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Full text of "The Clarendon dictionary. A concise handbook of the English language, in orthography, pronunciation, and definitions .."


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lasi, isajs. 


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Ik the preparatjon of thia dictioiiMy am attempt baa been 
inade to combine, astataa possible, the qualities ol aconracj, 
clearness, and concisenesa, so as to iuclode in the Bmallest 
compass the largest uaefulness. 

In the preparation of the defiuitionH, the leading anthoiitiea, 
both English and American, bb well as the standaid. technical 
and scientific t«it-bookB and encyclopedias, in their latest edi- 
tions, have been conEultcd, and the various meanings in cnrrent 
asage given as clearly and io as few words as possible. Asa 
dictionaty, by Its very aatnie, has of ail books the least pretence 
to originality, wherever the compitet has found a definition that 
seemed the best poe^ble for his purpose, he has adopted i1 
but where it seemed practicable to frame a definition more a 
CDiate, clear, or concise than any of those ofFered, he has en- 
deavored to do so. The leading meaning is usnally placed 
first, and the others in the order of their divergence. When, 
from etymological or other reasons, one meaning oi series of 
meanings seems entirely disconnectod from the preceding, the 
distinction is marked by a colon. 

'o make the vocabulary as fall as possible in the limited 
space, many derivatives are entered under their primitives 
without further definition, when that is sufficiently implied ii 
the definition of the primitive. These are mostly adverbs ii 
-ly derived from adjectives, and signifying " in a — - man 
ner," as naraleu, oarsleuly; abstract nouns in -nen, signifying 
"quality," or "state of being," as artlau, artleuneH; adjeo. 
dves in -Io or -ioal, derived from nouns, and signifying " p" 
talning to," or " characterised by," as gastronomic, allegorical, 
and verbal nouns in -ment or -atiou, signifying " act of," 

r " state of being," as bombardment, calcination. In the same 
way many negatives t>eginning with In- or nn- have t 


omitted, as Is explained under thoB« prefixes 

possilile tnat they should be misunderEtood by any one who 

knows the meaning of tlie positive form. 

The spelling will be found generally conformable to that of 
the best authorities. As the verbal termination -ize is gradu- 
ally giving way, in the best usage, and for Eound philological 
reasons, to the preferable form -Ise, the latter ha>! been give 
with -iES, however, as an alternative in many cases. 

Of course, in a work of this kind, obsolete or dialectic 
words, or the special terminologies of art and si 
be given, but it is believed that its vocabnlary c 
words that are in general use, or that are likely to be met with 
in any but Bpecial treatises. 


This was prepared by the late Prof. S. S. Haldeman, whose 
extensive knowledge of linguistics and phonology especially 
qualified bim for the task. The symbolism adopted is simple 
and easy, and tho key-words (at the foot of each page) are 
such, it is believed, as are pronounced alike by all, or nearly 
all, speakers of English. 

What are oomtnonly called the " obscure " vowels represent 
really a series of fine gradations uf sound, in which e 
moat careful speakers differ, and which only such special 
works as those of Bell and others attempt to distinguish by 
characters. To assign a separate symlml to each of these 
would have so complicated the key as greatly ti 
utility ; bo, in conformity with the general practice of ortho- 
gpists, a single cliaracter is used for each obscure vowel, the 
same symbol, for instance, being allotted to the e of wicked 
and that of patent. Unaccented e at the end of a syllable im 
mediately preceding an accented syllable (as In decanter), i 
generally represented by e, not to denote that It has precifely 
the sound of e in get. but for the sake of simplic! 
sound is rendered a little obscure by the passage to the ac- 
cented syllable. 

The long u following a consonant in a monosyllable or an 
accefUed sjllable, nsuall; takea a slight sonud of consonantal 
y before it, like the u {yoo] of ubb- This interposed y-aound 
iE called a " gUde " bj writers on phonetics : and the sound so 
modified is Indicated in our symbols by Q ; as iinlw (hQb). mnto 
(mQt), pcocoTe '(pro-hur). In long ii after r, ah, oh, and j, this 
glide is olmoat oi entirely wanting, and the pronunciation Is 
represented usually by ob ; as rule (robi), rare (eboor), gliew 
(chobl, jnry (jfl&ri). In long « after 1, (done or in combina- 
tion (bl, cl, fl, gl, pi, si), the glide cotdesces with the follow- 
ing vowel, to a greater or less extent, being rather more con- 
spicuous after single 1, in which case it is represented here by 
Q, as lucid (in'sid) ; and less so after 1 combined, therefore here 
indicated by 6d. as MClnde (ae-klobd) ; the modifii^ation which 
the Towel andergoea in the latter cases being scarcely more 
than a slight narrowing. 

In unaccented syllables the long n is modified in the vowel- 
sound, but not in the glide, the former being somewhat short- 
ened and weakened by the absence of the accent. This modi- 
fied sound is indicated by yii, as saint {sa-lut ), salutatlcin (aal- 
yn-tS'shnn) ; diapnts (dis-pQt) diaputable (dis'pyti'ta-bl). 

In the suffix -are, the vowel-aoand being stJU more obscure, 
but retaining the glide, is generally represented by yu, as ad- 
veutnrg (ad-venfyur), &iltire (fal'yur). When, however, this 
snffis is preceded by the sound of, or zh, the glide almost 
or wholly disappears, and the obscure sound is represented by 
n alone, as Injnre (lij'jur), flssnra (Beh-url, measure (mezh'ur). 

In verba ending in -ate, the a of the suffix is lu^ually long, 
as oompaiiionate. v. (-at) ; while in their verbal adjectives it 
is nsnally shorter, and is here indicated by a. as com- 
patslonate, a. (-at). Tbe same symbol is used for the long a 
when by modification of the word it has lost the secondary 
accent ; as panetrate <-trnt). hut penetrative (tra-tiv) ; and also 
for tbe obscure a In the sulflx -a^; as voyage (voi'aj), carnage 

When a deiivalive sub-entered (as explained above) varies 

la proutmcitttioQ or accent from the primitive, the difference 
IS indicated. 

In a Dumbpj cf words respecting whose pronnnciation good 
authorities diCer, or where es(«Qsive castom has given some 
anthoritj to a, p^cnunciaUon ori^nallj incorrect, alternatives 

e given, the first being the preferable pronunciation. In 

me cases the authorities are indicated hy initials ; c. standing 
for Codley, D. for Donald, k. for Kaowles, b. for Smart, and 

Be^des preparing the pronunciation. Prof. Haldeman care- 
fullj revised the whole manuscript before It went into the 
printer's bands, and helped to correct the proofs until his sud- 
den and lamented death bereft philologj cf one of its ripest 
Bcholars. If this work at all approaches the standardaimed at, 

3 largely due to hia help and counsel, withontthe assurance 
of which it would never have been undertaken. 

Acknowledgment is also due to Mr. E. A. Lawrence, for 
the benefit of his sound practical judgment, for many valua- 
ble suggestions, and for the intelligent supervision of the book 
Id all its stages. 

In the selection of type for this work, care has been taken 
to use styles that are peculiarly clear and distinct, so that it 
may be consulted with ease, or studied without risk of pro- 
dncing or increasing those visual defects which seem, unfor- 
tunately, to be growing common among the young, and to 
which the Indistinct type of many school-books no doubt greatly 

SionoiuBT or tbz XBaLUH IiissiiiaE 

BvprLOain of Additiokai. Woitim^.^ - 


PBOHOimcnio List of Obiek ass Latih Pbopeb Nahes. ■ 

Fbesch ahd Itauas pHBABEa 

Lijai PasaSKS in Cohhoh re£ 

CoHuoir ABBHsViATiaHB DuD IB Wbitihq ahc FaiSTDIa.. 




ad. or adv 

. idTerb. 






. femlulDe. 




... •iDgiilmr. 

P. a.... 





S, ther 


alphabet; Ihe IndeaDlteuiicLe, need 

Abuk, ft-balc', atf. baclEWArde: hj 

aurprise. (lowards Ihc Btern.l 

Abaft, s-b»ft', adc. and prp. behind ;| 

Atuidsn, s-baa'doD. r.f.. lo ronake: 

to renounco. [very wlclusd. 

AbtiJontd. a-bsa'dund. a. roreaken^l 

AteadonniHit. A-bnti'donnient. ». dc- 

eerlion : renunciation ; elate oC being 

AhuB. luhiL' . f./ Trf <-iuit down; l^rin^i 

AliUa. »-bEt-, v.e. or I. Co lessen: K 

diminish; to decrease; to eiibsidc, 
Abatamani a-bat'ment, n. a decrease: 

Aballi, sb'f-tls, n. felled tlmher to im- 
""' (house.] 

Abba, lb 


,, ^,^-. ... J, dignity, or 

rights of an abbot, fvent of nans.! 

L, — —.„«, ,1, female head of acon.| 

1, n. mouastery raled by an 

hurch of Buch monastery. 

it, n. the head of an abbey. 

_. jm'in-fl, a. peruinlng 

^L^belly. (away. I 

Ablut, alMliilit', v.l. to draw or tan-yl 
AbtagtUD.ab-duk'shun.n.aclaf carry- 

AMTs-hed', ad. inbed. 
Abarraat, ab-er'^t, a. wandering; dc- 
Tialing fnim. 

Ing; devialton from. ' ' [aid.: 

Abat, a-bet', v.l. to urge on; to indte;| 
Abatbr, B-bet or, n, one who abets. 
AbaTUM, tt-bG'fliB, n. a state of gus- 

i&a, ab-bsr'. 

S-bTd', v.t. or 1. to endure; 
S. S^id'Hig, 0. coiilHininfi. 


.. _..-J(r-B'ahnn, n. rannn- 
on o«lh, or eolcmnly. 

Abian, ab-jtibr', v.l. to rcn.mnce on 
oath, or solemnly, h Latin nouu.l 

AbUttn. ab'i^Uv, b. the Bth case nf| 

AUaia. s-hllz'. a and adr. In a blaze. 

Abla. a'lil. a. Blrons; skilful; capable. 

AUiiUgn]ab.fa'shnu,n, act of washing. 
Absagata, ab'nsgBt, v.t. to deny; re. 

ne-gtt'stann. n. rennn-{ 

it. fii-m, Bsli. ail, vial; »ev{ie, ebb. hir. mllhfr; Ice Inn; odor, ox 
ise.p&ll, up; oil, out; thin, ihs; get, jet; bin, sin; chl|), uz(£h)urc 


Abnonul, rib-nOr'ni^, a. irregiitar 
uDt BCi:ordaiit to rule. [In ; on. 
Abgu< a-bOid', a/t. urn™, inn ship; 
AlK>de, {i^Od', rk a dwell m^ploi^.-. 
Alwliib, tl-bDl'lBb,v.e.tudaawiiywith 

, -o-llsti'mi. ti. act 

Utunut, Bti-v-liBli'iui-[«t, 
'ho eeekif to abolish. 

||-bom'l-n»-bl, 0. deleet- 
nuiu. — uucf. ftbamliublr. [aithor.l 

Abomlute, A'hom'tu-fiL, dtteRtil 
Abmnliutioii. )v-bum-la-s'shun, n, sb- 

Aburii^il, sb^-rlj'lii-ai. a. primllive: 

earTLcst. [nsi loli»Mtau[s.| 

Abnixiao, ab^f-rWia-ei, n. pi. origi- 

birth; ta^lore. 

Abntin, t-bOr'liT, a. imperfect; un- 
eacceatlnh—ad, ikirtinlT. 

Abnul, s-bannd', v.l. Co be ut lo have 
In plenly. 

Aknt, o-limt', jirji. sronnd: near to: 
eoncemlng: engsged in.— fldB. cir- 
cultonely: bere aiii) ttiL-re ; neatly. 

**•", ft-biiv'. lira, over: moreihaii.— 
Drfc.TilBhHr, [riihoff.! 

Abradi. a-brSil', v,t. to scrape orl 

AbniiOB, a-brB'zhuii.n, actof .■cnii)ln« 
off; state uF being "cnipod oRL 

ibrtiit, fl-hieBl', ado, aide by nide. 

Abridge, 9-brir, t.l. to shorten; con- 
tract; rtptrftt. [tlOBJepltomo.l 

Abridciunt, ft-hrll'nieDt, n. a cmitme-l 

Abnal, a-brBd.oitv. out of doors ; oat; 

Abmnti, ub'rfl-KBi, 0.1. to repeal; an- 
Abragatiui. nl 


^uruty ..u-.M|,., a. -adden; brakeii 

oa.—ad. ilnpur. [off or apart. I 

Abrnptim, ab-rnp'BhiiD, n. abreoklngl 

Abisptuu, sb-mpl'ires, n. sudden - 

AbuHi, ah'eea, n. ■ deep innitery 
AbMlU, ab-slnd', V.L to cnt nlT. 
AlMii^ ab-alzb'iin. n. act of ^u^ 
ting OK aiiay.l 

AkMul, ab-ekond', v.l. to hide; rnn' 
AtauH, ab'seu', n. atais of lieln;; ab- 

Abint! nb'nchf. .i. not present: Inat- 
tentive, —odo. (bUBtlr (Belf.j 
AbHDt.a1.-MuiMj.r. to iviilirlmw one's] 
Abuattt, ab-sea-t6'. n. out nho is ab- 

AbMlute, flh'm-lllt. a, nnllmllRd; ar- 
bltrBcy._aiiD. tlMlitolr. 

Bee. ^r, adit, iirm, ask, ■ 

Abaolntinua. ab'sf-lni-nep, n. freedom 

AlMlntioii. ab-B^lO'shun, n. acquittal; 

AbMlMiim, abV^-HH-isni, 

AbHlva. ab-zolv'! «,(. fo',_. 

nilt a pei^lCy. [gWie 

AbHrb, ab-sArb'. v.1. to mSc 

Abaorbtnt. ab-fOrb'ent. n. ihi 

AbHrptim. ab-sOrp' shall, n. 

saddnv np. 
Abrtaii, ab-etOn', v.i. to refra 

AWtwft. ab-«tarj'. x,(. 
AWtugtat, ab-st^r'jen 

cleansing qaallty, 
AbrttraMi, ab-et^r'ahn 

in thought. 
LbrtruUm, ah 

irakt'cd, a. abaorbed 

denlood. — adc. ibitniMlr, 
Ataird. ab-mrd', a. nnreaeon 

foolish, -ade, abrndlj. 
Abnrlltr, ab-surd'i-ti, n. unru 

ableiiess; folly. [pie . 

AbudanM, s-bnnd'^s. n. en^at] 
AbvBdant, s-buDd'fiii, a. vsry plenil- 

ful. _ [iil:re>ilc.| 



Umt. B-bl8'. 1. a 
bDltomless depth. 

ADHia. ft-kB'aha, n. a . 
genua of thomy 

vt«t : severe, ebb, hfir, mak^r ; lee, ii 

mio. ak-^-dem'ik, a. pertiiliiiiig b 
inuotAB^ak-ad-e-mlBb'^jJ, n.ameju 

Aoidflmr, a-kod'e-Dii, n, a higher 

AuDthu, ft-kun'thua, u. s piickly 
plant: Bn omamcol reaembnag an 

Anids, ak-aM', e.i. Ui come U>; a^r^uj 
Atsdwita. Bk-eel'er-Bt, v.l. to quffiken 

AMtlanlin, ik-ae 
Amht. Bk'JWiit, n 

agree to pay a hill. 
AuxpUUt, ak-9ep((^i)l, 

ealtsfactory. -'' 

AtMpUnM, ak-^epl'^nf 

: admit; 

Dia ti-zS'shiin, n. pre 

of being acclimated. 

AwUritf , Bk-k1lT'l-0 B. Bteepness reck 
oned npwardi a elope- 


. ak-kom'Dip-dfit. n.i. t 
'-"—;, Bk-koni'm^at-ing, ( 

diKpOHd to ohlit 
imrfatign. ak 


, , ak-koin'i)lbih"tJ*.''lo'ali 

Ish; brlti:; t<> paee. 
AommpUiM. ak-kom'pltnhC, a. Bn 
i.w.j. ipirte; complete In ac 

reckoning; iietial 
AoHimtallimr, nk-l 

liability to eeciiiiui; rcKpii 
AMMiiUUt, ak'koni>i'a-bl, 6 

to Bccimiil: ree|>onFiblu. 
AgeMmUDt, ak-konm'^iit, n. 

m^ eqiiliFUioiila. 
ik-kred'li.f.!. to plve cretlit 

Aoenit, ak-knfii. 

V a-lnere^by 
t.i. to BTow to: be 

AMimibtBt. ak-konrbant, a. 
doun: rccllnlnii. 

toitelher; amase,— r.i. to inci 


9; get. Jet; kin, elo; cliip, az(ih)are. 


actumuJales. i'™ 

Atniniij, ak'kfu-r^pl, 

Aeldaloui, Bt-id';fi-]ni. a. sHghtly root. 
Aekii>irl«UEt, ak-iinl'ej, v.l. to admit: 

AckMwMgmmC ak-norej-ment. n 
namleelua; recognLUoii: lhiiiik»; t 
recrfpt. [enniJiilt. 
'"-' - thohl^ghest jH)[nt.c>r 

D, B'kbm, «. Ihe sted nl 

[of Minna, 

comply; aeeeiir, 
AiiniMaat. ak-kwi-es'ent. a. co 
mt; enlimllllDS, 

ice, glr, add, Srm, s^k, £11. vT^l; >^ere, ubb. Mr. TnBk«r; Ice, lun ; Od^r, < 

JMopilib. Bk'eliun-^-lil, n. fumletilus 

AAivt, ak'tlv, a. ImBj; nlmhle; sail 
AoUvity, ak-tiu'l-tl. n. qiialltyor Gel 

active: si^llty; operation. 
Attor, ak'tflT, n, une who acte; a 

stogB-playor. [player.] 

AotnUi ak'ti'ea, n. a female eUga-! 
AMatI, ak'tvn-al, a. real; exiellng.— 

adv. utaulT. 
AitiuUtx, ak-ivA-al'<-ti. n. Teelity. 
ArtBirr, ak'tyii-».rl, n. a regislrar ot 





-adv. aoatidr. 




AsnbiBBBL ft-kat'jieo, n. BhupuenB; 

iAg., «i"™pi. nn old Mvinr; s p%i'.\ 

Adimutuu, ud-^inant'ln. a. mule ot 

Adipt, a-dapi', I!.'. I" fll; » qnnlify. 
AdmitibV A-dspt'*-bl, a. ttasi nuj be 

fitted.— n. idiTtebU'ltr. 
AdmptitioD, a-dap-ia'Dhnii, n. act of 

flttliie; Atness. [crease; toBumnp.! 
Ui. ad, ti,(. to put tosiitter; toin.| 
Addanliim, ad-den 'diim, n. totnolhing 

to beaddcd.— i^J. aditodt. [Betpent.1 
AUn, ul'^r, n. a puisonoiie kiodofl 
AUiit, ad-dlkf, i,(. to give up to 

habltiiBlly. [belDg habllDated. I 

AddlMMB. ad-illk'BliHn. n. state ol 
UdlUn, ad-dlBh'nn, n. act of adding; 

Alditinal, <rf-dlBh;nn-»i; a. tbat la 

rroMrate. (iratei).| 

AUM, ad'ld. a. pntiid: barren: fms-l 
AUnU. ad-dres'. r.l in>ali np 

apply I 

AUnu, ., , 

mannen; dexterity: directiim. 
AUnuM. ad-dn.'e'es. cniirtHblp. 
AUWH. ad-dfla', v.t. lo bilng forward 


lAtOx, atl'dl 
it, B-^tepC, ' 

!'i-bl, a 

Ai'tt, g-dept', J 

Ad«4Ut7, >d'<!-liw«-el, n. BnAclcpey;! 
AdHoata, ait'e-ku-^t, a. eiifflctenl; 

equal.— odn. iMaatdj. 
Adhgn, ad-hCr'. n.l. to Mick faBi: Itj 

._ fljpj [BtatBof adhering.! 

ad-hCr'enB. n. quality Dr| 

Adharasi ai 

a rollowe 

I. Btlckia^' I 

Atoq, B-dll'- "dv. farewell.— n. a f«re-i 
AdiHH, fld'l.pos, 0. fatly. [mine.j 

Adji. ad-il,n. horizontal entrance to al 
Adjwnor. nd-]i'Ben-Bl, n. BUicof lying 

AiltictBtad^jg^wnt. a. near; close lo. 

A4)HtiTB. ad'Jeki-lv, n. word which 

qnallflcB a noun. — odu. adhet- 

Afiniii, ad-join', c.f. lo join. : v.i. to hel 

«d-ml»'i-bl, o. thai maylw 

l.-n. admlulbil'itr. 

ad-niisb'un, n.aclofadmi 

ting; aomething admitted; leave i 

enter. [cede: tok-tln 

Admit, ad-mff. P-i. to allow; loeoii 

AdmlttaiUB, ad-m 

'At; gc;, jet; kin, ain; chip, ai 


Admiittug. ad-mlkBtyar. n. eomething 
AdiDODiili, ad-mon'l^b, v.f. Ui warn; lo 
ip-uii-ll'iiii. n. warning; 

tot I advicB 

Irfn'. n. buBUe: fu»B: 

LLbTapproachlng miitii 

idojt, 9-doi)l', I 
Aloftioa, ^op' 

i'9 child. 

AdoBtln. a-dopt'iv, a. that adopts or| 
Adonkla, ft-dSr'^bl, a. vninby ot ado 

Adrift S-drlft', ade. Boating at rau< 
Airelt fr^™!''- •*■ denterous; Bs 

—aao. tdraltly,— n. tdnltntii. 
Adilatlti. Bd-yu-lft'ehuii. n. eice 

flattaiy.— a, td'tlatorr. 

JoHuation, s-dnl-t^r B'«hun. n. ttae 
act of ddnlwratlug; atala of belTig 

'-»«rm, ft-diil'ljf-^r. K. a man guilty 
' adultary.— /run. tdnlttrtM. 

i promoiion ; Im- 

AdviaUgg, ad-v^t'fO, n. ravorablo dr- 

cumstanceB; Biipenorlly; benefit. 
AdiuUgMU, od-vim-ta'jiie, a. tha 

aitv. aJiranUfHul;. 
Adnnt. ad'vent, n. a coming; the com 

lugofChrieC; the foul weeks belop 

Chrietmas. [dencaUadded. 

AdnntitiinK, ud-ven-tiBh'us, a. acd-, 
AlTtnnn. ad-venc'yur, s.f. lo take a 

chance; lo risk. 
Adimtiin, ad-vi 

speech ; a word wblcb qnaliAea 
verb, adjsctive, ot other adverb. 

AdiuUtl. ad-verb'l^, a. pertamiiiKlo, 
or like an adverb. — adv. tdnrbiallr. 

A*TM«arr,ad'ver-s^ri, n. an opponent; 

AdnrM, ad-vers', a. opposed tu; a: 
favorable ; uutorlanale.— Offv. t 

Adwwi^, ad-v4rt'i-ti, n. affliction 

Adrtrt M-virt', o.i. to tiuii the init- 
io; to remark, [heed.l 

AdnrtcBH^ ad-virt'ena, n. atteutiou;! 

Adimtin, ad-v^r-tls". b.(. lo Inform; t~ 
pie public nr'-— 

Af«rtiiei., _- .. ... ^, ... — - - 
Adiin, ad-vie', n. congeel: tidiugs, 
AlTiiiUt, ad-vli'»-bl, a. proper lo L_ 
done.-B. adTiubU'ity. [foati.\ 

AdvlM. ad-vtz', o.(. to conosel; toin-| 
Adra^T, art-vTi'ed-li, arf". «illi '' 

liberation oradvice. 
AdTisAT. ad-vlz'?r, n. one who advli . . 
AdTHaar. ad'v^k^Fl. n. act of plead- 
ing tor or maintaining. 
" 1, ad'v^-kjt.n, one who plea 


■, ad-v^r-tlz'^r, t 

o plead for 

to AQpporl. 
AdTtwHn, ad-vou'znn, n. right of pro- 

Adu, adz. n. a tool for chip- g 

Avati. a'^i^at, «.(. lo put air // 

Into; lo charge with air. * 

AtriiL fi-er-i-al, a. belonging * 

tottie ftlt; tigh. 1/ 

Atlkfi'ti. SeeiTTT. fn^ 

Airifbrm, a'?r-l-fonn, a- hav- ~^ 

ing the (brni of air or gae. *■""'■ 

ace. $lr, add, Inn, at 

I balloon. —a. UMunt'ii. 
>[-a-aill'lke, K. n. Ihe eel- 
of navigBting the air. 

XiUuUBt. es-Uiet'iks, n. Ihe Mience i 
AAir, B-fSi', adv. at a dieUiice. 
Ahbla. oC^bl, a. ready UJ convera 

i^, at-&', n. i 

a transaction; b 


AfHtinc, af-fekt'ingr a. movLi 

'— " latheUi.— odi!, i"--* 

rek'Hhau. n. li 

, af.n-sn{, „ 

JR" toadopCrL'caiTo 

into; bring info connection with. 
AEUiitisB. ar-fll'l-fi'ehan. n. adoption; 

Aflsitr, af-fln'i-tl, n. relation bj mar- 
riage; chemlCBl attraction. 

Afflm, af-f Jrm', tJ.(. or vA, (o declare 

iOimitiMi, aT-Knn-B'shnn, n, net of 
HlHnning; eoiemn declaration. 

ABnsatiTt, af-rerm'a-tlv, a. tbaC af- 

AOi^ af'BliB'. r. 
jinned to awi 
Affllrt. af-fli' ' 

a syllabic or letlei 

imnin, aT-mkt'lT, 


AlIlDz, Bt'fliikF. ». act of flowing U 

iSOrl. Bl-rord', r.f. toyieid;tiieuppl] 
--'eabietoeipend. \fne 

idUm, atrran'cbiz, v.l. to maki 

Aftaf, of-frft'. n. a violent brawi; 
tumnll ; a flghL [sudden terror 
Aibifht, at-tnf, r.r. lo frlghWn.-n 
AiTMnt, af-lnmt', c.Mo meet race I 

Alt^, s^St^'odp. on rout. 

i&aid. B-frftd', a. [rigbti 
Afttah. ft-frcsh', fldc. oni 

iflTftfkii- ■—■■--■-- 




After-tUp, §f'ler-ciap, n. sonielbing 
bappening after allwae aappoeed lo 
l>eOTer; demand be jond a bsrgaln. 

Aftanutb, ari^r-matli, n. second crop 
of giaee or herbage. 
-- — ' ^'t^r-mflst, a. hlndmoet; 


Alttrwui afturardi. aflfr-vfid, -i. 
adu. later; pnbBequently. 
"! a Turkish officer, 
l-cen'. adr. another time; once 

Agifiitl vgenet', prp. oppofdle to; 



ed variety ot qdartz ; Mad of type. 

igt, 0, n. period of life; period of 

lime; generation; decline of "'— 

AgtiE Bi'ed. a. advanced in nge; t.,. 
Afino]'. S'jen-Bl, n. action; quality of 

acting; office or an agent 
Apnt. A'jent. n. a person i 

AHiiiatnta, aR-glom'^r-St, v. 

AmlMuratiHi, ag-gloni.?r-(l'shnii. n. a 
gathering or lieaplng together; a 

t; thin, ae; get, jet; Mn, aln; chip, az(Eh)iira. 



1, M-Hliib'tin- 
a» oj Bill*' 

iM, M'gn 

or WCgrUK 


aggraradag; M 
Licngit^ ag'Kra-jet, c. 

ptxDt collectL'd.— n. a sun 
1 ^ as'm-gac, ti.(. 

rvSt, r.(. to makel 
■»-va'sliim. n. act ot 

AcfNCttdy. ■s'gre-£^t-U, adv. Ukea 

i«nwit»n. ag-gre-ga'Bhim, n. act of 
flgffregatlng; an ascemblagc 

IfgnM, aK-gioe', w.L to approach ; to 
sicact— n. aa appmacb ; an stlaolt. 

IffnMlOB, dg-greaVnn, B. alrack: In- 
jury, [hostile.! 

ll tacking. I 

A| who ot. 

A| jure; Bl 



who agi- 

Agftatt, aj'tl-L 

ACitatioii, ai-ll-a'ahun, n. dlstui 

IgiMor, aj'l-tO-Wr. n. 

Atnan. aynal. n. an I =. 

the Bide or haee of tho nail, 
ignata, Bg-nli, a. akin hy the father's 

side.— n. one bo lelaied. [name.] 
AgnnuB, ag-iia'ni4'n, n. an addedl 
Afo, o-go'i adv. ill time past. 
*»f ,,B-goB'. a. or oi/b. in a atale of 

deure or curloeit]-. 
Ac«M, »-gOn', adv. ago; past. 


a. ^Bg'fl.nli 

Afo^&g, ae'9-uTz-ing, 

liopj, og'c-nl, n. cilrtuiD giiuu . 

mind or body, 
igiariu, o-grS'ri-^, u. relating i 

lands; ftivnHiig flgrarlanism ; ! 

Agcn, s-gre', u.i. to be of one tnin 

lo accurd.— p.p. uTwd. 
AcnttUt, &-gi;SVI)]| a, snlltible l 

i^reetng: barmony; a burguin. 
Agngiltnnl. ag-rt-ltui'tfnr-f], a. re 

ting to agiicalture. 
AgrinltiM, ag'ri-knl-tj^r. i, n. ) 

art of culiivatlag the groDad: far 

ing. [lar,i.o 

Agrindtoiit. agTi-kul'lyiir-lBt, n. 
Agroud, a-gronnd', ""'" "" ■ 

sd. [chilly fli. I 

fever with chllla; b| 

lia, B;hi'. int. an ezclamallOD a 
luuC ft-hed'. ado. futlber on; 1i 

Aid-de-Buap, Ad'd^'ko 
— pt aida-dt-nuap. 


to direct a weapon.— 

lo expose to the air; 
dry by warm air; to 
'enn, n. a gun whit 
bnlia by moans of 

Alit. §rz. n. t>l. c<Hiceliea or preteu- 

Air-Uiht. ^'llt, a. not ailmltllDE sir. 
iirj, u'i. a. upcn to thu aii:ligli(i 

ay.—adti. tiAj.—n. ^lintB. 
Afik, II. n. ihfl w'lng, or aide-pact ota 

Ajtl, t-i^f, luic. pnnly open. 
uinH. ft-KlDi'bo. (iciv. with hand on 

AUn. B-kiu' 0. related b^ blood ; re- 

Alabula, al-R-b$H'tfr, x, i- ^ Hue 

while varielT or gypanm. [boitoiv.i 
Al»«t a-lak', int. an uxclmiation or| 
AlurilT, {(-luk'rl-i I, ti. clieer/ul readl- 

Aliinii, e-lBrm' ii. u iiotice nf dongcr; 
enrpriee with fvar; liiachlae to iiivu- 

AlHbol, fll'kg-hnr'''. a enirlt distllleil 


Aldtnnu, ll'd^r-niaii, n. n diy mnglB- 

tra'e.— p/, lUtniuD. trroin hBrloy.i 

All, SI, n. m fermented llqnor madel 

Abmlii^ s-k-m'blk. n. a v^'fscI once 

JUtrt, B-f6vt', H. on the walih;"ready. 


Alftbn, Bl'jE-Ur), n. Iho Bdi 

Alntntet, arje-hrtlst, n. 

fii algebra. 
Aliai, ril-ae, aUc. olherwl 

Alibi, Hi'i-bl, o. i; -a, D 
absence at ibu Ums an 

AUim, al'yen. a. foreign; i 

AU^Ui, 11'yeu-«-l)l. a. t 
IrauBlerred or parted ni 

AUsht, B-nt', v.t. t 
oeFoend ni>on. 

Alike, a-nk', o. ai 

Alinnf. aJ^-men 
nance n, lUiu 

AUbmit. al'l-niuu 

AUnot, al'i-kwoi. a. nivarnrlng 
■" t*ilv"" ilvinp; ai 

e which 

llin ^1r'. 0. livii 
AlWi, al'k«-11. n. 

pcrilva of an nlknl!. 
All, SI, a. every one.— n. tne wnoi« 
Allay, al-ls'. vJ. to quiet: lo aeroage. 
Allitatioii, al-lc-gs'»hnii. n. sftertlo-- 

eharge; plea. 
A11((e, al-lej'. «.'. to declare; a«eei 

A£|bai^ aUrjl^nf. .1, dniy orfldi 

iiy of a BnhJKCt lo his sorereffii. 

AU^iy. al'le-g^ri. ». a flgnrali; 


AUtloix AUtlija., al'le-Idb'yc 

It, T.r. to make light; 

liiiig: relief, ' [tagG.t 

AlliT, al'l. n. a narrow o-allt or paa-| 
iUluat, al-ll'tna. n. nnlon by treaty, 

nuirriaga, or UBieci ■ 

Alliiatim, ol-ll.g»'(li 

Oil, doze; Qae. pftll, ap; oti. oat: tbln, tM: gal. Jet; kin. rin; chip. agWhlilP 

allot: to place. [placing.l 

AUoMUtn, ul-lO-ka-etaiio. n. act o! ad- 

ilieBsing; a fcirmal addreee. 
AlMlun, aWMi-iim, n. a freehold.- 

AIM, al-lot', v.t. In a>wlgn ; dielribute. 
AlMmuL al-loi'meut. n. act af aLtr>i- 

ting-, slurv allotted. [con^^ede. [ 

411»w, al-lon'. v.i. to graiJl: permit: 
AllomU*. al-ton>bl, a. tbat maj' be 

allowed.— ado. lUoirtblr. 
il«»»M«, al-Iou'9Q«,i(. act of alloi*- 

wfilch l> allowei. 
ilJOT, al-loi' S.I. to mil metals, as 

a melallli: coiDp<iQnd. 
AlliflN, U'rplf, n. tbe ben? of the 

Alfidt, al'ltld, c.i. M reCei to'indlrecl-l 
Allut, al-IDr', v.'. to tempt bj anuffjr 

AIlutMBnt, al-lHr'ineiit, n. a tampta- 

iniiiii(, al-ltlrliiff, a, tempiJag; en- 
ticing — adv. illuriaglT, 

AlluiH, BMa'ibuD, R. Indirect refer- 
eDGe.-(i. allulT*. rwsrcr.i 

MtTbl, al-la'vl-«l, a. depoBfted by I 

tUatiam, al-lti'vi-uin, n. earth depue- 
iled liy water.— jif. iUitU. 

iUf, al-ir,*.'. to itnltc bj marringe, 

AlBMt, iU'mOiit, adv. oearlj; for the 

most part. [pour. I 

Aim, »mi. n. riag. and jrf. gift lo the! 

llmi--lMUt, imz'bous, ii, boimu where 

Bm, ^r, add, Bnn, qbIc, SD. vt^I ; aevere, e 


ir are lodged and etipponed 

AIM, Bl'Dz. n. the niedicl- 
Aloft. i-Klf, adv. oiihl^h. 

AloBg, «-10ag', odB. lenglb- , 
wlBe; onward.— jwi). by 
tbe side of; lenethwlae. 

Aloof, K-lifof. adv. awav frc 

Alond, a-loud', adv. loudlj. [i 

Al|4gt. ri-pak'fl. 

Ai^^^avfa.^^'- = 

Oivek atphatet. 
Alpliabgt, Bl'f^bet, n. 

Alfbabitio, al-fii-bet'ik, a. relating to, 
m^in the order of an alphabet.- 
adn. alihtkUnll*. 

Al^it. al'pln, o : I, or I, D. a. per- 
taining to •— ' ' — '■'"^ 

AlnadT.' ^-n 
AlH, iVeO, 


changed or varied : varjing 
AltanUoi. il-t«r-a'eliau. u, a 

tcrliig; change. 
Altan^ Sr -' - - "■- ■ 

uedlcinc tbat im- 

1, al'litn-St ' 
to follow by lunis.— i.t 
tiy timiB.- pfi, (ItttuUd. 
n al-t^Vtiv. n. a ihoi 

Althanghl Al-ub'. ton 
iiatwUhaiaudlng ; I 

AltogiUia, at-tu-ge'A'^. adv. con 

pletely; wtthoui eiwpitoii. 
Alsm, oI'htd. n. a mineral salt or i 

AaUfuitT, am-bl-gtl'l-ti, n. dunbUol- 
■ '* ■bte'j'6-iis. a. of donbt- 

1, n. eager deelre 
B, a. fall of unbl- 

Biiy to love. [caiisei) by love.; 

Aaaiarf, am's-to-ri. a. rcUline lo, "rl 
■ — «, 8-nifc', tJ.t to Mloulah.— B. as- 
ilfilied noiider. 

' 'Ing. a. aslonl- 

Li'byD'l^ntf. p. a movablr 

Stisl ; ■ velitrle for con 
:k or wounded. 
Aminlififfi. Bm-bya-IS'ehun, n. H walk 
tog siiDut.— a. im'Mut and ui'ba 
la&iT. [inonlertOfurprine. 

ABbuotJt. am'bai-kgd, n. ■ biding 
jlnhuli. ain'biieh. n. the aur or plan 
of lying In wall nr bidlnB.-f.(. tt 

tiace In RmbiiBh.-i>.i. (ollein ani< 
lmaUnit4. a-mei'j-or-flt- "■'■ to niaki 
ABBlinatliia. g-mlt-y^r-jt'Ebun, n, Im 

ABtn. a-m^n' (In Blnglng, 8-men'), 
Asunilila, s-meii'^-hl, a. tradable: ae 
ronntable.— oifli, UBintUr. 

[tioii; impioveinent. 

I', n. p: reparation 

l-tt, n. pleasantness. 

AmrtbTit, ain'e-tblBI, n. a preciooa 

stoneof Bpnrpleciikir. 
AmiiUlitr. S-ml-^bll'i-tl, n. quality of 

being amiable. _ 

of love; lovely.— "If c. aBhUr. 
Ai^aUt, nni'ik-» bl. a. friendly; 

peaceable. —nifr. aBigaUy. 
Aild, o-mld', pTTI- among; III tbe 

niUlalor. rperly.j 

Ai^ S-mla'. 0. wrong.— ffdr. ImpTO-l 
Anlty. nm'i-ti, n. fnendetalp. good- 

Anmuuda, am-mn'oi-e, ". volatile a1- 

toll. — a- 1^—™"'*". apuatnT'aiaL 

'M; ft, )■(• Iiln- (In' eblp- az(tb1ara. 


Ammvutuo, am-mifti-ntEh'un. n. mill- 
lary eliirea. t^>. powder, bHLle. oic. 

AniiMtr, EiD'aei-u, n. su acl oC gen- 
sral pHrdoa. [in Ihe midst of. i 

Abubi, ti-mnng', jirp. miiieled wUb ;l 

cliae^to lave.— <i((r. uumulr 
Aaoirhwu. §-nior'fiiB, a. havtng nt 

detenainBle fom. 
Anuiut, ^moimt'. tj.j.tomonntiipto; 


a'm.^b'l-»n, i 

ABDl^ am'pl, n. large; bimicIob! 

abundalil. — (HJC, tmftf, 
Amflily, am'pll-fT, 1'.'. to enlarge; t 

eip&nd.— K.i. lo treat diffusely.— i 


_, am-pva-tB'sliuii, n. tlio act 

or operaliuo or cuttiiig off. 

AMoitX, aai'i-ii-let n. a chann worn t« 

prevent evil, [py agreeably : divert. I 

Amut, tt-niOE', T.I. toentrrtaln; uccu-l 

Aautount, a-mllz'nient, n. Chat wtijch 

Amiiimc, ft-mtlz'iiie, 0. affoi'dlng 

■musonient.— nifD. UHUlBSlr. 
Amjlanni, am-ll-S'ahae, a. starch;; 

1b, an. Ihe^deflnit'e article; used be- 
fore words beglnnlnKwiUi a vowel. 

AlOapUlL au.*^)ai.'liil, n. one who 
denfea^o vaKalCy of Infant-ljap- 

ualon In diiie.-u. an- 
is-lUet'lk, a. rendering 
which rendera Insenalble U> patn, 
phra^sc formed fiom another by 

Auttgleal, an-a-lol'lk-f], a. according 

10 analngy.— oilP. ualwIitUr. 
Aaaloinu. aii-al'^i-gug. a. havlnj; anal- 

1. likeneu oTis- 

rUt, aii-^llt'lk, a. pertainlnf to 

ilyeiii.— aifit. uialTtieallr. 

jiat, an-9-lit'lkB. n. the »cleDce 

wit. an'^pest. n. a poetic foot of 
3 short ayliaUlea and one Jong 

ihy, an'Sr-kJ, n. want ot govetn- 

itoia, an-Bth'B-m», n. an eceleei- 
Ic^ cnwe ; imprecalloii. 
HouUn. an-Bth'e-tna-tlz. v.t. to 

J. to dl»'ect. 
B on he body! 

ancestors; dencending from ancee- 

Ji»trj, an'tee-trl. n. serica ot an- 
cestors; lineage. 

juanr, ang^r. n, an VS 

Iron Inatrament lo hold . _JC 
OBhip ivlien afloat / ^ > 

«h«.'^anrkflr. vX lo fX ' 
cast nn anchor,— ti,'. to y ■r' 
llx by an anchor. ^^ 

BDhnui, angk'pr-aj. an; 

ig^r.lj, D.. 


Aadiovyi sn-cho'vl. ri. a Email flab of 
the herrlne kind. 

AoolBBt, fln'ehent, o. of former times ; 
old.— dd^. ueitnlly. [aiding. 

AngllliTj, ao'Bll-9-il. a. sabservient ;[ 

AdL and, eon. a word ihatjolnn wools 

Andanta, an-ilgn'te. n. a moderately 

AndboD, andl-nrn. n. an Iron lo sup- 
port wood on Ihe bearib. 
Anetditl. ap'ek-dOI. n. a short Ftory; 
^ an Incident rclnled.-o. asHdotla. 

tee. sir. add. aim, ttsk, iX. vij^l; ifvSre. ebb. bir, nillk«r; Icc. Ian; Odor, ox, 

(iHcedb)' ths dilation of an arlerj. 
AiKv, A-na'.adD. uewli: again, 
Angd, Sn'jel, n. a divine meeBenger. 
Anftlie, aii-Jcl'lk, a. belonging to. or 

raBero ng an ange .-a 

iaga, ang'Efr, n. pasBiaii eiciled by 
^— ng; wraUi.— E.f. to make uigrj. 

AlittlT, SDg'glei, n. one wbo angle?, 
AsflkUL, ang'dl-k^ii, a. EasUeH; n. 

su EpiBCOpanBii.— n. 'niltfinltm 
Ajqglioia, ■ug'gli-eli, tJ. to render 

Eneliah. [idiom or peculiarity.! 

AngliiiiiiB, sng'Eli-BlEm. n. an Engllahl 
AiAliic BiiE'gTing, II. att or act of 

fliblng with a hook, 
Ingrr, ang'gri. a. moved with anger. 

—adv. mfrily. 
Ajgnitli, ang'gwleh, n. eiceralve pain. 
4Mi>l"."'e'R7fi-l*r.a, having an angle 

™ angleB.— n, anpilirity, • 
AniL an^il, n. a plant yielding indigo. 
Anll^ aii;il. a. aged; doting; looli»h. 

Aailllii. so'l-Iin. iLaproaiict of Inaigo 
or co«l-Ur. jieldioB brigiit djea. 

Aaliudnrt, an-i-mad-vM', vA. to re- 
mark upon : lo criticise. 

Animal, an'l-mal. n. an organised 
body, bavii'g lire. aensBtlon, and 

iKI-ed. a. livliiE;spli 

a. vIiie;i 
in, n. life : 

AilmMitT. an-i-mas'l-ti, n. boBillity:! 

prein'dice. Itlcseede.l 

AbIw, anls, n. a pianl having aroma-l 
Aakit, ang^l, n. the joint betweeu 

the foot and llie leg, [tlie ankle. 

AnnililUH, an-nl'hil-Rt, r.f. to icdno 

to nothing; utterly deelroy, 
AulUlltiBl. on-nT-hiI-B'«hun, n. rednc 

tlon 10 notbiog; utter dtslnidion. 
AonbuiUT, an-ui-v6ra'^ri. a. return 

ii>g with Iho year.—n. Ibc corra 

ipondlngdajot ano ' 

loilng; that which imii<9a;ata(eur 

iteina annoyed, 
jIbbu^ sn'nyft-a1. a. eomltu; yearly ; 

lasting a ytii,— adv. UBuIlT. 
Aunal, n. a plant that Uvea but i 

if^-nO^^nt, n. one wbo 

or payment. [atioliBh 

AdbiL an-nnr, v.l. to make void ; ti 
Amwlir, an'nyi-1 V. 0. having the fori 


.nnl'ment, n. the act of 

ml ling. 

jgUta, an-nnn'Bbi-SI, v.l. lo gite 

notice of ; announrc. 
innuMiitlMi, Nn-nan-fl-S'shnn, n- act 

of announcing; thing announced. 
iaatatMiui-Da. "- annlvenary of the 

angolVBalutiilion to the Virgin; the 

SSfh of March, 
ABotoia. aii'Q-dln. a. relieving fnun 

p^n ; Boothing.— n. a medicine that 

ri'lieves p^n. 
AnoiBt, ft-nolnl', T.I. to rub with oil. 
AnaaUu. §-noui'«-liia, a. Irregular; 

II, fM; get, jet; kin. dn; i 

m,1tnou',a'iv. Immedii 

ly .vns- 

reply; wliillon. { 
Ant, BoTi a aSJl l..«er. 

i-tne'Q-nizm; n. oppo 
'to^i^iiiat, fl. au o^pc 

AnUcimiiUt. aii-tBE-^-Dle'tik. a. o[ 

posing.— ode. uucnlilinllr- 
AnUntio, atil-Erk'lik. a. relating to, o 

AntMiiaH. sn-ig-e^'enB, n. act a 
..... „!■ prcci!<uiig in limo, 

--• an.te-i-ea'eHt,agolNg ■•- 

rUub, aii-len'ne, n. pL tbc feelen 

AiltHnlt, Bii-te-Pt-nnlt'. intnmnltl- 
nJOa, n. the laet HTlJable but two at 
a vford.— a. the )iul Init two. 

Astiriar, aii-ia'ti-^r. a. betorc. In thne 
or place.— B. urtdiM'tty. 

sa anliphor 


liUuMitt. au'thrf-9Ti. n. a kind uf 

mineral ix&l.—a. utkiMit'u. 
Amtkt*ptl«cTi au-iliro-pol'9-Jl. n. 
Aothnpophici, in-tbrO-por'^-jL n 

-a. uthnrapkagni*. 

trick: abiilToon. 
Intiohilit au'ti-krliit, n. the great op- 

poeer ur Chri«l. 
uUohrtttiu. an-tl-kr1eC'ya». a. oppo- 


i-Ile'l-pilt. c.t. to take or 

AsUgiiBtt, au-ile'l-pilt. i 

Bctbufur«; lofureBlal. 

AntiupBtiga, ati-tiB-E-plt'el; 



UiUd*U. aii'il-. 

of or 

lining ai 

oiiy. [m< 

Aitlmnv, aii'ti-moii-l. ". a lirittlel 
AlUnMiiu. an-tl-nOni'yan n. one who 

denies the validity of the mural law. 
Aathumr, Hn-iin'q-ml, n. contradiction 

between two lawe nr dednction». 
ABtipathy, an-tlp't-Ihl, ii. Bna»ersioii; 

a bojtile feeling. 
ABtiphdB, an'ti.fOi 

Antiphniii, an^tlfr^^B. : 

jally oppb«t« 

^ g^ube^— a. antlH^ , 

ar?ti-kwih. r, 


M. aii'li-kwat-fd, a 

, vl^ ; s«vEre. ebb, hei. mlkfr j lea, Ion ; Oifr, o 


AntitTpt. Ba'ii-IIp. n. Ihat vhkh co 
respauda U> ur ie urvflgured b< tl 
■ — - utftjp'iM' 

„.= „. — , muciiiia'"**' "■ 

Auku, aiiek'shUB. a. greaily tallclt- 

Abt, "D'l. a. ime. IndeOnltel; ; everj; 
A^U, S-Or'tft. n. the gntX arterj wblcb 

Aim/fliil, B-pok'rI-tsI, a. perlalaiDg 

U) the apocrifphB: doablfti]. 
Araix. ap'o-jfl. n. fan of Ule idoddV 

orUk fanluHl rrom the earih. 
Asalafitk. B-pat-9-)eI'lk. a. peitBiD- 

Ing lo »n apology ur defence. 
^rfV^ *»«l«fi»* »-pol>lli, u.l. to 

defend ot make esciiBe tor. 
Apdwnt, s-pe.LVJiBi. n. one who 

imuEeuaD I'pulo^^ 
AftltfUi ap'Q-IOK. n. a fable. 
ifi»n. »-porp-ll, B. a defence; an 

eicuBB, [piilnteil eajlng. 

A|*pblkiCB. ap'O-ihem, n, a le»e,| 
Aftplaitla, apvplek'tik, a. pertaining 

erlucllulnjr to «iHi|)]eiy. 
ArtplUT. ap'ti-pleke-l, n. Hidden Iom 

or seniw and niolliin from an tOa- 

flon of blood upoii the bniin. 
At«M, B-pi«'iM. "■ desertion of 

principleHor religion. 
iHittU. B-piis'iAt. n. one nho deferri 

\i» printrples or rellirfon. 

AfMtliAip s-po^'l-shlp. ftfortolitt, 
a-poa'ttMBi, n. ofllceof an apostle. 

Aportnph^ e-pn«'lr(i.fl, n. a tiimlng 
from real andlton> to addres* a fnp- 
poeed one: a mark indlcallng con- 

fktoii a-poB'irp-fli. v.t. to ad- 
E» by apoetrophe.— E.l. to make 
I apoatrophe. 

.1. (i-poth'e.k^rl, n. a dla- 

ijDUEQi ui medicines. 
A|iUHila, ap^lhe>Blii. n. Ihe act of 
placing among thcKOdi; doidcailon. 
AjiaLa|)-pir,T.7.l.iairike with terror. 
AfraUkt, ap-pjl'l.ig. a. lerrifylng, 
Aftantu, ap-m-riluB, - - -- -' '- 

A)|anl, ap-M^el, n. c 

Apvanot, ap-p^ent^ a. ^ 

Appanatlr. ap-psF'ent-ll, 
ApfarltUn. ap-ii«-rt«b'un. 

AtpNl, ap-pfli', vA. Ici add 

act of appealing; tli 

pealed.— a. atpHlakla. 

ApHtr, ap.pSr', n.i. to bee 


M, (flue; Use, pAII, up; 



AtpglliUiHi, ap-pcl-B'nliun. n, ■ name 

^y vhicb a tiling it called ; llUe. 
A|(«U«tiT«, Bp-i»rf-llv, n. & Dflioe 

DIBIIJIIBBDBine. ' [sffli-l 

AnoMi ap-iiend'. v.t. Co bang to; to| 
AlHldut, ap-pend'fj. n. BOmething 

Appended, added or sDied. 
AnallL ap-iitnd'lUi. n. eomcthing 

am led, —^. appuUBHor appuidiaM, 
Alptrtaio. ap-pfr-lSii'. li.l. loVlons. 
AfpttUM, ap'pe-lene, b. a Longing 

B(Ur; appetilK. 
A[prtliiB«. ap'ii«-il2.lng, a. eiciiing 

Affriita. Bp'ps-lft. n. uatnral desire; 

Anilud, ip-plM', r.f. or v.i. to ei- 

Erett autlii fail ton by clBpi>lng the 
BUds; 10 praise openly. 
Awlaiu. ap-pltz'. n. praise or eatle- 
faciioii eipn-«B«d by clapplag the 
taaods: approhatloo. 
AjilaitlK, ap-pUz'Jv, n. signifying 

Ai"^ ap^'n. a rmlt; the ball ol tlfe| 
AnUuN, ap-pll>n8. n. pomething ap- 
plied: ihe aclot applying. 
AppUwUt, ap'pll-kf-bl. n. that may be 
applied: Bnitable.— adv. inhDUly, 
-n. aa^MUl'nr. Ip)l<^e,| 

Aptlitaiu, ap'pll kant. i'. one wbo sp-l 
AtfllttUH, ap-pll-ka'ahnn. n. the act 
of applying; aometbing applied: 
clnse study or otleMii'" 
Afply. ait-pll', o.t to pli 

Appoiiit ap-polnl 

Appobtad, a|i<nnl 

Appdntet B| 

AppiHBtiMit, sp-pDlnt'mei 
Httleineal; dpElgnatloi 
office: equipment. 

Appntioa, np-pOr'shuD, r. 

Apptrtiaiuuiit, ap-pCr'abi 
act of dlrtribmlng In p 
Appoaft^ ap'p9.zlt, a. p 

BcB j eqnip. 
peison ap- 


able; to the poinL— arfv. appidUly. 
— n. ippoaltaiu. 

Anmillui, ap-po-zish'nn, n. the act of 

aiclng tin'etnerumgilnst; state of 
ing eo placed ; the placing twu 
nonua refL-irl iig lo tlierame mbjeci, 

Appr^tl. ap-prftE'tJ, apnalHBBt ap- 
praz'nieiit, n. a valuation. [on.; 
Appraist, ap-piAz'. t.l. lu cet a vaJuol 
Appraiwr, ap-praz'«r, n, one appointed 

AtptMiblt, ap-pte'pb«-bl, a. that may 

be e«tlinuted.— odp. ipptMiaUj. 
AntMUt«,ap-pre'elil-BI;.cl-St. K. V.L 

to value; lo esllnmle jnHtly.-B,(. 

to Increase in value. (IT.S.) 
AtprHiation, ap.pre.i<hl-a'Fhi)n ;-bI-, n. 

Bct of valuing; Jiiet eatlmate; In- 

Appnkul, ap-prt-beud'. «.(. lo »elce: 

Apprtbiniibla, ap-pre-ben'^-bl. a. that 

may be apprehende<l. 
AppnhuulOD. Bp-pr«-hen'»huu, n. seiz- 

AppnhBnalTt, ap-pr^-ben 
to apprebenn : fearful 

ic bound to 

AppnntlouUp, a[i-pren'tls-sh<p, n, the 

Btate of beinE an appn-ntlce. 
Appriw ap-prlz', V.I. to giiB notice to; 

.. j^d'rai ...„ 
accee><. -o. appmihabli. 
Aiptobatigu. ap-prq-bB'Blinn. n. tbe act 

Atpnpnati, ap-pro'prl-Bt, i.(. to take 

Apjt^iUtiau. ap-prO-prl-A'ehnn. n. bf- 

Appnnbla, ap-prdbv'^-bl, a. vorthy Co 
AppnraJ^ aii-prdbv'Bl. n. apprvbatloD; 

AipniimatMB, ap-proh-el-ina'sh 

i. im.tek, an, Tl^; aeTSre. e 


B bringing lieu; eppniub.— a. tf- 

jiiifmMn,—adi!. ipprtiist'tiolr. 

AffutmuiM, ap-piir'leii-^t. it, tbHl 

which bijJonra lo fomctblug eluv. — 

Aniort. a'pri-kot, n. a frait of lh« pluri 
Tumi. [«r.| 

Ajril, a'prLl, B. the tonrth iiioiiUi of 
ApioD, fi'pum. or I'priiii. n, piece i>T 

LJrtp«, ap'rp-pO. ode. MBPonBbly; 

with refemiuu lu; b; Ihe wa;. 
lot apt, o. fit; qoalifled; ready; 

liiible.—odc. intl;. 
kftitadt, ap'tl-iOi). aitDMa, apl'nes, ». 

AiiuiwIli.ak'its-ror'ilB. n, iiitnc acid. 
AnaUg, a-kwat'ik, o. beluagiiijj to, m 
living: in the wal«r. 

Aiiwu. a'kwe-nB, o. waUrj. 
AqniUu. ak'wi-Un, or -ITn. a. like aii 

Anb. afab. n. s native uf Arabiu,— a. 

Arab; Ara'Uaa: Ar-aUi. 
Anl»|u, ar'^-besk. a. in the manner 

A_u. — -- u:- _ the iflnffiiflgeof tbfl! 
m foe iniBge. 



AiMnant Ir-blt'r^mept. fl.deciaii 
of Bii arbiter ; award : choice. 

portlug stmetnre.— tJ.I. or ».l. to ' 
An^lnh.o. playtiiUy sly.— oifti. ink- 
ink, Inh, a. chief; priudpul (motllf 

uieil atjmjkr). 
AnkMlwlrt, li^k«.olVjille. R. > am- ' 

dent 01 archffoloey. 
AnhMlMf, >r-k^oF^]l, n. the rfttdy 

of antiviit thliigH.— a. uakMlu'iMl. ' 
lnlula^ Br'kt^zm. n. an aVidest or 

obsolete word or phraw. 
InkiafiL Irk-ln'jel. n. a chief angel. 1 

~a. tnkiuil'it. 
AnhUikof, frch-bifh'iip. n. a ehlef 

blehop : the blebop of a province. 
AnhbiBkofTia, Arcb.bieli'np-rik, n. th 

office OT province of an arcbblaliop 
AnUiiHL »rcb-<ie'kD. n. a prieat uei 
atikbelowa bifhop. 

tori of an archduke, 
rohdoke, flrcb-ddk', v, a prim 
A uairlan Imperial hDiiae 

IrelurT. firch'er-t. n. art of »hootini;[ 

AiBhttjH, ftr'k^tTp. n, an original 
model,— 0, uditnal. 

inhiiittoiiaL Br-ki-di.ak'«n-fl, a. per- 
taining til An Hrcbdi'iicon. 

AnUtplMqtl. (r-kl-^plB'k«-p9l, a. 
pertaining to an archbishop. 

Anhipelut.ST-kl-perti-go, n. a een wilh 

planner of bnildlnga. 

iitHtiH, Rr-kl-lckt'yur, n, Ihe art 

, . -Iriv. r>. the euUbla. 

AnliiTH.Rr'klvz, n.fil. pnbilc records; 

Ihe place whire they are kept. 
iMtinj. Brch'wA, n.a parrage under 

an jirch. [north pole. I 

AnUt. irk'llk, a. peitainini; m lHo| 
Ardoor, ftt'den.Bl, n. wni-mih; eager- 

Aidgr/Sr'dflr, n. ■namith of feeling; 

eMemeBn. — o, artait — odi'. •»- 

Aiiiou. di'dyfi-ns, a. difflcnll to ai- 

aa; get, Jet; kin, *in: chip, ax(ah)nra. 

A»fc »'re-9, «. ao open Bpsce; Rupe 

Anu, 9-i-fl'uft, ». nn open space; 

place "f public con te«t- 
Arint. ^'jent. ariortuii, ir'jeDt-i 

k; -In. o, a. giWetj: wniie. 
linn, flr'go-«i. n. poetic rerin for 

fichly-lmfcn -hip. (reawm 
Arfiu, Ir'gfl. vJ. or v.L to diBcniw ; t 
ArfDmnt, it'gjli-meut, 

train of rcBBuuing: bu 

- 1 inurj', I 

Ail«l*,"»-'It° aHa. rightly. 

Ati». »-rti', 

AriitaanoT, ar-Ia-tok'ra-ai. n. gonern- 

menthy nobles; nobility. 
liifUsnl nr-iu'tfl-kral; ar-is-l^-krat, 

n, one who (avow aristocnicy, 
lilrtHntli, u-Ii^-kmt'ik, a. pcrl^n- 
loariBlocncy or nobility. 

"•, S-l'lt'i'nie-tik,n. Ihe science 
Lb«B.— a. uithnBt'ioal. 
AnuBBunu, a-vllh-me-Ush'an. n. one 

ekilleflln aiitliniel 
Aik Grk, n. D liirge flOBting vessel : i 
Ana. Arm. n, a limb of the body ; ani 
thliiE whicb projects, 

\rai, ormz, n. pi^ weapons: ar _. 

bearings. [ships. I 
Iraai*. ^- ""'-'" - -"— "' --I 


liidy of armed ' 

imiin, BMfln', e.i 
AnuKS, ar-rtlnj', i 

Acnu. B-rfir', i. that wblch is behitid, 

or unpaid. [and unpaid, i 

Acnan, ft-rtra', n. pi. smnethlne due] 

Bciiie by wariant-n. stoppage; sei- 

AniT^ a-U'vsl, n. the act ol coming; 

IhaTwMcb arrives. 
Arrirt, B-«v'. v.i. to come to; (0 r 
Arrotut. ar'9-gtint. □. hangbty; aa- 

Ami^ale, ar'^eiic, v.L to claim 

Artmrwrt, ar'0-ntot, ». a Wost India 

plant; the Btarch obtained from IL 

ArstBll, Srsen-i^. n. a magazine c 

Aninio. Br'sen-ik, n. a mineral polsoi 
and its metallic base.— n. arsen'inL 

AisoB. dr'scn.n. the crime of bumtne 
a bonse, snip. i.c. [the verb to bfl 

Art. an, 3d pe:s. sing, pres. tense of I 

Alt. firt, n. still guided bv rales; n ' 
. and method of doing; skill; c 

Artfut 'drt'fnl, a. akllful; cnnnine— 
odif. titfuU*.— «. utfalura, [lable.l 
Artiiluike. tu-'ll-chok.n.anrdenvege-l 
AtUdi ar'li-kl, n. a condition : an iFem 
or thing. In gram., a> an, and the. 

. add, arm, gsk. All, 1T9I; f£v6re, ebb, h^. mSk«r ; I< 

llncti)' n 


ArtkiUr, ilr-tik']>&-t«r, a. betonging 
srtklsH or jofnU. 

aMlk'yil>>«e, a. jointed : dl 

-ken,— arfc. irtimiliWy. 

■tlk'.vfi-mt, v.t. lojolut: 


iMwni, ar-llk-vu-la'«hM. 

;lion by a jofnt: dlslli.. 

•nee. [device.! 

ArtitH, Er'Ii-fle.n. ulfnl conlrlvance: 
AitifiHr ir-lifiB-er. n. a crartiinun, 
Amflliu, ar-tl-fleli'al. u. made by art: 

not natural.-udii. irtUUWly. 

Aitaiaj. fir-tl1'«-ri, n. cannon, with 

their appendage; IroopH uhom&a- 

Bge cshoob; gunnery. 

Aitiwui, Sr'tl-zaD. If. amedianlc. ierlJ, 

ArtirtTik'tiBt. n. one akilled in a Hiie| 

AitlMk fir-tisl'ik, a. belonging tu on 

artlal: according (o art— ode. u- 

AiOtn, ilrt'le 


B.-aift. umwly.-B 
e: for ciampie: when 
fet'ld-a. ;i. afffilLdinim 
Itlbleflbrone nilntiai. 

Wl to climb™".!' t( 
■d; Id rise. 

si'l'ejt..''. moonUng: 
aiipertoritj; elevation, 

AiHuini, aa-een'ehun, n. act of la-l 
AwMuioB-day. a^-aen'^nn.dfl, n. day 
of tlie Saviour's aaceu^on to heav- 
en; Holy Tbnrsdsj. [acclivity. I 

AHortain, a^e^r-tfln'. tr./. to acquire 
certain knotvledge of; to leant.^a. 

Aaetto, BS-Bct'Ik. n. riKormmly oelf-de- 
TiylnK.-n. one ivbo praclfcea rigid 

Amtiuiin, as-eet'i-«lzni, n. the prac- 

iiaO*. as-krlh'. tj.t. to allrihii'te, Im- 
pnte, or assien. [ascribing.! 

Auriptitn. as-krip'ehnn. n. thu act a[' 
Alb, aeh. n. a kind ot tree, [ehame.! 
Aiumtl A-shnmd', a, ail^cted byl 

dead body. 
Aihlar, SHhl^r, n, hewn atone. 

Aih-W'elsaday, aab-wenz'di, "■ the 


Alky, ai>h'l a. like aabea: pallid. 
Aalatie, i-Bfal-at'ik, a, prrtaininir 

AitU.-n. a native of Asia. 
Aalda, a-ald'. a<iv. oa one Bide; pi 

vately. [Ilkeanaw 

iiiniu, aal-nlD, a, pertaining to, c 
Aak. oak. r-'. orc.i, torequeat; tol 

tkaiiB', ukait, R-ikant', 

lery; awry; lo one aide. 

■ ~^j ohllquaiy; a 


Aalof, 9-"leii', o. or adv. aleepinK; lo 
Bleep. [inclfnaflon.l 

A(l*)a, «-9l0p', edv. with a Blope or 

AiF, §.p, aapia, la'pik, ». a ■■mall ven- 
omouB serpent. 

Aa^aiacu, as-pai'f-giie. ii. a garden 
vegetable. [front. 

AaraA, ae'pekt, n. look; appearance:! 

Aapts, an pm, n, the trembling poplar. 

AiMnty, a»-per'MI, ii. miighDeae; 

AiHrauw, as-pir'ahnn, ti. tpiiukting; 
JajMX, ae-fait', uyhaltuD, ai-1 

III pile 

: bitno 

iMhyMa, aii-flka'i-K, n. f 

with a breathing, or ita mark. 
lairatioa, ai-pi-rll'ehnn, n. a bri 
ing: a longing desire. 

Aanriaff. u» 
thing hl| 

liviint', aili, obliquely; 

Am. a*, B. an animal of the horse fam- 
ily: .simpleton, [lin.i 
Aiiagay, np^agl 
Am^ aa-eaiP, r 

AnaUiUa, ae-^l'i 

[aeealled. I 

e who a 

Aii«Miii,»a-Bas'in, n. one wl 
aeereil J or by Kurpciee- 

AaHBltaa-aJut', n, a 

MT. iftise; Use, pfill. up; oil. oul; lliin, IM; get, let: kin, dn; chip, az(zh)ar 

I'blaj. n. 

LaL; urouT of 




eolher.— u.i. to meil logelher, 
AiUBblr. as-9cm'bli, n. a compSDT 

SBsembled; legislUnre; ball. 
Aunt, as-BHit', v.l. to agree to or ad- 
mit.— n, the act of agreeme or admit- 
ting; ncqniesceuee. [mBiBtain.l 
Annt, B«-sJrl', v.t loafflrm; rfndiin.:! 

scrllng; a declanitlun. 

tof m 

& appolub 

P. tMiduudT 

AuifuUt. » 

I, as-sim'i-llU. v.l. In make 
invert into a like substance, 
o become like, or of a like 

,j. tn lend aid. 
BS-«lel'»nB.n. b< 
aB-Bist'wi'. o. H 

Abuh, M-Bl2'ez, n. pi. a court ot jus- 
tice held periodicallv. 

AuseiUa, aH-eO'ehl-St, (si) r.f. to join 
in company.— o.t. to keep company. | 

iuaatU. aii-BO'ghl-»t, n. a companioii ; ! 
pailaker; rairtner.— ^. UMCUt*. 

liMiiatMii. ai-BO-ei-S'abun, (or elil) n. 

Aunt, as-eOi^'. vJ. to ammge or dis- 
tribute In classes. 

Aiurtmut, ag-sOrt'ment, n. ordeiij 
diBtrlbntlon; a quantity of IhingB 

AiBiut. as-BwB]'. t.l. to alleviate; 
mitigate; allay.— n. auufonaiit, — a. 

Aimninff. aH-sflm'ing, a. baugbtyi pre- 

Aumnptini. as-Bum'ehuD. n. the act 

of assninlng ; Bometblng taken for 

granted; a •'uppifitloo. 
Aunraiwi, u-shitbr'SDB, n. the act of 

acBuring ; conddence ; IfflrmacioD ; 

give confidence; insure. 
AiUriik, as't^r-lsk, n. a atarC*) nud 
in printing ae a mark or refereoee. 

the hinder put of a BUip. 

iaed by BhortnesB o( hroath.— «. 

Aiiooiih, aB-ton'ish, v.t. to sunirite 
greatly; confound.— o. utooiiliiss. 

Aim*. e-BtrR'. adc. onl of the rishtl 

Afirib, ft-»tnd', fldc. with the Teet 
open, or across stnnelhtii": acroeB. 

AstriDgt, aa-lrlnj', t.I. to diBw to- 
gether: to hind,— n. utrii'tini. 

ArtrilctM, BB-trmj'ent, a. binding; 
drawini; tugether,— n. a medicine 
that bind?.- nrfr. aitriactDtly. 

AitnlogsT. as-trol'iHcr, n. a piacIiSPT 

Artrflocy. ax-trol'Q.jl.n. the Imaglaary 
art of predicliug eventB by the atara. 


a-lron>inl n. 
Bvcnly bodies. 

Artntt. u-tat', a. Bbrcn'd; ugadous; 

ely.— adc. irtntdy.— ic. aitnuun. 
Amdu, {)-iunil'«r. adr. apari; divided. 
Aiylmii, s-Bl'lum, n. b refoge; s ctar- 

iUble InstluitioD Fur jovsiide. 
it. at, pip. acai to; by, lii. 
AU. et, 0. D ; at, K, p.t. of lo eat. 
AthoMm, B'the-lzm; n. disbelief in the 

exlatenu of God- 
Atbairt, S'thE-Iet, a. one wlto dcolu 

the eiletento vf God — a. atkurt'li; 
L-aiii'. (Utiitinllr. 

wcllng, et 

I (or 

AUurat, B-tbirst'. a. Iliirety. 
AtlilBU,Mh-l(ll'.n. H contender Inrcals 

of Birengih ; a vIgorouB person. 
AtUatio. ath-let'lk. a. iwrtaloiug to 

Athvut, B-thwOrt'.'/i'i'- acrose; trailed 

Atlu, at'l*e, n. a coUection of maps. 
AtDoihin. at'ta^B-ter, n. the air tlist 

BDfTODDdBtbevarth. — a. Umoiphar'H. 
AUm, al'pm, ir. a minute particle.— n. 

atamig. (eatlBfactlim for.! 

At™^fl-tan', B./,_to expiate, or maltcl 

AboBky. st'r«-ll, n. i 

Attadi, Bt-tach'. r.t. 

— ■— by legal proct 

Attaiaablt. a 


Attainlu. at 

fln'a-W, ". 
. attainibU'K 
In'der, n. tl 

attaining: an 

AttaiDt, Bt-tint' 

tict ol high tl 

UT, dbze; tlae. pAU. np; oU; oati i 

Attimptr. ai-tem'pfr. v.t. to nili in 
proponlou; qnalify by i ' 
moderale. or teinper. 

Attaatt, Hl-temt', P.(. to try 


AttaduH, ai-tend'« 

leudingj pretence 

Atttadaat, ai-lend'^ 

AttaatiH. at-ien'i'hi 
heedbg: civilit 



I bin. 



[attesting; leallniuny.; 

pertaining lo A (Ilea; 
., u.™ca]. lofahouM. 

. — tik, n. the low topmost slory I 

AttlaUa, at'll-eizm, n, a phrase pcca- 
liar loAtllc Oreek: etegauee of dic- 
tion. ^n.dre«.| 

Attlri. at-tlr'. t./. to dress; lo array 

Attltldt, at'tl-md, II. posture. 

Atttmsy, at-lnr'ni, n. onewho acln 
aaother: a lawyer.— ijf, aUgnen. 

Attraet, al-tratt', v.t. lo draw (o; to 

Albaittin. at-lrak'sh 


lb'ynt-?-bl, n. llial 

: Inhen 

sbnn. R. act of 
n- act of rubbing 


Anlmn, jl'bnm. <i. reddish bronn, 
Aietira. Ok'Ehnn. n. a pabllc sale to 

(he highest bidder. 
AnttloMtT, Ok-ahnn-er', 

Liiulm. a-dA'shns, n. botd; d 
impudent. -(HJcandHlniily.- 
JB^ty. [— Brfi-. tt. — ,., 

ladiUi, Sd'l-bl, a. (hat may bo heanl.l 
kiliisoi. Adi-ena, n. a heu 
assembly of hearers. 

6; g'-t. J*'; kin, » 

idit, Bdit, v.l, to adjnet acconnts by 
aaOioritf.— n. an authorieed adjiiet- 

polntcd to miit accounts. 
laditMism, id-H-O-ri-iim, a. that part 
of * pnbllc building occnpled by the 

AnUttrr, ad'lt-q-ri a. pertaining to 
tlie aeneeof hcarui^: n. uiandicnce. 
Attn, i'gur. n. a tooftor boring boles. 
Angkt, ilt, n. snytbiug. fcreaacj 

Angnant, ^-niiml', ».(. and r.i, to in-| 

of increaaing; aomatblng added. 
AngBr, i'gar, n. ■ diviner; a sooth- 

Inrut, i'ga 

AagiuvS-gn^''' <<■ nujealir; imposing. 
Asit, ant, f). a tatber'a or mothers 

Aaritit, a'ri-kl, n. the enter ^ar : one of 

the two smaller cavitlesoF the beut. 
Antinli, S-rllt'yn-lB, n. a species of 

Aarianlu, a-rlk'yu-!»r, a. pertaining 

to the ear; spoken In the ear. 
Anrtftwu, S-rir^-ras, a. yielding gold. 
Antora, i-ro'rs, n. the goddees of 

morning; the dawning light. 
Aurora bwnlii. S-rO'rs l>n-rf-a'!i«, or 

-ill-, n. the northern light 
Au^ Sa'pia, n. an omen.-jrf. au- 

plHl, patronwe; conntenance. 
AupitMU, fla-pleh'na. a. ominous of 

good; fortunate.— (i(<ii. aualolmly. 

— n. ainlolMuniH. [ansititBMi. 

AutBTS, gB-Ur'. harsh; severe — n.| 

■ ""Isrlti. aa-Ifir'l-ti, », harehneee; se- 

iritr of manners; har«h discipline. 

_ Jk, a. genuine; 

t—adB, aathentially. 

Airttrlty. ae-tei 
vBrilFof ni- 
Laitial, la'tn 

authentic- ... 

iHtr, t-then-tia'l-tl, n. gen-| 

„, A'thflr, n. onenho pmdnces; 

an orlgjnaior; the writer of a book. 
ABthMtH, A'th«r.lz, V.I. to fnmlah 

with authority.— n. anUiariia'tiga. 

AmUnlty, i-lhor'i-tl, n. power: away; 

mle ; source ; permls^on.— pf. m- 

tkoritiH, precedenla; weighty opln- 

k, £11, vl»l; Btvflre, el 

Anthonhii, ft'lhgr-ehip, n. the stale < 

being an author. 
Autftunt^UT, l-tg-hi-c^rii-r«r. i 

own life. 

AntaWtttaphy. S-t^-bl-og'iB-n, n. the 
narration of one'a oitn life.— s. tv- 
ttUotttph'ia; antobi^Taih'ioal. 

AutMney, H-tok'ra-al, u. absolute eov- 
emmenl.— o. aoWit'io. [ereigu.i 

AutMrtt, I'to-krat, n. anabeatntesov-| 

irtograph, i'to-graf, n. a person's 

handwritlBE or algnalure.— a. : 

ABtomitih a-hp-mat'ik, a. like an 

'a-tpn, w. 

ABttmaton. A-tom'a-l 
which Imitates tht 
ing being: or i-egnlalei 
•utvmaUu or iitomtU. 

m™'' " [orabodyt 
Aotoyiy, S'top-st. n. the e: 

., ^ .. Hpl»g;i 

alstlng.— n. a helper: a verb th 

helps In the conjugation of another. 

Aiall. 9-vJi', v.t. to aid; boneflt.— i ' 
tobeol use: to serve. —ii.i'. Wlal 
ulvantage of-— ft- beneilt; fiervlci- 

Arulablt, t)-vgl>-bl. a. that may i 
oaed 10 advantage, —ode. iTaiMliI 
-n. aiUlaMl'itr- 
B., n. a falling or gliding mass ' 

Anilee, av'^iis, n. eiceeeive love i 

AvariaioM. av-j-rtsh'ue, a, covcton 

miserly.— orfe. avuioliiuly. n. av 

An, av'B, or g'vfl, n. a prayer to thi 

Virgin, beginnliiB Avf. .Vnifa, 
Anags, B-venJ'. t.(7 Intake vengeano 

Aisngsi. B-venjer, n. one who avenges 
ATanna, av'e-nn. n, a way: alley o 

, b^, mikfr ; Ice, Inn ; Odi^r. i 

AnnioB, s-^'^r'sbuti. n. dielike 
Anrt, ft-vgrt', v.l. to torn ai 
pravenl. [birde ar 

AtIu7. «'vl-B-ri, n. a place 
AvidltT, a-v<(l'l-tl, n, eagemees 

occupation; cuIIId". ' rto 
AiiiuUt. n-vald'^bl, 

ATatiutt, ft-vold'SRH. n. tbi 
AToMnjok. s\-er-dy(i-poi 
■elgbt o( which Ifiu 


A»«w, j(-vou', v.r. todeclare opciily;| 

knwii. »-voB'»l n. a trank declara- 
tion; aconreeelun. Mattorefor.l 

Aw^ »->i-»t', T.l. loHBlKor; tc he! 

AvakB> tt-wHh'i c-t- (o arouw from 
■teep or inaclion.— E.i. lo cense 
Bleeping. -Ti.f. awtktd or amb.— 

Awiii, s-wat', a. not sleeping. 
AwtkH 9-svak'n, r.l. lo awake. 
Avik*sui(, a-wBk'en-ing, awtUiif. 

t^HRk'Inr, n. a nntaing rrom sleep. 
Awari, s-wSrd', v.l. to adjndge.— n. a 

judgment; decision, [conpcioaa. I 
Aware, n-war'.a. watchful: apprieed;! 
Awkj. 9-wl', adv. at a dlBtancc; ab- 

aent— in(. begouc! 
Awe, S, n. reverential fear.— 1.(. to 

IwTT, i-rt', a. or arfc. c 

onearde; nticven. 
Lu, aks. n. a tool for cho]: 
UdooL ake'yum. orake'l-m 

t, S^-til, a the 

AiTm, UTiH, u'im, n. nnleai 

B, bS, eeeond letter of the alpbafe 
Bm. bB, v.f. 10 cry or bleat 1 

eheep,— n. tbe bleat of ■ nheer 
BiliUt, bab'l, v.t. or r.l. to talk' 

lalily; pnue.~n. ailly prattle, 

BaUla. bah'ler, n. one nho babL 

Babi, hHb. tathr, bS'bl, n. an Infant; 

a cbild.-a. teMih. 
Bibm, bab-iflm', n. a kind of large 

ahort-talled monkey. 
Bahrtoej, hfi'bl-hfid, n. alate of being 

BtseaUinatt, bak-k«-)il're-tit. n. ihe 
dei;m or position of a Bachelor of 

Baaehantl. bak'«-nal. n. a devoi 

Buebanalia', bak-w-al'jft. ti-ii. taiU 
in honor of Bacchne; revels. 

BanliaBallan. bak-tn-nryan, a. pel 
tainlng to revels or to « ine-drlnkin( 

BaihdoT, bach'e-lpr, n. an unmarrte_ 
man: one vho has taken the llrat 
degree at s university. 

Baek, bak. n. Ibe binder part of I 
body In man, and the npper part 
animals; the rear,— m/r. lonrard t 
rear: in an opposite direction. 

Baek, bak. r.t, to put backward: f,.... 
on the bock of; stand at the back 
of: sustain.— c.f. lo go backward. 

BiskUts,liak'bTt, v.t. to slander an ab- 
sent pereoD.- n. WekUtcr; kiek- 

Uh dlclTid"pleceB oIT! 

bak'BTonnd, n. ground \i 
nan of a «hicL 

aiJTMfkwaidi, 1 


burlfui.— I 
Btdt, bad, 2>. 
B«dg<,biaj « 

>[ good: evil: wicked; 
'. tedlj.-n. Uiatu. 
ol to did. 

. mark of distinction, 
iwiug Biiim&L 

—v.i. to worry or plagui 
Biiliaui, bad'i-ntizh. n. playful talli. 

anlflcK; fnietrale. 
Big. bag. n. a Buck or poucb, — 1>.^ to 

Uke 11 b^. 
Btntallt, ^.a-tol'. n.a triilu: Bgame 

playod with hallB ou a Inble. 
BiKiEi. bug-^j, ». tliu Iiiggage of an 

timy; Inggaae. 
Biuini; bw'ing, n. ctotb for bSGB. 
BaigT.Dagf. o. awelliiiB one or liaiiB- 

ing liko a bat:, 
Btgpin, ling'tilp. n. a wind iu^tra- 

meiit compoBiid of pi pee and a bag. 

snother'B appvanince at court; ths 
sumrivenasBccarity. (bail.l 

BtU, bS. v.l. to give ball ; release on 

Sim. bil'ir. n. » eberltTs officer; an 
seent or steward. [of obailttT.] 

B*iUwi«k. bill'i-wlk, n. the jurisdiction | 

Bait. b«L n. food pat on a hiak to en- 
tice fish; atturouiont: slight repast 

Balt,bat, E.f. toHnBhi^t; allure by a 
b^t; give food to. 

Bsiw, d£z, n. a rough woollen ntulT. 

Baka. bak, v.l. to dry or harden by 
heat: prepare food in an oven. 

B»k«, bBk'er, n. one whoBe buelneBs is 
tobake. llnziBdoue.l 

Bikirj, bak'er-1, ». a place nliere bak-l 

fiakiaf, bRk'lng. n. the quantity baked 

ing: eqiTBllly: 

BiiaBBLbai'i^uii.D.f.lo weigh: tamaki. 
equal; to settle an account. — v.i. to 
be equal: to hesitate. 

BilNaj, bal'k^-ni, n. a funccd plat- 
form outside a wlndDn-, 

Ball baid, n. without lialr; hare: nn. 

-' -> -o^B. baldly.— H, h»Un«i. 

bai'dft-daeh, n. idle. 

pack «f goods: 
dip out 

i!!. to pack ii 
Bab. hi.. V.I. 01 
Balifol, bal'fiil. 


^nt-B.i. 1. __^__ 

acs, |^[. add, Irm, ftsk. UI, rl*l ; sfiTBre, el 

disappointment; fa 
mnd^body; bullet; i 

BtUad. bal'lad, n. 

Balltt, bal'lqt. n. ball or ticket used 

votTug.-c.i. lo vot« by balloi. 
Balm, Imm, n. an aromatic plant; an 

thing that relieves pain. 
Balmy, bam'i. a. havbg the qualities 

of balm: fragrant: Booililng. 
Baliuo, bAI's«ni, n. sabsiance tlowing 

from certain ireeB; a healhig o'— 

ment; a kind "F lree.~a. talnm' 
Balutn, bal'us-ler, n- usuppDii. tu 

rail ol a utalr; a small column. 
Balutndi, lial'ne-irild, n. a row 

balusters supporting a raO. 
Bamboo. bam-biJb'. a laive reed gr 

lug in tropical countries 
BaqtoMla, bam-bdb zl v f to decei 
Ban, ban, n. a proclamaliun in 

\<hich binds 

f clolh 

for binding.— v.f. to 

Baudboa. Iwnd'bokE. ». a si 

box for ribbons, bonnets. 
Budl(,ban'dii, ». an outla 

~il. budila or banditU 

lug a ball. A"i- toVca* t 

to retort. [crooked lees. I 

Budyltggtl. ban'di-legd, a. having! 
Bau. bfln, R. poison; mlsciiicr; d& 

rtruction. [stroeilvcl 

ButfU. ban'fAI. a- poieonons: dc-| 

banishing: slate ot being banlihed. 

Bank, bsugk, n. a lidgo of eartli; 

ground tlslng from a river, lake 

n. oii<^ ivt 

Buktnpuy.'biuigk'rupt-ei, n, etale ( 
being Ilwnkriipt; ftllure Lu trade. 

ard; a aqnarc Ad^ 
Buiitt. bing'kH'eT 

Sulw, baii'I^ni (tHm't'l'l,""-"^ HmU 
varlutr of this domesllc fowl. 

Burtw, iHiu'teT, r.Mo rally; 10 jeat at. 
— n. ulHvrnl ralllory. 

BaBtUoc, bant'llDK, n. bq tnraat. 

ButlM. UtUn, biM)-IIz-. v.l. to admtu- 
istcr baullinii; to chrleleu. 

B^tlM, W"i"r - ' — * 


I who baptises; 
to baplian by 

Bai. bar, n. a rod : ntndranee ; m 

r^l lu a (ence: InclMed apai.. 

taveni or coiirt-rooin : a trlbnual. 
dlvleloii In miiBlc: bank la a rive 

Bar, Mr, B.t. tu fasteo with u bar ; 

Birk, btrh. n. a beard-like lateral 
point: a Barbar; botBc.— r.^ t« arm 
with barbs. [age — n. fc«taJUiL| 

BurbtritB, bitr-bft'H-fn, a. rude; re 

Baibario, bflr-bar'ib, a. pcrtalDiDf 

BaibH«a, bflr'))^. 

r.f. to roast whol&°'"°"''"[h'cB'i 
BailMT, bilr'ber. n. one whn vha 
Bud. bftrd, n. > Teltlc mlnMrel ; a gx 
Ban, bar, p.l. of /n btnr, [—a. bar 
Ban. r>§r, a. naked ; plain : p< 

mere.— p.(. to Uj opcni expos 

adv. tanlr.—n. |»miHi 
BanflUHL bartbt, 

Off. ifiae: Ore, pb]], 


1, a. Ulegitliaute; 


'lea. a. wltbout fouiida-l 

uu, 11 pin]}' bi'luw, lb<!I 
Biuuir, bsan-A'. Kc Puht. I^rouad. I 
BuUtU, ba^hTnl a. eaeily aCuubcd; 
aity.—adc. kuhhilT.— n. buhtitlnMi. 
BiuUiik. b&z'll-lijk, 91.. a /abutous kind 

Bun. blte^, n. 

Buk, b«ak. t 

o lie la the < 

Id iti pliable bark. 

I, b&E. n. Ibc loweet part In mu 

looa, bae-0(ft>ii'. n. a mnalcal wi 

t. l>srk of Iki: 


... 'wra ont 
[a batilard. I 

obea° Witt 

SMui, Ws't»rd, 

ButulT, bsa'tar-dl, n. alatb ofbclai 
BuU, UUI, V.'. 10 fasten altght[ 

stltclics: tubeat: lodrlplat .. 

ButlDtlo, l>at-tln-a'do, n. a Iwallne 

with t, cndgel. ap, on the eolee of 

tbe feeL- 

or DUUOiirT jnltlne from a rampart. 

Bit, bat, H. a club 
lOT etiiklDg a 
ballia^inali, fly- 
ing qnadniped. 

Balak. batch. ». n 
quantit}' baked, 

Bi^ bath, n, a ulaceor veuol to wai 
lh« body In ; the act of bathing. 

Batlu. baa. rj. to wash or mulslcn. 
H.(. towash the body, 

Bathu. ba'lhos {prop, ba(h'os), a "In 
Ing In Btylc; the oppoeite of su 

BatM. iiat'on. n, a eCalT: cinb : man 
BattOoi, bf-tal'yun, n. ■ bod; uf I 

Battnl bal'ni ii. a Hirip of bourd. 
Blttn, l>at'.;r, r./.orr.t.tobeat rupci 

rdljr ; bvHI down, 
Battn, bat'n'. n. Ingredtents bcati 

Into a Ihin paate. 
Batlnlac-nm. baffr-lng-iam. n. 

large oeam for battering walls. 
Battory, bai'ijr-i, n. iha act of bcatlni 

a line of cannon: the place on whi< 

orK.L toh^t' 

muted: an electrical 
flght: combat.- 

Bawl, bu. r.l. tosbont; bellow. 
Bar, bl, 0. dark reddish brown, 
B4T. ba, vA. to err as a dog at cb 
Bij, l*. B. an arm of the ecu ; 

Ibe Ennipean laureMrce. 
fiijOHt, bfi'v-net, n. a blade Ox 

n, Wydb. n. offuhi 
the Atchafalaya. 

a market-place fur 

Ba. b«. v.t. to > 

or qnuiity.— /..t. w«.,— /i.^<. mu. 
Bnoh, becb. n. pborc of a «ca or la_,. 
Bmmb, bSk'n. n. a signal Bre or light ; 

a liglil-honBe.-E.(. to actor sen- 

Baai liSd. n. a little ball strung c 
thread; globule; round mon Id inv. 

Budla. b*'dl, u. a crier ; a mesBengei 
petty ofncer. 

Bugla, h«'gl, u. a small bound. 

Btik, Mk. n. the bill of a bird. 

Bwktr. bBk'er, a. a large cup. 

Btam, bGm, n. a large piece oT timhei 
a ray of light.— n.i. to acnd oi 

BdSD. lifin, n. the name given to vi 

Btii, iiv, v.t. to carry; endnic; pro- 

dnce.— ji.r. but : p.p. krau. 
Bw, b§r,«,(. lobrinj; forth young.— 

p.Ltanip.p.iana: in uom. bsta. 
BnnU*, bae%-b!. a. that may be 

borne ; enduiable. 
Btatl, herd. n. hair growin? on tht 

face; a barb; prickle.- li.f. to pluck 

by the beard ; oppose to the face. 
imitt, berd'«d, n. Imvlng a beard or 

SttttlMi, berd'lee, a, without a beard. 
Elum. bar'^, n. a perwin or thing 

that bears; a carrier, 
Biutalg, liar-ing, n. deportment: 

L bar'leli, a. like a bear ; rudr. 
Is. bMiliUr. [boKlT. I 

bSt, v.t. Xo 6tr\k& repedttdly; 
tome. — P.i. 10 give repcited 
kea.— p,(. Vui-.—i'.p. tdten. 

tujatj, be-st'I-fl. i.i. lo make happy. 

BttUif, b«flDe, n. a suceeijiilon oT 

blows; cbaeliseDieiit. 
fiiaUtaJt. ^6-at'i-^fld, b. bleSBudneae. 
"— '•''. n. a drewy, or gaUuul man; 

1 bo-I-de'^. n. an imaglDary 
ta of perltction. 
L bfl'tfruB, a. full of beauly. 
—'■■■■- - full of beauty; 

Bwk, bek, n. a algn wllli I 
"(kin, bek'r, v.l. or v.i. lo iiibii< 
i sign nilh the hand or head, 
otsu, be-kum', t.l. to coinu lo bo 
lo be made.— B.(. lo eiiit or befit.- 

BU&iBf, be-kum'lng, a- unllablp 

proper; gracelul.— oi^i 

space alloi 
tic bed, 0. 

layers; lay down. 
Biditibk be-dab'l. v 
Brfanli, be^dib'. v.1. 
Bidaing. bed'ine. »- 

rt orKflll 

BedMi . 

r, bed'fcl-D. DOS who sleeps ]ii 
_me bed wHb another, 
be-dlm'. T.I. to make dim. 

to leave the l^™ ' '"" '"' "" """" 
Bedit«4. bed'sled, n. frame for i bed. 
BM.bE, n. an Ineecl tlut calleeto bonej 

BM«kbBch.n. a fo'rett-lree.-a. tMohn. 
BMt ber, n. the llesb ot homed cattle. 
BHhiit, M'blv, n. a box or <:»m Id 

which bees build their combs. 
Bear. ber. n. rcrmenled liquor made 

of malt and hope. [alleshv rool.i 
Beet, bet. n. a garden vegetable wilhl 
BmU^ be'tl. n, a wooden mallei: an 

ineecC witji bard wiog-uisce, 
BuUs. bS'U. r.i. In jut or haugater. 

Befall, be-fai, ri.t.' to bappe"to.— 
l« happen. — "' '■-«■" "- >-'-■ 

BafHl, be-tOU^ i 

viuus III.— uui'. Ill front; pravjonai;. 
Bafnthuij. be-fOr'haud, adv. prevl- 

Batrital' be-frcod', t.l! to act aa a 
friend to. (e.l. 1oaekaln)s.| 

B*(, beg, ji.t. to entreat ; beseech.— | 

Bifaii, bc-gau', ]].(. ollobeffln. 

Butt, be-get', v.l. to generate; pro- 
dnce.— p,(. Mgat or hgot— jj.ji. bt- 
(•lUn or l«(«(. 

wbo lives by bcgg 

to beggary. 
Bifiarljr, beg'jr-il, a. poor,— _. ..., 
BwuT. I>eg'»r-1 n. eilreme poverty. 
B^ be-gin', v.i. lo come into beine; 

—p.l. buan; p.p. I 
lafiiast. be-gln'fr, 

i!s *?■;., 

who be- 

Ihe Bnt 
cauee, act, or state ; commencement. 

Bagou, be-gOn', iroji. go away ; depart. 

Bacnl^ bfr^II', ».(. to deceive with 
guile: (o amnse. [begnlling.l 

BagnilBUat, be^gll'menl, b. Uie act ol| 

Bann. be-Kun'. p.p. of lo begin.'.o^.orB.i. to conduct 
MS; get. jet; kin, sin; chip, aECzhturo. 


BahHl, be-bEd',c,f.ta cutoff thi 
httat, be-belA\ p.l. sad p.p. 

BMai. be-blnd', prii. or adr. 

■nd, a 

ttd h 


B^m( be-biibt', It. proflt : odvanlage ;\ 
Bahatn, bahtra, l)e-bi)bv'. nJ. [a be 

B^ijt, be' eilsleuce; unytbliig 

~ ■ " ^e-ii^'b?^, v.t. lo beat Bonndly. 

1, be-lst'ed. a 

<a iHtc; bi 

■d*m, «. 



which rings when 


oi thi 

.— — , ,jyihtng 

Id]], [mired woman. I 

, . , caullful ormHCh-Bd- 

Bdlai-Mtm. beMet'tr, n. pi. Iho lit- 
eraUue of taste wid iMa^natioii. 

Brtl-iirtaL bellact-l (or liiet-a!) b, an 
allor of copper and tiii, uf which 
bells are made. 

Btlkw, bel'O, v.i. to low like a bull ; 
make a Innd outcry.— ». a roaring. 


2tDj, bel'i, n. that part of the body 
which contains the bowels. 

Balnif. be-lflne'. p.i. lo bo the proper- 
ty ot ; pertain to, 

Mmi, be-luvd', a. loved ; dear. 

Btlov, be-In', arfB. In a lower place.— 

«CB, nir, add, Rnn, ftfk, 611. vl»l : "CvPr- 

B«lt, belt. n. a prdlo or band, twall. 
Booiiu. be-mou', v.l. to lament ; bc- 
fltnth, bench, il a long seat ; a judge"i 
etal; body of judges 

BnuiUi. be-netli', prp. under; lowc 

B«De^<^on. bvn-£-dlk'shun, n. sblcee- 
BBnetkotign, ben-e-fak'vbun, n. a bent 

fit conferred : charitable ^fi. 
Bem&atiir, ben-g-fak'ttfr. n. oue wb 

eonfcre a benellt. 
B«aia»,beu's-fl8,n. a chnrch-llving. 
BnaAoH, -Hat, a. having a benedce. 
BuuHtoMt. ben-erl-eehe. n. acltv 

goodneaaj bounty.— a. btnalMnt.- 

adv, kounHntlT. 
Bnulgial, ben-^fli 

benefit ; useful ; 


wiilrimv' ben-e-fl"h'i-«-ri, n. oce 

10 do good- — 

,_Sd. b 

light: Im.. 

Bmiln, be-uln', a. kindly; propitious. 

—ade. knlgnlT. 
Bmifntnt, )>e-n^n«nt, a, kind; gra- 
clona; favorafile — ado. beolgnintly. 
Bomtnitf, lie-nig'ni-Ii, n. kindness; 

Baniin, bcn'l-zn, n. hlcBBlng. 

Btnt, bent. n. a eoBrse gmm or ccdgc: 

deprive of feeling. [resin, i 

Bmiou, bcn'zo-ln. -X0\ n. a fniennt! 
BuumO, be-kweU', V.'. to leave by 

Hill. [bywill; alegacy.r 

Btfoeit, be-kwcet'. n. eometbSng leftl 


Banaamt, b^r'ira-mot, n, a plant and 
its perfume : a kmd of pear. 

Bnlin, birlin: n. a kind or couch. 

Bmy, ber'i, n. a email succulent fruit. 

B«rt£. birth, n. a aleeplng-place in a 
ship : a Bhlp'a place at anchor: a 

gyecnlah cotitr. 

■•Hli, b«-eteb'. v.t. to eotreat ; 

implore.— p./. andp.p. iNHiiElit, 

lubLtuBllf a 
by Ibe tide oi 

near; In RddiOon to. 
•Ua. biridH, be-aa; -i, aav. more- 
Dver; Id additinn. [beset; 

■Itn, be-Bfij', V.I. to lay ik'^e ln;l 
nnbe-BEj'^, n. one who butfJc-geB, 
- fce-Bmer', t.l. to daub over. 
^'ziiiDf n. a broom. [^upLd.i 
— ' - ■ -0 make eoiiliili orl 

<o.—p.t. baqolu ;— 

[superlative of gap 

'^'weli] \a the be.t manner', 

iMtUl, beat' j^l^ fl. pertaining lo or re- 
Bemblinga beast; degraded; flltlij. 



BttUntL be-lhliigk', v.r. (o reflect ; call 
to mind; recollect; consider,— j>.(. 
andp.p. Mhtuht. 

Battda. be-tid', tJ. to happen to : be- 
fall,— n.L loliappen; occur, [llme.i 

BtUiui, be-lTmi'. adv. early : in in>odl 

BMOkn, be-tO'kn, v.l, to foreshow ; 

Bttiar. be-W, v.t, to deliver np 
trescheronsly ; diselusc In breach 

Brtnyal,' b^M"f ^^t of betraying. 

BrtroST'be-trot^'' c! ° to^pirght '^ar- 
riage to,— n, bttnChal; bstrithnunt, 

BstWt, bet'^r, 0. [conyurativc of jwicfj 
more good; anpeiior; improved. — 

adc. tcomp, ol locU] in a auperlor 
manner or higher degree, [benefll, i 
Bstta. bct'«r. v.t. lo Improve ; tol 
Bsttwt, bet'en, n.nj, Htpertore, 
BMwHii. bitwiB, be-twen', b£-tuik>t'. 
jirp. In the middle of two ; from one 

Ihnl 1 

rlgbt-angle; iQntnimeni 


ar. t.i. lo regard wlllil 
fvird^, fr.f , lo perplex ; 

or being perplexed or confused. 
Btwitth, Ce-wlch', v.t. to lay a epeU 

or charm upon ; lo euclmni. 
BnriUUhC, ' ■ ■ ■■ 

Ing: faac _„. - 

Bsrond. be-yond',p7p. 

Bide of.-aHi'. at a dL..^... 
Bill, bl'fs, n. a leaning; inclinatioD. 

— D.(, lo cause to incline in any di- 

reciion; to prepoBscBB, 
Bib, bib, n. a clolb under Ihe chin. 
BiUir, bib'er.R. adi^uker: tippler, 
BiUi, Wbl, n. the book of iheUld and 

Kew Testaments ; the ScripiurcB. 
BIbUML bib'li-k»l, o. of or relalihg lo 

HieBible. lekilled in bIblioiirapTiy.: 
BIbliK»>itr, nlb-li-os'r*-'?'. "■ onsl 
Bibllicnibr. bib-li-og'r»-fl, n. the his- 
tory or knowledge ot books — a. 

BiUitmula, bib-ll-9-mX'Dl-t|, n. eices- 

" ' [possessed by bibliomania, I 

apt to' imbibe 

Bilkar, blk'er, o.i. to contend petu- 
lantly; squabble: loquivet orHash 

Biokaring, bik'fr-lng, n, sltercatlon. 

Bid. bid, v.l. to oHer; invito: com- 
mand.— p.(. W* or bada: p.p. Wdorj 

SO, bid, n. an ofl'er. [Uddan. | 

BUdar, bid'er, n. one who bids. 

BldliK, hid'ing. n. ttOiu ; invitation ; 
command. [aWDlt. 

Bid>, bid, v.l. or t.l. lo remSn; tol 

Biauiial. bi-en'ni-al, a, lasting two 

'Mi get. Jet; kin, ein; chip, 1:12b) lire. 

Bbr, b^r. n, carrfAgc dt fnmic for b 

mtMn. bMlir-m'shnn, 


a. size: bulk. 

Bifrt'iiir^t. "■ one blludly duv. 

■ mWv or creed. 
BliAtd, clg'pt-ed, a. haviug tbe qna 

Btcrtrr. big'qt-ri, n, bllnil xcal ; ns 

Blta, bfl. n. gaJl: a bittor linnld B- 
crclcd by tne liver.— a. oil'iujr. 

BDfi, bllj. ». bulging pari of a cask. 
— B I rn Joak from IVacture. 1 

blij'wit-^, B. vfster lybig 

or stood In which u .^^^ 

Bhlp-8 oompaaa '' /^k 
Biicrarku. l)I-^r»-ter, ^j^^ 

B. oue who wrllue bl. ^WB 

Blunphf, bl-og'rf U. n. blatorr 

Ifto.— a. Wuruh'inL 
EUd«cr- bl-oFo.]!, n. the Kienf.. __ 

llfu.— a. Utlti'iML [t»u parte.i 

BIpaitita. bl|>'^-tlt, a, divided inlol 
"---', bi'ped, n. an animal having but 

b^fib, It- A emootb-barkcd rorer 

1 atilp. 
■a or bile; in 

tl l)y b 

'Ubi, berd'ITm, n. a atlcky anb- 
^lance used to oilcb birda. 

ihrtfht. bertb'rlt. n, righl to which 

>neT> entitled by blith. 

volt, bla'kit. n. bard or unleavened 

. Blthop, blsh'pp, R. 

^rik,"n."tbH offli_ __ 
blahop ; a diocese. 

log of wood.— B.l. to assign aoldicr 

BilU^U. l>il-e-d<(0', B. a love-letter. 
BUUtrii, bll'yardz. n. a gprne playc< 

on a table wltb balls and cues. 
ItlUacint*. bil'-, roul language. 
BUUos. bll'yun. b. ■ ttaousand million* 

J^^Am.); amitllonmillliniKEog.). 

BuHzUlL bb- ' 
for boiinz: that part of a 

Iowa. [wino, etc.i 

UnaiT. k'u#-rl, a. composed of two; 

BflBorted In pairs. 
Knd, bind, vl. to tie or tauten with a 

band ; mw a binding on ; attach 

iU^n; (o oblige. —p.i. aiid p.p. 

Bhltn, bTnd'«r-1. n. the place where 

books are bonnd. 
Blnliu. bTnd'init. n. anything that 

binds ; a border ; cover ot a book. 

Bitoh, blct 

vS\f. or 

Bita, bit, I 


, „ wound 

— f?.;i. UtorUttM. 
something bitten; 

Bittn, blt'^r, a. having a ( 
pleaaant taste: sharp; 
rancoruo".— ode. Wttstly: 

Bittsn, blt'^re, a loi 

Lth.— B.(. 

de of the dog, 
seize with the 

I. Wtt^^ 

II.VQI: aavSre, ebb. hir, mBk^; Tcc,innj (tdi^r. ox. 


BiTOnu, blv'n-nli, r.l. (o pa^a Ihc night 
on guard ia Ibe opco air. — n. a parly 
blvDuackiiig ; place ut a bivouac. 

le no li^t : a negro. 
, blali,T)lBkVn, v.l. I 

voUng. ' [orHnfruiLi 

BlMkUrry, blak'bw-t, n. Ihc bramhLel 
BlaokMrl, blak'bird. n. a European 

Uuneh: an ADicrlcan grackle. 
BUekguid, blag'ginl, h. a low, bcot- 

rlloDS fellow.— D.t, to revile coarsci j. 
Blaak-lul, blak'led, n. plnmhaga ; 

ik-la(, blak'Ieg, n. a 

black-mail trom. ' [works in iiun.i 
Blwkraith,blBk'amitfa, n. asmlth wbol 
BlaUw. blad'er, n, a tblu bw dletend- 
edwUbliqnldoralr; VMBdl conlaln- 
ing flnid in tbe body.— a. Uaddur. 
suit, bl&d. n- a leaf of groAs; the cut- 
ting part of a kclfc. Bword. etc.; 

Blaia, blSu. n. a boll or bllulcr. 

fault -0 


Blutb. blanch, v.t. or v.l. to whiten. 
BlaaL I'land. a. gentle; milA—adv 

blurilj;— n. UudnHa. 
Bludiih. bland'leh, v.t. to Hatter 

wheedle; caress. 
BiaadnhBUBt, bland '1 eh -meni, n. Bat 

tery; Inveigling kindncsa. 
Bluk. blangk, a. while; free fron 

writing or marks; void of eipree 

written paper; an empty apace. 
Blankat. blangk'et. a. a eofl woollei 
covering. ^^^^_^ 

Off. dbie; fflae. pAtl. op; o<], out; ihli 

of llghi,— t.f. 10 produce o blare. 

jus' speech, —a. ' UantuBnu. 

Blut, bl||8t. n. a guat or fonjble cnr- 

Blmnieut; eiploetoH of gunpowder. 

Blut, blaat. r.t. in eirike with fome 
pcmlcToug Inflnenre; lo blight: lo 
rend with gunpowder, etc. 

Bhlnclirightly.— B.i'l.iopiibliBhwlde- 
BUira. bla'in, n.t lo pnblieb oeten- 
lationBly; deKribe ixnorlal device* 

BlafoDrr. US'znry, n. art ot blsioD- 
Ing; bemldry; ainiorial devices. 

Blnak. blScb, r.l. id whlten.-c.l. lo 
grow H hile, 

Bluk, bIEk, a. nnahellered ; cold; 
cheet^eee,— n. Uokiuai. 

BInt, bier. ri.l. to tnflapie or dim the 

Btaat, blet. r.f. to cry like a sheep.— 

n. Iheeryaf aehecp. 
Bind. Men. v.i. to loee blood.-r.t 

BDd p-p. Ml 
1 diBfignrf 

BImi. hies, v.t. 10 make happy; la. 

voks happlneBs for ; pmise. 
BlMSl, HnC bIcB'ed, bleBl, a. happy ; 

proBpcions, — adti. Utucdljr. — n. 

Blfulif. bles'ing, n. a prayer for bap- 

pinos; cause ot hap pi ncBB. 
Blsw, bldb, 0, D, p.t. otto bIBvr 
mighL bin, n. a withering diseaee: 
mildew.-^.*, lo atfect wTlh blight; 

Bltad, WlndTa. defti'tule of Bight: oli- 
Bcnre: Ignorant.— o.f. tomaEe blind; 
dsrken; deceive. — atlv, Miidlj;— n. 
bliBdMt). , , 

Blind, blind, fl. aomething that dark- 

BUadfold, bITnd'Icid, t.l. lo cover Ihe 
•he: get, ]ct; kin, sin; chip. az|»hm[8- 

Bliik. Lilingk. u.i. to vi\ak: peer tie- 
iiveen llie eyelldn ; W gleam.— ».(. W 

BUnload. Iillngk'grd. n. one who 

blinks, or has dliQ Bight. 
BUig. bllH, n. eilreme hHppinesB. 
Bl^a. bbg'fol, a. ta\t S bhta—adv. 

UUaniUT;— n. Uiufvlntu. 
BUitn, hlli'ter, «. a hublile or vesicle 

on the Bklo: that which mteea « 

blister,— v.r, to rale<: bllateis.^v.i. 

to nee In bllsterB. 
Bliilny, bll»'t«r-l, a. full of blistorB. 
BllUu, bllM, a. joyouH; meny.—ativ. 

tlitlulT ;— n. lillth«u« 
SlilbuoiBi, hITfA': 

WiUmmulr:— f 

BlHkhul. bli^'hcd. n. a einpid fellow. 
BlMk-kouM. blok'hoUB, ». H house or 

Bind, bind, n. ih« Quid in [be veins; 

llMlUu.^blud'les, a. without blood; 

without bloodshed. 
BlwdiliDt, bInd'Bhol, a. streaked with 

blood; liidsnied. 
Blotdr, blud'l, a. stained with blood; 

—a. blodming or UoonT. 
Ilcium, hloaum, n. a Bov 
put forth flowers; to bio 

Blrtth. bioch. n. 
Blsttu. blol'er, 

Bloui, blau2,n, I 

Bl*«, t)IO, n. a 8 

or calamltj, 

ice, glr, add, an 

[the akin ; h 
ire made; pion 

Blmr, blo, v.i. lo biossoni.- p.jt, Unn. 
Bl<nr-flpa.t)IO'ulp. n, Rii iuslrumeiil for 

blowliiealrltiio the AatucoralSTDji. 
BlmriT. Diou'zl, a. hovlii^ a rough, 

tadoy campleiioi]. 
BliUet, blub'^r, n. ihe fat of whales. 

-r.i, to weep noisily. 
BlvdcNit. blud'Jun. n. a shoti, heavy 

Blu, blilb. n. one o( the prisioBtii: col- 
VMC, binf. a. abrupt : rode ; frank.— 
n. » steep bank overliangiug a valley 

Ish, a. slightly blue. 
n'd«r, v.i. lo make a giosa 
-n. a eroee mistake. 

blnu'd?r-biis, ». a short 

gun wflb bell-shapcd mnzzle. 
Ilut, blunt, a. dnfl ; rouah ; abrupt. 
—c.l. make dull.-oi^. Uintlr.- 


Blub, hlush, n. I rosy color ; red glon 

ill the Due.— (1,1. lo have a red color 

filukiulT. hlusb'lng-ll. adt, with 

BlutU, hlua'ter, u.i. lornar^ .neatir 
a load or bullying n 

Blnittfir, blus'^^^r, n. 

bully; boieterous persi.-, 
Bw, bO'a, n. a genus of large serponle 

longrollof fnrwom nitiiid the neck 

the AtoK of a eblp. 
Board, I'nrd. v.t. to cover with hoards 

to siipply with food regularly; ti 

enter a ship. 
Boudu. Mrd'f r, n, one who pays lo 

a brag : a cause for boastlni;. 
BtastfDrbOeiTAI.a. clven lo Wasting; 
vsloKloriouB. _ oirtJ. bsaMhllT. — n. 

b, n. H SDgpaDded hall.— c.f. or 
] swiDg will) eborl Jerke, 
bDb'hi, a |>in od wblcb thread 

Bobwkita, bob-nhTt'. n 

BodL bod, c.t. or n.l 
Bodla. br>d't«, n. a won 
Bodilou, bod'l-le^ a. w 
figdil7,W'l-li,a. relaT 

JifS, bog'], r 


nd. o. having or requtring conr- 
p^E uT dario^; EmpudoDt; cooeplc- 
uoue; aiirapt-ddv. boUlr.-n.bold- 

B(^ bol, n. a rouud pod or sced-vee-l 
Bolito. bOL'alsr, n. a long pillow.— t.(. 

loeupiiorl: [a bold up. 
Bolt liniL n. n bar or iiln to fasten a 


Wl'?r. n-alsisesie' 




Bambud. liom-baid'.B.t.ioa 

BoDabulH bum-ba-slii'. n. a raUric of 

baud; legal lustrument binding on 
ItBQiBkct.— pi.i:bal<iH; captivity. 

B«<tae, buiid'^, n. slavery ; capllvity. 

Boudtd, bond'i-d, a. held bj- a bond. 

BoudBaa, bonO'inau. n. a malo alava, 
-ffm. bniwomu 

fioauinaa, boiidz'm^u, n. one who ii 

Bono. bOD. n. the hard enberance Tonn- 

bouo) trom the Heeh. Vopeu air. i 
B«£n, boD'flr, n. a large are In ihel 
Bouut bon'et, n. a covering ten' the 

bead worn by women; part oTa^i. 
Bona^, bou'i, a. pretly ; neat ; ^y. 
B*DU, bon'up, R. a tremlnm. 
Bony, I)!!'!'!, a. having many or larpe 

bonea; ahowing iKe form of the 

l«ii«a; lean. [lan;o uarer-lowLi 
BMby. bdb'hi, n. a stupid leDow; al 
BootbClk, n. a bound aawmlilage of 

book. [iiooka.i 

Bookiih. bOk't^h. n. Ibnd of studylnsl 
B«ak-kMHT,buk'kep-«r, n. an account- 
ant, [01 keeplijg acc-ouuis In l>ooke.i 
BMlc-kHfiii(, liik'kEp-ing, n. ihe arii 
Book-wom, bftk'wnrm, n. on inaect 

hurtflil tobooke; a dose siudent 
Boom, bitbm. n. aaparto extend a Tore- 

alTui't ahlpa or floating bodiee. 
Boom, bilbm.B.f. tomskealoudbotlow 
nniiv- rush with violeij re. 
a girt 01 

and leg; profit ; advantage.— 1» tort, 
vJ. loadvanlkEe: proflt; avail. 

Boolb, btftXA, n. a allgbt hut. 

BooUoii, bdbt'lcs, a. profltlese; ana- 
vailing.— adr. booUtuly. 

Booty, bdbci, h. plnnder; spoil. 

Bom, bO't»kB, n. a mineral aalt of 
boi'acic acid aitd eoda, — a. boru'iii. 

Borttr, bOr'dST, n. an edse or margin ; 

a, lAB; get, Jet; kin, aln; chip, az(£h)ni 

iry.— n, a bole nude b/ bi 
Bon, bDr, p.t, of to btar. 

Ben, bOm, p.p. pat*, i .... 

B — '•'-n.p.p. of btar. [lorth.| 

Bmso^ mrO, n. a cnrparal 
BuKT, boT'O, »./. to obUiin 

t^- t beri 

., , J,f. 'lo collcci 

foretudj. [butaDv.i 

planlB Ibr etu 
B(itultt,bot'^n-.. .. 
BttoBT. bot'ao-i, «. tl 

Botili, hoch, n, B Bwcllln^ on tne aliui; 

make la a bungliU); way.— a, bitahT. 

Mhir, bolA'fr, v.t, la perpleji.— n.l 

Ml liir holdius llqulda.— r.f. la unt 
Into boitles. 
Btttno, bot'am, r. the low»t put of 

BottMurr, bot'am-H. n, act of borrow- 
ing money for which a ship le 
pled^d as BecnriiT. [sItilDLi-raom.l 
Btalak, biAi-dwIlr'. n. a tmall prlvsi«[ 
BMCh, boa, n. ■ branch of a lrei\ 
B«uht, bat. p-t. iind p.p. of lo buy. 
Snlur, bol'd^r, n. a large roanded 

Bnmga, bonae, t.l. to spring snddcniy. 

leap. [a leap. 

BonM. bound, n. a limit ; boundary : 
" — ' bound, p.l. and p.p. of lo Wn'i. 

er the anr.y or navy. 

JG'vTn, a. pert^nlng to cattle. 
Ill, v.t. tu Iwnd ; suiidne.— T.i. 
id the body; yield.— «. an in. 
I>jn of I he bucy: the loi^jjarl 

, a. anyihlngof a curved ehaiiei 
. piece of wood to abool amms ; 

III are sounded. 

buu'elz. n. pi. the hiteBtine!. 

- -'- - -u arbor; anchor at 

a xhlp's b< 

BnrU-kiilh, . 
Bowl 1)01, n. a large 

round, hollow part of anything: a 

wooden ball for rolling. 
Bowl bnl, p.l. 10 roll as a IHWL— ».'. to 

Bswlm, bol'^r, n, one who plays at| 

r3rs ' 

; the driver's seat oi 

w^th the blind.— f.i 

toflsbtwith ' 

BoTlu! bol'loh a. like a boy.— ai^i 
Mjlulr— »■ MyiihHO. 

finos, liiis, n. anything which holds: 
apulr; a connectlnE sign i-*^) in 
pnnClns. Braeoi, straps that hold 

to liahien; strengthen; 

[clai'P for ihc wri<t | 

et. n. an cimameniali 

i. Inn, salt, Bll, vlfl ; ffivere, ebb. bir, mslifr ; Ice. Ion ; M^, ox. 

mart 1 In prlDiinB,— c.(. to place on 

Brukub, brak'^^h. a. hav[ii<- a eal'tjl 
Bni, brad, n. a Blender imll. \ts,fli!.\ 
Bnc, lira^, v.i. lo boasl.-- n.-fl ooaat : 

gerer ; an empty boaster. 
BrMjart, brsa'»rt, «. a lioaater. 
Bn£iii4ii. bA'm^, n. a Hindu of the 

BnilL brad, e.l. to weave, plat, or lo- 
lartwlne.— «, a cord or other teimra 
madehybraidlnn; a platorpl«li. 

Una. brSu. R. the nervons muter In 

dash our iKe brains. 
BrtinltH, br£n'1^8, a. »illy : slnpld. 
Bnkh brili, n. en Inetnunent lo breali 

Ihe tfackberry— a. huaUy. 
Bna. bran, n. the Inner husk or akin 

of Hfaiu— a. bmaar. 
Bruuh, braneh.n. limb of a free; trthn 

§lon. — ?.i. to divide }uto branchea. 
Bnud. brand, n. a bnmbK piece of 
world; aeword: amark burned In; 
amarkof infamy.— 1,(. to mark with 

(torn wine or the Inice of 
Bnai, brflB, n. an alloy of eopper 
Bnnv, hrtia'i, a. like braB~ '* 
Brat, brat, n. 


Bnnidt, brs-vK'do, n. nboosinil Cbreai. 

noble.~s.(. tomeetboMly; to defy. 
Bnnry, br»'ve-ri, n. coarse ; flnery. 
Bnid, (irl'vo. n. a daring ralBan ; t 

hired aasaaain. 
BraTo, brS'vO, In', well donel 
B«»t brSl, n. a noiay qnarrel.-^.i. In 

qnarrsi nolelly. 

Bmgk, brffch, ». Bomelhlne broken 

Bnal. bred, n. foocl made irom flotti 

Brsaditiiff, bred'Htnf, n. imln, flour 
etc, of wbioh bread la mn do. 

Brtadtk, tiredih, n, eiientfroin aldett 
Bide ; width. 

Biiak, brtk, it.f. ro part hy force: ti 
inlnnge: to aepiirate: to tame: u 

make bankrupt- 

to fall O"'- """ 

lay.— ai. toito: j 
tor UiliiEe broti 

If ihc body 
I and heart: 

Bc*aktf«, brik'fj, r. 
Bnaktr, bisk'er, n 

Ibeabore. oron<^uu.c<. 
Bmkfut, brek'^t. n. ib 

In theday.— c.rinuke 
firtakwato, brtk'wlt^r. r 

Bimt. breai. n. Ihat part i 

tobearlhebreaaiaeBinet: trioi>poee. 
Brnatilatt, breat'plat, n. armor pro- 

te<.'lln»^e bream. 
BiMitwti^ breBl'wntk, n. a di^ensl<e 

work breael-blgh. 
BtMlb, breih. n. air respired: life: a 

Bnatha. hre(A. v.i. to draw breaih ; lo 
reeptre; tolive,— li.f. todrnwinloor 
eipel from (he lonp; loeihale; lo 

BnaOtai^? breih'lea, a. out of_ breath: 

Bnoela, bret'chu, n. a rock made Dp 
of angular fragmeiita, like the 'Po- 
tomac marble. 

BrHoatd, bret'chlt-ed, a. formed of, 

Brai, bred, D,^ and p.p. of lebtv4, 

BrtHh. brlch, lirfcli.n. the hinder part 
of the body, or of BDyhlnB. 

"IrtwiM, brltb'ei., en outer p"- 
men! covering the hine and thighs. 
Innblni, bricfi'in?, -e-. «. a itrap 
behind the haunches of a horae. 

BtMd, unn 

.bred. n. offspring; family kind, | 
mf. hred'inR,n,actol produeing: 


Bnui, brtt. n, » moderate wind. 
BtMhna. brefA'ren, r. pi. of btyilhtri 
eip. membere ol the eamesorlety. 

Bnnwy. brflv'rar-i, n. the book cou- 
Wnlng the dally Bervlco nf Uie 
Catbolic chDRh. [cisuQene. . 

BnrKf, broi'i-tl, n. ihotlness; eon-l 

Bn«, brdb, v.t. to mske Itqiior from 
mitlt : til eonirive ; to prepare.— ii.t 
to ba brewing: to he ^tt fug ready. 

Bnvw, brdV^r, «. one who iii^ws. 

nnmtrf, brifb'^-l. n. a place lot brew- 

BittSbnb.n. Bomethina aii-eii to [n- 
flueiiFe ine }ad°mei>t or lurluna.— 
v.t. to InduDTice by a bribe. 

Britaij, brtVer-l, n, act or t'l^'liig or 

^riak> hrlk. n. a aqaared plei^c of 
burned clay ; anythtiiB in the sbape 
or a brick.-d. built o? brick. 
pkceot btlck. 

Alnt, btik' 


..ii; bricke. (brlclu. i 

BhakUiw. brlk'll-«r. n. one who laval 

BiidaL brld'*!, h. a wedding.— a. be- 
longlog to a brldo or a wedding. 

Btida, btid. II. a womnn about to be 
married, or newly married. 

Brldunwm, brld'grobm. n. a man nboul 
to Eb married, c>r ucniy married. 

BrldMnall, brldz'mid. n. a woman 
who atleuda a bride at her weddio:;. 

BtUf^ brlj. n, a atrnctare alTordln^ a 
passai^ over water: anyttaliig llkea 
bridge.— v.'. lo lorm a bridge over. 

BtUli, brrdl. 0. the contrlvanee by 
wblch a horae is itaiemed.- r.(. lo 
put a bildle on ; lo restrain. 

Bnat, brer, a. »hort; canciee.—adT. 

law-OMe. [wild rose,— a. toiary.i 
Briar, bil'^r. n. a prickly ahrab ; the! 
Brii, brfg, n. a 

aqnare'ri^aed ves- 

brtkideK. Ico^mandlnEi brigade. 
Bil«adin. brle-a-ler'. n. the officer 
Brigand, brla'and, n. on Hrmod rabbei 

Bri^t, brtt, a. fhlaing; elear; Uliw 
iflone; clcyer,— n. krifhtstM. 

Brifhtao, bnt'D, vA. to make bright; 
to cbeer.— tr.l. (o grow br^t, or 

Ereaiest brightiiesB.— 

Brim brim, n- the upper edge of any. 
thing; mar-in .-i.(. lo Sll to the 
brim— v.i. to lie full to (he brim. 

Brusfcl, brlm'fnl, o. full to the bri 

Brimatma. brim'sl/)n. n, rululinr. 

Biinllal, brln'dld, a. marked w ... 

b from; carry 

... , . p.;>. Iteuht. 

Brink, brinett. n. Ihe edge ; margin. 
Briik, briak, a. lively; autlve; spirited. 

—adv. brliUr.—n. taWmw. 
Brl>k<^ brtak'el, n. the breail-boue of 

firirtla, bria-j, n. a atrong. atiff hair.- 

Brttansio, Britiih, brll-aD'ik. brit'la 
~ pertaining to Britain r- "■ — 
- "-eWeli' - ■- 

PlB—ll. U 

litt^ brit'i 

theWelah^ Ib^Engllsl 

Britain : an Engllabman. 
Srittk, bflfl. a. easily broken; fniKlle. 
Bmah, brOch. v.t. to lap, aa a caak: 

to enler upon a subject. 
Bread, brftd, a. eilended from side lo 

idde; wide.— ado. Inadly. 
BNtdMft, br£d'ksst, a, scattered wlde- 

BlMJdrtlLbrtd^kfcth, n, a wide wool- 
len cloth, ftJ.i. lo CTOw broad. I 
BNtdn, brid'n, t.l to make brond.-| 
BrMdiUL br8d'.^ld, n. the side or a 
ship: all the truna on a aidt; the 
discharge of all the gura on a aide 
at onceT a sheet printed on one side 
only, [straight sword for cutiinE.| 
Sntiitnti, brAd'sOrd, n. a broad,l 
Bm»d»,hnj-kad', n. rilkstnffwii'- - 

embroidered pattern. 
B^O!hBr^ bro-ahitor'. n. a hook or pam- 

Btegw, brCg, n 
Broil, broil, n. 

Ice. air, add, ftrm. ||sk,GlI, Tisl; rerflre, ebb, Ur, mik^ : lee, tnn; Od^r. ox. 

Bnk*. brak, p./. or to break. 
Bmunikl, briiDgk'i-^L, relating to thf 
ajr-tnbeg of the Iuilt;n. [sad tin. i 


n, bnUurhood. 
Bnaiht, brSt, ;i7. and n.p of tobting. 
Emr, broil, n. the ridge aliove Ihc 

ejea; foreheod: edge of Bhill. 

knnrbwt-. . 
Biflin, broan. 17. a dosky color com- 

poaed of yellow and blaek.— o. of a 

bruwD culor.— o.f. lo tnake brown. 
Bnwi^ bronz. v.i. to feed on tbe 

apronti nf plnnta. 
Bnuat, brdbz. v.t. to crii»h or Indent 

by ■ heavy blow,— n, wonnd made 

by a heav/blow. 
BrBit, bntot, n. noise ; rumor; report. 

Bnuul liriib'mfi, a, )>ertalnlne lo 
winter. [darkoompleiion.i 

BniDttM, bntb-net'. n, a wnmiin nt hI 
Biut, brant, n. sbocb ; 01 
Binf; bmab, n. an imi>loi 

wood: a eklnni»h.— c.f. 

v.i. to move lichtiy, 
BruhwMi. bmeh'wad, n. 
BnuqiiB. brusk. o, -a, a. bli 
BrnUl. brJbt'ai, a. barba , , 

mbnmiui.-n, bmlafKy. 
BmlkliM, bnA>I'a)-Iz. u,;. to render 

bmtal. orllkeabmtc. 
BntL brObt, n. nne of the Inwer snl- 

BakUa. bnb'l, n. a film of liquid fllJed 

.-..I. .:.. anylblna empty: a dolu- 

.1. lon»Inbnbbl«e. 

it of brte 

laauHr, buuin. hnk-a-nSr', n. > 
pirate of the Spaniah main; apirsle 


BmdOa, bak't. n. an inatnnnenl foi 

faatenlnif «(r»p«. etc.— p.(. to faateo 

BhiiU*, bO-kol'lk, a. relating lo herdt- 
men; pastoral.— n.apiiitorsi poem. 

Bud, bud, n. a germ or firai »ho.>i iii a 
tree or plant; an incipient flower, 
—B.i. toput fortb bude.— r.^.togTHlt 
with a bud. 


Biidiwi,lnij'el,n, ahaEOrpack; atite- 

Bnff, bnf. n. leather dressed wllboat 

lanniiig; a yellowlali or pale orange 

color. [--j^.hhli«i.| 

Bqftlo. bnf*-10, n. a kind of wild ex, I 

BoAt, bnf'et. n, a blow with the flel, 

' ' Krikowith the Pet; lo 111- 

■e,— B.l. ti 

BiiCwD. buf-fObn', n. a low Jester; a 

clown,— n, bofMutr. 
Bug, hug. n, term applied lo variuus 

Bsgtui, bng'bar. «. a goblin ; nn oh- 
fiinr, biig'l, R, a tight foni-wheefeiil 

BsFd lil''^- "• B "■ffid- ^ 

Insimment of the r J ^ 
horn kind: a long' * ^^ 
bead of glass. 

confidence In.— n,(, and p.p. blilM 

St/tOa. bild'er. n. one who bnlldB: 

one whose bnslaese it is to build. 
Building, blld'lng. n. anything bnill; 

Hhonee; odiflcc. 
Bilk bulb, n. a ball-eliapod mot; a 

bull-shaned expaneion.—n. bnlbm, 
Bq|£». bulj. n, a awelllng; prolnber- 

B«lk. balk! n. mass or quantity; size. 

Bill. bii]. n. tho niule nf cattle: a 

BlU-doi. bfil'dO;. n. ■ vBrietj of da<; 

ujcd (or li^tliig bulla, [port-i 

Bnllatia, bul'?t-ln. n. ^ort official re-l 
Bnlletlifil'ec n. ball for a gun, etc, 
Bnll-ftM. bulTrOff, », a large auecies of 

AmctlcBii tn^. laud Bllver,i 

BallluL baryun. n. nncuiiisd E'>ldi 
BiUhK bnl'pk,n. an oi flt lor klRlng, 
Boll*, odl'l, n. a Bnajncerer ; Ineolciit 

fellow,— u,f, ID tbreateii ilultdly. 
Bilnuli, biil'meb, n. a lai^ rusb. 
Bilwaik, bftl'w^rk. b, a rampart; for- 

liScatlan; defence. 
bl-bfl, n. a largo ape- 

flundngi IlL'ht; 

—adv. taayaatly.— n, lm»r 
■BII, [a plnot: n concave acrew. 
Bit. nar. n. Ihu piiclilr aeed-VL-«s<!l of 
Bbtus, bnr'den, n. what la bnriio; i 


wrillng-tnblo: IbO-MJO a public irf- 
;e.— pTlnnaB or knrnai. 
[M, bnr'jea, v » m.mU.r ^r . 
nnictpal bodj. 


Bnigiar, burg'lfr, n. one wbo 

ourl]' brealia into a bouac. 
BiitflaiT. bnrg'luJ. 

BnrtaL ber'i-^l, n. thi 

Buluou, biir-leek'.r 
aTSknIona a«l.; 

—a. knrgb' 

trpatmenl of 
with Riock 

ih, t.l. Id polirh by 
to beroine liriKht, 
lodrre under g\'o 

Bbit, ber'i, v.l. to hide lu the CTonnd 
iiiiurinagrjve. [Branch, 

Balk, bush. n. a branchln? fbrab; a 
Buhll, bdab'el.n.ndrynicaKureorfoiii 

Buhr, b6ah'l, a. fii71 af linahcB oi 
branchee; tblck and amvadlog. 

cnpstiou; trade; anutter oraflalr. 
BluUa, bnak'in, n. a half-boot 
Bust, but'l. n, a piece of atatnary rep- 

reeetitliig the head and rbonlderc; 

Boitli, bn!<'], t.l. to be bnty, active,— 
n, a (late of acllvliy; a nir. 

Burr biz'l, a. fnllr occnpic^; active j 
dnigeni; meddling.— adi. Inullj.- 

BurMr, biil-boS^i'.n.aaudi^igDm. 

lala for food.— e.1. t 

li, ail, vl»l : sfirSre. ebb. h 

cHiigo of iTq'no™. 
Bntt, bnt, - -■ ■ 

BittamiB. l)nl'?r-kop, n. ■ jellowl 
Bnttalilr, bot'f r-9I, n. ■ wiuRed umect, 

daveloped Icom iMlrrpiltar. 
BsHoMilk, but'fr-iDllk. n. milk Af- 

Br-I", Wli. 1- • imhBldtory \»w or[ 
By-aUidv, bl'iUud^r, n, one Hho 

By-mr, bi'WK.n. ftBmallotaMe road. 

Air. tttaa; St. p&ll. n 



OabtlittU. ksb-a-Uit'lk, a. p 
to tlie C>b>lft, or Jewlali ■ 

Orttau kBb'9t,' n. ■ bleuali 

OlUn, kib'lu, a. ■ bat; ■ r 

CiliiiHt, kftb'l-net, n. ft siui 

[n, kBb'l-nel-mlt 

OlboSH. ko-biftn'. n. 
kitcben of . ihli 

Cibrtolit. kab-ri-^li 

Cwia, iB-"""''. •*' 

OuUnutitB. kik-t-i 

Didit. k^det', n. > foiiuitH sod: pi 
OMla,ae.ih<«)'ra,n.» brcjkorpsui 
Oug. kij. n. & bai wllb bus or nin 


wbeedte. — a. o^oIstt. 
Cikt. kak, n. • baked jrtfce ol^douffb; 

-^.i. to becomij Sittened and baicl! 
Oalanitr, k^-Jam'i-H, n. inlsfnrtnne; 

<li«a«ter; aBictlon.— a. okluutoat. 
Ckltrnu. kal'^muB. n. au aroimtfc 

Oiluh.'k«-lHib'. n. m Ugfat anisRei ■[ 
Oaltarwnu. kal-M'rg-ui, a - -- 

ClUllttlt, kal1^-l«^b], a.'tbU~D 
Oaldilila. ka!'kya-)gt. v.t. or i 
Oia»51SMi,'l»"-k^™'*B[lSii. b" 
Q^l^in, kU'draa, n. ■ largs ketl 


(UbhIu, lul'en-d^r. n. 

register of 

,e leg.-p/. 
BifflTof'tbe borel 

illfm,™.-«;r».n.f«.™"- - 

puBei witli lient lege. /( 

UtoUnio, k^-i»-tben'lk«, ^V 

lug gracefuliivu of or- f 1 

riiWe. I I 

llii. kil'lks. n. Uh outer 1 / 

cup of ■ flower.— pi. nliui \ / 

liinilwrltltig.— a. ttlllgnph'ie. 
log ; iiiickenlnE of the nkin. 

Oduitt, kal^ririk, a. pTodin 

pnee; (Mielj.— n. nhoraia'tln. 
Miaililti kn lam'nl-l't^r, n. b Msr 

k Ada (kbrlc of 

la, n. » flowerinp! tmnreea ilirnb 
UaMs imn'e'^H r^^ ■ yeni or bUcU i 

inttj. kun't^r 

■It-^i a. impreg- 

Ob1t«. k»T. C.I, to brlnff fivth « i 
OB]tiiluii.kiyvlu-iznj,rt. tbodoc 

{hlTlnlft, k^" 

ifCIt, Cil'li 

minenl la i 
Olyi, k.l'ik« 

I of Cal.Jo— a, (WTin- 

in'e^T, It. BlgD of tbe cmb It 

Oulid, kRU'dia.a. IbIt; elncerFi fruik. 

_a<lD. unlidlT;-". nalMiau. 
OudUBte. ksi/al-iat, n. oiie kIio off 

Cu«d>t«liip, kiD'di-dii.sbJp. 0*i 
daMrt, kin><1I^Kt.yur, n. bIbIc of 

CBcdli, kan'dl. n*. rrllnilcr of fi 

CBiai-Ulht, ksa'dl-Ut, n. Ugbt o 

, obb. bir. mlkfr: loe. Idd; dStft, oi. 



Ouior, tam'dpr, n. fclrnoi 

Jukn. kinBk'«t 

eed; Ibe pilot from 
1 nwdBi ■ nlklng- 

uifthjog that cor 

•liun. kia'l-l»l-lEni, ths pnotlce 
1, kiu'un, n. ■ gceti gaa — pi, 
Ill-Id-. 11. ta ittick 

OuiBtt, luu'uot, 

■ dlgDltU7 eg the Chorch of Eag- 

Ouninl. ^-non'l.ca1, a. according to 

wnon ; ecc!eilu(<ul ude. UMSl- 

«llr:-~«' tuonl'dtr. 

OutdMli. k»-non'i-cili. n.pL tbe otB- 

iu, MBtnlH. kui'UTi-li, e.t, to «□- 


Duopr. k»D'o-pl, n. ■ coY*rliig oter- 

Cut,kilne, t.j. to apuk witbiwhine, 
or hrpootitlciillf,— n. hypociitlal 
lanRiuge, or Uiit pecDlliir to ■ 

Out. t«nt, n. no inom«Uon from ths 

Outm, kao-tfio', h, ■ flmhU veiiel for 

Outdm, atiit(li>ir«< kso'laldp, n. ■ 

■pecTes ot maloD. 
Ouittr. kin'lf r. n. in hut gulop.— c.i. 

Outhirido, ksiktbur'l-dEi, 3p>n- 

OmtWi. kM'ti-lil, n. ■ eong. 

OsBt*, kan'td. n. dlvlalunor ■ poeiu. 

Cutu, kui'tuu. n. division of > cann- 
ti7; *8nl*>npabllc.— n.I. tadlvlds 
inlocantona — a . outouL |i«ll-clotb . I 

CuTU, ksD'i^ ».caarae.«troueclath;| 

Inn TnMB or palrnnage, — n. (UTUUt. 
OHibiliinui, kon'cbAk.krfb'cbik, n, In- 

arsl troplc&l plHnts. 
Qip. kap. n- ACOVBrLng foT the bejul^ 

OapibU kAp'»-bl. a. biTiiiB ability. 
Oapwitiu, k^irile 

OinAtj. k»^9'i-li. R. powpr of hold- 

OmuImii, k^-par'i.aHn. n. trapplnaa 

OiH. ^p. n, * bE«d1*Dd : coyerlng for 
(be abouldFra. 

OuillttT, kap'l-l»-rl. n. a Inba wltb ■ 
^alr-llke bore.-o. Ilk? or relating to 

OiplU], tap'l-tal, a. chief; piiaclpttl: 

M, dMa; Oae. pAJl, op: ( 

t^ thin, lAa: getj«t; 

n. atn; obip, u(ih)iu«. 


OipiUl, li»p'l-t»I, n. top ol 

• W 

Oapttiliit, kap'i-^l-iat, n. one wha hu 
(hkpitttion. liBp-l-W»hon, n. icomitliig 

Ouittl, »»p'i-tol, n. ■ tPinplB at Rome ; 

the houie wtiere CongrpH meets. 
CtiRoIttg. kft^t'rd-iit, v.i. to mrren 

der oa ooDOItioTis. — n- npttnU'titn. 
"iwiM, *B-P""'' "■ nnwMoiMWe oa 
0«[rtoiMU, hg-prlBb'HS, o. fnU of u 

u. [thB float iu Uie lodfccl 

0«pn»ni, kap'rl-kom. n. the aign of 

Oiriten. kap'Bt^n 

priio. [.mj-carrlago. 

Oar. kSr. n. a whMled vehicle; nll-| 
Cant. itv%t. n, a welgbt ol 1 eraliiB. 


r'^wd, It. a plant with aT' 

CaibmifirMa. kOr-lx 

a large bottle ] 
g-'hl, n, a preel_.._ 

CuMD, ks-fSu', T.l. uid B.i. to li 
Inclme to oda aide, iB a ablp. 


Cuat, kt'ret (Lat. c. 

OatBint, kar'min, n. a red pigment 

Otfun, kir'na), -ej, »- ". ilaogbter. 
Ouaal. kSr'n^, a. fleelilyi Bensual.— 

ndr. BamallT:— »• Mtnal'ltT. 
Qamtln, Ur-D&'shun, n. lleab-colar: 

■ce, all. add. llTin,aa1i, Ul, tT«1: i 

b, h^, mlk^: 1 


awer ot tba g«Diu Diinthni 

{hndlui. kMr-ii«l'7Vi, ■. ■ re- 

Oeib-oolored pnoloaa atoDe. 
OuniTil. kiir'di-val. n. I f^sUoal 

OuiiifDKiu. tkr-nlijfl-rnB, a. fee 

Oud. tiir'fll, B. »;oTOU« Bong.— tp. 

■JngJojiiuHly.—e.f. to sing of. 
OuotU, ki^tot'iil, a. term »ppUed I 

ui-^, 1 

le nsck. 

OirpoitrT, kfirp'en-ti 

Cunt, ksr'ot. n. su eatable root of u 
Omr, kar'l, n.t tobcw; caanj; lead; 

Outui, kart'aj. n. id oi 

Oarta, Un, ». ■ bUI of hi 

Duts-bUDghi, kftrt-MftdHl 

paper 9igne6, to be Oil 

OutOacL Urt'U-«].ii. grlatle.— a. nr-] 
Outon, kBr-tcfCin, n. drawluj; on larga 

paper: prcpsratfiry drawing. 
OarUulii, kar-i<nwh', n. a cage for car- 

tpldgea: an ornamental .croB. 
CutrUo, kSrt'ry, n, paper case ooii- 

ttlnlag the durgs ror t, gaa. 

cntintoplxcea.— ii.<. to cat op meat. 
Cttra, klr'v^r, n, one wbo carreai ■ 

fttt.ifbte: Hae, pan. up: oil, ont: tbto. Me; got, jet: Un, 

Otaaaia, kia-ktd', ki 
—i.(. to cover with,-!;! 

at Un: la- 

OaatmaDt, kla'nieut, n. frame of a wlu- 

Ouh, kaah, n. money ; ready money, — 
TT.f. to turn Inlomonej; pajnootiey 

OiAlir.kaali-er'.n. one Hbo baa charge 

•k. kuk. 1 


>'mer. n. a rich lDdJaii| 
a barrel lor oontainlng 

Ouiia, kaab'g, n, k apsolea of laarel 
witb aroiQUlc bark, (woollen rloth. I 
OuifaBtK, kai'l-mer, -m^r, n. a twilled | 
OuMek. k>a'«k, n. ■ coat worn b; 



Oaataatt. kga'ta-net, n. an tnatnmwnt 

aaed to man time In dancing. 
Oartawav; ksat>wB. m. oae abandoned 


claia of aoeialy, op. 

Oaatdiattdl ku'tel-Ut-ed. a. with tar. 
reta and baltlcmenla like ■ cuiUe. 

Oaatn. kaat'er, a. one who caata: roll- 
er on (lie jega of famltare: a stand 

OuUlic, kaat'lng, n. act of monldlngil 
Outiin-Toii, kflat'lng-iOt, n. Tote that 

It. iizb-a-if 

OuDiitie. luzii-fi-iit'l- 
kuh-«-Ut'l-)r:*l, a. re 

OuslMrr, kub 'fi-U-Erl, 

CaUelTiiu. kBl'^-kiUm, 
CttHomb, k»t'a-ksm, 

0»Uliir>r. k"t'a leii-el. a, B rnddBD 

ttou.— a, MUltp'tie. 
CifaOMia, k«t'^Iog, n, ■ ii«f ; regl«tM. 

— ».(. to HnDge IQ ■ caUlogDe, 
OatuBdut, kat'^-moont, «. ■ litrge 

CatoplmiL kat'^-plazm, n. m poaltif^e. 
OlUfnIt, ut'«-pult. n. in eDgine tor 

OkUruL kit'^-nkt, h, t. Utxb *Bter- 

0«t»trli, li»-lBr', 1 

thst wbict' take" bold; tiiat wliinh 
lUtpUil, iaeh'iae. a. InfMtlnns ; iipt 
Ottthpamr, kuh'pen-l, n. i worttalegs 

MHhLn! utHlilB. kii'e-klz, v.t. 

fi-Kx-^T. Oataihlrt, ki 



OiUitrlsU. kit-s-gor'l-t^, a. positive 

(Mtt, iU'fr. v,i. to proiide lOod; to 

(UowUu, btt'eT-pll-eT. n. lun oT • 

bnlterflj- or moth. (at. I 

Oittnnia, kul'er-wU, t.i. to cry Il^e ■ 

OMcnt, kifgui, n, ™rd maile bom 

Cithutii, t^tbarWt. a.' purEStlve 

OithidnJ. k^ntlie'dral, n. chief ctanrchj 
Oatholk. kBtti^lik, a, unlverul ; 1D' 
eluding oU ChriHttaBB; perlunliig 

era]. — n. % member o( the Roeiuux 

OsUulidn. ko-thoJ'l-itini, DttkoliDitT, 
ksth-o-UB'i-li. n. uDiveiaUtyt Is. 

OltUD. kut'klD, n. tba male flowei of 

OltntrlM, kat-np'trlki, n. tbat uH of 
optica vbicbtrnMHofleaecled light. 

Oat'1-pav, kafa'pl, n. a dupe or twil: 
a light breeie. 

Oattli. kat^ beaata or paature. 

Ciidal, kt'ilal. a, pertaining to the (all. 

□audit, ki'di; n. t, wum reatontiTS 

;ht Mt. p.t. and p.p. of to cold. 

Oauht ^t. pt. V 
Ca£ kU, n. a DOT 

the meaentarr.^' 


. that which prodiuwa an 
100 ; object annght; legal 
1. to bring aboat ; pn>- 

MiMliaanaas- rpaved with atones, t 
raj-, kHi'wa, n, a railed way 
,, 'kta'tlt. a. burning ; mm- 

Dnrtidtr, kie-tle'1-ti, n. quality of| 
OiatciiatUB. uittiiutlgB. u-l^r-l.zl'. 

Oait^M, taMwlai. k&'t«r-lz, r.l. to 

OastBj, ki't^-ri, n. act ol canteTlaing; 

cantinn ; pledged (a Becorit}-. 
■cs, air. adO. Irm, «sk. 111. t1^: aergro. shb. hir, agk^r: toa, Inni M^r, oi 

ItnlaUL kiT-fl-kid'. a. > tnln d1 
JmliB, kiT-9-T«r', fL t. hDnemu; 

Otn. Ut. n. k baUaw 

Oaril, kiv'll. (.i. to object cmpOoailJ. 

—a. ■ frJTolaiu objeolion. 
toTOtar, l«.-U-«r. i>. Doe who cmiJU. 
Onikr, kiv'i-tl. «. ■ hollov yiaan. 
OtwTu. e.<. to err •■ » =ro«. 
C*r(u*, ki-yiui'. ki-j»n'.H.«paiigeDt 

powder from th^ jViut of the otpaf' 

com: tumed Rrom Ouiaiuk Ciiyuu, 

and Ojeone (ki-yon'). 
OftTMaa^ kl'mau, «. a ap«dea of South 

imerlan alUgatur. 
Oew, >««, B.i. to «l.ip; (leatit 
OmmIhi, «S«'le«. a. nsyar censliig.— 

OWu. Hfdftr. H. an erenfreen tree. 

(Wlillf - "il'ing. n. " 
(UtbnU. 8«re-l>Tli 

iverlug of board 
nividltri I win 

(Mkt. ael'er-l. x, ■ kitchen -vegetable, 
(hliitial. it-lea'tnL. a. bweiilT.— n. 

OtUanc*, lel'^r^, n, apau lor oellan, 
CUlillt, Ml'ji-IV. ". OMUEatlng of 
Ortt. kelt, »iU. n. a person belonHlng 

I: flee. pAll. up: alt. ont; thla, at: get, jet: kin. alui chip. ■i|Eb)an. 


0«tllrM*L mu-Erip-et-fl, a. teudiuf 

Ontirt*, Kn'ty&^l. a. bundnd-told. 

Ontvkn, Ben-la'ti-^n, n, ■ Komu 

optalD or 100 meu. lICATB. 

OmtBlT, Ben'tyfi-rt, n. ft bundred 

Lemd, {potter;. 

□•rate. *Vt^ n. ui at 


OtrttiB, •ir'ten, -tin, a. tan; flied; 

repilu: ■nine. [Ij.l 

OntilntT. eirien-Ii. -tin-ll, otlt. aure- 
Ovti^tr, •ir'ten-tl, -tin-ti, b. thii 

uhlch li certslB ; full ■uunoM. 
Outifgiti. Bf r-UPi-tft, n. wrUteti dec- 

Ontif*, ■ir'tl-fl. «.<. to declmre in 

wTillDg; testtiV; inform poMUthIj. 



.UfM. clu^^r. v.i. to turfiilD^ hiw.. 
(&>tu--liA,cbtl>lng-(llib, n. ■ veauil 

for Eoldlng barnlog entlt, 
IktcriB, 'ha-Rrin'. n. TeuUon; Ul-bo- 

mot.— nX to TBI; mortily. 

ChUBbD. cham'b^i, r - 

: put of ■ gnn which 

OhUDbaiUii, a 

bsvelied «d«re. 
OhUHi*, sbsni'l. n. ■ ^ 
kind of Anteh>pfl: Jjk 
kind of »ft katta- ^^^^^^_ 

Ohtntmilt, kiDi'9- ^VB^T 
mil, n. a Enedldnu ^ ^L 

Cliuv. ihMup, !.(. jjj^'^"'" - 
cbe* DOlal^, InparkllnR wtne.l 

Okmiun, ?'"":£*'''■ "■ " >'«f*"l 
OatmpMCn, gnim-ptn'.ti. mopen, — 

rlili^opportniilt}'; poHBlblllty.— 

to happen, [wherethe ^tar ,tu,. 

DBaBHl, chan'eel, n. part of a chvt 

OhiiiMlin. cbau'ael-vr. fi. prealden 

(framn Ibr lights. 

!r'. B. a haoRini!' 
1. OD« obo deJa 

Ohancnblt. cbiD]'«-bl, < 

Im, gli. add.^rm. |ak, UI. Tifli mtvln. ebb. bb, mik^; I«, Inn; OdQT, a 



■laglng recluiiou. 
"'■'■'*■'—■. Ghant'l-lilSr, n. ■ 
OhMl. ki'OB. n. ■ coufuied u 

Oktfd, cbsp'e 
Ouptm, BDs. 

OhWtM, ' 

a plftca of woTBhlp, 
■Su, n. ■ hood! one 
Iftdy In pubHCr— v.f, 

Obn-bUMi, chop'OlD, a. 
bj (llfippolntineut. 

aiw;WB«r. <ai*p'1eii'al. n. Uu 
m chApUii, (Liaad: i 

Ohi^tt, chsp'let. H. ■ wmtli 
OkapBU, Dhap'iii*!]. n. a deal 
Ohm^ttr. cliip't^c, n. a dlvli 

Oku, oliir, n. to burn to on*l 
Okanrtv, k»r'm1i-t^r, n. a leit 

OkUHtirlH, -i«. li»r'»k-t^-W, nj. to 

dlatlDgnlml] or d«idrlbe by peonJUr 

Ound*. Bha-rld'. n. ■ ktod of riddla. 
OkliMU, ctikr'kOl. n. coftl maile from 

wood by biUlog. 
Obtrn. ohilri, n.i. to load; sujoln; at- 

oiBet.— n. load; Injanetlati! ob)»t 

OhkrlUUt, char'i-t^bl, i 
ty; liberal 1 beneOtwo 

Okuitr, cbar'l-d. n.kiad 

Ohiriatu, aliiit'l^tiui, n. ■ 
(niulUurr, "biiT'l^tui'rl, 


Okurtar-ftrtr. Dbilrt'^r-piiT-tl, n. 

Ohwy. ohj'ri, a. apMliiR; cantli 

aibt. ehuilf ;— n. gkarinMl. 
OhiM, nbts, V.I. to piiniie: drive 

Obutt. cblat, a, pnrei 

D. ounalT;^**. ik 

meiil; corwcllon. (or laii«iuwe.| 
OkuUtr. cbu'ti-Il. n. purity of U(e| 
Okat, oh>t, v.i. to talk familiarly or 

Ibrbtly.— n. Ugbt or OimUlar talk. 
Okattal. chat'l, n. morabla properly. 
Okathr. chafer, t.i, to rattle logetliar; 

Ohattartai. ah>t'«r-baka, n. one irbo 
"iB mnoii or idly. Itlve.l 

f,Dh»t'l,a. glientooliat; talka-l 

Okeu. oh«p, a. of low price; iif ■mall 

_t»fiia. — will, olmilr;-— ". (kaajuii. 

Mu, ohip'en, v.l. to leiisu tbe 

1; oU.oati tlilB, tU; sat. Jet: I 

, iId; cblp, azfEh)iiTi 

OhttrfU. chSc'f&l, a. Joyful ; Ikelj-.- 

odd. MMrtilly;— «■ atuufnlntM, 
OhanlHi, cbir'lea, a. withoui oomforl ; 

OhMTjrSiir^.ii.qbBBrtiU; BalWenlDg. 

—adv, ihenilj; — n, nhBerinia. 
CkNH, Chez, n, the preued curd ol 

mUt.— a. «hawT. 
Cli«ml(, klm'ik, kem'lk, Chunliil. 


ObBmitt, klm'let, kem'lf t, n. one »1 
ed Id cbemintry. AIhd ChTiiiiit. 
Ohuniitr;, kitn'ta-lri. s. ; k«in'-, c. 

compDBltlDn luid properties of bod- 

RuHni, ClittDtr See Chwk. GiMkar. 
Oh«Hih, chor'leh. t.i. to tre»t with at- 

faSde tho braist: t 

gtowB Id > prickJy bnik ; the tres 

that beus it. 
OhntUir. sheT-9-ISr'. b. ■ hor»em«n ; 

kuiKht^ RSllUlt DUD. 
OtoTnii-il»-fti»i, »heT-fl-de-fKj!'. n. pi. 

pointed timben planted to obetmct 

ft pueage. [teeth. I 

Olifw. cfadb. T.f. to grind with the| 

Ohiok, ihik, CUaktn. chU'en, n. t 
CUekoi-hnrtid. ' Dblk'eD-hKrt-fd, 


Ohltkn-^. chlk'en-pokg, n. au era 

OUtknid, ctalk'*ad, h. b smUl ptau 

Obie»i7, ehik'p-rL n. > phiut with 

t,mis root, need to adcltente coffc 

OhUa. chid, v.t. to rebuke; to •cold. 

CkUf, chef a. priuclpil; hlg'beit 

a leader; prluclp^ persou. 
OhldlT, chSPll, ode. prlDclpally; * 

Chitftate, chfif ten, -tin, n- a leader a 

chef ten^lilp, n. office of ■ chleftct: 

dra. [of helng # child.l 

Ohildhaod, cblld'hAd, n. state or tuo' 
OUUiih,chI]a'lsti, o-llkea child: pi 

erUe; trlfllog; ■Ul;,-iidi, ihiUul 

lT:~-n, ahiltiihatiL 
Cluldl«M. chUd'lei, a. taiTiug do chlh 
OUIdUIn, efalld'llk. o. like or beBttlne 

fSUa. cbll', II. cold 'that rauKa ■) 
lug: an (^De-Qt: ui;thliig diecoar- 
af^lnff. — a. cold ; formal. — v.t t'- 
make chill of cold ; to dkacourage.- 

CndnalL, rl 
of Chili 

l-nsi'. a. beloDgiuB to Ctal- 
natlve of, or the laagoage 

, n, the Bplne or backboue. 

ringing aooDd of metal.— 

ObirflfraphTp kX-ro^^^fl, 

loe, glr, add, Srm. gak. Ul, ilfl: aevice, ebb, Yibt, n 

CHntOafiAPHEB t 

itlng; pgnmusUp.— a. iklro- 
TO^It [mpmrnwi.! 

iBincnDhar, W-roB'rf- t^c.n. ■ wtltor ; | 
nk;.«^»« ki-rop'0-dlal. " ■ -*"■■"' 

knight']'; giUui. 
OinbT, chiVal-rl, n. the antma 01 

lu^ea of kDigbtboDd; faerolam; 

OUva, cblTz, n, pi. ■ kind ot onloM, 

chlorine with mDotta«r elBmenUrr 
OUoring. kWrln, n. ■ i^eenlgh gu. 

foraji."™*"" .° ohlurine .nd 

Olugiitits, chokvlet, -l^t. n. a prepan- 

tloD ol cflcito aati, or tli« Hvorage 

cbooBlng; thing 
f Blugera, op, ot 
luOaate; to ob- 

Ohtit, ahSk, B. 

Olukt-iiug*. B 
(nulu, koKfT, t 


bile: I 


I epidemic iJi>. 


blnir. or into gmall piece* n. ■ 

»mBll piece of meal. 
Ohn-talln. cbop'raio. a. dejected by 

Ohnpar, chop'fr.ii. an liutnuaeDt tor 


Mt.dttKs A»e.pUl,iipi <iU.aal; lliln. fU; get. lot; Un, 


Obtnl, ka'rf], a. belonging tn a ebo- 

harmony : line joining the eitreml- 

ObnMv, kor'H-t^t, n. a member of t, 
Ohtni, kS'cua.n.Qompuijofalogers, 

OhfiftalML krle'u-dnm. n. Ibe kI 
bod]' of ChriaUans; all Ibe regi 
Inhabited by Otarietlans. 

ObrilUu, kriat'ytn, n. one vbo 
lo»™ tliB religion of Chclat,— o. 

OhrilitiulCT. krii-ti-ui'l-ti, n. Ibe' i 

OIuMdu. kria'm^, n. the anniTe 

ty ot the blrtb ot Cbrlit; the : 

of December. 
OknaMk, krO-mat'lk. a. pertalnin, 

GOtorH: proceodtog by semi tone 

miulc. [of colore, I 

OlunsitlH, krd-mat'lke. n. tbe HcleoceJ 

OliMnlg, kroQ'ik, a. laatlng a loug tlmei 
Cknnlflla, krc 

St, kra-DOI'9-ji 

in cbrotiology. 

lliMHt*(T, krd-nol'^jl. n. eotence 

Obrrnllii krts'j-ili, n. form lU 

winged. -pi. (hrrnl'ltM, -l-dl 
Okryiriit* kcla>lj[, «. ■ pre< 

Chak obub, n. a aniall rlver-Bsli 
OkiHiT, chab'l. n. alout; plmi 

OlMTtth. abuTl'Uh» 

-^iri'kUr:— . (hnrliitawM. 
ohnm, bJ. to sglule ■lotentlj, 

Chilt, Ml, B. • milky Uquid forme 
nom the f<KK) by disefltliin. 

Ohjnn, Mm. «. tii« pull) t" which tli 
KWd la reduce lu tbe Atotnacti. 

(HaAlM^ >lk>trla, n. anr ol i h«1e< 

Oi«biM,'alk'»-lTlE. n.f. to li«^, u 

wooitd — It. eicMtlM'tlM. 
OemM. >fwc.O'uf. D.; ohifh-. ... h 

a guide who eipUu kiaU curiosl 

r-On'r*n, a. Hkting t 

DODi curved line or ^' ^ 

equaUr dteUut from I J 

tbe centre; apicd In- \ J 

ring! compiuiy o( per- ^^"^^ 

r, n. K curved DrlenUI 

, ir'i-^n, a. eitremelyi 

(Hwhw. Eln-kO'iis. -cba'nii. ■, tree 

OraitanL ilnfik'tyiir, n. ft Rlrdle: belt. 

—V.I. to larrouud u wttli s girdle. 
<SiL4n, vln'd^r, n. refuva of burnt cool. 
OiuTiir, lin'^r-^ri, a. pertalnlug to, 

CluuMS, liD'^moii, n. uonuitlc b^rk 

OntHlUl. (ingU'toil, n. ui omunent 
in ■rchitocture wiUi Bve lures or 
lobe*; pluit with ilve-Md Imvm. 

Ciplur, "il'ier. «. the flttnre 0; siiylhina 
ot lltUe Titue ; Inlerliced iaitlals; 
i-ecret writing.— «.i. to reckon in 
flgQiM— t-.l. to wiito m cipher. 

QiHU, sir-Bi'^n, a. pertslnmg to tlie 

■es, glr, mdd, irm, i*k. UI, Tt»l: t^en. a 

OiraiiUu. B^r-kfl'l-tui 
OlnolkT BJr'kj&-)aT, 

(HtraUU, «ir'tyn-lat, 
OlienlttiMi. Bgr-kTA-lI 

Oinrafmiit Bir-kum'f^-eua, n. Hue 

(ni^iuiiflai, B^r'kaQi-flvks. m. u accoii( 

narked -,". or '. (Inguonad.) 

(SniBJUBt, air-kum-Jl'iieut. a. ty-| 
Oimnkntiaii, s^r-knin-lp-kyn'BtiaD.n. 

(HmmmlTitll*, Bar-kom-niT'i-gSt. v.t. 

to anil round.— «. idroiuiuuTigi'tlML 

OinmnmftTifi^. B^r-kum-Dmv'i-gl-tpr. 

OInmpdu, ■4r-knni-pfl'i»r, a. anr- 
ronnding one of the pole«. 

ckwe; limit-— n. einnumanp'tlBL 
OtnoBipait, ■ir'kuni-Bpekt. a. witoli- 

ffimmttuitiila. >6r-knm- 
(HinDTmllktim. siT-kuin- 




(OaiW, klMig, n. a ringing aonud u o( 

vlti deceive; btOe—tt. tlmmra- 

cnetil alropk,— e.t. to give a clang. 


Otaacar, klang-gpr, a a dang; lood 

OmBTdf^ Bir.knm-Tol.'. v.i. ud b.(. 

ringing nolae. [of "track metal. 

Cluk. kknBk,n.» light clang; aoond 


Oliwiik, klan'lab, a. closely nnlted 

the eihlbiUou ol gamea or tnU of 

OltBiUa. klan'abip. ». nnlon In a clan. 

Oimii, aliTas. n. b cnried or t«fWd| 

OktBi, Bls'l?™. B. m reeenolr tor w»- 

cumnon of two aat aiirfaceg; ap- 

ter. [nHocity.l 

pbioM by olapplng tbn bandi; a 

Oitadd, ilt'^rtel, n. ■ ton,e,s in or| 

OitUlon, ai-ti'sbun, il lummoag: qiio- 

er, or brlDg togetbor atiddeuly ; lo 

t.ti™.-«. d'tatorr. 

•pplBQd by atrlMng Uie hands. 

Olairv. U»l>'*r- n. one «bo ctapi : the 


longuoofabell, [.ppl.u«,| 


• dtlieD. [ktad.i 

OSrw. sil'mn, ». ■ fmll at the lemo., | 

clarifying. [or become clear. 

OUrdy. klar-l-fl. ».(. or o.(. to make 

eiji, .iv'el. ". » perfume obtained 
r™mthe«iv«-«t. [ciU«eil..| 

OUrfMt klar-l- 

Ol™. aivlk, a. retatlug to ■ ctty i>r| 

OlTil. .iv'il. a. perUlEir« to > oily or 

with Tlhraling reed. 

Olarian. klar'|.oo. If. a bind cjf tnunpet. 

tHTiliiB. «iv-!l'y«n. >,. oue versed in 
dvnuw; oneen««ged iu ciTU pnr- 

CiMh, kl»h, V.I. or V i I" .trike to 
leSier with a harab aouud ; opp««. 

BQlls. (»rt« «id reflnement*. ' 

— <■. anolsy coUlBlon. 

C>>IU». sfVll-li, r.<. V. ln>tra=. in! 

Olaip, klflap. n. a book or catch for 

ftitenlog: an embnioa,-t..(, to to 

clvilislnn; lUtDofbetugoWliBea. 


■"».■.';."''■"■ ■■■"'"""■■^ 


Oliak, k\i3t, t>.i. to nuke s ahBrp noise; 

OUu. kla», n. a rauk or order of per- 

to prnte or goeBlp,— n. goulp; idla 

auDS or things.— ■ 1. to form Into a 


olase:a»>lgtip]a<»liiacla». ■ 

aU, klad, p.;?. of U aloOt. 

OUIm, kl&iu. v.t. to demand u h rlgbt. 

fflaadL klaa'Ik. OlaHiial kl>a'lk-«l. n. 

^I?, dem^d for >a aUeged rlgbt; 

tnre; pertolnlng to 'the "dmice— 

.njthiw, otalmed. 

-dt. »UMto»ur:-». duriMi-nr. 

DUliuiit, klim'»nt, n, (me -ho claim.. 

OUu». klaa'ika. tbo beat Qreek 

OUb, ktam. n. a bimlve abell-flal.. 

and Roman wriUra; beat enthora. 

Olamlxr, klam'b^r, »,(, to clloib with 

OliMifr, kbw'l-fl, e 1, to f..r.n into ■ 


clana; aaaicnia place in a claaa,-™. 


Olattar, Bat'^r. n. a rattllnH nolao.— «. 

f. toniakeantUlngnnlee. 

(n»mTOia,kl.rn'pr-ua, a cryiOKglond; 

01»m, part 

noisy In words; yoclferoni. 

ofadooomcnl. (elni.ler.l 


Olauiral kll8'tr»1. a. pertaining to a 

01aT.,klSv,j.i. ofUelm.. 

wltb a clamp. 

OtaTidt. kUVI-kl, n. Ibe eollar-bona.- 

OUn, klaii, n. a tribe; fcrnllj; <et of 

«. (laTle'nUF. 


01»w, km, n, a hooked nail; anything 

«r,(ft)M: aae, p6n, np! oil, out; thin, »S; get, Jet; Bn.alni chip, az(Eh)tire. | 

aiulT, U«d'1[, a, habitiullT cleni 
neit— adu. in ■ cleanly ro«nnEr.— 

OliufL klfilis. ".(. to muke clMn ; pd-l 
Otu.klit. a. brtKht; tr»n»pireut; 

01«»r«a«e,klir'vw.n.reinoy«l: gfflclal 
Cluring. blir'lus. n. trv.t of l>Dd 
cleared of woofl. [ly: evlitenllj.; 
Oluilf, tiei'l). adv. b[i){bLIyi pluln-l 

. Wev, ■ 

or (lift ;-j>,p. tl*Ta or (Itftr 
OluTt, Uei, E.i, to stick; to adbera.— 
p.t. ilHTxl or olin. 

ffltf '"lef , a^'i Sii«ter Id 'iii n h U 

Olrft, klelt, n, » split or cTBRh. [pluat I 
Clnutil, Uem'9-tla. n. > climbinul 

merciful,— ^v- «]«D«itiT;— ^. dlam- 
■nar. [tiHbtly; make fut | 

01im£. klench, vi. to crlpe: bold! 

Olmgy, kl^r'Jl. n, the minlstera ot tlie 
Goapel. ODlleotively. [of tbe Qoiipel. I 

Oltrgyman, kl6r'Ji ro»n. n, a mtntateri 

Olmfi, kler'ili, Cl«rl«al. klffik-^l, a. 

deck or miter. *' 

OInt kliitb (liao kl«ck in the r.3.). n. 
one who raaponiia to Uie priest in 

DlMkAls. Uerk'ahlp, n. olBce or a| 

. tltTtratt*. 

UdO. n. * ball or tbrswl: any- 

|d{. to Rive a dick. I 

Cliak, kilm. v.t. or i.i. to mom 

with dlfflculty. ' [coimtty.r 

OUmt, kBm, n. a clinialo ; roaic ' 

(UJBab, kllDrh, >.l. to tialea a ni 

aiinf.kUug. >.<. to adbere; boti 

to.-^.E. anil p p. gluf . 
fSlaoi. klio'lk, o. pertaining to a 

01^ kUsgk. n. a light ringing « 

Oloek. klok. n. a macblDij F 

OlMk-wmk, klok'n-nrb. n. 

Clod, klod, n. a lump o{ ear 

01«d-hoMtr, klod'bop-er, n. 
OlBg, UoK.n-l. (oobBlmctt 

QltMii. fcloia'lfr. n, a mum 

A of liquid coagutat- 

lea, fir, add, Krm, (ak. Ul, v^li aerira, abb, bti, mtkfr; I 


latOM, klAUl, II.I. to cover or 

.rttb clotlia«.-j.j.. (IMM or 

OMha, klMta. npf. gu-menU 

or aelle Dlaths or cLothu. 
(nitkinf, UaM'iug, n. garmsai 

odn Dkwnlihlr;— n. tbvnlihnau. 
Otol, Wnl, "1. to satiate: to dliguit. 

Olnb-IM, Unb'fu 

OlM^ kliii7^i.'to"(ili"M » hen. 
Qm, kMb, Rea Cl*ir, [hDHheBj 

ward.^ — oJd. elnm^T; — n. ■] 

OMdl. klucb, n. sgrsspi gripe; ( 

— 1>.(. to (tnisp; grip, 
OlIttD, klnt'^r. n. connulou ; a 

Olntec, Uto't^r, B. wi Injection; 

Ooajjibr, kS^-jcto'lflr, n. mn utii 

■at: uaaci>lf>.-~/i)i>. toi^atdi. 
OotgnUttk lt8-«e'yfl-lat. i.i. to ourd 

Sftiflne; fira. pftll. up: oU. onti tUn, (U; tC^m: kin, aia; chip, ■ 

Ouniom.' ko-. 
0»I Ml. n, cl 

Omtn. kan. a. gri 
0Mrt,'kA8t.n. ton 

ib'Ifr. n. ■ loendar of ilioea. 

(taflhiiisftL knch 

sect jieldiiig 

Cook, kck, n. thi 

OMkUt. kok-Sd', n. knot of Hbbon 

OogkatM, kok-»-tdb', n. iini of cisBtl 
OMkitilN. kok>lrlB, -trti, ». ■ fBbu- 

0«^kii^.Vn-e6a: bivalve ihell-l 
OHklDlt, kok'loft, n. a loft Juet under 

CiKftMr, kok'ni, n. m native of London. 

Oookpit kok'pll. n. ares wliere cocks 

fight; riWDiundrr the gun-deck in 


Orf, kod. . 
IMUa. kod 


«..dIg„tofl.w>. [wii 
^'l-«ll, B. Bupplement to 

n. HJllot'tln. 

OtMoatl. kO-i-t^r'n*], a. 

" l,ka-«'»ttl, a. of tlw 

i, tft-eg»-l»t', v.i. f 

Oh, fcie. •>' thetootb 

Ot«iit. ko'Jent. fl. fo: 
IdK — Idv. ogHntlT: 

(hfiUt*, kol'l-Ut, f>.i. . 
bu. [thouKbl; msi 

OofttltlM. toJ-i-lS-ihun. n. aeep| 

OoiltotJTi, knt'l-ta-ttv, a. able to med- 
iate; Riven to iDEdlBllon. 

Ousu, kd'uysk, n. a flue Frencb 
Biudy. [related.— n. Mfnatiaa.! 

Oecutt, kog-oEt, a. akin b; blood: 

" — •—"- kog'ul-i»-bl, kon-'. a, tbal 

OepnuH kog'ni-14 

llie togethec. 

.-n. eoktHta- 


hNlidr;— n. tehetiTntw, 
Oohfrt, kd-bort, n. a dlvltlon oj 

Bomui iFgloa: baod ot eoldlen 
OeO^koir. n, a head-dreea. 

(WL koU, B(. towlndiQtortngi.-». 

IMn, koln. n. atamped monej.— i 
ooiiTert into monoj bj alam] 

oka. kSk, n. baked foaall oca 
gludn, knl'en-dfr. n, a I 
■tiHlnen acnllender, 

— adt>. HUlr;-n. kU 
alMptua. ka-i5-ip'iBr-j 

oUtUw,Wem'.n, au 

(hilar, kol'sr 

iT-Mn. fi. boDB coa- 

IMlltanL k'nf lat'f r-*l. a. Me bj side 

iltetN. koT-li't^T. n. one <Tbo calliteg 
■Unru. kol'leg, n. ui BaiocUle In of 

OollHt, k9l-lckt''. r:i.ta lather; UBem 

illHt, kal-«kt. n. & Bbort prayer, 
IttaiM, k^L-lnkt'ed, a. aiia-. uodlB' 
tnib«l.— aif°. MllMUdlr;— n. uU«i 

illHtin, kol-1«k'ahmi. r. sot oT eol 
lectiDg; ttwl which la collected; » 

IllHtin, kpl-lekt'lT. a. fnrmeii b; is. 
acmblllUEi HlUiered togetUer.— ads, 
•oUwtiT^. Itecli.,; 

-jQwtor, kol-Ipk'tflr, n, ona who col-' 
OgllMtmUf. k(>l-1ek'tor-Btiip. n. oHlet 

mnSt7 with ■ dnfinlte puraiiil; ■ 

OtUiglui, kQl-tij'in, fl. ■ rofitibfr of b| 
OtUtiiita. kW-Wi>t, u, psrtaluliig lo i 
coilegH or collEgtuus. 


Bblp tbst urrfei cm), 
OollifrT. kol'Ter-t, n. % co«L-inlue. 
CidlkSHI. k9l-]{zb'an, n. set oC dublnj 

together ; conBiet, 
Ootlgnta. kollo-kit, «.(. to plice wltt 

OolloBiitiiiii, kol-IO-ki'ahDD. r. ul oi 
coLloatiDg; ■[■Hon. [iitlon. 

~ " Itlra. kol-liVko'ihnn, n. conrer- 

MkbIiI, knl-la^wi-(l.' a. piTUItiiDg 

OtOiMBT, kol'lo-kirl. n. CO 

CdUeiIoii. kol-la'zbnn. n. i 

MHyith, kol'o-nlntb. n. 


lie: Aae, pill, np; o 


pluitlug a Golroii/, or settUiig 

oolonj-. luTin.l 

OolmiH. kol'o-nti, n.t. to plant Kmlo-I 

MnM, kul'o-nlat. n. iueiub«r o- ' 

likbltxTit offtcnlDur, [nil 

aalfiiu^,kal'Q-nld',n. ■ range Dl 

nl'nr-a-bl, a. dMigned t 


il'nr-lBt, ». one aUlled li 

il'DT-lH, a. wilhont color. 
-1o>'»l, a. gdginOci bnne. 
-]0»'iM, u. aglKanHo aUtne 

IMum, koL'nm.if.api 

OMULkft^d.n.liairjoppMnDnol I 
OsmaiiiH. Wmf-tOt. a. in a stale I 

Otfmb, kAm, Ti. toothed lUBtntmiiiit c 

cock: lajerorcellsmaa'ebybeca, 

OoDliat, kom'b«t, a. e. battle; cnntei 

it^d. Jcombau; iflghierVl 

lUst, kom'bal-^Dt, n. one irho 

ttm. koiD'h^t-li. a. Incltued to 

fight, Hon; aaaoGiatlon, I 

j«»M»a,i9ni-btn', e.l. oro.i.lon '" 

Inghutlu*, k^m-bnati-bl, a. ca] 

D.tU; get.Jet; kin. alD; 



adj^trite; backn^yed; ordliuiT. 
ilt7 ; loner Hoiua of PorUBineb 


ment of b (roa SUte; whola body of 

tbe people. |ince; wlUtiDU, 

ctuD^e tlLoimbtfl or fpallngR. 
Oaiqniuiu*U»,^ni-ma'Ql'k^bl,a, tb&t 

Oomin^nBt kQin-ma'Dl-kaot, n. odb 
•bo pmrtaliei of tlie Lont'ii Bnppor. 

boldlug property In commou; do 
long to tha Stata. 

OnimiiBitT'. k^m-ma'nl- 

obJklige. etp. nf a p^iulcy or rate 
rrom ■ itTHter to ■ feu, or from one 

tauaotf. kQiu-mat', s.t. to excbange; 
eiobuige 1 poiiiJty or ntf . 
MmnsteUt, k9m-mu't^bl. a. ttiat mi; 

^n^ut. imo-pikt'. a. domly nniled ; 

togethsr ; (MiDBOlidate ; leAguo wiUi. 

Ur, ilb*e; Stt. pbU. n] 

om'iakl, n. i 
'tgoo; tnrgaiu. 

jUt, kijm-psa'jun-^-bl. a. 

aodkMe: Bgre»ble. 

' 'luUf, ivin-pM'yun-Blilp, b. 

■blp; HiodnUon. 
OompuT, kuiij'pf-iiL. n. uumbTy or 

CoapuiU*. kora'p^ra-bi. a. wofUitI 
OoDuntin. k^m-pu'igi-tiv, a. eatlnutt- 
ea hj cnmparlaon ; cot Bbflolnto.-^ 

rmi»rAtLTe estimHtfi: 


Oraipua. knm'p'^8, n. elrcult; apure: 

SbuiQ;%T ■""■■ ""'°"° ■ 

OnsptHei. knm'pM-ei. ".I^. 

c°ccl'™*'' [^tty;^«yj A 
OiiiDpuiioD.kQm-pask'iin,n.| / \ 
OnnudgHtt, kom-puti'uD- / \ 

at. a. aiBposSf to pity, or / \ 

to rtioff mercy. / \ 

{bmfWilnut*, k^m-piub'an- 

«t,«,<.tob»vecompMiloQto*; h»TC 

OoaJS^^oi-^t^-bl, a, Bidtlog or 
agree^ with.— ado, MmjaUblJ ;— ji 

i: gel. Jet] Uu. ain; cblp, ai(Eh)nii 

J, kflm-pel', E.(. todriiabytorcei 

peo'di-oa, a. arndt ; 

; revnrd BuktibLy ; mkko 


iilfflciBncj-; legal caput 
Wtlnt. kom'pfi-teui 

OoDfltidoil, kOm-pQ-tlB^ 



OoBpWki. kVDi-p1«'Bbnn. n 
oomplfting; •ccomplishm 

OoBtltl, kom'pleki. a. con 
of many parts, —odn. Mni 

Oompluigii. EQm-plck'ibaii, i 

CompliuiH, k9m'p]]'^£, n. ■ 

Omniliut, kqm-pll'^t. a. 

rpadily Igrretag.-adT. tm 
Oomplisuy, kom'pll-k«-Bi, n 

ConifUwta, kum'plt-ktt, v.L to 

CmipUititlim, knm-pii-U'BbaD, t 
of being cnmpUcaled ; en' 

I Ooaplimait, kom'pIl-teeQt. n. i 




, i-pl-U'Bhnn. n. act of 

miiipiJlng: workoompUea. 
ompllBH Ii^ni-^', v.r. 01 vX. to pither 

pll< T..i. to 

jield 'l?U>\ 

CimpluiDtt. koiu-plft'seni 
tj, kprn-pla'-en-al, n. 
P e..ure. ^^^ p,.,^^^ 


iBHit, kflm-pdrt', r.i. lo »gree; ( 
Cnspsrtttii. k^m-parf «-bl. a. godbIi 

; orlBlute, *s u 

grief, pAin»orl^JaT7; Ij 
Camplunuit, kpin-plinVnC. n. one Mlio I 

lapWit, ipm-plSnt. n. 
of grief, pain, nr Injur 

OtBplilttBM, kom'pli-tana. n. cMllty ; 
oourt**}' — a, MfflfUlmit. -tant. 
in^nuat. kom'ple-nient. n. that 
wfilob compMea; tbe lull onmber. 
— ■— --• -"im-pie-ment'il, Don- 
jm-pJe-ment'o-rl. a. 
•,a oompHtQ ; aappJjlDg > 

OoiiiplBt«, k^m-plSf. a. tree from dtfl- 

i.l. toflUnp: pierieot: katib.-~ada. 
««ni|ktal7 -.—n. tanpltUma. 

X. glr. add, Srm, gik, Ul. vlfl; ie>era, ebb. btr, mUf r; lc«, lad; Ad^r, ox. 

mnpoalDji ^ thing com' 

irNitra, kpm-poa'l-lflr, 

ItftliB'pSat. n. ■ m 
kom-piVihnr. n, 
, kom-po-ta'Bhn 
toRetber; laroi 

OamTrwi. k^i . 

■■■na, knm'prea. i>. > pad of doth 

kctm-prefl'i'bl, a. thfei 
AompreHed or condeDiad. 
_«, »5ni-pre«h'nn, n. tei ol 
'euing. [Include.! 

, k<im-prii', V.I. tacoDUilD:| 


icidty of comprebending ; 
■■in, kom-pie'Len'Bli, a. mble 

Jo MlUo by compcom 


OnnftroUw. kon-trSI'er. 

vmrglalap. kqin-pul'iba 

compeUlng; force; neo 

OoapiljdTh kvm-pulB'iv. 


■mpatt, k 


dnet (In tta« phrua 
and Bjudnel). 

t, k9n-.*d', »,(. to gin op: i 
. gTMl. ^Uaa■. nnit 

i kon-i^t', n. InugiuitibD; a 
ml, i9n-8il'ed, a. bvnag ■ W 

OMMinUt, k^a-siy's-bl. a. tbiit nur 

OuNin. kpn-rtv'. n. 

Ofluontrio- kpH'Bfln'br 

oMn. Bpn-aArn'. n.i. to iiffecl 

Ogunaiu, Jujn-eirn'ing. n.reHirdinfl; 

peitolniug to. [getber; pla&.j 

Conart, k^n-i^rf. r.i. to arriinRe to- | 

0«BMrt, kan'ierl. n. BgreaniBnt; hst- 

ihoid^ konj 

'" "k^ 

[Ulie B sbeU.j 

'li»tlm, kon-«il-iS-'shun, n.BPt of 
tcUlntliu;.— a, unril'lltoir. 
M.k9n-slB',o.brtHt; torM—adn. 
lUSlT;— Hr MtloiHDtM. 

lit' to cbooeo » popa; uny clone 
Conilnd*, kqn-kliJbd'.T.f. to dose; end: 
DoDnluiu, kflu-kltfb'ilmii, n. end; in- 
Idb'siT, a. find; de- 

bid lug; dlBgat«ei bldlDE-i>lu:e. 
aff. dbifli flso. pflll. op; oU, ont; Ibtn, lU; get, Jetr kin, bIq; ebip, »i{ib)nt 

OOBnHt. kpn-kokt'. v.l. to boll toge tkii 
xkiag DwjcQcted; piepora- 

CODMniitut, k9u-koiu'l ^nt, a. cod 

0«bm4 kon'kord. n. anion: tgree 
ment; hirniopr.— o. MaMrd'uil:- 

OoBonU. koo'krib, a. formed into on 
OOBorttalj ;— fL miDntVHU, 
by parU growing together ; con 

CmnMt, k^iB-ltrff , v.t. oc r.i, to ion 

>r gniUy; to blame; toBeo- 


koa-df-HD'ebon, n, ad 
DiJing; cDuilBB} ID inte- 
rlon. (ado. Hiidiciil7. 1 

G«ndi4^, koD'dln'.a. Telldeoerv^, — | 
OoDdimtiik koD'dl-iueiit, n. • leuoning 

CODdltion, k^n-dlBh'nn, it. state: qiwl- 

OondiUoul, kpu-dlth'uo-'^, a. conUlu* 
lag mdependlng on condltiona.— 
ado. tn&imtHij. 

Ooriitiimii, kQa-iniili'iiDd, a. luvlng, 

Owideli. k^n-dai', t.i, lo gciBvewitH; 

OondDluuH, kQa-dal'ens. »■ «ipreealoD 

CsnilDiu, kpndfln, ti.r toforghei 


lout, kfin, n. m «o)id bodj . 

B drcoUr bus: fiult ^L 
Bbiped like a cone.— a. /& 

«&kiilat*, koE-ab'yfi-lil, 

t.i. to t2k tdgetber. 
OonfaknlitlM. k^u-lab-yo-ll'sbnn, n. 

^ koD'tekt, OoBAotiim, k^a-fek'. 

.1, TI4I; aeT^re, ebb. kdr, mAk^r; !<iai Inn; Adpr, a 


, kon-Rd'er-a-»l,n. mleaane 
kpn-ted'fr-ft. n. membei 

league; alUaDoe; o^. of Btatfi* or 


Inbnitm. fcon-tesh'un. n. Ktol con- 
feMingi ■cknowledgment; Bvowid. 

I— fcft*-*!, k^-mb'un-al, n. pUc« 
wbtie ixmle—ioB \t made. 

OniiuL ion-a-dant', n. one Intnisl 
ed wltti ucreta — fna, oHUUtata. 

in'fl-dea«. n. arm beUet 

CdiiliiiTitlim, tna-ag-j^r-a'ahoa, n. 

Ouifina, taon'f Td, n. border; limit. 
Omliu, kQD-rm', V.I. to limit; shut 

ur: Impplaaii; ftaten. 
CnllniBuBL kQa-riD'ment. n, re- 

Btnint; impriaonmenl. 
OoBllrm, ken-nrra', nM to strewrthen; 

eatftbllab; BaBur«; admit to foil com- 

Omirattin, tim-f^Dit'shaii. n. icl 

•a caa6imiag; that whishconflnos; 

corrabontlan — a. tat 
OoBlwata, koD'Oa-klt, -Si 

adjudge to b» fo ' ■ ■ 

lio treMury; to i 
Oaflaiata, koa'Ai-k 

pablii; ireaauty. 

It lo tlie 

Orafluntira, I 
Oaidtiev k^u-ait 
OanliJrt, kun'fiil 

OgnBomt, kon'l 

JO iu oppoal- 

it™» 3' 

□onRlurf. k^n-fouDd', v.t. to mingle; 

ODsbatmitr. kou-fr^-t^r'ul'll. n. 

brotherbood; Booiety. Ipoee.i 

OMfrvit, kpn-fmiit', ».(. to boe; op-| 
0«rilli«,kfln-rai',ii.t.mliup; tothtow 

tnbi dlannlAf ; perplex; abaah, 

fdz'ed-li, ade. la a Boa- 

OnlyuiMi, kflu-Wihitn, n, a Bti 

OoitDUIaon, kfln-K-ti'ahon, b. > 

confutloR; refutation, 
OollIilt^ kpa-fflf, n.l. to prove I 

diBtt, ko«i''zbi. K.: koD'Js, c,,i 

OgBcilation. kon-Je-U'ihan, n. process 
of cODgesllog ; state or being con- 
gealed; oonsealed maaa. 

Ounan, k< 

L kpn-jii 

spirit oi 

Cgnftr, kong'ger, n. a large mi 
Ooic*™. k?o-j8r'l-«B, n. coll 
bodies iaco a maag. 

kfln-jeat'jnn, n. 

publii; ir 
bS, dbie; Ose, pAU. vp; oil, oat; tbln. tht; get. Jet; kin, aln; chip, az(zb)ur 


IbUod of bloihl In B<>m 
body; fu!ne«8i repictii 

Owigitak ion'glS-bst, H.'; ■( 

n. MDClob- 

iDto H mmas. — n. tonfflamen 
OmmtBlltt kijn-ErM'vn-lil 

ipnaalOD of Jojr « good lor 
a. mBtiWahsHrj, 
Otainntt, koDg'm-gH. r.l. to 

Omgngttiiiii, kong-gre-eS'HhoB 
u»niMy. fsp. ftreUgloQBUi 




OoncnBlaul. ki^a-gleeb'nn-^, a, per- 

Onigniaot, tooe'gn^ens. n. >gree- 
mont; suiUblBoeBB,— a. (osgraut. 

Oniraltr, kong-grrK>'l-tl, n. Bgrne- 
mont Mtneea Ibtugs: conKliteui^y. 

" ■ — ig'grdb-us. a. BuiUble; 

Ondhrau. kO-Dlfer-iu, a. bearlag 
cone-shapeil fmit, 

DnjHfain, li9n-Jekf)Tir, n. to nnprov- 
MopluioD; gueia; lUFmlBe.— a. Btm- 
Jietiinl: — "d", ««il»rtw«llr.— c.(. to 
m«tB coojBCtUfes.— B.l. to g n « > a ; 

OMUgtaL kmi'Jcda', join together^ 

0^^ t9D-]iriot', a. Joined togeth- 
er; uulted. — adu. Mmjeiatir^ 

ConJngiJ, knn'jfi-g^, a. perfiining to 
mEurlagc, — adv. HojogtUy- 

Coiijiigiti. kuD'jn-gllt, v.t, ta Inflect, u 
sverh.-a. paired ; in t>«». 

koD jA-gi'atmu, n. act of 

OonJimatlTe, kQD-Jnngk'tiv, a. eervlngl 
OmuimitDn, kpn-Jiiugk'tyur, n. acl ol 

Onjontun. kop-jA-ri'abnn, n. act ol 
OUJolDing eoJemuJf : act o( invoking 

Onnnn, kfln-jctor', ti.l. to eijoln or Im- 
plore Bolemuly. 

Coqnn* kan'jtir, ir.(. to Kt Ppon mael- 

maglc or alight oflund. Unngler.] 

Oonjimr, kiui'Jiir-er. n. a inagiciiin : 

Ooasate, kau'nlt. a. born Mill an; one: 
growing togetlier. 

OmBNt, k(m-nekt', v.t. to Aaten to- 
gether ; cBUtillHb a reUtlon he- 
tweon.— t.f. to Join; hecoma retat- 

Ccuettil. k«n-Dekt'«d, a, }olned ; co- 
herent.— ode. sonHeifldly. 

OcunUhi. Bee CmouiiiiL 

CoDDHtivt, b^n-nekt'lT, a. hating pow- 
er to connect,— adi, «nmMtiT«lr.;in-nek'Bhun. n. an^con- 

overaighl; aecretald. Undee.l 

ComtiMtiir, kon-i-nic', «. a crilical| 
Caunkial. koa-Dab'Tsl, a. pertaining 

to marriage. 
Coitiur, kong'knr. ti.f. togalnbyforcE; 

torlona. (be conqnered.l 

OoDtueratil&koDg'knr-t-bl, a.thBtnuijI 
ConqntrM, kong'kor-fr, n. one who 

}4n4iB>t. knog-kwef 

](maLDgiUDHBa, kou 
related by blood. 
}MU(iaue. kon'ahe 

tilabea tight li< 
a. regmsted by ct 

{; faculty wblctadli- 


oimrtmoMlT; — «■ 

OtUHiUBH, kon'se-kwens. n. that 

(hunntBt, kno'ie-kweut, a. uatunlly 

taMTW, kpn-BirV. ip.(. to keep entire; 
pTMem; retBlD; prenrrslningaT. 
timiiii. Iron'^teY. n. Imlt presorted 
tn an^Bt. 

ndte. k^n-ald'^, n.i. to took M 
ciDMiy; reflect upon; tika Inlo ««- 

, kQD-fl1d'^r-^hJ,a.irorlhT 

M dbE«: flge. pfill, ap: i 


OradtotMr, koD-it<l'«r-frUi, adc. to 
a csobAlderable exleut» in ua bhuU 

On^ntta. kpa-dd'er-^t, a. tliongbt- 
fnl; regardial.— odn. MuUtnttI;, 

;.Uowmoc«. |trii«t; iwIhu.i 

I. igteelng; 

kfm-B^li'flhnD, n. let of 
; comfoil; allevlatlou. 
k^u-ADl'^-tp-rip a- tedding 


CtudiliUon, koQ 


making BoUd: ibite 
being couaiilldiited. 
Dmuli, h^n-aolz', a.fW. Engllab 

iWUCllTreilM. jMRqclatt-.l 

OooKt, knamoiV, ».(. lo Joln.-i.i. to| 

CoanintiH, kpD-splk'ya-Tu, a. nuDi- 

IMt; pUloloslgbt: cinlaeDt.— odn. 


-spLr'^sl, n. comblOB- 

CaurinUr, kffn-Bplf^-tflrl n.oua who 
conapiKB; B plotter. 

Ogutibll, kiui' n. m officer of 

officer of high mlUUry rtuk. 
OoDiUbiilur, kuB-ttub'jfi-Js-ii.a.Fer- 

Of EOiiHlBbLet. [adcllM; Anuneu I 
OoHtuur, koii'it^u-al, n. BiedneeB ;| 
OmUst. kon'it^t. a.tliad: nu. 

cbuDgBsble : taithful 

odu. goutuitlr' 
CnuMUMln, knn-atel-i 

OoutijMU, kau'(ti-t>it. t.1. 

cDsfive.— o. NUtlHtld. 
OmitltttUD, kon-Btl-pS'abn 


Oiutmot, kQD4trakl'. vU. to build up; 
Oaitxsatiop, ki^a-slruk'sban, n. kI oI 

Dtutnutni. k^-Atrukl'lT, a. p^rUli 

Donitnig, kpu.etTdn', c.l. to tnuHlnte: 
OouibtUntltl. kou-Bub-sUu'alitl. a. ot 

OniaAiUBtiitlM. ko'n-.iib-.Uii- 

piCB«ice of ttis bod7 wd blc 
ChrJat with tb« ucrupSDUl 

OMinatnda. kcn'sire-tilil. ». ens 

□ginllta. kon'gU-ft. -bLAI-. 

CniBl^ll, kon'inlthip, n. oi 
moAeru comnl. 

Ctuolt. k^u-sult', v.t. to leek 
ft: look to for luitracUoc 
utorduiiM wltb.— ii.i. to 

OtuillUtin. koD-iul-ti'ibnn. 

plvtlon; perfectloD; cloH. 
OummpbDS. kQU-»ump'Bhun, ■. act of 

OauunfU*!, kpn Bump'tlv. a. iiidlnj 
OantoM, kon'lait, n. loach: meeUng; 

CeBtt<i*u, kpn.tS'jua, a. that idit b* 

log coiihiglon,— ado. smUiinilT ;— 
— n. ontefiaoaitB. 

n. gak. Ul, Dfi; tfrtn, «bb. Mr, mikf ii loe, Idb: M^r, di 

! ; compoAfl ; appoint. 

. jBtnral conillUou ot 

body ; oodfl of org»iiic Uwb ; 

conalltntloa-— add. DBsatitntiuiBJlT ; 


I, kon'all-tit-iT, a. that con- 

OoirtratiMilTr°£»D-Btrln^'-li, ad«. 
with or nraer conelrilnt. 

itrtDt, n. compulalOD: 

at, k^in.BtHkt', v.l. to bind to. 
or; compreaa bfblndlDg; con- 



„. . .r being oonUi 

{ contempti ioe»n; im'e.- 
itmpliblr :— H' gonttaiputuiii 

Omtnlkpn-lend'. e.i. Cost 
r«l: oulaUln bf debate. 

'. NitoiMlj ;— n. ton 

BDtHl utlaTKtlan. 

■...", ■ pu-tJt'inl-n»I, CODtoml 

uu. kpnur'nil-aiu, a. bBVlug t 

Btot, kaD-t 

«f»t. |aflb.te.| 

bdlflpnte: BtrEfe;| 

OmtijlittT, kon-ti-Bll'l-U. i 

OnntiiignM. kou'tl-neni. n. rest 
ImpoBBd npoa the uppetiteH; 

OntmtBC, koD'tl-Deot. a, rpfnlDlng 
from the indiilgeace ot the iippe- 

great divlBlDiia of tha ewtli.~a. mk- 

OaotlncUiM, kpa-llD'jena. OtsSntmsf, 
k^-tln'Jen-al. n. viM li*ppeai ; 

m'ji-^l, a. withonl in 

»taa. [who coDtlDuea. I 

OoBtJinitn, k^D-lin-yji-i'l^T, n. oiie| 
CoBtinst, kgn-tin'yfi. v,t. to penrtat in; 

keep on: endure. ' ' ' 
OoDtiiul k(in-tin'ynd. tuiQinleiTupl- 

gecner; uiuutarTupt^d.— 04(11. wn- 
tuiDgulr;— n, eantumouiua. 

Contort, tpn.tort', v.l, to Iwiit; wTttbe. 

OOTtmUon, li(iii-tor'Bluiu.n. a twisting; 

OoatoBr. kgn'tiAjr, n. an auUlne. 
ContnbiJid. kou'trft-baud, o, prohlhit- 

law, aa nooda — n. illegal ttami:. 

OoDtrait, k(in-trakl' - ' '~ ^ '- 

(lethe- - 

latnct, i 

leaten; aborts 
.ink: bargaiof 
kun'tnkt. n. ai 

Outradkt, kon-W»Jlkt', e.tor v.i. la 
koD.trs-dlk'ahim. n, cod- 
tet, Jell kin, Hini chip, »a(ih>nr8. 


Ontnulrtr, ton-tre-ii'e'tl, n. aUle at 

(SUBtnAwiat, hou'tr^rl-wli, adv. on 

ttiscaDtnry; oppositely. 
0««tr»w, tan'tr^rl, a. mpMllo; in- 

OoBtrirt, kpn-t™l', n,t. to pUcB or 
ahowln DppOHitlon.— n.i. to (Uiid In 

OppOSltlOtL; fiXlLlblt opiHMlte qil*Jl' 

Oatrut, kon'trust, n. opposition or 

Ctntnitllttini, ton-trfl-TaMi'sliun, n. 

OmblTUL kon-trB-iSn'. n.t. to op- 

rftiUon, Son-trib-fl'8linn. n. a. 
nlriDa&ng ; tbit which la 

kijn.trib'yi-tqr, n. 

»On.trlb'jrfi-tp-rl. a, 

OoBteiu, kon'lnt, a. deeply pflul'l 

— odn. tratriWr. frotrfori 

OantriUn. k^n-trleb'uD, b. deep i 

OntilrtnM, kflD'trH'^B, n. nomet 

contrlvertj device; acheme. 

OontnnnltUit, koo-tro- 

BntrOTtnj, kon'trt-vft 

OoBtniTnt kon'trfl-»6rt, 
Brgiia a^uBt ; refnte, 
OoutomMT, koo'tju-m^ 


CtntiH. kpD-toi'. « 

Oanttadnin, kp-uno'dmiD, n. kind of 
ridaie tnmtng on a point of ap- 
lArent )ikeueaB between dlaslmUar 

OonnlMM. koo-Tf-lei 


.t. to oil togetbcr. 

DmTulait, kQn-T^u'yent. a. BOltubtDi 

Convtnt, kon'ient, n, b commanllT ot 
monks or nnns; monaitery or uon- 
uery.-o. amnst'iilL 

•s"mbly for woralilp. ' 
Oranstin, kpn vea'Bhiin, n. act of 

Otniotlraii. kfln-ven'sban.^l, a, 

Ora^ntiuullmi, k^n-ven'ahnn-^Mim. 
71. aometlilng dependent on agree- 

Donntga, kgn-iir]', v.i, lo tend to one 

OaDTB^t, kpn-Ttr'Jent.a. tending to 

OtBTm^dB. kpn.Tfira'anjI. a. dlipoeed 

to converse' jqnalnted wlth.l 

OeBTtrunt. kon'y^rs-vt. o. wall ac-j 

e, sir. add, ilrm, aak. ill. yt«I; aetere. ebb, h^, mlk^r-. 


obaiiga trom wlcbedoMB to Tfriu«. 
or nwn ana reUgionq fftitb to mriotU' 
er; apptuprtfttioii to ft purpose, 
Ountt, kon-vtrt'p t.i. to cb»uge (rom 
onB tWrig, coarse oT iife, OF bltti, to 
SDDther; to hpplf to k purpofla. 
WTtrt, kon'T^rt, b. ous who tuis ea- 
tared npoa ft rellKioaaUfe; oaetrho 

ed > new beU8(or oplDlou. 

kpavJrl'i-W, a. tlist may 
.. .rtad, oUaD^d, or inter' 
led.— a, HBTtrtiUy; — B. ««B- 

Onm, koa'Teki. a. rising Into s 

Oaninltr, kflii-Teks'l-ti. n. eit«ru&l| 
DlB?n. ipu-It', v.i. to Olrcy; tniDS- 

OmtTUlM. kon-vS'ane. n. set o( oon- 
•eyluJrriliiiigtlisi^iiveyB; wrllliig 

MI kfln-yi'jDMr. n. dds 
of propArty- 

mdlty. [ofortme.] 

OotTlgt, koD'Tlkt, H. ana louaA KDlltyj 
OnTuUga. kpu-yik'elian, b, set 0(0011- 

baTlBf. ' [yl«t.| 

..BTiittTL kijin-vlkt'iT, a. sble to «an-| 
Otitlaat, kf u-Tlns'. t.i. to oompel be- 

Ue( by srtdsnoei to sstiBrr. 
OdtItIsI, kon-vi<i'y*l, a. fMtlie; Jo- 

Tlal: aodal.— a. gnTirisUx;— n. om- 

. . i-v9-kl'Bbnii. n. sot of 
ling togetber; ecolulsitlal w- 

iks, kon-vdk'. e.t, to osU to(ratber. 
lilt*. kOD'To-iat. OuTSlntii kOD- 
IWM. a. rollsd npou ItsaU 01 to- 
Iheri twlstad. 

ditln, kon-Tp-Ld'sban. n. ststs or 

log roUsd togetbai ; • told or 

ist. rtag«tber.| 

OnTtlTi, k^n-TolT'. B.f. lorollorlwt«t| 

OaTST, kon'fOi. «. set of oonvoylnni 
tbsi nblob oonvoji or U couvoTSd; 

OnxilH, kon-vuis', r.l. to sglUte »io- 

OoinUoB, k^U'TDl'sbnu, n, Tlolsat *g- 

OnTnUTt, l^lU-vulB'lv. a. prodiulDg 

MiTlUlalf. (bit-i 

Osny, klVul, q.,D.; kan'l, ■..«. srsb-l 
CM^kdb, v.i. to uuka a son uolM Uka 

0«*k, kill, v.l. 10 prepsre Ibod by lira. 
— A. oufl wbo prepare! food for ast- 
Ing. {food far utiug. I 

OMlurr. kW^ri, n. srtnf prepsriugl 
Oh], kdolp (L somewbst ooLd ; oMm i lu- 

Mtlly; — n- toolneu. — e,<. to mske 
oool.—p.i. to grow cooL 
Oislie, kubll. n. so Eut ladian or Cbl- 

Owp, kiAip, n. s box or csgo for fowls 

Booop; Bbut Dp. [tubs, &o.| 

OMftt, kdp'f r. n. ■ msker of cuki, | 
Os^wtft, kop'sr-gj, -ej. e., n. oooper'B 
work; oost oC cooper's work. 

kO-op'er-St, v.l. to work to- 

[tabor or sotlon.! 

k&op^r-i'sbuCt n. Joint] 

Oo-op«t»tM, kB-OMri'tpr, n. one wbo| 

Cs-ordlnst*.'dl-Dat. vJ. to msko 

equal III rank — a. [-n^tj holding tbe 

tin. ~^ 

Osit, kdbt. n. a Had ofntsr-fOwL 
Dilu, kd'pal, n. s resin naed (Or mak- 

fogY»rnl.h. (ner.j 

(l.j»itB.r,ka-p*rfn^,n,B joint psit-l 
OfHitntnUt, ka-pKrt'Dfr-«blp, n. as. 

aoclstiou In buslnsBS, [ooplne.l 

Cf|«. kdp. n. a prleat'n cloak; ■ haDd:{ 
0^ kap. n.f. to vie or contand with 

— eqn^ tarms. ("■U-l 

- kdp'Ing, n. top or ridge or ■ 

klVpi-na. kOp'yns. a. pfojtlfal; 

a Tsddisb manl; 

OapiBC. k 

r. oil. out; thin, ae; get. Jet; kin, iln; oblp, at 

ofiron; gt»u vilriol. 
Otpnr-flatt, kop'^r-plMt, n. ui eognv- 

ra plate of copper, oc ui ImpreBsiun 

from it. [iDg copper. I 

OtppuT, kop'^r-l, o. like, or couUin.J 
OtTpiot, kop'ie, CtpM, kop*, n. t wood 

of BuuU growth. 
Cffiiltte, kop'yfl-lit, v.t. or n.i. to 

couple orjalu together.— n. Mf«l»'- 

Oqilatln, kop'jt.lj.HT. a. uniting; 
coupling. — n. ft coiOunetloD ludicHt- 

Oom, kop"!, B. one of s number, ap.ol 
books: apftttern: tmitstioQ! Butuu- 
BcHpt for printing.— B.l, to Imitate; 

OniM, bop'1-iet, n. Due who ooplei i 

u> IniiUtor. 
OtlJHdlht, kop-l-rit, n. eicllulTe right 

of sn Hithot to publiBh oopleeol Lie 

I; aaiit,—a.ttq^t6A;' 

ami. kor'»l. ». ft 

of mftriue Eoopbytea.— a. MTftJ 
CwtUiu, koT'^'lD. ft ilouy i 

to pile up tor mea* 

CMJite, kor'dKt, a. b(«rt-ebiped. 
Oodill, tord'j(J, o. heftrty; frii- 

— n. ft rerlvlug drink — odi. m 

iT.-ii. iW*! •■— 

bftdge . 

ribbon vom u ft 

line of mllitiry 
[DOtton (tnlr. I 

linr, kor-dri-toi', a. thlok rlbt 
IwlLUUr, kord'w&n-fr, n. ft ■! 

beaH, orceDtrftlpan 
»-ri-4'Bhn«, a. leftthor 

OKk, koTk, 

. Bh»ppoT made of tble bark. — ' 

OeiiBOniit, kor'D 
se»-blr3 : ■ gi 
Can, kocn, n. 

of a comet, (top of b vall.l 

Omin, koi'Qle, n. monldEog at thel 
OwniM^a, kor-nyi-kflp'l.B, n. bora of 
plenty (flgnre of a born filled with 
ftuit, *c.). 
ODTollt, ko-rol't. n. tbat part of B flaw- 
petals, [ference from a deduction. I 
Carellary kor'^-ta-rt, n. additional 1d-| 
Onntl, kor-O-nal, d. ; -6'-. c. a. per- 

Cncut, kor'o-net, n. inferior croim 
worn by tha ooblllty. 

CnjOftl, kor'p^rfl, a. belonging to. oi 
hiTinff a lK>dy.— a. a Don-commia- 
atoned ofllceTbelowa lereeant. 

OerjarallT, fcor'p9-t»-ll, nd». bodily. 

Detente, kor'p^r^t, □. legally united 
into a community : belonging to ■ 
corporation. —odK. nrperataly. 

OarreratiiB, koT-pq-rS'ihun. n. aocietT 
legally auttaorited to act as an liidl- 

Ogrjneal. korptyrfrol, a. baTing a bodr 

Oat|a, kdr, n. a body of troopa. —pi. 

Onrai, korpa, n. a dead boman bod;. 
□a^u^ kor'pyA-lent. a. atont ; 

bulky: fitt.— n. MtfllMM. 
CarpiMla. kor'pna-kl. n. a mlnnte body 

kind ol 

; panlab.— a. right; 

. add. i 

11. (Ifl: aertre, ebb. hi 


OvTHtiHuL kor-reli'ihuii-^l, OarrHtir 
OarrMtM, koc-tokt'pr. n. one whu co', 

- add. ggrnlitinl J ; — 
respondlngLy related to anotber. 

VtnUu. kor'l-dar. n. h gallery com- 
CanAnut. kor-rob'9- r»ut, a. 
Otmitntt, \ar-rob-if-At, v.l. ta nuke 

Onndt, koc-rad' e.t. to eat away grid- 

OariMini, kor-rO'zhan, n, ut of corrod- 
ing; itate or belDR corroded. 
OnTNJn, kor-rai'l», a. bmlDg power 
corrad«.— odn, similTalj'; — n. 

lomiBt, kor-rnpt', v.l. to n 
Bpi3li SebMS; bribe.- 

CamptDdg, kQr-rn 

Oarropaon, k^r-n 

„jr«ir, kor'aar. n 
Caiu. kors. n. a a 


OtttMT. kot'p-ni, a. like cotton. 
OrtrWtn, koi.|-led'im, -lid'., n. Ibe 
aeed-lobe, or Boed-leaf of ■ plant. 

Sff. dote; age. pAU, up; oil, ont: tbiu, thi; get. Jet: kin, aln; vhlp, aa(tb)nre. 


^ . .. . ki'ahDD, a. t Biafa 

ofllgbt; glittering. Iw».| 

. .... ._ .. , ,^,^j rtlpo^ 


Id or tLe 

kmuifiaihu. koi-ffiog'r^.f^r, n. 
versM ID coflmcigraphj. 
' — lojiafhj.koi-mog'r^-fl. n-deacr 

m&^ k. 

>]1. «. KMencfl of, 

w. deecHplion of, thonniverea. 

ConUKllt*. koa-mop'e-lit, n. a cltlmn 
uT tte world — a. anamaftl'ttaa. 

Oiimwami. koi-mo-rii'aift. n. aerleii of 
yiewe of varioae part* of ihe world. 

— p-l. andp.p. «t. — A. price paid or 
denundod for aaythliig; expenae; 

Coming koetlT. a. cooitlpaled.— odti. 

CmUt, kort'U.'a. hiab-prtced: talna- 
blo.-n. •wtlinwa. [dreaa.l 

deal, Omj, kO'il, a. anng; coniforta- 

OattBp«rair. k^lem'pp-r«-> 

Cotuk kot'sj, .IJ, K 


OotrMfuu, knt-l-led'i^Diu, -!» 

liAvlag ■ leeil'lobe, 
Omeb. konch. c.(. to ]%j doirn: 

preBi : to d]spliic« OF bienk Qji 

Ooiifip, tdtKg^i n. See Patm. 

Onltot, kOl't^, n. CI 

(. ploughj 

OnuHl, konn'eel, 


CnuilaiuM, kant 

log: m sbop tiiblQ. — a- oppofllte.— 
ado. Id Dppoiitina. (Id compoiKIoa 
d«iioteb opposite action.] 
Oniatlniit, konn-t^r-Bkt'. n.t. to op. 
3-,.-. tjuppo^iiB gbctlon. — ». 

Ommtarfalt. koim 

1.— n. tonstiTftitM. 

'■lataifm. koaa'l^r-pia, n. .-"werlet 
loutwpiit, koun'Iar-i^lrl, n. aorae- 

wi'iEih equally ii^ntL — it, ui cqtul- 
ly h*»Ty BClBlil. 
C«uit«rM*r|, konn'tfr-skiirp.n. Id 

InrnMnlgiL k< 
in iddftimi 

DaoMtantSl, k 
CoimttH, 'kiu 

Cnmtrr, kno'tii. n. rnnl regJon. ■■ 
oppiwcd to A town; tTkct nf ItoA; 
lutd. — a. beloDglDg to the coimtrT; 

CtiuLtoT-'uHa, kiin'trl-d(|Tift, n- dubce 
In wbicli tba partocn are in oppo- 

OBUitrj™™, knii'tl1-m»n, n. one who 

Oom^T-Mit. knn'tri-8tl, n. cnnntry 

nl^ local Jarisdlctlon: gnbdiWBlnii 

of aBt^ta. i— u.i. to Join logethw.] 

Oonpla, knpl. «. tiro of a kind ; a pair. | 

Oosilat, knp'let. a. tvo coutlgooua 

rliyialDg lergea: a piUr. 
Ompling, knp'ling, n. aomethlug which 

CMfOD, kObp'oD, n, detachable cntfl- 

catx of Inteieet 
Ogmgi, liiii"*]. -l). »■. "■ boldneaa to 

OnnJiMU, iar-IU'iw, a. taO of cooi- 
age; brave. —ndi. snTacaoulr. 

Omirlat, kdbr'1-er, n. a meaHoger ; 
travel Idr atleodant. 

Onna. kflra, n. act of miming; traek; 
path pursued ; career ; Toyaee or 
race; progreaa; method; service of 
food. [—«.(. to run BwHtly.j 

OauTMnkdre, T-C. tochaaeormn after.! 

Omrier. kdrs'^, b. ■ ewlft horae. 

Omuiiiij;. kare'Ing. n. baDtlug with 

Oirart, kflrt. n. apaoo anmrandBd by 
honaei; palaceof aeoVBrelen; bodj 

r. add. krm, (|ak, tU. ttqI; sevgre. ebb. hkr. niU«r; Ice, luu; 06i>t. ni. 

Uda; fllolAe: prolAd: ■oflicc 

n, Ihekter ; protflcU<m ; aajtblns 

mtbiff, kDv'^. tog, n, uiTUilae thu| 
tmlK, kuv'^r-let. b. ■ covering tot 

IT'«rl. a.hWi I 

Ooret, m 

-— =-n. — ,- -,- 

Otnt kni'et, n. to desire eagerly or 

ItoBl. kQT'ei-iw. a. Inordinately tie- 
rata; ■rtrioloaa,— odn, ranUulf; 

Omri. kou'&rd, 
oouisga, - '- 

foirtul: timiii. 


bide — e.l. to tecl wltb • cowbide, 
Onrl. kiiul. n. s moak'a bond. (euB, I 
Om-HI. kou'poki. ». IbeTicclnedle-l 
Odvifip. koQ'iUp, n, B epeclea or prlm- 

Otitnik, koka'kOm, n. 

IT, db»! aas, pAU, Dp: Ml, oat; tblD. (U; get, Jet; kbi, ala; oUp, u(ih)Br*. 


'aid^; Hplriticu 
Gwriic kraVlDg. 

OnviUL kri'UBb. 
aa«l. krtl. v.i. to 

Cru^ irii, v.t. to wi 

S2,' krikfi;. °'lo^ 

the best p»rt.— B.i 

•>. marbofsfold. 
OnsU, kre-it'. v.I. U: 


Orutin, kri-ll'iv. a. ible M cr 

cKstes. TlwOnrtor. God. 
OttitDn. kre'tyiir, n. a b^lng 

auk br folding:.— 
mitke from noth- 

OndtnUkl. ki4-den'8t 


porting nDf 

bT of beltef. 

OndiliCf, kr( 

i>, miiUMy;-"- . ._ 

1*iii1t; — n- aniuonnsH. 
DtMl, kr*d. n. beUef; iuniimirjF o 

(idea of belief. |rl 

Onak, krik, krSk. h. inuU iulei 
DrBel, kr£L. n. a fl^ing-bsaket, 
Ont). krip. e,(. to moie doiB to 

groiiod, or slowlj'; move aa ai 

YiuB.— p.(. and p.p. ettpt. 
OlMftr, krtp'er. n. Jbat whicb en 

□n^ kro'M. It. one bom id a eon 
but of Kirelgn blood ; HBlialll' a 

Indlpi, of pure French or Spullb 

OiMtetfc Opeanti, krt'n-iOt, iLoUjau- 

tlBoptlc liquid dlB tilled from tur. 
Crepitate, krep'1-tit, v.i. to cracUe In 

Onfhatios, krep-1-ci'iihiiii, n. a crack-j 

Or^ krept.p.f. and p.p. of ttann. 

Onpucular. kr^puglijaiac, a. of, or 


Mwed. (ohalk.l 

u', n. Hft In an eni- 
a glacier. lopeniiig.j 

OilakBt. trlk-et. n. in insect Billed to 
ttugrsaahoppfirai Jowatool: ■suna 
iilUi IwU *pd wickets. 

^\)Uopracliimiitloii. JUw.J 

tlm>,1irlin. n. & wlaked violatlDD ofl 
dmlul, krlm'l-nf], a. HlsUng to, or 
gnUty of orime. — n. od« guilty of 
orlina.— adD. niHiBtllT:— n- nini- 
IMMlBUt, krlm'lD-fit. T.t. to chai^ 

:ldgxd.~o.t. to plslti throw Into 

Oltajtl. krin], 1 

bow or band 
Olinlt. kiip'l, 

DMA, kii'Bli. t). • declaivs polat or 

(Mlf,biep,' a. curled; wrinkled; brtt- 

riUrito, kJI'tS-ri-ou; .jiai. K.. n, ■ 

Oritl^ kriflk. n. one wbo lodges, up. 

In ltter»tucs 0( tba fine u-ts. 
"HtiMl, krlt'lk-«l. a. reUting to crltl- 

dlcating ■ oriils; dedslTs; impor- 
log. etp, in UteiAtDTo or ut; ftcrlt- 



>0^ kriik. n. ■ bend; staff bei 
■b« end : u KllllM.— c.i. to 
ntomooki heud.-t.,<. to boD 

bn bpnL— Bp. gciNkad (krlkl). 
aiMkd, krtk'ed, a. nol Btr^gbti per- 

nene.— oijB. OMktdlT;— n. tniiM- 


anyttilng iu the ihape ot » c 
mixing of bre«da, — v^^ to ! 
tbwart ; pass over ; msrk n 

OrlB-kow, kroeTiO. n. bow fixed to & 
stock or liuidle at right Bugles, 

OnHS-^pd. Iiros'lil. a. iiBviog distorted 

or converging «ye». 
OlMdlc kms'log, n, pUca tor psMlng 

OrtMWiyi, kros'wBi. OroMwifb k 

Oroidi, Vroch, n, forking of b tree. 
Ototshrt, krooh'et, n. note in m 

OteMlirtr, kroch'el-i. a. full' of wt 

bMt kr*Bt', n. B natlTO of CrfrBt'l-e 

OttArt, kca-sb*', n. knitting don 
with B aniBli hook,— r.(. or o.i. t 
knit with s hook. 

Orwfe. krok. n. ■ wide-mouthed eBrtl 

Aff. dbiei iw. piD, np; oil, onti thin, llti; get. Jet; kin, lin: chip. Bz(zb)ure. 

Orow, krd, n, a liu-gc bUck bird: tbe 

CO bout trlmapLantl; p.t tnw or 

tnwti. [BlBver.f 

Onwbu, krd'bUr, n. Iron Ibe iiseil ag| 
Omwlkroud, n.mthcong; mciltitnilc. 

or wllh rujAlty ; Bdon 

OMwn-cl*M, kronu'gl^. n. Uail of 

wJoduw-glMa. ring-l 

Ondml, krA'Bli«l, a. Ilk? a crnsB: tBBI-| 
OnuiMe. kicfb'st-bl. n. eartlieu ppt for 

On^li, knfti'BL-BkB, n. image of Christ 

Onullilni, krc(b>Bl-flk'>hTin. n. act ot 

Onutbrm, kriiO'sl-lorm, a. iu tbo form 

Onicttr, kMb'ai-fl, r,(. lo put to acatli 

by tilling to ■ CTOBi. 
Ornii, knjbd. a. nw. oiirlpor nnfln. 

iBhed — ado. enritly ;— ". midniai. 
Orsdlti, krdbd'i-ti, n. aUle o[ being 

erode: UibI which !■ crude. 
Omal, bdti'el. a. disposed to loHIrt 

piiiQ ; void of pity : soveto adv. 

flToi]^; — n. onultT. (coodimentHr 

OnlH, ktdbi. v.i. to bsU to ud fto.— 

Omiin, kriflra'?r. n. ■ crnlaing veHsel. 
Cramb, krom. n. a snisll fntimcat of 

Ijread: soft pari of bread. 
OmiiiUs^ knim'bl, b,!. to break into 


Onuli, krUHb, a.i, to bral 

— v-t. to utter ieudlj: proclaim. .-n. 

aloud Boundi Bhriiliail. [cljijjel.l 
Drypt. kript. n. undBrgronnd oeif or| 
Otyttal. kriB'tfll, n. Hiitter which has 

u.tnrally BBSnioed a geometrical 

□rntal.' krisV. Ot^talling. kris't^- 

Dryrtam>a.'DryMalUn,'kriE'tf1-Iz, v.i. 

form ot a cryital.— n, •ryrtalllia'tim, 

CryritllBcraphy, krls-tal-og^fl, h. 
-^ ■- or acscriptlon oforyalalfl. 

Oak, knb, n 



OMkifcklrt^db, n. a bird, ao ™Uedj 

loUiemeloa kind. Vllb oblong fnut. 
Cid, kud. n. tbst which la cliewed; 
food ckewed for the aecond time by 

Ooddlt. knd'l. v.i. to crooch or ll« Glose 

Ciidiiiik^'el.n. aheavy stick i' dub.— 

c.'. to beat with a cadgel. 
Cm, ka, n. a hint; signal; i«d oaed in 

Ice, glr, add, Irni, ask, Ul. vt«li aerSre. et 

lower pvtof Hsieete dX tosti 

Oalrwun, kwi-na-iir'. n, soldier ■ 
OnlliiHT, kil'll-u^rl, a. perMlDlD) 

QbIuU^ tnl'p«-bl, a. cleaurvlue 
bume ; fBulty.— odn. nlf tUf :— •>. 

(Mpnt, knl'prit, «. an swuBed per-| 

Oolfintt, kuI'li-Yit, n.l. to till; pro. 

dace hj tillage ; devote ■Cteutloi 

ODlttnin. kol- 

Dlttnlot. kol-ti-vS'tor, n. one who 
GoltlT&teH: uj AgncDltnrol Implfl- 

meat or refluomeDt bj cuitl»- 

, kiira'h^r, r.^ to cing: burdoa. 

la.—oM. numulT;— n. oin 

^ kum'iu. n. B plant with »rn 

Onmnltt*, kiim'jn-lit. v.L (o Leap t 

Ouiilitin. kam'T&-la-tiv, a. iucrea 

Ing by ■ddillgng, 
OuMti, ka'ulat, QoDtinuin, or Odi 

mled regelTeni plsoed 

Oiiticud. knb'nrd. n. a 
OiMl. ka'pel, rt. a BiDBll 

Oiijlil^, ka-pld'l-tl, B. 
V. ka'po-l», n. on 

Oor»«j. ka'r»-el. H. oBlee of a cntali 
Cutd, kar'Bt, n. a clemrnuu w 
pertornu dutlea for* reclor or T*a 
Outtit*, kflr'^tlT, a. tendlu^ to cm 
Oant«r, kfl-ri't^r n. a goardlan: < 

tliliig Uke It.— P.t or n.i. t 
into onria: to coll; beud o 
nuly:— ". wirllMW. 

Oantali, karl-kl 

h get. Jet: kin. ain^ cblp, ai<ib)nFe. 

0<nwj, kur'sp-rl, a. but)'; aUgfal. 

— <idii. tvitif;—n. nrfaUM. 
Oirtul, knr-Ul'. v.t, to cut off ■ pu 

DutLi. kur'tln, n. hmglng cloth I 

between two twItuns.^D.I. tg fu 

Cutur, OtitMj. knrt'al. n. gesture 


Oimtin, knrv'a-Cji 

with soft moterUls fur lestlng on 
ol«Uc rim o[ B biUUrd-Ublo,— e.i 

i*Dt; BDgle iQrmed by inte™ectiii( 
Ooifidata, t\u'pl-dilt, OupldEtid, liiii 

c«r« of uiytljlDg, rap. of 4 
DiuUdr tas'l^dl, n. ■ WBtc 
■' — - — -"■ Imprivnimt 


repelilioo ; reguUr 

Outon-braH, ko 
Ott kdt, ».(. to I 
»nd p.p. est—! 



Importfl mnd ex- 

■ee, n. in MCTUtom- 

&ke Inclalou In; 
I'TDB. a. belgnglngl 

Outlut. kut'l«r-i, «. utlcl« w 

Oltitt, ku't'let. n. nuiU 11100 o 

lor moking. 
Dattn, kDt'ei, n. ona wbo, oi 

or orbit. -a. ixolto. 
OyeWd. srkloW. n. ciin 
ed Bgnfe deicrlbed b 

Ojtlgu ■I'kian, n. w qkculu itorm or 

Qjohytaji, vI-klO'pe-^Q. a- of. or like, 
the Cjciotta ; mHBive *iid mde ; 

Ordawdli, Oriloridi^ ■l-klg-pM'ys. "• 
Ixidy of knowledge ; work embno- 
Ing the entire mu* ot lufoniMllan 
In «iij dEpirtnient of knowleigo,— 

OyUlKltr, ail'ln-d^c. n. Holld oc 

OTEHDie. Bln'Ae.) 

ios, giT, add. Ilnn. |ak, 411, vm; a^rftt, el 

Blily, d£'ll, a. and adi,. e 
; d^'rL, n. i plmce v 

DmlB, dSl, n. low ptaca betns 
DilUulo*, did'l-tiii.n. tTlfllnt 

D|ll7. dBl'i, v.i. to trtBe; « 

'- trifllug: play. 

by draeelUB 
'Q-tTp, n. pboto- 

Dulkf, Suifegff, i 
Sudr. tlau'di. n. ■ 

r>. p?ril; I 

,.„ daufgl. cl. or"!-.!, "to bBDE 

loosely: to lol1a«r *boiit. 
Suk, iliiigk, n. damp; moiit 
Dapf«T, dap'et. a. neat: apmco. 
Daipb, dap'l. a. marked wltli q;>atB.— 

tT,f. to variegata with apota. 
Du*. dgr. Ti.l. to Tenture^ be bold.— 

I. la cbillBUge: dely. 

o. ' wanting* tisht: deep- 

wurlty!— ado. larklT;— <>- 

<M&<fb»; Bac, pAIUnP! oil, m 

I thin, MB! get,]at;kln,«lni ship, «x(i]iln». 

DUBiL diir'ufl. n 
Dut, dilrt. n. m 

tivevJue ti.1. 

ahool fiirtlu— D. 

Buk dash. vJ. la 

le mark ( — ) fu wi 

aliowy.— oiiu. duhiaglr. 
lutud. das'Urd, n. a canara. 

■-■- •■■"- ■*■" i.p/.admlttcdor 

■nmr; yilnt coarscly.-n. dlikr. 

nchtn, M-tiT. n. I IVnule cLiLd. 

Hlhtu- is-liw, dl't^T-lu-IA. n. ■ iou'b 

wlfB. luge,! 

DuutdgDt.n.f. toMRliten: dUrour-l 
DunUoi, daiil'les, a. not to be diuut- 

urbfii. dl'llii. n. WOa given lo the 

DHnrhllUM. di'Ba-ea, n. wlfs of & ilaa- 

DiriU, diT'lU, n.r>I, unoes proj^tlng 
*" — - -"-''^ toBtiapeuil A boat ftom. 

I, to bcgia tu flrow Uglji. 

l)»y. a». n, time from miDrlse to ann- 

mldnlglit''. ItnnsutinDH.t 

-ir-tMk. dii'Uik. It. dally register of | 
DlTbtok. dft'bcdk. n. Drat appearaoce 

DtvUchb di'ni, H. liiriit of day. 

---Brtw.df'— '- - -■-- 

, aSl, r,l. 

DiiSu. d_., 

. bewUder 


Ik'n^ablp. n. offlcs 

Daidlr, ded'U, a. ttM: iQipIaceble. 
Dun dec. a. dull or incapable uf Lei 
iDg; Ubwlltliis to bear ureomiily 

FWhodeaia; trader. 

of belDB beloved. 
Daarth, dirlh.n. Bcarclty. 
DtitL detb. n. eitinctlan of liie. 
Dttthlau, detbtes, a. uudyiug. 
Daitk-vuncV detb'«Dr.aut, «. i 

tsnt ordeiiug an execution. 

n, dGJ>ilrk d'ebnn, n. act ol 

mt, de-bie'nient, n. d 
to,Vbit', n.tbal 

tee, |lr, add. Mrni, (ak, k 

IMauhM, d3b-o-*be'. n. a dmnl 

llbeTtlae.'^rl.n. indulgence 

SthnitBra. debenfyur, b, certidrsie 

de-blrl-tet. v.i. to weakeu. 

,, Je-bil'l-tl, n. vteakneaa. 

Dabit. deb'll, n. eutry on tlie debtor 

vl^: a^vSTe, ebb, bir, mik^Ti lea, Inn; ddpr 

DHnm;, de-kamp', i 


rODiba debtor side. 


DiHjg. dek'^d.n. iin aggresste of 

ek'^-nia. R. ■ plus flgure i 
dek'fl-log, B. the ten con 

. to d«tta DI 
. m'tiSD. 
I DMlpher, <]e-> 

Dnlnd, d«kt. a. 1 
DsaUIni, de-kl9iD 

Bwttfiil, de-Bet'tU. a. aiapoaed i 

Dgtgin, de-aiv'. 

DmvdIw, dB-eeni'b?r, n, tbe tweIKi 

D««m«T,dS'sen'>i.n-pfoprlcty: mod-l 
DsNuul. dBseD'i-al, a. laatlDg tec 

yeara; hsppening eyory ten yenra. 
DMmt, di'ieut. a. sconiLy ; proper ; 

modeBt—odc. imaOj. 

DeoiBtiit, deaep'tii. a. tending to de- 

celTOi Illusory. |(le,| 

DhUb. de-Bid'. cl. to detartoioe; set.' 

DMiiA iJe-:.ld'Bd, a. do termlned; 

^ . Jl A llATUlgUe, 

DmluiitirT, de-kluu't-t^Tl. a. rlietor- 

DMlmtoo, dBk-lvcS'Bhim, n. npou iif-| 

DHluiitirB, de-klar'»-tlv. Dailint«7, 

de-blBr'»-tp-rl. a. —'■>"" -'-"— 

Deilira, deklsr 

,r'.r.(. to make known-] 

DhUtHt. dekUi'l- 

dowiTimd: elope. 
Stuet. de-kokf . e.f. 
DwoitUB, de-kok'shnu. n. boiling; ei' 

trKt DWde by bDlUni). 
SHsUito. de-kol'at, n.t. lo behead.— n, 


DtMlonttn, de-tnl-flr.S'Bliun, n. ra- 

dA-k^m.pAz'. v,t. or «.(. to 

HDHBitltii, dd-kora-pc»-iiBh'un. n. 

* dS-kgm-pouad'. ^r-t, to 
wuipuuuu Bgoinj to deoompoBe. 

Dgggnt*. dek'^rit. B.(. to ornament: 
embelllBh.-n. dtfirxtoi. 

DiMntuii, dek-p-ri'«hun, n. o r n a - 

D8«[»tlte, dek'9-r»-liv. a. adornlnB; 

prive of bark pr busk,— n. dtiwrti- 
DHOnun. de-kO'rnm, n. proprielj of 
DtMj, de-toi', r.i. (oenlioe; tllui 

nut by age. — n. dHn|Jtiidi. 

kle when heBlBd,— n. dMPnutotUn 
DHnUl. ae-kH'tsl. t>. veruiulng i 

Durlil, de-krl'»l, n. a crjilug don 

Bpokeu condemMllon. 
Demr, de-tir. o,<. to cry down; c 


DtfdMto, de-IU'kSt, >.(. to itaow ■ i] 
fli:leuc; of [UDda intrusted to one 

IXUDltigm det.^-kE'shnn. n. deade 

cy, eop, of I'uudH intrusted to one 

care. [oua report; Blander.l 

Dafuutioii, de(-»m-&'ibuii. n. InJUTl-{ 

Dtttrntitrr, de-ikni'^-'- -' - — ' — 

D(itkilt,de-»U'. n. ^t; IkUnre; UFg- 

f or 

Dafiuuui, de-Mi'fna. n. n 
DgfluiUa, de-fSc'1-bl. a. t 
IMMt. de-ffit'. vJ. to frns 

DMatla, dek'ya-pl, a 
Stoimtt, de-ku>'fit. 

I. ded'i-kil'ehnn. n. not o 
ling: nldcess to a patron n 
preflied lo ■ bwik.— o. M'i 

l^-aiB'. r.t. to Inffr: Infer 

bo deduced; proceedLn^ I 

DtTHt, de-fekt', n. deSclent; ; b 

jiiHi, de-fek'sbnn. n. ■ fiklllngi 

DifMtife, de (ek'tiv, a. liarlug de'— 
^ucnioplete ; iDBuffldeat. — adv 
hutiTiily. [tioD.! 

DltCnoa, Diftnu. de-fens', n. proCec-| 
DtftnMlMa. DttoutlMi, de-feas'l^i 

Difind, de-iend', r.i.'to in»rd i . 
•'•V. nulatoiD igiinstBttwk; resUt 

Darmjut. de-fend'fnt. n. one wbc 


' Dthndn, de-fend'er, ■. 

de-fir. D.l. to put off; delay.— 

Dtlum, de-fl'ms. h. act ol defrlog; 
Ddut. de-n'»nl. a. defTing! belli i 

lee, glr.add. Krm. {|ak, Ul. ii»l; i^vire, ebb, hir, mU^; lee. Inn i Bd^, ox. 

MtT. dyi-ll. n. godlii 

fl. pAllp up; oil. ont: tbln, th^; gel. Jet; klQ, din; chip, B2fEh)i]Tfi, 

DtUdiu, dtfilr'i-utn. n. UMe 
DfUTDTae-liv'tr, n.t ta aet t 

cue; Miveuyj Blve; iilUr, 
MnwMei, ile-liv'^r-aiiB, n. & 

UverlBg ; auta uf being d< 

: of BiKKkiug lu public 

qaeaih b; nill. 
DnnHratT, dcm-ok't»-«l. n. govcni- 

I>«m«™t dem'if-'kttt, n. ooa wlio adl 


DtmOEoloCT, ile-iii9D-[>l'(>-JI. n. ■ 
Dlmoutnlilt. dc-inan'atr«-bL a 

IWtl, del'tft. n. (ourtb 
Oreek«lpliibot(A]; I 


certuii pr<»f; e^bibltloii □! txi-Uug 

between tbBDiDutliB 


Ing evldeut; CODulaBiwiapttoaliow 

I>Blii(t,ael'r4D.>>.> flood 


-;.(. to Inuudmte; ov 

Ddqdra, de-ld'ihuu, n. 

Muln, de-lSi'iT. a. t 

ndlDB to de- 



la morxlB or dlacliiliue. 

DtmiilHnt. de-miil'8?bt, a. aofUninei 

BootLlng. Oect— n. beailatloii. 

n. a factious 

Danui, de-mar', a. modest; *ertou*i 

DouiB, DiBBnH. de-moD', n.a miaar- 

aOfectedlj grave or modest. 

bODBS aud laud. 

Dmirrace, de.mnr'^. b. p-jmeot for,ud',T.(.t 

clatm— B. ■ caUlng- 

DramnM, de-mur'er. a. one who do- 

mure: oHJedUOD In law. 

hnn, n. act of 

DtiL den, n. cave; lair ol a irild beait. 
Dulal, de-iil'91, n. reCuul; conlradlc- 

asslgnlng limita ; dl 


' [duct.j 

tioQ, [citizen. 1 


«; dou-l 

li^iSoi. de-mau'9r. n. 

partment. luiiiid; iaume.; 

<:.ll; et^ie. 

DamoiM. de-nenC^, a 


DaMriTde-mar'it. ». 11 

deaect ; dei 

fKti taatt. 

Dad-god, dem't-god,B. 

1 being pertly 


^li wicker covflriDK. 
DnuH de-mli'. n. deatl 


number lu a vulgar fnclloD. r^.l 

BuMlitioiL dem-J-lish'on, 
Damnlit, de- 

belonglDg to, like. I 

DtBtlL dent'; 
Dflntifrioe, deni 

n, dik. Ul. «»li aeiSre. ebb. L6r, mikf r; loe, ton; dd^r, 01. 


, cLi»rge — n. iaaa' 

Stfut, de-piirt', iLf. (agaawir; die. 

Suulmat. de-piirt'ment. n. ■ p&rt oi 
divUlQu ; dlvltlou of biulueHs oi 

DefUtua. de-pIrt'Tiir. n. met of de- 
partlug; devlUion; deUb. 

SnnL dB-pfnd'. r.i. lo bwig from; 

' . de-oeud'^iit. n. ods aubar. 

ipported bj. mnotber. 

.. . ..tImiT- de-p«nd'eo3. 

itatfl ot dApeuding ; coduci- 

de-pend'SDt. a- dettendlag^ 

Pt^rt, de-pikl'i o.l. lo portrij; in»ka 

lafUittrr, de-*FlI>-t«-ii. a. taUDg ofl 
(Lib hilr,— b. sppUcMioa to remove 

SoM*, de-piet. 


ibmLde-pldr', luoeBt; »i 

jreUly. [Bite 

Dtflir. de-plol'. 1 1, or v.i. toopen o 

Dnotat, fl^pan'^nt, n. ona wlio 

DtmoUM. di 

Dmrtmut, de-part'inc 


pntorUd dova; uijtIilDg latriut 
Defaaitur. da-poi'l -t^Tl. n, one ti 

Dapaai ti aa. dep-^ilati'un, n.tct bI de 
poaiug : evldeiica ou oath : Kt o 
depoalHiig: aaythlug depuslted. 

Daraaitn. de-poi'I-t^r. n. one wbo de- 

Dapiaitatj. de-poi'l-to-rl, n, place 

ivliere ui;tlilog la depoalt«d. 
Dapgt, de-pS', n.ature-boiuei mlUUir 

aepKi-lng; dppimrilr. 
DefnT*, de-prlv', v.i. to D 

Dafmiei, de-privd'. a. con 

moral oorrnpllon. 
DariasMa. dep're-kil, vj, to desire 

tblng auj not be, IdcprccatiD^.j 
DajnaUiaii, dep-re-ka'aliiiu. n. act on 
Dapiaaatirt. dep're-Ut-l', Dapneatfrj. 

dep'ie-fcfi't^ri, a. (eudlog t<> dep- 

Dagradltil, ds-pri'al-at. -shl-at. a.l. to 
loHei tbe nlue of; dlBpara«e.— o.i. 

n. act D? deprecjatlag ; dedliis la 
value — n. difra'tlatln. daria'aiataiy. 
Dafraiata. dep'ro-ilit, v.l. to pluoder; 
pray npou; lay waalo.— n. itwntt'- 
tin. Idereri robber.] 

DaFa*»»ef, dep're-d».l«c. », a plun-l 
Dipnaa. de-prea', v.l. to pT«a down; 

'e-preah'QD. n. act of dc- 
lonnesa; hoUow; deJec- 

DmivatiaB. dep-rl-va'Bbnn, n. act of 

" -^- *--■ ■ - - to take froi- "- 

t deep place. 

depuUni!; petaona dej 
■apUt. de-pul'. 



^ ,_ . . . oDe oppolutedl 

, de-rioj, v.l. to put out of or- 

noDfnae. [uiDe. I 

de-rsojd'. a. confaaea! ia-| 

..-ant, de-rinl'oifut, n. atate of 

belugdenORedi dlaorder; luaaalty. 

i: dae. pau. npi oa oat; tbU. A 


I, iln: (Alp, u(ih)nTe. 


Dg«m, de-zerv', r.(- to earn bj aer- 

Ihnliotion, der-e-llk'»huu. «. > foreil.- 
inn ; nenlBil of dnty. 

DtMTTlu. de-i*rv'IOB, a. •rortby, 
DnkaUib, d1g-»-bil', n, undrcaa; care- 

Dtridt, de-rid', r.i. to mock; rtdlciUo. 


Doiura, de-H!h'un. «. net of derid- 

DMOoatt, de^k'Sl. r.l. or t-(, to dry 


np or onL— 11. deaieea'tion. 

UttOmU, de-aid'er-fit. .,<, to want; 

deslrei miee. 

cen of dertii^. '"■"•"'"' P™ 

thing wanted.-^ deiidmk 

DnlvitlTi. de-rlv'j-tiT, o. aerlvod.— n. 

Dailgn, de-an', r.l. or v.i. to draw ; 

aketcta; contMve: plan; pnrpmai 

Dmin, de-rli", u.l. lo draw frnm; re- 

lDteDd,-t>. drawine; plan; tuieo- 

wive [torn B Bource; dednos; truce 

tion. [oame,! 

s word to its origin. 

Daigulc, dea'ig-u£t, cl, to point out; 

■»2irs.r;?«^i '"-"■" 

Dadgnedly. de-zln'ed-li, -eln'-, n-ic. by 

DtngaUn. d=r-(.-ga'ebnD, n. deimc- 

DMigBW. dB-rtu'^c, -Bin'-, n, one *ho 

makea deiigne^ plotter. 


BedriiBg, de-ilo'ing. -eln'-, n. srtM; 

D^*l.d6r'vieb, ....wlig- J 

D^ln,^' de-il'rf-bl. n, worthy of de- 

DmK^ de-ar', T.I ia wiah for; re- 

Daainui dfrzi'me', a. full 'of dealre; 

Dl^, dVaiat', f,;, to atop; forbear. 

K"-"'— '"^ 

Dsk. desk. n. a eloping table: pulpit. 
D»^ dee>lal, v,(, to lay wiBte; 

Qwut. ^e^'k^tj ^- « P"^ ■= ^ 


muenj. de-eend', «.(. or e.i. to go or 

DtMtation, dea-fl-Ia'ahni.,™, act of dea- 

come down. [o( bu Baceatov. i 

Deapalr, ae-apsr', "■*. lobe ^thont 

Dwant, de-senf, n. mntion down- 

hope,— B, ntier want ot hope. 

»u^: elope HDVBBion ; derlvatloD 

Dnpatek, dea-paeh', v.l. to aeud off; 

put to death; diapoae of.— n. a Bend- 

byworde; trBoe. 

Deinraao, dea-per.o'do n. adcapsrate 

orr«:klea«man; riifflan. 

of BnytWne In worde: sort or kind. 

DHparale, dra'p^r-^t, a, hopoloBa: 

Dmitt. de-etn^ V (. to dlBcoTBc: repy. 

tIa&: f-riSue'^-dv, d-naWj: 

DweSK de-'e-krit, ..(.to divert 

from B ucred pnrpoae i proAwe.— 

dcapsir ; rccklBesueaH of conae- 

Datnt. de-rfrt', a- merit; Teward. 

Dtapintla, des'pl-kf-b1, a, deaervlog to 

IkMrt, de-z6r['. B.l. to leave; (onnke. 
— B.i. to qnit a Bervice williout leave. 


DeiplH, de-Bpte', v.l. to smroj Tiew 

tted; bvreii.%. B dreoiilB place; 

iritli contempt. 

solitude. [B asrvlce wltliout leave. 1 

DiapiU, de-aplt', n, contempt; malioe. 

Dtiertn, de-z6rfer. n. nne wbo qultal 

DtTlffl. dfr^s'pH'iW, a- full of aplts 

ing; tUte or being deaerted. 

or mallce,-d:de. Im^WUIt. 

Ice, glr. add, Krm, ftik, tB, Tt«ti >ev«c 

, ebb. Up, mikfi; lee, inn; Odpr. ox. 

IM««, de-t*rj', r.l. to cleuiae. 
DMartmt, ile-urj'^nt, a. cleaai 

DrtwIgnU de-u^-^-r*!, e.I. or 

IMulsntiaii, de-H-ii-g-ra'ahn 

toiUi, de-&r'ml-n*-bl, i 
be deleiniDsd. |dei 



«nd \ dedsloa : neolutiou 
pnrpoTO. Jcide.— o.i. loTMOlve.l 

DttwniM. Aelifmla. v.t. to Bi; d<-| 

DatwaluL de-t«r'iuliid. a 

D«M»lTe, ael6r«'l- " 


■imoFlBl besrlng. 
DtrO, dey'l, n. BtXta; mo »yII iplrlt. 

a, tt«: g«t.]et> liln, du: eblp, u( A)iin. 


Dgrillih, dev^l-lsh, n. of. orlike. kdt 

deiiHBliMinrluct; mlsoUicf. 
DfliOU, <l*'vi4u. a. Btr«jlug; WMlc 
ing.— odo. dtrlonili;— B. diriinn 

up wliol 
DtTotid. di 

1^ d<H>mei] oilv. InoM- 

Dtwtot dBv-ij-te', n. onanaloHHly de- 
voted, tip, to reliRlon. 

"littol, fle-i'CBhi.n, II. dedlolUon : 
ptetj; Ml - 

DtwsidEt, (tu'poLiit, n. tompc 
wbtcb denbeglDB to form. 

"tiUr, deks't^r. a. ou the rig 

utmilT, dcki-tpr'l-tl. n. ei, 

■droilccsB — 1. deiUroni;- 

iitolu. EiiMinL dT-a-txil'f 

dL-TllIab . —ad^TiMMaMj. 
iuritiii, Diuritioal, di-a-kTU' 

Dimnii, dt-cr 

ono BjlHble iDto two, and r , 

l)iCO»I, dI-»g'(niBl, a. pus- \^ 

IHiCnn, dl'^er^m. i 

fiitlMt, dl'^-lekt. n. iHBgiwge^ peculiar 

DUhUo. d! ^-Ickt'lk, a. pertaining to 

DillHtidu, dI-«-lek-tii'li'«u, n.'m akU- 

Vhittia, dl-s-lekt'ike, 'n. art nf dii- 
cuBslng: logic. (dialg.i 

IHlllisg. d1'»l-<iig. •>' Mt of miklnnl 
DillOEut. dl-al'^Jlit, n. speaker In a 

Dialopit, di't-IBg. n. dlasonrie be- 

Diinutw. dl-«m'e-l«r. «. 

Htraiglit 1iD« paaalug y' X 

ed at both euds bj the \ y 

tJl^th "o^ the ce'Ll 

DUmrtrig, -i], d(-a-niet'rlk, -(l. a. re- 
luting io. deacrlblng, or In the di- 
rection of. ■dlauet'T; direct.— ode. 

Dla^DRtie, di-^ iQ-ret'lk, a 

Diaphngm, dl'^-fram, n. pai 
— icular partitlmi nepar 

i»rr, dT'a-rl, n, jonrnal of dally trana- 


iatgnn. dl-^-lon'lk, a. piogreaaliig by 

DlM,d>*, n.Jie. ofilL 
- - lU dik'ttt, P.I. t 

DitUtwUL di*-t» tiyri-^, o. 
liUlarAipy dii-ta'l^r-Blilp, s 

^[ng tbe word! nt all 
ttaelr mauilDgB; book 

dtt'tnm. n-motHorlttl 
-- „. pi. dku. 
nidid.p.t. ortod* 

Difaatii, ai-dik'tlk. 

-[•.dl. 1 ■ ■ ■ 

■ Hit, diR, «,. 

urui p 

Di<rt,dl'jBiit, n,.bodj(rfta<«; auia- 
DigaSUi, Ol-J^f l-bl, a. tbU nay be 
aige«t«l; ea»T lo diRest.-n. 'iigii- 

UnilM. dlg'iil-fld. a. luiested w 

dfBalty! Doble. [honor: ew 

Diju'r. dlg'Dl-rt. E.f. to iDvest wl 

DigaiUrr, dlg'ul-tf-rl, n. perKn 

DlnitT. dle'Dl-ti, n. elnatlaii of n 
oroluin--'-- — ■■■ ■-■-- - 

IH>. dl. ii. inull cube 1u«dlD ks 

BW, * 

,p for CO 

«. ^ Itht 

lefnod ■> 

pike.! ; 
o dlBBtfree: b« ud-| 

IHAint dir^r-ent, a. d 

iimuiil. dtl-er-sn'sh^. 

DiHindt, difi-kolt, a. bin 
-Tqutrlng labor or iklll 
BBltT, dil'1-kul-tl, n. q 

iftuliiii. dlf-ln'ibBD. R. aaprwidliiR;! 
main. dlt-Ws-H, a. tending lo 
■proad'. «(toDdlng.— oclti. UDoilitlT; 

r. dbze; Su, pflU, np; oil, o 

■uJt, dt-Iit'. ( 

DiUtMy, <lll'^t9-rl. 1 

■n Brgameiit 

pleilng position or >t 

D&Srdl-lar. B (. to make ibluii 
DUntieiL dl-lS'.bun, n. ut of dilutl 

a oak llqutd. 
Lilnviil. dl-iavj^l, -l.j], DOdiIui, 


rt. di-«kf. a. 

■t night: atnlgbt 

CBtaUvs powtion; 

Sini. d6r], n. & tuoenl ixiiig or bymn. 

Diik, dirk, tt. a dagger. 

Dirt, dirt, n. my uucleui mbBtuice; 

Dirtr.dir'tl.'a. sotled; UDclnn: inde- 

DGt JlOPeBt: disjoin, to Hp«ratQ. 
DinUlitf, dlsH-bU'l-tl, n. wtut of 

Dlitbla. dis-i'hl, e.t. to deprive of pow- 
er; dlBqiuli^. 

DiubBH, dlB-^-bni', T.(. to nndeceire. 

DludTutita, dli-id-v^'t^, n. ua&- 
1,. .... oaltioli; injury.— 

Jlii, dip, v.t to Immerae 

•lightly; incline downwarnB.-n. 
inclinstion downnrds. 
DilhUvlE, dlp-lb«-Tl-a. dif-, n, dliieaH 
Id which the alr-pasiaaea are cojtted 

Difinu, dr-pld'ms. " 

DijlomMT. dl-plo'ioB 
duct of negotiatto 

. dlp'^r. 


Diunit, dli-f -te 

I DiaaAetioB, dls 

DiaicTeBabIt, dlB-^-gri's-hl, a. unpleu- 
tuit.— atfo, dlMgrauujr. 

t. dls-a-grt'nient, n. want 

anthorifj oT-n. 

[n. iiuBBDlBIMlt. I 

— n. liiapfwruHe. 

DiaapHiitmnit, dis-ip-polnt'ioeat. •. 

defeat of expeclatlon or hope. 
miappnte^DB, d' 

Uunnid. dls-f 
DlMppeu. dla 

1. aik.UI. Tt»l: BSYtn. 

I>, liir, mlkfTi loe. tim; dd^r. a 

Di>»ip»B«, dls-a^rinj'. 

WsMTtjr dli-j-ra'. o.(. to tnrow id 
diHorder; undre^B.— n, want of t 

Diiut«r, aiz-a^'t^T. n. bq uafottuiial 
DliMtrmu. diz-fta'trui. a. uDluck: 

™i»miKin8.— ado, dlnittOHlr. 
DiUTBW. lUl-^VOU', v,t. to dlHDwi 

SiMttvll. dia-j-Tou'Bl, n. di«oirain 

Diikallm, dii-be-KV, v.t. not to ba- 

Uere. [docs not believe. I 

DiibiUHn, diB-bfl.lSv'er. n. one wlio| 

nAudm, dJB-bur'den, Dilhirthui. dle- 

pijiui; out: inmiHldout. 
iH.dlsk. SeBjHit [mliB.| 

xi, dlB-kard'. v.t. to out off: dLB-j 
n, di-z£rD'p v-t to peiceive^ Bee; 

miU^'li-i'irD'l-bl. a. tbBt may be 

DiKhBrit. diB-chirJ'. v.t. to nqlosrt ; 

Ruu.— c.i. to BDloid aigo.—H. ta 
Dl dlacbHBing ; KqnilUI : rrleaae 
»nytLiinK dlscbBrgsd or emitted 
flrlngofiBim, [lowec. 

DiMi^ dte-ai'pl, «. a learner : fol- 
DilonlaflU), diHBI'pl-Bhip, n. iitBts d: 

DlMiplJBuiu, dli-s<-pliD-4'ri-BD , n. 

DiMifUn. diB'Bl-pllD. n. tralDiDg; or 

act or dlsoWlmtDg. 

6ir.db»: OBe.piUI.up; oil. out; tUn.Ut; Ket.Jet: 

HBpOBL dlfl-kpm-pdz'. t.t. to dlaar- 

— -MIB, diH-kpm-pfi'ihur, n. dig- 

t, fltB-liijn-»Art', v.t. to disot- 

der; (ruBtratO; deruge; confuse. 


lamoi, dIs-kuT'flr, v.t. to eijx 
loakekaoini; Bod out; percelvi 
llHfnnUa, di»-»uV¥t-9-bl. a. t 
mar be discoTfired ; perceptible 
wy. dia-kut'er-l, n. »cl of t 
out! somnthfug dlBcovered, 

DIMOIN 99 ri8P08SE88 | 

break up the Blructure of.— b. liMf 

°asKs.-,s."""— '• 

Diwwii, dl8-6n', o.l. to refuse to own or 



Uifarue, dl.-par'jj, t,.(. to depreciate 

Diqgmtoi, dla-lolnt'ed. n. not properly 

uu (ation,- dlSanlng 1 

Dbptrltr dia-par'ltl, n. inequality; 

ByiMtin, diBjungi'Uv, o, tendiug 
to disjoin: IQ b™™., UTiltlng word* 

Kipart dii-piirt', r.I. to partaauuder. 

DuuMldnat^ dia-pa>h'uB-«t, a. free 

DuJ^tobydfe.^', Seetarateb. 

Diit'a'l't "'."lo'unrptato; tKB of 1 

Duptl. dlapel', v.i. to dnve a*.y: 


IHdJfa, dl..]ik', n. .venlon; disiaeli. 

DkpwuUt. die peni'».bl. a. that may 

be dispensed, or diapenaed witb. 

proYB of; h»ve in sveniou to. 

DiifaisUT. dta-pen'aa-rl, n. placo 

Diilmt*. df«'l*-kst. T.t. to displ.ce ; 

put out of joint. 

to tbe poor. 

meat; ■ disloa ted joint. 

Didrith dl.-loJ', v.l. to drive ftom a 

lodgmont or poaltion.-e.i. to lave 

a lodgmeul oc poaition. 

Diilir4 di».iai'«l, a. not irne to alla- 

glaoee: Utlile».-». jkltraltr. 

DiipeiiH. dls-pena', v.l. to dal out; ad- 

MlBUt, di..nis.t', B.t. to deprive of 

SknB*, dla-mi'. dll-. o.t. to dannf 
■f^wbt.—n. loiB ot courage; frUM. 

Oiiper*. dia-pers'. o.i. or <,.i. to scat- 

ter. |lng; aepamtlon.l 

member from member ; to tiit or 

DIlIU^ die-per'^/no" n. . acatter- 

Dinarun, dls.pire'iv, a. lendlnR to 
rfiaperae. (deprive of aplrit 1 

dlMCd; diS0hM^.-B. iiuBHui'. 

Diimouit, dis-moaut', e.i. to alight 

•»&rc-™f" ""'■'"'*' 


ing or refnalng to obej.-n. diMbt. 

DiqrietM. di^pHi'. t..(. to ofhnd: be| 

tKnn. IretoBetoobej.j 

mirMt. dlB-pfl!;'. B.I- to arrange; apply 

DiHbtT. flIe-O-b*', ».(. to neglect or| 

DinUii^ aia-O-blU', e.t. to offend bj 

Dunin, dl.-ar'd^r.n.mnftialonidla- 

toapnrpoee; adapt; Incllne.-fa- 

lurbai.ce ; d(seMe.-R(. to throw 

pon ot to part with; placp. 

DlaiMtd. dls-pOad', o. Inclined. 

JHMBialj. M«.br'i^h. a. lu confu- 

DiarMittu, dlew-a'at'itn, n. arrange. 

alon; Irrsgutat; Uwleaa.-odB. iii- 


DlOMNn. dl^p-^«»', V.,. to imt onl! 

Sir.iAna; aie. pfiU, npi oil, out: tblb, (U; get, Jet; kin, sin : ohlp, u|ib)Dro. 1 


DuprtporboD. dia-pri^-pdr ' a b u u , n. 
want ot proporllon or symmetry. — 

DnprtjoninHt*. dJa i)rfl-p6r'8bun-%l, 

Ditinrt, dl«-iinSiv', v.l. to prove to 
bolilBQ- reliite. [bodisputed.l 

IHi|Bt>U«, dls'pTd t^bl, a. tbit lua;! 

UtpMlnt, dia'pro-tuit, n. one wbo 
ctlspoteg or weu™. 

DiimUtioD. dli-pjii-ta'ibim. n. act or 

clineil lodlHpule; conteutlona. 

IHniuli&ntiiii. die-kwol-i-ni 

n. BometbLDg which dlaqua 

DiHuUf)' d)a-kwot'J-ti, 1 1. 

DniiutMi, dle-kwl'e-tad, n. atite ot 
Dinsllilitn, dis-kwj-atah'uii. «. ■ lor 

Waragiri diH-CP-gard'. v.l. not to m- 
gard: lo sliqht.— n. alight: ne(»Jeot, 
~a. diareiudlU, |like.' 

Diaraliah. diH-rel'lBh. n. dlBtaate; dla-i 
DIuentB. dia-repflt', n. want of repii- 
talion: diaeredil.— o. dianr'nttUe. 

DiarapigUii), dls-re-apekCfai. a. ' 
ing fn respect; nncivll,— odo, 
■ptattollr. ^ 

. n. diaagree-l 
it', v.i. lo dlaaeree in 

[iafled: diacontentsd.! 

DiianniiiMa, dls-eem'j 
tec abroad; aprea 

Diaaoiioi, dia-sen'aV"- " ' 

DiaUBtar, d»i-iicuL<| 

DnsaiUtini, dls-e^i 

Diuinioa, dlBBor'vla, n. Injury; mla- 

H^unittMt. dia-Rgr'vis-^bl. i 

Diuij^lal, dla'i-pated, a. dieaotDte;! 
DlwlHthii. dia-i-pa'sLun, n, dti 

-n. diiueii'tlDn. tdiasolved.l 

Diuslnlle, dia'Q-Iya-bl. a. Ibat ma; be\ 
Dtu«lnt<, rtla'p-lul, o. liceutioua; loose 

in mnrals,— ado. toiolntaly;— n. iii- 

Dl>wlTaU<, di-i 

loose: melt. I 

I'icb ran dla 
. diacord.— 

Dtanaaion. dl-awi'shnn, n act of d: 
HUadtng: adrtce MinstanyibinB 

a. trm. §ak, Ul. tI«1: aerire, ebb, bir. mU^r; 

fiWuM, dii.'t»n., n. Bpue between; 

DlrtrihitiTa, dii-tcib'ju-tlv. a. tbat 

beblnd. IdUOnct; reaetved.j 

JiMriA, dia'trikt, r. ■ portion of ter- 

^t^'^t'^r'SliJ^'u.'E';' ^ 

[itorj: iegioD.^e.t. to divide into 

Siitnut, dla-truit'. n. wsnt of trust: 

■uiplcloa; doubt— i.t. to b>ve no 

slBte of bocif ; dlieus.~i.f. toaffect 


DUtanl, di.-UQd'. ..(. dr r..-. to .fetoh 

Dlrtaj*, dii-tiirb', e.(, to sglUte; put 

»pBrt; Bwell. 

Into motion; dUplue; lulerrupt. 

IHrtuuoB. -tioB, dls-teu'ihuo. n. net 

or dlateadlBii i Btat« of being dis- 

tended. Illna.; touplet.! 

UniilMi. dis-an'TUU. n. nnt or bresk- 


Dinuilta, dli-yu-nlt'. v.t. to eeparBte ; 

aently : nee > bUU.-b.I, to lei bli 
L drop! 1 vaporlM Hud concienM ; 

Ottf. dLB-fll^ .J. to ce*se to me. 

e»t»et "iplclt by empontloa Bud 

IMnM, dlB-di', H. ceaiBtlou of use or 


mUh. d"h. H. > treocb in tbe ground. 

"SSw'KS"- "'""""• 

IMtt.,dlt'0. n, the «nie » before (con- 
tncted It.). 

Dirtbirt, dH-tlOBfct, a- «epM»te; i«ll- 


deflDsd: different. —odn. lirtliut:;; 

DlBiBBl, dl.ut'n»l, o. dBily, 


Dlftliuna, dls-tlqgk',hun. n. differ- 


DlttlMHft rtUi-tiDBltt'iv. a. mitking 

B«under,-r,.-, tolork. 

tlTt, aiv, v.i. to plunge under «terj 

the diOerBucB between; discern; 


I»w^v^r|™e'wio''d°ve.; kind 

DMbvd.hiU*, die-tiug'g«i.l.-,-b1, a. 

MtmIJ "i.rfii'. c; dl-, D., «,.-, to 

tbM may t» dlstlngoiabed. 

tun opBTt; tend In dlDfecent mji 


from OM point. 
DfTttcuMa, £-virj'eii>. dl-. n. act of 

DkUrt, dte-tSrf, v.l. to twist out of 

■bepeordirecltoQ; pervert. 

Dirtortieii. die lar'eliun, n, «t of dis- 

DinrH, dl-virs'. di'vfrs. =, different; 

unlike; yBrlou«.-Q<i<..ditMMlr;-n, 


Dirtrut, di>-tr»kf. b,i. to Mmtuee; 

UrmUi, di-tir-el-fl. ».!. to mske di- 

perplex; b>ru>; cnze. 

vertfl; vBry; give vsrletj to.— n. «- 

DMnrtlu, dli-trrnk'nlmn. b. act of 
distracang: mofiulon; ugltaUoQ: 

DiTOrtm, dl-vfrthnn, n, tlist whi=t 

msdneu. [ertf for debt. 1 

diverts; b lumlnii uide; Bmuse- 

Dtotr«i», di..trsn'. v.t. to .'elze prop- 
Dlito^ die-trent'. n. aeianre of 

properMi for debt. 

llhirt,'dt-vjrf.' r,(, to tarn BBide; 

Dl*tnH, die-lree'. n. mflMtog. or ita 

cbBDgstlio direction of; drawoBthe 


OMcikiite, dis-trtb'jol. vJ. to divide 

DlTidB, dl-vld' ,.(, to p»rt Bsunder ; 

unong eeverJ; lUot; deil ont.-n. 


<Uf. dbM! fise, pftn. U| 

n, onti tbin.tU: get. Jet; Mn, 

be diyided ; lian of s Bum di- 
ed, (wlilcli. dlvidea-l 
I, dl-Tld'fr, n. ous wtio, or Ui>t| 

DiTiDilf, di->1ii'll, ado. In a 

Dinng-WL dlT'lng-bel. n. boUow 
DWnity, di-vin'l-ll, n. godlieid; ( 

Dinlca. di-TuU', T.I. tamalM pub]ic;| 
Diur. dii'l, a. Kiddy; CSDHlng glddl- 

Bo, ddb. n.i. (o »cl; perform: effect; 
inlBh.— r.i. lo set; be about; fore; 
aucceed ; answer & purxxne. — jj./. 

Dwiila, dd'all, a.; doa'll. 1 

glrin, dfl-dek-o-hi'dT^n. n, so 
doj, P.I, ID evade by BUdde 



teived the higbest degree of a nol- 

vereitj; »phyalci8n. rg'ee.l 

Dottonti, dok't^T-f t. n. a dodor'a de-{ 

DHtriu. dok'trln, n. aninethlug 

BUBf 1], ^HIUMlt'Uy. 

IMtsa(«B. dft-dek'^gfln. n. 
ure of twelve equal eldea, 

lee, (Ir, add. Inn, sak. ill, vT«l: aer^re. 

Doitad. dfid'ed, a. mllen ; obillnate. 

— ail!i. dugfdlj;— R. lanadiUM. 
Doggnil, dog'fr-el, n. wortblesa or 

Docma, dug'ma. n. m aettled opinion ; 

DoEinatiB, Locmatiaal, dog.mat'ik, -al. 

Id aaiertloD.— adD. datmatlB^r. 
Dtfiutiii, -lit. dog'mj-tlz, t.i. to pro- 

ly. [aiaertiou of opinion. [ 

Dtfiuldni, dog'nif-tliin. n, poaltive| 
Dafmitiit, dog'ui^tlat, n. one wbo 

dDtnnatlaea. [Slrlus.l 

Daf-itar, dAtj'atiir, n. the briglit atari 
DoIlT, doi'JI. n. a amall napkin uaed at 

Dobigi, dbb'ingz, n.^ tblDRa done;| 

DeU. dol, v.l, to deal out ia ainall por- 

Solthl. dOl'f^l. a.'fnll of grief; sad; 

Dili, dol. It. a puppet tor a cblld- 
SoUai. dol'^T. n. Bllver coin of tbe 

United StBtea. norlb 100 centi. 

Halt, dOlt. ti. a 


a. ioH-l 

r, mU^; lea, inn; M^, o 


dO-mes'ti-kat, c.l. to nuke 

onmBBUc; tune.— a. di 

DnnidL -gill, daoi'l-ill. • 

sr Hrrogantly. 

i, d^-mtn'ik-^, a. rolkting to 

>rd, ur tbo Loral's day. 

^— — -heoonntrr govfl 

Dnsll, aSr'a^l. a. perUlntui to ttae| 
Dim. do*, n. qa.Qiitj of medicine glv- 
portion; »nylhing dim- 

Aff, dbsei Oie, poll, np: oil, out; tbln, 

DM«(,d0C'fJ. x.lmbeiTilitf ornl 
SMtA dat'«rd. «. oue vho dot» 

in hlb doLigti. 
IMi, dat. c.t. to bo Billr. op. from old 

Mrity; du, ., 
■■ I, dub'let, n. ■ p^; 
-B, dnb-ldbn- 

inner guA 
■null gold 

DgnUAil. dout'fQl. a. andetfrmined 
iruin: But^cloui ; nnul^.- 

«, dout'Ie*. oif e.wlthoat donbt; 

Dowil, Jou'el, v.t. to Join i — kj — ^ 
by oooden piD».— n. » Bl fr 
wooden pin (or Joiuing. 11 ■ 

Dant. don'ar, ». prop- f\ lb 

Lrlogslohec bi«b«id I tj |. 
.mt luurlige: wtdoWe " '■ 


tecUon; on the uroi 

Dgwuut, douu'ksst, 

DanUl, douD'ffil. n. f 
DowBlwuttl doua'hiir 

DownUU. doun-liil, a. 


Downwul donn'vi^rd, i 

Dimrr. dgo'ri. Seo Dowt 
Dgi*|il(7. dok>-al'ij-ji, n. 

1. weight 
1 avotrdop 

wt wit& dirty 
eighth dl an 

Dnir; drsf. n. drcL 

Oirit, d^, n, Bnythitm dr«wii: a 

drawlug; BkeLch or plan: order fOr 

my, or from th« people ■ flaa.t1ng 

depth of a Bhlp. — s.e. to male a 

dnttof: detach. Imin.l 

Dnltunu, dr^B'm^n. SeB Dmghti- 1 

DiU, drag. e.r. to pnll with force or 

with difllEUlly; draw along; aearcU 

wilb a drag-net.— T.(. lo be drawn 

along the ground ; trail; move with 

difBcultf or Hlowly. 

Dnj, drag, n. n*t or toot dragged 

dirty by dragging on tht' groaad- 
Dn«-n«t drag-net, n, a net dpagRed 

drag'^m^. n. u In tfiJT^ 

long. Blender body. 
DniooB, dt^gabn', n. a kind of r 

ry ioldler.— r.J. to giye np tt 

rageofBoldierB; compel by viok_.,_, 
DniB. diBD. c.i. Vi Sow off gndnally. 

— B.(. to draw off gradu^ly; dry hy 


SruutiM, lu,dTa 
Dnmitdit. drun'i 

Braadit, dr^t, n 

SiaaihCa. <lr^B, n, i 

a droning: flnldl 

.>tlE tttoreprB- 

sron played with 

money: practice drawing-— 
able part at a bildge. 
Oravtaak, dr^'bok, n. hindran 

7 for 

1. Krm, s*k, Ul. Tifil: aerfre. 


driTinj . n. 

Dnnr, dnk'^. n. one who dnwa b 

bill: m ■lldlDH boi.— pi. onder-gu- 

nHnt for the leeS' 
DrtwlM ilrif ng, n. i deUno»aan; srt 

DnvlnS-TMm, dcBIng - r ifbm . n. b 

room for oompiiij. 
Brtwl, dril. v.i. or *.(. to tpmk In ■ 

longed atler«nce. 
Dnn. drln. p.p. of U btw. 

Dttii, dred. n. greBt fear ; Bwe.— o. 

Drndlnl, dred'ftl. a. iDiplrlng dre.d'; 
terrible.— ado. intdfollj ;— t). dreU> 

V^un, dr^m. n, tboughti nod IhncfEa 

diMari or diUmt (dremtl. 

Piwmt, dremt.p.f. Bnap.p.of UdiHua. 

gioomr, —ado. dnuilT;— <•• Irnil- 

Dndc*. dnj, n. an Instnmieiit for tak- 
ing lip oyeCen, kC: nacblne for 
tnUug up mud. — p 

floor wltb a dredgei 

Dnlgn. dr^'ar, r ' 

Ing'boka, n. box ' 

Inf-ko. drej'- 
p«foTatad top 

for aiirliiklliig flmii 
Dngn, dreg'f, a. ooulalnlng dregs.- 

n. inCtblM*. [put. 

Dragi, dregz, n.pi. Isea; refoae; vlLeat 
Dnatli. drenob, v.l. to (ret tborougbl; 

glva a potion to, — n. a draiighl 

deck : conk ; inBke beallag applies 
Snnn. drea'^r. ». kitcben table o 

DmaiBf . drea'lDg, n. anrthlnR need to 

Sribb^ drtb'l'. '^.(" to fslt 1^ droV-S' 
(, to let hU in drope. [ty.l 

DriUit, drtb-let, n.verr amall qnenti. 

Drift, drift, n. heap of matter driven 
tOKOtber, aa (now or eand: direc- 
tion: nieaning.—ip.(. to drive togetb- 

Diill. drtl. B. a tool for boHngi mili- 

nld.— p.i, to Bwallox a Itquid: take 
Intoxicating llqaora liablioallf. — p. 
'.4tukl p.p. Innk.— n. aonietbing 

Ilri», drip, ..(.or v.t. to let f^l. or BOI. 

In drop*. [from mastlDg meat. I 
OtitPV- °rip^Dg. n. fmi tbst dripsi 
Drit-4t«u, drip'itan, n. proJectlnR 

ridge aboie k niodow, to turn off 


.long, or in; 

goin Bcarriage^ lend luwsrdB.— ji.l. 
hvn: p.p. dii™.— H. excucalon In a 

lrlTtl,driv^e.i,to»lBTOci befooliab: 

IrinllH, drlvOfr. r. a Blmpleton. 

DnDBdarT, drnm'- 

h get. Jet; kln.aln: chip, u(tb)art 

Dtmv, ilriftip. T 
pine; iHigulB 

Dm. drop. n. a 
mag banglD 

SnialMl, drnp'Blk-^, a. perti 
or affected vrltli, drnp^. 

(^vmlerln Uiebody. 

Dnrt, arOv, p.C. of ta Irin.— n. nnoi- 

Dntu, drtv'fr, n! one who drlveal 
Dmra, dconu. v,f. to kill by pliKlng 

power.— B.f. to be Buffocited In wi- 
Ut. [deep: doze. I 

Di«wH, droni, v.i. to grow h»v; wltb | 

Bnwir. drou'il, a.«leepy; dull — ndu. 
dnrnlv: — n. JnwabMt. 

Dnk drab. »,(. to bMl BOundly. 

DnbUiic dmb'lng, n. > bEaUnK. 

Dradf*, oruj, v.V. to work hard i do 

Drodgiry, dmj'^rl 

with. " ' " '"^ ■ " *td«T| 
Bmggrt, drng'el. n-oosMS wooUbuI 
tosiiiit, dnw'lit. n. ■ dealar in drnge. 

BmB-mijor, dnim-niB'Ju 

Bruuigt, ilrain'er. n. one 
PnuDitiiik, drum'Htik, rz. biif. 
Dmak, drungk, p.p. of tg drink, - 
Oniikuj. draoiik'^Fd. n. one ■ 

ice, «l[. add, tirm, ask, e>l1, vial; i 

Dr, iJ 

irjly;--n, dtTMM.— "-(. to make 

D^lj, dri'ad. n. a wood-nymph. 
Drr-go«dt. dn'gfidi. B-pl. clolha. Ac. 
Dry-ret dn'rot, n, decay of timber 

ciuaed by fkingl. 
BmL da'aJ, a, coniisting of two. 
Di^y, (Tll-al'l-ti. x. aUte of beiog 

Dok dub. B.(. to confer knighthood on ; 

DiUnia. dfl'bi-uB, n. donbttal, — adn. 

dnUtulj ; — n. dabieimHL 
Dml, ddk'fl, a. pertaining to a duka. 
Diuat dn)i'*t, n. a European ealu. 
DnohMl, diicb'^-B. n. wife of a duke ; 

Ihi«fc''duk.n.aH " "" ■ " 

Dnk dukt, n. tubecoi 
DnotlUi du^'til, n. eaai 

of being drawn into 

DtdgwD. doJ'iiD, f 

h proper. - 
; fee i perquii 

DmI dfl'el, «. combat between two| 
DulllBf , du'el-lng. n. practice of Agbt- 

DuIlBt dd'el-lst. n. one who Oglital 
Duoua, dd-en'(, a. ho old lady wbo 
acta as RHardlan to a younger. 

performera.' (teat, up. of abeaat-l 
Diii. duo, p.i. and p.p. o/ta dig.— n.» 
Dnka, dak. n. a nobleman of t£e hlKh- 

Dtkalm, dilk'dnm, n. imuk or terilto- 

PaiNt, dul'set, a. eweet; harmonlooa. 

r, mU^; toe. Inn; Odpr, 

Dnly, du'l 

Dunpiih, dump'lah. a.'low-eplrlteiL 
DamplijUt dnmp'liugi n. Idud of pai 
Dompf, diiiape, n-pL Iowdcbs of ipl 
Dun. domp'l. o. short »nd thick, 
tak.— ».' I'dun color -. na impocti 

Diu. dfl'O. 1. ■ song for twoToiwi; 

. . .o-deil-mal, a. comput 

by twelves; twelfth. 
_ adat, da-^>-de8'i-nia. a, bsvin; 
twslya leiiei to the sheet. —n. i 

Dnpa. dap. n. oue ensily deceived; one 

1. da'pll-fcjt, vl to doublB— 

Ld.— n. dnpliek'tioD. 
DnplWty, da-pU»'l-tl, b. doublenesi 

t. of t« tut. 
JarklBh.— n. IwUfglit 
s. dmrk: sloomy. 

Dwtr, doBt'l. a. Ilka duat; aprlaUed 

or ita people. — n. ue langiuRe o 
DMetBl, diile us. a. devoted (o duly 

jh:-n. ii 

DwhUt. dwiu'dl, T..V. to bi 

Dja, dl, B-i. to color:' stain 
Btaln ; coLoriDg snbatao 
drtinc: p.t and p.p. dytj 

Djtf, dl'er. n. one who dyee 

ing cloth, fee. 
Dye-stiin, dl'aluh. n.pL « 

Dyinj. dl'ing, jwM.p. of to i 

Djumig. Dynuiinl. dl-nsa 

DyiMty. dln'^-tl. dl'-, n. Hiicceasion 
of sDveraigiiB of one UmiLy.— a. ty- 

DyatBtary, dLe'nn-lec-1. n. dlseaae of 
the lower boweia — a. dyfantOT'ii, 

pep'sl, n. dlfdcnlt or Imperfect dl- 

Dyq^tiB.'dis-pep'lik, a. afflicted with, 
or perUlalug to. dyspcpala. — n. a 
dyspeptic person. 

, ». the fifth letter of the alphabet. 

Bfir. a'ger, a. keenly deairoua ; 

luLirl. n. 



reality: pledge. |«ruiru.i 

XuniBSi, irn'lDgi, what one tau| 

bttblT. «rtb1l, a, beloURlng 
BsrlSi : not BpirltnH : world 

Zuthiitkt. irth-kwak, i 


Eiir, i'zl, a. ftee rrom pdn or inxie- 

tf; not dincult; not ■tialt«ued.. 

Ei^ «t, D.I. u'r «.>. to cbo'w and am 

EtUUt it's-bi, a. fit to be «BleD.— i 

uylliiug UBed u food. 
Etta, Svi. B.pi. prtdecUng edges of 

EiTB-dronw, SvK'drop-er. n. one wt 
lliteua by etetlth to ptlvtts GonTS 

Bbt eb, 'v.i. to retire, u the tide; d 

EbMMt. eb'Ud, tt. the retiriDK tld& 
Ebtn. eb'^. a. bUck. Jlkeebony. 
Etonj, eb' n. * li>rd, heiv;, bhok 

KhirtT.'e-bri'e-ti. n. dnrntenDeu. 
Ehdll&ta, eb-ul-1iri>'uu. n. met o[ boU- 

EluntTle, eh-een'ti 
a. deviating rr< 

EhWmUii. Eedaiulia], ek-kle-il-ns'. 

lii'. 0., D.; t-Ua, n. 

i.fletecting: cbww-] 

Iti^M e-Uipe', H. obKunlloD of the 
light of s hesTenly bo^T: dtrkneH. 
-.(. to intercept the light ol; 

elogni, ek'loff. n. ■ putonl poem. 
MHomiM. -fn, e-koD'tt-mlz. v.t. to me 
frugslly.— r.i. to pnctUe econ 

II. Tto): levire. ebb. bte. mlk^; lc«. Ion: Odpr, ox. 


■moDT, e-koQ'p-iui. n, lUAuag^nieut; 

EUt, ed'l. B. ciroutar molion of w 
ter ; whirlpool.— a<. to move h i 
aa eddy. 

Bigi,eJ,n. border; brink: ihaniBldi 

ElfbE, ej'iou, n. » bonier; WngB. 
Edll-tHl, «J'tt>bl. n. • culting tool. 
ElgtwlM, ej'ols. ode. In the dliectic 

t^'i^X «. fit to b* «ten 
HM, S'cllli't. n"". Jecree; ™m™il. 

• IMRB \ 


ot irtBdom! "" " ""'"""' ■" I'ti^'n"] 
E4it oi'it, !■.(. to pnpora ror P"blto»-| 
moam. e-dlsh'an. n. nnmber of copies 

of m book pobliihed at one time. 
Httw, ed'l-lor. n. one wlio edlu ■ 

book at Jouruat. 
UUtrHL ed-l-tOTl-ii!. a. pertaining to 

ao ediior.— n. arUcle written b; tbe 

KtenU, ad'ja-Ut, n.t. to cultivate tbe 

mental powers at: ta train. 

tlonofthementaliwwe™; Iraluing; 

instcuotlnn.— a, tduatloiat. 
BdiM, cduB, T,.l. to leul or draw outi 

extract. — n. edBB'tioD. [pent. I 

Ed. «1, «. a fl«b In sbi^K like a »r-l 
E'en, au. a oautraction of ami. 

propnrly.—B. I. to 


thing: eervlneabie. — irit-'. ubbh«bi/. 
Ef«»<e>i. e[.fekt')ii-«l, a. pmdnclng en 

f. dbw; Oae. pjill, np; oU. outi I 

i,U»; get, let: klo. iln; chip. aKzh)ara. 


Ion, {Ir, add. iirm. tik, & 

t). hir. mAk^; Ice, ii 


EUclblt. el'lji-bl. a. fit to ba cbMen or 
decKd; wortUyot chgice— «. «11(1- 

ItailiHta. B-llni'l DAt, v.f. to put on( : 
ntuiiai ^trLdftf.—n.iliidD&'tioi. 

"-■ .U»h'uii.n.»ctof«triktDgo(r; 


D Invigorating po- 

plirue.—!^, (UifHi. 
XlUrtia. e-ltp'tik, a. oval: 


anStU, e-long'Bllt. v.i. ta make iDnc-l 

Bloantlra, *-lonB-g*'Bhmi, n, a langlb. 

eSlBff: eil«.i.i™ In ICDRlb. (ly.l 

"" S-»p'. B.I. tonumway priv»te-| 

' i-IAp'ment. n. necret da- 

unM. BlVtwena. ". be»Qty, 
recRth. anct fltuees ot speech, 
lurat, el'9-kwent, a. poaseaatiiff, or 
arkM by, cloquencfl; peraHBaLTe; 

ElEiUali, e-lu'Bl.dilt, d.1. tonwlisc 
explain.— n. tlaiildi'tioB, alnila't 
a. (li'oMatlta. ala'tidaUrj. 

EMa, e-lfld'. B.I. to avoid or « 
cimotngly: baffle. 

Elulaa. e-ld'aban. n. crafty eacapc ; 

Dnlaii, «-llzb'fiti. a. pertaining t 
EJjahiB, *-llib'um. b. in mythnliigi 

lauKk'nienl. n. 

Embargo. eni-bSr-ga. n.'prnbiblttou of 
ahlpa from leaving port. 

EmlHUk, em-bark'. ».(. (o put on I: 
■ ■hip; employ In any aflnir.—t 
go on boara a ihlp ; engage In 

EatukatlM. em.bEr kA'afaun, n. ■ 

ar'^, r 

o perpleii 

•m.Hj, em-ba', v.l. lo Inclosa in a be 
hBM. Embed'. SeelnM. 

ttir, em'bit'^r. Seelnbittar. 
Off.tftHW! a». pail, np! oU, out; lbla,lU: gat.Jeti kin. ala; chip, ai(ih)Di«. 

■M»™.em-l)lQi'on."-'. to rteck with 
BhoH'T colon; idoru vitb liersldlc 
liWz'pn-rl.n. diBptajl 
1, n. a BymboJlc ^- 

bodT : Include iu m body,— n. b 
ImnL II 

kboUan, em-bfild'ea. r.l, to m 

£lilhrMlt<, em'bro-kAt. 

- ■ im-biAUa'sl 

broldertug. [mental needle-work I 
EmkrgidtrT. em-brold'eri, n. onii-| 
Emkna em-broll', ti.i. to perplex: 

dnminto ■ quarrel.— n. embroilmnit. 
Eakry*. em'bri-O.n. radimBn(«i7 sUle 

annU, em'ff-flld.B 



Xmiftut, em 

-BTHt. . 

. to ce 


m'i-nentH. mis. id ■ higb 

iinplre — fem. cmpmi. 

Empbttie, -»1. em-ftt'Jk. -al, a. 
pressed uilb cnipluuiis ; Htroael]' 
■narked; iniprenBlve.— oJif. imjlirti- 
tallf. [emperor; sovereiguty. l 

EmpirioitB, em-pi r'1-BizDi, tt, kn 

edge or praclice fouuded on ei 

ence only; quackery. 
BnipltT, em pint, v,t. lo nea: eugage »t 

work.— B. on^mr. 
Empioymmt, em-plni'meut. n. act o( 

employiuj;: biisiuesB: occupatli 

place OS trade ; mart. 
Enpoww. em-pou'^r. v.i. lo give pi 

to; withorlte, 
EmprOH, eni'prea. n. female sovereign 

EHptj, em'H. a. containing uotliini;; 
wJlWit efiect; n.isiibBtantial.— B.(, 

teulB ol.—v.i. to dlacbvge Itii con- 

EmptSsMi. em'tl-nes. h. state of being 
empty; want of snbstaiice. 

Bmnrtln, em-pl-re>n ; -pir'i-aii, s. 
tbs bigbsBt beaven.— a. tmpTTML 

n, gsk, Hn, Tl^; Bfittre. ebb, her, mikfT: 


Emu, S'tnd. ». tha ^. 

o( epooutaglDg; that which eucour- 

EBidtte. em'yu-Ut, ^^^A 

S^^h. en-krdch'. ..{. to aelza gr«d- 

to ^° WPW 

o«lly on anolher'H Hght; inlruda; 

B^Km, em -rft-JS'. T\^_ 

BMmSTeD-knm'lfr. .,(. to Impede 

Bhun. «, Btlempt 1^^. 

to eqmJ; rivalry. s*J^&- 

clog: bnrden on an eBtata. 

BnnUfot. em'juJ*. -— »^^ 

«.. EnmlDBi, em'yi-luB, o, deslr- 

EuTBlual, en-Bik'li-k»l. a. aent to 

OUH to equal KiothHr; eDEiged In 

many perBona; circular, bb Blatter. 



Emnl^oii. e-mul'«huD, n. mtitupe of 

tblrd aubBtancE.-a. omiliin. 

tol'eud'n.eitreme point; dio.e; nl- 

fcubit. eu-i'bl. r.l. to make able. 

limata object : death.-r.i. lo bring 

Bunt. «n-akf , ».(. to put iuto KtiDni 

to an end.-..f . to come to an end : 

ostobllsh by law. 

iBtebHilt, en-akfmen t, ". pi»a?e of a 

btiofK, en^in'jpr. v.l. to pl«e in| 

bill into law; thBtwlilcbiaemioted. 

ZnlMT, an-dSr', v.t. to render dear. 

EiutL ea-am'el. n. bard, Rluay aab- 

BOinua prepared by melting: hard 

being dBarT'lbawSch a'itt"i3! 

coatlnB. aa of IhB tMtb.-B.i. to coat 


with on«neL oc anj bing like ™- 

Stimia. en-devpi, i,*. to attempt; 

nmel. love: cbarm.' 

Enanup, en-»m'flr. v.l. to inspire with, 

Endemit, en-deni'lk, a. peculiar lo a 

EDtunp, Bn-bLmp', B.t. to form into t. 



eiicAmplog: A Cfimp- 

Endltii, endlea, a. without end. 

EnMuUo, flu-kfla'tlk, a. dona by heat. 

bdoiiis en-d5rB', Seelndint. 

— n. painting in wbioh Itaa colore 

are fliea by lintt. 


EnitiaiL en-chin', v.i. to taien with. 

or aa with, a chain. [charm. 

Enehut, cn-nbsnf. «.(, to bewitch; 


BaOwtar. eu.chanl'?r, «. one »ho en- 

Endne, en-dn', Beelndnt [boma.l 

Endarablt, en-dcr'^bl, a. that may bc| 

c^ a , a m»e an,^^ J^'Jl^j^.^ti^J , 

Eadrdk, cn-B«r'kl. v.l. to iDcloea In a 

bdlra. en-dflf, v.i. to remain firm ; 

BiulM^'an-kiaz'. See'lnoloH. 

b6»i. ' [bOBtileforca or people.! 

Enumlut, eD-kO'ml-aat. n. one who 

Enamr, en'e-i&l, «. a fOe ; ad<eraary;| 

EiIitiiii«ii.en.kO'ml-nm, ». high 

pralso; panegyric.— n. HUDmiaat'ii. 

Sum. en'^r-ji, n. inherent power ; 

Kioomiaai. en-kam-p^a, ...1. to aur- 

round; incloie. 

EnirraU, e-u6r'.St. o.(- to deprive of 

Enggr^ i-i-kftr', Bn-k6r'. adv. again ; 

nerve or atrength ; enfeeble — n. 

mMYi'tion, l.nft.U«Dmt 

EnfMblt, eu-H'bl, .,(- to weaken.-ti. 

Ennmlar, en-koniflsr, r.i. lo meet ; 

Knfllid^ en-fi-lad', n, b file, or atralght 

oppose ! Join in combat, -n. a sud- 

line.- P.I. to rakawlth shot tbroogh 

den meeting! combat. 

the length of. 

EBMOrtft, Bu-knr'rf, ..< to Inspire 
wllb oonraga. or hope; ipcite. 

EafOna, au-fflra', v.l. to compel by 

force; put In force; urge — n. n- 

Mf.db»: oil, out; thin. 

(M; gel. Jet; kin. aln; chip. aa(ah)ara. 



bupplneu; gratliying poMeaaioii or 

Rbb; glvecittzen»ypio.— ».«Bftin- 


SW^ ™.gi^'. „.!. to bind; ^n for 

Biilugl, 'en-lirj'. v.L or e.i. to Increase 

become bonud; Ukepaxt; eDtecin- 

BJJ^hlS^ eu-^u' "'"t"lo"'l'?niBbt to; 

g^ngi slate ol being eng^ed; ob- 

IrJpart knowledge or deatnea lo.- 

llgUlon: conflict. 

Bnodii, ™.g4)'ing. a. winning; .t- 

Enlitt, I'n-llet'. v.i. to enter on a list; 

engage In public Krvicea; engage. 

EncnuUi, 'en.jBn'd?r, n.i. to beget j 

Into a cauae.— ». enliUmrat. 

BulM. eu'jlu, n. > muhlne: ■ome- 
ttalUK used to effect & turpose. 

EidlTtD, eu-IW'n, v.t. to put life into: 

clurge of an engine. 

Euitt/. en'Ril-ll.'n. llMtlll^ lioBtllltT. 
Gnioliit, en-iio'bl. v.t. to make noblo. 

EMiMB. en']l.n«r, n. one who bSE 
cSurgeof tbe conBlrucUon of mlU- 

Bnnu. K-nvre', n. wtuineaa from aatl- 

Ur; or i>ubUa workB : so engliie- 

drlyer. [engineer. 1 

EifbMiliig, eD-]l.D(r'lng, n. ut of »o 

bulkorflagrauc;; great nicked neas. 

Stgird, eu-g«rd'. e.l. to eucompsM ; 

Enoniitiia. e-uflr'mu., <,. beyond meas- 

^ScTrcle.-ji.t. .nd p.p. )iglid*4, 

ftSSS' Ing'glleb. a. pertaining to 
Eugtand or iw people.— n. tbe peo- 

Hcleiitlj.— n! a aiilBclency. 

ple or langu«(e o( Eiigliuid. 

Sa^nira, en-kwif. BeelnqolM. 

Signin. See Iigrila. 

Enmie. ea-griv, cf. nr v.i. to cut 

Snnii, en-raj'. tj. lo mi nith rage; 
Bniajtiira. m-rapfyur, r.l. to put in 

EMravit, engraver, ti. one wTio pr»c- 
Ubch eugnvlna. 

buioh. en-ricb', r.l. to make ricli i 

btrlTiiK. en-griVlng. n. .rt of cut- 

Smell. en-MI, r.I, to reglater; record. 

ttog deelgn* on metal, waod, fie; 

imppesalon Irom »n enffraved pUte, 

Eu»n«, eu-ak",ia', v.l, to abeltcc;] 

iBfMW. *n-gra«', t.(, lo aelie ot buy 

Emhtlll*, en-KhriTi', v.l. to place In n 

la large qoautlUeB : take ap tbe 

ebrini-, preserve wiOi afleetioii. 

*bole of: copj in > large band.-n. 

Enihroul, en-abrond', r.l. lo cover with 

nahroiid; wrap. 

fagidt en-guU'. B.l. to ewatlow ap in 

Ei^, en'»i», -Bin, n. a atludard: the 

EniigMj. eo'Bin-el, -sin-, n. ruik or 

• gulf. 

EOuHi. ei).bsna', v.t. to raUei 

Endara, enaliV, v.t. to make a alare 

beighten: Increue.— r.f. to bo rais- 

ed or iDcreued. 

Enm^en-sO',-.*. to come after; result. 

Banm. en-abObr. See Ininn. 

bICBV e-nlg'nift. n. > riddle ; mya- 

lery.—o. nigait'ii. uupiat'lul. 

part tbat reals on tbe ^p^C 

bjHi, en-Joln', r.l. to command; 

mini"""- r_ 


EstaU. en-tal', r.l. toeet- ^^=- 

Oo ao estate on a par- jsgi — 

Ucnlar kelr or series BE 

Bl5^^°e"ol"meuf,™''^«.ure ; 

otbeira.tobrlngon "=*■ 

Sw, air, add, arm, nak, Ul. vljl; B§T8re, ebb, hir, mak^r; Ice. inn; Mi^r. ox. 

Itugll. en-ung'gl, v.i. to bring into 
atauglfi; Involve; perplex; InaDftre. 
— n. mUilltBUli 

BtarjriM. eu't^r-prli'. n. a bold at- 
itUfriiiiic. en-tfT-pnz'liig, (LUlTeii' 
Ertntota.* en-l*i 

TOraed Id onlomolusy, 

rtonnlogy. en-tn-mol'^]l. ii_ sclencs 

lu'ie, mtiinlw'lMl. |el9.| 

lltnlli. en'tc^lz. -Uz, the bov-l 
iDtniiM, EU'tt^na. n. net of entering; 

plsce for entering. 
■-• ™-trftn»'. u.(. to pnl Into ■ 

IiKnM. ik-trl 

EsTtlgp. en-vel'op. »./. to cov 

wrajipiug; hide; Bumnind 


Bnnlof. en-yel'flp. EiiTiltr*, en'i 

Bnilni, eu'vi-oB, a. 

-, n.i>L m 

notinint of prosperity.—™. pBin 

Ipmlit, ep-4-let'. b, badge of milllir)' 
nr nevil rank won. ou (he ebou' ■- 
;f.eni'?r-»l, a. lastlug 

Ephsmarlt. ef' 
ical almuii 

Hebrew pi 

EplglotUl. ep 1- 
( _^dlSm 


) EfigniBinltiM, ep-l-giun'^tlBt. «. i 

l)rBln sccompaDied « 

yOofu, 'f 

EM^u. e 

p««nui<:« af CbrlBt to llie iiigl. 
tidwtiur. e-pti'to-M-ii. n. cburcl 

Ipfwpil, e-pls'liQ-p«l. 9. bcloiiglDg to 
or governed by. biahopB. 

diu, e-^i-k^pil'y^n. n. oii< 
beluDfi to tbs Eplgcupa 

Eriin»ti, e-pis'k(i-p«t, n. blsbopric 

Bplrtoluy, e-pla'lo-l£i-rt. b. pertaining 

to Lett«n ; cODBlatJPg 01 letCera. 
EflUpb. ep'l-t»f. n. an luscriptimi on 

Ejttkrt, ep'1-tbet. n. adlectlve loin«d 

Eplt«D>, e-plt'ff-mi, n, ibridgment. 

Xplttmut, EfiUmln, e-plt'^-mlz. v.l. to 

m^e in epitome of.— n. tfiUmiit 

riod or lime : date from wbiub in 

en ii reckoned. 
IniUt. i'kwt-bl. a. eqiud ud uiii- 

lorm.— adn. MmMi;— ". iiiiibil'ity. 
■tuL »^w»l, a. like in (lusntity or 

deerca; kdeqiute; nDiform.— n. ohb 

make eqiml to.— adv. ■qullf. 

■vwJftj, e-kwol'l-tt. n, qualilr of be- 
ing fquil; nnKormity, 

ItntilM. 9'kw^-iz, ■>.!. tu tnilio equal. 
— n. HoalliatltiL 

BqnaBiniltT. e-kw^nlm'l-li. n, eTon- 

IiaLtiDD. e-kwa'«bun. n. eipreasinn of 

tmMai. e-kwi'tflr, b. great oifcle of 
the globe, niidwiv betweeo tbs 
pales.— a. gfiiibi'rial. 

IfBfrrr. Bk'wf-rt. b. an officer having 

buttriu, ekive«'trl-»n. a. pertaln- 
lug to hoTnemsnetalp or riding.— n. 

a rider, [hsilDR eqnal ugleB.I 

bniugnlir, #-k«i.fenjr'gy£i-l4r, a.\ 
EtDlAtUal, S-kon-Hti'lfBt. a. equally 1 

.11.. — . Icqunl eldes.l 

,t, add. tarn. i/A, Ui, Tffl; lerlre. 

EliiUbdiim, e-kwI-Ub'rt-um. n. equali- 
ty or weight or force; eienneaa of 

EqalBi. S'kwln, a. pertaining to bOTKa. 
EquiiuofcUL A.kwi.nok'Hb^, a. perlatu- 

cirde correBponding to tbe equator. 
Kfiduu, A'kwi'Uoka, n. time wben tbe 

and nlgbt are equal. 
Enip, e-kKlp', s.i. to dreaa; fUimlBb; 

Btiiimt> ek'^-pgj.n. carriage andat- 

teudanta, kc: equipment. 
Eiilpgiii, a'kwi-polE, n. equality of 

anqe. [powerftil.j 

Sfiipolluit. S-kwI-pollenl. a. cquallji| 
Eguipondtiut, «-kwi-poii'd^rant, a. 

equal In wolgbt.— n. HiipmduaBN^ 
Eaoity, ek'wi-ti, n. Jnatioe; ikimeaa. 

-:a. tHttaUi : — odt. avilUUj; — iL 


EimTalnt, e-kwlT't-lent, a. equal In 
tblng equal Id value, Ao.-~ii. «t^*- 

BtniTMil. e kwlv' 
ocallj ; — n. flfoii 

"douhtfiii or amblguoui language. — 
". atdnwa'tlan. 
Eqainatar. e-kwlT-Q-kl'Ipr. n, ooe 

BinlTOiit, -Toka, ek'wl'vok. n.apbraae 

place where aomethlng baa boen 
erased. [pffp- before.l 
En. sr. ail». before; eooner tban | 

Brawbila, ar-wbll'. odciome time t 

IlitM, ir'gflt, B. grain affected hj 
pinailic fODgua : ■ drug prepar 

I. hir, mUfr; m, lUD; eitfr. t 


fcMilM, to'mlll, n. _jj. J 

bwt, e^nerf. rj. to •ttend la ■ 


Bwiitain^ e*kri-t-Or. n. ■ «rilii>«. 

bd^ e*'k:rD-l«it. a. fit for food. 

EHBtOaH, (*kneh'(m.«.^ield be«- 

Sitii^ e-iSd', v.t. to ' '^'^p--^ 

sii&k.™^^™! a. known, or 

tiDgbt, only lo a few.-jdr. iiiUrf. 

ErMk, er-at'lk. a. p«rtalDlDg to, ot 

•aDj. Ifrult-treea are (rained. 

trwtlne or, love. [mlsUke. 1 

EotOA <«-p«bV, "■ particular: pe- 

Bn, Jr. v.i. to wander; go wtny;| 

onllar; dlBtlngui.lie<l--fldp, Mf.- 

Smni er'fnd, n. a meuiee ; com- 

HaUT. lll»™ploj-iD™«,. 

bntio, er-it'lb. a. wuderiDg; devl- 


before a forlreaa ; open ip^H for 

driving, be. 

Bnatsn^ er-atmn, n. error hi writing 
or printing— pf.mritt 

InmmL e«-poui'»l. n, «t of e.poo*- 
fngT^n pi. betrothal or nuirrl^. 

SlflBH. es-pouz'. V.I. to give lu mar- 

orrieht: mlatako;'M- 

riage; marry; betroth: embrace, u 

Wi;--Hti.. an-miailj. 

Int, 6«t. ad„. M flrat; formerly. 

E«r,e8-pV..,(.to«py: oaten algbt of. 

IruUtg. er-nk'tit, T.,i. to dlsctarge 
wdnd rion. Ihe itomaoh; heluli.-n. 

Ei^ ea.kwlr'. n. aiiendant on a 
kuigbt: title of reapect. 


IiHT bmS', v.t. to »t(«inpt ; nuke 

BniAe. or'yn-dit, a. iBBmsd. 

Eaay ea'ai. '■.atrial: brief Ireatiae. 

up. to literature. 

Ewyk. es'aa-lBt. n. writer of eBaaya. 

XrsptiBi, e-rup'Bbua. n. a breaking 

EiaenM, ea'euB, n. iieceBBary qualitlea: 


KraptiT^ e-rapt'lT, a. causing, or at.| 

Eiaantlal. ee.ieu'ibsl. a. neceasary to 


existence: i]idlapenBahle ; conUlii- 
ing the eBBonce: volatile and odor- 

ona, aB oil-^. anything eaaentKl. 

"^l^ClSd^.-B. » e'St^oMbj 

Eli.!!tiX!'^e"-'«n'»l'»l-l- <"*"- 1" the 


&np4 OB-klp', v.t. to evade: elude; 
Bhun bj eight.— v.i. to gain aafety 

Zrtabliih, 'es-isb'liah, v.t. to aetUo; 
make Arm; found. 

byfligbt: bo left unharmed. —a. SCI 

of eela'b"eliing ; that which is ea- 

ol Seeing tTom : avoidance of harm. 

propriety ol condnct. 

Srt^''e'"tit'.«.cS.dlUon; property. 

n. part dt it tlmB-piece %ii^ 

iTiSt hi;S55''of!'ii°(^!l^?e 51^: 

loo. (valued; worthy of eeteem. 
BrtimaW., U-tl-ni^bl, a. that may be| 

(UI*othe ilate, 4o.', tor ^W<~w^ 

bt)>at<, eB'ti-roat, .,(. lo Bet a value 

forfeiture.— n, propertr ao turfeltod. 

Ittdaat*. es'tl-i»t. i^ a valuing; Jndg- 

XmIuw, eB-ehaS', «.(. to .bun; avoid. 

mentofvalue. cost, ftc. 

SmhU. ee'kttrt. n. an atleudant ; a 

Brtimatm. eB.ti-mS'8but., n. ■ vain. 


lag: eateem. 

«r,dbH.; flw.pUl, up;oU, ont;Uiin.IWi:Bet.ieti*lD.«n: ohlp. «WBh)uro. 


it'yii-s-ri, n 

XUdnf. ech'iBg, n. ut of enKTi 

■n frnprenjon from it. 
»OTil, e-tii-Hei. o. everlMling; i 

IbmltT, *-l*r'iil-t1. B.'enrlleBH d 
Utn, e'tlier. n. A flnld medtiim 

e-CbSr'jBl-ii. t.t. to coDvei 
»ucr: render spirit- like. 
EUdnL eth'ik, -si. a. i-elatlD 
lurslB or duty.— ckJk. itUnUy. 

■ttiiiie Bthsisil. e 

itk, -»1, n. per- 

tbe beBtben. 
ItkBOgnfhT. eth-nofrs-B, n. (tconnt 


men — a. (thBOltg'l^. 

moay: siidHl rules, 

Btjmrioclit, et-i-mot'9-jiit, n. one 
Teni«a la etymulngy. 

ByittiUfT- et-f-mol'p-jl. n. fleri™ilDn 
or wordi.— a. ttmtloc'lMl. 

luluriit, a'kar-lBt, n. tbe Lord's Sup- 
per.— o. nAtrirt'la. for eitolB.i 

tnbllrt, fl'l^Jlal. n. one wto prmlaeB| 

JhliflM, -iM, n'lfl-]lB. v.t. tu pnlBB ; 
coniinend i eitol, 

Xilwlnm, fl-»'Jum. -]l-iim. Eologr, 
fl'l^Jl. n. hlEli or studied pmlss; > 

•sslon (nr Boinetliltig 

1. n. ngreHible sound. 

Enicilis, Etu|>U»1, «-vsii-jel'lk, -al, 
0. ptitalDlDK u> tl>« Ooepet; rnnln- 

iringeliit. e-vm 

esope: subtsrAiee. 

maain. ' ' iof tho ii«y. j 

BtOL XtmiIiic. ei'n, -log. n. the oIdm 
Irrat, e-viiT', n- thil whltdi bappenB; 

Biir, cv'fr. adr- bIwbjs; 

Erarilidt. eVer-glad, n. 

Imd cavered nitli gru 

btmtn, ev 

liH. (Ir, add, irm, «sk. i 

I; se^jre. «bb, bir, mU^; I 


Srbm, B-Tlus', o.l. lo Bhow clearly; 

EiMpt, ck-sept', v.E. to tako or letve 

out; eiclodo v.i. to object.— prep, 

eicludiug, but. ^^ 

ȣ^M<. >-vto'fr-at. =,(. to Uke out 

the bowels of.-n. (Tii««ntl*l. 

Inkt; e-iOk', «,(. to caU fortli. 

Ivotatim, e'-o-la'Bhon, n. act o( un- 

Ireln. e-voW, e.(. to uotoid ; dli- 

Biw'FtwSkLek-Kp'abun-^, a. forming 

Bwtr. i'^r- n- » lafge '«' ttp^y 

Einss, ek-aee', n. too much of an,- 

tflc-pitchar. *W 

thing ; Intemperaaco ; that wUkli 

Eiuertath effz.a.V-l'St. (Fl 

u.l. lo imbitter ; reiiikr U & 

EuHlTi, ek-scB'lv. a. lo excess; be- 
yond tbe proper degree 1 Immoder- 

l>'Un. Vliib 

but aes-ilit'- «■ precise; ^^^ 

ilo^-a<i„.'U«!„|J;-;. „>,^^ 

uutlr:— •>' tngtBMi. — >.<. to dc 

Eitha^ge, ekB-chSuJ'. v.l. to give or 

msiidi compel: eitort.— n. (laiUoc. 

Euitw, egz-ikt^f- n ™e '"bo eiacta. 

Inuents. egz-^j'^r-it. r.(. to ni»a- 
nfl, undulj; loo strong. 

place wbcre merohantH meet. 

ly.-v.i. lo use MKBgerilloi., 
EU(Eer«tion, egiAler-d'sbiiu. n- "P- 


Euhttair. eka-chek'?p. n. an English 
court tUal baa cbsrge of tbe reys- 

lislt. egz ilt', c.(. to lift blgUi elite; 

InlMd! eg! Mt'ed. a- bigbi eminent. 

EuIk' ek-Bli', n. duty on home corn- 
modi lies, -«.<, lo lay excise on. 

EnUtUoii. egi-tl-U'stiun. n. set oCei- 


BldMoai, ek-elJ'n^u, f.. officer who 

Sismi»tloi>. egz-sni.ln-a'ebun. n- act 

coUeclfl the etcise. (oul.l 

of Invstlgsdng : Bcarubi Inspec- 

Eiijlioii. ek-sUb'ua. «. set of cuftlng 

tion: trial. 

tumms. egi-am'ln, v.L to ee.reh; 
scnitlnlie; inquire Into; quattiou. 


BuBlUT. egs-am' n. one who «■ 

dtiug. [tr; mose; Irrltale.j 

belts, ek-slf. I..I. >■• -^1 into ectlvi- 

liuifk. eei-am'pl. ». a pallem ; in- 

Eudt«nieut.ek-slt'meut. n. act ot eW 

euiice: warnluj,. 

Eiaipmte, egi-ae'p^r-at. b.(. to make 

EuUllB, eki-klem'. r.l. lo cry out. 

BnaisU. eks'k^val. v.!. to hollow out. 

tlou— d. eielsm'iMrr. 

KnaT^iiii. ekTka-vaVbuo. n. set of 

Bulndt, eke-kldbd', v.L to shut out; 

eicavBliug 1 Pisco dug or hollowed 


oat. (surpass j 
EKHd, sk.sid'. v.t. to go bejoh'i ;l 

or putting nut eicfnllou. 

EMBEuly. ek.BSd'luff.)l, a.b'. to a 
grest aegrse: e»lri>niely. 

Biolul^e. eks-Ultflj'siv. a. excluding; 

Bus],', E.(. or i...-, lo eurpsss: 


ciicluslon ol others solely. 

InelliBt. ek'eel-evt. a. havinn gimt 


worth; ot superior qualltrormerit. 

Ewgltate. eks-koj-l tat. i..(. to think 

-ad>. attOttOij-.-n. iiolltKL 

or reason out.-n. ONlHttiML 

WiftKe; a»e,p4ll.up; oil, out-. tbin.ttSi g«t.J»ti kin. Hu: obip. az(ih)iiM. | 


froiii»oh»rg(. . . 

pi'liim;— a. utal'MlMJ. 
:itiutini. Bk«-kur-Btinu, n. an tipedi- 

tioni lamble; digreaaion; pleuure 

SmuUa, ekB-kSi'a-bi, a. tb&t mty lie 

~inH, flk«-kfl2', c.t. to free from blame 

nlfonlt; forgive; releua: ipolagUe 

foe; JHBtinr- 

nniM, eka-kOs', n. that wblcb ei- 

IMttUa. ok»'e-tt^bl. a. delealable; 
kcouiaed. — adr>, lUinblj. [hor, | 
»>ni> eks'e-kret. it.(. to curae; all-] 
eki^kra'abiyi, n. *at of 

'frkW, t.i. lo carry Into et- 
iplets; puttodcothbylavr, 
mtiroi, eka-e-ka'abun. n. perfono- 
Ks; completloD; oarrying outalO' 
ilBeoteDca; death byorder of law. 
ntinui, ek9*ka'>hun-«. n. one 
bo InOJcU capllal punlBlimeHt. 
lattrt, egzek'yCi-tlv. a. tbat «te- 

la or kutburlty tbat eiecnte* tbe 

ilnte'd to curry out i w\^—fiin.%- 
««rt«T, egj-ek') B-tfl-rl, a, eieont- 

ZuentiinL ek 
ZiHiita, <>ka% 


Exenpiar^ agi-stn 

■ ' — T, egZ'SB 

tor, or "tottby of, ImilMiOD ; eom- 
KumTlifr. egs-em'pli-fl, r.l. to illua- 

Immuul'iJ ftoni.^ not ll^ls™; 
releaa^d.-n. one wbn la uot liable 
10 duty. — 11, uimjtim. 
Enqiiaa, eka'e-kwlz. Amerel cer- 

EiarnM, rkB'ec-Mz, n.l. to ubs; prao- 
tioe; tninbypncUce.— i.i. totake 

Inrtki. e«z-6r^un, n. a bringing 




Zihautioii, 1 

Exhibit, eka-blb'it 




[vlBO: nrgeatrongly.! 
?Bi-Wt', eka-bort'. o.f. lo tc-\ 

, n. tibamitiDn. f 

Kiliui,eka-l)(liu'. c.f.todlgup; dla-| 
Exixmoa, Siinnsj. ekt'l-Jeiia, -i. n. 

Eiiit, egi-lat'. r.i. to bi 

XilatmH, egz-tat'ena, 

anything tbat eiiata. 


LI. Tl^; B^vfite, ebbi hAr, mftk^; Ice, iim; GA^Tt OK» 

Ingl pueage o 

BeCDDd bnok of the Old Tee 

from chirge or obllgitLoii.- 

EurUtut, egz-Si"): 

llMTriM, Bki'or-rti. v.t. to"«iinimou t 
eipf]bywlJiir*Uan,>B«u svjiapirl 

biauiUa, BkB-p»uB'lbl 
De aiptnaed — n. ufi 


■mtltt*. eksm'sbl-Kt. -Bl- 
ringa >t lutie; ti»t of an; 
leogih or dlHaBely. — n. uj 

IiuMito, fki-pt'tii-tt. c.t. I 

Eiiitriitigii. elH-pA-trl-i'ihii 
iQMt. ek9-p«kt', r.l. tolDDl 
BMrtugT,_<ik>-pekt>ii'«l. Ii 

tbal wMcb !■ eipecud; 

Won: ptoapect. 
EnMUst ek»-pAkl'«ut, a. ei 

looking for.— n. one who ei 
XifHttnet, EkB-pek'ti^rsut, 

•: Shi, pUI. upi oU, out: tbU, 

prooiDte; ndYlaitble; JndldDnB.—n 

lipalita, rka'pe^ail, v.i. to rendei 

BiHditJon, eki-pe-dish'un. n, speed ; 
deapatcL; & voyage or Journey. 
,__ .... _. -^-B.ji^diah'ua. a- rapid; 


oipeudlDg; that wbltrb ia 


IlvUll, eka-pUn'. n.l. to make plalnl 

KiplautiKi, eks-plft-ni'absD, a. act of 
eiplalDlDg: Interpretaticiu; mntual 
nnderaUndtug.— a. uiIaD'atary. 

Eiplatin. eka'ple-tlv, n. word naed for 
ornament, or to Ml a Bpaee. 

lipUnUa. eka'pU-k^-bl, a. that may be 

Exfliutt, eka'pll-kat. v.t. to nufold ; 

aipUntlj:— n. uflitit- 

ijlirit eki-E 

Kniod*, eka-piad', i>.l. to bring luto 
— loaloD — 0,*. to bant or eipaad 


txfiOt, eto-iJoif . n. ■ notable or he- 

treme,-adr. «i,iiWWt.-=. « d.lo- 

roic deed. , 
fajlon. eki-plar-. «.(. to .eiroh tbSr- 

ty person; top. [ing.l 
XlUn', eks'tant. a. eilstiDg; remaln- 

ExUmpoK, eks-wm'pfl-ti, <•<!„. or a. 

X^dn, eki-pl^nn, n. act of ei- 
^^di^: ■uddcDbnrst or expulsion 

wltliont preparalUiu : off-hand.—o. 

'SE*p.-.trjsi-'' •■'■ - 

with nolw.-a. attnin. 

■xHunt, eka-pfi'neat, n. one who, or 
fiwt wiiicli. eipnuadi or sets Ibrtb: 

Etttml, eka-tend', t>.t. to stretch out ; 
enlarge ; beatov.— P.t, to stretch ; 

in algrbra. Ibe Indei ot ■ power. 


ElHrt, eka-part', r.l. lo traneport 
from s couutry. u goods— n. ttfOf 

fiilauiUe, eks.ten'sl-bl. a. that may 

beeiteude,l.-n. utoulHl'ltr. 

Kiteniion, eka-tcn'shuu. n. act ot ei- 


Si|*rt. eks'pBrt, b. »o( of exporting , 

tion; qnalily o( rwcupying space. 

Xifgrtar, eks-port'^r, n. one who ei- 

EKouivi, eka-ten'slv. a. wide; large; 

B^'eka-pto'. tt.<. to toy bsre; de- 

Extent, eka-tent'. n. apace: compaaa. 

prive of cover or ibelUr; piKe lu 

BxUBBStt, eks-teD')A-iil. «-'- to lessen; 

Eqii«ti«, eks-M-iish'un. n sctotei- 
po-ing; eiblbiUoi.: wt of eipound- 

Kiterior, BM-tyrl-flr, a. outward: for- 

eign.— n. oulslde; outward sppear- 

Cifultgn eks-pozi-t^'-Tl.' a. «ervlnB 

Brt«i^"efcs-lAr'n»l. o. ootlsrd; ap- 

Xxtenali', eks-tSr'DflE. ontward 


parts; oulwsrd forma or sppearancB. 

SMatt, ekBtingkt', a, put out: no 

ing : gtots ot beluR eipoaed ; dls- 

longer exletlng: dead— n. tttiaf- 

s^.Ttai^'ft""" *" " """"^ " 

IjgiL [quench: destroy.! 

Exmn, Bkt-prei', »,1. to preHs out : 

JitlrpsU. eke-«r'pi(, o.l. lo root out; 

Tepment by IlkeRFsa or words^ 

destroy toUlly.-n. otiiftlign. 

mske kn-xru.— a. directly staled: 

Iilal, eks-lol', t.l. to praise ; exalt In 


Extort, ek.-tOrf, „.L to wreat ; ob- 

EKer&ii, eks-t6r-sh»n, a. act ot ex- 

onl: r»prei»utalioti : iitleraiice of 

ed by extortion : oppresalve. 

thoiiBht or tfelioK; plirase: look. 

BrtwtianH. eke-lor'-huofr, n. ooe 

liprHSire. eks-pres'iv. a. secvlug to 

Extra, eks'irn, a. additional ; more 

b^lSl'^fi-pi.V.h™. n. act ot e.. 
pelllDg — n. <i|n>iBlva, Fefhce.l 

th^ cnxtoiIUry. 
Extraet, eko-lmkt'. r.l. to dmw ont: 
aelpct: toki> out. 

Elpunts, els.pnr'Bst^ b.(. to pnrge: 

Eltrirt, eks'-rakt, n. anything drmwn 
tron, s anbstance. as by he-t, »c.: 
passage taken from a book or wMt- 

ty; highly rettnedj dainty? o<- 

drawlng ont: lineage. 

ioe, 9lt, add. Krm. gdi. Ul. vl»l; ser*™. ebb, b6r, mU^; Its. loni eagr. ox, | 


Bitn-jiluUl, Eka-i 

Eitotreuta, nl 


■tr(.k»:bl, •• 

btrlMt*. eka 


tliroiixb pores or Hpertnrea.— c.i. to 
now out lliroimh poren, Ac, 
Exult, egi-ult', n.(. to rsjoloa gre»tlj: 

ETabtU, I'M], n. ball of the a; 
Eribmr. Vbron, n. »r-'- -- ■- 

Erdalh. I'luh. n. bal 
Erdoi, I'Jee, a. witbn 
Bralit, i-let, B. hole f. 

AIT, dbm; Bae. pAll, n 

thB edge orl 


Sja-Hrrut, I'»*r-v»nt. n. aei 

—1. ijtumiti. (viow.l 

EyMicht. I'Blt. n. "iBbl^of lbs eye;| 

Sra-tooUi, ['tdbtb, n 
Ep-wiMtw, I'nit-u< 
Epic, E71T. a'ri. n. 

ilace wben birda 

f, er, tt 

ribla, a 

b letter of the EngUab 

FalillUat, fh-yb llat, n. one wbo JDveat 

FtbDlm, tab'jQ'lua, a. riilltlaiis 

false; tncredlble.^odn. &tilMilT. 
r.|rta, fS-akrl', n. ftont of • bmldini!. 
Fug. na. n. front oC BDytbtnR: ran 

f Hwt, lu'et. n. B amall anrfice. 
PanUiiu, faBS'BbuB, o. wittvi Jocnaa. 
rwili. fi«'J, <■. e»8y ID be done: yield- 
ioB. leBgy.l 

raoilitlK. fflBlI'ltit, ».f. to reoderl 
Fm1%, fg "il'iti, n. eaae: cumeaH; 

ovpnf reality 

r»«tM, fak'tflr, i>. B 

i: get.Jet; Mo, ila; chlp.a 

FuMtoiii. ill 
runltr, fn) 

Flg-md, feg'-end'. ti. looBS end ot »Dr 

thlag: refuse: end. [bnralng. 

jMOt ftg-flt, n. bundle of BtiekB for 

fin. ttl. ".(, to Id] short; give out 

nilut,'fBl';nr,n.aGtorfBl)lTig: DiDii- 
■ion: want; decay: bMikruptoy. 
^ Ha. a. glul ; eager : Incltned : 

r^t. tint, a. kbA: feeHle: Indlgimct; 

to become 'weak: swoon.-<uJ«. tlfnV 
Iri^n. ftlBtDMa. 
P»&, far, a. clear: (^*e fWim blcmlBb : 
'eaullful; nghtcolored : proaper- 
□ H; eqult^le; pleaalng,— trtfn- fair- 
r;— n, falnwM,— 1. a Blated matket. 
— tht fcir. the female bpi. 
r«lir. lar'f, n. au BIT; Binatl aupernat- 
ntal Being a. of. or pertaining to, 

, tith. B, belief; confldenoe ; 
Elity: pllkhted word or bonor. 

p.l. hlL— I 
Ml, ^1, n. a 

raUan. hl'aal, n. deceptive appeal 

r(Uai.iai'u.p;>.af tolUl. 

Fallikit, nil'i'bl, a. liable Co error.— 

PtUtw, fal'd, a. plongbed and left n 


rdwU,' Pa]i»Ud."ha'kit, -ed. (proi 

aniBHiTBn t 

Nconrr, R' 
Wud'fowt: 1 


PalMbosl. fllB'iidd, FalsltT. aial-tl. n. 

lie. [above Ita natural' compaaa.! 
rallrttB, f»l-aeI'W, n. range ol voice 
TaWft-, fils'l.f i, •,.!. to make, or proTB 

to 6e. falee: counterfeit; break, aa 

H promise.— n. falliSna'tioB. 
T»lt«. fil't^. '.i- to totter; heelUte 

fai»«.fam. B. public report: reuown:| 
Fuwt, famd. a, baving bme ; re- 

iarl7. — *<. an Intimate acqoalntaDce; 

famlUuiM, -iw, fs mil'jar-li, e,i. to 

raniliaiitr, fa-niil-1-ar'l-U. n. itate of 

lamllr, fam'l.ll,' n. hoOBehold ; de^ 

claBB. [<rffood.i 

Itaita, tua'iD, n. bnoger: scarcityi 
ramiih, ftm'lah, v.l. to kill by hunger: 


e. (li. add, Strii. nak. U1, vlf I: agrfre, ebb, btr. mlk^r; Ice. Iiuii Sdpr, ox. 

wianowiDg gndo, fee- 

■•. Ttntini. b-nat'lk, -al, a. ei- 
iguit and enttiiiHiulic. up. to 
Itina.— n. hait'iDiiia.— n. ui ei- 
itgu-t eiitbusiut. 
4il, ten'>i-lil1, a. nbouiidlpa In 
ij: in»ginaliv«^ (ApridouB, 
', lan'al. n, InugiDatEou: i^prica; 
ion: liking o. pl««lug. or cre- 

: b« plaioed vLth. 

c anf . fan^h n. tootli of « beiat of pre^ 

Vu<ai, ADBd, a. bavins ttagt. 
rantutk FutuUnl. ria-tu'tik, -al, 

awtng, UiB . 
-a. fkiUonablj. 

a. accnTdJiLg 

Jwt, (»«t, a. flrm; fliod; rapid: quick. 

_a^u, flrraly: Bwiftjy. 

Flat, Vt. r.i. to abBtaln tn 

n.BHtiuenoefrorafood: d 

lo^ ^ Iflralj,-...;. to 

t. to make ii 

hardtoplMSB.— a 

tidUmily: — n. fuUdisniuia. 
'Mtutu, Iffil'Dix, n. atato ol 

1 I rtUI. K-t^l. . 
TkUlitj. '^-tal 

1,— adn. fataUT. 
''; morlallty. 


!t for. 

If aharliiB the pTocwads. aa 

Punar, fUrm'er. n. one who cu 

abarfi of Uifl proceeds. 
t, Krm'lng. n. agrlculti 

Turinj, far-i-^r 

[tn bring for tb pigs 

TlM. li'led, a. decreed bj ftte. 
■ Patlur. Wlh^T. n. a male parent : 

cBHtor : originator ; early w 1 1 

of the CbuKh: fltat Feraea of 

Trinity— B.(. to adopt. 
TatharbHl, ftCUf r-bfid. n. aUte o 

rathir-ln-taw, tS'U«r-ln-l&. n. (a 

Fatktriaul ffi'MfF-land, n. lam 

rathariau, iB'Oier-leB, o, bnving ni 

Pathwly. fiU*'?r-TI. a. of. or like, i 

tbi>r; Mtemal. 

n. tbat a 

P»U(M, fs-t*g', n-. wearlu 
f atnaaa, fat'oea, n. etate i 

6tt. ijbie: flae. pAll, np^ c 

n. Mi; get. Jet; kin. alo! cbip. az(tb)ure. 

dnwlQg off liqiildB, 
hilt, ail. n. foiUiig ; t 

nllght otKncs. 


ou»; dcfcotlve; gnUtyof 
Tinst, llD'fl. ti. nil the uilmals ofuijr 

region or period. 
r»vi)r, fa'ior. n. kind rerard ; good 

«Ui-. utotklndn«u.-v.l.tobeweU 

disposed to; treat with iadulgcuce; 

afford advButage tu. 
FinnUt, fg'vQr-a-bi, a. Incllued to 

Snor; propltLouB; BdvMUieeous.— 

ad„. tkmMj. 
hTOtItt, fa'Tpr-it, n. pereon or thing 

flepecially nvored or preferred. — a. 

~ ■'■ Kith'sprvility, 

'jl-ti, B. ioyaily or adelily tc 

fwT. rir. n, *larm ; kppreheiialon ol 

regard or expee*. wltb fear; dread: 
^le afraid. 

fril r, 

tuU o( fea 


-ad:,, harl. 



-, ah" 










: part 

Ftlmiatr. feb' 
remleal. fell'. 

ThqbI fek'iiai 

ftemiiltj, f^'ln 
Ftdaral, (bd'^r. 

A take food : derive 

tbe touch. 

?«^ai,™'ing, n^'^uliieb; aennlbfllty; 
emoUOD.— a.mllofBonsibi"— - - 
der.-odr. hilinElT. 

FmI, (81, pi. of IMi [connlerfcit-l 

Fufn, tin. «.l, or o.<. to pretend ;| 
ftiiit. fnnt. R. fUse ebow ; pretence 

rdidtala. te lii 

oua: bappilj appropriate- 
Ibwdr. |ll8l>t.| 

-T, fe-ii»'i-tl. «• bappineae; de-| 

TalMt. 131in. -Hn. a. perlaining t 

Jdlw, fel'o. FtUj, ft 
Illlo», fel'O. ". an 

Ai»,gir, add, tirm, (gk. lU. vl«l-. igTire, 


Bily: membnrolABUieutmciDcie 
person. [tb 

'(lltw-fiiling, feVa-[i\-log. n. Bymi 
'lUfwIhip, fel'd-Bblp, n. Irlendly ae 

paiurul BwelJiDg i 
^ nwtiOD of th« peri 

d b^r Inauu' 
■lu or capLtal 

'm. (PO. n. a m»rah: bog — n. hii»T. 

F^Jcr. !..(. to invest mtU the tee 

land— n. tuffiomt. 
nrmnt, fifmeat. n. agltatioa: y« 

Ptram^ (^r-meuf, n.i. to agitate; ( 

agitated : to undeivo cbsngo. «l 

1. hroeiiiiuly;— 1- fttodty, fito- 

FtcryaaB, (er'i ni(,n. n. ona wh 

taWt, fii'lil. a. frultiuh prod 
— n. ftrtjl-ity. (I 

Punlt, fcr'il. -fll. n. rod used H 

Fmint, r*c'veut,'a.warm; ar. 
aila. l^mitl;:— n. tamuj. 

'&j galetf 1 


rto. fat. «t 

a horse's 1 

T(ut fad, n, fiunilj qiiarwl ; conti'S-| 
Jindal. fd'd^, a. pertaliilng to flefa, 

'trmih, ra'ver-lBh. a. aliglitiv fever- 
ed; tDdii'Ating fever. 
'bw, fd, a, not many^ — n. bwiuBL 

Fibnnu, t 


FifkU, Hk 

pisy tbe & 
naUti. fid'lt 
nadity, fl-<i< 

altji =™> 
Fidtrt, aytt. 

one who pisys the 
n.fUthfuliKss; loy- 

. ridadtrr, bia'- 

eDOtiog dlBlvprovil i 

Tij. (I, inl. 

Tht »f. n. l«nd held of m superl. 

ndl Rid, n. opea gronnd; ind 

forictloii; eipuiM. ' 
ndl-4iT. »l<i'~d., fi. dif fbr ins 

tlon in field' eierdBCB, 
IWi-BurdM, R1d-eta'fr-8li. n. 

tmry eierdae In the field. 
ndl'UUBhil, »ld'-Dii>r ihfl, n. » 

n, one who playa tl 

rig, flg.ti.a 

FignntlMi. Stg-yt 
Kjpntiit, fls'yu 

Figan, flg'yor. n. 


«rt.t'n flV 
'iug figure, I 

niuuni, ai'^-meM. n. ■ elei 

thread.— a. Dlugnt'im. [hasel.! 

Filch, Blch, n.t. to steal: pilfer. 

or smooth " 
m. m, n,wi 

mill, fil-ysl. 
coming, Tbe ] 

n^'ai'i-st. 1 

FDiatini. ai-i-S'i 
TUigm, oi'l-gr 
liWi. H'llngT, 

. pertdalDg lo, o 

film*: — n. Usiiiia 
wttb • fllm. 

II. tifl: «Evnre. ebb. btr. niU«r: I 

fltUr.-~r>.i. to pww tbrougb. 
tbron)[li» filter, 
mth. fllth, n. Ctaal which deflte*; 

Kthy, fllth'i. a. dirty; foul: obau 

FiltnU, fll'trSt, n. the Uqnid flltei 

nori. fi'n'»],a,enfllng: Teolalve; j 
Umiug t^ Ki end.-ado, lliilUy. 

Knd. (Ind, e,(. 

reflne. flmpone i flne upon. I 

bu. fin, n. psnaltj in monej.— f.I. to| 

or perform on with the fingers. 
rioCir- boul, flog'gtjr-Wrd, n. key- 

Baiirlni, flug'g^r-lag, n. act nr man. 

h?r ^ionoblng with tho tlpgen, 
Bnioil. Bn'i ma. a. aflfectedly nice or 

pcectse.^ndit. InJMlly. 

^^, lln'leh, r.l. \o eud; couclnAe^ 

lisny, fln'l, a. fixralshed with flm, 
Kerifyflrd. n. See Ijorl 

barolDg; flame; anything bi 
to act DU Are; dischnrgp: Bi 

Firelusi, fir'di 

noflan, fir'plla. n. place far the Bre: 
ril»-^llg. fir'p'og. n. aiacharge-pipfl 

n. Bide of Uie 1 

rinwugm, i &■ "ud, R. wood for fuel. 
Bn-worki, rir'wurta. jirepHOi- 

tlons of guDpowdEr. kc, Sred fot 

pnrpoqci of diaplay- 
KrUn, tir'kin, n. measure eqnal to tb( 

qnarter of a l>arrel : smaU tub ot 

Tfrm, ikria, a^ fired; solid; compact; 

Urn, firm. R, title ofabuaiUBMboiua; 

PiimuuBt, f6rm'?-ment. h. the aky. 
rinl, ftrat, n, earlleal : foremoit; 

chief.— odD. before the rtet. 
Firrtlist, lirsl'Ung, n, flret offHprlni 

nnt-nt«, Krat'rit. a. ol be heal 

Tdlur. Piiliirmaii. 

niJury, flab'^rl. 

to catch, or try to 
obtain by artlflce. 

wbo»e occupatloQ ia 

a, IM: get. Jet; klD. aln; ohip, u(ih)iir< 


"hik. n. book for ca 

[cBlihlng fl 

IK, B. art or practta 

li'mung-irer, n, > dt 

^^""flsli'l, a. flsh-likc i tastlnt 
Jiii^flB'nf o. tbiit inay bo spilt. 

KMitiff, flBfi-kuI, n. s blow wltb 
flat. [nicer.— a. Irtili 

rfMDlL flefji-lit, n. s deep, oan 
TMdu. flHl'yn-&r. <■■ hollow, til 

Kt, fit a. adsptod toHnytHlnH; n 
ble; proper.— luJo. Iltlj;— n, flb 

■omethliig adHpted.— ir.t. to be e 

K^TlT, a. four > 
ni. flkB, r.(. to n 

Is: become firm 
nMHoo, flke-a'aliu 
tiitt, Aket, a. mi 

ly;— n. l^ednia. 
FiBtT. fllM'l-tl, n. 

ora™. [filed eppeudom.i 

mtm, Bka'tynr, n. stiTtbiiiR Bied : 
WJBi, tVord, ». ■ unrrow buf or Inlet 

on tbe cOMt of Nornay. gee Piorf. 
ntbllT, (l»b'i. a. looae; banging; »oR. 

i: flabby; 


B»o«id,f!ak'std,n.Bofl: loo 
— n. flaeddnBH, flunld'lty. 
Flag, flag, n.i. to ffrnw languid; dioop. 
Flag, flag. ■ --■— ■ 

Flwltleu. fla-jish'ns, a. groaaly v 
eS; airoclouB.— oiJr.flaii&Buly; 

Fltc-oODer, flag'af-l-B^T. n. command- 

nigoo, fiag'pn, n. nacrow-moutbed 

nagiant. Si'gisut, (■.ardent; filarlagi 
helnone, — odr. tigtintly ;— a. Sa- 
graoBT. [beara the flag.offlcer. I 

riag-ihlj). Eag'sblp, n. ahlp wbtcb[ 

ntH, oil. n. inBtnunent foe beating 
gnio from tbe buBk. 

riakx, ink, n. a scale; amaU layer 

Intoflakea.— r.i.toforniaakeB; ^ 

ITaky. flfi'kl. a. ooiiaiiUng of flmkea.- 

nambun, flam'b^, n. a lighted torch. 
—pi. BainlNaiix. 

of: be at tb 

la round the alda 


ling broad aD 

ot Btrlke with a flap.— n.i. I 

OP bang as a flap. 
Flan, flar, v.i. to burn » 

ligtt; blase fitfully; . 

ward. — n. an unsteady, glaring light. 
FUah, flacb, n. auddea buret of light; 

Flaihy, flash'], 
Flai^' flaak, n. 

■lor)' of ■ bOQia : la mi 

loaiatlDg thlB deuruaioi 
ntfl7. fliU'U. a. borizonU 

nUatit, Oafua, n. aUte of 
rUtUa, fl&t'n. v.i. to nuke 

to become flit. 
IMtB, flal'er, n.f. to pnlie 
I7 or withoat d«aerG : pj 
bopes or cDD&denoe. 
riatUnr, fl«l'?r-«r, n. one 
rUttB7. Bat'«-rl. n. Uie 01 

Tltut, flitnt. v.f. 
windi dtspUj ot 

TlnrhM. fli'Ies, a. free rrom lUwg, 
nvrr, ai'l, a. fOUofflswB. 
riu, daks, n. iBgetable llbreBor which 
"-in it mftda; pluit prodnulug 


iui fl*.' n. 1 

nad, fled, p.l. and p.p. of tolH. 
rliin fie], ti.f, to fuinuh with wing 
feather.. IfledgEd, 

TW^liBg. flejllug. n. young filrd Jiul 
-- M.T.i. to run swiftly; runawaj 


n«L Set. n. * compwr of abips. rip. 
■tiipil of war. [lutlDg.l 

of Fluiden. — n.p(, people of 
riHA, fleih. n, soft Bolidi of iminul 

rilw, ddb.p.i. otto Br. 
riu, flckB, t.t. to bend. 
riuibl&Qekg'i-bl, a.tbst Dwrbebent! 

pliable. ~fi. fluikil'ity. 
riuloD, flek'BhuD, n. ut of ban 

nuiDni, flfk'Bba-iu, a. bandl 
riann. aek'ehnr, n. a bending; 
rUiku. Bik'^r, v.i. to flatter: 

nifht, flit, n. a^t orSyiiig; uUy: 

aetoIflhelugrWty (iepartnre_ 

nifUT, flit'i, a. caprlcioos; gidily; 

moied by wild fkaciea.— n. U^ 

niBxr. fllm'd. a. thla or welk In tei 

pt^U 'flinch.' v.i. to ahriak; dra< 
Tag, fling, o.i. to throw. — r.i. t 

.e of beer, 
; imperti- 

riij, flip. n. hot drink r 

Flippuit. fllp'ant, a. p< 
nont.— Ji. nijpuur 

niittUMi. fl^nrt-rehnn. n. ooqaetry; 

playing at coartahip. Ily,' 

nit flit, ».(. to remove: fly Icrogufar- , 

Flitih, fllcb. n. alda of aalt purk or 


i; B«t,Jet; kln,aliii ship, M(ih)nra. 

of HnWl locks HI OHkeB.— n. IImmb- 
Flwk. flok. n. ■ comp»Dj of birrt., 

FIm, fla, n. Urige cake of Soiitiiig ice. 
SSSI^Hu/b mo^'"'mJ»"?' water- 

n«or, flar. n. bottom of ■ room ; pUt- 

noorint, flar'ins, n. matsriis fori 
nor*. flaTfl, x- »ll thfl plauW of any 

ni^ floral, o, 'perUlDiDB to, or 


iHed; niddy: 8on- 

lo throw ,be body 

Floiir, flonr, n. 
meal ; Bne ; 
der,— c.t. to •prlnWe with flonr. 

1st, fld, E.i. toinu. as a llqnjili rl«. 
■a tb« tide; be poured foFtb; 

n. a strsami current; rising tide; 

FlawR, Don'er. n. bloonnm of a pJaii 
'■— totaDythlng; prime of life.— ■. 

ritnrj, flou'er-i. a. adorned w i t 
flowetai embelllalied witbflgurea. 
n»wii, Odcpp.olUSj. 
"— --lata, fl&'tj&-*t. r.i, 10 flow bac: 

FliututloD. flnk-^-S'8kiin. n. mov 

Tint, fldb. n. chimney or ckaoDi 

carrjiDK off amoie or gut. 
risiflt. flOb'enl. a. flowlDg ; wady in 

Bpeoch; voloblo.— n, flneniy. 
Fluid. fl<»'M. a. not BoLid ; llquti 

TBscDUB.— It. a Jlould or gaa< 

lubtitancc.— n. iliiid'ltj, flnidMts 
rioka. flObk. n. part of au auoLor wlifoli 

rlmg, anag.p.t. and p.p. of ttlllii, 
Flnirr, flor'i. n. Si auddca gnat: ( 

Ing; tiavlDf; theBqrfacel«T«J. 
nuUT, flng'ter. n. confualou : aglla- 


rliy tb« BaU.—v.t. 

Flst^ fltfbl'ed. a. channelled length- 

nutbig, fldbt'lDg, n. cbknnel. as on k 

nutter, flnt'^r. vi. to flap or agitate 

the winoB; flj IrregQlarly; mo' 

bnatlB abonii bs In agitation.. 

rial* fl. 

'vi-al, nnviaUo, 

e.alc.add, lirm, nak, Ul, vlfl; aeTgn, ebb. hir. tnlkfc: loe, tnn: Adi>r. o 

to deposit B§ 
nj-t^ flVflal 

aagb tbB 1^1 

ug^d insect, 
of . By.-v. 

feil, rai, t 

m««t^ centml point, —pj 

Fog^Sok, fog — „- „ 

looking like ■ bank of land. 
fdblTrf'bl, n. »we»knBia; fcillng, 
T^^ML c.l. to batOe; disappoint.— n. 

rgM, folBt, V.L to iD9eit fmudulEntlj; 
rM, Kid, n. a part doablnd oytr ; 

lS!-aka ornaments. Iplimtii.i 

ToBltioii, fn-ll-i'8huu, n. the leiiOnR of| 
Mio.rai'rO. n, loaf. SB of a book; Bbaet 

r»lk, tat. a. people; iko,— injil. peo- 
ple; peraouB. 

Pulllik toH.kl. n. a UtUe bag; snuU 
gland or veisel.— a. ftlllo'iilar. 

r«U*wia«, It 

rtBd. foml, 

Pooi fObd, n. DonrUbment ; a 

P*aL ftibl. n. sill; or gtnpid p 
Jester.— t.i. to deceive.— o.i. ( 

rwhtr. I'obi^ri, «. •my coi 

noDaenge; trtfUng. 
rHl'hu<r, filljl'biir.dl, a. nab; 

bold.-n. IMI-hu«BtM. 
FMlllh. fdbl'lBb. a. like a fool; 

ridioolona — adv. tudliUr;— i 

r«tlltt|, lijbli'tap, «, alie of 

m bjr 131 lncbe«. 
Twi. fflt. n. part of tbe body on 

Fwt-krito, tftt'brt], «. bridge fbr paa- 

Jt^SuTltomn. foolBtep. 
7HHi^ ffit'bAld, n. boMlng fbr tb« 

TtMai. fifing, n. standing; poBllion: 

addition. (ei?.| 

rMtnio. (ftfni^n. n. a aervant in llr-| 
Poot-pai, fat'pad, n. higbway robber 

on Toot. 
Tootittp, fiit'atep, n. print of tbe toot 

In walking; Btepe; traces. 
tft, fop, 1. aireeted, dressy ffeUoiT! 

dandy.— a. Anlih:— n. bpfiihigtt. 
Ftp^trr, fop'^'Ti, n. bebafior of a top; 

e. pAll, np; oU. out: tbin, IM; get, Jet; kin, afn; cMp, u(ih)ur 

Poruiniith u, t 
timj, toi't, n. 

U fnbil ' 

: patleuce.— a. forbariig. 

TwMd, l^c-bld'. V.I. to disallow: pro- 
hibit.— p.(. (oitadt;— p.p. briilddai, 

Tortt, I3rs, n, slrength; power: ener- 

coinpcl; take or effect hy (Orce. 
roraeftd, fara'tnl, a. urged by, or »ct- 

roiw-mwt, KrB'mSt. b. meat chopped 

fompi. ffir'Hepe, n. Bmall ploceri or 

fUM-pomp. fOfB'pump, 

Toniblt, BrB'i-bl. n. haTing 

Ford, tOrd. n. pl»cB wbeia 

toot.— P.!. to WBde through. 
UMtit, fOrd't-bt, a. tbst n 

(Only used in oomposllloo 
JwtUDl, Br-Srm, ».(. to arn 

tldpate; aagn 
ronbodlsf. MT-bf 

ToTMUt. Idr-k^t 

Vonnat. lat't^ 

FonoiUa, fSr'^ 

.r. to predict; ai 


betweeu the (oroinast aud the bow; 

■pace under ttiit psrt of the deck. 

FMtoUtfc lOr-klOi', v.i. to preclndoi 

cut off the right to redeem a morl^ 

rutselMBM, Kr-klyzhnr, n. act of tore-l 
Fonfkthtr tor'GiU-^, n. an ancealor. 
Fonfmi.iOr-fend', Tj.i.loprevent; ftir- 
hld. |tha IhutnbJ 

FDraflncR, fSr'Dne-g«r. n. finger nciti 
Ttnt', for-giJ', I (. to give up : re- 

Fmffcdnff, fflr-sO'iug, a. preceding. 
lumn, f3r-((6n'. o, prevtonaly form- 

FDnfroond. fflr'gronnd, n. epace belDrfl 

the princlpiU figurea In a picture. 
Farikaid, For'lied, n, the brov from the 

hand. — p.i. (mkinr ;— j>.p. ttr«- 

fcMwn. [edge bctora the event. I 

Fsrtkiuirlidga. fur-nol'ej. n. kuo«]-| 
TnaUnd. ler'land, n. cape or protnon 

tory, (thetbrchead. 

FoitlMk. fflr'lob, n, lock of hair on 
Fanman, f^r'm^n, n. chief phloi lead 

er; director.— pi. bromn. 
Fonmut, tOr'm^t. n. maat of a ahJi 

FmniiHt, tdr'mpst, n. Snt in order 

FoniitM, tOt'DdOB, H. part of tbe day 

Fneniu, tO-ren'cik. a. pertaining to| 
tm-triiia. fOr-or-d*n', p.*. to on"- 

beforehand.^n. fort-DrJina'tian. 
rgn|tr^ tOr'^ilirt, a. part In front. 
PmOTB, Rr^ruQ', b. to precede. 

know beforehand.- 

Fnnttll. ft 

r. add. Snn, sak, Ml, vifi: eeiSrc ebb, bte, mjk^i Ice, li 


or liu abu-ge ot, ■ faiwit. 
rntuU, Mr'tsat. n. t. t*>l 

tuDd; uCldisUDn. 
ForrttIL Br-ta- 

tellMtorelimil.— ji.l. ind p.p. t 
ttO. (tboughl; pcoTldeu 

rtntkncbt, tar'tbtlt, n 

ImtAm, fflr-tak'D, V.I 

rnWokra, Prnttboiar tit-liV'a. -ing. 

n. ui Indlcatlau belurebuid. 
rantn, Mr'top, n. pUttorni it the 

F«fTB. tor-ei'er. odn. lor, or through- 

ont. aUtlme. [lUrelitiDd. I 

ftnwuB, Br-wftro'. t.t. to waru be-| 
ranwmnliiB, Or-iram'Uig, n. wirDlug 

mwt, for-at.' f.f. to IcHe tbe rl«lit t« 
•oytblng bj one'B own 101.— n. tbat 
wbicblBforfetua^ peoilty: pledge. 

moHiUL tor'&t-f'bl. a. tbat may be 
fotteiwS. [log, I 

TorftitiM, (Or'llt-rar. n. iiclof (or(6it-| 

Tngtn, for-B*''. P'- of t* tngiit. 

Tarji. WrJ. n. plus where metal Is 

fnnuce; smith;.— D.I. to form by 
liestlDg and hammeiiDg : make 
fkluiTT rtniintnrffllE. 

ot of coonterftlt- 
t which Is 

Eolll; of torgeiT. 

-ir>ri - 


uDterfelted or forged. 


Hir-get'fftl, n. apt to torget; 

_ Wi, (flc-get'lliil-nea, n. apt- 

l fijr-^*'. v.t. lo remlli pMdon. 

*" f.-p p. tntitm. 

ir^pV'un, n. remlBBlon; 

r«(ot, fQr-gof.p.t. ot U tniat. 

fori, l5ft.»-ln8tniment with proi 
dlTialOD into blanches ; Dae of 

1. lost ; forsaken ; 

wlors-hapt, for-lflrn'bOp'. n. a bope- 
leia unJerUklng; bocT; of eoldien 
employed In lervlee of especial peril. 

■cnal. farm'fl. a, according to form ; 
ceremonioiu: ptrtalnlog (oform.- 
oilB. fgnuUy. 

■nuUirt, ISrm'al-lst. n, an obaerrer 
of forma.— «. IbntaUnn. 

muUtr, f>r-mi]'l-t[. n. qiuUtyorbs- 
lug formal: formal observance: oer- 

m^r. a- fcmnp 

tamaii, fSr'm«r-U. adv. in pcetlooa 

times: heretofore. 
rormUaUe. far'mld-a-bl, a. adapted to 

cause fear ; terrible. — ads, bimid- 

PormDla* fOrm ' y d . 1 s . n. prescribed 

pi. formiiln. 
lonnnUri, "* 

Int^. ffi 

njrm'yft-ls-rl. i. book of| 

1. to abaodoa; re- 
U«»k ; — p.p. for 

ly.— p.l. flmwore;— p.p. Jtaiwom. 
ftnwtnL, fgr-ewOrn'. a. guilty of per- 

'At, fSrt. n. a fortress: ntroDgbold. 

rertfc, farlb, adv. forward; out. 
TsrtkaBBlBg, Rlrth-kum'lDg. a. Bboat 

to haopen or appear. [alely.! 

Twthwitt, Krtb-wltb'. ode. Imms4l-| 
TertUntiOD, fftr-O-fl-ti'Bbnn, n. act. Or 

iTt. of fortlfJ'lDg ; fortlfled place -, 

lorffly, lOr' 


Tortitidt, I 


let; kin. tin; chip. ai(ib)ara. 

I. n. B fortiaed place, 
dl-tnB, a. bapiwiiiiig 

ro^t1mat^ tSr'trba-^t, a, Ineir; h»i- 

lEg good fortune.— odp. tJrtiniUly. 

JortSM, rar'tynn, «. luck ; chmw ; 

TtnM, tU'ram. n. place tor p 

buBlnesB la Rome: tribunal. 

tttwai, ISr'Bjrd, adv. towa 

ready : presumptnoUH : bol 

r«M,(i>8, n. adltch: momt. 
Iim3. toa'il. a, ftnmd iu the ea! 



FtMu-hther, ' 

eDta-—fem. fubBT-iiitaT. 

,—jem. IMCei 


taythe foundation of; cstat 

iWitoy, found'e-rl. Foundry, found'- 
Tonnt. Fnniitaln, fonnt', -la, n. sprluj 


Tom, fSr, a. IwIcb two,— n. two audi 
FDInsm. fdr'Bkar, a. and n, eighty, 
f lartMB, fBr'teu, a. and n. four and ten. 
ronrtklfltrth, a, ueii after the third. 

-n. half of a half, Wwe,] 

ftnrtUy, (6rth'li. od». In the fcurth 
rmri, fiiDl, n, a Dim ; a cock or heu.— 

vZ to catch or km wild fanL 
Tovbi, fual'er, n, oue who catchei or 

F«irlliic^-|i*ga. foul'lng-pce, n, 
F«, fcls, n, wild an- ^ 

Foiy. fokB'l, a. IU 
aioi; cunulng: . 

Tnau, frak'^, ftB'i*H, ftali-K 

riartjon, frak'Bhuu. n, tisgmen 

TrBfltioDi, frak 

Kartntt frak'tynr. n, «t ufbrEaking; 

fragili, f^'ll. o, eaelly broion; brit- 
tle: trail, -B, frtjU'lty, 
Ftwrnwit. fTBg'meut, n, piece broken 

^mti^. TsniX pe^fnmoj 

Jragiancn, fTa'gr^inB. n. Bweetntaa of| 

hanuwoik. fr 


ftee oY cl _ 
ftom postage.— n. 


lese; Inflnoi-I 
,o'°n.-«. 'ffbl 

n. privilege; rlgbt 

fcuil*;— n. fninlnHi.- 11 '. to aena 
ftea oY charge tor carriage; oienipt 

which eiempta U. 
luund of fr^innt reali 

, ebb, hir, mSkfr; Ice. Ion; 0d9r, int. 


WnUndtj, tr^tir'ulti. n. 

rntandH, ftvt'^, v.i. to 

Hfl broth fire. — n. frftUrniu' 

fntriod*. fr»t'ri-8ld. 71. mu 

Fraai, li&d. n. deceit: decep 
TrudBlnt, ft&d'yA-lfnt « 

rnuU, bit, a. Imden: 
Wnj,ttk.a.taBM: \>t 
FrHk. tttk. o. vbim 

mtUt, ^^ek^. «. yalk __ 
tbe HklD.—i.I. to mark 

1. yallowlah a 

'.'tt^i-». ta 

rrwhoU. M'bold. n. land 

FrHkoUir, rrS'hAld-er, n, 

- inuL tT¥m^a. n. oni, ' 

iewho onjuj. H (mnoli 

nrtUiOnt. fre'tfalDgk er, n. odp who 

rncML frSt, v.i. to coukhI wlHi o 
perlAh by eobl. — v.t to burdeti i 
Ux: maka rigid wltb affright.— 

rralcUl frit.' n. )i 

rtttuh, frHnch, a. belooging ta Fnoce 

gDii«e cif Fraaoo. leioltflioent. I 

-taaj, fren'zi. n. dletcmtion ; wUdl 
httunt, fre'kTeat. a. happening at- 

ton.— ado. ftt^mnUr ;— n. ftMoentj. 
Pniarat. fre-k«enl', o.i. to Tlsit nften. 

moistiJMter.— n.l.toialatlDn'eiuo. 

IT. db»; Bmb, pbil, up: I 

tnih. It 

: briik 


fnabsitfl, f^vBh'm^, n, a 

Fnt, frst, I.!, to corrode; " 


v.t. fo nuke tteah 


n, Bndaen B.006 In 1 


— n. fMUoliuu. I 
dab; Irrluble. 
n. onumental 

fMttoliiiu. I 
(n. bUm'itj. 

hUWtW* - 

Tilu, m'^r, n. member of certain re 

ligloua ordera. 
Tiiuy, M'B-rl. n, mldence of Mars, 
PliiuHt, rrik-^.Bj'. n. dish of fowla 

rrij»y, frl'd*. t 

Friui. frend. n. 
HnONt, free 

and ads. like 

rrimdlUf. nend'ahlp, n. etaU of bs- 

Friut, fc5I, n. coarie woollen doth; In 
arrh., part Of ttw eutablatare under 

rripU^ fi^'t>t, n. ■hlp-Df-war carry- 
ing ftoiB twenty to aflj guns. 
Prigtat. (Ht. n. endden fear; tfrrar. 
r^ihlai, fnt'n, t.t. to make afnld; 

riifhtfoi fHt'ttl. a. earning frlgbt; 
• — ■■■'- -'- '"-Idlyi-n.fright- 

tri^Trtli'ii, a. oold; iiiianl mated.— 

adu frifUl*;— n. UcidoHL 
FrijfWitr, fH-]ld'l-ll, n. coldneia. 
FriD, frll. n. ■ rnOe.— c.l. to faraUb 

Friagt, frlRj.' n. border of looaa 

threaas—i.l. to adorn with fringe. 

trltitij, frlp'f-rl, n. old clothes; aee- 

Iriak, fr ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■ 


n.i*i; get. jet; Ho, 

frith, frith. Hrth, ttrth, it. u«rro 

FriwUtr, frty-ol'i-tt, n. quality of b 

tag ftiyoloiiBi tr'" ■ 


rrirtlw, Mi'a-lua. 

1^ Ml, «.(. to can or en 

Mull, MCI. t.l. la oris 

Ttt, Ira, ade. buck; bsckwi 
TlMk, frok, «. ■ gown; ] 

, Ccond, n. leaf of (em 

fr»iit, fruDt. n. Ihe forchcsd 
fore-part ; poillioii Uefoio : 


; oppoiii 

meneioii of a bailding or ptecfi 
groQnd, [countrj 

• mtltr, trtm'tet. n. boninSarr of 
V»ntii|4N*, frnnl-. or front'i8-p#B, i 
plctoro being the title-pane of 
book. [the (OnLeid 

.nntlit, frnnt'lPt. n. band worn oi 
tnA. (rdat. n. cold th«t freeiea; fr. 

lytbingitke m»t,— a. Inirtr. 

Bpeecb — a, ftithy. 
ftmjriM'w^rd. a, pervprse. 

: Bbow displfasure.-n, a coi 

Inin, (rOn'n, np, of ti tma. 

Tniglfmnu, frjb-jlffr-ni 

iflninu. [Tdb'Jiv'^r-na. a. feeding! 
I. $lr. idil. Km, »ik, U1. Tt»l: i^rfi 

Fnlt, tnJbt, n. edible pcoduee of tt 
earth; part of a uUnt which cai 
Ulng the aetd; oBkprinB: prodnc 

PniHafi,' ftrfbt'*], n. trail MllectiTelj. 
Frnitmr, frrfbt'^r-^r ^^ -»— i- 

Pmitfol, frObt'fnl, i 

n. tniilfiauM. 

lell iflet catting off Ihe lop. 
Frj. la. t.t. at v.i. to cook, 

thing (Med: awann of jomigl 
Jtigt, (ui. n. nonsfnae: iluff. 

Fiitl, fa'el, M. material lot burning; 

rngltivt, fii'}l-tl>, a. fleeing: Oeetlng 
tranaltory.— n. oneirtio fleaorliai 

the pari 

rdtnun, fal'krum. n. prop o 

lever reeta. 
rslfi!, Pil-fil', r.l.locomplet. 

n^ tti. s/haiing all It cat 
occupied ; complete. — ad 
enti^ly. — ti. oomplete n: 

to the otheni at 
of mnBie Id whlcb 

. elate of being foU: 

'.^ fBliomily ;■ 

ilT;-n. 1 

_ ile, awkwardly.] 

I'snUt fnm'bf. t.i. to grope about,! 

ft, bti, mlk^; t«, h 

ftainU, fu'ml-gftt. v.t- to i 
dlilufect nitli fames. — n. 1 

ul, fjmgk'Bhan-^l, a. partkln- 
oiry, fungh'sUnu-^xi, n, ou 

Ful. fund, n.a nlock; opllal: sect 
benlDg [DlercBl: supply oT moae; 
eat-beariujr stock : plmce money i 

[over; 111 addition, 
mruuniun. lucUer-ioar, ads, moi^ 
rnrtlM, (uftiv, o. atealtli;: Becral,— 
sdcAiTtlrdr;— n-fortlmeu. [biub.l 
Fnni, (uri, n. ■ prlokly. eiergreen| 
Fury, fa'rl. n. nee ; madueea : god- 

rnH, Kt, 11.1. to melt by lic»t.— t.i. to 

FoM, filx. n. chmreed tube for U^btine 

■ blHt. bomb, ftc 
riuL n-i«', n. flint-lnok gna. 

FiuinL fa'ihun, n. ut of meiting j 

'bleb, g.t.topolleh; i 
n. tuionilr-— n. tiriot 

ruloag, tar'iang, n, elgbtb part o: 

?irl»B^ for'lfl, n. iMve of ebaeuce 

fnr'nu, ii. IncToeBd Brepli, 
"- 1 niBt»l., Ac. 

hnll^ for'nlBh, v.t. i 
hndtm. ttar^i-tyni 
gooda: applluioee, 
Iniin, tnr'l-?r, a. de 


plongb : giooye; wrinkle, —i.i. lo 
mAkfl fiiTTom Iti. [with fur, j 

hrrr, tor'i. a. coTered, or trlmmed-| 
hiUB.fnr'IAfra.bitber: moredls- 

Mf, (Rree; fiK. pflll, h] 

O. ]S, tMTeDtli letter of the ilpbsbet. 
Qabudiae, geb'^r-dSu'. r ' 

loon upper gumeut. 

Idly or inuticnlately.- 

npld or illly tiOk. 
SaUo, gi-bl-un, n. wlcl 

ej-liuder filled wit. 

OMi, Ki'bf, n. peaked end 

OtA, gad, T.i. lo ramble 

FroTa place to place. 
Oad-iT, gad'- - "- 

It, gad'ffl, n. fly , 

leb plercea the > / 

a o[ cattle to de- ^^fciliJ__ 

0.ftg.f.^.™r.tthe ?KT^ 
upper edfle of •fore- JW\ 
and-aflw^l: steel ■'!'-■ 
blade filed on the 
epura of cocka for fighting. 

t: tbio, Ul; get. Jet 

kin, alar chip, u(ab)Dr«, 

fla«*,Bi>J> n-apledge — n.i. to biucl bj 

Suit eV- See State. (mlilh.! 

Q^. ga'e-tj. ». aUte of belus e^y;} 
Ota, gin, C.I. to obtilii ; u;qulra ; 

nocb- — tt. profit; acqulpltlon, 
StJsAtl, gta'lul. a. proD table. 

WtTgit. n. manner of going or wilk- 
iDg. [kle and fOot^ kind of shue.l 

StltH, gSCsr. "■ ooiforiiiB for tba su.| 

Oik, gi'lft. n. iliow; feetiTity. 

StluT, gBl'kk-Bl. n. tbe Milkj Wa; : 
iu<BCn>bl>ee orbHUUnciea. 

Sah, gU, n. a alrong wind. 

Sail, gU. n. tUe blLo; blttemevH; ran' 
cor — v.e. tohuTt bTcbafliicL atuoy, 

aaO, gU, SaU-ait, gid'nnt, i. excwt- 

Sallut, g^Oat'. a. i 
Saliutrr, gal'9nt-ri. 

-. gallanUy. 

SallMil. BBl'e-nn. n. large Spanish ship, 
with Boati; long puuga; room for 

Mw-ilaTi, g 
gal'lk. a 

gal'i-pot, n, small Jar nscd by 
apotbocarica. [giiarta.l 

A_ii — trft-ldbn', n, kind of lace; Dar- 

SiJl*|, ^'9P. "i- to move b^ leap*, as 

Salltin, gal'iu. n. a fl^oie used for 
banginH rrimlnali. (aboe. I 

jp, gal-ft, n, a lively dance; 
Ic appropriale to it. 



kHklpplug; fl^laklDH. 

SuiNttr, gUn'stfr, 

SanJtr, gsn'd^. n. male of the gaog< 
Saif, gang, n, artew; band, 
OancliiiB, gang'gli-^n, n. natural e 

BtngrnuL gang'grtn. n. beginnlog of 

■trlke blm with roda. 
OatLJal. See Jail. 
Oa^Bap.B.anopenllla: cl 
Oajt. gap, ui. to open the^D 

Oarbifa, Birb'jJ, n. i 

OtrUt, |{iir1>l, v.l. b 


Sardu, gUr'dn, n. a 

Sartlnwr. gac'dn^^r. n. oeb wlio eulti-l 
OarianhiB, gSr'du-lDg, n. oolllratli 

Sugl«, gSr'gl. v.l. to rinaa Iha lb 

Suluj, gSr^d. n. a wieatl 

Oulio, gSnik, 11. bolbona-rooted j 
ol tbe oalon klad.-s. gtrlhikr. 
lammt, gilr'ment. n. ao arflcl 

lUBir, ^'nei. n. Btorebouie 
graia- — vA. to atom, aa In a gar 
Suwt, gftr'net, n. a deep-red g 

t«, sir. add, arm, giak, U 

ItniikH, giir-niali-i', n. one In whn 
buulft property of Auotbpr laMU^ 
ed by liir. 

B, gar^l'fln. n. body of h 

mnob; loqiucious — n. (uni'lilr. 

«l«iing: Tadgfl of «n EoBliBh order 
of kDtgbttiaof ~D.I. to bliid vrltli ■ 


Shut, 8^''' "- ^^ e*iue- 
8«i», g*T. p '. of ta on. 
hnl. Rm^'Bl. n. nuilM of I 

(klrt*^ "■ t»n, •wk-nrd person— 

a- lawkj;— n. nwUiuu. 
Smr, Kl. a- >portT«e ; merry ; Bhowj. 

Su!, gia. r.f. to took Bieaiy.— n. ■ 


T;(ip. that prepared fr 
sed (or lightlug.— pi. gt 
1. nwDni (g*!'?"-"!. 

Ougingtir, Kuz-ooi'e-lfr. 
liibarioiu GUlchin; of tl 

ilMing w 
eilhn, gKJi'^r. e.l, to 
pl»li.— »,>. to usem 

htkirii«, ^'fr-iog. 


Bh^IiiC, gir'Ing, n. tnin of loothed 

awiw, g««. of gooM. 

OatlOn, jel'^tln. n. rdIidbI BubBtsnce 

thmt (ornigjeHy.— o. gtbt'lomu. 
e«IM,Je11d, a. aold: li^y. 
Bra, jem, n. a preoioiw sloDe : uiy- 

Omtn, Jen'd^, n, sei.— r (. to beget. 
Sranlaglrt, jen-fr^'^-JiBt. n. one eklll- 

S«Bud«gT, JeQ-Jal'^ji. n. blatory of 
tb« descent at fiunlUei 1 pedigree. - 
a. g«Hiiliig'l«L 

Ognerm, jen'^r-j, n.pi. of goat. 

Omirtl, Jeo'er-»l, a. eoiomon; prew- 
lont; piibllq^ vBgae.— ndp. goinUlr. 

6B, dbiAi fl*a. pAII. up; oil, out: tbin. 

BtnanUon, JeD-er-a'abuu, n. set ofpro- 
dnclug: people o( oae period; iBce 
— ftmlll'. IdncB.I 

- ■■ ™, ]en'?r.?-tiY. a. able to pro-| 
t, jen-f r-i'tpt, n. oue wlio pro- 

jen-er'lk, a. pertualug to. or 

StBUMitT, jen-^-ou'l-U, n. noblenesi; 

libenglty. [DMiimous; libernl.l 

'aana, Jeu'^rus, o. uobla; ni«g- 

UMlh jen'e-BlB, n. origin : Ihs flrai 

book Dttbe Bible. 

initl.JSn'l.jl.o.vl'riiyiBg; heBltMuli 

cheertaL— n. (eniil'itj. 

millT^ Jcnl-tly. o. In uram.. indicHt- 

Ing the case at origiiiBtluTi, puhees- 

pecialulDg to Oeatiks ; lu gram 

Omtilitr. JeD-lll'l'-tl, n. good birtb 

good-breeding; reBpectablllty. 
Qtntll, jen'tl, a. of good lllienRE ; f 

SmUsMk, BmtlrfoUa. jen'ii.iOk, ->. > 

QntluQkn, Jeu'tl-:uELa, n. a man t 

agntleunl*, leu'tl-nian-ll, a. bei;oiii 
auUr. jxni'u. ado. kiudly ; mlldl}' 
Stntj, jent'rl. n. people of good llDi 
aennSMtiin, Ouraflsiira. js-njii-flek 

S«ol«cM, ji-oIVJlM. »- o 

e«l»gr, je-ol>Ji. B. Kit 

treaU of Uie atmcture 

— a. f solog'isal, 
Stunttai. JS-om'e-t^T. Qu 

Stmutiy, JE'Oiu'e.trl, n. ■ 





]i-og'n»-(¥r, n. one reriei 
*" H«™e^»pb7- 
8«ognphr, j»-og'r$-fl, n. «clenM whlol 

ice, $lr. wid, iirni. §ak. tU. Tifl; acvl 

i; embryo; origin; 

a. gnffilntl. 

. oi the flrat degreo. 

coino.~:pl. g*t ;— p.p. (Dl or ntttl. 
a«*(«w, go'gi, «. a «Eo»y trifia; 

Bernt. gl'ser. "■ a apriDg Khith bsUa 
Oluutly, gflnl'li, a. deaUi-llke ; Ud^ 

ouB— n. ghtrtUoML 
Sherklii. gfa'klii, n, ■ hisiII cncmnber. 
Qhoit, gOet, n. the eonl; apMriUon ol 

a deceased person. Tbe Btly SkMi 

tUe third Person Df Ibe Trinity. 
BitDt, jl'^nl, n. a man of eitr«irdin». 

ryHlEe.— /m. glutia. [Idely.l 

Bilker, Kib'er, n.i, to apHak lnartlen.| 
Bllleildi, glb'^r-leb, ■■ nnnwniug «r- 

aog upon a gibbet. 

ffi£^. gld 

r.* to iBO*i"'jUri| 
s, Internal eatable 

. dlicy; csnslng giddl- 

Sill, gin. n. BDjUlllIg glT«D : DBtlin 

SUM, gM'ed. a. eDdowed bf ustare 
ticb la hhcdihI gifts. 

UgUt tso-wheeled cu 

1. 1. soeaRliie; mtKbtDn; trap. 

. to (dair DC seedH bj-a nwcbiue. 

,tUm. IIW spicy root, 

votK, Jln'J^r. n.s tropical plsnt, andj 
UaaAlfi. Jla'}«r-bra]. n. cake splc- 
^a until ginger. 
■" 17, Jtn'Jer-ll. odu. cHillonaly, 

m, glng'sm. «. cotton clolS 

BDOfdyedtlireaU (root,. 

g, Jln'aeng. n. a planl, (md Ita- 

8ip<T. iip'si. S6B Srfir. 

eii^ jl-rSt'. -raT. «. tha . 
camelopard; aloD^r-neck- ^k 

Bird, gi™Sl t^Mnd IL 

aodp.,;. ^irdal ot ibt^' ' ^W 
eildtr, eSrd'^r, •>. chief \\\ 
tfubel supporting * ^irLm 

Sbtia. gir'dl. n. • bond for the walet: 

delaoh a cironlar atrip of bark from. 

Birl, B&Tl K. ■ female cblld ; joobb 

being a girl. 
Sbllili, gitl'lah. a. or. or liks. » girl, 
eirt, g^, Birth, girth, n. tlrap accut- 

ing a BAddle : meaaun arouod the 

SiM. Jlet, n. main point, pith of al 
HiTt glr, v.(. to beaWw ■ jleJd ; per- 

eitnij, gli'^d, n, muacuiar Blomacb 


lluk, gla'st, -sis. n. > sloping bai 
ful ; Jojfol ; canalng happinei 

Qladden. glad's, v 
Qlids. slid. K. op 

lUnM. glftDB. «. audden flash ofJlght; 
fly on obliquely': aliuile brleflr. 

.nd. gisu. 


cello g o 

Qlasdirs, elau'derz, n. contaglotu dls- 

BUadnUr, glsn'dyA-1^. a- pertaining 

Qltrs, gl^, n. a daEZ)ing light: fierce 

iooli'aemij. "°" " 

BlarlBg, Blar'iug, o. oYerbright : con- 

Wiut, gigs, n 

irlttle 1 


Blam-Momr, glBsTjlB-er, n. < 
BliBT, gl^l, a. like glass.— 1 
Qlue,'gW», o.i to fi'rnlBh r 


flash or llBbt; brightnesH. 

Slei, gle, n. merriment: lively Bongl: 

6lKi,glon. n.nsrrowYEUfl)-, 

aiibp «lib, a. Bllppety : fluent — ad 

eUUt ;— n. clihuu. 
am. gUd, i-i'to flow or slide anioot 

Ijj pua npiijjy.— u. sctof gliaing 
ffiiBBtl, eUm'er, v.i. to bum or ■ 

pear ^Dtlr.— «. ■ fslot light. 
ffliBUDgrliic, glim'ec-tog. n. a fidnt llg] 

or appeBranoe, jview or Ugbl 

WmiM, gllmpB, «. BlLmmer ; brlE 
ffllMn, glte'u. v.l. to glitter; ahlne. 
fflittn, gUt'^r, «.i. to Bblne; flasl 

ffiMt, gUt, v.i, to gue viilh eagemc. 

mn. e^. «. a 

t, glo-bO«', I 

H*hil*T, glob'fl-lt 
WMt. elob'ai. R. 

SoDD, gldba. n.n 
ilmiiT. gidbm'i. I 
It itgbted ; dsr 
n. glfMDlmn. 

[partial darkneBB.j 

«ad;'Bn!leii; dlm- 
—adv. glmHnfly ;— 

ol.— n. glmtt- 

sa'aoB. \ttiaaa.~adv. jrl»rt«iilj. | 
Sloilm, gliVri-na, n. splendid; llliis- 
Story, Wrt, n. ronowo; bonor: apleii- 

«D». RloB, 

t; teel beat or ardor; be fluabed 

teal; brightneai of oolor. 

flbw-lrorni, sl^wrm, n. a wingless 
iusect iHiicb emits Ugbt. 

SIiH.glOz.r.i.toeiplalii; talk Smooth- 
ly.— r.t. to palliate. 

Slu, gidb, n. animal Jtllr need aa 
meul.-tj.(. to cemEnt with glnr 

OlDtis. gldb'tan, n, viscid par. 

dough. [naoious.l 

aintinoBi, glrfD'tin-uB, a. viauid ; _te-] 

SluttODinu, gliifn-uB, 

(Huttn^. glofn-l. «■ 
Glnnlna. gUs'^-tn. 

IlqDid obtained ttn 
BnarL njirl. n. knot li 
Siudta. Dtirld. a. kng 
QnUh. nasb. v.t. lo 

the teeth together. 
Su^ nat. n. a small t 

D to glDt 

eet vlac^ 

. stratified r«k resei 


I. a fabled aabterrvicoi 

j^nn aiitel 
prOMed; fleparl; 


8oil.g(H,n.poatm»rfclnB th 

Seat, got, n. an active quadruped at 

the sheep femlly. [rmIb. 

8oit-hM4 gSt'bJrd, n. oDe wbn teada| 

BoliU*. gob'l, «.!. - ■■- 

BobUtt, gnb'ler, n. a greedy 'eater: 



b. hir, BiU$r; Ice, Inn: Ad^r, oi. 


llliflffcw, god'EiM-fr, n. nul 
for ■ child.— An. ulBOltn 
aolhui god'bad. n. deiti 

O^dloii, godlea, n. wicked: 

g«hn, g^'f^r 
arge torlofi 

S fiBAB 

Snt, gOi. ■. eloUed Uood^ blood.— a. 
Bet, eii, n. triu^nlar pt«ca ol etoth. 
■ajrthiuH pelted. 

groodUj; giDt. 

11, up; oil. out! tbin, lU: get. Jet; kin, ila; ship, u|ib)nr«. 

, grtd'jent. a. sloplun regn- 
Sndut, gonl'jn-^l, o. procefiliug b^ 

flndutt, RTBd'j'fi-al. v.i. to receive h 

OndutU. ^ad'jfi-Et. n. o 

rccEived t> nnlverBlty dc 

OnA, grgft. n. ■ BdoD li 

lo pBlDt in UulUtloD 

"Km-ht'l-k^, a- ptTtAiit- 
ordiDg to tbe rules ot. 
dv. fniDiiiitinlly. 


lift,— adn. tiMidly. 

Siudihill Rnnil'i 

ftrruiolit, grBii'jii-Jar, o. co 
BiMiiliU, gniJi'jiQlat, v.t. to 
to Rnina.— n. gruiiilk'tioi. 

Bnpe, gcSp, n. the frnit ol the iloe. 
BriHTT, giap'f-rl, n. bulldlug li 

nhjui gnp^n ire growD. 
flnpt-tlut, Rfap'ibot. n, clDster o 

hnlleta (br Hiins llom ■ cuinuD. 

llQaaioD; BtrJklDgly descriptive. 
BnpBtl. RTrnp'oel, h. imBll ( 

IB'liiip-fr, n, > hoppingl 

u, fltl; te^re. ebb, bir. mike'- ><=■■ ^i"': Mpr. nx. 

■ : tnth: vigonma; young 
«(lcBenoo1oi; agTMwr'*' 
grSn'giJ. «• ■ ™-ietr d 

r. gHii'grO«'er, n. a tel 

■hicli Imder i^U Bre ki^. 

Mr. ijbw: aH. pUI. np; oU, out; I 

Ofmd, grtu^p v-(' to mb to powder, 
neiir dowD by rubbing: oppre».— 

MiAtl. griii'd^r, n. ana ■who grlndi 
■ cbeek- tooth. 

D. (Id; chip. u(iih)un. 

t.grip. n 


OtlH. Blip. v.l. to told flrmlj: tluKJi: 
giv* pain la the bowelB. 

m™™*" '"'" """ ' B'OOP or 

Smlj, grli'li, a. frlgbKiil; hldeuaB, 

Onoa, gnua, n. moor- «. 

Sriiit. nHst. n, own ground, ot for 
SlMlL grSil, n. eluUc iulmal tiBaiw; 

fowl : genua ot game BT 
Sitn, grtr. n. > amaU ^BB 

crtil.We.-4. (riMlr. 

'™^- ^^KL- 

Slit, Brtt, ». <»ne m«l : Mud.or 

SmA giot'l. «.{. to Sy*E:i 


Er.r.ff-^ ^^ 

et-v: nii»d «IU. blKk mnd wblt*. 

8rmr, grO, v.i, to tncreau In Blie; 

Smu. er^. '■'■ to utter * deep mosii: 

become greattt ; develop; lieoima. 

be sffiicted.— n. m deep moui. 

— e.E. to oulUnte.-ji.t. (inr; pp. 

Gntt, grit, n. rfd EngUiOi miu mrth 

Orowl, gronl. o.i. togmmblo: marl.— 

Sntl^ grlte, oiU. .tripped ol the 

Srnin. gtae'?r. n. > deMer In t«. iu- 

iiig. [Tetopmenti wgeUtlon.l 

B«r, «plcM, fcc. 

Onwtt. grOth. n. Incream In Mze ; de- 

enovT, grte'e-n. n. * gtocar'i stoce; 
goi>a« sold by grocen. 

'^\r.t5U'..'-'" "'-■'- 

9tM, grflg, B. iplritwid wMer. 
oX grSn. -.Jtxuctiou ot tho belly 
•ndtlietWgh: junction of InterKct- 


tented.— n. oldenmlly; aplte. 


9ioil, grdB'el, n. meal boiled In water. 

emiul. groind. a. b»riiig lEt«rM«t- 
iDg uclieg. 

Omt graf, n. hoiree: anrly; oLupl- 
lab.— adf. gmny;— n, (n&in. 

SlWD. grdbTa. B. one who bu the 

Onua, gcum, a. surly; enllen, 
Qi^ila. grum'bl,T.i, to murmnr with 

cliKge of LorKt; • bridegroom.— 

I.I. Co tend, H ■ horae. 

Smn, griHn. n. « narrow furrow, of 

Onmt. grunt, v.i. to make a Bonnd like 

a bog.— n. Bound made by a. bag. 

enia, grdp. i.i. to fcel about In the 

Sun*, gwg'ne, 7.. dang of aea-towl. 

dart.— B.t. to eeatch by gropiug. 

SnanatM, gar-$n-le', ■, nrety fbr the 

Qnu, RWB.o.eoarae: iarRe: palpable: 

Siarutar, gar'tn-tor, n.onewbogina 

a guarantee. 

8nt, grot, Ontti^ ""I'S^"- '"^ "''- 

Chuuanty, gafjn-tl. t.i. toglvB aiirety 

(brmed ; ludlcruuB. — n. an eitraT- 

SunI, gftrd, B.(. to watcb ; defend ; 

agant ornament or flgure.-n, i»- 


tbarged with defeuce: purt of Uia 


hilt of a Bword, protecting tbe band: 
poitare of defenee. 

Snarlian, gilrd'y»ii. n. one who takes 

itmct In prlnclpka,— rr.i. to airibe 

caro of: peraou appointed to talie 

Snud, gronn'd. p 1. and p.p. of to ninl. 
etmniW grouud'lee, o.withoutTonn. 

BnbmialBrial. Bu-ber-ns-tS^, a. pet- 

talDlngtoagoyemor. ^ 

daUon.— adn. gianadlaialr ; — ti. 

*'iRS.^b"iT;S?"'"" *^" 

Otanni-nnt groind'nnl, u.Mnd of nut 
beara sncb onta. 


^'a'^dS'e "*'. 1*° ™f^"iijjSSr 

tlon; arat principle. 


t«, (It, add. Una. nek, Ul, ilfl] a«v<re, ebb, Lir, makfi; leP, Inn; Mar, «, 

OnEST ] 

at, geat, n. % visitor tiiterUloed' 
lUMt 0d'4Ui, fl. dir«ctloD ; lekd- 

ho ihoHi (be Wi aoytblDg Uut 
inctt. [inglhe wij.! 

1>-Iiit gld'pOct. «. ft puat Indioat- 1 
Id, gild, n. an BwocUDoD o! work- 
_ien or olhen. ^iiUtTiil-l 

9iM gD. n, conDlns: decetl.— a. 

aiiuln, gU'lua, a. vltbDnt gnlle; ait- 

ObBm, Bll'o-tin. "- • 
lachlDfl far betiasdiug. 
It, gilt, n. orlme: ein. 
OtU, glltle*. a. wlth- 
otgnllti Innocent. .^^ . 

Soicla. eiii''gl, "-i- ti 
iHtb ibubbiing Dolt 

Sub, gash. r.i. to do 
or coplooBly.— n. t ■ 

OUHt, iraa'et, n. pl»c« 

Sut, HUBt, n. 




QgillU*, HUl'i-bl^'l.n.c 

Sslf. gnlp, ».[. to BwnUow eigerlj.— n. 

-HID. fi- Oeab incloalng the teeth: 
leued Juice or certain tieei.— r. 
. . oemeut or BtllTen idtb gum. 
Bm-Wl, goin'boll, ti. abuau on the 

Bmny, gnm'l. a. of, or llie, eiun. 

"OB, Dim, n. iQBtTument Tor throwing 
bftlla or shot by means of eon powd or, 
u-ertloii, gun'eot-n, n, cotton ren- 

-mn, guu'^r, b. one who maimges ■! 
Sioanj, guD'^il, n, Bit of muiigliiR 

Si2"tf; ll 


Ony, gl, n- rope to »tnlde or ateBdj b| 
OOBla, guzl, 1.1. to drink greedily or 

Srmuft, jlra'DBBt, '•). one 'ekllled in 

SnauU*, jlm-nBB'tlk, a. portBluing 
to kthletic er— '— 

ftjMUUBtkl, Jin 

forming atlil 
ftrnm jlp'rai 

Oynttrr, Jl'ra-lo-rl, . 

circle or BpfrBi. 
Byw, JIv. n. B fetter oi 

I, Kcb, eighth letter of the BlpbBlwt. 
[t, hS, ial. denoting BarpriBei when 
repeated, laughter. 

t; get. Jet; kin. aini ohlp. Bi(Bb)Dr*. 


H*UIinNLtt ^ 
nOai, bab'lt. 


RiUtul, Wb-it'yii»l, a. formed bj 
babil; CDitommpy,— adri. kaUtniUj. 

BtbHuto, Imb-ifyii--' -' '- 

torn. [habll 

Blbttal), hmt/l-ind, < 

H*^ bHk. V.I. to chop: isuij 
notch: borsc hired: hukai 
drudge — a. b»ckEejed: hii 


:: uan>l m 

.1,1:0.; f«tb> 

HBmorTh>ca> hem'9-rt). iike B« 

nit.'litift. ". » handle. 

Etc, hag, n. ■ witch; ui iiely olit . 

WMted by wai.ll 
bmgiiu cloaely; 

'ct. to MU to; B«mtB.— B. B 

ti, frozen drops of r*in.— r.i'. 
sshftll. [hHll.l 

hU'HlAn, n. DBtngli ballofl 

Hmgni4, h»B>rd. 



H«ir-br»dth. hjr' bred 111, « 
Hur^dMh, hgr cUStli, n. clott 
Balr-iplK&if bat'spllt-Eng. 

Hiir-triggit, har-trig'er, «. trlKger 

flro-BTiD by 1 light tonch. 
Hairy, bor't, n, fall of, covered 

Haka. hak, n. eealdih dr the cod & 
Halbtrl, hU'bfrd, hal'-, n. a 

Bilcjon, tal'il-un, n. the ,( 
kiuga«her,— a. calm ; hap- P 

B^ hU, a, healthy; robust. 
Hale, hu, hU,ii.<, to baul; drag. 

Sfvided.-^. it,ul!t°-'. 
coiieliUng ot half; being in pi 
ado. (n equal carl ; In part. 
BaU-UMd. MTblud, n. one of 
through one parent only.— a, 

flalF bather, hM-bmfWr. n. bt 
by one parent only.-/™, halfn 

HaU^anT. hS'pea-i, n, a copper 
worth half a penny. 

Htlitit, hol'1-but, — .. 

a targe ids- ^■■^ 

BalUlri^ Halldnla, AlUda, hal-l-ld 
HalhL bf-lin)', hf^lo', inl. or n. a loi 

Hallgw, hal'S. v.t. to nalie holy ; re 
BaJlndnaUoB, h9-13-Bl-n£'«hnn. n. 6 

limp; hesitate,^ 
HUtar, hilt'er, n. a 

HllT^ hay, B.I. to divide Into hal 

HlltM, hivz,n.pi.orlialf. 

Baljarj, hal'yard, n. rope lOr balatlng 

Bun, ham, n. hJDd part of the 1 

™iir for 'a hone, Id which the 

Hamlet, ham'let, n. cluatflr of cottagca. 

. ebb, hir, mUfr; loa. Inn; Od^r, 


r. n. A tool f«r beat^tT. 

Btnn, bun'pf r, n. a largo I 
Haaitilic. hwD'atiing, n. k 

HuL tuad, « 
which point/ 

DBtHoe.— JJ-'. mill j>. 

hand'kiif. «. felter for the 
B.r toputhindcnffaou. 

Hud'rfil. n. H Dltu^h H fills 

1: fmiU quantity, 
bund'l-kap. n. race In which 
tor homea arc wcigbtul to 

aUaarpal, tiaod'f-kapt. part, welght- 

aaUaarpal, tiaod'f-k 

■^ hang'ker-chif. n- dotb 
for wiptqg the faoe, Ac 

bj which ao^hing fa held: 

jthioj! lo UkB huld of. 

HubiaU. HantaiaUai. haud'mtld, .n. 

__. liberal.— adv. huiinnlr. 
Bandaaika. hand'auDi. n. noodcii lerer. 
"--"-rfUBf, hind'nt-ing. n. peculiar 

.....J of vrltlog: autofiTaph. 
Bub, hanrl'l. o. deiterons; conven- 
_lthl.—ad<,. haiidn7:— n. haadisiai. 

Uf. hang, v.t to auapend; decorate 


oe anapended; depend.^;!.!, and p. 
p- btand or hnig- [aword. | 

Ufir, hang'«r. n. ahort, broadi 

Off. (ftne: flae. ptill. up: dU. oat; thin. 

BufiBn. Iiaug'iuei, R.j'f. drapery, 
Ac..forii.allB. ler.l 

BMnu, hang'men, n. an e.eonlion-| 
Hani liangt. n, two or mora skeina 

Baakar. h»ng'ker. ».(. to long tor; 

drave.^n. hauuing. 
Hai, liap, n. chance; lortnoe. 
Hat-luiud. hip-baz'frd. n. chance ; 

flailH(,hap'lea, a.nnlDck)'; onhippj. 
Haply, iiap'li, aih. perhapa. 

bringing pieaauro.— min.'hamilf. 
Haraagiu, h^-rang', n, an oniflop ; ad- 

Bud, Urd, a. Brm ; aolld : difficult : 
palnft.!: aevere: lal>orioiiii,-odo. 
Tlth difficulty : urgently : labori. 

calSli..— IP.J. 'togroK hard* 
Har<-hBarttd, UKrd-hllrt'ed, a. nnfeel- 

inc; cTuel.—^, ktid-liauttdaiii. 
HaidUwol banl'1-liud, n. boldnesa: 

aodadtr. [scarcely: harahly.! 

BatdlT, Mrail. «di. with dinco)t)':| 
HuliUp, bard'ahip, b. rigor: aoy- 

tbtug hard to bear, [Iron, ic.l 

Barlnn, hird'wftr. ■. ware made oil 
Bartj, bVdl, a. itrong : brave : ro- 

bnsi; aiidaclouB.-nJ^. hatdUy;-". 


Hum, biirm, n. iiijiir)>^ 

to fojare. 
Bumhl, biirm'ial, a. hurt 

bnrtiol: mi harmed .—a< 

in harmony. — t./. to mabe barmonl- 

Ota; In mime, aupply harmooy lo. 

-IbiaMir. hilc'mp-nr n. agrnmeut ; 

Hut, hirp, n. itTlnBed imlrumentof 
tDDBic— v.i. to play oa the harp : 
dwell ledlouBlj ou anytliing. 

Huja, Hai^, huip'^r, -lal, n. a play- 
er QD the harp. 

HaTTttn. hat-pdDD'. n. a b«b«d dart 

Har^, hflr'jn. n. fabulouH r^taelona 

Barrlv, har'i^, n. doe for cbuiug 

HalMT, har'e, it. frame with (eeth for 
farai^lDR aud imoothlDe ths aod.— 

an; afflict. 
Banr, har'l. vJ. lo nva«e: haraia. 
Hank, hsrah, a. rougii t blttet : ae- 

Rut, blirt. fl'. i^^J«r. ' 

HaiNtk. bai'pk, n. maCor iniablon lo 

kneel or Bit oo. [tobaTlJ 

Haita, hist. •>. Bpeed'i hnrry7raihneBa. 
Bat, bat, n 

a. hurried: quick iraab 
-ode. haitaT;-«. butt 

covering for the head. 

HaUk, hacb, v.t. to shade a plcti 

Hiteh, hach, n. a half.door ; opening 

BiUhat. hsch'et. ti. 
Hatdinr. bacb'iil 

with ill-will. 

dlalike Intensely, and 
.n. eitreme dislike ; 

a.eidtlDg bate; od-! 

Hatter, bat'^r. «. one wh 

Biuli^. hi'tl, a. preod; 

adv. hnghUIr;— «. haii( 

H*fM. luiT'pk. It. devIBlallou : 
Haw, hft, K. berry of tbe Lawtbor 
Hawk, h»k, n. name of 
■cvcral hlrda of prey ; J» 

H»wk,'bik, «.(.To^y *■., 
aboqt ror lale.-e.f. lo .^SAT 
eipel phlegm from Iha *^E\ 

Hawkn, hak'«r. n. oae ^ 

n-ho carriea goods ftir 

HawMi. hJiE'er, n. a email able. 
Hawthorn, hi'thfirn, e. dwas th 

Bhmh need Ibr heditea. 

Bay'-eM. bl'kok. n. amall pile of 
HaylBf, hil'ing, n. act or lime of 

log Lay. 

Hay-iigk, hi'rik, n. loni;ptl'iDf bay. 
Hay-itaek, ha'atak, n. brge conical 

e. glr, add. lirm, sik. Ul, v^i; w^tn. ebb, hir, mak«T: let, Innj MQr, a 

n. kuu4 
But biz. 


iru. llketUebiuc]-ii> 

ir piirt of tho body. 

I, n. ^n In Ui« bead. 

bed'straiig. a. self-irlUed 

Minr, hed'wS. n. motion forinri 

H«i*-wiBi'hfid''«liid. n. «iua Id I d 

Sail, hed'l, a. Vilfnl: iiitnilcitiDe. 
"--i t#l, B.(, to Euce.-..i. to brmni 

Hnp, b^p. n. B pile ; 
Hl»r, hfr, u.i. to pHroei™ bj thi 

U, DbH: flee, pill, up: oil, out; I 

Hsane, iidn, n. cairiage f 

Ihut-ftlt,. hSrl'falt, a. felt at hesrt. 

: hulUi;.— adn. h«itilr:~ 

Uml oyergrnwQ with bMth. 
ir««thm. WWn, B,»p«e™ — a-pigiii! 

ithtnjidL Mtt'n-lall. 
UuingTo, beathflDS. 



'n-11, a. Uie, or of, beir- 


n. Imvlng welghl ; op- 


eb-ilom'a-dat, n, weeUy. 

Hnitii, bsktpr, n. H hero: awagGe'er- 

~v.t. to bully. —T.i. to Bwig^er. 
Hldg& hef, n. > fonce of growing 

hedge; flnrronnd; gnard. 

a, a*: est.Jeti kin, sin: obip, azfib)!!!*. 


"tlS^JfdVu^'ed .^Mh 

Htmlotk. bem'lok. n. ■ polaoDoaa 

™»l''iriU.'priot- ^^^ 

H^^'hM, «.(. to Ob- ^^^^ 

flowing of blood.— o.hunonfcirifc 
flo]!, hemp. K. plant with fibrooB 

^TtTB; utteiid to.-H. Mltutlon; 

batK uaed for making ropes. &c. ; 

the prepared flbres. 

SnUll, hWfU, «. altenti™ ; »nHoii«. 

HoL heu. n, the female of birds. 
Eulia», hBn'bta, n. ft plant polaonona 

siiM^ hSd'te-fiTiLtteDUveTi*"- 

Ian. —Olio. luallHili:— ". kwdlw- 

BnM, hone. adr. f^om thie place, time. 

or <:anee,-i«!, begone 1 

HmL iiil, n. lilnd p.r( of the foot; foot: 
Wad i»rt of Buytbiag,— c.(. to 1«d 

heni-for'wsrd. adn. from tblB Ume 

forth. jtheUver.l 

flleht <S^Moluunnied ft'om Mecca, 

Htpttfe, bepal'ik. a. pertaining to! 
Etrtagm. hep't»-89n, b. plane flgore 

Jnlj M. BM ..D.. Itom wblch 1> d»t- 

olaeven angle«.-a. h.,ttraaL 


HdfH, bfi('fr.n,i.youi,E«.>v, 

i™rd«; uytblDg elewted ; ft hill; 


HaraU. ber'^d. «, ao offlorr who 

H^^bt^^^W m*t« higher; 

make* proclamalloni : one who bla- 

Eemoiii. hS'un., a. wiy wicked: Oi- 

HwildTT. Lot'^d-ri, ;. sdence of bl* 

Krant; mtrociooB. 

loning coata-of-amu, Ac— a. hw 

Soi. », n. ana who InheHts uotber's 

proiiertj.-ftM. iMbmt. 

Hmb. irb. c: liirb, i... n. punt of 

Sail, held, p.1. and p.p. of te boll 


ail, heL «. the ibods o( *vil aplrtts: 

collecUon of dried irianla. 

»g«.bUng-lwu,e.-a. hsDuh. 

Bnkaliit, hirb'^-tat. n. one who atod- 

HellaK h*l'm.ik, or -en', o. pertain- 

lea or collects pttnw. 

ing U> the HeKeneB or Qreeit. 
HriBL belm, «. bundle or a ghlp'. 


Bilm. Bdnut. helm'et. "■ ^^ 

on phnte. 

BanmUan, b*r-ksll.»n. a. of great 

atrengtb or size : eitremelj ardu- 

stove amotiR «>« Spar. V^M 

B«ri h*rd. n. a collecliou of beaaM: 

BS™«'p!V<'to'ii1d: M. <^^^ 

bJIu^ hSrdB'm^n, a- one who 

Bid; Hnpporl ; relief: svoidance. 

Sa,M, help'ffll, a. giving help; uae- 

Ben, bSr. nde.'ta thia plM« or .hitt. 

Hmabont, hSr'^-bout, ode. ahonl or 

BalEleu, hrip')ei>. a. without help; 

near this plioe. 


HtlTi, h^T. «. hudle of ■□ lie. 
H«n, hem, n. edge of cloth folded down 

Henat, hSr-af. odr. at tbts. 

HtrtW, hSr-bV, adv. by tlile. 

lug bT'inherttanee. 
Baik hsr'ln. od.. in tbt.. 

hem on; to borderi" .umund. 

ice. BlT. >dd. Krm, ftA. U, 11*1; >evSre, ebb, hir, mlk«r: loe. Inn; Sdpr, 01. | 

Heiw( bAr-OT'. adu. or this. 
HoiiT, huT'e-ni. a. error lu doctrlDP. 
Hmti^ h«r'e-Uk, n. oca vho boidi 
aiw dociriaes.— a. lintt'iML 

BtnUAl*, liJr-b^lBr'. mlc. rurmerl;. 
Bmun, her'iip-oii, odi. oti Ui[b. 
Htnwitk, h^-wll^', K. ; -wltU'. u.. ads 
wfthlhli. riuherltsd. 

BXAOb, h«r'l-ta.|)l, a. th>t n»r be 
britBfl, befi-t^, n. tliM whiuli U In 

E»rtt,hL- - 

Blmttkn, bir'mlt-^, ■, i 

SuiU^ b^r'Dl-5, n, ft riTptni 

cbW pertoD of a uamti 

^Sliig bird. 
Bnlu, her'ing, 

Hatinilix, hst'^r-o-dak 
to eaUblUbBd doctii 
— n. hffUrtdoxr. 

HtUncmtodi. tiet-^-<i-je'De-n>, a. ol 
uiouei klDd: compouQd of dfsAlm- 

bafaloa by cliippi'ng.— 

p.i. Umi-.-p.p. hnrtt / \ 
orhwra. / \ 

pluia annre of III HI- \ / 

8l«.— a, bmt'ouL » ' 

HidB, bid, rt, skiD of a qnadniped, 
HideBoiDd, bld'boiind, a- bavlug tbe 
hkiD too tigbt. 

Biennb, bl'fc-srk, n. raler Id ucred 

BmnhT, hl'^r-Srk-l, n. ROTernnwDt 
byprieHta; the pTieBtbQod or clar- 

HiUHlnh. bI'fr-9-KlU, HllM^jtUl, 

Blfcb. bU'l. «.'. to b« difficult in bic- 

gainidg- cbHflfer' 
Hich, bl, a. lotty; emlnenti chief: u- 

rogant: etroDg : 6f»T.—adv. Aloft; 

Hl(k-kna, brbAni. o. of 

Hiib-bud«d. bl'hand-oi 

^g; liuleiit. (glon.l 

ffilUudar. bri»iid.^r. «. miublUnt of 
{heblfltalud, ap. oIScotteDd. 

Btroogly. I 
, degree ; I 

II, up; oil, oat: tbia. IM; get, jet: 


uBBd nithout H GDDdosBer. 
High-ml, hl'rAd, n. g public ro 
Hi<h-itlriM. U'lpirit-ed, a. 

Hpinted: qoick'Umpend. 
Hl(k-ntn, Viik'ter, n. gre 

lielBht or Ui« tide. 
Highw«r, hi'wi, n.B pnblio ro* 

Bilt, tillt. n. huidle. 


1 or contempt, [bqshri 

It. Bt, I'nl. denunaing alleDoe; 
t, blB-tO'ri-fu. n. a writ 

Httknwwd. blM'^r-ir^rd. odr. 

wardii thlH pUce, 
Hhi, Idv, n. iwsrm of beea In « 1 

HblH. Hlilo. bln'dij 

Hliica. lilDj, n. Joint ( 

I Biigg«at Indirectly. 

Uf, hip. n. tbe liuiDcli; Joinliig of the 
tblgb to the Imnk. 

bip'9-dram, n. drana tor 

o-pot^^mqa, n. 
large Afrioko 
[in, bir. ». price 
paid for aemce 

BDB»ge tor payi bribe, 
nliic, Uriing. n. a bin 

r-aflt', -MM, a. b 


salt or Ide*. 
lobfiUiB. bob'soi 

a cblld to ridei pet piu. 

n. a RhenlBb wine! 

I, lUfkDB-pA'kUB. n. 

U, Tlfli nevlre, ebb, bit, mik^i las. Inn; Odpr, ox. 

Eog,l"ng, n. Bswliifl, 
Htglilh, liUK'lBh, a. Uke 1 lio 

llttiliwJ, bogi'ed, -lieil. n. a 

B^i4*r. bol'l-di, : 


-tower of Uwmal- 
Hdmat. boi'9-ktat, hoi'-, n. ■ nbol 

tit, bOl'Si™. ". HdraetQBii'i CH 

', hO'll, a. monll}' pure; laenA^ 
^ "MM. [foreUMter. 

ic hOOi-irek. n. Ebe vevi be- 
ham'fj. n. Kt ol IMt}- : rei 
nnuDB; wanblp. 

— TL pertalnttig to bonie : cloflfl.- 

HmdJmi, bOm'les, a. wltbont & hami 
BtBtlf, bOm'U. a. hmllUr ; plain 

r hem*-, li9-mS-op'^lhi, i 
>i tKfttlDg dLBHbfle b^ drug 

Hdhbt. hdD'l, n. Bweet liquid collected 

m\ huD'l-kOm, n. ia>B> of 
cells Duule b; beef to bold 

moQtb ifter nurriue. 
ilanejnBikk, buu'l-ank-l. n. oUmMug 

■bulb wltb tubulAr flewen. 
H»B«r, on'flc, n. esteem pud to worth ; 

tegrlty! diBtincliOD,— In pi. prlTl- 

(bur hlsteit trump ardt. 
Hnot, ou'pr, v.l. to eaieem highly : 

emit: Kcept md pi;, us dnft. 
BonnnUa on'pr-^bl, d. Worthy Of hOU' 
m bjprindpleguf honor: 

B«^ hftd, n. coverlEK for the LbIkI 

with s hnod, 
Hiedwlnk, hia'wlBRk, »,(. to hlind bj 

Hwfjh. "" 

lorny part of & befest 

lythlDK benl or curve 

M—a. hotkH.—n.t. • 

itob or bold wttb a book. 
H«r, bap, n. bud of vood dr met 

fleo^ bdbp. Sea VkMi. 

Ur. (Ana: asa. ptIL tip: < 

o,(*e; gei.jet; I 

■In; cblp. u{sb)an. 

lump.— B. ■ iHp on one leg ; ihurl 

bp. hop, n. climbing pilot witb blt- 

Ipr fluwcrs. Used in brewdng, tc. 
Itfa. hflp, V.I. to desire md expect.— 

of good: that nbicti iB bupcd far, or 
occBsloni hope. 
'«pafU, bdp'fbl, a. full of kope : axcit- 
iDg taops; piomiBiDg.— uiitp. luftfsl- 

Ir;— <i. bmfnlun. 
Htnbw, W^lei, a. n 
glTiiig no ground for 

Bant, bop'fr, i 


HonlB. hop'l. tr.l. 

iBPiMntiil. hor-l-ion'tal. n, pMUel »o| 
tm, bftm,n.b»rd pointed growtlion 
HD anlnul'fl heftd; my projection 

HtnrlH, bOm'pIp. n. a lively iiuie o 
Htmi.Tiftm'l, a. inide of. or like, hop 
HonMIK b^rol'^Jl. n. kIrucc trw 

RomMK bor'fl-Bliap. n. Mpect of tha 
plineta bI tlie hour of birth. 

HtrriUt, bor'l-bi. a. wnnlog honor ; 
Mgbicai.—adv. hornUr. 

-^v. bwiUlT. 
RmUo, hor-lf'A. n. cnaioH borror, 

fear; dread; eeneatlon produced by 
anything frightful ; cnnee of honor. 

RorM, hdrs. n. a aoUd-hoored quadru- 
ped: cBvilry: contrivance for carry- 
ing or Bnpportinff. — rJ. to place on, 
or fncolsh with, a burse. 

HorBilaek. bOni-bali. n. back of a hone. 

BontDU, hdra'mfn. n. one who ride* 

riding or training borBC* 

flDnaptwiE, hfira'pon 

Rarafl-Bhoi, li&B'ahdb, rt. iron ahoe lor 
BmmUB. h6ra'whlp, n. a whip to 

HntaUTA hort'^tlv, HBrtatgrr. hort'v 

HBrtiDilton, hort'l-cult-ynt, n. art of 

gardening.— 0. hortini'taraL 
Hortiniltoriit hor-tlj;ult'yiir-l»t. n. 

■toi^lngB. ka. [In general. I 

Hofian. hiyzbe-ri, n. Htookluge. &c..| 

■uangerB or gueatB kindly. — adv. 
Hotfltal, hOB'pl.t»l, ». building Ibr the 

SHpiUUtI, hoB-pl-tal'i-ti. n. kind en- 
tertainment of stranger* or gurata. 

gae»t.—/aa.itHm*.—>^n army; 

HiMin. boa'ta). n, person given aa • 
pledge for the Inlfliment of coadl- 
tioDB. [like: adTenH,.! 

BmtlU, hoB'tll. o, nnfricndly: war-| 
HoBtUiiy, hoa-tU'l-a. n. etite of being 
hoatlle.— In pi. BclB of warikre. 

Tant'wbohaa charge uf horflea. 

Hot, hot, B. having heat; very narm; 
ardent: pungent; Barj.-adv.iMj. 

Hol-b«d, hot'bed. n. garden-bed cover- 
ed wilb glaaa. 

ft, B>k. kll, vjfl: ■{*»«, Btab, b^. iDAk«r; I 

Bcmd, liound. n. & dog; bnnUug-dog. 

— v.<. tohout; letoii. 
H*v, onr, n. th« Mtb part of a d>r ; 

BaBM,baiu, n. ftdwelllng.pUoe; baUd- 
ing : iHiilIyi tndtng nns : branch 
of the legl^tnn. 

bruka iDto ■ bonae to rob, 
iHNhdl, hoM'liflld. n. fcmUjHting 
to(i[elher. — a. pertaiDluH to * hoiMO. 
hold. (keeps hoDK.I 

, bnalidld-^, R^ (me whoj 

iry of «ngiileli or mge. 

nrltait. honl'IUfi. a. InfMted witb 
wild beaiti. u ■ wUdernaBB. 

HibW. bDb'bub, n. d 
RiukitiT, bnt'al^r, i 

Hh, bd, 1L wrioT: a ibnnl: outcrr, 
HiC bnf. II. andden fit of aD«r.— dJ 

nrci, tobnllj; bliuter. 
Hlflik, bnTUb. a. ■nil)'; mmenit. 
Hu,taiig,ii.c.toeiiibr«ec]o«b'; keej 

SB(*,t>a). a. enonnoiu { 'lut.-^i'. 

tatlng. — n. 

', a. roentlnl; 

[uhw, bnm'biiK, n, K> ImposltloD; 
[orinm, boin'dram, a. doll; etnpldi 

with Ibe wlnga. ^ 

Atr. dbie; flea. pAU, np; fl 

t: UilD, 11«; gat, Jet; Mfi, Ha; cblp, aMihlnr 

I«Mur, a'nipt, a.: bfl'-. c, n. uilmal 
flnld : aUte nf niiiid ; diRpDsltion ; 

campl; with tbn liiiiaDT ot^ iadnlge. 
iBmocM, d'mor-lst, bfl'-, n. aoe who 
hu hnmot. [bumor; jaciilu.l 

m thelacb 

n. a lump or btmcb, ei 

„ [tWigB. 

H■rdI^ hur'dl, n. frune of InterlicerJ 
Hul, burl. c.t. to throw nith vloleDce. 
Hu^bnTlT, bnr'U-bur-U. n. tnmnlt. 
Birnh. hfi-rS'. bu-ri', int. of Joy oi 

Bpprovml.— c.f to utter itbnmb. 
Btrriiui, boc'l-k^, n. a t 1 o i e □ 1 

Hvrr, buc'l. Ti.i. to huteu. — a.l. tc 

Hart, hnrl. v.l. to glTfl pain to; Injure. 

—p.t. and pji. hBrt.— n. a wound ; 

HnrUU, hnrfHI. a. inJnrloDi. 
Hnibud, haE'b^d. n. a marHed man: 

Bubantauuu hna'btnd-man , n. a| 
Butekiry, hoz'b^Dd-rl. n. tillage : 

Buh. hnah, itit. or imp, ■l^encol b* 
BtUlI— c.t. to make HlSeut or quiet. 

BubbtEa, biu'tingz. n. 
iH beld. r. 

or like, boika; 

bl-dniB'Jfl. B. gonn 
itli Hhowy OowEM. 
tU'drfnt, n. dlarJiarge-pipe 



Br^ngaa, bi'drp-Jeu. n. a i 

HTingraphy, bl-drng'm-fi. ». art 
dfBuribing aad makiDg durta 
Beaa, rlvera, to — a. ijbtfnjk'n. 

flfdnnul, bi'drp-mel, h. llnuor mac 

BrdcraiMo. bi-droiu'e-t^r. I 

inn tlia apeolflo graTitJ of fn ^ 
llqnidi. g|9 

Bytiopatkr. W-drop'»-tbl, n. |t*a 

BrifHtatlM. M-drQ-ab 
treatlDg of Holds 
at ™t.-n. hTta- 

' *^ll ^*d^|:ea2t ^ 
i BnkB^ bI'Jl-«D. 'n. 

/Ika, n. science 

Iw, glr. add, Krm. ^k, Ul. tlfl; aerSn, abb, hir, mak^; loa, Ina; Od^r. ox. 


[jinn, Sl'fcn. 11. the mirk 
(ojoln tliBp»rt« of » word. 
[TWhnliu. blp-Q-koD'drl-. 

b Ip-i7-kaii'clr1-ik , a. per- 
h^pocboQdrlk. — a. I^fo- 

HjjmlMj, hip-ok'rinf. n. Bimulition 
of difueorplety; aJulmnlMton. 

HnMrtto, hlp-p-krlt, n. one who piM- 
n>a hypoonar.— a. hjpKtif inl. 

HnMtuk. hipM'tt-iH, n. «nbiUDce, 
u diBtlDgnlBhed from appekmnce. 

IntltBUa, W-pot'e-nflB. y| 

rieht-uigled trtanglej / 

■at^i'.MoplRditewi BecQTlty; mort- 
EjiMluiiL hl-potii'e-iia, n. lometbliig 
mpposllton.— a. hjpoUnt'- 
Uei^. Hrrtnlaa. bla-ter'- 


BTrtirlM, BnUrie^ bli-Mr'lt 
peHidDliig to. re»enibUii«. o 
ed with, f^iteriL 

letler of the ilphtbct: H • 

lei-hnut. in'botig, n. honae for kcep-| 
I«iiBetni|hy, lkpn(('r»-fl. m. gronud- 

Hblcli treats of fiah«*, 
Iriitt, I'bI-H. b. bunglug iDUa of loe. 

cepaoB.—adB. UuiUt. 
IdialiH, i-di'fl-lz, T.t. to form In Idea; 

Utiliuii, I-de'^-lzDi, n. doctrine tUM 

IdoM only. 
Uulitj, I'de->1'l-tl, n. tendeney uid 

Uutl««l, l-d«n'tl-k^, ailteverjMme. 

Uh. Idi. In ancloat Rome, tbe 
IStb Ax! of Uarcb. lUy. Jiilf. Bud 

»CdBM; iUe, pftU, op; oU, ont: tbln, a.9: get. jet: klo, aln; oblp, M(«li)nr8, 


lUnrmur, id-l-O-alD'kr^si. n. pecn. 
livrlt)' of WUr ar nienUI constltD- 
tlon. [lBhi)Br«im._a.idl«'k.| 

Idiot, Id'l^. n. ID tmbecUe or tool- 

UirtCT, ld'l-a(-8i, n. Imbecility: folly. 

lUt.Pdl.a.naeinpJajredi nienetuli- 

bar: trifling; nHleu ode. idly;— 

1. iilaNi.-~r,i. to be Idla.-P.i. to 
spend tdlT.->. idln. 

Ual, rd^. R. an iiuige uroiililppeii ; 
penon oc tblog siccBuvely loied. 

Ilriitn. I-do1'9't«r. •>. a woriblpper of 

Holitry, l-dol>trl, n. worBhlp of 
idolB; excesalvs love, — a-IMttJDlft, 

UoBm. I'>)^-Ii, r.t. to iDie to ci<:hb, 

HfU,Tiil I'dU, n. Htinrc picturesque 
nirmtlve poem — a. idyll'lo. 

If, ir, and, nlielher: siippoalng that. 

Itnsnu, iB'ne-Qi, a. pertilulog to, or 

Igiii-lktDiu, ie-niB-ht'yniM, n. Ii(tht 

niiirlby plBces.— pi. linei-flitnJ. 
Igiiti, JB-nlt'. T.I. to liliidle.—ti. Inil'- 

Om. [bMe: mr»a.— adv. iaMj.l 
IgidUt, Ig-nSlil, a. of low birth -,1 
IgjomiBT. lE'no-niiD-1, b, public di*. 

gracfl.' — a. igii«iilii'l«ii, 
Igiuiimiii^ Ig'Uo-re'mui, n. ha Ibuo- 

IU-n»t«M. 11-nil'rnr, 
pee.lHhneM.— n. Ul- 

HIo^mJ, ll-loj'"k»l%° 

m^Mund. Ifa'tkrd, a. 

niodt, ll-ldd', rj. to mock: dc 
ninnia. U-ldm', DhiMiH. U-lt'i 
' ' ' ~- illgbtui: Mil 

nnlncky : do- 

liuk II 

iWng^t^ brigbtn«»: dli 


Igigrut. lg'iio-r«iit, n.vitl 

edge. — ado. ijntnuitlj-, 
Igian, iH-ndr'. v.t. • • 

mnitntioit, 11' li 

lUubittn. 11-1 
niutrtML 11-lni 

ni-will, U-»ll', 

o tur\ 



ni-tknnd, il-fe-Turd. a. lU.lookitig :, 
niHml, ii-llb'fr-»l, B. Dol geoerou. ; 
niUTOii-mindBd. — n. aifttr 

laagwy, lra'(i]-rl, n. Bgnre"; " 
the IjDSiglliiltlnD : melnplion. 

iDsgiuUL Im-^', a, lbs 
be innglned. rnol 

iBiciBirj, lm^^J1-Il^ri, 

iDftCinataan, Im-ftJ.l-Di'el-uj,, ». ««.» v 
imiiglnlDg ; fftcalty of imsgluiiig 

iBlIiiiitlTt, Im-al'l-ua-liT. "• Rlien ti 

ImiglDnUon: tnlloflmwUiktlDU. 
Ivuqil^ 1m.«)'lii. c.r. to form ui iiuagt 

to form mental Imjiges; cuiii:elifl 

ImbHUe, Im-bea'U, im'-, n. ferble ii 
body or mind, — <i.ut Imbecile per 
ion.-n. ImbHll'itr. (in • b«i.| 

InM, im.bed', r.t fo pl»» or elnk, u 

■o*. |lr, add, krm. gik. tU. nfl; mffrtm. e 

■ ■ Im'-mer-tsl.'?.' not tatiieci 
: impeMBiubls. 
Im-mflr'^l-K, r,l. to make 

iBman, iin-TD 


■wrfNt Im-pte'fekt, a. ugt porTeFt -, 

DiarltatloB, Im-p^T-reh'Bbnn. n. qnall- 
fy of being imperfePti defect. 
npwUl. Im-p«'rl-»l, a. pBrUlning to 

iHr.dble: Ah. pbll. np: oil. ddI; tbin. tU: gat.Jet; blD, iln: cbip. 


.e point : fllppuit ; 

^.^-^^^'b^bl. o. Ihll 

Infill, im-pinj', v.i. to >triks ignin 
'-ifiaM, lm'pi-ii«, a. Irreverent •- 

wacda Ooo; proAn«, — n- impiv 

UN, injl'tt?. 
iBflmUt. im-pli'k^b], a. not ta 

■ppeued; nureientlng. 
-Jiriint, Im-plHit'. V.I, to ptont or 

fnto,— n. tn^ubilin. 
Jmytai, Im-pRd', e.l. to lua tX l»w. 
Anpluunt, lia'ple-meat, n, a tool i : 

Imdluta, Itn'pU-kit, v.l. to Involv 

Ainn pu-ttcipetion. 
Isnlitttion, Im-pli-ki'shnn, n. ict of 

i^pUatlng; enUnglement: >ct of 

iDfiUta. im-'po-llf, a.nndyll; 
n. lufoIUatn. lor i 

ImpoUtu, Im-pol'itii, a. Dof 
ImptnlanUa. Im-pon'd^r-f-bl 

Lapoadnflu, Im-poo'der-us, a. 

H-tlgUtt llgbt. 
IiBHrt, im-iidrt', >t.(. to brl 

■broad : to ugnliy : be o 


Initrt. Im'p.irt, n, tbut vbli:b la It 

parted: ■Iguifiatlou: CDuseqneuc 

Impnttnt, im-pdr'tyjt, a. ot moi 

lBip«rfc«, Im-pdrt'^r, n- oue who ii 

InftitDUtt, Im-pArt'yn-nft, a. ore 
— vaiag, urgent.— n. iniMrtai'nitT. 
tmii, im-ppr-tan', r i. tt> urg. 

IvpoM. im-pOi'. D 
ptHcaoTer: UAjn 
Impodig, ii 

■ be ia^—n. ii 


Bt'fi^r, n. deceptioii; 

'iSTpiundruke i^'iseMi™ 

Imp«T«iilh. im-pov'^r-Jah, o.l. 

-■--tt- eihHUBt-— n. impomif 

utiiabla. liii-pnik'tl-k«-bl, 

bsouable. — n. imprartLnbi]' 

eB'n^bl, a. thMeui 



Impregiuti, Im-preg'iiBt, v.t. to iKun^ 

tUt«: impart H portion Df, 
Impnteriptftl*, im-prs-rtirlp'ti - b l . a. 

tirorltjT" ^° 
Imireu, ira-pree', v.t. to mark by 

unprcu the mi 

■ee, $Ir. ndil. Srm, f|ik. Ul. Tlfl: •{TSre, e 


it, im-pnaiDeijt. • 

" lin-prob'i-bl, a. not llkel) 
— n. mrnUU'Jtr. 
BpnbitT, Im-prob'i-M. n. dfahoneat] 
uy y lu , lm-pn>iDp'ta. a. wtthou 

Gompositimi, npmrle«^ or pogm. 
DiniaT, km-ptop'er, a. not beconn 

log; UDIHlt^le. 

ImmprlrtT, im-rro-prt'e-tl, n. niibt 
ounldgdewi; auanluUcueM. 

IninpcUtt, Im-prO'pri-Bl. v.f. to ■[ 
proprlite to prlnte hm, 
DRniU*, lm-prdt>T'f-bl. a. tlist ma 

Birrrt. Im-prdbT', v.l. to mete b*1 
teri Has to ndvuntage.— ».(. to groi 



Word! componuded witli It, 
>t fouud below, nas be tx- 
by mddlng not. or mini of. 

pla]D«d by mddiDR ne 
■— ■]-».Wl'i-ll,a 1 



Iwrttlt. ln-»d.T6rt'e 
intlte; besillaas — n. 


, — -«p-pre'Bb(-bl. a. tbut 

lupl lp-*pl', a. not ipt or St.-ii. In- 
■fUtnlB. [•iDce; Hslugtblt-I 

lutncutl, iD-t'syA-T^. a. pertaiuliig 

to Ml liiaugnratlnu. 

InMnnt*, ln-a'g;t-rat. v.t. to Induct 

into an ofllco : cHooo to b«slD,— n. 

■■■". Itnre.l 

. a. Implsnted t^ u-| 

.kkl'kfft-l^bl. a. tbM 


^»[•'*•^ Ira-pro-Yli-. v.i. or r.i. w 

lompOBO wlthonl preparation ; da- 

iBMrndsni, Im-pTxA/dent, a, not pm* 

dent; Indiscreet.— 71. impiBdMlM. 

Imt lm'prt-<1ent. a. wanting 

deaty; luaolantj pert,— n. imm- 

_». [InqnoBtlonl 

mpirn, Im-piln', ».(. to attack ; call[ 

ImnlH, Im'pula. ImpnUoD, Im-pul'- 

— a. inJiolliTt 
lm-pan'1-fl. n. eiemptloif 

.— n, liBBBritT. 
im-pfl-ta'afiun. n. act of 

lug witli beat,— _ 

- "m, in-kan-ti'sbun 
; apell; maflie rite. 
_ ., ..., lB-Wp»-b]. a.naab1e 

qmllBBd.— B. tsiapakirUT. 
-— "«»ta, In-kj-paa't-tat, 1 
B inoiptkble; dlaqoallry. 

t; tbln.tU: gat, Jet: Uti.alD; cblp, fti(>b|iin. 



«, ^T, add. inn, s*t. U1, n^; tprtn. ebb. hte. miik^; 1 


latnnvt^ In-t^r-nipfl-bl, a. not 
currnptltiie; not to be brtbsd. 

kdvuce,— D.t. to nuke Itigei ; td- 

latnut, In'kita. n. growth ; (Dbirge- 
ment^ advuioe* addition; produoa. 

^.Mat, in-kro-iiK-- - 

■ddltlon: Itut wkii 

idnudtT, . ._ 

agilnat loH or peult)' ; compoDSB 
tlon for duoaga. 
iBlmt, 1a-d«nV, < 

ought hj a grmud 
t 1n-dlPfr-«Dt, a. not dlffer- 
iDferinr qnalltj. ■-n, lalifntDM : — 

iB-dij'e-nna. a. utira to a| 

San^ in'iU-jBDl, a. newly; poor.— 
■ — u.. .„■... '— '-nn, n.aefectl»e. 

, -dirnMit, a. fllled wit 

■Dger or diBdaln. 
Inllfutia, in-dig-dC'(hnn, n. uiee 

InAiprtdK lD-dl*'pTli-t«-l>l. a. tbat 
«n not iU iJlaiiDted- ccrtitn. 

^ Co-lrt-bl. a. tbit am 

looHd or broken ; binding 

[p«ai wrlte.l 

lolito, in-dlt', >!.(. to dletatei oom-l 
InJiildiul, la-di-Tld'yi-fl, o. uot divid- 
ed; (Ingle- pertaining toooe.— n.a 
■tnKle perion or thing.— adr. tidl' 

a. tM: set, Jet; bin, ain; cblp, ai(ih)are. 

Btroot iu doctrina- 
Uaat, la'd^lent. a. ilotbfal ; dig 
posed to cue i HlugglHb.— n._ iait 

tbttlndno . . 

blsatha, In-dok'afann. n. introdnc- 
Mod; FSksonlOE rrom particnlira to 
generali.— a. jaJioiitiTB. 

Iii4u. in-dfl', V.I. to Invest; anpplr. 

laliln, in-duU'. v.(, to jieU tu me 

lodnlciDt, lii-dull'eu't, a. yleldluRt 
complluit ; uot aerere.— n, inlnl- 

Ini^ti. In'dji-rBl. harrieii.— 
1. dlllfientl 

pedjent; mjn 

dlctoii.,-H. b^nM 

n. pnbUc dlHRrace; 


11. -U. ItfUliB. id'. 

eum; corrnut 


idutiT. In'dna-til. ii. dlllgi ._ 

bor;labor, [drook.! 

uWltt, m-iOirl-Et. v.t to make 
laMati. In-fhti^At. a. driinkea.— n. 
. Inihciitlgn, isa- 

n-erj-bl, a. nnspcaliable ; 

' ■'""cribed. — adv. ineffkhlr 

f-agb'cDt, a. uot eb- 


toby wbicb it tend 

lot to be I 
IPixptdint, in-eka-pt'dl-eDt. a 

InhnaL tu-ttr'ni 
hetl; devil lab. 

Inftrt, In-real', r. 

InHd, ln'fl.del. i 
belleilDg Cbria 
Itever, fip. In C 

InSklity. in-e-del 

Inflltnt*. la-ivtr 
pores. -n. iaiut 

iBliita, in'fin-it. c 
ilcd.~n. Infln'it 

InflnitAabnal. io-flr^ 


-n. SD InfloiMl; amaQ 

ipreaaea Idea wltbunt 


m'n-ii. n, ■ hoapital. 

II. Ti^; BQran. ebb, 1i£r, mfth^: 1c«, iiiD; M^, o 




(C; enwrap: 

. n. ut of 



teak :' vto- 




iBIIiIriau, in-glO'rl-iu. 
uot diBCltignlatied, 

iBESt, iU'BOt, n, OHM [ 

..(. lo dj'fl b 

fii dwplx.— «. ii- 

Inkibit, In-lub'lt. 

Inhamit. Jn-hSr'eat, i 

iJmi iQ-bl 

Fi. i^U'tioL 

Inkimu, In-bam' 
BlbniUbli. tn-ini': 

n, flnt letter of m nor 

«-b1, a. tbut can i 
Iv. IslmttiUr, 

Mod In piiaclpli 

J'Uatln, Ini'UttHT. 
.1. to firow info; 

Ing; liquid lD.iectfd: FljBter. 
&l)lui((lNl, iD-jimgk'abun, n. dm 
nundi pceoept; writof problblUou 

hurt. ' [age — n. l^ju'rioM.! 

Winr,lii1or-I n. wrong; l«rm;dKO.| 
Imutui, lu-just'iB, n.vtititol Justice; 

tlan. ' ' [1»]|.| 

itaturi. Ingk'Bland, n. veieel to luri<l| 

bl^ in'let. 

^( ^S™ 

TTilf , fn'Li. tvlQ. [Dwmidly; flecrell;, 

iu'maBt, a. fuHbMi fii; rteep- 
n, booBe of entsrtmlDnwnt for] 

fHhi>|- lu'ingn n. (am Tor valug the 

hMlo cricket, Ac [wilun.l 

Intam, in'iip'^r, ■. one who liee|w| 

pure; faanulrw,— n, iAMMOM. 
IinmiH. ln-Dak';A'iiH. a. not Imrlful. 

nomtliig; : 

. n, l<]t of in- 
^elly Introduced. 

'i-z<>h'na, n. ludtcMI 

luml Mr tbe tiiH of 

[inqnlry; curi™>.| 

IbtoU, In'tOd, K. sadden lunsion 

IiiHnit4til«, in-HkrdB'li-bl 

out*, in-sen'ut. a. wiDtiiiB i 
r apnsibUlty; atopid. 
oiJUt. iu-Ben'al-bl, n. withniil _.__ 
If[: MDHlCBfl ; iDiiWTceptlbte bf 

inelaatJoD: Bim. [k 

■ '.t, Ul-na'me^»-W. n, coa 

In-ok-yn-Ui. v.t. to Inie 

nqq in K stock : aflect wltb di» 

b]' inaertina nutter snder the a 

■~n. iunl«'ti«B. 

Indmu, in-o'dpr-na, a.ortthoutfln 

InilhniiTB, In-ot-fetiH'JT, o 

Iiin41stt«. (D-flc ... . 

iDBSflnlftta, in-os'kyn-lat, p.i. to nnU 

IiyiMt. in'kwcst. n. inqulrj-; Eearol; 

latniij, tn-lml'ri 

liit tn'Bid. n, Ite put 

the p«rt or spio 

. Blifbt wltbtn; clemr 

latlgsll, ln-Blg'ny», -nl-a. n.)>i. bad(ie«] 
InBguiilBBnt, in-Blg-niri-kjnt, a. witli- 

teipptlble,— n!'td.a.Uii 
BpiriC-n. hulpU'lt! 

Lutat. in-BlBf. T-.i. io 
gent; press wilhdj 

e, ^r. add, Knn. ||ik. Ul, Tifl; ■fvfre, ebb. b^, miliar; Ice, inn; Od^r, 


luusilk. lu-a9-miu:U', 

U|Wt impekt'. >.(. t 
HrHw, lu-spekt'pr, : 

specti: oOcUileuIi 
iilIntiiB. ia-Bpl-ii'Blian, n. tet of 

bnatliiDg in or iota: flttperidtunl 

, n-»Sl',' v.l. to pat In 

ili, In-Bled', ado. (n ptece of. 

Initai, ln'Mep. n. upper p»rt of the 

ft»l. (Lncite.— n. InitHi'lum. I 

lutdnU, In'iiti-gat, t.i. to nrKs on ; 

Laal, in-itU', i.t. to InfliiB by drops, 

ir rtowly. 

U«t, tn'atlngkt, n. .ctloQ not 
>Fompteil by tbongbt ; tmrenaoa- 

bjiogtlnet.- ,. 

Iu»il*, In'itl-tat. i.(. to 


a. iBlacnL 
Iit«(nt>. In'tf- 

oprlglitaeaa: purity. 
IntusDunt, iD-teg'yfi-ment. h. m nitu 

ral eaierins. [iiDd undentuid. I 

IltdlMt, In'tel-ekt. n. pooer tojudne' 
btdlNlnl ia-t«]-«kt'ya-Bl, a. pertain. 

Ina to, or (riftad with, intellect. 
InttlllCHiet. in-tell-ieM. ». under. 

fltoadiDA: lafonnBtion. 
InWUgnt, In-tel'l-Jent. a. b.Tlni- re* 

, in-tem'p^r-anii. 

■^m. babltoal drnnbeaneBs. 
Ilttapinte. In-tem-p^r-jt, a B 

•.: tbin. K«; get,j«t; kln.s 

J, In-lfr-lird', T.I. 

bBtweeo: iDternili. 
Iitnlbia, In-tec-nn'. i-,(. to write or 

priatlwtween ttae Unta of. 
btaliimu', in-lf r-liii'e-»r, a. written 

ntn, In-t^T-lok'yn-tt^r, n. apfA- 

^AdtBlogne. itT: meddl^rl 

Intoliipir. ln-l«r-llV«r. n. la iiitrud-| 

1, Una. AHk, U1. v^l; aevSrt. e 

Int«l<i<>, in't^r-lart, n. 




Isttmit, iD-t^r-mlt', i 

Inttniatiiifltl. Id-I^i 

i.»flh'on-,l, n 

Istirpnt, in-tir'pret, t.l. to eipUn 

tnDBlBte.— n. intorntt'tion. 
IiiHrpHit«r, In-tir'pre-t^r, n. in ei 

denoting ■ queBtluB.— n. IstWTM't- 
&*. (whoqMBtiODB.! 

InttrrogltM, in-tcr'O-BSl-pr. s. onc| 
lnt«iotitei7, In-ter-ng'^-tp-ri. <•-.**- 
Inttrrnpt tn-t^r-rupt\ r.i. to atop by 
intertBrine; dlvifle.-n. blatrgftta. 
InttlMtt, lu-ler-nekt', b.I, to dtyide; 

~ ' In-t^-aek'Bbmii n. act uf 

b, bir. mU^; Ice, iDU; SdQT, a 

ntvtwliH, iu-ter-t. 
t«r-tirlat'. T.l. u> 

BWrd. in't¥r;V»l, B. aytfx bet' 
thlngH ; time between evejUe : 

tireeii; Inlerpon.— ». totarrui't 
nttnitir, In't^r-va. n. a meetiug. 
BtMtetl. iD-tee'tlt, a. d^g nil 

lotaMlu, iD-tea'tlu. 
Intdrtiml 1ii-Ib> 'tini 

iBthnLla-tliiU', v.l. 

Intimiti, lu'ii-mit.' 

I^^i*, lo'ti-m^t. a 

iBtndnee, In 

iDDOducing : 
IntrafMtlm, 1d- 

■■ 1. In 

-ttclbd', ' 

force iii 

mrd,— n, Intrtrn'iiiiB. 

IiMmUt,' ln-b>l'fr-»-bl, a. UAt ci 

InMlarut, in-tol'er-uit. a. uonble I 
endure: ilUbUBl; bigoted.— «. li 

iBtaiitbB, iD'I^ai'abnn, n. act nf li 

toning; madulalion uT Ibe voice. 
Inttu, ln-»n', v.l. or v.i. to utter i 

IsttlittU. in-lokli-kit.^ pl. 

ottlfy wilb 
it. n. dttcb 

Intnfa; lu-trep'id. o. tarl 

dauuted.— n. intnpdltT. 
IBtria^ ln'lrt-k«t. a. iDfaugled: per 

pleied; obacure.— B. hbititj. 
IlMCU. ln-tr«g', n. acheme ; pint 

IntvlBL ill-twin', Intwilt, Ti 

Isntilitj. Ii 

laralU, iii-vlii'l~d7~< 
laralid. it 

.. -lid. a. not al 

Innlltota, to-™i'-l-dii,'ir.l. tol 
lavalld orTDldi »eakeu.-n. 

InnluUt, In-Tal'j-fi a-bl. a. tbi 


rl-^bl. a 

InTaum. In-va'Ebn 

lBt«rtl«,' in-vek'tlT 
Inniclt, 1d-t^rI. d.i 

celt: &cult7 of Inientlug. 
Innntl™. in-Tent'iv, a. ready In ct 

IHvaoce. |llcleB.| 

iBMnUrjr. in'yen-t^rt, it. a liatof 9c-| 
laTatM, in-vSK', a. In tbe oppoaite or 

Sff. dtnei flee, pHII. npi oil, ont: tbin. MS: get. Jet; Uo, iln: chip, az(zb)n». 


lBTi(ti™t«, in-»lg'9-r»t. v.t. ti 

streuKtbeD-— n. inTigorttioii. 
InviiDiUa, in-vln'el-bl, a. nnl to h 

InMaW JD-rt'o-l^bl, a. Cliit may do 

iDvltt, In-') 
IniltiBg, in 

a, that »n not b« 
t.-n. bTtU'Uou. 

Iht^ibU^. In-vol'uii-ta-rl. a. not bv- 
iDg tbe powei of wUI: not done lu- 

InTdln, Iq-toIt', v.t. to Infold; eu- 

HTHp; Inelnde; comp»e»te.— n. li- 

labtlra. [nnnot bewoDDded.l 

bnhantilt, ln-VDl'n^-*-bl. a. tlwtl 

Inwtfd, in'mjrrt, a. iiiteni»l ; pliiced 

toftewer,— )>.i. tawtn ;— ji.p. inwoYt. 

iBirtMlhi )n-rtt'. o. wrOQKlit in or 
imonR ottin thinge; fignnd. 

IfldJni, K^dlD, n^ kn fllemeDtarj iub- 
Btan™. Liot.l 

Mtfi-O'tf,. n. ■ very (mall qiuiniity:| 

Imollile, l-raa'l-bl, a. fuUt uroroked. 

IntU, \t-tii. a. angry; wtotb. 

bub. ITUh, a. pen 
or Ita people —1 

itrumont made of iron ; It 
nitde of irou: faurd like ir 


>T delcDce, 

piBled nltb 
Iinj, I'r^Di, B. mode of Bpewb In- 

to iUnn 

bneUiniWi, Icre-kliiD' 
lltMMk^ltUt. Ir-rek-ijn-idl'j-bl 
ImocnnUi, lr-re-knv'fr-»-l)J, 

'K . 

ImftinUt, iT-rel're-g^-bl. a. U»t cmn 
IrrifnUkU, It-n-fyftl^-bl, -tat'-, o. 
IrMgnUr, ir-rpg')i-l»r, a. nol arcnril- 

— n. inanUt'ltT. 

Ind>T«lt,lr-r«l'e-T^t, o. not applica- 
ble or pertinent.— «. Imleiuitr. 

Imbcion, Ir-iG-igiui. n. iiuil of reli- 
gion. [luDS; UDgDd1}'.| 

Irrdi^HL ir-re-1iJ'UB. a. not reli^-l 
In»DalliUt. ir-re-mM'i-f-bl. a. tluit 

Irnptnblt. ir-rep'^r^bl, a. Uuit CID 

nol be repaired. 
lirtfrudbK, Ir-re-preal-bl, a. (bat cu 

IrnamaliiblB. lr-re-priV:li'a-b], a. not 
Itabletoreproadi: blameleaa. 

iRNiftUila, ir-re-iiat'i-H a. that can 
not be ancceialltDy raslslxd. 

IntMliU, ir-rez'D-lfll. a. not Orm In 
purpose. —n. i im iln'tian. 

a. itak. ill. Ttfl: a^tre. ebb. b(r, nak^r; lc«. Ii 

Tlfito, tr'ri'git. r.l. to molileii : 
Tlfitua, Ir^rl-gi'ilran, n. kI t 
tering. ap, lunda. {edi m 

Inlntiil, Ir-rlg'TA-na, a. well w 
baiU^ ir'ri-t»'bl. u.«Hilr pTO>. 

I. n. auytLiing tlul 

lilit* u'ri-Ul, II.I. lo provoke: ti- 
llalieat aud T«due» In.— n. irhU'- 

■rtitii. Ir-rap'Bbiiu. B. • bnrMing 

b^i, 'hird'^n." ug' pn« b* "' 
Ua(U«, rilng-uLa*, ». » fcindofqe1»- 
"ia. trQUDded with »Bt«r.| 

id, I'lvad. iW. n. n. luid 9»r-| 


uverad o[ repmlred. 


'tid'[-Mi. f-r. to prlut in| 
I'lks. n.pLkifdiifli/p^ which 


J, U. Itmtb letter ot tli< lapbstKl. 
IkbW. jBl>'«T, «.f. or r..'. to niter or 
— ■- -ipi.llj nid tudimurtlj.— H. 

AD, i]bz<: flie, p 

II, onl; tbin, W«; g«I.Jet; 1 

Itllti. jil'«r, n. TBI 
JtlM, Jal'flp, n. r 

wiie'eM closely, ' 1*0.1 

, Jim, n. aide piece of a flreplace.J 

CL>rdiujt& ; qnUTcl. — ft- A dls- 

JaalHtW. JUWT, jBn'i-za-ri, n. sol- 
dier ul the old l-nikiBb luoi-guirdB. 
latazj, jta'sii-^ti. h. Aral muuLb ot 

Jiru. i»-l>ini'. ". • btacli wid BlofBj 

J«t, Jir, r.i. to club: qusml; be iu^ 
lalHtfOt. — T..(. 10 ebike. — B. a 
Mug; discord: veiiol of BlMB or 

Jugos.Jiir'goii.ii, confused tilki Rib-I 
luaaat, jM'miu, n. gcoue 01 plauts 

Jtmr, ju'p«r. II. B liud atone ot vk- 

JUBdiM, jilu'tliB, n. diwue mirked 
1>7 jeHowDeM of the akin. 

jMLtj, Jin'ti. a. Biry; BlinBT, 
hielra, ]av'd-iD. n. abort Bpear hurled 

Jaw, a. n. booe in wLlcfa tbe teeth 
are aet: nioatb; cheek; ■Dylhlug 
like .jaw. 

In. ja, n. bird of the crow family in 
Enrope; bird of a bine color In 

gry at, rlTairy ; zealona to defend.— 

Jm, Jan, n, twilled cotton elotb. 
ittt, J«r, !.(. aod ti.f . to mock ; deride. 

— n. aacofT: bitlDBJcst. 
Jtkgnh, Je-lHI'va, n, Hebrew na 

Ood. [jajm 

JttOM, jfrjdbn', a. empty; barrel 
l3lr. Irt-l. n. auytbinii golstl 

Juice of (ynit boiled with anptak . 

apinuing.' ' tperll. 

Ixtai, jep'fird. ».(, to Tiak ; pnt In 
JieparfT, Jcp'ard-I, n. bBzird: peril. 
Jut, Jirk, v.l f) tbnw .>r poll Hitl 

le jet; 


uilsraetlle.— /nx.Jaw'aa 

J^jet, f., 


law', j*. n 
Jawal. ido- 

Jtwalir, Jrfb'el-rl, b. Jewela or (riat 

Jaw'i-lun, Jooa'barp, Jdbz'-, r. ai 
mnelcBl iDatruineDt with vibfatlos 

Jib. jib, n. trlanaiilir aall In 
M^bOMIl, Jib-hijiini', n, eitenal 
the bowaprlt, on whicb the 

Jiifjie. n. a llTely tnne or dS'^.. 

Jilt, jilt, n, ■ ftirl ! coquette.— 

encourage aud then Mjecl m lo 

Jiactt, JiDd'gl, B. a tinkling at 

JonkBT, jok'l, n irtiierofrii 
Jaeiiaa, jfl-ka«', a. given I 

I.— n- jomid'itj, 
Jat Jog, 'l- to shake; pnsh with thi 

illgbt abakei piuli. 

, ebb, htr. mdk^; loe, inn; Odpr, i 

Jtilt, joi»t. n. btuni HiBt aoppurtii i| 

'""- lol'l, d. uaerrr; giy: plump- — n. 

JltUi; JOB'l, Ti.(. to mu or'pusti>g»loat. 
'- '-Ln, i«Btysm.Uqiiaiitity.-r.(. 

,t do»n briefly. 

L Jur'nsl. n. ncord of ilillr 

[nnunnu, JaT'iil-mfD. n. i 

InM, Jilv'i»l, a. jnjoQ. ; merir-n, 
Jtriil'ltr. [hog: bendoraflih.! 

hwl, )ai. n. tbs cliesk; fK<i, fip. of b| 
in, Jol. B, gUdneis ; hsppluBM.— n.i. 
to rejoice. [of Joy; gl»d.| 

Jlyfiil, Jnl'rai. JoyosL Joi'na. a. ni]l| 
J^lM*. Joi'lo". a- without jor i rtnll ; 

hHluL ]cRl'l><-1»Qt. a. opanly rc)nlc- 
InUbe, jilb'bl-le, n. j«r nf relaae 

generil.iOT. [tlieJews.l 

rUalMl, ]A-d*'i-kf1, a. iKrulninH to| 
rod&bBt jdb'^4-1ziD, n. docIilbeB aofl 

Jrfp.]iiJ.r.i.tobMrBnd(leoldo; Rl.« 

nue uppalutfl ta lieiT and de- 
tntiiU JuJ'meiit, n. act nf judEdng: 

IlUllUrj, iiAi'dl-k^tp-rJ, m, parMo- 

IidlntutL job'di-ts'tar, n. power of 


twatting. Jn^RM or conns. 
Jilkiuy, }n-<)tsh'i-s-Ti, n. tbe Jndgei 

Aff. iHne; aoe. pill, up: oil, out; tliln. 

co]]iN:lirEl} : bnuicli of govFrumeul 

IvIMni, )£i-(litli'iui. a. muked bj 

IV' jus. "■ "esacl w'lli BwelllnB body 

luaiii. JoK'l. t^.f. to pucdae ilei^bt ol 
Gindi pL*y lUoslve tricks h. ui il- 

Jnnlir, lag'l^r. n. one who iwrformi 
iricto by Bielglit uf bi 

JudIu, Jdb'ffyb-lar, < 
the tliroM. — B, OQ 

jDlse, Jiibe, n. 

Iilai. Iiltp, Idbnep. 

JiiriiMaiBnfl(,,*<W>-ria-pr<fb'deiiHH n. tbef 
Jnrtit. JiftiTlBt, n. ouB veraed in tbe 

Jkm. jrfB'ror. Jurjinin, Jdb'rl-mjn, n. 

Jwx. JtibTl, B. body 

declnre tbe trntb 
iprlght ; TiRbteoi 

latOtj. jas'll-ll. 'J. to prnve to I 
Jn8£ocrlBlit;vipdicate. |byr]Hhi 
JuiUt, jiwl'll. adr. lu B Just mauuer 
jut Jut, r.iMo projfct. 
• "- jOb've-nll. a ■ 

S, ii. EleveoUl letter nf tbe i^pbubet. 
Kilt, kil, n, kkludorubbiee. 
UltUMDofi, kal-i'dv-ekdp. n. toy In 


Kh^u, kSp' 
Erfp. kefp, « 


kuon. — n. retch ot knDHjedge 
KhuuL ken'el. n- s bouB* for doff 
PBck of honude.— v.i-or r-f, to lod 

K>pL kept, p l SDd p p, of y k»f. 

Snibltt, ker-cblf. n. i clolb to cot 

the head, 
KnhI, kjm'el, n. snytblDg in a elie 

KuMT. k6r'ii. n. b cOBrae wooIpb oIqI 

Ktr-Uud. ki'bOnJ.n, rtngeofkerBl 

1 plBUO or oMu. 
S^-iota, k«'NA, n. rnDdimenUl Dot 

Middle -tone o/a« 7-r-7-X 

;S■k.>'l^»«'-. AiV-/ 

khB-l*CJ, n. iiome V ^V 

bv Ibe BDCfHHore otMoh. 
KhOln, ked-sv, (klied-ev'j, 
tbe ruLet of Egypt. 

the foot. [brbiK forth ■ kid. [ 

Kifaif. kld'iKip. t.t. to Bttai ■ buimii 

Kidaty. kid'nl, m. glami whieb n-. 
Kill, kll, o.(. loBliy; deitroy; quell, 

Klta-dri, ktl'drt. v.t. to dry In « Win, 
KUt. kilt, n. a Higlilander'a abort pel- 

bj blood ; relB- 


KiBl kind. n. 


take file ^ become ex- 

CUnl, kia'dred. n, pemmB rplatRl 
bj blood : cotatlmiihip.— o. nlitnl ; 

bliM-Mnnt, Dit-er'tut, 

EnifhthMd, Dit'h£id» n, rui! 

Kilfhtlr, ult'li. a. pertain 
beflttlDi;, m kulght. 

eethcr.— p.l. uid PP-bat ot kultM. 

KaOttt knit. H, ; noul.D, n.whlpuMd 

bow. DO. r.i. ti>i)ercei»e; be»equ»lnt- 

Eiowiain, n^'ej, n. UBii'red belief; 
■njitliing kuonu 1 iafarmatloD ; 

KnU^ Di'ik'l, n. jolDl ol (be Baget ; 

kuee-laiut of* alt— o.i. to jteld, 
KoniL kATsn. (Anb. kA'rgp), n. tha 



La, li, irU. depotlDK surprise, to. 

La. la, n. name of thn aiilb nol« of tbs 

ciliiy. [ibo bauds, as doiinb. : 

musical scale. 

Knnl. nM, n.f, to work and mti vrilhl 

LaM, li'bfl, n, slip of paper, to..wltb 

Kim, n*. n. joint of tbo leu and thigh; 

bent piece of timber in a abip. 

LtUal, li'bi-^. a. pertaiuiuR to tlie 

Kua-Hii, aS'pan, n, round bone of 

lIpB.—n. soond formed by the lips. 

Lrtm,la'b(,r. «,work; loll; tta.ail,- 

b^ uat'v.i. to fall or reai on the 

kaes.-p,<. and pp. kanlsl or kMlt. 

KmU, nel. B, sonndofa bfll rnnKata 

Lakorn, U'b<.r-?r. nT one who doea 

bard or rouRii work. oftokmr. 
Enii^knaik. ntk'nak, n. n triflo or ti>y. 

Lakyrlatk. lib-i-rlutli. n. plaoo tOU of 

tiuB--^. fcni™. 

Intricate ulndiDesi maze. 

fllT. rfK"; d", p4U. np: oil. ont; thin. 

HSieet.JPt; kin. sin; chip, anahjur*. 


Lumlhlaa'«r-iit,ii.r.t<>ruid; noond, 
LuhnfmMi, I till J nm. Id'it-mAe. a] 
-' '-'-'-• --It MlypBosive.] 

LtMua, LuOBk^ U-kou'lk, -&!. a. 
pltby; coiiclBS. ipUli; plirue.l 

'teat. a. persuing In m 

Ltiia, lid'fT, n. frame oi eUpa oi 

lain, li'iin, a. loadodi burdaoed. 
TAJiiig liid'iiig, n. tc«d; cvtao. 
UdlOa'dl, n. a dipper with a bandle. 

Ladr^, lii'dl-Bblp', n. tlU« of a ladT. 
Lag, !■«, •-.(. tn move alowlir; loiter. 

Lalaal, la'lk, -fl, a 

Laiil, Urd. n. Ill Scotland, a lord : 
Laitr, U'l-tl. n. the people, u dia- 

A, laiulicul, a. playtng over; 

Luibkiii, km'Ua. n. a ynuDg lamh, 
•~l* 1»m. a. diaabled in ttm llmlia : 
■ipplfld; imperfect.— n. Umtnia.— 

lULBf, lunp. n. YOBBel coDtalnlDB 
cumbdstible fluid witli a wick. I 
give llBbl. 

Lam;-blaik, lamp-blak. n. Bns hk 

Laninr. Iim'pti, n, genua uT Babeaj 
LaoM, Ijns. n. a ^ __^ 

a inrglcal Inatniment Cor letting 
Laal. >and, n. eartb; anlidgniiuid; 

Itnlld, land'ed, a. baiiiig land ; ce 
BiitiDU Ip land. [ofland.! 

LandkiUat. land'lwtd-«r, «. an n»n«| 

LiBliig, laDd'jDg, n. act or place ' 
going OP aboro : platform betwe 

UdllMktd, laud'lakt. n. iuckMtd bT 

Lasduil, land'iard. n. owper of lud 

bonae—Zen.. liadlato. " 
Lanlouk, laod'mark, n. ourk ol Ih, 

Langaage, lai 
Langail, Ian 

uu'enl-*-b1. a. to 
liug; cipreHlonof 

Langsiikiiianl, lang'iiwlati-n 
. LMgaw. lang'gwpr. n. aul 
i Usk, langk. a. droopiug: 1 

n. nak, dll, v^i.1\ Kfvtre. ebb. hir, inili«T: 

irul, Iwi'nnl. n. cord to fHtea 
nyt^ug with. 
L4h lip. »■ fl^p of uythlug ; p«rt of 

Uld. Vp°1'- "' P^t of tb« biWH t uf i| 
LiflurT, lip'i-d*--^ - — ■■■' ■- 

iSSJlliX n. a cikh fot > door.-«.(, 
Litilut, luh'ft, n. Uu'fbi ^IddIuhI 

Litalj. li 

li.odr. not lone «([0. 

ent. a. hlddeu; uot sppir- 

'^r-fi, a. perUiulne to tha 

Latlil^, k-tto'l-H. n. Lttin 8(yl». 

tbB eqiutor i icope ; frsedom. — a. 

I*ttm, Ut'?P. n. later ; lut of two. 
LMtAj, l>t'?r-ll, ndit. oflitB. 
UttUt, Bl'i". "■ net-work of rroB»ed 

Land, lid, o.t. to pn<»; »tu]. — n. 

LultU^ itd'a-b1, a. praimworlby. 
Iiudtnim. tta'a-uadi, n. tluctnre ol 

opioni. |pni». 

LsBlttorr. l4d'»-lo-Pi. a. Bipreaainul 
Liuh. liS. n. aouud Indlcatin nf mirth 

or derlalan.-f .i. to utter a iBngli.— 

V.I. to deride wim Jansliter. 
LufhiUt, Ufs-bl. a. fitted to csnae 

lanKhter: rldlcolnna. 
brafbttr, Vtf^t, n. act of langblDR. 
Lanl^tef-rtMl^ UMog-atoh. n.aa ob> 

Ject of ridicule. 
Lauak, UI'iafa.v-'-toHDd forth; canae 

— R, act of Iftunching a ahlp : )arg« 

Laim^iMI. llin'drca, n. ■ waahecwo-| 
iMoiij. IBo'dri. n. place wt — 

T.iflne: lae, pftll, np; oil. onti thin. U«i getiM: kin, alai chip, u(Eh)ar«. 

apona pofit. 

UsnL Jjir'el, n. ■ 

Lavlii, lay'lBh, v.f. to expend proflae- 

Ltwja. ia7er, n. one wLo Is verssd] 
Lu, Ilia, o. loMB.— n. lunau, luttr. 
Luitin, luka'f-tlT. a. buTlng ilic pon- 

U«i medicine. 
Lm, U, 1.1- to ptace. or caiiee. to lis 

Luk, Uk, n. cnKk or bole tl 

fluid lu or out^ pus^rou 
Lnkut, 1«k'«J, n. ■ lemUug; 

l««Ftilept).-n. "it 
Lup-Ttsr, ISp'ySr, n. 

erlalDlug to (be iBitr. 

Ltjmui. Ifi'man. n. ana of tbe Ulty. 
Itni, lu>r. U'-, n. one corered vitb 

luutUo. lu-f-ree'<]. n. hospital for 

Lu;, lii'z), "' indlaposed to nctlon ; 

indoleat.— «. lubtn. 
iM, IS, n.B meadow. 
LMi, IM, r,.l. to BO before, as ■ guide; 

oouduet; preoedfl.-ji.l, and p p. Iri. 

L«ri,'lBd, n, a soft heavi metal— tr.<. 

of, or like. lead. —"■ UUth, 

Lttdn. IM'«r, n. one who. or that 

wbiot. ]«dB ot goea flret. 

LoUinT, I 

Lhtu, livi. n-p', of luT. (reroKe.f 

'yriiii, ISi'lDHi, n.n(. tblnga If" ' 

Ann, lekt'^nr.n.adiBcoalaa; r* 

andpp. oftalni. 

r, n, principal book Ij 

lood-ancklng aqoatic 
ipplj leecbea to 

Uque gbuice i 

Uw. Ke. B.pi. drega; aedlmen 
re, ebb. hit. mlkfr; tee, Inn; A< 

■wwud, lO'frd, U'WV'I' "'('■ t<>'«rd 
annr, lews, n, flrlft ot » »lilp to lee- 

itCt, left, o, oppoilte to the rlubt lide. 


LuflDI, leg'ing. n. onvertuB (0 
L«flilBrie]'i-bl, a. thsl m»r be r 

n. Itiibil'itr. 
Leglmi, IS'Juo, n. In inclpot Ki 

Body c( Buldlera o( from 3000 h 

UfbUta, lej'la-lil. ''■<■ lu make 
LtfiilEtsr, teJ'ig-U-tvr, n. ouc 
LwiilttHM, lo)'i<i-Wl-ji>r. n, bndy ot 

LuitliutL Ie-Jit'1-mit. x.t. to luka 
fewful : give leg>] rl«btB to.— n. li- 

LuitiiiuU, le-]lt'i-Dut. a. liwnil: born 
fa wedlock: blrly deduced.— n. la- 
(UfaBUT. [lutotwov.W«,| 

LtfOBih leg-am', n. ■ pod Bplltllngl 

Lusmblru, leg-ilm'1-uui. a. beirlng 

Lalnit, l^'ahTir, lestb'ur. n- freedom 


rate.— ado. taUntrty. 


ofreuru; to grant.- p.(. lud 

Lngth, lepgtli, n. eiteut from eu 


Ltt,tt«. ledgth'ei „.L o, „. 


LnitBt, lyni-ont. a, mild ; mercift 

n. lemm-qr, ta'ily. |g«t 

LaUHM. leu'i-tU. a. mftenlDg ; n 

witbclft^'^*-"",''//' A /|Y 


fi«e..wWol.™,.( f ( 

"^1 »/!,lVl.HV VJi 


K' "^* [loreKMter. 

LlEt, leut. n. the forty dk;a' Tut 

•^alrg'Leut"- '""^''"'« '^ 


L». ISU n- the Uon ; Btlb sign o 


L^idu. isv-nlu, -tilu, o. of, or li 


LMIui lep'- M^^Ml^, 

ard.».*pot. fflH^^ 

Ted wild ^XMMEm 

be»to(the -^ip"^|W 

«t w..a. ^3®BF-:^^\ 

'T^oiS''^' ''^■'**"-^^ 


tected with leproij-. 

Alu marvel by scurf)' Bpot<- 


Uirm lep-riH, a. affeeted «.tb 


Ltu, les. a. anuller^ not no larg 
oil. In ■ smaller degree. - 


Uutr, l^H'^r. a, leea; .mailer. 

hwH, lea-8', n. one to whom > 


LMHn, lei'D. C.I. to make leia; w 


Lmmd, lea'n. n, porttou of a book 
i-ead or learned -. iu.trueticii : 
proof. [le. 

Lgoor Ifli'or, a. one who gram 



L«t,fe«t. ™,;. lliatuol; for fear 

Lit, lei, t.,i. to permit; allow: g 

to » hirer: In acrlplore. to bin 


Irtthtro, letb'jr.JI, «. morbid alee 

Lithal. le'thal, a. desdlf; fatal. 

Lrth., IS'the, n, obU.loii: in mvl 

tlvm whoio watcra produced 


hrioD.— a. IMlie'aii, 

9: BBt. jet: kin. ain; ebtp. M(ih)un 

L*tl*r-RMi, let'fr-prei. n, matter 

printed (Wim tjpe. 
LiMu*. tet'it, n. pUnI tueil u ■ uUd. 
Livu^ Ie-v»nl'. n. euterD cOMta of 

ttta Uedltemneui,— a. Larut'iiu. 
Util lev's, "■ niorning luemblBge ol 

LnUthu, ls-vi'^tli«D, n. a Luge iqnat- 

icaniuul^ uiytliiux Iidbc. 
Uricita, lev'-l-gat r.(. tu reduce to 

Lmit^^Mt'n. ■dneeuduit of Levi ; 

iuferior Hebrew priest. 
LiTitinI, 1e-Tlfi-k»l, a, pertiinlng W 

Ubwty. llb'^r-tip n- rreeiLom^ permli- 

BlDii- [clurge of m Library. I 

Likraiiu, U-bnTt-yi. n. ooe vbo bu| 
Uhntj, li'br^-ri. n. a coUectloD ol 

booEi for lue -, bolidliig contaln- 

Lisa. Ui, pi. of Inw. 
LiMut, ll'aeiit. n. Iuts: giant ol per- 

miBHioo ; AbUfie of freedom.— t.l. to 

graut liceaae to; penuii 
LiMntlltt. U-asD'ahl-tt. n. one who hu 

LITH7, le«'i-tl, n. Lightnesi: lliought- 

leuneae^ flippaney. 
lity, lev'i. r.t. to collect by aiithorUr. 

— n. act of ralaiug moner or troopa 

by authority. 
int. lad. a. Soentious; tropute. 
LalMgnitatt, leia-l-kogTa-l^r, n. ona 

Lodioirtahr, 1ek>-l-kog'ra-fl, n. irt 
of niaklng dlctlonaiies. — a. leiiM- 

Laiigni. Ieka'1-kgn, n. adlctlnuai: 
Liabl«,ll'B-bl. n. tcBT- — '"- -- 

, a. tcBpoiiBible: aiibject: 
n. liaUfity. (hood. 

LiWeu U'bel-ua. a. i 
LlbnaL llb'^-«1. o. gi 

Libnt& ]ib-ei-it.'v.t. 
LfJWTttst, lll>-«r-tln, 

tAtrtlDW llb'«t-tln-l 


Litafln, ' Uk'flr-iirn. a plant with '■ 

Lit, 1i. n. an inteDtiniiHl lUeehood; 

deception,— r.(. to niter Jalaebood. 
Lu, 1i. i.i. lo Teat horliontally, lean; 

b« aituated; consist — ft. 1^;— i>j>. 

Litf IST, adv. wUUnnly. 
Licit. I9J. a. IcudalJy subject : aoTcr- 
eTgn.-n. a vassal: sovereign. 

leu, ^. n. placn: stead. 
lEnUuBt, lo-teu-^t, lei 

Uh-taat, lifbdl. n. ] 

LiftJai. Iif'lea, a. dead: splritleaa. 

Lifclent, lirlfliig. a. durlug life. 

Lift, lift. v.t. loralae; eialt.-B. actof 

Ugaman^'UB^-meiit, k. anything that 

binds : flbrnuB tlsaiie connactlng 

movable bouea. [binds: a band. I 

LKatnn. llg'a-tynr, n. anylblug lb(t| 

Light, Ht, n. that by which Ihiijga are 

made vIMble : lllnniluatlon ; any- 

fto. ; daytime; knowledge. — a! 
bright; clear.~».I. (o (riw ll^ht 

-».I. (o (rive Ught to 
idp.p. lUorllghtal 

Q. bit, mikec: lc«. Inni Adqr. 01. 

dCliliB, Ufa. P't. la lUaniUiilA : to 
mike lighter.— D.i. to grow Ugkitei 
■ub wiUi light. 

itfibr, Dt'«r. n, Utae open but fo 
aiiTliig oirRo to ot from "hips 

Tight to goida muiosn, 
IilfitniM It'll rt a. brlgbtueu: wu 

UlUoiu, nt'ning, n.OD electric Bub 

UpMu, lig'iie-aB, a. wooden ; like 
wood. [lurd ud tieav; wood. I 

I^mH«<^ !|fi'?Xiit*l^'lwml 
Itr Ihidg or penou. — aUv^ lu tbe 

Likt, nk. e.f. to be pleaded wltb^ en-| 
tlWl, Dk'li, a. ptobalile.-odc. prob- 
^ >%— n. -akdihHJ. 

Oimm, nk'nen. n. reio 
tOtwiH, Uk'wtE. ode. Id 


lAti^ llli'ing. «. incllnitli 
LUtLU'lak, n. Bfloverlugl 
U^il'i,n.r— " ■ 

a, bDlbone-root- 


of U)o 

lutli ob- 

K, Full; 

„ — -. - B — c»rrt«fle. 

Uw. llm, n. wblle cauetlc 

Hinad bT calclulug llmeiiouei tue 

Muden tree: klud of enull lemoa. 
Um-UIb, Bm'Ul. n. kiln for bunil>i« 

iWwIWiL nm'stfln. ». (too* tram 

'blchllllie 1* obtsln«d bf Mlcina- 

Umll'llm'it. n. boimdiuT: eud : ». 
■tHelion. — n.l. to couflne wltbln 
boDDdi: mtnln.— H. llnlUtloB. 

Bff. ctbn; Sh, pbiS, up; 

Umit, limp. a. Beilble: pUut.— e.i. 
Ub|^ Um'pe't, n.' inuJl dieflaib. 
U^-fla, UdcU'pId. n. plu wbl 


Un'£-t-DUDt. n. onlUiw : 

Ubmt. llu'fi-v, "- perlBlnlng tu lluea; 

Uaie, lin'eii. ». clolli nude of flu ; 

of llDiu. |iod«lir.| 

llajtr, llni['n?r. i-.(. to remsla luugil 
r,t-ri-i^ Ung'gw^l.ii. pertelulDH lotbo 

Tji.jJS "llnH'KwInt. n. one ikllled Id 
— ■-"- ling-gwlil'lk, fl. pertuiiing 

Llikf, Uo'lng. n. coverlug ofau Int 

fJ-fc llogk. n. one of (be rlngi ol 
cb^n: put of ■ letlaa^ conuoilt 
■ torch.— D.f.toUDltebfalluk: a 

LiuMt, Un'et. n. anuU tlugliig.blrd. 
UtmA, Un'sM, n, leed of a». 
t.bit lliil n. ail: HntplUK" of IIdIT 

ipper borlmntd pi 

of ■ doamr. 

:: B, 

targeat of t 
est kind: il 

Lm, lip, n. Hoc- 

lontb; edge: >i>7thliig like t lip. 


it. Jet; kin. eln: oblp, «(ita)iire. 

iiinmtb conaonuit. — n. ItaiU'iW, 
lit'QidaMi. Itlo.— «. liigldi'tiaB. { 

UiSlttL llk'wl-4it. B.(. to ft}: "tt-l 
Lirau, llk'^r. D. k Uqniil ; itroiig 

■ ; to flppak ImperlfictJy. — v.t-lopto- 

DauncewlUiillip.— fi.BctoOlHplDg. 
IM, HBt, B. H bordw at elotli! ™ib- 

logaa or roll.— e.t. to enrolL— r.i. to 

liearkCD; llateu; chDDSe. 
LMa.'.lB'u.r.>.tol>e*rkcii: Mteudto, 
LUlw, llatles, a. cueleu: ludUTer- 

ciiE; splrltlcBii. [HCODtaat.: 

LMi, llBU. n.^. ground iiiclcneil foi 
IAIIt,p.p. oltoScU. [plicHtiou. 

LlSiS,iit'?r-?i,(.. word lOr word: nt 

Lin, llv. v.i. to Uve I 
Ll^dlkgBl. ncu-liad. T 


r luruiug ; bod; of lluruy 

Litluns,* lltta'arj. •>. ■ calx orieul. 
LitkLtlU'. a. Arxibls; aulJve. 
"■■"•mih, Utli'0-gr.f. «7. to print 
jox ■ drHwing ou sionB.— n. » print 

UttHnj^r. litL-OR'Tf-B.'n. irt of 
drswluK 011. lud piiutlng from. 
atone.-fl. Uthscnpt'io. 

UUgu^ lit'l-gsut, a. enmced Id i 

P^l- kut— n. • 

Iiinhu, liviaoe. a. liadng ioog. 
Llnlr, Uv'll.a.vlgoroui; brlak; vItM. 

— aav. TigorouHty; brtskJy. 
Iiiwr, liver, n. oue wbu Uvtm: glud 

wbloh »cret(:B tbe bile. 
Linty. liT'rl, liver-l, n. deliwry ol 

pOHHeBslODB: utilform worn by ser- 

vuitB; keeping of hoisca for mouef, 
UTB-ttMk, Bv'Htok. n. uilmati on i 

IBTOI. to, (OOlot.l 

llv'Id.n.of BleadBD orparuljalii 

' dacaly t ' 

ina Bfto 

UtidC, 1 

(edacaly reptile*.! 

liDBl of the 

L^S. inl. a^a! 

Laad. Md. "L to 

EurdBn'; pot yp 

baud; cbarga. *a a gnn.— h. k lad- 
ing or bunlen; weigbt: grlevaii 

Lmil Joe 


pndlug: inj-tlilugl 

■ rounded part or (Uvla-t 


ir, add. Htm. |ak. Ul, Vf^ ; aerere. «bb. bir.mUfr; 

Blgutbe place a(, [BUiuliou. 
LiHtin- lA-kM'abaD. n- Bet of locating; 
Ltth, lolh, n. W»i utia of the «*. 
Lttt, lol. 



the dmllj cecord of > sblp'e courac 

ic iBpeciesof turlLs. 

LajnAi**, log'?r-lied, n, ■ duuce: 

'rtufii. Wfk. n. (hB art of (eMonioi 

LegVMd, Wg'wftd, n. ■ wood jrlerc 

lord.— n. brllinMi. 

„ . ■fl'Bhlp, B. dominion 

giTKn to ■ lord, 

m, Mr, n. leKCnlng. 

Dii, lifbE, v.t ia bo doprlTea of 

vttli : waste ; forfeit ; mlu. 

<: dee. plUI. upioll. ant; ttiln. U«: get, Jel: kin. aim cblp. «(IlilDr 

LMt, Mat. a. parted wilb ; torlelteH ; 
IM, lot. a,' chimes^ fortaoe; decJaioD 

Ltttn, lO'abuu, n. n mediclnil wuh. 
bttu?, lol'er-i, n, diatrlbutioa i 

LtwniuMt. b'«t-mQ«t. o. loneat. 

l»ril. loi'»l, a. fBlthftil to ll)o tawf 
lovereiBii; Irne.— «. loTklt;. 

Lnkrioit*, 1 


Librloltr. IC 

I'bri-kal. I 

LmmS^. n- (ortHue; qhauoe. 
Lnotar, lok'i. a. farluiiBte. 
LataOn, la'kn-li', a. priBUbls. 
IwnL la'lier, B. gain; money, 
iHakntt. Id'hya-bTBt, «.i. to •tud; 

br latap-llgbt. 
Lanklklljii, la-kf o-brS'etiua, n. stud; 

by iHop-ilgbC; careful compoaltiau 

Ice. sli, add, irm, «ak. Iill, Tt«l: tfyt 

IiIlitMBl, lA'AI-krua. a. laugliaUe ; 

Id^ luf. n. Mudvard aide ot ■ alilp, 

KaV.luE.i'-'' todraff; carry wlllilabur. 
LattH*, ■"S'tJ.n.a tiaieller'a tniulw, 
fto. [tm;di(ina1.' 
Lunbrlau, W-ga'brl-up - 


i. to become quifl, (dren.l 

LnUabr, lul'*-bl, n. lung to lult chll-l 

LunfUi, lump'iB 
Limair, 1u'db-bI, 

Luiatlg. Id'ua-til 
Lajutian, lu-uA'at 
LDnih, luncti. Hid 

LuM, lll'Ild. 

Lick, lurk. <•>. 
Lngton luab' 

Lutn. loa'ter. n. tirtKbtneaa : 

dlestlck "itb pendanta.-fl. 1 

Lartral, laa'ti^. a. pertaining 



..._ lyric i™i.. 







iK" " 

f llie .u- 

: liiKBlcrr,— a. ohIo, mult^. 

MtclituilL Di>l-l9-te'r 

lUgirtTMJ, mnj'ta-tr. 

Diaalitnite: body of 

!t,Jet; kln.Bla: chip. u(ih)are. 


Man* Out*, mtg-niksr'tti. n. the 
great Charter sigaed bj Kiog Jobn. 

KtfBUuiiiitT, iiiig-u»-Dliii ' 1 - 1 i . «. 

■wut*, mag'nttl, «. man dlBtlnBiiiab- 

mtHj: medlolne prspereij from it. 

Kusat, mag'uet, n. the lodestone : 

plocB of Iron or steel L»viiig the 

Ibcutl'g, Kagiutlnl, iiii«-uet'lli, -h1, a. 
perlaiiilEg to, or having the proper- 

HintUin, niag'uet^lim. n. propprtleB 

moil : pat Id 

—v.t. loinjnre: cHpple'; nintlEtBr' 
X^min. a. chief: prhiclpal.-^dti. 

lUinut, man'm^t, n, the phucipal 

mast In a vCBBel. rmaiiiiiiaM. I 

IfiiBitil, miu'aaJ, «. toneat sail of ih^l 

KttomBi miu-ten'. v.l. to sphold ; 

keep; keep up; support; affLrm. — 

graodetir; dl^ilj: t 

Ki5"*y. iDBioci-ti. n. 

ompel: gain; attaiu. 
roDtrlbnte.— p.I. aud 

HalalT, mal'a-dl. n. diaease; illnea 
MallHrt, mal'a-p*!'!. o. perl: aaur; 
MaUria, ma-H-ri-g, -Ig'-. ». eibalaU 

Ed.— n. one whole dliiconlciiteil. 
nal. n. ooe ol the aai that be- 

[tirig, aiDaldeD- modESI 
Xaiiull mid'D-li. a. like, or ben( 

all lagforconTcyiugleitrrH; qiia 

■ce. glr. add, Urm. jfk. ill. vug; a^'tte, el 

Kalign. ma-llu', B.mallcloQH; anhror- 

able.— ii,l. to (peak evil uf. 
VaUgnuit. ma-lia'iiant, a. mall^nna- 

trilterly boBtlle: Jaogeroaa to Ufe. 


■til, inal. mel. n. ■ ^^^*^S« 

MtHtiWf, iaij''^4-bl. n. ilial iiii; be 
«ileml*cl by h»minerliig.— n. sullr 

Ktlkt, nua'ft. B. m wooien hiininer. 

lUllirl mil'ud, n. ■ dnkei iftctea 
ofrnterfowT (iMve..! 

Iblltw. md'e. n. ■ plwit nitb auwtiyl 

■bit, milt, n. gnlu pwtuily germi- 

SfO, min'^^r^ n. anting- (ruugb for 

I, n. uiitdueis ; iDOtdl- 

muMI-b]. R, H)ii>r. 
an, n. long htir on the neok 

Minflil, miiD'riU.— o. bold ; cunrage- 
■ug*. latBi. n. the itch on anfmslB. 

uobUmaii.— a. Btat'riU. 
KtsH, mans. n. spttiouwe-t .. .. 
"---' shuu, n. Urge dwelling- 

oae Rirment : 

IUdM, a 

Air. itbie: Oh. pitl. ap: oil. onti Ibln, Mt; i 

b; kin, Bin; chip, wdh 

'j6-»1, a- porfonnsii bj- 
ajfiD-jA-Aik'tp-il. n, pUco 
mwi- jn-(a)i'l> ut, r 

Muk, ndik, fi. B 
Uon ; thing *l 

uot'ice of. 
Markat, mlir'ket 

']-ji-8kript, a. writi 

bJ h^d!""* 
Muf, DieCi. a. Dot lev: nnrdtroue 

leitiftL sphere, oD h plane surface 

Xtnil. mft-rid', c.J. to 

llmntcnii! ; »nTtLlnR 
bid: snull bslt used t 

Mm, Digr, n. f«iw1« of tlif boree. 
■wjta. roSf lin, "• eflffp^ border.-a. 
mUgiuL (»j-ell.».aower.| 

HwiftU. nwi'l-iiaid, n. pbut benriiiffl 
llutai. niB-rSn', a. peruliiinn to the 

XunoMt, in£[ 

I monnU 

- encinj-B''>hipii'. 

Mufiin, miir-ki', n. m large 
) It■r11l•tr]^ miir'ket-ri, n. i 

Mugnia, miir'liwle, n. nnbl 
I Iti l^k b<-low ■ diike. - 

■ KugaJ^ muCkwiz-Bt, . 

i Murlui, mar'U, n. act atmartjlDg; 

1(1, niiir'ahal. n. a chief milllarj 

Mart, mart.n.aniarket: place of 

Marian, niiirt'eu, n. a npeciea of ireaael. 
MartU, niiir'eli^. a n-arlike; bnive. 

lartta, niHrf '■■-■■ - • 

low kind. 



■Bil. -«al, 

a rWd diacl-l 

KaiiUna. mar't-lim, a. p^rtMnins i 
Ma^ataa, mSr'jQ-r^ra. n. an arouut 

deatb lor hln belief: iiiuflerer 

lo piit to death for me'a bt-llel 

I MartTrlon. mlir't«r-dniD. n. anffi 

1 MartTToUgr. "iir l?rol'^jl, n. Iilalorj 

of marly ra. 
1 Maml. mlr'vf I. n, > wonder.-a. b 

II. *1^: •erfre, ebb. bit. inlkfr; I«, ti 


DhLp, u(Kh)ura. 

iBiewUbBbrOdd *'»^=.^ I 

le. ^^""^ 

BlaOed with // 

-, bnakB. *c. C 

__, -. - „ ine. ' 

it-f A'lriifi. mg-ta'ti-D^. 

a. Ill ma morolug; early. 
XiidUa, niM'llu, a. ffuhl; HDtliueD- 

M-, hwLiah rram drlnUng. 
Hucn, ml'ser. 1117J. Id apita of. 
HtUt paU, n. H beavj «ood«a bun- 

mer.— D.t. to beat: Ul-lrut. 

MujlluT. I 

olS'or boi 


1.— jil, BUllina. [jp-»r.| 
I Bftb mdEth or lbe| 
be able; Co be pofiAl- 
l.—p-l. Bikbt. 
. n. UratSiy of May. 

*. Jmayor. I 

)r-^-lf, n, oIBro or a] 

&ii'Utii. KuaifUlaT a 

X«, m^™. obJecHve eii^*rfl 
M»imM. n. beverage of hooey and 

ll«l.m*d,>i amr'sdow. 
Hndtir, med'a, n. a paalnre-BTonnd. 
■•asn. ni«-ef r, a. lean; pooc; acanty. 
MmI, mfl. n. gnla ground bnt not 
bolted: arepast. |»ilb rnmll 

Ifaalr, mil'i. a. Irte mol: apriiik!ed| 
Ibui, min, a. middle ; average : low; 

DBiL— 1. a middle pnlut. quantity, 

J. — -. <„.. . KediatOT, n 

loe, ^. add, Ktm. (ak, Ul, vi^ 1 aeT«ie, ebb, L,m8t,; fle. 
MtahlBl^ me-kan'ik. n. 
Kwliaiile, Mtehaaieil. m 

XnIiuiIui. mek'f u-lzm. 
Xadal, med'al. n. piece 

lat, n. one skilled In 

wbo baa gained a 

[to do. I 

l-aom. o. glVen " 

IbdJMbk m 

rt of boUIn^,'.— a. n 

■bdioiiritr, mS-dl-ol 

ttaoiigbt : ooDtUined n 

r, H. > Enrnpeau frnltl 
n, WDfoHad mixture ; 

IMuutaolT io8l'.ii-kol-f, B. dtjectlou 

—■ ' ' [wittiinelancbnlj.j 

mel'aa-kDl-U, a. kOecled 
i«lT9-rIt, V.L to nuke b«t- 


. .n »Rre«bl9 inc- 

^r, B. limb of the body ; 


HtBints, ma-men'tO. n. something 

Km^. m>>m'<ror'. n.wiitUii Kcount 
of tblngH remembered ; bingraphl- 

M^MiU, me 




'p-n. n, (Kulty ot the 

Hiucuii, mea-ixb-f-rl. 

. o. lying; 

Imdiiuit, meu'dl-kaitt, n. ■ beggn; 

begging friar.— o. begging.— n, mm- 

diiaiuj. nratit'ltr, 
Imiil, min'jjl, a. aervtle; low.— n. a 

Kiphltlt, me-flt'lk, a. p<ilgeiiDu»; faal|| 
Mtnutlla. mgi'k^-til, a. perUlnlng 

MtwrnilT. mSr'»en-j-rl, o-blred; let. 
vmted by the hops uf rawmrd ; ven»L 

, -^'cb^.dlE, n. goodc 

Minhut, mir'chant, a. ■ trader. 
■anhutaiu, mftr'olifnt-n^ii, o. 
tnuiiug eblp. ^ 

>: AM, piUl. npi oil, oat; thia, tU; get, Jet; Un. iln; ohlp, u(ib)ar 

UnmiM, ni£r-ka'rl-« 

full cr mercj; 
; a. BprlRbU, ; 

Mm, m«t. n.>pool; pnnd; ]: 

Ibibidm, mer-e-tilab'iu. a 

Ifmudjr. (B.i, to be »"r^o 

|Iirl4igiul, me-rid'i-pn-^, n. 

Mnit, mer'lt, n. d«Aei-t : wortb- — v t- 

Sttimarphou, mvt'jt-udr'fga, v-L to 

HaUuMnhoila, met-i Tn6r'to-eli, n. 

MaUphn, iiiet'»-(pr, n, a Iropf; giving 

Mttepht^Ml, met B-rnr'ik-»l, a. con- 

Uinlng meUphor: flgnrslite. 
MBUphjiioUn, met-m-a-zlBti'^, n. one 

lUtipliriiM. Diata-OK'lkH, n. tliB Boi- 

II, *l^: apvirt. abb. btr, matfr; 

lo^V tD^E'a-tlDt, XtaOtii 

il, ralk'l-ni»8, n, tbB tMiE of 

St. MinhBfl. September 19tb. 
MiinHnii, mi'kro-koim. mlk'-.n-mUt- 

KienHm. mI'lito-BkOp, mik'-. ». op- 

■uulII obJectR' 
■ioiampii, ml-kio-akop'U. mlk'-, a. 

KrtUDlDg to the mlcroflCop« ; vit' 
■ill, mid. a. miaaie: iDtervenlng. 
Mid'ltT. mia'dl.n.nwn. 
Wdllt, midl, a. (iqii»11j distant from 

MUdliiic, midlliig. a. of moderate 

■Ize, quslllf , degree, *e. 
Miln, mo. B. ■ BiuU flj-: gust. 
mafiini. mId'IsDd. a, enrcDnnded b; 

l»nd. [nfKht.l 

MdDlfht, mld'Dlt. n. twolTBO'Claqkntl 
HUril mid'CJf. n. the diaphragm, 
■idakiniui, mld'abip-maQ. n. a nayaL 

cwleV rtSe middle of, I 

Kidtt, midst, n.tbe mlddle.-adti, iii| 

irtfe; otatetrica, 
■in, m«D. t>, beariDS; look, 
■ight, mlt, p.l. ofmay, [erer.l 

IGEht, mlt, n. power ; Btrengtb = on-l 
Wikijt ittvti. a. strong; — " — * 

l^nutto, roin-Tnn-ei', n. ■ fmgranl 

KciaUtJ, ml'gra-to-rt a,nandering:| 
■ifA. mlloh, a. jielding milk, 

ate; a«, pUI, np; oil, oat; thiii. 

■ili, odld. a. geuUe ; 
miUlr;— fi, BlMaMa. 

■lUtut. ml]'l-t«nt. u, ecgiuied la 
■UitaiT. mll'1-t^-rl, a. pertaining to 

■illanarian, m 

NUllni^. mll'l-Dfr-1. «. artloi 
by mflllners. 

NiOiOTUn. mil-ynn-i 

■ni-ntif mil'raa. n 

■Insiil, mln'a-ret, n, tower of i 
AS; get,J«t: Un, do: cblp. u(ih)Dn. 

npeaking.— B.i. to wbUi or apeak with 
■Oectcd diintiu«H. 
K*i, mind. n. the ttalDkiDg fkcultj; 

r.i. to regird; niteiid to; obey. 
Sildd. nUtid'ed, a. dlepomd ; deter- 

IIinUiil,iDli>d'fDl. a.bsedTul; observ-l 
ma; mlu, pro-i. belouRlug to me. 
King, mln. n. pIsco wbere loinersJs tre 

undet; B»p.— r.i. to dlgimiuB; oi- 

— a. p«it«laiug to, or cont&tnliig. 

Kao^irt.'o-)i«t, n. one 

WntnlMT. miu-ern^'Ht. n. the icl- 
enre d minenla.— a. niunliii'lttL 
KuU, ffiiDB'el. "■'■ or TP.i. to mi. ; 
^"end. [p.inltnBoriK.rtrJt| 

, JUnlitim, min'l-lynr. n. i very 61b«II| 

Xmira, mln' 
kind of t« 


«Dla. (leiaened by aobtncIioD. I 
MiliBMd. roiu'yi-eud. n. number to be 
Hlnon, mlu'yg-et, n. » Blow, gn- - ' 

Kmr, Di 


Kirth mj 

itmple 1 

iroM, miB'm-tbrOi 
ii]ri>.ui'ihr9.plM. : 

XinpFnhsnd. n 

IDnR mfn^r. i 
KBMltar, mi-ni 

miiullii^is, -tL 

ingly 1 mistake. — n 

Srml«™-liiT'. v.l. to beliBTi 
r impcoperly.-n. nUthiT'ior. 

KiMi]!. ml>-kU'. D.I. toall ty» wnmi 

; Kliarry, mig.keT'l. v.i. to {all: be nn 
t iucceBBfal : fall to errlie : brtoi 

' MlHtUuHBI, 

I MiHiUuiri ™ 

■nlery: atbednl cburcb. 

1. trm, j|ik. til. Ttfl: tpiei 


Mlimui^ Tnla'kre-^t, n. i 

tDBt. mis-fflf'tyan. n. calamilj:} 

■luiTa, mta-sl''. V.I. W SU with doubt; 

Ki^nag, mla-glv'iog, n. MIutb of'. H. ocddeat; lU-luck; 
muIOrtuDa. [plue; Ium. 

■illir, miB-la', v.t. lo Imy Id m wrong] 

■od p.p. Bitlad. 

U by I 

n^ . 11 c men nn er <^^^^ 
Ulnila,mlB-nJbl',n.uiiJuBtral«i dls-l 
girl; tltlBOfuiiinniirriBdwuniui,^toblt'; to&il.— n.BfaUute! 
JiMil, mlB'91, n. > masi-book. 
■Dhuhii, mis-shlp'D, a, badly abap- 

— ~i, mlB'll, n. a weapon lo b« 

O, i^Bh'un, n. »ct of Bending ! 

iropailAta reUgion; embasBy; ap- 

nnaBcitsnd wrnngly.— B.i. lo otr 

p.t. miitMk;— p.ji- BiitaktB.— n. an 
Mhialiw. miB-Uk'D, a.mliuDdenitoodi 

Sir, dbze; Oie, p&U, np; ( 

Hiitotk^ miB-tU', p.t. 'of t* 

H^mu, mia'trea, n. a HO- 
mait la autharitj'; fBmale 

KlftT, miB' 

B. miatilr;— n. mirliiuu. 

luMaadinf, mlB-un-der-Btaod'- 
B. wrong underataoding; diaa- 

Kt^ mlt, n.anjitblDRveryainall: par> 

IlitlnUt. mlfi-g^bl, a. tbat may be 

Mitigate ml C'l 

roCU^ mdt'ed, < 

Mob, mob, n, tbc vnigai ; a nunmiD' 
one crowd.— f.i. to attaak in a dig. 
orderly orowd. [-n. iiu*a'ltT,| 

MoUla, inAOill, a. that can be niaved.l 
KoBoaitD, Diok'^-Biu, n. Indian ahoe 01 

a.lM; K«t,]et^ kin, aln; chip. as(Eh)iin. 


KMktr^. m 

k'er-i, n. deriei 

n; vein 




jor uid'ni 

^or.—a. miiX 


to gopy from • model ; mill 

Maitnit. mod'?r^t, t.i. to legua in 


represa.— B.(. become lesB 



: miadUug.-n 


Ipreaidea at ■ 


IMmUr, ID 

od'^r-i-tflc. n. 

DO w^ 



t tlraoi 

times.— ti 


Ktteslw, D 

od'^m-w, B.i. t 

MrfHtm^'eaLo. diffident 
notforwird: modeiste. 


M*tatr,.mod'ee-li. n- abeenc 

e ofpre- 

rAietitj: mode 

Modlmim. m 

<.*li lir- 


■orm ot-L-S: nodi 


■l-tl, o.<. to cbeuBB ttael 


«l'ja-lSt. «.(. to 


T"?. see 

niid«: in niu., to clmnge 

thtimtdu, nio-ham'e^n, a. per- 
tuluiiig to, or boldlDg. tbo re ligtoi 

Ndrton, molBfyiir. n. eltgbt wetoeee: 

emkli qniuitltf of liquid. 
Molar, DoOlar, a. uied For grinding.^ 

n. a donbie tootU ; grinder. 

MtUiiH, Holliuk, T 

bodied aDiiiiel. si 

KolttB, moll'n, a. i 

r, mti'raeDt-il, talc, iu a 

HinntoB, m(V.meDf 

m. «. qoautity 

t^j. "[Sfamop" 


n goverumeml 

Honk, mongk. n, a rellgloo. recluse. 
XonktT, nlllDg'bi, n. suimal moat n- 

louKTaph, mon'o^graf. 

lon^onB, moa'o-log. n. apeecb br a 

e, gtr, add, Mrm, gsk, Ul. i1«1; atitre, ebb, bir, mik«r; loe, ti 


e ]Hg«t deer of North An 

fortb Ametioa. 

BTou tha vhule at; bmyo the nuy 

Xffi^olf, mo-nop'O'Ll, n, lole rlflhC o 

MmnajUtUL moD-o-Bll'i-b], «. ■ von; 

otona ijjluble.— a. monMflUb'it. 
"-""--■ — — — '--^"'-m, fi, belief 

Kautnr. mo-uDt'o-Di, n. < 

tOTiatij: Hmeueu. 
" m, mgn-Brfbn'. ». pBrtodloil wi 

I, moQ'ster. n. « prndtar; « 
g fclghtnauid nnxUanl: n 

It of tbe tnelva puta oi 

; form at otniJagfttlQii of tbg 


tlonof Biblp 
irIi«DtiKii)r»d. ' 
iMiia, m<(br'- 

t; fl*e, pJUI. up; oU, out: 

<t.]et! kin, alD; ship, u<(]i)an. 

», mSr'e^, n. pledRe o( prop 

pledge by mi 

fvlUUty: huiull 
Ibitilr. mfir'tKI. B 

?«onhlp. [log goal 

Vctqulto, m^a-ka'td, n. a blaea-iuafa 
low. moi, n. AlkmllyDf oryptoguuai 

p. — n- the greBtPHt numbar or 

. latity. [p.rt.| 

Kmtlr. mAet'ti, uifE. fnr tbe greaWat) 

■ott, mOt. n. B pirtiele: upeck. 

lath, motb. n. I^diIIt ot Inaecta. like 

^^tte^al«B. bat wltb pointed feet. 

Un, Diu^'fr, n. ■ [emilB parent,— 

MoOiAmI 'maU'«r.biid, n. it»K of 

belna u matber. [pcreDtnl.l 

Mother, mii'd'^r-ll. a. Uka a motber: | 

MtniU, KdU. mOM , n. rich xoll : i 

MoviUe. mdbv'^-b], a. that may ba 
moved. |prop«rty.| 

MsraUia. mdbv'f-bli, ».pf. movkblal 
M*n. mifBv, T..I. ta put in motion ; 

tlon or feeUng: lo propose to uj u- 
■embJy. — v.i. to cbu)g« place ; act ; 
mate apropOBSl — n. act of miwlng. 
XovoMBt, DHftiVnient, n. act of mnT- 
Ing; emotion: maobincnofa tUne- 
pleca: In mw.. part bavins a oar- 

Mgir, man. n. pile ol bar, kc, la a{ 

l(e, git. add. «to^ yk. Ul, ttfl: aerfra. ebb. btr. mtk^; Ice. inn; Od^. tn. 

Xnlb, KoUt, mold'l, a. mrBred 

wll6 mould. [to., aa blrdaJ 

XgilL mdlt, V 1. to >h»i{ tbe featliera,! 

Xaud. mouud. n. a ralaed bank ; bll< 

Mnuttbtnk. mount'l-bangk. «. a boaat- 

Xoun. mOrn , v.i. to grieret lame 

v.t. to Brieve lor; laznent. 
MDumfid. maro'fQl, a. oad ; aorro 

Mtaw, mona, it- tbe amalteat manunai, 
a little gnawing quadruped pi. 


Ki.. mta'tfr, n. muter -, title of li 

... ju to a'miirrioa loaaa. 

Hub, much, a. gTBBl ill qianlity.— T 
> gre»t qnintlty — mft. to * gres 
degnB, |a, mndltf 'iBgu 

■■(i&it, mll'sll-s). n. * ■bmy fluid. - 

a. Bttiky. [id,— a. Binomii 

_ioni, inCkoa. n. » slimy uilnul flu 
Mud, mud, n. wbi tolt earth. -o. mu. 

dy. (or confuspd 

Hiillgr, muFler, n 

■■Kmr. mi 
■il*, mal. n 

I. (OgCTF ; d«mp and] 
1 pKent.— /em. molit- 

lIllU. mil 


'lih, a. Uko m 

■sIM, mnl'at, n. genns of tlib«. 
JCoIHu, moI'TOD. n. upright bar In a 

Golbio window, 
■iHiiiriinu, mul-tl-R'ri-na, a. baying 

Kmt TBiiety: maaifold. 
KilUbnC mnl'li-fDrm. a, bavlng minir 



:bHI(1l mul'tl-pl, n, a nnmber or 
qnant)tf eiactl; diifBlble by au- 


ber.— 1. Dillialiir. 
KittlMda, DHU'tl-tad, n. a great num- 

MunliK mnm'bi. n.l. or r.i. to speak 
iudisUuctly; chew wiUi difficulty. 

Huunr mam'».|. n.mialiiag; bnf- 
foouery; ■lUysbaw. [bud;. I 

MuDpii^ mump'iBb. a. illeiit; sullen. 

cl the parotid gland. 

cloied llpa. [the vorld. 

Mudut, moD'tlln. a. pertaining lo| 
Mudalpu. mfl-niH'l'P4l, a. Inlouging 

MuldplUtr. ma-Dl>ai-pal'l-li, n. a mn 

Miir^ ma'ral, a. pertaliilug to. ot\ 
Kudir, muT^d«r. n. act of killing » 

tlon.— e,i. lo kill maUdously: da- 





Mnrky. mm 

■kl, a. dail 

'I. Jet; Ud. aln; chip. ai<ili)nT 


Kumm. ma-zS'um, n. a ^uU«Uou of 

HT. mi, 1. belouKlngtome. 

Mhitd. .ulr-i-ad! n."t«. thooaand ; a 

vast number. 

il«ilr baud. 

innulonB (oniiils ; scleuco ol liui'- 

Mrnh, n.6r, n, a bitter aromatic gum- 

DuluL [ofmueLcj 

Kyrtlfc Bfir'U, n. .0 evergreeD ahnib. 

Kjadr, mi-MU', ml-. proH. I, or me, in 

■uk, mmk. n. n etroug perfume ob- 

Uiiied Irom ui AbLbUo deer. — a. 
BMky. |K>Wier».j 

■frtH^^niia't^r-i, n. a aeeret ; auy. 

mukrt, mus'ket, n. H flrcarni used by| 

-a. mrrte'riou. 
IlTitk, liTrtia*!. mia'tlk, -»1, «. reUt- 
lug to mjeterj- ; b,.W.,B a *M«t 

Mukitrj, iQii>'ki:t-rl, n. muskeU in 
ReueitU: Sre at musketry. 

■uliB, mui'Un, n. ■> Bne cottcm cloth. 

mjMiug; allegoriial,- BdB. mjtii- 

Entit.' mlB'tlk. n. one of a aect pro. 
^GBBl^ag to receive direct commatit 



KltOtltm. miB'tl-Blim. n. doctrine of 

ffl>n»lr*ided. (JiiiM.I 

the mjBtIca ; mjBtlCKl doctriue 01 

Kuk. mu,t. «. uBfBmeut..d ^W- 

Mutuke, muB-tuli'. ■t.ib, KuUelik. 
mne-til'clio, n. hair on the upperllp. 

Bilalery; bewilder.— n. mjtMt^'- 


M^mltli, H. a rellRloaB or hlatori- 



ble, u iroopa.l-n. a review of troops : 

nlnuB. [wrltea on mythology.! 

MnrtT. iBUB'tl, o. apoUed by damp ; 

KytholBgiit, ml-th-]'fl-JiBt. n. one »bo 

8tale.-n. mutiaw. 
■sUUe. mil't^bl. a. subject to cbimge. 

llTth=l.gT. mi-tho]'p':ji. n. ayatem or 
iKKly ol mjlba; treatlae on mylbB. 

"S3Sr' "■ ""■■ "' 


■n't. mat, B. dnmb: .ilant.-n. a 

bet. As a coDtracUon it atauda foe 

vowel,— odt., matalT. 

IbiUlaU, md'tU-at. P.(, to deprUe of . 

Mib, nai). V.I. to SBlie Buddenly. 

member or p«t ; malm.-.,, mati- 

la'tlML IHmes.l 

mail of ereat wealth. [nanMU.] 

■atlBNt, ma-tl-n^r', ». ooe who mu- 

Haere, ua'k«r, •>. mother-of-^rL-a. 

Mntiiir, mil'U-nl. '■'- to leiolt agaiuet 
authorlly, tip. mitltary or naval.— 

Nadil, na'd^r. ns'det. n. point Jo tbe 

heavena dlreoUy oppoalla.tbe le- 

B. a rsTOll, op. military or naval.— 

Haf, iiaK. n. a amall hoiae. 

ltritS!^er. ..f. or v.i. to «pe.k low 

Nual, Ditfad. na'yad, ■. a wktcr 

liVrLph.-pI. naiadi. uiadM. 
M^ nal. n. honiT scale at Ihs end of 

Kitt*B, mot'D, n. Oeab ofaheep. 

Hitnai; mfl'tyil-*!, a. re=ipro<Sd : In- 

the finger or tne; cUw: metal spike: 

meaauraof twnandone-fourtliiueh- 

■oub. mnzO, n. month of an aalmal : 

es.— n.r. lo fasten with n^ls. 

aateuiam ot cover for the mouth : 

Hakel nS'kea, a. nnco7vea ! bare; 

onler end or month of a gnu, . 4c.— 

simple; plalD.-adB. «aMly ;-n. 

..(. lopqt.muaalaon. 


ie», air. add. Inn. sak. Ul, vi^! levmre. ebb. hir. mUfi: tee. iDD; Upr, oi, | 


>; 6f». pAU.npi (ril, o 


iPB'i-tna, a, neodj ; 

W*MSr'"nB-8M'l-ti, n. that which 
must bB ; compnlaton ; need -. pOT- 

HHk, nek. n. part betveeo tbe head 
■Dd body^ uiTthiDg Hie a ueek. 

Hmlwij, na-krol'p-ii, n. register ol 

loufng depKtted Bpirlta. op. to 

nu'tlt. |tbe godB.-». niiti'rui.[ 
HhUt. nek'Ur, n. tbe bbJcd drink nf| 

Ttetj of tbe peach. 
Hartary. nek'ta-rl. n. part of a flower 

which cuDtalnB the honey. 
»Mi. nSd. n. ueceeelty ; want ; deatl- 

to be compelled, or under iiccesBlty! 
HBgdlhl, DAd'l&l, a. ucceBear; ; req- 

K»»dl«, ns'dl, n. pointed InBtroniBnt 

Baadi, u'sdE, a<lv'. of necCBSit;. 
Rndj, dWI. a. Id need^ poor. 

HafU^na, ns-le'rl-iia, a. ImplooB; vll- 

» ab» 


HlflHtllil, iieE-leht'rtil. 

t»releaa: BllKhtiiw. 
VtgUgnit, neK'JI-jeDl, . 


'bnr-bDd. tt. ptaeaj 
nr-ll. a. befitting a 


Hutbttilr. u 

Had«Ti ne-al'p-jl. «. intrt 

HwFhTt*, ui'p-flt. a. a ns' 
Rediaw, 'neva. nefi. «. 

having weak or Irrllabla uervei 

N«tt. ueat. n, plica' where eni« are I 
and hBlebed ; bed formedb; a bl 
comrnrtable reeldence, 

'.i. to Ue doia : aei 


BitHM, net'lng.n, piece of u* 

Hettli, net'l. n. a plant eD>en 
Btlnging halra— r.(. to atini 
late, [rouaaffectlon.— a. BmalcU-l 

HiuaUia, pH-ra^'il-^, n- a palnlnl ner- 1 

Ntalar, na't«r. o, orna ■■ 
neither geniler. 

Mntr^ na'tr^, a. of neltber party ; 


HtitnllN, 1 

V.L to render 
lo time' tn po| 

a. (^k. Ul, >t«li *ev8r«. ebb, hir, mikfr; lee, Inn; Al«i, o 


HnKtlulaB, uST-fr-f/ie-lei' 
wltbataudlDg; luiptCeof 


iwtma nui'pi'p^r, n. ■ p«per lor 
circilUtlng Dews. 
Mnrt. nut. n. gf nuB ol »oipliibioiu uil- 

□akst, a. n«r«st— oilri. in the 
s or ttms tmmeiUitel; lOer. 

□ib'l, n. a lilpplne; taaU blt«, 
(. or g.f. to Ulie enull blt» of. 

lug dellnCs dlBcrlmlnalioo or 
tmoDt^ exact: agreeable — ado. 

1. r«,jrtWngdellBiU.I 

MkBtT. El'se-tl. ». deUcKj; hcouikt; 
tUi^ nlch, n. H recess lu a waU. 
IMLnii, n. a notoh: euu:t polnt.-r. 

HlAil, nik'l'n. a graylab-whito meM. 

niggi™, mg »ru. 7t, a a^ingj iwtouu ; 
B^™£' Higgarilr. DiRVd,"-'!, a\ 

'llkt, nit. a. tlioe [rom eauael to suri' 
rlie: darkoeH. [uigbtl 

IgW-WJ, nll'ai. B. begliming ori 
IgkUuui. nlC'ia-gBl. n. gmall bird 
Hbl^ Binge at iiight. 

Hight^f nit'Ll. a. bapperdaur at night, 
—adv. by nlgbl; every night. 

KlChtiiian. nll'mar, n. leuBe nf op- 
presxiuu in sleep, often vritb trlgbt- 
fill dreams. [plant I 

nshtihadh iilt'sbid, n. a polHonouBi 

HffiflBr. nl-hll'i-tl, nl-, n. notblngneHS. 

"imllK nim'bl. a. quick: brlBk: agile. 
— ndo. ■hBblf:— ». -■-" 

XiUT, uiit'i. n. a almidetan. 

Kit nip, cL to pincta : bURl 

atroj.— n. apincbi bligbl. 

IritTa^ nl'lrit. n. aalt to 

In*n>. Dl'tro-JeD. n. ao elemenb 
gia, fOnnlDg nearly four>Mtba of 
moapheric »ir._o. titnt"——*- 

JloUt. dS^ 

tarn^. a. bappe 
..u^K"'; u.nbtly. 
H«d. nod. B.i, to Incline qaicUj'; i 

HoiH. noiz, n. aonnd ; 

■pread by mmor. 
HoImIcu, noii'los. a. wl 

lu.-onKnal. ninfUath. 
AIT. clb«ei au. pflll. np: oil. out; thin, the; get. jet; klti, ilni cblp, aittblnn. 


I, prefli ImplyiDg » 
on'«, n. minority In 

NcndeMiirt, nnn-ae-skrlpt, a, not y 

Hnu. unn, a. Bnd prim, not one; ut 

BMUUtitT, Dun-en'tl-tl, n. wmnt of t 

iug: (lilngnot exlstlliB; ntteiiyi 

N«aB, nOnz, In the andeat It 

Nm. iidr' c 

I. n. giekt dlfflculCy, 
nrdlty: trlfleB.—o. 

oon.-a. psrUlniiig 
at', n. point mid*»iy 

B«»M»r, nOi'gfi, H. bnndb of flowers. 

B««Mg7i uo-iol'(>-Jl. «. cluslBalloE 

of duufles. IfngJi of (he noee. 

Hortlil, ooB'trU. n. one of tHe open- 

Hot, ncj'tl^e "iprl 
HnttUi, nA't^bl, n 

Nftak, nooh. n. • oat o 

niAe ■ nut or nick In 

Rota, not, n. a muk : i 


not iiMth-«uttn. 
Herthelr. nAr'ftfr-ll, a. belns tamrds 

F«tthw»ri, nartl'w»r<\, a. lieiEg <» 

f; p«per promlBing p«j- 

Hothin^Hi, nulb^lng-an, n, noD-ex- 

oboeris; see; trwt with •tteDtinn. 

lIotlo«»lilt, o6'tia-».bl. a. wortby of no- 
tice. Idrdirc.— «. BoUak'tlra. I 

Notify. nO'ti-tl. t.,f. to glvB notlM ot;\ 

Notloa. nn'slmn. n- conceptlOD; i^d- 
lon; liidRment. [tnh crolchetj-.l 

HtUoul. nd'sbuu-^l. a. ideal; bnci-| 

Htnglit, nit, n. nothlDg,— 
HnuL noun. n. name of anytbinB. 
Bo«Iuh,nur'i»b. r.(. tofeed; aoppo 


NoTitiata, nS-Tlah' 

IM, (ir. add, firm. ^ak. Ul. tM; i^re, 

nUfT: tc«. iDDi adQT.o: 

rb§r, adu. In no placfl^ 
nvaiH, "" —i. arfti. in no ilngre*. 
Htiiinu, DOk'ihuB, a, bortlul ; an- 

b«]Ui;; pDitDoouB. 
Until. noz'L n. inout ; eitromlty ; 

Hnoliu, Bd'kle-iui, ». iny central 

Hndfc nfld. n. DMkea: bur*.— n. nn'dity, 
Mnigit nnj, n. • iUght paah.— c.l. to 

Hnsitarj. nfl'gtt^-rt. a. trifling; 

RiWfC nug'at. n. s lump of mtM 
KlliMU*, na'B»na, n. aorthlng oHeii- 
Hive-ur snnoviaii, (Utj.l 


Nallifr, n°l'l-« 
n,.l.-™. BBl 
Mimib. nnm, a 

re void : I 

beriBlf to ■ reUglona Ufa of ocUbucy 
and ■eclaalon. Ithspopcl 

HinnBTf, nun'er-i, n- a convent ofj 
Ni^tiat nup'ibft, a. pErUinjug Co 

Hnptlali, nup'ahfli, luuriage ; 

ishiug. [tri-liT, a. u<iurl8lilna.| 

Hitrltlni, na-trlBb'iii, HottitiTi. nii'-| 
Hynt. nlmr. n, > uuildBti^ one of tlia 

mluor goddsuee.— d. anatlu'i 

OaalL A'^is, v-^'Hli, n. fertile npot InJ 

OU,it, n. akludof graaa, and Itnaewl 

{lucd chiefly In llie plnral).--a, Mt, 

.1, ant; tbln, Ihi: get. Jet; kin, sin; cblp, u(Rb)Dre. 

OBlA^*ySrt. n. MijthlDfi sft heforn 

OMM, ob-Fkl'. Vt. W oner in opposl- 
tlpll.— r.i. tooppiMB. [son. I 

O^HUniUg, ob-Jek'Bhiin-.-bl, a lubio 

iu olijpctioq ; not lo be ipprOTSd, 
OW«rtK ch-Jek'ti., n. reHtiag to an 

OUNtor, ob-lak'tflc, n. ons *1 

O^annla, ot-Jur'eil. v.l. lo 

chide ; Hcold^ — n- g^orfi 

, Ob-li'ill 


ll-gi'ahtin, n, BUfUilnK 

/okb; bond: ("Tor; debt ot «««■ 
tnde. (omipnlsnrj.] 

Okbn (AlU'. urio moMraln ; bind 
bjiBnur. (ratfovon; kind' 

OUllu, ob-ltk'. -nk', a. elintlng ; not 
perpmdicaUr. not pottllel ; indi- 
rect, -n. olliq'tftT. 

_.. , tnblOtout; 

^ obliterm'tioB- 

-iiv'i-rjn, n. «et of forgct- 

dUhkmi. [— «. BQ obloBH flfnire- 1 
lUonf. obaADE. a. louger ttaui broad.] 

MMm. o 


OUifij, ob'lj-kwi, B. Miiiure ; rart 

Oknuiou, ob-nok'ahna. o. liable : oei 

Oboi, cfb^-V SeeHMttor. 

OWmd*, ub-9«ii', a. ancbsBte: disgni 

Otoiosn, ob-akdr', a. dirk; Indialinc 
not ewily uodentnod ; unknowi 

en; make leu pItlD.— n.gbMsnti* 
ObBqniH, ob'n^kwiE. n.pL foneral ce 


muiive or compliaul. 
Ototmkk ob-E£rv>b]. a. tkat may I 

nbeervedi unrtby oC obaermMiin. 
OltOTiBM. ob-rfrv'»ns, n. act of o 

■ervinn^ performance ; aomeUiiug 

ObMTTuI, ob-zirv'^t, n. regardfnl ; 

Oliiolrtt, ob-Bfl-lSt. o. gone out of 

Obftetris. ob-stet'rl'kB, n. Bcien 

mldwifeij.— d. •Metrig. 
Obatbata. ob-Bli-n^ a. Htnbborn : on- 

o block n 
Vb'ich Ob- 

ice, (Ir. I 

1, (flk, jJI, vi^; BeT^re, ebb, bh. mU«r; Ice. Inn; Sd^r, a 

Odiiiit, ok 



Owi^^-kult', a. KcTBl ; hidden, '" 

huTsalj bodjr 

r, □k'vu'pfn-il, n. poagsHloD. 


,. „, balng ooimpfcd; 

Omupt, ok'jli-pl. v.t. to lake or hold 

Oanmigi. ok-ur'en*. n. aa btbuI ; sp. 
1, O'lh^n.n. thegrutbodyofni- 
Oihn, 9'k«r, n. B One cli; colored iiltli 

CMic«n, ok'tB-K^ii, n. plias , , 

figure of Bigbi saglee / \ 


OatUuliM. Dk-t&uFdrqn, I I 

n. mild Ognrs of eight \ / 
miAl trluiffiilir ■Idas. 

tiiternl ot ui eighth, or tvelve 

«t»o, ak-U'<i>, -ta-. n. & book bBvlug 
Bight I(»vei to the ■heel; (oontract- 

«tglet. ak-tO'b«r. n. (auth month of 

OetKnAiiuL ok-to-Je-ua'rl-ui, n- one 

who !■ eiRhtT yeu* old. 
Oenlu, ok'jii-l^i, a. pert^nlog to the 


OU, od, n. Dot mtrod : not dlr 

bj t.o: romiluiiiR; etrwige. 
0«i^. od'i-tl. «. itniigeoeH ; , 

<Mdi. odz, f.jil.luequilll)'; dUTereoce; 

Oda, 0t), n. a lODg; 1;rlc poem. 
Odinu, ydl-oB. o. hBtefuf. 
Odlim, lydl-nin, n. haired i itroogdl 


admuEB: anything offered. 
Onriac. "['t«r-lng, n. that which 

fered; aacridoe. 
OC-htBd, Bf-hand, adv. or a. at r 

DHh, ofQa, n, auty : public employ. 
OflUii. oi-aah'»l. a. pertaining to an 

OflMgoi, of-Dab'aa. a. oTsr-obUglng ; 

Dflng, M'flDg. n. part of the aaa at a 

dlsCaove from Uie ahore- 
OlbMuiu, Arakonr-lDg, tl rcfhae ; 

anything vile. 
OIkit, aPeet, n, wythlDg eat aenlost 

Bboot or bnib n.l. io pla» agalnal 

OHiprliig. Of aprlug. n. children ; is. 

Ofb, Ml. Oflen, fif'Q. adt. freqnontly.; olLout: tbln.fUi get,]at! kin, aia; chip, ai[Eh)Dn. 

Of, ft-JS". n. mouiaiug or irch wH 

D(lt. O'gl. «.'. to glwice aiduwsji »t,. 

n, * Blde-glBu«e. |gi»nl 

Opt, a'gf T, n. m SibnloiiB moneter o 

OS, 6, iul. deuoUng [ain. •orrow, au 

Oit oil,' B. the iinctnona juice of tl 

Oily. oU'l, 

lulled witli M •Dd applied eite 
OU, aid, a. Bged ; Uiat hu eiiati 

OUhl flld'n, a. old: sndeut.' 
Dhsgioou. o-le-Bj'l-iius. "- o"}'' 
plhiUrj. irt-ai't9-ri, a. perUinlDg 
ttaeeenaenfamell. [by B Ten 

OUguthf, oli-Biir-kl. B. governmen 
OB^ Al'yS, n. dl>.h or miDgled lugi 

OliTfc ol'lv, n, tree 'bearing an ol 
fruit : llB frnk ; pare, ol which 
l 0-Llm'i 


llniplg, 4-lim'plk. 
bljmptu or 111 ' 

iBtlet, "iB'e-Jet, n. ecga beaten to a 

troih and fried. 
(■HI. a'men, n, a algn nf soma fotoro 

IniHnal om-J-niia, a. contalntug an| 

wlieeled™h"de"or p^ngtn. ""'" 
Inlt, o-mit', r.i. to loaTs onl; neglect. 

I. »11-pow- 

mBintMnt, om-Dl-prea'i 
enf evBrywhelT,— n. m 




contact with the npper 

Oi^, un'yiin, B. plant with ■ bolboiu 

Oilj, an'll. a. single; aJone.— ode. ain- 
g!y; merely. 

Oulught, on'aUt, n, violent Mtact -. 

(totolwy,"<iD-lol>jl. n. aclBBCeof b»- 

Ing.— a. fflitBl«'lt, OBtolif'iiial 
Otwud, ou'w^, 0. advauced; ad- 

Ooaa. iSot. n. soft mud. — c.i. to flow 
geDlly; percolate.— n, toiy. 

Oia^M. o-pBk', o. not tnu- ■ - 

oma'lty. [changi 

Ofd. Vpil, n. a predoi 

OptlUHBt, 'i.pal-ea'onl. a, 

0^ fip. c.i. to open. 

(ften, flpiQ. a. not ahnl 

ike an opal, 
r Incloeed: 

n.f. to become open; begin. — oda 
openly;— n, otniiMt. [ginning. 

Opming, flp'n-lng, n. an apertnre: be- 
Oj«r», op'er-i. n. a moalcal dram*.- 

a. nant'lt. 
0;<nte, op'^r-it, o.i". to eiert power 

Opintiea, op-er-a'i 
Opu^iit. op'^r^- 

Opmae, op'«r.aa. a. regnii 

(Ahieleda. oM-klld, n. a I 

trumpet. [tiou 

Ophtbt^ia, Df-thal'mi-ft. n 

Opliikiiiitad, t 

menul Jitdg- 

[the PoPPyJ 

U, vT«l; aerne. ebb. hhr, mik^; I 


OifoitiDn, op-in>-il8b'nn, n. sUts nf 

opposed to tliu eijsting admiulatra- 

tlou. [wltl.MY*rltr.| 

Oppnu, op-pTfs'. burden ; nilo| 
l^ntUCB. op prfnli'nii, n, «dt of op- 

presBing; severity; tyrinny. 
Onratin. opprps'iv, a. burdeniomei 

besvy; tynnDtFal.— n. opvxHi'UO- 

Omiibriou, op pra'bri-ns. a. dtsgrate- 

:e.~7i. inood of the t, 

Optli, Oatial, op'tlk. -fl, a. pertalaiug 

Ottidu, ap-tlBb'*a. n. one nbo nOkea 

or aeUi optical Inalruiuenla. 
OvUci, op'tika, n. acleDce ot tba >a«s 

<4tiMil, op'Bbiiii- jl, n. left to choice. 
Wdut, oix'jei-leat. a. wealthy.— n. apa- 

Ot, Or, ™ij. marliliig an allBrnatlvB. 
Oraeli. or'»-kl. n. anawer given by a 
divinity : place where anch auawen 

Onl, O'r^, ••■ utlcred by tbs month ; 
apoken.— niio. erillj. 

CQ^red mut; lt> fcoil: a color be- 

r apciker ; ^ 

Oratorj, or'a-t^-rl, n. a place of pn^' 
er : art oi pnbllo gpeaklug — a. n*- 
tat'kti. [body. I 

Orb, Orb, n. a circle; apberc; celeatial 
Oibad, Orbd. OrUraki, ar-bi]i'yei-l«T, a. 

of a heaven^ body ; c 


fquctioue.— n. Mjina'tim. 
Onktl, Di-'ne«l. n. audeiit (nrm of 
trial by appealing lo the Judgment 

Ordar, dr'd^r, n. re^fnlar arrWEeraent: 

Orderly, Or'd^-li, a. In order ; regn- 

■ucceanion.— n. number noting or- 
OrdiaaDn, Or'dl-ii^B, n. law: estab- 
OrJii^, flr'dl n»-rl. a. nanal ; com- 

leni of parte to perform aiiy natural 
fOnctlon ; medlnni ol commuuica. 
tion: anluatrumeutofmuaic. 

n, lU; get Jet; kln.alu; chip. ai(ih)are. 

HCUuntini. 1«D itmAA 

large ptqject- ^ " 

, ur'l-Jln. n. b^glaulnB; loiirrf : | 
H, 6-Tlj1-tis), a. Brat; not coplei) 
tuluteA ; latwlDg naw thougbta 
lenB.—n. origin; flistcopy; Isn- 
(e ngt trmistfeted. — n. ori^U'itr- 
ltt,.o-rij'i-iiBt, t..(. to ^vc origin 




OriMI, or-1-: 

Omita, Ar'nit, 

tyhmgi. flr'fjnsJ, n 

floctrtnt .. 

Orthmirt, 0T-tbd'e-plet.or'tli9- 

■klired in pTouuDciUlOD. 
OrttaoiP7, fir'lb9-«-pl, n, correct pro- 

Orthimjhf, flr-tbos'rtfl. n. corrfrt 
Bpelllng. — n. Mtbtgrtfb'lg, trtlii- 

(Mdn, Ar't^-lui, n. tl 
biinllnB. or rice-bird. 


the flsb-eHRle. 

gy otte-ol'o-ji lu pjrt o( 
Hbicb tremts ot tbe bnnei 

Otknwin, ntk'^r- 
or wsJ; in other 

b. bte, mekfr; lea, Inn; Mf r, ot. 

OuM, it. ^.i« 

Ontrttij, o^^Bt^lp'. v.i. 

sptta: «xc«ed: eicel 

Ontrtt. oul-vi', O.I. to ej 

s. n. tbe one-Blitenotb ol 

wltUln ; 

Out, out. 

ibrosd ; liejond limits 
Ort-, out-, pMfli deDoCiuH t*™ 

injr btfyoml. ar lupenority. 
OiOttuM, oat-lial'^B, i.r. to «i 

'- -leight or effect. 

■t, out'br&k, n. Bbr(*klne I 

Oatdo, out-dcS/. v.i. to 
DgUt, out'flt. n. eqaipi; 
Oitltuiali. out-luid'iH 

OttUv. out' 
(NUrt, unt'l 

loud cry; cImb 



OitrHt, Ol 

it'lfik. n. witdi ; pcoBpect 

frofiB injury. — p.r to treat ^th vio 

Olbilg«<". out-rij'ii8, n. violent; lu 
_,.- — -'.rneioiTs; disgncefiil 

Ontriiht, out'rit', a-mtonce; c 
OmIiSront'stt. "■ hpgloulnit. 



Ollt^!rt,oiit'sl[ert. ». b 
DitiUnllng. ont'suDa- 


Oni, 6'val. a. HliBpi 

OrflrluvL fi'v^r-hfll', v.t. to turn 

OvMhnr. 6-v^r-h*!'. n.l. to lieur 
la not iiLteuded to ba hcArd. 

■^a ""-'""■ •■'■ - "" 

Owltdk, a-r«T.1Ak'. x.l. to look < 
Ofmotti O-ier-niKli'. v.i. to be more 
(Kmnitdi, O-v^r-msch'. n. one inperl- 

Otu^u. O'v^p-plni. n, more 11 

OrenowD, *-v?r-pou'er. ».<. tr 

qi^eb bj Buperlor lorce ; tC 

OrOTHWh, «-ver-rBfh'. r t. to cl 

tiiefi.n-ioot. ssBhorw. 
Ortmili. a-ver-ntol-. c 1. coatrol 

OnTnin. 0-v^r-ruii', p.f. tn r 

e. pfill. npi oil, out; tblu, Iki: get, Jet; I 


Otum, S-v?r-«S', ip.l. »o Buperlutend. 
— ji.'. *n:nw,-j>.p. oitriMii. 

Ortnight, ft-ver-Blt. ". Bnpervisinn : 
Onrt, 6'v?rl, a. open ; pubUe. 
Onrtakt. o-ver-tilk', e.l. l» coma ui 
Kitli; catuli^ BetEB p.t. cruHok;— 

OrartoE. *v?c-top', t 
height; eice!. 

— — Jgi^; preiumptnoui. 
ttnnrlwlni, 0-ver-whelm'. «.(. tn over- 
flpread uid b«Ar dona ; Ekll npoa 

' Kihi, pft-BM', Seo F4aht. 

"■-"- "i ail'ik, a. peace-making i 

' Fui^) pBB'L-f1, v.l. to make peacefU; 

appeaBBi soothe.— k. fuitw'tlM. 
: Tuk, pak, n. a bundle; load; aot or 

PMkut, pak'gj, n. auytluug packed ;| 
Piflkit, pak'et,n,B HmalL package: v~~ 

aelplylug bet ween poru. 
Part, pakt, n, a oonlract ; agreemei 

aliiff with anjtbiug Bolt — v.i. 

Padilig. pad'log, n. aoft Btoffing. 

Owa. 6. I.I. to be indebted. 
Owing, rVing, a. or ado. dne: In conaa- 
quencB of 

nlght-i.i'Jd' "^ """""* 

Owllih, oiiI'lBh, a. like on k 

0wl;«tupldly8Olemn. j I 

Owi, Oa, v.l. to poaiesB : 1 ■ 

coDfeBB: acknowledge. I ■ 

Owi, Sn. a. belonging to ; 1 ■ 

O,^"""- r n one "ho J ^ 

owuB : rlghtfol proprle- "^ 

OwntPlhip, dn'crBhlp. n. right o! 

aeasion. [pi. , 

Ox, okB, n. ■ tnile of horned gatt 

OxUl, O17I, (As'ld, n. compont 

Uiitk, psd'ok. n. Fi 
lllHk, pad'loI[, «. * lo 

PmB, P*'«n, t>. hymn lo Apollo; l" 
Pagaa, pi'g»n, n. a heathen.— a. 

■ Pagaantrj, pij'^t-rl, n. pompou 
I ITlbition. [temple, or i .. 

Pagoda, Pl-gO'dft. n. an Ruit Indian 
[ p2dipkd,p.(,.ndp.p.oftapaT. 
' Fall. pal. n. open vesMl lor Qqaids; 

n. odd'ttin, nyt'iUn. 

I P«liir[il,P"ii'tftl. a. caoslngpaln: mf, 

. llilBU, pBQ'les, a. wlttannt pain. 

Ptint. pixt. v.l, to color ; depict In 

"'ire.— c.i. to pnotlsB painting — 

n. tt>k. Ul, vl|l: icTSn. sbb, btr. mlkfiT: IM. inn; Mpr. 01. 

Ill in GOlotB ; uolur iiud on : s 

1. w'jo'tiTo" OTuplI!^'"- tt be 
joined IQ couples : mBtcb. 
P■lM^ psl'SB. n, a roysl iinuBs; Bplen- 
'•' mBnaioa.— a. ptU'tuL 

in. psl'B-aia, n. one of Clurle- 

PiOIrw, pal'frl, d.; p41'-, c, n. a s»d- 
FilimpHit, pal'lmp-geet, n. mannicrlpC 

PlUac, pil'lDg, n. ■ fence of psles. 
Piling, p«l-l-aid', n. tenca of euke.. 

— c.f. to fOrtity wltti s pallBade. 
Pill, pU. a. a clotb oyer ■ iwffld -u,(, to 

Plltadiom, tHl-la'dl-am, n, a alatua of 
■^'lu 1 a ufegnard : i ligbt race 

PiUittit P»l'Ji-at, f.*. to BX. 

pX«tiirP^^Mv%. Bei 

Jjate ; niiUBBting, 
PlllU, pol'lia, a. pale : wai 
Palm. piim. n. Inner part o 
tropical tree. — o.(. to 

P^inaM, Palmtttd. pal'm 

FtlmUtiT. pal'n 

FilpaUA, pal'M-b1. a. tbat mi 

DuuireBt— itdu. palfablT, 
PalfHata. pal'pl-tSt, v.i. to tb 

tapidly.-n. tall>ta-tlni. 
P1J17, pal'il, 11. pirmlyalB.— o 

alyie; deprive of po»er. 
Paltw, pil't?r, u.i. to act lai 

P^try. pil'tri, a. trimag; ni 

PaujUit. pani'Scl. n. email 

PuifUttair, paui-fl<jt-«t', n. 
of pamphlets r 

Ftflawi, pan-a-s^'^ n. a 1 
PaoDaln, paa'kili. n. tblii cak 
•P»o. ^ 

ball of rtemouB : placo of 

1. pantgTrin, piDggyriuL 

nagyriia, P»MgvriM, pan'fi-JIr-IK, c 

'.. fo pralae hig¥ly.— n, pantgyr'irt. 

^Si, pan 'in,' 

i, 4. s apecl«fl of Tloli 

n, itai eblp. ax(zh)ar*. 

Pint, Pftnt. B.f. to t 

loug ™e«V.-n. 

PuUliosi, pau-tft- 

PuUuiiiD. pui'tbij' 

1. fUldoi'iwL [ceUenw. I 

PuiJM, par's-gqll, n. k model Of M-| 
Pingnch. p»r'#-Ki»f. n. i. diBliud 

PualUlspited, pBr-»-Jcl-D-pip'f<l, -lel'-. 

D.. R. repilir BoUd bounded by lU 

Panlnt, pBT'a.-liz, v.t. to dtuble ; tf- 

FueItui, pa-r«J'i-Bifl^ n, palny : loaa of 
mollon iDd »uMition.--o. iinlrl'lK 

FutBDiuit, pir'4-moiinl. n, cbinf : eu- 
preme. |p.rt bMBt-biHb.] 

Fuiptt, par'f-pet. n. ft nil or nm-| 

Fuiihwiklit. p>r-$-f«r-UB'li g. x.fil. m 

hn^H. p»r'»-ft4i, n. ■ free venlon 
or re-al«teni«nt,— 1,(, to interpret 


, par'j-iilt. 1 

Puud. pur'^-aol. n. siull umbrelli 

Fubrtt, par'boil. r.i. to boil parliiUr. 
Panal piir'»l. n. ■ portiou ; pKluge. 

—'.t. to divide into pottluDB. 
P»r(h. IBlreb. r 1, to«i»rch.— tp.i. to bo- 

Pughoiait, pSirh'meiit, n. akin <rf • 

Fmdicn, p>r'«-dtin, n. _.. . 

lee. gli. add, trm, ttsk, Ul. vlfli ■«¥«[«. ebb. b 


hncMk. p«r-e-([or'a, n. > sootliini 
Fuilt, pftr-en t, n. a. father or imotber 

ulu. pl'ri-»n. n. pertainlDg to the 

FuiH. partHR. n. thai wlilch le pBcert| 
Fuiu, pu'lih. a. lUatrlct qnder oue 

.iDginiT to ■ pirlBh 
PiritT, p»r'I-tl. n. eqmlilT; ■ 
Puk.Vtk. n. inulQwd k™ 

pl«oe for. or coLleoii 

P«ltjr pSfTl, "■*■ to apert ; 
FuUuDtnt, i^r'll-meat. n. ■ 

Pul«, pBr'J(.r. It. & Bittlns-toom 
Puidiui. p»-cfl'ki-»1, a. pottsinlng 1 
Pamr. par'p-di. Ji. piTem oineely Im 
paroity: travesty. 

Pimle, p«-r41', n. word; word of hoi 

of {Mlnorpasiloa.— a. nnin'oil, 
Puonrt, pir-ki', n. floor ; lowest nuge 
ofaeaM Id a theatre. 

PUH, ptos, !..(. to aumljie 

Ftrnnnir. par'sl-m^n-l, n, 

frugality, — a. fuaiiu'ii- 

Partlai, piirs'll. n. herb aet 



Partial, par 

ty.— n. urUd'ItT. 
ParUlipui, piir-tls'l-pfiit, a. absriai 

purtaUug.— n. a partaker. 
PaitiBpatt, p«r-tl8'i-pit, r.i. to pi 

take; haveagbim — n, Httioifa'til 
PutMtK pSr-ti-si-pl. n. word part. 

and verb,— a wtioip'U. latom,' 
Farthik, piir'tl-*r, n. a mlaut« portion : \ 
Farttanlar. p»r-l1kTa-l»r, a.pertal--- 

FaitinilaritT, p»r-tjk-yn-br'l-ti 
quality of being particular ; 

Partisan. pSr'tl-zaa, h. an adhen 

s. pfill. up-, oU, oat; tbln. at; get. jet: I 

ii alD: uUp. u(ib)iue. 

Putr-nbnd. idr'ti-kul-nrd. a. t 
Pucbll pna'tfl, a. perl^nlug ti 

Fuhr pj-Btib'. n. B Turklih e< 
Tubuic, pg' 


PU8,PS8. ■ 

Tubuic, ptt'Bh&lil 

pu-knin-U', I 

la, pan'O-vet.rt.ihicffeMiof (ha 

JeKB, [BloDtn travel. I 

Puqiort, PBS'pOrt. n. offlciil permla-| 

Put PSHt, a. gone by; ended.— n. 
time gone by.— prp. bejoncl. 

irtinctel gems.— v.i. to fulen uith 

Ptfti), FutUK pu'tll. -t^]'. n. eniBll 
-' stomalle Hnbstiinoee (or 

PiJtimtM"'*'™.''- ^t™"'*""; tecre-| 
Put«, p§a'IQr, R. H Bbepberd: clergy- 

PMtm*!, P89tj-r?],a. relitlngloBbep- 

rtiT. pSB't 

■ w. Piti'tynr, n. KTMi lotimzin 
w-lMni.— «.(. tn aiipplj with pi 

Ptitmlt, pfls'l^r-^l, n. oftlnaof Bpaa-[ 
PutiT, piB'trl, 1, pleB. tBrta, hi, 
"""' -.flj, n. pBsture: paa- 


Puty, pas'tl. n. a pie, up. s 

Ptt, pat, n. a irantle blow 

Mriie very gently. I 

Pat. P»l. o. fit: BulUble.-od 

Fatah, pacli. v.t. Id mend wit 

put on ; aniall piece of groi 
PatabToA. pacb'wurk, n. &bi 

orpatehefl; tragmeatary «■ 
Pata. pit, n. the head. 
Fatant. pat'ent, a. open; i 

cure bj pi 
[rived trt 

Patonal. pa-l£r'L.^. 

PalMBltT. palir'ni-ti 

ftlber lo Sli cblld. 

Pitamsatn. pat'^r-n 

i trodden nar : t 
9-JKt, fi. one 

Lord 'a pnyer. 
i^tk, p«tb, n 

Flthrtlt, PH-thet"'1 
Fathflogiit. PA-tb< 

FaUwIogT. Pfl-lbnl'fl-jl. n 
of diaeaae.— a pathalog'ia. p»tliol«'- 
\fi. fplty or tender feeling. I 

PMbM, pS'lhns, ». ■- ■■ ' 

Pathway, pgtb'wi. 

Patient, pS'abent, 

PttHdan, pa-<rlsh'«i:, n. ■ 

FatrteiMiy, pat'ri-mp-ni. n. 
"'-•~. — ajfitriino'iiial. 

'tttiot pi 

Palrra, pl'tr 


n, sak. BU. iT^; agrire, ebb.bir, miik^: Ice. Inn; oaor. 

PtiuiM, pil 


P»iip«r, I^-Mir, n. 

■buo Btandiiig 

FnM, pikt. a. pointed; luv 
peik. fr.i. tOKWealand so 
PmI, pel. n. B loud souud ; Bet of I 
Feir, par, n, a tcea and IM trnit. 
Purl, wrl, n. beauUiul while ra 

.. - . pa'P^t-iim. n. atat 

Ingapanperi detUtuUmi. 

■un, pai, n. a atop ; cesutir 

: Pnauti;. pei'^ut-rl, n. peasants 
Puut, pez, n.;>J. indefinite of pw, 

> PmL pSt, n. Hind nt turf. 

PrtUt. peb'l, n. imall mundighB 

' FttMr, pcb'll. a. fnUotpebblea. 

diili. pek-^dil'O. a. a petty tanlt. 
pek, n. measuie oT tno gallons 

P««k, pek, V.I. (n strike or pick 0| 
wKb tbe beak ; attike witli lome 

PMtmd, pek'tfl^rjl, o. pertaining ti 

) wilb tUe fgdt ; baadle 
catch Uliug into the 
a pled^ depoalted as 


PaTnknku, t^n'li 

P»J. pi. "'-to dtr 
quile.-p.l, and 

FanU^ pa>-bl. a 
Aiould be paid. 

paid ur lo be pa 
Ftimiaittr. pi'mg 

<d etid D^itytlili 

. jMBliar'itT. 
Painniarx, pe-kUn'j^r-i. a. retoting to 

money.— odrt. jH«uii»iilr, 
Ptdtctcu, ped'sBOg. n. a BCboolmea. 

ter.— a. paldH'ig, -un)', |fool.| 

Pidal. ped'^. n. lever maved b; tbej 
Ptdaut. ped'^ut, n. one who jnak«- 

P«4uitty, ppd'*nt-ri, n. vain or imelea 

display of learulu^. 
Piddle ped'l. v-i. or v.l. lo ttsvfl an 

Jer. Pedlar, ped'l^r, n. traielllD 

Itti, ped'eB-tfl, n. baae nt a eo. 

Ptdntrian, pe-dea'trl-fn, a. going, o 

perfonoed, on foot.— n. a walker. 

' Ptdntriaiim, pe^dee'tri-^zuiim, n, at 

grt, n. leelsleT of gene 

. Peduiiilik pe-diiug'kl, n. footatalk of 
PmI, P4I, f I. lu Blrlp off the Bkin.rlnd 
rind; skin; liatk. 
n,tU; get.Jet; kin. aln ; chip. ai(Eh)iire. 

P«r. pf r. 

HO in Bigbt : look 

>1 : member ot the 

[bndy of pe«n. ] 


FiUiell. P«J'i-k1, n. thiq iklo; film. 
PiU-hhU, pel-mel. ado. prom IbcuoubIj. 
PriliuHpel-la'slil.o.vprycleir: IraiiB- 

pKrent. — a. peUuBtdnau. 
Pdtpelt, n.8f.icI7>Wn, 
PiH, pell, n.I. to Blrikfl with mlBSllea ; 

Fittry. pel'trl. n. pelts or ftira In gcn-| 
PtD. |WD, n. pointed Inatrunieut foi 

Pradiii™, pen'djll-lum, n. » n- 

Penrttriit, pen'e-lrj-bl, a. th»t mi 

penelnkted. — n. pnutnbil'jtr^ 
Penrtntt, pen's-tril, ".I. to pii dlBuerumen'l.-a. 

Pisaltr, P' 

inflicted pnn- 

PeoM, peua. otmauil. 

P(EBiLpt>D'ai],n. Email brush ror pal nt- 
iug ; Inatrnmeut of bl»ck Itsd, tc, 
for writing or dt»vrinR: a collection 
ofr8y8.-ii.i to-wrlte.dmw.orpmut 

v£l^, 'pen'd 
Blale of being 

odlJiWed ' 




Puitmtiw. pet 

victed oCTenderi 
PeB-knlf*, peu'nif. 

Ptnny. pao'l, n. coin of ibe •nine 

two centa — j^ii^. ttraln:— >nd> 
tntt. [of S4 grain g 

PaBSTinlcht, pen'l-WBt, n. tro]- nelgti 

PtBsU*. pen'Bil, a. hinging. 

Pmtiiini, pen't^e?".."- /\ 
plBue ilKUre of five uislei. z' N 
— o ptBtag'suL \ / 

pMUiHtn. pen-um'e-t^r, \ I 

n.veitK oldie lent 

PasUttDclL pea'tatim. h. Ant Art 

a. hSr, mUfF! fWi iDDi OOfr. oi, 



Ptnt-hoim, pent' 
Pmolt. pa- null'. 
Punltiiutg, pe-i 

I. n. ati«d iJoplD 

rtnulaiii, pe-nflTi-iiB, a. paralmoni- 

oub: nlRg»rdl;,— n. laDimoiinMu. 
PttnrT, [len'ra-ri, d, porarty. 
Phi;, P^'Q-ol, n, ■ plant baulng 

It, pep'er, a. h pluit and ita pnn- 
It spicy fruit.— o.(. to sprinkln 

P™ii»Ml, p?r-BSv'^-bl. a. thBt majl 
PirmlTO, pjr-iSv', r.f. to dlBcover by 

Pgnnitoft, per-Bent'«], n. propoction 

PunptiUe, p«c-Bepe'l-bl, a. that may 

be peroelvBd.— n. pnctpUWitr. 
PintlCoD, p?rBep'«hun. n. act nr 

PantfQn, p^r-Bt^Hv. a. baving ibo 
power of petcelvln«. 

Poih, pirch. n. ■ genns nf flehee : 
rooBting-plIce of birds: mBaaiirn of 
6) linear jiarda. — n.i. to alt on a 
percb ; light. — vA. to place, u on a 

PfnktnM, p?r-cliBn«'. ado, by chance 1 1 
Pndrtint. per-Hlp'i-™i. a. percelTfOK. 

pRflouian, per-kash'an. n. act or ft' 

rnmwL p¥r-ill»ii'un, b. loss ; mln ; 
ftff. iSate: tee, pfill, np; oil. out; tbln. 

Pgnfrtuta, pet'^gti-nat, e.i. to travel 
about ; live abroad.— n. pep^rina'- 

PMBllitMT. pf r'em-to-rt. a. pnsttlvo 

autnorttativa.— mi", penmjlorilj. 
Pammial, p^r-en'l-^, a. lasting fo 

Perteot, pirT^^kt. a. completo i Cnlab 

Ferftntt, p*r'f(>-rii 

throngh ; pleroo.- 

PttTnM. pfr-iBra', i 

not ot tBJtbfuI- 

<i. Hrf*ntio>. 
l!-. %y force ; o 

tton. (frasraiit Brtbati 

Pnfnm. pfir-fam, n. a aweel o. 
fttbmt, p^r-fam', ip (. to acent, 
PtttlmierT, wr-lum'^ri, n. perfumea 

PtrfluutinT. pfr-ftmek't^rl. a. da 
togetrrdotlbaduty; ueRligant. 

F«rh»p«, pfr-haps', ade. by ohanoi 

PtTi, pS'n. n. a feiry In Pereian m 

P«rie»,ppr'l-Jfn, point of the moon 

orbit nearest the earth. 
PirDttlini. pcr-l-hsll-qn, n. point la 

PerM, pS'ri-od. n. a circuit: tlma i 
Hiilch anyiuing is performed ; po 

lence: pulot ( . ) maiklng tba end r 

Perl>41(, Fniidical, pe-r!-oi11k, -«l. < 

taining lo periodicals. 
PeEta41«d, pS-rl-od'l-k»l. b. publlo 
tlao which appears at lesiilaclnte 

PtriShmj, pe-rlfer-l. b. circnmfer 

AS; gel. Jet; kin, aln; chip, ailih)ari 


ig, per'i-fTBE. Pnl;lituu, p 

sbelCflsli. ..-- -^ — 

Bct or breaking m 
Fa^ pirk, vj. dt e.{. to hold up 

FrainnUt, piT'ns 

PUBHta, p$T'lD( 

Ibrnagb Uj» p 


Pitmlt, pern 
Parmit p&'a 

li'iu, a. destrDctlYC 

FlNration,' pet-o-rS'ihan. n. coqcLd 

pSr-pen-dik'ja-ljr. n 
gilt ; mpeliDji at righ 
' p«rp^Ddlciilmr line o 

Pneudkiluftf. pjn-pen-dlk-yA-lu'l 
if. n, BtBtunrbpiiiKperpeadlcaltr. 

pBrp«toll«,pir'pe-lrai, v l. to perioria 
cipnimit (in » bad apnael.— n. pirpi 
ttt'Uim. [perpetrMea; doer. 

ParfatnlM, pJr'pe-trS-tpr, n. aar ntio 

Parirtoal, pei- pel'ji 9I. a. Dsver cms 
'--- — -rlBstinp, — adit, parpctaally. 

— L or obUTlon.— n. Hrpatiu'tien. 
Ftrp«*«ttj, pir-pe-ta'l-lt. n. aUte ol 
•■^iiiK ptrpetn*!; eudliiM duration: 
jytblng parpetoal. 

■m. g]r. add, Kmi, aak, kU, i1«l; iptte. 

Farrbi, pf r-pleka'. e.t. 1 
Fntleallr, p^r-plek«'i-t 

Pwjnliita, pftr'kwi-zit. n 
FtrMntt. pifee-kiit, i 


relating, to a peraon ; done In per- 
aoD; bodily: movablo, aa property. 
FOTOBllltr. pir-apii-Bl'l-li. n. "■-• 

ibJIj:. [propeny.j 

Pananaltj, pir'apn-al-tl. n. penoDil] 

lelt tie p 

Far»jiotiTe, pf r-spek'a 

the mind ; eyidml ■ plain.— n. p 

a^ianoiiaiiaaa, puapiin'ity. 
Ptnpuation, ptr epl-r&'abno. n. act of 

perapirtrg; "wfM. . 
Fniplrt p?r-aptr'. r.f. or t.i. to 


Panuilit, p^T-Bwi'zli, a. teaiiiag to 

Put, pjrt. a. forwsrd : nacy; Iraper- 
tlneni.— niio. MTllr;— n. pertiuii. 

Ponki, pBr'dbli. n. a wig. 

PtmuL pe-rilbz'»l. n. >ct of peniBlng. 

PanuB, po-rifbz'. v.t. to read UMotive- 

ly; Biamlue. 
Pimdi. per-vid'. ».(. to pouctmte ; 

r»d tUTOagb or oyer,— fj^ perra- 
lible, to pervade, I 
PtiTHin. p^r-vi'ilv, a, tanding, or| 
Pmtru, pjr-iJrs'. a. obstinate In tbe 

baatliormoralB; tronbleHOme. 
P«tl^ pei'tl, n, iuBtruraent for poond. 

ing anytliing In a mortar. 
p* pet. It. a fit of peevlaHneai or 

eligbtanser.— a, ftttUll. 
Prt, pet, n. any creUnrB fondled or In- 



pe-tlHh'un, H, requm 

Pltrd, pet'rol, n, 
nuB of long-w; 

Pittifcjtiiiii. pat-rl 

malile bltumlnoua liquid fCiuud I 

PrtHtwt pel'1-krtt. n. a wonian'i iii 

Pa^bent, pefi-fog-er, n, paltry lav 

yer. Iteinp tibia 

Ptttr, pet'i, n, Hmall ^ trifling ; oon 

Patnlant. pet'yb-l^nt, a, aaucy; pBe< 

Isb— n. pgtalaMt, [cbuccb 

Fhaatni, fi'e-ton. n, an open four- 

Pbaluix. fal'aiigks. ti'-, n, a compmt 
btidy of aoldlera.— pi, phalan'gaa, 

Phantaim, ftn'lazm, n, a flincled vla- 
JoD; lUualon^ spectre, — a, phuUa'- 

Fbutauucstla, bn-taz-ma-gO'rl-s. n. 
eiblbtUoD la Ogurea by a maglo 

Pkut<m. bn'tijm, n, an apparition l| 
PliiriM!, Sa-'i-B5, n, ons of a Jewiah 

of rellgloua ordlnancea, — a, pklri- 
it'u. phuiM'iiiil 
PharmutpBia, fitr-mt-ko-pl'T^ n, book 

^;; %# 

nOuthinlit. fl]-ftn'lhro-pLet, n. a 

Pfcikalhnjl, m.«n'tiiro-pl. n, Inys of 
mankind lu gSDflrml. — d, phUut^rcp'^ 

Phffinll, U-lii'lk, n. in iuTec[w""lt| 
Phildwirt, fli-ol'fl-jlit. n. one VBrsprt 

PhflAlKT, fll-ui'p-Ji. n. icItnllOc nlndj 
ol lsugiu«e.-a. ^iloltCio, fbOol»('- 

PUlomaL fl1'o-me1. n. tbt nlgbtlneBle. 
PhOsMjAtr, nl-Ds'<^I$r. n. one skilled 

In pbiloflopby ; one vho uli ulmly 

■nd mtlonn)); , 
FhilMOfhiM. -iit, ni-oe>nz, i.i. to 

reuon like apbllOBopber. 
PkilMg^liT. AI-o«VII "' kt]0w)ei1ge of 

■ogh'le, pUlMOpli'itiL 
ruHar, PhUtn. Hl'l^r, 

FUflbotoDj, fleb-ut'g-m 

Fbflumfhr, (9-nog'ra-fl. n. n kjbUe 

ofeBort Bund —a pkentjnjh'io. 
Pkapk*niHiit, fng-fn-Ter'eiit. a. sbin 

)q>kiniL foe'ra-riii, n. ao el 
y combnatilile gnbttiuce; 

diiced by pbotogupLy, 
FhotBfnpkBF, fi^t^'tt^-t^t, n, oiH 

pr«ctl«B pbolugnpbj. 
Pkitocnpliy, ce-tng-r^ti. n. nt of pro- 

U|ibt on chemlaUy prepued 

Pkrut, friz, n. part of n seiib 

Phrueolotj, iraze-oi'p-jj, n. aty 

Pkraaalwiy, Ireo-ol'p-J'. "■ doctri 
a apeclal rotinexlon between i:e 

tlona of the mind — n. phnMlM 
Fhthiiioil. tlz'1-kfl, a. couaump 

phtMiii, tbi'ate, cia'-, tt'-. n. cods 

Phylaetrr, li-lak'l^r-l, n. > atrip of 

MKhmeiit inacribed iillh pasi 

ttom tbe HabTew Scriptures. 

Phyiis, flzik, n. medlelne ; tlie ■ 

■knlelu. & 

allbinge; oorponol. 


M, Ot'lkB, n, the <clenc« o 

Pfaridiinwmiib, flz-l-og'no-mlat, n. ot>e 
_rtmad In ptyalognQiny. 

?emliig cbaracter from the f^ 

Phirt«i«irt, ai-i-t'i'p-ji"'i "- <"!« "I 

ed In phjBtology. 
Phiiieiotj, flz-f-ol'f-Ji. n. iclpnoe i 

Piiu. Piantbrta. pt-i'no. -lOr-tl, n. 

Ftaoitt, pi-il'nial, n. • performer o 

tbe planoforM. 
PluM, pl-iz'9, n. a corered wilk; 

Ktt,^ plk. v.t. to peck i open wlOl » 

«. tlr:mJJ, Mnn. art.MI,^; i^rtn. rtjb. Ur. mlk«T; I 

Pieirt, pUL-y.t. ». pQlu 

pick«LT poal ai a pic 
Pitkle. pik'l, n. brlus; 

auytbiuH plokled.— 

In pi<--kle. 
PlgkpatkM, pik'pok-et 

niUiikl, pll-tO'ri-*!, 1. perUlnlng to, 
oi lUuatrnted by, picture!. 

Fistnn, pik'tynr. n. s palutinx; dtmw- 

tng; reiemblwice c.t. to repHMOt 

■- ~ Ba In. k plctdTfi. 

Pit pi, «. ft»d taked Id ■ «i 

PtabUi,' pVb&W, a. pBrty-col 

Fil^ p8«, n. B pirt ; portion : 

—0,1. to add B pleco to; Jirtu. 
nwtolHl, pta'mSl, adc. by, or 


lf[»tBdt Bpoltfld, 
, „ l.ko.: OIIBV. 

Pi^Hn-hou, plj'un- 

n|wi^. plj' 

Plfiint, plg'me 

SIT. dbn ; flas, pbll. n 

Br aa plsi,— a.tlKah. 

Pitem, pU'Brim, n. > wmuderer; Iny- 

PllCrimtlf, pU'BTlm-aJ, R.loumeyafa 

pilgrini, or to a hoiy plAcu, 
PiU. pU, n. BDUU ball of medicloe. 
Mitf. P"-«J. »' ut of plDuderlng; 

PUIar, pkl'ar. n. a colunui-, aupporl. 
PUUhl pll'yau, n. cuablon for riding 

PDlary, pil'orl, n. frame to conflne 

crimlDBla by tbe heart and Uaade. 
PiUow, pil'S. n. « cnsliiou lor tlie head. 

— r.t to rest ta au a pillow. 
Pllat pl'lpt, n. one wbo iiuides, ap. a 

eblp,— c.'. to gnlde as > pilot. 
m^ft, pll'(>t-«. ". HOt of pil^tins; 

KiL pin, n. 

a. plmplid, pimply. 
lOlHtsd wire fnr l^t 

la «itb a pin. 

Plaafbrtk pln'^for, n. a cbl 

Piaoh, plncb, v.l. to aign 

grips.— n. a nip: equeei 

Piaohitot pinohlMk, n. a 

PliMn, Riighen. plnoh'^n 
fur Belilne or pulling, 
■--- pln'kflah-flu, n 

PirniHi, pl-^nir', n. loldler who i;] 
Uie WHS before nn mrmyi > tOre 

tiOD fti[ the DeiCJ. pireata. . 

Kjii. pip'ki 

figieL pl-k«t'. pe-b4'. n. b gune et 
cards. [aeu: ]lt«iar; tbeft. 

HrHy, p!'r»-ii. ". robbery ou tbe blgb | 
Pirtte, JA'r^t, n. ft ec H-[abbci : tileiiir}' 

miaeion.—a. fftifioil, pir-. 
Puwtoriil, piB-k»-tO'ri-al. ttrntaj. 

PiltuUo, p'B-U'cho, n, cut 01 tbe len- 

Ftitil, pJs'tll, n. ■eRd-bcsrlng orgau ol 

PiitoL pIsV. "■ "»•" Bon held Kith 

Mltde, pis-Wl', n. & BpwilBh gold coin. 
PirteB, piBlon, n. BoUd cjlinder mov- 

Pitih, pich. eX to tbti 

PKeb, pich, nlbl'i^Mtcky re8tn.-e.( 

to Bmcsr or fill witli pllob. 
Pitoher, pich'fT, n. > veseel with i 

Bpoat; ewer, [likg bnyi ftc. 

PlUbik, piob'IOrk. n. fork tor plteb- 
ntA^ pbib-plp, n. pipa to pftcl 

the Tolce by, In Blngliig. 
PttehT, plcb'i, a. lUfl pilch : blick 

dirTt. [pity: compaisioMle. 

Ffttou, ptt'e-M, a. fitted to ciclte 
Ptthll, pft'ftl, n, A pit alighUj cover 

ntkx, piUi'i, a. of. or like, pith: en«- 
geilc : tene lud torclble.— n, filU- 

Ktiltl'l. pit'ij-bl, a. dcBorvlng pltj. 

Piliftil. pit'i-Kil, a. compeEBioute : 
end: dtsplcible,— n. (dtiftilmil. 

FitUm. plt'l-les, a. wllboiit pit;; cm- 
el.— n. pitUeHUB. 

PittUM. pif^uB, B. BmsU alloweuce: 

Ktj, plfl, B. Bjmpalhy with BoBer- 

'on which »-■•-■--' 
pUk'-, a. a 

ipist'tod, B.prlnifd b: 

1. calm; pcHcetuI.— «■ 

■t writingB olnnolher, 

Pljlijrirt, pli'jer-lst. Fliciiiy, pli'j»- 
PtafMplig.n.B pestilence: inythlng 

FUint, pUnt. n. s complalut ; 1 
Pl»iBtif;'plBn'tl(. n. one who begins s 

PtaB, ^Mi. n. doBign: ground-plot: 
K^en,B.-r. . es ^ ™v 

t>, hir, mak^r; ie^. Inn; Odgr, o 

Pluk, piftugk. n. m ttalcfe board. — D.I 

In covpr wllb pliuks. 
Plut, pilot, n. B legeUble ; mBchlii 

to aet in the gnraod : sBUbllali 
.iin» plaq'tin, n- h tr<:^>lcBl p^u 

«Uoi, plaa-ta'Bliua, n. act of plaol 

'«rlii;iug wBlls 
.re»d on 

Pluiuioi:, piu'tfi 
TlirtH, pfu'tlk. a. 


nu, plBt. n. m bnid or atrmw or hiL 

— o.l, to braid. 
Hit, pl«t. n. lovalpleseof gmnnd. 
Tin, pllt. n. tlUa piece of met«l 
vronght gold aud sllier t >iiii 
diBli : engrivod plate of metal ; oi 

FIUmi, plittA', n. bSgh plain; tabli 

Kilfiinn, plal'fOrm, n. floor of boacda 

naUtilda.plat'1-tDd. n.flitueBa; aeon 
Plati^, pla-ton'ik. a, pertaining I 

Pludlt, pift'dlt. I 
FlaulUg. pUz'l-] 

FUjiuifv, pit'fe 

in. (Ane; flaa, ptU, n 

?lta4, pie< 

PluatBt, plei'^t, a. ig 
Pluaantry, plez'^t-rl, 
Flaw, plei. If. to Hi' 

Vkift, plej. n. auytblng offered as le- 
gtvB aa security ; eugage bj- prom- 

PlBOirT, pl*^-rl, a. full; complete. 
PltBi»gt«BtiarT, pleu-l-pflti^n'sii^-ri. ». 
enTOj wilh full povrera tor a »peoi«l 

Plmltll(,'pleu'l-tad, n. tainem. 
FlutHU, pleD't£-iu, PlntUal, plea'te- 

til, a. coplooB: abundaat, 
PlistT. pleo'tl. n. full aixpp))'; tbao- 

Krtheia, pleth'o-rj. n. nverfolne* 

blood; rfTilellon.— a. pMhniD. 
Plmirity, plitb'rt-al. n. Innaniniatlo 

PUaMa, pD'a-t 

ble; yIelJii 

Pliut pll'f- 

'fiit. a. flexible; 

Plintpll, ,. , 

Plifbt.pllt,s.(. to pledge — n. ■ plodgi 

PUnth, pllntb. 'n. aquare block at tli 

PW, pl-Jd. V.I. to travel ateadlly ao 

laborloiialy: study hard. 
tMitr, ptod'^r, n. a dnil, laborloii 

Plit. plot, n. conspiracy; scheme; ati 
rj of a play, *c.-c.i. to scheme 

t; thin, tU; get. Jet; kin. sin; chip, Bi(ih|iu< 

S'pIobkS"'* "■ '""" " 
^■'- iJ^Jjwp ^'^^ V 

Plmut, plifDm'fj. H. 

Flnnbi plum, n. leaden 
—a- perpaudlcular. - 

TliuabiCDj plum-bt')ia. n. bluk-le 

kiud of imtivecubon. 
PlUBkw. pluui'fr. 71, oue who v 

PlmBb-liiu, plum'lta, n. line can 

PIbbh, pldBm, «, a fcatSer ; ere: 
teatliets : prize of contest.— b. 

Flnutt, plono'et, n. leaden weight 

nnallne: pluiub-Ilne. 
flimi, ptr — " '"' " "— -' 

!«■ tlun half the auRrFgale. 
Plmh, plnsh. n. a kind ipfcmrae tbW et 
Ptoriaf pl*'vl-»l, a. rainy. 
By, pU. r,!. la work al Bteaddy. nrge 

Fouh, pAcb, v.C. to boll allgbUy. as 11 
ganie.— i.i. to steal game. 

PHkit, pok'et, n. a buuII bm. a 

ttie pocket; take quietly. 
Pfd, pod, n. Heed-vcHsel Of o 

Pnb, po'em.n. aconipoaitloiiin 
Potij, po'e-Bi. n. art o( couipoaii 

Pei^nant, ^ 

direct the finser towartlt; Indicate. 
Point-Uuk, point-btangk, a. direct. — 

ado. dlrectl)-. [rect.l 

TtbkM. poliit'ed, B. sharp: kwn: di-| 


a deadly, Infeclloiu, 




t« Bl'e po. 


Polt pul. n. eilreniity 01 an Hils. e 

FAt^^idl. n. ■ lone rod or ihilt 
nood: meiHiirs olfi^linoT^udB. 

FdiBlt, pOl'k.1, n. B kiud of vrai 
rtlch emiM u offensive odnr, 

PdUDiiB, pp-lem'lk, n. a diepuUnt-— 
pJ., coutroverej. 

Pdtmig, PaUmiul, pp-lem'lk. -^, 

Pd^^ltaj, p()l-fltiir, n. bUf nearly vf 

Heat user the norlli pole. 
FgllM. pp-18»'. B. lystem of nilcB 1 

PoUita, poI'lBh, 

Mflne.— n. glc 

FditL pv-nt'. ' 

Prflij pol'L-Bi. n 

. o. Jud 

Fdttkiu, pol-i-Uih'an, n. one vened 

In poUilci, 
FeMei, poll-Uks, n. scionca of gov. 

eramenti political aflalra. — a. h- 

Politr. pul'ltl. «■ eivll conelitutlon. 
Folkk pAI'Ha. n. ■ kLD<l of dsnce. 
Poll, pal. n. the bead: raglitar of per- 

■Diie; elcoUou.— Id pt.. plice wbera 

clip: reglatert ■« ■ voter- 
Prtllij. pol'jcd, n. > lopped tree. 
Pellu. pol'en. n. fecunaBllUK gnoulea 

of pluiU. [poll oi faeed,! 

P*ll~t*i. pailaka. n. taiWied b^rtbel 
P•llBt^ pol-lat', i.l. to make foul; rl& 

Ale. — n- poUatiniL 
PiUmob, pol-trdon'. b. b oowird; dH- 


P^jruthu. poM-u'th 
i^ftmlit, po-llg'^mi 

I. ktod 
ohftmlit, : 
llrfimj, po-llg'»-mL. n. Iba taHcg 

llKlrt, pol'l-fflot, n. hBvtng, or con- 
tifnlna. many linRUWee.—n.u book, 
ap. ■ bible, in ef versl laDgoBtfes. 
PtlnOB. po]■l^^on, n. »pl»UB flgurn of 
more tb«i four »nBres.— o. nUg'- 

(Mr, iJbin; Bse. pfill. Dp; oil, ont; thin. 

toijiaiim, pol-l-b i'dron, n. aolld flg- 

Polo, pol'lp- Polrru. pol'l-pu>. n. 
Bqiutio ndlmte amuol vlUi mujj 

PolyijllkUf, pol'l-Bll-(-bl. n. word of 
more Uua three ayllablea — a. hIt- 
■yUib'k. [beading roaoy aiu.! 

Palytuhiiu!, pol-l-tek'nlk, a. compre-| 

of a plumllty ol gods.— a. HlrUi- 
iat'lc [lu polTtnefam.l 

Polrthtiit. pol'l-thE-lBt. n. a belioverl 
Pamaoi. pum'|a, n. BubBlauce of ap- 

Panuda, pi^mad'. -mad'. Pematud, P9- 

PamnluT, p«~mol'n-jl, n. art a 

log irait.— a. pooolac'lHl- 
Pomp, pomp. ft. pa^euitry; apli 

PompOM, pom'puH, a, grand ; oi 

tlouB. — n. poznpot'itj. 
Pond, pond. n. Incloaed body ol 

liraUt pon'dflr-s 

«.«.-«. Hnden 

Paoiafd, pon'y^d. n. a beuu dagger.— 

!,(. to "tab. Ipope. I 

PantUr; pon'tif, n. a high-prleat: tb<:[ 

PaBUHeil, pon-tlPi-k»l. a. bsloaBloj! to 

a poiiliff.~poiitia«ll, full dreai 

Pratillaatt pon-tifi-kfl!t. n. office oi 

reign of a poDtiS. 
Pont™, PantoD, "^-' - '— ' 

ug brldgen. 
haired dog. 

Poor, pJbr. o 


Bblo.-adi.. poorij ;-n, 
■barp. quiok Boond; 

t; set, jet; Un. lin; chip, ai(ih)nre. 

""»««■'<-' 1 

TS-SffSi."- "•" ""•'" 

ctaargeaat ■ port! pl»» tor c«rj-. 

Tirtrj, pop'¥'-i. ". b™™ cthDii- 


P^W. pop^Jl"". »pi!r™' coi- 



Fotbr, pop-lv. n. genna of tr*e». 


P^' pop'lin. ». Mrio of .ilh «.a 


70,10, papHh, a. ToUUDit to tbe 

p^: aitholic(UMdo«™.ive1r>, 


?OiIT. POP'I. n. » pl«>t ydeWlDg ■ ii«- 

Pwtat, por-tcnt'. n. ao btII omen. 



Populif, pop'jTi-!«r. a, perWiniDg to 

rlar: klndorbEer. 

PRttblla, part-tsi';0, n. case for any- 

ing BoiDiig, Iho people. — n. (ofn- 


rtilp'J aide for aimou. 

porch Hltb colmmiB. 
Poition, pAc'BliDD. n. a ahve ; part ; 

^GSSSuB of iDJ plltO. 

Pqnlmt, pop'iu-loB, a. fnU of peopla. 

wife'. firtmia.-«. to divide; Sot; 

Htui of MTtheuwrnro. 

Portly, pSrt'U, a. h»1n|E ■ large uid 

pATBlL pdrch, T*. covered eptrucfl to a 
bifljing: porttoD. |««'ine.| 

immjlng peraon ; conmteut. - b. 

Fwdiu. por'Bln. *-.ii, a. pettaiuing to| 


tiire tiom life. 

ruped co»r. ^■■■Ill 

edwltbahup '4^^^^^$. 

quIU*. "ai^^P*^ 

Ftfbay. pOr-tri', ..1. to depict the 

Pon,pOr,«.)ai- '^^SK* 

1ike£»a of. 

Fgaa. pfli. ".f. to pnzile ; bring to a 

ItaeBkiDi openlagbetweenttiemole- 

cn1e»o(» hody.-n..-. tosWdyeloKly. 

P«k, perk. n. ttae fleih of ■wine. 

P«tai, pOz'?!-. "■ Due nfao. or that 

Potktf, p«rk'*r. n. a 7ouog hi*. 

Pmu, pa-ma, o, hmtog pore».— n. 

Fo^tti^ ' ^ilah^un. \. altoation ; 

HMf'itr. ledBtone.! 

place: attitude; atate of a&lrs ; 

^^ry. Wr-fl-rt. n. bard vpriegnt-l 

principle laid down. 
Poamva, pou'l-tlv, a. actual ; oeKaiu j 

sr" i^cVi i^si^^^_ 

real; ahaolnta: aaaiirert.-n. ^n- 

omo'Sh^i'e ^^H*^*" 

pHMta, pia-iea', t.;. to have ochoM >a 

Porrtdi*. poffj, B. botli-d meal ; thick 

aonp, pnwmug.! 

oeselDg : sDytbing owonl : oonlrol 

Rfa.'Tjec 'ss; s 

Foaunlvo. paz-iee'lv, a. denoting poa- 1 

PMMaMr, poi-iPB'or. n. onowhopoa- 

"hip. [qarried.l 
FDTtalh, pArt'vbl, a. that may be 

•a, sr -■'-"«•"-'• 

ic«. |lr, add. Sim. (^k, Wl. t^I; «t»ire, ebb, hftr, mik«i'; loa. Hid; Mgr, or. 

Poitec*, past'flj. B 

PaUL pdat'Il. a 

PutariDT, poB-cg'ri-^r. a. later; Moder. 

— n. toaterior'ity. 
PHtnitr. poB-ter'l-tl. n. fbllowlDg gea- 

?Mtvi, pwifra. n. uniH back door 
ormto. [■peed.! 

pSit-hait. lEh. vllti gna(| 

PoililiHL pfis-lll'you. n.aci 
Pntmirl^ p^t'miiTk, n. « 

PortmuKr, paBt'msBt^r, n. luperln 

PortfiU, poafpgd. a. luTjag tUapoel 
pMtfOBt. pflat-pSo'. 1 

trlft, pAet'i 

iript, : 

Bddt.. . 

HldtllOD tolHHiI. 

PortlhU, poa't^-lat, vL to •Bmrne 
without ptoof.-». (tat) posiUoD ». 

Ptiun, poat'yor. n. mitltade ; posi- 
tion; oondlllDO. Irtagi noMgty.l 
PmT, piVil. B. Terse InBeribed on b| 

n.i — . a 1 ._- cooking, 

ink: llqnLd. 

PMbr, polA'^r. n. battle; CDDfiu 
Tti-kmb, pot'bAk, n. hook for 

Pit k«m. pofboiK, n. wi aleliaii.. 
PMia, pi^ataiiD, n. k dm^t : liquid 
medfciiie. '- -" ' 

PitabDi. pot^btrd. «. friffment 
ttttf. |wl'«I. X' Uiick laap. 

Pattk, pota~B.~musu 

■Dull buket for tr._ 
Pflvhj poKh, Br m iniall bac: pocket. 
P«ba4, poncbt, a. Aimiibed vicb ■ 

P««lt«r»r, pOI'ter-er, n. one wbo ileali 
PhIUiii, pdl'tiB. n. mub of ' ' 

PonltTy, pai'lrl, n. doiDeitio 

paper— eX to (ail and e. 
fimi. potiiid, n. welgbt ot 

— D.f. tosprinU. 

■siwr, pon'fr, n. aatborlty; ii 
■trenffth ; l^culty; a Statij 
plication of s nnmber hj It 

PawwfDl, imi'er-ful. n. atroug ; Blgb- 
tT-— n. pomrfolDtti. 

Pownlua, pon'er-lM. a. wltbont pow- 

PrattltilS, prak'H-liii-bl, a. tbat may 
he done or neo.!.— n. pnotlubil'lty. 
rtetiial, prak'tl-kaJ, a. relating to 

laiUiH, prak'tla, n. bablti lue; per-] 


PmtiM, pr»l 

Fiunitio, FncBtUit 

-*l. n. turwHrdluKt 

Fniiia. pr('ri. ». ■ wM 

Pnii»w»rtbj, pria'wui 

PruH, pivis, t.<. to tut 
Pnnk. prmDgk. n. ■ gpog 

Pnt*.' prit. I'.i. to talk 
'. triaiug Ulk. 

Fnvii, prii 

taj, pra, r 


I'r. n, p«tt11ou ; Buppllca- 
. , 'erant sddreaB to God. 
•n-, pcflli deuoHiig bffo<-t. 
>ttteh, precb, t.(. or v.i. to dlaconriie 

publicly na ucFcd ■iibjniU. 
Fraiflhu, prtch'^p. n. qnp who p--- -■- 

FlMbiu, prg-slzli'4 
PncMliiu, pie-ko'ali 



FnemMrt, pra-k^n-rft l'. v.l. to Con- 
ner; harbLDger. — □■ fTHUTHrT, 
Frtluiou. pT£-di'Bliaa, a. tivlBg bf 

Preditorj, pred'B-lpri, a. plnn daring. 
Pitdicmir, prSde-BFB'pr. d.. c. . pred'-, 

FradMtbuilil. pts-dcB-tl-na'ri-au. a. 

PndtaUutun. pr^dea-tl-ui'ibnii, n. 
set ot forcardnluluB: doctrine Uwt 
■Ji tlilngB are foreordslned b) God. 

FiadHtlsa, PrrisUBklt, pre-dei'tlD,-lt, 
t.T, lode»tlD8 beforebind; tortot- 

, prA-de-tir'mln, tr.f. 4o 

detennliie bi^tori 

mlula:— n, pnd 

fnlM. ptj'Jl-»l 


peiUiulng to 

FigUnUB, pred'l-ta-bl, a. that mar be 

BlBrmed.— n. tnJlnUl'ltr. 
FMttauont, prg-dU'ii-Puini, n. elw* ; 

PndlMU. prEd'i-tat. «. tbat itMcl 

etatedorany aubject. 
Pndlit. pre-Olkf, B.l. or v.i. to t 

tell: prophaaj-,— n, Mjio'tttB. 
PnUntiiiii. pri-dl-lek'ahDD, b. pre 

a, (Ir. add. Irm, «ak, UI. *T«1: leTAn, ebb, b6r. mU^ri I«, bm; M^i. ox. 


ndoBinut, pr£-doia'l'iiaut, a. riU- 

In-j: usueudBui — «. HMraliUM. 

1, pre^om-i.uat. .■.(, to rnlB 

PpkbbUmi, pf*-Bni'»huu, «. rlgt 
Pi*^ai<ut, prS-sD-BaJ'. i 
Fn-ubt, pre- 

p'ri'fek-tar. K.. c; prel--. 

AlbnUi, prsF^r-f-bl. a. wurtlif of 

nfmut, pref^-ana, n. ul of pre- 

tHtgm prS-flg'yu 
be^:>r«Daud by a : 

beglDulug of » word. 

BiluiOMnt.— n, pngUMjr. 
pr§-hen'«U, a. adipted to 

Pi^lgdn. pra-Juj', T.t. lo Judge bi 

heirlug.— n. pnJalciiHBL 
PntldlM, pri^j'a-dis. n. UDTeuoi 

PnlU7, prol'«-Hi. n. oBlce of % pcelmte; 

TnitU. prel'at, n. a charch dlgolUir, 

— a. ■Mit'K. mUt'twL 
PnlKtiiB. pH-lok'Bhmi, n. e. pubba 

mdlDg. [taBte.l 

PnUtattM. prt-ll-bi'iibun. n. ■ tore-\ 
PrtliQJPUT, pra-ltm'l-iif-i-lp a. Intro- 


PnlnJB. pr«-1ild'. n.i. to perform a 
Prflmatufl, pr^-m^tQr', a. happening 

preiu'lB-ez, a building 

PrimOBltlMl. prB-mfl-nteli^un, 
Ptttttatt. pr*-nli'yu-pl, n. t 

?I«rmti*<, pre-par'B-tlv, i 
prepsrs.— n, Ibtt wblcU 

PniartlaiT. pro-par'a-ifl-r 
Ing: lulroduiilorj. 

Pnjar. prS-pi'. n, to p»y 

—p.i. and p.p. inpaid, 


NHntelte. ure-poQ'der-it. r.i. to 
outwelgbi iuuniie: eieeed Ip lotlii- 

Pnpaaitlmi, prep-ij-ilab'iin. n. 

Prtumai, prs-pm-iee'. tt.toi 

py: blaa favotmbly. 
Prwumliii. prj-poz-iea'liiE. a, por- 

diiclng a fevomble iropreaniou. 
Pliwrtawu. pi«-poa'l^r-UB, a. irra* 

tlODsl: abaard.— n. fnfMMnuMM. 
Prarafatlw, pre-cog'»-tiv, h. peculiar 

prlvllegB. (predlol.l 

tnntt, pre-eaj'. o.i. lo forebode ;| 
?nuct, pree'tO, n.progaoHtlo^ token; 

PiSrtjta'r. prei'bi-lfr. n. a obnrlb-l 
FmliyttriaD. prei-bl-tS'rl-^. a. per- 

bylera : pertaining to tbe doctrines 


PrukJIiriuiuB, pi^ 
of PTmbytsrinQB. 



1 take 

pr^-flkrlp'ibun, 31 


freiHmitiE : suiipoidion ; probsbit 
ly-. couficleni*! (orwsrd confluct. 
, pTHimftiTL pre-zunp'tlv, a. roundad 

FnaoDptiuDi, pre-zamp'iyCi-iu, q 




rmStrtHtt, pre-iirv'j-tlv. 

Prwidnn. pni'i-dea-Bl. n. 
rlidJctlun, or term ol 

PraMut, pRi'l-deul. n. ■ 
Dfllcer — a. ptMUntUL 

Prm, pr«, p,l, 10 aquMie 
urge .— u.i. to eier I pKasii: 
CO (Urw.rQ,— n. a rosclitiit 
fiiB; prlnariijniKbliio; n 

bosrd, "*''■ "wbolmpra" 
PNM-ctoc. pren'giiiK, n. rbi 
rrmmf, pres'log, o. urgi 


Pntauipii, p 

PnUnldDu, pre-tfn'sfaoB. a. toll of *■■ 
tloil; bTiowj. 

>ntuiittitnl, prfi-ter-nil'jrar-^. a. b 

jOQdwbaC 18 natural: extraordluar 

' Pntut, pM'lckst. n. an eicuae; pi 

PMTarlwta, prj-vtr't-kit. r.i. (o evaj 
th« InitU; quibble.— H. frtrub* 
Uon. [inmUra 

~nTuUn, prfi-veul'lT. a. tcndiiiK t 

rt?itiia, pri'vJ-na. a. earlier Id timf 

former.— odi. prtiimulj. 
PktmImi. pre-ilili'nn, n. forealghl. 
Pr«7, prS. n. apoll; plnndcr; ccsBliw 

«, pMB, n. equivaJem ^il for an] 


InlMa. prln'leB, a. beyoad p^il^a^ lu- 

Prhk, prik, „.t to puncture; Bpur. 
Pridd*, priki, n. » »limp poini. 
PiteUr, prik'lL, n. ruJl of pHcUes. 
Frill, prifl, n. conaolouiuesg at dl«(ol- 

ty: aeJf-eatoem; liHugbtiDeHd ; ttial 

of A'blch duq la prouil. — e.r. to tftke 

~ CDleBlaitlc-^/em. intMau, 

pNBt'liAd, n. offltw of ■ 

oety or aCl^tiillOTi. [blibap. I 

PriaiMy, prt'm^-ai.n. offloeotan»reh-| 
■rimirj, prt'm^-rt. o. orlBLasl ; flrsC ; 

chief.— odD. fdmirily. 
Primitt, prl'm^t, n. an arahbighop. 
Primt. prim. a. flr»t. in time or Im- 

1^ ou the flfal CMtlEH ot piinl. 

panofasun: first coatinif of pajuj 
rimitin, prlnl'i-tlr, a, origtoal : a 

PriD>(adtu«,prI-ni(i-J8n'i-Car. n. ata 
-* "Mlnfl born flrat ; rigbt of inbe 

Piimtriiil, pHai-6rd'7f 1, a. oriRlua 

earliest. [plan I 

PrinriM, prlrn'rOz, ». a flowsHii 

Plbtt, pclDB. n. a aoTMBlgn ; aon of 

tanilotj ot a prinos. 
FriBHly. prlDB'Jl. a. beBtting a piinoe 

PriMijal, prin'Hi-pal, o. chief,— n. i 
cJiiafpdraod: bead: moneyonnblcl 

a; at, pUl.Bp: oil, out: I 

friintr.— n. Oio bead of a prior)'.— 
/em. pienM. [byaprlor.l 


B, priE'n, n- a Jail; place of con 
HI, priz'u-er, n, a captive. 
Int. prla'lln. a. primitlre; a 

i»r- Pff'^a-Bl. n. Btate of bell 

Pn«»W,prI'»^t,o. not public; pecnlli 

PilTtt, prtv'et, n. an omameatal abnib. 

PrifUwa, prlv'i-le], n. a peontlai' ad- 
vantage; Bpecialrtgbt.— e.i.togrant 
a privilege to. 

Privy, privi. a, aeeret ; admlttMl to 
tbe tnowledesof a Becret; private. 
— odn. privily: — n. frtitty.— n. an 

Priie, pus, n. anj'tbliiK gained In a 

Pre, pra. prp. for (In the pbnse pro 

and Mm, for and agaloat). 
Prtbablt, prob>bl. a. credible ; likely 

to be trne— n. jrobaWity. 
Probati, prIVbat. n. proof of a will. 
Prefcation, prg-ba'abun.n. proof: trial; 

t|me of trial.— n. pntatiui^ jrtba- 

FfoliatlMtr, pr&|ba'Bhnn.?r, n. 
1. IM: set, Kt; kin. aint cblp. az(il 

fiMiT. piob-i-U, n. iiitegritj: up- 

riB>ittieB«. [beBolyed.l 

PnUoB, prub'lem. n. ■ qiieBtlon to| 
FraUtauttf, -il, pn*-lem-»l'l», -«1, a. 

quest jonable; doubtlUI. 

nbtWii, pco-boi'li. n. trnnt, « of mn 

eL^pliuit. kc. 
PrOMaaM, prfl-««d'rnr. n. «t of pro- 

FrMNd. pr^sM'. e.i. to b" fommnJ ; 

PMM*dlll(, pr^-sM'ing, n. progrea*! 

Pwdnrt, prod'Kkt, n, Biijittaliig pre 
PndiMlOD, pnj-duk'slmu, n. set t 

PnfsiM, prfltan', v.t. to liolsU; 

grsde by nelDg ; dlibonor— n. f 

ni'Utn.— o, unliDly; ipiplons; i 

lar.— n. prA&ncsui, pnCui'iW, 

.-fcM,prflreH'.r.l.lo»v<™: ilecll 

PnftmJly, pr^-fes'ocl-li, ode. «vo» 

iMiute, pnjiras'H-nit, o.i. oi 
topntotftoalHlnretiin*: post 
n. preomtlM'tiiin. 

L. lyin 

PraooittlaL, prak-yo-cil 'ah un . k. 

i^lTUI Buotber^B Hffbii-e, 
PnmuatM, prflk jft-ra'lpr, n. one wh 

ProesMppro-lifir'.p.i. to obtain; esnai 

— n. pnwiiMnait. 
ProJigil. prnfl'i-KBl. a. Isylab ; wssti 

ml. — 1. pwiigsl'ltr. — n. « apeni 

PmdigiOTl, pt9-dij'u». o. gBtntitshlng 

eDnnaaDa.~n. pnilgtmusni. 
Pi^^, prodl-ji. 1- anylblug eitn 

Prsdiiw, pto-^fis'. vU. to Mlilbit 

yield; aake; be*r. 
Prtdnas, ptod'fls. n. tbitwblch lann 

luc«a; piodiiri 

lou.— a. jroTwiupiiL 
Piotant, pnj-tcs'flr. n. oiia who 

letctaet iu a DsiverBity.— a. pnlM- 
Pntawnhip, pr^tes'^t-ship, n. olBee 

-n.'an oflfci propoBsl. 
Prtflaiut, prp-aab'rul. a. sdvanwd : 
— ipetent.— n. pnSglnH, pnlMan- 

Pnila. pr6'f81. -Bl. -fll, n. s slde-lsce ; 

PtoW, profit, n. gain; »d*»nbiefl.— n.l. 

in bencBt— TT..-. receive pniftt. 
PnfltsUt, proflt-e-bl. a. jlelding pro/- 

PMliilsta. proPll-ffftt, o, rJiaaohite ; t1- 

clona. — n. pnoicHJ.— "- • Ehsme- 
Proftaiid, prfl-fuund', o. deep ; sb- 

Btmse : l«med.— n. pnbudilM*, 

Ptehw, pr^ ffle', n. lavtsU ; prodigal. 

— n. jrotoiBiaK, pronuiSB, [lot. 

Ptoemftot. prfl-ieu'i-Kjr B. aii »ucM-| 
PiOftBT. proj'e -Ll. K. offapriHB ; <J0- 

PnigMdt prog-nO'Bla, n, art, or Bet 
of. predicting tlie coarss of a dl»- 

Pttgiam, P»r«»J"«. prfi'g™ 

r Hnr procHdlug dnwDup b4- 

I, prQ^RTBa', v-i- Go Hdvaiuw ; 

led. — a. jromMiTi ; — n. j»- 

OB. (bld.~n. prohiU'Um. I 

Prriilblt.prv-liiMt.ii.I.tolAnder: for-| 
PnUittlTlj pr9-hib'l-tlv. ProhiKtory, 


Pi^JM^ prpjekt 

PMiet, proj'am, n. ■ BcbemB; plan. 
PnjwtUe, prp-jpk'tjl, a, tapBUlug fm. 

Pn^eotioiL, prp-Jek'shniiH n. act of pro- 
^ectiag-, tbat whicli projacts; plsu; 
doilgn. IJeclB or Kheimis. 

PnitwtH, prp-Jek'tflr, n. one who pro- 1 
PnliU, prO'lat, a. elongated ID tbe 

Pttdiilt, prp-lITib. a. prodnctlve ; 

n-oitfal. [pnlii'ltr. inliiiuu,! 

Pnlli. pra-lika. o. long ; mfnotB,— b.| 

PMl»«ilt»r, prp-lok'jatflT, n-aapeak- 

Fnu, prong. iLaplkootalorkoratiy- 

PnmonD. prd'ooBD. n. word lued la 

place of anonn — a. prMMB'inal. 
PraiwuBg, prp-noiuiB'. a. lo utter; 

Pup, prop, i,(. to anpport; ■nitaio.— 

n. a Hupport; Btay. 
Pnufaiiln^ prop-* eand'lst, n. one 

Wbu prnpagatea oplDloDa. 
Pnpacita. prop'^-gat. v.t. to prodnoe; 

produce rouDg. — n. ntpan'tiOD^ 
Propd. pr<fP^l-. O.I. to5rS?(or«rd. 

t£at whlub. propelfl : Bt:row (o pro- 
pel a itGamboat ; boat ao propeMed. 
PrWMltT. prflpen'al-tl, n. incUna- 
tfon; dlnpualtluD. 

who propb»- 
i. -»1. a. CO 

PMp«t7, prop'?, o. 

Pni^«y, profe-al. n. 

diet; /oretell. 
Prailut, proTel, n. or 

aife.—fin. pnpliMtll 
ProphMh, -tl. pr(>.tet' 

laliiiDg propUecy ; 


PripnUonil, pr(i-par'«lniu-*l. a, 

tng, or relatlna In. pioportlon 

PnpMi). pro-p6i'»l, n. anylliint 

PrapmitiMI, prop-9 zlah'un, ». anything 

to be prored. |dBi:liice.| 

Prapnmi. prfl-ponnd'. o.(. to propo»o;| 

l^^\ e^l.SoU kin, aln-, chip, >2(ih)nc«. 


FitpiigUrj, prflprl'e-t^-ri, a. beloiig- 

PiVrriatw. prp-pH'*-lijr. n. «u owuer. 
Pmrirty, pro-prt'e-ti. n. ntn«is; lult- 

PniiilnHi, pro-pul'Blion. n. »clof driv- 

lug lorwitd. 
PtMHH. pro-rfl<!', B.t to fOD tlime to 

pTp't^'ni'QIb, n. frout ol 

irHi'i«.-v.i. to dlecoa™ 
Isdioiu mauuer. 


PnMdJft, p™'(hdl.l, n. on 

ttauij, pron'i).m, n. part o 

I, r'(. O. 


Pruiiit, proa'pekt, n. > view; . 
PiMpMtm, piQ-spfk'ltv. a. I 

noQEi use.— n. jroiOtn'- 
Pnrtnla. pnw'tr^t, a. lyiog at leugtb ; 
PtMtratft pma'trit, v.t. to tlitow 

fntwt, prp-lett'. u.l. to delend; shel- 
ter.— n. pntHUis. 
PnitKUr. prp-tck't^c. n, one who pto- 

toa. 9IT, add, XriD, uik, Ul. <n^] le^A^, t 

PnlMilanU, pt9-tck't«i-ft. n. gorern- 

m«Dt by a protector. 
Fntifi. piO-tfi-ztal. n. one uDder Ui« 

pruteiiioB or CKe ol mother.—/™. 

FcotMt, pr^-teat', e.>. to affirm aol. 
emnlj; to note the noii-pajTiieiit 01 

Frattiit. pro'teat, n. rormal act of pro 

PlitWil, prfl'tffjol. n. flrsl copy 

tioc. ' (BOOdrl 

fntotjH, prS'tp-lIp, n. an orlglna , 
Pittrait pr^-tnikt', n.(. to lengtheo 

Pnln*, pr^-trdbd' o.(. to Ibrua 

t>. H«tra'*ion. 
PtotaWiBt, prfl-lalJ^r-^t, a. bnlglpg 

. ahotlptOiyKB. 
adage — a. fnmr' 

t. to prepare b 

^hand ; 

PwYldBiia, providrns. n. fnreaiglit; 

FHTldant, prov'l-deut, a. providing : 

PrtrMutili, prov-i-den 
ed b; dlrliie proilde] 
PrtrlMfc proT'lDB, b, 

Pmieaiil,' prp-vln'sh*!. a. peitidning 

or' lU iDbabltsDla. — n! Inbabllaiit 
Pnnimiallain, prfl-yln'ali^-lBni n, Ic 

tcriatio of provlnetala. 

>, -bbt. 

atk^: Me. Inn; M^.ox. 

Pi«fiilg>, pr^-vltb'uii, n. )ict ot pro- 
Tid^Dg; ujlhlnB provided; prep- 
umtion; lood v.l. to aapply with 

Pl*Tili*nt], pr(i-Tiih'nn-^, a. provided 

PrBvW, ptf-iVzO. n. pruviaion or ooq. 

Pnrontin, pr^-vak'^-tlv. a. teudlo 
(opiovok*.— «. that wblcb provokei 

Pi*T«k«. prp-vek', «,l. to eictle to u 
Hon: caU (ortlii aicitotoanger,— t 
INTHt'tliin. [miglatntv 

FlVTMt, prOY'Ml. n. » cLief officer 

FnnM-nuiul, pTov'^at-raiir'ilul, t 
mlUtUT ofOcar tIio pruervsB diK: 
pllne. do. 

Pnv, proD, n. tbe tbrepwt of > Bhip. 

Pmr, proln'l, n. w aeeat: anbal 

Fnd<^ 'pnlbd. n. ■ woniui ^ mO^cU 
or OTorBtnilued modeaty.— a. pri 
lilL [OBDtloiu.— «. pndtnn 

Fndat, prdiydeat, a. viae in conduct 
PTudastid. pnfli-deD'Btavl. a. dIcMU 

Tim, pritou. n. ■ drl»d pliim.— o.I. to 

Inp brucbeafrom; trim. 
PnadU, -«, prA-Dsl't, -0. n. b atroog 

woollen atiiff. rpniiiBea.1 

Pnclant. pr<Ai'rl.ent, a. ilcblug.— n. 
Pit, pri, n.t, to peer or peep; inspect 

oluaely.— ..(. to force ifith a lever. 

Pnlakt, BibD'iBt, n. a writer of penlniB. 
mfawtr. B>m'Q-dl. t>. paalm-aluglng. 
PnlUr, iiU't«r. n. the book or Paabsa. 

inym, aa'do-nim, n. a flctltioua 

iw, sbli, int. Bipreaalug contempt 

urunbelief. [thosoul.l 

VtJtUui. Bi-kl-kBl. a. pertalnine to 

Parghatagiat ii-kcri'9-Jiat. n. oua veraed 


I. pertaiolng to tbe 

PnUioitx, p 

PubUili. pub'liab, v.l. to make public; 

PutUihar, pob'tlab-f r. n. one who pi 

PnakaT, puk'^r, v.L to gatber into to 
or wrlnklei.— n. m amull (bid. 

Pnldlnf, pfid'lae. n. an Intestine Bl 
with choppedmeat; diab varlou 
— iponnded. 

Ptttrilt pfl'er-il, a. 

PnJ^ pQf. n. andde 
uiftblng l]);bt a: 
paelr; ; aicesai' 

inflate': pralae U 
Mul; bnslle aboii 

blast ot wiod ! 

PoilUft. pa' 

7a'Jli-iat. t 

to flffht.— n. pognaa'itT. 

•—\ pa'ni, n. yoanget 

Lit. pa'ia-^t. a. powi 

Pollar, pAll. «. w 
FolmniUT. pnl'mo 

t. Inclined 


nper. la b| 

! aoft part of IVuits ; 

i^TtMltfJ, ■l-kiir^-ji, n 

Bluilag'ia. iiTtbolH'lBl. 

Iff, i<bia; Sae, piUl, up; oil, onti tbln, tU; get. Jet; kin, ala; chip, tilibjon. 

PlUBpUn. pnmp'kln. n. » plan 
goanl spedcB. uid Its fiuit. 
Poo, puu, n. ■ pikjr upon worda.— n.i 

., pnngk-tii'ya. n. a 
kic«t7; nice point. 
Ml. pungk-fil'yu.. =. e 


OBtt, puDgkl'jur, n. small bole 

Ado with a polntr — eJ. to prick ; 

^Jeroo. (■tinging.— n. (nnguiiiy. 

Pbuant. pDQ'Jout, a. sbtirp ; urld;] 

... ■ ^ ° ■'' ~°,te5 forVnce.j 


PnflUf I, pd'pll-U- "' sMte Dt b< 
Pqptt, pup'et. n. BDwU fl 

Put^Ht*, pnr'ga-tiT, a. di 

tliartlc— n. > rvmedf tbat pDrgpj. 
Fiirntar7, pDr'gH-tp-rl, n. m place 

lUe Boiila of tlie dead are pnrlfled. 
Pntgl, pnrj, v.t. to clunae; clear; pa- 

rff)'.— »i. a cathartic me<Hoine. 
Pmify, pfl'rl-fl, B.(. or n.i. to is ' 

Pnriiin, pa'TiEm, n. purity of e 

n. picirt. 
yniitiL. pfl'rl-t^n, n. one of a i 

tarlea.— a. pnritu'iiU 
Porltj, pil'r[-tf. n. .fatj. nftifiini 

Puling pnr'lfl. n. enTlron*. 

Pulaii, par-loin', v.t. to atcal. 

Puph, poT^l, n, color compow 
red and blao; a purple robe.— 
* purple color. — nJ. to color purpl«. 

Pnrjoil, put'pijrt, n. meaning; dealsn. 

PupiM. poi'pui, B. aim; Intention: 
effeet.— p.f.orr.i, tointend; Bignlfy. 

PmjomIt, pnc'puB-li. adv. inteu 

ally. l-T.i. to uttBr a p 

t. pDFB'f r, n. paymoBter In the 
■HI, pnr-»a'»ns. n. act of foUow. 
Msit pur-eu'^ut, 4. folloiriaK ; 

Put,pnat. R.aflat-boaL 

Pw. pop. B. a youug dog.— n. 

DrlDR forth pup*. 
Pnpa, pfi'pft, t). a larva nudsrgoiu 

Pnril, pa'pU. n. a acbolar: cec 

■«, (It, add, km. (A, Ul, Tlfl; ifTSre. ebb, hir, mUfr; iM. Idd; dd^r. ox. 


hlfnhiLt, por'Bwi-vjut. n. ■ bereld oi 

tmj, put'il. a. bt: •hon-breUhed. 
TnsiiA pflr-rt-lent, o. of, or coD' 

tUulug, pug.— It. nnlnN. 
tmrtj, por-va'. il.C. to provide; pro- 

curt. — H. yamjiiH*. 
ttnin, por'va. n. Bcops: eitenl. 
Ru, pu», n. creunj liquid formed on 

ward: arg«.— n. a tbrDBt; ImpuLia. 

PitUin. pfll>tl». o. mppoaed. 
PMntUUra, pfl-tre-f^'f '. i^ P«'> 

iug to. or prodmtna, pntretsotli 
Hbttf, pfl'tre-fl, i.i. or v.t. to 

— tnue, puli^ or rotts 

it, pd-ti 
Pwrid. pa'tiid, I 

, ., . _ pMdiug toy ot riddJe. 

tjgmj,flg'iai.n.tawt,xt.—i- — 

PjrwiU. plr'a- 

PrnUehska. ptr'o-tek-ntk, a. perUlo-; 
rTntaakalM, PTiftHbiT, plr'«-Cek-ai, 

n. art of maklnK flreworln. 
PrntHkaM. pir'p-tck-nlat. >•. ■ makei 

Pjx. pita. n. boi In which the cotue. 
crat«d Pioit Lb kapt. 

Off. dbM; flae. pin. up; oil. ont; Uiin 

Q. ka. UK 

liiwktty. kwali'flr-l, 

Iliia^tUt, kwod-rafik. n. pert>iuln( 
Quintan, kwod'r«-tyur, n. act oT 

QntdrQatenl, kirod-rl-l 
QuMUt. ki^-ril'. ■ 

d-llke teat, as inon. 

Qaa^Pfld, kwod'rfi'ped. tt. a four- 
looted uHm^—a. iiitd'tawlil. 

I)udnpl» kwod'ri-pl. a. (ourfold.— 

dariroritnta, kwod-rAp'li^k^t. n. miids 
foiirfbld. — ikll) V.I. to make four- 
fold.— n. gulrafUwtlni. 

4uff, k»U, x.f.or K.l. to drlDk in largs 

QsagHln. kwag'mtr, «. minhj groond 

QnauT. kwajpl. o. marahy; boggy- 
Q^liHAr. B.i. to uower; Bbriuk In 

— n. Dn^tfltu. 

Qukn, kwi'kfT. n. one of tt 

4uk(ri>n, kwa'liBr-lzni. n. 

or caitoma nl tli« Frlendi 

Dntlillable, kwol'HT^bl, a. 

ble ur BuiUbl«; moilliy ; limit; 

Umlity, kwol'1-tl. n. proprrty ; c]itt- 

IliuJm, kwEm, n. nuldso titns™: Bcrn- 

ple uf cuDBdeuce — a. fulmiih. 
^nndlrr, kwon'd^il. n. lUte of uu- 


urtntiiu, kurut'ui-tea. n. tinie dar 
ins wlilcli sii lufMle<l ahlp <a (brbfd. 
den iutercoune wltti tbe staoie 
plHcs of deteatlOD of to iufected 

■Lip or pCl-HDIIB. 

Qutnl. kwor'el. «. dispute ; bi»nl ; 

iKTlly; dlHBerpe, [toqi»Trc1.| 

QurnlHiiu. kwai'?l-eom, a, dlepoBedl 
Qqirty. kwor'l. n, place where atHDei 

Qaut. kwart.n.lfiefoiirtbofngilloii, 
(urtu, kw6t't»u, n. a tever recur- 

j>l. lodgliigg for eoldieta.— T.i. to dl- 

Qiutu-daf, k»Sr't^T-da, n. day tbat 

Qiutir-lHlL, kwar't^r-dek. n. eUlp'B 
deck between (he nialnmaal aiid tba 

QsuUlli'. kwar't«r-ll. a. liappeiilDg 
once In ILree moutba.-od^. oiii^e a 
— Iter. — B. periodical publlalied 

Quula. kwoEb'l-t. n. ■ bitter m 

Hal wood. [ranged la. foura.l 
QuataraarT'. kw^-tir'nf-ri, a. of. or ai-| 
ifiiataniiaa, k«*-Ur'ul-pu. n. the 

Out. ki. n. a wharf ; plat. 

jauar. kw«'El, a. aqueamtali : qoalm 
lab: lick, taaleaoTetBlgn,! 

Q««HLkw«n.n. tbe wife of. king; fe-{ 

OaKBl*, kv^ll. a. bedttlng a qneeu. 

(met, kwSr, a. odd; qnaint; atnuige. 
— adi. uanlr:— «■ qotanMa. 

Oull. knel, v.i. lo cruHli; aubdue; al- 
lay. [aubdM-l 

Qaereitnii, kw^r'dit-rtjii, «. OAk-bark 
for djelna or tannins. 

Qaen. kwSrn, n^ a WidmlU for cr^n. 
Quraioaa. kwer'ya-lnB,a. conpteinlng: 
dlapoied to complain.— n. ^iiantna- 
n*u. [",> to queatlrm.l 

OaeiT. kwS'rl, n. a qn«tlini.— p.(. ot| 
uitat, kweat, n. aearcli: Inqueat, 
jaeitiOD, kweat'yun, n, ant of asking ; 

quesllona of; regard aa doubtltiL— 
QiMtlgsaUa. kweat'>un-»-bl, a. thaf 

Ouu, k<l. n. twiBt or braid of hair at 

the back of the head; cne. 
QaikUa, kvlb'l. t>. ao evaaioD ; pnD ; 

petty caill, — r,i, to endo; doji : 

taiek. kwlk. 

IM. (It, add. itrm, f^i, Ul, ififi; e;vti 


to nuika bUys; > 
more swiftly. 


QiKkund. kwlk'wnd. n. mut or yleld- 

tuikillni, kwJk'all-TfT, n. a betvj 

Id'i-tl. n.«B»uU>l natacs; 
.wWnnngk, n. one cortoai 

kwt-«'Eiir<i.Htc»t; qolati 
■I'len't. — int'p, quUUr — 1. Qilttid*, kwl'». 
Lwl-S'tns. n. Bna) illicli»rge; 
11, n. s lante feitbEr; pnn: 

fAilclluR betwetti. 

JD. dvea. Iklna, and lUi trult.l 

qiillnt.kwi-slii', kwlnln, n. medlcliul 


Quit, k>Tlt. t 

'd-pl, a. Breftold.— 

■ ■heets of paper 

iioUi, kwtis-ot'ik. a. 

B, kwlE, V.I. to banter : make apott| 
n, koin. kwDln. n. 1 wedge, 
t, kwolt. n. a Ting or dlak for 
pilcblDE In play. 
QMndtB, kwoD'a^m, a. farmer. 
QatrsB, kwiVruiD. n. nnipbei' of mem- 

Qstta. kwiVta, n. abaie; aliotment. 
Qaotatiiill, kwd-U'aliuD, n. Buytliliig 

quoted: ciirreut pHio. 
qigU, kwOt, v.t. to repeal Uio mrda of 

auotber: name tbe ourreDt price of. 
Qitth. kwiilb, p.: -O-. c, v.i. aaya. or 

■aid (naed only In tbe 3d person 

present and poet, aud followed by 

Qgrtldiaa, kwd-tiai-^. a. occurrlog 

tajaed lu anocber. 

K, Ur, el Rbteentb letter oftbealpbabel. 

rabUi, rtblibu. 
Rabbiiilo, RabUiietl. r»-bln'lk. -«l, n, 

Sabbit.' rab'lt. n. amall gnawing a"i-| 

i; tlilD. aS; get, Jet; kiD, al 

SMKmt. rtsSm', n. 





bold li»y 

iter; Doli 

: sb>t 

?h»ue« to prlndpteft of govem- 

MitUlT, T«d'|.li»|.l, ado, orlgiMlly: 

euen!l>]|f : thorougiily. 

Iwcainm Ibe nwt. 


^„ ... I of loHery.— !..(. 

o .llBiHXD ol hy raffl«,-ti.(. to try 
'hBTices lu ■ »fls. 
B«llt, rgit, n. a fidKt of plinke, Iorh. ftd. 

r, rgft'^r 

lOT, ftir, idd, AtTDt Qik. AQ. Tial; i^Tfre. 

il'«i-t, n. buter ; playfnl 
R. drops nf wUer fdllng 

ir like I 

of D 

E«.;>^, - 

Rtliin. ri'io 

r«ifl : Bfsrcli.— B. tnoUied HtdiIuk 

h dwHd- dl>Kdul« 




Buk, nugk. a. nneia^ ■trong-Kaut- 

Ratkir. ra' odu. aooDer; mora wlll- 

ed: luiuilut: bgnnt. 

BukU, nug'kl. x.t. to ISitfr ; eidto 

BaU^!''ra"l".'°>''''w'tpp"ve: siuc 

L»lreU. loagLly: plUage.l 


Btuitk, nrn'BHk. tLt. to aartt, llior-i 


BUHB, r.Q'»uiii. n. prl» lalU to rs- 

tleein ■ |ienau or goods from oip. 

act ol rtaaonlng. [vlstona.! 

Uvitj.-e.t to rBdesm by t raotom. 

Batln. ra'ibuD. n. allovaoce ot pro- 

BlBt. raut, v.i. to «» viotenl or «- 

BaU^U. r.ali' a. endowed wltb 
reaaon; agreeable lo reawin; IntelU- 

or uolay kuguige. 

gcut.— n. TMI«al'i». 
BatlMialt. raah-Hn-ii'lI. k.; -a'U, ». an 

RV. rap. •■■'• "f "■'■ f 8"l*o «"H » 

quick aluTp blow.-^L ft quick sliarp 


Rtputnt. tft-pS'BhDB. a. gJvsn topl.m- 

Ratiosaliit, raah' one whose 

pu'itjf. |tatiio,| 

oplnioua real upon reaaon only. 

Btf«, Tap. n. a forcible ir-lzare -. vlo- 

BatitaM. rati'ban. n. araenic. 

KaUan, rtt-tan', n. gpuiia of climbing 

B»"iS!»ii%i "».W- P^rt of > ttram 

wlitre Ibe oortont runs aividly. 

Battb^ rat'l. v.t. to cause to give a clat- 

Rapilt, rSp'y^r, n. Uybt slender iwnrd 

ter.— p.t. to clatter ; talk rapldij.— 

for Ihrnaling. Ipill«g«-| 

Raping rap'lu, n. art of-plunderfng; 

for rattling. . 

Rappn.rap-S'. n.aklnd«f>uuff. 

n. a venomoBB aer- Ifc f^ 

RajUin, rapt'jfor, n. aitreiue delight; 

pent. ba<iDg a rat- -jmn 

traueport — a. raptiiniiii. 

Han. r§r. a. tblo : uucommon ; ei- 

tl.e tall. ^□HV 

cellent. — od". r»nly;-n. ramM*. 

BaTSCi, raT'«j. vA. to J^^^tt 

Bvirr. rar'e-f !, D.^ to make IcH donas; 

piilaao: lay waste— ^fiH^ffVP 
n, plunder 1 devaa- 

e>,«iud.-n. rantfan'ti.B. 

RarilJ, rar'i-ll. n. aUte of being rme; 

Utlon. [talk wtldly.l 

ItayariT r.i,tobem.dorft,ri"usi| 
Stf^ ra"'l. ^-l. to nntwiat or unweave. 

RaHal rfta'k«l. n. a rogae; irui-e. 

RmmUt. rtta'k^-l. a. kuavleU; ba>e._ 

ad»- riaaaUTi-n. r»»<«l'ltr. 

Ra7.'lii«, raViin". n. a rsvelled Ihrsad. 

Havdin^ rav'llQ, n. a delaobed work In 

^aiT;-»- ruhMtt-n. a alight 


Ka^tt. rasb'«r. n. Cbln allce of bacon. 

black tikes raven. .^H^^ 

Euf, riap. «. a BOarBO flle. — t.l. to 

BaToi. rav'n. or JSBir^ 

grate with a rup. 

..(, to plunder : ^/W^^l^ 

lufburr. rgi'b«-l, n. asardeDahmb. 

devour greedily. ' Ma^' 

audita fruit ;iioii.| 

Kavaagai. raVen-iiB, W ^ 

Banua. rfzhur. n. eraanro j demoll- 

Kat. nl, n. a auuU giiainng animal. 

Raiin). r» v;q', n. a louit. deep and 

RatthM. racb'ct, ■.. a bar ^^ 

falling into tbe teeth or j'00\ 

BiA*"ib;^~?;<f?^ot- /go; 

«h#l,B.wbeelwltkl«tb ^'^ 

Ravilk. rav'ith. v.l. to carry off tj 

(or a raldiet. 

crude: sore: chUlj. 

Blt<.rftt.i>.aUowiDce: price: daRne: 

Ka«-h)H«, ri'bflnd. a. bony; lewi. 

Bay, Til, n. a beam ot light: bmlly ol 

fli tbe rank of: scold. Sat nabea. 1 

Aff. am: flaa, pAU, Qp; oU, oatj Iblu. Ui; gat. Jati kin. sio; cblp. u(ili)(»*. | 

I reduce in b1: 

inR] eitcnt: utrelfb. [mutiully. i 
ituA, itiitf. e.i. to ul In return. or| 
Btutton. re-ak'BliDn. n. sctlen folJax- 

UU. r^. v.t. » 

tod, red, a. Tcned In books; lenrneH. 
tn<iUt,'^'9-'>l-<i-Uiatnu]'b« read, 
worth readlug. [ie*dlue-^ — "^ ' 

».d.: .1 

ilcrpretiUon ol lingiuge of & pu 

__liiiit. rS-ad-mlt',* v.t. to admit 
BhIt, red'l, a, prtpaced ! iviliiDg 
— mpt ; e«ay.— odo. ntdilj; — n 


■ffl, a. acliully eilMlnR; geaa- 

onaea. aa an eatat*.— ado. imIIt:— 
. nal'ity. 

Uii. TiV-lx, vj. to make rad i ac- 
iiupUah: obtain: feelatrougly. — n, 
..•Untl*!. IcouDtry. 

ImtB, reto, n.aUQgdom: proviooe;! 


Kadtr, r«-«l-U, n. 
Baam, r«ni. n. tvsnty 

o dfidnct; dtmln- 

Babd, ceb'el, n. one wbo rebela. 
Raballliiii. r£-bel'7im, n. act or 

bWuou. re-bel'yoi. a. inclined 
engaged in, tebellion,— n. nU 

Babonsl. t^-bonnd'. v.i. to boi 

tnktB. rfi-buf. n. a audden di 

back.— D,(. to node back. 

written acknowledgmeu t of acytblng 

Btetha. re-aiv'. v.t. to get back; take: 
KaeilTtr, rg-aST'er, n. oi 



•dttiuit, re-Blp'l-onl. n. one who r 
il. fl^l; aevire, abb, bte. mU^r; loa, Inn: Od^r, a 


BMi^nl, tB-Bip'rp-li^, a. 


r^filp'r^kfit, v.t 

Udpcooit7, rM-i-pros'l-li. n. lUte of 
being redpiocal; mntuJUltf. 

UolUl. re-art*!, n. ut of lecitiDg ; 
Domettiing recited. 

iigilD; lecotlect; KkDOwledgs; per- 

Bi^uaL re-koll'. v.L Ut staiE or tprlDR 
btck; rebooniij shriuk. — n. ■ 
■prlDgtng b«k ; rsbiiiiua. 

BMallHt rek*l-lekf, v.l. tg remem- 
her: recflJI to mlnd^ — a. mwUH'tioi, 
rt-»9in-in8n«', tp.l. or r,i. 

rek-am-mend', v.l. to cam- 

tB, 'Stae: die, pftU, np; oil, onti tbm. at: get, Jet: Un. Hn; chip. u(zb)ar< 


BMord. re-kOrd', v 

BmocIh. re-kani'er, b, one i 

corda or &flAp« r«cords- 
BMODnt, re-konnt', n.i. to reUi 
BaonrN, rs-ksci', n. ■ppllcal 

B*Mi«t, rs-kui't 


«kTe-9nt. a 

liibor; Biuiue; 
RHrimiikt*, re-krlm'l-i 

or coinp];. 

KcdMsiu, re -aiiii'er. n. one 
detn-a. iit MwBB, Xhe S 

Rtdamrtun, rs-ilemp'Bliun, n 
Kdeemla^ t lepurcluH : 

E«d-fciit, cKl'lii 

B«d*laii red'Q- 

ItdoiikUblt, re-doa 
Redoimt i-fiduund' 

BsdluiUl, T: 

BednistiiiD, r 

n-ti-gi»'»lian. ti 

roll back : 
wt right , 

^t nt r. 

[uidut. re-duD'd^nt, a. OTerflow- 

RtioplieiU, rfrda'pli.kai. >.(. to re- 
■'—'■'- ■ - rrfopBotiMi. 

I. red, 1 

^oturepd: - 

togettier; irldaoQ 

EmI, c8I. b. revolvinig (r 

&e.: m Soot^b dsDcc.- 

OD ■ re«l : stagger ; 


S'i'iS'Ln' ' """ 

B*br. re-ffi 

'.T.E. to take or send I; 


Bf'^r^-bl, „. thit m.; 



BtlBi, re-fto'. B.t. to pnrllV; polish.— 
f.i. to become Doe or pure- 

BtHitnant, re-tln'meut. n. »i:t of re- 
fioihg: BtAts of being rehced ; puri- 

Kt&ur. rj-f tQ'?r. n. one who re6n«. 
EtiBtry, re-fln'^-l, n. plsce for reflo- 
lng or purifying. [repsired.l 

Beat. r6-flt', V.I. or v.i. lo repair or b«| 
EeBirt, re-flekl', rt.t to bend or throw 

BeStetitB. re-flek'sLun. n. act of re- 

E^ll(rtiT^ re-llekl'it, a. reflecting ;| 
BtOMtor. rs-flektVr. n. that which re- 
flectH; a refleotlDg BDrface, 


B^raet, re-ftakt'. i 


tee. sir. add, Mnn. gsk, Ul, vlfl; s^flre. ebb. hir, IDik«r; Ice, 


Rtttut«r, rfifrik 

Btftun, rfifrfiu'. 

RihugiUi, rg-Io 
Babuh, re-Iiesb', 
KefruhinHit, re^ff 

Rtfritout, rt 
EatriganUt, > 


lu by (o 

Bcfogl, rePuJ, n. > Bheller 

SMitu, ieryi-]S. n. ooe wbo t>k« 

BalUsuit, le-ful'jenl, a- UctilUnt; ra 

dlBiit— 1. nriilftngi. 
lUhal re-[iuid', n.(.torBpmr; rertnre 
Erfbi*!, re-{aa'»l. b. »ol of rotiMiuK 

rejectlou: right of prLnr mcuaplaoM 
Rttlug, re-fai', v.t. or o.i, ia deuy; ra 

tMt. decline (o accept or eomnly. 
RifiN, refae, a, ra|ecied : wortblesg 

Rig^ rs-gan'. o.'. tn gain b»oli; i 
Ragil. rS'g^l, o, tlusly; royil. 
R«C>1(. re-gil', 1.1 to refresh ; enl 

Buallt. readl'l'S 
kfltd^oB of royjiU; 

BtgmcAM. r£-^lrd'(ai. c 

Riiitt*. re-gBt'ft 

EwtBOT, ra'Jen-a 
— ■-,.eul by. a 

SagaMiatt, T«-je[ 


aluyer. oi > kiuR.-a. t«(ki'daL 
RaglD*, ra-ihSm'. n. rami of govt 

J bra 

I. body o 

aiyiim.t.1. nj-l-ment'flz, ipl. unl 

torm of « regiiDeiit. (coiiiitrj. 

Ragloi. tS'JOD. B. a tract of land : 

Recutar. rej'ia-ter. n. nwritteii roconl 

llat: damperulaatoteor Hii«: ato| 

ot an organ.— ii.(. lo enter iu a reg 

Rlgkbv, f Bj'la-tliic. r. one wbo keep 

BagUrr, MJ'ia-trl. n. regi> 

place where a teeord ia kep 

Befuat, reg'uant, a. relguioj 

Bagnaa, ri'grea, n. return; 

KMitMlati, r«-gre>b'un. r, act 

back.— a. nnea^Tt. 
R^crat, re-gref, r.(. lo grievt 

to the atandlnc army n. a aoldiar 

BegnlarilT, regyO-l«r'i-tl. a. lonform. 

"y to rule; nniftnrmlty. 

Ragibta, reE'yn-lal. r.i. to adjuat by 

Sagilatios, reR-)'&-la'sUan, n. act of 

Rwilatar, reg-yii-la'tpr. a. petaoa or 

HtgiifitaH, re-gnr-Jl-iat. cf. to ruab 



H. Mbakilita'tini. 

v.i. to rnle aa a aov 


fore eilii- 
Df rule, ol 

t: tblB.Ui; 8« 1 


state; rsplMB Id 
Bcitcntfl^ TS-lt'^r-at, v-t. to rppeat, — n. 

"isisrd; refam.— B. njM'Un. 
K^dN, re-JolB', ».<. to feel or eipreH 

Joy.— B.I. lo make JorfUl. 
bjudac, rfi-jola'iog, n. feellDB or ei- 

pcesiTon of joy. 
iMa, te-Jniu'. e.(. lojoin se'^D —"-i- 

io tnswer In a reply. 
Sajiiirfn. Te-join'd^r. n. an HCBwcr i 

BtiamtU. i^-ji&'yfi 

yonng »e»lD. ■■ 
AsUpu, i^lapB 

yonng igBln.— n, nJBMM'UOL, 

Bekta, rg-lat', leU; recite,— d.i 
B«UU1 re-lit'ed. a! BlHeH by blood. 

Bdu. re Inks', c,'. to loonen; slacken 

leaa light or IH-Tpre. 
Ktluatlni. re-Ilka- i'shaii. n. vtnf n 

lailDB; reGued state: recreatlna. 
BeUy, ce-W. "■ t™" Horaea ai a bU 

Bdiui, rc-IM'. v.(. 

Bdntt, Trl'e-HHt, r, 
tan, — n, rvlesatlan. 

the pucpoae.— n, nlmnw, rdtruej. 

Rilii. rel'ili, n, remiuuB: ■memorUl.' 
Relict, re 

:., projection Of.aeiir* 

Belilf, re-ltf , «. 

RtUtTB, I^UV, 

prolectfon of 0; 

R«ll«iou,re-m'ii>,(i.peiUlrilD|i t 
BaUnqiilali, te-liug'kwJah, v.t. to 
bebliid ; abaodon ; give up, — 
UBinStboHnt |k«t for re 

EaliaiiarT, rel'i-kiva-rl , n. chest or 
Bdi^, retlBh, V.I. to like the tas 

n.pj, relica: vorka 

-mSrk'f-bl.a, wortliy 
K.—adr. nmUktMj, 
D*dl-a-bl, o, thifmi, 

I, j"n"^y\ 

liud'^r. ». pr 

, re-inll', n.i. to pirduii; rele«se; 

BiwtUI, re-mit'al. n. ■ rewiUlu^ ;| 
BoutUBH, ra-mll'aua. n. ■oruetUiutf 
nmitt^ ; Kt of seudlfig muuej. 

•MutruM, re-raan'BI runs, n. resBoui 

I'les, a. without n 

■ntta. re-mat', a, dlBtant: br: uol 
ralsiea — odo. reowttly:— b. nmtlt- 

HownUe, re-mijbv'«-bl, a. tbat mBrl 
KoDOTtt, re-niiA>v'a|, n. set of tcmov. 
ing: chsiiga of plica. 

ChAD^A of p 

Borauntin, te-mu'a^r^ tlv, a. re- 
payiua; profitable, [nBja.| 

Beul, r«'iul, a, perUiufng to the bld-| 
reprodiiceEl,— 'Ti, mifle 

np: ve«l< 

ed ; plaoe To 


RiMCldt, ren'e-gid, amci 
gH'do, j^HMtftte; dete 
reuit, [viva : nuUie ngiilri, I 

Rntwwl*, ie-P3'9-bl. a. that may be 

Bmnr^ re-Du'»l. n, act of renewing;! 

aaJra alomac'h. naed to coagnlat. 

Bmhuim. re-ooauB'. b.(, to dt«i«ti;| 
B«n«att, tou'^vat, u,! '■■ -" 

Bancwiud, re,nonrid'. i 


B^aseiation, r^Dun-ai' 
Bipali. re-pgr'. v.l. to i 
make ameddB tor, - 

ameoda, ' fpalHng: arnai)<li.| 
Batantini, rep-j-ra'ahna, b. act of m-| 
R^Mtoe, rep^t*'. . _— ... 

Etpay, re-pS', i.(. to p 

agalQ.— M. nr ' 

BtpMl re-p«1', ' 
Kerut. r^-pi" 

Beftit^y, ri 

Kapd, ra pel' 
StptUmt, re 

RtpivtCTj, rep'sr-tfl-rl. n. a 
RtpitHlM. rap-e'tlsh'un. T 

pkace: provide a lubatltiite for ^ 

S; set. jet; ktn. aln: chip, u(ibltm. 

. Nplt'tlM. 

Btpkrin, rg-pleviu, n. lotioii or writ 

lor lepLevylDg goodi. 
Brnltty. re plet'i, v.t. to recover, bj 

ik*. gooda vroQgfixlty detuned, 
BcjUHtun. Te[i-li-ka'aliDD. n. u»rer ; 

Reply, tfi-pn', 11,1. to uiawer; reBpond. 

a«OM,re-p(te', «.(,tol»yBt rait; pl«e« 
Kepint. is-poE'it. v.t. to lodge tot 


R«m«it, rep-re-Mnl', i.(. to eihiblt 

KepnunUbDn, rep-re-ie 

; body of repre 

fcimt, ri'prtat, n. • new, or ((irel((n, 
Bniiwl. re-prt'ral, n. HolBira in rstal- 
Btptneh, re-ptoeh'. b.i, to cenmire; 

BnnbiU, rap'rfl-bit, a. !o«t to id 
lUpietaU, [ep'[(i-bst. «.l. to 1 
BtpntetiM, rep-r^-bi'sLnn, n. i 

BaprMi, r| 

e dl- 

BntUa, rep'tll. n. ■ cnwllDg mai 

R^Uia. rC'pnb'Uk. «. a cnm 

pis or tbeir chDisn repreaantal 
BenUiau. re-pnb'Ii-kui, a. pertuiuiiig 


republic, or of repub- 

lE being repulaed ; 

Saraiiiaii, te-niil'ahiu 

power by vtalcb ba 

atber. fbidi 

BefilaiTe, rs-pnla'lT, a 

Bap attbu, rep'yd-Cf-bl 

RepatAtJen, rep-jb-U'e 

BtpDU,' re-put'. "■'■ " 

maea aung for tbo repobe of 
K«»oire, rfi-twlr', n.t. to demi 

b, bit, mik^! Iw, Itm; Mpt. oi. 

iMliJu]. re-kwt'tfl, n. 
rift, rft'lkrlpt. n. deci 

compare. [Indlgiwtloa at. I 

Borat, re Mot', v.t. to foel or eipreMJ 
BMNlUal, re-BSnt-rtl, a. apt to re»eot. 
Bnratwst, re-eanl'meiit. n. ladlgu*- 

I BwlTiliK rg xolT'^bl, a. Uut nu; 
BHiln. re-Mi*'. ».(, to iwpinte In 
—B.l. to dEWrmlGo',— n. •Djililtig rfr 

r. pjHca freqaeatad: i 

BHonni. r^BAm'. n. mnuB of «uppb 
eipedlent ; nwort — iapt. meuia 

BufCtt, re-spekt', v.l. to MteetOi hot 
or: r<i)Me to.— n. blgb eateem; da 

eoUecrfng aud stoclug water, or oth- 
Reddt. re-zld'. «'.(. to dwell, [InR.I 

Bwidul. re lid'yn-il. a. remalninB aa 

BnMnuy, R-ild'ji^rl. a. eotltled, 

BHIdiH. rei'l-dO. n. rernali.iler : what 
la lalt, [anbalauee remalulni;.| 

Badgn. re-«n'. b.(. to yield up.— c.r. 

to aubmll pallenUy.-n. nalgDa'tiaii. 

Blti(Ml. re-iind'. a. palieDtlT aub. 

BMUitDt, PBJll'yent, K.. o-i -tU'l-, u.. a, 
recoillnfl; rebounding.— n. ™iliBi». 

pro'duoed by IhB plua, to.— a. ra- 

ixoa. [aland, I 

t, re-ilaf. .,t. to oppose ; wilb-| 

tanea, rc-iist>o8, n. act of rsalat- 

f, opfwaltfon. [be reHiAted.l 

niatlta^ re-iiBtlm. o. tl-' — — ' 

Inalita. Tei>iat, a. t 

Bolvlnfl; aolatlon. det 
foimal propoaal or decli 

, re-apekt'»-bl, a. wortliy of 
respcui : uo( contemptible.— fl. n- 
BapHtfiil. re-spekt'rdl, a. roll of re- 

logCoeac^. Imar ba breatlied.{ 

Raplr^a, re-8plr'»-bl. rea'-. a. tbat| 
Ba«inta^. re-aplr'^lo-ri. a. pertaln- 

lug to breathlne- 
Bapbt, re-aptr', v.t. or n.L to breatbe. 

~n. iMfin'tioi. 
Ba^ta. rca'plt. n. temporary reiaa- 

tfou; Interval of relief; anapenalon 

BaaHDaln, re-apon'"iv, a. anawerlng. 
I Bst. reat, n. quiet ; >l»p ; Atath ; 

'. Bart. reat. n.i. to ba at rest ; repoie ; 
bo anpported -, remain —i>.(. lo laj 


BMtnt, re^Mr'. o.l. to repaii i r 

-a, mUr'ttlTt (bioder: Eheck.i 
[Htnli, rfrBtrSn', t..^. to hold b>ok;| 
LHtniit, re^triiEt'. n. actot restniu- 

lua : itate o[ belug reatniued ; 

SuimH. re-Earn', it.l. tii tobe bacl 
toBrgmt. re-Bur'jBnt.a. ruiinm 

BhihUiU rir-aui'l-lat, p.(. or i 

KaUO^ r«-UI', i.t. to lell In 
qovitiUfB; dal oat in portion 

lUtaiitta. re-til'i-al 

nUl'Utiii, nUI'itUrrV 

Batu^ le-tiird'. d7. to cbeck tbfl Bpe«d 

of; delay: binder.— n. rtUria'tion. 


S.i|nj"t."ret'l mi; n. ■ lltti" b.* ('"be] 

1 pWvM}- or private I lib. 
. ..jrfraw. Kliided,! 

re-tTrd', a. irttlidnivii : se-l 

SalniK, r«-tras', b I. to trace back; re- 

Bitnot, re-trakt'. s.l. to diaw back; 

recall: take buck.— a. ntru'tlan. 
RttTMUb, retrak'tU, a. tliat mar be 

Ertmtre-lr«'.t.,f.todrawhack; re- 
tire; takereCo^.— n.actorretirlug: 
Bliflter; aeclmlon, 

B«tnHh, re-trench-, r.1. to l»Ben ; 
curtail. — vd. to leaaeD expeueea. — n. 

rttiiVnti**. [pal 

RetriiTi, ce-tr*''. ".(. to recoYer ; i 
BetrliTU. rfi-trSr'er. b. one wlio 

trlevcB; dog that brioga in al 

Batmiult, rct-ro-a«d', rS'lro-, v.t. to 
grant back.— t.i to go back,' — 

RttrotpMt, BatrwrieBiiiL ret'ra-apekt. 

B^n. te-tiim'. v.i, tooome or go 

icg or givinB back; renewal: reatl- 
tntlou; report: proOi, 
BnwL tt-i(l'. v.t. to nuke known ; 

iMfaa^n-riV. ■il'jS. b. morning 

beat of drum, or trumpet. call. 
Brtd. revel, r.i. to feaat riotoualj; 

BeTtLaUm. i 

last book or Uie 

EtnilT. roY'el-ri, n. rlotona ftaating 

ll«TOI«, re TenJ', r.(. to panlidi or In. 

log: di.po«lti'on to revenge: retail- , 

atlon. [TmigO: .IndlcH.e.l I 

Btmcafid, re-wni'lii. «■ tail of re-| 

lea, tlr. ■Jd.irai. t«k. Ut, Hfl; aerfre, ebb. hte. miker; lea. inn; Od^r. ox. | 

BniABTUt, rs-ir6r'b?t-»iit, a.R»iuid 

Id: echc 


ipectfu] ftwe; 

Elimnt, re»'^-Bnt, 

Btnmtltl. re.- 

ft-en'>h»l. a. fupt 

Ming or feeung 

rave re nee; Bobmli 

Binrie, roT'er-l, n. wnndering Inin of 

tbonxhtorftnry; EiiiHiug. 

BtT«T»L re.v4r>'ai, 

tag; ctauge; o»f rl 


wbollj-: to over- 

thra>T; ■nniU.— n.t 

e opposite mac; 

hack: change: mlsf 

edbukwiid: dirac 

ed opix>.rtely, " 

bnnin. rs-Tji-rton 

iog; thslwIiiohiBv 

rlB: liffhttolu- 

tare or coutlogcn 

fi^ re'v^f. o.i. K 

tiirn >»c^^o- 


view again; Inot 

: critlciBm: pe- 

tlDdkBL demoted U 

criUcism. to.! 

military iiisptcllon 


me wbQ revlcwa; 

E»rt?1^-rti'. ti.(.tot 

•eat with BbMHB 

lugnige: domnU 


BHmlne and 


BHdn. re-Tizh'un. n 


Stfinl. iifrt'v^l. n. 

Ktof reviTintt: 


Rtv«»U(. reVp-k^-bl. a. that m 

revoked.— n. niMtUuuu. 
Rtiooatlgii, rev-p-ku'sliiiii, n. act 

Brnki. re-vdk. i:l. to recall: repeal; 

BlT*lt. re-volf. ■yOlt. r.i. to rsiionnce 

alle|{iauce; reliel; be sbocked.— n. a 

B«T*llltl*I. rev-ij-lil'Bbun. n. potion 

Reyolnaoiiarj, re>-?'ln'shnu-jri, o. 

RCTDhiUDiiiu. rev-Q-lu'almii-lz. n.l. to 
cange a levuluiJau Id, — n. tngla- 

BarolTH. r§-volv'er. n. firearm n-ilh 
revolving chambera or barrels. 

RtmlaioD, re-vul'Bhoo, n. reteraal of 
feering: repngnance.— a. rnaUln. 

Siwart. re-w6rd'. n. racompense: ret- 

B«™i4, mn'ard, n. ■ uaioe glTeil to 
BhajHolT. rap'B^i. n. a diaconnected, 

KkDiDiindroB, rod g- 

lUr. dote; iSB, pAll. np; i 

:; kin, aln; chip, ai(ib)ara. 

Tigtat tuiBles.—a. ibomUi 

Khibut. rdbluTb. n. t plut, and Ita 

Bbrme, ilm, n. oortespoEdsiico io 

coneapmid in laDDd: nuikevenei. 
~t.l. to pQt into rlijme. (Hon 
properly ApeJt Einu.} 
Bhrmar, ri'm^, BhjBMUt, [Un'atfC. 

Bbyttai, titiiin. I., ordered ■ucceaiioc 
ol motioD., ■HKiits. fcc.-^. thylh- 
mit. riiTtkDiwL 

tbe ch«Bt; corred timber of a Bblp; 
'elo of ji leaf; ridee- — "U- to furnLsh 

Ib'^d. , 

a Und ot gn 
B. naUthy : > 
lendld^ blgbl: 

ld«fc rir B^. lOEB ele 

ridicule 1 



> gnn iRitb iplnllT- 

ji deft ; flamre. — v.u to 

Bignr, rlg'er, n. one who ti» ■ Itiii 

with ringing. 
BlHiiic. rig'lDg, n. Topea at a ahlp 

Right, Ht, a. stnlgfat; Jolt; tnw. 

riil. rftfU, a. bkTiDB a right; 

__ jre; Btriot.— n. rlgi4«H,rigM'ity. 
Rinr. r)g'9C, n. eUiotneH; Hverity: 

BicDnu, rig'pr-ne, a. e 
uHrilTn. •iiQillbTao 
Rim, rim. n. a raised mi 


Into rime! " "™ 
RllM rim, n. hwtroot 

b, hit. mlh^i lee. ioni ( 

i with aound.-^i.f. run, rnii»; 
Btafiiitfc rlug'iluv, n. ap. ctci uf pigec 
- ■ idH rtng'lSd-fr. B. leailBr ot 
RiicK riuK'iet, ». a UtUs ring ; cot 

EitL^Vt^ "^ 

far DM; On- 
"■flpa: mil- 

iifi. rtp. o^tnre; 

B^en, Tlp'o, V.I, tg m^ie rips ; 

Eip^' rlpl! n. Uttle -nvi or wmve 

Bba. ni, T>.>. to more to ■ higtaei' pori- 
■ppnr: inoreaaelu price, nuk. Ac. i 

Hide, riii 

Jbul, rlt'yi-al. a. perlaiufng to riles, 
— B. miaaer of prUirmlng wotalilp, 
or book pteacrlbliut It' 

Ut*. li', t>.l. to Kiid aeundsr; apUt. 
Biyatl rlv'el,'n. pin nr bolt ^tened by 

boaaUng, _ _,._. 
BaiW, tSTiuk. n. uala of a amaU spe- 

ll, oot: tbiD. lU; get, Jet^ iia, ala; cblp, *i(ih)ure. 


ist„:f;.:.^„r.'.=! '"■""' 

atft. rObae. ». place od wlilch & bird 
tesu at night; pereh.— r.i. to sit oo 


RMt. r<Rit, n, the part ol a plant which 

B«(Biih,rag'lab. n.kDivuli: mlKbleT- 

IB «xfd In UiB earth: aiiytblud like 

R.11, WH.'b... to tiirn like ■ wheel: 

ty. which, when mnltiplied by it- 

eptesd QDder b roUer: Baand, u i 

aelf, producea (bat qnantlty,- c.i. M 
fli the root; be flrmly Sied— el. 

dniDi bailen r»pl<"/— '■'■ to <*"» 

to roll: ««p touuil ilMsU: iuwmp: 

to plant deeply ; to turn up, t> 

pnx wlUi ■ roller: belt npidly, ■■ 

eartb ; nniack : dig np. 

regi«ler : anuU lomf at brend : cou- 

W rop. n. a thick cord.-e.f. to be 
^wD out into a (bread. 

B«»-<ti>Mr, r6p'd»n-B«r. n. one who 
Jancea on an sileuded rope. 

BeUni rOl'flr, n. cylinder oaed for roll- 

Btpe-walk, FOp'irik, n. long building 

lug: louK bBIKlBge: loug WB.e, 

wbeceropea ere made. 

E»Uilig-pi». rtl'lDB-pl". n- wooden cjl- 

Bopy. rS'pi. o. rtBold ; glutinoua.— ». 

Inder (or apre»(lluij dongb. 

Btau. rfl'iii»ii, a. perlaiumg to Homo 

Rnarr. rflz'»-rt. ". a bed of roeee: col- 
lection of prayetB: atrUig ol bead) 

dUcs: iquiUne, u ■ uoao: erect let- 

for CDontlng prayere. 

ed by letter*, not tleures. bb nuuier- 

with a beaaUrDl flower; msette; 



derltil lBle.-o, belouglDg to tbe l>n- 

colored; blooming. Iphtat.l 

gDBgea of Latin orlgln—B-t. to com- 

poM a romsncBt Wlk eitcB™«iu"tly. 

Rgnmary. rOi'm^-ri, n. an aromatic 

Btmugar, ro-miu'asr, n. one wbo to- 

lUHtte, rO-ief, n. a circntar knot of 

rtbbon; Mae-ahaped ornament. 

RNDuinn; ti'B^-lzm. n. Ua^ of tbe 
Bonuii CalbollG Cburcb. 

BiH-water. rflz'WHt^r, n. water diatU- 

led trom roae-leovei. 

Kunuiit, ra'ni»u-lat, n. a Boman Catb- 

B«n-«Md, rdi'aAd, n. bard dark wood 

of a Sonlh AmeHcan tree. 

E«hi. rflitn, n, resin left after dlatll- 

or befitting, romance; wild: pictu- 

BMtnun, rc'trom, n. beak of a ablp: 

platform for public speaking. 
Rwj,Ta'd,a.likeBiOH; red; bloom- 

deucy to a ronumtlc, ratbet tbao a 

olaaidcBl; atyle. 


Bomiah. ritm'lali. a. belonging to Rome. 

BM, rot. v.i. to pnlreiy ; decompoae.- 

Bomh romp, v.l. to''ptay S"aiiy ot 
rudely.— B. a girl wbo rompa ; rude 

cay; pntrehctioD; BdlBCBseofsheep. I 

Ert»fy, re't»-ri, o. like a wheel ; re- 1 
lOlilug. jawbeei.ll 

pUy. iBoroeflotoruclfli.l 

BMd, n(bd. «. tbe qnarter of ai. acre: 1 

EaUte. rCtSt. e.i. or <..*. to turn lika! 

KHt mbf. n. coi'er of a building; a 

BMiUm. rO-tn'ebnn, n. act oTrotatliw: 

dwelling; arcbed covering.— n. I. to with B roof- Icbe».| 

loeat«y, cO't»-l?-n, a. toming like al 1 

Ra^rUi.n.akindafcrow: caatlelnl 

B»*n7, rti'?r-i, n. coUecllon of 

memory and without thought. | 

rooS.' De.ta. 

BHtii «i-t.;nd"; .. rouSd"; globnlar.' 

RMmy, riibm-i. a. baving ample room. 

^.r-B-il,. 1 

toe. air. add, ILna. oak, Ul, vlfl; afU*. ebb, bir, mU«r; lee, inn; Odpr. oi. { 

BMulL Srtuto, i-Q-tnn'ds. -in. n. ■ 
ronud biiUdiug. ar p*rt ora building. 

Hm|«, rdbzb, n, ■ led pulut lued on 
the (iice.— n.l. to (laiut wtlb tonga. 

Angk, ruf. a. uot amoolb ; ibiiggy ; 
ODcac: unBulftbed: vtolent; huHb: 

Booch-ilud, rufHhod. a. luvlDg ahoes 

Roiud, round, a, awnlw ; globulsr ; 
c^lU^drical ; plnmp: poftftlve- — 
odd. OD aU Bidei ; drcnliuly.— prp. 

',.bout. a. clrcul. 

-ic. ia' ■ roand 
n. qnalltj ot be- 

&0. , irlib'tbe algnitiin 



■; boldly; 1 


taatnMj.—v.!. to put to dlHUrderlj 

RnUat, nib-tio', n, tiipil»r coqne oi 
'^"ou. |to wander tbrougb.' 

B*nl, rol'*l. a. portaliiing to, oi 

top-nilaul BBll- 
trtiM. to|-s1-lBt, n. an adbeiei 

"^fcHt -akin" '■ fi™%\ ' 
privilege of a king: peroeutage 

laJlBBnt. rubd'i-meut, n. &rat pried 

ment'sl. nlliuBt'uT. 
Int. rrJb n. • bltwr plant.— tp.t lo rf 

ti«fBl.'rUb'(fil. a. snrrowfnl: pltblbl*. 
laM, ruf. n. Wiled cloth around tb. 
neck : circlet of pnijectlng Ifeatben 


loHf.— a, TofflulT' 

Bs^gri, nia'ed, a. rou#;b; tiarah; nn.| 
tbrow; remaini of balldluga. *c,— 

Enlntiia, riib'ln.qg. a. decked: In rn. 

BnU, T-cJbl. n. that which regnratfie; 
Roverument; prlndplfl: law; order; 

tlB b; a rale ; nurk with stnlabt 

BdIr, rdbl'er.'n. one wbo rulee ; aov. 

Juice 1^ the Bugar^ane or tcom mo- 
«. pUl. up; OU. oat; thin. lU; gat. Jet; Mn, itn; ohfp, M((tlXlTa. 

RimUa, r ., . ._. ..._ 

iutt, riib'mi-Dat, D,t. t« ch«w Ui« 

Bus, rung. p.p. of it list, 
Bukt, ruu'let, h. ■ brooS. 

Bnfw, rdb'pf, n. bd Eut ladian a 

Bue, rubi. n, ■rtifice; trick. 

EiuIl rmb. v.i. to mo.B torw»rd will 

tlon: B ietfloBB aleuder pi>iit gron 

Suh-UcUj^rueli'llt. n. nuh illpped li 

Km, ni». n. buiRatge of 

u dry letvea, tc. — n. 

EliltT ruB'tl, o, M 

dull from ioBctloi 
Ent. rut. n. trsck K 

BbUl rttdtb. n. pttj- 
RnOlMi. TdOtHlet. 

I. pitilem : c 
tjt, n. n. & kind ot gnln. 


B, e*. DtneteeDtli letter of tbe ilplu- 

Btbuth, a^ba-Oth', n.pj. biwta [In 

BiUttuiaa, sBb.»-U'ri-»n, n. > ■ 

obwrvet of the Stblntta, di ol 


Sltttth, Hb'»th. n. the aeTsnth d 

]1 bag or receptable li 

k-tio. a. pertmiolng to 

SMeiMtl, iiH-sr-dft't»l, a. priestlj. 
Buhtm. DO'cbcDi, n. Am. ludlvi chieC 
Buk, uk, n. ■ Urge be(f ; Iodm coat : 
ut of plundering b town i k Spuilah 
wlDe._D.i. to put Into > BOk : lopll- 
— [iDBtrumaat,] 

e. or tbe lugoige. of BuhbIl 
ioa. fir. add. inn. ^. Ul, ii«li «ev«i 

r; ice. Inai M^r. ox. 

maiie oOsringa, 

licb is offered ; desUiic- 

BHiittr, «*li'rif 

Sftddltr. »d'ler, n. ■ mak 
SUUarr, ud'1$r-l, n. i 

SlftHHiidiut, Bif-kon'dultt. n. puet 
BtfHnul aifgdrd. n. protecti 
BiMr, e4f'U. n. aUle of belni:(">& 
8ttltr-T4lft. saPti-Vilv, n. >i1vo wl 

B^frn. urr^n. n. bnlboiis plant i 

oslgnortbe zadlae. 


Sail, sal, n. a Bhip'B ciaiii 

shlpB : trip Id s vcbbb).- 

moved b; bbIIh or on t] 

■ le or a«( amnotbl J, — i 

Jtsi flj througb. 
,iial;«c,n, tbitwhiob 

SiIiriBd, BBl' 

BiluT. Bal'a-cl, n. aUted allowiDce for 
BcrvlreB. iBeUlngJ 

BaltL Bil, n. act of KlJlng ; power on 

SalnUs, Kil'a-bl, n. tbiit may be sold. 

8iltntu. Btil-e-rB'tiiB, -^r-at'iiB, n. b^ 
catlHuiiite urpotsBb. 

Sakmiu. aalz'm^ n. one employed 

Salie. aankTo- deoottag a Fraokiah 

StUteUa. • 

J out; pro. 

SaliniT. Bftl'l-TS'Tl. a.cecretlair sulin. 
galtn^ Bal't-yat. v.i. to produce aa 

i-KBuddmbreaklDff forth; 
aal-mf-gun'dl. n. chopped 

■, sg-I<tbD', n. a apaclous apsrt- 
lUt, B. Boflimn ehlorlde, used tor 

BtltotloB. aal-la'Bban, n. act of leaping 

or dani^g — u. ul'tibgrT. 
Balt-ttlltr. B&lfBel-er, «. Bmall veasel 

Sal^Btn, s£jt-p«'tfr. n. nitre; nltnts 

Sahiliim. ■a-la'bn-na, a. bealthfnl.— 
— ". utiMDiUMi, nlnkritj. 


Wlrtt«t-lttt', r.l, tORfM 
or bj flrtnn muuoh, I 
nlntlne; Un: dlecbsi 

iug ■ Bblp or nnoda Ion 
B4tntlM. aI-v£'BUau, n. ] 

B»lX«*». 1- oinlmen™ 
BllT«. Ml'var, n. pUle . 

Blln, Ml'vfl, B, t uluti 

benlOi or uDrty: be 

lt>-t^^H. a. greettnB; 

tliF »nie; lilentity: i 
lush, »iiin'pl, ". « Bpecimf 

tike ■upplFB of. 
llB|ltr, um'plfr, n. hmcIi 

nvpebtii] ni'edf^'VDrk. 
•nitiii «4ii'(-llv. Buittrj 

a. quKlit}' of being 

1 or boly,— n. •uutilntlH. 

Brain*, aaiiEl'-t'-in*''!'-'". 

pnteudlDg holineH. — n. lugtj 

lAn. BWigk'Bhim. n. conflrmmtl 
lupport.— r.t. toaDthorlB»>: coiifl 


■■ifai«ij, •HiBk'lj'fi-j-il. n. » s«c 
; piKe of wanbip : Itivlob 

■tintoiuj. oang'giin-^rl. n. bloody; 
gunine Kiiifl'Rwln.a, red, like blood: 

Bultuliui, MnltA'rl-Hni, «. h bfalth 

flMitarj, 8»ii1-t9-ri. o. perUlniDg (o, 
EMak. Btuik. pJ. oft* itu. 

Btfint, Bi-pl-ent. o. wise ; sigDrioai 
BtpUig, Mp'liDB, n. B jonng tree. 

glBOnUHM. B«p?-Bi'BllllS, a. BD»pr 

■mp-liko. IlntoBoap 

SntMj, mp-on'f-fl. P.I. to conieri 
Sippkii, Bif'ik. a. p*rl«ining to S^ 

ytiU HBsd by her. 
Sippfcirt, sBf^r. -rir. n. ■ precions gei 
otB bill (> color.— a. itpfliiiinB. 

Stnmi. s»r'»-BeD. n. n»niB nucleDtl.. 
gtveutotlieMohBTdmsdanBln SyriiL 

precious Bloac of • brownish-red 

tcr (sild of mlrlh orUnghter). 
BudDDTi, anrd'on-lln. n. pre 

BtruguUU, aUr Bs-parll's, n. i 
dltfuBl cllmbliiH Bbrub. 

BumAu. BWi'»-fra«. n. klud of I 

Situ, 8S'l»n, «. the enemy of i 

BUult BS'tan'lk, a. <^. or perU 
toTffie devil; dUboUal. 

, abb, bit. mikft; 1o«, Inn; Oif 

Bit«, sai, B.1. to mtlat!-. gtnU cloj. 
BltaUita, B»t'e-ITt, n. ■maU iiLanet w 

tendaut. [mKbIliI. 

gtliiUs, «i'.hl-*-bl. a. tlul Duy be 
SaUll*, aa'Bal-at, -aMI. n.I. to »te: 

Klut. Ifallj mMsfled.— n. Hti'rty. i 
BiUita, BS'sbi-st, -•&»!. a. ttIsS;] 
Batis. ut'In, n. * clnse glossy ellk. 
SaUut, wt-l-nat', n, a cioUi wltU cot 

too warp »ua woollen wefl, 

ceniuiing'vfcaorfbHy: wlltyorciit 

ling MUHore.— a. Mto'lO, KtlrttU. 

Sltir^ nt'i-nz. nJ. to atUok wKb 

sttl-iUt, n. one wbo utf ri*«. 
__liBi, Mt-ti-Ok-Bhrn. n. bcI 
•atlnylDK : thit wbicta uUgfles : 

■l<^rl, ^ HUH- 
to lopiJj muy ; 

StSitr, nl'le 

DOntenli diauliu-gK: 
Sitnp. aaf r^p, n. bdcI 

repletion — ». utn- 
[diyoftbe week.j 

btanliD^ Bat'or-mu, a. gnm 

Bttri, Bi'lfr. mt'?r, n. tobli 
ilBitjr. bHTlng horuB and li 

Bum. ailB, n. a liquid Baai 

to. """■ "' "''" '[bol 
BasMT, am'^. n. abanow v 

■niaga. ain'^i], 
rnSai flercej c 

HaTarj, fla'vor-l, a. having a plo 

fcnj. ea-vol'. n. a kind of cabbago, 
SaiwariaS-'olilrd', n.anaUvoofBa- 

gaw. Bl.p.r. orUflH. 
Bant^ag^ aaka't-fi^, 

SaiooB or their laiignaci 

BmU, BtUd. n.(. t 
In. a bot Hqnli 
bjr hot liquid. 

«. Bka-l!a'. a. havlDB tbns une- 

n. MS; get, jet; kin, atn: obtp. ai(ib)acB. 

Sstlftl. ikil'pel, n. Btnall aurglial knife. 

Stuamtnj, akun'p-iil, n. s aUuutio 

Stui, BkBipp, B. • ksHvtsb fellow. 
tumfa, akuu'pfr, c.i. to run with 

BmiiiM, akan'sLii 


I. not pIsDlUul^ BparlDg. 

nufca •cant; limit. 
'"-'"-r atuif ilng. n. m nsrcow b«m; 

■ Bmul porlfou. 

lautT, rtdn'lt. a. ucant: not fnU; 
■pinng; gmill — ado. wtnUly;— n. 

MHSWt. 8li«P'8«. "• goit which, in 
the Hosalc ritnil. bore the >lu> of 
the peoplelDto the wljdtrur>sa: ooe 
wb0 fltiffera for the miHiludH of jm. 
other, |fellnw.| 

Shpktui. Bkip'gria, n. ■ (traceiesal 
ittmitx, aktp'rfl-l^r, a. pertaining to 

Bhouldeta bj aome religious orders. 

■ steep buk. — vU. to mark wltli a 

lana, akgrs, a. iioi abuDduit; rare.— 

afmIt. alisra'li. a. bardl;; with dlf- 
flciilty; rirely. [frl)tliten.| 

nn, akar, v.t. to toiTi(;r aqdilenlj;! 
lUHrnr, atar'krS, n. anjtUlDK «e( 

fttgbtftil. ' '*"' ' ■ '"* 

Slaif, Bklrf. n. light cDTSFtng for the 

by cuttiug into the oppoaiug parta. 
—V.I. lociit aacartoD. {cutlcla. 

BcuUj, akai"!.! i, v.i. to make anpaTfi- 

SaulatiBa, abir-If-li'ug, n. acarlet-te- 

Seulrt, akUrlet, n. a bright red color. 

Biar;, akarp. n. a ateep alopa; aide of 

Saatk^8k«h,n.iI^jI^r)'; damage.^v.I. 

Baattir, aliaf«r. v.t. t« aprtnkle ; dia- 

perae. — b.i. to be dJaperaed, 
S*mtga, Bkav'en-J^r, n. ona who 

Baent. eSn. n. a stag^ ; painted view : 

Bnrtia. akep'tlt, a. doabtlng; reqtii 

creduloua; one who dlabt'llen 
' ' >n.-a. leutleaL 

■kep'tl-alzm, n, doubt 1 ii 

nptielm, aki 
Bftftri. aep'ti 

ggUnaatK. Bii-n>at'ik, n. participant 

ir. akol'^r, n. a pnpU ; ataditDt i 

rued peraon, [ting, a acholar.l 
irlr, akol'ar-ll, a. like, or beBt-| 
iraU^ akoV^-ahlp. n. learning : 

ifUe, akq-lBB'lik, a. pertaining to 
i^hool, or to the achoohnen of tha 
...Idle BgsB.-n. Mkolu'tlaln. 
SthtlUM, akOll-ast, fi. k writer of Bcho- 

laa, {ir. add, Knn, gak, Ul. Tl^i aercre. obb, hir, mtkfr; M«. Iod; Mpr, oi. 



HwoLBkAl, n. >' pliee (Or Inetmc- 
Uon; pupflao/iBchool; set of per- 
■ODi hol£ng the »mo doctrineVor 

mtdbVmit. n. one Uraght M the lome 

»jK'f {fir j IBS' 

nlglB In the hip. 
Maut. si'eo., «. knowledge : knowl- 

edxe uruged nnder geneml prin- 

B^DtUt. -a, irt-en-OPlk. -^, o, per- 

tulnlng to, or vereed In, BClence, 
BdnbilliU iln'tl-Ut. v.i. to iparkle.— 

n, ■fai^I'llta. IkDwvledse,! 
Bdrilm. Bi'v-liim. n. aupertlcUI| 

SuteD. rt'nu. n. B yoo^ iboot; twig 

for (trBftiiiE. 
BehThnu, >klr'ui, a. hmrdeued by di.- 

eiMe. u > glind. 
Bdnhu. Bklr'ai. n, a hardened gland. 

B.^^0?. n°n^ot?iMov or mlud: 

BtS^'rt^h, r!l,'tS'bS*.Ui,Wlyor 

aUgbt bum, 
BMn, "kar, n, notchi mark for eount- 
Ing; twauly; a reckoulugi aocounl; 

parla,— D,(,touiarkwltbacorei: fUr- 
ro»; enter Id. reckoDlug. 
Bert^akVrl-a. n. droae; alag.-pL 

Smce, ekarn, n. eilreme coo tempt, ~ 

SoonfDl, Bkam'fnl. a. rull of .com; 
gMrflOD, akor'pt-nn, 

BBi>ti>h, akoch, Berttirii, akot'iah. a. per- 

people.— H, the pcoplB or lunguaue of 

BMt-frea. skot'fra, a. free of chugo or 



Sioargi. akurj, n. ft henywHip; pun- 

iBhment— D.(, tofiiig; pnulsh. 
Beont. Bkoni, «.ooe .out to obaerve the 

to act as a bcouI.— ci. to reject dir 

Benr, Bkon, n. a flatboati lighter, 
gM-Ukoul. »,.',to]ook»>gM^; rtom,. 

— n. ■ anriy frown. 
Banw, ekrag. n, something leu; bonjr 

part of the neck. 
Srautad. 'kraK'ed. BoruCT. "krag'l. a. 

iPWi and rough [ rugged, — n. wtu- 

.-;£ .„..„, ..,. ,. ™ .. 

handB anft kneea; atrunele to .bIh. 
Bomethlhg In s crowd of competl- 
tore,— n, »ci ot aerambllng. 

Ssrap, Bkr*p. u. . amall piece ; frag- 
ment, [for eitracta, to.l 

Stnf-took. alr.p'bak, n. a blank bookl 

imitk. akraob, v.t. otv.i. to m«-k ot 

theualle n, mark madeterKntch- 


air. Oaf: aae, pill, up; oU, oot; thin. US; get. Jel; Wo. ilu; chip. u(ah|Dre. ] 


Banvl, »krtl, >,(, or ivi, to write <ir 
DiBrk iliinisl]».— n. hABty m bad 


BmUlry* >knl'fr-l, ». place (or Mtoli- 

Secua, ikriio, x>.f. to ntler > >D<lde>i 

cn iitfiiBlle. 

piBKing cry.-n. > Bl.riU, atiddcii 

SimUian, iknl'j-nn. n. acrnnt tbat 

crjr. (— n. »sbcl*».| 

cleani kllcbcn vcBHla, b^. 

te«Mh. ■krBch, B.t. to ■cruai; stanek.! 

h^J^aknlp'tcr. -. one wbo «rve. 

t1ilD(f (OBheiteroriuterpoee': ftloug 

B«3SC?«knlpt'yur, n. an ofcivlng 

flgurea in stone orwood: carved flg- 

cat: puB tbMiIigh ■ cnane rlevs. 

ur«.-p.(.toarvo: cnllntoBgo.^ 

Snuo, akom, n. ftoth or other mailer 

eplnllj-, naed for iM-lons purpomn. 

rising to tbe surAcs of liquids; 

—V.I. to upply a Bcrew toi lUtea or 


pregB-lthaBtreT: lulst: eitort. 

8«i»«, BknpVr, n. bole in the ship's 
bulnrka to discharge watn from 

Sgrnr-dilTn, ekrtfb'aH'v^. n. tool fOi 

turulug Bcrpwi. 

the deck. [ing.-o. sntTr.; 

SnttUh ikrlb'l. « t. to wrtte «»!>»«■ 

ttmt skurl, n. a crnst ; flaky cover- 

ly; cover with (WMleBu or wortLlen 

Bnrala, akur'll, Bsirriknu, skar't-las, 

writiDg.— v.i. to BcrawL 

a. low ; opprobrious ; fonll; aba- 

■•tUUk, Bkrlb'l^. ». ■ wortbleaB or 

pett/wrlt™. ^ . 

g.^; riL'n1^vr.n.a"«eaBe.-i.l™; 

BtriK ikrtb. n. a wrlt«: deck; Jew- 

mean; Tulgar. 

iib writer nftbeUw. 

sSSr^' t'l. "- ""«' 'w orrylng 

BiTii, akrip, n, <in<ai bag or wallet ; 

cntlfluau of alack. 

coal: Hatchway.— D.r. to cnl a hole In 

Sarift. akripl, n. printed or palDt»d 
letters tmitatlag writing. 

the aide or bottom of. «» » ship.- 

..(.loriinhnrricdlj-. [grsm.i 

SohrtiuL Bfcripfjur, n, niTBd writ- 
ings; Ibe Bible. -0- HTiitnrtl. 
Soiinur. .krlv'en-?r, ». puVlc wriMr; 




ggakuui, sS'bord, ... the eea-coaat. 

bylSelltag hi tS„ gland..-«. .errf- 

Seafkria^ sSTsr-lng. a. going to bmu- 

' idau. 

BM^kon*. BS'hare. n. tbe walros. 

Bntll. akrei. n. roll of paper or pusb- 

Baal. a«.«. a marine 

e«^ Bktnb. r.l. to clHinBe by mb- 

mal: Bt«np for ^^^_ 

bing bard.— H. low biub«i : any- 

Impresiliig wai. E^W^^^B 

tblng stoDtBd or petty. 

ttrnHj, Bkrob'l, a. mean: amall; 

of a seel; tbat "^-""*-** 

Bcnplt, akrOb'pl, n. welght°^of liantr 

v.t. to At a seal to : fkstsn with a 

RTBlng : doubt ; healtatlon.— .(. to 

beaitMe; be rebiot3T.t, 


doobta: conBdentlouB: enact. — n. 

Baan, bBio, n. Juncture of two edg**; 

line or sewing; Una of nnlon; Teln 

amine minntely. (atlon.l 

of metal; ridge— o.l. to make « 


ecamln; mske a ridge on. 

beibre the wlnd.-«. lo«' looae clonda 

driven BKlflly along. 


Stnfflr Bknf^, v.i. to BtmRBlo ; rtght 

Bstmnr. e«'ina, «. kind otgaU. 

conh.aedly._n. a confUBed band-to- 

SamitrsH, Bem'stres, n. ■ womaD who 

band atniggle or flgbt. 
Soldi. Bkul. n. a «h^ Itgbt on.— v.i. 

«Mr, sic, v.l. to aoorch; c«nt«rt«B. 

■». »fr, add. Irai. «Bk. Ul. nfli a«rSn. ebb, Mr. mik«r; I», Ian: Sd^r. oi. | 

SMNk, lliicb.v.t. to ae«k lor: ouu- 

iMi: teBl— B.i.»o«eek:eiiinins.-n. 

Satnit^ ae-krit', e'f, to bide; conceal : 

separate Irom the Wood, aap. Ac- 

SMtahlirtmDt, afiprh'wor-^t, n.wsr- 

Btuntivi, 8£-kret'lT, a. diapoied to con- 

Satrrtorr, ai-kcat'o-rl, a. perfbrmh* 
aecrstiou. aa a elund. 

motlon o( B v«,ael,-«. iMiitkiH. 

BUMB, se'iD. n. a ai time: >ii; peri- 

or peculiar, to a aeqt.-«. awtuiiB- 

od: one of the tour divliioni ot the 

year.-.-!, to mature; dry: giva ■ 

SMll«i!r»ek'«h>iu.«- act of cutting; di- 

flavor to. 

SaaumJOa, efzii-^-bl. a. happeuliiB at 
the rlgbt tlma ; Hiaelf.— ad^. laa- 

S«Slo'B^"8ek';h^™ri pertaining to 



aaiiaiiL^ aS'ni-inB, n- that which neit 
aonaTflaiorliiB Bubatance. 

Bentor, aek'H>r. », part o( the area of a 
clrcla bounded by two nidil and the 

flMwarthj. a«'wur-«i. n. fit for a Yoy. 

age at eea, aa a al.lp. 

Bwilar, eek'y4-l»r. o. pertaining to, or 

chair, '*c.; place where one aita ) age, or ceutncy: worldly, 
nr>t spirllual: not bound by monaa- 

alte; poat otanthority; mansion: 

H^lflS^^eadbJlih ^ "*' ' ""'■ " '° 

llc rulea,-n. wnUr'itr. 

gaaward. a'e'wfid, otin. or a. biwaraa 


8Mllr^ ae-kar'. o.Vreeftoi lear: aafe: 

B«MBt,aek'ant, D,; a»'-,c.. n, line Ihat 

cola another; rsdiiia protraolea to 

BtMi», 8e-B«d', e,i. to withdraw from 

SmrHr. ap-Wr-l-li, n, "iteedoii from 
fear; Baftly; prolectloni certaloly! 

aa>llll^ asU(lb^v.t. 1» ahut up apart. 

•^S'ZiJli a^ 

ra- gTS WfL 

Bwnl, Mruod. a. ne.t to tba Hrat: 

ordinal ot two ; inferior ^n, neit 

Std^tl!' ae-dit'. a. i^l^'' 

qulei;calm: ae- BDt^^ 

one-aiitielli ot a mlnnte. - v,i!, lo 

rioua-«, lalataBtH, 

ai.pport; aid: auppnrt a motion. 

Bedatm, aed'^-tiv, ai, allaying irrll*- 

BHOiidarj, aek'nnd-^rl, a. second In 

Uon; compoaing.—n. a remedy tliat 

poaltlou or Importance; interior,— 

allajB irrilatlou. 

oJr, iMUdaiilT, 

Bfdaatarr, aed'en l»-rl. a, ac/^aatomed 

Bama-liaiil aek'imd-band, a, that hai 

loaltmncb: requiring mncli sitting. 

b«iu^i«iredoru»lby»nother: not 

Mia, sej, n. kind of graea with pltby 

new, [oufl place. 

BeamllT sek'und-U adv. in tha iec-| 

""^it 't^8'''bSttom"ot''"liqrt'S^'! 

ttlitiai. ss-cTlah'un. n. Inanrrcotlon ; 

private: having aecreta- reaerved! 

incitement to revolt.-o, MJi'llmu. 

BedMI, se-daa', V.I. to lead satray lYom 

BriteJ' for another; head of . de- 

*J?u^™ ™'~"' " '""■'*' 

>; flaa, ptill. ap; oil, ont; 

n, ain; cUp, az(zh)ure. 

g«dlll«ll,_Bed'ja-liia, a. very dillgont. 

Jnrladlctloa ac » 

to perceive br the eje ! 

L; oudtinUuid.— ^rJ- MW; 

a snuUI TegaUble body 
lanewpUut iBpiodac«d; 

'Hug, n. > pluit reured 

dE'iDfu, n. H diwlu In] 

Itfamdbue; ebibl^.| 

SMin, i^m. v.i. loappuT; loot. 
BimlBBi eim'iog. a, ■ppmrent.— n. iv 

pmrsnce — ndu. ■Hguulj. 
fttamlr, ■amll. a. beoomlng; ati deo- 

Bhki, tiii.p.p. oTUm*. 

gegmit, aeg'toent, n. »rt ml Horn ■ 

Ttgnre by > Una or puuie- 
Stgttcata. aeg're-gBt. o.I, to sepanta; 

BalniiiT, sSa'Tiir, n, iilord.— n. •tigilo'- 

BtlgnigiT, sSii'ynr-l. v. sntborttj or 
dbmBiD of a aelgnlor; inuior. 

S«Mom,>el'dvin.'^''-nitel)'; uolofMn. 

plctelont-wf-ll chosen. 
Sdntiot Belf'''«biin, n. act of aolect- 
Ing; tbiuga aalectad. 

Bel(-de-Dl'«l. n. denial ol 

kU-B«lllwilBi aeir-ppE.i 
calniDeBa. op. in a Uma 

B^dgt, aS'T^}" 

p(.oftdf. [prarance.! 
preflu dmoLng /lay. 
aem-l-an'ja-^l, a. baU- 

■howio^ a greater 
SmiDal. aem'i-n*!. o 

ncitloo: acadcniy. 

t. a place ol ed- 
ebrew and oofc- 

SenUgrlal. aen-t-torl-^i. o, peHai-i 

to. or beattlog, a senate or aenal 

BaaalniUp. Ben'(.lflr-sblp. h. tlie 

BmBielial. aen'piib-»1. ii 

», sir, add, arm, «ak. Ul. ti^\ i^tn, 

b. iif, iritk«r! lee. Inn; M^, as. 

■en'itilL-fl, a, pertaialiig to 
•oDiei : gnliljlog tba HnHea: 
— Ill: Toluptooiu — n. woiuil'ity. 
taniUim, »n'HLA-4l-Uni. n, (easiuil 

tjmiiiit, neo'ti-nieut. n. ihough 

1, ■Bp'»-rll. v.t. or r.i, to dWde 
wlUidrsw.— n. intntlML 
I, sep'^r^t, a, aiTidvd ; dla 

BtfUnbir, •rp-temtfr. i 

■ep'ten-a-ri, a. cbmljitliiel 



8ap«i«hM,Mp'iil-ker,n.»gr»v»; tomb. 
Stnlaknl, Mp-nl'tr»l, a. pert»inlug 

tntiai. ' [seiluSd*! 

Bttngitand. ■e-kw»'t«Fd. a. letlred;! 
B«ri«li», >e-r»i'r'>. n. P*1K8 of the tui- 
flanph, ■er'mf, r. acnlflitlKl baing: m- 

g:a.~pi. Mnflu, wnpUm: — a. •■- 

B*N, a6r, n. arj; wlthen 
But 'i^' "' ■ ■!'''« ■"< 


in. vW. up: oil. out; 

n, llDi ublp, u<Eh)iir 


SoTOtUu. .ir'peii-Hii. o. like m kt- 

ganrn. aev'u, a. and n. all and one. 

peut ; winding— n. ■ colored mln- 

BtTwth, aeT'nUi, a. next afler the 



Ba^ui'nV'S'u, o."iid™.'3?vei. time- 
Barar, ■ev'er. ti.L to dlilde ; aeparat*. 

n'tim. IcIoBS order, 1 

SorKd. ser'ld, a. presHed togotber; in | 

SmuB, BSTum, n. whej ; w«tery part 

variooa; «uudrj.^*J.. amraUr. 
Sinn, ae-vSt". a. atHet! anaferei 

Stnut, niiw'i^'u. onewho ittendi 

Saw. ad, „.t. to ttalen togither «ith a 

for, anotlm : to be of scrvid-.— n.l- 

needle aud thread. — o.i. to pracUae 

to work tor; obeji WBit npon : Bop- 

aewing. |dr.lii.| 

SMrai. Bit'fr. n. an nndergrouDd 

ot: sufflcefoT: tent. 

Snriw. ad'ing, n. ad of Bewlug; what 

BtrriH, sirViB, n. occupation of » serr- 

iB eewed. [aud female: geodeF.I 

uit; duly of loy ofllor: militiiry or 

^t or''iL'lilau'ce" aet of y'eBBela 

Seugtnarlu, Bek8.»-Je-ni'ri^n. Sm- 

SuwMliK tiri-l.-^-hl, a. M (or >erv. 

garvile. •gtVl'l, a. &viali; obienntoui: 
iden].l.-t.. Mrtl'tty. [fowar. 1 

Banuiial. aeka-eti'l.^. a. liatlDg, or 

Sovilot, 8*rVi-lflr, «. t g»nol ; fol-l 

Baxtant. Beka'tgnt, n. —^ 

8u;itWt, B6r.'l.lud, H. iiliverj; »r- 

SMtiOD. Besb'on. K. meeting of a pub- 

lic bodj, or tHe lime it Bits. 

Beitoii, seka'C^u. n. oa- 7A=^V\ 

art.Bet.'-l.loplife^ pat; fli; .pwad, 

u BSilB : Btud or lidorn.-„.f, to nwk 

a cbuich. diga gravea, '^Sa^^' 

firm : loud : apply 'one's self. 

goMflt, eeka'tyn-pl, o. .iilbld. 

— n. a number of tbiUBB beloDBiDg 

Shabby, aliab'i, a. threadbare ; mean ; 

togetber : number of persona aaao- 

poor: pa!try.-n, alabtoWM. 

-.,, open link doaed with a bolt. 

Saton. Be'tun. n. inolBion made under 

tbfl atm, through wbicb thieada are 

DBBBed 10 keep up a dlicbarge. 


BatUe, aet-S'. n. a long a»t -vith a back. 

marlno flab, ^■■■■k),^^^ 

Hattn, aef^r, n. > dog wLlch crouchea 

pf.ahad. ^V^^^^K 


Bhaidaak, .had'- ^^'fli^^*'^ 

Satting. aet'lng, n. direction; aome- 

^.k. «. tropi- 

cal tree, and 11a fruit of the citron 

g,uI,''Bitlr.(.toai; eatabllab: make 

obecority: Boreen: deHree of color: 

quialorolear: decide; adjnal; pay: 

colonlae t.(. 10 become flied: Bi 

aghoflt.-Tj.i. to acreen from light: 


gettla, aet'l, n. long bench with a back. 

Btada*, ahad'O, n. ahade; Igure form- 

Mtlamait, aefl-ment, n, act of eet- 

ed by Bbade : darkneu : taint ap- 

ahade; darken; repteaeut Wetly.- 

Sattlv, aet'l^r, n. nne who aettle. ;] 


Je.,tlr,a*l,teni,»ak.lll,Tt»l; aevgra, ebb, hir, makfr; Ice. inn; 8d(.r. oi J 

indri^rpvt of ■ i 
aUt »h»B. 1. roueh wc 
■■-'-; hMry: rough.- 

lU; hail' ; clDth 

rwareri nmkeiifisid; trlL 
le sffluted; tredible; wm 

BhEllHn. Bli^-ld; 

k eLcwl; pUtcfi wbcr 

led; diagncf. [fiii 

- ' sbftm'raat. a. basbrul; 

lam'iai, n. digg»ceru 

fBflT;-il. ghu 


BtuopH, Bbam-pfA)', v.l. to rub, i 
preHB (be ILmbti aud body of. aj 

kui(M, BhampHB, Btaam-uK)', -d. 

AIT, dbzs; flH, {All, n 


Bhuk. gbuDiik. n. Icr bet'eeu Uie knn 
•ud foot; anj Bl«Dder part bctweeD 

Bhutr, abim'tl. n. ■ ■null rode but. 
Bh(I^ ihap, V.I. to form; fuhion; nd- 
Juat.— n^formorflRUrR; appcftrwicA. 
81ia|tl«a, shtp'leB. a. liavdng no regu- 

akddr ■hip'U.'a. well-formedi .ym- 

■DBtctnl.— n. ihipalliMn. 
Shuj, 9li>ird. n.Afni(>mout; potsherd. 
Shm, ibar. n.aportlaii; alLotmeul 

T.I, to cUvlde: illot: paruke,— c.i. to 

pate, laploDgb.l 

Shut, atiar. n. lower cutting blade ot| 
UisnluUn, ahsr'hald-^r, n. one who 

gbarp, «b»rp. 
cntttug edge OI fine pt 

aeter j| denoting this.— odo. ikaiT- 
ly;— n- aktrpBtu. 
Shu^a, ibarp'n. o.t. or ti.i. to tmtke. 

ghunr. ebarp'^r, n.akDave; cheat. 

BhatttT, ahal'^r, s.f. to break to pleceai 

disorder. — ir.j.Cobabrokentoplecefl. 

Bkaiiog. shav'lug. n. act of aUavlog: 

1, Bbil. n. c'otb UB^d to co^■e^ the 

alumldera, Ifemale.! 

Ska, aha, pma./na. that female.— a.| 

.u: biiodle. 

Skau. I 

Slum. "Sa'. It. whMl of H pulley. 
gM,flied,«.MoM»ttBr:pour: ■plUi 

drop or lote.—p.t. ind p.p. ih*!. 
Bhd. ■bed. «. ■ sUclit building : ont- 

BkMD, ihtii, n. brlgblneu; Inatn. 
IbNf, (hip, njiaa. uid pi. the qiud- 

mped tbnt fDmishe* i^x^ 
■ku^ML ihip'kot, n. > pen tor •heep. 
SblQtoU, BliSp'(S;d, n. BD laclowire tor 

IhMt, »b8t. n. 

IhHtlBg, Bb«t'l 

.P.-P*. ibtl' 

largo bono of tb 
bright oi 

(hell from : bombard. 

eomeA with s ahell.«l't«r,n, protection; renige; 

ghdTT, iheli 
Shnluri. Bbi 

.fie*p.-/<s... _ 
BkiTbrt, sh«r-b«l. 

■h«i»h6r<i. n.afniBnu'Dt; pnlBherd. 
Skirir. slierlf, n. ofllcer of ■ counlj 

gtai«l^Slie"r-ir-V"' »■ offlM*of •] 
BhwfJ, flier'l, n. H dry wine, chiefly 

from Xflrea In Spain, 
Sluw, sha, Stte gkow, Sknra, sea 

BhiUilrtt, BhlbYlelh. ;:, watcbwarill 

ghifl, shift, r.t. to cbMigei trani 
to eipedlenta. — n. ■ clmnge ; 

akMsf, Bhll'lng, R. EngUab sUre 
fOre part of th( 

'■nit llgbt: be 

una.— n. brigbt- 
Bhingli, eblng'gl. n. lona; pebblm on 

Ship, Bblp, n. a laiye aea. going v 

board. I— adr. OEorinuBblp*.! 

Biipbo»rt.8!ilp'Wd, n.decliofashtp | 

90ip. [ping: goods eblpped. 

SliiliiuM, Bhlp'ment, n. act of ahip- 
Shiniog, ehip'ing, n. eblpa culteclive 

1;: trenep-'Ftstiou by Bblp. 
BhiBwiH*, Bbip'rek, n. wrec* or de 

Bhiirvrigbl, eblp'tlt, n. a bnllder o 

Bhin, alilr, n. aa EngllBh connty. (Ii 

BtrkHiirt. BSrS-ahir.J [from 

Shirk, abtrb, v 1. to evade: iliDk away 

bito fngmentfl 

ghMl ahOI. «. a c 
ShHl. Bbdl, n. a 


to quake; treiqbli 

Shatk, Bbok, n. pile o( ahesiea. 
ShMUif, ahok'fag. a. horrible: di» 

3, ber, mlkfri tee, tDDi OAi/t, o 


._ pfl to bo; BOOdA. 
Bh^p-liftmf, Bbop'Uft-lD^. ti. *ot of 
— -,UUB from ■ shop— B. ih»j-liltar. 

by props. 

8h*v, <tb6. K.I. to exhibit; dliplir; 
prove; iDformi beitovr.— n.i, to m 
pen. — ». dl^liy i ipeotocje ; *i 

Shtrlnwt, ihtv-, BbS'bred. n. unle»v- 


Shmrl, Bhrtdx), a, uut«; mgiicloii 
aJD, ihrtirdlT:— n. ihnwdiuu. 

Urlak. sbtik, n. ■ abrUl ontory.- 

ffiiert-hul. ■hart'bitid. n. BbbnvlBti 

• riling; alcnography. 
Bhirt-UrtlitaOTt'lliid. s. living oilai 

Bbortlj. Bhert'U. odi'. apeeJlly; brii 

BbRt-nghUd. >bSrt'B[fred. a. uust 

, topuHhwltbtheBhonldi 
Idgr-Uadt. Bb«]'d^r-bmd, i 
i, ebout, n. loud outerj.- 

SIT, (ft>»; Ah, ptil, Dp; oU. ou 


llert recoil; dnn ) 

>rB LeDt. 
Bday be-! 

fverige,— a. itmbby. [8bnib«.| 
— iVfrj, «iirub'^'r-i, n. ooUrotion ol\ 
Bhnc. Bbcug. r.(. t« Ani9 up. la Uia 

I. IM; get, jet; Un, *ln; oblp. ki(ib)ara. 


eimffli, .hue 1, P.t. to cbuuft tbe pel- 

Sift, alft. t>.l. to separate finer from 

tioDS of: ™ifu».->Z to fflingle 

the arda in a psi*: evade; prev»rl- 

™U: move williout lifting tlis feet. 
-K. utDtBliufflJng; evHion, 

aifh, Bi, ».i. to give a deep, sadlbie 
^^latblng: lament: long.— n. a deep, 

8h«.al.nn, e.(, to..otd. 

audible Aapl»tion. ' '^' 

Shut, sLunl, r.I. lb turn oS t« one 

Bifht, ilt. n. aenae or act of eeeiDg; 

8ide.-n. & turn-off on > ralUiy. 

Tien; faculty of aeelng: object seen: 

Shit, "bot. B.(, to clo>e.-p.<. aud p.p. 

spectacle! pieoBolmetalouagnnto 

■kiL Mow orspertnre.l™ich8lRbtof. 

Bhlttw, Blint'er. n. cover lor . w!d.| 

aightlMi, Blt'lea, a. waoUng eight. 

Ing tliB weft between tbe tbreads ut 

Sigbtly, all'li, a. pieaalng to tbe aigUt 

Kim iln, n. l->kBn; mark; geeture 

«szEr.?a .. «.,».„. 

thing Bet up as a public indication: 

cork itrncli with a balDedore In 


tol^icatti'^'S ?i|^:°.ffl^1''ii^ 

8kr, Bill. a. Umid; bMhftil: reBorved. 

|^.^7™--"i- *",^'i„"^^',^" 

Bjgul, Big-ntl, n. a .ign to give notice: 

notice given.-,..., and v.i, to mikt 

Ulflut, Blb'l-l^nt, a. hiBBing. — n. a 

Blguala to ; indicate by algoala.—s. 
teoiarkabie; notable. 

letter denoliug a biaeing aonnd. 

giCaallia. alg'n»l-ii. v.t. to make signal 

mUMM. aib-l-li'abuD, n. a hluing. 

UgutQM, Big'nat-ynr. n. a person'* 
name written by bimaelf: cbar«cUrs 

Indicating tbe key in music: r<dded 

Bignrt, aig'net, n, a Beal; privj-aenl. 

Btokm, Bik'en. v.t. or r.,". to make, or 

Biddlh. "ik'lBli, B. aomewhat aick. 

Biekb, aik'l. ». booked kulfe far cut- 

iKTg grain. 

SigBifiiaM, aig-oifi-ksnt, a. expres- 

giokll. sik'li, a, Inolinad to Bickneas -. 
imte^tby: produuinn elokneaa.— n. 

Bignil^. Blg'ni-f i, v,(. to mate known \ 

Sign-isaaiul. Bln'mao'rft-»l, n. signa- 

Bifi.'SdT broad anrik™ of anything; 

pan; part of an anima] between the 
hip and shouldar; party: margin— 

ture; markitandlugforaaignsture. 
gUtnoi, Bl'lene. n. BUllneBa; quiet: ab- 

a. lateral; lnditecl.-~v,i. to lean to 

sence of Honnd or apeecb.— 1>(. to 

one party. 

BOoit. al'leot, o. still; mute; tacitnm. 

ture for boldioB diabea. plate, fcc. 

BOti, Bi'lekB, me: ail'l-ka. x. the anb- 

BidtlDDE. "W'Wng. " l«(e™l; oblique. 

■Unce of irook-cryBlal. flint, be— a. 

—odi^. laterally; oblli]uety. 


Sldtnal. 8i-di're-fl, a. pcrtalolng to a 

SUt-uiilt. BldW-1, n. a aaddle fOr a 

SiUun, silk'en, a. made of, or like. allk. 

Bidlw,y^aId'ivai,Biimiafcild'wla. arf„. 
lalerHlly ; on, or towardi, one aide. 


lom of'a door or window. 

place by an irmj to take It by (oroB. 

BiUabab, Bll'a-bub. n. liquor nude of 

gluta, al-oB'tft, ti a abort Bleep abont 

Iho middle of tbfl day. 

SitiT, all'l. a. aimple; [oolUli.— n. (0- 

Bkrg, all, n. vEige] with a bottom of 


woven wire, ftc, for aifting. 

gut. silt, n. deposit from water. 

»oe.Blr,aM.lrm,ft»]..Ul.vl»lr aev»re,ebb, hir, mik^i loa, fnni ao^.ox.] 

wltb litTer : nuke ailTPTy 

i, »im'j,r. v.i. lo boU eenllT^^ 

-ii. .BWy'oriitectt. 

b; plslimeii^ Blnoerlly; otectnll- 
giar^ e'lm'pli ri, v.l. to nuke alni- 

TLolitioa r>f mor^ or i 
f. TlakMlDeM.— n.i. to c 

, adn. tTom ths time t1 
D, after. — cq}^. aeelu; tl 
[did,— n. ■liotr'l 
■ii/T^. a. tme: faoneat; 
. Ilpe dnws from one 
perpflQflicDiiv to the d1 
n throngh the other sdc 

MS.doxB; aH.pCUl, np; oil, ant; I 

Biu-taii. <10K'B«Dg. n. ■ dnwUog or 

ffianlur, atng'RTii-l*!. a. iloDe; not 

pTnrel: notoompoaud: nee: Btnuge. 

— n. ilBfnlu'ltr. 
Ualita'7«i''>>-t«'- " l«ft: on ths toR 

baud; evil; uuMr; uDlncky, 
Bilk, >>LiiRk,T>.i, to tall down: degcand; 

enter deeply; be OTerwlielmod : do. 

metis; aiippreas; degrade, —ji.l, 
nak, raak :— j> p. nik. 
SiDk. "Ingk, n. trough tor eurylng off 

Ji, a&T, n, word ot nwpeat 

or ba'ronel. Imm^^ 

•^'"'^i.™'? lirenl of a bcMt,- 

Hileii, .^ --. 


SMn, ala't^r, t\. female I 

■a. at; get. Jet; Up. Btn; ohlp, «I(tlilaT 

BilUriunL Ils'tfr-bM, n. dut]' or reU- 

I. like, or becon 

percb ; brood ; 
UU, Bit, n.' iltuatloDi place et 

a. flied; plKeil; isBidlDg. 

uiTtblDg Ixltnatnd^ positloo; ow 
ditiou; ottee: eiapIOTuiFut. 

UliHD, ■Ita'Mn, a. or n. ten and sli. 
(iitomtli. alka'tiiitb, n, ordiiul of in 

, I!'s»r. n. Eugliab uuiTenlty 

IM, Biz, n. a tbio aloe.— a. aiiy.— r. 

lu prepare wllb Btie. 
kat(,akBt,n. wooden gnlsnIUiaBtw 

lidRB fur gUdlng on ice.— v.i. to slid 

HIM*, ikHt. n. a ItrBe Oat flab. 

UiiUt. Se'nBartU. 
Skitgh, Hkecb, h. Blight draft; oDtllns. 
-p1.1o nuka a aiiebc rttartot; lo 
[HllHlitanc " 

cb'l. a. like a l 


■urn, i<Bu. n- a Binall light boat. 
BkOlU, Bkll'Nil. a. bsving aklll ; dei 

1, skli. n. kBowledaei dorterlly. 

M, Hlilld. o. having Bklll. 

lit Bkll'et, n. amaU boiler mih 

la. sir. add. arm. «ak. AD, ij^; ae« 

IB been Bktmmed, 

Bkln«. Bklp'fT, n. I 

Skull. HknI. n. bou; 

"iiii, ^'llt, 

1 abnoaphert. 
loiTn a'ilSri 


^k Bl^.n. thin flat piece of aiifUil'i 
OMw, Blab'«i, s {. to slaver ; drii 

or diligent; "low.—n. relaied 
Back. Blak, SlatkiB. slili'en, r.i. o 

a, BUn'der, n. bise report ; a 
my.—i<.i. to ds&nie ; caliimnUI 

:, alaug. n. low langoBge; ea: 

Blut, slgiit. 


b, bir. mik^: toe. Inn; Od^r. ai. 

Inlu plat«B; ft pUtA of it- — vt 

litUrn. Blsl'orn. n. no untTdywon 
—a- ri»tt«ralT. 

Imghtn, «li'£ef, n, ■ alijflug; 

ere: UU foi: tbfl mvket.— a. lUi 

habiting EuteTD Europe.— 4. fllavii, 
BUtiuIi, Seltmli. 

■knr, Blav'^r, n. ■ ship employed la 

Uis'raoiilh.'— r.i. to lei Bpittle ruu 

Hmr, ■ISi'er-i, n. aUts of > el^e ; 

iMadiigs; tEmldom. 
StTiih, ■(s7-li>h. a. ■eiirlle; meui. 

JiV'-p.p iliiiL ■ ^' "^" '' ' 

Ble^ Bled, BUIm. slej, n. cairlKTO on 

BUdn. Ble). n. a large bammer. 
miS, altt. a. amoatb: gluasy.-n. 

Sbap, Bl*p, n.' alurnber ; tett.'—n.i. to 

tobedead.— j>.(. andpji. iltpt 
BlHHi.allp'fr.n.onewtioHteepa: bor- 

ing mlal or r»ln- 

Ott, dtoa; Haa, pAll, up: oU. oat; t 

lahiBi. ala'lni 
II a alslgti ; c 

1: sltghl— 

SUa-knnt, Bllp'not. n. liuot with ■ 4Ud 

Blina. slip'^r, n. looan low aboa, 
SlipfTj. Hllp'^T-l, a. Bmuotb: apl ti 

slip: uustabla.— n. alipHiiitaa. 
SUKhtL allp'ahod. a. wearlDR allp 

BM, alii, t.(. to' divide leugtbwiae 
—p.p. tlit or lUttai.'— n. along cut 
BlM. 1.1a. n. fruit of the btackthom. 

toBplll liquid npou. 

ralAp. n. au Incline : direction 
.uwani. — »,(. to form wl ' 
■lope or obllqucl;.— n.f. to b 

a, (tn: obtp, ai(ib)iu«. 

bolB or lilt Id ■ plslt 

tincHS; BlnggiahneeH: 
'fal quadruped . 

•Jiimty fUt. — v.t. to 

■ 10117 pi*™ '• 1"*^- 


L et»trOtt BkiD : dead 

tD chhL f'B k Blougb, or >« m Atou^h. 
aiaiiD, sluv'n. «. ■ mail ctnleta iu 

8hTOl7,sln.'n.U,a.iiitidy^ oarelenB: 
dlBorderlT.— n. iltrnillui. 

beliiud llto«.— adc. Otwij-.—n. ilm- 

fflng ilog - - -'-" ' " ' — 

BlncX si nil. 

Uonlih, Hi"! 

^ -'Kb*' a"' C -""Soitiffi! 

I dowa tbraiigh It. 
Blum'ber, n.i, to alefp llghOy; 

Blimt slungk, p.f. and p.p. nf ti ijlnk, 
lightly ! slug or play In* a glldiug 

Bhrt, alut, n. a <1< 
flr. all. a. artni' 



U pai. BmWpolu, B. a contagloui 
tt. uraUt. n. colored glaaa or «iuii 
A, Bmiirt» n. BtiHrp Bliugiufc palu 

la. jlr. add, tufra. flak, Ul. t)»1; b«t< 

DUtUni. [knowledn.! 

"-■■"-"■■I BDial'er-tdB. h. laparadtll 

Bsuu. imSr. r.l. to daub. 

Bnull. Bmol. v.i. to have odor: dh tbB 
BeBBe D( BiDEll. — p.t. to percelie by 
the uoBB.— p.l. aud pp. radM or 
nult.— N. odor: Boaae which pci- 

Bsult, amslt, 'v.t. to molt, M ore. 
Smalt, amelt, n. a amall Dab. 

b; tbe couDtflliauco; tolook Jojoub; 

aloD of amllluf ; favor; glad appnr- 



Bmlthiry, Builth'^c-i. a. workorwork 
BoHhy, amith'i, n. terge nf ■ aiuith. 
Bmitto, BtnLt'en. p.p. otU tmtU. 
Bmaki, amOk. n. npor from a buiulE 

nap B pipe or dgu.—v.l. to apply 
Bmoky,' amdk'I.'a. emlttliig amokf 

UDMthlT ; - 


00th: palliate: call 

D.i. to be atlfledl-ii! a amok 

ISS^. amugl, n.i. to Import or ti- 
port without paying legal dotiea: to 

ilgglir. " 

imug'ljr, n. oue engaged In 


: bkcV 


b, ■lul'l. n. bridle with ft i 

I vUbiHil bnnvUei. 

U *Bi^. n, ibnipl pro>eoliMi 

ruJLof BiugHr 

lU-benring molliuk. 

nak.—t.i. to bnik abort: 

■elza butll;: 

, aulp. c.(. to clip ^ nip off wit 

inWinlY'l. ».(. toroo 

ftiMi^ iiiar. «.i. to brotbe loadl; Id 
ftleep. — 4. nnlej brefttbinff Iq Bl«op, 

BMit, BiOrt, i.(. to (DKB Ur TiolenOj 
through tbfl nota. 

tuA, inout, n. projecting bom of t, 

turn, BDd, n. t^mii mlat wbicb blls 

AIT. ilbia: fiM. pUI. np: oU, o 

tbf root, for wklk- 

SnUB*, Bi 

flllt- iAk. fi.f. to Bteep ; drencb. — v.L 
to be steeped: ■bBOrbafluldi eatec 
tbrough porea. 

int. iSp, n. compnond o/ oil or fit 
witb aa BlkBll. used for wubiug.— 
V.1. 10 rub wltb BOep.— o. Htn. 

Swtp rt BB*, sflp'Btau. n. mineral which 

BmhoIs, BAp'suds, water miied 

wdbBoBp. (rlBetOAbcigbt.; 

ggai, sAr, s.i. to monoc ou the wiug :| 

ber,— H' ■pbnBH0« Bobri'itT, 

BsSSlt, s4'sb»-bl. a. iiiclliiert to si 

miliar.— n. BHdaUl'itT. ' 
iHdil, sa'sbfl. a. pectalDlni! to. or e 

Badallm, sO'sta^-lz 

liitT, B^-el'e-ti. n. SBBOciation of per- 
lous 111 one lutervvt: whole body of 
livUleed pereous: onaipanlousblp. 
ik. sok, n. a kind of alipper : Bhort 

i; get, Jet: Un. gin; cblp. u(tb)Dr< 

Eoenlii, ni-k 


I. perUlaiDg to 

•i-di-nm. a. ■ U| 
sodTi. p.p. o/ 1* Ml 
id- |l 

i'f». n. ■ Img Beat i 
ft. a.«ul];yl>l(11ui 

duc«d l^p tti« BUD. 

loU, said. p.l. "d n.p. of to 

ilim, aOld'T^. -]^, n. ni 
luiDlUUif »rvluc;a»ii 
taiitAj, MUdler-H. a. lU 
tiug.aioldler; nurtlal. 
BMlnr, MldTfM. n. a tx 
B^ bAI, d. the boitom ot 

Midi, eo-lla-it. r I. to peUtloii : 

BaMtatka, xQ-lia-l-ti'seun. n. ac 

aoUciUng; requeai; tDTltaU<m. 

, »™. Blr. adj. ton, ^alt. Ul, tifl; aerin. ebb. 


Saligita. BQ-Ui'i-tQr. n. a petitioner 

-1. MUd'itr.— 

Miiarttr. BOl-l-darl-tl, 

B.m«l<u». «j-iil'(.-twu 

r.t. to apeak 



ttUtarr, Hil'f-l»-rt, 1, 1 

ita q( belEf 

rformancB lij 

IB fu-theat frMd 

MnUt, w>lv'«-bl. a. tbat mav 

MTat, lolvent, 
able to pay aU debta— n. uItiux, 
n. a aubataace tbat dlaaolvea a 
other. ■ 

Boib*, Bomt^. a. dark; mt 



WmWt, Bum'bod-l. n, a perBou. Id- 
lomingt, Samnuilt. See giuuHiMt. 

IjEitliiBi anrn'thlDg. n. a thing, In- 

deanltely; aportian. 
luiittmet, BOin'Uinz, ode. at certain 

tlmea: occaaloually. 
ItOBvlut. Bnm'whot, adn. in aome de- 

ftimniihHtii, Bom-iianityii-lliin. a. 

b£r, mlkfc: lee. inni Od^r. oi. 


fkonolmt, bc 

Sguilai, aSog'stflr.'ii. ■ ulageT; I 
tDBt ainga.'/f 11. Huritnu. 

BOB-in-liw, aaD'Hi-l^, n. tbe bnsbi 

:ruck{ giving b claar J 

BHtT, 'fit'i, a. coDBletiug of, aailed 
vltli, or like, loot: vary blBck. 

Sop. sop, n. food dipped la ■ liquid.— 
T.I. to Bleep ill a Uqnid. [meat I 

ggfUlB, BoFlzm, n. h fBllticioiui irgu-) 

SopblMlt. -a1. B^Hafik, .«l. a. IhIIa- 

ScpUittMta. 8i>-fla'ti-knt, r.l. ta per- 
vert; Bdnlteiiite.— n. upUitia'tiiiL 

a»bitt». Boria-trl. n. specious but 
blliKrcHiB leMoniug. 

SodottBrit, -iL Bof-^-inni-'lk, -a1, a. in 
StediiiflOfle: pretenliouBBudBLBl 

aataj, Bfir'se 

magic i witoncrui, 
8sT«£ sar'did, a. Tile; meui ; ulg- 

Bvt, B^, ti, fleet] rendered politfalbj 

ed: dieeaeed : suseepllbiu ol pain; 

SfTB, aOr, Borelr, aar'ii, ado. paluftiliT; 

Smal, Bor'el, a. of a reddisii brown 

B^riD«ir"Kr^l-u''M" ''""meaiiMBB ; 

Sntim. Bor'S, n. pain of mind; nrlet; 

Sorrgwtil, bi 

9-ful. I 

X to BtUck tbe beslegen 

Soi^, ait, p.t. or p.p. otto Mik. 
S«d^»]], n. tbe BFiritnBlpsrtoCmBD; 

SnllMi, BAiles. 

iugTTu pi. part of tba aea where « 

souudlag'] Ilia wilt reach tba bottom. 

Sonf. Hdbp, n. liquid prepu-cd by tiolj- 

Bonr, sonr, a, arid ; Urt; crabbmi,— 

— add. Hoilr;— n. mraui. 
SoarM, "orH, n. origiu ; Hpclng ; tbal 

Qff. dtae: flaa. pAU. np; oil. o 

S; get. jet; kin. Bin: eblp. az<zblare. I 

pickled.— D.i. to'plckie; to plniiKe 
Into B liquid.— D.i. Is fall auddenljr 

medUte bxtweeo anutb una east. 
—a. Mith'tut, Hntliwrtmi, uatli' 

B«thorir,'«ntt'fr-ll, a. lying to»«rd>. 

Soithwkri. sonth'w^, auU'Td, adv. 

Sonth-wirt. -tra. Bonth-n 
Btith-nital;, eoutb-we 

v'ren, d. luprenieL limttDi 
DHrcb: gold colli of tweB 

nUa.— p.l. itwl;—p.p. Hind, Mmn. 
i.S|d, n. plww wltb»miQe™l ipring. 


betWMD the cnrra or in udi ud 

Ui« iDdoalnt! rlgtatuiglc. 
Bunflt, epuiK'itl, n. sidbII pbne nl 

Bhi^lDe metti.-v. I. to »t with 

spinglea. [Sp,lnj 

Bpuiud. Bpsn'j'^d, n. b natiia i>f| 
BpuitL ■pan'yel.n. Bfclndof em^lws. 

Sfuiih. spui'tBh, a. of, or pcrtiliiUig 
to, SpBlB. — a. the linguBge of Spain. 
Spuli^ spuigk, r.l. Co Blip (birplr. 
BpBnko, BDBugk'^r, n. >ner-BMI of B 

Spu, apiir. n. aroaiid beun.aiSTanl, 

BpBi, ii^T, n. > crjatalUne mlneraL 

Span, BpaJ", v.l. to litu frqeallj ; do 

-~c.t. tubefnigBl: furbear. 
Span, BpBt, a. frugal : HCuity : Inn : 

BHpertliioiiB.— B, ipanma. 
Spim-rli, apar'rib, n. ■ rib or port. 

U, gpBr'lTig. o. scanty; rnvtog.- 

BftA, Bpiirk, n. flery partielo Ihrown 

Ding bod; or light ; portion at 

Id. BpSrk'l, n. a amall 'apart: gu't- 
—v.i. to (brow off Bpu-ha: glitter. 

r, 'epSr'l.' a. incmaled with, m 

spreading pl*atat 
■pBTin. apBV'ln. n. Bwel 

SpviliMd, Bpav'lnd, 
SpimL i([An, B. egga 

d. lirm, ))ak, U1, vT^; serirs, e 

OttOl, Bpe'alii. 

witli « >peir. 
Srnnnilt. spir'nunt. 

ciflc— odD. ipwiiUr. 

«oUiit7> BpeBL-al'i'tlp n. qu^jty < 

it' a.' pertain [Dg to, or 
a remady «rhiob 

Id mentlou pac- 

i.' looking irell; 

IfMtulM, Bpak'Ui-kli, Kluaet tc 
■Brist thosiglit, [Inokpr-Dn.l 

jfiotator, spek-tl't^r. n. h beboLiler : | 
SfMtn. Bpok't^r. n. aa apparition; 
phsatom: ghoBt,— a. ipattnL 
paotrwiiipa, Hpbk'lrp-aii^, b. optical 


a. B^MtioMii^le, 

credllght fOT._. ., . . ..^ .. 

of ft beam of light by m«uu of a 

priam, frc — a. ipHtraL 
BvMSlu. ipek'jii-l^r. o. like a mirror; 

harlng sbiolog plates. 
HawIlU, apeklft-lat'. r.i.toconaiaer; 

tlieorlaei coojeotaro : deal Id with 

the eipQCtatloa dI tatnre profit.— n. 

SiMIlIltin. aiwk'ji-l^Hr, a. given to 
apeoolatlOTi; theoretical; laeal; ad- 

dicted, ur I 
PMdIMm, bp 



S|*i, aped, p.t. and p.p. of t* irMd. 
^Hth. apBfih, n. power of articulab 
utterance; language; oration; con 

SpaaaUaia, epfeh'tes, a, not apeakiog 

qiithlMily ;— n. •HNUNiMn, 
Bpiil apM, v.i. to^iaaten; fare; ano- 


. htat)'^ awift: 


laSinptit" " "' ''""' ''''' 
liBH>ook, ipel'in^-bdk, n. book fo 

t,Bpelt,n. aapocleaofgrain. 
tar, spel'tfr. n. ilnc. 

thrin, n. a prodlaal. 

Brarm-vkalg. ap£rin'i 

o( wbslo wbith inbahlla t( . 

Erhirii, -al. aferTk. -al. a. of. or tlks. 

Bphere; globular.— n. t/hwa'itj. 
B^amii. affi'rold, n. a body near 

Bpheridl.— o. Bphiroli'al. Isftr-). 
Bfkgmlt, aler'AI. n, a Uttlo aphere. 

o.pfiU, up; oil, o 

, at^a'^r-l, n. Bplcea la general. 
; thin. IM: gel. Jet; kin, atni chip, az(ih)nre. 

per lor llghl 
■^ >pil, ^.t. 

Bpin, "pln, ".'. 

A, apiu'Bj, n. agirSon vegettble. 
I, api'B^. a. pert4lning In the 
ue or backbonb- 
b, epto'dl. n. plu on which thr«Bd 

BfindUu, Bp 

gfinoU, ipl'rvU. iLabreatlilug-bole. 
(fcnl.«lS'rsl.a-lUie««pt"t wmaina 

nOr. ' '""*■ °« 

Bjlrit, apir'lt. n. soiil ; thinting pari 

1^-. TolaUl? Uqiild obUtuea br dlg- 
tillalion: micohol.— Tht Spirit, the 
Holy Ghost.— B.f. to inclta ; lo oon- 

tMriM, Bplr'it^d, a. fall of spirit. Are, 
orenergj; liTBly. 

Bfiiitlui, eplr'lt lea. a. wltbmit spirit; 
Bfiritn*!, aplr'it-yn^l. a.coDBlitlDg of, 

SplrituliH, apir'it-yfi al 

SpbltlfU. apir'lt yii-nB. a. of tbs na- 
ture or diatllled spirit; voUtUe. 

Bpiit, Hpnrt. See Spurt 

,, spl'ri. a 
, apit, n - 

ig like > spire 

hlcb DH 

Jit, tp.(. to eject from the month; 

ipit, iT-grudga,; uallce; hatreit. 
. to TBI; thwart; iujnre dhII- 
.. ily. it.»ili 

SpitatU, apit'fni. 

na; inalig-l 


m. aplt-ifca', n. » 'egael !• 

Bpiaah, aplaah, r.C to apatter with II 

Iquld.-R. ilqlOd or mnd tbroi 

111 Bu^thlrig. [obllqael] 

Bplij, apis. v.t. to alope ; throw oo 

Ijlliy-roited. 8pla'fut-?d, a, having tl 

SplBoi, splen, H. a apoDgr gland ; I 

^Indlt. spleu'did, a.'btiUiuit; ma 

; aplen'dor. 

. briUlancf ; Tnag- 

.. jtU, splen'Bt-tt. a. peeTlsh; 1 

roae.— adv. iplatt'iMllr. 
Splisi, epHs, V.I. to miitB Ey loterwt 

a. Rak. UI, ilfl: aertre. ebb, bir, mU^; I 

BDloHar, spliit'fr, c.i, to ipetk r»p 
■nil ludiatiocUy, — «. liurHed 

Bjiil, ipoil. n. ■nothing taJim bj ^ 

pillage.— c.f. lo plunder. 
Brail, opoU. n.l, to render wocthi 

Bpok^ apJk, f 

■pSk'n. p.p. of to ipe^ 
IML BpflbB'mjn. n. one 

BfokumuL B] 

BpolittisiL ■pd-U-i't 
do ring; plllags. 

BfOWtr, spnn'j^r. n. one wU" apongos; 

eUatic. — n. iptugiDWI. 
Bpooitl, Bpoo'BBl. a. per truing tomir- 

liat-D or * gpouiB. 
Bfiuu. •poii'aijt, n. a sncetj-; [^dfti- 

Ihsr or goilmotber. 

Spool, Bpdbl. n. iinaJl cyliudpr to wim 
SfOOn. BpcfbA. n- iiiBtciimBUl f"r snp 

plOB liqilillB. 

BpooD-Ull, Bpifb I'bll, n. ■ wMllng birr 

with a Bpooii-BhBped MIt. 
Spwnfid, Bpiibi'fdl. n. ms mucli u 

single luBlanoCB ; not geueral or epl- 
Bfwt, Bpilrt. i.(. to plHj; frolin; trifle. 

oDt color; email apico; place. 

BpotlBU, ipot'JCB, a. free Iroiu i 

pure.— n. ijotlauHH. 
apMtol, Bpot'ed. o. marked with e 
BpoiiHl, apouz'^l, n. maFriuge. 
8l*IK apoai, n. a huabaiid oc wife. 
BJlA, apout, n. projecting mouth Ufa 

TBMel; pipe for iilBoliarging,_p.(. 

to dUcLiarge forcibly, aa a llquiil, — 

Bfraia. apran, v.l. to atraln or nrench. 
Bprani, Bprang, pt, otU ipriof. 

tprau. Ibanch.j 

Bprig, Bptifl, rz. a gmaU Bboot or t«li;. 
SftitfM, aprlgd. a. embroidered nltb 

AgurcB like twigs. 
Bprightly, Bpitoly, epMni. o. splriteil; 

lively; brisk.-!.. aRifkUinta. 
Spring, spring, t.i. to bound ; leap ; 

sprain.— p.!. ipttBf or iprmg;— p.p. 

Spnic, a'pHng, n. a leap; recoil; elaa- 
tic body ; elaslldtj' : actlre pow- 

Bninga, aprln], n. a snare. — B.i. to 

cateb In a springe. 
8priB<-tid«, spriOR'tid, n. a high tide 

Bprtogy, aprinn'l, «• e'""^: »^vb: 

SprinUa, aprlukt, r,(, to scatter in 

8pra;,'8prit, n, spar net obUquely to 
Sprit], aprit. n. a spirit; giioat. 

Bfu, spau,]i.l. Hid p.p. of tofpis. 
Bpnu. apuDgk. n. decHjed woud tbi 
kiiidJeH leidll;: spirited dlspuj 

ttma. spuij. n- clHBB of plsuu witi 

milk; acrid iiticft. 
"" liml, «pfl'ri-u«, a. bast»rd : do 

n, Bpani. v4. to kick; rejri:! wit] 
eom. [ipura. 

jTtd, ipurd, a. fumlflbe'l witb 

□ rapid spinkiPB; talk n 

\tj. flpl. v-t. to dlacover. fw. \tj flh 
Bigbt or close obaervstiijn ; to 
apect accT^tiy. — c.i. to play tbe b 

gjHllM. apl'glja.n, aamsll teleacope. 
StuI, akwob, n. au unfledged pigeon. 

luktla, •kwob'i, B.!.' In diapnte; 

Belial, akwod, n. smaLI party of aol- 

Sfiu^bn, Bkwod'niti. n. a bedjr of cat- 

BiwUi afciml'ld, a, dirty throufib 
uaEleet ; Sltby ; abject. — n. ainalil- 

gquD, aiwW. \ i. te cry imidly.— n. a 
load cry; auddcnguat of wiud. 

ioa, sir. kdd. trm, ftak, Ul, tI^: s£v«r 



to spend l>T- 

angle: jnat: 

multiply by 


i. to form a 

HBat,Bkwut. I'.i.toaltoa tbebairaor 
Tieela : aettle ou uew laud without 

8qBaw,"^»ft?!i*Bnindlau woman. 
flfaaik, akwa. i.i. lo utter a »h»n, 
BbTin ccy or aouad.— n. a sbDit. 

^Hu' crj!^ a pralotj'ed.^lirili 

Stuamith, akwim'tata, a. slietitly 
aeatcd ; «>ally diagnated ; lij 

flmill, kkwll. «. 
wblch one sp. 

Snkt,' akwlnt. v.i. to look obUqndy; 
bave the eyea dlBlorted — o, aq aim- 
ing.— n. an oblique k»k; dietortt— 

Sliin. akwir. n, Bama as bnin.— i 

I ia DBSd in m 



a pointed 

»d: a 

m: et 


ildlng for he 


r, mak^; lea, liin; Mqt, oi. 


BtibUiic. Bti'bUng, n. bulldiDKi, oi u- 

tBiuted ; not freita ; trite.— ». AiIb- 

Btuk, aUk, n. l>rge piUof hsy, »Md, 

BtBla, itil, n. » deooy: lore. 

Ac; dostar of chlmaeis. — u.i. to 

Bulk. atuk. n. stem of a plant: atem. 

— i.i, to walk wltb long alow stridcB; 

8UB, fll*f, TV. » Blick c«>ri*cl (or iup- 

to pursiiB gsme by approacliing nu- 

portoruawstmon: vo\e: fl<fl Jlua 

der cover — c.(. to approncli covert- 

ud Epu»B on wUiob miuli: Is writ- 

8t^ "tal? n'dlvtaion of a Btable tor a 

aiugle animal; aWble: bencb on 

wbich BTtldea are cipoaed for ule: 



BU|h*«iid. utes'bouDd. n. large huuua 

to put oc keep lu a Bl^. 

aSEd lu hnnUng deer. 

BlaU-f»d, BlAI'tM, r.t. to feed in a 

atii™.iiti],«edpWtorm; th«- 

trci any place QfeiliibittoEi: part of 
> jouroey pecformod niUioul reat- 

BtalliBiL slal'ymi, n. a hotaa kept for 
breeSing. [atrong.l 

ing; degrt-e of progrOM : >Ugo- 

Blalarart, flt41'w»rl, a. brave ; bolf ; 


BtMBl. atam'e.>, «. p<rtlen-prod.«:iug 

organ of a flower. -j^. ttuunB. (Ua- 

"ss^r ■■"■•""■ "■ ■" *""' 

SUmmir, atam'«r, v.i'.'^to Nter In 

SUout, sUg'ovit, a. not flowins; 

dDll.-». (ta(iiut7. 

wilb tliB Co.Jt.- r 1. t(> strike wltb 

8U«ut^ stag'nit. !..<. to become atig- 

tbe sole of the foot: Inipreas with 

nuit: ceuo UowlDg; ceue being »c- 

some fignrc: Imprint; coin: form. 

livo: Browdul[.-«..Ugll4'tK.II. 

gUM, Btad, a. Btfadj-; Bobec; grave.— 

ur ticket Indlcstloe tbe paymaut of 


Btwn, alio. u.(. If. dye- tiogB: diacol- 

does; form; cbar^ter. *^ 

or: iully^ laruiBb ; disgrice.— n. 

Btamuli, Btatu-pSd'. n. auddei frigbt 

diasraoB. ' ' [pure.i 

BtolnltM. BtanlsB. a. free frnm bibId: 

Btuih, at^uob, v.L to check tbe flax 

Btolr, sUt. n. Bertes of atepa lor bb- 

of. aa bLood.— n. ttnaty : flrm— «. 


Btanahnau. [BupportlofiboamJ 

BtBituu. Bt^T'k&B. n. fligbt of stairs 

StuohiOB, atan'shun, n.aaf»y: prop; 


Stand. BiMid, o.i. to be autJonary: be 

erect or on tbe feet: b? In any stats 

post: poBt to wblcb poraona wera 

mtened to be tortured or borot; 

Bition i be a candidate.— TP.!. to en- 

mirtTrdnm: soTtblus pledged iu b 

dure: abide by: bold.- p.E. audp.p. 

w-gflr: pledge: Interest. - >.l. U 


fBslan or pierce wltb a Btake: mark 

Stacd. aland, n. a place for slandiDK on: 

[be boiiodB of vltb BCBkas : wager: 

Btopplng-place : realatance : stop: 
Btatinn: place for trade; small table. 


StalBitiU, B(»'lak'tlt. n. miDenl depoa- 

lled from dripping mtec, and baag- 

sign or banner.-a, of fl»Bd quality. 

ing l[k« an icicle.^. aUUntif la. 

(ormad on Ibe bottom of > cave by 

WBter dripping from the top. —a. 


Bl^^°ataSd^iih^d'leU(or holding 

8U1*, Blal. a. loo long kept : v.>pLd ; 

pens and ink. 

« try uTHnged accordUif td 
taila, eti'pl, n. Imporluit o 
dole of trade: fibre of wa 

Btulaui Htiir'Mrd. n. riglit-iiaud bIiIb 

r-<limped abell. 

8UA, Htiift, a. .tiff; lib 
ite: downriffbt.- 
.vtaollj: euUrel;. 

BUriinf, ■tiir'Ute, n. an 

Bprlng: bcglDDlug of motion; 


ikiTllng, a-baagr/: , 

Dlty. — & belonglnc to 
ttUi. Btit'ii. a. died: k 

— n. lUtaliiiHi. Idtsl; uconutl 

BtlUzDoit. Bldt'ment, fi.Du^tlon: »-| 
BUU-NOn. Btit'riftim, n. aleeptng 

BMUmui, Bt&ts'iuBTi, n. one Bkllted in 
alUBMEUrs or ttie art ol eavem- 

SUtuouihlr. BtBtB'in»n-eLlp, «. Bkill 

SUtlt. Btat'ik, a. perUluIng to Btsllca; 

EUtiiB, BlitibB, n. ecienca wtaich tmti 

of bndiri it reat. 
StoUon, Bti'ahno, n. plice wh*re sjwr- 

Bun or tbiPK Bhiuda ; post ; offlre : 

Stitiitiiil, >l>-tiB'<itB, coiiMUd 
iiicts and flgures oil uij subject. - 

■tatlaiicB.— n. lUtiitii. 
BMmj. Btat'ju-a-ri, o.actof cBrvlujt 

BUtiw, Btat'jfi, n. carred Imace, ap. 

atatMHU, alat-jfiBBli', a. like, or bdII- 

BtatHtM, stat-yA- ' 

L Ijelglil of 

BUtota, BtaCyit, ». a liw^ ptrniaiieut 

BtahiUUa, BtBfjftt »-W. B. iWoniufgl 
BtatnlatT, BUt'yd t^ri. a. enacted bjr 

Btauiuh. slJlDOb. See 

le pleo 

». air. add. Mm. gak, Ul, Tt*!; ttxtrt, abb. bir. mak^r: Ice. lUD; Odpr. 

BtuUut, B( 

BtMk,' atSk, 

BUalthr. eUlth'l, a. dona •Boretlj 
prlvKtPly; imperCBptible : aecre 


iron combined with a 

l»fio: prcoiploB—B. it 



I'twk or branTb of ■ fuully. 

SUiiHnphj, (teu-og'r^fl, n. tit of 

Btofltwiu, KteD-td'ri-^, a, Tpry loud 

0biv, Bt«p, n. k pjtco: email apace or 

Btor-eUld. Bt^p'clilid. n. cbil'l of oae'a 

Btip-tiUur. ■tep'fiUA'er. n, one wLo 
■toudi Id Ibe relatlau of h (BHiec 
IhrougU nMrrUge oDlj.—fiin. itep- 

Bteppe. itep, n, vut nacultlvated plBio 

tt-ttB, etep'SQa. n. • mule stcp-cLlld. 

—fim. aUp-dtichttr. 

"'"-'^-^i-Bk(lp, n,opti<al lii- 

StavAjit, sUr'e-p-tIp, n. aolA plile 

hEoq of type.— <E. pertBlnlng lo. or 
printed witb. sle™otipeH._»,(, to 

olypCBOf.^ 1-^. Keril'itr] 

OaiiBt. atiCl'lug. o- deiiotlog Eugllsii 

BtoiL Btiro, «. tbo hluder psM of 
Blifp.— n. Iili.d.?r: ift. 

itSr-Dyn-lft'Bliuu, n. ic 

Btertonrai, Bl4r'tor-n«, a. hreitbing 

bravilyorDulBlly; BnorlnR. 
Stit^HMpa. BletliVakop, n, sa iiielni- 

irlttiln Uie bunuu bod;. 

B, dbzat flac. pftll, npi 

I; set. Jet: kin. Bin; obtp. 


la Co Ig4d and noliKd 

iitUo liqnld.— n, a slRwed 
lou: worry: PejTlMltJ. 

Bttirudui. Bta'ard-ta. n. woman wlio 
attenda to ladTn ou shipboard. 

Btiok, aUk. b. rod or lirancli o( wood; 
— T.-oXto itsb; fli In; eaiiM lo 
ere,— o.i. to»dhBrB; teniatii fli- 

Stltkj, a 


— n. itickiiiMl. 
Stiff, atif. a. uiiben 

MMf,-^. (tub* 

BCIcma, Btig'ma, n. a ; 
■bgrau, itigiBata. 

Still, sUt. f>. Bpparatua lOr dielilUtie 

Bttngr. atln'Jf. . 
BtlnkTstiugk, n. 

nlRUBTdly ; arkri- 

. -- JBtve amelL-jiJ. 

rtuk or itonk;— P.P. itiiik. 
Btint-atlBt. c.f. tn Umll, up. to an la- 
snOlclencf.— n, limit; reitnUit: *l- 

Btipmd. Btl'pend, n. salary; wagM. 
Btip«ndi*rr. ati-pen'dl-e rl. a. retetTli 

BUp^l, Blipl, ».(. to palDt ot engn 
BtipDlati, Btlii'yfi'lat, r.i. to bargal 
gtipalatioa, Hlip-jn-lS'ahnn, n. co 


? i;;,™^o„ 

[s atitcbt 




■ ik-tookt 

BtmldbtL aiok'fieli. 

BtMkholdar, Btok'hold-?r. n. holdm of 

BtnUsE, Btok'lng. «, an Inner coTcr- 

BtMk-Jaliliing, Btok']ub-in;, n. (pecula- 
tion In Btocka.— r>. itook-JoMw. 
Btoeki,atokq,n.;irpub]]DtandB; lyaue 

ai«ek-iraL atok'atU. a. aUU aa ■ 'poet: 


Htiugi pain Mutely.— p.(. and p.p. preHaeBBUetTongamotlona.or lat 
Ice. §ir, add, Srm. oak, Ml, Hjl; aeTtn. ebb, bit, mlker; toe, Inn; Sdpr, o 


aietflrem to pl»Bar« or p»iB.-fl. 

gatber ur liynp in qoantilj: place 

•Uli, Mia^;->id,.,i,inaj;-n.^ 


atontow. Btflr'boBB. n. pl«e wbeie 

Stol.,BWl.«.« long robe. 

aMi,>tai,p.t. oftortuL 

e&tt. BWrtd, a. roLMd In Btorj or 

atadai, 9tol'a.)>.p. ofttltMj. 

blBturj; liavlug . blBtorj. 

BMii Btol'ld, a. aiupid; hmvj; >p>- 

8lerkj^8iark.^». a V«e ^^ 

thBtio.-7.. rtolii'ity. 

Btwnuh. .tflm'»l£. «, principal rrB.n 

ft lllg»ti»ll i:. « BUim»l: .ppotU-; 

■tonucb: brook;' emlurH. 

SUBHlut. Blfliu's eli?r. ti. an orn«- 

cilBturbsDce ; paa-^^l 

ment or gnppjrt fur tlio breHt. 

•or- b7 wotof^a. 

Bttmulik, .l(.-n«k'Ui. a. .trongth™- 

iDg tbe awnach; ildluE dtgeiitlaii. 

nise a lempeBt; bo in a r»ge; uaa 

stolen t Liiigntga. 

Btenny, sWrm'l, a. B«Itat»d by Btoima; 

pm: Bflodofaome fruit".— t (. 

tempeatuouB ; boisteioua. 

"°ofi &• "^^■^'^■'^t'"'''™^'' "■> 

"SS^Mhewa^at'om.''''' "' ™* """" 

Shm-fruit, sWD-ftflbl, ■.. ftiltl OOD- 


aim^. sUn'l. I tS^e " '.too«; full of 

sunt. bWy. n. appinitua cont^niag 

■toues; like ■ stoue; hBFd; obdu- 

nf,: O.B'l.-«. tbah,n>. 

Staft, stav. p.f. aud ji.p, of'la Mn. 


atow, Bt9, ..(. lo amnije; pack: All by 

StHd. it*l. rt. leiC without H bKk, tor 

packing; Blore. 

Btewage, ald'^J, n. act of Blowing; 

n^"!" BhS^^Vi. to bend tHo body for- 

room for Btowing. 

BtTkUnau, Htrs-biz'mua. r. a aguint. 
BMUb, Btrad'1. ^.i. to stand or walk 
»ltb ibe lesB wide aparl.-c.l. to be, 

down nn the wing— n. act of Btoop. 
iax: torwurd luclLuation. 


Strasik. atrsg'i, s.i. to wander: Btny; 


tion; to o^i^B >o, oi be i^, n end. 

StraiglD, 8traK'l?r. n, one who .trag- 

flon ot'motioa or ictioa ; ' punae : 


Stnifht. atrilt. 1. direct: not crooke.!; 

hole, or pl«™ for tbn flugor o;i ■ 

iu a riglit line; nprigbt.-odo. iin- 

punctuation. Iut truest. 1 
Sbir-<Mk. Btop'aak, n. Und of ipiEotl 

StnlcktBD, Btrat'D, ci. or v.i. to make, 
orXecomo, atraight. 

.UtB of belua "topped ; .nobstruo- 

**^ding lu i BtAlRht crintBe: ^up- 


right, [ateiy; fortbwitb.l 

BtoptK, atop'er Btipl^ aiopt. b. 

8t»tahtw»T, alrSt'wS, oi=. immedi-l 
taai, alrin, v.t. to atretch; eiert to 

bole.— «.l. to oloH with a ■topper. 

tbe ntmoBt: ln]iiie by □•erMaking; 

Stmg*, •tar'H. ». aot of k«plog In • 

store : ruom fcr itorlng; prloe of 

lentetiort: paaa tbrougb a fliler.— 

keeping in a store. 

n. act of Btraining; Injury from 

St«*. .«r. «, m qnantltT; slook; a 

Btralning: diviali^ of a nielod; : 

note; loiig. 

UT. dbze; Sie. pAII, op: oil, ont; thin, fh»; get. Jet: Mn. bIii: oblp. u(Eh)are. 1 


draw tigfat; pat 
•tnit-teMt. Mriiluat. a. jKed tl^bUf 

wiUl awa: riglil In opir'— 
tb^tij. Url t'li.adf. DU-ro' 
Wnri. Itrmnd, n. Bhore; bi 

tbt pmrlB r^iiDpDsiug ■ rr 

Bteujlt, itrin). a. inrrlgi 
lar. —■utc. •tniftir:— R. KraBftBua. 

r'Byfl-ll-tBa, n. 

Btnifli, etrauR'i 

BtnipiliM, B 

Btn^iutlDii, al _ 

■(It of strnueUnit; ■uffocitlon. 

Bt™»^, Btrap'lnB, a. large; tahr\ 
Stntegem, BlrBt'»-Jejn. n. a trick; i 

of movioR uid poating in »nii)'. 
ntagit, atn-tellk. a. perUiulug to 
ttrHegj.—ad'. ■tratuigtUr. 
— '•-, Bt«fl-ti, rTio form or bt- 

nmgs In l^ra.— h. itnti 

Etmt. atrtt. n. a payed way; road lii| 

Btnictk. strengtb. n. qaalltr of lirtiij 

aWung; power; «go( : solldlll; 

Btnafthn, atrepgtb'pn'. r.l. to raikt 

Stntahn, atrecb'^r. n. petann or ttaiog 

strlk'n. ] 
Btfist. Btrikt, a 

ig.— p.t (tmnd ;— p.p. . 
B. [furrowed, i 

. atnaked; miuntflll 

lower tbe flae: glvs op work to oom- 

p*l m locc«ae of wagM._p.(. u>d 

pbal, and ilB fruit. 

p-p itn»k.-n. art of attikiog fM 
higher wagej : dlrettion of KK» 

Stnr. atri. v.i, lo wandor; rore (V™i 

tbs way: liBvlate — a. waudsrlng; 


loat BTiimal. 

BtriUig, Btrlk'ioK. a. Imprearive; mt- 
pi^iuR; remarkable. 

ftnak.atrStL,n.alln8of™lot; atripa. 

Btriag.atring.f..aimallcord: ribbon 
tc, for tying; thlnga foniiecled by 
a string; aeriea.-t.(. to fOnriak 
with attinga; pnt onaatring.— p.t 

— i.(.tomapkw(lhat™kB. 

"sa.-"*"' "■ -"•"' ""■ 

ttnam. atrtm. n. » cnrreat of (laid: 
anything flowlnR or laa«ing : ten- 

BtSg^'^s^U^'a. haying BlriDga. 

Btrtagmt, atrlo'jent. a. binding Blrong- 

>r™Tl^i.^i,I'«ys°''.t"l'e1.'ln a 

ly; argent; eacUng.-n. .triBf«W. 

M», |non: looaaHbboo,] 

BtrtBgy, atriog'l. a. Bbrona; ropj; 

Hnuiin,stcem'9F,n.a1ong<)ag; pen-{ 


£<a, ale. add, Krm. a.k. Ul. ylfl: asTfra. tbb. bir. mtkfT! loa. Inn; Mpr.oi. 


to pull off ; deprive of a covertDtf 
mKk« luked or doHtltuCc; pjoudei 

Btrin atnp. «. nsrrow airtelon ot a 
diSereDt color: mtrk Inula by a 
luh: lilnwwitli a l»Blior rod.— tp.f 

■trjpei. [HtrlpEH. 

BtrlHd, Btrtp'ea. a. nurlied -wilb 
BtiijiiBK. BtHiflliig, n. a routh: lad. 

Btl«^ "trtfc. n. a bl«w : anddpii at 
tack; ™lamlt7; dash: touch: efforl 

SMI, alrtl. V.I. to wander 'on foot 

Rrwgli, ai 

7g1, ..i. to n 

Strrihii*, atrlklil-B. BbnbolB. •* 


take out tlis atiiba tram. 

abort and Iblck ; 

tmps of atraw left 

StaUr. Btnb'l, a. abonnding wit 
BtiMO, Blok'a, n. a kind of fine pluter; 

ftlUou, ata'dl-os. a. given to atndj; 

dlUgerit; carefiU. 
Btnlr, atnd'i, v.i. to apply tbe 

tiff, atuf, c.f. to preae la: crowd: I 
ftill; All with aeasonln?; flU out tl 
■kin.— !>.<. to ftod to eiceaa.— n. ni 
terlel: toitUa fUbrlca : wortlile 

MObc, atiiPlns. n.'tliat with wbicb 
tolti^, ■tol'tl'^i. ».(, to make a tx 

timU*, atnm'bl, v.i. to trip In walk 
lug: light on bf cluaos fi. a trli 

nubUuAlKk. atnur'bllng-Mn^ II 

atandliiR when tb* body la cnt down 
remalnlDR part oTa mntllatad Hmfa 

MutT, Btumpl. a, fnll of atumpa 
abort and Iblck. 

Mb. Btiin. V.I. to atnpefy: aalonlah. 
Stut, •tung. p.t. and ii.p, of t* iUdi. 

■; ship, at(i:b lure. 

for engr«vlng: mlddl. 


m.tni^ .%;?,■: 


.. o. n 

SaMiTUa. .nb-dl-vld', r.l 



HnWwt, snb-jekt'. i 

SoUHtiDii. ■ub-le'k'abiin. ». act of aiib- 
jKtlTTRi >tsCe of bctng Bubjoct or 


BbMhUti, mb-jBkt'lv. o. retalluK to 
ilieanl^sot: pertain Ihk to cunacious- 

BdiW BubODlD'. f.I. to add aftsr- 

BaUnnt*, anb'Ji-Bit. r.(, to bring un- 
oeT pawte i coiiqnerL eubiiuii.— n. 

BilduMSn, aub-Jouek-tlv. a. sobjolu- ""lubKrlW" 

A«, tir. add. tm, |ik. Ul. 11*1; agTlre. abb. b 

ifaUna, anb-Kin'. a. lofty ; nujeallc; 
BvakeDlDH ne. — n. a loltj' atyle; 
BublliDltT.— B.I. ta euJt: dignify: 

. >z, BBblanaiy, aub'- 

Ift-n^ri, a. partblr; Urreatrlal. 
-' '— Bubm^rtn', a. under, or 

BslHTitt, a 
or promlao to paj, by Blgnlpg tbh 

llTcred wbeupiibllBbcd. " 
Sobaerilat, anb-akrlb-er, ■- ooe » 

; mtk^; too. tnn; ddpr. OKt 

SsbMriftlML Bab4lirip'*liii:i. ii. let i 

Balntini iiit/ae-kwent. a. foLlonlDi; 

cvuning Bfwr.— n, ntMiiuiiei; 
BnbMtuntlr, sub'te-kwetit-l], adv. tl- 

fromttiereit: deduct. 

SnWon, «ub-s6rv', r.l. to Krva; pvo-l 

SgUiutiaa. aub-tnUi'ihiiii. n. set or 

nperallon ol Hublracting. 

Bsbtnrtin, sub-trmk'tif, o. tending to 


Biboldf ■nb-«Id'. 11,1. to getlle down ; 
BlDk: b«»m<i quial; decUue.— <i. 

ber to b; taken horn >notber. 

Bot^ir'-nb-'ta'l-S-n. o.'^^';| 

flihBik •ob'nrb, n. ngian on tlis oot- 
BkLrla of > olty.—a. ntiark'u. 

Sghddr, mtti-AK n. >ld Id money. 

dottroy.— rt. ■Bknr'^UL 


ing: miMmg or aappDrt; ll.elihood; 


pilab uiytlilD« ittempted: proaper. 

Bik)^ sab'BoU, n. soil Ijiuu imm«<ll- 

I'ah^l, a. having 

BUliataa'sIi^i. e 


UMttDtL aab'atl-tat, v.l. to pnt in 

(ler; no oMioaila' to. 
ttXailBf, anV[«T-ffl]. n. u *rtlBcB i 

ihtamuaui, anb-t^t-Cne-fn. Ntbrr 

Ibtfla, •ub'tll, a. fine; tbln ; tare 
■aluts.— n. rabtntr. 

T. dbu: flae. pftH np; oil, oat: tlil 

tabtU, aufl, a.rrirty; ciinnln 
rabfij;— n. labUMr.nkUaiui 

a. ain; cblp. u(ib|im. 

hfir, sdF^, ci. to undcrj-o: endnc 

permit g.i. to uDdfruo piln; bii 

Wn in««._n. nKnr. ['rnrtiirKl 
■uF$F-^bl, a. ttaM DIBIT b 

sftrldi:, ■uf^-lng, n. snytt 
Ii>csd; pulrt; kisB; Injiiiy. 

iflH, mf-ta', o.(. to mti"^.— 
«qnal to; bn euon^fta. 

■HWot, snt-tsh'ent. a. enoo 
quAta; competent. — 

ing BUfflcLent! onrapi 


BlbMilv suPEt-kit, ci, to choke Ire 
itopptng tbe l)te«tli; Blifle.— n. nt 
JmtJoiL |bl>bup,| 

BoSMcu. Barr«-efD. n. bu ii»l8taiit| 
B«ft■f^ turr^, n. B Totei voice, 
BnffUa. •nf-fui', «.(. to poor or spread 

Buu, Bbia'*'', n. Bweet aobataocB ob- 
Uined from tbe BURar-CBUo, niapte. 

'Sfi?»r-ltin, n, B cBua or 

Bifir^ilniB, ablg'tr-pliim, n, B ball or 

B™* '^"'■.'^'winll^^'i' offer 
fiitconBtfle»tion.— n. nggiiUtll. 

BuggsBaoD) Bffocdiog uultcr for 

iB, bS'I-bM. b. »elf-murfler: one 


lT-~n. BDlkinaB. — fl. b I 

BtXtMt, BDl'fld, Bolfkint, • 
fj-irel, n. componod of i 
vritb *n elementary Babat«nr 

BnlphnnBOB, Bul-fil'rB-ua, SnlphnnniB, 
Bi^liiiiia, Bul-fil'rik. a. pertBlniu] 

ulaiuiag, Hulplmr 
loltaa. Bul'tan. n. tbe n 
o( llie OttomBn empi 

[—41. iiiltriii«n.| 

"vhole of BDytbing; 
itltin tBkeo togetb- 

brief. or bb i 
rl. a. brief; 

e, July, A 

mmRMt, sum'er-Bet. n. leap In i 
mnlt, Bum'll, n. bigbest pclnl; 


ring eip 
♦■rl, a. r<* 

Sulnm, Bi 

a proJecUng pin or guo- 

II, vl»U BG^tra. Bbb. h£r. mlkfr; lee. lUD! M91. oz. 

lirgs yellow flDwaig. 
BnBg, aiinn p.i. wdp.p. o(t»«lin 
SEBk. auaek.p.l.m& p.p. ft in M 
BsBkn, auDgk'en, a. •uuli ; dee 

BulMl, DDn'le*, a. wltboat llui •< 

lU light; dirk. 
Builislit, .un'IK, B. llDtat of the »•. 
Built. mn'Ut. o. llHhted by the a 
Hrtiiii f, Buii'l, a. exposed to tb« i 

nw»; bright. 

I. n. flret appe.r»i 

BuHtNkt. ■no'BtrSk. n. e 

Hat. tap. v.t. to take Intt 
u ■ liquid.— I. <. to eil I 


n. npanUmn. 

"fm»ir or IllBinBlir)' by old «i6, 
SlftA, •i-pSrf. a. ptoud ; magulfl- 

eenl.— odu. npnUr. 
SnfoHrt*. la-Pfr-kSr'gS, n, offlcct on 

> iblp wbo biw oliitge or Uia cargo 

■nd of lU diipoul. 
■ipniliou, ■a-pfr-sll'1-tu. a. bingb. 

It: dladmlDtal— n, ni ~' 
Bnwtntaut, ""-Mf-*" 

fneDt In a superior degree- 

Saptnnntini. Bi-pfr-er-j-gi'i 

dsares — n. iiiptmseUaEiit. 
Bnpgrfloitl Ha-per.flBh'»l. a. perlsin- 

fng to, or onTthe siirtece; nhallov; 

•llghl.— (t*i^. nij«rtct»lly ;— n. TO»»r- 

Bafartoiea. lO-per-flsh'Sz, -pcr'fl-»Si. 

n. aarbcei onulde. 

idanoa; quaatlly mora tbiu is 

Bbpb4uu, ■d-p£r'fla-uB,d.mDietbau| 
Bnptrhonui, Hu-p^r-hd'mfn. a. slrava, 

[a. lylngonor.bove.| 
nperminDe, Ha-p^T-ln-dTlB', v.f. to 

npflrintflnd, Ba-p^r-in-teiid', «,(, to 
have orerBtgLl or eharga of.— n. n- 

IMn&l. Bn-p6r'na1, a. relating 
Hnpanitani, B4-p^r-n»t'j-fi-ral, 

BopMimnitrwi, •fl-p^r-na'm^-j-rl. 

Bapmnitg, sil-p«r-akr1b'. v.l. to writs 
OD tb* outBlde or top of.— n. njw 

innida. Bfl-pfr-iSd', n i. to dtaptaca: 
taka tbo place of; overmle. 

Mf. dbze: las. p&ll, up; oil. a 

: tbin. «W; get. Jot! Mn, alu: oblp. aa^Hiio, 



SapllMtnV. Bup'U-kf-tq-ii. a. 
biluJni! aoppllcstioD. 

Bsfp'T ™>>-1>'> "'<- to fltl np ; nim 
prJVlde. — fl. act of Bupplylng: 
whlc"! ts suppUed, or auppUi 

tmm TOp-p9rt'. ».». to gnsti 
"''~^ ^Lat Bnp]ioTt«; prop: ipai 

Sui«aUt, lup-pOB'j-bl. o. t 
Teaapp'sed. [Ime: 1 

BinaK wp-pai', a. to su 

BoniKiwn- snppfl-ilsh'nu, i 
■nppo«Li.,{: bTpotbEBlH : hbbi 
BlpMltitinu, anp-poz-l-tlsli 
Kudn>s-iUf antsUtuted; [ 
Ins: eparloaB. 

8«|™a.Bup^«i'. v.t 

- ''™t»,™up'y6-rtrfc'r...ti. 
ntiVi anp'yii-M-tlv, o 

BpnDUir, a 

Biir'aiii«-til, B. gIrUi paaeli 

corteln; abtotutelT oon- 

I7;— n. nraoMai 
Bintr.alidbr'tl.iLPertiilntj; teaalti 

8n^ flur^, fl, r^l of ihs wavea upoD 

BnliiB^ aur'f^. n. oatitde: oaUr tKa. 

ck^.— a. aat'letr ; ciceaa lu ollu^ 

or drinking. 
Song. Buij, f>. awcll of « great w»Te ; 

blllowi.— r.i. tarlae: aicdl. 
Boigm, Bur'Jon. n. oiia who prvtlsea 

Su(«T. aar'jfr-l. n. art of bMllDg b> 

BdcIbiI, anrOl-lfl. a. pcrtnliilDg to 

Bnrpliaii^ anfplls, n. vh 

bj clenwmen. 
ggrjlni, anr'plnB. n. o» 

b^ond Kbit U ncedt 
ggrjrlul, anr-prli'fl. 1 

lUTridBC, aar-prii'lng. a. eiclting 
BurprUa; woiidarfnf.— adti. ni^rii- 

WTOiiu. anr-reod'er, ».(._to yield; 

Oct of jlBlding or giving ooe'a aelf 

to another. 
amjHUtiii, snr-rep-tbili'oa. o. nndi 

buid ; done hy ateallh or fraad. 

ndi. BtfrnttKlmilr ;— n. nnntJUait- 

nai. (eg«t«,| 

tomfaU. Bnr'(^(r«. n. a dnpnty; ' " 
"-iRaiml, Bur-rouDd'. v.L to iDcki 

all Bldea; eaaompaaa. 

««. tlr. add. Inn. tf*. U1. <t«l; a^«m. ebb, h«r. ndk^; Ice. Inni Odgr. « 


Bwim, »wan, v. ■ ronng mmj peo* 

SwiUow, B»ol'u. K.f. to take Uirongb 

giilf; absorb. [blrd.l 

•"iisHr""' """'■' 

Bwillow, twol'fl. n, a imalL tc'oraloiT 


Bumyar,'pr. » cme who Bur- 

Bwimp, Bwomp, B. wet, spougj R™nria ; 

veje- »me»ureroflimd. 

guTtn, mr-ilv', ».(. to ontUvo.-r.i. 

to reoiaiii all™.- n. nrrtnL 

t veBBel. [»eb.6»led bird.) 

SvTirn, air-^y'i)T. n. one who oal- 

BwaiL swon. x. ■ Ur^e aud b'wilKul 
Bw^ Bwird, n. g™w7 ■urf.« of 
laoH; green tnrf. 

ItTH uioUier. [of a sacvlTor. 1 

BB-wiaii^ in. •ep'tl-bl. o. aixbto oi 

Bwum. Bw&rm, n. a cloatar of huecta. 

as beea: Ibroiifi.— u.i. to galhec u 

bees on laying the hive; acong; 

n. nwptiUl'ltJ. 


BoMtUn, .unep'ttv. o. cupable of 

Bwarthr, Bwir'thl, o, of a dark or 

tanA .M-pekt'. t-.i. to nK.tra>it: 

BwUh. »w&th, n. Udb of gta«, to., cat 

tmaglDelalMitDlIt;; coojectiin. 

dowiilnniowlog: svieepof aacjthe. 
Swltha, ewgU, v.t. to blpdirith aband 

Bu|a>4, -nupuid'. r.(. M bUR: ««» 

Wdepmd; dehr; aiiBe to «*ae foe 

or bfturtage.— n. a band or fl'let. 

• tinie. (™pand8,-pj. brun.l 

Bww. Bwir, v.f, to affirm, alUog God 

to witness : declare on oath : use 

profane langna«e.— o.i. to sdminls- 

ter SD oath to.— jv.t IWOM {older 

BjJlC"™"!^ol^W^i'''^k Kww 

through thepores of the Bt.n; per- 

_,.,<, to ««.le,«Bweat: eause t- 

gqnialoiu, uu-plab'nB, a. bnvlnir, or 
utowlng, snaplolon; llBblo to suBpl- 

Bwtaly, Bwetl, a. mot.t with eweat. 

aw<d«, e»M, n. a native of Sweden. 

Bwellih. swM'iBb, a. pertalaln« to 

Sweden,— H, Ungniwe of Sweden. 

flDBplcloua muner. 

Svh;. swsp, i.(, to rnb over ot bruBh, 

8ut^ ™-tin'. B.*. to b™; endnn: 

aa'^^th abToomorbriuh: axwr; 

off gl utroke ; rloaraway: Are shot 

over or along: pasH rapidly over,- 
tt.>, to pasB Bwlflly; pasawltjpomp. 

— p.(. and p.ji. (wtjrt, — n- »ol of 
sweeping: range of aoytblna In mo- 

ftitlir, .of^r. ». ouo who MIowb so 

BTmr uid sella provlBintiq, tc. 


Bwri, Bwob. n. mnp fnr wmIiJqb decks. 

w^ tlia winner takes '^1 the 

stakesi sum of the eUkcB ho taken. 

4c._B (. to wipe wllh ft sw»b. 

BwMt. Bwit. a. pleaeant ti lb» lastei 

Bnddle, swod'l, r (. to BwWhe or bind 

taatliig likeanmr: agrecBbio toany 

tiKbt with clolbM, u mi imUnt. 

sense; not sour or pntrld; not salt: 

Bntgn, BwW^r. r.l. to braj; doIbIIj; 

behave or more in ■ boutCid mau- 

Sanoi.-^'. t^-^-T^m^ 

flir. dOte; tae, pfiU. np; c^, onti Ibin, M«; gfrt. jet: Uo. gin; ship, mz(ih)nrs. | 

.'Ding, ft. BomeUilni 
SwMUiMrt. ■n^t'lurt, n, b lover; be 

he»ve; ditalp; grow 



rit'brad, «. the puoHii 

ue in bulk oi 

I. ptotDbenwce ; 

irindlt^Bwla'd]^ todefTHii'l; chrat. 

lwiod!«r. iPlg: pigs colleotlTelr. 
Swing, iwln. ii.rtup. Mirt jil. $, hog ;| 
' ' ' ', ■win'b£rd, n. a keeper of 

vtaiil; bcuidlali. — p.t. i 
IWUK.— "■ »st of BwinglDj 

flwucn. Bwli^. 

Swingli-t™, I 


-tN, Siiigle-lm, 

Svin, Bwlg, a, of SwltKCFlADd. — r. ■ 
nsllve, or the nitiveH of. gwlWer- 
liiod; iHigiiage of tbe Swua. 

lug flt. 

— u.'l. lo eelze by .woopi 

OjiWOnplng; ■HillDg.B 

BwntaMB, lardz'niui, n. nun Bkllled 

la lulng tbe eword. 
Strut, mwoi.p.l. of Umu. . 

n EngliBt 

Itb IToIt 

Byeojhiiier, allV*""'. "- "cnrtlity- 

ByeopfciiBt, Bik'fl-fBBt, «. * servile Bal- 

lerpr. — a. iTeopunfH. 
SrUibiMtian, Bll-a-hi-kS'uhnii. *. for- 

Bylliliiy, ail-^'l-ft. •.(. to form Into 

SyllslRib, e<I>bnb. See BDIihb. 
Hj-llibni. Bil'a-bHB. n. «n sbBlmcl. 
fljUoginn. Bil'ij-Jinn. n. form of irga- 
ment coDrilBtiiie of two propneltloDB 

which MlowB from them, died the 
conchiBloii.— a. iTllfcifCit : — ode. 
ijlIiigiit'le&UT. 1 fKbltlng the >tr. 

Sylph, »t!r, n. ail IiubbIuu? being iu-| 

Bylivi. Bil'v»n, SeeSilras. 

Hjniliol, Bliu'bpl, B. atgo; cmhleoi ; 


BymiMtrJ, «lni'6-tri. n. due proportion 

ol puts to SMh other m tho wIioIf. 

—a, ■jnuut'rio, tfinmit'iiiiil ; — ado. 

SrmpttbrtH Dim-p^-Uiet'lk. n. /eellns 

Byinpattiy; produced b^ aympittUy- 

— lulci. If mnthMlMllr. 
SjBIttkiH. -llfc Blm'pj-thli, i..i. to 

havA lympath;; be ueded witb. or 

by, ■uotber. 
8y»Httj, »lro'p*-lht. ^^""8 "^t^; 

compafliloo : capacity of bc4DK at' 

(fecled by the condition of flttother. 

tjmtluaj. ilm'ffl-Ql. n, hmrmouy ol 

full bmnd.— o. iTBfWDlinil. 
fifmptazn. elm'Eum. n. an IndLcalioa 

— a- ■TmTtaut'ia. 
BjumnA, ma-er'e-tta. n. tbe contnc- 

gjUTOi". •In't-gog. n- « Jewisb pUce 

Sru^OBli, Bln'hro-D»l. StbbIiii 

BruhToallm. Bio'krp-nizrn, n. eoucnr- 

STDOijite, iin'lip-pil. o.l. to contract, 
or uaite, by Byncopa. — n. ajiuo- 

STsaapa, alnta-pe. n. omiaaioii of let- 
tenfrom tbe mlddte ot ■ word ^ a 

Bjsod, ain'pd, n. an SMleaiastlcal ooun- 
cil ; comeutiou. — <i. ifiul'la, lyi- 

ByBOBT"'. Blii'Q-Eini. n. a word haying 

I'L-ml. a. qnallty of 

SjnaHit, a 

nuitical conetruotloo— a, ifiUatle; 
— o^Jei. lyntae'tiaaUT, 
SratbHll, aiD'the-ala. n. comiwaltloD 

ode. BTithM'ki 
nhoi, bV'— 


. ijectlng or ^eouog 
C.I. to throw a Uquid In or 

.ttal. sie-tem-Kt'lk, 


broafl In the deaert: aujr holy pL»oe. 

T«U»tnr», tab-la-iynr, n. palntlns 

Tdb. taT)]. n. an article ol hirnl 
conalsting ot a Sat top on >egB 

with an InicrtpMon: a aynopaia or 

into a table: lay on tbe Uble <i, ( 

T^l'M^'tab^'.™. ™ctnre; group lil 

. , . '"^l-tand, n. eleiated 111 

.__J: platei 
T»M«t, tab'lel 


llacli ■ll«bt]T : 

n-lit. t.t, to uruga ii 
., Bileut; Implied.— ado 

TmUIu. bik'liPii. 
Tut, t^t. a. nice 
Tutiolu, tnk-tliili' 

TuUtt, tik'tikB. I 
troops or Blilpi 
msnaelDg them 


ilBing benvy welgblB 
i—c.t. tobarneBi: isk 

a. tbM in 

id'pai, B. youug taml ur (rog 
T^i, TifoU, tkPrel. n.niltbouts 


tbiiig atUibed 

.n; bsug to 
Tlil, tal, n. h 

It prolnngstino of ■ 
mything ]!V 

ctj cocmpt I 

Tally. M-i. n. ucount k<pi 
BDytbiug tbBt nstcbes luc 

Talmud, taJ'mud, n. the Indy 
brew U-B, witb Bibbluit'a 
meuts. As — a. tlbnn'tli. 

TlloB, l»l'Dii,B. ol»wof « bird . 

T^Ala. Mm'^bl, a. tbat i 

TiiMtini. t»m'J-rlnd, n, su E 
TMoUoiim, t*m bpr-Eij', n, > . 

TiBJ. »nii 

ud pKk ligbt. 
» meddle ; u- 

eeption: plaae. 
TikiBf. tHk'lug. a. 
Tiis,Ulk. n. sBolli 

Taltnt,™ v™t,T«o iIS^°«"W8lg 

Tu(, taaK. «. B BtroDg or pecuUar 
Tbue, taug, n. pro.iectiuR part of u;- 

TlilgiUt, t»Q'ji-bl. o. psrceptiblB by 

a. ssk, Ul. Tl^: B^vire, ebb, hit, mUkfti lea, iDii; C 

C>: Ubl'e 01 
Wiiiak tic'uJBh. « 

1»t: lemim. 

Cwt. tin, D. I 

TmUoImi, ti-lol'p-jl, 1. needleBB rop- 

elitiou at wotin or iHw.-a. Usto- 

1h'I«. UdUIoc'ImI 1 ~ oil:', toitolorl- 

T«»m»,' Uv'ero, n. piibllc home (or 

T»w. ti. r.i. lo drcBs. m Bkliis. liito 

gBii^.— nde. Uwirily; — n. tiirtii- 
T»iniT. li'ol.n, of ayellnwUli brow 

!: aae,; oil. ont; tbla.tAe; get, jet: kla, «lii; cbip, az<zb)iit 


Inoh, tccb, r.l li) [{Lve knowiertgp to 

tncht. (taiigiit; docile.! 

Tuthn, Mo&'er, n. ouo wlio tciches ; 

mu iuBKiictur. 
Tnk, tSk. n. «i But ludlan tree, uid 

Two, tel. n. ■ •nimll y/tter-tniil'. 

T««Brttr, tSm'Bl^r, n. oiie wha drives ] 
Tu-jot, tS'pot. lii teasel fmm whicii 

la ia poured tftmn tbe eje. I 

T««, Mr. n. > diop ot tlio cleir fluid | 
T««r, tftP. r.l. to part Muiidcr vloleol. 

Ij; reiidi laceratB.— p.(. In nrnve oi 

TMifi^' tifm, < 


TMbiW lek'ul-kfi; a.'peitainl-. 

pecDtiU' to. wif art or cnfi. 

TMtmiu. tek'aiki. doctrine of 

iHhMliigT, tek.noro-Ji. n. it treatiio 
on arli : eiplsnifinn 0/ tprma er 
procBBBPB eraplojai In arta.-tMh- 
■oltg'le. twliBiilw'loal- 

TMby. Trtnlur, teuii'l. a. pceviah: 
tmij; eaailj Bffrontofl. 

bymn beginning, Tt Drum loinlo- 

to bring rorlh; b« fruit- 

Tdifnpb, tPl'D-gr»t. n. apprntnn for 
cominnolutlng luUUigeuce npidly 

eloctrtdtr or BlgniUB.— a. MagaA'- 
Id.— c.(. 10 mnoHiioe bj telegrupB. 
Ttltgflplir, tel-eg'rt-fl. n. art of eon- 

TalMHfg, lel'e-ikSp, n. op- 
log objects n M dlHlanee^ J^r 
— a. I^wp'lo;— odD. tds- XsL, 

ta effeci.-p.l. and p p. Ull 
T«ll«.t«l'*lio tells or ccnula: 

TdrtiltT tsl'til, B. B^ offloionB In- 

Bmriti, le-mer'i-tf, a. raibnesa; dar- 
ing ; ioolbardi neas. 
UD|<r, tem'p«r, g.i, b> mic lu dne 

EropMtion ; moillfjr; mods rate ; 
Tinff to a proper degree of bard- 
Deea.— n. due luiitaie ; state of * 

Tamparata, tem'p^r-^t, □. moderate ; 
absteralons; calm.— ailc. t«mp«t«MI». 
miMmtiir*, teni'per-»-iar. a. sute 
vtrtb regard to best or cold. 

TMnplar, tom'plir. n. one of an order 
of^ milltu')' moDkB founded In tbe 

Ll.KriD, ■■k,Ul.TI«l^ Bgt^ 

TBrmiiialocy, thT-i 

it, dote; use, pftU, op; oil. out: thlD, IM; get, Jet; kla.ilui chip, u<ili|aie. 


t!^ tsD'rmd, a. leu lime, u g 
Tow*, (en'ia, n. guue played i 

TaoB. teii'OQ, n, end of ■ piece o( wood 
port; bl^best adult Dule volt 

B.f. lo cover witU teDta; prube. 
Tratuk, teDt'9-U, n. feeler of ui 

•Oct. to. Iperlmeaul.! 

Imtttln, ten't^tir, a. tr^lug ; ei-| 
Twttr, teo'cer. n. tiune witb books 

ter Hlretoblog cloth, 
Tuth, tentb, a. ueit mfter tbe [ 

Tuthlf, teotli'll. odD. lu the 

Tefttutks. lep-B lU'sliiin. i 



Tom. tirm. n, ■ I 

..iwliog dispMltliD. 

Tenucuit, tir'm^-g^t. n, ibnwUng, 

ol-n^-bl, a. tbat m 

.-n^, a. eudlug: per- 

Tarmlutl, tii'ml-Dit, it. to i 


TarniBU, tir'ml-nui, n. a boundary; 

Tarn, l*rn. a. a kind of water-fowl. 
lanary, tir'n* rl, a. ppoi*edlng by, 

Tairaa^ ter'»a. i, ndsed level bank: 
flat roof of a hou»a.— B.t. to lurm 

Ttora-Mttk, tcr-rB-kot'is. n. kind of 

Unntii. ter'».pln. n. small Llud of 
TaniliNU. ter-»1iwg-us. o, gonstat- 
Ing Of laud and water. 

Tirrartiial, ter-ea'tH^I, a. perlaining 

lEe^li"''^ ""^^ «P"-ntlng 

TmUda, ter-i-bl. a. frigbtlbl : awful ; 

Twii^. tef 1-fl. v.t. to flU with terror; 
TwrtlOTy, ter'i-t9-ri. n. tract of laud; 

TuMrlm. ter-pr-lzm. ». state of ler- 

TlTM, lira, a. compact: couclae.— ».| 

oiyama every alternate day, 
lartluT. ter'ah^ri. n. of tlie third or- 

Tl^°ta^'tt?el.™'».i. m form with 
small ■quares; inlay with checkered 
work.-n. koaUlira. 

TMt, teat, n. a neaael In which nietala 
■re asBByBd : any critical trial : stand- 
ard : proof— r.(. to put to proof; 
try by a standard. 

TaitMiiaDt, les't,.menl, n. a will: one 

Blb'le^ '"" ^"" 

IwlMBMltary, teB-t^.menfg-ri. a. per- 
talalufl to a will ; bequeathed or 
done by will. 

TtMator. tea-t4'tflr, n. one who leavea 
a will.-fti». ttitatrii. 

Utatar. tea't^r. n. flat covering or can- 
opy over a bed. 

•tiMtT, lea'tl-11, «.(. to bear witness; 

make a aolemu cbarge or declaim- 
tion.-r.(. to bear wituesa to ; de- 
clare solemnly. 

Tvtniicaul. tea-li-ma'nl-al, a. contain- 
ing testimony.— n.a certificate bear- 
ing teallmony to cbaricter. guallfl- 
catioDs. Ac: gift to testify esteem 
or regard. (proof 1 

TtMnuay, lea'tl-m(.-Dl. b. evidence; 

TutT, lea'ti, a. peeviah; Irritable— 

Msky. lecli'l. a. irritable; touchy. 

TMhar, teU'«r, n. a rope or chain for 

™£,?-^teth« K«.;in'" *" 
Tatnvm, tefi^-gflu. «,' a Bgure with 

TatTKrt. tet'rark. n. ruler of the fonrth 

rar-ki, n. ofilce or jurladlcilou of * 

tetmrcb. [aklu. 

TMtti, tet'^r, n. an eruption ou tbel 

TratMll^ tii-ton'ik, a. pertain (ng to 

the fentons or Gennaiia.— il the 

Tart, t,*st, n. orlglnai words of an an. 

paaaage of Scripture. 
TtW-fcook, tekattak. n. a bonk of lead- 
lion, [iu writing.! 
TaiUla, teka'til, a. wrought by vett- 
VOMl teiM'?il-»l,T™rtainlng to, 
Ttltaally, tekst'i'fi-sl-i, a. according 
TartBra.*tefc«t'ynr. n.anythlng woven; 

Bon with greater or less. 

Thank, tliangk, r.f. to eipresB gratl- 
TlLrfo^'thangi'fuL a. full of thatika: 

ThukW tbsngMea. a. not thankful : 
not repaid with thanka. 

iee, air, *ad, irm. ask, ill, vl»l; s^vire. ebb, bftc, tn»k?r[ loe. Um: Mor. W, | 


Thinks, lL»qgks,, eipreMion of 

Th«rrti-, -al, tbi-o-rel'ik. -il. a. be- 


longini! to tbeory; uol praclii*! ; 

ipecal.tlve.^«i». ttawrt'-aU,. 

kIviur tbBuks: publlusipceBiloa of 

TiMriM, -to. IhS'p-riz, t..i. lo lUrma 


Iheury; apecnlalB. 

Ttat, "-t, p™«. lortlcatiiig B pemoD 

Th»«riit, tbe'o-rUt, n. one who theo- 

or Ibiog prsYloutlj meutioEeO. ot 

risBii or Lg glveu to theory. 

more iiHnot.— pi. thw: as rsl.. 

ThMry. IhS'ij-ri, n. eiplaiiatloo oc njit- 

TluUfc. tb«b. V.L to cover, u > roof. 

eipoaltion ol •balract prlnctplea: 

wUb" itnw. fto.-«. coTorlna of 

Ing^o the bealiSK «rl. 

!pi».Tlia°'i.<. or r.f. la melt u ica 

or snoB— n. tlie melUDg of Ice or 

Tbarapntiiia, tb«-»-va'tl*». n. that 

branch of medicine wtalcli treats uf 

Ttt. IM. tte, dtjini-l* article. deDOtlug 
> psrtloufer perKHi or (bine. 

Tli.r^<ft8r.nd.. in that place. Is also 

TkutI*. tb*>^^, ». > pines for p»b. 

"e'l.b" ^° "'*'^"' """^ ■"" ""* 

ThMWl, -U, tb«-.l'ril.. -.1, a. pertai.^- 

Thtnabnt, l*st'»-bont, odn. near that 

iDg to, or bebttlug, a tbeatro or 

pl«B. number, or degree. 

motors.— a^«. tktatrinJlT- 

iqurealtH. Uigr-ftf l^r, odr. after that. 

ThMtrtttU. tha.»iTi.|.»li. „.pl. dra- 

Tlutaat, «sr-at'. aUn. at that place; on 

DMtlc pecfjruiiuces. 

^"bi.C"' «^'af »;»z'. "' "^ 

Tkma»r, ttar-bi'. adr.bytbal: ineoii- 
IkaMTim. (fer'ror. odT-. fOr this ot tlmt 

Illil, (Agr, a.' pron. of. or belongiug 

Tliarun, Uar-ln', ode. In this or that; 

to. tbem. 

TWm, «8f^ ». P"". of tb^™- , , 

Tli.r»t (ftsr-oV, ad-', of tbU or that: 

Thdim. lus'izni, n. bsUef m tl.0 «lBt- 

of it. [onil. 

ThBTHHi, Msr-oti', odD. on this or that: 

ni.reiipon,'l*»r.up-ou', odi-. upon, or 

.Gh.d.-4.tb«W'it [thor.l 

Tkim, (Aaio, pron. ob)ectHo cue •>l\ 

Thuu, tb*ni. ». »uW«" or topic of dis- 

wllt-kl. adV. with this or that; with 

It, [heat; warm.! 

TbgDHlTM, Wem-Baiv»'. pron.. pi. of 

Thermal, tber'mal, a. pertainiOE to| 

bimidf. htndt, u>d itHlf. 

Themennter, lher-mom'e-1«r, n. »n"lii- 

Tkn. ttsti, ad", .t Ibat lime ; after- 

•Kd.-eonj.iiiUiBt™3a; Iberelore. 

teiupersture.— a. thinnmat'ric, a«r- 

Tbut. HsoB, odi-. rrom that place or 

imnn.t'riMl;-od.., thumamrt'rtaallr. 

tims: from tbtt cause. 

The>»iinii, tha-air'us, n, a treasurji 

ml, M*ntfor'«»rd. «dt. froiu tbat 

Tl^T^f^P""" A™' twH,' 

lime forth or forward. 

ThMll. thfi'ela, », an e«ia7 on any sub- 

JecF: literary or eclenll&ceiereiee. 

Thev.tha, n. muscle: brawn; aluew; 

tb«en»f It tnaed in anrveyiog. 1 



oc girth: denW: not clear: elosely 

ThsalHiaii. thS-(..|fl'ji-.n. n. oae v«raed 
tu tfipoWny: a divine. 

IIhW, ibS.ol'p.]l. B. adence treat- 
IDR of Ood aod bis r«]alloii to man. 

get : numeroua.-od.. closely ; In 
Qukk ancccealou; to a great depth. 

-O. tbMtlTH, tlHOlQ(-»tl;-°d»' U»- 

-ad'. tUeUj-.-n- tikkmu. 

olH'laiJlT. |to bo proved. I 
nwmmTtbe'e-rem. n. a propOBitlon] 

TOgkan, thlk?. e.t. or t.i. to make, or 
becoSie. thick. 

AS. dbM: au. pUI. vp-. oil. ont: tbin, US; get, ]et; Ud. dnt chip, ai<ih)an. 1 


TharmfHiii, thur'o-bfta, n. In »«&. 
a bau running through a piece: 


ThMk-M thJKet, a. dOMly pUnted. 

ThK tbit, H. ous who ■le*l«. —pi. 

leclly bred; of the pureit breedl 





ThtaiUt, tlitm'bl. n. s niEUl «p to pro- 

tocCtne fluRsrlii sewlug. 
Hill, thio, a. li«vlng Utile thicknpan: 

In poetry.) rnotwittaaUuding.! 
ThDDCh, MS. «>T^'. adroltting! even if; 
Thoo^ thfil. p.t. and p.p. of to tUiik^ 

slender; lun; &n«; notclMe; Bot- 

-n. reeaonlng ; reflection : medit>- 

terBd.-oJB. not thickly or cloieiy. 

tlon; an idea; consideratian ; opla- 

-aJ". thklj:-". thiim«. 

ThiM, thla, pron. belonglPK to tbee: 

ThnuMfal, thltm a. to 

thy. [,ve..t; action; fattJ 

thought; tngaged in IhinkhiRi 

■1d«: m«dlt5te: Judge; hold iiu 

coneideratB; coulempJaHve.- aJc. 

ThiragSuta^ 'tumes. o. witbont 

coMldor; l»llav8.-p.l. «id p.p. 



ThW, third, a. next .«« tb* woond. 

Thooaand, lhom:'»nd. o. or n. ten bun. 

Ihntud-f*U. thouz'*nd~rald, a. mnl- 

or three, or of four. ■emltoD«a in 

tlplicd by > thousand. 

niDgtc. iplBce.l 

Thrall, thru, », a slave : bondman : 

ThMlr, thSrd'li, adu. la tbs third 

Thirtt, VbitBt, n. de«i™ (or driok: ve- 

Tli^oJi. \h«lJo^ TSl'dpm,*^! 

hemeut desire.— r.i. to fuel thirst: 

Thnuh, thrash, «.(. to beat gralu num. 

toloDg. Ipsrched: dry. 

TUrrtj, thirst't. n. desiring drink ;] 

TlSi1h«d. n. tL^TwieWd lliie or 

Thirttm, thir'ien. a. ind n. three uid 

cord of sny substance; Dlameot: 

T^fTird. thlrt».UL 

spiral ridRG on a screir: contlDDlty 
of thonght.-r,(. to pass ■ tbre^a 

Thirty, tbActl. a. »nd n. three timrs 

through; iiass thniugh. 

T^ Mli. pron. deuotlng » perwrn or 
thing oeu' in place or time. —pi. 

Thrstltan, tbred-bgr". a. worn to tiM 
thrnds, as doth; worn oat; back- 

thai. [plante 1 

ThDUt, thl.1, ». > geniiB of pcicHyl 
TUrtlr. tbiCH. a. Ske ■ tbiitie; 


— r.i. to Ihrealeo. [aw.l 

Thithn, WilA'fr. odj. to that plsee; to 

TwS!.*g^"h^'n:ing' Ii,^iat™'i 

TUthirwut. «i(l.'er-w,rd, ode. to- 

or conveying a threat; ominon* of 

nrd that place. 

ill; impending. 

Tknc, thonn. "■ a atnp or strap of 
waSorleather. m'ie.j 

Tim. thre. a. and n. two and one. 
ThtMfsW, IhrS'Bld. a. multiplied b/ 

Tkou. thfl-r^. B. thfl cheet.-a, tho-| 

three; comisting oflbree: triple. 

Than, thftm. n. eh.rp spluo on a 

Threnly. thri'pU. a. having thnw 

plant; aplant having thnmi. 
nomr, thiru'l. o. full at ibornB : har. 

pUeeorfoldH. [twenty; siity.l 

ThrssHurs, thra'.kOr. a. and n. thrioel 


IhMSh, thresh. ».l. or r.i. to thnsh. 

Thmngh. thur'fl, o. paiting throiiEh: 

■nShiW, ibreeh-Old. n. sill of. door; 

complete . ~ad n.tharguhlr;— B.tior- 

door; place or point ot entering. 

Tbmr, thrdb,p.e.ortotlu*w. 

»ee,>lr,adfl.Rnii,(|.k.*n,Tt,l; aertre. ebb.hir.miker; to., tonj Mpr, ot [ 


TbtiftT, IhcUl'l, a, showing lb] 
thrMng; traatl; profperuuB.— 
Ikiiftilji-'n. thiiltllMU. 

nriviM, Uirtv'lbg. a. prmperouB ; 

TkraU, ttardt.'n. forB-psrt af tbe neck; 

eatniace; nimnr part of inytliijR. 
Thnt, UiMb. r.i. lo IhbI ilroDKlT. u 

tbe bfvrt ; to pulflftta.— n. m strong; 

Tlmi), Itiri, n' psLn; ifrooy; spiwm. 



Th»tU^ tSrot'r. », the throat or ■ 
pipe.— D.(. fo choke tiy preuing 
in Dd pipe; suffocate. 

TkniuB, tbrdb. prjt- from md to 
oT^ fti>i]i 41^ to Bide ot: over 

p.t. Uinw;— p.p. Umwn.— 1 
Thnua. tbniDi. n. »a<t a 

TbnilL thr 

' e11:"w''di«iri;r'S 

onl nolalij o[ terribly, 
Ttmndubolt, thun'der-bdlt. n. a de- 

atructlve flub of liihtulng. 
Tbimimrtnwt tbau'd?r-»lrut. a, «- 

nmradiy. tbori'dl. n. flttli dey of tbe 

Thu, ihtui. adir. to ; In this or tbit 

Thwuk. tbwkk, r.l. to belt, flog — it. 

ThJiK, lAi-eell'. prrm. tbou or thee in 
ntn, u4^ n. ■ Prrwlau diadem : 

Tkt "k, n. ■ smalt blnodsOofciDB Ij 
Tick. tik. r,>. to mike ■ loaud like tl 

Tiek, ttk, TilUll*, tik'lu 
put: dntbolwblcbil 

eUyuCctfld: not I 


Tit, a. V.I. tnliuteD with H cord; fiut- 

Tiir, m. n, one of several rows, ohe] 
Timt, ten. n. a caek holdlog 12 gal. 

TlftBjj lii'¥-nl. n. kind or thin Hiik. 

.jf t'ha «l'w"d'-/™*'ti^MM. "" "" 

Tilht, Ht, o. close ; compii:! ; firmly 

a™wn; flrm: not leaky.— Bin. Oiht- 

Iji— n. tuttllMi. [twconiB tlEit.l 

TifUu, tmi. r.l. or v.i. to nmke or 

1^ til. II. plate ol baked clay for cov 

Till, hi. prp. to the Ume of.— odr. it 

nn, til. r (. to cn]tlvat«. HBraDd. 
W1»B«, lll'«], n. hinbanilry; »grlcnl 

imer wblcb &lle l>y Ito o 


T, tlra'b^r. n, wood for balldl: 

Time-keepn, tim'li^p-fr 

times — a. tulM-MITiiig. 
ally alarmed.— idc. tinii 
idnaii. timid'Hr. 


i: Jiugle.- 

TuL tin. n. a nblte nml 

TiBrtnie, Hugl'yiir. n. tl 

nndic, ltn-d?r. n. aoraeli 
kind Ling at a spark; cl 

TinlOiL tlnYoU. n. tbin lea 
TiBtt, tluj, «.!. to color; 
a tint to ~n. a lUgb 

Tlnd*, ting'gl. i.l. lo teefa tin 
TiBttr, liugk'^r. it. a mender i 

TiIlkl^ ting'kl. r. 
Bbatp, rtnging g. 
ebarp ringing to 

Ttaiel,' lln'Ml, n. striire^ot".;^^ 

rinaci; gandy. — r.i. to adom vith 

TfDt. tint. B. a allBb t coloring ; HnR«- 

TlB7, «■"!. a- w 

Tip, tip, n. tlie f- , — - 

o.i. to form a tip to; coyer tbe tip of. 
•ami. Up'el. n. a little cape or r - - 

Tioplt, tip!, f.f. 'to drink (teqnentty 

Blrong liijuotB babitii^ly.- B, tip- 

•Itr. [-". tlidlMW.1 

Tipay, tip'el. -- slightly (ntoilcated. | 

TijtM. tip'to. B. tbo Up of tbe loB.-en 

Tinii, ti-rScV, tl-rilfl', n. long tl^n of 

TOLfc ton. n. eound; streogtli or qiul- 
uterorBtyla; maud.' healthy vigor. 

like a tODgae; pofot ollvid. 
TgngoB-tirt, tong'Ucl, a. uiiiWe ti 

TcX^tolI^lfc^'a reUlD to ton™ 
pFrulQlng to tbe key-iuila ; glvln) 

To-iJtht ti)-Ti\t: n. tills ni)|ht- nlehl 

pTeaent night, or tbe nieht nftei 
tbls d»7. 
Tnutft, *un'(J. n. weight in tons ; 

To^Hik, p.i of to tike. 

"--' '■"•' n.lnatrumenlnBeclbyirork- 

lb, n. onfi oE tbe Bmall boay 

l: a proug; projection on c 

tdOth-ak, n, [lilnlnatooth. 

fbtb'plfc. n. 1 

ttinsT'bighest prscJ 

Tmt. t5'p»z. n 

Tojt. tnp, B.i. 


Tspio^ t<^ik-^. a. p 
Toniufltt top'm^t, n. n 

Top»gi»plij, to-png'i^ (1, B. descrip- 
tion ol B place or rpglon; »rt of '- 
Bc^lbiIlgand dellnmling places.- _. 
tDfOiiaph'io, toiogiapk'ial; — aii<i. ta- 

top'l, r.t. or r.i. to hll or p!t«h 

Tqmdo, tor-pS'da, n.a kind oft 
tbit gliea slsclrlo ataocki : ■ 
tua for producing an oiplost 

ocpii, tflr'pid, a. iinmb ; Bin 

pidnflia, torpid'ity. 
orpw. tflr'pnr, n. numlmeaa; 
■tbillty; BluEglabDeiie, 
VvnOj, tor's-ft, v.l. to parob; i 

t, tor'eut, n.arnablng at 

Ttnid, tor'ld, a. bumliig; hot,- 

Tor^oD. t&r'i 
TMtMU, tar'tyBiiB, a. wl 
Inflict eitrcma palD i 

auytblDg twitted. 

1, Krm, itak. Ul, TX9I: aevgrc. e 

1, bir, DiU^r; 

Tnj, Wrt. n. % aopporter ol 
•Stn^m.'fyti-itm, n. principle* 

ToUl, W'la!, a. whnlB; tompHBl.— n. 
T^lfc, W-Wl-M. «. whole sum or| 

huk, tncb. >.(. tn oam« iat 

with; peicelife by (Mling: 


g, a. (Hectliig ; pa- 

■hlcii gold or Mter i* tealed by 
— "-bing; iteit. 

-WW*, tuch'wia. n. dec«»e(l 

d Uut taksB fire 



tigbfencd bj m acrew. or otlier de- 

Tiwigi. tlf?,!. '". tct of lowing : p»y| 
Towirt, -1, t>'»rd, -i, prp. tu tba dJ- 

rectlon of; wltb reapooi to. 
Tlwmil, ta'trd, TtwtHir, t0'«rd-JI, a. 

doolie: ipt. [.itliflrt«Ml«.| 

Tlwal. ton'ri, s. m cloth for wiping tlie 


lofty bo 
I lofty: r 

> iiibBblt- 

TowBlftli, tounl'Bk. it.pi. peop'lP of 
Tfwuhip, toun'ibip, n, territory „. 

TbWUlBUj toun^'mvi, n, jm Iqbltbit' 

TwleolifT, tolm-i-kol'fl-Ji, n. ncience 

lag'a, toxJHlog'iu]. 
Tgj, toi. n. ■ child* pitytbing: bsu- 

l^ie; trifle,— D.i. ta trifle: ditly. 
Tmig. tras. n. ■ footprint: VMtlge: 

TmnUt. tFii'f-bl, s. (bit' may be 

tnoed; uHlgnnble. 
Tamrf, tras'^r-l. n. ortmneDt la 

Truhn, tra'kr-ft. n. tbe windpipe. 
Tl^I, triB'Ing. H. act of copylnR I 

TfMt tr»k, n. mark left wbere Mm 

-r.(.lo follow by tracka. 
TrMUtei. Iraklei, a, hsvlnB notnci 

Ttmrt, tnkt,* n, region of indeflnl 

TtmUUb! tr»ht'»-bl, a.' PMlly ma 
.ged: docile.— n. ttMUbil'lty. 

ont,— n^ tPUtdlT^. [or pnlllngj 

body of dealers or 

TrHtlHL tnk'ihuu. n. ai 
•mtt, trid, n. eommf 

TradguBiii, tradz'man. n. ■ Bhopkee 

Traie-wml. trSd'wiud, h. a wlud. 

or uesr tbe torrid zone, which bio 

steadily III ceruln dlrectloue di 

TntiUin, tr»-dish'Du 

Tniffii' t^-dlah'nn *1. TradltiTO- 
UJ trs-diah'nn-j-ri. a. flrtlvered 
by tradition. 

Tratan, Ira-dOi'. p.(. to defame; ca- 

Tralta, traPii.'a. commerce: trade; 
bneloeas.— «.(. to trade.— r.(. to bar- 

Oir. i(bM: IM, pbU, n] 


Tnctdiu. tn-Ji'dl-mD, n. ai 
Tnctdr, lrn)'e-di, n. i drim 

along. -n^«iIthinB( 

bj cr»«ilng uc draKgtng 

odiic«to ; disclplLne ; ti 
tbe growth of,— n. wirt 

Tnii-oil. traD' 

Trattwmif, tcil 

tblng tbat rei 
rui|. tmop, V 

nmpla. tnmp' 

l^utiil, triD'k 

ate or'lu^sB^U^I 
1. tioiiiil'lj^. 

TmuitlTt. ti 

TnnaUU, tn 

a, glr. idd, inn, y k, >[l. t^I; B«Tin. etb. bit. mik^i toe. Inn: fldpt. 

TnjuaetioD, t 
Tiwiial^a, tr 

I], n. philoaophy wl 

TruiBflTlba, tran-akrib', v.t. to copy.. 
TiMMript iraii'ikript. n. a cop)-. 
Truwrifcra, tiau-Bkiip'stiuD, n. i 

Tnuuhc, tnuia'f^. n, act ot t[wi8fer-| 
TraufttiUt, tnijs.fcr'»-bl, a. thatoiaf 

Tr»iirt™«,traii» fig'.vor. i-.l.tucbaDge 

TruimicTiU, Iraaa'ail-griit, 
motber, — n, truumlcn'tioiL 

p^'^. n, act I 

Twinim tr«is-i>OB', D.I. to pnt «scli 
In file plucB 01 the other ; ohiuse 

In Another hey.— n. truupoii'tioD, 
Tnimhlp. TmnUp, trsua-slilp', r.(. 

the lirad lad 

TnppiiiBi, irap'ingi, orDimenlB. 
Truh, Iraali, n. norttilesB mUler \ 

TtKX't'^v'il, ■»?■". tol!; Ubor In 
chUdblrth.— v.i, to Ubor ; to l>o In 

Trivd. tmy'el. vi. tn Joomejr: morsi 

TuraUir, traVel-^r, n. ons wbo trav- 
els: ■ alldhiRrlDS. 

uiytldng acroaa ; a barrJer : pli-a 

Ttwuty, trav'BB-U, v.l. to p«roay,— i. 
Trawltrtl. v.i. to Bill by tnlUng ■ 

Tnulunnil, trecb'^r-uan a. &itlilOHH; 

•Snuitn. tr'eob'fr-l, n. fBltbleawiHa; 

Triad, trod, v.i. toaet tUe toot; atpp. 

macblDa mavtd b; tbe pri 
Trtal-mUl. tred-mll. n. mill or 

t; Ud. alu: cblp, az(zb)iire. 


iD-a-bl, a. fwrULuIng 
TlMlurl, wpili'nr. n, wpalth itort 
highlj vklu'ed.— e.t. to houd ; li 

Tint, Itlt. v.l. 1 


TnWt, treb'l, a. thtcetoia.-r.i. or r.i. 

to mike, or become, tliieelnia.— «. 

blebeat put ia inoslc— adv. tnUy. 
T™, tra. n. larg* pLaut wllli m woody 

trunks BDytblDg like ■ treo. 
TlNuU, Irnn'el. n.ii liirgB wooden pin. 
■fcSMTtcS'lOII, B. a throe-leivea pliut i 

Tidifai, trel'li. n. bured or latticed 
ITnmkl^ iTem'bl, n.i. to ahake; quake; 

nmiiilou, IremTil-luB, a. trembliug; 

TiCMhant, trench'^t, a. onttlng; 
Tnathtr, trench'^ r. n. m wooden plata 

Titiui. ire-pan'. See Tniu. 

n<|U, Ire-pan', n. enrgical Inatrn- 
■nenl formerly need for cutting tbs 
■kuU.— C.I. to opeiate on wltb the 

Vtr^.'t.i'-Ka', a. email CTllndrical 

jhtne! ' "''" ™ " 

Jr, add. krm. tak, Ul. Tifl; tt:iSn. e 

rnjIdttillD, trcp-l-i!5'Bhon, n. te 

haaptu, trea'pjB, i.i. to enter an- 
otter'a bud qolintuUy! lutrude; 
Bin.— n. act ot Ireqiualug: tnu 

hoL trea. n. braid or lock of b>Jr. 

, Jiita third atid fifth. 

IWri, tn',1. ». act of trying: teefc Ju- 
dicial InveatlgatloD : snfieilna ; at- 

TriUflB. tri'ang-cl, n. a plane Bgnn 

ancestor; dlvlaioaof apeonle: claea 

ThbDlatiOB,' trlb-yt-u'abnn. n. afflii^l 
Ttibimal, trl-bau'^, n. court o( Juatim. 
Tiikose, trlb'Ou, n. ancleut Bomao 

magistrate: platform for puUlo 

Triliiitary, trib'yl-t^rl, o. Butject to 

tribute; yielding auppllta^ paid as 

tribute.— n. dim uho pafs tribute. 
Tribstt. trlb'yilt. n. perlodicil paj- 

Tridnry, trik'^i-.l, n. artifice: Impoal- 
lion. [lulliJttHcba: srthil.l 

Tiiakiik, trlk'Jab. Trltkr. trik'l. a.( 
Trlekla. trik'l, c.i. to flow In drops or 

TpkAni tri'kulflrd. o. having throe 

cl-enl-aL a. 
a every third'* 

I, kit. mak^r; loe. Inn: Mqt, ok, 

ftigllfb, Wl'gllt, n. a three-grooved 

TiiUtoal, trt-Ut'er-sl. a. luvlng three | 
TiiUofn^ trl-llug'giv^, a. Id three 
laauiugeB. (Ihree ietten..! 

TrilitmL trl-lit'?r.»l. d. conalitliig o(| 
TlUl, liil. v.t. or v.{. to atCw with a 

raiim, tril'yan. n. ■ idUUod nised to 
the third power; i unit wiil elgh- 

der,~adi. trlnly:— n. tiiiiuii.— i' '■ 

ofBgmrment, &( 

Tiiiralal, trt-uAn'Ml, a. coobIsUiikI 
Trie. trS'O. a. oombluMlon of three : 

Tiff, tHp, v.i. to Htep IlKlitl; Bod 



TiA-iUBBtr. trlp'huD-er, n 

hummer lifted bj pro]ectl< 

rev^Wlog Bban. 
TilBhtbDBC. trlp'tbonR. x. i 

three vovela In ODoavlloble 
Triple, trip'le. a. threefold.- 

Triplrt, trip'iBi. n. three of t> 
nulled; three lines rhyi 

air, (Rtte: Ss«. piiU. n 

a. divided into 

three al; take three copiei t 
Tri^nCr. trIp-llB'i-U. n. stile 

Trifvi, Irl'pod. n. Btuid, ilool 

three^lBbles.— a. trkrOik'iB. 
Trit*. Irit. o. worn out ; hacknered ; 

CDinmogpUice. [be liituiBted. 

TrttanUi, trii'ya.r»-bl, a. that mayl 
Trttotltt trifjii-rflt. 1.1. to mb or 

grind b a pHwder.— n. trtton'IkB. 
Trinniph, trl'umr n. pomp or Joj for 

Triudidul. ttt-um'^, a. perlalnlug to 

Trinmrhjut. tri nm'^t, a. trlampb- 

ona.' [men united in oSce.! 

TriBinfir, tn-nm'vlr. n. one of thnwl 
TriBBiTirBte, trt-uni'vlr-it. n. goveru- 

,t b7 » 


In afflce. 

a tripod; threc'leg- 

rraeht^ ttotl or-ltS. n. mnalcal/ootof 
and unacomted Billable- — 4. tra- 

a deep-tooed 
iiy. tip. of flol- 
,-. In pJ...""'- 



D, IM: get. Jet; klu, eln; chip, azlihlara. 

pt. tlie Ti^ona Ijing betwefn tlio 
T»jie»I, trop't-k^. o. pcculning to, 

gait of * horee oc otLer quadruped, 

Tioth, trnth. n. truth; faith: flilellt}'. 
iMlilt, truVI, V.I. to agitata; «itnj: 

ftiraji. trt 

Troy, TrtT-wtiglit, troi, n. weight of 
JJoz.. orKTSOgralDB, to thi; ixiiind ; 
need In vfllBhiue sold and Bflver. 

TriBst, trdb'ant. ». an Idlar; bo; who 

TnuUii trnl 

Tnigi, tnij.o 

coidinG to 

n. low bed on 

D. fierce; sav- 

, — n. trcDiiUriu. 

Traffltl, triAifia. c 

Tnuap, trump, n. a trumpet: one of 

play a tnimp card.— 1..(. Id play a 
tramp uponi to tnmt ip, to &b- 

Tiimij>r». tramp'er-l, n. tmptj talk; 
trifles; rabblBb.— a. worlhieas. 

pubtieii niUi aound ol trumpet; 
Tnunprtir, tramp'et-^. n. one who 

Tnuuatt, trungk'jit. n.f. to cat abott ; 

Trniuiim. tnimb'uii, n. a abort ataff; 

Tnrnai, truu'dl. n. a wheel.—.!, or 

Tnmdl>-l»d.'truii'dl-bed.'n. a low bed 

TrsBk, trunek 

mot a tree: body 


f Miylhliig; probospia 

1, ore of the pfT- 



■e; propertr held 


beliere; sell od 



ue who his charge 

Trnth, ti 

■mily to 

TnithlU, Irdblb'ffll, a. adberl 

^'i InvOBtlEate jiidldillj'; j 

. air, add. iirai, gsli. &1L, fi^; tffrett, ebb. bir, mak«r; lev. Inn: Mpt. oi, 


TBk*, tab, n, ■ pipe: long hou 
Tikv, li'b*r. It. tOemhj undei 

ttei by, or iffwted iiiUi. tubercles 
TotattM. ta'be-ra*. n. aaoweriBg ptani 

wltb B bnlboos root. 
Tntatu. tab']it-]»r, a. blvlngtbe fnnii 

lo fold U 

■: gBthe: 

THtor, tak'tft, n. piece of cloUi won 
o«r the bM im. 
TiiMlU, lAi'dl. n. third dHf or tb 

Tift, ton. n. m baneh, u of gntt, &e 

Tiw, tug, o. 

■> Willi ti 

diinUog-glHs wltbi 


, lam'brel, n. mlllU 

Twnrfy. ta'roe-fl, r.l. or e.i 

ihMtlc— n, tumid'ilr' 
ToDor. ta'oi^r, n. H dlqeeaei 



s pueage or tunnel tbrongb. 
TgiMn, tur'b^, n. uu Enatern bend- 
muddy; Dot clear. 

TitUm tuc'bli 

TdiM. tiu''bQ(. n 
Urge flat fiab. 


Turt '■"■'. ". soil I 

— n. torgil'ltr. 

satlod wltb raoM of 
awoUeD; pompouL 

TuiuhI, tuc'mall, n, tniuDlt; dlstnib- 
Tdtb, Iutu, D.I. to form In > lathe; 

cbu^d : eonr.— It. act of tDraiog : 

■■moat, tDru'kOt. n. one wbo aban- 

'nnwr, luru'er, it. one wbo ebitpes ar. 
Ucle* in laChB. 

Tunlf, tur'nip, n. a plant and iu edl-| 
Tlimktr, turu'ki. n. warden of a prl«- 
|wllb toU.gatei.l 
ikt, turn'plk. n. a (oll-mte: road| 

(it the pine and otbac treea. 

Turptnit, tur'pl-tad, n. bMcneu; 
TlTeneie; deprayltj. 

Sir. dbsa: <■■«■ pAII, on: on, out; tbln, tU; get. Jet; kin, alD; cblp, islEbltua. 


TniudN. -ktlL tack'oli, n. * greenlBl 

Tani't'i'u^it. n. n BuwU lower gu^i 
InmW. lac'el-ed, a. fiimlBlied wit 

Turtlt, t«'r'tl. Tottie-iifffc tar'U-dui 

n. BpetleHiTpjBeon. 
TBrtli, tur'tl, 

Tautn. tuE'kfi 

canjr, or lo u 

Tuk, tnek. n. long pnluMd tw> 

Tnlaltr. tu'te-lgr, T<^«lur. ta't'!-1f-rl, 
a, bftTlDfr B apecUJ cLiargo of a pcr- 

ItoT, trUft.'n. Instrnetnr; teacher. 

—/an. tnUMH. — r.l. lo Instruct: 

dlBClpllDs. [Btntor. 

TttUrwit tU'lpr-*]. ». initmctlon bj-| 
TwiiUh, twod'l, «.i. to talk faaUahl;; 

ii^le.—^. M\j Ulk. 

ring, twsnE, n. a Btiarp vfbnnt 

js.iBa to aonnd,' with » livBnR. 
Twwk. twok, „.i. to twltcb; pluck.— 

- -twitch: pluck. 
_ir». iwii'^n. n.jit. Bniall uippe™ 

Ii^i&."tiie"fth."o. Md B. the orrtlnal 

Twiln. Iwclv, a. sncl n. Ua uid two. 
TnlvtniDBlh. twnlv'munth, b. & jcmr. 
TmBtlett. ««en'ii-eth', o. and n. ordi- 

— oIlwMty. ^^^^^ t^'oTt'™-! 
TwJN, twiB, odn. twotimeg; doahl)'. 
Twta. twig. n. B •imll Bhoot or branch. 
Twickt, IMIII. a. fBlDt llEht Just iT- 

nni (Uul lifrht.— a. of tnillgbl; 
Molly Ilghte<l. 
■will, Iwil. n. dtanonsl Hnf b in doth 

TwinUfc ti 


TwisklB, l> 

Twirl,' twA 

'1, Twlnkljiig. tn-tcRk' 

tbing twisted; c 
Twit twit, r.i, to ■ 
IwiUli, Iwlcb. T.L 

TwafoU. irfb'fald. o. molUplied by 
Tnruam, lim'ptnnm, n. dn. 

^^fpkoid, U'Jbid, <L rtHemUlnR typhus. 

TjlhOMl. ll-fdOn', n. violent tornsdo 

in the Chiocae ttm, 
Tnhol, tl'fus. n. HI infections fever. 

T^"-»l. t?p^™Xo.''nib°fnw(lc: 

teristlci (If B group.— oiis. (JpleiJl*. 
Tj^iy, Up'l-fl. i,(, totei>re«ul by k 

Tn^nplm, ti-poa'rii-f«r, n a printer. 
TTJwiaphy, tl-p0(j'r»-fl. n. printing: 
the art of^^priuUng.-o. tyrggiatb'w, 

TyTUslH. -tM. Ur'ai 

tyrant; rule oppn 

TjmuHDt, Ilr'^-ut 

n, aak. Ul, Hfl; tflitt. eW>. bit, mikfr; loe, li 


TynBt, tl'rvit, n. bd Brbitiw)- ud 

plied (0 DOnna. adjectl'ea, or parti- 

ulpleawbeu uaeil aitjei:llvelj,itusu- 

Trrim, tir'l-»D. o af » deep porplo. 

qoaUty. in couuition espreseed bj 

Tjn, tiTJ, *» Tin. 

Tnr, f"r T»i. WSr, n. emperor of 

bjfpr,^u^«atot, uim«i. ^Vbeuap- 


pbed tu transitive verbS: or tUe.r 
psrtlelplee, it iiauaily deuoUa an 


D. yOb. tuenty-Brat leUer o( tbe ■!■ 

Ubi^iittT, a-blt'wl-U, n. prcaeuoe ev. 

ni^ uk^. WurdS begluuiiw 


witU TU-, not found below, may be 

nUn^ nS'^r, n. mllk-Rl«.ds of u anl- 

eiplalned by .aiding nW, or vHiM p/. 

delormsd: lll-Jookiug.— rr. mluua. 

tobeiooounte.ilor; lucipUcable. 

rti'idg n«. ■ 

DiulTiBl, nii-^-vl£d', a. not adviaed; 

menalt, iU'H? ".(. toalleel v.UL, aii 

BJuBi:—i..i. to Income u]cerou>.-«. 

altered; not aubjeot to change. 

Dbntiu, iil's*r-iia. a. of the naturo of 

OnulnMU. a-n.u'l-muH, „. being of 

one mind; done wltblbeiKreenieBt 

mtuiw, ui-tiTi-flt, a. bEyoud ;' fur- 

or all-— ode. uuiuulri—n. lun- 

OWbU^ alfi-m»t, a. fnrtliesl: lut;| 
mtoltdy, iiU'Hn»t-U, ud-:. ttmWy. 

.ia,, ....,.,„. :ks,i 

■t lut. [OBitioa or trnus 1 

tnUBltlB, nl-tlmi'lnm, n. Dual prop- 1 

Unairtre, un-^-war', nnawara, un-^ 

nari. ado. vltlinut belua awaie; 


wfibont warulne: noeipeotedly ; 

bayond tbe monuUdQi or Alpe: 

UD^aliaT, nn-be-l^r. n. want of belief; 

holding fitremn iIewb witb reipinl 


fo tbe powar and riglits of tbs Popo. 

UnWitver, un-belSv'er. b. one who 

oua who bolde aitrams vievia eg to 

deea not bclli'vc: aWeptlc; InHdel. 


the Pope-e risbu. 

Dobrt, nm'bel. n. ooileotloi, of .m.11 

TIiitaidlB. un.bor'den. Ontarthen. nn- 

floven nr Btalke ri:lJntlne (r'>u ■ 

bur'rten, n.f. to free trnin a bnrden ; 

omt™. [duElnEumbQle.! 

rtllcve. ler's brother. 

Umtar, um'l>*r, n. ■ rl.:li brown pig- 

UboI.. Qnsll. ». . fathir'a or motb-l 

ment, [loliw; Offf,10,.,| 

Onilmct, um'bra). B. abide; sliad,| 

nnoort nn-kOrk', r.l. to dmw tbe eoric 

U»-. un. k nemllTe prefli, nlnnlfjing 

no*, or Hii warn n/ "bleb mt; be at- 

Dnwnr. nn-kuv'^r, t.i. to lake tbe 

tached to noiina . adleoti ves . ad verba . 

covet from; lay open.— 1.(. to take 

verbs, and partidplce. WUon .p- 


ftff.dbEO: flae, pUt, op; olJ, out; ttaiu, U«; get, jet; Un. atD; ddp, aKih)nn. 1 


1 DscnoH aai unfounded ] 

ungk'nbiui. n. Kl of Kiiolnt- 

nnlerUki, nn-d^r.tak', e.l. to take In 

ugueut: warmlh of devotion. 

ungk'tjO-m. o-olly; greasy. 

one's sell.— p.i. luMtsTt**;— pp. im- 

L.'.Hr, prp. beneatL^lwloi.-; 

^al duriSg tliB lime ol-a! 

DDitrt^ on-d^r-tik'^. «. oiifi who 

a position nr degree; siibpr- 

; inferioc.-ad... In > lower 

; below; less. 

nstotakiw, "u-dfMSk'lnft, «. enter- 

■rat, un-df r-kur-ent. n. ■ cnr- 

ilow tb« snrttce. 

nnlntUH, au'<:fr.ten, n. a low tone. 

^ iin-d^r-dun', a. not auffl- 

'done, or cooked. 

rent having a different direction 

un-d^r-giV, e-(. to«.ame;l» 

from that oC tlie surface-water. 

Wd to,— p,l. -vut; p.p. -f«u. 

VnlirwHit, UE-d*r-went', p.(. ottonn- 

lut*. nn-d^r-grad'yn^l, n. 


ttu^eut iXo ha» not liken 

IlI* un-il^r-Bround', a. be- 


Daimrot*. nn'd^-wnd, ^. small trees 

rth, un'd?r.gr8tb, n. abrnbe 

orehrubs giowJng under larKoonea. 

g under treee. 

E iin-d?r-h«)d'. a, aecret; 

rtine.-ode. by «oret mesnt ; 

nnisrwrlt^ uu.dfr-rit'. .,(. to aab- 
scrlb«7insnre,-n. cad.nrriUr. 

Undo, m,-ddb', -.(. to reverse what b» 


bein done; loose; open; mln.-^l. 

un-d«r-11'. v.t. to He nnder; 

ra<lM;-pji. iBdHU. 

b»lH of. 

'■Sffkr^tS: ■„£"'- " 

, uu^der-Un'. v.t, to drsw B 

UUoBt, nn-dnn', 0. not done: ruined. 

, un'd(:r-ling. n. an Inferior. 

Vainu, nn-dree', b.1. to divest of 

l,on-der-inln'. r.i.todlgun- 

clothea; Btrlp; deprive of onift- 

menta.— V.I. to t^e off the clothes. 


Vaints, oo'drea', n. a loose or plain 

h, nn-dar-n«tta', adv. and 

ider; benestb; bslow. 

CaialaU, nn'dyfi-Ut, v.i. to wave; 

on.d«r-pin'. T..(. to pl»» 

move ^Ibo waves ; vlbr.te.-r.i. to 

or other supporH. nnder. ms 

CBoae to wave ot vibrate.— n. luidii- 

tbe lower timbers ofaboild- 

la'tion. [«av)-.| 


Undulatjd, Qn'dyn-Ut-ed, a. waved; 

L un^d^r-ikOr'. t.l. to dntw a 

Undnlatiry, nu'djii-l»-tp-ri, a. moylng 

Dndiiif, nn-dfl1l, a. Improperly; ei- 

nn^r-sel', v.t. U> sell cbelp- 

nuarth, un-irlh', r i. to draw or drive 

, an-d«r.sTi.', v.l. to sign 

fromlheearlhorabnrrow; remove 

^me aTthe foot of.-tbe nn- 

the earth from; uncover; 

lr«»»rthlr; nn.4r[h'll, 0. not belongine 

to the earth ;.nperoatural. 

, unMV-bot, a. moved by 
lowing beneath, aa a nater- 

not fSaWe to objection; laultlesa. 

TJafaitBi, iin-fBS'n, v.l. to loose; onBi. 

iun-dfr-stand'. T.,!. toooin- 

UafatkniaUi, nn-ftW'flm-vbl. a. not 

d; have'jast Ideae of; know; 

luppoae to mean; meanurtth- 

UBllt. oi>-flf. ".1- to dHqnaliry.-a. not 

iresBlng,— p.i. and p.p. vaiti- 

fltocqnatifled.-n. TmBtBMi- 

Unbld, un-rald'. ..,!, to open the ibid. 


at; spread out; disclose; tell. 

UafblBdeJ, «n-n.and'ed. a. having no 

»dd.«m,».k,Ul,Tl»l- SB'S" 

Bbb, hie, in»k«r: toe, inn; fldor. («. 

CiAri, oD-RiFl', B,t. to aDiDId i opea 

Dantat, mu'gwsnt, n. mn olDtmeat. 
D«hM»«,iui-BdrB'. o.i. to throw ur toco 

nn^ fln'ruD. n. Kt or uniting: ttwt 

nslint, il-aik', a. alogle oT Its kind ; 
aloiie Id IU17 qnaLltJ- — i- uiiunni. 

Dan, <l'n[t, n. on«; i single penoa or 

Vltti^u, a-nl-ta'rl-mn. n. one whn 
nulnulns tli« ualtj of tlie (Jodbnd 
an oppwed to the TrlDlt]'-— «. per- 
^*iiT)jwg to Uultarluia. 

DnltarluW il-iii-U'ri-«a.lBnl, n. doo- 
trlneiaftliilUrlBal. : 

getlier. [togethor.l 

IhnallT, a-Dlt'«d-lt. ads. in union:! 
UnttrTn'ul-tl, n. stota of being one or 

nslrnulM, a-iil-vir'i«l-lat. n. a bo- 

DlnntUr, a iil-i6r'»»l-l, ode, 
tbrongfiont tbAvbole; everyvttere; 


T, <A)wi AH. pAll. tip; oO, oat; tbla. (iU: gi 

bruicbrs of iBirDliig. 
Oskda, nu-Ud', v.l. la unt« 

luA bflfin luimed. 
Dnku, un-lea'. eoi^. ercepi; 
nnMWNL im-let'f rd. a. do 

T.f. to U 
im-bfrd. a 


UiqTfaultM, Qn-priD'ii-pId, (I, wli 

moral prinolpLfi; vlcloiia. 
Uinaltt&f, nn-re-mil'lug. a. not 

Ing: n^kbatiug. 
Vnnily, un-riJbl'i, a. ongoienuble ; 

Dua7, oD-aa'. v.l. to recall wliat ha! 

rBearcbing: iuacrn- 

Until, nn-t 
nnte, nn'li 

ot'ed, a. not apattsd; 
blugk'lng, a. tboogbt- 
>■/>, nU: to; Hbr » 

ber«d: couDCIfna; loeipreialble. 
Bteinri, nn-tfl'^rd. a. not doolie ; 

BtiaTglM, no-trav'old, a. not vl 
by ttaveilera ! never bartUB tt 

red: Ineipre.albla.l 
^-a-bl, ouotlobol 

■In: ohip. ai(ah)nTa. 


'Btraotedi'iiotlobeiaBUacd; wltU 
out proper auUiorlty. 
UwrttUr, iin-ii«ld'i. a, unai«nw!f»bl. 
fromTiuUi or weight ; bulkj ; pou 

BBwtttlln', na-ulf Ing, n. not knowtog 

ITTtoiU, np-trad', 
Uflmw, up-hSv', t 

D^SiTnp-lSlV. I 

libortoa.. [Utn; ■uBluuln.! 

D^rid, up-liOld'. B,ttDholiiup; ung-l 
Dfhtlitn, up-hol'e^r. 1.1. to put ap 

On-", J>™». objective due, 
Uu. fiz. T.t. to pitt lo s pnn 

taeeous.— ado. Mtfally;— n.iMlii] 

Dialua, JtB'leii.a.luvlDgnouBe; Anlt- 

duce Btrsngers, or Itslk before 
pcrBon ot rmnk : mn under- taieLer 

Unll, a'Ebfifl, a, euBlomBr)'; ceoi 

Umftmt, O'lu-triikt. n. right oluaini 

lug the BubcUnce. 
Hunt, u'ihtl-i'«r, n. ooe Kbo pnc 

Tlwaj, il'ibfi-r!, n. iUeggl intersBt fo 

IlflwlBtMM, up-lial'Bter-er, n. one who 

Buppliea cnrUlna, beda, Ac 
VjloMaj, up-hfll'atfr-i. b. fnrnlture, 


DiUft. iip-Uft'; B.l. to Hit up ; raise 
aloft. [verbBofniolioii) | 

Dpon, np-on', prv.oa (mad ap. attei] 

^t»t, up'?r. a.hlgberi BUporior. 

I^parinort, np'^-mgat, a. bigheat. 

nriight. op'rlt, a. erect; perpendicn- 
lar; jDBt; botieat.— It. ipiightntM. 

l^ioot.' np^rdbt', vJ. to tear up by Oie 
roota. [throw. I 

^(b*t, np'Bhot. n. BdbI issne. 

lAdda. up'Bld. n. the upper side. 

Dprtart, up'atfirt. «. one suddenly 
ralaed to wenlth. rank. ka. 

Vrward, np'w^rd, n. direrted toward 
a hiuiieT place. — adn. toward a high- 
er place. 

•'-^~, ur-ban. a.'perlolii'inRtoaclty. 

tf ur-bfiii'. a. polite; courteous^ 

Ded — n. nrttB'itr. 
__._!, ur'cbiu.n.abedBBhoR; achild. 

ic*. glr. Ida, inn. (ak, Ul, vtft: sevlre. ebb. ber. mlOt^; lee. Inn; Ad^r, 01. 

DUrim, fi't^r-iu, a. pi 
Dtilitarlaii, fl-til-l-la'rl 

ilrtne Is ntlUty. or the proi 

titiliti.a-til'l-tl. i..DSr>fiilne8a: pn 

Utnmt, nt'mflBt. o. tnrtbeBt out; li 

UleplM, fl-ta'pi-^, a. ideal; cbimi 

— ■ ut'fr. a. eitreme: absolo 
irc— odB. nttarly. 

ptwliet. Ai ■ Bonn 
.11 thtfijl*. ta'Ciarle 

VulH, va-kat'. v. 
VmiIjoii. vS -ki'ih 

TMHity. TB-ku'l-tl. n. emptlue 
VwnoB. ™k'yii-iiin, n. empt; 
Vft^Wd. vig'j-bQQil, a. vn 

TiMiJlnultB, Tall -tu-dl -na' r[-an .Ttl- 
■^liniT. v«l-l-ta'dl.n^.il. a. BicUy; 

Tdg^on, vi 

lUuL Tsl'yint, a. brave ; 
hcnAc—aiir. TtliuUy. 

I^UDBin, vBm'[^r, n, a l^bled spectre: 
■ bloodsqcfaer; larefl blodd-Bucklnp 

VuL van. n. front o? an ariDTor lleet:| 
VStol. ™>'*H. "■ ""B of » »oo or 

Vtngoatd. Y»n'gSrd. n. tr.iopa pre 
Vsmlla. va-iill'fl. n, a tropical "iue 


TiBlty, vaii'i-tl, TT. WLrtlilewn 

L'mpllDeas^ empty pride; lillea 

TuiiiJli, vaug'kwlali, n.t to qoui] 

yan'^.?"a,>ta), "■ advantane, 
Vantlgt-gMnnd. van'taj-gtuund, t 

Vapd, vap'ia. a. apirltlcas; flut 

Vipartaa, ya-ppr-li. d.(. to conv. 
Tiponu, Tii'pgr-us, Yiptiy, » 

e. pfiU. dp: oil. oat; I 

n.tUl get.Jet; kln.iln! chip, ■z(zh)iiTe. 

ob}«ct dlfferl 


•J— acic. VMionily. 

n. a liquid thicli 
:oBtiug bj drytan : 

devlHta: disagree. 
Tunkr. VBB'bj^-l^c, a. pertalnlt 

TRsftftT; dependenm 

V>(M4t>. yej'e-Ut. 
Vmt»li»n, *ej-e-ti' 

v dsti?Bd from 

l.°TitoV, Yin'f. o. tail'ot] 
m, n. aBne Uud of [HUCb- 


Vtlirt, vel'Tflt. B. ■ ololh I 

Vtnil, vS'u^. a. held for t 

Vni, .end. ».i. to sell ; li 

?<ndiUh' Tend'l*-b]. a. bbIbI 
VtDdM, veo'dfl. n. pubUc i 

thlDplateaoiwood,— n, 
TtBHriaJ, »e-Der'lDg. n. 
VntrUt. VBD'^r-at. o,l. torejj«Fd wltb 
TowntlMi, mn-er-a'shi 

TDmhJ. »eiO'«l 
Tdii.!. T8n'i-»], 0. 


Ice. sir, add, Inn. s>k. Ul, tI«1; agTSte, el 

tbrongb : dlec 

1 nra»n.— a. Ttntrto'BUi. 
[om mnolher plue or per 

Ttniltr, v^'raa'i-tl 

YirinJ. Tfipli'sl. a. spoken: literal: re- 

YBtb.— odB. vmlnlir. 
Tntetim. VBr-bi'tlin, adv. word for 

word: Id the Bame worda. 
Vvtat. ver-Wii», n. geuua of flower. 

ingplAnU; v«TvidD. 
Ttrt&Jn, v^rtil-u. n. HupecBully of 

TakMt, Ver-b3»'. o.wordj: diffuM.— 

T»nl«t lir'S^nl, a. green; floiirleh- 
lae; (n experienced — n. nrfuuT, 

Vtrilrt, 'ir'dikl. n. deoiBlon ofujury; 
declalon; declared opIaioD, 

Tardifrii, vir'di-BHg. n. tint at iwp- 

Vardun, vjrd'yuc, n. greenneaB^ treah 
Ifatll, TfirJ. n. edge ; briuk.— ci. to 
Tectn, ytTi\r. n. beadle In acatbaaral. 

Vari^diit, Ter-i-aini'l-lar, a. like 

trutb: probable. 
TarkiiiiUitiidt,ve[-l-al-iail'l-tad, «. llke- 

oeaa lii trutb: probabUltr. 
VtrHsUa, ler'l-tt-bl, a. true; reid; 

VttitT, ?er1-tl', n. trutfi; reaUty. 
Va^^H. lit'ii^, n. Jnlee ot green 

VtrmlMlli, yftr-inl-cliel'l. n. paate of 
wbeat-flouc tormed into amaU 

VarmionUr, ver mik'yCl-l^, o. pertain- 
ing to. or like a wurin, or the mo- 

Vatmiatlata, ver-ralk'yii-lit, o (. to 
inack nlth figures like trai^ka of 

Tamifint. vJr'ml-fO], n. madiulne to 

Vani»«uUr, ver-nak'ya-lv. <•• ""liTB: 

Varutili "ira'a-lll. o. turiiiog with 

VerH^T^re. n. aline ofpoetry; p[>elr7: 

ohapler of tbe Bible. 
Vanal vjrgt, a. eierolied ; weU nc- 

qwiuted: akilled. 
TaraillBatifiL vfirB-i-fl-kft'Blinn.n.act or 

Tn^MI, T6r'Bhuu, n. ■ Iraaalatlon : 

bonea (ormlne the aplue.— «[ »arle> 
tem-a. Ttrtrtral. 

I. *a HilmBl witb a 

M, dbsa: aw. pAII, np: all. out: tbtn. IhS; get. Jet; kin. liu; chip, az(zh)nTe. 

Tutu, tir'teke, t 

.: poWl 

Vatietl. vAr'ii-k(il, a. tn Ihs ipnim ; 
latigt, vir-tf'gfl. v6r'-, n. glddlueu; 
Vanls. T^r'viD, n. pluit of tlie ler- 

TmT, ver'l, a, true ; real ; »clu»l.— 

aits, iu ■ grekt degree. 
Ytnntt, vee'l-kit, v.l. to blister. --n. 

Vuiole. vea'l-U, n. ■ HtUe btadder; 

BiniUl bUster.— a. TMla'akr. 
T«p«p, "Sfper, n. the evening i 

evei.lnR.— (np(. eveulDf; wont 

T.^1, ves'el, n, 


Till, vi'«l. See SUtl. 

Tlud. vi'«nd. n. an ■rtlcto or food. 

ViipaU, vl'brit, f,i. to ataake; move 1 
and (to; swIok. — ».(. to cana« I 
Bbake or vibrate.—i.. TlkntlMI. 

TltnUrr, 'rt'brs-t^-ri. a, conaUting li 

Tntal, ven'tvl, o. iKrWliiln|i, 

TdUbida. vea'ti-bai, n, eoiirl . 
before a liDDee ; haU adjot 

Vatiga, vca'tlj, n. a footprint 
TMtry, vea'tH, n. room attac 

Titaiiiu, vl-ka'ri-ui. a. AlUng 
"'-IB of anoUieT: done oc n>Sere(l 
. . anotber,— odD. TJtuiiHiilj. 

Tiet, Tin. WB, n. ctamp 

by ■ aorew. ^Of 

x-adminJ, Tia-ad'ml- |'] 

>»-a4nii»ltr, vla-ad'mi-r»l-tl, n. 

. Tlnt-al^iiMllar. vii-cbon'ael.^i. r. 

Ytoi-ohuitiUOThlf. TlB-ctan'B e 1 - . 
■hip, n. office of a vlce-chaDceHo 

Die pJao 

■lH-j«'ten-Bl, n. offloeof 

place'of akioK— a. 
TiHraraltr. wa-rol'jl. 

a or thing dettrojed 

e, git. add. Im. |ak. tu. v1^; aeT»r«. ebb, hir. mik^: lc«. Idd; M^i.o 

letuik, vit'li. n.pi. food far 1 

'ilW'vs'n. ^Bht; inyUiing 

looking »t: opiuion; ioteution,— e.(. 

TinrhM, «a'lM. a. inviaiWa. 
Vitn. Yii'il,n.wBlcliiiig: tBligloUB 

Tigaint, Ylj'I-V 
.... ...'"'.""deaul 

VilM. •ig'flr. n- •trsDgtli ; foroB ; to- 

J^o. liWr;— «- Tihntu. 

foliage, hi. : BmsLl i 

Tilift, vU'i-i 
-n. viliAt 

TilliCB, Til'aJ. R. coUeotkm < 

rU'»-uiu. a. beattlMR 

VillliBy. vil'a-ni, n. eitremEj wlctert- 
TiUuuiti vUVfl TtUtujg, -en-, n. 

Viniioitn, Tio'rti-ki.t^r. n. one wb. 
Viadiiti™, "fn-dili'tiv, a. roTengfdil. 

ado. Tindlolitolf ;— n. »in4loU>i 
TiBi, tiu. n. ilis tltmblng plant 

trallinB Pl«nt- 
nnjimr, fln'c-iHi''. n. ui uld Hqnld 

^Birwt vla'j^rd, n. a ptaiititlon of 

grape- Tinea. 
Tlnm, vl'niiB. o. perUintng «o. or 

havlDg tliB qiialltleH of, wine. 

Off. iRuei aat, pAn. npi oil out: I 

TiltlCh »lii('ftj. n. the produce of 
TintafU, vlnt'»-Jfr, ii. oub wIio gatb- 

n»L vi'ol. n. a atrlugcd li 
pui^ed HlCb a bow. 

TMtt^ Wff-lit. c.(. to iiiiure: do ilo- 

Tiolan, "I'o-lenB, n. lUtu o( being 
violent . rorce ; forcUile JujdbIIui] ; 

Vi»llt, "I'fl let. n. a plant of many Bpe 

ablnlab purple c<>lor.-^!nflbecl^laI 

Vigit Tl.p-li'a', n. mqaicalluBtniniBni 

> Hddle. ' [BErpent.i 

N\va, i-I'p^r. n, a kind cf p IboiioiisI 
Tipwooi, vl'pfrnH: o. tike a viper ; 

nrijo, vl ri'gft. n. a bold branllne 

Virgil, vgV'JIn, n. a maid; nialden-- 

a- maidenly; cbaate; pure; freab. 
- ■ ,1, vfit'JI-nal, o, maidenly, 

ij. vtr-jlii'i-ti, n. maidenhood. 

Tillli, YiCil, o. ptrninlng lo nialea : 

Titilitr', vlr-11'i-li, n. manhood : man- 
ly vigor, 
TlrtD. vlrta', n. > toate for the tme 

Tirtnai, v6rt'ju-*l, a", being etBeiitial- 

Ij. or in effect, tboiigb not in feet. 

—lulD, TirtuUT. 
VWm. virl'vi. a. power : efflcaey., 

moral excellence; cbaatity. 
VirUgw. »i»t-y4-fl'aa, ". one akUled in 

(be flna arte, in antiaultlea, be.— 

pi, »irto»«l, TirtnMM, 
VirtBom, v*rl|jil-"B, o. rfghteom; 

ViMlmt, vlr'yii-ient. n, poiaonoua ; 

malignant, — n. nmlniM, 
Vinu, vl'rna, n, contagioua matter 

Vluini »l»'rt. n. tlie&ce; look. 

n, tilt: got. Jet; Un. iln; chip, az(zh)ar«. 

Tliri*, vlB'id, a. glutinoUB ; itlckji.— 
nHonnt, vl'lotml, n, ugblemui next 

TiHDm, vle'kQH, a- glntinoua^ sticky. 

cliBtng H a screw. 

percBplible. 1 adc. TliBl/ ; — B. Tin 

ing : mnytUluB Hem : iraagluai: 
slgbt ; (.ppociUnu : majtblag Imig 

VWt vii'lt. t 

inflict: pnn 

TltRut. vlz'l. 

Tkltaldn. viz. 

I,!Sl., ...... 

TltuL ■vtih'il-»l. a. pertaluinH lo 

TitaL vl'UI. a. pnTUIolDg. nr 

ttai, to life ; verjr imporunt. 

Titiliu. O'tfl-b, T.j. to Disks <l 

TOili, H'tfli, puts 

mbto. vl>h'l-£t. >.(. to IT 
-ic detHitlTa ; tnoKautt 

VmW. lil'i 

or fsDctfu 

TtrtJ, »l»'id, a, lively; life-like; brill- 
IBUI; Btrlking.— n. TinduM. 

VlTlpuMi, Tt-Tlp'^-rna, a. prodai^Dii 

TlTiHotiOB, vlT-l-Hk'Bhiu]. n. diueo- 
tion nf allTfDguiiuiaL 

Tiiin, ili-«r'. n. Turkish coanciUoi of 

T*nUi. T^VkfU. n. m word. 
TmbiUrr. ro-kub^rb-l^-rl, n. a list of 

ITmL viVksl. a. biilne » "i 
ed by. or perUlDlng to. U 

Old', IMlllT, 

FiioiliEe, vS-k^lI. 1.'. to m 

Twitias. TO-ki'Bbo 

Tolw, »ol«. It. Bonnd ottered bj the 

T«i*,T< . 


Ct of ToldlDg^ 

YdatD*, iml'^.tll. a. eviponting anlet- 

Iv; algbty; iliTi flrile.— n. ntfttfl'- 

Ity. tewpor.te.1 

TiUtiliM. vol'».tl|.li. v.t. lo a>ua tol 
VdnniD. Tol-kWIk. a. pcttololDB to. 

produced by. or tPdembllng. 



e. Isvi 

TolitUB, Tij-liah'Hn. n. net or power of 
ita'i«»aT»." * y»Ut)r,»ol't.n,Bfli([btnC«Pro>™: dlB- 

lee, gtc, add. Xrm. oak. U1. nlfl; tfrrtn. ebb, hir. mSkfr; Ice. Inn; Mqi. oz. 

rilnUl, Tol'^A-bl. a. < 

TelinUiT, vol'un-^-ri. a icting b; 

wimnB'; free— air. TolnoUmr.— n 
piece otmiiiic played ftt win. 

ons; gtieii luaeniukl pleasure, 
Tolnla, vo-lfli', n. kind nf botoII iib=( 
BS in onument Id tbe apltmli o 

Ttmiti Tom'll. i.i, to throw up fmn 

V«ttry, vS'tt-rt. 

amnloD ; Biiffrii^e ^ ballnl. — v.t. ta 

to aiptesB k cUoloa or opInlQii by 

Trtw, vOt'^r. n. ono irlio tdIw or bu 

ToUn.vat'lv,a.BlvenbTTOw: vowed. 

uiytlilDg; teBtlmobJaL 

Ttw«UTon'al.'B, BO 
— a. pertmlokng to 

Tnigu, vul'ggf. "■ porlBlnJi 
cent. — n. Tiljii'itr.— n. 

Vii]««t* vnl'g^t. n. Latin TeMlon oi 

tbe Scrtpiiires made b; 8t. Jerome. 

VolunUt, Tui'ufr-^bl, o. tlwt may be 

linlDg the borly from Bl 

Wait, wid, Li. to walk thrmigli wi 
OT asy ykiaing anbetani^. 

Waft, waft. ».!. to bear through a 1 

*»•. "'^j^: !?i!,f-. '?„n''. "' 


WalMt, w&l'nut. «. a nut-bearing tree. 

and its fruit. 

i^u"-'-.';. to bst ■ ' « "" •" 

Wains, wol'- .^H^ 

WuM. wa'jei. hire; payment for«ga ill^^rTnTM 

Hrvice. (rlment.! 

aquatic ani- ,J|^^ShBW^ 

W»M?Fjr,'9r.i,n.plEM.t,try; mer-| 
W«gU6, waglBb, a. uportiva ; given 


WxoB, «at('flii, n. veGclBfor goods 

,"■,'««'.•' ^^»^ 

WaKi, wilt!, n. a dance performed bj 

'S™/'B*'^''{r'*'' "" "°''r«iSlme™[ 

two persona with a revolving m6- 

■Wt^'ifT^'^t tomd wTitot 

danci. waltz. — ■.•" 

Wj^waJ. ^'^^".*- W weep WouU 1 

WampiuB, wim'pum. n. strlnca of 

Bbelle HBCd as money by the Borlb 

WiiD. wan, n°T«gon. 

WliBuot, wan'skot, r.. panelled boards 

Wan, wnn, n. pale and sickly; pallid. 

on the wallB of mpurtmenta.— c.i. to 

line wltu panels. 

Waad, wood, n'. a slender roil. 

Wmirt, wast, ". part of the human body 

Wandfr, won'der, v.i. lo ramble about! 
stray: be delirious. 

between the rtba and hips; middla 

part of a ship. 

Vaaduar, won'd«r-f r, n. one wbo wu- 

Waiitbul. »'B9t'b«Dd, n. band or part 

the waist. 

WaM-win.n.i.todecresse; HfovrBmall 
orfaint.— n. deellne; decreaae. 

Wabtocat. wist'kflt, wee'-, n. a kind of 

Want. wint. ». need: neceseily; pov- 

Jacket worn under the coat. 

ertj: tljiug waj-ted.— r.l. to LL-ed; 

Walt. wit. v.i. to stay In eipccUttou ; 

WantMi. win'tflu, a. Bporttve ;' licen- 

Waiter, wit'^r, n. one wlio waits; at- 

tton,: not jnatiBed,-n. waatonu... 

p>..(. lo fiMllo; revel; dally.-n. a 

Wam. wiY. V.I. to give up claim to ; 


Wake, wik, v.t. to arouaa from sleep; 

people; open hoaiUity — v.t. to 

WarUa. war'bl, v.i. to sIor In a quaver- 

ing w«-; sing: chirp, as birdB.-„.l. 

lo Bind; carol — ?i. a quavering of 

Wakem wOk'eu. «.(. or n.i. towake or 

Waiwi^war'Wsrf B. ona who warblea: 
Ward. wird. r,.L 'to keep In aafety: de- 

Walt, wil. n. ■ riane ; rained alreali 
left bya laah: plmli atour a ship's 

fend ; fend off.— v.i. to act on the 


Walk. w6k. r.<. to more by Btepa wltti- 

tod; 1 protection ; proteelor : one 

out runolng: to live: behave.— n. 

who Is under a guardian: partola 

act or manner of walking; plaee for 

lock prolectlna It against 

walking; conduct. 
Writ, wif n. fence of brick or stone: 

keys: division of acitj.boBpital.Ao. 
Warlin. wtrd'u. Warder, »ird'?r. ». 

with, or BB with, a wall: fortlly. 

Wlrdnbi, wirdTSb, n. a movable closet 

Wall«.wol'et, n. a hBR or kaapsaol; 

(or clothes: apparel. 


WatUonr, wftl'tlon-^r. n. plant with 

frasraniy-'llow fleers. 

Wm"w^r"!'atarel'" "'"" 

WaUew. vA'6. e.f. to roU about, as In 

Ware, war. n. (need generallj In pJ.) 

■ee.elr.sdd.ttrm.ssk.ail.Tlt]; B{v«rc, ebb. b«t. miker; Ics. Inn) OHot.ok,] 

L ■ ■- ■ ■*• -^ "'. ; ■ "^' • ""■■"■ "-.J 


tor eoodt. |n>r.{ 

ale. with apples, fte. 

Wuhn, wir'ftc, n. mllitiry »m»loa ;| 
Tuliki, vrir'UK. a. like. beBttiDfl, or 

Waiiailm, -oa'ei-fr. ». a drlnkur of 

H'aaBall; reveller. (tg bfcj,m|{ lo. w.r; ra«tUl. 

Wait. woBt. j),(. id ptri. ^«a. ind. uf^ 

neiloiu; Oicltad; eitlUble.— cl. or 

productive; unuied; valueiees,— 

t.i. to nuka. or become, wvm. 

V.I. to luy waete; deaoiate: deatroy; 

WuiDth, «4rmlh, n. elate o( baing 

WKin; modfli»lB heat; eiultement; 

Waat^ wael. n. act of waeting; any- 

Win, wirn. T-.i. to Rive notlcfi o(d«i- 

ger; cmitlon; sdmooieli. 

nncnltlvatedlaiid; Heiert; reluae. 

Winlir. wikiD'luE. n, natloB of dan- 

WMtafll, waefHil, o. deatructiva ; 

ger; cutton; mnomuon; pcevloiu 


Win. wini, I., tbreldg alrelohed 

keep Roird; be awake.— 1,(. to keep 

in view; gi« heed to; fiuwd. 

by tlie woof; a rops need In toning. 

WMeh. wocb. n. act of walcbinR; 

-»,(. to iwiet out ol aliape; tnra 

aside ; peT'ert ; low wltb a line 

nude la<t 10 ancborB. 4c.-ti.i, U be 

Tlaiou of the ulgbt : pocket tlma- 

twietedoutorelupe: bend; awer'w. 

Wat^I, KOOb'er. n. one who watchea. 

'™r.^ r°.«*"re ; " o bVa "'T'i'rtl 

WlWifii wocb'fiil. a. caftfol to ob- 


Wateh-houa. woeb'hona, n, hoiue lo 

wblcb a watcb ia poitedi poUcs- 

Wamntj, wot'jnt-l. a. a iagal deeil of 

etation. {nlgbt-guard.! 
WaWtamJ, wocb'wnra. n. paaa-wopl 

W4niB, wor'en, n. piece of around for 

rainios animiiU. ap. tabbiio. 

to be gi^en to a aentry or guard. 

Watiitr, **r'i-^)r. n. aaoldier. 

Witot, w&'t^r. rt. the fluid whioii forma 

Wart, Wirt. n. a -mall bard oicrei- 

Ireea. (*arU; like a wart. 

Vartr, >r*rt'i, a. OTBrnrown wllb 

pearanCB lo._i.,j. to take in water. 

W.». woz'p.tMt Xid'M^.^v. i«i. 

Vater-«d«, w&'t«r-kul-ur. n. a pig- 

ment usefl by with vfater; B 


dratrlDg to aoch plnmuDla. 

Vaik, woili. V.I. to clewiee by water; 

WltM-bil,wk'l«r-f&l. n. a cascade; c*^ 

flow aRBlast: oierflow; ramove by 

Water-fowl, wi't^r-lbulTi.. a Towl that 

tbln eM of me^or paldt.— n act 

WatniUk "'ii'tfi^isli. a. Uke >ra(er| 

laemetic; tliiueoal of metal or paint! 

WlUring-rUMi wi't^r lng-i)ti». n. 

flat rtuE to protoclfroin fpictlon. to. 

Waihtrwoiau, «oeh'er.*ilmV. "■ •■ 

Water-loggeJ, wi'tBr-lSud. n. rendered 

woman who tnahee clotbea. 

WartT, woel.'l. a. watery; dilute; 

Wup, w6«p. 71. a Htingino, four-wio^K- 
W»rikh, waep'iah. a. ilke a wssp; Ir- 

WatemiaB. wi'ter-m^n. n, a boatman. 
Wat«r-B»tk, i^'tfr-marli. b. mark 

>\io«l„i, the h7i-ht t- which the 

Wawail, wos'el. n. a diiuUDgreatlvity; 

MT. date: flw. pWl. op: oil, out, thtn. lU; get, Jet: Un. iln; chip, u(ib)Dre. | 

-'-■nof, wi'l^r-prijbl, a. n 

Witn-thrf, wi'tf r-BSfirt. n. r 

W«M-wbMl. wft'l^c-whsL, n, * wlieel 

-worki. irS'ler-Hurka, n.jit. uw- 
iiery or atructureB bj wblch wt- 

W»t«tT.»' "^'l^'-i. a- like. oVcooliin- 

WMUtwot'l, a. ■ twig; fleiible rod; 
bonile : MmLji eiEce««euee nndar 


f I W«k, w6k, a. wiollnft Btretigth ; tea- 

W«»Ut?"^'U, ' a. waik In bod'y''or| 
Wfi, "«. a. prMpfritj; welftM. 
WMlbh. vflltlj, R, rlcli«B ; Hmumce ; 

WBIU17, weitli'l. a. ricb: opaleut. 

wiSiout i)Eliig Buckled; to rwoiicUo 
to tlie want of adytblDg; wltlidrmw 

moTsd. like h n*> 

WiTt-dTning, TaVM-^-ini!. n. an of- 

iv«s waved townrde the (our offdl- 

Dkl polnta. 

»TH, wS'y^r, t.i. to aiake ; 

... Jke yellni ___ 

ie produced by bofie: reglnomi 
compoimd aeBd to aal letten. — v.t, 

Wuoi, Hnke'ii, a. made of, or like, 

w"'Ws^'' « ^' ™( ''d"?o''tiQii- 
dlatuoermauDer'utBcUiig; mode; 

WaylkTB. wi'%r-«r, n. a traveller. 

WayfUtog. wa'ftr-tnii. a. traielliim. 

Wajwiri, wa'n'^. a. wllfnl; fro- 


Vtud, wte'l. n.' « email camlvorcnu 

WaaUui, weWV- "■ •*««« of the M. 

mospliere.— B.!, to sail to tbewind- 

WtithtMoek. weW'^r-kok, n. ■ noe 
to riiowthe directloa 0I tbe wind. 

Vutko-KUt, we(A'?r-g*), n. enme- 
thing tbal Indicate* tho weallier : 

WatttWHldt. wett'fT-ald, n. wliid^l 

Wnn. *«'. '.'. to iioite, h threada. 

to (Orm a (abric: to make, aa a tUO- 

II, VI4I; sevfie, ebb. tiAr, mik^: loe. in 

Ac. sloping tu in edge: Ingot.— i.l 

f sdloot ved'lok, n. niarried HtBto. 
ttiMtUj, wonz'di, n. tlie fouttti d«: 

fmi, wgd, n. ■ nseleBB plant.— o.t. ti 
free rrom weeda. 
WhI, wM, n. > gmnnenti lu id. 
monmliis dress. (fiiUiit needs. 
WsidT, wM'I, a, ot. or Ilka, weeds ; 
Wttk, ««i. n. ■ peHod of seven days. 
Wsetl/. wSk'll, a. lisppenlng. or com 

U kind of beetle 

wot, well, n. Itares 
nrp of cloth ; wool 

'^to be «■ hJ^" 


ITdti, wird. n, fste: s spoU.— a. elilll 

Bdfn»fltehcnift- imcBrtlily. 
Wdsns. wel'kam, a. r.™ived wiU 

liiRly »dinltted or ullowod; irn Ic 

ti,l.ta»»lve witb klDdoess; sdmli 

unite bf bsinuier 

WsM. weld. . 

lug together -luuu uui 
Wdbn. wel'fsr. n. en 

hoJtb. prospnrit;. Ac 
WdUn, wel'kln. n. tbe 
Will. wel. e.(. to Iseae I 

bS.iStm; flw.pUl.up: oil. o 

WiB-kn. Tcl'b 

Wsll^ni, «el'b 


WiU-Bich, »fll'D 

WslsL welaL, a 


fleeta; or abiODs tu 

Wuid. wenT t.,*. to gc 
Wsjl, wept.p.t. sndp.p. otU 
" '- P-l- P'- "W- •uf I 

. . . ,1'er, n. ship or per* 

employed in killing while*. 
milbc, wbU'log, n. the bnslnen 

Wkutue, wbirfii), n. psymonl fcr t 

\«<« ot s whkTf. 
— - 'hfLrTln-J^r. n. one w 

<i,thi: get,]eti Un.sln; ohlp. u(ih)nre. 

or au; kind; staU. 
WbtA. "Mt n. kind of grMS, md its 

Wluta, whifn. a. mule of nbut. 
WhHll^ vM'dl. I.I. to entkw 117 boR 

Whw). wii»l. n. »'clrcni«r ttmniB or dlak 

WbHlbunir^ whAl^bar-a. n- > Inrroff 

or tasud-art vlth one wbeel. 
Wb««l-wtight, whSI'rK, n. > maker of 

wb^ifl aod wbed-carrUgeB. 
VkMM, vbix. v.i. to brenUie bird with 

» bluing noise. 
Vlalk, wbelk, rt, a molloak with a 

tiplnl abeD. 
Wtila. whelm, v.t. to plunge; cowr. 

to bring fottb a wbelp, 

orafler.tbetime tbat; wbile: tnUr'. 

when; stwLateTer'tlme. 
Whan, wbar.odo. at which place; <n- 

WhanibMt, vbu'Q.boat. adv. near 

what, or wbicb. placB. 
Whmai, whgr-ai', odti. alnce ; when 

WbK*at,'whtr-kt'. odK. at whtoh. 
Wtanbr, whjr-bl', ode. bj which. 
Wharali, wh|kr-ia'. adc. Ip wblcb: to 
what* [what J [ 

Wtamt wbgr^iT'. odn. of which; m, 

-'-'• [«hM place HO0«r, | 

rii§[-ti)b', adc. to' which; to 

her'i, n. a ligbt iwlft boat. 
)t, n.i. to Bbariwn b; mb- 

aaowtbing that eictiea a- 

'helA'^r, pTDn. which of Iw 
laed to JDtroduw the Bnt 

lag edged toola. 

WhiBe. whlf 1, v.i. 

Whig, whig, T>, on. . . „ . — __ 
'^--'- — political party.— fl. per- 

I. WUgti>Bi whlg'- 

Whn^tk. wh§r-wiM', Wknwithal, I 
whar-wllJi-U', odn, with which; 1 
wiOiwhat! I 

Bm. (Ir. add, Urm. gat, UI. tT»I; aerSre, ebb. h 


WkiH.'whU, ti.^tlme'.'^di! dorSs 
time that ; at tbe same time.-^ 
to cause to paas wltlumt ledli 

WUb, 'whim, WkfuT, whim'tl. f 

WUmpar wbira'pfr. t.i, tocrrwH 

WUnilMl, wbim'ci^^l.o. fnU of whii 

imhu, whin' v.i. to lament or c 
plain Id a abrlll plaintiTo tone; 
ntter a plaintive cry. — n. * pUtni 

WUdij. wtalu'l. v.i. tanejgh. 
WUp, whip. n. a laah with a bur 

dAver.— x.f. to strike with a wl 

■ew lightlr- 
ThipjacfwUL whip'ftr-wll, «.«aAiD 

WUr, wb«i 

Whirl, wiij 

ldl7.-n. . „. 

WkiillgiB, whirl'i (Tig, „. a reroV 

WUripod. wbfirl'pifcl. n. eddj; ti 


', mik^: Ice. Inn; Mpr, ox. 


TUt*. « 

WhU*<lai. « 

Wktoi whifn, Ti"o'"S.'i. to m 

beooiDfl, wblte. 
mttwulL wtalt'wcMtl, n. mil 

Ume and wbUc for whlteolni 

WUthtr, wtilM'«r. adn. to wbtct 

ta wbst: to what p1ac« or reA 

VUtLsHiTir. whlth-^t'-s^ev'f 

WUtiah, wbit'lHh. a. Bomewhat whits, 
mttltitbn. wbit'l?U-er. n. leather 
•■-"saeil witb ilum. iio., pliable aud 

WUttlt, wblt'l, pusoront with 
WU^ wblx. n. a blBilnfl soond.— 1>.(. 
Wh», hrfb, pron. wblcli person or per- 

WSri*. bOl. a. all: entire; oomplets: 
v tblng; totality. 

Wluwp, hdbp, n. a lant 

WhMpUii-HBiih. biA>p'lng-kfi 
couvulslve coogh, la wli 
breath 1< angbt wlthashrll 

Whau, bdbi, pron. poaeeBslve 
wbg or tU(L 

WltM, hdb'aS, prm, whatever 

WhOMtTir, hdb-Bfl-ST'fr, jiran. 

Wjdt, wlk, 
WloM. ^ 

".'wliilndly: — ". 

Wlgkat. wik'et. n. a amall 
upright rods bovlod at i 

to aldB; hroad; dlitaot, 
TMn, wM'n, v.t. or n.f. 

WidfwB, wij'nn. n. ainall n 

baud 1. d«id.-B.(. 

a bereave of a 

Ha.»tr, wla'(H,r, n 


n. Wa; get, Jet; Mn, iIdt eMp, as(rti)iira. j 


WOteMM. irtl'der-ne*. ». ft wUd iiiKe ; 

of a bnilding to admit ll«ht; Itaow 

lu the opeuliig. 

WlUIn. 'rild'fli. n. ■ tbi; luflnDimn- 

Wiadtipl. wlud'plp. n. cartilagtouni 

tube B hicb oouveja »it to Ilie lung.. 


Wlniwatd, wiud'wjrd, a. altoaled to- 

Wflftl, wLl'lul, a. obsHMtfl: frowwd: 

ward, or teclug. tbe polDt (ram 

TQlui.»ry.-<rf». nltoUr ;-». -UM- 

which the wiud blowi.— adi. tu- 

ward tbe wind,— n. point tram 

Wlll, wU, n. the power of chooLug or 

wbloh tbe wliid blowa. 

dutermlulug { ctioice: dFtermiua- 

WMX. "I"d'l, a. fnll of wind; e-po.. 

ed lo the wind; stotmy! empty^ 

■olve f ■ do; bequ(*ti..— v.i. b> bo 

temlvcd -. docree u lu wuilidry 

grapei, or o( other Iruiu. 
Wu<-m». w[n'blb.«r, n. a drinker 

«rt (p,(, vnUI It deuot*. lutuclty 

wSW wll'ing, a. hKlDB tho wm dis- 
poied; iQclinad.— B, viUmgiuu. 

Wla>-(U^, MQ'glea; R. amaU glaaa 

Williulr. wll'lDg-U. ocJd. witli free 

WiBg, wing. ". limb by -blch an anl- 
pi^Blea; fligbt; side-portion -J a 

will; mdilf. [bruidies.i 

WUtaw, wll'O. n. K trOB wltU aleuiier| 

building, army, te.—t.l. to Aimlah 

Willtwy, wU'd-i. a. •boumUiig lu wll- 

wltb "liiga ; tnuaport by wingg; 

lowi; line B willow. 

traverM^in flight; wound In tbe wing. 

Wilt, wilt. M pwi. liiv. pr.t. of wUL 

Wlok-wlnk. v.i. toabut and open the 
ey^da quickly; connlie.— r. actuf 

Wilj. "U'i, o, cminWB: c™[tj.-n. wi- 

Udw. Iborlus: ulial.t.l 

winking; hliit given by winking. 

WlmUa, wim'bl. n. *n iuatrnmeut fori 

WblO'. wlu'fr, n. oue wbo wli.a;°Tlc- 

Win, -Jn, r.I. to g^n; obtain by vie 

tor. [cbarming.! 

tory; allure.-,..*, to gain thertoto- 

Wiaaini. win-lBg, =. attractive; 

rj.-pl. andp.p. mm. 

WlnMW, win'O, r.t to aepant« by ttae 

Wuutwlni. t.i.toBhrlnk: .t.rtb«k. 

wind. Bi. grain from cbaS; to eam- 

Ine thoroughly. 

Wind. <riD°d. 'nt'irTn mo™; brMthi 

ui; tbliig InnigniQwt. 

mni Mud. e-(. to sound by blowing. 

nary, and February. — r,*. to paaa 

Win*, wind, ...i. to turn around; coll; 

the wluter. — ,>.l. to teed during 

aploJIy'; i^iander.-j^t aid p.p. 

WlaleiT. wlo'ler-1, Wtatii. wln'lri. o. 
of. or like, winter; wlJ.' 


Wlnlm wind'dJ. n, difference be- 
tweeu tUo slie of llie bore of a gnn 

WIpt "1P. t..!. to clean by rubbing; 
mb off! — B. act of wiping. 


Win, "Ir. n. a Ibread n( metal,— n.l. 
iTblnd or irame with wire. 


Wir^iraw. wlr'drii, v.t. to draw Into 

WiBiWl. wind'ai, n. anTtbIng blown 

down by the wind: nne.pected ad- 

tilcly. lalrong.l 

Wiry, wl'rl, a. like wire; fleilble and{ 

wSdilJ^^Ih«t. wlnd'in«->Ufl. n. a 

knowledge' well; learped; dodMUi- 

Ing wi*lo,c.-«dr. wiidr 

Wlawm, wlz'1-kfr. n. a aballo* pre- 

tender to wisdom. 

to have a dealre; be incilned— «,"• 


Vladnr, wln'dd, n. opening In tlia wall 

ice. sir. «Jd. inn, jak. ill. *ltl i HvSn 

. obb.h4r. mUfr; to* Inni M^. M. 

WiiUal, wU 

Wit, wil. B. IntBlllgBn 
striking or tunuaiug 

Wltahnr. wtob'er 
mth, Willi, pep. < 

by mHQi at; m 
WlOti, mk-u; , 

he oompanj of; 

WaUnwii, •rltt-drl'^l, n. met ot «1U|- 

ViO^ in^ wltb. n. ft fleilbiB twig or 

atrip ofwood; biodoftwln. 
WHkar, wlU'^r. d.(. to lose IreabDeae; 

wither! ' °" """ 

Wlthna, •fiBt'en. ridgs between 

the Hboulder-bonea of m hr^tBQ- 
mthhaU. wltt-Mld', ■c.t. to bold or 

_I>.p^wittWr''* '''~'''' 

intUl, wtA-ln'. prp. Id tbe lauer part 

WKlunt, wW-out', pi7>. ont ot; be- 
yond i nol wtlh ; eioept — ode. on 

VUiHtai, with-gUnd', c.i. to reglal ; 

oppo«.-p.l. and p.p. wtthitMl. 
ma^ wlt'lei. o. wmting wit or nn- 

de^tndlng.->i. wttltwlHi. 
mtltafe wll'Ilag. ». • pretenderlo wit. 
WitaMfcWlVnae, n. teetimony ; one 

knowledge of : onewboatlEsta.— n.l. 

Wmb. wdbm. n. 
iwodaeed: i 


Wot, «0, n. grief 1 miaery ; ohiml 
WB»-teg«B>, wS'be-gftu, a. fuU of 

. befitting ■ 


VwMniik. wAd'chuk, : 
barrowlng Bnlnul. 

WNtatk, wbd'kofc, n. 
anipe kind. 

Woii-«Bt wid'knt, n, ■ 

aiwplled with wood. 

bmrd; clninsy; a'tlff. 
WowUml wid'ljnd, « 

Wioliiiui. wAd'm^D. I 

. bird or a 

I. Und CDTsced 

i; daa. pftn. op; oil. oat; thin. U(: get. Jet: Un.ilni eUp, u(ih)im. 


Wgoir, wAd'l, a. sbc 

Wtrf, mtot. n, tbi 

W«l,"ol.'". the » 
cntled limlr of neg 

WaiSx, «m,'a. of. 

telstlouof thoastitii Ulk: tidings; 

bLkuL.— Tbi Wnl, the Bcriptnres : 

W«^, wurd't. a. uilnR m*ii; wordi; 

5^ ™k''if W™(orm- l*bor- 

make hy labor ; Effect -, HUTJB^ : 

vtrkld. wMlihl— n. l^r: employ- 
ment: anytHlnn prodoced by wort- 

TnUuiiH, xnrk'bonB, n. hnoH wbere 
tbo poor are given work, food, and 

Waikwam, wnrk'msn, b. one who 
▼«kBuAl>, wurk^man-ehlp, «. mon- 

net of nukiDE ; work don«: aklU. 
W«rMwp, "nrk'shop, n. ■ shop where 

WmU, wuild. n. the «rtb: uuililnd; 

WMlUiif, KDridntng, n. one deroted 

WiriUr, wnrld'll, a. pertiinlng Id the 
worfd; devoted to tbia lift ud Its 
euJoymratB, *c 

, ftOm, p.p. art) w* 
r, mfl. «.!. to U 

TtnUpfol, wnr'ihjp-iAl, a. worth; of 

Wnrt, »Tir«t, o. b«d o 

.^n. the liigheat de- 

Wenttl, ttual'ed, n. 
oi mads, oi worate 

Wart*, north. B. TmhiB: prlt 

Worthy wui 

, CODBiBtiDg, 

the cmbbtge 

Wnii, wonnd, p(. indp.p. of|««j 

Tiren, wfti'n, pp. oft* nan. 

Wnitle, nDR'gl, o. to dlapnie notai- 
1y or vigiily.— n. m noley dispute. 

WriHflir, riDB'glor. n. one wbo wr»n- 
hIci : la tbe tidiarplty of Cun- 
bridga. one of ttaoaa who p»a the 
beat euralDation tor the degree 


r, H. one'vba, or tbkt 
i; covering; looaa 

log, (L a eowring ;| 

laa, (Ir. add, tm. t^, ui. Tt(l; ■«>*», abb, fate, mUfr; log, Idd: Mpr. oi 


WnlhfDl. ritUi'fU. b. full at wntb 

uigrj; euneed. 
Wrwk, rSk. b.(. to infiiot. 
VruO. rlOt, »■ aomeUiliig twisted ; 

gMliud. Itwlns 

ViHtkt. niK. v.l. or «.*. to twist: en 
Wntk, ran. 1. deatrooUon ; daatrm 

tlDDDfa>talpatB»; ruliiaofsBtUi: 

renulaa tX uijrtlilug 

a ahlp, 

a plaadei 

br slirm. 
WrHkil, rekv.. ». .^. - 

Win, leu, II. > hiobU bird of tlia flucli 
Wruuli, ™noh, ».(, to paU wltb & twlat: 

y mlaenbio:! 
a; arUflcer. 

Vntak, recb, 

▼ndhli lecb 
Wric^ rlg'l, 

WriiU, Tit. ti. 

WriM, ring, IT,., tu i wr, 

tvriitinB; Mtopraag; piin; ei 

irri^'clng'ki.™?BniiJl rid, 
lOW; ctaMB— B.l. ot r.i. 10 coi 

Wiirt, rial, n. 'joint EOnnaotiii, 

WitaUul, ilat'b^ad. n. put of s ■ 

ViiOat. Tit'lDg. «. act of (nrmlng let 
tijrairtth.peu,to.; documfut; iu 
goripHoD; book. lie. 

Trtng, rang, a. not Juat or right: no 

injuatics: iujurf.— o.I. to be uujna 

Wnagtiil, raug't&J. a. ni^uit; injuil- 

oaa.—adv. wran^ollT. 
Tnmg-haadid, rdug'bed-ed. a. obiti. 

Wniti, rot, p.t. at t* writ*. 

Wmght, rit, a. worked; formod by 
labor: made tougb by buumeriDg. 

pbsbet. Aa a Be 

aUuda tut ten ,■ til 

for tki f.ilK aa Le 

Ziikiu, zlfi-^. n. tl 

Xjltgripkar, Ei-log't 

7, «1. tweotf-fimi letter of tho alpha. 

YMht lot. n. X light veescl lor ideaH.| 
luktuic, 70t'lng, a. nillug la a yacbt. 

intenglb. (Darratlon.l 

Tarn. jUta. n. apun thread: a tale ot| 

Yawl, jil, n. a email flehing-veaael - 

_ IgaplngJ 

Tut. Jit. n, time In nblcb tbe Hrtb 
aoSdajB.— in|)l.. ago. lold.l 

I«dy, yir"!!. o. Imppeiilugeverj'jrtar^ 
luUilti > yett.—aitv. oure a ywr. 

Tnniic yirti'U^. n. * loiigUg; gmt 

lenderaen—u. lougiog. 
T«ut ft. J«8t. i>. frmh orternMnllDg 

TttMtr, yfnt'i.' TlutT, JMt'J. o. like 

Ttlk, yelt, n. See rolk. 

TtJl. J'i. r.i. to utter s lond abrlll ont- 

TdlgwlU, ^el'v-lsb, n 



T«U(> JXUK. «• Del ultl; 

TtonfUng, jung'llug, n. > joung i 

ng'alf r. n. i voong per-l 
rsn. poguBsfie oC jn 

Tim, J'flrz, sron. po«eaeiv« oT j< 

TmntU; ;ar-»U', pron. yuur own h 

at\3 iil8; * rmiug pera- 

TratUnl. Tiltb'Itil. o. young; befittlDg 
jmiali i fre«b : ylgoroiM^n. mth- 

Tato. 1-01. »- Ci 

r I, Kd. z 

TtMiiiBiy, yS'in^-n, n. collective body 
T««. yes, adv. yn; »yi ■ word of W- 
TtrtK yei't^r, a. pecliluiug to ye«- 

TNtwter. yes'ler-di or -di. n. the liiy 
liAt pMt- — aav. nn the dpy taat pM(. 

TMtn^ckt, yoi'ter-ntt. n. tbe olglit 
iMt iBut.— adp. oa iMt night. 

T«t yet. ado. DMiaes: np to this or 

^o«ever.-« . never e^» w 

Y«w a. n. Ml etBrgwen tree silled to| 
TUl, y«id, K.f. lo glre up ; r»)ga i 

givewsy.— H. smooul yielded; pro- 

Tlkt-Mlav, ydi'let-O. n. an assoclste. 
Talk, yOk. n. the yellow psrt of 4n egg, 
"•^ yon, Ynrfm, yon'ii^c. odi, « ■ 

Tm, yflc. n. moleut ItmeH : old Hmfl, 
Tn, ya. pitm- 3d jwr^. pf.^ also aaed 

twcDty-gliUi letter i 

Jut, s^'dI. r. It baflbon : me 
Zui, i^, n. psniODste trdor. 

natlo. [dent.— adf. lu 

Zstlno, lel'ua, a. ftUed with a 
bin, leb -- 

lilhTi. nrfr. n. the 
Ins. il'ra. n. the cipher 

ng, zlE'ng, 1 

(g«iUe brwia.l 


IM,^, add. Irm.Bit. 1 

>e climttlo dWleiDDe ot the e 
b, hir. mU^r; loa, lUD; dd( 

loilacT, i*-ol'p-Ji, n. idencfl wlitnli 
UutB ot uimola.— a. iMltg'Itt). 

MlhTt^ id'p-ni, n. mine .ppllad In 
ndlaio uiinulfl. such u poLyps and 

Ki-mot'lk, el', a. pertaJnlng 
IS principle ui dlieige Ktlug 



Alt^nller*. See Alts-riliiTt, 

I'lrfl.iim. n. doctrine thsl 

It, Emit), t-niBr-, n. ui Asl- 
'B«'ml-B. «. morbid slite 

'itar. an-e-mom'e-ter. 

y ar. n. loeiBUM of 100 «q. n>( 

tag liquidB.— pi. »»«m1«._ 
Btuo-rllilTt, bu 'o- rf 

»touLj»-W, 7., a fla 

llqold dlHtillod from pefroleum. 
madeb; bircin^aic (IiroDgh melted 

BitTtliit, bl slk-li 
mm, be-zbdb', « 
Bi-metamni. bi'u 

im, n. Uifl use 


Bioietiltii, I 

«. llgLC fOUI- 

llL bftl. n. oua who smcateU 
stocks expecUng a ilae in prlca. 

ip detulied bin. 

DuirhMir, ki-koro-i 

t iTiug or eug- 

laeptic Uqiud. prepared 
tor. [nmelcttl 

i'no, n. iLiUlurduictiiR,! 

t'zLi-^n, d. pertaining 

0«UlllolJ, Bel'j-Q-iold. n. 1 
CaUn. scnt'ar, n. the on* 

Onknl, «er'e-l 
(RubIU^ shen-SI' 
CbltlnMi. ibeD'yi 

Ohirvrcual, bl-i 

1, lirm, aak. U1. TIf I ^ aeiirr. 

r, mib^r; loe. Imii Mgr. o 


DHlter In pluita. 

nana gueoiu eoH] 
lag the siiD. 
Chnu, kra'mfl, n. w 

Heir or 

a for 


npld Id ■ Btreun. 


Uai. (Boript.— pi. Mt'lDM.! 

S*^ tajdeki B. ui BQOient iMnul 

ou«lii« cold maUL * ' "" * 
Oglkij, kDl'lDld, a. nFa (iBCld oc gfUt- 

0>u;Htu, koQ-ipek'toi, n. brief sur- 
OMjm»tiTt rtm. ka-np'fr-j-tlv itor, 

for uCtle. 

Onimatarr. Itrem'^.Hi.ri, n-bntldlng oi 

Orntacrin, krlp'lij.gniiu. n. h wrlMng 
III avcrst charactfirA; cipber - writ- 

Ory^imfhy, krip-tog'ri-ft, n. irl of 
wnUng Inolpher,— a. (rjilt«Ii»ph'iB. 

n. publis 

I- «il^ ""^ 

tlugnlBUed Advocata.J^a. Darvia'- 
Duwlsfat, d^i'vln-Ut. n. an npholdsr 
Dni^uU, flfd'iied, n. one vrho neea 

DMd "b«irii»d"'kiU,' ■."aialB of complMe 
obttructlon; rfclpraal hlDdmoce, 
utk-nta, detli'rit. n. ntlaof deatba 

Mantnlbt. -In, de-sen'tnl-li, v.l. to 
dlatiibute powers tbat tiave been 


Hitna, dei'l-giam, n, the tenth oFa 

dek's-Rram, n. welgUt of 

MuUtt" dek'{|-llt-«c.' n.' meaaure of 

!n: S^Tlu^^B.™"""' 


a.tM: get,Jetl hln.alDi ehlp. u(Eb)un 

Wntrtlo. dl-jl-rei'iti. a. lisTing thai pusKge conne 

of arlne.— B. H dinretLe meaicloe. IitoIbUmi. e^-fl-ia 
Dnp-lltlm, drop'let'nr, n. & ietter to, llie developmei 

i!h it is posted. lEiolgtla^rt, a"-9-14'ehun-iBt. ». one 

I>jliuut«, dlu'a-mitH dT'-, n. JHi eipio- , who hnlda the doctriacDf eTOluUr — 

J^unitor, din'^-mit-^r, d^'-^ n, oue eul^ect with absolati 
DTI14X, dln'viuO. dl-, «. mioliini 

BuitB. eta'o.jeii. 

(DlttMigu (ea-d(tl'c 

buikn, eD'Bl-)(ij, n 

li> « pit or eilo. 
gg ; vut period 

Eflonu. ep'i-»Bn, o. p«rt»»iog of the 
DBliire of both teiea; commou to 

IpinotiD. ep'i-sa-ot'ik. a. preTslling 


Ffthnnluit, t&t 
point ai-J°. 

^n-hit, a. meunred by 
W and tlis balllDe- 
ga- [fi-yoDiw'], «. kind 

Irish polltiCHl Hoclpty.— o. pertMn- 
ingto, orrtonBby.renlKH. 
Frtbh, MlBb. fj'tlab. «. object to wbloh 

Htid-gUa, rairt-Bliji. n. portubie (*le- 

Ouiih. gar'Isb, a, gluing ; ihi 

dun, ihonoT, deooting ■ atyla of nrl 

that dcaU vitli everydir lubJacU. 
e«Mutriii, JS'^-aentlik. o, having tb* 


ahnO, gdbl, n. a 

.c-a. BHlrt'lt. 

makfT! loo, Inn; Upr, ox. 

nhli;b attempted to combLue PAgiD 

ptallosopby wlib GbiiBtUuity. — n. 

■n ndbereot of UUb lect. 
Otvb, gram, rt, a weljjht eqoiUliDg 

15M8* grains troy. 
SnotaolL grtu'liak. n. pronilMory 

imocy. (So alliid Itom th« back 
liOR prlnlaa iu nreeu Ink.] 
inj-int, gionad'reat, n. rent paid 

— '- - tbe doctrioe tbat all duties 
bolda tbis doctrine .^-n- hiBUI' 

Hardlft-nvflr bur'dl'Tis. rt, a raw Id 
....4.., hurdles or barriers are placed 

H^inmHtfli, bi-grom'e-ter. n. jui 1d' 
_. . ^[, aiHiBnting Iha molBt- 

Hnmal. talu'cti, n. a coUecUon of 

ByrtlMa. blpir'b^lii. n. a aectlon of 

SyrMMft, jrrfl-skSp, n. i 

liUUt. bab'l-tat. ». natnral homo of 
a wild plant or aDlnoal. 
ladu, bi'dii, n. place of depacted 

lMt«(i*n, bek'to-gram, n. weight of 

IM) grams; 3H2Tloz. av. 
iHtdUtor, bek'to-lll f r, n. meaanro of 

i b«-lI'B- 

, with I 


_b»lii7'n.~» ap'i"! ; 

bem'1-sfEr. n. bait a gpbere. 
lispbVlal, bem-l-arer'i-kal. 
i-red'f-U, n. bur or prioci- 

iatlca from piogenl tors to tbeirdc' 

n. hMo'ilagii <-10g). 
HoMSTB. hom'o-nliu- n s word like 
BoolLer In Bound, bnt dtffere ' ' 
meanlDg. — a. hoBun'nuu- 
ECTdn, UUm, bol'deu, n. s ru 
_ boisl«roM gitl ; romp.— a. hsl'l 

le.— d. hnerbol'ig. 
HrnsUim. bip'D()-tlii 

Innnmation. In-kre-ma'Bbna, n. 
Intaiarla,. In-fa-BA'rl-a. n- pt- a 

JullBttTt. Eb»r-dln-yfr', n. ooiament- 
JsUr-h^ Jol^-bOt,'n. a Bblp-B boat 

;; tbln.lUi getjet; klii,iini oUp, u(Ih|ll». 

lUfmU. mvJen'tg. n. > parpUsb cr 
H.KiMin. ms'^ol'l-ks. «.■ kind 
w, nwr'a, n. bit; aubsteace In m 
■inbuUUa, mir'cbuit f bl. a. At tor 
KttuBMphle, met'B-nior'flk. a. chiuged. 
Matar, ine'i«r, n. > maHnte ol 3s*37 
Kathl^ roe-the([')lB^n. bei^erage^o 

KlntoiuiiUt, klep-ta-mi'ul-sk, • 

Jlectei wltb kleplomuilii. 
XnioknbMktra, iilk'«r-bok>fri, n. pi. 

Ii»i»t»iT, Imy's-tQ-ri, b. s plice for 

LtiTD-ttuui, ttn'-len'ls, n. an out-door 
g*me pl«r«l irtlh a hall >iid raeketa. 

cohI of tlie MedlteriBaun 3s*. 
Licail*, Hfl'n", n- foaail "nod. 

Lite. llt'^. n. a meunra of 

Hbbrwi lob'l-ist. n. nne nho aeekB to 
Ininence leEisltttan in tbe luterHt 

:e. ^t. Idd, ilrm. (sk, iU. tf^; a| 

'; mnd. 

aHndtbofftRTwn: '' 
MUlUiUr, tnll'l-llt^r. 

bj BtiEOHpherlo i 
KiaagTiirt, mla-nJ'lD 

< audible. 

Martniry, i 
■■lek. mn' 

iropeUe<1 b? atpan 
lon'Q-krOm, n- paiotlng 

■a-»-H, o. perUiniDg 
c.l. to protMt win 

b, bit, mUfr ; tea, Inn i Mqi. i 

Ujt^ lul-'Vpi-ft, «. short -Bi«tiled. 

Inttnmm. jolr'(-ft-gt»io. b. weight of 

Mfiluiittr, mlr'l-s-mS-ler, mtMuraof 
10,000 maUrs; d-SlSTmilei. 

■rfleia.— n. auntL niWvti'. 
Htwd*. ■ ■ 


BUin; lug 
HlUliiB. Di'hi 
prlnclpL«a g 

■udfloclety, — a. nitailiit'le. 
titre-iiinnriiifc ni'iro-gllB'^r-in, n. ■ 

Hqlliti, Dnl'l-ll, T,. wint 
or lorce^ that which b 
wee oi nUdltf . 

nurinemDliaa]; Uud of cuttl«-flBti. 
dwifhlCU, 4-aat'a-gaB, n. tha guUat. 
OlMnvfinu, lyJi-if- mii'gtr-ia, n 

wed from kolmiil fat. 
Ortol«7. on-lol'pjl, 11. •otence whlcl 

0|W»-^Hi, op'fT-a-glM, n. ■ Bmal 

teleicopa, nsuUy double, used a 

theain*, be. 
(Mrlaa, oufrig-g^r n. frame pro- 

}ec&ng from Ue aide of a boat to 

T, dbiai Ow, pfill. up: (dl. out: thin, (M: get, Jet; I 

pab'yfL-lDia, n. food; auetfl- 
PaohTtem, pak'l-dfrm. n. oae of an 

Ac— pi. iMhr^nini, juhrlar'mata.— 
K. iMbnar'BUau. 

alHBtsliiiiit, pa]-s-on-t9l'fr.jlat, «. • 

-•—•-■ — — ■ e-on-tc1'fl-Ji, n. 

T produulug fac-almilB a 

?wMt, pa-rofld. a 
Pantna, pilr'Yi>-na 

•DttN, po-sa'Ui. n. pi. ancient B 
~Lan booaehold hdcIb. 

PHifatMi, |*r'l.p»-tefm. a. denoting 
the pbUoBophy of AHatoCle. — ti. a 
folloner of Aristotle, 
•tipia, pe-tO'ni-B, n. genni of flo»- 
erlngplanU. [of forfelta.l 

PUIqna, fli -^-pe'iia. n. kind ot gams | 
PUoi, floka. H. • genos of Bho«j Bow- 

utte. fiVoel'lk. a. relating to. or 
BteoninBd bj, the voles, or speech. 
uUlt. fO-nat'lks. Bhoaglffr. fd-nol'- 

uice and the sounda of speech, 
(giajh, fo'nn.graf. ». an tnstrn- 

PhutfjliinB, fd't^Mn, n. an Instmn 
b; whicJi llgbt-yibratiODB are a 
to nrodace or reproducA, sounil 


PbjllOlKl, fllklk«-*'tB. n. K dlsCMB ol 

lipi^M, fl-iSfc', B. bodUi comtltu- 
tion or coiifQtniiitiDn. 
louHDO, pUi-ft-teB'ka, tiunHH. pit- 

lu which (he priDdi«l peraoEUf e Is 

iMiniltan, pie'i-^ 

Rir-np. Tlp'np, T 

Poit«l-»Ti, pflHt'»l-tirii, n. lis 

pMt-danTi»B, pflBl-lll-lli'Vi-Ul. a 
Pr^ia^t, pr«-ben'(ii, a. opiible ot 
p. pro'lii.-tor'ik, ri. bf 

ProtlEi, preat'lj, n. tnflnBm 
TrupliTlutici, pr6-al-sk'tlk, a 
Pt«Mpl«m, pre'lp-plaam. n. 

Pnttiw, pra-tfl-zfi'i, n. pi. i 

PublWrt, pub'il-Bl'rt, B. B wri 

Pymoii, pt-S'ml-ii. n. mor 
ansfd by the BbHorptlon 

iug ■ plKB lie^thf . 

Baial, M'pil. n. < 

8«pim B«'pl-H, n 
brown pKtmeii 

oiBtTBiii, eO'6T-aj, n. ayslem of «e 
en: flrainigeby wwern, 
vent- Bh«iiig-hMB, >b<(b'iug'hflni.w.lD»ti 
ffieS for dr»wing.on m shoe. 


preienlDg g"!" 

lUce; thtn piece 

^res mesu tblpga 

^V^L^"""- ™ 

BorfboHi, eAr'gu 
b^ msize. 

n. |Bk, in. Tifl; (gTlre. e' 

Bm^Baf. v.i. to nute » (Igblug or 

■ndoh. .kw'^cli'. ».(. to cru.1.. 
BMMtg. etii-kii'Ki, a. aeuotlim ■ ihort 

Bnb-tninrj, aub-trezt 
Budm, BD'oLAk. sbJQ'm 

gtnlu, >llj'l-«u, o. pertalulng to. o 
llEe. tbarJverStri; black: gloomy 

871TB7. Bi!'i-)i. n. » UnkinB-toRetber 
conjunction or oppoaltiou of tbe lui 

tnud, v.i. to iacUae or unrTe, 
Trkhiiw^ (r1-k]'04. n. HmaU orKnainin 

rkhinHU, trlh-i-Qd'slfl. r- dlsejiw? 
pioduc«a by tbe presence of trli^l- 

rtojoli, tM'Blk-l, n. light thcee- 
wbeeled lebicle piopellcd bj Ihe 

Tumt-ihlp, tur'rnt-Pliip, n. voMcl of 

Tyjt-wiit«, UpTlt-^c. n. an imtru 
meat for loiprliiliuit lettetl ou pn- 
p«r by the toudi of Uie opflr&tor'a 
llugoni ou keys. 


Tglophsnjr. tel-«l 

ToiogfUl. tg-bog'^n, n. •klndotBledgs 

mule of ■ Hiogle boArd. 
Tounl^ toii->0'ri-k1, a. raUtlng to 

T(«4i-i«llM, trid'aol'jr. n. ■ BU«r 
doUu of tbe U. 8.. weigblnR 410 
pTBlDB. Htid ial«Ddfld for tnde wltb 
forelgnconntrin. [ny.\ 

Tntmj, tram'wS. n. ■ hociie-rail-l 

floMlnthoD. a.'flig, 
OldDi-juk. flD'yun-J*k, n. tbe natloiiiil 

uliutabK UD-niercli'iDt^bli a. 
uleablSL not Bt lOr hIf. 
OuttUi. un-etft'bl, a. uot Brio, nior- 
_ins; uumgeible. 

"irifhT, n-raii-ogTi-n, u, 11 de- 
rlpUon of tha bemyeus ud beaveo- 

1I»((, n'l^J, n. act of tulug: trelt- 

- -, , - >l ioagiuary 

T»Hdli»U, i-a-tla'lo-it, ».(, or r.i. to 

foretell; predlit.— n. TaUolm'tloo. 
Vlklnr, Tlk'ing, n. ao BDCIenI Noraa oc 

Tiiaicntto. Tln-i-grM'. n. Bmall bottle 
lU-chel'O, n, larg« In- 

Wb«tl*errT, wtSrfl-ber-i, n. tbe 

WMUmdiT, "■hit'.un'dl, [ „ „_„,„ 
"""—itiS. wbit'Biii.-iid. 1 "■ "b'e- 

Lb Sunday after Buter. 

Qir,dbi«i <Be,pail.upi nil. out; tblD, U«i get,;et: kiD, lin; cblp, ai(ib|ur«. 


■B Id Dijuii : a. French m, m In Evreui ; h. the gnltuMl Oermin e*. aud 

and u the miiuted vonclii In OiitClngeu, DUswIdorf. 

lu Spaoiali word*, e be(o« « nr i, and i. «rB prooonuced by BiunlmrdB llfea 

U Li Uiiih hnt by Soatb AmeclcuiB u iu Englleh. 



AldtruT, Il'der-Di. 

AillMri. ol'borg. 


*X-^ .I^^m.,- 

AubiM or'hdb.. 



ibjirfBi*. .b-lB .In'i-s. 

Aii^abO. al■^■b^^- 

AnuinJa. il-ri-ku'u|.^ 

Ab«ldiSr »b-?c-dau'. 


Anqnipa, a-ri-ke'PB. 


Abnaden, a'nifl'lea'. 

Anio. a ret'ea- "^ 


AIUM, »!-"»»'- 

Aj^nlM, a^l-^S-p^l-M. 



AMn. it-clier'rs. 

AmboiH. Bm-bwai'. 

ion, "4r. 

Aoltu. s-mB*.'. 


AmUTt. an-a-dSr'. 

Adi^ a'deii. 

Anam. B-uam'. IfhS'sl 

Arl«, Sri. 

AdKt. R'd«-ja. 

Anlaliu:*. sn-d)t-i<ft>- 

Anuck. ir-mS'. 


AsfaBUB. «=-di-m«'. 

AMMbKk. a-rdbs'lSLk. 

AdriuitplB, a<l-ri-mu-d'pl. 

Aidei. «i'd«=- 

AlWt. ilr-twii'. 

AdllUlt, Ml-ri-mt'ik. 

iBtom, aii.d«'r». 


Awu. ^-jTi^n. icsn'.f 

AndeTH, aii'dO-vfr. 


ASk^M^ af-EK-ui>- 


plhu. B-Hltbl'jM. 


Annuus. S-sObu-sfi-On'. 

AIVhi Kortii. eg mort'. 

AnRmn. an-gn-rS'. 

Aitrakhan. M-lra-lan'. 

AiSUk. In'tib. 

AlcltBIjr. ane'Kl-il. 

All-b-Ok>rdl, £kB-U. 


AMulkUTl. a^;L»-S^n'. 




Aluhok, o-iub'db-B. 

Awntfau, os-BdB-1to'. 
AOdtar, an-UybHr. 

Al^a-^ atb-a-b^.. 
AibuMo. A-ba-aoN'. 

Aiiuir w'bg.ui. 

Aauptlii. ao-ap'o-llB. 

AuUllMk. aPleck. 



AlbMUUlt, nl-bn-milrl'. 

Antipii, »i.-ti'tt«». 

AintiK, S-vgm', 

AlHh. sl^^A-lii'. 

AntlMh. mi'ti.nk. 

Ainmn, <<->«". 

AldST fll-ll.«'rfl. 


AtES. sv-ta.yoB'. 

AltnUuh Bl-Ob'shl-jin. 

At», d'vji. 

AUniiur,.., Bl.bJD.tte'- 

Apuhi^ a-paoh'g. 

Alo*. u'or. 


Aptudnn. ap'en-IM. 

A»nt, arasn'. 

loe, »lr. »da, Srm, 6«k. Ml. "rtnl; levfre, «bb. hSr, mSk^r; toe, Inn; Mpr, oi, 1 

M.iftwe: dm, pAll, up: oil. out: UilD. U«: get.M; Un.ain; eblp. u(Eh|iini. | 

BtdlJoL t»d-a-i 

Bilmonl. luil-nmr'»l. 
Baltia, bil'lik. 




Is fifflral 


B«w«n. bir'Ren. (ah!r, 
BfTkiliiM (Eng). biirh'- 
BiAiUn (T. B.). berk' 

Birmndu, l>^-m((bd'^. 
Bmitrd, b^r-niinl'. 
Bnwlok IEne.\ bir'rtk. 
Btnriok (D. S,), htT'wll 

Blun. blD 
BtaAtlB. b 

Bo(«U, ba-BO-a'. 
Bombot IS'. 
Btkliir*, bok-hl'ra- 
Bsb™, bfl-ievl-B. 
Bfllopa, Iifl-IOB'JH. 
Baniiuia, bon-e-E^'cbo. 
Bonin, b^nflu'. 
BkIudi, bor-dn'. 

Bmdint. bnr-o-<l§-iin'. 
BwMnu, bna'Pflr-ua. 

Btubni, biAr'bou, biAn 

Sougu, b. 

Oibil. Oiteri, kB-txftil'. 
OuruTTDB. ker-nafT^ 

bZc. ki'kiii. 

Oiin (Esypt), kl'rn. 
Otin (tl. 8.V Wcfl. 
ClbU. kH-IH'. 
CtlMdm, kftl'ka-BlnS). 

Oilvnt, kul'vert. 
CuspKU. kftm-iiSn 
Ouitdt. kHn'B-illi. 

OiBdtliu', kflo-ds-b) 

Culmilia, kBrli'rcdj 
CuMsiu. ktr-tft-bB'ua. 
Ouilinlu*, kfla-i-kf-f'- 

CtMidu, ks-Wcbi. 
Cis», kou '!.-». 
Cuiuu. ki'kiB-ns. 
Ctuntnt. ktt-bftiulr'- 

OiTiimi, k^-jen', ii-tc 
Ci^i, ^ft-)(R)'gl^ 

Ohulni, (bsrtr. 
OhUTbdll, ki-rlb'diii. 
CbitUbHakH, cbal-*- 

OlUBUIC, Bb£'inang'. 

ChnWiiii, Hb«T-biftiTe'. 
DhtrwMW, kei^'ep-iiiB'. 
Ohu*r«k<. cliw'n-pek. 
Clu|rmn>. Bblen'. 
CUnco, Bbl'ka'Bo- 
ChOt, ctflle. !ia.\ 

CUmlHiniD. cblm-lin-ri'-l 
CUhBkhak, Gbe-il'«a. 
OkailMtU cbll-l-kotCl. 
Chin, kB'M. 

GUpMWL chip'e-wa. 

CknUH, cbfi-rei'vCB. 



ClflihagM, Bt 

[kg. I 



Ci^t, kn-b'«^a.^ 

b, bbt, mSkflT! Iiw.llllli0d91.c: 




■Monlt, kol-o-rB'do. 

nHf. tt-lB'pft. [nfl. 1 

Tmsl, rer-rnl'. 
rtnu, fes-iSu'. 

0.^1^., kom-pyea'. 



cbgg'. ■ [kot. 


Po^/L ftJ^da itk: 

Ovdilbr^ tor-d«-)ir'», 


OoMir, kus'wr. 

Ttaao, t(»MhB'-uu. 




OmntTT, kii.'en-lrl. 


Orun, irft'ko. 

FuiTUU, lObU-ji'ma. 

Onarttlt. krn»'8Ht. 


OilDiH, =rid>.a'a. (k»- 

ji, sr'en. 


tSimux. ^^->^>^. * 




Ojeli^H. alk'ta-dSz. 




auCB. g«n'je». 


SuMUlt, BB-rou'. 




OoiaH, Jeii'ei-«'. 

DihlntKk, dft-lqa-e'gt. 

^ikiiiii, e<'- 

Bma, j6u'o-». 

DihtDUT, dg-lio-im'. 

a.rMt. Bi'^r. 

Dtkote, ds-ko'ta. 
DdtiiL dSl'lon. 
Di^uUlt. dicm'aUt. 


«»t*. RiW. 


Shent, gent, 
eibnltu. Jib-rU'[ir. 



8iU, be'ifl 

Dufnr, dBr-f,a,r'. 

ainamia. glou'l^t. 

Disrhioa, ao-ffl-oa'. 

Srti. «n'bB 

OotaTWT. gO-d».'B-rt. 


OMa. BO'tft- 








Qnmwigh, griu'ij [Eug.]. 


SclHliMh, ErEa'-blil.. ' 

Diuttkr, dfiir-bkr. 

SriKU. grB-ioi.'. 

DitpK. ie-ep'. 



Dalepn, ns-p^r. 


DiUiUr. DS'Bifr. 

OmyMi* gwI-i-kBl'. 

DonhiMiV. dor'cliM-ifr. 


&UTIBU. gwl'mu, 
8ii»d«lSiTir, B"B-dsl- 

Dnp^ dor'pst. 


«.ss, ,.raS:i 

Ihiui. dito S'. 1 hTHn, n 


SudiUt. BWfl-de-J'llft. 

air, db»: 4m. pill, np; oil. ont; thin 


kin. iln;cbip. u(ib)un. 

SiulktDi. gwlr-dft-foe'. 

Siinqiill. gnl-A-iOl'- 
e^nuia»i, gl-an-dot' 

HiwiU, L*-vn'-e. 
HiTii liS'li. 
Hihidw, heb'tl^ai. 

Hdldberi, Ll'del-lwrg. 

HBliincfim, hel ' atna - 
H>lTHtiliir>. liBl ' v&t 

1 dbL bcr-Bt'. 

I Imiliiit, hern' hoot. 

tin, hln-d^itBu'. 

g^MD, ho'bac-ipii. 
llWn, hOl-atm. 
iThMd, bol'I-hed. 


HincuT. hoD'ea-rl. 

mimuu, eL-jflnift'uB. 


UB dtTnn, bwta' ds| 

KuDtobatkt, k&ni-El»t'-| 

Kui*. k».uD. ■ [t™. 
unktrum, ks - ra - ks'- 

Kuhfai, uili-gSc'- 

Zhtniua. kO-na-iBu'. 
SimKU, h^'U'tft. 

SitL nej. 

ZiiT, ke-eP. rja to'.; 

KillwMT. k[l Sr'iil. 
XlmkitH. klog-kl-is'o. 
KiicUi. kit-gez. 
UrinArisht, klr-kob'- 

Sntunlu, tll-an'IiiB- 
Kluia, kSdb'ie-iSa. 
Eluuth. klfi'met. 


LuMdln, Ig-ks-tlEt'. 
Ltdoct, lsd'o-g». 

idUDtantu, ituu-ba-i 

Lmtifar, luik'nB-t^r. 
Lulw, Ibid. 
LunadH. IftDE-fla-dok'. 
LaFbU, 1ft F !&'!«. 

la Bwilialli, Ift lo-ahol'. 
UtakU, )ft-t»X*'B let* 

Luuft. leu-sil'ga. 
LtlMiUt, Iw'l^r. 
Ltinio, Ltifilc. Itp'alk. 

LMniniUr, lem'i n-itf t. 

Ltrtu. irdeii. 
TiiAlmfili. IfH'tan-bls. 
Lilgg, le (zh'. 

LiiHM, le-mazh'. 

I^Si, lin-yiinle. 
Lipuj, llp's-ri. 
Illl^ l«l. [aa-t«'k<l'dd.{ 
Uu* litiaUa, lyil'iKll 

UMn. K-O'dea. 

LgtiutlH, lOa u'fiel-j 

L^rilla, I'db'i-vtl. 

LjMBlnc IT-koni'ing. 

Hmu mn-kft'A or m^ 

Ntddn, ma-dar'A. 

Ktdnt, Rig-'iia''' 

bdiM, ng-dred'. 


■■lU, in&l't«. 
KuagUk, ■Dft-n&'gHft. 

mliH, inft-nu-you', 
uftriU, iiiiir-gi>r-«'l(. 

UMtfbo, tos-TB kl'bd 
uiiutM, miiT-kEt'. 

ttUMRW, m))>td-D 

Jbruna, mj-7BD'. 

Xtridi. mg.r»'.lB. 
KtrtliTT Tjiril,' mir-th^r 

Mtut, mm. 

MwriBt. mn-ai'Dt. 

WgUfi^ ^h'l-gui. 
IKLui, -..B-l«'. K-onVI 
Madtm, min-dui'ii'ol 
KiBBUfuU, mlD-e-np'o- 

KldSluL IDll-lB'kTOl. 

UHiHlld, nila-lB-sip'l. 
KlHolagu, mia-o-iDDg'- 

Mhttai, mla-dOTI. 


KnA Cmii, moH i»ii-«'. 
HramfttiU, mv-uou-go- 

llMtanT, mon-ta-rft'. 
KantnUH, Di<ia-ta->e- 

Mntpcliir. m™i-pSl'rer. 
■ntrul, uionE-re-ia'. 
Kint, m^ri'a. 
Xmmw. mw'kaa. 
MshUb, ma-iel'. 
Kml, mO^Obl'. [Mk'.l 
Kniibitu, mO - um- 1 
Xulkua, mdbl-a-thBu'. 
MiUumN^ inil^dM', 
Himith, mD'olk. 

dH-biid'. jgam.t 

MokdM. mos-kO'sA. 
Mjion, ml-Bdr'. 


NiUiiL Dft-bldba', lchU.1 
HmariNhM, Dik ' a- do-f 
HUU4U. oii-ga-Bii'kf. 

Huufu, ii{|-mii'kn(. 
HiBtM, nuiU. 

Hinm. Df-Tit'. 
HiOglunTT, nU-ier'rL 

H«ir Oritm, BO or'le-| 
HUnn, Di-ig'B-rB, 
Hlnncu, ne-kf-rA'gws. 

tfi^ku, iik-fl-bSr'. 

I^mi Hdftnd, netb'Ds 


KiBVTO. min-rgeD. 

ibmM, Din 
iDiwlok. n< 

L<n. sin; obip. ulih)iir 

-.uBtgM, ri'OiiS'gra. 
aio V«m«io, re's vM-niS'- 
RltiJftinLoBJ, rS-V)»i| 

Tl)l: >$i(ra, Bbb. hb. o 

Ttmnnog. tlp-e-k&-| 
Tmttt, te-te-ki'ka. 
•Otia, itve-ifi. 

KObfibM, tom%lg'b£. 
T^liU, tep-llU. 

^ft(i«, tor-tdb'gi*, 

I, litoldoi'. 

Ella, iiAi lifb'. 

TiUti, tsliS'tl. 
TaUtVIu. ta'e BWiI'. 

TiaplH, tsm-pS'ka. 
TiuUflkl, t an • gsn 

TuAt,' tan.jar'. 

m«m Bbu, U-oo' sbln. 
Thlkrt, tlb-et'. 
TUbtdMU, tib'o-d& 
K*ini U riug*. M-gr'TB 
-■- 'T&'RO. ... 

TBtuttiL tub kifti-mftD'. 
Tdin. tiib-lgr'il 
TukgiUii, tdbr-ksa-tiiii' 


VMnl«, db-ki'S'U. 
niiuh, d'iu'ca. 
niit, «]»i. 

Dnnu, nmp'kwl. 
Upanunk. iMip'^r-nn' 
Unl, Jti'ral- 
UnratJ, cto'rtfOKWl. 
Ot^ O'tft. 
ntnikt, n'lrekt. 

V»ll(jo, vul-FB'bO. 
TtlpullM, v»l pB-rt'ffiJ. 
Tim, vfl. |la 

Tuuiult. ven-si-wa'- 
VniH, veu'H, [(-krUb!). 
Vm Onu, vgc'ft kriJOtli 

Vatgt, "Dib. 


WMlmitt, wi-ii-(ft>'set. 
VikntA, vrEicli. 

Wuwiik, uor'ik. |^lr. 
Wuiri^iUn, wnr'lk- 
WuUU, *o3i'e-ti. 

Wlwttta, vfa'bg d«D. 
WilkAun. wiik^'bar-rl 
WialHT. wlD'ipr. 

'SkT**^ "'"*'■" 

VorgMttr, ntLa-ter. 
WirtMnhuj, vdor'ttm 

Wytairt, wI-»'. 
Zlsgi, ablu-giJb'. 

Tihitik. ja-kifttrt'. 
Tug-tu Siu<, TiiiiB'- 

TiAuil lir-bmil'. 
Tuoo, y»n*'. 
Tmli^ 1 eu-C ek'e. 
rtbkiw, lO-ko-lU'Dift 

TouUtchtsr- y<A'i-eB'- 
thOuU. ip ig-nti'te. 

TkmIu, }db-ha-tjUi'. 

iHitMU. lat-a-U'ca 

t; Ud. iIu; chip. u(Eh)im. 


iitB, A-btd'on. 


AWhaTB-wiitl. ■ 
ihihat, {t-bl'bixd. 
Abijt^ B-M'Ja. 
mnt, «b-i-LB'oe. 
Atuiulnk, s-blm'^l-el 



IM, (Ir, kdd, Ii-m. itak. 

thi, ad'ias-'bg. 

AdonyiiJi. ad-onI'J«. 

Adtnlmn, Bdu-ul'ram. 
AdtaliodH, a-ao'Qi-ie' 

Ahuil, »-tii»'ft-e- 
AumuTE*. B''"'»- 0-rr 
AhuUh. a-b{L-zl'a. 
AUanr, o-bM'zer. 

AUiu)m£ A-Mn"e-1e1 
Ahlnfun, ftbln'O-am. 
AUnm, a-ht'nm. 
AhHkoihtl |t-bltb'0-f< 
AUtik, (k-hl'liib. 
Ahnl^ a-M'1%- ■ 
AholU, a-bO'lT-ih. 


al. i'i {or Ij. 
AlfcB'ln.^ ^^^ 

Alilisiu, or Alphtu, al- 

AauML nm'al-ek. 
AailikiU, aiDkl'ek-TI 

U, Tlfl^ ■£?!?«, ebb, hir, msk^; I«, Inni iii/t,a 


lllMobnlu, gt ria to-bd' 

Ai»ih, a'aif. 
AhuU, u'c-iutth. 

Aihktlim, BBh'kc-loi 

AHHiriliu, a-Bln'krl 
AUMFth, it'o-rntta. 
ItWUi. *tb-a-]T'{t. 


Ba^DB, b.b'L-lpi 

BuiilUi. biiT-Ell'I. 
fiuku, be.Bliku. 
Bithihtta, balh-iM'bft. 
Bddliu del'U-um. 
Batliibnb, hc-eT'ie-bub. 
Bthmutli. be-bfl'moth. 
Btlitl, be'UH. 
P^'ftiltilr bt]-ehi£'dr. 
Bo»l»h. beD-iCje. 
BuhiJU, bcu-li^'dad, 

BnM^tk, be-re-U'a. 
Bmioe. beT-nl'se. 
BtthlteiL betfe.Bb'BTB. 
BrtkuiT, be(li'»ii-l, 
Bitlul, Vetb-el' lor beth'- 

Brth^ lietb-rE'da. 


Btthihtud, betli iibe'' 

BmW, bej-a-lf el. 
BMiTBi*, bitb-ln'l ft. 
BtuuKH, te-mi-ir'J*!. 

Oaiun, Omuu, (e-ztr- 
Oannt Philiitl, sS-igr- 

Oiinhu, kl B-Hu. 

Dklal U'leb. [nui.l 

OuMumiMh, t 

CttUik, ki>1-d«'i 
Cfcttar kS'blr. 

OUm. klo'e- 
Okoniii, ko-ra'iln, 
aanJ&TuMB'J ft. 
OludL kiK'dii. 
ClnUu, kl&'di-iu. 

B, da'tbiin. 

DwapoUi. di 
DtlOih, de-l' 

SAni, ditwn. 
Mtiiiil dld'l-mnB. 
Diaah. dl-na. 
DioByBiu, dl-o-ulB'l-iiB. 
DodiDui dud'ui-lm. 

DniiUa, drdb-ail'U. 
IhuulL dn'iaa- 
Duk, dQ'ra. 

Ebil. etsl. 
BM-mdHk, 6'b«d mel'- 

EbtB'Mn. Bb'en e'z^r. 
8c>itiii, ek-bat'a'Ug. 
Eta. B'den. 
tiam. e'dom. 

nth, »]«.- 

BlAdi. el-e-6'ls. 

KsnMat, ep-e'D^-tiu. 
Kfuhnditu, «p - Hf - ro- 

Epheuau, e-fB'zbiuia. 

Ipkntu, cl'r§-t^ 
Bllltt e-za'Ba"(-a!'8i)- , 
lidiultn, cE-dra-e'lon. 
EHk, e'BEii, 
Kdmok, cBb'kol. 
Bithu, ei't^r. 
EtUipk «-tbl-a'pl-s. 
Eiuiae, A-uI'cd. 
BudliL a-S'cK-u. 
la^intai. fl-frS'tei. 

etbbiUit. E>b-ba-tbl 
htoUI, gfi'lirl-el. 
Stlutna, gid-i-Tea' 

e«d(raUi, ge-de'roib. 

Oihaml, BS-Leij'ug. 
StauUli, gem-gri'it. 
e«BiHuath, gu-uoe'i 

SiUnUiu gib'b«tli-oi 
SilMik, giVbeit. 

Bid»ii, g!i)'e-an. 
Opmn. gS'hoD (g1'). 

SitHd) gtl'e-aS; 
eilgtl, gil'esl. 
Situin. git-tl'im. 
SglcotliL eal'tin-thm. 
Od&th, go-ll'Htb. 
Smurnh, RO-mor'rB, 
OHhao, gO'Bbeu. 
Onr-bul, gai bg'ft]. 

Satakkak, liib'B-kuk. 

S4diduii. bBa-ui-c'z«i 

Eiduutr. bad-B-rE'zfr. 
Hiiunli. bo-dsu'Eo- 
Htfu, ba'^T. 

Iiigii, big'I' 

HuEitli, bsE'lth. 

Huipki, bA-O'tii. 

HunU, bs'matb. 

HuBmMtUia, bun-i 


™-Wfc ba-moni 

nMl, ba-Lam'e-.- 

"" b^nso'e-cl. 

EsteTith. bo-da-' 

Inu, I'uk. 
Ii^a^ T-K'g. 
Iib-tnhia, 1 


jwhoiiu, Jek-o-ul'u 
Iidtltb, jo-dS's. 
Jtdtdis, jed-c-di'a. 
Jednthm. je-dll'tbuii 
JtUiL ]<>-bT'«J. 
JdHthti, Je-bo'i-hu 

ItholiUn, je-bol'a-k 
Jtkmiilkti, jB-bon'it-i 
Jakuua, jQ'bfJ^nini, 
MMhtpbtt, Je-buBl 

Jabonh, Je-bOTa. 

Jihonh-Jlnh, Je-hO'i 

jRlboUL Je-ro-bo'im, 
laMiS, Je-rnb-bE'^. 

Lrtu, U'ban. 
LuUdi. U'klah. 

Lobbeu,- ltfb-b0'iii. 
L«U. le'lJl. 
Irtmul. Icm'S-eL 
LatI, la'vl. 
LaTitinu, le-Tit'l-cM. 

Irt-rnhuiuh. 10 nJb'Li 

tjlll, IUll'l-((. 
Lrdfa, 1l<l'<lA. 

KMnth, nia'aritb. 

XuhHUh, inBk-p«'J«. 

Kmu, kfuu. 
Koiga. Iie'rl-oth. 
EMvib. ke-iOTi. 
Xul*, k«-£T'it. 

Dr-huaiath, klrlig)-i 

OK dbW! fiM, puU. o) 

I Hftiulu, mftl'a-kL 
I MtlthiA. msl-kl'a- 

Xittbu, mat'than. 
Xlttluw, math'j-a. 
Ibt^i, niB-ttal'is. 
Kmtntb, mu'Earoth. 
■•laltfk EDed't-liti. 

Knibtli, luer'i-bB. 
IteOduk, in«-r!l'd.k. 
KOH, mE'rai. 
''*T''ti'^. mi'aliach. 


■kU, tolg'dnl. 
iibbu, ml-le'lui. 
MitTkiit, mit-l-le'Dt 

X71U, mi'« 

Hldlb, ni'dab. 

HiphUli. liar ig. 11. 

Hl&lUl. Ill'tlHU. 
HlthUMl, nB-tban'ft^l. 
KuuetK, nBZ'{(-retli. 
HmhUl B(;-»p'n-l)s. 
HaWtth, ne-bi'Dtb. 
Hibg, cE'bo. 

Htlmihtaa, uo-liusLi'lan. 
NuEtl-ihuHtr, usF-ital 

H^Euil, uetli'ln-lm. 
Httoihithita, ae-ta'4- 
tlill. |uiiiB.| 

HiNlMDiu, nilt-o.aa'-l 
WiwUiUm, nlk-o-U'l- 

HiMpgUi, nlk-np'o-lla. 
Wimrod, nlm'rod. 

OljmtH, o-Lim'jnB. 


OlUr, S'Br. 
Oihnh, of rg. 

Onih, or'pft. 
Ottutl. otL'Di-«l. 


Ptdui-UUB, pa'ilui a' 

P^SVlii. P«Pi-fll'l-a. 
Pumnu, parmo-Daa. 
Punin. PST-Ti'lm. 
PukK. pi-shar. 
PiUn. t*f»-rft. 
Pitnu, pat'tnoa. 
PablO. pe-dl'a. 

PAthlii, prka-bl'A. 
PaUlak. pa-ll'i>. 
riitt. pS'lM, 
?al«Uiti, pel'pth-Tt. 
PuJiL pen'l-^l. 
PmbiL pan'fl el. 

Pnniaii. pir-gj-moi. 
Ptriuitg, per'ii It. 

Ftthiil, petli-fl' 

PUlinl, lil.ip'i. 
Phlliifini, ai-lB'tlD. 
Phiiiehu. flii'e-Laa. 
PUigtn, de'ggu. 
Phabt, le'bl. 
Phirpi, (rlj-1 ft. 
PintUn, pJi'B-tuQii. 

fitnh, pu'es, pia-ia'i-fl. 

Fnoluru, prOk'c 
Ptslusut. tnl-e-n 
PuWoU. pn-M'o-l 

SuBth. ra'a ma 
Babbab, rub'ba. 
H*bU. rali'bl. 
Sabihtkdi, nb's 
Bubd, rl'<:tiel. 
Ruiul, rft.gO'el. 

Riohib, »l*Bb. *'_ 

RBhoboam, r&hn-bo'ajn 
Kibrinth, r«-ba'hotb. 
BtBtlUh. rem-tt.ll'0. 
Barhtiin, repb'ft Im. 

Biblil, ilb'J*^ 
Kinth, Jl^'Pfr , 

BuluJlat, sau-baVat. 

(Miiiiiia. ae-lll'sbft. |ib. 
StEDuhtrib, aen-uak'cr- 
BapbaiTiUiii. aef-ot- vil'iui 
"-■-la, a|-re;ifl. 

Bb£iai, abad'a. ' 
Bbadn^ eUB'arak. 

Bbavku. Bba'Caa. 
Bbuon. BhaT'ou. 

Sktta, "I'en;^. 

;ik.>, ll),l), sbe.b-g-m'A. 
Bliaehuiaii, ahek'a-uT'A- 

lulh. Hbfi-kpiis, 

^ilo^tb, BbeJ-e-nil's. 

aitb. abeiuTa. 

d, abtm't-1. 

ai, alil'sliili. 

UHmUI Blb'b«-kl'. 
Udn. Bl^ilflu. 

' Mh«.'8rh?r 

lapator. alVpfl-ter. 
SuiDltu, HO-Blp'^.ter 
BsftWiB, aaa'thcn-Si 

Tlk|4n^ U'lVD-htE. 



Tirb^kth. tlr-buk'a, 
TnhUU. tlBfa-blt. 
TtfUnwh, (D-giir'ni{^ 
TovMh, Toihtt, to'fetb. 
Truhoiiitii, tra-ka-nl'tla. 

TrnlU". Irl-le'iifl. 
TtyphOM, Irt-ni'Bfl. 

Wi^ O'rt. 
D14A, ort'ja. 

in- ,^ "* 

l^iX zsb'ili.el 

Kfchwiiiim SAl-D 


tMtnriik, wk « rl'A. 
I«ri^ «*'eb. 
UnbAd, zet ore-b>d. 

ImkteM. if-tub't btl. 

tita. n'l>X' *" 
1U*B, iT'S^n. 
«itl.. lit'Ug. 
tlllih. zU'lft. 

lin, ET-^n. 
lift*'. 2ip'pot. 

labL U'bs. 
Idliiirtk. 10- tele lb. 

ttntaM, E(Vrob't-bcl. 
lute, ill'iim. 

>; get. Jell Un, ain^ ship. udtaJaTe. 

















































Ar'to-ml do'ru. 









*-wi'S^^ . 


























Afmi (rflB), 





































































Btl-i'nu ( - 




Oar't iBl'iiu, 







... I^'nii, 











rEK see 













L.'fa, ^ 












































Li'Mi, " 














L«-|i-mu. ^ 















































Bfrt»'«-»'iiiu, •). 






H»-)a'll->. 4 





lT.'M'.l », 
























lH'mm <-Bua) 



Hf mu «-ra>}, 





S'io* ""^ 

Mne'imin tua'mon). 







Hst-iDn'j-iil (oe- 



















■of plumi (pliflB), 

Kii-o5ta. ^ 



















































Hi'nu 1 ran), 





































































Oi'pknu l-pliiii 

Otko. ' 




















PClmu (-Lil»), 








Pn'Uuu l-thit), 














PU'nm l-ud<|. 















POD-pt'i-l (-Pf 'II 

PoB-p.'1-i {.pe'yi: 



Prt-frii "' 





PNtn* (-tfii). 































Bu™;.™ (-".-). 




SmiBtknu i-UiS,), 































































































































-' u'mi.jho'ri-k. 













'pmu (-Brfls), 

tjk'ttt. ' 





The IMIiiQ plirues ue illstlngulihed bj (It.). 

I toW^ mt discntlDD. 
mflkm i'btimiu, >D >fUr of bonor. 
•SUn la uiiT, au iflblr ol tlie liearl. 
i U Tnuialu, iu ll» Franuli imJiiier. 
I rAntfUu. In (be Eiiglisb mauuer. 
■ ItBwb.lQthefUbiou. 
iItaio»(It.). ill IhB opeu HI. 
■Utu lei OB go : coQie on. 
uotnia bnunUa. bnnontbLe uneudi: 

utfalactoiy mpology. 
lagufnin, aelt-love. [thlugfij 

udiB rfVBh undeti t cnle or order of] 
I oitniui, to Om ntiuoet ; to deatb. 
IfBn, algbt ; peroeptlgii. 
(jMili, vartliaJly i emlneta, 
i.jr»pti, to tb« polQt i wltb rsfcrence. 
UAht-teisii. ■fteitbooebt, conoealiHl 

u enriiit, well intormed. 


u tODd, at the bottom. 


innVprtpoi. prclBce. 
•nbfiuil toyou>b«ltb. 

B» U«, a blrie-itocking. 

baaa lU>L Hlt«l beaaty or pcrtoolion. 

btaBiMfrila, men of wit. 

bd Mjrit, « *l«7 o' iDtelliEent per- 

Htoiuira, object of eepecfal drewlor] 

bianHaiHt, decorum ; good roaunara. 

bUlrtdtnta love letter. 

blaai, surieiled : near; of enjoyment. 

]aa tai, good friend. 

hmhiBlt. simple good-natnre. 

bODJmr. good-ilay. 

ket wiir, good evening. 

0« n'Mt v*t 1i Brvmln lai 
only tbB Urit aiep ll:ii 

(htt 4a onial 

llgbt and 


in|I<->' ' 

mgl rflln, pernil 
iDuUdalkBUlg, abmiiyconncil. 
irii liiltDatliiu, Uie diploi 

n^tiirlaroH. ro«e-coli!_ , 

Mat StM. » bold stroke o( poliiy. 
uip <( (WH, the Bnisliing atroke. 
mat <!• "'*'''. ■ andden and tloleut 

Mgp rait, BoddBn glauce ; ciHnpi 
cmt UuiM, a aon-BlToke. 
ariia t» ooata, ™«t what it moy, 
CEl-dt-IM. 10 thoroughfare. 


IfinnarK U fauehatta, ' 
with n."' 


Ki, iMtresnnrce. [aired. I 

drat, aid and iny ^Igl ■ 

diitnit. abient-minded. 
• • far ■inl« (W-l. "weet Wlenea 
la utanta, > double meaning. 



it. (Fr. Revolution.) 

u annt, in trout : forward. 


ai UwSnt, In, or h In. a family. 




i. »u Kcompllshf d b 

Ul« it diimbn, 

Bfe boni (OBBd tu denoM the iiaji 
before m«iTiBge.) 

gDUuJl^AliE^ tiLiikhaelUobilgiUod, 
Dou mnmi, we bIioII see. 
Ob iit, thej aj ; a rumot. 

Pu aotlkDM. eminently. 

pu. alep ; proiiBlluCe. 

leruDndf l>odf of pereona eiigago 

offic-B (ill cAlIed foTr 
poor inndn Mast, to tBke Jesvs. 
pens chtiUiec, ■ galLuit linlKlit, 
pmli-TtckU, offlcUl wrltteu 


ftb ini'tifl, froiu tbe begLonlDg. 
iblo'tn, rroiD wltbin. 
»b trl'gint, ITom the iirlgia, 
"lo'it (tToin the egg| from tba 1 
ginning. |or tbe citf (Rotoi 

■b u'bt Mn'dite, frum tbe liuixlli 
agtu'dim |TBl'g«i), lo oatcb 

•d'nu'dmn. to the s«me (dcgrw). 

lA iiBn^EoiiL to luAiilty. 

td Is'teriin, ta Ibe menuHtiUe. 

ti lib'ltum, mt pleksuK. 

td nn, tolbe purjioi 
>d vilo'nm, Kcnrdli 
■Ut'li »■. of bU I 
»1Im, otberwlse a 
iUU elBBwbere. 
■liim'da. from elw 
il'Biiu'lir, |ftf.| 

TBlty blihOBe 
I'nn- Fifiis, love 

bit fat 1^ dti dit, R 

luDitbai lofini'dl, ■ 
fluot^thn Mriben'di. ar 
iiat'nii ii'ribu, olb 

M'au balll, a^Bo oi 
ogm'pH suDtii, III aai 

t piuttlit'rl, ri 
srcsmn'tiun i 

dt'rut oat'tn, tl 


M'N df'niB, axe 

to be iDurry on ] 
Ivl-tt <t iHt'naa 

It U svHt and li 


41'tia priB'Mpi, thi 
M'Minpgt'ni, iiia^ 


weet boma. glj'ri* ia uwl'iii, glor; 

n ptoper occMioD. cU-m Flfri, glury lo t 

hud pu'libU B'lllll, D' 

hlD It I'Uiiu, bare and i 
UtJt'BrtTliece Ilea, 
liu U'bn, kM tp'u Ht. til 
Una aOa lu'imia, beua 
htnlb'Dt lifta. borrlble 
' — 'nim Ht tm'M, to 

111 work 


•IMt'tio TiVbit »f 'ab 

dd'ao, bjf gift. 

, Iple- 

'it, hs (or^t) goeH olt. [the tue.l 
nHMtiU'tt n'i, from tb« natnre o^ 
ulilK nilul It, (torn DottiUig uotli- 

•fi'tk. by'virtue nf olBce. [ttal.l 

p«r'l«. (roni. or ii(, one aide; im-l 

. . pnUHn'tiim cn'oii, ■ dpulaivc tf at. 

'M'Ut alter a deed la dona. 

I jiiiutle'DlaMr'tii.lulbeaclofdylDg. 
I ' in N'Ht 111 being. 

In Mtan'iD, at foil lenelb. 

ia aitn'mu. at the poinl of deatb. 

In ta'mit pu'fvu, id tbe gaiae of 

ii'ft* diiiLtatan^beDeBlh ooe's dl; 

in haa •ic'io tU'io, with this sign (a 

Ut^tim, Jocnlar aaj'InRn nr urTttlriRi, 
Ih'tib ftll'otft, easily, or evldenlly 

tk'tDit iMgm'nt, the descent la out. 

I^alt, (he) made it, 

t^is nata'Ts, (beatU) ofa wild natuni: 

IM'tinaInt*, haBtan alowl;, 
fl'atliiti'tla, letjiiatlce be dODa. 
I'WlafiB'agr, derender of Ibe blth, 
'" • Aehi'tu. (faltbrul Achatea) a 

flinu'ta lalki^ In the act oT crime. 
to'tilm Id n. with vigjr in action, 
ftanti DBlla H'do, no tnutlug to ap- 
peaiaow. (mor«,|| 

fg'it Il'iiua, Tro; hu been <1. do| 

itandard) tt 

la Ij'ot. Ii 



in fann'mim. 
ii pw'Nk In p< 


I pw'Nk In posaible a: 

■ pran'U, at tbe preaenl time. 

I irt'prii fKM'na, In one'i ewu p 

I n, in the matter (of). |liDn.| 

-I ^V In place : in tbe natural p -bI-| 
il ItotB ■■•, la the fnrmer itale ; - 

tbe atale Id which It »u. 
inter alia, among other Iblng*. 

in tann'raa, »» a watiiing. 


la m'a*. In empty spue. 
tari'M wrttit lu wiuBtbMi 
IfM ta-it, he tlmwlt uid ii 

Irdl'llu Ttf b^ ttaeiaentlia 

jac-U Bt tttt, t1 
liin diti'BO, !>} <1 
ju fa'tiimi, tbs 

Ultr Ip'n wlup'Ui, talwr flself l« s 
pLeuure. (all IliingaJ 

U'bw rai'iii« Tii'tit l»l«r eonq ' 

Itl'iu Ml'Udi, A Blip I)! tlie pen. 
Wni Ui'ku, iBllpofthBtoogi 
lu'in mmo'ri*, « m>« of mem. 
1»W hou.BboUI 8*d». |ln tlie 01 
~ t'at u'fili in kar'K ■ '"»^' 1 
._!• D<'«, pr»l«e to Ood, 
UlROI Krip'U, onwnttEnl*™. 
Ill tllit'Lll. U* of ret»l1»ti"ii. 
Hi Ilk ja'dlBi^ » c»B nndeccdecl. 
!»'»■ Vim*. • STibstitiitc or ileptity. 
Ii'iu Itu'dl, rluhl (" •ppair or •tl. 
li'iu BMn'ra. » "port of unture. 

■rfBiMtTtri'tit ■tpnwtlt'bil, Irulh 

mu'aiiii n'M, • ftett or thief work. 
BrtiS'U 1" Iwdftltli. 
nii'liiiin'prii, with ouf'* own hand. 

"V- ' lUtiothcnilrldle tourBC.I 
■t'4i> tnfii'ilBiu I'Ui, yon «lil bs iBf. I 
Buia'JlN, 111 my ladgmaut. 
Bumtl't* BVrt. rememlwr death. 
MU n'aa ia gu'ttn la'a*, a aonnd 
mini In a ■oiiniTbiKly. 

"^l^rectlt^e. ' " ™bl"t"j 

S'ii™ti-m, "rnelnrt'tWiT'" ' 
mliat'Oi aii'tn, ^ndprftil to be tnW. 
mliaVOt Tl'in, wouderfnl tnbe i-opn. 
BO'ili nnaa'dl. manner of operation. 

■•'U pit'prto. of 0118'i own aceord. 
ngl'tiua hi par'To, mnch lu little. 

B'tat owrtialiBmti, withonl oppo- 

' na'Bt ■• Imfs'u laSM'ilt, no ow 

Bt ^u il'tn. notblug beyond 

u n'pn uip'l^ia (itot Miu'nt. let 
— •■■.- lUoemaket Judge abo»e tlie 

li'Uladmn, nothing to the pnrpoae. 

daieni'dsDi, despair of nothing, 
leni vt'lni, whether wlUinff or not. 
U tu taE'gata. tniicb me not. 
'1< ptot'BJill. to refuse to proceed. 

ibitan'tt. uoCwlthaliuidiug.' 

X Hinip'lit, 
,B Icao'toiD pi 

in'u pnban'li, tbe'bnrden of proof. 
I'ra ir« no'Wl, pray for na. 
I'm Mtra'lt, with a full TOlee. 
ttta'ptrai nf Hi, O the times I O 
I'tiui aomUciiita'b, diBDUli»] lelaure. 

pa'tarhmil^lM, father C' 

Mftor. Our rather; 

MilU* am kaftt Wcuii. n 

per an'nain, by the ytar. 

p«r etn'tant, pn«nL, bythebnii 

pu il'im, by tbe day : a (Tally allow-l 
' par tu lit u'bi, through rlfi>* ■" 




firi^tiy.. . 

fMi'U* ttiMltii, > tngglug ot 
flsi'it OHjiiitluted<il>. 
pitta, H« p«pol««- 
ftt'Ml^^ wit li full rtRht. 
f nuaiUB'llD. ttie Heca' lirl(](!e. 
M'llu nit da'dpi, the pcopJa wli-Li 
to be deceived. 

fMtmr'UBi, efter d«tb ; (0 ftutopi 
id'Iutt'IH, oil Itie first view: iicai_. 
appamucB. J'""™'! 

pn I'lil rt fil'oil, [or HJUra iiiid f— 

inWtam att, it ta prnved. 
pro bo'iB fnk'liiKi, tar tbe public no 
frolk'niuii ral'gni, the proUne rabl 
tn Itr'iu. K>r [(jrin'saiike; dnflol 

|»liu Tl'M,(Ur Uilitlme orocasi 
fn fit'ria, iOr one'a natits land. 
FO prnana'it ll'da. for propagaUug 

jrtia'tfc in proportion. 
pn n M'ta, for a apeclal occaaloo. 
pn tia'ta, for ao mncli ; id far. 
ft* liB'pit^ tor tlia tfma belog. 

faaatu nMdt, ■ nifflcianc;. 

(iBBllau Tiltfar'din rri'aa Imm'tat 
wliom God will daalroj. La Brat 

ftil tn foa. a retarn: retaliation. 

rtinlta'ta, thebaalnecB lieiDR iiDac-! 

with a EoecD^i, «, exactly, 
rtfnlai'aat In pa'gi, may be rest la 

nt gaa'tik tliiugi done 
rau'tun, I abail tine > 

la'dui ar'taa, » 

atesB'dimi tr'diiug, lu oi 
aui'rar I'ltm (or U^uil 

alD i'tor ad aa' 

t^a'S^ g] 
lory pasat- 
«'K iiajal 
Q'ia ilmiTih 

■ba'ilii aiia'm r 

li mgnimiai'tiiBi aBB'ria, 
yo„ aeek (hi.) mo 

'dat, llle U pleaaed 

i (ti'M»,nf iti owu klart ; peculiar. 
JB'mnil M'Bm» tbe cbtefgood, 
m'niuajia, aan'ma iifn'ria. tlicilgor 
ot Ibe law la tlie belgbt or opprea- 



niitTn Dft^ notes of Tarions *Ht- 


lablU n'tt, I blank Ubtet. 

to'liDB vi'ta, weartiisM 0/ lite. 

TBta'Uu M litaiatiM, word for word, 

ttm'pon mtaa'tm.liineB obiuiga. 

and letter for lelSr. 

Um'pu ta'git. time aiPB. 

Tirtllic lat upio'tl. to tbe wise a 

ten Ir'iu, Holld laud. 

word Is sufficient. 

tB-ra Inwg'iiiU, an unknown land. 

xeiK'rla nid'la rstpw'nun, nofootslepa 

tt'Ea lirilli. the dress ormanbood. 
lot^dtB t^^, )n so many words. 

Tsxa'taiui'tu, sdlspnted qncstlon. 
li'M, in tHe place of. 


rt'etTWi*, tbereverse- 

hi'to ■■is. by U,« whole Lea.en ; dla- 



vl It Wma%7 force and ■rras : by 


■Itliu ntii n-gam, the Uet wgn- 

TlD'sninin Datrliiui'idi, thn bond'^or 
Tij DtdiM'ttli tatn'im, the healing 

power of natnrs, 
•Is tI'ts, force In acUoo, 

U'lu Id uu'MaB. to disgust. 

vl'vftt Tsgi'li^ looA live the qm^n 


Ti'»at ™pBb'li«a, lonjU.e ibe repub- 

B'ti p^dt'tiL ss yoa pfssom ; pres- 
ent it«teo?pnMBSilou. 

ri'Tit m, long live the king. 
*''^ti:^'Jr""r""" *""™-- 
Tolsi'tl un It i^'rit. no Rrnng Is 



TOi rt pratt'na Bi'hll, a ntice and 

nothing more. 

TMWali, YW IK'I. the voice of tbe 


Ta'rla iMUo'nts, vsVioiu rekdtngn. 

USED IK WErnifa c 

oirt, hundred weiglitp 

C. t., DociarofClviil 

likT.' ArkauMi 

B. L, BubeloT ot Arts 

11 L>w. |vli 

B.D., BKholor 01 
B. It., Bachelor o 

0. E., GIrtI Biigli 
thtf., chapter. 

DiL, Del»wa 
d»., dllto. 

H. R. H., Hie (ur Hci) 
Boyd HigbueM. 


lb., SUi. fibUcia), Intlie 

*■ ''"'??'''' 

a t, EMt IndifB. 
. I, H. E., eut-DorLh 

B. 8. B., eHBt-eonth-eul. 
EiD.. Esquire, (lorth.l 
«to. Id arlrrat. «rid so| 
Bn;,, EiceUeni:]'. 


Tthr.. FHhnuheit. 
m., hortdB. 
tOl., folio. 
7, k. B.. FeUow or the 

lul. T., iDdlui TecrilD- 

iut.' iostuit : ol thd 
present muutU. 


' J. P., JoaUce uf the 


B.O.i„ Kulgbl Coin- 

K. a.. Knight of tlie 

Krt., or it., Koight. 


IB., latitude. 

LLD., Doctor of Laws. 
1*UI., ioDRitude. 
inX. pou..dB. ahii- 


■. (maiel. sthoDBand. 
HA., MMterufArW. 
K. 0. Member ot Cou- 



KiiJi., Michtean. 


M. P.; Member' ot Par- 



H, B. (nota !^«l, lake 
H.7-. N<;rtli Carolina. 
H. 1. nortb-east. 
Nrtr.. MebraBka. 

alcline^ opposing. 
H. tt. New Hampabire. 
"• '■■ "Xw^^,^ 
h;». E.'. north -n^rtb - 
rTV, north .nOT^- 

Hi t-N^w'TeBtamsnt. 
H. W., north-west. 
K. T.. Sewlotk. 


O.,0hlo. Idled.! 
ob. {oftft'l. he (or. Bhe)| 
O.K., Oregun. 
0. 1. olU otylo. 



pn am. (p^r amiwii). by 

P. M.'o™(?l^f^i<ll™),af■ 
P. oTpSBt-offlee. 
P. P. 0. iP^^P^" 

pn. (prmf«o). in the 


monilratHumy. which 
WM to be proved. 

q, 1, (juaii-iifc), wliiclil 


a. ("II. KiiiB. 



«t.K«., lUgMKever- 


B. 0., South Carolina. 
Bo., or MB. <«ih«<>. lo 

B. E., aonth-eset. 

B. I., Society otJesuB. 

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meula'. (cMt.l 


B. W., ionth-we.t. 

ritMiKo). in tbelMt 

tr. a" XJnited States. 
U.8.A., "uiled State. 

V.Tv'.. rntted State. 

li' lriJSi..ili. vimelj. 
vd., volame, 
n., Veriuont, 


it's. W.r'"est- north- 
weBt. [west 1 
W. V».. Weal Virgini.. 
Wrt, Wyoming. 

Ji.. y«d. 


i,.=db, Google 


i,.=db, Google