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Full text of "Catalogue of the library of the Patent office"

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By darling & SON, Ltd., 1-3, Great St. Thomas Ai-ostle, E.G. 

Published at the PATENT OFFICE, 25, SouTHAMrTON Bttildings 

Chancery Lane, London, W.C. 









Am. L. D. [i.e. Audot'^. Art de fabriquer toutes sortes 
d'ouvrages en Papier. 3me ed. Paris. 1834. 24°. 

A., V. [i.e. Viet. A)itn!?ie1. L'Alchimie et I'Electro- 
chimie. Paris, 1855. 8°. (11589) 

A-XT., W. Die Waffen in der internationalen Welt- 

Leipzig, 1874. 8° 


ausstellung zu Wien, 1873. 

Aaron, Chas. Howard. Assaying. San Francisco, 
1884-85. 3 pts. in 2 vols. sm. 8". (19759) 

— Leaching Gold and Silver Ores. The "Plattner" 
and "Kiss" Processes. San Francisco, 1881. 8°. 

AbbasB, F. W. [Handbuch der gesamraten Metall- 
giesseroi.] See WtJST, F. Handbuch der Metall- 
giesserei. 2te von Grund aus neu bearbeitete 
Auflage der " Metallgiesserei " von Abbass. 1897. 
8". (86^2) 

Handbuch der geaammten Metallwaarenfabrika- 

tion. In zwei Theilen. ler Theil. (Neuer Schau- 
platz der Kiinste, 47.) Weimar, 1876. 8°. and 4°. 
atlas. (17729) 

Abbatla, Ant. de. Ein Send-Brieff von Verwandel- 
ung der Metallen. See Tetzen, J. de, and others. 
Drey . . . chymische BUcher. 1670. 8°. 

Abbe, Cleveland. The Mechanics of the Earth's 
Atmosphere. 1891. pp. 324. See Smithsonian 
Misc. Coll. Vol.34. (1110) 

The same. Another copy. Washington, 1893. 8°. 

• (24538) 

— ^ Treatise on Meteorological apparatus and 
methods. (f/.S. War Depl. Signal Office Report, 
1887, pt. 2.) Washingloji, 1888. 8". (13840) 

Abbe, Ernst. Neuo Apparate zur Bestimmung des 
Brechungs-und Zerstreuungs-Vermiigens fester and 
fliiasiger Kurper. (Reprint.) Jena, 1874. 8°. 

- See CzAPSKi, S. Theorie der optischen Instru- 
mente nach Abbe. 1893. 8°. (23963) 

P 10069—275 & 25—6/97 Wt 25286 D & S (B) 

Abbot, Henry Larcom, Brig.-Gen. See Humphreys, 
A. A., and Abbot, H. L. Report upon the Physics 
and Hydraulics of the Mississippi River, etc. 1861. 
4°. (13865) 

Report upon experiments etc. to develop a system 

of Submarine Mines for defending the Harbors of 
the U.S. (J7.S. War Dept. Bureau of Engineers. 
Prof. Pa2iers,'No.23.) Washington, 1881. 4°. (7364) 

Siege Artillery in the Campaigns against 

Richmond, with notes on the 15-inch gun. {ibid. 
No. 14.) New York, 1868. 8°. (13370) 

Abbot, Jacob. Science for the young — Light. New 
York, 1871. sm. 8°. (15604) 

Abbott, A. C, .M.D. The principles of Bacterio- 
logy. 3rd ed. London, 1896. 8°. (24869) 

Abbott, Alex. Y., C.E. The electrical transmission 
of Energy. New York, 1895. 8". (24772) 

Abbott, Chas. Conrad, M.D. Primitive Industry : 
or illustrations of the handiwork of the Native Races 
of the Northern Atlantic Seaboard of America. 
Salem, Mass., 1881. 8°. (51) 

Abbott, Chas. Nash, bee-master. See Britisu Bee 
Journal, Vols. i-ix. 1873-82. 8^ (113i8) 

Abbott, Francis. Treatise on the management of 
Public Clocks, particularly Church Clocks. 2nd ed. 
London, 18.35. 8". (3945) 

The same. 3rd ed. London, 1839. 8°. (2605) 

Abbott, Sir Fred., Major-Gen. See East Indl*. 
Co-MPA.NY. Report by Sir F. Abbott on Boydell'a 
Traction Engine. 1858. fol. (24967) 

Practical treatise on permanent Bridges for 

Indian Rivers. A<jra,18Al. 8". (1691) 

The same. 2nd ed. With a description of the 

use of Wells for foundations, by P. T. Cautley. 
(Reprint.) Agra, 1850. 8". (1730) 

Abbott, Geo. Essay on the Mines of England. 
Lmdon, 1833. 8". (2556) 

Abbott, Thos. Kingsmill, Rev. Elementary theory 
of tin- Tides. London, 1888. p. 8°. (22758) 

A. B. C. The A. B. C. of Photography. 5th ed. 

London, 1857. sm. 8'. (12186) 

Abdank-Abakanowicz, Br. Leg Intdgraphes, 
la Courbe intiigrale et ses applications. Paris, 

A Becket, Wm. 

See Becket, Wm. ft. 




Abel, Chas. D., Engineer. The action of the Patent 
L:iW8 in promoting Invention. London, 1864. 8". 

Rudimentary principles of Machinery. ( Weale't 

Series.) London, 1860. 12°. (2978) 

and Xmray, John. Patents, Designs, and Trade 

Marks. — An outline of Laws and Procedure, etc. 
London, 1880. 8°. (5442) 

Abel, Sir Fred. Aug., F.R.S. 
See Ho.ME Office. Accidents with Mineral Oil 
Lamps. Report from Sir F. Abel and B. 
RedwQod. 1890. fol. (8901) 

Nohi,e,\A., and Auki., F. A. Researches on 
Explosives — fired Gunpowder. 1875. 4°. 

War Oi'FirE. Report on the Gas Reverbera- 
tory Furnaces used in Silesia. 1857. fol. 

Electricity applied to explosive purposes. See 

Inst. Civil Engineers: Practical applications of 
Electricity. 1884. 8°. (12720) 

On recent investigations and applications of 

Explosive agents, a lecture. {Brit. Assoc, 1871.) 
Edinburgh, 1871. 8=. (15581) 

and Bloxam, Chas. L. Handbook of Chemistry. 

ZonrfoH, 1854. 8^ (13038) 

Abel, Gustav. See Vincent, L. Die Drainage. 6te 
Aufl. bearbeitet von G. Abel und O. Vincent. 
1882. 8". (20984) 

Abel, .1/™. Mary H. Practical sanitary and eco- 
nomic Cooking. 1890. See American Public 
He.\ Association : Lomb Essay, No. 5. (15592) 

Abel, Niels H. CEuvres mathematiques completes. 
Christiania, 1839. 2 vols, in one. 4°. (5735) 

Abela, Eduardo. See Reform a Agricola (la). 
1808. fol. (1533) 

Abele, Hyacinth. Die Violine, ihre Geschichte und 
ihr Bau. 2te Aufl. Neuburg, 1874. 8°. (18387) 

Abeljanz, — . Bier. 1884. See Schweizerische 
Landesausstelldno. Berichte. Gruppo 25. Abt 4 
8". (2.3052) 

Abercorn, James Hamilton. 6M Earl. See 

Calculations. Calculations, etc. relating to the 

attractive virtue of Loadstones. 1729. 8*. 

Abercromble, John. The complete forcing 
Gardener. London, 1781. 12". (5277) 

The Garden Mushroom, its general culture, etc 

London, 1802. 12°. (15943) 

Abercromby, David, M.D. Academia Scientiarum, 
or the Academy of Sciences. London, 1687. 12" 

Tuta ac efiicax Luis Venerea;, sjepe absque 

mercurio etc. curandse methodus. Londim 1684 
8". (.TiOO) 

Abercromby, Hon. Ralph. Principles of Fore- 
casting by means of Weather Charts. 2nd ed. 
{Meteorological Office.) London, 1885. 8°. (4760) 

Aberdeen, Geo. Gordon, 4M Earl. An inquiry 
into the principles of Beauty in Grecian Architec- 
ture. ( Weale's Series.) London, 1860. 12°. (6012) 

Aberdeenshire Agrrlcultural Association. 

Reports of Proceedings. Aberdeen, 1875-82. fol. 

Abernathoy, R. Jas. Practical hints on Mill 
Building. Moline, III., 1880. 8°. (12520) 

The true short system [of Milling]. Kantas 

City, Mo., 1889. 4°. (23021) 

Abernethy, J. P. The modern service of corn* 
i mercial and railway Telegraphy. 6th ed. Cleveland, 
(Mo, 1887. sm. 8°. (22674) 

Abernethy, Jas., Engineer. Set Fowler, J., and 
others. International communication between 
England and the Continent. 1869. fol. (19308) 

Ablett, Wm. H. 

See Roland, A. The drainage of land, etc. Edited 
by W. H. Ablett. 1887. 8°. (23250) 

Farming for pleasure and profit. Edited 

by W. H. Ablett. New ed. 1891. 8°. 

English Trees and Tree-Planting. London, 

1880. 8°. (20442) 

Market Garden Husbandry. London, 1881. 8°. 


Abney, Wm. de Wiveleslie, Cajit., F.R.S. 

See Eder, J. M. The chemical effect of the Spec- 
trum. From the German, etc., by W. de W. 
Abney. 1883. 8°. (8935) 

PizziOHELLi, J., and Hdbl, A. Platinotype. 
Edited by W. de W. Abney. 1883. 8°. 

Schellen, H. Spectrum Analysis. Edited by 
W. de W. Abney. 2nd ed. 1885. 8° 

Colour measurement and mixture. London 

1891. sm. 8°. (22827) 

Colour Vision. (Tyndall Lecture.) London 

1894. 8°. (24294) 

Instruction in Photography. London, 1874 

sm. 8°. (16421) 

The same. 6th ed. London, 1884. sm 8°. 


The same. 9th ed. London, 1892. 16°. 


Light and Colour. 1888. See Society of 

Arts. Cantor Lectures, Vol. 3, No. 15. (19945) 

Notes on the Chemistry of Building-materials. 

3rd ed. 1888. See School of Military En- 
gineering, Chatham. Lectures. (23287) 

Photography and the Spectroscope. 1885. See 

Society of Arts. Cantor Lectures, Vol. 1, No. 4. 

Photography with Emulsions. 2nd ed. London, 

1882. 12^. (8194) 

Photometry 1894. See Society of Arts. 

Cantor Lectures, Vol. 5. (19945) 

Recent advances in Photography. 1882. ibid. 

Vol. i, No. 2. (19945) 



Abney, Win. de W. — conl. 

A treatise on Photography. {Text books of 

Science.) London, 1874. sm. 8°. (18350) 

- The same. 5th ed. (ihkl.) London, 1888. sm. 8°. 

and Clark, Lyonel. Platinotype, its prepara- 
tion and manipulation. London, 1895. sm. 8°. 

and Robinson, H. P. Art and practice of 

Silver-printing. io«rfo?i, 1888. sm. 8°. (21531) 

Abram Cox. See Qoii. Stove Co. 

Abraml, C. See Hennebert, A., and Ai!R.\.mi, C. 
Notes sur la construction des Chemins de fer de 
Thessaly. 1889. 2 vols, fol, (22249) 

Abr^R'^. Abreg6 de la Vie des Peintres. [By R. 
de Piles.] Paris, 1699. 8^ (1.3712) 

Abt, Friedr. Die Praxis des Lokalbahn-Betriebes. 
Muncheti, 1890. 8°. (22682) 

Abt, Roman. Die Seilbahn am Giessbach. 1880. 
See ScHWEiz. Ingenieur. und Akchitektkn "Ver. : 
Techn. Mittheilungen. Heft. 16. (17801) 

Zahnradbahnen (System Riggenbach). 1878. 

See HEUsiNr.ER v. Waldegc, E. Handb. flir Bisen- 
bahn-technik. Bd. 5. Cap. iv. Abth. I. (15055) 

Abu All, Ibn. Sina. See Avicenna. 

Academia Freiberg'ensis. 

MiE zu Freiberg. 

See BerCt-Akade- 

Academla Re^ia ZTeapolltana. See Reale 


Academia Sclentiarum Imp. Fetropoli- 
tana. See Academie Imt. iies Sciences de S'l'. 

Academie des Beaux-Arts. Dictionnaire de 

I'Acudi'-mie des Heaux Arts. I'aris, 1858, etc. 8*^. 

Acad^oile des Sciences, Paris. Histoire [ct 
Mriniiires] de I'Acadrmie etc. dupuis son ('^tablisse- 
nient en 1666 [jusqu'cn 1699]. " The third and 
succeeding vols, are entitled " M<imoires de 1' 
Academie " etc. Parin, 1729-33. 11 vols. 4". 

[^Continued as'\ 

Histoire de rAcad(5mio . . . avec les momoires 

de mathumatique et de physique. 1699-1790. Paris, 
1718-97. 92 vols, in 96. 4". (17721) Anneet 
1699 und 1700 are 2nd editions, Annie 1710 Neived. 

The Philosophical History and Memoirs of the 

Royal Academy etc. at Paris ; or an abridgment of 
all the papers etc. from 1699 to 1720. Translated 
and abridged by J. Martyn and E. Chambers. 
London, 1742. 5 vols. 8". (456) 

[De la Grandeur et do la Figure de la Terre. 

Par J. Cassini.] Suite det Meinoires 17 IS. Paris, 
1720. 4". (11309) 

Elements de la Geomiitrie de I'lnfini. Par M. 

de FonteneUe. Suite det .Mimoires. Paris, iTlT. 4". 

Traiti'' physique et historique do I'Aurore 

Boreale. Par M. de Mairan. Suite des .Meinoires 
1731. 2mo. rd. /'an*, 1754. 4'. (17933) 

Academic des Sciences, Paris— cont. 

La Meridienne de I'Observatoire Royal de Paris 

venfit-c . . . Par M. C'assiui de Thury. Avec 
des observations d'histoire naturelle faites dans les 
provinces tnaverst-es par la mi'ridienne, par M. le 
Monnier f(c. Suite des Memoires 1740. Paris, IT iO. 
4°. (17925) 

La Figure de la Terre, determint'e par les 

observations de MM. Bouguer et de la Condamine 
. . . envoj'es par ordre du Roy au POrou pour 
observer aux environs de I'Equateur. Avec une 
relation abregt'e de ce voyage etc. Par M. Bouguer. 
Suite aux Memoires 1744. Paris, 1749. 4°. (17927) 

Justification des Memoires de 1' Academie . . . 

de 1744, et du livre de la Figure de la Terre. Par 
M. Bouguer. 2e ed. PaW.s-,'l809. 4°. (17937) 

Traite de Calcul differentiel et integral. Par M. 

Fontiine. Suite aux Memoires. Pans, 1770. 4°. 

El^mens d'Astronomie. Par M. Cassini. Paris, 

1740. 4°. (14922) 

Journal du Voyage de M. le Marquis de Courtan- 

vaux, sur la fregate " I'Aurore," pour essayer, 
plusieurs Instrumens relatifs a la longitude. Mig 
en ordre par M. Pingre etc. Paris, 1768. 4°. 

Journal du Voyage ... a I'Equateur, servant 

d'Introduction historique a la mesure des trois 
premiers degr^s du Meridien. Par M. de la 
Condamine. Paris, 1751. 4°. (17930) 

Memoire sur le choix et I'etat des lieux oil le 

passage de Venus du 3 Juin, 1769, pourr.i etre 
observe etc. Par M. Pingre. Imprime a part, avant 
les Memoires 1766-67. Paris, 1767. 4°. (18979) 

Mesure des trois premiers degrees du Meridien 

dans r Hemisphere Austral etc. Par M. de la Conda- 
mine. Paris, 1751. 4°. (17929) 

;- Tables astronomiques du Soleil, de la Lune, des 

Etoiles fix6s, et des Satellites de Jupiter et do 
Saturne etc. Par M. Cassini de Thury. Paris, 1740. 
4°. (17926) 

Tabulie astronomical. Adjecta sunt descriptio 

et usus instrunientorura Astronomia; etc. Autore P. 
de la Hire. Parisiis, 170-2. 4°. (11307) 

Voyage ... en 1750 et 1751, dans I'Amerique 

soptentrionale, pour rectifier les cartes des cotes de 
I'Acadie, do I'lsle Royale, et de I'lsle de Terre - 
Neuve, etc. Par M. do Chabert. Paris, 1753. 4°. 

Jugoraent de 1' Academie et rapport de MM. les 

Commissaires qui approuve le nouvel Echappoment 
de Montres du Sieur Caron, fils. Paris, 1754. 12°. 

Rapport de MM. les Commiss;iires nommea par 

I'Academie pour examiner une nouvelle Pendule a 
une Roue du Sieur le Mazurier, Maitre Horloger. 
J'aris, 1755. 12°. (5131) 

Rapport fait a I'Academie des Sciences sur la 

machine aerostatique invonteo par MM. de Mont 
goltier. I'aris, 1784. 4°. See Ndhman, (i. J. 
Ai'ronautica Illustrata, vol. 1. (5834) 

Rapport historii|ue sur le progres des Sciences 

mathihuatiquos depuis 1789, et sur lour etat actuel, 
presente . . . le 6 Fevrior 1H08 par Ja Classo de« 
Sciences physiques et mathematiques de I'liistitut. 
Redige par M. Oelarabre. Paris, 1810. 4°. (5480) 



Acad^mie des Sciences, Paris — cont. 

Rapport historique sur les progrt's des Sciences 

naturelles ilopuis 1789, et sur leur etat actuel, 
presents . . . le 6 FtWrier 1808, par la Classe des 
Sciences physiques et math^matiquesde I'Institut . . . 
K^dige par M. Cuvier. Paris. 1810. 4°. (5482) 

Rapports et discussions de toutes les Classes de 

I'Institut de France, sur les Ouvragesadmis au Con- 
cours pour les Prix docennaux. Paris, 1810. 4^. 

Machines et Inventions approuvees par 

TAcademie e/c, dessinees etc. par M. Gallon depuis 
166(5, jusqu' en 1754. Pans, 1735-77. 7 vols. 4°. 

Description des Arts et Metiers faites ou 

approuvt-es par MM. de I'Acad^mie, etc. Paris. 
1761-1782. Bound in 27 vols. fol. (2192) 

The same. Tome xx. Traits de I'imprimerie. 

Nouv. ^d par J. E. Bertrand. Paris, 1798-9. 
4°. (3725) 

Recucil des pieces qui ont remporte les prix de 

rAcadnmie . . . depuis leur fondation jusqu'a pre- 
sent. Avec le.s pieces qui y ont concouru. 1720-72. 
Paris, 1752-77. 9 vols. 4°. (17931) A list of 
contents of the Series m vol. 9. 1 

De la mature des Vaisseaux. Piece qui a con- 

couru au prix propose I'an 1727. [Avec additions 
par P. Bouguer]. Paris, 1728. 4=. (13983) 

Meditationes super problemate nautico de im- 

plantatione Malorum, etc. [Followed by Memoire ' 
sur] la meilleure maniere de mater les vaisseaux, etc. 
Paris. 1728. 4°. (13984) ! 

Tables des maticres contenues dans I'Histoire et I 

les M^moires de I'Academie. [1666-1790. Vols.i-iv 
by M. Godin. Vols, v-ix by P. Demours. Vol. x 
by L. Cotte]. Paris, 1729-1809. 10 vols. 4°. 

Nouvelle Table des articles contenus dans les 

volumes de 1' Academic . . . 1666-1770, dans ceux 
des "Arts et Metiers" et dans k Collection Academ- 
ique. Par rAbbi- Rozier. Pan's, 1775-76. 4 vols 
4°. (17936) 

M^moires de I'Institut National etc. Sciences 

mathi'-raatiquos et physiques. [1795-1815]. Paris 
An. vi. 1798-1818. 14 vols, in 19. 4°. (5478) 

Base du systeme metrique droimal, ou mesure de 

I'Arc du Meridien compris entre les Paralleles de 
Dunkerque et Barcelone, exi'euti'es en 1792 et 
annees suivantes, par MM. Miichain et Delambre. 
Ri'digue par M. Di'lambre. Suite des Meinoi/-es de 
I'Jiistitut. Tomes i-iii. Paris, 1806-10. 3 vols 
4=. (5460) 

Recueil d'observations gi^od^siqaes, astronomi- 

ques, et physiques, exC'Cut^es par ordre du Bureau 
des Longitudes de France, en Espagne, en France, 
en Angleterre, et en Ecosse, pour determiner la 
variation de la pesanteur et des degr<!s terrestres 
sur le prolongement du meridien de Paris, faisant 
suite au troisieme volume de la " Base du Systeme 
mi-trique." Redige parMM. Biot et Arago. Tomeiv 
Paris, 1821. 4°. (5718) 

Mt-moires de 1' Academic, etc. [Nouvelle Collec- 
tion.] Tome i-xxxiii. 1816-[1858]. Pans, 1818-61- 
31 vols, in 33. i°. (17938). Vols, xxix and xxxii 

Acad^mle des Sciences, Paris — cont. 

• Tables gimerales des matieres contenues dans les 

Memoires Ire Ser. Tome i-xiv. (An. vi-1815) 
2e Ser. Tome i-xl. (1816-78.) Paris, 1881. i°. 

Mi'moires de mathematique et de physique . . . 

par divers Sjavans. Pans, 1750-86. 11 vols. 4°. 

• Memoires par divers Savans . . . Sciences 

mathtSmatiques et physiques. Ire Ser. Paris, 1806-11. 
2 vols. 4°. (17940) 

The same. 2e Ser. Paris, 1827-58. 15 vols. 


Tables generales des travaux contenus dans les 

M^moires . . . par divers Savants. Ire Ser. 
Tomes i-ii, 1806-11. 2eSer. Tomes i-xxv, 1827-77. 
Paris, 1881. i°. 

Comptes Rendus hebdomadaires des Seances de 

I'Acaiemie etc. Paris, 1835, etc. 4'^. (1358) 

Tables g^n^rales des Comptes Rendus. Tomes 

i-xxxi, 1835-50. Tomes xxxii-lxi, 1851-65. Tomes 
Ixii-xci, 1866-80. Paris, 1853-38. 3 vols. 4°. 

Report of the Institute of France upon M. 

Arnollet's system of Atmospheric Railways. 1845. 
From the "Comptes Rendus," Vol. 20, by R Mallet. 
See Weale, J. Quarterly Papers on Engineer- 
ing, Vol. 5. 4°. (975) 

Instruction sur les Paratonnerres, adoptee par 

r Academie Royale des Sciences le 23 Juin, 1823. 
Paris, 1824. 8°. (8448) 

See Anderson, Rd. Information about Lightning 

Conductors issued by the Academy of Sciences of 
France. Translated by R. Anderson. London, 
1881. 8°. (4935) 

6'ee Schmidt, C.H. Anlegung von Blitz-ableiter. 

1856. 12°. (6775) 

See DuHAMEL, J. B. Regiae Scientiarum Soien- 

tiarum Academiae Historia, etc. 2e ed. 1701. 4". 

See Grimaud de Caux. 

Sciences pendant le siege de Paris. 
Fi^v. 1871. p. 8°. (1550G) 

See Pellisson-Fontanier, P. 

the French Academy. 1657. 8". 

See Paul, N. The Report made to the National 

Institute of France in 1799, respecting the artificial 
mineral waters prepared at Paris by N. Paul & Co. 
London, 1802. 8°. (16739) 

Acad^mle Fran9alse. [Suite au Dictionnaire.J 
See C. .U.D. de I' Acad. Frang, [i.e. Thos. Conieille]. 
Le Dictionnaire des Arts et des Sciences. 1694. 2 
vols. fol. (14505) 

Dictionnaire de 1' Academie Fran^aise. 6e ed. 

[Pref. par A. F. Villemain.] {Listitut de France.) 
Paris, 1835. 2 vols. 4=. (17694) 

The same. 7e ed. dans laquelle on a reproduit 

les prefaces des six editions. Paris, 1878. 2 vols. 
4°. (11800) 

Academie Imp. des Sciences de St. 
P^tersbourg'. Commentarii Academiae Scienti- 
arum Imp. Petropolitanffi, 1726-46. Petropoli, 1728- 
51. 14 vols. 4^". (13221) 

Novi Commentarii. 1747-75. Petropoli, 1750- 

76. 20 vols. 4''. (13221) 

L' Academie des 
De Sept. 1870 a 

The history of 



Acad^mie Smp. des Sciences de St. 
P^tersbourg- — oint. 

Acta Academiae etc. 1777-82. Petropoli, 1778- 

86. 12 vols, in six. 4°. (13221) 

Nova Acta. 1783-1802. Petropoli, 1787-1806. 

15 vols. 4". (1.3221) 

M('moires de rAcadi'mie. 1803-22. St. Peters- 

hourg, 1809-30. 11 vols. 4°. (13221) 

Bulleitin de I'Acadrniie, etc. Tomes x-xx,xii. 

St. Petersbourg, 1866-88. 4°. (17532) 

Nouv. Si'rie i-iy. (xxxiii-xxxvi.) St. Peters- 
bourg, 1890, etc. 8°. Awaits completion. 

.5e («/'c) S^rie. (Title in Russian and French.) 

Vol. 1. 1894, etc. St. Petersbourg, 1894, etc. 8°. 

The Natural History of East Tartary, traced 

through the three kingdoms of nature. From the 
French translation, by W. RadclifEe. Loiulon, 1789. 
8°. (10976) 

Acad^mie Royale des Sciences etc. de 
Belg'ique. MOmoires . . . qui ont reraport^ 
les prix et I'accessit. Tome i-v. 

[Continued US'] 

Mt'moires couronnes etc. Tome vi-.xv. 

[Continued as"] 

M^moires couronnt's et Memoires des Savants 

strangers. Tome xvi-xxxv. Bruxelles, 1818-70. 
35 vols. 4-. ((i311) 

Memoires couronnes et autres M6moires. Col- 
lection in 8°. Bruxelles, 1840, etc. 8°. (17798) 

Nouveaux Memoires. Bruxelles, 1820-76. 54 

vols. 4°. (17326) 

Bulletin. Ire Ser. Vol. i-xxiii. 1832-56. 2eS(5r. 

Vol. i-1. 1857-80. 3e Ser. Vol. i. 1881, etc. 
Bruxelles, 1832, etc. 8°. (5693) 

Annuaire. Bruxelles, 1835, etc. 8°. (5705) 

Centieme Anuiversiiire de foudation. Bruxelles 

1872. 2 vols. 8vo. (16347) 

Des moyens de soustraLre I'exploitation des 

Mines de Houille aux chances d'explosion, 1840. 
See AcAi). Roy. i.e Belgique : M<'m. in 8°. Vol. i 

The same. Another copy. Bruxelles, 1840. 8°. 


See Namur, J. P. Histoire et Bibliographie 

analytifjue de I'Acadi'mie, etc. 2e ed. Bruxelles, 
1852. 8°. (6,389) 

Histoire de I'Acadcmio etc. Par Kd. Mailly. 

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Account — cont. 

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'ackTkmak;'; MICROCOSM OK ^^o^^^^e, -^J^f ^ -'- 
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Forc«s motrices a grande distance au moyen de 
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2ud ed. L 

W. M. The 

idon, 1889. 8= 

Railways of England. 
, (22051) 

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Description, use, and method of adjusting 

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1787. 8^. (552) 

From the Greek by F. 
y. (4071) 

— The same. 5th ed. 
1799. S°. (13005) 

— An essay on Vision. 

— The same. 2nd ed. 

by W. Jones. London, 

London, 1789. 
London, 1789. 



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P l«0(i» 9 

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Machine construction and drawing. Elemen'ary. 

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sm. 8°. (6174) 

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method of integration employed in constructing 
the tables which give the theoretical forms of drops 
[of fluid]. See Basiii-orth, F. Attempt to test the 
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doctrines oC tb« late John Hunter. London, 1817. 
8°. (3830) 

Syllabus of a course of Lectures on Medicine. 

London, 1811. 8°. (8G77) 

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korden-Suchcr), etc. .\nloitung zura debrauche de» 
. Inatcuments. Jierlin, 1865. 8°. (7820) 

— — Theorie der Farbenharmonie. Band I. Lief, i-ii. 

Berlin, 1865. 8°. (8580) 



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^— Road Progress ; or, Amalgamation of Railways 
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London, 1850. 8°. (266) 

Roads and Rails and their sequences, physical 

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Tramways for Streets and Roads, and their 

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etc., by W. B. Adams; and on some recent Improve- 
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P. M. Parsons. With abstract of the discussion on 
both Papers. From the "Inst. C. E. Proc," vol xvi 
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Adams and Co.'s Photographic 
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principle for dividing the circumference of the 
Circle, or any part of it, into a given number of 
equal parts, by a new instrument called the Cyclo- 
meter. London, 1815. 8°. (2421) 

Adcock, Henry Introduction to Mechanicks. 
Londm, 1828. 12°. (7156) 

— —A Letter to the Mine Proprietors of Great 
Britain and Ireland on Adcock's Spray Pumo 

184'r'8°^''So°' '^^^ °* '^^^■'' ■^"■""■"^*"'"' 

■^^ff"^.?"' u"77' «-^- •'^"■"^ «'=<=o'»°t of the 
Abbey Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, at Dor- 

Chester Oxforddiire. 1845. See Memoir. Memoirs 
of Gothic Church«s. (u). 8°, (U688) 

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Londoti, 1888. 8°. (21499) 

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taining a complete index of all terms used in Art, 
Architecture, Heraldry and Archieology. From 
the French. London, 1891. sm. 8°. (22760) 

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de la construction des Tramways, chemins de fer a, 
chevaux dits chemins de fer Americains. Applica- 
tions des divers systemes a I'etablissement des 
chemins de fer d'uit(5ret local. [Seed.] Puris, [18601. 
8°. (25231) 

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meter, or new Air Barometer. [Letters Patent 
No. 4323 of 1818.] Edinburgh, 1820. 8°. (2451) 

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Preussischen Staates. Berlin, 1S6'2, etc. fol. 2 vols. 
(9508) Band i Die Mark Brandenburg ; issued 
with " Zeilschri/t/iir Bauwesen." 

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Leipzig, 1882. sm. 8°. (11683) 

Der Zimmermeister und Bau - Unternehmer, 

Leipzig, 1882. sm. 8°. (13525) 

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SeeViF.NNA Universal ExHiiiiTiON, 1873, Officieller 
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See Airy, Sir Geo. B. A new method of clearing 
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Greenwich .- Royal Observatory. Astrono- 
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Nautical Almanac (the). 1833, e<c. 8°. (7027) 
Ordnance Committee. 

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(^Returns, etc.) 

Anchors and Ground Tackle. Return ... of 

reports from Naval Officers, etc. relating to Anchors 
and Ships' Ground Tackle, since the Admiralty 
Committee's Report of 1853. \ London, \8^b.^ fol 
(24977) ■' 

Australian Coal . . . Commodore Seymour's 

Report upon experiments made with Australian ^ 
Coal at Sydney, 1862. [London, 1863.1 fol. 
(8097) -' 

Boilers, etc. Third [including preliminary 

reports] Report of the Committee appointed. . . . 
to inquire into the causes of the deterioration of 
Boilers, etc., and to propose measures which would 
tend to increase their durability. With Evidence, 
Addenda, and Appendices. London, 1877. 2 vols, 
fol. (8153) 




Admiralty — cont. 

(Returns, etc.) — cont. 

—— Report of the Committee appointed . . . March, 
1878, to continue, etc. the investigation, etc. com- 
menced by the late Committee appointed in June, 
1874, to inquire into the causes of the deterioration 
of Boilers, etc. With Appendixes. London, 1880. 
fol. (198) 

Copy of Correspondence between the Lords 

Commissioners and Mr. M. W. Ruthven [relatinq to 
a system of hydraulic propulsion. Letters Patent 8006 
0/1839]. London, \U&. 8°. (18446) 

— — Copy of the report from the Committee 
appointed to investigate Mr. Kyan's Patent for the 
prevention of Dry Rot, etc. [Letters Patent No. 
6309 of 1832.J London, 1836. 8°. (15535) 

- Designs upon which Ships of War have recently 
been constructed. Report of the Committee. 
London, 1872. fol. (15746) 

— — Iron. 2nd Report of Committee on Metals. On 
Iron and its uses in the Naval Service. [London, 
1867.] fol. (18653) 

-^— Life-boats. Report of the Committee .... 
to inquire into the Supply of Life-boats to the 
Navy, and the best mode of lowering Boats and 
Saving life at Sea. With Evidence, etc. London, 
1872. fol. (8120) 

Report of the Committee appointed to examine 

the Life-boat Models submitted to compete for the 
premium offered by the Duke of Northumberland. 
Added, a List of Lifeboat, Rocket, and Mortar 
Stations, and an Abstract of Wrecks in 1850. With 
Appendix, Maps, and Plans. London, 1852. fol. 

Navy. Boiler Committee. Conclusions and 

recommendations of the Committee appointed . . . 
to consider existing types and designs of propelling 
Machinery and Boilers in H.M. Ships. London, 
1893. fol. (23572) 

Navy (Mr. Fronde's Report) .... on Mr. 

Ramus's proposal of the 20th day of June, 1873 
[on Rocket propulsion]. London, 1874. fol. 

—— Navy (Perkins' Engines and Boilers). Copy 
"of all correspondence from 1873 to the pre^'ent 
time, between the Admiralty and Messrs. Perkins, 
in reference to their system of Engines and Boilers." 
[London, 1878.] fol. (8120) 

—— Navy. Report of the Committee on designs for 
Ships of War, on the Ships of the " Cyclops " and 
" Devastation " classes ; with a memorandum by 
Admirals Geo. Elliott and A. P. Ryder. London, 
1871. fol. (8112) 

— — Navy (Trial of Coal). Returns of all experi- 
ments made by the Admiralty on Coal and Patent 
Fuel . . . London, 1877-79. fol. (24979) 

— — Navies (England and other Countries). Return 
"showing the Fleets of England, France, Russia, 
Germany, Italy, Austria, and Greece." Lorulon, 
1886. fol. (203.33) 

Return of papers and correspondence relative 

to the trials of [Hovill's] patent machinery. 
Grinding Corn at Deptford. Lorulon, 1853. fol. 

P 1«069 

Admiralty — con t. 

{Returns, etc.) — cont. 
— — Smoke Consumption. Returns " of the results 
of any experiments which have been made ... on 
board any of H.M. Ships with a view to the con- 
sumption of Smoke, combined with the Economy 
of Fuel." [Londoii, I860.] fol. (8096) 

Steam Coals. Return . . . for Copy " of the 

Report of Messrs. Nicoll and Lynn ... of the ' 
trials at Wigan of the Steam coals of South Lmca- 
shire and Cheshire." [London, \%(,T .] fol. (8111) 

Turret Ships. . . . Report of the Admiralty 

Committee on Turret Ships. [With] .... Copy 
of the Correspondence between the Admiralty and 
Capt. Cowper Coles, etc. [London, 1866.] fol. 

Western Harbours (Ireland). Return ... of 

the report and evidence taken before the Commis- 
sion appointed to inquire into the merits of the 
Western Harbours of Ireland, for the purpose of 
Transatlantic Communication. London, 1852. fol. 
(7059). See a/«o Commission of Revenue Inquiry. 


Admiralty Manual for the deviations of the 

Compass. By F. J. Evans and A. Smith. 5th ed. 
London, 1882. 8°. (4958) 

The same. 6th ed. ionrfon, 1893. 8°. (23577) 

Boats' Signals for the use of H.M. Fleet. London^ 

1895. sq. 16°. (24897) 

Compasses. A series of Questions and Answeri 

relating to compasses, their errors and corrections. 
London, 1885. 8°. (20261) 

. Dock Book. Containing Dimensions of the wet 
and dry Docks, patent Slips, etc. of the World. 
With additions and Appendix. London, 1886-88. 
fol. (21300) 

Handbooks for Guns. London, 1884, etc. 8". 


Instructions for the Armourers in H.M. Fleet. 

London, 1885. 8°. (21304) 

The Light-houses of the British Islands. 1836. 

London, 1836. 8°. (10051) 

The same. Corrected to July 1849. Lorulon, 

1849. 8°. (129.32) 

Admiralty List of Lights in the British Islands. 

1891. [Correctedto31st Deceml)er, 1890.] London, 
1891. 8°. (23575) 

A Manual of Scientific Inquiry ; prepared for 

the use of Officers in H.M. Navy and Travellers in 
general. Edited by Sir J. F. W. Herschcl. London, 
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11 B 2 



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manufacture in 

. Das Rosten der Eisenerze. Nach deni Schwed- 

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8°. (19829) 






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Stuilien iiber die Warmeverbaltnisse des Eisen- 

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~1729"' ^a^^'Tsloaf ^""^*' d- Albert le Grand. Lion, 

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P 16009 17 

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l-J- *''K.- 



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figures of some instruments which he hath invented 
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— - Le Vol Saut»!, ou thCorie du Vol Saot«, pr^c6d« 
dunecHudesur lappareil locomoteur du martinet, 
de 1 hirondelle et de I'engoulevent. /'an? 1895. 8° 
(24580) 1 ■■ • 

'^?o?.H,T**'"''"' ^'"Ptctor of. Annual reportPsI 
18b4-,l (to ihe Board of Trade). 1872-85, (to 
the Local Govt. Board.) ^ 

Alkali works, Inspector of—cont. 
[Continued asl 

Annual report[s] on Alkali etc.. Works by the Chief 
Inspector. Proceedings reported to the Local 
Govt. Board and the Secretary for Scotland. 1886, 
etc. London. 1865, etc. 8°. (14940) /h proqres$. 
Report for 1893 /;/). 128-34 c<Mtains a general index to 
Reports 1-30,(1864-93). 

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graphiques. 1869. 18°. (14458) 

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Theory of Arches. 

1874. 18°. (17871) 

(^ibid., No. 11.) New York, 


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. containing a treatise on the art of assaying metals, 

- ttc. London, 1789. 8". (2301 ) 

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. London, \9,%b,etc. 5 vols. 8°. (10419) In progress. 

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■ building. {Weale's Series.) Z,oWo«, 1849-50. 12°. 

. The same. 3rded. {ibid.) London, \8b7. 12°. 


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[1885]. 8°. (20202) 

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part of Chirurgery relating to the teeth. Dublin, 
1687. 4°. (3280) 

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its origin and development. An essay on compara- 
tive psychology, ionrfo/j, 1879. 8°. '(18684) - 

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is : being a historical, practical, and theoretical 
treatise on the science and art of Violin-making. 
/.oWo«, 1884. 8°. (11277) 

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County of Lincoln. By the Author of the 
Histories of London, Yorkshire, etc. 1834. 2 A)ls. i 
4°. (3933) I 


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changes produced in Atmospheric Air, and Oxygen 
0«s, by Respiration. 1808. See Cuemistry. 
Excerpta. Vol. 1. 4°. (8741) 

Ou the quantity of Carbon in Carbonic Acid, 

and on the Nature of the Diamond. 1807. ibid. 

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of Nature, and the source, etc. of natural Motive- 
power. Ne,o York, 1852. 8°. (5868) 

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L' Albert moderne, on nouveaux secrets eprouv^s, 
etc. Paris, 1768. 8°. (3595) 

AUg-emeiner Anzelg-er fur Bayern, etc 1822. 
See Anzeiger fur Kcnst-hnu Gewerbfleiss im 
KoNiGR. Baiern. (1471) 

AUgremelne Bauzeitung-, mit Abbildungen fiir 
Architekten, Ingeuieurs, Dekorateurs, etc. Hrsg. 
von C. F. L. Furster. Wien, 1836, etc. 4° and fol. 
atlas. (1364) 

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1848-65. Wien, 1851-65. 5 vols. 4°. (57.59) 

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Zeitung:. Mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung der 
Miueralogie und Geologic. Redacteur : C. Hart- 
mann. NeueFolge. Jalirg. i-v. Quedlinhiirg, 18^^- 
63. 5 vols. 4°. (8763) For 1st Series see " Be ita- 
UNi) HC'TTENM.iNNi.scHE ZErri'NO." Freiberg, 1842- 
58. (8909) 

AU^emelne Blbllogrraphie der Ittilitar- 
wissenschaften, vorbuu.len mit iMilitar-Liter- 
tur-Blatt. Jalirg. iv. Leipzig, 1875. 8". 
[Continued as'] 


WlssEV'SClIAFTEN, etc. Jalirg. V. Leijizig, 1876. 8°. 


Allg'emelne Deutsche polytechnische 
Xeltung-. Hisg. von H. Orothe. [With vol. 3 
the iiiiinljers wore issued as the German edition of 
"Engineering" under the title of "Engineering. 
D feutscho] A.Fusgabe] Polytechnische Zeitung." 
Berlin, 1873-84. 11 vols. fol. (17125) 1883 

Allgemelne Elektrlcitata - Gesellschaft : 
Die elektri.schon Strassonbahnen mit olHirir^ii^chex• 
Stromzufiihniii',' nach dein .system dor AUgemeinen 
Elektricitiits-Ge-sellschaft zu Berlin. 2te . Aufl. 
Berlin, 1896. 0^.4". (10643) 




Allg-emelne Elektricitats-Cresellscbaft— 


Der Entwurf fiir eine elektrische Untergrund- 

bahn in Berlin. Vortrag der Herrn Kolle. Berlin, 
1892. 8°. (14056) 

Allgremelne Handlunirs Zeltung:. Jahrg. 
19-34. [JVom 1822 edited by G. F. Leuchs.] 
Nurnherg, 1812-36. 25 vols. 4°. 

\_Continxied as] 

—— Allo. polytechnische Zeitung tnd Hand- 
lungs Zeitung. Hrsg. von J. C. Leuchs. Samm- 
lung der Erfindungen. 1837^8. Nurnherg, [1837-] 
1848. 12 vols. 4°. (3987) 

Allgremeine lllustrirte Welt - Ausstel- 
. lungTB-Zeltungr. Hrsg. von Dr. F. Springmiihl. 

^J Band i-v. 1872-73. Wien, 1873. 5 vols. 4°. 


, . Allgemeine lllustrirte Zeitschrlft fiir 
Ziand- und Forstwlrthe. Praktisch-wissen- 
schiiftliches Organ fiir Land-und Forstwirthschaft, 
Gartenbau, etc. Hrsg. von C. W. T. Haurand. 
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Der Pferde-frennd. Beilage zur " Allg. 111. 

Zeitschrift, ete." 1864-65 and 1871. (Jahrg. ix.) 

.Allgremelne land - und forstwlrthschaft- 
llche Zeitung-. Hrsg. von der K. K. Landwirth- 
schaftsGesellschaft in Wien. Redigirt von H. H. 
Hitschmann. Jahrg. xvii. Wien, 1867. 8°. 

\^C<»itinued ag] 

— — Wiener Landwirthschaftliche Zeitung. 
lllustrirte Zeitschrift fiir die gesammte Landwirth- 
schaft. Hrsg. von K. K. Landivirthschaft-Gesell- 
schaft in Wien, redigirt von H. H. HitschmanTt. 
Jahrg. xviii, etc. Wien, 1868, etc. sm. and 1. fol. 

Allgremelne Polytechnische Zeltungr. See 

Allgemeine Handlunos Zeitung. 

Allgremelne Zeitschrift fur Blerbrauerel 
und Malzfabrikation. Hrsg. von F. 
Fasbender. Jahrg. xii, etc. Wien, 1884, etc. 4°. 

Allg-emeine Zeitschrift fiir Textll- 
Xndustrle. I'opuhir-wissenschaftliches Fachblatt 
fur Spmnerei, \\ eberei, Wirkerei, Fiirberei, etc 
Hrsg. von P. Zalud und S. Fischer. Jahrg. i-viii 
TFien [und CAemmfj], 1879-86. 7 vols. fol. (19424) 

Alleremelne Zeitschrift fiir Textll- 

vf l** ",* *^ * ? ■ „''"^'""-ga" des Musterzeichner- 
u f™"de8 Deutschlands. ( VormaU : [Jahrg. i-vii 1 
Wochenschrift fiir Spinnerei und Weberei.'') 
Hlustnrtes Fachjournal fiir die WolIen,-Baum- 
wollen- Seiden-, etc. Industrie. Redigirt von G. 

f.t',nn''1- ^'{' • °'=*- ^^^'' '^'^- ^»" der Red- 
action der "Leipziger Monatschrift fiir Textil- 
Industne. Leipzig, 1891, etc. fol. (20299) 

Allgemeine Zeltunp fiir Mazional - In- 
dustrie und Verkehr. See Gewerbe-Blatt 
rt'E S?acu8b.n. 1844. 4°. (12206) '"'•"'-'^" 

Essays. London, 
London, 1886. 

Allg-emeines Journal der ITbrmacher- 
kunst. lllustrirte Fachzeitschrift fiir Uhrmacher. 
Organ des Central-Verbandes der Deutschen Uhr- 
macher. Redigirt von F. Rosenkranz. Jabrg. vii, 
etc. Leipzig, 1882, etc. fol. (7895) 

Allg-emeines Wiener poly technlsches 
Journal. Oesterreichisches Organ zur Ver- 
breitung gemeinniitziger Kenntnisse in Gebiete der 
Industrie, etc. Hrsg. von — Sohwarz und — 
Martin. Wien, 1842-43. 3 vols. 8°. (8720) 

Alliance Aluminium Company. Aluminium ; 
its uses and alloys. [London, 18 ?] 16°. (9160) 

Allibone, Sam. Austin. A critical Dictionary of 
English Literature and British and American 
Authors, living and deceased, etc. Philadelphia, 
1859-71. 3 vols. 8°. (15139) 

The same. Supplement. By J. F. Elirk. 

Philadelphia, 1896. 2 vols. 8°. (15139) 

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Roma, 1882. 4° and fol. atlas. (583) 

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Praxis des Orgelbaues. 2te aufl. von M. Allihn. 

1888. 8° and 4° atlas. (21332) 

Die Hausinstrumente Klavier und Harmonium, 

ihr Bau, ihre Stimmung, Pflege und Besserung. 
Quedlinburg, [1891]. sm. 8°. (25,198) 

Alllnson, Thos. Rd. Medical 

1888. sm. 8°. (12846) 

A system of hygienic Medicine 

sm. 8°. (12843) 

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Electrician's hand book of reference. New York, 
1886. sm. 8°. (12555) 

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of the Navigation of the rivers and canals west of 
London. 2nd ed. Henleij, [1815 ?]. 8°. (8679) 

Allsop, F. C. Induction Coils and Coil-making. 
2nd ed. London, etc. 1896. sm. 8°. (3086) 

Practical Electric Bell fitting ; a treatise on 

the fitting-up and maintenance of Electric Bells. 
London, 1889. sm. 8°. (21830) 

Telephones : their construction and fitting. 

London, 1891. sm. 8°. (23089) 

The same. 3rd ed. London, 1895. sm. 8°. 


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Mines. London, lSb3. sm. 8°. (12592) 

Allsop, Robt. Owen. The Turkish Bath : its design 
and construction. Loudon, 1890. 8°. (22451) 

Almanach des Xaigrnes Tdl^g^raphiques, ou 

Manuel de Telegraphie electrique, etc. Annee 1855. 
Par T. PeiTot. Part*, 1855. 12°. (8519) 

Almeida, J. C. d'. See Journal de Physique. 

1872, etc. 8°. (16264) 

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vitis Stephanorum celebrium Typographorum 
Dissertatio epistolica, etc. Amsterdam, 1683. 8°. 




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historico, technologico, con dos Vocabularies 
Frances y Aleman. Madrid, 1869. 8°. (17703) 

Alnander, Joannes Olaus. Historiola artis typo- 
graphiciE in Suecia. Rostnchi, 1725. 12°. (7853) 


., jiiii,. Trattato teoricopratico di Agraria. 

Alol, Ant 

Napoli, 1884. 2 vols. sm. 8°. " (23110) 

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Russisch-Kaiserlich Carelien befindlichen Marmor 
und andern Steinbriichen, Berg- und Steinarten. 
St. Petersburgh, 1787. 8°. (14430) 

Alpe, Edmund Nicholas. Handy Book of Medicine 
Stamp Duty, with the Statutes. London, 1888. 
sm. 8°. (1821) 

— — The same. Another copy. [Added] Recent 
modifications affecting the Law and practice 
governing the administration of the Medicine Stamp 
Acts. Sept. 1892. London, [1888]-92. 2 vols, 
in one. sm. 8°. (24780) 

Alphabetisches Sacbregrlster der wlchtlg'- 
Bten technlschen Journale fiirden Zeitraum 
1 Jan.-30 Juni, 1«48. Hrsg. von D. Philipp. 
[Continued in half-yearly volumes to Dec. 31, 1809, 
the final number being edited by D. .1. Philipp.] 
Berlin, 1848-70. 12° and 8°. (10853) 

Alpinus, Pros/iero. See Albini. 

Alsop, Samuel. A treatise on Surveying. 2nd ed. 
Philadelphia, 1858. 8°. (6435) 

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the Suspension bridge over the Menai, etc. SAreic*- 
bur;/. [1827 ?]. 12°. ((5194) 

Alston, Chas., M.D. A dissertation on Quick-lime 
and Lime-water. 2nd ed. Edinburgh, 1754. 12°. 

Alston, Edward R., F.L.S., and others. Notes 
on the Fauna and Flora of the West of Scotland. 
[Added] a list of the fauna and flora of Clydesdale 
and the West of Scotland. Compiled by the !»ocicty 
of Field Naturalists, Glasgow. {British Amociatiun 
Guide Boi,lcK,lS7G.) Glasgow, IH7G. sm. S°. (17918) 

Altes und Neues aus dem Erzgreburire, 

nebst ausfiihrlichen Nachrichten von denen in 
gesammten Erzgebiirge herauskommenden neuen 
Schriften und Register. [Band i-iii.] Freiberg, 
1747-49. 3 vols, in one. 8° (14772) 

Althans, Ernst F. Das Berg-und Hiittenwesen 
auf der VVelt-Ausstellung zu Philadelphia im Jahre 

1876. Beilage zur " Zeitsolirift fiir das Berg- 
Hiitten-und Salinenwesen,"e(f. Band xxiv. Berlin, 

1877. 4°. (20182) 

Die Entwickehing der mechanischen Aufberei- 

tung in den letzten hundert Jahren. F'rom the 
"Zeitschrift fiir das Berg-, Hiitten- und Salmen- 
wesen, etc.," Band xxvi. Berli/i, 1878. 4°. (2473) 

^-^ Mechanical dressing of Ores and Coal. 1878. 
See Philadelphia Internat. ExHiiirrioN, 1876; 
U.S. Centennial Vomm. Reports and Awards. 
Group 1. 8°. (9713) 

Althaus, Julius, M.D. A treatise on medical 
Electricity, theoretical and practical. 2nd ed. 
London, 1870. p. 8°. (16705) 

The same. 3rd ed. London, 1873. 8°. (21796) 

Alto-Douro Vineyard Company, Institu- 
tion of the General Company for the culture of 
the Vineyards of Alto Douro. [Conditions and 
Charter of Incorporation.] London, 1758. S°.. 

Aluminium, L'. Journal de 1' Electrolyse, des 
Forces naturelles, et des applications de I'Eleotricit^. 
Ann^e 1, etc. Paris, 1895, etc. fol. (24752) 

Aluminium and Electrolysis. Vol. 1, etc. 

London, 1896, etc. 4°. (7627) 

Aluminium Co., Xitd., Oldbury, Birmingham, *-^ 
Aluminium and its Alloys. London, 1888. 16° 

Aluminium Industry Co., Xitd., Neuhausen, ■-^ 
Switzerland. Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys : 
their properties, uses, and methods of working them. 

[London, 18 ?]. 8°. (9275) 

Aluminium Supply Co. See Pittsburgh 
Reduction Co. Aluminium, etc. [1896], sq. 16°. 

Aluminium World. A journal for manufacturers 
of Aluminium and its alloys . . . with special 
reference to the reduction of ores by Electricity. 
Vol. i, etc. Nen- York, 1894, etc. 4°. (24302) 

Alvarado y de la Pe&a, Santiago de. El Reino 
Mineral, d sea la Mineralogia en general y en par- 
ticular de Espafia. Trad, del Frances, etc. Madrid, 
1832. sm. 8°. (14591) 

Alvarez Malg'orry, Carlos. Elementos de 
Telegrafia elcctrica. Barcetotia, 1883. sm. 8°. 

Alyaco, Petrus de. See Ailly, Pierre v'. 

Amalg-amated Society of Railway Ser- 
vants. Catalogue of Exhibits at the National 
Exhibition of models of improved Railway- Wagon 
Couplings, and of other Railway Appliances, held 
at Darlington, October 1882. London, 1882. 8°. 

Amans, P. C. Comparaisons des Organes du Vol 
dans la si'rie Animale. From " Ann. des Sc. Nat. 
Zoologie. " 1885. 8°. (20G64) 

Amateur. The Amateur Mechanic's Workshop. 
By the Author of "The Lathe and its uses." 
[Rev. J. Lukin.] ion</<»i, 1870. 8°. (14376) 

The Amateur's practical guide to Fretwork, 

Wood Carving, Inlaying, Mitreing Picture Framei, 
etc. By a Pr.actical Hand. [C. H. Savory ?] 

London, [18 V]. sm. 8°. (21577) 

Amateur mechanical Society, London. 
Quarterly .Journal. [Edited by the Rev. J. Lukin.] 
Londioi, 1871-79. 3 vols. 8°. (15085) 

Amateur Mechanics. An illustrated monthly 
magazine, conducted by P. N. Hasluck. London, 
1883-84. 2 vols. 8°. (13437) 




Amateur Photographer. An illustrated popular 
journal, devoted to the interests of Photography, 
etc. Vol. i, etc. Lomhu, 1884, etc. 4°. (8300) 

• Competitive papers on Photography. Gon- 

tributed by F. T. Bennett and others. Vol. i. 
[edited by C. W. Hastings.] {Amateur Photo- 
grapher') Library.) London, 1890. 12°. (2267()) 

Annual. Edited and compiled by the staff of 

the "Amateur Photographer." London, 1891-92. 
2 vols. 8^ (227111) 

Amateur Work. Illustrated. Edited by the 
author of " Every Man his own Mechanic." 
[1881-88. Later'] A practical magazine of construc- 
tive and decorative art and manual labour. New 
Series. Vol. i-iii. London, [1881-91]. 10 vols, 
sm. 4°. (21752) 

The same. Popular re-issue. Vol. i-vi. Lon- 
don, [1891-94]. 6 vols. sm. 4°. (5893) 

Amatl, Oiacinto, .-ihdte. Ricerche storico-critico- 
scientifiche sulle Origini, Scoperte, Invenzioni, e 
Perfezionamenti fatti nelle Lettere, nelle Arti e 
nelle Scienze, etc. Milano, 1828-30. 5 vols. 8°. 

Amatua, J. L'art d'accorder et de r^parer les 
Pianos. Parit, [18 ?]. 8°. (22224) 

Amavet, A., C.E. Traitement des Minerais de 
Soufre natif. From the "Ann. Genie Civil." 5e 
Annc'o, 18G6. 8°. (25199) 

Ambosa (der.) Monatsblatt zur Fortbildung des 
Hufbeschlaffs. Hrsg. von C. J. Fuchs. Jahrg. i.-ii. 
• Carlsr„he, 1870-71.' 4°. (15661) 

Ambrose, Richard. See Alexis, of Piedmmit. 
The secrete of Alexis. From the Italian by W. 
Warde and R. Ambrose. 1614. 4°. (1940) 

Am^, Emile. Les Carrelages emaill^s du Moyen- 
Age et de la Ri^naissance ; pri'ct'd(5s de I'histoire 
des anciens pavages : mosaique, labyrintes, dalles 
incrusti^es. Paris, 1859. 4°. (7318) 

America, United Stales of. See United St.\tes. 

American. American Practice in Block Signaling, 
with descriptions and drawings of the different 
systems in use on Railroads in the United States. 
From the "Railroad Gazette." New York, 1891. 
4°. (238H'2) 

American Steam and Hot-water Heating practice. 

From the " Engineering Record." London, 1895 
4°. (24769) 

American Academr of Arts and Sciences, 

boston. Memoirs. New Series. Cambridoe 183.3 
etc. (14022) 

Proceedings. Vol. i-viii. Boston, 184G-73 

8 vols. 8°. (14023) 

New Series. Vol. i, etc. Boston, 1874, etc. 8°. 

See RfMFORi., Benj. Thompson, Count. Com- 
plete Works published by the Am. Acad, of Arts 
etc. 1870-75. 5 vols. 8°. (162.38) ' 

American Ag^rlculturlst. For the Farm 
Garden, and Household. [Monthly], Vol. xxx-liii' 
ATeuj 1WA-, 1871-94. 24 vols. 4°. " (19239) 

American Agrrlculturlst— con<. 

Middle Edition, [Weekly]. Vol. liv, etc. 

New York, 1894, etc. 4°. 

[Prize Essays on] Tobacco Culture. Practical 

details from the selection and preparation of the 
seed and soil. [By J. Popenhoe and others.] 
Revised ed. New York, [188 ?]. 8°. (20637) 

American Annual of Photography, and 

Photographic Times Almanac. Edited by 0. W. 
Canfield. Vol. iii, etc. New York, 1889, etc. 8°. 

American Antiquarian Society. Archaso- 

i loyia Americana. Transaction.s and Collection!. 
! Worcester, etc., 1820-60. 4 vols. 8°. (6314) 

See Thomas, I. The History of Printing in 

America. 2nd ed. 1874. 2 vols. 8°. Forming 
Vol. v-vi. nf the " Archceologia, etc." (17767) 

American Architect and Building News. Vol. 
i-xxxiv. Boston, 1876-91. 34 vols. fol. (18140) 

The same. International edition. Vol. xxxv, etc 

Boston, 1892, etc. fol. (18140) 

American Artisan and Patent Record. A 

weekly journal of arts, mechanics, elt. 1864-68. 

[Continued as~\ 

The American Artisan. A weekly journal, etc. 
New York, 1869-75. 24 vols. fol. and 4°. (12197) 

American Artisan, Tinner, and House 
Furnisher. Vol. xii, etc. Chicaijo, 1887, etc. fol. 
and 4°. (2961) 

See Johnston, S. P. The Furnace work manual 

. . . compiled from the " American Artisan." 1895. 
8°. (8442) 

American Association for the Advance- 
ment of Science. Proceedings First Meeting, 
1848, etc. Philadelphia, 1849, etc. 8°. (8728) 

American Bottler. An illustrated monthly 
Journal for the protection of the interests of th« 
Bottling Trade. Vol. ii-vii. New^ York, 1881-87. 
6 vols. fol. 

[Continued a»] 

The American Carbonator and American 
Bottler. An illustrated monthly journal devoted 
to the general Bottling Trade and the Soda Water 
Counter. Vol. viii, etc. New York, 1888, 4tc. fol. 

American Carbonate Co. Compressed Carbonic 
Aciil (Jas, for carbonating Beverages, etc., as a Fire 
extinguisher, and its other industrial and scientific 
applications. New York, 1887. 8°. (1124) 

American Carbonator and American Bottler. 
See American Bottler. 1881, etc. (18416) 

American Catalogrue, founded by F. Leyisoldt. 
[4th issue.] 1890-95. Books recorded, including 
raprints and importations. Complied under th« 
editorial direction of R. R. Bowker. i. Author- 
and-title Alphabet. ii. Subject Alphabet. W^th 
Appendixes : U.S. Govt, publications. State publi- 
cations. Publications of Societies, etc. New York, 
1896. 4°. (2412) 




American Cement Co. ITistory of the Portland 

Cement Industry in the Unitud States. Philadeljttiia, 
1892. 8=. (12553) : 

American Cbemical Journal. Edited, with ! 
the aid of (Jlieiuists at liome and nliroad, by 
I. Remseu. Vol. i, etc. BuU/more, 1879, etc. 8°. I 

. General Index. Tol. i-x. 1879-88. [By] W. K. I 

Orndorff. Baltimore, 1890. 8°. 

American Chetnical Society. Journal. Yol. i, 

etc. Nea- York,[l,iter,Easton,P.A.']. 1879, e<c. 8°. 

American Chemist. A monthly Journal of 
theoretical, analytical, and technical chemi.stry. 

• Edited by Chas. F. Chandler and W. H. Chandler. 
Nev- York, 1870-76. 6 vols. 8°. (16131) 

American Dental Association. Transactions, 

1859, etc. Cinchinati, 1860, etc. 8°. (10232) 

American Electrician. With which is incor- 
porated " Electrical Industries." An illustrated 
monthly journal devoted to practical Electricity. 
Vol. viii, etc. New York, 1896, etc. 4°. (9771) 

American Eng-ineer and Railroad Journal. 

See RMLKOAI) AND Jourval. (20367) 

American Engrineering: Society of New 
York. Colk-ctioii of Drawinrjs in detail of the 
most approved construction of American machinery, 
with descriptions and specifications. New York, 
1852. fol. (12139) 

American Entomologrlcal Society, Phtla- 
delphid. Transactions. Philadnljjhia, 1867-94. 21 
vols. 8°. (9622) For earlier series see Entomo- 
logical Society of Philadelphia. (7484) 

American Ephemeris and Nautical Alma- 
nack. See U.S. Navy Dept. Tables of Moon. 

American Fibre Co. The Fibre Industry. 

^Jillcuukee, ICi.--., [18 ?]. 16=^. (776) 

American Forestry Cong-ress. Proceedings. 

1882-86. Waiil,i>igton, 1883[-8t;]. (19929) 

American Gas Furnace Co. The Fuel Gas 
System of the American Furnace Company 

Illustrating the new " American Oil Gas 

Machine." [5th ed.] New York, [WJl '^]. 4°. 


American Gas -light Association. Pro- 
ceedings. 1873, etc. Neio York [after vol. x. 
Providence, R. /.]. 1875, etc. 8°. (1853) 

General index. Vol. i-viii. By C. J. R. Hum- 
phreys. New York, 1889. 8°. 

American Gas - light Journal, devoted to 
Light, Water-supply, and Sewerage. Vol. i-v. 
New York, 1859-t;4. fol. 

{Continued, as] 

The Minino and PETitoLEnM Standakd, and 
American Gaslight Journal. Vol. vi-ix. New York, 
1864-68. fol. 

American Gas-lig'ht Journal — cont. 

{Continued a.s] 

The American Gaslight Journal [Vol. x-xxxviii, 
" and Chemical Repertory "], devoted to the 
interests of Illumination, Heat, Ventilation, etc. 
Edited by Callender and Co. Vol. x, etc. New 
York, 1868, etc. fol. (8765) 

American Korologlcal Journal. Devoted 
to practical horology. [Edited by G. B. Miller.": 
Vul. i-v. New York, 186'd-Td. 5 vols. 8°. (15057) 

American Institute, New York Citi/. Trans- 
actions and Annual Reports, .ilbani/, 1850-72. 
23 vols. 8°. (7208) 

American Institute of Architects. Pro- 
ceedings. 1S70, etc. New York, 1871, etc. 4°. 
and 8°. (13926) 

American Institute of Electrical Engi- 
neers. Transactions. Vol. i, etc., Xew York, 1884, 
etc. 8°. (8555) 

American Institute of mining- Engineers. 

Transactions. Vol. i, etc. Philadelphia, {later] 
New York, 1871, etc 8°. (19300) 

Contents and Index. Vol. i-xv. Nev) York, 

1888. 8°. 

General Index. Vol. xvi-xx. [1892.] 8°. 

American Internat. Assoc, of Railway 
Superintendents of Bridges and Build- 
ingrs. Proceedings, 1891, etc. Concord, iV. H., 
1891, etc. 8°. (1444) 

American Iron and Steel Association, 

Phdddeljihia. Annual Report of the Secretary, 
(J. M. Swank). 1874. Philadelphia, 1875. 8'^. 

{Continued as] 

Statistical report of the Secretary, 1875. Phila- 
delphia, 1875. 8°. 

{ Continued as] 

The American Iron Trade in 1876. By J. M. 
Swank. Annual report to Jan. 1876. Philadelphia, 

1876. 8°. 

[ Continued as] 

Stati.stics of the American and Foreign Iron 
Trades. Annual Report of the Secretary, [J. M. 
Swank]. Philadelphia, 1877-84. 8°. 

{Continued as] 

Statistics of the American and Foreign Iron 
Trades. Annual Reports of the Association. 
Philadelphia. 1885, e^c. 8°. (17178) 

The Ironworks of the ITnited States ; a Directory 

of the Furnaces, Rolling Mills, Steel Works, Forges, 
and Bloomaries in every State. Centennial edition. 
Philadelphia, 1876. 8°. (17537) 

American Journal of Itllnlng', Milling, Oil- 
boring, Geology, Mineralogy, Metallurgy, c^c Edited 
by G. V. Dawson {later, by R. W. Raymond.] 
Vol. i-vii. 1866-69. 

{Continued as] 

Enoineerino and Mining Journal, (the). 
Vol. viii, etc. [Edited by R. AV. Raymond, lalfr, 
R. P. RothwoU.] New York, [1866, etc.]. fol. 



American Journal of Mining' — cont. 

The Mineral Industry, its statistics, technology 

and trade in the United States and other countries. 
(Statistical supplement of the "Engineering and 
Mining Journal." Edited by P. Rothwell. Vol. i, etc. 

■ New Yorl; 1893, etc. 8°. (23224) 

American Journal of Pharmacy. Published 
under the Authority of the Philadelphia College 
of Pharmacy. Vol. lix, etc. Philadelphia, 1887, etc. 
8°. (20371) 

General Index. 1881-90. Vols, liii-lxii. Phila- 
delphia, [1891]. 8°. 

American Journal of Photography and the 

alUed Arts and Sciences. Edited by C. A Seeley. 
New Series, Vol. i-ix. Neio York, 1858-65. 9 vols. 
8°. (8751)) 

Anaerican Journal of Fhotogrraphy. 

Devoted to the art and science of Photography. 
Vol. vii, etc. Philadelphia, 1886, etc. 8°. (20306) 

American Journal of Railway Appli- 
ances. Vol. vii-xii. New Vork, 1887-92. fol. 

\^Continued as^ 
The Journal of Railway Appliances. Vol. xiii, 
etc. New York, 1892, etc. fol. (20394) 
American Journal of Science. Conducted 
by B. Silliman [and others]. 1st Series, Vols. 1-50. 
1818-45. [I'iil. bO forms general Index to Vol'f. 1- 
49.] 2nd Series, Vols. 1-50. 1846-70. [With 
Decennial Indexes in Vols. 10, 20, ete.] 3rd Series, 
Vols. 1-50. 1871-95. [With Decennial Indexes in 
Volt. V), -20, etc.] 4th Series, Vol. 1, etc. 1896, ete. 
New Haven, \9,\^, etc. 8°. (6312) Fro7« 1846-79 
publithed as the " American Journal of Science and 

American Xilbrary Association. The Library 
Journal. Vol. i-v. Neio York, 1876-80. 5 vols. 
4=. (1820) 

■ List of subject headings for use in Dictionary 
Catalogs. Iloiton, Mass., 1895. 8°. (25153) 

American Machinist. A journal for Machinists, 
Engineers, Founders, etc. Vol. i, etc. Neio York, 
1877, etc. fol. and 4°. (5464) 

American Mall and Export Journal. A 

monthly Paper devoted to the American Export 
Trade. Vol. i-v. New York, 1878-80. 4°. (1148) 
[set imperfect.'] 

American Miller. A monthly journal devoted 
to the art and science of Milling. Edited by H B 
Mitchell. Vol. i, e<c. Chicago,lS73, etc. fol. (1170) 

Annual. [No. 1 only.] Chicago, 1885-6. 4° 

(20302) " ' 

American Monthly Microscopical Journal. 

Edited by U. Hitchcock. Vol. i, etc. New York 
ilaler], M ashinglon, 18B0, etc. 8". (19242) 
— — Index. Vol. i-xv. 1880-95. Washi,igton, 1896. 

American Philosophical Society, Phila- 
delphia. Transactions of the American Philo- 
sophical .Society held at Philadelphia for promoting 

^^7\ x^a^"'"}'"^^^- lJ69-ri808]. Philadelphia, 
1771-1809. 6 vols. 4°. (7031) 

New Series. Philadelphia, 1B18, ttc. i°. (7031) 


American Philosophical Society — cont. 

- Early proceedings. 1744-1838. Philadelphia, 
1884. 8°. (9390) 

Proceedings. Philadelphia, 1840, etc. 8°. (7183) 

American Polytechnic Journal. A new 

monthly periodical devoted to Science, Mechanics, 
Arts, and Agriculture. Vol. i-ii. Washington, 
1853. 8°. 

[Continued as] 

Greenhough's American Polytechnic Journal. 
Vol. iii-iv. Washington, 1854. 8°. (5872) 

American Public Health Association. 

Disinfection and Disinfectants : their applicatioa 
and use in the prevention and treatment of Disease, 
and in public and private Sanitation. Concord, N. H. 
1888. 8°. (24702) 

Lomb Prize Essays. Nos. 1-5. Concord, N. H. 

1886-90. 8° and 12°. (15592) 

American Railroad Journal and Advocate 
of internal improvements {sub-title varied repeatedly.) 
Vol. i-lx. New York, 1832-86. 4°. (1339) 
Incorporated in 1887 vjith " Van NostraruV s Engineer- 
ing Magazine," and published under the title of the 
" Railroad and Engineering Journal." q. v. 

American Railway Master Mechanics^ 
Association. Annual report No. 1, 1868, etc. 
Cincinnati, 1873, etc. 8°. (4859) 

General index to the Annual Reports. No. 1-23. 

1868-90. By A. Sinclair. Newark, N. J., 1890. 8='. 

Compound Locomotives, Report of Committee 

on Tests of. (^Excerpt.) [New York, 1892.] 8°. 

American Railway Review. Public works, 
Patents, Finance, Engineering. [Edited by A. 
Mann.] Vol. i. New York, 1859. 4°. 

[Co)itinued as] 

American Railway Review, devoted to Engineer- 
ing, Public Works, Steam Machinery, Finance, and 
Patents. [Edited by A. Mann and A. L. Holley.] 
Vol. ii-vi. New York, 1860-62. 5 vols. 4° and 
fol. (12134) 

American Repertory of Arts, Sciences, 
and Manufactures. Edited by J. J. Mapes. 

[Vol. 1 only.] New York, 1840. 8^. (18198) 

American Road Machine Co. Good roads, 
and how to make them : consisting of some prac- 
tical inform^on on methods of Road construction 
and maintenance. Lancaster, Pa., [1893]. 8°, 

American Shipbuilder. A weekly journal of 
Naval Architecture, Shipbuilding, Marine Engineer- 
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collective table of contents. Imperfect. 
(■l-4a) KxpoaA des phenomiSnoa ilectro-dynamiqnes. 1333. 

2 Editions. 
(5> Precis de la thiSoriA des ph6nom6nes 6Iectro-dyna- 

miques. Pnris, 1824. 
(6) Description d'nn apparoil 61eotro-dynarDiqno oonatruit 

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25 » 




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— — Gummi arabioum und dessen Surrogate in festem 
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falschungen, <>«(■. ((7>/</. 220.) JFira, 1896. sm. 8°. | 
(24685) I 

1' i8(iBi> 27 

And^s, Louis Edgar — cont. 

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n 2 



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The same. 3rd ed. By W. B. 1633. 

8°. (3064) 

Anhalt-Dessau-Coethen, Duchy of. "Verzeich- 
uiss dt'P Erfiiidungs-Pateiite, 1853-54. Lithogr. fol. 

Anleltung". Anleitung zur Kenntniss und Behand- 
lung des Stutzers. Bearbeitet von erfahrenen 
schweizerischeti Scharfschiitzen. Konslanz, 1848. 
12°. (ISiilO) 

Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacle. See. 

Annalen der Phakmacie. (1341) 

Annalen der Hydro?raphie und maritimen 
Meteorologie. See HvDKOCitAi'HlsciiE Mittueil- 

UNllEN. (17.')73) 

Annalen der Xiandwirthscbaft in den Kiinigl. 
Proussischen Staaten. Ilrsg. vom Priisidium des 
Kiinigl. Landea-Oeconomie-Collegiums. Redigirt 
vou A. von Lengerke [later von C. von Salviati]. 
Band i-lviii. Jierlin, 1843-71. 8°. (6369) 

— — Sachregister der Biinde i-viii. n.d. 8°. 

Register [der Biinde xxv-xxxviii. 1855-611. 

Berlin, 1862. 8°. 

. Supplementhefte. 1849-70. 9 vols. 8°. 

Wochenblatt. [.lahrg. 1, 1860-1 1873. Berlin, 

1861-73. fol. (8766) 

Annalen der Xiandwlrthschaft— ro»<. 

Wochenblatt. [Supplement etc.'] Denkmal 

Albrecht Thaer zu Berlin. Nach dem Entwiirfe 
von C. Raucb ausgefiihrt von H. Hasen. Berlin, 
[I860], fol. (8766) 

United in 1874 with Landtvirtiischaftliche 
Jahrbucher, q.v. 

Annalen der Pharmacle. Eine Yereinigung 
des Archivs des Apotheker-Yereins im niirdlichen 
Teutsohland und des Magazins fiir Pharmacie etc. 
Hrsg. von R. Brandes, L. Geiger, und J. Liebig, 
\later by J. B. Trommsdnrff and others]. Lemgo, 
[later, Heidelberg'], 1832-39. 32 vols, in 16. 8°. 

[Contimied as] 

Annalen der Chemie und Pharmacie. Hrsg. von 
F. Wohler und J. Liebig. 1840-73. Band xxxiii- 
clxviii. 8°. 

[Continued as] 

Justus Liebig's Annalen der Chemie und 
Pharmacie. Hrsg. von F. Wohler, H. Kopp and 
others. Band clxix, etc. 8°. Leipzig 1873, etc. 

Supplement-band i-viii. Leipzig, 1861-72. 8°. 

Autoren-und Sach- Register zu den Banden i-c, 

ci-cxvi,cxvii-clxiv. Jahrg. 1832-72. ie^Wg 1861- 
74. 3 vols. 8°- 

General - Register zu den Banden clxv-ccxx, 

ccxxi-cclxxvi. Jahrg. 1873-93. Leipzig, 1885-95. 
2 vols. 8°. 

Annalen der Physik. [Angefangen von F. A. C. 

Gren, fortgesetzt von L. W. Gilbert.] Band i-lxii. 
Halle. 1799-1818. 8°. 

[Continued as] 

Annalen der Physik und physikalische 
Chemie. Hrsg. von L. W. Gilbert. Band Lxiii- 
Ixxvi. Halle, 1819-24. 8°. 

[Continued as] 

Annalen der Physik und Chemie. Hrsg. von 
J. C. Poggendorff. Band Ixxvii-ccxx.xvi. [Serial 
Number 1-160.] Berlin, 1824-77. 8°. 

[Continued us] 

Annalen der Physik und Che.mie. Unter Mit- 
wirkung der Physikalische Gesellschaft in Berlin. 
Hrsg. von G. Wiedemann. Baud ccxxxvii, etc., 
[or] Neue Folge i, etc. Leipzig, 1}S77, etc. 8°. 

Erg/inzungsband i-viii. Leipzig, 1842-78. 8°. 

Jubelband. Leipzig, 1874. 8°. 

Sach-und Namen-Register zu den 76 Banden der 

vomL. W. Gilbert vom Jalire 1799 bis 1824 hrsg. 
Annalen der Physik <<c. Leipzig, \S2(>. 8". 

Namen-Register zu Band i-cl. (1824-73.), Ergiin- 

zungsband i-vi, nebst Jubelband, und Sacli-register 
zu Band cxxi-cl, Erg;inzunsband v-vi, nebst Jubel- 
band. (1824-74.) Leipzig, 1875. 8^ 

Sachregister zu don Annalen der Pliysik und 

Chemie, Poggendorff 'sche Folge, Band i-clx ; 
Ergjinzungsband i-viii und Jubelband. (1824-77.) 
Leipzig, 1888. 8°. 

Namenregister zum Hand cli-clx (1874-77) nebst 

Ergiinzungsliand vii und viii der Poggendorff 'schen 
Reihe, und zu Bund i-1 (1877-93) der Reihe von 
Wiedemann. Leipzig, 1894. 8°. 




Annalen der Physlk — emit. 

Heil)l;itter zu den Annalen derPhysik und Chemie. 

Hrsg. unter Mitwirkiing befreundeter Phvsiker von 
J. C. Poggendorff. Band i. [Band ii, by G. Wiede- 
mann, Band iii, etc., by G. and E. Wiedemann.]. 
Leipzig, 1877, etc. 8°. (17933) 

Namenregister zum Ban I i-xv. (1877-91.) 

Leipzig, 1893. H". 

Annalen der Physlk und Cbemie. See 

Annalen pi k Piivsik. (I'itJl) 

Annalen der Telegraphle. Hrsg. und redi- 
girt Ton P. W. Brix. Im Anschluss an die Zeits- 
chrift de^ deiit-;ch-oesterreichischen Telegraphen- 
Vereins. Heft i. Berlin, 1872. 4°. (15995) 

Annalen fur Gewerbe und Sauwesen. 

Hrsg. von F. G. (Jlaser. Band i, etc. Berlin, 
1S77, rtc. fol. (13007) 

Annales Agrronomiques, publi^es sous les au- 
spices du Ministere de l' Agriculture . . . par P. P. 
Deh.^rain. Tome xxi, etc. Paris, 1895, etc. 8°. 

Annales d'Blectrlclt^ et de Itlag-n^tisme 

sous la direction de G. Dumont. 1889, etc. Paris, 
[1890,f?c.]. 8". ,(22515) A biennial supplement to tlie 
Dictiotinaire cV Electricite par G. Dumont. 

Annales de Cfaimle, ou Recueil de Memoires 
concernant la Ohimie et les Arts qui en dependent 

iet specialement la Pharmacie]. Paris, 1790-1815. 
6 vols. 8°. (1254) 

Tables des Matieres. Tomes i-icvi (1790-1815). 

1801-21. 3 vols. 8°. 

\ Continued as] 
Annales pf. Chimie et de Physique . . . 
redigi'-es par 5IM. Gay-Lu&«ac et Arago. Tome 
i-lxxv. Paris, 1816-40. 8°. (1254) 

3e Stfrie. Tome i-lxix. Paris, 1841-63. 8". 

4e, 5e et 6e Serie. Tome i-xxx. Paris, 1864-93. 

90 vols. 8°. 

7e Serie. Tome i, etc. Paris, 1894, etc. 8°. 

Tables des Matieres. Sdrie 2-6. 1816-93. Paris, 

1831-95. 5 vols. 8°. In progress. 

Annales de I'Xndustrle manufacturidre, 

etc. See Annales de l'Indcstrie Nationale, etc. 

Annales de I'Xndustrle Katlonale et 

^trang'^re, ou Mercure technologique ; recueil de 
memoires sur les arts et les metiers, les manufac- 
tures, itc. renferniant la description du Musee des 
produits de ritidu^trie frauQiise exposes au Louvre 
en 1819. Par L. S. le Normand et J. G. V. de 
Moleon. [2 Series.] 1819-26. [With] Table 
gen^rale des Matieres. Tomes i-xxiii. [oi Tome 24.] 

\^Co7itinued as] 

et commerciale, etc. Repertoire general des 

brevets d'invention. 1827. 

J[Continue(l as] 
Annales Mensuelles de l'industrie, etc. 1827. 

[Continued as] 
Recceil Indistriel Mani-kactckier, Agricole et 
Commerciale, etc. Auquel est reuni le journal 
hebdomadaire des Arts et Metiers de I'Angleterre 
[les Annales de Statistique, et les Annales des 
Prisons]. 1827-33. 

Annales de I'Xndustrle Katlonale et 

^traner^re — cont. 

[Continued as] 
Recueil de la Society Polytechnique . . . 

\Contimied as] 

Recueil Indcstriel . . . ou Recueil de la 
Societe Polytechnique, technique, renfermant. 
1. Le Recueil industriel. 2. L'Agronome manu- 
facturier. 3. Les Annales Polytechniques. 4. 
Les Annales de Statistique . . . Le Mus^e 
Industriel ; ou, description complete des exposi- 
tions publiques. Par J. G. V. de Moleon. 1834-37. 

[Continued as] 

Recueil de la SociiiT^ Polytechnique, ou 
Recueil industriel, manufacturier, agricole et com- 
merciale, etc. Par J. G. V. de Moleon. 1838-49. 
Paris, 1819-49. 109 vols. 8^ (6313) 

Annales de la Propri^t^ Zndustrielle. 

Paris, 1855. 8°. (6922) 

Annales de la Science Agronomlque, 

fran(;aise et etrangere. Par L. Grandeau. 2e 
serie. Annee i, etc. Paris, 1894, etc. 8°. (24753) 

Annales des Arts et manufactures ; ou, 

Memoires techuologiques sur les Decouvertes 
modernes concernant les Arts, les Manufactures, 
I'Agriculture, etc. Par R. O'Reilly, [later, by 
J. N. Barbier-Vemars.] Paris, 1800-15. 56 vols. 

Table des Matieres . . . des Vingt-six premieres 

vols, [forming tome 27]. 1808. 8". 

Table des Matieres [dans les 56 vols, f ormant la 

premiere collection, forming Tome 56]. 1815. 8°. 

Seconde Collection. Par J. N. Barbier-Vemars. 

Tomes i-v. Paris, 1815-17. 5 vols. 8°. (5372) 

Annales des Conducteurs des Ponts et 
Chauss^es [later] et des gardes mines. Recueil 
des Memoires, Documents, etc. concernant le service 
des Conducteurs des Ponts et Chausst-es. Tome i, 
etc. Paris, 1857, etc. 8°. (12216) 

Annales des Mines, ou Recueil de Memoires sur 
I'exploitation des Mines, etc. Tome i, etc. Paris, 
1816, etc. 8°. (1285) 

Table . . . des Matieres contenues dans les Ire 

et 2e series, 1816-30. Paris, 1831. 8°. 

Tables . . . des Matieres. S^rie iii-viii. 1832-91. 

PflWs, 1841-93. 6 vols. 8°. In progress. 

Annales des Ponts et Chauss^es. Memoires 
et Di>cuments relatifs a I'Art des Constructions et 

au Service de I'lngenieur Paris, 1831, etc. 


Tables generales. Sdrie i-vi. 1831-90. ^aris, 

1843-91. 6 vols. 8". In progress. 

Annales des Sciences Maturelles, compre- 
nant la Physiologie animate et vegetale . . : la 
Zoologie, la Botanique, etc. Paris, 1824-33. 8°. 
(7142) ^- - 

Table gon^rale alphab^tique et raisonnf^e -des- 

Matieres. Vol. i-xxx. 1824-33. Paris, 1841. 8°. 




Annales des Sciences JXatvirellea— emit. 

Revue bibliograpbique pour servir de complement 

aux A.anales des Sciences Naturelles. Annees 
1829-31. (Bound with " Annalfjs," vols, xviii, xxi, 
and xxiv.) 

\A/lei- this date cuntinued in 2 parallel «e;v'es.] 

I Bot.inique. 2e Serie. Vol. i-xx. 1834-43. 
3e Serie. Vol. i-xx. 1844-53. 4e Si^rie. Vol. 
i-xx. 1854-63. 5e Serie. Vol. i-xx. 1864-74. 
6e Serie. Vol. i-xx. 1875-85. 7e Serie. Vol. 
i-xx. 1886-9.5. 8e S^rie. Vol. i, 1896, etc. Paris, 
1834, etc. 8°. 

Zoolotrie. 2e S^rie. Vol. i-xx. 1834-43. 3e 

Sdrie. Vol. i-xx. 1844-53. 4e Sdrie. Vol. i-xx. 
1854-63. 5e Serie. Vol. i-xx. 1864-74. 6e Serie. 

. Vol. i-xx. 1874-85. 7o Serie. Vol. i-xx. 1886- 
95. 8e Serie. Vol. i-ii. 1895-96. Paris, 1834-96. 
8°. A general index will he found in Tome xx of each 
Series of the Zoologie and Botanique. 

Annales des Sciences Physiques et 
Naturelles, d' Agriculture etd'Industrie. Publiijes 
par la Societe Imperiale d' Agriculture de Lyon, 
le Serie. Tome i-xi. 1838-48. 2e S^rie. Tome 
i-viii. 1849-56. 3e Serie. Tome i-xi. 1857-67. 

\_Continued US'] 

Annales de la Soci^t^ d'Agricultdre, etc. de 
Lyon. 4e Serie. Tome i-x. 1868-77. 5e Serie. 
Tomei-x. 1878-87. 6e Serie. Tomei-v. 1888-92. 
7e Serie. Tome i, etc. 1893, etc. 
Lyoti,\9,i%,etc. 8°. (6352) 

Annales des Travauz Publics de Selg'ique. 

Documents scienlifiques Industriels, etc. concernant 
I'Art des Constructions, les Voies de Communication 
et rindustrie Mine^rale. Tome i, etc. Bruxelles, 
1843, etc. 8°. (8767) Tome xxxiii contains a 
general index to Tomes i-xxxiii. 

Annales des Universlt^s de Selg'ique. 

Recueil contenant les Memoires couronnes 

aux concoura universitaires, et d'autres documents 
acaderaiques. Annee i-xvi. 1842-57, \<uul^ 2e Ser. 
Tome i. 1858-59. Bruxelles, 1843-61. 11 vols. 
8°. (7556) 

Annales du G^nie Civil. Recueil de Memoires 
sur les Matlieinatiques pures et appliquees, I'Astro- 
nomie, les Punts et Ohaussc'es, les Routes et Chemins 
defer, c/c. Tomei-xl. /'«W.s, 1862-80. 8°. (6.507) 

— — Table des matieres des huits premieres annees, et 
du Supplement aux anndes 1867 et 1869. 8°. 

Annales du Sauvetagre maritime. Publiees 
par la Socic'te centralo de Sauvetage des Naufrag<''8. 
Tome i-xxii. Paris, 1866-87. 8^^. L2nd and 3rd ed. 
of Tome i.] (13356) 

Annales Forestl^res. Redacteur: L. Beaussire 
Tome i-xiii. 1842-54. 13 vols. 8°. 

[^Continued as'] 

Annales FoRESTii;RE.s et MiiTALLURfiiQUES. Torne 
xiv-xx. Nouv. Periode. Tome i-iv. 1855-65. 
11 vols. 8°. 

[^Continued a«] 

Revue des Eaux et F()r6ts, Animles Forestieres. 
Tome V, etc. 1866, etc. Paris, 1842, etc. 8". 

Annales Forestieres — cont. 

Table alphabetique des matieres et des nomg 

d'auteurs. le Serie. Ann6e 1862-86. Paris, 

1887. 8°. 

Annales Zndustrielles. Directeur A. Cas- 
sagnes. Tomes i-xxvii. Text and Atlas. Paris, 
1869-95. 54 vols. 4° and fol. (13870) 

Annales marltimes et Colonlales, ou . . . 

Memoires, observations et Notices, et generale- 
ment de tout ce qui peut interesser la Marine et les 
Colonies. Par L. M. Bajot. Partie Xon-officielle. 
Sciences et Arts. [Serie i-iii]. Annee i-xxxii. 
1816-47. Pans, 1816-47. 68 vols. 8°. (1279) 
Continued under the title of NOUVELLES AnnALES 
DE LA Marine, etc. q.v. 

Table m<^thodique et raisonee . . . des Matieres. 

S6ne i and ii. 1816-41. Precede dune Revue 
retrospective. Paris, 1844. 8^. 

Annales Itlensuelles de I'Xndustrie, etc. 
See Annales de l'Industrie Nationals, etc. 

Annales T^l^g'rapliiques. Publi(''es sous le 
patronage de M. le directsur General des lignes 
telegraphiques. [lere Serie. Tome i. 1855-56.] 
[2eme Serie. Tome i-viii.] 1858-65. 3eme Serie. 
Tome \, etc. 1874, ete. Pnri.'i, \H5H, etc. 8°. (12170) 
Publication suapended from 1866 to 1873 inclusive. 

Table g^ndrale. 1855-90. Paris, 1891. 8°. 

Annali di Ag-ricoltura. Ministero di Agricol- 
tuni, ludustna e Comniercio : Direzionedell' Agri- 
coltura. Rome, \m->, etc. 8°. (12757) 

Relazione sul Servizio Minerario nel 1880, etc. 

Roma, 1883, etc. 8°. (22653) 

Annali di Chlmica applicata alia Itledl- 
cina, cioe alia Farmacia. alia Tossicologia, all'Iyiene, 
etc. Compilati dal (J. PoUi. 3" Serie. Vol 
xxxiv-lxx. Milano, 1862-84. 46 vols. 8°. 

[Continued as] 
Annali di CiimicA MEnico-FAUMACEUTicA e di 
Fakmacoi.OGIA. Direttori P. Albeitoiii [and] 
.T. Guareschi. 4" Serie. Vol. i-ii. Milano, 1885. 

2 vols. 8°. - 

[Continued as] 

Annali di Ciii.mica e di Far.macologia. 4''Sdrie. 
Vol. iii, etc. Milano, 1886, etc. 8°. (12193) 

Annals and Mag-azine of Katural History ; 

or Magazine of Zoology, Botany and (ieology, 
(being a continuation of the "Magazine of Zoology 
and Botany " and Hooker's " Botanical Companion.") 
1st Series. Vol. i-xx. 1838-47. 2nd Series. Vol. 
i-xx. 1848-57. 3rd Series. Vol. i-xx. 1858-67. 
4th Series. Vol. i-xx. 1868-77. 5th Series. Vol. 
i-xx. 1878-87. 6th Series. Vol. i, etc. 1888, etc. 
London, 1838, etc. 8°. (8713) 

Annals of Agriculture and otlier useful Arts ; 
collected and published by A. Young. London, 
[and Bury St. Edmunds] 1786-1808. 45 vols. 8°. 

Annals of Chymistry and Practical Phar- 
macy. Vol. i. Londo7i, 1842-43. 8". (15140) 




Annals of Electricity, Magnetism, and 
Chemistry, and Guardian of Experimental 
Science. Conducted by W. Sturgeon. London, 
1836-43. 10 vols. 8°. (5725) 

Annals of Philosophy ; or, Magazine of Chem- 
istry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, etc. Edited by T. 
Thomson [and others]. 1813-20. Vol. i-xvi. 
[Vols, i & ii are 2nd editions.] London, 1818-20. 
16 vols. 8°. 

[Continued as] 

Annals of Philosophy. New series. Vol. i-xii. 
[17-28]. Edited by R. Phillips. London, 
1821-26. 12 vols. 8°. (1274) UniUd in 1827 
with the " Philosophical Magazine, etc." q.v. 

Annandale, Chas., M.A., LL.D. 

See Blackie and Son. Blackie's Modern Cyclo- 
pedia of Universal Information, 1889-90. 
Edited by C. Annandale. 8 vols. 8°. (21802) 

Ogilvie, J. The Imperial Dictionary. New 
ed. by C. Annandale, 1882. 4 vols. 8°. 

Popular Encyclopedia, etc. Edited by C. 
Annandale. New ed. 14 vols. 8°. (22663) 


Ann^e Electrlque ; on, Expos^ annuel des 
Travaux Scientifiques, des Inventions et des princi- 
pales Applications de I'electricite a I'induatrie et aux 
Arts. Par P. Delahaye. Ann^e i-viii. Paris, 
1885-92. sm. 8°. (20959) 

Ann^e Zndustrielle. Revue des progres indus- 
triels et scientifiques. Par Max de Nansouty. 
Anni^e i-vi. 1887-92. Paris, sm. 8°. (20524) 

Ann^e Pharmaceutlquei on Revue des Travaux 
les plus importants en Pharmacie, Chimie etc. [Par] 
L. V. Parisel. Anni5e iii-v. 1862-64. Paris, 1863- 
65. 3 vols. 8°. (7335) After this date publica- 
tionmerged in the Annuaire PharmaceutiquBjJ. v. 

Ann^e Scientlfique et Zndustrielle ; ou, 

ExposO des travaux scientifiques, des inventions et 
des principales applications de ia Science il ITndustrie 
et aux Arts. Par L. Figuier [1895, etc. by E. 
Gautier]. Anni^e i,f<c. Paris, 1856, etc. 8°. (4254) 

— Tables des 20 premiers vols. 1857-77. Paris, 
[1877]. 8°. 

Annely, Bernard. A Theory of the Winds, as it 
was read to the Royal Society. London, 1729. 8°. 

Annesley, Wm. A new system of Naval Architec- 
ture. [Letters Patent Nos. 4240 of 1818, and 4549 
of 1821.] London, 1822. 4°. (8691) 

Important to Australian Navigation. — A few 

remarks on the origin, etc. of the transverse or dia- 
gonal principle of planking ships, traced up from 
W. A., the inventor in 1818. London, 1853. 8°. 

Annuaire de la Chimte industrielle et dn 
I'Zilectrochimie. Par D. Toramasi. Anni'e 1 
Paris. l«8y. .12-. (22275) 

Annuaire du Journal des Mines de 
Russle. Ann<5e 1835-42. St. Pelersbourq, 
[Pans, imp.]. 1840-45. 9 vols. 8°. (14552) 

Annuaire Sncyclop^dique .... Sciences, 
Beaux-Arts, Agriculture, Commerce, Industrie. ■ 
Publi(? par les Directeurs de I'Encyclopedie du 
xix« Siecle. 1859-71. Paris, 1861-72. 9 vols. 
8°. (8768) 

Annuaire Pharmaceutlque ; ou, Expos^ 
analytique des travaux de pharmacie, physique, etc. 
Par O. Re veil [et L. V. Parisel]. AnniJe i-xii. 
Paris, 1863-74. 12 vols. 12°. [United after 1866 
with the " Annee Pharmaceutlque."] (8604) 

Annuaire Scientlfique. Public par P. P. 
Deherain. Ann^e i-ix. Paris, 1862-70. 9 vols. 
12°. (7393) 

Annual Blog-raphy and Obituary, (the) for 
the Years 1817-18,37. Vol. i-sxi. London, 8°. 

Annual of Scientific Discovery; or Year- 
book of Facts in Science and Art. Edited by D. A. 
Wells. Vol.i-xxii. 1849-70. Boston, Mass., l8b0-70. 
19 vols. 12°. (7242) For conti7matiou see'' AnflXJATj 
Record of Science and Industry." 

Annual Zlecord of Science and Industry. 

Edited by S. F. Baird. 1871-78. New York, 1872- 
79. 7 vols. 8°. (16665) 

Annual Reg'lster ; or a view of the history, 
politics, and literature of the year. London, 1758- 
1894. 136 vols. 8°. (3561) 

General Index to Dodsley's Annual Register. 

1758-1819. Londoti, 1826. 8°. 

Annual Report of the progrress of Chem- 
istry, and the allied Sciences, Physics, Minera- 
logy, and Geology. By J. Liebig and H. Kopp. 
Edited by A. W. Hofmann and W. De la Rue. 
London, 1849-53. 4 vols. 8°. (13034) 

Annual Retrospect of Rn^ineering- and 
Architecture ; a record of progress in the 
sciences of civil, militarv, and naval construction. 
Edited by G. R. Burnell. Vol. i. Jan.-Dec, 1861. 
London, 1862. 8°. (6515) 

Annuarlo scientifico ed industriale. Fon- 
dato da F. Grispigni and others. Anno xxvi, 
1889, etc. Milano, 1890, etc. sm. 8°. (22560) 

Anonimus. See Sanguis. Sanguis Naturre ; or a 
manifest Declaration of the sanguine and solar con- 
gealed Liquor of Nature. London, 1696. 12°. 

Anquetil. See Thomas-Anquetil. 

Anquetil, Jean Pierre. Questions on Astronomy, 
and a new System proposed. Paris, 1833. 8°. 

Anschirlngrer, A. Shawls. See Paris Univ. 

ExiiiBiTioN, 1867. Austrian Comm., Berichte, Heft 8. 
8°. (13249) 

—— Wirk- und Weisswaaren und zur Bekleidung 
gehorige Gegenstiinde. ibid. Heft 8. 8°. (13249) 

Anschiitz, Johann MatthSus. Ueber die Gebirgs- 
und Steinarten des chursiichsischen Hennebergs, 
nebst einer Ubersicht aller bis jetzt bekannten 
Mineralien dieses Landes, etc. Leipzig, 1788. 8°. 




Anscbittz, R. See Richtfr, V. von. Chemie der 
Kohlenstoffverbindungen. 7te Aufl. Neii bearbeitet 
von R. Anschiitz. 1894-90. 2 vols. stn. 8°. (2.5039) 

A.n8ell, Geo. Fred. The Royal Mint ; its working, 
etc. explained ; with suggestions for its better 
scientific and official management. London, 1870. 
8°. (14709) 

Ansiaax, Lucien, and IVXasion, Lambert. Traite 
pratique de la fabrication du Fer et de I'Acier 
puddle. With atlas. Paris, 1865. 2 vols. 8°. 

Anspacb, Lucien. Notice sur les fondations par 
I'air comprime et sur les nouvelles installations 
mari times d' An vers. Bruxelles, 1880. 8°. (23002) 

Ansted, David Thos., M.A., F.R.S. Geology, 
introductory, descriptive, and practical. London, 
1844. 2 vols. 8°. (908) 

Geology and Physical Geography. 1860. See 

Ork's Circle of the Sciences. New ed. Vol. 4. 8°. 

Non - metallic mineral manufactures. See 

S')CIETY OF Arts. Lectures on the results of 
the Exhibition of 1851. No. xxii. 8°. (13798) 

On a new genus of fossil multilocular Shells. 

18.38. See GEOLOGY, etc. Excerpta. 4°. (7622) 

On a portion of the tertiary formations of 

Switzerland. 1839. Ibid. (7622) 

Anstlce, Robt. Remarks on the comparative ad- 
vantages of Wheel Carriages of different structure 
and draught. London, 1790. 8°. (230S) 

Anstie, John. See General. A general view of 
the bill . . . for preventing the illicit exporta- 
tion of British Wool and live sheep. By the Chair- 
man of the General Meeting. Bath, 1787. 8°. 

Observations on the importance and necessity of 

introducing improved Machinery into the Woollen 
Manufactory, etc. London, 1803. 8°. (14180) 

Answer. An answer to a Book intituled " An 
Inquiry ete. into the principles of a Bill for the 
preservation of the Great Level of the Fens, etc." 
London, 1778. 8°. (2254) 

Anthoine, ^. See Barbier. J. V., and An- 
TiioiNE, — . Lexique g(5ographique. 1894, etc. 
S°. (24410) In progress. 

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L\cuoix, E. Etudes sur I'Exposition de 1878. 
Vol. 6. 8°. (1177) 

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.Vntonium . . . manifesting Dr. Anthony his apologie 
f or aurura potabile to be f alse, eic. 1623. 4°. (9384) 

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).;i5n Rays. [With a] Chapter by W. A. Anthony. 
1896. K\ 5837. 

— and Brackett, Cyrus, F. Elementary Text- 
Book of P hysics. 3rd ed. Vew For/.-, 1887. 8°. 


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xxiv, f<c. A'«io IV/.-, 1893, f(c. 8°. (11759) 

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1888, etc. 8°. (22415) 

Anti- Adulteration Review. Dedicated to 
amending and enforcing the Law against Adultera- 
tion, and to ensuring purity in Food, Drink, and 
Drugs. London, 1871-74. 3 vols. 4°. (16217) 

Antic, Bosc d'. Sec Bosc d' Antic. 

Antlmagrn^tisme. L' Antimagnc-tisrae, ou I'origine, 
etc. du Magnutisme animal. [Par J. J. Paulet ?] 

Londres, 1784. 8°. (5295) 

Antimepbltlcal Company. Reports, etc. upon 
the patent, moveable, inodorous Conveniences. 
2nd ed. From the French. [Letters Patent No. 
4410 of 1819.] London, 1820. 8°. (10474) 

Antlne, Maur Fran9ois d'. See Art. L'Art de 

verifier les D.ites, etc. 1818-19. 5 vols. 4°. 

Antiquary, (the). A magazine devoted to the 
study of the past. Edited by E. Walford. Vol. 
i-vii. London, 1880-86. 4°. (1709) 

Antiquity. The Antiquity and Excellency of 
Globes. London, 1657. 4°. (12727) 

Antlsell, Thos. Ths manufacture of photogenic 
or hydro-carbon Oils from coal, etc. New York, 1859. 
8°. "(12512) 

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chimie. Paris, 1885. 8°. (11589) 

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Miiller, Miihlen-und Ma«chinenbauer. [2te Aufl.] 
Leipzig, 1871. 8°. (15182) 

Anton, M. Compoundmaschinen. (Ilhistr. Taschen- 
Bibliolhek.) Leipzig, 1883-84. 8°. (9482) In- 

Elektro-magnetische Maschinen. {ibid.) Leipzig. 

1884. 8°. (11488) Incomplete. 

Praktische Werkzeugeundneue Arbeitsmethoden. 

{ibid.) Leipzig, 1883. 8°. (13792) Incomplete. 

Antoni, A. V.Papacino d'. See Papacino d'Antoni. 

AntonluB le Grand, pseud. Curiosus rerum abdi 
tariim naturffique arcanorum Perscrutator. Franco- 
furti, 1680. 12°. (3209) 

Antwerp, International Exhibition, 1894. Techn- 
ologie de I'Exposition tJniverselle d'Anvers en 
1894. Bruxelles, 1895. 8°. (24710) 

liilenialional Milling Exhibition, etc., 1885. See 

PaI'I'ENHEI.m, G. Bericht iiber die Internationale 
Ausstellung fiir Miilloroi etc. in Paris, 1885, und die 
internationale Ausstellung in Antwerpen, 1885. 8 . 

Anuario de los progresoa tecnoldg-lcos do 
la Xndustrla y do la Agricultura. Por D. Jose* 
Canalejas y Casas. Ailo i-iv. 1801-04. Madrid, 
1802-05. 4 vols. 8°. (7477) 

AnviUe, .T. I?. Bourguignon d'. See BotiRO0iaNON 
33 " 



Anzeigrer fiir K.unst-und Crewerbeflelsa 
Im K-onigrr. Baiern. Jahrg. ii-iii. 1816-17. 

[Continued «s] 
Allgemeiner Anzeiger FiTR Bayern, etc. Jahrg. 
viii. 1822. 

[Continued a-s] 

Neues Kc.nst-dnd Gewerbblatt. Jahrg. ix-xi. 

[Contiiiue<l as] 

KuNST-UND GEWEiiBE - Blatt. Jahrg. xii-liv. 
1826-G8. Miinchen, 1816-17. 49 vols. 4°. (1471) 
Jahrij. i ; iv-vii absent. See also Bayerisches 
Industrie-und Gewerbe-Blatt. (17568) 

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le Fusil de I'avenir. From the "Journal des 
Sciences militaires," Dec. 1896. Paris, 1897. 8°. 

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Geigenbau und die Bogenverfertigung. {Neiier 
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8°. and 4° atlas. (25169) 

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yolstadl. Cosmographia P. Apiani per Gemmam 
Frisiura ab omnibus viiidicata mendis ac aucta. 
Additis ejuadem argument! libellis ipsius Gemmre 
Frisii. Antverpim, 1545. 4°. (6865) 

The same. A.nother edition. Antverpice, 1550. 

4°. (12609) 

The same. Another edition. Parisiis, 1551. 

4°. (1912) 

The same. Another edition. AntverpicB, 1574. 

4°. (4698) Wants title. 

-^ — Cosmographia, sive Descriptio Universi Orbis, 
Petri Apiani et Gemmfe Frisii, jam demum integri- 
tati sujE restituta. Adjecti sunt alij, tum Gemmae 
Frisii, tum aliorum auctorura eius argumenti 
tractatus ac libelli varii. Antverpiie, 1584. 4°. 

Aplcius, Coelius, Medicus. De re culinaria libri 
decern. P. Platinae de tuenda valetudine, natura 
rerum, et popiiiae acientia libri X ; Pauli .lEginetaa 
de Facultatibus alimentorum Tractatus, A. Torino 
interprete. Lu;;duni, 1541. 8°. (12730) 

« — '— De Opaoniia et Condimentia sive arte coquinaria 
Libri decem. Cum annotationibua M. Lister. 
Editio secunda. Amstelodami, 1709. 8°. (3353) 

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2nd ed. London, 1865. am. 8°. (13076) 

Apletree, John. On the Antiquity of Silk. 8°. 
WuntH title. [The work was publiahed by a Com- 
pany formed under Apletree's patent No. 420 of 
1718.] (8639) 

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Veteres M.vniEMATioi. Veterum Mathematicorum 
. . . Opera. 1693. fol. (26) 

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Archimedhs. Opera, e^c, per I. Barrow. 1675 
4°. (2008) 

Locorum Planorum libri ii. Reatituti a R. 

Simson. Glasgow, 1749. 4°. (6993) 

ApollonlUB, Pergoeus — cont. 

See BOKROW, R. A restitution of the geo- 
metrical treatise of ApoUoaina PergiBus on 
"Inclinations." 1779. 4=. (9152) 

Apolog-y. An Apology for English Shipbuilders, 
etc. [respecting appointments to the Office of 
Surveyor to the Navy]. London, 1833. 8°. (9332) 

An Apology for the Builder : or a discourse 

showing the cause and effects of the increase of 
building [in the Metropolis]. London, 1685. 4°. 

Apothecaries' Kali. See Society of Afothe- 


Apothecary. The Apothecary display'd, or an 
Answer to the Apothecaries' pamphlet, called 
Frauds detected in Drugs. London, 1748. 8°. 

Appeal. Appeal to the public on the right of using 
oil-cement, or composition for Stucco, etc. With 
evidence on the public use of oil composition before 
the date of Liardet'a patent [No. 1040 of 1773]. 
London, 1778. 8°. (2260) 

Appeazeller, Stephan. See Campin, F. Das 
Drechseln in tlolz, etc. Uebersetzt von S. Appen- 
zeller. 1862. 12°. (6798) 

Appert^ Chas. The Art of preserving all kinds 
of Animal and Vegetable subatancea. From the 
French. 2nd ed. London, 1812. 8°. (5502) 

Appert, Ldon, and Kenrivaux, J. Verre 

et Verrerie. (^Ency eloped ie Indastrielle.) Paris, 
1894. 8°. and 4° atlas. (24399) 

La Verrerie a I'Exposition UniverseUe de 1889. 

See ViGREUX, C. Revue Technique etc. Pt. 10. 

La Verrerie depuis Vingt Ana. Paris, 1894. 8°. 


Applegrath, Aug. and Cowper, Edward. Des- 
cription of their horizontal machine, and of Apple- 
gath's vertical machine for printing " The Times." 
FromJ.Weale's "London andita vicinity." London, 
1851. 12°. (12975) 

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Drawing. Edited by W. E. Worthen. New York, 
1857. 8°. (7306) 

The same. Another ed. New York, 1892. 8°. 


Dictionary of Machines, Mechanics, &c. Edited 

by O. Byrne. New York, 1855. 2 vols. 8°. (2859) 

A Library Manual. London, 1847. 8°. (4112) 

Appleton's mechanics' ItXag'azlne and 

Engineers' Manual. New York, 1851-53. 3 vola. 
8° and 4°. (1133) 

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London, 1869. 8°. (12145) 

A Prate, Giovanni. See Prato, G. a. 

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1713. fol. (418) 




The History of my Youth. From the French 

by B. PoweU. London, 1855. 8°. (5921) 

Aragro, Fran^.is. See Arago, D. F. J. 

Arana, Diego Barros. Elementos de Jeografia 
FisicH. 2-' cii. Santiago, 1874. 8\ (8460) 

Arbuthnot, John, Farmer. Instructions on the 
formation of Ploughs. .sVe Small, J. A Treatise 
on Ploughs, etc. New ed. 1802. 8°. (7094) 

See Young, A. On the husbandry of three 

celebrated Farmers. 1811. 8°. (11028) 

Arcana of Science and Art ; or, one thousand 
popular Inventions, etc. abridged from the Trans- 
actions of Public Societies, etc. 1st year, 1827. 

[Coittiniieil ox] 

Arcana or Science, and Annual Register of the 
useful Arts. Abridged, etc. 2ad year, 1828. 
[Cimtinued as] 

A.KCANA OK Science, and Art ; or, an Annual Re- 
gister of popular [and useful] Inventions, etc. 
Abridged, «<r. Hrd- 11 th years, 182'.l-37. [By John 
Timbs.] London, 182H-:i8. 11 vols. 12°. (6325) 
For contintuitinntee " Year-book of Facts, ete." 

p leniii) 

Aquinas or De Aquino, Thomas. Secreta 
AlchiiniEB Magnalia. Accessit et Jo. de Rupescissa 
liber Lucis, ac Ray. Lulli Clavicula et Apertorium. 
Opera D. Brouchusii, cum Praifatione D.J. Heurnii. 
Editio tertia. Lugduni Batavorum, 1602. 8°. 

Arabol manufacturing- Co. Theory and 
practice of the Sizing of Paper. New York, 1895. 
8°. (2047) j 

AragrOf Dominique FrauQois Jean. QSuvres com- 
pletes. Publiees sous la direction de J. A. Barral. 
Tomes i-iii. Notices biographiques. iv-viii. Notices 
scientifiques. ix. In.structions sur les voyages scien- 
tifiques. x-xi. Memoires scientifiques. xii. Mt^langes. 
xiii. Tables. Paris, 1854-62. 13 vols. 8°. (7273) 

Astronomic Populaire publiee sous la direction 

al J. A. Barral. Qiluvre posthume. Paris, 1858-61. 
4 vols. 8°. (12610) 

— — Popular Lectures on Astronomy. From the 
French, with Notes, etc. by W. K. Kelly. London, 
1841. 8°. (8717) 

Biographies of distinguished scientific men. 

From the French by W. H. Smyth, B. Powell, and 
R.Grant. London, \Sb7. 8°. (2920) 

The Comet of 1832. Scientific notices of 

Comets in general, etc. From the French by 
C. Gold. London, 1833. 12°. (3929) 

Life of James Watt ; with memoir on 

machinery, etc. Subjoined, Account of the discovery 
of the composition of water, by Lord Brougham ; 
and Eulogiuni of James Watt, by Lord Jelfrey. 
3rd ed. Edinburgh, 1839. 12°. (901) 

Report on the Atmospheric Railway system, 

and on the proposed Atmospheric Railway at Paris. 
1845. See Weale, J. Quarterly Papers on 
Engineering. Vol. 3. 4°. (975) 

Arcandam or Alcandrln. His most excellent, 
profitable, and pleasant Book to finde the fatall 
destiny, constellation, complexion, and naturall 
inclination of every Man and Childe by his Birth ; 
with an addition of Physiognomy, etc. Turned out 
of French by W. Warde. London, 1649. 8°. 

Arcet, Felix d'. Des Rapports de distances qu'il est 
utile de maintenir entre les Fabriques insalubres et 
les Habitations qui les entourent. [Extrait des 
" Annales d'Hygiene publique " xxx. 1855 ?] 8°. 

Arcet, Jt^an P. J. d'. Collection de m<;moires 
relatifs a I'assainissement des At(''Iiers, des Edifices 
publics, et des Habitations partioulieres. Mis en 
ordre par P. GrouveUe. Texte and atlas. Parit, 
1843. 2 vols in one. 4°. (14195) 

— • — Discours sur I'etat actuel des Montagues des 
Pyrenees, et sur les causes de leur degradation. 
On y a joint des experiences, etc. sur les variations 
du Baroraetre, etc. ; avec une note de Le Monnier 
sur I'Aiguille aimant^e. Paris, 1776. 8°. (14255) 

Essai des matieres d'argent par la voie humide, 

et des dispositions du Laboratoire de la Monnoie de 
Paris. See Vauqdelin, N. L. Manuel complet de ' 
I'Essayeur. Nouv. ed. 1836. 18°. (4392) 

Archaeologrla. See Society of Antiquaries. 

Archaeologrla Americana. 

Antiquarian Society. 

See American 

Archaeolog-ical Institute of Great Britain 
and Ireland. Old London. Papers read at the 
London Congress, July, 1866. London, 1867. 8°. 

Arche, A. Die Gewinnung der Metalle und der 
Producte der chemischen Grossindustrie, nach den 
Arbeiten und Methoden der hervorragend.sten 
Hiitten und Fabriken des nordlichen Enropas. 
Heft I. Blei. Leipzig, 1888. 4°. (24816) 

Archer. The Archer's guide. By an old Toxo- 

philita. London, 1833. sm. 12°. (15223) 

Archer, F. S. A manual of the Collodion photo- 
graphic process. London, 1852. 12°. (5866) 

Archer, Thos. Croxon. The manufacture of paper. 
1876. See Bevan, G. P. British manufacturing 
Industries, [viii.] (17584) 

Popular economic Botany ; or Description of 

the botanical and commercial characters of tlie 
principal articles of vegetable origin, used for Food, 
Clothing, Tanning, Dyeing, Building, Medicine, 
Perfumery, etc. London, 1853. 8°. (5924) 

Wool, and its applications. 1876. Sec Bevan, 

G. P. British manufacturing Industries. [v.] 

Archer, W., F.L.S. The vegetable products ex- 
hibited by Tasmania in the International Exhibition 
of 1862. See Whiting, G. The products aud re- 
sources of Tasmania, etc. 1862. 8°. (10079) 

Archer, Wm. Henry. 

See VICTOUIA, Patent OJice. 

Victoria, Registrar GeneraL 
35 E 2 


Archer, Wm. Henry — cnnt. 

Abstracts of English and Colonial patent speci- 
fications relating to the preservation of Food, etc. 
[Comprising England, New South Wales, and Vic- 
toria.] Melbourne, 1870. 8°. (14647) 

The Colony of Victoria. (Prefatory Essay.) 

■See Victorian Exhibition, 1861. Catalogue, etc. 
1861. 8°. (10081) 

De la Colonie de Victoria. Ibid. Essais divers, 

etc. 1861. 8°. (10083) 

Die Colonie Victoria. From the English by B. 

Loewy. Ibid. Die Colonie Victoria, etc. 1861. 
8°. (10082) 

Archlac, Etienne J., Vicomte D\ Notice sur ses 
travaux g<5ologiques, etc. 1850 ? See Geology, etc. 
Excerpta. 4°. (7622) 

Archibald, Chas. F. Wild Birds, useful and in- 
jurious From the " .Journal of the Roy. Agric. 
Society." r.owrfon, 1893-94. 8°. (16997) 

Archimedes. Archimedis Opera ; Apollonii 
Pergsi Conicorum libri IV.; Theodosii Sphserica; 
methodo nova illustrata et succincte demonstrata 
per I. Barrow. London, 1675. 4°. (2008) 

The Arenarius. From the Greek, with notes 

and illustrations. Added, the Dissertation of 
Christopher Clavius on the same subject, from 
the Latin. [By G. Anderson.] London, 1784. 
8°. (8660) 

See Casati, P. Terra machinis mota, Disserta- 

tiones in quibus. . . . Archimedes terras motionem 
spondens . . . vindicatur. 1658. 4°. (15068) 

(^Archimedean screio.) 

See Paucton, A. J. P. Theorie de la vis d' 

Archimede. 1768. sm. 8°. (18958) 

— — See BEAnFORT, — . The submarine Propeller, 
or Archimedean screw. 1846. 8°. (212) 

See Galloway, E. On the Archimedean screw 

or sub-marine propeller. 1842. 4°. (162) 

See Ma.son, T W. Remarks on the ellipsoidal 

balloon propelled by the Archimedean screw. 1 843. 
NoR.MAN, G. J. Aeronautica Illustrata. Vol. 6. 

See Ressfl, J. Abhandlung iiber die Archimed- 

ische Schraube zum Betrieb der Dampfschiffe. 
1826. fol. (8664) 

Archinard, E., C.E. See Ferrini, R. Techno- 
logic de la Chaleur, etc. Traduit de I'ltalien par E. 
Archinard. 1880. 8°. (5353) 

Architect, (The). A journal of art, civil engineer- 
ing, and buiMing. Vol. i, etc. London, 1869, etc. 
fol. (13634) 

Architect and Builders' Gazette, (The). 
See Architect and Building Operative, (The) 

Architect and Building- Operative, (The). 
[Vol. ii published as '■ The Architect and Builder's 
Gazette.] London, 1849-50. 2 vols.. 4°. (13442) 

Architect, Engrineer, and Surveyor. 1843. 

See SuRVKVOK, Engineer, and Architect. 1840- 
43. 4°. (17204) 



Architect's Slectrical Bulletin. [Issued by 
the Interior Conduit and Insulation Co.] Vol. 
i-vii. New York, 1892-96. 7 vols, in three. 4°. 

Architects' Reg°ister, (The) : being a publica- 
tion devoted to art, architecture, engineering, 
and building, established to form the nucleus of a 
Register of papers read before Architectural 
Societies .... Issued half-yearly. Vol. i-iii. 
London, 1887-88. 3 vols. sm. 8°. (20437) 

Architectural Association, Boston. Sketch 
Book. 1st issue, August, 1883. [Boston, Mass.'] 
4°. (8777) 

Architectural Association, London. A. A. 
Notes. London, ISSl, etc. 8^. (21103) 

Sketch Book. London, 1888, etc. fol. (18443) 

Architectural DKag-azine and Journal of im- 
provement in Architecture, Building, etc. Con- 
ducted by J. C. Loudon. Vol. i-v. London, 
1834-38. 5 vols. 8°. (831) 

Architectural Publication Society, London. 
Detached Essays. 1848-52. London, 1854. 4°. 

Dictionary of Architecture. London, [1853-] 

1892. 8 vols. fol. (6397) 

Architectural Beview and American Builders' 
Journal. Edited by S. Sloan. Vol. i-iii. Phila- 
delphia, 1869-71. 3 vols. 8°. (14481) 70^.2 
and 3 incomplete. 

Architecten-und Zng-enieur-Verein fur das 
Konig'reich Hannover. Zeitschrift. Neue 
Folge des Notizblattea. Hannover, 1855-96. 42 
vols. 4°. 

[Continued as'\ 

Zeitschrift fl'r Architektcr und Ingenieur- 
wesen. Organ des Siichsischen Ingenieur-und 
Architekten Vereins und des Architekten-und In- 
genieur-Vereins zu Hannover. Band xlii, etc. 
Hannover, 1896, etc. 4". (6406) 

Alphabetisches Sachregister zu Band i-viii. 

(1855-62.) Neue Folge. Hannover, 1864. 4°. 

Alphabetisches Inhaltsverzeichniss der Druck- 

schriften des Architekten, etc. Vereins. Band 
ix-xvi. 1863-70. 4°. 

- — The same. Band xvii-xxvii. 1871-81. Hann- 
over, 1883. 4*. 

The same. Band xxviii-xxxviii. 1882-91. 

, Hannover, 1893. 4°. 

Architekten-Verein zu Berlin. Notiz-Blatt. 
{Two series.) Potsdam, 1833-50. 7 vols, in two. 
4to. (1416) 

Wochen-blatt. 1867. fol. (5446). For con- 
tinuation see Deutsche Bauzeitcng. See alio 
Zeitschrift fur Badwesen. 

Architettura. L'Architettura del Ferro. Bac- 
coita di Motivi per Costruzioni Civili, Ferroviarie 
et Artistiche. Compilata col coucorso dei Migliori 
Ingegneri, Architetti e Costruttori Italiani. 2* ed. 
Milano, B. Saldini. 1882. fol. (21235) 




Archiv der Pharmacie. Autoren und Sach- 
Register zu deii . . . B;iud i-oxxx. (1822-57.) 
Von G. C. Wittstein. nannover, 18u9. 8°. (12663) 

Archiv fur Berg'bau und Huttenwesen. 

Hrsg. von C. .T. B. Karsten. Breslau, lafn; Bi'rlin, 
1818-31. 20 vols. 8°. (3835) Gineral Indexes in 
vols. X and xx. Continued as Akchiv fur Mineral- 
ooiE, etc. q.r. 

Archiv fur Buchdruckerkunst und verwandte 
Geschiiftszweige. Hrsg. von A. Waldow. Band 
xxix, e^o. Leipzig, l89->, etc. 4°. (1739) 

Archiv fiir Chemie und Uleteorolo^ie. 

Jahrn. i-i.<. See Archiv fiir die rf.sammte 
Naturlehre. 1830-35. 8°. (1311) 

Archiv fiir die Artlllerie-und Xng'enieur- 
Offiziere des deutschen Heichsheeres. 

.Tahrg. lix, f/e. Berlin, WJi>, etc. sm. 8°. (24268) 

Archiv fur die gresammte Naturlehre. 

Hrsg. von K. W. (i. Kastner. Band i-xxvii. 
Niirnberg, IH2A-35. 27 vols. 8°. (1311) Vol. xix- 
xxvii also entitled " Archin filr Chemie und Meteoro- 

Archiv fiir nXineralog°ie, Geog'nosie, Berg'- 
bau, und Hiittenkunde. Hrsg. von (;:. J. B. 
Karsten [and H. v. Decheu]. Berlin, 1829-55. 26 
vols. 8°. (12087) General Iiulexes in vols, x, xx, 
a7id xxvi. See also Akchiv fur Bergbau, etc. 
1818-31. 8°. 

Archiv fiir Post und Telegrraphie. Beiheft 
ziim Amtsblatt des Reichs-Poatanits. Hrsg. in 
Auftrage des Reichs-Postamts. Jahrg. xvii, etc. 
Berlin, 1889, etc. 8°. (19959) 

Archiv fiir practlsche Geologrle. Hrsg. von 

F.Po^epny. Band i-ii. IK/px, 1880-95. 8°. (2-1863) 

Archives de I'Electriclt^. Par M. A. de la 

Rive. Tome i-v. Genh-e, 1841-45. 5 vols. 8°. 
(15635) [Forming pvrt of the " BlBLlOTHfeQCE 
Univekselle," Nimr. Serie."] 

Archives des D^couvertes et des Inven- 
tions Nouvelles, faites dans \oi Sciences, les 
Arts et les Manufactures .... 1808-39. Paris, 

1809-41. 31 vols. 8'. (7101) 

Archives des missions sclentifiques et 
lltt^ralres. Choix de rapports, etc. (.\fiiiisi,'rr ,/,■ 
rinstrnclion jmbli(/ue.) Tome i-vi. Paris, lK50-.'')7. 
8°. (8234) 

Archives des Sciences physiques et 
naturelles. See Bii!i,i()'1'iikqi'e U.niveuski.le. 

Archives N^erlandalses des Sciences 
ezactes et naturelles, publii'espar la SucietC; 
Hollandaise des .•Sciences. Tome i, etc. La, Haye, 
1866, etc. 8". (2314) 

Table g^nerale. Tomei-x. 1866-75. [in vol. x.] 

Ar90n, Jean Claude Kleonore le Michaud d'. See 
Le Michaud d'Arjon. (2424) 

Arcularius, Henry. School of the Gunner, or 
Field Piece : being an extract from a French work 
on the service of field artillery. Translated by 
H. A. New York, 1838. 32°. (12192) 

Ardant, P. Etudes theoriques et experiin<jntales 
sur I'etablissement des Charpentes a, grande portre. 
Metz, 1840. 4°. (14193) 

Arden, J. A short account of a course on Natural 
and Experimental Philosophy. Birminyham, 1773. 
8°. (18634) 

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See United States 

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double col. (4685) Title rubricated. 





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Auimaux nuiaibles. Extrait du " Traitu gi'ni'ral des 
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Monumens, depuis J. C. Par un Religieux de la 
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Clemencet, and U. Durand.J Reiniprinio et 
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\_C'onti?iued as] 

Art de v<''rifier les Dates . . . avant I'Ere 

Chr^tienne. Par M. de Saint AUais. Paris, 1820. 
4°. (2445) 

[^Continued as] 

Art de verifier lea Dates, depuis I'ann^e 1770 

juaqua noa jours. Redigi'e par une Soci(?t6 des 
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celles. Tome iv par lo Marquis de Fortia d' 
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pour diriger k volontr les ballons aerostatiques. 
[piir — Piroux.] Lyon, 1784. 8°. (9101) 

— The 

Art of 
5th ed. 

Brewing, or 




man his own 

8°. (18887) 

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[1850?]. sq. 16°. (9993) 


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New ed. London, 


1755. 12°. 

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I Colours. 



The same. 


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41 V 



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43 P 2 



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[Continued as] 

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- (18900) ' "-'•<'■ 

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RovAL Astro.nomical Society. 


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8°. (352) 





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1850. 8°. (4218) 

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Gear, with a view to supersede the Cam motion 
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J — 

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Medical Bibliography. 


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Aub^, Ph. -A. De I'lilectricit^, soit de I'ame 
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The same. 3te Aufl. Von J. Meyer, {ibid.} 

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fol. (24529) 

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A selection of one hundred and forty jylates from the 
first edition, produced in chromo-Uthography by Jules 

■ Bien. 

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^— and Bachman, John, D.D., etc. The Vivi- 
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atlas of plates. (7227) 

Aner, Alois. Die Entdeckung des Naturselbst- 
druckes : Added, Eigenthums-Streit bei neuen 
Erfindungen. and Das Benehmen .... Henry 
Bradbury[s]. \ln four languages.] Wien, 1854. 
4°. (7987) With l"^ specimen plates. 

The discovery of the Natural Printing process. 

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A series of one hundred Alphabets. Die Schrift- 

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fol. (15997) 

• See also Vienna, K. K. Hof-und Staatsdruckerei. 

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Auer von Welsbach, Carl. 

See In( ANDESfKNT Gas Lioht Co. Welsbach 
Pat?nt (Smokeless) Incandescent Gas Light. 
[1890.] 4°. (24146) 

Soci6t6 FRANf aise d'Incandescence par le 
Gaz. Les proces du bee Auer. 1897. 
Bm. 8°. (4052) 

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Anthracen : its constitution, etc., inchulitig arti- 
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deir anno 1779. Con note 

moti [di Bologna] 
Bologna, 1779. 8< 

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cluding an account of the Smelting Works of that 
Colony, etc. Adelaide, 1863. 8°. (8702) 

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the preparation, combination, and application of 
calcareous and hydraulic Limes and Cements 
London, 1862. 8°. (19745) 

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1888, etc. Sydney. 8°. (16277) 

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and Engrineerlnic 

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Australian Mining- Standard. A record of 

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Austria. See also Vienna, A'. A'. Ilof-und Staatt- 


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Privilegien-Gesetz vom 5 Oct. 1852. Verord- 

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Laws. Collection. (10629) 

The same. 3te Ausgabo. Mit Verordnungen 

bis 1880. Wien, 1880, 12°. Ibid. (10629) 




Austria — cout. 

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gesetz, Haiisirpatent, etc. Mit Verordnungen, etc. bis 
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The same. .5te Aufl. Mit Verordnungen, etc. 

bis Knde Mai, 1873. Whn, 1873. 16°. (16955) 

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Collection, fol. (10630) 

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wekks-Betrieb im K. Oesterreich. (14528) 

Kais. Kiiiiif/l. nandelsministeriuin. Gutachten 

iiber die vora K. K. Handelsministerium veruffent- 
lichten Entwiirfe eines Patentgesetzes und einea 
Gebraiichmusterschutz-Gesetzes. Wien, 1894. 8°. 

- — Uebersicht der gewerblichen Marken, welche 
bei den Handels-und Gewerbekammern . . . re- 
gistrirt, umgeschrieben nnd gelOscht wurden. 
llater] Central-Marken-Register. Wien, 1881, etc. 8°. 

Kais. Ki'migl. Hydrographisches Amt. See MlT- 


1873, p/c. 8°. (20115) 

Kais. Ki'migl. Privilegieii Archiv. See also 

Hungary, Patent Office. 

■ Beschreibung derErfinduiigen und Verbesserun- 

gen fiir welche in den K. K. O.sterreich. Staaten 
Patente ertheilt werden, und deren Privilegiums- 
Dauer nun erloschen ist. 1821-47. Wien, 1841-48. 
6 voU. 4". (922) 

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[List of Patents, 1815-1837, with occasional 

descriptions.] See Kais. KOnigl. polytechnische 
Institute in Wien : Jahrbiicher, 1819-39. 20 
vols. 8". (1293) 

Uebersicht der im Kaiserthume Oesterreich in 

den Jahren 1853-56, verliehen und der in diesen 
Jahren ausser Kraft getretenen ausschl. Industrie- 
Privilegien. Zusaumengestellt von H. Waschnitius. 
fol. (11673) 

VerzeichnLss der vom K. K. PrivUegien-Archive 

einregistrirten. etc. Privilegien. 1853-62. Wien, 
1854-62. 10 vols. 4°. 

[Continued US'] 

Verzeichniss, etc. (monthly). 1862, etc. 4°. 


Catalog der von dem K. K. Privilegien- Archive 

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Bergwerks-Betrieb im Kaiserthum-Osterreich 
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.\Iilitdr-Comile. See MiTTlIEILUNGEN L'BER GegeN- 

etc. 8=. (18927) 

AuBtrla-Kung'ary— ^o>/^ 

[War Dept.l Abrichtungs-Reglement fiir di« 

k.k. Genie-Truppen, 1853. Wien, 1853. 8°. 

Leitfaden fiir den Unterricht im Pionnier- 

dienste, etc. Wien, 1856. 8°. (4212) 

Exercir-Reglement fiir die k.k. Genie-Truppen. 

Wien, 1853. 8". (4166) 

Exercir-Reglement fiir die k.k. Pionniere. 

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f ureuses de Saint-Sauveur et de Hontalade. Tarht», 
1869. 8°. (14455) 

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Bernoulli's Dampf maschinenlehre. 7te Aufl. von F. 
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ests of the mechanically-propelled Road Carriage. 
Edited by H. Sturmey. Vol. i, etc. London, 1895, 
etc. 4°. (17038) 

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• Autographs, Collection of. fol. (11200) 

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nal (the). A record and review of applied auto- 
matic Locomotion. Vol. i, etc. London, 1896, etc. 
4°. (603) 

Autumnal. Autumnal Equinox ascertained, with- 
out the use of Astronomical Tables. By the Au- 
thor of an "Attempt to illustrate the usefulness of 
Decimal Arithmetic." London, mO. 8°. (11999) 

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Chemistry of the 
. (20449) 

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1891. sm. 8°. (23217) 

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Literatos, Anticuarios, etc. Tomo i-iii. Madrid, 
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New York, [1885]. sm. 8°. (21778) 

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Designs for the construction of Markets, etc. 
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tion, 1855, Portuguese Commission. Relatorio, etc. 
1857. 2 vols. 8°. (17497) 




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ecle-iiastico. Afjo de 1(531. Gmnali. [1()30] 
sm. 4°. (17799) 

Avller, Ausf. Chas. d'. Cours d' Architecture qui 
comprend le^ Orires de Vigmle, etc. L'Art de 
Batir avec uae etplioation de toas le? term^s. 3me 
(Sd. Paris, 1699. 2 vols. 4°. (408) 

Avog'adro, Amadea, Cnnte di Quiregna. Mc'moire 
sur les rapports entre le pouvoir conducteur des 
liquides et la decomposition qu'ils en eprouveat. 
Par G. D. Botto and A. Avo<T,idro. 1839. See 
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See Nernst, AV. Theoreticil Chemistry from 

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The .same. [Xew ed.] Completely re-written. 

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and others. The Working efficiency of Secondary 

Cells, [and] Notes on Secondary Cells. From the 
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A short account of the Eye and nature of Vision. 

To illustrate the of Spectacles. 2nd ed. Loiulon, 
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12°. (2111) 

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London, 1853. B". (7263) 

P 1C060 49 


B., — and S.,— , Serr:iriers de. G.A. Toussaint. 
Nouvem mmuel complet du Sirrurier. Xouv. 6A. 
par P.iulin-Djsai-rneau'i. {Manuils Roret.) Paris, 
1854. 18° (4622) 

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/.onfto«,°1768. 4°. (8779) 

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et Mortis, omniumque graviorum in iMicrocosmo 
naSwi' Indicem; cuni J. K. B. traditani; nunc diluci- 
diori stylo SE exposituruni intimat G. F., MDCS. 
Lugduni n,itavoriini, 1678. 12°. (4325) 

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t., R., [i.e. R- Billingsley'] 
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An Idea of Aritlime- 


[i.e. Richard or Robert Burton, pseud, of 
Crouch]. The general history of Earth- 
. London, 1734. 16°. (5049) 



t,, T., [i.e. Thof. Blount]. Glossographia ; or a 
dictionary interpreting all such hard words, whether 
Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Italian, etc., as are now used 
in our refined English tongue. [1st ed.] London, 
1656. 8°. (1972) 

See also Glossographia. Glossographia Angli- 

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choicest notions ... in more than forty authors, 
phylosophical, chymical, etc. London, 1(593. 12°. 

T. A compendious account of the whole art of 

breeding . 
London, 1733. 

of the silkworm. 
4°. (3432) 

[By B. T.]. 

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F.R.S. The Christian Virtuoso. London, 1690. 8°. 

'«« Philosopher. The Philosopher's Banquet. 
ByT. Auguilbert]. 2nded.byW.B. 1614. 
\ (3047) 


— The same. 

3rd ed. by W. B. 1633. 8° 

B., W., [i.e. Wm. Bagwell]. The mystery of Astro- 
nomy made plain ... by an arithmetical descrip- 
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163ii. 8°. (3112) 

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The same. 2nd ed. Added : Tables of M. E. J. 

Reynolds, of the Mint. London, 1679. 12°. 

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See Bari.ow, p., and Babbage, C. The Encyclo- 
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1848. 4°. (1045) ^ 

Lacroix, S. F. An elementary treatise of the 
differential and integral Calculus. From the 
French [by Chas. Babbage and others.1 
1816. .8^ (2437) "' 

On the advantage of a Collection of Numbers 

to be entitled the Constants of Nature and Art. 
From the " Edinb. Journal of Science " N S 
No. xii. 1832. 8^ (19015) ' ' ' 

Babbage 's Calculating Engines. Being a col- 
lection of Papers relating to them : their history 
and construction. [Edited by H. P. Babbacel 
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Anastatic plate of a small portion of Mr 

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On the economy of Machinery and Manufactures 

4th ed. London, 1835. 12". (837) 

Babbag'e, Chas. — conf. 

Ueber Maschinen- und Fahrikenwe'en. Uber- 

setzt von G. Friedenberg ; mit einer Vorrede von 
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The Exposition of 1851 ; or views of the in- 
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London, 1851. 8°. (4151) 

The same. 2nded. London, 1961. 8°. (2750) 

See Sheepshanks, R. A Letter to the Board 

of Visitors of the Greenwich Roy. Observatory in 
reply to the calumnies of Mr. Babbage, etc. in his 
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Introductory view of the principles of Manu- 
factures. See Barlow, P. Treatise on the 
Manufactures and Machinery of Great Britain. 
1836. 4°. (11957) 

A Letter to Sir H. Davy, on the application of 

macliinery to the purpose of calculating and print- 
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On a method of expressing by signs the action of 

Machinery. London, 1826. 4°. (8782) 

Reflections on the decline of Science in England. 

Londm, 1830. 8°. (13404) 

On the statistics of Lighthouses. Extrait du 

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18.55. 4°. (7666) 

Table of Logarithms of the natural numbers 

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Passages from the Life of a Philosopher. 

[Autobiography.] London, 1864. 8°. (12764) 

See Menabrea, F. L. Sketch of the analyti- 
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61 o2 



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(19830) I 

P 16('6» 57 

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P 16069 

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— *„Ki *.: A — — : 1Q1Q a^ 

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59 "2 



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Title varied. 





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On propelling vessels by means of 
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(5514) I 

P 16089 ^5 

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Basel or Basle. 

zu Basel. 




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during storms. With a proposed new method of 
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the Portland and Start Bay. 1839. 8°. (12402) 

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limming, painting, and engraving ; the fourth of 
sundrj' experiments. 2nd ed. London, 1635. sm. 
4°. (1954) Title deficient. 

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\_or l-iyed Liar})], together with the spocification of 
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Hi.story and description of the Manchester 

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Mejoras de de Buenos Aires.- — Informe 

sobre drenage, sistema de cloacas paradesagiie y pro- 
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Description of a proposed cast-iron tube for cariying 
a railwaj' across the Channel between the coast.s_of 
England and France. London, 1869. 8°. (16018) 




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gencTil draining of Mirsh-Lmd in the County of 
Norfolk, with Mr. Berne's objections, etc. 1710. 
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the b-'st means of conveyanae of the Bath Water 
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Edited by E. Rack.] Balh, 1796-1816. 14 vols. 
8°. (15063) Vol. vii contains index to Vols, i-vii. 

^Continued «.s] 

Journal ok the Bath and West ok England 
Society [luter,'] and Southern Counties Associa- 
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Third Series, vol. i-xxi, 1869-90. Fourth Series, 
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Vol. iii of the Third Series contains a general Index 
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t". (1738) 

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i>'.\i'KAi:Ei],s Tklkcrai'iiiques. Tc'li'gTaphe Im- 
primeur de M. E. Baudot. Notice descriptive. 
1885. 8°. (23794) 

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tiijuo, et Jul. Nigronus de Caliga Veteruni. Acces- 
scrunt ex Q. Sept. Fl. Tertulliani, CI. Saluia.sii, et 

' Alb. Rubeni scriptis plurima cjusdcra argumenti. 

. Amstel<Hlami, 1667. 12°. (1991) 

P 1(10«9 


186i;. sm. 8''. 


Vie de Jacquard. Parit, 



Heft iii. 8°. 



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de Chiinie . . . avec les applications aux arts, etc. 
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The tlieory and practice of the preparation of Malt, 
etc. From the German by W. T. Brannt and 

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docuniente Osterreiohischer Alchemisten, und die 

Abbildungen einiger Medaillen alchemistischen 

18113. See MusEu.M I'f it die Gesch- 

OsTERB. Akbeit. Monographien. 


fiir chemische und pharinaceutische 
See Paris Univ. Exhibition, 1867, 
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tion, 1867, Austrian Comm. Berichte, Heft vii. 
8°. (13249) 

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nicthoden fiir die Praxis der Spiritusund Press- 
hefeindustrie. Hraunschireig, 18yi. 8°. (23296) 

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die \. Miinchener Fassfabrik von Jos. Dorn. [From 
the " Bayer-Indnstrii -mid Gewerbeblatt." Jahrg. 
22, 1890.] Miuwheii, 1890. 8°. (25239) 

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IiFrl,,:.\mC>. 8°. (11181) 

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See Museum OK Practical Geo ooY. Desciintive 
catalogue of rork specimens, etc. 3rd od. 
1862. 8°. (87(19) 

A descriptive catalogue of geological. 

mining and metiiUnrgical models. 1865. H° 

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New ed. lev., etc., by the author and H. 
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67 1 2 



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Books of Science.) Loiulnn, 1884. sra. 8°. 

Text-Book of systematic Mineralogy. 

Loiuion, IS8\. sm. 8^ (190.36) 

A treatise on the metallurgy of Iron. 

18G8. 8°. (13322) 

The same. 6th ed. (Weale'i Serias.) 

1890. 12°. (22175) 

( T<;r.l- 


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ziir Briickenbaukunde. 2te Aufl. Ton A. Doehle- 
mann und W. Fraiienholz. Heft i and ii. f^tutttfart, 
1 «:■.>. 2 vols, in one. fol. (16076) 

Baukunde. Bauknnde des Architekten. Unter 
Mitwirkung von Faciimannern der versohiedenen 
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kalenders. Band i. Theil 1-2, and Band ii. Berlin, 
1884-93. 2 vols, in three. 8°. (23878). Band i, 
Theil 1, is ef the 3rd eti. 

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{Continued as] 

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{Bayerlscher Bierbmuer). \_Later'\ Organ der 
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{Continued a«] 

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Dictionary, historical and critical, etc. 

that of Mr. Bayle]. 1734-41. 10 

■ (Euvros diverses : contoiiant tout cc quo cet 

autenr a publid sur des raatii'^res de Thi'ologie, de 

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exceptc' son Dictionnaire historiqne et critique. 

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A general 
vols. fill. 




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— Report on Brighton Sewerage, 
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A supplement to a " New system," etc London, 

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Lomlon, 1798. 8°. (2339) 

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1779. 4°. (10134) 

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locoiiiotivus a graiide prcssion et grande adherence. 
Considen'es en jiarticulier comme nioyens speciaux 
et exceptionnels de traction sur les stations de 
cheniins de fer a fortes pentes. Paris, 1862. 4°. 
lithogr. (11135) 

Nouvelles recherches sur les conditions pratiques 

de plus grande utilisation de la Chalcur et en 
gi'ni'ral de la force molrice. Avec application au 
chemin de fer i-.i a la navigation. Paris, 1862. 4°. 
lilhofir. (11926) 

De la traction des Bateaux f ondde sur le principe 

de radhe:<'nce avec application : le. Au lialage par 
la vapeur sur les Canaux et Rivieres Canalisi'-es. 
2e. Au halage par Taction du courant et au passage 
des Rajiides, Portos ou Cataractes sur les grands 
Fleuves. Paris, 1862. 4°. Uthogr. (25201) 

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From the " United Service Mag." 1846. 8°. (212) 

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8°. (7100) 

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1811. 8°. See Noi:MAN, G.J. Aeronautica illus- 
trata, elc. Vol. viii. (5834) 




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jmnlli'imoas mark, edited by the author's son Henry 

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Eplii'merides des mouvemens Colestes depuis I'an 
1702 jusqu'en 1714. On Ton tronve lei mouvemens 
diurne» des Planetes, en Longitude : leurs Lati- 
tudes, Aspects, rtc. Pour le meridien de P»rii. 
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F. Dujardin-. See Dujardin- Be.^u- 

or an analyration 
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ings. London, 1835. 8°. (5714) 

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and refutation of Astrology. 

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some years since by the learned Dr. Burnet. Lo7i- 
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{SiKciali^ts Series.) 

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76 k2 



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ICoutiniied a,«] 

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The same. 


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Od tho defeat of tho Enghsh Flotilla on Lake Erie. 
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Bergs - Collegium, Sweden. 





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8°. (14528) Vi,h.forl860-G\ absent. Issued idtfi varied 
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ung zu dt'n Gewerken und deren Innungen. 

,, J. ChroQJk vom ehrbaren und uralten Schneiderge- 

., 3. Chronik der Gold- und Silberschmiedekunst. 

„ 4. Chronik vomearbaren Seiiuhmachergewdrk. 
5. Chronik vom ehrbaren Metzgergewerk. 

„ 6- Chronik vom ehrbaren BackBrgewerk. 

„ 7. Chronik der Feuerarbeiter. 

„ 3. Chronik der Maurer und Stoinmetzen. Bearb. 
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See Deutsche Chemische Gesellschapt. 

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KuNiGL. Gewerbe-Institut. 

KiJNiGL. Preussische Akademie deb Wissen- 


zu Berlin. 
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herz. Berlin, 1880. 8°. (19387) 




Berlin — cont. 

^fiKj'istrats (hi: Reini^ng iind Entwasserung 

Berlins. Verh;in<1Iun^en und Berichte. Heft i-xiii. 
und Anhang i-iii. Berlin, 1870-79. 3 vols. 8° and 
1 vol. fol. atlas. (9880) 

Berliner alls'. Wagrenbau-Zeltung', fiir alle 
mit clem Waeenbaufach in Verbindung stehende 
Handwerke, etc. Hrsg. von G. Meitinger. 18G3-64. 
See Deutsche Illdstr. Allg. Waoenbau-Zeitong. 

Berliner Gewerbe-, Industrie- und Kand- 
elsblatt. Ursg. von A. P. Neukrantz und F. A. 
Melzke, [later, von D. Philipp]. Band i-xxxiii. 
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Berliner Mobel-Journal. Muster-Samtnlung 
fiir M'Jbel-Fabrikanten, Tischler, Tapezierer, und 
Decorateure. Jahrg. i-ii. Berlin, 1860-61. 4°. 

Berlinerblau, Joseph, Ph.D. Das Erdwachs. 
Ozokerit und Ceresin. Geschichte, Vorkommen, 
Gewinnung und Verarbeitung. 1897. See Bollev, 
P. A. Handbuch der chem. Technologie. Band i. 
Gruppe !i. Abth. ii. Theil iii. 8°. (162.52) 

BerllnlBclies Jahrbuch fiir die Pharmacle 

und fiir die damit verbundenen Wissenscliaften. 
Jahrg. i-xlii. 1795-1839. Berlin, 1818-40. 16°. 
(5540) Band i, 3te Aufl. Band ii-iv, 2te Aufl. 

Register. Band i-viii. Jahrg. 1795-1802. 

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Bandxv-xxiv. Jahrg. 1811-23. Von W. Raab. 

Berlin, 1824. 16*. 

Band xxv-xxxvi. Jahrg. 1824-36. Berlin, 

1836. 16°. 

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parties y compris les Horloges ^lectriques. See 
Lacroix, E. Etudes sur I'Exposition de 1867. 
Vols, i-vii. 8°. (13101) 

L'Horlngerie ; dans toutos ses parties y compris 

les Horloges electriques. Suivie dune t-tude sur la 
bijouterie, etc. par M. Sohwaeblc, et sur les pierres 
precieuses, etc. par M. Noguea. {Bihliotheque 
Scientijuiue-induftrielle, etc.) Paris, [186-?]. 8°. 

L'Horlogerie. See Lacroix, E. Etudes sur 

I'Exposition de 1878. Vol. vi. 8°. (1177) 

Berly, J. A., C.E. 

See Fontaine, H. Electrolysis. From the French 
by J. A. Berly. 1885. 8°. (1.5316) 
Reynier, E. The Voltaic Accumulator. 1889. 
8°. From the French by J. A. Berly. 

British and Continental [later,] Universal Elec- 
trical Directory and Advertiser . . . containing a 
complete record of all the industries . . . connected 
with Electricity and Magnetism. London, 1882, e/c. 

Bermuda. Narrative of the Voyage of H.M. 
Floating Dock "Bermuda" from England to 
Bermuda. Loiulon, 1869. 8°. (14655) 

Bermuda, Gort. of. Merchandise Marks Laws. See 
Trade Mark Laws. Collection, fol. (1(16.30) 

Bernan, Walter, [psewl., i.e. R. S. Meikleham]. 
On the history and art of warming and ventilating 
rooms and buildings. 1845. 2 vols. 12°. (8914) 

Practical observations on ventilating and warm- 
ing Public edifices, Dwelling-houses, etc. 2nd ed. 
London, 1829. 8°. (13906) 

■ Comte de Treves. Traitt^ [de« Metaux]. 


See Zacaire, Dion, Opuscule, etc.' 1612. 16* 

Traicte de la nature de I'Oeuf des Philosophes. 

Pari^, 1659. 8°. (8921) 

Bernard, — . Nouveaux principes d'Hydraulique, 
appliques a tous les objets d'utilite, et particuliere- 
ment aux rivieres. Paris, 1787. 4°. (7067) 

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Bruxelles, 1853. 8°. (8916) 

Les Estienne et les Types Grecs de Fran<;ois ler. 

Paris, 1856. 8°. (4227) 

Historique de la proposition du Congres Typo- 
graphique faite par M. Aug. Bernard. Paris, 1855. 
8°. (8918) 

Notice historique sur I'lmprimerie Nationale. 

Paris, 1848. 18° (8915) 

De I'origine et des debuls de I'lmprimerie en 

Europe. Paris, 1853. 2 vols. 8°. (2805) 

[Letters, vindicating his work " De rOrigine, 

etc., de I'lmprimerie en Europe."] Paris, 1853-54. 
8°. (8917) 

Geofroy Tory, peintre et graveur, premier ira- 

primeur royal, reforraateur de I'orthographie et dn 
la typographic sous Franfois ler. Paris, 1857. 8°. 

Bernard, Edward, D.D. De mensuris et ponderibua 
antiquis libri tres. Editio altera, etc. Oxonice, 1688. 
8°. (2035) 

Bernard, John Peter, and others. A general 
dictionary, historical and critical, in which a new 
translation of that of the celebrated Mr. Bayle, 
with the corrections and observations printed in the 
late edition at Paris, is included. London, 1734-41. 
10 vols. fol. (8920) 

Bernard, Sir Thomas, Bart. On the supply of 
employment and subsistence for the labouring 
Classes in fisheries, manufactures, and the culti- 
vation of waste lands ; with remarks on the 
operation of the salt duties, etc. London, 1817. 
8°. (5529). With .MS. additions, etc. 

The same. Reprint. See Pamphleteer. 

Excerpta. [No. xlvi]. (5514) 

Bernard le Trevisan. See Bernard, Comte de 


Bernays, E. A., M.Inxt.C.E. Chatham Dockyard 
extension works, 1879. Sec Suiiooi. OK Military 
Encineekinc; : Chatham. Lectures, fol. (23277) 

Cement and some of its uses. 1879. /bid. 

Lectures, fol. (23276) 

Berndt, O. Wasserhebemaschinen. 1897 See 
HkusiN(;er von Walheco, E. Handbuch der 
Ingenieur-vaisson.sohuften. 2to Aufl. Band 4. Abt. 1. 
8°. (22393) 




Berneaud. f>fe Thikbaut de Berneaud, A. de. 

Bernhard, Ludwig. Das Wasserglas, seine Dar- 
stellung und Anwendung. Frankfurt a. M. 1893. 
8". (23950) 

Bernhardt, Franz Anton. Warming and Airing 
Bnildinfrs ; founded upon certain principles of 
natural philosophy now first discovered. [Letters 
Patent No. 672G of 1834]. Lomlon, 1835. 8°. 

• Warming and Ventilating Buildings, to a newly 

discovered law of nature. London, 1838. 32°. 

Bernbelm, H. L., Ph.D. Der Zeichnenmeister. 


Anhang; i)ie Kunst Munzen, etc., 
Nonlhausni, 183G. 32°. (17699) 



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Aull., durch F. Autenheimer. Stuttgart, 1890. 

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Neo. Neue Encykl. der Wissenschaften, etc. 
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viribus et raotibus fluidorum Commentarii. Argeii- 
torati, 1738. 4°. (8923) 

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Cometarum, etc. Amsteli)dami, 1682. 12*. (3246) 

Dissertatio de gravitate Aetheris. Amstelodami, 

1683. 12°. (3253) 

Bernoulli, Johann (i), M.D., F.R.S. See Leibnitz, 
G. W., and Beknouilli. J. Commercium Philoso- 
phicum. 1745. 2 vela. ' 4°. (5084) 

— Opera omnia. Lausanne, 1742. 4 vols, in two. 
4°. (5071) 

Dissertatio de motu musculorum. Londini, 1708. 

4°. (8924) 

Bernoulli, Johann (iii), ABtronomer. Archiv zur 
neuoni (Jeschichte, Geographie, e^c. [Excerpta con- 
xisting of two papers relating to mining i)i Germany^- 
Leipzig, 1785. 8°. (14258) 

Bernoulli, Johann Gustav. Cours de m^canique 
prati(|ue a I'usage des directeurs et contremaitres de 
fabrique. Traduit de TAllemand par Valerius. 
{MnnueJs Roret.) Paris, [1849]. 18°. (4430) 

Bernthsen, Heinrich Aug., Ph. P. Kurzes Lehrbuch 
der organischen Chemie. 5te Aull., unter Mitwirk- 
ung von E. Buchuer. liraunnchireig, 1895. 8". 

The same. 6te Aufl. Bearbeitet mit E. 

Buchner. Bratmnchweig, 1896. sm. 8°. (25304) 

Text-book of Organic Chemistry. From the 

German by G. M'Gowan. London, 1889. sm. 8°. 

Beroalde de Verville, Francois. 

See Bt.ssoN, Jacob. Theatrum Tnstrumentorum. 
Cum F. Beroaldi declaratione, etc. 1578. 
fol. (6869) 

Tbuatre des instrumens math^matiques, 

avec I'interpn'tation des figures par F. 
Beroald. 1596. fol. (383) 

Berrl, David Garden. The art of Printing. 2nd ed. 
London, 1865. »m. 8°. (17235) 

Berring-ton, R. E. W., C.E., F.G.S. The use and 
misuse of water. A paper read before the " Brit. 
Assoc, of Waterworks Engineers," July, 1896. 8°. 

Berry, Wm., Clerk in the College of Arms, London. 
Encyclopedia Heraldica, or complete dictionary of 
heraldry. London, [1828]. 3 vols. 4°. (3901) 
Vol. 4 absent. 

Berscli, Josef, Ph. D. Chemiscb - technisches 
Lexikon. Eine Sammlung von mehr als 17,000 
Vorschriften fiir alle Gewerbe und technischen 
Kiinste. Hrsg. vondenMitarbeitern der "Chemisch- 
technischen Bibliothek." Redigirt von J. Bersch. 
Wien, [1894]. 8°. (23580) 

Die Conaervirungsmittel. Ihre Anwendung in 

den Giihrungagewerben und zur Aufbewahrung 
von Nahrungsstoffen. {Chen.- teehn. Bibliothek, 
94.) Wien, 1882. sm. 8°. (11872) 

Die Essig-Fabrikation. 2te Aufl. (^ihid. 10.) 

Wien, 1881. sm. 8°. (19436) 

Die Fabrikation der Anilinfarbstoffe und aller 

anderen aus dem Theere darstellbaren P'arbstoffe 
(Phenyl-, Naphtalin-, Anthracen- und Resorcin- 
farbstoflEe) und deren Anwendung in der Industrie. 
{ibid. 44.) Wien, 1878. sm. 8°. (19459) 

Die Fabrikation der Erdfarben. {ibid. 41.) 

Wien, 1878. su). 8°. (18792) 

Die Fabrikation der Mineral- und Lackfarben. 

{ibid.Zi.) ir/e«, 1878. sm. 8°. (18783) 

GiihrungsChemie fiir Praktiker. Theil i. Die 

Hefe und die Gahrungs-Erscheinungen. Theil ii. 
Die Fabrikation von Malz, Malzextract und Dextrin. 
Theil iii. Die Bierbrauerei. Theil iv. Die Spiritus- 
fabrikation und Presshefebereitung. Theil v. Die 
Essig- fabrikation. Berlin, 1879-86. 5 vols. 8*. 

Die Verwerthung des Holzes auf chemischem 

Wege. Eine Darstellung der Verfahren zur Gewin- 
nung der Distillations-producte des Holzes, etc. 
{Chem.-techn. Bibliothek, 105). Wien, 1883. sm. 8°. 

Berscb, Wm., Ph.D. Die Brotbereitung. Nebst 
einem Anhange : Die Einrichtung von Brotfabriken 
und kleineren Backereien. {Chem.-techn. Bibliothek, 
216.) Wien, 1895. sm. 8°. (24133) 

Bert, Paul. See Notice. Notice sur I'Anesthesie 
par les melanges titres (m<^thode du Paul Bert). 
[1884.] 8°. (12948) 

Electro-physiologie et Electro-th^rapie. See 

P.\piS, Exposition. Internationale d' Electricite. 
L'Electricitt' et ses applications. 1881. 8°. (5268) 

Bertereau, Martine de, Dame and Barone de Beau- 
Soleil and Aufi'enbach. Veritable Declaration faite 
au Roi, etc. des riches et inestimables Tresors 
nouvelleraent decouverts dans le Royaume de 
France. 1632. See Barba, A. A., Metallurgie, etc. 
1751. 12°. (14306) 

La restitution de Pluton. 1640. Ibid. (14306) 

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appliquee aux Arts, aux Manufactures, a I'Agri- 
culture, et a la Guerre. Paris, 1782. 2 vols. 4°. 





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simples. Piirh, 1894. 8°. (2431U) 

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des Atifiiens Alchiraistea Grecs avec la colla- 
boration de C. K. Ruelle. Paris, 1888. 3 vols. 4°. 

E>sai de Mt'-canique chemique fondee sur la 

Thermochiniie. Pans, 1879. 2 vols. 8°. (7358) 

The same. Extraits. 1882. See Fkemy, E. 

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Sur la force des matieres explosives d'apres la 

Thermochimie. 3e I'd. Paris, 1883. 2 vols. 8°. 

Explosives and their power. From the French 

by C. N. Hake and W. Macnab. With a preface by 
Lieut. CjI. J. P. Cundill. Lomhm, 1892. 8°. 

Histoire des Sciences. La Chimie au Moyen 

Age. Tome i. Essai sur la transmission de la 
Science antique au Moyen Age. Tome ii. 
L'Alchimie Syriaque .... avec la collaboration de 
R. Duval. Tome iii. L'Alchimie Arabe .... avec 
la collaboration de O. Houdas. Paris, 1893. 
3 vols. 4°. (24309) 

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en Chimie organique, profe&sees en 1804 au College 
de France. Paris, 1864. 8°. (21953) 

Les Origines de I'Alchimie. Paris, 1885. 8°. 


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suivi de notices et extraits im'dits de laboratoire de 
Lavoisier. Paris, 1890. 8°. (22562) 

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8°. (21954) 

Thermochimie. Donnt^es et lois numeriquea. 

Farts, 1897. 2 vols. 8°. (6415) 

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1872. 8°. (15749) 

Trait6 pratique de Calorimetrie chimique. 

(Encycl. Scietilijiqrie des Aide-menwire.) Paris, 
[1894]. sm. 8°. (24228) 

and Jungrfleisch, E. Traits el('>mentaire de 

Chimie organique. 2e 6d. Paris, 1881. 2 vols. 
8°. (19417) 

Zertheraad, Alphonse, ^f.D. Etudes sar les Eaux 
rainirales de I'Algdrie. Paris, 1858. 8°. (14053) 

Berthiaud, — . Nouveau raanuel completde I'lmpri- 
raerie en taille-douce. Rudigt.' par Hoitard ; avec 
notes, etc. par M. Finot et autres. (Manuels Raret.) 
Paris, 1837. 18°. (4400) 

Sertbler, A. Manuel de Photochroraie inter- 
ftrentielle. Proceilt's de reproduction directe des 
Couleurs. i'ttr(«, 1895. sm. 8". (24581) 

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analyses dos substances ininerales. 1825-44. 7 vols. 
8°. (2493) 

Memoires et notices min^ralogiques. 1824-6. 

Paris, 1827. 8°. (2505) 

Traite des essais par la voie seche. Liige, 1847. 

3 vols. 8°. (4106) 

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See Lacroix, E. iiitudes sur TExpositiou de 1878. 
Vol. 5. 8°. (1177) 

Constructions maritimes. .See Lacroix, E. 

...tudes sur I'Exposition de 1867. Vols. 2, 4. 8°. 

and Galticrny, — . Marine et constructions 

navales. See L\CR0IX, E. Etude-t sur I'Exposi- 
tion de 1878. Vol.5. 8°. (1177) 

Bertbold, Theodor, and Furstenau, .Moritz. 
Die Fabrikafion musikalischer Instrumente und 
einzelner Bestandtheile derselbea im Konigl. 
Saohsischen Vogtlande. Leipzig, 1876. 8°. (20534) 

Berthollet, Amedee B. See Berthoi.let, C. L. 
and A. B. Elements of the art of dyeing. From 
the French. 2nd ed. 1824. 2 vols. 8°. (90) 

Berthollet, Claude Louis, Comte. Essay on the 
new method of bleaching by means of oxygenated 
muriatic acid, etc. From the French by R. Kerr. 
Edinburgh, ndO. r2mo. (14765) With two papem 
(in exjierimeiits irith the bleaching acid at end of vol. 

and Berthollet, Amadee B. Elements of 

the art of dyeing. From the French by A. Ure. 
2nd ed. London, 1824. 2 vols. 8°. (90) 

Bertholon, Nicole, Abbe. Des avantages que la 
physique et les arts qui en dependent peuvent 
retirer des Globes aerostatiques. Montpellier, 1784. 
8°. See NOR.MAN, G. J. Aeronautica Illustrata, 
vol. viii. (5834) 

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collapsing Life boat. [Letters patent. No. 13,659 of 
1851.] Fareham, 1854. 12°. (349) 

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Calculs et renseignements pratiques. Pompes a 
main — Pompes centrifuges, etc. Paris, 1893. 8°. 

Berthoud, Ferd., Horologer. L'art de conduire et 
de regler les pendules et les montres. Pans, 1759. 
sm. 8°. (14499) 

Kclaircissemens sur I'invention, la theorie, etc. 

des nouvelles machines proposeus en France pour 
la determination des Longitudes en mer par la 
mesure du temps, etc. Paris, 1773. 4°. (8926) 

Essai sur I'Horlogerie. 2me ed. Paris, 1786. 

3 vols. 4°. (8927) 

Versuche, Vortheile, etc. zur Erreichung der 

moglichsten Vollkommenheit der Taschenuhren,e<c. 
Ein freyer Aui'zug aus dem "Essai d' Horlogerie." 
von (;. F. Vogel. .Ueis.wn, 1790. 12°. (8929) 

Traite des Horloges marines. Paris, 1773. 

4°. (2237) 

De la mesure du Temps. Supplement au 

" Traite des Horloges marines." Paris, 1787. 4°. 

and Janvier, L. Nouveau regnlateur des Hor- 
loges, etc. i^.Manuels Ruret.) Paris, 1838. 12 . 
(441)7) A re-itsiie. with adlttions, of ".4rt de con- 
duire, etc. le> pendules." (14499) 

See Claret de Fleokieo, C. P. de. Voyage fait 

en 1768 et 69, pour eprouver en mer les Horloges 
marines inventeds par F. Berthoud. 1773. 2 vols. 
4°. (9691) 




Sertln. L. E., Director of Naval Construction. See 
Lu)iE(', A. Les noil velles machines marines . . . 
aveo U coUabonition de M. Berlin, etc. 1882. 
Tomei. 8°. and fol. atlas. (11077) 

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La Marine des Ktats-Unis. 1896. See GRILLE, 

— and Falconnf.t, H. Revue technique, etc. 
Pt. 7. 8° and fol. atlas. (2:582.3) 

Sertram, Wra., of Woolwich. On Bertram's 
patent [Letters patent, No. 2fi92 of 1854] weld- 
ing process ... as a substitute for rivetting. 
[By A. H. Renton.] Lomlun, 1866. S". (11029) 

Bertrams, Ltd., Edinburgh. Illustrations of 
Paper-making machinery. See Bennett, J. B. 
Paper- making processes and machinery. 1892. 8°. 

Specimens of Paper manufactured by. [Edin- 
burgh, 189 ?] obi. ir.°. (9570) 

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I'Histoire Naturelle de la terre et des fossiles. 
Arigiwn, 1766. 4". (2206) 

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Pari.'i. 1894. 8". (24308) 

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8". (219,55) 

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destint' ;i faciliter la solution des problemes relatifs 
a la di-itribution des Eaux. Parh, 1895. 8". 

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der M issensjesteine in farbigen Lithographien. 
Stuttffart, IS95, etc. fol. (24822) In progre.t». 

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London, 1870. sm. 8". (15009) 

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Forest-Tree Nurseries. See Rattray, J., and 
Mill, H. R. Forestry and Forest Products. 1885. 
8°. (21015) 

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handlung om Galvanismen. Stockholm, 1802. 8°. 

— — An attempt to establish a pure scientific system 
of Mineralogy by the application of the electro- 
chemical theory, and the chemical proportions. 
From the Swedish by J. Black. London, 1814. 
8°. (673) 

— ^— Rapport Annuel sur les progres de la Chimie. 
[Annde i. entitled " Rapport Annuel snr les progres 
des Sciences physiques et chiraiques "], pn'senti' ;i 
I'Academie Royale des Sciences de Stockholm. 
Traduit du Suedois par Ph Plantamour. Annt'e 
i-viii. 1840-47. Paris. 1841-48. 8 vols. 8°. (64) 

Traiti^ de Chimie. 2me M. Frani^aise, par 

Es<linger et Hoefer. Paris, 1845-50. 6 vols. 8" 

and Zileblgr, Justu-i, liaron von. Hire Briefe 

von 1831-1845 niit erlauternden j'.inschaltiingen 
aU8 gleichzeitigen Briefen von Fjiebig lind Wilhler, 
sowie wissenschaftlichen Nachweisen, hrs:j. . . . 
von J. Carriere. J/««fMi, 1893. 8°. (2.52.32) 

Besana, Carlo. II Caseificio. 1880-82. See 
Can ION I, G. Encicl. Agraria. Vol. 4. pt. 7. 
sect. 29. (23059) 

Conservazione delle sostanze vegetali ed animali. 

O'eificio. 1880-82. Ibid. Vol. 4. pt. 7. sect. 30. 

The same. Another copy. [7'()c/»o], 1882. 8°. 


Estrazione dell' Amido. Fabbricazione dell' 

Aceto. 1880-82. Ibid. Vol. 4. pt. 7. sect. ai. 

The same. Another copy. [ToWno], 1882. 8°. 


Formaggi, Garni salate, Legumi, Frutti in Con- 
serve. 1883. See Milan : Esposizione Industr. 
Italiatia del 1881. Relazioni dei Giurati. [Vol.4.] 
8°. (4646) 

Sui metodi atti a distinguere il Burro artificiale 

dal Burro naturale e le lore miscele. From the 
" Annuario della Reale Stazione sperimentale di 
Caseifico in Lodi," Anno 1888. Lodi, 1889. 8". 

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Rendu. Par P. C. Joubert. Paris, 1860. sm. 8°. 

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Treatise on Hydromechanics. Part 1. Hydro- 
statics. 4th ed. Camhridqe, 1883. sm. 8°. 

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National, ou Dictionnaire universel de la langue 
Fran(-aise. 5e ed. Paris, 1857. 2 vols. 4°. (5959) 

Histoire des Ballons et des locomotives aerien- 

ncs depuis Dedale jusqu'a Petin. {U Instruction 
2)opularis4e par V Illustration.) Paris, 1851. 4°. 

Besnard, Peter. Report of a tour of inspection 
through Ulster on the treatment of Flax as prac- 
tised in the Netherlands. Duhlin, 1823. 8°. 

Bessel, Friedr. Wm. 

See Herschel, Sir J. F. W. Notice of the life, 
ete. of F. W. Bessel. 1847. 8°. (7585) 

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on Bessel Functions, etc. London, 1895. 8°. 

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pendulum experiments. 1829. 8°. (11159) 

Bessels, Emil. See U. S. Arctic Expedition. 
Scientific results. Vol. i. 187C. 4°. (18284) 

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expressing the saccharine Juice from the Sugar 
Cane by the Cane Press. Together with a com- 
parison of the effects produced by it and the Roller 

Mill. London, 1850. fol. (9518) 

On a new system of manufacturing Sugar from 

the cane, and its advantages as compared with the 
method generally used in the West Indies, etc. 
London, 1852. 8". (13995). Privately printed. 



Bessemer, Sir Henry — conf. 

(^Bessemer process.} 

— — S«e Byrne, 0. Practical Metal-worker's assistant. 
New ed. AVith Appendix, containing . . . improve- 
ments in Bessemer Steel. By A. A. Fesquet. 
1874. 8°. (18230) 

Sfe Gruner, L. E. The manufacture of Steel. 

With Appendix on the Bessemer process. 1872. 
8°. (17101) 

See H\LL, Jos. The iron question considered 

with reference to the Bessemer process. 1857. 
8°. (2919) 

See Lanorin, H. C. Treatise on Steel .... 

With Appendix on the Bessemer and Manin pro- 
cesses. 18GX. 8°. (1.37(51) 

See Larkin, J. Practical Brass and Iron 

Founders' Guide. Added, Recent improvements of 
Iron, etc. by the Bessemer process. 1866. 12°. 

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P 1G069 




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{Cotitinued asl 

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[Continued asj 


faisant suite ii la Bibliotheque Britannique r^dig^ 
a Geneve par les auteurs de ce dernier recueil. 
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Blbllotbdque Britannlque — cont. 

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[Continued as] 

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[Continued as] 

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[Continued a«] 

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P 10009 

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91 M 2 



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84 vols. 8°. (8949) Vol. 57 deficient. 

Biography. Biographies of scientific men of the 
18tli Century [beiui/ a portion of the ropy supplied h>/ 
various irriters for the Georoian Era </.)'.]. 
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causes par les Courants ^lectriques de haute tension. 
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invalids, etc. [on the Oxygen cui'e.] London, 1856. 
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On the therapeutic action of Oxygen. London, 

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The Dj'er's hand-book ; containing about two 

hundred recipes for bleaching, dyeing, and finishing. 
[With patterns inserted.] .Manchester, l^lb. sm. H°. 

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elements of Natural Philosophy, etc. Based on the 
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Electro-chemical influence of long-continued 

electric currents of low tension. 1837. See Electk- 
icitv, etc. Excerpta. Vol. i. 4°. (10302) 



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Lectures on Electricity and Galvanism in their 

pb.ysiological and therapeutical relations. London, 

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method nf dividing astronomical instruments. 
Lo7idon, 17G7. 4". (2211) 

See LUDLAM, Wm. An introduction to Mr. 

Bird's method of dividing Astronomical instru- 
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The method of constructing mural Quadrants. 

£oHrfo», 1768. 4°. (2220) 

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■ The same. Another copy. [From the " Osterr. 

Ingenieur - und Architekten-Verein, Zeitschrift." 

Heft iv. 1885.] Wien, 1886. 8°. (20567) 

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preventing Dry Rot. London, 1834. 8°. (2565) 

The same. [New editioi'.] With appendix, 

etc. London, 1834. 8°. (12513) 

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sanitary condition of Birkenhead, in the county of 
Chester. With plan and engineer's report of the 
intended Birkenhead Dock, etc. By S. Stansfield. 
Lirerpool, 1843. 8°. (6214) 

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^ States. 1888. See Frank LIN Institute: Reprints. 
Vol.1. (17,59) 

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Northnniherland. See Remarks. Remarks on 
the comparative merits of cast iron and malle- 
able iron Railways, etc. [By J. Birkinshaw.] 
Newcastle, 1832. 8°. (11946) 

■ Specification of his Patent [No. 4503 of 1820] 

for an improvement in the construction of malle- 
able iron rails for Railroads, etc. Newcastle, 
1824. 8°. (11514) 

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and it< application in the construction of buildings 
New York, ISdl. 8°. (23024) 

Compound riveted Girders, as applied to the 

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The planning and construction of American 

Theatres. New York, 1896. 8°. (25064) 

Skeleton construction in Buildings. 2nd ed 

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and Heat in modern Wheat cleaning. Paper read 
before the " National Assoc, of British and Irish 
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tion exhibited in the Corporation Art Gallery. [By 
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of the Borongh, presented 3rd Oct., 1871. London 
1871. S^. (15.575) 

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Club. Rules, March 11th, 1871, [and] Addres 
delivered . . . [8th April, 18 ?] by A. Wyley. 
[Birmingham, 1871- ?]. sm. 8°. (8498) 

Blrming-ham Natural History and Micro- 
scopical Society. Proceedings, Reports, and 

Transactions. Birmingham, 1869-83. 8°. (1646) 
For continuation see " Midland Naturalist." 
8°. (1645) 

Birming'ham Natural History and £>hilo- 
sopbical Society. See Birmingham Philo- 
sophical Society. 

Birming'ham Pbilosophical Institution. 

Report . . . October 3rd, 1836; together with the 
Meteorological Journal kept at the Institution, a 
statement of the Steam power employed in Bir- 
miDgham from 1780 to 1835, etc. Birmingham, 
1836. 8°. (12713) 

Birming'ham Philosophical Society. Pro- 
ceedings. Vol. i.-viii. Sessions [1876 -] 1893. 
Birmingham . 8°. 

\Continued as~^ 

Birmingham Natural History 
soPHiCAL Society. Proceedings. 
etc. Birmingham, 1895, etc. 8°. 


Vol. ix. 1894, 


Birming'ham Fhotog-raphic Society. 

PiKVKiiiKAPHic Notes. Vol. ii.-iv. 1H57-59. 8°. 

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Rohstuffe aus dem Innern der Erde, von der 
Erdoberfliiche, sowie aus dem Wasser. 1873. See 
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Das neue Buch der Erfindungen, Gewerbe, und 

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— — The same. 7te Aufl. Ergiinzungsbiinde. 
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Lehrbuch der . . . landwirthschaftlichen Gewerbe. 
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Birnbaum, Karl — cont. 

Kiirzes erLiuterndes Wi'irterbuch zu tier siebenten 

Auflage von Otto-Birnbaum's Lehrbuch der land- 
wirthschaftlichen Gewerbe. 1881. Ibid. Theil xiv. 
8°. (1798;0 

Die Torf-Industrie, etc. Von E. Birnbaum 

ana K. Birnbaum. IbUl. TheU xi. 8°. (17989) 

and Grimm, J. Atlas von Photogr.iphien 

mikroskopischer Priiparate der reinen und ge- 
falscbten Xahrungsmittel. Abt. 1. Mehlpriifiing. 
{Al! pub.) Stutlgart, IS36. fol. (19719) 

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Tbe resistance and shrinkages of built-up 

Cann^in. with application to United States Army 
Ordnance. 1891. See U.S. War Dep't.: Ordnance 
Bureau. Notes, etc. No. 59. (5661) 

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Fonts et Chauss^es et de 1' Agent Voyer. 4e ^d. 
(Biblintheque des Prnfeasinns, etc.) Partie i-ii. 
Pans, [186 ?]. 2 vols. 12°. (19680) 

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transmutatione. Incognito Auctore. Adjuncta est 
Appendix Medicaraeutorum antipodagricorum et 
calculifragi. Quae omnia nunc priinuin in lucom edi 
curavit Martinus Birrius. Amsleliidami, 1668. 
12°. (4807) 

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the electrical observations at Kew. (From the 
Report of the British Association for 1849.) London, 
1850. 8°. (13157) 

Handbook of the Law of Storms : being a 

digest of the nrincipal facts of revolving storms. 
London, 1866. 8°. (1.3172) 

The Hurricane guide : being an attempt to 

connect the rotatory gale or revolving storm with 
atmospheric waves. Lundmi, 1850. 12°. (13187) 

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Fabrikalion und Anwendung feuerfester Steine. 
2te Aufl. von C. Bischof. 1890. 8°. (22330) 

Die feuerfesten Thone ; deren Vorkommen, etc. 

mit Beriicksichtigung der feuerfesten Materialien 
iiberhaupt. Leipzi;i, 187G. 8°. (17781) 

The same. 2te Aufl. Leipzig, 1895. 8°. (24756) 

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chemie. Unter Mitwirkung von P. Waldon. Frank- 
furt a. M., 1894. 8°. (24342) 

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chemical and physical Geolog3'. Translated by 
B. H. Paul and J. Drumraond. {Oirendish Societi/'t 
Publications, 6.) London, 1854-5.'^. 2 vols. 8°. 

M<; moire sur I'ai'rage des Mines. See Acad. 

Roy. des Sciences, etc. de Beloiqur. Des 
moyens de soustraire I'oxploitation des Mines de 
Houille ai)x chances d'explosion, etc. 1840. K°. 

Bischoft, Ferdinand. Bergwesen. VonR. Schwam- 
krug and F. Bischoff. 187.'). See Biluer- Atlas. 
2te Aufl. Band 1. 8°. (8174) 


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Botanik. 1858. See NEn. Neue Encykl. der 
Wissenschaften, etc. 2te Aufl. Bd. 2. 8°. (5992) 

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history of the Woollen and Worsted manufactures, 
and the natural and commercial history of Sheep. 
London, IM2. 2 vols. 8°. (12369) 

The Wool Question considered ; being an 

examination of the Report from the Committee of 
the House of Lords, etc., and an answer to Earl 
Stanhope's Letter to the owners and occupiers of 
sheep farms. London, 1828. 8°. (2524) 

Bischoff, Johann. Neue optische Beytriige, haupt- 
sachlich zu Vergrcisserungsglasern, etc. bey Fern- 
rohren. Frankfurt, etc. 1760. 12°. (8956) 

Beytriige zur Optic, hauptsachlich zu solchen 

Vergiii»>erungsgl;isern und Fernrohren, bey denen 
die Collectiv-oder Sammelgliiser angebracht werden. 
Utm, etc. 1764. sm. 8°. (2199) 

Bischoff, Johann Christian. Kurtzgefasste Ein- 
leitung zur Perspectiv. Mit einem Anhange von 
Zubereitung und Gebrauch der Farben. Halle im 
Magdeburgischen,n4l. sm. 8°. (8958) 

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Notes on Church Organs : their position, and the 
materials used in their construction. London, 
1873. sm. 4°. (16215) 

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1889. sm. 8°. (22198) 

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factures, 1608-1860. Vol. 1. Philadelphia, 1861. 
8°. (8960) Vols. 2 and 3 absent. 

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structure and preservation of the Violin, etc. 
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Mew York; 1890. sm. 8°. (23023) 

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Roret.) Paris, 1850. 18°. (4553) 

and HanuB, P. A. Nouveiiu manuel complet 

du Charpentier, avec une introduction et un appen- 
dicepar C. Boutereau. Nouv. ^d. (ManueU Roret.) 
Paris, 1856. 18°. (4644) 

and Janvier, — . Nouveau manuel complet 

du Mecmicieu - Fontanier, du Pompier, et du 
Plombier. Nouv. ed., par F. Malepeyre. {Manuels 
Roret.) Paris, 1857. 18°. (4655) 

See Petri, J. G. Der Brunnen, etc., Meister. 

4te Aufl. Weimar, 1858. 12°. (66(i3) 

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ct Catapultiirum. (Gr. et Lat.) See Vetekes 
Matiiematici: Veteruni Mathematicorum. . .Opera. 
1693. fol. (26) 

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material, and Armor material in Europe. Official 
Report. From the " Engineering News." New 
York, 1886. fol. (20652) 

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culture pratique. 1831, e/c. 8°. (14331) 



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Venezia, 1872. sm. 8°. (16102) 

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English-Hunaarian Dictionary. Biulapent, 1878-81. 
2 vols. sm. 8°. (9353) 

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Microscopic clinique, Microscopie legale, Chirnie 
Clinique, Technique bacterioscopique. 2e M. 
Fran^aise. Paris, 1885. 8°. (20530) 

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StuckhJm, [1889.] 8°. (23776) 

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acting Pumping engine and Steam Pump construc- 
tion. London, 1889. sm. 8°. (22012) 

Practical handbook on Pump construction. 

London, 1887. sm. 8°. (20454) 

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use of Hydraulic Engmeers. Zo»</o«, 1895. 2 vols. 
1. 4°. (14786) 

Pumps : historically, theoretically, and practic- 
ally considered. Z,onrfo'», 1890. sm. 8°. (22111) 

Water or hydraulic motors. London, 1894. 

sm. 8°. (23633) 

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manuel complet du fabricant et du raffinour de 
Sucre. Nouv. ed. par JuUa de Fontenelle. 
{Mwmels Roret.) Paris, 1841. 18°. (4455) 

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Aiichor invented by R. F. Hawkins. [Letters 
Patent No. 4589 of 1821.] London, 1823. 8°. 

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Illustrated history of Arms and Armour. Transl. 
by C. C. Black. 1877. 12°. (19399) 

An es.say on the scientific and literary works of 

Leonanlo da Viiici. 1874. See Heaton, Mrs. C. 
W. Leonardo da Yinci and "his works, etc. 1874. 
8°. (18414) 

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GoM Fields: including lectures on the non-metallic 
elements, metallurgy, etc. Dunedin, 1885. sm. 8°. 

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to establish a pure scientific system of Mineralogy, 
etc. From the Swedish by J. Black. 1814. 8°. 

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treating of every description of Gas laying and 
fitting. (^Weale's series.) London, 1880. 12°. 

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of Lime upon alkaline salts. [With its use in 
bleaching.] Sie Home, Fr. Experiments on 
bleaching, f<i-. 1771. 12°. (3614) 

E:?perimeMts upon Magnesia Alba, Quick-Lime, 

and other alcaline substances. Annexed, an essay 
on the cold produced by evaporating fluids, etc., by 
W. Cullen. Edinburgh, 1782. sm. 8°. (14548) 

— — Lectures on the elements of Chemistry. Pub- 
lished by J. Robison. Edinburgh, 1803. 2 vols. 
4°. (63)) 

Black, Joseph — coyit. 

See Martine, G. Essays on the construction, 

etc. of Thermometers. New ed. with .... tables 
of scales of Heat exhibited by Dr. Black, in his 
ar^nual course of Chemistry. 1792. 8°. (3703) 

Black, W. M. The United States Public Works. 
Containing asummary of the methods of construction 
and character of materials and plant used in the 
public works under the charge of the War and 
Treasury Departments, etc. New Yorlc, 1895. obi. 
4°. (24927) 

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ing and on storing of Beer. London, 1835. 8°. 

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manual for Architects, etc. Boston, Mass., 1890. 
8°. (22396) 

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Bench, and the Court of Exchequtr Chamber on 
Error from the Court of Queen's Bench. 1853-55. 
6 vols. 8°. (1438) 

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Illustration. 1893. iS'ee Society of Arts : Cantor 
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Principia, etc., reprinted for Sir W. Thomson and 
H. Blackburn. 1871. 4°. (15466) 

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the science of Ship-building ; with observations 
on the British Navy, etc. London, 1817. 4°. 

The theory and science of Naval Architecture. 

Plymouth, 1836. 8°. (8963) 

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Wood Pavement; its origin and progress. Lon- 
don, 1843. 8°. (8965) 

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Cyclopedia of Universal Information. Edited by 
C. Annandale. London, 1889-90. 8 vols. sm. 8°. 

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Brazil as a coffee growing country : described in a 
series of letters from G. A. Criiwell and A. S. 
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steam Plough. [Letters Patent No. 6267 of 18,32.] 
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of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber. 
[1788-96.] 4th ed. London, 1827. 2 vols. 8°. (1322) 

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several Courts of Westminster Hall, from 1746 to 
1779. With Memoirs of his L:fe [by James 
Clitherow]. 2nd ed. by C. H. Elsley. London, 
1828. 2 vols. 8°. (1325) 




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Mines, their causes, and the means available for 

their prevention or control. London, 1853. 8°. 

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sources of the United Kingdom. See Society ov 
Arts. Lectures on the results of the Exhibition 
of 1851. No. xvii. 8°. (13798) 

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William Caxton, England's first printer. London, 
1877. 8°. (18484) 

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sm. 8°. (19356) 

— — The life and typography of William Caxton. 
London, 1861-63. 2 vols. 4°. (7338) 

How to tell a Caxton, with some hints where 

and how tbe siuie might be found. London, 1870. 
sm. 8". (17028) 

— — Some early Type Specimen books of England, 
Holland, France, Italy, and Germany. Catalogued, 
with explanatory remarks. Reprinted from the 
" Printers' Register." LoMlon,\%lb. sm. 8°. (17196) 

— — Typographical notes. — The Early Schools of 
Typography. — The Enschede Type-Foundry at 
Haarlem. From the " Bookworm," March- April, 
1870. 8°. (17197) 

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dustrie. Hrtig. von dem Directorium der Leip- 
ziger Polytechnischen Gesellscbaft. Neue Folije. 
Band i-vi. Leipzig, 1867-72. 6 vols. 8°. 

\_Continued a.*] 

Neue Deutsche Gewekbezeitung. Organ der 
Leipziger Polytechnischen Gesellscbaft. Blatter 
fiir Gewerbe, Technik und Industrie. Hrsg. von 
W. H. Uhland. Jabrg. i-iii. Leipzig, 1873-75. 
3 vols. i". (15645) 

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Jewel, shewing the making and most excellent use 
of a smguler instrument so called. London, W. 
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Description of his Astrolabe, or Mathematicall 

Jewell. See Bi.uNDEVlLLE, T. His exercises. 
[Treatise vi.] 1613. 4". (4727) 

iSee Pai.meu, John. The Catholique Planis- 

phser, which Mr. Blagrave calls the Mathematical 
Jewel. 16.58. 4°. (1973) 

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the art of Uusbandrv. [3rd ed.] With appendix. 
1688. 2 vols, in one. 8^ (4875) 

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1892. sm. 8". (23632) 

— - Marble Decoration and the Terminology of 
British and Foreign Marbles. London, 188S. sm. 8". 

— — Shoring and its application. (Weale's aeries.) 
London, 1887. 12°. (17180) 

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inen. 3te Aufl. lierlin, \8W. 8°. (22563) 

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Land into pasture, and on other rural subjects. 
Norwich, 1817. 8°. (3827) 

F 16069 

Blalkle, Francis — cont. 

• On the management of Farm-yard Manure and 

on other rural subjects. 3rd ed. London, 1820. 

sm. 8°. (12146) 

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Numerical e.vamples in practical Mechanics and 

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London, 1888. sm. 8°. (21533) 

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Fun<-railles de M. de Blaiuville. 1850. 4°. 

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Iron. A complete account of all tlie best known 
methods for the Analysis of Iron, Steel, Pig-iron, 
Iron Ore, etc. Philadelphia, 1888. 8°. (21780) 

The same. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, 1896. 8°. 


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on the unequal refrangibility of Light. From the 
" Roy. Soc. Edinb. Trans." 1791. 4°. (5358) 

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r i6«ra 

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99 N 2 



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Books ii. Hi, ami iv have separate title-pages and 

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Also added, the making, description, and use of 
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1st and 2nd Reports were issued by the Privy 
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Board of Agrriculture— con^ 

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IContinued as^ 
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12 Vict. c. 63] by supei intending Inspectors, alpha- 
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Bapporto su la Quarantina. Londra, 1849. 8°. 


Report (second) on Quarantine. — Yellow Fever. 

With Appendices. London, 1852. 8°. (8995^, 

Appendix V. to the Second Report on Quaran- 
tine. Report of Dr. W. H. Burrell on the Plague 
of Malta in 1813. London, 1854. 8°. (8997) 

Report on the epidemic Cholera of 1848-49, 

and Appendices A, B, and C. London, 1850-52. 
8". (8991) 

Letter of the President accompanying a report 

from Dr. Sutherland on epidemic Cholera in the 
Metropolis in 1854. London, 1855. 8°. (8998) 

Report of the Medical Council in relation to 

the Cholera Epidemic of 1854. London, 1855. 8°. 

Report of the Committee for scientific inquiries 

in relation to the Cholera Epidemic of 1854. 
Loudon, \»bb. 2 vols. 8°. (9001) 

Report on the results of the different methods 

of treatment pursued in epidemic Cholera in the 
provinces throughout England and Scotland in 1854. 
London, 1855. S". (8999) 

Report on the last two Cholera Epidemics of 

London as affected by the consumption of impure 
water. By the Medical Officer of the Board [J. 
Simon]. London, 1856. 8^ (9002) 

■ Report on a general scheme for extramural 

Sepulture. London, 18.50. 8°. (8989) 

Report on a general scheme of extramural 

Sepulture for Country Towns. London, 1851. S". 

Minutes of information [on sewerage, drainawe, 

etc.]. London, 1852. 8°. (12081) 

Report on the means of deodorizing and 

utilizing the Sewage of Towns. By H. Austin. 
(Parliament.) London, 1857. 8". (24966) 

Report on the supply of water to the Metropolis. 

With appendices Nos. 1-4. London, 1850. 2 vols. 
8^ (8990) 

See Wakres, J. N. The report of the Board 

of Health on the supply of Water to the Metropolis, 
weighed in its own balance and found wantinrr 
1850. 8°. (11668J 

Report and papers of suggestions on the proposed 

gathering grounds for the supply of the Metropolis 
from the soft water springs of the Surrey sands 
[by the Hon. W. Napier]. London, 1851. 8°. 

Board of Kealtli — con*. 

Reports on the Metropolis Water supply, under 

the provisions of the Metropolis Water Act. 
London, 1856. 8°. (9003) 

Report on the microscopical examination of the 

Metropolitan Water supply. By A. H. Hassall. 
London, 1857. 8°. (9004) 

Warming and Ventilation of Dwellings. [Return 

to the House of Commons.] London, 1857. fol. 

Sc? Metropolitan'. Metropolitan experience of 

the system of Pipe Drainage. [Added] Renarks 
ou the dictatorial interference of the Board of 
Health. 1852. 8°. (308) 

Board of Healtli (Local), of Sicansea. See 

Board of Ordnance. See Oedxance Office. 

Board of Trade. 

See also Alkali Works, Ins/iectoi- of. Reports, 1864, 
etc. 8°. (14940) 
Designs Office. 
Meteorological Office. 
Patent Office. 

Salmon Fisheries {England and Wales). 
Science and Art Deft., SoiM Kensington. 
Sea Fisheries {England and Wales). 
Standards Office. 

(Returnf!, etc.) 

Anchors. Report of the Committee appointed . . . 

on the subject of the tests of cast steel Anchors. 
With appendices. London, 18S7. fol. (21102) 

Boiler Explosions Act^ 1882. Reports. London, 

1S84, etc. fol. (16390) 

Boilers. Registry and Inspection of Land 

• Boilers. Memoranda. London, 1888. fol. (21516) 

Coal Cargoes (Spontaneous Combustion, etc.) 

Returns. London, 1878-79. fol. (21230) 

Colour Blindness. Report by Ass't. Secretary of 

Marine Dep't. . . . upon the tests for Colour Blind- 
ness. London, 1885. fol. (21272) 

Electric Lighting Acts, 1882-88. Rules and 

Forms. With regulations. London, 1889-90. fol. 

Electric Lighting. Reports by Major P. Cardew 

on accidents in connection with Electric Light 
mains in the City and Euston Road. London, IS'db. 
fol. (24552) 

Electric Lighting (Southwark Bridge Explo- 
sion, Feb. 18950 Report ... by Major Cardew. 
London, 1895. fol. (24551) 

Electrical Standards Committee. Reports, etc. 

London, 1891-94. fol. (24427) 

Gas (Ammoniaj Impurity. Report ... by the 

Gas Referees on the Ammonia impurity in Gas. 
[London, 1871.] fol. (24971) 

Gas Burners. First Report ... by the Gas 

Referees on the construction of Gas burners with 
reference to the principles of Gas Illumination. 
[London, 1871. fol.] (24972) 




Board of Trade — com. 

Gas. Report of the Gas Referees upon the 

Sulphur question. Landnn, 1870. fol. (15505) 

Gas Referees. Report of Sulphur-purification 

at the Becktoa Gasworks. \_Loud'in, 1872.] fol. 

Hall Marking. Foreign countries (Gold and 

Silver Marking). Return " of Information from 
Foreign countries relative to the Assaying and Hall- 
marking of Gold and Silver wares." Lnwlon, 
1890. fol. (22296) 

Lighthouse Illuminants. Report to the Trinity 

House on the relative merits of Electricity, Gas, 
and Oil. Parts 1 and 2. [With] Returns of Cor- 
respondence. 1890-93. London, 1885[-93]. fol. 

Light Vessels (and outlying Lighthouses) and 

the shore. Electrical Communication between. 
Reports [i-v] of the Committee with minutes of 
evidence and appendices. London, 1887-97. fol. 

Merchant Shipping (Life saving appliances). 

Report of the Committee . . . upon the spacing 
and construction of Watertight Bulkheads in ships 
of the Jfercantile Marine, with appendices and 
diagrams. London, 1891. fol. (11010) 

Patent Office Inquiry. Report of the Com- 
mittee appointed ... to inquire into the duties, 
organization, and arrangements of the Patent 
Office under the Patents, etc. Act, 1883. London, 
1887. fol. (20407) 

Report of the Committee appointed by the 

Board of Trade to inquire into the duties, organi- 
zation, and arrangements of the Patent Offica 
under the Patents, e/c. Act, 1883, so far as relates 
to Ti-ade Marks and Designs. London, 1888. fol. 

— . — Photometric Standards. Report ... by the 
Committee appointed ... to inquire into . . the 
subject of the Standards to be used for testing 
the illuminating power of Coal gas. London, 1895. 
fol. (24607) 

Railway Accidents. Returns and Reports. 

l^Pdrl/a/nent.l I^ondon, 1871 and 1877, etc. fol. 

Railway Brakes. Report by Lieut.-Col. W. 

Yolland. London, 1858. fol. (21318) 

Railway Dep't., etc. Reports on schemes for 

extending Railway Communication. yVeslmiHster, 
[1845]. 12°. (9802) 

Railway Structures, Wind pressure on : Report 

of the Committee appointed to consider the ques- 

.tionof. London, lS>il. fol. (19678) 

— — Railways (Continuous Brakes). Return (in 
pursuance of the Railway Returns (Continuous 
Brakes) Act, 1878), by the Railway Companies of 
the United Kingdom. \_IItilJ'-ycartij,'\ I^ondon, 
1878, ete. fol. (11709) 

Railways (Signal Arrangements and Systems of 

Working). Returns by Railway Comp mies in 
pursuance of the " Railway Regulation Act, 1873." 
London, l%Ti, etc. fol. (21099) 

Steam Vessel Accidents. Report made by 

J. W. Pringle, and Josiah Parkes to the Coniniittoe 
of Privy Council for Trade. 29th May, 1839. 
London, 1839. fol. (1890) 

Board of Trade — conl. 

Target Practice Seawards. Report of the 

Inter departmental Committee with evidence, etc. 
London, 1893. fol. (23379) 

Tay Bridge Disaster. Report of the court of 

inquiry and report of Mr. Rothery . . . With 
evidence and appendix. London, 1880. fol. 

Water Supply (Constant Service system). 

Reports on the application of the Constant Service 
system, by W.Pole. [£,o«(?r-«, 1872.] fol. (24974) 

Weights and Measures Acts, 1878 and 1889. 

Reports ... on Proceedings and business under. 
London, 1879, etc. fol. (24429) 


Barometer and Weather guide. 1859. Com- 
piled bv Hear- Admiral Fitzroy. 3rd ed. (With 
additions.) London, 1859. 8". (18278) 

Barometer Manual. Compiled by Admiral 

Fitzroy. [Reprint.] London, 1863. 8°. (12634) 

The Board of Trade Journal of Tariif and Trade 

Notices and Commercial Information. Vol. i, etc. 
London, 1886, etc. 8°. (20000) 

Index. Vols, i-xiv. 1886-93. L.ondon, 1893. 

8°. (20000) 
Index. Vols. xv-.xx. 1893-96. London, 1896. 

8°. (20000) 

Coast or Fishing Barometer Manual. Compiled 

by Robt. H. Scott, under the direction of the 
Meteorological Committee of the Royal Society. 
London, 1869. 8'^ (1693(i) 

Colour Vision. Circular to the Railway Com- 
panies of the United Kingdom, and correspondence. 
London, 1894. fol. (24092) 

Instructions relating to the Rocket Apparatus 

for Saving Life from Shipwreck. London, 1880. 
8°. (1714) 

The same. Reprinted. London, 1893. 8°. 


Instructions to Surveyors of Steam Vessels, 

under " The Merchant Shipping Act, 1854." Lon- 
don, 1859. 8°. (20336) 

Merchant Shipping. Experiments 

Memorandum issued by the Board of 
the use of their Surveyors. London, 

Meteorological Department, etc. Report 

R. Fitzroy.] London, 1855. 8^ (18445) 

Meteorological Papers. [Edited by Admiral 

Robt. Fitzroy.] Nos. 1 and 4. London, 1857-60. 
2 vols. 4". (7734) 

Notes on Meteorology. By Rear Admiral R. 

Fitzroy. London, 1859. 8°. (21297). 

Railways; requirements of the Board of Trade 

in regard to the opening of, and recommendations 
in reference to their working. London, 1892. fol. 

Survey of the Hulls, Equipments, and Machin- 
ery of Steani.ships carrying Passengers. Regulations 
and Suggestions. London, 1888. 8". (21513) 

Tonnage. Observations respecting the ad- 

raeiisurement of Tonnage. London, 1867. 8°. 


on Steel. 
Trade for 
1885. 8°. 




Board of Trade— co»^ 

Tramways Act. Regulations [for electrical 

workirg]. London, 1894. fol. (17359) 

Board of Trade and the Atlantic Tele- 
graph Co. Repoit of the Joint Committee 
appointed to inquire into the construction of 
Submarine Telegraph cables ; with Minutes of 
evidence and appendix, 1861. London, 1861. fol. 

Experimental investigation of the laws which 

govern the propagation of the electric current in 
long submarine Telegraph cables, conducted for the 
Joint Committee, etc., by Latimer Clark. Extract 
from the Report, c<c. London, \%<o\ . fol. (13149) 

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resources, and agricultural capabilities of the State 
of Maine. 1884. See U.S. Dept. of Agricul- 
TUKE: Misc. Reports, No. 4. (19925) 

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art. London, 1805. fol. (3768) 

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See Platt, Sir H. The Jewell House of Art and 

Nature, etc. 1653. 4''. (391) 

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Nocturnal Patent Telegraph, with directions for 
using it. [Letters Patent No. 2564 of 1801.1 
Glasgow, 1804. sm. 8=. (18613) 

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emploi des Couiroies en caoutchouc. Paris, 1897. 
sm. 8°. (10339) 

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pleto di Geometria Pratica. IContimied by V. 
Baggi.] Paitie i. Agrimensura. Partie ii. Topo- 
gratia. Torino, W?,!, etc. 8°. (23114) hi progress. 

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ovveio Uizionario generale di Scienze, Lettere, 
Industrie, etc. 6a. ed. Torino, 1875-88. 25 vols. 
8°. (23113) 

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nalurelles touchaut le Corail, la Pierre Eioilee, les 
Pierres de figure de Coquilles, la Come d'Ammon, 
etc., et les Plantes qu'on trouve dans la Sicile. 
Amsterdani, 1674. 8°. (3214) 

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Pans, 1888. 8°. (21534) 

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Anleiteude Studienblatter fur Gewerb-und Webe- 
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ation. 8te Aufl. von 0. Bock. 1894. 8°. and fol 
atlas. (23768) 

Die Ziegelei als landwirtschaftliches und selbst- 

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ique apphqude. Paris, 1885. 2 vols. 12°. (20521) 

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ausstellung in Chicago, 1893. Bericht. See Chicago 
Exhibition, 1893, Auxtrian Central Committee. 
Olhcieller Bencht, etc. Heft ii. 1894. 8°. (24435) 

Boddlngrton, T. F. See Accorate. An accurate 
statement of facts relative to a stroke by lightning. 
13th April, 1832. 8°. (5694) 

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Salt ; with observations on its geographical dis- 
tribution, geological formation, and medicinal and 
dietetic properties. London, \^9,\ . 8°. (23219) 

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culture, under glass and in the open air. London, 
1892. 8°. (5028) 

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the Ecliptic of the Parabolic Orbits of 72 Comets. 
London, 1802. Folding sheet. (5437) 

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the assaying of Lead, Copper, Silver, Gold, and 
Me'-cury. From the German by W. A. Goodyear. 
New York, 1880. sm. 8°. (10351) 

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ScHuliERT, J. L'Artillerie de Campagne, etc. 
Trad., etc., par — Bodenhorst. 1892. (24043) 

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Rochard et D. Bodet. 1895. See Rochard, J. 
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{Specialists Series.) London, IWJ. sm. 8°. (21835) 

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of his patent [screw] Fiie-Grate. [Letters Patent 
No. 9899 of 1843.] [London, 1845.] 8°. (9008) 

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mechanische Puddeln nach Dauks. Wien, [1872]. 
8°. (17675) 

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by the Screw. [Xo«do«, 1852 ?] 4°. (311) 

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(12122) Prom. Waldow's Encycl. der graph. Kiitiste, 

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Wien, 1880. sm. 8°. (19483) 

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das ist, Neue, ergotzliche, Sinn- und Kunstreiche, 
auch niitzlicheBiu-undWasser-Kunst, e<c. Nurnberg 
[1664]. fol. (3165) 




Bockler, Geo. Andreas — cont. 

Theatrum Machinarum novum. Das ist, Neu- 

vermehrter Scliauplatz der mechanischun Kunste, 
etc. [Third (?) German edition.] Niiniber<i, 1673. 
fol. (12tn3) 

The same. Ex Germauia in Latiuum recens 

translatuni opera H. Schmitz. Colonim Agrippinct, 
1062. fol. (6U04) 

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Riihmateri.ilien, Fabrik itioii, Eigenschaften uad 
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70.) Tn>«, 1880. sm.8°. (19485) 

Die explo^iven Stoffe: ihre Geschichte, Fabri- 

kation, Eigenschaftcn, Priifung uud pr.iktische 
Anwendung in der Sprengtechnik. {ihkl, 60.) 
Wien, 1880. sm. 8°. (19475) 

Chemisoh - technisfhe Untersuchungs-methoden 

der Gross-industrie, der Versiichs-si;ationen und 
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2 vols, in one. 8°. (7945) 

The same. 3te Aufl. Berlin, 1893. 2 vols. 

8°. (24168) 

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zwisclieii Hadund Schiene und ilire Eintiiisseauf den 
Lauf uikI den Bewegungswiderstaud der Fahrzeuge 
in den Eisenbahnziigen. Nach eigener Theorie aus 
der Construction der Fahrzeuge, etc. Hannover, 
1887. 8°. (22913) 

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gacion del Berniejo y Colonizaoion del Chaco. 
.Buenos .1 (res, 1873. 8°. (17831) 

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See L.OH.MEYR, L. Die Glasindustrie, etc. 1874. 
' 8°. (16961) 

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briioken einer Oeffnung niit durchbrochenen 
Wandungeu. JIamiomr, 1877. 8". (18036) 

Boliinert, Victor. Die Erfiudungspatento nach 
volkswirtliscbaftlicbeu Grunds.itzen uud indus- 
triellen Eifahrungen, mit besoudercr Riicksicht auf 
Eugland und die Schweiz. Berlin, 1869. 8°. 

Bomcbes, Fricdr. Die Erprobung der inlandischen 
hydraidlsi;lien Bindemittel, beziiglich ihros Ver- 
halteius ini Seewiisser. 1884. 6ee Th.CilNlscuB 
VoRTRAUE, e(c. Heft 4. 8°. (24765) 

Der internationale Congress fiir die Nutzbar- 

niachun; dor fliessenden Gewiisser [Paris, 1889], 
im Vergleiche zu den Binnenscliifffahrts-Congressen 
von Briisael, Wien und Frankfurt a. M. [1890.] 
Ihi,l. Heft. 15. 8". (24765) 

• Materiale und Verfahrungsweisen fiir offent- 
lichen Bauten und architektoni.sche Arbeiten. See 
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P 10069 

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1746. 8°. (5088) 

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Textilindustrie. Ibid. Gruppe vii. 8''. (20568) 

Transport von Verwundeten und Kranken auf 

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8°. (2056S) 

Veterinai-wesen. Ibid. Gruppe xix. 8". (20568) 

and Albrecht, H. Grund und Bodeu und 

Beseitigiing der Abwasser, Facalien 
Ibid. Gruppe x.x and xxii. 8°. 

und Abfalle. 

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Lebrkursus der Dessination der gewebteu Stolfe, 
etc. (^Ministerinm der Finanxen und dea Handeli, 
Preussen.) Berlin, 1839. 4". (1161) 

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Handy hints on the internal ariangcnu'iits and the 
sanitary contrivances of cottages and villas, by the 
author of " The Grammar of House Planning." 
Edinburgh, 1870. obi. 4". (18245) 
105 O 




See Vereih zim ErmuntEkung des Gewerbs- 
geistes in boiimen. (9t!17) 
Verein zdr Heuung der Zuckerfabrikation 

IM KciNIGR. BoHMEN. (16134) 

BOHMEN. (2093) 

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Beschreibung unterschiedlicher Elektrizitatsver- 

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Anziihl von Versuchen iiber verschiedene Gegen- 
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8°. (.5414) 

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upon scientific principles. Compiled from the 
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have been obtained. 1855. See Civil Engineer- 
ing College, Roorkee.. Prof, papers. FNo 5 1 
8°. (1785) '^ 

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Architecture. Classification methodique des oeuvres 
de I'art monumental. I'ans, 1886. fol. (20501) 

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Appendices. From the " Acad. imp. Metz : Mem. " 
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107 o 2 




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First Day's Sale, 





^n (tAnttdotarie Qhyrurgicall. Furmjhed 
with varietie and choycc of; 

^pophlegms, "Balmet, B*tht, Caps, CAtaplafmts, Ctmflickj, Ctrott 

Cljfiers, Cellyriet, Deci>nians,'I)ietJ, McifVound-Drini^^ Defenftt. ' 

tiuei, Dentifrieet, £leSiuaries,8mbrocattont,Spithemes,Errhi- 

nft. Foments, Fnvies, Gargxrifmes^ InieElions, Limmentc, 

Lotions^ Ojles, Peffarifs, Pits, PUjfiers, Potions, 

Powders, guilts, SMfpoftaries, Synapifmes, 

Trochifces, XJHguents, and WMtrs. 

The greateft pan whereof were fcattcrcdly fct downc in fundry 

bookcs and papers; by the Right Wordiipfull M"-. Thomas 

B o N H A M, D'. of Phy fick ; and now drawne into method ■ 

and forme, by Edward Poeton of Petworth, 

(late and long fcruant to the; forcGiid Right 

Worfliiptull D'.) and published for the 

benefit of his Country, 'and the hclpc 

ojidearc, of young praftihoncrs 

in the ancient.ncccfTaric, and 

noble Science of Chy 



Primed by G boro » Mill i r, for E o rv a r d B r » vvsteR, aa4 
atctoDcfoldatthcfigncofthcBibicat thcNorthdoorc of F««/i, 1630, 

Facsimile of Title of Lot 60. 




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•w&y Company. Report on the line, [by J. P. 

. Kennedy.] Landan, 1854. 8°. See Railway 
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delle Scienze. Mom." Touio ii. pp. 676-719. 
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Book — cont. 

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[^Continued «.<(] 
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T. Machines d'agriculture. 
vi. Machines diverses. 
Til. Machines i confoctionner lea Etoffei. 
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J - 

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— Traotaet in wat manieren men op root Koper 
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and Vlallet, Guillaume. Reohorches sur la 

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P 16069 113 

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displayed By W. Curtis. Vol. i-xiv. 1787- 


^Continued as] 
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[Continued as] 

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Bougruer, Pierre — r'.iil. 

am! Xia Condamine, C. M. de. La Figure 

de la Teire, eti\ Avec une relation de ce Voyage 
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r 10069 

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The ?ame. 


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{^Continued as] 

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lieden .... door P. D. Scheffelaar. Jaarg. 
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• panetti doll' Udito scoverli nel Grancliio Paguro, e 
sulla bizzarra di lui vita, con curioso note, etc. 

Kaj,oV,,\nb. 8°. (17047) 




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return of papers and correspondence relative 

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also the inventor and introducer of Steam Naviga- 
tion. With Drawings by W. Symington, iun 
London, 1833. 8°. (119) e , j 

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The structure of the Wool Fibre, in its relation 

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The Decimal System in Numbers, Coins, and 

Accounts : especially with reference to the decimali- 
sation of the currency and accountancy of the 
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sm. 8°. (11367) 

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, for 

Improvements in the construction of Road Tram- 
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sm. 8°. (13762) 

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Shafts, Riggers, e<c. Lorirfon, 1869. 12°. (14020) 

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[511] BIBLE. The Gospels of the fewer Evangelistes translated in 
the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin into the vulgare toung of the 
Saxons, newly collected out of Auncient Monumentes of the sayd 
Saxons, and now published for tcstimonie of the same. [By John 

Title within ornamental border. Printed throughout in Anglo' 
Saxon, with English rendering in Black Letter. 

Sm. 4to. Old calf. 

London: John Daye, 1571. £65 

[512] BISHOP (John). Beautifull Blossomes, gathered by John 
Byshop, from the best trees of all kyndes, Divine, Philosophicall, 
Astronomicall, Cosmographical, Historical, 6? Humane, that are grow 
ing m Greese, Latium and Arabia, and some also in vulgar orchards, 
as wel from those that in aucient time were grafted, as also from them 
which have the skilful head and hand beene of late yeares, yea, and 
in our dyes planted: to the unspeakable, both pleasure and profite of 
all such as wil vouchsafe to use them. 

The first Tome [all published.] Title within ornamental border. 
(Title-page laid down and lower corner of border imperfect). 

First Edition. 

Sm. 4to. Old calf (rebacked). 

Imprinted at London for Henrie Cockyn, 1577. £21 

S T.C. 3091. 

This interesting work deals with a great variety of subjects, e.g.: — " Of the 
great riot of man in apparel "; " Of the unreasonable riot of man in buildings '"; 
■' Of the great riot of the Romanes in their feates "; " The unutterable tormentes 
of love "; " Of the variable events of Marcus Antonius " " Of Caligula his 
monstrous doings "; " Of Tamerleine the Tartar "; " Of Henrie the second King 
of England "; " Of Edward the third. King of England ""; " Of Henrie the fift. 
King of England," etc. 

[51.'^] BLOOMFIELD (Robert). Good Tidings; or, News from the 
Farm. A Poem. 

First Edition. 

4to. Unbound. 

London: Parnassian Press, 1804. £1 5s 

Dedicated to Dr. Edward Jenner. 

[514] BOSWELL (James). A Letter to the People of Scotland, on 

the alarming attempt to infringe the Articles of the Union, etc. 
First Edition. 
8vo. Old calf. 

London: for Charles Dilly, 1785. £3 15^ 

No half-title. 

[515] BOWLES (Rev. W. L.). Sonnets, written chiefly on 
Picturesque Spots, during a Tour. 

Second edition, corrected, with additions. 

4to. Unbound. 

Bath: R, Cruttwell, 1789. 12s 6d 




[316] BOYLE (Hon. Robt). Certain Physiological Essays and other 
Tracts; written at distant Times, and on several Occasions. 

The Second Edition. Wherein some of the Tracts are enlarged by 
Experiments, and the Work is increased by the Addition of a Discourse 
about the Absolute Rest in Bodies. 

4to. Fine copy in contemporary calf, gilt back (joint little cracked). 

London: for Henry Herringman, 1669. £28 

In this second edition, on the back of the sub-title page (p. 42) to the 
amusing essays on "The unsuccessfulness of experiments," there is an " Adver- 
tisement about the two following Essays '" which states that " The Author of 
these Discourses had inlarged them in this Second Edition with divers Obser- 
vations and Experiments, but that he has made use of them already in other 
Papers belonging to his Sceptical or Doubting Naturalist." [i.e. " The Sceptical 
Chymist "]. 


[517] A Continuation of New Experiments Physico-Merh- 

anical, touching the Spring and Weight of the Air, and their Effects. 

The I Part Whereto is annexed a short Discourse of the 

Atmospheres of Consistent Bodies. 

With engraved plates. 

First Edition. 

Oxford: Henry Hall, for Richard Davis, 1669. 

A Continuation of New Experiments Physico-Mechanical touching 
the Spring and Weight of the Air, and their Effects. 

The Second Part: Wherein are contained divers Experiments made 
both in compressed and also in factitious Air, about Fire, Animals, 
6?c. Together with a Description of the Engines wherein they were 

Engraved plates. 

First Edition in English. 

London: for Miles Flesher, for Richard Davis, 1682. 

Bound together. 4to. Fine copies in contemporary calf, gilt back 
(one joint little cracked). 

London, 1669—82. . £31 10s 

In the first continuation Plate V shows the experiment in which Boyle sucked 
water up to the top of the Sheldonian Theatre. The second continuation describes 
for the first time the double air-pump. 

One joint cracked at the foot, otherwise a fine copy. 

[518] BURKE (Edmund). A Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin 
of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful. 

Eighth Edition. With an Introductory Discourse concerning Taste, 
and several other Additions. 

8vo, Fine copy in contemporary calf, full gilt back. 
London: for J. Dodsley, 1776. £1 5s 






Box, Thos. — cont. 

A practical treatise on the strength of materials : 

including their elasticity and resistance to impact. 
LoiuUm, 1883. sm. 8°. (14934) 

Sozer, Edward Mourrier, F.R.S., Major-Gen. R.A. 
A treatise ou Artillery. London, 1853-55. 3 vols. 
8%-indfol. (1475) 

Boxborn, Mark Zuirius. Epitome of the Life of 
Descartes. Se« B(jrel, P. A summary or com- 
pendium of the Life of Renatus Descartes, etc. 
1670. 12°. (4818) 

Monumenta illustrium virorum et Elogia. 

Amstelodami, 1638. fol. (1956) 

Boyard, Nicolas Jean Baptiste. Nouveau manuel 
coniplet des Gardes - Cliampetres. Nouv. ed. 
^Manuels Buret.) Paris, 1856. 18°. (4645) 

Nouveau manuel complet du Bouvier, du Zoo- 
phile, du Berger, du FerJirier, et de I'Herbager. 
Nouv. 6d. (ibid.) Paris, 1844. 18°. (4486) 

and Mersan, de. Nouveau manuel complet 

du Chasseur. Nouv. I'd. (ibid.) Paris, 1853. 18°. 

Boyd, C. R., Ge<diirjist. Resources of South- West 
Virginia, showing the mineral deposits of Iron, 
Coal, Zinc, Copper, and LeaJ. Also, the staples of 
the various counties, methods of transportation, etc. 
New York, 1881. 8°. (4144) 

Boyd, Nelson. See Mining Magazine and Review. 
1872. 8°. (15621) 

Boyd, Robert Ne'sjn. Coal Pits and Pitmen. A 
short history of the Coal trade and the legislation 
affecting it. London, 1892. sm. 8°. (23565) 

Boydell, James, Jun. Particulars of Iron made, 
and description of Iron Works, etc., manufactured 
by the Oak Farm Iron C jmpany, near Du lley. 
London,\Ui. 4°. (2701'.) 

The traction Engine and endless railway. 

Boydell's Patents [No. 11.357 of 1846, and No. 431 
of 1854]. London, 1856-57. fol. (18365) 

See East India Co. Report on Boydell's 

Traction Engine. 1858. fol. (24967) 

Boye, Martin H., M.D. A treatise on Pneumatics: 
bein',' the physics of gases, including vapors. 
Philadelphia, 1855. 8°. (6407) 

Boyer, — -, Munufacturer of Porcelain. Nouveau 
m;inuel complet du Porcelitinier, du FaVencier, du 
Poller de Terre, du Briquetier, du Tuilier. Entiere- 
ment refondu par M. B°°°°^. (Manuels Rnret.) 
Paris, 1846. 2 vols. 18°. (4507) 

Boyer, Li'on, C.E. Viaduc Garabit snr la Trueyro. 
Avec une notice necrologi(|uo sur I'auleur, par 
L.L.'vy. Paris,\mK 8° and obl. fol. atlas. (21663) 

Boyer de Fonscolombe, Ktienne Laurent Joseph 
Hyppolito. Entomologio I'lOmentaire. (.itanuels 
Ront.) Paris, 1852. 12°. (4591) 

Boyle, P. The Publican's daily companion. Lon- 
d.,„, [1794?]. 12°. (9043) 

Boyle, Patrick. See Rvmsdvk, J., and Rymsdyk, 
A. van. Museum Britannicnin, etc. 2nd ed. by 
P. Boyle. 1791. fol. (16675) 

Boyle, Hon. Robert, F.R.S. 

See B.. T. H. R. [ie. Boyle, the Hon. Rob.] 
Christian Virtuoso. London, 1690. 





London, 1683. 

Scepticai,. The Sceptical Chymist. 
[1679—] 1680. 8°. (9041) 

Works. Prefixed the Life of the Author. 

Thomas Birch.] New ed. London, 1772. 6 vols. 
4°. (13990) 

Works epitomiz'd. By R. Boulton. 

1699. 4 vols. 8°. (407) 

A catalogue of his philosophical books and 

tracts. London, 1690. 8°. (4884) 

Some considerations touching the usefulness of 

experimental Natural Philosophy. 2nd ed. Oxford, 
1664. 2 vols, in one. 4°. (395) 

An essay about the origine and virtues of Gems. 

London, 1672. 8°. (3199) 

Essays on the strange subtilty, determinate 

nature, great efficacy of Effluviums. Anne.xt, New 
experiments to make fire and flame ponderable ; 
together with a discovery of the perviousuess of 
glass. London, 1673. 8°. (3203) 

Experiments and considerations touching the 

porosity of bodies. London, 1684. 8''. (4870) 

[Fjxperimerits, Notes, etc., about the mechanical 

origine of divers particular qualities.] London, 
1675-76. 8°. (3220) 

New experiments and observations touching 

('old. Adiied an exaraen of Mr. Hobs's doctrine 
about Cold. Annexed, an account of freezing, by 
D. C. Merret. London, 1665. 8°. (4802) 

The same. Another edition. 

4°. (400) 

New experiments, physico -mechanical, touching 

[the spring of] the Air. 2nded. Added a defence 
of the Author's explications against the objections 
of Fr. Linus and Th. Hobbes. Oxford, 16()2. 4°. 
(4796) With separate sub-titles and pagination. 

General heads for the natural history of a 

Country for the use of Travellers. London, 1692. 
12°. (3302) 

Hydrostatical Paradoxes, made out by new ex- 
periments [for the most part physical and easie]. 
0.1-ford, 1666. sm. 8°. (18826) 

Modicina Hydrostatica, (!/<;. Subjoyned a hydro- 
statical way of estimating ores. Ltindmi, 1690. 8°. 

Medicinal experiments, or a Collection of choice 

remedies. London, 1692. 12°. (3299) 

Short Memoirs for the natural experimental 

history of Mineral waters. London, 1684-85. 12°. 

Tracts, containing — 

1. New Erperimont>* toiichinp the relations Wetwixl 
tlame iind air. and abont explosionw. 

'J. An hydrostatical DisoourHe, etc. Annexed, an hydro- 
statical letter, dilucidatin^r an expL'riment about A 
way of weighing water in water. 

3. Now Kxpori.nonts of tho poeition or rolntiT« levity 

of bodies under water. 

4. New ?^xi)erimentH of tho uir'g spring on bodiCH under 


5. About the dilTering proHsuro of heavy Holidn and 

London, 1673. 8°. (12742) With separate half 
titles and pagination. 




loyle, Hon. Robert — cont. 
Tracts, containing — 

1. Suspicions about some hidden qualities of the air ; 

■with an appendix touching celestial EQagnets. etc. 

2. Animadversions upon Mr. HobbBs's Problemata da 


3. A Discourse of the cause of attraction by suction. 
London, 1674. 8°. (4837) 

iSe« HooFNAiL, J. New practical improvements 

. . . touching colours of the Hon. R. Boyle so 
far as they relate to tinctures and pigments. 1738. 
8°. (2129) 

Boyle, Robt., tien. See Saunders, L. Robert 
Boyle, Inventor and Philanthropist. 1885. sm. 8°. 

Soyle, Robt., Jun. A sanitary Crusade round the 
World. [Added] a sanitary Crusade through South 
Africa. Lnmhm, 1890-91. 2 parts. 12°. (7619) 

A sanitary Crusade through the East and 

Australasia. London, 1892. 12°. (5667) 

Soyle, Robert, and Son. Ventilation of Ships. 
From " Engineering." \ London, 1897.1 obi. 8°. 

Ventilation of Steamships. From the " Marine 

Engineer," .May, 1897. [London, 1897.1 obi. 8°. 

Soyman, Boyman. On the principle of the conical 
Flour Mill. [With a prospectus of the Company, 
etc.'] See London International Exhibition, 
1851. Prospectuses of Exhibitors, Vol. 2. (1127) 

Pilbrow's condensing cylinder steam engine. 

[Letters Patent No. 8630 of 1840.] Loadon, 1841. 
8°. With MS. 7wtes by the Author. (19011) 

Boynton, Chas. Brandon, Rev., D.D. The Navies of 
England. France, America, and Russia. New York, 
1865. 8°. (19166) 

Boys, C. Vernon, F.R.S. Instruments for measur- 
ing radiant Heat. 1889. See Society of Arts. 
Cantor Lectures. Vol. 3. (19945) 

Soap-bubbles and the forces which mould them. 

A course of three lectures delivered in the London 
Inst. Dec. 1889 and Jan. 1890. (S.P.C.K.) 
London, 1890. sra. 8°. (22737) 

Boys, Edward, Commander R.N. Remarks, etc. on 
the practicability and advantages of a Sandwich or 
Downs Harbour. Sandwich, 1832. 8°. (9046) 

Boys, John Collins, C.E. See Meeson, A., and 
Boys, J. C. Thames Sewage disposal. — Scheme 
proposed, etc. 1867. 8°. (16016) 

Bozdrian, J. See France : Legislature. Rapport 
fait au nom de la Commission chargee d'e.xaminer la 
proposition de loi de M. J. Bozi'rian relative aux 
dessins, eic. [1879.] 4°. (4169) 

La Convention Internationale du 20 Mars 1883. 

pour la protection de la Propri^t6 Industrielle 
Paris, 1885. 8°. (16672) 

Braby, Fred, and Co., of London and Deptford. 
Instructions for, and e.xamples of, the application 
of Zinc for covering houses, railway stations, etc. 
London, 1869. obi. 8°. (14486) 


Bracclforti, Ferd. 

See MlLi.HDU.^E, J. New pronouncing and explana- 
tory English - Italian and Italian -English 
Dictionary. 4th ed. With additions by F. 
Br.xcciforti. 1874. 2 vols. sm. 8°. (17742) 

The same. 7th e'. 1893-94. 2 vols. 

sm. 8°. (23690) 

Brace, Charles Loring, Rev. The New West : or 
California in 1867-68. Neiu York, 1869. 12"=. 

Brace, E. J. C. Formation and mamgement of 
Eucalyptus plantations. See RATTR.i.Y, J., and 
Mill, H. R. Forestry and Forest products. 1885. 
8°. (21015) 

Formation and management of Forest-Tree 

Nurseries. Ibid. (21015) 

Brace, Geo. 1845. — National Delirium, or Hints on 
Law and Rail. Loiuion, 1845. 8°. (19016) 

Observations on the extension of protection of 

Copyright of Designs. London, 1842. 12°. (105) 

Brackenbury, Chas. Booth, Major -Gen. R.A. 
Field Works, their technical construction and 
tactical application. (Militan/ Handbooks.) London, 
1888. 2 vols. sm. 8^. (22505) 

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Brackett, C. F. Elementary text- book of 
Physics. 3rd ed. 1887. 8°. (21107) 

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explained, etc. 2nd ed. London, [1790?]. 8°. 

Bradbury, Henry, Printer. Nature-Printing, its 
origin and objects. London, ISbQ. 4°. (1.3388) 

Natur Selbst-Druck : seinen Ursprung und 

Zwecken. London, ISbC. 4°. (8308) Ajipended 
to preceding u>ork. 

See AuER, A. Die Entdeckung des Natur- 

Selbst-druckes, etc. 1854. 4°. (7987) 

Printing : its dawn, day, and destiny. A Lecture. 

London, 1858. 4°. (13693) 

On the security and manufacture of Bank Notes. 

A Lecture. London, 1856. 4°. (13389) 

See Bleekrode, S. Het Bankbillet. Die 

Kunst bewerkingen, etc., volgens A. Smee en H. 
Bradbury behandeld. 1866. 8°. (1561) 

Braddock, J. A memoir on Gunpowder, in which 
are discussed the principles both of its manufacture 
and proof. [By J. Braddock.] Madras, 1829. 
8°. (14739) 

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erbuch. 2(e Aufl. Von J. R. Herzog. {Otto 
Spamer's Bibliuthek, etc. '2te Sdrie.) Leipzig, 1868. 
broad 8°, with obi. fol. atlas of specimens. (15011) 
A second edition of tite folloiiiing irork. 

and Wlnckler, E. Das illustrirte Buchbind- 

erbuch. ((7,;,/.) Leipzig, 1860. sm. 8°. (15862) 



Bradfield, J. E., Pari. Atjent for London Gen. 
Omnibus Co. Tramways or Railways on Metro- 
politan streets wil be mischievous and dangerous 
obstructions and nuisances. London, 1865-6(j. 8". 

■ The same. (Revised as applicable to the scheme 
of 1867.) London, 1867. 8°. (6158) 

— — See Noble, J. and Co. Metropolitan Tramways, 
etc. A reply to Mr. Bradfield's pamphlet. 1867. 
ft°. (6209) 

Observations upon Mr. Bradfield's pamphlet. 

1866. 8°. (15954) 

Bradford, Wm., Schoolmaster. The Gentleman and 
Trader's guide, containing the description and use 
of a new invented instrument for preventing frauds 
by counterfeit gold. [Letters patent, No. 686 of 
1753.] Worcester, 1753. 8°. (9047) 

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on Paper and Vellum. With an Appendix by T. 
Goodwin. 2nd ed. London, 1860. 8°. (9048) 

and Good^vin, T. G. A manual of Illumination 

on Paperand Vellum. 25th ed. Revised and enlarged, 
with practical notes, by J. J. Laing. London, 1886. 
sm. 8°. (20833) 

Sradley, Martha. The British Housewife : or tho 
Cook, Housekeeper's, and Gardener's Companion. 

London, [1770 ?] 8°. (5205) 

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See CuoMEL, N. Dictionnaire oeconomique. Dona 
into English from the 2ad ed. bv R. Bradley. 
1725. 2 vols. fol. (25162) 

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proved, etc. Revised by R. Bradley. 1727- 
28. 4 vols. 8°. (437) 

Society of I.mprovers in the knowledge of 
Agriculture in Scotland : a treatise concerning 
the manner of fallowing of ground, etc. 
[By R. Bradley.] 1724. 8°. (5013) 

•^^ A general of Husbandry and Gardening 
for December. London, [1726]. 8°. (9050) 

The Plague at Marseilles considered ; with 

remarks upon the Plague in general, shewing its 
cause and nature of infection, with necessary 
precautions, etc. Also, Observations of the lata 
Plague in 1665. London, 1T2\. 8°. (9049) 

- The riches of a Hop-Garden explain'd. London, 
1729. 8". (3407) 

Ten practical discourses concerning the four 

elements as they relate to the growth of Plants. 
2nded. Lonrfo«, 1733. 8°. (167.30) 

The virtue and use of Coffee, with regard to the 

Plague and other infectious distempers. London, 
1721. 8°. (4993) 

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sion OF UsEKUi. Knowiedce. {Ldjmnj of Useful 
Knowledge.) Practical Geometry, Linear Perspec- 
tive, and Projections, etc. By T. Bradley. 1834. 
B". (14055) 

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science, and art. 1842-43. 8°. Sec Bradsuaw's 
Manchester Journal. (16008) 

P 16069 

Bradsbaw'a Manchester Journal. Man- 
chester, 1841. 8^ 

^Continued ag] 

Brad.siiaw's Journal, a miscellany of literature, 
science, and art. London, 1842-43. 3 vols. 8". 

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Mechanica. Norimhergie, 1602. fol. (1925) 

Meteorologiske Dagbog, holdt paa Uraiiiborg for 

aarene 1582-1597. [Followed by a resume of the 
journal in French.] Kjohenhavn,\9il&. %". (18385) 

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8°. (22777) 

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4°. (4780) 

The same. 2nded. 1655. 4". (6897) 

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Engines and apparatus, the training of Firemen, 
and the method of proceeding in cases of fire. 
Edinburgh, 1830. S^. (21607) 

Fire prevention and Fire extinction. London, 

1866. 8°. (21608) 

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From '■ S. Wales Inst, of Engineers: Proc." Vol. xv. 
1887. 8". (8198) 

Braltbwaite, John. See Cochrane v. Braitu- 

Braithwaite, Robert, ^f.D. The Sphagnaceaj or 
Peat-niosstis of Europe and North America. 
Lotulon, 1880. 8^ (25243) 

Braxnab, Joseph, Engineer. A dissertation on the 
construction of Locks. London, [1787]. B". 

The same. 2nd ed. London, 1815. 8°. (2422) 

A Letter to Sir Jas. Eyre, Chief Justice of the 

Common Pleas, on the subject of the cause 
'■ Boulton and AVatt v. Hornblower and Maberly." 
for infringement on Mr. Watt's Patent, etc. 
London, 1797. 8°. (14492) 

121 « 



Sramali, Joseph' — cont. 

(Bra-nah't press.) 

See TuRNBOLL, W. A treatise on the strength, 

etc. of cast iron beams, etc. [Added, the theory of 
Bramah's hydromechanical press.] 1831. 8°. (11552) 

The same. New ed. 1852. 8°. (13454) 

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of warming and ventilating Public buildings, etc. 
3rd ed. With Appendix by T. Bramah. 1836. 8°. 

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Lock controversy. Extracts from the Press. London, 
1851. 8°. (9051) 

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Chemins de Fer ;i double voie. Paris, 1867. 8°. 
and obi. 4°. atlas. (15992) 

The same. 2e cd. par E. Brame and L. Aguillon. 

Paris, 1883. 8°. and atlas obi. 4°. (12839) 

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1805. 8°. (9052) 

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J. W., and Bramwell, F. J. Railways and Loco- 
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The expediency of protection for Inventions. 

A Paper read before the Society of Arts, December, 
1874. With discussion, reply, and appendices. 
London, 1875. 8°. (17353) 

The same. Another edition ; with correspondence 

inserted. LoHdon,187b. 8°. (16984) 

London (below bridge) North and South com- 
munication. From the " Journal of the Royal 
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[Reports of Trials of the Yacht "Anthracite "]. 

See Pekkins' Engine Co., Ltd. Reports on the 
•working of the Perkins' system of Engines, etc. 
[1880-81.] 8°. (20191) 

— ;— The Society of Arts Patent Bill, and some points 
in American law and practice bearing tliereon. 
From the " Journal of the Society of Arts." vol. 31. 
London, 1883. 8°. (236) 

Telephones. See Institution of Civil 

Engineers : Practical applications of Electricity. 
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sm. 8°. (19548) 

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di raolto artificio da fare effetti maravigliosi tanto 
Spintali quanto di Animali operatione, arichito di 
liellis«!ime figure con le dichiamtioni a ciascuna di 
esse in Imgue vulgare et latina. Eoina, 1629. 4°. 

Branchardldre. See Riego de la Branchar- 


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Cookery improved, etc., by H. W. Brand. 1834^ 
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General view of the progress of Chemical Philo- 
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Experiments to ascertain the state in which 

Spirit exists in Fermented Liquors .... 1811.- 
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Literature and Art. 

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6te Aufl. . . . von Brandely's Eltktruchemie, etc. 
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Brandenburg- and Xiower Ziusatia: Land- 

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and others. Technological Dictionary. 

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chouc, dated 28th Oct., 1872. See Collins, J. Re- 
port on the Caoutchouc of Commerce. 1872. fol. 




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of Gateshead, South Shields, and Monk Wear- 
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Railway Pamphlets, vol. 2. (18699) 

Brandling' Junction Railway Company. 

' Prospectus of the Brandling Junction Railway to 
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Monkwearmouth,e(c Z,o«rfoH, [1836 ?] 8°. (9056) 

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8 'vols. 4°. (18260) 

Illustrirte Patent-Berichte. Rearbeitet von 

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r 16060 

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123 Q 2 



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J Pt. 

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■ lauer uud Solilesischen Ceutnil ] Gewerbe- Yereins. 
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\_Continued as] 

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~T*.^®/,'Qf!;j?'°' ^^ '^^ ^'■""*- ^'*"^-) ^"'•««. 1893. 
lo. (Ioo09) 

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1' 160651 

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— — First Report of the proceedings, recommend- 
ations, an<l transactions. York, 1832. 8°. (4367) 

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met at Cambridge, June 1833. With a R3i)ort of 
Proceedings, etc. Canihridije, 1833. 4°. (9074) 

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Dublin, 1835. With List of .Members. Dublin, 
183.5. 4°. (1.5916) 

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Birminghatn, 1849. Birminyhnin, 1849. 8°. (1056) 

Consumption of Fuel and prevention of Smoke. 

Report by W. Fairbairn. {Excerpt.) 1845. 8°. 

129 B 



British Association for tbe Advancement 
of Science — cont. 

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dards. With a report to the Royal Society on 
Units of electrical resistance, by F. Jenkin. And 
the Cantor lectures delivered by Prof. Jenkin 
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methods in mechanical science. By H. S. Hele- 
Shaw. Reprint. London, 1892. 8°. (24274) 
For First Report, gee Brit. Ass. : R'>port, 1889, p. 

Observations made at the Magnetic Observa- 
tories of Toronto, etc. [By Lieut.-Col. E. Sabine.] 
Loyidon, 1841. 8°. (9075) 

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the Meeting at Cheltenham, 1856. {Excerpt.) 1856. 
8°. (9077) 

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■ First report of the Committee on the stability, 
propulsion, and sea-going qualities of Ships. 
[Reprint.] £a;e<er, 1869. 8°. (18451) 

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measurement and registration of Ships and of 
Marine Engine Power, etc. Woolwich and London, 
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—^ Report from a Committee to inquire into the 
present methods of measuring and registering the 
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—— See Brodie, Jas. Papers for discussion at the 
B. A. meeting at Dundee, in reply to 
speculations in regard to the Antiquity 
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[^Continued as] • 

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8 . 

[Continued aa] 

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Reports of Meetings, xxvii, etc. London, 1890, etc. 
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See Cape of Good Hope. 

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the llev. H. R. Peel, (later) by T. W. Cowan and 
W. B. Carr. Vol. i-xiv, xxii, etc. Lomlon, 1873- 
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Report. Paris, 1885. 8°. (11612) 

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The Manufacture of glazed Bricks and glazed 

Sanitary Ware. (" British Clayworker " Manuals.) 
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its present resources and future possibilities. 
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— ^ Dept. of Aqriculture. Annual Report, i, ete. 
Victoria, B.C.,\%%i, etc. 8°. (11913) 

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Berlin, Vienna, Buda-Pesth, Venice, Florence, 
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the Agricultural work in the Botanic Gardens. 

1893, etc. Georgetown, Detnerara, 1897, ete. fol. 

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descriptive, and economic Geology of British 
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Patent Laws. See Patent Laws. Collection. 

fol. (10629) 

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fol. (10630) 

Patent Laws. See Pate.nt Laws. Collection. 

fol. (10629) 

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LOGicAL Journal. 1858, etc. 8". (10002) 



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and artistic Journal for Lithographers, etc. Vol. 
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Incorporated (after this date) inith the " BRITISH 
Printer," q.c. 

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BkITISU M.ED1CAL JoUKNAL. 1877, etc. 4°. 


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Supplement ... A weekly epitome of current 

Medical Literature. London, 1891, etc. 4°. 

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. . . Copy of all Communications made by the 
Architect and officers of the British Museum t ) the 
trustees, respecting the enlargement of the building 
of that institution, «<(-. London, Vih'l. fol. (11313) 

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The same. Periodicil Publications. Parts i-vi 

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The same. 37th ed. With prices of Casts. 

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The same. 4.3rd ed. Z,onrfo», 1841. 12°. (7548) 

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lyne.] 1 Aug. 1866. London, 1866. 8°. (16942) 

— New Reading Room and Libraries; 
Loiuion, 1857. 8°. (9086) 

with a Plan. 

See Fergusson, J. Observations on the British 

Museum, etc. 1849. 8°. (8214) 



British Museum — eont. 

See Hodge, P. R. List of Works in the 

British Museum . on Hydrostatics. MS. 

1857. (9098) 

See HosKiNG, Wm. Some observations upon 

the recent addition of a reading room to the 
British Museum. 1858. fol. (8346) 

See Readwin, A. Index to Mineralogy. A 

list of minerals with references to their composi- 
tion synonymes and place in the British Museum." 
1867. 8°. (13092) 

See Rymsdyk, J. and A. van. Museum Britan- 

nicum ; or a display in thirty-two plates of the 
antiquities and natural curiosities, 2nd ed. etc. 
1791. fol. (16675) 

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See Patent Laws. Collection, fol. (10629) 

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actions. See Yearbook of Pharmacy. 1870, 
etc. 8°. (1.5081) 

A Century of Old Books relating to Pharmacy 

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Pharmacy, 1870. 8°. (15081) 

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4°. (7426) Incorporating, after 1894, '■ The British 
Bookmaker," uKc?" The British Lithographer." 

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etc. 4°. (4304.) Index to titles of papers in Vol. 
i-xiii, 1S76-91, in Vol. xiii. 

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manufacturing and laying down of a submarine 
Telegraphic Cable between Great Britain and 
Ireland. [By E. Highton. London, 1854.] fol. 
MS. (24727) 

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giving an 

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139 s 2 



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2o 611 Dif.iembre de 1870. Buenos Aires, 1871. 
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— — Docnmentos relatives A, la Cuestion obras del 
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[Contintted o.s-] 

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weekly illustrated Record of the Progress of 
Architecture, etc. Vol. vi-x. London, 1860-62. 

[Continued as^ 

Building News and Engineering Journal. 
Vol. xi, etc. London, 1863, etc. fol. (9131) 




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Part i. Bombay, 1852. 8°. (1764) 

Notes of a Journey through pirt of Kattiawar 

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[/Jomirty, 1856 ?J 8". (10264) 

On the Oriental character of certain Northern 

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On the physical Geography of Hindostan. 

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lage iler Vorschriften, bi;treifend die Priifung der 
Nahningsmittelchemiker. Berlin, 1894. sm. 8°. 

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I[idustrie Ocsterreichs, deren Ursprung und Ent- 
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M'-sEi-M fPr die Geschichte der Osterk. 
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j/"^ parative value of the principal varieties of Fuel 
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Guide. . . . Also a new mode of muhiplying 
copies of Manu.script Works. . . . London, 1855. 
8°. (9133) 

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cmteiiant les vies et les cloges historiquea des 
hommes ii;ustr(5s qui out excelle en ces professions, 
depuis environ quatre siecles, etc. Amsterdam, 1682. 
2 vols. lol. (15113) 

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Miisi'nm. See Caxton Celedration, 1877. Cata- 
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i Inter fondi'] pir L. Ddltenre avec la collaboration 
e D. Van Monckhovcn [and others]. Tomei-xix. 
Bruxelles, 1862-80. 19 vols. 8°. (7355) 

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acces.soires. Ueilige par — Parmentier, C. L. Cadet, 
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[^Continued o«] 


SOIRES. \J(iter'\ Contenant ;e Bulletin desTravaux 
de la Societe de Pharmacle de Paris. 2e Serie. 
Tome i-xxvil. 1815-41. 27 vols. 8°. 

[Continued «.?] 
JofRNAL DE Pharmacie ET CniMiE, contcnant une 
revue de tons le travaux en France et ;\ lY'tranger, 
sur les sciences physiques, etc. ainsi quo le Bulletin 
des travaux de la Society de Phirmacie de I 'aris. 
3eS(:'rie. Tome i-xlvi. 1842-64. 46 vols. 8°. 
4e Si'rie. Tome i-xxx. 1865-79 30 vols. 8°. 
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Table aiial^ tique du Bulletin et du Journal de 

Pharmacie. Par A. E. Baudrimont. [18O'J-,30.] 
Paris, 1831. 8°. 

Table gen('rale des Auteurs et des M^moires. 

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SociiTE Philomathique de Paris. (4339) 


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miques. Redim- par J. Jun^-. 1829. See 
Bulletin Universelle des Sciences, etc. Aemt 
Section. 8°. (1313) 

Bulletin des Sciences DZath^matiques, 

AsiroMomiques, Physiques et Cuimiques. Redige 
par M. Saigey. 1827-29. .S«e Bulletin Univrr- 
SELLE DES Sciences, f^o. lere Section. (1313) 

Bulletin des Sciences IHI^dlcales. Redige 
par M. Deferinon. 1829. See Bulletin Univer 
selle DES Sciences, efc ieme Section. 8°. (1313) 

Bulletin des Sciences OZilitaires. Redigd 

pur M. Kr)ch. !829. See Bulletin Universelle 
des Sciences, etc. %ime Section. 8°. (1313) 

Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles et de 
G^olog-le. Ri'-ilige par M. Deialosse, etc. 1829. 
See Bulletin Universelle des Sciences, etc. 
'Zeme Section. 8°. (1313) 

Bulletin des Sciences Tecbnologiques. 

Ri'iige par M. Dubruufaut. 18-:4-31. See 
Bulletin Universelle hes Sciences, etc. heme 
Section. 8°. (1313) 

Bulletin des Sucres Franfals et ^trang'drs. 

Recueil destine priucipalement a faire cuunailre et 
propager les meilleurs proc^des poui la fabrication 
du Sucre de Betteraves. Vol. i and ii. Paris, 
1837-38. 2 vols, in one. 8°. (1370) 

bulletin International de I'Electriclt^i 

Annee i-xv. rar,.-<, 1H85-95. 11 vols. fol. (7902) 
Annif, 1 published under the title of " BULLETIN 
International des Tklkphones." 

Bulletin International des T^l^phones. 

See Bulletin International de l'.-lectricit^. 

Bulletin Officiel de la Prupri^td Indus- 
trlale, etc. 1HH4. fol. See Fka.nce : Ministire 
ilu Comm.erce, etc. (9171) 

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Ancikns IOlicves des I',( oles Nat. des Arts et 
Mktieks. Paris, 1805, el<: 8°. (242.i5) 

Bulletin TTniverselle des Sciences et de 
I'Industrie. Pulilie par la Socieli' pour la pro- 
pagation des C inuaissances scientifhiMes et indus- 
triellcs, sous la direction de M. le Baron de Ferussac. 
lere Section. Bulletin des Sciences Matii^- 
.matiques, astronomi(pi?.s, pliy-- 
siques et chimiqucs. Hedige p;ir 
M. Saigey. [Tome vii, xi and 
xii.] 1827-29. 3 \ol8. 8°. 
2i7ne Section. Bulletin des Sciences Natur- 
elles et de (ieologie. Redige 
par M. Delafdsse, etc. [Tome 
xvii-xix.] 1829. 3 vols. 8°. 




Bulletin TTnlverselle des Sciences et de 
I'Zndustrle — cont. 

3eme Section. BULLETIN DES SCIENCES Mtol- 

CALES, ledige par M. Deferraon. 

[Tome xvi, xvii and xix.] 1829. 

3 vols. 8°. 
4ime Section. Bulletin dfs Sciences Agri- 

c >LES, etc. redige par J. Jurg. 

[Tome xi-xiii.] 1829. 3 vols. 

beme Section. Bulletin des Sciences Techn- 

OLOGIQUES, redige par M. Du- 

branfaut. Tome i-xix. 1824-31. 

19 vols. 8". 
Seme Section. Bulletin des Sciences Mili- 

TAIRES, redige par M. Koch. 

[Tome xvi and xvii.] 1829. 

2 vols. 8°. 
Paris, 1824-31. 33 vols. 8°. (1313) 

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Science, matematiclie e fisiche. Da B. Boncompagni. 
Tome i-xiii. Roma, 1868-80. 13 vols. 4°. (13373) 

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Anno i-xxiv. Torino n,nd Fiiriize, lSi)a-SS. 24 vols. 
8". (17295) For continuation see Italy : Ministero 
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6>f Art. L' Art de voyager dans les airs. 8°. (9101) 

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dem Gesetze betreffend den Sohutz Waarenbezeich- 
nungen [Erfindungen und Patenten]. Stuttgart, 
1862. 12°. (7356) 

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de I'Ai-rostat place au Moulin de Javelle, et par M. 
Montgolfier, dans le courant d'Octobre 1785. Paris, 
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coltivazioni in acqua salsa. Padova, 1891, etc. 
8° and f ol. atlas. (23304) In progress. 

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on the G-oodwin Sands. London, 1842. 8°. (9137) 

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ary instruction in chemical Analysis, etc. Edited 
by J. L. Bullock. 1843. 8°. (949) 

Bullock, Wm., Pmpnetor of the London Museum. 
Descriptive Catalogue of the different subjects 
represented in the large Water Colour Drawings by 
the Chevalier De Barde ; now exhibiting at Mr. 
Bullock's Museum, the Egyptian Hall. London 
1814. S". (15536) 

•■— The military carriage of Napoleon Buonaparte 
. . . now exhibiting at the London Museum 
London, 1816. 8°. (2431) 

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C^)lliery working and management. London, 1896. 
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and Ztoscoe, Sir H. E. Photochemical re- 
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8°. (2431) 

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scientihci e nella sua pratica applicazione. Palermo, 
1894. 4°. (24048) 

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de. Exposition d'un nouveau principe general de 
Dynamique, dont le principe des vitesses virtuelles 
n'est qu'un cas particulier. Paris, 1815. 4°. 

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See CoMiTii International des Poids et 



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145 « 




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P 16069 



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147 T 2 

Memoir ami 
London, 1891. 

Manuel sur 



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See Bengal. Gnrt.of. 
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\_Continued as"] 

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fa\:)n des ceuvres 
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Vazceri Rupi, the Silver country of the Vazeers, 

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Oder historisch - chronologische Naiihriclit un^I 
theoretische uud practische B -sclircibung des Ma- 
schii.enweseni uud der HiiUsmiti,el boy ilem Bcrgbau 
auf deni Oborliarze, etc. Braunschweig, 1763. 2 
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153 " 



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„ 2. Abattage. [1887.] 

„ 3. Sout4nement. [1887.] 

., 4. Transport. [Ie9 ?] 
„ b. „ (sappWment.) 1892. 

„ 6. M6thodesd'exploitaticn. 1893. 

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Cambrldg-e. See Analytical Society of 


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—— On the best form of Shoe. See DowiE, Jas, 
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The same. Tbid. 2nd ed. 1871. sm. 8". (15715) 




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sm. 8°. (14:V.tO) 

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12". (tiUOl) 

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. The same. 2nd ed. By J. I. Hawkins. Lon- 
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1722. 8°. (5003) 


See Board of Arts, etc., for Upper Canada. 

Coal Hill, Victoria, and Bedford Mines. 
RoVAL Society of Canada. 

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1891, etc. 8°. (6447) 

Dept. of Agriculture. 

See also Canada : I^atent Office. 

Colonial and Indian Exiiidition. 
Canada: its history, productions, and 
natural resources. 1886. 8°. (20167) 

- — Report of tlie Minister of Apiculture of the 
Dominion of Canada, 1870, etc. Ottawa, 1871, etc. 
8°. (201ii4). Ciinlnins Report of Patents, Copy- 
right and Trade Marks. 


Canada — cont. 

Dept. of Agriculture — cont. 

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etc. for 1889-91. (Appendix to the report of the 
Minister of Agriculture.) Ottawa, 1890-92. 3 vols. 

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and Fisheries. 

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Canada, 1881. [By S. Wilmot and others.] Ottaica, 
1882. 8°. (20146) 

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[1853-58 and] 1875-84. Edited by Sir Wm. 
Logan, \_latei-] by Sir A. R. C. Sclwyn. Toronto, etc. 
1857-59 and 1877-85. 10 vols. 8°. 

[^Continued a«] 

A.nnual Reports. New ^ie.s. Vol. i. 1885, etc. 

Montreal, 1886, etc. 8°. (4243) 

Catalogue of section o:ie of the Museum of 

the Geological Survey, emln-acing the systematic 
collections of Minerals and the collections of eco- 
nomic Minerals and Rocks. By G. C. Hoffmann. 
Ottawa, 1893. 8°. (13717) 

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Laws, e(c. Collection, fol. (10629) 

Trade Mark, Designs, etc. Acts. See Trade 

Mark Laws. Collection, fol. (10630) 

Correspondence relative to the Fisheries ques- 
tion, 1885-88. Ottawa, 1887-88. 2 vols in one. 8°. 

Report of the Select Cominitteo appointed by 

the House of Commons to obtain information as to 
the Agricultural interests of Canada. Ottawa, 1884. 
8°. (20173) 

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of the Canadian Patent OfTine. Editions— Septem- 
ber 1, 1872 ; January 14, 1873 ; June, 1883 ; 1892. 
0H(«»«, 1872-92. 8°. (19304) fn progress. 

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issued in both Provinces, before and after the 
Union. Vol. i, 1824-49. Vol. ii, 1849-55. Toronto, 
1860-65. 8°. (12111) 

List of Canadian Patents from the beginning 

of the Patent Office (June 1824) till the l.-it of 
January, 1869. Ottawa, 1868. 8°. (14007) 

List of Canadian Patents, 1824-72. Ottawa, 

1882. 8°. (20290) 

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register of Copyrights and Tra<le Marks). Pcil)lished 
by Authority. Vol. i. 1873, e(c. Ottawa. 8°. (16212) 

Patent Case.— Benj. Barter v. G. T. Smith. 

Ottawa, 1877. 8°. (17945) 

Circular of tlie Patent Office {later, Dept. of 

Agriculture) containin.^ Trade Mark and Design 
Act; Act relating to marking- of Timber witb rules, 
ttr. (French and F.ngVnh.) Editions— 1869, 1879, 
1887, 1890, e^c. Ottawa, sm. 8°. (14006) 

Circular of the Dept. of Agriculture contsiining 

the " Copyright Act of 1875 " together with rules, 
etc. {French and English.) Ottawa, 1875. sm. 8". 
165 ^ « 



C anada — onu. 

Piihlic Works Dept. See Canadian Pacific 

Railway. Reports on Progress, etc. 1874. 8°. 

Report of the Ch-ef Engineer of Public Works 

[J. Pag?] on the progress! of Canal enlargement 
between Lake Erie and Montreal. Ottawa, 1877. 
8°. (18508) 

Canada Co. .Scf Life. The Life of a Backwoods- 
man. l.-<43. 8°. (1-2415) 

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nal and Mechanical Science Review. Vol. i, etc. 
Toronto, 1893, etc. fol. (4848) 

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Journal. A repertory of industry, science and art, 
and a record of the proceedings of the Canadian 
Institute. Edited by H. T. Hind, assisted by the 
Publishing Committee of the Canadian Institute. 
Vol. i-:ii. 1852-55. J'oronto, 1853-55. 4^ 
[^Continued as] 

The Canadian Journal of Industry, Science and 

Art : conducted by the editing Committee of the 
Canadian Institute. New Series. Vol. i-xi. Toronto, 
1856-67. 8". 

[Continued as] 

Tlie Canadian Journal of Science, Literature, 

and History : conducted by the editing Committee 
of the Canadian Institute. New Series. Vol. xii-xv. 
Toronto, 1870-78. 8°. (5944) 

Proceedings of the Canadian Institute ; being a 

continuation of the Canadian Journal of Science 
New [/o/.r, third] Series. Vol. i-vii. [1879-] 1889. 
Torowto, 1884-0: 1. (5944) 

[Vontinued as] 

Transactions. Vol. i. 1889-90, etc. Toronto, 

1891, etc. b". (6163) 

Proceedings. New Series. Vol. i, etc. Toronto, 

1897, etc. 8°. (5944) 

Annual Report. Session 1886-94, etc. (being part 

of appendi.t to the Report of the Minister of 
Education, Ontario). Toronto, 1888-94. 8°. (2833) 

Canadian Journal of Fabrics, the Journal of 
the Textile Trades of Canada. Vol. vii, etc. Mon- 
treal, 1890, etc. 4°. (10040) 

Canadian Journal of Industry, Science, 
and Art. See Canadian Institute. (5944) 

Canadian Journal of Science, Iiiterature, 
and History. See Can.\diax IxsTlTrxF 

Canadian Iiand and Railway Association. 

Report . . of a plr.n by which an extensive Rail- 
way may be constructed in the British N.A. 
Colonies, etc. [By A. Doull.] London, 1850. 8°. 
Sec Railway Pamphlets. Vol. 5. (18699) 

Canadian nxagrazine of Science and the 

Industrial Arts. See Canadian Patent Office 
Record, «<c. J/on/rca/, 1873-91. 8°. (16356) 

Canadian Manufacturer and Industrial 
World. Devoted to the Manufacturing and Min- 
ing Industries of the Dominion. Vol. iv-xxviii 
Toronto, 1885-94. fol. (20221) 

Canadian Mining' and mechanical Review. 

Vol. 10, ?^c. Ottawa, IS9\, etc. fol. (4302) 

Canadian ItZining-, Iron and Steel Manual. 

A digest of iiiforuiation lelatirig to the history, 
etc. of all Canadian Mining, Smelting and Iron and 
Steel Companies. Compiled by B. T. A. Bell. 
6th rear, 1896, etc. Ottawa, [1896], etc. 8°. 

Canadian Naturalist and Geologrist. Se» 

Natui.'al History Society cf Montreal. (9190) 

Canadian Pacific Railway. Report of pro- 
gress on the explorations and survej's np to Jan., 
1874. By S. Fleming, Engineer in Chief. Ottawa, 
1874. 8°. (17007) 

Canadian Patent Office. See Canada : Patent 


Canadian Patent Office Record and 
Mechanics' Mag'azine. Vol. i-vi. Montreal, 
1873-78. 8°. 

\_Conthated as] 
Scientific Canadian, Mechanics' Magazine and 
Patent Office Record. Vol. vii-x. Montreal, 
1879-82. 8°. 

\_Contimied as] 

Canadi.\n Magazine of Science and the Indus- 
trial Arts, and Patent Office Record. Vol. xi-xix. 
Montreal, 1883-91. 8°. (16356) 

Canadian Society of Civil Bngrineera. 

Transactions. Vol. i, etc. Montreal, 1887, etc. 
8°. (20882) 

Canalejas y Casas, Jose. See Anuario de los 
Progre-os Technologicos, etc. 1862-65. 4 vols. 
12". (7477) 

Canard, Elis. See Celnabt, pseud. 

Cancrin, Franz Ludwig von. Beschreibung der 
vorziiglichsten Bergwerke in Uessen, etc. Frankfurt, 
1767. 4°. (500) 

Candidus, pseiid. Obser%'ations on Gas-light ; 
being an inquiry concerning the injurious effects 
on the health from its use. London, 1817. 8°. 

Candlot, E. Ciments et Chaux hydrauliques. 
Fabrication, proprietes, emploi. Paris, 1891. 8°. 

Dt'termination de la qualito du ciment Portland 

[and] Emploi du ciment Portland. Paris, 1890. 
16°. (24040) 

Etude pratique sur le Ciment de Portland. 

Fabrication, proprietes, emploi. Paris, 1886. 8°. 

Candolle, Alphonse de, LL.D. Histoire des 

Sciences et des Savants dep.iis deux Siecles, suivie 
d"autre* etudes sur des sujets scieutifiques, etc. 
Geneve, 1873. 8°. (16254) 

Origin of cultivated Plants. {Internal. Seientifie 

Series.) London, 1884. sm. 8°. (20086) 

Canehrake, Atjricultural Expt. Station, Uniontown, 
.ilabamo. Bulletin No. i, etc. Montgomery, Ala. 
1888, etc. 8°. (8072) 



Ganeparl, Pic-tro Maria, Italian Physician. De 

Atnm -litis cujuscunqiie generis. London, 1060. 
4". (3139) 

Canet, M. IIydr;iulic Brakes for Gun Carriages. 
From ihe French by C.ipt. A. L. Varuey. 1890. 
See U.S. War Deft : Ordnance Bureau. Notea, etc. 
No. 56. 4°. (5661) 

Canevazzl, Silvio. MeccaMica applicata alle costr- 
iiziwiw. Tusto e 'I'avole. Torino, 1S90. 8°. See 
CrRioNi, G. L'Arte di Fabbricare. (21732) 

Canfield, C. W. See American Annual of 
Photography, «/c. 1889-91. 8°. (21783) 

Cannon, David. Economical Pine planting, with 
ruuiarks on Pine Xutsories, and on Insects and 
Funyi destructive to Pine.-s. See Rattray, J., 
and Mill, H. E. Forestry and Forest Products. 
1885. 8°. (21015) 

Cautalupl, Antonio, C.E. Mannale ad degli 
ingegni^ri incaricati delia compilazione dei progetti 
per le Strade Comunali. 2a ed. Milano, 1875. 
8° and fol. atlas. (20050) 

Trattato pratioo per la Costnizione dollo Strade 

e per la loro manutenaione. Milano, [1886]. 8°. 

Canter, O. Die Haus- und Hotol-Telegraphie. 
{El,ktro-t-chn. Bibliothek, 14.) Wien, 1883. sin. 8°. 

Canton, John, F.R.S. A method of making 
Artiiioiul Magnets without the use of natural ones. 
London, 1751. 4°. (3513) 

Ele<trical c.\iieriments ; with an attempt to 

acc.iunt for their several phenomena; together with 
some oli^'Tvatioiis on thunder clouds. 1753. See 
Franklin, B. New experiments, etc. 1754. 4°. 

Cantonl, Gaotano. Enciclopedia Agraria Italiana. 
Rodittada Airronomi delle diverse provincic, e diretta 
dal O. C. Torino, 1880-82. 4 vols, in G parts. 8°. 

Breve Storia delle Selve e dei Boschi. Gelsicol- 

tura. Coltivazione degli Agrumi. 1880-82. See 
Cantoni, G. Encicl. Agraria. Vol. iii. Pt. 5. 
Sect. 15. (2.S059) 

Climat'ilogia Ttalioa. 

Pt. 1. Sect. 3. (2.%59) 

Coltivazione del Lino. 

Pt. 4. S ct. 10. (230.59) 

Coltivazione generale. 

vazione dei Cereale, etc. 
Pt. 4. Sect. 11. (23059) 

Irrigazione 1880-82. 

Sect. 9. (23059) 

Meteorologia applicata all' Agricoltura. Fisio- 

logia Vegetale. 1880-82. Ibid. Vol. i. Pt. 1. 
Sect. 4. (23059) 

Cantu, Ignazio. L'ltalia sciontifica contemporanea. 

Milano, 1844. 8°. (5774) 

Capaun - Karloxira, C. F. Chomischtochnischo 
Spocialit/ileri uiid Gelieimnisso mit Angabe ihrer 
ZusamnKii>'etzung naoli den bewiihrtesteri Chemi- 
kern. (Chen.-lechn. Bibliothek, 45.) Wicn, 1878. 
em. 8°. (19460) 

1880-82. Ihid. Vol. i. 

1880-82. Ibid. Vol. ii. 

Rotazione agraria. Colti- 
1880-82. Ibid. Vol. ii. 

Ibid. Vol. ii. Pt. 8. 


— — » — 

Capaun-K,arlowa, C. F. — cont. 

Mediciuisclie Specialitatcn. Eine Sammlung 

r.ller bis jetzt bekannten und uutersuchten medici- 
schen Geheimmittel, rait Angabe ihrer Zusamnien- 
setzung naoh den bewiihrtesten Chemikern. (Ctiem.- 
techn. Bibliothek, 3C>). Tl'/en, 1878. sm. 8°. (18786) 

Unsere Lebensmittel. (ibid., 53.) Wien, 1879. 

sm. 8°. (19468) 

Cape Colony. See Cape of Good Hope. 

Cape of Good Hope : Government. OfiScial 
handbook. History, productions, and resources of 
the Cape of Good Hope. Edited by J. Noble. 
Cape Town, 1886. 8°. (9498) 

Reports of the Surveyor General [C. D. Bell] 

on the Copper Fields of Little Namaqualind ; and 
of Commander M. S. Nolloth on the Bays and 
Harbours of that Coast. Cape Town, 1855. fol. 

Patent Laws, Rules, &c. 

Collection, fol. (10629) 

See Patent Laws. 

Trade and Merchandise Marks and Designs, Laws, 

Rules, etc. See Trade Mark Laws. Collection, 
fol. (10630) 

Specifications of Letters Patent, I860, etc. 

[Duplicates filed in the Colony] with MS. Calen- 
dars, fol. (12709) Inprogress. 

Dept. of Agricrdture. Agricultural Journal. 

Vol. i,eic. Cape Town, \%m. etc. 4°and8''. (4892) 

Ensilage, nr the preservation of Green Fodder: 

Notes and Memoranda. By A. C. Macdonald. 
Cape Town, 1893. 8°. (24112) 

Liver Disease among Calves. Report, by O. 

Kenning. Cape Town, 1894. 8°. (5871) 

• Manual of practical Orchard-work at the Cape. 

By P. MacOwan and E. Pillans. Cape Town, 1896. 
8". (1,5844) 

Final Report of the Commission ... to 

encjuire into the laws and regulations dealing with 
the suppression of Scab disease in Sheep. [Suppt. 
to the " Cape of (!ood Hope Govt. Gazette," May 
4, 1894.] Cajje Town, 1894. fol. (89U1) 

Report on Dairying in Australia. By A. C. 

Macdonald. Cape Town, 1896. 8°. (12490) 

Report on Wheat growing and Agriculture 

generally, in Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. 
By W. Halse and J. D. J. Vissor. aipe Town, 1896. 
8°. (17260) 

Cape of Good Hope Governmont Gazette. 

[E.xcerpta, containing notices relating to Patents 
atid the Registration of Trade Marks.] Sept. 1893, 
etc. fol. (9365) 

Capello, G. See Sala, C, and Capeli.o, G. 
Mannale pratico di Tipografia. 1894. 2 vols. 8°. 

Capltaine, Emil, C.E. Das Wesen des Kriindens. 
Knie Erklarung der sch/ipferischen Goistesth.Stig- 
keit an Beispiclen planniiissiger Aufatellung und 
Liisung erfinderischer Aufgaben. Leipziij, 1895. 
8". (4274) 




Capltalne, Emil — cont. 

^— and Kertllngr, Ph. von Die Kriegawaffen. 
Eine forllaufende, iibersichtlich geordnete Zusani- 
menstellung der gesammten Schusswaffen, Kriegs- 
feuer, Hitb- und StichwafEen und Instriimente, 
sowie Torpedoes, Minen, Panzerungen, etc. Berlin, 
1888, eic'. 8°. (22040) In progress. 

- See Meissner, C. Mittheilungen iiber Motoren, 
etc. System Capitaine. 1893. obi. 4°. (23996) 

Caplin, Jean Fian(,ois Isidore, M.D. Four lectures 
on the causes and nature of the deformities of the 
Spine, and the rational means of curing this 
disorder. 1851. See LONDON International 
ExmniTioN of 1851. Prospectuses of Exhibitors. 
Vol. 10. (1127) 

The electro-chemical bath, for the extraction of 

mercury, lead, and other poisonous substances from 
the human body. London, 1856. sm. 8°. (19038) 

The same. 2nd ed. London, 1857. 8°. (773G) 

■ Historical records of the various affections cured 
by means of the electro-chemical bath. London, 
[1865?] 8°. (9192) 

Selection of documents, etc. in testimony of 

cures effected by the electro-chemical Bath. London, 
1865. 8^ (9193) 

Cappeller, Moritz Anton. Pilati Montis Historia 
in pauo Lucernensi Helvetiae siti. Basilke, 1767. 
4^ (9195) 

Capron, F^licien, of Ddle. Nouveau manuel com- 
plet du fabricant de bleus et carmins d Indigo. 
{.Mamieh Roret.) Paris, 1858. 18°. (4667) 

Capron, John Rand, F.R.A.S. Photographed Spec- 
tra. One hundred and thirty-six photographs of 
metallic, gaseous, and other spectra, prmted by the 
permanent autotype process, with introduction, etc. 
London, 1877. 8°. (18677) 

Car-builders' Association. See Master Car- 


Caramuel, Aspasius. See Joco-Seriorum Nature 
et Artis (JenturiK tres. 1667. 4°. (3168) Attri- 
buted to A. C. 

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P 16009 

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The same. 


— The same. 

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[Another ed.] London, 1826. 12° 

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• (10420) ■• ■' 

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P 16M9 

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163 Z 2 




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1889]. Paris, 1890. sm. 8°. (7357) 

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i°'^'7ZnLf ^"^"^^ chimnies, elc.1 Lomlon, 1772. 
o . (19055) I 

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late "ivention for preventing fire by iron plates. 
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=«;; m'rt.''%ti9) '°^^"'' ''' "^"^P^- 

*'S!^iS^^^^; S^?/^"'^-'- a Gas-luce. 

Cavalll, Jean, Lieut.-Gen. Recherche dans I'etat 
actuel de 1 Industrie m.'tallurgiqne de la nlus 
puis.ante ArtUlerie, etc. d•apres^es lois de^ la 
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and others. Excerpta relating to Experiments 

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(7338) ■ ■ 

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How to tell a Caxton. 1870. fc 8° 







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Society.) Z.0H//OH, [1850?] 12°. (5836) 

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invented by the writer, witli water colour dr."^ings. 
[1837 ?] See Autograph Letters. Collection, 
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Annoti- et public par A. Angot. Paris, 1881. 8°. 

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in manufacturing and refining Patty Oils, in the 
light of scientific research as at present available. 
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eviiiiiint, ubi de sensuum erroribus, ct potenliis 
aiiiniic, ac de influentiis ccclorum . . . opusculum. 
[,l/.so] De mirabili Potestato Artis et N'atiira;, ubi 
de philosophorum lapido, F. Rogerij Bachonis 
libellus. Orontius F[in:uu-<] recognoscebat, etc. 
Lateti(K Parisiorum, ajiuil S. Colinmum, 1542. 4°. 

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Paris, 1854. 18°. (4616) 

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^d. {ibid.) Paris. 1854. 18°. (4618) 

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ed. {ibid.) Paris, 1837. 18°. (4403) 

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i, etc. Berlin, 1897, etc. fol. (8513) 

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sitenliunde. Abt. i,Mediziniscli-hyi;ioiiisc-lio Bak- 
terioloLiie und tierische Parasitenkuiide, Band 17, 
ete., and Abt. ii. AUgemeino, etc., Bikteriologie, etc., 
Band 1, etc. Jena, 1895, etc. 8°. (8764) 

Centralblatt fiir deutsctae Papier -fabrl- 
katloa. Hrsg. und redigirt von A. lludel. 
IJitler, von C. A. A. Rudel's Witwe ; rodig. von G. 
Rudei.] Jahrg. xi. Band 6, pfc Dres(lfn,\960, etc. 
4°. (7244) 

Centralblatt tiir die Oestorr.-Ung'ariBches 
Papier - Industrie. Organ des Verein der 
Oosterr. - UMi,Mr. I'apier - faljnk.irituM [uiid des 
Voreines der Wiener Papier- und Schreibwaaren- 
Interessenten]. Jahrg. i, etc. Witn, 1883, etc. 8°. 



Centralblatt fiir die Textil - Industrie. 

Organ fi'ir die Gesammt-Iiiteressen der Wollen-, 
Baum\v.)lleii-, Fluchs-, und Seiden-Industrie, etc. 
Offizielles Organ der Norddeutscheu Textil- 
Berufsgenossenscbaft . . . Hrsg. vou F. Schulze. 
Jahrg. xxii, etc. lierlin, 1891, eto fol. (4i;79) 

Centralblatt fiir Elektrotechnik. See 

Zeitschkift fur anoewandte Elektricitats- 

LEURE. (19425) 

Centralblatt fiir Glas - Industrie und 
Keramik. Organ des Yerbandes der Osterreich- 
ischen Porzellan-Fabrikanten, etc. Jahrg. sM,' etc. 

Wie,i, 1897, etc. fol. (9387) 

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und Eisengriesserei. Kedigirt von P. 
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Centralblatt fiir orthopadische Cliirurgrle. 

Redigirt ron F. Beely. Jahrg. i-vii. 1884-90. 
Beilage zur Illustrirte[n] Monatsscurift dee 


Central Ohio Scientific Association. Pro- 
ceedings. Vol. i. Part 1 and Part 2, Xo. 1. Urhana, 
Ohiu. 1878-84. 8°. (19914) 

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de la Mrtallurgie en Europe. Paris. 1858 8° 

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See Milan : Esposizioue Industr. IlaUana d-l 1881. 
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elettro-magnetico di Morse adottato anche a Milano 
etc. 2a ed. .l«aHo, 1852. 8°. (8512) 

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materie Tessili. ii. Filatura. iii. Tessitura. Mil- 
ano, 1886. 8°. (22565) 

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Expos. Industr. Italiana del 1881. Relazioni dei 
Giurati. [Vol. 4.] 8°. (4646) 

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De Arebitectura Libri doce traduct. da C. Cesariano 
1521. fol. (4686) 

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Calcite Beiges. 1885. See Acad. Roy. de Bel- 
GIQUE : Mi'ra. in 8°. Vol. 38. (17798) 

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sophia; thesauri, in quibus metallica; concretionis 
medicatorumque fossilium miracula, terrarum pre- 
tium, colorum et pigmentorum apparatus, etc. 
continentur. Lugduni, 1636. fol. (6884) 

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und Instrumente fiir Heilkunst. See Paris Univ. 
Exhibition, 1867 : Austrian Comm. Berichte. 
Heft iii. 8°. (13249) 

Ceulen, J. A., C.E. Die Filter met meervoudige 
Mitwerking ter vervanging von het Beenzwart. 
Gevolgd door eene praktische handleiding voor de 
toepassing derdiffusie en eenige praktische Wenken 
met betrekking tot de Suikerfabricage. Amsterdam, 
1885. 8°. (20574) 

Ceylon, Government of. Patent Ordinances, etc. 
Sffi Patent Laws. Collection, fol. (10G29) 

■ — — Lists of grants of exclusive privilege under the 
Invention Ordinance, 1859. (Excerpta, c/c.) ISHl.etc. 
fol. (12870). Ill progress. In continuation oj the 
lists published in the Commissioners of Patents Jour- 
nal, 1860-80. (17) 

— — Trade and Merchandise Mark Laws and Rules. 
See Trade Mark Laws. Collection, fol. (10630) 

" Ceylon Observer." Brazil as a coflfee-grov.lug 
country : described in a series of letters from G. A. 
Criiwell and A. Scott Blacklaw. With information 
from other sources. Co'ombo, 1878. 12°. (20770) 

Liberian Coffee in Ceylon ; the history, etc. to- 

April, 1878 . . . and a series of letters on Liberia 
by G. A. Criiwell. Colombo, 1878. .12'". (20777) 

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de. Explanation of a new method of warming and 
purifying the Air in Houses, etc. London, 1815. 
8°. (9223) 

On conducting Air by forced ventilation and 

regulating the temperature in Dwellings, etc. 
London, 1818. 8°. (695) 

Appeudix to the Marquis de Chabanne's publi- 
cation on conducting Air by forced ventilation, etc. 
Being a continuation of the description of the 
patent apparatus for warming and cooling air ^nd 
liquid, etc. [Letters Patent No. 4192 of 1817.7 
[London, 1S20?] 8". (19049) 

Cliabat, Pierre, Architect. La Brique et la Terre.. 
Cuite. Etude historique de I'emploi des ces 
matiTiaux ; fabi-ication et usages ; motifs de con- 
struction, etc. Avec la collaboration de F. Monmory." 
Paris, 1881. fol. (21407) 

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struction. Paris, 1875 [1874-76.]. 8°. (16598) 

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TAmerique septentrionale, etc. 1753. 4". (17932) 

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I'usage des Horloges Marines. Paris, 1785. 4°. 

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tration. Routes strategiques en fer. From the 
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Bre\e Idea de las Maquinas de Vapor y de sus 
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(11222) , ; 





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[Continued a«] 

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cm 8° C18!^fi1^ 

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P 180(!9 

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inclined planes of China. London, 1797. 4". 
169 ^ 



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the tr.msit of merchandise and the produce of 
land, to or from Newcastle and Carlisle, etc. 
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Ship Canal and of a Railway from Newcastle to 
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and Chapman, E. W. Copy of the specifica- 
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Snpplemeut to the Series of Letters Patent, etc 
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J ^— Tin; describing the chief methods of mining, 

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■ 8°. (15798) 

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Two Discourses, i. Concerning the different 

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[v.] (17584) 

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Churfiirstlichen Sachsischen Amalgamirwerke auf 
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Charpy, G 

et de Zinc. 

Encouragement," Fev. 1896. 4°. (24958) 

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Jamaica and British Guiana]. With Appendix. 
London, 1856. 8°. (14368) 




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P I«0«9 

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171 Y 2 



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[Continued a»] 

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(13674 J 

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[Continued a»] 

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Die Farbenharmonie mit besonderer Riicksicht 

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vi. Werkzeuge und Werkzeug-Maschinen. Von 

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A record of the Trang- 
the World's Columbian 

Die Ziegel-und Thonwaaren- 

— See Dredge, Jas. 
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— See Di'MMLER, K. 

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P 1606« ^T^ 


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ishes and fossil Rosins. London, [1891]. 4°. 
179 2 2 



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l^Conti lined ai'] 

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IContiniied a«] 

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P 180«» 185 

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2 A 



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P 1606« ^87 


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2 A 2 



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A collection of scarce and valuable treatises upon 

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— - The same. 2nd ed. Londoti, printed for J. 
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College of Agriculture, etc.. New Hampshire. 
bee r«Ew Hampshire. 

College of Physicians. See Royal College 
OF Physicians. 


College of Science, Imp. University of Japan, 
See Japan, Imperial University of, etc. (2746) 

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Sorghum ; its culture and uses. [Address.] 

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[Continued as] 

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S(;iKN( E (The). 

See Western Chronicle of 
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. Granada. 

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lithog,: (22637) 

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1887. 8". (20891) 

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(12799) -' 

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The same. Reprint. London, 1861. 8°. (8020) 

Colonial Office — cont. 

Abstr.ict of replies to the Secretary of State's 

circular despatch of July 11th, 1856, calling for 
information as to the form of the application to be 
made by persons desirous of obtaining pitent 
right<? in the Colonies, and the expenses attendant 
on the grant of such patent ri'^ht*. \_London, 
1857.] fol. (12803) 

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8°. (12.501) 

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18'<5. 8°. '(6346)' 

Colorado Ironworks Co. See also Maxufac- 
TOBERS AND Tradb Firms. Catalogues, etc. 

Some details as to Smelting practice and equip- /^ 

ments for the reduction of Gold, Silver, Lead, and ^ 
Copper Ores. [Denver,] 1896. 8°. (742) 

[Circular] Explaining Oie Crushing Machinery 

for Concentration, Amalgamation, Cyanide, Chlori- 
nation, and Smelting Plants. [Denver,] 1896. 8". 

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Vol. i, 1883-84, etc. Denver, [1885, etc.]. S". 

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duction et de la prc^paration des matieres tinctoriales, 
etc. Annee v. Paris, 1861. sm. fol. 

[Continned as] 

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la Teinture, etc. Annee vi-x. Paris, 1862-66. 
sm. fol. (6063) See also Moniteur de r,A 

Coloriste Industrielle. See Coloration In- 

DI'STKIELLE. (6063) 

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the Colosseum as reopened in 1845. London, 1845. 
obi. 4to. (9349) Catalogue printed frotn stereotype 
plates cast by the /latent process of Messrs. Kronheim 
d- Co. 

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1887. See Fremy. E. Encycl. chim. Tome viii. 
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1843. .See Ann ales des University de Beiqique. 
2eann^e. 8°. (7556) 




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London, 1726. 4°. (3401) 

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1758. 4°. (5153) 

The same. Another edition. London. 1763. 

4°. (7019) 

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1887. sm. 8°. (20474) 

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of machinery to the manufacture of rotating 
charabered-breech Fire-arms and their peculiarities. 
With an ab-tract of the discussion on the paper. 
Edited by C. Manby. From the " Inst. Civil Engi- 
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De I'application des machines a la fabrication des 

Armes a Fen a culasse tournante, etc. Avec un 
extrait de la discussion sur ce mt'moire. [Traduit 0. Spuarr.] Bni.T;elles, ISbi. 12°. (1.3611) 

Colton, — , Photographer. See BvRROWP, — , and 
CoLTON, — . Concise instructions in the art of Re- 
touching. 187t;. 8°. (18264) 

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Columbia, (/)/s7Wc< o/). Engineer Deft. Reports of 
operations. 1889, etc. Washington, 1891, etc. 8°. 

Annual Reports of the Inspector of Asphalt and 

Cements. U'ashingtm,, \SH7, etc. 8°. (15315) 

Columbian Sxposition, 

Chicago Exhibition, 1893. 

Chicago, 1893. See 

ColumbuB, Christopher. Scf Irving, W. A history 
of the life and voynges of Christopher Columbus. 
182K. 4 vols. 12°. (lOO'JO) 

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ings [later. Journal,] edited by W. Devol. [1890 
by C. M. Weed.] Vols. i-v. 1886-90. Columbus, 
1886-91. 8°. 

[Continued a«] 

Annual report . . . containing . . . quarterly 

journals. By A. D. Selby. 1891, e<c. Columbus, 
1892, e<c. 8". (13427) 

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Edited by S. Colvin and J. A. Ewing. 1887. 2 vols. 
8°. (21180) 

The connexion of Greek and Roman Art with 

the teaching of the Classics. 1877. See Society 
OF Akts; Cantor Lecture.s. [Vol.2.] 8°. (19945) 

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Breweries aiid Mailings, etc, 2nd ed. by F. Colyer. 
1880. 8°. (19327) 

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plant, and machinery. London, ISS-i. 8°. (12408) 

Hydraulic, steam, and hand power Lifting and 

Pressing Machinery. London. \HHl. H". (19576) 

Public Institutions : their engineering, sanitary, 

and other appliances. London, 1889. 8°. (21838) 

Pumps and pumping machinery. London, 1882. 

8°. (14392) 

Colyer, Fred. — cont. 

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including Land, Locomotive, and Marine Engines 
and Boilers. London, 1886. 4°. (12487) 

Treatise on Water Supply, Drainaue, and sani- 
tary appliances for residences : including lifting 
machinery, lighting and cooking apparatus. Lon- 
don, 1889. sm. 8°. (21839) 

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London, 1057. 8°. (3126) 

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of the Linen manufacture. Belfast, 1868. 8°. 

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argued and adjudged in tlie Court of King's Bench 
at Westminster from 1 Jac. 2 to 10 Will. 3. Pub- 
lished hv his son, R. Comberbach. Lotvion, 1724. 
fol. (12'40) 

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moyen du chlorure d'Aluminum. [188 ?] See 
SociETE CiiiMiQUE DE Paris. Conferences. 1887- 
88. 8°. (20946) 

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cipes de la theorie mocanique de la Chaleur, et 
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wall et du Devon. From the " Annales des Mines, 
3e Ser. v. Paris, 1834. 8°. (9350) 

Recherches theoriques et exp^rimentales sur les 

Roues ii reaction ou k tuyaux. Paris, 1843. 4°. 

and Viollet, J. B. Die rauchverzehrcnden 

Oefen, etc. Deutsch bearbeitot von C. Hartmann. 
2te Aufl. (Neuer Schniplatz der Kiinste, etc., 226.) 
Keimar, 1859. 12°. (6772) 

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in;.'. [By M. Combrune]. London, 1758. 8°. 

The theory and practice of Brewing. New 

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8°. (17036) 

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COMEI.ATI, G. A new Dictionary of tlie Italian 
and English Languages. 1854. 2 vols. »". (1445) 

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LiiigLiaium reserata ; sive omnium scientiarum et 
linguarum seminarium. The Gate of Languages 
unlockeil, etc. Translated by T. Horn ; corrected 
by J . Robotham : and now reviewed by W. D. 
Added, the Foundation to the Janua, by G. P. 
London, 1652. 8°. (1965) 

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See Pai.meri, p., and Pepe, M. Scienza, etc. dell' 
Agncoltura. Vol. ii. Pt. 1. (23013) 

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See Mil. in: Eep"s. Industr. Italinna del 1881. 
Relaziom dei Giurati. [Vol. 8.] 8°. (4646) 





Comes, 0. — amt. 

— Crittogaraia Agraria. 1891. See Palmeri, P., 

and Pepe, M. Scienza, etc. dell 'Agricoltura. Vol. 

ii. Pt. 2. (23013) 

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Middle Batchelor. London, 1857. 8°. (9668) 

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don, 1684. 8". (3265) 

Comey, Arthur Messinger, Ph.D. A Dictionary of 
Chemical Solubilities — Inorganic. London, 1896. 
8". (24931) 

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I'art de se conserver en sinte, etc. Nouv. 6d. 
Bruxelles, 1688. 12". (4882) 

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Philosophy. London, 1739. 8". (9354) 

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Annali di Tipogra6a Volpi-Cominiana. 1809. 8°. 

Oomlt^ des Forgres de France. Bulletin. 
[Documents statistiquea, etc."] No. 217, Janvier, 
1885, etc. Paris. A". (8553) 

Comity International des Folds et 
nSeaures. Proces-Verbaux des Seances. 1892, 
ttc. Parit, 1893, etc. S". (5022) 

Rapports aux Gouvernements signataires de la 

Convention du Metre. 1867, etc. Paris, 1877, etc. 
fol. (13433). See also Conference generale 


Commallle, A. Etude d'Hydrologie ancienne : 
ou recherches sur les Eaux, les Aqueducs, etc. de 
Rome k I'epoque imperiale. Paris, 1862. 8°. 

Commandlno, Federigo. 

See Hero, Alexandrinus. Spiritalium Liber a F. 
Commandino ex Graeco in Latinum con- 
versus. 1575. 4°. (21) 

The same. Another edition. 1680. 4°. 


Commerce. A weekly illustrated Journal. Vol. i, 
etc. London, 1893, etc. fol. (9464) 

Commerce - Collegrlum, Sioeden. Commerce- 
CoUegii Uiiderdiiniga Berattelse on Bergshandterin- 
gen, etc. 1833-57. Stockholm, 1835-58. 4°. (14532) 

Commercial Review (the) of the South 
and West. A monthly Journal of Trade, Com- 
merce, etc. J. B. D. De Bow, Editor, etc. Vol. i-viii. 

[Conti7iued as] 
De Bow's Review of the Southern and 
Western States. Vol. ix-xiii. 1850-52. 

[Continued as] 

De Bow's Review and Industrial Resourses, 

etc. Vol. xiv-xlv. 1853-68. 
Neie Orleans, 1846-68. 45 vols. 8°. (4104) 

Index to Vols. i-x. 1846.-51. 8°. 

- Index to 2nd Series of 10 vols. 1852-56. 8". 

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and use of the Mangel Wurzel. From the French 
[by J. C. Lettsom]. Zonrfon, 1787. 8". (5332) 

Commlnes de Ittarsllly, L. J. A. de. Les lois. 
de la Mitiere. Essais de Mecanique moleculaire. 
Pam, 1884. 4°. (1174) 

Commission Internationale pour la ri" 
presslon des Falsifications des denr^es. 
allmentaires. See Revue Internationale 
etc. DES Falsifications, etc. 1887, etc. (20872) 

Commission of Northern Zilirhthouses^ 

See Stevenson, A. Observations on the applica- 
tion of catadioptric zones to lights of the first order 
in the system of Fresnel. 1840. 8°. (2620) 

Commission of Revenue Inquiry, London^ 
Harbours, Ireland. Copy of . . . the Evidence 
taken before the Commissioners of Revenue In- 
quiry . . . referring to the Western Harbours of 
Ireland. London, 1834. fol. (9621) See also 
Admiralty : Western Harbours (Ireland). (7059)- 

Commissioner of Patents, Canada. See Canada: 

Patent Office. 

Commissioner of Patents, United States. See- 
U.S. Patent Office. 

Commissioners etc. for Fisheries, manufac- 
tures, and Improvements In Scotland. 

Directions for raising Flax. Edinburgh, 1763. 8*. 

Commissioners In Iiunacy. 


See LuNACr 

Commissioners of National Education, 

Ireland. See Ireland. 

Commissioners of Patents for Inventions, 

Great Britain and Ireland. 
See Patent Office. 

Designs Registry Office. 

Trade Marks Registry Office. 

Commissioners of Sewers, London. 
London : Sewers Commission. 


Commissions, Departmental. See under respective 


Commissions, Parliamentary. See Parliament : 

Reports, etc. 

Commissions, Royal. See Parliament : Reports, 


Committee of Council for Trade. 

See Board of Trade. 
Privy Council. 

Committee on Electrical Standards. See 

British Association : Reports of the Committee 
on Electrical Standards. 8°. (15926) 

Committees, Departmental. See under respective 

Committees, Pcrliamentary. See Parliament : 

Reports, etc. 




Oomoy, Guillaumc Emmanuel, Inifpector nf Britlrjen, 
etc. Ktude pratique sur les Mari'es Fluviales et 
notammeut sur le Mascaret. Texte et atlas. Paris, 
1881. i vols. 8". (20475) 

Compagrnie Coloniale, Parix. 
Chocolate : its character, history, 
P./m, [18r,!t?] sm. 8°. (11783) 

Compagrnie de T^l^graphle 
phonie Internationales. 

Ti'-ir-phonie simult im'-es par les memea fils 
Van Rysselberf,'he. Bru.eellex, 1890. 4°. 

See Chocolate. 
and treatment. 

et de T6\6- 

Teli'graphie et 

Copipagrnle gr^n^rale dea Voltures, Paris- 
Ktndes expi'rimentales aur ralimentatioii du Cheval 
de trait. Rapports, par L. (irandeau [and others]. 
M.-moire i, etc. Paris, 1882, etc. fol. and 8". 

Compag'nie Parisienne d'^clalragre, etc. 
par le Gaz. Kclairage et Ventilation par le 
Gaz. Description d'installations et resultats d^x- 
pi'riences. P,iris. I88'J. 4°. (22240) 

Companion. Companion to the London Dissector ; 
or, the art and method of making preparations 
exhiljiting the structure of the human b.)dy. Lon- 
don, 181.S. 8°. (12227) 

A Companion to the Telescope. London, 1811. 

8". (12323) 

—— Companion to the Transit instrument, containing 
the right ascension and declination of Stars, etc. 
[By Sir Jas. South ?] ionrfoH, 1815. 8°. (11.361) 

Comparison. Comparison between the two pro- 
posed new lines of road between London and 
Edinburgh ; the one by Jedburgh, and the other by 
Wooler. E<linburgh, 1822. 8°. (18914) 

Compass (The). A monthly Journal for Engineers, 
Surveyors, Architects, etc. Edited by W. Co.x. 
[Issued by the KeufBel and Esser Co.] Vol. i-iii. 
New York, 1891-94. 3 vols. 8°. (8083) 

Complete. A compleat and authentick history of 
the Town and Abbey of Glastonbury. Added, the 
properties and uses of the mineral waters there. 
By a Physician. 2nd ed. Lmidnn, [1755'-']. 8°. 

^— A compleat body of Husbandry. London, i 18 ?J 
fol. (9082) Isxiiid in ime.kly numbers. Titli page 

— — The complete Family Brewer. London, 1789. 
8°. (.3687) 

The compleat Family Companion. [London,! 

1787?] 8°. (5.338). Title /mge dejuient. 

■•^— The complete Family piece : and Country Gen- 
tleman, and Farmer's best guide. In three parts. 
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The complete Fanner : or, a general Dictionary 

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P 160« 193 

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8°. (159) 

2 B 



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Concise siatement of the proceedings of the 

Bullast Corporation and the consequent state of the 
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into the project of constructing a ship Canal con- 
necting the Asylum Harbour at Kingston with a 
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[Continued as] 
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Koyal Powder MUls, e<f. 1811. 8". (15526) 

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Author's .Sonogram on title. 

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P igoog 195 

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TExtrait des Annales du Conservatoire.] Paris, 

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Description de la S.alle des exp<^riennes de Mi<ca- 

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8°. (12120) 

2 B 2 

et Metiers, Paris. 
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and Sons. 

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sm. 8° 

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Edited by M. J. 
Scientific Series.) 

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[Continued as'\ 

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P 18088 

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203 2 c 2 


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