Account of the life of P., and of his con 

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Dda. Rhys ab Tewdwr. Owain Gwynedd. Gi- 
raldus Oambrensis. Llywelyn ab Gruftydd. I)a- 
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- Same. London, 1824. 4. 

Journal of a voyage for the disc, of a N. West 

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Journal of a third voyage for the disc, of a N. 

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Note. An account of the 5 voyages made by P., 

Voyages pour la decouverte d un passage Xord-Ouest, 

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NORTHERN regions ; or, Uncle Richard s rela 

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See also Avesta. 

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On soiie of the remote effects of the injuries of nerves. 

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Note. From the Amer. journal of medical 
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Consideration of some unconstitutional measures, 

adopted -in this state. Newburyport, 1784. 8". 

(B 655) 

- Fair narrative, etc. 1756. See Moorhead, J., and 


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remarks on :i Fair narrative of the proc. of the 
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in Boston, resp. late observ. upon the conduct of P. 
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8. (B 16) 

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Validity of Presbyterian ordination ; sermon, New 

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Salem, 1773. 8. (B 915) 

- Ministers of Christ the servants of God sermon Ins- 
Wlch, ordin. of J. Dana, Nov. 7, 1765. Boston, 
li 16. 8 . (B 915) 
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181, 185) 
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JJ. (U ZoZ) 
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J. (B 17) 
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country. (In Amer. Acad. Mem., v. 2. 1793 ) 

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the legality of enslaving Africans, Commencement 
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d. 1813. Commentaries on Amer. law ; com 
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Note. A collection of decisions taken from 
Mass, reports. 

Defence of the third article of the Mass, declaration 

of rights. Worcester, 1820. 8. (B 535) 

Essay on parallel lines. Formula for extracting the 

roots of adjected equations. (In Parsons. T b 
1797. Memoir. 1859.) 

- AUSTIN, B. Memorial to the legislature of Mass rela- 

l a V ^R^Q QN the gr<Mld jUry> by T " P " Bo8to " 
isuo. o . (K 1489) 

CATALOGUE of the library of P., sold 1814. Boston 

1814. 8". (B 1020, 1617, 1620) 

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Phi Beta Kappa Society of Harvard, Aug. 27, on the 
duties of educated men in a republic. Boston, 1835. 
8. ( B 1721 ) 

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(B 1560) 

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3 ser. 12. 

Content*. Series 1. Life. Providence. Corre. 
spondence. The human form. Religion. The Vow 
Jerusalem. 2. The seeming and the actual. The 
senses. Ministry of sorrow. Sabbath. Founds. 
tion of duty. Death and life. 3. He cometh in 
clouds. Paradise. The sea. End of the Church. 

- Memoir of C. G. Loriiig. (In Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc.. 


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1854. 8. 

- July; a poem. To a lady; a poem. (In Boston 

book, 4th col. 1851.) 

See also Dante. 

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Manchester; subjoined, view of the council doings 
in rel. to the dismissal of J. Thurston, etc. Dedham, 
1823. 8. (B 1128) 

- CANDID enquiries; [reply to P.]. n.p., [1825]. 8. (B 


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Address before the Prov. Assoc. for the Prom, of Tem 

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Comparative influence of vegetable and animal decom 

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Importance of the sciences of anatomy and physiology 

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Lecture on the connexion and reciprocal influence be 

tween the brain and stomach. Prov., 1841 8 CB 

Same. (In Amer. Inst. of Instr. Lect., 1840.) 

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- Same, abridged. (In Hunt, P. Lives of Amer 

merchants, v. 2. 1858.) 




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Same. Sailor s physician. 2d ed. Prov., 1824. 


Same. 3d ed. Boston, 1842. 12. 

Same. 4th ed. Boston, 1851. 12. 

Prize dissertations : Infiamation of the perios 
teum ; Eneuresis irritata ; Cutaneous diseases ; 
Cancer of the breast ; Malaria. 2ded. Prov., 

1849. 8. 

Prize dissertations of the R. I. Med. Soc. ; spinal dis 

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(B 1189) 

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meeting of the Amur. Mud. Assoc., May. Phila., 

1850. 8". (B 1560; 

Sketches of llhode Island physicians deceased 

prior to 1850. Prov., 1859." 8. 
Parsons, Win., funeral sermon on. 1837. See Young, A. 

(B 1126, 1718) 
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C. Reed; disc, by T. Worcester. Boston, 1847. 8". 

(B 1222) 

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Coudrette, ed. with introd. notes, etc., by W. 

W. Skeat. London, 1866. 8. (Early Eng. 

Text Soc.) 

Partenope. See Metastasio, P. 

Parthax. Fragm. (In Mueller, C. Fr. hist. Gr.,v. 4. 1851.) 
Parthenais oder die Alpenreise; von I. Baggesen. 

Hamburg, [18]. 24. 

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Parthenius Nicceensis. De amatoriis affectibus. (In 

Erotici scriptures. 1556; Hecog. Hercher, v. 1. 1858; 

and, French, Bibl., v. 1. 1797.) 

Same. [] J. Cornario interpr. (/n Gale, 

T. Hist. poet. scr. 1675.) 

Parthenogenesis. See Owen, R. 

Parthenon. See Athens (p. 163); Paris (p. 2230). 

Parthenon, The ; a magazine of art and literature. 
[Typolithographed.J Xo. 1-16, June 11, 
1825 -Jan. 1826. London, 1826. 8. 

Parthenon, The ; May 1862 -May 1863. London, 

186 2-[63]. 2 v. 4. 
Note. The Literary gazette is incorporated with this. 

Parthey, Gustav Friedrich Constantin. Aegypten beim 
Geographen von Ravenna. Zur Erdkunde des 
alien Aegypten. (In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 
1858.) i tolemseus Lagi, der Griinder der 32en 
agyplischen Dynastic. (In 1860.) Das Orakelund 
uie Oase Ammon. (In 1862.) Zwei griechische 
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Die thebanischen Papyrusfragtnente im Berliner 
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Parties. BARDSLEY, S. A. Cursory remarks on 
party prejudice. (In Lit. and Phil. Soc. of Man 
chester. Mem., v. 5, pt. 1. 1798.) 
See al-io American party ; Democratic Party ; 
Great Britain : Uiytory, Later (p. 1240, COOKE) ; Re 
publican Party; Tories; TJ. S. History (VAN 
BUREN) ; Whig Party ; Working Men s Party. 

Parties and factions in England at the accession of William 
iv. London, 1830. 8. (B 931) 

Partington, Mrs. See Shillaber, B. P. 

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steam engine. London, 1822. 8. 

- Historical and explan. notes, and a biog. memoir of 

Edward, Marquis of Worcester. (In Somerset, E. 
Century of inventions. 1825.) 

- Manual of natural and experimental philos 

ophy. London, 1828. 2 v. 8". 

- Mechanic s gallery of science and art. Vol. 1. 

London, 1825. 8. 

Partington s carpet bag of fun. See Avery, S. P. 
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Partisan warfare. JENEY, de. The partisan ; 

or, The art of making war in detachment. 

London, 1760. 8. 

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cers detached in the field. Phila., 1775. 12. 
Partners, The; by S. Brooks. (In Dublin univ. mag., 

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8. (B 1536) 

FIELD, E. W. Limited liability partnerships. 

London, 1854. 8. 

POTHIEK, 11. J. Traite du contrat de societe ; 

[avec] deux appendices, 1 un des obligations 
qui naissent de la communaute formee sans 
contrat de societe, 1 autre de celles qui nais 
sent du voisinage. Paris, 1775. 12". 

WATSON, W. Treatise on the law of partner 

ships. Phila., 1807. 8. 

Parto de los monies, El. See Cespedes, M. J. (D 36) 
Parton, James. The Danish islands ; are we bound 

in honor to pay for them? Boston, 1869. 8. 

- Famous Americans of recent times. Boston, 

1867. 8. 

Contents. Clay. (From the North Amer. rev., Jan. 
1866.) Webster. (Jan. 1867.) Calhoun. (Oct. 1865.) 

Randolph. (July 1866.) Girard and his college. 
(Jan. 1865.) Bennet and the N. Y. Herald. (Apr. 
1866.) Goodyear. (July 1865.) Beecher and his 
church. (From the Atlantic monthly, Jan. 1867.) 
Vanderbill. (From Ihe New York ledger, Apr. 8, 1865.) 

Theodosia Burr. (From Harper s mag., Aug. 1864.) 

Aslor. (From Harper s mag., Feb. 1865.) 

Gen. Butler in New Orleans ; history of the 

department of the Gulf in 1862. N. Y., 
1864 [1863]. 8. 
- Same. 10th ed. N. Y., 1864. 8. 

- Humorous poetry of the Eng. language. 2d ed. 

N. Y., 1857 [1856]. 12. 

- Life and times of Burr. N. Y., 1858. 8. 

- Life and times of Franklin. N.Y., 1864. 2 v. 


- Life of And. Jackson. N. Y., 1860. 3 v. 8. 

- Life of H. Greeley. N. Y., 1855. 12. 

- Topics of the time. Boston, 1871. 8. 

Contents. Uncle Sam s treatmenl of his servants. 
The Yankees at home. Congressional peccadilloes. 
International copyright. Our Roman Catholic breth 
ren. How Congress wastes its time. The clothes 
mania. Log-rolling at Washington. Our Israelilish 
brethren. Corresp. of Napoleon Bonaparte. The 
government of the city of N. Y. (N. A. rev., Oct. 1866.) 

and others. Sketches of men of progress. 

N. Y., Hartford., 1870-71. 8. 
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Auburn, 1853-54. 2 v. 12". 
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N. H.. and Vt. (In Amer. Phil. Soc. Trans., n.s., 

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Lecture on education, n.t.p. [181-?] 8. (B 547) 

Observations on national defence. Boslon, 1824. 8. 


Partridge, lion. George, Funeral sermon on. 1828. See 
Kent, B. 

The vvorthie hystorie of the mosle noble and valiaunt 

knight Plasidas. (In Collier, J. P. Illust. of old 

Eng. lit., v. 3. 1866.) 
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Soc. Sci. Trans., 1862.) 
Partridge, J. Arthur. The false nation and its 

bases ; or, Why the South cannot stand. 

London, 1864. 8. 

- The making of the American nation ; or, The 

rise and decline of oligarchy in the West. 
London, 1866. 8. 

On democracy. Phila., 1866. 8. 





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[1737-49]. 11 v. 12". (E 72j 
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Shirley relating to the Indiana, 1754. (In Mass. 

Hist. Soc. Col., v. 5. 17 JS.) 

- Bloc;, notice of P. (In Mass. Med. Soc. Med. com., 

v. 8. 1854.) 

Party, History of, 1666-1832. See Cooke, G. W. 
Pururia retentionis. WAKKEN, J. O. Variety ppculiar to 

feniah-s. (In Mass. Med. Soc. Med. com., v. 1. 


Paruta, Filippo, anrf Augustinus, L. Slcilia numlsmatica; 

add. 11. Golt/.ii ;i;iM! nnii|ii, Siciliaj deseriptione et 
in numismata explicationibus; ace. G. Gualtlieri 
tabuhe antiquaj, una cum ejusdem G. G. animadv. 
(In Grsevius. Thes. antiq. Sidl., v. 6-8. 1723.) 
Paruta, Paolo. Degl istoriui delle cose veneziane. (In. 
Istorici delle cone venez., v. 3, 4. 1718.) 

NlCERON.J.P. (fn hiit Mem., v. 11. 1730; v. 9. 1754.) 
Parvenus, Les, on Les aventnres de Julien Delmours; [pa 

S. V. I), de St. A. ctsse. de Genlis]. (Vol. 13-15 q 
her (Euvres. 1825.) 
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Mars. Paris, [1865]. 12. 

Parvin, .1.15. Habits of the gopher of Illinois. (In Smith 
sonian Inst. Report, 1854.) 
Parvus, Guilelmus. get. Guilelmus farms de Newburgh 

(p. 12U8). 
Parzival. Sff Chrestien de Troy en; Wolfram von 

A st tienbach ; alxo Perceval. 
Pasaginians. HAHX, C.U. Geschichte der Pasa- 

gicr, etc. Stuttg., 1850. 8. 
Pasar del arroyo, Al ; por F. L. de Vega Carpio. (fn Ochoa, 

E. de. Tesoro del teatro esp., v. 2. 1838.) 
Pascal, Blaise. CEuvres. Nouv. ed. Paris, 1819. 

5 v. 8". 

Content*. Vol. 1. Disc, sur sa vie par Bossut. 
Eloge par Xicole. Essai par F. de Xeufchateau. 
Lettres provinciates. 2. Pensees. 3. Factums pour 
leu cures de 1 aris, Rouen, etc. Lettre touchant les 
commandements de Dieu. Question sur les miracles, 
etc. 4, 5. Kvrit* scientifiqiif*. 4. Essais pour les 
coniques. Machine arithmetlque. Xouvelles expe 
riences touchant le vide. Lettre du pure Noel, jesuite, 
a Pascal. Traite de 1 equilibre des liqueurs. Traite 
de la pesanteurde la masse de 1 air. Recit de la grande 
experience de 1 equilibre des liqueurs. Recit dcs 
observations faites par 1 erier. Xouvelles experiences 
faites en Angleterre. Lettre de Pascal et Roberval a 
Fermat, sur un principe de geostatique mis en avant par 
ce dernier. Celeberrima 1 Matheseos Academiae 1 aris- 
icnsi. [Correspondence] de Pascal et Fermat. 5. 
Traite du triangle arithmetique. Traite des ordres 
numeriques. Problemata de cycloide, proposita junii 
1658. Reflexions sur les conditions des prix attaches & 
la solution des problemcs cone, la cycloide. Histoire 
de la roulette. Historia trochoidis, sive cycloidis. 
Diverse* inventions de A. Dultonville en geometric. 
Dimensions des lignes courbes de toutes les roulettes. 
De 1 escalier, des triangles cylindriques, et de la spirale 
nutour d une cone. Egalite des lignes spirale et para- 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Avertissement [par A. A. R.]. 

Disc, sur la vie et les ouvrages de P. [par Bossutj. 
Pensees qui se rapportent & la philos., la morale, et 
aux belles-lettres. 2. Pensees rel. i la religion. 
Comparaison des anciens Chretiens avec ceux d au- 
jourd hul. Frag, sur la conversion du pecheur. 
Ecrits trouve dans la poche dc P. 

- Pensees, fragmens, ct lettres ; pub. par P. Fau- 

gere. Paris, 1844. 2 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1. Introd. Lettres, 1648-fil. 
Priere pour demander a Dieu le bon usage des maladies. 

Ecrit sur la conversion du pecheur. Preface sur le 
traite du vide. Disc, sur les passions de 1 amour. 
De Pcsprit geometrique. Difference entre 1 esprit 
de geometric et de finesse. De 1 art de persuader. 
Pensees diverses. Ravissement et profession de fol. 
Pensees sur 1 eloquence et le style. Jesuites, Jan- 

284. (28. 2. 79.) 

senistes, et Provineialcs. Le Pape et I Eglise. Con 
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Domat, J. Lettrc an pere Domat; Pensees. App. 

- Same. Pub. par. E. Havet. Paris, 1852. 8. 
Content*. Avertissement. Etude sur les Pensees de 

P. Perier, F. G. 1*. Vie de P. Notes sur la vie de 
P. Note sur les doctrines du Jansenisme. Entretien 
de P. avec de Saci. Trois discours de P. sur la condi 
tion des grands. Pensees de P. Le mystere de 
Jesus. Opuscules. Lettre sur la mort de Pascal le 
pere. Priere pour la maladie. Fragm. d un traite du 
vide. De 1 esprit geometrique. Comparaison des 
Chretiens, etc. Sur la conversion du pecheur. Ex- 
traits des lettres a Mile, de Roannez. Discours sur les 
passions de 1 amour. App. Add. et corr. Table 
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Contents. Vol. 1. Weisel, L. Die Eishohle. Ro- 

senauer, J. Aschmadai. Weisel, L. Raschi oder 

Jarchi; Der Feigenbaum als Zeugc; Moses ben 

M ;iinioii; Sagen der Prager Juden. K., S. Der 

Kadisch von Kol Xidre. Letteris, M. Bildad, der 

reisende HeilkUnstlcr. Maier, W. Die Zwillingsge- 

schwister. K., 8. Die Juden in Bohmens Vorzeit. 




Kapper, L. Der hohe Rabbi Low und dcr Graf. 
Klemperer, G. Kabbi Bustanei, Resch Gelutha. 
Weisel, L. l)er wunderbare Baumeister. Budeus, T. 
Dcr Gang nach dor Kalkgrube. Maier, W. Rachel 
vor Gott. Budeus, T. BIT Schatz in der Todtenkam- 
mer. Wolfner, W. Die Juden in Niirnbergs Vorzeit. 

K., S. Der Retter. 2. Ehrmann, D. Baron 
Eibenschtttz. Klemperer, G. Alexander der Grouse, 
Konig von Macedonien. Rosenauer, J. Die Proben 
des Bcharfsinnes. Duschak, M. Das heldenmiithige 
Wcib. Hlawatsch, A. Die freigebigen Juden. 
Hain, M. Der Begensepruch. Zedner. Leben Haba- 
thai Zewis. Rosenauer, J. Joker dai. Klapp, M. 
Verschollene Geschlchten. Hlawatsch, A. Jakob 
Rodrigo Pereire. Kulka. Aus dem Leben des Hiibbi 
Bphrulm ben Aaron Lautschltz. Rosenauer, J. Der 
letzte Rath. Rapsport, S. L. Leben des R. Sadja 
Gaon. F. Ein Opfer des Bchweigens. Hein, M. 
Kapoleon und der Bal scliem. Singer, S. Eine Nacht 
aus dem Leben Rabbi Akibas. Furth, I. Ehren- 
denkmal. Rosenauer, J. Skizzen aus den mittelalt- 
crliehen Geschichten des Judcnthums : Sad ud Dewlet. 

Duschak, M. Die Linderung des Ge-hinom. Altar, 
B. M. Ein Poscheh Jisroel. Rosenauer, J. Konig 
Salomo. 3. K., 8. Gawriel. Jost, J. M. Vor 
einem hnlben Jahrhundert. Popper, M. Jude und 
1 rinzessin. Jastrow, M. Der Besuch in der Syna- 
goge. Stossel, M. Der Fluch des Rabbi. Sch, Dr. 
Reb Abraham, der Grunzeughandler. Hein, M. 
Abbitte nach dem Tode. Z. ( X. Y. Der Ztig des 
Herzens ist des Bchickeals Stimme. HI., Ad. Die 
Judenkolonie im Reiche Coulan. Duschak, M. 
Epraim Moses Kuh. Jastrow, M. Chmel. Klapp, 
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dau, J. Der Weinbumller und sein Kutscher. Hor- 
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Contents. Vol.1. A-C. 2. D-J. 3 K-O 
4. P-Sc. 5. Sd-Z. 

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Xbtf. By Mr. Carter" is written on the title- 
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Effect on the body. 

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See also Anger; Gaming. 
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Passive obedience. See Allegiance. 
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Note. At the end of vol. 1 is Die Lehre vom Zeitmaase 
der griechischen Sprache; auf sechs Tafcln. 

.Same. 5. Aufl., bearb. von V. C. F. Rost, F. 

Palm, U.SM. Lpz., 1841-57. 2v.in4pts. 8. 

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heritages et Pinfluence qu elle exerce sur la distribu 
tion des richesscs. (In Mem.,v. 2. 1839.) Des formes 
des gouvernements. Kapportrel. aux associations, 
commerc. allemandes. (In v. 3. 1841.) Sur les 
Bystemes de culture, et examen de leur influence. 
Des causes qui out influe sur la marche de la civili 
sation. (In v. 5. 1847.) Rapport sur le concours 
divert au sujet de I ccole des physiocrates. (In v. 6. 
1850.) Des formes de gouvernement. Rapport, 

sur le concours ouvert au sujet de la rente des 
terres. (In v. 10. 1860.) Rapport sur le concours 
Leon Faucher rel. a la vie et aux univres de Turgot. 
(In\. 11. 1862.) Rapports. (In v. 12. 1865.) 

Past and present. See Carlyle, T. 

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Contents. Vol. 1. 1435-60. 2. 1460-83. 
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Endovellico y noticia de otras deidades de la 

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Same, without the additional chapters. (C 79) 

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RELATIVE duty of pastor and people. London, 

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- Another copy. (B 66, 129) 

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(C 235) 

See also Clergy ; Divinity schools ; Pulpit 
eloquence ; visitations. 
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Content*. 21 Jan. 1821. Bapteme du due do Bor 
deaux, 1821. L entree du due d Angouleme, 1823. 
Mort de Louis xvm. Obseques de Louis XVIU, 1824. 
Sacre de Charles x, 1825. 




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de. Des loix penales. Paris, 1790. 2 v. 8. 

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Motion d ordre sur 1 etat de DOS rapports polit. et 

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Cinq-cents. C 87) 

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See also Abdomen ; Acholic diseases ; Air pas 
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Aorta ; Apoplexy; Arachnitis ; Asphyxia; 
Asthma ; Bile ; Bladder ; Blood ; Brain ; 
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Children ; Chlorosis ; Cholera ; Chronic dis 
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stitutional diseases ; Consumption ; Contagion ; 




Convulsions ; Croup ; Deafness ; Debility ; 
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Diagnosis ; Diarrhoea ; Digestion ; Diphtheria ; 

Dolichos pruriens ; Dropsy ; Dysentery ; 
Dysmenorrhoea ; Elephantiasis; Emphysema; 
Enuresis; Epidemics; Epilepsy; Epizootic 
diseases ; Eruptions ; Erysipelas ; Eye ; 
Fever ; Fistula ; Gall ; Generative organs ; 
Glands ; Goitre ; Gonorrhoea ; Gout ; Haemor 
rhoids ; Hair ; Head ; Headaches ; Heart ; 
Hemoptysis ; Hereditary diseases ; Hernia ; 
Hydrargyria ; Hydrocele ; Hydrocephalus ; - 
Hydrophobia ; Hydrothorax ; Hypochondriasis ; 

Hysteria ; Idiocy ; Indigestion ; Infection ; 

Inflammation ; Inhuenza ; Intestines ; Iritis ; 

Jaundice ; Kidney : King s evil ; Lead dis 
eases ; Leprosy ; Leucocythemia ; Leucorrhea ; 

Liver ; Local diseases ; Locomotor ataxy ; 
Longevity ; Lungs; Marasmus ; Masturbation ; 

Measles; Melancholy; Meningitis; Men 
struation ; Mortification ; Nervous system ; 
Neuralgia ; Nymphomania ; Old age ; Paraly 
sis ; Parasites; Passions; Peritonitis; Pha- 
gedaena gangrenosa; Piles; Placenta praevia; 
Plagues; Pleuro-pneumonia ; Plymouth dock 
yard disease ; Pneumonia ; Prostate ; Pulse ; 
Putrid diseases ; Remittent diseases; Rheuma 
tism ; Scarlatina ; Scarlet fever ; Sciatica ; 
Scrofula ; Scurvy ; Seamen ; Self-limited dis 
eases ; Skin; Small pox; Somnambulism; 

Spermatocele ; Spermatorrhea; Spine; 
Stomach ; Stricture ; Syphilis ; Tape-worms ; 
Teeth ; Temperature in diseases ; Testis ; 
Tetanus ; Thorax ; Throat distemper ; Tongue ; 

Trembles ; Trichina ; Tuberculous diseases ; 

Tumor ; Typhoid affections ; Ulcer ; Urin 
ary organs ; Veins ; Venereal diseases ; Viscera ; 

Voice ; Wasting diseases, et<-. ; Weather ; 
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in speaking and writing corrected, from -Never to late 
to learn and Common blunders in speaking and writ 
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See Mann, M. P. 

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with the Great Exhibition, Oct. 27. Lon 
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funeral eulogy on. 1870. See Winthrop, R. C. (B 


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vation ; sermon, June 8. Boston, 1742. 8. (B 44, 75, 




That ministers are to separate men to the work of the 

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cided in the district court of the U. 8., [upon] prop 
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body. Catalogue of the library. Boston, 
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ogy. Circular from the Executive Committee. 
ABORIGINAL relics belonging the Society to be de 
posited in the 1 eabody Museum. (In Mass. Hist. 
Soc. 1 roc., 1866-67.) 

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Responsio ad Annotationes in annotationes J. 
Schlichtingli de magistratu, bello, defensioue. (In 
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8. (B 273, 608) 

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Christian in a trying situation . N. Y., 1810. 8. (B 

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the general fast vindicated; address [on] the pro 
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1165, 1768, 1786, 1843, 1888, 20161 

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before the Peace Soc. of Windham Co., Feb. 4. 
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Principles of peace; sermon before the Hartford 
o. Peace Soc., East Windsor, Sept. 30. Hartford, 
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principles of war and peace. Albany> 1831. 

Disg. on a congress of nations. [N. Y.,] 1832. 8". 


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ples of peace, New Haven, May 6. Hartford, 1832. 
8. (B 1072, 1786) 




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8. (B 1697) 
Same. (In his Works, v. 5. 1847.) 

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12. (C183) 

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before the Amur. Peace Soc., May 29. Boston, 1843. 
8. (B 1181) 

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dress before the Amur. Peace Soc. Boston, 1844. 8. 
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July 12. Pittsburgh, 1846. 8. (B 1300) 

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N. Y., 1866. 12. 

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4 v. 8". 

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- Same. N.s., v. 1-4, 6-8. London, 1822-32. 

5 v. 8. 

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Peace, The Prince of. See Godoy, M. de, Principe de la Pats. 
Peace and harmony restored ; account of the 

agreement between burgher and antiburgher 
seceders and reformed Presbytery in N. 
America, 1782. Glasgow, 1783. 8. 
Peace calumet, The. Vol. 1, 1831-34. N. Y., 
n.d. 8". 

Note. New series of the Harbinger of peace. 

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See a I no Perry. 

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Conciones ad clerum sex. Three sermons preached on 
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- Same. London, 1723. f. 

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(B 1560) 

The moral character of the medical profession ; ad 

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- LEAVITT, T. H. Peat as an article of fuel. 

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Pebody. See Peabody. 

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marks on works recently published. Lon 
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tion et de ses varietes. (In v. 15. 1805.) Reflexion 
sur 1 histoirc de J eponge de Protogene. Reclierches 
cone. 1 aiK cdote de la ligne d Apelle sur le tableau 
de Protogene citee par Pline. [Con] Osserva- 
zioni intorno alia interpretazione data [df] Pecheux 
ad un luogo di Plinio. (In v. 19. 1811.) 

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Complete catalogue of all the discourses for and 

against Popery in the time of James n. London, 

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Same, incorporated in A catalogue . See Jones, T. 
- Desiderata curiosa. London, 1779. 2 v. 4". 

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motion of the blood and chyle, with the ana 
tomical hist, of T. Bartholinus, cone, the 
lacteal veins of the thorax. Lond., 1653. 24. 

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Paris, 1861. 8. 

Le blocus americaine. See Prevost, T. 




Peculiar; by E. Sargent. N. Y., 1864. 8. 

Peculiar position ; a farce. See Planche, J. R. 

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[1816?] 8. (B469) 

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tons. Paris. 1824. 4. (E 37) 

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from the earliest times to 1860. London, 
1863. 8. 

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Sardinia. Mon. hint, pat., Scr., v. 2. 1839.) 

Pedra de toch. See Secrets publichs. 

Pedra/.a, Francisco Bermudez de. See Bermudez de P. 

Pedraza, Juan de. Farsa llamada Danza de la muerte. 
(In Pedroso, E. G. Autos sacrainentales. 1865.) 

Pedro. See also Petrus. 

Pedro i. of Brazil, iv. of Portugal. HODGES, 
G. L. Narrative of the expedition to Por 
tugal, 1832, under P. Lond., 1833. 2 v. 12. 

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Don Pedro and Don Miguel. London, 

1836. 2 v. 12. 
Pedro i., the Cruel, King of Castile. MERIMEK, P. 

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Same. (In Revue d. D. Mondes, dec. 1847, Jan., fev. 

Eng. History of Peter the Cruel. London, 

1849. 2 v. 12. 

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v. 28, 29. 1790.) 

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cisco de Santo Thomas. (B 1863) Salgueyro, F. 

(B 1893) 

Pedro iv., of Portugal. See Pedro i., of Brazil. 
Pedro, Bunito de San. See San Pedro. 
Pedro [Gonzalez], St. LEGENDA. MIRACULA. IN so- 

lemnitate offlcium. DECRETUM Tuden. canoniza- 

tionis B. Petri. (In Florez, II. Espana sagrada, 

v. 23. 1767.) 
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rainha. Maria Sofia Isabel, 19 de Out. de 1699. Lis- 

boa, 1700. 4. (B 1863) 

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Pedro de Urde Mai as; por M. de Cervantes Saavedra. (In 

hi* Comedias, v. 2. 1749; and in his Obras, v. 10. 


Pedro de Urdimalaa. See Montalvan, J. P. de. (E 108) 
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desde su origen hasta fines del siglo xvii. 

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Namely. Gil Vicente. Arionimos. Juan de Pe 
draza. Joan Timoneda. Lope de Vega. Maestro 
Josef de Valdivielso. Fray Gabriel Tellez. Pedro 
Calderon de la Barca. Agustin Moreto. Francisco 
Dances Candamo. 

Peeblesshire. CHAMBERS, W. History of P. 

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Peel. See also Peale ; Peele. 
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[London, 184-.] 8. 

- Memoirs; pub. by Earl Stanhope and E. Card- 

well. London, 1856-57. 2 v. 8. 
Contents. Vol. 1. The Roman Catholic question. 2. 
The new government, 1834-35. Repeal of the corn 
laws, 1845-46. 

- Replies. (In Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. 

Memorials to P. 1843. B 1536) 

Speeches in the Ho. of Commons ; with ex 
planatory index. Londoii, 1853. 4 v. 8. 

Contents. Vol. 1. 1810-29. 2. 1829-34. 3. 
1835-42. 4. 1842-50. 

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- ENDERBY, C. The fallacy of our monetary system as 

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Same. (In Revue d. D. Mondes, tnai, juil., aout 

sept. 1856.) 

- LA GUERONNIERE, A. de. (In his Les hommes d etat. 


- PEEL, Sir L. Sketch of life and character of 

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SIR R. P. n.t.p. 8. (No. 32 of Chambers papers for 

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See also Lille; Provence ; Normandy. 
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nexed, Diss. on [six] texts of Scripture. 
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Part 3, 4. Answer to Moore s Calm defence of the 
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The security of truth without the assistance of perse 

cution or scurrility ; an answer to Knty s Truth and 
liberty consistent and maintained . London, 1721. 
8. (B 108) 

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Vindication of the Dissenters . London, 1786. 8". 
(B 126, 127, 200, 240) 

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Same. 2d ed. London, 1714. 8. (B 27) 

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among the Dissenters in the west of England. Lon 
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Peiraon. See also Pearson ; Pierson. 




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aspect ; reply to H. R. Helper s Impending 

crisis . N. Y., 1861. 12. 
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touica battle controversy. (In Wisconsin State 

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mus und Pelagianismus nach ihrer geschicht- 

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- MURRAY, II. Shipwreck of the Antelope, 1783; with 
ace. of the Pelew Is. (In Constable s miscel.. v. 1. 


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not liable to fluctuations in value. London, 1840. 8 

(B 1152) 

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dectes accom. d un commentaire, prec. d un expose 1 

des principes gen. dudroit de propriety, etc. Paris, 

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Note. The traduction is wanting. 
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Compagnie de Jesus dans les isles et dans la 
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Note. Appended to this, with separate title-page and 
paging, is Introd. a la langue des Galibis by P. 

Same. (In Voyage et travaux des missionnaires de 

la Compagnie de Jesus, v. 1. 1857.) 

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- Recueil de medailles de peuples et de villes. 

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- Lettres de 1 auteur de Rec. de med. Paris, 

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Additions aux neuf vol. des Rec. de med. 

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taxation, with a new plan of finance. (In Pam 
phleteer, 1817; v. 9 of B 838) 

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coton. Paris, 1863. 8. 

Droits de 1 homme. Paris, 1858. 8". 




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Pellham. See also Pelham. 
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Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1745.) Sur un passage 
des commentaires de Jules Cesar de Bello Gallico. 
(In 1749.) Sur I origine des Remains. (In 
1751.) Abrege de la vie de Bogislas x due de 
Pomeranic. (In 1753.) Discours sur 1 exped. de 
Cyrus contre les Scythes. (In v. 10. 1754.) 
ELOGE de P. (In 1767.) 

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Charlton. Honolulu, [1844?]. 8. (B 1446) 
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PLUTARCHUS. (In his Vitse; and, Eng., Lives.) 
P61opides, Les; tragedie. See Voltaire, F. M. A. de. 
Peloponnesian War. THUCYDIDES. De Bello 

Peloponnesiaeo, [431-411 A.c.]. See Thucydides. 
- YOIIKE, P., Earl of Hardwicke, and others. 
Athenian letters ; correspondence during 
the Peloponnesian War, [B.C. 427-420]. 
London, 1798. 2 v. 4. 
Peloponnesus. See ^Egina ; Argos ; Elis ; Morea ; 

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Note. For other accounts of this voy. see Callander, 
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Note. These three are from the Philosophical 

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See also Leith, Gen. Sir J. ; Wellesley, A., 
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See also Maryland Penitentiary ; N. Y. Pen 
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Penmanship. See Writing. 

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[withms. prices and names]. London, n.d., 
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Content-:. Vol. 1. Life. Truth exalted, in a testi 
mony against those religions formed in the darkness of 
apostasy. The sandy foundation shaken. Innoeency 
with her open face; apology to The sandy foundation". 

Letter of love to the young convinced. The people s 
ancient and just liberties asserted, in the trial of W. 
Penn and W. M. Page. The Christian Quaker and 
his divine testimony vindicated. General rule of faith 
and practice. 2. No cross, no crown. Treatise of 
oaths. 3. Case of liberty of conscience defended by 
the authority of reason, etc. Seasonable caveat against 
Popery. The proposed comprehension considered. 
Letter to the Council and Senate of Krnbden. Wisdom 
justified of her children, from the ignorance of H. llally- 
well. England s present interest considered. Letter 
to the Princess and Countess of Hertford, in Germany. 

Summons or call to Christendom. Tender advice to 
those who are sensible of the day of their visitation. 
Travels in Holland and Germany. 4. Address to 
Protestants for the promotion of virtue and charity. 
Saul smitten to the ground ; narrative of the dying re 
morse of M. Hide. Epistle to the children of light. 
England s great interest in the choice of a new Part. 
One project for the good of Eng. ; that is, our civil union 
is our civil safety. Brief examination and state of lib 
erty spiritual. General description of Pennsylvania. 
Persuasive to moderation to Dissenters. Advice to the 
Church of Eng., Koman Catholick and Protestant Dis 
senter. Just measures; epistle of peace to professors 
of truth. Athenians no noble Bureaus. 5. Key, 
opening the way to distinguish the religion of the Qua 
kers, etc. Heply to a pretended answer, by a nameless 
auth., to P. s Key . Reflections and maxims rel. to the 
conduct of human life. Brief account of the rise and 
progress of the Quakers. Primitive Christianity re 
vived. Testimony to the truth of God. Defence of a 

Eaper intitled Gospel truths . Advice of W. Penn to 
is children rel. to their civil and religious conduct. 

Account of P. s travels in Holland and Ger- 

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Note. Translated from the Account . 

Creeds should be expressed in the language of Scrip 

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Extract from the advice to his children. No. 7. N. Y 

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287. (22. 3. 79.) 

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2_, oo 
V. 8 . 

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and Lil. Baltimore resp. the boundaries of Penn. 
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Same. (In Penn. Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 3, pt. 2. 1836.) 

Another copy. (B 1611) 

and FISHER, J. F. Memoir on the treaty 

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Note. From Penn. Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 3, pt. 2. 1836. 
Another copy. (B 1180) 

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1849. 8". 

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practice of Quakers; added, a friendly expostula 
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treatise of oaths subscribed by a jury of twelve 
Quakers, W. Penn [and others!. London, 1676. 4. 
(C 284) 

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by Macaulay against P. London, 1858. 16. 

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tryal of P., and W. Mead. [Lond.,] 1670. 4. 
- Same, (/n Phenix, v. 1. 1707; and in Penn, W. 
Select works, v. 1. 1781.) 

- PHILADELPHIA. CITIZENS. Proceedings of a 

meeting to commemorate his landing in 
America, Nov. 4 ; [with Address by P. S. 
Duponceau]. Phila., 1824. 8. 
Another i-opy. (B 1611) 

SCOTT, J. (In hi* Treatise. 1824.) 

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brought by historians against I , both as a man and 
as a political governor. (In Penn. Hist. Soc. Mem., 
v. 2. 1827.) 

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between I , and the Indian natives in 1682. (In 
Penn. Hist. Soc. Mem., v. 1. 1826.) 

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condition of the Amer. Indians. Boston, 1829. 8. 
(B 978, 2005) 

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ningtons of the 17th cent, in their domestic 
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and juego de cannas, nt Madrid, to honour the es- 
pousall treaties of the Prince of Wall s and the In 
fanta Maria. (In Somers, J. Col. of tracts, v. 2. 

Penna, Orazio delta. Nachricht vom Anfangc in Tibet. 
(In Allgemeine Hist., v. 7. 1750.) 



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Journey from London to the Isle of Wight. 

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Outline s of the globe. London, 1798-1800. 

4 v. 4. 

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Gangem. China. Japan. 4. Malayan Isles. 
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daughters [with Mrs. Chapone s letters]. 
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Same. (In Instructions for a young lady. 1773; 

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strong and letter of Mr. Maxwell. Wash., [1838]. 
8. (B1431) 

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Penningtons of the 17th century in their do 
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Jan. 10, 1791. Appendix. 

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Provincial Committee, 1774. Resolves. (In Dickin- 

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- Provincial Council, afterwards Supreme Execu 
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Same. Vol. 1-3, Phila., 4-16, Harrisburg, 

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Contents. Vol. 1. Mem. of the Amer. Phil. Soc. on 
printing the records, 1836/7. Penn. Ifo. of Repre 
sentatives. Report of select committee. Penn. Gen. 
Assembly. Act, Apr. 4, 1837, authorizing the printing 
of the Minutes. Charter. Documents. Minutes, 
Mar.10, 1683 -Nov. 27,1700. 2. Dec. 18, 1700 -May 16, 
1717. 3. May 31, 1717 - Jan. 23, 1735/6. 4. Feb. 7, 
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6. Apr. 2, 1754 - Jan. 29, 1756. 7. Jan. 29, 1756 - 
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9. Oct. 15, 1762 - Oct. 17, 1771. 10. Oct. 18, 1771 - 
Sept. 27, 1775; with Minutes of the Council of Safety, 
June 30, 1775 - Nov. 12, 1776. 11. Proc. of Council of 
Safety, Nov. 13, 1776 - Mar. 17, 1777. Minutes of the 

Supreme executive Council, Mar. 4, 1777 - May 20, 1779. 
12. May 21, 1779 - July 12, 1781. 13. July 13, 1781 - 
Dec. 31, 1783. 14. Jan. 1, 1784 - Apr. 3, 1786. 15. 
July 4, 1786 - Feb. 6, 1789. 16. Feb. 7, 1789 - Dec. 23, 


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Boundaries. Report. Norwich, 1774. 4. (B 652) 

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claim to lands in P. Phila., 1774. 8. 

- Other copies. (B 366, 1701) 

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to the contented lands lying west of N. York. New 
Haven, 1774. 8. (B 585) 


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Sel. works, v. 4. 1782.) 
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[1764-75]. London, 1778. 8. 

- Anothtr copy. (B 343) 

- Same. Boston, 1787. 8. (C 64) 

See also New Sweden. 


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youth in Penn. Phila., 1749. 8. (B 744) 


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of P. Phila., 1821. 8. 

- Other copies. (B 1583, 1828) 

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prior to 1743. Phila., 1843. 8. (B 1188, 1611) 
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1710]. (In fiis Hist, of Lancaster Co., 1844.) 

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government of P. London, 1759. 8. 
See also New Sweden. 


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ter from a gentleman to a friend in London. Lon 
don, 1755. 8. (B 742, 922, 995) 

- Brief view of the conduct of Pa. for 1755, 

partic. the expedition under Braddock ; 2d 
letter to a friend in London. Lond., 1756. 8. 

e province of P. London, 

- - Another copy. (B 742) 

- ANSWER to Brief state of th 

1755. 8. (B 742, 922) 

- TRUE and impartial state of the province of P. ; 

answer to Brief state and Brief view*. 
Phila., 1759. 8. 

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May 24, on a petition praying for a change of gov 
ernment. London, rejir. 1764. 8. (B 682) 

- - Same. (In Moore, F. Amer. eloquence, v. 1. 1864.) 

GALLOWAY, J. Speech in answer to J. Dickinson, 
May 24, on a petition for a royal, in liew of a pro 
prietary government. Phila., 1764. 8. (B 473) 


Description and History. 
DUPONCEAU, P. S. Hist. disc, before the Soc. 

for the Commemoration of the Landing of 

Penn, Oct. Phila., 1832. 8. 
- Another copy. (B 1611) 
WATSON, J. F. Annals of Philadelphia and 

Pennsylvania, [1631-1842]. Phila., 1857. 

2 v. 8. 

PENN. (Descr. and Hist.) 


PENN. (Banks) 

38. Harrisburg, 1836-38. 

- BARKER, J. W. History and antiquities of 

New England, Penn., etc., [1631-1812]. 
Hartford. 1842. 8. 

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1778]. Philn., [1843]. 8. 

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in P., [1751-1801]. Harrisb., 1811. 12. 

- - Same. Ed. by J. S. Littell. Phila., 1846. 8. 


- Adjutant General. Annual report, 1862-65. 

Harrisburg, [1863J-66. 4 v. 8". 

- Auditor General. Communication, accompanied with 

a statement of certain banks. Harriaburg. 1832. 8. 

- - Report of the several railroad companies, Jan. 

16. Harrisburg, 1862. 8. 

- - Report on the finances for 1826. Harrisburg, 1826. 8. 

(B 1100) 

- - Reports of the banks and savings inst. for 

1862. Harrisburg, 1863. 8. 

- Canal Commission era. Report rel. to the Penn. canal* 

and railroad. Harrisburg, 1830. 8. (B 1717) 

- - Reports, 1836, 

2 v. 8". 

- Commissioners to Revise the Penal Code. Report on 

punishment* and prison discipline. 2d ed. Phila 
1828. 8. (B 12, 92(J, W 132) 

- Commissioner* to Treat with the Indian*. Treaty 

held with the Ohio Indians. Carlisle, Oct. 1753 ; re 
port of R. Peters, 1. Xorris, and B. Franklin. 
n.t.p. [175:3.] f. (A 24) 

- Contention, 1790. Constitution. (Tn Penn. Conven 

tion of 1838. Amendments. 1838.) 

- - LEZAY, A. Qu esl-ce que la constitution dc 93? con. 

stitution de Mass. [comp. avec celle de Penn 1 
Paris, an III [1794], b. (B 731) 

- Convention, 1838. Amendments to the constitution of 

Penn. proposed. Phila., 1838. 8. (B 1497) 

- Convention on the Constitution of the U. S. 

Debates on the constitution proposed for 
the U. S. Vol. 1. Phila., 1788. 8. 

- Controllers of Public Schools. 1st annual report. 

Phila., 1819. 8". (B 449, 1036) 4th. 1822. (B1041) 
5th, 6th. 1823, 24. 2 v. (B 1036) 7th. 1825. (B 
1041) 8th. 1826. (B 950, 1036) 10th, llth. 1828, 
W. (B 950) 12th. 1830. (B 1042) 14th. 1832. 
(B 1049) 

- Council of Censors. Journal, Nov. 10, 1783 

[-Sept. 25, 1784]. Phila., 1783. f. 

- Eastern State Penitentiary. 1st, 2d annual reports. 

Phila., 1831. 8. (B 1783) 

General Assembly. Act for establishing a 
Health office, Jan. 29. Phila., 1818. 8. (B 1560) 

- - Act to incorporate the Ohio River Improvement Com 

pany. Phila., 1855. 8. (B 1605) 

- - Addresses on the death of R. R. Reed in Sen. 

and Ho. of Reps, of Penn., Jan. 4. Harris 
burg, 1865. 4". 

- Debates and proc. on the memorials praying a repeal 

of the law annulling the charter of the Bank [of N. 
America]. Phila., 1786. 8 U . (8630,640,2512) 

- Laws enacted in the 2d sitting of the 2d Gen. Assent.. 

Lancaster, Feb. 18, 1778. n.p., [1778]. 8. (W 58) 

- Laws; pub. by T. M. Thompson. Vol. 6, 7. 

Octoraro, 1804-06. 2 v. 8. 

- Same. Vol. 7 (repub.), 8. Phila., 1806-08. 

2 v. 8. 

- Legislative documents, session 2 d Jan. Har 

risburg, 1855. 8. 

- Titles of acts, session 1830, 31. Pennsylvania re 

porter, extra, Apr. 5, 1831. n.t.p. [183-.] 8. (B1854) 

- Committee on Libels. [Report.] n.t.p. [1806.1 8 


- Committee, [on] the Memorial of D. H. Conyningham. 

[Report.] t.p. [18 .] [8. (B 661) 

- Committee [on] the Petition of Inhabitants North. 

and West of the Ohio, etc. [Report.] n.t.p. [18-?] 
8. (B661) 

- Committee [on] the Petition of Inhabitants of Bucks 

Co., etc. [Report.] n.t.p. [180- ?] 8. (B 661) 

- - Committee on the Employment of Corrupt Means 

by the Banks to Influence the Action of the 
Legislature. Report, n.t.p. [1842.] 8. 

Committee on Ways and Means. [Report.! n t v 

[1807.] 8. (B661) 

- - Memorial. Dix, D. L. Memorial soliciting a state 

hospital for the insane. Harrisburg. 1845. 8". (B 

Republicans. Address to the Democratic citizens on 

the presidential election. Phila., 1812. 8. (B986) 
See also COLONY (Archives); Provintia 
Council (p. 2284). 

- Governor. Letter and documents from [T. Miffin] 

resp. the arrival in the ports of the U. 8. of French 
Inhabitant* of the West Indies, (hi U. S. Pres 
Message. 1798. 5th Cong. 2d sess. B 482) 
--Speech [of T. McKean] . n.t.p. [1808.] 8. (B469) 

Brief history of the proposed impeachments of the 

Gov. of P. [T. M Kean, with his] message of Jan 
28. Lancaster, 1808. 8. (B 407) 

--Message [by J. A. Shulze]. Harrisburg, 1826. 8". 
(B 1106) 

- - Reports of the heads of departments to the 

Governor, 1847-54. Harrisburg, 1848-55 
8 v. 8. 

Note. For the year 1853 the title reads Execu 
tive documents; reports, etc. 

- House of Representatives. Debate on Holgate s reso 

lutions rel. to the Bank of the U. S. n.n., [18111 8" 

- - Dissent of the minority of the House from the ad 

dress to the President of the U. S. n.n . 1798 8 

- - Journal. Vol. 2. Harrisburg, 1852. 8. 

- - Committee of Way* and Means. Report rel. to the 

finances. Harrisburg, 1831. 8. (B 1854) 

- - Committee on Roads anil Inland Navigation. [Re 

port.] n.t.p. [180-?] 8. (B661) 

- - Committee on the Debtor s Apartment of the Arch 

St. Prison. Report, Mr. Gibbon chairman. Har 
risburg, 1833. 8. (B 1546) 

- - Committee on the Governor s Message, rel. to the 

Case of G. Olmstead. Report, n.p., [178-1 8 
(B 971) 

- - Committee [on] the Suit of ff. Olmstead and Others vs. 

K. Sarcjeunt and E. Waters. Report, n.n., [18011 
8. (B1437) 

- - Select Committee rel. to the Soldier s National Ceme 

tery. Report, Mar. 31. Harrisburg, 1864. 8" (B 

- - Same, revised. Harrisburg, 1865. 8. 

- Military Department. Annual report, 1864. 

Harrisburg, 1865. 8. 

- Reserve Corps. See History (p. 2286). 

- Secretary of State. Letter rel. to the late malignant 

fever. Phila., 1798. 8. (B1076) 

- - 2d, 4th report on the geological exploration 

of Pennsylvania. Harrisburg, 1838-40. 
2 v. 8. 

Senate. Select Committee [on] the Cause of an 
Armed Force being brought to the Capital. 
Report, June 1839, with report of the mi 
nority and the testimony. Harrisb., 1839. 8. 

Superintendent of Schools. Common school 
laws, with decisions of the Superintendent, 
T. H. Burrowes. Harrisburg, 1862. 8. 

- Penn. school architecture ; [by] T. H. Bur 
rowes. Harrisburg, 1855. 8. 

Supreme Court. Report of the judges [on the Eng 
lish statutes which are in force in P.I, Phila., 1808. 
8. (B412) 

Supreme Executive Council. See Provincial Council 
(p. 2284). 


ALDEN, T. Antiquities and curiosities of western 
Pennsylvania. (In Amer. Antiq. Soc. Trans., 
v. 1. 1820.) 

BAIRD, 8. F. On the bone caves of Penn. (In Amer. 
Assoc. Proc., v. 2. 1850.) 

. Banks. 

See Auditor General; Gen. Asemb., Com. on the 
Employment, etc.; also Bank of Penn. (p. 199). 

PENN. (Boundary) 




- MARYLAND. Governor. Message transmitting 

reports of the commissioners and of Lt. Col. 
Graham [on] the intersection of the boun- 
dtiry lines of Md., Perm., and Delaware. 
Wash., 1850. 8. 

- PENNSYLVANIA LAND Co. Important statement rcl. 

to the invalidity of the pretentious formerly made 
\ipon the Penn. hinds by the unincorporated com 
panies of Conn, claimants; [by Touch Coxe, Secre 
tary], n.t.p. [1801. J 8. (B585) 


- HISTORICAL account of the rise, progress, and present 

state of canal navigation in Penn. Phila., 1795. 8" 
(B 651, W 58) 

See alto Canal Commissioners (p. 2285); In 
ternal improvement. 


- CREVECOIL-R, J. H. St. J. Voyage dans la 

haute P., [1785-96?]. Paris, l801. 3 v. 8". 

- SCOTT, J. Geographical account of P., 1800 

Phila., 1806. 18". 

- MOOHE, S. S., and JONES, T. W. Traveller s 

directory from Philadelphia to N. York and 
Washington. 2d ed. Phila., 1804. 8. 

- JOHNSON, C. B. , M.D. Letters from the British 

settlement in P., [1818]. Phila., 1819. 12. 

- ROBERTS, S. W. On the topog. of P. and Ohio, etc., 

[1848]. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., v. 1. 1849.) 

- BOWEN, E. Pictorial sketch-book of Penn. 

Phila., 1853. 8. 

See also Alleghany City ; Fairmount Park ; 
New Jersey Central Railroad ; Philadelphia ; 
Pittsburgh ; Susquehanna River. 


- HOWELL, R. Map. London, 1792. (E 68) 

- HUTCIIINS, T. New map of the western parts of Vir 

ginia, Penn., tti:. London, 1778. (E 68) 

- TOURIST S pocket map of P. Phila., S. A. 

Mitchell, 1831. 

- WALLING, H. F. Topographical map. N.Y., 


See alsn Clinton Co. ; Cumberland Co. ; 
Luzerne Co. 


- PLAN for the establishment of public schools and dif 

fusion of knowledge in P. Phila., 1786. 8. (C 49) 

- WOOD, S. Account of the common schools in the 

states of Mass., N. Y., and Penn. (In Central Soc. 
of Educ., v. 3. 1839.) 

See also (p. 2285, 2d col.) Superintendent of 


- PHILLIPS, H., Jr. Historical sketch of the 

paper money issued by P. Phila., 1862. 8. 

- PUBLIUS, pseud. Letter to "the Legislature of P. on 

the state debt. Phila., 1844. 8. (B 1500) 


- BLAKE, W. P. Occurrence of chromate of lead in P., 

and other mineralogical notices. (In Amer. Assoc. 
Proc., v. 6. 1852.) 

- ROGERS, H. D. Geology of P. Phila., 1858. 

2 v. 4 and maps f. 

- SMITH, J. L. lie-examination of minerals on Wheat- 

ley Mine, Penn. (In Amer. Assoc. Proc., v. 9. 

See also Bear Valley. 


- WESTCOTT, T. Names of persons who took 

the oath of allegiance, 1777-89; with a his 
tory of the test laws. Phila., 1865. 8. 

- BRA^CKENRIDGE, H. H. Incidents of the in 

surrection in the western parts of P., 1794. 
Phila., 1795. 8. 

COBBF.TT, W. Account of the insurrection in the 

western counties of P. in 1794. (In his Porcupine s 
Works, v. 1. 1801.) 

- FINDLEY, W. History of the insurrection in 

W. Penn., 1794. Phila., 1796. 8". 

U. S. Commission/ rs to Cunftr with tiie Insurgent* in 

the Western Counties of Ptnn. Report. Phila., 
1794. 8. (B1000, W 59) 

U. S. 3d Cong. Id sens. Proceeding of the executive 

of the U. S. resp. the insurgents, 1794. Phila., 1795. 
8. (W 83) 

SvniEii, J. 11. History of the Penn. Reserve 

Corps, [1861-64]. Lancaster, 1865. 8". 

See alxo Bank of Penn. ; Berks Co. ; Bethle 
hem ; Bucks County; Canonsburg Academy; 
Chambersburgh; Chester County ; Delaware 
Bay; Delaware County; Duquesne, Fort; 
Erie Co.; Franklin Co. ; German Evang. Lutheran 
Church ; Greensburgh ; Guilford ; Lancaster 
Co. ; Lebanon Co. ; Luzerne Co. ; Montgomery 
Co. ; New London ; Philadelphia ; Progressive 
Friends of Penn. ; Susquehanna ; alto Bright, 
Gen. M. ; Penn, W. Rush E*. Cobbett. 

Internal improvement. 

DUANE, W. J. Letters to the people of P. resp. the 

internal Improvement of the commonwealth by 
roan s and canals. Phila., 1811. 8. (B 439, W 2) 

BRECK, S. Sketch of the internal improvements made 

by P. Phila., 1818. 8. (B 456) 

CAREY, M. Internal improvement [by Hamilton]. 

Phila., 1829. 8. (B 1115, 1494) 

Brief view of the system of internal improvement of 

P. Phila., 1831. 8". (B 1068) 
See also Canals. 


- LAUSSAT, A. Essay on equity in Penn. Phila., 

1826. 8. 
Another copy. (B 551) 

LOWNES. O. Account of alteration and present state 

of Ihe penal laws of P. Boston, 1799. 8". (B 774) 

REFLECTIONS upon Ihe administration of justice in P. 

Phila., 1809. 8. (B 412) 


OBSERVATIONS upon the present government of P. 

Phila., 1777. 8". (B 629) 

PEMBEKTON, S.. anil iitliers. Address to the inhabi 

tants of P., by freemen confined in Mason s lodge 
by a general warrant. London, reprinted 1777. 8. 
(B364, 390, 667) 

CONSIDEKATIONS upon the present test-law of Penn. 

Phila.. 1784. 8. (B662) 

GAI.LATIN, A. Speech on the validity of the elections 

in the four western Cos. Phila., 1795. 8. (B 774) 

EXPERIENCE the test of government, 18 essays, to aid 

the investigation of the constitution and laws of P. 
Phila., 1807. 8 U . (B 443, 1750) 


Report of a committee to investigate the evils of 
lotteries in Penn. Phila., 1831. 8. (B 1722) 

- PENROSE, C. B. Address and speeches of 

[others] on the insurrection, Harrisburg, Dec. 
1838. Harrisburg, 1838. 8. 

PHILADELPHIA. CITIZENS. Committee of citizens; 

second appeal to the people of P. on an asylum for 
the insane poor. Phila., 1840. 8. (B 1568) 

FEW plain facts, A, addressed to the people of P., by a 

citizen of Penn. 3d ed. Phila., 1844. 8". (B 1500) 
See also Philadelphia ; Pittsburgh. 


LETTERS on the merits of the Penn. and N". Y. sys 

tems. Boston, 18C6. 8. (B 1806) 

MEASE, J. Observations on the penitentiary system 

and penal code of Penn. Phila., 1828. 8. (B 928) 

See Auditor General (p. 2285). 

Penn. vs. J. Smith. Report of the case for Pennsyl 
vania, eont. speeches of the Alt. Gen., J. Ingersoll, 
and W. Lewis, and the opinion of W. Tilghman. 
Phila., 1809. 8. (B 412, W 12) 

Penn. Acad. of Fine Arts. Catalogue of the paintings, 
statues, prints, etc., exhibiting at the Acad. Phila., 
1818. 8". (W 10) 



ALLSTON, W. Exhibition at the Penn. Acnd. of Fine 

Arts of Allston s picture, ttc. Phila., 1816. 8. (B 

GII.IMN, II. D. Discourse, Nov. 29, 1S26. Phila., 

1827. 8". (B 1205) 

Pennsylvania Agricultural Society. Hints for 
American husbandmen. Phila., 1827. 8". 

Outlines of a plan for establishing a State Soe. of Ag 

riculture in Penn. Pliilii., 1794. 8. (B 423, 699) 

ROBERTS, J. Address to the Society. Phila., 1823. 8*. 


Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society. Constitu 
tion ; with the laws for the abolition of slavery. 
Pliila., 1788. 8". (B 469, 1080) 

Memorial for promoting the abolition of slavery, etc. 

(In Memorials to Cong- of U. S. by Societies for 
promoting the abolition of slavery, etc. 17U2. B 
764, 1473, C 72) 

Present state of the free people of color of Phila. 

Phila., 1838. 8. (B 1475) 
- NEEDLES, E. Historical memoir of the Soc. 

Phila., 1848. 8. 
Pennsylvania Augustine Education Society. Constitution. 

(In Saunders, P. Address. 1818. B 565) 
Pennsylvania chronicle and universal advertiser, 

Jan. 30, 1769 - Jan. 22, 1770. Phila., 1769- 

70. 4". 

Gor>i>ARn. W. The partnership; or, Hist, of the rise 

of the Penn. chronicle . Phila., 1770. 8. (B 618) 
Pennsylvania Colonization Society. GLRI.F.Y, H. R. Ad 
dress, Nov. 11. Phila., 183 J. 8. (B 1484) 
Pennsylvania Company for Insuranceson Lives. Address. 

Phila., 1814. 8. (B 454, 967) 
Pennsylvania Historical Society. Memoirs. Vol. 

1, pt. 2. n.p., [1826]. 3. 
- Same. Phila., 1826-76. 12 v. 8. 

Content*. Vol. 1. Constitution. Officers. Mem 
bers. Circular. Rawle, W. Inaug. disc., Nov. 5, 
1825. Vaux, K. Locality of the treaty between Penn 
and the Indians, 1862. Wharton, T. I. Provincial 
literature of Penn. Dunlop, J. Controversy between 
Penn and Lord Baltimore, reap, the boundaries of Penn. 
and Maryland. Penn, W. Letters, with will. Pa 
pers rel. to the valedictory address of Pros. Washington. 

Rawle, W. Vindication of Mr. Heckewelder s history 
of the Indian nations. Watson, J. First settlement 
of Buckingham and Solebury, Penn. James, T. C. 
Account of discovery of anthracite coal on the Lehigh. 

Extracts from papers in the office of the Sec. of the 
Commonwealth, Harrlsburgh, and from other documents. 

Morris, C. Contributions to the medical history of 
Penn. Bettle, E. Negro slavery, as connected with 
Penn. Thomson, C. W. Life and character of R. 
Proud. Penn, W. Original letters. Biographical 
sketch of Sir William Keith, by a member of the bio 
graphical committee. Members newly elected. 2. 
Vaux, K. Anniv. discourse, Jan. 1, 1827; Communi 
cation on two medals struck in Phila., 1757. Aupau- 
mut, H. Embassy to the Western Indians, from original 
manuscript; pref , remarks by B. H. Coates. Conyng- 
ham, H . Settlement of the Dunkers, Ephrata. Lancaster 
Co., Penn. Endress, C. Short history of the D tink 
ers. Hazard, E. Introduction of anthracite coal into 
Phila. Fell, J. Discovery and first use of anthracite 
in the Valley of Wyoming. Comly, I. History of 
Byberry. Breck, S. Historical anecdote of J. Harris, 
Sen. Penn, W. Instructions to his commissioners. 
Penn, T. and U. Instructions to J. Hamilton. Penn, W. 
Letters to Charles n. and the Earl of Sunderland. 
Coates, B. II. Life of S. P. Grittitts, M.I). Sir W. 
Keith s coming to the gov t of Penn., and his conduct in 
it. Report of committee appointed to examine the 
minute book of soc. for political inquiries. Fisher, J. F. 
Early poets and poetry of Penn. Rawle, W. Life 
of T. Mifflin. Tyson, J. R. Examination of charges 
against W. Penn. Watson, J. T. Memorial of country 
towns and places in Penn. Penn, W. Speech to the 
Provincial Council of Penn., Apr. 1, 1700. Quarry, 
Col. R. Information against the gov t of Penn. ; with 
1 enn s answer thereto. Penn. Council. Minutes 
of a conference held by W. Markham, Lieut. Gov., 
with Delaware and Susquehanna Indians, July 6, 
1694. Officers for 1830. Members elect, since 1827. 
Honorary members. 3, pt. 2. Coates, B. H. Annual 
discourse on the origin of the Indians of America, 1834. 
Fisher, J. F. Discourse on the private life and do 
mestic habits of W. Penn. Tyson, J. R. Memoir of 
T. C. James. Watson, J. F. Indian treaty for the 
site of Phila. and adjacent country. Du Ponceau, P. S , 

anil Fisher, J. F. History of the treaty of W. Penn 
with the Indians, 1682. Penn, W. Letter to the inhab 
itants of Penn. Petition of the Indians to Gov. Mark- 
ham. Report of the Committee on the Indian portraits. 
Lawton, . Part of the life of W. Penn ; cont. by 
Granville Penn. Penn, W. Fragment of an apology 
for himself. 4, pt. 1. Da Ponceau, P. 8. Inaugural 
discourse, June 3, 18:37. Wharton, T. I. Memoir of 
W. Rawle. Johnson. W. R. Descr. of specimen of 
engraving, by the aboriginal Inhabitant* of N. A.; with 
incidents in the history of early settlers on west branch 
of the Susquehanna/ Pett it, F. M K. Memoir of 
Roberts Vaux. Penington, J. Examination of Beau- 
champ Plantagenet s descr. of the Province of New 
Albion. Fisher, J F. Inedited letters of W. Penn. 
5. Sargent, W. History of an expedition against Fort 
Du Quesne, 175o, under Mnj. Gen. Edw. Braddock. 6. 
Johnston, A. The Soc. of the Cincinnati. Sargent, 
W. Journal of the general meeting of the Cincinnati, 
1784. Ward, T. Insurrection, 1794, in the western 
counties of Penn. ; [with] (Jen. Wilkins s account of the 
gathering on Braddock s field; and J. Gallatin s memoir 
of the insurrection. 6. Presentation to the Soc. of the 
belt of wampum delivered by the Indians to W. Penn. 
at the treaty, 1682: [with] W. Penn s letters to the 
Indians; Plan for the union of the English colonies; 
Plan for the confederation of the states of Europe. 
Reed, W. B. The Acadian exiles, or French neutrals, 
in Penn ; [with] A relation of their mi>fortuncs; by 
J. B. Galerm. Biddle, C. J. The case of Major An 
dre. 7. Record of the court at Upland, Penn.. 1676- 
81. Denny, Mnj E. Military journal, 1781-95. 8. 
Minutes of the committee of Philadelphia. 9, 10. 
Penn, W., an>l Logan, J. Correspondence, 1700-SO. 
11. Acrelius, I. History of New Sweden ; tr. by W. 
M. Reynolds. 12. Heckewelder, J. History, man 
ners, and customs of the Indian nations. 

- Proceedings, March 1845. n.t.p. [1845.] 8. (B 1199) 
Pennsylvania Hospital. Catalogue of the medi 
cal library. Pliila., 1806. 8. (B881) 

Some account of the origin, objects, and present state 

of the Hospital; by W. G. Malin, clerk. Phila., 
1828. 12. (C 144, 147) 

ACCOUNT of the [its] rise and progress, etc. Phila., 

1801. 8. (C 108) 

MALIN, W. G. Some account of the Penn. Hospital. 

Phila., 1832. 8. (B 1828) 

WOOD, G.B. Address at the cent, celebration. 

Phila., 1851. 8. 

Pennsylvania Hospital for the Insane. Code 
of rules and regulations. 2d ed. Phila., 
1850. 12. 

- Report by T. S. Kirkbridge, 1841-55. Phila., 

1841-56. 15 v. 8. 

- Same. 1841-45. Phila., 1846. 8. 
Pennsylvania Indians. FRIENDS, SOCIETY OF. 
Aborigines Committee. Ace. of the conduct 
of the Soc. of Friends towards the Indian 
tribes of E. and W. Jersey and Penn., 
[to 1843]. London, 1844. 8. 

HOLM, T. C. The American Indians in Penn., with a 

vocabulary of the language. 1642. (In his Descr. of 
New Sweden. 1834.) 

Du PONCEAU, P. S., and FISHER, J. F. Me 

moir on the history of the treaty made by 
Penn with the Indians at Shackamaxon in 
1682. Phila., 1836. 8. 

- BRAINERD, D. Mirabilia Dei inter Indices ; 

or, The rise and progress of a remarkable 
work of grace amongst Indians in N. J. and 
Penn., [1745-46]. Phila.. [1746?]. 8". 

SMITH, W. Ace. of the inhumanities committed by 

incursions of the Indians, Oct., Nov. 1755. (In fits 
Brief view. 1756.) 

BEATTY, C. Journal of a two months tour 

[1766] among the frontier inhabitants of P. 
and among the Indians ; added, Remarks 
on the language and customs of some tribes , 
etc. London, 1768. 8. 

Pennsylvania inquirer and national gazette, Feb. 
1845 -Dec. 1848; Jan. 1850 - Mar. 1860. 
Phila., 1845-60. f. 

A ote. For succeeding vols. nee Phila. inquirer ; from 
July 2, 1850 - Mar. 1860 called Penn. inquirer . 




Pennsylvania Institution for Deaf and Dumb. 

Account of the origin and progress. Phil.i., 1821. 8". 
Annual report of directors, 1844-63. Phila., 

1845-64. 20 pam. 8. 

Pennsylvania Institution for the Instruction of 
the Blind. By-laws, n.p., [183-]. 8. (B 1166) 

5th annual report of the managers. Phila., 1838. 8. 

(B 1132) 8th. 1841. (B 1164, 1185) 
- 23d-36th annual report. Phila., 1856-69. 14 
pam. 8. 

Pennsylvania journal of prison discipline and 
philanthropy ; pub. by the Philadelphia So 
ciety for the Alleviation of the Miseries of 
Public Prisons. Vol. 1-10. Phila., 1845- 
55. f) v. 8. 

Pennsylvania Land Company. Important statement rel. to 
the invalidity of the pretensions formerly made 
upon the Penn. lands by the unincorporated compa 
nies of Conn, claimants; [by Trench Coxe, secre 
tary], n.t.f,. [1801.] 8. (B585) 

Pennsylvania. Prot. Episc. Church. See Prot. Episc. 
Church in Penn. 

Pennsylvania Reserve Corps. See Penn. History (p. 2226). 

Pennsylvania Society for Discouraging the Use of Ardent 
Spirits. Report. Phila., 1828. 8. (B 1100) 

Atiniv. report, May 27. Phila., 1831. 8. (B 1717) 
Pennsylvania Society for the Commemoration of the 

Landing of Penn. Constitution. (In Du Ponceau, 
P. S. Proceedings. 1824.) 

Pennsylvania Society for the Encouragement of Ameri 
can Manufactures. Constitution, n.t.p. [1819?] 8. 
(B 997, 1835) 

Pennsylvania Society for the Encouragement of Manu 
factures and the Useful Arts. Communication. 
Phila., 1804. 8. (B699) 

Plan of the Soc. Phila., 1787. 8. (B 465, W 43) 
Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Internal Im 
provement. 1st report. Phila., 1826. 8. (B 1042) 

Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Public Econ 
omy. Report of the committee on domestic econ 
omy. Phila., 1817. 8. (B 1040) 

Report of committee on public schools. Phila., 1817. 

8. (B 1040) 

Report of the library committee. Phila., 1817. 8. (B 

536, 1040) 
Pennsylvania Society for the Promotion of Public Schools. 

1st report on educ. in P. Phila., 1828. 8. (B 950) 
Pennsylvania State Anti-Slavery Soc. Proceedings of 

the convention to organize a Soc., Harrisburg, Jan. 

31, Feb. 1-3. Phila., 1837. 8. (B 1125) 
Pennsylvania State Temperance Convention at Harris- 
burg. Proceedings, Jan. 12, 13. Shiremanstown, 

1842. 8. (B 1280) 
Pennsylvania state trials ; [by E. Hogan] . Phila., 

1794. 8. 
Pennsylvania telegraph. Annual offering of the carriers 

to their patrons. [Phila.,] 1862. 8. (B 1467) 
Pennsylvania Young Men s Colonization Soc. See Young 

Men s Colonization Soc. of Pennsylvania. 
Penny, Rev. Joseph. Sermon, opening of the new Fresh. 

Ch., Rochester, Oct. 28. Rochester, 1824. 8. (B 1299) 
Penny, Miss Virginia. Employments of women. 

Boston, 1863. 12. 
Penny cyclopa?dia. fife Society for the Diff. of Useful 

Knowledge. 1831-40. 
Penny maga/ine of the Soc. for the Diff. Useful 

Kiiowl. Vol. 1-9; Mar. 1831 - Dec. 1840. 

London, 1831-40. 9 v. 8. 

New ser. Vol. 1-5 ; Jan. 1841 - Dec. 1845. 

London, 1841-45. 5 v. 8. 
Pennycuik, Alexander. LIFE. (7n Soc. of Ancient Scots. 

Lives of Scottish poets, v. 3. 1822.) 
Pennyman, John. A bright shining light, discovering the 

pretenders to it; recommended to the Quakers. 

London. 1680. 4. (C 284) 
Penobscot. POWNALL, Gov.T. Certificate on taking 

possession of P. Co., 1759. (In Maine Hist. Soc. 

Col.,v. 6. 1859.) 

HAZARD, E. Letter resp. the expcd. to P., 1770. (In 

Mass. Hist. Soc. Proc., 1858-60.) 

CALEF?, J. Siege of P. by the rebels, 1779; by J. C. 

London, 1781. 8. (B 678) 

Map. WALLING, H. F. Topographical map. 

N. Y., 1859. 

Penobscot Indians. SULLIVAX, J. History of 
the Penobscott Indians, [1626-1803]. (In Mass. 
Hist. Soc. Col., v. 9. 1804.) 

MASSACHUSETTS. Commissionert Appointed to Treat 

with the Eastern Indians, and, the Penobucol Tribe. 
Conference held at St. George s Co. of York. Bos 
ton, 1753. 4. (B 649) 

JOURNAL of proceedings at two conferences at Fal- 

mouth between the Gov. of [Mass.] and the Nor- 
ridgwalk and Penobscot Indians. Boston, 1754. f. 
(A 24) 

MASS. Gen. Assem. Proceedings rel. to the Penobscot 

expedition, with report [on its] failure. Boston, 
1780. 8. (B350) 

Language. Specimens. VETROMII.E, E. Ahia- 
mihewintunangan ; the prayer song. New 
York, 1858. 8. 

Wewessi Ubibian. [Bible hist, with Eng. tr.] 

Manhattan, 1860. 12". 

EXAMINATION of conscience, in Penobscot. (In Ad- 

lachemudiguichkek. 1858.) 

Penobscot River. POWNALL, T. Journal of a voy. to the 
P., May 1759. (In Maine Hist. Soc. Col., v. 5. 

Penot, Bernard Georges. De vera prseparatione et usu 
medicamentorum chemicorum. (In Zetzner, L. 
Theatr. chem., v. 1. 1613.) Quaestioncs tres de 
corporal! mercurio. Ad varias quaestiones respon- 
g jo. LVII canones de opere physico. Vera iner- 
cnrii ex auro cxtraetio. Chrysorrhoas, sive de 
arte chemica. (In v. 2. 1613.) 

Penrice, H. N. Military mines. (In Gr. Brit. Corps of 
Roy. Engin. Papers, v. 8. 1845.) On embrasures. 
(In v. 9. 1847.) 

Penrose, , D.D. CATALOGUE of [his] library, 
sold; [with ms. prices and names]. Lond., 
[1851]. 8. 

Penrose, Charles B. Address, and speeches of 
Fraley, P., etc., on the insurrection at Harris- 
burg. Harrisburg, 1839. 8. 

Penrose, Mrs. Elizabeth (Cartwright), pseud. Mrs. 
Markham. Historical conversations ; his- 
try of Malta ; The Knights of St. John ; Po 
land. London, 1836. 12. 

Penrose, Francis Cranmer. An investigation of the 
principles of Athenian architecture. Lon 
don, 1851. f. 

Penrose, T. The field of battle. The helmet. (In Camp 
bell, T. Brit, poets, v. 6. 1818.) 

Poems. (In Anderson, R. Brit, poets, v. 11. 1795.) 
Penruddock ; by R. P. Ward. (Vol. 2 of his Sterling. 


Pensia panicn Polskich w Pnryzu. Paryz, 1845. 8. (E 83) 
Pension, La; par Mme. de N... . (In Biblioth. nniv. des 

remans, Nouv., v. 74. 1803.) 

Pensionnaire mariee. La; comedie. See Scribe, E. 
Pensions. See Gr. Brit. Ho. of Commons (p. 1208); Ho. 

of Lords (p. 1213); Finance (1816, 1849); - 

France: Miniatere des Finances (p. 1030); U. S. 

Pension Office. 
Pentadius. Elegia;, etc. (In Lemaire. Poet. Lat. min., 

v. 2. 1824.) 
Pentapolis. BEECHEY, F. W. and II. W. Account of the 

ancient cities composing the P. (In their Exped. 

to explore the northern coast of Africa. 1828.) 
Pentateuch. See Bible (p. 277). 
Pentecost. HERDER, J. G. von. Von der Gabe Sprachen. 

(In his Sammt. Werke, v. 9. 1852.) 
Pentecost; or, The work of God in Phila., 1858. 

Phila., 1859. 12". 
Penthesilea ; von H. von Kleist. (In his Gesam. Schrift., 

V. 1. 1863.) 
Penton, Stephen. Apparatus ad theologiam. 

Londini, 1688. 8. 
Pentonville, Eng. BRAYLEY, E. W. Views in 

Penton ville, from drawings by A. Pugin ; 

with a description by Brayley. London, 

1819. 4. 

Penwortham, Priory of. See Evesham, Abbey of. 
Penzance. EDMONDS, R. Statistical account of the bor 
ough of Penzance, in Cornwall. (In Statist. Soc. 

Journ., v. 2. 1839,40.) 




People. LA MENNAIS, II. F. R. de, Vabbe, Paroles 
d un croyant. [1833.] Le livre du peuple. 
[1837.] Une voix de prison. Melanges. 

Du passe ct de 1 avenir du peuple. [1841.] 

De 1 esclavage moderne. Paris, 1864. 12". 
Eng. of Paroles, etc. Words of a believer. 

N. Y.", 1834. 8. 
Eng. of Le livre. The people s own book ; 

tr. by N. Greene. Boston, 1839. 24. 
Polish. Ksiggi ludu. Brux., 1838. 16. 

- MICIIELET, J. Le peuple. 4eed. Par., 1866. 18. 

See also Democracy ; Labor ; Liberty; 
Poor ; Sociology. 

People s advocate, The; Feb. 16, 1822. Vol. 4, no. 4. Lon 
don, 1822. 8. (B 1854) 

People s ancient and just liberties, The, asserted in 
the tryal of W. Penn, and W. Mead. Lon 
don, l"670. 4. 

- Same. (In Phenix, v. 1. 1707; and in Penn, W. 

Select works, v. 1. 1781.) 

- Same. 2d pt. : Tryals of T. lludyard and 

others. London, 1670. 4. 
People s art union ; Historic gallery of portraits, etc. See 

Historic gallery. [18 .J 
People s College, The," I/ueana, JV". } . Public exercises at 

the laying of the corner-stone. (B 1612) 
People s friend and daily advertiser, Sept. 24, 

1806-Dec. 31, 1807." N. Y., 1806-07. f. 
Xote. From Aug. 3d 1807 called The daily advertiser. 
People s journal, The. Vol. 1-4, 6, 7. London, 

1846-[49?]. 6v. 8. 
People s lawyer, The; by J. 8. Jones. (In Sargent, E. 

Mod. stand, dr., v. 31.) 
People s magazine. Vol. 1-2. March 23, 1833- 

March 7, 1835. Boston, n.d. f. 
Peoria, 111. BALLANCE, C. History of Peoria, 111. 

Peoria, 1870. 8. 
Pep6, Gen. Guglielmo. Memoirs. London, 1846. 

3 v. 12. 

- Relation des evenemens a Naples, 1820-21. 

Paris, 1822. 8. 

Same. (In Pamphleteer, 1824; v. 28 of B 838) 

- Narrative of scenes and events in Italy, 1847- 

49. London, 1850. 2 v. 8. 

- French. Histoire dcs revolutions et des guerres 

d ltalie. Brux., 1850. 12. 

- REDDING, C. (In hi* Personal rcminis., v. 3. 1867.) 
Pepin I., of Lanclen, Mayor of the Palace, ct. 639. VIE 

de Pepin le vieux. (In Guizot. Col. des mem., 
v. 2. 1823.) 

- VITA, (hi Bouquet, liecueil, etc., v. 2. 1869.) 
Pepin ll., of llerittul, Mayor of the Palace, d. 714. Ex- 

CERPTA ex vitis sanctorum de P. (In Bouquet, M. 
Kecueil des hist., v.3. 1869.) 

Pepin in.,le Bref. Kimj of the Frank*, d. 768. EXCEHPTA ex 
vitis sanctorum de P. (In Bouquet, M. liecueil des 
hist., et -., v. 3. 1861.) 

EOINHARDUS. Annales. (In Guizot. Col. des mem., 

v. 3. 1824.) 

Pepin, Lake. ESTES, L. C. Antiquities on Lake Pepin. 
(In Smithsonian Inst. Reports, 1866.) 

Peploe, Samuel, Bp. of Chester. GASTRELL, P. 
Enquiry into the exercise of some parts of 
eccl. jurisdiction ; three letters to P. Ches 
ter, 1747. 8. 

Pepoli, Carlo. In morte del Canova, del V. Bellini, di C. 
Alkinson. Sulla tomba della contessa Plater. (In 
Poeti ital. couleinp. 1843.) 

Pepper. BLUME, C. L. Monographic der Oost-Indische 
pepersoorten. (In Batavia. Batav. Genootschap. 
Verhand., 1826.) 

Pepperell, Andrew, Funeral sermon on. 1751. See Stevens, 
B. (B 331) 

Pepperell, Sir Wm., and others. See Eastern In 
dians. MASS. Commissioners (p. 1843). 

- PARSONS, TJ. Life of P. Boston, 1855. 8. 
Same, abridged. (In Hunt, F. Lives of American 

merchants, v. 2. 1858.) 

funeral sermon on. 1759. See Stevens, B. (A 3, 
B 69, 70, W 25) 

Pepperell, Mass. BUTLER, C. History of Groton, 

P., etc. Boston, 1848. 8. 
Pepys, Lady Charlotte. Domestic sketches in 

Russia. London, 1861. 2 v. 16. 
Pepys, Samuel. Memoirs; comprising his diary 

from 1659-69 ; ed. by Lord Braybrooke. 

London, 1825. 2 v. 4. 
- Same. 5th ed. London, 1851. 4 v. 8. 

- HUNT, J. H. L. (In his Men, women, and books, v. 2 


Pequaukets. KIDDER, F. Expeditions of Capt. 

J. Lovewell ; [with] ace. of the Pequauket 

battle, etc. Boston, 1865. 8. 
Contents. Map of the locality of Lovewell s light. 
Causes and commencement of L. s war. L. s first and 
second campaigns. Biog. sketch of Rev. T. Symmcu. 
Hist. mem. of Pigwacket fight. Rev. Mr. Syinmos s 
sermon. Notes to Mr. Symmes s hist. mem. De 
spatches received by the Gov., and his orders. Con 
temporaneous accounts of the battle. Biog. sketch of 
Capt. L., Lieuts. Robbins and Far-well, of Ensign Wy- 
man, Frye, Lingfield, Kidder, Davis, Johnson, Farrar, 
Melvin, Richardson, Whiting, Asten, Austin, Jones, 
Chamberlain, and Hassell. Hist, of the Pequauket tribe. 
Ballads on L. s fight. Elegy on J. Frye. Index. 

SYMMES, T. Historical memoirs of the late fight at 

Piggwacket; with sermon. 2d ed. corr. Boston, 
1725. 8. (C 5) 

Same, without the sermon. Original account 

of Lovewell s great light. New ed., with 
notes, by N. Boutoii. Concord, 1861. 8. 

Pequet. See Pecquet. 

Pequot Indians. STILES, E. Memoir of the P. Indians. 
(In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 10. 18U9.) 

Pequot war. GARDENER, L. Relation of the Pequot 
warres. (In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 23. 1833.) 
UNDERBILL, J. History, etc. VINCENT, P. His 
tory, etc. (In v. 26. 1837.) 

- HUBBARD, Rev. W. War with the Pequods. (In his 

Narr. of the troubles. 1679; Present state. 1677; 
Hist, of Indian wars. 1865.) 

MASON, J. Brief hist., etc., 1637; introd. by T. Prince. 

(In Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 18. 1819.) 
Same. Boston, 1736. 8. (B 1119) 

Peraldus (or de Petra Alta, French Perault or de 
Peyrauta or Peyra), Guilelmus, Arbp. of 
Lyons. Summae virtutum ac vitiorum. Ant- 
verp., 1571. 2 v. 8. 

Perambulations of a mouse. (In Yonge, C. M. Store 
house. 1870.) 

Perception. FEARN. J. Essay on external perception. 
(yi Pamphleteer, 1815; v. 5. of B 838) 
See also Senses. 

Perceval. See also Percival. 

Perceval, Charles Spencer. Two rolls of arms of the reign 
of Edward I. (In Soc. of Antiq. Archaeologia, 
v. 39, pt. 2. 1863.) 

Perceval, John, 1st Karl of Egmont. See Impartial en 
quiry. 1741. Note. 

Perceval, John, 2d Earl of Egmont. Faction de 
tected by the evidence of facts. 3d ed. 
London, *1 743. 8. 

- Another copy. (B 760) 

Essay on the means of discharging the public debt. 

London, 1763. 8. (B 1535) 

DEFENCE of the people; or, Confutation of the Fac 

tion detected . 2d ed. London, 1744. 8. (B 760) 
Perceval, Spencer. BROCGIIAM, H., Ld. (In his States 
men of the time of George in., ser. 1. 1839.) 

TRIAL of J. Bellingham for the murder of P. See 

Bellingham, J. 
Perceval of Galles, Sir, The romance of. (In Halliwell, 

J.O. Thornton romances, 1844. Camden Soc., v. 30.) 
See also Chrestien de Troyes; Wolfram von 
Perch, Philemon. Dukesborough tales. Bait., 

1871. 8. 
Perch. JARDINE, Sir W. Natural history of 

fishes of the perch family. Edin., 1835." 16. 

(Jardine. Nat. lib., Ich., v. 1.) 
Percheron, Achille Remi. Bibliographie entomo- 

logique. Paris, 1837. 2 v. 8. 




Perchlorate of iron. BURIN DU BUISSON, A. M. B. 

Traite de 1 action therapeutique du perchlo- 

rure de fer. Paris, 1860. 8. 
Percier, Charles, and Fontaine, P. F. L. Maisons 

de plaisance de Rome et de ses environs. 

Paris, 1809. f. 
Percival. See also Perceval. 
Percival, Arthur P. Apology for the doctrine of 

apostolical succession ; with app. on the 

Eng. orders. N. Y., 1840. 12. 
Percival, Edward. On typhous fever. London, 

1819. 8. 
Percival, James Gates, M.D. Oration before the 

*.B.K. Society, Sept. 10. New Haven, 1822. 8. 

(B 573) 

Poem before the Connecticut Alpha of the Phi Beta 

Kappa Society, Sept. 13, 1825. Boston, 1826. 8. 
(B573, 1467) 

Poems. N. Y., 1823. 8". 

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See also Frankincense. 
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For lists of the English, French. German, Italian, 

Spanish, and American periodicals in the Library, me 

England ; France ; Germany ; Italy ; Spain ; 

United States. 

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between the Holy Alliance" and C. Finney, 

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gion, in sixe principles. A golden chaine; or, The 
description of theologie. Exposition of the symbole 
or creede of the apostles. Exposition of the Lord s 
praier. Treatise tending unto a declaration whether 
a man may be in the estate of damnation, or, in the 
estate of grace. Case of conscience. Direction for 
the government of the tongue according to God s word. 
Two treatises: Nature and practice of repentance; 
Of the combat of the flesh and spirit. Treatise how 
to live well in all estates and times, specially when helpes 
and comforts faile. Treatise of dying well. Discourse 
of conscience. A reformed Catholike; or. Declaration 
shewing" how neare we may come to the present Church 

of Rome in sundrie points of religion, and wherein wo 
must for ever depart from them. Declaration of the 
true manner of knowing Christ crucified Graine of 
musterd-seede. True gtlne more in worth then all the 
goods of the world. Warning against the idolatrie of 
the last times. _ Treatise of God s free grace and man s 
free-will. Treatise of the vocations or callings of men, 
with the sorts and kinds of tluin, and the right use 
thereof. 2. Contents of the three hookes of eases of 
conscience. Exposition of ch. i.-v. of the Epistle to the 
Galatians; with the continuation of the commentary 
upon ch. vl. Tr.-atise of tho manner and order of 

predestination, and of the largjnesse of God s grace. 

Treatise cone, the only true matrier and method of 
preaching. 3. Exposition of Christ s sermon in the 
Mount. Commentarle upon ch. ii. to the Hebrewes, 
cont. the cloud of f.iithfull witnesses. Exposition of 
ch. i.-iii. of the Revelation of S. John. C.jmbate be 
tween Christ and the IK vill; eomim-ntarie upon Christ s 
temptations. Exhortation to repentance, grounded 
upon Xeph. ii. 1, 2. The calling of the ministerie; 
declaring their duties and dignities, in two treatises; the 
first grounded on Job xxxiii. 23, 24; the second, on Isa. 
vi. 5-8. A fruitful dialogue cone the ende of the 
world, between a Christian and a worldling Exposi 
tion of Jud;?. Discourse of the damned art of witch 
craft, grounded on Kxod. xxii. 18. Resolution to the 
countreiman, proclaiming it utterly unlawfull to buy or 
use our yearely prog lostications. Short survey of the 
right manner of erecting and ordering of a family, 
according to the Scriptures. 

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Note. For previous reports gee Massachusetts 
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Extraits des mss. arabes. Du Cange, C. du F. Dis 
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Another to;/;/. (B 1816) 




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Cfmtmtx. I t. 1. The great pyramid. 2. The second 
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A ote. Vol. 1 was compiled from the original notes 
and journals of P. and his officers, by F. I.,. Hawks; 
v. 2 is Natural history , by D. S. Green and others, 
with illustrations; v. 3 has the title-page U. S. Japan 
Expedition; obs. on the zodiacal light, by G. Jones . 

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PERSIA (History) 



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Heinrici i., Ottonia magni, Ottonis n., Otto- 
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4. \Yanthuj. 

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6. \\initiittj. 

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Emend, et add. 

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11. Gesta arohi . pise. Salisburgenaium ; ed. W. Wat 
tenbach : De conversions BagoariorumetCarant -inorum 
libellns; Computationes saec. xn. de temp >re S. Rud 
berti; Vita Gebehardi archiepisc. auct. monacho 
Adm intsnsi ; Catalogue pra?sulinn Saliaburgensium ; 

Vita Geberhardi ; i assio Tiemonia ai-chiepisc. ; 
Vita Gebshardi. Taimonis, Chunratii, Eberhardi, Clum- 
radi n. arciiiepis; 1 . cum Clironico Admuntoi^i; I lauc- 
tua de obitu Friderici dueis Austri;e et epitaphium; 
Pas.sio Thieomnis archiepisc.; Vita Chunradi archie 
pisc. ; Eberhardi. Vita et miracula SS. Juvavcn- 
sium Virgilii, Hartwici, Eberhardi. Vita Meinwerci 
episc. Patherbrunnensis. Vita Godchardi episc. Hil- 
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Bernwardi; Vita Godehardi episc. prior; Vita 
Godehardi episc. posterior; Miracula; Versus in 
l.uulem sancti Godeliardi. Vita Stephani regis Unga- 
risi; ed. W. Wattenbaeh. Wiponis proverbia, tt tralo- 
gus Henrici regis. versus ad mens:im rcgis, vita Chuon- 
radi n. imp -ratoris. Vita Guntheri oromitse. Vita 
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Vita Annonis archiepisc. Colonien.sis; ed. K. K<epke. 

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Albensis ad Heinricum iv. imp. lib. vn; ed. K. Pertz. 

Index, etc. 

12. Vita Anselmi episc. Lucensis auct. Bardone pres- 
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Norberto abb. Iburgensi. Jocundi translatio S. Ser- 
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aldi, -1107. Kx translatio S. Auctoris, -1115. Mirac 
ula b. Eiiijidii auct. Petro Guillelmo, -1120. Seheri 
prlmordia Calraosiacensla, -llOa. Donizonia vita Ma- 
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ensis, -111(1. Canonic! Leodiensia eliron. rhytlimicuin, 
1110. Hessonis scholastic! relatio de conclllo Itemensi, 
-111!). Uodalacalcua de Kginone et Herimanno, -1120. 

Vita Theogeri abbatis S. Georgii et episc. Mettensis, 
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Vita Friderici * pisc Leonidensis, -112i. Xarr.itio de 
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Vita Karoli comitis Klandriaj, -1127. Rupertua de 
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Translatio Godehardi episc Ilildesheimensis, -1428. 
Ex Herimanni de miraculis S. Mari;e Iv.uidunensis 
lib. in. Vita Norberti aivhiepisc. Magdeburgensiu, 
-1134. Arnulfl archidiaconi in Girardum Engolismen- 
sem invectiva. V r itao Ottonis episc. Bamberflrensls, 

13, 14, 15. Wnntinri. 

16. Francia Orientalis. Annales Herbipolen- 
sea, 1125-5S, 1202-04, 15, Hileabrunnensea. 1099-1338. 

Xot:e Eberbacenses, 1186, 35,1460. Thuringia 
ct Saxonica. Ann. S. Petri Erphesfurdenscs, 1078- 
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14S4, Palidenses auct. Theodoro monacho ah o. c. 
-1182, 1390, Rosenveldenaea, 1057-1130, Magde- 
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Frisia et Hollandia. Ann. Egmundani, 875- 
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1141; Ex c. annalium Saxonicoram, 743-1147; Ex 
annalibus Winchecumbenaibua, 1052-1194; Ex c. 
annalium a nativltate Johannia, -1235 ; Ex annalibus 
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siec. XIII , 106t>-1271. Gallia. Annales Engolia- 
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Petri Coloniensis, 1247, Agrippinenses, 1092-1384. 
Index, etc., auct. K. Pertz. 

17. Francia Orientalis. Annales et notas Ba- 
benbergenaes, 1012-1501. Saxonia. Annales Bre- 
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Francia Ilhenenses. Ann. Moguntini, 1083- 
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116S, S. Nazarii, 936-978, Worin itiensea, 873-1366, 

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burani, 1109-1278; ed. Ph. Jaffe. Notto Dieaaenaea, 
1122-1432; ed. Ph. Jaffe. Annales et notre Unders- 
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Ann. et hist. Altahenaes ; ed. Ph. Jaffe: Auctarium 
Ekkehardi Altahenses, 508-1139; Ann. ducum Bava- 
riae, 508-907 ; Catalogus abbatum Altahenainm ; 
Nomina monachorum Altahenaium ; Hermannus de 
institution*; raonasterii Altahensis ; De advocatis Alta- 
hensibua; Geneal. Ottonis n. ducis Bavariao et Agae- 




tisducissas; Hermannus abbas A Itahcn sis de rebus 
Eiiis gestis, 1242-1273; Annales, 1137-1273; Abdica 
tions; Heinricus Steoro de Hermanni abbatis moite ; 

Contm. Altahensis, 1273-1290 ; Contin. Ratiabonen- 
sis, 1287-1301; HIT Altmanni abbatis Altaheni-is, 
1367; Notre Altahenses, 765-1585. Ann. 8. S. Udal- 
rici et Afrae Augustenses, 1100-1334; cd. Ph. JafFe. 
Notre Baumburgenaea, 10.")8-13S3; cd. 1 h. Jafl e.. Magni 
presbyter! annales Reicherspergenses, 021-1355 : cd. AV. 
Wattenbacb. Annalcs Aldcrsbacensea, 1273-1286, 
Osterhovenses, 43-1433, Historire ft annalcs Wind- 
bergenses, ed. Ph. Jarle, llfO-1407. Annalcs ct notas 
B. Emmerammi Ratisbonenses ct Weltenburgenaes, 
792-14(18, Ratibbonenses, -1201; ed. AV. Wattenbach, 

Eberhardi archidiaconi Ratisbonensis, 1273-1305; ed. 
Ph. Jarle, Pruvenigenaea, 770-1298; ed. "\V. AVatten- 
bach. Chounradi Sehirensis clironicon, catalog], 1077- 
1226; cd. I ll Jaft e. Bohemia et Moravia. An 
nalcs Gradicenses et Opatowicenses, 894-1158; ed. AV. 
Wattenbach. Vincentii et Gerlachi, 1140-1188 ; ed. AV. 
"\Vattenbach, Heinrici dc Heimburg, S61-1300. Bo- 
hemiae, 80-1453. 

18. Annales Italia;. Cafari annalcs, 1009-1163 : 
Cafari dc liberatione civitatum Orienlis liber, 1095-1109; 

Brevis regni Jeroaolymitani hist., 1019-1188 ; Contin. 
Jacobo Auriae. 1192-1294. Oberti canccllarii annalcs, 
1164-1173, Otoboni scriba?, 1174-11! 6, Ogcrii Panis, 
1197-1219, Marchisii scribae, 1220-1224, Bartholo- 
maei scribae, 1225-1248, Januenses, 1249-1264, Lan- 
franci Pignolli, Guilielmi de Murtedo, Marini Usus- 
maris it Henrici marchhmis de Gavio, 1L64, 1265, 
Marineti dc Marino, Guilielmi de Murtedo juris perito- 
rum, Marini Ususmaris ct Johannis Suzoboni laicorum, 
1265, 1206, Nicolai Guercii ct Guilielmi de Murtedo 
Ictoruni, Enriei Drogi et Bonivassalli Ususmaris laico 
rum, 1267-1269, Oberti Slanconi, Jacob! Aurie, Mar- 
chisini dc Cassino et Birtolini Bonifatii, 1270-1279, 
Jacobi Auriae, 12SO-1294, Mediolanenses, 1154-1230, 
382-1295. AnnaU B Placentini : Ann. Placentini Guelfi, 
1012-1235, Placcntini Gibellini, 1154-1284 ; Mutii 
dc Modoctia notse, 1290-1302; Mathei Vicecomitis lit- 
terre ad Placentinos de obitu Ottonis archiepisc., 1295, ct 
notae archiepisc. Mediolanensium, 12v)5-1317. Ann. Lan- 
denses auct. Ottone ct Acerbo Morcnis, 1153-1168; cd. 
Ph. Jaffe, Parmenses ct Ferrarienses, 1038-1335. - 
Carmina triumphalla dc Victoria civitatc i., n., in 
Ann. Cremonenses. 1096-1232. Chronic! Cremont-nsla 
frag., 1310-1317. Annalcs Bergoniates, 1167-1241; ed. 
Ph. Jafte, Krixienses, 1014-1273; ed. L. Bethmnnn. 

19. Annalium Jtalice pars atttra. Italia Supe 
rior. Annalcs Veronenses : 1095-1178; Ann. S. 
Trinitatis, 1117-1223; Parisii de Ccrcta, 1117-1277. 
Ann. Mantuani, 1183-1299. Rolandini 1 atavini chron- 
ica, 1200-60, 62; ed. P. Jaffe 1 . Ann. S. Justinse Pata- 
vini, 1207-70; ed. P. Jarle, Foroiuliensis, 1252-1331 ; 
ed. W. Arndt. Notae Passerini, 1343-64. Tuscia. 
Ann. Florentini, 1110-73, Seneses, 1107-1407, - 
Bernard! Marangonis Pisani, 1004-1175; ed. K. Pertz. 

Notre, 1128,48, 54. Terra ec desire Roman ae. 
Annalcs Reatini, 1054-1377 ; ed. I,. C. Bethmann, 
Urbevetani, 1161-1313. Not* Romanae, 1111-23. 
Annales Sublacenses, 1145-1216, Ceccanenses, -1217. 

Regum Siciliae. Ann. Casinenses, 1000-1212; 

Notae, 1349, 62, 1500. Ryccardi de S. Germano 
notarii chron., 1189-1243; Epistola ad patres Casinen- 
6C8 in fine vitae missa. Romoaldi II archiepisc. Saler- 
nitani annalcs, 893-1178; ed. AV. Arndt. Dc pace 
Veneta, 1177 ; ed. W. Arndt. Oli Diurnali di Messer 
Matteo di Giovenazzo; ed. H. I abst. Ann. Siculi, 
1027-1282. Marca Hispanica. Annales Barcino- 
nenses, -1149. Anglia. Annales Lindisfarnenses, 
532-993, Dunelmenses, 995-1199. Cnntonis rcgis 
gesta sive Encomium Emmas reginae auct. monachi S. 
Bertini. Pom crania; ed. W. Arndt. Annalcs ct 
notae Colbazienses, 17-1560. Notae Camienses, 1495, 
96, Prussia; ed. \V. Arndt. Ann. terras Prussicae, 
1029-1450, canonic! Sambiensis, 3-1338. Livonia. 
Ann. Dunemundenses, 1313-48; ed. AV. Arndt. Si 
lesia; cd. AV. Arndt. Ann. Wratislayiensis, 1149-1491 ; 

Notoe, 1200, 1682. Ann. Silesiaci comp., 967-1249, 

Grissowienses, 1230-1312, Cisterciensium in Hcin- 
ricbow, 971-1326; Notes, 1386, 1410. Ann. Heinrich- 
owenses, 977-1293, Lubenses, 1241-1315. Epitaphia 
ducum Silesiae, 1201-1342. Ann. Silesiae, 1071-1290. 
Chron. Polono-Silesiacum, -1278. Polonfa; ed. R. 
Ropell. Ann. Cracovienses, ab o. c. -1331, Lubin- 
enses, 1143-75, Kamenzenses, 965-1165, Polonorum, 
I, ii, in, iv, 965-1419. Nota3 Lublinensis, 1456-97. 
Ann. Mechoviensis, 947-14:34, S. Crucis Polonici, 966- 
1410. Ephemerides et notae Wladislaviensis, 1296- 
1366. Ungaria. Ann. Posinienaes, 997-1203; ed. 
W. Arndt. Index, etc. 

20. Suppl. tomi 1. Annalium saeculi octavi Werthi- 
ncusium fragm., 751-785. Annales Bawariaa, 697-811. 

S tppl- tomi 5. Ann. Altahenses, 708-1073; ed. AA il- 
helmo de Gicscbrccht et Eclmundo L B. ab Ocfclc : Pars 
auct. Wolf herio Hildenesheimensi, 70S-10">2; Ann. 
exccrpli ab Aventino, 708-816. /Siipf.l. ti.ini 7. Chron. 
Ebershergense, 880-1045; cd. AV. Arndt. Suppl. 
tomi 12. Anselmi (pise. Lucersis vitap primariae fnigm., 
1087; cd. AV. Arndt. Lanclulfl dc S Paulo historia 
Mediolancnsis. 1097-1137; cd. L. Bethmann et P. Jafle. 

Herbordi dialogus de vita Ottonis cpisc. Babcnbcrg- 
ensis; cd. R. Kopkc. Clir<>n. trri ^>i<riii. Ex Order- 
ici Vitalis hii-t. cedes. Ottonia e]>isc. Frisir gens-is 
opera; ed. H. AVilmans : Chron. ab Ottone Frisingensi 
episc. conscript! contin nuct., >iti videtur, Ottone S. 
BUisii nionacho; Gesta Fridcrici I. imp. auct. Ottone 
et Ragervino ; Epis-tola dc mortc impc ratoris, 1189 ; 
Triumplius S. Lamberti de castro Bullonico: ed. AV. 
Arndt. Ex vita S Mochullei Hiherniensis episc.; ed. 
K. Pcrtz. Historia pontificalia, 1148-52; cd. AV. 
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Arndt Reineri monachi S. Laurel, tii Leodiensis opera 
historica; cd. AV. Arndt: A ita Everacli cpisc. Leodien- 
sis, AVolbodonis, Reginardi ; Libellus de ad- 
ventu rcliquir.rnm S. Laurcntii martyris in Lcodium ab 
urbc Roma Ludovici scnioris Leodiencis; Trinnipbalc 
Bulonicon ; De incptiis cuiusdam idioto? libcllus ad 
ainicum primus et secundus; Contin. dc abbatibus S. 
Laurcntii usque ad 1404; Opusculnm cuiusdam ad 
arnicnm de casu fulminis, 1182; Libellus gratiarum 
actionis ad beatum Lanreiitium super dedicationc nova, 
1182; Brcviloquhmi de incendio S. Lamberti, 11SS7. 
Casng monastcrii Petrishusensis recog Ottone Abel et 
L AVciland. Fundatio monasterii Gratiae Dei circa 
1147; cd. I abst. Index, etc. 

21. Helmoldi prcsb. chron. Slavornm, 800-1172, ex 
schedis I. M. Lappcnbcrg. Arnoldi abbatis Lubccen- 
sis chronica, 1172-1209, recens. I. M. Lappcnbcrg. 
Chron. Holtzatiae auct. prcsbyt. Bremensis dicccesis, 
1172-1248, recens. I. M. Lappenberg. Gista :,bbatum 
Lobbiensium, 972-1156; ed. AV. Arndt. Chron. Lau- 
reshamense. 764-1179; ed. K. A. F. Pcrtz. Hist. 
Welforum AVingartcnsis, 800-1167; ed. I,. AVeiland. 
Contin. Staingademensis. 1167-91. Contin. \Vcingarl- 
enses chron. Hugonis ct Honorii ; ed. L AVciland, 1152- 
1208. Gisleberti chron. Hanonicnse. 1070-1195; ed. AV. 
Arndt. Appendices. Index, Glossarium, auct. L. 

22. Gotifredi A itcrbicnsis opera; ed. G. AVaitz: cum 
contin. ct add. Martini Oppaviensis chron. pontificum 
et imp.; ed. L. AVciland. Thoinae Tusci gesta imp. et 
pontiricum: ed. E. Ehrcnfcucbtcr. Annalcs S. Panta- 
leonis Coloniensis; cd. II Cardauns ; Index [u] 
glossarium, auct. E. Ehrenfeuchter. 

23. Annalcs B. Victoria Massi .icnses. Chron. Gur- 
cenae ; cd. AV. AVattcnbach, 10SS-1180 Mon. Epter- 
nacensia ; cd. L. Weiland: Ex vita S. AVillibrordi auct. 
Thiofrido abbate, -1100; Cat. abbatuin. 738-1110, 897- 
153H ; Chron. auct. Theoderico nionacho, 726, 1191 ; 
Libellus de libcrtate Eptcrnacensi, 720, 1192. Gesta 
episc. Halberstadensium; cd. L. Weiland, 781-1209. 
Gesta Alberti II. episc. Halbcrstadcnsis, 1324-49. - 
Chron Montis Sercni ; ed. E. Ehrenfeuchter, 1124-1225. 

Gencalogia Wettinensis. Henrici chron. Lyvon- 
i;e; ed. AV. Arndt, 1186-1227. Burchardi et Cuonradi 
I rspergensium chron. ; cd. O. Abel ct L. AVeiland, 1229. 

Hystoria Friderici imp. magni. Exccrptum ex 
Gallica historia. C hron. S.Michaelia Luneburgensis; 
ed. TJ. Weiland, 937-1229. Tituli Luneburgenses. 
Gesta episc. Traiectensium ; ed. L. AVciland, 1139-1232. 

C hron. Eberaheimense ; ed. L. AVeiland, 1235. 
Emonis et Menkonis Werumensium cliron. ; ed. L. 
AVciland, 1204-96. Gesta abbatum Ilorti S. Marias ; 
ed. L. AVeiland, 1230-59. Cliron. Ottenbnranum ; ed. 
L. Weiland, 764-1235. Albrici monachi Triumfontium 
chron.; ed. P. Scheffer-Bolchorst, 1241. Index. 
Glossarium scrinsit L. Weiland. 

A ote. Vol. 1, 2 of tile Monumenta := v. 1, 2 of the 
Scriptores; v. 3, 4, = 1, 2 of the Leges: 5-14 = 3-12 of 
Scriptores; 15 = 3 of Leges; 16-23=16-23 of Scriptores. 
Vol. 4, 6 of the Scriptores are out of print and very 
ccarce; 13-15 have not been published. 

- Einzelne Aufgaben: Denksehrift. (In Historische 

Zeitschrift, 1859.) 

- Ucbcr cine frankische Kosmographie des 17n Jahrh. 

(In Berlin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1845.) Ueber 
das xantener Reeht. (In 1846.) Ueber ein Bruch- 
stiick des 9Sen Buchs des Livius. (In 1847.) 
Ueber die Denkwiirdigkciten dcr Markgrafln von 
Bayreuth. (In 1850.) Ueber AVipo s Lebcn und 
Bcbriften. (In 1851.) Ueber die A ita Chrode- 
gangi episc. Mettensis. (In 1852.) Ueber die iil- 
testen placentiner Chroniken. (hi 1853.) Ueber 
eine rheinische C hronik des 13n Jahrh. (In 1855.) 
Ueber die gedruckten Ablassbriefe von 1454, 55. 



PERU (History) 

( / 1S56.) Ucher einige Hdschr. der deutschen 
Rei-hts- und GesetzbUchei. (In 1857.) Ueber die 
polit. Bodeutung de .Jahres 1810. ( In 1861.) - 
Ueber die Berliner und die vaticnnisehen Blatter der 
Hlti-Men H.lschr. des Virgils. (In 1863.) 
Peru. Constitution para la republica peruana ; 
[y otros documentor] Lima, 1826. 12. (A 34) 

- Minixtt-o t/e f. ntndo y Krlarionrg Kxttriortx. Peruvian 

pamphlet; exposition of the administrative labours 
of the Peruvian government, etc., by the Minister 
of State. London, 1823. 8. (B 1082) 


- ESCAT.ONA y AOVKKO, G. dc. Gazophilacium 

rcgiuni Perubicum in quo inatena. 1 spcct. ad 
administrationem et conserv. jurium rcgalium 
reg. Peruani. Matriti, 1775. f. 


- FAI.HE.C. T. Vases antiques du P. (In Copenhagen. 

Kong. Nord. Oldsk. Selsk. Mem , 1840-44.) 

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meiiN du P., du temps des lucas. (In Berlin. Ak. 
d. Wiss. Abh., 1746.) 


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flora Peruviana; et Chilensis. Tome 1. 
[Madrid,] 1798. 8. 


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on the trade between theU. S. and P., July 31. 
Wash., 1854. 8". 


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other researches in New Granada, Teru, etc. 
London, 1860. 8. 

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P. de. Mexiquc. 184.3. Univ.) 

- ClK.OA de, P. [1532-50.] (Vol. 1 of bin IIMoria 

del P. 1060: atii/ in Vedia, E. de. Hist. prim, 
do Indias, v. 2. 1862; v. 26 of Aribau. Bibl.) 
Knrj. Travels; tr. by C. R. Markham. Lon 
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See alxn Aymara Indians; Cuzco ; Lima. 


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See also Biogruphy, below. 

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Five engraved outlines of the principal heads 

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PRESERVATION of health and use of Peruvian syrup. 

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Content*. La mascarade du Parnnssc. L ecole du 
temps. Esope au Parnasse. Le songe do Cidaiise. 
Etrennes d une jcune muse au public. 

Note. Each of these has a separate title page and 

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See nlsto Black death; Epidemics; Plague. 
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1580. (In Hakluyt, II. Col. of voy., v. 1. 1809.) 
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Animadversiones, etc. (In Epiphanius. Opera, v. 2. 


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Note. Prefixed is De Photino haerotico. 

De vcteri anno Romanorum. Kalendarium vetus 

Rom., etc. (In Grsevius. Thes. antiq. Rom.,v. 8. 




- NICF.RON, J. P. (In i,is Mem.,v.37. 173"; and, 

Germ., V. 1. 174 J.) 

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Nov. thes. iintiq. liom., v. 2. 1718.) 

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Petechial fever. See Spotted fever. 

Petellidea (Jnu*sin*. Fragin. (In Mueller, C. Frag. hist. 

Gr., v. 4. 1851.) 

Peter. See alto Petrus ; Pedro ; Pierre. 
Peter, St. BOCLLANGER, X. B. (In his (Euvres, 

v. 6. 1792.) 

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the residence and episcopacy of St. Peter in Koine. 
(In hi* Works, v. 2. 1849.) 

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Pierre. (In \. 25. 1865.) 

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G, J. von. [Curious and 
remarkable anecdotes of P. In Russian. St. 
Petersb.,] 1786. 8. 

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(Euvres. v. 6. 1802.) 

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See alao Charles xn., of Sweden. 

Peter n., Emperor of Knxnia. GALITZIN, A. (fn kin La 
Russie au ISe siec.Io. 1863.) 

Peter in., Emperor of Rimnia. POINSOT. . (fn /tin Morts 
royalea. 1807.) 

Peter, Cardinal and Rp. of Augxburg. Litcraj indulgen- 
tiarum in ecclesiw Brenziunee gratiam. (In Schel- 
horn, .1. G. Armcn. lit., v. 12. 1"30.) 

Peter, Up. of Alexandria. Historical notice. Genuine 
acts of Peter. Canonical epistle; with the com 
mentaries of Theodore Balsamon and John Zonaras. 
Letter to the Church at Alexandria. Fragment 
from the book on the Godhead. Fragment from 
the homily on the advent of our Saviour. Fragm. 
from the homily on the sojourning of Christ with us. 
- That up to the time of the destruction of Jeru 
salem, the Jews rightly appointed the 14th day of 
the first lunar month. Of the soul and body. 
On St. Matthew. From a sermon or a treatise on 
theology ; tr. by J. B. H. Hawkins, (fn Methodius. 
Writings. 1869.) 

Peter de Ritpibux. See Petrus <le Rnpibu*. 

Peter of Rloia. See Petrus Blemnnis. 

Peter of Cliiny. See Petrus Cluniacensis. 

Peter. See alw Peters. 

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1815. 4. (E 40) 

Peter, Heinrich. Johan de Witt. (In Historische Zeit- 
Bchr., v. 13. 1865.) 

Peter, Hugh, fife Peters. 

Peter, Karl Franz Baldwin. Die Literatur cler 

Faustsage bis Ende des Jahres 1850. 2e 

verm.Aufl. Lpz., 1851. 8. 
Peter, Robert C., M.I). Review of Caldwell s Physiology 

vindicated . Cincin., 1843. 8. (B 1560) 
Peter, W. Thoughts on the present crisis. (In Pamphlet 
eer, 1816; v. 8 of B 838) 
Peter Carradine ; or, The Martindale pastoral ; by 

C. Chesebro. N. Y., 1863. 12. 
Peter Dimringer von Staufenberg. (In Simrock, K. Die 

deutschen Volksbiicher, v.3. 1846.) 
Peter Parley, pxeud. See Goodrich, S. G. 
Peter Plymley, pseud. S<-e Smith, S. 
Peter Porcupine, pxeud. See Cobbett, S. 
Peter Schlemihl ; von A. von Chamisso ; hrsg. von 

La Motte Fouque. Xiirnberg, 1814. 16. 

- Eny. Tr. by W. Howitt. X. Y., 1844. 8. 

- Siime. eftnti-t. (fn Hedge, F. H. Prose writers of 

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stein. Berlin, 1851. 2 v. 8. 
Peter Simple; by F. Marryat. Phila., 1833. 3 v. 


Same. Lpz., Taucfinitz, 1842. 16. 

Peter Wilkins: or, The flying islanders, a melo-dramntic 
spectacle, (fn Sargent, E. Mod. stand, dr., v. 19.) 

Peterborough and Monmouth, Charles, Earl of. See 
Mordaunt, C. 

Peterborough. BRITTOX, J. Hist, and antiq. of 
the Abbey and Cathedral Church of P. Lon 
don, 1828. 4". 

- CHROXICON Petroburgense ; cur. T. Stapleton. 

London, 1849. 4. (Camden Soc., v. 47.) 
See alto Burgh Monastery. 

Peterborough, Rp. of. See Clavering, R. ; Cumberland, 
R. ; Hinc hcliffe, J. ; Rennet, W. ; Madan, 
S. ; Marsh, II. ; Terrick, R. ; Thomas, J. ; 
White, T. 

Peterborough, X. II. MORISON.J. H. Address at the cen 
tennial celebration. Boston, 1839. 8". (B 1599) 

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no lie Krforschungen auf dem Gesammtgebiete der 

Petermann, Julius Heinrich. Beitrage ZH der Gcschichte 
der Kreuxziiirc nus armenischen Quellen. (In Ber 
lin. Ak. d. Wiss. Abh., 1860.) Ueber den Dialect 
der Armenier von Tiflis. (In 1866.) 

Peters. See also Peter. 

Peters, Carl Ferdinand. KrklUningen. See Hanfstaengel, F. 

Peters, Christian August Friedrich, ed. See Zeitschrift 
fiir pop. Mittheilungen aus dem Gcbie.te Astron. 

Peters, De Witt C. Life and adventures of Kit 
Carson. X. Y., 1859. 8". 

Peters or Peter, Hugh. Tales and jests ; with ac 
count of his life and execution. London, 
1660, reprinted 1807. 8. 

- Two letters, 1654. (hi Mass. Hist. Soc. Col., v. 21. 

1835.) Letter to Gov. Winthrop, 1647. (fn Proc., 

- HISTOKICAL and critical account of P. London, 1751. 

8. (B 704) 

- PETERS, 8. History of P. X. Y., 1807. 8. 

TRIAL of P. (fn Trials of Charles i, etc. 1832. Fam. 

lib., v. 39.) 
Peters, John 11., Jr. Miscel. remarks upon the 

Chinese, suggested by the Chinese Museum. 

Boston, 1845. 8. 
Peters, Joseph. Observations of a solar eclipse, Oct. 27, 

1780, St. John s Island, (fn Amer. Acad. Mem., 

v. 1. 1785.) 

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bandman. London, 1776. 8. 
Peters, Mrs. Phillis (Wheatley). Elegy to the 

memory of 8. Cooper. Boston, 1784. 8". (B 281) 

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ODEI.L, M. M. Memoir and poems of Phillis 

Wheatley. Boston, 1834. 12. 

Same. Also poems by a slave [G. M. Hor- 

ton]. Boston, 1838. l8. 




SHURTLEFF, X. B. Biog. notice of P. NOTICE of a 

Muni. of I , by XI. M. Odd]. (In Mass. Hist. Soc. 
Proc., 1863-64.) PROPOSALS for printing P. s 
poems and letters, 1779. (In 1864-65.) 

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of Paris. Phila., 1797. 8". (W 42; 

Discourse on agriculture, 9 Jan. Phila., 1816. 8". 


Fac-simile of Gen. Washington s hand-writing; and 

sketches of his private character, n.t.p. [1811.1 8. 

Various articles.] (In Phil. Agric. Soc. Mem., v. 1- 

3. 1808-14.) 

See also Pennsylvania. Commissioners to treat 
with the Indians. 

DALLAS, A. J., and others. Depositions [in the 
case of 8. Chase and P.], n.t.p. [1804.] 8". 

Another copy. (B 504) 

Peters, Richard, Jr. Correspondence upon charges 
of errors in his reports.] n.t.p. [183.] 8". (B1756) 

- Report, Cherokee nation against Georgia. 

Phila., 1831. 8". 

Report, E. Priggs vs. Pennsylvania. Phila., 

1842. 8". 

The whole proceedings in the case of Olmsted and 

others, >:s. Hittenhouse s executrices. Phila., 1809. 
8". i.B 412, W 12) 

Peters, Samuel Andrew. General history of Con 
necticut. London, 1781. 8". 

- History of Hugh Peters. N. Y., 1807. 8. 
Peters and Grigg. See Wheaton atid Donaldson vs. 

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3d ed. Edin., 1819. 3 v. 8". 
- Same. 1st Amer. ed. X. Y., 1820. 8". 
Petersburg, Va. U. S. Senate. Report of the 

committee on the conduct of the war on the 

attack on P., 30 July, 1864. Wash., 1865. 8". 
Chrintian Commission. Kecord of the federal dead 

buried from Libby prison, City Point, and in the 

tield before Petersburg, and Richmond. Phila., 

1805. 8". (B 1959) 

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logu-a ; quid Ecclesias Christians notio. 

Gott., 1822. 4". 
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