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Full text of "Catalogue of the printed books and manuscripts in the John Rylands library, Manchester"














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Edinburgh : T. and A. Constable, Printers to Her Majesty 



In the following catalogue the books have been arranged strictly under authors, and their 

full names have been given wherever it was possible to ascertain them. Under all the 

^ principal writers the complete works come first, followed by collections of two or moi'e 

^ works, and finally the single works. In each case the books in the original language 

f precede the translations, and the single works are arranged alphabetically according 

to the first word of the title. 

Under the entry Bible, the more scientific arrangement, in which the original 

languages come first, has been discarded in favour of the simpler, in which all 

■ the languages are arranged alphabetically. All commentaries which contain the 

complete text of the Bible or parts of the Bible are catalogued under that head. 

^ In the case of a few authors whose works consist almost entirely of political 

speeches, as for instance Charles i. or Sir Thomas Fairfax, the speeches have been 

^ arranged chronologically. Anonymous books are placed under the first word of the 

title other than A, An, or The ; but in cases where the early editions of a book were 

anonymous, but were afterwards published under the author's name, they are put 

under his name with a cross-reference from the title. In the case of pamphlets 

^\ whose titles begin with a numeral, showing that they are a continuation of an earlier 

T work [e.g. Second letter to the people of England), they are placed under the word 

^ following the numeral. In all cases where the author of an anonymous book has 

- been identified, his name is added to the entry, within brackets, and a cross-reference 

J$ given from his name. 

I Peers have been catalogued in most cases under their titles as being the more 

familiar form of name, but cross-references have been given from the family name. 


Proceedings of Societies, when the name of the town with which the society is associated 
is mentioned in the title, are catalogued under the town ; otherwise they are treated 
as anonymous and are catalogued under the first word. 

In the case of French names no strict rule has been followed, for the territorial 
name has been chosen in place of the family name, when more familiar to the average 
reader. Moliere, for instance, has been catalogued under that name rather than under 
Poquelin, Voltaire under Voltaire rather than under Arouet. In all cases, however, 
copious cross-references have been given to facilitate the use of the catalogue. 

It is proposed to issue, as soon as possible after the completion of the present 
work, a supplementary volume containing a subject index to the entire contents of 
the Library. 


John Ktlands Librakt, 



A. Vie publique et privue de Louis xvi., avcc iiii 
precis histoiique sur Marie-Antoinette, etc. 

12mo. Paris, 1814 

A. Catalogue de livres rares et curieux de son 
cabinet [with prices]. 

8vo. Paris, 176? 

A., G. See Alley, W. HTfiXOMOYSEION, The 
poor man's librarie. 

A., H. The scourge of Venus (l6l4). Edited by A. 

B. Grosart. [Occasional issues, vol. ii.. No. 3.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1876 

A., H., M. T. H. P. Jus primatiale Armacanum in 
omnes archiepiscopos, episcopos, et universum 
clerum totius regni Hiberniae assertum per 
H.A.M.T.H.P. [Hugonem Armacanum Mac- 
Mahon Totius Hiberniae Primatem.] 

4to. [Luhlin] 1728 

A., J. The daemon of Burton, or a true relation of 
strange witchcrafts or incantations lately prac- 
tised at Burton in the parish of Weobley in 

4to. London, 1671 

A, L. Histoire des Wahabis, depuis leur origine 
jusqu'alafinde 1809. [By L.A.O. deCorancez.] 

8vo. Paris, 1810 

A., T. A candle in the dark : the first book shew- 
ing what witches are in the Scripture sence, 
the second book shewing how grosly the Scrip- 
tures have been misinterpreted, the third book 
touching some enoneous English writers, also 
the Works of King James. By T[ho!\ias] A[dy]. 

[London, 1656?] 

, W. The Lord Chief Justice Herbert's account 
examin'd : by W[m.] A[twood], wherein it is 
shewn that these authorities whereby he would 
excuse his judgment in Sir E. Hales his case are 
unfairly cited and as ill applied. 

4to. London, l689 

A., W. 

Killing, no murder : with some additions 

))i-iefly discourst in three questions fit for publick 
view ; to deter and prevent single persons, and 
councils, from usurping supream power. [By 
William Allen, pseud, i.e. Col. Silas Titus.] 

4to. London, 1659 

— Killing no Murder. By W[illiam] A[llen] 
[i.e. Silas Titus]. 

4to. [London, 1698 ?] 

Killing no murder : briefly discoursed in three 

questions. By WiLLiAM Allen [pseud, i.e. Col. 
Silas Titus]. 

4to. [London] I698 

A., W. Upon the death of Mr. Anthony Austin, 
younger son to Sir James Austin, Knight. By 
W. A. [i.e. William Austin ?] 

4to. [London] l677 

A. B. C. Italian. [The alphabet followed by 
prayers in Italian and Latin.] 

8vo. Antonio de Viotii. Parma, 1477 [1 527] 

An A. B. C. wyth a catechisme, that is to 

say, an instruction to be learned of every chylde 

before he be brought to be confyrmed of thee 


8vo. Edward JFliitchurch. London, 1551 

A. C. D. A. Catalogus Librorum A. C. D. A. 
[Archibald Campbell, Duke of Argyle.] 

4to. Glasgo^c, 1758 


A. M., B. Omnium Virtutum Christianarum 
exemplo Davidis, pastoris, militis, ducis, exsulis 
ac Prophetae longe prsestantissimi nobis adum- 
bratarum Speculum. Authore B. A. M. [i.e. 
Benedictus Arias Montanus]. 

4to. Impensa Gidielmi Fiizeri, BiUiopolae 
AngK, n.p. 1632 

ABAILABD, Pierre. Epistolae Abaelardi et 
Heloisae ab erroribus purgatae cura Ricardi 

8vo. London, 1718 

Lettres et epitres amoureuses d'Heloise et 


2 vols. 32mo. Geneva, Mil 

Lettres d'Heloise et d'Abailard. 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1796 

CEuvrages inedits : pour servir k I'histoire de 

la philosophie .scolastique en France : publies par 
V. Cousin. 

[Documents inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1836 

P. Abaelardi et Heloisae conjugis ejus opera 

nunc primum edita. 

4to. Paris, I6l6 

ABANO, Petrus de. Tractatus de venenis. 

4to. [Thomas Septemcastrensis and Johannes 
Vwster.'] Mantua, 1473 

Tractatus de venenis. 

4to. /. P. de Lignamine. Borne, 1475 

Opus de phisonomia. 

4to. P. Maiifer. Padua, 1474 

ABATI, Niccol6. 

See Primaticcio, P., Les travaux d'Ulysse. Paris, 

ABBEN-EZRA, Abraham. 
See Abraham, ben Meir. 
„ Hyde, T. Mandragorias. Oxford, I694. 

ABBEN JACHIA, Bonsenior. 

Sill Hyde, T. Mandragorias. Oxfm-d, I694. 

ABBEY, Charles John, and OVERTON, John 
Henry. The English Church and its Bishops, 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1887 


Sn- Collection des m6moires — Ouizot. [Vol. vi.[ 

ABBOT, Ezra. 

See Alger, W. R. Ciitical History. Neio Ymk, 
„ Smith, W. Dictionary of the Bible, 1872. 

ABLOT, Ezra, PEABODY, Andrew P., and LIGHT- 
FOOT, J. B. The fourth Gospel. Evidences 
external and internal of its Johannean authorship. 

8vo. London, 1892 

ABBOT, John. 

See Smith, Sir J. E. Natural History. London, 

ABBOTSFORD CLUB. Publications. 

36 vols. 4to. Edinburgh and London, 1835-65 

Ancient mysteries from the Digby MSS. 
[Edited by Thomas Sharpe.] 

Arthur : Arthour and Merlin. Edited from 
tlie Auchinleck MS. [by W. B. D. D. Turnbull]. 

Atholl Papers : Jacobite correspondence of the 
Atholl family, 1745-46. [Edited by J. H. Burton 
and D. Laing.] 

Balmerino and Lindores. Chartularies of Bal- 
merino and Lindores. [Edited by W. B. D. D. 

Compota domestica familiarum de Bukingham 
et d'Angouleme, 1443, 52, 63 : quibus annexe 
expensae cujusdam comitis in itinere 1273 (1309). 
[Edited by \V. B. D. D. Turnbull.] 

Ecclesiastical records : selections from the 
minutes of the presbyteries of St. Andrews and 
Cupar. 1641-98. 

Ecclesiastical records : selections from the 
minutes of the Synod of Fife. 1611-87. 

Ecclesiastical records : selections from the 
registers of the presbytery of Lanark. 1623-1709. 

Extracta e variis chronicis Scocie : from the 
ancient ms. in the Advocates Library. [Edited 
by W. B. D. D. Turnbull.] 

Gardyne, Alexander. A garden of grave and 
godlie flowers. The theatre of Scotish kings, by 
Alex. Garden. Together with miscellaneous 
poems by John Lundie. [Edited by W. B. D. 
1). Turnbull.] 

Guillaume, de Normandie. Le roman des 
aventures de Fregus. Par GuiLLAUME LE Clerc : 
public par F. Michel. 

Guy of Warwick. The romances of Sir Guy 
of Warwick, and Rembrun his son : now first 
edited from the Auchinleck MS. [by W. B. D. 
D. Turnbull]. 

Haddington (Thomas Hamilton, 1st earl of). 
State papers and miscellaneous correspondence 
of Thomas, Earl of Melros. [Edited by J. Maid- 
MENT.] 2 vols. 


ABBOTSFOBD CLUB (mntimied). 

llawes, Stephen. The conversyon of swerers : 
A joyfull medytacyon to all Englondo of the 
coionacyon of Kynge Homy the oyght. [Edited 
by D. Laing.] 

Hay, Sir Gilbert. The Bukc of the Order of 
Knyghthood. Translated from the French. 

Harries, John Maxwell, lord. Historical 
memoirs of the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots, 
and a portion of the reign of James VI. [Edited 

by R. PlTCAIKN.] 

Hume, David. De familia Humia Wedder- 
burnensi liber, eura Davidis Hujiii. 

Inventaii-c chronologique des documents relatifs 
a I'histoire d'Ecosse, conserves aux archives du 
royaume k Paris. [By J. B. A. T. Teulet.] 

Legend of St. Katherine of Alexandria. 
Edited, from a Cottonian MS., by J. MouTON. 

Letters and state papers during the reign of 
James vi., chiefly from the MSS. of Sir James 
Balfour of Denmyln. [Edited by J. Maidment.] 

Liber conventus S. Katherine Senensis prope 
Edinburgum. [Edited by J. Maidment.] 

Liber officialis S. Andree : curie metropolitane 
S. Andree in Scotia sententiarum in causis con- 
sistorialibus quae extant. 

Memoirs of Sir Ewen Cameron of Lochiel [by 
Sir John Dkummond], with an introductory 
account of his family. [Edited by J. Magknight.] 

Mind, will, and understanding : a morality 
from the Macro MS. 

Oppressions of the l6th century in Orkney 
and Zetland, from original documents. [Edited 
by D. Balfour.] 

Penniworth (A) of wtte : Florice and 
Blauncheflour : and other pieces of ancient 
English poetry, from the Auchinleck MS. [Edited 
by D. Laing.] 

Presentation (The) in the Temple, a pageant 
as represented by the corporation of weavers 
in Coventry : with a prefatory notice. [Edited 
by T. Sharpe.] 

Rouland and Vernagu. The romances of 
Rouland and Vernagu, and Otuel, from the 
Auchinleck MS. [Edited by J. Maidment.] 

Sinclair, John, master of. Memoirs of the 
insurrection in Scotland in 1715 : with notes 
by Sir Walter Scott. [Edited by D. Laing and 
J. Magknight.] 

ABBOTSFORD CLUB {continued). 

Sire Degarre. A metrical romance of the end 
of the 1.3th century. 

Williams, Sir John. Account of the monastic 
treasures confiscated at the dissolution of the 
various houses in England. 

Garland. An Abbotsford Club garland. [By 


Ane garlande of ye Abbotsforde Clobbe. 

[By W. B. D. d! Turnbull.] 

Miscellany. [Edited by W. B. D. D. Turn- 
bull : vol i., no more publi.shed.] 

List of the members : the rules : and a 
catalogue of books printed for the club since 

ABBOTT, Edwin Abbott. See Philochristus. 

The Anglican career of Cardinal Newman. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 18.92 

— Cambridge sermons preached before the Uni- 
versity. Second edition. 

8vo. Loriulon, 1875 

— Oxford sermons preached before the University. 

8vo. London, 1879 

ABBOTT, Evelyn. 

iS'ee Hellenica. London, 1880. 
„ Zeller, E. Outlines of Greek philosophy. 
London, 1886. 

ABBOTT, Richard. Narrative of his apprehension, 
imprisonment, and release, 168.0-91. An account 
of the trials at Manchester, 1691- Edited by 
A. Goss. [Chetham Society, Ixi.] 

4to. {Manchester] 1864 

ABBOTT, Thomas Kingsmill. Sec Kant, Immanuel. 
ABBREVIAMENTUM Statutorum. Sec Statutes. 

ABD-ALLATIF. Relation de I'Egypte. Traduit et 
enrichi de notes historiques et critiques, par 


4to. Paris, 1810 

ABD-ISU, patriarch of the Eastern Assyrians. De 
sacro oecumenico Tridentino concilio approbatio 
et professio ; et literae Marci Antonii cardinalis 
Amulii ad legatos sacri concilii Tridentini, 1562. 

4to. Riva, 1562 



ABDVENSIS, Ferdinandus. Ad omnes juris civilis 

interpretes ac ejus disciplinae studiosos oratio : 

qua manifests declarat leges plurimum medi- 

cinae philosophiaeque artibus antefereiidas esse. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1546' 

ABEGG, Daniel. Zur Entwickelung der historischen 
Dichtuiig bei den Angelsachsen. [Quellen und 
Forschungen der gerraanischen Volker, Ixxiii.] 

8vo. Strashurg, 1891' 


ABEL, Clarke. Narrative of a journey in the 
interior of China, and of a voyage to and from 
that country in the years 18 Hi and 1817. 

4to. London, 1818 

ABELA, Giovanni Francesco. Delia descrittione 
di Malta; con le sue antichita ed altre notitie, 
libri quattro. 

fol. P. Bonacota. Malta, 164<7 

ABELABD. See Abailard. 

ABELIN, Johann Philipp. ' 

See Braun, T. j^ppendix regiii Congo. Frank-furl, 
„ Gottfried, J. L., pseud. 

A6ELN, Caspar. 

.SV' Scriptores rerum Germanicarum. 

ABEN EZRA, Rabbi Abraham. 
Sec Abraham, ben Meir. 
,, Hyde, T. IMandragorias. Oxford, 1694. 

ABEBCBOMBIE, John. Inquiries concerning the 
intellectual powers and the investigation of 
truth. The second edition. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 18;>1 


Sir. Advantages of the Act of Security, 1706. 
„ Reply to the authors, 1707. 

The martial atchievements of the Scots nation. 

from the first establishment of the Scots 
monarchy to 1514. 

2 vols. fol. Edinburgh, 1711-15 

The martial atchievements of the Scots nation. 

[Vol i. only, on large paper.] 

fol. Edinburgh, 1711 

Ucil morocco, with Ihc arms of the Duke of Hamilton. 

ABERCROMBY, Hon. Ralph. Weather : a popular 
uxposiLiuii of the nature of weather changes from 
day to day. Second edition. [International 
Scientific Series, vol. lix.] 

8vo. LuiiduH, 1 888 

ABLRDARE, Henry Austin Bruce, Baron. 
See Bruce, H. A. 

ABERDEEN. Church of St. Nicholas. Cartularium 
Ecclesiae Sancti Nicholai Aberdoncnsis. Recog- 
novit J. Cooper. [Spalding Club, N.S.] 

2 vols. 4to. Aberdeen, 1888-92 

Diocese. RegistrumEpiscopatus Aberdoncnsis; 

ecclesie cathedralis Aberdonensis regesLa que 
extant in unum collecta. [Edited by C. Innes.] 
[Spalding Club.] 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1845 

University. Officers and Graduates of Uni- 

versity and King's College, Aberdeen, MVD- 
MDCccLx. Edited by P. J. Anderson. [Spald- 
ing Club, N.S.] 

4to. Aberdeen, 1893 

ABERDEEN, George Hamilton Gordon, 4th earl of. 
See Whittington, G. D. Historical survey of 
France. London, 1809- 

An inquiry into the principles of beauty in 

Grecian architecture ; with an historical view of 
the rise and progress of the art in Greece. 

8vo. London, 1822 


See Nature and Conseauences of the Sacramental 
Test. Dublin, 1731. 

ABINGDON Abbey. Accounts of the Obedientiars 
of Abingdon Abbey. Edited by R. E. G. Kirk. 
[Camden Society, N.S., vol. li.] 

4to. London, 1892 

ABINGDON, Thomas. The antiquities of the cathe- 
dral church of Worcester. To which are added 
the antiquities of the cathedral churches of 
Chichester and Lichfield. 

8vo. London, 1717 

ABINGDON, WUloughby Bertie, 4th earl of. 

iS( 6' Second thoughts. London, 1777. 

A letter to Lady Loughborough ; in conse- 
quence of her presentation of the colours to 
the Bloomsbury and Inns of Coui-t Association. 
Fourth edition. 

Svo. London, 1798 

A public letter to the University of Oxford. 

8vo. [London] 1798 

— Thoughts on the letter of Edmund Burke, 
Esq., to the sheriffs of Bristol, on the affairs of 
America. Second edition. 

Svo. Oxford inn] 


ABINGDON, Willoughby Bertie, 4th earl of. 

Thoui;hl,s 1)11 the letter of Edniuiiil Burke, Es(]., to 
the shcrill's of Bristol, on the affairs of America. 
Third edition. 

Svo. 0.rfmrl[im] 

— Sixth edition [with dedication]. 

Svo. Oxford [1777] 

ABLANCOURT, Nicolas Fremont d'. 
Sec Fremont d'Ablancourt, N. 

ABRABANEL, Solomon, pseud, i.e. Arnall, 
William. The complaint of the children of 
Israel, representing their grievances under the 
penal laws. • 

Svo. London, 17.'5(i 

ABRAHAM. See Bible. Appendix. 

ABRAHAM ben Meir Aben Ezra. 
iScc Ten Oommandments. 

ABRAHAM Ecchellensis. 

6'(f Cbronicon orientale. Paris, KiS."). 
„ Hebediesu. Catalogus lihrorum Chaldae- 
orum. Rome, ]65j. 

Linguae Syriacae, sive Chaldaicae perlirevis 


l()mo. Rmne, lfi2S 

ABRAM, William Alexander. Sec Record Society. 


<S'ec Tout le monde a tort. 1762. 


See Isaac ben Judah Abravanel. 

ABRAVANEL, Leon. Dialoghi di amore, composti 
per Leone medico. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, l.'il'l 

Another edition. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1545 

Original morocco, with the arms of Paul Jordanus. 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1549 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1552 

Another edition. 

Svo. /. Guiglielmo Vicentino. Venice, 1558 

ABR^Q]^ chronologique de I'histoire d'Espagiie et 
de Portugal. [By Henault, Lacombe, and 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1765 

ABRlilG-^ uhronologique de I'histoire ecolesiastique. 
[By Philu'J'E Macquer, enlarged by Joseph 
Antoine Toussaint Dinouart.] 

.') vols. Svo. Paris, 1768 

de I'histoire et de la morale de I'ancien Testa- 

ment. [By F. P. Mesenguy,] 

12mo. Paris, 1732 

ABSALOM and vVchitophel. See Dryden, John. 

ABSENT Man (The) : a farce. [By Isaac Bigker- 

Svo. London, 176s 

ABSOLUTION of a penitent. See J. (P. H.) 

ABSTEMIUS, Laurentius. 

See Fabulae variorum auctorum, l66o. 

Fabulae. Fabulae ex graeco in latinum per 

Laurentium Vallam versae. 

4to. J. de C. de Tridina. Venice, 1499 

ABSTRACT (An) of a treatise concerning the pay- 
ment of tythes and oblations in London. Shew- 
ing the antiquitic of those payments according to 
the rents of houses. 

4to. 1641 

of the proceedings in parliament in the time 

of Edward the .", truly collected out of the 
parliament rolles. 

4to. London, 1642 

of the returns made by the overseers of the 

poor in pursuance of an Act passed in the 26th 
year of his present majesty's reign. 

obi. fol. [London] 1787 

of those answers which were given in the 

assembly of the lords in the high court of parlia- 
ment, unto the nine reasons, sent up from the 
house of Commons, against the voting of bishops 
in parliament. 

4to. [London'] 1641 

ABUDACNUS, Josephus. Histoiia Jacobitarum, 
seu Coptorum in Aegypto, etc. [Edited by T. 

12mo. Oxfffrd, 1675 

ABULFEDA, Ismael. 

See Bohadinus. Vita sultani. Leyden, 1755. 

Annales Muslemiei, Arabice et Latine. Opera 

J. J. Reiskii, ed. J. G. C. Abler. 

5 vols. 4to. Copenluiyeu, 17S9-94 



ABULFEDA, Ismael. De vita et rebus gestis 
Mohammedis, Moslemicae religioiiis auctoris et 
imperii Saracenici fundatoris. Latine vertit 
Joannes Gagnier. 

fol. Oxfm-d, 1723 

ABULPHARGHUS, Gregorius. See Gregory, A. A. 

Asia, Africa, and Eiu'ope, 17y9-lf>03. Translated 
from the Persian by C. Stewart. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Broxbourn, 1810 

ABUZE, (L'), En Court. [By Ren6 of Anjou, King 
of Sicily.] 

fol. Pierre Schenh Vieniic, 14'8'i 

ABYDENUS. So Ancient fragments, 1828. 

ACAD!^MIE des Beaux Arts. Memoires de I'lnstitiit 
national des sciences et arts. Litterature et 

5 vols. 4to. Paris, 1798-1804 

ACAD^MIE des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres. 

Histoire de I'Academie Royale des Inscriptions et 
Belles Lettres, depuis son ^tablissement jusqu'a 
present, avec les memoires de litterature tirez des 
registres de cette academie, depuis son renouvelle- 
ment jusqu'a 1793 : avec un tableau general des 
ouvrages compris dans le recueil k 1788. 

51 vols. 4to. Paris, 1717-1808 

Histoire et memoires. [From vol. ix. 

' Memoires ' only.] 

In progress. 4to. Paris, 1815, etc. 

ACADEMIE des Sciences. Histoire de I'Academie 
royale des Sciences depuis son etablissement en 
1666, avec les memoires, jusqu'a 1789: avec des 
tables, jusqu'a 1780. 

122 vols. 4to. Paris, 1702-94 

— Machines et inventions approuvees par I'Aca- 
demie depuis son etablissement [1754], avec leur 
description ; dessinees par Gallon. 

7 vols. 4to. 1735-77 

— Recueil des pieces qui ont remporte les prix. 
Depuis 1720-1772. 

9 vols. 4to. Paris, 1752-77 

— Memoires de mathematique et de physique 
presentes k I'Academie Royale des Sciences, par 
divers S9avans et Ifls dans ses assemblees. 

11 vols. 4to. Paris, 1750-86 

— Memoires de I'lnstitut national des sciences 
et arts, 1796-1815. Sciences mathumatiqucs et 

14 vols. 4to. y'fim, 1798-1818 

A0AD£MIE des Sciences. Memoires. 

Ill progress. 4to. Paris, 1818, etc. 

ACADEMIE des Sciences, morales, et politiques. 

Memoires de I'lnstitut national — classe des 
sciences, morales, et politiques, 1796-1803. 

5 vols. 4to. P«m, 1798-1804 

Memoires presentes a I'lnstitut des sciences 

et arts par divers savans et lus dans ses 
assemblees. Sciences mathematiques et phy- 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1806-11 

Base du systeme metrique decimal ou mesure 

de Tare du meridien compris entre les paralleles 
de Dunkerque et Barcelone executee en 1792 
et annees suivantes par MM. Mechain et De- 
LAMBRE. Suite des Memoires de I'lnstitut. 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1806-10 

Memoires presentes par divers savans. 

Sciences mathematiques et physiques. 

In progress. 4to. Paris, 1827, etc. 

ACADEMIE Frangaise. Recueil des harangues pro- 
noncees par messieurs de I'Academie dans leurs 
receptions et en d'autres occasions diiferentes. 

4to. Paris, 1698 

Recueil des discours, rapports et pieces 

diverses lus dans les seances publiques et par- 
ticulieres de I'Academie frangaise. 

In progress. 4to. Paris, 1841, etc. 

ACCEPTED, Archbishop of York. See Frewen, A. 

ACCIAIOLI, Maddalena Salvetti. Rime Toscane, 
in lode della Signora Cristina de Loreno, Gran 
Duchessa di Toscana. 

4to. Fr. Tosi. Florence, 1590 

ACCIUS, Lucius. 

See Petri Scriverii Collectanea. Leydcn, 1620. 
Seneca, L. A. Tragoediae. Leyden, 1620-51. 

ACCOLTUS, Benedictus. De hello a Christianis 
contra barbaros gesto pro Christi sepulcro et 
Judaea recuperandis, cum notis T. Dempsteri, 


8vo. Gi'oningen, 1731 

ACCOLTUS, Franciscus, Aretinus. 

Sec Phalaris. Epistolae. [llonic, 1470.] 

ACCOMPLISH'D (The) Maid : a comic opera. 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1767 


ACCOUNT (An) of a dream at Harwich in a letter 
to a member of Parliament about the Camisars. 

8vo. Lomlon, 1708 

of a Roman temple and other antiquities 

near Graham's Dike in Scotland. [By William 

4to. [Londmi] 1720 

— of all the pictures exhibited at the British 
Institution, 1813-23. 

8vo. Lmulmi, 1824. 

— of Denmark as it was in the year I692. [By 
KoBERT MoLESWORTH, Viscount Molesworth.] 

8vo. London, I694 

— of Ireland in 1 773, by a late Chief Secretary 
of that kingdom [George, Earl Macartney]. 

8vo. London, 1773 

— of Livonia with a relation of the rise, progress, 
and decay of the Marian Teutonick Oi'der : with 
the author's journey from Livonia to Holland 

in 1698. [By de Blomberg.] 

8vo. London, 1701 

— of Mr. Parkinson's expulsion from the uni- 
versity of Oxford in the late times. [By James 

4to. London, 1689 

— of Mr. Pryn's refutation of the University 
of Oxford's plea, sent to a friend in a second 
letter from Oxford. [By Egbert Waring.] 

4to. [Oxford] 1648 

— (The) of Pythagoras's school in Cambridge, as 
in Mr. Grose's antiquities of England and Wales 
and other notices : with appendix on the history 
of Merton College. [By Joseph Kilner.] 

fol. [London, 1790?] 

of Russia, 1767. 

8vo. London, 1768 

— [Accompt] of Scotlands grievances by reason of 
the D. of Lauderdales ministrie, humbly tendred 
to his sacred majesty. 

4to. [Edinburgh, l674] 

— of several late voyages : i. sir John Nar- 
borough's voyage to the South Sea; 11. captain 
Tasman's discoveries on the coast of the South 
TeiTa Incognita ; in. captain Wood's attempt to 
discover a North-East passage ; IV. F. Marten's 
voyage to Spitzbergen and Greenland. 

8vo. London, 1724 

ACCOUNT (An) of Sueden, together with an extract 
of the history of that kingdom. [By John 

8vo. London, 1694 

of that arch-impostor. See Price, Charles. 

— of the central or supreme Junta of Spain. 

8vo. Londmi, 1 809 

— of the ceremonial observed at the marriage of 
the Prince of Wales, 10 March 1863. 

fol. [London, 1863] 

— of the coming up of The. Earl of Danby 
from the Tower of London, to the court of Kings- 
bench, at Westminster, on Saturday the 27th of 
May, l682, with the arguments used by his 

fol. London, l682 

— of the commencement and progress in sinking 
wells at Sheerness, Harwich, and Landguard 
Fort, etc. 

8vo. London, 1797 

— of the conduct of Robert Earl of Oxford. 
[By Daniel Defoe.] 

8vo. London, 1715 

of the culture of potatoes in Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1796 

— of the deplorable state of the island of 
Minorca, and of the many injuries done to the 
inhabitants under the command of lieutenant- 
governor Johnston. 

8vo. London, 1766 

— of the doctrine and discipline of Mr. Richard 
Davies, and those of his separation, with the 
canons of George Fox ; appointed to be read in 
all the Quakers' meetings. 

4to. London [1700 ?] 

— of the Earl of Galway's conduct in Spain and 


8vo. London, 1711 

See also Remarks upon the Account. 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1711 

— of the entertainment given to the Duke of 

Wellington by the corporation of London, 9 July 


4to. London [18 16] 

— of the European settlements in America. [By 
Edmund Burke.] Sixth edition. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1777 



ACCOUNT (An) of the executors of Richard [de 
Graveseiid] Bishop of London, 1.103, and of the 
executors of Thomas [Button or de Bitton] Bishop 
of Exeter, 1310. Edited from the original MSS. 
by W. H. Hale and H. T. Ellacombe. [Camden 
Society, N.S., vol. x.] 

4to. London, 1874 

of the expedition to Carthagena. 

8vo. London, 1743 

of the expences of the entertainments given 

in the Guildhall to the Prince-Eegent, 1 8 June 
1814, and to the duke of Wellington, 9 July 

4to. London [1817] 

of the French usurpation. See B. (J.) 

— of the Foundling Hospital in London, for 
the maintenance and education of exposed and 
deserted young children. 

8vo. London, 1799 

— of the genealogy and other memoirs concerning 
the family of Lorraine, of Kirkharle- Tower, 1738. 
[Newcastle Reprints, vi. 1.] 

8vo. Newcastle, 1848 

— of the growth of knavery, under the pretended 
fears of arbitrary government and Popery. [By 
Sir Roger L'Estrange.] 

4to. London, 1678 

— of the growth of popery and arbitrary govern- 
ment in England, more particularly from Nov. 
167.1 to July 1677 [by Andrew Marvell] : 
second part, from 1677 to 1682, by Philo- 
Veritas [Ferguson]. 

2 parts in 1 . 4to. Amsterdam and Cologne, 


— of the Hindoo temple of Vissvisshoor, oi' 
Bissinaut, at Benares. [By lieutenant-colonel 

4to. London [n\)0'i:\ 

— of the innovations made by the archbishop of 
Dublin, Ijoth in respect of his entrance on the 
archbisho{)ii<k, and in regard of the dean and 
chapter of Christ-Church. 

4to. London, 1704 

— of the institution of the society for the estab- 
lishment of a literary fund, constitutions, etc. 

8vo. Lwidon, 1799 

ACCOUNT (An) of the institution of the society 
for the estaljlishment of the liteiary fund : con- 
stitution of the society, etc. etc. 

8vo. London, 1804 

of the late dispute between the Bishop of 

Ely and the fellows of Peterhouse concerning the 
election of the master of that college. 

8vo. [London, 1788] 

— of the late engagement at sea, on Monday 
the 30th of June 169O. 

4to. [London, 1690] 

— of the late proposals. See N. (N.) 

— of the late Scotch invasion, as it was opened 
by my lord Haversham in the house of lords, 
on Friday the 25th of February 170| 

4to. [London] 1709 

— of the life of Julian the Apostate vindicated ; 
and the truth of the assertions therein, further 
maintained. [By Samuel Johnson.] 

4to. London, 1682 

— of the loss of his majesty's ship Deal Castle, 
commanded by Capt. James Hawkins, off the 
island of Porto Rico, 1780. 

8vo. London, 1787 

— of the methods whereby the charity-schools 
have been elected and managed, and of the 
encouragement given to them. 

8vo. London, 1705 

— of the parish of Fairford ; with a particular 
description of the stained glass in the windows 
of the church, and engravings of ancient monu- 
ments. [By Ralph BigIxAnd, edited by Rich. 


4to. London, 1791 

— of the presentation of colours to the Sunder- 
land volunteers, by Lady Milbanke [fragment]. 

8yo. [Sunderland, 1 804 1] 

— of the proceedings at the general meeting 
of the county of York, held on the lOth of 
February, 1785; together with a summary of 
the speeches at that meeting. 

8vo. York [17S5] 

— of the proceedings between the two houses 
of convocation which met Oct. 20th, 1702. [By 


4to. London, 1704 



ACCOUNT (An) of the proceedings in the house of 
commons, in rehition to the recoining the clipp'd 
money, and fulling the price of guineas. [By 
Thomas Wacjstafke.] 

Ho. [London, l()9f>] 

of the proceedings of a meeting of the inhabi- 
tants of Westminster, in Palace-Yard, Monday, 
Nov. 26, 179^) ; including the speeches of the 
Duke of Bedford, Sheridan, Fox, etc. 

8vo. London [17.95] 

— of the proceedings of a meeting of the people, 
in a field near Copenhagen House, Thursday, 
Nov. 12 : with the petitions to the king, lords, 
and commons on the subject of the threatened 
invasion of their rights by a Convention Bill. 

8vo. Jjmdim, 179.'' 

— of the proceedings of the acting governors of 
the House of Industry for two years. 

8vo. Dnbliii, 1799 

— of the proceedings of the parliament of 
Scotland which met at Edinburgh, May 6, 1703. 
[By George Ridpath.] 

8vo. [Londcm] 1704 

— of the proceedings of the right reverend 
father in God, Jonathan lord bishop of Exeter 
in his late visitation of Exeter College in Oxford. 
Second edition. [By James Harrington.] 

4to. Oxford, 1690 

— of the revenue and national debt of Ireland, 
with some observations on the late bill for 
paying off the national debt. 

8vo. London, 1754. 

— of the sessions of parliament in Ireland, 

4to. Jjondon, 169'^ 

— of the theater of war in France ; being 
a geographical and historical description of 
Languedoc in general, and of the Lower 
Languedoc, the Cevennes, and Orange in parti- 
cular, with a relation of the insurrection. 

4to. London, 1703 

— of the views and principles of that connexion 
of Whigs commonly called the Rockingham party. 

8vo. London, 1782 

— of the visit of the Prince-Regent with the 
emperor of Russia and the king of Prussia to the 
corporation of London in June 1814. 

4to. London [1815] 

ACCOUNT (An) of what English men-of-war have 
been taken, or otherwise lost, during the present 
war : with some observations upon a late printed 
paper concerning that matter. 

4to. London, I696 

of what passed at the execution of the late 

Duke of Monmouth, on Wednesday the 15th of 
July 1685, with a paper signed by himself and 

his letter to his majesty. 

fol. London, 1685 

ACCOUNTS and extracts of the manuscripts in the 
library of the king of France. Translated from 
the French. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1789 

and papers relating to Mary, Queen of Scots. 

Edited by A. J. Crosby and J. Bruce. [Camden 
Society, vol. xciii.] 

4to. London, 1867 

ACCURATE (An) and authentic journal of the siege 
of Quebec, 1759. 

Svo. London, 1759 

description and history of the cathedral church 

of S. Peter, York. [By J. Hildyard ?] 

2 vols in 1. 12mo. York, 1770-90 

detail of several important political occur- 

rences that have taken place in J'rance, since 
the peace of Amiens : together with several 
authentic anecdotes of General Dumourier. [By 


Svo. London, 1804 


Sw Valla, L. Elegantie latinae linguae. 

ACCUSATION (The) and impeachment of John lord 
Finch, by the house of commons. 

4to. [London] 1640 

ACERBI, Joseph. Travels through Sweden, Finland, 
and Lapland to the North Cape in the years 

1798 and 179.9. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1802 

ACHABD, Claude Francois. 

See Rive, J. J. Catalogue. Marseilles, 1793. 

ACHARISI DA CANTO, Alberto degl'. La gram- 
matica volgare. 

Svo. Fr. Barnpazetto. Venice, 1556 

— Vocabolario, grammatica et orthographia de la 
lingua volgare, con ispositione di molti luoghi 
di Dante, del Petrarca et del Boccaccio. 

4to. Cento, 1543 



ACHEBLEY, Roger. The Britannic constitution : 
or the fundamental form of government in 
Britain, wherein is proved that the placing on 
the throne King William iii. was the natural fruit 
of the original constitution. 

fol. LoTulon, 1727 

ACHERY, Luc d'. Acta sanctorum ordinis S. Bene- 
dicti in saeculorum classes distributa. Ediderunt 
Mabillon at Th. Kuinart. 

6 vols in 9. fol. Paris, 1668-1701 

Spicilegium sive collectio veterum aliquot 

scriptorum qui in Galliae bibliothecis delituerant. 
Nova editio expurgata per L. J. F. de la 

3 vols. fol. Paris, 1723 

ACHILLES Tatius, the Astronomer. 
See Hipparchus, of Bithynia. 

ACHILLES Tatius, the Rhetorician. De Clitophontis 
et Leucippes amoribus libri viii. : Longi de 
Daphnidis et Chloes amoribus libri iv. : Parthenii 
Nicaeensis de amatoriis atfectibus liber, omnia 
nunc primum simul edita [by J. and N. BoNNUi- 
TIU.S]. Gr. ac Lat. 

8vo. Commelin. [Heidelberg] 1601 

— De Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus libri 
viii., ex editione CI. Salmasii. [By L. A. 
Crucejus.] Gr. et Lat., cum notis. 

12mo. Leijden, 1640 

De Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus libri 

viii. [Greek and Latin. Edited by B. G. L. 


8vo. Leipzig, 1776 

De Clitophontis et Leucippes amoribus libri 

viii. Graece et Latine. Edidit C. G. Mit- 


8vo. ZweibrUcken, 1792 

ACHITOPHEL : or the picture of a wicked politician 
SW C. (N.) 

ACIDALIUS, Valentinus. Epigrammata. 

4to. J.Lucius. Hebnsiadt, 1589 

ACKERMANN von BOhmen oder Rechtstreit des 
Menschen rnit dem 'i'ode [one leaf only]. 

fol. [Alh. Pfister. Bnmhmj, 1461] 

ACLAND, Henry Wentworth, and BUSKIN, John. 
The Oxford Museum. 

8vo. Londm, }Sr>i) 

The Oxford Museum : with additions. 

4to. London, 1893 

ACLAND, Hugh Dyke. 

See Amaud, H. Glorious recovery by the Vaudois. 

London, 1827 

ACLAND, Sir Thomas Dyke. Some account of the 
origin and objects of the new Oxford examina- 
tions for the title of Associate in Arts and 
certificates for the year 1858. 

8vo. London, 1858 

ACOLUTHIA lectoris sive Sylliturgica [Graece]. 

8vo. F. Turrisanus. Venice, 1549 

ACOMINATUS, Nicolaus. Historia. H. Wolfio 
interprete, cum notis C. A. Fabroti. 

fol. Paris, 1647 

ACOSTA, Emanuel. Rerum a Societate Jesu in 
oriente gestarum ad annum 1568 commentarius, 
Latinitate donatus : accessere de Japonicis rebus 
epistolarum libri iv. in Latinum ex Hispanico 
sermone conversi. [Edited by J. P. Maffeius.] 
8vo. Sehaldm Mayer. Dillingen, 1571 

ACOSTA, Joseph de. 

See Bry, J. T. de, and J. I. de. Americae nona 

pars. Frankfurt, l602. 
„ Herrera Tordesillas, A. de. Novi orbis pars 
xii. Frankfurt, 1624. 

The natural and moral history of the Indies ; 

reprinted from the English translated edition 
of Edward Grimston, l604, and edited by C. R. 
Markham. [With a map of Peru.] [Hakluyt 
Society, Ix., Ixi.] 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1880 

Historia natural y moral de las Indias. 

4to. Madrid, l608 

ACBOPOLITA, Georgius. Historia Byzantina ; 
Joelis Chronographia et Joannis Canani narratio 
de Ijello Constantinopolitano. Gr. et Lat. cum notis 
Theod. Dousae. [Scriptores historiae Byzan- 

fol. Paris, 1651 

ACT for establishing. See Parliament. 

— (The) for permitting the free importation of 
cattle from Ireland, considered with a view to 
the interests of both kingdoms. 

8vo. London, 1760 

Another edition. 

Svo. London, 1765 



ACTA Apostolorum apocrypha. Eclidit C. TiscH- 


Svo. Leipzig, IST)! 
in synodo Herbipolensi. Sec Wurtzburg. 

literaria Siieciae, 1720-,'Jf). 

4 vols. I'to. Ujisala andSlockliohti, \'l[''Z^\i'^ 

primorum martyrum. See Buinart (Th.). 


See Del Mar6, C. S. (D. J.) H. (J. L. M.) 

ACTAS (ie las c6rtes de Castilla publicadas por 
acuerdo del congreso de los diputados. 

17 vols, in 18. fol. Madrid, 1877-.01 

ACTES du second Concile National de Fiance. 
Tenu I'an 1801, de J. C. (an 9 de la Rcpublique 

3 vols. 8vo. 1801-2 

et memoires concernant les negociations qui 

ont eii lieu entre La Fiance et les Etats-Unis de 
I'Amerique, depuis \1()S jusqu'i 1800. 

3 vols. Svo. Loiidon, 1807 

et memoires des negotiations de la paix de 


4 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1679-80 

et memoires des negociations de la paix de 


4 vols. 12mo. Hie Hague, 1699 

ACTIONES et monimenta martyrum qui a Wicleffo 
et Husso ad nostram banc aetatem in Germania, 
Gallia, Anglia, Flandria, Italia et ipsa demum 
Hispania veritatem evangelicam sanguine suo 
constanter obsignaverunt. 

4to. / Crisjpinus. [Geneva^ 1 560 

ACTIS (The) and constitutiounis of the Realme of 
Scotland maid in Parliamentis haldin be the 
rycht excellent, hie and mychtie Princeis Kingis 
James the First, Secund, Thrid, Feird, Fyft, and 
in tyme of Marie now Quene of Scottis. 

fol. Robert Lekpreuik. Edinburgh, 1 566 

ACTS. See United States Congress. 

(The) of the High Commission Court within 

the diocese of Durham. [Edited by W. H. D. 
LONGSTAFFE.] [Surtees Society, xxxiv.] 

Svo. Durham, 1858 

ACTUABIUS, Joannes. 

>%e Medicae artis principes. fol. 1567. 

ACTUARIUS, Joannes. Opera. De actionibus et 
spiritus animalis aftectibus. De urinis. Methodi 
medendi libri vi. 
2 vols, in 1. Svo. Bibl. Aldina. Paris, 1556 

De actionibus et afFectibus spiritus animalis, 

eiusque victu libri ii. : [Greek] nunc primum in 
lucem prodeunt Jac. Goupyli beneficio. 

Svo. M. Juvenis. Paris, 1557 

De actionibus et affectibus spiritus animalis 

libri ii. Edidit J. F. Fischekus. [Greek.] 

Svo. Leipzig, 1774 

De urinis libri septem de Graeco sermone in 

Latinum conversi. [By A. Leo.] 

4to. S. ColincBUs. Paris, 1522 

ACUNA, Christoval de. Nuevo descubrimiento del 

gran rio de las Amazonas. 

4to. Madrid, 1641 

Relation de la riviere des Amazones. Traduite 

par GoMBERViLLE sur I'original Espagnol. 
4 vols. 12mo. veuve L. Billaine. Paris, l6S2 

ADAGIA, id est proverbiorum, paroemiarum et 
parabolarum omnium collectio in locos communes 
digesta in qua continentur D. Erasmi Chiliades, 
H. JUNII adagia, etc. 

fol. Frankfmi, 1646 

sive proverbia Graecorum ex Zenobio seu 

Zenodoto, Diogeniano, et Suidae collectaneis, Gr. 
et Lat. edita scholiisque illustrata ab ANDREA 

4to. Antiverp, I6l2 

ADAIB, Arthur Walter. A series of letters for 
exhibiting unadorned, a case of unparelleled 
hardship, tyranny, and oppression exemplified in 
the conduct of the late board of Admiralty to 
A. W. Adair, lieutenant, royal navy. 

Svo. London, 1807 

ADAIB, James. 

See Observations on the power of alienation in 
the Crown. Svo. 1768. 

ADAIB, Sir Bobert. 

See Fox, Charles James. Letter to the electors. 
London, 1802 

Historical memoir of a mission to the court 

of Vienna in 1806. 

Svo. London, 1844 



ADAIR, Sir Robert. The negotiations for the peace 
of the Dardanelles, in 1808-9, with despatches 
and official documents. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1845 

ADALBERON, Bishop of Laon. 

See Collection des m^moires — Guizot [vol. vi.]. 

ADAM, of Cobsam. The wright's chaste wife. 
Edited by F. J. Fuknivall. Second edition. 
Additional analogues of the same by W. A. 
Clouston. [Early English Text Society, 12, 

Svo. London, 1869-86 

ADAM Murimuth. Sec Adamus Murimuthensis. 
ADAM, E. S(e Torrent of Portyngale. 

ADAM, Robert, Architect. Ruins of the palace of 
the emperor Diocletian at Spalatro in Dalmatia. 

fol. [London ^ne-i 

ADAM, Robert, W.A. The religious world displayed, 
or a view of the four grand systems of religion, 
Judaism, Paganism, Christianity, and Moham- 
medism, and of the various existing denomina- 

3 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1 80.9 

ADAM, William. 

See Letter from the country. Edinhnrgh, 1707. 
„ Letter — A Second letter from the country, 


ADAM, Right Hon. William, and BOWLES, John. 

Correspondence concerning an attack by John 
Bowles on the memory of the late duke of 

4to. London [1803] 

ADAM, Right Hon. William. A correct report of 
the speech delivered by Mr. A. in the House of 
Commons, on the conduct of H.K.H. the Duke 
of York. 

8vo. London, IS09 

Speech in the House of Commons, March 10, 

1791', on moving for the production of certain 
records, and for an address to the king to inter- 
pose the royal justice and clemency, in behalf of 
Thomas Muir, and the Rev. Thomas F. Palmer. 

Svo. London, 1794 


Sec Aelianus, C. Variae historiae. 
„ Scriptores physiognomoniae veteres. 

Physiognomonica [Greek], 

«vo. Pmia, 1.540 

ADAMI, Adamus, Bishop of Hierapolis. lielatio 
historica de pacificatione Osnabrugo- Monasteri- 
ensi actorum pacis Vestphalicae testimoniis 
aucta, accurante J. G. ue Meiern. 

4to. Leipdg, 17.'37 

ADAMNAN, Saint, Abbot of Hy. Vita sancti 
Columbae. [Edited by W. REEVES.] [Banna- 
tyne Club.] 

4to. Dublin, 18.57 

— Life of Saint Columba. Edited by William 
Reeves. [Historians of Scotland, vol. vi.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1874 

The life of St. Columba, from a manuscript of 

the eighth century, to which are added copious 
notes and dissertations by W. Reeves. [Irish 
Archaeological and Celtic Society.] 

4to. DnJilin, 18.57 

ADAMOWICZ, Adam. Praktische polnische Gram- 
matik. Second edition. 

Svo. Berlin and Warsaw, 1796 

ADAMS, Arthur. 

See Belcher, Sir E. Narrative of the voyage of 
H.M.S. Samarang. London, 1848. 

ADAMS, John. 

For trial, .see Full and true relation. 4to. l67.'5. 

An answer to Mr. Pain's Rights of man. 

Svo. London, 1793 

ADAMS, John, President of the United States. 
History of the dispute with America from its 
origin in 1754, written in 1774. 

Svo. London, 1784 

ADAMS, John, Riding master. An analysis of 
horsemanship, teaching the whole art of riding. 
3 vols. Svo. London, 1805 

ADAMS (otherwise Bodrugan), Nicholas. An Epi- 
tome of the title that the Kynges Maiestie of 
Englande hath to the souereigntie of Scotlande, 
continued upon the auncient writers of both 
nacions, from the beginnyng. 

Svo. Richard Grafton. London, 1548 

An epitome of the title, etc., 1548. 

Reprinted in Complaynt of Scotlande. 

ADAMS, Robert. The narrative of Robert Adams, 
who was wrecked on the western coast of Africa, 
1810, was detained three years in slavery and 
resided several months in Timbuctoo. [Edited 
by S. Cock.] 

4to. London, I8I6 



ADAMS, Samuel. An oration delivered at the 
State -House, in Philadelphia, Thursday 1st 
August 177(). 

Svo. London, 177(i 

ADAMS, Thomas. ,'<,r Bible, English, N.T., Peter. 

Works, beinr; the sum of his sermons, medi- 

tations, and other divine and moral diseourses : 
with memoir by Joseph Angus. 

;> vols. Svo. Edinburgh, is6l-iv2 

ADAMS, William. An essay on Mr. Hume's essay 
on miracles. 

Svo. London, 1752 

ADAMSON, Edward Hussey. SchoL-e Novocas- 
trensis alumni. [Newcastle Reprints, v. (i. ] 

Svo. Newcastk, 1846 

ADAMSON, Robert. Fichte. [Philosophical classics 
for readers, vol. iv.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1S81 

ADAMSON, William. The persecution of them 
people they call Quakers, in several places in 
Lanchashire. [In letters by W. Adamson and 

4to. [London, l(i.")(i] 

ADAMUS de Domerham. Historia de rebus gestis 
Glastoniensibus, e codice MS., edidit T. He.\r- 


antiquitate Glastoniensis ecclesiae. 

2 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1727 

ADAMUS Murimuthensis. 

See Triveth, N. Annalium continuatio. Oxford, 

Chronica sui temporis, nunc primum per 

decem annos aucta (ISOS-iS) cum eorundem con- 
tinuatione (ad 1380) a quodam anonymo. Edidit 
Thomas Hog. [English Historical Society.] 

Svo. London, 1846 

Continuatio Chronicarum. Eobertus de Aves- 

bui-y de gestis mirabilibus regis Edwardi tertii. 
Edited by E. M. Thompson. [Rolls Series, 
No. 93.] 

Svo. London, 188,9 

ADANSON, Michel. Histoire naturelle du Senegal. 

4to. Paris, 1757 

ADDINGTON, Henry, Viscount Sidmouth. 

See Parliament, House of Lords. Protests 
entered. 1808. 

ADDINGTON, Henry, Viscount Sidmouth. Speech 
in the house of lords May 17, 180S, on proposing 
certain resolutions respecting Danish merchant 
ships detained in British ports. 

Svo. London, 1808 

The substance of a speech in the committee 

of ways and means, December 10, 1802. 

Svo. London, 1803 

ADDISON, A. A collection of interesting anec- 
dotes, memoirs, allegories, etc. 

4to. Loiuhn, 179'> 

Interesting anecdotes, memoirs, allegories, 

essays, and poetical fragments [compiled] by 
Mr. A. A. 

1.5 vols, in S. Svo. London, 1794-97 

ADDISON, Right Hon. Joseph. 
For Life, sec Courthope, W. J. 

See Guardian (The). 

„ Jobert, L. Knowledge of medals. Lon- 
don, 171.5. 
„ Johnson, S. Works of the English poets. 

Loiulon, 1790. 
„ Musae Anglicanae. 
,, Rosamund : an opera. London, 1707. 
„ Spectator (The). 
„ Tatler (The). 

Works. [With a preface by T. Tickell.] 

4 vols. 4to. London, 1721 


4 vols. 4to. Birmingham, 1761 

— Criticism on Milton's Paradise Lost ; from 
the Spectator, 31 December 1711-3 May 1712. 
Edited by E. Arber. [English Reprints, viii.] 

4to. London, 1869 

A discourse on antient and modern learning. 

4to. London, 1739 

— Dissertation upon the most celebrated Roman 
poets ; also an essay upon the Roman elegiac 
poets by Major Pack, with an essay upon 
Mr. Addison's writings by R. Young. Lat. 
and Eng. 

12mo. London, 1721 

— The evidences of the Christian Religion, to 
which are added several discourses against 
atheism and infidelity. 

12mo. London, 1763 



ADDISON, Right Hon. Joseph. The evidences of 
the Christian Keligioii, to which are added several 
discourses against atheism and infidelity. 

12mo. Oxford, ISOl 

The Free-holder or political essays. 

Svo. London, IT.iS 

— Papers in the Tatler, Spectator, Guardian, 

and Freeholder : together with a Treatise on the 

Christian religion, and Tickell's life of the author. 

4 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1790 

Remarks on several parts of Italy, etc., 1701-.". 

Svo. London, 1705 

ADDISON, Lancelot, Dean of Lichfield. The 
present state of the Jews (more particularly re- 
lating to those in Barbary). Wherein is con- 
tained an exact account of their customs secular 
and religious. 

Svo. London, 1675 

ADDITIONAL (An) dialogue of the dead. 
See Dialogues of the dead. 

observations to a Short narrative of the horrid 

massacre in Boston, 5 March 1770. 

Svo. Boston, 1770 
See also Short narrative. 

ADDEESS (An) from a noble lord to the people of 
Ireland, on the present state of aflTairs. 

Svo. [Dublin ^ 1770 

(A second) from the Committee of Association 

of the county of York, to the electors of the 
counties, cities, and boroughs within the kingdom 
of Great Britain. Second edition. 

Svo. Fo'/-^[l7Sl] 

— from the general committee of Roman Catholics 
to their Protestant fellow subjects and to the 
public in general respecting the calumnies and 
misrepresentations now so industriously cir- 
culated with regard to their principles and 

Svo. London, 1792 

— of several of His Majesty's Roman Catholic 
subjects to their Protestant fellow subjects. 
Signed by John Douhla.s, Vicar Apostolic, 
and others. 

4to. London [IS07] 

— (The) of the people of Great Britain to the 
inhabitants of America. 

Svo. London, 1775 

ADDRESS of the Protestant Union, for the defence 
and support of the Protestant religion and the 
British Constitution, as established at the glorious 
revolution in l68S. Nos. 1-7. 

Svo. London, 1813 

of the students at the New College, Hackney, 

to Dr. Priestley, in consequence of the Birming- 
ham riots, with his reply. 

Svo. [London, 1791] 

to his royal highness the prince of Wales 

on the report of his intention to refuse the 
regency: with Pitt's letter to the prince and 
his answer. 

Svo. London, 1789 

to the Association for the protection of 

liberty and property against Republicans and 

Svo. Birminglmm, 1792 

to the Cocoa-tree from a Whig : and a 

consultation on the subject of a standing army 
held at the King's Arms tavern, 2S February 
1763. [By John Butler.] 

Svo. London, 1763 

— to the freeholders of Middlesex, assembled 
at Free Masons tavern, upon Monday the 20th 
of December 1779, to maintain and support the 
freedom of election. [By John Jebb.] 

Svo. {London, 1779] 

Third edition. 

Svo. Lmdon [17S0] 

— to the gentlemen forming the several com- 
mittees of the associated counties, cities, and 
towns for supporting the petitions for redress of 

Svo. [London, 1780] 

— to the good people of Gt. Britain occa- 
sioned by the report from the committee of 

Svo. London, 1715 

— to the great man : with advice to the 

Svo. London, 1758 

— to the independent members of both houses 
of Parliament. 

Svo. London, 1782 



ADDRESS (A second) to the inhabitants of the two 
great cities of London and Westminster : occa- 
sioned liy a second pastoral letter : with remarks 
, on Scripture vindicated and other late writings. 

8vo. Londmi, ITM) 

to the landed, trading, and funded interests 

of England on the present state of public aflairs. 

Svo. Luiulon, 1786" 

- to the lords of the Admiralty on their conduct 
towards Admiral Keppel. 

8vo. London, 1778 

— to the noblemen and the other landed pro- 
prietors of Ireland. Fifth edition. 

8vo. Dublin [nnot] 

— to the parliament and the people of Cireat 
Britain, on the past and present state of aflairs 
between Spain and Great Britain, respecting their 
American possessions. [Signed Zetes.] 

8vo. London, 1790 

to the peers of England. 

Another edition. 

ito. \L<mdon, 1715] 

4to. [London, 1715] 

— to the people of England : being the protest 
of a private person against every suspension 
of law that is liable to injure or endanger per- 
sonal security. [By Granville Sharp.] 

8vo. LoTulon, 1778 

— to the people of England, on the inexpediency 
of dissolving the present parliament. 

8vo. Londmi, 1770 

— to the people of England on the Westminster 

8vo. London, 1792 

— to the people of England ; shewing the ad- 
vantages arising from the frequent changes of 
ministers, with an address to the next adminis- 

Svo. London [1766] 

— to the people of England, shewing the un- 
worthiness of their behaviour to King George, 


8vo. London, 1715 

— to the people of England upon the subject 
of the intended war with Russia. 

Svo. London, 1791 

ADDRESS (An) to the people of Great Britain ; occa- 
sioned by the republication of the Craftsmen. 

Svo. London, 1731 

Another edition. 

Svo. London, 1731 

— to the people of the Netherlands on the 
present alarming and most dangerous situation 
of the republick of Holland. Translated from 
the Dutch. 

Svo. Loiulan, 1782 

— to the public concerning the business between 
the government and the East- India Company, 
proving that the government has no just demand 
upon the company. 

Svo. London, 1757 

— to the public, on the late dismission of a 
general officer. 

Svo. London, 1764 

to the remaining members of the coterie. 

Svo. London, 1765 

— to the Rev. Dr. Huddesford, occasioned by 
what is called his Proper reply to the defence 
of the rector and fellows of Exeter College, etc. 

Svo. London, 1755 

to the right honourable the lords commis- 

sioners of the Admiralty upon the degenerated, 
dissatisfied state of the British navy, by a 

Svo. Lotulon, 1783 

— to those citizens who, in their public and 
private capacity, resisted the claim of the late 
house of commons to nominate the ministers 
of the crown. 

Svo. London, 1788 

Another edition. 

Svo. London, 1788 

ADDY, Sidney Oldall. Sheffield glossary. [English 
Dialect Society, No. 57.] 

Svo. London, 1888 

A supplement to the Sheffield glossary. 

[English Dialect Society, No. 62.] 

Svo. London, 1891 

ADiLE et Theodore. 

Sec Genlis, S. F., comtesse de. 



ADELUNG, Johann Christoph. 

Set' Willich, A. F. M. Elements of philosophy. 
Lotvdo-n, 1798. 

Versuch eiiies vollstiindigeii grammatisch-kriti- 

schen Worterbuches der hochdeutschen Mundart, 

mit bf 


mit bestiindiger Vergleichung der iibrigen Mund- 

5 vols, in 4. 4to. Leipzig, 1774-86 

ADENEY, Walter F. 

See Expositor's Bible. Ezra, Nehemiah, and 
„ Pulpit Commentary. Jeremiah and Lamen- 
„ Pulpit Commentary. Proverbs. 

ADEODATUS. Oratio in die cinerum ad patres 
habita in concilio Tridentino. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 15.52 

ADIMABI, Alessandro. 

See Pindar. Ode in rima Toscana. Pisa, 1631. 

ADIMARI, Lodovico, Marquis. Satire : con un 
elogio deir autore hatto dal conte GiAMMAPafi 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1764 

ADIMARI, Raffaele. Sito Eiminese. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Brescia, l6l6 

ADLER, Friedrich. 

See Schliemann, H. Tiryns. London, 18S6. 

ADMINISTRATION of justice in Bengal: the several 
petitions of the British inhabitants of Bengal of 
the governor-general and council and of the 
court of directors of the East India company to 

4to. [London, 1780] 

— (The) of the colonies [part i.J. [By Thomas 


8vo. London, 1764 
(The) of the British colonies : part the second, 

wherein a line of government is drawn and a 

plan of pacification suggested. [By Thojus 

8vo. London, 1774 

ADMIRABLE, good, true, and joyfull newes from 
lielaiKl, being an e.xact relation of tlie last weekes 
passages in Ireland, dated from Dublin May the 
8, 1642. 

4to. London, l()4'i 

ALMIRAL Mathews's charge against Vice-Admiral 

Lestock dissected and confuted by a Kings 


8vo. London,, 174.') 

ADMONITION (An) for the fifth of November. 

8vo. {London, lli:> 1] 

ADMONITION to the people of England. 
See C. (T.) 

ADO, Saint, Archbishop of Vienne. 
See Gregory, Saint, Bishop of Tours. 

ADOLPHUS, Andrea, Baron Krufft. Bibliotheca 
ab Andrea Adolpho, baroiie a Kruftt, collecta: die 
IP' Martii 1795, Viennae divendenda. 

8vo. Vienna, 1795 

ADOLPHUS, John. The political state of the British 
empire, containing a general view of the domestic 
and foreign possessions of the crown ; the laws, 
commerce, revenues, offices, and other establish- 
ments, civil and military. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1818 

ADREVALD. See Miracles de Saint Benoit. 

ADRIANI, Giovanni Battista. Istoria de suoi 
tempi. [Edited by M. Adriani.] 

fol. Flm-ence, 1583 

ADRIANUS Cardinalis. 

See Castellensis, Hadrianus. 
,, Gratius Faliscus. 

ADRICHOMIUS, Christianus. A briefe descrip- 
tion of Hierusalem and of the suburbs thereof as 
it florished in the time of Christ. Translated 
out of Latin into English by T. Tymme. 
4to. Peter Short, for T. IFright. London, 1595 

ADUARTE, Diego, Bishop of New Segovia. His- 
toria de la provincia del Santo Ebsario de 
Filipinas, Japon y China (y Tunking) de la 
sagrada orden de Predicadores : tomo i. por el 
fray D. Aduarte, ailadida por Domingo Gon- 
zalez : tomo ii. por Baltasar de Santa Cruz : 
tomo iii. en que se tratan los successos de dicta 
provincia 1669-1700, compuesto por Vicente de 
Sai.azar: tomo iv. 1700-65, por Domingo 
4 vols. fol. Saragassa and Manilla, 1693-1783 

ADVANTAGES (The) of the Act of Security, com- 
pared with these of the intended union : founded 
on the revolution principles publish'd by Mr. 
D.aiiiel De Foe. [By Patrick Abercromby.] 

4to. [Edinhurgh] 1706 



ADVANTAGES (The) of the diiinitive treaty to the 
people of Great Britain. 

8vo. London, 1749 

(The) which America derives from her com- 

merce, connexion, anci dependance on Britain. 

liimo. [Loiulont] 1775 

ADVENTURER (The). [By J. Hawkesworth, 
S. Johnson, and others.] 

2 vols. fol. Lmidmi, 17.'')2-.'>4 

Another edition. 

■i vols. 12mo. London, 17.''() 

ADVERSARIA, notices illustrative of some of the 
earlier works printed for the Bannatyne Club. 
[By D. Laing.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

•Ho. Edinburyli, I S(J7 

ADVERTISMENTS partly for due order in the 
p\il>lick administration of the holy sacraments, 
and partly for the apparell of all persons eccle- 
siasticall, etc. [Part of a larger woik, probably 
Sparrow's Collection.] 

4to. London, I56i. Reprinted [c. 1700]. 

ADVICE and considerations for the electors of Great 

8vo. London, 1722 

before it be too late : or, a breviate for the 

convention, humbly represented to the lords and 
commons of England. [By J. Humfrey.] 

4to. [London] [1689] 

— humbly offered to the Prince of Wales, by a 
well-meaning Briton. 

8vo. London,, 1789 

— to posterity concerning a point of the last 
importance. fBy John Lewis.] 

8vo. London, 175.5 

— to the electors of Great Britain, occasioned by 
the intended invasion from France. [By Daniel 

4to. Lundtin, 1708 
See also Letter to a Friend ; occasioned by a late 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 1708 

— to the men of Shaftesbury, or a letter to a 
friend concerning the horrid Popish Plot. 

fol. London, 1681 

ADVICE to the officers of the British navy. [By 
John Williamson ?] 

8vo. London, 1785 

to the people of Great Britain with respect to 

two important points of their future conduct. 
[By Daniel Defoe.] 

Svo. London, 1714 

to the privileged orders in the several states of 

Europe, resulting from the necessity and pro- 
priety of a general I'evolution in the principle of 

government. Part i. 

Svo. London, 1792 

to the servants of the crown in the house of 

commons of Ireland : containing advice to a 
lord-lieutenant's secretary. 

8va. London, 1789 

ADY, John. 

&e Case of our fellow-creatures. London, 1783 

ADY, Thomas. See A. (T.) A candle in the dark. 

AEDONOLOGIE, ou traite du rossignol franc ou 
chanteur, contenant la manifere de le prendre au 
filet, etc. [By L.-D. Arnault de Nobleville.] 

12mo. Paris, 1773 

AEGIDI, Ludwig Karl. 

jS'et' Staatsarchiv. Hamburg, 1861, etc. 

AEGIDIUS de Columna. Sec Colonna, E. 

AEGIDIUS Romanus. Sei- Colonna, E. 


St'e Somner, W. Dictionarium Saxonico-Latino- 
Anglicanum. Oxford, l659. 

Lives of the Saints. Edited by W. W. Skeat. 

[Early English Text Society, Ixxvi., Ixxxii., xciv.] 

Svo. London, 1881 -[85] 

A testimonie of antiquitie, shewing the auncient 

fayth in the Church of England touching the 
sacrament of the body and bloude of the Lord 
here publikely preached, and also reeeaved in 
the Saxons tyme above 600 yeares agoe. [Pub- 
lished by M. Parker : Saxon and English.] 

Svo. John Day. Lorulon [1 567] 

An English-Saxon homily on the birthday of 

St. Gregory. Translated, with notes, by Eliza- 
beth Elstob. 

Svo. London, 1709 



AELIANUS Tacticus. 

See Polybius. Del modo dell' accampare. 
Florence, 1552. 
„ Thomas Magister. Dictionarium Atti- 

carum collectio. Paris, 1532. 
„ Vegetius Renatus, F. 

C. Aeliani [or rather Ae. Tactici] et Leonis 

Imperatoris Tactica, sive de instruendis aciebus, 
Graeee et Latine. Modesti libellus de vocabulis 

3 parts in 1. 4to. Elzevir. Leyden, l6l2-13 

De militaribus ordinibus instituendis more 

Graecorum liber a F. Robortello Graeee editus, 
in Latinum sermonem versus et picturis illus- 

2 vols, in 1. 4'to. A. and J. Sjnnelli. 
Venice, 1552 

De militaribus ordinibus instituendis more 

Graecorum liber a F. Robortello in Latinum 
versus et picturis illustratus : et idem liber 
Latinus factus a Theodoro Thessalonicensi. 

2 parts in 1. 4to. A. and J. SpineUi. 

Venice, 1552 

AELIANUS, Claudius. 

See Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1 499. 

Opera, quae extant omnia, Grsece Latineque: 

cura et opera CoNRADi Gesneri. 

fol. Zurich [1556] 

Variae Historiae libri xiv. Ex Heraclide de 

rebus publicis commentarium : Polemonis et 
Adamantii Physionomia : Melampodis ex palpi- 
tationibus divinatio : De Nevis : Graeee. [Edited 
by Camillus Peruscus.] 

4to. Jtome, 1545 

Varia historia, cum versione JuSTi VULTEII, 

et perpetuo commentario Jacobi Perizonii. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Leyden, 1701 

— Varia historia, enrante A. Gronovio. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

2 vols. 4to. Leyden, 1731 

— Varise Historic libri xiv., Graeee et Latine, 
ex versione optimorum interpretum. 

8vo. Basle, 1774 

— De animalium natura libri xvii. ; P. GiLLiO 
et C. Gesnero interpretibus. [Greek and 

3 vols. Kiinn. \I/yoit:<] l()l() 

AELIANUS, Claudius. De natura animalium [Gr. and 
Lat.] libri xvii., cum animadversionibus CoNRADi 
Gesneri, et Danielis Wilhelmi Trilleri : 
curante Abrahamo Gronovio. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1744 

De natura animalium libri xvii., Gr. et Lat., 

cum notis ed. J. G. Schneider. 

2 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1784 

AELRED, Abbot of Rievaulx. 

See Chronicles of the reigns of Stephen. 
„ Scriptores Historiae Anglicanae. 

The life of S. Ninian : Jocelinus, monk of 

Furness. The life of S. Kentigerii. Edited by 
A. P. Forbes. [Historians of Scotland, vol. v.] 
8vo. Edinburgh, 1874 

AEMILIUS, Oeorgius. Evangelia quse consueto 
more dominicis et aliis festis diebus in Ecclesia 
leguntur, Heroico carmine reddita. 

8vo. Cologne, 1549 

AEMILIUS, Paulus. De rebus gestis Francorum 
libri x. Chronicon de iisdem regibus a Phara- 
mundo usque ad Henricum ii. 

8vo. Paris, 1548 

See Trogus Pompeius. 

For De virorum excellentium vita, see Cornelius 

AENEAS Gazaeus. 

See Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499. 

and ZACHABIAS Mitylenaeus. De immor- 

talitate animae et mortalitate universi ex re- 
censione et cum animadversionibus C. Barthii. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Leipzig, 16.55 

AENEAS Sylvius. Dis ist die bul zu dutsch die 
unser allerheiligster vatter der babst Pius heruss 
gesant hait widder die snoden ungleubigen 

fol. [P. Schoeffer. Mainz, 1463] 

Bulla retractionum. 

4to. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1480] 

Carmen ad Mahumetam. 

4to. [Ikily, 1475] 

De captione urbis Constantinopolitanae. 

8vo. [/. /'. de Lignamine. Eonie.] 

De curialium miseria. 

4to. J. J', de Lignamine. Borne, 1473 



AENEAS Sylvius. De cuiialium miseria. 

4to. [Zd. Cologne, 1480] 

De duobus amantibus Eiirialo ct Lucrecica. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1470] 

^Vnother edition. 

4to. Strasburg, 1476 

De puerorum educatione. 

4to. [Cologne, 1470] 

Epistola ad imperatorem Turcorum Mahu- 


4to. [Ul. Zel. Cologne, 1470] 

Another edition. 

[/. P. de Lignamine. Borne, 1474] 

Another edition. 

4to. G. do Lisa. Treviso, 1475 

— Another edition. 

4to. [Eucluirius Silber. Eanie, 1484] 

— Liber epistolarum familiarum. 

4to. J. Schurener de Bopardui. Bome,Wl5 

— Another edition. 

fol. /. de fFestpImlia. Louvain, 1483 

— Another edition. 

4to. J. dc Vingle. Lyons, 1497 

— Epistolae in Cardinalatu editae. 

4to. [G-uldinbeck. Borne] 

— Epistolae in pontificatu editae. 

4to. A. Zarotus. Milan, 147j 

— Another edition. 

4to. J. Zarotus. Milan, 1481 

— Historia Bohemica. 

4to. /. N. Hanheymer and J. Schurener. 

Borne, 1475 

— Historia rerum ubique gestanun, cum locorum 

fol. /. de Colonia and J. M. de Gherretzem. 

Venice, 1477 

— Oratio coram Calixto ill. de obedientia Frede- 
rici HI. imperatoris. 

4to. \S. Planck. Borne] 

AENEAS Sylvius. Somnium de fortuna. 

fol. J. Schurener dc Bopardia. Borne, 1475 

Another edition. 

4to. [B. Guldinbeck. Borne, 1476] 

Parallela Alfonsina : sive apophthegmata 

Caesarum, principumque Germanorum : Alfonsi 
dictis comparata. 

Accedunt Bartholoraaei Faccii. De humanae 

vitae felicitate. De e.\cellentia ac praestantia 

4 to. Hanau, l6ll 

Historia rerum Friderici in. imperatoris, 

ex. MS. nunc primum edita cum notis J. H. 
BoECLERi : accesserunt diplomata et documenta, 
praeterea alii ad Germanicam historiam per- 
tinentes scriptores [annales Caroli magni a poeta 
et a monacho, Thegani opus de gestis Ludewici, 
Nithardi de dissensionibus filiorum Lodhovici 
Pii ad 843 libri iv. : Alberti abbatis Studensis 
chronicon ad 1256: Martini Poloni chronicon: 
Andreae presbyteri Ratisbonensis chronicon.] 

fol. Strasburg, 1685 

AENEAS Tacticus. 

Sec Polybius. Historiae quae supersunt. Leipzig, 
„ Vegetius Eenatus, F. 


See Demosthenes. 
„ Epistolae Oraecae. Venice, 1499. 
„ Oratores Graeci. 
„ Tourreil, J. de. CEuvres. Paris, 1721. 

cellentium oratoriun Aeschinis et Demosthenis, 
orationes adversariae. [In Ctesiphontem, De 
Corona. Edited by J. Keuchlin.] 

4to. Anshelm. Hagenau, 1[5]22 

Graeciae eccellentium oratorum Aeschinis et 

Demosthenis orationes quatuor inter se con- 

8vo. F. Turrisanus. Venice, 1549 

. Aeschinis in Ctesiphontem et Demosthenis de 

Corona oratio: Gr. et Lat., interpretationem 
adjecerunt P. FoULKES et J. Freind. 

8vo. Oxford, 1696 

Another edition. 

8vo. Oxford, 1715 



Ctesiphontem et Demosthenis de Corona oratio. 
Interpretationem recudit et notas adjecit J. 

2 vols. Svo. Dublin, 1769 

Aeschinis in Ctesiphontem et Demosthenis de 

Corona oratio. Graece, cum delectu annotationum. 

2 parts in 1. Svo. Oxford, \ SO \ 

Due orationi, I'una di Eschine contra di Tesi- 

fonte, I'altra di Demosthene a sua difesa. Di 
Greco in volgare nuovamente tradotte per un 
gentilhuomo Firentino [Girolamo Ferro]. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, IS.')* 

AESCHINES Socraticus. Dialogi tres. First edition 
in Plato, Opera. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1513 

Dialogi tres, Graece et Latine; ad quos 

accessit quarti Latinura fragmentum. Vertit et 
notis illustravit Joannes Clericus; cujus 
additae sunt Silvae philologicae. 

Svo. Amsterdam, 1711 

Dialogi tres graece, iteriim edidit recensuit 

animadversionibus illustravit indicemque ver- 
borum adjecit JoH. Fkider. Fischerus. 

Svo. LeijJzig, 1766 

See Arnaud, G. d'. Specimen animadversionum. 
A mstcrdani, 1730. 
,, Burgess, T. Observationes in . . . Septem 

contra Thebas. Oxford, ms. 
„ Bumey, C. Tentamen de metris. Cam- 

hriilge, 1809. 
„ Copleston, R. Aeschylus. 1887. 
,, Greek Tragic Theatre. London, 1777. 
„ Pentalogia. Oxford, 1779. 

Tragocdiae sex. [Graece.] [Edited by F. 


[This and the following edition contain really 
seven plays, the Agamemnon and the Choephoroe 
being treated as one play.] 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1518 

Another edition. 

Svo. A. Turmbus. Paris, 1552 

Tragoediae septem a Fr. Eobortello ab erratis 

expurgatae, Graece. 

Svo. G. ScoUus. Venice, 1552 

Tragoediae vii. Graece. Petri Victorh 

cura et diligentia. 

AESCHYLUS. Tragoediae vii. Graece. Opera G. 

l6mo. Antwerp, 1580 

Tragoediae ac fragmenta : recensuit et illus- 
travit, scholia Graeca et lexicon, etc., adjecit C. 

6 vols in 3. Svo. Halle, 1782-97 

Tragoediae. [Greek. Edited by R. Porson.] 

fol. Foulis. Glasgow, 1795 

With Flaxman's original drawings. 

— Dramata et fragmenta : Gr. et Lat., recensuit 
F. H. Bothe. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1S05 

— Tragoediae septem, cum scholiis Graecis omni- 
bus, fragmentis, versione, et commentario 
Thomae Stanleii. 

fol. London, 1663 

— Tragoediae superstites, Graeca in eas scholia et 
deperditarum fragmenta, cum versione Latina et 
notis T. Stanleii, et notis F. Robortelli, etc. : 
curante J. C. de Pauw. 

2 vols. 4to. The Hague, 1745 

— Tragoediae quae extant septem. [Greek and 

4to. Glasgow, 1746 

— Tragoediae septem ; cum versione Latina. 

2 vols. 4to. Glasgow, 1746 

— Tragoediae : Gr. et Lat. 

2 vols. Svo. Glasgow, 1746 

— Tragoediae quae supersunt, fragmenta et scholia 
Graeca ex editione Th. Stanleii, cum versione 
Latina et commentario. Ed. Samuel Butler. 

4 vols. 4to. Cambridge, 1809-16 

— Tragedies. Translated by R. Potter, in 

4to. Norwich, 1777 

4to. H. SteplMwus. Paris, 1557 

Tragedies translated into English prose by 

F. A. Paley. 

Svo. Cambridge, 1864 

Tragedies. [Translated by the Marquis J. J. 

Le Franc de Pompignan.] 

Svo. Paris, 1770 


Tragoediae selectae Aeschyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis, 
cum duplici interpretatione Latina una ad ver- 
bum altera carmine. [Erasmi, Buchanani, et 
I vol. in 2. 12mo. //. SkplMnus. [Geneva] 1567 



AESCHYLUS. Prometheus, Persae et Septem ad 
Thebas : Sophoclis Antigone, Euiipidis Medea. 

-tto. Striisbur;/, 1779 

Green morocco, with the arms of Honore Gabriel Uiquctti, 
comte de Mirabeau. 

Agamemnon, emendavit, notas ct glossarium 

adjecit C. J. Blomfield. 

8vo. Cambridge, ISIS 

— Choephoroe [Greek], emendavit, notas ct glos- 
sarium adjecit C. J. Blomfield. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1824 

— Choephoroe ex recensione Porsoniana, trr. et 
Lat. ; Choephoron chorici cantus sicut dispositi in 
tentamine C. Burneil 

18 mo. Edinburgh, 1811 

— Persae, emendavit, notas et glossarium adjecit 
C. J. Blomfield. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1814 

— Prometheus Vinctus [Greek], cum notis et glos- 
sario. Edidit C. J. Blomfield. 

8vo. Cambridge, IS 10 

— Prometheus vinctus [Greek]. Edidit Cakolus 
Jacobus Blomfield. Editio secunda. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1812 

— Prometheus [Greek and Latin], cum Stanleiana 
versione, adjecit scholia de metro T. Morell. 

4to. London, 1773 

— Tragoedia Septem-Thebana : Graece. 

4to. F. Morel. Paris, 1585 

Prometeo legato. [Greek and Italian.] 

8vo. Venice, 1795 

— Prometeo legato, tragedia trasportata in versi 
Italiani. [By RL Cesarottl] 

8vo. [Padua] 1754 

— Prometeo legato, tragedia volgarizzata da 
Michel Angiolo Giacomelli : Greek and Italian. 

4to. Rome, 1754 

— II Prometeo, tradotto da M. Cesarottl 
[Parnaso de poeti classici, torn, xi.] 

8vo. Venice, 17.94 

— Septem contra Thebas [Greek]. Edidit Carolus 
Jacobus Blomfield. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1812 

— Septem Thebana tragoedia Aeschulea, stylo ad 
veteres tragicos Latinos accedente quam proxime 
fieri potuit a Q. Septimio Florente Chris- 
TLANO. [Latin.] 

4to. F. Morel. Pa/ris, 1585 

AESCHYLUS. I Sette in Tebe [Ital.-Greek] : recata 
per la prima volta dal testo Greco in versi volgari, 
c con annotazioni illustrata. [By P. Pasqualoni]. 

8vo. Venice, 1794 

Scholia in tragedias omnes, collecta a Fr. 

Robortello: Graece. 

8vo. V. Valgrisius. Venice, 1552 


See Fabulae variorum auctorum. Franlcfurt, 1 ()6o. 
„ Fabularum Aesopiarum, libri v. Glasgow, 

17.) 4. 
„ Passeroni, G. Milan, 1780-88. 

— Vita per Maximum Planudem, et ejusdem 
fabulae [Greek] cum versione Rinutii. 

4to. [Milan, 1480] 

— Fabulae [Greek and Latin]. Ex interpretatione 
Rinutii, editae a Bono Accursio. 

4to. D. Bertochus. Reggio, 1497 

— Fabulae [Greek] et vita a Maximo Planude 

4to. [Venice, 1498] 

— Vita et fabulae [Greek and Latin]. Alia opus- 
cula varia. [Edited by A. P. Manutius]. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1505 

Red morocco, witli tlic arms and mouogram of De Thou. 

— Vita et Fabellae. Gabriae fabellae tres et qua- 
draginta. Homeri Batrachomyomachia. Musaeus 
de Ero et Leandro. Agapetus de officio regis. 
[All Greek and Latin.] Galeomyomachia. [By 
T. Prodromus, Greek only]. 

8vo. /. Froben. Basle, 1518 

— Fabellae, Gr. et Lat., cum aliis opusculis 
[Gabriae Graeci fabellae : ex Aphthonii exercita- 
mentis de fabula : de fabula ex imaginibus Philo- 
strati : Homeri Batrachomyomachia : Musaeus 
de Ero et Leandro : Agapetus de officio regis, 
Gr. et Lat. ; Galeomyomachia, Gr.]. 

8vo. /. Froben. Basle, 1524 

— Fabellae, Gr. et Lat., cum aliis opusculis 
[Aesopi vita, etc.]. 

8vo. /. Farreus. Venice, 1543 

— Vita et fabulae [Greek]. 

4to. Paris, 1546 

— Fabularum Aesopicarura delectus. [Edited by 
Alsop. It contains also some fables in Hebrew 
and Arabic] 

8vo. Oxford, 1698 


AESOP. Fabulanim Aesopicarum collectio. Gr. et 
Lat. [Edited by John Hudson.] 

8vo. Oxfrnd, 1718 

Fabulse graeco-latinse. 

12mo. Eton, 1755 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin.]. 

8vo. Basle, 1780 

— Fabulae Aesopicae quales ante Planudem 
ferebantur ex vetusto codice abbatiae Florentinae 
nunc primum erutae. Gr. et Lat. cura Fr. de 


2 vols. 8vo. Florence, 1809 

Another edition. 

8vo. Leipsig, 1810 

— Esope en trois langues, on concordance de ses 
fables. [Greek, Latin, and French.] 

12mo. Paris, 1803 

Fabulae. [Latin and Italian.] G. Alvise. Veroiia, 1479 

— Another edition. [Latin and Italian. The 
Italian by Franciscum de Tuppo.] 

fol. [M. Moravm.] Naples, 1485 

— Fabule de Esopo historiate. [Latin and Italian.] 

4to. [1495] 

Fabulae. [Latin and Italian.] 

4to. M. de Bonello. Venice, 1497 

— Another edition. [Latin and German.] 

fol. J. Zainer. Ulm [1472] 

— Fabulae carmine latino redditae cum morali 

4to. \G. ten Raem de Bercka. 

Cologne, 1470] 

— Fabulae, latine, RiNUCiO interprete. 

4to. A. Zaroius. Milan, 1474 

— Vita et fabulae, Latine, RiNUCiO interprete. 

4to. A. Zarotus. Milwn, 1476 

— Fabulae carmine latino redditae. 

4to. [A. Zarotus. Milan, 1478] 

— Fabulae latinis versibus redditae. 

4to. Gabriel Fetri. Toscolano, 14^79 

— Fabulae [Latin] RiNUCiO interprete. 

8vo. P. de Lavagna.. Milan, 1 480 

A2S0F. Vita e graeco latina per RiNUCiUM facta. 
4to. [A. Portilia. Parma, 1480] 

Fabulae Latino carmine redditae. 

4to. [apud S. Jacohum de Bipoli. 

Florence, 1480] 

— Vita et fabulae e graeco latinae per RiNUCiUM 

fol. [KnoUochtzer. Strasburg, 1485] 

— Fabulae Latinae RiNUCio interprete. 

4to. [Guldinbeck. Rome] 

— Vita et fabulae, Latine. 

4to. E. Silber. Borne, 1487 

Fabulae, carmine latino redditae. 

4to. [1490] 

Aesopus moralisatus cum commento. 

4to. /. de Breda. Deventer, 1494 

Fabulae, cum additionibus Sebastiani Brant. 
fol. J. Pfartzheim. Basle, 1501 

Fabule Esopi cum commento. 

4to. Wynkyn de Worde. London, 1 5l6 

— Fabulae Aesopiae curis F. J. Desbillons 
omnes emendatae. 

12mo. Paris, 1778 

— Select Fables of Esop and other fabulists. In 
three books. [Collected by R. Dodsley.] 

8vo. Birmingham, 1761 

— Select Fables of Esop and other fabulists in 
three books by R. Dodsley. The third edition. 

12mo. London, 1762 

— The Fables of Aesop, and others, with designs 
on wood by T. Bewick. 

8vo. Newcastle, 1818 

— Select Fables : with cuts, designed and en- 
graved by Thomas and John Bewick and 
others, previous to the year 1 784 ; together with 
a memoir, and a descriptive catalogue of the 
works of Messrs. Bewick. 

8vo. Newcastle, 1820 

— Fables : a new version, chiefly from original 
sources, by Rev. T. James, with illustrations by 
John Tenniel. 

8vo. London, 1848 

Fables, avec Ic sens moral. 

12mo. Stockholm [n 50 '(] 



AESOP. Le favole greche d'Esopo volgarizzate in 
rime Anacreontiche Toscane da Angiol Marta 


8vo. Florence, \TM^ 

Volgarizzamento delle favole di Esopo testo 

antico di lingua Toscana. 

12mo. Florence, 1778 

El libro del Esopete ystoriado. 

fol. /. rarix and E. Cleblat. Toulouse, 1488 

at Epsom : or, a few select fables in verse. 

8vo. London, 1 698 

at Tunbridge ; or, a few select fables in veise. 

8vo. London, 1()9S 

return 'd from Tunbridge ; oi', ^sop out of his 

wits, in a few select fables in verse. 

8vo. Lomlon [169s 1] 


&(■ Dionysius Periegetes. Ho. Geneva, 1577. 
„ Mela, Pomponius. 

Cosmographia : et Antonii Augusti Itinerarium 

Frovinciarum, cum scholiis J. Simleki. 

l6mo. Baale, 157.'' 

AETIUS Amidenus. 

&« Medicae artis principes. 1,567. 

Librorum medicinalium tomus primus, primi 

scilicet libri octo nunc primum in lucem editi 


fol. Aldus. Venice, 1531 

AFFLECK, William. 

See Godet, F. Introduction to the New Testa- 
ment. 1894. 
„ Martensen, H. L. Christian Ethics. 1884-88. 

AFF6, Ireneo. Memorie degli scrittori e letterati 
Pai-megiani : continuate da Angelo Pezzana. 

7 vols, in 9. 4to. Parma, 1789-1833 

Saggio di memorie su la tipografia Parmense 

del secolo xv. 

4to. Parma, 1791 

AFRICAN Association. Proceedings of the asso- 
ciation for promoting the discovery of the interior 

parts of Africa. 

4to. London, 1790 

Proceedings of the association for promoting 

the discovery of the interior parts of Africa 
[part, iii.] containing an abstract of Mr. Park's 
account of his travels by Bryan Edwards, with 
geographical illustrations by Major Renneli.. 
3 parts in 1. 4to. London, 1792-98 

AFBICAN Institution. Report of the committee of 
the African Institution, read to the General 
Meeting on the 1 5tli July 1 807 ; together with 
the rules and legulations then adopted for the 
Government of the Society. 

8vo. London, 1807 

— Second report of the committee of the African 
Institution, read at the Annual General Meeting 
on 25th of March 1808. 

8vo. London, 1808 

Third report of the directors of the African 

Institution, read at the Animal General Meeting 
on the 25th of March 1809. 

8vo. London, 1809 

AFRICANUS, Sextus Julius. See Julius Africanus. 

AGAPETUS Diaconus. 

See Aesop. Fabellae. Basle, 1 524. 
„ Homer. Batrachomyomachia. Basle, 1518. 

A. Diaconi ad Justinianum Imp. et Basilii Mace- 

donis Imp. ad Leonem philosophum fil. adhorta- 
tiones de bene administrando imperio. Graece 
et Latine : B. Damke recensuit et notas adjecit. 
4 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. Basle, 1633 

■ Scheda regia praeceptorum de officio boni 

principis, ad Justinianum : Gr. et Lat., cum 
notis Jacobi Brunonis. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1669 

AGAPIDA, Antonio, pseud, i.e. Washington Irving. 
A chronicle of the conquest of Granada from the 
MSS. of Fray Antonio Agapida. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1829 

AGAPITUS a Valle Flemmarum. Flores grammati- 
cales Arabi idioraatis ; accedit in fine praxis 
grammaticalis et exercitium pro lectione vulgari. 

4to. Padua, 1687 

AGARD, William. 

Sec Johnston R. Letter to W. Agard. 

London, 1642 

AGASSIZ, Alexander. Three cruises of the United 
States coast and geodetic survey steamer 'Blake,' 
1877 to 1880. [Being vols. xiv. and xv. of the 
Bulletin of the museum of comparative zoology 
at Harvard University.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Boston and New York, 1 888 

AGASSIZ, Elizabeth Gary. The life and correspon- 
dence of Louis Agassiz. 

2 vols. 8vo. Boston, U.S.A., 1885 

AGASSIZ, Louis Jean Rodolphe. See Nott, J. 0. 



AGASSIZ, Louis Jean Bodolphe. Bibliographia 
Zoologiae et (leologiae. Edited by H. E. Strick- 
land and Sir W. Jardine. [Ray Society, 


4 vols. 8vo. London, 1848-54 

Contributions to the natural history of the 

United States of America. 

4 vols. 4to. Boston U.S.J. , 18r,7-62 

and Elizabeth C. A journey in Brazil. 

Svo. Bosim, U.S.A., ISO'S 

Scientific results of a journey in Brazil. 

Geology and physical geography of Brazil. By 

Ch. Fred. Hartt. 

Boston, U.S.J. , 1870 

AGATHEMERUS. See Geographica anticiua. 

AGATEIAS. De imperio et rebus gestis Justiniani 
imperatoris, libri V. [Greek and Latin.] Ejusdem 
Agathiae epigrammata Graeea. 

4to. Leyden, 1594 

De rebus gestis imperatoris Justiniani lib. v., 

Gr. et Lat., ex interpretatione et cum notis 
B. VuLCANii. [Scrijitores historiae Byzantinae.] 

fol. Paris, l660 

AGENDA in usum ecclesiae Moguntinensis. 

fol. [P. Sclweffer. Mainz] 1480 

Printed on velhun. 

AGENT (An) turn'd inside out : or, a peace officer 

with his heels upwards. 

4to. [London] 1709 
AGGE, Augustin. 

&K Burgo, J. de. Pupilla oculi. London, 1510. 

AGGENUS, Urbicus. fe Flaccus, S. Pans, 1554. 

AGGIUNTA ai Componimenti lirici de' piu illustri 
pueti d'ltalia scelti da T. J. Mathias. 

3 vols. 1 2mo. London, 1 SOS 

AGIER, H. DuplSs. 

Sie Chronique. Chroniques de Saint-Martial. 

AGIUS DE SOLDANIS, Giovanni Pietro Francesco. 

Delia lingua Punica presentemente usata da 
Maltesi, etc., ovvero luiovi documenti sull' antiea 
lingua Etinsca. Nuova scuola di grammatiea 
per apprendere la lingua Punica-Maltese. 

Svo. Borne, 1750 
AGNELLUS, Thomas. 

Sec Radulphus, Abbot of Coggeshall. 

AGNESI, Margarita Gaetana Angiola Maria. Insti 

tuzioni analilichc ad uso dcllagiovent'i' Italiaiia. 

i.' vols. 4to. Milan, 1748 

AOOP, Joannes. Puritas Haygica, seu grammatiea 

4to. Rome, 1675 

Puritas linguae Armenicae. 

4to. Bmne, l674 

AGOSTINI, Niccold degli. 

Ser Boiardo, M. M. Orlando inamorato. 

AGREEMENT betwixt the present and the former 
government : or, a discourse of this monarchy, 
whether elective or hereditary ? etc. [By 
Francis Fullwood.] 

4to. London, lti89 

(The) of the Lutheran churches with the 

church of England shewn from the publick con- 
fessions of the several churches. [By John 

Svo. London, 1715 

AGRtMENS (Les) du langage r6duits a leurs 
principes. [By Etienne Simon de Gamaches.] 

12mo. Paris, 1718 

AGRICOLA, Georgius. De mensuris atque ponderi- 
bus Romanorum atque Graecorum libri v. : de 
externis mensuris et ponderibus libri ii. : ad ea 
quae A. Alciatus denuo disputavit brevis defensio : 
de mensuris quibus intervalla metimur lil)er : de 
restituendis ponderibus atque mensuris liber : de 
precio metallorum et monetis libri iii. 

fol. H. Froben a7id N. Episcopus. Basle, IUSO 

De ortu et causis subterraneorum ; de natura 

eorum quae effluunt ex terra ; de natura fossilium ; 
de veteribus et novis metallis ; Berraannus sive 
de re metallica dialogus ; interpretatio Germanica 
vocum rei metallicae addito indice foecundissimo. 

fol. Basle, 1546 

De re metallica, libri xii., quibus oflScia, 

instrumenta, machinae, ac omnia denique ad 
metallicam spectantia describuntur. De ani- 
niantibus subterraneis liber. 

fol. Frohen. Basle, 1561 

Green calf, with tlie arms of De Thou. 

AGRICOLA, Ignatius, S.J. Historia provinciae 
societatis Jesu Germaniae superioris : partes i. ii., 
1541-1()'0(): continuata, pars iii., ad I6l0, ab 
Adamo Flotto : partes iv., v., ad 1()40, a 
Francisco Xaverio Kropf. 

5 vols, in 2. fol. Augsburg urul Munich, 




AGRICOLA, Petrus Franciscus. Saeculi xviii. 
l)ibliothee;i eoclesiastica authorumque uotitiae 
biographicae, 1701-'2'2. 

4 vols, ill '■2. iSvo. Hmumer, 1781-82 

AGRICOLA, Rodolphus. 

See Melanchthon, P. De corrigeiidis studiis. 
Faris, l;j.')7. 

De formaiido studio, Rodolphi A(;ki(:oi..1',, 

Eras. Roterod., et Philippi Melanchtikixis, 
rationes cum locorum quoniiidam iiidico. 

8vo. G'ri/jihiiis. Faris, 15.S4 

AGRIPPA, Henricus Cornelius. Opera. 

'J vols. 8vo. Li/ons [ISaO] 


2 vols. 8vo. Beriiuji. />j/(to.s- [1. '),')()] 

La Philosophie occulte. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Tlie Hagm, 1727 

Of the vaiiitie and uncei'taintie of Artes and 

Sciences, englished by Ja. San. Gent. [James 

4to. Henry Wykes. London, LOfig 

AQUAYO, Biego de. See Querer sabiendo Querer. 

AGUESSEAU, Henri Frangois d'. (Euvres. [Edited 
by the Abbe Andre.] 

13 vols. 4to. Paris, 1787-89 

AGUILA, C. J. E. H. d'. Ddcouverte de I'orbite de 
la terre du point central de I'orbite du soleil, leur 
situation et leur forme : ou, Astrostatique. 

8vo. Paris, 1806 

Histoire des ev^nemens memorables du rigne 

de Gustave iii., roi de Sufede. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1807 

AQUSTIN, Antonio, Archbishop of Tarragona. 
6'titf Fragmenta liistoricorum. Antwerp, \^95. 
„ Varro, M. T. Opera. Bordrecht, 1619. 

Dialoghi sopra le medaglie, inscrizzioni, ed 

altre antichita, tradotti dalla lingua Spagnuola 
da D. 0. Sada. 

fol. Etrm-e, 1736 

Dialogorum libri duo de emendatione Gratiani. 

S. Baluzius emendavit et illustravit. 

8vo. Paris, l672 

Juris Pontificii veteris epitome. Pars prima 

de personis, pars secunda de rebus, pars tertia 
de judiciis. 

3 pts. in 2. fol. Tanagoria, 1587. Hume, 161I 

With the anns and monogram of De Thou. 

AHMAD Ibn 'Ali Ibn al Mnkhtdr ibn 'abd Al Karim. 

Ancient alphabets and hieroglyphic characters 
explained : with an account of the Egyptian 
priests. [Arabic] Translated into English by 
Joseph Hammer. 

2 parts in 1. tto. London, I8O6 

AHMAD Ibn Muhammad Ibn abd Allah (Shihab Al- 
Din) Al Dimashki Al 'Ajamf, called Ibn 'Arab- 
shdh. [The history of Tinuir, by Ibn 'Arabshah, 
translated from the Arabic by Murtadha Al 
BAGDiDf. Edited with a preface by Ibrahim 
Efendi.] In Turkish. 

4to. Constantinople, 1730 

Ahmedis Arabsiadae vitae et rerum gestarum 

Timuri, qui vulgo Tamerlanes dicitur historia. 
Latine vertit et adnotationes adjecit S. H. 
Manger. [Arabic and Latin.] 

2 vols. 4to. Leuwarden, 1767-72 

AIDS to faith, a series of theological essays, by 
several writers. Edited by William Thomson, 
D.D. Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1862 

AIGNAN, 6tienne. 

&/' Homer. L'lliade. Paris, 1812. 

AIKIN (afterwards Barbauld), Anna Letitia. 
See Barbauld, A. L. 

AIKIN, Arthur. 

See Annual Review. London, 1 803-,'). 

AIKIN, John. 

See Food for national penitence. London, 1783. 
„ Statins, P. P. Sylvarum libb. v. Wamng- 

ton, 1778. 
„ White, G. Naturalist's Calendar. London, 

Annals of the reign of King George iii., 

from its commencement in the year 1760 to 
the general peace in the year 1815. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, I8I6 

A description of the country from thirty to 

forty miles round Manchester. 

4to. Londati, 1795 

— An essay on the application of natural history 
to poetry. 

12mo. Warrington, 1777 

— Letters from a father to his son on various 

topics relative to literature and the conduct of 

life, 1792-93. 

8vo. London, 1793 



AIKIN, John. A view of the character and public 
services of John Howard. 

8vo. London., 1792 

and Anna Letitia. Miscellaneous pieces in 


8vo. London, 1773 

and ENFIELD, William. General bio- 
graphy ; or lives, critical and historical, of the 
most eminent persons of all ages, countries, con- 
ditions, and professions, arranged according to 
alphabetical order. 

10 vols. 4to. iojiftoi, 1799-1815 

AIKIN, Lucy. Memoir of John Aikin, M.D., with 
a selection of his miscellaneous pieces. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1823 

Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1819 

Memoirs of the Court of King James the First. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1822 

AIKMAN, J. Logan. Cyclopaedia of Christian 

missions : their rise, progress, and present 

8vo. London, I860 

AILESBURY, Thomas Bruce, 2nd earl of. Memoirs : 
written by himself. [Etlited by W. E. Buckley.] 
[Roxburghe Club, cxxii.] 

2 vols. 4to. Westminster, 1890 

AILRED, Abbot of RievauLx. See Aelred. 

AIM£, Moine du Mont-Cassin. L'ystoire de li 
Normant et la chronique de Robert Viscart; 
publi^es d'aprfes un manuscrit fran9ois in(5dit du 
xiii" siecle, par M. Ch.\mpollion-Fige.\c. 
[Soci^te de I'Histoire de France.] 

8vo. Faris, 1835 

AIM£, Jean Jacques Job. Narrative of the deporta- 
tion to Cayenne and shipwreck on the coast of 
Scotland of J. J. Job Aim6, written by himself. 

8vo. London, 1800 

AIMERICH, Matthaeus. Specimen veteris Romanae 
litteralurae deperditae vel adhuc latentis : seu 
syllabus historicus et criticus veterum olim notae 
eruditionis Romanorum ab urbe condita ad 
Ilonorii August! exce.ssum. 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Fermra, 1784 

AIMOINUS, Monk of Fleury. 
See Miracles de Saint Benolt. 

Historiae Francorum, lib. v. 

8vo. Paris, 1567 

AINGER, Alfred. Charles Lamb. [English Men 
of Letters.] 

8vo. London, 1882 

AINSLIE, George Robert. 

See Illustrations of the Anglo-French coinage. 

Lond.on, 1830. 

AINSWORTH, William Francis. A personal 

narrative of the Euphrates expedition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1888 

AIR balloon (The) : or, a treatise on the aerostatic 
globe lately invented by the celebrated Mons. 
Montgolfier of Paris. 

8vo. London, 1783 

AIROY, Henry. 

See Nichol, J. Commentaries, 1864-69 — 

AIRS and Chorusses. 

See Sylphs (The) ; or Harlequin's gambols. 

AIRS, duets, chorusses, etc., in the new masque called 
The Druids. The words chiefly taken from Ben 

8vo. London, 1774 

AIRY, Osmund. 

See Essex Papers. 
„ Lauderdale Papers. 

AISLABIE, Right Hon. John. Speech upon his 
defence in the house of lords against the bill 
for raising money on the estates of the South- 
Sea directors, 19 July 1721. Second edition. 

4to. London, 1721 

Third edition. 

4to. London, 1721 

AiSS£, Charlotte ilEllisabeth. 

Sec Villars, M. de. Lettres. Paris, J 805. 

AITSINGERUS, Michael. Novus de leone Belgico 
ej usque topographica atque historica descriptione 
libcr [15,'')9-96], insuper Fr. Hogenbergii ccviii. 
figuris ornatus. 

fol. Fr. Uogenherg. [Brussels, 1597] 



AKBAB MUHAMMED, Emperor of Hindustan. 
Ayeen Akbeiy, or the institutes of the Emperor 
Akber. Translated from the original Persian by 
Francis Gladwin. 

3 vols in 1. 4to. Calcutta, nS3-H6 

AEBUR of Betlis. 

Kiee Sulivan, Sir R. J. Philosophical rhapsodies. 
Ijondtm, 1784. 


See Johnson, S. Works of the Poets. 


4to. London, 1772 

— Poetical works, with life by the Rev. Alex. 
Dyce. [Aldine Poets, vol. xxxiii.] 

8vo. London, 1835 

An ode to the right honourable the Earl of 


4to. London, 1748 

AKERMAN, John Yonge. 

See Letters from Roondhead officers, 1856. 
„ Moneys received and paid, 1851. 

Ancient coins of cities and princes, geographi- 

cally arranged and described : Hispania, Gallia, 
Britannia. [One part only published.] 

8vo. London, 1846 

— Archseological index to remains of antiquity of 
the Celtic, Romano - British, and Anglo-Saxon 

8vo. London, 1847 

— Coins of the Romans relating to Britain, de- 
scribed and illustrated. 

8vo. London, 1844 

— A descriptive catalogue of rare and unedited 
Roman coins. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1834 

— A numismatic manual. 

4to. London, 1849 

Tradesmen's tokens, current in London and its 

vicinity between the years 1648 and l672, de- 
scribed from the originals in the British Museum, 
and in several private collections. 

8vo. London, 1840 

AEKER, Jacobo ob den. See Bible, Portuguese. 

ALACCI, Lione. See Allatius, L. 

ALAGONA, Arthelouche de. 

See Franchieres, J. de. La fauconnerie. Paris, 


See Benini, O. V. Annotazioni sopra la colti- 
vaziono. Padua,, 1745. 
„ Borromeo, A. M. Notizia de' novellieri 

Italiani. Bassano, 1794. 
„ Scelta di rare e celebri tragedie. Venice, 

Opere Toscane. 

8vo. S. Gryphius. Lyons, 1532 

PriDted on vellum. 

■ Another edition. 
2 vols. 8vo. Heirs of L. A.J wida. 

Venice, 1542 

La Avarchide. [Edited by B. Alamanni.] 

4to. Filippo Giunti. Flmence, 1570 

La Coltivatione. 

4to. Paris, 1546 

La coltivazione : e le Api di Giovanni 

RucELLAi : colle annotazioni di R. TiTi sopra le 
Api, e con gli epigrammi Toscani dell' Ala- 

4to. Padua, 1718 

Delia coltivazione [Parnaso Italiano, tom. xxiii]. 

8vo. Venice, 1786 

La Coltivazione : e Le Api, di Giovanni 


Svo. Milan, 1804 

Gyrone il cortese. 

4to. Rinaldo e Claudia Calderio. Paris, 1548 

ALARM (The) : or an address to the nobles, gentry, 
and clergy of the Church of L-eland. 

Svo. Dublin, 1783 

or the Irish Spy, in a series of letters on the 

present state of affairs in Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1779 

ALBANIS de BEAUMONT, Jean Frangois. 
See Beaumont, J. F. A. de. 

ALBEMARLE, George Monk, duke of. 
See Monk, George. 

ALBEMARLE, George Thomas Keppel, earl of 

Memoirs of the Marquis of Rockingham and his 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1852 

Personal narrative of a journey from India 

to England by Bussorah, Bagdad, the ruins 
of Babylon, Curdistan, etc., and St. Petersburgh 
in 1824. 

4to. London, 1827 



ALBERGATI CAPACELLI, Francesco, Marquis. 
.S"*' Capacelli, F. A. 

ALBERONI, Giulio, Cardinal. 

For Life, sec Moral reflexions on the ministry 
of Cardinal Alberoni. i7o;'. 

Scheme for reducing the Turkish empire to 

the obedience of Christian princes, and for a 
partition of the conquests : with a scheme of a 
perpetual diet for establishing the publick 
tranquillity. Translated from the Italian. 

8vo. London, \1o6 

Testament politique recueilli de divers m6- 

moires, lettres et entretiens de Son Eminence 
par Monsignor A. M. Tiaduit de ITtalien par 
le C. de R. B. M. [Composed by J. M. Durey 
DE MORSAN. Edited by J. H. Maubert de 


12 mo. Lausanne, M^'.i 

ALBERT, Prince Consort of Victoria, Queen of 

For Life, sec Martin, Sir T. 

The principal speeches and addresses of His 

Royal Highness the Prince Consort : with an 
introduction giving some outlines of his char- 
acter. [Edited by Sir Arthur Helps.] 

8vo. London, 1862 

ALBERTANO da Brescia. De arte loquendi et 

4to. P. Level. Paris, I486 

Liber consilii et consolationis. Edited from 

the Mss. 1)y Thor Sundby. [Chaucer Society. 
Second Series, viii.] 

4to. London, 1873 

Tre trattati : della dilezion d'lddio : della 

consolazione : delle sei maniere del parlare. 
Traslatati in volgar Fiorentino, riveduti da 
Bastiano de' Rossi. 

4to. Florence, l6lO 

ALBERTANUS. See Albertano da Brescia. 

ALBERTI, Francesco. Nuovo dizionario Italiano- 

2 vols. 4to. iWce, 1778-80 

ALBERTI, Joannes. 

See Hesychius of Alexandria. Lexicon. 

ALBERTI, Leandro. Descrittione di tutta I'ltalia 
ed isole pertinenti ad essa: ripurgata da BoR- 


2 parts in I. 4to. G. B. Porta. Venice, 1.581 

ALBERTI, Leon Battista. 

iS'ec De legato pontificio. Venice, I. '1.58. 
„ Vinci, L. da. Trattato della pittura. 
Naples, n.'i.'j. 

— De re aedificatoria. [With an introduction 


fol. Nicolaus Lanrentius. Florence, 148.5 

— Delia pittura c della statua. [With a life 
by G. T1KAB0.SCHI.] 

8vo. Milan, 1804 

— Opus de amore. 

4to. [Clemens Patavinus. Venice] 1471 

Ecatonphyla [De amore liber]. 

8vo. Benmrdino de CremoiM. Venice, 1491 

ALBERTO della Piagentina. 

Sec Boethius, A. M. T. S. De consolatione. 
Italian, 1735. 

ALBERTUS Aquensis. 

See Collection des m6moires — Guizot. [Vols, 

ALBERTUS de Padua. Expositio evangeliorum 
dominicalium et festivalium. 

fol. Adam de Molvil and A. de Corona. 

Venice, 1476 


See Frederic II., Emperor of Germany. Reliqua 

librorum, 1788. 

— Opera omnia : in lucem edita studio et labore 
P. Jammy. 

21 vols. fol. Lyons, 16.51 

— De adhaerendo vero deo. Tractatulus de 
remediis contra pusillanimitatem pel' JoHANNEM 
Gerson. Epistola Domini Bonaventure cardin- 
alis de modo proficiendi compendioso. Ejusdem 
brevis et utilis doctrina juvenum. 

fol. [Zainer. Ulm] 1470 

— De arte bene moriendi. 

4to. Am. de Bruxella. Nasties, 1476 

— Mineralium libri v. 

fol. P. Maufer. [Padua] 1476 

— Phisicorum sive de phisico auditu libri octo. 

fol. J. and 0. de Gregoriis. Venice, 1495 

— Compendium theologicae veritatis. [Supposi- 
titious. By Hugo Argentinensis.] 

fol. Spire, 1473 



ALBERTUS Magnus. Compendium theologiae 
veritatis. [Supposititious. By Hugo Argen- 


4to. Chr. Armldxis. Venice, I17(> 

Liber aggregationis sou liber secrctorum 

de virtutibus herliarum lapidum ot aiiimalium. 
[Supposititious work.] 

■ito. Pdrus clc Hcydclberga. Boloqna, I IMt; 

Liber aggregationis seu secreta nature. [Sup- 
posititious work.] 

■ito. fniliam de Machlinia. London [HS-i] 

Another edition. 

4to. [148,')] 

Another edition. 

4to. Antonio Gonteri. Naples, 14f),') 

— De secretis mulier\im. [Supposititious. By 
HenrioUs de Saxonia.] 

4to. [1480] 
Secreta mulierum et virorum. [Suppositi- 

tious. By Henricus de Saxonia.] 

4to. G. Back. [Antwerji, 149(5] 

ALBERTUS Stadensis. 

Sec Aeneas Sylvius. Historia rerum Friderici in. 

ALBERUS, Erasmus. 

See Bartholomaeus de Pisa. L' Alcoran des 
Cordeliers. Geneva, 1578. 

ALBIN, Eleazar. A natuial history of Birds, ilhis- 
trated with 101 copper plates curiously engraven 
from the life. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 17." 1-38 

A natural history of English Insects, illustrated 

with 100 copper plates curiously engiaven from 
the life. 

4to. London, 1720 

A natural history of Spiders and other curious 

insects, illustrated with 53 copper plates, en- 
graved by the best hands. 

4to. London, 1736 

ALBINOVANUS, Caius Pedo. Elegiae iii. et frag- 
menta, cum interpretatione et notis. 

8vo. Amskrdam, 1703 

ALBINUS Flaccus. See. Alcuinus. 

ALBIZZI, Antonio. 

See Squitinio della libertk veneta. I6l2. 

ALBOQUEBQUE, Afonso d'. 
Sec Albuquerque, Affonso de. 

ALBRET, Jehanne d'. 

Sec Antony [de Bourbon], King of Navarre. 

ALBRICUS Philosophus. 

Sec Auctores mythographi Latini. 

ALBRIZZI, Giovanni Battista. Foicsticre illuminato 
intorno le cose piii rare, e curiose, antiche e 
moderne della citt^ di Venezia e dell' isole cir- 


8vo. Venice, 1761 

ALBRIZZI, Isabella, Countess. 

See Canova, A. Works in sculpture. London, 

ALBRIZZI, Isabella Teotochi. Ritratti. Edizione 
arrichita della vita di Vittoria Colonna. 

8vo. Venice, 1816 

ALBUCASIS. De chirurgia. Arabice et Latine : 
cura JoHANNis Channing. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Oxford, 1778 

ALBUMASAR. Flores astrologiae. [Translated 
from the Arabic] 

4to. E. RaidoU. Augsburg, 1488 

ALBUMAZAR : a comedy. [Altered from the 
original by F. ToMKis, by David Garrick.] 

8vo. London, 1773 

ALBUQUERQUE, Affonso de. Commentaries. Trans 
lated from the Portuguese edition of 1774, and 
edited by W. DE G. Birch. [Hakluyt Society, 
liii., Iv., Ixii., Ixix.] 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1875-84 

Commentarios do grande Afonso Dalbo- 

QUERQUE capitao geral que foi das Indias 
orientales em tempo do rey D. Manuel o 

4 vols. 8vo. Lisbon, 1774 

See Anacreon. 
,, Carmina. 

See Pindar. 
, , Sappho. 

ALCAFORADO, Francisco. 

See Relation historique de la d^couverte de 
Maddre. Paris, 1671. 

ALCEDO, Antonio de. Diccionario Geogrslfico- 
Historico de las Indias Occidentales 6 America. 
5 vols. 4to. Madrid, 1786-89 



ALCHORNE, Stanesby. Catalogue of a portion of 
the Library [being the duplicates rejected by 
Lord Spencer]. 

8vo. London, 1813 

ALCIATUS, Andreas. Emblematum fontes quatuor; 
namely an account of the original collection made 
at Milan, 1 522, and facsimiles of the editions of 
Ausburg, l.iSl, Paris, 1.534, and Venice, l.';4(i. 
Edited by H. Green, with a sketch of Alciat's 
life, and bibliographical observations respecting 
the early reprints. [Holbein Society, iv.] 

4to. Mancliesfer, 1870 

Emblematum flumen abundans; or Alciat's 

Emblems in their full stream : being a facsimile 
reprint of the Lyons edition by BoNHOMME, 1551, 
and of titles of similar editions 1548-51. Edited 
by H. Green. [Holbein Society, v.] 

4to. Manchester, 1871 

Emblematum libellus. [Edited by P. RosE- 


8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1546 

In secundam Infortiati partem de legatis 

praeclarissima commentaria, nunc primum edita. 

fol. In acad. Feneta. Venice, 1559 

Rerum patriae [Mediolani], libri iv. 

8vo. Milan, 1625 

ALCIDAMAS. See Oratores Graeci. 

ALCILIA, Philoparthen's loving follie (1595), from 
the unique exemplar in the town library, Ham- 
burg. Edited by A. B. Grosart. [Occasional 
issues, vol. vii. No. 2.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1879 

ALCINOUS. See Apuleius, L. Venice, 1521. 

I)c doctrina Platonis liber, ( iraecc ct Latine. 

Speusippus do Platonis definitionibus. Xeno- 
crates liber dc morte. 

8vo. Paris, 1550 

In Platonicam philosophiam introductio. 

8vo. Oxford, 1667 

— Introduction A, la philosophie de Platon. 
Traduite du texte Grec d'Alcinoiis, par J. J. 


8vo. Paris, 1800 

ALCIPHBON. Epistolae: Gr. et Lat. Edidit S. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1715 

Epistolae, Gr. et Lat., ad editionem S. 


8vo. Utrecht, 1791 


See Canuina novem illust. feminarum. 
„ Pindar. 
„ Sappho. 


ALCOCK, John, Bishop of Ely. 

See Gregory, John. Episcopus puerorum. London, 
1 649. 

Gallicantus ad confratres suos curatos in 

sinodo apud Bernwell, 25 Sept. 1498. 

4to. Richard Pynson. London, 1498 

Mons perfectionis, otherwise called in English, 


See Epistolae Qraecae. 

Venice, 1499- 

the hylle of perfectyon : exortatio facta Cartusien- 

4to. Eicluird Pynson. London, 1497 

Sermo in Luc. viii. 

4to. Wynhjn de JVorde. Westminster [1496] 

ALCOCK, Sir Rutherford. The capital of the 
Tycoon : a narrative of a three years' residence 
in Japan. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1863 

ALCOCK, William Congreve. A report of the trial 
of W. C. Alcock and H. Derenzy, for the murder 
of John Colclough, at the Wexford Assizes, 26 
March 1808. 

8vo. Dublin, 1808 

ALCUINUS. See Rhetores Latini. 

Opera : post primam editionem a D. A. 

Quercetano curatam : cura ac studio Frobenii, 
S. R. I. principis et abbatis ad S. Emmeramum 

4 vols, in 2. fol. Ratisbon, 1 777 


Medices legatus de exsilio. 
4to. Aldus. Venice, 1522 

ALDENBURG, Johann George. 

See Merian, M. xiii. Pars historiae Americanae, 

ALDER, Joshua, and HANCOCK, Albany. A 

monograph of the British Nudibranchiate 
Mollusca. [Ray Society, 1844-55.] 

7 parts in 1 vol. 4to. London, 1845-55 



See True alarm ! 

Lomlon, 1787. 

ALDINE (The) edition of the British poets, 

53 vols. 8vo. Lundon, 1 


Akenside, in vol. 

Beattie, „ 

Burns, „ 



































in vol. 18-20 


„ 14-16 

„ 36-37 









ALDINE Press. Index librorum qui in Aldiiia 
oihcina ab ipso primum Aldo ab anno, M.CD.Xcii. 
ad annum M.DLXIII. Venetiis impressi sunt. 

4to. Aldux. Venice [\ !i(i'i\ 

ALDINI, QioTanni. An account of the late im- 
provements in galvanism, with a series of cui-ious 
and interesting experiments pei'formed before 
the commissioners of the French National 

4to. London, 1803 

ALDBETE, Bernardo Jos6. Del origen y principio 
de la lengua Castellana o Romance que oi se usa 
en Espaiia. 

4to. Eonw, i6o6 

Varias antiquedades de Espafia, Africa, y 

otras provincias. 

4to. Antwerp, l6l4 

ALDBICH, Henry, Dean of Christ Church. Artis 
logicai rudimenta, from the text of Aldrich, with 
notes and marginal references, by the Kev. H. 
L. Mansel. Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, N.D. 

ALEANDEB, Hieronymus, the elder. Tabulae 
sane quam utiles Graecarum musarum adyta 
compendio ingredi cupientibus : Gr. et Lat. 

4to. Th. Martinus. Louvain, 1518 

Tabulae sane quam utiles Graecarum musarum 

adyta compendio ingredi cupientibus : selecti 
aliquot Luciani dialogi cum aliis nonnullis, 

4to. Th. Martmus. Louvain, 1523 

ALEANDEB, Hieronymus, the younger. 

See Amaltheus, H. Carmina. Venice, 1627. 

Antiquae tabulae marmoreae solis effigie 

syrabolisque exculptae accurata explicatio. 
Antiquae inscriptionis qua L. SciPlONiS Barbati 
filii expressum est elogium explanatio. 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Paris, l6l7 

ALEANDBI, Alessandro. Dell' ingrandimento dell' 
agricoltura e delle arti nello Stato Pontificio. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Rome, 1789 

ALEGAMBE, Philippus. 

See Bibadeneira, P. de. Bibliotheca Scriptorum 
S.J. Emiie, 1676. 

ALEMAN, Mateo. Vida y hechos del picaro 
Guzman de Alfarache. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Antwerp, 168I 

ALEMANNUS, Nicolaus. See Procopius. 

ALEMBEBT, Jean le Bond d'. 

See Diderot, D. Encyclopedic. 1751-80. 
„ tloge de M. d'Alembert. Paris, 1784. 
,, Melanges de litt6rature. Amsterdam, 1773. 
„ Massillon, J. B. Sermons. London, 1826. 
„ Montesquieu, C. de S. The spirit of Laws. 

London, 1878. 
„ Tacitus, C. 0. Morceaux choisis. 1784. 

— QSuvres philosophiques, historiques, et 
litt^raires. [Edited by J. F. Bastien.J 

18 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1805 

CEuvres posthumes. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1799 

— Opuscules mathematiques, ou memoires sur 
difFerens sujets de geometric, de m^chanique, etc. 

6 vols. 4to. Paris, 1761-73 

— Histoire des membres de I'Academie Fran^oise, 
morts depuis 1700, jusqu'en 1771. 

6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1787 

Recherches sur la precession des Equinoxes et 

sur la nutation de I'axe de la terre, dans le 
systfeme Newtonien. 

4to. Paris, 1749 

Reflexions sur la cause g6n6rale des vents. 

[French and Latin.] 

4to. Paris, 1747 

— Traite de Dynamique. 

4to. Paris, 1743 



ALEN, Edmond. A Catechisme, that is to say a 
christen instruccion of the principall pointes of 
Christes religion. 

Svo. Edward JFJiitchunh. Lmulon, 1551 

ALES, Alexander de. See Alexander of Hales. 

ALfiS, Anatole. Bibliotheque liturgique ; descrip- 
tion des livres de litiirgie imprimt^s aux xv" et 
xvi" si^cles faisant partie de la bibliothfeque de 
S. A. E. Mgr. Charle.s-Loui.s de Bourbon 
(Comte de Villafranca). 

Svo. Puria, 1878 

ALESSIO da Somavera. Tesoro della lingua 
CTreca-volgare, ed Italiana : posta in luce da 


'i vols, in 1. 4to. Paris, 1709 

ALETHEUS, Theophilus, pseud, i.e. Joannes 
Ja'SERU.s. Polygamia Triumphatrix, id est dis- 
cursus politicus de polygamia. 

4to. Lund, l68i2 

ALEXANDER a S. Tresia. See H. (J. L. M.) pseud. 

ALEXANDER Aphrodisaeus. 

.Sfjf Aristotle, reiiiu, 1527. 
„ Aristotle. Basle [1535 t] 

Commentarii in topica Aristotelis. [Greek]. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 151,3 

— In priora analytica Aristotelis commentaria. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1520 

— In sophisticos Aristotelis elenehos commen- 
taria. [Edited by H. Gyrlandus. Greek.] 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1520 

Another edition. 

4to. Junta. Flwence, 1521 

— Quaestiones naturales : de aninia : morales : 

fol. [Venice] 1536 

De fato et de eo quod nostrae potestatis est ; 

cui acccssit Ammonii Hermiae in libri Aris- 
totelis de inturpietatione sectionem secundam 
commentarius, cum Latina utriusque versione. 

Svo. Lomlon, 1(558 

ALEXANDER, Bishop of Lycopolis. 

,s'« Methodius. \Viitiiigs. JMinlmrgh, I869. 

ALEXANDER de villa Dei. 
See Alexander Orammaticus. 

ALEXANDER Orammaticus. Doctrinaie. 

[One leaf only, the verso commencing ' Iste 
gradus germinos.'] 

4to. [Low Countries, 1470] 

Printed on vellum. 

Textus Alexandri cum sententiis et construc- 


4to. Richard Pynson. London, 1 505 

Another edition. 

4to. liichard Pynson. London, 151.'i 

ALEXANDER of Hales. Expositio super libros De 
anima Aristotelis. 

fol. Theodoric Rood. Oxford, \'\^8\ 

ALEXANDER the Great. 

For Life, see Life and exploita of Alexander. 

Lmulon, 1896. 
See Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499. 
„ William of Paleme. 

Alexander and Dindimus ; or, the letters of 

Alexander to Dindimus, king of the Brahmans, 
Avith the replies of Dindimus ; being a second 
fragment of the alliterative romance of Alisaunder. 
Translated from the Latin about 1 340-50 ; re- 
edited by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat. [Early 
English Text Society, extra series, part xxxi.] 

Svo. London, 1878 

The alliterative romance of Alexander. Edited 

by J. Stevenson. [Roxburghe Club, Ixvii.] 

4to. London, 1849 

Liber de proeliis. 

fol. [Keieluer and De Leempt. Utrecht, 1473] 

Historia de Alexandro Magno. 

4to. B. Rihing. Naples, 1477 

ALEXANDER puer Senensis. Epigrammata mul- 
torum nostri temporis poetarum. 

4to. [1480] 

ALEXANDER VI., Pope. For Life, see Gordon, A. 

ALEXANDER VII., Pope. See Philomathus, pseud. 

ALEXANDER Trallianus. 
,S'(;« Medicae artis principes. 

Opera medica. Rhazae de pestilentia libellus ; 

Jacobi Goupyli in eosdem castigationes. 

fol. Paris, 1548 

Libri xii. Joanne Guinterio interprete. 

[Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Hen. Petrus. Basle, 1556 



ALEXANDER Trallianus. De lumbricis epistola : 
nunc piimuni Graecc et Latiiie edita. [Part 
of H. Mercurialis variorum lectioiium, lil>ri 

4to. Venice, l.'iTO 

ALEXANDER, Francesca. Christ's folk in the 
Apeiiiiiiie : loniiiiisceiices of her fiieiids among 
the Tuscan peasantry. Edited by John Rusicin. 
[Vol. i. and vol. ii. part 1.] 

1 vol. and I part. Hvo. Orpington, 18S7-.S<) 

Roadside songs of Tuscany, translated and 

illustrated. Edited by John Ruskin. 

4to. OrpiiKjIuii., 18S.5 

The story of Ida : epitaph on an Etruscan tomb: 

by Francesca. Edited, with a preface, by John 

4to. Orpington, 188,'i 

ALEXANDER, Joseph Addison. 

^fe Bible, English. N. T., Matthew. 
„ „ „ 0. T., Psalms, 1851. 

Commentary on the prophecies of Isaiah. 

New edition. Etlited by J. Eadie. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 18fa",'i 

ALEXANDER, Samuel. Moral order and progress. 
[English and Foreign Philosophical Library.] 

8vo. Londm, 1889 

ALEXANDER, William, Bishop of Derry and 
See Expositor's Bible. John. 

The witness of the Psalms to Christ and 

Christianity. Second edition. [Bampton lectures, 

8vo. London, 1878 

ALEXANDER, William, of the British Museum. 
The costume of China. 

4to. London, 1804 

Egyptian monuments from the collection formed 

by the National Institute deposited in the 
British Museum. [Twenty-one plates, no letter- 
press. All published.] 

obi. fol. London, 1805-7 

ALEXANDER, William Lindsay. 

Sec Ferme, C. A logical analysis. Edinlrurgh, 
„ Haevemick, H. A. C. Introduction to 0. T. 

Edinburgh, 1852. 
„ Kitto, J. Cyclopaedia of Biblical Literature. 

Edinburgh, 18t)2. 
„ Pulpit Commentary. Deuteronomy. 

ALEXANDER, William Lindsay. The connexion 
and harmony of the Old and New Testaments. 
[Congregational lecture.] 

8vo. London, 1841 

— — ■ A system of Biblical theology. 

2 vols 8vo. Edinburgh, 1888 

ALEXANDER SEVERUS, Marcus Aurelius, pseud. 
A most excellent eloquent speech, made not 
by an irreligious noble peer, but by a pious 
emperor ; made English out of the Greek. 

4to. London, 1(J83 

ALEXANDRO, Alexander ab. Genialium dierum 
liljri vi., varia ac recondita eruditione referti. 

8vo. In Aldiim Bibliothcca. Paris, 1 HI 9 

Genialium dierum libri sex, cum commentariis. 

2 vols in 4. 8vo. Leyden, i6T3 

Red morocco, witli the arms of Wm. Burrell of Beckenham. 

ALEXANDRO, Antonius de. Lectura super ii. 
Codicis Justiniani. 

fol. S. Riessinger. Naples, 1474 

ALEXIS, Guillaume. 

See Quinze joyes de manage. Tlie Hague, 1734. 

ALFIERI, Vittorio, Coiuit. 

See Plinius Caecilius Secundus, C. Panegirico. 
Paris, 1789. 
„ Terentius, P. Afer. Commedie. 1815. 
,, Virgilius Maro, P. L'Eneide. 1815. 

II misogallo, prose e i-ime. [Vol. xvii. of the 

' Opere complete.'] 


4to. Italia [Pisa], 1806 

6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1806 

— Versioni dal Greco. [Vol. xx. of the ' Opere 

4to. Italia [Pisa], 1815 

Vita, scritta da esso. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1806 

Vie, ecrite par lui-mCme ; traduite de I'ltalien. 

[By C. B. P6TIT0T.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1809 

ALFONCE, Jean. Les voyages avantureux ; con- 
tenant les reigles et enseignements necessaires k 
la bonne et seure navigation. 

4to. Poictiers[\55Q\ 

With the arms aud monogram of De Thou. 



ALFOBD, Henry. 

See Bible, English. O. T., Pentateuch. 

„ „ „ N. T. 1863. 

„ Gumey, J. H. Sermons. London, 1862. 

— Essays and addresses chiefly on Church 

8vo. London, 1869 

— Homilies on the former part of the Acts of 
the Apostles. Chap. i.-x. 

8vo. Lotulon, 1858 

— Life, journal, and letters. Edited by his 
widow. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1873 

ALFOED or GRIFFITH, Michael, S.J. Britannia 
illustrata, sive Lucii, Helenae, Constantini patria 
et fides. 

4to. Antwerp, l6+l 

Fides regia Britannica ; sive annales ecclesiae 

Britannicae [a.d. 500-1189]. 

4 vols. fol. Li^ge, 1663 

ALFKED unmasked : or, the new Cataline, intended 
as a pair of spectacles for the short-sighted 
politicians of 1789. 

8vo. London, 1789 

ALFRED. Three letters to the people of Great 
Britain, and particularly to those who signed the 
addresses on the late changes of administration 
and the dissolution of the Parliament. 

8vo. London, 1785 

ALFRED the Great, King of Wessex. 
For Life, see Spelman, Sir John. 
See Boethius, A. M. T. S. De consolatione 
„ Gregory I. Pastoral care [Saxon]. London, 

Aelfredi regis res gestae. 

fol. [John Bay. London, 1574] 

Calf, with the arma and monogram of De Thou. 

The will of King Alfred : with English 

translation and notes by Owen Manning. 

4to. Oxford, 1788 

ALFUNSI, Petrua. 
See Alphonsus, P. 

ALGAROTTI, Francesco, Count. 

See Frugoni, C. J. Versi sciotti. Fenice, 1766. 
„ Ragionamento intorno. Turin, 1773. 
„ Scrittori classici Italiani. Milan, IS03-5. 

ALGAROTTI, Francesco, Count. Opere. [Edited 
by F. Aglietti.] 

14 vols. 8vo. Fenice, 1791-9* 

II Congresso di Citera ; accresciuto del alcune 

lettere, e del giudizio d'Amore. 

12mo. Paris, 1768 

— II Newtonianismo per le dame, ovvero dialoghi 
sopra la luce e i colori. 

4to. Naples, 1737 

Saggio sopra la pittura. 

8vo. Leghorn, 1763 

ALGER, William Rounseville. A critical history 
of the doctrine of a future life, and a complete 
bibliography of the subject by Ezra Abbot. 

8vo. New York, 1871 

ALGORISMUS novus de integris compendiose sine 

figurarum (more Italorum) deletione compilatus. 

4to. [J. de Breda. Deventer, 1500] 

ALf IBN ABt TALIB, Caliph. Sentential, Arabice 
et Latine, notis illustravit Cornelius van 
Waenen. [Arabic and Latin.] 

4to. Oxford, 1806 

ALIACO, Petrus de. Ymago mundi. [The first 
five leaves only.] 

fol. [John de Westphalia. Louvain, 1483] 

ALIARES, Pedro. 

See Libro de la prima navigatione. Ficenza, 1 507. 

ALIBON, Joannes. See Allibond, J. 

ALIGHIERI, Pietro. Super Dantis ipsius genitoris 
comoediam commentarium nunc primum in 
lucem editum consilio et sumtibus G. J. Bar. 
Vernon, curante Vincentio Nannucci. 

8vo. Florence, 1845 

ALIONE, Giovanni Giorgio. Opera jocunda metro 
macharronico materno et gallico composita. 

8vo. Asti, 1521 

ALIQUOT declamatiunculae Graecae [Libanii et 
incertorum] eaedemque Latinae per Desiderium 
Erasmum. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Th. Martimis. Louvain, 1519 

ALISAUNDER. See Alexander the Great. 

ALISON, Archibald, Prebendary of Sarum. Essays 
on the nature and principles of taste. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1811 



ALISON, Archibald, Prebendary of Sarum. Essays 
on the nature and principles of taste. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1825 

ALISON, Sir Archibald. Essays, political, historical, 
and miscellaneous. 

.'i vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, IS.'iO 

History of Europe from the commencement 

of the French Revolution to the Restoration 
of the Bourbons in 181.5. 14 vols. Continued 
from the fall of Napoleon in 1815 to the acces- 
sion of Louis Napoleon in 1852. 9 vols. Atlas 
by A. Keith Johnston. 

23 vols. 8vo, and 1 obi. fol. Edinburgh, 184.()-5.0, 

and London, 1875 

The Life of John, Duke of Marlborough, with 

some account of his contemporaries and of the 
war of the succession. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1852 

ALITOFHILUS, pseud, i.e. Claude Barthelemi 


See Barclay, J. Euphormionis Lusinini. Leyden, 

ALL in an epistle, or, a letter from a gentleman to 
his father, upon occasion of the armies retreat 
to Wickham. Calculated for a private meridian 
at first, but (in a way of satisfaction) may serve 
indifierently for the whole kingdome. 

4to. [London^ 1647 

ALL to Westminster : newes from Elizium, or, a 
packet of wonders, brought over in Charons 
ferry-boat last spring tyde : discovering many 
notable things worth observation, 1641. 

4to. [London^ 1641 

ALLAINVAL. Lienor Jean Christine Soulas d'. 
See Soulas d'AlIainval, L. J. C. 

ALLAN, George. Collectanea Dunelmensia : collec- 
tions relating to Sherburn hospital, Greatham 
hospital, St. Edmund's hospital at Gateshead, 
Kypier hospital, Durham cathedral, etc. 

4to. [Darlington X) 1769-87 

ALLAN, James. 

.SW; Letter to the Moderator. [Edinburgh, 1707.] 

ALLARDTCE, Alexander. 

See Sharpe, C. K. Letters. London, 1888. 

ALLASON, Thomas. Picturesque views of the anti- 
quities of Pola in Istria. 

fol. London, 1819 


Sec Qenesius, J. Historia Byzantina. Venice, 
„ Philo Byzantius. De septem orbis specta- 

culis. 1640. 
„ Sallust, the Platonist. De diis. Rome, 1638. 

— Apes urbanae, sive de viris ilhistribus qui, 
1630-32, Romae adfuerunt. 

8vo. Rome, 1633 

Coiifutatio fabulae de Joaima Papissa, ex 

monumentis Graecis. 

8vo. Cologne, 1645 

— — De mensura temporum antiquorum et prae- 
cipue Graecorum exercitatio. 

8vo. Cologne, 1645 

De templis Graecorum recentioribus, de Nar- 

thecae ecclesiae veteris, necnon de Graecorum 
hodie quorundam opinationibus. 

8vo. Cologne, 1645 

Drammaturgia di Lione Alacci accresciuta e 

continuata fino all' anno 1755. 

4to. Venice, 1755 

Symmicta, sive opusculorum Graecorum et 

Latinorum vetustiorum ac recentiorum libri duo. 
Edente Bartoldo Nihusio. 

8vo. Cologne, 1653 

ALLEOBI, Alessandro. Rime e prose riviste ed 
aggiunte. [With a preface by Filopono 


8vo. Amsterdam, 1754 

ALLEMAND, Judah d'. Sec Bible, German, N. T. 

ALLEN, John. See Scaevola, pseud. 

ALLEN, John, labourer. 

For trial, see O'Coigly, fflfof.s Quigley, James. 

ALLEN, Joseph. Memoir of the life and services of 
admiral Sir William Hargood. 

8vo. Greenwich, 1841 

ALLEN, Paul. A history of the American revolution, 
to which is added the resolutions of the Con- 
tinental congress and letters of Washington. 

2 vols. 8vo. Baltimore, 1822 

ALLEN, Thomas. Bibliotheca AUeniana. A cata- 
logue of his curious, elegant, and very valuable 
library, sold by auction 1795. [With prices.] 

8vo. [London, 1795] 



ALLEN; William, pseud, i.e. Col. SiLAS T1TU8. 
See A. (W. ) Killing no murder. 

ALLEN, William, Cardinal. 

See Bible, English. 4to. 1 609-10. 
„ „ „ N. T. 4to. 1582. 

Defence of Sir W. Stanley's surrender of 

Deventer, Jan. 2()th, 1 586-87. Edited by Thomas 
Heywood. [Chetham Society, xxv.] 

-Ito. [MaiKhcster] 1851 

Duo edicta Elizabethae Resinae contra sacer- 

dotes Societatis Jesu : una cum apologia D. 
GuLiKLMi Alani pro iisdem sacerdotibus Socie- 
tatis Jesu. [Edited by Edmund Hatot.] 

Svo. E. Hatot. Treves, 1583 

ALLETZ, Pons Augustin. 

&<; Choix d'histoires int^ressantes. Paris, 1781 

ALLEY, Jerom. Ol^servations on the government 
and constitution of Great Britain, including a 
vindication of both from the aspersions of some 
late writers, particularly Price, Priestley, and 

Svo. Dublin, 1792 

— — A review of the political principles of the 
modern Whigs, in a second letter to Lord 

Svo. London, 1792 

ALLEY, William, Bishop of Exeter. 
-St'f Bible, English, fol. 156s. 

nXflXOMOYSEION, The poore man's librarie. 

Rapsodiae, G. A., etc. 

2vols.ini. fol. John Day. London, I. 'ill 

ALLEYN, Edward. For Life, see Collier, J. P. 

ALLEYN Papers (The). Edited by J. P. Collier. 
[Shakespeare Society, xviii.] 

Svo. London, 1843 

ALLEYNE, Sarah Frances. Sec Zeller, E, 

ALLIANCE (The) between church and state, or the 
necessity and equity of an established religion 
and a test-law demonstrated. [By William 

Svo. London, 1736 

ALLIBOND, John. Kustica Academiae Oxoniensis 
iniper Kcformatae descriptio, in visitatione fana- 
tica Octol)ris sexto, etc., 1648, cum comitiis 
ibidem anno seijuente. 

single sheet, fol. London, 1705 

/.LLIBONE, Samuel Austin. A critical dictionary 
of English literature, and British and American 
authors, with a supplement by J. F. Kirk. 

5 vols. Svo. Loiidoti, and Philadelphia, 



Sec Marion Dumersan, T. Description des 

medailles. Paria, 182.'). 

ALLIES (The) and the late ministry defended 
against France and the present friends of France, 
in answer to a pamphlet, intituled. The conduct 
of the allies. [By FRANCIS Hare.] 

Svo. London, 1711 

Second part. 

Svo. London, 1711 

Another edition. 

4 parts in 1. Svo. London, 1711-12 

ALLIONI, Carlo. Flora Pedemontana, sive enume- 
ratio methodica stirpium indigenarum Pede- 

2 vols. fol. Turin, 1785 

ALLIOTT, Richard. Psychology and Theology : 
or, psychology applied to the investigation of 
questions relating to religion, natural theology, 
and revelation. [Congregational lecture.] 

Svo. London, 1855 

ALLIX, Pierre. 

i5cc Examination of the scruples. Londoti, 1689. 

Some remarks upon the history of the ancient 

churches of Piedmont. 

4to. London, 169O 

ALLMAN, George James. A monograph of the 
fresh-water Polyzoa, including all the known 
species both British and foreign. [Ray Society, 

fol. London, 1856 

A monograph of the gymnoblastic or tubularian 

Hydroids. [Ray Society, 1869-70.] 

2 parts in 1 vol. fol. London, 1871 

ALLON, Henry. 

See Binney, T. Sermons. London, 1869-75. 
„ Ellis, J. E. Life of W. Ellis. London, 1873. 

ALLONVILLE, Armand Frangois, comte d'. 

See M^moires tir6s des papiers, etc. Paris, 1828. 



ALLWOOD, Philip. Literaiy antiquities of Greece : 
an attempt to ascertain principles' for a new 
analysis of the Greek tongue, and to exhibit 
those principles as applied to the elucidation of 
the ancient history of that country. 

4to. London, ITflf) 

Remarks on some oKservations edited in 'The 

British Critic,' relative to a work, lately published, 
under the title of ' Literary antiquities of Greece': 
tending to obviate some objections proposed by 
the critic and to illustrate the history of antient 

4to. London, 1 SOO 

A sermon preached in the parish church of 

Wandsworth on Sunday, September 29, 179.0, 
with the design of recommending the institution 
of a school of industry in that parish. 

8vo. London, 1802 

ALLYN, Richard. A narrative of the victory 
obtained by the English and Dutch fleet, com- 
manded by Admiral Russell, over that of France, 
near La-Hogue, in the year 1 ()92 : now first 
published from the original journal. 

8vo. London, 1744 

ALMACK, Edward. A bibliography of the king's 
book, or Eikon Basilike. 

4to. London, 189fi 

ALMANSOB, Jacob. For Life, see Ashley, R. 

ALMEIDA, Ferdinandus de. Oratio ad Alexan- 
drum VI., Pont. Max. 

4to. [Besicken. Home, 1492] 

ALMELOVEEN, Theodoor Jansson van. Amoe- 
nitates theologico-philologicae in quibus varia 
S. Scripturae loca, ritus prisci, etc., eruuntur. 
Subjiciuntur Epigrammata et poemata vetera, et 
Plagiariorum syllabus. 

3 vols, in 1. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1694 

Bibliotheca promissa et latens : huic sub- 

junguntur Georgii Hieronymi Velschii de 
scriptis suis ineditis epistolae. 

12mo. Goiula, 1688 

Epigrammata et poemata Vetera. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1694 

Fastorum Romanorum Consularium libri duo. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 170.5 

Opuscula, sive antiquitatum e sacris profanarum 


8vo. Amsterdam, 1686 

ALMIDA : a tragedy. [P'rom the Tancrede of 
Voltaire, by Mrs. Celisia, w('c Mallet.] 

8vo. London, 1771 

ALMODOVAR, el duca d'. 

Sc<' Malo de Luque, E., pseud. 

ALMON, John. 

6Ve Anecdotes of W. Pitt. London, 1792. 
,, Another letter to Mr. Almon. London, 1770. 
„ Asylum for fugitive pieces. Ijyndon, 1 78,5. 
„ Letter concerning libels. London, 176.'>. 
„ Letter to the Rt. Hon. G. Grenville. London, 

„ Review of Mr. Pitt's administration. London, 

ALNANDER, Joannes Olaus. Historiola artis 
typographicae in Suecia. 

8vo. Upsala, 1722 

ALONZO : a tragedy. [By John Home.] 

8vo. [Ijondon, MIS] 

ALOYSIUS TUSCANUS, Joannes. Declamationes 
in Turcum et exhortationes ad arma in eum 

4to. [UL Hahn. Rome, 147.5] 

ALPHABETUM Aethiopicum sive Gheez et 
Amhharicum, cum oratione dominicali, etc. 

8vo. Rome, 1789 

Arabicum, cum oratione dominicali, etc. 

8vo. Rome, 1715 

— Armenum ; cum oratione dominicali, salutatione 
angelica, initio evangelii S. Johannis et cantico 


8vo. Rome, 1784 

Barmannorum seu regni Avensis. 

8vo. Rome, 1787 

— Brammhanicum seu Indostanum universitatis 

Kasi [sive Benares.] 

8vo. Rome, 1771 

— Chaldaicum, cum oratione dominicali, etc. 

8vo. Rome, 1634 

— Chaldaicum antiquum, Estranghelo dictum, 
una cum alphabeto Syriaco, etc. 

Svo. Rome, 1636 

— Cophtum sive Aegyptiacum. 

Svo. [Romel c. l630 ?] 

— Etruscorum veterum et non nulla eorumdem 


8vo. Rome, 1771 



ALPHABETUM Graecum. De potestate literarum. 
Abbreviationes. Oratio Dominica : Gr. et Lat. 
8vo. Et. Dolet. Lyons, 1543 

Graecum. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. R. Stephanus. Paris, 1548 

Another edition. 

4to. G. Min-el. Paris, 1554 

Graecum, cum oratione dominicali, etc. 

Svo. Bo7)ie, 1771 

Grandonico-Malabaricum sive Samscrudonicum. 

Svo. Ro7)ie, 1772 

• Hebraicum, addito Samaritano et Rabbinico 

cum oratione dominicali, etc. 

8vo. Rome, 1771 

Ibericum sive Georgianum, cum oratione 

dominicali, etc. 

Svo. Rome, 1629 

Persicum cum oratione dominicali et saluta- 

tione angelica. 

Svo. Rome, 1783 

Slavonicum seu Illyricum, i.e. Alphabeta divi 

Hieronymi et divi Cyrilli, cum expositione 
Matthaei Caraman. 

Svo. Rome, 1753 

Tangutanum sive Tibetanum. 

Svo. Rome, 1773 

Tibetanum missionum apostolicarum commodo 


4to. Rome, 1759 

ALPHAEUS. «<; Sappho. 

ALPHONSE de Poitiers. Correspondaiice adminis- 
trative, publiee par A. MOLINIER. Tom. i. 
[Document.s inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1894 

ALPHONSO X., King of Castile and Leon. Celes- 
tium motuum tabule ; necnon stellarum fixarum 
jongitudines ac latitudines. 

4to. E. Ratdolt. Venice, 148.'i 

ALPHONSO XI., King of Castile and Leon. 
Croiiica 1 1 308-50]. llustrada con apendices per 
Fr. Gerda y Rico. Segunda edicion. [Colec- 
cion de las cronicas y memorias de los reyes de 

4to. Madrid, 1787 

ALPHONSUS a Spina. Fortalitium fidei contra fidei 
christianae hostes. 

fol. [./. Mentelin. Strashurg, 1470] 

ALPHONSUS de Cartagena, Bishop of Burgos. 

See Nebrissensis, A. A. Eerum a Fernando, etc. 

ALPHONSUS de Palentia. 

See Cavalca, D. Espeio de la cruz. Seville, 1485. 


See Barbazan, 6. Le Castoiement. Paris, 1760. 

Disciplina clericalis : Lat. et Fr. Le chastoie- 

ment d'un pfere a son fils, traduction du meme 
ouvrage en vers fran^ais. [Societe des Bibliophiles 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1824 

ALPINE Journal (The). By members of the 

Alpine Club, edited by H. B. George and 


Ill progress. Svo. London, 1864, etc. 

ALPINUS, Prosper. Historiae Aegypti naturalis 
pars prima qua continentur rerum Aegyptia- 
carum libri quatuor, pars secunda sive de plantis 
Aegypti liber : cum notis J. Veslingii. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Leyden, 1735 

De plantis Aegypti liber, cum tabellis aeneis 

Ixxvii., et notis Joannis Veslingii. 

4to. Leyden, 1735 

Rerum Aegyptiarum libri quatuor. 

4to. Leyden, 1735 

ALQUl£, Frangois Savinien d'. Les meraoires du 
voyage de M. le Marquis de Ville au Levant, ou 
I'histoire curieuse du siege de Candie. Le tout 
tir6 des memoires de J. B. Restagne. 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1670-71 

ALSOP, Anthony. 

Odarum libri duo. 

4to. London, 1752 

ALSOP, Vincent. 

Sec Mischief of impositions. London, 168O. 
„ Rector of Sutton committed. London, 168O. 

ALSTEDIUS, Johannes Henricus. 

Sec De eniditione comparanda. Leyden, 1699. 

ALSTORPHIUS, Joannes. Dissertatio philologica 
do lectis : diatribe de lecticis veterum. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1704 

ALTDEUTSCHE Blatter. Von M. Haupt und H. 


2 vols. Svo. Leipzig, 1834-60 



ALTDORFER, Albrecht. The fall of man. Edited 
by A. AsPLAND, with an introduction by W. B. 
Scott. [Holbein Society, xii.] 

-tto. Mamhester, 1876 

ALTER, Franz Carl. 6W' Bible, Greek. N. T. 178G. 

ALTHAUS, Friedrich. 

Sef South Kensington Museum. 

ALTILIUS, aabriel. 

Sir Sannazaro, J. Poemata. 

ALTINQ, Menson. Descriptio, secundum antiques, 
Agri Batavi et Frisii, sive notitia German iae 
inferioris qua hodie est in dicione vii. Foedera- 
toruni, a C. Julio Caesare ad Justinianum. De- 
scriptio Frisiae inter Scaldis portum veterom et 
Amisiam, seu inter Sine et Emese, secundum 
medii aevi scriptores, quae est pars altera notitiae. 
2 vols, in 1. fol. Amsterdam, 1697-1701 

ALTOBELLO. Historia de Altobello e di Re Trojano 
suo fratello. 

4to. P. Suardo. Milan, 1480 

ALUNNO, Francesco. Le ricchezze della lingua 
fol. Aldus. Venice., 1543 


Le ricchezze della lingua volgare sopra il 


fol. Aldus. Venice, 1551 

ALUREDUS Beverlacensis. Annales, sive histoiia 
de gestis Regum Britanniae, libris ix. Edidit 
Th. Hearne. 

8vo. Oxford, 1716 

ALVARES, Francesco. Narrative of the Portu- 
guese to Abyssinia during the years 
1520-27. Translated and edited by Lord 
Stanley of Alderley. [Hakluyt Society, Ixiv.] 

8vo. London, 1881 

ALVAREZ do Colmenar, Juan. Le.s d^lices de 
I'Espagne et du Portugal. 

6 vols. 12mo. Leyden, 1715 

ALVAREZ y Valladares, Joseph. El pensador: 
tomo primero. 

l6mo. Madrid, 1762 

AL VARUS, Emmanuel. De institutione grammatica, 
libri tres. 

4to. Birckmann. Cologne, 1596 

ALVARUS, Emmanuel. Regulae de sylla))arum 
quantitate : ais metrica, lusus aliquot poetici, car- 
minaque ex variis poetis selecta : opera et studio 
L[UDOVICl] V[aslet]. 

8vo. London, 1730 

ALVARUS Pelagius. See Pelagius, A. 

ALXINGER, Johann Baptist von. Bliomberis, eiii 
Rittergedicht in zwolf Gesangen. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1791 

Doolin von Maynz, ein Rittei'gedicht in zehen 


8vo. Leipzig, 1797 


See Aristoxenus. Auctores musices. Leyden, 

AMADIS de Qaule. 

See Mayer, C. J. Lisvart de Gi'^ce. Amsterdam, 


Amadis de Gaule : livres i.-viii.: mis en Fran9oys 

par le Seigneur des Essars: livre ix. par C. 
Colet : livres x. xi. par ■T[acques] G[ohory] : 
livre xii. par G. Aubert. 

12 vols. l6mo. Fr. Didier et B. Bigaud. 
Lyons, 1575-77 [vol. iv. 1588] 

— Le trezieme livre d'Amadis : traduit par 
J[acques] G[ohory]. 

l6mo. Lucas Breyer. Paris, 1571 

— Le quatorzieme livre d'Amadis : mis en 
Francois par Antoink Tyron. 

l6mo. Jean JVaesherglie. Antwerp, 1574 

— Another edition. Traduit pai' J[acques] 

l6mo. Benoist Rigaud. Lyons, 1577 

— Le quinziesme livre d'Amadis : mis en Francois 
par Gabriel Chappuys. 

l6mo. Benoist Rigaud. Lyons, 1511 

— Another edition. Mis en Francois par 
Antoine Tyron [i.e. livre xvi.]. 

l6mo. Jean Par ant. Paris, 1577 

— Le seiziesme livre d'Amadis : mis en lumiere 

fran^oise par Nicolas de Montreux. 

l6mo. Jean Parant. Paris, 1577 

— Another edition. Traduict d'ltalien par Ga- 

briel Chappuy.s. 

l6mo. Fr. Didier. Lyons, 1578 



AMADIS de Gaule. Les xvii^ xviii", xix', xx", xxi' 

livres d'Amadis : traduits par Gabriel Chappuys. 

l6mo. E. Michel, Loys Gloquemin, J. Beraiid. 

Lyons, 1578-82 

Le dixneufiesme livre d'Amadis : traduit 

d'Hespagnol par JACQUES Charlot. 

l6mo. Loi/s Cloquemin. Lyons, 1581 

Le vingtiesme livre d'Amadis : fait d'Espagiiol 

fraiKjois par Jean Boyron. 

l6mo. Ant. Tardif. Lyons, 1582 

Les xxii', xxiii^ et xxiv*" livres d'Amadis : 

faicts d'Espagiiol fran^ais. 

3 vols. 8vo. Gilles Robinot. Paris, l6l5 

Tresor de tous les livres d'Amadis de Gaule, 

contenant les harangues, etc. 

2 vols. l6mo. J. Hugnetan. Lyons, 1582 

Ivol. ii. part of another edition.} 

Traduction libra, par M. le Comte de Tress. 

2 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1780 

AMADODDIN of Ispahan. 

Si:e Bohadinus. Vita >Siiltani Almalichi. Leyden, 

AMADUTIUS, Joannes Christophorus. 
See Anecdota litteraria. Mome, 1773. 

AMALTHEUS, Hieronymus, Joannes Baptista, and 
Cornelius. Carmina: accessere Hieron. Ale- 
ANDRI junioris poematia. 

8vo. Venice, 1627 

AMANTIUS, Bartholomaeus. 

See Apianus, P. Iiiscriptioiies. LncjoUladt, 1 534. 

AMARANTH (The) : a miscellany of original prose 
and verse, contributed by distinguished writers, 
and edited by T. K. Hervey. 

fol. London, 1839 

AMABA SIMHA. Sectio prima de caelo ex tribus 
ineditis codicibus Indicis MSS., curante Paulino 
A. S. Bartholomaeo, Carmelita. [Sanskrit and 

4to. Rome, 1798 

AMASIS, King of Egypt, pseud. 

,s'(T Epistolae Graecae. Feniee, 1499. 

AMBASSADES mi'niorables de la compagnie des 
Indus Uricntales des Provinces Unies vers les 
Empereurs du .hipon. 

fol. Avisterdam, it)80 

Reil morocco, with tlic aniiH of .1. B. Colbert. 

AMBIOU (L'), ou varietes litteiaires et politiques. 
[Edited by J. G. Peltier.] 

58 vols, in 5(j. fol. and 8vo. Lmidon, 1801-18 

AMBITIOUS (The) practices of France ; or, a 
relation of the ways and methods used by them 
to attain to that supream grandeur, as also the 
secret intrigues of the French king's ministers. 

4to. Lmidmi, l689 

AMBLIMONT, F., comte d'. Tactique navale ou 
traitu sur les Evolutions, sur les signaux, et sur 
les mouvemens de guerre. 

4to. Fans, 1788 

AMBRA, Francesco d'. 

See Teatro comico Fiorentino. Vol. v. Florence, 
17. 50. 

Ijo. Cofanaria, commedia, con gl' Intermedii 

di Giovambatista Cini, recitata nelle nozze di 
Francesco de Medici e di Giovanna d'Austria. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Fil. Giwidi. 
Florence, 1593 

I Bernardi, comedia. 

8vo. Fm- heirs of B. de G-iiinti. Florence, 1564 
Bart. Sermartelli (j>r.). 

II furto, comedia. 

8vo. Giunti. Florence, 1564 

AMBROSE, Saint, Bishop of Milan. 

See Falladius. De gentibus Indiae, etc. Loiulon, 
„ Select Library of Nicene and post-Nicene 
Fathers. 1886, etc. 2nd series, vol. x. (for 
Select works and letters). 
„ Symmachus, Q. A. Epistolarum libri. 
,, Thornton, R. St. Ambrose. London, 1879- 

Opera : emendata studio et labore monachorum 

ordinis S. Benedicti e congregatione S. Mauri. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1686-90 

De officiis libri iii. et alia opuscula. 

4to. Chr. Faldarfer. Milan, 1474 

Liber pastoralis : et alia opuscula. 

4to. U. Scinzenzeler. Milan, 1492 

Printed on vellum. 

AMBBOSIUS, Theseus. Introductio in Chaldaicam 
linguam, Syriacam, atque Armenicam, et decem 
alias linguas ; characterum diiferentium alphabeta, 
circiter xl., etc. 

4to. /. M. Simo'iieta. Paim, 1539 

AMEILHON, Hubert-Pascal. 

Sir Le Beau, C. Histoire du Bas Empire. Paris, 




Sec Basin, T. Histoire des rfegnes de Charles vi i., 
etc. Pari.% 1855-59. 

AMELIA. A musical entertainment of two acts. 

[By KlCHARD CuiMr>ERL.\ND.] 

8vo. London, 1771 

AMELOT DE LA HOUSSAYE, Abraham Nicolas. 
See Examen de la liberty de Venise. Batisbon, 

Histoire du gouvernement de la Venise : suivie 

de rhistoire des Useoques. 

;! vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1705 

AMERICA vindicated from the high charge of 
ingratitude and rebellion : with a plan of legis- 
lation pi'oposed for establishing a permanent 
foundation for a constitutional union, between 
Gi'cat Britain and her colonies. 

8vo. Devises, 1774 

AMERICAN Gazette. The American Gazette, being 
a collection of all the authentic addresses, etc., 
which relate to the present disputes between 
Great Britain and her colonies : Nos. i.-iv. 

4 parts in 1. 8vo. London, 1768-69 

AMERICAN (The) journal of philology. Edited by 
B. L. (tIldersleeve. 

In pogress. 8vo. Baltiinore, 1880, etc. 

AMERICAN Oriental Society. Journal. 

//* progress. 8vo. Boston, U.S.A., and 
Newhaven, U.S.A., 1849, etc 

AMERICAN Philological Association. Transactions 
1869, etc. 
In'irrogress. 8vo. Hartford and Boston, IS1\, etc. 

AMERICAN Philosophical Society. Transactions 
of the American Philosophical Society held at 
Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge. 
[Two series.] 

21 vols. 4to. Philadelphia, 1786-9.'{ 

AMERY, Robert. 

See Chester. Chester's triumph. [Chetham 

AMES, Joseph. A catalogue of English heads : or, 
an account of about two thousand prints, describ- 
ing what is peculiar on each. 

8vo. London, 1748 

Typogi'aphical antiquities : augmented b}' 

W1LLI.A.M Herbert. 

3 vols. 4to. London, \li5-90 

AMES, Joseph. Typ0graphic.1l Antiquitie.s, or a 
history of printing in P]ngland. Begun by the 
late .Joseph Ames, and considerably augmented 
by William Herbert, and now greatly enlarged 
by T. F. DiBDiN. [4 vols, only issued.] 

4 vols. 4to. ioH(?OT(, lSlO-19 

AMES, William. 

Sc Baynes, P. The diocesans tryall. London, 

AMESSO, D', pseud., i.e. Payne Fisher. Pro 
navali Anglorum de Batavis victoria syncharma, 
supremo parlamenti praeposito. 

Ibl. London, 1653 

.SVv Chaulieu, G. A. de. 

AMHERST, W. J. History of Catholic Emanci- 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1886 

AMHURST, Nicholas. 

See Answer to one part of a libel. Lmnhm, 17.31. 
„ D'Anvers, C, pseud. 

AMICIS, Edmondo de. Sp.ain and the Spaniards. 

8vo. New York, 1885 

AMICUS CURIAE, pseud. See Collier, J. P. 

AMICUS, Faustinus. Epistola ad Alexandrum 

4to. [Aldus. Venice] 1564 


See Archives administratives. Paris, 1 839-53. 

AMIRA, Georgius Michael. Grammatica Syriaca, 
sive Chaldaica. 

4to. ./. Lmui. Rome, 1596 

Calf, with the anus of De Thuu, 

AMIS, William. See Ames, W. 

AMMAN, Jost. Gynaeceum, sive theatrum 
mulierum, in quo omnium nationum foemineos 
habitos videre est, figuris expressos, additis 
octostichis Fr. Modii. 

4to. S. Feyrabend. Frankfort, 1586 

Gynaeceum, the theatre of women ; wherein 

may be seen the female costumes of all the 
nations, tribes, and peoples of Europe : with 
stanzas to each figure by F. Modius. Edited 
by A. AsPLAND. [Holbein Society, vii.] 

8vo. Manchester, 1872 

AMMIANUS Marcellinus. See Marcellinus, A. 


AMMIBATO, Scipione. Discorsi sopra Cornelio 

4to. Brescia, 1599 

Istorie Florentine. 

3 vols. fol. Flm-ence, 1 64 1-47 

AMMONIUS Grammaticus, Alexandrinus. 
See Dictionarium graecum. Veime, 1497. 

De adfinium vocabulorum differentia : accedunt 

Eranius Philo de differentia significationis, 

Lesbonax de figuris grammaticis, etc., Graece. 

Ed., cum animadversionibus, L. C. Valukenaer. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Leydev, 1739 

AMMONIUS, Parvus Hermeae filius. 
See Aristotle. Orgaiion. 

— Commentarius in qninque voces Porphyrii 

fol. [Kalliergus.^ Venice, 1500 

In quinque voces Porphyrii commentaria. 

8vo. Venice, 1545 

AMOENITATES literariae, qnibus variae observa- 

tiones, scripta item quaedam anecdota et rariora 

opuscula exhibentur. Ed. J. G. Schelhornius. 

14 vols, in 7. 8vo. Frankfort and Leipzig, 119.5 


See Vinci, L. da. Trattado della pittura. Milan, 

Viaggio da Milano ai tre laghi, Maggiore, di 

Lugano e di Como, e ne' monti che li circondano. 

8vo. Milan, 1801 

Viaggio del mare Atlantico al Pacifico per la 

via del Nord Quest, fatto dal capitano Lorenzo 
Ferrer Maldano, I'anno, 1588. 

4to. Milan, 1811 

AMOS, Sheldon. The science of law. Seventh 
edition. [International Scientific Series, vol. x.] 

8vo. Lmdun, 1889 

The science of politics. Third edition. [Inter- 
national Scientific Series, vol xlv.] 

8vo. Londm, 1890 

AMOUR (L') i-la-mode ; or, love Ji-la-mode. A farce 
ill three acts [and in prose, translated from the 
French, by li. Kelly '*]. 
ff 8vo. Luiidmt, 1760 

AMOURS (Le8)de M[ademoi8elle | avec L[e] C[omteJ 

D[e] L[auzun]. 

12mo. Cologne, 1676 

AMPELIUS, Lucius. See Florus, L. A. 

Cretensis. Opera omnia. Nunc primum Latine 
reddita ac recognita, notisque illustrata, opera 
et studio F. Combefis. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Paris, 1644 

AMSINCK, Paul. Tunbridge Wells and its neigh- 
bourhood, illustrated by a series of etchings and 
historical descriptions. 

4to. Lvndmi, 1810 

AMSTERDAM. Catalogns bibliothecae publicae. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1711 

AMSTERDAM, Athenaeum Amstelsedamense. 

Annales [from 18.37 onwards]. 

See Leyden. Academia Lugduno Batava. 

AMSTERDAM, Seminarium Theologicum. Annales 


See Leyden. Academia Lugduno Batava. 

AMULIUS, Marcus Antonius, Cardinal. 

See Abd Isu. De sacro Tridentini concilio. 
Riva, 1562. 

AMUNDESHAM, Johannes. 

See Chronica Monasterii S. Alhani. 

AMUSEMENS des eaux d'Aix-la-Chapelle, ouvrage 
utile a ceux qui vont y prendre les bains. [By 
C. L. DE Poellnitz.] 

3 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1736 

AMUSEMENS des eaux de Spa et d'Aix-la-Chapelle. 
[By C. L. DE Poellnitz.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 11 Si 

AMUSEMENT philosophique sur le langage des 
Betes [by G. H. Bou(!EANt], avec un supplement 
[by F. A. A. DE LA C. des Bois] et la lettre du 
p6re BouGEANT, jesuite. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Geneva, 1753 

AMUSEMENTS in Retirement. By the author of 
the ' Philosophy of Nature ' [Charles BuckeJ. 

8vo. Loiulon, I8I6 

AMYNTOR, or a defence of Milton's life, containing 
a general apology for writings of that kind, a 
catalogue of books attributed to Jesus Christ, a 
complete history of the book entitul'd, Icon 
Basilike, proving Dr. Gauden to be the author of 
it. [By John Toijvnd.] 

8vo. London, 1699 



AMYOT, Jacques, Bishop of Auxerre. 

See Longus. Los amours do Daphnis et Chloe. 
,, Plutarch. 

AMYOT, Joseph. Dictionnaire Tartare-Mantchou- 
Fi'aii(-oi.s, avoc de.s additions et ralphahct par 
Louis Langles. 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 17«9-!)0 

AMYOT, Thomas. 

Sir Old Taming of a Shrew. 1 844. 
,, Windham, W. Speeches in Parliament. 

London, 1812. 

ANA. Ana, ou collection de bons mots, contes, 
pensees detachees, etc. 

10 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 17,09 

ANACHARSIS, the Scythian. 

.Vcr Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499. 


See Arnaud, G. d'. Specimen animadversionum. 
Amsterdam, 17.30. 
„ Carmina novem. Antwerp, 1568. 
„ Pindar. 
„ Theocritus. 

Odae, ab Henrico Stephano luce et Latinitate 

nunc primum donatae. 

4to. H. StepJmnus. Paris, 15.54 

Anacreontis et aliorum lyricorum aliquot 

poetarum, Gr. et Lat., et in easdem H. Stephani 
2 vols, in 1. 8vo. G. Morel and R. Stephanus. 

Paris, 1556 

Aliquot odae selectiores, Gr. et Lat. 

Svo. S. Prevosteau. Paris, 1588 

Odae : Graece. 
Opera [Greek]. 

Svo. Paris, 1623 

8vo. Paris, 1639 

— Carmina, Gr. et Lat., notas addidit Tana- 
QUILLUS Faber. [Contains also the Fragments 
of Sappho.] 

12mo. Saumur, 1680 

— Carmina, Gr. et Lat., ed. W. Baxter : necnon 
duo Sapphus odaria, et Theocriti Anacreonticum 
in mortuum Adonin, Gr. et Lat. 

8vo. London, 1695 

— Opera, Gr. et Lat., cum vita et notis. Ed. 
J. Barnes. 

12mo. Cambridge, 1705 

ANAOREON. Opera, Gr. et Lat., studio JosUAE 

12mo. Cambridge, 1721 

— Opera Graece : cum Latina versione notis et 
iiidice. [Edited by M. Maittaire.] 

4to. London, 1725 

— Odae et fragmenta, Gr. et Lat., cum notis 
J. C. de Paitw. 

4to. Utrecht, 1723 

— Editio altera, cum novis versionibus, scholiis et 


4to. London, 1740 

— Carmina. [Greek and Latin. Edited by 

J. Trai'P.] 

12mo. London, 1742 

— Another edition. 

24mo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1751 

Printed on silk. 

— Anacreontis et Sapphonis carmina. Theocriti 


l6mo. Paris, 1754 

— Carmina [Greek]. 

32mo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1761 

— Carmina, cum Sapphonis et Alcaei fragmentis, 

Gr. et Lat. 

Svo. Glasgow, 1777 

— Another edition. 

l6mo. Strasburg, 1778 

— Convivialia semiambia. Graece et Latine. 
[Edited by J. Spoletti.] 

fol. Rome, 1781 

— Odaria. Praefixo commentario quo poetae genus 
traditur et bibliotheca Anacreonteia adumbratur. 
[By G. C. Amaduzzi.] 

4to. Pa/rrna, 1784 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 

4to. Parim, 1784 
4to. Parma, 1785 

- Carmina : accedunt selecta quaedam e lyricorum 
reliquiis. [Edited by R. F. P. Brunck.] 

12mo. Strasbwrg, 1786 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 

12mo. Strasburg, 1786 
18mo. Strasburg, 1786 



ANACREON. Carmina. [Edited by G. C. Ama 
Duzzi. Greek.] 

l6mo. Parma, 1791 

Carmina. Praefixo commentario quo poetae 

genu.s traditur at bibliotheca Anacreonteia adum- 
bratur. [By G. C. Amaduzzi.] 

8vo. Bodoni. Parma, 1791 

Printed on vellum. 

— Carmina, cum commentario. [By G. C. 

12mo. Bodoni. Parma, 1791 

Printed on vellum. 

— Carmina, cum fragmentis Sapphonis : Graece. 
Kecate in versi Italiani da Ekitisco Pilenejo. 

2 vols in 1. 4to. Parma, 1793 

— Carmina cum Sapphonis et Alcaei fragmentis, 
Gr. et Lat. 

8vo. Glasgow, 1801 

Odae et fragmenta, Graece et Latine. 

8vo. Dublin, 1801 

— Odaria, ad textus Barnesiani fidem emendata. 
Accedunt variae lectiones cura Edvardi 


12mo, London, 1802 

Anacreontica, Graece. Ed. F. H. Bothe. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1805 

— Traduction nouvelle des odes sur I'original 
Grec [with the Greek text], par M. de la 
Fosse, avec des remarques et autres ouvrages 
du traducteur : seconde edition augmentee de 
deux odes de Findare et d'Horace. Traduites en 
vers fran^ois. 

12mo. Paris, I70fi 

— Odes. Traduites en Francois, avec le texte grec, 
hi version latine, des notes, etc., par Gail. 

4to. Paris, 1799 

— Odes. Traduites en Fran9ois, avec le texte grec, 
la version latine, des notes et un discours sur la 
musique grecque par .1. B. Gail ; ornees d'odes 
grecqiies mises en musique par Mehul et 

4 vols. 1 2mo. Paris, 1 800 

ANACKEON. Le poesie tradotte in verso Toscano, 
c d'annotazioni illustrate. [By F. S. Regnier 
DES Marais.] 

8vo. Paris, 169.3 

Anacreonte tradotte in versi Italiani da varj, 

con la giunta del testo Greco e della versione 
Latina di GiosuE Barnes. 

-Ito. Venice, 1736 

Anacreonte tradotto in rime Toscane da 

CiDALMO Orio, pastor Arcade. 

12mo. Venice, \11^ 

— Le odi tradotte in versi Italiani da Eritisco 

l6mo. [Parma,, 1793] 

Opere tradotte [Parnaso de' poeti classici, 

tom. xiv.]. 

8vo. Venice, 1795 

ANACREON and SAPPHO. Les poesies [French 
and Greek], traduites de Grec en Francois avec 
des remarques par mademoiselle Le Fevre. 

12mo. Paris, 168I 


See Brussels, Royal Library. Catalogus. Brussels, 

— Carmina, Graece : avec una traduction en vers 
fnin(;ais, par J. B. de Saint- Victor. 

8vo. Paris, 1810 

Ediderunt C. de Smedt [and others]. 

In progress. 8vo. Brussels, 1882, ek. 

ANALECTA litteraria : I. C. V. Catulli carmina 
sex priora cum commentariis ; II. M. T. 
Ciceronis orationis pro M. Tullio quae exstant ; 

III. commentationes de Tibullo et Propartio; 

IV. epistolae virorum doctorum ineditae : 
curante I. G. Huschkio. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1826 

ANALISI e bibliografia dei romanzi. See Melzi, O. 

ANALYSE de la philosophic du chancelier Fran9ois 
Bacon [by A. de Leyke], avac la vie traduite de 
I'Anglais [of D. Mallet]. 

vols. Svo. Amsterdam, 1755 

ANALYSE et examen de TAntiquite d^voilea, du 
Daspotisme oriental et du Christianisme devoid, 
ouvrages posthumes de Boullanger, par un soli- 
taire. [L'Abb^ Le Gros.] 

Svo. Geneva et Paris, 1788 

ANALYSIS of the money situation of Great Britain, 
with respect to its coins and bank-notes. 

Svo. London, 1810 



ANALYSIS (An) of the philosophical works of the 
late Lord Viscount Bolinghroke. [By Thomas 

8vo. London, MHH 

ANANIAS AntipariUS. ^TrXdyxvov ypa/ifiaTiKi'is i) 

TTffll jlOpidll'. 

ito. Venice, 1 7(14 

ANANIAS .Joannes Laurentius. T>e natura daemo- 
num, libri iv. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1581 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 158!) 

ANASTASIUS Bibliothecarius. Historia ccclesi- 
astica (ex diversis auctoribus graecis excerpta et 
in lat. versa), cum notis C. A. Fabroti. [Scrip- 
tores historiae Byzantinae.] 

fol. Paris, 1649 

De vitis Romanorum pontificum a B. Petro 

Apostolo ad Nicolaum l., adjectis vitis Hadriani ii. 
et Stephani vi., auctore Guillelmo bibliothecario. 
Ed. Fr. Blanchinus, cum notis variorum. 

4 vols. fol. Eome, 1718-.'>5 


See Bandini, A. M. Graecae ecclesiae monumenta. 
Florence, 1762. 

ANATOMY (The) of a late negotiation : earnestly 
addressed to the serious consideration of the 
people of Great Britain. Second edition. 

4to. London., 176.'j 

ANATOMY of an equivalent. 
See Halifax, G. S., Marquis of. 

ANATOMY of melancholy. See Burton, Robert. 

ANAXIMENES of Lampsacus. 

See Aristotle. Rhetorica. Lyons, l.")45. 

ANBUBEY, Thomas. Travels through the interior 
parts of America. By an Officer. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1789 

ANCHARANO, Jacobus de. 

iSV'« Processus juris joco-serius. Hanau, Kill. 

ANCIENT accounts of India and China by two 
Mohammedan travellers in the 9th century [one 
supposed to be SulaimAn, the other calling 
himself Hasan Ibn YazIdJ. Translated from 
the Arabic by EuSEBius Renaudot. With 
notes and inquiries. 

8vo. Lcmdon, 1733 

ANCIENT and modern liberty stated and compared. 
[By John, Loud IIervev.] 

8vo. London, 1734 

— and modern Scottish songs, heroic ballads, etc. 
[Edited by D. IlEKn.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, m 6 

— (The) and present state of the navigation 
of the towns of Lyn, Wisbeach, Spalding, and 
Boston, with a way laid down how to remedy all 
the inconveniences and defects which they now 

labour under. The second edition. [By 

KiNDERLEY. Edited by N. Kinderley.] 

8vo. London, 1751. 

— ballads and broadsides, published chiefly in the 
earlier years of Queen Elizabeth. Reprinted 
from the original copies in the library of H. 
Huth. [Philobiblon Society.] 

4to. London, 1867 

— Christianity and the doctrines of the Oxford 
Tracts for the Times. By the author of ' Spiritual 
despotism ' [L Taylor]. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, I SiO-4:2 

— classics for English readers. Edited by W. 
Lucas Collins. 

28 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1878-91 

Aeschylus. By R. S. Copleston. 1887. 
Anthology, Greek. By Lord Neaves. 1890. 
Aristophanes. By W. L. Collins. 1880. 
Aristotle. By Sir A. Grant. 1879. 
Caesar. By Anthony Trollope. 1887. 
Catullus, Tibullus and Propertius. By .J. 

Davies. 1880. 
Cicero. By W. L. Collins. 1886. 
Demosthenes. By W. J. Brodribb. 1880. 
Euripides. By W. B. Donne. 1887. 
Herodotus. By G. C. Swayne. 1890. 
Hesiod and Theognis. By J. Davies. 1881. 
Homer: Iliad. By W. L. Collins. 1888. 
Homer: Odyssey. By W. L. Collins. 1888. 
Horace. By Sir T. Martin. 1887. 
.Juvenal. By E. Walford. 1880. 
Livy. By W. L. Collins. 1880. 
Lucian. By W. L. Collins. 1880. 
Lucretius. By W. H. Mallock. 1878. 
Ovid. By A. Church. 1880. 
Pindar. By F. D. Morice. 1879- 
Plato. By C. W. Collins. 1886. 
Plautus and Terence. By W. L. Collins. 1 880. 
Pliny's Letters. By A. Church and W. .J. 

Brodribb. 1888. 



ANCIENT classics (continued). 

Sophocles. By C. W. Collins. 188(i. 
Tacitus. By W. B. Donne. 1S8<). 
Thucydides. By W. L. Collins. 1878. 
Virgil. By W. L. Collins. 1890. 
Xenophon. By Sir A. Gnant. 1891. 

criminal trials in Scotland, 1488-1624: com- 
piled from original records, with illustrations 
by Egbert Pitcairn. [Bannatyne Club.] 

3 vols, in 7. 4to. Edinburgh, 1829-33. 

— (The) fragments : containing what remains 
of the %\Titings of Sanchoniatho, Berossus, Aby- 
denus, Megasthenes, and Manetho : also the 
Hermetic creed, the Old Chronicle, the Later- 
culus of Eratosthenes, the Tyrian annals, the 
oracles of Zoroaster, and the Periplus of Hanno. 
By I. P. Cory. 

8vo. London, 1828 

— history of the Hebrews. 
See Theophanes. 

— Irish histories : vol. i. containing Spenser's 
View of the state of Ireland ; vol. ii. Dr. Meredith 
Hanmer's and Henry Marleburrough's Chronicles 
of Ireland. 

2 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1809 

— laws and institutes of England ; also Monu- 
menta ecclesiastiea Anglicana from the seventh 
to the tenth century ; and the ancient Latin 
version of the Anglo-Saxon laws. [Edited by 
B. Thorpe.] 

2 vols. 8vo. [London] ISiO 

— mysteries from the Digby Mss. [Edited by 
T. Sharpe.] [Abbotsford Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1833 

— poems, ballads, and songs of the peasantry of 
England. Collected and edited by J. H. Dixon. 
[Percy Society, vol. xvii.] 

8vo. London, 1846 

— poetical tracts of the sixteenth century : [viz. : 
Doctrynall of good servauntes, Boke of Mayd 
Emlyn, New Notbomne Mayd, Complaynt of a 
dolorous lover, and Loves leprosie]. Edited by 
E. F. RiMBAULT. [Percy Society, vol. vi.] 

8vo. London, 1842 

— Scottish melodies from a maiuiscript, with an 
introducLoiy enquiry illustrative of the history 
of the music of Scotland by William Dauney 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1838 

ANCIENT (The) sculptured monuments of the 
county of Angus. [Edited by P. Chalmers.] 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

fol. Edinburgh, 1848 

(An) survey of Pen Maen Mawr, North Wales, 

from the original marniscript of the time of 
Charles I. Edited by J. O. Halhwell. 

8vo. London, 1859 

ANCILLON, Johann Peter Friedrich. Melanges de 
littcrature ct de philosophie. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. I'ari.i, 1809 

Essais philosophiques ou nouveaux melanges 

de litterature et de philosophie. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1817 

Tableaux des revolutions du systeme politique 

de I'Europe, depuis la fin du quinzifeme siecle. 

7 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1806-7 

ANCONA, Augustinns de. 

See Triumphus, A., de Ancona. 

ANCOURT, Florent Carton d'. 
See Carton Dancourt, F. 

ANCRAM, Robert Kerr, Earl of, and LOTHIAN, 

William, Earl of. Correspondence, l6l6-67. 

[Edited by D. Laing.] [Roxburghe Club, c] 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1875 

ANCRE, Concino Concini, Marquis d'. 
See True Relation (The). 

ANCREN RIWLE (The). A treatise on the rules 
and duties of monastic life. Edited and trans- 
lated from a semi-Saxon MS. of the thirteenth 
century by the Rev. J. Morton. [Camden 
Society, vol. Ivii.] 

4to. London, 1853 

ANDAGOYA, Pascual de. Narrative of the pro- 
ceedings of Pedrarius Davila in the provinces of 
Tierra Firme or Castilla del Oro, and of the dis- 
covery of the South Sea and the coasts of Peru 
and Nicaragua. Translated and edited by C. R. 
Markham. [Hakluyt Society, xxxiv.] 

8vo. London, 1865 

ANDERNACUS, Ouinterius Joannes. 
See Ouinterius, J. 

ANDERSON, Adam. An historical and chrono- 
logical deduction of the Origin of Commerce, 
from the earliest accounts. 

4 vols. 4to. London, 1787-89 



ANDERSON, Aeneas. A journal of the forces 
which sailed from the Downs in April 1800 on a 
secret expedition, till their arrival in Minorca, 
and continued to the surrender of Alexandiia, 
with a particular account of Malta. 

4to. London, KSOti 

A narrative of the British Em})assy to China 

in the years 1792 94'. 

4to. London, 17!)-'' 

ANDERSON, Christopher. The Annals of the 
English Bible. 

2 vols, in 4. 8vo. London, 184.'; 

ANDERSON, Francis. Copies of letters from 
Colonel ¥. A. and others touching the inva.sion 
of Scotland, January \6ij [Newcastle Kepriii Is, 
i. 10.] 

8vo. Newcastle, I84() 

ANDERSON, George. A general view of the vaiia- 
lions which have been made in the affairs of the 
East India Company, since 1784. 

8vo. [London] 1792 

ANDERSON, James, of Edinburgh. 
See Calvin Translation Society. 

ANDERSON, James, W.S. Collections relating to 
the history of Mary, queen of Scotland, contain- 
ing original papers : also a few scarce pieces 

4 vols. 4to. Edinburgh and Lmidmi, 1727-28 

Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum Scotise 


fol. Edinburgh, 1739 

ANDERSON, James, D.D. A genealogical history 
of the house of Yvery in its different branches of 
Yvery, Luvel, Percival, and Gournay. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1742 

Proposals for printing by subscription the 

translation of the genealogical tables of all 
emperors, kings, and sovereign princes in every 
part of the world, from Adam to these times. 
Collected by John Hubner, and much improv'd. 
obi. fol. London. [17.31] 

Royal genealogies, or the genealogical tables of 

emperors, kings, and princes, from Adam to these 
times. In two parts. 

fol. London, 1736 

ANDERSON, John. Mission to the east coast of 
Sumatra, 182a. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1826 

ANDERSON, John Parker. The book of British 
topography ; a classified catalogue of the topo- 
graphical works in the library of the British 

4to. London, 1881 

ANDERSON, Joseph. Scotland in early Christian 
times : first and second series. Rhind lectures 
for 1879-80. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, \SS\ 

Scotland in pagan times. The iron age. 

Rhind lectures for 1881. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1883 

ANDERSON, Lionel. The tryals and condemnation 
uf L. Anderson, \V. Russel, C. Parris, H. Starkey, 
J. Corker, and W. Marshal, for high treason ; 
together with the tryal of A. Lumsden, and the 
arraignment of D. J. Kemish, Jan. 17, l679- 

fol. London, l680 

ANDERSON, Peter John. 

See Spalding Club, New Series. 

ANDERSON, Rasmus B. 

See Sturluson, S. The Heimskringla. 

ANDERSON, Robert. Ballads in the Cumberland 
dialect, chiefly by R. Anderson, with notes and 
a glossary. 

12mo. Wigton, 1815 


See Origines parochiales Scotiae. 

ANDERSON, William. Discourses. [First and 
second series.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Glasgow and London, IS'ii-Go 

Re-union in the heavenly kingdom, and other 

discourses. With an introductory sketch by G. 


8vo. London, J 876 


Sri' Schreiber, T. Atlas of classical antiquities. 

ANDERSSON, Carl Johan. Lake Ngami ; or ex- 
plorations and discoveries during four years' 
wandering in the wilds of South-western Africa. 

8vo. Jjmdon, 1856 

ANDERTON, William. 

,SV(' Remarks upon the present confederacy. 



See Antiphon. Oratorum Graeciae orationes. 
Hanau, I619. 
,, Lycurgus. Discours. Paris, 1783. 
„ Oratores Qraeci. Verdce, \5\3, etc. 



ANDBADE, Jacinto Freire de. Vida de Dom Joao 
de Castro, quarto viso-rey da India. 

ISmo. Paris, 1779 

The life of Dom Juan de Castro, the fourth 

viceroy of India, wherein are seen the Portuguese's 
voyages to the East Indies, etc. : written in 
Portuguese and by Sir Peter Wyche translated 
into English. 

fol. London, 1664 

ANDR6 de Fleury. Sn- Miracles de Saint Benolt. 

ANDR6, Peter. 

aSVc Chapman, J. Map of Essex. London, Mil. 

ANDR6, Yves Marie de lisle. 
See L'Isle Andr6, Y. M. de. 

ANDBEAE, Antonius. Quaestiones de tribus prin- 
cipiis reium naturalium. 

fol. Laureidiii.t de Lendenaria. Piuhut, 1475 

Questiones super metaphisicam Aristotelis. 

fol. B. Rilling. Naples, 147.' 

ANDBEAE, Joannes. Lectura super arboribus con- 

sanguinitatis et atRiiitatis. 

fol. [G. Zaiimr. Augsburg, 1474] 

Lectura super arboribus consanguinitatis, 

affinitatis, et cognationis spiritualis. 

fol. F. Creussner. Nuremberg [1475] 

Quaestiones mercuriales super regulis juris. 

fol. Adam de Rothwil. Venice, 1477 

ANDBEAE, Laurentius. 

See Bible, Swedish. N. T. Stockholm, 1 549-50 

ANDBEAS Cretensis. 

See Amphilochius. Opera omnia. Paris, 1644. 

ANDBEAS de Isernia. 

Sec Bampinis, A. de, de Isernia. 

ANDBEAS Batisbonensis. 

.b'e« Aeneas Sylvius. Chronicon. Strasburg, l685. 

ANDBEAS, Bernardus. Historia regis Henrici 
Septinii, a B. A. TiiOLOsATE conscripta ; necnon 
alia qua^dam ad eundem regem spectantia. Edited 
l)y J. Gairdnek. [Rolls Series, No. 10.] 

.Svo. London, 1858 

ANDBEAS, Valerius. Bibliotheca Belgica, de Belgis 
vita scriptisque clarissimis, praeniissa topo- 
graphica ik'lgii totius sen (4ermaniae inferioris 

4to. Louvain, 1643 

ANDBEE, John. 

See Behrens, G. H. Natural history. London, 

ANDBEE, B. John. A vocabulary in six languages, 
viz., English, Latin, Italian, French, Spanish, and 
Portugues, after a new method, to show the 
dependance of the four last upon the Latin. 

8vo. London, 1725 

ANDBEINI, Giovanni Battista. L'Adamo, sacra 

4to. Milan, l6l." 

ANDB^OSSI, Antoine Frangois, Count. 
See Campagne sur le Mein. Paris, 1 802. 

Histoire du canal du Midi, ou de Languedoc. 

8vo. Paris, 1800 

Voyage ;\ I'embouchure de la Mer-Noire. 

Svo. Paris, 1818 

ANDBES, Carlos. Si-e Andres, Juan. 

ANDBES, Juan. Carta a cerca del reverso de un 
medallon del museo Bianchini que no entendio 
el marques Maftei. 

Svo. Madrid, 1782 

Carta sobre el origen y las vicisitudes del arte 

de ensenar a hablar a los mudos sordos. Traducida 
por Carlos Andres. 

Svo. Madrid, 1794 

— Deir origine, progressi e stato attuale d'ogni 

7 vols. 4to. Parma, 1782-99 

— Disertacion sobre las causas de los pocos pro- 
gresos que hacen las ciencias en estos tiempos. 
Traducida del Italiano por Carlos Andres. 

Svo. Madrid, 1783 

— Lettera sulla letteratura di Vienna. Tradotta 

dallo Spagnuolo nell' Italiano dal dottore LuiGi 

12mo. Vienna, 1795 

ANDBEW, Laurence. 

See Braunschweig, H. Boke of distillacion. 

London, 1527. 

ANDBEW, of Wyntoun. The orygynale cronykil 
of Scotland : now first published, with notes, by 
David Macpherson. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1795 



ANDREW, of Wyntoun. The Oiygynale Croiiykil 
of Scotland. Edited by I). Laino. [Historians 
of Scotland, vols, ii., iii., and ix.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Ediiihurflh, 1 872-79 

ANDREWES, Lancelot, Bishop of Winchester. 
\\'oiks. [Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.] 
11 vols. 8vo. Oxford, lS4'l-54' 

Apospasmatia sacra; or, a collection of post- 

humous and orphan lectures, delivered at St. 
Pauls and St. Giles his church. 

fol. London, 1657 

— Of the right of tithes : a divinitj' determination 
in the publijce divinity schools of the University 
of Cambridg. 

4to. London, 1647 

The pattern of catechistical doctrine at large, 

or a learned and pious exposition of the ten 

fol. London, 1650 

ANDREWS, Alexander. The history of British 
journalism from the foundation of the newspaper 
press in England to the repeal of the Stamp Act 
in 1855 ; with sketches of press celebrities. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1859 

ANDREWS, James Pettit. Anecdotes, etc., ancient 
and modern, with observations. 

8vo. London, 1789 

The history of Great Britain connected with 

the chronology of Europe. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Loudon, 1794-95 


^Vt Answer to a late pamphlet. London, 1 735. 
„ Dury, A. 

A topographical map of the Isle of Wight on a 

scale of 2 inches to a mile. [4 sheets.] 

fol. Lmdon, 1775 

and DURY, Andrew. Map of the county of 

Wilts, on a scale of 2 inches to the mile. [19 

fol. London, 1773 

DURY, Andrew, and HERBERT, William. 

A topographical map of the county of Kent in 
25 sheets, on a scale of 2 inches to the mile. 

fol. London, 1769 

ANDREWS, John, Vicar of Marden. The scripture 
doctrine of Divine grace. 

12mo. London, I769 

ANDREWS, Joseph. Journey from Buenos Ayres 
through the provinces of Cordova, Tucuman, and 
Salta to Potosi ; thence by the deserts of Caranja 
to Arica, and subsequently to Santiago de Chili 
and Coquimbo, in the years l825-2(). 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1827 

ANDREWS, Miles Peter. 

^'tr Election (The). London. 1744. 

ANDREWS, Robert. 

6Vf Virgilius Maro, P. Works. English. 1776. 


iiee Petri Scriverii Collectanea tragicorum. 1620. 
„ Seneca, L. A. Tragoediae. 1620. 

ANDRONICUS, Matthaeus. Epithalamium in 
nuptias Vladislai Pannoniarum ac Boemiae Kegis, 
et Annae Candaliae Reginae. 

4to. Venice, 1502 

ANDRONICUS Rhodius. Aristotelis Ethicorum 
Nichomacheorum paraphrasis, incerto auctore 
[Andronicus Rhodius] nunc primum Graece 
edita, emendata, et Latine reddita, a Daniele 

4to. Leyden, l607 

Andronici Rhodii Ethicorum Nicomacheorum 

paraphrasis, cum interpretatione Danielis 
Heinsii. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Leyden, l6l7 

Another edition. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1679 

Andronici Rhodii Ethicorum Nicomacheorum 

paraphrasis, cum interpretatione I>. Heinsii. 
Subjungitur libellus de animi affectionibus. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxford, I8O9 

ANDROUET DU CERCEAU, Jacques. Les plus 
excellents bastiments de France. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Paris, 1576-79 

Calf, with the arms of Le Fevre du Caumartin. 

ANEAU, Barth^lemi. 

See Ovidius Naso, P. Les metamorphoses. Lyons, 
„ Picta poesis. Li/mts, 16I8. 



ANECDOTA Graeca, sacra et profana, nunc primum 
in luce edita, versione Latina donata, et notis 
illustrata a J. C. WOLFIO. [Continens Photii 
librum contra Manichaeos, excerpta ex catena 
MS. in Epistolas, etc.] 

4 vols, in 2. Svo. Hamburg, 1 722-24 

Graeca, e codd. MSS. Bibl. Reg. Parisin. de- 

scripsit LuDOVicus Bachmannus. 

2 vols in 1. Svo. Leipzig, 182S 

Graeca. Edidit J. Fr. Boissonade. 

5 vols. Svo. Parii^, 1829-33 

litteraria. Lat., Ital., etc. Ediderunt J. C. 

Amadutius et J. L. Blanconius. 

4 vols. Svo. Rome, 1773-83 

ANECDOTES and traditions, illustrative of early 
English history and literature, derived from ms. 
sources. Edited by J. Thoms. [Camden Society, 
vol v.] 

4to. London, 1839 

anglaises et americaines, 1776-83. 

2 vols, in 1. Paris, 1813 

— dramatiques contenant toutes les pieces de 
theatre qui ont ete joules jk Paris ou en province, 
rangees par ordre alphabetique, tous les ouvrages 
dramatiques qui n'ont et6 represent^s, mais qui 
sont impriraes ou conserves en manuscrit, etc. 
[By Clement and De la Porte.] 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1775 

— historiques sur les principaux personnages qui 
jouent maintenant un role en Angleterre. 

Svo. [Paris 1] 1784 

— int^ressantes et secretes de la cour de Russie : 
par un voyageur, [By Jean BenoIt Sch^rer.] 

6 vols. 1 2mo. London, 1 792 

— j7-suitiques, ou le Philotanus moderne. [As- 
cribed to P. Lambert or N. Jouin.] 

3 vols. 12mo. The Hague, 1740 

of G. F. Handel and John Christopher Smith, 

with select pieces of music composed by J. C. 
Smith. [By William Coxe.] 

fol. Lmidm, 1799 

— of the life of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, 
and of the events of his time, with his speeches 
in Parliament 1736-78. [By John Almon.] 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1792 

.\NECDOTES of the life of William Pitt, Eari of 
Chatham, with his speeches in Parliament, 1 736-78. 
[By John Almon.] 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1793 

sur la cour de Napol(5ou Bonaparte. [Collected 

by A. J. B. DE Fauconpret.] 

Svo. Paris, 1818 

ANELIER, Guillaume, of Toulouse. Histoire de la 
guerre de Navarre en 1276 et 1277. Publi6e 
avec une traduction, une introduction, et des 
notes par F. Michel. [Documents inedits sur 
I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1856 

ANOAS, George French. The Kafirs illustrated in 

fol. London, 1849 

a series of drawings. 

The New Zealanders illustrated. 

fol. London, 1847 

South Australia illustrated. 

fol. London, 1847 

Views of the gold regions of Australia drawn 

on the spot by G. F. A. 

fol. London, 1851 

ANGELI, Bonaventura. La historia della citta di 
Parma et la descrittione del fiume Parma. 

4to. Parma, 1591 

Red morocco, with the arms and monogram of De Thou. 


See De philologia tractatua. Leyden, 1 696. 

Poemata omnia : item Marii Columnae 

quaedam carmina. 

Svo. Junta. Florence, 1568 

Cynegetica : item, carminum libri ii. : eclogae 


4to. Heirs of S. G-ryphius. Lyons, 1 56l 

De aucupio liber primus : elegia de Radagasi 

et Getarum caede ad urbem Florentiam. 

4to. Bernard. Junta. Florence, 1566 

Calf, with the arms of Comte Louis de Lom^nie. 

Syriados liber primus et secundus, etc. 

fol. Mamertus Patissonius. Paris, 1 582 

Syrias : et votivum carmen in D. Catharinam. 
4to. P. Junta. Flwencc, 1591 

Sec Werdenhagen. 



ANGELIUS, Nicolaus. 

See Cicero. M. T. Somniiim Scipionis. Flnreinr, 

ANGELO, Dominico. A treatise on the utility ;iik1 
advantages of fencing, illustrated by 47 engrav 
ings, with a dissertation on the use of the broad 
swoi'd, memoirs of the late Mi'. Angelo, and a 
biographical sketch of Chevalier St. George. 

obi. fol. Limilim, 1HI7 

ANGELOMUS Monachus. Enarrationes in libros 

fol. P. Manutius. Emw, l.')(i5 

ANGELONI, Francesco. L'Historia Augusta da 
Giulio Cesare a Constantino il Magno. IlKustrata 
con la verita dell' Antiche Medaglie da F. A. 
Seconda impressione col supplemento de' lovesci 
tratti del tesoro delle medaglie della regina 
Christina e descritti da G. B. Bellori. 

fol. RODK, 1()85 

ANGELUS a Sancto Josepho [Joseph Labrosse]. 
Gazophylacium linguae Persarum, triplici lingu- 
arum clavi lUvlicae, Latinae, Gallicae ; nee non 
specialibus praeceptis ejusdem linguae reseratum. 

fol. Amsterdam, 1()84 

ANGELUS, Joannes. Astrolabium planum in 
tabulis ascendens. 

4to. E. Ratdoli. Angslmrg, 1488 

Astrolabium planum in tabulis ascendens : con- 

tinens qualibet hora atque minuto equationes 
domorum celi, etc. 

4to. Liic. Ant. de Giunta. Venice, 1502 

ANGERIANUS, Hieronymus. 

See Poetae tres elegantissimL Paris, 1582. 

ANGERSTEIN, John Julius. 

See Young, J. Catalogue of Pictures. London, 

ANGHIEBA, Fietro Martyre d'. 
See Anglerius, Petrus Martyrus. 

ANGIOLINI, Francesco. 

/See Josephus, F. Opere. i^orne, 1792. 

ANGLERIUS, Petrus Martyr. 

Sec Cortes, H. De insulis nuper inventis. Cologiw, 

De orbe novo decades octo, annotationibus 

illustratae labore Richardi Hakluyti. 

8vo. G. Auraij. Paris, 1587 

ANGLERIUS, Petrus Martyr. Opus epistolarum : 
cui accesserunt epistolae Ferdinandi de Pulgar, 
Latinae pariter atque Hispanicae cum tractatu 
Hispanico de viris Castellae illustribus. [Edited 
by C. Patin.] 

fol. D. Elzevir. Amsterdam and Paris, 1670 

ANGLESEY, Arthur Annealey, earl of. 

See Castlehaven, J., Earl of. Review. Dublin, 
„ Whitelock, B. Memorials. London, 17.'^2. 

Memoirs, published by Sir Peter Pett. 

8vo. London, I69.S 

State of the government and kingdom ; pre- 
pared and intended for his majesty King 
Charles 11. in 1682 : with a short vindication by 
Sir John Thompson, Bart. 

4to. London, l694 

ANGLESEY, Richard Annesley, earl of. The trial 
in ejectment between Campbell Craig, lessee of 
James Annesley and others, plaintifl", and the 
right hon. Richard, Earl of Anglesey, defendant, 
before the barons of the Exchequer in Ireland : 
begun on Friday, Nov. 11, 174.S. 

fol. London, 1744 

ANGLIA ; Zeitschrift f iir Englische Philologie, 
enthaltend Beitriige zur Geschichte der En- 
glischen Sprache und Literatur, herausgegeben 
von R. P. WuLCKER. Nebst kritischen Anzeigen 
und einer Bucherschau herausgegeben von M. 
Trautmann. (Beiblatt zur Anglia, 1-2 heraus- 
gegeben von E. Flugel, 3 von M. F. Mann.) 

In progress. 8vo. Halle, 1877, etc. 

ANGLIAE Ruina. See Mercurius Rusticns. 

ANGLICANI novi schismati.s redargutio seu tractatus 
ex historiis ecclesiasticis quo ostenditur episcopos, 
injuste licet depositos, orthodoxi successoris 
communionem nunquam refugisse. Gr. et. Lat., 
ex cod. MS. editore Humfredo Hody. 

4to. Oxford [1691] 

ANGLIVIEL de la Beaumelle, Laurent'. 
Six La Beaumelle, L. A. de. 

ANGLO-LATIN (The) satirical poets and epigram- 
matists of the twelfth century. Collected and 
edited by T. Wright. [Rolls Series, No. 59.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1872 

ANGLO-SAXON Chronicle. 

Sec Church historians of England, vol. ii. pt. 1. 



ANGLO-SAXON Chronicle. Chronicum Saxonicum 
ex Mss. codicibus nunc primum integrum edidit 
ac Latinum fecit Edmundus Gibson. 

4to. Oxfm-d, 1692 

A Literal translation of the Saxon Chronicle. 

[By Rachkl Gurney.] 

8vo. Norwich, 18 19 

The Saxon Chronicle, with an English transla- 
tion and notes by J. Ingram. 

4to. London, 1823 

(The) according to the .several original autho- 
rities. Vol. i., Original Texts. Vol. ii., Trans- 
lation. Edited with a translation by B. Thorpe. 
[Rolls Series, No. 23.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, I861 

ANGOT, Alfred. The Aurora Borealis. [Inter- 
national Scientific Series, Ixxxi.] 

8vo. London, I896 

ANGOULfiME, Marie Th^r^se Charlotte de 
Bourbon, duchesse d'. Memoires particuliers, 
formant avec I'ouvrage de Hue, et le journal de 
Clt5ry, I'histoire complete de la captivite de la 
famille royale a la tour du Temple. Troisifeme 

8vo. Paris, 1817 

ANGOULfiME, Charles de Valois, due d'. 

See Collection complete des m^moires [vol. xliv.]. 

ANGUILLARA, Giovanni Andrea dell'. 

See Ovidius Naso, P. Le Metamorfosi. Venice, 

ANGUIS in Herba : or, the fatal consequences of a 
treaty with France. 

8vo. London, 1711 

ANGUS, Joseph. 

Sir Adams, T. Works. Edinhmyh, I861. 

ANIMADVERSIONS on a late book [by John Locke] 
entituled the Reasonableness of Christianity a.s 
delivered in the Scriptures. 

4to. Oxfwd, 1697 

on Dr. Burnet's History of the rights of princes 

in the di.sposing of ecclesiastical benefices and 
church-lands. [By Thomas Comber.] 

4to. Ijondmi, 1682 

— on the last speech of William, Viscount Staflford, 
who was beheaded for high treason, Dec. 29th, 

fol. [Londcm,, 1681?] 

ANIMADVERSIONS on the late vindication. 

SecW. (W.) 

upon a book, intituled. Fanaticism fanatically 

imputed to the Catholick church by I)r. STii,LiNr^ 
FLEET, and the imputation refuted and retorted 
by S. C. By a Person of Honour [Edward 
Hyde, Earl of Clarendon.] 

8vo. London, 1673 

— — - upon Miin Heer Fagel's letter concerning our 
penal laws and tests ; with remarks upon that 

4to. London, 1688 

upon the modern explanation. 

Sec Collier, J. 

upon the present laws of England ; or, an essay 

to render them more useful to all his majesty's 

8vo. London, 1750 

— upon the Remonstrants. 

Sec Milton, John. 

ANNA MATILDA (pseud.). Sec British Album. 

ANNALES abbatiae Sancti - Petri Blandiniensis. 
Edidit R. D. F. voN DE Putte. [Societe d'Emu- 
lation de Bruges.] 

4to. Ghmf, 1842 


See Leyden. Academia Lugduno-Batava. 

Cambria. Edited by J. Williams ab Ithel. 

[Rolls Series, No. 20.] 

8vo. London, I860 

Cestrienses, or chronicle of the abbey of 

St. Werbui'g, at Chester. Edited by R. C. 
Christie. [Record Society, vol. xiv.] 

8vo. [Londo)i] 1887 

de Saint-Bertin et de Metz. 

See Collection des m^moires — Guizot [vol. iv.]. 

(Les) de Saint-Bertin et de Saint- Vaast, 

suivies de fragments d'une chronique in^dite, 
publi(5es avec des annotations par I'Abb^ C. 
Dehaisnes. [Soci(5t(5 de I'Histoire de France.] 

8vo. Paris, 1871 

Monastic!. Vol. i. — Annales de Margan, 

1066-1232; Annales de Theokesberia, 1066-1263 ; 
Annales de Burton, 1 004- 1 263. Vol. ii. — Annales 
monasterii de Wintonia, 519-1277 ; Annales 
monasterii de Wavorloia, 1-1291. Vol. iii. — 



Annales prioratus de Duiistixplia, 1-1297 ; Aiinales 
monasterii de Bermundeseia, 1 042- 1 4.'J2. Vol. 
iv. — Annales monasterii de Oseiieia, lOKi-l.'M.? ; 
Chronicon viilgo dictum Chronicon Thoma? 
Wykes, 106ti-I2.S<) ; Annales prioratus de 
Wigornia, 1-1377. Vol. v.— Index and glossary. 
Edited by H. R. Luard. [Rolls Series, No. :i(i] 
5 vols. 8vo. London, ISrtt-fi!) 

ANNALI letterari d'ltalia, 17.'i6-58. 

.S vols. 8vo. Modena, n6'2-6l 

ANNALIA Dubrensia, or celebration of Captain 
Robert Dover's Cotswold games [verses by 
various writers], (Ki.'Sli). Edited by A. B. 
Grosart. [Occasional issues, vol. iv. No. :>.] 

4to. [Mancliester] 1877 

ANNALS (The) of Loch Ce. A chronicle of Irish 
affairs, from 1 04 1 to 1 590. Edited, with a trans- 
lation, by W. M. Hennessy. [Rolls Series, 
No. 54.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1871 

of the Peninsular campaigns, 1808-14. [By 

Capt. T. Hamilton.] 

.3 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1829 

of philosophy, natural history, chemistry, 

literature, agriculture, and the mechanical and 
fine arts : for the year 1800 by T. Garnett, for 
1801 by several gentlemen. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1801-2 

of virgin saints, by a priest of the Ghuich of 

England [J. M. Neale]. 

8vo. London, 1846 


See Royal African. London [1720]. 

ANNE, Consort of Piince Edward of Bavaria. 
Si-c Qonzagues, A. de. 

ANNE, Queen of Great Britain. 
See Cambridge University. 
„ Parliament, House of Lords. 

A collection of all her majesty's speeches, 

messages, etc., from her happy accession to the 
throne to the twenty-first of June 1712. 

8vo. London, 1712 

Another edition. 

8vo. London, 1712 

Her Majesties most gracious letter to the 

Archbishop of Canterbury ; to be communicated 
by his Grace to the bishops of his province, 20 
August 1711. 

fol. London [nil] 

ANNE of Austria, Queen of France. 
For Life, »<; Freer, M. W. 

ANNESLEY, Alexander. Strictures on the true 

cause of the present alarming scarcity of grain 

and other provisions, and a plan for permanent 


8vo. London, 1800 

ANNET, Peter. 

/SVc Resurrection of Jesus. London, 1744. 

ANNIUS, Joannes. 

Sec Berosus, the Chaldean, pseud. Antiquitatum 
Italiae. Antwerp, 1552. 

Commentaria super opera diversorum auctorum 

de antiquitatibus loquentium [with the text]. 

fol. Euch. Silber. Rome, 1498 

ANNUAL (The) biography and obituary for the 
years 1817 to 1819- 

.'! vols. 8vo. London, 1817-19 

Register. [From 1758 onwards.] 

In jirogress. 8vo. Lotulon, 11 81 , etc. 

Review and history of Literature. [By 

Arthur Aikin.] 

7 vols. London, 1803-9 

ANNUS mirabilis. The year of prodigies and 
wonders, being a faithful and impartial collection 
of several signs that have been seen in the 
Heavens, in the Earth, and in the Waters, etc. 

4to. [London] l66l 

ANNUS mirabilis secundus. Or the second year 
of prodigies. 

2 parts. 4to. [London] 1662 

AHORBE Y CORREG^L, Tomas de. Comedia 
famosa, princesa, ramera y martir, Santa Afra. 

4to. Valencia, 1761 

ANOTHER letter to Mr. Almon in matter of libel. 

8vo. London, 1770 


See Sevin, F. Lettres sur Constantinople. 
Paris, 1802. 

ANQUETIL, Louis Pierre. Histoire de France, 

depuis les Gaulois jusqu'^ la mort de Louis xvi. 

10 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1817 

L'esprit de la Ligue, ou histoire politique des 

troubles de France pendant les xvi" et xvii" 


2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1818 



ANQUETIL, Louis Pierre. L'intrigue du Cabinet 
sous Henri IV. et Louis XIII., terminee par La 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1780 

Another edition. 

2 vols, in I. 8vo. Paris, 1819 

Louis XIV., sa cour et le regent. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1819 

Precis de I'histoire universelle. 

8 vols, in 4. 8vo. Paris, 1818 

ANQUETIL DUPERRON, Abraham Hyacinthe. 
Sec Bernoulli, J., the younger. Description . 
de rinde. Berlin, 1786-88. 

— L'Inde en rapport avec I'Europe : ouvi-age 
divis6 en deux parties ; la premifere, sur les 
int^rets politiques de I'lnde ; la deuxieme sur la 
commerce de cette contree. 

2 vols. 8vo. Hamburg, 1798 

— Legislation Orientale, ouvrage dans lequel, en 
montrant quels sont en Turque en Perse et 
dans rindoustan les principes fondamentaux du 
Gouvernement, on prouve que la manifere dont 
jusqu'ici on a represente le despotisme dans 
ces trois (?tats ne peut qu'en doniier une idee 

absolument fausse. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1778 

Oupnek'hat (id est Secretum tegendum) opus 

ipsa in India rarissimum, continens antiquam 
et arcanam seu theologicam et philosophicam 

2 vols. 4to. Strasburg, ISO I 

ANSEAUME, Nicolas. Theatre ou recueil des 
comedies, parodies, et opera-comiques. 

:i vols. 8vo. Paris, 17(i(i 

ANSELM, Saint, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
For Life, sec Eadmer. 

Opera : necnon Eadmcri Historia novorum : 

labore ac studio D. Gabuiklis Gerberon. 

fol. Paris, 1721 

ANSELME, de la Vierge Marie [Pierre de Qui 
bours]. Histoire gcnealogique et chronologique 
de la maison royale, des pairs, grands officiers, 
et barons de France : continuee par M. DU 
FouRNY, troisienie edition, revue par les soins du 
P. Ange [de Sainte-Kosalie, i.e. F. Kaffard], 
et du P. SiMl'LiCiEN [i.e. P. LucAS]. 

9 vols. fol. Paris, 1726-33 

ANSON, George, Baron. A voyage round the world, 

1740-44, by G. A., commander-in-chief of a 

squadron of his majesty's ships sent upon an 

expedition to the South Seas. Compiled liy 11. 


4to. London, 1748 

Twelfth edition. 

4to. IjOiulon, 1767 

ANSSE DE VILLOISON, Jean Baptiste Qaspard d'. 
Sec Villoison, J. B. G. d' A. de. 

ANSTED, David Thomas. Geology, introductory, 
descriptive, and practical. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1844 

ANSTEY, Christopher. 

Sec New Bath guide. Lnndnn, 1772. 
„ Priest dissected. Bath, 111^. 

Ad C. W. Bampfylde epistola poetica familiaris 

in qua continentur tabulae quinque ab eo ex- 
cogitatae quae personas repraesentant poematis 
cujusdam Anglicani cui titulus. An Election Ball. 

4to. Bath, 1776 

Poetical works : with some account of the life 

and writings of the author by his son, JoHN 

4to. London, 1808 

ANSTEY, Henry. 

(Sfcc Munimenta Academica. London, 1868. 

ANSTEY, John. 

Sec Anstey, C. Poetical works. London., 1808. 

ANSTIS, John. 

Sec Garter, Order of the. London, 1724. 

Letters to a Peer concerning the honour of 

Earl Marshall. 

Svo. London, 1706 

ANSWER returned to the letter. See F. (L.) 

(An) to a book [by John Milton] intituled, 

The doctrine and discipline of divorce : or, a 
plea for ladies and gentlewomen and all other 
maried women against divorce. 

4to. London, 1644 

to a book [by Dr. William King] intituled, 

The State of the Protestants in Ireland under 
the late King James's government. [By Charles 

4to. London, 1692 



ANSWER (An) to ;i discourse [by Abraliain Wood- 
head] concerning the celibacy of the clergy, 
printed at Oxford. [By George Tully.] 

4to. Oxfm-d, 1()8« 

— to a foolish pamphlet ontitiiled, 
Sectaries and Schismaticks,' put 
Taylor. [By Henry Walker.] 

4to. [LmuIoh. 

A swarnic of 
forth 1 )y J. 


— to a late pamphlet [by T, R.] called An Essay 
concerning critical and curious learning. 

8vo. London, I698 

— to a late pamphlet [Anon., but by Sir Michael 
Foster] entitled, ' An examination of the scheme 
of Church power laid down in the Codex juris 
Ecclesiastici Anglicani.' [By John Andrew.s.J 

8vo. London, 17.'i5 

— to a late pamphlet [by Zachary Taylor] 
entituled, Obedience and submission to the 
present government, demonstrated from Bishop 
Overall's Convocation-book. [By Thomas Wao 

4to. London, I69O 

See also Sherlock, W. A vindication, etc. London, 

Another edition. 

4to. Lojulon, 1690 

— to a late pamphlet [by Daniel Defoe] entitled, 
' The experiment ; or, the shortest way with the 
Dissenters exemplified,' being the case of Abraham 

4to. London, 1707 

— to a letter concerning trade, sent from several 
Scots gentlemen, that are merchants in England, 
to their countrymen that are merchants in Scot- 

4to. Edinburgh, 170(5 

— to a letter from a clergyman in the city, to hi.s 
friend in the country, containing his reasons for 
not reading the declaration. 

4to. [London] l638 

— to a letter to Dr. Burnet. 
S(ie Bumat, O. A collection of several tracts. 

— to a letter [by William Lloyd] to Dr. Sherlock, 
written in vindication of that part of Josephus's 
history which gives the account of Jaddus's 
submission to Alexander. [By Thomas Wag- 


4to. London, 1692 

ANSWER (An) to a letter to Mr. Hoadly entituled. 
Faith and oliedience, wherein the two arguments 
against the reasonableness of resisting supreme 
magistrates in any case whatever, are consider'd. 

8vo. London, 1711 

— to a letter written by a member of Parliament 
in the countrey, upon the occasion of his reading 
of the Gazette of the 11th of December l(i79. 

fol. [London, 168O] 

— to a pamphlet entitled. Considerations on the 
Bill to permit persons professing the Jewish 
religion to be naturalized. 

8vo. London., 1753 

— to a pamphlet [by Dr. Samuel Johnson] en- 
titled. Taxation no tyranny. Addressed to the 
author and to persons in power. 

8vo. London, 1775 

— to a printed book [by Henry Parker] intituled, 
Observations upon some of his majesties late 
answers and expresses. [By Dudley Digges.] 

4to. Oxfm-d, 1642 

— to a scandalous libel [by Philalethes Rusticus, 
i.e. William Asplin] entitled. The impertinence 
and imposture of modern antiquaries display'd : 
or, a refutation of the Rev. Mr. Wise's letter to 
Dr. Mead, concerning the White Horse, and 
other antiquities in Berkshire. [By George 

4to. London, 1741 

— to a short essay [by James Glenie] on the 
modes of defence best adapted to the situation 
and circumstances of this island. [By Charles 

8vo. London, 1785 

See also Reply to the Answer. 

— to a treatise out of ecclesiastical history trans- 
lated by H. Hody, and published under the title 
of. The unreasonableness of a separation from 
the new bishops, etc. [By Nathaniel Bisbie.] 

4to. London, 1691 

— to an invidious pamphlet [by William Smith] 
intituled, A biief state of the province of 
Pennsylvania. [By Cross.] 

8vo. London, 1755 

— to another letter from Legorn. See J. (P.) 

— to Considerations [by Sir Egerton Leigh] on 
certain political transactions of the province of 
South Carolina. 

8vo. London, 1774 



ANSWER (An) to Dr. Edmund Calamy's letter to 
Mr. Archdeacon Echard upon occasion of his 
History of England. 

8vo. London, 1718 

to Doctor Femes reply entitled, Conscience 

satisfied : especially to as much of it as concerned 
that answer to his treatise which went under the 
name of the Fuller answer. [By C. Herle.] 

4to. London, 1643 

to Dr. Sherlock's Case of allegiance to sovereign 

powers, in defence of the Case of allegiance to a 
king in possession. [By Thomas Brown, B.D.] 

4to. London, 169I 

to Dr. Sherlock's vindication of the Case of 

allegiance due to sovereign powers. [By Thomas 

4to. Lmulon, 1692 

to Henry Woodward, comedian, with some 

occasional remarks on the Greek and Roman 
stage. By the Earl of * * * *. 

8vo. London, 175.3 

• to John Gilpin's book, published in his name, 

from them who are called Quakers by the 
scorners. [With a preface signed Gervase 

4to. London, 1655 

to Mr. B[laco]w's apology, as it respects his 

king, his country, his conscience, and his God. 
By a student of Oxford. 

8vo. London, 1755 

to Mr. Clark's third defence of his letter to Mr. 

Dodwell. [By Anthony Collins.] 

8vo. London, 1711 

to Mr. Collier's defence of his absolution of Sir 

William Parkins, at the place of execution, which 
defence is printed at length and considered. 

4to. London, 1696 

to Mr. de Fontenelle's history of oracles, with 

a continuation [by J. Fk. Baltus]. Translated 
from the French. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 170.0-10 

— to Mr. Pope's preface to Shakespear, in a 
letter to a friend, by a stroling player [John 

8vo. London, 1729 

ANSWER(An) to one part of a late infamous libel 
[by John, Lord Hervey] intitled Kemarks on the 
Craftsman's vindication of his two honourable 
patrons, in which the character and conduct of Mr. 
P[ulteney] is fully vindicated. [By W. Pulteney 
or N. Amhurst.] 

8vo. London, 1731 

See also Letter to Mr. P. 

„ Observations on a pamphlet entitled 

An Answer, etc. 
„ Proper reply to Mr. P.'s answer. 

to several reasons humbly oflfered to the con- 
sideration of both houses of parliament, for the 
taking off the prohibition, and giving leave to 
the importation of Irish cattel. 

4to. Loudon, 1677 

— to Sir Robert Wilson's inquiry into the pre- 
sent state of the military force of the British 

8vo. London, 1805 

— to some exceptions. See Lewis, John. 

— to some papers lately printed concerning 
the authority of the catholick church in matters 
of faith, and the reformation of the Church of 
England. [By Edward Stillingfleet.] 

4to. London, I686 

See also Defence of the papers. 
„ Reply to the answer, etc. 

— to some queries concerning schism, toleration, 
etc., in a letter to a friend. [By Henry Gandy.] 

4to. London, 1700 

— to some queries in a paper [Anon., but by 
John Sladen] intituled, ' Reasons oflered against 
pushing for the repeal of the Corporation and 
Test Acts.' [By John Shute Barrington, 
Viscount Barrington.] 

8vo. London, 1732 

— to some queries. See Nayler, James. 

— to some queries, etc., relative to the Union : 
in a conference betwixt a coffee-master and a 
countrey -farmer. 

4to. [Edinburgh] 1706 

— to that part of Dr. Bi'ett's sermon which relates 
to the incapacity of persons not episcopally 
ordain'd to administer Chi'istian Baptism. [By 
Arthur Ashley Sykes, D.D.] 

8vo. London, 1712 



ANSWER (An) to the anonymous remarks on a letter 
from Warren llastitigs, Esq., to the Court of 

Svo. London, 1786 

to the Bishop of Comana's ( M. Cribson] pas- 
toral letter, by a protesting Catholic [Alex- 
ander Geddes]. 

Svo. London, 1790 

— to the bishop of Rochester's [Th. Spratt] first 
letter to the Earl of Dorset, etc., concerning the 
late ecclesiastical commission. 

4to. London, l68y 

— to the city ministers letter from his country 

4to. [London] 1688 

— to the considerations on the establishment of a 

Svo. London, 1788 

Fourth edition. 

Svo. London, 1788 

to the counter address of a pretended free 

citizen, humbly addressed to the lord mayor of 
Dublin by a true citizen. 

Svo. Dublin, 1766 

— to the country gentleman's letter to a member 
of Parliament. 

Svo. London, 1789 

— to the declaration of the American Congress. 

[By LiND.] 

Svo. London, 1 776 

Fifth edition. 

Svo. London, 1776 

— to the examiner's cavils against the barrier 
treaty of 1709, with the articles of the new 
barrier treaty. 

Svo. London, 1713 

— to the late K. James's last declaration, dated 
at St. Germains, April 17, s.n., 1693. [By James 

4to. London, 1693 

See also Reply to the answer. 

— to the letter from Amsterdam, of April the 1 8, 
l678, being found at Harwich, open'd, and 
carried to the magistrates of that place. 

4to. [London] 1678 

ANSWER (An) to the Letter to a Dissenter [signed 
T. W., but by (leorge Savile, Marquis of Halifax] 
detecting the many unjust insinuations which 
highly reflect on his majesty, as likewise many 
false charges on the Dissenters. 

4to. London, 16S9 

to the Letter to a friend, occasion'd by the 

presentment of the grand jury for the county of 
Middlesex of the author, printer, and publisher 
of a book intitled, The Rights of the Christian 
Church asserted, etc. 

4to. London, 1708 

to the observations on the papers relative to 

the rupture with Spain. 

Svo. London, 1762 

to the occasional writer. See Occasional writer. 

— to the paper delivered by Mr. Ashton at 
his execution to Sir Francis Child, together with 
the paper itself. [By Edward Stillingfleet 
or Edward Fowler.] 

4to. London, 1690 [\()t)\] 

— to the pretended reasons of some drapers, 
mercers, haberdashers, grocers, etc., against 
pedlars, hawkers, and petty chapmen, humbly 
oflFered to parliament. 

Single sheet, fol. London, 1675 

— to the pretended speech, said to be spoken 
off-hand in the house of commons, by one of the 
members for B[risto]l, and afterwards burnt by 
the common hangman. 

4to. Lmulon, l694 

— to the proclamation of the rebels of the north, 
1569. [A ballad.] [Newcastle Reprints, vi. 7.] 

Svo. Newcastle, 1843 

— to the protestation of the nineteen lords aganst 
[.sic] the rejecting of the impeachment of Mr. 

fol. London, l6Sl 

to the Reply to the supposed treasury pamphlet. 

Svo. London, 1785 

— to the strictures of the Quarterly Review 
(No. 4) upon the letters of the right hon. G. 
Canning to Earl Camden. 

Svo. London, 1810 

— to the vindication of the letter concerning the 
profession of the right reverend John [Lake], late 
lord bishop of Chichester. [By Dr. Wellwood.] 

4to. Oxford, 1690 



ANSWER (An) to three scurrilous pamphlets, en- 
titled The Jockey Club. 

8vo. Lmulm [1792] 

to Vox Cleri [anon., but by Thomas Long], etc., 

examining the reasons against making any 
alterations and abatements, in order to a com- 
prehension, and shewing the expediency thereof. 
[By William Payne.] 

4to. Lmidon, 169O 

ANTAPOLOGY (The) of the melancholy stander-by : 
in answer to the Dean of St. Paul's [William 
Sherlock] late book falsly stiled. An apology for 
writing against the Socinians. [By Edward 

4to. [London] 1693 

ANTE-NICENE Christian Library. Transla- 
tions of the writings of the Fathers down to 
A.D. 325. Edited by A. Roberts and J. 

24. vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1861-11 

The writings of the Apostolic Fathers. Trans- 
lated by A. Roberts, J. Donaldson, and 
F. Crombie. Vol. i. 1867. 

The writings of Justin Martyr and Athen- 
agoras. Translated by M. Dods, G. Reith, and 
B. P. Pratten. Vol. ii. 1867. 

The ^vritings of Tatian and Theophilus and 
the Clementine Recognitions. Translated by 
B. P. Pratten, M. Dods, and T. Smith. Vol. iii. 

The writings of Clement of Alexandria. 
Translated by William Wilson. Vols. iv. and 
xii. 1 867-69. 

The writings of Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyons. 
Translated by A. Roberts and W. H. Rambaut. 
Vols. V. and ix. 1 868-69. 

The refutation of all heresies by Hippolytus, 
bishop of Rome, with fragments of his com- 
mentaries on Scripture. Translated by J. H. 
Macmahon and S. D. F. Salmond. Vols. vi. 
and ix. 1 868-69. 

The five books of Tertullian against Marcion. 
Translated by Peter Holmes. Vol. vii. 1868. 

The writings of Cyprian, with his life by 
Pontius ; also the writings of Novatian and 
Minucius Felix. Translated by R. E. Wallis. 
Vols. viii. and xiii. I86S-69. 

The writings of Origen. Translated by F. 
Crombie. Vols. x. and xxiii. 1869-72. 

ANTE-NICENE Ohristian Library (cmtinued). 

The writings of Tertullian, wth the extant 
works of Victorinus and Commodianus. Trans- 
lated by S. Thelwall and P. Holmes. Vols, 
xi., XV., and xviii. 1869-70. 

The writings of Methodius, Alexander of 
Lycopolis, Peter of Alexandria, and several 
fragments. Translated by W. R. Clark and 
others. Vol. xiv. I869. 

Apocryphal Gospels, Acts, and Revelations. 
Translated by A. Walker. Vol. xvi. 1 870. 

Clementine homilies, with the Apostolical 
constitutions. Translated by T. Smith, P. Peter- 
son, and J. Donaldson. Vol. xvii. 1870. 

The seven books of Arnobius, Adversus 
Gentes. Translated by A. H. Bryce and Hugh 
Campbell. Vol. xix. 1871. 

The works of Gregory Thaumaturgus, Diony- 
sius of Alexandria, and Archelaus. Translated by 
S. D. F. Salmond. Syriac documents attributed 
to the first three centuries. Translated by B. P. 
Pratten. Vol. xx. 1871. 

The works of Lactantius. Translated by 
William Fletcher. Vols. xxi. and xxii. 1871. 

Liturgies and other documents. Translated by 
W. Macdonald and others. Vol. xxiv. 1 872. 

Additional volume, containing early Christian 
works discovered since the completion of the 
series, and selections from the commentaries of 
Origen. Edited by A. Menzies. 1897 

The Gospel of Peter. 

The Diatessaron of Tatian. 

The Revelation of Peter. 

The Vision of Paul. 

The Apocalypse of the Virgin. 

The Apocalypse of Sedrach. 

The Testament of Abraham. 

The Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena. 

The Narrative of Zosimus. 

The Epistles of Clement, completed from a MS. 
recently discovered. 

The Apology of Aristides the Philosopher. 

The Passion of the Scillitan martyrs. 

Origen's commentary on the Gospel of John. 

Origen's commentary on the Gospel of Matthew. 

ANTELMT, Pierre Thomas d'. 

&« Leasing, a. E. Fables. Paris [17 Si]. 



ANTES, John. Observations on the manners and 
customs of the Egyptians, the overflowing of the 
Nile and its eflects ; with remarks on the plague, 
and other subjects. 

4to. Lniidm, 1800 

ANTHINO, Friedrich. Versuch einer Kriegsge 
schichte des Grafen Alexander Suworow Rym- 

3 vols, in I. 8vo. Gotha, 17!)5-9J) 

Les campagiies du feldmarechal comte de 

Souworow Rymnikski. Traduit de I'Allemand 
par M. DE Serionne. 

3 vols. 8vo. Gotha, 1799 

ANTHOLOGIE Arabe. *« Humbert, J. P. L. 


Set: Neaves, C. The Greek Anthology. Edin- 
hurgh, 1890. 
„ Opsopoeus, V. In Graecorum Epigram- 
matum, lib. iv. Basle, 1540. 

Anthologia diversorum Epigrammatum Grae- 

4to. L. F dc Alopa. Florence, 1 4'94' 

Printed ou vellum. In the illuminated border round the 
second leaf occur the arms of Oardiual de Mcdicis, after, 
wards Pope Leo x. 

Anthologia Graeca ex recensione Brunckii : 

indices et commentarios adjecit F. Jacobs. 

12 vols in 10. 8vo. Leipzig, 11 9'i^- 1 H03 

— Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum in vii. 
libros distinctum. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1503 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 

8vo. Heirs of Ph. Junta. Florence, 1519 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1521 

8vo. Badius. [Paris] 1531 

— Epigrammatum Graecorum libri vii. : annota- 
tionibus Joannis Brodaei. [Edited by S. 

fol. Froben. Basle, 1549 

Bed morocco, stamped with gilt fleurs de lis. 

— Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum in vii. 
libros distinctum. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1550 

ANTHOLOOIA Graeca. P'lorilegium diversorum 
epigrammatum in septem libros distinctum : 
CVi. nonnulla nuper inventa epigrammata in fine 
adjecta, cum indice. 

8vo. P. and J. M. Nicolinus. Venice, 1550 

Florilegium diversorum epigrammatum vete- 

rum, in septem libros divisum : Graece. Edidit 
H. Stephanus. 

4to. H. Steplmnus. [Paris] 1566 

Epigrammata Graeca selecta ex Anthologia 

interpretata ad verbum et carmine ab H. 
Stephano, quaedam et ab aliis : Gr. et Lat. 

8vo. H. Steplmmis. [Paris] 1570 

Epigrammatum Graecorum, annotationibus 

J. Brodaei, necnon V. Opsopoei, et scholiis 
illustratorum libri vii. 

fol. Heirs of A. IVccM. Frankfort, l600 

Pigskin, with the arms of Leyden University. 

Florilegium omnium veterum Graecorum 

poetarum epigrammatum in septem libros divi- 
sum. Gr. et Lat., interprete Eilhardo Lubino. 
4to. Commslin. [Heidelberg] l604 

— Anthologiae Graecae a Constantino Cephala 
coiiditae libri tres. Gr. et Lat., cum notis. 
[Edited by J. J. Reiske.] 

8vo. Leipzig, 1754 

— Another edition. 

8vo. Oxford, 1766 

— Analecta veterum poetarum Graecorum. 
Edidit R. F. P. Brunck. Graece. 

3 vols. 4to. Strasburg, 1772-76 

— Anthologia Grseca cum versione Latina 
HuGONis Grotii. Edita ab Hieronymo de 

5 vols. fol. Utrecht, 1795-1822 

— Epigrammata ex libris Graecae Anthologiae 
a Q. Septimio Florente selecta et Latine versa : 
accessit Musabi poematium versibus ab eodem 

8vo. Paris, l608 

— Sepulcralia carmina ex anthologia Graecorum 
epigrammatum delecta. Gr. et Lat. : accedunt 
ad Graecas Muratorii inscriptiones novae emenda- 
tiones. Edidit J. H. Leichius. 

4to. Leipzig, 1745 

— Translations chiefly from the Greek anthology, 
with tales and miscellaneous poems. [By R. 
Bland and J. H. Merivale.] 

8vo. London, 1806 



ANTHOLOGIA Graeca. Anthologia polyglotta: a 
selection of versions in various languages chiefly 
from the Greek anthology. By Henry Wel- 


8vo. London, 184g 

Raccolta di varj epigrammi divisa in sette libri. 

Gr. et Ital. 

fi vols. fol. Ncqjles, 1788-9fi 

Epigrammi volgarizzati dal Greco da G. M. 

Pagnini. [Parnaso de' poeti classici, torn, xiii.] 

8vo. Venice, 179.'' 

ANTHOLOGIA Latina. Petri Burmanni junioris 
specimen novae editionis anthologiae Latinae et 
animadversionum ad epigrammata et catalecta 
veterum poetarum Latinorum prodromus. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1747 

Anthologia veterum Latinorum epigrammatum 

et poematum sive catalecta poetarum Latinorum : 
primum a Jo.sepho Scaligero, P. Pithoeo, 
aliisque colligi incepta, nunc locupletata cura 
P. Burmanni secundi. 

2 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1759-73 

ANTHOLOGIA Persica, sea selecta e diversis 
Persis auctoribus exempla in Latinum translata. 
[Edited by Ignat. Sturner.] 

4to. Vienna, 1778 

ANTICHRIST. Die Endkrist. [The life of anti- 

fol. German [1460] 

A Block-book. 

Another edition. 

fol. [Knohlochzer. Sirasburg, 1480] 

ANTICIPATION : containing the substance of his 
m[ajest]y's most gracious speech to both h[ouse]s 
of p[ar]l[iamen]t, on the opening of the present 
session. [By Richard Tickell.] 

8vo. London, 1778 

containing the substance of his m[ajest]y's 

most gracious speech to both h[ouse]s of p[ar]- 
l[iamen]t, on the opening of the approaching 
session : with a full account of the debate which 
will take place. [By Richard Tickell.] 

8vo. London, 1778 

ANTI-COTTON, L'. See Easiel de Selva, H. 

ANTIDOTE (An) against an infectious aire : or, a 
reply of wel-vvishers unto the good and peace of 
this kingdome, unto the declaration of 1 1 Feb. 
1 ()47. 

4to. [Londmi] 1647 

ANTIDOTE (An) against the present fears and 
jealousies of the nation. 

4to. London, 167!) 

(The) or an enquiry into the merits of a book 

[by Jean Chappe d'Auteroche] entitled A 
journey in Siberia, made in I76l. [Attributed 
to the Countess Daschkof.] 

Svo. London, 1772 

(L'). Par un sujet de sa majeste britannique. 

Svo. London, 1804 

ANTIENT (The) and present state of military law 
in Great Britain consider'd : in four letters to a 
friend in the country. 

8vo. London, 1749 


See Historiarum mirabilium auctores. Leyden, 

—— Historiarum mirabilium collectanea, Gr. et 

Lat., J. Meursius recensuit et notas addidit. 

4to. /. Elzevir. Leyden, I619 

ANTI-JACOBIN (The), or Weekly Examiner, 20 
Nov. 1797 to 9 July 1798. [With prospectus. 
Edited by W. Gifford.] 

fol. London, 1797-98 

Poetry of the Anti-Jacobin. 

4to. London, 1801 

ANTI-LEVELLING Songster (The). Number 1. 

8vo. London, 1793 

ANTI-MACHIAVELL ; or, honesty against policy, 
an answer to that vain discourse, The case of the 
kingdome stated. 

4to. [Lrnidoh] 1647 

ANTIN, Louis-Antoine, due d'. 

See Soci6t6 de Bibliophiles Frangais. Melanges, 
vol. ii. 

ANTINE, Maur Frangois d'. 

See Art de vdrifler les dates. Paris, 1783. 

ANTIPHON, the Orator. 

Sec Oratores Graeci. Venice, 1513, etc. 

Oratorum Graeciae praestantissimorum Anti- 

phontis, Andocidis, et Isaei orationes xxx., 
interprete Alphonso Miniato. [Greek and 

Svo. Hanau, 1619 

ANTIPHONER. Antiphonarium secundum usum 
Sarum, pars Aestivalis. 

fol. Wolfgang Hoi)yl. Paris, 1520 



ANTIQUAE Hojorum gloriae sepulchrum el rocentis 
it;iioniini:ui tlicatnim : sive helium bieiiiwile Boio- 
Suevicum Maxiniiliani duels Bavariae, descriptum 
a quodam victricis aquilae pullo. 

4to. [Leipzig] 1705 

inscriptiones quum Graecac, turn Latinac, olim 

a Marquardo Gudio collectae, nuper a J. 
KoOLio digestae, nunc a Fr. Hesselio editae 
cum notis. 

fol. Lecuwarden, 17ol 

ANTIQUARIAN and topographical cabinet, con- 
taining a series of views in Great Britain, with 

10 vols, in 5. 8vo. London, hSOT-ll 

(The) repertory, a miscellaneous assemblage 

of topography, history, biography, customs, and 
manners : chiefly compiled by Fkancis Grose, 
Thomas Astle, and others. 

4 vols. 4to. London, \ 801 -[) 


ANTIQUITATES Americanse sive scriptores sep- 
tentrionales rerum ante-Columbianarum in 
America. Edidit Societas Regia Antiquariorum 
Septentrionalium. [Edited by C. C. Rafn.] 

4to. Copenhagen, 1837 

Sarisburienses : i. a dissertation on the antient 

coins found at Old Sarum : II. the Salisbury 
ballad : III. the history of Old Sarum : iv. 
historical memoirs relative to New Sarum : 

V. lives of the bishops of Old and New Sarum : 

VI. lives of eminent men, natives of Salisbury. 
[By Edward Ledwich.] 

8vo. Salisbury, 1771 

ANTIQUITATUM liturgicarum arcana. [By Floris 


2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Dovay, l605 

Greeu morocco, with the arms of De Thou. 

ANTIQUITY (L') des tems retablie et defendue 
contre les juifs et les nouveaux chronologistes. 
[Par Paul Pezron.] 

4to. Paris, 1 687 

ANTIQUITIES (The) of Herculaneum. Translated 
from the Italian by Thomas Martyn and John 
Lettice : vol. i. containing the pictures. [No 
more published.] 

1 vol. in 2 parts. 4to. London, HIS 

ANTIQUITIES (The) of Palmyra, containing the 
history of the city and its emperors : with ap- 
pendix and commentary on the inscriptions 
lately found there. [By Ab. Seller]. 

8vo. Lmidon [1696] 

of Russia [text in Russian]. 

1 vol. 4to, fi vols, in 7 fol. Moscow, 1849 

(The) of S. Peter's, or the abbey-church of 

Westminster. By J[oDocu.s] C[rull]. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, n 15-22 


Sec Oratores Graeci. Venice, \h\3, etc. 
„ Socratis Epistolae. Paris, ]6.')7. 

ANTITORTOR Bellarminianus. Tonsura Gor- 
doniana. [By G. Steingel]. 

4to. Ingolstadt, 161I 

Red morocco, with the amis of Jean Bai)tiste Colbert. 

ANTIVIGILMI, Cornelio Aspasio, pseud, i.e. 
Angelico Aprosio. La Biblioteca Aprosiana, 
Passatempo Autunnale. 

12mo. Bologna, 1673 

ANTOINE, A. Les animaux celebres ; anecdotes 
historiques sur des traits d'intelligence, d'adresse, 
de courage, de bonte, d'attachement, de recon- 
naissance, etc., des animaux de toute espfece, 
depuis le lion jusqu'a I'insecte. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1813 

ANTON, Robert. Vices anotimie scourged and 
corrected in new satirs. 

4to. B. Alsop for R. Jacksan. Lorulon, I6l7 

ANTONINI, Annibale. Dictionnaire italien, latin 
et fran9ois : et fran^ois, latin et italien. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1752 

ANTONINUS, Augustus. 

Sec Aethicus. Cosmographia. Basle, 1575. 
„ Mela, P. 

Itinerarium. [Edited by G. ToRiNUS.] 

l6mo. H. Stephanus. Paris, 1512 

— Iter Britanniarum commentariis illustratum 
Thomae Gale. Edidit R. G[ale], aceessit 
anonymi Ravennatis Britanniae chorographia. 

4to. London, 1709 

— A commentary on his itinerary or journies of 
the Roman empire, so far as it concerneth 
Britain, by William Burton, with a choro- 
graphicall map. 

fol. London, 1658 



ANTONINUS, Augustus. Vetera Romanorum 
itineraria, sive Antonini August! itinerarium, 
cum notis : itinerarium Hierosolymitanum : 
et Hieroclis grammatici Synecdemus : curante 
Petro Wesselingio. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1735 

ANTONINUS Liberalis. 

iS'cr Bast, F. J. Epistola critica. Leipzig, 1 80g. 
„ Scriptores antiqui historiae poeticae. 

Transfoimatioiium congeries, Gr. et Lat., inter- 

prete G. Xylandro, T. Munckerus recensuit. 
12mo. Amsterdam, 1676 

Another edition. Gr. et Lat., Abr. Ber- 

KELius emendavit. 

12mo. Leyden., 1699 

Another edition. Gr. et Lat., interprete 

GuiLiELMO Xylandro, cum T. Munckeri notis 
quibus suas adjecit H. Verheyk. 

8vo. Leyden, 1774 

of Florence. Confessionale. 

4to. G. Laver. Borne, 1472 

Another edition. 

fol. Bart. [Cremone7isis. Venice], 1473 

Confessionale volgare, intitolato Specchio di 


8vo. [B. Azzoguidi-I Bologna, 1472 

— Confessionale volgare, intitolato Medicina 
deir anima. 

4to. [B. Azzoguidi.] Bologna, 1475 

— Confessionale volgare, intitolato Specchio di 

4to. Apud S. Jacobum de Ripoli. 
Florerbce, 1477 

— Another edition. 

4to. J. Adam de Polonia. Na])les, 1478 

— Another edition. 

4to. [1485] 

Trattato, intitolato Curam illius habe. 

4to. F. di Dim. Florence, 1481 

ANTONINUS, Marcus Annius Verus. 
See Aurelius Antoninus, M. 

ANTONINUS, Marcus Paulus, pseud, i.e. Johann 
Jacoh .Schmauss Confutatio dubiorum quae 
contra schediasma Halense do concubinatu mota 

4to. Siraslmrg, 1714 

A.NTONIO de Lebrixa. See Nebrissensis, A. 

ANTONIO, Nicolas. Bibliotheca Hispana vetus : 
curante F. Perezio Bayerio, qui et prologum et 
auctoris vitae epitomen et notulas adjecit. 

2 vols. fol. Madrid, 1788 

Bibliotheca Hispana nova ; sive Hispanorum 

scriptorum qui ab anno 1500 ad l684 floruere 
notitia. [Edited by T. A. Sanchez, J. A. 
Pellicer, and R. Casalbon.] 

2 vols. fol. Madrid, 1788 

ANTONIUS Godellus, episcopus Grassensis. An 
elogii Aureliani scriptor idoneus, idemque utrum 
poeta. [By Francois Vavasseur, S.J.] 

8vo. Constance, 1650 

ANTONIUS Luschus. 

»S'cc Nicolaius, N. G. Poemata. Leyden, lQl2. 

ANTONIUS, Marcus, Cardinal. 

See Abd Isu. De sacro concilio. Riva, 1562. 

ANTONIUS Monachus. 

See StobaeuB, J. Sententiae. I609. 

ANTONY [de Bourbon], King of Navarre. Lettres 
d'Antoine de Bourbon et de Jehanne d'Albret, 
publi^es par le M'" de Rochambeau. [Societe 
de I'Histoire de France.] 

8vo. Paris, 1877 

ANTBAIGUES, Emmanuel Louis Henri de Launay, 
comte d'. 

/See Polybius. Traduction d'un fragment. London, 

ANUGItA. See Bhagavadglta. 


See Compendium totius grammaticae. Deventer, 

ANVILLE, Jean Baptists Bourguignon d'. 
See Notice des ouvrages. Paris, 1802. 

— Analyse de la carte, intitule Les C6tes de la 
Gr6ce et TArchipel. 

4to. Paris, 1757 

— Analyse geographique de ITtalie. 

4to. Paris, 1744 

— The preface and introduction to the analysis 
of Italy : in which is laid down the plan of a 
new system or body of geographical maps : 
translated from the French. 

4to. Londim [1745 1] 


ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'. An 

tiquit^ geographique de I'lnde et de pliisieurs 
aiitres contr^es de la Haute Asia. 

4to. I'aiis, 1775 

Atlas de 50 cartes. 

fol. Paris, 1743-80 

— Considerations gdn^rales sur I'^tude et les con- 
noissances que demande la composition des 
ouvrages de geographic. 

8vo. Paris, 1777 

— Dissertation sur I'etendue de Tancieiine Jtnu- 
salem et de son temple, et sur les mesures 
Hebraiques de longueur. 

8vo. Paris, 1 7 1'7 

— £claircissemens geographiques sur I'ancienne 
Gaule, prec^di^s d'un traite des mesures itin^- 
raires des Komains et de la lieue Gauloise. 

12mo. Paris, 1741 

— Eclaircissements geographiques sur la carte de 

4to. Paris, 1753 

— Jj'empire de Russie, son origine et ses accrois- 

12mo. Paris, 1772 

— L'empire turc considere dans son etablissement 
et dans ses accroissemens successifs. 

12mo. Paris, 1772 

— £tats formes en Europe apres la chute de 
l'empire romain en Occident. 

4to. Paris, 1771 

L'Euphrate et le Tigre. 

4to. Paris, 1779 

Geograpbie ancienne abregee. 

3 vols. 12mo. Pan's, 1768 

— Lettre au R. P. Castel, jesuite, au sujet des 
pays de Kamtchatka et de Je^o : et r(5ponse du 
R. P. Castel. 

12mo. [Paris] 1737 

— M^moire [sur la vallee de Tempe]. 

8vo. Paris, 1779 

— M^moire sur la mer Caspienne. 

4to. Paris, Mil 

— M6moire sur les cartes, ins^r^es dans I'Duvrage 
de Duhalde sur la Chine. 

8vo. Paris, 1776 

ANVILLE, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'. M6moires 
.sur I'Kgypte ancienne et moderne, suivis d'une 
description du Golfe Arabique ou de la Mer 

4to. Paris, 1766 

Mesure conjecturale de la terra sur I'^quateur, 

en consequence de I'etendue de la mer du sud. 

12mo. Paris, 1736 

Notice de I'ancienne Gaule tiree des monumens 


4to. Paris, 1760 

-—— Proposition d'une mesure de la terre, dont il 
n'sulte une diminution considerable dans sa 
circonf6rence sur les paralleles. 

12mo. Paris, 1735 

Reponse au memoire centre la mesure conjec- 
turale des degrez de I'equateui-. 

12mo. [Paris] 1738 

Traite des mesures itineraires anciennes et 


8vo. Paris, 1769 

See Carmina novem illustrium feminarum. 
Antwerp, 1568. 
,, Poetriarum octo. Hamburg, 1734. 

APAFI, Michael, Prince of Transylvania. The 
declaration of the Hungarian war, lately sent out 
by the most illustrious M. A. against the Em- 
perour's S. majesty. [Latin and English.] 

fol. Lmidon, 1682 

&e Aesop. Fabellae. 1524. 
„ Rhetores Graeci. Venice, 1508-9. 
„ Fabulae variorum auctorum. Frankfort, l66o. 

Preludia : et Hermogenis Rhetorica. [Edited 

by B. Di GiUNTA.] 

8vo. Ph. Junta. Florence, 1515 

Red morocco, .stamped with the initials A. A. R. (A. A. Renouard.) 

Aphthonius, Hermogenes, and Dionysius 

Longinus, artis Rhetorices magistri. Edidit 
Franciscus Portus. 
2 vols, in 1. 8vo. /. Crispin. [Geneva] 1569-70 

Progymnasmata : Francisco Scobario inter- 

prete, cum notis Hadamarii. Eiusdem A. 
fabulae, nunc primum prolatae. [Greek and 

12mo. Hier. Commelin. [Heidelberg] 1597 

Another edition. 

l6mo. Paris, 1623 



APHTHONIUS Sophista. Progymnasmata. [Edited 
by D. Heinsius. Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Leyden, 1626 

Another edition. Graece, cum versione Latina 

et explicatione facta a Burchardo Harbart. 

Svo. Leipzig, l629 

Another edition. Partim a Rodolpho Agri- 
cola, partim k Johanne Maria Catanaeo, 
Latinitate donata. Novissima editio. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1645 

Another edition. 

12mo. IFesel, 1670 

APIANUS, Petrus. Cosmographia per Gemmam 
Fki.sium ab omnibus vindicata mendis et aucta. 
4to. G. Bontius. Antwerp, 1550 

and AMANTIUS, Bartholomaeus. Inscrip 

tiones sacrosanctae vetustatis non illae quidem 
Romanae sed totius fere orbis. 

fol. Ingolstadt, 1534 

APICIUS, Coelius. In re quoquinaria. [Edited by 

A. MOTA.] 

4to. Gf-uilermws Signerre. Milan, 1498 

De re coquinaria. Suetonius Tranquillus de 

Claris grammaticis. Suetonius Tranquilhis de 
Claris rhetoribus. [Edited by B. Lancilotus.] 
4to. B. Vemtus. Venice [1498] 

De opsoniis et condimentis sive arte coquinaria, 

libri decern : cum notis M. Lister. 

Svo. London, 1705 

De opsoniis et condimentis, sive arte coquinaria 

libri X. : cum notis M. Lister. Editio secunda. 
[Edited by T. J. Ameloveen.] 

Svo. Amsterdam, 1709 

APOCALYPSIS S. Joliannis. [A series of woodcuts 
with engraved text, illustrating the principal 
events of the apocalypse.] 

fol. [Germany] 

A block-book. 

Another edition. 

fol. [Germany] 

A block-book. In a stnnipcil binding, dated 1407. 

The Apocalypse of S. John the Divine, repre- 
sented by figures leproducod in facsimile from a 
MS. in the Bodleian Library. [Roxburghe Club, 

4to. London, 1876 

Printed on vulluni. 

APOLLINARIUS, of Laodicea. 
See Bible, Greek. 0. T., Psalms. 

APOLLODORUS Atheniensis. 

See Scriptores antiqui historiae poeticae. London, 

Bibliothecae libri tres, recensiti cum notis a C. 

G. Heyne : cum commentatione de A. argumento 
et consilio operis, et cum A. fragmentis. 

4 vols. Svo. Gottingen, 1782-8,'i 

Bibliothecae libri tres et fragmenta. Curis 

secundis recensuit C. G. Heyne. 

2 vols. Svo. GMinyen, 1803 

Bibliotheees sive de deorum origine, tarn 

Graece quam Latine, annotationibus illustrati et 
nunc primum editi, libri tres, Benedicto Aegio 

Svo. A. Bludus. Home, 1555 

Another edition. H. Commelianus recensuit. 

[Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Exoff. C'ommeliniana. [Heidelberg] 1599 

Bibliothfeque, traduction nouvelle avec le texte 

grec revu, des notes et une table par E. Clavier. 
2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1805 

APOLLODORUS Damascenus. 

See Veterum mathematicorum opera. Paris, 

APOLLONIUS, Alexandrinus, Dyscolus. 

See Gaza, T. Introd. grammatices. Venice, 
„ Historiarum mirabilium auctores. Leyden, 

„ Maittaire, M. Graecae linguae. The Hague, 

Historiae commentitiae liber, J. Meursius 

recensuit et commentarium addidit. [Greek and 
Latin.] [Supposititious work.] 

4to. /. Elzevir. Leyden, 1620 

Historiae commentitiae liber, sive historiae mira- 

biles, cum notis GuL. Xylandri et J. Meursii. 
Edidit L. H. Teucherus. [Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Leipzig, 1792 

APOLLONIUS Pergaeus. De sectione Rationis libri 
duo, ex Arabico manuscripto Latine versi ; acce- 
duiit ejusdeni de Sectione Spatii libri duo resti- 
tuti ; opera et studio E. Halley. 

Svo. Oxford, 1706 



APOLLONIUS Pergaeiis. Coiiicomm lil)ii octo et 
Seieni Aiitissensis de sectioiie cylindri et coni, 
libri duo. Edidit E. Halleius. [Greek and 

fol. Oxford, 1710 

Conicorum, lib. v., vi., vii. et Archimedis 

Assumptonim liber. [Latin.] 

fol. Florence, 166I 


Sec Antaud, G. d'. Leetionum Graecaruni. The 
Hiujue, iT.'iO. 
„ Poetae Graeci veteres. Geneva, 1606. 
„ Valerius Flaccus, C. Ai-gonautica. 152^. 


4to. F. de Alupa. Florence, I49(i 

Priuted ou vellum. 

— Argonautica, cum commentariis. [Edited by 


8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1521 

Another edition. 

8vo. [Paris] l.'")41 

— Argonautica, cum scholiis. Edidit H. Ste- 


H. Siephanus. [Paris'] l.'j74 

— Argonautica, cum notis. Edidit R. F. P. 

4to. Strashirg, 1780 

— Argonauticorum, libri iv. ab Jeremia IIoelz- 
LiNO in Latinum conversi. [Greek and Latin.] 
8vo. Elzevir. Leyden, lb"41 

— Argonauticorum, libri iv. : cum notis. Edidit 
J. Shaw. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Ocfurd, Mil 

— Argonauticorum, libri quatuor, Graece, cum 
versione Latina, scholiis, commentario. Edidit 
C. D. Beckius. Vol. i. [No more published.] 

8vo. Leipzig, 1797 

— L' Argonautica tradotta ed illustrata [by 
L. Fl.\ngini.] [Greek and Italian.] 

2 vols. 4to. i^tWK, 1791-94 

— The Argonautics. Translated into English 
verse, with notes, by William Preston. 

3 vols. 12mo. Dublin, 180ii 

— L'exp^dition des Argonautes : poeme traduit 
en Frantjais par J. J. A. Caussin. 

8vo. Paris, 1801 

APOLLONIUS Sophista. Lexicon graecum Iliadia 
et Odysseae, Acccdunt Philemonis grammatici 

2 vols. fol. Paria, \ll:i 


See Epistolae graecae. Venice, 1499. 
,, Phalaris. Epistolae. 1498. 

APOLLONIUS Tyrius. Narratio eorum quae 
contigerunt Apollonio Tyrio. [Edited by M. 

4to. Awjshiirg, l.')95 

APOLLONIUS, Petrus. Excidii Jerosolymitani 
libri iv., nunc secundo editi opera A. Vander 


8vo. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1 586 

APOLOGIA de gli academici di banchi di Roma 
contra M. Lodovico Castelvetro, in forma d'uno 
spaccio di Maestro Pasquino, con alcune operette, 
del Predella, del Buratto, di Ser Fedocco in 
difesa de la seguente canzone d'Annibal Caro. 

4to. Setk Viottu. Parnui., IS.IS 

della canzone heroica del Sig. Christoforo 

Ferrari intitolata La Roccella espugnata. 

4to. F. Baba. Venice, I629 

senatus Imperialis et liberae civitatis Coloniae 

Agrippinae adversus calumnias anonymi cujus- 
dam seriptoris Gallici. 

4to. Cologne, 161I 

Red morocco, with the arms of Jean Baptiste Colbert. 

APOLOGIE d'Homere et bouclier dAchille. [By 
Jean Boivin.] 

12mo. Paris, 1715 

— generale de I'institut et de la doctrine des 

J^suites. Seconde edition. [By J. A. J. G^rutti.] 

8vo. Soleure, 1163 

— ou defense de I'honorable sentence et tres juste 
execution de defuncte Marie Steuard derniere 
Royne d'Ecosse. Le tout traduit d'Anglois [of 
M. Kyffin] en Fran9ois. Imprime nouvelle 

8vo. [London] 1588 

— pour les catholiques, contre uii livre [anon., but 
by Pierre Jurieu] intitule. La politique du cleige. 
[By Antoine Arnauld.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Liige, 1681-82 

— pour les Chartreux que la persecution excit^e 
contre eux au sujet de la bulle Unigenitus a 
obligez de sortir de leurs monasteres. 

4to. Amsterdam 1725 



APOLOGY against a pamphlet. See Milton, J. 

(An) for a late resignation, in a letter from an 

English gentleman to his friend at the Hague. 
[By P. D. Stanhope, Earl of Chesterfield.] 

8vo. London [1748] 

for Lollard doctrines, attributed to Wicliffe. 

Now first printed from a manuscript in the 
library of Trinity College, Dublin. With an 
introduction and notes by J. H. Todd. [Camden 
Society, vol. xx.] 

4to. Lmulun, 1842 

for the ancient right and power of the bishops 

to sit and vote in Parliament. [By Jeremy 

4to. Lmdm, l660 

for the Believers. See Chalmers, O. 

— for the Church of England, in a letter to 
the author of the Enquiry into the causes of the 
decay of the Dissenting interest. 

8vo. Lmdm, 1732 

— for the clergy of the Church of England, 
touching their claim of spiritual powers, as 
derived from Christ. [By T. Sherlock.] 

8vo. London, 1734 

— for the conduct of a late celebrated second-rate 
minister (Mr. W n) [i.e. the Right Hon. T. 

Winnington] from 1729 till his death in 1746. 
Written by himself. [A forgery.] 

8vo. London [1747] 

— for the conduct of the present administi'ation, 
as to foreign affairs generally, but particularly 
with regard to France. 

8vo. London, 1744 

— for the naturalization of the Jews : by a true 

8vo. London, 1753 

for the Welch Knight, and a view of the 

principles and present dissensions between the 
chiefs of the Broadbottoms : a late dialogue. 

8vo. London, 1745 

APOPHTHEQMATA (Jraeca regum et ducum, etc., 
ex Plutarcho et Diogene Laertio. Edidit H. 
Stephanus. [Greek and Latin.] 

12mo. //. Steplmnm. [Paris] 1568 

APOSTOLIC Fathers. See Patres Apostolici. 


/See Patrick, S. Clavis Homerica. Lon/lmi, mi. 


8vo. Hervagius. Bask, 1538 

Proverbiorum centuriae xxi. ex optimis auctori- 

bus Graecis collectae. Item patriarchae Gregorii 
Cyprii proverbia. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Elzevir. Leijden, 1653 

APPEAL from the new to the old Whigs. 
See Bnrke, Bight Hon. E. 

(An) from the Protestant Association to the 

people of Great Britain, concerning the probable 
tendency of the late act of Parliament in favour 
of the Papists. 

8vo. London, 1779 

to all Protestant kings, princes, and states : 

concerning the apparent danger of the Protestant 
religion, and the great decay of its interest in 

4to. London, 1700 

to common reason and candor, in behalf of a 

Review : submitted to the serious consideration 
of all unprejudiced members of the Church of 
England, with a word concerning some late 
Remarks upon the Free and candid disquisitions. 
2 parts in 1. 8vo. London, 1750-51 

to common sense, or striking remarks on the 

conduct of l[ieutenan]t-g[enera]l Bl[i]gh and 
c[ommodo]re lord H[ow]e in the late expedition 
on the coast of France. By an old officer. 

8vo. London [1758] 

to Protestant charity and English justice. 

8vo. London, 1813 

— to the candour and justice of the people of 
England in behalf of the West India merchants 
and planters. 

8vo. Lmdm, 1792 

— to the common sense, common honesty, and 
common piety of the laity, in respect to the 
payment of tythe, etc. 

8vo. London, 1744. 

— to the justice and interests of the people of 
Great Britain, in the present disputes with 
America. [By Arthur Lee.] 

8vo. London, 1774 

Another edition. 

Svo. London, 1776 



APPEAL (A Second) to the justice and interests of 
the people, on the measures respecting America. 
[By Arthur Lee.] 

8vo. Londnu, 1775 

— (An) to the hind holders concerning the reason- 
ableness and general benefit of an excise upon 

tobacco and wine. 

8vo. Lomhii, 1733 

— to the public in behalf of George Johnstone, 
Esq., governor of West Florida, in answer to 
the North Briton E.xtraordinary. 

8vo. London, ITfi.'i 

— to the public in behalf of Nicholas Tomlinson, 
Esq., a. captain in the navy. 

8vo. London, 1810 

to the sense of the people, on the present 

posture of affairs. 

8vo. London, 1756 

to the World ; or, a vindication of the town 

of Boston, from many false and malicious asper- 
sions contained in certain letters and memorials, 
■\vi-itten by Governor Bernard, General Gage, 
and others. 

8vo. London, 1770 

APPEARANCE is against them : a farce in two acts. 
[By Elizabeth Inchbald.] 

8vo. London, 1785 

APPELLATIO. Parisiensis ecclesiae et universitatis 
appellationes ab impositione decimarum ad 
Concilium generale. 

fol. [Antoine Caillaut. Paris] l^gi 

APPIAN. See Polybius. Paris, 1634. 

Romanarum historiarum, Celtics, Libyca vel 

Carthaginiensis, Illyrica, Syriaca, Parthica, 
Mithridatica, civilis, quinque libris distincta : 
cura ac diligentia C. Stephani. [Greek.] 

fol. C. Slephanus. Paris, 1551 

Red morocco, with the arms of J. A. de Thou. 

Romanae historiae : cum notis H. Stephani. 

APPIAN. Romanarum historiarum quae supersunt 
recensuit J. Schweighaeuser. [Greek and 

.3 vols. 8vo. Jjdpzig, 1785 

De bellis civilibus Romanis. 


Decembrio interprete. [Latin.] 

fol. V. de Spira. Venice, 1472 

Another edition. 
2 vols. 4to. B. Pidor, E. liatdoU, P. Loslein. 

Venice, 1477 

[Greek and Latin.] 

fol. E. Stephanus. [Paris] 1592 

Calf, with the arms of James I. 

— Romanarum historiarum partes duae : Alex. 
ToLLius textum emendavit et H. Stephani 
notas adjecit. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Amslerdam, 1670 

— Histoire des guerres civiles de la r6publiqvie 
romaine. Traduite du texte grec, par J. J. 


3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

— Delle guerre civili de Romani, tradotta da M. 
Alessandro Braccio. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. P. de N. de Sabio. 

Venice, 1538 

— Delle guerre civili et esterne de Romani, 
tradotta da Aj^essandro Braccio. 

3 vols, in 1. 8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1545 

— Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1551 

In the original gilt binding. 

— Historia delle guerre esterne de' Romani, 
tradotta da Alessandro Braccio, con tre libri 
non piu veduti, tradotti da LoDOViCO Dolce. 

3 vols. 12mo. G. Giolito de' Ferrari. 

Venice, 1554-59 

Delle guerre civili ed esterne de' Romani. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Ronie, 1791-92 

APPLICATION (An) of some general political rules 
to the present state of Great Britain, Ireland, 
and America. 

8vo. London, 1766 

APPROVED, good, and happy newes from Ireland : 
relating how the castle of Artaine was taken 
from the rebels, etc., whereunto is added a true 
relation of the overthrow which the English gave 
the rebels before Drogheda in a letter bearing 
date 27 Feb. [By E. Loftus.] 

4to. London, 1641 

APRJIS de Mannevillette, Jean Baptiste Nicolas 
Denis d'. Le Neptune oriental : avec des cartes, 
et un supplement. 

3 vols, in 2. fol. Paris, 1775-81 

Rod morocco, with the arms of Charles Alexandre de Calunue. 



AFBILE, Francesco. Delia cronologia universale 
della Sicilia, libri tre. 

fol. Palermo, 1725 

AP-ROBERT, J. The yonger brother, his apology 
by it selfe ; or, a fathers free power disputed for 
the disposition of his lands, or other fortunes to 
his Sonne, sonnes, or any one of them. 

-I'to. [Loudon] Hi 18 

AFSINES. .*« Rhetores graeci. Feiiice, 1508. 

APULEIUS Barbarus. Herbarium. 

4to. /. /'. de Lignaminc. Rome [1484] 

Another edition. 

J. P. de Lignamine. Rome [1484] 

A variant edition from the preceding. 

APULEIUS Madaurensis. Opera. [Contains also 
the Asclepius of Hermes Trismegistus, translated 
by A. from the Greek. The entire work edited 
by J. Andreas, Bishop of j\leria.] 

fol. [Sweijnheym and Panimriz.] Rome, 146g 

Opera. Asclepius Trismegisti dialogus, A. 

interprete. Isagogicus liber Platonicae philo- 
sophiae per Alcinoum philosophum graece 
impressus. [Edited by F. AsuL.iNUS.] 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1521 


12mo. Froben. Basle, l6o6 

Opera omnia, cum Ph. Beroaldi commentariis 

et aliorum scholiis. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lyons, 16 14 

— Opera, interpretatione et notis illustravit 
Julian us Floridus, in usum Delphini. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1688 


2 vols. 8vo. Alienburg, ms 

— Opera omnia, cum notis, et animadversionibus 



3 vols. 4to. Leyden, 1786-1823 

Opera omnia. [Valpy's Delphiu Classics.] 

7 vols. Svo. London, 1825 

Metamorphoseon, libri xi., cum annotationibus 

uberioribus Joannis Pricaei. 

Another edition, 

Svo. Gonda, 1650 

3 vols. 18mo. Pwris, 1796 

APULEIUS Madaurensis. Les metamorphoses ou 
I'Ane d'or. 

2 vols. 12mo. Pari,% 1707 

Deir asino d'oro, traslatato da messer Agnolo 

FiRENZUOLA di Latino in lingua Toscana. 

4to. London., 1792 

De I'esprit familier de Socrate [and the life of 

A. by J. Parrain, baron des Coutures. Latin 
and French]. 

12mo. Paris, l698 

APULUS, Joannes Petrus. Capitula et constitu- 
tiones regni Siciliae. 

fol. Andreas de Bruges. Messana, 1495 


See Concertatio ecclesiae catholicae. Tfeves, 1594. 

AQUILA Romanus. 

Sec Rhetcres graeci. Venice, 1 523. 
„ Rhetores Latini. Paris, 1599. 
,, Rutilius Lupus, P. De figuris. 1541, etc. 

AQUILA, Petrus. Galeriae Farnesianae icones ab 
Annibale Carracio coloribus expressae. 

obi. fol. Rome, N.D. 

Imagines Farnesiani cubiculi cum ipsarum 

monocromatibus et ornamentis. 

obi. fol. Rome, N.D. 

AQUILANO, Seraphino. Opere : sonetti, aegloghe, 

epistole, capitoli, disperati, strambotti, barzelette. 

Svo. Ph. de Giunta. Flm-ence, 1516 

AQUIN. Le roman d'Aquin, ou la conqueste de la 
Bretaigne par le roy Charlemagne : chanson de 
geste du xii. sifecle, publiee par F. JottoN DES 
LoNGRAls. [Soci^te des bibliophiles bretons.] 

4to. Nantes, 1880 

AQUINAS, Thomas, Saint. Sec Thomas Aquinas. 

AQUINO, Carlo d'. 

•Sic Dante. La divina commedia. Naples, 1728. 

Sacra exequialia in funere Jacobi li. Magnae 

Britanniae regis exhibita. 

fol. Rome, 1702 

ARABIAN NIGHTS (The). Translated by Edward 
FoRSTER : with engravings from pictures by R. 

5 vols. 4to. London, 1802 

^— The Arabian Nights entertainments revised 
and corrected, with a selection of new tales now 
first translated from the Arabic, also an intro- 
duction and notes by Jonathan Scott. 

6 vols. Svo. London, 1811 


ARABIAN NIGHTS (The). Les Mille et une nuits, 
contes Arabos. Traduits par MM. Galland ct 
Caussin de Perceval. 

9 vols. ISmo. Paris, 1806 


Sir. Ahmad Ibn Muhammad. 

ABAGO, Dominique Frangois Jean. Historical 
elojic of James W'liU, translated from the Fionch 
with additional notes and an appendix, )>y J. P. 


4to. London, 18o9 

ARAGO, Jacques ^tienne Victor. Narrative of a 
voj'age round the world in the Uranie and 
Physicienne corvettes, 1817-20, on a scientific 
expedition undertaken by order of the French 


4to. Lmulon, 1823 

ARAGONA, Tullia d'. Rime, et di diversi a lei. 

12mo. G. Gwhto dc Ferrari. Venice, 1560 

ARANDA, Emanuel d'. The history of Algiers 
and its slavery. English'd by John Davies, of 

8vo. Loiidon, 1666 


Sec Juvencus, C. V. A. Sacra poesis. Lyons, 
1553, etc. 

Liber de insigriibus apostolorum actibus. [B. Puffraet. Deventer, 14,90] 


So' Arnaud, G. d'. Lectionum Graecarum. The 

Hague, ilSO. 
„ Astronomica veterum. Heidelberg, 1589. 
,, Firmicus Maternus, J. Astronomici. Venice, 

„ Hipparchus. In Arati phaenomena. Florence, 

„ Hyginus, C. J. Fabularum libri. Basle, 1535. 
„ Manilius, M. Astronomicon. 1474. 
„ Poetae Graeci. Paris, 1566, etc. 
„ Sphaerae ratio. 1536. 

Phaenomena et prognostica : Theonis scholia : 

Leontii de sphaera Aratea. 

4to. G. Morel. Paris, 1559 

Red morocco, witli the arras and monogram of De Thou. 

Phaenomena et prognostica ; Eratosthenis et 

Dionysii Hymni. [Edited by J. Fell.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1672 

ARATUS. Hugonis Grotii syntagma Arateorum. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

5 parts in 1. 4to. Chr. pMphclcngins. 
Leyden, l600 

Phaenomena ct Diosemeia [Greek and Latin] ; 

aceedunt Theonis scholia, Leontii de sphaera 
Aratea libellus, et versionum Arati poeticarum 
Ciceronis, Germanici et Avieni quae supersunt: 
curavit J. T. Buhlk. 

2 vols. 8vo. Z/a)o(/, 1793-1801 

Phaenomena et prognostica. Interpretibus M. T. 

Cicerone, K. F. Avieno, Germanico Caesare, 
C. J. Hygini astronomicon. [Latin.] 

4to. G. Morel. Paris, 1559 

Apparentia : M. Tullius Cicero Latinis versi- 

bus reddidit, Italicis vero Ant. Mar. Salvinius : 
curante A. M. Bandinio. [Greek, Latin, and 

8vo. Fhyrence, 1765 

Phaenomena : Ciceronis interpretatio ; acces- 

serunt his Vergilii, Germanici Caesaris et Rufi 
Avieni carmina iis respondentia Arati quae a 
Cicerone con versa interciderunt : J. Perionii 
opera. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. S. Colinaeus. Paris, 1540 

ARBER, Edward. 

See Eden, R. First books on America. Birming- 
ham, 1885. 
„ English Garner. 1877. 
„ English Reprints. I869, etc. 
„ English Scholar's Library. 1878, etc. 
„ Stationers Company. Registers, 1875. 

An introductory sketch to the Martin Mar- 
prelate controversy, 1588-90. [English Scholar's 
Library, viii.] 

4to. London, 1880 

— A list of 837 London publishers, between 

4to. London, 1890 

ARBOIS, d', fr^res. M6moire sur Ics trois departe- 
mens de Corcire, d'lthaque, et de la mer Eg6e. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1798 

ARBROATH, Abbey of. Liber S. Thome de Aber- 
brothoc : registrorum abbaciae de Aberbrothoc 
pars prior, registrum vetus 1178-1329; pars 
altera, registrum nigi-um 1329-1536. [Edited by 
C. Innes and P. Chalmers. Bannatyne Club.] 
2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1 848-56 




See Enquiry into the connection. London, 1773. 

ARBUTHNOT, Archibald. 

-Sec Brief account of Jenny Cameron. 1 746. 


Sec Sermon preached to the people. I70(i. 

Miscellaneous works. 

2 vols. 12mo. Glasgmv, 17.51 

Law is a bottomless pit, 1712. [Eepriiited in 

Arber's English Garner, vol. vi.] 

Tables of ancient coins, weights, and measures, 

explain'd in dissertations. 

4to. Loiuhih, 1727 

ARC, Jeanne d'. 

For Life, see Collection complete des m^moires, 
[vol. viii.] 
,, ,, Hordal, J. Herionae historia. I6l2. 

See Sibylla Francica. Ursel, l6o6. 

Procfes de condamnation et de rehabilitation de 

Jeanne d'Arc dite la Pucelle, publies d'apr^s les 
manuscrits de la Bibliotheque royale, suivis de 
tous les documents historiques qu'on a pu r^unir 
et accompagnes de notes et d'eclaircissements, 
par J. QuiCHERAT. [Societe de I'Histoire de 

5 vols. Paris, 1841-49 

ARCADIA : or, the shepherd's wedding. A dramatic 
pastoral. [By Robert Lloyd.] 

8vo. London, 1761 

ARCANUM punctationis revelatum, sive de punc- 
torum vocalium et accentuum apud Hebraeos 
vera antiquitate diatriba. Editum a Thoma 
Erpenio [by LuDOVicus Cappellus]. 

4to. Lei/den, 1624 

ARCE de los Reyes, Ambrosio. Comedia famosa, 
el hcchizo de Sevilla. 

4to. Valencia, 1762 

ARCHAEOLOGIST (The), and journal of antiquarian 
science. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. Nos. 1 
to 10. 

8vo. London, 1842 

ARCHDALL, Mervyn. Monasticon Hibernicum : 
or a history of the abbeys, priories, and other 
religious houses in Ireland. 

4to. London, 1786 

ARCHELAUS, Saint, Bishop of Caschara. 

See Gregory, Saint, Thaumaturgus. Works. 
Edirihurgh, 1871. 

ARCHENHOLZ, Johann Wilhelm von. Annalen 
der Brittischen Geschichte des Jahrs 179.S: als 
eine Fortsetzung des Werks England und Italien. 

8vo. Hamburg, 1794 

England und Italien. 

5 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1787 

— Geschichte des siebenjiihrigen Krieges in 

2 vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1793 

— Historia belli sep tennis in Germania, 1756-63 
gesti : Latine vertit H. G. Reichardus. 

12mo. Baireuth, 1792 

— Histoire de Gustave Wasa, roi de Suede. 
Traduit de I'Allemand par J. F. G. Propiac. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1803 

Memoires concernant Christine, Reine de 

Suede : suivis de deux ouvrages de cette savante 

4 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1751-60 


See Historia antiqua. Heidelberg, 1 .598. 
,, Sappho. Obras. 1797. 


See ApoUonius Pergaeus. Florence, l66l. 

Opera. [Greek and Latin. Edited by T. G. 


fol. Basle, 1544 

Opera qure extant, novis demonstrationibus 

commentariisque illustrata per D. Rivaltum. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Paris, l6l5 

Red morocco, with the arms and cipher of Louis xill. 

— Quae supersunt omnia cum Eutocii Ascalonitae 
commentariis, ex recensione Josephi Torelli. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Oxfffi-d, 1792 

— Opera nonnulla a Federico Commandino 

Urbinate nuper in Latinum conversa et com- 
mentariis illustrata. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Aldus. Venice, 1558 

— De iis quae vehuntur in aqua libri duo : a 
Frederico Commandino Urbinate in pristinum 
nitorem restituti et commentariis illustrati. 

4to. Bologna, 156,5 


ARCHIMEDES. CEuvres tradnites litteijilomeiit 
iivec nil comiuenUure par F. Peykard. 

4to. Paris, 1807 

(Euvres, tradnites litteralement, avec un com- 

nieiitaiie, par F. Feykard : suivies d'un m('moire 
sur uii nouveau miroir ardent, et d'un autre 
niemoire de M. Delambre sur rarithm6tique des 

2 vols. 8vo. Farix, 1808 

ARCHITECTURAL (The) Magazine and journal of 
improvement in architecture, building, and fur- 
nishing : conducted by J. C. Loudon [with 
contributions by J. Ruskin]. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, I8;J4-,S8 

notices of the churches of the archdeacon ly 

of Northampton. 

8vo. Lomhm, 1849 


^'er Blondel, J. F. L' Architecture. Pam, 1752-.56. 
„ Marot, J. L' Architecture. Paris, 1727. 

ARCHITHRENIUS. See Joannes de Altavilla. 

ARCHIUS, Nicolaus, Count. See Arco, N. d'. 

ARCHIV cesky iSili stare pjsemn^ pamsltky Cesk6 1 
morawske z aichivuw domslcjch i cizjch sebral a 
wydal F. Palacky [afterwards, from vol. vii. 
onwards, edited by J. Kalousek]. 

In pvgress. Prague, 1840, etc. 

fiir das Studium der neueren Sprachen und 

Literaturen : eine Vierteljahrschrift. Herausge- 
geben von L. Herrig und H. Viehoff. 

Ill progress. 8vo. Elherfeld and Brunswick, 

1846", etc. 

fur lateinische Lexikographie und Grammatik 

mit Einschluss des jilteren Mittellateins, heraus- 
gegeben von E. Woelfflin. 

In pvgress. 8vo. Leipzig, 1884, etc. 

fiir slavische Philologie, herausgegeben von V. 


In pvgress. 8vo. Berlin, 1876, etc. 

ARCHIVES administratives de la ville de Reims, 
collection de pieces inedites pouvant servir a 
I'histoire des institutions dans I'interieur de la 
cite. 3 vols in 5. Archives k^gislatives de la 
ville de Reims, etc. 4 vols. Par P. Varin. 
Table g6n(5rale des matiferes. Par L. Amiel. 
[Documents inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

10 vols. 4to. Paris, 1839-53 

ARCHIVES curieuses de I'histoire de France depuis 
Louis XI. jusqu'.^ Louis xviii. : publi(5es par L. 
CiMBER et F. Danjou : l'" et 2" s^rie. 

27 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1834-40 

de Bretagnc. [Societe des bibliophiles bretons.] 
In progress. 4to. Nantes, 1833, etc. 

de I'Hotel-Dieu de Paris (1 157-1300) : publi^es 

par Leon Briele ; avec notice, appendice, et 
table par E. CoYECQUE. [Documents inedits sur 

I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1894 

ARCHIVIO Storico Italiano [from the commence- 
ment of the 3rd series published by the R. 
Deputazione di Storia Patria per le province 
della Toscana dell' Umbria e delle Marche]. 

In progress. 8vo. Florence, 1842, etc. 

Storico Italiano. See Carte Strozziane. 

— Storico Lombardo. Giornale della Society 
Storica Lombarda. (Indice, 1874-83.) [Three 

In progress. 8vo. Milan, 1874, efc. 

— Storico Siciliano, pubblicazione periodica 
[3 vols.]. Nuova serie [published by the Society 
Siciliana per la Storia Patria]. 

In progress. 8vo. Palermo, 1873, etc. 

— Storico per le province Napoletane publicato 

a cura della society di storia patria. 

In in-ogress. 8vo. Naples, 1876, etc. 


/See Liber communis. Venice, 1872. 
„ Sanuto, M. 

Pubblicazione periodica. [Edited by A. Bartoli 

and others.] 

In pivgress. Veil ice, 1871, e^c 

ARCHPRIEST (The) controversy ; documents re- 
lating to the dissensions of the Roman catholic 
clergy, 1597-lf)02. Edited by T. G. Law, vol. i. 
[Camden Society, N.S., Ivi.J 

4to. London, 1896' 

ARCHYTAS. Decern praedicamenta, D. Pizimentio 

interprete [Greek and Latin] 

8vo. B. Borgominerius. Venice, 1561 

Decem praedicamenta. [Greek, with other 

tracts by various writers. Edited by J. Camer- 

8vo. Leipzig [1564] 

ARCO, Giovanni Battista Gherardo d'. Count. 
Sec Scrittori Classici, tom. x.xx.-xxxi. 



ABCO, Niccolo d', Count. 

&t- Fracastoro, G. Poemata. 1718,1739. 

ARQON, Jean Claude :6l^onore le Michaud d'. Con- 
siderations militaires at politiqiies sur les fortifi- 

8vo. Paris, 1795 

AECONVILLE, Marie Genevieve Charlotte TMroux 
d'. &(; Vie du cardinal d'Ossat. Paris, 1771. 

ARCQ, Louis Claude Douet d'. 
^Vfc Douet d'Arcq, L. C. 

ARENA, Antonius de. Ad suos compagnones studi- 

antes qui sunt de persona friantes, bassas dansas 

in gallanti stilo bisognatas : cum guerra Eomana, 


8vo. CI. Nawrry and P.deVingle. Lyons, 1533 

Ad suos compagnones studiantes qui sunt de 

persona friantes, bassas dansas et branlos practi- 
cantes, nouvellos quamplurimos mandat. Nova 
novorum novissima sive poemata stylo Maca- 
ronico conscripta, per Barthol. Bollam. 

2 parts in 1. 12mo. 1670 

Ad suos compagnones qui sunt de persona 

friantes, bassas dansas et branlos practicantes, 
nouvellos perquam plurimos mandat. 

12mo. London [Paris^ 1758 

AREOSTUS, Franciscus. 

St'c Ramazzini, B. De fontium Mutinensium 
tractatus. 1713. 


Ste Medicae artis principes. [Paris] 1 567. 

De acutoium, ac diuturnorum morborum causis 

et signis lilj. iv. De acutorum ac diuturnorum 
morborum curatione lib. iv. [Edited by J. 


8vo. Turnebus. Paris, 1554 

De causis et signis acutorum et diuturnorum 

morborum libri iv. : novam versionem dedit 
J. WicAN. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Oxfurd, 172,'i 

ARETIN, Johann Christoph Anton Maria von, 
See Munich. Bibliolheca Regia Bavarica. 

ARETINO, Pietro. 

Fur Life, sir Berni, F. [Lir/ulm] 1837. 

&<■ Bemi, F. Operc burlesche. Fcjwcf [1564-66]. 

ARETINO, Pietro. II genesi de I'universo, I'humanita 
di Christo, ed i salmi. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1551 

I sette salmi della penitentia di David. 

8vo. [1550] 

I tre libri della humanita di Christo. 

8vo. [Venice] 1537 


6 vols. 8vo. Paris, l609 

La vita di Maria Vergine. 

8vo. F. Marcolini. Venice, 1539 

— La vita di Maria Vergine, di Caterina santa 
et di Tomaso Aquinate Beato. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1552 

Quattro comedie, cive, il Marescalco, la Corte- 

giana, la Talanta, I'Hipocrito. 

8vo. 1588 

ARETINUS, Franciscus. 

Sec Accoltus, Franciscus, Aretinus. 

ARETINUS, Leonardus. 

fe Aristotle. Ethics. Oxford, \ 4^7 9. 
„ Consilia. Eoticrdam, 1672. 
„ Tomasini, J. P. Petrarcha redivivus. 

Padua, 1650. 
„ Vergerius, P. P. De ingenuis moribus. 1485.' 

L'Aquila, translata da Latino in vulgare 


fol. Ayolfo de Canthono. Napks, 1492 

— Calphurnia et Gurgulia comedia. 

fol. In Monasterio Smiensi. 1478 

— De bello Italico adversus Gothos. 

fol. Emiliunus de Orfinis and J. Numeister. 

Fulgineo, 1470 

— Histoire de la guerre des Gots en Italie : 
traduit du Latin par L[eonor du] M[augerJ. 

l6mo. Paris, l6ti7 

— De bello Punico libri duo. 

4to. Axigshtrg, 1537 

— II libro della prima guerra punica. 

4to. [Printer of first Horace. 1472] 

— Historia del Popolo Fiorentino, tradocta in 
lingua Tosca da Donatu Auciaioli. 

fol. J. Jiubeus. Venice, 1476 

— Another edition. 

fol. Bartholomaeus. Florence, 1492 



ARETINUS, Leonardus. Libellus de aiiioiu (4<us- 
cardi et Sigismundae. 

4to. [P. Schoeffcr. Mainz, 1467] 

ABETIO, AsgeluB de. 

See Oambilionibus, A. de. 

ABEZZO, Guittone d'. 
Sec Quittone, d' Arezzo. 

ABEZZO, Claudio Mario. 

Sfc Buonanni e Colonna, G. Delle antichi Sira- 
cuse. Palermo. 1717. 

ABGELLATI, Filippo. 

See Occo, A. Imperatorum Komanorum numis- 
mata. Milan, 1730. 

Biblioteca degli volgarizzatori, o sia notizia 

dair opere volgarizzate d'autori che scrissero in 
liiigue morte prima del secolo xv. : coU' addizioni 
di A. T. Villa. 

5 vols. +to. Milan, 1767 

De monetis Italiae variorum iliustrium virorum 


6 vols, in 3. Milan, 1750-59 

ABGENS, Jean Baptiste de Boyer, Marciuis d'. 
See Jnlianus, F. 0. Defense de paganisme. 

Berlin, 1767. 
„ Lettres cabulistiques. The Hagw, 176.4-70. 
„ Lettres chinois. The Hague, 17()9- 
„ Lettres juives. The Hague, 1736-37. 

Lettres morales et critiques sur les diff^rens 

6tats et les diverses occvipations des hommes. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1737 

Mdmoires. Nouvelle Edition, precedee d'une 

notice historique sur la vie de I'auteur. 

8vo. Paris, 1807 

ABGENSON, Marc Antoine Beii6 de Voyer d', Mar- 
quis de Paulmy. 

See Biblioth^que universelle des remans. 
,, Loisirs d'un ministre. Liege, 1787. 

ABGENSON, Ben6 Louis de Voyer de Paulmy, 
Marquis d'. 
See Loisirs d'un ministre. Li^ge, 1787. 

Considerations sur le gouvernement ancien et 

present de la France. 

8vo. Li^ge, 1787 

ABGENSON, Ren6 Louis de Voyer de Paulmy, 
Marquis d'. Journal et miimoires : public's pour 
la premiere fois d'apres les manuscrits auto- 
graphes de la Biblioth^que du Louvre, par E. J. 
B. Rathery. [Societe de I'Histoire de France.] 
9 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1859-67 

Memoires : publies par Rene d'Argenson. 

[Memoires relatifs a la rtivolution fraii9aise.] 

8vo. Paris, 1825 

ABGENTINE, Richard. 

See Zwingli, U. Certeyne preceptes. Ipswich, 

ABGENTB:^:, Bertrand d'. L'histoire de Bretaigne, 
jusques au temps de uiadame Anne, dernifere 

fol. .J.duPays. Paris, I MH 

ARGENVILLE, Antoine Nicolas Dezallier d'. 
See D. 

ARGONAUT, pseud. 

See Authentic statement of facts. Lmtdon, 1790 

AEGONAUTICA, Thebaica, Troica, Ilias parva, 
poematia graeca auctoris anonymi [L. Rhodo- 
MANNUs]. Edidit Michael Neander. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1588 

ARGONNE, Nogl Bonaventure d'. 
See Vigneul-Marville, pseud. 

ABGUELLES, Jos6 Canga and Bernab6 Canga. 
,See Sappho. Obras. Madrid, 1797. 

ABGUMENT (An) from the civil law, shewing that 
mere possession cannot give right. 

8vo. [Lundmi, 1715] 

in defence of the exclusive right claimed by 

the colonies to tax themselves, with a review of 
the laws of England relative to representation 
and taxation, and an account of the rise of the 

8vo. London, 1774 

(The) of the Divine legation, fairly stated, and 

returned to the Deists, to whom it was originally 
addressed. [By John Towne.] 

8vo. Lmidun, 1751 

(The) of the letter concerning toleration briefly 

consider'd and answer'd. [By JoNAS Proast.] 

4to. Oxfmd, 1690 



ARGUMENT shelving that a standing army is 
inconsistent with a free government, and abso- 
lutely destructive to the constitution of the 
English monarchy. [By Walter Moyle.] 

4to. London, 1697 

Second part. 

4to. London, 1697 

— to prove that the 39th section of the 50th 
chapter of the statutes given by Queen Eliza- 
beth to the University of Cambridge includes 
the old statutes of that university. [By John 


4to. London, 1727 

— to prove the aflFections of the people of Eng- 
land to be the best security of the government. 
[By F. Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester.] 

8vo. London, 1716 

— upon the justice and expediency of the order 
issued by government, for the detaining all 
ships bound to the ports of Spain, freighted with 
treasure or warlike stores. 

8vo. London, 1805 

— (The) with Dissenters about subscriptions, and 

the repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts, 
briefly stated. 

8vo. London, 1735 

ARGUMENTS concerning the constitutional right 
of parliament to appoint a regency. 

8vo. London, 1788 

for a coalition against France. 

Svo. London, 1799 

— for and against an union between Great Britain 
and Ireland considered. [By Edv.'ARU Cooke.] 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1798 

— Eighth edition. 

8vo. Dublin, 1798 

Another edition. To which is prefixed a proposal 

on the same subject by Jo.siAii Tucker, D.l). 

Svo. London, 1798 

ARGYLL, Archibald Campbell, 3rd Duke of. 
For Library Catalogue, see A. C. D. A. 

ARGYLL, Archibald Campbell, 9th Earl of. Letters 

to John, L)Likcuf Lauderdale. [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1829 

ARGYLL, George Douglas Campbell, 8th Duke of. 

The philosophy of belief, or law in Christian 

Svo. London, 1896 

Presbytery examined ; an essay critical and 

historical on the ecclesiastical history of Scotland 

since the reformation. 

8vo. London, 1848 

— Primeval Man, an examination of some recent 

Svo. London, 1869 

The reign of law. 

Svo. London, 1867 

Scotland as it was and as it is. 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1887 

The unity of nature. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1884 

ARGYLL. John Campbell, 2nd Duke of. 
>':>('(■ Conduct of his grace. London, 1740. 
„ Consequences of his majesty's journey. 
London, 1740. 

ARIAS MONTANUS, Benedictus. .SV« A. M. (B.) 

Poemata in quatuor tomos distincta [torn. ii. 

contains Psalms, in metre]. 

4 vols, in 1. 24mo. Chr. Plantin. 
Antwerp, 1589 

t>ee Henricus Ariminensis. 

ARIOSTO, Giulio. La Primavera. 

4to. Modena, 1555 

ARIOSTO, Ludovico. 

See Fabroni, A. Elogi. Parma, 1800. 
For Life, iwBaruffaIdi,G. La vita. Ferrara, 1807. 
„ „ Fomari, S. La spositione. Florence, 

„ „ Petroni, .S. E. Dante, Ariosto. 
Lmulon, 1816. 

Orlando Furioso, delle annotazioni de' piu celebri 

autori — Opere. [Edited by R. MissORJ, G. F. 
PiVATi, and S. Oklandini.] [Vol. iii. was never 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Venice, 1730 

— Rime, Sonetti, Madrigali, Canzoni, Stanze, 

Svo. Venice, 1559 



ARIOSTO, Ludovico. Delle satire e rime libri due. 
[Edited by P. A. RoLLi.] 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. London, 17 Hi 

Rime e satire, con annotazioni. 

8vo. Florence, 1822 

Comedie : ricorrette per Thomaso Porcacchi. 

12ino. Venice, 1562 

La Cassaria. 
La Lena. 

12mo. Venice, 1560 

8vo. N. <l!Ari4otiU detto Zoppino. 
Venice, l.')o7 

Another edition. 

12mo. Venice, 1.55! 

II negromante, comedia. 

4to. Fr. Bindone and Maph. Pasini. 
Venice, 1535 

Another edition. 

8vo. N. d'AristoHle detto Zoppino. 
Venice, 1538 

Another edition. 

12mo. Venice, 1551 


12mo. Venice, 1553 

I Suppositi. 

Orlando Furioso. 

Another edition. 

12mo. Venice, 1551 
ito. Ferrara, 1516 

4to. Venice, 1524 

In the original richly gilt binding. 

— Orlando Furioso, ristampato et con molta 
diligentia da lui [Ariosto] corretto et quasi tutto 
formato di nuovo et ampliato. 

4to. Madonna Helisabelta de Rusconi. 
Venice, 1527 

— Orlando Furioso, corretto et nuovamente 

4to. N. d'Aristotile di Ferrara detto Zoppino. 

Venice, 1530 

— Orlando Furioso, coretto e d'altri canti nuovi 

4to. Ferrara, 1532 

— Orlando Furioso, con la nuova giunta e le 
notationi di tutti gli luoghi dove per lui e stato 
tal opra ampliata. 

4to. Aluvise de Torii. Venice, 1536 

ARIOSTO, Ludovico. Orlando Furioso, con le nota- 
tioni di tutti gli luoghi dove per lui e stato 

4to. Benedetto de Bendonis. Venice, 1 537 

Orlando Furioso, con la nuova giunta et le 

notationi di tutti li luoghi dove per lui e stato 
tal opra ampliata. 

4to. P. di Nicolini da Sabio and Domenico 
Zio. Venice, 1539-40 

Orlando Furioso, novissamente alia sua integrita 

ridotto et ornato di varie figure, con alcune stanze 
del S. Aluigi Gonzaga in lode del medesimo 

4to. [A Blado.] Rome, 1543 

— Orlando Furioso, con alcune stanza del S. A. 
Gonzaga, ed una breve espositione da L. Dolce. 

Svo. Venice, 1543 

— Orlando Furioso, con molte espositioni illustrato. 
[By PiETRO Ulivi.] 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Benedetto Giunta. 
Florence, 1544 

— Orlando Furioso ; et di piu aggiuntovi in fine 
piu di cinquecento stanza del medesimo auttore, 
non piu vedute. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Aldus. Venice, 1545 

— Orlando Furioso, ornato di varie figure con 
alcune stanze nuovamente aggiunte et alcune 
altre del signor Aluigi Gonzaga in lode dell' 
istesso [Ariosto]. Con I'espositione da L. Dolce. 

4to. G. Giolito de' Ferrari. Venice, iS'il 

— Orlando Furioso, con la giunta di cinque canti 

d'un nuovo libro : ornato di varie figure, con 
tutte le cose che nelle altre nostre impression! si 

3 parts in l. 4to. G. Giolito de' Ferrari. 

Venice, 1555 

— Orlando Furioso, tutto ricorreto et di nuovi 
figure adornato, alquale sono aggiunte annota- 
tioni, ecc. 

4to. Vicenzo Valgrisi. Venice, 1556 

— II Furioso, ornato di varie figure, con cinque 
canti d'un nuovo libro, e altre stanze del medesimo 
nuovamente aggiunti. 

Svo. Bastiano di Barth. Honm-ati. L'ymis,1556 

— Orlando Furioso. Cinque canti di un nuovo 
libro. [A fragment only of the edition of 1559.] 

4to. G. Giolito de' Ferrari. Venice, 1559 



AEIOSTO, Ludovico. Orlando Fiirioso. 

1 vol. in 2. l6mo. Lyons, I56l 

Another edition. 

8vo. V. Valgrisi. Venice, 1566 

Another edition. 

12mo. Venice, 1.568 

— Orlando Furioso, con I'aggiunta de i cinque 

canti nuovi. 

12mo. Lyons, 1570 

— Orlando Furioso, di nuovo aggiuntovi li 
cinque canti et una tavola. 

4to. Vincenzo Valgrisi. Venice, 1573 

— Orlando Furioso, di nuovo aggiuntovi li cinque 

4to. Heirs of Vincenzo Valgrisi. Venice, XoSO 

— Orlando Furioso : nuovamente adoi'nato di 
figure da GiROLAHto Porro et di altre cose. 
[Osservationi del Signor Alberto Lavezuola, 

2 parts in 1 . 4to. Fr. de Franceschi. 
Venice, 1584 

Orlando Furioso. 

4to. Giorgio Angelieri. Venice, 1585 

Another edition. 

8vo. Venice, l600 

— Orlando Furioso : di nuove figure adornato. 

4to. Felioi Valgrisi. Venice, 1603 

— Orlando Furioso. 

8vo. Venice, l604 

— Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Venice, 1713 

— Another edition. [Edited by A. Antonini.] 

4 vols. l2mo. Pans, 1768 

— Another edition. 

4 vols. 4to. Venice, 1772 

— Another edition. [With engravings by Bar- 
T0IX)ZZI and others.] 

4 vols. 4to. Baskervillc. Birmingfmm, 1773 

— Orlando Furioso. Rime. Satire. [Parnaso 
lUiliano, torn, xviii.-x.xii., xxvi.-xxvii.] 

7 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1785-87 

— Orlando Furioso. Edited by A. Isola. 

4 vols. 8vo. Cambrige, 1789 

Orlando P^urioso. 

1 vols. 4to. Park, 1795 

ARIOSTO, Ludovico. Orlando Furioso, con note. 
Castigato da Leonardo Nakdini, ad uso degli 
studiosi della lingua Italiana. 

4 vols. 12mo. London, 1801 

Another edition. 

4 vols. 12mo. London, 1801 

— Orlando Furioso. [Edited by F. Reina.] 

4 vols. 8vo. ilfifaw, 1812-13 

— Orlando Furioso, con note di Romaldo Zotti. 

4 vols. 12mo. London, 1814 

— Orlando Furioso in English heroical verse, by 
Sir John Harington. Now secondly imprinted. 

fol. Ricliard Field. London, l607 

^ Orlando Furioso. Translated from the Italian, 
with notes, by John Hoole. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1799 

— L'Arioste moderne ou RoLAND LE FuRiEUX. 
Traduit en fran^ais [by LouiSE Genevieve 
Gomez de Vasconcelle]. 

2 vols. l2mo. Paris, 1720 

— Orlando Furioso. Traduzido en romance Cas- 

tellano por Jeronymo de Urrea. 

4to. Mathia.s Bonhomme. Lyons, 1550 

— Orlando Furioso. Traduzido en romance Cas- 
tellano por el s[eiior] don HiERONlMO de UrrEA, 
adornado de varias figuras e con nuevos argu- 
mentos, con una exposicion por Alonso de 

2 parts in 1. 4to. G. Giolito de Ferrariis. 

Venice, 1553 

— Another edition. 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Mathias Bonhomme. 
Lyons, 1555-56 

— Orlando Furioso. Traduzido en romance Cas- 
tellano por don Ieronimo DE Urrea. 

4to. Domingo de Farris. Venice, 1575 

Cinque canti di un nuovo libro i quali seguono 

la materia del Furioso di nuovo mandati in luce. 
4to. Bernardo di Giunti. Florence, 1546 

Another edition. 

4to. G. Giolito di' Ferrari. Venice, 1559 

Le Satire volgari in terza rime. 

8vo. N.P., 1534 

Another edition. 

3mo. N. d'Aristotile dello Zoppino. 
Venice, 1538 




See East, F. J. Epistola critica. Leipzig, 1809. 

Epistolae. [Greek.] 

4to. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1566 

— Epistolae, cum notis, curante F. L. AiniESCli, 
qui suas lectioiies addidit. 

8vo. Zwolle, 174.9 

— Epistolae, cum Latina interpretatione et notis. 
Quarta editio. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Paris, 1639 

— Epistolae, cum versionc Latina et notis J. 

Merceri, curante J. C. de Pauw. [Greek and 

8vo. Utrecht, 1736 

ARISTABCHUS on the principles of composition, 
containing a methodicixl arrangement of the im- 
proprieties fre<iuent in writing and conversation : 
with proposals for a new English dictionary. 
[By P. Withers.] 

8vo. London, 1822 


See F. (M. de.) Histoire d'Aristarque. Paris, 

De magnitudinibus et distantiis solis et 

lunae. Pappi Alexandrini fragmentum. Edidit 
Johannes Wallis. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1688 


See Hody, H. De bibliorum textibus. Oxford, 

Super translatione septuaginta duorum inter- 


4to. Am. de Bruxella. Naples, 1474 

Historia Ixxii. interpretum : accessere veterum 

testimonia de eorum versione. [Greek and 
Latin. Edited by H. HoDY and others.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1692 

ARISTIDES, Saint. The apology, from a Syriac 
MS. preserved on Mount Sinai. Edited and 
translated by J. Rendal Harris; with an 
appendix containing the main portion of the 
original Greek text by J. A. Robinson. [Texts 
and Studies, vol. i. No. 1.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1891 


See Demosthenes. Oratio adversus Leptinem. 
„ Ora tores Graeci. 
„ Bhetoreg Oraeci. 

ARISTIDES, Aelius. Orationes. [Edited by E. 


fol. Ph. Junta. Florence, 1517 

Brown morocco, with arms on the sides. 

Orationes. Interprete Gulielmo Cantero. 

[Greek and Latin.] 

." vols, in 2. 8vo. Geneva, l604 

Calf, with amis on tlie sides. 

Opera omnia, cum notis, scholiis, et prolego- 

menis Sopatri. Recensuit S. Jebb. [Greek and 

2 vols, in 4. 4to. Oxford, 1722-.S0 

Orationum tomi tres, nunc primum Latine 

versi a Gulielmo Cantero : accessit tomus 
quartus ex veteribus Graecis oratoribus concin- 

fol. Petrus PeriM. Basic, 1566 

Oratio adversus Leptinem. Libanii declamatio 

pro Socrate, Aristoxeni . rhy thmicorum elemen- 
torum fragmenta. Edidit J. Morellius. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

8vo. Venice, 1785 

Printed on vellum. 

— The Apology. Translated from the Greek and 

from the Syriac version in parallel columns by 
D. M. Kay. [Ante-Nicene Christian Library, 
additional volume.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1897 


Sec Caravella, J. Index Aristophanicus. 
„ Collins, W. L. Aristophanes for English 

„ Dionysius Periegetes (for Plutus, edited by 

S. Havercamp). 
„ Faber, T. (for Ecclesiazusae). 
„ Farnaso de' poeti (for Italian translation of 

the Clouds). 
„ Porson, B. (for notes, and Plutus, edited by 

„ Sophocles (for Aves, in French). 

— Comoediae novem. [Edited by Marcus 


fol. Aldus. Venice, 1498 

Another edition. [Edited by B. Di Giunta.] 
8vo. Florence, 1515 

— Comoediae novem, cum commentariis antiquis. 
[Edited by A. Fuancinus.] 

4to. Ph. Junta. Florence, 1525 



ARISTOPHANES. Comoediae novera. [Edited by 
J. Cheradamus.] 

9 parts in 1 vol. -ito. Grilles de Goiirmont. 

Paris, 1528 

Another edition. 

Q parts in 1. 4to. (rilles and Jerome dt; 
Gmirmmit. Paris, 1528-3.5 

Comoediae undecim. [Edited by S. Grynaeus.] 
4to. J. C'raknider and J. Bebel. Basle, 1532 

Another edition. 

8vo. B. Zanelti. Venice, 1538 

Another edition. 
II parts in 1. 4to. Chr. JVechd. Paris, 1540 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 

8vo. Venice, 1542 

8vo. Frankfwt, 1544 

— Comoediae novem cum commentariis antiquis 
duaeque sine commentariis. [Edited by S. 

fol. Frohen. Basle, 1547 

— Comoediae undecim. [Edited by Angelus 

8vo. J. Gryijhius. [Lyons] 1548 

— Another edition. 

12mo. Leyden, l600 

— Comoediae xi., cum notis variorum. [Greek 
and Latin. Edited by L. Kusterus.] 

fol. Amsterdam, 1710 

— Comoediae undecim, cum notis S. Bergleri et 
C. A. DuKEKi : accedunt fragmenta. Curante 
P. BURMANNO secundo. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols. Leyden, 1760 

— Comoediae, cmendatae studio R. F. P. Brunck. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

6 vols, in 4. 4to. Slrashurg, 1781-83 

— Another edition. [Vols, i.-vi. (ireek text and 
notes ; vol. vii. Latin version of the text.] 

6 vols, in 7. 8vo. Sirasburg, 1781-83 

Theatre, avec lea fragmens de M(;nandre et de 

Phil(5mon. Traduit en Fran^ais par Poinsinet 


4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1 7.90 

Le comedie tradutto in lingua commune 

d'llalia per Bartolomio c Pietro Eositini. 

8vo. Vicenxo Vaugiis Venice, 1545 

ARISTOPHANES. Opera a N. Frischlin repurgatus 
et iniitatione Plauti attjue Terentii interpretatus. 
[Plutus, Knights, Clouds, Frogs, and Acharnians. 
Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. J. Sims. Frankfurt, 1586 

Comoediae duae, Plutus et Nubes. [Greek 

and Latin. Edited by J. Leng.] 

1 vol. in 2. 8vo. London, 1695 

Comoediae, auctoritate lil)ri saeculi decimi 

emendatae a P. Invernizio, accedunt animad- 
versiones, scholia Graeca : et commentarios 
curavit C. D. Beckiu.s. 

3 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1794-1809 

Comedies, viz. : — the Clouds, Plutus, the 

Frogs, the Birds. Translated into English [by 
R. Cumberland, H. Fielding and W. Young, 
C. Dunster] with notes. 

8vo. London, 1812 

II Pluto, e le Nuvole, tradotte da G. B. 

Terucci. [Greek and Italian.] 

4to. Florence, 1751-54 


4to. Chr. Wechel. Paris, 1540 

— Nubes, comoedia, graece ex editione Kusteri : 
latine ex versione viri eruditi. 

4to. Foulis. Glasgow, 1755 

— Nubes, Gr. et Lat., una cum scholiis. Ed. 
T. C. Harles. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1788 


4to. Th. Martens. Louvain [1518] 

— Plutus, adjecta sunt scholia vetusta : recognovit 
T. Hemsterhuis. 

8vo. Harlingen, 1744 

— Plutus, per C. Girardum et Latinus factus et 
commentariis illustratus. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Chr. WecM. Paris, 1549 

Another edition. 

4to. M. Dupuys. Paris, 1549 

— The Frogs : a comedy. Translated from the 
Greek by C. Dunster. 

4to. Oxford[\181] 

— Another edition. Translated by C. C. Clif- 

8vo. Oxford, 1848 



ARISTOPHANES, q. S. F. Christiani in Aristo- 
phanis Iienain vel pacem coramentaria glosse- 
mata : cum Latina Graeci dramatis interpretatione, 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Paris, l.")88-89 


4to. Chr. Wechel. Paris, 1540 

Fragmenta, ex recensione G. DiNDORFii. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1829 

Comoediae, Graece et Latine, cum emenda- 

tionibus virorum doctorum. 
2 vols. r2mo. 

Amsterdam, 1()70 



Two or nurrr wcrJcs. 

De Anima. 

De Coelu. 

De Generatione Animalium. 

De morikus ad Eudemium. 

De mundo. 

De repuhlica Athcniensium. 

De virtutibus et ntiis. 



Hisloria Animaliuui. 









Secreta seeretorum. 

See Alexander Aphrodisaeus. In sophisticos. 

„ Andronicus Rhodius (for paraphrase of the 

„ Buccaferrea, L. Explanatio libri physicorum. 

„ Epistolae Oraecae. 

„ Geoponica (for de Plantis). 

,, Grant, Sir A. Aristotle for English readers. 

„ Grote, G. 

„ In Aristotelis rhetoricam (for Greek com- 
mentary on the Rhetoric). 

„ Joannes Glogaviensis (for Categories). 

„ Joannes Grammaticus. Philoponus, in pos- 
teriora resolutiora. 

„ Joannes Grammaticus. Philoponus, exposi- 
tiones in metaphysica. 

„ Nova explanatio topicorum. 

,, Porphyry (for de partibus animantium). 

„ Psellus, M. C. (for Commentarii in physicen). 

„ Rhetores Graeci. 

„ Scriptores physiognomoniae. 

„ Simplicius (in Categorias). 

„ Segni, B. (for de Anima). 

„ Thienis, G. de. (for expositio in libros 

— (Opera.) 

[Edited by A. P. MANtJTiUS, with the assistance 

of A. BoNDINUS.] 

5 vols, in 6. fol. Aldus. Venice, 1495-98 

ARISTOTLE. Another copy. [The first two 
volumes wanting.] 

3 vols, in 4. fol. Aldus. Venice, 1497-98 

Printed on vellum. 

— Opera. Theophrasti historia plantarum, etc. 
[Edited by J. B. Camotius.] 

6 vols. 8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1551-53 

— Opera, quae exstant : opera et studio F. 

11 vols, in 5. 4to. Frankfort, 1584-87 

— Opera omnia, Graece et Latine. Edidit Isaac 

2 vols, in 1 . fol. Lyms, 1 590 

— Another edition. 

2 vols, in 4. 8vo. Geneva, 1607 

— Opera omnia, Graece et Latine, cum Kyriaci 
Strozae libris duobus Graecolatinis de republica 
in supplementum Politicorum : accessit com- 
mentarius, authore Guillklmo du Val. 

2 vols, in 4. fol. Paris, l6l9 

— Opera omnia graece, novam versionem Latinam 
adjecit Jo. Theophilus Buhle. 

5 vols. 8vo. Zweihiicken, 1191-1800 

— De animalibus libri ix., de partibus libri iv., etc. 
Theophrasti opuscula varia. 

4to. Junta. Florence, 1527 

— SiMPLiCil commentaria in tres libros Aristotelis 
de anima, Alexandri Aphrodisiei commentaria 
in librum de sensu et sensibili. Michaelis 
Ephesii in librum de memoria et reminiscentia, 
etc. [With the text.] 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1527 

— Joannes Grammaticus in libros de generatione 
et interitu. Alexander Aphrodisiensis in 
meteorologica. Idem de mixtione. [With text, 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1527 

— A. et Xenophontis Ethica, Politica, et Oecono- 
mica ; cum aliis aliquot ex Plutarcho, Proclo 
et Alexandro Aphrodisiensi commentationibus. 

8vo. /. Viialder. Basle [1535] 

— A. et Theophrasti Scripta quaedam, quae vel 
nunquam antea, vel minus emendata quam nunc, 
edita fuerunt, etc, 

8vo. Paris, 1557 

— Ethica, Politica, et Oeconomica ; Leonardo 
Aretino interprete. [Latin.] 

fol. [/. Mentelifi. Strasburg, 1470] 



ARISTOTLE. De republica et oeconomicorum 

libriii. f Latin.] 

fol. [1480] 

De animalibus, interprete Theodoro Gaza. 


fol. /. de Colmia and J. M. de Gherretzem. 

Venice, 1476 

De natiira, partibus, et generatione animalium, 

Theophrasti de historia plantarum. Theodoro 
Gaza interprete. [Latin.] 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1503-4 

Another edition. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1513 

— Another edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. [G. Huyon. Lyona, 151 5] 

— Ethics and Polities translated from the Greek 
by John Gillies. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1804 

— Rettorica et poetica tradotte in lingua vulgare 
Fiorentina da Bernardo Segnl 

4to. L. Torrentino. Florencf, 1549 

— De anima, libri tres, cum praefatione WoLF- 


8vo. Samuel Emmelius. Strashurg, 1568 

— De coelo, libri iv., cum commentariis Simplicil 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1526 

— De eelo et mondo, tradotto di Greco in volgare 
Italiano per ANTONIO Bruccioli. [Contains the 
De Coelo only.] 

8vo. Venice, 1552 

— De generatione animalium cum Philoponi com- 

fol. Fratres de Sabio. Venice, 1526 

— Liber de moribus ad Eudemium per Leonardum 
AuCTiNUM translatus. [Latin.] 

4to. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1470] 

Another edition. 

4to. [U. Zel. Cobgne, 1*70] 

— Another edition. 

4to. [Treviso, 1480] 

— Do mundo [Aristotelis et Philonis]. 

4to. Ascensius. Paris [1512] 

— De mundo cum versione Latina GuLiELMi 
Budaei. [Greek and Latin.] 

l2mo. Foulis. Gkisgow, 1745 

ARISTOTLE. Lettre a Alexandre sur le syst8me 
du monde, avec la traduction Fran^oise et des 
remarques par M. L'Abbe Batteux. [Greek and 

8vo. Paris, 1768 

Aristote, du monde : Philon, du monde : Songe 

de Scipion. Le tout mis nouvellement de Grec 
en Fran9ois. [Par Pierre de Saliat.] 

8vo. Pierre de Tours. Lyons, 1542 

[De republica Atheniensium.] On the con- 
stitution of Athens. Edited by F. G. Kenyon. 

8vo. London, 1891 

Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1891 

— Another edition. Facsimile of Papyrus cxxxi. 
in the British Museum. [With a preface by 

E. Scott. ] 

fol. London, 1891 

Definitiones viitutum et vitiorum. 

8vo. J. Chh-adame. Paris, 1529 

Printed ou vellum. 

— De virtutibus et vitiis liber, MiCHAELlS PsELLi 
iambi in virtutes et vitia, definitiones Platonis. 

8vo. Josias Eihelius. Strashurg, 1560 

— De virtutibus et vitiis libellus. Plethonis liber 
de virtutibus recensuit E. Fawconer. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1752 

— [Ethica.] 

Eustratii et aliorum insignium peripateticorum 
commentaria in libros x. Aristotelis de moribus 
ad Nicomachum, una cum textu suis in loeis 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1536 

Ethica Nicomachea. 

8vo. JVendelin BiMius. Strashurg, 1545 

— De moribus ad Nichomachum, lib. x. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

fol. A. Turnebus. Paris, 1555 

— P. Victorii commentarii in x. libros Aristotelis 
de moribus ad Nicomachum. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Florence, 1584 

— De moribus, libri decem, ad Nicomachum, cum 
Latina versione. 

12mo. Padua, 1689 



ARISTOTLE. Ethicoruni Nicomacheonan, liliri x. 
Edidit C4. \\ ii.KiNsuN. [(4reek and Latin. J 

8vo. Oxford, 171() 

Ethicoruni ad Nicomachum, libri .x. Leonardo 

Aketino interprete. [Latin.] 

4to. [Theudoric Rood.] Oxford, 1479 

The moral philosophy of Aristotle, consisting of 

a translation of the Nicomachean ethics, and of 
the paraphiaso attributed to Andronicns of 
Rhodes, with an introductory analysis of each 
book by W. M. Hatch. [Edited by E. Hatch.] 

8vo. London, 1 879 

The Ethics, illustrated with essays and notes 

by Sir A. Ukant. Fourth edition, revised. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 188.'> 

The Nicomachean Ethics. Edited by F. H. 

Peters. Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1891 

— L'ethica, tradotta in lingua vulgare Fiorentina 
et comentata per Bernardo Segni. 

4to. L, TairentiTW. Florence, 1550 

— (Historia animalium.) 

I)e animalibus historiae, libri x. Textum re- 
censuit, etc., J. G. Schneider. [Greek and 

4 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1811 

— Histoire des animaux, avec la traduction fran- 
<joise, par M. Camus, et des notes. [Greek and 

'2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1783 

— (Metaphysica.) 

Syriani in 'i, 12, et 13 Aristotelis libros meta- 
physices commentarius a Hieronymo Bagouno 
Latinitate donatus [with the text]. 

4to. In Acad. Feriet, Venice, 1558 


Olympiodori in meteora commentarii [with the 

text]. Joannis Philoponi scholia in priraum 
meteorum, J. B. Camotio interprete. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Aldus. Venice, 1551 

— (Organon, — Categoriae, De Interpretatione, 
and Analytica.) 

Organum logicum pais prima, cum Latina ver^ 
sione et exacta librorum et capitum divisione. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

12mo. Padm, Hi<)l 

ARISTOTLE (Organon, — Categoriae and De Inter- 

Ammonii liermei commentaria in libium peri 
hermeneias. Magentini archiepiscopi Mityle- 
nensis in eundcm enarratio. [With text.] 

fol. Aldus. Veniw, 1503 

Ammonii Hermiae in praedicamenta commen- 

tai'ius : Aristotelis vita : in quinque voces Por- 
phyrii commentarius : in libriim de interpretatione 
commentarius. [With texts. Edited by P. 

3 vols, in 2. 8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1546 

(Organon, — Priora Analytica.) 

Jo. Gram. Philoponi comentaria in priora ana- 
lytica. Magentini comentaria in eadem. Libellus 
de syllogismis. [With text. Edited by V. 

fol. B. Zanethus. Veniw, 153(i 

— (Organon, — Posteriora Analytica.) 

Joannis Grammatici in posteiiora resolutoria 
Aristotelis commentarium. Incerti authoi'is in 
eadem. Eustratii in eadem. [With the text.] 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1534 

— Liber posteriorum analeticorum. [Latine per 
J. Argyrophilum.] 

fol. Ambrose Keller. Augsburg, 1479 

— (Organon, — Elenchi.) 

On fallacies, or the Sophistici Elenchi, with a 
translation and notes by E. Poste. [Greek and 

8vo. London, 1 866 

— (Physica.) 

Simplicii commentarii in octo physicae auscul- 
tationis libros cum ipso Aristotelis textu. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1526 

— Joannis Grammatici in primes quatuor Aris- 
totelis de naturali auscultatione libros comentaria. 
[With text. Edited by V. Trincavellus.] 

fol. B. Zanethus. Venice, 1535 


De arte poetica liber. 

8vo. G. Mmel. 

Paris, 1555 

— La Poetica dada a nuestra lengua Castellana 
por Don Alonso Ordonez das Seijas y Tobar ; el 
texto Griego, la version Latina y notas de Daniel 
Heinsio, etc. [Edited by Casimiko Florez 
Causeco. Greek, Latin, and Spanish.] 

8vo. Madrid, 1778 



ARISTOTLE. F. Robortelli in librum Aristotelis 
de arte poetica explicationes. Paraphrasis in 
librum Horatii, qui vulgo de arte poetica ad 
Pisones inscribitur. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Florence, 1548 

— Poetica, per Alexandrum Paccium patritium 
Florentium in Latinum conversa. Eadem 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1536 

Printed on vellum. 

— Petri Victorii commentarii in primum librum 
Aristotelis de arte poetarum. Seeunda editio 
[with text, Greek and Latin]. 

fol. Flwence, 1573 

— De poetica liber. Edidit Daniel Heinsius. 
Accedit ejusdem De tragica coustitutione liber. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

'2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Leyden, l6U 

— De poetica accedunt versio Latina Theodori 
GoULSTONi et insigniores lectiones variantes. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1745 

— De poetica liber : cum notis. [Greek and 
Latin. Edited by W. Parson.s.] 

8vo. Oxfm-d, 1760 

— Les quatre Poetiques, dAristote, d'Horace, de 
Vida, de Despr6aux : avec les traductions et des 
remarques, par LAbb6 Batteux. [Aristotle, 
Greek and Latin : Horace and Vida, Latin and 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1771 

— De poetica : ex recensione T. C. Harles. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Leipzig, 1780 

— De poetica. Edidit T. Winstanley. [Greek 
and Latin.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1780 

— De poetica liber. Textum recensuit et illus- 
travit T. Tyrwhitt. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Oxford, 1794 

Blue moroico, with the arm* of the University of Oxford. 

— Another edition. [Edited by T. Burgess.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1794 

De arte poetica, cum commentariis G. Her- 

mann;. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Leipzig,\\ 802 

ARISTOTLE. Poetica vulgarizzata et sposta per 
LoDOViCO Castelvetro. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Gaspar Stainhofer. Vierma, 1570 

Another edition. 

4to. P. de Sedabonis. Basle, 1 576 

Calf, with the arms of Nicolas Lambert de Thorigny. 

— La poetique, traduite en Fran9ais avec des 
remarques. [By ANDRii Dacier.] 

tto. Paris, l692 

Politicorum, libri octo. 

8vo. Strasburg, 1540 

De Optimo statu reipublicae, libri viii. 

8vo. G. ilorel. Paris, 1556 

The Politics. Edited by W. L. Newman. 

In progi-ess. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxfmd, 1 887 

— Petri Victorii commentarii in 8 libros Aris- 
totelis de Optimo statu civitatis. [With text, 
Greek and Latin.] 

fol. Florence, 1576 

Trattato dei governi di Aristotile, tradotto di 

Greco in lingua vulgare Fiorentina da B. Segni. 

4to. Florence, 1549 

— (Problemata.) 

Problemata [Latin]. Edidit Stephanus II- 


fol. Paulus Johannis de Puzpach. 
Manhta, 1475 

— Problemata : cum Aristotelis vita et morte 
metrice descripta. [Latin.] 

4to. [H. Qiientell. Cologne, 1496] 


4to. Ohr. IFechel. Paris, 1541 

— De arte rhetorica. [Edited by J. Holwell.] 

8vo. Oxfo)-d, 1759 

— Rhetoricorum ad Theodecten libri tres, Georgio 
Trapezuntio interprete. Ejusdem [or rather 
of Anaximenes of Lampsacus] Rhetorices ad 
Alexandrum liber a Francisco Philelpho in 
Latinum versus. [Bound up with the Greek 
text of the Rhetoric. Paris, 1549.] 

8vo. a. Gryphim. Lyons, 1545 


ARISTOTLE. De arte diceiidi libri tres, a P. 
Virvmijio correct!. lidem Latinitate donati per 
II. Bakh.vri'M. [Greek and Latin.] [Wants the 
Latin version of H. Barbaru.s. The version of 
George of Trebizond is bound up with the vol.] 
8vo. Fascosan. Paris, l.54f) 

Calf, with the arms of Francois de Tournon. 

De arte rhetoricji libri. [Greek and Latin.] 

12mo. Padm, 178(i 

— (Secreta secretorum.) 

L'histoire de lestat et gouvernement des roys 
et des princes apelle le secret des secrets. [Sup- 
posititious work.] 

4to. Akiin Lotriait. /"(ois [l.")l,5] 

Lydgate and Burgh's Secrees of old philisoflres ; 

a version of the Secreta secretorum. Edited by 
R. Steele. [Early English Text Society, extra 
series, Ixvi.] 

8vo. London,, 1894 


See Aristides, Ae. Oratio adversus Leptinem, 

Aristoxenus, Nichomachus, Alypius, auctores 

musices antiquissimi. Edidit J. Meursiu.s. 

4to. Elzevir. Leyden, ltil6 

With the arms of De Thou. 

ABLOTTO, Piovano. See Mainardi, A. 

ARMANDUS de Bellovisu. Declaratio difficilium 

terminorum theologiae, philosophiae atque 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1.686 

ARMELLINI, Mariano. Bibliotheca Benedictino- 
Casinensis sive scriptorum Casinensis congrega- 
tionis, alias S. Justinae Patavinae, notitiae, 
cum appendice et continuatione. 

4 vols, in 1. fol. Assist, Foligiw, Rnme, 


ABMFIELD, Henry Thomas. 

Sre Bible, English. 0. T., Psalms, 1874. 

ARMIN, Robert. Works (160.5-9). Edited by 
A. B. Grosart. [Occasional issues, vol. xiii. 
No. 1.] 

4to. [Manchester'] 1880 

A nest of ninnies. [Edited by J. P. Collier.] 

[Shakespeare Society, x.J 

8vo. London, 1842 

ARMINinS, Jacobus. 

See Praestantium vironim epistolae. l684. 

ARMINIUS, Jacobus. Works. Translated from 
the Latin [vols, i.-ii.] by J. NiCHOLS [vol. iii. 
by W. Nichols], to which are added Brandt's 
life of the author, etc. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1825-75 

ARMITAGE, Thomas. A history of the Baptists. 
Revised edition. 

8vo. New Yfffk, 1890 

ARMORIAL register of the order of the Garter. 
See Garter, Order of the. 

ARMSTRONG, Andrew. The county palatine of 
Durham survey'd ; and engraved by T. Jefferys. 
[4 sheets.] 

fol. [Lrnidon] 1768 

Map of Lincolnshire, surveyed 1776-78. En- 
graved by Stephen Pyle. [8 sheets.] 

fol. London., 1778-79 

A map of the county of Northumberland, with 

that part of Durham that is north of the Tyne, 
and the town of Berwick, on a scale of an inch 
to a mile. Engraved by T. KiTCHiN. [9 sheets.] 

fol. [London] 1769 

Map of the county of Rutland. Engraved by 


fol. [London] 1780 

ARMSTRONG, John, Engineer. The history of the 
island of Minorca. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1756 

ARMSTRONG, John, Colonel. 

Sec Badeslade, T. History of King's Lyn. 1766. 

ARMSTRONG, John, Physician and Poet. 

See Johnson, S. Works of the poets. 1790. 

ARMSTRONG, Robert Archibald. A Gaelic Dic- 
tionary in two parts. I. Gaelic and English. 
II. English and Gaelic. 

4to. Loudon, 1825 

ARMSTRONG, Sir Thomas. The proceedings 
against Sir Thomas Armstrong, upon an out- 
lawry for high treason, etc. : as also an account 
of what passed at his execution, the 20th of June 
l684, together with the paper he delivered to 

the sherifis. 

fol. London, l684 


.SV Perrot, G. History of Art. London, \S?,3. 



ARMYTAGE, George John. 

See Camden, W. Visitation of Rutland. 
„ Cooke, R. Visitation of liOndon. 
„ London, Bishopric of. 

Faculty Office of the Archbishop of 

Parish of St. Antholin, Bridge Eow. 
„ St. George's Chapel, Mayfair. 
„ Westminster, Collegiate Church of St. Peter. 

ARNALD, Richard. A critical commentary upon 
the Apocrypha. 

3 vols in 1. fol. London, 1744-52 

ARNALL, William. 

See Abrabanel, Solomon. 
„ Letter to the Reverend Dr. Codex. 
„ Observations on a pamphlet. 

ARNAUD, Frangois. 

See Suard, J. B. A. Melanges de litterature. 

ARNAUD, Frangois Thomas Marie de Baculard d'. 

Le comte de Comminges ou les amans malheu- 

reux, drame. 

8vo. Paris, 1770 

Les epreuves de sentiment. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, mO-72 

Euphemie ou le triomphe de la religion, drame. 

Svo. Paris, 1768 

ARNAUD, Georges d'. Lectionum Graecarum libri 
duo, in quibus scripta illustrantur Hesychii, 
Arati, Theonis, Oppiani, et Apollonii Rhodii. 

Svo. Th« Hague, 1730 

Specimen animadversionum criticarum ad 

aliquos scriptores (Iraecos, nominatim Anacreon- 
tcm, Callimachum, Hephaestionem, Herodotum, 
Xenophontem, et Aeschylum. 

Svo. Amsterdam, 1730 

ARNAUD, Henri. The glorious recoveiy by the 
Vaudois of their valleys. From the original, 
with a compendious history of that people, by H. 


Svo. London, 1827 

ARNAULD, Ablir do Bonncval. 

Nfc Collection desm^moires — Guizot [vol. x.bis.]. 

ARNAULD Antoine, Altbi'. 

Ser Collection des m6moires — Petitot [vol.xxxiv.]. 

ARNAULD, Antoine. 

See Apologie pour les catholiques. I (is 1 . 
„ Bible, Polyglott. N. T. l673. 
„ Lancelot, C. Grammaire de Port Royal. 

,, Logiciue (la). Paris, 177.^). 
„ Morale pratique. Coloyiw, 16&J. 
„ Port Royal logic. Edinkirgh, 18.51. 

(Euvres, avec la vie de I'auteur. [Edited by 

the Abbe de Hautefage.] 

43 vols in 38. 4to. Paris, ni5-%S 

La perpetuite de la foi de I'eglise catholique 

touchant I'Eucharistie, defendue contre le sieur 

fi vols. 4to. Paris and Lausanne, 1781-82 


See Collection des m^moires — Petitot [vols, 
xxxiii. and xxxiv.] 
„ Josephus, F. Histoire des Juifs. 1667. 

Sec Aedonologie. 

ARNDIUS, CaroluB. Bibliotheca aulico-politica 
eaque selecta hoc est, scriptorum de ministris 
aulicis et vita aulica census : una cum JOSUAE 
Arnuii ministro aulae probate et improbato ex- 
emplo JoABi Davidici proposito. 

Svo. Rostock and Leipzig, 1706 

Bibliotheca politico-heraldica selecta, cum prae- 

fatione de selectissimis bibliothecarum theo- 
logicae, juridicae, medicae et philosophicae col- 

Svo. Rostock wnd Leipzig, 170.5 

ARNE, Thomas Augustine. 
See Artaxerxes : an opera. 
„ Rose: an opera. 1773. 

ARNISAEUS, HenningUB. Doctrina politica, in 
genuinam methodum, qufe est Aristotelis re- 
ducta. Editio nova. 

12mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1651 


See Bible, Latin. 0. T., Psalms. 1560. 

Adversus gentes libri vii., cum commentariis. 

[Edited by A. Thysius.] 

4 parts in 1. 4to. Leyden, 1651 



ARNOBIUS Afer. DispuUitionum adversus geiites 
libri octo. [Edited by F. Saraeus. The eighth 
book is the Octavius of Minucius Felix.] 

fol. Rome, 1542 

Seven books, Adversus Gentes. Translated 

by A. Hamilton Bryce and Hugh Campbell. 
[Ante-Nicene Christian Library, xix.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1871 

ARNOLD, Sir Edwin. The Light of Asia, or the 
great renunciation, l)eing the life and teaching 
of Gautama, Prince of India and founder of 

4to. London, 188.5 

The light of the world, or the great con- 

8vo. London, 1891 

ARNOLD, Matthew. 

See Bible, English. 0. T., Isaiah. 188,'i. 

— Culture and Anarchy ; an essay in political 
and social criticism. 

8vo. London, I869 

— Essays in Criticism. 

8vo. London, 1865 

— Last essays on church and religion. 

8vo. London, 1877 

— Letters, 1848-88. Collected and arranged by 
G. W. E. Russell. 

2 vols. 8vo. Loiulon, 1 895 

— Literature and Dogma : an essay towards a 
better apprehension of the Bible. Second edition. 

8vo. Lond-on, 1 873 

God and the Bible : a review of objections to 

'Literature and dogma.' 
— Merope : a tragedy. 

8vo. London, 1875 

8vo. London, 1858 

— On the study of Celtic literature. 

8vo. London, 1867 

— On translating Homer, last words : a lecture 
given at Oxford. 

8vo. London, 1862 

— Schools and universities on the Continent. 

8vo. London, 1868 

— St. Paul and Protestantism ; \vith an intro- 
duction on Puritanism and the Church of 

8vo. London, 1870 

ARNOLD, Richard. In this booke is conteyned the 
names of yc baylifs, etc. [Arnold's Chronicle.] 
fol. [Adrien van Berghen. ^/itoerp, 150a] 

Another edition. 

fol. [Laioretwe Andreioe. London, I. ''^25] 

The Customs of London, otherwise called 

Arnold's Chronicle. [Edited by F. Douce.] 

4tO. London, 1811 

ARNOLD, Thomas, D.D. 

For Life, ■■<er Stanley, A. P. 

See Thucydides. History. Lwulon, 1863. 

— Christian life, its hopes, its fears, and its close : 

8vo. London, 1842 

— Christian life, its course, its hindrances, and 
its helps ; sermons preached mostly in the chapel 
of Rugby School. Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, 1849 

— Fragment on the Church. 

8vo. London, 1844 

— History of Rome. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1844-45 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1871 

History of the later Roman commonwealth, 

and of the reign of Augustus ; with a life of 
Trajan. New edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1882 

Introductory lectures on Modern history, <le- 

livered in Lent term 1842, with the inaugural 
lecture delivered 1841. 

8vo. Oxford, 1842 


3 vols. 8vo. London, 1844 

Sermons, chiefly on the interpretation of 


8vo. London, 1845 

ARNOLD, Thomas, M.A. 

See Bury Saint Edmund's, Abbey of. Memorials. 
[Rolls Series.] 

ARNOLDUS, Abbot of the Monastery of St. John, 
See Helmoldus. Chronica Slavorum. 1659. 

ARNOT, Hugo. A collection and abridgement of 
celebrated criminal trials in Scotland : from 1 536 
to 1784. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1785 



ABNOT, Hugo. The history of Edinburgh : with 

an appendix. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1788 

ARNOTT, George Arnold Walker. 

See Hooker, Sir W. J. Botany. Lmdon, 1841. 

ARNOULD, Ambrose Maxie. De la balance du 
commerce et des relations commerciales ex- 
terieures de la France dans toutes les parties du 

2 vols in 1. 8vo. 1 vol. [plates]. 

Paris, 1791 

ABOUET DE VOLTAIRE, Francois Marie. 
.*( Voltaire, F. M. A. de. 

See Villafafie, J. de A. y. 

ARRANGEMENTS (The) with Ireland considered. 

8vo. London, 178.5 

ARREST de la cour de parlement, du 8 juillet l6l7, 
donne centre le deffunct marquis d'Ancre et sa 


4to. Paris, l649 

du conseil d'estat du roy qui ordonne la sup- 
pression d'un 6crit intitule, Instruction pastorale 
de M. I'evesque de Montpellier : du 25 avril 

4to. Paris, 1733 

ARRESTS de la cour de parlement, contra le tres- 
meschant parricide Fran(jOis Kavaillac. 

8vo. Paris, l6lO 

ARRIAN, Flavius. 

See Epictetus. Cambridge, i65.t. 
„ Guischardt, C. T. Memoires militaires. 
„ Xenophon. Opuscula. Leipzig, 1778. 

Opera, graece, ad optimas editiones coUata 

studio AuGUSTi Chuihtiani Eorheck. 

8vo. Letngo, 1792 

Ars tactica ; acies contra Alanos ; periplus 

ponti Euxini ; periplus maris Erythraei : liber 
de venatione. Epicteti Enchiridion et Apo- 
phthegmata. Edidit Nicolaus Blancakdus. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1683 

De ascensu Alexandri [with the Indica. Edited 

ARRIAN, Flavius. De expeditione sive rebus 
gestis Alexandri Macedonum regis libri octo in 
lucem editi. [By N. Gerbelius.] 

8vo. llasle, 1 5.'i9 

De expeditione Alexandri Magni historiarum 

libri viii. [Greek and Latin.] 

fol. //. Stephanus. Paris, 157.5 

De expeditione Alexandri Magni : et Indica. 

Edidit N. Blancakdus. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1668 

Expeditionis Alexandri libri vii., et historia 

Indica. P]didit J. Gronovius. [Greek and 

fol. Leyden, 1704 

The Anabasis of Alexander. Literally trans- 

by V. TrincavelIvUs. 

2 vols. Hv.). B. /jini'U. Vcium, l.ji 

lated, with a commentary, by E. J. Chinnock. 

8vo. London, 1884 

— Les guerres d'Alexandre, de la traduction de 
Nicolas Perrot d'Ablancourt ; avec ses 

12mo. Paris, 1664 

— Histoire des expeditions d'Alexandre. Traduc- 
tion nouvelle par P. Chaussard. Atlas. 

3 vols. 8vo and 1 4to. Paris, 1802 

— De i fatti del magno Alessandro. Tradotto in 
Italiano per Pietro Lauro. 

8vo. M. Tramezino. Venice, 1544 

— Le guerre di Alessandro magno. [Translated 
by Pier Lauro.] 

4to. Rmne, 1793 

— Historia Indica cum interpretatione Latina, 
recensuit F. Sghmieder. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Halk, 1798 

— The voyage of Nearchus, and the Periplfls of 
the Erythrean sea. Translated from the Greek 
by W. Vincent. [Greek and English.] 

4to. Oxford, 1809 

— On coursing. The Cynegeticus, translated 
with notes and a brief sketch of the author's life : 
with an appendix containing some account of the 
Canes venatici of antiquity, by a graduate of 
medicine [W. Dansey]. 

8vo. London, 1831 

— Arriani et Hannonis periplus. Plutarchus de 
fluminibus et raontibus. Strabonis epitome. 
[Edited by S. Gelenius.] 

4to. Basle, 1533 



ARRIAN, Flavius. Tactica : et Maiiricii artis 
militaris libri xii., Gr. et Lat. Edidit ,». Schef- 


8vo. Upsala, l66'i- 

ARRIGHETTO da Settimello. Arrighetto ovvero 
trattato contro all' avversit.^ della fortwna. 
[Edited by D. M. Manni.] 

4to. Florence, 1730 

ARROWSMITH, Aaron. A map of the United 
States of North America. 

Incase. 8vo. Lmuhm, 1802 

ARS memorandi, nova seeretissima continens 
praecepta paucissimis bonarum artium militibus 

4to. [John fFinferberg. Vienmi, 1500) 

ARS moriendi. 

▲ block-l>ook. 

Another edition. 

A block-book. 

4to. [Germariji] 
fol. [Germany, 1475] 

ARS moriendi. Ars moriendi ex variis scripturarum 
sentenciis collecta [cum figuris]. 

4to. [Leipzig, 1490] 

Another edition. 

4to. [1490] 

— Tractatus de arte bene vivendi beneque 

8vo. Rmen [1510] 

The art and craft to know well to dye. 

fol. [JVilliam Gaxton. Westminster, 1490] 

— A lytell treatyse shortely compyled and called 
ars moriendi, that is to saye the craft for to deye 
for the helthe of mannes soule. 

4to. Jriinkyn de JVm-de. Westminster [1496] 

— The book intytulyd the art of good lywying 
and good deyng. 

fol. Anthoine Verard. Paris, 150.S 

— The Ars Moriendi, a reproduction of the copy 

in the British Museum. Edited by W. H. 
Rylanus, with an introduction by G. Bullen. 
[Holbein Society, xiv.] 

4to. London, 1881 

ARSACES : a tragedy. [By William Hodson.] 

8vo. London, 1775 

ARSENIUS, Archbishop of Monembasia. Praeclara 
dicta philosophorum, imperatorum, oratorum, et 
poetarum, ab Arsenio collecta. Ft^as d /i 6vo- 
imcTiia^ K.T.A. [Greek.] 

2 vols. 8vo. [Venice, 1515] 

Scholia in septem Euripidis tragoedias collecta, 

et nunc primum edita. [Greek.] 

8vo. Lucantonio Junta. Venice, 1 534 

ART (L') de batir les vaisseaux et d'en perfectionner 
la construction : outre les pavilions de divers 


2 vols, in 1. 4to. Amsterdam, 1718-19 

ART (L') de verifier les dates. L'Art de verifier 
les dates des faits historiques. [By M. F. 
d'Antine, C. Clemencet, and U. Durand.] 
Troisi^me Edition [continued by F. Clement, 
with a supplement by S. P. Ernst]. 

'J vols, in C. fol. Paris, 1783-87 

L'Art de verifier les dates des faits historiques, 

des inscriptions, des chroniques, et autres anciens 

39 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1819-37 

Table gen^rale des noms propres contenus dans 

les huit volumes de cette troisifeme partie. 

8vo. Paris, 1831 

ART (L') de plaire dans la conversation. [By P. 
d'Ortigue de Vaumoriere.] 

12mo. [Amsterdam] 1689 

de voyager utilement. 

12mo. Amsterdam, l698 

militaire fran9ois pour I'infanterie. [With 

engravings by P. Giffart.] 

8vo. Paris, I696 

ART (The) of governing by parties. [By J. Toland.] 

8vo. London, 1701 

(The) of parliamenteering, shewing the various 

ways, means, humours, and stratagems, by 
which the parliaments of England have at all 
times been elected. 

8vo. London, 1722 

ART Union. The Art Union Scrap-book : a selec- 
tion of 150 proofs from the Penny Magazine. 

4to. London, 1843 

ARTARIA, Ferdinando. II Duomo di Milano ossia 
descrizione storico-critica di questo insigne 
tempio, con disegni per Ladislao Rupp e G. 

fol. Milan, 1823 



ABTAUD, Antoine Marie Frangois. Description 
d'une mosaique representant des jeux du cirque 
decouverte a Lyon le 18 Fevrier, 1806. 

fol. Lyons, 1806 

ABTAXEBXES. An English opera. [Adapted 
from the Italian of P. A. D. B. Metastasio by 
T. A. Arne.] 

8vo. London, n.d. 

ARTEAGA, Stefano. I.ettera a G. B. Bodoni 
intoMio alia censura pubblicata dal cavaliere 
Clenientiiio Vannetti contro I'edizione Parmense 
deir Oraziodel 1791. 

8vo. CrisopoU. [Parma] 179-'S 

Le rivoluzioni del teatro musicale Italiano 

dalla sua origine fino al presente. Seconda 

3 vols. Svo. Venice, 178.) 

ARTEMIDORUS Daldianus. De somniorum inter- 
pretatione libri v. De insomniis quod Synesii 
cujusdam nomine circumfertur. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1518 

Oneirocritica^ cum notis RiGALTii et Reiskii. 

Edidit J. fi. Reiff. 

2 vols. Svo. Leipzig, 1805 

A. Daldiani et Achmetis Sereimi f. [or rather 

Mahomet ibn Sirln's]. Oneirocritica : Astram- 
psychi et Nicephori versus etiam oneirocritici. 
[(4reek and Latin.] N. RiGALTii ad Arte- 
MIDORUM notae. 

4to. Paris, l603 


Sec. Qeographica. Augsburg, l600. 

ARTHUR III., Duke of Brittany and Count of 

For Life, see Collection complete des m6moires 
[vol. viii.]. 

ARTHUR. King of Britain. Arthur; a short 
sketch of his life and history in English verse of 
the first half of the fifteenth century. Edited 
by F. J. FuRNivALi.. Second edition. [Early 
English Te.xt Society, 2.] 

Svo. Lundoii, 186f) 

Arthour and Merlin. Edited, from the Auch- 

inleck MS. [by W. B. D. I). TuRNiiULi.]. [Abbots- 
ford Club.] 

4to. Ediiibwrgh, 1838 

ARTHUR, King of Britain. Le Morte dArthur. 

[Translated from the French by Sir T. Malokv.] 

fol. JVilliam Caxtoji. Westminster, 1485 

Another edition. 

fol. JVynkyn de Worde. Westminster, \ 498 

— The byrth, lyf and actes of Kyng Arthur, 
thachyeuyng of the Sane Graal, and in the end, 
Le Morte Darthur. Reprinted from Caxton's 
edition of 1485, with an introduction and notes 
by Robert Soutiiey. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1817 

— Le Morte Arthur. The adventures of Sir 
Ijauncelot du Lake. [Edited by T. PoNTON. 
Roxburghe Club, xxv.J 

4to. London, 1819 

— Morte Arthure. The alliterative romance of 
the death of King Arthur, from a MS. in Lincoln 
cathedral. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 

4to. Brixton Hill, 1847 

— La Mort dArthure. Compiled by Sir T. 
Malory ; edited by T. Wright. Second edition. 
[Library of Old Authors.] 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1866 

— Morte Arthure ; or the death of Arthur. 
Edited by E. Brock. New edition. [Early 
English Text Society, S.] 

Svo. Londmi, 1871 

Le Morte DArthur ; the original edition of 

William Caxton, now reprinted and edited by 
H. OsKAR SOMMER, With an essay on Malory's 
prose style by Andrew Lang. 

3 vols. Svo. Londm, \ 891 

ARTHUR of Little Britain. 

See History of the most noble. 

ARTHUR, Archibald. Catalogus impressorum 
librorum in bibliotheca universitatis Glasguensis. 

fol. Glasgow, 1791 

ARTHUS, Gothard. 
See Bry, J. T. de. 
„ Schmidel, U. 

Americae tomi undecimi appendix, seu navi- 

gationis a G. a Spilbergen per fretum Magellani- 
cum peractae descriptio. Sequuntur verae re- 
gionum et genti\un imagines. Sumptibus J. T. 
i)K Bky. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1620 



ARTHUS, Oothard. Iiidiae Orieiitiilis pars x. una 
coiitiiiotiirdescriptio noviad Aquiloiieni traiisitiis 
supra terras Americanas in Chinam ductnri quem- 
admodum is ab H. Hudsono inventus est. Item 
discursus super detecta quinta orbis parte, terra 
australi, a P. F. DE QuiK conscriptus. Addita 
descriptions Siberiae etc. quae a Moscis detectae 
et occupatae sunt [from the works of S. de 
Herberstein.] Tabulas addente J. T. T)E Bry. 
2 parts in 1. fol. Franhfwt, 1(J1;5 

ARTICLES. Articuli de quibus convenit inter archie- 
piscopos et episcopos utriusq' provinciie et cleruni 
universum in synodo Londini, An. Doni. 15()'2 
... ad tollendam opinionum dissentionem et 
coiisensum in vera religione firmandum. 

4to. Jiihn Ihty. Lmtdoii, l.^Tl 

— agreed upon by the Archbishops and bishops 
of both provinces, and the whole clergie. In 
the Convocation holden at London in the yeere 

4to. Bobert Barker. Lundm, Ui.'J.'J 

Another edition. 

4to. Laiuhii, lt)42 

— Another edition. Eeprinted by his majesties 
commandment, with his declaration prefixed. 

4to. [LondoiiA] 1642 

— Articuli per archiepiscopum, episcopos et 
reliquuni clerum Cantuariensis Provincial in 
Synodo inchoata Londini vicesimo quarto die 
Mensis Novembris, 1,584. [Part of a larger book, 
probably Sparrow's Collection.] 

4to. Reprinted [c. 1700] 

— agreed upon by the Arch-Bishops and Bishops 
of both provinces, and the whole Clergie ; in 
the Convocation holden at London . . . l.')62, 
etc. [Part of a larger book, probably Sparrow's 

4to. B. Norton and J. Bill. London, \QSO 
Bepinied [c. 1700] 

— agreed upon by the bishops and other 
learned and godly men, in the last convocation 
at London, in the year 1552, etc. [Part of a 
larger work, probably Sparrow's Collection.] 

4to. J. Bay. Lwiduii. Repriidi'd [c. 1700] 

— (The) and conditions of the perpetuall peace 
concluded between the King of Spaine, on 
the one partie, and the States Generall of the 
United Netherlands, on the other partie, Jan. 
13, 1648, at Munster. 

4to. Londuii, 1 648 

ARTICLES and ordinances of warre ; for the pre- 
sent expedition of the army of the kingdome of 

Ito. Lmuhn, l644 

— of the New Musical Fund, established April 
the l6th, 1786. 

8vo. Lrmdon, 1807 

— of religion, agreed upon by the arch-bishops, 
and bishops, and the rest of the clergie of 
Ireland, in the convocation holden at Dublin in 
the yeare of our Lord God l6l."). 

4to. For Thomas^ Downes. Ltmdun, 1 629 

— of union, agreed on 22 July in the fifth 
year of the reign of Anne, 170(), by the com- 
missioners nominated on behalf of Scotland 
and England : with the proceedings of the com- 

2 parts in 1. 4to. [Edinburgh 1, 1706] 

— (The) of the Union, as they pass'd with amend- 
ments in the parliament of Scotland, with the 
act for securing the Protestant religion and 
Presbyterian church-government. 

4to. London, 1707 

Another edition. 

4to. London, 1707 

— to be enquired of in the first yeare of the 
reigne of our most dread sovereigne ladie 
Elizabeth, etc. An. Dom. 1559. 

4to. Deputies of Christoplier Barker. 
London, 1595 

— to be enquired of in the visitation in the 
first yeere of the raign of our most dread 
soveraign ladie Elizabeth, etc. Anno. Dom. 


4to. Assignement of Robert Barker. 
London, 1600 

— to be ministred, and to be enquired of and 

answered in the visitation of the right worship- 
full Mr. Archdeacon of Sudbury. 

4to. T. Buck and R. Daniel. 
\L'amhidge, l6,'J6] 

whereupon it was agreed \>y the Archbishops 

and Bishops of both provinces and the whole 
cleargie, in the convocation holden at London 
in the yeare . . . 1562. 

4to. Deputies of (Jhristophr Barker. 
London, 1593 

ARTIGNY, Antoine Qachet d'. Nouveaux memoires 
d'histoire, de critique et de litteratUre. 

6 vols. 12mo. Pans, 1749-53 



ARTIS, Edmund Tyrell. Antediluvian phytology, 

illustrated by a collection of the fossil remains 

of plants peculiar to the coal formations of Great 


4to. Lmidon, 1825 

The Durobrivae of Antoninus, identified and 

illustrated in a series of plates, exhibiting the 
excavated remains of that Roman station in the 
vicinity of Castor, Northamptonshire. 

fol. London, 1828 

ARTIST (The) and Amateur's Magazine : a work 

devoted to the interests of the arts of design 

and the cultivation of taste. Edited by E. V. 

ElPPIXCilLLE. Vol. i. 

4to. London, 184.'5 

ABTOIS, Charles Philippe, comte d'. 

,S'ee Louis XVm. Letter. London, \19\- 

ARTUS, Thomas. 

See Chalcocondylas, L. 

/'(!,(s, It)()2. 

Histoire des Turcs. 

ARUNDEL and SURREY, Henry Granville Fitzalan 
Earl of, afterwards Duke of Norfolk. A few 
remarks on th'e social and political condition of 
British Catholics. 

Svo. London, 1847 

A letter to J. P. Plumptre, Esq., M.P., on the 

bull ' In cuena domini.' 

Svo. London, 1848 

ARUNDELL, James Everard, Baron, of Wardour. 
Si'A- Hoare, Sir R. C. History of Wiltshire. 


.Si Atti e monumenti Fume, 1795. 

ARVIEUX, Laurent d'. M^moires du Chevalier 
il'A., eiivoye extraordinaire du roy k la Porte, 
contenant ses voyages h Constantinople, etc. : 
recueillis de ses m^moires originaux par J. B. 

fi vols. 12mo. Paris, \i:', 5 

Voyage dans la Palestine vers le grand emir 

fait par ordre du roi Louis xiv., avec la descrip- 
tion g^nerale de I'Arabie faite par Ismael Abul- 
FKDA : traduite en Frani^ois par M. de la Roque. 
I'-imo. Ainderdam, 1718 

ASCANIUS ; or, the young adventurer, a true 
history, translated from a maiuiscript privately 
handed about at tlie couit of Versailles. 

8vo. London [1747] 

ASCHAM, Anthony. 

>S'ee Seasonable discourse. Loudon, i()8i). 

ASCHAM, Roger. Works. Edited by Dr. Giles. 
[Library of Old Authors.] 

3 vols, in 4. 8vo. London,, 1864-65 

English works. Edited, with a life of the 

author, by James Bennet [with a life of Ascham 
by Dr. S. Johnson]. 

4to. Loiulon, 1761 

Familiarium Epistolarum libri tres. 

Svo. Francis Coldock. Loiulon, 1578 

— Epistolarum libri quatuor : accessit J. Sturmii 
aliorumque ad Aschamum Anglosque alios eru- 
ditos epistolarum liber. [Edited by W. Elstob.] 

Svo. Oxford, 170.'J 

— A report and discourse ... of the aifaires 
and state of Germany and the Emperoui- Charles, 
his court, duryng certaine yeares while the said 
Roger was there. 

4to. John iJay. London [1553] 

— The scholemaster. Or plaine and perfite 
way of teachyng children, to understand, write, 
and speake, the Latin tong, but specially pur- 
posed for the private brynging up of youth in 
Gentlemen and Noble mens houses. 

4to. John Day. London, 1570 

Another edition. 

4to. John Day. London, 1571 

— The Scholemaster, 1570 ; collated with the 
second edition, l.">71, by E. Arber. [English 
Reprints, xxiii.] 

4to. London, 1869 

Toxophilus or the Schole of Shooting. 

4to. Ed-ward Jlliykhurch. London, 1545 

Another edition. 

4to. Abel Jeffes. London, 1589 

Toxophilus, 1545. Edited by E. Arber. 

[English Reprints, vii.] 

4to. London, 1869 

ASCHERSON, Carl Eduard Ferdinand. 
Si'e Berliner Studien. Berlin, 1884, etc. 


See Patricius, F. Do universis philosophia. 



ASCONIUS PEDIANUS, Quintus. In senatu 
ciintr.i L. I'isoiiem. (Jcorgii Trapezuntii de 
artificio Ciceroniancae orationis. [Edited by H. 

fol. J. de Colonia and J. M. de Getretzem. 

Venice [1477] 

Expositionos in opera varia Ciceronis. [Edited 

by F. AsULANU.s.] 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1522 

Another edition. [Edited by P. Manutius.] 
.Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1.51'7 

— Expositio in orationes Ciceronis. [Edited by 
P. Manutius.] 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1,5,').'! 

Explanatio in orationes Ciceronis. [Edited by 

P. Manutius.] 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, l.'ifio 

Commentationes in aliquot M. Tullii Ciceronis 


ISmo. Leydcn, l675 

AS6ILL, John. An argument proving that accoid 
inir to the covenant of eternal life revealed in 


the scriptures, man may lie translated from 
hence into that eternal life without passing 

through death. 

Svo. \_London] 1700 

— The Pretender's declaration abstracted from 
two anonymous pamphlets : one intitled Jus 
Sacrum ; and the other Memoirs of the Chevalier 
St. George. 

Svo. London, 1713 

The Pretender's declaration English'd. 

Svo. London, 1715 

ASHBEE, Edmund William. 

See Smith, William, Rouge Dragon. 

ASHBEE, H. S. An iconography of Don Quixote. 
[Bibliographical Society : illustrated monographs. 
No. 3.] 

4to. London, 18.95 

ASHBURNHAM, John. Narrative of his attend- 
ance on King Charles I. from Oxford to the 
Scotch army, and from Hampton Court to the 
Isle of Wight. [Edited by George, 3rd Earl 


2 vols. Svo. London, 1830 

ASHBUBTON, Alexander Baring, Baron. An 

iTiquiry into the causes and consequences of 
the orders in council : and an examination of 
the conduct of Great Britain toward.s the neutral 
commerce of America. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1808 

ASHBUBTON, Richard Barre Dunning, Baron. 

(xenealogical memoirs of the Koyal house of 


fol. London, 1825 

ASHBY, Sir John. The account given by Sir .T. A. 
and Reerc-Admiral Eooke to the Lords Commis- 
sioners of the engagomr]\t ;it sea, lietweon the 
English, Dutch, and French fleets ; June 30, 
1690, with a journal of the fleet, etc. 

4to. Londim, I691 

ASHE, Thomas. Le primier (et second) volume del 
Promptuai'ie, on Repertory geiierall de le.s annales, 
et plusors auters livres del common ley dengle- 

2 vols. fol. John Beak. London, l6l4 

ASHER, Georg Michael. Henry Hudson the navi- 
gator : the original documents in which his career 
is recorded, collected, partly translated, and anno- 
tated with an introduction by G. M. A. [Hakluy t 
Society, xxvii.] 

Svo. London, I860 

ASHLEY, Right Hon. Anthony Evelyn Melbourne. 
See Bulwer, H. L. E. The life of Viscount 
Palmerston. London, 1870-74. 

The life of Henry John Temple, Viscount Pal- 

merston, 1846-1865, with selections from his 
speeches and correspondence. [The continuation 
of Lord Dalling's life of Palmerston.] 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1876 

ASHLEY, James. The case and appeal of J. A. ; 
addressed to the publick in general, in relation 
to the apprehending Henry Simons the Polish 
Jew on a warrant for peijury, his trial and con- 
viction, his second trial and acquittal and an 
action brought and cruel verdict obtained against 
the said J. A. 

Svo. London, 1753 

ASHLEY, Robert. 

See Borri, C. Cochin China. London, 1633. 
,, Tarif Abentariciue, A., pseud. Almansor. 

ASHMOLE, Elias. The antiquities of Berkshire. 

.'-i vols. Svo. London, 1719 



ASHMOLE, Elias. The institution, laws, and cere- 
monies of the most noble order of the Garter. 

1 vol. in '2. fol. Loudon, lfi72 

ASHTON, John. The dawn of the 19th century 
in England : a social sketch of the times. Third 

8vo. London, 1890 

ASHTON, John, Major. 

i5Ve Answer to the paper. London, l6!)0-.01. 
„ Graham, Sir R. Arraignment. 1691. 
„ Loyal Martyr vindicated. 1690. 

A true copy of jaart of that paper which 

Mr. Ashton left in a friend's hands, with the 
letter in which he sent it. 

fol. [London, 1691]. 

ASHWELL, Arthur Rawson. 
See Church Quarterly Review. 

Life of the Right Kev. Samuel Wilberforce, D.D., 

Lord Bishop of Oxford and afterwards of Win^ 
cheater, with selections from his diaries and 
correspondence, [vol. i.] by A. R. A. ; vols, 
ii.-iii. by R. G. Wilberj'Okce. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1880-82 

ASIATIC (The) Annual Register : or a view of the 
history of Hindustan, and of the politics, com- 
merce, and literature of Asia, for 1799-1811. 

12 vols. 8vo. Lmidmi, 1800-12 

ASIATIC SOCIETY of Bengal. Asiatick researches ; 
or transactions of the Society instituted in 
Bengal, for inquiring into the history and 
antiquities, the arts, sciences, and literature of 

20 vols. Calcutta, 1788-1839 

ASIATICK (The) miscellany : consisting of original 
I)roductious, translations, fugitive pieces, imita- 
tions and extracts from curious publications. 
Vol. i. 

4to. Calcutta, 178.5 

ASKEW, Anthony. Bibliotheca Askeviana sive 
caUilogus librorum Antonii Askew, quorum 
auctio fiet, 13 Feb. 177;"). [With prices.] 

8vo. London [177.'')] 

Bibliotheca Askeviana manuscripta, sive cata- 

logus librorum manuscriptomm, etc. Horum 
omnium fiet auctio, March 7th, 178.'>. 

8vo. [London, 1785] 

ASKHAM, John. Judith and other poems, and a 
centenary of sonnets. 

12mo. Nmihumpton, 18f)8 

Sonnets on the months and other poems. 

12mo. Nortlwm.pton, I8f)3 

ASPECT, d'. Histoirc de I'ordre royal et militaire 
do Saint Louis. 

3 vols. 8vo. /'((/is, 1 780 

ASPLAND, Alfred. 

See Altdorfer, A. Fall of Man. 1876. 
„ Amman, J. Gynaeceum. 1872. 
,, Bible, Appendix. Four evangelists, with 

woodcuts. 1 873. 
,, Burgkmair, H. Triumphs of Maximilian. 


„ Voragine, J. de. Golden Legend. 

ASPLIN, William. See Rusticus, P., pseud. 

ASSEMANI, Simone. Catalogo de' codici mano- 
scritti orientali della biblioteca Naniana : vi 
s'aggiunge I'illustrazione delle monete Cufiche 
del museo Naniano. Parte prima. 

4to. Padua, 1787 

Globus coelestis, Cufico-Arabicus, Veliterni 

musei Borgiani illustratus. 

4to. Padua, 1790 

Saggio suir origine, culto, letteratura e costumi 

degli Arabi avanti il pseudo profeta Maometto. 

8vo. Padua, 1787 

ASSEMANUS, Josephus Simonius. Bibliotheca 
Orientalis Clementiiio-Vaticana, in qua manu- 
scriptos codices bibliothecae Vaticanae recensuit, 
digessit, etc., J. S. A. 

4 vols. fol. Rome, 1719-28 

ASSEMBL:^E g^n^rale des ^lecteurs de Paris. 

Proces-verlml des siiances et deliberations de 
I'assemblee gt'nerale des ^lecteurs de Paris, 
redige 26 avril-21 mai 1789 par Bailly, et 
depuis le 22 mai-30 juillet 1789 par Duveyrier. 
3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1790 

ASSEMBL^E Nationale. Proces-verbal de I'As- 
sembl^e Nationale imprime par son ordre, 
depuis le 27 aout 1789: avec recueil de rapports, 
discours et autres pieces. 

74 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1789-91 

Proceedings of the National Assembly of 

France, upon the proposed abolition of the slave 
trade in that kingdom. 

8vo. London, 1790 


ASSEMBL^E Nationale. Proceedings on the ad- 
mission of Mr. William Priestly, cand the motion 
for his naturalization. 

8vo. London, 17,')2 

Rapport dc la commission d'enquete sur I'insur- 

rection qui a cclate dans la journt';e du 2,'i juin 
et sur les evi'-nements du 1.") mai : fait par 

3 vols, in I. [Paris, 1848] 

ASSEMBLY (An) lecture ; or, a sermon, held 
forth at a conventicle, upon this text ; Saint's 
practice, chapter i. verse I . It is lawful for 
the saints to cheat the wicked. By a maintainer 
of the saint's priviledge. 

•Ito. [London] 1674 

ASSEMBLY-MAN (The) : written in the year Ui47. 
[By Sir John Bikkenhead.] 

4to. London, I (if),'! 

Another edition. 

4to. London, IHSI 

ASSEB, Joannes, Menevensis, Bishop of Sherborne. 
See Camden, W. Anglica. Frankfort, Ifio;;. 
„ Church Historians of England. Vol. ii. 
part 2. 

Annales rerum gestarum Aelfredi magni auctore 

Asserio Menevensi : recensuit F. Wise. 

8vo. Oxford, 1722 

ASSHETON, Nicholas, of Downham. Journal for 
1617 and part of the year following, interspersed 
with notes from the life of his contemporary, 
John Bruen of Bruen Stapelford, in the county 
of Chester, Esq. Edited by F. R. Raines. 
[Chetham Society, xiv.] 

8vo. Manchester, 1848 


See Evangelium annatum. London, lfi63. 
„ Boyal apology. London, 1 684. 

ASSIZE of Bread. The Booke named the assize of 
Bread ; what it ought to wey after the pryse of 
a quarter of wheate. 

4to. Thomas Colwell. London [1570] 

ASSIZES. Liber assisarum. 

8vo. Richard Pynson. [London, 1 500] 

Liber assisarum et placitorum corone. 

fol. John Rastell. Ijondon [1515] 

ASSOCIATOBS (The) cashier'd, proving by undeni- 
able arguments, as well as by the testimony of 
their own mouthes, that the late endeavours of 
some restless spirits were, 1. to enervate mon- 
archy, 2. to subvert parliaments. [By L. 


4to. London, 1683 

AST, Georg Anton Friedrich. Observationes in 
Propertii Carmina et in Elegiam ad Liviam 

12mo. Gotlia, 1799 

ASTARLOA Y AGUIRRE, Pablo Pedro de. 

jVpologia de la lengua Bascongada o ensayo critico 
filosofico de su perfeccion y antiguedad sobre todas 
las que se conocen. 

4to. Madrid, 1803 

ASTELL, Mary. See Wotton, W., pseud. 

ASTERIUS, Saint, Bishop of Amasea. Homiliae : 
Graece et Latine, P. Kubenio interprete, ejusdem 
Rubenii carmina, orationes et epistolae, itemque 
amicorum pietas. [Edited by J. Brantius.] 

4to. Antwerp, I6l5 

ASTESANUS de Ast. Summa de casibus con- 

fol. [J. Mentelin. Strashurg, 1468] 

ASTLE, Thomas. &e Names of the nobility. 1798. 

— An account of the tenures, customs, etc., of 
the manor of Great Tey, in the county of Essex : 
in a letter to the Earl of Leicester. 

4to. London, 1795 

— The origin and progress of writing, as well 
hieroglyphic as elementary ; also some account 
of the origin and progress of printing. 

4to. London, 1784 

— The origin and progress of writing, illustrated 
by engravings from marbles, manuscripts, and 
charters ; also some account of the origin and 
progress of printing. Second edition. 

4to. London, 1803 

ASTON, Thomas. 

See News. Newes from the west. 



See Artemidorus. Oneirocritica. Paris, l603. 
„ Sibyls. Oracula. Paris, 1559, etc. 



ASTROLOGICA. Circulus Solaris, etc, [Greek and 

Latinj. Ilermetis Trismegisti latromathematica 

[Greek]. Libellus Vestii Valentis de natuia 

planetarum [Latin]. [Edited by J. Gamekarius.] 

2 parts in 1. 4to. J. Petreius. 

Nuremberg, 1532 

- opuscula antiqua : fragmentum, incerto auc- 

tore, in quo ostenditiir quoraodo medicatio ad 
astrologicam rationem sit accommodanda : liber 
regum de significationibus planetarum : liber 
Hermetis centum aphorismorum, cum notis 
Thaddaei Hagecii ab Hagek. 

4to. Gcorgius Mekmtrichus ab Aventino. 
Prague, l.'jfiJ' 

ASTRONOMICA veterum scripta isagogica Graeca 
ct Latina. Proclus, Aratus, Leontius Mechanicus 
[Greek and Latin]. Aratea phaenomena, vete- 
rum poetarum fragmenta astronomica, Hygini 
poeticon astronomicon [Latin]. 

8vo. Heidelberg, 1589 


See Royal Astronomical Society. 


Sec Firmicus Matemus, Julius. 

ASTRUC, Jean. 

Sii: Conjectures sur les m6moires. 1 7.^3. 
,, Mdmoires pour I'histoire naturelle. 1710. 


Sec Buddhist Mahayana texts. Oxford, 1 8J)4. 

The Fo-sho-hiug-tsan-king ; a life of Buddha. 

Translated into Chinese by Dharmaraksha, 
and from Chinese into English by Samuel Beal. 
[Sacred books of the East, vol. xix.] 

Svo. Oxfm-d, 1883 

ASYLUM (An) for fugitive pieces in prose and 
verse. [Collected by J. Almon.] New edition. 

12mn. London, 1785 

ATAKTA. AraKTtt, r^yow TraVToSaTrui' tl<s ti]V 
up)(^i>.iai' Kui TT/v veav (X.\iiviki]V ykMT(7av outo- 
(r\iOi(i>f iniii(iiD(r«i)v auToo-;^£(5to9 (Twaytoyt], [By 

Adajlantios Kokaes.] 

4 vols in 5. 8vo. Paris, 1828-32 

ATANAGI, Dionigi. 

Sec Plinius Caecilius Secundus, 0. II libro degli 
huoniini illustri. I5()2. 

Dcllc lettere facetc et piaccvolo, di diversi 

grand! huomini ct chiari ingegni. 

2 vols in I. 8vo. [Aldus.] Fenice, WiSZ 

ATCHESON, Nathaniel. 

Sr,' Compressed view of the points. 1814. 

ATHANASIUS, Patriarch of Antioch. [The stum- 
bling-block or history of the origin of the schism 
between the church of the East and the church 
of the West. Translated from the Greek by 
Athanasius.] Arabic. 

Svo. [Lotidmi] 1721 

ATHANASIUS, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria. 
For Life, see Bush, R. W. [The fathers for 

English readers.] 
Sec Bible, Latin. N. T., Epistles. 
„ „ Polyglott. 0. T., Psalms. 1746. 
„ Select Library of Nicene and post-Nicene 
Fathers. 1 88ti, etc. 2nd series, vol. iv. 
(for Select \vritings and letters). 

Opera omnia. Opera et studio monachorum 

ordinis S. Benedicti. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols, in 3. fol. Paris, l698 

Opera omnia. [Greek and Latin. Edited by 

N. A. Giustiniani.] 

3 vols, in 2. fol. Padua, 1777 

Festal epistles. Translated from the Syriac 

[by H. Burgess]. [Library of Fathers, vol. 

Svo. Oxford, 1854 

— — Four orations against the Arians, and oration 

against the Gentiles. Translated by S. Parker. 
2 vols. Svo. Oj-ford, 1713 

— Historical tracts. [Translated by M. Atkin- 
son. Library of Fathers, vol. xiii.] 

Svo. O^rford, 1843 

iSelect treatises in controversy with the Arians 

translated. [Library of Fathers, vols, viii., xix.] 
2 vols. Svo. Oxfm-d, 1842-44 

ATHENAEUS Mechanicus. 

See Veterum mathematicorum. Paris, 1693. 

ATHENAEUS Naucratita. Deipnosophistarum 
libri XV. [Greek. Edited by A. P. Manutius 
and M. Mu.suRUS.] 

fol. Aldus. Fenice, 1514 

Another edition. Edidit cum animadversioni- 

bus Isaacus Casaubon. [Greek and Latin.] 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Lyaus, 1657-64 

Pigskin, with the arms of Leydeu University. 

Another edition. Edidit J. Schweighaeuser. 

[Greek and Latin.] 

14 vols. Svo. Skasbtcrg, 1801-1SO7 



ATHENAEUS Naucratita. Deipnosuphistaium 
libri XV. : accediuit Villebnuiii iiitorpretatio 
Gallica et I. Casauboiii animadversioiies. Edidit 
G. H. ScHAEFEi! : torn. i. coiitinons libros i.-v. 
[Greek and French.] 

[No iiwre puhlislied.'] [\ vols. 8vo. 
Leipzig, 17y(i 

Les quinze livres des Deipnosophistes. Traduits 

par Michel de Marolles, abbe de Villeloiii, 
apres les versions latines. 

•ito. /'((;/.s', 1(JS0 

Banquet des savans. Traduit par Lefebvre 

DE Villebrune. 

."j vols. Paris, 178.9-9'-^ 


^'ff Justin Martyr. Writings. ISb'T. 
,, Lindner, J. G. Gurae posteriores. 177r>. 

Apologia pro Christianis : et De resiirrectione 

mortuorum. [Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. H. Siephanus. [Paris] 1557 

Opera. [Greek and Latin. Edited by J. Fell.] 

12mo. O.rfonl, l6Sil 

— Delia risurrettione de' morti : tradotto in lingua 
Italiana da GiROLAMO Faleti ; con una oratione 
della nativity di Christo composta dal medesimo 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1556 

Deprecationem pro christianis. Edidit J. G. 


8vo. Langensalza, 1774 

ATHENAGOBAS, pseud, i.e. Martin Fumee. Du 
vray et parfait amour, escrit en Grec : contenant 
les amours honestes de Theogenes et de Charide, 
de Pherecides, et de Melangenie. 

12mo. Paris, l6l2 

ATHENAID (The) : a poem by the author of 
Leonidas [Richard Glover]. 

3 vols. 12mo. Landm, 1787 

ATHENIAN letters, or the epistolary correspond- 
ence of an agent of the King of Persia residing 
at Athens during the Peloponnesian war. A new 
edition. [By Philip, Earl of Hardwicke, 
Charles Yorke, and others.] 

2 vols. Lmidon, 1798 

ATHIAS, Joseph, or rather ben Alexander Witzen- 

&« Bible, Poly glott. 1710. 
„ „ Hebrew. 1705. 

ATHOLL Papers. .Jacobite correspondence of the 
Atholl family, 1745-16". [Edited by J. H. 
Burton and D. Laing.] [Abbotsford Club.] Edinliimjh, 1810 

ATHOLL, John Murray, 4th duke of. Case of 
John, Duke of Athol. 

4to. [Lmdon, 1787] 

ATHON, Joannes de. Sci' Joannes de Actona. 

ATKINS, Henry Martin. Ascent to the summit of 
Mont Blanc, on the 22nd and 23rd of August 

1837. [Edited by J. G. C] 

8vo. Londm, I8.38 

ATKINS, James. Coins and tokens of the posses- 
sions and colonies of the British empire. 

8vo. Lmdon, 1889 

ATKINS, Sir Thomas, pseud. A seasonable speech 
made in the Kump-Parliament. 

4to. [London] 1660 

ATKINSON, D. H. Ralph Thoresby the topo- 
grapher ; his town and times. 

2 vols. 8vo. Leeds, 1 885-87 


See Glynne, Sir S. R. Churches of Lancashire, 

ATKINSON, John Augustus, and WALKER, James, 
A picturesque representation of the manners, 
customs, and amusements of the Russians. 

3 vols, in 1. fol. London, 1803-5 

ATKINSON, John Christopher. 

.S't'f! Rievaulx. Cartularium. I889. 
„ Whitby. Cartularium. 1879-81. 

Cleveland words (supplementary), by J. C. A. 

An alphabet of Kenticisms, by S. Pegge, 1736. 
Surrey provincialisms, by G. Leveson Gower. 
[See also GovvER.] O.xfordshire words, by Mrs. 
Parker. [See also Smith, Henry.] South 
Warwickshire words, by Mrs. Francis. Edited 
by W. W. Skeat. [English Dialect Society, 
No. 12]. 

8vo. London, 1876 


See Athanasius, St. Historical tracts, 1 843. 

ATKINSON, Stephen. The discoverie and historie 
of the gold mynes in Scotland, written 1619. 
[Edited by G. L. Meason.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinlmrgh, 1825 



ATKINSON, Thomas Witlam. Oriental and 

Western Siberia : a narrative of seven years' 

explorations and adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, 

the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and part 

of Central Asia. 

8vo. London, 1858 

Travels in the regions of the upper and lower 

Amoor, and the Kussian acquisitions on the con- 
fines of India and China. Second edition. 

8vo. Loudon, 1861 

ATKYNS, Sir Robert, Chief Baron of the Exchequer. 
A defence of the late Lord Russel's innocency, 
by way of answer or confutation of a libellous 
pamphlet, intituled, An antidote against poyson. 

fol. LoiuloH, 1689 

The Lord Russel's innocency further defended : 

by way of reply to an answer entituled, The 
Magistracy and government of England vin- 

fol. London, 1689 

An enquiry into the power of dispensing with 

penal statutes, together with some animadversions 
upon a book writ by Sir Edw. Herbert, en- 
tituled, A short account of the authorities upon 
which judgment was given in Sir E. Hales's case. 

fol. London, l689 

The power, jurisdiction, and priviledge of 

Parliament and the antiquity of the House of 
Commons asserted : As also, a discourse concern- 
ing the ecclesiastical jurisdiction in England. 

fol. London, l689 

Speech to Sir William Ashhurst, lord mayor 

elect of the city of London, at the time of his 
being sworn in their majesties court of exchequer, 
Monday the .'iOth of October, 1693. 

fol. London, 1693 

ATKYNS, Sir Robert, the younger. The ancient 
and present state of Glocestei'shire. 

fol. London, 171ii 

Second edition. 

fol. London, 1 768 
ATKYNS, WiUiam. 

Fov trial, see Brommich, A. 

ATKYNSON, Wyllyam. 

See Imitatio Christi [English]. I.'>l6. 

ATLAS gt'ographiquc et statistiijue de la France, 
divi.sij un 108 dt'parteniens, dont ies cartes, 
piaci-es en regard d'un texte, ont 6t6 ex^cutees 
sous la direction de Brion. 

obi. fol. /VWs [180;iJ 

ATLAS geographique et topographique de la guerre 
d'Allemagne, publie par Julien. [27 maps.] 

obi. fol. Paris, 1758-62 

moderne on collection de cartes sur toutes Ies 

parties du globe terrestre, par plusieurs auteurs. 
[Engraved by Lattr^.] 

fol. Paris [1762-71] 

(L') nouveau. Grav6 par P. F. Tardieu. 

obi. fol. Paris, 1782 

of Scotland, being a new set of county maps 

from actual surveys, with a general map. 

4to. Edinhirgh [ISOO] 

ATTEMPT (An) to ascertain the causes of the 

k g's present illness : with a new method of 

treating it, applicable to all who sufl'er in like 

4to. Lmidmi [17 S8] 

to explain the late mysterious conduct of the 

right honourable W. Pitt : with observations on 
some late political events. 

8vo. London, 1805 

ATTENDOLO, Giovanni Battista. 

See Uva, B. dell'. Rime. Florence, 1584-85. 

ATTERBURY, Francis, Bishop of Rochester. 
Si'i' Argument to prove the affections. 
English advice. Lrmdort, 1714. 
Power of the lower house. 1 701. 
Reeve, Sir T. Replies. London., 1723. 
Wynne, W. Defence of A. London, 1723. 

— The epistolary correspondence, visitation 
charges, speeches, and miscellanies. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1783-84 

— The rights, powers, and privileges of an English 
convocation, stated and vindicated, in answer to 
a late book of Dr Wake's. 

8vo. London, 1701 

— Speech at the bar of the House of Lords, in his 
defence against the bill then depending, for in- 
flicting pains and penalties upon him. 

fol. London, 1723 

— Vindication of Bishop Smallridge, Dr. Aldrich, 
and himself, from the scandalous reflections of 
Oldmixon, relating to the publication of Lord 
Clarendon's History. 

fol. London, 1731 

ATTHILL, William. 

.SVc Documents relative to Middleham. 




ATTI (lelhv solenne coroiiazioiie fatta in caiiipidoglio 
dellii iiisigiie poctessa Maria Maddai.ena 
MoKELLi Fernandez, tra gli Arcadia Gorilla 
OHmpica. [Arcadia of Rome.] 

8vo. Parma, 177!) 

e monumenti de' fratelli Arvali scolpiti gia 

in tavole di marmo ed era raccolti, diciferati e 
comentati. [By Gaetano Marini.] 

4to. Kwne, 1795 

ATTICUS, pseud, i.e. Richard Fitzwilliam, 7th 
Viscount. Les lettres d'Atticus [on Protestant- 
ism and Catholicism, etc.]. 2"'*" edition. 

l^mo. London, 1803 

ATTICUS HERODES, Tiberius Claudius. 
See Dinarchus. Orationes. Hanau, Kilf). 
„ Oratores Graeci. 

ATTILA, King of the Huns. Istoria di Attila 
Flagellum Dei. 

4to. r. de Pierv. Venice, 1477 

Atila flagellum Dei per vulgare. 

4to. [Venice, 1495] 

ATTIUS, Lucius. See Accius, L. 

ATWOOD, George. The construction and analysis 
of geometrical propositions, determining the 
positions assumed by homogeneal bodies which 
float freely, and at rest, on a fluid's surface, etc. : 
from the Philosophical Transactions [of the 
Royal Society]. 

4to. [Londm, 1797] 

A disquisition on the stability of ships : from 

the Philosophical Transactions [of the Royal 

4to. [London, 1799] 

ATWOOD, Thomas. The history of the island of 

8vo. London, 1791 

ATWOOD, William. 

See A. (W.) The Lord Chief- Justice Herbert's 
„ Dr. Sherlock's two kings. 

The Scotch patriot unmasked, in animadver- 
sions upon a seditious pamphlet [by G. Ridpath] 
intituled, The reducing Scotland by arms, and 
annexing it to England as a province, considered. 

4to. Londan, 1705 

AU peuple fran(jais : [begins] Le plus grand des 
attentats vient d'l'tre commis en votre nom, 
etc. [By the Duke de la Rochefoucauld- 
Liancourt ?] 

8vo. [Loudon, 1793] 

AUBENAS, George Adolphe. Premiere lettre sur 
Jacques de Guyse, annaliste du Hainaut. 

8vo. Paris, 18,S9 

AUBERLEN, Carl August. The Divine revelation, 
an essay in defence of the faith. Translated 
by A. B. Paton. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1867 

AUBERT, Guillaume. 

Sre Amadis de Gaule, livre xii. 

AUBERT, Jean Louis. Fables nouvelles, divisees 
en huit livres, accompagn^es de notes et suivies 
du discours sur la manifere de lire les fables. 

Quatrieme edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1773 

See Desbois, F. A. A. de la C. 

See Vertot d'Aubeuf, R. A. de. 

AUBERTIN, Edme. L'Eucharistie de I'ancienne 


fol. Geneva, 1633 

AUBERY, Antoine. L'histoire du cardinal due de 

fol. Paris, l660 

Memoires pour l'histoire du cardinal due de 


2 vols. fol. Paris, l660 

L'histoire du cardinal due de Richelieu. 

2 vols. 12mo. Cologne, l666 

Memoires pour l'histoire du cardinal due de 

Richelieu recueillis. 

5 vols in 7. 12mo. Cologne, l667 

Histoire du Cardinal Mazarin. 

4 vols. 12nio. Amsterdam, 1751 

AUBERY DU MAURIER, Louis. Memoires de 
Hanibourg, de Lubeek et de Holstein, de Danne- 
niarck, de Sufede et de Pologne. 

12mo. BMs, 1735 



AUBEBY DU MAURIER, Louis. Mi5moires pour 
servir a I'histoire de HoUande et des autres 

8vo. Paris, 1688 

AUBIGNAC, Frangois H^delin, abb6 d'. 
See H^delin, Fr. 

AUBIGNfi, Theodore Agrippa d'. Histoire univer- 
selle [from the year 15.50 to the end of the Kith 

3 vols, in 1. fol. Maillif, l6l(>20 

Histoire Universelle. Publiee par le Baron 

A. DE EuBLE. [Societe de I'Histoire de France.] 
7 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1886-93 

AUBIN, Protestant minister of Loudun. 
.b't 6 Cheats and illusions. Loudon, 1703. 

AUBREY, John. 

Sec Letters written by eminent persons. 

Miscellanies upon various subjects. Fourth 

edition. [Library of Old Authors.] 

8vo. London, 1857 

The natural history and antiquities of the 

county of Surrey. 

5 vols. 8vo. Lmulon, 1718-19 

Remaines of Gentilisme and Judaisme. Edited 

by J. Britten. [Folklore Society, iv.] 

8vo. London, 1881 

AUBREY, Sir John, Bart. Extract from speech in 

the house of commons, 22 Dec. 1788, with the 

opinions of Mr. Hargrave on the I'egency question. 

Single sheet, fol. \Londmi, 1788] 

Speech in the House of Commons on Monday 

night, 22nd of December, 1788. 

8vo. [Lmulon, 1789] 

To the gentlemen, clergy, and freeholders of 

the county of Buckingham [dated 29 September, 

fol. [Lmdoii, 1789] 

AUCHER, Joannes Baptista. 

See Ephraim, Saint. Evangelii expositio. 1876. 

AUCHER, Paschal. Dictionnaire abr^gt'^ Fran9ais- 
ArnKMiien et Arm^nien-Francjais. 

2 vols. 8vo. Veniu, 1812-17 

Grammar : English and Armenian. 

8vo. Venice, 1817 

Another edition. 

8vo. Venice, 1819 

AUCKLAND, William Eden, baron. 

See Some remarks on the apparent circumstances 
of the war. 179-0. 

The substance of a speech made 2 May 1796, 

on the occasion of a motion made by the Marquis 
of Lansdown. 

8vo. London, 1796 

Substance of a speech in the house of peers, 

April 11, 1799, on the proposed address to his 
majesty respecting the resolutions adopted by 
the two houses of parliament as the basis of an 
union between Great Britain and Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1799 

The substance of a speech made in the house 

of peers, 8 Jan. 1799, on the third reading of 
the Bill for granting certain duties upon income. 

8vo. London, 1799 

■ Substances of the speeches in the house of 

lords, May l6 and 23, 1800, in support of the 
bill for the punishment and more effectual pre- 
vention of the crime of adultery. 

8vo. Lrnidm, 1800 

AUCTION (The) ; or, a catalogue, of some useful 
books, lately published, together with a summary 
of what is treated of in them. 

4to. [London, 1693] 

AUCTORES finium regundorum : Nicolai Rigaltii 
observationes et notae, item glossae Agrimen- 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Paris, I6l4 

Latinae linguae in unum redacti corpus [i.e. 

M. Terentius Varro, De lingua Latina : M. 
Veriii Flacci, Sext. Pomp. Festi fragmenta : 
Nonius Marcellus : Fulgentius : Isidori Origines, 
et Fragmenta] cum notis D. Gothofredi. 

4to. Geneva, 1622 

Mythographi Latini, C. J. Hyginus, F. P. 

Fulgentius, Lactantius Placidus, Albricus philo- 
sophus ; Thomas Munckerus omnes emendavit 
et commentariis instruxit. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1681 

Mj'thographi Latini, C. J. Hyginus, F. P. 

Fulgentius, Lactantius Placidus, Albricus philo- 
sophus ; cum integris commentariis, curante 


4to. Leyden, 1742 

AUDEBERT, Jean Baptiste. Histoire naturelle des 
singes, et des niakis. 

13 parts in 1. fol. Pam, 1797-1800 



AUDEBERT, Jean Baptiste, and VIEILLOT, Louis 
Jean Pierre. Ilistoire iKiturollc et ^i'iu'tuIi' di's 
colibris, oiscaux-mouches, jacamars et pnmicroiJS, 
des grinipereaux et des oiseaux de paradis. 

2 vols. fol. /Vrri.s 1 802 

AUDEBEBTUS, Germanus. Venetiae. [A poem.] 
4to. Aldus. Venice, l.'jSS 

AUDELAY, John. Poems ; a specimen of the 
Shropshire dialect in the fifteenth century. 
Edited by J. 0. Halliwell. [Percy Society, 
vol. xiv.] 

8vo. London, ISH' 

AUDIFFREDI, Giovanni Battista. Bibliothecae 
Ca.sanatensis catalogus librornm typis impres- 
sorum : cum appendice. [Only completed as far 
as the end of K.] 

4 vols. fol. Rome, 17fil-8') 

— Catalogus Historico-Criticus Romanarum edi 
tionum saeculi xv. 

4to. Home, 178.S 

Specimen Historico-criticum editionum Itali- 

carum saeculi xv. [Never finished.] 

■ito. Ror)v, 1794 

AUDIN, Prieur de Thermes. Fables ht-roicjues 
eomprenantes les veritables maximes de la 
politique et de la morale, representees par 
figures, ensemble les moi'alitez, discours et 
histoires sui' chaque fable. Seconde edition 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Suivanl la copk a 
Paris, l(i64 

AUDIN, J. M. V. 

See Histoire de la Saint-Barth^lemy. 

AUDLAND, Anne. A true declaration of the 
suffering of the innocent, who is hated and per- 
secuted without a cause, wherein is discovered 
the zeale of the magistrates and people of 

4to. London, 1655 

AUDOENUS, Joannes. 

See Owen, J., the Epigrammist. 

AUDOUIN, Frangois Xavier. Du commerce mari- 
time, de son influence sur la richesse et la force 
des 6tats. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Paris, 1801 

AUDUBON, John James. The birds of America, 
from original drawings. 

4 vols. fol. Luiuhii, 1 827-38 

AUDUBON, John James. Ornithological biography ; 
or an account of the habits of the birds of the 
United States of America. 

5 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, l83\-39 

The life and adventures of J. .T. A. Edited by 

E. W. Buchanan. Third edition. 

Svo. London, ISfif) 

and BACHMAN, John. The viviparous 

quadrupeds of North America. [With coloured 

3 vols. fol. Netv York, 1845-48 

AUFRECHT, Simon Theodor. 

See Zeitschrift fiir vergleichende Sprachfor- 

AUFRiiRE, Anthony. 

S>'e Salis-Marschlins, 0. U. von. Travels. 1795. 

AUGER, Athanase. 

See Demosthenes. Paris, 1790. 
„ Harangues tiroes d'H^rodote. 1788. 
,, Isocrates. ffiuvres complettes. 1781. 
„ Lycurgus. Discours. Paris, 1783. 
„ Lysias. (Euvres complettes. 1783. 

CEuvres posthumes. De la constitution des 

Eomains sous les rois et aux temps de la repu- 
blique. Discours de Ciceron traduits. 

10 vols. Svo. P«m, 1792-94 

AUGET DE MONTYON, Antoine Jean Baptiste 
Robert, Baron. 
See Montyon, A. J. B. R. A. de. 

.See Marigny, F. A. de. 

AUGURELLUS, Joannes Aurelius. Carminum liber 


4to. Verona,, 1491 


Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1505 

— Chrysopoeiae libri iii., et Geronticon liber 

4to. S. Lucre. Venice, 1515 

— Another edition. 

4to. /. Froben. Basle, 1518 

AUGUSTI, Johann Christian Wilhelm. 
See Bible. Apocrypha. Greek. 1 804. 



AUGUSTINE, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. 

See Bible, English. 0. T., Psalms. 1847. 
N. T., John. 184.8. 
'„ Clark, W. R. Fathers for English readers. 
„ Hampole, R. R. of (for sermo de misericordia). 
„ Prosper, of Aquitaine. Epigrammata. 1481, 

„ Rhetores Latini. Paris, 1 599. 

Trench, R. C. (for exposition of the sermon 
on the mount). 

Opera omnia. S. A. vita auctore PossiDiO 

Calamensi episcopo. 

10 vols, in l6. 8vo. Lyons, 1563 

Opera. S. A. vita auctore PossiDio Cala- 
mensi episcopo. Appendix Augustiana. 

12 vols, in 16. fol. Paris, 1679-1703 

Opera, post Lovaniensium theologorum recen- 

sionem, castigata denuo ad manuscriptos codices 
Gallicanos, Vaticanos, Anglicanos, Belgicos, etc., 
nee non ad editiones antiquiores at castigatiores. 
Opera et studio monachorum ordinis S. Benedicti 
e Cong. S. Maiiri. 

11 vols, in 8. fol. Venice, 1729-35 

Works. A new translation. Edited by M. 


la vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1871-76 

AUaUSTINE, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. De civitate 

fol. [Swci/iihcym and Pojuiurl::. Suhiaco, 1467] 

Another edition. Cum commento Thomae 

Works. [Select library of Nicene and post- 

Nicene Fathers, 1st series, vols, i.-viii.] 

8 vols. 8vo. Buffalo and New York, 1886-88 

Opuscula plurima. 

fol. Martin Flach. Strasburg, 1491 

Seventeen short treaties. [Translated by C. 

L. Cornish and H. Browne.] [Library of 
Fathers, vol. xxii.]. 

8vo. Oxford, 1847 

Confessionum, libb. xiii. 

fol. [./. Menklin. Strasburg, 1465] 

Another edition. 

4to. Jolmrvnes [Bonus'] Teutonicus. Milan, 1475 

Another edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1776 

Confessions, revised from a former translation 

by E. B. Pusey. [Library of Fathers, vol. i.]. 

«vo. Ozfm-d, 1838 

De Baptismo. Traite du baptumo, on traduc- 
tion de SOS sept livrcs du baptcme par G. Dujat. 

8vo. Paris, Mil 

Valois et NicoLAi Triveth. 

fol. [./. Mentelin. Strasburg, 1468] 

— De civitate dei. 

fol. Swcynheijm and Pannartz. Rome, 1468 

— Another edition. 

fol. Swei/nhcym and Pannartz. Rome, 1 470 

— Another edition. 

fol. Johannes and Vindelin de Spira. 
Venice, 1470 

Printed on vellum. 

— Another edition. 

fol. N. Jenson. Venice, 1475 

— Another edition. 

fol. M. Moravus. Naples, 1477 

— Another edition. 

fol. Oct. Scotus. Venice, 1489 

Printed on vellum. 

— Another edition. Cum commentariis LoDOViCi 

2 vols. 8vo. Geneva, 1622 

— La cit6 de Dieu. [Translated by Eaoul de 

2 vols. fol. /. du Pri and P. Gerard. 
Abbeville, I486 

— La cite de Dieu, traduite en Frangois. 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, \1 SI 

— La cita di Dio. 

fol. [1480] 

— La citta di Dio, tradotta nell' idioma Italiano 
dal Padre Don Cbsare Benvenuti. 

fol. Rome, 1743 

— De consensu evangelistanun, partitus in quatuor 

fol. Lauingen, 1473 

— De doctrina Ohiistiana. 

fol. J. Fust [and P. Sehoeffer. Mainz, 1465] 

— Another edition. 

fol. J. Mentelin. [Strasburg, 1465] 

— Another edition. I 

fol. ,/. Mentelin. [Strasburg, 1465] ' 

— De mirabilibus sacrae scripturae. 

fol. [Ketelaer and De Lecmpt. Utrecht, 1473] 



AXJCmSTINE, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. De quaes- 
tionibus Orosii. 

4to. L. Bramiis. Menehurg, 147.'> 

De Trinitate. 

fol. J. de Amerhach. Hash', 148.0 

Enchiridion ad Laurentium. 

4to. [U. Zd. Cologne, 14fi8] 

Printed on vellum. 

Epistolarum liber. 

fol. [./. Mentelin. Sdnsbnrg, 1469] 

Letfcres. Traduites en Fran9ois, avec des notes, 

par Du Bois. Troisifeme Edition. 

6 vols. 12mo. Lille, n 07 

Epistola ad beatum Cyrilliim. 

4to. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1475] 

In the original stamped binding, with a rebus on the 
name W. Langton. 

Exercitatio fidelis anime ad elemosinam 


4to. [Rood and Hunte. Oxford, 1483] 
Beprint in facsimile 1897 

Printed on vellum, 

Sermones ad heremitas. 

4to. Martin Flach. Slrasburg, 1490] 


4to. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1470] 

Sermo super orationem dominicam. 

4to. [U. Zel. Cologne, 1470] 

Sermones de informatione regularis vitae. 

4to. Baldassar de Struciis. Modeim, Wll 

— Sermones inediti, admixtis quibusdam dubiis. 
Edidit M. Denis. 

fol. Vienna, 1792 

— Sermons on selected lessons of the New Tes- 
tament. [Translated by R. G. Macmillen.] 
[Library of Fathers, xvi., xxx.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1844-45 

— (Supposititious Works.) 

De vita Christiana, et de singularitate cleri- 

4to. U. Zel. [Colog7ie] 1467 

— De vita Christiana. 

4to. [P. Schoeffer. Mains, 1468] 

— Another edition. 

4to. [P. Brack] Spire [1470] 

— De salute sive aspiratione animae ad Deum. 

4to. G. de Lisa. Treviso, 1471 

AUGUSTINE, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. De verae 
vilao cogtiitioiie. [By HoNuiuus Augustodu- 


4to. [/'. Schoeffer. Mainz, 1465] 

Certaine select prayers gathered out of S. 

Augustines Meditations, which he calleth his 
selfe talke with God. 

8vo. John Day. London, 1574 

S. Augustines Manuell, or little booke of the 

contemplation of Christ. [The second part only of 
Certaine select prayers.] 

8vo. J. JVolfe, for the assignes of 
E. Day. London, 1586 

AUGUSTINUS de Ancona. 

See Triumphus, A. de Ancona. 

AUGUSTINUS, Antonius, Archbishop of Tarragona. 
See Agustin, A. 

AUGUSTUS, Caius Julius Caesar Octavianus, 
Emperor of Rome. 
For scriptorum fragmenta, .see Fabricius, J. A. 

AULICUS coquinariae : or a vindication in answer 
to a pamphlet, entituled, The court and character 
of King James, pretended to be penned by Sir 
A. W. [By Sir W. Sanderson or P. Heylyn ?] 

8vo. London, 1650 

AULISIO, Domenico d'. Delle scuole sacre libri 
due postumi, ove s'ha I'origine, progresso, e fine 
delle scuole sacre fra gli Ebrei. 

2 vols in 1. 4to. Naples, 1723 

AULNOY, Marie Catherine la Mothe, comtesse d'. 
See Cabinet des f^es. Amsterdam, 1785-89- 

M6moires de la cour d'Angleterre, par 

Madame D. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Tlic Hague, 1695 

AUMONT, J. B. d'. A narrative of the proceedings 
relating to the suspension of the King of the 
French, on the 10th of August, 1792. Edited 
by T. Cooper, with the reflections of Condorcet 
on the English revolution 1688, and that of 1792, 
and the address of the National Assembly. 

8vo. MancJiester, 1792 

AUMONT, Louis Marie Augustin Aumont de 
Bochebaron, due d'. Catalogue des livres de la 
bibliotheque de M. le due d'Aumont, dont la 
vente se fera 7 Janvier 1783, par G. DE BuRE. 
[With prices.] 

8vo. Paris, 1782 



AUNEUIL, Louise de Bossigny, comtesse d'. 

.s'e^' Cabinet des f^es. Amdcrilain, llHii-HQ. 

AUNGELL, John. The agrement of the holye 
Fathers and Doctors of the churche, upon the 
cheifest articles of the Christian religion. 

8vo. W. Harford for W. Seres. 
Lmdmi [1555] 

AUNGERVILE, Ricardus d', Bishop of Durham. 
Sec Bury, R. A. de. 

AUNQIER, George James. 

See French Chronicle of London. 

AURBACH, Joannes de. Sunima de sacramentis. 
fol. G. Zainer. A^tgshirg, 146<) 

AURATUS, Joannes. 

See Bible, Latin. Psalms. 1575. 

AURELIANUS, Caelius. De acutis morbis libri iii. 
De diuturnis libri v. Ad fidem exemplaris 
manuscripti castigati et annotationibus illustrati. 

8vo. Lyons, 1566 

Tardarum passionum libri v. ; D. Oribasii 

Euporiston, etc. [Edited by J. Sichardus.] 

fol. H. Pctrus. Basle, 1529 


.Sfe; Fronto, M. C. Epistolae. 1823. 
,, Qataker, T. Opera critica. 1698. 

De seipso seu vita sua libri xii., Graece et 

Latine, GuiL. Xylandro interprete. Marini 
Neapolitani de Procli vita et fcelicitate liber. 
Grece Latineque. 

2 vols. 8vo. Andr. Gesner. Zurich, 1559 

De rebus suis, sive de eis quiie ad se pertinere 

censebat libri xii. Edidit Thomas Gataker. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Cambridge, 1652 

De rebus suis, libri xii. [Greek and Latin, 

with a selection of Dacicr's notes. Edited by 
G. Stanhoi'E.] 

4to. London, 1697 

Eorum quse ad seipsum libri xii. [Greek and 

Latin. Edited by R. Ibbetson.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1704 

Another edition. 

8vo. Fmlis. Glasgow, 1744 

Another edition. [Greek and Latin on 

tariorum quos ipse sihi scripsit libri xii. [Greek 
and Latin : edited by J. M. ScHUi.TZ.] Vol. i. 
[Vols. ii. and iii., which were to have contained 
the commentary, were never published.] 

8vo. Sdileswig, 1802 

Meditations. Translated from the Greek by 

R. Graves. 

8vo. Bath, 1792 

Pensees. Traduites du grec par M. de Joly. 

8vo. Paris, 1796 

— — Reflexions morales, traduites par Dacier. 

4to. Paris, 1800 

Riflessioni morali dell' Imperatore M. Aur. 

Antonino, con le osservazioni di Mr. e di Mad. 

2 vols. 8vo. Udine, 1772 

AURELIUS ANTONINUS, Marcus, pseud, i.e. 
Antonio de Guevara. The golden boke of 
Marcus Aurelius Emperour and eloquent oratour. 
Translated out of Frenche into Englyshe by J. 
Bourchier, knyghte, lorde Earners. 

8vo. Thomas Berthelet. London [1534] 

Vita, gesti, costumi, discorsi et lettere — Con 

la gionta di molte cose, che nello Spagnuolo non 
erano, e delle cose Spagnuole, che mancavano 
nella tradottione Italiana. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1546 


See Herodianus. Florence, 1517. 
„ Nepos, C. De vita Catonis. 
„ Plinius Caecillus Secundus, C. (for liber 

illustrium virorum). 
„ PoUio, T. Paris, 1544. 
„ Scriptores Historiae Augustae. 
„ ,, ,, Romanae. 

„ Suetonius Tranquillus, C. Venice, 1516. 

alternate leaves.] 

8vo. Foulis. Glasgow, 1744 

— Opera, ex recensione J. Arntzenii. 

12mo. Botterdam, 1804 

— Opera omnia. [Valpy's Delphin Classics.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1829 

— Breviarium historiae Romanae. De vita et 
moribus imperatorum Romanorum excerpta ex 
libris S. A. V. 

2 pts. in 1 . 8vo. Chr. Plantin. Antwerp, 1 579 

— Historiae Romanae Compendium. Interpreta- 
tione et notis illustravit Anna Tanaquilli 
Fabri filia ... in usum Delphini. 

4to. Paris, 168I j 




AURELIUS VICTOR, Sextus. Historiao Komanae 
])reviarium, cum commentariis. Eilidit S. 


8vo. Utrecht, l()i)(i 
Historia Komana, cum iiotis variorum. 

Curante J. Arntzenio. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1733 

De vita et moribus imperatorum Romanorum, 

excerpta ex libris S. A. Victoris. 

8vo. S. Colimieus. Paris, l.O^l 

AUSMO, Nicolaus de. Supplemeiitum. 

fol. iM. Maravus and M. de Mmuicu. 
Genua, 1474 

AUSONIUS, Decius Magnus. 

&e Pervigilium Veneris. The Hagiw, 1712. 
,, Petronius Arbiter, T. Amsterdam, l()t)9-71. 
,, Foetae Latinae minores. 

Opera. Sequuntui' Probae excerptum ex 

Maronis operibus : Ovidii consolatio ad Liviam : 
T. Calphuniii carmiaa : P. G. Tiferni epis- 
tolarum epigrammatoiique pars. 

fol. Earth. GiranUnvs. Venkf, 1472 

Opera, nuper reperta. [Etlited by T. 


fol. U. Scinaenzeler. Milan, 14()0 

Another edition. 

4to. A. Ugoletus. Parma, 1499 

Another edition. 

8vo. A. Ugoletus. Venice, 1501 

Another edition. [Edited by H. AvANCius.] 
8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1517 

Another edition. 

l6mo. Antwerp, 1568 

— Another edition. Symmaehi et Pontii Paulini 
litterae ad Au-sonium .scriptae, turn Ciceronis, 
Sulpiciae aliorumque carmiiia iionnulla. Edidit 
Elias Vinetus. 

4to. S. Millangius. Bordeaux, 1580 

— Another edition. Recognita a JosEPHO ScALi- 
GERO. Q. Symmaehi epistolae ad A. P. Paulini 
epistolae ad A. Sulpiciae carmen. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. [Cummdin] 
Heidelberg, 1588 

— Another edition. Symmaehi et P. Paulini 
litterae ad Ausonium scriptae, tum Ciceronis, 
Sulpiciae aliorumque carmina nonnulla. 

24mo. Amsterdam, lC21 

AUSONIUS, Decius Magnus. Opera. J.Tollius 
recensuit et variorum notis illustravit. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1671 

Another edition. Iiiterprctatione et notis 

illustravit Julianu.s Flokidus in usum Delphini : 
recensuit, emendavit J. R Souchay. 

4to. Paris, 1730 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1750 

8vo. Basle, 1781 

Another edition. [Valpy's Delphiii Classics.] 
.') vols. 8vo. LmidoH, 1823 

— (Euvres. Traduites en Fran(j>ais par I'Abbe 
Jaubert. [Latin and French.] 

4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1769 

Epigrammata. [Edited by B. Merula.] 

fol. J. de Ueretu. Venice, 1494 

Another edition. 

fol. /. de Cereto. Venice, 1496 

AUSTEN, Ralph. A tieatise of fruit trees, shevnng 

the manner of planting, grafting, etc. : where- 

unto is annexed observations upon Sir Francis 

Bacon's natural history. The third impression. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Oxford, 1665 

AUSTIN, Gilbert. Chironomia; or a treatise on 
rhetorical delivery. 

4to. London, 1806 

AUSTIN, John. See Birchley, W., pseud. 

AUSTIN, Sarah. 

See Holland, S. Lady. Memoir of S. Smith. 
„ Ranke, L. von. History of the Reformation. 

AUSTIN, Thomas. 

See Chaucer Society. Second series, xxiii. 

Two fifteenth century cookery-books. Edited 

by T. A. [Early English Text Society, 91.] 

8vo. London, 1888 

AUSTIN, William. See A. (W.) 

AUTEROCHE, Jean Chappe d'. 
Sec Chappe d'Auteroche, J. 

AUTEURS deguisez sous des noms etrangers. [Par 
Adrien Baillet.] 

12mo. Paris, 1690 



AUTHENTIC (An) account of our last attempt 
upon the coast of France. By an oflicer. 

8vo. Londmi, 1758 

AUTHENTIC account of the conduct of the 
young Chevalier, from his first arrival in Paris, 
after his defeat at Culloden, to the conclusion of 
the peace at Aix-la-Chapelle. 

8vo. London, 1749 

AUTHENTIC account of the dreadful riots in 
Birmingham, occasioned by the celebration of 
ihe French Revolution, on the Uth of July 1791. 

8vo. London, 1791 

AUTHENTICK account of the intended invasion 
by the Chevalier's son : his Majesty's messages 
to both houses of Parliament on that occasion, 


8vo. London, 1744 

AUTHENTICK account of the proceedings against 

John Wilkes, Esq. 

8vo. Lond-on [17f)'3] 

AUTHENTIC account of the proceedings of the 
Congress held at New York, in 17(i5, on the 
subject of the American Stamp Act. 

8vo. [London] 17f)7 

AUTHENTIC account of the riots in Birmingham, 
14-17 July 1791, also the trials of the rioters, 
and a collection of letters. 

8vo. Birmingham [1791] 

AUTHENTIC copies of treaties between his 

Britannic majesty and Sardinia, Russia, and 

Hesse Cassel. 

Svo. London, 179^ 

AUTHENTIC copy of the French constitution, 
as revised and amended by the National Assembly, 
and presented to the king .'i September 1791- 
Translated from the original. 

Svo. London, 1791 

AUTHENTIC correspondence and documents ex- 
plaining the proceedings of the Maiquess Wel- 
lesiey, and of the Earl of Moira, in the recent 
netrotiations for the formation of an administra- 
tion. [With MS. notes and newspaper cuttings 

8vo. London, 1812 

AUTHENTICK documents of the French adminis- 
tration, in his majesty's German dominions. 
[French and English.] 

4to. Londmi, 17.')8 

AUTHENTIC papers from America: submitted to 
the dispassionate consideration of the public. 

8vo. Londo^i, 1775 

AUTHENTIC papers relating to the expedition 
against Carthagena, containing original letters 
between the Admiral and the General, their 
councils of war, etc. 

8vo. London, 1744 

AUTHENTIC statement of all the facts relative to 
Nootka Sound. [Signed Argonaut.] 

8vo. London, 1790 

AUTHENTICUS. A defence of the Protestant 
clergy in the south of Ireland, in answer to the 
charges against them contained in the Rt. Hon. 
H. Grattan's speeches relating to tithes. 

Svo. London, 1788 

AUTHOR (The) of the Lawful prejudices against an 
incorporating union with England, defended, in 
answer to a pamphlet entituled, The Dissenters in 
England vindicated, etc. [By James Webster.] 

4to. Edinhm-gh, 1707 

Sec also Lawful prejudices. 

„ Defence. A second defence. 

AUTON, Jean d'. Chroniques de Louis xii. Publi^es 
par R. DE Maulde la Claviere. [Soci^te de 
I'Histoire de France.] 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1889-93 

AUTEEAU, Jacques S. d'. 

.S'cc Th6§,tre Frangais. Comedies, torn. iii. 
„ Theatre Italien, torn, ii.-iii. 

OSuvres. [Edited by C. E. Pesselier, with a 

life of the author.] 

4 vols in 3. 12mo. Paris, 1749 

AUVERGNE, Martial d'. 

See Martial de Paris or d'Auvergne. 

AUVERGNE, Philip d'. See D'Auvergne, T. 

AVALLE. Tableau comparatif des productions des 
colonies Fran^aises aux Antilles avec celles des 
colonies Anglaises, Espagnoles et Hollandaises, 
1787-88, etc. 

4to. Paris, 1799 

AVANTURES. Sea Aventures. 

AVAUX, Jean Antoine de Mesmes, comte d'. 

Negociations en Hollande 1679-S8. [Publi^es 
par I'Abbe Mallet.] 

6 vols. Svo. Paris, 1752-53 



AVELING, S. T. Heraldry ; ancient and modern. 
Including Boutell's Heraldry, edited and revised 
with additions. 

«vo. London, 1892 

AVENEL, Denis Louis Martial. 

Sec Richelieu. Lettres. I'arif, 1853. 

AVENTINUS, Joannes. Annalium Boioruna libri 
septeni. [Edidit H. Zieglerus.] 

fol. Alex, and S. Weissenhorn. 
Ingolstadt, 1554 

Annalium Boiorum libri vii. : Abacus : simulac 

Francisci Guillimanni de Helvetia seu rebus 
Helvetiorum tractatus, curante N. H. Gund- 


fol. Leipzig, 1710 

AVENTURES (Les) de I'infortune Napolitain ou 
memoires du seigneur Eozelli. [By the Abbk 

•i vols. 18mo. London [Paris] 1781 

merveilleuses du mandarin Fum-Hoam, contes 

Chinois. [By T. S. Gueulleti'E.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1723 

AVERROES [Mahomet ibn Ahmad]. 

See Maioli, L. Epiphyllides. Venice, 1497. 

AVESBURY, Rohertus de. 
,S f Rohertus de Avesbury. 

AVIANUS, Flavius. 

•SVf Phaedrus. Fal)ulae, etc. 

Fabulae cum commentariis selectis Albini 

scholiastae, notisque variorum edidit H. Canne- 
oieter : ejusdem dissertatio de aetate et stilo 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1731 

AVICENNA, other^^^se Husain Ibn Abd Allah. 
[The Canon of Avicenna, with a compendium 
of Aristotelian philosophy, called al-Najat. In 

3 parts in 1. fol. Typ. Medicea. 
Rome, 1593 

Canonis libri v. [begins, Liber canonis primus 

quern princeps abohali abiusceni de medicina 
edidit : translatus a magistro gerhardo cremo- 
nensi in toleto ab arabico in Latinum.] 

2 vols. fol. P. Printer. [Strasburg, li70] 

AVIENUS, Rufus Festus. 

Sec Aratus. 
„ Fahulae variorum auctorum. Kifio. 

Opuscula. [Edited by V. Pisanus.] 

4to. A. de Strata. Fenice, 14,88 

With the arms of De Thou. 

AVILA Y ZUNIGA, Luis de. Comentario de la 
guerra d'Alamafia hecha de Carlo v., 1546-47. 

Svo. Venice, 1548 

Histoire de la scuerre civile d'Allemascne sous 

I'Empereur Charles-Q,uint. 

12mo. Paris, 1672 

AVIS aux fideles sur le melange. 

4to. [1735] 

Another edition 

fol. /. Herhort. Padua, 1476 

— Second avis aux fideles sur I'argument specieux 
tir6 de Forigine des convulsions au tombeau. 

4to. [1735] 

— Troisieme avis aux fideles sur I'argument X,\v& 
de la liaison de I'ojuvre des convulsions avec des 
guerisons miraculeuses, etc. 

4to. [1735] 

Quatrifeme avis aux fidfeles sur les miracles du 


4to. [1735] 

AVISAMENTA confessorum. 

fol. [P. Schoeffer. Mainz, 1470] 

AVISSE, 6tienne. (Euvres de theatre, contenant 
ses comedies. 

8vo. Paris, 1758 

AVITUS, Alcimus Ecdicius, Saint, Archbishop of 
Vienne. Libri vi., ab Joanne Murmellio recogniti, 
de origine mundi, de originali peccato, de sententia 
Dei, de diluvio mundi, de transitu maris rubri, 
de virginitate. 

4to. M. de Werdena. Cologne, 1509 

AVON: a poem in three parts. [By the Rev. J. 


4to. Birmingham, 1758 

AVRIGNY, Hyacinthe Robillard d'. Memoires 
pour servir a I'histoire universelle de I'Europe, 

2 vols. 8vo. Ntmes, 1783 

AVVENTURE (Le) di Saffo, poetessa di l\Iitilene, 

traduzione dal Greco originale nuovamente 

scoperto. [An original romance in Italian by 

A. Verrl] 

8vo. Padim, 1780 



AVVENTURE (Le) di Saffo, poetessa di Mitilene 
[by A. Verri]: e la Faoniade, inni ed odi, 
traduzioni dal Greco [or rather composed in 
Italian verse by U. V. Imperiale]. 

I'imo. Paris, 1790 

AWDELEY, John. See Fraternity of Vagabondes. 

AXIOMA Basilicon. The unanimous, or con- 
sentient opinion of the learned, namely Diggcs 
and others, in the explication or exposition of 
that celebrated maxim in the laws of England, 
The King can do no wrong : in a letter from a 

lawyer in the countrey. 

4to. London, 1703 

AXON, Ernest. Bygone Lancashire. 

8vo. London, 1892 

AXON, William Edward Armitage. 

See Bailey, N. English dialect words. [English 
Dialect Society.] 
„ Fuller,!. Collected sermons. 1891. 

George Eliot's use of dialect. [English Dialect 

Society, No. 33 ; miscellanies, No. 4.] 

8vo. [London, 1881] 

Handbook of the public libraries of Manchester 

and Salford. 

4to. Mancliester, 1877 

AYALA, Ignacio Lepez de. Historia de Gibraltar. 

4to. Madrid, 1782 

AYALA, Pedro Lepez de. Cronica de los reyes de 
Castilla, Pedro, Enrique ii., Juan i., Enrique in. : 
con las notas aiiadidas por EuGENiO DE Llaguno 
Ajiirola. [Coleccion de las cronicas y memorias 
de los reyes de Castilla.] 

2 vols. 4to. Madrid, 1779-80 

AYALA Y GUZMAN, Marcelo de. Comedia nucva. 
No hay contra ul hado defcnsa, y destruicion de 


4to. Falencia, 1764 


X ' Case of the orphan. 17()1. 

AYLIFFE, John, LL.D. The anticnt and present 
.slate of the university of Oxford. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1714 

A new pandect of Roman civil law as anciently 

established in that Empire aiul now received and 
practised in most European nations. Vol. i. 
I All published.] 

fol. London, 1734 

AYLIFFE, John, LL.D. Parergon juris canonici 
Anglicani : or, a commentary, by way of sup- 
plement to the canons and constitutions of the 
church of England. 

fol. Londmi, 172G 

AYLOFFE, Sir Joseph, Bart. An account of some 

ancient moinunents in Westminster Abbey, read 

at the Society of Antiquaries, March 12, 1778. 

[Forming part of vol. i. of Vetusta Monumenta : 

the plates referred to are xxix.-xxxv. of the 

series, in vol. ii.] 

fol. London, 1780 

Calendars of the ancient charters and of the 

Welch and Scottish rolls, now remaining in the 

Tower of London : also of the treaties of peace 

with Scotland, and memoranda concerning the 

affairs of Ireland. 

4to. London, 1774 

AYMON, Jean. 
See Visconti, 0. 

Lettres. Amsterdam, 1719- 

AYRE, John. 

See Becon, T. [Parker Society.] 
„ Jewel, J. „ 

„ Sandys, E. „ 

„ Whitgift, J. 

AYEOUARD, Jacques. Recueil de plusieurs plans 
des ports et rades et de quelques cartes par- 
ticulieres de la mer Mediterranee. 

fol. [Paris, 1746] 

Red morocco, with urma on the sides. 

AYSCOUGH, Samuel. 
See British Museum. 

,, Shakespeare, W. 

Catalogue of MSS. 
Works. 1790. 

AYSCU, Edward. A historic contayning the 
Warres, Treaties, Marriages and other occurrents 
betweene England and Scotland from King 
William the Conqueror, untill the happy Union 
of them both in our gratious King James. 

4to. George Eld. London, l607 

AYTON, Richard. A voyage round Great Britain, 
1813: with a series of views illustrative of the 
character of the coast, drawn and engraved by 
W. Daniell. 

8 vols. fol. London, 1814-25 

AYTOUN, William Edmondstoune. 
For Life, xee Martin, Sir Theodore. 
See Ballads of Scotland. 



AZAIS, Pierre Hyacinthe. Un mois dc scjour dans 

Ics PyrcinJcs. 

8vo. Paiis, ISO!) 

AZARA, F^lix d'. Essais sur Fhistoiro naturcllo 
dcs quadiupt'des dii Paraguay. Traduits par 
L. E. MouEAU DE St. Mery. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paria, 1801 

Voyages dans I'Amt'riqne i\I('ridionale. Pnhlii's 

d'apres los nianuscrits de rauteur, avec une notice 
sur sa vie et ses ecrits par Q, A. Walckenaeh : 
et avcc une collection de planches. 

4 vols. Svo and 1 vol. 4to. Paris, 1 SOJ) 

AZUNI, Domenico Alberto. Histoire geographiquc, 
politique et naturelle dc la Sardaigiic. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1 802 

AZURARA, Gomes Eannes de. The chronicle of 
the discovery and conquest of Guiana, now first 
done into English by C. R. Beazley, and E. 
Prestage. Vol. i. [Hakluyt Society, xcv.] 

Svo. London, 1896 

B., Earl of. An account of the aflairs of Scotland, 
relating to the revolution in 1688, as sent to the 
late King James ii. By the Eakl of B. [i.e. the 
Eakl of Balcarres] ; with a key. 

2 parts in 1. Svo. London, 1714 

B * * *, Madame. Discours . . . sur cette 
question : Quel est pour les femmes le genre 
d'education le plus propre h, faire le bonheur des 
hommes en societe ? Seconde edition. Par Mme. 
B. [i.e. Madame Bernier]. 

Svo. Paris, 1804 

B * * *, Monsr. Histoire des ouvrages des 
s^avans, par Monsr. B * * * [i.e. Jacques 
Basnage de Beaua'al]. 

6 vols. 12mo. Pottenlam, i6Hl-()0 

B., M. de. Observations sur un ouvrage intitule 
Le Systeme de la Nature : par M. de B. [i.e. 
F. L. N. DE Buzonniere]. 

12mo. Paris, 177() 

B., M. le C. de. Kecherches sur divers objets de 
I'economie politique : par M. LE C. DE B. [i.e. LE 


Svo. Dresden, 1781 

B., le P. Pensees ingenieuses des anciens et des 
modernes, recueillies par le P. B. [i.e. D. 

12mo. Paris, 1692 

B., A., Don. A discourse of a cavalier gentleman, 
on the divine and humane laws ; with respect 
to the succession. By Don A. B. [i.e. Captain 
Alexander Bruce]. 

4to. [Edinhtrffh] 1706 


See Exorbitant grants of William III. 170,'J. 

B., E. An answcre to ten frivolous and foolish 
reasons set down by the Khemish Jesuits in 
their preface to their English New Testament. 
By E. B. [le. E. Bulkeley]. 

4to. London, 1588 

B., E. The elements of armories. By E. B. [i.e. 
Edmund Bolton]. 

4to. Gcm-tje Eld. London, 16IO 

B., F. Witchcraft farther display'd, containing, 
I. An account of the witchcraft practis'd by 
Jane Wenham, etc. ; II. An answer to the most 
general objections against the being and power 
of witches. By F. B. [i.e. Francis Bragge]. 

Svo. Tendon, 1712 

B., G. Ane detectioun of the duinges of Marie 
Queue of Scottes touchand the murder of hir 
husband, and hir conspiracie, adulterie, and pre- 
tensed mariage with the Erie Bothwell. And 
ane defence of the trew Lordis, maiuteineris of 
the Kingis graces actioun and authoritie. Trans- 
latit out of the Latine quhilke was written by 
G. B. [i.e. G. Buchanan]. 

Svo. [John Dutj. London, 1.^72] 

B., G. A newe bookc called the shippe of safe- 

Svo. William Seres. London, 1 569 

B., G. A word to the wavering : or, an answer to 
the enquiry into the present state of affairs : 
With a postscript of subjection to the higher 
powers. By Dr. G. B. [i.e. Gilbert Burnet]. 

4to. London, l6S9 

B., G., le P. Reflexions sur la theorie et la 
pratique de I'^ducation contre les principes de 
M. Rousseau : par le P. G. B. [i.e. le P6re Gerdil 


Svo. Geneva,, 1764 

B., G., B. of S . . . . b . . y. The declaration of 
almighty God, in some few texts of Scripture, 
recommended to the reverend conforming divines. 
By G. B., B. of S . . . . b . . y [i.e. Gilbert 
Burnet, Bishop of Salisbury]. 

Single sheet, fol. [Loiuluii, 169O] 


B.— B. 

B., H. See Blount, Sir H. 

B., H. The baiting of the Pope's bull : or, an un- 
masking of the mystery of iniquity, folded up in 
a most pernicious breeve or bull, sent from the 
Pope lately into England. By H. B. [i.e. Henry 

4to. IF. I. for M. SjMi-h. Londmi, l627 

Grounds of Christian religion : laid downe 

briefely and plainely by way of Question and 
Answer. By H. B. [i.e. Henry Burton]. 

8vo. /. B. for n. Bird. London, 1636 

B., H. Political sketches of H. B. [i.e. J. Doyle], 
Nos. 1 to 916: with illustrative key to Nos. 1 
to 800. 

8 vols. fol. and 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1829-49 

B., J. See Assembly-man. London, 1663, etc. 

An account of the French usurpation upon 

the trade of England, and what great damage 
the English do yearly sustain by their commerce. 

4to. London, I697 

The doctrine of the fathers and schools con- 

sider'd : concerning the articles of a trinity of 
divine persons, and the imity of God. Part the 


4to. London, l69.'- 

— A letter to the reverend Mr. Whitefield, occa- 
sioned by his pretended answer to the first part 
of the Observations on the conduct and be- 
haviour of the Methodists. By a gentleman of 
Pembroke College, Oxon. [Signed J. B.] 

8vo. London, 174.4 

— The mysteries of nature and art, conteined in 
four several treatises : the first of water works, 
the second of fire works, the third of drawing . . ., 
the fourth of divers experiments. By J. B. [i.e. 
John Bate]. 

4to. For Ralph Mah. Londm, \6S^ 

Some reflections upon the Earl of Danby, 

relation to the murther of Sir Edmondbury 

fol. [London, 1679] 

B., J. F. D. A critical answer to the letter written 
by the rev. father Peter Franci.s Courayei-, D.D. 
of the University of Oxford, to his eminency 
the Cardinal de Noailles, etc. [English and 

2 parts in 1. 4to. London, 17 )iS 

B., J. H. D. Tableau des revolutions d'Allemagne. 
Par J. H. D. B. [i.e. J. H. D. Briel]. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1787 

B., L. D. See Beaufort, L. D. 

B., N. A. G. D. Tablettes biographiques des 
ecrivains fran(jais depuis la renaissance des lettres 
jusqu'a ce jour. Par N. A. G. D. B. [i.e. N. A. 
G. DE Bray]. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1810 

B., R. See Boreman, R. 

B., R., pseud, i.e. Nathaniel Crouch. The history 
of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector. By 
R[ichard] B[urton]. Fourth edition. 

12mo. Lmvdon, 1706 

B., R., Gent. The history of Virginia. By R. B., 
gent. [i.e. Robert Beverley]. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1722 

B., R. A true and full relation of the late sea 
fight, betwixt a squadron of ships belonging to 
the parliament of England, and the queene of 
Swethlands fleet . . . May 1, l647. 

4to. London, 1647 

B., T. A compendious account of the whole art 
of breeding the silk-worm. 

4to. London, 1733 

B., T. The grounds and occasions of the contempt 
of the clergy and religion, 1670. By T. B. [i.e. 
John Eachard]. Reprinted in Arber's English 
Garner, vol. vii. 

B., T. The Life and Death of the Merry Devill of 
Edmonton with the pleasant pranks of Smug the 
Smith, Sir John, and mine host of the George, 
about the stealing of venison. By T. B. [i.e. 
ThojUAS Brewer]. London, IfiSl. 

8vo. Pbeprint. London, 1819 

B., T. The loyalty of the last long jjarliament ; or, a 
letter to an English gentleman at Florence, shew- 
ing that the late parliaments (address'd against) 
did not so much intrench on the pi'erogative, as 
that of the xviii. years continuance. 

4to. London, 168I 

B., W., Alderman of Dublin. A true relation of 
the plot discovered in L-eland, and rising of the 
Papists there, truly declared in a letter : with a 
proclamation for the suppression of the rebells 
and the prevention of further mischiefe. 

4 to. [Londmi] 1641 




BABBAGE, Charles. Reflections on the decline of 
science in England, and on some of its causes. 

Svo. London, 1 S.'JO 

BABEES BOOK (The) and other treatises. Edited liy 
F. .1. EURXIVAI.L. [Early English Text Society, 

Svo. Landnn, l.S()8 

BABELON, Ernest. Lc cabinet des antiques h la 
Bibliotheque Nationale : choix des priiicipaux 
monuments de I'antiquite, du moyen-agc ct dc 
la renaissance conserves an . . . Bibliotheque 

fol. Paris, 1887 

Manual of Oriental antiquities. Translated by 

B. T. A. EvETTS. 

Svo. London, ISSy 

BABEB, Henry Hervey. 

Sec Bible, English. N. T. 1810. 
Greek. O. T. ISKi. 
,, ,, Psalms. 

)) j» 

BABER, John. A catalogue of his genuine and 
elegant library. Sold by auction 1766 [with 

Svo. [Loiuion, 1766] 

BABEB, Zehir-ed-Din Muhammed, Emperor of 
Hindostan. Memoirs of Balier, emperor of 
Hindustan, written by himself, and translated by 
John Leyden and William Erskine. 

4to. London, 1826 
BABINGTON, Churchill. 

Sec Higden, R. Polycronicon. 1S65. 
„ Pecock, R. The repressor. 1S60. 

BABO, Franz Joseph Marius. Schauspiele : erster 
Band. [No more published.] 

Svo. Beiiiii, 179-" 


See Aesop. Vita et fabellae. 1.518, etc. 
„ Fabulae variorum auctorum. 1660. 

BACALLAR Y SANA, Vicente, Marques de San 
Phelipe. Comentarios de la guerra de Espaiia 
e historia de su rey Phelipe v. el animoso, desde 
el priucipio de su reynado hasta la paz general 
de 1725. 

2 vols in 1. M. Garvizza. Seville [17 30] 

M^moii-es pour servir a I'histoire d'Espagne 

sous le regne de Philippe v., traduits de I'Espagnol. 
[By the Chevalier de Mandave.] 

4 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1756 

Monarchia Hebrea. 

2 vols, in 1. The Hague, 1727 

BACCHIUS. Introductio methodica ad musicam, 
per dialogismum. Graeca nunc primum Fed. 
Mokellus rocensuit, castigavit, Latine vertit et 
notis illustravit. 

Svo. F. MoreUns. Paris, 1623 


Sec Carmina novem feminanim. l .568. 
„ Pindar. [Pons] 156(). 
,, Sappho. Obras. Madrid, 17.97. 

BACCI, Andrea. Del Tevere, lilni iii. Ne quali si 
tratta della natura et bonta dell' acque, et special- 
mcnto del Tevere. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1576 

De naturali viuorum historia, de vinis Italiae 

et de eonviviis antiquorum : accessit de faetitiis 
ac cervisiis. 

fol. Pome, 1597 

De thermis libri septem. Editio novissima ; 

accessit nunc liber octavns de nova methodo 
thermarum explorandarum. 

fol. Padua, 1711 

BACH, Johann August. Historia jurisprudentiae 
Romanae. Editio tertia. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1775 

BACHAUMONT, Frangois le Coigneux de. 
Sec Chapelle, C. E. L. Voyage. 1732. 

BACHAUMONT, Louis Petit de. 

Sec N. (P. J. B.) Anecdotes secretes. Paris, 

Memoires secrets pour servir h I'histoire de la 

republique des lettres en France depuis 1762 
jusqu'a nos jours [1787. Continued by M. F. 
PiDANSAT DE Mairoeert and Others]. 

.'iO vols. 12mo. London, 1781-86 

BACHET, Claude Gaspar, Sieur de Meziriac. Com- 
mentaires sur les ^pistres d'Ovide. [With a 
French version of Epi.stles i.-viii.] Nouvelle 
edition, avec plusieurs auti-es ouvrages. 

2 vols. Svo. The Hagw, 17l6 

BACHMAN, John. See Audubon, J. J. 

BACHMANN, Ludwig. Sec Anecdota Graeca. 

BACKHOUSE, Edward, and TYLOR, Charles. 

Early Church history to the death of Constan- 

Svo. London, 1884 

Witnesses for Christ and memorials of Church 

life, from the fourth to the thirteenth century. 
A sequel to 'Early Church history.' 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1887 



BACLER DALBE, Louis Albert Ghislain, Baron. 

Theatre de k guerre eii Italie. [Atlas.] 

fol. Paris, 1798 

BACON, Francis, Viscount St. Albans. 
For Life, sec Church, R. W. 
,, Dixon, W. H. 
See Analyse de la philosophie. 
„ Austen, R. (for observations on natural 
Nichol, J. PhilosoiAical classics for English 
,, Select tracts relating to the colonies. 
„ Vindication of the lord chancellor Bacon. 

Complete Works. [Edited by J. Black- 


4 vols. fol. London, 1730 

Another edition. 

5 vols. 4to. Loudon, 1778 

Another edition. 

10 vols. 8vo. London, 1803 

— Another edition. Collected and edited by 
J. Spedding, R. L. Ellis, and D. I). Heath. 

14 vols. 8vo. London, 1857-74 

— The two books of the proficience and advance- 
ment of learning divine and human. 

12mo. London, 1808 

— Essays or counsels moral and civil. Tran.slated 
from the Latin by W. Willyimott, and continued 
in 27 chapters translated from the De Augmentis 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1720 

— A harmony of the essays, etc. Arranged by 
E. Arber. [English Reprints, xxvii.] 

4to. London, 1871 

— Saggi morali, con un' altro suo trattato della 
.sapienza degli antichi. Tradotti in Italiano [by 
Sir T. Matthew], 

8vo. John Bill. London, l6l8 

— In.stauratio Magna [i.e. Novum Organum, sive 
indicia vera de interpretatione natural]. 

fol. London, 1620 

— Ccrtaino miscellany works. Published by 
W. Kawley. 

4to. J. Haviland for H. ItoUnson. 
London, lfi29 

— Opt'ruin moralium et civilium tomus. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1638 

BACON, Francis, Viscount St. Albans. Remaines : 
Ijeing essayes and severall letters to severall 
great personages, and other pieces. 

4to. London, 1648 

His apologie, in certainc imputations concern- 

4to. London, l642 

ing the late Earle of Essex 

— Certaine considerations touching the better 
pacification and edification of the Church of 
England. [Anon.] 

4to. For 11. Tomes. [London, 1 604] 

Considerations touching a warre with Spaine. 

4to. [London] l629 

— Three speeches, concerning the Post-Nati : 
Naturalization of the Scotch in England : [and 
the] Union of the lawes of the kingdomes of 
England and Scotland. 

4to. London, 1641 

— Le christianisme de Fran9ois Bacon, ou pens6es 
et sentimens de ce grand honime sur la religion. 
[Translated and edited by J. A. Ejieiiy.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1799 

— A collection of the proceedings in the house of 

commons against the lord Verulam, Viscount St. 
Albans, for corruption and bribery. 

8vo. iowfon, [1725] 

BACON, John, Drum Major. 

See Eustace, Sir M. Copie of a letter. 1642. 

BACON, John, Receiver at the First Fruits Office. 
Liber regis vel thesaurus rerum ecclesiasticarum : 
with appendix containing directions and pre- 
cedents relating to presentations, institutions, 

4to. London, 1786 

BACON, Nathaniel. An historical discourse of the 
unifoimity of the government of England. The 
first part [with the continuation]. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. London, 1647-51 

BACON, Richard Noverre. The report on the 
agriculture of Norfolk, to which the prize was 
awarded by the Royal Agricultural Society of 

4to. London, 1844 

BACON, Roger. Fratris Rogeri Bacon ordinis 
minorum opus majus ad Clementem quartum. 
Nunc primum edidit S. Jebb, M.D. 

fol. London, 1733 



BACON, Eoger. Opera quredam hactenus inedita: 
vol. i. containing i. Opus tertium; ii. Opus 
minus; ill. Compendium philosophic. Edited 
by J. S. Bkewek. [Rolls Series, No. l;j.] 

8vo. London, 1859 

BACONNliRE-SALVERTE, Anne Joseph Eus^be. 
^'(!;(' Salverte, E. 

BACULARD D'ARNAUD, FranQois Thomas Marie 
de. Sve Arnaud, F. T. M. de B. d'. 

BADCOCK, Lovell. liough leaves from a journal 
kept in Spain and Portugal, 1832-34.. 

8vo. London, 1835 

BADESLADE, Thomas. The history of the ancient 
and present state of the navigation of the port 
of King's-Lyn and of Cambridge, and the rest 
of the trading towns in those parts, with the 
method proposed for draining the said fens by 
Col. J. Akmstkong. [Second edition.] 

fol. London, 1766 

Thirty-six dilTerent views of noblemen and 

gentlemen's seats in Kent. 

fol. London [17 ^0 1] 

BADGER, George Percy. 

!ie<' Barthema, L. Travels, 1503-8. [Hakluyt 
„ Salll-Ibn Razik. History of the Imams. 

English-Arabic Lexicon, in which the equiva- 
lents for English words and idiomatic sentences 
are rendered into literary and colloquial Arabic. 

4to. Loudon, 1881 

The Nestorians and their rituals : with the 

narrative of a mission to Mesopotamia and 
Coordistan in 1842-44. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852 

BADIUS, Conrad. 

See Bartholomaeus of Pisa. L' Alcoran des Cor- 
delier.s. Genera, 1578. 

BADIUS, Jodocus, Ascensius. 

.Sv Virgilius Marc, P. Opera. Lyons, 1517. 

BADOARO, Pietro. Orationi civili. Seconda edi- 

8vo. Boloyna, 1744 

BADO-AUREO, Joannes de. 

.See Upton, N. J)e studio militari. London, 1654. 

BADOERO, Federico. Instrumento di deputatione : 
sia fondatione cd ordine dell' Academia Vene- 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1560 

BADUARIUS, Sebastianus. Oratio ad Alexandrum 
VI. in prestanda obedientia. 

4to. [E. Silber. Rome, 1492] 

Another edition. 

4to. [Aadreua Fritag. Rom/; 1493] 

BAECKER, Louis de. Recherches historiques sur 
la ville de Bergues. [Societe d'Emtdation de 

8vo. Bruges, 1849 

BAERLE, Kaspar van. See Barlaeus, C. 

BAERT, Alexandre Balthasar Frangois de Paule de. 
See Mdmoires historiques et g^ographiques. 
Fai-is, 1797. 

BAETHGEN, Friedrich. * 

See Bible, German. 0. T. 

BAFFIN, William. Voyages, l6l2-22. Edited by 
C. R. Markham. [Hakluyt Society, Ixiii.] 

8vo. London, 1881 

BAGAVADAM ou Doctrine Divine, ouvrage Indien, 
Canonique sur I'etre supreme, les dieux, les 
gtens, les hommes, les diverses parties de I'Uni- 
vers, etc. [An abstract of the Sanskrit original, 
translated after a Tamul version by M]5;kidas 
POULL^, and edited by Foucher d'Obsonville.] 

8vo. Paris, 1788 

BAGEHOT, Walter. The English Constitution. 

8vo. London, 1867 

Literary studies : with a prefatory memoir 

edited by R. H. Hutton. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1879 

Physics and politics; or thoughts on the 

application of the principles of Natural Selection 
and Inheritance to political society. Eighth 
edition. [International Scientific Series, vol. ii.] 

8vo. London, 1887 

BAGLIONE, Luca. L'Arte del predicare contenuta 
in tre libri : secondo i precetti rhetorici. 

8vo. A. Torresano. Venice, 1562 

BAGOT, Hon. Richard, Bishop of Oxford, and after- 
wards of Bath and Wells. A charge delivered 
to the clergy of the diocese of Oxford at his 
fourth visitation. May 1842. Second edition. 

8vo. Oxfo7-d, 1842 



BAGOT, William, Baron. Memorials of the Bagot 
family, compiled 1823. 

4to. BUthfield, 182-i 

BAGSHAW, Edward, the elder. 

&« Short censure of the book. 1648. 

BAGSHAW, Edward, the younger. A true and 
perfect narrative of the differences between Mr. 
Busby and Mr. Bagshawe, the first and second 
masters of Westminster school. 

4to. London, 1659 

BAiF, Jean Antoine de. Euvres en rime. 

4 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1, 572-7 3 

Presentation copy in the original gilt red morocco binding. 

BAIF, Lazare de. Annotationum in L[egem] Vestis, 
if. de auro et argento leg[ato] seu de re vestiaria 
liber nunc primum typis excusus. 

4to. /. BcM. Basle, 1526 

De re vestiaria libellus, ex Bayfio excerptus. 

Secunda editio. [Edited by C. E.stienne.] 

Svo. Nic. Buffet. Paris, 1536 

BAILEY, James. Hieroglyphicorum origo et natura, 
prolusio in curia Cantabrigiensi : cum appendice. 

Svo. Cambridge, 1816 

BAILEY, John Eglington. 

See Inventories of goods in 1552. 1879. 
,, Fuller, T. Collected sermons. 
„ Palatine note-book. 

The life of Thomas Fuller, D.D., with notices 

of his books, his kinsmen, and his friends. 

Svo. Luiulon, 1874 

BAILEY, Nathan. Dictionarium Britannicum ; or, 
a more Compleat Universal Etymological English 
Dictionary than any extant. 

fol. Loudon, 1730 

Dictionary English - German and German- 
English. Revised by J. A. F.vhrenkeuger. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1801 

English dialect words of the eighteenth century 

as shown in the Universal etymological diction- 
ary of N. B. Edited by W. E. A. Axon. [Eng- 
lish Dialect Society, No. 41.] 

Svo. London, 1883 

BAILEY, Philip James. Festus : a poem. Sixth 

Svo. London, I860 

BAILEY, Samuel. 

See Ribot, T. A. English Psychology. 1889. 

BAILEY, Thomas. See Bayly, T. 

BAILLET, Adrian. 

See Auteurs deguisez. Paris, 1690. 
„ Hezeneil de la Neuville, B., pseud. 
,, Lainier de Verton, A., pseud. 

— Des enfans devenus celebres par leurs etudes 
ou par leurs Merits, traite historique. 

12mo. Paris, 1688 

— Jugemens des savans sur les principaux ou- 

vrages des auteurs. Eeviis, corriges, et aug- 
ment's par M. DE LA MONNOYE. 

8 vols. 4to. Paris, 1722-30 

La vie de Monsieur Des-Cartes. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Paris, I691 

BAILLIE, Edmund J. John Ruskin : aspects of 
his thoughts and teaching. 

Svo. London, 1882 

BAILLIE, George, of Jerviswood. Correspondence, 
1702-8. [Edited by the Earl of Minto.] 
[Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinhurgh, 1842 

BAILLIE, Hugh. A letter to Dr. Shebear, contain- 
ing a refutation of his arguments concerning the 
Boston and Quebec Acts, etc. 

Svo. London, 1775 

BAILLIE, Joanna. Miscellaneous Plays. 

Svo. London, 1804 

A series of plays in which it is attempted to 

delineate the stronger passions of the mind. 

2 vols. Svo. Lmidon, 1802-6 

BAILLIE, Marianne. Lisbon in the years 1821-23. 
2 vols, in 1. 12mo. London, 1824 

BAILLIE, Robert. 

See Ladensium AT'T0KATAKFI2I2. 1640. 

— Letters and journals, 1637-62. [Edited by D. 
Laing.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

3 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1841-42 

— A review of the seditious pamphlet lately 
published in Holland by Dr. Br.amhell, pre- 
tended bishop of London-Derry : entitled, His 
faire warning against the Scots discipline. 

4to. Delft, 1649 



BAILLIE, Thomas. A soloum appeal to the public 
from ail injured officer, Captain Baillie, late 
lieutenant-governor of the royal hospital for 
seamen, Greenwich, arising out of proceedings 
against him for publishing libels in the Case and 
Memorial of Greenwich Hospital. 

fol. London, 177!) 

BAILLY, A. D. Catalogue de bons livrcs du citoycn 
Bailly, dont la vente se fora le ;> frimaire an f). 

8vo. Paris, 1800 

BAILLY, Jean Sylvain. 

For eloge, see M. S. J. (S. P.) 

Discours et m^moires. 

2 vols. 8vo. Pdri.^, 17!)0 

Essai sur les fables et sur leur histoire. 

Ouvrage posthume. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Paris, 17!)9 

Histoire de I'astronomie ancienne, dcpuis son 

origine jasqu'ri Tetablissement do I'ecole d'Alex- 
andrie. Seconde edition. 

4to. Paris, 1781 

Histoire de I'astronomie moderne depuis la 

fondation de I'ecole d'Alexandrie, jusqu'a 1782. 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1779-82 

— Histoire de Tastronomie, ancienne et moderne : 
abregee par V. C. [i.e. Victor Delpuech de 


2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1805 

— Memoires avec des notes par MM. Berville 
et Barriere. [Memoires relatifs a la revolution 

3 vols. Svo. /"((w, 1821-22 

— Traite de I'astronomie Indienne et orientale : 
suite a I'histoire de I'astronomie ancienne. 

4to. Paris, 1787 

— Lettres sur I'origine des sciences et sur celle 
des peuples d'Asie adressees a M. de Voltaire. 

8vo. London and Paris, 1 777 

— Lettres sur I'Atlantide de Platon et sur 
I'ancienne histoire de I'Asie, pour servir de suite 
aux Lettres sur I'origine des sciences, adressees a 
M. DE Voltaire. 

Svo. I\iris, 1779 

— Memoires d'un temoin de la Revolution. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1S04 

— Recueil de pieces interessantes sur les arts, les 
sciences, et la litterature, ouvrage posthume, 
precede de la vie de I'auteur. 

Svo. Paris, 1810 

BAIN, Alexander. 
See Grote, G. 
„ Mill, James. 

See. Ribot, T. A. 
„ Robertson, G. C. 

— Education as a science. Seventh edition. 
[International Scientific Series, vol. xxv.] 

Svo. London, 1889 

The emotions and the will. Second edition. 

Svo. London, ISfi.'i 

■ James Mill : a biography. 

Svo. London, 1882 

Logic : part I. Deduction ; part II. Liduction. 
2 vols. Svo. London, 1870 

Mental and moral science, a compendium of 

psychology and ethics. ■ 

Svo. London, 1S84 

• Mind and body : the theories of their relation. 

Eighth edition. [International Scientific Series, 

vol. iv.] 

Svo. London, IS 87 

The senses and the intellect. Third edition. 

Svo. London, 1868 

BAIN, Joseph. 

See Beaugud, J. Histoire de la guerre. 
„ Hamilton papers. 1890. 
,, Simon, C. Liber protocollorum. 1875. 
,, State papers — Border papers. 1894. 
„ „ — Scotland. 

BAINBRIDGE, Christopher, Archbishop of York, 
See Liber pontificalis. Durham, 1875. 


See Proclus. London, 1620. 

An astronomical description of the late comet 

from the 18 of Novemb. 16I8 to the 18 of 
December following. 

4to. E. Griffin for J. Parker. London, \6\^ 

— Canicularia. Una cum demonstratione ortus 

Sirii heliaci pro parallelo inferioris Aegypti 

auctore Johanne Gravio. Accesserunt stel- 

larum longitudines et latitudines ex observa- 

tionibus Ulug Beigi, Tamerlani nepotis [with 

the Persian text]. 

Svo. Oxford, 1648 

BAINES, Edward. History of the county palatine 
and duchy of Lancaster. 

4 vols. 4to. London, 1836 



BAINES, Edward. The history of the county pala- 
tine and duchy of Lancaster : the biographical 
department by W. R. AVuATTON. Edited by 
John Harland, continued and completed by 
Brooke Herford. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1868-70 

BAINES, Thomas. Explorations in South-west 
Africa ; being an account of a journey in the 
years 1 861-1 8fi2 from Walvisch Bay, on the 
western coast, to Lake Ngami and the Victoria 


8vo. London, 1864 

BAIB.D, Henry M. The Huguenots and Henry of 


2 vols. 8vo. London, 1886 

BAIRD, Spencer F. The birds of North America. 
By S. F. B., with the co-operation of J. Cassin 
and G. N. Lawrence: with an atlas of one 
hundred plates. 

2 vols. 4to. Philadelphia, I860 

BAIRD, William. The natural history of the 
British Entomostraca. [liay Society, 1849.] 

8vo. London, 1850 

BAKER, Anne Elizabeth. Glossary of Northamp- 
tonshire words and phrases, with examples of 
their colloquial use, and illustrations from 
■\arious authors, to which are added the customs 
of the county. 

2 vols. 8vo. Loiulon, 18.54 

BAKER, Francis. A letter to the Eev. Geo. 
Reynolds, LL.D., official principal of Robert, 
lord bishop of Peterborough, concerning the 
proceedings of certain officers of the ecclesiastical 
court, with the case of Sudborow churchwarden. 

4to. [London] 1744 

BAKER, George, M.A. 

/See Velleius Paterculus, C. Abridgement. 1814. 

BAKER, George. The history and antiquities of 
the county of Northampton. 

2 vols, in ;>. fol. London, 1822-41 

BAKER, Sir George, Bart. Oratio ex Harvcii 
iiistituto habita in theatro collegii regalis medi- 
corum Londineiisis, Oct. 1,9, 1761 : accedit com- 
mentarius de Joanne Caio. 

4to. London, 1761 

BAKER, Sir Richard. A chronicle of the kings of 
England from the time of the Romans govern- 
ment to the doath of King James I. With a 
continuation to the year l660, by E. Phillips. 
Whereto is added a second continuation to the 
year 1727. 

fol. London, 1730 

BAKER, Sir Samuel White. The Albert N'Yanza, 
Great Basin of the Nile, and explorations of the 
Nile sources. 

2 vols. 8vo. Loiulon, 1866 

Ismailia : a narrative of the expedition to 

Central Africa for the suppression of the slave 
trade, organised by Ismail, Khedive of Egypt. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lmidon, 1874 

The Nile tributaries of Abyssinia, and the 

sword hunters of the Hamaran Arabs. 

8vo. London, 1867 
BALBI, Adriano. 

See Bruun, M. C. Traite de geographic. 1830. 

Introduction a I'atlas ethnographique du globe 

tom. i. Atlas ethnogi'aphique. [No more pub- 

1 vol 8vo, and 1 fol. Paris, 1826 

BALBI, Armand de. Voyage de Spa en Hollande. 

12mo. Paris, 17.90 

BALBI, Gaspare. Viaggio dell' Indie Orientali, 

8vo. C. Borgominieri. Venice, 1590 

BALBINUS, Bohuslaus Aloysius. Epitome 

historica rerum Bohemicarum, quam Bole- 
slaviensem historiam placuit appellare, quinque 
libris : adjecti sunt libri duo de Boleslaviensis 
ecclesiae collegio. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Prague, 1673-77 

Miscellanea historica regni Bohemiae : decadis 

I. libri viii. ; decadis II. libri ii. 

10 vols in 9. fol. Prague, 1679-88 

BALBUENA, Bernardo de, Bishop of Porto Rico. 

El Bernardo o victoria de Roncesvalles, poema 


4to. Madrid, 1624. 
BALBUS Mensor. 

See Gronovius, J. F. De sestertiis. 1656, etc. 

BALBUS, Hieronymus, Bishop of Gurck. Epi- 
grammaton opus. 

4to. [Paris, 1490] 

BALBUS, Joannes, de Janua. Summa quae vocatur 

2 vols. fol. [/. Gutenberg.] Mainz, 1460 

Another edition. 

2 vols. fol. G. Zainer. Augsburg, 1469 


BALBUS, Joannes, de Janua. Summa quae vocatur 

'i vols. fol. [Strasburij, IITO] 

Another edition. 

fol. [Basle, 11.82] 


&<■ Large declaration concerning the late 
tumults. l(J.'!!). 

BALCARRES, Colin Lindsay, earl of. 
See B., Earl of. 

Memoirs touching the revolution in Scotland, 

i(j.S8<)0. [Edited by the E.\rl op Crawford 
and Balcarres.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1841 

BALDASSERONI, Ascanio. Delle assicurazioni 
marittime. Seconda edizione. 

5 vols, in .'5. 4to. Florence and Leghorn. 


BALDE, Jacobus. Carniina selecta, edidit et notis 
illustravit Jo. Conradus Orellius. 

8vo. Zurich, 1805 

Sylvae lyricae. Editio secunda. 

12mo. Cologne, l6l6 

6ALDELLI, Francesco. 

See Caesar, C. J. [Italian.] Venice, 1572, 1575. 
„ Diodorus Siculus. [Italian.] 1574. 

BALDELLI BONI, Giovanni Battista, Count. 
<S'f'' Polo, Marco. II Milione. Florence, IS'il. 

Storia delle relazioni vicendevoli dell' Europa 

e deir Asia dalla decadenza di Eoma fine alia 
distruzione del Califfato (che puo servire d'intro- 
duzione al Milione di Marco Polo). 

2 vols. 4to. Florence, 1627 

Vita di Giovanni Boccacci. 

BALDI, Bernardino. 


8vo. Florence, 1806 

Celeo e I'orto, egloga 

8vo. Padua, 1751 

Idillio. [Parnaso Italiano, torn, xxiii.] 

8vo. Venice, 1786 

La nautica. [Parnaso Italiano, torn, xxv.] 

8vo. Venice, 1787 

La Nautica : poena didascalico. 

8vo. Milan, 181.S 

BALDINUCCI, Filippo. Cominciamento e progresso 
deir arte dell' intagliare in rame, colle vite di 
molti de' piii eccellenti maestri della stessa pi'o- 
fessione. Edizione seconda accresciuta di 
annotazioni del sig. D. M. Manni. 

4to. Flm'ence, 1767 

Notizie de' professori del disegno da Cimabue : 

opera distinta in secoli, e deccnnali [to l670], 
accresciuta di annotazioni da D. M. Manni. 

21 vols, in 10. 4to. Florence, 1767-74 

BALDOVINI, Francesco. II lamento di Cecco da 

4to. Brescia, 1807 

Another edition. 

8vo. [Paris, 1810?] 

Printed on vellum. 

BALDUINUS, Benedictus. Calceus antiquus et 
mysticus ; et J. Nigronius de caliga veterum. 

2 parts in 1. 12mo. Leyden, 1711 

BALDUS de Ubaldis. See Ubaldis, B. de. 

BALDWIN, Thomas. Airopaidia : containing the 
narrative of a balloon excursion from Chester, 8th 
September 1785, with various observations. 

8vo. Chester, 1786 

BALDWIN, William. The Funeralles of King 
Edward the Sixt. [Edited by J. W. DoDD.] 
[Roxburghe Club, ii.] 

4to. London, 1817 

BALE, John, Bishop of Ossory. 

See Lives of those eminent antiquaries. 

Select works containing the examinations of 

Lord Cobham, William Thorpe, and Anne 
Askewe ; and the Image of both churches. 
Edited by H. Christmas. [Parker Society, 
xxxvi. ] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1849 

The Actes of English votaries, comprehendynge 

their unchast practises and examples by all ages, 
from the worldes begynning to the year of our 
Lord a M. Part i. 1 560 ; part ii. 1 550. 

Svo. 2 parts. John Tysdale. London, 1550-60 

A brefe chronicle concerning the examynation 

and death of Sir Johan Oldcastel, the lord Cob- 
8vo. A. Scoloker and TV. Seres. London [156o] 



BALE, Jolin, Bishop of Ossoiy. A brefe chronicle 
concerning the examynation and death of Sir 
Johan Oldcastel, the lord Cobham : with appen- 
dix. [Edited by J. Blackp.ourne.] 

8vo. London, 1729 

Illustrium majoris Britanniae scriptorum sum- 


4to. John Orerton. Ipsivich, 1548 

Scriptorum illustiium majoris Brytanniae, 

quam nunc Angliam et Scotiam vocant, cata- 


2 vols, in 1. fol. Bade, 1557-59 

Kynge Johan : a play, in two parts. Edited 

by J. P. Collier. [Camden Society, vol. ii.] 

4to. London, 1838 


See Tasso, T. La Gerusalemme liberata travestita 
in lingua Milanese. 

BALFOUK, Right Hon. Arthur James. The founda- 
tions of belief. 

8vo. London, 1895 

BALFOUR, David, of Trenaby. 
See Oppressions in Orkney. 

BALFOUR, Edward. The cyclopaedia of Lidia 
and of the Eastern and Southern Asia. Third 

3 vols. Svo. London, 188.> 

BALFOUR, Francis. 

Sea Harikarana. The forms of Herkern. 1781. 

BALFOUR, Francis Walter, of Fernie. Case of F. 
W. Balfour claiming the title, honour, and dignity 
of Lord Balfour of Burleigh. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Edinhurgh, 1862-64 

BALFOUR, Sir James, Bart. Historical works. 
[I-ldited by J. Haig.] 

4 vols. Svo. Edinhurgh, 1824 

BALFOUR, Robert. 

See Cleomedes. Circularis doctrinac de sublimis 
libri ii. 1820. 

BALGUY, John. 

See Law of Truth. London, 1 733. 

BALL, Charles. An union neither necessary or 
expedient fur L'cland : an answer to the author 
of Arguments for and against an union con- 
sidered [i.r. E. Cook]. 

8vo. THhlin, 17!)8 

BALL, Charles James. 

Sec Expositor's Bible. Jeremiah. 

BALL, Right Hon. John Thomas. Historical review 
of the Ijcgislative systems operative in Ireland, 
from the invasion of Henry the Second to the 
union — 1172-1800. New edition. 

Svo. London, 1889 

BALLADS and songs of Lancashire, chiefly older I 
than the nineteenth century, collected and 
edited by J. Harland. 

4to. London, 1865 

(The) of Scotland. Edited by W. E. Aytoun. 
2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1858 

BALLANCE (The) of Europe : or an enquiry into 
the respective dangers of giving the Spanish 
Monarchy to the Emperour as well as to King 
Philip, with the consequences that may be ex- 
pected from cither. [By Daniel Defoe.] 

Svo. London, 1711 

BALLANTYNE, James Robert. Christianity con- 
trasted with Hindu philosophy : an essay in five 
books, Sanskrit and English. 

Svo. London, 1859 

BALLARD, George. Memoirs of several ladies of 
Great Britain, who have been celebrated for their 
writings or skill in the learned languages, arts, 
and sciences. 

4to. Oxford, 1752 

BALLY, George. 

(S6'e Prior, M. Solomon de mundi vanitate. 1743. 

BALMER, Robert. 

See Essays on Christian union. 1845. 

BALMERINO, Abbey of. The chartularies of Bal- 
merino and Lindoros. [Edited by W. B. D. D. 
TURNBULL.] [Abbotsford Club.] 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Edinhirgh, 1841 

BALMERINO, Arthur Elphinstone, 6th baron. 

True copies of the papers wrote by Arthur Lord 
Balmerino, T. Syddall [and others], and delivered 
by them to the sheriffs at the places of their 

Svo. [^London, 1746] 

BALSAMO, Giuseppe, calling himself Count Ales- 


(SV'g La Motte, J. de. Reponse. Paris, \1 Hi]. 



BALSAMO, Giuseppe, calling himself Count Ales- 
SAMHU) 1)1 C.vcLiosTiuj. Mi.''moiro pourlecomte 
de Cagliostro, accuse, coiitre M. le procnrcur-gcnc- 
ral, eii presence de M. le cardinal de liohaii, de la 
cointcsse de la Motte et autres co-accuses. 

4to. Paris, 17S6 

Memorial or brief for the Corate de Cagliostro, 

defendant, against the king's attorney-general, 
plaintiff, in the cause of the cardinal de Kohan, 
comtesse de la Motte, etc. : from the French 
original, with a preface by Parkyns Macmahon. 

8vo. London, 1786 

BALSAMO, Paolo. Giornale del viaggio fatto in 
Sicilia e particolarmente nella coutea di Modica. Palermo, 1809 

BALTARD, Louis Pierre. 

.S( Duval, P. A. P. Paris, et ses monumens. 

BALTHASAR, Franciscus. Canon sacratissime 
misse, una cum expositione ejusdem. 

4to. [G. Biittii/er. Leipziij. 1500] 

Expositio misteriorum misse, christi passionem 
antium, metrice. 
4to. G. Buttiger. Leipzig, 1495 

devotissime figurantium, metrice 

BALTIMORE, Frederick Calvert, 1st baron. 

Coelestes et inferi. 

8vo. Venice, 1771 

Gaudia poetica, Latina, Anglica, et Gallica, 

lingua composita, 1769. 

4to. Augshurg, 1770 

BALTUS, Jean Frangois. 

S:e Answer to Mr. de Fontenelle. 

Defense des SS. Peres accusez de Platonisme. 

4to. Paris, 1711 

BALUZE, fitienne. 

Si.-e Cyprian, Saint. Opera. 172fi. 
„ Marca, P. de. Dissertationes de concordia. 

Capitularia regum Francorum. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1677 

Red morocco, with the arms of Jean Baptiste Colbert. 

— Miscellaneorum libri septem, hoc est, collectio 
veterum monumentorum. 

7 vols. 8vo. Paris, IdlS-ili') 

Red morocco, with the arms of J. B., J. N., aud L. Colbert. 

BALUZE, ifitienne. Nova collectio conciliomm. 
Tomus prinuis. [No more published.] 

fol. Paris, 168.'3 

BALZAC, Jean Louis Guez, sieur de. 

jVce Vavasseur, F. De ludicra dictione. 1722. 
„ Voiture, V. Lettres choisies. 1807. 

Giuvres diverges. 

12mo. P'aris, l659 

Another edition. 

12mo. Dan. Elzeiier. Amsterdam, 1664 

Aristippe, ou de la cour. 

12mo. Rouen, l660 

Another edition. 

12mo. D. Elzevir. Amsterdam, l664 

— Carminum libri tres : epistolae selectae. Editore 
Aegidio Menagio. 

12mo. Paris, 1651 

Les entretiens. 

12mo. Paris, l660 

Another edition. [Edited by G. Gerakd.] 

1 2mo. Louis and Dan. Elzevier. 
Amsterdam, l663 

Lettres choisies. 

12mo. Elseviers. Amsterdam, l656 

Another edition. 

12mo. Paris, l658 

Another edition. 

12mo. Elseviers. Amsterdam, 1678 

Lettres diverses. 

2 vols. 12mo. P({'m, 1659 

Lettres familieres a M. Chapelain. 

12mo. Paris, l659 

Another edition. 

12mo. Louis and Dan. Elzevier. 
Amsterdam, l66l 

Lettres k M. Conrart. 

12mo. Paris, 1659 

Another edition. 

l2mo. Elsevier. Amsterdam, 1664 

Socrate chrestien, et autres ceuvres. 

12mo. Rouen, l66l 

Socrate chrestien. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1662 




Catalogue of the library. 
4to. Durliam, s.a. 

BAMPTON Lectures. A collection of the sermons 
preached at the lecture founded by the Rev. John 
Bampton in 1780. 

Ill progress. 8 vo. Oxfm-d and London, 1781, etc. 


see Bandinel, J. 


see Nolan, F. 


„ Neve, T. 

1 QQ 1 "^ 

} no lectures delivered 


„ Hohnes, R. 



„ Cobb, J. 


fee Ogilvie, C. A. 


„ White, J. 


„ Vogan, T. S. L. 


„ Churton, E. 


„ Woodgate, H. A. 


„ Croft, G. 


„ Conybeare, W. D 


„ Hawkins, W. 


„ Hawkins, E. 


„ Shepherd, R. 


no lecture delivered. 


„ Tatbam, E. 


sec Garbett, J. 


„ Kett, H. 


„ Grant, A. 


„ Morres, R. 


„ Jelf, R. W. 


„ Eveleigh, J. 


„ Heurtley, 0. A. 


„ Williamson, J. 


„ Short, A. 


„ Wintle, J. 


„ Shirley, W. A, 


„ Veysie, D. 


„ Marsh, E. G. 


,, Gray, R. 


„ MicheU, R. 


„ Finch, W. 


„ Goulburn, E. M. 


„ Hall, C. H. 


„ Wilson, H. B. 


„ Barrow, W. 


„ Riddle, J. E. 


„ Richards, G. 


„ Thomson, W. 


„ Faber, G. S. 


„ Waldegrave, S. 


„ Nott, G. F. 


„ Bode, J. E. 


„ Farrer, J. 


„ Litton, E. A. 


„ Laurence, R. 


„ Jelf, W. E. 


„ Nares, E. 


„ Maiisel, H. L. 


„ Browne, J. 


„ Rawlinson, G. 


„ Le Mesurier, T. 


„ Hessey, J. A. 


„ Penrose, J. 


„ Sandford, J. 


„ Carwithen, J. 


„ Farrar, A. S. 

B. S. 


„ Hannah, J. 


„ Falconer, T. 


„ Bernard, T. D. 


„ Bidlake, J. 


„ Mozley, J. B. 


„ Mant, R. 


„ Liddon, H. P. 


„ Collinson, J. 


„ Garbett, E. 


„ VanMildert.W. 


„ Moberly, G. 


„ Heber, R. 


„ Smith, R. P. 


„ Spry, J. H. 


„ Irons, W. J. 


„ Miller, J. 


„ Curteis, G. H. 


„ Moysey, 0. A. 


„ Eaton, J. R. T. 


„ Morgan, H. D. 


„ Smith, J. G. 


„ Faus.sett, G. 


„ Leathes, S. 


„ Jones, J. 


„ Jackson, W. 


„ Whately, R. 


„ Alexander, W. 


„ Goddard, C. 


„ Row, C. A. 


„ Conybeare.J.J. 


„ Bible, English. 


„ Chandler, G. 

0. T., Zechariah 


„ Vaux, W. 


„ Wace, H. 


„ Milman, H, H. 


„ Hatch, E. 


„ Home, T. 


„ Wordsworth, J. 


„ Burton, E. 


„ Medd, P. G. 


„ Soames, H. 


„ Fremantle, W. H. 


„ Liincnstcr,T.W, 


,, Temple, F. 


„ Ilaiuijden,R.D. 


„ Farrar, F. W. 

BAMPTON Lectures (conUnned). 

1886 see Bigg, C. 

1887 „ Carpenter, W.B. 

1888 „ Bartlett, R. E. 

1889 „ Cheyne, T. K. 

1890 „ Watkins,H.W. 

1891 see Gore, C. 

1892 „ Barry, A. 

1893 „ Sanday, W. 

1894 „ lUingworth, J, R. 

1895 „ Strong, T. B. 

BANCflS Y CANDAMO, Francisco Antonio. 
See Candamo, F. A. B. y. 

BANCHIERI, Adriano. 

See Bertoldo con Bertoldino. Bologna, 1736, 

BANCROFT, Edward. Essay on the natural history 
of Guiana, together with an account of the reli- 
gion, manners, and customs of several tribes of 
its Indian inhabitants. 

8vo. London, 1769 

BANCROFT, Edward Nathaniel. An exposure and 
refutation of various misrepresentations pub- 
lished by Dr. M'Gregor and Dr. Jackson in 
their separate letters to the commissioners of 
military enquiry. 

8vo. Loiulon, 1808 

A letter to the commissioners of military 

enquiry, containing animadversions on some 
parts of their fifth report, and an examination of 
the principles on which the medical department 
of armies ought to be formed. 

8vo. London, 1808 

BANCROFT, George. 
See Heeren, A. H. L. 

Ancient Greece. 1 845. 

History of the American revolution. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1852-54 

History of the United States, from the dis- 
covery of the American continent. 

10 vols. Svo. Boston, U.S.A., 1862-75 

BANCROFT, Hubert Howe. Works. 

o9 vols. Svo. San Francisco, \89i&-90 

Vols. i.-v. The Native Races. 

Vols, vi.-viii. History of Central America, 


Vols, ix.-xiv. History of Mexico, 1516-1887. 

Vols. XV., xvi. History of the North Mexican 
States and Texas, 1531-1889. 

Vol. xvii. History of Arizona and New Mexico, 

Vols, xviii.-xxiv. History of California, 1542- 



BANCROFT, Hubert Howe. Works (roidinuml). 

\o\. XXV. History of Nevada, Colorado, and 
Wyoming, 1,540-1888. 

Vol. xxvi. History of Utah, 1 540-1 88fi. 

Vols. xx:\'ii., xxviii. History of the North-west 
coast, l;") 4.')-184(). 

Vols, xxix., XXX. History of Oregon, 18.j1- 

Vol. xxxi. History of Washington, Idaho, and 
Montana, 184.5-1889. 

Vol. xxxii. History of British Columbia, 

Vol. xxxiii. History of Alaska, 17.S0-1885. 

Vol. xxxiv. California Pastoral, 17()9-1848. 

Vol. xxxv. California Inter Pocula [1848-1856.] 

Vols, xxxvi., xxxvii. Popular Tribunals. 

Vol. xxxviii. Essays and Miscellany. 

Vol. xxxix. Literary Industries. 

Chronicles of the builders of the common- 

wealth : historical character study, with index. 
7 vols. 8vo. Saii Francisco, 1891-92 


.S'tt' Fall of Mortimer. London, 1763. 

BANCROFT, Richard, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
Daungerous positions and proceedings, published 
and practised within this Hand of Brytaine, 
under pretence of Reformation, and for the 
Presbiteriall Discipline. [Anon.] 

4to. John JFoJfc. London, 1593 

Another edition. 

4to. R. Young and B. Badger. London, 1640 

BANCROFT, Thomas. The glutton's feaver. 
[Edited by J. D. Phelp.s.] [Eoxburghe Club, 


4to. London, 1817 

BANDELLO, Matteo, Bishop of Agen. Canti xi. de 
le lodi de la S. Lucretia Gonzaga di Gazuolo e 
del vero amore, col tempio di pudicitia e con 
altre cose; Le III. Parche cantate ne la nativita 
del S. Giano, primogenito del S. Cesare Fregoso. 
[Edited by P. B. Fregcso.] 

4to. Ant. Eeboglio. Agen, 1545 

— La prima, seconda, terza parte de le Novelle 
del Bandello. 

3 vols. 4to. Lucca, 1554 

BANDELLO, Matteo, Bishop of Agen. La quarta 
parte do Ic Novcllc del Bandello nuovamente 

Svo. Lyons, 1573 

Lc novelle : quattro parti. 

4 vols, in 3. 4to. London, 1740 

— Novelle. [Edited by G. POGGIALI.] 

9 vols. 8vo. London, 1791-93 

BANDELLUS, Vincentius. Tractatus de singulari 
puritate ct praerogativa conceptioni,s salvatoris 
nostri Jesu Christi. 

4to. Ch. Faldarfar. Milan, 1475 

BANDETTINI LANDUCCI, Teresa, called Amarilli 
Etrusca. La Teseide, pooma. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Parma, 1805 

BANDINEL, Bulkeley. 

Sec Clarendon, E. H., earl of. History. 8vo. 
,, Historical Papers, part i. 1864. 
,, Kennett, W. Parochial antiquities. 1818. 

BANDINELL, James. Eight sermons. Second 
edition [Bampton Lectures, 1780]: to which is 
added a sermon preached before the University 
in 1778. 

Svo. London, 1796 
BANDINI, Angelo Maria. 

See Aratus. Apparentia. Florence, 1765. 
„ Callimachus. Svo. 1763. 

— Catalogus codicum Latinorum [mss.] biblio- 
thecae Mediceae Laurentianae : et codicum 
Italicorum [in vol. v.], cum indicibus. 

5 vols. fol. Florence, 1774-78 

— Catalogus codicum Graecorum MSS. bibliothecae 
Mediceae Laurentianae. 

3 vols. fol. Florence, 1764-70 

De Florentina Juntarum typographia ejusque 

censoribus : accedunt excerpta uberrima prae- 
fationum libris singulis praemissarum. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Lmca, 1791 

— Epistola de Michaele Acominato ejusque 


Svo. Florence, 1767 

— Graecae ecclesiae Vetera monumenta ex biblio- 
theca Medicea. Justiniani et Eudociae opera 
quaedam anecdota. J. Chrysostomi in Nini- 
vitarum poenitentiam homelia : Anastaii Sinaitae 
sermo de hominis creatione [Greek and Latin so 
far], etc. Fasciculus rerum Graecarum ecdesias- 
ticarum exhibens tractatum Basili Magni de 
synisactis ; N. C. Xanthopuli sermonem in S. 
Mar. Magdalenam, etc. [Edited by A. M. B.] 

3 vols, in 1. Svo. Floi-ence, 1762-63 



BANDINI, Angelo Maria. .Specimen litcraturae 
Florcntinae saeculi xv. 

2 vols. Svo. Florence, 174>7-51 

BANDINI, Salustio Antonio. 

Sec Scrittori Classici Italiani, torn. i. 

BANDURI, Anselmus. Imperium orientale, sivc 
antiquitates Constantinopolitaiiae in quatuor 
partes distributae. [Scriptores Historiae By- 


2 vols. fol. Paris, 1711 

Numismata imperatorum Romanorum aTrajano 

Decio ad Palaeologos Augustos. Supplementum 
confectum studio et cura H. Taninii. 

3 vols. fol. Paris and Home, n 18-91 

BANGIO, Jacobus de. Septenario. 

4to. [Jdam de Eotvil] Aquila, 1482 

BANGIUS, Thomas. Observationum philologicaium 
lihri duo ad illustranda Jani Dionisii Jersini 
Grammaticae Latinae praecepta. 

2 vols. Svo. Copenhagen, l640 

BANIER, Antoine. 

Explication historique des 
3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1742 

La Mythologie et les Fables expliquees par 


8 vols. Svo. Paris, 1764 

BANK of England. Names and descriptions of 
the proprietors of unclaimed dividends on 
bank stock, which became due before the 10th 
October 1780, and remained unpaid the ;!Oth 
September 1790. 

Svo. London, 1791 

The names and descriptions of the proprietors 

of unclaimed dividends on the public funds, 
transferable at the bank of England, which 
became due before the 31st December 1780, and 
remained unpaid the 31st Dec. 1790. 

Svo. London, 1791 

BANKES, Henry. The civil and constitutional 
history of Home, to the age of Augustus. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1S18 

BANKS, John Shaw. 

fe Bible, English. 0. T., Isaiah. 1889. 
„ ,, „ )i Jeremiah. 

„ Orelli, C. von. The old Testament prophecy. 

„ Philippi, F. A. Commentary. 1878-79. 

BANKS, Right Hon. Sir Joseph, Bai t. Catalogus 
bibliothecffi historico-naturalis Josephi Banks. 
Auctore, JoNA Dryanda. 

5 vols. London, 1798-1800 

BANKS, Sir Thomas Christopher, Bart. 
Sec Dugdale, Sir W. The antient usage. 


— Baronia Anglicana concentrata : or, an account 
of all Baronies in fee. 

2 vols. 4to. lapon, 1843-44 

The dormant and extinct baronage of England. 
3 vols. 4to. London, 1807-9 

— Stemmata Anglicana, or a miscellaneous collec- 
tion of genealogy, shewing the descent of numer- 
ous eminent and baronial families [forming a 
supplement to the Dormant and extinct baronage 
of England : with appendix]. 

4 to. London, 1825 

— A genealogical and biographical history of the 
dormant and extinct peerage of England, includ- 
ing the regal families : vol. i. [No more pub- 

Svo. London, 1812 


176 vols, fol., 4to, and Svo. 


Adamnan, Saint. Vita sancti Columbae. 

Adversaria, notices illustrative of some of the 
earlier works printed for the Bannatyne Club. 
[By D. Laing.] 

Album of the club, containing the titles of 
works recommended for publication. 

3 vols. Svo. [Edinburgh'] 1825-54 

Ancient criminal trials in Scotland, 1488-1624. 
Compiled from original records, with illustrations, 
by Robert Pitcairn. 3 vols, in 7. 

Ancient Scottish melodies, from a manuscript, 
with introduction by William Dauney. 

Ancient (The) sculptured monuments of the 
county of Angus. 

Arbroath, Abbey of. Liber S. Thome de 
Aberbrothoc : registruin abbacie de Aberbrothoc, 
1178-1536. 2 vols. 

Argyll (Archibald Campbell, 9th earl of). 
Letters to John, Duke of Lauderdale. 

Atkinson, S. The discoverie and historic of 
the gold mynes in Scotland, written 1619. 



BANNATYNE CLUB (cunfinucl). 

Ikillio, G., of .lerviswood. Correspondence, 

Baillie, R. Letters and Journals, I().'i7-fi2. 

;J vols. 

Balcarres (Colin Lindsay, eai'l of). Memoirs 
touching the revolution in Scotland, 1688-90. 

Bannatyne, George. Memorials, 1545-1608. 

Bannatyne, Richard. Memorials of transac- 
tions in Scotland, 1;j69-7j. 

Bannatyne (The) miscellany, containing original 
papers and tracts, chiefly relating to the history 
and literature of Scotland. 3 vols. 

Barnard, Lady Anne. Auld Robin Gray : a 

Berteville, Sir J. Recit de I'exp^dition en 
Ecosse et de la battayle de Muscleburgh. 

Black (The) book of Taymouth [by W. Bowie], 
with other papers from the Breadalbane charter- 

Boece, H. Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium 
episcoporum vitae iterum in lucem editae. 

Bulk (The) of the most noble and vailzeand 
Conquerour Alexander the Great. 

Bothwell (James, earl of). Les affaires du 
Conte de Boduel, I'an 1568. 

Brechin, Bishopric of. Registrum episcopatus 
Brechinensis. 2 vols. 

Buchanan, D. De scriptoribus Scotis libri duo. 

Clerk, J. A series of etchings, chiefly of views 
in Scotland. 

Another edition. 

Collection of ancient Scottish prophecies, in 
alliterative verse : reprinted from Waldegrave's 
edition, l603. 

Colville, John. Original letters, 1582-1603, to 
which is added his palinode : with a memoir of 
the author. 

Courcelles. Extract from the despatches of 
M. Courcelles, French ambassador in Scotland, 

Dalrymple, Sir J. Apology. 

Darien (The) papers, being a selection of 
original letters and official documents relating to 
the establishment of a colony at Darien. 

BANNATYNE CLUB {amtinved). 

Dempster, T. Historia ecclesiastica gentis 
Scotorum, sive de scriptoribus Scotis. 2 vols. 

Diurnal of remarkable occurrents in Scotland, 


Douglas, Gawyn. The palice of honour, 1579. 

Dryburgh, Alsbey of. liiber S. Marie de 
Dryburgh : registrum cartarum abbacie Prae- 
monstratensis de Dryburgh. 

Dundee, J. Grahame, viscount. Letters, with 
illustrative documents. 

Dunfermline Abbey. Registrum de Dun- 

Edinburgh, church of St. Giles. Registrum 
cartarum sancti Egidii de Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh, hospital of Soltre, etc. Registrum 
domus de Soltre, necnon ecclcsie collegiate S. 
Trinitatis prope Edinburgh. 

Edinburgh, monastery of St. Cross. Chronicon 
coenobii sanctae Crucis Edinburgensis, iterum in 
lucem editum. 

Edinburgh University. A catalogue of the 
graduates in arts, divinity, and law, since its 

Fene.lon, B. de Salignac de la Mothe. Corre- 
spondance diplomatique, 1568-75. 7 vols. 

Fergusson, David. Tracts. 

Ferrerius, Joannes. Historia abbatum de 
Kynlos : una cum vita Thomae Chrystalli 

Gawaine. Syr Gawayne, a collection of ancient 
romance-poems by Scotish and English authors, 
relating to that knight. Edited by Sir F. 

Glasgow, Chmxh of. Registrum episcopatus 
Glasguensis, a sede restaurata seculo ineunte 
xii. ad reformatam religionem. 2 vols. 

Grahame, Simion. The anatomie of humors : 
and. The passionate spark of a relenting mind. 

Gray (Patrick, 7th earl). Letters and papers 
relating to Patrick, master of Gray, afterwards 
seventh Lord Gray. 

Henryson, A. Robene and Makyne and the 
Testament of Cresseid. 

Historic (The) and life of King James the 
Sext : being an account of the affairs of Scotland, 



BANNATYNE CLUB (cmiinmd). 

Holland, Sir K. The.Buke of the Howlat. 
By [Sir Eichard ?] Holland. 

Holyrood Abbey. Liber cartarum Sancte 
Crucis de Edivinesburg. 

Hope, Sir T. A diary of the public corre- 
spondence of Sir T. H. of Craighall, bart., 

Horn et Rimenhild. Recueil de ce qui reste 
des poemes relatifs k leurs aventures composes 
en Francois, en Anglois et en Ecossois, publie 
par F. Michel. 

Hume, Alexander. Hymns and sacred songs, 
reprinted from the edition of 15.99. 

Hume, Sir D., of Crossrigg. A diary of the 
proceedings in the parliament and privy council 
of Scotland, May 21, 1700, to March 7, 1707. 

Inchafifray, Abbey of. Liber insule missarum : 
abbacie canonicorum regularium B. Virginis et 
S. Johannis de Inchaffery registrum vetus. 

Kelso, Abbey of. Liber S. Marie de Calchou : 
registrum cartarum abbacie Tironensis de Kelso, 
1113-1567. 2 vols. 

Kennedy, Lady Margaret. Letters from the 
Lady M. K. [afterwards Burnet] to John, Duke 
of Lauderdale. 

Knox, John. Works : collected and edited 
by D. Laing. 6 vols, in 7. 

Laing, H. Descriptive catalogue of impres- 
sions from ancient Scottish seals from 1094 to 
the Commonwealth. Supplemental descriptive 
catalogue from 1150 to the 18th century. 
2 vols. [vol. 1 only published for the club.] 

Lanercost. Chronicou de Lanercost, 1201- 

Lauder, G. Teares on the death of Evander 
occasioned by the loss of Sir J. Svynton. 

Lauder, Sir John. Historical notices of Scot- 
tish affairs selected from the Mss. of Sir J. L., 
1661-88. 2 vols. 

Historical observes of memorable oc- 

currents in Church and State, Oct. l680-Anr 

].,eslie, J., Bishop of The history of 
Scotland, M.'j6-156l. 

^ Letters from Roundhead ofTicers written from 
Scotland and chiefly addiessed to Captain Adam 
Baynes, 1 650- 1 660. 

BANNATYNE CLUB (rmtinwd). 

Leven and Melville papers. Letters and state 
papers chiefly addressed to George, Earl of Mel- 
ville, secretary of state for Scotland, 1689-91. 

Mackay, Hugh. Memoirs of the war carried 
on in Scotland and L-eland, 1689-91. 

Mackay, John. The life of Lieut. -Gen. Hugh 

Maitland, Sir R. The history of the house of 
Seytoun, to 1 559, with continuation by Alexander, 
Viscount Kingston, to 1687. 

Makgill, J., and Bellenden, J. Discours par- 
ticulier d'Ecosse, 1559. 

Mary, Queen of Scotland. Inventaires de la 
royne descosse douairiere de France : catalogues 
of the jewels, dresses, furniture, books and 
paintings of Mary, Queen of Scots, 1556-69. 

Melrose. Chronica de Mailros. 

Melrose Abbey. Liber S. Marie de Melros : 
munimenta monasterii Cisterciensis. 

Melville, James. Diary, 1556-l601. 

Melville, Sir James, of Hal-Hill. Memoirs of 
his own life, 1549-93. 

Memoir of Thomas Thomson, advocate. 

Moray, Bishopric of. Registrum episcopatus 
Moraviensis [1623]. 

Morton, Earldom of. Registrum honoris de 
Morton : with other original papers. 2 vols. 

Moysie, David. Memoirs of the affairs of 
Scotland, 1577-l603. 

Murray, Sir David. Poems, 1611-15. 

Myln, Alexander. Vitae Dunkeldensis ecclesiae 
episcoporum, a prima sedis fundatione ad annum 
1515. Compotum magistri fabrice pontis Dun- 
keldensis, 1513-16. 

Editio altera cui accedit appendix. 

Napier, John. De arte logistica libri qui 

Newbattle, Abbey of. Registrum S. Marie de 
Neubotle. Abbacie Cisterciensis Beate Virginis 
de Neubotle chartarium vetus. 

Nicoll, John. A diary of public transactions, 
etc., chiefly in Scotland: Jan. l650 to June 

North Berwick, Priory of. Carte monialium 
de Northberwic : prioratus Cisterciensis B. Marie 
de Northberwic munimenta vetustaque supersunt. 



BANNATYNE CLUB {nintiinud). 

Original letters relating to the ecclesiastical 
affairs of Scotland, chiefly written liy or addressed 
to King James vi. after his accession to the 
English throne. 2 vols. 

Origines parochiales Scotiae. The antiquities, 
ecclesiastical and territorial, of the parishes of 
Scotland. 'Z vols, in .'!. 

Papers relative to the marriage of James \'i. 
of Scotland with the princess Anna of Denmark, 
158;); and the form of her majesty's coronation, 

Papers relative to the Eegalia of Scotland. 

Philippe de Reimes. Roman de la Manekine 
par Philippe de Keimes, trouvfcre. Public par 
Fkancisque Michel. 

Philotus, a comedy. 

Robertson, G., and Charteris, H. De vita et 
morte Eoberti Rollok, academiae Editiburgenae 
primarii, narrationes. 

Rolland, John. The seven sages : in Scotisli 

Rothes, John, Earl of. A relation of proceed- 
ings concerning the affairs of the Kirk of Scot- 
land, from August 1637 to July l6i>8. 

Royal letters, charters, and tracts, relating to 
the colonization of New Scotland and the in- 
stitution of the order of Knights Baronets of 
Nova Seotia, 1621-38. 

St. Andrews, Priory of. Liber cartaruni 
prioratus Sancti Andree in Scotia. 

Scone, Monastery of. Liber ecclesie de Scon. 
Munimenta vetustiora monasterii S. Trinitatis et 
S. Michaelis de Scon. 

Scotland, Church of. Acts and proceedings 
of the general assemblies of the Kirk of Scotland, 
from 1560 to 1618. 3 vols. 

Conciliae Scotiae. Ecclesiae Scoticanae 

statuta tarn provincialia quam synodalia quae 
supersiuit, 1225-1559. 2 vols. 

Scott, Sir W. Catalogue of the library at 
Abbotsford. By J. G. Cochrane. 

Siege of the castle of Edinburgh, 1689. 

Skeyne, Gilbert. Tracts by Dr. G. S., 
medicinar to his majesty. 

Spalding, John. The history of the trubles 
in Scotland and Ensrland, 1624-45. 2 vols. 

BANNATYNE CLUB {midinmd). 

Spottiswoode, J. History of the Church of 
Scotland. 3 vols. 

State Papers : Scotland. Accounts of the 
Great Chamberlains of Scotland : and some other 
officers of the crown, rendered at the Exchequer, 
1326-1453. 3 vols. 

Excerpta e libris domicilii D. Jacobi V. 

regis Scotorum, 1525-33. 

Instrumenta pnblica, sive processus super 

fidelitatibus et homagiis Scotorum domino regi 
Angliae factis, 1291-f)6. [Ragman Rolls.] 

Teares for the death of Alexander, earle of 
Dunfermeling. [By John Lyon.] 

Terig, Duncan. Trial of Duncan Terig alias 
Clerk, and Alexander Bane Macdonald, for the 
murder of Arthur Davis, June 1754. 

Tucker, Thomas. Report upon the settlement 
of the revenues of e.xcise and customs in Scotland, 

Turner, Sir James. Memoirs of his own life 
and times, by Sir JAMES Turner, 1632-70. 

Ubaldini, Petrucchio. Deserittione del regno 
di Scotia. 

Virgilius Maro, P. The Aeneid, translated 
into Scottish verse. By Gawin Douglas, Bishop 
of Dunkeld. 2 vols. 

Garland. Ane pleasand garland beancl ane 
lytill and merie conceittit geste callit ye coirne- 
clyppis. [Edited by R. Pitcairn.] 

8vo. Saiul Andrews [1830] 

The Banna tyne garland. Number second. 

Finis, quod Maister Patrick [i.e. P. F. Tytler]. 
Svo. [Edinburgh, 1823] 

Ane Bannatyne Garlande. Finis, quod 

the councillor of the chekar [i.e. P. F. Tytler]. 
Svo. Edinhm-'jh, 1824 

Ane richt pithie and plca.sant Ixillat of 

Bainiatyne eftir the maner of ane garland. 
Explicit, quod a prentise. 

Svo. [Edinbiugh] 1824 

A new Bannatyne garland compylit be 

Doctor Jehan of the Hall Royal [i.e. Dr. J. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] 1828 

Ane new Bannatyne garland. Finis, 

quod Maister Patrick [i.e. P. F. Tytler]. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] 1829 



BANNATYNE CLUB (continiial). 

Garland. Two Bannatyne garlands from 


8vo. [Edinburgh] 1848 

Lists of members and the rules, with a cata- 
logue of the books printed for the chib since its 
institution in 1823. 

Svo. Edinhurgh, 1867 

Rules of the club. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] 1833 

Another edition. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] ISi-i 

A catalogue of works printed for the club. 

Svo. [EdirJiurgh] 1825 

Catalogue of the club publications. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] 1830 

Another edition. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1833 

Another edition. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] 1841 

Another edition. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] 1846 

Catalogue of the books printed for the mem- 
bers of the club since its institution. 

Svo. [Edinburgh] 1854 

BANNATYNE Miscellany. 
See Bannatyne Club. 

BANNATYNE, George. Memorials, 1545-1608. 
[Edited by Sir W. Scott.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1829 

BANNATYNE, Richard. Journal of transactions 
in Scotland, 1570-73. [Edited by Sir J. G. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1806 

Memoriales of transactions in Scotland, 1569- 

73. [Edited by K. Pitcairn.] [Bannatyne 

4to. Edinburgh, 1836 

BANNERMAN, D. Douglas. 
See Bannerman, J. 

The scripture doctrine of the church histori- 
cally and exegetically considered. [Cunningham 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1887 


See Cunningham, W., D.D. 

The Church of Christ : a treatise on the nature, 

powers, ordinances, discipline, and government 
of the Christian Church. Edited by his son 
[D. D. Bannerman]. 

2 vols. Svo. Edinhurgh, 1868 

BANNERMAN, James. Inspiration : the infallible 
truth and Divine authority of the Holy Scrip- 

Svo. Edinbwgh, 1865 

BANQUERI, Josef Antonio. 

See Ebn el Awam. Libro di agricultura. 1 802. 

BANSLEY, Charles. 

.■^ec Gosson, S. Pleasant quippes. 1841. 

BAPHIUS, Bartholomaeus. Oratio habita in concilio 
Tridentino secunda Dominica Adventus super 
Evangelium Matth[aei] xi., 1562. 

4to. Lud. Sabiensis. for Ph. de Salis. 
Brescia [1563] 

BAPTISTA, Mantuanus. 

See Eclogae. Florence, 1504. 

Adolescentia in Eglogas divisa. 

4to. V. Berfochus. Mantua, 1498 

BARANTE, Amable Guillaume Prosper Brugi^re 
de, Baron. 
See Chronique du religieux de Saint Denys. 


Histoire des Dues de Boui-gogne de la maison 

de Valois, 1364-1477. 

13 vols, in 7. Svo. Piiritt, 1824-26 

BARAT, Nicolas. 

See Nouvelle bibliotheque choisie. Amsterdam, 

BARATARIANA : a select collection of fugitive 
political pieces published during the administra- 
tion of Lord Townshend in Ireland. Second 

12mo. Dublin, 1773 

BARBA, Janus Benedictus. Carmina. 

Svo. Eome, 1749 

BARBA, Simone della. 

See Cicero, M. T. La Topica. Venice, 1556. 

BARBADICUS, Nicolaus.' See Barbarigo, N. 

BARBARANUS, Julius. Officinae tomi tres : 
promptuarium rerum electarum in re praesertim 

4to. J. A. Valvassor. Venice, 1569 

BARBARIGO, Niccolb. Andreae Gritti, principis 
Venetiarum, vita, Nicolao Barbadico auctore, 
Alexandre Albritio procuratoris divi Marci digni- 
tatem ineunte. Primum edita [by J. MoKELLi]. 

4to. Venice, 1792 



BARBARIGO, Niccold. Vita di Andrea Gritti doge 
di Venezia, tradotta in lingua Italiana. 

8vo. Venice, 1793 

BARBARO, Daniello, Patiiardi of Aquileia. 

S'C Vitruvius PoUio, M. De arcliitcLtuia [Lat.]. 
Fcnm', 15f)7. 
„ De aichitectuia [Ital.]. Fenicc, 1556. 

Exquisitae in Porphirium commentationes. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 15^2 

BARBARO, Giosofat. Travels to Tana and Persia 
l>y J. B. and A. Contariiii. Translated by W. 
Thomaw and S. [E.] A. EoY, and edited by Lord 
Stanley of Alderley. (A narrative of Italian 
travels in Persia in the 15th and l6th centuries ; 
translated and edited by C. GuEY.) [Hakluyt 
Society, xlix.] 

8vo. London, 1873 

BARBAROUX, Charles Oz6. Memoires avec des 
notes par MM. Beuville et Barriere. [Memoires 
relatifs a la revolution francaise.] 

8vo. Paris, 1822 

BARBARUS, Hermolaus, Patriarch of Aquileia. 
See Beroaldus, P. Orationes. Paris, 1516-24. 

Oratio ad Federicum Imperatorem et Maxi- 

milianum Eegem Romanorum. [S. Planck. Home, }is6] 

■ Oratio ad Fridericum ill. et Maximilianum 

principes, cum gratulatione Ludovici Bruni de 
regis Romanorum coronatione. 

4to. [Peinis Jl'ar/ncr. Nicremhcrg, 1494] 

BARBAULD, Anna Letitia. 

See Sins of government. London, 1793. 
,, Aikin, J. Miscellaneous pieces. London, 

Devotional pieces compiled from the Psalms 

and the Book of Job. 

12mo. London, 1775 


4to. London, 1773 

Fifth edition. 

12mo. London, 1776 
BARBAZAN, fitienne. 

See Fabliaux et contes des pontes frangois. 
Paris, 1808. 

Le Castoiement ou instruction du pere a son 

fils. Ouvrage moral en vers, compose dans le 
treizieme siecle [from the Latin of P. Alfunsi] 
suivi de quelques pieces du meme siecle. 

8vo. Paris, 1760 


and Monmouthshire. 

A tour throughout South Wales 

8vo. London, 180,'; 

BARBERIIS, Philippus de. Opuscula. 

4to. Sixtus Pucssinger. [Naples, 1 476] 

Another edition. 

4to. J. P. da Lignamine. Pome, 1481 

Another edition. 

4to. /. P. de Lignamine. Pome, 1 48 1 

This copy is made up from two different editions. 

Virorum illustrium cronica. 

8vo. [1480] 

BARBERINI, Maffeo, afterwards Urban VIII. 
See Urban VIII. 

BARBERINO, Francesco da. 

de' costumi delle donne. 

Del reggimento e 

— Documenti d'amore. 
author by F. Ubaldini.] 

8vo. Pome, 1815 
[With a life of the 

4to. Pome, 1640 


.S'se Ceillier, R. Apologie. P«ns, 1718. 
„ Dumont, J. Supplement au Corps . . . diplo- 
matique. Amsterdam, 1739. 
,, Grotius, H. Le droit de la guerre. London, 

Traite de la morale des peres de I'^glise, oil en 

defendant un article dc la preface sur PuFFEN- 
DOKF contre I'Apologie de la morale des peres du 
P. Ceillier, on fait diverses reflexions, sur plu- 
sieurs mati6res importantes. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1728 

BARBIER, Antoine Alexandre. 

See Beauvais, C. T. Biographic universelle. 
Paris, 1829. 
„ Paris, Conseil d'^fetat. Catalogue des livres. 

Paris, 1803. 
,, Qu^rard, J. M. Supercheries litteraires. 
Paris, 1869-82. 


Nouvelle bibliotheque d'un homme de goftt. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

BARBIER, Edmond Jean Fran§ois. Journal 
historique et anecdotique du regne de Louis xv. 
Publie par A, DE LA ViLLEGlLLE. [Societe de 
I'Histoire de France.] 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1847-56 



BARBIER, Marie Anne. Theatre. 

ISmo. Paria, 17'tj 

BARBIEE D'AUCOUR, Jean. Sentimens de Cleante 
sur las Eiitretiens d'Ariste et d'Eugene [by 
D. BouHOURs] ; avec deu.x factums pom- Jacques 
Le Brun. Quatrieme edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1776 

BARBIERI, Giovanni Francesco, called II Guekcino. 
Sfc Guercino. 

BARBOSA, Duarte. A description of the coasts of 
East Africa and Malabar in the beginning of the 
sixteenth century. Translated and edited by 
the Hon. H. E. J. Stanley. [Hakluyt Society, 


8vo. London, 1866 

See Machado, D. B. 

BARBOUR, John. The acts and life of Robert 
Bruce, and others. 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1670 

The life and acts of Eobert Bruce. [Anon.] 

4to. [Edinburgh, 1758] 

The Bruce : published from a MS. dated 1489, 

with notes and a glossary by John Pinkerton. 
3 vols. 8vo. London, 1790 

The Bruce ; or, the metrical history of Robert i., 

by J. B. Wallace ; or, the life and acts of Sir 
W. Wallace, by Henry the Minstrel. Edited, 
•with notes and a glossary, by J. Jamie.son. 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1820 

The Brus : from a collation of the Cambridge 

and Edinburgh manuscripts. Edited by Cosmo 
Innes. [Spalding Club.] 

4to. Aberdeen, 1856 

The Bruce ; or, the book of the most excellent 

and noble prince, Robert de Broyss, king of 
Scots. Edited, with a preface, notes, and 
glossarial index, by the Rev. Walter W. Skeat. 
[Early English Text Society, extra series, parts 
xi, xxi, xxix, and Iv.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1870-89 

BARBUT, Jacques. The Genera Insectorum of 
[Jnnacus, exemplified by various specimens of 
English insects drawn from nature. [English 
and French, with coloured plates.] 

4to. London, 1781 

BARBUT, Jacques. The Genera Vermium exempli- 
fied by various specimens of the animals contained 
in the orders of the Intestina,, Testacea, 
Lithophyta, and Zoophyta Linnaei : drawn from 
nature, vHth descriptions. [English and French.] 
2 vols, in 1. 4to. London, 1783-88 

BARCELONA, Real Acad^mia de Buenas Letras. 

Origen, progresos, y su primera junta general, 

con los papeles que en ella se acordaron : tom. i. 

1 vol. in 2. 4to. Barcelona [1756] 

Gonzalez de. 
See Cardenas y Cano, G. de, pseud. Ensayo crono- 

logico. Madrid, 1723. 
„ Historiadores de las Indias. 1749. 

BARCLAY, a Student of Oxford. 

Sec Examination of Mr. Kenrick's review. 

London, 1766. 

BARCLAY, Alexander. 

Sec Brant, S. Ship of fools. Edinburgh, 1874. 
,, Mancin, D. Mirroiu: of good manners. 

[Spenser Society.] 
„ Sallustius Crispus, C. Chronicle of the war. 
London [1525]. 

Certayne ecloges : from the edition of 1570. 

[Spenser Society.] 

fol. Mancliester, 1885 

The Cytezen and Uplondyshman ; an eclogue : 

printed from the original edition by Wynkyn de 
Worde. Edited, with an introductory note of 
Barclay and his other Eclogues, by F. W. Fair- 
holt. [Percy Society, vol. xxii.] 

8vo. London, 1847 

BARCLAY, David. An account of the emancipation 
of the slaves of Unity Valley Pen, in Jamaica. 

8vo. London, 1801 


Sec Polonia defensa. Dantig, 1648. 

Argenis, cum clave. 

12mo. Elzevir. T^eyden, 1630 

— — Euphormionis Lusinini sive J. B. satyricon, 
partes quinque [the fifth part by Alitophilus, 
i.e. C. B. jNIorisot] cum clavi : accessit Con- 
spiratio Anglicana. 

12mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1637 

Another edition. 

12mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1658 



BARCLAY, John. Maximo potentissimoquo monar- 
chao Jacobo prinio, Biitaiiniarum regi carmen 

4to. Paris, lO'O,'? 

Calf, with the arms of Louis Henri Comte dc Lomenie. 

BABOLAY, Robert, the elder. An apology for the 
true Christian divinity, being a vindication of 
the Quakers. Eighth edition, in English. 

•Ho. Jlasbrrill<\ Birmingham, 170'5 

BARCLAY, Robert, of Tottenham. The iiuier life 
of the religicMis Societies of the Commonwealth. 
Third edition. 

8vo. Lumhn, 187.9 

BARCLAY, William, M.D. Judicium de certamine 
Ct. Eglisemmii cum G. Buchanano, pro dignitato 
Paraphraseos Psalmi ciiii. 

8vo. George Eld. London, 1620 

BARCLAY, William, Professor of Civil Law at 
Angers. De Regno et regali potestate adversus 
Buchananum, Brutum [i.e. H. Languet], Bou- 
cherium et reliquos Monarchomachos, libri sex. 

4to. Prtm, l600 

BARDETTI, Stanislao. Delia lingua de' primi 
abitatori dell' Italia. 

4to. Modena, 1772 

De' primi abitatori dell' Italia. [Edited by 


2 parts in 1. 4to. Modeiw, 1769 

BARDI, Giovanni de', Count de Vernio. 

See Bini, P. Memorie del calcio Fiorentiiio. 
Florence, l688. 
„ Discorso sopra 11 giuoco del calcio Fiorentino. 
Florence, 1580. 

BARDO (II) della selva nera, poema epico-lirico, 
parte prima. [By Vincenzo Monti.] [No more 


l6mo. Brescia, 1806 

BARDON, Michel Frangois Dandr^. Histoire uni- 

verselle traitee relativement aux arts de peindre 

et de sculpter. 

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1769 

BARELLAS, Estevan. Centuria o historia de los 

famosos hechos del gran conde de Barcelona don 

Bernardo Barcino y de don Zinofre su hijo, 

y otros cavalleros de la provincia de Cathalufia. 

fol. Sebastian de Cormellas. Barcelona, l600 

BARENTIN, Charles Louis Frangois de Paula de. 
See Rapport fait k sa majesty. London, 1 796. 
„ R6ponse k un imprim6. [London, 1796.] 


See Histoire de la rdvolution de Naples. Paris, 

De la pensee du gouvernement r(5publicain. 

8vo. London [1197] 

Montesquieu peint d'apres ses ouvrages. 

8vo. London [1800] 

BARET, John, Author of the Alvearie. 
See Barret, J. 

BARET, Paul. 

See Histoire du chevalier Des Grieux. London, 

BARETTI, Giuseppe. See Scannabue, A., pseud. 

An account of the manners and customs of 


2 vols. 8vo. London, 1768 

— Discours sur Shakespeare et sur Monsieur de 


8vo. London, 1777 

A journey from London to Genoa, through 

England, Portugal, Spain, and France. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1770 

BARFORD, William. In Pindari primum Pythium 
dissertatio habita Cantabrigiae in scholis publicis 
vii" Kal. Jul. 1750. [With the text.] 

4to. Camlridge, 1751 

BARGAEUS, Petrus Angelius. 
See Angelic, P., da Barga. 

BARGAGLI, Scipione. I trattenimenti dove da 
vaghe donne e da giovani huomini rappresentati 
sono honesti e dilettevoli giuochi, narrate novelle 
e cantate alcune canzonette. 

4to. B. Giunti. Venice, 1592 

BARGRAVE, John. Pope Alexander the Seventh 
and the College of Cardinals. With a catalogue 
of Dr. Bargrave's museum. Edited by J. C. 
Robertson. [Camden Society, vol. xcii.] 

4to. London, 1867 

BARHAM, Francis. 

See Collier, J. Ecclesiastical history. London, 

BARING, Alexander, Baron Ashbnrton. 
See Ashburton, A. B., Baron. 



BARING, Sir Francis, Bart. Observations on the 

establishment of the Bank of England, and on 

the paper circulation of the country. Second 


8vo. London, 1797 

Further observations on the establishment of 

the Bank of England, and on the paper circula- 
tion of the country. 

8vo. [London] l7i)7 

Observations on the publication of Walter 

Boyd, Esq., M.P. [entitled 'Letter on the influ- 
ence of the stoppage of issues in specie.'] 

8vo. London, 1801 

— The principle of the Commutation-act estab- 
lished by facts. 

8vo. London, 1786 

— Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1780 
BARING-GOULD, Sabine. See Gould, S. B. 

BARKER, Philip C. 

See Pulpit Commentary. Chronicles. 

BARKSTED, William. Poems. Edited by A. B. 
Grosart. [Occasional issues, vol. ii. No. 1.] 

4to. [MaiicJieder] 187() 

See Storia de SS. Barlaam. 

BAKLAAMUS, Bishop of Gierace. 

See Salmasius, C. Librorum de Primatu Papse. 
Leyden, 1()45. 

Logistices, libri vi. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. Paris, 1600 

BARLAEUS, Caspar. 

See Cats, J. Faces Augustae. Dordrecht, 164.3. 
„ Delectus auctorum sacrorum Miltono facem 

praelucentium. London, 1752-53. 
,, Praestantium et eruditorum vironim epis- 

tolae. Amsterdam, 1()84. 

Poemata, editio quinta : pars i. heroicorum ; 

jjars ii. elegiarum et misoellaneorum carminum. 
2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1655 

Rerum per octcnnium in Brasilia et alibi 

gestarum sul) praefectura coniitis Mauritii 
Nassaviae historia : editio aecunda cui acces- 
serunt (iulielmi Pisonis tractatus de aeribus, 
aquis et locis in Brasilia, etc. 

12mo. Cleve, l66o 

BARLAEUS, Melchior. De diis gentium libri iii. : 
De raptu Ganymedis liber, ejusdem argumenti 
Lucianici dialogi duo. Latino carmine redditi : 

3 vols, in 1. 8vo. Aeg. Coppenius Diestemius. 

Antioerp, 1562-63 

De vetustissima Brabanticae gentis origine sive 

Brabantiados libri v. ; et urbis Antverpiae en- 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. A eg. Diestemius. 
Antwerp, 1562 

BARLANDUS, Hadrianus. Hollandiae comitum 
historia et icones : Caroli Burgundiae ducis vita : 
Ultrajectensium episcoporum catalogus et res 
gestae ; ejusdem argumenti libellus, Gerardo 
NoviOftUGO auctore. 

2 vols in 1. fol. Chr. Plantin. 
Leyden, 1584 
BARLETIUS, Marinus. 

See Lonicerus, P. Chronicorum Turcorum. 
Frankfort, 1578. 

BARLOW, Henry Clark. Litteratura Dantesca. 
Eemarks on the reading of the 114th verse of 
the viith canto of the Paradise of the Divina 

8vo. London, 1857 
BARLOW, Jerome. 

See Read. Eede me and be nott wrothe. [Arber's 
reprint.] London, 1871. 

BARLOW, Joel. The Columbiad : a poem. 

4to. Philadelphia, 1807 

A letter to the National Convention of France, 

on the defects in the constitution of 1791, and 
the extent of the amendments which ought to be 

8vo. London, 1792 


See Hedges, Sir W. Diary. [Hakluyt Society.] 

BARLOW, Thomas, Bishop of Lincoln. Articles of 
visitation and enquiry concerning matters eccle- 
siastical, exhibited to the ministers, church- 
wardens, etc., of every parish within the diocese 
of Lincoln. 

4to. London, 1690 

BARLOW, William, Bishop of Lincoln. The 
sunimc and suljstance of the conference which it 
pleased his excellent majestic to have with the 
lords bishops and others of his clergie at Hamp- 
ton Court, Jan. 14, l603; contracted by W. B., 
[i.e. William Barlow]. 

4to. [J. JFindet for M. Law. London, l604] 




Stv Durham, St. Giles's Parish. Memorials. 

[Surtees Society.] 
„ Pittington, Parish of. Churchwardens' 
accounts. [Surtees Society.] 

BARMBY, James. 

See Pulpit Commentary. Romans. 
„ „ „ Hebrews. 

Gregory the Great. [The Fathers for English 

readers, vi.] 

8vo. London, 1 879 

BARNABAE itinerarium. Drunken Barnaby's four 
journeys to the north of England, in Latin and 
English verse : to which is added Bessy Bell. 
[Second edition.] [By Richard Brathwait.] 

Svo. London, 171() 

Third edition. 

Svo. London, 1723 

Another edition. With a life and introduc- 
tion by Jo.SEPH Haslewood. Reprinted from 
the first edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1820 


See Patres Apostolici. Amsterdam, 1724 : London, 

BARNARD, Lady Anne. Auld Robin Gray : a 
ballad. [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1825 

BARNARD, Sir John. 

See Considerations on the proposal. London, 

BARNARD, John, son of Sir John Barnard. Cata- 
logue of the prints and books of prints of John 
Barnard, Esq., to be sold by auction, l6 April 
1798 [with prices]. 

8vo. London [\19^ 

BARNARD, John, Minister of Batcomb. 

>'(.'t; Dwalphintramis, pseud. Anatomie of the 
service-book. [London, l641] 

BARNARD, Nicolas. See Bernard, N. 

BARNARD, Thomas. The address delivered at the 
ordination of Mr. M'Keen at Beuerley in New 
England, on May 11, 1785, called, The right hand 
of fellowship. 

Single sheet, fol. London, [1785] 

BARNARDISTON, Sir Samuel, Bart. 

Stv Soame, Sir W. Argument of a learned judge. 
London, 1704. 

BARNES, Satirist. 

See Borde, A. (for treatyse answerynge the boke 
of berdes). 

BARNES, Ambrose. 

For Life, see R. (M.) Memoirs of the life. 
[Surtees Society.] 

BARNES, Barnabe. Parthenophil and Parthenophe. 
Reprinted in Arber's English Garner, vol. v. 

BARNES, Joshua. 

Sec Cambridge, University of. 
Cambridge, 1 683. 


— Gerania : a new discovery of a little sort of 
people called pygmies. 

8vo. London, 1675 

The history of Edward in., togethei' with that 

of his son Edward, Prince of Wales. 

fol. Cambridge, l688 

BARNES, Juliana. See Berners. 

BARNES, Richard, Bishop of Durham. Injunctions 
and other ecclesiastical proceedings of Barnes, 
Bishop of Durham, 1575-1587. [Edited by 
J. Raine.] [Surtees Society, xxii.] 

Svo. Durham, 1850 

Certain monitions and injunctions to the clergy 

and churchwardens of the diocese, October 1, 
1577. [Newcastle Reprints, vi. 4.] 

Svo. Newcastle, 1847 

BARNES, Thomas. 

See Isocrates, Archidamus. London, l624. 


See Bible. Appendix. Testament of Abraham. 

BARNESTAPOLIUS, Obertus, pseud, i.e. Robert 
Turner 1 

See De vita et rebus gestis Mariae Scotorum 
reginae, torn. i. Loudon, 1725. 

BARNEVELS apology : or Holland mysterie. With 

marginall castigations [by Petrus Houlderus]. 

4to. For Thomas Thorp. \London'\ l6l8 

BARNEVELT displayed: or, the golden legend of 
new St. John found out in the united provinces 
of the Low-countries. Comprehending a short 
rehearsall of the noblenesse, vertues, and actions 
of Mr. John of Barnevelt. Translated out of 
the Dutch. 

4to. G. Eld for N. Butter. London, Iti] 9 



BARNEVELT, Joannes Olden. 
See Oldenbarneveld, J. van. 

BARNFIELD, Richard. The affectionate shepherd. 
Edited by J. 0. Halliwell. [Percy Society, 

vol. XX.] 

8vo. London, 1845 

— Poems. [Edited by J. BoswELL.] [Roxburghe 

Club, iv.] 

■ito. Aiichinleck, 1816 

— Complete poems. Edited by A. B. Grosart. 

[Roxburghe Club, cii. 

4to. London, 1876 

Poems, 1594-98. Edited by E. Arber. [Eng- 
lish Scholar's Library, xiv.] 

4to. London, 1883 

BAROCCIO, Giacomo, called II Vignola. 
See Vignola, G. B. da. 


See Johnson, J., Vicar of Cranbrook. Collection 
of the laws and canons. Oxford, 1850-51. 

BARON, Michel Boyron, called. 

See Theatre Frangais. Comedies, tom. xxvi. 

Theatre, augmente de deux pieces et de diverses 


3 vols. 12mo. Park, 1759 

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See Pagi, A. Critica ... in annales. Antwerp, 

Annales ecclesiastici. 

1 2 vols. fol. Antwerp and Ticino, 1 6l 1-1 670 

BAROTTI, Giovanni Andrea. iMemorie Istoriche 
di letterati Ferraresi. [Edited by L. Barotti.] 
Vol. i. No more published. 

fol. Ferrara, 1774-77 

BAROZZI, Giacomo, called II Vk4N0LA. 
See Vignola, G. B. da. 

BARRE, Joseph. Histoire g^n^rale d'Allemagne, 

lOvols. inll. 4to. Paris, 17 'iS 


Sec Novus orbis, id est, navigationes. JMter- 
dain, l6l(i. 

BARR^RE, Pierre. Nouvellc relation de la France 
('■(luiiioxale, contcnant la description des cotes de 
la Uuianc. 

12mo. Paris, 174,'i 

BARRET, John. 

(Sfee Rector of Sutton committed. London, 1680. 

BARRET, John. An alvearie or quadruple dictionarie, 
containing foure sundrie tongues : namelie Eng- 
lish, Latine, Greeke, and French. 

fol. Henry Deiiham. London, 1580 

BARRET, Robert. The tlieorike and practike of 
moderne warres discoursed in dialotjue wise. 

fol. For IFilliam Ponsonhy. London, 1598 

BARRETT, Bryant. 

&f Code Napoleon. London, 1811. 

BARRETT, Charlotte. 

See D'Arblay, F. Diary and letters. London 

BARRETT, Eaton Stannard. See Polypus, pseud. 


See Bible, Greek. N. T., Matthew. 

BARRETT, William. The history and antiquities 
of Bristol. 

4to. Bristol, 1789 

BARRI, Giraldus de. See Giraldus Cambrensis. 

BARRICADES (Les), scenes historiques. Mai 1588. 
Troisicme edition. [By L. Vitet.] 

8vo. Paris, 1827 

BARRIER (The) treaty vindicated. [By Francis 

8vo. London, 1712 

BARRliiRE, Jean Frangois. 

See Brienne, L. H. de L., comte de. Memoires. 
Paris, 1828. 
,, Collection des memoires sur la revolution. 

Paris, 1820-34. 

BARRIN, Jean. 

See Nouvelles de la r^publique des lettres. 
Amsterdam, 111 5-20. 

BARRINGTON, Hon. Daines. 

See Wynn, Sir J. History of the Gwedir family. 
London, 1770. 

BARRINGTON, George. An impartial and circum- 
stantial narrative of the present state of Botany 
Bay, with the manners, customs, religion, etc., of 
the natives truly depicted. 

8vo. Lomlon[\190] 



BARRINGTON, John Shute, Viscount. 

nice Answer to some queries in a paper. Lomlun, 

,, Letter from a layman. Lomhm, 17 it. 
„ Letter to protestant dissenters. London, 

Miscellanea sacra, containing an abstract of 

the scripture history of the apostles, with four 
critical essays. A new edition. 

:i vols. 8vo. London, 1770 

BARRINGTON, Sir Jonah. Hi.storic memoirs of 
Ireland, comprising secret records of the National 
Convention, the Kebellion, and the Union. New 

'2 vols. 4to. London, I8.'>") 

Personal sketches of his own times. 

2 vols. Svo. London, IcS27 

BARRINGTON, Hon. Shute, Bishop of Durham. A 
charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese 
of Durham, at the primary visitation of that 
diocese, in the year 17.92. 

4to. Bath, 1792 

— ■■ — A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese 
of Durham at the ordinary visitation of that 
diocese in the year 1797. 

4to. London, 1797 

A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese 

of Durham, at the ordinary visitation of that 
diocese, in July 1801. 

4to. London, 1802 

The political life of William Wildman, Viscount 

Barrington, compiled from original papers by his 

4to. London, 1814 

BARRIUS, Gabriel. Pro lingua Latina libri tres : 
de aeternitate urbis : de laudibus Italiae. 

Svo. Eonie, 1571 


iSV' Biblioth^que protypographique. Parity, 1830. 

BARRON, Douglas Gordon. 

S'x Court Book of the Barony of Urie. [Scottish 
History Society.] 

BARRON, William. 

See Symonds, J. Remarks upon an essay. 
London, 1778. 

BARROS, Joao de. Da Asia de J. de B. e de D. de 
Couto : nova edi(;ao. 

17 vols. Svo. Lisbon, 1778-83 

BARROW, Isaac. English works. P ublished by Dr 


3 vols, in 2. fol. London, 17 K) 

- Theological works. Some account of the life 
>f Dr. I. B. [By A. Hill.] 

8 vols. 8vo. O.rford, 18.30 

BARROW, John, F.R.S. 

See Coats, W. Geography of Hudson's hny. 
[llakluyt Society.] 

The life, voyages, and exploits of Admiral Sir 

Francis Drake, with numerous original letters. 

8vo. London, 1843 

BARROW, Sir John, Bart. 

Sec Eventful history of H.M.S. Bounty. London, 
„ Family tour through South Holland. London, 

. An account of travels into the interior of 

Southern Africa, 1797-98, with a description 
of the present state of the Cape colony, and 
a map. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1801-4 

Travels into the interior of Southern Africa, in 

which are described the character and the con- 
dition of the Dutch colonists of the Cape of Good 
Hope and of the natives Ijeyond its limits. 
Second edition. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1806 

An autobiographical memoir ; including reflec- 
tions, observations, and reminiscences at home 
and abroad, from early life to advanced age. 

Svo. London, 1847 

A chronological history of voyages into the 

Arctic regions. 

Svo. London., 1818 

Life of Richard, Earl Howe, K.G., admiral of 

the fleet, and general of marines. 

Svo. London, 1838 

Some account of the public life and a selection 

from the unpublished writings of the Earl of 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1807 

— Travels in China : observations made in the 
course of a residence at the palace of Yuen- Ming- 
Yuen, and on a journey from Pekin to Canton. 

4to. London, 1804 



BARROW, Sir John, Bart. A voyage to Cochinchina, 

1792-.03 : with an account of a journey in 1801-2 

to the residence of the chief of the Booshuana 

nation, from a manuscript journal [by 


2 parts in 1. 4to. London, 1806 

BARROW, William. Eight sermons preached before 
the University of Oxford. [Bampton Lectures, 


8vo. London, 1799 

An essay on Education, in which are particu- 

larly considered the merits and the defects of 
the discipline and instruction in our academies. 
2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1802 

BARROWS, John Henry. The World's Parliament 
of Religions : an illustrated and popular story of 
the world's first Parliament of Religions, held in 
Chicago in connection with the Columbian Ex- 
position of 1893. 

2 vols. 8vo. Chicago, 1893 

BARRUEL, Augustin. Du Pape et de ses droits 
religieux a I'occasion du Concordat. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1803 

Les Helviannes, ou lettres provinciales philo- 


5 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1789-92 

Memoires pour servir a I'histoire du jaco- 


4 vols. 8vo. London, 1797-98 

BARRY, Alfred. The manifold witness for Christ. 
[Boyle Lectures, 1877-78.] 

8vo. London, 1880 

Some lights of science on the faith. [Bampton 

Lectures, 1892.] 

8vo. London, 1892 

BARRY, George. History of the Orkney islands : 
second edition, with additions by James Head- 

4to. London, 1808 

BARRY, John. The blessed and truest newes 
from liuland, shewing the fortunate successe of 
the Protestants, and God's just vengeance on the 

-Ito. London, lf)42 

BARRY, John Wolfe. 

Sen Welch, C. History of the Tower Bridge. 
London; 1894. 

BARTELS, Johann Heinrich. Briefe iiber Kalabrien 
and Sicilien. 

3 vols. 8vo. Gotiingen, 1789-92 

BARTH, Heinrich. Travels and discoveries in North 
and Central Africa : being a journal of an expedi- 
tion undertaken in the years 1 849-55. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1857-58 

BARTH, Johann August. Pacis annis 1814 et 1815 
foederatis armis restitutae monumentum orbis 
terrarum de fortuna reduce gaudia gentium 
Unguis interjjretans curante J. A. B. [Poly- 

fol. Breslau [18 \ 8] 

BARTH, Michael. 

Sec Virgilius Maro, P. Bucolica. Leipzig, 1570. 

BARTHE, Nicolas Thomas. 

Qiuvres choisies. 
12mo. Paris, 1811 

BARTHtLEMI DE GRAMMONT, Gabriel. Historia 
prostratae a Ludovico xiii. sectariorum in Gallia 

4to. Toulouse, 1623 

Historiarum Galliae ab excessu Henrici iv. 

libri xviii. 

fol. Toulouse, 1643 

BARTHfiLEMY, Jean Jacques. 

For Life, see Nivernois, L. J. B. M. M., due de. 

Essai. Paris, 1795. 
See Landon, C. P. Numismatique du voyage. 
Paris, 1818. 

(Euvres diverses. Eloge historique de J. J. B. 

[By Sainte-Croix. Edited by G. E. J. Guilhem 
DE Clermont Lodeve, baron de Sainte-Croix.] 
2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1798 

— Catalogue des livres de la bibliotheque de feu 
I'abbe Barth61emy. 

8vo. Paris, 1800 

— Dissertation sur une ancienne inscription 
grecque relative aux finances des Atheniens 
contenant I'etat des sommes que foumirent, 
pendant une annee, les tresoriers d'une caisse 

4to. Paris, 1792 

— Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grece, vers le 
milieu du quatriemo si^cle avant J^sus-Christ : 
avec un recueil de cartes geographiques, plans, 
vues et medailles de I'ancienne Gr6ce, relatifs au 
voyage. Quatrieme edition. 

7 vols. 4to, and I vol. fol. Pa^is, 1799 



BABTHfiLEMY, Jean Jacques. Voyago en lUilie, 
avec un appeudicc. Public par A. vSkuikys. 

8vo. Parin, ISOl 

BARTHEMA, Lodovico. Travels in Egypt, Syria, 
Arabia Dcserta and Arabia Felix, in Persia, India, 
and Iilthiopia, 150,'>-8. Translated by ,1. WiNTi'.i; 
Jones, and edited by G. P. Badger. [Hakluyt 
Society, xxxii.] 

iSvo. Loiulon, 18()3 

BARTHIUS, Casparus. Adversariorum commen- 
tariorum libri sexaginta antiqiiitatis tarn gentilis 
quam Christianae illustratae. 

'-2 vols. fol. Fnuihforl, 1()4.S 

BARTHOLDY, Jacob L. Solomon. Voyage en 
Grrece, 1 803-4 : traduit de rAllemand par A. Du 


2 vols. Svo. Pans, 1807 


See Bartholinus, T., the elder. Antiquitatiim 
veteris puerperii. Amderdam, ItiTti. 
„ Bartholinus, T., the elder. De armillis 

veterum schedion. Amderdam, l676. 
„ Bartholinus, T., the elder. De Unicornu. 
Amsterdam, 1678. 

De inauribus veterum syntagma : accedit 

mantissa ex Th. Bartholini miscellaneis medicis, 
de annulis narium. 

12mo. Amsterdam, lfi7(i 

De tibiis veterum et earum antique usu libri 


12mo. Amsterdam, 1679 


iSee Guntherus Ligurinus. Strasburg, 1531. 

BABTHOLINUS, Thomas, the elder. Antiquitatum 
veteris puei-perii synopsis, a filio Casparo com- 
mentario illustrata. 

12mo. Amsterdam, l67fi 

— — I>e armillis veterum schedion. Accessit Olai 

Wormii de aureo cornu Danico ad Licetum 
responsio. [Edited by C. Bartholinus.] 

12mo. Amsterdam, l(i76 

De cruce Christi hypomnemata iv. 

12mo. Wesel, 1673 

— De Unicornu, observationes novae. Secunda 
editione auctiores et emendatiores editae a filio 
C. Bartholino. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1678 

BARTHOLINUS, Thomas, the younger. Antiquita- 
tum Danicarum de causis eontemptae a I)anis 
adhuc gentilibus mortis lil)ri tres. 

Ho. Copenhagen, 16H<J 


prictatibus rerum. 

Liber de pro- 
fol. [Cologne, 1471] 

De proprietatibus rerum. [Translated into 

English by J. DE Trevisa.] 

fol. 11^. de IFmle. [Westminster, 1496] 

Another edition. 

fol. ThoKias Bertheh'l. London, 1535 

Batman uppon Bartholomc, his l)ooke de pro- 

prietiitibus rerum [vt'ith the translation by J. 
Trevisa], newly corrected, enlarged, and 

fol. Thomas East. London, 1582 

BARTHOLOMAEUS de Cotton. Historia Anglicana ; 
449-1 298 ; necnon ejusdem Liber de Archiepiscopis 
et Episcopis Anglise. Edited by H. li. Luard. 
[Rolls Series, No. l6.] 

Svo. London, 1859 

BARTHOLOMAEUS de Ursinis. Quadragesimale, 
quod dicitur Gratia Dei. 

fol. [.S^. lleissinger. Naples, 1474] 

BARTHOLOMAEUS of Pisa. LAlcoran des 
Cordeliers, tant en Latin qu'en Fran9ois : tir6 
[by E. Alberus] du grand livre des con- 
formitez par frere Barthelemi de Pise. 
[Translated by C. Badius.] 

Svo. G. de Laimarie. Geneva, 1578 

Another edition. [Latin and French.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1734 

See Barthelemi de Grammont, G. 

BARTHOLOMEW, John. Gazetteer of the British 
Isles, statistical and topographical, vrith census 
supplement 1891, and appendices. 

Svo. Edinburgh, [1892] 


See Bartlett, W. H. Jerusalem revisited. Lon- 
don, 1855. 

BARTLETT, John. A new and complete concord- 
ance to the dramatic works of Shakespeare, with 
a supplementary concordance to the poems. 

4to. London, 1S94 



BARTLETT, Robert Edward. The letter and the 
spirit. [Bampton Lectures, 1888.] 

8vo. London, 1888 

BARTLETT, William Henry. 

Sec Forty days in the desert. London [184.9]. 
„ Gleanings ... on the overland route. Jjon- 

don, 1851. 
„ Pictures from Sicily. London, 185.'?. 

Footsteps of GUI' Lord and Hfs Apostles in 

Syria, Greece, and Italy. Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1852 

— Jerusalem revisited. [Edited by F. A. Bakt- 


8vo. London, 1855 

— The Nile boat ; or, glimpses of the land of 

8vo. Loiulon, 1849 

— The pilgrim fathers ; or, the founders of New 
England in the reign of James the first. 

8vo. London, 1853 

— Walks about the city and environs of Jeru- 

salem. Second edition. 

8vo. London [1844] 

BARTOLI, Adolfo. 

See Archivio Veneto. Venice, 1871, etc. 

BARTOLI, Cosimo. Ragionamenti accademici sopra 
alcuni luoghi difficili di Dante. 

4to. Fr. de Franchesi. Venice, 1567 

BARTOLI, Daniello. Dell' istoria della compagna 
di Giesii, I'lnghilterra, parte dell' Europa, des- 

4to. Bologna, 1676 

BARTOLI, Francesco. 

See Bellori, O. P. Pictui-ae antiquae. Rome, 

Notizie istoriche de' comici Italiani che fiorirono 

intorno all' anno 1550 fino a' giorni presenti. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Padm, 1781-82 

BARTOLI, Pietro Santi. 

See Bellori, G. P. Admiranda Romanarum anti- 

quitatum. Fmuc, 169.'). 

„ „ Le Antiche Lucerne scpol- 

crali. Rome, 1729. 

Columna Gochlis. Rome, 1 704. 

Vcteres arcus Augustorum 

triumphis. Rome, 1690. 
Picturae antiquae cryptarum. 
Rome, 1750. 

?i ») 

BARTOLI, Pietro Santi. 

Sec Ohacon, A. Colonna Trajana. Rome [l67.'i]. 
,, Haverkamp, S. Nummophylacium. The 

Hagtic, 1742. 
,, Virgilius Marc, P. Antiquissimi codicis, etc. 
Rome, 1776. 

Gli antichi sepolcri, ovvero mausolei Roman) 

ed Etruschi, trovati in Roma, ed in altri luoghi : 
raccolti, disegnati, ed intagliati da P. S. Bartoli. 

fol. Rome, 1727 

Raccolta di varie antichita e lucerne antiche 

intagliate la maggior parte da Bartoli. [.'jO 

fol. Rome [1700] 

BARTOLINI, Antonio, Count. Saggio epistolare 
sopra la tipografia del Friuli nel secolo xv. 

4to. Udina, 1798 

BARTOLOCCIUS, Julius. Bibliotheca magna 
Rabbinica : de scriptoribus et scriptis Hebraicis 
ordine alphabetico Hebraice et Latine digestis. 
Auctore J. B. Post ejus obitum absoluta aucta 
et in lucem edita a C. J. Imbonato. Huic 
accedit tonius alter, nempe Bibliotheca Latino- 
Hebraica, sive de scriptoribus Latinis qui contra 
Judaeos vel de re Hebraica scripsere. Opera et 
studio ejusdem G. J. Imbonati. 

5 vols. 4to. Rom/;, 1675-94 

BARTOLOMMEO da li Sonetti. Isolario in versi. 

4to. [Venice, I486] 

BARTOLOMMEO da San Concordio. Ammaestra- 
menti degli antichi Latiiii e Toscani raccolti e 
volgarizzati. [Edited by D. M. Manni.] 

4to. Florence, 1734 

Another edition. 

8vo. Milan, 1808 

BARTOLOZZI, Francesco. ,- 

See Coins of the Seleucidae. London, 1 803. 
„ Gemmaram antiQuarum delectus. [London, 

Ricerche istorico-critiche circa alls scoperte 

d'Amerigo Vespucci con I'aggiunta d'una rela- 
zione del medesimo fin ora inedita. 

8vo. Florence, 1789 

BARTOLUS de Saxoferrato. 

Sec Processus juris j oco-serius. Ho nan, 1 6 1 1 . 

Quaestiones disputatae. 

fol. Vcndelin de Spire. [Venice, 1472] 



BARTOLUS de Saxoferrato. Lectura, super i. et ii. 
parto codieis. 

2 vols. fol. .S^. Eiessinger. Naplett, ItTl 

Lectura, super i. ct ii. parte digesti vcteris. 

fol. /V/'Hs/d [l+Tl] 

Tractatus procuratoris editus sub nomine 


■tto. B. Gnldinheck. Rome, \M5 

BARTON, William P. C. Vegetable materia medica 
of the United States, or medical botanj', illustrated 
by coloured engravings. 

'2vols.ini. 4to. Phihtdclphiii, lS2r, 

BARTRAM, William. Travels through North and 
South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida, 
the Cherokee country, the Creek confederacy, 
and the Chactaws. 

Svo. London, 1792 

BARTSOH, J. Adam von. Le peintre-graveur. 

21 vols. Svo. Leipzuj, 1805-54 

BARUFFALDI, Girolamo, the elder. II Canapajo. 
[Parnaso Italiano, torn, xlviii.] 

Svo. Venice, 1790 

BARUFFALDI, Girolamo, the younger. Delia 
Tipografia Ferrarese, 1471-1500. 

Svo. Ferrara, 1777 

La vita di M. Ludovico Ariosto. 

4to. Ferrara, 1807 

BARWICK, Peter. Vita Joannis Barwick, S.T.F., 
S. Pauli Londinensis decani : cum appendice 
epistolarum. [Edited by H. Bedford.] 

Svo. Loiulon, 1721 

BARZIZIUS, Gasparinus, Pergamensis. Epistolae. 
4to. Craniz, Gering, and Friburger. 
Paris [1470] 

Epistolarum liber. 

fol. [/. de Weslplialia. Louvain, 1482] 

BASAPOPI, Gnesio, pseud, i.e. G. C. Bona. 
See Bona, G. C. 

BASIL, Saint, surnamed the Great, Archbishop of 
Caesarea in Cappadocia. 

See Select library of Nicene and post-Nicene 
Fathers. 1886, etc. 2nd series, vol. viii. 
(for De spiritu sancto, Hexaemeron, and 
„ Bandini, A. M. Graecae ecclesiae vetera 
monument a. Flmmre, 1762-63 (for Sermo 
de synisactis). 

BASIL, Saint, surnamed the Great, Archbishop of 
Caesarea and Cappadocia. 
See Cebes. Tabula. [Veviee, 1500] (for Aoyos 

Trpos viovi). 

„ Censorinus. De die natali. Bologna, 1497 
(for De invidia). 

,, Epistolae Graecae. Venice, 1499. 

,, Liturgies. Joannis Chrysostomi . . . litiu'- 
giae. Uome, 1526. 

„ „ Liturgiae S. Basilii Magni. 

Augsburg, l604. 

„ „ Liturgies of S. Mark. London, 


„ Smith, R. T. [The fathers for English 
readers.] London, 1879- 

„ Stobaeus, J. Dicta poetarum. Pan's, l62;5 
(for De legendis libris Gentilium). 

„ Vergerius, P. P. Ad Ubertinum Carariensem. 
Brescia, 1485 (for De legendis libris Gen- 

„ Virgilius Maro, P. Buccolica e Georgiche. 
Borne, 1765 (for De legendis libris Gen- 

Opera. Graece et Latine. Opera et studio 

J. Garnier [vol. iii. edited by P. Marau]. 

3 vols. fol. Paris, 1721-30 

Opera quaedam. [Edited by D. Erasmus.] 

fol. Basle, 1532 

Opera quaedam : tractatus ethicorum : regula : 

de virginitate : contra Eunomium : sermones et 

fol. Stejih. de Sahio. Venice, 1535 

Basilii Magni et Gregorii Nazianzeni theolo- 

gorum, epistolae Grecae nunquam antea editae. 
[Edited by V. Opsopoeus.] 

Svo. Hagenau, 1528 

'O/itXia els Tov ayiov fidprvpa Ma/iavra. 

4to. Steph. Frevosteau. Paris, 1599 

Orationes de moribus xxiv. Simone magistro 

ac logotheta auctore. 

Svo. G. Morellius. Paris, 1556 

BASIL, Saint, Aichbishop of Seleucia in Isauria. 
See Gregory, Saint, Thaumaturgus. Opera 
omnia. Paris, 1622. 

BASIL I., surnamed the Macedonian, Emperor of 
the East. 
See Agapetus. Adhortationes. Basle, 1633. 

— Basilicon libri Ix. ; Fabrotus Latine vertit et 
Graece edidit. 

7 vols. fol. Paris, 1647 



BASILS, Giovanni Battista, Count of Toroiie. La 

Chiaglira dla Banzola o per dir mii fol divers 

tradutt dal parlar Napulitan in lengua Bulgnesa. 

[Translated from the Pentamerone of G. G. B. by 

Teresa and Maddelena Manfredi, and Anna 

and Teresa Zanotti.] 

4to. Bologna, 17-i2 


See Basil I., surnamed the Macedonian, Emperor 
of the East (for the Basilica collected by 
Basil I.). 

BASIN, Thomas, Archbishop of Caesarea. Histoire 
des regnes de Charles VII. et de Louis XI. ; jusqu' 
ici attribuee .'i Amelgard. Publiee pour la 
premiere fois avec les autres ouvrages historiques 
du nit-me ecrivain, par J. QuiCHERAT. [Society 
de I'Histoire de France.] 

■i vols. Svo. Paris, 1855-59 

BASHnUS, Basinius. 

Sec Porcellius, P. P. Trium poetarum . . . 
opuscula. Paris, 1539. 

Opera praestantiora nunc primum edita. Delia 

corte letteraria di S. P. Malatesta, commentario 
del eonte A. Battaglini. Delia vita e de' fatti 
di S. P. Malatesta, commentario del conte F. G. 
Battaglini. [Edited by L. Druidius.] 

2 vols. 4to. Rimini, 1793-94 

BASNAGE, Henri, Seigneur de Franquesney. 
CEuvres, contenant ses commentaires sur la 
coutumc de Normandie et son traite des hypo- 
thfeques : quatrifeme edition avec des notes. 

2 vols. fol. Rouen and Paris, 1778 

SeeB * * *, Monsr. 
„ Canisius, H. Thesaurus monumentorum 
ecdesiastieorum. Amsterdam, 1 725. 

Annales des Provinces-Unies, depuis les negotia- 
tions pour la paix de Munster, avec la description 
historique de lour gouvernement [to l678]. 

2 vols. fol. The Hague, 1719-26 

Dissertation historique sur les duels et les 

ordres de chevalerie : avec un discours prelimi- 
naire sur le duel par Pierre Roques. 

12mo. Basle, 1740 

Histoire de la religion des eglises reformoes 

depuis .Jesus Christ jusqua present. 

3 vols, in 2. 4to. Rotterdam and the Hague, 

Histoire de I'figlise, depuis J^sus Christ 

jiisqu'i pn'sent. 

2 vols. fol. Rotterdam, 1699 

BASNAGE DE BEAUVAL, Jacques. Histoire des 
Juifs, depuis .]6sus Christ jusqu'i present. 

y vols, in 15. 12mo. The Hague, 17 It) 

BASSE, William. The Pastorals and other workes, 
1653. [Edited by J. P. Collier.] 

4to. 1870 

BASSELIN, Olivier [or rather, Jean LE Houx]. 
Les Vaudevires, poesies du 1 5'"" siecle, avec un 
discours sur sa vie et des notes. 

Svo. Vire, 1811 
BASSET, Joshua. 

See Eirenicon of the eighteenth century. London, 

BASSEVILLE, Nicolas Jean Hugou de. 

See Monti, V. In morte di Ugo Basse- Ville. 
Mantua, 1798. 

BASSI, Pietro Andrea di. Le Fatiche d'Ercolo. 

fol. Augustinus Garner. Fenara, 1475 

BASSOMPIEREE, Frangois de, Marshal of France. 
See Collection des m^moires — Petitot [vols. xix. 

Ambassade en Suisse, I'an 1625. Ambassade 

en Espagne, Fan 1621. Ambassade en Angle- 
terre, 1626. 

4 vols, in 2. 12mo. Cologne, l66s 

Journal de ma vie. M^moires du Mar6chal de 

Bassompierre. Premiere edition, conforme au 
manuscrit original, publiee avec fragments in6dits, 
par le M'" de Chant^rac. [Societe de I'Histoire 
de France.] 

4 vols. Svo. Paris, 1870-77 


2 vols. 12mo. Cologne, 1665 

BASSUS, Cassianns. 

See Geoponica. Cambridge, 1704. 

BAST, Friedrich Jacob. Epistola critica ad J. F. 
Boissonade super Antonino Liberali, Parthenio 
et Aristaeneto : e lingua Gallica in Latinam versa 
a C. A. WiEDEBURG. Appendix, edidit G. H. 


2 parts in 1 . Svo. Leipzig, 1 8O9 

BASTARD, Augusta de, Count. Pcintures et orne- 
mcnts des manuscrits classes dans un ordre 
chronologique pour servir a I'histoire des arts 
du dessein depuis le quatrit^me siecle de I'ere 
chretieniie jusqu'a la fin du seizieme. 

3 vols. fol. Paris, 1832-69 



BASTARD, Thomas. Chrestolcros ; seven bookes of 

epigrames [from the edition of 15;)8]. [Spenser 


4to. Manchester, 1888 

Poems, English and Latin (1566-1618). Edited 

by A. B. Grosart. [Occasional issues, vol. xii. 

No. 2.] [Mancheshr] IS 80 

BASTERO, Antonio. La crusca Provenzale, ovvero, 
le voci, fr;isi, forme e maniere di dire che la 
lingua Toscana ha preso dalla Provenzale : ag- 
giuntcvi notizie agli antichi poeti Provenzali : 
vol. i. [no more published.] 

fol. Home, nm 

BASTIAN, Henry Charlton. The brain as an organ 
of the mind. Fourth edition. [International 
Scientific Series, vol. xxix.] 

8vo. Loudon, 1S()0 

The beginnings of life ; being some account of 

the nature, modes of origin, and transformations 
of lower organisms. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1872 

BASTIEN, Jean Frangois. La nouvelle maison 
rustique, ou economic rurale, pratique et generale 
de tous les biens de campagne [by L. Liger]. 
Nouvelle edition, entierement refondue par J. 
F. B. 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1798 

BATAVIA illustrata, seu de Batavorum insula, 
Hollandia, etc., scriptores varii notae melioris, 
nunc primum collecti. Edidit P. Scriverius. 
3 parts in 1. 4to. Litd. Elzevir. Leijden, iGOf) 

BATE, George. 

See P. (R.) Elenchus elenchi. Paris, 1664. 
„ Regall apology. [Londoii] 1648. 

Elenchi motuum nuperorum in Anglia pars 

prima simul ac juris regii et parlamentarii 
enarratio, pars secunda simul ac regis effugii 
mirabilis e praelio Wigorniae enarratio. 

2 vols in 1. 8vo. London, 1 66 1-63 

— — Another edition. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1663 

Elenchus motuum nuperorum in Anglia, or a 

short historical account of the late troubles, in 
two parts. Motus compositi, or the history of 
the composing the affairs of England by the 
restauration of King Charles the Second, to 
1669, written in Latin by Thos. Skinner: 
made English [by A. Lovell]. 

3 parts in 1. 8vo. London, 168.5 

BATE, Henry, afterwards DUDLEY (Sir Henry 
Bate), Bart. The rival candidates : a comic 
opera in two acts. New edition. 

8vo. London [1775] 

BATE, John. 

See B. (J.). Mysteries of nature and art. 
London, 1634. 

BATEMAN, Stephen. 

Sec Bartholomaeus Anglicus. Batman uppon 
Bartholome. London, 1582. 

BATEMAN, Wynne. Veterum philosophorum et 
sapientum de populari religionc sensus ac theo- 
logiae ratio, concio ad clerum habita in templo 
B. Mariae, pridie Kal. Dec. 1745. 

4to. Cambridge, 1746 

BATES, Henry Walter. 

See Royal Geographical Society. Journal. 
London, 1832-80. 

Central America, the West Indies and South 

America. Edited and extended by H. W. B. 
[Stanford's Compendium of geography.] 

8vo. London, 1878 

BATH, William Pulteney, earl of. 

See Answer to one part of a late infamous libel. 

London, 1731. 
,, Budget opened. London, 1733. 
„ Case of the revival of the salt duty. London, 

„ Case of the sinking fund. London, 1735. 
,, Conduct of the late and present m[inist]ry. 

London, 1742. 
„ D'Anvers, C. Proper reply. London, 1731. 
„ Enquiry into the conduct of our domestick 

affairs. London, 1734. 
„ Humble address to the knights, citizens, etc. 

London, 1734. 
,, Letter from a member of Parliament. London, 

„ Politicks on both sides. London, 1734. 
„ Review of the excise-scheme. iMidon, 1733. 
„ Review of the whole political conduct. 

London, 1743. 
„ Short view of the state of affairs. London, 

,, Walsingham, F. The Free -Briton extra- 
ordinary. London, 1730. 

BATHURST, Henry, Archdeacon of Norwich. 
Memoirs of the late Dr. Henry Bathurst, lord 

bishop of Norwich. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1837 



BATHURST, Henry, Bishop of Norwich. 

See Necessity for universal toleration. London, 

BATHUEST, Theodore. 

Sue Spenser, E. Works. London, 1679. 

BATMAN, Stephen. Ser Bateman, S. 

BATTAGLINI, Francesco Gaetano, Count. 

See Basinius, B. Opera pracstantiora. Rhniai, 

BATTARRA, Giovanni Antonio. 

See Buonanni, F. Rerum naturalium historia. 
laHif, 1773-82. 

BATTELY, John. Opera posthuma; viz., Antiqui- 
tates Rutupinae : et Antiquitates S. Edmiindi 
Burgi ad annum 1272 perductae. [Edited by 
0. Battely. With an appendix by Sir J 


•ito. Oxford, 171'o 

BATTELY, Nicolas. 

See Sonmer, W. Antiquities of Canterbury. 
London, 1703. 

BATTEN, Edmund Chisholm. The charters of the 
priory of Beauly, with notices of the priories of, 
Pluscardine and Ardchattan and of the family 
of the founder John Byset. [Grampian Ckib.] 
8vo. [Edinburgh] 1877 

BATTEN, Sir William. A declaration concerning 
his departure from Loudon, to his highnesse the 
Prince of Wales. 

ito. London, l64S 

BATTEUX, Charles. 

See Aristotle. Poetica. Les quatres po6tiques. 
Piiris, nil. 

La morale d'Epicure tiree de ses propres 6crits. 

8vo. Paris, 1758 

Principes de la littdrature. Cinquieme Edition. 

5 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1774 

BATTIE, John. The merchants remonstrance pub- 
lished in the time of the late warre, revised and 

4to. London, 16I8 

BATTLE Abbey. Custumals of Battle Abbey, 
in the reigns of Edward 1. and Edward 11. 
(\WA-i:U'i). Edited by S. K. Scaugill-Bird. 
[Camden Society, N.S., vol. xli.] 

4to. London, 1887 

BATTLE (The) of Flodden Field, a poem of the 
1 6th century, with various readings, notes, 
glossary, and appendix of ancient poems relating 
to the same event. By Henry Weber. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1808 

(The) of the quills : or, Wilkes attacked and 

defended, an impartial selection of all the most 
interesting pieces in verse and prose, relative to 
John Wilkes. 

8vo. London, 17 6S 

Futility des voyages et de I'avantage que la 
recherche des antiquitez procure aux S(;avans. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, I686 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Bouen, 1727 

BAUDIER, Michel. 

Sec Chalcocondylas, L. Histoire generale des 
Turcs. Paris, l66'2[-63]. 

Histoire gdneralle du sei'rail et de la cour du 

grand seigneur, empereur des Turcs : ensemble 
I'histoire de la cour du roy de la Chine. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Paris, 1624 

BAUDIUS, Dominicus. 

See Plinius Caecilius Secundus, C. Panegyricus. 

Leijdcn, l675. 

Amores. Edidit P. SCRIVERIUS. 

12mo. L. Elzevir. Amsterdam, I608 

Epistolae, orationes, et libellus de foenore. 

12mo. Leyden, l650 

• — — Poematum nova editio. 

8vo. Lyons, 1607 


See Lussan, M. de, pseud. Histoire . . . de 
Charles vi. Paris, 1753. 
„ Relation historique et galante. Tlt£ Hague, 

BAUDRAND, Michel Antoine. Geographia, ordine 

litterarum disposita. 

2 vols. fol. Park, 1681-82 

BAUDRY, Fr^ddric. 

See Foucault, N. J. Memoires. Paris, 1 862. 

BAUDRY DES LOZlilRES, Louis Nicolas. 

Sec D. (B.) Voyage a la Louisiana. Paris, 1802. 

Les cgarements du nigrophilisme. 

8vo. Paris, 1802 



BAUEE, Johann Jacob. Bibliotheca librorum 
lariorum uni\ersalis : cum siipplementorum ^■olu- 
minibus iii. [The last 7 sheets of vol. i., and 
vols, ii.-iv. by G. A. Will : vols, v.-vii. by B. F. 

7 vols, in .'5. 8vo. Ninvmherff, 1770-.<)1 

BAUHINUS, Caspar. De Ilermaphroditorum mon- 
struosorunKiue partuuni iiatura ex theologorum, 
jureconsultorum, medicorum, philosophorum, et 
Rabbinorum sententia libri ii. 

8vo. Oppenheim, l6l4 

BAUHUSIUS, Eernardus. Epigrammatum selec- 
torum libri v. 

12mo. Planiin. Anhverp, Ifilti 

BAUMGART, Bernhardus. Dissertatio theologica 
de concubinatu a Ghristo et apostolis prohibito. 

4to. Halle, 171.'> 

BAUMGARTEN, Michael. The Acts of the 
Apostles ; or, the history of the church in the 
apostolic age. Translated by A. J. W. Morrison 
and T. Meyer. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1854 

BAUR, Ferdinand Christian von. Drei Abhand- 
lungen zur Geschichte der alten Philosophie und 
ihres Verhiiltnisses zum Christenthum ; neu 
herausgegeben von Dr. E. Zeller. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1876 

Geschichte der christlichen Kirche. 

5 vols. 8vo. Twbingen, 1863-77 

— — The church history of the first three centuries. 
Translated by the Eev. Allan Menzies. [Theo- 
logical Translation Fund Library, vols, xvi., xx.] 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1878-79 

Paul, the apostle of Jesus Christ, his life and 

work, epistles, and doctrine. Translated by Dr. 
Edward Zeller, revised by the Eev. A. Menzies. 
[Theological Translation Fund Library, ii., vi.] 
2 vols. 8vo. Zo7t(fo», 1875-76 


See Theatre Francais. Th. Ital. Comedies 
lyriques, torn. i. 

BAUSSET, Louis Fran?ois de, Cardinal, Bishop of 
Alais. Histoire de Frnclon, composee sur les 
maiiuscrits originaux. Seconde edition. 

ii vols. Svo. Pariii, 1809 

Third edition. 

Vorlesungen fiber die christliche Dognien- 
igegeben von F. F. B.\UR. 
4 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1865-67 

geschichte, herausgegeben von F. F. B.\UR. 

BAUR, Wilhelm. Religious life in Germany during 
the wars of independence, in a series of historical 
and biographical sketches. Translated by Mrs. 
G. Sturge. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1872 

4 vols. Svo. Versailles, 1817 

Histoire de J. B. Bos.suet, evfique de Meaux. 

4 vols. Svo. Versailles!, 1814 

BAUSSET, Louis Francois Joseph de. Baron. 

Memoires anccdotiqucs sur I'interieur du palais 
et sur quelques evenemen.s de I'empire depuis 
1805, jusqu'en 1816, pour servir a I'histoire de 

4 vols. Svo. I'aris, 1827-29 


See Notices sur les graveurs. Besangon, 1 807-8 

BAWDWEN, William. 

See Domesday-book. Doncaster, 1812. 

BAX, E. Belfort. 

See Morris, W. Socialism. London, 1893. 


See Strange and wonderful predictions. London, 
1794. (For Baxter's corpse candles 

BAXTER, Andrew. 

See Enquiry into the nature of the human soul. 
London, 1745. 
,, Enquiry; appendix to the enquiry. London, 

„ Matho ; or, the Cosmotheoria puerilis. 
London, 1745. 

The evidence of reason in proof of the im- 

mortality of the soul. Collected from the MSS. 
of Mr. B. [by J. Duncan]. 

Svo. London, 1779 

BAXTER, Richard. 

See Calamy, E., D.D. An abridgment of Mr 
B.'s history. Lmulon, 1713. 
„ Cartwright, T. The judgment of Mr. C. 

and Mr. B. London, 1673. 
„ Fair-Warning ; or, twenty-five reasons, etc. 

London, KiO';!. 
„ Petition for peace. London, l66l. 



BAXTER, Richard. Practical works, with a life of 
the author and a critical examination of his 
witings by the Kev. 'William Orme. 

23 vols. 8vo. London, 18.'30 

His account to his dearly beloved, the inhabi- 
tants of Kidderminster, of the causes of his 
being forbidden by the bishop of Worcester to 
preach >vithiii his diocess : with the bishop of 
Worcester's [G. Morley] letter in answer there- 

4to. London, 1662 

Judgment concerning ceremonies and confor- 
mity [an extract from ' Five disputations of 
Church government and worship '] : with a short 
reflection upon a scandalous pamphlet intituled, 
A proposition for the safety and happiness of the 

Idng and kingdom. 

4to. London, 1667 

Eeliquiae Baxterianae ; or, a narrative of the 

most memorable passages of his life and times : 
publish 'd from his MS. by Matthew Sylvester. 
Elisha's cry after Elijah's God consider'd and 
apply'd with reference to the decease of R. 
Baxter, and preach'd in part Dec. 18, 1691, by 
M. Sylvester. 

.5 parts in 1. fol. London, 1696 

BAXTER, Robert. Narrative of facts characterizing 
the supei'natural manifestations in members of 
Mr. Irving's congregation and other individuals, 
and formerly in the writer himself. 

12mo. London, 1833 

BAXTER, William. Glossarium antiquitatum 
Britannicarum sive syllabus etymologicus anti- 
(juitatum veteris Britanniae atque Iberniae tem- 
poribus Roraanorum : accedunt E. Luidii de 
fluviorum, etc., in Britannia nominibus adversaria. 
Editio secunda. 

8vo. London, 1733 

Glossarium antiquitatum Romanarum. Acce- 

dunt auetoris vitae a se ipso conscriptae frag- 
mentum, et selectae quaedam ejusdem epistolae. 
[Edited by .M. Williams.] 

8vo. Lundmi, 1731 

BAY, Christian Friderich. Fuldstaendigt Engelsk 
og iJansk, sanit D.insk og Engelsk llaand- 

2 vols. Svo. Copenhagen, 17y6-\so(i 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Copenhagen, ] 807-20 

BAYARD, Pierre du Terrail, Seigneur de. 
See Du Terrail, P. 

BAYARDI, Ottavio Antonio, Archbishop of Tyre. 
Catalogo degli antichi monumenti dissotterati 
dalla discoperta citta di Ercolano. [Vol. i. by 
0. A. B. : vols, ii.-iii. edited by 0. A. B. : vols, 
iv.-viii. edited by P. Carcanl] 

y vols. fol. N(ij)les, 17. '55-92 

BAYE, Nicolas de. Journal, 1400-17. Texte 
complet, public par A. Tuetey. [Soci6t^ de 
I'Histoire de France.] 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1885-88 

BAYER, Gottlieb Siegfried. De horis Sinicis et 
cyclo horario commentationes : accedit parergou 
Sinicum de calendariis Sinicis. 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1735 

- Historia Osrhoena et Edessena, ex numis 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1734 

Museum Sinicum, in quo Sinicae linguae et 

litteraturae ratio explicatur. 

2 vols. Svo. St. Petersburg, 1730 

BAYER, Joannes. Urano-Metria, omnium asteris- 
morum continens schemata, nova methodo 
delineata, aereis laminis expressa. 

fol. Augsburg, 1603 

Bed morocco, with the arms of De Thou. 

BAYERIUS, Franciscus Perezius. De numis 

4to. Valencia,, 1781 

BAYFIUS, Lazarus. See Baif, L. de. 

BAYLE, Pierre. 

See ChauflFepie, J. G. de. Nouveau dictionnaire 

historique. Amsterdam, 1750-56. 
„ Examen de la th^ologie. Amsterdam, 1706. 
„ Naud^, G. Naudaeaiia. Amsterdam, 1703. 
„ Nouvelles de la r^publique des lettres. 

Amsterdam, 1 7 1 5-20. 
„ P. (C. L. A. A. P. D.). Avis important. 

Paris, 1692. 
,, R. (M. D. L.). Reponse a I'Avis. Hotterdam, 

1 709. 
„ R6ponse aux entretiens. Amsterdam, 1707. 
,, R^ponse aux questions. Eottei-dam, 1704-7. 

(Euvres diverses. [Collection by P. des 


4 vols. fol. The Hague, \727-3l 



BAYLE, Pierre. Analyse laisoiinee, ou abr^gu 

mtithodique de ses ouvrages, particuli^remeiit de 

^30n Dictioiinaire liistorique et critique. [By F. 

M. DE M.\KSY : continued liy J. B. R. Rdbinet.] 

8 vols. l:^mo. Londan, 1755-70 

— Commentaire philosophique sur ces paroles de 
Jesus-Christ, ' contrain-les d'entrer ' ; ou traite de 
la tolerance universelle. Nouvelle edition. 

2 vols. 12rao. PMerdam, llUi 

— A philosophical commentary of these words of 
the Gospel, Luke xiv. 23, ' Compel them to come 
in, that my house may be full.' Translated from 
the French. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1708 

— Critique generale de I'Histoire du Calvinisme 
de Mr. Maimljourg. (^uatriume edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 171 4 

— Dictionnaire historique et critique. Troisifeme 

4 vols. fol. Rotterdam, 1720 

— Lettres : avec remarques par Des Maiseaux. 

3 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1729 

Nouvelles lettres. 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1715 

— Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. The Harjiie, 17 3i) 

— Pensees diverses ecrites a un docteur de 
Sorbonne k I'occasion de la comete qui parut au 
mois de Decembre 1680. 

4 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1749 

Miscellaneous Reflexions occasioned by the 

Comet which appeared in December 1680; chiefly 
tending to explode popular superstitions ; to 
which is added the Author's Life. Translated 
from the French. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1708 

BAYLEY, John. The history and antiquities of the 
Tower of London. 

2 vols. 4to. London, \82l-25 

BAYLIE, Robert. Sec Baillie, R. 

BAYLY, Anselm. The antiquity, evidence, and 
certainty of Christianity, canvassed, on Dr. 
Middleton's examination of the lord bishop of 
London's discourses on the use and intent of 

8vo. London, 1751 

BAYLY, Thomas. The life and death of John 
Fisher, bishop of Rochester. Selected from 
several ancient records by T. B. The third 
edition. [This work was really written by R. 

12mo. Lmulon, 1740 

BAYNE, Paul. Se<' Baynes, P. 

BAYNE, Peter. 

See Gould, G. Documents relating to the settle- 
ment of the Church. London, 1862. 

Life and letters of Hugli Miller. 

2 vols. Svo. Lmulon, 1871 

Martin Luther, his life and work. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1SS7 

BAYNES, Paul. 

See Nichol, J. Commentaries, 1864-69 — Ephe- 


The diocesans tryall, wherin all the sinnewes 

of Doctor Downhams defence are brought into 
three heads and orderly dissolved. Published 
by Dr. William Amis. 

4to. [Lmulon] 1621 

BAYNES, Thomas Spencer. 

See Port Royal logic. Edinburgh [1851]. 

BEACH, Philip. 

See Letter to Thomas Burnet. Lmidmi, 1736. 
„ Letter. A Second letter to Thomas Burnet. 
London, 1736. 

BEACON, Richard. Solon his follie, or a politique 
discourse touching the reformation of common- 
weales conquered, declined or corrupted. 

4to. Joseph Barnes. Oxford, 1594 

BEAL, Samuel. 

See Asvaghosha Bodhisattva. The Fo-sho-hing- 
tsan-king. Oxford, 1883. 

BEACONSFIELD, Benjamin Disraeli, earl of. 

See D'Israeli, B. 

BEAMES, John. 

See Elliot, Sir H. M. ... The races of the 
north-western provinces of India. London, 

BEAMISH, North Ludlow. 

See Bismarck, F. W. von. Lectures on the tactics. 
London, 1827. 



BEAMONT, William. 

See Discourse of the waxr. [Chetham Society.] 
,. Domesday Book. Cheshire and Lancashire. 

Cluster, ISfa'o. 
„ Jacobite trials at Manchester. [Chetham 

„ Leycester, Sir P., and Mainwaring, Sir T. 

Tracts written in the controversy, etc. 

[Chetham Society.] 
„ Warrington in 1465. [Chetham Society.] 

Annals of the lords of Warrinston for the first 

five centuries after the Conquest; with histori- 
cal notices of the place and neighbourhood. 
[Chetham Society, Ixxxvi., Ixxxvii.] 

2 vols. 4to. [Maiiclmkr] 1872-73 

BEAN, James. 

See Charge, addressed to the clergy. Londmi, 

BEAKBLOCK, James. A treatise upon tithes, 
containing an estimate of every titheable article 
in common cultivation, with the various modes 
of compounding for the same. 

8vo. London, 1805 

BEAKCROFT, Philip. An historical account of 
Thomas Sutton, Esq., and of his foundation in 

8vo. Londmi, 1737 

BEARD, Charles. 

See Renan, E. Lectures. London, 1880. 

— — • Martin Luther and the Eeformation in Germany 
until the close of the Diet of Worms. Edited 
by J. F. Smith. 

8vo. London, 188.9 

BEARD, John Reilly. 

See Illustrated itinerary. Londmi, 1 842. 

The autobiography of Satan. Edited by J. 

R. B. 

8vo. London, 1872 

BEATSON, Alexander. Tracts relative to the island 
of St. Helena, written during a residence of five 

4to. London, 1816 

A view of the origin and conduct of the war 

with Tippoo Sultaun. 

4to. Londmi, 1800 

BEATSON, Robert. A new and di.stinct view of 
the menioiablc action of the 27th July 1778. 

8vo. London, 17yi 

BEATSON, Robert. A political index to the 
histories of Great Britain and Ireland, or a com- 
plete register of the heieditary honours, public 
offices, and persons in office from the earliest 
periods. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lonxlon, 1788 

BEATTIE, James. 

For Life, see Forbes, Sir W. Edinhmjli, 1806', 

Poetical works, with memoir by the Kev. 

Alexander Dyce. [Aldine Poets, vol. xiii.] 

8vo. Londmi, 1831 

Dissertations moral and critical. 

4to. Loiulmi, 1783 

An essay on the nature and immutability of 

Truth, in opposition to sophistry and scepticism. 
The sixth edition. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1777 

Essays on poetry and music : on laughter : and 

on the utility of classical learning. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1776 

Third edition. 

Svo. Lomlon, 1779 

Evidences of the Christian religion briefly and 

plainly stated. Third edition. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1788 

• The minstrel, in two books : with some other 


Svo. Londmi, 1784 
BEAUCAIRE, Comte Horric de. 

See Du Plessis — Besangon. Memoires. Paris, 

BEAUCHAMP, Alphonse de. Histoire du Bresil, 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1815 

Histoire de la campagne de 1814 et de la 

restauration de la monarchie fran9aise. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1815 

Histoire des campagnes de 1814 et de 1815. 

Seconde partie comprenant le recit de tons les 
evenemens survenus en France en 1815. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1817 

Histoire de la guerre de la Vendue et des 

Chouans jusqu'en 1801. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1 806 

Histoire des malheurs et de la captivite de Pie 

VII. sous le regne de Napoleon Buonaparte. 

12mo. Paris, 1815 

Vie politique, militaire, et privee du g6n6ral 

Moreau : avec une notice sur Pichegru. 

Svo. Paris, 1814 



BEAUCHAMP, Francis Ingram Seymour Conway, 

See Letter to the first Belfast company. Cox- 
hi'iith, 178-'. 

BEAUCHAMPS, Pierre Frangois Godard de. 

Sec Theatre Frangais. Th. Ital. Comedies, 
torn. vi. 

BEAUCLERK, Hon. Topham. Ciitalogue of the 
library of the late lion. Topham Beauclerk, 
F.K.S., to be sold by auction [) April 1781 [with 

2 parts in 1. Svo. Londmi [ITS]] 

BEAUCOUET, Gaston Du Fresne de. 

Sif Escouchy, M. d'. Chroniquo. I'arix, ls63-6-i. 

BEAUFORT, Daniel Augustus. Memoir of a map 
of Ireland, illustrating the topography of that 
kingdom : with map in case. 

1 vol. and map. Ito. London, 17,92 

BEAUFORT, Emily Anne, afterwards Smythe, E. A., 
Viscountess Strangford. Egyptian sepulchres 
and Syrian shrines, including some stay in 
Lebanon, at Palmyra, and in Western Turkey. 
Second edition. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 18()2 

BEAUFORT, Sir Francis. Karamania, or a brief 
description of the south coast of Asia iNlinor, and 
the remains of antiquity. 

Svo. London, 1817 

BEAUFORT, Louis de. 

See Dissertation sur I'incertitude. Utrecht, 17."8. 

Histoire de C6sar Germanicus. Par Monsieur 

L. D. B. 

Svo Leydc, 17-11 

BEAUFOY, Henry. Substance of a speech to the 
British society for extending the fisheries, etc., 
at the general court, held on Tuesday, March 25, 

Svo. London, 1788 

BEAUGUll, Jean de. L'histoire de la guerre 


Svo. C. LAngelier. Paris, \55i^ 

Another edition, 1548-49. [Edited by J. B.iiN.] 

[Maitland Club, ii.] 

4to. Edinhur(jh, 1830 

BEAUHARNAIS, Eugene de. 

&e D * * * * (L.). Journal historique. Paris, 

BEAUHARNAIS, Marie Anne Frangoise de, 


See La Dixmerie, N. B. de. Lettres sur I'Espagne. 

I'arix, 1810. 

BEAUJOUR, Louis Auguste F61ix de, I3aron. 
Tableau du commerce de la Gr^ce, form6 d'apres 
une annd'C moycimo, depuis 1787 jusqu'en 1797. 
2 vols. Svo. I'arU, 1800 

BEAULIEU Abbey. Cartulaire de I'abbaye de 

Beaulieu. Public par iM. Deukmik. [Documents 
inedits sur l'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1859 

BEAULIEU, Claude Frangois de. Essais historiques 
sur les causes et les eft'ets de la revolution de 

() vols. Svo. Paris, 1801-,S 

BEAULIEU, S^bastien de Pontault, seigneur de. 
Les glorieuses conquestes do Louis le Grand, 
Roi de France et de Navarre. [A series of plates 
with letterpress.] 

2 vols. fol. Paris [\6l6\l69i: 

BEAUMANOIR, Philippe de. 

See Remi (Philippe de). Sire de Beaumanoir. 

BEAUMARCHAIS, Pierre Augustin Caron de. 
CEuvres completes. 

4 vols. Svo. 1780 

(Euvres choisies. 

S vols. 12mo. Paris, 1812-13 

La folle journee ou le mariage de Figaro, 

comedie en cinq actes en prose. 

Svo. Paris, 1785 

BEAUMONT Papers. Letters relating to the 
family of Beaumont of Whitley, Yorkshire, 
from the fifteenth to the seventeenth centuries. 
Edited by W. D. Macray. [Eoxburghe Club, 

4to. Loiulon, 1884 

BEAUMONT, Francis, and FLETCHER, John. 

See Buckingham, G. V., 2nd duke of. The 
Chances. London, 1774. 

Fifty comedies and tragedies. 

fol. London, 1679 

Dramatick Works. [Edited by G. Colman.] 

10 vols. Svo. London, m 8 

Philaster : a tragedy. With alterations [by G. 

Colman]. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1764 

The royal merchant : an opeia founded on 

B. and F. [i.e. on The Beggar's Bush. By T. 

Svo. London, 1768 



BEAUMONT, Jean Frangois Albanis de. Descrip- 
tion des Alpes Grecques et Cottiennes, on tableau 
histoiique et statistique de la Savoie : avec uii 
atlas de planches. 

5 vols, in 3. 4to. Paris, 1802-6 

Travels through the maritime Alps, from Italy 

to Lyons. 

fol. London, 17!)5 

Travels through the Rhaetian Alps in the year 


fol. London, 17.92 

BEAUMONT, John, of Stony-Easton, Somerset. An 

historical, physiological, and theological treatise 

of spirits, apparitions, witchcrafts, and other 

magical practices. 

8vo. London, 170.5 

BEAUMONT, Sir John, Bart. Poems. Edited by 
A. B. Gkosart. [Fuller Worthies Library.] 

8vo. s. L., 1869 

BEAUMONT, Joseph, D.D. 

See Cambridge, University of. Hymeiiaeus. 
Cambridge, 168,'). 
„ Cambridge, University of. Musae. Cam- 
hridfjr, l689. 

Complete poems. Edited by A. B. Grosart. 

[Chertsey Worthies' Library.] 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1880 

BEAUNE, Florimond de. 

See Descartes, R. Geometria. Amsterdam, 1683. 

BEAUNE, Henri. 

See La Marche, 0. de. Memoires. Paris, 1883-88. 

BEAUNE, Benaud de, Archbishop of Bourges. 

See De vita et rebus gestis Mariae Scotorum 
reginae, torn. ii. London, 1725. 

BEAUNOIE, Louise Celine de. 

See Theatre Frangais. Petits Theatres, torn, i.-iv. 

BEAURAIN, Jean de. Histoire de la campagne 
de M. lo pritice do Gonde en Flandre en 1674, 
pr6cedee d'un tableau historique de la guerre 
de HoUande jusqu'a cette 6poque. Par le 
Chevalier de B. [or rather IL C. J. B. de 
Fresnes, Marquis d'Aguesseau]. 

fol. Paris, 1774. 

Histoire dcs quatre dernieres canipagnes du 

marcchal de Turonne 1672-7.'), enrichie de cartes 
et de plans. Par Ic Chevalier de B. [or rather 
Count P. II. de Grimoard]. 

fol. Paris, 1782 

BEAURAIN, Jean de. Histoire militaire de Flandre, 
1690-94. Par le Chevalier de B. [oi' rather 
Count de Boisgelin]. 

.') parts in 2 vols. fol. Paris, 1755-56 

Blue morocco, with the arms of .J. A. Poidsoii, 
Marqiiiae de Pompadour. 

BEAUSOBRE, Isaac de. 
See Bible, French. N. T. 


— Histoire critique de Manichee et du Mani- 
cheisme. [Vol. ii. edited by J. H. S. Formey.] 

2 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1734-39 

— Histoire de la reformation, ou origine et 
progres du Lutheranisme dans I'Empire, 1517-30. 
[Edited by L. E. Pajon de Moncet.s.] 

4 vols. 8vo. i?crKtt, 1785-86 

— Supplement a I'histoire de la guerre des 
Hussites de M. Lenfant, auquel on a joint 
I'examen de la nouvelle hypothese de Mosheim 
touchant les Nazareens et des observations sur 
I'extrait que Du Pin a donn6 des livres d'Optat. 

4to. Latisanne and Geneva, 1745 

— The Resurrection of Lazarus : a course of 


sermons on the eleventh chapter of the Gospel 
according to St. John. From the French by 
H. Cotes. 

8vo. London, 1822 

BEAUTEMPS-BEAUPRt, Charles Frangois. 

See Rossel, i. P. ^. de. Voyage de Dentre- 
casteaux. Paris, 1807-8. 

BEAUTIES (The) of the British senate taken from 
the debates of the lords and commons, from the 
beginning of the administration of Sir R. 
Walpole : with a life of Walpole. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1786 

of Fox, North, and Burke, selected from 

their speeches, from 1774 to the present time. 

8vo. London, 1784 

of Wiltshire. See Britton, J. 

BEAUTY (The) of godly government in a church 
reformed : or, a platforme of government con- 
sonant to the word of truth, and the purest 
reformed churches. 

4to. [London] 1641 

BEAUVAIS, Charles Theodore. Biographie univer- 
sclle classique ou dictionnaire historique portatif : 
par une .societe de gens de lettres [i.e. C. T. B. 
and others] ; revu et augmente pour la partie 
bibliographique par Barrier. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 



BEAUVAIS NANGIS, Nicolas de Brichanteau, 
Marquis de. Memoires, et journal du jirocc.s du 
Marquis de la Boulaye. Publies pour la premiere 
fois, par M. M. Monmekque et A. H. Tail- 
LANDiEii. [Soci(5tu de I'Histoire de France] 

8vo. Paris, 18()2 

BEAUVAU, Henry de, Baron. Relation journaliorc 
ilu voyage du Levant : einichy dc pourtraict.s 
des lieux. 

4to. Jctcob Garnich. Nancy, Ifil,'; 

BEAUZl^E, Nicolas. Grammairc gt^nurale, ou expo- 
sition raisonnee des elements necessaires du 
langage, pour servir de fondemont .'i I'etude dc 
toutes les langues. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1767 

BEAWES, Wyndham. A civil, commercial, political, 
and literary history of Spain and Portugal. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Londan, 179.'i 

Lex mercatoria rediviva ; or a complete code 

of commercial law. Fifth edition, enlarged by 
Thomas Mortimer. 

fol. London, 1792 

BEBELIUS, Balthasar. 

.sV( Dissertationum philologico-theologicarum. 
Leeuwarden, 1701. 

BEBENBURGIUS, Lupoldus, Bishop of Bamberg. 
&e Egloffstein, L. de. 

BECANUS, Joannes Goropius. Origines Antwerpi- 
anae sive Cimmeriorum Becceselana novem libros 

fol. Chr. Plantin. Anticcrp, l.')()9 

BECATTINI, Francesco. Istoria politica, ecclesi- 
astica e militare del secolo xviii. dall' ainio 
17.iO in poi : con una prefazione contenente 
I'istoria in compendio, 1 700-50. 

s'volsin4. 8vo. Tlfifen, I79fi-99 

Storia del regno di Carlo iii. di Borbone, r6 

cattolico delle Spagne e dell' Indie. 

8vo. Venice, 1790 

Storia ragionata dei Turchi e dogl' imperatori 

di Costantinopoli, di Germania e di Kussia c 
d'altre potenze Cristiane. 

8 vols, in 4. 8vo. Venice, 1788-91 

BECCADELLUS, Ludovicus, Archbishop of Eagusa. 
See Tomasini, J. F. Petrarcha redivivus. Padua, 
„ Vita Reginaldi Poll. Venice, 1563. 

BECCARIA BONESANA, Cesare, Marciuis. 

See Scrittori classic! Italian!, 1803-5 : parte 
moderna, tom. xi.-xii. 

Dei delitti e delle pene. [Anon.] 

4to. Paris, 1781 

Another edition : coi comment! del Voltaire. 

2 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1781 

Another edition. 

4to. Brescia, 1807 

Riccrche intorno alia natura dello stile. 

8vo. Milan, 1770 

BECCATELLXJS, Ludovicus, Archbishop of Ragusa. 
See Beccadellus, L. 

BECCEGA, Tommaso Carlo. Sail' Architettura 
Greco-Romana applicata alia construzionc del 
teatro moderno Italiano. 

fol. Venice, 1817 

BECCHETTI, Filippo Angelico, Bishop of Cittii della 

See Orsi, G. A. Della istoria ecclesiastica. Piome, 

BECK, Cave. The universal chai'actcr, by which all 
the nations in the world may understand one 
anothers conceptions, reading out of one common 
wi-iting their own mother tongues. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. London, 1657 

BECK, Christian Daniel. 

See ApoUonius Rhodius. Argonautica. Leipzig, 

Commentationes academicae de interpretatione 

veterum scriptorum atque monumentorum. 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Leipzig, \lQl-9?' 

BECK, Matthias Fridericus. 

(S'ee Ephemerides Persarum. Aiigslmrg, 1695-96. 

BECKE, Edmund. 

fe Bible, English, fol. 1549, etc. 

BECKER, Willielni Adolph. Charicles or illustra- 
tions of the private life of the ancient Greeks, 
with notes and excursuses. Translated by the 
Rev. F. Metcalfe. Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1S66 

Gallus: or Roman scenes of the time of 

Augustus; with notes and excursus illustrative 
of the manners and customs of the Romans. 
Translated from the German by F. Metcalfe. 

8vo. London, 1844 



BECKER, Wilhelm Gottlieb. Der Plauische Grund 
bei Dresden, mit Hinsicht auf Naturgeschichte 
und schone Gartenkunst. 

2 vols, in 1. 410. Nuremberg, 1799 

BECKET, Thomas, Saint, Archbishop of Canter- 
See Thomas h. Becket. 

BECKFOED Library. 

S':c Hamilton Palace Library. 


See Thoughts on hunting. Sulishwy, 1781. 

- — — Familiar letters from Italy to a friend in 

2 vols. 8vo. Salisbury/, 1805 

BECKFORD, William, of Fonthill Abbey. 

See Biographical memoirs of extraordinary 
painters. London, 1780. 
„ Recollections of an excursion. London, 

Italy : with sketches from Spain and Portugal. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1831- 

BECKFORD, William, of Jamaica. 

See Mansfield, W. M., earl of. The parliamentary 
opinions of Mr. W. B., etc. London, 1788. 

BECKINGTON, Thomas, Bishop of Bath and Wells. 
See Margaret, of Anjou. Letters. [Camden 

Memorials of the reign of Henry vi. : official 

correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, secretary 
to Henry vi. Edited by G. Williams. [Rolls 
Series, No. 56.] 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1872 

BECON, Thomas. Early works. Edited by J. 
AvuE. [Parker Society, ix.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1843 

The catechism, with other pieces written by 

him in the reign of Edward vi. Edited by J. 
Ayre. [Parker Society, .xiii.] 

Svo. Cambridge, 1844 

The flower of godly prayers, and other pieces. 

Edited by J. Avke. [Parker Society, xvii.] 

Svo. CamJiridge, 1844 

The Fortresse of the fayetlifull agaynst yc 

cruel assautes of poucrtie and honger, newlyc 
made for the comforte of poore ncdyo christians. 

Svo. J. Day wnd fF. Seres. London, 1 550 

BEDDOE, John. The Races of Britain. A contri- 
bution to the anthropology of Western Europe. 

Svo. Bristol, 1885 

BEDDOES, Thomas. Where would be the harm of 

a sjoeedy peace t 

Svo. LrisM [1795] 

BEDE, the Venerable. 

See Browne, G. F. [The fathers for English 
,, Church historians of England, vol. i. 
,, Eusebius, Bishop of Caesarea. Ecclesiastica 

historia. Hagenau, 1506. 
„ Rhetores Latini. Paris, 1599. 
„ Scriptores rerum Britannicarum. Heidelberg, 

Opera omnia. 

8 vols, in 3. fol. Cologne, l6l2 

Opera historica : recensuit Jo.sephus Steven- 
son. [English Historical Society.] 

2 vols. Svo. London; 1841 

Be domes daege, de die judicii ; an old English 

version of the Latin poem ascribed to Bede, and 
other poems. Edited by J. R. Lumby. [Latin 
and English.] [Early English Text Society, 65.] 

Svo. London, 1876 

Historia ecclesiastica gentis Anglorum. 

fol. [C. Fyner, Esslingen, 1473] 

— Ecclesiastica historia gentis Anglorum. [This 
is the latter part only of a larger book. The 
first part being the Historia ecclesiastica of 

fol. Strasburg 1500 

— Historia3 ecclesiastics; gentis Anglorum, una 
cum reliquis ejus operibus historicis, cura et 
studio J. Smith. 

fol. Cambridge, 1722 

— The History of the Church of England. Trans- 
lated out of Latin by Thomas Stapleton. 

4to. Jean Laet. Antwerp, 1565 

— The Old English version of Bede's Ecclesiastical 
History of the English People. Edited with a 
translation by T. Miller. Part i. [Early English 
Text Society, <).", 96.] 

In progress. 1 vol. Svo. London, 1890-[91] 

— Liber de schemate et tropo. 

4to. Zarotus. [Milan] 1473 



BEDELL, William, Bishop of Kilmorc and Ardagh. 
For Life, ,sv t; True relation of the life. [Camden 

See Bible, (Taelic. 


BEDFORD, Francis Russell, 5th duke of. 

For Life, >tt; Letter addressed to the Hon. C. J. 

Fox. Luiuloii [1,S0'-']. 

Sec Adam, Right Hon. W., and Bowles, J. 

Correspondence. London [1803]. 

Speech in the house of lords, on Thursday 22 

March, 1798. 

Svo. London, ITSJcS 

BEDFORD, John Russell, 4th duke of. Corre- 
spondence : vnih an introduction by Lord John 


3 vols. Svo. London, 1842-46 

BEDFORD, John Russell, 6th duke of. 

See Bone, H. Catalogue of miniature portraits. 
London, 182,5. 
,, Outline engravings . . . oftheWobum Abbey 
marbles. [Lomloii] 1822. 

Hortus Ericaeus Woburnensis ; or, a catalogue 

of heaths in the collection of the Duke of Bedford 
at "Woburn Abbey. 

4to. London, 1825 

BEDFORD, Hilkiah. 

Sec Barwick, P. Vita .T. Barwick. 

Hereditary right of the crown. 


BEDFORD, William Kirkpatrick Riland. 
^Ve Sharpe, C. K. Letters. London, 1888. 

BEDIK, Petrus. Cehil Sutun seu explicatio utri- 
usque theatri quadraginta columnarum in Perside 
Orientis cum adjecta narratione de religione 
moribusque Persarum. 

4to. Fienna [1(578] 

BEDLOW, William. 

See North, F. The examination of W. B. 

London, 1()80. 
„ Gates, T. An exact and faithful narrative, 
etc. Lomlmi, 1680. 

BEDWELL, William. 

See Butcher, R. Survey ... of Stamford. 
London, 1717-18. 
,, Pilkington, G. The turnament of Totten- 
ham. Loiulon, 1631. 

BEDWELL, William. Mesolaljium architectonicum, 
that i.-^, a most rare insti'iuuent, foi' the measuring 
of plaiucs and solids by the foote. 

4to. /. N[oHon] for W. Garet. 
London, 1631 

BEECHEY, Frederick William. Narrative of a 
voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait to 
co-operate with the Polar expeditions. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1831 

and BEECHEY, Henry William. Proceedings 

of the expedition to explore the northern coast 
of Africa from Tripoly eastward, 1821-22, com- 
prehending an account of the Greater Syrtis and 
Cyrenaica and Pentapolis. 

4to. London, 1828 

BEECK, Petrus a. Aquisgranum sive historica 
nai'ratio dc regiae S. E. I. et coronationis regum 
Romanorum sedis Aquensis civitatis origine ac 

4to. Ai.rAa-Chapelle, 1620 

Calf, with the arms of Louis Henri, Comte de Lomenie. 

BEECKMAN, Daniel. A voyage to and from the 
island of Borneo, with a description of the said 

8vo. London, 1718 

BEEKE, Henry. 

See Letter to a county member. London, 1798. 

Observations on the produce of the income tax, 

and on its proportion to the whole income of 
Great Britain. New edition. 

Svo. London, 1800 

BEER, G-eorg Joseph. Moyens infaillibles de con- 
server sa vue en bon etat jusiju'a une extreme 
vieillesse : traduit de I'Allemand [by Thiercelin]. 

Svo. Paris, 1808 
BEER, Rudolf. 

See Wiclif Society. J. Wiclif de compositione 
hominis. London, 1884. 

BEET, Joseph Agar. 

See Bible, English. N. T., Corinthians. 
,, „ ,, ,, Galatians. 

BEETON, Samuel Orchart. 

Sec Bonnechose, F. P. E. B. de. History of 

France. London, 1868. 

BEEVERELL, James. Les delices de la Grande 
Bretagne et de I'Llande. 

8 vols, in 7. ]2mo. Leyden, 1707 



BEGER, Laurentius. Contemplatio gemmarum 
quarundam dactyliothecae Goilaei. 

4to. • Coin on Sp'ee, 1 697 

Cranae insula Laconica eadem et Helena dicta, 

ex numismatibus Goltzianis contra commuiiem 
opinionem quae ad Helenam Atticae respexit. 

4to. Coin mi Spree, 1 fi9() 

J\Ieleagi-ides et Aetolia ex numismate Kyrieon 

apud Goltzium, interspersis marmoribus de 
IMeleagii interitu et apri Calydonii venatione, 
in lucem vindicatae. 

■ito. Coin on Spree, lf)9fi 

Spicilegium antiquitatis sive variarum ex anti- 

quitate elegantiarum fasciculi. 

fol. Coin on Spiree, l692 

Thesaurus ex thesauro Palatino selectus ; sive 

gemmarum et numismatum quae in electorali 
cimeliarchio continentur elegantiorum aere ex- 
pressa et commentario illustrata dispositio. 

fol. Heidelberg, l6S5 

BEGRtJNDUNG der Successionsanspruche S. K. H. 
des Grossberzogs NicoLAUS Friedrich Peter 
VON Oldenburg, auf die Herzogthiimer Schles- 
wig-Holstein. [Lithograph.] 


See Literaturblatt fiir germanische und roma- 
nische Philologie. 1880, etc. 

BEHAIM, Martin. 

For Life, see Pigafetta, A. Premier voyage. 
Paris, 1801. 

BEHME, Jacob. S,x Boehme, J. 

BEHRENS, George Henning. The natural history 
of Hartz-Forest. [Translated from the German 
by J. Andree.] 

8vo. London, 1730 


Sec Bible, German. O. T. 

BEILHAVEN, John Hamilton, 2nd baron. Speech 
in parliament, '-ind Nov. 1706', on the subject 
matter of an union betwixt the two kingdoms of 
Scotland and England. 

■Ho. [Edinburgh, 1706] 

BEITRAGE zur Geschichte der deutschen Sprache 
und Litcratur, herausgegeben von H. Paul und 

W. Braunk. 

Inp-ogress. 8vo. IMle, 1871', etc. 

BEITRAGE zur Kunde der indogermanischen 
Sprachen, herausgegeben von Dr. A. Bezzen- 


In progress. 8vo. Goettingen, \Hll,elc. 
zur vergleichenden Sprachforschung auf dem 

Gebiete der arischen, celtischen, und slawischen 
Sprachen, herausgegeben von A. Kuhn und A. 

S vols. 8vo. Berlin, 1858-76 

BEKE, Charles Tilstone. 

See Veer, G. de. The three voyages of W. 

Barents. [Hakluyt Society.] 
,, Veer, G. de. A true description of the three 
voyages. [Hakluyt Society.] 

BEKKER, Balthasar. Le monde enchante, ou 
examen des communs sentimens touchant les 
esprits. Traduit du Hollandois. 

■i vols, in (). VZrao. Amsterdam, 1694 

Another edition. 

4 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, l69i 

BEKKER, Immanuel. Scholia in Homeri Iliadem. 
2 vols, in 1. 4to. Berlin, 1825-27 

BEKYNTON, Thomas, Bishop of Bath and Wells. 
Sec Beckington, T. 

BELAGERUNG (Die) der Festung Saint^Philippe 
auf der Insel Minorca, 1756 [and other battles 
and sieges of the Seven Years' War]. 

4,'! parts in 1 vol. 8vo. [Berlin, c. 1770] 

BELANDO, Nicolas de Jesus. Historia civil de 
Espana, 1700-33. 

4 parts in 3 vols. fol. Madrid, 1740-44 

BELCARIUS PEGUILIO, Franciscus, Bishop of 
Metz. Oratio de victoria qua Carolus ix. 
Galliarum rex rebelles causam religionis 
praetexentes superavit. 

4to. Dam. TurUnusfor J. B. Bozola. 
Brescia, 1563 

Rerum Gallicarum commentarii 1461-1580; 

opus posthumum. [Edited by P. Dinet.] 

fol. Lyons, 1625 

BELCHER, Sir Edward. Narrative of a voyage 
round the world, performed in H.M.S. Sulphur, 
during the years 1836-42, including details of 
the naval operations in China, from Dec. 1840 to 
Nov. 1841. The regions of vegetation by R. B. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1843 



BELCHER, Sir Edward. Narrative of the voyage 
of H.M.S. Samarang, 184;)-4(), employed survey- 
ing the islands of the Eastern Archipelago, with 
a brief vocabulary and notes on the natural 
history by Arthur Adams. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, ISiS 

BELGIAN (The) traveller ; or, a tour through 
Holland, France, and Switzerland, KS04-5, in a 
scries of letters from a nobleman to a minister of 
state. Edited by the author of the Kevolutionary 

Plutarch [ Stewautun]. 

4 vols, in 2. 12mo. London, 180() 

BELGICEE (The) pismire : stinging the slothfull 
sleeper, and awaking the diligent to fast, watch, 
pray, and worke out their owne teniporall and 
eternall salvation with feare and trembling. [By 
T. Scott.] 

4to. London, 1()22 

BELGII Confederate See Laet, J. de. 

BELHAVEN. See Beilhaven. 

B^^LIDOB, Bernard Forest de. La science des in- 
genieurs dans la conduito des travaux de forti- 
fication et d'architecture civile. 

4to. Paris, 173() 

BELIN DE BALLU, Jacq[ues Nicolas. 

See Oppian. Poemata de venatione et pisca- 
tione. Stmsbunj, 178(). 
,, ,, La Chasse. Sirashurcj, 1787. 

Histoire critique de I'eloquence chez les Grecs. 
2 vols. Svo. Paris, 18l;j 

BELIUS, Matthias. 

See Scriptores rerum Hungaricarum. 


De vetere litteratura Hunno-Scythica. 

4to. LeipMj, 1718 

BELL, Alexander Melville. Visible speech : the 
science of universal alphabetics. 

4to. London, 1867 

BELL, Sir Charles. Essays on the anatomy of ex- 
pression in painting. 

4to. London, 1806 

The hand, its mechanism and vital endowments 

as evincing design. Fourth edition. [Bridge- 
water Treatises, iv.] 

Svo. London, 1837 
BELL, Clara. 

&6'Ebers, G. Egypt. Iotm^oti [1878-79]- 

BELL, Edward. Sketch of a plan for the investiga- 
tion of the true principles of rational, practical 

Svo. London, 1785 

BELL, H. C. P. 

See Pyrard, F. Voyage to the East Indies. 
[Hakluyt Society.] 

BELL, John, Bookseller. 

iS'ct! Theatre, British. London, 1797. 

Bell's classical arrangement of fugitive poetry. 
15 vols. 12mo. London, 1790-92 

BELL, John, Clerk to the company of Parish clerks 
of London. London's remembrancer : or, a true 
accompt of every particular week's christnings 
and mortality in all the years of pestilence 
within the cognizance of the bills of mortality, 
being 18 years. 

4to. London, 1666 

BELL, John, of Antermony. Travels from St. 
Petersburg in Russia to divers parts of Asia. 
Journal of the residence of Mr. de Langc at the 
Court of Pekin. [Translated by J. B.] 

2 vols. 4to. Foulis. Glayow, 1763 

BELL, John, Surgeon. Memoir on the present 
state of naval and military surgery, addressed 
to the Right Hon. Earl Spenser, first lord of the 

4to. [Yartnouth? 1798] 

BELL, Robert, author of ' The Life of Canning.' 
Sec Fairfax correspondence. London, 1 848-49. 

BELL, Robert, Member of the Bannatyne Club. 
See Courcelles. Extract from the despatches. 
[Bannatyne Club.] 
„ Siege of the Castle of Edinburgh. [Banna- 
tyne Club.] 

BELL, Thomas, Professor of Zoology in King's 
College, London. 

See Burmeister, H. The organization of Trilo- 
bites. [Kay Society.] 

A history of British quadrupeds including the 


Svo. London, 1837 

A history of British reptiles. Second edition. 

Svo. Loiulon, 1849 

BELL, Thomas, a Protestant controversial writer. 
The downefall of Popery : proposed by way of 
a new challenge to all English Jesuites. 

4to. T. Purfoot for A. Johnson. London, l605 



BELLAMONT, Charles Coote, earl of. Speeches in 
the House of Lords, 13-l6 February 178.9. 

Svo. Dublin, 17 S9 

BELLAMY, John. Sec Whig Club. Lomlon, 179^. 

BELLANDA, Cornelio. Viaggio spirituale, nel 
quale, facendosi passaggio da questa vita mor- 
tale, si ascende alia celeste. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1578 

Another edition. 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1592 


See Chronique du religieux de Saint Denys. 

Paris, 1839-52. 

BELLARMINO, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Car- 

&t: Bible, Latin. 1 857. 
„ Doctrina Christiana. Paris, 1634'. 

De septem verbis a Christo in cruce prolatis. 

12mo. Cologne, 1626 

BELLEFOREST, Frangois de. 

See Bizari, P. Histoire de la guerre. /'(«;;>, 
„ Innocence de la trls illustre . . . princesse. 

[Paris] l5T.i. 
„ Muenster, S. La cosmographic universelle. 
Paris, 1575. 

BELLEGARDE, Roger de Saint-Lary et de Thermes, 
due de. 

See Guise, L. M. de L. Les amours dn grand 
Alcandre. Paris, 1786. 

BELLE-ISLE, Charles Louis Auguste de Fouquet, 

due de. Lettres a M. le marechal do Contades, 
trouvtJcs parmi les papiers de Contades, apres la 
bataille do Mindeii. 

Svo. [Lomioiit] 1759 

pseud, i.e. Fran(J0is Antoine de Chevkiek. 

Le codieillc, et I'esprit ou commentaire des 
inaximes politiques de M. le Marechal Due de 

Svo. The Hague, 1762 

Testament politique du Marechal Due de Belle- 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1761 


See Boethius, H. History and chronicles of Scot- 
land. Edinburgh [I .') 36]. 
„ Makgill, J. Discours particulier. [Banna- 
tyne Club.] Edinhurgh, 1821. 


See Free translation of the preface. Lcmdon, 


BELLENGER, Frangois. 

See Essais de critique. Amsterdam, 1740. 

BELLERS, John. The case of the indigent poor 
considered, by which their wants may be fully 

4to. [London] 1709 

BELLEW, Henry Walter. Journal of a political 
mission to Afghanistan, in 1857, under Major 
(now Colonel) Lumsden ; with an account of the 
country and people. 

Svo. London, 1862 

BELLEW, Robert. Thoughts and suggestions on 
the means apparently necessary to be adopted 
hy the legislature towards improving the con- 
dition of the Irish peasantry. 

Svo. London, 1808 

BELLICARD, Jerome Charles. 

See Cochin, C. N. Observations upon the an- 
tiquities. London, 1753. 

BELLltVRE, Pompone de. 

See M^moires de Bellifevre. Tlie Hague, 1696. 

BELLIN, Jacques Nicolas. Atlas de cartes pour 
servir a I'Histoire generale des voyages et aux 
Voyages de Cook. 

4to. [Paris] 1740-78 

Description geographique de La Guiane. 

4to. Paris, 1763 

— Description geographique du golfe de Venise 

et de la Mor(3e. 

ito. Paris, 1771 

— Description geographique et historique de I'Isle 

de Corse. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1769 

Essai geographique sur les Isles Britanniques. 
2 parts in 1. 4to. Paris, 1757 

Red morocco, with the arms of Cardinal Lomenie de Brienne. 

— - Hydrographie fran^oise, recueil des cartes 


2 vols. fol. Paris, 1773 

Red morocco, with the arras of Charles Alexandre de Calonne. 

— Le petit atlas maritime, recueil de cartes et 
plans des quatre parties du monde. 

5 vols. 4to. 1764. 



BELLO, Francesco. See Cieco, F. B., called 

BELLOC, Louise Swanton. Lortl Eyron. 

2 vols. Svo. Parh, 1821. 

BELLONI, Giovanni Angelo. A letter to the 
gentlemen of the committee of the Parliament 
of England, appointed to inspect the affiiirs of 
the Charitable Corporation : dated Komc, May 4, 
1732. [English and French.] 

fol. [Lomhm] 17.'J2 

Letter to my Lord * * *. [English and French.] 

fol. [Luiidoii, 17.'52] 
BELLONI, Girolamo, Marqnis. 

See Scrittori classici Italiani, 1803-5 : parte 
moderna, tom. ii. 
BELLONIUS, Petrus. See Belon, P. 

BELLORI, Giovanni Pietro. 

See Angeloni, F. L'Historia Augusta. Jhyjnf, 
„ Chacon, A. Colonna Trajana. Humr [l6T.'>]. 
„ Ritratti d'alcuni celebri pittori. Home, 

Admiranda Eomanarum antiquitatum ac vcteris 

sculpturae vestigia, ex marmoreis exemplariljus 
quae Eomae adhuc extant a P. Sancti Bartolo 
delineata, incisa, et notis J. P. B. illustrata. 
Edidit J. J. DE RuBEis. 

obi. fol. Eomi', 1(593 

Le Antiche Lucerne sepolcrali figurato. 

Raccolte dalle cave sotterranee, e grotte di 
Koma, nelle quali si contengono niolte erudite 
memorie. Disegnate, ed intagliate nelle loro 
forme da Pietro Santi Bartoli . . . con 
I'osservazioni di G. P. B. 

fol. Rome, 1729 

Columna Cochlis M. Aurelio Antonino Augusto 

dicata, Romae ad viam Flaminiam erecta : 
brevibus notis J. P. B. illustrata et a P. Sancti 
Bartolo juxta delineationes asservatas aere 

obi. fol. Home, 1701 

Descrizzione delle imagini dipinte da Rafaelle 

d'Urbino nelle camere del Vaticano. 

fol. Bome, 1695 

Veteres arcus Augustorum triumphis insignes 

ex reliquiis quae Eomae adhuc supcrsunt cum 
imaginibus triumphalibus restituti, nummis 
notisque J. P. Bellorii illustrati. [Engraved liy 
P. S. Bartolus.] 

fol. .7. J. cle Euieis. Itomx, 1690 

BELLORI, Giovanni Pietro. Vetorum illustrium 
philoKophorum poctarum rhctorum et oratorum 
imagines, ex vetustis nummis etc. desumptae, a 
P. B. expositionibus illustratae. 

fol. Home, 17.'>9 

Red morocco, witli the arms of the Due de Saint-Aiguan. 

Le vite de' pittori, scultori, et architetti 

moderni : parte prima. [All published.] 

4to. Home, 1()72 

Red morocco, with the anna of Jean Baptistc Colbert. 

and LA CHAUSSE, Michel Ange de. Picturae 

antiquac cryptai'um Komanarnm et sepulcri 
Nasonum, delineatao et exprcssae ad archetypa 
a P. Sancti Bahtholi, et Francisco ejus filio, 
descriptae vero et illustratae a J. P. Bellorio, et 
M. A. Causseo. Nunc primum Latine redditum. 

fol. Home, 1750 

BELLOVACUS, Joannes Theodoricus. 
See De mihi et nihil, etc. Hmum, 1 5W. 

See Armandus de Bellovisu. 

BELLOY, Pierre Laurent Buirette de. 

See Th6S,tre Frangais. Tragedies, tom. xix.-xx. 

QEuvres complettes. [Edited by G. H. Gail- 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1787 

GEuvres choisies. 

2 vols. 12mo. P«m, ISll 

■ — — The siege of Calais. A tragedy from the 
French [by C. Denis], with historical notes. 

8vo. Lorulon, 1765 

BELLUM medicinale ; or, the present state of 
doctors and apothecaries in London. 

4to. London, 1701 

Sabaudicum sive narratio quid actum sit eo 

bello quod Henricus iv., anno ifiOO, intulit duci 
Sabaudiae, Carolo Emanueli. Jus belli Sabau- 
dici. Elenchus ducum Sabaudiae. Enarratio 
qua ratione marchionatus Salussanus a Sabaudiae 
duce occupatus sit. Historica relatio belli ejus, 
quod Henricus in., Henricus ibidem iv., cum 
Carolo Emanuele Sabaudiae duce in Genevensi 
territorio gesserunt. 

5 parts in 1. 4to. [Amsterdam 1] l602 

BELMISSERUS, Paulus. Opera poetica. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. ;S'. CoHiuwus. Paris, 1534 

BELMONTE, Luis Bermudez de. Comedia famosa, 
las siete estrellas de Francia, San Bruno. 

4to. Valencia, 1762 



BELOE, William. 

See Free translation of the preface. London, 
„ Sexagenarian. London, 1817. 

Anecdotes of litercature and scarce books. 

6 vols. Svo. London, 1807-12 

Miscellanies, consisting of Poems, Classical 

extracts, and Oriental apologues. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 17.95 

BELON, Pierre. De aquatilibus, lilsri duo. Cum 
eiconibus ad vivam ipsorum effigiem, quoad eius 
fieri potuit, expressis. 

obi. Svo. C Stephanus. Paris, 1553 

L'histoire de la nature des oyseanx, avec leurs 

descriptions, et naifs portraicts retirez du 
naturel ; escrite en sept livres. 

7 parts in 1. fol. G. Cavellat. Paris, 1555 

Les observations dc plusieurs singularitez et 

choses memorables trouvees en Grtsce, Asie, 

Judee, figypte. Arable et autres pays estranges. 

4to. Hierosme de Marnef et veuve 

Gml. Cavellat. Paris, 1588 

BELSHAM, Thomas. 

See Priestley, J. A View of revealed religion. 
Birmiiujhum, 1790. 

The prospect of perpetual and universal peace ; 

a thanksgiving sermon for the conclusion of 
peace with France, preached July 3, 1811. 

Svo. iMidon, 1814 

BELSHAM, William. Examination of An appeal 
from the new to the old Whigs ; to which is pre- 
fixed an introduction, containing remarks on 
Mr. Burke's letter to a member of the National 

Svo. London, 1792 

— History of Great Britain from the Revolution 
to the .session of parliament ending A.n. 1793. 

4 vols. 4to. London, 1798 

— Memoirs of the Kings of Great Britain of the of Brunswic-Lunenburg. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1 79.'J 

BELTZ, George Frederick. Memorials of the most 
noble order of the Garter. 

Svo. London, 1841 

BELZONI, Giovanni Battista. Narrative of the 
operations and recent discoveries in Egypt and 

BEMBO, Dardi. 

See Plato. Di tutte I'opere. Venice, l601. 

BEMBO, Pietro, Cardinal. 

See Boccaccio. II Decamerone. Lyons, 1555. 
,, Carmina quinque illustrium poetarum. 

Florence, 1549. 
„ Degli istorici delle cose Veneziane. Fenice, 

„ Epigrammi Latini. [Fc?ac«, 1547.] 
,, Longolius, C. Orationes duae. Florence, 1524:. 
„ Pico della Mirandola, G. F. De imitatioiie 

libellus. Fenice, 1530. 
„ Severus, P. C. Aetna. Amsterdam, 1703. 


4to, and atlas of plates fol. Lmdm, 1820 

— Opere ora per la prima volta tutte in un corpo 

4 vols. fol. Fenice, 1729 

— Opere. 

12 vols. Svo. Milan, 1808-10 

— Opuscula aliquot : de culice Vergiliana et 
Terentii falnilis liber : J. F. Pici de imitatione 
liber et Bembi responsio : de Aetna liber : do G. 
Ubaldo Feretrio deque Elisabetha Gonzagia, 
Urbini ducibus : Benacus et epistolae. 

Svo. S. Gi-yphius. Lyons, 15.32 

— De Virgilii Culice et Terentii fabulis liber. 

4to. /. A. etfratres Sabii. Fenice, 1530 

Epistolarum familiarium libri sex. 

Svo. Gosuinus Clwlinus. Cologne, 1582 

Epistolarum Leonis x. nomine scriptarum 

libri xvi. 

Svo. Peter Hor St. Cologne, \ 5^^ 


vol. i. Svo. G. Scottus. Fenice, 1552 
vol. ii. Svo. Aldus. Fenice, 1550-51 

Delle rime terza impressione [rivedute da 

Annibal Caro]. 

4to. Falmio Dorico et fjuigi fmtelli. 
Ptome, 1548 


12mo. G. Giolito de Ferrari. Fenice, 1548 

De aetna ad Angelum Chabrielem liber. 

4to. Aldus. Fenice, 1495 

Gli Asolani. 

4to. Aldus. Fenice, 1505 

— — Another edition. 

Svo. Aldus. Fenice, 1515 

In the original gilt Aldlne binding. 



BEMBO, Pietro, Cardinal. Historiac Venctac libii 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1551 

— — Delia histoi'ia Vinitiana volgarmento scritta 

libri xii. 

4to. Gualiero Scotto. Venice, 1 552 

Delia istoi'ia Viniziana libri dodici [l-i87- 

151. 'J]. [Edited by J. MoRELLi.] 

4to. Venice, 1790 

Printed on vellum. 

Proso, nelle quali si ragiona della volgar lingua, 

scritte al Cardinale dc Medici, in tre liljri. 

fol. G. Titcuiuo. Venice, 1525 
Red leather, stumped on back with a monogram, C. C. H. 

Another edition. [Edited by B. Varchi.] 

4to. Fkn-ence, 1548-49 

Another edition. 

Svo. Gualtero Scotto. Venice, \ 5. '>Q 

Another edition. Riviste da L. Dolce. 

12mo. Andrea Arrivahene. Venice, 1557 

BENALT, Thomas. The visitation of Lancashire 
and a part of Cheshire made A.D. 1533 by special 
commission of T. B. [Edited by W. Langton. 
[Chetham Society, xcviii., ex.] 

2 vols. 4to. [Manchester] 1876-1882 

BENAVIDIUS, Marcus Mantua. 
See Mantova Benavides, M. 


See Tegrimi, N. Le vite di C. Castracani. Lucai, 

P. Cornelii Scipionis Aemiliani Africani min- 

ons vita. 

8vo. L. Torrcntinus. Florence, 1549 

BENEDEN, Pierre Josef Van. Animal parasites 
and messmates. Third edition. [International 
Scientific Series, vol. xix.] 

8vo. London, 1883 

BENEDETTI, Giacopone de', da Todi. 
See Jacopone. 

BENEDICT, Abbot of Peterborough. 

See Thomas k Becket. Thomas Saga Erki- 
byskups. [Rolls Series.] 

De vita et gestis Henrici ii. et Ricardi i. 

Edidit T. Hearnius. Accesserunt alia. 

2 vols. Svo. Or/ard, 1 735 

BENEDICT, Al)bot of Peterborough. Gesta regis 
Henrici secundi Bencdicti Abbatis. Chronicle 
of the reigns of Henry ii. and Richard I., 
1169-1192, known under the name of Benedict 
of Peterl)orough. Edited by A¥. Stubbs. [Rolls 
Series, No. 49.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1867 

BENEDICTUS, Alexander. Diaria de bello Caro- 

4to. [Aldus. Venice, 1496] 

BENEFITS (The) and advantages gain'd by the late 
septennial parliament, set in a clear light by 
their acts and deeds, with a list of the naturaliz'd 
foreigners and reasons for repealing the Septennial 
Act. Third edition. 

Svo. London [1722] 

Fourth edition. 

Svo. London [\12'2.] 

BENEZET, Anthony. A caution and warning to 
Great Britain and her colonies, in a short re- 
presentation of the calamitous state of the 
enslaved negroes in the British dominions : to 
which is added an extract of a sermon preached 
by the Bishop of Gloucester before the Society 
for the propagation of the gospel [21 Feb. 

Svo. Philadelphia, 1767 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

Svo. London, 1767 

Svo. London, 1784 

An historical account of Guinea, its situation, 

produce, and the general disposition of its in- 
habitants, with an inquiry into the rise and 
progress of the slave trade. A new edition. 

Svo. London; 1788 

BENGEL, Johann Albrecht. 

See Bible, Greek. N. T. 1734. 

Gnomon novi Testamenti, in quo ex nativa 

verborum vi simplicitas, etc., indicatur. Editio 

2 vols. 4to. Tilhingcn, 1 773 

• Gnomon novi testamenti. Third edition. 

Svo. Londoji, 1862 

BENGEE, Elizabeth Ogilvie. 

^6'£ Montgomery, J. Poems. London, 1809. 




See Welch, C. History of the Tower Bridge. 
London, 1894. 

BENHAM, William. 

See Davidson, B. T. Life of A. C. Tait. London, 

BENI, Paolo. 

See Fonte, M. A., psoud. II Cavalcanti. Padtut, 

„ Tasso, T. II Goffredo. Padua, l6l6. 

BENINI, Giovanni Vincenzo. Annotazioni sopra la 
Coltivazione di Liiigi Alamanni : aggiuntoei in 
fine il dodecimo libro del volgarizzamento 
Fiorentino di Piero do' Crescenzi. 

8vo. Paduit, 1745 

BENIVIENI, Girolamo. Opere : una canzona de lo 
amore celeste e divino col commento del conte 
JoHANNi Pico Mirandulano. 

Svo. Heirs of Ph. di GiwntiA. Florence, 1519 

Commento sopra a piu sue canzone e sonetti 

dello Amore, e della Belleza divina. 

fol. S. A. Tuhini, L. de Francesco, and 
A. Ghijr. Florence, 1500 

BENJAMIN of Tudela. 

See Bergeron, P. Voyages. The Hague, 1735. 

Voyages en Europe, on Asie et en Afrique : 

traduits de I'H^brcu par J. P. Bakatier. 

2 vols. Svo. Amsterdam, 1734 

BENJAMIN, S. G. W. Persia. [Story of the 
iN'ations, vol. xvii.] Third edition. 

8vo. LoTulon, ISgi 

BENJOIN, George. S,:c Bible. O. T., Jonah. 

BENNET, Benjamin. A memorial of the Reforma- 
tion (chicHy in England), and of Britain's 
deliverances from popery since that time. 
Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1721 

BENNET, James. 

See Ascham, R. English work.i. London, 17 Gl. 

BENNET, Thomas. 

Sue Short account of Dr. Bentley's humanity. 

London, KJyj). 

BENNETT, George. Wanderings in New South 
^\■.■d(■,s, Batavia, Pedir coast, Singapore, and 
China, being the journal of a naturalist in those 
countries, 1 832-3 1. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, l^iil 

BENNETT, James. 

See Bogue, D. The history of dissenters. London, 

The theology of the early Christian church, 

exhibited in quotations from writers of the first 
three centuries. [Congregational Lecture.] 

Svo. London, 1841 

BENNETT, John Joseph. 

See Brown, E. Miscellaneous botanical works. 
[Eay Society.] 


See Expositor's Bible, i Chronicles. 
,, ,, ,, Jeremiah, xxi.-lii. 

BENNETT, William James Early. A first letter to 
. . . Lord John Eussell, M.P., on the present 
persecution of a certain portion of the English 
Church. With a sermon preached ... on 
November 17th, 1850. Seventh edition. 

Svo. Lomhn, 1850 

The schism of certain priests and others lately 

in communion with the church. A sermon . 
preached ... in 1845. 

Svo. Lmulon, 1845 

BENOIT de Sainte-More. Chronique des Dues de 
Normandie. Publide par F. Michel. [Docu- 
ments inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1836-44 

BENOIT, tlie. 

See Histoire de I'fidit de Nantes. Delft, 1693-95. 

BENSLY, Robert Lubbock. 

See Bible, Syriac. N. T., Gospels. 
,, ,, Apocrypha, Latin. 
„ Texts and Studies, vol. iii. 

BENSON, Christopher. Hulsean Lectures for 1820. 
Twenty discourses preached Ijcfore the Univer- 
sity of Cambridge. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1822 

■ On Scripture difficulties. [Hulsean Lectures 

for 1822.] 

Svo. Cambridge, 1822 

BENSON, Edward White, Archbishop of Canterbury. 
The cathedral : its necessary place in the life 
and work of the church. 

Svo. London, 1878 

BENSON, George. A collection of tracts. Fourth 

Svo. London, 1753 



BENSON, Gervase. 

See. Answer to John Gilpin's Book. London, I (iSo. 

BENSON, Robert. 

See Hoare, Sir R. C. The history of Modern 
^\■iltsLire. London, lS'22-ii. 

BENSON, Thomas. Vocal)ularium Aiiglo-Saxoniciini 
lexico (Jul. Somneri magna parte auctius opera 
T. B. 

8vo. Ou'ford, 1701 

BENSON, WiUiam. 
Sec Letter to Sir J- 

B . London, 1711. 

,, Letters concerning poetical translations. 

Ijondoii, 17.'>!). 
,, Virgilius Maro, P. Virgil's hnsbandry. 
London, 17i24-2,>. 

BENSSERADE, Isaac de. CEuvres. 

2 vols. 8vo. Faris, Ki.qs 

BENT, James Theodore. 

Si:c Dallam, T. Early voyages and travels. 
[Hakluyt Society.] 

BENTHAM, Edward. 

See Cicero, M. T. Philippicae. Selections. 
Sententiae duae. Oxford, 17-t6. 

— A letter to a yoiuig gentleman of O.xford. 
Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1749 

A letter to a fellow of a college, being the 

sequel of a letter to a young gentleman of Oxford. 

Svo. London, 1749 

BENTHAM, James. The history and antiquities of 
the conventual and cathedral church of Ely, from 
the foundation of the monastery, A.D. 673 to the 
year 1771. 

4to. Candrridge, 1771 

The second edition : with a supplement by 

W. Stevenson. [Edited by J. Benth.4M, the 

2 vols. 4to. Norwich, 1812-17 

BENTHAM, Jeremy. Works, published under the 
superintendence of his executor, J. Bowring. 

11 vols. 8vo. Edinhiirfjh, 184,3 

The book of fallacies : from the unfinished 

BENTHAM, Jeremy. Chrestomathia : being a col- 
lection of papers cxjilanatory of the design of an 
institution pi-oposcd to 1)0 set on foot luidor the 
name of the Chrcstomathic Day S(!hool. 

2 parts ill I. Svo. London, 181f)-17 

Defence of usury, showing the impolicy of the 

present legal I'estraints on the terms of pecuniary 
bargains. The second edition. 

12mo. London, 1790 

An introduction to the principles of morals and 


Svo. Oxfm-d, 1879 

— — Panopticon : postscript : part i. containing 
further particulars relative to the construction 
of : part ii. containing a plan of management for : 
a Panopticon Penitentiary-house. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1791 

Plan of a parliamentary reform in the form of 

a catechism. 

Svo. London, 1817 

Tactique des assemblees legislatives suivie d'un 

traite des sophismes politiques : ouvragc extrait 
des MS.s. de Bentham par E. DuMONT. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Geneva, 18l6 

Theorie des pcines et des recompenses redigtie 

en Francois d'aprts les manuscrits par E. DuMONT. 
2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1811 

Traites de legislation civile et penale. Publics 

papers of J. B., by a friend. 

Svo. London, 1824 

en Fran9ois par E. Dumont. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1802 

BENTINCK, Countess de. Catalogue d'une collec- 
tion de medailles antiques faite par la comtesse 
douaire de Bentinck, avec supplement. [By 
P. VAN Damme.] 

3 vols. 4to. Amsterdaiu, 1787-88 

BENTIVOGLIO, Guido, Cardinal. Opere. 

fol. Paris, l648 

Opere storiche. 

.5 vols. Svo. Milan, 1806-7 

Delia guerra di Fiandra. 

3 vols, in 2. 4to. Cologne, 1633-39 

Another edition. 

3 vols. Svo. [_Elzevir.'] Cologne, 1635-40 

Another edition. 

3 vols, in 1. 4to. Venice, l645 



BENTIVOGLIO, Guido, Cardinal. Eaccolta di lettere 
scritte in tempo delle sue nunziature di Francia 
e di Fiandra a diversi personaggi. [Edited by 

A. Inglis.] 

Svo. Camhridge, 1727 

Lettere, con note di G. Biagioli. 

12mo. Paris, 1819 

BENTLEY, Richard, D.D. 

For Life, At Jebb, R. C. [English Men of Letters.] 
See Boyle, C. Dr. Bentley's dissertation . . . 

examined. London, l69S. 
„ Case of Dr. Bentley. London, 1719- 
„ Cicero, M. T. Tusculanarum Disputationum 

libri. Camhridge, 1738. 
„ Fazakerley, N., and Harper, J. ... The 

case of the plaintiff in error. [London, 

,, Full and impartial account of all the late 

proceedings. London, 1719. 
„ Horatius Flaccus. Opera. Cambridge, 1713, 

,, Infamia emendationum. Leyden, 1710. 
,, Johnson, R. Aristarchus Anti-Bentleianus. 

Nvtiintjham, 1717. 
,, Malala, J. Historia chronica. Oxford, \69^- 
,, Manilius, M. Astronomicon. Venice, 1788, 


„ Phalaris. Epistolae. Gronningen, 1717. 
,, Phileleutherus Lipsiensis, pseud. Emenda- 

tioncs in Menandrum. Utrecht, 1710, etc. 
„ Phileleutherus Lipsiensis, pseud. Eemarks 

upon a late discom\se. London, 1737. 
,, Quatemae epistolae. London, 1713. 
,, Review of the text. London, 1732-33. 
,, Short account of Dr. B.'s humanity. London, 

„ Some remarks upon a pamphlet. Jjondon, 

„ Terentius, P., Afer. Comoediae. Camhridge, 

„ Two letters to the reverend Dr. B. London, 

,, Wotton, W. Reflections upon ancient and 

modern learning. London, 1697. 

Dr. Bentley's dedication of Horace translated. 

To which is added a poem . . . inscribed to Lord 
liallifax. [Lat. and Eng.] 

12mo. London [1712] 

A dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris, 

with an answer to the objections of Charles 

8vo. London, 1()99 

BENTLEY, Richard, D.D. A dissertation upon the 
epistles of Phalaris, with an answer to the objec- 
tions of Charles Boyle. 

8vo. London, 1777 

The present state of Trinity College, in Cam- 

bridge. Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1710 

Richardii Bentleii et doctorum virorum epis- 
tolae partim mutuae, accedit E. Dawesii ad J 
Taylorum cpistola singularis. [Edited by C 


4to. London, 1807 

BENTLEY, Richard, grandson of Dr. Bentley. 
See Considerations upon the state of public affairs. 

Lomlon, 1798. 
,, Few cursory remarks. London, 19,03. 
„ Reply of a near observer. London, 1804-. 
„ Reply to a plain answer. London, 180 i. 

BENTLEY, Samuel, Printer. 

See Erasmus, D. Concio. Loivlon, 181fi. 
„ Excerpta historica. London, 1831. 

BENTLEY, Thomas, A.M. 

Sec Caesar, C. J. Commentarii. Venice, 1783. 

BENTLEY, Thomas, Political Pamphleteer. An 
alarm to all that wish the true prosperity of the 
kingdom. Fifth edition. 

12mo. [London'i 179'^] 

A short view of some of the evils and grievances 

which at this time oppress the British Empire, 
through the corruption of its government. 

12mo. [Londmi] 1792 

BENTOTES, George. Ai^iKov TptyXoxra-ov TTJi 
'Pw^atKTjs, raA.AiKJ5s Kal 'IraAiK^s SiaXtKTOV [in 3 
parts] [French, Greek, and Italian]. 

3 vols. 4to. Vienrui, 1790 

BENVENUTI, Giuseppe. Istituzioni di minera- 
logia, per facilmente imparare a conoscere i fossili. 

Svo. Farma, 1790 

BENVENUTUS Imolensis. 

See Nepos, C. De vita Catonis. Fano, 1 504. 

BENZELIUS, Erik, the younger. Archbishop of 

See Bible, Swedish. Linkiiping, 1756. 
„ Serenius, J. Dictionarium. Hamburg, 1734. 


See Grundriss der theologischen Wissenschaften. 
Freiburg, 189*. 



BENZONI, Girolamo. Novae iiovi orbis historiae, 
id est, rerum ab Hispanis in India occidentali 
hactenus gestarum libri trcs, Urbani Calvctonis 
opera ex Italicis Latini facta : Adjuncta est, De 
Gallorum in Floridam expeditione brevis historia. 
[By U. Chauveton.] 

8vo. EuMace Vir/nmi. [Geneva] 1578 

Aniericae pars quarta, sivc historia do reperta 

primum Occidentali India a C. Colombo anno 
1492; addiUi scholia [by U. CilAUVETON, who 
also translated it from the Italian]. Omnia 
clegantibus figuris in aes incisis expressa a T. de 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1594 

Americae pars quinta, H. Benzoni secundae 

sectionis historia Hispanorum turn in Nigrittas 
tum in Indos crudelitatcm, Gallorumque pira- 
tarnm de Hispanis rcportata spolia, adventum 
item Hispanorum in Novam Hispaniam explicans. 
Addita scholia [by U. Chauveton, the trans- 
lator]. Omnia elegantibus figuris in aes incisis 
expressa a T. de Bry. 

2 parts in I. Frankfort, 1595 

Americae pars sexta, sive historiae ab H. 

Benzono scriptae sectio tertia ; in hac reperies 
qua ratione Hispani Peruani regni provincias 
occuparint. [This and the two preceding parts 
comprise U. Chauveton's translation of G. B.'s 
Historia del Mondo Nuovo.] Omnia elegantibus 
figuris in aes incisis expressa a T. de Bry. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfirt, 159(5 

Historj' of the new world, shewing his travels 

in America, 1541-56. Now first translated and 
edited by Rear-Admiral W. H. Smyth. [Hak- 
luyt Society, xxi.] 

8vo. London, 1857 


See Brink, B. ten. [Quelleu und Forschungen.] 

The Anglo-Saxon poems of Beowulf, the 

traveller's song, and the battle of Finnes-burh. 
Edited, with translation, glossary, and preface 
by J. M. Kemble. 

2 vols. 12mo. Londo7t, 1833-37 

Autotypes of the Cotton MS. Vitellius A. xv.. 

with a transliteration and notes by J. Zui'iTZA. 
[Early English Text Society, 77.] 

8vo. London, 1882 

BERAIN, Jean. Ornemens inventez par J. Berain. 

fol. [Paris, 1711] 

B^BABD, Auguste Simon Louis. 

Sec Essai bibliographicLue. /'(m/.s, 1822. 

BERARDUS, Carolus Sebastianus. 

&e Gratianus. Canones. 'Turin, 1752-57. 

BERAULT-BERCASTEL, Antoine Henri. Ilistoire 
do I'eglise, jusqu'a I'an 1721. 

24 vols. 12mo. Maesirichi, 17 SOr'Jl 

BEBCEO, Gonzalo de. 

See Coleccion de poesias Castellanas. Madrid, 

BERCHORIUS, Petrus. Liber biblie moralis, seu 
raoralisationes biblie. 

fol. ./. Zainer. Ulm, 1474 

Another edition. 

fol. R. Paffraet. Devcntcr, 1477 

BERDMORE, Samuel. 

See Lusus poetici. [Lomlon] 1791. 

BERDOE, Edward. 

See Browning studies. London, 1895. 


See Historia vitae et regni Ricardi II. Oxford, 

B^RENGER, iSurent Pierre. Lcs soirees pro- 
ven(;ales, on lettres ecrites a ses amis pendant 
ses voyages dans sa patrie. 

." vols. 12mo. Paris, 1786 

BtRENGER DE SUBVILLE, Marguerite ^l^onore 
ClotUde. Poesies. Publives par C. Vander- 


8vo. Paris, 1803 
BERESFORD, Benjamin. 

See Blumenthal, L. J. L. von. Life of General 
De Ziethen. Berlin, 1803. 

BERGALLI, afterwards GOZZI, Luisa, Countess. 
&(,' Componimenti poetici. Venice, 1726. 
„ Terentius, P., Afer. Le commedie. Venice, 

BERGAMO, Petrus de. Tabula super opera omnia 
Thomae Aquinatis. 

fol. B. Azzoguidi. Bologna, 1473 

Printed on vellum. 

BERGANO, Diego. Bocabulario de Pampango en 
Romance, y diccionario de Romance en Pam- 

fol. Manilla, 1732 



BERGBAUKUNDE. [Edited by I. VON Born and 
and F. W. H. von Trebka.] [Societiit der 
Bergbaukunde, Zellerfeld.] 

2 vols. -Ito. Leipzig, \lS9-90 

BEEGER, PMlippe. Histoire de I'ecriture dans 
raiitiqiiite. Deuxieme edition. 

4to. Paris, 1892 


Sec Xivrey, J. B. de. 

BERGERON, Pierre. Voyages faits princii^alement 
en .Vsie dans les xii.-xv. sieclcs par Benjamin 
de Tudele [and others] : accorapagnes de 
I'histoire des Sarasins et des Tartares. 

2 vols, in 1. -ito. The Hague, 1735 

BERGHE, Jan van den. Kaetspel. [A translation 
from the French by J. van pen B.] 

fol. J. de West2)lialia. Lauvain, 1-177 

BERGIER, Nicolas. Histoire des grands chemins 
de Fcmpire Komain. Nouvelle edition. 

2 vols. 4to. Brussels, 172S 

BERGIER, Nicolas Sylvestre. Apologie de la re- 
ligion chretienne, contre I'auteur du Christia- 
ni.sme devoile [i.e. P. Thyry] et contre quelques 
autres critiques. Seconde edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1170 

La certitude des preuves du christianisme, ou 

refutation de I'examen critique des Apologistes 
de la Religion Chretienne. [By N. Fkeret 
or rather LEVfiquE DE Buiugny. Troisifeme 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1773 

— Le Deisme refute par lui-memc. Cinqui6me 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Paris, 1771 

— Les elcmens primitifs des langues decouverts 
par la comparaison des racines do I'Hebreu avec 
celles du Grec, du Latin, et du Francois. 

8vo. Paris, 1704 

— Examen du mat6rialisme, ou refutation du 
8ysteme de la nature, [ijy J. B. DE Mirabaud, 
or rather P. Thyry, Baron d'Holbach.] 

2 vols. I2mo. Paris', 1771 

— Traitti historique et dogmatique do la vraie 

12 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1784-8.5 

BERGOMENSIS, Jacobus Philippus. Supplementum 

fol. B. de Bononis. Brescia, 1485 

— Another edition. 

fol. B. Piicius de Novaria. Venice, 1492 

BERGUES SAINT WINOC, Abbey of. Chronique 

et cartulaire de I'aljbaye de Bergues Saint Winoc, 
par le K. P. Alexandre Pruvost. [Society 
d'Emulation de Bruges.] 

2 vols. 4to. Bruges, 1 875-78 


See State and behaviour of English Catholics. 

London, 1780. 

The history of the reign of Henry 11. and of 

Richard and John, his sous. 

4to. Birmingliam, 1790 

A literary history of the middle ages from the 

close of the reign of Augustus to the revival in 
the fifteenth century. 

4to. London, 1814 


See Lucca, G. di, pseud. Memoirs. London, 


BERKELEY, George, Bishop of Cloyne. 
For Life, see Eraser, A. C. Oxfmrl, 1871. 
See Discourse addressed to magistrates. London, 
,, Fraser, A. C. [Philosophical classics for 
English readers.] 

• Works, to which is added an account of his 

life. [Edited by J. Stock.] 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1784 

Works. Edited by A. C. Fraser. 

3 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1871 

The querist : containing several queries pro- 
posed to the consideration of the public : with 
a word to the wise or an exhortation to the 
Roman Catholic clergy of Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1750 

— Siris ; a chain of philosophical reflexions and 
inquiries concerning the virtues of tar water. 

Svo. London, 1744 

A treatise concerning the principles of human 

Svo. London, 1776 


— Selections from Berkeley, with an introduction 
and notes, for the use of students in the Uni- 
versities. By A. C. Fraser. Fourth edition. 

8vo. Oxfm-d, 1891 



BERKELEY, Miles Joseph. 

'%:i- Cooke, M. C. Fungi. London, 1888. 

BEKKENHOUT, Jolin. Biographia Literaiia ; or 
a biographical history of literature containing 
the lives of English, Scotish, and Irish authors. 
Vol. i. (all published) from the bcgiiuiing of the 
5th to the end of the l6th century. 

4to. London, 1777 

Lucubrations on ways and means, humbly 

addressed to the Rt. Hon. Lord North. Second 


8vo. London, 1781 

Synopsis of the natural history of Great Britain 

and Ireland, containing a systematic arrange- 
ment and concise description of all the animals, 
vegetaliles, and fossils which have hitherto l)ccn 
discovered in these kingdoms. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 178.') 

BERLIN. Academia Regia Scientiarum. Histoire 
de I'Academie depuis sou origine jusqu a present: 
avec les pieces originales. 

-Ito. Berlin, 1752 

Histoire de I'Academie Royale des Sciences et 

des Belles-lettres de Berlin, annee 17i'5 (-170!)); 
avec des m6moires tircz des registres de cettc 


25 vols. 4to. Berlin, mS-l I 

Nouveaux m^moires, annde 1770 (-178(5) ; avec 


17 vols. 4to. Berlin, 1772-88 

Memoires depuis I'avenement de Frederic 

Guillaume ii. au throne, Aoiit, 1786 (-1804) ; avec 
I'histoire pour le meme temps. 

13 vols. 4to. 5ef/m, 1792-1807 

Abhandlungen der Koniwlichen Akademie, von 

dem Jahre 1804. [With supplement.] 

In progress. 4to. Berlin, 1815, etc. 

BERLINER Studien fiir classische Philologie und 

Archaeologie, herausgegeben von F. Aschekson. 

In progress. Svo. Berlin, \9>M, etc. 

BERLINGHIERI, Francesco. Geographia in terza 
rima et lingua Toscana distincta. 

fol. N. Todexho. Florence [I -iHO] 

BERMUDEZ, Juan Agustin Cean. Diccionario 
historico de los mas illustres profcsores de las 
bellas artes en Espafia. 

6 vols, in 3. 12mo. Madrid, 1800 

See Belmonte, L. B. de. 

BERNAL, Ralph. Illustrated catalogue of the col- 
lection of works of art and vertu, collected by 
the late Ralph Bernal ; sold by auction, with the 
purchasers' names and prices. 

8vo. London, 1855 

BERNARD de Paris. Vocabolario Italiano-Turchese : 
tradotto dal Francose da PiETKO d'Abbavilla. 
2 vols. 4to. llonu, 1665 

BERNARD le Trdsorier. 

See Collection des mdmoires — Guizot [vol. xix.]. 
,, Ernoul. Chroniciuc. r<(ri/, 1871. 

BERNARD, Saint, Al)bot of Clairvaux. 
,S'v' Bible, French. 0. T., Kings. 
,, Bales, S. J. [The Fathers for English readers.] 

Opera. Nova editio tortiis curis J. Mabillon. 

2 vols. fol. Paris, 1719 

Sermones super cantica canticorum. 

fol. Fratres coninmnis vitae. Eostocl; 1481 

BERNARD, Directeur-Adjoint de I'observatoire 
royal de la marine de Marseille. Memoires pour 
servir a I'histoire naturellc de la Provence. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1787-88 

BERNARD, Auguste Joseph. 

See Cluny, Abbey of. Recueil de chartes. Paris, 
„ fitats-g^n^raux. Proces-verbaux. Paris, 1842. 
„ Savigny, Abbey of. Cartulaire. Paris, 1853. 

De I'origine et des di'buts de I'imprimerie en 


2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1853 

BERNARD, Edward. 

For Life, see Smith, T., D.D. Vita E.B. London, 

De mensuris et ponderibus antiquis libri tres. 

Editio altera. 

8vo. Oxford, 1688 

BERNARD, Francis, M.D. A catalogue of bis 
library. Sold by auction 1698. 

8vo. [Lmidon, I698] 

BERNARD, Sir Francis, Bart. Letters to the riglit 
honourable the earl of Hillsborough from 
governor Bernard, general Gage, and his majesty's 
council for the province of Massachusetts Bay, 
with an appendix. 

Svo. London, 1769 



BERNARD, Sir Francis, Bart. Select letters on the 
trade and government of America, and the prin- 
ciples of law and polity, applied to the American 
colonies; written at Boston, 1763-68: with the 
petition of the Assembly against the Governor. 

Svo. London, 1774 

BERNARD, Jacques. 

See Nouvelles de la r^publique des lettres. 

Amsterdam, 1715-20. 

BERNARD, Jean Frdd^ric. 

See Brienne, H. A. de L., comte de. M6moires. 
Amderdam, 1719. 
,, C6r6monies et coutumes religieuses. Amster- 
dam, 1723-43. 
,, Recueil de voyages an Nord. Amsterdam, 


Sec Mahaffy, J. P. Kant's critical philosophy. 
Lmdon, 1889. 

BERNARD, Right Hon. Mountague. Four lectures 
on subjects connected with diplomacy. 

Svo. London, 1868 

BERNARD, Nicholas. 

See Bladen, W. Irelands true diurnall. London, 

The life and death of James Usher, archbishop 

of Armagh. 

Svo. London, 1656 

A true and perfect relation of all the severall 

skirmishes, brave exploits, and glorious victories 

obtained by the English Protestants over the 

Irish rebels, when they raised the siege of 


4to. London, 1641 

Tiie whole proceedings of the siege of Drog- 

heda, 1641-42. To which is added an account 
of the siege of London-derry by George 

4to; Dublin, 1736 

BERNARD, Pierre Joseph. CEuvres. 

32mo. London, 1777 

BERNARD, Richard. 

/S((^ Nichol, J. Commentaries, 1864-69 — Kuth. 

Tlic Common Catechismc ; with a commentarie 

thereupon by Questions and Answcr.s, following 
the verie words, as they lie in their order with- 
out alteration. 

Svo. IV. Sta[nshy] f(jr S. Man. London, 1 630 

BERNARD, Richard. Thesaurus Biblicus seu 

promptuarium sacrum. 

fol. London, 1644 

BERNARD, Sir Thomas, Bart. A letter to the 
honourable and right reverend the lord bishop 
of Durham, on the principle and detail of the 
measures now under the consideration of Parlia- 
ment for the relief and regulation of the poor. 

Svo. London, 1807 

Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1807 

Spurinna, or the comforts of old age, with 

notes and biographical illustrations. 

Svo. London, 1816 

BERNARD, Thomas Dehany. The progress of 
Doctrine in the New Testament. [Bampton 
Lectures, is64.] 

Svo. London, 1864 

BERNARD, William Dallas. Narrative of the 
voyages and services of the Nemesis, 1S40-43, 
and of the combined naval and military opera- 
tions in China, comprising an account of Hong 
Kong : from notes of Commander W. H. Hall. 
2 vols. Svo. London, 1844 

BERNARDI, Joseph Elz^ar Dominique. Essai sur 
la vie, les ecrits et les lois de Michel de I'Hopital, 
chancelier de France. 

Svo. Paris, 1807 

BERNARDUS Sylvester. Bernardus de cura rei 
familiaris [being a paraphrase in Scottish verse 
of B.'s letter to Eaymund], with some early 
Scottish prophecies edited by J. E. Lumby. 
[Early English Text Society, 42.] 

Svo. London, 1870 

BERNARDUS, Antonius. In logicam universam 


4to. /'. Manutius. Rome, 1562 

BERNE, Schweizerische Gesellschaft. Recueil de 
memoires concernant rn'conomie rurale par une 
soci(5t6 ^tablie k Berne en Suisse: 

22 vols. Svo. Zurich, \ 7 60-7. 'i 

BERNEAUD, Arslne Thiebaut de. Voyage a I'isle 
d'Elbe, suivi dune notice sur les autres isles de 
la mer Tyrrh6nienne. 

Svo. Paris, 1808 


See De eruditione comparanda. Leyden, 1699- 



BEENERS, John Bourchier, 2nd baron. 

Sir Aurelius Antoninus, M., psoud. The golden 
liokc. London [l;J.'>t]. 
„ History of the moat noble . . . Arthur. 

Loiidan [1550]. 
„ Huon of Bordeaux. [Early English Text 
Society.] London [1882-87]. 

BERNERS, Juliana. The Book of Hawkyng, Ilunt- 
yng, and Cootarmuris. [The Book of St. Albans.] 

fol. St. Albans, 1 18() 

Another edition [with an extra chapter on 

Fishing with an Angle]. 

fol. IVynkyn de Wurdc. Westminster, 1 496 

Printed on velluui. 

— The book of hanking, hunting, and fysshyng, 
with all the properties and medecynes that aic 
necessary to be kept. [The Book of St. Albans.] 

4to. JFilliam Copland. Lon(lon\\5()0] 

— The Gentlemans Academie or The Booke of 
St. Albans : reduced into a better method by 
G. M. [CtErvase Markham.] 

4to. For Humfrey London, 1 5f)5 

— The book containing the treatises of hawking, 
hunting, coatarmour, fishing, and biasing of 
arms, as printed by Wynkyn de Worde, 1496: 
with introduction by Joseph Haslewood. 

2 parts in 1. fol. London, ISIO 

■ The treatyse of fysshynge wyth an angle ; an 

earlier form (circa 14,)0). Edited, with glossaiy 
(and privately printed), by Thomas Satchell, 
and by him presented to the 1883 members. 
[English Dialect Society, No. xli.*] 

8vo. London, 188." 

BERNI, Francesco. 

See Boiardo, M. M. Orlando Innamorato. Venice, 
1545, etc. 

— Opere burlesche di F. Bend, di Giovanni della 

Casa, del Varchi, del Mauro, di M. Bino, del 

Molza, del Dolce e del Firenzuola ; di L. Maitelli, 

di M. Francesi, dell' Aretino, et di diversi autoii. 

2 vols. 8vo. Dom. Giglio. Venice [1564-66] 

Another edition. [Edited by P. A. Eolli.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1721-24 

— Opere burlesche, con annotazioui e con uu 
saggio delle sue lettere piacevoli. 

8vo. Milan, 1806 

BERNI, Francesco. Poesio burlesche : arrichite 
della vita dell' autore e di note. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1770 

Poesie burlesche. [Parnaso Italiano, tom. xxvii.] 

8vo. Venice, 1787 

Vita di Pietro Aretino, dialogo. 

8vo. [London^ 1837 

BERNIER, Adhelm. 

Sec Charles VIII., King of France. Procfes- 
verbaux. Paris, 18,')6. 
„ Masselin, J. Journal des Etats Gdnfiraux. 
Parif<, 1835. 

BERNIER, Madame. 

See B * * *, Madame. Discours sur cette question. 
Paris, 1804. 

BERNIER, Frangois. Histoirc de la dernifcre revo- 
lution des 6tats du grand Mogol : (^v(5nemens 
particuliers aprfes la guerre pendant cinq ans. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1670 

The history of the late revolution of the 

Empire of the Great Mogol. English'd out of 
French by H. O. 

4 vols, in 1. Hvo. London, 1671-72 

Voyages, contenant la description des ^tats du 

grand Mogol, de I'Hindoustan, etc. 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam; 1699 

BERNIS, Frangois Joachim de Pierre de. Cardinal, 
Count de Lyon. 

See Revelations indiscr^tes du xviii" sidcle. 
Paris, 1814. 

Qiuvres completes. 

2 vols. 32mo. London, 1777 

— Another edition. 

3 vols, in 1. 4to. Paris, 1797-98 

— Correspondance avec M. Paris Du Verney, 

conseiller d'etat, 1752-69, preced(^e d'lme notice 


2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1790 

— La Religion Vengee : poeme. [Edited by 

J. N. d'Azara.] 

fol. Parma; 1795 

Another edition. 

8vo. Parma, 1795 

BERNOLAK, Antal. Grammatica Slavica. 

8vo. Posen, 1790 



BERNOULLI, Jacaues. Opera. 

2 vols. 4to. Geneva, 1744 

BERNOULLI, Jean, the elder. 

See Leibnitz, G. W. von. Commercium plnloso- 
phicum, etc. Lausanne, etc., 174.'J. 

BERNOULLI, Jean, the younger. Description 
historique et g^ographique de I'lnde, qui pre- 
sente 1. La geographic de I'lndoustan par 
le pfere J. Tieffenthaler. 2. Des recherches 
historiques et chronologiques .sur I'Inde par 
M. Anquetil du Perron. 3. La carte generale 
de I'Inde, etc., avec des memoires relatifs k ces 
cartes par M. J. Eennell. Le tout augmente 
redige et publie en Francois par J. B. 

3 vols. 4to. Berlin, 1786-88 


See Cassel, S. Commentary on Esther. Edin- 
Imrgh, 1888. 

BERNSTEIN, Julius. The five senses of man. 
Sixth edition. [Litornational Scientific Scries, 
vol. xxi.] 

8vo. Lomloii, 18,Q1 

BEROALDE DE VERVILLE, Frangois. Le moyen 
de parvenir. 

2 vols. 12mo. 1738 


See Caesar, C. J. Commentarii. Lyons, 1512. 
„ Scriptores rei rusticae. Bologna, l^)i, etc. 

Declamatio de excellentia disceptantium. 

4to. Th. Kcrver. Paris, 1500 

Calf, with the cypher of Maria Theresa of Austria. 

De felicitate opusculum. 

4to. D. Roce. Paris, 1499 

Calf, with the cypher of M.aria Theresa of Austria. 

De Optimo statu. 

4to. Th. Kcrver. Paris, 1500 

Calf, with the cypher of Maria Theresa of Austria. 

Orationes, praelectioncs et quaedam mythicae 

historiae : item plusculae A. Politiani et 
Hermolai Barbari atque una Jasonis Mayni 
oratio ; varia Beroaldi opuscula ut de terraemotu 
et alia cum epigrammatis. 

4 parts in 1. 4to. /. Badius Ascensius. 
Paris, 151C-24 
BEROSUS, the Chaldean. 

Sec Ancient fragments. London, 1 828. 
„ Sphaerae atque astrorum coelestium ratio. 
[Ilasle] 1536. 

BEROSUS, the Chaldean, pseud. 

See Historia antiqua. Heidelberg, 1 598-99. 
„ Pellicer de Ossau y Tovar, J. Beroso de 
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Antiquitatum Italiae ac totius orbis libri 

quinque : cum commentariis JoANNis Annii, et 
reliquis ejusdem argumenti authoribus. Aeditio 

8vo. J. Steels. Antwerp, 1552 

BERRIAT SAINT PRIX, Jacques. Jeanne d'Arc, 
ou coup d'ojil sur les revolutions de France 
au terns de Charles Vi. et de Charles vii. 

8vo. Paris, 1817 

BERRIMAN, William. The tithing of the third 
year : a sermon preached before the Sons of the 
Clergy, at the cathedral church of St. Paul, on 
Thursday, April 21, 1737. 

4to. London, 1737 

BERRUYER, Isaac Joseph. 

See Bible, Latin. N. T., Epistles. 4to. 1757. 

Histoire du peuple de Dieu, depuis son origine 

jusqu'A, la naissance du Messi^, tir^e des seuls 
livres saints. 

8 vols, in 9. 4to. Paris, 1728-34 

Histoire du peuple de Dieu depuis la naissance 

du Messie, jusqu'i la fin de la synagogue, tiree 
des seuls livres saints. [The second part of the 
Histoire : for the third part see Bible, Latin. 
N. T., Epistles.] 

4 vols. 4to. The Hague, 1755 

BERRY, Henry. 

Sec Green, R. Tryals of R. G., H. B., etc. 
London, 1679- 

BERRY, Mary. 

See Russell, R., Baroness. Some account of the 
life. London, 1819. 

BERRY, Robert. 

See Walpole, H. Works. London, 17.98. 

BERRY, William. Genealogia Sacra ; or, Scripture 
tables compiled from the Holy Bible. 

4to. London, 1819 

The history of Guernsey, with particulars of 

Alderney, Serk, and Jersey, compiled from the 
collections of H. Budd, as well as from authentic 

4to. London, 1815 



BEBBY, Jacques le Bouvier. 

Sec Le Bouvier, G., called Bhkry. 

BEBSIEB, Eugene. Sermons, translated from the 
French. First and second series. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, ISSl-S-O 

BERTELIUS, Joannes. 

Sec Respublica Namurcensis. Amslerdum, l6;J4. 

BERTEVILLE, Sir John. Kecit de I'expcdition on 
Ecosse et ile la battayle de Muscleburgh. 
[Edited by D. CON.STAiiLE.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

■ito. Edinburgh, 1825 


Sec Keil, C. F. Commentary on the books of 
Kings, etc. Edinlnirgh, 18,57. 
„ Kurzgefasstes exegetisches Handbuch. Leip- 
zig, 18.50-92. 

BERTHIER, Guillaume Frangois. 

Sec Bible, Polyglott. O. T., Psalms. 1801. 
„ „ „ „ Isaiah. 1788-89. 

BERTHIER, Pierre Alexandre, Prince of Neufchatel 
and Wagram. Relation des campagnes du 
general Bonaparte en Egypte et en Syrie. 

8vo. Paris, 1800 

BERTHOD, Francois. 

See Collection des m^moires — Petitot [vol.xlviii.]. 

BERTHOLLET, Claude Louis, Count. Elements de 
I'art de la teinture. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1791 

Elements of the art of dying, containing the 

theory of dying in general, as far as it respects 
the properties of colouring substances. Trans- 
lated from the French. 

8vo. Edinhurcjh, 1792 

BERTHOUD, Ferdinand. De la mesure des temps, 
ou supplement an traite des horloges marines, et 

a I'essai sur I'horlogerie. 

4to. Paris, 1787 

Essai sur I'horlogerie. Seconde edition. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1786 

Jean. Precis historique de la guerre civile de la 
Vendee depuis son origine jusqu'a la pacification 
de la Jaunaie. 

8vo. Paris, 1802 

BERTIE, Willoughby, 4th earl of Abingdon. 
See. Abingdon, W. B., 4th earl of. 

BERTIER, Joseph ^tienne. Physique des comfetes, 
dans lo sentiment de I'impulsion et du ploin. 

12mo. Paris, 1760 

BERTIUS, Petrus. 

See Herrera Tordesillas, A. de. Novi orbis pars 
duodecima. Frankfmi, 1624. 
„ Ptolemaeus, C. Theatrum geographiae. 
Amstenlain, l6l8. 

BERTOLDO con Bertoldino [by G. C. Croce] e 
Cacascimo [by A. Banciiieri], in ottava rima 
[by Ct. p. Riva and others]. 

4to. Bologna, 1736 

Quinta edizione aggiuntavi una ti'aduzionc in 

lingua Bolognese. 

3 vols. 12mo. BoloijiM, 1741 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1791 

BERTRAM, a Monk of Corbie. Bertram or Ratram 
concerning the body and blood of the Lord ; in 
Latin with a new English translation, more exact 
than the former : also an historical dissertation 
concerning the author and this work. [By W. 
Hopkins.] The second edition with an appendix. 

Svo. London, 1688 

BERTRAM, Bonaventure Corneille. 

&c Bible, Polyglott. fol. l.-i87. 

Comparatio grammaticae Hebraicae et Aramicae, 

atque adeo dialectorum Aramicarum inter se. 

4to. E. Vignon. Ge-neva, 1574 

De republica Ebraeorum, recensitus com- 

mentarioque illustratus opera Constantini 

24mo. Leyden, 1651 

BERTRAM, Charles Julius. 

See Richard of Cirencester. Britannicarura gen- 
tium historiae. Copenhagen, 1757. 
,, Richard of Cirencester. Speculum historiale. 
[Rolls Series, No. 30.] 

BERTRAND, Louis. Renouvellements periodiques 
des contincns terrestres. 

Hvo. Paris, 1800 

BERTRAND, Nicolas. De Tholosanorum gestis ab 
urbe condita. 

fol. Johannes Magnus Johannes. 
Toulouse, 1515 

de, Marquis. 

See D. (A. F. B. D. M. M.) Reflexions sur la 
revolution. London, 1796. 



de, Marquis. Histoire de la Revolution de 
France, pendant les dernieres annees du rfegne de 
Louis XVI. [Vols, xi.-xiv. were drawn up by 
Delisle de Sales.] 

14 vols. 8vo. Pan;;, 1801-3 

Memoires particuliers pour servir a I'histoire de 

la fin du rt-gne de Louis xvi. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, I8l6 

Private memoirs relative to the last year of 

the reign of Lewis the sixteenth, translated from 
the original manuscript of the author. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1797 

Annals of the French revolution, or a chrono- 

logical account of its principal events. Trans- 
lated by R. C. Dallas. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1800 

BERVILLE, Guyard de. See Guyard de Berville. 

BERVILLE, Saint Albin. 

See Collection des memoires sur la revolution. 

Paris, 18^0-34. 

BERWICK, Edward. 

See Bramhall, J. The Rawdon Papers. London, 

BERWICK, James Fitz-James, 1st duke of. 

See Collection des memoires — Petitot [vols. Ixv. 

Memoires, avec une suite abregee depuis 1716 

]"usqu'4 1734. Seconde edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1780 

BESANT, Sir Walter. 

See Conder, C. R., and Kitchener, H. H. The 

Survey of Western Palestine. [Palestine 
Exploration Fund.] 

— Rabelais. [Foreign classics for English readers, 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1885 

and PALMER, Edward Henry. Jerusalem, 

the City of Herod and Saladiii. New edition. 

• 8vo. London, 1889 

BESCHERANT, l'Abb6 de. 
Si ', Lettres au suj et. 17 3 1 . 
„ Expense k tous les Merits. [ 1732. J 

BESCHRYVING van Span j en en Portugal, waar in 
op het naauwkeurigste door kunstige Print ver- 
beeldingen en handkarten aangeweezen werd. 

fol. Leyden, 1707 

BflSENVAL, Pierre Victor de, Baron. M6moires ; 
et melanges litteraires. 

4 vols, in 2. Svo. Paris, 1805-6 

M6moires avec des notes de MM. Berville et 

Barriere. [Memoires relatifs a la revolution 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1821 

BESKRIVELSE over Danske Mynter. 

&e Danske Medailler. Copenhagen, 1791-94. 

BESOIGNE, Jerome. 

See Juste milieu ctu'il faut tenir, etc. 1735. 

BESPLAS, Joseph Marie Anne Gros de. Des causes 
du bonheur public. 

8vo. Paris, 1768 

BESSARION, Joannes, Cardinal. 

See Hesychius, Milesius. Opuscula. Leyden, 
„ Oratio (for funeral sermon). [Rome, N.D.] 

Adversus calumniatorem Platonis. 
fol. Sweynheym and Panrmrtz. Rome [1469] 

— In calumniatorem Platonis, correctio librorum 
Platonis de legibus ; et alia. [Edited by A. P. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1503 

— Another edition. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, I5l6 

Epistolae et orationes. 

4to. [Crantz, Gering, and Friburger. 
Paris, 1471] 

Oratione contra il Turcho : vulgarizate per 

LuDovico Carbon E. 

8vo. [Chr. Valdarfar. Venice] 1471 

BESSE, Joseph. A collection of the sufferings of 
the people called Quakers from the year 1650 to 
the year 1689. 

2 vols, folio. London, 1753 

BESSELIUS, Godefridus. Chronicon Gotwicense. 
[By G. B., assisted by F. J. Hahn.] Tom. i. 
[No more published.] 

fol. 1732 



BEST (The) use of bad times, or friendly hints to 
manufacturers and mechanics, on their present 

8vo. [Loiidan] 17,0-" 

BEST, George. The three voyages of Sir Martin 
Frobisher, with selections from MS. documents 
in the British Museum and State Paper office. 
Edited by Rear- Admiral K. Collinson. [Hakluyt 
Society, xxxviii.] 

8vo. London, ISfi? 

BEST, Henry. Rural economy in Yorkshire in l(i41, 
being the farming and account books of Henry 
Best. [Edited by C. B. Robinson.] [Surtees 
Society, xxxiii.] 

Svo. Durham, IS.'i? 

BESTUZHEV- RYUMIN, Mikhailo Aleksyeevich, 

Count. Memorial presented Oct. 17, 17~'0, to 
the court of Great Britain, being a reply to the 
two answers given to a former memorial pre- 
sented by the resident Wesselofski. 

Svo. [Lowlon] 1721 

BETAGH, William. A voyage round the world, 
being an account of a remarkable enterprize 
begun in 1719 chiefly to cruise on the Spaniards 
in the great South Ocean. 

Svo. Loiulon, 1728 

BETHAM, William. The baronetage of England, or 
the history of the English baronets, and such 
baronets of Scotland as are of English families. 
.') vols, in 2. 4to. Ipswich, KSOl-.O 

Genealogical tables of the sovereigns of the 

world, from the earliest to the present period. 

fol. London, 17,Q5 

BETHEL, Slingsby. 

&f Interest of Princes. Londori, 1680. 
„ Pilkington, Sir T. The tryal of T. P., . . . 

S. B., etc. Loiulon, l683. 
„ Present interest of England. London, l(J7 1 . 

The vindication of S. B. against the several 

slanders cast upon him upon the occasion of his 
being proposed for one of the burgesses ... for 
the burrough of Southwark. 

fol. London, l681 

BETHMANN, Ludwig Conrad. Lettre a M. I'Abbe 
Carton sur les genealogies des comtes de Flandres 
considerees comme sources de notre histoire. 
[Soci6te d'Emulation de Bruges.] 

4to. Bruges, 184.9 

BETHUNE, Charles Ramsay Drinkwater. 

Sec Galvano, A. The discoveries of the world. 
[Ilakluyt Society.] 
,, Hawkins, Sir R. Observations in his voyage. 
[Ilakluyt Society.] 

BETHUNE, Jean, Baron. 

Sue Ghent. B(''giiinage de Sainte - Elizabeth. 
Cartulairc. llriKjes, 1883. 

Moreaux des families brugeoises, essai de- 

scriptif. Premi6re partie. [Sociote d'Emulation 
de Bruges.] 

In progress. 4to. Bruges, 1 890 

BETTE D'fiTIENVILLE, Jean Charles Vincent de. 

Momoire k consulter pour Jean Charles Vincent 
de Bette d'Eticnville, accuse, contre le sieur 
Vauchcr, marchaiid horlogier, et le sieur Loque, 
marchand bijoutier, plaignans [by Meslier] : 
avec consultation [by Meslier and Hemery]. 

4to. Paris, 178(5 

Second m^moire a consulter et consultation 

sur la defense k une accusation d'escroquerie 
pour J. C. V. de Bette d'Etienville, accuse [by 

4to. Paris, 1786 

Memoire pour le sieur Bette d'Etienville 

servant de reponse a celui de M. de Fages [by 

4to. Paris, 1786 

See also Fages-Chaulnes, de. 


Memoire. Pari 

BETTER late than never ! An impartial review of 
Mr. Pitt's administration, on the ground of 
responsibility, during the present war: by an 
enemy of the war. 

8vo. London, 17,94 

BETTESWORTH, John, and FOX, H. Oljservations 
on education in general : but particularly on 
naval education, with a plan of a naval academy. 

Svo. London, 1782 


See Frugoni, C. J. Versi sciolti. Venice, 1766. 

Opere edite e inedite in prosa ed in versi. 

Seconda edizione. 

24 vols. Svo. Fmw, 1799-1801 

II Parnaso Veneziano, poemetto : della cultura 

della poesia presso li Veneziani dissertazione 
storiea di Jacopo Morelli. 

4to. Venice, 1796 



BETTINELLI, Saverio. Eisorgimento d'ltalia 
negli studi, nelle arti, e ne' costumi dopo il 
mille : a cui si aggiugne I'elogio del Pctrarca. 

2 vols. Svo. Bassano, 1786 

BETTINI, Antonio, Bishop of Foligiio. Libre del 
monte santo di Die. 

4to. Nicolo di Lorenzo. Florence, 1477 

BEUDANT, Frangois Sulpice. Voyage mineralo- 
gique et guologique en Hongrie pendant I'annee 

4 vols. -ito. raris, 1822 

BEUGHEM, Cornelius a. Apparatus ad historiam 
literariam novissimam. Qui est bibliographia 
eruditorum critico-curiosa. 

l6rao. Amsterdam, 1689 

Bibliographica mathematica et artificiosa. 

Accedit Cosmographia, sive atlantis tarn Blaviani 
quam Janssoniani brevis conspectus. 

12mo. Avisterdam, 1688 

BEUGNOT, Arthur Auguste, Count. 

Sec Bemi, P. de. Les coutumes de Beauvoisis. 
Parh, 1842. 
„ Olim (les) ou registres des arrets, etc. Paris, 

BEURNONVILLE, Pierre de Kiel de, Marquis. 
See Miranda, F. de. Original correspondence. 

London, 1794. 

BEUZELIN, E. Grille de. Statistique monumentale. 
Rapport sur les monuments historiques des 
arrondissements de Nancy et de Toul. [Docu- 
ments inedits sur I'histoire de France.] 

1 vol. 4to, and 1 fol. Paris, 1837 

BEVAN, George Phillips. The statistical atlas of 
England, .Scotland, and Ireland, containing 4.') 
maps with texts. 

fol. Edinburgh and London, 1882 


Sae Calvin Translation Society. 

BEVERIDGE, William, Bishop of St. Asaph. 
.S'"' Synodikon sive pandectae. O.rfard, 1672. 

Theological works. [Vols, xi., xii. edited by 

J. Bliss.] [Library of Anglo-catholic Theology.] 
12 vols. 8vo. O.rfm-d, ISA-a-iS 

Codex Canonum Ecclesia; primitivae vindicatus 

ac illustratus. 

4to. London, 1678 

BEVERIDGE, William, Bishop of St. Asaph. 
Ecclesia Auglicana ecclesia Catholica, or the 
doctrine of the Church of England consonant to 
scripture, leason, and fathers : in a discourse 
upon the 3^) articles. 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1840 

A sermon upon swearing. 

Svo. London, 1721 

BEVERINI, Bartolomeo. 

See Virgilius Marc, P. Eneide [Latin and 
Italian]. Piome, 1700. 

BEVERLANDUS, Hadrianus. De fornicatione 
cavendaadmonitio: sive adhortatio ad pudicitiam 
et castitatem. 

Svo. London, 1697 

De peccato originali dissertatio. 

Svo. [Leyden] l67<) 

BEVERLEY, John. The poll for the election of a 
representative in Parliament for the University 
of Cambridge on Friday, February 7th, 1806. 

Svo. Cambridge [1806] 

BEVERLEY, Robert. 

See B. (R.), Gent. The History of Virginia. 
London, 1722. 

BEVEROVICIUS, Joannes. Epistolica quaestio de 
vitae termino fatali, an mobili ? cum doctorum 
responsis. Secunda editio. 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. Leijden, l636 

BEVILACQUA, Luca Antonio. 

St; Calepinus, A. Dictionarium. Fenice, 1573, etc. 

Vocabulario volgare et latino. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1581 

BEVIS of Hamtoun. The romance of Sir Beues 

of Hamtoun. Edited, with preface and notes, 

by EUGEN K(iLBiNG. [Early English Text 

Society, extra series, parts xlvi., xlviii., and Ixv.] 

Svo. London, 1885-94 

b6VY, Charles Joseph de. 

Sec M * * *. Ilistoire des inaugurations. Paris, 

— — Histoire de la noblesse h^reditaire et successive 
des Gaulois, des Francois et des autres peuples 
de I'Eiu-ope, de leur gouvernement depuis 57 ans 
avant notre ere jusqu'i present : tom. i. [No 
more published.] 

4to. Liige, 1791 



BEWICK, John and Thomas. 

See Aesop. Select fables. Newcastle, 1820. 
„ Hugo, T. The Bewick collector. London, 


,, Thomson, D. C. The life and works of 
T. Bewick. London, 1882. 

Works : comprising the history of British birds 

and quadrupeds, the fables of Aesop, and a 
memoir written hy himself with a preface by 
Austin Dobson. 

5 vols. 8vo. Navcastle and London, ISS5-H7 

History of British birds, the figures engraved 

on wood : wth two supplements. 

3 vols. 8vo. Neiocastle, 1797-1821 

A history of British birds : the ligures engraved 

on wood by T. B. 

2 vols. 8vo. Netocastle, 180r) 

— A general history of quadrupeds : the ligures 
engraved on wood by T. B. 

Fourth edition. 

8vo. Newcastle., 1790 

8vo. Newcastle-oii-Tyne, 1800 

BEXLE7, Nicholas Vansittart, Baron. 

.S't't' Reflections on the propriety. London, 1793. 

BEYER, August. Memoriae historico-criticae libro- 
rum rariorum. 

8vo. Dresden and Leipzig, 1734 

BEYLE, Marie Henri, called Stendhal. 

See Bombet, L. A. C, pseud. Lettres . . . sur 
J. Haydn. Paris, 1814. 
„ Bombet, L. A. C, pseud. The life of Haydn. 
London, 1817. 

BEYNEN, L. R. Koolemans. 

See Veer, G. de. Voyages of William Barents. 
[Hakluyt Society.] 

BEYSCHLAG, Willibald. Das Leben Jesu. Dritte 

2 vols. 8vo. Halle, 1 893 

Neutestamentliche Theologie oder geschicht- 

liche Darstellurig der Lehren Jesu und des 
Urchristenthums nach den neutestamentlichen 

2 vols. 8vo. Ealle, 1891-92 

BEZA, Theodorus. 

»',• Bible, English. N. T. ir>l6,etc. 
„ „ French. 1567. 
,, ,, ,, Psalms. Charenton, 1672. 

„ Calvin, J. Opera. Amsterdam, 1667-71. 
„ Calvin Translation Society. 
„ De vera pronuntiatione. [Paris] 1587. 
„ Histoire eccl^siastique. Antwerj\ l.'iSO. 
,, Sylloge scriptorum. Leyden, 1736. 

Alphabctum Graccum : addita sunt scholia in 

quilnis de germana Graecae linguae pi'onuntia- 
tione disseritur. 

8vo. R. Stcpluinus. [Paris] 1554 

— De Haereticis a civili magistratu puniendis 

Svo. R. Stephanus. Paris, 1554 

— Epistolarum theologicarum liber unus. Secunda 

Svo. Geneva, 1575 

— Icones virorum doctrina simul et pietate 
illustrium, additis eorundem vitae et operae 

4to. Geneva, 1580 

— Poemata. 

8vo. Conrad Badius. Paris, 1548 

— Poemata juvenilia. 

12mo. [1548] 

Poemata, quiljus continentur sylvae, elegiae, 

epitaphia, icones, epigrammata : nunc denuo 

12mo. Lyons [1550] 

Poematum editio secunda : item, ex G. 

Buchanano aliisque poetis excerpta carmina. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. H. Stephanus. 
[Genem] 1569 

Poemata varia, in unum nunc corpus collecta. 

4to. [H. Stephanus and J. Stoer. 
Geneva] 1597-98 


l6mo. [Paris, l600] 

Amoenitates poeticae sive Bezae, M. A. Mureti, 

et J. Secundi juvenilia, turn J. Bonefonii Pan- 
charis, J. Bellaii Amores, etc. 

12mo. Paris and Leyden, 111 Q 

BEZIERS, Michel. Histoire sommaire de la ville de 

12mo. Caen, 111 3 




See BeitrSge zur Kunde. Goettingen, 1877, etc. 

BHAGAVADGITA. The Bhagvat-Geeta, or dia- 
logues of Kieeshna and Arjoon, with notes. 
Translated from the Sanskreet by Charles 


■Ito. London, 1785 
(The) with the Sanatsugatiya, and the Anugita. 

Translated by K. T. Telang. [Sacred books of 
the East, vol. viii.] 

8vo. O-ifmrl, 1882 

BHASKARA ACHARYA. Lilawati ; or, a treatise 
on arithmetic and geometry. Translated from 
the Sanscrit by John Taylor. [Bombay 
Literary Society.] 

4to. Bombay, 1816 

BIAGIOLI, Niccold Giosafatte. 

Sec Buonarroti, M. A., the elder. Rime. Paris, 

,, Dante Alighieri. La Divina Commedia. 

Paris, 1818-1!). 

— Grammaire italiennc a I'usage do la jeunesse. 
Deuxitime edition. 

12mo. Paris, 1822 

Tesoretto della lingua Toseana. Seconda 


8vo. Paris, 1822 

BIANOHI, Giovanni. De bagni di Pisa posti a pife 
del monte di San Giuliano. 

8vo. Florence, 1757 

BIANOHI, Giovanni Antonio. 

See Lauriso Tragiense, pseud. Tragedie. Borne, 


Della potesta, e della politia della chiesa. 

6 vols, in 8. 4to. PLomc, 1745-51 

BIANOHI, Giovanni Battista. 

See Ovidius Naso, P. I fasti. [Latin and 
Italian.] J'cnice, 1781. 

BIANOHI, Giuseppe. Eagguaglio delle antichiti e 
rariti'i che si conservano nella galleria Mediceo- 
Imperiale di Firenzc : parte i. 

I2mo. Florence, 1759 

BIANOHI, Lodovico. 

S^c Partesanon, G., pseud. I'rofetie. [c. IfiOO ?] 

BIANOHI, Paolo Federico. Listituzione pratica 
<l('ir architcttura civile per la decorazione de' 
puliblici c jH-ivati cdifici, preceduta da un articolo 
(11 gcometria in pratica. 

2 vols, in I. 4to. Milan, 17f)() 

BIANCO, Alessandro Capo. Corona e palma militare 
di arteglieria. 

fol. Venice, 1598 

Vellum, with the arms of the Duke of Northumberland. 

BIANCONI, Giovanni Lodovico. Opere. 

4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Milan, 1802 

BIBLE (The) of every land. A history of the sacred 
scriptures in every language and dialect into 
which translations have been made. New 

4to. London, N.D. [I860] 



Polyglotts [tuv or more languages]. In order of date. 
Bible, complete. 
Old Testament, complete. 
„ „ parts. 

New Testament, complete, 
Single languages, in alplMhetiad order. 

Parts arranged in a similar manner to Polyglotts. 
Apocr3rpha. Old Testament. 

Apocrypha, New Testament. •'" 

(i) English; (2) Latin. 
Other items in alphabetical order. 


See Castell, E. (for Lexicon heptaglotton). 

Hebrew, Chaldean, Greek, and Latin. Biblia 

sacra polyglotta, impressa de mandato et sump- 
tibus Francisci Ximenez de Cisneros. [Edited 
by Antonio de Lebrixa, and others.] 

6 vols. fol. Alcala, 1514-17 

Greek and Latin. Biblia Graeca et Latina. 

5 parts. 8vo. N. Brylinger. Basle, 1549-50 

Hebrew, Chaldean, Greek, and Latin. Biblia 

Polyglotta : hcbraice, chaldaice, graece, et latiiie ; 
cnra et studio Benedicti Ari/E Montani. 

<S vols. fol. Plantin. Antwerp, 1569-73 

Red morocco, with the arms and monogram of De Thou. 

Another copy. 

Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Biblia sacra, 

Hebraice, Graece, et Latine . . . cum annota- 
tionibus Francisci Vatabli. [Edited by B. C. 
Bertram.] [The New Testament was not pub- 
lished in this edition.] 

1 vol. in 2. fol. Ex officina Sanctandreana. 
[Heidelberg] 1587 



BIBLE, Polyglott. Greek and Latin, liililionim 
Gracco liatinorum partes i. iv. | containing the 
Old- Testament and Apocrypha]. 

4 vols. 8vo. Brylinger. Bade, l,'j82 

Vetus Testamcntiim secundum Ixx. efc ex 

autoritate Sixti v. editum, cum scholiis et Latina 
traiLslatione : accessit Novum Testamcntum. 
[Edited by J. Mokin.] 

.3 vols, in 2. fol. Pam, 1628 

Hebrew, Samaritan, Chaldean, Greek, Ssrriac, 

Latin, and Arabic. Bil)lia. Edidit G. M. le 
J.\Y [and others]. 

i) vols, in 10. fol. Paris, 1629-45 

Hebrew, Samaritan, Chaldean, Greek, Syriac, 

Arabic, Aethiopian, Persian, and Latin. Biblia 
sacra jjolyglotta, complectentia toxtus originales 
versionumque antiquarum quicquid comparari 
poterat. Edidit Brian W.\ltonus. 

6 vols. fol. London, 1655-57 

Bluo morocco, with the arms of Nicolas Lambert tie ThorigDy. 

— Another copy. 

With the dedication to Oliver Cromwell. 

— Arabic and Latin. Biblia sacra Arabica : 
additis c regionc Bibliis Latinis Vulgatis. [Ke- 
vised and edited by S. Eisius.] 

3 vols. fol. Rome, 1671 

— German and Dutch. Bilslia Pentapla, nach 
fiinflacher deutscher Verdolmetschung, als der 
rcimisch-catholischen durch Caspar Ulenberg, der 
evangelisch-lutherischen, der evangelisch-refor- 
mirten durch Johann Piscator, der jiidischen 
im alten Testament des Joseph Athiae und der 
neuen durch J. H. Eeitzen und der holliindischen 
mit Novi Testamenti Apocrypha, und Matthaei 
Hillers Erklarungs-Kegistcr. 

6 vols, in .3. 4to. Hamburg, 1710-12 

— French and Latin. Commentaire litteral sur 
tous les livres de I'aneien et du nouveau Testa- 
ment par AuGUSTix Calmet. [With the Latin 
vulgate text and the French translation of L. J. 
le Maistre de Sacy.] 

8 vols, in 9. fol. Paris, 1724-26 

— Latin and Italian. La Biblia secondo la 
volgata, tradotto in lingua Italiana con anno- 
tazioni da A. Martini. 

23 vols. 8vo. Turin, 1776-81 

BIBLE, Polyglott. Latin and French. .Sainte 
Bible en Latin ct Fran(;ois [in the translation 
of L. de Carri6res] avec de notes littdi'alcs, 
critiques et historiques, etc. Tirees du com- 
mentaire de Dom Augustin Calmet, et des 
auteurs les plus c61febres. Troisieme edition. 

17 vols. 8vo. Toulouse, 1779 

Sainte Bible, en Latin et en Fran9ois [by 

L. DE CarrieresJ : avec des notes, etc., de 
Calmet, de I'abbe de Venco, etc. [edited by 
L. E. Kondet]. Quatrifeme Edition, avec un atlas 
do planches. 

25 vols. 8vo, and 1 vol. 4to. Paris, 1820-24 

Hebrew, Greek, Latin, English, German, 

Italian, French, and Spanish. Biblia Sacra 
Polyglotta, textus archetypos versioncsque prao- 
cipuas ab ecclesia antiquitiis receptas complec- 
tentia. Accedunt prolegomena auctore S. Lee. 
[An appendix contains the Syriae New Testa- 
ment and the Samaritan Pentateuch.] 

fol. London, 1831 

- Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and German. Poly- 
glotten Bibel . . . bearl^eitct von It. Stier und 
K. G. W. Theile. Dritte Auflage. 

4 vols, in 5. 8vo. Bielefeld, 1863-64 

— Hebrew, Greek, Syriac, Latin, English, Ger- 
man, and French. The Hexaglot Biljle. Edited 
by E. E. DE Levante, assisted by other scholars. 
6 vols. 4to. London, 1874-76 

— O. T. Hebrew and Latin. Biblia Hebraica, 
secundum editionem Belgicam Everardi van 
der Hooght, una cum versione Latina Sebas- 
tian! SCHMIDII. [Edited by J. C. Clodius.] 

^ 2 vols. 4to. Leipzig, 1740 

— 0. T. Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. Biblia 
Hebraica, cum notis et versione Latina : accedunt 
libri Graeci qui Deutero - Canonici vocantur. 
Edidit Carolus Franciscus Houbigant. 

4 vols. fol. Paris, 1753 

— 0. T., Pentateuch. Coptic and Latin. Quinque 
libri Moysis in lingua Aegyptiaca ; descripsit ac 
Latine vertit David Wilkins. 

4to. London, 1731 

— 0. T., Pentateuch. Hebrew and English. The 

Pentateuch, in Hebrew and English, with notes 
by Lion Soesmans and David Levi. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1789 



BIBLE, Polyglott. 0. T., Pentateuch. English and 
Latin. Commentaries on the four last books 
of Moses, arranged in the form of a harmony, by 
John Calvin. [With the text in English and 
Latin.] Translated by C. W. Bingham. [Calvin 
Translation Society.] 

4 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1852-55 

— O. T., Genesis. English and Latin. Commen- 
taries by John Calvin. [With the text in 
English and Latin.] Translated by J. King. 
[Calvin Translation Society.] 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1847-50 

— 0. T., Exodus. Hebrew and English. A his- 
torical and critical commentary on Exodus, by 
M. M. Ivalisch. [With the text in Hebrew and 

Svo. London, 1855 

— 0. T., Ruth. Syriac and Latin. Syriaca para- 
phrasis libelli Euth cum Latiiia interpretatione 
per Jo. Mercerum. 

4to. B. Stephanus. Paris, 1564-65 

— 0. T., Poetical books. Ethiopic and Latin. 
Psalterium Davidis Aethiopice et Latine : acce- 
dunt Aethiopice tantum, hymni et orationes 
aliquot veteris et novi testamenti, item Canticum 
Canticorum, cura JoBi Ludolfi. ' 

4to. Frankfort, 1701 

— 0. T., Job. Hebrew and Latin. Liber Jobi 
cum nova versionc et commentario perpetuo, 
curavit Albertu.s Schultens. 

2 vols. 4to. Leyden, 1 737 

— 0. T., Joshua. English and Latin. Com- 
mentaries by John Calvin. [With the text 
in English and Latin.] Translated by H. 
Beveridge. Professor Tholuck's dissertation: 
and opinions and testimonies of foreign and 
British divines as to the value and importance 
of Calvin's writings. [Calvin Translation 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1854 

— Liber Jobi in versiculos metrice divisus cum 
version© Latina A. ScHULTENS notisque, edidit 
E. Guey. 

Svo. London, 1742 

— 0. T., Job. Hebrew and Italian. II libro di 
(Jiobbe recato dal teste Ebreo in versi Italiani 
da G. Ceruti. 

Svo. Rome, 1773 

BIBLE, Polyglott. O. T., Psalms. Hebrew and 
See Drusius, J. (for fragmenta veterum inter- 


— 0. T., Psalms. Greek and Latin. Psalterium 
[graeco-latinum] . 

4to. Mihn, 1481 

— Another copy, with variations. 

— 0. T., Psalms. Quincuplex psalterium : Galli- 
cum, Eomanum, Hebraicum, Vetus, Conciliatum 
cum commentariis a Jacobo Fabro. [A transla- 
tion into Latin of these vei-sions.] 

fol. H. Stephanus. Paris, 1509 

— 0. T., Psalms. Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, and 
Chaldean. Psalterium, Hebreum, Grecum, 
Arabicum, et Chaldeum, cum tribus interpreta- 
tionibus et glossis. 

fol. Peirus Paidlus Porrus. Genoa, 151 6 

Printed on vellum. 

— O. T., Psalms. Hebrew, Greek, Chaldean, and 
Latin. Psalterium in quatuor linguis Hebraea, 
Graeca, Chaldaea, Latina. Litroductiunculae in 
tres linguas externas ; Hebraeam, Graecam, 

fol. Cologne, 1518 

— 0. T., Psalms. Arabic and Latin. Liber 
Psalmorum, ex Arabico idiomate in Latinum 
translatus a Gabriele Sionita et Victorio 


4to. Borne, l6l4 

— 0. T., Psalms. Greek and Latin. Davides 
emmetros, sivo metaphrasis libri Psalmorum 
Graecis versibus contexta per Jacobum Du- 


4to. Cambridge, 1666 

— PsaJterium, juxta exemplar Alexandrinum. 
Editio nova Graece et Latine. 

Svo. Oxford, 167S 

— 0. T., Psalms. Hebrew and Latin. Psal- 
morum liber in versiculos metrice divisus : 
Hebraice et Latine, cum dissertatione de antiqua 
Hebraeorum poesi, et speciminibus. Edidit 
Fr. Hare. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1736 

0. T., Psalms. Coptic and Arabic. [The 

Psalms, in Coptic and Arabic. Edited by R. 


4to. [Brnie, 1744] 



BIBLE, Polyglott. 0. T., Psalms. Greek and 
Latin. Athaiiasii interprctatio psalmorum sive 
de titulis psalmorum. [With the text.] 

fol. Rome, ITlG 

0. T., Psalms. Latin and French. Sentimens 

d'uno ame touchc^e do Dieu ; ou paraphrase 
morale de plusicurs pseaumes eii forme dc pricres 
par M. Massillon. 

2 vols. 8vo. raris, 1747 

0. T., Psalms. Syriac and Latin. Psalterium 

Syriacum recensuit et Latiiie vertit T. EuPKNiUS ; 
notas philologicas et criticas addidit J. A. Dathe. 

8vo. Ilallc, 1761S 

0. T., Psalms. Latin and French. Lcs 

pseaumes, traduits en Fraii^ais, avec des re- 
flexions par G. F. Berthier. 

5 vols. 12mo. Toulouse, 1801 

0. T., Psalms. Hebrew and Italian. I 

Salterio Ebraico versificato dal commendatore 
GiOVAMBATiSTA Co. Gazola, sulla Italianizazionc 
deir abate Giuseppe Venturi col testo e note. 

4to. Verona, I8I6 

0. T., Psalms. Latin and Italian. Psalterium 

hoc est Psalmorum liber: Libro dei Salmi tra- 
dotto in Italiano secondo il testo della Volgata 
da monsignor Martini, riscontrato sulla prima 
edizione da G. Rolandi. 

8vo. London, 1839 

— 0. T., Psalms. Latin and French. Le Livre 
des Pseaumes. [Latin and Old French.] Ancienne 
traduction fran^aise publiee d'aprfes les maim- 
scrits de Cambridge et de Paris par F. ISIichel. 

4to. Paris, 1876 

— 0. T., Psalms. Latin and English. The 

Psalter or Psalms of David and certain canticles 
with a translation and exposition in English by 
Richard Eolle of Hampole. Edited from mss. 
by the Rev. H. R. Br.UILEY, M.A., with an in- 
troduction and glossary. 

8vo. Oxford, 1884 

— 0. T., Ecclesiastes. Greek and Latin. .Sancti 
Gregorii 11. pontificis Agrigentinorum libri decern 
explanationis Ecclesiastae [with the text], cum 
vita ejusdem a Leontio Monacho scripta. 
[Edited by S. A. Morcelli.] 

fol. Venice, 1791 

BIBLE, Polyglott. 0. T., Song of Songs. Hebrew 
and English. A Dissertation on the Song of 
Solomon : with the original text, divided accord- 
ing to the metre : and a poetical version [by 
Andrew Gifford]. 

8vo. London, 1751 

0. T. Prophets. Chaldean and Latin. Chal- 

daea translatio Abdiao Jonae et Haggaei pro- 
phetarum, Latino sermone donata, per J. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. M. Juvenis. Paris, 1550-51 

0. T. Prophets. English and Latin. Com- 
mentaries on the minor prophets by John 
Calvin. [With the text in English and Latin.] 
Translated by .J. Owen. [Calvin Translation 

5 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1846-49 

Commentaries on Jeremiah and Lamentations 

by John Calvin. Translated by John Owen. 
[With the text in English and Latin.] [Calvin 
Translation Society.] 

5 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1850-55 

0. T., Isaiah. Latin and French. Isaic, 

traduit en Fran9ois, avec des reflexions, par 
G. F. Berthier. 

5 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1788-89 

— 0. T., Isaiah. English and Latin. Commentary 
by John Calvin. [With the text in English and 
Latin.] Translated by W. Pringle. [Calvin 
Translation Society.] 

4 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1850-53 

— 0. T., Ezekiel. English and Latin. Commen- 
taries on the first twenty chapters by John 
Calvin. [With the text in English and Latin.] 
Translated by T. Myers. [Calvin Translation 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1849-50 

0. T., Daniel. Greek and Latin. Daniel 

secundum septuaginta ex tetraplis Origenis nunc 
primum editus. [Etlited by S. M. de Magis- 


fol. Rome, 1772 

0. T., Daniel. Syriac and Latin. Daniel, 

secundum Ixx., Syriace edidit, Latine vertit, 
Cajetanus Bugatus. 

4to. Milan, 1788 



BIBLE, Polyglott. 0. T., Daniel. English and 
Latin. Commentaries by John Calvin. [With 
the text in English and Latin.] Translated by 
T. Myers. [Calvin Translation Society.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1852-53 

N. T. Greek and Latin. Novum Instrumentum 

omne, diligenter ab Erasmo Eoterodamo reco- 
gnitum una cum annotationibus. 

2 parts in 1. fol. /. Froben. Basle, 1516 

Novum Testamentum, ab Erasmo Eotero- 

damo recognitum, cum annotationibus. 

2 vols. fol. Froben. Basle, 15\ 9 

— Novum Testamentum, tertio ab Erasmo re- 
cognitum : cum annotationibus. 

2 vols. fol. Froben. Basle, 1522 

— Novum Testamentum ex Erasmi recognitione, 
jam quartum : cum annotationibus, adjecta 
Vulgata translatione. 

2 vols. fol. Froben. Basle, 1527 

— N. T. Latin and German. Novum Testa- 
mentum omne Latina versione, oppositum 
aeditioni vulgari sive Germanicae, in usum 

4to. Chr. Froschover. Zurich, 1535 

studiosorum vulgatum. 

— N. T. Latin and English. The newe testa- 
ment both latine and englyshe ech corre- 
spondent to the other after the vulgare texte, 
communely called S. Jeroms. FaythfuUy trans- 
lated by Myles Couerdale. 

4to. James Nicholson. London, 1538 

— Another edition. 

4to. Francis EegnauU. Paris, 153S 

— N. T. Greek and Latin. Novum Testamentum 
jam quintum, recognitum a Des. Erasmo, cum 
annotationibus : cum Vulgata versione. 

2 vols. fol. Froben. Basle, 1541-42 

— Novum Testamentum, cura et diligentia D. 

8vo. Paris, 1543 

— N. T. English and Latin. The New Testa- 
ment in Englishc after the Greeke translation 
annexed wyth the translation of Erasmus in 

Svo. Thomas GauUicr. London, 1550 

— N. T. Greek and Latin. Novum Testa- 
mentum Graecum cum duplici interprctatione 
D. Erasmi ct veteris interpretis. 

2 vols. Svo. Ji. Stephanus. [Paris] 1551 

BIBLE, Polyglott. N. T. Greek and Latin. 

Novum Testamentum Graece et Latine postrema 
manu illustratum. [The first sheet has been 
reprinted and dated 1 597.] 

Svo. /. Tornaesius. Lyons, 1559 

— Novum Testamentum Graece, cum vulgata 
interpretatione Latina Graeci contextus lineis 
inserta. Cum notis Ben Ariae Montani. 

Svo. Ch. Plantin. Antwerp, 1583 

— N. T. Hebrew, Greek, and Latin. Novum 
Testamentum, Hebraice, Graece, et Latine. 

4to. Steph. Prevosteau. Paris, 1583[-84] 

Red morocco, with the arms of M. WodhuU. 

— N. T. Greek and Latin. Novum Testa- 
mentum, Graece, cum vulgata interpretatione 
Latina Graeci contextus lineis inserta. Edidit 
B. Arias Montanus. 

Svo. Commelin. Heidelberg, 1599 

— N. T. Syriac, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, German, 
Bohemian, Italian, Spanish, French, English, 
Danish, Polish. . . . studio et labore Eli^ 


2 vols. fol. Nuremberg, 1599 

— N. T. Greek and Latin. Novum Testamentum 
Graece, cum vidgata interpretatione Latina 
Graeci contextus lineis inserta. 

Svo. H. Commelin. Heidelberg, l602 

Citron morocco, with the arms of Henri, Due de Rohan. 

— N. T. French, Greek, and Latin. Le Nouveau 
Testament traduit en Francois avec le Grec et le 
Latin de la Vulgate ajofltez a cote. Nouvelle 
edition. [The French translation is the Port- 
Eoyal version, by A. Le Maistre, A. Arnauld, 
and L. L Le Maistre de Sacy.] 

2 vols. Svo. Mons [Brussels 1] 1673 

— N. T. Greek, Syriac, Latin, and German. 

Biblia sacra quadrilinguia Novi Testament! 
Graeci cum versionibus Syriaca, Graeca vulgari, 
Latina et Germanica, accurante Christiano 


fol. Leipsig, 1713 

— N. T. Greek and Latin. Novum Testamentum, 
Gr. et Lat., textuni recensuit, varias lectiones ex 
centum codicibus Mss. collegit, et edidit C. F. 
Matthaei, cum tabulis aeneis xxix. 

12 vols, in 8. Svo. Riga, 1182-88 

— N. T. French and English. Le nouveau 

Svo. London, 1817 



BIBLE, Polyglott. N. T. German and Wendish. 

l);is Nciio Tostamont, in die Wcndische Sprachc 
iibersetzt von GOTTLIEB Fabricio. 

8vo. Cottbus, 1821 

N. T. Slavonic and Russian. [The New 

Testament in Slavonic and Russian.] 

Svo. St. Petersburg, 1822 

N. T. Greek and English. The English 

hexapla, exhibiting the six important English 
translations of the New Testament scriptures, 
Wiclif, Tyndale, Cranmer, Genevan, Anglo- 
Khomish, Authoiised. Preceded by a history of 
English translations and translators. 

■tto. London [IS-H] 

— N. T. Greek and Latin. The Greek New 
Testament, with various readings, and the 
Latin version of Jerome. Edited by S. P. 

7 parts in 3 vols. 4to. London, 1857-79 

— N. T., Gospels, Acts, Epistles. Syriac and 
Latin. Sacrorum evangeliorum, actuum aposto- 
lorum et epistolarum versio Syriaca Philoxeniana 
cum interpretatione et notis Josephi White. 

4 vols, in 2. 4to. Oxford, 1778-1803 

— N. T., Gospels and Acts. Greek and Latin. 

Codex Theodori Bezae Cantabrigiensis, Evan- 
gelia, et Apostolorum Acta complectens, 
quadratis Uteris Graeco-Latinis. Edidit Thojia.s 

2 vols. fol. Cantahrigiae, 1793 

— Codex BezEe Cantabrigiensis, an exact copy in 
ordinary type of the Uncial Graeco-Latin MS. of 
the Gospels and Acts written early in the sixth 
century, and presented to the University of 
Cambridge by Theodore Beza. Edited with 
introduction and notes by F. H. SCRIVENER. Cambridge, 1864 

— N. T., Gospels. Saxon and English. The 
Gospels of the fower Evangelistcs translated out 
of Latin into the vulgare toung of the Saxons, 
collected and published [by M. Parker, Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury ; with a dedication by 
J. Foxe]. 

4to. John Do y. London, 1.571 

— N. T., Gospels. Syriac, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, 
German, Bohemian, Italian, Spanish, French, 
English, Danish, and Polish. S. Matthaeus, et 
S. Marcus : Syriace, Ebraice, Gr., Lat., Germ., 
Bohem., Ital, Hisp., Gall., Angl, Dan., Polonice. 
Edidit Elias Huttei:. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Nuremberg, 15,99-lt)00 

BIBLE, Polyglott. N. T., Gospels. Greek and 
Latin. In sacrofsancta (juatuor .Jesu Christi 
evangelia, F. LucAE commentarius. [With the 

fol. Antwerp, l(){)(i 

Olive morocco, with tlie arras and inouogram of De Tliou. 

— N. T., Gospels. Arabic and Latin. Quatuor 
evangelia, Arabicc scripta, Latino rcddita, figu- 
risque ornata. [The Latin version by J. B. Eay- 


fol. Rome, 1610 

— N. T., Gospels. Gothic and Anglo-Saxon. 

Quatuor Evangeliorum versiones pcrantiquae 
duae (lothica et Anglo-Saxonica. Edidit Fr. 
Junius et Thomas Mareschallus, cum glossario 

2 vols. 4to. Dmxlrceld, 16"65 

— N. T., Gospels. Latin, Gothic, Swedish, and 
Icelandic. Evangelia ab Ulfila ex Graeco Gothice 
translata, nunc cum parallelis versionibus Sveo- 
Gothica, Norraena seu Islandica, et vulgata 
Latina edita : et glossarium Ulphila-Gothicum, 
per Fr. Junium, nunc etiam Sveo-Gothica 
locupletatum per G. Stiernhielm. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Stockholm, 1670-71 

— N. T., Gospels. Greek and Latin. Harmonia 
evangelica, cui suljjocta est historia Christi ex 
quatuor evangeliis concinnata ; et tres disserta- 
tiones, auctore Joanne Clerico. 

fol. Amsterdam, 1700 

— N. T., Gospels. Gothic and Latin. Sacrorum 
evangeliorum versio Gothica ex codice argenteo, 
cum interpretatione Latina et notis Erici 
Benzelii. Edidit et grammaticam Gothicam 
praemisit E. Lye. 

4to. Oxford, 1750 

— N. T., Gospels. Latin and French. Le 

nouveau Testament, en Latin et en Francjais, 
ti-aduit par Sacy : edition orniie de figures. 
[Contains the four Gospels only.] 

4 vols. Svo. Paris, 1793 

— N. T., Gospels. Gothic, Anglo-Saxon, and 
English. The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon Gospels 
in parallel columns with the versions of Wyclift'e 
and Tyndale, arranged with preface and notes, 
by the Kev. Joseph Bosworth, D.D., assisted 
by George Waring, M.A. 

4to. London, 1S65 



BIBLE, Polyglott. N. T., John. Greek, Coptic, 
and Latin. Fragmentum evangelii S. Johaniiis 
Graeco-Copto-Thebaicum saeculi iv. : et liturgiea 
frasmenta, in Latinum versa et notis illustrata 
cura AuGUSTiNi Antonii Georgii. 

4to. Rome, 1789 

Olive morocco, with the arms of Pius vi. 

N. T., Acts. Greek and Latin. Acta Aposto- 

lorum Graeco-Latine, litteris majusculis, e codice 
Laudiano. Edidit Thojias Hearne. 

8vo. Oxfmxl, 1715 

N. T., Epistles. Greek and Latin. XIII. 

epistolarum Pauli codex Graecus cum versioiie 
Latina veteri vulgo Antehieronymiana. Edita 
C. F. Matthaei. 

4to. Meissen, 1791 

N. T., Epistles. English and Greek. A new 

translation of the Apostolical Epistles, \vith com- 
mentary, and a life of St. Paul, by James Mac- 


5 vols, in 4. 4to. Edinburgh, 1795 

— N. T., Epistles. English and Latin. Com- 
mentary on Philippians, Colossians, and Thes- 
salonians by John Calvin. [With the text in 
English and Latin.] Translated and edited by 
.J. Pringle (with four sermons on idolatry, etc.). 
[Calvin Translation Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1851 

— Commentaries on Galatians and Ephesians by 
John Calvin. [With the text in English and 
Latin.] Translated by W. Pringle. [Calvin 
Translation Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1854 

— Commentaries on the Catholic Epistles by John 
Calvin. [With the text in English and Latin.] 
Translated and edited by JOHN Ovi'EN. [Calvin 
Translation Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1855 

— Commentaries on Timothy, Titus, and Philemon 
by John Calvin. [With the text in English and 
Latin.] Translated by W. Pringle. [Calvin 
Translation Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1856 

— N. T., Epistles. Greek and Latin. Codex 
Augiensis, an exact transcript of the Gra^co- 
Latiii manuscript of St. Paul's Epistles deposited 
in the Lil)rary of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
collated with 50 other manuscripts. Edited with 
an introduction by F. II. Scrivener. 

8vo. Lmuhii, 1859 

BIBLE, Polyglott. N. T., Epistles. Greek and 
English. The epistles of St. Paul to the 
Thessalonians, Galatians, Romans ; with critical 
notes and dissertations by the Kev. Benjamin 
JoWETT. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1859 

A critical and grammatical commentary on the 

Pastoral Epistles, with a revised translation by 
C. J. Ellicott. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1861 

The Epistles of St. Paul to the Ephesians, the 

Colossians, and Philemon, with introductions and 
notes and an essay by J. Llewelyn Davies. 

8vo. London, 1866 

The Pastoral Epistles, with introduction and 

notes by P. Fairbairn. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1874 

St. Paul's Epistles to the Philippians, Colossians, 

and Philemon. Edited with a translation by 
C. J. Ellicott, Bishop of Gloucester and Bristol. 

Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1875 



— N. T., Romans. English and Latin. Com- 
mentaries by John Calvin. [With the text in 
English and Latin.] Translated and edited by 
John Owen. [Calvin Translation Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1849 

— N. T., Corinthians. English and Latin, 

Commentary by John Calvin. [With the text 
in English and Latin.] Translated by J. Pringle. 
[Calvin Translation Society.] 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1848-49 

— N. T., Galatians. Greek and English. St. 

Paul's epistle to the Galatians : with a critical 
and grammatical commentary, and a revised 
translation by C. J. Ellicott. Fourth edition. 

Svo. London, 1867 

— A commentary on the Greek text of the 
Epistle of Paul to the Galatians, by John Eadie. 

Svo. Edinburgh, I869 

— N. T., Ephesians. Greek and English. A 
commentary on the Greek text of St. Paul's 
Epistle to the Ephesians, by John Eadie. 
Second edition. 

Svo. London, 1S61 

— N. T., Philippians. Greek and English. A 

commentary on the Greek text of St. Paul's 
Epistle to the Philippians, by John Eadie. 

Svo. London, 1859 



BIBLE, Polyglott. N. T., Colossians. Greek and 
English. A coimucutary on the (Ircok text 
of St. Paul's Epistle to the Colossians, hy John 

8vo. London, 1856 

— N. T., Thessalonians. Greek and English. 
St. Paul's Epistles to the Thessalonians ; with a 
critical and grammatical commentary, and a 
revised translation, by C. J. Elijcott. Third 

8vo. London, 1866 

— A commentary on the Greek text of the 
Epistles of Paul to the Thessalonians, by John 
Eadie. Edited by W. Young, with a preface by 
Professor Cairns. 

Svo. London, 1877 

— N. T., Hebrews. English and Latin. Com- 
mentaries by John Calvin. [With the text in 
English and Latin.] Translated and edited hy 
J. Owen. [Calvin Translation Society.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1853 

N. T., Apocal3rpse. Syriac, Hebrew, Greek, 

and Latin. Apocalypsis S. Johannis, edita 
charactere Syro et Ebraeo, cum versione Latina, 
et notis, opera LuDOVici de Dieu. 

■ito. Elzevir. Leyden, 1627 

Bible — single languages. 

See also Psalms. 

BIBLE, Amharic. N. T., Gospels. Evangelia sacra 
sub auspiciis D. Asselini in linguam Amharicam 
vertit Abu Rumi Habessinus. Edidit T. P. 

4to. London, 1824 

BIBLE, Anglo-Saxon. 0. T., Genesis. Caedmonis 
monachi parajArasis poetica Genesios ac prae- 
cipuarum sacrae paginae historiarum, Anglo- 
Saxonice, nunc primum edita a Fr. Junio 
[with notes added, 1752]. Figurae quaedam 
[xv.] antiquae ex Caedmonis exemplari per- 
vetusto in bibliotheca Bodleiana adservato 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Amsterdam, 1655, 
ami [Oxfm-d] 1752-54 

BIBLE, Arabic. 

Svo. EicMrd Watts. London, 1821-22 

0. T., Psalms. 

12mo. London, N.D. 

BIBLE, Arabic. O. T., Psalms. [The Psalms, with 
parallel passages from the Old and New Testa- 
ments, the ten commandments and the Lord's 
prayer, for the use of Turkish Christians.] 

Svo. London, 1725 

- — — N. T. Novum Testamentum Arabice, ex 
bililiotheca leidensi, edente Thoma Erpenio. 

Ho. Lcydcn, l6l6 

N. T., Epistles. An Aral:>ic version of the 

Epistles of St. Paul to the Romans, Corinthians, 
(Talatians ; with part of the Epistle to the 
Ephesians from a ninth century ms. in the Con- 
vent of S. Katharine on Mount Sinai. Edited by 
Margaret Dunlop Gibson. [Studia Sinaitica, 

4to. London, 1894 

BIBLE, Armenian. [The Bible according to the 
ancient Armenian translation from the Greek. 
Revised and corrected by John, Archbishop of 
the Armenians in Russia.] 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1817 

N. T. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1668 

Another edition. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1698 

BIBLE, Assamese. The Bible translated into the 
Assam language by the Serampore missionaries. 
Vol. v. containing the New Testament. [Wants 
vols, i.-iv.] 

Svo. Serampore, 1820 

BIBLE, Basque. N. T. Jesus Christ Gure Jaunaren 
Testamentu Berria. 

Svo. Pierre Hautin. Bochelk, 1571 

In original gilt-stamped binding. 

BIBLE, Bikanira. N. T. The Bible translated 
into the Vikancra language. Vol. v. containing 
the New Testament. [No more published.] 

Svo. Serampore, 1820 

BIBLE, Bohemian. Biblij CZesk.i w Benatkach 


fol. P. Lichtenstein. Venice, 1506 

Biblj Swata w now^ wytisstina a wyddna. 

4to. [Kralitz] 1596 

Biblj Czeska. 

2 vols. Svo. Magdeburg, 1766 

— Biblia Sacra. To gest Biblj Swata. [The 
version of 1579-] 

3 vols, in 1. Svo. Berlin, 1813 



BIBLE, Chinese. 

5 vols, in case. Svo. Serampore, 1815-22 

BIBLE, Danish. Biblia det er den gantske Hellige 
Scrifft udsaet paa Danske. [Translated from 
Luther's German version, probably by C. Peder- 


5 parts in 1. fol. Lud. Dieiz. 
Copenhagen, 1550 

Biblia, paa Danske. [The version of l607 by 

H. Eesen, the elder. Bishop of Zealand ; and 
edited by H. Svanincj, Archbishop of Zealand.] 
2 vols. 4to. Copeiihngen, 1646-47 

Biblia, det er den ganske Hellige Skrifts Boger 

med Flid efterseete. Sextende Oplag. [Version 
of 1647 re\'ised.] 

Svo. Copenhagen, 1819 

0. T. Den aeldste danske Bibel-Oversaettelse 

eller det gamle Testaments otte forste Boger, 



fordanskede ef ter Vulgata : udgivne af Christian 

Svo. Copenhagen, 1828 

N. T. Det Nye Testamente, med Anmerk- 

ninger af C. Bastholji. 

2 vols in 1. Svo. Copenlmgen, 1780 

BIBLE, Dutch. Den Bibel. Tgeheele oude ende 
nieuwe Testament met grooter naersticheyt naden 
Latijnschen text gecorrigeert. 

fol. William Forsterman. Antiverp, 1528 

Biblia dat is de gantsche heylige Schrift gron- 

delick ende trouwelick verduytschet. Psalmen 
ende ander Lofsanghen wt den Fransoyschen 
dichtc overgeset, Catechismus. 

Svo. Isaack Jansz, Caen, and T. Willcmsz 
van Orten. Dordrecht, 1597. 

— Biblia, dat is de gantsche H. Schrifture nyt de 
oorspronckelijckc talen in onse Nederlandtsche 
tale ovcr-gcset. [By J. Bogerman and others : 
reprint of the edition of 1636-37.] 

3 parts in 1. fol. Leyden, 1641 

— Biblia dat is de gantsche heylige Schrifture, 
vervattendc alle de canonijcke boecker. 

2 vols. fol. Bm-drecht and Amsterdam, 1 6S2 


fol. Dordrecht, \6s6 

— Biblia. [Reprint of the edition of Amsterdam, 

2 vols. fol. Leyden, n in 

BIBLE, Dutch. Biblia dat is de gansche H. Schriftur, 
vervattende alle de Canonijke Boeken. [Re- 
print of the edition of Amsterdam, 1657.] 

2 parts in I. Svo. London, 1817 

O. T. Bible in duytsche. [The Old Testament 

only, without the Psalms.] 

2 vols. fol. Jacob Jacohszoon andi 
M. Yemenfszoon. Delf, 1477* 

BIBLE, English. Sec Expositor's Bible. 

— Biblia. The Bible, that is, the holy seripturej 
of the Okie and New Testament ; faithfully and* 
truly translated out of Douche and Latyn into 
English [by Miles Coverdale], 

6 parts in 1. fol. [Antwerp^ 15351 

— Biblia. The Byble, that is, the holy scrypturel 
of the Olde and New Testament faythfully trans- 
lated [by Miles Coverd.vle]. 

6 parts in 1. fol. For James Nicholson, 

London, 1537 

— The Byble, that is the holye scrypture of the 
Okie and Newe Testamente faythfully translated 
in Englysh and newly ouersene and correcte. 
[By Miles Coverdale.] 

4to. James Nicholson. London, 1531 

The Byble, which is all the holy scripture : in 

whych are contained the Olde and Newe Testa- 
ment, truly and purely translated into Englysh 
by Thomas Matthew [pseud. Genesis to 
Chronicles and the New Testament are trans- 
lated by W. Tindale, the other books by Miles 
Coverdale. The whole revised and edited by 
John Rogers]. 

4 parts in 1 . fol. [For B. Gj-afton and E. 
Wliitclmrch. Antwerp"] 1537 

The most sacred Bible translated [by W. 

Tindale and M. Coverdale] and newly recog- 
nised with great diligence after most faythful 
exemplars, by Rychard Taverner. [A revised 
reissue of Matthew's Bible of 1537.] 

4 parts in 1 . fol. John Byddell. London, 


— The Byble in Englyshe truly translated after 
the veryte of the He))rue and Greke textes. 
[Revised and edited by Miles Coverdale by 
order of Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex. The 
first Great Bil)le.] 

5 parts in 1 . fol. IL Grafton and E. 
JFhitchurch. London, 1539 



BIBLE, English. The Byble in Englysho with a 
prologo therinto, made by Thomas archbysshop 
of Cantorbun'. This is the Byble apoynted to 
the use of churches. [The second Great Bible 
and the first with Cranmer's prologue. ] 

') parts in 1. fol. Edward Jniykhurch. 
London, IS-IO 

— The Byble iu Englyshe. [The third Great 
Bible and the second with Cranmer's prologue.] 

5 parts in 1. fol. llkliard G-mfton. 
Laiidon, 1540 

— Another edition. 

fol. Edward JFhitckurch. London (May) 1 S'il 

— The Byble truly and purely translated and 
now lately recognised [by Edmund Becke. 
A reissue of Matthew's Bible of 1537]. 

5 parts in 1 . fol. John Day and William 
Seres. London, 154.9 

— The Byble truely and purely translated by 
Thojlvs Matthew [pseud.], l.'i.S?. [Another 
edition of Matthew's Bible of 1537.] 

4 parts in 1. fol. T. Eairuilde and 
IF. Hill. Lorulon, 1549 

— The whole Byble, that is the holy scripture of 
the Olde and Newe testament, faythfully trans- 
lated into Englyshe by Myles Couerdale and 
newly ouer sene and correcte. 

4to. For Andrewe Hester. London, 1550 

— The Byble truly and purely translated and 
now lately recognysed. [Another edition of 
Matthew's Bible of 1537.] 

5 parts in l. fol. William Bonham. 
London, 1551 

— The Byble faythfully sett furth according to 
the coppy of Thomas Mathewes traunslacion. 
[Revised and edited by Edmund Becke.] 

5 parts in 1. fol. .John Day. Lojulon, 1551 

— The Bible in Englishe according to the transla- 
tion of the great Byble [sanctioned by Arch- 
bishop Cranmer]. 

4to. Richard Grafton. London, 1553 

— The Bible translated according to the Ebrue 
and Greke, and conferred with the best transla- 
tions in divers languages, with moste profitable 
annotations [by W. Whittingham, A. Gilby, 
T. Sasipson, and others. The first Geneva 
2 parts in 1. 4to. llowland Hall. Geneva, 156o 

BIBLE, English. The Bible in Englishe, that is to 
saye, the contentes of al the holy Scripture, both 
of the olde and newe Testament, according to 
the translation that is apointed to be read in 
churches [Cranmer's version]. 

fol. liichard Harrison. London, 15C2 

The Bible in Englyshe of the largest and 

greatest volume. According to the translation 
apoynted by the Queenes Majesties injunctions 
to be read in all churches with in her Majesties 
Eealme. [Cranmer's version.] 

fol. C. Hamillon for Bichard Carmarden. 

liouen, 1566 

— The Holie Bible. [Cranmer's Great Bible of 
1540 revised under the superintendence of M. 
Parkek, Archbishop of Canterbury, by W. 
Alley, Bishop of Exeter, and others. The 
Bishops' Bible.] 

5 parts in 2. fol. Ridiard Jugge. London, 156H 

— The Bible translated according to the Ebrue 
and Greke [by W. Whittingham and others]. 

4to. John Crefijnn. Geneva, 1568-70 

— The Bible in English according to the transla- 
tion that is appointed to be read in the churches. 

5 parts in 2. 4to. John Cawood. London, 1 56q 

— The Holie Bible. [The Bishops' Bible.] 

fol. Richard Jugge. London, 1512 

— The Holie Bible. [The Bishops' Bible.] 

4to. Richard Jugge. London, 1573 


— The Bible translated with annotations, 
reprint of the Genevan version of 1560.] 

fol. Thomas Bassandyne and Alexander 
Arbuthnot. Edinburgh, 1576-79 

— The Bible, that is the Holy Scriptures coii- 
teyned in the Olde and New Testament. [Gene- 
van version. Contains the Old Testament oidy.] 

1 vol. in 4. 8vo. Christopher Barker. 
London, 1581 

■ The Holy Bible. [The Bishops' Bible.] 

fol. Christoplier Barker. London, 1585 

— The Bible, that is the Holy Scriptures con- 
teined in the Old and New Testament. [Genevan 
3 parts in 1 . 4to. Deputies of Christopher Barker. 

London, 1599 

The Holy Bible. [The Bishops' Bible.] 

fol. Robert Barker. London, l602 



BIBLE, English. The Holie Bible faithfully trans- 
lated into English out of the authentical Latin, 
by the English College of Doway. [The trans- 
lation by Cardinal Allen, G. Martin, and E. 
Bkistow : the annotations, etc., by T. Woeth- 
INGTON. The New Testament, which should 
have formed vol. iii., was never published in this 

2 vols. 4to. L. KcUam.. Dmay, 1 609- 10 

The Holy Bible newly translated out of the 

orioinall tongues : with the former translations 
diligently compared and revised by his Majesties 
speciall commandement. Appointed to be read 
in churches. 
1 vol. in 2. fol. Robert Barker. London, \6\\ 

The Holy Bible. [Genevan version.] 

fol. Ilohert Barker. Lo^ulon, 1611-12 

The Holy Bible. 

4to. Bobert Barker. London, 1612-13 

Black morocco, with silver corners and clasps, and a silver 
panel in the centre with the arras of George Morton. 

The Holy Bible. 

fol. Bobert Barker. 

London, l6l3 

The Holy Bible. 

fol. Bobert Barker. London, l6l3 

— The Bible [Genevan version] with annota- 
tions, and also a concordance [collected by R. F. 

4to. Bobert Barker. London, 1613-1C> 

— The Holy Bible. 

fol. Bobert Barker. London, I6l6 

— The Holy Bible. 

fol. Bobert Barker. London, l6n 

— The Holy Bible. 

4to. B. Norton and J. Bill. London, 1619 

In an English embroidered binding, with the arms of 
Middleton of Chirk Castle. 

— The Holy Bible. 

4to. B. Norton and J. Bill. London, 1620-21 

— The Holy Bible. 

«vo. B. Norton and ,/. Bill. London, 1627 

— 'i'hc Holy Bihlo, faithfully translated into 
ICiiglish out of the authentical Latin, by the 
Isnglish Collcdgc of Doway. [Second edition of 
the Doiiay Bilile. The New Testament, which 
should have formed vol. iii,, was never published 
in this edition.] 

2 vols. 4to. Jean Cousturicr. Bmicn, 1635 

BIBLE, English. The Holy Bible [Genevan version]. 
4to. Bobert Barker ami the assignes of John Bill. 

London, 1637-.38 

;- The Holy Bible. 

3 parts in 1. T. Buck and B. Daniel. 
[Cambridge] 1638 

The Holy Bible. 

2 vols, in 3. fol. Bobert Barker and ilic assignes 
of John Bill. Lmdon, 1639-10 

— The Holy Bible. 

8vo. W. Bentley. London, 1646 

The Holy Bible. 

8vo. Assignes of J. Bill. London, l6in 

■ The Holy Bible. 

12mo. Field. London, 1658; 

— The Holy Bible, illustrated with chorographical 
sculps by J. Ogilby. 

2 vols. fol. John Field. Cambridge, 1659-60 : 

The Holy Bible. 

4to. /. Field. Cambridge, 1666-68 

The Holy Bible. 
The Holy Bible. 

4to. Cambridge, 1673-82 

8vo. /. Bill. London, 1679 

— The Holy Bible with marginal notes [by JoHN 
Canne], shewing scripture to be the best inter 
preter of scripture. 

12mo. [Amsterdam] 1682 

— The Bible, with most profitable annotations 
never before set forth with this new translation. 

fol. London, 1683 

The Holy Bible. 
The Holy Bible. 

4to. Oxford, 1683 
12mo. C. Bill. London, I698 

- Annotations upon the holy Bible, wherein the 
sacred text is inserted and various readings 
annex'd by Matthew Poole, continued by 

2 vols. fol. London, 1700 

- The Holy Bible. 

- The Holy Bible. 

- The Holy Bible. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1703 
fol. [London] 1708 
2 vols, fol, Oxford, 1716-17 



BIBLE, English. A new translation of the Bible, 
with notes, by Anthony Purveu. 

2 vols. fol. London, 17()4 

The Holy Bible. 

8vo. Belfast, 1165 

— The Holy Bible. [With punctuation, etc., 
revised by Dr. B. Blayney.] 

4to. Oxford, 1769 

A commentary on the books of the Old and 

New Testament by William Dodd. [With the 

3 vols. fol. London, 1770 

— The Bible, with arguments prefixed, and obser- 
vations by Mr. Ostervald : with the Psalms in 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Edinhurgh, 1770 

The Holy Bible. 

12mo. London, 1776 

— The Holy Bible. [First American Bible.] 

12mo. 11. Aithcn. Philadelphia, 1781-82 

— The Bible : with notes by Clement xiv. 
[Ganganelli], translated from the Latin by an 
English divine. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. London, 1784-86 

— The Bible : printed from the first edition of 
the present translation, with notes by Thomas 
Wilson. Edited by Clement Cruttvvell. 

5 vols. 4to. E. Cndtwcll. Bath, 1785 

— The Holy Bible. Translated from corrected 
texts, with notes, by Alexander Gbddes, Vols. 
i. and ii. [Genesis to Chronicles, including Kuth.] 
[No more published.] 

2 vols. 4to. Lmdon, 1792-97 

The Holy Bible. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1798 

— The Holy Bible : embellished with engravings 
from pictures and designs by the most eminent 
English artists. 

S vols. fol. For T. Machlin. London, lS00-\6 

The Holy Bible. 

12mo. Bristol, 1802 

— The Bible : with notes. [Edited by John 

10 vols. 12mo. London, 1S02 

BIBLE, English. The Holy Bible. 

2 vols. 4to. Oj-Jm-d, 1807 

The Holy Bible. 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1811 

The Royal Standard devotional family Bible, 

with practical observations compiled by S. 

2 vols. 4to. Yarmouth [ 1 8 1 1 - 1 6] 

The Holy Bible. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Cambridge [1812] 

The Holy Bible. 
The Holy Bible. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1813 

24mo. London, 18 16 

— The Bible : with notes, etc., arranged by George 
D'Oyly and Richard Mant. 

2 vols, in 3. 4to. Oxford, 1817 

— The English version of the polyglott Bible. 

8vo. London, 1818-19 

— The Holy Bible. 

8vo. Oxford, 1821 

— The Bible : with the Porteusian index chiefly 
compiled from the works of Bishops Porteus, 
Gastrell, and other eminent divines. 

8vo. London, 1822 

The Holy Bible. 

2 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1825 

— The comjjrehensive Bible, with various readings, 
introductions, and notes. [Edited by W. Green- 

4to. London, 1827 

— Another edition. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1827 

The Holy Bible, an exact reprint page for page 

of the authorized version published in 161 1. 

4to. Oxford, 1833 

The Holy Scriptures, faithfully and truly 

translated, 1535, by Myles Coveruale, Bishop 
of Exeter. Reprinted for Samuel Bagster. 

4to. London, 1838 

The Holy Bible, with commentary and critical 

notes by Adam Clarke. Notes on researches 
in the Holy Land by Thornley Smith. 

6 vols. 8vo. London [I Sii:] 



BIBLE, English. The Holy Bible, with explanatory 
notes, practical observations, and copious mar- 
ginal references, by Thojl4.s Scott. A new 
edition with the author's last corrections and 
improvements, and maps and engravings. 

6 vols. 4to. Lmidon, 1850 

The earliest English versions made from the 

Latin vulgate by John Wycliffe and his fol- 
lowers. Edited by the Rev. J. Forshall and 
Sir F. Madden. 

4 vols. 4to. Oxford, 1850 

An exposition of the Old and New Testaments 

by Matthew Henry. [AVith the text.] New 

9 vols. 8vo. Loiulon, 1857 

^— The Queen's Bible, ^vith introductory remarks 
to each book, parallel passages, critical, ex- 
planatory, and practical notes. 

2 vols. fol. Glasgow, 1862 

— A commentary on the Holy Scriptures with 
special reference to ministers and students, by 
J. P. Lange. [With the text.] 

25 vols. 8vo. Edinhirgh, 1864-80 

— The Holy Bible, with notes and introductions 
by C. Wordsworth, Bishop of Lincoln, with 
an index to the commentary by F. H. Scrivener. 
New edition. [The New Testament was not 
published in English to complete this edition.] 

6 vols, in 7. 8vo. London, 1867-76 

A commentary on the Old and New Testa- 
ments by K. Jamieson, a. R. Fausset, and D. 
Brown. [With the text.] 

6 vols. Svo. London and Glasgow 

The Holy Bil)lc, with explanatory and critical 

commentary by bishops and other clergy. Edited 
by F. C. Cook. [Speaker's Commentary.] 

6 vols. Svo. London, 1871-76 

— The Cambridge Paragraph Bible : the author- 
ized text revised by a collation of its early and 
principal editions by F. H. Scrivener. 

4to. London, 1873 

— The Holy Bible. Caxton memorial edition. 

l6mo. Oxford, 1877 

BIBLE, English. The Annotated Bible, being a 
household commentary on the Holy Scriptures 
by John Henry Blunt. [With the text.] 

3 vols. Svo. London, 187 8-8'i 

— The Holy Bible, being the version set forth a.d. ^ 
l6ll revised. 

5 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1881-85 

— The Annotated Paragraph Bible containing the 
Old and New Testaments according to the 
authorised version, with explanatory notes, etc. 
New and enlarged edition. 

4to. London [1890] 

— 0. T, The Holy Bible [Old Testament only ; the 
New Testament is replaced by a London edition 
of 1650, for which see Bible, English, N. T.]. 

Svo. Evan Tyler. Edinburgh, 1649 

— The Old Testament arranged in historical and 
chronological order by the Rev. George Town- 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1821 

0. T., Pentateuch. The fyrst boke of Moses 

called Genesis. Newly corrected and amended 
by W. T. [Genesis is Tindale's amended version 
of 1534, the other four books are of the 1530 

Svo. Hans Luft. JVitienberg, 1530-34i 

— The Targums of Onkelos and Jonathan Ben 
Uzziel on the Pentateuch ; with the fragments 
of the Jei-usalem Targum : from the Chaldee by 
J. W. Etheridge. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1862-65 

— Genesis and part of Exodus ; revised version 
and commentary by Henry Alford. 

Svo. London, 1872 

— William Tyndale's five books of Moses, called 
the Pentateuch, compared with Tyndale's Genesis 
of 1534, and the Pentateuch in the Vulgate, 
Luther and Matthew's Bible, with various 
collations and prolegomena by J. L Mombert. 

Svo. New York, 1S84 

— 0. T., Genesis. Sec Talmud. 

— A critical and exegetical commentary on 
Genesis, with a new translation, by J. G. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1863 



BIBLE, English. 0. T., Genesis. A new commentiuy 
on (TCiiosis by F. Delitzsch. Translated by 
S. Taylor. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1888-S,<) 

0. T., Exodus. A critical and exegetical com- 
mentary on Exodus, with a new translation, by 
J. Ct. Murphy. 

8vo. Edhilnmjh, 18()() 

0. T., Leviticus. A critical and exegetical 

commentary on Leviticus by J. Gr. Muuphy. 

8vo. London, 1872 

■ A commentary on the Ijook of Leviticus, 

expository and practical : with critical notes by 
A. A. BONAR. Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, ISTT) 

0. T., Judges. A critical and expository com- 

mentary on the Book of Judges by A. R. Fausset. 

8vo. Loudon, 1885 

— 0. T., Job. A new version of the Book of Jol), 
with expository notes by F. W. C. Umbreit. 
Translated by J. H. Gray. 

2 vols. l6mo. Edinburgh, 1836-37 

— Morals on the book of Job by S. Gregory the 
Great: translated. [Library of Fathers, vols, 
xviii., xxi., xxiii., xxxi.] 

4 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 184.4-50 

— A commentary on the book of Job, with a 
translation, by S. Cox. 

8vo. London, 18 SO 

— Commentary on the Book of Job, with trans- 
lation, by G. H. A. VON Ewald. Translated 
from the German by J. F. Smith. [Theological 
Translation Fund Library, xxviii.] 

8vo. Londmi, 1882 

— Lectures on the book of Job, delivered in 
Westminster Abbey, by G. G. Bradley. Second 

8vo. Oxford, 1888 

— The sceptics of the Old Testament, Job, 
Koheleth, Agur : with English text translated 
from the primitive Hebrew by E. J. Dillon. 

8vo. London, isy5 

— 0. T., Psalms. See also Psalter. 

— The Psalms. Translated into heroic verse by 
Stephen Wheatland and Tipping Silvester. 

12mo. London, 1754 

BIBLE, English. 0. T., Psalms. The Psalms. 
Translated or paraphrased in English verse by 
James Merrick. 

4to. Reading, 1765 

■ A new literal version of the book of P.salms, 

with a preface and notes by the Rev. Stephen 

2 vols. 8vo. Jjondon, 1790 

A new translation of the Psalms, with notes 

by Alexander Geddes. [Edited by J. Disney 
and C. Butler.] 

8vo. London, 1807 

The book of Psalms. Translated from the 

Hebrew, with notes, by Samuel Horsley. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1815 

Commentary by John Calvin. [With the 

text.] Translated by J. Anderson. [Calvin 
Translation Society.] 

5 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1845-49 

— Commentary on the Psalms by E. W. Heng- 
stenberg. Translated by P. Fairbairn and 
J. Thomson. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1846-48 

— Expositions on the book of Psalms by St. 
Augustine, Bishop of Hippo. [Translated by 
J. Tweed and others.] [Library of Fathers, 
vols, xxiv., XXV., XXX., xxxii., xxxvii., xxxix.] 

6 vols. 8vo. Oxfo^-d, 1847-57 

— The Psalms. Translated and explained by J. A. 

3 vols. 8vo. New York, 1851-52 

— A translation and commentary of the book of 
Psalms by A. Tholuck. Translated from the 
German by J. Isidor Mombert. 

Svo. London, 1856 

— Christ and his chui'ch in the book of Psalms 
by A. A. BoNAR. 

Svo. London, 185.0 

— A commentary on the Psalms from primitive 
and mediaeval writers by J. M. Neale and 
E. F. Littledale. [With the text.] 

4 vols. Svo. London, 1871-74 

— The Book of Psalms. A new translation, -i^ith 
introductions and notes explanatory and critical, 
by J. J. Stewart Perowne. Third edition. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 187 3-7 4: 



BIBLE, English. 0. T., Psalms. The Psalms. 
Translated from the Hebrew, with notes chiefly 
exegetical, by W. Kay. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1874 

The Gradual psalms, with a commentary by 

H. T. Armfield. 

Svo. London, 187-* 

. The P.salms, with introductions and critical 

notes by A. C. Jennings and W. H. Lowt:. 

2 vols. Svo. London., 1877 

The treasury of David, containing an original 

exposition of the Book of Psalms by C. H. 

7 vols. Svo. London, 1878-85 

Commentary on the Psalms by G. H. A. von 

EwALD. Ti-anslated from the German by E. 
Johnson. [Theological Translation Fund 
Library, xxiii., xxiv.] 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1880-81 

The Book of Psalms ; or, the praises of Israel. 

A new translation with a commentary by T. K. 

Svo. London, •! 888 

The Psalms chronologically arranged. An 

amended version, with historical introductions 
and explanatory notes, by four friends. 

Svo. London, 1S!)1 

The Psalter of the Great Bible of 1539, a land- 

mark in English literature. Edited by J. Earle. 

Svo. London, 1894 

— O. T., Proverbs. A commentary on the Book 
of Proverbs by Moses Stuart. 

Svo. London, 1852 

— 0. T., Ecclesiastes. Commentary on Eccle- 
siastes, witli other treatises, by E. W. Hengsten- 
bekg. Translated by D. W. SiMON. [Clark's 
Foreign Theological Library.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, I860 

— Cohclcth, commonly called the l)ook of Eccle- 
siastes. Edited by Christian D. Ginsburg. 

Svo. Lojulon, 18fil 

— A commentary on Ecclesiastes by M. Stuart. 
Edited and revised by R. D. C. Rohbins. 

Svo. Andover, New York, etc., 1862 

BIBLE, English. 0. T., Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes: 
a contriljution to its interpretation ; containing ! 
an introduction, an exegetical analysis, and a \ 
translation, with notes by T. Tyler. 

Svo. London, 1874) 

The Book of Koheleth or Ecclesiastes. Edited 

by C. H. H. Wright. 

Svo. London, 188,'j 

0. T., Song of Songs. The )Song of Songs. 

Translated from the original Hebrew, with a 
historical and critical commentary, by Christian 
D. Ginsburg. 

Svo. London, 1857 

The Song of Solomon. 

With etchings by 
Edmond Bedouin and Emile Boiloin, from 
designs by Alexandre Bida. 

4to. London, 1886 

— 0. T. Prophets. Jeremiah, and Lamentations. 
A new translation, with notes, by Benjamin 

4to. Oxfm-d, 1784 

— An attempt towards an improved version, a 
metrical arrangement and explanation of the 
twelve minor prophets, by William Newcome. 

4to. Loiulon, 1785 

— The book of the prophet Jeremiah and that of 
Lamentations. Translated, with a commentary, 
by Ebenezer Henderson. 

Svo. London, 1851 

The book of the twelve minor prophets. 

Translated from the Hebrew by Ebenezer 

Svo. London, 1858 

— The Heljrew Prophets. Translated afresh 
from the original, with regard to the Anglican 
version and with illustrations for English readers, 
by Rowland Williams. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1866-71 

— Commentary on the Prophets, with translation 
by G. H. A. von Ewald. Translated from the 
German by J. F. Smith. [Theological Transla- 
tion Fund Library, ix., xii.]. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1875-76 

— The minor prophets, with a commentary and 
introductions by E. B. PuSEY. 

4to. Oxford, 1877 



BIBLE, English. O. T., Isaiah. Isaiah; a new 
translation, with dissertation and notes, by 
Egbert Lovvth. 

4to. London, 1778 

The book of the prophet Isaiah. Translated 

. . . with a commentary by Ebenezer Hender- 
son. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 18.')7 

Commentary on the book of Isaiah, critical, 

historical, and prophetical, including a revised 
English translation, with introduction and 
appendices, by T. R. Bikks. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1878 

— The prophecies of Isaiah. A new translation, 
with commentary and appendices, by the Kcv. 
T. K. Cheyne. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1880-86 

— The Isaiah of Jerusalem in the authorized 
English Version, with introduction, corrections, 
and notes by Matthew Arnold. 

8vo. Lmulon, 1883 

— The prophecies of Isaiah expounded by C. vON 
Orelli. Translated by J. S. Banks. [Clark's 
Foreign Theological Library.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1889 

• Biblical commentary on the prophecies of 

Isaiah by F. Delitzsch. Translated from the 
fourth edition [by J. Kennedy and others]. 
[Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinhitrgh, 1890 

0. T., Jeremiah. The prophecies of Jeremiah 

e.xpounded by C. VON Orelli. Translated by 
J. S. Banks. [Clark's Foreign Theological 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1889 

— 0. T., Ezekiel. An attempt towards an im- 
proved version, metrical arrangement, and ex- 
planation of Ezekiel, by William Newcome. 

4to. Did)lin, 1788 

— The book of the prophet Ezekiel. Translated 
from the original Hebrew, with a commentary, by 
Ebenezer Henderson. 

8vo. London, 18.05 

— An exposition of the prophet Ezekiel by 
William Greenhill. Eevi.5ed and corrected by 
J. Sherman. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1863 

BIBLE, English. 0. T., Ezekiel. The prophecies 
of the prophet Ezekiel elucidated by E. W. 
Hencstenberg. Translated by A. C. Murphy 
and J. G. MuRPiiY. [Clark's Foreign Theologi- 
cal Library.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 18G<) 

— Ezekiel and the book of his prophecy : an 
exposition by Patrick Fairbairn. Fourth 

8vo. Edinburgh, 187G 

— 0. T., Daniel. The exposition of Daniell the 
Prophete gathered oute of P. Melancthon, J. 
Ecolampadius, by G. JOYE. 

8vo. John Day and W. Seres. London, 1 550 

— Daniel. An improved version attempted, with 
a dissertation and notes, by Thomas Wintle. Oxford, 1792 

— Daniel, or the Apocalypse of the Old Testa- 
ment, by P. S. Deprez, with an introduction 
by E. Williams. 

8vo. London, 186"5 

— 0. T., Hosea. Hosea. Translated from the 
Hebrew, with notes, by Samuel [Horsley], 
Bishop of Eochester. 

4to. London, 1801 

— An exposition of the prophecy of Hosea by 
J. Burroughs, completed by T. Hall and E. 
Eeynolds. Eevised and corrected by the Eev. 
J. Sherman, with brief notice of the life of J. 


8vo. Edinburgh, 1863 

— 0. T., Jonah. Jonah. A faithful translation 
from the original, with notes, by George 

4to. Cambridge, 1796 

— The prophete Jonas. Translated by William 
Tyndale [1530-31]. Reproduced in facsimile, 
to which is added Coverdale's version of Jonah, 
with an introduction by F. Fry. 

8vo. London, 1863 

Printed on vellain. 

— 0. T., Zechariah. Zechariah and his pro- 
phecies, considered in relation to modern criti- 
cism, with a critical and grammatical commen- 
tary and new translation by C. H. H. Wright. 
[Bampton Lectures, 1878.] Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1879 



BIBLE, English. N. T. The Newe Testament yet 
once agayne corrected by WiLLYAJi TiNDALE : 
where unto is added a necessarye table. [The 
edition known as the ' mole ' edition.] 

4to. [Antwerp] 1536 

Another edition. 

8vo. [Antwerp] 1536 

— The Newe Testament of cure savioure Jesu 
Christ, newly and diligently translated in to 
Englysshe by Thomas Mathew. 

4to. [London] 1538 

— The Newe Testament faythfully translated out 
of the Greke. [Tindale's version.] 

4to. Bichanl Jugge. London [1552] 

With the arms of James i. . 

— Another edition. 

4to. EicJmrd Jugge. London [1553] 

— The Newe Testament conferred diligently with 
Greke and best approved translations. [Genevan 
version revised by William Whittingham.] 

8vo. Conrad Badius. Geneva, 1557 

— The New Testament. Translated out of Greek 
by T. Beza. Englished by L. ToMSON. 
[Genevan version.] 

8vo. Christopher Barker. London, 1576 

The Newe Testament. [Bishops' version.] 

8vo. Christoplier Barker. London, 1579 

— The New Testament. Translated out of the 
authentical Latin, in the English college of 
Ehemes [by Cardinal Allen, T. Stapleton, 
G. Martin, and R. Bristow, the annotations by 
T. Worthington]. 

4to. John Fogny. Bheim?, 1582 

— The Newe Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Translated out of Greeke by Theo : Beza. 
Englished by L. Tomson. 

4to. Christopher Barker. London, 1583 

Printed on yellow paper. 

— The text of the New Testament. Translated out 
of the vulgar Latine by the Papists of the 
traiterous seminarie at Rhemes, whereunto is 
added the translation out of the original Greeke 
commonly used in the Church of England, with 
notes by W. Fulke. [Second edition.] 

fol. ChristopJiier Barker. London, iGoi 

— Third edition. 

fol. For John Bill. London, l6n 

BIBLE, English. N. T. The New Testament. 

8vo. Robert Youn^. Edinhuryh, l633 

The New Testament. 

8vo. Bobert Young. Edinburgh, 1636 

The New Testament. 

8vo. London, 1650 

Mr. Whiston's primitive New Testament. 

8vo. Stamford arul London, 1745 

— A paraphrase and commentary on the New 
Testament by D. Whitby. Seventh edition. 

2 vols. fol. London., 1760 

— A translation of the New Testament by 
Gilbert Wakefield : with notes. 

3 vols, in 2. 8vo. London, 1791 

— An attempt towards revising our English 
translation of the Greek scriptures, with notes, 
by William Newcome. 

2 vols. 8vo. Dublin, 1796 

— A translation of the New Testament from the 
original Greek, humbly attempted by Nathaniel 

Svo. London, 1798 

— The New Testament, with observations : being 

an abridgment of the work of W. Burkitt by 
S. Glasse. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1806 

— The New Testament. Translated from tte Latin 
1380, by John Wiclif: with memoirs of Wiclif, 
and an account of the English versions of the 
scriptures before 1400, by H. H. Barer. 

4to. London, 1810 

— The New Testament in an improved version 
upon the basis of Newcome's translation, with 
notes. Published by the Unitarian Society. 

8vo. London, 1817 

— The New Testament, arranged in chronological 
and historical order, with copious notes on the 
principal subjects in theology, by G. Townsend. 
Third edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London. 1828 

— The New Testament. The notes from Matthew 

4to. London [1832] 

Printed in gold on thick glazed paper. 

— A facsimile reprint of the celebrated Genevan 
Testament, 1557. 

4to. London [1842] 



BIBLE, English. N. T. The first New Testament 
printetl in the English language [1525 or 152()]. 
Translated from the Greek by W. Tindale : 
reproduced in facsimile with an introduction by 
F. Fry. 

Svo. Bristol, 1862 

Printed on vellum. 

The New Testament for English readers, with 
rrections by Henry Alford. 
2 vols, in 4. Svo. London, 1863-72 

marginal corrections by Henry Alford 

— The New Testament, with engravings on wood 
from the designs of Fra Angelico, etc. 

Ito. London, IS65 

— Popular commentary on the New Testament, 
hy English and American scholars of various 
evangelical denominations. Edited by P. Schaff. 
[With text.] 

4. vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1879-83 

— N. T., Gospels and Acts. A commentary on 
the evangelists, and the Acts of the Apostles 
[with the text], with a new translation of S. 
Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians : with some 
account of the author by himself. By Zachary 


2 vols. -ito. London, 1777 

— N. T. Matthew and Hebrews. 
See Etheridge, J. W. 

— N. T., Gospels. See Etheridge, J. W. 

— The four Gospels. Translated from the Greek, 
with dissertations and notes, by George Camp- 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1789 

— - Commentary on the four Gospels, collected out 
of the works of the fathers by >S. Thoma.s 
Aquinas. [With the text.] 

4 vols, in 8. Svo. Oxford, 184-1-4-5 

— Commentary on a harmony of the Evangelists 
Matthew, Mark, and Luke by John Calvin. 
[With the text.] Translated by W. Pringle. 
[Calvin Translation Society.] 

3 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1845-46 

— The Lindisfarne and Rushworth Gospels. 
[Part i. edited by J. Steven.SON ; parts ii.-iv. by 
G. Waring.] [Surtees Society, xxviii., xxxix., 
xliii., xlviii.] 

4 vols. Svo. Durham, 1854-65 

BIBLE, English. N. T., Gospels. Theological and 
homiletieal commentary on the Gospels of St. 
Matthew and St. Mark by J. P. Lange. Trans- 
lated liy A. Edersheim and W. B. Pope. [With 
the text.] [Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 
3 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, lS()l-62 

The Gospel according to Matthew, Mark, and 


Svo. London, 1885 

N. T., Matthew. The Gospel according to 

Matthew explained by .J. A. Alexander. 
[With the text.] 

•Svo. London, 186l 

— A practical commentary on the Gospel accord- 
ing to St. Matthew by J. Morison. [With 
the text.] New edition. 

Svo. Lomlon, 1883 

— N. T., Mark. Commentary upon the Gospel 
according to St. Mark, wherein the sacred text 
is logically analysed by George Petter. [With 
the text.] 

2 vols. fol. London, l66l 

— A practical commentary on the Gospel accord- 
ing to St. Mark by J. Morison. [With the 
text.] Sixth edition. 

Svo. London, 1889 

— N. T., Luke. Theological commentary on the 
Gospel of St. Luke by J. P. Van Oosterzee. 
Edited by J. P. Lange. Translated by S. 
Taylor. [Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1866-67 

— N. T., John. See Macdonald, J. M. 

— Commentary by John Calvin. [With the 
text.] A new translation by W. Pringle. 
[Calvin Translation Society.] 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1847 

— Homilies on the Gospel according to St. John 
and his first epistle by S. Augustine, Bishop of 
Hippo. [Translated by H. Broa\'NE.] [Library 
of Fathers, vols, xxvi., xxix.] 

2 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1848-49 

— Commentary on the Gospel of St. John by E. 
W. Hengstenberg. Translated from the German. 
[With the text.] [Clark's Foreign Theological 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1865 

2 a 



BIBLE, English. N. T., John. A commentary on 
the Gospel according to .John by J. P. Lange. 
Translated by P. Schapf. [With the text.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1872 

The Gospel of St. John : a verbatim translation 

from the Vatican ms. by F. A. Paley. 

8vo. London, 1887 

— — Commentary on the Gospel of St. John by F. 
GoDET. Translated by M. D. GusiN and S. 
Taylor. Third edition. [Clark's Foreign Theo- 
logical Library.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1888-89 

The Gospel of St. John : an exposition, 

exegetical and homiletical, liy Thomas White- 

8vo. Glasgo^v, 1891 

N. T., Acts. Commentary by John Calvin. 

[W^ith the text.] Edited from the original 
English translation of C. Fetherstone by H. 
Beveridge. [Calvin Translation Society.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1844 

— — Apostolical Acts and Epistles : from the 
Peschito by J. W. Etheridge. 

8vo. London, 1849 

— The Acts of the Apostles, with a commentary 
by F. C. Cook. New edition. 

8vo. London, 1866 

— Theological and homiletical commentary on 
the Acts of the Apostles from the German of G. 
V. Lechler and K. Gerok. Edited by J. P. 
Lange. Translated by P. J. Gloag. Second 
edition. [Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1869 

— N. T., Epistles. 

See Conybeare, W. J., and Howson, J. S. 
„ Lewin, T. 

— The private letters of St. Paul and St. John 
by S. Cox. 

8vo. London, 1867 

— N. T., Romans. Commentary by John 
CAI.VIN. [With the text.] Edited from the 
original English translation of C. Eosdell by 
H. Dkvki:ii;(;ic. [Calvin Translation Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1844 

— St. Paul's E[)ist]o to the Komans. Newly trans- 
lated and explained by John William Colen-so. 

8vo. Cambridge, 18()l 

BIBLE, English. N. T., Romans. Commentary on 
St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans by F. GoDET. 
Translated by A. CusiN. [Clark's Foreign 
Theological Library.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1888-89 

— N. T., Corinthians. A commentary on St. 
Paul's Epistles to the Corinthians by J. A. Beet. 
[With the text.] Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1885 

— Commentary on St. Paul's first Epistle to the 
Corinthians by F. Godet. Translated by A. 
CusiN. [Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1887-89 

— N. T., Galatians. A commentary on St. Paul's 
Epistle to the Galatians by Martin Luther. 
Translated by E. Middleton. [With the text.] 

8vo. London, 1810 

— An exposition of the Epistle of Paul the 


Apostle to the Galatians by J. Brown. [With 
the text.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1853 

A commentary on St. Paul's Epistle to the 

Galatians by J. A. Beet. [With the text.] 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1885 

- N. T., Ephesians. Christ and His Seed central 
to all things, being a series of expository dis- 
courses on Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians by J. 
PuLSFORD. [AVith the text.] 

4to. London, 1872 

N. T., Philippians. An exposition of the 

Epistle of St. Paul to the Philippians by J. 
Daill6. Translated from the French, with 
memoir of the author, by J. Sherman. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1863 

N. T., Colossians. An exposition of the 

Epistle of St. Paul to the Colossians by J. 
DAiLLfi. Translated from the French by F. S. 
Revised and corrected by J. Sherman. [With 
the text.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1863 

— N. T., Hebrews. A commentary on the 
Epistle to the Hebrews by M. [With 

the text.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1828 

— Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews by 
F. Delitzsch. Translated by T. L. KiNGSBURY. 
[Clark's Foreign Tlieological Library.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1868-70 



BIBLE, English. N. T., Peter. Expository dis- 
courses on the first epistle of the apostle Peter 
by J. Brown. [With the text.] Second edition. 
2 vols. 8vo. Edinhurgh, IS-lf) 

An exposition upon the second Epistle general 

of St. Peter by T. Adajis. Eevised and cor- 
rected by J. Sherman. [With the text.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1862 

N. T., First Epistle of John. The first Epistle 

of John expounded in a series of lectures by 
E. S. Candlish. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1866 

N. T., Jude. An exposition upon the Epistle 

of Jude by W. Jenkyn. Kevised and corrected 
by the Eev. J. Sherjian, with memoir of the 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1863 

N. T., Revelation. A hundred sermons upon 

the Apocalips of Jesu Christ, compiled by H. 
BULLINGER. [Translated from the Latin by 
J. Daus.] 

4to. John Day. London, 1561 

A paraphrase and notes on the Revelation of 

St. John by M. Lowman. 

4to. London, 1737 

— The Revelation of St. John expounded by E. 
W. liENGSTENBERG. Translated by P. Fair- 
bairn. [Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 
2 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, IS;') I -52 

— A commentary on the Apocalypse by M. 
Stuart. Third edition [with the text]. 

8vo. London, 1854' 

— Lectures on the Apocalypse by F. D. Maurice. 
[With the text.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1861 

— John, or the Apocalypse of the New Testament, 
by P. S. Deprez. 

8vo. London, 1870 

— The Apocalypse, with notes and reflections, by 
ISA^VC WillijUvis. New edition. 

12mo. London, 1873 

— Lectures on the' Apocalypse'by Dr. F. Bleek. 
ikiited by L. T. HossBACH. Translated from the 
German, edited by S. Davidson. [Theological 
Translation Fund Library, v.] 

Svo. London, 1875 

BIBLE, Esquimaux. N. T., Gospels. The Gospels. 
Translated into the language of the Esquimaux 
Indians on the coast of Labrador by the mis- 
sionaries of the United Brethren. 

Svo. Loiulon, 1813 

BIBLE, Esthonian. Piibli Ramat, se on keik se 
Jummala Sanna, mis piihhad Jummala Mehhed. 
2 vols, in 1. Svo. St. Petersburg, 1822 

BIBLE, Ethiopic. 0. T., Psalms. Psalterium et 
Cantica. Edidit J. Potken. 

4to. M. Silber. Rome, 1513 

In the original richly gilt binding. 

Psalterium Davidis Aethiopice. 

Svo. London, 1815 

N. T. Testamentum novum cum epistola Paul! 

ad Hebraeos. Missale, etc., Alphabetum in lingua 
Chaldea: quae omnia Fr. Petrus [de Comos] 
Ethyops imprimi curavit. 

4to. Val. Doricus el LiuJovicus, fratres. 

Rome, 1548 

BIBLE, Finnish. Biblia, se on : koko pyha Raam- 
attu Suomexi. 

4to. Revel, MIS 

— — Biblia eli Pyha Raamattu. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. St. Petersburg, 1814-17 

N. T., Matthew. [The Gospel of St. Matthew 

in Finnish.] 

Svo. St. Petersburg, 1820 

BIBLE, Prankish. 0. T., Song of Songs. Willirams 
deutsche Paraphrase des Ilohen Liedes mit 
Einleitung und Glossar, herausgegeben von 
Joseph Seemuller. [Quellen und Forschungen 
der germanischen Volker, xxviii.] 

Svo. Strasburg, 1878 

BIBLE, French. Les livres de I'ancien et nouveau 
Testaments, histories en Francois, par frere 
Julien ]\Iacho. 

fol. [Giiillaume Le Roy. Lyons, 1475] 

La grant Bible en Francois historiee. [Vol. i. 


fol. Lyons [1500] 

La Bible en Francois. 

2 vols. fol. Verard. Paris, 1517 

— La Saincte Bible en Fran9oys, translatee selon 
la traduction de sainct Hierome, conferee et 
entierement reuisitee selon les plus anciens et 
plus correctz exemplaires. [By JACQUES LE 
Fevre d'Etaples.] 

fol. Martin Lempereur. Antwerp, 1530 



BIBLE, French. La Saincte Bible en Fran9oys, 
translatee selon la traduction de sainct Hierome, 
conferee et entierement reuisitee selon les plus 
anciens et plus correctz exemplaires. [By 
Jacques le Fevee d'Etaples.] 

fol. ML Lcm])ereur. Antwerp, 1534 

La Bible qui est toute la saincte escripture 

translatez en Francjois [by PlERRE ROBERT 
Oliyetan. The version adopted by the Re- 
formed of Geneva]. 

fol. P. de Wingle. NeufchMel, 1535 

La Sainte Bible. [Olivetan's version.] 

5 vols. l6mo. Lymis, 1553 

La Bible. [Olivetan's version.] Les pseaumes 

mis en rime par C. Marot et T. de Beze. 

8vo. F. Estienne. [Geneva] 1567 

La Bible, qui est toute la saincte escriture. 

3 vols. Idmo. Geneva, 1570 

La Sainte Bible frangoise selon la vulgaire 


3 vols. fol. Paris, 1621 

La Bible qui est toute la saincte escriture du 

Vieil et du Nouveau Testament. [Olivetan's 

version revised.] 
3 vols. 12mo. 

A. CeUier. Charenton, 1652-6.Q 

— La Sainte Bilile. Edition nouvelle, faite sui- la 
version de Qeneve, enrichie de notes, etc. Le 
tout dispose en cet ordre par S. et H. des Marets. 

2 vols. fol. Elsevir. Amsterdam, 1669 

— La Sainte Bible expliquez par des notes, avec 
des prefaces par David Martin. 

2 vols. fol. Amsterdam, 1707 

— La Sainte Bible [translated by L. L Le Maistre 
DE Sacy and revised], avec des explications et 
reflexions qui regardent la vie interieure [by 
Madame Jeanne Marie Guyon]. 

20 vols. 8vo. Cologne, n 13-1 5 

— La Sainte Bible. Traduite sur les textes 
originaux [by Nicolas le Gros as far as Num. 
xxxii. 23, and the rest given in a revision of 
L. L Le Maistre de Sacy's version], avec les 
differences de la Vulgate. 

12mo. Cologne, 1739 

— La Sainte Bible, troisi^mc Edition i-evue et 

corrigdc sur le texte original par les pasteurs et 

profcsseui's do I'eglisc de Geneve : avec les 

argumcns et les reflexions par J. F. Ostervald. 

3vols.ini. 8vo. Brienne and 

Neujchalel, 1770-71 

BIBLE, French, l^a Sainte Bible. Traduite sur la 

Vulgate par Le Maistre de Saci; nouvelle 

edition orn(5e de figures. 

12 vols. Paris, 1789-1804 

— — La Sainte Bible : imprimee sur I'edition de 

Paris, 1805. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1811-17 

La Sainte Bible, revue sur les originaux par 

David Martin. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1820 

La Sainte Bible. Traduite sur la Vulgate par 

Le Maistre de Sacy. 

8vo. Paris, 1821 

La Bible. Traduction nouvelle avec intro- 
ductions et commentaires par Edouard Reuss. 
13 parts in 16 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1874^-81 

0. T., Kings. Les quatres livres des Rois. 

Traduits en Fran9ais du xii« sifecle ; suivis d'un 

fragment de Moralites sur Job, et d'un choix de 

sermons de Saint Bernard. Publics par Leroux 

DE Lincy. [Documents inddits sur I'histoire de 

France.] Paris, 1841 

O. T., Job. Le livre de Job. Traduit de 

I'Hebreu, . . . avec une etude sur I'age et le 
caractere du poeme par Ernest Renan. Qua- 
trieme edition. 

0. T., Psalms. 

Svo. Paris, 1882 

Psalmorum Davidicorum liber, 

ex Gallicis rhythmis. 

l6mo. 1598 

— Les CL pseaumes de David, mis en vers Fran9ois 
par Philippes Desportes. 


Riclily gilt red inoroeco. 

Paris, 1604 

— • Les pseaumes de David mis en rime Fran(;,oise 

par C. Marot et T. de Beze. [The edition of 

Paris 1562, with some additional prefatory 


Svo. La Bochelle, I6O8 

— Another edition. 

12mo. Charenton, 1672 

— Le Pseautier en Frau^ais. Traduction nouvelle 
par J. F. LA Have. 

12mo. Paris, 1798 

— 0. T., Ecclesiastes. L'Ecclesiaste. Traduit 

de I'Hebreu, avec une etude sur I'age et le 

caractere du livre par EpvNEST Renan. Troisieme 


Svo. Pa/ris, 1890 



BIBLE, French. 0. T., Song of Songs. Le Cantique 
des Caiiti(|ues. Traduit de FHebieu : avec une 
etudo sur le plan, I'age et le caractcre du poi'me 
par Ernkst Uknan. Sixieme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 18<)1 

N. T. Le Nouveau Testament et la declaration 

dicelluy faicte et composee par Julien Macho 
et Pierre Fakget. 

fol. Jj. Buyer. Lyons [M?.')] 

Le Nouveau Testament. 

8vo. Martin VEmpercur. Antwerp, 1535 

Lc Nouveau Testament. 

Le Nouveau Testament. 

l6mo. Paris, ISCo 

l(Jmo. Lyons, 15fi3 

— Le Nouveau Testament. Traduit sur rancienne 
edition Latine. 

■i vols. Svo. Trevonx, 1702 

— Le Nouveau Testament en Francois ; avec des 
reflexions morales sur chaque verset [by Pas- 
QUiEU Quesnel]. 

8 vols. 1 2mo. Brussels and Amsterdam, 


— Le Nouveau Testament. Traduit en Francois, 
avec des notes par MM. de Beausobre et 

2 vols. 4to. Amsterdam, 1741 

— Le Nouveau Testament. Traduit sur le texte 
compare des meilleures editions critiques par 
Edmund Staffer. 

8vo. Paris, 1889 

— N. T., Epistles. Les Epistres de monseigneur 

Sainct Pol. Translatees de Latin en Francois. 
[With a commentary in French.] 

fol. Verard. Paris, 1507 

BIBLE, Gaelic (Scottish). An Biobla Naomhtha iona 
bhfuil Leabhair na Seintiomna. 

12mo. London, I69O 

Leabhraichean an T-Seann Tiomnaidh agus an 

Tiomnaidh nuadh. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1821 

— 0. T. Leabhraichean an T-Seann Tiomnaidh, 
air an tarruing o'n cheud chanain chum Gaelic 

4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1783-1801 

BIBLE, Gaelic (Scottish). 0. T. Leabhraichean an 
T-Scann Tiomnaidh. 

2 vols. 12mo. Edinburgh, 1807 

N. T. Tiomnadh Nuadh ar Tighearna agus ar 

Slanuigh-fhir Josa Criosd. 

Tiomnaidh Nuadh. 

8vo. Edinburgh, 17()7 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1796 

BIBLE, Gaelic (Irish). An Biolila Naomhtha. 
[Translated by \V. Bedel and W. O'Donnell.] 

Svo. London, 1817 

0. T. The books of the Old Testament. 

Translated into Irish by the care and diligence 
of Doctor W. Bedel, late Bishop of Kilmore. 

4to. London, 1685 

N. T. Tiomna Nuadh ar Dtighearna agus 

ar Slanajghtheora Josa Criosd, re Hulliam 0. 


fol. Dublin, 1602 

An Tiomna Nuadh. Translated by Willl\i\i 


Svo. London,, 1821 

BIBLE, Georgian. N. T. [The New Testament in 
Georgian, printed in the sacred character.] 

4to. St. Petersburg, I8I6 

BIBLE, German. Die Bibel. 

2 vols. fol. [/. Mentelin. Strasburg, 1465] 

Another edition [60 lines]. 

fol. [1472] 

Another edition. 

2 vols. fol. [G. Zainer. Augsburg, 147 i] 

Another edition. 

fol. [./. PflanzriMnn. Augsburg, 1475] 

— — Another edition. 

fol. Frisner und Sensenschmit. 
Nuremberg, 1475 

Another edition. 

2 vols. fol. A. Sorg. Augsburg, 1477 

Another edition. 

fol. A. Koburger. Nuremberg, 1483 

Das alte und das neue Testament mit fleyss 

verteutscht. [This edition does not contain the 

4 vols in 3. fol. F. Peypus. Nuremberg, 


Printed on vellum. 



BIBLE, German. Bibel teutsch der urspriinglichen 
hebreischen und griechischen warheit nach aufFs 
treiiwlichest verdolmetschet. 

Svo. Chr. Froschmier. Zurich, 1534 

Biblia, das ist die gaiitze heilige schrift Deutsch, 

D. Mart. Luthers. 

3 vols. 12mo. Liinebury, 1627 

Printed on vellum. 

— Biblia mit der Auslegung : die ganze heilige 
Schriift Martini Lutheri. 

3 vols. fol. Lunehunj, 1650 

— Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift 
nach der deutschen Uebersetzung D. Martin 

2vols.ini. Svo. London, 1821 

— Vollstiindiges Bibelwerk fiir die Gemeinde in 
drei Abtheilungen von C. C. J. Bunsen [A. H. 
H. Kamphausen and H. J. Holtzmann]. 

9 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1858-70 

— 0. T. Handkommentar zum Altentestament, 
herausgegelien von W. Nowack. 

ii. Abtheilung, 2. Band. Die Psalmen iiber- 

setzt und erkliirt von F. Baethgen. 
iii. 1. Band. Das Buch Jesaia iibersetzt und 
erklart von B. Duhm. 

2. Band, 1. Theil. Das Buch Jeremia . . . 


3. Band, 2. Theil. Das Buch Daniel . . . 
von G. Behrmann. 

4 vols. Svo. GoUingen, 1 892-94 

— Die Heilige Schrift des Alten Testaments 
iibersetzt und herausgegeben von E. Kauksch. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Freiburg, 1894 

N. T. Das new Testament Deudsch. 

1 vol. in 2. Svo. H. Stayiur. 
Augsburg, 1535 

Printed ou vellum. 

— Novum testamentum, Hebraeo-Teutonicum opera 
GiiiusTiANi MoLLERi descriptum. [German in 
Hebrew characters.] 

4to. Franl-fort-on-Oder, 1700 

Das Neue Testament. [Catholic version.] 

Svo. Munich, 1816 

— [Martin Luther's version transcribed in the 
Itiibbinical character by J. d'Allemand. Ger- 
man in Hebrew characters.] 

Svo. A. Macintosh. London, 1820 

BIBLE, German. N. T., Luke. Das Evangelium 
des Lucas erklart von Dr. G. L. Hahn. 

2 vols. Svo. Breslcm, 1892-94 

BIBLE, Low German. De Biblie mit vlitigher 
achtinghe recht na deme latine in dudesck auer- 
ghesettet ; mit vorluchtinge unde glose. 

2 vols. fol. Steffen Arndes. Lilbeck, 1 494 

N. T. Dat Nye Testament. [Edited by J. 


8vo. Hrnis Luft. Wittenberg, 1 524 
Dat Nye Testament duedesch: Martinus 

LuTTHER. [Edited by J. Bugenhagen.] 

Svo. Wittenberg, 1525 

Another edition. 

Svo. Wittenberg, 1530 

BIBLE, Greek. Sacrae Scripturae veteris novaeque 
omnia. [Part i. edited by Andreas Asulanus, 
part ii. by Fredericus Asulanus, and part iii. 
by Franciscus Asulanus.] 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1518 

Divinae Scripturae veteris novaeque omnia. 

[Edited by J. Lonicer.] 

4 vols. Svo. Cephalaeus. Strasburg, 1524-26 

Vetus Testamentum Graecum ex versione 

septuaginta interpretum juxta exemplar Vati- 
canum editum, cum scholiis et lectionibus 
variantibus ; Novum Testamentum [Graecum]. 
3 vols, in 2. 4to. London, 1653 

Vetus Testamentum ex versione septuaginta 

interpretum ; Novum Testamentum juxta exem- 
plar Millianum. 

5 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1805 

— Ta BifSXia TOVTCdTLv i) 0£ta Vpa<j>i] t);s TraXatas 
re Kai Kaivy]<; Ai,aOi]Kri<;. 

4t0. Moscow, 1821 

— Bibliorum codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus. 
Edidit T. Tischendorf. [Contains the New 
Testament and a portion of the Old Testament.] 

4 vols. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1862 

— Bibliorum sacrorum Graecus codex Vaticanus, 
auspice Pio ix., Pontifice Maximo, collatis studiis 
Caroli Vercellone et Josephi Cozza editus, 
cum commentariis H. Canonici Fabiani et 
Josephi Cozza. 

6 vols. 4to. 7iO)Me, 1868-84 

— Codex Alexandrinus, autotype facsimile, with 
introductions by E. M. Thompson. 

4 vols. 4to. [London] 1879-83 



BIBLE, Greek. 0. T. 

Sec Biel, J. C. (for lexicon). 
„ Origan. 

Vetus Testamenttim juxta Septuaginta, ex 

auctoritatc Sixti v. uditum. [Edited by A. 

fol. F. Zanetti. Rome, LOSd 

Another edition. 

fol. F. Zanetti. Rome, 1586-87 

Vetus Testamentum Graecum ex versione 

septuaginta inteipretum. Juxta exemplar Vati- 
canum Komae editum. [With a preface by J. P., 
i.e. J. Pearson.] 

2 vols. 12mo. F. Field. Camhidge, iCGo 

Septuaginta interpretes, ex MS. codice Ale- 
xandrine. Edidit J. E. Grabe. 

-t vols. fol. Oxford, n 07 -20 

Septuaginta interpretum tomi iv. ; quern e MS. 

codice Alexandrino deseriptum et ope aliorum 
exemplarium emendatum. Edidit J. E. Graee. 
-i vols, in 8. Svo. Oxford, 1707-9 

Vetus Testamentum ex versione Ixx. Edidit 

Lambertus Bos. 

2 vols. 4to. Franeker, 1709 

Vetus Testamentum ex versione septuaginta 

interpretum : praefationem etc., praemisit David 


2 vols. Svo. Amsterdam, 1725 

— Vetus Testamentum ex versione septuaginta 
interpretum. Summa cura edidit J. J. 

4 vols. 4to. Zurich, 1730-32 

— Vetus Testamentum Graecum cum variis 
lectionibus. Edidit R. Holmes. Vol. i. [Penta- 

fol. Oxford, 1798 

— Vetus Testamentum grreeum, e codice MS. 
Alexandrino. Edidit H. H. Baber, A.M. 

6 vols. 4to. London, 1 816-2S 

Printed on velluin. 

— The Old Testament in Greek according to the 
Septuagint. Edited by H. B. Swete. 

3 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 1887-94 

— 0. T. Selections. Nova versio Graeca Pro- 
verbiorum, Eeclesiastis, Cantici Canticorum, 
Ruthi, Threnorum, Danielis, et selectorum Penta- 
teuchi locorum, ex unico codice nunc primum 
enita a J. B. C. D'Ansse de Villoison. 

Svo. Sirasburg, 1784 

BIBLE, Greek. O. T., Psalms. Psaltcrium Graecum 
cuia JUSTINI Decadyi. 

4to. Aldus. Venice [1497] 

Another copy, second issue. 

4to. Aldus. Venice [1497] 

— Psalmi aliquot Davidis Graecis versibus com- 
positi, per Antonium Nkirum, medicum Bruns- 

Svo. Leipzig, 1552 

— Apollinarii interpretatio Psalmorum versibus 

Svo. A. Twnebus. Paris, 1552 

— Psalterium Graecum e codice MS. Alexandrino 
fideliter deseriptum cura et labore Henrici 
Harveii Baber. 

4to. London, IS 12 

Printed on vellum. 

— 0. T., Song of Songs. Eusebii, Polychronii, 
Pselli in Canticum Canticorum expositiories 
Graece. Edidit Joannes Meursius. 

4to. Elzevir. Ley den, l6l7 

N. T. Novum Testamentum Graece. 

4to. Th. Anshelmus. Hagenau, 1521 

- Novum Testamentum Graece. 

Svo. /. Bebelius. Basle, 1524 

- Novum Testamentum Graece. 

Svo. <S^. Colinaeus. Paris, 1534 

- Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

Svo. /. Bebelius. Basle, 1535 

- Novum Testamentum Graece. 

l(Jmo. /. Valderus. Bask, 1536 

- Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

2 vols. l()'mo. R. S'tqilumus. Paris, 1549 

Blue morocco, double, with tlie device of Baron LoiigeiJierre. 

- Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

2 vols, in 1. l6mo. Robert Stephanus. 

Paris, 1549 

- Novum Testamentum Graece. 

1 vol. in 2. l6mo. Pdrus Haltinus. 
Paris, 1549 

- Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

l6mo. B. Prevost. Paris, 1549 

- Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

fol. R. Stephanus. Paris, 1550 



BIBLE, Greek. N. T. Novum Testamentum Graecum. 
1 vol. in 2. 8vo. /. Crispinus. [Geiieva] 


Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

8vo. Fivschmier. Zurich, 1559 

- Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

8vo. Voegelius. Leipzig, 1564 

- Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

2 vols, in 1. Ifimo. R. Stephanus. 
Paris, 1568 

• Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

2 vols. l6mo. R. Stephanus. Paris, 


Printed on vellum. Olive morocco, richly gilt, with the 
arms of De Thou. 

• Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

1 vol. in 3. l6mo. Thomas Vautrollier. 

London, 1587 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

l6mo. C. Barker and G. Bishop. 
London, 1592 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

4to. Geneva, 1619 

— Novum Testamentum Graece. Edidit Eras- 
mus Schmidt. 

4to. Wittenberg, 1622 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

12mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1624 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

48mo. Sedan, 1628-29 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

8vo. I'homccs Bmh. Cambridge, 1632 

— Novum Testamentum Graece. 

24mo. Amsterdam, 1633 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

2 vols. 12mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1633 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum idiomate graeco 
litterali et graeco vulgari; ex versione Maximi 

2 vols. 4to. [/'. Chouct. Geneva] l63S 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

I2mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1641 

BIBLE, Greek. N. T. Novum Testamentum Grae- 
cum. Edidit Stephanus Curcellaeus. 

12mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1658 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

12mo. /. Fif'M. Cambridge, 1665 

Novum Testamentum Graece. 

— Novum Testamentum, editio nova, studio et 
labore Stephani Curcellaei. 

12mo. Dan. Elsevir. Amsterdam, 1675 

— Novi Testamenti [Greek] libri omnes. [Edited 
by J. Fell, Bishop of Oxford.] 

l2mo. Oxford, 1675 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

12mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1678 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

8vo. Amsterdam, I698 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

2 vols. 12mo. Cambridge, 1700 

— Novum Testamentum Graece, una cum scholiis 
Graecis, opera Joannis Gregorii. 

fol. Oxford, 1703 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

12mo. London, 1703 

Novum Testamentum cum lectionibus varianti- 

bus studio et labore J. MiLLli. 

fol. Oxford, 1707 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. [Edited by 
M. Maittaire.] 

12mo. London, 1714 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum cum lectionibus 
variantibus, locis parallelis et dissertatione studio 
J. Millii : recensuit Ludolphus Kusterus. 
Editio secunda. 

fol. Leipzig, 1723 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

8vo. London, 1728 

fol. Paris, 1642 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum : cum variis 
lectionibus. Edidit J. A. Bengelius. 

2 vols. 4to. Tubingen, 1734 

— Novum Testamentum post priores S. Cur- 
cellaei, tum et doctorum Oxoniensium labores 
a G. D. T. M. D. [i.e. Gerardus de Trajecto 
Mosae Doctor]. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1735 



BIBLE, Greek. N. T. Novum Testamentum 
Graecum ail proliatissimorum codicuni exempla 
summa diligeutia recogiiitum a C. S. Geoiigio. 

Svo. JFittmhcnj, 1736 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum juxta cditionem 

Svo. Uric. Glasc/ou; 1750 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum cum Icctionibus 
variantibus nee non commentario pleniore, opera 
J. J. Wetstein. 

2 vol.s. fol. Amsterdam, 17.')l-52 

— Novum Testamentum [Graecum] ex editione 
Wetsteniana, 1711. 

-ito. Faults. Glasgoic, 1759 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum, juxta exemplar 
Millianum. Oxford, \16S 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum, cum scholiis 
theologicis et philologicis. [Edited by S. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1768 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum e codicc MS. 
Alexandrino descriptum a C. G. AVoide [a 

4to. London, 17S6 

Printed on vellum. 

Another copy 

fol. London, 1786 

— Appendix ad editionem Novi Testamenti 
Graeci e codice MS. Alexandrino a C. G. 
WoiDE descripti, in qua continentur fragmenta 
Novi Testamenti juxta interpretationem dialeoti 
superioris .^Egypti, e codicibus Oxoniensibus. 

fol. Oxford, 1799 

— Novum Testamentum ad codicem Vindo- 
bonensem Graece expressum, varietatem lectionis 
addidit F. G. Alter. 

2 vols. Svo. Vienna, 1786-S7 

— Novum Testamentum Graece : recensuit J. J. 
GriesbaC'H. Editio secunda. 

2 vols. 4to. Halle an der Saale and London, 


— Novum Testamentum Graece : ex recensione 

J. J. Griesbachii. 

4 vols, in 2. 4to. Leipzig, 1803-7 

— Another edition. 

2 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 1 809 


BIBLE, Greek. N. T. 'H Ktt6i'i; AiaffrjKjj 8i-yA<oTTos, 

tout' ia-Ti, TO 6(iov apf^irvirov koI i) avTOv ixerd- 

tj>pa(Tii £is Koivfjv SidXiKToi'. [The New Testa- 
ment in ancient and modern Greek.] 

Svo. London, 1819 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. 

32mo. Pickering. London, 1828 

Novum Testamentum Graecum. Editio Hel- 

lenistica. [Edited by E. W. Grinfield.] 

2 vols. Svo. London, \84:3 

— Novum Testamentum Sinaiticum sive Novum 
Testamentum cum epistula Barnabae et frag- 
mentis Pastoris. Edidit C. TiscHENDORF. 

4to. Leipsig, 1863 

— The Greek Testament, with a critically revised 
text, and a critical and exegetical commentary 
by Henry Alford, Dean of Canterbury. 

4 vols. Svo. London, 1863-66 

— Novum Testamentum Graecum. Edidit CoN- 
STANTINE TiSCHENDORF. [Vol. iii. Prolegomena 
by C. R. Gregory.] 

3 vols, in 4. Svo. Leipzig, 1872-94 

— The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ, in the original Greek, with intro- 
ductions and notes by Christopher Words- 
worth, Bishop of Lincoln. New edition. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1877-79 

— A revised text vrith introduction and appendix 
by B. F. Westcott and F. J. A. Hort. 

2 vols. Svo. London, ISSl 

— N. T., Gospels. Quatuor evangelia, Graece. 

Edidit Andreas Birch. 

fol. Copenhagen, 1788 

— Quatuor evangelia, Graece. Edidit J. White. 

Svo. Oxford, 179S 

— Harmonia quatuor evangeliorum juxta sectiones 
Ammonianas et Eusebii canones. 

4to. Oxford, 1805 

— A harmony of the Gospels in Greek by 
Edward Robinson. 

Svo. Andm;er, U.S.A., 1834 

— Synopticon, an exposition of the common 
matter of the synoptic gospels by W. G. RusH- 


fol. London, 1880 



BIBLE, Greek. N. T., Gospels. Synopsis evangelica 
ex quattuor evangeliis ordine chronologico con- 
cinnavit C. de Tischendorf. Editio sexta. 

Svo. Leipzig, 18.91 

N. T., Matthew. Evangelium secundum 

Matthaeum ex codice rescripto in bibliotheca 

coUegii S. Trinitatis juxta Dublin: descriptum 

opera J. Barrett : appendix collationem codicis 

Montfortiani complectens. 

-tto. ViMin, ISOl 

Das Matthausevangelium und seine Lucas 

Parallelen erkliirt von Dr. B. Weiss. 

Svo. Halle, 187(i 

N. T., Epistles. Saint Paul's Epistles to the 

Colossians and to Philemon : a revised text, with 
introductions, notes, and dissertations, by J. B. 
LiGHTFOOT. Eighth edition. 

8vo. London, 1886 

N. T., Romans. St. Paul's Epistle to the 

Romans, with notes, by C. J. Vaughan, D.D. 
Seventh edition. 

12mo. Cambridge, 1890 

N. T., Corinthians. The epistles of St. Paul to 

the Corinthians. Edited by A. P. Stanley. 

Fifth edition. 

Svo. London, 1882 

— A commentary on the two epistles of St. Paul 
to the Corinthians by W. Kay. [With text.] 

Svo. London, 1887 

The first Epistle to the Corinthians, the Greek 

text, with a critical and grammatical commentary 

by C. J. Ellicott, Bishop of Gloucester and 


Svo. London, 1SS7 

— N. T., Galatians. Saint Paul's Epistle to the 
Galatians ; a revised text, with introduction, notes, 
and dissertations, by J. B. Lightfoot. Ninth 


Svo. London, 1887 

— N. T., Philippians. Saint Paul's Epistle to the 
Philippians: a revised text, with introductions, 
notes, and dissertations, by J. B. Lightfoot. 
Eighth edition. 

Svo. London, 1SS8 

— N. T., 1 John. The first I'^pistle of St. John, a 
contrilmtiun to biblical theology by E. HauI'T. 
Translated by W. B. Pope. [Clark's Foreign 

Theological Library.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, lS7i) 

BIBLE, Greenlandish. N. T. Testamente nutak. 
[Translated by Otto Fabricius.] 

Svo. Copenhagen, 1799 

The New Testament. Translated into the 

Greenland language by the missionaries of the 

Unitas Fratrum. 

Svo. London, 1822 

BIBLE, Gujerati. N. T. The Bible in the 
Goozuratee language : vol. v. containing the New 
Testament. [Vols, i.-iv., containing the Old 
Testament, were not published in this edition.] 

Svo. Serampore, 1820 

BIBLE, Hebrew. 0. T. 

Biljlia hebraica. 

fol. [Naples, 14.91] 

— [The second volume only, containing the major 

and minor prophets.] 

8vo. Brescia, 1494 

— Biblia Hebraica cum punctis, et commentarns 
David Kimhi, ex recognitione F. Vatabli. 

4 vols. 4to. B. Stcphanus. Paris, 1539-44 

Biblia Hebraica. 

11 vols. l6mo. H. Stephanus. 
Paris, 1. '544-46 

— Biblia Hebraica, sine punctis. 

4to. Christopher Plantin. Antwerp, 1565 

— Biblia Hebraica, sine punctis. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1701 

— Biblia Hebraica cum punctis secundum ultimam 
editionem Jos. Athiae a J. Leusden denuo 
recognitam, recensita notisque illustrata ab 


2 vols. Svo. Amsterdam and Utrecht, no5 

— Biblia Hebraica, cum Latinis summariis, studio 

Henrici Opitii. 

4to. Kiel, 1709 

— Biblia Hebraica, accedunt breves adnotationes, 
eura J. H. Michaelis. 

2 vols. 4to. Halle, 1720 

— Biblia Hebraica, sine punctis : accurante N. 


4to. Oxfoi-d, 1750 

— Biblia Hebraica manualia, recensita atque cum 
brevi lectionum Masorethicarum resolutione, utet 
cum dictionario omnium vocum veteris Testa- 
menti Hebraicarum et Chaldaicarum a JoHANNE 


iJ vols, in 1. Svo. Amsterdam, 1753 



BIBLE, Hebrew. 0. T. Vetus Tcstaracntum 
Hebraicum. Edidit Benjaminus Kennicott, 

2 vols. fol. Oxford, 177()-SO 

Biblia Hebraica, olim a Chr. Reineccio edita, 

nunc deniio cum variis lectionibus ediderunt 


■!• parts in 2 vols. 4to. Leipzig, 1793 

Biblia Hebraica : digessitetgravioreslectionum 

varietates adjecit Johannes Jahn. 

t vols. 4to. VicHiiu, 180(i 

0. T., Pentateuch. [The Pentateuch with 

points, and with the Chaldean paraphrase of 
Onkelos, and the commentary of R. Salamon 

fol. Abraham ben Cluijim. Bologna, 14^82 

Printed on vellum. 

— Pentateuchus Hebraeo-Samaritanus. Edidit 
Benjamin Blayney. 

8vo. Oxford, 1790 

— 0. T. [Joshua, Judges, Books of Samuel and 
Kings. With Chaldee commentary by Kuicm.] 

fol. Soncino, 1485 

— O. T., Ruth. Libellus Ruth cum scholiis 
iMasorae ad marginem. Item succincta expositio 
R. D. KiiMHi : omnia per Jo. Mercehi.^m re- 

4to. li. Slej)]utmit<. I'orit:, 1 56.'i 

— 0. T., Job. [Job, with the commentary of R. 
Levi Gersonides, Megilloth, Ruth, Lamenta- 
tions, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, and Esdras, 
with commentaries.] 

fol. Samiiel ben Smmiel. Naples, I iSl 

— 0. T., Psalms. [With the commentary of 


fol. [1480] 

— 0. T., Proverbs. [With the commentary of 
Rabbi Emmanuel.] 

4to. Naples, 1487 

— 0. T., Prophets. [Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and 
xii. Minor Prophets. Commentary of Kimchl] 

fol. Soncino, 1485 

— 0. T., JoeL Joel, cum commentariis R. David 
KiMHi. Edidit Jo. Merceru.s. 

4to. C. Steplmnus. Paris, 1557 

— 0. T., Jonah. Jonas, cum commentariis R. 
David Kimui. Edidit Jo. AIercerus. 

4to. R. Steplianus. Paris, 1567 

BIBLE, Hebrew. 0. T., Habakkuk. Habacuc, cum 
commentariis R. David Kimiii. Edidit Jo. 

4to. C. Stephanvs. Paris, 1559 

— — N. T. The New Testament in Hebrew. 
[Edited by T. Fry and W. B. Collyer.] 

8vo. London, 1821 

N. T., Matthew. The Gospel of St. Matthew 

in Hebrew. 

8vo. /. Fanderlinden. Madras, 1817 

BIBLE, Hindustani. 0. T., Pentateuch. The Pen- 
tateuch translated into llindoostanec from the 

original Hebrew. 

8vo. Serampore, 1822 

— 0. T., Psalms. Psalterium Davidis in linguam 
Indostanicam translatum a Benj. Schultzio. 

8vo. Halle, 1747 

— N. T. The New Testament. Translated into 
Hindoostanee from the Greek by Rev. H. 

8vo. Serampore, 1814 

Another edition. 

8vo. Loibdon, 1819 

BIBLE, Hungarian. Szent Biblia [with the Psalms 
in metro]. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Ulrecht, 1730 

Another edition. 

3 vols, in 1. 8vo. Basle, 1750-51 

BIBLE, Icelandic. Biblia pad er oil heilog Ritning, 
utlogd a Norraenu. Med formillum Doct. 
Martini Lutheri. [Edited by G. Thorlaks- 


3 vols. fol. .Tone, Jons Syne. 
IToolum, 1584 

Another edition. 

3 parts in 2 vols. 4to. Copenhagen, 1747 

N. T. That Nya Testamente, efter theirri 

annari utgafn thes a Islendsku. 

Svo. Copenlwgen, 1807 

BIBLE, Italian. Biblia in lingua vulgare tradutta. 
2 vols. fol. [N. Jenson. Venice} 1471 

— Biblia volgare historiata. [Translated by N. 

de' Malermi.] 

2 vols. fol. V. de Spira. Venice, 1471 

— La Bibia vulgare hystoriata. 

fol. G. It. di Monteferato. Venice, 1492 



BIBLE, Italian. La Biblia : quale contiene i sacri 
libri tradotti de la hebraica verita in lingua 
Toscana per Antonio Brucioli. 

4to. G. Scotto. Venice, 1539-47 

Calf, with the arms of Li-onor Estampes, Archbishop of Hheims. 

Commento di Antonio Brucioli in tutti i 

sacrosanti libri del vecchio e nuovo Testamento, 
per esso tradotti in lingua Toscana. 

7 vols, in 3. fol. Fr. and Ales. Brucioli. 
Venice, 1542-46 

Red morocco, with the arms of J. B. Colbert. 

La Bibia, in lingua volgare. [By A. Brucioli.] 
4to. Fr. D'urone. [Geneva] 1562 

— La Bibbia, ciofe, I libri del vecchio e del nuovo 
Testamento ; nuovamente translatati in lingua 
Italiana da Giovanni Diodati. 

4to. [Geneva] l607 

Green morocco, with the arms and cypher of De Thou. 

— La sacra Bibbia, tradotta in lingua Italiana, e 
commentata, da Giovanni Diodati. Seconda 
editione con I'aggiunta de' sacri Salmi, messi in 

4 parts in 1. fol. Geneva, 1641 

— La sacra Bibbia volgarizzata da Niccol5 
Mallermi, ridotta alio stile moderne e arrichita 
di note. 

7 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1773 

— Bibbia sacra secondo la Volgata tradotta in 
lingua Italiana da Antonio Martini. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Loiulon, 1821 

— 0. T., Poetical books. I libri poetici della 
Bibbia tradotti dall' Ebraico originale, ed adat- 
tati al gusto della poesia Italiana, colle note. [By 
S. Mattel] 

8 vols. 8vo. Naples, 1779-80 

— Poesie Ebraiche, Giobbe, Cantico de' Cantici, 
Cantici scritturali, Treni di Geremia, Salmi tra- 
dotte. [Parnaso de' poeti classici, torn, i.-iii.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1793 

— II Giobbe ed il Cantico de' Cantici, I'uno di Fu. 
Eezzano, I'altro traduzione di EvASio Leone, 
adattato al gusto della poesia Italiana. 

Svo. Venice, 1796 

0. T., Job. I morali del pontifice S. Gregorio 

magno sopra il libro di Giobbe volgarizzati da 
Zanobi DA Strata. [With the text] 

4 vols, in 2. 4to. Naples, 1745-46 

BIBLE, Italian. 0. T., Job. II libro di Giobbe, 
esposto in Italiana poesia con annotazioni da 
Francesco Rezzano. 

4to. Home, 1760 

0. T., Song of Songs. La Cantica ed il salmo 

xvii., tradotti in versi da Euforbo Melesigenio 


8vo. Parma, 1800 

— N. T. II nuovo Testamento, tradotto per A. 

l6mo. G. Gazello. Lyons, 1547 

— II nuovo Testamento del Signor nostro Jesu 
Christo, tradotto da Giovanni Diodati. 

12mo. N. p., 1608 

II nuovo Testamento. [Translated by G. 


Svo. Shacklewell, 1816 

BIBLE, Latin. Biblia sacra Latina. [36 lines.] 

2 vols. fol. [J. G^deiibery. Mainz, 1455] 

Biblia sacra Latina. [42 lines.] 

2 vols. fol. [J. Fust and P. Schoeffer. 
Mainz, 1455] 

Biblia sacra Latina. [49 lines.] 

fol. [J. Mentelin. Strashurg, 1459] 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. P. Schoeffer. Mainz, 1462 

Printed on vellum. 

Biblia sacra Latina. [41 lines.] 
2 vols. fol. [H. Eggcsteijn. Strashurg, 1466] 

Biblia sacra Latina. [45 lines.] 
2 vols. fol. [H. Eggesieyn. Strashurg, 1466] 

Biblia sacra Latina. [45 lines.] 
2 vols. fol. [H. Eggesteyn. Strashurg, 1466] 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. R. Printer. [Strashurg, 1467] 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. Sweynkeym and Pannartz. 

Boms, 1471 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. [Vol. i. B. Bodt; vol. ii. B. Richel. 

Basle, 1471-73] 

■ Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. P. Schoeffer. Mains, 1472 



BIBLE, Latin. Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols, in 1. [£. liichel. Basle, M.74] 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. [N. Gijts. Cologne, 147-i] 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. Frisner and SeMensclvmidt. 
Nuremberg, 1115 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. F. de Hailbrun and N. de Frankfm-dia. 

Venice, 1175 

Biblia sacra Latina. [The portion containing 

the New Testament is wanting.] 

■tto. /. P. de Ferratis. Piacenza, 1475 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. [C. de HomhorcJi. Cologne, 1475] 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. A. Cohurgur. . Nuremberg, 1475 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. Crantz, Gering, aid Friburger. 

Paris, 1476 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. M. Morams. Naples, 1476 

Printed on vellum. 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. F. de Hailbrun and Nir. de 
Frankfmxlia. Fenice, 1476 

Printed on vellum. 

BIBLE, Latin. Biblia sacra liatina. [' Fontibus 
ex graecis ' edition.] 

fol. [Basle, 1485] 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

8vo. Giunta. Flwence, 1519 

— Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. N. Jensen. Fenice, 1476 

Printed on vellum. 

— Biblia sacra Latina. 

2 vols. fol. A. Kokirger. Nuremberg, 1477 

— Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. A. Koburger. Nuremberg, 1478 

— Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. Perrinus Lathomi de LotJwringia. 
Lyons, 1479 

— Biblia sacra Latina. [' Fontibus ex graecis ' 

fol. [./. Arrmbach. Basle] 1479 

— Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. A. Koburger. Nuremberg, 1479 

— Biblia sacra Latina. 

fol. A. Koburger. Nuremberg, 1480 

Biblia sacra Latina aedita a S. Pagnino. 

3 parts in 1 vol. 4to. A. du Piij. 
Lyons, 1527-28 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

8 parts in 5 vols. 1 6mo. S. Colinaeus. 
Paris, 1532-35 

— Biblia sacra ex Santis Pagnini tralatione re- 
cognita et scholiis illustrata. [By Michael 

fol. //. '( Pfftia. Lyons, 1542 

— Biblia Latina. [Translated by Leo Juda, 
T. BiBLiANDER, and P. Cholinus. The New 
Testament revised from the translation of 
Erasmus by E. Gualter, the whole edited by 
C. Pellican.] 

3 parts in 2 vols. fol. C. Froschouer. 
Zurich, 1543 

— Biblia Latina. [The Vulgate version and that 
of L. Juda and others. Edited by E. Estiennb.] 

5 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. R. Stephanus. 

Paris, 1545 

— Biblia ; cum indicibus. [Edited by R. 


fol. R. Stephanus. Paris, 1546 

Biblia Latina. 

8 parts in 3 vols. fol. S. Gryphius. 
Lyons, 1550 

— Biblia sacra Latina. [The New Testament only : 

the Old Testament is replaced by a copy of l6l4.] 

8vo. F. StepJutnus. N. P., 1567 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

8vo. J. Tornesius. Lyons, 1567 

Biblia sacra secundum editionem vulgatam. 
2 vols, in 1. 8vo. T. Guarinus. Basle, 1578 

Biblia sacra, cum duplici translatione [the 

Vulgate and that of L. .Juda and others], et 
scholiis Francisci Vatabli. Index biblicus a 
D. Joanne Harlemio nuperrime aeditus. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Salamanca, 1584-85 

Green morocco, with the arms and cypher of De Thou. 



BIBLE, Latin. Biblia sacra vulgatae editionis ad 
coiicilii Tridentini praescriptum emendata. [By 
Cardinal Carafa and others.] 

3 vols. fol. Iio7ne, 1590 

Biblia sacra latina nilgatae editionis. Sixti V. 

Pont. Max. jussu recognita atque edita. 

fol. Emm, 1592 

Biblia sacra ^iilgatae editionis. 

4to. T'l/p. Vaticana. Rome, 1593 

Red morocco, with the monogram of Kenelm Digby. 

— Biblia sacra vulgatae editionis. Sixti v. P. M. 
jussu recognita atque edita. 

4to. Ex typographia Vaticaiui. Borne, i 598 

Biblia sacra vulgatae editioni.s. 

8vo. Lyons, l609 

Red morocco, with the arms of De Tlioil. 

— Biblia sacra latina veteris et novi Testamenti 

juxta vulgatam editionem. [Old Testament only : 

the New Testament is replaced by a copy of 1567.] 

Svo. P. Santandreanus. [Ileidelberfj] iGl* 

Red morocco, with the arms of De Thou. 

Biblia sacra, Vulgatae editionis. 

6 vols. 24mo. Cologne, 1639 

— Biblia sacra. 

S vols. fol. Paris, 164.2 

Red morocco, witli the .arm.s of Louis xiw 

— Biblia sacra Vulgatae editionis. Sixti v. jussu 
recognita et dementis vii. auctoritate edita. 

Ito. Paris, l65.'i 

Biblia sacra, Vulgatae editionis. 

2 parts in 1. Svo. S.Martin. Paris, 1656 

— Biblia sacra Latina. 

12mo. Amsterdam, I669 

Riclily gilt Euylisli binding. 

— Vetus Testamentum ex translatione J. Clerici, 
cum ejus commentario : Novum Testamentum 
ex versione vulgata, cum paraphrasi H. Ham- 
MONDi, illustravit J. Clericus. 

6 vols. fol. Amsterdam and Frankfort, n0S-'3 5 

— Bibliorum sacronim Latinae vcrsioncs antiquac, 
seu vetus Italica, etc. : quae cum Vulgata et cum 
textu Graeco comparantur. Edidit Petkus 

3 vols. fol. Rhiiims, l74<3-49 

BIBLE, Latin. Biblia sacra Vulgatae editionis 
Sixti V. jussu recognita et Clementis Vli.- 
auctoritate edita, versiculis distincta. 

Svo. Venice, 1784 1 

Biblia sacra Latina. 

7 vols. 12mo. Venice, 1784f 

Bibliorum sacrorum Vulgatae versionis editio. 
2 vols. 4to. Paris, 178i 

Bibliorum sacrorum Vulgatae versionis editio : 

ad usum Delphini. 

8 vols. Svo. Paris, 1785 

— Biblia sacra Latina, cum commentariis COR- 
NELii A Lapide. [Job by J. Tirin ; Psalms by 


10 vols. 4to. Lyons and Paris, 1857-60 

— 0. T. Vetus Testamentum secundum Ixx., 
Latine redditum et ex auctoritate Sixti v. editum. 
[By F. NoBiLi and A. Carafa.] 

fol. G. Ferrarius. Rome, 1588 

Red morocco, with the arms of Le Goux de la Berchere, 
Archbishop of Narbonne. 

— Vetus Testamentum ex recensione textus 
Hebraei, latine versus, notisque illnstratus a 
J. A. DathiO. [Vols, i., ii., iii., v., vi. Vol. iv. 
contains the Syriac and Latin versions of the 
Psalms, edited by T. Erpenius, for which see 
Bible, Polyglott, 0. T., Psalms.] 

5 vols. Svo. Ealle, 1779-89 

— Biblia sacra ita exacte translata, ut statim 
videatur quid refert unaquaeque vox textus. 
[Genesis to Kings.] 

Svo. London [1800] 

— 0. T., Pentateuch. Lilari Moysi quinque. 

cum annotationibus. 

4to. R. Stepihaivws. Paris, 1541 

Calf, with the arms of the Comte de Polastron. 

— O. T., Poetical Books. Psalmi, Proverbia 
Salomonis, Ecclesiastes, Canticum Canticorum, 
cum brevilius annotationibus. 

4to. ii'. Stephanus. Paris, 1528 

— 0. T., Psalms. 

See Arias Montanus, B. 
„ Drusius, J. 

Psalmi cum commentariis a G. Brebia. 

Svo. Milan, 1477 



BIBLE, Latin. 0. T., Psalms. Psalterium David. 
Argumentis fronti cujuslibet psalmi adjectis 
Hebraica et Chaldaica iiiultis in locis tralatione 

Uimo. I'ari.% l!>'-2i 

Printed on vellum. 

Sacra ac recens Psalmorum omnium 1 )avidis 

interpretatio ab eximio theologo Pl.vcido I'ai;- ordinis praedicatorum edita. 

4to. Ill Acad. Vcneta. Venice, l.'J5.<) 

Arnobii Afri [oi- ratlier of Arnobius the 

younger] commentarii in omnes Psalmos, per 
D. Ekasmum emondati. 

8vo. H. Frohenius. Basle, 1560 

Psalmorum Davidis paraphrases poctica : 

authore Geougio Buciianano. Psahnis aliquot 

in versus item Graecos nuper a diversis translati. 

8vo. H. StepJuums. Paris [l.'JTO] 

Paraphrasis psalmorum Davidis poetica: authore 

Georgio Buchanano. 

8vo. /. Rilielius. Strashmg, 1575 

— Psalmi Davidis ex hebraica, latinis versibu.s 
expressi a J. IMatthaeo Toscano, quibus prac- 
fixa sunt argumenta, opera Jo. AuitATi. 

Svo. F. Morel. Paris, 1575 

— Davidis Regis ac prophetae psalmorum liber. 

l6mo. Antwerp, 1581. 

— Psalterium Davidis, ad exemplar Vaticanum. 

12mo. Elzemr. Leyden, l(i5.') 

— Arturi Jonstoni Psalmi Davidici notis illustrati. 

4to. London, 17H 

— 0. T., Song of Songs. Beati Theodoreti in 

Canticum Canticorum explanatio. Francisco 

Zing interprete. 

fol. P. Manutius. Home, 1563 

— • 0. T., Lamentations. Expositio ac moralisatio 
super trenis Jheremie prophetae. [By J. Latte- 


fol. [Hood and Hunt. O.cford] 1482 

— 0. T., Ezekiel. Beati Theodoreti in Ezechielem 

prophetam commentarius. Joanne Baptista 
GvVBIO interprete. 

fol. P. Manutius. Itomr, 1563 

— 0. T., Daniel. Theodoreti in visiones Danielis 
prophetae commentarius. JoANNE Baptista 
Gabio interprete. 

fol. P. Manutius. Rome, 1562 

BIBLE, Latin. N. T. Novum Testamentum Latinum, 
cum llaymo de christianarum rcrum memoria. 
4to. [Conrad de JFesfphalia. Padua, 14>7'l] 

Novum Testamentum Latinum ad antiquissima 

Graecorum exemplaria castigatum inquo Latinam 
phrasim transfusum per B. G. DeIjOENUM. 

4to. John Maijler. London, 1540 

Novum Testamentum l,atinum. 

Svo. /'. Stephanus. Paris, 1541 

Novum Testamentum Vulgatae editionis. 

2 vols. 1 2mo. Paris, 1 649 

— Novum Jesu Christi Testamentum Vulgatae 


2 vols. 8vo. Paris, l660 

— Novum Testamentum, ex S. Castalionis inter- 

2 vols. 8vo. Foidis. Glasgow, 1758 

— Novum Testamentum, ad exemplar Vaticanum 

12mo. Paris, 1767 

— Novum Testamentum ex codice Alexandrino 
Latine redditum, interprete Leopoldo Sebas- 
TiANi Romano. 

8vo. London, 1817 

— N. T., Gospels. In evangelium secundum 
Matthaeum, Marcum et Lucam commentarii : 
Ilarmonia Evangelica : in evangelium secundum 
Johannem commentarius J. Galvini. Edidit 
R. Stephanus. 

2vols.ini. fol. Pi. Steplianm. [Geneva] 1553 

— The book of Deer. Edited by John Stuart. 
[Spalding Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, I869 

— The Gospel Book of St. Margaret ; being a 
facsimile reproduction of St. Margaret's copy of 
the Gospels preserved in the Bodleian Library, 
Oxford. Edited by W. Forbe.s-Leith, S.J. 

4to. Edinhurgh, I896 

— N. T., Acts. Sanctorum apostolorum acta, ex 
Arabica ti'anslatione Latine reddita per Fran- 


Svo. Lyons, 1578 

Red morocco, witli the arms of De Thou. 

— N. T., Epistles. Enarrationes in epistolas 
S. Pauli, Christophoro de Persona interprete. 
[By Saint Athanasius or rather Theopiiylact, 
Archbishop of Achrida.] 

fol. Ulric Hahn. Rome, 1477 



BIBLE, Latin. N. T., Epistles. Marini Grimani 
in epistolas Pauli ad Romanos, et ad Galatas 
commentarii. [With the text.] 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1542 

Commentaria in primam D. Joannis epistolam 

lo. Baptista Folengio auctore. [With the text.] 
8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1546 

Histoire du peuple de Dieu, troisieme partie : 

oil, paraphrase litterale des epitres des apotres, 
par le P. I. J. Berruyer. [A paraphrase of the 
Epistles in French with the Latin text.] 

2 vols. Padua, 11 ol 

N. T., Revelation. Liber apocalypsis S. Joannis 

cum glosis Nicolai de Lira. [Latin text with 
Italian commentary. ] 

4to. [Ulric Hahn. Eome, i4>70] 

BIBLE, Lappish. Tat ailes Tialog. 

J vols. 4to. Hernosand, 1811 

BIBLE, Lettish. Ta gwehta Grahmata jeb Deewa 
gwchtais wahrds. Tahm latweezchahm Deewa 
Drandsibahm par labbu istaisita. [By Ernst 
Gluck and others ; edited by J. Fischer]. 

4 vols, in 2. 4to. Riga, l6"85-89 

N. T. Ta jauna Derriba muhsu Kunga Jesus 


8vo. Mittau, ISlfi 

BIBLE, Lithuanian. Biblia, tai esti : Wissas 
Szwentas Rasztas. [Translated by J. J. Quandt 
and others.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Konigsherg, 1735 

Biblia, tai esti : Wissas Szwentas Rdsztas. 

2 vols. 8vo. Konigsherg, 1815-16 

N. T. Nauja Istatimas. [Translated from the 

Vulgate by J. A. Kunigaykszti.] 

4to. rVilna, 1816 

BIBLE, Malagasy. The Bible, retranslated into 
the Madagascar language by the missionaries of 
the London Missionary Society. [D. JoNES, 
D. Griffitus, and others.] 

8vo. Antananarivo, 1830S5 

BIBLE, Malay. [The Bible in the Malay language, 
translated by M. Leydekker and P. van der 
VoRM, and edited by G. H. Werndly, with 
the I'salms set to music and a liturgy.] 

3 vols, in 2. 4to. Amsterdam, 1731-35 

BIBLE, Malay. [The Bible in the Malay language, 
printed in Arabic characters. Edited by J. M. 
MoHR and P. VAN de Werth.] 

6 vols. 8vo. Ilata'da, 1758 

Biblia, Malaice. Edidit Joannes Willmet. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Haarlem, 1820-24 

[The ]\Lalay Bible, in Roman characters.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1821 

N. T. Testamento baron daen benar dallam 

Bassa Maleyo derri pada Daniel Brouwerius. 
8vo. Amsterdam, 1668 

BIBLE, Manchurian. N. T., Matthew. [The Gospel 
of St. Matthew translated into Manchurian by 

4to. St. Petersburg, 1822 

BIBLE, Manks. Yn Vible Casherick. [Old Testa- 
ment, with Wisdom and Ecclesiasticus.] 

2 vols. 8vo. fPliitehaven, 1771-73 

Yn Vible Casherick. 

2 vols, in 1. 

8vo. Lmulon, 1819 

BIBLE, Moldavian. N. T. [The New Testament in 
Moldavian dialect.] 

8vo. St. Petershirg, 1817 

BIBLE, Mooltan. N. T. [The Bible translated into 
the Mooltan language.] Vol. ii. containing the 
New Testament. [No more published.] 

8vo. Serampore, 1819 

BIBLE, Morduinian. N. T., Gospels. [The four 
Gosjjels in the Morduinian language.] 

8vo. St. Petersburg, 1821 

BIBLE, New England Virginian. Mamusse 
wunneetuf)anatamwe Up-Biblum God maneeswe 
Nukkone Testament kah wonk wusku Testament. 
Ne quoshkinnumuk nashpe Wuttinneumoh 
Christ noh asoowesit John Eliot. 

4to. S. Gh-een and M. Johnson. 
Cambridge, U.S.A., 1661-63 

Another edition. 

4to. Cambridge, U.S.A., 1680-85 

BIBLE, Persian. 0. T., Psalms. 

8vo. London, 1824 

BIBLE, Polish. Biblia swieta, the iest Ksiegi 
Starego y Nowego Zakonu. [Prince Radziwil's 
Bible, translated by S. Zaciusz and others.] 

fol. JVoiewoaka. Brescz, 1563 



BIBLE, Polish. Biblia Swieta. [Translated by S. 
Zaciusz and others.] 

3 parts in 1. 8vo. Amsterdam, l6"60 

Another edition. 

,'> parts in 1. Svo. /lerlin, 1810 

— Biblia Swieta z wykMdem Kdtholicim 
trudnieyszych mieysc, przez Jakuba WirvKA. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Moscow, 1821-22 

— 0. T., Psalms. [The Psalms in Polish, with the 
Polish Catechism.] 

2 vols, in 1. Ifimo. Dantzig, l6l6 

N. T. [The New Testament. Translated into 

Polish by the Rev. N. SoLomON : printed in 
Hebrew character.] 

Svo. London, 1S21 

BIBLE, Portuguese. A Biblia sagrada traduzida 
em Portuguez pelo padre JoAO Ferreira 
d' Almeida. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 181.0 

A Sancta Biblia traduzida em Portuguez pelo 

padre Antonio Pereira. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. London, 1821 

0. T. Do velho Testamento, traduzido em 

Portuguez por JoAO Ferreira A. d' Almeida 
e Jacobo op den Akker. 

2 vols. Svo. Batavia, 1 T^SS.S 

0. T., Historical Books. Os livros historicos 

do Velho Testamento, traduzidos iia lingoa 
Portugueza pe JoAM Ferreira A. d'Almeida. 
4to. Tranquebar, 1738 

N. T. Novo Testamento, traduzido na 

lingua Portuguesa pelo padre JoAO Ferreira 

•Ito. Joao de Vries. Batavia, 1693 

Another edition. 
Another edition. 

Svo. Amsterdam, 1712 

Svo. Batavia, 1773 

BIBLE, Romansch, of the Oberland. La S. Bibla 
quei ei tut la soincbia scartira, ner tuts ils 
Cudischs d'ilg Vedera Nief Testament, cun ils 
Cudischs Apocryphs, messa giu ent ilg languaig 
Rumonsch da la Ligia Grischa. [The Old 
Testament translated by S. Gabriel, the New 
Testament by L. Gabriel.] 

3vols.ini. fol. C'wre, 1717-18 

BIBLE, Romansch, of the Oberland. La S. Biblia 
ner la soincbia scartira d'ilg Voder Testament : 
messa giu ent ilg languaig Knmonsch da la ligia 
Grischa [by S. {1abrii<;l]. Ilg Nief Testament 
mess giu en Rumonsch [by L. Gabriel]. 

2 vols. Svo. Coin; 1818-20 

of the Lower Engadine. La saci-a Biblia 

vertida in lingua Ronianscha d'Ligadina bassa 
tras comun cuost 6 lavur da J. A. VuLPiO et J. 
Dorta a Valpera. La ii. editiun. 

4 vols, in 2. fol. Schuol, 1743 

BIBLE, Russian. 0. T., Psalms. 

Svo. .SV. Petersburg, 1S22 

N. T. 

Svo. St. Petersburg, 1823 

BIBLE, Sanskrit. 0. T., Pentateuch. [Tianslated 
l)y the Serampore missionaries.] 

Svo. Serampoi-e, 1811 

BIBLE, Singhalese. The Holy Bible. Translated 
into Singhalese [by W. Tolfrey and others]. 

7 parts in 4 vols. 4to. Colombo, 1817-20 

BIBLE, Slavonic. Wiwlia Sirietz Knigi. [Trans- 
lated by St. Methodius and St. Cyril.] 

fol. Ostrog, 1581 

Another edition. 

fol. Moscmv, 1766 

— — Another edition. 

4to. [St. Petersburg, 1820] 

BIBLE, Slovenian, of Carniola. Biblia sacra in 
Slavo-Carniolicum idioma translata, per G. Japel 
et Blasium Kumerdey, etc. 

11 vols, in 10. Svo. Laybach, 1784-1802 

BIBLE, Spanish. Biblia en lengua Espanola 
traduzida palabra por palabra dela verdad 
Hebrayca por muy excelentes letrados vista y 
examinada por el officio de la Liquisicion. 

fol. Ferrara, 1553 

Another edition. 

fol. Ferrara, 1553 

La Biblia trasladada en Espanol. [By 

Cassiodoro de Reyna.] 

4to. [Bask] 1569 

La Biblia o el antiguo y nuevo Testamento 

traducidos al Espaiiol de la Vulgata Latina por 
el padre Phelipe Scio de S. Miguel, obispo 
electo de Segovia. 

2 parts in 1. Svo. [London] 1823-24 




BIBLE, Spanish. 0. T. Biblia en lengTia Espanola. 

fol. Amsterdam [1629] 

Biblia en lengua Espanola, traduzida de la 

verdad Hebraya. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 5421 [I661] 

— — 0. T., Psalms. See Leon, B. de. 

— Los psalmos de David con sus sumarios enque 
se declara con breuedad lo contenido en cada 
Psalmo. [Translated by Juan Perez de 

8vo. P. Daniel [J. Cresphi]. Venice \Geneva'\ 


— N. T. El uuevo Testamento traduzido por 
Francisco de Enzinas. 

8vo Antwerp, 1543 

— El Testamento nuevo traduzido en romance 

8vo. En casa de Juan Philadelpho. 
Venice, 1556 

El Testamento mievo. 

Svo. Richard Field. London, 1596 

— El nuevo Testamento, revisto per D. Sebastian 
DE LA Enzina. 

Svo. Amsterdam, 1708 

— El Nuevo Testamento. 

Svo. London, 1817 

BIBLE, Swedish. Biblia, thet ar all then Helga 
Skrift pa Swensko. [Edited by Erik Benzelius, 
and others.] 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Linkoping, 1756 

— N. T. Thet Nyia Testamentet. [Translated 
l)y L. Andreae.] 

4to. Amund Laurentzson. Stockholm, 1 549-50 

Nya Testamentet. 

Svo. Stockholm, 1814 

BIBLE, Syriac. 0. T. Vetus Testamentum Syriace, 
L'(js tantum libi-os sistens qui in canone Hebraico 
habentur ordine vero apud Syros usitato dis- 
positos,in usum ecclesiaeSyrorumMalabarensium. 
Edidit S. Lke. 

4to. London, 1823 

Translatio Syro-Pescitto Veteris Testamenti ex 

codice Ambrosiano seculi fere vi. photo-litho- 
graphicc edita, cura Ant. M. Ceriani. 

fol. Milan, 1876 

BIBLE, Syriac. O. T., Pentateuch. Pentateuchus 
Syriace ex polyglottis Anglicanis. Edidit G. 0, 

4to. Hof, 1787 

N. T. Novum Testamentum Syriacum. 

4to. 3L Cymbermannus. Vieima, 1555 

Novum Testamentum Syriace cum punctis 

vocalibus et versione Latina Matthaei, accurante 
Ae. Gutbirio. 

Svo. Hamburg, 1664 

Another edition. 

Svo. Frankfurt, 1731 

Novum Testamentum Syriace denuo recog- 

nitum. [By C. Buchanan and S. Lee.] 

4to. Lmidon, I8I6 

Novum Testamentum Syi'iace. J 

Svo. Bagster. London, 1829 

N. T., Gospels. The four Gospels in Syriac. 

Transcribed from the Sinaitic palimpsest by R. 
L. Bensly and others, with an introduction by 
A. S. Lewis. 

4to. Cambridge, 1894 

BIBLE, Tahitian. N. T., Acts. Te ohipa a te mau 
Aposetolo na Jesu Christ te fatu iritihia ei parau 

Svo. Tahaa, 1823 

BIBLE, Tamil. Biblia Tamulica : studio et opera 
Barth. Ziegenbalgii et Benj. Schultzii. 

3 vols. 4to. Tranquebar, 1723-27 

N. T. Het heylige evangelium na de bescbry- 

vinge van de heyligen evangelisten, ende de 
Handelingen der Apostelen, in de Tamulse tale 

4to. Colombo, 1748 

— — The New Testament in Malabar. [Tamil.] 

Svo. Vepterij, 1772 

BIBLE, Tcheremissian. N. T., Gospels. [The four 
(iospels in the Tcheremissian language.] 

Svo. St. Petersburg, 1821 

BIBLE, Turkish. N. T. Testamentum novum 
Turcice redditum, opera Gu. Seaman. 

4to. Oxfm-d, 1666 

[New Testament in Turkish.] 

Svo. I8I9 



BIBLE, Turkish. N. T. [The New Testament in 
Turkish, but printed in Armenian characters.] 

8vo. St. Pdershtirg, ISlf) 

[The New Testament in the Orenburg dialect 

of Turkish. Translated by Frasek.] 

8vo. AstmclMH, 1820 

BIBLE, Welsh. Y Beibl Cyssegr-lan, sef yr Hen 
Destament a'r Newydd. [The Old Testament 
translated by W. i\IouciAN, the New Testament 
by AV. Salesbury, R. Da\ies, and T. Huet.] 

fol. Chris/oplur Barker. London, ITiSS 

Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan, sef yr Hen Destament a'r 

Newydd. [Edited by Stephen Hughes.] Llyfr 

y Psalmau wedi eu cyfieithu, a'i cyfansoddi ar 

fesur cerdd, yn Gymraeg. Drwy waith E. Pkys. 

8vo. London., 1677-78 

Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan, sef yr Hen Destament 

a'r Newydd. [The chronology by W. Lloyd, 
Bishop of Worcester.] 

fol. Oxford, 1690 

Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan. [Edited by Richard 

Morris.] Llyfr y Salmau wedi eu cyfieithu 
a'll cyfansoddi ar fesur cerdd, yn Gymraeg. 
Drwy waith E. Prys. 

3 vols, in 1. Svo. Cambridge, HKi 

Y Bibl Cyssegr-lan, sef yr Hen Destament a'r 


2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1804 

N. T. Testament newydd. [Translated by 

W. Salesbury, R. Davies, and T. Huet.] 

4to. Henri/ Denlmm. [London^ 1567 

BIBLE, Wendish, Upper. Die ganze heilige Schrifit, 
vormahls in die Deutsche von Martin Luthern, 
jetzo aber in die Ober-Lausitzische Wendische 
Sprache iibersetzet. [The Old Testament by J. 
Langa and others, the New Testament by M. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Bautzen, 1727-28 

Lower. The Bible in AVendish : the Old 

Testament translated by J. F. Friza and revised 
by J. S. F. Schindler, the New Testament by 
G. Fabriziussa [Fabricius]. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Berlin, 1822-24 

BIBLE, Ziraine. N. T., Matthew. [The Gospel of 
St. Matthew in Ziraine, but printed in the 
Russian character.] 

Svo. St. Petershurij, jyoj 

BIBLE, Apocrypha. English. 

See Amald, R. Critical commentary. 

The version set forth in 161I, revised 18.94. 

8vo. Cambridge, 1895 

— The five books of Maccabees, in English. AVith 
notes by Henry Cotton. 

8vo. Oxford, 1832 

— Greek. Libri veteris Tcstamenti apocryphi : 
textum Graecum recognovit J. C. G. AuGUSTl. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1801> 

— Latin. The fourth book of Ezra; the Latin 

version edited from the mss. by R. L. Bensly, 
with an introduction by M. R. James. [Texts 
and Studies, vol. iii. No. 2.] 

Svo. Cambridge, 1895 

BIBLE, Appendix. Apocryphal 0. T. Polyglott. 
Greek and Latin. Codex pseudepigraphus veteris 
Testamenti. Edidit J. A. Fabricius. Editio 

3 vols, in 2. Svo. Hamburg, 1722-33 

Apocryphal N. T. Polyglott. Greek and 

Latin. Codex apocryphus Novi Testamenti. 
Edidit J. A. Fabricius. Editio secunda. 

3 vols, in 2. Svo. Hamburg, 1719-43 

English. The Apocryphal New Testament. 

Translated from the original tongues and now 
first collected into one volume [by AA^ILLIAM 

Svo. London, 1820 

The apocryphal gospels and other documents 

relating to the history of Christ. Translated from 
the originals with notes, etc., by B. H. Cowper. 

Svo. London, 1867 

Apocryphal Gospels, Acts, and Revelations. 

Translated by A. AA''alker. [Ante-Nicene 
Christian Library, xvi.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1870 

Latin. Evangelia apocrypha collegit atque 

recensuit C. de Tischendorf. Editio altera. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1876 

BIBLE, Appendix. The Apocalypse of Peter: 
Visio Pauli : Apocalypse of Maria Virgo : Apoca- 
lypse Sedrach. Translated by A. Ruther- 
FURD. [Ante-Nicene Christian Library, addi- 
tional volume.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1879 



BIBLE, Appendix. Apocrypha anecdota : a collec- 
tion of thirteen apocryphal books and fragments 
I now first edited from manuscripts by M. 11. 
Jajies. [Texts and Studies, vol. ii. No. 3.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 18Q3 

The four evangelists, Arabic and Latin ; with 

woodcuts designed by Antonio Tempesta. 

Edited by A. Aspland. [Holbein Society, viii.] 

4to. Manchester, 1873 

— The Gospel of Peter. Translated by J. A. 
Robinson ; introduction and synoptical table 
by A. EuTHERFURD. [Ante-Nicene Christian 
Library, additional volume.] 

8vo. Edinlurgh, 1897 

— Impressions from thirty-eight wood-blocks, 
found at Nuremberg, illustrating the Gospel 

4to. [London, 1825] 

— The Souldier's Pocket Bible, printed at London 
by G. B. and K. W. for G. C, l643, reproduced 
in facsimile, with an introduction by Francis Fry. 

8vo. London, 1862 

Printed ou vellum. 

— Cromwell's soldier's Bible : being a reprint in 
facsimile of the Soldier's Pocket Bible, compiled 
by Edmund Calamy, and issued in l643. With 
an introduction by Field-Marshal Viscount 


4to. London, 1895 

— The Testament of Abraham ; the Greek text 
now first edited with an introduction and notes 
Ijy Montague Rhodes J.uies, with an appendix, 
containing extracts from the Arabic version of 
the Testaments of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, by 
W. E. Barnes. [Texts and Studies, vol. ii. 
No. 2.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1892 

— The Testament of Abraham : the Acts of 

Xanthippe and Polyxena : the Narrative of 
Zosimus. Translated by W. A. Craigie. [Ante- 
Nicene Christian Library, additional volume.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1897 

BIBLIA Pauperum. [A block-book consisting of 
forty folio cuts illustrating scenes from the Old 
and New Testament.] 

fol. [Germany^ 

In a stanipcd binding dated 1407. 

Another edition. 

BIBLIA Pauperum. [A block-book consisting of 
forty folio cuts illustrating scenes from the Old 
and New Testament.] 

fol. [Germany] 

A block-book. 

Biblia pauperum Germanice. 

fol. [Alb. Pjider. Bamberg, -14,59] 

Biblia pauperum Latine. 

fol. [Alb. Pfister. Bamberg, 1459] 

BIBLIANDER, Theodoms. 

See Bible, Latin, fol. 1543. 
,, Koran. [Zurich^ 1550. 

— De legitima vindicatione christianismi veri et 

8vo. Bade, 1553 

A bluuk-bouk. 

fol. [Germatty] 

BIBLICAL Archaeology. 

See Society of Biblical Archaeology. 

BIBLICAL Repository. The Biblical Repository 
[mth Index to vols, i.-xxiv.], afterwards the 
Bibliotheca Sacra, conducted by E. Robinson, 
B. B. Edwards, and others. 

In progress. 8vo. Andover, etc., U.S.A. 
and London, 1831, etc. 

BIBLIOGRAFIA Storica delle citta, e luoghi dello 
Stato Pontificio. 

4to. Rome, 1792 

BIBLIOG-BAPHIA poetica : a catalogue of English 
poets of the 1 2th to 1 6th centuries, with a short 
account of their works. [By Joseph Ritson.] 

8vo. London, 1802 

BIBLIOGBAPHICA : papers on books, their history 
and art. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1895-97 

BIBLIOGRAPHICAL (A) dictionary. [By A. 

6 vols, in 3. 8vo. Liverpool, 1802-4 

(The) miscellany, or supplement to the Biblio- 
graphical dictionary. [By A. Clarke.] 

2 vols in 1. 8vo. Londmi, 1806 

(A) list of all the works that have been pub- 
lished, or are known to exist in MS., illustrative 
of the various dialects of English, compiled by 
members of the English Dialect Society, and 
edited by W. W. Skeat and J. H. NoDAL. 
[English Dialect Society, Nos. 2, 8, 18.] 

3 parts in 1. 8vo. London [\ 81 3]-n 



BIBLIOGRAPHICAL Miscellanies, being ;i selection 
of curious pieces in verse and prose. No. I [all 
printed]. Edited by P. Bliss. 

4to. OxfiinJ, KSI.'i 

notices of the church libraries at Turton and 

Gorton bequeathed by Humphrey Chetham. 
[Edited by G. ,]. French.] [Chetham Society, 

•tto. [Manchester] 18J5 


See Duff, E. G. Hand-lists of English printers. 
Limdon, 1SJ)5. 

Illustrated Monographs. 

&« 1 . Redgrave, G. R. Erhard Ratdolt. London, 
,, 2. Proctor, R. Jan van Doesborgh. London, 

,, .'). Ashbee, H. S. An iconography of Don 

Quixote. London, 1895. 
„ 4. Haebler, K. The early printers of Spain 
and Portugal. London, 1897. 


In progress. 4to. London, 1S93, etc. 

BIBLIOGRAPHIE Jagronomique, ou dictionnaire 
raisonne des ouvrages sur I'economie rurale et 
domestique et sur I'art veterinaire, suivies de 
notices biographiques. [By V. D. de Musset- 

8vo. Paris, 1810 

etrang^re, ou repertoire methodique des ou- 

vrages interessans en tous genres, qui ont paru en 
langues anciennes et modernes dans les divers 
pays etrangers a la France pendant les annees 
1800 a 1805. 

8vo. Paris, 1806 

BIBLIOGRAPHISCHER Anzeiger fiir romanische 
Sprachen und Literaturen herausgegeben von 
E. Ebering [and others]. 

6 vols. Leipzig, 1883-91 

BIBLIOTECA (La) Columbiana. 

Svo. Linm, 1821 

teatrale Italiana, scelta e disposta da 0. 


12 vols. 8vo. Lucca, 1762-65 

BIBLIOTHECA Arabica: auctam nunc atque in- 
tegram edidit C. F. de Schnurrer. 

Svo. Hallc, 1811 

BIBLIOTHECA Belgica: bibliographic g(5nerale 
des Pays-Bas par le biblioth6caire on chef [F. 
Vandekiiaegtien] et les conservateurs de ,1a 
1)iblioth(^que do I'universite do (iand. Premiere 

27 vols. 12mo. Ghent and the IIarjue,\ S80-90 

Carmelitana, noti.s criticis et dissertationibus 

illustrata, cura ot laborc unius carmelitis pro- 
vinciai Turonia; collecta. 

2 vols, in 1. fol. Orleans, 1752 

critica. [By D. A. Wyttenbach.] 
8 parts in 2 vols. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1771-83 

fratrum Polonorum quos Unitaiios vocant, 

instructa operibus omnibus F. SociNi, J. Crellii, 
J. Slichtingii a Bucowietz, et J. L. Wol- 


9 vols, in 8. fol. Irenopolis 
[Amsterdam] 1656 

— historica regni Siciliae, sive historicorum de 
rebus Siculis collectio : opera J. B. Carusii. 

2 vols. fol. Palermo, 1 723 

— Horatiana, sive syllabus editionum Q. HORATii 
Flacci interpretationum versionum ab anno 1 470 
ad annum 1770. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1775 

— Lindesiana. 

See Crawford and Balcarres, L., earl of. 

— Literaria : being a collection of inscriptions, 
medals, dissertations, etc. Nos. 1-10. 

10 parts in 1. 4to. London, 1722-24 

— Parliamenti ; libri theologici, politici, historici, 
qui prostant venales in vico vulgo vocato Little- 
Britain : classis secunda. Done into English for 
the Assembly of Divines. 

4to. [Londvn] 1653 

— Pastorum. Edited by John Euskin. 

3 vols. Svo. Orpington, 1876-85 

I. The Economist of Xenophon. Translated 
into English by A. D. 0. Wedderburn and W. 
G. Collingwood, with a preface. 1 876. 

II. Kock Honeycomb : broken pieces of Sir 
Philip Sidney's Psalter laid up in store for Eng- 
lish homes, with a preface and commentary. 
Parti. 1877. 

IV. A kin'ght's faith : passages in the life of 
Sir Herbert Edwardes. Collated by J. Ruskin. 
1 885. 




See Biblical Kepository. Andover, etc., 1831, etc. 

selecta ; or, a catalogue of books in all lan- 
guages : also a collection of prints to be sold 
19 Feb. 172S. 

Svo. [London, 1728] 

veterum patrum. 

See La Bigne, M. de. Lyons, 1677-1707. 

BIBLIOTHEK der alten Litteratur und Kunst. 
Herausgegeben von T. C. TycHSEN und A. 11. 
L. Heeren. 

10 vols in 5. Svo. Gottingcn, 119,6-9^ 

BIBLIOTH^QUE de campagne, ou amusements de 
I'esprit et du cceur. 

iii vols. 12mo. Lyons [Geneva] 1766 
See also Nouvelle biblioth^que de campagne. 

du Eoi. See Paris. Bibliothfeque Nationale. 

— du theatre fran(jois, depuis son origine. [By 
the Due DE LA Valliere, or rather F. L. C. 

3 vols. Svo. Dresden, 1768 

— Francoise ou histoire litteraire de la France. 
[By D. F. C.UiiusAT and others.] 

4 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1723-24 

— generale des eerivains de I'ordre de Saint 
Benoit, par un religieux benedictin de la con- 
gregation de St. Vannes [J. Francois]. 

4 vols. 4to. Bouillon, 1777-78 

— Germanique ou histoire litteraire de I'Alle- 
magne et des pays du Nord. [Edited by J. 
L'Enfant and others.] 

50 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1720-41 

— Italique, ou histoire litteraire de I'ltalie. [By 
L. BOURGUET and others.] 

18 vols. 12mo. Geneva, 1728-34 

— militaire, historique et politique : le General 
d'arm6e par Onosander, traduit du Grec; les 
campagnes de Cond(5, etc. [Edited l)y B. F. A. 
J. D. DE Zurlauben.] 

3 vols. 12mo. Pans, 1760 

— nouvelle de socic'te, contenant des faits into- 
ressans, des melanges de litterature, etc. 

4 vols. 12mo. London, 11 S2 

BIBLIOTHJIQUE physico-economique, instructive 
et amusante. [Edited by A. A. Parmentier 
and N. Deyeux.] 

6 vok Svo. Arm, 178.5-86 

protypographique, ou librairies des fils du roi 

Jean, Charles v., Jean de Berri, Philippe de 
Bourgogne, et les siens. [By J. Barrois.] 

4to. Paris, 1830 

— raisonn6e des ouvrages des savans de TEurope. 
[By P. Massuet and others.] 

52 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1728-53 

— universelle des romans, ouvrage periodique : 
juillet 1775 a d^cembre 1785. [By M. A. 11. 
Voyer D'Argenson and others.] 

168 vols, in 84. 12mo. Paris, 1775-85 

— universelle et historique de I'annee l686 a 

1693. [By J. Le Clerc and others.] 

25 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1700 

BICCHIEBAI, Pietro. La Virginia e la Cleone, 
tragedie : con alcune considerazioni sopra il 


4to. Florence, 1767 

BICKERSTAFF, Isaac, pseud. That part of the 
last will and testament of J. B., Esq., which 
relates to the publick. Published by Gabriel 
B1CKER.STAFF, his nephew, etc. With his pro- 
phecies to be fulfilled in 1738 and 9. To 
which is added an important meditation of a 
staff. A fragment. 

Svo. London, 1738 

BICKERSTAFF, Isaac, pseud, i.e. Sir Richard 


See Tatler (The). 

BICKERSTAFF, Isaac, pseud, i.e. Jonathan Swift? 
Predictions for the year 170s ; 1708. Reprinted 
in Arber's English Garner, vol. vi. 


See Absent (The) man. London, 1768. 
„ Captive (The). London, 1769. 
„ Daphne and Amintor. London, 1766. 
,, Doctor Last in his chariot. London, 1773 
,, Ephesian (The) matron. London, 1769. 
„ Hypocrite (The). London, 1769. 
„ Lionel and Clarissa. London, 176s. 
,, Love in a village. London, 1771. 
„ Love in the city. London, 1767. 
,, Maid of the mill. London, 1767. 




See Padlock (The). Loudon [1768 1] 
„ Plain (The) dealer. London, 176"7. 
,, Recruiting (The) Serjeant. iMidon, lllo. 
„ Thomas and Sally. London [17()0 ?] 
„ 'Tis well it 's no worse. London, 1110. 

The romp : a musical entertainment, in two 

acts, altered [by Lloyd] from Love in the city. 

8vo. London, 1786 

BICKERSTETH, Edward, Dean of Lichfield. 
>^i:e Pulpit Commentary. St. Mark. 

BICKERSTETH, Edward, Rector of Wattoii. 

For Life, see Birks, T. R. Memoir, etc. London, 

BIDDLE, John, Unitarian. 

.s'ct Joannis Bidelli . . . vita. London, l()8'2. 
„ True state of the case of liberty of conscience. 

London, iGa"). 

BIDDLE, Richard. 

See Memoir of Sebastian Cabot. L^ondon, 1831. 

BIDDLECOMBE, Sir George. Naval tactics and 
trials of sailing, illustrated by diagrams of the 
several evolutions : to which are added the 
established plan of lights for steam-vessels and 
regulations to avoid collision. 

Uo. London, 1850 

Steam fleet tactics, to which is added tiials of 

sailing, illustrated by diagrams. 

4to. Lmulon, 1857 

BIDERMANXJS, Jacobus. Heiouni epistolae, epi 
grammata et Herodias. 

32mo. Antwerp, IfiS-i 

BIDPAI Calila et Dimna en Arabe precede d'un 
mt^nioire sur I'origine do ce livre, et suivi de la 
Moallaka de Lobid en Arabe et en Francois par 


•Ho. Paris, 181f) 

Directorium humanae vitae alias parabole anti- 

fiuorum sapientum. [A translation of the Kalilah 
wa Dimnah by Joannes de Capua.] 

fol. [P. Drach. Spire, 14.90] 

Les contes et fables Lidiennes de Bidpai et de 

Lokman traduites D'Ali Tchelebi-Ben-Saleh, 
auteur Turc. (Euvre posthume. Par M. 


BIEL, Gabriel. 
See Freher, M. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1724 

De re monetaria. Jjadenherg, 

BIEL, Joannes Christianus. Novus thesaurus philo- 
logicus : sive lexicon in Ixx. et alios interpretes 
et scriptores apocryphos Veteris Testament). 
Edidit E. H. Mutzenbecher. 

;i vols. 8vo. The Hague, 1119-80 

BIELFELD, Jacob Friedrich von. Baron. 

See Histoire secrette de la duchesse d'Hanover. 
London, 1732. 

BIELOWSKI, Augiist. 

See Monumenta Poloniae historica. 

BIENEWITZ, P. See Apianus, P. 


Ludi theatrales sacri sive opera comica 


2 vols. 8vo. Munich, 1666 

BIDLAKE, John. The truth and consistency of 
Divine revelation. Second edition. [Bampton 
Lectures, 1811.] 

8vo. London, 1813 

BiDPAi. .S«« Buch der Beispiele. f/Zw, 1483. 

The Anvilr-i Suhaili ; or the lights of Canopus; 

being the Persian version of the Fables of Pilpay, 
or the book, Kalilah and Damnah, rendered into 
Persian by HusAiN VA'iz u' l-KAshifi : literally 
translated into prose and verse by E. B. East- 
wick. [English.] 

8vo. Hedjord, 1854 

BliVRE, De. Histoire des deux Aspasies, femmes 
illustres de Gr6ce. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 11 SI 

BliiVRE, Georges Marfichal, Marquis de. Le Seduc- 
teur, comedie en cinq actes. 

8vo. Paris, 1784 

BIG, L'Abb^, pseud, i.e. F. M. A. de Voltaire. 
See Voltaire, F. M. A. de. Histoire du parle- 
ment. Amsterdam, 1770. 

BIGG, Charles. The Christian Platonists of Alex- 
andria. [Bampton Lectures, 1886.] 

8vo. Oxfai-d, 1886 

BIGGE, Thomas. An address to the inhabitants of 
Northumberland and Newcastle-upon-Tyne, who 
petitioned against the two bills lately depending 
in Parliament. 

8vo. Newcastle [1196] 



BIG6E, Thomas. On the expediency of establishing, 
in Newcastle upon Tyne, a lectureship on sub- 
jects of natural and experimental philosophj'. 

Svo. Nevxastlc, 1802 

A short enquiry into important facts. 

Svo. [Newcastle 1 119'^'] 

BIGGES, Walter. A summarie and true discourse 
of Sir Frances Drakes West Indian voyage. 
Wherein were taken, the townes of Saint lago, 
Sancto Domingo, Cartagena and Saint 
Augustine. [Edited by Thomas Gates.] 

•Ito. Fffr JFiUiam Ponsonhy. London, 15f)6 

BIOI, Luigi. Opusculorum Christianorum libri 
tres eloquentissimi sanctissimique. 

4to. Dominicus Rocociola. Modena, 149S 

BIGLAND, John. The history of Spain to the close 
of the year 1809. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1810 

BIGLAND, Ralph. 

See Account of the parish of Fairford. Lotidon, 
„ Fosbroke, T. D. History of Gloucester. 
London, 1819. 

— Historical, monumental, and genealogical 
collections relative to the county of Gloucester. 
2 vols. fol. London, 1791-92 

Observations on marriages, baptisms, and 

burials, as preserved in parochial registers. 

4to. London, I'Bi 

BIGMORE, Edward Clements, and WYMAN. 0. W. 
H. A bibliography of printing, wth notes and 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1880-86 

BIKELAS, Demetrios. Seven Essays on Christian 
Greece. Translated by John, Marquess of Bute, 

Svo. Paisley, 1890 

BILFINGER, Georg Bemhard. De harmonia animi 
et corporis humani maxime praestabilita. 

Svo. Frankfurt, 1735 

— De origine et permissione mali praecipue 
moralis commentatio philosophica. 

Svo. Tubingen, 17 i3 

— Specimen doctrinae veterum Sinarum moralis 
et politicae; accedit de litteratura Sinensi dis- 
sertatio extemporalis. 

Svo. Frankfort, 1724 

BILL, Robert. A short account of Massey's patent 
log and sounding machine, with the opinions of 
several captains in the navy, etc., who have made 
practical use or experimental trials with them. 

Svo. London, 1806 

BILLINGE, Thomas. 

See Bnrdett, P. P. Survey of . . . Chester. 

[London, 1780 1] 
„ Yates, W. The county of Lancaster. 
[London ?] 1786. 

BILLINGS, Joseph. 

See Sauer, M. An account of a geographical and 
astronomical expedition. London, 1802. 

BILLINGS, Robert William. The baronial and 
ecclesiastical antiquities of Scotland, illustrated 
by E. W. B. [and W. Burn.] 

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See Euclid. Elements. London, 1570. 

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Sept. 6th, 1716, with Mr. Morgan's confession of 
faith and a preface by Henry Chandler. 

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BINET, Alfred, and TtB,t, Charles. Animal 

magnetism. Second edition. [International 
Scientific Series, vol. Ix.] 

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BINET, Benjamin. Traite historique des dieux et 
des demons du paganisme, avec quelques re- 
marques critiques sur le systeme de Mr. Bekker. 

12mo. Delft, 1696 

BINGHAM, Charles William. 
See Calvin Translation Society. 

BINGHAM, Hon. Denis Arthur. 

See Napoleon I. A selection from the letters. 
London, 1884. 

BINGHAM, Joseph. Works : containing i. Origines 
Ecclesiasticae ; or, the antiquities of the Christian 
Church. II. A scholastical history of lay-baptism. 
III. The French churches apology for the Church 
of England, iv. A discourse concerning the 
mercy of God to sinners. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1726 

AVorks. Edited by E. Bingham, .Tun. [Life 

of the author by E. Bingham, the elder.] New 

10 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1855 



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works. Edited by Kichakd Bingham. 

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BINQ-LEY, William. Memoirs of British Quadrupeds 
illustrative jirincipally of their habits of life, 
instincts, sagacity, and uses to mankind. 

Svo. London, 1S09 

A tour round North Wales, performed during 

the summer of 1798. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1800 

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&!Berni, F. Opcre burlesche. Venice [1 564^-66]. 

BINI, Pietro. Memorie del calcio Fiorentino, tratte 

da diverse scritture [of Count G. de' Bardi and 


4to. Flm-ence, 1688 

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For Life, sec Stoughton, J. A memorial, etc. 
London, 1874. 

Illustrations of the practical power of faith, in 

a series of discourses on part of the eleventh 
chapter of the epistle to the Hebrews. 

Svo. London [1830] 

Sermons preached in the King's Weigh-house 

chapel, 1829-69. Edited by H. Allon. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1869-75 

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See O'Coigly, J. The trial of ... J. B. London, 

BINNY, John. 

See Mayhew, H. The criminal prisons of London. 
London, IS 62. 

BINO, Giovanni Francesco. See Bini. 

BIOGRAPHIA Britannica ; or, the lives of the most 
eminent persons who have flourished in Great 
Britain and Ireland. 

7 vols. fol. Lmdon, 1747-66 

Second edition, with corrections, enlargements, 

and the addition of new lives, by A. Kii'PiS. 
Vols. i.-v. [No more published.] 

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BIOGRAPHICAL (A) dictionary, containing an 
account of the most eminent persons in every 
nation from the earliest times. A new edition 
[edited by W. Tooke]. 

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BIOGRAPHICAL memoir of Luke Hansard. 
See Hansard, J. and L. G. 

— memoirs of extraordinary painters. [By \V. 

Svo. London, 1780 

(A) notice of Robert Surtees, historian of the 

county of Durham. [By W. E. SuuTEES.] 
[Newcastle Reprints, v. 5.] 

Svo. Newcastle, 1844 

BIOGRAPHIE des hommes remarquables de la 
Flandre occidentale. [Societtj dV-mulation de 

4 vols. Svo. Bntges, 1843-49 

des hommes vivants. 

5 vols. Svo. Paris, 1816-19 

— moderne ou dictionnaire biographique de tous 
les hommes morts et vivans qui ont marqu6 k la 
fin du 18'^ si^cle. Seconde edition. 

4 vols. Svo. Brcslau, 1806 

— moderne ou galerie historique, contenant les 
portraits politiques des Fran^ais qui se sont 
rendus plus ou moins cel^bres depuis le com- 
mencement de la revolution. [By A. DE Beau- 
CHAMP and others.] 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1815 

Universelle, ancienne et moderne. 

85 vols. Svo. Pam, 1811-62 


»%(; Callimachus. Hymni. Anfwerj), 1584:. 
„ Carmina novem illustrium feminarum. Ant- 

ivrrp, 1568. 
„ Moschus. Idyllia. 1565, etc. 
„ Musaeus. London, 1655. 
„ Poetae Graeci. 1566, etc. 
„ Poetae Graeci minores. 1627, etc. 
„ Theocritus. Paris, 1788, etc. 

Bttovos KoX MocTKov TO. Att^oi-a. Edidlt Gilbert 


Svo. London, 1795 

B. et Moschi Idyllia, cum notis et versionibus 

metricis Gallica et Latina. [Greek, Latin, and 


Svo. Venice, 1746 

Bionis et Moschi quae supersunt, notis J. 

Heskin. [Greek and Latin.] 

Svo. Oxford, 1748 




BION. B. et Moschi Idyllia. Edidit T. C. Harles. 
[Greek and Latin.] 

8vo. Erlangen, 1780 

Opere, tradotte. [Parnaso de' poeti classici, 

torn, xiv.] 

8vo. Venice, 1795 

BION, Jean. An account of the torments of the 
French protestants, 1708. Reprinted in Arber'.s 
English Garner, vol. vi. 

BIONDI, Giovanni Francesco. L'istoriadella guerre 
civili d'lnghilterra tra le due case di Lancastro 
e di lore. 

3 vols. 4to. Venice, 1637-44 

BIBAGO, Francesco. Li discorsi cavallereschi. 

8vo. Milan, l6l8 

BIBAGO AVOGARO, Giovanni Battista. Historia 
Africana della divisione delF imperio degli Arabi 
e deir origine e dei progress! della monarchia de' 
Mahometani distesa per I'Africa e per le Spagne. 

4to. Venice, 1650 

Histoire africaine de la division de I'empire 

des Arabes et de I'origine et du progrez de la 
monarchie des Mahometans dans I'Affrique et 
dans I'Espagne : mise en rran9ois par M. de 

2 parts in 1. 12mo. Paris, \G6& 

Historia delle rivolutioni del regno di Porto- 

gallo per le quali la corona 6 stata trasferita dal 

E6 di Castiglia al Duca di Braganza, Giovanni iv. 

8vo. [Rome or Venice] 1 646 

Historia della disunione del regno di Porto- 

gallo dalla corona di Castiglia : con I'apendice 
di una scrittura d'un ministro di Spagna, intito- 
lato, Indispositione generale di Spagna. 

2 parts in 1. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1647 

BIRAGUS, Franciscus Mediobarbus. 

See Occo, A. Imperatorum Komanorum numis- 
mata. Milan, 1730. 

BIRCH, Andreas. 

See Bible, Greek. N. T., Gospels. 1788. 

BIRCH, Busby, pseud, i.e. Bonnell Thornton. 
City Latin, or critical and political remarks on 
the Latin inscription on laying the first stone of 
the intended now bridge at Black-Fryars. 

8vo. London, 1760 

BIRCH, Peter. 

See Birchen rod for Dr. Birch. [Lcmdm] 1694. 

BIRCH, Peter. A sermon preached before the 
house of commons, at St. Margaret's, West- 
minster, Jan. 30, 1694. 

4to. London, 1694 

BIRCH, Samuel, Alderman of London. Speech in 
the Court of Common Council, at the Guildhall 
of the city of London, on Tuesday, April 30, 
1805, against the Roman Catholic petition now 
before both Houses of Parliament. 

8vo. London, 1805 

BIRCH, Samuel, LL.D. 

See Bunsen, C. C. J. Egypt's place in universal 
history. London, 1848-67. 
„ Ebers, G. Egypt. London [1878-79]. 
„ Palma di Cesnola, A. Salaminia. London, 

„ Records of the past. London [1873-81]. 
„ Society of Biblical Archaeology. 

History of ancient pottery. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1858 

New and revised edition. 

Svo. Londm, 1873 

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See Enquiry. Inquiry into the share which 
Charles i. had, etc. London, 1747. 
„' Raleigh, Sir W. Works. Oxford, 1829. 
,, Thurloe, J. State papers. London, 1742. 
„ Tillotson, J. Works. Lomlon, 1752. 
„ Chillingworth, W. Works. London, 1742. 

The heads of illustrious persons of Great 

Britain, engraved by Mr. Houbraken and Mr. 
Vertue, with their lives and characters." 

fol. London, 1813 

An historical view of the negotiations between 

the courts of England, France, and Brussels, 
1592-161 7 ; with a relation of the state of France, 
by Sir George Carew, 1609. 

Svo. London, 1749 

The life of Dr. John Tillotson, Archbishop of 


Svo. London, 1752 

Memoirs of the reign of Queen Elizabeth from 

1581 to her death. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1754 

BIRCH, Walter de Gray. 

See Albuquerque, A. de. Commentaries. [Hak- 
luyt Society.] 



BIRCH, Walter de Gray. 

Se<' Cartularium Saxonicum. London, \%%5-QS. 
„ Historical charters. London, 1887. 

Fasti Moiiastici Aevi Saxonici ; or, an alpha- 

betical list of the heads of religious houses in 
England previous to the Norman Conquest : to 
which is prefixed a catalogue of contemporary 

8vo. London, 1873 

The history, art, and palaeography of the 

manuscript styled The Utrecht Psalter. 

8vo. Lmidon, 1876 

BIRCHEN (A) rod for Dr. Birch ; or, some animad- 
versions upon his sermon preached before the 
house of commons at St. Margaret's, West- 
minster, 30 Jan. l6<)-t. 

4to. [London] 1694.. 

BIRCHEROD, Thomas Broderus. Specimen anti- 

quae rei monetariae Danorum, cum figuris aeneis. 

4to. Copenhagen, 1701 

BIRCHLEY, William, pseud, i.e. John Austin. 
The Christian moderator : or, persecution con- 
demned: by the light of nature, law of God, 
evidence of our own principles. [Part i.] 

4to. [London'] 1651 

Second edition. 

3 parts in 1. 4to. Lmidon, 1652-53 

BIRD, Robert. Proposals for paying great part of 
the national debt, and reducing taxes imme- 

Svo. London, 1780 

BIRD, S. R. Scargill. 

See Battle Abbey. Custumals. [Camden Society.] 


See Assembly-man (The). London, 1663, etc. 
„ Two centuries of Paul's churchyard. [Lo)i- 
don, 1635.] 

BIRKS, H. A. Studies in the life and character of 
St. Peter. 

8vo. London, 1887 

BIRES, Thomas Rawson. 

See Bible, English. 0. T., Isaiah. 1878. 

BIRKS, Thomas Rawson. Church and state; or, 
national religion and church establishments con- 
sidered with reference to present controversies. 

Kvo. London, 186y 

Essay on the right estimation of manuscript 

evidence in the text of the New Testament. 

8vo. London, 1878 

The exodus of Israel ; its difficulties examined, 

and its truth confirmed : with a reply to recent 


Svo. London, 1863 

First principles of moral science : a course of 

lectures in Cambridge. 

8vo. London, 1873 

Justification and imputed righteousness ; a 

review of ten sermons on the nature and effects 
of faith, by J. T. O'BraEN : with preface by the 
Bishop of Winchester. 

8vo. London, 1887 

Memoir of the Kev. Edward Bickersteth, late 

rector of Watton, Herts. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1852 

Modern utilitarianism ; or, the systems of 

— The Bible and modern thought. New edition, 
mth an appendix. 

Svo. London, 1862 

Paley, Bentham, and Mill examined and com- 

Svo. London, 1874 

The victory of divine goodness ; including 

I. Letters to an inquirer on various doctrines of 
Scripture; Ii. Notes on Coleridge's confessions 
of an inquiring spirit; HI. Thoughts on the 
nature of the atonement and of eternal judgment. 

Svo. London, 1867 

The ways of God; or, thoughts on the diffi- 
culties of belief in connection with providence 
and redemption. 

Svo. London, 1863 

BIRMINGHAM rioters. The trials of the Birming- 
ham rioters at the court-house, Warwick, before 
the Hon. Sir Richard Perryn, 23rd Aug. 1791. 

Svo. London, 1791 

The report of the trials of the rioters at the 

assizes held at Warwick, August 20, 1791- 

Svo. Birminglmm [1791] 

BIRON, Armand Louis de Gontaut, due de. 

Memoires de M. le due de Lauzun [i.e. A. L. 

de G.]. 

Svo. Pwris, 1822 



BIBBELL, Charles Morton. 
Brock, D.D, 

The life of William 
8vo. London, 1878 

BISANI, Alessandro. Lettres sur divers endroits 
de I'Europe, de I'Asie, et de I'Afrique, parcourus 
en 1788-89. 

8vo. London, 1791 

BISBIE, Nathaniel. 

See Answer to a treatise. London, 1691. 
„ Unity of priesthood. London, 1692. 

BISCIONI, Antonio Maria. 

See Florence, Laurentian Library. Catalogus. 
Florence, 1752. 

BISHOP Hatfield's survey : a record of the pos- 
sessions of the see of Durham. Edited by 
W. Greenwell. [Surtees Society, xxxii.] 

8vo. Durham, 1857 

BISHOP, Alfred. 

See Maskell, W. Queries and remarks. London, 

BISHOP, George, of Maidstone. Observations, re- 
marks, and means to prevent smuggling. 

Svo. Maidstone, 1783 

BISHOP, George, Quaker. The cry of blood, being 
a declaration of those people of Bristol who are 
scornfully called Quakers, and of the manifold 
sufferings and persecutions sustain'd by them : 
subscribed by G. Bishop, T. Goldney [and 

4to. London, 1606 

A tender visitation of love to both the univer- 
sities of Oxford and Cambridge, and to the Inns 
of Court and Chancery, even to the seed of God 
in you all, for you to mind, and consider ere it 
be too late. 

4to. London, 1660 

pold von, Prince. 

See Busch, M. Bismarck in the Franco-German 
war. Londm, 1879. 

BISMAEK, Friedrich Wilhelm von. Count. Lectures 
on the tactics of cavalry. Translated from the 
German, with notes, by Major N. Beamish. 

Svo. London, 1827 

BISPHAM, Thomas. Iter australe a reginensibus 
Oxon. anno 1()58 expeditum. 

4to. [Oxfm-d,\mol] 

BISSAEUS, Edouardus. 
See Bysshe, Sir E. 

BISSCHOP, Jan de. Paradigmata graphices vari- 
orum artificum. 

fol. The Hague, 1671 

BISSELL, Edwin Cone. The Pentateuch, its origin 
and structure ; an examination of recent theories. 

Svo. Loiulon, 1885 

BISSET, William. The modern fanatick : part iii., 
being a further account of the famous doctor 
[Sacheverell] and his brother of like renown. 

Svo. London, 1714 

Remarks on Dr. Sach[everell]'s sermon at the 

Cathedral of St. Paul, Nov. 5th, being design'd 
as a seasonable antidote. 

4to. London, 1709 

BISTICCI, Vespasiano da. 

See Pandolfini, A. Trattado del governo della 
famiglia. Flwence, 1734, etc. 

BITAUB6, Paul J^remie. 

See Homer. Les ceuvres. Paris, 1787-88. 


See Veterum mathematicorum. Paris, l693. 

BITTON, Thomas de, Bishop of Exeter. 

See Account of the executors. [Camden Society.] 

BIZARI, Pietro. Varia opuscula. [De optimo 
principe. De bello et pace. Pro philosophia et 
eloquentia. Aemilii accusatio et defensio. Pro 
L. Virginio contra Ap. Claudium. Poematum 
libri ii.] 

Svo. Aldus. Venice, 1565 

Histoire de la guerre qui s'est passee entre les 

Venitiens et la saincte ligue contre les Turcs 
pour I'isle de Cypre, es annees 1570-72. Mise en 
Fran9ois par F. de Belleforest. 

Svo. Paris, 1573 

Black morocco, with the arms of Louis xiii. and Anne of Austria. 

BJOBNER, Erik Julius. Cogitationes critico-philo- 
logicae de orthographia linguae Svio-Gothicae tam 
Kunica quam vulgari : et expositio convenientiae 
Eunarum cum litteris Ebraicis Graecis et 
Romanis, etc. 

4to. Stockholm, 1742 

BJORNSEN, Stephan. 

Sec Rymbegla. Copenhagen, 1780, 



BLACK (The) book of Taymouth [by W. Bowie], 
with other papers from the Breadalbane charter- 
room. [Edited by C. Innes.] [Bannatync 

4to. Edinhurr/h, 185.') 

list : being the names of those meml>er.s who 

expelled John Wilkes, Esq., the House of 
Commons, Feb. 3, 1769, is inscribed to the 
electors of Great Britain. 

broadside. [Lo7idon, niO"}] 

BLACK, J. Sutherland. 

Sec Wellhausen, J. Prolegomena to the history 
of Israel. Edinburgh, 1885. 

BLACK, John, author of ' Palaeoromaica ' 
/Sc(; Palaeoromaica. London, 1822. 

BLACK, John, editor of the Morning Chronicle. 
Sec Buch, L. von. Travels through Norway. 
London, 1813. 
„ Humboldt, F. H. A. von. Political essay. 
Loiuhn, 1S22. 

BLACK, John, of Colyton. Life of Torquato Tasso, 
with an historical and critical account of his 


2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1810 

BLACK, John, perpetual curate of Butley. Poems. 

8vo. Ipsvnch, 1799 

BLACK, John R. Young Japan, Yokohama, and 
Yedo : a narrative of the settlement and the city 
from the signing of the treaties in 1858 to 1879, 
with a glance at the progress of Japan during a 
period of twenty-one years. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1880-81 

BLACK, Joseph. Lectures on the elements of 
chemistry, delivered in the University of Edin- 
burgh. Now published by John Robison. 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1803 

BLACK, William, Advocate. 

See Essay at removing national prejudices. Pre- 
face to the fifth essay. [Edinburgh, 1707.] 
„ Letter concerning the remarks. [Edinburgh, 

„ Bemarks upon a pamphlet. [Edinburgh, 

„ Some overtures and cautions. [Edinburgh, 

BLACK, William, Novelist. Goldsmith. [English 
Men of Letters.] 

8vo. Londcm, 1878 

BLACK, William George. Folk-medicine : a chapter 
in the history of culture. [Folk-lore Society, xii.] 

8vo. London, 1883 

BLACK, William Henry. 

See Chronicon Vilodunense. London, 1830. 
,, Excerpta historica. London, 1831. 
„ Hoare, Sir R. C. The history of modern 

Wiltshire. London, 1822-44. 
„ John Bon and Mast Person. [Percy .Society.] 
„ Life and martyrdom of Thomas Beket. 

[Percy Society.] 
„ Psalms, English. 1842. [Percy Society.] 

Catalogue of the Arundel MSS. in the library 

of the College of Arms. 

8vo. [London, 1829] 

BLACKBOURNE, John, non-juring Bishop. 

See Bacon, F. Complete works. London, 1730. 
„ Bale, J. Brefe chronicle. London, 1729. 

BLACKBURN, Charles F. Hints on catalogue titles 
and on index entries, with a rough vocabulary 
of terms and abbreviations, chiefly from 
catalogues, and some passages from journeying 

among books. 

8vo. Loiuhn, 1884 

BLACKBURN, Henry. Breton folk: an artistic 
tour in Brittany, with illustrations by R. Calde- 


8vo. London, 1880 


See Serious enquiry, etc. London, 1752. 

Considerations of the present state of the con- 

troversy between the protestants and papists of 
Great Britain and Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1768 

BLACKER, Valentine. Memoir of the operations 

of the British army in India during the Mahratta 

war of 1817-19. 

4to. London, 1821 

BLACKET, Joseph. Specimens of poetry of J. B., 
with an account of his life, and some introductory 
observations by Mr. Pratt. 

8vo. London, 1809 

BLACKETT, Family of. 

See Obsequies. [Newcastle Reprints.] 

BLACKFORD, Dominique de. Precis de I'^tat 
actuel des colonies angloises dans I'Amerique 


12mo. Milan, 1771 



BLACKHAL, Gilbert. A breiflfe narration of the 
services done to three noble ladyes, l631-l64<). 
Edited by J. Stuart. [Spalding Club.] 

4to. Aberdeen, 1844 

BLACKIE, John Stuart. 

For Life, see Stoddart, A. M. Edinhurgh, 

The natural history of Atheism. 

8vo. London, 1877 

BLACKLOCK, Thomas. A collection of original 
poems by the Eev. Mr. Blacklock and other 
Scottish gentlemen. Vols, i.-ii. [Vol. iii. does 
not appear to have been published.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Edinhurgh, 1760-()2 

BLACKMOBE, Sir Richard. 

See Johnson, S. • Works of the English poets. 
London, 1790. 

Creation : a philosophical poem in seven books. 

8vo. London, 1712 

BLACKSTONE, Sir William. 

See Collection of tracts relative to the law. 
London, 1787. 
„ Letter to the author of the question. 

London, 1769. 

A discourse on the study of the law : being an 

introductory lecture, read in the public schools, 
October 25th, 1758. 

4to. Oxford, 1758 

The Great Charter and Charter of the Forest 

with other authentic instruments, to which is 
prefixed an introductory discourse containing 

the history of the charters. 

4to. Oxford, 1759 

Tracts chiefly relating to the antiquities and 

laws of England. 

4to. Oxford, 1771 

BLACKWALL, Anthony. 

See Theognis. Sententiae. London, 1706. 

The sacred classics defended and illustrated. 

or an essay towards proving the purity, pro- 
priety, and true eloquence of the writers of the 
New Testament. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Londm, 1727-31 

BLACKWALL, John. A history of the spiders 
of (Ireat Britain and Ireland. [Ray Society, 

2 parts in 1 vol. 4to. London, 1861-64 


See Enquiry into the life ... of Homer. London, 
„ Letters concerning mythology. Lowhn, 

Memoirs of the court of Augustus : continued 

and completed by John Mills. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1755-63 

Recherches sur la vie et les ecrits d'Homere, 

traduites par J. N. Quatremere-Roissy. 

8vo. Paris, 1799 


See De vita et rebus gestis Mariae Scotorum 
reginae, torn. ii. London, 1725. 

BLACOW, Richard. A letter to William King 
LL.D., containing a particular account of the 
treasonable riot at Oxford in February 1 747. 

8vo. Lorulon, 1755 

See also Answer to Mr. B — w's apology. 

BLADEN, William. Irclands true diurnall ; or, a 
continued relation of the cheife passages that 
have happened there since the 1 1 th of January : 
also a letter sent from the Deane of Ardagh 
[N. Barnard] to a friend of his in Dublin. 

4to. London, l64I 

BLADES, William. 

&e Governayle of Helthe. London, 1858. 

The life and typography of William Caxton. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1861-63 

— The biography and typography of William 

4to. London, 1877 

The Pentateuch of printing with a chapter on 

Judges, with a memoir of the author, and list of 
his works. By Talbot B. Eeed. 

4to. London, 1891 

BLAEU, Joan. Atlas major, sive cosmographia 
(JoiiANNiS Blaeu) labore et sumptibus. 

11 vols. fol. Amsterdam, 1662 

BLAGDEN, Sir Charles. Report on the best method 
of proportioning the excise upon spirituous 
liquors. From the Philosophical Transactions. 

4to. [London, 1791 ?] 



BLAGDEN, Sir Charles. Supplementary report on 
the best method of proportioning the excise 
upon spirituous liquors. Kead before the Eoyal 
Society, June 28, 1792. [London, 179^1] 

BLAGDON, Francis William. A brief history of 
ancient and modern India from the earliest 
periods of antiquity to the termination of the 
late Mahratta war. Edited by E. Orme. 

Obi. fol. Lo7idon, ISO.") 

BLAGG, William. 

See Walcot, T. The trials of T. W. . . . \V. B., 

etc. London, l683, 

BLAIKIE, William Garden. 

Sec Expositor's Bible. Samuel. 
„ „ Joshua. 

„ Pulpit Commentary. Ephesians. 

BLAINVILLE, De. Travels through Holland, 
Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Translated 
from the author's manuscript by Dr. Turnbull 
and others. [Edited by D. Soyer.] 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1767 

BLAIB, Arnaldus. 

See Henry the Minstrel. The acts and deeds of 
Sir W. Wallace. Edinburgh, 1758. 

BLAIR, Hugh. 

For Life, see Hill, John. Edinburgh, 1807. 

Lectures on rhetoric and belles-lettres. 

2 vols. 4to. London, n S3 

BLAIB, John. The chronology and history of the 
world, to the year 1 802. 

fol. London, ISO.'J 

BLAIR, Robert, Minister at St. Andrews. Auto- 
biography from 1593 to 1623: with supplement 
and continuation of the history of the times to 
1680, by William Row. Edited by T. Mac- 
Crie. [Wodrow Society.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1848 

BLAIR, Robert, Minister of Athelstaneford. The 
grave : a poem, illustrated by twelve etchings 
executed by Louis Schiavonetti from the 
original inventions of William Blake. 

4to. London, 1808 

BLAIR, Robert, Professor of Astronomy in the 
University of Edinburgh. Experiments and 
observations on the unequal refrangibility of 
light : from the transactions of the Koyal Society 
of Edinburgh, read Jan. 3 and April 4, 1791. 

4to. [Edinburgh, 1792?] 

BLAKE, Sir Francis, Bart. Political tracts, con- 
taining a proposal for the liquidation of the 
national debt, the efficacy of a sinking fund, the 

abolition of tithes. 

8vo. Lo7ulon, 1795 

The true policy of Great Britain considered. 

8vo. London, 1787 

BLAKE, John. A plan for regulating the marine 
system of Great Britain. 

8vo. London, 1758 

BLAKE, Martin. An earneste plea for peace and 
moderation in a sermon preached at Barnstaple 
in Devon to the ministers, and others, occasion- 
ally there assembled, Octob. 17, ,l660. 

4to. London, l66l 

BLAKE, Robert. 

For Life, see Dixon, W. H. London, 1852. 

„ „ History and life of R. B, London 
[1740 ?]. 

BLAKE, William, Artist. 

For Life, see Gilchrist, A. 
London, 1880. 

Life of W. B. 

Works, poetic, symbolic, and critical. Edited 

by E. J. Ellis and W. B. Yeat.s. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1893 

BLAKE, William, F.R.S. Observations on the 

principles which regulate the course of exchange, 

and on the present depreciated state of the 


8vo. London, 1810 


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Histoire de dix aiis 1830-40. 

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The history of ten years, 1830-40. 

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mental [J. C. Gokjy]. 

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cates on the fourth voyage of Mr. Blanchard, 
who ascended from the Royal Military Academy, 
at Chelsea, the l6th of October 1784. 

4to. London, 1784 

BLANCHARD, Pierre Louis. Controverse pacifique 
sur les principales questions qui divisent et 
troublent I'^glise Gallicane. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1802-6 


See Napoleon I. A letter to the Prince Regent. 
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Another edition. Edited by Dr. Leon 

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series, Iviii.] 

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Epiroticum una cum nonnullis usitatioribus 
loquendi formulis. 

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See White, J. B. 

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See Blancas, G. de. 

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squadron and Spanish fleet in the action on the 
14th February 1797. 

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BLAND, Peter. Resolved upon the question : or a 
question resolved concerning the right which the 
king hath to Hull, or any other fort or place of 
strength for the defence of bis kingdom. 

4to. [London] 1642 

A royall position, whereby 'tis proved, that 

'tis against the common laws of England to 
depose a king ; or an addition to a book intituled, 
Resolved upon the question. 

4to. London, l642 

BLAND, Richard. An enquiry into the rights of 
the British colonies : intended as an answer to. 
The regulations lately made concerning the 
colonies, and the taxes imposed upon them, 

8vo. London, 1769 

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Cythera : a romance in ten cantos. 

8vo. London, 1809 

BLAND, Robert, the younger. 

See Anthologia Graeca. Translations. London, 

BLAND, Tobias. A baite for Momus, so called 
upon occasion of a sermon at Bedford injuriously 
traduced by the factious. Now not altered but 

4to. John Wolfe. London, 1589 

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See Letter from an English traveller. [London, 

BLANDFORD, George Spencer Churchill, Marquis 
of (afterwards 4th duke of Marlborough). 
Catalogus librorum qui in Bibliotheca Bland- 
fordiensi reperiuntur. 

2 parts. 4to. London, 1812-14 

BLANE, Sir Gilbert, Bart. 

See Enquiry into the causes and remedies. 
London, 1800. 

A lecture on muscular motion, read at the 

Royal Society, the 13th and 20th of November 
1788. [Croone Lecture.] 

4to. London [1789] 

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See Chronica monasterii S. Albani, iii. [Rolls 

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See Letters from Portugal. London [1777]. 

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Svo. Paris, lS2ti 

Voyage d'lin jeuiic Fian(;ais on Angleterre ct 

en £cosse pendant I'automne de 18'23. 

Svo. Paris, 1824 

BLANTES, Spuridon. 
,V(f Vlandi, S. 

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Nanceiano, hac primum exaratura in lucem 
emissum. [Edited by J. Bassinus.] 

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ab ultima gentis et nominis memoria. 

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to the mysteries of ancient and modern science 
and theology. Second edition. 

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BLAXTON, John. The English usurer. Or usury 
condemned, by the most learned, and famous 
divines of the Church of England, and dedicated 
to all his majesties subjects, for the stay of 
further increase of the same. The second im- 
pression corrected. 

4to. John Noiion. London, 1 634 

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See Harvey, W., Clarencieux. The visitations of 
Bedfordshire. [Harleian Society.] 

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a forced journey through Spain and France, as a 
prisoner of war, 1810-14. 

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A f Bible, English. 4to. 1769. 

„ „ „ 0. T., Prophets. 1784. 

,, „ Hebrew. 0. T., Pentateuch. 

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dividida en ocho libros. 

fol. Falentia, l6l8 

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Einloitung in die Heilige Schrift. Erster Thcil 

sechsto Auflage : zweitor Theil vierte Auflage. 

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An introduction to the Old Testament. Trans- 
lated by G. H. Venables and edited by E. 


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An introduction to the New Testament. Edited 

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[Clark's Foreign Theological Library.] 

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Synoptische Erklilrung der drei ersten Evan- 

gelien, herausgegeben von H. Holtzmann. 

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&c Sidney Papers. London, 182.'). 

BLENHEIM : a poem. [By John Philips.] 

fol. London, 1705 

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BLESSINGS (The) of war, consisting of extracts 
from Pigott's Political Dictionary, and others. 

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See Heath's Book of Beauty. iMidon, 1846. 
„ Keepsake. London, 1845-46. 

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See Breviarium Aberdonense. [Bannatyne Club.] 

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See Enquiry whether a general practice of virtue, 

etc. LondiDi, 172,'). 

BLICKLING (The) homilies of the tenth century. 
Edited by R. MORRIS. [Early English Text 
Society, 58, 63, 73.] 

Svo. Londm, 1874-80 

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See Appeal to common sense. London [1758]. 



BLIGH, Thomas. A letter to the rt. hon. W[illia]m 
P[it]t, Esq., se[cretar]y of s[ta]te, with his 
m[ajest]y's instructions for the late expeditions 
on the coast of France. 

8vo. London, 1758 

BLIGH, William. A narrative of the mutiny on 
board H.M.S. Bounty, and the subsequent voyage 
of part of the crew in the ship's boat. 

4to. London, 1790 

A voyage to the South Sea in H.M.S. Bounty, 

including an account of the mutiny on board 

the said ship. 

4to. London, 1792 

BLIN DE SAINMORE, Adrien Michel Hyacinthe. 

Lettre de la duchesse de la Valliere a Louis XI v., 
prec^dee d'un abr^ge de sa vie. 

8vo. Paris, 1773 

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See Strauss, D. F. The old faith and the new. 
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BLIND HARRY. See Henry the Minstrel. 

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See Bradley, J. Astronomical observations. 
Oxford, 1798-1805. 

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&« Bibliographical miscellanies. Oxford, 1813. 
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„ Heame, T. Reliquiae. Londim, I869. 
„ Historical Papers. [Roxburghe Club.] 
„ Psalms, English. 1844. [Percy Society.] 

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See Clarendon, E. H., 1st earl of. Calendar of 
State papers. Oxford, I869, etc. 

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police : with an essay on the means of preventing 
crimes and amending criminals. 

8vo. London., 1785 

BLOCH, Marcus Elieser. Tchthyologie ou histoire 

naturcllo des poissons, avec des figures enlumi- 

n^es, dessindes d'apres nature. [Translated from 

the German by J. C. TtuiIibault de Laveaux.] 

12 parts in 6 vols. fol. Berlin, 119,5-91 


See Accoimt of Livonia. 

London, 1701. 

BLOMBERG, William Nicholas. An account of the 
life and writings of Edmund Dickinson, M.D., 
physician to Charles and James II. To which is 
added a treatise on the Grecian games, printed 
from the Doctor's manuscript. 

8vo. London, 1739 

BLOME, Richard. Britannia; or, a geographical 
description of the kingdoms of England, Scotland, 
and Ireland. 

fol. London, 1673 

— A geographical description of the four parts of 
the world taken from the notes and workes of 
Sanson. Also a treatise of travel, and another 
of traffick : with mapps and figures. 

fol. London, 1670 

The present state of his majesties isles and 

territories in America, with new maps, and 
astronomical tables. 

8vo. London, 1687 

BLOMEFIELD, Francis. CoUectenea Cantabri- 
giensia ; or, collections relating to Cambridge, 
university, town, and county. 

4to. Norwich, 1750 

An essay towards a topographical history of 

the county of Norfolk. [Continued by C. 

5 vols. fol. Fersfield, Norwich, and Lynn, 


Another edition. 

11 vols. 4to. London, 1805-10 

The history of the ancient city and burgh of 

Thetford in the counties of Norfolk and Suflblk : 
with appendix. 

4to. Fersfield, 1739 

BLOMFIELD, Charles James, Bishop of London. 
(S'tic Aeschylus. Agamemnon. L'amh-idge, ISIS. 
„ „ Choephoroe. Cambridge, 1824. 

,, „ Prometheus vinctus. Cambridge, 

1810, etc. 
„ „ Septem contra Thebas. Camr 

bridge, 1812. 
„ Callimachus. Quae supersunt. L(mdm,\8\S. 
,, Matthiae, A. H. A copious Greek grammar, 

Cambridge, 1818. 



BLOMFIELD, Charles James, Bishop of liOndon. A 
charge delivered to the clergy of the Diocese of 
London at the visitation in October ISta. Fifth 

1 '2mo. London, 1 84'2 

A dissertation upon the traditional knowledge 

of a pi'omised rerleemer which stibsisted befoic 
the advent of our Saviour. 

8vo. Camhridqr, lUlf) 

Sermons preached in the parish church of 

St. Botolph, Bishopsgate. 

,Svo. London, KSS!) 

BLOMFIELD, Edward Valentine. 

See Matthiae, A. H. A copious Greek grammar. 
Ciniihridije, 1818. 

BLONDEL, David. l)e Joanna papissa, sive famosae 
quaestionis An foemina ulla inter Leonem w. 
et Benedictum iii. media sederit, 'AvaKpiais. 

8vo. Amsterdam, 1657 

l)es Sibylles celebr6es tant par I'antiquite 

payenne que par les saincts pferes. 

4to. Paris, l64P 

BLONDEL, Frangois, Marechal de Camp. L'art de 
jetter les bombes. 

4to. Paris, l68.'5 

Histoire du calendrier romain. 

12mo. Tlie Hagm, 1684 

BLONDEL, Frangois, M.D. Thermarum Aquis- 
granensium et Porcetanarum descriptio, balnea- 
tionis ehicidatio. 

8vo. Aix-lorChapelle, 1671 

BLONDEL, Jacques Frangois. L'Architecture 
Franc^oise ou recueil des plans, elevations, coupes 
et profils des eglises, maisons royales, etc. 

4 vols. fol. Paris, 1752-,56 

— ^ De la distribution des maisons de plaisance, et 

de la decoration des edifices en general : avec 
des planches. 

2 vols. 4to. P(ms, 17.S7-38 


See Le Guay d'Oliva, M. N. M^moire. Paris, 

BLONDEL, Robert. 

Sec Narratives of the expulsion. [Rolls Series.] 

BLONDUS, Flavins. Italiae illustratae libri viii. 

fol. /'. de Ligiutmim. Eonw, 1474 

[Another copy with a different dedication.] 

BLONDUS, Flavins. Roma instaurata. 

fol. [1480] 

— — Romae triumphantis libri x. 

fol. [G. de Lisa. Trevisn, 1472] 

BLOODY iiewes from Norwich ; or, a true relation of 
a bloody attempt of the Papists in Norwich, to 
consume the whole city by fire : likewise here is 
added the last bloody newes from Ireland. 

4to. London, 1641 

BLOOMFIELD, Robert. The farmer's boy : a rural 
poem. Fifth edition. 

12mo. Londmi., 1801 

Rural tales, ballads, and songs. 

12mo. London,, 1802 

BLORE, Edward. The monumental remains of 
noble and eminent persons comprising the 
sepulchral antiquities of Great Britain. With 
historical and biographical illustrations [by 

P. Bliss]. 

4to. London, 1826 

BLORE, Thomas. 

See Guide to Burghley House. Stamfm-d, 1815. 

An account of the public schools, hospitals, and 

other charitable foundations in the borough of 


Svo. Stanford, 1813 

The history and antiquities of the county of 

Rutland, compiled from the works of the most 
approved historians, national records, and other 
authentic documents, public and private. Vol. i. 
partii. [No more published.] 

fol. Stanford [1811] 

BLOUET, G. Abel. 

See Expedition scientifique de Morde. Paris, 

1 83 1-.S8. 


See Relation des troubles. Paris, 1674. 

BLOUNT, Charles. 

See Brutus, J., p.?eud. 
„ King William and Queen Mary conquerors. 

London, 1693. 
„ Philostratus. The two first books. Lotulon, 

Miscellaneous works, to which is prefixed the 

life of the author. [By Lindamour, i.e. G. 


2 vols. 12mo. London, 169.1 


BLOUNT, Sir Henry. A voyage into the Levant. 
A breife relation of a journey, lately performed 
by Master H. B., gentleman, from Elngland by 
the way of Venice . . . unto Gran Cairo. With 
particular observations concerning the moderne 
condition of the Turkes. 

4to. /. L.for A. Crooke. London, l63(i 

Third edition. 

4to. /. L.for A. Crooke. London, 1638 

BLOUNT, Thomas. Boscobel ; or, the history of 
his Sacred jNIajesties most miraculous preserva- 
• tion after the battle of "Worcester. 

8vo. London, I660 

Fom-th edition. [Edited by C. Jackson.] 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1709 

— Another edition. To which is added Claus- 
trum regale reseratum, published by Mrs. A. 


12mo. London, 1725 
■ Fragmenta antiquitatis ; antient tenures of 

land and jocular customs of some mannors. 

8vo. Lomlon, 1679 

BLOUNT, Sir Thomas Pope, Bart. Censura cele- 
briorum authorum ; sive tractatus in quo varia 
virorum doctorum de clarissimis cujusque seculi 
scriptoribus judicia traduntur. 

fol. London, 1690 

BLOXAM, John Rouse. Magdalen College and 
King James II., a series of documents collected 
and edited by J. E. B. [Oxford Historical 
Society, vi.] 

8vo. Oxfoixl, 1886 

BLUMAUEE, Aloys. Freymaurergedichte. 

8vo. Viemut, 1791 


2 vols. 8vo. Vienna, 1787 

Virgils Aeneis travestirt. 

3 vols. 8vo. Vienna, 1784-88 


See Hase, C. A. A history of the Christian 
church. New York, 1855. 
,, Neander, J. A. W. The life of Jesus Christ. 
Ldiiilifii, 1851. 

BLUMENTHAL, Luise Johanna Leopoldine von. 

The life of (xeneral Do Ziethen. Translated 
from the German by the Rev. B. Behe.sford. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Berlin, 180.'J 

BLUNDELL, Henry. Engravings of the principal 
statues, busts, bass-reliefs, etc., in the collection 
of Henry Blundell, Esq., of Ince. 

2 vols. fol. [Liveqwol] 1 8O9 

BLUNDELL, Richard. Letter of intelligence, to 
his friends the .lesuites at Cambray in Flanders, 
taken about him when he was apprehended at 
Lambeth, on Monday 23 of June 1679. 

broadside. [Loiulon'i] 1679 

BLUNDEVILLE, Thomas. A very briefe and pro- 
fitalile treatise declaring howe many counsells, 
and what maner of Counseleis a Prince that will 
governe well ought to have. [By F. FuRio 
Ckriol : this translation is made from the Italian 
version of A. d'Ulloa.] 

8vo. Willuim Seres. London [1570] 

BLUNT, Lady Anne Isabella Noel. Bedouin tribes 
of the Euphrates. Edited, with a preface and 
some account of the Arabs and their horses, by 
W. S. B[lunt]. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1879 

BLUNT, John Henry. 

See Bible, English. 1 878. 
,, Myroure of oure Lady. [Early English Text 

„ Prayer. The annotated book. London, 1866. 

— Dictionary of doctrinal and historical theology. 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1872 

— Dictionary of sects, heresies, ecclesiastical 
parties, and schools of religious thought. 

8vo. London, 1874 

— Directorium Pastorale ; or, the principles and 
practice of pastoral work in the Chm-ch of 
England. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1865 

The Reformation of the Church of England : 

its histoi'y, principles, and results. [a.d. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1878-82 

BLUNT, John James. Essays contributed to the 
Quarterly Review. 

8vo. London, I860 

— A history of the Christian Church during the 
first three centuries. 

8vo. Loni^on, 1856 



BLUNT, John James. On the right use of the 
early Fathers. Third edition. 

Svo. London, 18f)<) 

Plain sermons preached to a country congrega- 

tion [;i series], to which are added five sermons 
preached on public occasions. 

," vols. Svo. London, 18.")7-(il 

Sketch of the Reformation in England. 

[Murray's Family Library.] 

12mo. London, 18;>2 

Undesigned coincidences in the Old and New 

Testaments ; an argument of their vei-acitv- 
Thirteenth edition. 

Svo. London, 1876 

Vestiges of ancient manners and customs dis- 
coverable in modern Italy and Sicily. 

8vo.» London, 1823 

BLUNT, Wilfrid Scawen. 

See Blunt, Lady A. I. N. Bedouin tribes of the 
Euphrates. Loiidmi, 1879- 

BLUTEAU, Rafael. Vocabulario Portuguez fe 
Latino ; com exemplos dos melhores escritores. 
Diccionario Castellano y Portuguez para facilitar 
la noticia de la lengua Latina, con el uso del 
Vocabulario. Supplemento com outros vocabu- 

11 vols, in 10. fol. Coimbra and Lisbon, 


BLYENBURGIUS, Damasus. Veneres Blyenbur- 
gicae, sive amorum hortus in quinque areolas 
divisus et fragrantissimis cxlviii. celeberrimorum 
poetarum flosculis refertus. 

Svo. /. Caninus. Dm'drecht, l600 

BOABEN, James. An inquiry into the authen- 
ticity of various pictures and prints which have 
been offered to the public as portraits of Shak- 

4to. London, 1824 

A letter to George Stcevens, Esq., containing a 

critical examination of the papers of Shakspeare 
published by Mr. Samuel Ireland. 

Svo. London, 1790 

The life of Mrs. Jordan. 

2 vols. Svo. Ijondoii, 1831 

BOAISTUAU, Pierre, called LAUNAY. Histoires 
prodigieuses extraictes de plusieurs fameux 

Svo. J. Longis and M. le Mangnier. 
Paris, 15()1 

BOANEROES ; or, Mr. Higgins's history : with a 
reply to his infamous dialogue : in a letter to 
a friend. 

4to. London, 1707 

BOARD of Agriculture. Account of the experi- 
ments tried by the Board of Agricultiu-e, in 
tlie composition of various sorts of bread. Anno 

4to. London, 1795 

Additional appendix to the outlines of the 

fifteenth chapter of the proposed general report 
from the Board of Agriculture, on the suliject 
of manures. 

4to. London, 179(> 

Queries relating to live stock [issued by the 

Board of Agricultuie]. 

4to. {London, 1796 ?] 

Report of the committee appointed to extract 

information from the county reports and other 
authorities, concerning the culture and use of 

4to. London, 1795 

BOASE, Charles William. 

See Oxford, University of. Exeter College. 
Registrum. [Oxford Historical Society.] 

BOASE, George Clement, and COURTNEY, William 
Prideaux. Bibliotheca Cornubiensis : a catalogue 
of the writings, both manuscript and printed, 
of Cornishmen, and of works I'elating to the 
county of Cornwall. 

3 vols. fol. London, 1874-82 

BOATE, Gerard. 

See Collection of tracts and treatises. Dublin, 

A natural history of Ireland in three parts : 

I. a description by G. Bo ATE; ii. a collection 
of papers communicated to the Royal Society ; 
III. a discourse concerning the Danish mounts, 
forts, and towns by T. Molineux. 

4to. Dublin, 1726 

Another edition. 

4to. Dublin, 1755 

BOBALI, Savino de. Rime amorose, e pastorali, et 
satire. [Edited by S. and M. Bobali.] 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1589 

BOBLAYE, tmile Le Fuillon de. 

See Expedition scientiflque de Mor^e. Paris, 



BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. 

For Life, we Baldelli Boni, G. B. Floreme, 1806. 
See Chaucer Society. First series, xliv. 
„ „ ., Second series, vii. [No. 10], 

„ Eclogae Vergilii. Flwence, 1504. 
„ Manni, D. M. Istoria del Decamerone. 

Florence, 174>2. 
„ Eossetti, D. de. Petrarca, etc. Trieste, 1828. 

L'Aberinto d'Amore, con una epistola con- 

fortatoria a messer Pino di Eossi del medesimo 


Svo. Paganini. Lago di Garda [1510] 

Another edition. 

Svo. F. di A. Bindoni and M. Pasini. 
Venice, 152.0 

— Opere [the Filocolo, Fiammetta, etc. Edited by 
Cellenio Zacclori, i.e. Lorenzo Ciccarelli]. 
10 vols, in 6. Svo. Florence, 1723-24 

II Decamerone : e vita di Dante. 

4 vols. Svo. Milan, 1803 

— Genealogiae deorum libri xv. et liber de 
montibus, sylvis, etc. 

fol. B. Lomiellus. Venice, 1494 

— De genealogia deorum libri xv., cum notis 
J. MiCYLLi. De montium, sj'lvarum, fontium, 
lacuum, fluviorum, stagnorum, et marium nomini- 
bus liber. 

fol. J. Hervagius. Basle, 1532 

Ameto, ovvero commedia delle ninfe Fiorentine. 
4to. M. Manzolo. Treviso, 1479 

— Ameto, con le osservatipni in volgare gram- 
matica sopra esse di Hieronimo Claricio. 

4to. Mikn, ir>20 

Ameto, comedia delle nimphe Fiorentine. 

Svo. G. Giolito de Ferrari. Venice, 1 545 

— Ameto, comedia delle ninfe Fiorentine : con la 

dichiaratione de' luoghi difiicili di Fr. Sansovino. 

12mo. G. B. Bonfadio. Venice, 1586 


Svo. Parma, 1802 

(Amorosa Fiammetta.) 
La Fiammetta. 

4to. B. dc Vuldazochio et Martimis. 
[Padua] 1172 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. La Fiammetta. 

4to. [1480] 

Another edition. 

Svo. Giunta. Fkrrence, 1524 

Another edition. 

Svo. N. di Aristotile et Zoppino. 
Venice, 1525 

Another edition. 

Svo. Parma, 1800 

Amorosa visione, nuovamente ritrovata, neUa 

quale si contengono cinque triumphi, cioe, tri- 
umpho di sapientia, di gloria, di ricchezza, di 
amore e di fortuna : apologia di Hieronimo 
Claricio contra detrattori. 

4to. Zannottus Castellioneus. Milan, 1521 

II Decamerone. 

fol. Ch. Valdarfer. [Venice] 1471 

Another edition. 

fol. [1472] 

Another edition. 

fol. Petrus Adam de Micliaelihus. 
Mantua, 1472 

Another edition. 

fol. Jolmnncs de Rervo. [Vicenzd\WI8 

Another edition, 

Another edition. 

Strata. Venice, 14S1 
fol. [Florence, 1483] 

Another edition. 

fol. G. and G. de G)-egoriis. Venice, 1492 

Another edition, 
fol. Manfrim de Monteferrato. Venice, 1498 

Another edition. [Edited by N. Delfino.] 

4to. G. de Gregori. Venice, 151(5 

— Another edition. Novamente corretto. [By 
A. P. Manutius.] 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1522 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

4to. Giunta. Florence, 1527 

Svo. Venice, 1535 

Another edition. 

Svo. Lud. Britannico. Brescia, 1536 


BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. II Decamerone, con iiuove 
e varie figure, nuovameiite stampato e ricorretto 
per Antonio Brucioli. 

4to. G. Jolito (li Ferrariu Venice, 154:2 

Another edition. Nuovamente corretto per A. 


l6mo. Trim lie Monteferrato. Venice, XM'^ 

— Another edition. [With vocabulary by F. 

-tto. G. Giolilo (k Ferrari. Venice, 1546 

— Another edition. Aggiunteci le annotazioni di 

12mo. G. Ilouille. Lyons, 15.5;j 

— Another edition. Ricorretto et emendato 
secondo I'ordine del Sacro Cone, di Trento. 

4to. Florence, 157S 

— Another edition. Alia sua vera lezione ridotto 
da L. Salviati. 

4to. Giuntu. Floi-ence, 1582 

Another edition. 

4to. Giunta. Florence, 1587 

— Another edition. 

12mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1665 

— Another edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Anisterdam, 1718 

— Another edition. [Printed from the edition of 
1527.] [Edited by P. Rolli.] 

fol. London, 1725 

— Another edition. 

4to. Ph. di Giunta. Florence, 1527 
[Facsimile. Venice, 1729] 

Another edition. 

5 vols. Svo. London, 1757 

— Another edition. Tratto dall' ottimo testo 
scritto da Francesco d'Amaretto Manelli. 
[Edited by P. A. Guadagni, A. M. Bandini, 
and G. G. Bott.ARI 1] 

4to. [Lucca] 1761 

— Another edition. [Edited by V. Martinelli.] 

4to. London, 1762 

Another edition. 

5 vols. Svo. [Parish] 1768 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 12mo. London, 1768 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. 11 Decamerone. [Edited 
by G. Poggiali.] 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1789-90 

• Another edition. Corretto ed illustrato con 

note. [With a life by G. TiRABOSCHi.] 

8 vols. 8vo. Parma, 1812-14 

Another edition. [Edited by N. U. FoscoLO.] 
;i vols. 8vo. London, 1825 

Another edition. 

2 vols. Svo. Lmdmi, 1825 

— Le Decameron. Nouvellement traduict d'ltalien 
en Fran^oys par Maistre Anthoine le Macon, 
eonseiller du Roy. 

fol. E. Roffct. Paris, 1545 

Original richly tooled binding. 

— Another edition. Traduict d'ltalien en Fran9ois 
par Maistre Antoine le Macon. 

Svo. Paris, 1559 

De casibus virorum illustrium. 

fol. [G. Husner. Strasburg, 1476] 

Another edition. 

fol. /. Gourmont. Paris [1510] 

■ The falle of Princis. Translated by John 


fol. Bicltard Pynsrni. London, 1494 

— Another edition. 

fol. Bichard Pynson. London, 1527 

— The tragedies of all such Princes as fell from 
theyr estates throughe the mutability of Fortune 
since the creation of Adam. Translated into 
English by John Lidgate. 

fol. .Jolni Wayland. London [1550] 

— The falle of Princes. Translated by John 

fol. Richard Tottel. London, 1554 

— De la ruyne des nobles hommes et femmes. 
[Translated by L. DU Premier-fait.] 

fol. M. Husz and J. Sclmheler. Lyons, 148i! 

De mulieribus Claris. 

fol. /. Zainer. Ulm, 1473 

Compendium de praeclaris mulieribus. 

fol. \G. Husner. Strasburg, 1475] 



BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. De la louenge et vertu des 
nobles et cleres dames. [Translated by L. DU 

fol. A. Ferard. Paris, 1493 

Printed on vellum. 

(De montibus.) 

Liber de montibus, sylvis, fontibus, etc. 

fol. [F. de Spira.] Fenice, 1473 

(Epistola a Pino de' Rossi.) 

Pistola bellissima a messer Pino de Rossi. 

8vo. Gir. Pentio da Lccco. Venice, 1528 

— II Filocolo ovvero I'amore di Florio e di Bianci- 

fol. Jolmnnes Petri de Maguncia. 
Florence, 1472 

— Another edition. 

fol. Sixfus Riessinger. Naples, 1478 

— Another edition. 

fol. P. da Piero. Fenice, 1481 

— II Filocopo, corretto da Fr. Sansovino. 

8vo. Fr. Eampazetto. Fenice, 1554 

II Filostrato. 

4to. Luca Porta. [Italy, 1480] 

— Another edition. Poema ora per la prima 
volta dato in luce. [By L. Baroni.] 

8vo. Paris, 1789 

— Genealogiae deorum. 

fol. F. dc Spira. Fenice, 1472 

Another edition. Libri xiii. 

fol. [Goiswin Gaps. Cologne, 1475] 

— Genealogia de gli dei, i quindeci libri sopra la 
origine et discendenza de tutti gli dei de' gentili, 
tradotti per G. Betussi. 

4to. Comino da Triiw. Fenice, 1547 

— £1 nimphale Fiesolauo. 

4to. [1480] 

— Another edition. Nel quale si contiene I'inna- 
moramento di AftVico e Mensola, poemetto in 
ottavo rima. 

8vo. Paris, 1778 

— Teseide. [With a marginal commentary by 
P. A. DEI] 

fol. Augustinus [Garner]. Ferrara, 1475 

— Another edition. Da Tizzone Gaetano diligente- 
mente rivista. 

4to. Gir. Pentio da Lecco. Fenice, 152S 

BOCCACCIO, Giovanni. Teseide. 

8vo. Milan, 1819 

(Supposititious works.) 

La caccia di Diana : poemetto ora per la 
prima volta pubblicato per cura di I. Moutier. 

8vo. Florence, 1832 

Urbano. [By BuoNACCORSr DA Ginestreto ? 

or Cambio di Stekano da Castello ?] 

4to. [1490] 

BOCCALINI, Trajano. De' ragguagli di Parnaso, 
centuria prima e seconda. 

2 vols. 4to. Fenice, 1612-13 

BOCCELLA, Cristoforo. 

See Lucanus, M. A. La Farsaglia, Pisa, 1804. 

BOCCHIUS, Achilles. Symbolicarum quaestionum 
de universo genere quas serio ludebat libri quin- 
que, cum tiguris. 

4to. Bologna, 1555 
Early Italian binding. 

Another edition. 

4to. Societas typographica. Bologna, 1 574 

BOCHABT, Samuel. Opera omnia, hoc est, Phaleg, 
Chanaan et Hierozoicon : dissertationes variae 
ad illustrationem sacri codicis, vita autoris et 
Paradisi terrestris delineatio. [Edited by H. 

3 vols. fol. Leyden and Utrecht, 1712 

Hierozoicon sive de animalibus S. Scripturae ; 

recensuit suis notis adjectis, E. F. C. Rosen- 

3 vols. 4to. Leipzig, 1793-96 

BOCK, Carl. The head-hunters of Borneo : a nar- 
rative of travel up the Mahahkam and down the 
Barito ; also, journeyings in Sumatra. Second 

8vo. London, 1882 

BOCK, Ludwig. Ueber einige Falle des Conjunctivs 
im Mittelhochdeutschen. [Quellen und For- 
schungen, xxvii.] 

8vo. Sirasburg, 1878 

— — Wolframs von Eschenbach Bilder und Worter 

fiir Freude und Leid. [Quellen und Forschungen, 

8vo. Sirasburg, 1879 

BOCTHOR, EUious. Dictionnaire Fran^ais-Arabe ; 
revu par A. Caussin de Perceval. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1828-29 



BODDAERT, Pieter. 

See Schlosser, J. A. Over de Amboinische 
haagdis, etc. Amsterdam, 1768-72. 

BODE, Johann Elert. Allgcmeine UntersiKhnngeii 
iiiid Bemerkungen iiber die Lagc uiid Aus- 
theilung aller bisher bekannten Planeten und 
Koinetonbahnen : mit einer Charte. 

il parts. Svo. Berlin, 17.91 

Ki5presentation dcs astres sur 34 planches en 


obi. 4to. Jjerlm, 1782 

BODE, John Ernest. The absence of precision in 
the formularies of the Church of England scrip- 
tural and suitable to a state of probation. 
[Bampton Lectures, 1855.] 

Svo. Oxfonl, 1855 

BODENHAM, John. Belvedere, or the garden of 
the Muses : reprinted from the original edition 
of l600. [Spenser Society.] 

4to. Manchester, 1875 

England's Helicon. [Poems by various authors 

collected and edited by J. B.] 

4to. I. B. for J. Flasket. Loiulon, l600 

BODIN, Tilix. R(5sum6 de I'histoire de France 
jusqu'i nos jours. 

18mo. Paris, 1822 

BODIN, Jean. 

See Oppian. De venatione. Paris, 1549. 

Pemonomania, de gli stregoni, cioe furori, et 

malie de' demoni col mezo de gli huoniini : divisa 
in libri iv. Tradotta dal K''. Hercole Cato. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1587 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1589 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1592 

Les six livres de la republique. 

fol. Paris, 1577 

BODIUS, Marcus Alexander. Ei^istolae, heroides, 
et hymni, ad Jacobum sextum regem : literularum 
prima curia. 

Svo. Antwerj}, 1592 

BODIUS, Robertus. See Boyd, R. 

BODLEIAN Library. 

Sec Oxford, University of. 

BODONI, Giovanni Battista. Gestorum ab cpis- 
copis Salutionsibus anacephalaiosis, recusa quum 
ad eam sedem nuper esset evectus J. J. Lovera. 

Svo. Parma, 1783 

— »— Manuale tipografico. [Edited l>y P. ?.I. 


2 vols. 4to. Parma, 1818 

Per le augusto noz.ze lU Carolina Teresa di 

Borbone con Massimiliano di Sassonia. 

4to. Parnm, 1792 

BODONIUS. The fortresse of fayth defended both 
by the Scripture and Doctors gathered by the 
learned German Bodonius, and translated out of 
Latine into English by Edward Crane. 

Svo. IFiUiam Griffith. Lomlon, 1570 

BODRUGAN, Nicholas. Sec Adams, N. 

BODY of Policy. The boolce whichc is called the 
body of Polycye, and it speketh of vertues and 
of good maners : lib. iii. Translated out of 


4to. John Skot. London, 1521 

BOEC van den Houte. [A history of the holy 
cross, in Dutch.] 

4to. /. Veldener. Culemborch, H'83 

BOEOE, Hector. See Boethius, H. 

BOECKLER, Georg Andreas. Theatrum machi- 
narum novum, exhibens opera molaria et aqua- 
tica : in Latinum translatum operS, Henrici 


fol. Nuremherg, 1686 

BOECLER, Johann Heinric. 

See Dissertationum philologico - theologicarum. 

Leeuwarden, 1701. 

Bibliographia critica scriptores omnium artium 

atque scientiarum ordine percensens. Edidit J. 

G. Krause. 

4to. Leipzig, 1715 

BOEHL DE FABER, Juan Nicolas. 

See Floresta de rimas antiguas. Hamburg, 1821. 

BOEHME, Jacob. Quarante questions sur I'origine, 

I'essence, I'etre, la nature et la propri6te de 


Svo. Paris, 1807 

BOEHMER, Eduard. 

See Romanische Studien. Strasburg, 1875, etc. 




BOEHMER, Eduard. Bibliotheca Wiffeniana : 
Spanish Reformers of two centuries from 1520, 
their lives and writings according to the late 
B. B. "Wiffen's plan and with the use of his 
materials : with B. B. Wiflten's narrative and 
a memoir by Isaline Wiffen. 

2 vols. 8vo. Strashnrg and London, 


BOEHMER, Georg Rudolph. Handbuch der Natur- 
geschichte, Oeconomie und anderer damit ver- 
wandten Wissenschaften und Kiinste. 

9 vols. 8vo. Leipzig, 1785-8*) 

BOEHMER, Justus Hennings. Dissertationes juris 
ecclesiastici antiqui ad Plinium secundum et 

8vo. Leipzig, 1711 

BOEMUS, Joannes. The Fardle of facions contein- 
ing the aunciente maners, customes, and lawes, 
of the peoples enhabiting the two partes of the 
earth called Affrike and Asie. [Translated by 
William Watreman.] 

Svo. Kingston mid Suttmi, 1555 

BOENDERMAKER, Theodorus. Atlas, ouvrage 
contenu dans 103 gros volumes; considerations 
trouvees parmi ses notes sur son atlas en forme 
de pro jet. 

8vo. [Amsterdam 1 1722 1] 

Catalogus bibliothecae selectae librorum, et 

codicum MSS. quam coUegit Th. Boendermaker, 
cujus auctio habebitur in aedibus defuncti ad 
diem 30 Martii 1722. 

8vo. Amsterdam [1722] 

BOETHIUS, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus. 
See Cicero, M. T. Topica. 1484., etc. 

Opera omnia ; cum J. Murmelii in v. libb. de 

consolatione philosophiae commentariis, et in 
eosdem E. Agricolae enarrationes. 

2 vols. fol. Basle, 1570 

De Arithmetica libri duo. 

4to. E. Batdolt. Augsburg, 1488 

De consolatione philosophiae. 

fol. Hans Glim. [Savigliano, 1470] 

Another edition. 

fol. [Wenssler. Basle, 1475] 

Another edition. 

4to. \_A. Therhoernen. Cologne, 1475] 

BOETHIUS, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus. 

De consolatione philosophiae, cum commen- 
tario TnoMAE de Aquino. 

fol. A. Koburger. Nwemberg, 1476 

Another edition. 

fol. ,/. de WestpludicL. Louvain, 1487 

— Another edition. Necnon de scolarium dis- 

fol. 0. Scvtus. Venice, 1489 

Another edition. 

4to. H. Quentell. Cologne, 1493 

Another edition. 

Another edition. 

48mo. Amsterdam, 1625 

48mo. Amsterdam, 1649 

Another edition. Ejusdem opuscula sacra. 

cum notis J. Bernartii, etc. 

Svo. Leyden, 1671 

— Another edition. Edidit Petrus Callyus, 
in usum Delphini. 

4to. Paris, 1680 

Another edition. 

Svo. Padua, 1721 

Another edition. [Edited by G. A. Volpi.] 

Svo. Padua, 1744 

Another edition. 

4to. Foidis. Glasgow, 1751 

— Another edition. Libri v. Edidit J. Eremita 
[pseud, i.e. J. F. de Bure de Saint-Fauxbin]. 
3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1783 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. [Valpy's Delphin Classics.] 

Svo. London, 1823 

— Another edition. [Latin and Flemish.] 

fol. Arcnd de Keysere. Ghent, 1485 

— Another edition. [Latin and German.] 

fol. Ant. Koburger. Nuremberg, 1473 

— Another edition. King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon 
version, with an English translation and notes by 
J. S. Cardale. 

Svo. London, 1829 

— Another edition. Libri v. Anglo-saxonice 
redditi ab Alfredo rege. Edidit C. Rawlinson. 

Svo. Oxford, 1698 



BOETHIUS, Anicius Manlius Torquatus Severinus. 

De cotisolatioiie philosophiao. [Translated hy 
Geoffrey Chaucer.] 

fol. Caxian. Westminster [1478] 

Chaucer's translation of Boethius's Do con- 

solatione philosophiae. Edited from the addi- 
tional MS. 10340 in the British Museum by It. 
Morris. [Early English Text Society, extra 
series, v. Chaucer Society, first series, Ixxvi. 

Svo. London, 1868 

Another edition. Edited from the Cambridge 

University library MS. by F. J. FURNIVALL. 
[Chaucer Society, first series, Ixxv.] 

Svo. London, 1886 

The Boke of comfort called in laten Boetius 

de Consolatione philosophie. Translated in to 
englesse tonge by John Waltwnem. 

4to. Dan Thomas Ihjcluird. Tavistock, 1525 

Consolation de phj-losophye. [Edited by 

Regnier de Saint Trudon.] 

fol. C. Mansion. Bruges, 1477 

Von dem trost der weiszheit. 

4to. /. Schot. Straslmrg, 1500 

— Delia consolazione della filosofia : tradotto di 
lingua latina, in volgare Fiorentino da Benedetto 

4to. Flm'ence, 1551 

— Della consolazione, volgarizzato da maestro 
Alberto Fiorentino, co' motti de filosofi ed un' 
orazione di Tullio [per Quinto Ligario] vol- 
garizzamento di Brunetto Latini. 

Svo. Florence, 1735 

— Della consolazione della filosofia : tradotto in 

volgar Fiorentino da Benedetto Varchi. 

4to. Parma, 1798 

De disciplina scholarium. [Supposititiousvvork.] 

4to. [Cologne, 1474] 

BOETHIUS, Hector. 

See Buchanan, G. Eespublica. Leyden, 1627 
(for de animantibus Scotiae). 
„ Stewart, W. The bulk of the croniclis of 
Scotland. [Rolls Series.] 

Scotorum historiae a prima gentis origine, 

libri xvii. [-1437]. 

fol. /. Badius Ascensius. [Paris^ 1526 

BOETHIUS, Hector. Scotorum historiae a prima 
gentis origine cum aliarum et rerum et gentium 
illustrationc non vulgari lit)ri xix. : duo postrcmi 
libri nunc primum emittuntur in luccm : accessit 
continuatio per J. Ferrerium. 

fol. J. Dn Buys. Paris, 157 i 

The hystory and croniklis of Scotland. [Trans- 
lated from the Latin by J. Bellenden.] 

fol. Tlumias Davidson. Edinburgh [l 536] 

Another edition. Written in Latin by Hector 

Boece, and translated by J. Bellenden. 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1S21 

Murthlacensium et Aberdonensium episcoporum 

vitae iterum in lucem editae. [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1825 

Another edition. Edited and translated by 

J. MoiR. [Spalding Club, N.S.] 

4to. Aberdeen, 1894 

BOETTICHER, Jacob Gottlieb Isaak. 

Sec Geographical . . . description of the empire 
of Germany. London, 1 800. 

BOEY, Cornelius. 

Sec Oats, J. Faces Augustae. Dordrecht, 1643. 

BOGAN, Zachary. Homcrus Hebraizon, sive com- 

paratio Homeri cum scriptoribus sacris quoad 

normam loquendi : subnectitur Hesiodus Home- 


Svo. Oxford, 1658 

BOGERMAN, Johannes. 
Sec Bible, Dutch. 1641. 

BOGLE, George. 

See Markham, C. R. Narrative of the mission. 
London, 1879. 

BOGUE, David, and BENNETT, James. The history 
of dissenters from the revolution to the year 
1808. Second edition. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1833 

BOHADINUS. Vita et res gestae sultani Almalichi 
Alnasiri, Saladini, necnon excerpta ex historia 
Abulfedae, itemque specimen ex historia Saladini 
conscripta ab Amadoddino Ispahanensi. Edidit 
ac Latine vertit Albertus Schultens. 

fol. Leyden, 1755 

BOHN, Henry George. The biography and biblio- 
graphy of Shakespeare. [Philobiblon Society.] 

4to. LoH(/oft [1863] 


BOHN, Henry George. Catalogue of books. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1847-50 

BOHN, James. Catalogue of ancient and modern 
books in all languages, on sale. 

8vo. London, 1840 

BOHN, John. Catalogue of English books, in all 
classes of literature, on sale. 

Svo. Loiulon, 1843 

BOHUN, Edmund. 

<S'ee Doctrine of non-resistance. London, l6S9. 
„ History of the desertion. London, l6S9. 
„ Reflections on a pamphlet. London, 1683. 

Three charges delivered at the general quarter 

sessions, holden at Ipswich, for the county of 
Suffolk, in the years 1691, 1692 : with the 
author's vindication from the calumnies cast on 
him on the account of his Geographical dictionary. 

4to. London, 1693 

BOHUN, William. A brief view of ecclesiastical 
jurisdiction, as it is at this day practised in 


8vo. London, 1733 

BOIARDO, Matteo Maria, Count di Scandiano. 
See Herodotus. [Italian.] Venice, 1533. 

Tutti li libri d'Orlando inamorato. 

8vo. Aurelio Pincio. Venice, 1532 

Libri tre di Orlando inamorato : nuovamente 

rivisti e castigati. 

4to. N. dJAristotile di Ferrara detto Zoppino. 

Venice, l532[-33] 

Orlando innamorato, i tre libri : insieme con 

gli altri tre libri compidi per N. della Agostini. 
4to. P. di Nicolini da Sdblio. Venice, 1539 

Another edition. Hora rifatto tutto di nuovo 

da Francesco Berni : aggiunte in questa seconda 
editione moltc stanze del autore che nel altra 

4to. Heirs of Lucantonio Giunta. 
Venice, 1545 

Yellow morocco, with tlie arms of Comte ile Hoym. 

— — Another edition. Insieme con i tre libri di 

Nicolo dc gli Agostini, nuovamente riformato 
per LoDOVico Domenichi. 

4to. Girolamo ScoUo. Venice, 1553 

— Another edition. Insieme con i tre libri di 
Nicolo de gli Agostini, gik riformati per LoDOVico 

8vo. Venice, 1 655 

BOIABDO, Matteo Maria, Count di Scandiano. 
Orlando innamorato, rifatto tutto di nuovo da 
Francesco Berni. [Edited by L. Ciccarelli.] 

4to. Florence, 1725 

— Another edition. Rifatto da Francesco 


4 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1768 

— Another edition. Riformato da LODOViCO 


3 vols, in 1. 8vo. Dublin, 1784 

— Another edition. Rifatto da FRANCESCO Berni. 
[Parnaso Italiano, torn, xi.-xv.] 

5 vols. 8vo. Venice, 1785 

— Another edition. Rifatto da Francesco 


4 vols. Svo. Mihn, I8O6 

— The Orlando Innamorato translated into prose 
from the Italian of Francesco Berni, and inter- 
spersed with extracts in the same stanza as the 
original by W. S. Rose. 

Svo. London, 1823 

— Nouvelle traduction de Roland I'Amoureux. 
Seconde edition. 

2 vols. l2mo. Paris, 1720 

Timone, comoedia traducta de uno dialogo de 


4to. P. de Pasquali. Scandiano, 1500 

Comedia de Timone traducta de uno dialogo 

de Luciano : Sapho Phaoni, interprete Jacobo 
Philippo de Pellibus Nigris Trojano. 

8vo. G. di R'tisconi. Venice, 1518 

BOILEAU, £tienne. See Boyleaux, E. 


See Aristotle (Poetica). Les quatres poetiques. 
Paris, 1771. 
„ Harte, W. An essay on satire. London, 

„ Palmezeaux, M. de C. de. Boileau jug^. 
Paris, 1802. 

(Euvres. Nouvelle edition. 

4 vols. 12nio. TIis Hague, 1722 

Another edition. [Edited by J. B. Sonchay.] 
2 vols. fol. Paris, 1740 



BOILEAU DESPR:6AUX, Nicolas. CEuvrcs. Pub- 
liees par M. de Saint Marc. 

.5 vols. Svo. Paris, ITl? 

Another edition. 

2 vols. tto. Paris, 178<) 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1799 

■ CEuvres choisies. 

2 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, mi 

CEuvres poetiques. 

2 vols. fol. Parma, 1814 

Poesies, avec des notes et un essai sur sa vie ct 

sur ses ccrits par M. he Levizac. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1 800 

BOINDIN, Nicolas. 

Sfe Theatre Frangais. Comedies, torn. xii. 
„ Three dissertations. London, 1740. 

CEuvres. [Edited by F. Parfaict.] 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1753 

BOISAED, Jean. Traits des monoyes, de leurs 
circonstances et depcndances. 

12mo. Paris, 1692 

BOISGELIN, De, Count. 

See Beaurain, J. de. Histoire militaire de 
Flandrc. Paris, 1755-56. 

BOISGELIN DE CUC6, Jean de Dieu-Raimond de, 

Cardinal. OraLson funebre de trfes-haut, tri'S- 
puissant et tres-excellent prince Stanislas i., roi 
de Pologne. 

Svo. Paris, 1766 

BOISGELIN DE KERDU, Pierre Marie Louis de. 
See Vertot d'Aubeuf, R. A. de. Histoire des 
revolutions de Portugal. London, 1809. 
„ Vertot d'Aubeuf, R. A. de. History of the 

revolutions, etc. London, 1809. 
„ Voyage de deux Frangais. Paris, 1796. 

Malte ancienne et moderne. 

3 vols. Svo. Marseilles, 1 805 
and Paris, 1 809 

Ancient and modern Malta, as also the history 

of the kniehts of St. John of Jerusalem : with 


3 vols, in 2. 4to. London, 1804 

— Travels through Denmark and Sweden, to 
which is prefixed a journal of a voyage down 
the Elbe from Dresden to Hamburgh. 

2 vols, in 1. -ito. London, 1810 

BOISLISLE, Arthur Michel de. 

Slv M^moires des intendants, sur I'^tat. Paris, 


BOISMfiLt, Jean Baptiste Torchet de. 

Sec Histoire g^n^rale de la marine. Paris, etc., 


BOISMONT, Nicolas Thirel de. Oraisons funebres, 
paniJgyriquc et sermon : precedes d'une notice 
historique et suivis de son eloge par M. de 


Svo. Paris, 1805 

£mile. See Bonnechose, F. P. E. B. de. 

BOISSARDUS, Joannes Jacobus. Icones divorsorum 
hominum fama ct rebus gestis illustriuni [col- 
lected by J. J. B.]. 

4to. Jbr. Faher. Metz, 1591 

Icones virorum illustrium, cum eonxm vitis 

descriptis a Boissardo et J. A. Lonicero. 
Omnia in aes incisa per T. DE Bry. 

4 vols, in 2. 4to. Th. de Bry. Frankfort, 


Eomanae urbis topographia et antiquitates : 

Pars I. Topographia Boissardi et Panvinii, P. 
Victoris de regionibus Romae liber, ii. Marliani 
topographia. iii.-vi. Inscriptionum et epitaphi- 
orum quae in saxis et marmoreis Romanis viden- 
tur descriptio : viz. III. de autiquae urbis situ et 
origine, etc. iv.-v. de funeribus et modo 
sepeliendi usitato apud antiquos. vi. Lilii 
Gregorii Gyraldi de sepulchris liber. Omnia 
figuris in aere incisis illustrata per Theodorum 
DE Buy. 

6 vols in 2. fol. /. Feyrahend, J Saurius, 

Ahr. Faher, for Th. de Bry. Frankfort and 

Metz, 1595-1602. 

Theatrum vitae humanae, a Theodoro Bryio 

artificiosissimis historiis illustratum. 

4to. Abraham Faher. Metz, 1596 

Topographia urbis Romae : jetz aber in 

toutsche Sprach iibergesetzt und die Figurn 

fol. Heirs of Diet, de Bry. Frankfort, l603 

BOISSET, Randon de. Catalogue des livres du 
cabinet de feu M. Randon de Boisset, receveur 
general des finances, dont la vente se fera le 
lundi, 3 F6vrier 1777. 

12mo. Paris, 1117 



BOISSIEB, Gaston. La fin du paganisme: (5tucle 
sur les deniieres luttes religieuses en Occident au 
quatrieme siecle. Deuxieme edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 18;)'i 

La religion romaine d'Auguste aux Antonins. 

Quatrieme edition. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1892 

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See Theatre Frangais. Comedies, torn, xxvii. 

CEuvres de theatre. 

Qj^uvres choisies. 

9 vols. 8vo. Paris, 176fi 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1812 

BOISSY D'ANGLAS, Frangois Antoine de, Count. 
Essai sur la vie, les ecrits, et les opinions de M. 
de Malesherbes. 

2 vols in 1. 8vo. Pans, 1819 

BOISTE, Pierre Claude Victoire. Dictionnaire de 
geographic universelle : accompagne d'un atlas 
de 45 cartes par Hekisson. 

2 vols. 8vo and 1 vol. obi. fol. Paris, 1806 


&e Apologie d'Homfere. Paris, 1715. 
„ Kecentiores poetae. Lcyden, 1743. 
„ Sophocles. Oedipus Tyrannus [French]. 
Paris, 1729. 


Boisard, J. 

BOIZOT, Jean Baptiste. 

See L^vesaue, P. Memoires. Paris, 1753. 

BOKENAM, Osbern. 

See Lives of Saints. [Eoxburghe Club.] 

BOLAFFEY, H. V. An easy grammar of the 
primajval language, commonly called Hebrevi'. 

8vo. London, 1820 

BOLD, Samuel. A plea for moderation towards 
Dissenters, occasioned by the grand juries pre- 
senting the sermon against persecution at the 
last assizes holden at Sherburn. 

8vo. London, lG82 

BOLDE, Thomas. Rhetorick restrained; or. Dr. 
John (iauden, lord bishop elect of Exeter, his 
considerations of the liturgy of the Church of 
England considered and clouded. 

4to. London, 1660 

BOLDON Buke, a survey of the possessions of the 
see of Durham, made by order of Bishop Hugh 
Pudsey, in the year 118.';, with a translation, 
appendix, and glossary by W. Greenwell. 
[Latin and English.] [Surtees Society, xxv.] 

8vo. TJurlum, 1852 

BOLDONI, Sigismondo. Larius : epistolae triginta : 
carmina Latina inedita : ct liber iv. poematis 
Italici cui titulus La caduta dei Longobardi : item 
Pauli Jovii dcscriptio lacus Larii, procurante 
A. M. DuRiNi. 

8vo. Avignon, 1776 

BOLETARIUM ; or, a collection of papers, squibs, 
songs, etc., written on the memorable mushroom 
contest at Carlisle, April 1786 : with a supple- 
ment on the second mushroom contest, December 

2 parts in 1. 12mo. Carlisle, 1786-87 

BOLINGBROKE, Henry, of Norwich. A voyage to 
the Demerary, containing a statistical account of 
the settlements there, and of those on the 
Essequebo, the Berbice, and other contiguous 

rivers of Guyana. 

4to. London [1807] 

BOLINGBROKE, Henry St. John, viscount. 
For Life, sec Macknight, T. London, 1 863. 
See Analysis of the philosophical works. London, 

„ Dissertation upon parties. London, 1735. 

„ Final answer to the remarks. London, 1731. 

„ Freeholders, political catechism. London, 
17 33. 

„ Heathcote, R. A sketch of Lord B.'s philo- 
sophy. London, 1755. 

„ Letters on the spirit of patriotism. London, 

„ Occasional writer. London, 1727. 

„ Trot, J., pseud. 

„ View of Lord Bolingbroke's philosophy. 
London, 1754-55. 

Works, published by D. Mallet. Letters and 

correspondence, with notes and a translation of 
the foreign letters by G. Parke. ■ 

7 vols. 4to. Lmidmi, 1777-98 | 

— Lettres historiques, politiques, philosophiques 
et particulieres, 1710-36 : preced6es d'un essai 
historique sur sa vie. [Edited by Count H. P. 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

Letters on the study and use of history. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1752 


BOLINGBROKE, Henry St. John, viscount. Kepie- 
seiitation of the right honourable the Lord 
Viscount Bolingbroke. 

4to. London, 171.'J 

BOLLA, Bartholomeus. 

Sec Arena, A. de. Ad suos compagnoiies studi- 
antes. Li/ouk, li>33. 

BOLLAERT, William. 

See Simon, P. The expedition of P. de Ursua. 
[Ilalvluyt Society.] 

The wars of succession of Portugal and 

Spain, from 182() to 1840: vnt\i resume of the 
political history of Portugal and Spain to the 
present time. 

2 vols. 8vo. Loiulon, 1870 

BOLLAN, William. 

>'(■(■ Importance of the colonies. London, 17C(). 
„ Mutual interest of Great Britain. London, 

BOLLANDUS, Joannes. Acta sanctorum quotcjuot 

toto orbe coluntur, collegit, digessit, notis illus- 

travit J BOLLANDUS, operam et studium contulit 

G. HENSCHENIU.S, etc. Martyrologium U.suardi. 

In progress, fol. Antwerp, 1643, etc. 

BOLOGNA. Institute delle Scienze ed Arti Ltberali. 
De Bononiensi scientiarum et artium academia 
commentarii. [Edited by F. M. Zanotti.] 

7 vols, in 10. 4to. Bologna, 1731-91 

BOLOGNA. Regia Deputazione di Storia Patria per 

le Provincie de Romagna. 

For publications 1877-81, see Modena. Reali 
Deputazioni di Storia Patria per le Pro- 
vincie deir Emilia. 

Atti e memorie : [anno 1-9, 9 vols. ; serie 2", 2 

vols. ; terza serie]. 

In progress. 4to and 8vo. Bologna, 

1862, etc. 

Document! et studj. 

2 vols. 8vo. Bologna, 1886 

BOLTON, Edmund. 

See B. (E.) The elements of armories. London, 
„ Triveth, N. Annalium continuatio. Oxford, 
1721-22 (for Hypercritica). 

BOLTON, James. Harmonia ruralis ; or, an essay 
towards a natural history of British song birds : 
illustrated with 80 copper-plates, coloured. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Manchester, 1794-96 

BOLTON, Robert. 

iSVe Deity's delay. London, \1^>\. 

BOLZANIUS, Urbanus. Institutiones Graecae 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1497 

Another copy, with slight variations. 

4to. Aldus. Venice, 1497 

— Grammaticae institutiones : de pas.sionibu3 
dictionuni e.\; Tryphone, de spiritibus ex Theo- 
dorito et aliis. 

4to. /. de Tridino alius Tacuino. 
Venice, 1512 

Grammaticae institutiones ad Graecam linguam. 
8vo. P. Manutius. Venice, 1557 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1560 

Another edition. 

8vo. Aldus. Venice, 1566 

BOMBARDEMENT (Le) et la machine infernale des 
Anglais centre Saint-Malo en l693. Eecits con- 
temporains en vers et en prose avec figures. 
[Preface signed A. de la B., i.e. A. de la 
BORDERIE.] [Societe des Bibliophiles bretons.] 

4to. Nantes, 1885 

Theophrast, called Paracelsus. Prognosticatio 
[with 32 plates]. 

4to. 1536 

BOMBAY Literary Society. Transactions. 

3 vols. 4to. Lo)idon, 1819-23 

BOMBET, Louis Alexandre C^sar, pseud, i.e. Marie 
Henri Beyle. Lettres ecrites de Vienne sur 
.Joseph Haydn [translated from the Italian of 
G. Carpani], suivies d'une vie de Mozart traduite 
de I'Allemand, par M. Schlichtegroll, et de 
considerations sur Metastase et I'dtat present de 
la musique en France et en Italie. 

8vo. Paris, 1814 

The life of Haydn in a series of letters [from 

the Italian of G. Carpani], followed by the life of 
Mozart [by A. H. F. von Schlichtegroll], 
with observations on Metastasio, etc. Trans- 
lated from the French, with notes by the 
author of the Sacred Melodies [W. Gardiner], 

8vo. London, 1871 



BONA, Giulio Cesare, called II Basapopi. Opere, 
parte prima nella quale si conterigono li malaiii 
deir homo, le miserie del mondo, I'infelicita della 
vita humana e li contramalani. 

12mo. Fenice, 1688 

BONACCIUOLI, Alfonso. Sec Buonacciuoli, A. 

BONADA, Francisco Maria. Carmina ex aiitiquis 
lapidibus dissertationibus ac notis illustrata. 

2 vols. 4to. Borne, 1751-53 

BONAMICIUS, Castruccius, Count. 
Sec Buonamici, P. G. M. 

BONANNIUS, Philippus. Sec Buonanni, F. 

BONAPARTE, Charles Jules Laurent Lucien. 
American ornithology ; or natural history of the 
birds inhabiting the United States, not given by 

4 vols. fol. Philadelphia, 1825-28 

BONAPARTE, Joseph, King of Naples. Memoires 
et correspondance politique et militaire. Publics 
par A. Du Casse. 

10 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1853-54 

BONAPARTE, Louis, King of Holland. A reply 
to .Sir Walter Scott's history of Napoleon : a 
translation from the French. 

8vo. London, 1829 

Documents historiques et reflexions sur le 

gouvernement de la Hollande. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1820 

BONAPARTE, Louis Charles Napoleon. 

See Napoleon III., Emperor of the French. 

BONAPARTE, Louis Lucien, Prince. Attempt at 
a catalogue of the library of the late Prince 
Louis Lucien Bonaparte. By Victor Collins. 

4to. London, 1894 

On the dialects of Monmouthshire, Hereford- 

shire, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, 
Oxfordshire, South Warwickshire, South Nor- 
thamptonshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, 
Middlesex, and Surrey ; with a new classification 
of the English dialects. [English Dialect Society, 
No. 17; miscellanies, No. 2.] 

8vo. [London, 1877] 

BONAPARTE, Lucien, Prince de Canino. Charle- 
magne, ou I'oglise d6livr6e, po6me ^pique en 
vingt-quatre chants. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1814 

BONAPARTE, Lucien, Prince de Canino. Charle- 
magne, or the Church delivered : an epic poem 
in twenty-four books. Translated by the Rev. 
S. Butler and the Rev. Fr. Hodgson. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1815 

Choix de gravures a, I'eau forte, d'apres les 

peintures originales et les marbres de la galerie 
de Lucien Bonaparte: [142 engravings]. 

4to. London, 1812 

BONAPARTE, Napoleon. 

See Napoleon I., Emperor of the French. 

BONAR, Andrew Alexander. 

See Bible, English. 0. T., Leviticus. 
„ „ „ „ Psalms. 1859. 

,. Rutherford, S. Letters. Edinburgh, etc., 


See Cunningham, W., D.D. Sermons. Edin- 
burgh, 1872. 

BONAR, John. 

See Observations on the conduct. Edinburgh, 

See Teatro Italiano, torn. iii. 


Count. Filli di Sciro. 

24mo. D. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1678 

Another edition. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. London, 1800 

BONAROTA, Philippus. See Buonarroti, F. 

BONARSCIUS, Clarus, pseud, i.e. Carel ScRiBANius. 
Amphitheatrum honoris in quo Calvinistarum in 
Societatem Jesu criminationes jugulatae. Editio 
altera, iv. libro auctior. 

4to. Alex. Verheyden. Tongres, l606 

See Bonaventura, Saint. 

BONAVENTURA, Saint [Johannes de Fidenza], 

Cardinal, Bishop of Albano. Opuscula. 

4to. B. Misinta. Brescia, 1497 


4to. [Leipzig] 1500 


4to. [J. de Vollenhoe.] Zwolle [1480] 


BONA VENTURA, Saint, Cardinal, Risliop of Albano. 
Tractatus de praepaiatioiie ad missam. 

[P. Level. Park, I486] 

Vita del glorioso S. Francesco. 

4to. A. Zarotiis. Milan, \ Ml 

— (Supposititious works.) 

Dieta salutis. [By Gulielmus de L.\nicia.] 
8vo. A. G. de Broairio. Pampiluna, 1497 

— Meditationes vitae domini nostri Jesu Christi. 
[Probably by Bonaventura Baduarius.] 

fol. G. Zainer. Augsburg, 1 K)8 

Another edition. 

Svo. JoJmnnes Luschner. 
MoTuxst. de Monteferrato, l499 

Speculum vite Christi ; the myrroure of the 

biessyd lyf of Jhesu Chryste. 

fol. W. Caxton. Westminster [1490] 

Vita Christi ; the lyfe of our Lorde Jesu Chryst. 

4to. Wynhyn de IVwde. London, 1 530 

— Meditations on the supper of our Lord and the 
hours of the passion, drawn into English 
by R. Manning of Brunne. Edited by J. M. 
CowPER. [Early English Text Society, 60.] 

Svo. London, 1875 

Speculum beate Marie virginis. [Probably by 


fol. A. Sorg. Augsburg, 1476 

BONCHAMPS, MarcLuise de. Memoires, rediges 
par M™« LA COMTESSE DE Genlis. Memoires 
de M°"' la marquise de la Rochejaquelein rodig^s 
par M. DE Barante. [Memoires relatifs h, la 
revolution fran^aise.] 

Svo. Paris, 1823 

BOND, Edward Augustus. 

See British Museum. Facsimiles of ancient 

charters. London, 1873-78. 
,, Burton, T. de. Chronica monasterii de Melsa. 

[Rolls Series.] 
,, Chaucer Society. Second series, xii. [No. 3]. 
,, Fletcher, G., the elder. Russia at the close 

of the sixteenth century. [Hakluyt 

,, Hastings, W. Speeches of the managers, etc. 

London, 1859-61. 
,, Palaeographical Society. Facsimiles of ancient 

manuscripts. Laiulon, 1873-90. 
,, Psalms, Latin, 1874. The Utrecht Psalter. 

BOND, Sampson. Arme, armc ; or, the souldiers 
alaritm for Ireland : a sermon preached before 
Sir ITardresse Waller, his captains, oflicers, and 
souldier.s, the 9th nf September 1 649 at Pcndennis 

Castle, Cornwall. 

4to. London, 1650 

BOND, Thomas. Topographical and historical 
skctclics of tho Iwroughs of East and West 
Looe in the county of Cornwall. 

Svo. London, 1823 

BONDE, Gulielmus. De Julii Clovii clari admodum 
pictoris operilms. 

4to. [London] 1733 

BONDI, Clemente. 

.sVr Ovidius Naso, P. Metamorphoses. [Italian.] 

Parma, 1806. 
„ Virgilius Maro, P. Aeneid. [Italian.] Parma, 



2 vols, in 1. Svo. Padua, 1778 
Svo. Parma, 1794 

Giornata Villereccia, poemetto in tre canti. 

l6mo. Parma, 1794 

BONE, Henry. A catalogue of miniature portraits 
in enamel by H. Bone, in the collection of the 
Duke of Bedford at Woburn Aljbey. 

Svo. London, 1825 


See Beza, T. Amoenitates poeticae. Paris, etc., 

Opera omnia : avec les imitations fran^oises de 


12mo. Amsterdam^, 1727 

BONEB, UMch. Bonerii Gemma sive Boners Edel- 
stein fabulas C. e Phonascorum aevo complexa : 
supplementum ad J. G. Scherzii philosophiae 
moralis Germaniae medii aevi specimina un- 
decim: defendent J. Fr. Proesamle at J. G. 

4to. Strasburg, 1782 

BONETUS, Nicolaus. Metaphysica. 

4to. P. Miquaelis. Barcelona, 1493 

BONFADIO, Jacopo. 

See Fracastoro, G. Poemata. Padua, 1718. 

Annalium Genuensium libri v. Ab anno 1528 

recuperatae libertatis usque ad annum 1550. 

4to. Pavia, 1586 

Red morocco, with tbe arms and monogram of De Thou. 

2 G 



BONFINIUS, Antonius. Historia Pannonica sive 
Hungaricarum rerum decades iv. et dimidia, libris 
xlv. compreliensae : accedunt tractatus aliquot 
seu appendices variorum auctorum et rerum una 
cum regum decretis, auctore J. Sajsibuco. 

fol. Cologne, 1690 

BONGARS, Jacques. 

See Capella, M. M. F. De nuptiis inter Mer- 
curium et Philologiam. Berne, 1763. 

Gesta Dei per Francos, sive orientalium ex- 

peditionum et regni Francorum Hierosolimitani 
historia. [Edited by J. B.J 

2 vols. fol. Hanover, 1611 

Red morocco, with the arms and mouogram of De Thou. 

Lettres latines traduites en Fran9ois. 

l2mo. Berlin, I694 

BONI, Mauro. 

See Harwood, E. Degli autori classici sacri. 
Feriice, 1793. 

Lettere sui primi libri a stampa di alcune citti, 

e terre dell' Italia superiore. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Venice, 179* 

BONICHI, Bindo. 

See Kobert, King of Naples. II trattada delle 
virtu morali. Turin, 1750. 

BONIFACE VIII., Pope. Liber vi. Decretalium. 

fol. J. Fust and P. Schoeffer. Mainz, 1 46"5 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. [With the Explicatio arboris 

consanguinitatis of Joannes Andreae.] 

fol. J. Fust and P. Schoeffer. ilfam?, 1465 

Another edition. 

fol. N. Jenson. Venice, 1476 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 

fol. M. JFenssler. Basle, 1477 

BONINCONTRUS, Laurentius. De rebus coelestibus. 

8vo. /, Antonius et fratres de Sahio. 

Venice, 1526 

BONNARD, Camille. Costumes des xiii°, xiv", et 
XV'' .siccles, extraits des monumens les plus authen- 
tiques de peinture et de sculpture; avec un texte 
historique et dcscriptif. 

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1829-30 

BONNECHOSE, Frangois Paul 6mile Eoisnormand 

de. History of France, to the Revolution of 
1848. Authorized translation, edited by S. 0. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1868 

BONNEMET. Catalogue des livres de son cabineti 

dont la veute se fera Fevrier 1772. 

8vo. Paris, 1772 

BONNER, Edmund, Bishop of London. A profitable 
and necessarye doctrine, with certayne homelyes 
adjoyned therunto. 

4to. John Cawood. London [1555] 

— Homelies ... to be reade within his diocesse 
of London, of all persons, vycars, and curates 
unto theyr parishioners, upon sondayes and holy- 

4to. John Cawood. Loiulon, 1555 

Bishop Bonner's Ghost. [Satirical verses by 

Hannah More.] 

4to. Strawberry Hill, 1789 

BONNER, Hypatia Bradlaugh. Charles Bradlaugh, 

a record of his life and work, with an account of 

his politics and teaching. By J. M. Robertson. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1894 

BONNET, Charles. CEuvres d'histoire naturelle et 

de philosophic. 

8 vols, in 10. 4to. Neuchatel, 1779-83 

Contemplation de la nature. 

3 vols. Svo. Hamburg, 1782 

BONNEVAL, Claude Alexandre de, Count. 
M^moires, avec des notes historiques sur les 
personnages divers et les principaux faits men- 
tionnes dans I'ouvrage, par M. GUYOT Desher- 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Paris, I8O6 

BONNEY, Henry Kaye. The life of the right 
reverend father in God, Jeremy Taylor, D.D., 
chaplain in ordinary to Charles i. 

Svo. London, 1815 

BONNEY, Thomas George. 

See Darwin, C. The structure of coral reefs. 
London, 1889. 
„ Pierotti, E. Customs of Palestine. Cam- 
bridge, 1864. 



BONNEY, Thomas George. The Alpine, regions of 
.Switzerland and the ncighljouring countries ; a 
pedestrian's notes on their physical features, 
scenery, and natural history. 

Svo. London, 186"S 

Ice-work present and past. [International 

Scientific Series, vol. Ixxviii.] 

8vo. Loiulun, 18.<)f) 

BONNIER D'AECO, Ange ifelisabeth Louis Antoine. 
See Kecherches historiaues . . . sur Malta. 
Paris, 179.0. 

BONNIVARD, Frangois de. Les chroniques de 

2 vols. 8vo. Geneva, 18,31 

See Condillac, E. B. de. 

See Mably, G. B. de. 


Sec Humboldt, F. H. A. von. 


See Hyde, T. Mandragorias. Oxford, 1 69-1. 

BONSTETTEN, Carl Victor von. Recherches sur 
la Nature et les Lois de rimagination. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Geneva, 1807 

Voyage svir la scene des six derniers livres de 

I'Eneide, suivi de quelques observations sur le 
Latium moderne. 

8vo. Geneva, 1805 

BONTIER, Pierre, and LE VERRIER, Jean. The 

Canarian, or book of the conquest and conversion 
of the Canarians in the year 1402. Translated 
and edited by R. H. Major. [Hakluyt Society, 

8vo. London, 1872 

BON TON : or high life above stairs. A comedy 
in two acts. [By David Garrick.] New 

8vo. London, 1776 

BONUS, Jacobus. De raptu Cerberi libri tres. 

4to. [1484] 


&(3 Historia antiqua. Heidelberg, 1.598-99. 

BOOK. The Boke of coniforto agaynste all trybu- 

4to. IFynkijn de JForde. London [ 1 ;■)(),-)] 

The Boke of Curtasye, an English poem of the 

fourteenth century. Edited by J. 0. Halli- 
WELL. [Percy Society, vol. iv.] 

8vo. London, 1841 

of Deer. 

See Bible, Latin. N. T., Gospels. 

of divers ghostly matters. Orologium Sapien- 

tiao. The twelve profites of triljulation. The 
Rule of St. Benet. 

4to. IF. Caxlon. Westminster, 1490 

— Boke of kervjnigc : W. de Worde, 1 5 1 3. 

See Babees Book. [Early English Text .Society.] 
„ Russell, J. The boke of nurture. [Rox- 
burghe Club.] 

— The Booke of merry riddles, l660. [Edited 

"by J. O. Halliwell.] 

l6mo. London, 1866 

— of needs of the Holy Orthodox Church ; done 
into English by G. V. Shann. 

l6mo. London,, 1894 

The Boke of Noblesse : addressed to King 

Edward the fourth on his invasion of France in 
1475. With an introduction by J. G. Nichols. 
[Roxburghe Club, Ixxvii.] 

4to. London, I860 

— of oaths, and the several forms thereto, both 
ancient and modern, faithfully collected out of 
sundry authentick books of records. 

8vo. Lmulon, 1715 

— of praise, from the best English hymn writers. 
Selected and arranged by R. Palmer. 

8vo. London, 1863 

New edition, with 34 additional hymns. 

8vo. Loudon, 1864 

— of Quinte Essence or the fifth being. Edited 
by F. J. FuRNiVALL. Revised edition. [Early 
English Text Society, l6.] 

8vo. London, 1889 

— of rights, now for the first time edited, with 
translation and notes, by JOHN O'DoNOVAN. 
[Irish and English.] [Celtic Society.] 

8vo. Dvhlin, 1847 



BOOK of Eoxburglie ballads. Edited by J. P. 


4to. Loiulon, 1847 

The Bake of ye Chess. Edited by Alexander 


4to. Auchinleck, 1818 

of the dead. The papyrus of Ani in the 

British Museum. The Egyptian text, with 

interlinear transliteration and translation, by 

E. A. W. Budge. 

4to. London, 1895 

A booke of the losses in the middle marches of 

England by the Scotts thefes. Presented at 
Alnwick, April l6, 1586. [Newcastle Picjirints, 

iv. 3.] 

8vo. Newcastle, 1847 

The Bulk of the most noble and vailzeand 

Conquerour Alexander the Great. [Edited by 
W. H. Miller.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

4 to. Edinburgh, 1831 

of the order of Chivalry. Translated from the 

French by W. Caxton. 

4to. TVilliam Caxton. Westminster [1484] 

The buke of the order of Knyghthood. Trans- 

lated from the French by Sir G. Hay. [Edited 
by D. Laing.] [Abbotsford Club.] 

4to. Edinburgh, 1847 

— of the Thanes of Cawdor : a series of papers 
selected from the charter room at Cawdor, 
1236-1742. Edited by Cosmo In NES. [Spalding 

4to. Edinburgh, 1859 

— or, the proceedings upon the inquiry into the 
conduct of the Princess of Wales, under a com- 
mission appointed by the King, 1806. 

8vo. London, 1813 

Prices Current : a record of the prices at which 

books have been sold at auction. 

In progress. 8vo. Loiulon, 1881, etc. 

BOOKER, John, F.S.A. A history of the ancient 
chapel of Birch in Manchester parish, with 
notices of Rusholme and locality. [Chetham 
Society, xlvii.] 

4to. [Manchester] 1859 

A history of the ancient chapels of Didsbury 

and Chorlton in Manchester parish, with notices 
of the locality. [Chetham Society, xlii.] 

4to. Manchester, 1857 

BOOKER, Jolin, Student in Astrology. No Mer- 
curius Aquaticus but a cable rope double twisted 
for John Tayler. 

4to. [LoMlon] 1644 

BOOLE, George. An investigation of the laws of 
thought, on which are foiuided the mathematical 
theories of logic and probabilities. 

8vo. London, 1854 

BOONE, Daniel. 

See Imlay, G. A topographical description . . . 
of North America. London, 1 793. 

BOORDE, Andrew. See Borde, A. 

BOOT, Anselmus de. Gemmarum et lapidum 
historia, recensuit A. Toll : tertia editio. J. de 
Laet de gemmis et lapidibus. Theophrastus dc 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Leyden, 1647 


Sec Durham, convent of. Halmota prioratus 
Dunelmensis. [Surtees Society.] 

BOOTH, Joseph. An address to the public on the 
polygraphic art. 

Svo. London [1788] 

BOOTH, Mary L. 

See Martin, B. L. H. The age of Louis Xiv. 
Boston, 1865. 

BOOTH, P. Friendly advice to the Anabaptists, 
especially to all those who have a true concern 
for their everlasting rest in Christ Jesus, or a 
reply to Mr. Eben. Hall's Antidote. 

Svo. Camh'idge, 1719 

BOOTHBY, Sir Brooke, Bart. 
Sec Sorrows. London, 1796. 

A letter to the right hon. Edmund Burke. 

Svo. Lomlon, 1791 

The third edition. 

Svo. London, 1792 

Observations on the Appeal from the new to 

the old Whigs, and on Mr. Paine's Rights of 

2 parts. Svo. London, 1792 

BOOTHE, Nathaniel. A military discourse whether 
it be better for England to give an invador 
present battle, or to temporize and defer the 

Svo. London, 1734 



BOOTHROYD, Benjamin. The history of the ancient 

8vo. Pontffrad, 18(17 

borough of Poutefract. 

BOPP, Franz. A comparative grammar of the 
Sanskrit, Zend, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Gothic, 
German, and Sclavonic languages. Translated 
from the German by E. B. Eastwick. Second 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1856 

BORBONIUS, Nicolaus. Nugae. 

8yo. M. Fascosan. Paris, 1533 

Poomatia exposita : aliquot praefationes : et 

Cyrilli liber primus contra Julianum, Gracco et 
Latine, cum appendice poematum. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Paris, 1630-33 

Calf, with the arms of Louis, Conite de Loniunie. 

BOECH, Michel Jean de, Count. Lettres sur la 
Sicile et sur I'ile de Malthe. Pour servir de 
supplement au voyage en Sicile et k Malthe de 
M. Brydonne. 

2 vols. 8vo. Turin, 1782 

Lettres sur les trufifes du Piemont. 

8vo. Milan, 1780 

— Lythologie sicilienne ou connaissance de la 
nature des pierres de la Sicile, suivie d'un dis- 
cours sur la calcara de Palerme. 

4to. Pome, 1778 

Mineralogie sicilienne, suivie de la mini'r- 

hydrologie sicilienne. 

8vo. Turin, 1780 

BOEDE, Andrew. The fyrst boke of the intro- 
duction of knowledge : a compendyous regyment, 
or a dyetary of helth made in Mountpyllier : 
Barnes in the defence of the Berde ; a treatyse 
made, answerynge the treatyse of Doctor Borde 
upon Berdes. Edited, with a life of Andrew 
Boorde, and large extracts from his breuyary, by 
F. J. FuRNiVALL. [Early English Text Society, 
extra series, part x.] 

8vo. London, 1870 

BOEDE, Charles. See Catdcum^ne. [Paris, 17(J8.] 

BOEDELON, Laurent. 

See Tours de Maitre Gonin. Paris, 1713. 

BOEDENAVE, Nicolas de. Histoire de Beam et 
Navarre (1517-1572). Publiee, pour la premiere 
fois, par P. Raymond. [Societc de I'Histoire de 

8vo. Paris, 1873 

BOEDIEE, Henri Leonard. 

Sec Gregory, Saint, Bishop of Tours. Les livres 
des miracles. Paris, 1857-6k 

BORDIN, Joannes de. 

Sec Henry V., King of England. Henrici quinti 
. . . gcsta. [English Historical Society.] 

BOEDONI, Benedetto. Isolario : ncl qual si ragiona 
de tuttc risolc del mondo con li lor nomi antichi 
et moderni, historic, favolo et modi del loro 

fol. F. Tmresanus. Venice, 1547 

BOEEMAN, Eobert. The triumph of learning over 
ignorance and of truth over falsehood, being an 
answer to foure cjuajries, whether there be any 
need of universities ? who is to be accounted an 
haeretick 1 etc. Lorulon, l653 

BOEGAEUCCI, Borgaruccio. 

See Alberti, L. Descrittione di tutta ITtalia. 
Venice, 1581. 

BOEGHINI, Eaffaello. II Riposo. 

3 vols. 8vo. Mila7i, 1807 

BOEGHINI, Vincenzo Maria. Discorsi. 

2 vols. 4to. F. and J. Giimti. Florence, 


— Another edition. Con annotazione. [By D. 
M. Manni.] 

2 vols. 4to. Flrnxnce, 1755 

Another edition. Con le annotazioni di D. 

M. Manni. 

4 vols. 8vo. Mfaw, 1808-9 

BORGIA, Cesare, Cardinal. 

For Life, see Gordon, A. The lives of Pope 
Alexander vi., etc. London, 1729. 

BORGIA, Stefano, Cardinal. Letters from the 
Cardinal Borgia and the Cardinal of York, 1799- 
1800. [Addressed to, translated and edited by 
Sir J. C. HiPPiSLEY.] 

4to. [London, 1800] 

BORGO, Luca Faccioli da. Divina proportione, 
opera a tutti glingegni perspicaci e curiosi 
necessaria, M. Antonio Capella recensente. 

fol. Venice, 1509 

BORHECK, August Christian. Apparatus ad Hero- 
dotnm intelligendum. 

5 vols. 8vo. Lemgo, 1795-98 



BORIONI, Antonio. 

See Scarfo, G. C. In collectanea antiquitatum 
Eomanorum observationes. Venice, 1739. 

BOELACE, Edmund. 

See History of the execrable Irish rebellion. 
London, 1680. 

BORLASE, William. Antiquities, historical and 
monumental, of the county of Cornwall. The 
second edition. 

fol. Loiulon, 1769 

The natural history of Cornwall. 

fol. Oxfm-d, 1758 

Observations on the ancient and present state 

of the islands of Scilly and their importance to 
the trade of Great Britain. 

4to. Oxford, 1756 

BORMANN, Eugenius. 

See Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, vols, vi., 
xi. Berlin, 1862, etc. 

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See Brucker, J. J. Institutiones historiae philo- 
sophicae. Leipzig, 1790. 

BORN, Ignaz von. Baron. 

See Bergbaukunde. Leipzig, 1789-90. 
„ Physiophilus, J., pseud. 
„ Raab, E. de. Catalogue . . . des fossiles. 
Vienna, 1790. 

Methode d'extraire les metaux parfaits des 

minerals et autres substances metalliques par le 

4to. Vienna, 1788 

■ Testacea Musei Caesarei Vindobonensis. 

fol. Vienna, 1780 

Voyage mineralogique fait en Hongrie et en 


12mo. Paris, 1780 


See Burnet, G., :)nd Horneck, A. The last con- 
fessions, etc. London, 1682. 

The tryal and condemnation of George Borosky 

alias Boratzi, Christopher Vratz, and John Stern, 
for the barbarous murder of Thomas Thynn, Esq., 
together with the tryal and condemnation of 
Charles John, Count Coningsmark, as accessory 
before the fact to the same murder : at the Old 
Bailey, Feb. 28, 168I. 

fol. London, 1682 

BOROUGH, Sir John. See Burroughs, Sir J. 

BOROVf , Element. 

See Monumenta historiae Bohemicae. I'rague, 

BORRELLI, Jean Alexis. 

See Hordt, N. de, Count. Memoires. Paris, 

BORRI, Christophoro. Cochin-China : containing 
many admiraljlc rarities and singularities of 
that country, extracted out of an Italian relation 
by Chr. Borri and published by Robert 

4to. Piohert Raworthfor Rich. Clutterhick. 

London, 1633 


See Consilia et method! aureae studiorum. Rotter- 
dam, 1692. 

Dissertationes academicae de poetis, in regie 

Hafniensi lyceo 1676-81 assertae. 

4to. Frankfort, 1683 

BORROMEO, Antonio Maria, Count. Notizia de' 
novellieri Italiani posseduti dal conte A. M. B. 
con alcune novelje inedite [of L. Alamanni and 

8vo. Bassano, 1794 

BORON, Robert de. 

See Graal. Seynt Graal, etc. [Roxburghe Club.] 

BORROW, George. Romano Lavo-LiI : word book 
of the Romany ; or, English Gypsy language, etc. 

8vo. London, 1874 

BORTHWICK, William. Remarks on British 
antiquities, viz., the origin and ceremony of 
judicial combats, the solemnities of ancient writs, 
the use of armorial figures, the form of funeral 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1776 

BORY DE ST. VINCENT, Jean Baptiste Marie 

See Expedition scientifique de Mor^e. Paris, 

Voyage dans Ics quatres principales lies des 

mors d'Afrique fait par ordre du gouvernement, 
pendant les annecs 1801-2: avec I'histoire de la 
traversee du capitaine Baudin jusqu'au Port- 
Louis de I'ile Maurice. 

3 vols. 8vo, and atlas 4to. Paris, 1804 



BOS, Lambert. ,SV( Bible, Greek. 0. T. 170!). 

Aiiimadvorsiones ad scriptores quosdam 

Graecos : acccdit specimen animadvorsioiiura 

8vo. Franeker, 1715 

— Antiquitatum Graecarum praecipue Atticarum 
descriptio brcvis, cui testimonia e fontibus adjecit 
J. F. Leisnerus. 

8vo. Leipzig, 1749 

— Ellipses Graecae, sive, de vocibus quae in 
sermoiie Graeco per ellipsin supprimuntur. 
Editio secunda. 

24mo. Franeker, 1713 

Another edition. Edidit G. H. Schaefer. 

Svo. Leipzig, 1808 

Another edition. Edidit G. H. Schaefer, et, 

appendicis loco, B. Weiske Pleonasmi linguae 
Graecae, necnon G. Hermanni dissertatio de 
ellipsi et pleonasmo in Graeca lingua. 

2 vols, in 1. Svo. Oxford, 1813 

Observationes miscellaneae ad loca quaedam 

cum Novi Foederis turn exterorum scriptorum 
Graecorum : et Horatii Vitringa animadvor- 
sionum ad J. Vorstii philologiam sacram speci- 
men. Editio altera. 

Svo. Leeuwarden, 1731 

BOSANQUET, Bernard. 

See Lotze, R. H. System of philosophy. Oxford, 

— Knowledge and reality : a criticism of Mr. F. 
H. Bradley's Principles of Logic. 

Svo. London, 1885 

Logic ; or, the morphology of knowledge. 

2 vols. Svo. Oxfwd, 1888 

BOSANQUET, Charles. A letter to W. Manning, 
Esq., M.P., on the causes of the rapid and pro- 
gressive depreciation of West India property. 

Svo. London, 1S07 

Practical observations on the report of the 

Bullion Committee. 

Svo. London, 1810 

BOSCAWEN, William. 

See Royal Corporation of the Literary Fund. 
Claims of literature. London, 1802. 

BOSCH, Jeronimo de. Bibliothcca Boschiana sive 
catalogus liljrorum qui studiis inscrvierunt viri 
celebcrrimi Hieronymi de Bosch. [Edited by 
J. M. Kemi'er.] 

Svo. Amsterdam, 1812 

Poematum appendix, 

fol. Utrecht, ISOS 

BOSCHA, Petrua Paulus. Do origine et statu 
biljliothecae Ambrosianae hemidecas. 

4to. Milan, lG72 

BOSCHINI, G. B. Repertorio musicale ossia raccolta 
di varia poesia composta ad uso de' profcssori 
di musica e dilettanti. 

12mo. London, 1806 

BOSCOBEL tracts, relating to the escape of 
Charles ii. after the battle of Worcester. Edited 
by J. HUGHE.S. 

Svo. London, 1830 

Another edition. 

Svo. London, 1857 

BOSCOVICH, Ruggiero Giuseppe. 

See Maire, C. Voyage. Paris, 1770. 

De solis ac lunae defectibus libri v. 

■ito. London, 1760 

— Giornale di un viaggio da Constantinopoli in 

Svo. Bassano, 1784 

Opera pertinentia ad opticam et astronomiam. 
5 vols. 4to. Bassano, 1785 

Theoria philosophiae naturalis redacta ad uni- 

cam legem virium in natura existentium. 

4to. Venice, 1763 

BOSIUS, Joannes Andreas. 

See De eruditione comparanda, etc. Leyden, 
„ De philologia. Leyden, 1 696. 

BOSMAN, Willem. Voyage de Guin^e, contenant 
une description nouvelle de cette cote. [Trans- 
lated from the Dutch.] 

12mo. Utrecht, 1705 

BOSSEWELL, John. Workes of Armorie deuyded 
into three bookes entituled the Concordes of 
Armorie, the Armorie of Honor, and of Cotes 
and Creastes. 

4to. Richard Tottel. London, 1572 

Another edition, 

4to. Henry Ballard. London, 1 597 



BOSSI, Giuseppe. Del Cenacolo di Leonardo da I BOSSUET, Jacques Bdnigne, Bishop of Meaux. Dis- 

Vinci libri quattro. 

fol. Milan, 1810 

BOSSI, Luigi, Count. Delia istoria d'ltalia, antica 
e moderna [to 1700]. 

18 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1819-22 

Vita di Cristoforo Colombo : con un' ap- 

pendice di documenti. 

8vo. Mila7i, 1818 

BOSSIUS, Donatus. Chronica Bossiana. D. B. 
causidici et civis Mediolanensis gestorum dic- 
torumque memorabilium, et temporum ae con- 
ditionum et mutationum humanarum ab orbis 
initio usque ad ejus tempora. 

fol. A. Zarotus. Milan, 14,()2 

EOSSU, Capitaine de Marine. Nouveaux voyages 
aux hides Occidentales. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. Paris, 1768 

BOSSUET and his contemporaries. By the author 
of 'A Dominican artist' [H. L. Farrer after- 
wards Lear]. 

8vo. London, 1874 

BOSSUET, Jacques B^nigne, Bishop of Meaux. 
For Life, sec Bausset, L. F. de. Histoire. 
Versailles, 1814. 
„ „ „ Burigny, J. L. de. Paris, I76l. 
See Revelations indiscretes. Paris, 1814. 

— CEuvres. [Edited by N. P. Hemey d'Auberive 
and the Abbe Caron.] 

42 vols. 8vo. Versailles, \Bl5-\9 

— Defensio declarationis celeberrimae quam de 
potestate ecclesiastica sanxit clerus Gallicanus, 
19 Martii 1682. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Basle, 1730 

— Defense de la declaration de I'assemblee du 
clerge de France de l682, touchant la puissance 

3 vols. fol. Amsterdam, 174,0 

— Abrege du celtibre ouvrage de M. Bossuet, 
intitule ' Defense de la dL^claration de I'assemblee 
generalo du clerg(5 de France de 1682, par 


8vo. London, 181;; 

— Discours sur I'histoire universelle, depuis lo 
commencement du mondc jusqu'A, I'empire do 

fol. Paris, 1784 

cours sur I'histoire universelle. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1806 

Abrege de i'histoire de France. 

4to. Paris, 1748 

— Histoire des variations des eglises protestantes. 
Sixifeme edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris and Brussels, \1\^ 

— Avertissement aux Protestans sur les lettres 
du ministre Jurieu contre I'Histoire des variations. 

2 vols. 12mo. Pam, 1730 

— A pastoral letter to the new Catholics of his 
diocess, exhorting them to keep their Easter, etc., 
with reflections upon the pretended persecution. 
Translated out of French. 

4to. London, 1686 

— Recueil des oraisons fun^bres augmentee de 
reioge historique de I'auteur, et du catalogue de 

12mo. Paris, 1743 

— Oraisons funfebres. 

— Sermons. 

12mo. Paris, 1802 
17 vols. 12mo. P«m, 1772-90 

BOSSUS, Matthaeus. Recuperationes Fesulanae. 
[Edited by P. Beroaldus.] 

fol. P. de Benedictis. Bologna, 1493 

BOSSUT, Charles. Histoire generale des mathe- 
matiques, depuis leur origine jusqu'i I'annee 

2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1810 

BOSTICHI, Bernardo Davanzati. 
&e Davanzati Bostichi, B. 

BOSTON, Robert of. See Robert, of Boston. 

BOSTONUS, Joannes. 

See Triveth, N. Annalium continuatio. Oxford, 

BOSWELL, Sir Alexander, Bart. 

&c Book. Buke of ye Chess. Auchinleck, 1818. 

BOSWELL, James, the elder. 

See Pindar, P., pseud. A poetical and con- 
gratulatory epistle. London, 1786, etc. 



BOSWELL, James, the cldor. Doswelliana : the com- 
iiidiiplacc liook of James Loswell. With a memoir 
and annotations by Chaklks Rogers, and intro- 
ductory remarks by Lokd Houghton. [Gram- 
pian Club.] 

Svo. London, 1874 

The journal of a tour to the Hebrides with 

Samuel Johnson, LL.D. 

Svo. London, 1785 

A letter to the people of Scotland, on the 

alarming attempt to infringe the articles of the 

union, and introduce a most pernicious innovation 

by diminishing the number of the lords of 


Svo. London, 178') 

The life of Samuel Johnson. Third edition. 

4 vols. Svo. London, 179!) 

The life of Samuel Johnson, including a 

journal of a tour to the Hebrides. A new 
edition, edited by J. W. Croker. 

5 vols. Svo. London, 18.31 

The life of Samuel Johnson ; together with a 

journal of a tour to the Hebrides, and Johnson's 
diary of a journey into North Wales. Edited 
by G. B. Hill. 

6 vols. Svo. Ooyfffi-d, 1S87 

BOSWELL, James, the younger. 

See Barnfield, R. Poems. [Roxburghe Club.] 

BOSWELL, John, B.A. 

^V' Remarks upon a treatise. London, 1750-51. 

BOSWORTH, Joseph. 

.SVe Bible, Polyglott. N. T., Gospels. 1865. 

A dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon language. 

Svo. London, IS.SS 

BOTALLITS, Leonardus. De catarrho commentarius. 
Svo. Bihl. Ahlina. Paris, 156-1 

BOTANICAL and physiological memoirs : i. The 
phenomenon of rejuvenescence in nature by 
A. Braun. Translated by A. Henfrey. n. On 
the animal nature of the Diatomeae by G. 
Meneghini. Translated by C. Johnson, in. An 
abstract of the natural history of Protococcus 
pluvialis by F. J. CoHN. Translated by G. Busk. 
Edited by A. Henfrey. [Ray Society, 1853.] 

Svo. London, 1S5.3 

(The) Register. The designs by S. Edwards 

and edited by John Lindley. 

34 vols. Svo. London, 1815-47 

BOTERO, Giovanni. 

Xv Seyssel, C. Respublica. Leydcn, l6';!6. 

A treatise concerning the causes of the mag- 

nificencie and greatnes of cities, divided into 
three bookcs ... in the Italian tongue, now 
done into English by Robert Peterson. 

4to. T. r. fur IL Ockould and H. Tomes. 

London, l606 

BOTFIELD, Beriah. 

Sec Durham, Cathedral of. Catalogi librorum. 
[Surtees Society.] 
,, Hearne, T. Bibliotheca. London, 1848. 
„ Praefationes et epistolae. Cambridge, isGl. 

Catalogue of pictures in the possession of 

Beriah Botfield at Norton Hall. [By B. B.] 

Svo. London, 1848 

Stemmata Botevilliana : memorials of the 

families of Do Botevillc, Thynne, and Botfield, in 
the counties of Salop and Wilts, with an appendix 
of documents. [Edited by B. B.] 

4to. Westminster, 1858 

BOTHWELL, James Hepburn, earl of. I^es affaires 
du Conte de Boduel, I'an 15()S. [Edited by 
T. G. Repp.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinhurgh, 182,9 

BOTT, A. T. 

See Pulpit Commentary. Revelation. 

BOTTA, Carlo Giuseppe Guglielmo. Storia della 
guerra dell' independenza degli Stati Unit! 


4 vols. Svo. Paris, 1809 

Histoire de la guerre de I'independance des 

fitats-Unis d'Amdrique : traduite de I'ltalien par 
M''. L. DE Sevelinges. 

4 vols. Svo. Paris, 1812-13 

Storia d'ltalia, 178,(M814. 

8 vols, in 4. Svo. Italy [Pisa] 1824 

Histoire d'ltalie, 1789-1814. 

5 vols. Svo. Paris, 1824 

BOTTA, Paul Simile. Monument de Ninive dccou- 
vert et decrit par P. E. B., mesur6 et dessine par 
E. Flandin. 

5 vols. fol. Paris, 1849-50 

BOTTARI, Giovanni Gaetano. 

See Cavalca, D. Specchio di Croce. Piome, 1738. 
„ Museo Capitolino. Piome, 1750-55. 
„ Storia de' SS. Barlaam e Giosafatte. Rome, 



BOTTLE DE TOULMONT, Jean Joseph Augusta, 
and RIFFAULT, Jean Ren6 Denis. Traite de 
I'art de fabriquer la poudre a canon, precede d'un 
expose historique sur I'etablissement du service 
des poudres et salpetres en France ; accompagne 
d'un recueil de quarante planches. 

1 vol. -tto, and 1 vol. obi. fol. Paris, 1811 

BOTTENS, Fulgentius. Magnum et universale 
astrolabium notam faciens et demonstrans longi- 
tudinem locorum terra marique, mediantibus 

4to. Bruges, 1712 

BOTTICELLI, Alessandro. 
See Filipepi, A. 

BOUCHAIN : in a dialogue between the late Medley 
and Examiner. [By Francis Hare.] 

8vo. London, 1711 

BOUCHARD, Comte de Melun. 

For Life, see Collection des m^moires — Guizot 

[vol. vii.]. 

BOUCHARD, Jean Jacques. 
See Buccardus, J. J. 

BOUCHART, Alain. Les grandes croniques de 
Bretaigne, 1514. Nouvelle edition, publi^e par 
H. LE Meignen. [Society des bibliophiles 

4to. Nantes, 1886 

BOUCHAUD, Mathieu Antoine. Antiquites po6- 
tiques ; ou dissertations sur les po6tes cycliques 
et sur la poesie rhythmique. 

Svo. Farts, 1799 


See Barclay, W. De regno et regali potestate. 
Paris, ICOO. 
„ Verone, F. de, pseud. 

BOUCHER, Jonathan. 

See Epsom: a vision. London, 1828. 

A view of the causes and consequences of the 

American revolution. 

Svo. London, 1797 

BOUCHER, P. B. Consulat de la mer, ou pandectes 
du droit commercial et maritime. 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1808 

BOUCHER D'ARGIS, Antoine Gaspard. 

See Vari6t6s historiques, etc. Paris, 1752. 

thequG universelle des voyages. 

tt vols. Svo. Paris, 1 808 


Sec Collection complete des m^moires [vol. xiv 
„ D^ploration de I'^glise militante. Paris, 

Les annales d'Aquitaine; augment^es de 

plusieurs pieces recueillies par A. Mounin; 
viz., les m^moires de France et de la Gaule 
aquitanique du sieur Jean de LA Haye, con- 
tenant I'origine des Poictevins : de I'universite de 
la ville de Poictiers du temps de son Erection. 
Edition nouvelle. 

4 parts in 1. fol. Poitiers, 1643-44 

Le panegyrique du chevallier sans reproche 

[Louis de la Tremoille]. 

4to. /. Bouchet. Poitiers, 1527 

BOUCHETTE, Joseph. The British dominions in 
North America; or, a description of the provinces. 
With tables, and a topographical dictionaiy of 
Lower Canada, with maps. 

2 vols. 4to, vsdth 3 cases of maps 4to. 
London, 1831 

Another edition. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1832 

A topographical description of Lower Canada, 

with remarks upon Upper Canada, and on the 
connexion of both with the United States. 

Svo. London, 1815 


See N^gociations, lettres, et pieces, etc. Paris, 

BOUCHOT, Henri. The Book: its printers, illus- 
trators, and binders, from Gutenberg to the 
present time. Edited by H. Grevel. 

Svo. Lmdon, 1890 

BOUCICAUT, Jean de. 

For Life, see Collection complete des m^moires 
[vols, vi bis-vii.]. 

BOUFFLERS, Stanislas Jean de. Marquis. CEuvres. 

1 2mo. The Hague, 1772 

Discours sur la litterature, prononc6 k I'Aca- 

dcmie des sciences et belles-lettres de Berlin, le 
9 d'aoflt 1798. 

Svo. Berlin, 1798 



BOUGAINVILLE, Louis Antoine de, Count. Voyage 
autour du moudo par la frt''gato du roi La 
Boudeuse et la flftte L'Etoile, 17()6-()f). 

4to. Paria, 1771 

BOUGARD, E. The little sea torch ; or, true guide 
for coasting pilots along the coasts of England, 
Ireland, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and 

Sicily, etc., with plans of the harbours. Trans- 
lated from the French by J. T. Seukes. 

fol. Laiidov, 1 801 

BOUGEANT, Guillaume Hyacinthe. 

See Amusement philosophique. Geneva, 1753. 
„ Voyage merveilleux. I'uns, 1735. 

Histoire des guerres et des ndgociations qui 

pr6ced6rent le traito de Westphalie : composoe 
sur les m^moires du comte d'Avaux : et histoire 
du traite de Westphalie. 

6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1751 

BOUGEREL, Joseph. 

See Vie de P. Gassendi. Paris, 1737. 

BOUGHEN, Edward. A sermon concerning decencie 
and order in the Church. Preached at Wood 
Church, in the diocesse of Canterburic, April 30, 


4to. John Raworth. London, 1638 

BOUGINfi, Carl Joseph. Handbuch der allgemeinen 
Litterargeschichte nach Heumanns Grundriss. 

5 vols. 8vo. Zurich, 1 789-92 

BOUGUER, Pierre. Justification des m^moires de 
I'Academie Royale des Sciences de n*-*, et du 
livre, De la figure de la terre, determinee par 
les observations faites au P^rou. Seconde edition. 
[Academie des Sciences.] 

4to. Paris, 1809 

La figure de la Terre, determinee par les obser- 
vations de Messieurs Bouguer et De la Condamine. 
[Academie des Sciences.] 

4to. Paris, 1749 


See Cicero, M, T. Entretiens sur la nature des 
dieux. Paris, 1732. 
„ Demosthenes. PhUippiques. Paris, 1736. 

— Remarques sur les Tusculanes de Cic^ron avec 

une dissertation sur Sardanapale, dernier Roi 


12mo. Paris, 1737 

BOUHOURS, Dominique. 

Sec B., le P. Pensi'cs ing(5nieuses. Paris, 16!)2. 
„ Barbier d'Aucour, J. Sentimens de Cloanto. 

Paris, 177(>. 
„ Entretiens d'Ariste. Paris, MGS. 
„ Mani^re de bien penser. Amsterdam, 1709, 

„ Pens^es ingdnieuses. Paris, 17()1. 

BOUILLAET, Jacques. Histoire de I'abbaye royale 
de Saint Germain des Prez, contenant la vie des 
Abbcz qui I'ont gouvernce depuis sa fondatlon. 

fol. 2\tris, 1724 

BOUILLf;, Fransois Claude Amour, marquis de. 
Memoires avec des notes par MM. Berville 
et Barriere. Dcuxieme edition. [Memoires 
relatifs .'i la revolution fran9aise.] 

8vo. Paris, 1822 

Memoirs relating to the French revolution. 

8vo. Lomlon, 1797 

BOUILLON, Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne, vicomte 
de Turenne, due de. 
.St'c Collection complete des memoires [vol. xxxv.]. 

BOULAINVILLIERS, Henri de. Count. Etat de la 
France, extrait des memoires dressez par les 
intendans du royaume par ordre du roi Louis XIV., 
avec des memoires historiques sur I'ancien gou- 
vernement jusqu'a Hugues Capet: xiv lettres 
sur les ancien.s parlements avec I'histoirc de ce 
royaume jusqu'a Charles VIII. 

3 vols. fol. Lo-)idon, 1727-28 

Histoire des anciens parlements de France, ou 

6tats generaux du royaume: jusqu'il Louis xi. 

Avec I'histoire de Franco, jusqu'a Charles viii. 

h. quoi Ton a joint des memoires, concernant les 

aflaires de ce royaume. 

fol. London, 1737 

BOULANGER, Nicolas Antoine. 

See Analyse et examen de 1' Antiquity d6voi\6e. 

Geneva, etc., 1788. 

• (Euvres. 

8 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1792-93 

L'antiquit6 d6voil6e par ses usages. 

3 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1777 

Another edition. Et autres oeuvres. 

10 vols. 12mo. 1791 



BOULENGER, Jules C^sar. Liber de spoliis bellicis, 
trophaeis, arcubus triumphalibus et pompa triiim- 
phi. Cui accessit libei' 0. Panvinii de triumpho 
et de ludis circensibus apud B. Macaeum. 

8vo. Paris, l601 

BOULGER, Demetrius Charles. Central Asian 
questions : essays on Afghanistan, China, and 
Central Asia. 

8vo. Lomlon, 1885 

England and Russia in Central Asia : with two 

maps and appendices. 

2 vols. 8vo. Londmi, 1879 

History of China. 

ti vols. 8vo. Laiulon, ISSl-Si 

BOULLIER, David Renaud. Discours philoso- 

j)hiques, sur les causes finales, sur I'inertie de 

la matifere, et sur la liberie des actions humaines. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1759 

BOULTBEE, Thomas Pownall. A history of the 
Church of England : jDre-Keformation period. 

8vo. London, 1879 

BOULTON, Richard. The possibility and reality of 
magick, sorcery, and witchcraft, demonstrated ; 
or, a vindication of a compleat history of magick, 
sorcery, and witchcraft, in answer to Dr. Hutchin- 

12mo. London, 1722 

BOUQUET, Henry. 

See Relation historique de Texp^dition. Amster- 
dam, 1769. 

BOUQUET, Martin. Rerum Gallicarum et Franci- 

caruni ScrijJtores. [Edited by M. B. and others.] 

In progress, fol. Paris, 1738, etc. 

BOURASSfi, Jean Jacques. La Touraine, Histoire 
et Monuments. 

fol. Tours, 1855 

BOURBON, Louis Joseph de, Prince de Condo. 
Essai sur la vie du grand Conde. 

8vo. Paris, I8O6 

BOURCET, Pierre Joseph de. Memoires historiqucs 
sur la guerre que les Fran9ois ont soutenue en 
Allemagne, 1757-62. [Vol. iii. by G. P. F. 
MoissoN DE Vaux. Edited by P. H. de 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1792 

BOUROHIER, John, 2nd Baron Berners. 
Sec Berners, J. B., 2nd baron. 

BOURCHIER, Thomas. Historia ecclesiastica de 
martyrio fratrum ordinis divi Francisci, dictorum 
de observantia, qui partim in Anglia sub Henrico 
VIII., partim in Belgio sub principe Auriaco, 
partim et in Hybernia tempore Elizabethae, 
idque ab anno 1536 usque ad hunc nostrum 
praesentem annum 1582 passi sunt. 

8vo. Paris, 1582 

BOURDALOUE, Louis, ffiuvres completes. 

16 vols, in 8. 8vo. Versailles, 1812 

Instruction g6nerale donnee le 30 Octobre lfi88 

a Madame de Maintenon. [Edited by H. de C, 
i.e. the Marquis R. C. H. DE Chateaugiron.] 

12mo. Paris, I8I9 

Printed on yelluni. 

■ Sermons. 

14 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1707-21 

BOURDEILLE, Claude de. Count de Montresor. 
See Montresor, C. de B., Count de. 

BOURDEILLES, Pierre de, Seigneur de Brantome. 
See Brantome, P. de B., seigneur de. 

BOURDIGN^, Charles de. La Legende de Maistre 
Pierre Faifeu, mise en vers. Poesies diverses 
de J. Molinet. 

8vo. Paris, 1723 

BOURDOT DE RICHEBOURG, Claude fltienne. 
See Richebourg, C. E. B. de. 

BOURGEOIS, Louise, called Boursier. 

See Collection complete des memoires [vol. xlix 

BOURGES, Jacques de. Relation du voyage de 
leveque de Beryte vicaire apostolique du 
royaume de la Cochin-Chine, par la Turquie, 
la Perse, les Indes, etc., jusqu'au royaume de 

Svo. Paris, I666 

BOURGET, Jean. The history of the royal abbey 
of Bee. Translated from the French [by J. 

8vo. London, 1779 

BOURGOING, Jean Frangois de. Baron. 

See Du Chatelet-Lomont, P. L. M. Voyage en 
Portugal. Paris, 1798. 
„ Memoires historiques et philosophiques. 

Paris, 1800. 



BOUEGOINQ, Jean Francois de, Baron. Tableau 
de I'Espagne moderne. Troisieme edition. 

3 vols. 8vo. Pmis, 1803 

See Villefore, J. F. B. de. 


See Biblioth^que Italique. Geneva, 1728-34. 

See Anville, J. B. B. d'. 

BOTJRIGNON, Antoinette. La vie, dcritc partie 
par elle-niumc, partie par une persoiine de sa 

3 parts in 1. 8vo. Amsterdam, 1683 

BOURKE, Sir Richard. 

See Burke, Right Hon. E. Correspondence. 
London, 1844. 

BOURNE, Henry. Antiquitates vulgares, or the 
antiquities of the common people, giving an 
account of several of their opinions and cere- 

8vo. Newcastle, 1725 

The history of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. 

fol. Newcastle, 1736 

BOURNE, Vincent. Poematia, Latine partim red- 
dita, partim scripta. With a memoir and notes 

by J. MiTFORD. 

8vo. London, 1840 

BOURNE, William. A booke called the Treasure 
for traueilers, deuided into five Bookes. 

4to. Thomas Woodcock. London, 1.578 

A regiment for the sea. 

4to. Thomas East for John Wight. 
London, 1580 

BOURNON, Jacques Louis de, Count. Traite de 
mineralogie. Premiere partie. 

3 vols, in 2. 4to. London, 1808 

BOURQUELOT, Louis F61ix. 

See Haton, C. M6moires. Paris, 1857. 

BOURREAU, Jacques, pseud. A letter from an 
eminent legal character, late of Trou-la-putain, 
in Dauphine, and now of the city of Dublin, to 
the WTiigs of the capital. 

8vo. London, 1791 

BOURRIENNE, Louis Antoine Fauvelet de. 

Mt'nioircs sur Napoleon, le directoire, le consulat, 
I'empire, et la restauration. [P^ditcd by C. M. 


10 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1829 
Private memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, 

during the periods of the directory, the consulate, 
and the empire. [Translated from the French.] 
4 vols. 8vo. London, 1830 

BOURRIT, Marc Theodore. Nouvelle description 
dcs glacieres, vallees de glace, et glaciers, qui 
forment les Alpes do Suisse, d'ltalic, et de 

3 vols, in 2. 8vo. Geneva, 1785 


Sec Theatre Frangais. Comedies, torn, viii.-ix. 

(Euvres choisies. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1811 

Theatre. Nouvelle edition. [Edited by H. 


3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1746 

BOURSIER, Laurent Frangois. Memoire dans 
lequel il expose ses pensees sur la consultation 
des XXX. docteurs et sur I'evenement des con- 

4to. [1735] 

BOURSIER, Louise. Sec Bourgeois, L. 

BOUTELL, Charles. 

See Aveling, S. T. Heraldry. London, 1892. 

Christian monuments in England and Wales, 

from about the era of the Norman conquest to 
the time of Edward iv. 

8vo. London, 1854 

— A manual of heraldry, historical and popular. 

Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1863 

The monumental brasses of England, a series 

of engravings upon wood, with brief notices. 

fol. London, 1849 

BOUTEROUfi, Claude. Recherches curieuses des 

monoyes de France depuis le commencement de 

la monarchic. 

fol. Paris, 1666 

BOUTERWEK, Friedrich. Histoire de la litterature 
espagnole : traduite de I'Allemand. [By Mme. 
VON Steck.] [Edited by P. A. Staffer.] 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1812 



BOVET, Felix. Egypt, Talestine, and Phojnicia: 
a visit to sacred lands. Translated by the 
Kev. W. H. Lyttelton. With a biographical 
sketch of the author by Professor F. Godet. 

8vo. London, 1882 

BOVON, Jules. Tht'ologie du Nouveau Testament : 
tome i. La vie et I'enseignement de Jesus ; 
tome ii. L'enseignement des apotres. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lcmsanne, 1893-9-1 

BOW Street opera (The). In three acts. Written 
on the plan of the ' Beggar's Opera." [A satire 
upon Mr. Wilkes and Sir J. Fielding.] 

8vo. London [1773] 

BOWDICH, Thomas Edward. An account of the 
discoveries of the Portuguese in the interior of 
Angola and Mozambique. 

8vo. London, ISSi 

Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, 

with a statistical account of that kingdom and 
geographical notices of other parts of the interior 
of Africa. 

4to. London, 1819 

BOWDITCH, Nathaniel IngersoU. SuflFolk sur- 
names. Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1861 

BOWDLER, Elizabeth Stuart. Practical observa- 
tions on the Kevclation of St. John, written in 
the year 1775. 

8vo. Lafli, 1800 

BOWDLER, John. Reform or Ruin : take your 
choice ! In which the conduct of the King, the 
Parliament, the Ministry, the Opposition, etc. 
etc., is considered, and that reform pointed out 
which alone can save the country. The fifth 

8vo. London, 1798 

BO WEN, Emanuel. An accurate map of Cambridge- 

fol. London [c. 1750] 

BOWER, Alexander. The life of Luther, with an 
account of the early progress of the Reformation. 

8vo. London, 1813 

BOWERBANE, James Scott. A monogi-aph of the 
British Spongiadae. [Vol. iv. edited by A. M. 
NOKMAN.] [Ray Society, 1864-79.] 

4 vols. 8vo. Zoftc?o», 1864-82 

BOWES, Andrew Robinson. 

Sec Stephens. A full and accurate report of the 
trial. London [1788]. 

BOWES, Robert. Correspondence of R. B., of Ask, 

Esq., the ambassador of Queen Elizabeth in the 
court of Scotland. [Edited by J. Stevenson.] 
[Surtees Society, xiv.] 

8vo. London, 1812 

BOWES, Sir Robert. The English Border in the 
days of Henry viii. (Informations geven by Sir 
R. Bowes, knight, unto the right honorable 
Henrie, marques Dorset, etc.) [Newcastle Re- 
prints, iv. 1 and 2.] 

8vo. Newcastle, 1847 

BOWIE, William. 

Sec Black book of Taymouth. [Bannatyne Clul;.] 

BOWLE, John. 

See Cervantes Saavedra, M. Don Quixote. 
[Spanish.] London, 1781. 
„ Miscellaneous pieces of antient English 
poesie. London, 1764. 

BOWLES, Charles. 

See Hoare, Sir E. C. The history of modern 

Wiltshire. London, 1822-44. 

BOWLES, Edward. 

See Plaine English ; or, a discourse, etc. [London'] 

BOWLES, John. 

See Adam, Rt. Hon. W. Correspondence. Lon- 
don [1803]. 

„ Davison, R. Letter to J. B. Nottingham, 

„ Dialogues on the rights of Britons. London, 

„ Letter addressed to the Hon. C. J. Fox. 
Lomlon [1802]. 

„ Protest against T. Paine's 'Rights of man.' 
London, 1792. 

The dangers of a premature peace, with cursory 

strictures on the declaration of the King of 

8vo. London, 1795 

— The real grounds of the present war with 

8vo. London, 1793 

Fourth edition, with a postscript. 

8yo. Lomlon, 1793 



BOWLES, John. The retrospect ; or, a collection 
of tracts published at various periods of the war. 

8vo. Loiidon, 1798 

A short answer to the declaration of the persons 

calling themselves the friends of the press. 

8vo. London, 17.')3 

BOWLES, William. Introduccion a la historia 
natural, y a la geografica fisica de la Espafia. 
[Etlited by J. N. DE Azara y Perera, Marquis 
de Nibbianc] 

4to. Madrid, 177.0 

BOWLES, William Lisle. Hermes Britannicus. A 
dissertation on the Celtic deity Teutates, the 
Mercurius of Caesai', in further proof and corro- 
boration of the origin and designation of the 
great temple at Abury in ^^'iltshire. 

8vo. London, 1828 

Sonnets and other poems. Eighth edition, to 

which is added, Hope, an allegorical sketch. 

2 vols, in 1. 12mo. London, 1802 

BOWMAN, William. Scr Crambo, C, pseud. 

A defence of our Saviour's miracle of cursing 

the fig-tree, in answer to Mr. Woolston's dis- 
course thereon. 

8vo. London, 1721 

The traditions of the clergy destructive of 

religion, etc. : a sermon preach 'd at the visitation 
held at Wakefield in Yorkshire, June 25, 1731. 

8vo. London, 1731 

BOWREY, Thomas. A dictionary English and 
Malayo, Malayo and English : with some grammar 
rules, dialogues, and a table of time. 

4to. London, 1701 

BOWRING, Sir John, 

Sen Bentham, J. Works. Edinburgh, 1843. 

BOWYER, Sir George, Bart. The cardinal Arch- 
bishop of Westminster and the new hierarchy. 

8vo. London, 1850 

The Roman documents relating to the new 

hierarchy : with an argument. 

8vo. London, 1851 

BOWYER, William. 

For Life, see Nichols, J. Biographical and 

literary anecdotes. London, 1782. 
See Dissertation in which the objections, etc. 
London, 1746. 

BOXHORN, Marcus Zuerius. 

Sec De Leodiensi respublica. Amsterdam, 1633. 
,, Respublica Moscoviae. Leyden, 1630. 
„ Scriptores Historiae Augustae. Leyden, 1632. 

Dc typographicac artis iuventioue et iuventori- 

bus dissertatio. 

4to. Leyden, 1640 

Originum Gallicarum liber. 

4to. Amsterdam, 1654 

BOYCE, Edmund. 

See Labaume, E. A narrative of the campaign. 
London, 1815. 

BOYD, Henry. 

Sec Dante Alighieri. Divina Commedia. [Eng- 
lish.] London, 1802. 

BOYD, Hugh Macauley. 

See Chatham, W. P., earl of. Genuine abstracts 
from two speeches. London, 1779- 

BOYD, Robert. 

See Poetarum Scotonim musae sacrae. Edinr 
burgh, 1739. 

BOYD, Walter. See Baring, Sir F. 

A letter to the lit. Hon. William Pitt, on the 

influence of the stoppage of issues in specie at 
the Bank of England ; on the prices of provisions, 
and other commodities. 

8vo. London, 1801 

BOYDELL, John. A catalogue of the pictures in 
the Shakspcare Gallery, Pali-Mall. 

8vo. London, 1789 

and Josiah. An history of the principal rivers 

of Great Britain [Thames only], 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1794-96 

BOYDELL, Josiah. 

See Edy, J. W. Boydell's picturesque scenery. 
London, 1820. 

A collection of prints from pictures painted 

for the purpose of illustrating the dramatic 
works of Shakspeare by the artists of Great 

2 vols. fol. London., 1803 

BOYER, Abel. 

See Political state of Great Britain. London, 



BOYEB, Abel. A compleat and impartial history 
of the impeachments of the last ministry. The 
second edition. 

8vo. London, 1716 

The draughts of the most remarkable fortified 

towns of Europe, in 44 copper plates, with a 
description, and an introduction to fortification. 

4to. London, 1701 

The history of the life and reign of Queen 


fol. London, 1722 

The history of Queen Anne wherein all the 

civil and military transactions of that memor- 
able reign are faithfully compiled from the best 
authorities and impartially related. 

fol. London, 1735 

The interest of Great Britain with relation to 

the differences among the northern potentates 

8vo. London, 1716 

BOYER, Jean Baptiste de, Marquis d'Argens. 
See Argens, J. B. de B., marquis d'. 


See Histoire des 6tats Barbaresques. Paris, 

BOYLE Lectures. 

For 1719-20 see Clarke, J. 
„ 1846 „ Maurice, F. D. 
„ 1864 „ Merivale, C. 
„ 1868-70 „ Leathes, S. 
„ 1877-78 „ Barry, A. 

BOYLE, Charles, 4th Earl of Orrery. 

See Bentley, R. Dissertation upon the Epistles of 
Phalaris. Lmulon, 1699, etc. 
„ Phalaris. Epistolae. Oxford, 1695. 

Dr. Bentley's dissertations on the epistles of 

Phalaris and the fables of Aesop examin'd by 
the Hon. C. B. [and others]. 

8vo. London, 1698 


^t't' Extracts from the records, etc. [Sui-tees 

BOYLE, Mary Louisa. The Bridal of Melcha: a 
dramatic sketch. 

8vo. London, 1844 

BOYLEAUX, l&tienne. Reglemens sur les arts et 
metiers de Paris, r6diges au xiii" siecle et connus 
sous le nom du Livre des metiers d'Etienne 
Boileau. Publics par G. B. Depping. [Docu- 
ments in6dits sur I'histoire de France.] 

4to. Paris, 1837 

BOYRON, Jean. 

See Amadis de Gaule, liv. xx. Lyons, 1582. 

BOYRON, Michel, called Baron. 
See Baron, M. B. 

BOYS, William. Collections for an history of Sand- 
wich in Kent with notices of the other Cinque 
Ports and Members and of Eichborough. 

2 vols. 4to. Canterhmj, 1892 [1792] 

BOYSE, Joseph. 

See King, W., Archbishop of Dublin. An ad- 
monition. London, 1694. 

BOYUS, Cornelius. See Boey, C. 

BOYVIN, Frangois de. Baron du Villars. 

See Collection complete des m^moires [vols, 
xxviii bis-xxx.]. 

Memoires sur les guerres demeslees tant en 

Piedmont qu'au Montferrat et duche de Milan 
par Charles de Cosse, Comte de Brissac, 

8yo. Lyons, l6lO 

BOZE, Claude Gros de. 

See Histoire de rAcad^mie. Paris, 1740. 

Catalogue des livres du cabinet de M. de Boze. 

[With M.S. notes.] 

fol. [Paris] 1745 

BRACCI, Domenico Augusto. Memorie degli 
antichi incisori che scolpirono i loro nomi in 
gemme e cammei con molti monumenti inediti 
di antichita. [Latin and Italian.] 

2 vols. fol. Florence, 1784-86 

BRACCIOLINl, Francesco. 

Sec Scelta de rare e celebri tragedie. Venice, 
1750 (for Evandro). 

La croce racquistata, poema heroico. 

12mo. Venice, l6l4 

— Lo scherno degli dei, poema piacevole. [Edited 
by G. Betti.] 

12mo. Flm-ence, 1795 

Another edition. 

8vo. Milan, 1804 



BRACCIOLINI, Poggio. .^V. Poggio Bracciolini. * 

BRACE, Charles Loring. llcsta Chiisti ; or, ;i 
history of humane progress under Christianity. 
Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1889 

BRACELLUS, Jacobus. De bello Hispano adveisus 
regem Araa;oniao. 

8vo. [Mihiu, 147r>] 

Libri quinque belli Hispanicnsis. Item, 

Johannis Joviani Pontani de bello Neapolitano 
libri sex. 

ito. J. Seceriutt. Hugenmi, 15,'JO 

BRACHELIUS, Joannes Adolphus. Historic nostri 

temporis pars posterior, in annum 10)52 con- 


12mo. Amsterdam, 1655 

Historic nostri temporis editio ultima : priori- 
bus multo emendatior et continuata in annum 

12mo. Amsterdam, iCafl 

Historia sui temporis rerum per Europam et 

Imperium Romanum gestarum, 1618-52: accedit 
historia ab anno 1652, ad haec usque tempora, 
scriptore C. A. T[huldenus] G[ermanus] : et 
tractatus in quibus ea quae in S. R. Imperio, 
Gallia, aliisque Europae regionibus tractata sunt, 
exhibentur [part i. only, to 1 652]. 

8vo. Co%ne[l66o?] 

BRACK, Wenceslaus. Vocabularius rerum. 

fol. /. Keller. Augsburg, l-i78 

BRACEENBIDGE, B. Henry M. Views of Louisiana, 
with a journal of a voyage up the Missouri river 
in 1811. 

8vo. Pittsburg, 1814. 

BRACTON, Henricus de. De legibus et consuetu- 
dinibus Angliffi libri quinque, in varios tractatus 
distincti, ad diversorum et vetustissimorum 
codicum collationem, ingenti cura nunc primum 
typis vulgati. 

fol. Riclmrd Tottel. London, 1569 

Another edition. Edited by Sir T. Twiss. 

[Rolls series, No. 70.] 

6 vols. 8vo. London, 1878-83 


See Johnstone, W. G., and Croall, A. The nature- 
printed British sea- weeds. London, 1 859-GO. 

BRADBURY, Thomas. 

See Remarks on a paper. London, 1732. 

BRADDON, Laurence. Bishop Buinet's late history 
charg'd with groat partiality and misrepresenta- 
tion, to make the present and future ages believe, 
that Arthur, Earl of Essex, in 1683, murdered 


8vo. London, 1725 

Essex's innocency and honour vindicated ; or, 

murther, subornation, perjury, and oppression 
justly charged on the murtherers of that noble 
lord and true patriot Arthur (late) Earl of Essex. 

4to. London, 169O 

BRADFORD, John. Writings, containing sermons, 
meditations, examinations, etc. Edited by A. 
ToWNSEND. [Parker Society, xxxi., li.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Cambriilge, 18i8-53 

BRADFORD, William, Governor of New Ply- 
mouth. History of the Plimouth plantation, 
containing an accoitnt of the voyage of the 
' Mayflower ' : reproduced in facsimile from the 
original manuscript, with an introduction by 

J. A. Doyle. 

4to. London, I896 

BRADFORD, William, Rev., of St. John's College, 
Oxford. Sketches of the country, character, and 
costume in Portugal and Spain. (Supplement 
containing sketches of military costume in Spain 
and Portugal.) 

fol. London, 1810 

BRADLAUGH, Charles. 

For Life, see Bonner, H. B. London, 1894. 

BRADLEY, Andrew Cecil. 

.S'g^ Green, T. H. Prolegomena to ethics. Oxford, 


BRADLEY, Charles, Vicar of Glasbury. Parochial 
sermons preached at Glasbury, Brecknockshire. 

Seventh edition. 

8vo. London, 1837 

Practical sermons for every Sunday and 

principal holyday in the year. Second edition. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1843 

Sermons on some of the trials, duties, and 

encouragements of the Christian life. 

8vo. London, 1853 

Sermons preached chiefly at the celebration of 

the Lord's supper. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1843 

Sermons preached in St. James's Chapel, 

Clapham, Surrey. Fifth edition. 

8vo. London, 1839 

2 I 



BRADLEY, Charles, Vicar of Glasbury. Sermons 

preached in the parish church of High Wycombe. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, IS.'jG 

BRADLEY, Francis Herbert. 

See Bosanquet, B. Knowledge and reality. 

The principles of logic. 

8vo. London, 1883 

BRADLEY, George Granville. 

See Bible, English. 0. T., Job. 1888. 
„ Prothero, R. E. Life of A. P. Stanley. 
London, 1893. 

Lectures on Ecclesiastes, delivered in West- 
minster Abbey. 

8vo. Oxford, 1885 

BRADLEY, Henry. The Goths, from the earliest 
times to the end of the Gothic dominion in Spain. 
Third edition. [Story of the Nations, vol. xii.] 

8vo. London, 1891 

BRADLEY, James. Astronomical observations 
made at the Royal Observatory at Green^vich, 
1750-62: with a continuation of the same by 
Nathaniel Bliss. 

2 vols. fol. Oxford, 1798-1805 

BRADLEY, Richard. The plague at Marseilles 
consider'd : with remarks upon the plague in 
general, shewing its cause and nature of infec- 
tion, with necessary precautions to prevent the 
spreading of that direful distemper. 

8vo. London, 1721 

BRADSHAW, George. Map and sections of the 
railways of Great Britain, with tables of the 

8vo. London, 1839 

Maps of the canals, navigable rivers, and rail- 
ways of England : with tables and minutes of 
evidence given before the committee on the 
London and Birmingham railway bill. 

5 maps, with 2 vols, in 2 cases. 8vo. 
Manchester and London, 1829-33 

BRADSHAW, Henry, Benedictine. The holy lyfe 
and history of Saynt Werlaurge. Edited by 
Edward Hawkins. [Chetham Society, xv.] 

4to. [London] 1848 

The life of Saint Werburge of Chester. Edited 

by C. Hokstmann. [Early English Text Society, 

8vo. London, 1887 

BRADSHAW, John. A concordance to the poetical 
works of John Milton. 

8vo. London, 189* 

BRADY, George Stewardson. A monograph of the 
free and semi-parasitic Copepoda of the British 
Islands. [Rjiy Society, 1876-79.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Io/Mfo«, 1878-80 

BRADY, Robert. 

See Enquiry. Inquiry into the remarkable 
instances, etc. [London, 1690.] 

A complete history of England from the first 

entrance of the Romans to the end of the reign 
of Richard II. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1685-1700 

— An historical treatise of Cities and Burghs or 
Boroughs. The second edition. 

fol. London, 1704 

— An introduction to the old English history 

comprehended in three several tracts. 

fol. London, 1684 

BRADY, William Maziere. Essays on the English 
State Church in Ireland. 

8vo. London, I869 

BRAGGE, Francis. 

See B. (F.) Witchcraft farther display'd. 
London, 1712. 
,, Full and impartial account of the discovery, 

etc. London, 1712. 

A defense of the proceedings against Jane 

Wenham, wherein the possibility and reality of 
witchcraft are demonstrated from Scripture, etc. 

8vo. London, 1712 

BRAGHT, Tieleman J. van. A martyrology of the 
churches of Clirist commonly called Baptists, 
during the era of the Reformation. Translated 
from the Dutch. Edited by E. B. Underhill. 
[Hanserd Knollys Society.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1850-53 

BRAHE, Tycho. Opera omnia, sive astronomiae 
instauratae progymnasmata. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Frankfort, 1648 

Learned Tico Brahse, his astronomicall con- 

jectur of the new and much admired ^ which 
appered in the year 1572. 

4to. B. A. and T. F. London, l632 



BRAHE, Tycho. Tabulae Kudolphiuac (luilius 
astronomicac scientiae tcmporum longinquitate 
collapsae rcstauiatio coutinctur. Emendavit. 
perfecit, absolvit Joannes Kepleuus. 

'2 parts in I. fol. Ulm, lG'27 

BBAHM, Otto. Das deutschc Ritterdrama des 
achtzehnten Jahrhuiiderts : Studien iiber Joseph 
i\.ugust von Tiirring, seine Vorgiinger uiid 
Xachfolger. [Quellen und Forschungen, xL] 

8vo. Stmsbnro, 1880 

BRAITHWAITE, John. Tlie history of the rcvo- 
hitions in the empire of Morocco, upon the deatli 
of the late emperor JNIuley Ishmael. 

Svo. London, 1720 

BRAMBILLA, Johann Alexander. Storia delle 
scopcrtc fisico-medico-anatomico-chirurgiche fatte 
dagli uomini illustri Italiani. 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Milan, 1782 

BRAMHALL, John, Archbishop of Armagh. 

See Marvell, A. The rehear.sal transposed. 
London, 1672. 

"Works. [Edited by A. W. H.] [Library of 

Anglo-Catholic Theology.] 

5 vols. Svo. Oxford, 1842-45 

The consecration and succession of Protestant 

bishops justified : and the bishop of Durham 

4to. London, 1716 

A fair warning, to take heed of the Scotish 

discipline, as being of all others most injurious 
to the civil magistrate, most oppressive to the 
subject, most pernicious to both. 

4to. [London] 1649 

See also Baillie, A. A review of the seditious 

The Rawdon Papers, consisting of letters on 

various subjects. Literary, Political, and Ecclesi- 
astical, to and from Dr. John Bramhall, Primate 
of Ireland. Illustrated, with notes, by the Rev. 
E. Berwick. 

Svo. London, 1819 

BRAMPTON, Thomas. 

S' Psalms, English. 1842. 

BRAMSTON, Sir John. The autobiography of Sir 
.lohn Bramston, K.B., of Skrcens, in the hundred 
of Chelmsford : now first printed from the 
original in the possession of his lineal descendant, 
Thomas William Bramston, Esq. [Edited by 
Lord Braybrooke.] [Camden Society, vol. 

4to. London, I84.'j 

BRANCADORO, Caesare, Caidinal, Archbishop of 
Fermo. Parciit.alilms Pii .Scxti,Pontificis Maximi, 
oratio ad cardinales, habita Venetiis prid. kal. 
Novembr. mdccic. 

4to. Venice, 179.9 

Printed on vellum. 


Delia nuova disciplina et vera arte militare 
libri viii. 

fol. Aldus. Venice, 1585 

BRAKD, Hannah. Plays and Poems. 

Svo. Norwich, 1798 

BRAND, John. Bibliotheca Brandiana: a cata- 
logue of his unique, scarce, rare, curious, and 
numerous collection of works. Sold by auction 
1807. [2 parts.] 

Svo. [London, 1807-8] 

— The history and antiquities of Newcastle-upon- 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1789 

■ Observations on popular antiquities chiefly 

illustrating the origin of our vulgar customs, 
ceremonies, and superstitions. Arranged and 
revised, with additions, by Henry Ellis. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1813 

Popular antiquities of Great Britain, compris- 

ing notices of feasts, customs, superstitions, and 
amusements. Edited from the materials collected 
by J. B., with very large additions by W. C. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1870 


See Disney, J. Memoirs. London, 1 808. 

BRANDAN, Saint. See Brendan. 

BRANDS, William Thomas. Outlines of geology, 
being the substance of a course of lectures. 

Svo. London, 1829 



BBANDES, Johann Christian. Siimtliche drama- 
tische Schriften. 

8 vols. 8vo. Hamlmrg, 1790-91 

BRANDTS, Joachim Dietrich. 

Sec Halles, A. von. Bibliotheca modicinac prac- 
ticae. Berne, 1776-88. 

BEANDOLINI, Aurelio, called Lipro. Oratio de 
virtutibus D. N. Jesu Christi nobis in ejus 
passione ostensis. 

4to. Dominicus Basa. Rome, 1596 

BEANDOLINI, Raphael, called Lipro. Oratio 
parentalis in obitum Guilelmi Parerii. 

4to. [E. Silber. Home, 1500] 

BRANDON, George. Vectis scenery ; or, a series of 
26 well-known views exhibiting the picturesque 
beauties of the Isle of Wight. 

obi. fol. London, 1824. 

BRANDT, Caspar. 

&<; Arminius, J. Works. London, 1825-75. 

BRANDT, Gerrit. History of the Reformation and 
other ecclesiastical transactions in or about the 
Low Countries, from the eighth century to the 
Synod of Dort. [Translated from the Dutch by 
J. Chambkrlayne.] 

4 vols. fol. London, 1720-33 

La vie de Michel de Euiter : oil est comprise 

I'hi.stoire maritime des Provinces Unies, 1652-76. 

Traduite du Hollandois [by ■ Aubin]. 

fol. Amsterdam, I69S 

BRANT, Sehastian. 

See Facetus. Liber faceti. [Basle^ 1496. 
„ Fagifacetus. [Basle, 1495.] 
,, Methodius. Divinarum revelationum demon- 
stratio. Basle, 1516. 

Stultifera navis, per J. Locher in Latinum 

traducta eloquium, et per S. B. revisa. 

4to. J. Bergman de Olpe. Basle, 1497 

Another edition. 

8vo. /. B. de Olpe. Basle, 1497 

— Another edition. 

4to. J. B. de Olpe. Basle [July] 1497 

— Another edition. 

4to. Egid. de Marnef. Paris, 1498 

— Ship of fools. Translated by Alexander 
Barclay. [Latin and English.] 

fol. Richard rijmon. London [\ 50i;)] 

BRANT, Sebastian. Ship of Fools. Translated 
by Alexander Barclay. [Edited by T. H. 

2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1874 

La nef dcs fols, translatee de rime fran^oise en 

prose par Jehan Drouyn. 

fol. G. Balsarin. Lyms, 1498 

BRANTOME, Pierre de Bourdeilles, seigneur de. 
See De vita et rebus Mariae Scotorum reginae. 
Tom. ii. London, 1725. 

— CEuvres completes, publiees d'aprfes les manu- 
scrits avec variantes et fragments in(!'dits par 
L. Lalanne. [Society de I'Histoire de France.] 

11 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1864-82 

— Memoires, contenant les vies des dames illustres 
de France de son temps. 

12mo. [counterfeii\ Leyden, 1665 

Memoires, contenans les vies des dames galantes 

de son temps. 

2 vols. 12mo. Leyden, 1666 

Memoires : vies des hommes illustres fran9ois 

de son temps. 

4 vols. 12mo. Leyden, 1666 

Memoires : vies des hommes illustres estrangers 

de son temps. 

2 vols. 12mo. Leyden, I666 

— Memoires : vies des dames et des hommes 
illustres de son temps. 

4 vols. 12mo. Leyden, 1699 

Les vies des hommes illustres et capitaines 

etrangers et fran9ais. [Suite de la collection 
des memoires relatifs .'i I'histoire de France, 
tome Ixvi.-lxviii.] 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, I8O6 

BRARD, Cyprien Prosper. Traite des pierres 
precieuses, des porphyres, granits, marbres, 
albatres et autres roches propres a recevoir le 
poll ; orne de planches. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. Paris, 1808 

BRASSICANUS, Joannes Alexander. 
See Geoponica. Basle, 1539. 

BRATHWAIT, Richard. 

See Barnabae itinerarium. London, 1716, etc. 
„ Panedonius, P., pseud. 

BRAUN, Alexander. 

See Botanical and physiological memoirs. [Eay 




BRATJN, Georgius, and HOHENBERG, Franz. 

Civitates orbis tcrrarum [with two extra volumes 
of plates]. 

6 vols, in 4. fol. Cdlogne, 1(^12-17 

BRAUN, Placidus Ignatius. Notitia historico- 
litteraria de libris ab artis typographicae iiiven- 
tione usque ad annum IIP. impre-ssis, in biblio- 
theca monasterii ad SS. Udalricum ct Afram 
Augustac extantibus : cum tabulis alphabcta 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Angshurg, 17SS-89 

Notitia historico-literaria de codicibus Mss. in 

bibliotbcca monasterii ordinis S. Bencdicti ad 
SS. Udalricum et Afram Augustae extantibus, 
cum appendice. 

4 vols, in 2. 4to. Augsburg, 1791 9.'! 

BRAUN, Samuel. Appendix regni Congo, qua coii- 
tinentur navigationes quinque S. Brunonis in 
Africam, etc. Omnia ab ipso authore Germanico 
idiomate conscripta, ' nunc vero in Latinam 
linguam translata [by J. L. GOTTFRIED, pseud. 
i.e. J. P. Abelin]. Studio et sumptibus haeredum 
J. T. DE Bry. 

fol. Frankfort, 1625 

BRAUNE, Wilhelm. 

See Beitrage zur Geschichte. Halle, 1874, etc. 

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Hieronymus. A most excellent 
and perfecte homish apothecarye ; or, homely 
physick booke for all the grefes and diseases of 
the bodye. Translated out of the Almaine 
speche into English by John Hollybush. 

fol. Arnold Birckman. Cologne, 156l 

The noble experyence of the vertuous handy 

warke of surgeri. Translated out of the speche 
of hye Almayne into lowe Duche, and afterwarde 
into Englyss. 

fol. Pder Treveris. London, 1525 

The vertuouse boke of Distyllacyon of the 

waters of all maner of Herbes, now newly trans- 
late out of Duyche into Englysshe. [By L. 

fol. Lawence Andrewe. London, 
17th April, 1527 

Another edition. 

fol. Lawrence Andrewe. London, 
I8th April, 1527 

BRAVETTI, Jacopo. Indice de' libri a stampa 
citati per testi di lingua nel vocabolario de' 
Signori Accademici della Crusca. [Edited by 
F. Brunelli.] 

8vo. Vcrom, 1798 

BRAVI, Benedetto Giorgio. Orazio, tragcdia. 

.Svo. Venice, 1742 

BRA WE, Joacliim Wilhelm von, Baron. 

See Sauer, A. J. W. von B. der Schiiler Les- 

sings. Strasburg, 1878. 

BRAY, Nicolas Antoine Gabriel de. 
See B. (N. A. G. D.) 

BRAY, William. 

See Evelyn, J. Memoirs. London, 1818, etc. 
„ Manning, 0. Histoiy of Surrey. London, 

Sketch of a tour into Yorkshire and Derbyshire. 

Svo. Loiidon, 1783 

BRAYBROOKE, Richard Griffin, Baron. 

See Bramston, Sir J. Autobiography. [Camden 
,, Pepys, S. Diary. London, 1828. 

BRAYLEY, Edward Wedlake. 

See Britton, J. The beauties of England. London, 
„ Dayes, E. Picturesque tour. London, 1825. 

The history and antiquities of the abbey church 

of St. Peter, Westminster, including notices of 
the abbots and deans : illustrated by J. P. Neale. 
An historical and architectural account of Henry 
the Seventh's chapel. 

3 parts in 2 vols. fol. London, 1818-23 

A topographical history of Surrey. The 

geological section by G. Mantell. 

5 vols. 4to. London, 1850 

and HERBERT, William. A concise account, 

historical and descriptive, of Lambeth Palace. 

fol. London, 1806 

BR^BEUF, Guillaume de. 

See Lucanus, M. A. La Pharsale. Leyden, 1658, 

BREBIA, Gabriel. 

See Bible, Latin. 0. T., Psalms. 1477. 

See Jourdain, A. L. M. M. B. 

BRECHIN, Bishopric of. Registrum episcopatus 
Brechinensis cui accedunt cartae quam plurimae 
originales. [Edited by C. Innes.] [Bainiatyne 

2 vols. 4to. Aberdeen, 1856 



BRECK, Thomas. 

See Reasonableness of the Augmentation, etc. 
Cambridge, 1702. 

BRECKNOCK, Timothy. 

See Droit le Roy. London, 1 764. 

A plan for establishing the general peace of 

Europe upon honourable terms to Great Britain. 

8vo. London, 175,9 

BREDENBACHIUS, Tilmannus. Sacrarum colla- 
tionum libri viii. 

8vo. Cologne, 1599 

Morocco, with the arms of J. A. De Thou. 

BREDOW, Gabriel Gottfried. 

See Epistolae Parisienses. Lei^Mj, 1812. 

BREITHAUPT, Joachim Just. Observationes thco- 
logicae de haeresi juxta S. Scripturae sensuni : 
accedit animadversio apologetica. 

4to. Halle, 1709 

BREITINGER, Johann Jacob. De antiquissimo 
Turicensis bibliothecae Graeco Psalmorum libro 
in membrana purpurea, titulis aureis ac litteris 
argenteis exarato epistola. 

4to. Zurich, 1748 

BREITKOPF, Johann Gottlob Immanuel. Exem- 
plum typographiae Sinicae figuris characterum e 
typis mobilibus compositum. 

4to. Leipzig, 1789 

Ueber Bibliographic und Bibliophilie. 

4to. Leipzig, 1793 

— Ueber den Druck der geographischen Charten, 
nebst beygefiigter Probe einer durch die Buch- 
druckerkunst gesetzten und gedruckten Land- 

4to. Leipzig, 1777 

— Ueber die Geschichte der Erfindung der 

4to. Leipzig, 1779 

Vei'such den Ursprung der Spielkarten, die 

Einfiihrung des Leinenpapieres, und den Anfang 
der Holzschneidekunst in Europa zu erforschen : 
erster Theil, welcher die Spielkarten und das 
Leinenpapier enthiilt. 

4to. Leipzig, 1784 

BR^MOND, Gabriel de. 

See Relation historique et galante. The Hague, 


BRENCHLEY, Julius Lucius. 

See Remy, J. A journey to Salt-Lake city. 
London, 1861. 

BRENDAN, Saint, A1)ljot of Cliiiford. St. Brandan, 
a medieval legend of the sea, in English verse 
and prose. Edited by T. Wright. [Percy 
Society, vol. xiv.] 

8vo. London, 1844 

BRENNER, Elias. Thesaurus nummorum Sueo- 
Gothicorum cum commentatione : libellus de 
nummophylaciis Sveciae, de scriptoribus rei num- 
mariae Svethicae, atque de thesauris per Sveoniam 

4to. Stockholm, 1731 


See Smith, Toulmin. English gilds. 
English Text Society.] 


BR^QUIGNY, Louis Georges Oudart Feudrix de. 
See Lettres des rois . . . de France. Faris, 

Table chronologique des diplomes, chartes, 

titres et actes imprimes concernant I'histoire 
de France. Continuee par M. Pardessus [and 

8 vols. fol. Paris, 1769-1876 

BRERETON, Sir William, Bart. Notes of a journey 
through Durham and Northumberland in the 
year l635. [Newcastle Reprints, vii. 3.] 

8vo. Newcastle, 1844 

Travels in Holland, the United Provinces, 

England, Scotland, and Ireland in 1634-35. 
Edited by Edward Hawkins. [Chetham 
Society, i.] 

4to. [London] 1844 

BREREWOOD, Edward. Enquiries touching the 
diversity of languages and religions, through the 
chiefe parts of the world. [Edited by R. Brere- 


4to. John Bill. London, 1622 

Another edition. 

4to. John Nwton for Joyce Norton and 
B. WTiitaker. London, 1635 

BRES, Onorato. IMalta antica illustrata co' monu- 
menti e coU' istoria. 

4to. Borne, 1816 

BRETON, Nicholas. Complete works. Edited by 
A. B. Grosart. [Chertsey Worthies' Library.] 
2 vols. 4to. Edinburgh, 1879 



BRETON, Nicholas. The will of wit, and other 
pieces. Edited by J. 0. Halliwell. 

4to. London, KS()0 

BRETON, Raymond. Dictionnaire caraibe-frantjois, 
et fran^ois-caiaibe. 

2 vols in 1. 8vo. Auxerre, 16(>5'()() 


Joseph. Campagnes de Buonaparte en 181 2-1 4, 
jiisqu'i'i son abdication d'apres les bidletins 
officiels : traduit de I'Allemand et augmente. 

8vo. Paris, 1814 

L'Egypte et la Syi'ie, ou moeurs, usages, 

costumes et monumens des Egyptiens, Arabes, et 
Syriens : avec des planches. 

6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1814 

L'Espagne et le Portugal, ou moeurs, usages, et 

costumes des habitans de ces royaumes. 

6 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1815 

Voyage en Piemont, contenant la description 

des d6pai-temens reunis k la France. 

8vo. Paris, 1803 

BRETSCHNEIDER, Carl Gottlieb. 

See Corpus reformatorum. Hulk, 1834, etc. 

BRETT, Thomas. The doctrine of remission of sins 
and the power of absolution explained and vindi- 
cated in remarks on Dr. Cannon's Aecoimt of his 
two motions in the lower house of Convocation. 

8vo. London, 1712 

A review of the Lutheran principles, shewing 

how they differ from the church of England. 
The second edition. 

8vo. London, 1714 

See also Second Review. 

BREVIARIUM Ambrosianum. 

— Some considerations on the times wherein 
marriage is said to be prohibited. [Anon.] 

4to. London, 1708 

— Some further considerations on the times 

wherein marriage is said to be prohibited. 

4to. [London, 1708] 

BREVIARIUM Aberdonense. [Prepared under the 
direction of W. Elphinstone, Bishop of Aber- 
deen, 1 J09-1510. Edited by W. Blew.] [Ban- 
natyne Club.] 

2 vols. 4to. Lomlon, 18.54 

8vo. Milan, 1487 

Printed on vellum. 

— Celestinum. Breviarium secundum usum 
monachorum sacie religionis celestinorum ordinis 
almifici ac beatissimi confessoris Christi patris 
nostri benedicti. 

4to. M. Moravus. Naples, 1488 

Printed ou velluui. 

— Cisterciense. Breviarium secundum consuotu- 
diiiem Cisterciensis ordinis. 

8vo. F. Ghyrardengus. Venice, 1494 

Printed on vellum. 

— Cracoviense. 

8vo. Cf. Sluchs. Nuremberg [1496] 

— Eboracense. Breviarium ad usum insignis 
ecclesie Eboracensis. [Edited by S. W. Lawley.] 
[Surtees Society, Ixxi., Ixxv.] 

2 vols. 8vo. Durham, 1880-83 

— Fratrum Humiliatorum. Breviarium secundum 
consuetudinem fratrum humiliatorum. 

1 vol. in 3. 4to. /. A. de Ilonate. 
Milan, 1483 

Printed on vellam. 

— Moguntinense. 

2 vols. 4to. Fratres communis ritae. 
Marienthal [1477] 

— Mozarabicum. Breviarium secundum regulas 
beati Hysidori. 

fol. P. Eagembach. Toledo, 1.502 

Red morocco, witli the arms and monogram of J. B. Colbert. 

— Breviarium Gothicum secundum regulam 
beatissimi Isidori, ad usum sacelli Mozarabum. 

fol. Madrid, 1775 

— Romanum. 

8vo. G. and A. Mischmis. Nmmntula, 1480 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. 

8vo. N. Girardengus. [Novi] 1490 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. Germanice. 

4to. [15.30] 

Printed on vellum. 

— Another edition. [Edited by Card. F. Qui- 


8vo. /. Kaerbriant for J. Petit. 
Paris, 1536 




Another edition. Ex sacra potissimum scrip- 

tura. [Edited by Card. F. Quignon.] 

4to. B. ArmullH. Lyms, 1544 

Original richly gilt bindiDg. 

Another edition. Ex sacra potissimum scrip- 

tura. [Edited by Card. F. Quignon.] 

8vo. Antwerp, 1566 

Another edition. Ex decreto sacrosancti con- 

cilii Tridentini restitutum. 

Svo. P. Mamdius. Fiomf, 1568 

Another edition. 

fol. P. Manutius. Bcmie, 1568 

Another edition. 

fol. [P. Manntius.] Borne, 1568 

Another edition. 

fol. P. Manutius. Rome, 1570 

Sarisburiense. Breviarium secundum usum 


4to. Bichard Pynson. London [1508] 

Printed on vellum. 

Another edition. [Pars Hiemalis.] 

4to. London, 1555 

Tullensc, Breviarium ad usum Tullensem 

peroptime ordinatum. 

Svo. B. Sutor. Paris, 1510 

Printed on vellum. 

BREVIARIUM Novum festum. De dulcissimo 
nomine Jesu. 

fol. P. Schoeffer. Mainz, i 518 

BREVIS historia de origine, consecratione et repara- 
tione speluncae seu eremitorii in monte prope 
coemeterium monasterii S. Petri in civitate 

4to. Salzburg, l66l 

informatio et responsio solida, ad prsecipua 

capita loca et puncta secretae CancellarifE Bavarico 
Anhaltinse. Accessit prasterea Luitconis Thom- 
sonii Carlomontii Dissertatio de causis nuper 
motae Bohemise. 

4to. 1624 

Calf, with the arms of Lom6nie do Brienne. . 

relatio eorum quae spectant ad declarationem 

Sinarum imperatoris Kam Hi circa coeli, Cumf ucii 
et avorum cultum datam anno 1700: accedunt 
testimonia, opera patrum Societatis Jesu Pekini. 

Svo. Peldn, 1701 

BREWER, James Norris. 

Se£. Britten, J., and Brayley, E. W. The beauties 
of England. London, 1801-18. 

Delineations of Gloucestershire, being views of 

the principal seats of nobility and gentry and 
_,other ol)jects of prominent interest in that 

4to. London [1824^] 

BREWER, John Sherren. 

See Bacon, R. Opera. [Rolls Series.] 
„ Giraldus Cambrensis. Opera. [Rolls Series.] 
„ Monumenta Franciscana. [Rolls Series.] 
„ Malmesbury, Abbey of. Registrum. [Rolls 

The reign of Henry Viii., from his accession to 

the death of Wolsey. Edited by J. Gairdner. 
2 vols. Svo. London, 1884 

BREWER, Thomas. 

See B. (T.) The life and death of the Merry 
Devill, etc. London, 1819. 

BREWSTER, Sir David. Letters on natural magic, 

addressed to Sir Walter Scott, Bart. [Murray's 
Family Library.] 

12mo. London, 1832 

The life of Sir Isaac Newton. 

12mo. London, 1831 

Memoirs of the life, writings, and discoveries 

of Sir Isaac Newton. 

2 vols. Svo. Edinhirgh, 1855 

More worlds than one ; the creed of the 

philosopher and the hope of the Christian. 

Svo. London, 1854 

BREWSTER, John. The parochial history and 
antiquities of Stockton upon Tees. 

4to. Stockton, 1796 

BREYDENBACH, Bemhard von. Opusculum 
sanctarum peregrinationum ad sepulcrum 

fol. E. Beuwick. Mainz, I486 

Another edition. 

fol. P. Drach. Spire, 1490 

Sainctes peregrinations de jherusalem. 

fol. M. Topie et J. Heremhert. Lyons, 1488 

Die heyligen reysseii gen Jherusalem. 

fol. E. Beuwick. Mainz, I486 



BR^ZILLAC, Jean-Frangois de. 

,See Martin, Jacques. Histoire des Gaules. 
Paris, 1752-54. 

BKIANVILLE, Claude Oronce Find de. Abridge 
m^thodique de I'histoire do Fr.uicc. 

12mo. Paris, 172() 

See La Dixmerie, N. B. de. 

BBICARD, Pierre. 

See Floridea del fedele ardo. Paris, KJOl. 

BRICE, Thomas. A compendious register in metre, 
containing the names and patient sufferings of 
the members of Jesus Christ [under Queen Mary], 
1559- Reprinted in Arber's English Garner, 
vol. iv. 

BRICHAN, James B. 

See Origines parochiales Scotiae. [Bannatync 

BRICHANTEAU, Nicolas de, Marquis de Beauvais 
See Beauvais Nangis. 

BRIDGE, William. Works, with a memoir of the 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 184.") 

BRIDGEMAN, Hon. George Thomas Orlando. The 
history of the church and manor of Wigan, in 
the county of Lancaster. [Chetham Society, N.S., 
XV., xvi., xvii., xviii.] 

4 vols. 4to. [MaM}iester] 1888-90 

BRIDGER, Charles. An index to printed pedi- 
grees contained in county and local histories, 
the heralds' visitations, and in the more impor- 
tant genealogical collections. 

8vo. London, 1867 

BRIDGES, John, Bishop of Oxford. 
See Marprelate, M., pseud. 

BRIDGES, Jolm, F.E.S. Catalogus librorum Johannis 
Bridges, armigeri ; nuper ex hospitio Lincolniensi. 
[AVith prices.] 

Svo. London, 172.") 

■ A catalogue of the entire library of J. B. to 

be sold by auction February 1726. [With the 

8vo. London, 1725 

BRIDGES, John, F.R.S. Tlie history and an- 
tiquities of Northamptonshire. Compiled from 
the manuscript collections of J. B. by the Rev. 


2 vols. fol. Oxfoi-d, 1791 

BRIDGES, John Henry. 

See Comte, J. A. M. F. X. System of positive 

polity. London, 1875-77. 

BRIDGES, Thomas. The Dutch-man: a musical 

8vo. London, \lir> 


I. On the power, wisdom, and goodness of God 
as manifested in the adaptation of external 
nature to the moral and intellectual constitution 
of man. By Thomas Chalmers. 

II. On the adaptation of external nature to the 
physical condition of man. By John Kidd. 

III. Astronomy and general physics considered 
with reference to natural theology. By W. 

IV. The hand, its mechanism and vital en- 
dowments as evincing design. By Sir G. Bell. 

V. Animal and vegetable physiology con- 
sidered with reference to natural theology. By 

VI. Geology and mineralogy considered with 
reference to natural theology. By W. Buckland. 

VII. On the power of God as manifested in 
the creation of animals and their history, habits, 
and instincts. By W. KiRBY. 

VIII. Chemistry, meteorology, and the func- 
tion of digestion considered with reference to 
natural theology. By W. Prout. 

12 vols, in 11. 8vo. London, 1834-37 

BRIDGEWATER, John. See Aquaepontanus, J. 


See Chronicles of the reigns of Edward I., etc. 
(for Gesta Edwardi de Carnarvon). [Rolls 

BRIDOTJL, Toussaint. The school of the Eucharist 
established upon the miraculous respects and 
acknowledgments which beasts, birds, and insects, 
upon several occasions, have rendered to the 
Holy Sacrament of the altar. Made English 
[by William Clagett]. 

4to. London, l687 

2 K 



BBIEF (A) account of some of the late incroach- 
meiits and depredations of the Dutch upon the 
English, and a few of those many advantages 
which . . . they have made of the Brittish nations 
since the revolution. [By Robert Feugitson.] 
4to. [London, 1695-96] 

account of the causes which have retarded the 

progress of the Colony of Georgia in America : 
attested upon oath. 

8vo. London, 174.3 

account of the institution of the Lock Asylum 

for the reception of penitent female patients when 
discharged cured from the Lock Hospital. 

8vo. London, 1802 

— account of the life and family of Miss Jenny 
Cameron, the reputed mistress of the Pretender's 
eldest son. [By Archibald Arbuthnot.] 

8vo. London, 1746 

— A briefe and exact treatise declaring how the 
sherifl's, and all other great officers of this king- 
dome have been anciently elected and chosen : 
also how farr the kings prerogative, etc., did 
extend in their election. 

4to. London, 1642 

— and impartial review of the state of Great 
Britain at the commencement of the session of 

8vo. London, 1783 

— and true representation of the posture of our 
affairs : containing a particular account of the 
dangers to be apprehended from the present in- 
vasion, and the measures necessary for our safety 
and preservation. 

8vo. London, 1745 

— answer to A few cursory remarks on the pre- 
sent state of parties, by a near observer. 

8vo. London, 1803 

— answer to a late discourse [by E. Stillingfleet] 
concerning the unreasonableness of a new separa- 
tion. [By Samuel Grascome.] 

4to. [London, I691] 

— deductions relative to the aid and supply of 
the executive power, according to the law of 
England, in cases of infancy, delirium, or other 
incapacity of the king. 

4to. London, 178S 

BRIEF. A Briefe discourse against the outvvarde 
apparell and Ministring garmentes of the popishe 


8vo. [Lomlon] 1578 

— A Brieff discours off the troubles begonne at 
Franckford in Germany Anno Domini l.')54. 
Abowte the Booke off off [.sic] common prayer 
and Ceremonies, and continued by the Englishe 
men theyre to thende off Q. Maries raigne. [By 
W. Whittingham.] 

4to. 1575 

— Another edition. Eeprinted from the edition 
of 1575, with an introduction [by J. Petheram]. 

8vo. London, 1846 

— essay on the advantages. See Tucker, J. 

examination into the increase. 

See Rose, Right Hon. G. 

— history of the succession. Collected out of the 
records, and the most authentick historians [by 
John, Lord Somers]. 

fol. [London, 1688] 

— inquiry into the present condition of the navy 
of Great Britain, and its resources : followed by 
some suggestions, calculated to remedy the evils, 
the existence of which is made apparent. 

8vo. London, 1804 
See also Reply to a pamphlet intituled, A brief, 

— justification of the Prince of Orange's descent 
into England, and of the kingdoms late recourse 
to arms. [By Robert Ferguson.] 

4to. London, 1689 

— Briefe method of catechising. See Egerton, S. 

— narrative how things were carried at the 
beginning of the troubles in the year 1641, in 

4to. [London] I66O 

— A briefe narration of the carriage and successe 
of the English affaires, in the hands of the 
commissioners for Scotland, 

4to. London, 1643 

— narrative of the manner how divers members 
of the house of commons, that were illegally and 
unjustly imprisoned or secluded by the armies 
force, in December, 1648, and May 7, 1659, 
coming 27 Dec. 1659 were again shutout. [By 
Wm. Prynne.] 

4to. London, 166O 



BRIEF (A) narration. To ^ti<^os twi- /xapTvpijii' ; or, 
a brief nanvation of the mysteries of state carried 
on by the Spanish faction in England, especially 
declaring how, when and where Cromwell and his 
party were confederate with the Spanish faction 
and resolved to overthrow the Protestant laws 
and religion. 

4to. S. Brovm. The Hague, 1651 

A briefe relation of certain speeiall and most 

materiall passages, and speeches in the Starre- 
Charaber, occasioned and delivered June the 14th, 
1637, at the censure of . . . Dr. Bastwicke, Mr. 
Burton, and Mr. Prynne, etc. [Londani] 1637 

A briefe relation of the proceedings of our 

army in Ireland, since the 10th of June to this 
present July l6V2, together with the petition 
of the parliament there assembled, etc. 

4to. London, 1642 

— remarks on the defence of the Halifax libel, on 
the British-American Colonies. [By James Otis.] 

8vo. Boston, 1765 

— remarks on the Mahratta war, and on the rise 
and progress of the French establishment in 
Hindostan, under Generals De Boigne and Perron. 

Svo. London, 1804 

reply to the History of .standing armies in 

England, with some account of the authors. 
[By J. Trenchard.] 

4to. Lotulon, 1698 

— — review of the causes which have progressively 
operated to enhance the price of provisions, but 
particularly of bread-corn. 

Svo. Lmidon, 1801 

state of the province of Pennsylvania. [By 

William SaniH.] 

Svo. London, 1755 

See also Answer to an invidious pamphlet in- 
tituled, A brief state, etc. 

— state of the services and expences of the 
province of the Massachusctt's Bay, in the 
common cause. 

Svo. London, 1765 

— thoughts, etc., on A view of the causes and 
consequences of the present war with France. 
By the Hon. Thos. Erskine. 

Svo. London [1797] 

BRIEF (A) view of the conduct of Pennsylvania, for 
the year 1755; so far as it affected the general 
service of the British colonies, particularly the 
expedition of the late General Braddock. [By 
William Smith.] 

Svo. London, 1756 

vindication of the parliamentary proceedings 

against the late King James 11., proving that the 
right of succession to government (by nearness 
of blood) is not by the law of God or nature but 
by politick institution. 

4to. London, l6S9 

BEIEL, J. H. D. See B. (J. H. D.) 

BRitLE, L^on. 

See Archives de I'Hotel-Dieu. Paris, 1 894. 

BRIENNE, Henri Augusta de Lomdnie, comte de. 
Sec Collection des m^moires — Petitot [vols. 
XXXV. bis, -xx.xvi.]. 

Memoire.s, contenant les evenemens les plus 

remarquables du regne de Louis xiii., et de celui 
de Louis xiv., jusqu'a la mort de Mazarin. 
[Edited by J. F. Bernard.] 

3 vols. 12mo. Amsterdam, 1719 

BRIENNE, Louis Henri de Lom^nie, comte de. A 

catalogue of his library ; sold on Tuesday the 
28th of April 1724. 

Svo. [London'] 1724 

Memoires inedits, avec un essai sur les moeurs 

et sur les usages du xviii' si^cle jiar Francois 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1828 

Itinerarium : curante C. Patin. 

Svo. Paris, 1662 

BRIET, Philippe. Parallela geographiae veteris et 

3 vols. 4to. Paris, 1648-49 


Sec Scrittori classici Italiani. Parte moderna, 
tom. xxviii.-xxix. Milan, 1803-5. 

BRIGENTIUS, Andreas. Villa Burghesia vulgo 
Pinciana poetice descripta. 

Svo. Rome, 1716 

BRIGGS, Charles Augustus. 

See International Critical Commentary. Edin- 
burgh, 1895, etc. 

Biblical study, with a catalogue of books of 

reference. Third edition. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1891 



BBIGGS, John. 

See Ferishta, M. K. History of the rise of the 
Mahomedan power. London, 1829. 

BRIGHT, Right Hon. John. 

For Life, see Smith, G. B. London, 1881. 
See Cobden, R. Speeches. London, 1 870. 

Speeches on questions of public policy. Edited 

by J. E. Thorold Rogers. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1869 

BRIGHT, Richard. 

See Mackenzie, Sir G. S. Travels. Edinburgh, 

— Travels from Vienna through Lower Hungary, 
with some remarks on the state of Vienna in 


4to. Edinhtiri/h, 1818 

BRIGHT, William. Chapters of early English 
Church history. Second edition. 

8vo. Oj^ord, 1888 

BRIGHTMAN, Thomas. Brightman Eedivivus ; or, 
the post humian of-spring of Mr. Thomas Bright- 
man, in 4 sermons : — I. Of the two covenants ; 
II. the danger of scandals ; III. Gods commission 
to Christ to preach the Gospell ; IV. the Saints 
securitie. [Edited by John Halsted.] 

4to. London, 1647 

Judgement or prophesies what shall befall 

Germany, Scotland, Holland, and the churches 
adhering to them, likewise what shall befall 
England and the hierarchy therein : collected 
out of his exposition on the Revelations printed 
above forty years since. 

4to. London [1641] 


See Physiologic du goflt. Paris, 1 826. 

BRINDLEY, William, and WEATHERLEY, William 
Samuel. Ancient sepulchral monuments, con- 
taining illustrations . . . from various countries 
... to the end of the eighteenth century. 

fol. London, 1887 

BRINK, Bernhard ten. 

See Chaucer Society. Second series, ii. [No. 6]. 

Beowulf. [Quellen und Forschungen, Ixii.] 

Svo. Strashurt;, ISSS 

BRINKBURN Priory. Chartulary. [Edited by W. 
Page.] [Surtees Society, xc] 

Svo. DurJum, 1893 

BRINKLOW, Henry. See Mors, R., pseud. 

BRINVILLIERS, Marie Marguerite Gobelin, mar- 
quise de. 
See History of the marchioness. [London, 1752.] 


See Atlas g^ographique . . . de la France. 

Paris [1803]. 

BRIOSIUS, Jacobus Moisantus. 
See Moisant de Brieux, J. 

BRISMAN, Sven. Engelskt och Svenskt hand- 
lexicon, med accentuation och pronunciation. 
[English-Swedish and Swedish-English.] 

4to. Upsuh, 1801 

BBISSON, Barnab^. De formulis et sollemnibus 
populi Romani verbis libri viii. 

fol. Paris, 1583 

De regio Persarum principatu libri iii. 

8vo. Aldus. Paris, 1590 

Another edition. 

8vo. H. Commelin. [Heidelberg] 1595 

Editio secunda. 

8vo. In bibliofheca Aldina. Paris, 1599 

BRISSON, Mathurin Jacques. Dictionnaire raisonne 

de physique. 

3 vols, in 2. 4t0. Pam, 1800 

BRISSON, Pierre Raymond de. Histoire du naufrage 

et de la captivity de M. de Brisson, avec la 

description des deserts d'Afrique, depuis le 

Senegal jusqu'i Maroc. 

Svo. Geiiem, 1789 

BRISSOT, Jean Pierre, de Warville. 

See Clavi^re, E., of Geneva. De la France. 
London, 1787. 

[Address] to his constituents, on the situation 

of the National Convention ; the influence of the 
Anarchists, and the evils it has caused, etc. 
Translated from the French. 

Svo. London, 179* 



BRISSOT, Jean Pierre, de Warville. Nouveau 
voyage dans les Etats-Unis de TAnn'rique fait 
en 1788. De la France et des Etats-Unis, on 
de rimportance do la rt'-volution de rAm^rique 
poui- le bonheur de la France, par Clavikre et 

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1791 

BRISTOL. The charters and letters patent granted 
by the kings of England to the town and city of 
Bristol. Latin and English. Translated ])y 
Samuel Seyek. 

4to. Bristol, 1812 

BRISTOL, George Digby, earl of. 

&{' Lord George Digby's cabinet. London, U)46. 
„ Three letters intercepted. London, 1646. 

Two speeches, with some observations upon 

them, by which it may appear whether or no the 
said earl and others deserve to be involved in 
the common calamity brought upon Eoman 
Catholicks by some few factious Papists. 

4to. London, 1674 

BRISTOW, James. Narrative of the sufferings of 
James Bristow during ten years captivity with 
Hyder Ali and Tippoo Saheb. 

8vo. London, 1793 

BRISTOW, Richard. 

See Bible, English. 1609-10. 
„ „ „ N. T. 1582. 

BRITAIN'S alarm to all true protestants, shewing 
the great danger we are in of a Popish successor, 
and the inevitable ruin that will ensue thereupon 
to our religion and liberties. 

8vo. London, 1714 

BRITANNIA, pseud. Appeal to the throne against 
the naturalisation of the Jewish nation. 

8vo. London, 1753 

BRITANNIA Excisa. Britain excis'd : a new 
ballad to be sung in time and to some tune. 

fol. London, 1733 


See Collection of all the political letters. London, 

Letter to Lord Grenville on the abolition of 

the slave trade. 

8vo. London, 1807 

BRITANNICUS, Titus, pseud. The present govein- 
ment of England in church and state asserted 
against the oppugners of the Lord B" of 
Chichester's sermon on K. Charles's martyrdom. 

8vo. London, 1732 

BRITANNUS, Robertus. De parsimonia libellus. 

8vo. S. Colinaens. Paris, 1532 

BRITISH (The) album, containing the poems of 
Delia Crusca [i.e. R. Merry], Anna Matilda [i.e. 
H. Cowley], Arley Benedict, the Bard [i.e. E. 
Jerningham], etc. Fourth edition. 

2 vols. 1 2mo. London, 1 792 

— and Foreign Bible Society. Fifth report, 1809, 
with appendi.x. 

8vo. London, 1809 

— Association. Reports of the meetings from the 
first meeting in 1831 (Index, 1831-60). 

In progress. 8vo. Lomlmi, 1833, etc. 

Classics. The Tatler, Spectator, and Guardian. 
14 vols. 8vo. London, 1803-4 

— (The) drama, comprehending the best plays in 
the English language. 

3 vols, in 5. 8vo. London, 1804 

— (The) flag triumphant ! or, the wooden walls of 
Old England : being copies of the London 
Gazettes containing accounts of the victories 
during the last and present war [edited by 
Admiral Lord Radstock] : to which is prefixed 
an address to the officers, seamen, and marines 
[by Sir J. A. Park]. 

8vo. London, 1806 

— (The) gallery of contemporary portraits, with 
short biographical notices. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1822 

— India analyzed. The provincial and revenue 
establishments of Tippoo Sultaun and of Mahome- 
dan and British conquerors in Hindostan stated 
and considered. [By — Greville]. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1 793 

— Institution. 

(Sec Account of all the pictures. London, 1824. 

— (The) librarian, exhilsiting a compendious 
review or abstract of our most scarce, useful, and 
valuable books. [By W. Oldys.] 

8vo. London, 1738 



BRITISH (The) Museum. Acts relating to the 
British Museum. 

8vo. London, 1768-1791 

Catalogus librorum impressorum qui in Museo 

Britannico adservantur. [By P. M. Maty, 
S. Harper, and S. Ayscough.] 

2 vols, fol. London, 1787 

A catalogue of the Harleian manuscripts. [By 

H. Wanley and others ; revised by E. Nares, 
S. Shaw, and F. Douce.] 

4 vols. fol. London, 1 808-1 1! 

A catalogue of the manuscripts of the King's 

Library [British Museum]. By David Casley. 

4to. London, 11 Si: 

— A catalogue of the MSS. hitherto undescribed, 
including the collections of Sloane, Birch, etc. 
By Samuel Ayscough. 

2 vols. -Ito. Lomlon, 1782 

— A catalogue of the Lansdowne manuscripts in 
the British Museum. [By Sir H. Ellis and 
F. Douce.] 

fol. Lotidon, 1819 

— Catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian 
Library. [By J. Planta.] 

fol. Lmidon, 1802 

— Catalogue of books printed in England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland, and of books in English printed 
abroad to the year 1640. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1884 

Catalogue of printed books. 

In progress. 4to. London, 1882, etc. 

— Catalogue of the manuscripts. Vol. i. The 
Arundel MSS. ; vol. ii. The Burney Mss. ; vol. iii. 

3 vols. fol. London, 1834-40 

— A description of the collection of ancient 
marbles [by Taylor Combe and others], with 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. London, 1812-15 

— A description of the collection of ancient terra- 
cottas, by Taylor Combe, with engravings. 

4to. London, 1810 

— Facsimiles of ancient charters in the British 
Museum. [Edited by E. A. Bond.] 

4 parts in 2 vols. fol. London, lS7r,-78 

BRITISH naval biography, comprising the lives of 
the most distinguished admirals, from Howuid 
to Codrington. 

12mo. London, 1840 

— (The) Quarterly Review. [Edited by K. 
Vaughan and others.] 

In progress. 8vo. London, 1845, elc. 

treaty, with appendix of state papers. 

8vo. London, 1808 

BRITO, Gulielmus. See Gulielmus Brito. 

BRITO FREIRE, Francisco de. Nova Lusitania 
historia da guerra Brasilica : decada primeira. 
Viage da armada da companhia do commercio e 
frotas do estado do Brasil. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Lisbon, 1675 

BRITON (The). August 7, 1723— Feb. 26, 1724. 
30 numbers. 

Svo. London, 1724 

BRITTEN, James. 

See Aubrey, J. Eemaines of G-entilisme. [Folk- 
lore Society.] 

■ Old country and farming words gleaned from 

agricultural books [viz.. The modern husbandman 
(1750) and other works of Wm. Ellis, Observa- 
tions in husbandry by Edw. Lisle (1757), 
Dictionarium Kusticum by J. Worlidge (1681), 
Annals of agriculture (1784-1815), Reports of 
the Agricultural Survey (1793-1813), Morton's 
Cyclopeedia of agriculture (1863)]. [English Dia- 
lect Society, No. 30.] 

Svo. London, 1880 

and HOLLAND, Robert. A dictionary of 

English plant names. [English Dialect Society, 
Nos. 22, 26, 45.] 

3 parts in 1. 8vo. London [1878]-86 

BRITTON, Joannes, Bishop of Hereford. [On the 
laws of England. ] The second edition, faithfully 
corrected according to divers ancient manuscripts 
of the same booke, by Edm. Wingate, Gent. 

8vo. Assignes of J. Moore. London, l6i0 


See H. (J.) North country words. [English 
Dialect Society.] 
„ Robinson, P. F. Vitruvius Britannicus. 
London, 1847. 

The architectural antiquities of Great Britain. 

5 vols. 4to. Lo7idon, 1807-26 



BRITTON, John. The beauties of Wiltshire dis- 
played in statistical, historical, and descriptive 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1801-i2.i 

A dictionary of the architecture and archajology 

of the middle ages : with illustrations lay J. r,E 

4to. London, 1838 

The fine arts of the English school, illustrated 

by a series of engravings, with essays by various 
authors. Edited and partly written by J. 

4to. London, 1812 

Graphical and literary illustrations of Fonthill 

Abbey, Wiltshire, with heraldic and genealogical 
notices of the Beckford famil}'. 

4to. London, 1823 

An historical account of Corsham House, in 

AViltshire, the seat of Paul Cobb Methuen, Esq., 
with a catalogue of his celebrated collection of 

8vo. London, 1806 

An historical and architectural essay relating 

to Eedcliflfe Church, Bristol : with an essay on 
the life and character of T. Chatterton. 

4to. London, 181, '3 

Historical and descriptive essays accompanying 

a series of engiaved specimens of the architectural 
antiquities of Normandy : the subjects measured 
and drawn by Augu.stus Pugin, and engraved 
by John and Henry le Keux. 

4to. London, 182S 

The history and antiquities of the Metropo- 

litical Chui'ch of Canterbury. 

fol. London, 1821 

— The history and antiquities of the Cathedral 
Church of Exeter. 

4to. London, 1826 

— The history and antiquities of the Cathedral 
Church of Hereford. 

fol. London, 1831 

— The history and antiquities of the See and 
Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 

fol. London, 1820 

— The history and antiquities of the See and 
Cathedral Church of Norwich. 

fol. London, 1814 

BRITTON, John. The history and antiquities of the 
Catliedral Church of Oxford. 

fol. London, 1821 

• The history and antiquities of Salisbury 

Cathedral Church . . . including biographical 
anecdotes of the bishops. 

fol. London, 1814 

The history and antiquities of the Cathedral 

Church of Wells, including biographical anecdotes 
of the See of Bath and ^\'^ells. 

fol. London, 1824 

The history and antiquities of the See and 

Cathedral Church of Winchester. 

fol. London, 1817 

The history and antiquities of the Cathedral 

Church of Worcester. 

fol. London, 1835 

— The history and antiquities of the Metro- 
political Church of York. 

fol. London, 1817 

— Picturesque antiquities of the English cities. 
Illustrated by a series of engravings of antient 
buildings, street scenery, etc., with historical and 
descriptive accounts of each subject. 

4to. London, 1830 

— Remarks on the life and writings of William 

8vo. London, 1814 

— and BRAYLEY, Edward Wedlake. The 

beauties of England and Wales ; or, delineations 
topographical, historical, and descriptive of each 
county. By J. B., E. W. B. [and others]. 
With an introduction by J. N. Brewer; and 
an atlas, comprising a complete set of county 
maps, etc. 

1 9 in 26 vols. 8vo, and 1 vol. 4to. 
London, 1801-18 

— and PUGIN, Augustus. Illustrations of the 

public buildings of London, with historical and 
descriptive accounts of each edifice. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1825-^8 

BROADLEY, Alexander Meyrick. The last Punic 
war : Tunis, past and present : with a narrative 
of the French conquest of the regency. 

2 vols. 8vo. Edmlninjlt, 1882 

BROADMEAD Records. See Underbill, E. B. 



BROADSIDE black-letter ballads, printed in the 
l6th and 17th centuries. [Edited by J. V. 

4to. [London] 18()8 

BBOCE, Edmund. 

(See Arthur, King of Britain. Morte Arthure. 
[Early English Text Society.] 
„ Chaucer Society. Second series, ii. [Nos. 2 

and 3], vii. 
„ Liflade of St. Juliana. [Early English Text 

BROCK, William. 

For Life, see Birrell, C. M. London, 1878. 

BROCKEDON, William. Illustrations of the passes 
of the Alps. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1828-29 

Journals of excursions in the Alps. 

8vo. London, 1833 

BROCKETT, John Trotter. A glossary of north- 
country words, in use ; with their etymology. 

8vo. Newcastle, 1829 

BRODIE, Alexander, of Brodie. Diary of A. B., 
1652-1680; and of his son, James Brodie of 
Brodie, 1680-1685. Edited by David Laing. 
[Spalding Club.] 

4to. Aberdeen, 1863 

BRODIE, George. A history of the British empire, 

from the accession of Charles i. to the Kestoration. 

4 vols, in 2. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1822 

BRODRIBB, William Jackson. 

See Church, A. J. Pliny's letters. Edinburgh, 

Demosthenes. [Ancient classics for English 


8vo. Edinburgh, 1880 

BRODRICK, Hon. George Charles. 

See Cobden Club Essays. Lmidon, 1872. 

Memorials of Merton College, with biographi- 

cal notices of the wardens and fellows. [Oxford 
Historical Society, iv.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1885 


See Brugsch, H. Egypt under the Pharaohs. 
London, 1891. 

BRODRICK, Thomas. A compleat history of the 
late war in the Netherlands, together with an 
abstract of the treaty <jf Utrecht. 

1 vol. in 2. 8vo. London, 1713 

BR06, Bon Andrd de, seigneur de Citri de la 
See Citri de la Guette, B. A. de B., seigneur de. 

BRO^, Samuel de, seigneur de Citri de la Guette. 
See Histoire du premier triumvirat. Paris, 

BROEKHUISEN, Jan van. See Broukhusius, J. 

BROGGIA, Carlo Antonio. 

See Scrittori classici Italian!, 1803-5 : parte 
antica, torn, iv.-v. 

BROGLIE, Victor Frangois de, Duke. 

See V. (D.) Memoires. Frankfort, 1761. 

BROGNOLI, Antonio. II pregiudizio, canti dodici. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Venice, 1766 

BROKE, Thomas. 

See Calvin, J. Of the life ... of a christen man. 

London \\ a 50]. 

BROMLEY, Sir George, Bart. 

See Collection of original royal letters. London, 

BROMLEY, Henry. A catalogue of engraved British 
portraits from Egbert the Great to the present 

4to. London, 1793 

BROMMICH, Andrew. The tryal and condemnation 
of two Popish priests, Andrew Brommich and 
William Atkyns for high treason, at Stafford 
Assizes, August l6, 1679. 

fol. London, 1 679 

BROMPTON, Joannes. 

See Scriptores Historiae Anglicanae. London, 

BROMWELL, John, Archbishop of Armagh. 
See Bramhall, J. 

BRONDSTED, Peter Oluf. The Bronzes of Sivis, ^ 
now in the British Museum : an archaeological 

fol. London, 1836 

BRONGNIART, Adolphe Th^ophile. 

See Expedition scientifique de Mor6e. Paris, 



BRONGNIART, Alexandre. Description nu'-thoili(|ue 
(ill inusoe ct'iumique de la manufacture Riiyalo 
de porcelains de S6vres. 

Ko. I'liri.'i, 1S45 

Trait('' des arts ccramiques on des poterics, 

the much commended Brittannia [by W.Camden], 
1 594. To wliich is added Mr. Camden's answer 
to this book. J. J^eyland's new yeeres gyft. A 
second discoverie of errours, with a reply to 
Mr. Camden's apology. 

2 parts, -tto. Lmidon, 1 723-24' 

BROOKE, Stopford Augustus. 

Sec Robertson, F. W. Life and letters. Lmidrni, 
18()5, etc. 

Christ in modern life, sermons. Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1872 

seconde edition, revue par A. Sai.vktat, avec 
un atlas de planches. 

2 vols. 8vo, and 1 obi. f(jl. Paria, 18.5t 


See Lawless, Hon. E. Ireland. [Story of the 

BROOK, Mary. Reasons for the necessity of .silent 
waiting in order to the solemn worship of God. 
Third edition. 

8vo. London, 177.> 

BROOKE, Sir Arthur De Capell, Bart. Sketches in 
Spain and Morocco. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, IS.'Jl 

Travels through Sweden, Norway, and Fin- 
mark, to the North Cape in the summer of 

4to. London, 182.'! 

A winter in Lapland and Sweden, with obser- 
vations relating to Finmark, made during a 
residence at Haramerfest. 

4to. London, 1827 

BROOKE, Alan England. 

See Texts and studies, vol. i. 4. 

BROOKE, Edward. 

See Worrall, J. Bibliotheca legum anglie. 
London, 1788. 

BROOKE, Fulke Greville, baron. 

S<e Greville, Sir F. preached on various occasions. Second edition. 

8vo. Lmidmi, 1881 
BROOKE, Henry, Author of The Fool of Quality. 

The Earl of Essex : a tragedy. „ ,. , , . , ,., 

" r 1 ,r-r. — — iennyson: his art and relation to modern life. 

8vo. London, \ib\ •' ^ , 

8vo. London, 1894 

BROOKE, Henry, of Oxford. 

See Demosthenes. [De falsa legatione.] Oxfmd, \ BROOKE, Thomas, F.S.A. A catalogue of the 
1721. manuscripts and printed books collected by 

T. B., and preserved at Armitage Bridge House, 
near Huddersfield. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lovdcm, 1891 

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BROOKE, Ralph. A discoverie of certaine errours 
published in print in the much commended 
Britannia l.")91'. Very prejudicial! to the 
iliscentes and successions of the auneient 
Nobilitie of this Kealme. 

4to. [London, l.'>96] 

A discoverie of certaine errours published in 

— The fight of faith ; sermons preached on 
various occasions. Fifth edition. 

8vo. Londm, 1879 

— Sermons preached in St. James's chapel, York 
Street, London. Fourth edition. Second series, 
second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1870-75 

The spirit of the Christian life. Sermons 

,, Oxoniensis. An appeal. Ijondon, 1 740. 

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See Keppel, Hon. H. The expedition to Borneo. 
London, 1 84(). 
,, Mundy, Sir G. R. Narrative of events in 
Borneo. London, 1848. 

BROOKE, Thomas H. A history of the island of 
St. Helena. 

8vo. London, 1808 




BEOOKE, William. Exceeding happy newes 

from Ireland, being a true relation of many 

passages of great consequence very joyfull and 

delectable to all true hearted Protestants, 1. 

That the earle of Cork is gone into the north, 


4to. London, l642 

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ecclesia Christiana facta esse perhibentur post 

tempora apostolorum. 

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other sermons. Fifth series. 

8vo. London, 1891 


8vo. London, 1878 

Sermons preached in English churches. 

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■ The spiritual man, and other sermons. 

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See Simpkin the Second, pseud. 

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See Du culte des dieux fetiches. [Paris] I76o. 
„ Trait6 de la formation . . . des langues. 
Paris, 1765. 

Lettres historiques et critiques sur ITtalie. 

3 vols. Svo. Paris, 1799 

BROTHER Abraham's answer to Peter Plymley, 
Esfj., in two letters : to which is prefixed a 
' postliminious ' preface on the machinery of 
Popery, and the mental inferiority of Papists. 
[By RiCHAUD King.] 

Svo. London, 1808 

BROTHERS (The): a comedy. [By Richard 

8vo. Jjondon, 1770 

BROTHERS, Richard. 

See Bryan, W. Testimony of the Spirit. Lmidon, 
„ Halhed, N. B. Testimony of the authenticity. 
London, 1795. 

A revealed knowledge of the prophecies and 

times : book the first containing the restoration 
of the Hebrews to Jerusalem by the year of 1 798. 
[Book the second, A revealed knowledge, etc.] 

2 parts. Svo. Lmulo^i, 1794 

A poem on the creation ; according to the first 

chapter of Genesis, with the nature of the planets 
ascertained and the hypothesis of the earth's 
motion refuted. 

Svo. Ijondon, 1806 

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See Rapin, R. Hortorum, lib. iv. Paris, 1780. 
„ Tacitus, C. C. Opera. Paris, 1771. 

Paroles memorables recueillies par G. B. 

Publi6es par A. C. Brotier. 

12mo. Paris, 1790 

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sity of lowering the exorbitant freights of ships 
employed in the service of the East India 

Svo. London, 1786 

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See Concise statement. London, 1807. 
,, Turton, T. Natural theology considered. 

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Contributions to the Edinburgh review. 

." vols. Svo. London, 1856 

— Dialogues on Instinct, with analytical view of 
the researches on fossil osteology. 

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A discourse of natural theology. 

Svo. London, 1835 

— A discourse of the objects, advantages, and 
pleasures of science. 

Svo. London, 1828 

— Dissertations on subjects of science connected 
with natural theology, being the concluding 
volumes (iii. and iv.) of the new edition of Paley's 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1 839 



BROUGHAM, Henry, Baron Brougham and A'aux. 
Historical sketches of statesmen who Ho\iri.shcd 
in the time of (ieorge in., with remarks on 
party, and on the French rcvohition. 

.'! vols. Svo. Londfiii, lH:',i)-i:i 

History of England and France under the 

house of Lancaster ; with an introductoiy view 
of the early reformation. New edition. 

Svo. hindoii, ISfil 

— Inaugural discourse on being installed Lord 
Keetor of the University of Glasgow. 

Svo. Glasgow, lHil5 

— Lives of men of letters and science who 
flourished in the time of George iii. 

'2 vols. Svo. Loudon, lSi.>47 

— A letter to Sir .Samuel Komilly, M.P., upon 
the abuse of charities. 

Svo. London, 1818 

See ako Letter to the Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Scott. 

— Appendix to Mr. Brougham's letter : contain- 
ing minutes of evidence taken before the Educa- 
tion Committee. 

Svo. London, ISIS 

— The speech of H. B. befoie the house of 
Commons, in support of the petitions from 
London, Liverpool, and Manchester, against the 
orders in council. 

Svo. London, 1S08 

— Speech in the House of Commons, Feb. 7, 
1 828, on the present state of the law. 

4to. London, 1828 

Speeches upon questions relating to public 

rights, duties, and interests ; with historical 
introductions, and a critical dissertation upon 
the eloquence of the ancients. 

4 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1838 

BROUGHTON, Hugh. An epistle to the learned 
nobilitie of England. Touching translating the 
Bible from the original, with ancient warrant 
for everie worde, unto the full satisfaction of all 
that be of hart. 

4to. Ekliard Schilder.i. MiddMiurgh, 1 597 

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Sacra, or an historical library of the principal 
matters relating to religion. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1737-39 

BROUGHTON, Thomas Duer. Letters written in 
a Mahratta camp, 180.'): with ten coloured en- 

4to. London, 18 1.'! 

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covoi'v to the north Pacific ocean, in the years 

4to. Jjondoii, 1804 

BROUKHUSIUS, Janus. Catalogus bibliothecae 
Jani Broukhu.sii : bnrum fiet auctio 7 May 1708 
[with pi-iccs]. 

Svo. Amsterdam [MO^^ 

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BROWELL, Mark. Diary for the year l6ss. 
[Newcastle lieprints, v. 4.] 

Svo. Newcastle, 1847 

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&« Bible, English. [I869.] 
„ Martin, James. Origin and history of the 
New Testament. Loudon, 1882. 

— Christ's second coming : will it be pre-millen- 
nial 1 Second edition. 

Svo. Edinlmrgh, 1849 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1882 

Seventh edition. 

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travels through Germany. 

4to. Loudon, 1677 

A brief account of some travels in Hungaria, 

Servia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, etc. 

4to. London, l67"> 

Second edition, with additions. 

fol. London, 1685 

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See Gratius, 0. Fasciculus rerum expeten- 
darum, etc. London, 169O. 

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Baldwin Brown, B.A. Edited by E. B. B. 

Svo. London, 188 !■ 

BROWN, Horatio F. John Addingtoii Symonds, a 

2 vols. Svo. London, 189.' 

The Venetian printing press : an historical 

study based upon documents for the most part 
hitherto unpublished. 

4to. London, IS91 



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Church, Paisley. Life of J. Eadie. Second 


8vo. London, 1878 

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See Isocrates. The duty of a king. London, 

BROWN, James Baldwin, B.A. 

See Brown, E. B. In memoriam. London, ISS-i. 

The divine life in man. 

8vo. London [1859] 

— The divine treatment of sin. 

8vo. London, ISdl 

— The higher life ; its reality, experience, and 
destiny. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 187-1 

The home life in the light of its divine idea. 

Svo. London, 1866 

— The soul's exodus and pilgrimage. Second 

Svo. London, 1862 

The Sunday afternoon, fifty-two brief sermons. 

Svo. London, 1871 

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Howard, the philanthropist. 

4to. London, 1818 

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and work. 

Svo. London, 1885 

BROWN, John, D.D., of Edinburgh. 
See Bible, English. N. T., Galatians. 
J, J, ,, ,, iCter. 

— An analytical exposition of the Epistle of Paul 
the Apostle to the Romans. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1857 

Discourses and sayings of our Lord Jesus 

Christ, illustrated in a series of expositions. 
Second edition. 

'i vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1852 

An exposition of our Lord's intercessory 

prayer ; with a discourse on the relation of our 
Lord's intercession to the conversion of the 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1850 

BROWN, John, D.D., of Txlinburgh. An exposition 
of the epistle of the apostle Paul to the Hebrews. 
Edited by David Smith. 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1862 

The resurrection of life : an exposition of 

1 Corinthians xrv., with a discourse on our Lord's 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1852 

The suflferings and glories of the Messiah : an 

exposition of P.salni xviii., and Isaiah Hi. 13- 
liii. 12. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1853 

BROWN, John, of Great Yarmouth. The mysteries 
of neutialization : or the British navy vindicated 
from the charges of injustice and oppression 
towards neutral flags. 

Svo. London, 1806 

BROWN, John, Painter. Letters upon the poetry 
and music of the Italian opera. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 178.9 

BROWN, Polemophilus, pseud, i.e. Alexander 
Geddes. a new year's gift to the good people 
of England, being a sermon, or something like a 
sermon, in defence of the present war, preached 
on the day of public thanksgiving. 

Svo. [London t]l79S 

BROWN, Robert. 

See Leo Africanus, J. The history of Africa. 
[Hakluyt Society.] 

BROWN, Robert, Keeper of the botanical depart- 
ment, British Museum. Miscellaneous botanical 
works. [Edited by J. J. Bennett.] [Kay 
Society, 1866-68.] 

2 vols. Svo, and 1 vol. 4to. London, 1866-68 

BROWN, Robert, M.A. 

See Rink, H. J. Tales and traditions of the 
Eskimo. London, 1875. 

BROWN, Robert Lundin. 

See Tholuck, F. A. G. Commentary on the 
sermon on the mount. Edinburgh, 1865. 

BROWN, Thomas, B.D. 

See Answer to Dr. Sherlock's Case of allegiance. 
London, 1691. 
„ Case of allegiance to a king. [Londmi] 1690. 
„ Weesils (The). London, 16!}1. 



BROWN, Thomas, F.K.S.l';. Aniuils of tlic dis- 
ruption : roiisi.stiiig cliiefly of exti-;icts from the 
iiutograph luuTativcs of ministers, who loft the 
Scottisli establishment in 184;;. 

8vo. Kdinhurgh, 1877 

BROWN, Thomas, of Shifnal. 

Sec Erasmus, D. Twenty-two select colloquies. 
London, 1 7~;>. 
,, Garcia, C. France and Spain naturally 

enemies. Tendon, 1 704. 
„ Reasons of Mr. Bays changing his religion. 
London, 1()8S. 

Works: with a life by James Drake. The 

7th edition, carefullj- corrected. 

-t vols. 12nio. London, M'AO 

BROWN, Thomas, the younger, pseud, i.e. Thomas 
JMoOKE. Fables for the Holy Alliance, Rhymes 
on the Road, etc. 

12mo. Loudon, 182,'i 


Sec Gisburn Priory. Cartularium. [Surtees 

BROWN, William, .M.D. History of the propaga- 
tion of Christianity among the heathen since the 
Reformation. Third edition. 

;; vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1854 

BROWNE, Edward, M.I). See Brown, E. 

BROWNE, Edward Harold, Bishop of Winchester. 
For Life, sec Kitchin, G. W. London, ISf);). 

An exposition of the thirty-nine articles, his- 
torical and doctrinal. The ninth edition. 

8vo. Loudon, 1871 

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[The Fathers for English readers, ix.] 

Svo. London, 1879 

BROWNE, Henry. 

Sec Augustine, Saint, Bishop of Hippo. Seven- 
teen short treatises. Oxfmxl, 1847. 
„ Bible, English. N. T., John. 

BROWNE, James, Advocate. A history of the 
Highlands and the Highland clans : with an 
extensive selection from the hitherto inedited 
Stuart Papers. New edition. 

4 vols. Svo. Edinhwgh, 184,5 

BROWNE, John, B.A., Congregational minister. 
History of Congregationalism, and memorials of 
the churches in Norfolk and Sufiblk. 

Svo. London, 1877 

BROWNE, John, M.A., Fellow of C. C. C, Oxford. 
Sermons preached before the University of 
Oxford. [Bampton Lectures, 180().] 

Svo. Oxford, ISOy 

BROWNE, John Cave. Lambeth Palace and its 
associations, with an introduction by the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury [A. C. Tait]. 

4to. Ldinhurgh, 1882 

The Punjab and Delhi in 18,)7 : being a narra- 

tive of the measures by which the Punjab was 
saved and Delhi recovered during the Indian 


2 vols. Svo. London, 1861 

BROWNE, Joseph, D.D., Provost of Queen's College, 
See Urban VIII. Poemata. O.rford, 1726. 

BROWNE, Matthew, pseud, i.e. William Brighty 
Rands. Chaucer's England. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1S(J!) 

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of Jamaica : illustrated with fifty copper-plates, 

fol. London, 17;)6 

BROWNE, Sir Richard, Bart. 

Sec Evelyn, J. Memoirs. London, 1727. 

BROWNE, Robert William. A history of Roman 
classical literature. 

Svo. London, 1884 

BROWNE, Stephen. The laws against ingrossing, 
forestalling, regrating, and monopolizing, con- 
taining all the statutes and adjudged cases con- 
cerning them. 

Svo. London, 1765 

BROWNE, Thomas, D.D., Canon of Windsor. 
Tomus alter, et idem ; or, the historic of the life 
and reigne of that famou.s princesse Elizabeth 
[being the fourth part of Camden's annales trans- 
lated from the French version by T. B.]. 

4to. Thomas Hmjer. London, 1629 



BROWNE, Thomas, S.T.B. The story of the 
ordination of our firat l)ishops in queen Eliza- 
beth's reign, at the Nag's-Heacl tavern in Cheap- 
side, thoroughly examined and proved to be a 


Svo. London, 17.11 

BROWNE, Sir Thomas. Works, including his life 
and correspondence. Edited by S. WiLKlN. 

]• vols. Svo. London, \SS5-o(\ 

Posthumous works : viz.,Repertorium ; or, the 

antiquities of the Cathedral Church of Norwich : 

An account of some urnes found at Brampton in 

Norfolk, l(i67: Letters to -Sir W. Dugdale : 

Miscellanies, with his life: and Antiquitates 

capellae D. Johannis Evangelistae, auctore .1. 


Svo. London, 171- 

Religio medici, with the observations of Sii- 

Kenelm Digby. Sixth edition. 

Svo. London, l66;) 

BROWNE, William. 

Sec Moorman, F. W. William Browne. Stras- 
hirg, 18.Q7. 

Britannia's Pastorals ; a third book [by W. B.]. 

Now first edited from the original manuscript 
preserved in the Library of .Salisbury Cathedral, 
by T. C. Croker. [Percy Society, vol. xxx.] 

Svo. London, 185'.2 

BROWNE, William George. Travels in Africa, 
Egypt, and Syria from the yeai' 1792 to 17.9S. 

-tto. T^ondon, 1799 

BROWNING, Elizabeth Barrett. 

S&i Chaucer Society. Second series, ii. [No. 5]. 

Poetical works. 

f) vols. Svo. Lo>idon, 18S9-.')0 


See Leeds, F. G. 0., 5th duke of. Political 
memoranda. [Camden Society.] 

BROWNING, Robert. 

For Life, arc Orr, A. London, 1891. 
Sec Nettleship, J. T. Robert Browning. London, 
1 89". 

Poetical works. 

17 vols. Svo. London, ISSS-yi 

BROWNING, Robert. Prose life of Strafford. 
With an introduction by C. H. Firth, and fore- 
words by F. J. FURNIVALL. 

Hvo. London, 1892 

Browning studies, being select papers by mem- 
bers of the Browning society. Edited by E. 

Svo. London, 1895 

BRUCE, Alexander, Captain. See B. (A.) Don. 

Brussii oratio ad Mackaium. Lat. and Eng. 


4to. [London, 1689 ^ 

BRUCE, Alexander Balmain. 

See Ebrard, J. H. A. The Gospel history. 

Edinhurgli, ISfio. 

The chief end of Revelation. Fourth edition. 

Svo. London, 1892 

The miraculous element in the Gospels. 

Svo. London, 1886 

The parabolic teaching of Christ : a systematic 

and critical study of the Parables of our Lord. 
Third edition. 

Svo. London, 1889 

St. Paul's conception of Christianity. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1891' 

The training of the twelve ; or, passages out of 

the Gospels exhibiting the twelve disciples of 
Jesus under discipline for the apostleship. 
Fourth edition. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1888 

BRUCE, Henry Austin, Baron Aberdare. 

Sec Napier, Sir W. F. P. Life. London, 1864. 

BRUCE, James. 

For Life, ace Head, Sir F. B. The life of Bruce, 
etc. London, 1830. 

• Travels to discover the source of the Nile in 

the years 1768-73. 

5 vols. 4to. London, 1790 

Second edition [edited by A. Murray], with a 

life of the author [by H. Salt], and a volume of 
plates and maps. 

7 vols. Svo, and 1 vol. ^to. Edinburgh, 1805 

BRUCE, John, F.S.A. 

See Accounts and papers relating to Mary, Q. of 
Scots. [Camden Society.] 
„ Burroughs, Sir J. Notes on the treaty. 
[Camden Society.] 



BRUCE, John, F.S.A. 

Sec Charles I., King of Great Britain. Letters. 
[Camden Society.] 

,, Chronicon Petroburgense. [Camden Suciety.] 

„ Digby, Sir K. Journal of a voyage. [Cam- 
den Society.] 

„ Documents relating to the proceedings. 
[Camden Society.] 

,, Elizabeth, C^uecn of England. Letters. 
[Camden Society.] 

,, Hayward, Sir J. Annals. [Camden Society,] 

,, History. Historic of the arrival! of Edward 
i\. [Camden Society.] 

,, Hutchinson, A. "Works. [Parker Society.] 

,, James I., King of Great Britain. Corre 
spondence. [Camden Society.] 

,. Leicester, R. Dudley, E. of. Correspondence. 
[Camden Society.] 

,, Manningham, J. Diary. [Camden Society.] 

,, Parker, M. Correspondence. [Parker 

„ Proceedings, principally in . . . Kent. 
[Camden Society.] 

,, Quarrel between the Earl of Manchester and 
0. Cromwell. [Camden Society.] 

,, Verney Papers. [Camden Society.] 

„ Whitelocke, Sir J. Liber famelicus. [Cam- 
den Society.] 

,, Wills from Doctors' Commons. [Camden 

BRUCE, John, M.P. Report on the arrangements 
which have been adopted in former periods when 
France threatened invasions of Britain or Ireland, 
to frustrate the designs of the enemy ; with 

2 parts in 1 vol. 8vo. [London, 1798] 

Report on the arrangements which were made 

for the internal defence of these kingdoms when 
Spain, by its Armada, projected the invasion and 
conc^uest of England, and application of the pro- 
ceedings to the present crisis ; with appendix. 

8vo. [London, 1798] 

Report on the events which produced the 

union of the kingdoms of England and Scotland, 
on the effects of this on both kingdoms, and on 
the influence of Great Britain in the balance 
of power in Europe ; with appendix. [State 

2 vols. Svo. [London, 1799] 

BRUCE, Peter Henry. Memoirs : containing an 
account of his travels in Germany, Russia, Tar- 
tary, Turkey, and the West Indie". 

4to. Loudon, 1782 

BRUCE, Robert. Sermons. Reprinted from the 
original edition of l.")90 and 1591, with collec- 
tions for his life by RiusKiiT Woi)RO\\'. Edited 
by W. CUNNINGH.\M. [Wodrow Society.] 

Svo. Edinburgh, 184,'J 

BRUCIOLI, Antonio. 

Sec Bible, Italian. liVJi), etc. 
„ „ ., N. T. 1547. 

,, Cicero, M. T. |Suppo.sititiou.s works.] Rhc- 
torica. Venice, 1;)1.2. 

BRUCKER, Johann Jacob. Ilistoria critica philo- 
sophiao a .Muiidi incunaliulis ad nostram usque 
aetatem deducta. 

6 vols. 4to. Jjci'pr.ig, I71'2-6'7 

The history of philosophy from the earliest 

times, drawn up from Brucker's Historia Critica 
Philosophiae. By W. Enfield. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1791 

Institutiones historiae philosophicae : con- 

tinuavit F. G. BoHN. Editio tertia. 

8vo. Leijjr.ig, 1790 

BRUCKNER, Wilhelm. Die Sprache der Laugo- 
barden. [Quellen und Forschungen, Ixxv.] 

8vo. Stnadjurg, 18,').') 

BRUCKSHAW, Samuel. One more proof of the 
inicjuitous abuse of private madhouses. 

Svo. London, 1774 

BRUDER, Carl Hermann. Tamieion, sive concor- 
dantiae omnium vocum Novi Testamenti Graeci. 
Editio quarta auctior et emendatior. 

2 parts in 1. 4to. Leip-ig, \SSS 

BRUECKMANN, Franz Ernst. Centuria episto- 
laruni itinerariarum. Epistolac 1-.'!(J, Centuria 

2 vols. 4tO. JFolfenhnfM, l'i4-2-4-9 

BRUEGGEMANN, Ludwig Wilhelm. A view of 
the English editions, translations, and illustra- 
tions of the ancient Greek and Latin authors. 

Svo. Stettin, 1797 

i BRUEHL, Friedrich Aloys von. Count. 
See B. (M. le C. de). 

BRUEL, Alexandre. 

Sec Cluny, Abbey of. Uecueil des chartes. 
Paris, 187()-94. 

BRUEN. John. 
I See Assheton, N. Journal. [Chetham Society.] 



BRUENNIOS, Philotlieos. AiSaxv rdv 8u>SiKa 
ttTTOcTToAaii' eK Tov lepoa-oXvfiLTiKoi' xapoypai^iov, 
vvv irpuiTov iKSiSofiein] /ieja Trpo\eyofj.(v<j>v <c(u 

8vo. Constantinople, 1883 

BRUEYS, David Augustin de. 

See. Theatre Frangais. Comedies, torn. xxi. 

(Euvres de theatre de Messieurs de B. et de 

Palaprat. Nouvelle edition. 

5 vols. 12mo. Paris, \"5'i-')i\ 

CEuvres choisies de Messieurs de B. et de 


2 vols. 12mo. /Vrw, 1812 

Histoire du fanatisme de notre terns, continuee 

jusqu'apr^s 1710. 

3 vols. 12mo. Utrecht, 1737 

BRUGES, Socidt^ d'^mulation. 


In progress. 8vo. 1839, ''f''- 

Recueil de chroniques, chartes et autres docu- 
ments concernant I'histoire et les antiquites de 
la Flandre-Occidentale. 

In progress. 8vo and 4to. Bruges, 
Ghent, etc., 1839, etc. 

De Heerlicke Incomste van onzen ghenadighen 
Land-Vorst in zyn vermaerde stadt van Brugge 
den xxvii dach Julii anno mdlxxxii. 

La tryumphante et solmnelle entree de Charles 
prince des Hespaignes en sa ville de Bruges. 
Paris, 1515. 

Vray discours de ce qui est advenu en la ville 
de Bruges, au mois de Juillet, 1582. 

Wegener, C. F. Vie de Chai'les-le-Bon : 
traduite du Danois par un Bollandiste [1864 ?]. 

But, A. Cronica abbatuni monasterii de 
Dunis. 1839. 

Cronique de Flandres. 1 839-64. 

Chronique du monastfere d'Oudenburg. [Alden- 
burgensis.] Public par J. B. Malou. 1840. 

Guillaume-le-Breton. Philippide : extraits 
concernant les guerres de Flandre. Avec intro- 
duction, etc., par 0. Delepieri;e. 1841. 

Wynckius, C. Gensianismus Flandriae 
oceidentalis. Edidit II. D. F. van de Putte. 

BRUGES, Soci^t^ d'^mulation {cmtinued). 

Annales abbatiae Sancti-Petri Blandiniensis. 
Edidit R. D. Y. van de Putte. 1842. 

Collection des keuren ou statuts de tons les 
metiers de Bruges, avec des notes philologiques 
de M. J. F. WiLLEMS. 1842. 

Putte, F. \an de. Notice sur le mausolde de 
la famille de Gros. 1842. 

Biographic des hommes remarquables de la 
Flandre occidentale. 4 vols. 1843-49. 

Chronique dumonastfered'Oudenbourg. [Alden- 
Inirgensis majus.] Publiee par F. VAN de Putte. 
1 843. 

Male, J. P. van. Geschiedenis van Vlaenderen 
van het jaer 15()6, tot de vrede van Munster, 
uitgegeven door F. Van de Px^tte. 1 843. 

Meyer, -T. Rerum Flandricarum tomi x. 

Stoop, P. de. Notice sur I'abbaye de TjOO, et 
inventaire de ses archives. 1 843. 

Goethals, A. Chronica monasterii sancti 
Andreae juxta Brugas. 1 844. 

Chronique de I'abbaye de Ter Doest, par 
F. V. et C, C. 1845. 

Histoire de Notre-Dame de la Poterie. 1845. 

Cassander, G. Oratio in laudem iirbis 
Brugensis. 1847. 

Chronicon Vormeselense per F. V. et C. C. 


Papa, J. Elegiac. Edidit J. Meyerus. 1847. 

Sylvius, B. Excidium Morini. Histoire des 
choses advenues a Bruges. 1847. 

Baecker, L. de. Recherches historiques sur 
la ville de Bergues. 1849. 

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Another edition. 

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See La Martini^re, A. A. B. de. 

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Frankfort, 1597-99- 
„ ,, Romanae urbis topographia. 

Frankfort, 1595-l602. 
,, ,, Theatrum vitae humanac. 

il/cfc, 1596. 

and Johann Israel de. 

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BRY, Johann Theodor de and Johann Israel de. 
India Orientalis. 

7 vols. fol. Frankfart and OppniJwim, 


Part i. Eegnum Congo hoc est vera descriptio 

regni Africani, per P. Pigafettam olim ex E. 
Lopez acroamatis excerpta, nunc Latio sermone 
donata. Iconibus et imaginibus rerum memora- 
bilium opera J. T. et J. I. DE B. exornata. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1598 

Part i. [second edition]. Impensis haeredum 

J. T. DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfwt, 1624 

Part i. Appendfx regni Congo, qua con- 

tinentur navigationes quinque S. Brunonis in 
Africam, etc. Omnia ab ipso authore Germanico 
idiomate conscripta, nunc vero in Latinam 
linguam translata. Studio et sumptibus haeredum 
J. T. DE B. 

fol. Frankfort, 1625 

— Part ii. Pars Indiae Orientalis, in qua J. H. 
Lintscotani navigatio in Orientem, item regnum 
moresque Indorum proponuntur. Ea Lintscotus 
primum Belgice dedit, nunc Latino reddita enun- 
ciavit P. A. Lonicerus. Additae sunt icones 
artificiose in aere factae per J. T. et J. L 

DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1599 

— Part iii. Tertia pars Indiae Orientalis, qua 
continentur, i. Secunda pars navigationum a J. 
H. Linscotano in Orientem ; ii. Navigatio Hollan- 
dorum in Javan et Sumatram ; iii. Tres naviga- 
tiones Hollandorum in Indiam per septentrionalem 
oceanum ; de Germanico in Latinum translata a 
B. Strobaeo. Adjectae sunt tabulae sen mappae 
chorographicae cum iconibus in aes incisae per J. 
T. et J. L DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 16"01 

— Part iv. Pars quarta Indiae Orientalis; qua 
primum animalia, fructus, "etc. describuntur per 
J. H. Lintschotanum et nonnullos alios : secundo 
Hollandorum in Indiam Orientalem navigatio, 
1598-99, exponitur. Omnia ex Germanico 
Latinitate donata studio B. Strobaei. Et in- 
super in aes incisis iconibus illustrata et edita 
a J. T. et J. I. DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, l6o\ 

BRY, Johann Theodor de and Johann Israel de. 
India Orientalis. 

Part V. Quinta pars Indiae Orientalis, qua 

continetur descriptio navigationis illius quam 
Hollandi in Javanas et Moluccanas insulas sus- 
ceperunt, 1598-1600. Opus Belgica lingua primo 
editum, postea Germanico idiomate redditum et 
ex hoc jam Latio donatum a B. >Strobaeo. 
Adjectae sunt tabulae sen icones in aes incisae 
et editae a J. T. et J. I. de B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Fraukfrni, l601 

Part vi. Indiae Orientalis pars vi. descrip- 

tionem regni Guineae continens, Latinitate ex 
Germanico donata studio et opera j\l. G. Arthus. 
Illustrata vero vivis et artificiosissime in aes in- 
cisis iconibus, inque lucem edita a J. T. et J. I. 
DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1603-4 

— Part vii. Indiae Orientalis pars septima navi- 
gationes duas, primam a G. Spilbergio an. l601 
ex Selandia in Indiam Orientalem susceptam ; 
alteram a C. Balby anno 1579 ex Alepo Baby- 
loniam versus et inde ad regnum Pegu usque 
continuatam, continens : auctore M. G. Arthus 
{i.e. translated by him from the Dutch and 
Italian]. Omnia iconibus illustrata et in lucem 
emissa a J. T. et J. I. DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, l6o6 

— Part viii. Indiae Orientalis pars octava navi- 
gationes quinque in Indiam Orientalem peractas 
continens auctore M. G. Arthus [i.e. translated 
and compiled by him from the original]. Omnia 
iconibus illustrata et in lucem emissa per J. T. et 
J. I. DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, l607 

— Part ix. and Appendix. Indiae Orientalis pars 
ix. descriptionem navigationis ab Hollandis et 
Selandis in Indiam Orientalem annis 1 607-1 609 
peractae continens. Supplementum novae partis. 
Auctore M. G. Arthusio [i.e. edited and arranged 
by him from the accounts of J. Verck]. Icones 
omnia memoratu maxime digna repraesentantes, 
opera et studio J. T. de B. 

4 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, l6l2-13 

— Part X. Indiae Orientalis pars x. qua con- 
tinetur descriptio novi ad Aquilonem transitus 
supra terras Americanas. Item discursus super 
terra australi a P. F. de Quir conscriptus. Addita 
descriptione Siberiae. Auctore M. G. Arthusio. 
Tabulas in aes incisas addente J. T. de B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, l6l3 



BKY, Johann Theodor de and Johann Israel de. 
India Orientalis. 

Part xi. Indiac Orientalis pars undccima, qua 

continetur, i. Duarum navigationum, (juas in 
Indiam Orientalcm, ann. 1501, A. Vesputius 
instituit, historia ; ii. Angli cujnsdam [K. Coverte] 
relatio, qui nave in oram Cambajam vectus multa 
obscrvavit ; iii. Descriptio regionis Spitzbergac. 
Nunc primum Latio donata aUjuo in acs incisis 
imaginibus illustrata, sumptibus atque opera J. 
T. L.E B. 

ii parts in 1. fol. OppenMm, Ifilf) 

• Part xii. Historiarum Orientalis Indiae tomus 

xii. in tres libros distributus : i. Descriptiones 
Orientalis Indiac ; ii. Navigationos ab Anglis 
Batavisqne in orientis et austri partes ; iii. De- 
scriptio quarundam septentrionalium regionum. 
J. L. Gotofridus ex Anglico et Belgico sermone 
in Latinum transtulit, non sine tabulis choro- 
graphicis et figuris aeneis. 

fol. Fmnkfoi-t, l(i28 

BRY, Theodor de. Historia Americae, sive Novi 
Orbis, continens in xiii. distinctis partibus 
descriptionem Indiae Occidentalis ; ornata tabulis 
geographicis et figuris aeri incisis. Aceessit 
elenchus sectionum et index 'capitum. [Parts 
i.-vi. edited and illustrated by T. de B. ; parts 
vii.-ix. by his sons J. T. and J. I. de Bry; 
parts x.-xii. by J T. de Bry; and part xiii. by 
M. Merian. 

6 vols. fol. FmnJcforf, l63i 

Part i. Admiranda narratio de commodis et 

incolarum ritibus Virginiae scripta a T. Hariot. 
Vivae imagines et ritus incolarum ejus provinciae 
in America quae Virginia appellata est. Omnia 
ad vivum expressa a J. With [White] deinde in 
aes incisa et primum in lucem euulgata a T. de 
Bry. Pictorum aliquot icones. 

3 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1590 

Part ii. Brevis narratio eorum quae in Florida 

Gallis acciderunt, auctore J. Le Moyne Latio 
donata a C. C. A. [i.e. Carolus Clusius Atreba- 
tensis]. Indorum Floridam inhabitantium eicones 
ad vivum expressae a J. Le Moyne, a T. de B. in 
aes incisae. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1591 

Part iii. Americae tertia pars Brasiliae his- 

toriam continens Germanico sermone scriptam 
a J. Stadio nunc latinitate donatam a Teucrio 
Annaeo Private Colcanthe [pseud, i.e. J. A. 
Lonicer]. Addita est narratio profectionis J. 

Lerii in candcni provinciam. Omnia recens 
euulgata et ciconibus in acs incisis illustrata ad 
normam autorum studio et diligentia T. de B. 

1 vol. in 2. fol. Frankfort, 1592 

BRY, Theodor de. Part iv. Americae pars quarta, 
sive historia de reperta primum Occidetitali 
India; scripta ab. II. Benzouo. Omnia elegan- 
tibus figuris in aes incisis expressa a T. de B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1594 

Part v. Americae pars quinta. II. Benzoni 

secundae sectionis historia. Omnia elegantibus 
figuris in aes incisis expressa a T. DE B. 

2 parts in 1 . fol. Frankfort, 1 595 

Part vi. Americae pars sexta, sive historiae 

ab H. Benzono scriptae sectio tertia. Omnia 
elegantibus figuris in aes incisis expressa a T. 

DE B. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Franlfort, 1596 

Part vii. Americae pars vii. Descriptio prae- 

cipuarum quarundam Indiae regionum et in- 
sularum quae ab U. Fabro invcntae et consignatae 
fuerunt. Illustrata ct in lucem emissa studio et 
opera Theodorici de B. viduae et filiorum. 

fol. [Frankfort] 1599 

— Part viii. Americae pars viii. Continens, 
primo, descriptionem trium itinerum equitis F. 
Draken. [The second voyage written by T. 
Gates.] Secundo, iter equitis T. Candisch 
[Cavendish, written by F. Pretty]. Tertio, duo 
itinera G. Ralegh equitis necnon capitanei L. 
Keyms. Primo Anglicana lingua consignata 
jam in Latinum sermonem conversa auctore 
G. Artus. Figuris illustrata et in lucem emissa 
opera et sumptibus Theodorici de Bry viduae 
et filiorum. Tabulae et imagines ad septimam 
et octavam Americae partem. 

3 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1599 

— Part ix. Americae nona pars de novi orbis 
natura. Navigatio quam 5 naves Hollandicae 
per fretum Magellanum tentarunt. Navigatio 
quam 4 navium praefectus 0. a Noort suscepit. 
Omnia e Germanico Latinitate donata et insuper 
elegantissimis figuris aeneis coornata editaque 
sumptilius Theodori de B. viduae et binorum 

5 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1602 

— Part X. Americae pars decima : qua con- 
tinentur, i. Duae navigationes A. Vesputii ; 



ii. Narratio de provinciae Virginiae statu, addita 
historia quomodo Pokahuntas cuidam Anglo 
nupserit, authore R. Hamor ; iii. Vera descriptio 
Novae Angliae a J. Schmidt [Smith]. Omnia 
nunc primum in lucem edita, atque illustrata 
sumptibus ac studio J. T. DE Bry. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Oppenheim, l6l9 

BKY, Theodor de. Historia Americae. Part xi. 
Americae pars undecima, seu descriptio itineris 
a G. Schouten peracti : qua ration e novum in 
mare australe transitum patefecerit. Sequuntur 
verae praecipuarum in hac navigatione ges- 
tarum imagines, studio atque opera J. T. de 

2 parts in 1. i'ol. Oppenheim, l6l9 

Part xi. Appendix. Americae tomi undecimi 

appendix, seu navigationis a G. a Spilbergen per 
fretum Magellanicum peractae descriptio, auctore 
G. Arthusio. Sequuntur verae regionum et 
gentium imagines. Sumptibus J. T. de Bry. 

2 parts in 1. fol. Frankfort, 1620 

— Part xii. Novi orbis pars duodecima, sive 
descriptio Indiae Occidentalis auctore A. de 
Herrera : descriptio Indiae Occidentalis authore 
P. Ordonnez de Cevallos, etc. Sumptibus haere- 
dum J. T. de Bry. 

1 vol. in 2. fol. Frankfort, 1624 

Part xiii. Decima tertia pars historiae 

Americanae, quae continet deseriptionem Novae 
Angliae, Virginiae, etc. Sumptibus M. Meriani. 
[Edited by M. Merian.] 

fol. Frankfort, 1634. 

BRYAN. A catalogue of the whole valuable col- 
lection of [his] celebrated gallery of original 
pictures, to be sold by auction Monday, 7th of 
May, 1804. 

4to. London, 1804 

BEY AN, Matthew. St Paul's triumph in his suffer- 
ings for Christ, with some directions how a 
Christian ought to behave himself under, and 
may reap advantage by, his sufferings. 

4to. London, 1692 

BRYAN, Michael. A biographical and critical 
dictionary of painters and engravers. 

2 vols. 4to. London, I8I6 

New edition. Revised by G. Stanley. 

8vo. London, 1849 

BRYAN, William. A testimony of the spirit of 
truth concerning Richard Brothers ; with some 
account of the manner of the Lord's gracious 
dealing with his servant, W. Bryan. 

8vo. London, 179.5 

BRYANT, Jacob. A dissertation concerning the 
war of Troy, and the expedition of the Grecians, 
as described by Homer, shewing that no such 
expedition was ever undertaken. 

4to. [London, 1796] 

— An expostulation addressed to the British 

4to. Eton, 1799 

— A new system or an analysis of ancient 
mythology, wherein an attempt is made to 
divest tradition of fable. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1774-76 

Observations and enquiries relating to various 

parts of ancient history, containing dissertations 
on the wind Euroclydon, and on the island 
Melite, with an account of Egpyt, and of the 
shepherd kings. 

4to. Canibridge, 1767 

Observations upon a treatise entitled, A de- 
scription of the plain of Troy, by M. le Chevalier. 

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— Observations upon some passages in scripture, 
which enemies to religion have thought most 
obnoxious, and attended with difficulties not to 
be surmounted. 

4to. London, 1803 

— Observations upon the Poems of Thomas 

Rowley, in which the authenticity of those 
poems is ascertained. 

Svo. London, 1781 

— Some observations upon the Vindication of 

Homer, and of the ancient poets and historians, 
who have recorded the siege and fall of Troy, 
by J. B. S. Morritt, Esq. 

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See Arnobius Afer. Adversus gentes. Edin- 
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Scotland from 1833 to 1843, with a retrospect 
from 1.560. 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1850 



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3 vols. 8vo. Lomhm, KS8.S 

The Holy Eoman empire. [Eighth edition.] 

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Transcaucasia and Ararat : being notes of a 

vacation tour in the autumn of 1876. 

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the transactions of His Majesty's mission to the 
court of Persia in the years 1807-11. 

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the diocese of Rochester at the archidiaconal 
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„ Greene, R. Groats - worth of wit. Zee 

Frm-i/, 1813. 
„ Memoirs of the Peers of England. London, 

1 802. 
„ Topographer (The). London, 17 89-9'i. 

The British bibliographer. By Sir E. B. and 

J. Haslewood. 

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and opinions of old English books. Second 

10 vols. 8vo. London, \S\r< 

— Cimelia seu examen criticum librorum ex 

diariis literariis lingua praecipue Gallica, lC6'5- 
1 792, scriptis selectum. 

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Sec Borch, M. J. de. Lettres sur la Sicile. 
Twin, 1782. 

A tour through Sicily and Malta, in a series of 

letters to W. Beckford, Esq. 

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in reference to the usages of chivalry and the 
general economy of the feudal system. 

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physicoruni Aristotelis. 

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See Pylades Brixianus, pseud. Vocabularium, 

BUCCARDUS, Joannes Jacobus. 

Sec Monumentum Romanum. llmnc, 1638. 

BUCER, Martin. 

See Senarclaeus, C. Historia vera de morte J. 
Diazii. 1546. 

Scripta Anglicana fere omnia, a Conrado 

Hubcrto collecta : cum historia Buceri, etc. 

fol. P. rcrna. flaxle, 1577 

The Judgement of M. B., concerning divorce, 

written to Edward the sixt, in his second book 
of the kingdom of Christ, and now Englisht. 
[By John Milton.] 

4to. London, 1644 

BUCH der Beispiele, sou Buch der Weisheit der alten 
Weisen. [The fables of Bidpai in German, 
translated from the Latin version of Joannes 
de Capua.] 

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BUCH, Carl W. 

See Hagenbach, C. R. Compendium of the his- 
tory of doctrines. EdiiiMrgli, 1858-59. 

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Lapland, 1 806-8. Translated from the German 
by John Black, with notes by Robert Jameson. 

4to. Lomlon, 1813 

BUCHAN, Alexander P. Practical observations 
concerning sea bathing, to which are added 
remarks on the use of the warm bath. 

8vo. London, 1804 

BUCHAN, David Stewart Erskine, earl of. Essays 
on the lives and writings of Fletcher of Saltoun 
and the poet Thomson, with some pieces never 
before published. 

8vo London, 1792 

BUCHAN, William. Observations concerning the 
diet of the common people, recommending a 
method of living less expensive and more con- 
ducive to health than the present. 

8vo. London, 1797 

BUCHANAN, Claudius. 

See Bible, Syriac. N. T. 1816. 




See Knox, J. Historie of the reformation. 
London, iG-il. 

De scriptoribus Scotis libri duo. [Edited by 

D. Irving.] [Bannatyne Club.] 

4to. Edinhurgh, 1837 

BUCHANAN, afterwards HAMILTON, Francis. 

An account of the kingdom of Nepal, and of the 
territories annexed to this dominion by the House 
of Gorkha. 

4to. Edinburgh, 1819 

A journey from Madras through the countries 

of Mysore, Canara, and Malabar. 

3 vols. 4to. London, 1807 

BUCHANAN, George. 

For Life, see Irving, D. Memoirs of the life, 

etc. Edinhurgh, 1807. 
See B. (G.) Ane detectioun of the duinges, etc. 

[London, 1572.] 
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,, Barclay, W., Professor of Civil Law. De 

regno et regali potestate. Paris, IfiOO. 
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„ Bible, Latin. O.T., Psalms. N.D., 1575, etc. 
„ De Maria Scotorum Regina. [London, c.\ru\.'] 
„ De vita et rebus gestis Mariae Scotorum, 

tom. i. London, 1725. 
„ Euripides. Alcestis. Cambridge, 1816. 
,, Linacre, T. Eudimenta grammatices. Paris 

„ Notes and observations on G. B.'s History. 

Edinburgh, 1708. 

Opera omnia, curante Thoma Euddimanno. 

2 vols. fol. Edinburgh, 1715 

- De Jure Eegni apud Scotos dialogus. 

4to. John Boss. Edinburgh, 1579 

- Poemata. 

12mo. Elzevir. Ley den, 1628 

Red morocco, with the arms of Nicolas Lambert de Thorigny. 

- Eerum Scoticarum Historia. 

fol. Alexumlcr Arhuthnot. Edinburgh, 1582 

Eespnlilica sive status regni Scotiae et Hiberniae 

diversorum autorum [G. Buchanan, H. Boethii, 
Camden, Speed]. 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1627 


See Cunningham, W., D.D. The reformers. 
Edinburgh, 1S(J(). 

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its history and exposition from scripture. [Cun- 
ningham Lectures, 2nd series.] 

8vo. Edinburgh, 1867 

Faith in God and modern atheism compared. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1855-57 

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Hebrides, 1782-90. 

8vo. London, 1793 


See Harnack, A. History of dogma. London, 

BUCHANAN, Robert. The ten years' conflict, being 
the history of the disruption of the church of 

2 vols. 8vo. Glasgoiv, 1849 

BUCHANAN, Robert Williams. 

See Audubon, J. J. The life and adventures. 
London, 1869. 

BUCHANAN, William. Memoirs of painting, with 
a chronological history of the importation of 
pictures by the great masters into England since 
the French revolution. 

2 vols. Svo. I^ondon, 1824 

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See Luther, M. First principles of the Eeforma- 
tion. London, 1883. 

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See Forschungen zur deutschen Geschichte. 

Goettingcn, 1862, etc. 

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See Collection des chroniques. Paris, 1 824-29. 

BUCK, Sir George. 

See Stow, J. Annales. London, 1831-32. 

The great Plantagenet; or, a continued suc- 
cession of that royall name, from Henry the 
second to our sacred soveraigne king Charles. 

4to. N. and J. Okes. London, 1635 

The history of the life and reigne of Eichard 

the third. 

fol. London, 1647 

Calf, with arms on the sides. 

BUCK, Samuel, and Nathaniel. Twenty-four views 
in the counties of Oxford, Warwick, and North- 

fol. London, 1730 



BUCK, Samuel, and Nathaniel. Twenty-four views 
in the counties of Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, 
and Hertfordshire. 

fol. London, 17.'i7 

Thirty-six views in Wales. 

fol. London, 1742 

Antiquities or venerable remains of above 400 

castles, monasteries, palaces, etc., in England and 
AVales, with near 100 views of cities and cheif 

3 vols. fol. London, 1774 

BUCKE, Charles. 

iS'ee Amusements in retirement. London, 181fi. 

BUCKINGHAM Palace. The royal collection of 
pictures in the gallery at Buckingham Palace. 

4to. London, I860 

BUCKINGHAM, George Villiers, 1st duke of. 

See Poems and songs relating to G. V. [Percy 

The Duke of Buckingham his speach to his 

majestic on Friday being the 4th day of Aprill, 

4to. [London, 1628] 

Catalogue of the collection of pictures of George 

Villiers, duke of Buckingham : with the life of 
Villiers by Brian Fairfax, a catalogue of Sir 
Peter Lely's collection of pictures, a description 
of Easton-Neston, Northamptonshire, and of the 
cartoons at Hampton Court, and an account of 
the Rlarchetti collection of drawings. [Edited 
by H. Walpole.] 

4to. London, 17.58 

BUCKINGHAM, George Villiers, 2nd duke of. 
See Buckingham, J. S., duke of. A short charac- 
ter of Charles II. London, 1729. 
„ Shaftesbury, A. A. C, 1st earl of. Two 
speeches. Amsterdam, 1675. 

The chances : a comedy. [Altered from Beau- 
mont and Fletcher.] 

Svo. London, 1774 

The Rehearsal, 1672, with illustrations from 

previous plays, etc. Edited by E. Arber. 
[English Keprints, x.] 

4to. London, 186<) 

A short discourse upon the reasonableness of 

men's having a religion, or worship of God. 

4to. London, 1685 

Speech in a late conference. 

4to. London, l668 

BUCKINGHAM, James Silk. Travels among the 
Aral) tribes inhabiting the countries east of 
Syria and Palestine, including a journey from 
Nazareth to the mountains beyond the Dead 
Sea and thence through the plains of the Hauran 
to Bozra, etc. 

4to. London, 1825 

Travels in Mesopotamia, including a journey 

from Aleppo to Bagdad, by the route of Beer, 
Orfah, Diarbekr, Mardin, and Mosul. 

4to. London, 1827 

Travels in Palestine through the countries of 

Bashan and Gilead, east of the river Jordan, in- 
cluding a visit to the cities of Geraza and Gamala 
in the Decapolis. 

4to. London, 1821 

BUCKINGHAM, John Sheffield, duke of 

See Johnson, S. Works of the British poets. 
London, 1790. 
„ Roscommon, W. D., earl of Poems. London, 

Works, in verse and prose. 

2 vols. 4to. Loudon, 1723 

A short character of Charles Ii., King of Eng- 
land : vnth the conference between George 
Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, and Father Fitz- 
gerald, an Irish Jesuit sent by James ii. to con- 
vert his gi'ace, taken by his grace's secretary. 

8vo. London, 1729 

BUCKINGHAM and CHANDOS, Richard Planta- 
genet Temple Nugent Brydges Chandos Gren- 
ville, 2nd duke of. Memoirs of the court and 
cabinets of George in. 

4 vols. Svo. London, 1853-55 

Memoirs of the court of England during the 

Regency, 1811-20. 

2 vols. Svo, London, 1856 

Memoirs of the court of George iv., 1820-30. 
2 vols. Svo. London, 1859 

Memoirs of the court and cabinets of William iv. 

and Victoria. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1861 

BUCKINGTON, Nathaniel. Serious considerations 
on the political conduct of Lord North since his 
first entry into the Ministry. 

Svo. London, 178.S 



BUCKLAND, Francis Trevelyan. 

See WMte, G. Natural history of Selborne. 
London, 1876. 

BUCKLAND, William. Geology and mineralogy 
considered \vith reference to natural theology. 
[Bridgewater Treatises, vi.] 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1836 

Reliquioe Diluvianse ; or, observations on the 

organic remains contained in caves, fissures, and 
diluvial gravel, and on other geological pheno- 
mena, attesting the action of an universal deluge. 

Second edition. 

BUCKLE, Henry Thomas. 
For Life, see Huth, A. H. 

4to. London, 1824 

— Miscellaneous and posthumous works. Edited, 
with a biographical notice, by Helen Taylor. 
3 vols. 8vo. London, 1872 

History of civilization in England. Second 


2 vols. 8vo. London, 1858-61 

BUCKLER, Benjamin. 

See Complete vindication of the Mallard. London, 

BUCKLER, William. The Larvae of the British 
butterflies and moths. Edited by H. T. Stainton 
and others. [Ray Society, 1885, etc.] 

Inpvgress. 8vo. Lmulon, 1886, etc. 

BUCKLEY, Arabella Burton. 

See Somerville, M. The connexion of the physical 
sciences. London, 1877. 

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concerning a new edition of Thuanus's History. 
3 vols in 1. 8vo. London, 1728-30 

BUCKLEY, Theodore Alois William. 

See Canons and decrees of the Council of Trent. 
London, 1851. 
„ Catechism of the Council of Trent. London, 

A history of the Council of Trent . . . with a 

chronological summary. 

8vo. London, 1852 

BUCKLEY, William Edward. 

See Ailesbury, Thomas, earl of. Memoirs. [Eox- 
burgho Club.] 
„ Burton, R. Philosophaster. [Roxburghe 

BUCKLEY, William Edward. 

See Edwards, T., Poet. Cephalus and Procris. 
[Roxburghe Club.] 
,, Hall, J., Bishop of Norwich. The Kings 

prophecie. [Roxburghe Club.] 
„ Herbert, Sir W. Croftus. [Roxburghe 

„ Partonope de Blois. [Roxburghe Club.] 

BUCKTON, George Bowdler. Monograph of the 
British Aphides. [Ray Society, 1875-82.] 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1876-83 

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See De philologia. Leyden, 1696. 
„ Demosthenes. Orationes. [Greek.] Basle, 

„ Scriptores rerum Gennanicarum. Frankfort, 

Commentarii linguae Graeeae. 

fol. J. Badius. Paris, 1529 

Original binding, with the device of Demetrio Canevari. 

Another edition. 

fol. R. Stephanus. Paris, 1548 

De asse et partibus ejus libri v. 

8vo. Jldus. Venice, 1522 

Printed on vellum, the dedicatiou copy to J. Grolier. 

Epistolae Graeeae, per Ant. Pichonium 

Latinae factae. [Greek and Latin.] 

4to. /. Bene-natus. Paris, 1574 


See Berry, W. The history of Guernsey. London, 


See Wiclif Society. John Wiclif's polemical 
works in Latin. London, 1883. 


For Life, see Asvaghosha Bodhisattva. The Fo- 
sho-hing-tsan-king. Oxford, 1883. 

BUDDHAGOSA. Parables [contained in his com- 
mentary on the Dhammapada] translated [from 
Pali into Burmese and] from Burmese by T. 
Rogers. With an introduction, containing 
Buddha's Dhammapada, or Path of Virtue, trans- 
lated from Pali by F. Max Muller. 

8vo. London, 1870 



BUDDHIST Mahayiina texts. Tart i. The Bmklha- 
karita of Asvaghosha. Translated from the 
Sanskrit by E. B. CoWELL. [Sacred Books of 
the Eiist, xlix.] 

8vo. Oxford, 18<)1. 

Suttas. Translated from Pali by T. W. Rhys 

Davids. [Sacred Books of the East, xi.] 

Svo. Oxford, 1881 

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See John, Chrysostom, Saint. Homilies on the 
statues. Oxford, 1842. 

BUDGE, Ernest Alfred T. Wallis. 

See Book of the Dead. London, 18.0.';. 
„ Life and exploits of Alexander the Great. 
London, 1896. 

BUDGELL, Eustace. 

See Cleomenes, pseud. A proper reply. London, 

„ Review of the short history. London, 1733. 
„ Short history of prime ministers. London, 

— A letter to the merchants and tradesmen of 
Great Britain, upon their late glorious behaviour 
and happy success in opposing the extension of 
the excise laws. 

Svo. London, 1733 

— Liberty and property : a pamphlet highly 
necessary to be read by every Englishman, who 
has the least regard for those two invaluable 
blessings. Second edition. 

2 parts in 1. 8vo. London, 1732 

Speech made at a general court of the South 

Sea Company in Merchant-Taylors hall, Sept. 
20, 1720. 

fol. London, 1720 

BUDGET (The), inscribed to the man, who thinks 
himself minister [i.e. the Kt. Hon. Geo. Grenville]. 
[By David Hartley.] 

4to. London, 176"4 

opened ; or, an answer to a pamphlet [by Sir 

E. Walpole] intitled, A letter from a member 
of parliament concerning the duties on wine and 
tobacco. [By William Pulteney, Earl of Bath.] 

8vo. Lomlon, 1733 

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.S«« Manu. The laws. Oxford, i 886. 
„ Sacred laws of the Aryas. Oxford, 1879-82. 

BUEIL, Jean de. TjC Jouvenccl : suivi du com- 
meiitairc dc Guillaumo Tringant. Public par 
C. Favre et L. LECE.STRE. [Soci6t6 de I'Histoire 
dc France.] 

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1887-89 


See Psalms. [Early P^nglish Text Society.] 1 89 1 . 

Ablaut in the modern dialects of the south of 

England. Translated by A. W. Badham. [Eng- 
lish Dialect Society, No. 63.] 

Svo. Loudon, 1891 

Geschichte des Ablauts der starken Zeitworter 
innerhalb des Siidenglischen. [Quellen und 

Forschungcn, Ixiii.] 

Svo. Strasburg, 1889 

BULFFINGER, Georg Bemhard. 
See Bilfinger, G. B. 

BUENAU, Heinrich von, Count. Catalogus 
Bibliothecai Bunaviaiiae. 

3 vols, in 7. -Ito. Leipdij, 17.')0-.'">fj 

BUERGER, Gottfried August. 

&'e Deutscher Sammlung. Vienna, 1789-99. 

Leonora. Translated by W. R. Spencer, Esq., 

with designs by the Right Hon. Lady Diana 
Beauclerc. [German and English.] 

4to. London, 1796 

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Europa : unterschicdene Lander von Asia [vol. 
xi.] : Amerika [vol. xii.]. 

12 vols. 12mo. Hamburg, 1787-93 

Gdographie universelle, traduite de I'Allemand 

[hy Gerard de Rayneval and others] avec des 

14 vols, in I.''). 12mo. Strasburg, 1779-85 

BUFFIER, Claude. Cour de sciences sur des prin- 
cipes nouveaux et simples, pour former le langage, 
I'esprit et le coeur, dans I'usage ordinaire de la 

fol. Paris, 1732 

BUFFON, Georges Louis Le Clerc, comte de. 

See H^rault de Sechelles, M. J. Voyage k 
Montbar. Paris, 1801 
„ Malesherbes, G. G. de L. de. Observations 
sur rhistoire naturelle. Paris, 1 798. 

Histoire naturelle des oiseaux. 

10 vols. fol. Paris, 1771-86 



BUFFON, Georges Louis Le Clerc, comte de. His- 

toire Naturelle, generals et particuliere avec la 

description da cabinet du Roi. [By Buffon 

and others.] 

43 vols. 4to. Paris, 1749-1803 

Las epoques de la nature. 

2 vols in 1. 12mo. Paris, 1780 


Sec Bible, Low German. N. T. 

BUGNY, L. de. Pollion, ou le siecle d' Augusta. 

4 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1 808 

BUHLE, Johann Gottlieb. 

See Aratus. Phaeuomena et Diosemeia. Leipzig, 

Histoire de la philosophie moderne depuis la 

renaissance des lettres jusqu'a Kant, precedee 
d'un abrege de la philosophie ancienne depuis 
Thales jusqu'au 1 4" siecle. Traduite de I'Alle- 
mand par A. J. L. Jourdan. 

6 vols. 8vo. Paris, 181() 

BUIRETTE DE BELLOY, Pierre Laurent. 
See Belloy, P. L. B. de. 

BULAEUS, Olivarius. Methodus Hebraica per 

quam Hebraeorum lingua sine punctis disci 


8vo. Utrecht, 1658 

BULENGERUS, Julius Caesar. 
See Boulenger, J. C. 

BULHAKOW, D. von. Authentic copies of the 
declaration of M. de Bulhakow, envoy from 
Russia, delivered at Warsaw, May 18, 1792, with 
the answer of the republic of Poland, dated 
June 1, 1782 [i.e. 1792]. 

8vo. London, 1792 


See B. (E.) An answere to ten . . . reasons. 
London, 1588. 

BULL, George, Bishop of St. David's. Opera omnia 
quibus duo praccipui Catholicae fidei articuli de 
iS. Trinitate et justificatione, orthodoxe, per- 
spicue, ac solidc explanantur ; subnexa insuper 
pluribus singulorum librorum capitibus aunotata 
J. E. Grabe. 

fol. London, 1703 

Defensio fidei Nicaenae ex scriptis quae extant 

Catholicorum doctorum qui intra tria prima 
secula floruerunt. Editio secunda. 

4to. Oxford, 1688 

BULL, George, Bishop of St. David's. Exameii 

censurae ; or, an answer to certain strictures on 

a book entitled Harmonia Apostolica. [Library 

of Anglo-Catholic Theology.] 

8vo. Oxford, 1844 

Harmonia apostolica ; or, two dissertations in 

which the doctrine of St. James on justification 
by works is explained, and the agreement of 
St. Paul with St. James is shown. [Library of 
Anglo-Catholic Theology.] 

8vo. 0.>ford, 1844 

Works on the Trinity : a defence of the Nicene 

creed ; the judgment of the catholic church. 
[Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.] 

3 vols, in 2. 8vo. Oxford, 1852-55 

BULL, Henry. Christian prayers and holy medita- 
tions as well for private as public exercise, col- 
lected by H. B. (1566). [Parker Society, vi.] 

I2mo. Cambridge, 1842 

BULL, John, pseud. Mr. St. George, a true story. 
[A satire upon George in.] 

8vo. London [1795] 

BULL, W., pseud, i.e. Ann Jebb. Two penny- 
worth of truth for a penny ; or, a true state of 
facts : with an apology for Tom Bull in a letter 
[signed W. Bull] to brother John. Second 

8vo. London, 1793 

BULLA Aurea. Die guldin bull keyser Karls des 

fol. L. Holt. Ulm, 1484 

BULLART, Isaac. Academic des Sciences et des 
Ai'ts : coiitenant les vies, et les eloges historiques 
des hommes illustres, qui ont excelle en ces 
professions depuis environ quatre siecles. [Edited 
by Jacques Ignace Bullart.] 

fol. Amsterdam, 1682 

BULLEIN, William. A dialogue against the fever 
pestilence, from the edition of 1 578. Edited by 
Mark AV. Bullen and A. H. Bullen. Part i., 
the text. [Early English Text Society, extra 
series, part lii.] 

8vo. London, 1888 

BULLEN, Arthur Henry. 
See BuUein, W. 

pestilence. [Early English Text Society.] 

A dialogue against the fever 



BULLEN, George. 

Sec Ars Moriendi. [Holbein Society.] Londuii, 
,, Caxton celebration. Catalogue. London, 

„ Ffinzing, M. Tewrdannckh. [Holbein 

BULLEN, Mark W. 

Sic Bullein, W. A dialogue against the fever 
pestilence. [Early English Text Society.] 

BULLER, Sir Walter Lawry. A history of the 
birds of New Zealand. Second edition. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1888 

BULLET, Jean Baptiste. Histoire de I'etablisse- 
raent du Christianisme, tire des seals autcurs juifs 
et payens. 

4to. Paris, 17(ii 

The history of the establishment of Chris- 
tianity, compiled from Jewish and heathen 
authors only, exhibiting a proof of the truth of 
this religion. Translated from the French by 
Willi AJi Salisbury. 

Svo. London, 1776 

Memoires sur la langue celtique, contenant 

I'histoire de cette langue, une description etymo- 
logique des villes, rivieres, etc., des Gaules : un 
dictionnaire celtique. 

3 vols. fol. Besangon, 1754-60 

Recherches historiques sur les cartes h, jouer. 

Svo. Lyons, 1757 

Rcponses critiques k plusieurs difficult^s pro- 
poshes par les nouveaux incr^dules sur divers 
endroits des livres saints. 

4. vols. 12mo. Paris, 1774-83 

BULLET (The) Te Deum ; with the canticle of the 

Svo. London, 1817 

BULLETIN de Paris ou relation historique des 
evenemens en France 1814-15, et particidiere- 
ment pendant le siege de Paris : suivi de pieces 

Svo. Paris, 1S15 

BULLETINS (Les) fran9ois concernant la guerre en 
Russie, pendant I'annee, 1812. 

Svo. London, 1812 


Sec Thou, J. A. de. Catalogus bibliothecae. 
Paris, 167.9. 

BULLIARD, Pierre. Aviceptologie fran^aise, ou 
traite general de toutes les ruses dont on pent 
se servir pour prendre les oiseaux qui sont en 

12mo. Paris, 1795 

Dictionnaire 61ementaire de botanique. Nou- 

velle edition, revue et corrig^e. 

fol. Paris, 1797 

BULLINGER, Heinrich. 

See Bible, English. N. T., Revelation. 4to. 

The decades of H. B. Translated by H. I. 

Edited by T. Hakding. [Parker Society, xxxv., 
xxxix., xlii., xlvii.] 

4 vols. Svo. Cambridge, 1849-52 

BULLOCK, William. Six months' residence and 
travels in Mexico, containing remarks on the 
present state of New Spain. 

Svo. London, 1S24 

BULWER, afterwards BULWER LYTTON, Edward 
George Earle Lytton, Baron Lytton. Miscel- 
laneous prose works. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1868 

Speeches now first collected, with some of his 

political writings and a prefatory memoir by 
his son [E. R. B. Lytton]. 

2 vols. Svo. Edinburgh, 1S74 

BULWER, Henry Earle Lytton, Baron Balling and 
Bulwer. The life of Henry John Temple, 
Viscount Palmerston, with selections from his 
correspondence. Edited by the Hon. Evelyn 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1870-74 

BULWER, John. Anthropometamorphosis : Man 
transformed, or the artificiall changling. 

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Chirologia ; or, the natural language of the 

hand. Whereunto is added, Chironomia ; or, the 
art of manuall rhetoricke. 

2 vols in 1. Svo. London, 1644 

— Philocophus ; or, the Deafe and Dumbe Mans 

12mo. London, 1648 



BUNBUEY, Edward Herbert. A history of ancient 
geography among the Greeks and Romans from 
the earliest ages till the fall of the Roman 
Empire. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1883 

BUNELLUS, Petrus. P. B. et P. Manutii epistolae 
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[Edited by H. Estienne.] 

2 parts in 1 . 8vo. H. Stephanus. 
[Paris] 1581 

BUNGENER, Laurence Louis Felix. History of 
the council of Trent, mth the author's last cor- 
rections and additions communicated to the 
translator [D. D. Scott]. Second edition. 

8vo. EdMunjh, 1853 

Rome and the council in the nineteenth century. 

Translated from the French. 

Svo. Edinburgh, 1870 

BUNSEN, Christian Carl Josias, Baron. 

For Life, see Bunsen, F. A memoir. London, 1868. 
See Bible, German. 1858. 

Christianity and manldnd, their beginnings and 

prospects [vols, i.-ii., Hippolytus and his age : 
vols, iii.-iv., Outlines of the philosophy of uni- 
versal history applied to language and religion : 
vols, v.-vii., Analecta ante-Nicaena]. 

7 vols. Svo. London, 1854 

Egypt's place in universal history. Translated 

by C. H. CoTTRELL. With additions by S. 

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1848-67 

God in history ; or, the progress of man's faith 

in the moral order of the world. Translated from 
the German by Susanna Winkworth. With a 
preface by A. P. Stanley. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1868-70 

— Hippolytus and his age ; or, the doctrine and 
practice of the church of Rome under Commodus 
and Alexander Severus. 

4 vols. Svo. London, 1852 

— Signs of the times : letters to Ernst Moritz 
Arndt on the dangers to religious liberty in the 
present state of the world. Translated from the 
German by Susanna Winkworth. 

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connected with contemporaneous events in the 
history of the Babylonians, Assyrians, and 
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BUNSEN, Frances, Baroness. A memoir of Baron 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1868 

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selections from his sermons, letters, and poems. 
Edited by G. S. RowE. With a biographical 
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BUNYAN, John. 

For Life, .see Brown, John, B.A. London, 1885. 
„ Froude, J. A. [English men of 

5) )> 

— Works. Second edition. 

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— Works, with introductions, notes, and a sketch 
of his life, times, and contemporaries. Edited 
by G. Offor [and R. Philip]. 

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— The barren fig-tree ; or, the doom and downfal 
of the fruitles professor. 

l2mo. Fm- F. Robinson. London, 1688 

— Differences in judgement about water-baptism 
no bar to communion. 

Svo. Loiulon, 1673 

- The heavenly footman ; or, a description of the 
man that gets to heaven. 

12mo. Fm- John Marshall. London, 17 QO 

— The holy war, made by Shaddai upon Diabolus 
for the regaining of the metropolis of the world ; 
or, the losing and taking of the town of Man- 

Svo. London, 1682 

— The pilgrim's progress from this world to that 
v»"hich is to come, delivered under the similitude 
of a dream. 

Svo. London, 1678 

The pilgrim's progress : the second part. 

Svo. London, l684 

The pilgrim's progress. 

Svo. London, 1796 



BUNYAN, John. The pilgrim's progress ; accurately 
printed from the first edition. Edited, with an 
introduetion, by GEORGE Offok. [Hansord 
Knollys Society.] 

8vo. London, 1847 

Some Gospel-truths opened according to the 

scriptures ; or, the divine and humane nature of 
Christ Jesus, etc. 

12mo. London, Ifi.'jfi 

BUOMMATTEI, Benedetto. Delia lingua Toscana 
libri due. 

4to. FloreriK, 1714 

Another edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. Milan, 1 SO? 


See Pausanias. Descrittione della Grecia. 
Mamtua, 1594. 

BUONACCORSI, Biagio. Diario de' success! piu 
importanti seguiti in Italia e particolarmente in 
Fiorenza, 1498-1512 : raccolto da B. B. [from the 
notes of N. Machiavelli] con la vita de Lorenzo 
de' Medici scritta da Niccol5 Valori [and 
translated from the Latin by F. Valoki]. 

4to. Giunti. Florence, 1568 


See Boccaccio, G. [Supposititious works.] 
Urbano. [1490.] 

BUONAFEDE, Appiano. 

See Cromaziano, A. A. de F., pseud. 

Opuscoli di Agatopisto Cromaziano, o sia 

Appiano Buonafedi. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Venice, 1797 

BUONAMICI, Pietro Giuseppe Maria, afterwards 
Castruccio, Count. Commentariorum de Bello 
Italico libri i.-iii. 

4 parts in 2. 4to. Leycle7i, 17 50-51 

De rebus ad Velitras gestis commentarius. 

Editio altera, emendatior. 

8vo. Leyden, 1752 

BUONANNI, Filippo. Rerum naturalium historia 
nempe quadrupedum, etc., ac praesertim testa- 
ceorum exsistentium in museo Kircheriano : 
nunc vero nova methodo distributa, notis illus- 
trata, a J. A. Battarra. 

2 vols. fol. Borne, 1773-82 

BUONANNI E COLONNA, Giacomo, Duke of 

MonUilliano. i)elle antiche Siracuse volume 
primo che contiene i due libri della Siracusa 
illustrata da G. B. Volume secondo che contiene 
gli scrittori anteriori al B., cio6 V. Mirabella, 
F. Cluverio, C. M. Arezzo, e T. Fazello ; le 
tavole di G. Gualtero. [Edited by F. BuoN- 


2 vols. fol. Palermo, 1717 

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8vo. Paris, 1803 


Sec Dempster, T. De Etruria regali, lib. vii. 
Florence, 1723-26. 

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For Life, see Condivi, A. Pome, 1553. 
„ „ Duppa, R. London, 1806. 

„ „ Harford, J. S. London, 1857. 

„ „ Symonds, J. A. Loiulon, 1893. 

See Vignola, G. B. Li cinque ordini di archi- 
tettura. Venice [1648 ?]. 

Rime : raccolte da Michelagnolo suo nipote. 

4to. Flm-ence, 1623 

Rime : col comento di G. Biagioli. 

8vo. Paris, 1821 

BUONARROTI, Michel Agnolo, the younger. 

Sec Teatro comico Fiorentino. vol. vi. Florence., 
„ Tancia. Florence, l6l2. 

La Fiera, commedia, e la Tancia commedia 

rusticale, coll' annotazioni di A. M. Salvini. 

fol. Florence, 1726 

BUONARROTI, Philippe. Conspiration pour 
I'egalite, dite de Babeuf, suivie du proces, etc. 

2 vols. 8vo. Brussels, 1828 

See Bonincontrus, L. 

BUONINSEGNI, Domenico. Storie della eitta di 
Firenze, 1410-60. 

4to. Landini. Floreiice, 1637 

BUONINSEGNI, Pietro. Historia Fiorentina [to 
the year 1409] di P. B. [or rather of D. 


4to. Giorgio Marescotii. Florence, 1581-[80] 

BURCHARDUS, Joannes, Bishop of Orta and Civiti 
Castellana. Historia arcana sive de vita Alex- 
andri VI. Papae, seu excerpta ex diario Johannis 
Bui-chardi : edita a GoDOFR. Gulielm. Leibnizio. 

4to. Hannover, 1697 



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Southern Africa. 

2 vols. 4to. London, 1822-24 

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most remarkable transactions at sea from the 
earliest accounts of time to the conclusion of 
the last war with France. 

fol. London, 1720 

BURCHIELLO, pseud, i.e. Domenico di Giovanni. 

4to. Chr. Armldus. [Venice, 147')] 

Another edition. 

4to. Tomaso d' Alexandria. Venice, 1477 

Sonetti ; e sonetti d'altri poeti Fiorentini alia 


8vo. London, 1757 

BURCHIUS, Lambertus Vander. Sabaudiae res- 
publica et historia. 

24mo. Elzevir. Leyden, 1634 

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Augustae quae Wolffenbutteli est. 

2 parts. 4to. Leipzig [1744]-1746 

BURCKHARDT, John Lewis. Arabic proverbs ; or, 
the manners of the modern Egyptians illustrated 
from their proverbial sayings, translated and 
explained. [Edited by Sir W. Ouseley.] 

4to. London, 1830 

Notes on the Bedouins and Wahdbys. Collected 

during his travels in the East by the late J. L. B. 
[Edited by Sir W. Ouseley.] 

4to. London, 1830 

Travels in Nubia ; with maps. 

4to. London, 1819 

Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. [Edited 

by W. M. Leake.] 

4to. London, 1822 

BURDER, Samuel. 

See Saurin, J. Sermons. London, 1 836. 

Oriental customs ; or, an illustration of the 

Sacred scriptures by an application of the customs 
and manners of the Eastern nations. Sixth 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1 822 

Oriental literature applied to the illustration 

of the Sacred Scriptures. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1822 

BURDETT, P. P. Survey of the county palatine 
of Chester [4 sheets]. Engraved by Burdett 
and T. Billinge. 

fol. [Lmidmil. 1780?] 

BURDETT, Sir Francis, Bart. 

See Non-Reveur, C, pseud. The red book. 
London, 1807. 

BURDON, William. 

See Question (The), Why do we go to war ? 

London, 1803. 

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See Aumont, L. M. A. A. de R., due d'. Cata- 
logue des livres. Paris, 1782. 

,, Gouttard. Catalogue des livres. Paris, 1780. 

,, La Valliere, due de. Catalogue des livres. 
Paris, 1783. 

„ L'H^ritier de Brutelle, C. L. Catalogue des 
livres. Paris, 1802. 

„ Limaire, C. de. Catalogue des livres. Paris, 

BURE, Guillaume Frangois de. Bibliographie In- 
structive ; ou traite de la connoissance des livres 
rares et singuliers. Supplement k la Biblio- 
graphie instructive, ou catalogue des livres du 
cabinet de feu M. Louis Jean Gaignat. 

10 vols. 4to. Paris, 1763-1782 

Musaeum typographicum seu collectio in qua 

omnium fere librorum rarissimorum accurate 

12mo. [Paris] 1755 

BURE, Jean Jacques de, and Marie Jacques de. 
See Mac-Carthy Reagh, comte de. Catalogue 
des livres. Paris, 1815. 

See Longchamps, Buret de. 


See Argument to prove that the 39th section, 

etc. London, 1727. 

BURG, Johann Friedricli. 

See Chrestomathia patristica Graeca. Breslau, 

BURGER, Conrad. 

See Hain, L. Repertorium bibliographicum. 
Si'uttgart, 1826-91. 

SURGES, Cornelius. A case concerning the buying 
of bishojj's lands with the lawfulness thereof, 
and the difference between the contractors for 
sale of those lands and the corporation of Wells. 

4to. London, l659 



BURGES, George. 

See Euripides. Troades. Cambridge, 1807. 

BUEGES, afterwards LAMB, Sir James Bland, Bart. 
The birth and triumph of love : a poem. 

4to. London, 179(5 

BURGESS, Hemry. 

!<(■<• Athanasius, Saint. Festal epistles. Oxfm-d, 
„ Journal of sacred literature. [Second and 
third series.] London, 1852-62. 

BURGESS, James. 

See Fergusson, J. The cave temples of India. 
London, 1880. 

BURGESS, Thomas, Bishop of Salisbury. 
See Aristotle. De Poetica. Oxford, 1794. 

Observationes in Sophoclis Oedipum Tyranniim, 

Oedipum Coloneum, Antigonam : Euripidis Phoe- 
nissas, Aeschyli Septem contra Thebas. 

8vo. Oxford, 1778 

BURGH, Benet. 

See Aristotle. Lydgate and Burgh's Secrees, 
etc. [Early English Text Society.] 
„ Cato, D. Cato Parvus et Magnus. [fFest- 
minster, 1482.] 


See Maximilian I. Le triomphe. Vienna, 1796. 
„ „ The triumphs. [Holbein 


BURGO, Dionysius de. Commentarii in Valerium 

fol. B. Printer. [Strasburg, 1470] 

BURGO, Joannes de. Pupilla oculi : in qua tractatur 
de septem sacramentorum administratione, de 
decern preceptis decalogi et reliquis ecclesiasti- 
corum officiis. [Edited by A. Agge.] 

4to. IF. Hopyl, Paris, for W. Bretton. 
London, 1510 

BURGO, Thomas de. Titular Bishop of Ossory. 
Hibernia Dominicana sive historia provinciae 
Hiberniae ordinis predicatorum : et supple- 

2 vols, in 1. 4to. Cologne [i.e. Kilkenny] 


BURGON, John William. The last twelve verses 
of the Gospel according to St. Mark vindicated 
against recent critical objectors and established. 
8vo. Oxford and London, 1871 

BURGON, John William. Lives of Twelve good 
men : M. J. liouth, H. J. Rose, C. Marriott, 
E. Hawkins, S. Wilberforce, R. L. Cotton, R. 
Greswell, H. 0. Coxe, H. L. Mansel, W. Jacob- 
son, C. P. Eden, C. L. Higgins. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1888-89 

The revision revised. Three articles. . . . 

i. The new Greek text; ii. The new English 
version ; iii. Westcott and Hort's new textual 
theory, to which is added a reply to Bishop 
Ellicott's pamphlet in defence of the Revisers 
and their Greek text of the New Testament. 

8vo. London, 188.9 

BURGOYNE, Right Hon. John. 

For Life, sec De Fonblanque, B. B. Political and 

military episodes. London, 1876. 
See Maid of the oaks. London, 1775. 

Letter to his constituents upon his late resig- 
nation : with the correspondences between the 
secretaries of war and him, relative to his return 
to America. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1779 
See also Reply to lieut.-gen. Burgoyne's letter. 

Substance of, speeches on Mr. Vyner's motion, 

26 May, and upon Mr. Hartley's motion, 28 
May 1778; with general Washington's letter to 
general Burgoyne, etc. 

8vo. London, 1778 

BURGUNDY, Charles, duke of, called The Bold. 
For Life, see Barlandus, H. Hollandiae comitum 
historia. Leyden, 1584. 
„ Kirk, J. F. London, 1863-68. 

BURIGNY, Jean L^vesque de. 

See Bergier, N. S. La certitude des preuves. 
P«m, 177.S. 
„ Traits de I'autorit^ du pape. The Hague, 

Histoire generale de Sicile. 

2 vols. 4to. The Hague, 1745 

— Theologie payenne ; ou sentimens des philo- 

sophes et des peuples payens les plus celebres, 

sur Dieu, sur I'ame, et sur les devoirs de I'homme. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1753-54 

Vie de Bossuet, 6veque de Meaux. 

12mo. Paris, 1761 

Vie d'Erasme. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1757 




BURIGNY, Jean L^vesque de. Vie de Grotius avec 
I'histoire de ses ouvrages et de ses negotiations. 
2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1752 

The life of Hugo Grotius. Translated from 

the French. 

8vo. London, 1754 

BUREE, Right Hon. Edmund. 

For Life, see Macknight, T. London, 1858-60. 
„ „ Morley, Right Hon. J. London, 

1S67 and 1879. [English Men of Letters.] 
See Account of the European settlement in 
America. London, 1111. 

„ Beauties of Fox, North, and B. London, 

„ Belsham, W. Examination of an appeal. 
London, 1792. 

„ Deformities of Fox and B. London, 17 84. 

„ Letter to Edmund B., Esq. [London, 1782.] 

„ Letter to the Rt. Hon. Edmund B. Bir- 
mingham, 1791. London, 1790. 

,, Philosophical enquiry. London, 1770. 

„ Valens, pseud. Letters. London, 1777. 

„ Writing found in a pocket-book. [Londoii] 

- — Works. [Vols, iv.-vii. edited by WALKER 

7 vols. 4to. Londmi, 1792-1821 

— Works and correspondence. A new edition. 

8 vols. 8vo. London, 1852 

— An appeal from the new to the old Whigs, in 
consequence of some late discussions in Parlia- 
ment, relative to the Reflections on the French 
Revolution. [Anon.] 

8vo. London, 1791 
See also Boothby, Sir B. Observations on the 

— Articles of charges of high crimes and mis- 
demeanors, against Warren Hastings, Esq. : 
presented to the house of Commons, April-May 
1786. Second edition [with first edition of the 
second part]. 

2 vols, in 1. 8vo. Lmidon, 1786 

— Correspondence between 1744 and the period 
of his decease in 1797. Edited by Earl FlTZ- 
wiLLiAM and Sir R. Bourke. 

4 vols. 8vo. London, 1844 

— A letter to a member of the National Assembly : 
in answer to some objections to his book on 
French affairs. 

8vo. London, 1791 

BURKE, Right Hon. Edmund. A letter to a mem- 
ber of the National Assembly : in answer to 
some objections to his book on French affairs. 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1791 

A letter to a noble lord, on the attacks made 

upon him and his pension, in the House of 
Lords, by the Duke of Bedford, and the Earl 
of Lauderdale. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1796 

A letter to his grace the Duke of Portland, on 

the conduct of the minority in Parliament, con- 
taining fifty-four articles of impeachment against 
the Rt. Hon. C. J. Fox. 

8vo. London, 1797 

A letter to John Farr and John Harris, 

sherifis of Bristol, on the affairs of America. 
Second edition. 

8vo. Loiulon, nil 

Fourth edition. 

8vo. London, 1777 

A letter to Philip Francis from the right hon. 

Edmund Burke, chairman, and members of the 
Committee for managing the impeachment of 
Mr. Hastings : with remarks. 

Svo. London, 1788 

— A letter to Sir H. Langrishe, on the subject of 
the Roman Catholics of Ireland, and the pro- 
priety of admitting them to the elective franchise, 
consistently with the principles of the constitu- 

8vo. London, 1792 

Second edition. 

8vo. Londmi, 1792 

— Observations on a late state of the nation. 

4to. Lffiulon, 1769 

— Pearls cast before swine : scraped together by 
Old Hubert. 

8vo. Lmdmi[\193] 

— Reflections on the revolution in France, and on 
the proceedings in certain societies in London 
relative to that event. 

Svo. London, 1790 

See also Letter to the right honourable £. Burke. 

Eleventh edition 

8vo. Loiulon, 1791 



BURKE, Right Hon. Edmund. A reply to the 
treasury pamphlet [l)y G. Kous] entitled, ' The 
proposed system of trade with Ireland explained.' 

8vo. London, 1785 

Speeches in the House of Commons and in 

AVestminster Hall. 

■1 vols. 8vo. London, 1816 

— A .speech at the Guildhall, in Bri.stol, previous 
to the late election in that city, upon certain 
points relative to his Parliamentary conduct. 

4to. London, 1780 

Third edition. 

8vo. London, 1780 

— Speech on American taxation, April 19, 1774. 
Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1775 

— Speech on moving his resolutions for concilia- 
tion with the colonies, March 22, 1775. Second 

8vo. London, 1775 

— Third edition. 

8vo. Loiuhn, 1115 

— Speech on presenting to the House of Commons, 
11 Feb. 1780, a plan for the better security 
of the independence of parliament and the 
oeconomical reformation of the civil and other 

8vo. London, 1780 

Fourth edition 

8vo. London, 1780 

— Speech on the 1st December 1783, upon the 
question for the Speaker's leaving the chair, in 
order for the house to resolve itself into a 
committee on Mr. Fox's East India Bill. 

8vo. London, 1784 

— Speech on the motion made for papers relative 
to the directions for charging the Nabob of 
Arcot's private debts to Europeans on the 
revenues of the Carnatic, Feb. 28, 1785 : with 

8vo. JjOndon, 1785 

— Substance of the speech in the debate on the 
army estimates, in the house of commons, Feb. 
9, 1790, comprehending a discussion of the 
present situation of affairs in France. 

8vo. London, 1790 

BURKE, Right Hon. Edmund. Thoughts and details 
on scarcity, originally presented to the right hon. 
William Pitt, in November 1795. 

8vo. London, 1800 

— Thoughts on the cause of the present dis- 
contents. [Anon.] 

4to. London, 1770 

— Thoughts on the prospect of a regicide peace, 
in a series of letters. [Anon.] 

8vo. London, 1796 

— Two letters addressed to a member of the 
present Parliament, on the proposals for peace 
with the regicide directory of France. Fourth 

8vo. London, 1796 

— A third letter to a member of the present 
parliament, on the proposals for peace with the 
regicide directory of France. 

8vo. London, 1797 

— Two letters on the conduct of our domestick 

parties, with regard to French politicks ; includ- 
ing, 'Observations on the conduct of the minority, 
in the session of 1793.' 

8vo. London, 1797 

— Two letters to gentlemen in the city of Bristol, 
on the bills depending in Parliament relative to 
the trade of Ireland. 

8vo. London, 1778 

— A vindication of natural society ; or, a view of 

the miseries and evils arising to mankind from 
every species of artificial society. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1757 

BURKE, James Henry. Days in the east : a poem. 

8vo. London, 1842 

BUBKE, John. A general and heraldic dictionary 
of the peerages of England, Ireland, and Scot- 
land, extinct, dormant, and in abeyance : 

8vo. London, 1831 

BURKE, Oliver J. The history of the Lord Chan- 
cellors of Ireland, from 1186 to 1874. 

8vo. London, 1879 

BURKE, Richard. 

See Valens, pseud. Letters. London, 1777. 



BURKE, William. 

&e Valens, pseud. Letters. London, \111. 

■ South American independence ; or, the Emanci- 

pation of South America, the glory and interest 
of England. 

8vo. London, 1807 

BURKITT, Francis Crawford. 

See Texts and Studies, vol. iii. No. 1. 

The old Latin and the Itala ; with an appendix 

containing the text of the S. Gallen Palimpsest 
of Jeremiah. [Texts and Studies, vol. iv. 

No. 3.] 

8vo. Cambridge, 1896 

BURKITT, William. 

See Bible, English. N. T. 1806. 

BURLAEUS, Gualterus. De vitis et moribus philo- 
sophorum et poetarum. 

4to. Am. Therhocrnen. [Cologm] 1472 

Another edition. 

4to. [Guklenschaff. Cologne, 1475 J 

Another edition. 

fol. [Tlier Hoernen. Cologne, 14:75] 

Another edition. 

fol. F. Creusner. Nuremberg, 1479 

Another edition. 

fol. [A. Kobwger. Nuremberg, 1480] 

■ Another edition. 

fol. [J.Meydenhach. Mainz, 1490] 

BURLAMAQUI, Jean Jacques. Principes du droit 
naturel, et du droit politique. 

2 vols, in ]. 4to. Geneva, 1747 

BURLAND, John Berkeley. A charge delivered to 
the grand jury assembled at the general quarter 
sessions of the peace for the county of Somerset, 
held at Wells, Jan. l6, 1793. 

8vo. Bath, 1793 

BURLEIGH, William Cecil, Baron. 
Sec Cecil, W., Baron Burleigh. 

BURMANNUS, Petrus, the elder. 

Sue Chrestomathia Petronio - Burmanniana. 
Florence, 1734. 
,, Cunaeus, P. Ad eumdem epistolae. Leyden, 

BURMANNUS, Petrus, the elder. 

See Graevius, J. G. Catalogus. Leyden, 1725. 
Orationes. Delft, 1721. 
,, ,, Thesaurus antiquitatum 

Italiae. Leyden, 1704-25. 
„ Lucanus, M. A. Pharsalia. Leyden, 1740. 
,, Manilius, M. Astronomicon. Venice, 1788. 
„ Miscellaneae observationes. Amsterdam, 

„ Noricus, F., pseud. Observationes. [Leyden, 

„ Poetae Latini minores. Leyden, 1731, etc. 
„ Velleius Paterculus, C. Leyden, 1719, etc. 

Le gazettier menteur, ou Mr. le Clerc convaincu 

de mensonge et de calomnie [an answer to J. le 
Clerc's attack on his edition of Petronius]. 

12mo. Utrecht, 1710 

Vectigalia populi Komani, et Jupiter Fulgerator 

in Cyrrhestarum nummis, curis secundis illus- 

4to. Leyden, 1734 

BURMANNUS, Petrus, the younger. 

See Anthologia Latina. Amsterdam, 1759-73. 
„ Claudianus, C. Opera. Amsterdam, 1760. 
„ Heinsius, N. Adversarioriim libri iv. Hur- 
lingen, 1742. 

BURMEISTER, Hermann. The organization of 
Trilobites. [Translated and] edited by T. Bell 
and E. Forbes. [Ray Society, 1846.] 

4to. London, 1846 

BURN, Andrew Ewbank. The Athanasian creed 

and its early commentaries. [Texts and Studies, 

vol. iv. No. 1.] 

8vo. Camhidge, I896 

BURN, Edward. A reply to the Reverend Dr. 
Priestley's appeal to the public, on the subject 
of the late riots at Birmingham, in vindication 
of the clergy, and other respectable inhabitants of 
the town. 

8vo. Birmimjliam, 1792 

BURN, Richard. 

See Nicolson, J. History of Westmorland, 

London, \111. 

BURN, Robert. Rome and the Campagna : an his- 
torical and topographical description of ancient 

4to. Cambridge [187l]-76 



BURN, William. 

See Billings, K. W. Baronial antiquities of Scot- 
land. Edinburgh, lSi5-5ii. 

BURNABY, Mrs. High Alps in winter ; or, moun- 
taineering in search of health. 

8vo. London, 1883 

BURNABY, Frederick Gustavus. A ride to Khiva ; 
travels and adventures in Central Asia. 

8vo. London [187()] 

BURNBY, John. 
Sec Ebchester, W. The obituary roll. [Surtees 

BURNE, Nicol. The disputation concerning the 
controversit headdis of Religion halden in the 
Realme of Scotland, the zeir of God LOSO betuix 
the praetendit Ministcris of the deformed Kirk 
in Scotland and Nicol Burne, etc. 

8vo. Faris, 1581 

BURNELL, Arthur Coke. 

See Linschoten, J. H. van. Voyage to the East 
Indies. [Hakluyt Society.] 
„ Yule, Sir H. Hobson-Jobson. London, 1886. 

BURNES, Sir Alexander. Travels into Bokhara, 

being the account of a journey from India to 
Cabool, Tartary, and Persia. 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1834 

BURNET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury. 

See B. (G.) A word to the wavering. London, 

„ ,, The declaration of Almighty God. 

[Lmidoii, 1690.] 

„ Character of the right reverend . . . G. [B.] 
London, 1715. 

„ Enquiry into the measures of submission. 
[London, l68S.] 

„ Enquiry into the present state of affairs. 
London, l689. 

„ Johnson, S., Rector of Corringham. Notes 
upon the Phoenix edition. London, l6<)4. 

„ Letter containing some remarks. [London, 

„ Reflections on a paper. London, 1689. 

„ Reflections on the relation of the English 
reformation. Amsterdam, 1688. 

„ Remarks on the several paragraphs. Notting- 
ham, 1710. 

„ Three letters concerning the present state of 
Italy. [London] 1688. 

„ William III., King of Great Britain. De- 
claration. London, 1688. 

BURNET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury. A collec- 
tion of eighteen papers, relating to the aft'airs of 
church and state, during the reign of King James 
the second. 

4to. London, 1 689 

A collection of several tracts and discourses 

written 1678-85. 

17 parts in 1. 4lo. London, 1685 
[Catalogued separately below.] 

— A letter written upon the discovery of the 
plot. [Anon.] 

4to. London, 1678 

— The unreasonableness and impiety of Popery : 
in a second letter written upon the discovery of 
the late plot. [Anon.] 

4to. London, 1678 

— A relation of the barbarous and bloody mas- 
sacre of about an hundred thousand Protestants, 
begun at Paris, and carried on over all France 
by the Papists, in the year 1572. [Anon.] 

4to. London, l678 

— A decree made at Rome the second of March 
1679 condemning some opinions of the Jesuits 
and other casuists. [With a preface and trans- 
lation by G. Burnet.] 

4to. London, 1679 

— The conversion and persecutions of Eve Cohan, 
now called Elizabeth Verboon, a person of quality 
of the Jewish religion. [Anon.] 

4to. London, 168O 

— A sermon preached on the fast day, Decemb. 
22, 168O, before the honourable house of 

4to. London, 168I 

— A sermon preached before the right honourable 
the lord mayor and aldermen of the city of 
London, at Bow-Church, September 2, 168O. 
Second edition. 

4to. London, 1 681 

— A sermon preached before the aldermen of the 
city of London, at St. Lawrence-Church, Jan. 30, 
1 680-81. Second edition. 

4to. London, I68I 

— A sermon preached at St. Lawrence-Jury, 
at the election of the lord-mayor of London, 29 
September, 168I. 

4to. London, 168I 



BURNET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury, A sermon 
preached at the funeral of Mr. James Houblon, 
July 28, l6S2. 

4to. London, 1682 

News from France : in a letter giving a rela- 
tion of the present state of the difference between 
the French King and the court of Eome. [Anon.] 

4to. London, 1682 

An answer to the Animadversions on the 

history of the rights of princes, etc. 

4to. London, 1682 

A sermon preached at the Chappel of the Rolls, 

on the fifth of November, 1684, being gun- 

4to. London, 1684 

A letter to Mr. Simon Lowth, occasioned by 

his late book of the subject of church-power. 

4to. London, l685 

— An answer to a letter to Dr. Burnet, occasioned 
by his letter to Mr. Lowth. [Anon.] 

4to. London, l68.5 

— A letter occasioned by the second letter to Dr. 
Burnet, written to a friend. 

4to. London, l685 

A continuation of reflections on Mr. Varillas's 

History of heresies. 

12mo. Amsterdam, 1687 

Exposition of the thirty-nine articles of the 

Church of England. New edition. 

8vo. London, 1850 

History of his own time. The life of the 

author by T. Burnet. 

2 vols. fol. London, 1724-34 

History of his own time, with the suppressed 

passages of the first volume, and notes by the 
Earls of Dartmouth and Hardwicke, and 
Speaker Onslow. To which are added the 
cursory remarks of Swift. Additional annota- 
tions in the second edition accommodated to the 
pages of the first. [Edited by M. J. Routh.] 

7 vols. 8vo. Oxford, 1823-33 

Second edition. 

6 vols. 8vo. Oa/wrZ, 1833 

The history of the reformation of the Church 

of England. 

3 vols. fol. London, 1679-171.5 

BUENET, Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury. The 
history of the reformation of the Church of 
England ; a new edition carefully revised, and 
the records collated with the originals by N. 


7 vols. 8vo. Oxfi/rd, 18fio 

— A letter to Mr. Thevenot, containing a censure 
of Mr. Le Grand's History of King Henry the 
eighth's divorce, with a censure of Mr. de 
Meaux's History of the variations of the Pro- 
testant churches. 

4to. London, 1689 

— Some letters containing an account of what 
seemed most remarkable in travelling through 
Switzerland, Italy, some parts of Germany, etc., 
1685-86: with Appendix. Second edition. 

8vo. FiOtterdam, 1687 

— The life of Sir Matthew Hale : with the life 
of the Rev. H. Hammond by John Fell. 

8vo. Oxfm-d, 1806 

— The lives of Sir Matthew Hale and John, Earl 
of Rochester. 

12mo. London, 1820 

— The memoirs of the lives and actions of James 
and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castle- 

fol. London, 1677 

— A pastoral letter to the clergy of his diocess, 
concerning the oaths of allegiance and supremacy 
to K. William and y. Mary. 

4to. Lmulon, 1689 

— A sermon preach'd before the queen and the 
two houses of parliament at St. Paul's, Dec. 31, 
1706, the day of thanksgiving for the wonderful 
successes of the year. 

4to. Edinhurgh, 1707 

— Six papers containing 1. Reasons against the 
I'epealing of the acts of parliament concern- 
ing the test ; 2. Reflections on his majesties 
proclamation for a toleration in Scotland, etc. 

4to. [Holland] 1687 

— and HORNECK, Anthony. The last con- 
fessions, prayers, and meditations of Lieuten. 
John Stern : together with the last confession of 
George Borosky, with an account of their execu- 
tion, 10 March l682. 

fol. London, 1682 



BUENET, Lady Margaret. 

.S'lV Kennedy, afterwaids Burnet, Lady M. 

BURNET, Thomas, LL.D. Do fide et officiis Cliris- 
tiaiioi'uni libor. 

4to. London, 1722 

De statu mortuorum et resurgentium liber, cum 

epistolis duabus circa libellum de archaeologiis 

4to. London, 172.3 

Telluris theoria sacra, orbis nostri originem et 

mutationes complectens. Editio secunda. 

2 vols, in 1. -ito. London/; l68<) 

The theory of the earth, containing an account 

of the original of the earth and of all the general 
changes which it hath already undergone or is 

to undergo. 

fol. London, 168-1 

BURNET, Sir Thomas. 

See Burnet, G. History of his own time. London, 
„ Character of the right reverend . . . G. 

[Burnet]. London, 1715. 
„ Essays, divine, moral, and political. London, 

„ Some remarks on a late letter to T. B. 
London, 1736. 

The necessity of impeaching the late ministry, 

in a letter to the Earl of Halifax. 

8vo. London, 1715 

BURNETT, George, late of Balliol College, Oxford. 
View of the present state of Poland. 

12mo. London, 1807 

BURNETT, George, Lyon King of Arms. 

See Scotland, Exchequer rolls. Rotuli scaccarii. 

Edinburgh, 1878, etc. 

BURNEY, Charles, D.D. 

See Bentley, R., D.D. R. B. et doctorum virorum 
epistolae. London, 1807. 

Remarks on the Greek verses of Milton. 

8vo. [London, 1790] 

BURNEY, Charles, Mus.D. 

Sec Rousseau, J. J. The cunning-man. London, 

An account of the musical performances in 

Westminster Abbey and the Pantheon in 178-i, 
in commemoration of Handel. 

4to. London, 1785 

Memoirs of the life and writings of the Abate 

Metastasio in which are incorporated translations 
of his principal letters. 

."5 vols. 8vo. London, 1796 

The present state of music in France and 

Italy : journal of a tour. Second edition. 

8vo. London, 1773 

The pres«nt state of music in Germany, the 

— Tentamen de metris ab Aeschylo in choricis 
cantibus adhibitis. 

7 parts in 1. 8vo. Camhidge, 1809 

Netherlands, and United Provinces ; or, the 
journal of a tour to collect materials for a history 
of music. Second edition. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1775 

BURNEY, Charles Parr. The love of our country : 
a prize essay recited in the theatre at Oxford, 
Wednesday, June 14, 1809. 

8vo. Oxfa)-d, 1809 

BURNEY, afterwards D'ARBLAY, Frances. 
See D'Arblay, F. 

BURNEY, James. A chronological history of north- 
eastern voyages of discovery and of the early 
eastern navigations of the Russians. 

8vo. London, 1819 

A chronological history of the discoveries in 

the South Sea or Pacific Ocean, to 1764. 

5 vols, in 4. 4to. London, 1803-17 

An essay on the game of whist. 

8vo. London, 1821 

BURNOUF, Eugene. 

&<; Saddharmapundarlka. Paris, 1852. 

— Introduction ;'i I'histoire du Buddhisme indien. 
Deuxifcjme edition. 

8vo. Paris, 1876 

and LASSEN, Christian. Essai sur le Pali ou 

langue sacree de la presqu'ile au-deli du Gange. 

8vo. Paris, 1826 

BURNS, Robert. 

For Life, see Shairp, J. C. [English Men of 



BURNS, Robert. 

See Reid, J. B. (for concordance). Glasgow, 1889 

Works. [Edited by W. S. Douglas.] 

6 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1877-79 

Poetical works. 

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1830 

Poetical works. With memoir by Sir Harris 

Nicolas. [Aldine Poets, vols, i., ii., and iii.] 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1839 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. Third 


8vo. London, 1787 

Poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. Reprint 

of the original edition of 1786. 

8vo. Kilmarnock, 1867 

Poems (as they appeared in the early Edin- 
burgh editions), chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 
8vo. Kilnuirnock, 1869 

Posthumous poems, chiefly in the Scottish 


8vo. Kilmarnock, 1869 

Songs, chiefly in the Scottish dialect. 

8vo. Kilmarnock, I869 

BURNYNGE (The) of Paules church in London in 
the yeare of oure Lord 1561, and the iiii. day of 
June by lyghtnynge, at three of the clocke at 
after noone, etc. [In part by James Pilking- 


8vo. William Seres. London, 1563 

BURR, Thomas Benge. The history of Tunbridge 

8vo. London, 1766 

BURRIDGE, Richard. 

See Locke, J. De intellectu humano. London, 

The gazetteer's select history of Europe ; or, a 

description of all the seats of the present wars. 

12mo. London, 1704 

BURRIEL, Andres Marcos. 

S'e Noticia de la California. Madrid, 1757. 

BURROUGH, Sir James. 

See Battely, J. Opera posthuma. Oxford, 1 745. 

BURROUGHS, Jeremiah. 

See Bible, English. 0. T., Hosea. 
„ Nichol, J. Commentaries, 1 864-69 — Matthew. 

BURROUGHS, Sir John. Notes on the treaty car- 
ried on at liipon between King Charles i. and 
the Covenanters of Scotland, A.d. 1640. Edited 
by J. Bruce. [Camden Society, vol. c] 

4to, London, I869 

BURROUGHS, Sir John, Colonel-General. 

For Life, see Memoirs of the military transac- 
tions. London, 1758. 

BURROWS, Montagu. 

See Collectanea. [Oxford Historical Society.] 
„ Oxford, University of. The register of the 
visitors. [Camden Society.] 

BURSIAN, Conrad. &e Jahresbericht. 1874, efe. 

BURSTON, George. Case with respect to the dis- 
pute between him and lieutenant-general Wills. 

8vo. London, 1720 

BURT, Edward. 

See Letters from a gentleman in . .•. Scotland. 

London, 1874. 

BURTENSHAW, . Specimens of justice, 

humility, and uniformity, in another letter to 
the right honourable the Earl of Mansfield. 

4to. London, 1782 

BURTIN, Frangois Xavier de. Oryctographie de 
Bruxelles, ou description des fossiles d6couverts 
jusqu'A, ce jour dans les environs de cette ville. 

fol. Brussels, 1784 

Trait6 theorique et pratique des connoissances 

qui sont n^cessaires a tout amateur de tableaux : 
suivi d'observations sur les collections, et de la 
description des tableaux que possfede I'auteur. 

2 vols. 8vo. Brussels, 1808 

BURTIUS, Nicolaus. Bononia illustrata. 

4to. P. de Benedictis. Bologna, 1494 

Musarum Nympharumque Epitomata. 

4to. V. et fratres de Benedictis. 
Bologna, 1498 

Opusculum musices cum defensione Guidonis 


4to. Ugo de Rugeriis. Bologna, 1487 



BURTON, Edmund. 

See Manilius, M. Astroiiomicon. London, 1783. 

BURTON, Edward. A description of the antiquities 
and other curiosities of Rome. 

8vo. Oxford, 1821 

An inquiry into the heresies of the apostolic 

age. [Bampton Lectures, 182!).] 

8vo. Oxfmxl, 1829 

Testimonies of the ante-Nicene Fathers to the 

Divinity of Christ. 

8vo. Oxford, 1826 

Testimonies of the ante-Nicene fathers to the 

doctrine of the Trinity and of the divinity of 
the Holy Ghost. 

8vo. Oxford, IS.Sl 

BURTON, Henry. See Expositor's Bible. Luke. 

BURTON, Henry, Rector of St. Matthew's, Friday 

See B. (H.) The baiting of the Popes bull. 
London, 1627. 
„ B. (H.) Grounds of Christian religion. 
London, l636. 

Conformities deformity, in a dialogue between 

conformity and conscience, wherein the main 
head of all the controversies in these times 
concerning church-government is asserted and 
maintained. London, l64.6 

BURTON, Isabel. 

iSV'c Burton, Sir R. F. Explorations of the high- 
lauds of the Brazil. Ijondon, I869. 
„ Burton, Sir R. F. The gold mines of Midian. 
London, 1878. 

The iinier life of Syria, Palestine, and the 


2 vols. 8vo. Loiulon, 1875 

BURTON, John, D.D. 

See Pentalogia. Oxford, 11 79- 
„ Sacrae Scripturae locorum quorundam versio 
metrica. Oxford, 1736. 

The duty and reward of propagating principles 

of religion and virtue exemplified in the history 
of Abraham : a sermon. 

4to. London, 1733 

Elogium .sacrum memoriae Johannis Rogers, 

S.T.P., in ecdesia Wellensi nuper canonici. 

fol. London, 1734 

BURTON, John, D.D. Epistola ad Edw. Bentham, 

8vo. London, 1750 

The genuineness of lord Clarendon's history of 

the rebellion printed at Oxford vindicated, Mr. 
Oldmixon's slander confuted. 

8vo. Oxfm-d, 1744 

Heli sive exemplum magistratus intempestiva 

lenitate peccantis, concio habita in templo B. 
Mariae coram artium baccalaureis determinanti- 

bus, Feb. 10, 1725. 

4to. Oxford, 1729 

Hophni et Phinees, sive impietas sacerdotum 

pulilicae impietatis causa : concio habita in 

templo B. Mariae pro gradu S.T.B., Jul. 19, 


4to. Oxford, 1729 


Surriense et Sussexiense Graece et Latine : prae- 
mittitur de linguae Graecae institutionibus 
quibusdam epistola critica. 

8vo. London, 1702 [1751] 

BURTON, John, M.D. Monasticon Eboracense ; or, 
the ecclesiastical history of Yorkshire. 

fol. Ym-k, 1758 

BURTON, John, Master of the free school, Norwich. 
See Browne, Sir T. Posthumous works. London, 

BURTON, John Hill. 

See Darien Papers. [Bannatyne Club.] 
,, Scotland, Privy Council. Register. Edin- 
lurgh, 1877, etc. 

The bookhuuter, with memoir and portrait. 

8vo. London, 1882 

The history of Scotland from Agricola's in- 
vasion to the revolution of 1688. 

7 vols. 8vo. Loiulon, 1867-70 

Narratives from criminal trials in Scotland. 

2 vols. 8vo. Loudon, 1852 

The Scot abroad. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1864 

BURTON, Richard, pseud, i.e. Nath.\niel Crouch. 
See B. (R.) History of Oliver Cromwell. London, 

2 r 



BURTON, Richard, pseud, i.e. Nathaniel Crouch. 

Admirable curiosities, rarities, and wonders in 

England, Scotland, and Ireland. A new edition. 

4to. Westminster, 1811 

Historical remarks on the ancient and present 

state of the cities of London and Westminster, 
to 1681. A new edition. 

4to. Westminster, 1810 

The history of the house of Orange, together 

with the history of William and Mary from their 
majesty's happy accession to this time [1693]. 
A new edition. 

4to. Westminster, 1814 

— The history of the Kingdom of Ireland, till the 

entire reduction of that country by our most 

gracious sovereign King William. A new edition. 

4to. Westminster, 1811 

The history of the kingdom of Scotland, 424- 

l602. New edition, with woodcut portraits. 

4to. Westminster, 1813 

The wars in England, Scotland, and Ireland ; 

or, an impartial account of all the battles, sieges, 
and other remarkable transactions which hap- 
pened 1625-60. A new edition. 

4to. Westminster, 1810 

BURTON, Sir Richard Francis. 

See Stade, H. Captivity in 1547-55. [Hakluyt 

— Abeokuta and the Camaroons mountains. An 

2 vols. 8vo. Lmidon, 1863 

-Camoens, his life and his Lusiads: a commentary. 
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1881 

The City of the Saints and across the Rocky 

Mountains to California. 

8vo. London, 186l 

Explorations of the Highlands of the Brazil, 

with a full account of the gold and diamond 
mines. Also canoeing down 1500 miles from 
the great river Sao Francisco, from Sabard to the 
sea. [Edited by I. Burton.] 

2 vols. 8vo. LoTidon, \S69 

Falconry in the valley of the Indus. 

8vo. Lmidon, 1852 

BURTON, Sir Richard Francis. Goa[and the Blue 
Mountains ; or, six months of sick leave. 

8vo. London, 1851 

The gold-mines of Midian and the ruined 

Midianite cities, being a fortnight's tour in North- 
western Arabia. [Edited by I. Burton.] 

8vo. London, 1878 

The lake regions of Central Africa. A picture 

of exploration. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, I860 

The land of Midian revisited. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1879 

— Personal narrative of a pilgrimage to El- 
Medinah and Mecca. 

3 vols. 8vo. London, 1855-56 

— Sind revisited : with notices of the Anglo- 
Indian army, railroads, etc. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1877 

— Two trips to Gorilla land and the cataracts of 
the Congo. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1876 

Ultima Thule ; or, a summer in Iceland. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1875 

Zanzibar ; city, island, and coast. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1872 

and CAMERON, Verney Lovett. To the 

Gold Coast for gold : a personal narrative. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1883 

and DRAKE, Charles Frederick Tyrwhitt. 

Unexplored Syria: visits to the Libanus, the 
Tulul el Safa, the Anti-Libanus, the Northern 
Libanus and the Aldh. 

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1872 

BURTON, Robert. The anatomy of melancholy. 
What it is with all the kindes, causes, symptomes, 
prognostickes, and severall cures of it. By 
Democritus Junior. 

4to. J. Lichfield and J. Short for E. Cripps. 

Oxford, 1621 

The third edition. 

fol. /. Lichfiehlfor H. Gripps. Oxford, 1628 


Eighth edition. 
Another edition. 

fol. London, 1676 
S vols. 8vo. London, 1886 



BURTON, Robert. Philosophaster, comoedia : poe- 
mata collecta. [Edited by W. E. Buckley.] 
[Koxburghe Club, Ixxxiii.] 

4to. Hertfrn-d, 1862 

BURTON, Thomas de. Chronica monastciii do 
Melsa a fuiidatioiie usque ad annum 1 .'j9(), acccdit 
continuatio ad annum 1406 a monacho quodam 
ipsius domus. Edited by E. A. Bond. [Rolls 
Series, No. 43.] 

3 vols. Svo. London, 1866-68 

BURTON, William, Mastei- of the free grammar 
school at Kingston. 

See Antoninus, Augustus. A commentary on 
his itinerary. London, 1658. 

BURTON, William, Topographer. 
See Nichols, J. History . . 
London, 1795-1815. 

of Leicester. 

The description of Leicestershire, containing 

matters of antiquitye, history, armorye, and 

fol. For John White. London [l622] 

Second edition, enlarged and corrected. 

fol. Lynn, 1777 

BURTON, William Westbrooke. The state of 

w South Wales. 
Svo. London, 1840 

religion and education in New South Wales. 

BURY. Minutes of the Bury presbyterian classis, 
1647-57. Edited by W. A. Shaw. Part i. 
[Chetham Society, N. S., xxxvi.] 

In progress. 4to. Manchester, 1896 

BURY SAINT EDMUNDS, Abbey of. Memorials 
of St. Edmund's Abbey. Edited by T. Arnold. 
[Rolls Series, No. 96.] 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1890-92 

BURY, Arthur. 

5'gf; Case of Exeter-coUedge. London, 1691. 

BURY, J. B. History of the later Roman empire, 
from Arcadius to Irene, 395-800. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1889 

BURY, Richard Aimgervile de, Bishop of Durham. 
Philobiblon, seu de amore librorum. 

4to. [Goiswin Gops.] Cologne, 1473 

Philobiblon, sive de amore librorum et institu- 

tione Bibliothecae : opera et studio T. J. [i.e. T. 

4to. Joseph Barnes. Oxford, 1 599 

BUSAEUS, Joannes. Panarium ; hoc est. Area 

medica variis divinao scripturae priscorumquo 

patrum antidotis adversus animi morbos instructa. 

2 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1682 

BUSBEQUIUS, Augerius Gislenius. Omnia quae 
extant opera. 

24mo. Elzevir. Amsterdam, 1660 

Travels into Turkey. Translated from the 


12mo. London, 1774 

BUSCH, Moritz. Bismarck in the Franco-German 
war, 1870-71. Translated from the German. 

2 vols. Svo. London, 1879 

BUSH, Robert Wheler. St. Athanasius, his life and 
times. [The Fathers for English readers, xiii.] 

Svo. London, 1888 

BUSHE, Gervase Parker. 

See Case of Great Britain and America. London, 

BUSHE, Paul, Bishop of Bristol. This lytell boke 
contaynethe certayne gostly medycynes necessary 
to be used among wel disposed people to eschewe 
and to avoyde the comen plage of pestilens. 

Svo. Robert Redman. London [1531] 

BUSHNAN, John Stevenson. The philosophy of 
instinct and reason. 

12mo. Edinburgh, 1837