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Full text of "Subject-index of the London Library, St. James's Square, London"


(![atnell Unioersitg ^libratg 

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Cornell University Libraiy 
Z921.L84 S9 
+ V.2 
Sub ect-index of the London Library, St. 

3 1924 031 034 691 

olin Overs 



Cornell University 

The original of this book is in 
the Cornell University Library. 

There are no known copyright restrictions in 
the United States on the use of the text. 





(Additions, 1909-22) 










(Additions, 1909-22) 




(\5%'^o (^ 

Printed in Great Britain by 
NErtL & Co^ Ltd., Edinbukgh. 






The Right Hon. VISCOUNT HALDANE, O.M., F.R.S. 

The Right Hon. The EARL OF ROSEBERY, K.G. 

A. C. Bradley, Esq., LL.D. 

Professor H. Wildon Care, D.Litt. 

Harold Child, Esq. 

Dr E. Marion Cox. 

Harold Cox, Esq. 

The Rigkt Hon. H. A 

Professor J. Fitzmauricb-Kelly, 

Sydney Gedgb, Esq. 

G. P. GoocH, Esq., D.Litt. 

D. G. HoGAETH, Esq., C.M.G., F.S.A. 

The Right Hon. The Eael op Ilchbster 

Professor Sir Arthue Keith, F.R.S. 

C. L. Kingspoed, Esq., F.S.A. 

L. Fisher, M.P. 


Walter Leaf, Esq., Litt.D. 

Rev. W. D. Morrison, LL.D. 

H. D. O'Neill, Esq. 

His Honour Judge Parry. 

The Right Hon. Sir Frederick Pollock, 

Bart., K.C., LL.D. 
Bruce L. Richmond, Esq., LL.D. 
Sir William Schooling, K.B.E. 
H. R. Tedder, Esq., F.S.A. 
Sir Feedeeick Teevbs, Bart., K.C.B. 
Professor A. N. Whitehead, F.R.S. 
The Rev. Principal H. B. Woekman, 


Secrctai'B an& librarian. 


Barclays Bank, Limited, 1 Pall Mall East, S.W. 1. 

London Library, 

St. James's Square, S.W. 1. 

The Library ofiers to its Members over 350,000 volumes selected from the literature of all 
countries, including a large proportion of old and valuable Works not supplied by ordinary 
Circulating Libraries. 

Additions are continually made, both of the standard Works of the day and of old and 
rare Books. 

Fifteen volumes at a time are allowed on loan to Country Members ; Ten to residents 
in London. Only one new English book at a time is allowed to a Member. 

Fourteen days are allowed for the perusal of new Books {i.e. Books pubhshed within 
the previous twelve months), and two months for Books of older date. 

The Library's publications are : — 

Catalogue of the London Library, 2 vols. 1913-14. 

„ Supplement (1913-20), 1 vol. 1920. Price £2, 2s. net. 
Subject-Index of the London Library. [Vol. I.] 1909. 
List of Parliamentary Papers. 1903. 
The Soul's Dispensary : Early Years of the London Library. 1922. Price 6d. 

The Reading Room, which is open daily from Ten to Six, is supplied with Periodicals, 
English and Foreign, together with Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries of all kinds. 

The Library is closed three days at Easter, three days at Christmas, and on Whit-Monday 
and August Bank Holiday. 

Subscribers are admitted on the recommendation of a Member, subject to the approval 
of the Committee. 


Secretary and Librarian. 


Fourteen years of daily work have been given to the preparation and printing of this second 
volume of the Subject-Index. With its publication the ideal catalogue described by the 
Library's late Vice-President, Mr Frederic Harrison, is still unattained. An ideal Subject- 
Index, he said, should have " a range not exceeding 250,000 volumes, and these shoidd be 
the result of systematic expert selection." Sir Leslie Stephen's criticism of the Library 
was similar. According to him, the London Library contained * ' everything that a man ought 
to wish to read." To extend its capacity was, he thought, a doubtful blessing. But the 
popularity of the Library and the demands made on it have inevitably increased its books, 
while the range of subjects has largely widened with the growth of modern scientific, economic 
and historical problems and the rise of many small nationalities. At the same time, the 
new generation has also becofiae more exacting and the modern scholar more impatient in 
his hunt for information. The result is, that it has been necessary to exceed the limitations 
recommended by its former President and by its late Vice-President. 

This second volume of the Subject-Index not only contains 2696 new headings, but 
also shows how far the lacunae disclosed in the volume issued in 1909 have been filled up. 
The whole is evidence of the developments in literature, history and science during the 
last fourteen years, and of the consequent difficulty in keeping a Subject-Index within a 
confined limit. 

The utihty of a Subject-Index has not yet been fully appreciated. The individual is, 
generally speaking, inchned to seek information from any soirrce other than that provided 
for him. Unskilled in the handhng of indexes and dictionaries, he would rather turn to 
the Librarian or his assistant, who, by the constant use of books of reference, have acquired 
a jlair in finding out items of knowledge. While it is impossible to eliminate personal 
application altogether, the Subject-Indexes are designed to be a real assistance to the reader. 
The choice of headings and sub-headings has been carefully made ; words and expressions 
in ordinary use always receiving a preference over the more scientific. With the minimum 
of trouble the whole plan of the Subject-Index can easily be grasped, and its study should 
repay the user a hundredfold. 

The numerous references to cognate headings already printed in Vol. I (1909) of the 
Subject-Index have not been repeated in this volume, though many additional references 
have been made. 

It is one of the characteristics of the Kf e of a Librarian that he never at any time reaches 
finahty nor is able to regard any work in the Library as ended. No catalogue is final ; 
every book has its successor ; and sooner or later every book-shelf must be extended. To 


save printing, and in a measure to save the Librarian from the irksomeness of this never-ending 
round of work, many Institutions adopt the so-called card catalogues ; but this can neither 
replace the printed catalogue in the Library, nor be made available to the student for 
consultation in his own study. The Committee of the London Library, therefore, decided 
to print the second volume of the Index to enable readers to obtain full advantage of the 
large additions made to the Library in the last few years, and to put its rich resources more 
adequately at their disposal. 

I am indebted as before to the staff, men and women, of the London Library (including 
Mr P. J. Cox, Mr J. Bean, Mr G. E. Manwaring, Miss H. Manwaring, Mr A. E. Davies and 
Mr G. Shapland) for loyal assistance in carrying on the ordinary work of the Library during 
these years of crisis. Owing to their willingness and diligence no department of the Library 
routine was neglected, and the members of the cataloguing staff were able to continue the 
work on the Subject-Index almost uninterruptedly. A few inconsistencies may be attributed 
to the constant unavoidable changes which took place during the War — the Library being 
practically depleted of the larger part of its expert staff. A special word of gratitude should be 
accorded to Miss A. Richmond, who was transferred to the cataloguing staff in 1911, and who 
throughout this period has shown exceptional energy and accuracy. Dr H. 0. Sommer has 
also rendered much assistance in reading the proofs. To my great sorrow two of the earher 
workers — Mr C. Kennelly and Mr E. Newman — fell in the War. 



The Subject-Index is a Supplement to the Author Catalogue, and is not intended to be used 
quite independently of it, though, generally speaking, this is possible. 

The arrangement of the books under each heading will, it is hoped, be seen at a glance. GENERAL 
The entries which immediately follow the heading are the works, theoretical or practical, dealing ment'm^' 
with the subject generally. Then follow the various sub-headings in alphabetical order, and ENTRIES 
lastly, at the end, the general references. ^A^ra 

Practical considerations have governed the arrangement as to the number, or omission, of 

The headings are arranged in alphabetical order, all compound words and phrases, such as ALPHA- 
Land Taxation ; Stone Implements ; &c., being for this purpose reckoned as if spelt in one qrmr 
word. Special attention must be given to this point. 

In the arrangement of groups of books and sub-headings preference has throughout been 
given to alphabetical order, even when in a few instances under historical headings a chronological 
order seemed more desirable. 

In the choice of words and combinations of words for headings I have been guided by the HEADINGS 
desire to select those to which the ordinary person would naturally turn. Many phrases and 
compound words in everyday use will therefore be found, as, for example : Nature Study ; Object 
Teaching ; Rural Depopulation ; Home Rule ; Tree Worship ; Lake Dwellings ; Stone Monu- 
ments ; Land Taxation ; Place Names ; Imperial Federation ; National Defence ; Ancestor- 
Worship ; Self-Culture ; Representative Government ; Crown Lands ; Second Advent. All 
these combinations of words are reckoned as one word in the alphabetical arrangement. 

A " Heading " is always printed in Bold Latin type, sic : Oxford. 

Consistency in the matter of sub-headings has not been attempted. They have been SUB- 
chosen to suit the varying character of the heading and the nature of the books possessed by the HEADINGS 

The sub-headings have been made as numerous as possible, though this has involved a 
certain amount of overlapping and duplication of entries. 

When the books dealing with a subject are exceptionally numerous, an attempt has been 
made to subdivide still further. 

The task of difierentiation has, however, often been difficult. In some cases books purely 
Topographical have been separated from books of Travel, and works on the Social Life of a 
country have been grouped under a special sub-heading or heading, and purely military works 
have been separated from Reminiscences (see Franco-German War). This arrangement has not 
been followed where it appeared unnecessary. 

Sub-headings are always printed in Display Italics, sic : History, Topography & Antiquities. 

As a rule, the numerous references given at the end of each subject-division in Volume I REFER- 

■ • ENCES 

of the Subject-Index have not been repeated in this volume, but references have been added 
to all fresh divisions. 




Brackets in 




The reason for placing a book under a particular heading is not always self-evident, owing 
to titles being shortened ; the reader ought to have the Author Catalogue at hand to consult 
if he wishes to ascertain the full title. 

Everything has been done to ensure condensation and brevity consistent with clearness, 
and various devices have been adopted to that end. 

(1) When the words of the heading recur in the titles of the book initials are substituted 
for them, as, for example, under Birds : 

rinn (F.) B. behaviour, 1919. 
Attention must therefore always be paid to the headings and sub-headings under which the 
entries appear, or reference must be made to the Author Catalogue. 

(2) The following omissions may be specially noted ; 

(a) The initials of names of authors when the surname is uncommon and the omission 
does not interfere with easy reference to the Author Catalogue. 

(b) The opening words of many titles, such as : Lectures on ; Short account of ; Dissertation 
sur ; Etude sur ; Memoires sur ; Observations sur ; Remarques sur ; &c. 

(c) The definite and indefinite articles, both in English and foreign titles, as a rule. 
{d) All bibliographical details. 

Where the Library contains several pamphlets on the same subject by one or various authors 
bound together, they have not always been catalogued separately, but only one pamphlet has 
been catalogued as a specimen, and the letters " (& o.p." ( = " and other papers " or " and other 
pamphlets " on the same subject) have been added to the entry. 

(1) Entries of anonymous works are sometimes preceded by a word or name in square 

brackets, as, for example : 

[Lewes]. Song of L. (1264), 1890. 

[Parma]. Chron. Parmense, 1038-1338, 1902. 

This indicates that the full entry will be found in the Author Catalogue under that name 
[i.e. Lewes ; Parma]. 

(2) The letter " B " in square brackets at the end of an entry indicates that the book 
mentioned contains a bibliography of the subject, as, for example : 

Castro (L. de) Nella terra del Negus, 2v, 1915. [B.] 

(3) When works which have been published as separate essays or in serial form also make 

part of another volume, the volume or serial in which they are to be found is added in square 

brackets, if reference to the Author Catalogue would not immediately provide the information, 

as, for example : 

Adams (W.) Log-book (1614-19), 1916 ; [cfc m Japan Soo. Trans., vl3, 1915]. 
Evans (A. J.) Prehist. tombs of Knossos, 1906 ; [<fc in Arch., v59 ii, 1905]. 

A dash (-) before a date in a title indicates that the work covers the whole period of the 

heading down to the given date, as, for example : 

Fletcher (C. R. L.) Introd. hist. (-1815), 4v, 1904-9. 

A dash (-) after a date of publication indicates that the Library has the subsequent volumes 
to the present date, as, for example : 

Connoisseur, 1901-. 

(1) Care has been taken to insert dates of the period covered by the work wherever possible, 
especially in the case of historical works. When no date is given for an historical work it is to be 
understood that the book is a general work on the subject. 

(2) If the book is a reprint, the original date of publication has been inserted. 

(3) Under the sub-heading " Biographies," in cases where the dates of birth and death have 
been unobtainable the reader will find dates in parentheses. These dates are not those of birth 
and death, but are those covered by the book or books. 

The dates of editions are separated by a semi-colon. When successive editions have a 
different number of volumes, the number of volumes of the first edition only (or, if the first 
edition is not possessed by the Library, the earliest edition possessed) is given, as, for example : 

Wells (H. 6.) Outline, 2t, 1919-20 ; 1920 ; 1921. 


If the Library possesses ttree or more editions the words '^ var. ed." (= various editions) STYLE OP 
or " see A.C." (=see Author Catalogue) have been added to the entry, and the Author ENTRY : 
Catalogue must be consulted for the dates. 

The names of editors have, in most cases, been omitted. But where the name of the editor Editors 
has been important and the means of identification of the edition, it has been inserted. 

For the sake of brevity the words " edited by," " herausgegeben," &c., have been omitted, 
and the name of the editor, -preceded by a semi-colon only, added, as, for example : 

Arthur, k. of Brit. Vulgate version of A. romances ; Sommer, 7v, 1908-16. 

When the letters " Wks." (=Works) are printed in italics the reader must understand Italics 
all the works entered in the Author Catalogue. This abbreviation does not refer to any 
particular edition, as, for example : 

Bohme (J.) Wks., see A.C. 

In general, the titles of translations have not been given when there is a copy of the original Translations 
in the Library, but the fact that there is a translation in the Library is noted by the letters " tr.," 
and the date of its publication is given. 

General works of History have been placed under the name of the country. Great events HISTORY 
in the history of a country or of the world will be found as separate headings in the Index rather 
than under the country, as, for example : Balkan Wars, 1912-13 ; European War, 1914-18 ; 
London, Conference of, 1909 ; Versailles, Treaty of, 1919 ; but references have always been 
made from the country, &c. 

Names of sovereigns of the larger and more important countries have also been adopted as 
headings : e.g. Charles V, Emperor ; George V, of Gt. Brit. ; Napoleon I, Emp. of the French. 

When the sovereign's name serves as a heading, his or her name stands for the period of 
history which the reign covers ; and all books which deal with the history, public finance, &c., 
of the reign are placed under the name of the sovereign. 

Many old chronicles have difierent titles in different editions, e.g. " Annales Magdeburgenses " CHRON- 
and " Chronographus Saxo " are two titles of the same chronicle. Either the best known title 
is given in this Index, or else the title of the first edition is quoted. 

(1) Where a chronicle is indexed in the Author Catalogue, the reader is referred to it. 

(2) The words " see A.C." are followed by " [<& in] " when the work enclosed in brackets 
has not been indexed in the Author Catalogue, as, for example : 

Joannes, Victor. Chron. Garinthiae (1211-1343), see A.G. [cfc in Eckhart, Corpus, tl, 1723]. 

(3) Where the note " in var. colls., consult Potthast " occurs, the reader is to understand that 
the Library contains several editions, but it would be advisable first to consult Potthast's 
BibUotheca Historica Medii Mvi, 1896 edition. 

The treatment of Biography calls for remark. It does not form a separate heading, but BIOGRAPHY 
appears as a sub-heading under the subject with which the biography is properly concerned ; for 
instance, under Acting will be found a sub-heading. Biographies, setting forth the lives of actors, 
which are in the Library, arranged alphabetically, with dates of birth and death. Such 
biographies will be found under the actors' names in the Author Catalogue. Under names of 
sovereigns are entered lists of the biographies of the public men who flourished during their 
reigns. In the course of indexing, however, biographies other than those given in the Author 
Catalogue have been unearthed. These are added after the dates of birth and death in square 
brackets, sic [<& in], as, for example : 

Foscolo (N. Ugo), 1778-1827 ; [cfc in Mazzini (G.) Scritti, vl8, 1891]. 

Literature has been dealt with as exhaustively as possible ; such headings as Drama, litera- 
Satire, Literature, Poetry, Sonnets, will be found in their alphabetical order in the Index. TURE 

Attention, however, is called to the following points ; 

(1) The pure literature or Belles-Lettres of England, France and Germany has been 
exceptionally treated. The reader will find such headings as English Literature, French 












Literature, German Literature, under which there are sub-headings Anthologies, Foreign 
Influence, History & Criticism, Texts, &c. Under the sub-heading " Texts," only the literary 
works of English, French and German authors prior to the sixteenth century have been included, 
because these are interesting from a linguistic point of view and are not as well known as those 
of the later centuries. Those subsequent to the fifteenth century have been entirely omitted. 
For the more modern writers the reader may be expected to consult the histories of literature. 

(2) It has not been thought necessary to give a list of the names of dramatists and poets 
imder these three literatures (English, French and German drama, and poetry). These lists 
would be too long, and each dramatist or poet is to be found in the Author Catalogue, together 
with any biography or criticism of his work. 

(3) The Fiction of these three countries has similarly been entirely omitted from this Index, 
but a few novels have, here and there, been designedly included under the history of countries, &c., 
where the novel had some special interest. The reader will, however, find headings English 
Fiction, French Fiction, German Fiction, under which bibliographies and histories have been 

(4) Texts of the works of Ancient Greek and Latin authors have been omitted under Greek 
Drama, Greek Poetry, Latin Poetry, &c. 

(5) The less known literatures have been more fully treated. Complete lists of the names 
of the literary writers, poets, dramatists and novelists which the Library possesses will be found 
under Spanish Literature, Spanish Fiction, Spanish Poetry, Italian Fiction, Italian Poetry, &c. 
For the titles of their works, however, the Author Catalogue must be consulted. 

(6) The texts of the works of mediaeval Greek and Latin writers will be found in their 
proper place under Greek Literature, Byzantine ; Latin Poetry, Mediaeval & Modern ; Latin 
Drama, Mediaeval & Modern ; Latin Literature, Mediaeval & Modern. 

Titles such as Sir, Honhle., &c., have been omitted except when necessary for 

When the title or rank of an author has been changed since the issue of the Author Catalogue 
the form in the A.C. has generally been adhered to. 

Discretion has been used as to the inclusion of literary and other essays, and it is hoped that 
no important omission has been made. As a general rule, essays which are obviously reviews of 
books have been excluded. 

In Botanical and Zoological headings the familiar name, where there is one, has been 
adopted in preference to the scientific. 

The works in sets, like the Der Alte Orient ; Coleccion de documentos ineditos ; Com- 
mentationes Philologae Jenenses ; Migne's Theologiae cursus ; Muratori, Rerum Italioarum 
Scriptores ; Petermanns Mittheilungen (Erganzungsbande) ; Staats- u. socialwiss. Forschungen 
&c., have been indexed according to subject. 

Many pamphlets have been acquired by the Library since 1909. These have been bound 
in over 1500 volumes and have been indexed separately in the present volume. The number of 
the volume of pamphlets is given at the end of each entry, e.g. [P2438]. Pamphlets issued " per 
nozze " are kept as a separate collection and numbered, e.g. [N36] &c. 

The form of entrj' for Parliamentary Papers has often been as follows : 

Pari, papers, see special catalogue. 

The special catalogue is the " List of Parliamentary Papers " issued by the Library in 1903, and 
continued in typescript. 

Where separate papers have been indexed the first number in square brackets is the arbitrary 
number given by the London Library to the bound volume of Papers, those at the end in 
parentheses are the official Command numbers given to the Papers themselves, as, for example : 

Pari, papers [2234]. Irish Convention, 1918. (cd. 9019). 

Periodicals have nt)t been indexed in detail ; but they have been entered collectively under 
their main subject. Periodicals containing political articles have been grouped under the 
sovereigns duringwhose reigns they have been published; as.for example, the Nineteenth Century 
and After will be found under George V. 



The Proceedings of learned societies have been indexed under subjects, with the result that SOCIETY 
much valuable work hidden away in those volumes is now brought to light and made available. tiotJs 
The method of treating them is explained in Notes to Vol. 1 (1909). 
The following are the sub-headings under Eiiropean War : 


European War, 1914-18. 

Miscellaneous Works. 

Aerial History. 

Africa (General Works). 

East & Central & W. 

South (Forces & Campaigns). 


Armoured Cars. 

Arms & Munitions. 



Australia (Forces, Opinions &c.). 



Baltic Provinces. 

Bibliography & Collections. 

Biographical Collections. 



Bohemia & Czechs. 


Canada (Campaigns, Forces & Opinions). 

Casualty Lists. 


Causes, Aims & Diplomacy. 

Chaplains, Social Work &c. 




Colonies, Dominions &c., English. 



Conditions in & Effort of European 

Countries (General Works). 
Conditions in & Effort of Belgium. 




Conduct, Barbarities (General Works, ii 

eluding France). 
Conduct at Sea. 
Conduct &c. in Belgium dc. 
Dardanelles & Gallipoli. 
Dictionaries & Encyclopaedias. 
Drink Question. 

European War, 1914-18 [continued]. 
Economics & Finance. 

Egypt, Palestine, Sinai & Syria. 

Fiction & Drama. 
Food Supply. 
Foreign Relations. 
Georgia (Attitude &c.). 
Greece & Macedonia (Salonica &c.). 
History (General Works, including Western 
Front) : 

Ailette, 1917. 

Aisne, 1914. 

Aisne, 1917. 

Antwerp, 1914. 

Argonne, 1915. 

Arras, 1917. 

Carency, 1915. 



Compiegne, 1914. 



Le Cateau, 1914. 

Liege, 1914. 

Lille, see Occupied Territory, heloiv. 

Limburg, 1914. 

Longwy, 1914. 

Lorette, 1914-15. 

Louvain, 1914. 

Marne, 1914. 

Marne, 1918. 

Maubeuge, 1914. 

Mons, 1914. 

Namur, 1914. 


Ourcq, 1914. 

Plessis-de-Roye (Le). 



Somme, 1916-18. 

Souville, 1916. 

Steenstraat, 1914-15. 

Vaux Douaumont. 




European War, 1914r-18 [continued]. 

History (General Works, including Western 
Front) : [continued]. 

: Ypres. 

: Yser. 

History: Eastern Front (Russia, Poland &c.). 

Hospital Service &c. 

Hungary (Campaigns, Forces, Opinions). 


Indemnities & Reparation. 

India (Campaigns, Forces & Opinions). 

Influence on Literature. 

Irish Attitude. 

Italy : Attitude & Politics. 

: History (Italian Front &c.). 

: Narratives (Italian Front &c.). 

Japan (Campaigns, Forces, Opinions). 

Jews & their Attitude. 

Labour Attitude. 

Law (Emergency Legislation) &c. : 

: England & British Empire. 

: France. 

: Germany & Austria. 

: Russia. 



Medals & Decorations. 


Mohammedans & Islam. 


Narratives : Eastern Front. 

: Western Front (& General). 

Native Troops. 

Naval, see European War, Naval, as sepa- 
rate heading. 
Netherlands : Attitude & Politics. 
Occupied Territory. 

Papal Relations & Roman Catholic Attitude. 
Peace Proposals & Suggested Settlements. 
Persia : Attitude &c. 
Philosophy & the War. 
Poetry, Satire & Caricature. 
Portugal (Forces, Opinions &c.). 

European War, 1914-18 [continued]. 

Postal Service. 

Press, Propaganda & Censorship. 


Prophecies & Religious Aspects. 



Regimental Histories. 

Relief Measures. 


Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) : 
Attitude (fee. 

Science & the War. 

Sermons, Religious Discourses &c. 

Servia (Attitude, Forces, Campaign). 

Socialism & the War. 

South America (Attitude &c.). 

Straits Settlements. 

Strategy (Theory only). 

Switzerland (Attitude &c.). 


Transport & Provisioning. 

Turkey (Attitude, Campaigns &c.). 


United States (Attitude &c.). 

(Campaigns & Forces). 


Women's Share. 
European War, Naval. 

General Works (& English & American 



Dover Patrol. 

Falkland Islands. 


German & Austrian. 

German Raiders &c. 



Jutland, Battle of, 1916. 

Lusitania, Liner, Sinking of, 1915. 


United States. 



N.B. — For a full list of abbreviations consult Vol. I (1909). The following notes are absolutely essential for those who use this Index : — 

(1) j4.C=Author Catalogue & Supplement of the London Library, 1913-20, & subsequent entries on cards. 

(2) Special catalogue, in connection ■with entries of Parliamentary Papers, refers to the London Library List of Parliamentary Papers 

& Supplement {the latter as yet in MS.), 1903-22. 

(3) When the words of the heading recur in the titles of the books, initials are substituted for them, as under Astronomy, Newcomb (S.) 

Pop. a., & Plummer (H. C.) Dynamical a. 

(4) cfc in. Special attention is drawn to (fc in. Whenever this occurs under the sub-heading Biographies, &o., it is essential to look 

first in the Author Catalogue, where the chief books dealing with the subject of the Biography are to be found. 


and noun endings, such as the following, are omitted :— 


al[e] ation[s] 

ensis eux [se] iensis inaire inary ional[e] isch[e] lich[e] 

ous ution 


atic ationes 

etical ical ieux[se] inal[e] ion[s] ique ition[s] ory 


The following are the obscure or more 

frequent abbreviations : — 



= Cambridge Modern 


= England ; EngUsh 


=inventaire ; in- 


= Abteilung ; Auf- 

lage ; Ausgabe 
— alia ■ alle ■ atidere * 



= epistola, &c. 

vented ; inven- 


= collected ; coUec- 


= Erganzungsband 



tion[s]; college, &c. 


= Erlauterungen 


= Ireland ; Irish 

annum ; author 
= Author catalogue 
= another copy 
= accedit ; accedunt ; 

aocpssion ■ accord- 


= correction ; corre- 


= Etude 



a. c. 



spondance ; corre- 

= Common Prayer 
= Constantinople 



= 4tat ; ^tude[s] 
= Etats-Unis 


= Imperatorskoe 
Russkoe Geografi- 
cheskoe Ob- 

ance ; according ; 


= Constantinopoli- 


=fasciculus ; from 


= Imperatorskoe 


account, &c, 
= answer 


= Calendar of State 

Fond. Piot 

= Acad4mie des In- 
scriptions : Fond- 

Russkoe Istori- 
cheskoe Ob- 


= anteriores ; antlca ; 

ation E. Piot, 


antiohe ; antico ; 

esse. Idsse.] 




=istoria ; istorica ; 

antient ; antike ; 




= foreign 


antiquarian ; an- 


=fran9ais; frangaise; 


= Italian;Italien;Italy 

tique ; antiquities, 


franzosische, &c. 



= France; Frank- 



= Archseologia 


= dans; das; deel ; 
degli ; della ; der ; 

reich ; French 


= Jahr; Jahrhundert; 


des ; die ; died ; 



duchess ; duke ; 


= jusqu'a ; jusqu'au ; 


= Bibliography 

durch ; during 
= Deutschland; 

gen., gin. 

= general ; gto&ale, 



= Band 


-aux, &c. 


= jahrigen 


= baron 

deutsche, &c. 


= Germanic ; Ger- 


= Jahrbuch 


= bei ; bis ; born 


= discours ; discourse; 

manicarum ; Ger- 

J. C. 

= Jesus Christ 

B. de I'E. 

= Bibliothfeque de 

discourses • dis- 

many, &c. 

d. H.E. 



covery, &c. 
= dissertation ■ dis- 


= Gesellschaf t 
= Geschichte, &c. 



= beginning 

sertationes * dis- 


= Greece ; Greek ; 


= Kaiserlich[e] ; 


= Beredsamkeit 





= besonders 


= dizionario 


=grand[s]; gross, &c. 


= king; kotet 


= Beziehung 


— dram a ■ dram ati p • 


= Annales du Mus^e 

K. Ak. zu 

= Kaiserhehe Aka- 


= bibliography [-ical]; 

bibliothfeque, &c. 
= Bibliotheca; Biblio- 


dramatique ; droit 
= duchesse 
= durinf' 



K. Arch. 

demie der Wissen- 

schaften zu Wien 

= Kent Archaeological 

thek, &c. 


= Halfte; Heft 


= Society 


= British Museum 


= her ; his 


= Kaiserlich 


= BibliothSque Na- 


Hist. Gezel 

- =Historisch Gezel- 



= earl; east; eastern; 


schap te Utrecht. 

logisches Institut 

B. of Ed. 

= Board of Education 





= Klein[e] 


= baroness 

ein J eine ; einer, 
&c. ; entre ; essais ; 

Hist. MSS. 

= Historical Manu- 

Kong. N. 

= Kongeligt Nordisk 


= bound with 


scripts Commission 





= ecclesia ; ecclesias- 

Hist. St. 

= Historische Studien 
= Herausgegeben 


. = Koniglich - Preus- 


= Central 

Ec. des Ch. 

= Ecole des Chartes 


= Handschrilten 

sische Akademie 
der Wissenschaf- 
ten zu Berlin 


= centuries ; century ; 


= edited ; edition[s] ; 


chapter ; circa ; 

editor ; education 

commencement ; 


= editors 





= Early English Text 


= International Con- 



=comte ; consort ; 


gress of Oriental- 


= lettres; liber; Ubri; 







= catalogue ; cate- 


= East Indies 

Imp. R. 

= Imperatorskoe 


= libellus ; Uber ; 


E.I. Co. 

= EastlndiaCompany 


Kusskoe Archeolo- 

liberal ; hbraire ; 

C. de d., 

= Coleccion de docu- 


= eloquence 


gicheskoe (Istori- 

library ; libri 


mentos in^d. para 


= eminent 


cheskoe) Ob- 


=hterally ; Uteraria ; 

la hist, de Espaiia 


=employees ; em- 


literary ; litera- 


= China; Church 

ployers ; employ- 

in, h. 

= in his ; in her 

tura ; literature ; 


= classical; classified 


in t. 

= in their 

liturgies, &c. 





M.-a. [Ma.] 
m. a. 

m. a. 




Mass. H.S. 




Migne, P. G.^ 

Migne, P. L.= 


Mon. Germ. 

Mon. hist. 

M. Tort. 


M. Tud. 


= Magyarorsz^i 

=maison; marchesa; 
mar^chal ; mar- 
quis ; meine ; mon, 

= Mittelalter[s] 

= middle ages 

=moyen Sge 

= Mission Arch. Fr. 
au Caire 

= manual ; manuale ; 

=martehal; maritime 

= Massachusetts His- 
torical Society Col- 

= Melanges 

=memoir[s]; m^- 
moire[s] ; memor- 
able ; memoranda ; 

= manufacture 

= Migne, Patrologia 

= Migne, Patrologia 

= Mittheilungen 

=monachus ; monas- 
teries; monastery ; 
monastic ; monas- 
ticism ; monasti- 
cum ; mon^taire ; 
monumenta; mon- 
uments, &c. 

= Monumenta Ger- 
manise historica 

= Monumenta histo- 
riae patriae 

= Magyar T6rt6nelmi 

= Magyar Tudo- 





N. Eng. 

Arch, des 



N.Y. Hist. 


0. e. 

= Nozze 

= nella ; neu ; new ; 
northern ; nostro ; 
nouveau ; nouvelle 

= national ; natural ; 
naturalis ; natu- 
ralist ; nature ; 
naturel, &c. 

= no date 

= New England 

= Neue Folge 

= number 

= Nouyelles Archives 
des missions sci- 
entifiques et lit- 

= New Series 

= New Testament 

= New York His- 
torical Society 

= New Zealand 

=other ; ovvero 
= other essays 
= OSuvres 

CE. ch. 
0. 'p. 

0. wks. 






Penn. Univ. 

per. [p^r.] 


p. m. 


p. s. 






E.A. de 
R. As. Soc. 


R. Comm. 



Rer. Ang. 





= CEuvres choisies 

= opera 

= other papers 

= Orient 

= oriental ; oriental- 

= Old Testament 
= other works 

= Pamphlet 
=pars ; part ; parts ; 
point; pour; prince 
= Pennsylvania 
= papers ; papiers 
= Patrologia; Patro- 


= Pennsylvania Uni- 

= period; p^riode ; 
periodical, &c. 

=philosopharum ; 
philosophers ; phi- 
losophical ; philo- 
sophique ; philo- 
sophische ; philo- 
sophorum ; philo- 

=post mortem 

= Parliamentary 

= prince ; principally ; 
printed, &c. 


=pour servir 

= pseudonym 

= queen ; question[s] 
= queen consort 

= Boyal 

= rfegne ; reign 

= Real Acaderaia de 
la Historia 


= Ro y al Asiatic 

= Roman Catholic 

= Royal Commission 

= recent ; record ; re- 
cueil ; recueilli, &c. 


=relacion ; relates ; 
relating ; rela- 
tion[s]; relative[s]; 
relazioni ; reli- 
gieux ; religion ; 
religione ; religio- 
nis ; religious, &c. 

= Rerum Anglicarum 

= Romanische For- 

= Royal Geographical 

= Royal Irish Aca- 

= Royal Navy 

Roy. As. 



sc. [sci.] 


scr. [script.] 

S. d. A. de 

S. d. A. de P, 

S. de I'h. de 
Fr., Ann. 

S. de I'h. de 

S. del'Or. 



S.I. Ethn. 




Nat. Mus. 

S. 1. of N. f. 

S. nat. des ■ 
A. de Fr. 




St. B. 


= Royal .Asiatic 
Society of Great 

= saint ; secolo ; sein ; 
seit ; series ; ses ; 
seu ; sifecle ; since ; 
sobra; son; sopra; 
sulla; suUe; sur 
= Sammlung[en] 
= Samlede 
=Studia Biblica 
= scientific ; scienti- 

=sciencias ; science ; 

scientific, &c. 
=scriptores ; scrip- 
torum ; scriptural 
scriptures ; sorip- 
tus; scritta; scritte; 
scrivere, &c. 
= Soci^t^ des Anti- 
quaires de Nor- 
. = Soci^t^ des Anti- 
quaires de Pi- 
= Soci6t6 de I'histoire 
de France, An- 
=Soci6t^ de I'histoire 

de Paris, &c. 
= Soci^t^ de I'Orient 

=secolG : secondary ; 
secondo ; secret ; 
secretary ; secrfete ; 
secula ; seculorum 
=select ; selected ; 

= Smithsonian Insti- 
tution, Bureau of 
Ethnology, Report 

= Miscellaneous 

= Report, Na- 
tional Museum 
= Select Library of 
Nicene & Post- 
Nicene fathers 
= Soci6t6 nationale 
des Antiquaires de 
= speeches 
= Sprache[n] 
= Sanctorum, &c. 
=saint ; state ; story ; 

studies ; study 
= Studia Biblica 
=Samfund til . ud- 
givelse af gammel 
nordisk litteratur 
= Svensk 


Tort. Eml. 













var. ed. d 

Var. sin. 








= temps ; their ; time 

of or tempore ; 

title; tome; tomo; 

tomus ; touching 

w. 0. p. 

w. ref. 









4" 0, p . 
^ 0. wks. 

= theatre; theatrical; 
theologia ; theo- 
logical ; theology, 

= Torok - magyarkori 
Tort^nelmi Em- 

= tortteehni ; tort^n- 

= tractates ; trade ; 
traduction ; traits ; 
transfer ; trans- 
lated ; treatise ; 
treaty, &c. 

= tudom4nyok; tudo- 

= United ; Upper 
=und ; unser 
= Uber 

=iibersetzt; tjberset- 
zung ; iibertragen 
= United Kingdom 
= United States 

= version ; versus ; 

volume ; von 
= Virginia 

= variantes ; vario- 
rum; various 
= various editions 

and translations 
= Vari^t^s sinolo- 

= veteribus; veterum; 

vetustiorum, &c. 
= Victoria history of 

the counties of 


= West ; Western 

= with 

= Worterbuch 

= wordbook 

= which 

=Wissenschaften ; 

= with other papers 
= writers ; writing ; 

writings ; written 
= with reference 

= Christ 
= Christlich 
= Christian 
= Chris tentum 

= Zeit; Zeitalter[s] 
= zu ; zur, &c. 
= Zeitalter 
= zwischen 

= and other papers 
= and other works 











/or Calern6 read Caloner6 ^ transfer to correct 

for 1845 read 1855 
add [P1240] to entry 
















alter Vassili to Vasili 
add, [P1240] to entry 
for 41 read 71 
for Carrier read Carrer. . 

Counted from the bottom of the column upwards 

The following notes are absolutely essential for those who 

use this Index : — 

(1) A.C. = Author Catalogue & Supplement of the London Library, 1913-20; 

and subsequent entries on cards. 

(2) Special catalogue, in connection with entries of Parliamentary Papers, 

refers to the London Library List of Parliamentary Papers & Supplement 
{the latter as yet in MS.), 1903-22. 

(3) When the words of the heading recur in the titles of the books, initials are 

substituted for them, as under Astronomy, Newcomb (S.) Pop. a., & 
Plummer (H. C.) Dynamical a. 

(4) c& in. Special attention is drawn to c& in. Whenever this occurs under the 

sub-heading Biographies, &c,, it is essential to look first in the Author 
Catalogue, where the chief books dealing with the subject of the Biography 
are to be found. 

(5) The numerous references to cognate headings already printed in Vol. I 

(1909) of the Subject-Index have not been repeated in this volume. 


ADDITIONS, 1909-22 

N.B. — Refeiences already printed in Volume 1 (1909) oi the Subject-Index aie not as a lule repeated in this volume. 

Aaland Island, see Aland Islands. 
Abbaye (L'). 

Harrison (J. E.) Unanimism, 1913. 
Befer to Bbothekhoods. 

Sooiete Boyale d' Emulation d' A. , Mem^. , 
1836-7, 1838. 

Maxwell-Scott (hon. inrs.) A. : relics &c. 
of Scott, 1893. 

SchUokeysen (P. W. A.) Erkl. d. Ab- 
kuerz. auf Muenzen, 1896. 
Jtictionavnes . 

Rogers (W. T.) Diet, of a., 19lg. 
Martin (C. T.) Record interpreter, 1910. 

Hulakowsky ( J. M. ) Abbrev. vocab. usit. 
in sor. praec. Lat. medii aevi, turn 
etiam Slav. & German., 1852. 

Allen "(T. W.) A. in Greek MSS., 1889. 
Blanco (L.) Semiografia dei vol. Er- 

colan., 1842. [P1879]. 
Florance (A.) Numism. grec. : ethniques 

des villes & peuples, 1903. 
Buxtorfius (J.) De abbrev. Heb., 

1613; 40. 
Mielziner (M.) Intr. to Talmud, key 

to a., 1894 ; 1903 [B.] 
Befer to Hebrew Language. 
Schiaparelli (L.) Int. all' orig. &c. del 

sistema a. irl., 1916. 
Hardy (T. D.) Table of a. [in KeUawe 

(R. de) Reg. Palat. Dunelm., v4, 1878]. 
Hulakowsky (J. M.) Abbrev. vocab., 

Lindsay (W. M.) Notae Latinae ; 

abbrev. (o. 700-850), 1915. 
Manuzio (A. P.) Orthogr. ratio, 1591. 
Martin (C. T.) Record interp., 1910. 
Mommsen (T.) M. V. Probus de notis 

ant. [in h. Schr., B7, 1909]. 
Nicolai (J.) Tract, de siglis vet., 1706. 
SchiaparelU (L.) Note paleogr., 2p, 

Traube (L.) Quellen &c., B2, Nomina 

sacra, 1907. 

Vorlesungen &c., Bl, 1909. 

Hulakowsky (J. M.) Abbrev. vocab., 


Aberdeen. ■, ,r,,r 

[Aberdeen]. Commissariot record, 1715- 

1800 ; Macleod, 1899. 
Anderson (P. J.) A. friars (13-18c.), 

1909. [B.] 


Bulloch (J. M.) Contrib. of A. to volun- 
teer def., 1794-1808, 1915. [P1722]. 

Fraaer (G. M.) Aberdonians &c. ; origin 
&c., 1914. [P2047]. 

Leask (W. K.) Interamna boreaUs : 
mems. &c., 1917. 

Masson (D.) Mem^. of 2 cities, 1911. 

Munro (A. M.) Records, 1498-1903, v2, 
Bibliography . 

Johnstone (J. E. K.) Bibl. of hist, of A. 
&;c. [in Aberdeen Univ. Lib. Bull., vl, 

Tocher (J. P.) Bk. of Buchan, nat. hist., 
prehist. man, &c., 1910. 
History &c. 

Browne (G. E.) Antiq. in neighb. of 
Dunecht House, A., 1921. 

Mem^. of rebellion in 1745 &c. [in 
Blaikie (W. B.) Origins, 1916]. 
Refer to Bairnie ; Dttnbcht ; TiL- 


Aberdeen University. 

Anderson (P. J.) Ewen Maclachlan, 

librarian, 1800-18, 1918. [P2258]. 
Geddes (W. D.) Musa Lat. Aberdon., 

3v, 1892-1910. 
Leask (W. K.) Interamna borealis : 

mem=. &c., 1917. 
Marischal College. 
Aberdeen : Univ. lUust. oat. of Anthro- 

polog. Museum, 1912. 
Abila & Abilene. ■ 

Belley. L'ere d' Abila [in Acad, des 

Inscr. &c., Mem. de litt., t28, 1761]. 
Eras de Leucas en Celesyrie [in 

Acad, des Inscr. &c., Mem. de litt., 

t32, 1768]. 

Townsend (J.) Hist, of A., 1910. 

News of a country town, 1753- 

183;^, 1914. 
Stenton (E. M.) Early hist., 1913. 
Townsend (J.) Hist, of A., 1910. 


Dobrizhoffer (M.) Historia, 2v, 1784. 
Abjuration, Form of. 

Formula recip. Manichaeorum &c. hseresi 
conv. [in Tolhus (J.) Insignia, 1696]. 

Hamilton (A.) In Abor jungles, 1912. 
Pari, papers [2020]. Op. agst. A., 1911. 
(od. 5961). 
Refer to India, History, sub-heading 
Frontier & Defence. 

Abou Habba, see Sippar. 

Agostinoni (E.) Altipiani d'A. (It. 
artist.), 1912. 

Abruzzi [continued^. 

Finamore (6.) Credenze, usi &c, Abr., 

Tradizioni pop. abr., 1894. 

Kehr (P. P.) Reg. Pontificum : It. 

(—1198), v4, Marsia &c., 1909. 
Macdonell (A.) In the A., 1908. 

Refer to Montbnerodomo ; Pbscas- 
SEBOLi ; Tronto, river. 

Goulette (L. ) L'a. &c. dans la defense 
nat., 1915. 
Refer to France, Social Liee ; Tem- 

Bingham (J.) 2 sermons &c. [in Wks., 

vlO, 1855]. 
Davis (C. H.) Apostol. & ministerial 

a., 1887. [P1247]. 
Hammond (H.) Power of the Keyes &c., 

Luther (M.) Von d. Sohliisseln (1530) [in 
h. Wke., B30, 1909]. 
Pauwels (J.) De oasibus reservatis [in 

Migne, Theol. cursus, tl8, 1862]. 
Pusey (E. B.) Entire a., 1846. [dk in 

Steitz (6. E.) Privatbeiohte u. Privat- 
abs. d. luther. Kirche, 16J., 1854. 
Abu Habba, see Sippab. 

Bazeley (W.) A. & its lit., 1891. 
Refer to Stone Monuments ; Wilt- 

Borchardt (L.) Grabdenkmal S'a,'hu-re', 

2B, 1910-13. 
Miiller (F. W.) Anthrop. Ergebn. v. 
vorgeseh. Graberfeldes v. A. el-Meleq, 
Schafer (H.) Priestergraber &c. v. Toten- 
tempel d. Ne-user-re', 1908. 
Befer to Egypt. 
Abydos, Egypt. 

Capart (J.) A., temple de Seti I, 1912. 
Lefebure (E.) Etude sur A. [in h. CE. 

div., t2, 1912]. 
Naville (E.), T. E. Peet &c. Cemeteries 
of A., 3p, 1913-14. 
Refer to Egypt ; Mahasna (El). 

Antiquities . 
Deutsche Aksum-Exped. ; Littmann 

&c., Bl-4, 1913. 
Goes (D. de) Fides, reUgio &c. vEthiopum 
&c., 1540. 

Hough (W.) H. Philip Abyss, ethno- 
log. coll. [in S.I. : U.S. Nat. Mus. 
Proc, v40, 1911]. 
Atlases . 
Duohesne-Fournet (J.) Mission (1901-3), 
Atlas, 1908. 




Abyssinia [continued]. 

Bibliography . 
Beooari (C.) Notizia &c. di opere &c. 

rig. Etiopia, s. 16-18, 1903. 
Regismanset (C.) Bibliog. abys. \in 

Duchesne-Fournet. Mission, t2, 1909]. 
Collat (0. E.) L'Ethiopie eoon. [in 

Duohesne-Fournet. Mission, tl, 1909]. 
Castro (L. do) Note di antrop-norm., 

A., 1906. 
History . 
Almeida (M. de) Hist., 1626-7 ; tr., 

Alypp (P.) L'Ethiopie & les convoitises 

allemandea, 1917. 
Barradas (E.) II Tigre; Beocari, 1912. 
Beke (C: T.) King Theodore & Mr. 

Rassam (c. 1866), 1869. [P1230]. 
Statement, mission to Shoa (c. 

1840-3), 1846. [P1230]. 
Deherain (H.) Et. s. I'Afr., si, 1904. [B.] 
[Etiopia]. Conquista mussulmana, sec. 

16; Nerazzini, 1891. 
Foreign Office. Handbooks, No. 129, 

1920. [B.] 
Frobenius (L.) Und Afrika spraoh, B3, 

GJaser (E.) Abessinier in Arabien &o., 

Guidi (I.) Gli arohivi in A. (18c.) [in 

Scienze stor., Congr. intern., 1903, 

Atti, v3, 1906]. 
[Jesuits]. Lettere del Giappone &c., 

1615-19, 1621. 
Lettere d' Etiopia &c., 1620-4, 

Lettere di Ethiopia, 1624-6 (G. 

Paez & A. Mendes), 1628. 
John, prester. Legatio ad Clementem 

Vn (1533), 1533. 
Le Grand (J.) 15 dissert, [in Lobo (J.) 

Voyage, 1789]. 
Le Roux (H.) Menelik et nous, 1901. 
Ludolf (H.) Ad suam Hist. Aethiop. 

Comm., 1691. 

New hist, of Ethiopia ; [tr.], 1682. 

Rel. nova de Habeas, statu, 1693. 

Makrizi. Hist. reg. Islamiticorum in A., 

Manacorda (G.) La leggenda del Prete 

Gianni in A., 1906. [N86, Ferrari]. 
Pari, papers [2215]. Survey of pro- 
posed frontier betw. Brit. E. Afr. & A., 

1904. (cd. 2312). 
Rein (G. K.) Abessinien, 3B, 1918-20. 


(English War, 1867-68.) 

Hoseason (J. C.) Remarks on Abyss. 

expenditure, 1870. [P1452]. 
Pari, papers [2252]. Abyss, exped., 
1867. (4260). 

(Italian War, 1895-96.) 

Crispi (F.) Prima guerra d' Africa (1885- 
96), 1914. 

Melli (B.) L'Eritrea (-1901), 1902. 
Topography & Travels. 

Angoulvant (G.) & S. Vigneras. Dji- 
bouti, Mer Rouge, A., 1902. 

Beke (C. T.) Enq. into d'Abbadie's jour- 
ney to Kaflfa, 1843-4, 1850. [P1240]. 

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da Gama em Ethiopia (1541-3) ; Es- 
teves Pereira, 1898. 

Castro (L. de) Nella terra dei Negus, 2v, 
1915. [B.] 

Cohen (M.) Mission hnguist. en A. (1910- 
11) [in Nouv. Arch, des miss, scient., 
t20, 1913]. 

Abyssinia [continued]. 
Topography <fc Travels [continued]. 

Deutsche Aksum-Exped. ; Littmann 

&c., Bl-4, 1913. 
Du Bourg de Bozas (vte. R.) Mission 

scientif., 1900-3, 1906. 
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opie (1901-3), 2t & Atlas, 1908-9. 
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Duohesne-Fournet. Mission, tl, 1909]. 
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Schoa u. Siidabyss. (1841-3), 2Abt., 

Heuglin (M. T. v.) Reisen, 1852-3, 1857. 
La Carrefour d'Aden ^ La route 
d'Addis-ABaba — Je suis I'hote du 
Negus — Vers le Nil bleu — France et 
Le Roux (H.) Menelik et nous, 1901. 
Ludolf (H,) Ad suam Hist. Aetliiop. 

Comm., 1691. 
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Faohoda, 1900. 
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VoUbrecht (H.) Im Reiche des Negua 

Negesti Menelik II (1905), 1906. 
Wolff (J.) Journal, 1827-38, 1839. 
Wylde (A. B.) Modern A., 1900. 

Refer to Akohiteotueb, Abyssinian ; 
Kaffa ; TiGui ; Tsana, lake. 
Abyssinian Languages. 

Cohen (M.) Mission hnguist. en A. (1910- 

11) [in Nouv. Arch, des miss, aci., t20, 

Sundstrom (R.) En a^ng pa Tigre- 

spraket (text & tr.), 1904. 
Academic des Beaux-Arts. 

Guiffrey (J.) Membres de I'Acad., 1796- 

1910 [in Soc. de I'Hist. de I'Art Fr. 

Arch., nouv. per., t4, 1910]. 
Soubies (A.) Membres, s3, 1852-76, 1911, 

aer. 4 (1876-1901), 1917. 
Academie Fianpaise. 

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I'Anoien Regime, 1909. 
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1820-1920, tl, 2, 1921. 
Gosae (E.) Foundation [in h. Aapects, 

Jeanroy-Felix (V.) Fau'teuils contemp. 

de I'Acad. Fran9., 2a, 1896-9. 
Magne (E.) Boisrobert, fondateur de 

I'A. F., 1592-1662, 1909. 
Masson (F.) L'Acad. Franp., 1629-1793, 

Robertaon (D. M.) Fr. Acad., 1635- 

1910, 1910. 
Academies & Learned Societies. 

Hurry (J. B.) Ideals & organis. of a 

medical soc, 1913. 
Mahaffy (J. P.) Origins of learned a. in 

mod. Europe [in R.I.A. Proc, vSO, 

^tnerieon, see Mexican; United States, 


Historischer Verein. f. Steiermark. 
Soo. Archeol. de Namur. 
Soc. d'Archeologie de Bruxelles. 
Soc. de Litt. Wallonne. 
Soc. des Bibl. de Belg. 
Soc. des Sciences &c. du Hainaut. 
Soc. de Zoologie, Antwerp. 

(History of Academies &c.) 

Acad. Roy. de Belg. 50e anniv. de la 

reconatit. (1816-66), 1866. [P2032]. 

Academies & Learned Societies [cont.]. 

Belgian (History of Academies &c.) 

[continued] . 
Beneden (P. J. van) Acad. Roy. de Belg. : 
claaae des sciences, 1872. [P2045]. 
Le Nain (L.) L'etat de Palais des Acad, 
ap. le depart des AUemands, 1919. 
British Ouiana. 

Roy. Agric. &c. Soc. of B. G. 
Maha-Bodhi Soc. Constit., rules &o., 
1891. [P2193]. 

Shanghai Lit. & Scient. Soo. 
Acad. Nacional de Artes y Letras : 
Trabajos de la corporacion, 1910-2, 

' Hiatorisch Genootschap te Utrecht. 
Konikl. Inst, voor de Taal-, Land-' en 

Volkenkunde van Nederl. -Indie. 
Maatschappij d. Nederl. Letterkunde te 

Maatschappij tot Nut van 't Algemeen. 


Inatitut Egyptien. 
Institut Prang. d'Arch. Orient. 
African Society. 
Anglo-Hellenic League. 
Anti-Contagioua Diaeases Acta Assoc. 
Architectural Societies [Associated]. 
Architect., Archaeolog. & Histor. Soo. of 

Bacon Society. 

Bath & West & S. Counties Soc. 
British Dairy Farmers' Assoc. 
British Numismatic Soc. 
Canterbury & York Soc. 
Cantilupe Society. 
Childhood Soe. 
Classical Assoc. 
Clinical Soc. 
Commons Preserv. Soc. 
Congregational Histor. Soc. 
Dorset Nat. Hist. & Antiq. Field Club. 
Dugdale Soo. 
Eclectic Soc. 
Empire Press Union. 
Entomolog. Soc. of London. 
Epidemiological Soc. 
Folk-Song Soc. 
Grotius Society. 
Historical Assoc. 
Imperial Institute. 
Instit. of Chartered Accountants. 
Instit. of Electrical Engineers. 
Internat. Agricult. Inatit. 
Japan Soc, London. 
Ladiea' Guild of Francis St. Alban. 
London Corresponding Soc. 
London Soo. for Study of Religion. 
Manorial Soc 
Medico-Legal Soc. 
Norfolk & Norwich Arch. Soc. 
Oxford Dante Soc. 
PaU Text Soo. 
Political Economy Club. 
Postal Microscopical Soc. 
Proportional Represent. Soc. 
Royal Literary Fund. 
Royal Photogr. Soc. of Gt. Brit. 
Royal Soc. of Medicine. 
Samuel Pepys Club. 
Shropshire Parish Reg. Soc. 
Simplified Spelling Soc. 
Soc for Nautical Research. 



Academies & Learned Societies [cont.]. 

English [continuei]. 
Soc. for the Preserv. of Wild Fauna. 
Soc. for the Promotion of Roman St. 
Soc. for the Protect, of Ano. Buildings. 
Soo. of Dorset Men in London. 
Soc. of Hebrew Lit. 
Soc. of Incorporated Accountants. 
Soo. of Med. Officers of Health. 
Suffolk Inst, of Archseol. &c. 
Surrey Parish Reg. Soo. 
Therapeutical Soc. 
Thoresby Soc. 
Thoroton Soc. 
United Russia Soo». Assoc. 
Vasari Society. 
Walpole Soc. 

Women, International Council of. 
Worcestershire Histor. Soc. 
Yorkshire Parish Reg. Soc. 
Zoological Soc. of London. 
^— {Hist, of Academies &c.) 
Besant (W.) Soc. of Authors, 1893. 

Betts (J.) Story of the Irish Soc, 1913 ; 

Bonney (T. G.) Annals of Philos. Club 

of Roy. Soc, 1919. 
Dudfield (R.) Hist, of Soo. of M.O. of 

Health, 1907. 
EUis (W.) Hist, of Lond. Miss. Soc, vl, 

Howarth (0. J. R.) Brit. Assoc, 1831- 

1921, 1922. 
Hurry (J. B.) Hist, of Reading Pathol. 

Soc. (1841-1909), 1909. 
Macmillan (G. A.) Brit. School at 

Athens, 1886-1911, 1911. 
Markham (C. R.) Address on Hakluyt 

Soc, 1896, 1911. [P1335]. 
Some aco. of Geograph. Club, 1905. 

Pollen (J. H.) Cath. Reo. Soc. (1904-14), 

Portal (E. M.) Academ roial of K. 

James 1, 1916. [P1992]. 
Roy. Soc. of Arts. Benefits arisen by 

means of Soo. inst. 1753 &o., 1765. 

Scherren (H.) Zoolog. Soc. of London, 

Soc. of Antiq^. of Newcastle. Arch. 

-EUana, s3, tIO, centenary vol., 1913. 
Soc. of Dilettanti. Hist, notices, 1853. 
Steeves (H. R.) Learned soo^. &c, 1913. 

Thomson (St. C.) J. C. Lettsom & found. 

of Medical Soc. (1773), 1918. [P2360]. 
Wheatley (H. B.) Early hist, of Royal 

Soc, 1905. 
Wood (H. T.) Hist, of Roy. Soo. of Arts, 

Year-bk. of soi. &c. soo^. of Gt. Brit. & 

Ir., 1908, 10. 
Societe Finno-Ougrienne. 

ffreneh , 

Acad, de France k Rome. 

Acad, de Macon. 

Acad, de Stanislas. 

Acad, des Belles -Lettres de Marseille. 

Acad. Roy. d' Architecture. 

Acad. Roy. de Peinture et de Sculpture. 

Acad. Roy. des Sci^. &o. de Toulouse. 

Acad. Roy. du Gard. 

Assoc, pour I'Enoourag. d. Et. Grec, 

Ann., 1867-87. 
Comm. Aroheol. de I'Indoohine. 
Fondation (La) Thiers. 
Institut Fran9. d' Anthropologic. 

Academies & Learned Societies [cont.]. 

French [continued], 
Soc. Arch., Hist. & Soientif. de Soissons. 
Soo. de I'Hist. de I'Art Fran?. 
Soo. des Bibliophiles Fr. 
Soo. des Reoherches Hist, de Vaucluse. 
Soc des Sciences Nat. de Sa6ne-et- 

Soc. d'Erhulation d' Abbeville. 
Soc Roy. des Sci. &c. de Nancy. 
Universite (L') des Annales. 
— — [History of Academies <fec.) 
Acad. Roy. de Peinture &c Mem"., 

1648-64 ; Montaiglon, 2t, 1853. 
Bigourdan (G.) Les prem. sooietes 

savantes de Paris au 17 s., n.d. [P2374]. 
Deniker (J.) Bibliog. d. travaux sci. 

publ. par les soo. sav. de la Fr., ti, i, ii, 

Formey (J. H. S.) La Fr. Utt. (w. lists of 

members ofvar. acad'.), 1757. [P2106]. 
Geoffroy de Grandmaison (C. A.) Soc. 

Bibhograph. (1868-1918), 1918. 
Guifirey (J. J.) Hist, de I'Acad. de St.- 

Luo (1391-1776), 1915. 
Lasteyrie (R. de) Bibl. des trav. hist. & 

archeol. publ. par les soc. de la Fr., 

t5, 1911. 
Lefevre-Pontahs (E.) Bibliog. d. soc. 

sav. de la Fr., 1887. 
Lemonnier (H.) Debuts de I'Aoad. Roy. 

d'Aroh., 1671-1699 [in Lemonnier (H.) 

L'art mod., 1912]. 
Potgieter (E. J.) Letterkund. bent- 

genooten te Parijs [in h. Werken, d. 1, 

Soc. de Geographic, Notice, 1886. 


Berliner Gesell. fur Anthropologic &c. 
Deutsche Gesells. fiir Natur- u. Volker- 

kunde Ostasiens. 
Deutsche Morgenland. Gesells. 
Deutsche Orient-Gesells. 
Deutscher Buohgewerbeverein. 
Gesells. fiir Musikforschung. 
Institut z. Forderung d. Israelit. Lit. 
Naturhistor. Gesells. zu Nurnberg. 
Schles. Museum fiir Kunstgewerbe &c. 
Soc. Grseca. 

Soo. Philologica Lipsiensis. 
Verein Deutscher Philologen &c. 
Verein fiir bans. Gesoh. 
Verein fiir thiir. Gesch. u. Alterthums- 

Verein fiir Volkskunde. 
^— {History of Academies <fcc.) 
Asohbach (J. v.) Die Mitgheder d. 

Donaugesellsohaft (15c) [in h. Gesch. 

d. Wiener Univ., B2, 1877]. 
Wanderjahre d. C. Celtes u. d. 

Anfange d. gelehrten Sodalitaten 

(15 c), 1869. 
Deut. Morgenland. Gesells. Die D.M.G., 

1845-95 ; Pisohel &c., 1895. 
Eichstadt (H. C. A.) Acroasis pro Soo. 

Lat. Jen. instaurat., 1800. 
Harnack (C. G. A.) Gesch. d. Kbnigl. 

Pr. Akad. d. Wiss. zu BerUn, 3B, 1900. 
Kais. Deut. Arch. Inst. Storia, 1829-79 ; 

tr., 1879. 
Literar. V. in Stuttgart. Zum 100. B. d. 

Bibl. : Denkschrift v. Keller, 1870. 
Miiller (J.) Wiss. Vereine u. Gesells., 

19en Jhdt., Bibl. i. Veroffentl, 2B., 

Uhland (J. L.) Uber d. Autgabe e. 

Gesells. f. deut. Spr. [in h. Schr., B5, 


Academies & Learned Societies [cont.]. 


Philologikos Sullogos Parnassos. 
Hungarian [Hist, of Academies *fcc.). 
Sandor (J.) Az Emke ujjaszervezese 
kerdes6hez. 1913. 

■ Erd61yreszi Magyar Kozmiivelo- 

desi Bgyesiilet [2p], 1910-12. 
Calcutta Histor. Soo. 
Hyderabad Aroh. Soc. 

[History of Academies &c.) 

Asiatic Soo. of Bengal. Centen. review, 

1784-1883, 1885. 

Ecole Fran9. d'Extr. -Orient. 

Assoc for Preserv. of Mem. of Dead in 

Georgian Soc. 

Irish Agric Organ. Soo. 

Limerick Field Club. 

Louth (County) Arohseolog. Soc. 

Ossianic Soc. 

Waterford & S.-E. of Ir. Archseolog. Soc. 

{History of Academies &c.) 

BeUast Lit. Soc, 1801-1901 ; hist, sk., 

Accad. de' Gelati, Bologna. 
Acoad. degl' Intronati. 
Accad. di Disegno di S. Luca. 
Accad. Etrusca. 
Imp. e Reale Accad. Aretina di Sci., 

Lettere &c. 
Imp. Regio Inst, del Lombardo-Veneto. 
1st. Ital. di Numismatica. 
Reale Accad. d' Agric di Torino. 
Reale Acoad. Scient. Lett. 
Reale Ist. Lombardo di Sci. e Lettre. 
Reale Soc. Romana di Storia Patria. 
Soc Geogr. Ital. 
Soc. Ligure di Storia Patria. 
—— [History of Academies &c.) 
Baruffaldi (G.) Not. ist. d. accad. lett. 

ferraresi (1254-1771), 1787. 
Brescia. Primo sec. dell' Ateneo di B., 

1802-1902 ; FenaroU, 1902. 
Crescimbeni (G. M.) Storia d. A. d. 

Aroadi, 1804. 

Vite degU Arcadi ill., 5p, 1708-51. 

Dalla Vedova (G.) La Soo. Geograf. Ital. 

[in Scienze stor., Congr. internaz., 

1903, Atti, vlO, 1904]. 
Gimma (G.) Elogi accad. d. Soo. d. 

Spensierati di Rossano, 2p, 1703. 
Herissant (L. T.) L'Acad. des Arcades 

[in h. Fables, 1783]. 
Lionti (F.) Le Soc. d. Bardi, d. Peruzzi 

e d. Aociaiuoli in SiciUa, 1889. 
Marchesi Buonacoorsi (G. V.) Accad. de' 

Filergiti di ForH, 1741. 
Missirini (M.) Storia d. Romana Accad. 

di S. Luca, 1823. 
Morosini (c. D.) Lettere, Accad. de' 

Lincei, 1829. [P1441]. 
Odescalohi (B.) Mem. d. A. de' Lincei, 

Pandiani (E.) L' opera d. Soc. Ligure, 

1858-1908, 1908-9. 
Perroni-Grande (L.) L' "Arch. Provln- 

ciale " di Messina e la " Soc. Mess.," 

Piazza (C. B.) Eusevologio romano, 

Reale Acoad. di Sci. &c., Rovereto. 

Mem., 1903 ; Agg. biog. dei soci, 1905. 
Reale Deput. Toscana &c L'Aroh. st. 

ital. e 1' opera d. R.D.T., 1916. 
Soc. Storica Lombarda. Instit. soient. 

lett. &c. di Milano, 1880. 



Academies & Learned Societies [cont.]. 

Italian (History of Academies &c.) 

Zanotti (G. P. C.) Accad. Clementina di 
Bologna, 2v, 1739. 
Mexico : Museo Nac. 
Netherlands f see Dutch^ above. 
Neiic Zealand. 

New Zealand Inst. 

See. de Geogr. de Lisboa. 
— - {History of Academies.) 
Kgueiredo (Fidelino de) Acad, das 
Soiencias de Lisboa, 1915. [P1909]. 
Roumanian . 

Rumanisches Inst. 
Esthn. Gesells. zu Dorpat, 1840. 
Imp. Akad. Khudojestv. 
Imp. Akad. Nauk. 
Kazanskoe Obsch. Arkh. &c. 
Obsch. Istinnoi Svobody. 
Obsch. TO.JCMOBCK. Myaen. 
Pravoslavnoe Palestin. Obsch. 
Vostochni Institut. 
Vserossiiskii Zemskii Soyuz. 
— — {History of Academies &c.) 
Lappo-Danilevsky (A. S.) neipb BejHKiii, 
ocHOBfiTejb HJin. Akim. HavKT., 1914. 
SemenoT (P. P.) Hct. H. P. reorpa*. OOiu. 
3m. 1896. 
Berwickshire Naturalists' Club. 
New Club Ser. 
—~^ [History of Academies &c,) 
Murray (D.) Glasgow Acad, of Fine 
Arts [in h. P. & A. Poulis &o., 1913]. 
Ramsay (A.) Hist, of Highland & Agr. 

Soc. of Scot. &c., 1879. 
Soc. of Advocates in Aberdeen. Hist. ; 

Henderson, 1912. 
Terry (C. S.) Cat. of pubis, of Sc. hist. 
& kindred clubs &c., 1780-1908, 1909. 
Inst. d'Estudis Catalans. 
Real Acad, de Bellas Artes. 
Real Acad, de Ciencias Exactas, Fisicas 

y Naturales. 
Real Acad, de Ciencias Morales y 

Real Acad. Espanola. 
Sociedad de Bibliofilos Esp. 
Sociedad de Bibliofilos Madrilenos. 

. {History of Academies &c.) 

Camara del libro y de la propiedad in- 

telectual, 1919. [P2415]. 
Jovellanos (G. M. de) J. en la Real 

Acad, de la Hist., 1911. 
Madrazo (P. de) Acuerdos &c. de la R. 
A. de la Hist., 1882-4 [in R. A. de la 
H., Mem., tlO, 1885]. 
Su^iss . 
Assoc, pro Aventico. 
Club Alpin Suisse. 

{History of Academies &c.) 

Olaparede (A. de) Soc. de Geog. de 

Geneve, depuis 1858, 1908. 
United States. 

Acad, of Natural Sci. of Philadelphia. 
Acad, of Polit. Sci. 
Amer. Acad, in Rome. 
Amer. Bookplate Soc. 
Amer. Histor. Assoc. 
Amer. Philos. Soc. 
Amer. PoUt. Sci. Assoc. 
California Hist. Soc. 
Carnegie Endowm. for Int. Peace. 
Carnegie Inst., Pittsburgh. 

Academies & Learned Societies [cont.]. 

United States [continued]. 
Carnegie Inst, of Washington. 
Dante Soc, Cambridge, Mass. 
Harvey Soc. of N.Y. 
Prince Soc. 

Rookfeller Inst, for Med. Research. 
—^— {History of Academies &c.) 
Fairchild (H. L.) Hist, of N.Y. Acad, of 

Sciences &c., 1887. 
Mass. Hist. Soc. Sh. account ; Smith, 

Rathbun (R.) Columbian Inst., 1816- 

38, 1917. 
Steeves (H. R.) Learned soc^. &c. in Gt. 

Brit. & U.S., 1913. [B.] 

Welsh Polk Song Soc. 
Acarina, see Aeachnida. 
Accademia degli Aicadi. 

Crescimbeni (G. M.) Storia dell' Accad. 
d. A., 1804. 

Brend (W. A.) Inq. into statistics &o., 

Chaney (L. W.) A. prevention in 
maclune building [in U.S. Labour 
Bull., 256, 1920]. 
Pari, papers [2046]. Rep. of Depart. 
Com. on a. in places under Factories 
Act, 1911. (cd. 5535, 5540). 

[2045]. Rep. of Depart. Com. on 

deep excav., 1912. (cd. 6261). 
Befer to Factories & Workshops. 
Accountants & Accountancy. 

Central Assoc, of A. members &c., 1912. 

Gough (T. H.) Balance-sheets & how to 

read them, 1906. 
Incorp. A. Year-book, 1914-5. 
Inst, of Chartered A. members, 1913, 
Acetic Acid. 

Bogdan (P.) Influenjia neelectrolitelor, 
Achill, Island of. 

Seddal (H. ) E. Nangle, apostle of A. , 1 884. 
Westropp (T. J.) Promontory forts &c. 
of the islands of Connacht, pi. A., 1914. 

Djajadiningrat (H.) Maleische werken 
over de gesch. v. A. [in Bijdr. tot de 
taal-, land- en volkenkunde van 
Nederl. -Indie, volg. 8, dl, 1911]. 

Martin (G.) Chlorine & chlorine pro- 
ducts, 1915. 
Swarts (F.) Sur I'acide fluorchlorbrom- 
acet., 1896. 
liefer to StrLPHtiB & Sulphuric Acid. 

Green (W. A.) Hist, antiq., 1910. 
Refer to Yorkshire. 
Ackwoith SchooL 

Nodal (J. H.) Bibliog., biog. & topog., 
Refer to Schools, England. 
Acoemeti,see Monasteries &c.,Eoypt, &o. 

Biorci (G.) Ant. e. prerog. d' A.-Staziella, 
s. ist. &o., 2t & App., 1818-20. 
Refer to Alessandria ; Italy. 

Schlumberger (6. L.) Prise de St. -Jean 
d'Acre, 1291, 1914. 

Canel (A.) Rech. sur jeux d'esprit &c., 

2t, 1867. 
Lalanne (L.) Curiosites litt., 1857. 
Refer to Literature ; Sports &c. 

Bleackley (J. A.) Art of mimicry, 1911. 
Craig (F. G.) Art of the theatre, 1911. 
— Theatre advancing, 1921. 
Dorat (C. J.) Declamation theatrale [in 

(B., t3, 1771]. 
Hamilton (C.) Theory of the theatre, 

Lemercier (L. J. N.) Du 2nd theatre fr. 

[in CE., te, 1818]. 
Matthews (J. B.) Study of drama, 1910. 
Pickering (R.) Theatr. expr. in tragedy, 

1755. [P2114]. 
Ridgeway (W.) Dramas &c. of non- 

Europ. races &c., 1915. 
Rouche (J.) L'art theatral mod., 1910. 
Wagner (R.) Acteurs & chanteurs [in 

(E.; tr., tlO, 1922]. 
Walkley (A. B.) Pastiche & prejudice, 

Ward {miss G.) & R. Whiteing. Both 

sides of the curtain, 1918. 
Winds (A.) Der Schauspieler &c., 1919. 
Biographical Collections . 
Terhune (A. P.) Wonder women of hist. 

(17-190.), 1918. 
History and Criticism {General), 
Bang (H.) Masker og mennesker, 1910. 
Mantzius (C.) Hist. ; tr., v5, 6, 18c., 

Ricci (C.) Figure e figuri, 1920. 
Sambon (J.) Cat. des antiq^. &c., comp. 

la coll. theatrale de S., 1911. 
Acting, American. 

Biographies , see A.C. under : — 
Brooke (G. V.), 1818-66. 
Daly (A.), 1838-99. 
Dunlap (W.), 1766-1839. 
Frohman (C), 1860-1915. 
History and Criticism. 
Daly (J. F.) Life of A. Daly (1838-99), 

Hornblow (A.) Hist, of theatre in Amer., 

2v, 1919. 
Marcosson (I. P.) & D. Frohman. C. 
Frohman ; Manager &c. (1860-1915), 
Winter (W.) Shakespeare on the stage, 
Refer to Acting, Spanish American. 
Acting, Austrian, see Acting, German & 

Acting, Dutch. 

Sterck (J. F. M.) Amsterdam, tooneel- 
leven, 17e eeuw [?w Maatsoh. d. Nederl. 
Letterk. Handel., 1912-3]. 
Worp (J. A.) Gesch. v. het drama &c., 
2d., 1904-8. 
Acting, English. 

Biographical Collections and Diction- 

Baker (D. E.) Biogr. dr., 2v, 1782. 

Biog. of Brit, stage, 1824. 

Grolier Club. Engr. portraits of actors 

(17-18C.), 1907. 
Memoirs of the green-room, c. 1815. 
Oxberry (W.) Dram., biogr. & hist. 

anecdotes, 6v, 1825-27. 
Oxberry (W. H.) Dram, chronology 

(-1849), 1849. 
Parker (J.) ed. Who's who in the theatre, 

1914; 1922. 
Pearson (H.) Mod. men & mummers, 

Thespian diet., 18c., 1805. 
Biographies, see A.C. under : — 
Aston (A.), c. 1682-c. 1749. 
Bancroft (lady), 19c. 
Bannister (J.), 1760-1836 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 




Acting, English [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]: 
Betty (W. H. W.) 1791-1874; [dk in 

Kirby (R. S.) Wonderful mus., v3, 

Blanchard (W.), 1769-1835 [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Booth (B.), 1681-1733. 
Brooke (G. V.), 1818-66. 
Doggett (T.), d. 1721. 
Dowton (W.), 1764-1851 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 

Duncan (M. R.), u. 1780-1858 [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Edwin (Jolin), 1749-90. 
EUiston (R. W.), 1774-1831 [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 

Emery (J.), 1777-1822 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 

Everard (E. C), b. 1755. 
Pawcett (J.), 1768-1837 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Fechter (C. A.) 1824-79 [in Dickens (C.) 

Misc. papers, 1908]. 
Fentou (L.), 1708-60. 
Hartley (mrs. E.), 1751-1824. 
Huddart {miss), 19c. [in Hunt (L.) 

Dram, essays, 1894]. 
Johnston (H.), 1777-1830 ? [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Johnstone (J. H.), 1749-1828 [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Jordan {mrs. D.), 1762-1816 [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 

Lewis (W. T.), 1748 ?-1811 [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 

Listen (J.), 1776 ?-1846 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 1894]. 
Mathews (C), the elder, 1766-1835 [in 

Hunt (L.) Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram. 

essays, 1894]. 
Mattocks (I.), 1746-1826 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Mellon (H.), 1777 ?-1837 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Montez (Lola), 1818-61. 
Munden (J. S.), 1758-1832 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 

Murray (Alma), 19o. 
Murray (C), 1754-1821 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Novello (C), 1818-1908. 
Pope (A.), 1763-1835 [in Hunt (L.) Crit. 

essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 1894]. 
Pope (J.), 1742-1818 [in Hunt (L.) Crit. 

essays, 1807 ; Dram, essays, 1894]. 
Powell {mrs. J.), d. 1831 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Raymond ( — ), 19c. [in Hunt (L.) Crit. 

essays, 1807]. 
Ryan (L.), 1694-1760 [in Doran (J.) 

Habits & men, 1854]. 
Sartoris {mrs. A.], 1814 ?-79 [in Jame- 
son {mrs. A.) Mems. &o., 1846]. 
Siddons (H.), 1774-1815 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Siddons (Harriet), 1783-1844 [in Hunt 

(L.) Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Simmons (S.), 1777 ?-1819 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Smith {miss S.), 1783-1850 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
Stirling {mrs. P.), 1813-95. 
Taylor (H. D.), 1807-74 [in Hunt (L.) 

Dram, essays, 1894]. 

Acting, English [continued]. 
Biographies [continued] . 
Tree (H. B.), 1853-1917. 
Wewitzer (R.), 1748-1825 [in Hunt (L.) 

Crit. essays, 1807]. 
History and Criticism. 
Actors by dayHght, vl, 1838. 
Agate (J. E.) Buzz, Buzz ! essays of 

theatre, 1918. 
Bancroft (S. B. dk lady). Bancrofts : 

reoqlls., 1909. 
Chambers (E. K.) 2 early player-lists 

(16c.) [in Malone Soc, CoUs., vl, 1911]. 
Chambers (E. K.) & W. W. Greg. Dram. 

rec. f. Privy Co. Reg., 1603-42 [in 

Malone Soc, Colls., vl, 1911]. 
Child (H.) Elizab. theatre; <fc o.p. [in 

Camb. hist, of Eng. lit., v6, 1910]. 
Cole (J.) Histrionic topogr., 1818. 
Courtney (W. L.) Old Oxford revels 

(1607-8) [in h. St. at leisure, 1892]. 
Darlington (W. A.) Thr. 4th wall, 1922. 
Dibdin (J. C.) Annals of Edinburgh 

stage, 1888. 
Estimate of theatr. merits of 2 tragedi- 
ans of Crow Street, 1760. [P2181]. 
Feuillerat (A.) Bureau des menus- 

plaisirs (revels), 1910. 
Filon (A.) Eng. stage (19o.) ; tr., 1897. 
Glover (J. M.) J. G. & h. friends, 1913. 

J. G. his book, 1911. 

Haddon (A.) Green-room gossip (20c.), 

Herbert {sir H.) Dram, records, 1623- 

73 ; Adams, 1917. 
Hibbert (H. G.) Playgoer's mems., 1920. 
Johnstone (J.) Diff. betw. proprietors & 

performers, Th. Roy., Co vent Garden, 

1880. [P1547]. 
Lansdowne MSS. Dram, records (16c.) 

[in Malone Soc, Colls., vl, 1911]. 
Lawrence (W. J.) Elizabethan play- 
house &c., 2s, 1912-13. [B.] 
Leach (A. F.) Eng. plays and players, 

1220-1548 [in Engl. Misc., 1901]. 
Levy (E. L.) Birmingham theatr. 

remins., 1870-1920, 1920. 
Maokinnon (A.) Oxford amateurs, 1910. 
Macready (W. C.) Diaries, 1833-71, 2v, 

Mantzius (C.) Hist, of theatr. art ; tr., 

v6, 1921. 
Murray (J. T.) Eng. dram, companies, 

1558-1642, 2v, 1910. 
Odell (G. 0. D.) Shakespeare f. Better- 
ton to Irving, 2v, 1920. 
Pearce (C. E.) Jolly duchess : rec of 

stage &c., 1777-1837, 1915. 
Penley (B. S.) Bath stage, 1892. 
Pepys (S.) P. on the Restoration stage ; 

MacAfee, 1916. 
Piozzi {mrs. H. L.) Intimate letters, 

1788-1821 ; Knapp, 1914. 
Robson (W.) Old playgoer (18-19c.), 

Royal patents for players ; Chambers 

& Greg [in Malone Soc, Colls., vl, 

Sharp (R. P.) Sh. hist, of E. stage, 1909. 
Sims (G. R.) My life : 60 yrs., 1917. 
Spectator of the stage, 1800. [P1547]. 
Spenoe (E. F.) Our stage & its critics, 

Stahl (E. L.) Eng. Theater im 19. Jhdt., 

1914. [B.] 
Stopes (C. C.) Burbage & Shakespeare's 

stage (16c), 1913. 
Thaler (A.) Shakspere to Sheridan, 1922. 
Theatrical Inquisitor, vl-14, 1812-19. 
Thorndike (A. H.) 

theater, 1916. [B.] 

Acting, Enghsh [continuei]. 
History & Critidam [continued]. 
Van Dyk (H. S.) Theatr. portraits w. o. 

poems, 1822. 
Walbrook (H. M.) J. M. Barrie & the 

theatre, 1922. 
Waldron (P. G.) Shakspearean misc. -. 

biog. anecdotes &c., 1802. 
Wallace (C. W.) Children of the Chapel 

at Blackfriars, 1597-1603 [dk in Ne- 
braska Univ. St., v8, 1908]. 
Williams (M.) Some London theatres, 

Winter (W.) Shakespeare on the stage, 

Acting, French. 

Biographical Collections and Diction- 

Gribble (P. H.) Romances of Fr. theatre, 

Lyonnet (H.) Hist, du theatre : Diet. 

des comediens, t2, 1914. 
Vilain de Saint-Hilaire (A.) Petite biog. 

dram., 1821. 
Biographies, see A.C. under : — 
Antoine (A.), fl. 1887 [in Brisson (A.) 

Pointes seohes, 1898]. 
Arnould (S.), 1744-1803 [in Barbey 

d'Aurevilly Litt. epist., 1893]. 
Arnould-Plessy (mme. J. S. S.), 1819-97 

[in Dash, Portraits contemp., 1859]. 
Bache, ps., d. 1867 [in Banville (T. de) 

Mes souv., 1882]. 
Barnolt (P. P., called), 1844- [in Briason 

(A.) Portraits, s4, 1899]. 
Baron (M.), 1653-1729. 
Bartet (Jeanne), 1854- [in Brisson (A.) 

Portraits, s4, 1899]. 
Bejart (M.), 1618-72. 
BeUecour {mme. R. P.) " mile. Beau- 

menard," " mile. Gogo," 1730-99. 
Bignou (L. T.) c. 1812-58 [in Banville 

(T. de) Mes souv., 1882]. 
Bobeche, ps., b. 1791. 
Brohan (A. J. P.), 1821-93 [in Dash, 

Portraits contemp., 1859]. 
Brohan {mme. M.), 1833-1900 [in 

Brisson (A.) Portraits, s2, 1896]. 
Brohan {mile. S. A.), 1807-87 [in 

Gautier (T.) Portraits contemp., 1874]. 
Brunet (J. J. Mira dit), 1766-1853. 
Colon-Leplus {mme. J. M.), 1808-42 [in 

Gautier (T.) Portraits contemp., 1874]. 
CoqueUn (B. C.) dit aine, 1841-1909 [<fc 

in Champsaur (P.) Le massacre, 1885]. 
Coquehn (E. A. H.) dit cadet, 1848- 

1909 [in Champsaur (P.) Le massacre, 

Croizette {mile. S. A.), 1847-1901 [in 

Champsaur (P.) Le massacre, 1885]. 
Damoreau {mme.), 1801-63 [in Gautier 

(T.) Portraits contemp., 1874]. 
Delaunay (L. A.), 1826-1903 [in Brisson 

(A.) Portraits, sS, 1897]. 
Desbordes-Valmore (Marceline), 1786- 

Doche {mme. C. M.), u. 1821-1900 [in 

Brisson (A.) Portraits, s3, 1897]. 
Dorval {mme. M. A. T.), 1798-1849 [in 

Dumas {A.) fils, Les morts, t2, 1889]. 
Dubureau (J. G.), 1796-1846 [in Sand 

(G.) Quest, d'art dec, 1878]. 
Etienne, of the Funambules, fl. 1842- 

51 [in Banville (T. de) Mes souv., 

Favart {mme. M. J. B.), 1727-72. 
Febvre (P.), b. 1833 [in Brisaon (A.) 

Pointes seches, 1898]. 
Perrier {mile. I. M. J. P.), 1811-59 [in 

Gautier (T.) Portraits contemp., 1874]. 




Acting, French [continued]. 

Biographies [continued]. 
Fusil (Louise), 1774-1848. 
Gautier (mile.), 1692-1757 [in Duolos 

(C.) (E. compl., tlO, 1806]. 
Gemier (P.), 1870-. 
Got (F. J. E.), 1822-1901. 
Guilbert (Yvette), 1869- [in Brisson (A.) 

Portraits, s2, 1896]. 
Joly (A. J. B. M.), 1776-1839. 
Judic (mme. A.), b. 1850 [in Champsaur 

(F.) Le massacre, 1885]. 
Judith (mme.), 1827-1912. 
Juliette (mile. D.), 1806-83 [in Gautier 

(T.) Portraits contemp., 1874]. 
Lange {mile. A. F. E.), 1772-1825 [in 

Marquiset (A. L.) Quand Barras etait 

roi, 1911]. 
Lassouche (L. A., b. B. de), 1828- [in 

Brisson (A.) Portraits, s5, 1901]. 
Le Bargy (C. G. A.), 1858- [in Brisson 

(A.) Portraits, s4, 1899], 
Le Couvreur (A.), 1692-1730. 
Lemaitre (F.), 1800-76 [in Coppee (F.) 

Mon frang. parler, s4, 1896]. 
MaUbran (M. F.), 1808-36. 
Massin {mile. L. L.), 1847-1901 [in 

Champsaur (F.) Le massacre, 1885]. 
Metra (0.), 1830-89 [in Champsaur 

(F.) Le massacre, 1885]. 
Montaland (C), 1843-91 [in Brisson (A.) 

Portraits, tl, 1894]. 
Mounet-SuUy (J. S.), 1841-1916 [in 

Brisson (A.) Portraits, tl, 2, 1894r-96]. 
Mourier, stage-manager, 19o. [in Bau- 

ville (T. de) Mas souv., 1882]. 
PoMn-Dumanet ( — ), 19c. [in Brisson 

(A.) Portraits, s3, 1897]. 
Reichenberg (S.), 1853- [in Brisson (A.) 

Portraits, s4, 1899]. 
Rejane (G. C), 1857- [in Brisson (A.) 

Portraits, tl, 1894 ; Champsaur (F.) 

Le massacre, 1885]. 
Rouviere (Ph. A.), 1809-65 [in Baude- 
laire, L'art romant., 1885]. 
Sabran {le c. E. L. Z. de), 1774-1846. 
Samary {mile. J. L. P.), 1857-90 [in 

Champsaur (F.) Le massacre, 1885]. 
Segond- Weber (mme.), 19c. [in Brisson 

(A.) Pointes seches, 1898]. 
Silvain (E. C. J.), b. 1851 [in Brisson 

(A.) Pointes seches, 1898]. 
Talma (F. J.), 1763-1826. 
Tamagno (F.), 1851-1905 [in Brisson 

(A.) Portraits, s4, 1899]. 
Thenard (Marie Jenny), b. 1849. 
Theresa (E.), b. 1837 [in Brisson (A.) 

Portraits, s5, 1901]. 
Varlet de la Grange (C), c. 1639-92. 
Viardot {mme. P.), b. 1821 [in Brisson 

(A.) Portraits, s5, 1901]. 
History and Criticism. 
Bordeaux (H.) Vie au theatre (1907-21), 

5s, 1910-21. 
Bouohot (H.) Cat. de dessins rel. h. I'hist. 

du theatre, 1896. 
Brifaut (C.) Souv^ (1799-1852); Ca- 

banes, 2t, 1921. 
Chardon (E. H.) Nouv. doe. b. Moliere 

&c., 2t, 1886-1905. 
Troupe du Roman comique & les 

oom^diens de campagne, 17s., 1876. 
Despois (E.) Le theatre fr. (1658-1715), 

Du Bled (V.) Comedie de soc. [in h. La 

soc. fr., s8, 18-19S., 1911]. 
Foueher (P.) Entre cour & jardin, 1867. 
Funok-Brentauo (F.) Bastille des come- 

diens : Le For I'Eveque (—18c.), 1910. 
Gomez Carrillo (E.) El teatro paris. [in 
:%. Vanidad &c., 1909]. 

Acting, French [continued]. 
History and Criticism [continued], 
Hedgcook (F. A.) Aoteur cosmop. : 

Garrick & s. amis fr., 1911 ; tr., 1912. 

Joannides (A.) Comedie-Fran?., 1916, 

La Jeunesse (E.) Des soirs, des gens &c., 

1909-11, 1913. 
Lanzac de Laborie (L. de) Paris sous 

Napoleon, t7, 8, 1911-13. 
Lemeroier (L. J. N.) Du 2nd theatre fr. 

[in CE, t6, 1818]. 
Pifteau (B.) MoUere en province &c., 

sa troupe ambulante, 1879. 
Rcederer (c. P. L.) Opuscules [in h. (E., 

t4, 1856]. 
Thierry (E.) Docs, sur le Malade imagi- 

naire ; reoette & despence (1673), 1880. 
Acting, German & Austrian. 

Biographies, see A.G. under. 
Clefeld (E.), b. 1853. 
Devrient (E.), 1801-77. 
Elssler {mile. F.), 1810-84 [in Gautier 

(T.) Portraits contemp., 1874]. 
Genast (F. E.), 1797-1866. 
La Roche (J.), d. 1807. 
Psilander (V.), 1884-1917. 
Racowitza {Frau H. v.), b. 1845. 
Raimund (F.), 1790-1836 [in h. Werke ; 

Furst, tl, n.d.]. 
Reinhardt (M.), 1873-. 
Schebest (A.), 19c. [in Freytag (G.) Ges. 

Aufs., B2, 1888]. 
History and Criticism. 
Herrmann (M.) Forschungen z. deut. 

Theatergesch., M.-a. u. Renaissance, 

Lowen (J. F.) Gesch. d. deut. Theaters, 

1766, 1905. 
Savits (J.) Naturtheater, 1909. 
Stern (E.) & H. Herald. Reinhardt u. s. 

Biihne, 1919. 
Acting, Irish. 
Biographies, see Acting, English. 
History and Criticism. 
Gregory (A., lady) Our Irish theatre, 

Short vindic. of Subscr: Co. of Comedi- 
ans (Dubhn), 1792. [P1549]. 
Acting, Italian. 

Biographical Dictionaries. 

Regli (F.) Diz. biog., 1800-60, 1860. 
Biographies, see A.C. under: — 
Blanes (P. B.), d. 1823 [in NiccoUni, 

Opere v3, 1844]. 
Catalani (A.), 1779-1849 [in Freytag 

(G.) Ges. Aufs., B2, 1888]. 
Duse (E.), b. 1859 [in Larroumet (G.) 

Nouv. et». &o., 1899]. 
Ferrari (P.), b. 1822 [in Fortis (L.) Con- 

versaz., si, 2, 1877-79]. 
Ferravilla (E.), 20c. [in Rovetta (G.) 

Cinque minuti, 1912]. 
Gherardi del Testa (T.), 1815-81 [in 
I Riociardi, Lavori biog., 1861]. 
Grammatica (Emma), 20c. 
Mazzuocato (A.), d. 1877 [in Fortis (L.) 

Couversaz., s2, 1879]. 
Modena (G.), 1804-61 [in Ricciardi, 

Prose : Lavori biog., 1861]. 
Museo (Angelo), 20o. 
NoveUi (E.), 1851- [in Larroumet (G.) 

Nouv. ets. d'hist. &c. dram., 1899]. 
Pasta (G.), 1798-1865 [in Hunt (L.) 

Wishing-cap papers, 1874]. 
Reiter (Virginia), 19-20c. 
Ruggeri (R.), 19-20c. 
Sbodio (G.), 20o. [in Rovetta (G.) 

Cinque minuti. 1912]. 

Acting, Italian [continued]. 
Biographies [continued^. 
Scaramouche, 1607-94 [in Soc. de 

I'Hist. de Paris, M6m., t2, 1876]. 
Solera (T.), 1817-78 [in Barbiera, 

Figure &o., 1899]. 
Strepponi (G.), 1815-97 [in Barbiera, 

Figure &c., 1899]. 
Tamagno (F.), 1851-1905 [in Amiois, 

Ult. pagini, tl, 1908]. 
History and Criticism. 
Bartoli (F.) Notizie istor. de' oomici 

ital. (1550-1782), 2t, 1782. 
Croce (B.) Teatri di Napoli (15-18o.), 

Gozzi (c. C.) Mem. (18c.), 2v, 1910 ; tr., 

2v, 1890. 
MacLeod (A.) Plays & players in mod. 

It., 1912. 
Radiciotti (G.) Teatro &c. in Roma 

(1825-50) [in Scienze stor., Congr. 

internaz., 1903, Atti, v8, 1905.] 
Rasi (L.) I comioi ital., 2v, 1897-1905. 

Riocoboni (L.) Hist, du theatre ital., 

tl, 1728. 
Scherillo (M.) L'opera buffa napoletana 

(18o.), 1916. 

Acting, Japanese. 

FenoUosa (E. F.) & E. Pound. " Noh ": 

St. of class, stage of J., 1916. 
Waley (A.) The No : few tr^. &o. [in 

Jap. Soc. Trans., vl7, 1920]. 
Refer to Japanese Lit. ; Theatres. 
Acting, Polish. 

Modjeska (H.) Memories & impressions, 

Acting, Russian. 

Bakshy (A.) Path of mod. Russ. stage 

&c., 1916. 
Champsaur (F.) Le massacre {mile. 

Feyghine, 1863-82), 1885. 
Corvin de Krukovsky (P.) Theatre en 

R., 1890. 
Drury Lane. lUust. souv. of R. opera 

& ballet, 1914. 
Gogol (N. V.) PeBHSopb, ct rpynnajiH *ot., 

Acting, Scottish. 

Baynham (W.) Glasgow stage, 1892. 
Lawson (R.) Story of Scots stage, 1917. 


Acting, Spanish. 

Biographical Collections . 

Burgos (C. de) Confesiones de artistas, 

2t, 1917. 
Biography, see A.C. under : — 
Guerrero (M.), b. 1867 [<fc in Larroumet 
\ (G.) Nouv. ets., 1899]. 
History and Criticism. 
Benavente (J.) El teatro del pueblo, 

Garcia Valero (V.) Cronioas retrospect. 

(19c.), 1910. 
Pellicer (C.) Trat. s. comedia y histrio- 

nismo en Esp., 2p, 1804. 
P6rez Pastor (C.) Nuevos datos a. del 

histrionismo esp. (16-17c.) [in Bull 

hispau., v8-10, 12-16, 1906-14]. 
Ramirez de Arellano (R.) El teatro en 

Cordoba (16-19c.), 1912. 
Rennert (H. A.) Sp. stage in time of 

Lope de Vega (w. list of actors &o. 

1560-1680), 1909. 
Retana (W. E.) Noticias de el teatro en 

FiUpinas, hasta 1898, 1909. 
Sepiilveda (R;) Corral de la Pacheca 

(16-190.), 1888. 
Van Vechten (C.) Music of Spain, 1920. 



Acting, Spanish American. 

Amunategui (M. L.) Primeras represent, 
dram, en Chile, 1888. 
Refer to Acting, Amkbican ; Spanish 
Acting, Swedish. 

Personne (N.) Svenska teatern, 1792- 
1810, 1914. 

Baker (W. K.) Acton, 1912. 
Norman (P.) ed. East A. Manor House, 
Refer to Middlesex. 

Addington. Parish reg. (1559-1812), 
Refer to Surrey. 
Adel, parish, Yorkshire. 

[Adel]. Registers, 1606-1812, & men. 
inscr^. ; Lumb, 1895. 
Draper (W. H.) A. & its Norman Ch., 

Worsnop (T.) Hist., 1836-77, 1878. 
Refer to South Australia. 

Barradas (E.) Tract. 3 hist.-geog. {17c.), 

Blatter (E.) Flora, 1914-16. [B.] 
Playfair (R. L.) Arabia EeUx, incl. Brit. 

Settlement of A., 1859. 
Adiaphoia Controversy. 

Amsdorf (N. v.) Eingut newe Jar &c., 

1554. [P2468]. 

Daa itzund &c., 1551. [P2468]. 

Flacius (M.) Apologia, 1549. 

Christiana admonitio, 1550. 

Contra quaedam Interimistica & A. 

scr. &c., 1550. 
Entsohuldigung &o., 1549. 


Epiatola apologet. &o., 1549. 

Quod hoc tempore nulla penitas 

mutatio &c., 1549. 
Gallus (N.) Disp. de adiaph. &c., o. 1550. 
& M. Flacius. Antwort, Chorrook 

&c., 1550 ? ; Lat. ed. Resp., 1550 ? 
[Hamburg]. BriefE an die Theologen zu 

Wittembergk &c., 1549. [P2440]. 
Epistola concionat. &c., 1549. 

John Fred. II, dulce of Saxony. Con- 

futatio (Lat. & Germ.), 1559. 
[Leipzig]. Endlicher Bericht &o. d. 

Theologen, Leipzig u. Wittemberg, 

Luther (M.) Sententia, Westphal, 1549. 
Meisner (B.) Colleg. Adiaphorist., 1663. 
Melanchthon (P.) De rebus adiaph. 

epist., 1550. 

Epist. Luciferi, 1549. 

Bulla Antichristi &o. ; 


Antwort &c., 1558. 

Oresme (N.), b-p. 

Paul III., pope. 

Flacius, 1549. 
Pfeffinger (J.) 

Radford (J.) Directorie & treatise agst. 

Adiaph. &c., 1599. 
Schliisselburg (C.) Haeret. catal., lib. 

13 1599 
Westphal (J.) Bericht, 1551. [P2441]. 

Confutatio &c., 1551. 

Duo scripta &c., 1549. [P2528]. 

Explic. gen. sententise &c., 1549. 

Hist, vituli aurei Aaronis &c., 

1549. [P2528]. 
[Wittenberg]. Ex actis Synodiois &;c., 

Refer to Church in Germany ; Leip- 
zig Interim, 1549 ; Reformation. 

Adige, river. 

Battisti (C.) II Trentino, con un' app. su 
I'alto A., 1917 ; 1919. 
Tolomei (E.) L'alto A., 1915. 

Prontuario dei nomi locali A., 

Refer to Italy ; Tyrol. 

Fuoha (G.) Abt Heinrich II (d. 1297) 

u. s. Zeit, 1869. 
WickhofE (F.) Verzeiohnis d. ill. Hss. 
in Osterr., B4, Steiermark, Tl (A.) ; 
Buberl, 1911. 

Cramer (A.) Pubertat u. Schule, 1910. 

Hall (G. S.) A., its psych. &o., 2v, 1911. 

Educ. problems, 2v, 1911. 

Youth, its educ, regimen &c., 

Mendousse (P.) L'ame de I'adolesoent, 

Slaughter (J. W.) The adolescent, 1911. 
Refer to Boys ; Young men. 

Jolly (J.) tJb. e. Hs. des Dattarka, 1908. 


ChristofE (R. P. P.) Journal du siege 

d'A., 1914. 
CirilU (G.) Journal du siege d'A., 1913. 
Maoedoine & le vilayet d'A., 1893-1903, 

Piarron de Mondesir (L.) Siege & prise 

d'A. (1912-13), 1914. 
Refer to Turkey. 
Adriatic Sea. 

Adriatious. From Trieste to Valona, 

Adriatioo (L') : st. geogr., stor. e poMt., 

Alberti (L.) Isole apparten. alia Italia, 

Alberti (M.) A. e Mediterraneo (Prob- 
lem!), 1915. 
Brunialti (A.) Trento e Trieste. 1916. 
Caburi (F.) L' Austria e I'ltaUa, 1915. 
Cassi (G.) II Mare Adr., 1915. 
Cesaro (G. A. C. di) Adr. question, 1916. 

Dominium maris, 1652. 
Itahous Senator, ps. Question de I'A., 

1916. [P2088]. 
Jackson (F. H.) Shores ; Austrian side, 

Maffii (M.), ps. Vittoria in A. (1918), 

MaraneUi (C.) & G. Salvemini. Ques- 

tione deir Adriatico, 1919. 
Pari, papers [2242]. Corr. rel. to A. q., 

1920. (cd. 586). 
Raiueri (S.) Mastery of the A. & Jugo- 
slav q., 1916. [P2432]. 
Ratti (F. V.) L' Adriatico d. altri, 1915. 

RoncagU (G.) Strateg. prob. of A. S., 

Seton- Watson (R. W.) Balkans, Italy 

& the Adr., 1916. [P2485]. 
Balkans, Italy & the A., 1918. 

SiUani (T.) Mare nostrum, 1919. 
Sorio (G.) Viaggio da Venezia a Cos- 

tantinopoh (1706), 1862. 
Sosnosky (T.) Irredenta-PoUtik, 1915. 
Tamaro (A.) Italiens & Slaves dans 

I'A. ; tr. 1917. 

Ital. e Slavi nell' A., 1915. 

[Trieste]. Conquista di T. : problema 

suU' A., 1914. [P1636]. 
Vellay (C.) Quest, de I'A., 1915. 

Refer to Curzola ; Lbsina ; Vbglia. 


Kroniek (1192-16c. ) ; Brugmans [in 
Hist. Genoots., Bijdragen, d23, 1902]. 
Refer to Cistercians ; Friesland ; 
Monasteries, Netherlands. 

Auckland (W. E., b.) Speeches, punish- 
ment of a., 1800. [P2148]. 
Mishnah. Sota de uxore adult. ; 
Wagenseil, 1674. 

Bussy-Rabutin. Discours, bon usage 
des adv. &c., 1694. 
Refer to Consolation ; Ethics. 

Advertiser's A.B.C, 1921. 
Casson (H. N.) Ads & sales, 1913. 
Cherington (P. T.) A. as a business 

force, 1913. 
Internat. Corr. Sch^. Adv. pocketbook, 

Lewis (L.) Adv. of Spectator, 1909. 
Red school house primer for assoc. 
adv. clubs, 1917. [P2190]. 
Russell (T.) Commercial a., 1919. 
Refer to Shops ; Trade Cards. 
Adwert, see Aduard. 
Aegean Sea. 

Brit. Sch. at Athens, Annual, 1894-. 
Cerradini (E.) Sopra 1) vie del nuovo 

impero, 1912. 
[Cyaneae]. Hoche Stein Klippen 

Cyaneae &c., 1689. 
Dapper (0.) Descr. d. isles de I'Archipel 

&c. ; tr., 1703. 
Dussaud (R.) Les civilis. jirehellen., 

1910; 1914. 
Foreign Office. Hdbks., 18, Greece w. 

Cyclades & N. Sporades, 1920. [B.] 
Hdbks., 64, Isl^. of N. & E. M., 

1920. [B.] 
Hasluck (F. W.) Depopul. in A. Isl. [in 

Br. Sch. at Athens, Ann. 17, 1912]. 
Inscript. Gr. insul., f. 5, 8, 9, 1903-15. 
Lichtenberg (R., Frhr. v.) Agaische 

Kultur, 1918. 
Einfi. d. aga. Kultur auf Jigypten 

&c., 1911. 
Manatt (J. I.) Aegean days, 1913. 
Puaux (R.) L'Egelde, 1919. 
Sorio (G.) Viaggio da Venezia a Cos- 

tantinopoU (1706), 1862. 
Vellay (C.) L'irredentisme hellen., 

Villari (L.) Spediz. russa nell' Egeo 

(1769-70), 1912. 
Volonakis (M. D.) Island of Roses & h. 

11 sisters, 1922. 
Refer to Dodecanese; Nicaria;' 
Samos ; Sporades. 

Evans (A. J.) Mykensean treasure f. 

M., 1893. [P1919]. 
Welters (P. H. A.) Aginet. Beitrage, I- 

III, 1912. 
Refer to Greece. 
fflolian Islands, see Lipari Islands. 
Aerial Navigation. 

Aero (The), vl-7, 1909-13. 
All the world's air-craft ; Jane, 1914. 
Anacker (K.) Flugzeugmotor, 1918. 
Aston (G. G.) Sea, land & air strategy, 

Barnwell (F. S.) Aeroplane design, 1917. 
Berriman (A. E.) Av. : elem^. of flight, 

Berry (W. H.) Aircraft in war & com- 
merce, 1918. 
Bescanfon (G.) Les '" Zeppelins," 1915. 
Bocklin (A.) Neben m. Kunst, Flug- 

studien &c., 1909. ■ 



Aerial Navigation [continued] . 

Brewer (R. W. A.) Art of av., aero- 
planes & engines, 1914. 
Bright (C.) Telegraphy, a., & war, 1918. 
Bruel (F. L.) Hist, aeronaut, par les 
monuments, peints, Sec. des orig. k 
1830, 1909. 
Bryan (G. H.) StabiUty in av., 1911. 
Cayley (G.) A. n. (1809-10), 1910. 
Chatley (H.) Problem of flight, 1910. 
Crouvezler (G.) L'av. pend. la Guerre, 

Guerre aerieune, 1916. 

Dargon (J.) Future of av., 1919. 
Devillers (R.) Mecanique de I'av., 1917. 
Drogheda (K., ctss. of) Cat. of paintings 

& prints of types of aircraft, 1917. 
Duohene {comm. E.) Plight without 
formulae ; tr., 1914. 
Eifiel (G.) Resistance de Fair & I'av., 

2t, 1914. 
Eisenlohr (R.) Elugwesen &o. d. krieg- 
fuhr. Staaten, 1915. 

Luftfahrzeuge im Kriege, 1918. 

FUght, n.s., vl-4, 1909-12. 
Flying book ; Wade, 1918. 
Gill (N. J.) Flyer's guide, 1916. 
Grahame- White (C.) & H. Harper. 

Aeroplane in war, 1912. 

. Air power, 1917. 

Harmsen ( — ) Der Propeller, 1918. 

Hawker (H. G.) & K. M. Grieve. Our 

Atlantic attempt, 1919. 
Hubbard (T. O'B.), J. H. Ledeboer & 

C. 0. Turner. Aeroplane, 1911. 
[Italy]. War in I., v6. Aeronautics, 

Joynson-Hioks (W.) Command of the 

air, 1916. 
Krieg u. Sieg, B30, Zeppeline, 1915. 
Kriegs-Luftschiffe u. Kriegs-Flugzeuge, 

Lacroix (F.) En plein ciel, 1918. 
Lana (F.) Aerial ship (1670), 1910. 
Lanchester (F. W.) Aircraft in warfare, 

Flying machine f. engin. stand- 
point, 1914. [P2217]. 
Flying - machine f. engineering 

standpoint, 1916. 
Langley (S. P.) Internal work of the 

wind, 1891. 
& C. M. Manly. Mem. on mechan. 

flight (1887-1903), 2p, 1911. 
Lunardi (V.) 1st aerial voy. in Eng., 

MacMinnies (W. G.) Praot. flying, 1918. 
Martin (R.) Die Motorluftschiffahrt [in 

h. Unter d. Scheinwerfer, 1910]. 
Masmejean (A.) Avions allemands, 1917. 
Miihsam (K.) Fheger iiber Feindesland, 

Neuman (P. G.) German Air Force in 

Gt. War ; tr., 1921. 
Over-Seas Club. Imp. Aircraft Flotilla, 

Pari, papers [1404]. Aeronautics, Adv. 

Comm., Interim rep., 1910-11, 1910. 

(cd. 5453). 
[1418, 1488]. Adv. Comm., Rep., 

1909-10, 1912-13, 1910-13. (cd. 5282, 

[2078]. Army Rep. of Departm. 

Com. on accidents to monoplanes, 

1912, 1913. (cd. 6506). 
[2210]. Comm. on Royal aircraft 

factory, 1916. (cd. 8191). 
[2246]. Convention p. Reglement. 

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Africa [continued]. 
Colonisation . 

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Africa [continued]. 
Ethnology and Native Life [continued]. 
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Aflica [continued]. 
Ethnology and Native Life [continued]. 
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Africa [continued]. 
French Colonies [continued]. 
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Africa [continued]. 
Travels . 
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Refer to SBOtr. 
Africa, Central, see Central Africa. 
Africa, East, see East Africa. 
Africa, Nori;h,*see North Africa. 
Africa, South, see South Africa. 
Africa, West, see Wbst Africa. 
African Company (Royal). 

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Refer to Chartered Companies ; 
West Africa. 
Africanderisms, see English Langttage, 

sub-heading Africanderisms. 
African Exploiers. 
Biographies , see A.G. under: — 
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Refer to GuiBNNB. 
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Refer to Campobasso, prov. 
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Agricultural Education [continued]. 

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Agriculture [continued]. 

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Agriculture [continued]. 
Ancient [continued], 
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Refer to Hotjsing of the Working 
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liefer to SoY Bean ; Tea. 
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Refer to Sugae. 
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Refer to Land, Roumania. 
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CTaT., 1915. 
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Petrunkewitsch, Manuilow & Braude, 





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Agriculture, Sweden. 

Sverige jordbruk vid 1900 talets borjan, 

Swedish agric. labourer, 1921. 
Refer to Sweden. 
Agriculture, Turkey. 

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\in Internat. Inst, of Agric. Bull., 

Oct. -Nov., 1910]. 
Agriculture, United States. 

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Agriculture, United States [continued]. 
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Refer to Gitjaeat. 
Aide-toi, Soci6t6. Refer to Charles X, of 

Fkance, 1824-30. 

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M. [in Arch. Journal, v73, 1916]. 
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Ain, dept. 

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Ain Shems (Beth-Shemesh), see Beth- 


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Refer to Asia Minor ; Turkey. 

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Languages . 
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Refer to Gilyaks. 

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Hygiene dhc. 
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Air, Sahara. 

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I'Air, 1909. 
Refer to Sahara. 


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■ p.s. ^ la biog. de C. & de F. de Foix- 
Candalle, 6v6ques d'A. (16o.), 1877. 
Aisne, dept. 

Hanotaux (G.) A. pend. la Grande 
Guerre, 1919. 
Refer to Coincy ; Ribbmont ; 
Valois ; Veemandois. 
Aisne, Battle of the, 1914, see Etjeopean 

War, 1914-18. 
Aix, island, see Rocheeort. 

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tl, 1899. 
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Charles - Boux (J. ) Aix - en - Provence, 

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Refer to Peovenoe. 

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Refer to Health Rbsoets ; Mineral 
Aix-la-Chapelle, Congress of, 1818. 

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Refer to Alexander I, of Russia ; 
Francis I, of Austria ; Feederiok 
William III, of Prussia ; George 
III, OF Gt. Brit. ; Louis XVIII, of 
Aiz-la-Chapelle, Peace of, 1748. 

Description of machine f. fireworks in 
St. James's Park, on aoc. of the peace, 
Ajmer Code, 1917. 
Dixon (C. G.) Sketch of, 1850. 
[India]. Rep. on admin, of A.-M., 

Fergusson (J.) Rock-cut temples of 
India, 1864. 
Refer to Hydeeabad. 
Ake, see Phienioia. 

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1622, 1916. 
Refer to Noeway. 
Akhal-Tekke, see Transcaspian Pro- 

Routledge (W. S. & mrs. K.) With a 
prehist. people : A. of Brit. E. Afr., 
1910. [B.] 
Refer to Africa, Ethnology &o. 
Akad, see Babylonia ; Sumerians. 
Akra Language. 

Barth (C. G.) BibHa Sadsi ; Bible stories 
tr., 1854. 
Refer to African Languages. 
Alabama, river, see Mobile, river, town cfc 

Alabama, ship. 

Evarts (W. M.) Arguments & speeches, 
vl, 1919. 
Alabama, state. 

Refer to Mobile, river, town <fc county. 

[Pari, papers, 1535]. Volterra a. in- 
dustry. Rep., 1895. (cd. 7582 xiii). 
Soc. of Antiqs. of London. lUust. cat. 
Eng. med. a., 1910 ; 1913. 
Refer to Sculpture ; STOiiB. 




Alacian Reef, see Mexico, Gtjlf of. 
Alai, mountains. 

Musketov (I. V.) CoOpaHie coMeHeHlii, Bl, 
2, 1910-12. 
Refer to Centkal Asia ; Pekghana. 
Aland Islands. 

Aalandfrage : Kernprobl. d. Ostseepol., 

1918. [P2300]. 
Aland q. & the rights of Finland, 1920. 

Der Vlugt (W. van) Q. des lies d'A., 

1921. [P2519]. 
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Suppl. 1, 3, 1920. 
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Refer to Baltic Sea ; Etjbopean 
Wab ; Finland. 

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Browne (B.) Conq. of Mt. M'Kinley : 

3 expede., 1913. 
Burroughs (J.) Far & near, 1904. 
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[Exhibitions: Seattle, 1909]. Eep., 

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Expos., 1910. 
Gilmore (0. W.) Smithson. explor., 1907, 
in search of ]?leist. fossil vertebrates, 

Greely (A. W.) Hdbk. of A., 1909. 
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Lamson-Soribner (F.) & E. D. Merrill. 

Grasses of A., 1910. [B.] 
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Smithsonian Inst. Harriman Alaska 
ser., Alaska, vl-5, 8-14, 1901-14. 
Stefansson (V.) My life w. the Eskimo, 

Stuck (H.) 10,000 miles. Interior Alaska, 

Voyages on Yukon, 1919. 

[U.S. : Geolog. Survey]. Geog. diet, of 

A. ; Baker, 1906. 
Wrangell (F. v.) Nachrichten ii. d. russ. 
Besitz. &c., 1839. 
Refer to Mottnt M'Kinley. 

Baraibar y Zumarraga (F.) Vocab. de 
palabras usadas en A. [in Real Acad. 
Esp., Mem., t9, 1903]. 
Refer to Basques & Basque Pro- 
vinces ; Spain. 

Antiquities and Ethnology. 

Strzygowski (J.) Altai-Iran u. Volker- 

wand. ; Ziergesch. Untersuch., 1917. 
Thalloczy (L. v.) lUyr.-Alban. Forsch., 

2B, 1916. 
History and Politics. 
Acta & diplomata res A. mediae set. 

illust. ; ThaUoczy, 2v, 1913-18. 
Admiralty : Naval Intell. Div. Hdbk. 

of Serbia, A. &c., 1920. 
Baerlein (H.) A difficult frontier (Yugo- 
. Slavs & A.), 1922. 
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Albania [continued]. 
History and Politics [continued]. 
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I'A., 1913. [P1518]. 
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El Haoucine. Vengeance des Beys 

(1918), 1919. 
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Balsidi (-1421), 1899. 
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Story, 1920. 
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1915. [B.] 
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iJe/er to European War. 
Natural History. 
Wohlberedt (0.) Zur Fauna Monterie- 

gros u. Nordalban. [in Wiss. Mittlgn. 

aus Bosnien &c., Bll, 1909]. 
Topography and Travels. 
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Albanian Language & Literature. 

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Dictionaries . 
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Leotti (A.) L'Alb. parlato, gram. & 

vocab., 1916. 
Albany, N.Y. 

[Albany]. Proc^. at laying of corner- 
stone of New Capitol, June 1871, 1871. 
Albegna, river. 

Nicolosi (C. A.) Montagna Maremanna : 

Val d'A. &c., 1911. 
Refer to Grosseto. 
Albeit, k. of the Belgians, 1909-, see 

Belgium, History. 
Albeit I, emperor oi Germany, 1298-13D8. 

[Hapsburg Austrian Income Book]. 

Habsburg. Urbar (13-14c.) ; Maag &c., 

3B, 1894-1904. 

Caimes (D. D.) Moose Mountain distr., 

S.A., 1914. 

DowHng (D. B.) Geolog. notes. Sheep 

River gas & oilfield, A., 1914. [P2512]. 

S. E. Slipper &c. Gas & oil fields, 

1919. [P2512]. 

Slipper (S. E.) Sheep River gas & oil 

field, 1921. [P2514]. 

Alberta [continued]. 

Stewart (J. S.) Geol. of disturbed belt of 
S.W., 1919. [P2514]. 

Laran (J,) Cath6drale d'A., n.d. 
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. Arch, du Midi, M6m., tl6, 1908]. 

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contra A. (12c.) [in Opera moralia &o., 
AlUx (P.) Anc. churches of A., 1692. 
Parctelaine (M. Q. de) Hist, de la guerre 
(1163-1243), 1833. 
Alcald de Henares. 

Aguilar y Cuadrado (R.) Guadalajara- A. 

de H., n.d. 
[Alcala de H.] Constit^. collegii Ilde- 
phonsi, ab P. Ximenio, 1627. 

Reformacion, que ha heeho G. de 

Medrano, 1665-6, n.d. 
Refer to Universities, sub-heading 
Alcantara, Order of. 

Maldonado (A. de) Hechos de A. de 
Monroy (15c.), 1853. 
Refer to Military Orders. 


Ashmole (E.) Theatrum chem. Brit., 

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More (H.) Obs. (& Second lash) upon 

Anthroposophia theomagica, & Anima 

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Anthroposophia theomagica, 1650. 

Aula lucis, 1652. 

Works (17c.) ; Waite, 1919. 

Bibliography . 

Grolier Club. Works on a. &o., 1891. 
Biographies , see A.C. under : — 
Barliario (P.), lie. [in Ancona, Variety 

stor., si, 1883]. 
Dee (J.) 1527-1608. 

Atwater (W. 0.) J. S. Billings &c., 

Physiolog. aspects, 2v, 1903. 
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OOi, ajKoroJLHOMt 03i(0p0B.icniH, 1912. 

Billings (J. S.) &c. Liquor problem. 

1893-1903, 1905. 
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Central Control Board, A., its action, 

Children & the drink, 1903. [P2006]. 
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Alcohol [continued]. 

Iglehart (F. C.) King a. dethroned 1917. 
Medical Research Committee. Alcohol ; 

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Saleeby (C. W.) A. & commerc. effi- 
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legisl., 1904. [B.] 

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a. in adults, 1910. [P1625]. 
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n3Ma, Bbin. 1, 1913. 
CymecTBeanoe bt. Bonpocfi o fioptSt ch 

■A., 1912. [P2002]. 
Bickerton (T. H.) & 0. T. WilUams. 

A. & parentage, 1910. [P2005]. 
Elderton (E. M.) & K. Pearson. 1st [& 

2nd] St. of infl. of parental a. &c., 1910. 

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MiUer (H. C.) Psychology of a., 1915. 

Pearson (K.) Misstatements made by 

Sir V. Horsley &c., 1911. 
Rhodes (H.) Secondary results, 1913. 

Younge (R.) Odious condition, 1659. 
Aldebuigh, Suffolk. 

Corporation of A. [in Hist. MSS. Comm. 

R17 ; var. coUs., v4.] 

Savory (A. H.) Grain & chaff f. an Eng. 

manor (A.), 1920. 
Refer to Woecestershibe. 

Niepage (M.) Horrors of A., 1916. 


Colomb (G.) L'enigme d'A., 1922. 
Alessandria, refer to Aoqui. 
Aleutian Islands. 

Wrangell (F. v.) Nachriohten ii. d. 
russ. Besitz. &c., 1839. 
Alexander the Great. 

History [Ancient WorUs). 

Arrian (F.) De exped. Alex. M. hist. 

hbri 8, 1575. 
Curtius Bufus (Q.) De rebus gestis &c., 

1548; 1685. 
Kbhler (R.) Quellenkrit. in Diodor, 

Curtius &c., 1789. [P1839]. 
Papadopoulos-Kerameus (A.) Tpei. nci. 

oSx A., 1892. [P1729]. 
Ptolemy I. P. Eordaei, AristobuU et 

Claretis reMq. ; HuUeman, 1844. 
— — (Modern Works). 
[Alexander the Gt.]. L'escole des 

princes, 1671. 
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H5, 1916. 
Legends and Romances. 
Alexander the Ot. Allit. romance (15c.) ; 

Stevenson, 1849. 
Bulk of A. (15c. ?) ; Ritchie, y2, 

-— Der Grosse A. (14c.?): Guth. 


Prose Hfe ; Westlake, vl, 1913. 

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Alexandersage, 1889. [P17a6]. 
Cassamus. Roman v. C. (14c.) ; Ver- 

wijs, 1869. 
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1892. [PI 746]. 

Alexander the Great [continued]. 

Legends & Romances [continued]. 
Hertz (W.) Aristoteles in d. Alexander- 

dioht. d. M.-a., 1890. [PI 762]. 
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liebs, 1909. 
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wechsel zw. A. u. Dindimus-Brief Alex. 

an Aristoteles lib. d. Wunder Indiens 

[in R.P., 6, 1889]. 
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d. L.'s A. ; Werner, 1881. 
Leo, Archipresbyter of Constantinople. 

Der Alexanderroman ; hrsg. Pfister, 

Lorenzo Segura (J.) Poema de Alex. 

Magno (13c.), 1782. 
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romans fran9. du 12i= s., 1850. 

[PI 686]. 
Vogelstein (H.) Adnot. ex litt. orient., 

1865. [P1729]. 
Zacher (J.) PseudocaUisthenes, 1867. 

Alexander I, of Russia, 1801-25. 

Biographies f Letters &c. 

Bulgarin (Th. V.), 1789-1859. 
Chichagov (adm. P.), 1762-1849. 
Danilevsky (M.) 
Derjavin (G. R.), 1743-1816. 
Elizabeth, emp. consort of A. I, 1779- 

Fotii, Archimandrite, 1792-1838. 
Galitzin (A. N.), 1773-1844. 
Glinka (S. N.), 1775-1847. 
Golovin (ctss. B. N.), 1766-1821. 
Halen (J. v.), 1790-1864. 
Komarovsky (c. E. F.), 1769-1843. 
Lowenstern (gen. E. v.), 1790-1837. 
Nikitenko (A. V.), 1804-77. 
Panin (Graf. N. P.), 1770-1837. 
Razumovsky (pr. A. K.), 1752-1836. 
Rileev (K. F.), 1795-1826. 
Bochechouart (etc. L. V. L. de), 1788- 

Surugue (A.), 1753-1812. 
Turgenev (A. L), 1784-1845. 
Turgenev (N. I.), 1790-1871. 
Yakushkin (L D.), 1793-1857. 
Foreign Relations. 
Eton (W.) PoUt. rels. of Russia &c., 

1807. [P2152]. 
Kotzebue (M. v.) Narr. of journey into 

Persia, 1817 ; tr., 1819. 
Nikolai Mikhailovich, gr. duke. Rap- 
ports diplom. de Lebzeltern, 1816-26, 

Tinseau d'Amondans (C. M. T. L.) PoKt. 

rels. betw. B. & France ; tr., 1804. 

Treaty betw. H. Brit. M. & Emp., 1814. 

History . 
Alex. I. 


Corr. de I'emp. A. & de Berna 

dotte, 1812, 1909. 


Baryatinsky (V. V.) 

Daudet (E.) Nouv. recits (1793-1826), 

Derjavin (G. B.) CoiHHenia, t7, 1878. 

3anHCKa [in h. Coi., t6, 1876]. 

[French ambassadors]. ^oaeceBia (Corr. 

diplom.), 1819-20 [in I.R.LO., 127]. 
French bulletins rel. to the war in 

Russia, 1813. 
Herzen (A.) A. I [in h. Coi., tlO, 1879]. 

Corr. avec sa sceur Catherine, 
1910 ; tr. (w. t. Scenes &c.). 

1880, n.d. 

IlapCTB. MB 

Alexander I, of Russia [continued]. 
History [continued]. 
Kuplevasky (N. 0.) MaiiB.i.ecTx A. I 1816 

nepeniu. *HH.ian.). npaBiii. cou'CTii, 1910. 

Lloyd (H. E.) Alex. I, 1826. 
Narichkin (N.) 1812: le cte. Rostop- 

chine &c. (1763-1815), 1912. 
Nicholas Mikhailovich, L'emp. A. I, tl, 

L'imp6ratrice Elisabeth, tl, 2, 

Porter (sir R. K.) Campaign in R. 1812, 

1813 ? 
Rosetti (R.) Arhiva senatorilor din 

Chi?in4u §1 occupa^. ruseasca 1806- 

12 [in Acad. Rom., Anal., t31, 1st., 

Sokolov (A. I.) CtBepHbiS ci-hbhci, 1912. 
Voensky (K.) Aktli, /?onyneHTbi &c. 1812 

ro;ia, tl-3, 1909-12. 
Refer to Aix-la-Chapbllb, Congress 
OP, 1818 ; Tilsit, Treaty oe, 1807. 
Alexander II, of Russia, 1855-81. 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — 
Bardina (S. L) 

Chernishevsky (N. G.), 1828-89. 
Debogory-Mokrievioh (V.) 
Fadyeev (A. M.), 1789-1867. 
Filosofov (A. P.), 1837-1912. 
Gilyarov-Platonov (N. P.), 1824-87. 
Grech (N. I.), 1787-1867. 
Herzen (A.), 1812-70. 
Jelyabov (A. L), 1849-81. 
Katkov (M. N.), 1818-87. 
Kibalchich (N. L), d. 1881. 
Korolenko (V. G.), b. 1853. 
Koshelev (A. I.), 1806-83. 
Leontev (K. N.), 1831-91. 
Meschersky (pr. V. P.), 1839-1914. 
Milyutin (D. A.), 1816-1912. 
Muraviev-Amursky (c. N. N.), 1810-81. 
Murzakevich (N. N.), 1806-83. 
Nikitenko (A. V.), 1804-77. 
NovikofE (mme.), 1840-. 
Ordinsky (B. I.), b. 1823. 
Ostrovsky (A. N.), 1823-86. 
Perovskaya (S. L.), 1854-81. 
Polenov (D. V.), 1806-78. 
Polevoi (K. A.), 1801-67. 
Samarin (Yu. Th.), 1819-76 [in Korni- 

lov (A. A.) OMepKii, 1905]. 
Schapov (A. P.), d. 1876. 
SneUman (J. V.), 1806-81. 
Todleben (E. I., c. de), 1818-82. 
Valuev (Graf P. A.), 1814-90 
Vereshchagin (V. V.), 1842-1904. 
WesseHtsky (G. de), fl. 1860-1917. 
Zaitsev (V. A.), 1842-82. 
Foreign Relations. 
Bismarck (0., Fiirst v.) Poht. Berichte 

&c., 1859-62 ; Raschdau, 2B, 1920. 
Cazalet (E.) England's pohcy, 1879. 

Charles-Roux (F.) A. II, Gortchakoff & 

Nap. Ill, 1913. 
Crawshay (G.) Eur. compile, 1859. 

Fischel (E.) Palmerston unmasked, 

1860. [P747]. 
Goryainov (S. M.) Boc*opT> h 4apAaHejjbi 

(1798-1878), 1907 ; Fr. tr., 1910. 
Loubat (J. F.) Narr. of mission, 1866, 

of G. V. Fox ; ChampUn, 1879. 
Pari, papers [2173]. Treaty betw. 

Russia & China, Feb. 12, 1881, 

w. docs., 1882. (od. 3134). 
Yavorsky (I. L.) nyiemecTBie pyce. noco- 

JbCTBa no AaraHHCTaHy, 1878-79, 2t, 1882- 






Alexander n, of Russia [continued]. 

History ^ 

Alexander II, emp. Maiepiajbi umi hct. 

roHeniH CTyfleHTOBi npe A. II, n.d. 
Bazilevsky (B.) JlaiepaTypa KapTiH Hapo- 

4Hoa BOJH (1879-85), 1905. 
PeBMioijioHBan aypna^HCTHKa, (1870- 

80), 1905. 
rocvAapCTB. DpecTyn.jeHlH, tl, 2i, 

[Belli]. 4*JHfi leppopi hjh blictp-Sjt. 4 Anp. 

1865, n.d. 
Bogucharsky (V. Ya) Mai. mh hct. peBoi. 

4BHHt. Bi 60 XT> ro4., n.d. [P2447.] 
Peso.!. HtypaajHCTHKa 70 x^ ro^., n.d. 

Cardonne (C. de) L'emp. A. II, 1855-81, 

Dobrov (li. Ya.) sajKHtfim. coSuiiaXT), 

1855-80, 1880. [P2445]. 
Drage (G.) Buss. & period of reform [in 

C.M.H., vll, 1909]. 
Fischel (E.) Despots ; tr., 1S60. [P747]. 
Plerovsky (N.) Tpa noJHT. CHCieMti, 1897. 
Giacometti (G.) Russia's work in 

Turkey (1871-3) ; tr., 1877. [P1387]. 
Golovachev (A. A.) flecnib .itii pc*opMi, 

1861-71, 1872. 
Grodekov (N. I.) BoSna bi TypKMenlH, 4t, 

Herzen (A.) " Kojokmt. " ciaTba A. H. 

repqena (1857-69), 1887. 
CoiHHeHia, lOt, 1875-79, & CJopBHKi 

CTaiefi, 1904. 
Kolosov (A.) A. II, 1902. [P2388 ; 

Kornilov (A. A.) 06mecTB. /jBHJKeHie npa 

A. II, 1909. 
Kulczyoki (L.) Gesch. d. russ. Bevol. 

(1825-86), 2B, 1910-11. 
Liwov (6.) M. Katkoff & a. 6poque 

(1856-87), 1897. 
Lobisevich (F. I.) OnHcaHie XHBHHCKaro 

noxo^a, 1873, 1893. 
Loris-MeUkov (M. T. T.) KoHCTiiTyqia 

J.-M. H ero lacTH. nacbMa, 1904. 
Nazarevsky (V. V.) Pycc. iict., T3, 

Nesselrode (C. R., Oraf v.) Lettres &c., 

til, 1854-56, n.d. 
Nikiforov (D. I.) MocKBa m, qapCT. A. II, 

Schmidt (B.) Russian exped. to Khiva, 

1873, 1876. 
Storr (J. S.) Russia as she is, 1877. 

Strelbitsky (I.) 3eMe.ii.HUfl npioSptieHifl 

PocciH, 1855-81, 1881. [P2399]. 
Alexander m, of Russia, 1881-94. 

Biographies, see A.C. under : — 

Chemishevsky (N. G.), 1829-89. 

Gilyarov-Platonov (N. P.), 1824-87. 

Korolenko (V. G.), 6. 1853. 

Koshelev (A. I.), 1806-83. 

Leontev (K. N.), 1831-91. 

Mikhailov (A. D.) BocnoMBuaHla, 1903. 

Milgutin (D. A.), 1816-1912. 

NovikoflE {mme.), 1840-. 

Ostrovsky (A. N.), 1823-86. 

WesseHtsky (C. de), ^. 1860-1917. 

Witte (c. S.), 1849-1915. 
Foreign Relations. 

Franc (C.) S6curit6 nat. & le peril ext6r. : 
L'Angl. & la Triple-Alliance, 1893. 

KorfE (6. S. A.) Russia's f. r., 1922. 
History & Politics. 

Baddeley (J. F.) R. in the " eighties," 

Daudet (E.) L'avant-dern. BomanofE, 
A. Ill, 1920. 

Alexander III, of Russia [continued'}. 

History & Polities [continued]. 
Flerovsky (N.) Tpii dojht. ciiCTeMti, 1897. 
Hedenstrom (A. v.) Gesch., 1922. 
Kolosov (A.) A. Ill, 1902. [P2388 ; 

Kulczyoki (L.) Gesch. d. russ. Revol. 

(1825-86), 2B, 1910-11. 
Nazarevsky (V. V.) Pycc. hot. T3, 1910. 
Soloviev (V. S.) HaqiOHaJBHwiS Bonpoci bt. 

P. &c. (1883-91) [in h. Codpanie coh,, 

t5, 1912]. 
Tsebrikova (M.) nacbMO AjCKcaHApy III, 

1898. [P2390]. 

Bernard de Montfaucon. Phare d'A. 

[in Acad, des Inscr. &c., Mem. de litt., 

t6, 1729]. 
Bludau (A.) Juden u. Judenverfolg. im 

alt. A., 1906. [P1846]. 
Bonamy. Descr., temps de Strabon ; 

cfc o.p. [in Acad, des Inscr. &c., Mem. 

de Htt., t9, 1736]. 
Delepierre (J. O.) Le canard de la Bibl. 

d'A., 1860-1. 
Glaser (M.) Zeitbilder aus A. n. d. 

Psedagogus d. Clemens Alex. (2c.), 

1905. [P1784]. 
Jondet (G.) Atlas histor. de la ville & des 

ports d'A., 1921. 
Susemihl (F. F. C. E.) Analecta A. 

chronoL, 2p, 1885-9. [P1814]. 
Zogheb (A. M. de) Et. s. I'anc. A., 1909. 
Alexandria, Patriarchate of. 

Neale (J. M.) Hist, of Holy Eastern Ch. : 

Patr. of A., 2v, 1847. 
[Patriarchs]. Hist, of p. of Coptic Ch. 

of A. ; Evetts, pl-4 (-849), 1907-15. 
Wansleben (J. M.) Hist, de I'eglise d'A., 

Refer to Coptic Chubch. 
Alexis, emp. of Russia, 1645-76. 
Biographies, see A.C. under : — 

Spathary (N. G.), u. 1625-c. 1709. 
History <fc Politics. 
Baddeley (J. F.) Russia, Mongolia, 

China, 1602-76, 2v, 1919. [B.] 
Barsukov (A.) Poat> niepeMeieBbixT., kh. 

1-8, 1881-1904. 
Belokurov (S. A.) KpHffiaHiiii bi PoccIh 

(1659-77), 1901. 
Catheux (sieur de) Ambassade russe : 

Journal (1668), 1860. 
Kotoshikhin (G.) PocciH, 1906. 
Mayerberg (A. v.) Iter in Moschoviam, 

1661, 1715 ? 

Voyage (1661-3), 1688. 

Miege (6.) Bel. of 3 embassies f. Ch. II 

to the Duke of Muscovie &c., 1663-4, 

1669 ; (in French), 1857. 
Picot (E.)N. S. Milescu ambass. en Chine 

(1675-7), 1883. 
Potemkin (P. I.) Russie du 17^ s. dans 

s. rapp. avec 1' Europe occid. 1855. 
Spathary (N. G.) Crai. cdhcoki nocojbCiBa 

C. Bb KHiaa, 1675-78, 1906. 

Alfonso XII, of Spain, 1874-85. 

Biographies, see A.C. under : — 
Blasco (E.), 1844-1903. 
Canalejas y Mendez (J.), 1854-1912. 
Costa (Joaquin), 1846-1911. 
Maura (A.), 1853-. 
Moret (S.), 1838-1913. 
Castelar (E.) Discursos parlameut. &c. 
en la Restauracion (1874-84), 2t, 1912 ? 
Curros Enriquez (M.) Cartas del norte 

(1875-6) [in Obras, v3, 1910]. 
Lowell (J. R.) Impr. of Spain (1877-9) ; 
Gilder, 1900. 

Alfonso XII, of Spain [continued]. 
History [continued]. 
Salmeron y Alonso (N.) Homenaje a 
la mem. de S. y A. : disc, polit. &o. 
(c. 1871-1907), 1911. 
Alfonso Xin, of Spain, 1886-. 

Biographical Collections. 

Loyarte (A. de) Donostiarras del s. 19, 

tl, 1913. 
Biographies . 
Aguilar y Cano (A.), 1848-1913. 
Blasco (E.), 1844-1903. 
Canalejas y Mendez (J.), 1854-1912. 
Costa (Joaquin), 1846-1911. 
Dato-Iradier (E.). 
Ferrer (F.), 1859-1909. 
Marina (gen. J.), 1850-. 
Maura (A.), 1853-. 
Menendez y Pelayo (M.), 1856-1912. 
Moret (S.), 1838-1913. 
Grand-Carteret (J.) Le jeune premier de 

I'Europe, 1910 ? 
Foreign Relations. 
Altamira (R.) Espana y el programa 

american., 1917. 
Calvo (6.) Esp. en Marruecos, 1910-13, 

Chadwick (P. E.) Rel^. of U.S. & Spain 

(1763-1899), 3v, 1911. 
Deploige (S.) Voix des neutres : Esp. & 

Belgique, 1918. 
Laborde (J.) II y a toujours des 

Pyrenees, 1918. 
Melgar (c. F. M.) Germany & Spain; 

tr., 1916. 
Monzie (A. de) Si resucitara !, 1915. 

History and Politics. 
Alba (S.) Problemas de Espana, 1916. 
Alemania devota de Espana (1909-13), 

n.d. [P2353]. 
Amould (L.) Duel franco-allem. en Esp., 

Cambo (F.) El pesimismo espaiiol, 1917. 
Canalejas ( J. ) El partido liberal, si, 1912. 
Canals (S.) Los sucesos de Esp. en 1909, 

2t, 1910-11. 
Fernandez de Bethencourt (F.) Obras, 

tl, Principes &c., 1913. 
Ganivet (A.) Epistolario, 1893-95, 2, 

Graell (G.) Programa econ. &c., 1917. 
Labra (R. M. de) Orientacion amer. de 

Esp., 1909. 
Lopez Pelaez (A.) Por la Iglesia esp., 

Maeztu (B. de) La revol. y los inteleotu- 

ales, 1911. 
Maragall (J.) Articulos (1895-1911), 5v, 

Martin Alonso (A.) Aiios de regenoia 

(1885-1902), 1914. 
Marvaud (A.) L'Esp. au 20^ s., 1913. 
Maura (A.) Discurso, 29 Abril, 1917. 

Meynadier (R.) Etapes de la royaut6 

d'A., 1914. 
Mousset (A.) A. & les oeuvres de guerre, 

Moya (M.) El libro de la prensa, 1911. 
Murciano (A.) Espana, 1915. 
Olmet (L. A. del) PoUtioa de fandango 

&c. (20c.), 2t, 1914. 
& A. Garcia Carraffa. Los grandes 

Espanoles, v6, 7, A., 2v, 1913-14. 

Ortega Rubio (J.) Hist., t7, 8, 1909-10. 

Routier (G.) Souvs. & croquis madri- 

Unes (1899-1913), 1913. 

Ruiz-Castillo (J.) A. Maura, vl. Ideas 

polit. &c., 1917. 




Alfonso Xin, of Spain [continued]. 
History and Politics Icontinued]. 
SaliUas (R.) En laa Cortes de Cadiz, 

Salmeron y Alonso (N.) Homenaje a la 
mem. de S. y A. ; disc, polit. &o. (o. 
1871-1907), 1911. 
Sanchez de Tooa (J.) Reoonstit. de Esp., 

Soldevilla (F.) El ano politico, 1909, 

1910, 1911, 1910-12. 
Torcy (L. J. G. de) Espagnols au Maroc 

en 1909, 1910. 
Unamuno (M. de) & A. Ganivet. El 
porvenir de Esp., 1912. 
liefer to European Wak. 
Alfoid, Lines. 

[Alford]. Parish regs., 1538-1680; 
Budding, 1917. 
Refer to Lincolkshikb. 
Alfied, the Great, 871-901. 

History {Contemporary ^vorUs). 

Alfred, the Gt. Memorials ; Giles, 1863. 
Will of A. ; w. Eng. & Latin tr., 

Conybeare (E.) A. in the chroniclers, 

Giles (J. A.) Harmony of chroniclers, 

849-901 [in Alfred, Memorials, 1863]. 
— — {Later morks.) 
Alfred, the Gt. Memorials ; Giles, 1863. 
Brooke (S. A.) A. as educator &o., 1901. 

Browne (G. P.) King A.'s books, 1920. 
Giles (J. A.) Alfred's jewel [in Alfred, 

Mem., 1863]. 
Lees (B. A.) A. the Gt., 1915. 

Refer to Edington, Battle of, 878. 

Adams (J.) Irish a. [in R.LA., Proo., 

v27, 1907-9]. 
Synonyms of Irish A., w. records 

&c. [in R.I.A., Proc, v28, 1909-10]. 

Agardh (C. A.) Species Alg., vl, 2i, 


Systema Alg., 1824. 

Agardh (J. G.) Eloridieernes morph., 


Species &c. Alg., 2v, 1848-63. 

[Clare Island]. Biolog. survey R.I.A., 

§ 1, 1911-15. 
Clarke (L. L.) Com. seaweeds of Brit. 

coast &c., 1865. 
Dakin (W. J.) & M. Latarche. Plankton 

of L. Neagh [in B.I.A., Proc, 30, 

1913]. [B.] 
GifEord (I.) Marine botanist, 1853. 
Harvey (W.H.) Index Generum A., 1860. 

Synop. of Brit, seaweeds, 1857. 

Hibberd (S.) Seaweed collector, 1872. 
Howe (M. A.) Marine A. &c. of Barrera 

Exped. to Cuba, 1918. 
Landsborough (D.) Pop. hist, of Brit. 

seaweeds, 1857. 
Marine botany & seaside objects, 1880. 
Murray (J.) & J. Hjort. Depths of the 

ocean, 1912. 
Muschler (R.) Enumeration en Egypte 

[in Inst. Egypt., Mems., t5, 1908]. 
Nave (J.) Collector's handy-book ; tr., 

Pantoosek (J.) Bacillarien d. Balaton- 
sees [in Balaton, Resultate, B2, T2, § 1, 

Anh., 1902]. 
Preussische Exped. nach Ost-Asien. : 

Botan. Theil, Bl, Die Tange ; Martens, 

Smithson(T. S.) Pond-Ufe : Algae &c., 

Refer to Convoluta. 


Couturat (L.) L'a. de la logique, 1905. 

Euler (L.) Opera omnia, see A.O. 

Solutions [in Heath (T. L.) Dio- 

phantus, 1910]. 
Permat (P. de) Notes, theorems &;c. [in 

Heath (T. L.) Diophantus, 1910]. 
Heath (T. L.) Diophantus of Alexandria 

(3c. ?) : [Arithmetica ; tr.], st. in hist. 

of Gr. a., 1910. 
Lind (B.) Uber d. letzte Fermatsche 

Theorem, 1910. [B.] 
Maseres (F.) Resol. of affected a. equa- 
tions, 1800. 
Nunn (T. P.) Teaching of a., 1914. 

Santaoana y Mensayas (E.) Ant. y. mod. 

A., 1901. 
Refer to Andalusia ; Cadiz. 
Algeciias, Congress of. 

Tardieu (A.) Conf. d'A. ; hist, diplom., 


[Algerie]. Corr. des Deys d' Alger avec 

la cour de France (1579-1833) ; 

Plantet, 2t, 1889. 
Garrot (H.) Hist, gen., 1910. 
PeUissier de Reynaud (E.) Annales 

Alg6r. (-1854), 3t, 1854. 
Algerie. Musees et colls, archeol. de 

I'A. &c., vl-, 1890-. 
Bazin (R.) Ch. de Foucauld, explor. du 

Maroc &c. (1858-1916), 1921. 
Gsell (S.) Rech. arch, en A., 1893. 
Playfair (R. L.) Bibhog. of A. (1541- 

1887), 1889. 
[Murray's Hdbks.]. A. & Tunis ; Play- 
fair, 1891. 
History and Polities. 
Algiers voyage agst. pirates of A., 1621 

[cfc in Statham (E. P.) Fam. of Maun- 

sell, vl, 1917]. 
Bel (A.) Les Benou Ghanya (1126- 

1238), 1903. 
Bruchard (H. de) Chron. du Moghreb : 

et., 1908. 
Gentile Riccio (P. G.) Poemetto dell' 

incendio navale di A., 1604. 
Lopez de Gomara (F.) Cron. de los 

Barbarrojas (16c.), 1853. 
Monson (W.) Naval tracts, v3 (1604- 

36), 1913. 
Pelaez (E.) A. Barbarossa (16o.), 1880- 

Pellissier de Reynaud (E.) Annales 

Alger. (-1854), 3t, 1854. 
Pijnacker (C.) Rapp., 1622-3 [in Hist. 

Genoots. te Utrecht, Berigten, d7ii, 

Silvestre (F. A.) Fundacion hist, de los 

Hospitales de la s. Trinidad &c., Argel, 

Suarez (D.) Hist. d. maestre tilt, de 

Montesa &c. (16 c), tl, 1889. 
History & Politics {18-20 cent.). 
Bernard (A.) Confins algero-maroc, 

Booms (P. G.) Een maarschalk (Randon) 

& e. Fr. koionie [in Bijdragen tot de 

taal &o. V. Ned. Ind., volg. 4, d2, 1878]. 
Buret (A. E.) Question d'Afr., 1842. 
Cambon (J.) Gouvt. gen. de I'A., 1891-7, 

Cuny (gen.) 43 ans (1857-1900), 1911. 
Derrecagaix (gen. V. B.) Le marechal 

Pelissier (1794-1864), 1911. 
Devoulx (A.) Le rais Hamidou (d. 1815), 


Algeria [continued']. 
History and Politics (18— ZO cent.) 

Donop (R. M.) Lettres s. I'A., 1907-8, 

Gautier (E. F.) L'A. & la Metropole, 1920. 
Laurie (G. B.) French oonq. (18-19o), 

Le Marchand (E.) L' Europe & la oonq. 

d'A. (1814-32), 1913. 
M6Ua (J.) L' Algerie & la Guerre (1914- 

18), 1918. 
Piquet ( V. ) La colonis. fr. ( 19-20o. ), 1912. 
Rosen (E.) In der Fremdenlegion, 1909 ; 

tr., 1910. 
Rousset (C. F. M.) Conq. de I'A., 1841- 

57, 2t & Atlas, 1889. 
Wattenbach (W.) Algier [in Virchow & 

Holtzendorff. Samml., H35, 1867]. 
Yver (G.) La Commission d'Afr. (1833) 

[in Ecole Super., Rec. de mem., 1905]. 
Refer to Eueopean Wae, Africa. 
Social lAfe. 
Doutte (E.) Soo. musulmane du Magh- 
rib, 1908. 
Gennep (A. v.) Etudes d'ethnog. alger., 

Gomez Carrillo (E.) Como se paaa la 

vida, 1907. 
Luc (B.) Le droit kabyle, 1911. 
Voinot (L.) Le Tidikelt, 1909. 
Topography & Travels. 
Bertrand (L. M. E.) Sens de I'ennemi 

(1909-14), 1917. 
Breves (F. S. de) Rel. des voyagpa 

(1605), 1628. 
Browne (J. B.) Whirl thr. A. [in h. 

Amer. fam. in Germany, 1867]. 
Bruchard (H. de) Chron. du Moghreb : 

et., 1908. 
Donop (R. M.) Lettres s. I'A., 1907-8, 

Douel (M.) Au pays de Salammbo, 1911. 
Dumas ( A. ) Impressions : le Veloce, 

2t, n.d. 
Eberhardt (I.) Notes de route : A. &c., 

Fage (R.) Vers les steppes &c., 1906. 
Eraser (F. J.) Land of veiled women, 

Fromentin (E.) Annee dans le Sahel ; 

Morel, 1911. 
Corr. &c. (1849-76) ; Planchon, 

Geniaux (C.) Sous les figuiers de 
. Kabyhe, 1914-7, 1917. 
Gide (A.) Amyntas, 1906. 
Hilton-Simpson (M. W.) Among the 

hill-folk of A., 1921. 
Maupassant (6. de) Au soleil, 1888 ; 

94; 1908. 
Meunier (M.) Voy. en A., 1909. 
Orcet (gen. vte. de). Froeschwiller, 

Sedan &c. ; Le Peletier d'Auuay, 1910. 
Relazione del viaggio, e d. presa di 

Bona in Barberia, 1607. 
Scott (A. M.) Barbary, 1921. 
Shoemaker (M. M.) Islam lands : A. &c., 

Woolsey (T. S.) French forests &c.: A. 

&c., 1917. 
Refer to Chbrohel ; GuBLMA ; Lam- 
BBSSA ; Monasteries ; Numidia ; 
Philippbvillb ; Tbbessa ; Tim- 
gad ; Tlbmobn. 
AlgonMn Indians. 

History & Antiquities. 

Forsyth (T.) Manners &c. of Sauk & Fox 

Indians (1827), 1911. 
Le Clercq (C.) New rel. of Gaspesia, 

tr. & orig. (1691) ; Ganong, 1910. 




Algonkin Indians [continued]. 

History <fe Antiquities [continued]. 
Mechling (W. H.) Malecite tales, 1914. 

Speck (P. G.) Double-curve motive in 
A. art, 1914. [P1535 ; P1634]. 

Family hunting territories &c. of 

Ottawa vaUey, 1915. 

Mythology &c. of Timiskaming A. 

&c., 1915. 
I/anguages & Literature. 
Michelson (T.) Owl sacred pack of Fox 
Indians, 1921. 

Prelim, rep. of Ling, class, of A. 

tribes, 1912. 
Befer to Abapaho ; Cheyenne ; 
Songs, sub-heading Amer.-Inbian. 
A^onquin, lake, see Ontario, province. 
Al-Hadhr, see Hatra. 

Ansichten v. Spauien : Granada u. d. A., 

Calvert (A. F.) Granada & A., 1907. 
Gomez-Moreno (M.) The A., n.d. 
" Aljamia " Liteiatuie. 

Junta para Ampliacion de Estudios. 
MSS. arabes &o. de la Bibl. de la 
Junta ; Ribera & Asin, 1912. 
Lopes (D.) ed., Textos em A. portug. 

(16c. ; w. tr.), 1897. 
Saavedra (E.) Disc, 1878 {w. Indioe de 
la lit. alj.) [in Real Acad. Esp., Mem., 
t6, 1889]. 
Befer to MoRisoos ; Mozababic 
Dialect ; Spanish Liteeatitrb. 

Martin (G.), S. Smith & F. Milsom. 

Salt & a. industry, 1916. 
Warth (F. J.) & D. B. Darabsett. Dis- 
integr. of rice grains by a., 1914. 
Befer to Potash. 
Alkermes, see Kebmes. 
Allada, see Dahomey. 
Allegheny, river. 

Hanna (C. A.) Wilderness trail: Penn. 
traders on A. path (17-18c.), 2v, 1911. 
Befer to Ohio, river ; United States. 
Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. 

AUegheny Coll. Cat., 1907-8, 1908. 

Befer to Universities, United 

Burton (J.) Princ. of Xtn loyalty, 

sermon, 1743. [P2434]. 
Judgment of kingdoms &c. cone, rights 

of kings &c., 1710. [P2166]. 
Royce (J.) Loyalty & insight [in h. W. 
James &o., 1911]. 

Allecories ■ 

Buck (P. M.) Polit. a. in " The faerie 

queene " [in Nebraska Univ., St., vll, 

Greene (H. E.) A. as employ, by Spenser, 

Bunyan & Swift [in Mod. Lang. Assoc. 

of Amer., v4, 1889]. 
Neilson (W. A.) Origins &c. of The 

Court of love, 1899. 
Owen (D. L.) Piers Plowman : comp. w. 

French a., 1912. 
Post (C. B.) Mediaeval Span, a., 1915. 
Powell (P. Y.) A. in Eng., 1910. 
Ananda Acharya, Sri. Book of the 

cave : Gauri sankarguha, 1919. 
Barnes (J.) Gerania, disc, of pygmies, 

Bunyan (J.) Holy war [dk in Wks., v2, 


Allegories [continued]. 
Texts [continued]. 
CapeUa (M. M. P.) De nuptiis Philo- 

logise et Mercurii (5c.) [in Notker, 

Labeo, Schr., Bl, 1882]. 
Cebes. niWf, var. ed & comm., seeA.C. 
DeguileviUe (G.) Pelerinage de vie hum. 

(1330-32) ; Stiirzinger, 1893. 
[Deseoso]. Desiderius (16c.) ; tr. w. 

notes &c., Howel, 1725. 
Drosihn (P.) Die Zeit d. Xliva^ KeSrjTos, 

1873. [P1785]. 
Dufau (P. A.) Fables &o., 1859. 
Gemiuus (P.) P. G. Eleatis Hermathena 

(1522), 1886. 
Gracian (B.) El critioon; Cejador, 1913. 
Ingelo (N.) Bentivolio & Urania, 1669. 
Minnedacten, Wenschen, A. &c. (c. 

1400) ; Van Hulthem (MS.), n.d. 
Pfintzing (M.) Teuerdank (1517), 1846- 

RoUenhagen (G.) Proschmeuseler (16o.), 

2T, 1876. 
Spencer (I.) Things new & old, 1658. 
Spenser (E.) Faerie queene (1590-6), 

var. ed. 
Spintext (G.) ps. Crusade of Fidelis, 

[Stories]. 36 s., fables &c., 1740. 

Vaissiere (P. de) Une famiUe les d'A., 

Befer to Hautb-Loibe, dept. 
Alleiton Mauleverer. 

[AUerton Mauleverer]. Reg. (1562- 

1812) ; Slingsby, 1908. 
Befer to Yoekshibe. 


Standley (P. C.) A. of Mexico & Cent. 

Amer., 1911. 

A. of the U.S. &c., 1909. 

Befer to Botany ; Forestry &, 
Trees ; Shrubs. 

Evans (W. J.) AlHtteratio latina, 1921. 
Schumacher (C.) St. ii. d. Stabreim in d. 

mitteleng. Allit.-dichtung, 1914. 
Allodial Tenure, see Land. 
Allotments & Small Holdings. 

Hobson (J. A.) Co-op. labour upon land, 

England (& U.K.). 
Ashby (A. W.) A. & s. h. in Oxfordshire, 

Gr.-Bret. Lois sur les petites tenures 

&c. [in Internat. Inst, of Agric. Bull., 

Mar., 1911]. 
Jebb (L.) S. h. of Eng., oond^. of success, 

1906. [P1712]. 
Johnson (A. H.) Disappearance of small 

landowner, 1909. 
[Land]. Facts about 1., 1916. 
Levy (H.) Entst. u. Riickgang d. land- 

wirts. Grossbetriebes, 1904 ; tr., 1911. 

Long (J.) S. h., 1913. 
Parker (6.) Land for people, 1909. 

Pari, papers [1482]. Board of Agric. &o. 

Land Div. rep., 1912-13, 2p, 1913-14. 
[2210]. Land settlement for sailors 

& soldiers, 1916. (cd. 8132). 
[2072, 2109]. Scot. Land Court, 

Rep., 1912, 1913. (od. 6864, 7398). 
Ramsay (J. M.) Sm. h. in Scotland [in 

Internat. Inst, of Agric. Bull., Feb., 

ZoUa (D.) Posit, of sm. agric. h. in P. 

[in Internat. Inst, of Agric. BuU., 

July, 1912]. 

Allotments & Small Holdings [continued]. 


Reorganisat. of sm. peasant h. [in 

Internat. Inst, of Agric. Bull., Feb., 

Constit. & preserv. of sm. rural pro- 
perty &c. [in Internat. Inst, of Agric. 

Bull., Feb., 1911]. 
South Africa. 
Union of S.A. : Provision of sm. h. 

for miners &c. [in Internat. Inst, of 

Agric. Bull., July, 1914]. 
All Souls' College, Oxford. 

Blaokstone (W.) Collat. consanguinity, 

1750. [P1540]. 
Almanacks & Calendars. 

N.B. — For Almanacks of general in- 
formation, see Annuals. 

American aim. & treasury, 1878-89. 
Ancient and Mediceval. 
Cohn (B.) Aim. perpetuum d. A. Zacuto 

(15c.), 1918. 
Eber (P.) C. histor. &c., 1559. 
Magniisson (E.) Runic c. Lapland, 1866, 

1878. [P1303]. 
Fowler (J.) Mediaeval represent., 1873. 
Rhys (J.) CoKgny Cal., 1910. 
Svoronos (J. N.) Athen. Volkskalender, 

1899. [P1778]. 

Almanach du liberalisme, 1860. [P2055]. 
Alliance war almanack, 1917. [P2006]. 
Bosanquet (E. P.) Eng. pr. a^. &c.: bibl. 

hist, to 1600, 1917. 
Parmer's Aim. & cal., 1841-44. 
Hill (B. P.) Epicure's a., 2v., 1841-2. 
Off. yearbook of the Ch. of Eng., 1921. 
Rider (C.) R.'s Brit. MerUn, 1791-1814. 
Soane (G.) New curiosities of lit. &c., 

White (G.) Naturalist's cal. ; Markwick 

[mWorks, v2, 1802]. 
A. des arts &c. en Belg., 1860. [P2047]. 
Duwicquet d'Ordre (L. A.) A. d. fabu- 

listes, ann. 1, 1815. 
Mathieu. Concord, de I'ere gregor. avec 

I'ere repub., 1819. 
Savigny de Moncorps (vte. de) A. illust. 

du 18 s., 1909. 
Auerbach (B.) Deut. Volks-Kalender, 

1859, 1862, 1864, 1858-63. 
CoUijn (J. G. A.) 3 niederdeut. Einblatt- 

kal. d. 15. J., 1904. 
Curtius (C.) Im Zeichen d. Tiirme, 1, 

Deutsche Bibl. Gesells., Repert., B5, 

A. d. Romantik ; Pissin, 1910. 
Deutsche Plotten-Verein. Kal., 1915. 
Kriegskalender, 1914, 1914. 
Merseburger Kreiskalender, 1915. 

Magyar Tudomanyos Akad. Aim., 1908-. 
Szentpetery (I.) Oklevfltani naptar, 

Abrahams (I.) I. Abendanda's Camb. 

Mishnah & Oxf. c^. [in Jewish Hist. 

Soc. Trans., v8, 1918]. 
Meocican . 
Marquez. Obs. ac. del o. del cod. mex. 

del card. Borgia [in Mexico : Museo, 

Anales, t3, 1911]. 
Robelo (C. A.) Orig. del cal. Nahuatl [in 

Mexico : Museo, Anales, t3, 1911]. 
Thomas (C.) St. of MS. Troano, 1882. 




Almanacks & Calendars [continued']. 


KiueHAapt pyccKoH npapoAbi, 1916. 

Semeinii. CeMefiHuH kili. , 1922. 

Suvorin (A.) Pvcc. Ka.ienAipb, 1878, 1905, 

1907, 1911, 1912, 1878-1911. 
Tsar-Kolokol. IlapL-KojOKO.n., 1916, 


Karadzioh (V. S.) 4aHHqa, 1826-1827. 
[Madrid]. C. manual de M., 1841. 
Almeria, town & province. 

Refer to Herkerias ; Villaricos. 

Abbot (G.), abp.. Life, w. deacr. of 

Hospital in Guildford &c., 1777. 
Cook (J.) Hist, of God's House, Charter- 
house, 1882. 
Heath (S.) Old Eng. houses of alms, 

Hugo (T.) Hosp. of S. Margaret, 

Taunton, 1874. 
Moody (H.) Hosp. of St. Cross, nr. 

Winchester, 1840 ? 
Pari, papers [2124]. Endowed charities, 

ret., maintenance, 1898. (110). 
Van de Weyer (S.) Instit^. de bien- 

faisance Pays-Bas, 1829, 1830. 


Refer to Montaigu, College & Con- 
gregation of. 
Alpes-Maritimes, dept. 

Ardouin-Dumazet. Voyage, s55, 1909. 
Bosio (U.) Prov. des A.M., 1902. 
Durante (L.) Chorographie, 1847. 

Refer to BAOxjssjfe-RoTjssi ; EsTi)REL ; 
Grasse ; Lbrins, Islands die. ; 
RoQUEBRTJNB ; Saint-Pons, abbey ; 
TtjRBiB, La ; Vencb. 

Ballhorn(F.) A. or. u. occid. Spr., 1859. 
Bang (T.) Bxercit. de ortu &c. lit., 1691. 
Bauer (H.) Sinaischr. &c., 1918. 

Bdttoher (F.) XJns. Alph. Urspriinge, 

1860. [P1250]. 
Clowes (W.) cfc Sons. Or. & for. types, 

n.d. [P1453]. 
Davy (C.) Orig. &c. of alphab. writing, 

Fritz (J. F.) Oriental, u. occidental. 

Sprachmeister : 100 A. &c., 1748. 
Fry (B.) Pantographia, 1799. 
Gleichen (/. E.) & J. H. Reynolds. A. of 

for. lang^. transcr. into Eng., 1921. 
Guignes. L'orig. des lettres phenic, 

hebr., egypt. & chin, [in Acad, des 

Inscr. &c., Mem. de litt., t29, 1764]. 
Key (T. H.) The a. &c., 1849. 
Manzoni (G.) Studii, 2, 1882. 
Moussaud (L.) L'a. raisonne, 2t, 1803. 
Petrie (W. M. P.) Formation of a., 1912. 
Raabe (A.) Entstehung [in h. Ge- 

meinsch. Gramm., 1874, P1254]. 
Taylor (I.) Alphabet, 2v, 1899. 
(Ornamental . 
[Bible]. Peintures & initiales de la 

prem. [& 2^] Bible[s] de Charles le 

Chauve (9c.) : reprod., 1911. 
Day (L. F.) Lettering, 1902. 
Hogg (J.) MS. & letter writing, 1918. 
Internat. Corr. Sch^. Instr. paper, 

Formation of letters, 1906. 
Johnston (E.) MS. & inscr. letters, 1909. 

Writing & illumin., 1913. 


Alpenrosen, 1811-31. 
SihliograpHy . 
Coolidge (W. A. B.) List of wr. of C., 

1868-1912, 1912. [P1514]. . 

Alps [continued]. 

Freeston (0. L.) High-roads, 1910. 
History dh Ancient Topography. 

Coolidge (W. A. B.) Alpine studies, 1912. 
Freshfield (D. W.) Hannibal once more, 

1914. [B]. 
Giiterbock (F.) Lukmanierstraase &c. 

[in Quellen &c. aus ital. Arch., Bll, 

Laqueur (R. A.) Polybius, 1913. 
Wilkinson (H. S.) Hannibal's march, 

Topography & Travels. 
Abraham (G. D.) On Alpine heights &c., 

AUier (R.) R. A. (1911-1914), 1917. 
Bariohella (V.) Alpi vicentini, 1864. 

Bonney (T. G.) Building of A., 1912. 
Butler (S.) A. &c. of Piedmont & Ticino, 

Cermenati (M.) L'alpinismo in A. Stop- 

pani, 1893. 

Conway (W. M.) Mountain mem., 1920. 
CooUdge (W. A. B.) Alpine studies, 1912. 

Alps in nature &c., 1908. 

Echo des Alpes, 1874-5, 1882, 1888/9- 

Farrer (R.) Among the hiUs, 1911. 
Ferrero (F.) Val d'Aosta, 1913. 
Gogarten (E,) Alp. Randseen u. Erosions- 

terr., 1910. 
Jakob (G.) B. Hacquet u. d. Erforsch- 

ung d. Ostalpen &c. (1779-94), 1913. 

JaveUe (J. M. F. E.) Souvs., 1886. 
Krebs (N.) Landerkunde d. osterr. A., 

1913. [B.] 
Lunn (A.) Alps, 1914. [B.] 
Marek (R.) Waldgrenzst. in d. osterr. 

A., 1910. 
Mariani (M.) SuUe Alpi &c., 1915, 1915. 
Martel (E. A.) L'Ouoane de Chabri- 

eres, 1907. [P1359]. 
Noe (H.) In den Voralpen, 1871. 
Penok (A.) & E. Bruckner. A. im Eis- 

zeitalter, 3B, 1909. 
Scheuchzer (J. J.) Helvetious (1702-16), 

4t, 1723. 
Studer (G. L.) Uber Eis u. Schuee, 3 A, 

Refer to Chateatj d' Oex ; Grappa ; 
Pioba, valley. 

A. court rolls (1259-61, 68-9, 72-3) ; 

Landorf [in Staff., Colls., jj.s., vlO i, 

13, 1907-10]. 
Refer to Stafeobdshire. 

Ebersolt (P.) Le genie alsac, 1918. 
Meyer (H.) Coll. de monnaies & med. 

d'A., 1902. [P1929]. 
MichaeUs (0.) K. Hackensohmidt (1859- 

1915), 1916. 
Constitution . 
Pari, papers [1014]. Tr. of laws rel. to 

constit., A.-L., 1911. (cd. 5804). 
Admiralty : Naval Intell. Div. Manual 

of A.-L. & Atlas, 1920. [B.] 
Albert-Petit (A.) Comment I'A. est 

devenue franpaiae (17-18c.), 1915. 
Annales Colmar. (1211-1305 &c.) [in 

var. colls., consult Potthast]. 
Anrioh (G.) Deut. u. franz. Kultur im 

E., 1916. [P1904]. 
Barker (E.) Submerged nationalities, 

Batifiol (L.) Anc. republ^. alaac. (-19c.), 


Alsace-Lorraine [continued]. 

History [continued]. 
Blesch (J.) E.-L. u. das Unrecht v. 1871, 

1918. [P2209]. 
Blumenthal (D.) A.-L. : rel^. to Fr. & 

Germany (1871-1914), 1917. 
Cerf (B.) A..L. since 1870, 1919. 
Delahache (G.) A.-L. ; la carte au 

lisere vert, 1909. [B.] ; 1911. [B.] 

L'exode (1870-2), 1914. [B.] 

Du Cane (J. P.) Campaign in A., Aug. 

1870, 1912. 
Ducrocq (G.) Prov. inebranl. : A.-L. &o., 

Dumont-Wilden & Souguenet. Victoire 

des vaincus : A.-L., 1912. 
Eccard (F.) L'A. sous la domin. allem. 

(1870-1918), 1919. 
Fallex (M.) L'A., la L. & Trois ^veches, 

17e s. k 1789, 1921. 
Fischbach (0.) Ofientl. Recht d. E.-L., 

Florent-Matter. L'A.-L. de nos jours, 

Foreign Ofdce. Hdbks., 30, 1920. [B.] 
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Gasparin (c. A. de) Republ. neutre d'A., 

Hayem (B.) Garde au Rhin, 1910. 
Hansi. L'hist. d'A., 1916. 
Helmer (P. A.) A. under Germ, rule, 

1915. [P1709]. 
Laguille (L.) Hiat. d'A. j. mariage de 

Louis XV, 3p, 1727. 
Leclere (L.) Question d' Occident, 843- 

1921, 1921. [B.] 
Legrand-Girarde. TurenneenA. (1674- 

5), 1910. 
Leland (C. G.) France, A. & L., 1870. 

Leroy (M.) L'A.-L., 1914. 
Lienhard (F.) Das deut. E., 1914. 
Maringer (H.) Force au droit, 1913. [B.] 
Novikov (J.) L'A.-L. . obstacle i 

I'expans. allem., 1913. 
Obreoht (TJ.) Alsatic. rerum prodromus, 

vl, 1681. 
Phillipson (C.) A.-L., past, pres. & fut., 

Picard (B.) 1870 : la guerre en L., tl, 2, 

Pingaud (L.) L'invasion, 1792-4, 1895. 
Renouard de Bussierre. Etabl. du 

Protestantisme k Strasbourg & en A. 

(16c.), 1856. 
Reuss (R.) L'A. au 17^ s., 2t, 1897-8. 


La France & I'A., 1915. 

Hist. d'A., 1912 ; 1918. 

[Strassburg]. Regesten, Bl, Blsasa. 

Annalen ; Bloch, 1908. 
Vizetelly (E. A.) True story of A.-L., 

Welsohinger (H.) Protestation k Bor- 
deaux (1871), 1918. 
History <& Politics, 1914-18 War 

Period (includ. Nationality question). 
[Alsace]. A. (L') & la L. veulent rester 

fran9., 1918. [P2304]. 
[ ]. A.-L. & democracy, 1918. 


[ ]. A.-L. in England, 1917. [P2092]. 

[ ]. QuestionofA.-L.,1917. [P2092]. 

Alsaciens-L. en Fr. Guerre, 1915. 
Babillotte (A.) Kriegserzahl., 1914. 
Christian-Froge (R.) Morhange & les 

Marsouins en L. (1914), 1917. 
Dehio (G. G.) Livland u. Elsasa, 1918. 

Duhem (J.) Question of A.-L. ; tr., 1918, 
Eberaolt (P.) Le genie alsao., 1918, 




Alsace-Lorraine [continued']. 

History & Politics, 1914:-18 War Period 

Ecoard (P.) Biens &c. fran9. en Allem. 

& A.-L. pend. la Guerre, 1917. 
Eccles (F. y.) Alsaoe-L., 1915. [P1637]. 
Engerand (E.) L' Allem. & le fer: 

Frontieres 1. &c., 1916. 
Elorent - Matter. L'A.-L. pend. la 

Guerre, 1918. 
Pribourg (A.) Martyrs d'Alsace &c., 

Priedel (V. H.) Question d'A.-L. : pro- 
paganda allem. &c., 1918. 
Helmer (P. A.) A.-L. & prino. of 

nationaUty, 1918. [P2089]. 

Future of A.-L., 1917. [P2315]. 

Hinzelin (E.) L'A. sous le joug, n.d. 

[& in Pages d'hist., s9m, 1917]. 
Kapp (W.) Westmark d. deut. Reiches, 

Lavisse (E.) & C. Pfister. Question of 

A.-L., 1918. [P2092]. 
Liohtenberger (H. & A.) Question 

d'A.-L., 1915. 
Lienhard (P.) Weltkrieg u. E.-L., 1917. 
Litschgy (M.) E.-l. Kriegsgeiseln, 1918. 

[Lorraine]. Glorieuses joumees de L., 

MadeUn (L.) Heures merveill. d'A. &c. 

(1918), 1919. 
Pouvourille (A. de) Jusqu'au Rhin, 1916. 
Reuss (R.) Quest, de I'A.-L., 1918. 
Roche (J.) L'A.-L. terre de Prance, 1918. 


A.-L. French land, 1918. [P2209]. 

RochoU (H.) Kampf d. E.-L. fur i. 

Zugehorigkeit z. Deut. Eeiche, 1918. 

Rosenthal (L.) A.-L., 1917. [P2339]. 
Ruland (H.) E.-L. u. d. internat. Liige, 

Sohure (E.) L'A. frang., 1916. 
Stahlin (C.) Polit. u. kultur. Gesoh. [in 

Strupp (C.) Unser Recht, 1918]. 
Strupp (C.) Unser Recht auf E.-L., 1918. 
Thomas (A.) Restoration to Pr., 1918. 

Vidal de La Blache (P.) Prance de I'Est, 

L.-A., 1917 ; 18. 
Wagner (C.) A. sous le joug aUemand, 

Weil (B.) E.-L. u. d. Kreig, 1914. 

[P1594, 1653]. 
Welsohinger (H.) Retour de I'A.-L. ^ la 

Fr., 1917 [cfc in Pages d'hist., s90, 

Wetterle (E.) Ce qu'etait I'A.-L. & ce 

qu'elle sera, 1918. 
En A.-L. [in h. Tetes de Boches, 

Poetry & Satire. 
Hansi. Prof. Knatschke (satire), 1914, 

1916 ; tr., 1917. 
Social life. 

Alsace (L') & la Lorraine ; Barr^s, 1917. 
Topography & Travels. 
Admiralty : Naval Intell. Div. Manual 

of A.-L. cfc Atlas, 1920. [B.] 
Alsace (L') & la Lorraine ; Barrds, 1917. 
Ardouin-Dumazet (V. E.) Voyage en 

Fr., v60-62, 1919-20. 
Bellows (W.) Visit to A., 1922. [P2585]. 
Betham-Ed wards (M. B.) Under Ger- 
man ban, 1914. 
Claretie (J.) 40 ans apres, 1910. 
Ducrocq (G.) La blessure mal fermee, 

Dumont-Wilden & Souguenet. Victoire 

dee vaincus : A.-L., 1912. 

Alsace-Lorraine [continued]. 

Topography & Travels [continued]. 
Foreign Office. Hdbks., 30, 1920. [B.] 
Hallays (A.) A travers I'A. (1903-10), 

Hansi. Mon village, 1913. 
Hinzelin (E.) En A.-L., 1904. 
MacKerUe (E. M. H.) Shrines in A.-L., 

Reuss (R.) L'A. au 17e s., 2t, 1897-8. 

Befer to Belfort ; Eueopban Wae ; 



[Hessen]. Jahresber. d. Denkmalpflege, 
B3, BeU. 1, Rathaus zu A., 1914. 
Refer to Hesse. 

Adrianov (A. V.) DyiemecTBle, 1881, 1888. 
Helmersen (Gr. v.) Reise naoh d. A. im 

J. 1834, 1848. 
Strzygowski (J.) A. -Iran u. Volker- 
wanderung., 1917. 
Altaich, see Nibdeealtaich. 
Altamira [cavern). 

CartaUhac (E.) & H. Breuil. Caverne 

d' Altamira k Santillane, 1906. 
Martel (E. A.) Reflexions sur A., 1906. 
Refer to Spain. 
Altars & Beredos. 

Bishop (E.) On hist, of Xtn. a., 1906. 

[PI 227]. 
BonneU (J. K.) Easter Sepulchrum in 
rel. to archit. of high a. [in Mod. Lang. 
Assoc, of Amer., v31, 1916]. 
Dearmer (P.) 50 pictures of Gothic altars, 

Dudley (J.) Naology, 1846. 
Koechlin (R.) Retable fran9., 14 s. [in 
Fond. Piot, Mon., tl6, 1909]. 

Rotables fran9. en ivoire, 14 s. [in 

Fond. Piot, Mon., tl3, 1906]. 
Schiitte (M.) Schwab. Sohnitzaltar, 

Wieland (P.) Altar u. Altargrab im 4 J., 

Greek & Roman, 
Preuser (J. F.) De ara Platoni &c., 1753. 

Baier (J. J.) Ausfiihrl. Nachricht, 1717. 
Befer to Bavakia. 
Altdorf University. 

Baier (J. J.) Ausfuhrl. Nachricht, 1717. 

Lobe (H.) A., S.-A., das alte Merseburg, 

Schonebaum (H.) Besiedlung d. A. 
Ostkreiaes, 1917. 
Aliifiu zcllfi 

Kittel (G.) Das alte Celle, 1918. [P2361]. 
Alternation of Generations. 

Carus (J. V.) Z. Kenntniss, 1849. 

Ogilvie (G.) Genetic cycle, 1859. 
Althiburus, see Medbina. 


Ingham (A.) Hist, of A. &c., 1879. 
Befer to Cheshire. 
Altzella, see Altekzblle. 

Geolog. Survey of Eng. &c. Spec. rep. 

on min. resources, 5, A. shales &c. ; 

Strahan &c., 1917. 

Zippel (G.) L'a. di Tolfa e il suo comm. 

[in Real Soc. Rom. Arch., v30, 1907]. 

Befer to Chemistkt ; Minebalooy, 


Mortimer (G.) A. : its manufact. &o., 
Befer to Metallurgy. 

Hendley (T. H.) Ulwar & its art, 1888. 
Befer to Rajpxjtana. 
Amadeus, k. of Spain, 187C-3. 

Cambronero (C.) Las Cortes de la Revol. 

(1869-74), n.d. 
Pester (R.) Brief e &c. Thronkandidatur 

2H, 1913. 
Pi y Margall (F.) Opusculos, vl : A. &c., 

Camera (M.) 1st. d. cittel &o. di A., 1836. 
Furchheim (P.) Insel Capri &c. sowie v. 

A. &c., 1916. 
Sambon(A. J.) TariA., 1891. [P1936]. 
Befer to Salerno. 

Burgess (J.) Notes on A. Stupa, 1882. 
Befer to Madras. 
Amateur theatricals. 

Cook (H. C.) The play way, educ. 

methods, 1917 ; 1920. 
Du Bled (V.) Comedie de soc. [in h. La 
soc. fr., s8, 18-19S., 1911]. 
Amazon, river & valley. 

Acuna (C. de) Nuevo descub. (1639), 
1891 ; [tr. imMarkham (C. R.) Exped=. 

Voyages &c. in S. Amer. (1639 

&c.) ; tr., 1698. 
Akers (C. E.) Rep. on A. valley, 1912. 
Edmundson (G.) Voy. of Teixeira, 1637- 

39, 1920. [P2490]. 
Enock (C. R.) Andes & the A., 1907. 
Fonseca (J. 6. de) Naveg. a' bocca do 
Rio da Madeira, 1749 [in Acad. Real 
das Sci. de Lisboa, Coll., t4, 1826]. 
Fountain (P.) River A. f. its sources, 

Pritz (S.) Travels, 1686-1723, 1922. 
Herndon (W. L.) & L. Gibbon. Explor. 

of the valley of the A. &c., 1854. 
Highams (E. E.) Across a continent, 

1906-9 ; w. the A., 1909. 
Kooh-Griinberg (T.) 2 Jahre, 1903-5, 

2B, 1909-10. 
Laguerenne (H. de) Un St.-Amandoia 
cel^bre : G. des Odonais, 1713-92, 1913. 
Lange (A.) In the A. jungle, 1912. 
Le Cointe (P.) L'A. br^sil., 2t, 1922. [B.] 
Mozana (H. J.) Following Conquiata- 

dores, v2, Andes & A., 1911. 
Pagan (c. B. P. de) Hist. & geog. descr. ; 

tr., 1661. 
Roteiro da viagem [in Acad. Real das 

Sci. de Lisboa, Coll., t6, 1856]. 
Teixeira (P.) Viaje, 1638-9 ; Jimenez 

de la Espada, 1889. 
TomUnson (H. M.) Sea & the jungle, 

Ursua (P. de) Exped. &c., 1560-1, see 

Walle (P.) Au pays de I'or noir, 1911. 
Whiffen (T. W.) N.-W. Amazons, 1915. 
WoodrofEe (J. P.) Rubber indust. of the 
A. ; Smith, 1915. 
Befer to Cumina, river ; Ctjrtja, river j 
Mapitera, river ; Tkombetas, river. 
Amazonas, state. 

Schiitz-Holzhausen (D., Frhr. v.) Der 
A. . Wanderbilder, 1895. 

Lacour (P.) Les Amazones (-18c.), 1901. 
Leonhard (W.) Hettiter u. Amazonen, 

Noack (F.) Amazonenst. [in K.D.I.A. 
Jahrbuob 30, 1915]. 




Amazons [continued']. 

Petit (P.) De A. diss., 1687. 

Rothery (6. C.) A. in antiq. & mod. 

times, 1910. 
Strieker (W.) Die A. in Sage u. Gesch. 

[in Virchow & Holtzendorff. Samml., 

S3, H61, 1868]. 


Belokurov (S. A.) CnacKH AHMOMaT. Jimi 

pyccKHxi &o. (no 1800), Bl ABCTpo-Benrpifl 

[in Mosk. glavnii arkhiv, CCophhkti, 5, 

Bynkershoek (C. v.) Traite du juge des 

a. ; tr., 1723. 
CalUeres (F. de) De la maniere de u6go- 

cier &c., 1716 ; tr., 1919. 
Firth (C. H.) Diplom. rels. of Eng. & 

Germany, list, 1689-1727 ; Chance, 

1907. [P1902]. 

Notes &c., 1907-9. [P1902]. 

Notes, Eng. & N. Europe : list 

of diplom. repres. in Denmark, Sweden 

& Russia & of those co. to Eng. ; 

Chance, 1913. [P1404]. 
Fischer (E. R.) De eioSpS/iois vet ecoles. 

legatis, 1718. 
Grenville Murray (E. C.) Droits & 

devoirs, 1853. 
Heyse (M.) De legat. Atticis, 1882. 

Hotman (I.) De la charge &o. de I'am- 

bassadeur [in Hotman (F.) Opuac, 

Imp. Russk. 1st. Obsoh., see list in A.C. 

under English, French &c. 
Sfondrati {il card C.) Legatio Romam 

M. Lavardini Sec, 1688. 
Refer to InTEEif ational Law. 


Buffum (W. A.) Tears of Heliades, 

Mair (G.) Jenaeits d. Rhipaen, Gesch. d. 

Bernsteinhandels, 1894. [P1840]. 
Runge (W.) Der Bernstein in Ost- 

preussen [in Virchow & Holtzendorff. 

Samml., S3, H55, 56, 1868]. 
Ambidexterity, see Hand. 

Ambition & Love of Power. 

Addison (J.) Some portions of essays, 

Barker (E.) Nietzsche & Treitsehke : 

worship of p. in Germany, 1914. 

Refer to Prestige. 


[Anjou]. Chron. des Gomtes d'A. &c. 
(-12c.) ; Halphen &c., 1913. 

Amboise, Edict of, 1563. 

[Burgundy]. Der dreyen Stand d. 
Hertzogthumbs B. &c., 1563. [P2436]. 
Refer to Chablbs IX. 


Beschrijvinge (1605) & o.p. [in Hist. 

Genoots. Bijdragen, d6, 1883]. 
Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- & volken- 

kunde v. Ned. Indie, 1853-. 
Hist. Genootsohap te Utrecht. Kronijk, 

1846-76 ; Bijdragen &c., 1877-. 
Rumphius (G. E.) De Ambonse hist. 

(-1662), 2d, 1910. 
Tijdschrift voor Ind. taal-, land- & 

volkenkunde, 1853-95. 


Blau {dr.) & L. Lehr. Unser Sanitats- 
wesen u. d. Rote Kreuz, 1914. [P1589]. 

[Brit. Red Cross Soc.]. Report on aid 
to sick &c. (1914-19), 1921. 

Gardane (J. J. de) Catechisme s. les 
morts apparents, 1781. 

Ambulance [continued]. 

Grandmaison (G. de) Croix-rouge frany., 

Hillger (H.) Krieg u. Sieg, B7, Das Rote 

Kreuz, 1915. 
Russian Red Cross & its work 1914-17, 

1917. [P2251]. 
Stobart (mrs. St. C.) War & women, 

Volz (R.) Das rothe Kreuz [in Virchow 

& Holtzendorff. Samml., H47, 1867]. 
War Oface. R.A.M.C. training, 1911. 
Zemsky Soyuz, Russia, see A. G. 
Amer, Abbey. 

Omont (H.) Diplomes caroling. (843- 
1017), 1904. [P1840]. 
Refer to Catalonia. 

Atlases & Maps. 

Bartholomew (J. G.) Lit. & hist, atlas, 

Speer (J. S.) West-India pilot, 1771. 

Refer to Canada ; United States. 
Bibliography {see also America, 

[Americana], Cat. of noteworthy A., 

broadsides &c., sold, 1916. [P2224]. 
[ ]. Illust. cat. of A., sold, 1917. 

[P2224, 2225]. 
Bradford (T. L.) Bibl. manual of Amer. 

hist., 4v, 1907-9 ; Index, 1910. 
[Catalogue]. 111. cat. of nuggets of 

Amer. hist. 16-19o., sold, 1917. 

[ ]. 111. oat. of rare bks. &c. of revol. 

& constit. interest &c., 1917. [P2225]. 
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Gen. de Indias for Pacific Coast & 

Amer. S.-W. (1597-1821), 1919. 
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rel to A., sold, 1916. [P2222]. 
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of works 1492-1551, 1866 ; adds., 

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Bibl. Amer. primordia, 1917. 

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Amer., 2v, 1862. 
[U.S. Lib. of Congr.]. Kohl coll. of maps 

rel. to Amer. ; Winsor, 1904. 
Discovery, see Ambbica, History. 
Oasetteers . 
Bartholomew (J. G.) Lit. & hist, atlas, 

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Statistics (General). 
Annuaire Internat. de St., p3, 4, Popul. 

(Amer.), 1919-20. 
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Emigrants' Inform, office. Summ. of 

consular reps., 1891. [P2247]. 
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[Jesuits]. Travels of missioners &o., 

La Harpe (J. F. de) Abr. &c. d. voyages, 

tlO-16, 1780. 
Vries (D. P. de) Korte hist. & journaels 

&c. (1618^4); Colenbrander, 1911. 
Refer to Prairies. 

America, Antiquities. 

Americanists. Internat. Cong., 18, 

1912, 2p, 1913 ; 19, 1915, 1917. 
Bandelier (A. F. A.) Islands of Titioaca 

& Koati, 1910. 
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P6rou [in Nouv. Arch, des miss., t20, 

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1912. [B.] 
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tine &c., 2t, 1908. 
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Dorsey (G. A.) Arch, investig., isl. of 

La Plata, Ecuador, 1901. 
Enock (R. E.) Secret of Pacific, early 

civil, of A., 1912. 
Fewkes (J. W.) Antiqs. of Mesa Verde 

Nat. Park, CUfi Palace, 1911. 
Antiqs. of Mesa Verde Nat. Park, 

Spruce-Tree House, 1909. 
Antiqs. of Upper Verde River & 

Walnut Creek valleys, 1912. 
Arch, investig^. in New Mexico, 

Colorado & Utah, 1917. 
Arch, of the Lower Mimbres 

Valley, New Mexico, 1914. 
Prehist. ruins of Gila valley [in 

S.L, Misc. colls., v52, 1910]. 
Prehist. villages, castles &c. of 

S.-W. Colorado, 1919. 
PreUm. rep. on visit to Navaho 

Nat. Mon., 1911. 
Foster (J. W.) Pre-hist. races of U.S.A., 

Fowke (G.) Antiqs. of Central & S.-E. 

Missouri, 1910. 
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California, 1887. 
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antiqs., pi, 1919. 
Horsford (C.) Graves of the Northmen, 

Horsford (E. N.) Defences of Norum- 

bega, 1891. 

Leif's house in Vineland, 1893. 

HrdHoka (A.) Reo. discov^. attrib. to 

early man in A., 1918. 
Judd (N. M.) Archeol. investig. at 

Paragonah, Utah [in S.I. Misc. coU., 

v70, 1919]. 
Kidder (A. V.) & A. J. Guernsey. Arch. 

explore, in N.-E. Arizona, 1919. 
Le Plongeon (A.) Queen Moo & 

Egyptian sphinx, 1900. 
Sacred mysteries among Mayas & 

Quiches &o., 1909. 
Moorehead (W. K.) Stone age in N. 

Amer., 2v, 1911. [B.] 
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Mancos cfc La Plata Rivers in S.-W. 

Colorado, 1919. [B.] 
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earliest links betw. old & new conti- 
nents, 1879. 
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Brit. Columbia, 1913. [P1471]. 
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Ethn., 1894. 
Work in mound explor. of Bur. of 

Ethn., 1887. 
Tozzer (A. M.) Excav. of a site at Sant- 
iago Ahuitzotla [in S.I. Bur. of Ethn. 

Bull. 74, 1921]. 




America, Antic[uities [continued]. 

United States. Bep. upon tf.S. Geog. 

&c. Surveys W. of 100th meridian, v7, 

Wright (G. P.) Ice age in N.A., 1911. 
Befer to Mayas. 
America, Cential, see Central America. 
America, History. 

C.S.P., Colonial, vl9-23, Amer., 1701-8, 

Pried (A. H.) Pan-Amerika., 1810- 

1916, 1918. [B.] 
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1914), 1916. [B.] 
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30), 1920. [B.] 
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to 1783, in Publ. Eec. Office of Gt. 

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"Amer. hist, in Swiss & Austrian 

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hist, in Eoman & o. archives, 1911. 
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s. C. Colombo &c., 1893. 
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Amer. hist, in Bussian archives, 1917. 
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Discovery [Ante-Columbian). 
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N. Amer., 1913. [B.] 
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ant., C. Nepos, 1891. 
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j. mort de Colomb, 2t, 1892. 
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des Inscr. &c., Mem. de litt., t28, 1761]. 
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A., 1915. [B.] 
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peopled f. Asia ? 1898. [P1930]. 
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E. N. Horsford, 1891. [P1454]. 

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Columbian & Post-Columbian. 

Acosta (J. d') De natura novi orbis, 

Alvord (C. W.) & L. Bidgood. Pirst 
explor. of Trans-Allegheny, 1650-74, 

1912. [B.] 

America, History [continued]. 

Discovery {Columbian & Post-Col- 
umbian) [continued]. 
Benzoni (G.) Berum ab Hispanis gest. 

hbri 3, 1612. 
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[in Mass. Hist. Soo., Proc^., v53, 

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(16c.), 1897. [P1386]. 

Amer. prefigured, 1893. [PI 386]. 

Cabot & transmission of Eng. 

power in N. A., 1896. [P1386]. 
Refer to Neoboes. 
American Civil War. 

Pirth (C. H.) Parallel betw. Engl. & A. 

civil wars, 1910. 
Putnam (G. H.) London "Times" & 

A. c. w., 0.1908. [P1231]. 

American Civil War [continued]. 

Beauregard (P. G. T.) B. Papers: 

letters, 2p. 1915-6. [P1787]. 
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War, 1914. 
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of Bebellion, 1861-6, 1914. 
Biographical Collections & Diction- 
aries . 
[Brown Univ.]. Civil War record; 

Burrage, 1920. 
Biographies & Letters fSeeA.C under : — 
Adams (C. P.), 1835-1915. 
Beauregard (gen. P. G. T.), 1818-93. 
BilUngs (J. S.) 1838-1913. 
Blair (P. P.) jr., 1821-75. 
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RusseU (sir W. H.), 1820-1907. 
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Causes &c. (see also Politics, below). 
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tiouism &o., 1864. 
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its causes &c., 2v, 1910. 
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causes (1774-1861), 1862. 
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[B.] . 
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[in h. Wks., v7, 1909]. 
Foreign Relations dj Opinion. 
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American Civil War [continued]. 

History [continued]. 
Dalbiac (P. H.) Amer. . war, 1863: 

Chancellorsville & Gettysburg, 1911. 
Early (J. A.) Autobiog. sketch & narr. 

of War, 1912. 
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1910. [B.] 
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1862 : Cedar Run, Manassas & Sharps- 
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Virginia, Confed. St^. n., 1862 [in 

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C.W., 2p. [in Camb. hist, of Amer. Mt., 

v2, 1919]. 
Politics {see also Causes, above). 
Boot. B. on the other leg, 1863. [P790]. 
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63, 1869. 
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the solid South ? 1890. 
Newcomb (S.) Financial policy &c., 

Rhodes (J. F.) Lects. on the A. C. W., 

Savoury dish for loyal men, 1863. 


American Civil War [continued]. 
Politics [continued]. 
Stephenson (N. W.) Day of the Con- 
federacy (1860-5), 1919. [B.] 
Weeden (W. B.) War govt., federal & 

state, in Mass., N. York &c., 1861-65, 

Prisoners . 
Marshall (J. A. ) Amer. Bastile : illegal 

arrests cfc impris., 1870. 
Mem. of Federal p. on Johnson's Isl., 

1862-4, list, of prisoners &c. [in Brock 

(R. A.) Misc. papers, 1887]. 
Reminiscences &c, 
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American Episcopal Church. 

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Boston ; Freeman, 1785. 
[Prayer Book]. Bk. of C. P., 1786 [in 

Hall (P.) ReUq., v5, 1847]. 
Book of common prayer &c., 

Prop, amendments to text of. 

Psalter, 1922. 
Russ. obs^. upon Amer. Prayer Bk. ; 

tr. ; Frere, 1917. 
Biography, see A.G. under : — 

Huntington (F. D.), bp., 1819-1904. 
Cross (A. L.) Angl. episc. & Amer. 

Colonies (1675-1789), 1902. [B.] 
General Convention. Archives, see 

A. C. 
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6v, 1911-12. 
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New England. ReHg. hist., 1917]. 
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pulpit, v5, Episoop., 1859. 
American Fiction. 

Erskine (J.) Leading Amer. novehsts, 

Nead (B. M.) Some hidden sources, 

Neal (R. W.) To-day's short stories 

analyzed, 1918. 
Van Doreu (C.) Amer. novel, 1921. 


Fiction [in Camb. hist. Eng. lit. 

■ Suppl., Amer., vl, 1918]. [B.] 
American Indians. 

Bibliography , 

Cooper (J. M.) Analjrt. &c. bibUog. of 
tribes of Tierra del Fuego, &c., 1917. 

Hdbk. of Indians of Canada [in Canada : 
Pari. Sess. papers, v46 xv, 1912]. 

American Indians [continued]. 
Bibliography [continued], 
Hodge (F. W.) Hdbk. of Am. Ind., N. 

of Mexico, p2, 1910. 
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aborigs. of New Eng., 1630-1700 [in 

Mass. H. Soc, Proc, s2, vlO, 1896]. 
Zarco del Valle y Espinosa & Lopez- 

Valdemoro. Lenguas de Amer. : Cata- 

logo de 21 MSS., 1914. 
Ethnology & Social Life. 
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Mexico : Museo Nac. de Arq., t2, 

Americanists. Internat. Cong. ,18, 1912, 

2p, 1913 ; 19, 1915, 1917. 
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Native cemeteries &c. east of 

Miss., 1920. 
Native villages &c. east of Miss., 

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Indians (1670) ; Furman, 1845. 
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West, home of Dene & SaUsh, 1907. 
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1910. [B.] 
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inhabs. of Chiriqui, Isthmus of Darien, 

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&c., 1916. 

Tuberculosis among Ind. tribes of 

U.S., 1909. 
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Koch-Grunberg (T.) 2 Jahre, Nordwest- 

BrasiUen, 1903-5, 2B, 1909-10. 
Larocque (F. A.) Journal, 1805, 1910. 




American Indians [continued]. 

Ethnology <fc Social Life [continued]. 
Las Casas (B. de). Apologetica Mst. 

(16 c.) ; Serrano y Sanz, 1909. 
Le Clercq (C.) New rel. of Gaspesia, tr. 

& orig., (1691) ; Ganong, 1910. 
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Leupp (P. E.) Indian & h. problem, 

MacClintock (W.) Old North trail ; or, 

life &c. of Blaokfeet I., 1910. 
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1804-6 [in Masson (L. R.) Bourgeois, 

Bl, 1889]. 
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1889. [P2207]. 
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tr., 2v, 1919-20. 
Indianerleben, el gran Chaco 

(Siidam.), 1912. 
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[Pari, papers, 1537]. Legal status of 

Brit. N.A. Ind., 1900. (cd. 427). 
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&o., Amer. septent. (17o.), 1864; tr., 

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Ind. [in Canada. Mus. bull., 10, 1915]. 
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Baukfield Mus. notes, 7, 1909. PI 190]. 
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Ind. [in Canada. Mus. bull., 19, 1915]. 
Time perspective in aborig. Amer. 

culture, 1916. [P1990.] 
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customs &c., 1910. 
Skinner (A.) I. of Manhattan Island, 


Notes on Iroquois arch., 1921. 

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N.E. Algonkian art, 1914. [P1535, 

Family hunting terr. &c. of Ottawa 

vaUey, 1915. 
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55) [in Pedermann (N.) P. u. Stades 

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traders on Allegheny path (17-18c.). 

2v, 1911. 
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La Potherie (C. C. Le R., sieur de) 

Savage peoples, allies of New Prance 

(17o.) ; tr., 1911. 

American Indians [continued]. 

History [continued]. 
Lauber (A. W.) Indian slavery within 

U.S. (-18c.), 1913. [B.] 
Leacock (S.) Dawn : aborig. Canada, 

Wraxall (P.) Ind. affairs trans, in Colony 

of New York, 1678-1751 ; Mcllwain, 

Languages & Literature. 
Amer. Anthrop. Assoc. Phonetic 

transcr. of Ind. 1=. : Rep., 1916. 
Americanists. Internat. Cong., 18, 1912, 

2p, 1913 ; 19, 1915, 1917. 
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ginal [in Camb. hist, of Eng. lit. . 

Amer. lit. v4, 1921]. 
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[in S.I. : Bur. of Ethn., Rep. 35, 

Hdbk. of Amer. Ind. lang., pi, 


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Lang, of THngit Ind»., 1917. 

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Swanton & Halbert, 1915. 
Capistrano de Abreu (J.) ra-txa hu-ni- 

ku-I : a lingua d. Caxinauas, 1914. 
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Dialectes Pano de BoUvie [in Museon 

(Le), N.S., 14, 1913]. 
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fiction, legends &c., 1918. 
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Canada [in Mod. Lang. Assoc, of 

Amer., v2, 1887]. 
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Ind., 1916. 
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the chiefs ; sayings of the anc. men, 

Lehmann (W.) Vokab. d. Rama-Spr. 

nebst gramm. Abriss, 1914. 
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1902 ; [cfc in Porster (W.) Beitr., 

Leon (N.) Vocab. de la leng. popoloca 

chocha [in Mexico : Museo Nac. de 

Arq., Anales, t3, 1911]. 
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Indians, 1921. 
Prelim, rep. of ling, classif. of 

Algonkin tribes, 1912. 
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Amer., 1911. 
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&c. Surveys W. of 100th meridian, v7, 

Zarco del Valle y Espinosa y L6pez- 

Valdemoro. Lenguas de Amer. : Cata- 

logo de 21 MSS., 1914. 
Refer to Songs, sub-heading Ambe.- 

American Indians [continued]. 

Religion & Mythology. 

Alexander. (H. B.) Lat. Amer. [in Myth. 

of all races ; Gray, vll, 1920]. 
N. Amer. [in Myth, of all races, 

vlO, 1916]. 
Barbeau (C. M.) Huron & Wyandot 

myth., 1915. 
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& A. L. Kroeber. Traditions of the 

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& H. R. Voth. Miahongnovi cere- 
monies of the Snake & Antelope 

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myths, 1920. 
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Indians, 1910. 
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symbols, 1905. 
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septent. (17c.), 1864 ; tr., 1911. 
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Rel. d. Cora-Indianer, 1912. 

ReHg. & Myth. d. Uitoto, 1921. 

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myth, [in Canada. Mus. bull., 16, 

Myths &c. of Ojibwa of S.-E. 

Ontario, 1914. [P1471 ; 1515]. 
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Mexico : Museo nac, Ann., 2a epoca, 

t2-5, 1905-8]. 
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Guiana Ind., 1916. [B.] 
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kaming Algonquin & Timagami 

Ojibwa, 1915. 
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1914. [B.] 

Myths of N. Amer. Ind., 1914. 

Swanton (J. R.) Tlingit myths & texts, 

Voth (H. R.) Oraibi Powamu ceremony, 

Oraibi summer Snake ceremony, 


r Traditions of the Hopi, 1905. 

Befer to 
Arapaho. Chootaw. Lengtta. 
Aeawaks. Cora. Ranqttble. 

Blackfeet. Crow. Salish. 

Cheyenne. DiiNt. Tewa. 

Chibchas. Lenape. Tsimshian. 
American Literature. 

Biographical Collections <fc Diction- 

AlUbone (S. A.) Crit. diet., 3v, 1859-75. 
Bistory & Criticism. 

Bassett (J. S.) Middle group of Amer. 

historians, 1917. 
Brownell (W. C.) Amer. prose masters, 

Cairns (W. B.) Brit, criticisms of Amer. 

wrs., 1783-1815, 1918. 
Camb. hist, of Eng. lit. Suppl. : Amer. 

lit. ; Trent &o., 4v, 1918-21. [B.] 




American Literature [continued]. 
History & Criticism [continued']. 
Cook (E. C.) Lit. infl. in Colon, news- 
papers, 1704-1750, 1912. 
Hornblow (A.) Hist, of theatre in 

Amer., 2v, 1919. 
Howells (W. D.) Imaginary interviews, 

Miohaud (R.) Mystiques & r^alistes 

(19-20 c), 1918. 
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Perry (B.) American mind, 1913. 

Amer. spirit in Ut., 1918. [B.] 

Poetry journal, vl, no. 1-3, 1912-13. 
Bomera-Navarro (M.) El Hispanismo 

en Norte-Amer., 1917. 
Sohalok de La Faverie (A.) Les premiers 

interpretes de la pens6e am6r.„ 1909. 
Stedman (E. C.) Genius & o. essays, 

Trent (W. P.) & J. Erskine. Gr. writers 

of A., 1912. [B.] 
Whitman (W.) Gathering of the forces, 

1846-7 ; Rodgers &o., 2v, 1920. 
Williams (W. R.) Conservative princ, 

Woodberry (G. E.) America in Ut., 

Apprec. of lit. & Amer. in lit., 


Heart of man & o. papers, 1920. 

Wright (T. G.) Lit. culture in New 

Eng., 1620-1730, 1920. 
Bookman (The), 1895-. 
Poetry journal, vl, no. 1-3, 1912-13. 
American Poetry. 

Anthologies . 

Braithwaite (W. S.) Golden treasury of 

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Refer to Palestine & Syria. 
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Refer to Ettbopban War. 
A.Tn ni*irp ^ 

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Refer to Asia Minob ; Assyria ; 
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Refer to Catalonia. 

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Nederland. Letterkunde. Handelingen, 





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Hn30Bbii Bi 1873, 1881. 

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crpaHaxT) no BepxoBbflM-b A.-4api>M, 

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country, 1911. 
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BepxoBbeB'b A., 1873. 
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rH/(porp. pafioTBi 1874 r., \in Amu- 

Darinsk. Eksped. B3, 1878]. 
Amur, river and province. 

Alyabev ( — ) 4a.ieKaa PoccIh, yccyp. Kpafl, 

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reaches of A. &o. (1914), 1918. 
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Guscho (L S.) Kt> Bonpocy o Mtcil BnaAenia 

p. yccypa BT. A., 1898. 

06t. ycTbt A. &o., 1905. 

Imp. Russ. Geog. Obs. Auaci n-i 

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[in h. Voyages &c. par les Russes, t2, 


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Bi A., 1898. 
nepecejenie KpecibHe'b MopeMi Bb 

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maiaaBCTBa y rojbflOB>, 1896. 
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CT., 1830 ? [P2532]. 
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Befer to UssuRi. 


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Confession of faith, 1653. [P1463]. 
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Hist, factionis Monast. (1534-6) ; 

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CBt^-fcHia &c., 1897. 

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Befer to Siberia. 

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Befer to FtrNOTiONS, Mathematical. 
Anamba Islands. 

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Befer to China Sea ; Malay Archi- 

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Befer to Algbcibas ; Hbereeias ; 


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Refer to Glasgow & West op Scot- 
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Anecdotes & Ana [continued]. 

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Refer to Common-place books. 
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Anglo-Saxon Language [continued]. 

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Befer to Cabinda. 
Angola, see Ancyea. 

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A. (1507-53), 1696. 
Varnhagen v. Ense. Leopold v. A.- 
Dessau (1676-1747) [in h. Biogr. 
Denkmale, T2, 1872]. 
Wasohke (H.) Geach. A. (13-20c.), 3B, 
1912-13. [B.] 
Anian Strait, see Beheing Steait. 
Anibeh, see Kaban6g. 
Aniene, river, Italy, 

Cappello (A.) Opusc. acelti, 1830. 
Animal Electiicity. 

Volta (c. A.) Opere, vl (18o.), 1918. 
Animal Food. 
Courcellea (E. de) Diatriba de esu 

sanguinis &c., 1659. 
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Lat. de esu sanguinis & carnis mortic, 
Animal Lore & Mythology. 

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Symbolism of crocodile in M.A. 

[in R. Arch. Inat., J., v66, 1909]. 
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in It. lyric of 13c. [in R.F., B21, 1907]. 
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stories ; tr., 1915. 
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human thought, 1909. 
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grecciue, noma d'a., 1879. [P1683]. 
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Chinesen a. Germanen, 1911. 
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Afr. tales, 1914. 

Animal Lore & Mythology [continued], 
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compos., n,d, [P2030]. 
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mentik, 1904. 
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Arab., 1912. 
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superst. [in As. Soc. of Japan. Trans., 

v37, 1909]. 
Fox & badger in Jap. folklore, 

Wiedemann (A.) Tierkult d. Alt. 

Agypter, 1912. 

Animal Fainting & Sculpture. 

BaiUie-Grohman (W. A.) Sport in art, 

15-18C., 1913. 
Biermann (G.) H. v. Hiigel, 1910. 
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v3, 1911. 
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Serra (L.) G. A. Sartorio, peintre 

animalier : 50 planches &o., 1914. 
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Vinci, 1922. 
Animal Fsychology. 

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le lang. des bestes, 1750. 
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Thierwelt, 1885. 
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Bl, 1914. [B.] 
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1914. [B.] 
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[in h. Unknown gueat, 1914]. 
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of horse, 1906. 
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telepathy in a., 1916. 
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d. Tierseele, 1899. [P1860]. 
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Tierreich &c., 1914. [B.] 
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Wasmann (E.) Comp. st. in ps. of ants 

&c., tr., 1905. 
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Animal Taming & Training. 

Hagenbeck (C.) Beasts & men; tr., 

Refer to Horse. 

Animal Worship. 

Blanchard. Animaux respectez en 
Egypte [in Acad, des Inscr. fee, Mem. 
de Htt., t9, 1736]. 

Smith (W. R.) A. w. &c. among Arabs 
& in O.T. [in h, Lects., 1912]. 
Refer to Ibis. 

Animals, Treatment of. 

Animal world, 1869/70-1909. 

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Charlton {Hon, mrs, Z.) A. in rel. to 

Empire, 1912. [P1399]. 
Cruelty to animals in India, 1913. 





Animals, Treatment of [cojitinued]. 

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1914. [P1580]. 
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in human thought, 1909. 
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wrongs suffered by a., 1913. 
Befer to Zoology. 

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Zwemer (S. M.) Infl. of a. on Islam, 

1920. [B.] 

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(-120.) ; Halphen &c. 1913. 
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droit de I'A. au m. a., 1864. 
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apud Andeg. in 16° s., 1889. [P1820]. 
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comte d'A. (972-1040), 1874. 
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d. patois &o. de I'A., 2t, 1908. 
liefer to Maine-et-Loirb, dept. 
Anna, Empress of Russia, 1730-40. 
Biographies <&c., see A.C. under : — 
Kantemir (prince A. D.), 1708-44. 
Manstein (C. H., Frhr, v.), 1711-57. 
[Anna]. ByMani KafiHHeia miihhctpobt,, 

1731-40, t9-ll (1739-40) [in I.R.I.O., 

see A.C.]. 
Bain (R. N.) Russia. [B.] [in C.M.H., 

v6, 1909]. 
Shakhovskoi (pr. Y. P.) SanncKii, 2'j, 

Annam (& Cochin China). 

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docs. ; Purnell, 1916 ; [tfc in Japan 

Soc, Trans., vl3, 1915]. 
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Cadiere (L.) Croy. et pratiq. relig. [in 

Ecole Fr. d'Extr.-Or., Bull., tl8, 19, 

Doc^. rel. a I'epoque de Gia-long 

(1774-1825) [in Ecole Fr. d'Extr.-Or., 

Bull., tl2, 1912]. 
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Japon, j. 1644, 2p, 1645-6. 
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Code des Le : justice ; tr. Deloustal 

[in Ecole Fr. d'Extr.-Or., t8-13, 

Cordier (H.) Bordeaux & la C. (1816-8) 

[in T'oung pao, s2, v5, 9, 1904-8]. 
Corr. gen. de la C, 1785-91 [in 

T'oung pao, s2, v7, 8, 1906-7]. 
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avec I'Annam Vietnam, 16-19s. ; doc^. 

tr., 1880. 
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Dijk (L. C. D. van) Neerlands betrekk. 

met Borneo &o. (17c.), 1862. 
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d'Extr.-Or., Bull., t3, 5-7, 12, 1903-12. 
Ecole Fran?. d'Extr. -Orient, Bull., 


Annam (& Cochin China) [continued']. 
Favre (P. F.) Lettres edif., 1740, 1746 ; 

3t, 1753. 
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300-A.D. 1471) [in Hist. g6n. de la 

Chine ; Moyriac de Mailla, tl2, 1783]. 
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[Indochine]. L'Indochine Fran9., 1, 

A., 1919. 
[Jesuits] . Lettere d' Etiopia &c. , 1 620-4, 

Rel. d. missioni de'vescovi, Siam 

&c., 1677. 

Voyages &c., t2, 1858. 

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2t, 1885. 
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[in T'oung pao, v5, 1894]. 
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T'ang [in Ecole Fr. d'Extr.-Or. Bull., 

tlO, 1910]. 
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Parker (E. H.) Rep., 1892 [in Pari. 

papers, 2175]. (c. 6816). 
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de I'Extr.-Or., t3, 1887]. 
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&c., 1672-5, 1680. 
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tl-3, 1883-7. 
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portug., 1883. [P1999]. 
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R. As. Soc. : N. China Br., Journal, 

n.s., vl7, 1882. 
T'ouijg pao : archives, 1890-. 
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Bibliography . 
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Annamese Language & Literature. 

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Truy^n, poeme annam. ; tr., 1883. 
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initiales [in Ecole Fr. d'Extr.-Or., 

Bull., tl2, 1912]. 
Anne, Q. of Gt. Brit., 1702-14. 
Biographies, Letters &c., see A.C. 

under : — 
Berkeley (G.), bp., 1685-1753. 
Bishop (M.), ISc. 
Clerk (sir J.), 1676-1755. 
Davies (Mary), 1665-1730. 
Egmont (J. P., 1st e. of), 1683-1748. 
Fox (sir S.), 1626-1716. 
Freke (mrs. E.), 1641-1714. 
Fuller (W.), 1670-1717 ? 
Leake (rear-adm. sir J.), 1656-1720. 
Mainwaring (A.), 1668-1712. 
Prior (M.), 1664-1721. 
Seafield (J. 0., e. of), 1663-1730. 
Shrewsbury (C. T., d. of), 1660-1718. 
Vernon (adm. E.), 1684-1757. 
Whitworth (C. W., baron), 1675-1725. 
Davenant (C.) Nat. credit of Eng., 1710. 

Price (R.) Speech agst. exorbitant 

grant, 1708. [P2166]. 
foreign Relations, 
Hist. MSS. Comm. Rep., Ld. Polwarth, 

Mertouu House, vl (1711-18), 1911. 

Anne, Q. of Gt. Brit., 1702-14 [contd.]. 

Foreign Relations [continued]. 

Legg (L. G. W.) M. Prior: pubUo 

career &c., 1921. 
Swift (J.) Conduct of Allies (1712), 1916. 
History (Contemporary tvorhs). 

Annandale(W. J. lsJm.)Corr. 1690-1715 

[in Hist. MSS. Comm. R15 & App. 9]. 
Anne. Coll. of speeches &c., 1712. 

[P2110; P2166]. 

[ ] Life & reign of Q. A., 1738. 

Boston (T.) Gen. ace. of my life (1677- 

1732) ; Low, 1908. 
C. S. P. Domestic, A., vl, 1702-3, 

Defoe (D.) Hannibal at the gates, 1712. 
Dennis (J.) Select wks., 2v, 1718. 
Hist. MSS. Comm., n.s., v5, 1702-4, 

1910, <fc consult official lists. 

Letter in ans. to Reasons why nation 

should end war, 1711. [P2166]. 
Lewis (L.) Advertisements of Spectator, 

Mainwaring (A.) Wks. [»)i Oldmixon 

(J.) Life of A. M., 1715]. 
Miscarriages of Whig-min., 1714. 

Papers [in Hist. MSS. Comm. Stuart 

papers, vl]. 
[Parliament]. *Factiondisplay'd; hist. 

of 2nd P. called in 1710, 1739. 

Petkum Corr (18c.) [in Hist. MSS. 

Comm., R14, app. 9]. 
Seafield (J. 0. e. of) Letters rel. to 

Scotland ; Brown, 1915. 
Shrewsbury (C. T., d. of) Shrewsbury 

papers [in Hist. MSS. Comm. Var. 

colls., y2. Buccleuch MSS. Montagu 

House, v2 i, ii]. 

(Later tvorhs) . 

Leadam (L S.) Hist., 1702-60, 1909. 
Legrelle (A.) Negoc. entre Berwick & 

Marlborough, 1708-9, 1893. 
Paul (H. W.) Queen A., 1912. 
Robertson (J. M.) BoUngbroke & Wal- 

pole (1701-51), 1919. 
Ryan (P. F. W.) Queen A. & h. court, 

2v, 1908. 
Wilson (P. W.) Importance of r. of A., 

1911. [B.] 
Periodicals . 

London Gazette, 1682-1713. 

Observator (The), 1702-7. 

Post-Man, 1698-1729. 

Pres. state of Europe, Sept., 1703. 
Poetry & Satire, 

Idol of Paris, 1705 ? [P1982]. 

Miscellany of wits ; pieces by W. King 
&c. ; Colvile, 1920. 
Polities , 

Dunton (J.) Neck or nothing, 1713. 

[England]. Britain's alarm to Pro- 
testants, 1714. [P2103]. 

[ ]. Britain's alarm : warning to 

secure Brit. Prot., 1713. 

Polly &c. of impeaching late min., 1715. 

Morgan (W. T.) Eng. polit. parties & 
leaders, 1702-10, 1920. [B.] 

Obs. upon state of the nation in Jan. 
1713, 1713. [P2101]. 

Oxford (R. H. e.) Articles of impeach- 
ment, 1739. [P2111]. 

Pittis (W.) Hist, of 3rd sess. of Pari. 
a713), 1713 ? [P1310]. 

Swift (J.) Conduct of allies, var. ed. 

Letterf My Lord W ***** n, 

1712. P1310. 





Anne, Q. of Gt. Brit.. 1702-14 [contd]. 
Politics [continued], 
Toland (J.) Art of restoring, 1714. 

[P2105 ; 2166]. 
Walpole (R.) Sh. hist, of Pari. (c. 
1710-3), 1713. [P1310] ; 1763 [P2080 ; 

Hayward (F. H.) & A. Freeman. 
Spiritual foundat^. of reconstr., 1919. 

Safford(W. E.)AnnonaSericea&c.,1913. 


Africa. Union of S.A. Oil. year book, 

1917, 1919, 1921. 
South & East Afr. year bk. &c., 1920. 
American aim. & treasury, 1878-89. 
Amer. annual cyclopaedia, 1861-5. 
Amer. kalendar, 1797. 
Amer. statesman's year book, 1,913. 
Amer. year book, 1919. 
Anglo-South Amer. hdbk. ; Koebel, 

1921 ; 1922. 
New internat. year bk., for 1909-21, 

[New York]. Manual f. use of the 

legislature, 1869, 70, 75, 92, 1869-92. 
Tribune almanac (The), 1838-191-1, 30v 

Whig almanac & U.S. register, 1843-49. 
Australasian . 
Austral. Naval & Milit. Ann., 1911/12, 

1912/13, 1912-13. 
[Australia]. Offic. dir. &c., 1883. 

[ ]. Off. year book, 1910-16. 

[New South Wales]. Off. year book, 

1908-, 1909-. 
Annual financ. rev., 1913. 
Canada year book, 1914-18, 1915-19. 
Canadian Pari. Guide, 1919. 
Who's who & why, 1919-20, 1920. 
Year bk. of Brit. Columbia ; Gosnell, 

1897 ; 97-01 ; 11. 
ChivicsG • 

China year bk., 1916, 1921/22. 

Danmarks Adels Aarbog, 1915. 
English i£-c. 
Alliance year book, 1917 ; Wilson, 1917. 
Annual register, 1758- . 
Britannioa year book, 1913. 
Brit. Dominions year book, 1916, 1921. 
Brit. Imp. calendar, 1815. 
Burdett's Hospitals &c., 1914 ; 1918 ; 

Colonial Off. List, 1866-. 
Constitut. year bk., 1903-4. 
Court & City Eng. Reg., 1795, 1799. 
Court & City Reg., 1794, 1807. 
Dublin Almanac & Dir., 1834. 
East India kalendar, 1793-1800. 
East India reg., 1803-14, 1840-43, 45, 

47, 48, 1850-53, 55, 57, 1803-57. 
Eighty Club year book, 1904-6. 
English Reg., 1771-1832. 
Englishwoman's year bk. & dir., 1906 ; 

Foreign Off. List, 1861-. 
Gentleman & Citizen's Almanack, 1766, 

Hazell's Annual &c., 1918, 1918. 
Heraldry in miniature, 1791-1814. 
Labour year bk., 1916. 
Liberal year book, 1887, 1906. 
Local Govt, ann., 1916. 
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London Citizen's year-book, 1910-. 

Annuals [continued]. 
English &c. [continued]. 
Navy League annual, 1910-16. 
New or. reg. &c., 1800. 
Peace year-book, 1912. 
People's year book, 1919, 1921, 1922. 
Royal blue book, 1840- 
Royal Kalendar <b Companion, 1791, 

1792; 1796-1893. 
Stockdale (J.) S.'s new comp. &o., 1789, 

1793, 1795, 1809-14. 
Writers' & artists' year bk., 1910, 1920. 

Finlands statskal, 1919-21. 
Almanach de Bruxelles, 1918. 
Annuaire gen. de la France &c., 1919. 
[Baiern]. Hof - u. Staats - Hdbch. d. 

Konigr., 1904. 
Biograph. Jahrbuch, B1-, 1897-. 
Gothaischer genealog. Hofkal., 1916 ; 

1921 ; 1922. 
Insel-Almanach, 1916. 
Jahrbuch d. Zeit-u. Kulturgesch., 

Mosse (R.) Almanach, 1921. 
Statist. Jahrbuch f. d. Deut. Reich, 

Hawaiian aim. & annual, 1910. 

[Jamaica]. Hdbk., 1918. 
Japanisohe Jahreschronik, 1913. 
Japan year book, 1908-9, 1910. 

Norges Statskal, 1906. 
KajeHAajib pyccKofi DpHpo/iH, 1916. 
Russian almanac, 1919. 
Russian year-book, 1912 ; 16. 
Sovet Sezdov Predstav. Promishl. 

CTaiiicT. e)Ker04HiiKTi, 1913. 
Suvorin (A.) Pycc. KaaeiiAapt, 1878, 1905, 
1907, 1911, 1912, 1878-1911. 
[Espaiia]. Estado militar de Esp., 

[Madrid]. Cal. manual &c. de M., 1841. 
Sveriges Ridderskaps och Adels Kal., 

Swedish (The) Yearbook, 1921. 
Siviss . 
Alpenrosen, 1811-31. 

Price (R.) Revers. payments &c., 2v, 

Violeine (P. A.) Nouv. tables &c., 1903. 
Wyler (J. ) Die Tontinen in Frankreich, 
Anomalies, see Monstrosities. 

Dussaud (R.) Hist. & relig. des Nosairis, 

Anspach (E., margravine of). Lady 
Craven: mem^. (1750-1828), 2v, 
Lang (C. H., Bitter v.) Gesch. d. A.-Bay- 
reuth; Bayer, Bl, 1486-1557, 1911. 
Befer to Baykbuth ; Brandbnbttkg ; 
Prussia, Hist. 
Antaictic Regions. 

Amundsen (R.) The S. Pole ; tr., 2v, 

Charcot (J. B.) Autour du P61e Sud, 2t, 

Exped. a. franj., 1903-5, Journal 

de I'Exped., 1908. 

Antarctic Regions [contiiiued]. 

Charcot (J. B.) [cont.]. Voyage of the 
" Why not ? " 1908-10, 1911. 

David (T. W. E.) 1st journey to S. 
Magnetic Pole, 1909. 

Davis (J. K.) With the "Aurora" in 
the A. (1911-14), 1919. 

Drygalski (E. v.) Schelfeis d. Antarktis 
am Gaussberg [in Konig. Akad. d. 
Wiss. zu Miinchen. Math. phys. Classe. 
Sitzungs., 1910]. 

Ellesmere (F. E. e. of) Voyage (Ross) 
[in h. Essays, 1858]. 

Evans (E. R. G. R.) South with Scott, 

Greely (A. W.) Hdbk. of Polar discov. 

(-1909), 1910. [B.] 

Markham (C. R.) Lands of silence, 1921. 


Mawson (D.) Home of the blizzard, 

19li-4, 1915. 

National Antarctic Exped., 1901-4, 

vl-6, 1907-12. 
Priestley (R. E.) Antarctic adv., 1914. 
Scott (R. P.) Last exped., 2v, 1913. 
Shackleton (E. H.) Heart of Antarctic; 

Brit. Ant. Exped., 1907-9, 2v, 1909. 

South (1914-17), 1919. 


[Brit. Mus. of Nat. Hist.]. Ungulate 

mammals, v2, 3 ; Lydekker, 1914. 
Heller (JE. ) New a. & carnivores f . Brit. 

E. Africa, 1913. 
New races of a', f. Brit. E. Africa, 

New sable a. f. Brit. E. Africa, 

Befer to Eland ; Gazelle. 

Andrews (J. B.) A. as an occup. disease 

[in U.S. Labour. Bull., 205, 267, 


Aberdeen : Univ., Marischal Coll. 111. 

cat. of Anthrop. Museum, 1912. 
Anthropologie. Congres Internat. d'A. 

&c. Compte rendu, 1880, 1892, 1900, 

1906, 1884-1908. 
— Congres Internat., sess. 14, 2t, 

Armitage (F. P.) Diet & race, anthropol. 

essays, 1922. 
Avebury (J. L., b.) Prehist. times, 1913. 
Beddoe (J.) Mem. of 80 years, 1910. 
Birkner (F.) Rassen u. Volker d. 

Mensohheit, 1913. 
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Boule (M.) Hommes fossiles, 1921. 
Brit. Mus. of Nat. Hist. Fossil remains 

of man, 1915. [P1906]. 
Brunhes (J.) La geog. humaine, 1910; 

tr., 1920. 

Buohner (F. C. C. L.) Man ; tr., 1872. 
Buffon (G. L. Le C, cte. de) Oe. ; 

Richard, t2, 1839. 
Burkitt (M. C.) Prehistory, 1921. [B.] 
Buttel-Reepen (H. v.) Man & h. fore- 
runners ; tr., 1913. [B.] 
Carr-Saunders (A. H.) Population prob., 

human evol., 1922. [B.] 
Castro (L. de) Note di antrop. norm., 

Abissinia, 1906. 
Chervin (A.) A. boliv., 3t, 1907-8. 
Churchward (A.) Origin &o. of human 

race, 1921. 

Signs &c. of primordial man, 1910. 

Clodd (E.) Childhood of world, 1914. 

Conklin (E. G.) Direction of human 

evol., 1921. 
Crawford (0. G. S.) Man & h. past, 1921. 




Anthropology [continued]. 

Czaplicka (M. A.) Aborig. Siberia, 1914. 

Dilthey (W.) Gesamm. Sohr., B2, 19U. 
Duckworth (W. L. H.) Morphology & 

a., 1904 ; vl, 1915. 

Prehist. man, 1912. 

Elliot (G. F. S.) Prehist. man, 1915. 
Peldhaus (F. M.) Teohnik d. Vorzeit &o., 

Fischer (E.) Rehobother Bastards u. d. 

Bastardierungsproblem, 1913. 
Flammarion (C.) Contempl. sci., 1909. 
Frazer (J. G.) Mag. origin of kings, 1920. 

Psyche's task, 1909. 

Totemism & exogamy, 4v, 1910. 

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Gennep (A. v.) Rites de passage, 1909. 
Giraud-Teulon (A.) La mere chez 

peuples de I' antiq., 1867. 
Giuffrida-Ruggeri (V.) Homo sapiens, 

Einl. z. A. ; Ubers., 1913. 
[Grimaldi]. Grottes de G., t2 ii ; Ver- 

neau, 1906. 
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mod. life ; Davis, v5, 1910]. 
Hartland (E. S.) Primitive paternity, 

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Pacific Islands. 
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Refer to TRoaLODYTES. 

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Sefer to Teemites. 
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'N.B.—See European War 1914-18 
for War books. 
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Refer to Mechlin. 
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Heresy &c. 
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Apostles [continued]. 

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Refer to Rome. 
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Arabic Language [continued]. 

Orammars [continued]. 
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Arabic Literature [continued]. 
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Arabic Literatiire [continued]. 
Texts <St Translations [continued]. 
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Arabic Literature [continued]. 
Texts «fc Translations [continued^ 
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Aiabic Literature [continued]. 

Texts & Translations [continued]. 
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Arabs [continued]. 

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Refer to Biographical collections, 
sub-heading Oriental ; Biogeaph- 
ICAL dictionaries, sub-heading 
Oriental ; Legends ; Medicine, 
Arabic ; Science, sub-heading 

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Aragon [continued]. 

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[in Inst. d'Estudis Cat., Anuari, 

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Refer to Barcelona ; Huesca ; 
Majorca ; Valencia, Spain. 
Aragon Dialects, see Spanish Dialects. 


Forchhammer (E.) Arakan, 3p, 1891 

[in k. Papers]. 
Objects of antiq. interest in L. 

Burma, 1, A., 1891 [in h. Papers]. 
Heyde (F. v. d.) Sohiff-bruoh d. ter 

Sohelling [in Schouten (W.) Ost-Ind. 

Reyse, 1676]. 
Refer to Burmah. 

Aral Sea. 

Shults (K. K. V.) PeayjiBTaibi hhbp.i.ihpob. 

ii3a1i^., 1882. 
Tillo (A.) OniicaHie A.-Kacn. nnBe.i.iBpOBKH, 


SchifEer (S.) Aramaer : hist.-geog. 

Untersuch., 1911. 
Aramaic Inscriptions & Papyri. 

Barthelemy. Alphabet & langue, Pal- 

myre [in Acad, des Inscr. &c. Mem. de 

litt., t26, 1759]. 
Bell^li (L.) Interp. erronees &o., 1909 

[P1231] ; (2e art.), 1909 [P1298]. 
Clermont-Ganneau (C.) Et. d'arch. or., 

tl, 2, 1895-7. 
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pi, 2, 1903. [P1268]. 
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Krugaufschr. aus Elephantine, 1912. 
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Renaudot. Inscr. de Palmyre [in 

Acad, des Inscr. &c. Mem. de litt., 

t2, 1717]. 
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Elephantine (5c. B.C.), 1911. 
Sayce (A. H.) & A. E. Cowley. Aram. 

papyri discov. at Assuan, 1901". 




Aramaic Inscriptions & Papyri [contd]. 
Smyly (J. G.) Dates of Assouan Aram. 

p. [in R.I.A., Proc, v27, 1907-9]. 
Stark (W.) Alte u. neue arama. Papyri ; 

iibers. Hco., 1912. 
Aram. Urkunden, 6. u. 5. J. vor 

Chr., 1908. 
Jud.-aram. Papyri v. Assuan, 

Van Hoonacker (A.) Une communaut6 

jud6o-a. A, Elephantine, 6-5 s. av. 

J.-C, 1915. 
Refer to Egypt. 

Aiamaic Language & Liteiatuie. 

Burney (0. F.) A. origin of 4th Gospel, 

Dalman (G. H.) Gramm. d. jlid.-pal. A., 


Words of Jesus, A. lang. &;c., 1909. 

Delitzsoh (F.) Proleg. e. neuen Wbohs. z,. 

Alten Teat., 1886. 
Deut. Morgenland. Gesells. Ztsohr., 

Downes (G.) Gloss, to 1st 6 Psalms & 

Chaldee gram., 1823. 
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&o. [in Reland (A.) Anal., 1702 ; 23]. 
Jahn (J.) Elem. Aram, ling., 1820. 
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Arama., 1884. 
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chalda. Spr. ; (tr.), 1873. [P1253]. 
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Babyl. Talmud, 1910. 
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Opus Aramseum, 1686]. 
Strack (H. L.) Abriss. d. bibl. A., 

1896 ; 97 ; 1901. [P1268]. 
Gramm.- mit Texten u. Wbch., 

Dictionaries . 
Buxtorfius (J.) Lex. Chald., Talmud. &o., 

Lexicon Hebr. & Chald., 1631 ; 

Fiirst (J.) Heb. u. ehalda. Handwboh. 

ub. d. Alte Test., 2B, 1863. 
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Test., 1833. 
Konig (F. E.) Heb. u. aram. Wbch. z. 

A. Test., 1910. 
Schaaf (C.) Lex. Chald. [in h. Opus 

Aramaeum, 1686]. 
Zanolini (A.) Lex. Chaldaioo-Rabb. &c., 

Texts & Translations. 
[Bible : Psalms]. Psalt. tetragl. ; Nestle, 

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time of Ezra ; tr., 1919. 
Dalman (G. H.) ed., A. Dialektprobeu : 

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1901. [P1268]. 
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&c. ; Neubauer, 1878. 

Aran Islands. 

Symons (A.) Cities &o., 1918. 
Synge (J. M.) Aran Islands, 1907 [ds in 
Wks., v3, 1910]. 

Aran Islands [continued]. 

Westropp (T. J.) Early forts & huts in 
Inishmore, 1910. [P1293 ; & in 
R.LA., Proc, v28, 1909-10]. 

Fort of Dun Aengusa in Inishmore, 

1910. [P1293 ; & in R.I.A., Proc, 
v28, 1909-10]. 
Araneidea, see Spidebs. 
Arapaho Indians. 

Dorsey (G. A ) A. sun dance, 1903. 

& A. L. Kroeber. Traditions, 


Refer to Algonkin Indians ; Ameei- 
CAN Indians. 

Abic'h (H.) Besteigung 1845, 1849. 

[Espafia]. Col. de doc para la hist, de 
Esparia, t26. 

A-Tfl. W9.K S 

Farabee (W. C.) Central A., 1918. 

Refer to American Indians ; Brazil ; 

Arbitration, Industrial. 

Clark (V. S. ) Canadian Indust. Disputes 

Investig. Act, 1907 [in U.S. ; Labor, 

Bull., 86, 1910]. 
Emanuel (M. R.) Princ. of a. law, 1910. 
Frey & Commons. ConcU. in stove ind. 

[in U.S. : Labor, Bull., 62, 1906]. 
Grey (sir E.) Sir D. Dale (1829-1906), 

Hatch (L. W.) Govt. i. a. [in U.S. : 

Labor, Bull., 60, 1905]. 
Macara (C. W.) Labour unrest &c., 

1912. [P1362]. 
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Pari, papers [1534]. Belgian Councils 

of Prud'hommes &c, 1891. (c. 6206, 

[1414]. Board of Trade, Labour 

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1910. (od. 5366). 
[1534]. French councils of 

Prud'hommes, 1890. (c 5896 xvii). 
[2023, 2096]. Rly. Concil. Scheme, 

1910-13. (cd. 5332, 7037). 
[2002]. Royal Comm. on Rly. 

Concil. & A. scheme, 1907, Rep., M. of 

E., 1911. (cd. 5922 ; cd. 6014). 
Russell (F.) Power &c of an arbitrator, 

1878 ; Hudson, 1919. 
[U.S. : Labor]. Bull. 98, 1912. 
[ ]. Bull., Concil. & arbit. ser., 1914- 

Arbitration, International. 

Aktenstucke z. 2. internat. Friedenskonf . 

(1907) [in Staatsarchiv, B75, 1908]. 
Baloh (T. W.) Internat. courts of a., 

World court in light of U.S. 

Supreme C, 1918. 
Barclay (T.) New methods, 1917. 
Pamphlets, 2v,1883-1912. [P1394- 

Bryce (J. B., visct.) Internat. relations, 

Carnegie Endowment for Int. Peace. 

A. &;c of the U.S. (1794-1911), 1914. 

C. E. for Internat. Peace. Yr.-bk., 

Carnegie (A.) A., 1911. [P1367]. 
Choate (J. H.) 2 Hague Confs., 1913. 
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Fidelis ps. Haag, 1918. [P2233]. 
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Staatsarchiv, B64, 1901]. 

Arbitration, International [continued]. 
Gomez Carrillo (E.) Conf. de la paz [in h. 

Vanidad &c, 1909]. 
Groupe Interparl. Suedois. Rec. de 

doc^. 1914 ; Widegren, 1915. 
Hague (The). Conventions &c. de La 

Haye de 1899 & 1907 ; Scott, 1918. 
21= Conf. Internat. de la Paix, 1907, 

Actes &c., 3t, 1907. 
Higgins (A. P.) Hague Conf. &c., 1909. 
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Internat. Law Assoc. A. treaties cb o. p., 

1901. [P1394]. 
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I'a. internat., 1904. 
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[League of Nations. Perm. Court of 

Internat. Justice]. Doc. & Proces- 

verbaux, 3v, 1920-21. 
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Krieges, 1917. 
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1916. [B.] 
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Pari, papers [959]. Return, gen. 

treaties of a. betw. U.K. & o. states, 

1909. (c 4870). 
[1014]. Treaty of a., U.K. & U.S., 

1911. (cd. 5805). 
Peace year-book, 1912. 
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1899, 1907 : et. jurid. &c., 1918. 
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of war [in C.M.H., vl2, 1910]. [B.] 
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racial problems, 1911. [B.] 

Record of proc, 1911. 

Richards (H. E.) Progress, 1911. 

Robertson (J. M.) Peace organ, after 

the War, 1916. [P2001]. 
Root (E.) N. Atlantic coast fisheries 

arbit. Hague (1909), 1917. 
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I'a. intern., 1892. 
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internat., 1918. 
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cases, 2v, 1916. 
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internat., 1917. [B.] 
War obviated by an internat. police, 

Ward (A. W.) Securities of peace, 1848- 

1914, 1919. 
Ancient. * 

Rseder (A.) L'a. internat. chez les 

Hellenes, 1912. 
Tod (M. N.) Intern, a. am. the Greeks, 

[Hague (The)]. Bibl. du Palais de la 

Paix, Cat., 1916. 
Refer to League of Nations. 


Refer to Bell Rock. 


Belley. L'ere de Cesaree du Liban [in 
Acad, des Inscr. &c. Mem. de litt., 
t32, 1768]. 
Refer to Phoenicia. 





Bejot. Eparoetes [in Acad, des Inscr. 

&c. Mem. de litt., t32, 1768].' 
Herthum (P.) De Megalo. & de comm. 

Arcadum repub., 1894. 
Hiller von Gartringen (F. Frhr.) & H. 

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Insoriptiones Gr. : !=. Laconise Measenise 

A., 2f, 1913. 
Aicani Disciplina. 

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disoip. A., 1829. 

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iibers., 1678. 
Linschoten (J. H. v.) Reizen, 1594-5, 

1914. [B.] 
2 Toiages au Waeigatz &c. (1594- 

5); tr. [in Bernard (J. F.) Kec, t4, 

Maksimov (S. V.) ro4T> ea ctBept, 1871. 
Refer to Pae-Choi. 
A T*f*Vi ^ pg.pnfi g 
[Ely]. Vetus liber archid. E. ( 13-14o. ) : 

Feltoe & Minns, 1917. 
Aicheis, Boyal Co. of. 

[Mary, q.']. Archearis of our Ladyis 

Gaird, 1562-67, 1834. 

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bow &c., 1798. 
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anc, 1805. 
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& le trace des arcs brisea, 1914. 
Arches, Triumphal. 

Menard. Anc. mons. du Comte Venaissin 

[in Acad, des Inscr. &c. M6m. de Utt., 

t32, 1768]. 
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[in Virohow & Holtzendorff. Samml., 

S3, H51, 1868]. 
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stands, 1917. 
Bassi (M.) Dispareri, 1771., 
Blomfield (R.) Arch, drawing &o., 1912. 
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Nizet, 1894. 
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mon. &c., 1862. [P2032]. 
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pocketbook, 1913. 
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building constr., vl, 1916. 
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Lethaby (W. R.) Arch., 1912. [B.] 
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Soamozzi (V.) Mirror, 1721]. 

Architecture [continued']. 

Middleton (G. A. T.) Mod. buildings, 6v, 

Milizia (F.) Saggio [in h. Vite, 1768]. 
Morria (W.) Lect. on art &c. [in Coll. 

wks., v22, 1914]. 
Nicholson (P.) Student's instructor, 5 

orders, 1810. 
Palladio (A.) 1st book (1570) ; Ware, 

Prout (S.) Sketches ; Holme & Halton, 

Raymond (G. L.) Painting, sculpture 

& a., 1909. 
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&c., 2T, 1675-9. 
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Weaver, 1912. 
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ant. Sarkophage, 1902. 
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&c. Mem. de Utt., t23, 1756]. 
Dieulafoy (M.) Mauaolee d'Halioarnasae 

&c., 1911. 
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anciens, 1805. 
Faventinus (M. C.) Opusc. [in Vitruvius 

PoUio (M.) Vitruve, t3, 1909]. 
Lichtenberg (R. Frhr. v.) Haus, Dorf, 

Stadt, 1909. [B.] 
Luschan (F. v.) Entat. d. ion. Saule, 

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Reber (F. v.) Probleme altkret., 1913. 
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Athenaeum, 1896. [P1887]. 
XJhde (C.) Formes arch, de I'antiq. 

claaa., 1909. 
Wurz (E.) Ursprung d. kret.-myken. 

Saulen, 1913. 
Guppy (H.) & G. Vine. Claasif. cat., 

Biographical Collections & Diction- 
BagUone (G.) Vite &c., 1572-1642, 

Bertolotti (A.) Architetti &c. Mantova 

(15-17C.), 1889. 
Chancellor (E. B.) Lives of Brit. a,. 

(14-18C.), 1909. 
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GrasaelU (G.) Pittori, aoultori ed a. 

cremoneai, 1827. 
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lombardi (15c.), 1906. 
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&c. domenicani, 2v, 1845. 
Milizia (F.) Vite de' piti celebri arch., 

Swarbrick (J.) R. Adam & h. brothera, 

Vachon (M.) La Renaissance fr. : Fa. 

nat., gr. maitres magons, 1910. 
Biographies, see A.C. under : — 
Adam (J.), d. 1794. 
Adam (R.), 1728-92. 
Alberti (L. B.), 1404-72. 
AUarano (T.), d. 1596. 
Amico (G. B.), b. 1684. 
Androuet Du Cerceau (J.), c. 1510-85 ? 

Architecture [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]. 
Arnaldi (E.), 1716-94. 
Benno II, bp. of Osnabriick, 1020- 

Bentley (J. F.), 1839-1902. 
Bernini (G. L.), 1598-1680. 
Berrettini (P.), 1596-1669. 
Bont (B. J. M. de), 1845-1908 [in 

Maatsch. d. Ned. Letterk. Levensber., 

Borromini (F.), 1599-1667. 
Bramante (D. L.), 1444-1514. 
Britton (J.), 1771-1857. 
BruneUeschi (F.), 1377-1446. 
Calderari (0.), 1730-1800. 
Calendario (F.) d. 1355 [in Pasquin, 
Curiosites, 1842]. 
Cerato (D.), 1720-92. 
CivitaU (M.), 1436-1501. 
Cram (B. A.), 1863-. 
Gagini (A.), 1480-1571. 
Giuliano, da Majano, 1432-90. 
Giuliano, da Sangallo, 1445-1516. 
Goodhue (B. G.), 1869-. 
Laurana (L.), c. 1420-79. 
L'Enfant {maj. P. C), 1754-1825 [in 

Jusserand (J. J.) With Amer., 1916]. 
Lutyens (E. L.), 1869-. 
Maderno (C), 1556-1629. 
Mengoni (G.) d. 1877 [in Fortis (L.), 

Conversaz., s2, 1879].. 
Michelozzo, di Bartolomeo, 1396-1472. 
Orsini (G.), 0. 1416-75. 
Peroier (C), 1764-1838 [in Paaquin, 

Curiosites, 1842], 
Perrault (Ch.), 1628-1703. 
Perrault (CI.), 1613-88 [in Condoroet, 

(E., t2, 1847]. 
Philandrier (G.), 1505-65. 
Piovene Porto-Godi (c. A.), 1774-1858. 
PoUaiuolo (S. del), 1457-1508. 
Rainaldi (C), 1611-91. 
Robert de Luzarches, fi., 1220. 
Saasella (G.), 1823-93 ? 
Schinkel (C. F.), 1781-1841 [in Grimm 

(H.) Fiinfzehn Essays, F2, 1876]. 
SerUo (S.), 1475-1552 [in Ferrucoi, 

Proae &c., 1873]. 
Soufaot (J. G.), 1713-80. 
Theotocopuli (D.), El Greco, u. 1545- 

Trezza (L.), 1752-1823. 
Vincenzo, da Cortona, 15 & 16g. 
Vinci (L. da), 1452-1519. 
VioUet-le-Duc (E. E.), 1814-79. 
Halfpenny (J.) Gothic ornaments in 

cath. oh. of York, 1795. 
Kaiserl. Deut. Arch. Inst. Jbch., 1886-. 

Middleton (G. A. T.) Evol. of ai-ohit. 

ornament, 1913. 
Smirke (S.) Arohit. ornaments &c. of 

Temple Church, 1845. 
Swan (A.) Brit, architect, 1745. 
Uhde (C.) Formes arch, de Fantiq. 

class., 1909. 
Weickert (C.) Lesb. Kymation, 1913, 

Refer to Staircases. 
Dictionaries . 
Otte (H.) Archaolog. Wbch. : Deut., 

Lat., Fr. u. Eng., 1877. 
Parker (J. H.) Glossary of terms, 1905. 
Allen (G.) Cheap cottage & sm. house, 

Ambler (L.) Old halls &o. of Yorks., 

Briggs (R. A.) Essentials of a country 
house, 1911. 




Architecture [continued]. 
Domestic [continued], 
Britton & Boutell. lUust^. of early 

dom. a. of Eng., 1846. 
Cranfield & Potter. Houses for work- 
ing cl., 1900. 
Ditchfield (P. H.) Manor houses of Eng., 

Fea (A.) Old EngHsli houses, 1910. 

Picturesque old houses, 1902. 

Flats, urban houses & cottage homes ; 

Sparrow, 1906. 
Fletcher (B. F. & H. P.). Eng. home, 

Garner (T.) & A. Stratton. Domestic 

a. of Eng., Tudor per., 2v, 1911. 
Georgian Soc. Records of 18c. dom. 

arch. &c., Dublin, 5v, 1909-13. 
Godfrey (W. H.) Eng. staircase 

(-18th c), 1911. 
Goodnow (R. R.) Honest house, 1914. 
Goodwin (F.) Domestic a., designs, 

Gotch (J. A.) Eng. home (17-19c.), 1918. 

Growth of Eng. house, 1909. 

Grenier (A.) Habit, gauloises & villas 

latines, 1906. 
Guadet (J.) Elements &c. de I'a., 3t, 

1901-3 ; Adds., 1904. 
Heath (S.) Old Eng. houses of alms, 

& W. de C. Prideaux. Dorset 

manor houses, 1907. 
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Jones (S. R.) Old houses in Holland, 

Latham (0.) In Engl, homes, 4v, 

Macartney (M. E.) ed Recent Eng. 

dom. a., v5, 1920. 
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Molkov (A. V.) HiBjiime, 1909. [P1943.] 
OUver (B.) Old houses &c., in E. Anglia, 

Parkinson (J.) & E. A. Ould. Old 

cottages, farm houses &c., 1904. 
■Ramsey (S. C.) Sm. houses, 1750-1820, 

Rothery (G. C.) Staircases & garden 

steps, 1912. 
Sadleir (T. U.) & P. L. Dickinson. 

Georgian mansions in Ireland, 1915. 
Samson (G. G.) How to plan a house, 

Sawyer (J. D.) How to make a country 

place, 1914. 
Schiaparelli (A.) La casa fiorentina, 

s. 14 e 15, vl, 1908. 
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period 4, vl, per. 5, vl, 1920-21. 
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VioUet-Le-Duc (E. E.) Hist, de I'habit. 

humaine, 1875. 
Weaver (L.) "Country life" bk. of 

cottages, 1913. 
■ Houses & gardens by E. L. 

Lutyens, 1913 ; 1921. 
Small country houses of to-day, 2s. 

__ Village clubs & halls, 1920. 
Williams (J.) Sk. of village buildings, 

WiUiams-EUis (C.) Cottage building in 

cob &c., 1919. 
WiJlmott (E.) Eng. house design 

(I6-2O0.), 1911. 
Refer to Ceiungs ; Dove-oots. 

Architecture [continued]. 

Ecclesiastical {see also Medijsval, below). 
Baum (J.) Romanesque a. in France, 

Begule (L.) L'abbaye de Fontenay & 

I'a. cisterc, 1913. [B.] 
Bell (G. L.) Churches &c. of Tur 'Abdin 

&c., 1913 ; [di essay in Berchem 

(M. V.) Amida, 1910]. 
Bilson (J.) A. of Cistercians [in Royal 

Arch. Inst., J., v66, 1909]. 
Biver (P.) & F. E. Howard. Chantry 

chapels in Eng. [in Royal Arch. Inst., 

J., v66, 1909]. 
Bond (F.) Chancel of Eng. ch., 1916. 
Intr. to Eng. church arch., 11th 

to 16th c, 2v, 1913. 
Brandon (R. & J. A.) Parish ch., 2v, 

Browne (E. A.) Early Xtn. cfc Byz. arch., 


Romanesque a., 1910. 

Bumpus (T. P.) Cathedrals & ch. of 

Rome & S. Italy, 1912. 
Cathedrals of Norway, Sweden & 

Denmark, 1908. 

London ch., 2s, 1908. 

Capes (J. M.) Old & new ch. of London, 

Champneys (A. C.) Irish eccles. a., 1910. 
[Chartreux]. Maisons de I'ordre des C. -. 

vues &c., 4t, 1913-19. 
Cortes (A. ) Arquit. en Mexico : iglesias, 

Cox (J. C.) Eng. parish ch., 1914. 
Cranage (D. H. S.) Archit. ace. of ch. of 

Shropshire, 2v, 1901-1912. 
Diedo ( A. ) II campanile di Breganze : 

lettere (1841-6), 1884. [N92]. 
Dudley (J.) Naology, 1846. 
Durand (G.) ifiglises romanes des 

Vosges, 1913. 
Ebersolt (J.) & A. Thiers. Eglises de 

Constantinople, 1913. 
Enlart (C.) Man. d'arch. franj., 2p, 

1919-20. [B.] 
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Refer to Abyssinia ; Abt, Abys- 
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Refer to Austeia ; Castles & 


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Refer to Art, Mexican ; Mexico. 
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Refer to Architecture, Norman ; 

Architecture, Roumania. 

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Architectuie, Russia [continued]. 

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Refer to Akohitbotitre, Norway ; 
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Refer to United States. 

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Burke {rt. hon. E.) Speech, Nabob of 

A.'s debts &c., 1785. [P2132]. 
Arctic Explorers. 
Biographies, see A.G. under: — 
MaoClintock {adm. sir E. L.), 1819- 

Wiggins (J.), 1832-1905. 
Wilson (E. A.), 1872-1912. 
Arctic Regions. 

Andreev (N.) CtBepHLifl .leAOBHTtiB OKeaHT>, 

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EBponeBcK. jeflOBiiTaro OKeiina, 1906. 
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& la Cie frang. du pole arctique (1589- 

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[PI 198]. 
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Separate Voyages. 
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1914. [B.] 

Arctic Regions [continued]. 
Separate Voyages [continued]. 
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exped., 1909-12, 1913. 
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^^— {Franklin Relief Expeditions). 
Franklin (J., lady) Letter to Palmer- 
ston, 18S7. [P1240]. 

(Nordenskiold Exped., 1878-80). 

Nordenskiold (N. A. E.) Vegas fard 
kring Asien &c., 2D, 1880-1. 
Refer to Kara Sea. 
Aida, see Dahomey. 
Aldeche, river. 

L'Hermite (S.) Descente de I'Ardeohe 
en bateau, 1904. 
Refer to Rhone. 
Aidennes, dept. & forest. 

Chenet ( — ■) Sol & populations, 1916. 
Meyrac (A.) Foret des A. ; legendes &o., 
Refer to Chableville ; Fijmay ; 
GiVET ; Sedan. 

O'Donoghue (D.) Brendaniana, 1895. 
Refer to Kerry ; Mttnstbb. 

Green {mrs. J. R.) Castle at A. [in h. 
Old Ir. world, 1912]. 
Refer to Down. 

Westropp (T. J.) Antiq. of A., 1903. 
Refer to Waterfobd. 
Ardra, see Dahomey. 
Ardschisch, see Cuetea de Arues. 
Areika, see Sudan. 
Arezzo, town & province. 

[Arezzo]. Doc. per st. d. citti di A., 
(650?-1377); Pasqui, 2v, 1899-1916. 

[ ]. Prammatica d'A., 1634, 1883. 

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Rondinelli (G.) Rel. sopra lo stato ant. 
e mod. di A. (1583) &c., 1755. 
Refer to Borgo San Sbpolcro ; 
Castiglione Fiorentino ; CoB- 
TONA ; Montb-Olivbto-Maggioee. 
Argel, see Algeria. 
Argentine Republic. 

Biographical Collections . 

Parker (W. B.) Argentines of to-day, 

2v, 1920. 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — ■ 
Facundo Quiroga (J.), 1790-1835. 
Garay {Don Juan de), o. 1528-1583. 
Mendoza {Don P. de) c. 1501-1537. 
Mitre (B.), 1821-1906. 
San Martin {gen. J. de), 1778-1850. 
Urquiza (J. J. de), pres., 1800-70. 
[Argentine]. Reo. of proc. of experts, 

A. & ChiU, 1898. [P1383]. 
Delachaux (H. S.) Question des limites 

chilo-a., 1898. [P1408]. 





Argentine Republic [continued}. 

Economics & Social Life. 

Argentina : High cost of food [in Inter- 

nat. Inst, of Agric. Bull., Aug., 1914]. 
Argentine Rep. Agrio. & pastoral 

census, 1908, 3v & Maps, 1909. 
Agric. statist., 1909-10, 1910. 

Censo gen. de educ, 1909, 2t, 


Knaneial year, 1910. [P1307]. 

Denis (P.) La Bepubl. A., 1920. [B.] 
Gaohe (A. I.) La A. en maroha, 1921. 
Groussao (P.) Viaje inteleotual, si, 

Indie, of econ. &c. progress [in Inter- 

uat. Inst, of Agric, Bull., Oct. 1913]. 
[Italy]. Emigr., t3, p2, Argentina, 1908. 
Martinez (A. B.) & M. Lewandowski. 

L'A. au 20e s., 1917 ; tr., 1911. 
Pfannenschmidt (E.) Landwirtachaftl. 

Produktionsverhaltn., 1913. 
Pillado (R.) A. loans, Brit, oontrib., 

1909. [P1307]. 

Rutter (W. P.) Wiieat growing, 1911. 
Sarmiento (D. E.) Reouerdos de pro- 

vincia, n.d. 
Schmidt-Klugkist (W.) & C. Grote- 

wold. Argentinien, 1919. 
Tomquist (E.) & Co. Econ. develop, in 

last 50 yrs., 1919. 
Befer to Teade, South American. 
Guide Books. 

Martinez (A. B.) Baedeker, 1914. 
Argentine Rep. Mensaje del Presidente, 

Bianco (J.) Vida de las instit. poUt., 

Blasco Ibanez (V.) A. y aus graudezas, 

Carranza (A. J.) Campafias navales 

(1810-28), 4t, 1914-16. 
Groussao (P.) El Congreso de Tucuman 

(1816-9), 1916. 
Exped. de Mendoza (1535-8) [in 

Argentine Rep. Anales de la Bibl., t8, 

Hirst (W. A.) Argentina, 1910. 
Kay Shuttleworth (N. L.) Sir W. Parish, 

1796-1882, 1910. 
LeviUier (R.) Origenes arg., 1912. 
Lizarraga (F. R. de) Descr. del Peril, 

Tucuman &c. (16-17c.), 1909. 
Xugones (L.) Hist, de Sarmiento (1811- 

88), 1911. 
Mitre (B.) Arengas (1848-1902), 3t, n.d. 
Otero (J. P.) L'A. dev. I'hist., tl (1810- 

28), 1922. 

R6vol. arg. (1810-6), 1917. 

Ross (6.) Argentina &c., 1917. 

Rowe (L. S.) Federal system of the 

A. R., 1921. [B.] 
Saenz Pena (B.) Discours, 1910. 

Sarmiento (D. F.) Faoundo (1790- 

1835) : civiliz. &o. en A., 1916. 

Faoundo (1790-1835), 1917. 

Urquiza (J. J. de) U. : juicio (1800-70), 

2p, 1921. 
Walle (P.) L'A., telle qu'elle est, 1912. 
Zinny (A.) Hist, de gobemadores (16o.- 

1882), 5v, 1920-21. 
Topography & Travels. 
[Argentine Republic]. Lanacion, 1810- 

1910, 1910. 

Baudin (P.) Impress", [in k. Anticipa- 
tion, 1916]. 

Blasco Ibanez (V.) A., 1910. 

Boman (E.) Antiq". de la region andine, 
2t, 1908. 

Argentine Republic [continued]. 

Topography & Travels [continued]. 

Burmeister (H.) Reise, 1857-60, 2B, 

Clemenceau (G. E. B.) Notes de voy., 

Denis (P.) La Republ. A., 1920. [B.] 
Frauck (H. A.) Working north f. Pata- 
gonia, 1921. 
Hammerton (J. A.) A. thr. Eng. eyes, 

Hirst (W. A.) Argentina, 1910. 
Hudson (W. H.) Far away &o., 1918. 
Huret (J.) En A. : de Buenos- Aires au 

Gran Chaco, 1911. 
Hutchinson (T. J.) Buenos Ayres & A. 

gleanings, 1865. 
Mansilla (L. V.) Excursion a los Indios 

Ranqueles, 2t, 1907. 
Napp (R.) A. R. ; tr., 1876. 
Pennington (A. S.) A. Republic, 1910. 
Posada (A.) En America, 1911. 
Schmidt-Klugkist (W.) & C. Grotewold. 

Arg., 1919. 
WaUe (P.) L'A., teUe qu'elle est, 1912. 
liefer to Aemy, Argentine Repub- 
lic; Atacama; Commercial Educa- 


ApoUonius, Bhodius. Argonautica, var. 

ed. cfc tr. 
Banier. Argonautes [in Acad, des Inscr. 
&c. M6m. de litt., t9, 12, 1736-40]. 
Refer to Greek MyTHOLOOY &c. 
Aigonne, Battle of, 1915, sec European 


Larcher. Phidon, roi d'A. (8c. B.C.) 

[in Acad, des Insor. &o. Mem. de Ktt., 

t46, 1793]. 
Waldstein (C.) The Argive Heraeum, 

2v, 1902-5. 

[Argyll]. Commissariot Record (1674- 

1800) ; Grant, 1902-09. 


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Arian. Catechismus, Rackaw, 1608, 

1619 ; Lat. 1620. 
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Rettberg, 1794. 
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Mason, 1899. 
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[in Op., p4, 1916]. 
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excursus sui fram. dogmat. ariani del 

Mai, 1902. 
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Foebadius, Gregorius lUiberitanus, 

Faustinas, 1908. 
England d> English Writers. 
[Bury (A.)]. Hist, vindic. of Naked 

gospel, 1691. 
Tucker (J.) Difficulties, 1774. [P2177]. 
Waterland (D.) Ans. to queries & o. p. 

(1722) [in Wks., v3, 1843]. 
A. subscription consid. &c. 

(1721-2) [in Wks., v2, 1843]. 
Gwatldn (H. M.) A. [in Camb. Med. 

Hist., vl, 1911]. [B.] 
Helfierich (A.) Westgoth. A. u. d. span. 

Ketzer-Gesoh., 1860. 
Newman (J. H.) Arians of 4th c. &c., 

Wietrowski (M.) Hist, de A. hseresi, 




Carpenter (E.) Brit. a. & the H. of 
Lords [in h. Tow. indust. freedom, 

Ludovici (A. M.) Defence of a., 1916. 

Murray (G. 6. A.) The pale shade, 1917. 

Ponsonby (A.) Decline of a., 1912. 


Branford (B.) Study of math, educ, 

1908 ; 1921. 
Cunnington (S.) Story of a., 1904. 
Delens (P.) Problemes d'a. amusante, 

De Morgan (A.) Elements, 1853. 
Lodge (0. J.) Easy mathematics, 

chiefly a., 1905 ; 1906. 
MaoLellan (J. A.) & J. Dewey. Psy- 
chology of number, 1909. 
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[in h. (E., t3, 1908]. 
Triangle arithmet. &c. [in h. (E., 

t3, 1908]. 
Strigelius (V. ) Arithm. Ubellus &c, 1563. 
Temple (R. C.) Burmese system, 1891. 

Ancient & Mediaeval. 
Beigel (R.) Rechnungswesen &c d. 

Romer, 1904. 
Domninua, of Larissa. Manuel d'intr. 

a. ; tr. [in Revue des et. gr., tl9, 1906]. 
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du hvre 2 de I'Intr. a. (2c.) ; tr., 1858. 

[P1657; 1855]. 
Nobbe (C. F. A.) Codicum schoha Gr. 

ad Kb. 1 Isag. Niohomaoheae, 1862. 

Philoponus (J.) '£1^7170-11 4ts rh i icfl 

Trts NtKOfidxov apiBfi. €i(ray(i)y7is (7c. 

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Bibliography . 
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Arkansas, state. 

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Refer to United States. 

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tr., 1740. 
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tr., 1919. 
Later rvorks. 
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Aimagnac, France. 

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fran9. rec dans I'Armagnao & 

I'Agenais, 1879. 
Refer to Gascony. 

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Refer to Van. 

Armenia & Armenians, History. 

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Et. hist, sur le peuple arm. 

(-1050), 1909. 
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20 century (see also EuEOPEAH Wab). 
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mondiale & la question turoo-armeni- 

enne (1895-1915), 1918. 
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question, 1918. 
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a journey to S. Russia, A. &c. (1919- 

20), 1921. 
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armen. &o., 1913. 
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Miansarov (M.) Bibliogr. Caucasica &c., 

tl, 1874-6. 
Biographies, see A.O. under : — 
:fimm(J.), 1726-1809. 

Armenia & Armenians, History [cont.]. 
Massacres i&e. 

[Armenians]. BpaTCnad nOMomt nocipa^- 

BTi TypiiiH Ap. jlHiepaT-HayiHba cSophhki, 

[ ]. Treatment of A. in Ottoman 

Emp. (1914-16), 1916. 
[Armenien]. Gewalttatigkeiten in A. 

(1915), n.d. 
Armen. Greuel u. Deutschland, 1917. 

Cochin (D.)Contre les barbares(1896-9), 

El-Ghusein (P.) Martyred A. ; tr., 1917. 

[P2093 ; Span. tr. in P2337]. 
Germany, Turkey & A., 1917. 
Gibbons (H. D. ) Blackest page : events 

in 1915. 1916. [Fr. tr. in Pages 

d'hist., s9, j, 1915]. 
Les Turcs ont passe (1908-9) ; tr., 

Griselle (E.) Victime du Pangerman- 

isme: I'A. martyre (1894-1915), 1916 
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Todesgang des Armen. Volkes 

(1914-16), 1919. 
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Ottoman (1908-17), 1917. 
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Ottoman Emp. 1915-16, 1916. (cd. 

Toynbee (A. J.) Arm. atrocities, 1915. 

[cfc in. P2337]. 
" Murderous tyranny of the 

Turks," 1917. [P2324]. 
Woods (H. C.) Danger zone of Eur. 

(1908-), 1911. 
Refer to India, Hist. : Abmbnians 
IN India. 

Armenian Church. 

Armeniorum de Trinitate &c. conf., 

Azarian (S.) Eccl. Arm. trad, de Rom. 

pontif. primatu, 1870. 
Der-Megerdechian (G.) Paulikianer &c. 

in A., 1893. 
Dwight (H. 0.) Xtny. in Turkey, 

protestant reform., 1854. 
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Rom., pi, 2i, ii, 1658-90. 
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hist. & ch., 1920. 
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hang Qriston. havatoz, 1850. 
La Croix (-de) Etat pres., Turquie, 

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Tokhat, S. Gregory, 1868]. 
Matthew, of Tohhat. Life &c. of S. 

Gregory the Illuminator (c. 257-332) ; 

tr., 1868. 
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&c ; tr., 1912. 
L'egUse armen., hist., doct., regime 

&c, 1910. 
Rycaut (P.) Pres. state, 1678, 1679. 
[Sharakan]. IllapaKaH'B dorocjyiKefiebie 

KaHOHw c&c, 1914. 
Tournebize (H. F.) Hist. poht. et relig. 

de I'A. j. 1393, 1910. 
Reefer to Echmiadzin ; Mbkhitarists. 




Armenian Inscriptions. 

Berezin (I. N.) A. HaAnacH bi qepKB. 
4a!yji>*H &c., 1859. 

Brosset (M. F.) Expl. de diverges inscr., 
0. 1837. 
Armenian Language & Literature. 

Adjarian(H.)Classif. desdialectes, 1909. 
Bellaud (— ) Essai, 1812. 
Dent. Morgenland. G esells. Ztachr., 1 860-. 
Imperat. Akad. Nauk. Melanges asiat., 

tl-8, 1849-77. 
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1907. [P1790; 1855]. 
Kralitz-Greifenhorst (P. v.) St. z. 

Armen.-Tiirk., 1912. 
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MtcfliieBi, 1872. 
Tacvorian (S.) Essai d'un systems de 

linguist., 1881. [P1937]. 
Wutz (P.) Onomastisches in e. armen. 
Homerlexikon [in Hommel (P.) Or. 
Studien, B2, 1918]. 
Chakhohakhian (M.) Diz. ital.-armeno- 

turco, 1804. 
Gratnmars . 
Agop (J.) Gramm. Lat. Armen. explic, 

■ Puritas Haygica, 1675. 

Alphabetum Armenum, 1673 ; 1784. 
Dirr (A.) Prakt. Lehrbuoh d. ostarmen. 

Spr., 0. 1912. 
Gaiano (C.) Gramm. & log. inst., 1645. 
GuU'in (K. H.) Elem. mod. Arm. 
gramm., 1902. 
Hindoglu (A.) Deut.-arm. Spraohlehre, 

History & Criticism, 
Brosset (M. P.) Bibl. d'Edchmiadzin 
[in h. Eapp. s. un voy. arch, dans la 
Georgie &o., llvr. 1, 1849]. 
Pinck (P. N.) Gesoh. d. "arm. L. [in 
Brookelmann (C.) Gesch. d. chr. Litt. 
des Or., 1909]. 
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1907. [P1790; 1855]. 
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& turque (1909) [in Nouv. Arch, des 
miss, soient., tl9, 1911]. 

Texte armen. de I'fivang., 1919. 

Raffi (A.) A. -. its epics, folk-songs &c. 
[in Boyajian (Z. C.) Arm. legends &c., 
Tcheraz (M.) Pontes armeniena, 1913. 
Manuscripts . 
Bodleian Library. Cat., pl4, A. MSS. ; 

Baronian & Conybeare, 1918. 
Macler (P.) Mission scient. en A. russe 
& turque (1909) [in Nouv. Arch, des 
miss, soient., tl9, 1911]. 
Mommsen (T.) Arm. HSS. d. Chronik d. 
Eusebius [in h. Gesamm. Sohr., B7, 
Texts & Translations. 
Acoluth (A.) Obadias Armenus cum 
anal, vocum., 1680. 
.^sop. Arakq Ezoubos ; tr., 1886. 
Aharonian (A.) Vers la Uberte — 

L'abime ; tr., 1912. 
Albertus Magnus. Girq Eraneloyn 

Alperti ; [tr.], 1729. 
Beauties of Eng. poets, Eng. & Arm., 

[Bible: Arm.] Matthew (ano. & mod. 

A.), 1831. 
Boyajian (Z. C.) A. legends & poems, 

Brosset (M. F.) Rapp. s. un voy. arch, 
dans la Georgie & dans I'Arm^nie, 
1847-8, 3 livr. & Atlas, 1849-51. 

Armenian Language & Literature [cont.]. 

Tesets & Translations [continued], 
Carriere (A.) Inscr. d'un Reliquaire 

arm6n., 1883. 
Ghalatianz (6.) Marchen u. Sagen, 1887. 
Chirvanzade. La possedee ; tr., 1910. 
Conybeare (P. C.) ed. Armen. vers, of 

Revelation & Cyril of Alex.'s Scholia 

on the Incarnation &c., 1907. 
Djarean (A. V.) Padmuthiun GaUiatz- 

votz, 1849. 
Djelalean (J.) Varq imastasiratz, 1826. 
Eusebius, Pamphili. Chron. ; aus d. 

Arm. lib. ; Karst [in Werke, B5, 1911]. 
Gaiano (C.) Conoil. eocles. Arm. cum 

Rom., pi, 2i, ii, 1658-90. 
Grigorean, Vardap. of Smyrna. Hrahang 

Qriston. havatoz, 1850. 
Israel, Ter. Synaxaire (13c.) ; publ. & 

tr. Bayan, &c., pi, 2, 1910-1. 
James, St., bp. of Nisibis. Sermones 

(4c.), 1756. 
Kempis (T. k) Imit. Christi, 1705. 
Khokumn Qristoneakan ; tr.nnto Arm., 

Leist (A.) Armen. Dichter ; iib., 1898. 
Nerses IV, pair, of A. Preces, 1837. 
Pakraduni (A.) Le due sorelle (w. tr.), 

1905. [P1211].. 
Patkanian (R.) 3 Erzahl ; iib., 1886. 
Pazmaveb, 1853. 

Proschianz (P.) Sako ; iib., 2B, 1887. 
Raffi (M.) Bilder aus Pers. u. Tiirk.- 

Arm. ; iib., 1886. 
Seth (E.) Patmutheanz Hamar6tuthiun, 

[Sharakan]. UlapaKaHi 6orocjy)Ke6HLie 

KaHOHti &o., 1914. 
Somalean (V.) Hnakhosuthiun ashkhar- 

bagrakan Hayastaneaytz, 3v, 1835. 
Taliatin (M. D.) Ano. India, 1841. 
Tchobanian (A.) Podmes ; tr., 1908. 

Trouveres arm. ; tr., 1906. 

La vie & le reve ; tr., 1913. 

Vahram. Chron. of A. kgdm. in 

CiUcia (11C.-1289) ; tr., 1831. 
Yonan, Vardapet of Tolcat. Dashtik 

dsalkal, 1727. 
Refer to Pbovbrbs. 
Armies & Armaments. 

General Descriptions <fe Histories. 

Brackenbury (C. B.) Europ. armaments 

in 1867, 1867. 
Armeen unserer Peinde, 1914. [P1597]. 
Constant (B.) L' esprit de conquete, 

1918. [P2099]. 

Erzberger (M.) Rtistungsausgaben d. 

deut. Reiches, 1914. 
Essays & criticisms ; Milit. corr. of 

Times, 1911. 
Preytag-Loiinghoven (Frhr. v.) Nation 

trained in arms or a militia, 1918. 
Heinsick (P.) Der Weltkrieg, 1914. 

Jahresber. iib. d. Verander. &c. im 

Militairwesen, Jhrg. 1-9 (1874-82), 

Janson (A. v.) Streitkrafte uns. Peinde, 

1914. [P1590]. 
Porteous (J. E.) Milit. situation in -Eur. 

&c. [in h. Peaceful invasion, 1914. 

Seidel (R.) Klassenarmee u. Volkswehr, 

1919. [P2569]. 

Times (The) hist, of the War, 22v, 

[War].||War book-of-facts, 1914. 
Weltkrieg (Der) 1914 in Zahlen u. 

Bildern,|1914. [P1588 ; 1710]. 

Armies & Armaments [continued]. 
Reduction <fec. of Armaments. 

Angell (N.) Europe's opt. illusion, 1910. 

Gt. illusion, 1910 ; 11. 

Prussianism & its destr., 1914. 

Blakeslee (G. H.) ed. Problems &c. of 

the War, 1916. 
Bullard (A.) A.B.C.'s of disarmament 

&c., 1921. 
Carnegie (A.) Armaments &c., 1909. 

Coulton (6. G.) Main illusions of 

pacificism, 1916. 
Dickinson (G. L.) Choice before us, 1917. 
Garroza (P.) Les plaies mod. &c., 1913. 
Goblet d'Alviella (c. E.) Deaarmer ou 

dechoir, 1872. 
Mahan (A. T.) A. & arbitr., 1912. 
Reinach (J.) La loi milit. -Pixit6 des 

effectifs, 1913. 
Robertson (J. M.) Econ^ [in Nat. Lib. 

Club, Pol. circle, p78, 1911]. 

Puture of militarism, 1916. 

Siemens (W. v.) Belgien u. d. Abrus- 

tungsfrage, 1918. [P2236]. 
Tolstoy (L. N.) " Kapearewii 40JHieH^ ian 

pa3pyuien-i.." 1917. [P2062]. 
War obviated by internat. police, 1915. 
Wells (H. G.) Peace of the world, 1915. 
Washington & the hope of peace, 

Refer to Etjeopean War ; Washing- 
ton CONFBEBNCE, 1921. 


Ames (W.) Coronis ad coUat. Hagiens. 

&c., 1650. 
Arminius (J.) Disput. &c., 2p, 1610. 

Epist. ad Hippolytum &c., 1613. 

Opera, 1635. 

Orationes, 1613. 

[Belgium]. Confessio sive declar. sen- 
tent, pastorum, 1622. 
Calder (P.) Mem. of S. Episcopius &o., 

Calvinisticus, ps. Calvinism defended, & 

A. refuted, 1780. [P2535]. 
Cattenburgh (A. v.) Spicilegium theol. 

Xtnae. P. a Limborch &c., 1726. 
Confession of faith ; tr., 1684. 
Crijnsze (W.) Verweerschrift (1617) [in 

Hist. Genoots., Bijdr., dl7, 1896]. 
Du Moulin (P.) Anatomy of A. ; tr., 1626. 
Episcopius (S.) Apolog. pro confess. 

Remonst., 1629. 

Opera, 1678. 

Gomarus (P.) Opera, 1664. 

Grotius (H.) Verhooren &;c. [in Hist. 

Genoots., Werken., N.S., 14]. 
[Hagiensis]. Scripta advers. H., 1615. 
Hooft (C. P.) Memorien (1611-19), 1871. 
Jackson (T.) Life of J. Goodwin, 1822. 
Jacobi (J.) Hist, eccles. A., 1726.g|J«i 
Junius (I.) Antapologia, 1640. ^^1 
Limborch (P. van) Theologia ohrist., 

Nesse (C.) Antidote agst. A., 1835. 
Nichols (J.) Calvinism & A. compared, 

2v, 1824. 
Pierce (T.) Divine philanthropie &o., 

1657. [P1984]. 
Smout (A.) N. Grevinchovius, Hauton- 

timorumenos, 1617. 
Utenbogaert (J.) Brieven &c., 1584- 
1644, 3d. ; Rogge, 1868-75. 

Voet (G.) Exam, disput. primae, 1634. 

Wesley (J.) What is an A.?, 1770. 

Yates (J.) God's arraiguement of hypo- 
crites &c., 1615. 

Zeltner (G. G.) Breviarium controv., 




Arminianism [continued]. 


Cattenburgh (A. v.) Bibl. script. 
Eemonst., 1728. 
Anuouied Cars. 

Browne (D. G.) Tank in action, 1920. 
Dutil (L.) Chare d'assaut, 1915-18, 

Fuller (J. P. C.) Tanks, 1914-18, 1920. 
Gagneur (M.) & M. Fourier. Aveo les 

chars d'assaut (1916-18), 1919. 
Swinton (E. D.) The tanks, 1917. 

Williams-Ellis (C. <fc A.) Tank Corps 
(1914-18), 1919. 
Refer to Artillery ; European War ; 
Military Art. 
Aims & Armour. 

Ashdown (C. H.) Brit. & for. arms &o., 

Beardmore (J.) Cat. of coll., sold, 1921. 
Browne (C. 0.) A. & its attack by 

artiUery, 1887, Suppl., 1893. 
Buttin (C.) Armures k I'epreuve, 1901. 
Childers (E.) War & the arme blanche, 

Clephan (R. C.) Defensive armour, med. 
times & Renaissance [in Arch. iBUana, 
N.S., v20, 1899]. 
Dean (B.) Helmets & body a. in mod. 

warfare, 1920. 
Ferrario (G.) Armadure de' paladini 
(m. a.) [in h. Storia d. ant. rom., v2, 
Ffoulkes (C. J.) Armour (fee, 1909. 

Europ. arms &c. in Univ. of 

Oxford, 1912. 

Inventory &c. of armouries of 

Tower of London, 2v, 1916. 
Gaya (L. de) Trait6 des armes (1678) ; 
Ffoulkes, 1911. 
Helbig (W.) Zur Gesch. d. hasta 
donatioa, 1908. 
[India]. Instruct, for armourers, 1911 ; 

Plates, 1916. 
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Record of European a. & a., 5v, 

Metropolitan Mus. Cat. of loan exhib. ; 

Dean, 1911. 
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blanches, 1900. 
[Wallace Coll.] Cat. of Europ. a. & a. ; 
Laking, 1910. 
War Office. Instr. for armourers, 1912. 
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d. rom. Heeres, Kaiserzeit, 1882. 
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of Rome to Etruria [in Amer. Acad, in 
Rome, vl, 1917]. 
Melzi {H c. V.) Cat. della coU. ; armi ant. 
europee, 1889. [P1447]. 
MerHn (A.) Cuirasse itaUote, Ksour-Es- 
Saf, Tunisie [in Fond. Plot. Mon., tl7, 
Petrie (W. M. F.) Tools & weapons HI. 

by Egypt. CoU. &c., 1917. 
Sandars (H.) Weapons of Iberians [in 
Arch., v64, 1913]. 
- Chinese. 
Laufer (B.) Chin, clay figures, pi, 1914. 
English & Scottish. 
Cripps-Day (F H.) Armour in Eng. 
churches, 1922. [B.] 
Ffoulkes (C. J.) Inventory &c. of ar- 
piouries of Tower of London, 2v, 1916, 

Arms & Armour [continued]. 
English <b Scottish [continued]. 
Green well (W.) & W. P. Brewis. 
Bronze spear-head in Gt. Brit. &; Ir. 
[in Arch., v61ii, 1909]. 
Hope (W. H. St. J.) Achievements of 
the " Black Prince " in Cath. Ch. of 
Canterbury, 1895. 
Williams (J.) Glossary of terms, 1851. 
French & Belgian, 
Prelle de la Nieppe (E. de) Costumes 
ohevaleresques, 12-1 5s. [in Soo. 
d'Arch. de Brux., Annales, tl4, 1900]. 
Wilton House. W. suits : controversy, 

Diener-Schonberg (A.) Waffen d. Wart- 
burg, 1912. 
Erzberger (M.) Rustungsausgaben d. 
deut. Reiches, 1914. 
Ffoulkes (C. J.) Ital. armour f. Chalcis, 
1911. [P1346 ; cfc in Arch., v62, 1911]. 
flendley (T. H.) Damascening on steel 

or iron in India, 1892. 
Japan Soo. Trans. &c., v3, 4, 6, 8, 11, 

Koop (A. J.) Leather in Jap. milit. 
equipment [in Japan Soc, vl4, 
Primitive . 
Cowper (H. S.) Art of attack, 1906. [B.] 
Haddon (A. C.) Weapons [in Camb. 
Anthrop. Exped. to Torres Straits, v4, 
[Moscow]. MocKOBCKaa OpyiKeaHaa IIa.iaTa, 
Orujeinaya Palata. nyTeBOAaie.ib, 1911. 
[Russia]. 4peBH0CTa Pocc. rocy^., 6 ot/(., 

[ ]. PHcyHKH offimnu II BoopyateHia pocc. 

BOHCHl, n.d. 
[Tsarskoe Selo]. Notice sur le Mus^e 
de T.-S., 1860. 
Valencia de Don Juan (conde V. de) Cat. 
hist.-descr. de la Real Armeria de 
Madrid, 1898. 
Refer to Speaks. 
Army, Argentine. 

Pari, papers [2060]. Laws &c. resp. 
gen. enrolment, 1913. (od. 6640). 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — 
Mitre (B.), 1821-1906. 
San Martin (gen. J. de), 1778-1850. 
Urquiza (gen. J. J. de), 1800-70. 
Refer to Argentine Republic. 
Army, Assyrian. 

Hunger (J.) Heerwesen &o. d. A., 1911. 
Refer to Assyria. 
Army, Australian & New Zealand. 

Australasian Naval & MiUt. Ann., 
1911-12, 1912-13, 1912-13. 

[ ]. Miht. forces Hst, 1904, 1910, 

1912, 1904-12. 
Barrett (J. W.) & P. E. Deane. A. A. 

Med. Corps in Egypt, 1914-15, 1918. 
Buley (E. C.) Glorious deeds in Gt. 

War, 1915. 
Cutlack (F. M.) Australians: final 

camp., 1918, 1918. 
Ellis (A. D.) 5th Austral. Div. (1916-19), 

Gullett (H. S.) & C. Barrett. A. in 
Palestine, 1919. 
Knyvett (R. H.) "Over there" w. the 
A., 1918. 
Leary (L. P.) New Zealanders in Samoa 
(1914-15), 1918, 

Army, Australian & New Zealand [cont.]. 
MacGill (P.) Diggers: A. in France, 

Monash (J.) A. victories in France 

(1918), 1920. 
Weston (C. H.) 3 yrs. w. the New Z. 
(1914-17), 1918. 
Refer to Army, English ; Aus- 
tralia, History ; European War. 
Army, Austrian. 

[Austria]. Statuten des osterr. Krieger- 

korps, 1914. [P1632]. 
Catellani (E.) L'ltalia e I'A. in guerra, 

1917 ; tr., 1918. 
Charles, archduke of Austria. MiUtar. 
Schr., 1901. 
Hirsch (E.) Der Landsturmpflichtige, 

1915. [P1608]. 
John (W.) Erzherzog Karl u. s. Armee 

(18-19C.), 1913. 
Kriegsfiirsorge ; hrsg. v. d. Gemeinde 

Wien, 1914. [P1591]. 
Kriegsvorschriften, Famihen &c., 1914. 

Lowe (V.) Organ. &c. d. Wallenstein- 

achen Heere, 1895. 
Militarischea Praohtbilderbuch, 1880. 
Stein wenter (A.) Wehrmassnahmen d. 
steir. Landtages geg. Tiirken u. Hajdu- 
ken, 1605 [in Hist. Verein f . Steiermark. 
Steir. Ztschr., J. 16, 1918]. 
Wallner (J.) Der Grazer .Stadtfahne [in 
Hist. Verein f. Steiermark. Steir. 
Ztschr., J. 12, 1914]. 
[War Office]. Hdbk. of med. services, 
p3, Austria-Hungary, 1910. [P1292]. 
Was jetzt jedermann v. d. osterr. -ungar. 
Armee cfec. wissen muss ?, 1914. 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — 
AufEenberg-Komarow (M.), 1852-. 
Baillet de La Tour (gen. cte. C. A. M. de), 

Benedek (L. v.), 1804-81. 
Conrad v. Hotzendorf (fm. F.), 1852-. 
Dankl (Gen. V.), 1854-. 
Daun (Graf. L. J. M.), 1705-66. 
Merode-Westerloo (/eM-mar. c. J. P. E.), 

Montecuocoli (pr. R.), 1608-81. 
Picoolomini (0.), duke of Amalfi, 1599- 

Saint-Paul (H.), 1729-1812. 
Sallier de La Tour (mar. V. A.), b. 

Starhemberg (Graf. G. B. v.), 1657- 

Trenck (Franz, Frhr. v. d.), 1711-49. 
Refer to Army, Hungarian ; Euro- 
pean War. 
Army, Balkan States. 

Barby (H.) Les viotoires serbes, 1913. 
Buxton (N.) With Bulgarian staff, 1913. 
Call well (C. E.) Armed strength of 

Roumania, 1888. 
Mavrodin (C. D.) Gen. lUescororganisa- 
teur de I'armee roum., 1917. [P2244]. 
Reorutement foro6 des Serbes par les 

Bulgares, 1917. [P2088]. 
Sussmann (A.) Armeen d. Tiirkei u. 
Grieehenlands, 1914. [P1597]. 
Refer to Army, Servian; Balkan 
War, 1912-13 ; European War. 
Army, Bavarian. 

Christ (L.) Unsere Bayern anno 14, 

Wolbe (E.) Pr. Leopold v. B. (1846-), 
Army, Belgian. 

Bartels (A.) 22 mois de min. du gen^ 
Bunzen &c.. 1842, [P1976]. 




Army, Belgian [continued}. 

[Belgique]. L'action de I'Armee Beige 

(1914), 1915. 
[ ]. De la B., de s. a. &o., 1858. 

[ ]. LaB.,et. miUt., 1861. [P2051]. 
[ ]. Eeorgan. du systeme mil., 1866. 

Boucher (J. H.) Lettre, 1833. [P2256]. 
Breton (W.) Pages de gloire (1914), 


Resurrection (1914-17), 1917. 

Brialmont (A. H.) Sit. milit. de la B. en 

1871, 1871. [P2051]. 
Buffin (6. C.) Mems. & docs, ined., 

1830-1, 2t, 1912. 
Castiau (A.) Souverainete nat. &c. : 

l'imp6t & I'a., 1867. [P2051]. 
Davignon (H.) Le soldat beige, 1917. 
Du Graty (A. N.) Creation d'un corps 

mint, beige p. le Mexique, 1864. 

Goethals (gen. A. C. A. L.) Du service 

obUg., 1872. [P2054]. 
Guillaume (b. H. L. G.) Corps du genie 

pend. le 18e s., 1870. [P2050]. 
4 regiments wallons au service du 

roi des Deux-Siciles, 1869. [P2054]. 
Huybrecht (P. A.) Vie miHt. du Lt. Col. 

H. &c., 1836. [P2256]. 
Libert de Plemalle (G. de) Fighting w. 

King Albert, 1915. 
Maitrot {gen. C. A. E. X.) Nos fron- 

tieres, 1913 ; 1915. 
Marie ValMenne (B. 

1836. [P2256]. 

Ma justific, 1836. [P2256]. 

Marsily (W.) Chefs d'etat-major 

I'a. beige &c., 1917. [P2245]. 
Memor, ps. L'armee & la nation. 
Parent (P. J. J.) A membres 

Chambre des Repress. , Brux., 

. — . — Complot & le pouvoir, 


Simple explic, n.d. [P2256]. 

Snoeck (C. A.) Projet de loi, garde nat., 

1835. [P2256]. 
Vandengheyn (P. J. E.) Carriere miMt., 

1842. [P2256]. 
Vleminckx (J. P.) Admin, du service de 

sante, 1837. [P2256]. 
[War Office]. Hdbk. of med. services, 

p6, Netherl. & Belgium, 1911. [P1323]. 
Biographies . 
Brialmont (gen. A. H.), 1821-1903. 
Chazal (b. P. E. P.), 1808-92. 
Constant Rebecque (b. J. V. 

Du Monceau (c. J. P.), 1790-1884. 
Leman (gen. 6.), 1851-. 
Pletinokx (gen. C. J.), 1797-1877. 
Befer to Etjeopban Wak. 
Army, Bulgarian, see Aemy, Balkan 

States, above. 
Aimy, Buimese. 

[Burmah]. Upper Burma Volunteer 

Rifles, Rep. 1886-9, 1888-9. [P2197]. 
Rangoon Port Defence Volunteers. 

Rep. 1892-93, 1893. [P2197]. 
Rangoon Volunteer Artillery. Rep., 

1891-92, 1892. [P2197]. 
Army, Byzantine. 

Grosse (R.) Rom.-byz. Marschlager, 

4-10 Jhdt. [in Byzantin. Ztschr., 

B22, 1913]. 
Maspero (J.) Organis. milit. de I'Egypte 

byz. (6-7c.), 1912. 
fle.fer to Byzantine History. 

Aux Beiges &c.. 


de la 



Army, Canadian. 

Adami (J. G.) War story of C. A. Med. 

Corps, vl (1914-15), 1919. 
Beaverbrook & Roberts. Canada in 

Flanders, vl-3 (1914-17), 1916-18. 
[Canada]. Journ. of H. of Commons, 

v57, App., P«. & re-establ., 1921. 
[ ]. Pari. Sess. papers, v51, no. 28, 

[ : Army], Quarterly militia list, 

Oct., 1912. 
[Canadian]. With 1st C. contingent, 

Cruikshank (E.) Inventory of milit. 

doc. in C. Archives, 1910. 
MacKenzie (F. A.) Thr. the Hindenburg 

Une (Cs., 1915-18), 1918. 
Steele (maj.-gen. S. E.) 40 yrs. in C, 

Willson (B.) In the Ypres SaHent (2-16 

June 1916), 1916. 
Steele (maj.-gen. S. B.), 1849-. 
Aimy, Chinese. 

[Sbornik]. CfiopHHKT. reorp. &c. Mar. no 

A3ln, b3, 12, 14, 17, 24, 30, 32, 34-5, 

37, 39, 41-2, 45, 51, 1883-92. 
Army, Colonial, see Army, English, sub- 
heading Colonial. 
Army, Czech. 

Beaumont (A. ) Heroic story of C.-Slovak 

legions, 1919. [P2403]. 
Army, Danish. 

Herbert (A. E. W. M.) Danes in camp : 

letters f. Sonderborg, 1864. 
Oder (G. C. v. ) Mihtairwesen, 1767 [in h. 

Oederiana, 1792]. 

Army, Egyptian (Modern). 

Comyn (D. C. E. ff.) Service &e. in 
Sudan, 1911. 
Army, English. 

Anderson (C. C.) War manual, 2v, 1916. 
Bulloch (J. M.) Battlefield discipline 

(1813) &c., 1915. [P1722]. 
Chidley (S.) Remonstrance, aouldiers' 

arrears &c., 1653. [P2035]. 
Chfford (W. 6.) Ex-soldier, 1916. 
Esher (R. B., visct.) Dynamic quality of 

terr. force ; & o. p. [in h. To-day &c., 

Childers (E.) German infl. on Brit. 

cavalry, 1911. 
George (E.) Nat. service & nat. educ, 

1913. [P1431]. 
Gorell (R. G. B., b.) Educ. & the a., 1921. 
Hamilton (gen. sir I. S. M.) Compulsory 

service, 1910 ; 1911. 
. Nat. life & nat. training, 1913. 

Henderson (G. F. R.) Sci. of war, 1910. 
Horslev (sir V. A. H.) Reintr. of rum 

ration, 1915. [P1621]. 
Maurice (J. F.) 8 essays on discipline 

&c. [in Record of h. work & opinions, 

Rep. on oycUng manoeuvres in 

Brighton dist., 1900. [P1786]. 
Pari, papers [2167]. Mortality of 

troops (China), 1866. (442, 442-i). 
[2210]. Employment of con- 
scientious objectors, 1917. (cd. 8550). 
Regimental nicknames & tradit. of 

Brit, a., 1915. 
Eiepington (C. a' C.) Essays & crit^. : 

Times, 1911. 
Roper-Caldbeck (W.) Nation & army, 

Royal United Service Inst., 1858-. 
Stoker (W. H.) & H. Bentwich, Milit. 

Service Acts practice, 1918. 

Army, English [continued}. 

Thomas (K. G.) Courts of inquiry, 1916. 
[War Office]. Milit. engineering, p3A, 

3B, 5, 1913-14. 
Yate (It.-col. A. C.) Army & the press 

in 1900, 1901. [P2216]. 
Administration, Policy & Reform, 
Army Act (1885) ; w. amendments 

(-1914), 1914. 
Atlay (J. B.) Lord Haliburton, 1909. 
Bedford (H. A. R. d. o/) Our home a., 

in 1909 & 1913, 1910. [P2495]. 
Gardiner (R. W.) Position of R.A. &o., 

Haldane (R. B. H., visct.) Army 

reform &c., 1909. 

Policy, 1906. 

— — Sp. on policy, 1906. [P2496]. 
Haliburton (A. L., b.) A. organiz., 1905. 

Hogan (D.) Appeal &c., 1808. [P2153]. 
Keir (J.) Soldier's eye-view, 1919. 
Langlois (H.) L'armee angl., 1910. 
Parliamentary hist, of conscription 

(1914-16), 1917. 
Roberts (P. S. R., e.) Fallacies &c., 1911. 
Rules &c. for better gov. of H.M.'s 

horse & foot guards &c., 1757. [P2163]. 
Sutor (A.) Army system, 1910. [P1304; 

2 speeches on discipline &c., 1910. 

War Office. Admin, dir., 1909. 

Staff duties, 1890. 

Wheeler (0.) War Office past &c., 1914. 
Wyhe (A.) Future of Brit, a., 1917. 

Air Force, see BoYAL AiB Force. 
Farmer (H. G.) Rise &c. of miUt. 

music, 1912. 
Bulloch (J. M.) Soldiering &c. in N.E» 

Scotland; bibl., 1916. [P2033]. 
Cockle (M. J. D.) Bibl. of Eng. miUt. 

bks., to 1640, 1900. 
Cruikshank (E.) Milit. doc. in Canadian 

Archives, 1910. 
Parker (T. H.), Bros. Cat. of milit. 

prints &.C., 1914. [P2258]. 
Roy. Unit. Service Inst. Cal. of miht. 

MSS. ; Hale, 1914. 
Roy. Unit. Service Inst. Cat., see A.C. 
Powell (D. L.) Billeting in Surrey 

(17-18C.) [in Surrey Arch. Colls., v27, 

Biographical Colletitions . 
Bulloch (J. M.) House of Gordon, 3t, 

Doyle (A.) 100 years: Doyle fam„ 

1756-1856, 1911. 
[India : Govt. Pubis.], List of inscr»., 

v2ii, Punjab, Biog. notices ; Bh6- 

PbiUpe, 1912. 
Osborn (E. B.) The new Elizabethans, 

1919. ^ 

Payne (A. A.) Hdbk. of Brit. & for. 

orders &c. (w. biog. notices), 1911. 
Philippart (J.) Roy. Milit. Calendar, 2v, 

Ryan (G.) Lives of our heroes, Crimean 

War, 1855. 
Wilkin (W. H.) Brit, soldiers in Amer, 

(18c.), 1914. 
Biographies, see A.C. under : — 
Anson (maj.-gen. sir A. E. H.), 1826- 
Ardagh (sir J. C), 1840-1907. 
Arnold-Forster (H. O.), 1855-1909, 
Astley (sir J. D.), 1828-94. 
Aston (G. G.), 1861-. 




Army, English [continued]. 
Biographies [conHnued]. 
Bishop (M.), 18c. 
Braokenbury (sir H.), 1837-1914. 
Butler {sir W. R), 1838-1910. 
Carleton {sir G.), 1724-1808. 
Chamberlain {sir N. B.), 1820-1902. 
Clarke {sir A.), 1824-1902. 
Conway {gen. H. S.), 1721-95. 
Dalhousie (F. M., e. o/), 1801-74. 
Dickson {maj.-gen. sir A.), 1777-1840. 
Digby {sir J.), 1605-45. 
Digby (Zi. W.), fl. 1776. 
Durnford (E. W.), 1773-1850. 
Eardley-Wilmot (F. M.), 1812-77. 
Forde {col. F.), d. 1770. 
Fraser {maj.-gen. sir T.), 1840-. 
Frederick, d. of York, 1763-1827. 
French (J. D. P., vise), 1852-. 
Gatacre {gen. sir W. F.), 1843-1906. 
Gordon {capt. hon. A.), 1781-1872. 
Gore (A.), 1872-97. 
Grose (F.), 18-19c. 
Haines {sir F. P.), 1819-1909. 
Haliburton (A. L. H., b.), 1832-1907. 
Hall {sir J.), 1795-1866. 
Hart-Synnot {maj.-gen. A. F.), 1844- 

Heathcote {capt. R.), 1782-1854. 
Henderson (G. F. R.), 1854-1903 [in h. 

Sci. of war, 1905 ; 10]. 
Higginson (g'en. sirG. W. A.), 1826-. 

Hill(B. E.), d. 1845. 

Hogan(D.),^. 1808. 

Hunter-Weston {It.-col. G. R.), 1823- 

Le Marohant {maj.-gen. J. G.), 1766- 

Leveu (A. L., 1st e. of), 1580 ?-1661. 

Lutvens {capt. E.), 1784-1830. 

MacDonald (A.), 18c. 

Maodonald {sir J. H. A.), 1836-. 

Macquarie {maj.-gen. L.), d. 1824. 

Maude {sir F. S.), 1864-1917. 

Maurice (sir J. F.), 1841-1912. 

Montresor (J.), 1736-88 ?. 

Montresor (J. G.), 1702-76. 

Murray (gen. hon. J.), 1721-94. 

Pakenhain {maj.-gen. sir E. M.), 1778- 

Pakenham (It.-gen. sir R. H..), 1781- 

Parr {It. A. H. H.), 1890-1910. 

Parr {U. G. B.), 1891-1914. 

Parr {maj.-gen. H. H.), 1847-1914. 

Paterson (W.), 1755-1810. 

Pester (J.), 1778-1856. 

PoUard (G. B.), d. 1914. 

Pollard (B. T.), 1891-1915. 

Prendergast {gen. sir H. N. D.), 1834- 

Redmond (W. H. K.), 1861-1917. 

Bepington {It.-col. G. k C), 1858-. 

Bice {col. S.), 1775-1840. 

Biohmond (C. L. d. of), 1701-50. 

Eivett-Carnac (J. H.), b. 1838-. 

Boberts {col. H. H.), 1837-. 

Robertson {sir W. R.), I860-. 

Rupert, prince, 1619-82. 

Scott-MoncriefE {sir C. C), 1836-1916. 

Sherwood {capt. H.), 1777-1849. 

Steel {col. J.), 1792-1859. 

Taylor {gen. sir A.), 1826-1912. 

Taylor {sir H.), 1775-1839. 

Turner {maj.-gen. sir A. E.), 1842-1918. 

Vivian (B. H., 6.), 1775-1842. 

Warre {sir W.), 1784-1853. 

Watson {col. sir C. M.), 1844-1916. 

Whidbome (G. F.), 1890-1915. 

White {sir G.), 1835-1912. 

Williams {sir B.), 1540 ?-95. 

Army, English [continued]. 

Biographies [continued]. 
Williamson (A.), 1676-1747. 
Wilson {sir C. W.), 1836-1905. 
Wilson (sir G. D. A. F.), 1850-. 
Woodyatt (N.), 1861-. 
Wynne (W. R. C), 1843-79. 
Younghusband (maj.-gen. sir G. J.), 

Yusuf, Khan Bahadur, d. 1764. 
Cavalry, see Regimental Hist. 
Ceremonial > 
[War Office]. Ceremonial, 1912. 
Colonial Troops (see also Eueopbait 
Lucas (C. P.) The Empire at war, vl, 

Pari, papers [2151]. Pensions &c. of 

oversea contingents, 1915. (cd. 7793). 
Conscription, see CONSOEIPTION. 
Engineers, see Ro"XAL Enqineeks. 
Enlisting, see RECBTnTiNG, below. 
Expenditure . 
Burke (E.) Speech: army estimates, 

1790. [P1561]. 
Civil War ace"., 1647-50 ; Kitson &o. 

[in Thoresby Soc, Misc., v4, 1904]. 
Pari, papers. [2210]. Army (Ord- 
nance factories), accts. (1914-6), 

1916-7 (47, 55). 
[2210]. Sir J. Jackson Ltd. Royal 

Comm., Report, 1917. (cd. 8518). 
Foreign Troops. 
Douglas (J.) Defence of measures w. 

reg. to for. troops, 1756. [P2105]. 
[Parliament. H. of Lords]. L.'s pro- 
test, Hanoverians in pay of Gt. Brit., 

1744. [P2102]. 
Pfannkuche (A.) Konigl. deut. Legion, 

1803-16, 1910. 
History : General. 
Arthur (sir G.) Story of Household 

Cavalry, 2v, 1909. 
Belloc (H.) Warfare in Eng. (-1746), 

Bonhote (J.) Hist, records of W. Kent 

Militia, w. earlier def. levies, 1909. 
Bridge (J. S. C.) From island to empire 

(16-20C.), 1908. 
Caine (C.) Martial annals of York 

(50-1891), 1893. 
Fortescue (J. W.) Brit, campaigns in 

Flanders 1690-1794, 1918. 

Hist., v5-10 (1803-15), 1910-20. 

■ Milit. hist., 1914. 

Fraser (T.) ReooUs. &c. (17c.-1878), 

Hist. MSS. Comm. Denbigh MSS. 

(16-180.), 1873-1911. 
Jackson (E. S.) InniskUling Dragoons, 

Norman (C. B.) Battle honours (1662- 

1902), 19U. 

{16 century). 

Law (E.) Eng.'s 1st gt. War Minister: 

Wolsey (1513), 1916. 

{17 century). 

Atkinson (C. T.) Marlborough & rise of 

Brit, a., 1921. [B.] 
Civil War aoc^., 1647-50; Kitson &o. 

[in Thoresby Soc, Misc., v4, 1904]. 
Dalton (C.) Soots army, 1661-88, 1909. 
D'Auvergne (E.) Hist, of last camp, in 

Span. Netherlands (1693), 1693. 
Firth (C. H.) Cromwell's a., 1912. 
Orrery (R. B. e. of) Treatise, 1677. 
Boss (W. G.) Cromwell & h. "Iron- 
sides," 1889. 
Wither (G.) Bespubl. Angl. (1650), 1883. 

Army, English [continued]. 
History [continued]. 
(18 century), 

[Army]. Prevail, abuses, 1775. [P1560]. 
[ ]. Bules &c. for good govt. &c. 

of a. in Ireland, 1701. 
Belcher (H.) 1st Amer. Civil War: 1st 

per., 1775-8, 2v, 1911. 
Bulloch (J. M.) Territ. soldiering in 

N.-E. of Scotland, 1759-1814, 1914. 
Dalton (C.) George I's army, 1714-27, 

2v, 1910-12. 
Hervey (T.) Letter oono. 15 new regi- 
ments, 1746. [PI 559 ; 2184]. 
Lancer (E.) Affair of Hanoverian 

soldier, 1757. [P1965]. 
Liverpool (C, e. of) Disc, 1757. 

[P2069] ; 1794 [P2140]. 
[Mordaunt (gen. J.)]. Proc of gen. 

court-martial (1757), 1758. [P1967, 

[ ]. Bep. of gen. officers (1757) &o., 

1758. [P1967, 2070]. 
[New York]. Minute bk. of Board of 

Gen. Officers of Brit. Army in N.Y., 

1781, 1916. 

(19 century). 

Fraser (E.) Soldiers whom WeUington 

led, 1913. 
[Frederick, d. of York dkc.]. Bep. of 

evid. &c upon charges agst. Y., 1809. 
Oman (C. W. C.) Wellington's army, 

1809-14, 1912 ; 13. 
Pasley (C. W.) Miht. policy &c. (1808- 

12), 1914. 
Stanhope (E.) Brit. Army &c, 1892. 
Wellington. Gen. orders in Portugal 

&c. 1809-18 ; Gurwood, 1837. 
Windham (W.) Address to W. on public 

del, 1806. [P2151]. 

(20 century). 

See also Etjeopean Wab. 
Angeli (D.) La spada e I'aratro, 

Picoardia, 1917. 
Armeen uns. Feinde, 1914. [P1597]. 
Barkas ( A. A. ) Soldiers &o. in Bichmond 

(Surrey), 1915. [P2008]. 
Barres (M.) Visite h I'armee angl., 1915. 
Buchan (J.) Britain's war, 1915. 

Chevrillon (A.) L' Angl. & la Guerre, 1916. 
Chukovsky (K.) SarOBopHJH MOJiaBinle, 

Dalin (S.) AerjiiiCKaa apjiig, 1914. 

Destree (J.) Britain in arms ; tr., 1917. 
ElKott (I. d'O.) Hist, precedent for new 

army, 1915. [P1637]. 
Fortescue (J. W.) Brit, soldier &o, 1921. 

Galopin (A.) Sur la ligue de feu (1914), 

Gleichen (c. L. A. E. W.) Doings of 15th 

Inf. Brigade, 1914-5, 1917. 
Hamilton (lord E. W.) First 7 div., 1916. 
Hay (I.) The first hundred thousand 

(fiction), 1915. 

The last million, 1919. 

History of the 50th Inf. Brigade 

(1914-19), 1919. 
Johnson (S. C.) Flags of o. army, 1918. 
Kipling (R.) New army in training, 

MacGill (P.) Amateur army, 1915. 
Maetzu (R. de) Inglat. en armas, 1916. 
Montague (C. E.) Notes f. Calais base 

&c, 1918. [P2327]. 
[Parhament]. P.'s Vote of thanks to 

the Forces, Oct. 1917. [P2358]. 
Pari, papers [1487]. Gen. ann. rep., 
1912, 1913. (cd. 6656). 




Army, English [continued]. 
History (20 century) [continued]. 
Ruffin(H.) & A. Tudesq. La"Machoire 

oarree," 1917. 
Williams (G. V.) With our army in 

Flanders, 1915. 
Puaux (R.) L'armee angl. aout 1914- 

aout 1915, 1915. 
Williams (A. P. B.) Raising &c. new 
as., 1918. 
Infantry, see Regimental Hist. 
ii/e (see also Eubopban War ; narba- 


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Jan. 1921. 
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. List of off., R.A. (1716-1869), 

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of off. &o., 1817. 
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(1795-1866), 1911. 
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Notes as to intr. of female 

nursing, 1858. 
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Standing orders for R.A.M.C, 

Militia, see Militia, English. 
Mobilisation (see also Recbtjiting, below). 
Cave (T. S.) & L. Tebbutt. M. for war, 

1900. [P1003]. 
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Officers (see also JAsts , above). 
War Office. Regul. for o. of Special 

Reserve &c., 1911. 

Army, English {continued]. 

War Office. Regul. for A. ordnance, 
2p, 1908-9. 
Pay, Pensions , Promotions &c. 

Barlow (M.) War pensions, gratuities 

&c., 1918. [P2257]. 
Establ. for pay of forces in Scot., 1684 

<Ss 1702 [in Maitland Club, Misc., v3, 

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pensions &c., 1918. 
Llewellyn (R. L. J.) & A. B. Jones. 

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& soldiers, prov. of employment. 

1915. (cd. 7915). 
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prom. &c.. Rep. &c., 1876. (cl569). 
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Recruiting (see also Consobiption). 
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scription ? 1915. 
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(1754), 1757. [P2163]. 
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[2181]. Rep. on r. by Earl of 

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[2186]. " Shops Com." Cond. of 

retail trade wh. can secure enhstment 

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[ ]. Garrison artillery training, vl, 


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[ ]. Regul. for clothing of army, 

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[ ]. Regul. for Territ. Force, 1910 ; 

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[ ]. Standing orders for R.A.M.C, 


Army, English [continued]. 
Regulations &e, [continued]. 
[War Office]. Training & manoeuvre 

regul., 1913. 
[ ]. Training Manual, R.F.C., 2p, 


[ ]. Training regul., see .4. C 

[ ]. Trumpet & bugle sounds &o., 

Remounts, see Vbtbrinaby DEPT.,6eto«). 
Royal Air Force, see ROYAl AlK FoBOB, 
Transport <£; Provisioning. 
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barking for. troops in Eng. service f. 

Germany, 1776-8), 1879. 
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12 ; pi & 3, Amendments, 1914. 

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Regul. for supply, transport &c., 


Regul. for supply, t. &o., 1915. 

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pi, 1905. 
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Veterinary Dept. 
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Befer to Army, Australian ; Rochb- 
fobt Expedition, 1 757. 
Army, French. 

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hist, des regiments fr., 1913. 
Biographical Collections . 
Cdre (E.) Mme. Sans-Gene & les femmes 

soldats, 1792-1815, 1894. 
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Nat. Rapp. & tableau des officiers gin., 

Waroquier (L. C. de) Tableau hist, dela 

noblesse milit., 1784. 
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ses mar^chaux, t2, 1910. 




Army, French [continued']. 
Biographies, see A.O. under: — 
Adrets (F. de B., b. des), 1513-87 [in 
Brantome (P.) OE., t3, 1822 ; t4, 
1868 ; t4, 1875]. 
Annebaut (C. b.), marshal, d. 1552 [in 
Brantome (P.) GE., t2, 1822 ; tS, 
1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Antony [de Lorraine], 1490-1544 [in 
Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; tS, 1867 ; 
t4, 1875]. 
Ardant du Picq (C. J. J. J.), 1821-70 
[in Barbey d'Aurevilly, Crit. div., 

Ars (L. d'), d. 1525 [in Brantdme (P.) 

CE., t2, 1822 ; tS, 1859 ; t2, 1868]. 
Artagnan (C. de B.-C, dit d'), d. 1673. 
AtthaUn {le gen. L. M. J.-B. baron), 
1784-1856 [in Cuvillier-Fleury. Bern. 

etudes, fc2, 1859]. 
Aumont (J. d', c.) mar. of Fr. 1522-95 

[in Brantome (P.) CE., t4, 1823 ; t5, 

1889 ; t6, 1878]. 
Bellogarde (R. de St.-Jj., seigneur de), d. 

1579 [in Brantdme (P.) (E., t4, 1823 ; 

t5, 1869 ; t6, 1878]. 
Belle-Isle (C. L. A. F., marechal due de), 

Biron (A. de G., b. de), mar. of Fr., 

c. 1524-92 [in Brantome (P.) CE., t4, 

1823 ; t5, 1869 ; t6, 1878]. 
Bonnivet (G., seigneur de), d. 1525 [in 

Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; 

t3, 1887]. 
Bourbaki (C. D. S.), 1816-97. 
Bourdillon (I. de la P., seigneur de), 

mar. of Fr., 1524-87 [in Brantome 

(P.)CE.,t3, 1823; t5, 1869; t6, 1878]. 
Boutieres (6. G., seigneur de), fl. 1524 

[in Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 

1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Brissao (C. de C, cte. de), mar. of Fr., 

1507-63 [in Brantome (P.) CE., t3, 

1822 ; t4, 1888 ; t4, 1875]. 
Bro (gen. L.), 1781-1844. 
Broglie (V. F. 2e due de), 1718-1804 [in 

Chamfort, GE., t3, 1824]. 
Bussy-Rabutin, 1618-93. 
Cambronne (P. J. E.) 1770-1842 [<fe in 

Coppee (F.) Mon franc parler, s2, 1894]. 
Campredon (gen. J. D. M. de), 1761- 

Canrobert {mar. F. C), 1809-95 [dk in 

Coppee (F.) Mon franc parler, s3, 

Caraccioli (6.) pr. of Melji, 1480-1550 

[in Brantdme (V.) CE., tl, 1822; t2, 

1858 ; t2, 1866]. 
Castelnau (de C. de), 1851-. 
Championnet (gen. J. E.), 1782-1800. 
Chouppes (A., m. de), 1812-77. 
Coehorn (gen. b. L.-J. de), 1771-1813. 
Coislin (A. du C, due de), 1635-1702 [in 

Alembert, CE., t7, 1805]. 
Compans (c. J. D.), 1769-1845. 
Conti (F. de M., b. de), d. 1513 [in 

Brantome (P.) OE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; 

t3, 1887]. 
Conti (F.L. de B.,pr. de), 1684-1709. 
Cosse (A. de), mar. of Fr., c. 1512-82 

[in Brantome (P.) CE., t3, 1822 ; t4, 

1868, t4, 1875]. 
Courier (P. L.), 1772-1825. 
Courtanvaux (F. C. Le T., wMrq. de), 

1718-81 [in Condorcet, CE., t2, 1847]. 
Courtivron. (G. marg. de), 1715-85 [in 

Condorcet, CE., t3, 1847]. 
Crequy (A. de), seigneur, d. 1623 [m 

Brantome (P.) (E., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; 

t3, 1867]. 
Cuny (gen.), c. 1838-. 

Army, French [continued]. 
Biographies [continued], 
Dagobert (gen. L. S. A.), 1736-94. 
Damas (A. H. M., 6. de), 1785-1862. 
Damas (R., cte. de), 1765-1823. 
D'Arcy (cte. P.), 1725-79 [in Condorcet, 

CE., t2, 1847]. 
Decaen (gen. c. C. M. I.), 1769-1832. 
Desaix de Voygoux (L. C. A.), 1768- 

Desboeufs (capt. M.), 1782-1859. 
Dillon (A.), 1670-1733. 
Doguereau (gen. J. P.), 1774-1826. 
Dours (gen. J.-F.), 1739-98. 
Driant (col. E. A. C), 1855-1916. 
Du Lude (J. de D. seigneur), d. 1532. 
Enghien (F. de B., cte. d'), 1519-48 [in 
Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1887 ; 
t4, 1875]. 
Esse (A. de M., seigneur d'), 1483-1553 
[in Brantdme (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 

1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Estrees (J., marq. d'), 1488-1571 [in 

Brantdme (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; 
t3, 1867]. 
Fayolle (mar. M. E.), 1852-. 
Foch(F.), 1851-. 
Folard (J. C. de), 1669-1752. 
Pourcroy (C. R.), 1715-91 \in Con- 
dorcet, CE., t3, 1847]. 
Franchet-d'Esperey (mar. L. P. M.), 

Gallieni (gen. J.), 1849-1918. 
Galliffet (gen. G. A. A., m. de), 183( - 

Galliot de Genouilhao (J.), d. 1548 [n 

Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 185 ) ; 

t3, 1867]. 
Gerbaud (capt. P. F. J. B.), 1773-99. 
Gie (lemar. de), 1475-1513 [i» Brantome 

OE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; t2, 1868]. 
Guebriant (J. B. B., marechal de), 

Guise (C. de L., due de), 1496-1550 [in 

Brantome (P.) OE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1887 ; 

t4, 1875]. 
Haxo (b. F. N. B.), 1774-1838 [in 

Pasquin, Cur., 1842]. 
Henohes (J. E.), 1875-1916. 
Henckens (It. J. L.), b. 1780. 
Houchard (gen. 3. N.), 1738-93 [in 

Acad, de Stanislas, MemP., 1885, 1886]. 
Joffre (gen. J. J. C), 1852-. 
Kleber (gen. J. B.), 1753-1800. 
La Chatre (G. de), mar. of Fr., 1536- 

1614 [in Brantome (P.) CE., t4, 1823 ; 

t5, 1869; t6, 1878]. 
La Garde (A. E. des A., b. de), o. 1498- 

1578 [in Brantome (P.) OE., t3, 1823 ; 

t4, 1868 ; t5, 1878]. 
Lagneau (L. V.), 1781-1868. 
La Hone (gen. V. C. A. F. de), 1766- 

Landrieux (J.), 1758-1826. 
La Noue (F. de), 1531-91. 
La Roohe-du-Mayne (J. T., seigneur de), 

16o. [in Brantome (P.) CE., t3, 1822; 

t3, 1887 ; t4, 1875]. 
Lautreo (0. de F., seigneur de), d. 1528 

[in Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 

1859 ; t3, 1867]. 
La Valette (J. de N., seigneur de), d. 

1575 [in Brantdme (P.) CE., t4, 1823 ; 

t5, 1869 ; t6, 1878]. 
Le Cour Grandmaison (capt. D.), 1889- 

L'Enfant (maj. P. C), 1754-1825 [in 

Jusserand (J. J.) With Amer., 1916]. 
Lescun (T. de, seigneur de), d. 1525 [in 

Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; 

t3, ] 867]. 

Army, French [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]. 
Lesdigui^res (F. de B., d. de), mar. of 
.Fr., '1543-1628 [in Brantdme (P.) OE., 

t4, 1823 ; t5, 1869 ; t6, 1878]. 
Lesparre (A. de F., seigneur de), d. 1547 

[in Brantdme (P.) CE., t2, 1822; t3, 

1859 ; t3, 1867]. 
Lyautey (H.), 1854-. 
Maodonald (marshal S. J. A. ), 1765-1840. 
Maison (N. J., marq.), 1771-1840 [in 

Broglie, Ecrits & disc, t3, 1863]. 
Malet (gin. C. F.), 1754-1812. 
Mangin (gen. C. M. E.), 1866-. 
Matignon (J. de Q., c. de), mar. of Fr,, 

1525-97 [in Brantdme (P.) GE., t4, 

1823 ; t5, 1869 ; t8, 1878]. 
Maunoury (gen. M. J.), 1847-. 
Menou (b. J. F. de), 1750-1810. 
Mercoyrol de Beaulieu (J.), 1725-1817. 
Milly (N. C. de Thy, c. de), 1728-84 [in 

Condorcet, CE., t3, 1847]. 
Montberon (6. de M., b. de), d. 1562 [in 

Brantdme (P.) GE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1887 ; 

t4, 1875]. 
Montejan (R. de), mar. of Fr., d. 1538 

[in Brantdme (P.) CE., t2, 1822; t3, 

1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Montholon (gen. C. J. F. T. de), 1783- 

Montmorency (F., due de), 1530-79 

[in Soc. de I'Hist. de Paris. Mem., t8, 

Montmorency (Henry I de), 1534—1614 

[in Brantdme (P.) OE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 

1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Montmorency (M. J. F. Laval-M., due 

de), 1767-1826 [in Condorcet, OE., 

Montpensier (L. de B., d. de), 1513-82 

[in Brantdme (P.) CE., t3, 1823; t5, 

1869 ; t8, 1878]. 
Montsallez (J. de B., seigneur de), d, 

1569 [in Brantdme (P.) CE., t4, 1823 ; 

t5, 1889 ; t6, 1878]. 
Mortier (mar. E. A. C. J.), 1768- 

Navailles (P. de M. de B., d. de), 

Nemours (G. de F., due de), 1489-1512 

[i» Brantdme (P.) GE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 

1859 ; t3, 1867]. 
Nemours (L. d' A., due de), 1473-1503 [in 

Brantdme (P.) GE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; 

t2. 1866]. 
Niel (mar. A.), 1802-69. 
Greet (gen. vte. G.), 1835-1900. 
Ossun (P. d'), d. 1562 [in Brantdme 

(P.) CE., t3, 1822 ; t4, 1868 ; t4, 1875]. 
Parquin (D. C), ^. 1809-14. 
Pau (gen. P. M. C. G.), 1848-. 
Pelissier (gen. J. J. A.), 1794-1864. 
Persat (M.), 1788-1858. 
Poniatowski (J.), 1763-1813. 
PrasUn (C. G., due de), 1712-85 [in 

Condorcet, CE., t3, 1847]. 
Psichari(E.), 1883-1914. 
Ramel (gen. 3. P.), 1768-1815. 
Raymond de Mormoiron (E. de), cte. 

de Modene, 1808-72. 
Rene, de Savoie, 1497-1525 [in Bran- 
tdme (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1867 ; t4, 

Rieux (mar. 3. de), 1447-1518 [in 

Brantdme (P.) CE., t2, 1822 ; t3, 1859 ; 

t2, 1866]. 
Rochambeau (J. B. D. de V., c. de), 

Saint-Andre (marechal 3. d'A.), 1512- 

62; [& in Brantdme (P.) CE., t3, 

1823 ; t5, 1889 ; t6, 1878]. 




Army, French [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]. 
Salvoyson (J. de), 16o. [in Brantome 

(P.) CE., t3, 1822 ; t4, 1867 ; t5, 1876]. 
Sancerre (Louis IV de B., cte. de), d. 

1563 [in Brantome (P.) (E., t2, 1822 ; 

t3, 1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Sansao (L. P., seigneur de), 1486-1566 

[in Brantome (P.) CE., t3, 1822 ; ^3, 

1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Sevigne (le chev. JR. R. de), 1607-76. 
Soult {mar. N. J.-de-D.), 1769-1851. 
Strozzi (P.), 1500-58. 
Suremain (It.-gen. J. B. de), 1762-1835. 
Talleyrand-Perigord (L. de), 1784-1808. 
Tavannes (G. de S., seigneur de), mar. 

ofFr., 1500-73 [in Brantome (P.) (E., 

63, 1823 ; t5, 1869 ; t6, 1878]. 
Tercier {gen. C. A. de), 1752-1823. 
Termes (P. de la B., seigneur de), d. 

1562 [in Brantome (P.) CE., t3, 1822 ; 

t4, 1868 ; t4, 1875.] 
Thore (G. de M., seigneur de), d. 1594 

[in Brantdme (P.) CE., t2, 1822; t3, 

1867 ; t4, 1875]. 
Trivuloe (J. J.), mar. of Fr., 1448-1518 

[in Brantome (P.) CE., t2, 1822; t2, 

1858 ; t3, 1866]. 
Trusan (L. E. de la V., cte. de), 1705- 

83 [in Condorcet, (E., t3, 1847]. 
Vasse (A. G., seigneur de), 16c. [in 

Brantome (P.) CE., t3, 1822 ; t4, 

1869 ; t4, 1875]. 
Vivonne (L. V. de R., mar. d. de), 

Dictionnaire militaire, 2t & Suppl., 

Expenditure . 
Arbois de Jubainville (M. H. d') 

L'admin. des intendants (15-18e.), 

Hanotaux (6.) Orig. de I'instit. des 

intendants des prov. (16-17o.), 1884. 
Foreign Troops {see also Native troops, 

Azan (P.) Recits d'Airique : la legion 

etr. en Espagne, 1835-39, 1907. [B.] 
Dugard (H.) Legion etr., 1914. 
Erlande (A.) En camp, avec la Legion 

Etrang. (1914-17), 1917. 
Eysten (J.) Dienatverricht. d. Ned. 

Pontonniers, 1797-1825 [in Hist. 

Genoots. Bijdragen, d32, 1911]. 
Franc-Nohain cS; P. Delay. Hist, anec- 

dot. (1914-5), fasc. 3, 1915. 
Martyn (F.) Life in the Legion, 1911. 
Poinsot (M. C.) Au service de la Fr., 

Tolontaires etrang., 1915. 
Roger de Bully (E.) Legion etr., n.d. 
Rosen (E.) In der Fremdenlegion, 1909. 

In For. Legion, 1910. 

Sauzey (C.) AUemands sous lea aigles 

fran9. (1806-13), t5, les Bavarois, 

1910. [B.] 
History {13-15 centuries). 
Andre-Michel (R.) Defenseurs des 

chateaux &c. 14e s. [in Ec. des Ch., 76, 

DeUsle (L. ) Extr. de comptes : gens de 

guerre du Cotentin, 1340 — Garnison 

norm, de Guernesey, 1340-4 [in Soo. 

de I'Hist. de Norm., Mel., s6, 1906]. 

{17-18 centuries) , 

Booth (E.) VerbUjf d. Franschen te 

Utrecht, 1672-3 [in Hist. Genoots., 

Berigten, 6ii, 1857]. 
Bourcet (P. J. de) Mem. hist., 1757-62, 

3t, 1792. 
ChiUy (L. de) La Tour du Pin : orig. de 

I'a. sous la Constituante, 1909. 

Army, French [continued]. 

History {17-18 centuries) [continued]. 
Chuquet (A. M.) Roture &c. dans I'a. 

royale (17-18o.) [in h. Et. d'hist., s4, 

Colin (J.) L'inf. au 18e a. ; la taotique, 

Feuquieres (A. de P., marq. de) M6m., 

Hartmanu (L.) Les off. de I'armee roy. 

& la Revol. (1787-94), 1910. 
Housaaye (H.) La patrie guerri^re, 1913. 
Legrand-Girarde. Turenne en Alaace 

(1674-5), 1910. 
Legrelle (A.) Le regiment de Normandie 

pendant la Guerre de la Succ. d' Es- 
pagne, 1893. 
Nap. I. Corr., bulletins &c. ; Keller, vl 

(1789-95), 1910. 
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soldats fr. en Amer., 1778-83, 1903. 
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troupes, 1791. 
Pontis (L. de) Mem., 1597-1652, var. ed. 

& tr. 
S:.-Hilaire (A. de M. de) M6m. (1661- 

17io), 6t, 1903-16. 
Schauenburg (6. B. de) Tactique &c. 

dans les armees de la Revol. -. corr. de 

S., 1793 ; CoUn, 1902. 
Sully (M. de B., due de) Actes, 1600-10 ; 

Mallevoue, 1911. 
Vauban. Reorgan. de I'armee (17c. 

extr.) [in Vauban, sa famiUe &o., tl, 

Vialla (S.) Marseille revolut. : I'arm^e- 

nation, 1789-93, 1910. 
Vivonne (L. V. de R. mar. due de) Corr. 

rel. ^ I'exped. de Messine, 1674-6 ; 

Cordey, 2t, 1914-20. 
Wilkinson (H. S.) Fr. ». before Napoleon, 


— {19 century), 

Ch61ard (R.) Armees fr. jugees par 

habitants de I'Autr., 1797-1800-1809, 

Eraser (E.) War drama ; AusterUtz to 

Waterloo, 1912. 
Garde imperiale & I'a. fr., 1857. 
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1815 [in h. (E., t8]. 
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Garde, 1803-15, 1905. 
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(1871-1914), 1919. 
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mod. (1792-1909), 2t, 1910; Atlas, 

{20 century) {see also Etjropean 

Arman (R. d') L'a. franj. en face de 

I'a. allemande, 1913. 
Armeen unserer Feinde, 1914. [P1597]. 
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strateg., 1914. 
Fr. victor, dans la guerre de 

demain, 1912. 
Brinon (F. de) En guerre, 1915. 
Bull, des armees (15 aout-9 dec. 1914) 

[in Pages d'hist., s8, 1-3, 1914]. 
Dalloz, Librairie. Guerre de 1914, 

does., textes &c., 1915-17. 
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Doumic (R.) Soldat de 1914 &c., 1915. 
[France]. Hist, de la Guerre, par le 

Bulletin des armees, aout 1914 k jan. 

1915, 1915. 
[- : Min. de la Guerre]. Annuaire 

off. de l'a. fr., 1906-7, 1909, 1906-8. 

Army, French [continued]. 
History {20 century) [continued]. 
Frano-Nohain & P. Delay. Hist 

aneodot. (1914-6), fasc. 7, 8, 1915. 
Gloires frang. : officiers &c. morts, si, 

1914. [P1638]. 
Gonnet (J.) Garnets d'un off. (1909-14), 

Henneasy (J.) Realitea de guerre (1915- 

16), 1918. 
Hethay (J.) Role de la cavalerie fr., la 

Marne (1914), 1919. 
Heyman (H. E.) Frankrike i Krig, 1916. 
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Jaurea (J.) L'organis. sooialiste de la 

Fr. : I'armee nouv., n.d. ; 1915. 
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Langeroy {gen. ) Kriegsplan d. Franzoseu 

enthiiUt (1905), 1915. [P1644]. 
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Le Goffic (C. H.) Bourguiguottes & 

Pompons rouges, 1916. 
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(1871-1914), 1919. 
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(1912-13), 1913. 
Notre epopee, 1914-15 : recita offic, 

Pages d'hist., s5, 1-14, A I'ordre du 

jour, 1914-15. 
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pend. la Gr. Guerre, 1921. 
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demain, 1917. 
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tr., 1918. 
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Argonne, 1915, 1917. 
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(1914-5), 1916. 
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mod. (1792-1909), 2t, 1910; Atlas, 

Du Teil {b. J.) FamiUe milit. au 18s., 

Roy.-Artillerie &c., 1896. 
Fanet (V.) Paris milit. au IBs. : Les 

caaernea [in Soc. de I'Hist. de Paris. 

Mem., t31, 1904]. 
Medical Department. 
Fiaux (F. L.) L'armee & la poUoe des 

moeurs, 1916. 
Larrey (6.) Maladies pend. I'exp^d. 

d'Egypte &c. [in Egypte. Descr. : Etat 

mod., tl, 1809]. 
Roger (N.) Garnets d'une infirmiere, 

1-6, 1916. 
Native Troops {see also Native Teoops, 

Employment op). 
Bocquet (L.) & E. Hosten. Fragm. de 

r^popee Senegal., I'Yser (1914), 1918. 
Farbige Franzoaen am Rhein, 1921. 

Mangin {It.-col.) La force noire, 1910. 
Seohe (A.) Lea noirs, 1919. 
Pay, Pensions t&c. 
Fougerol (H.) & A. SaiUard. Alloca- 
tions aux families des mobilises, 1915. 
Recruiting . 
[Prance]. Loi du 21 mars 1905 sur le 

r., 1913. [P1416]. 
Haffemayer (M.) Le recrutement &c., 

1908. [P1419]. 
Rabany (C.) Le recrutement de I'armee : 

comm. de la loi du 1905, 1911. 
Recrutement regional, 1907. [P1416]. 
Vel-Durand (M.) Force publ. &, sa miae 

en mouvement, 1905. [P1419]. 




Army, French [continued]. 

Regimental Histories. 

Bleton (A.) R6giment de Lyonnais, 

1903. [P1379]. 
Fagandat (A. T.) Garde mobile du 

Calvados (15' r6g., 1870-1), 1872. 
Hanoteau (J.) & E. Bonnot. Bibl. des 

hist, des regiments fr., 1913. 
Regiments de gardes d'honneur, 1813-4, 

Thomas (L.) Aveo les chasseurs (1914- 

15), 1916. 
VieiUe (La) Garde Imp., 1901. 
Uniforms f Badges <& Decorations. 
[Franco-German]. CoU. de caricatures 

&c., 7t, 1870-1. 
Volunteers . 
Poinsot (M. C.) Volontaires etr., 1914- 

15 [in Pages d'hist., s9, 3, 1915]. 
Army, German & Prussian. 

Andler (C.) Usages de la guerre, 1915. 
Bernhardi (F. A. J. v.) Deutschland 

u. d. nachste Krieg, 1912 ; tr. 1912 ; 

Blau (F.) Deut. Landsknechte, 1882. 
Boucher (A.) France victor, dans la 

guerre de domain, 1912. 
Bourgin (H.) Le miUtarisme, 1915. 
Dundas (D.) Princ^. of milit. movt=., 

Frederick William III, of Prussia. 

Denksohrift, 1797 ; <fe o. p., 1911. 
Grierson (J. M.) Armed strength ; Bell, 

2p, 1888. 
Jahns (M.) Gesoh. d. Kriegswiss., 3A, 

Kohler (R.) Das Christenthum inner- 

halb d. Armee, 1880. [P1249]. 
Krug von Nidda (G.) Deut. Mihtarismus 

XL. Englands Schuld, 1916. [P2125]. 
Maitrot (gen. C. A. E. X. ) Nos f rontieres, 

1913 ; 1915. 
Pardieu (F. de) Crit. st. of G. tactics & 

of new regul. ; tr., 1912. 
Poncet (A. F.) Ce que pense la jeunesse 

allem., 1913. 
Reventlow {GrafE. zu) Deut. " MiUtar- 

ismus," 1917. 
Seidel (R.) Klassenarmee u. Volkswehr, 

1919. [P2569]. 
Smith (M.) Militarism & statecraft, 

Verdy du Vemois. St. iib. d. Krieg., 

Tl-3, 1892-1909. 
Vidal de la Blache (J.) Regeneration de 

la Prusse, apres I6na, 1910. 
Gedanken ii. d. Wiss. e. Ingenieur- u. 

A.-Officiers, 1758. 
Hillger (H.) Krieg. u. Sieg, B23, A., 

KeUer (maj. v.) Unsere A., 1914. 

[War Office]. Drill regul. of G. Field 

ArtiUery, 1899, 1901. 
Iwand (F. G.) Bibl. d. deut. Regiments 

&c. Gesch., 1905-14, 1919. [P2408]. 
Biographical Collections. 
Hotzsch (0. E. G.) Deut. Heerfiihrer, 

Miihsam (K.) Deut. Heerfiihrer im 

Kriege 1914, 1914. 
Varnhagen von Ense. Biogr. Denk- 

male (17-19c.), Tl-5, 1824-30 ; lOT, 

Biographies, see A.C. under: — 
Bissing (gen. M. F. v.), 1844-1917. 
Boyen (L. L. H.), 1771-1848. 
Billow von Dennewitz (F. W., Oraf), 


Army, German & Prussian [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]. 
BurgsdorfE (0. v.), 1595-1652. 
Caprivi (G. L. Cfraf v.), 1831-99. 
Carl Anton, Fiirst v. Hohenzollern, 

Clausewitz (C. v.), 1780-1831. | 
Dorfling (G.), b. 1606. 
Frederick Henry Louis, pr. of Prussia, 

Gerlaoh (L. v.), 1790-1861. 
Hiller v. Gartringen (J. A. F., Frhr.), 

Hindenburg {gen. P. v. B. u. v.), 1847-. 
Holzappel (P. Melander zu), 1585-1648. 
Kersting (A. J. H. von), 1849-. 
Kluck (A. H. R.), 1846-. 
Leiningen [Fiirst C. F. W. E.), 1804-56. 
Leopold, Pr. of Bavaria, 1846-. 
Maokensen (A. L. F. A. v.), 1849-. 
Manstein (C. H., Frhr. v.), 1711-57. 
Manteuffel (C. R. E., b. v.), 1809-85. 
Maurice, Pr. of Anhalt-Dessau, 1712-60. 
Natzmer (gen. 0. L. A. v.), 1782-1861. 
Radowitz (J. M. v.), 1797-1853 ; 

[cfc in Hist. Tbch., V, 4, 1874]. 
SchUeffen(L. W., Cfraf v.), 1852-. 
Stein (gen. H. v.), 1854-. 
Steinmetz (C. F. v.) Feldmarschall, 

Stosch (A. V.),. 1818-96. 
Tann-Rathsamhausen (L. v. u. z. der), 

Werder (C. W. F. A. L. v.), 1808-87. 
Woyr&oh (Oen.-Feldmar. R. v.), 1847-. 
Zeppelin (F. A. A. H., Oraf v.), 1838- 

Commissariat, Transport <fe Post. 
Feldkoohbuch, 1914. [P1636]. 
Grosse (0.) Die deut. Feldpost, 1915. 
Laymann (H. ) Ernahrung d. MilUon- 

enheere, 1914. [P1595]. 
Leitzen (H.) Krieg 1914 in Feldpost- 

briefen, 1914. 
Ostwald (H.) Was kriegen die Soldaten 

zu essen, 1917. 
Voss (D. V.) Unser Proviant- u. Verpfleg. 

im Kriege, 1914. [P1589]. 
Disabled Soldiers &c. 
Weber (H. S.) Ansiedlung v. Kriegs- 

invaliden, 1916. 
History (to 19 century). 
Freytag-Loringhoven (gen.-lt. H. v.) 

Was danken wir uns. Offizierkorps? 

(18-20C.), 1919. 
Gneist (H. R. v.) MiUtarvorlage v. 1892 

&c., 1893. 
Goltz (C. Frhr. v. d.) Jena to Eylau ; 

tr., 1913. 
Kriegsgesch. Deutschlands im 19. 

Jhdt., 2T, 1910-14. J 
Von Rossbaoh b. Jena &c. (1757- 

1806), 1906. 
Jacob (C.) Die grossen Kriege in d. 

Gesoh. d. deut. Volkes, 1915. 
Naumann (R.) Kursachs. Defensions- 

werk, 1613-1709, 1917. 
Osten-Saoken u. v. Rhein (0.) Preussens 

Heer (-1913), 3B, 1911-14. 
Pingaud (L.) L'invasion austro-pruss., 

1792-4, 1895. 
Segelken (F.) Deut. Kriege, 1813-1914, 

1914. [P1627]. 
Spatz (W.) Die Hohenzollern u. das 

Heer (15-20o.), 1915. 
Wiuterfeldt (H. v.) ed. Jhdt. deut. 

Siege, 1813-1914, 1914. 
Zech (C. V.) & F. V. Porbeok. Gesch. d. 

bad. Truppen 1809, 1909. 

Army, German & Prussian [continued]. 
History (SO century), see also Land- 

sturm, below, dh Eijbopean Wah,. 
Arman (R. d') L'a. frang. en face 'de 

I'a. allem., 1913. 
Ausbildung d. Jugend-Kompagnien, 

B6dier (J.) Les crimes allemands, 1915. 

Berger (R. v.) Ausbildung d. z. Kriege 

einberuf. Mannschaften d. Inf., 1914. 

Blume (W. v.) K. Wilhelm d. Gr. u. 

Roon, 1907. 
Boloke (W.) Deut. neue Wehrmacht, 

1919. [P2409]. 
Boucher (A.) L' Allem. en peril: et. 

strateg., 1914. 
Chuquet (A. M.) 1914-15 : de Valmy k 

la Marne, tl, 1915. 
Dohring (B.) Heer u. Heimat, 1918. 
Dorr (W.) Soldaten-Tasohen-Ratgeber, 

1914. [P1627]. 
Erzberger (M.) Riistungsausgaben,1914. 
Freytag-Loringhoven (Frhr. v.) Nation 

trained in arms, 19,18. 
Gentizon (P.) L' armee allem. dep. la 

defaite, 1920. 
German War Book ; tr. &c. J. H. 

Morgan, 1915. 
Gleioh (gen.-major G. v.) Alte Armee 

&c., 1919. 
Hage (P.) Kleines Kriegsbuch, 1914. 

Hedin (S.) Nach Osten !, 1916. 

Volk in Waffen, 1915. 

With G. army in the West ; tr., 

Heichen (W.) Unter d. Pahnen Hinden- 

burgs, 1914. 
Heitz (W.) Was jedermann vom deut. 

Kriegsheer wissen muss ! 1914. [P1595]. 
HiUger(H.) Krieg u.Sieg,Bl-29,1914-15. 
Im Feuer, 3B, 1914. 
Immanuel (F.) Takt. Aufgaben fiir 

tjbungen &c., 1914. 

Wille zum Sieg, 1914. 

Kriegsverlauf : Depescheu Sec, 1915- 

18, 1916-18. 
KropfE (H. V.) Deut. Soldaten in Kiauts- 

chau, 1914. [P1589]. 
Kuhl (H. V.) Deut. Generalstab (1913- 

18), 1920. 
Leiser (W.) Die Juden im Heer, 1919. 

Le Queux (W.) German atrocities, 1914. 
LudendorfE (E.) The General Staff &o. 

(1909-18), 2v, 1920. 
Urkunden d. Obersten Heeres- 

leitung, 1916-18, 1921. 
Marcker (Komm. Oen.-Maj.) Vom 

Kaiserheer z. Reichswehr (1918-19), 

Piitter (E.) & S. Kaminer. Kriegs- 

dokumente, 1914. 
Sohreiner (E.) Der deut. Soldat im 

Felde, 1914. [P1628]. 
Stein ( Oen. v. ) War minister & h. work : 

remind, 1914-18, 1920. 
Treitschke (H. v.) Organiz. ; tr., 1914. 
Troltsch (E.) Unser Volksheer, Rede, 

1914. [P1629]. 
Vindex, ps. L' armee du crime, 1915. 
[WiUiam II]. Der Kaiser als Soldat ; 

Klaussmann, 1914. [P1593]. 
Woyrsch (R. v.) W. u. s. Schlesier, 1919. 
Bremen (W. v.) Antwerpen-Der deut. L. 

&c., 1915. 
Laudsturm, Der. Bestimmungen, 1915, 





Army, German & Prussian [continued']. 

Medical Department. 

Blau {Dr.) & L. Lehr. Unser Sanitats- 

wesen &c., 1914. 
[Germany]. Kriegs-Sanitatsordnung, 

1907, 1914. 
Mobilisation . 
Bremen (W. v.) Mobilmaohung u. Auf- 

marsch, 1914. 
Erzberger (M.) Die MobUmacliung, 1914. 
Krieger (B.) Mobilmaciiung &c., 1915. 
Kriegsleistungsgesetz nebst Ausfiih- 

rungsverordn., 1914. 
Voss (D. V.) Unsere Mobilmachung, 

1914, 1914. [P1589]. 
WoUenburg (E.) Kriegsleistungsgesetz 

vom 13. Juni 1873 &c., 1915. 
Priebatsch (P.) Gesch. d. preuss. 

Offizierkorps, 1919. [P2408]. 
Klingender. Der deut. Off., 1915. 
[Preussisohe]. 1806 : d. preuss. Offizier- 
korps &o., 1906. 
Pay, Pensions <£-c. 
Adam (M. ) MiUtarversorgungsreolit, 

Deutsche (Die) Militarversorgung, 1914. 

Schult (J.) FamiUenflirsorge, 1914. 

WoUenburg (E.) Flirsorgegesetzgebung, 

SchUcht (FrJir. v.) Exzellenz ist wiitend! 

XJniforms &c, 
[Deutsch]. Die graue Felduniform d. 

deut. Armee, 1914. 
Seidel (P.) Vivatbander (18-20c.), 1915. 
Befer to Ieon Ceoss. 
Volunteers . 
HiUger (H.) Krieg u. Sieg, B12, 1915. 
Miisebeck (E. E. C.) Freiwillige Gaben 

&o. d. preuss. Volkes, 1813-15, 1913. 
Army, Greek (Ancient). 

Bejot. Eparoetes [in Acad, des Inscr. 

&c. Mem. de Htt., t32, 1768]. 
Droysen (H.) Heerwesen u. Kriegfuh- 

rung d. Gr., 1889. 
Gamier. Loix milit. [in Acad, des Inscr. 

&c. Mem. de Utt., t45, 1793]. 
Hogarth (D. G.) A. of Alexander, 1888. 

Joly de Maizeroy. Cavalerie gr. [in 

Acad, des Inscr. &c. Mem. de litt., 

t41, 1780]. 
Plassart (A.) Les archers d'Athenes [in 

Revue des et. gr., t26, 1913]. 
Army, Greek (Modem) (see also Eubopban 

War, Balkans). 
Greek army & rec. Balkan offensive 

(1918), 1919. [P2346]. 

Army, Hungarian. 

Takats (S.) A magyar gyalogsag megala- 
kulasa, 1908. 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — 
Leiningen-Westerburg (Graf 0. A.), 
Mefer to Army, Austrian ; Haidtjks ; 
Hungary, History. 

Army, Indian. 

Bourne (W. E.) Hindustani Musalmans 
&c., 1914. 

Brownlow (C. H.) Notes on milit. train- 
ing &c. (1863-1909), 1912 ; 13. 

Candler (E.) The Sepoy, 1919. 

[India]. List of milit. secretaries, 1774- 
1908 ; w. biog. sk., 1908. 

[ ]. Mem. detailing measures in 

Milit. (Marine) Dept., 1884. [P2014]. 

Army, Indian [continued]. 

[India: Milit. Dept.]. Armyregul., vl, 

2, 5, 7-12, 1912-16. 
[ ]. Priced vocab. of stores, 

MaoMunn (G. P.) Armies of I., 1911. 
Merewether (J. W. B.) & E. Smith. 

Ind. Corps in France (1914-15), 1919. 
Ought natives to be welcomed as volun- 
teers ?, 1885. [P2018]. 
Willcocks (gen. J.) With the I=. in 

Prance (1914-15), 1920. 
Broome (A.) Hist, of Bengal army, vl 

(-1767), 1850. 
[Madras]. Rec. of Fort St. George, 

Country corr., Milit. Dept., 1753-8, 

[ ]. Records of Fort St. George : 

miHt. dept., 1752-56, 5v, 1910-13, 

see also A. C. 
[Waziristan]. Operations in W., 1919- 

20, 1921. 
Sitarama. From sepoy to subadar 

(1797-1857) [Hindustani & Eng. in 

Phillott (D. C.) Khwab o Khiyal, pi, 

1911] ; tr., 1911. 
Lists . 
East India register &c., 1840-57. 
Ind. army list (Quarterly), 1895-1920. 
[Madras]. List of arnly for 1787, corr. 

to 1793, 1909 ; corr. to 1801, 1909. 
Manuals . 
[India: Milit. Dept.]. App. to Ind. Army 

orders, 1911. 
[ ]. Indian milit. man. of cookery, 

1906; 1914. 
[ ]. Instructions for armourers, 1911; 

Plates, 1916. 
[ ]. Man. for officers of the Supply 

&c. Corps ; Henderson, 1914. 

[ ]. Man. of Ind. milit. law, 1911. 

[ ]. Manual of phys. training, 1911. 

[ ]. Beg. for magazines in I. &c., 

[ ]. Sword practice for Ind. cavalry, 

1909; 19U. 
Native States. 
[Sbornik]. CfiopHHKi reorp. &o. mi. no 

Asia, b16, 1885. 
Regimental Histories . 
Vansittart (E.) Gurkhas, 1915. 
Vibart (H. M.) Milit. hist, of Madras 

Engineers f. 1743, 2v, 1881-3. 
Transport to & in India. 
[India : Milit. Dept.]. A. regul^., vlO, 

Passages, 1917. 
XJniforms &c. 
[India: Milit. Dept.]. Army regul., v7, 

Befer to European War. 
Army, Irish. 

[Army]. Rules &c. for good govt. & 

preserv. of barracks fee. of a. in I., 

Cork Hist. & Arch. Soc. Journal, 1905-. 
D' Alton (J.) lUusts. of James's Ir. army 

Ust, 1689, 1855. 
[Ireland]. Hist, of proc. &c. of Volun- 
teer Delegates, 1784. 
Wilson (C. H.) Coll. of resolutions of 

volunteers of Ir. (1782), w. hist., 1782. 
Befer to Volunteers. 
Army, Italian. 

Biographies, see A.C. under: — 
Alviano (B.), d. 1515 [in Brant6me (P.) 

(E., tl, 1822 ; t2, 1858 ; t2, 1866]. 
Bellecour de Laugier (le cte. C. de), 

1789-1869 [in Ancona (A. d') Rioordi 

&c., 1902]. 

Army, Italian [continued]. 

Biographies [continued]. 
Cadorna (gen. L.), 1850-. 
CoUegno (G. P. di), 1794-1856 [in 

Ancona, Variety, si, 1883]. 
Fantuzzi (G.), 1762-1800 [in Foscolo, 

Op., v5, 1850]. [Bk.] 
Montecuccoli (il prino. R.), 1609-80. 
Pepe (gen. F.), 1780-1851 [in Crispi, 

Scritti &c., 1890]. 
VitelU (C. marq.), d. 1576 [in Brantdme 

(P.) CE., tl, 1822 ; t2, 1858 ; t2, 1866], 
History . 
Fabris (C.) & S. Zanelli. Storia della 

Brigata Aosta (1690-1892), 1892. 
Gaiani (E.) Garibaldi e i Clacciatori d. 

Alpi, 1859-1909, 1909. 
(SO eentury), see also EuROPBAir 

Catellani (E.) L'lt. &c. in guerra, 1917 ; 

tr., 1918. 
GemeUi (A.) II nostro soldato, 1918. 
[Italy : Min. d. Guerra]. Anuuario 

milit., 1905-11. 
Steele (K. R.) We of Italy, 1917. 
Vaucher (R.) Avec les armees de 

Cadorna (-aout 1916), 1916. 
Medical Department. 
[War Office]. Hdbk. of med. services, 

p5, Italy, 1911. [P1323]. 
Befer to European War. 
Army, Japanese. 

Corvisart (col.) Reglement du 14 oct. 

1907 ; tr., 1909. 
Grierson (J. M.) Armed strength, 1886. 
[Sbornik]. C6opHHKi reorp. Mat. no Asm, 

b3, 14, 17, 18, 1883-5. 
Spalvin (E.) flnoncKaa aptiia, , >j2 i, ii, 

Ursyn-Pruszynski ( Bitter v. ) Jap. 

Armee, 1910, 1910. 
Army, Netherlands. 

Pari, papers [1014]. Rep. on N. 

national, laws & miht. service, 1911. 

(cd. 5475). 
Wijnne (J. A.) Geschillen over de 

afdanking van 't krijgsvolk (1649-50) 

&c., 1885. 
Biographies, see A.G. under: — 
Beyerman (H.), 1836-1913 [in Maatsoh. 

d. Ned. Lett. Levensber., 1914]. 
Henckens (It. J. L.), b. 1780. 
Netsoher (P. M.), 1824-1903 [in 

Maatsch. d. Ned. Lett. Levensber., 1903]. 
Snouckaert van Sohauburg (A. C. 6.), 

1841-1902 [in Maatsoh. d. Ned. Lett. 

Levensber., 1903]. 
Weitzel (It.-gen. A. W. P.), 1816-96 [in 

Maatsch. d. Ned. Lett. Levensber., 1899]. 
Medical Department. 
[War Office]. Hdbk. of med. services, 

p6, N. &c., 1911. [P1323]. 
Army, New Zealand, see Army, Aus- 
tralian & N.Z. 
Army, Norwegian. 

Lewis (J. W.) Norwegian militia [in 

Delm6-Radcli£fe (C.) Territ. army, 

Army, Persian. 

[Sbornik]. C6opnHK-L reorp. Max. no A3l», 

b4, 11, 29, 42, 1883-90. 
Befer to Persia, History. 
Army, Roman. 

Allen (G. H.) Centurions, 1904. 
Borghesi (c. B.) Praefeoti praetorio 

(l-7c. A.D.) [in h. (E., tlO, 1897]. 
Cagnat (R.) L'arm. rem. d'Afr. (-4o.), 


A travers le monde romain, 1912. 

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Aimy, Roman [continued]. 

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dant de I'armde rom. en Egypte (2o.), 
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. [B.] 

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des Inscr. &o., M6m. de litt., t25, 28, 

29, 32, 35, 37, 39, 41, 42, 1759-86]. 
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of e. Rome to Etruria [in Amer. Acad. 

in Rome, vl, 1917]. 
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Kaiaerzeit [in h. Sohr., B6, 1910]. 
Gardetruppen ; & u. p. [in h. 

Sohr., B6, 1910]. 
Rom. MiUtarweaen aeit Dio- 
cletian [in h. Schr., B6, 1910]. 

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Notitia dignitatum Imp. Rom. : reprod. 

d. miniatures, ms. de la Bibl. Nat. 

(15c.), 1911. 
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[P1841 tb in h. Basaya, 1911]. 
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de la Daoie, 1903. [B.] 
Aimy, Russian. 

Brandenburg (N. E.) AsobckiS noxo4^ 

menH.i, 1697, 1868. 
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1796, 1874. 
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&c., 1893-1910) ; Novikoff, 1911. 
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Doxo^a. 1873, 1898. 
[Russia]. PncyHKH oaeat/iBi h BOopy;KeHi», 

[Sbornik]. CdopnHKT. reorp. siai. no Aain, 

bl-47, 1882-91. 
Schmidt (E.) R. exped. to Khiva, 1873, 

Biographies , see A.C. under : — 
Bochkareva (M. L.), 1889-. 
Bulgarin (Th. V.), 1789-1859. 
Chichagov (adm. P.), 1762-1849. 
Damas (R., cie. de), 1765-1823. 
Derjavin (G. R.), 1743-1816. 
Halen (J. v.), 1790-1864. 
Kireef (gen. A.), 1832-1910. 
Kovalev (gen.), 20c. 
Kutusov (field-marshal), 1745-1813. 
Langeron (L. A. A., cte. de), 1763-1831. 
Lermontov (M. Y.), 1814-41. 
Lowenstern (gen. E. v.), 1790-1837. 
Manstein (C. H., Frhr. v.), 1711-57. 
Sukhomlinov (adj. -gen. V. A.), 1848-. 
Todleben (E. I., c. de), 1818-82. 
Dictionaries . 
[Voennaya]. BoeHHaa 9HaBiuoDeAiH, tl- 

18, 1911-15. 

Army, Russian [continued]. 

History (30 century), see also EffROPEAN 
Alexinaky (T.) With the Ruas. wounded, 

Armeen unserer Peinde, 1914. [P1597]. 
Bellegarde (S. de). Ruaaian soldier- 

peaaant ; Day, 1917. 
Borkendorf (W. v.) Ruaa Sohreckge- 

spenst, 1914. [P1586]. 
Bursky (P. D.) BhifiopiiMa opran. bt, apMlii, 

1917. [P2063]. 
Chertkov (V. & A.) 4yxo6opqBi b^ ahc- 

nnnjHH. BaTajBOnt. 1902. [P1473]. 
Denikin (A. I.) Ruaa. turmoil (1917), 

Heiohen (W.) TJnter d. Fahnen Hinden- 

burga, 1914. 
Izyumohenko (N. T.) Bi, ahciiiimbh. 

CaTajBORt, 1905. [P1473]. 
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1914-17, 2v. 1921. 
Komarov (L. V.) PyccKiii Boiiiii, 1915. 

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tr., 2v, 1909. 
Lukaah (I.) Bojiinm,! (25-27 <I>eB. 1917), 

1917. [P2066]. 
MacCormiok (R. R.) With the R. army, 

Martynov (gen.) Quelques le90ns de la 

guerre ruaso-'jap. ; (tr.), n.d. 
Moloatvova (E. V.) CojflaTCKiH nncbMa, 

1917. [P2041]. 
Monkevich (gen. N.) Decompos. (1917- 

18), 1919. 
Morse (J.) Englishman in Ruas. ranka, 

1915 ; 1916 ; tr. (Fr.), 1916. 
Moakovaku Oblast. Prodovolatv. Kom. 

/(tflT. no 4eMofiHjH3ai;iH, b1, 1918. 

Obachestvo Polit. Prosvesch. Armii &c. 

BiojjeTenb, n^l, 15 Iwn, 1917. [P2066]. 
Palm (R.) P. apjiis, 1909. 
Parea (B.) Day by day w. Ruas. a. 

(1914-15), 1915. 
[Ruaaia]. BectABi o BoeHHofi cjyatSi, 

npiicnrli &c., 1907 ; 1909. [P2326]. 
[ ]. Hand-coloured illust. of uni- 
forms, 1914. 
[ ]. namefi coBpeia. apiuin, 1914. 


[ ]. nepbia pewpMBi, 1917. [P2096]. 

Ruasische Armee, 1912. 

[Ruaao-Jap. war]. Guerre R.-J., Hist. ; 

Armee ruase, tli, ii, 2i, ii, 3i, ii, iii, 4i, 

ii, 5i, ii, 1910-14. 
Steveni (W. B.) Russian a. from 

within, 1914. 
Viaotaky (L'".) ApMin npesKfle 'i lenept, 

1917. [P2064]. 
Vrjoaek (S. K.) IIoieMy nyiKna AHCqamnna, 

1917. [P2095]. 
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front, 2v, 1915. 
Victory in defeat : Warsaw & R. 

retreat (1915), 1916. 
West (J.) Soldiers &c., 1915. 


Fenner (H.) Die rote Armee (1920), 1920. 
Gusev (S. I.) Lehren d. Biirgerkriegea, 

Heroys (B.) Lenin's fighting force, 

1919. [P2382]. 
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Armee, 1920. [P2457]. 
Trotsky (L.) MeiK4yHapoAHoe noJOuteHie n 

Kpacnaa a., 1918. [P2382]. 
Zinovev (G.) Hame nojoateaie &c., 1918. 

Army, Russian [continued]. 
Medical Services. 

Taraaevich (L. A.) Marepiajbi sie^.-caHH- 
lapHoii KOM., 1917. [P2371]. 
[War Office]. Hdbk. of med. servicea, 
p4, Russia, 1910. [P1292]. 
Refer to Khiva. 
Army, Scottish. 

Terry (C. S.), ed. Papers rel. to army of 

Solemn League &c., 1643-7, vl, 1917. 
Army, Servian (see also Eukopean Wab). 
Barby (H.) Les victoires aerbes, 1913. 
Kutachbach (A.) Serben im Balkan- 

krieg, 1912-13. 
Befer to Army, Balkan. 
Army, South African (see also European 

Buchan (J.) Hiat. of S.A. forcea in 

France (1915-18), 1920. 
Difford (I. D.) 1st Batt. Cape Corps, 

1915-19, 1920. 
Army, Spanish. 

Espana. Anuario miUtar, 1907. 

[ ]. Estado militar, 1841. 

Canovas del Castillo (A.) La eaoarapela 

roja y las banderas &c., 1912. 
Garcia Camba (gen. B. A.) Mem., Peru 

(1809-25), 2t, 1916. 
Marva (gen.) Genie k MeUUa (1909), 1909. 
Somerville (A.) Brit. Legion, & war 

(1836-37), 1839. 
Biographies , see A.C. under: — 
Avila (S. de), d. 1576 [in Brant6me 

(P.) (E., tl, 1822 ; t2, 1858 ; t2. 1866]. 
Cabrera (R.), conde de Morella, 1810-77. 
Castro (M. de), b. 1593. 
Diaz del CaatiUo (B.), b. 1492. 
Halen (J. v.) 1790-1864. 
Marina (gen. J.), 1850-. 
Morillo (P.), cde. de Garthagena, 1778- 

Nieto de Silva (P.) (c. 1651-90). 
Romero y Palomeque (gen. F. de P.), 

Army, Swedish. 

Wimaraon (N.) Sveriges krig i Tysk- 

land, 1675-9, 2v, 1897-1903. 
Biographies , see A.C. under : — 
Eythin (J. K., b.), 17c. 
Fersen (Grefve H. A. v.), 1755-1810. 
Forth (P. R., e.), 1573 ?-1651. 
Horn (c. G.), 1592-1657. 
La Gardie (c. J. de), 1583-1652. 
Leven (A. Leslie, 1st e.) 1580 ?-1661. 
Suremain (It. -gen. J. B. de), 1762-1 835. 
Toratenson (c. L.), 1603-51. 
Wrangel (C. G.), 1613-76. 
Wrangel (H. v.), 1587-1643. 
Army, Swiss. 

Armee (L'.) Suisse, 1894. 
Delme-Radchffe (C.) Territ. army: 

Swiss militia, 1908. 
GaMffe (A.) L'occup. des frontieres, 

1870-1, 1917. 
Grande (J.) Citizens' army, 1916. 
Army, Turkish. 

Giovio (P.) Ordo cfec. miUtiae [in h. Turc. 

rerum comm., 1537]. 
Marsigli (L. F.) Stato miUt., 2p, 1732. 
Susamann (A.) Armeen d. T., 1914. 

Befer to Balkan War, 1912-13 ; 
Army, United States. 

Belcher (H.) lat Amer. Civil War: lat 

per., 1775-8, 2v, 1911. 
Bolton (C. K.) Private soldier under 

Washington, 1902. 
Glasaon (W. H.) Federal miUt. pensions 

in U.S., 1918. 
Milit. pension legisl., 1900. 




Aimy, United States [continued']. 

Greene (P. V.) Revol. war & milit. 

poUcy of U.S. (-1903), 1911. 
Huidekoper (F. L.) Milit. unprepared- 

ness (18C.-I915), 1915. 
Lee {maj.-gen. C.) Lee papers, 1754- 

1811, 4v, 1871-4. 
[New York]. Muster rolls of N.Y. 

proT. troops, 1755-64, 1892. 
Root (E.) MiUt. &c. policy of U.S. 

(1899-1916), 1916. 
Stubblefield {capt. G.) Orderly book, 

March-July, 1776 [m Brock (E. A.) 

Misc. papers, 1887]. 
Sweetser (A.) Amer. Air Service, 1919. 
[U.S. : Army]. Medical Dept. in 

World War, vl5, pi. Army anthro- 
pology ; Ireland &c., 1921. 

[ : War Dept.]. Ann. rep"., see A. C. 

Upton (E.) Miht. policy (1775-1864), 

Biographies, see A.C. under: — 
Anderson (K), 1805-71. 
Armand (col.), 18o. 
Beauregard {gen. P. G. T.), 1818-93. 
Chaffee (It.-gen. A. R.), 1842-1914. 
Early (J. A.), 1816-94. 
GaiUard (D. D.), 1859-1913. 
Heath {maj.-gen. W.), 1737-1814. 
Hitchcock (E. A.), 1798-1870. 
Kraft (J. C. P. v.), 1752-1804. 
Pierce {¥.), 1804-69 [in Hawthorne 

(N.) Tales &c., 1883]. 
Rogers {col R.), 1731-95. 
Saint Clair (A.), 1734-1818. 
Schuyler (P. J.), 1733-1804. 
Wilson (J. H.), 1837-. 
Wood (L.), I860-. 
History {30 century) , see also ElTKOPBAlf 

Marcosson (I. P.) S.O.S. : America's 

miracle in France, 1919. 
Our 1st half million, 1918. 
Palmer (F.) America in France (1917- 

18), 1919. 
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newly acq. terr. of U.S., 1904. 
Thomas (S.) Hist, of A. E. F. (1917-18), 

[U.S. Army]. Compl. Infantry guide, 

[U.S. Army]. Offio. a. reg., 1906, 1908, 

1914, 1916. 
Sefer to National Defence. 

Amo, river & vt 

Refer to Coltibttono. 

[Arnold]. Hist. ; King &c., 1913. 

Befer to Nottinghamshire. 


Walbe (H.) Kunstdenkmaler, B2, Klos- 
ter A. &c., 1919. 
Refer to Cistercians ; Hesse. 

Halls (J. J.) 2 months in A. in 1857, 
Refer to Bengal ; Indian Mxttiny. 


[Arran]. Book of A. ; Balfour & 

Mackenzie, 2v, 1910-14. 
Bryoe (J.) Geology of A. &c., 1872. 


AUemands destructeurs de cath^drales 

&o., 1915. 
[Arras]. Inventaire chron. des chartes 

(12-18C.) ; Guesnon, n.d. 
Gueanon (A.) CoU. des Bona enfants 

d' Arras i Paris (13-15c.) [in Soo. de 

I'H. de Paris &c., Mem^., t4 2, 1915. 

Anas [continued]. 

Le Gentil (C.) Le vieil A. faubourgs 

&o., 1877. 
Potez (H.) A. (vUIes meurtries), 1918. 
Robida (A.) ViUes martyrea : A. &c., 

Terninck (A.) Essai sur I'anc. oath. 
d'A., 1853. 
Refer to Saint-Vaast, Abbey. 
Arras, diocese of. 

[Arras]. Cartulaire de I'abbaye de 
St.-Vaa3t d'A. (12c.) ; Drival, 1875. 

[ ]. Cartulaire de Notre-Dame-des- 

Ardents ^ A. (12-18c.); Cavrois, 1876. 
Terninck (A.) Essai sur I'anc. cath6drale 
d'A., 1853. 
Refer to Monasteries, France. 
Arras, Peace of, 1414-5, see Charles VI 
of France. 

Arrest in Foreign Countries. 

Pari, papers [2061]. Despatch f. H.M.'s 

Agent in Cairo resp. arrest of A. 

Adamovich, 1913. (cd. 6874). 
Pierantoni (A.) Brigantaggio borbonico- 

papale &c. (1863), 1900. 

LavaUey (G.) A. & s. environs, 1868. 
Refer to Calvados, dept. 

Geolog. Survey of Eng. &c. Spec. rep. 

on min. resources. 15, A. & Antimony 

ores ; Dewey &c., 1920. 
Refer to Mineralogy ; Poisons. 

Abercrombie (L.) Essay tow. » theory 

of a., 1922. 
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Pot-boilers, 1918. 

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tl, 1870]. 
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Triasino (1830), 1875. [N37.] 
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(F. S.) ed. Progress &c., 1916]. 
Art [in Marvin (F. S.) Rec. develop. 


Eaaaya, 1919. 

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Croce(B.) Essence of aesthetic; tr., 1921. 
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Delville (J.) New mission of art : 

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art, 1911. 
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Kunat, 1891. [P682 ; dk in h. Reden, 

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d. Kunatgeaoh., 1914. 
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4v, 1920. 

Art [continued]. 

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Aristotelioae princ, 1875. [P1746]. 
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& HoltzendorfE. SammL, H176, 1873]. 




Art [continued]. 

Brown (G. B.) Arts &c. of Teutonic fore- 
fathers, 1910. [B.] 
Caylus (c. de) Passages de PUne qui 

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Mem. de Ktt., tl9, 1753]. 
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artifices in olipeis &c. exorn. adhib., 

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art, 1915. 
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Refer to Tebea-oottas. 
Art in European War, 
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Bibliography . 
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Art [continued]. 
Biographical Collections & Biction- 

aries [continued]. 
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Art [continued]. 
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Art [continued]. 
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Refer to Cubism ; Pastels ; IJnani- 


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Art, American. 

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Refer to Aet, Bulgarian ; Aet, 
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Refer to Art, Chinese. 
Art, Bulgarian {refer to Art, Balkan). 
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Refer to Ivoey & ivory-work ; 
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Refer to Gold & Silver Work. 
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Alt, Dutch & Flemish [continued]. 

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Refer to Aechitbottjrb, Nether- 
Art, Ecclesiastical, see Chitbch Decora- 
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Art, English. 

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Art, French [continued]. 
Biographical Collections <£> Diction- 
aries [continued]. 

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Periodicals , see also Art : Periodicals 

for other French periodicals dkc. 

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Alt, German & Anstrian [continued']. 
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Befer to Jewellery ; Metal Work. 

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Refer to Angkor ; Gold & Silver 
Art, Irish. 

Refer to Painting, Irish. 
Art, lt£^ian. 

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Bibliography . 
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Refer to Painting, Persian. 
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liefer to Mosaics. 
Art, Russian & Slavonic. 
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Art, Russian & Slavonic [continued]. 

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naMnTiiHBH, bl-3, 1908-10. 

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Refer to Scttlpture, Russian. 
Art, Scandinavian. 

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Refer to Enoraving &c., Swedish ; 
Painting, Swedish. 
Art, Servian, see aUo Art, Russian & Sla- 
vonic; & Architecture, Servian. 
[Servia]. La Serbie glorieuse ; Malle- 

terre &c., 1917. 

Art, Sicilian. 

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Art, Spanish. 

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Refer to Engraving & Engravings, 
Spanish ; Gold & Silver Work. 
Art, Swiss. 

Anzeiger fiir sehweizer. Altertums- 

kunde, 1899-1915. 




Art Collecting & Sales. 

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Art Collecting & Sales [continued]. 

Prices & Records of Sales [continued]. 

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Art Collecting & Sales [continued]. 
Sale Catalogues [continued]. 
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, 1859. 

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Art Collecting & Sales [continued']. 

Sale Catalogues [continued]. 
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Refer to Antiquities. 
Alt Education. 

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Artificial Limbs. 

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Artillery [continued]. 

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Refer to Aemoueed Cabs ; Eiteo- 
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Aryan Languages. 

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I 1922. 




Aryan Languages [continued]. 

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Aryan Race. 

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Refer to Minbealoqt. 

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Befer to Jbsitits. 

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Ashanti [continued]. 
History {War, 1873-i). 
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Ashdovm Forest. 

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Refer to Foeestey ; Stjssbx. 

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Befer to Hampshire. 
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Befer to Kent. 

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Befer to Doesbt. 

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Befer to Buokinghamshieb ; Mon- 



Atlases & Utaps, 

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des Ch., t74, 1913]. 
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t49, 1808], 

Asia [continued]. 
Topography {Ancient & Mediaeval) 

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c. 1307) [Ir. in Bergeron, Voy., 1735]. 
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{Mediceval — 15 century). 

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[Jesuits]. Travels of several missioixers 

&c., 1714. 
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(19-20 century). 

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(1817), 1819. 
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80, 1881. [P2499]. 
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Refer to Brahmapittra, river ; Konia, 
Asia, Central, see Central Asia. 
AsiagO {Refer to Vicenza). 

Bonato (M.) Rogazioni di Maggio nel 

Com. di A., 1881. [N43]. 




Asia Minoi. 

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, 1920. [B.] 
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Antiquities . 
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de CiUcie ; [<fe o. p. in Acad, des Insor. 

&c., Mem. de Utt., t26, 1759]. 
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in A. M., 1910. 
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&c., 1910. [B.] 
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les Antonins \in Revue des et. gr., 

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\in Brit. Sch. at Athens, 18, 1913]. 
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Refer to Coins & medals, sub-heading 
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Asia Minor iconUnued\ 
History [continued']. 
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Refer to Aintab ; Amobites ; And 


Chukohbs ; Cyzicus ; Germanic 


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Refer to Yorkshire. 

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Refer to KachAris ; Nagas ; Syl- 


Assamese Languages. 

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Refer to Gaeos & Gaeo Language. 
Assamese Literature. 

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Assembl6e Nationale, 1789-92 [continued]. 

Later tvorks [continued]. 
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Assyria [continued]. 
Antiquities [continued]. 
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Assyria [continued]. 
History [continued]. 
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Refer to Amobitbs ; Army, As- 
Assyiian Church, see Church in Persia ; 

Syrian Churches. 
Assyrian Language. 

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Dictionaries . 
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Refer to Staffordshirb. 

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Astrology [continued]. 

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Biographies f see A.C. under: — 
Mrmicus Maternus (J.) 4c. A.r>. 
Astronomical Instruments. 

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Pyranometer for measuring 

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Refer to Globes. 

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Bibliography . 

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Biographies, see A.C. under: — 
Aratus, of Soli, 3c. B.o. 
Aristarchus, fl. c. 280-64 B.C. 
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Astronomy [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]. 
Cassini de Thury (C. F.), 1714-84 [in 

Condorcet, CE., t3, 1847]. 
ChazeUes (J. M. de), 1657-1710 [in 

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Dondi dalF Orologio (G.), 1318-89. 
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History [Ancient & Mediaeval). 
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Astronomy [continued]. 
History (Ancient <& Medimval) [cont.]. 
Konitzer (J. S.) Vorstell. d. Gr. ii. d. 

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see A. C. 
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see A. C. 
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Astronomy [continued]. 
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Astronomy [continued]. 
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Befer to AviLiis. 
Asylums, Lunatic. 


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Befer to Bethlehem Hospital. 
United States. 
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rep., 1910-. 

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select site, 1908-9. 

Rep. on plan of development, 


Rep. on system of control of state 

charitable instit., 1914. 
Befer to Feeble-minded. 

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Befer to Belgium. 
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Atheism [continued'}. 

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Athens & Attica [continued]. 

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Athens & Attica [continued]. 

History [continued]. 
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Refer to Mbgara ; Salamis, Attica. 

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(1677) ; Hasluok [in Brit. Sch. at 

Athens, Ann. 17, 1912]. 




Athos [continued]. 

[Cyaneae]. Hoche Stein-Klippen &o. 

Cyanese, A. &c., 1689. 
Duchesne (L.) & C. Bayet. Mission au 

Mont A., 1876. 
Georgirenes (J.) Pres. state, 1678. 
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Atjeh, see Achin. 
Atlantic Ocean & Islands. 

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Staaten, 1911-21. 
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Atlases [continued]. 

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Bibliography . 
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Atolls, see Corals ; Islands. 
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[PI 794]. 
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Rescriptio ad N. Grevinchovii 

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Grenated (L. W.) Short hist, of doct., 

Hitchcock (F. R. M.) A. & mod. 
thought, 1911. 

MaoDowall (S. A.) Evol, & need of a., 
1912; 1914. 

Atonement [continued]. 
Marshman (J.) Def. of deity & a. of 

J. C, 1822. 
Mills (J.) Within the a., 1922. 
Mozley (J. K.) Doctrine, 1915. [B.] 
Pfaff (J. C.) Disput. de imputat. diviua, 

RashdaU (H.) Ides of A. in Xtian. 

theology, 1919 ; 1920. 
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Sanday (W.) Meaning [in h. Divine 

overruling, 1920]. 
Atrek, river. 

[Sbornik]. CSopHBKi reorp. &c. Mar. no 

A3in, Bl5, 1885. 
Refer to Persia ; Transcaspian 



Nayrac (J. P.) Phys. & psych, de I'a., 
1914. [B.] 
Attleboiough, Norfolk. 

Barrett (J. T.) Mem^. of church &o., 
liefer to Norfolk. 
Aube, dept. 

Fichot (C.) Statist, monumentale, tl, 
2, 1884-88. 
Befer to Basse-Fontaine ; Beau- 



Acct=. of burning of A. &c., 1716 [in 

Maitland Club, Misc., v3, 1843]. 

Inglis (W. M.) Annals of an Angus 

parish, 1888. 
Befer to Forfarshire. 
Aude, dept., see La Grasse, abbey. 

Annales Aug. (Chron. Aug.), 973-1104 

[in Freher (M.) Germ. rer. scr., tl, 

1600; tl, 1717; Men. Germ, hist, 

Scr., t3 ; tr. {Ger.) in Gesohichtschr. 

d. deut. Vorzeit, B49, 1893]. 
[Augsburg]. Auszsohreiben &c., Ab- 

thiiung d. Papstt. Mess &c., 1537. 
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Sohairer (I.) D. relig. Volksleben am 

Ausgang d. M.-a., 1914. [B.] 
WegeUn (J. R.) Thesaurus rerum 

Suevic, 4v, 1756-60. 
Augsburg Confession, 1530. 

[Augsburg]. Anzeigung u. bekantnus 

des Glaubens &c., 1530. 
A. Conf. (Lat. & Eng.) [in Heohlei 

(W. H.) Jerusalem bishopric, 1883]. 

Antiquiss. veriss., 1658. 

Aug. Conf. auss untersohied. 

Exempl. nachgedruckt &c., 1636. 

Concordia, Bekentniis &c., 1581 ; 


Concordia, oonfessio &c., 1705. 

Confessio fidei &;c. <Ss Apologia, 

var. ed. & tr., 1531-, see A.G. 

Grundl. Hist. v. d. A.C., 1584. 

Unverand. A.C., deut. a. lat., 1782. 

Borner (C. F.) Instit. symbol., 1751. 

Cancerinus (N.) Rettung d. A.C. wider 
d. flirgeben D. Tossani, 1579. 

Cassander (G.) C. Evangelious {Lat. <* 
Germ.), 1631. 

Cochlseus (J.) Quadruples Concordia 
ratio &o.! 1544. 




Augsbuig Confession, 1530 [continued]. 
Confessio odder Bekantnus &o. Apo- 
logia, 1533. 
[Confeaslones]. Conf. fidei : Christ, tres, 

Confutatio Lutheranoruni confess, per 

egregios papistas &c., MS. 16 cent. 
Erythraeus (V.) Aug. Conf. tabulis &o., 

3p, 1565-67. 
Fabricius (A.) Brill auf d. Evangel. 

AugapfEel : Refut. &c., 1629. 
Peuerlein (J. W.) Obs. in Aug. Conf. 

artioulos &c., 1742. 
Fiokler (J. B.) Spongia contra prsedio. 

Wirtenberg &o., 1585. 
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Grotius (H.) Via ad pacem eecles. &c., 

Heppe (H. L. J.) Bekenntniasohr., 1855. 
Jeremiah, abp. <fc Patr. Ecclea. orient. 

dogmata &c. (1576), Aug. Conf. &c., 

2t, 1758. 
Layritius (J. J.) De articulis Svobac. A. 

Conf. fundamento, 1719. 
Leodius (A. E. ) Harmonia Conf. August. 

lindanus (W. D.) Concordia discors &c., 

Melanchthon (P.) Aug. Conf. (1530- 

1538) * Apologia [m Op., pi, 1562]. 
Ursach warumb die Stende so d. 

Augspurg. Conf. anhangen &c., 1546. 
Mentzer(B.) Exegesis A.C., 1615 ; 1644. 
Mylius (G.) August, conf. explic, 1596. 
Pfaff (C. M.) Eccl. Evang. lib. sym- 

bolioi, 1730. 
Ribini (J.) Memor. Aug. Conf. in regno 

Hungar. (1516-1736), 2v, 1787-8. 
Scheufflerus (J. G.) De articulis Svobac. 

A. Conf. fundamento, 1719. 
Selneccerus (N.) Recit., 3, De autor. 

& sententia Conf. Aug., 1581. 
Staphylus (F.) Theologiae Luther. 

epitome &c., 1558. 
[Strassburg]. Bekandtnuss der vier 

Frey u. Reichsstatt Strassburg &o., 

[ ]. Conf. relig. Christ per legates 

Argentorati, 1530. 
Zwingli (U.) Rekenynge & declar. of 

faythe &c., 1543. 
Befer to Augsburg diet, 1530 ; 
Creeds ; Naumbtjkg, Convention 
oe, 1561 ; schwabaoh articles, 
Augsburg Diet, 1530. 
Arnoldi (F.) Antwort auf Luthers 

Biichlein (1531) [m Luther (M.) Wke., 

B30iii, 1910]. 
[Augsburg]. Acta Comiciorum A. ex 

litt. Philippi, Jonae &c. (1530) ; Ber- 

big, 1907. 
Charles V, emp., of Germany. Absohiedt 

d. Rom. K. Maiest. &c., 1548^9. 

Ordnungen &c., 1538. 

[ ]. Von Kayserl. Maiest. einreyten, 

Coelestinus (G.) Hist, comit. 1530, 4t, 

Eck (J. von) ArticuloB 404 &c., 1530. 
Forstemann (C. E.) Urkundenbuch, 2B, 

George, d. of Saxony. Wider d. 

Luthers Wamung &c. (1531) [in 

Luther (M.) Wke., B30 iii, 1910]. 
Luther (M.) Glosse auf d. kaiserl. 

Edikt, 1531 [in Wke., B30 iii, 1910]. 

Vermaniig, 1530. 

Vermahnung an d. Geistlichen 

zu A. [in Wke., B30, 1909]. 

Augsbuig Diet, 1530 [continued]. 

Luther (M.) Warnung, 1531 ; S o. p. [in 
Wke.,B30iii, 1910]. 
Refer to Augsburg confession, 
1530 ; Charles V, emp. of Ger- 
many ; Reformation. 
Augsburg Diet, 1548. 

Wolrad II, count of Waldeck. Tage- 
buch, 1548 ; Tross, 1861. 
Befer to Augsburg interim, 1548. 
Augsburg Interim, 1548. 

Amsdorff (N.) Antwort &c., 1548. 

Bieok (J. E.) Dreyfaohe Interim, 1721. 
Calvin (J.) Interim adultero-Germanum 
&c., 1549. 

Tracts ; tr., v3, 1851. 

Charles V. Declaratio &c., 1548 

Formula Reform, in comitiis A. 


Derrom. Kais. erolarung &c., 1548 

Cochlaeus (J.) De Interim resp., 1549. 
Flacius (M.) Contra quaedam Interim 

istica &c. scripta &c., 1550. 
Laiiterwar (C.) Wider das Interim &c. 

[Liibeck]. Bekentnuss &c. auffs In 

terim durch L. &c., 1549. 
Osiander(A.)Bedencken, 1548. [P2440], 
[Wittenberg]. Ex actis Synodicis &c, 
coll. &c., 1559. 
Refer to Augsburg diet, 1548 
Leipzig Interim, 1549. 
Augustinian Canonesses. 

Jeanroy (A.) Regie, St.-Pantaleon a 
Toulouse (1358) [in Soc. Arch, du 
Midi, Mem., tl6, 1908]. 
Augustinians (Canons Regular &c.). 
Augustine, st. Regule [in Joannes 

Franciscus Brix. 4 reg., 1510]. 
[Augustiniani]. Synodi August, de liber- 
tate monach. sententia, 1522. [P2539]. 
Bonnard (dom. F.) Hist, de I'Abbaye 
roy. & de FOrdre des Chanoines 
reguliera de St. -Victor de Paris 
(1113-1791), 2t,n.d. 
BruUus (J.) Hist. Pervanse ord. Eremit. 
S.P.A., 2p, 1651-2. 
Capgrave (J.) Orders under rule of St. 
A., 1422 [in h. Lives of St. Augustine 
&c., 1910]. 
Curtius (C.) Vir. illust. ex ord. Eremit. 

D. Aug. elogia, 1636. 
Frere (W. H.) Early hist.. Barn well 

[in Clark (J. W.) Fasc, 1909]. 
Gregory VII, pope. Reglements [in 
Morin (G.) Etudes &c., tl, 1913]. 
Hulshof (A.) De Reg. Kanunniken te 
Utrecht & J. Passert (15c.) [in Hist. 
Genoots. Bijdragen, d34, 1913]. 
Salter (H. E.), ed. Chapters of A. 

canons (1216-1518), 1922. 
Zunggo (J. A.) Hist. gen. &c., 2t, 
Biographies, see A.C. under: — 
Guevara (fr. M. de), 17c. 
LeGrand(J.), d. c. 1425. 
Ziiniga (D. de), c. 1533-99. 

Refer to BouRG-Lis-VALENCE ; Cal- 
wiCH ; Klosterneuburg ; Lau- 
tbrberg, nr. Halle ; Lbsnes 
Abbey ; Mont-Morel ; Neustift ; 
Rouge CloItre ; Staffokd ; 

Auricular Confession, see Confession, 

Austerlitz, Battle of, 1805. 

Driault (E.) Napoleon & 1' Europe : A., 
la fin du St.-Empire, 1804-6, 1912. [B.] 
Refer to Napoleonic Wars. 

Australia & Australasia. 

Bibliography . 

[Australia]. Cat. of Lib. of Parliament, 

Australian catalogue ; Foxcroft, 1911. 
Larkin (M.) Cat. of a coll. illust. of disc. 

& coloniz., 1890. 
[Sydney]. Austral, bibhog., 1869-88, 

3p, 1893. 
Economics & Statistics . 
Atkinson (M.), ed. A. : econ. & polit. 

studies, 1920. 
[Australia]. Bur. of Census &c., see 

[ ]. Commonw. demogr., 1901-. 

[ ]. Federal hdbk. ; Kuibbs, 1914. 

[ ]. Ofac. directory &c., 1883. 

[ ]. Ofi&c. year book, statistics for 

1901-15 & 1788-1900, 1910-16. 
[ ]. Summary of Austr. financ. stat., 

1901-1909, 1910. 
[ ]. Summary of prpduction stat., 

1902-11 ; Knibbs, 1913. 
Coghlan (T. A.) Labour &c. in A., 

1788-1901, 4v, 1918. 
Franklyn (H. M.) Glance at A. in 1880, 

Eraser (J. F.) A. : the making, 1910. 
Nelson (W.) F. Eraser's fallacies, & o. 

Austr. essays, 1910. 
Northcott (C. H.) A. soc. development, 

Pari, papers [2192]. Dominions Royal 

Coram. M. of E. taken in A. in 1913, 

2p, 1913. (cd. 7171, 7172). 
Schachner (R.) Au.stralien in Politik 

&c., 2B, 1909-11. 
Wentworth (W. C.) Statist, ace, 2v, 

Wise (B. R.) Commonwealth, 1909. 
Wyvekens (E.) Rapp. s. I'Australie &c., 

Refer to Socialism. 
Social Life. 
Ackermann (J.) A. f. a woman's p. of 

view, 1913. 
Barrett (J. W.) Twin ideals, 2v, 1918. 
Bon wick (J.) Octogenarian's remin. 

(1817-1902), 1902. 
Creed (J. M.) My recoils., 1842-1914, 

Hales (A. G.) My Hfe of adv., 1918. 
Humphris (E. M.) & D. Sladen. A. L. 

Gordon (1833-70), 1912. 
Macquarie (L.) Macquarie book : life 

& times of M. ; Abbott &c., 1921. 
Northcott (C. H.) A. soc. development, 

Poore (L, lady) Recoils. (1903-16), 1916. 
Schachner (R.) Austr. in Politik &c., 

2B, 1909-11. 
Sowdon (W. J.) Austr. native's stand- 
point, 1912. 
Wise (B. R.) Commonwealth, 1909. 
Topography . 
Oxford survey of Brit. Emp. ; Herbert- 
son &c., v5, Australasia, 1914. 
Aoste {p. H. de F., d. d') Vers le soleil, 

BuUen (F. T.) Advance A., 1907. 
Eraser (J. F.) A. : the making, 1910. 
Harris (W. K.) Outback in A., 1919. 
Jack (R. L.) Northmost A. : 3 c^. of 

explor. &c. (1606-1916), 2v, 1921. 
Jobson (F. J.) A., 1862. 
Lane (C. G.) Creature-life in A. wilds, 

Matthews (C. H. S.) Parson in A. bush, 





Australia & Australasia [continued]. 

Travels [continued]. 
Nelson (W.) P. Eraser's fallacies &o., 

Parker (sir G.) Bound the compass in 

A., 1892. 
Searcy (A.) By flood & field, N.A., 1912. 
Shaw (W.) Land of promise, 1854. 
Spencer (B.) & F. J. Gillen. Across 

A., 2v, 1912. 
White (G.) bp. 30 yrs. in tropical A. 

(1887-1917), 1918. 
Sefer to Towns, Austbalia. 
AustiaUa & Australasia, History. 

Australia. Federal hdbk. ; Knibbs, 

Hist, records of A., Ser. I, 

Governors' desp., vl-13, 1788-1828, 

53, vl-4, 54, vl, 1914-22. 
Visit of Duke &c. of Cornwall & 

York, 1901. [P2364]. 
Brabourne papers (1772-1814), sum- 
mary, 1897. [P1340]. 
Coghlan (T. A.) Labour &c. in A., 

1788-1901, 4v, 1918. 
Fletcher (C. B.) New Pacific: Brit. 

policy & German aims, 1917. 
Huntington (H. W. H.) Hist, of A. 

Int. part (-1788), 1887. 
Leroy-Beaulieu (P.) Les nouv. soci^tes 

anglo-sax., 1897 ; 1901 ; 07. 
Lewin (P. E.) The Commonwealth of 

A., 1917. [P2320]. 
Marriott (C. B.) Coming of Brit., 1788- 

1829, 1906. 
Mills (R. C.) Colonization of Australia 

(1829-42), 1915. 
Moles worth (W.) Speeches on Bill for 

Govt., 1850. [P294]. 
Rogers (J. D.) Development (1815-70) 

[in C. M. H., vll, 1909]. 
Saint Ledger (A.) Austr. sociaHsm, 

Swinburne (G. H.) Source bk., 1919. 
Thomson (R. P.) National hist., 1917. 
Tilby (A. W.) Eng. people overseas, v5, 

A., 1688-1911, 1912. 
Wade (C. G.) S. A. : problems &c., 1919. 
Wentworth (W. C.) Statist, ace, 2v, 

Biographical Collections, 
[Australia]. Biog. hdbk. & record of 

elections ; Wadsworth, 1918. 
Biographies, see A.C. under :■ — 
Clarke [sir A.), 1824-1902. 
Hughes (W. M.), 1864-. 
Macarthur (J.), 1767-1834. 
Macquarie (L.), d. 1824. 
Constitution & Politics. 
Atkinson (M.) ed. A. : econ. & polit. 

studies, 1920. 
Australia. Beginnings of govt, in A. 

(1788-1817) ; Watson, 1913. 
Hist., records of A., Ser. 1, Governors' 

desp., vl-13, 1788-1828, 1914-20. 

Ser. 4, Legal, vl, 1786-1827, 1922. 
Fletcher (C. B.) Problem of Pacific, 

Keith (A. B.) Respons. govt., 3v, 1912. 
Moore (W. H.) Constit. of Commonw., 

Pari, papers [2018]. Papers w. ref. to 

referendum in A. ; Further papers, 

1911. (od. 5778, 5780). 
Quick ( J. ) Legisl. powers &c. of A. , 1 9 1 9. 
Schachner (R.) A. in Pohtik, &c., Bl, 

Turner (H. G.) 1st decade of A., 1901- 

10, 1911. 
Wise (B. R.). Making of the A. (1889- 

1900), 1913. 

Australia & Australasia, History [cont.]. 

Discovery & Eseploration. 

BarralUer (F.) Journal (1802; Fr. & 

Eng.), 1897. 
Baudin (N.) B. papers (1802) [in N.S.W. 

Hist, records, v4, 5, 1896-7], 
Faveno (E.) Explorers of A., 1908. 
Fernandez de Queiros (P.) Exegesis 

libelli super deteotione, 1605 [in 

Gerritszoon (H.) Arctic N.-E. & W. 

Passage, 1878 ; Purchas (P.) pilgrimes, 

p4, 1625]. 
Flinders (M.) Exped. in the Norfolk 

(1798-9) [im New South Wales. Hist. 

record, v3, 1895]. 
Jack (R. L.) Northmost A. . 3 c^. of 

explor. &o. (1606-1916), 2v, 1921. 
Marriott (mrs. C. B.) Logbooks of the 

'■ Lady Nelson " (1800-25), 1915. 
Morgan (E. D.) Early disco v. of A., 

1892. [P1386]. 
Scott (E.) Life of Capt. M. Flinders 

(1774-1814), 1914. 
'■ Terre Napoleon, French explor. 

&o. (1800-4), 1910. [B.] 
Southwell (D.) Journal &c. (1788-92), 

Tasman (A.) Reizen v. T. & P. J. 

Visscher, 1642-4 ; Meyjes, 1919. 
Wood (G. A.) Discovery (-1802), 1922. 
Australasian Federal Conf., see A. C. 
Brassey (T. B., e.) Soot. Unity of 

Empire Assoc, 1901. [P1719]. 
Pari, papers [2215]. Fed. Conf. in A., 

Corresp., 1890. (c. 6025). 
Wise (B. R.) Making of A. (1889-1900), 

Befer to Army, Attstealian ; Euro- 
pean Wab ; Socialism. 
Australian Aborigines. 

Anthropolog. Inst. Journal, 1879-. 
Australia. Federal hdbk. ; Knibbs, 

Cambridge Anthrop. Exped. to Torres 

Straits. Rep., v4, 1912. 
Durkheim (E.) Formes elem. de la vie 

relig. : systeme totemique, 1912 ; tr., 

Frazer (J. G. ) Belief in immortaUty &c., 

vl, 1913. 

Totemism & exogamy, vl, 1910. 

Kohlbrugge (I. H. F.) Gehirnfurchen 

malay. Volker, Australier cfcc, 1909. 
Malinowski (B.) Family am. Austr. 

abor., 1913. 
Mathew (J.) Two repres. tribes of 

Queensland ; orig. of Austr. race, 

Nightingale (F.) Note on a. races of A., 

1865. [P1572]. 
Spencer (B.) Nat. tribes of N. Territorv, 

& F. J. Gillen. Across Austr., 2v, 

Wheeler (6. C.) The tribe &c. in A., 

1910. [B.] 
Australian Literature (English). 

Child (H.) Lit. of A. & N.Z. [in Camb. 

hist, of Eng. lit., vl4, 1916. B.] 
Fuohs (A.) H. Lawson : c. austral. 

Dichter, 1914. 
Murdoch (W.) Oxf. bk. of A. verse, 

Refer to Bibliography, Australian. 

Antiquities . 
Kais. Akad. d. Wiss. zu Wien. Mitth. d. 
prahist. Comm., Bl, 1903. 
. Osterreichische Kunsttop.og., see A. C. 
Refer to Tombs. 

Austria [continued]. 
Atlases Jk Maps. 

Freytag (G.) Karte d. neuen Staaten, 

1919. [P2409]. 
Pages d'hist., s4, 2, 3, L'atlas index, 

Census & Statistics. 
Daring (C.) Bevolkerungsbewegung im 

Weltkrieg, H2, 1919. [P2383]. 
[Osterreich]. Beitr. z. Stat. Deutsch- 

dsterr, Hl-5, 1919-20. 
Statist. Hdbh. f. d. Rep. Osterr., 1920. 
Economics . 
Alberti (M.) Trieste e la sua fisiol. eoon., 

Drage (G.) Austria-H., 1909. 

Refer to Banks &o., Austria-Hun- 
gary ; Industrial arts ; Work- 
Ethnology , 
Auerbach (B.) Races &o., 1917. 
Charmatz (R.) Osterr. als Volkerstaat, 

Haberlandt (M.) Nat. Kultur d. osterr. 

Volkerstamme, 1918. 
Knopf (R.) Die Volker Osterr.-O., 1914 
Walhs (B. C.) Peoples of A., 1918. 

Gasetteers , 
Maranelli (C.) Diz. geograf. deU' Alto 

Adige, del Trentino &c., 1915. 
Guide-Boolts , 
Baedeker (C.) L'Allemagne & I'A., 

1881 ; 1896. 

A.-Hungary, 1905 ; 1911. 

Social Life, 
Auerbach (B.) Races &c., 1917. 
Baker (J.) A.: her people &o., 1913. 
Balmer (P.) Les AUemands, 1915. 
Brugel (L.) Soz. Gesetzgebung in Ost. 

(1848-1918), 1919. 
Caix de St.-Aymour (A. vte. de) Pays 

sud-slaves de rA.-H., 1883. 
Choisy (G.) Chez nos ennemis, 1915. 
Dawson (C.) It might have happened 

to you, 1921. 
Eraser (mrs. H.) Diplomatist's wife, 

(-1881), 2v, 1911. 
Gayda (V.) Crisi di un Impero, 1913. 

Mod. A. ; tr., 1915. 

Haberlandt (M.) Nat. Kultur d. osterr. 

Volkerstamme, 1918. 
HansUk (E.) Kulturgrenze &c. in d. 

poln. Westbeskiden, 1907. 
Larisch (ctss. M.) My past, 1913. 
Leutrum (0.) Court &c. in A. &o. (1899- 

1917), 1918. 
Pichler (C.) Deukwurdigk. (1769-1843) ; 

Bliimml, 2B, 1914. 
Radziwill (pass. C.) A. court f. within, 

Recoil^, of a royal governess, 1915. 
Rostok (R.) Regierungszeit Franz Josef 

I, 1903. 
Rumbold(H.) Austr. court in 19c., 1909. 
Ryan (N.) My years at the A. court, 

Schonholz (F. A. v.) Charakteristik 

Osterreichs s. Staats-u. Volksleben 

unter Franz I ; Gugitz, 2B, 1914. 
Thiirheim (Ordfin L.) Mein Leben, 1819- 

52 ; Rhyn, 4B, 1913-4. 
Vehse (C. E.) Mems. of court of A. 

(1493-1835) ; tr., 2v, 1896. 
Refer to Peasantry ; Working 

Topography & Travels. 

Baker (J.) A. : her people &c., 1913. 
Bongars (J.) Reise, 1585 [in Hagen (H.) 
J. B., 1874 ; P1656]. 




Anstlia [continued']. 
Topography & Travels 

Ibrahim, Pasha. Zug nach Wien im 

J. 1718 ; Kraelitz-Griefenhorst [in K.. 

Ak. zu Wien, Sitzb., B158, 1908]. 
Krebs (N.) Landerkunde d. osterr. 

Alpen, 1913. [B.] 
Kunsthistor. Atlas, 1889-94. 
Olglati (L.) Viaggio all 'Imp. Carlo V 

(1548), 1878. [N40.] 
Oaterreich. Kunsttopog., «ee A.O. 
Sohiffmann (K.) Das Laud ob d. Enns, 

Schio (6. da) Tre lettere, 1828, 1877. 


Eefer to 









ies, Ger- 



many & A. 




Castles & 























Austria, History. 

N.B. — Entries marked thus * have been 

duplicated under Germany, History. 

Adriatioo(L'): st. geogr., stor. &c., 1914. 

Berger (F. L. v.) Opusoula misc., forma 

Boemiae & A. &e., 1725. 

♦Chronica des Landes Osterr. (-1398), 

see A. C. 

Dopsoh (A.) Osterr. gesch. Sendung, 

Drage (G.) Austria-H., 1909. 
♦Eberhardus, of Batisbon. Annales [tr. 
(Oer., 1300-5) in Geschichtsohr. d. 
deut. Vorzeit, B78, 1898]. 
6ayda(V.) L'ltaUad'oltre confine, 1914. 
Gesoh. d. europa. Staaten. Gesch. 0. ; 
Redlich, B6, 1921. 
♦Greenwood (A. D.) Empire & Papacy 

(5C.-1521), 1902. 
♦Henderson (E. F.) Sh. hist. (-1914), 2v, 

Historischer Calender fiir 1790 [-1815] 
Westenrieder, 1789-1816. 
♦Holland (A. W.) Germany, 1914. 
Leger(L.) Liquid. del'A.-Hongrie, 1915 
Lote (R.) Germania: L'AUem. & I'A. 
dans la civilis. &c., 1917. 
Munjn. Osterreich nach d. Kriege, 1915. 

Naumann (P.) Oesterr.-Ung., d. Waffen 
gefahrte Deutschl., 1917. 
♦Pataroli (L.) Series Augustorum, Caesa- 
rum &c. (-1718), 1740. 
Peabody (E. P.) Crimes of House of 
Austria (13-190.), 1852. 
♦Peez (A. V.) Aufgaben d. Deut. in Ost. 

(1526-1905), 1906. [P1985]. 
♦Roo (6. de) Annales (950-1519), 1592. 
♦Schafer (D.) Deut. Gesch., 2B, 1910. 
Steed (H. W.), W. A. Phillips & D. 
Hannay. Sh. hist, of A. -Hungary &o., 
♦Sybel (H. C. L. v.) Die deut. Nation u. 
d. Kaiserreich, 1862. 
Vehse (C. E.) Mems. of court of A. 
(1493-1835); tr., 2v, 1896. 
♦Voltaire. Annales de I'Emp. (-1740), 

2t, 1754. 
to 1273. 

♦Hermannus, Altah. Annales (1137- 
1273, -1303), see A.C., (b consult 

Austria, History [continued]. 

Leopold d. HeiHge (1073-1136), 1835. 
Zahu (J. V.) Codex diplomat. A.-Frising. 

(763-1365), 3B, 1870-71. 
1273-1378 (see also Germany, History). 
Zahn (J. V.) Austro-Friulana &c. (1358- 

65), 1877. 
Codex diplomat. A.-Frising. (763- 

1365), 3B, 1870-71. 
1378-1618 (see also Germany, History). 
Bachmann (A.) Brief e u. Acteu (1448- 

71), 1885. 

Urkunden (1440-71), 1879. 

Urkuudl. Naohtrage (1458-82), 

Fiedler (J.) Relationen d. Venetian. 

Botschafter, 16. Jhdt., 1870. 
♦Janssen (J.) Ein 2es Wort an m. 

Kritiker, 1883. 
1618-1806 (see also Germany, History). 
[Austria]. Defence of rights of A. 

agst. Prussia, 1741. [P2164]. 
[Austrian ambassadors]. HepenacKa 

(Corr. diplom.), 1762-76 [in I. R. L O. 

18, 46, 109, 125]. 
♦Fiedler (J.) Relat. d. Botschafter 

Venedigs, 17. Jhdt., 2B, 1866-7. 
Meneval (b. N. J. E. de) Marie-Louise 

et la cour d'A., 1814-5, 1909. 
♦Pappus (L.) Rerum Germ., 1617-43, 

epitome, 1655. 
Recueil des instruct, aux ambass., tl8 

(17-18C.), 1912. 
Scheichl (F.) Leopold I u. d. osterr. 

PoUtik, 1667-8, 1888. 
1806-1916 (see also Charles emp. ; 

European War ; Francis Joseph I & 

Revolution 1848, bel-ow). 
Bertrand (A.) Conquete de I'A.-H. par 

I'AUemagne, 1916. 
Bresnitz (P. F.) Habsburgs Ende (1912- 

18), 1920. 
Cappelletti (L.) A. e Toscana, 1824-59, 

1918. [B.] 
Charmatz (R.) Ost.-Ungarns Erwachen, 

Drage (G.) Austria-H., 1909. 
Friedjung (H.) Hist. Aufsatze, 1919. 

Osterr., 1848-60, B2i, 1912. 

Gayda (V.) Mod. A. ; tr., 191.5. 
Marchenko (M.) Catastrophe austro- 

hongroise (1905-19), 1920. 
Naumann (F.) Mitteleuropa, 1915 ; tr., 

1916 ; tr. (Fr.), 1917. 
Ottolenghi (L.) Padova e il Brenta 

(1813-15), 1909. 
Popovici (A. C.) Staaten v. Grosa- 

Osterreioh., 1906. 
Ridolfi (m. C.) &c. Toscana e A., 18.59. 
Rumbold(H.) Austr. court in 19c., 1909. 
Schonholz (F. A. v.) Charakteristik 

Osterr. s. Staats- u. Volksleben unter 

Franz 1 ; Gugitz, 2B, 1914. 
Steed (H. W.) Hapsburg monarchy 

(19-200), 1913 ; 1914 ; 1919. 
1916- (see also Charles emp. ; Euro- 
pean War). 
Bresnitz (P. F.) Habsburgs Ende (1912- 

18), 1920. 
Draghicesco (D.) Pro blames nat. : 

Roumains, 1918. 
Charmatz (R.) Osterr. als Volkerstaat, 

Fels (c. E. de) L'Entente & le probl. 

autrich., 1918. 
Fournol (E.) De la succession d'A., 

Januaraufstand d. osterreich. Ar- 

beiterschaft u. der Verrat d. sozial- 

patriotr. Fuhrer, 1918. [P2366]. 

Austria, History [continued]. 
1916- [continued]. 
[Osterreich.]. Verfassungsgesetze d. 

Republ. Deutschosterr. (1918-20) ; 

Kelsen, 4T, 1919-20. 
Szilassy (J. v.) Untergang d. Donau- 

Monarchie, 1921. 
Vosnjak (B.) Djring Empire, 1918. 
Refer to Saint Geemain, Treaty of, 
Bibliography! & Sources. 
[Cambridge Univ. : Lib.]. Bull. (Extra 

ser.), Acton coll., CI. 34, 1908. 
Charmatz (R. ) Wegweiser osterr. Gesoh., 

Biographical Collections. 
Freund (F.) Osterr. Nationalrat &o., 

Cons titution . 
Bienaime (G.) Diete de GaHoie (1772- 

1909), 1910. [B.] 
Dantsoher von KoUesberg (T., Eitter) 

Staatsrechtl. Charakter d. Delega- 

tionen, 1903. 
Hartung (F.) Osterr.-U. als Verfassungs- 

staat, 1918. 
Neisser (C. & 0.) Gescbaftsordnung d. 

Abgeordnetenhauses, 1861-1909, 2B, 

& Beilage, 1909. 
Offermann (A., Frhr. v.) Verhaltnis 

Ungarns zu " Ost." 1902. 
[Osterreich.]; Verfassungsgesetze d. 

Republ. Deutschosterr. (1918-20); 

Kelsen, 4T, 1919-20. 
Redlich (J.) Osterr. Staats- u. Reichs- 

problem (1848-), Bl, 1920. 
Renner (C.) Selbstbestimmungsrecht, 

Tl, 1918. 
Steed (H. W.) The Hapsburg monarchy 

(19-20C.), 1913 ; 1914; 1919. 
Tezner (F.) Wandl. d. ost.-ungar. 

Reichsidee, 1905. [P1985]. 
Ulbrich (J.) Osterreich. Staatsrecht, 

Rechtl. Natur d. ost.-ung. Mon- 

archie, 1879. 
Ecclesiastical Hist., see Church in 

[Hapsburg Austrian Income Book]. 

Habsburg. Urbar (13— 14c.) ; Maag 

&c., 3B, 1894-1904. 
Lobl (A. H.) Sieg d. Furstenrechtes 

(-1618), 1916. 
Meisel (F.) & A. Spiethoff. Osterr. 

Finanzen u. d. Krieg, 1915. [P1654 ; 

Foreign Relations. 
[Austrian Ambassadors], IlepenHCKa 

(corr. diplom.), 1762-76 [in LR.LO. 

18, 46, 109, 125]. 
♦Bittner (L.) Chronolog. Verzeichnis d. 

osterr. Staatsvertrage (1526-1911), 

3B, 1903-14. 
Charmatz (R.) Gesoh. d. auswart. Poli- 

tik Ost. im 19. Jhdt, 2B, 1918. 
Osterr. auss. u. inn. Pohtik, 1895- 

Denis (E.) La quest. d'Autriche : les 

Slovaques, 1917. 
Foreign Office. Hdbks., 1, A. &c., 1920. 

Fournier (A.) Gentz u. Cobenzl, 1801- 

5, 1880. 
[France]. Affaires entre P. & A., 

1648, 1662. 
Larmnroux (J.) Politique exter., 1875- 

1914, 2t, 1918. 
Lorentzen (T.) Deutschland u. 0., 1914. 
Molden (B.) A. Graf Aehrenthal (1906- 

12), 1917. 




Austria, Histoiy [continued]. 
Foreign Relations [continued]. 
Pari, papers [2243]. Treaty betw. 

AlUed &c. Powers & A. (1919), 1919. 

(c. 400). 
Pellegrini (B.) Verso la guerra ? : il 

dissidio fra I'ltalia e I'A., 1906. 
Philippovich (E. v.) Wirtschafts- u. 

ZoUverband zw. Deutsohland u. 0.- 

Ung., 1915. 
Pribram (A. F.), ed. Oaterreich. Staats 

vertrage, Eng., Bl, 2, 1526-1847 

Sohlitter (H.) Die Stellung d. osterr. 

Regierung z. Teatamente Nap. Bonap. 

Voinoviteh (L. de) Yougoslavie & A. 

Wiminer (L., R.v.) Die Ostmark : Ost. 

Ung. Mission in d. Weltgesch., 1917. 
Frontier Questions {refer to Italy 

Errera (C.) Confine fra Ital. e. A., 1915, 
Periodicals . 
Hiat.Vereinf. Steiermark. Steir. Ztschr. 

f. Gesoh., 1903-18. 
Revolution f 1848. 
Benedek (L. v.) Naohgelass. Papiere 

Friedjung, 1904. 
Helfert (J. A., Frhr. v.) Gesch. d 

osterr. Revol. (1848), B2, 1909. 
Subject Races {refer to Czechs ; Jttqo 


[Austria]. A. -Hungary's effort to ex 

terminate h. Jugoslav subjects, 1917 

Berry (F. M. D.) A.-H. & h. Slav sub 

jects, 1918. [P2212]. 
Guttmann (B.) Oesterr.-Uug. u. d. 

Volkerstreit, 1918. [P2234]. 
Headlam (J. W.) Dead lands of Europe 

1917. [P2332]. 
Lodgman v. Auen (R.) Die Autonomic 

u. i. Bedeut. f. O.-U., 1918. [P2236]. 
Austro-Fmssian War, 1866. 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — 
Benedek (Fldzgm. L. A. v.), 1804-81. 
Frederick Charles, pr., 1828-85. 
Hartmann (J.), 1821-92. 
Steinmetz (C. F. v.), Feldmarschall, 

Stosch (A. v.), 1818-96. 
Werder (C. W. F. A. L. v.), 1808-87. 
Alter (W.) Fldzgm. Benedek u. d. 

Feldzug d. k. k. Nordarmee, 1912. 
Autriche. Luttes de I'A. en 1866 ; tr., 

Crousse, 5t, 1868-1901. 
Bonnal (H.) Sadowa ; tr., 1913. 
Campagna del 1866 in Italia, 2t, & 

Maps, 1875-95. 
Friedjung (H.) Kampf um d. Vorherr- 

schaft, 1859-66, 2B, 1916-17. 
Hahn (L.) Zwei Jahre preuss.-deut. 

Politik, 1866-7, 1868. 
Hozier (H. M.) 7 weeks' war, 1907. 
[Italy]. Compl. alia storia d. cam- 
pagna del 1866 in I., 2v, 1909. 
Krauss (A.) Moltke, Benedek &c., 1901. 
Malcolm (It.-col. N.) Bohemia, 1866, 

Mela {&..)ps. Von d. Elbe b. z. Tauber, 

Ranch (F. v.) Brief e aua d. gr. Haupt- 

quartier, 1911. 
Silva (P.) II sesaantasei, 1919. 
Silva (P.) L'ltal. e la Guerra del 1866, 

Reminiscences . 
Hartmann (J.) Meine Erlebnisse, 1912. 


Laski (H. J.) A. in the mod. state, 1919. 

Problem of sovereignty, 1917. 

Refer to Politidal Science ; Sub- 
jects (Passive Obedience &o.). 
Authority in Religious Belief. 

Alexandre (N.) De tradit. non scriptis 

[in Migne. Theol. cursus, t26, 1859]. 
Briggs (C. A.) Bible, Church & reason, 

BuUinger (H.) De Scr. Sanctse authori- 

tate, 1538. 
Cochlseus (J.) De aut. eccjes. &c., 1549. 
Replica adv. resp. H. Bullingeri, 

1544. [P2640]. 
Forsyth (P. T.) Principle of a., 1921. 
Heshusius (T.) De vera J. C. eccl. eiusq. 

authoritate, 1572. 
Illingworth (J. R.) Divine transcend- 
ence, 1911. 
La Borde (V. de) Du temoignage de la 

verite dans I'Eglise, 1714. 
La Placette (J.) Obs. c. pontif. Rom. 

potest., 1695. 
La Rochefoucauld (F. de) card. De 

I'autorite de I'EgUse, 1604. 
Lewis (G. C.) Infl. of auth., 1849; 75. 
Luther (M.) Dass e. christl. Versamm- 

lung Ilecht habe, alle Lehre zu 

urtheilen &c., 1523 [in Wke., Bll, 

De potestate leges ferendi in eccL, 

1530 [in Wke., B30, 1909]. 
Meier (G.) De origine &g. verbi Dei &c., 

Pusey ( E. B. ) Rule of faith, 1 85 1 . [PI 257]. 
StilKngfleet (E.) Certainty of faith &c., 

1688. [P1474]. 
Tullie (G.) Defence of the oonfuter of 

Bellarmin's 2nd Note &c., 1687. 

Refer to Undenominationalism. 

Bennett (A. B.) Authors' craft, 1914. 
CoUes (W. M.) & H. Cresswell. Success 

in lit., 1911. 

Cox (E. W.) Arts of writing &c., 1878. 
Soc. of Authors. Grievances betw. 

as. & publishers, 1887. 

Burr (A. R.) The autobiography, 1909. 

Hubler (J. C.) Scr. qui de sua ipsi vita 

expos. &c. recensebit J. C. H., 1716. 

Klaiber (T.) Deut. Selbstbiog., 1921. 
MaoNicoll (T.) Autobiog». [in h. Essays, 


Polozov (A. L. de) L'a. en Russie, 1907. 

Refer to Despotism. 
Auto de fe, see Inquisition. 
Autograph Albums. 

Rosenheim (M.) Album amicorum 

(16-17C.) [in Arch., v62 i, 1910]. 

Arrigoni (L.) Coll., si, poeti ital., 1885. 
Briere (G.) & R. Bonnet. A. interess. 

I'hist. des arts en Fr. [in Soc. de 

I'Hist. de I'Art Fr. Bull., 1921]. 
Broadley (A. M.) Chats on a., 1910. 
Lacroix (P.) Melanges bibliog., 1871. 
Milton (J.) J. M., facs. of autogr. &o., 

Morrison (A.) Coll. formed by A. M., 6v 

<fc aer. 2, vl-3, 1883-96. 
[Goethe (J. W. v.)]. Autographs of G., 

Morghen & Humboldt {Facs.), 1897. 


Autographs [continued]. 
^German [continued]. 

Konneoke (G.) Bilderatlas z. Gesch. d. 

deut. Natiouallitt., 1887. 
Luther (M.) Werke, v9, 51, 53, 1893- 

Vogt (F.) & M. Koch. Gesch. d. deut 

lit., 3B, 1918-20. 
[WestphaHsch]. Album v. Autogr. d. 

westphal. Friedensschlusses ( 1648) 

Sale Catalogues. 

N.B. — For the collections of the follow- 
ing see under each name in A.O. 
Autograph prices current, vl-5, 1914- 

21, 1916-21. 
Beauregard (P. G. T.), 1915-6. [P1787]. 
Browning (R. W. B ), 1913. [P1413]. 
Cat. of aut. letters &c., 1900. [P1233]. 
Coggeshall (E. W.), 1916. 
Crawford (S. W.), 1915. [P1606]. 
Dowden (E.), 1914. [P1461]. 
Dunwoody (W. H.) dhc, 1916. [P1789]. 
Geibel (S. F. C.) & C. H. v. Hertenried, 

Goodspeed (C. A.), 1910. [P1228]. 
Grant (U. S.) Autogr. dispatches of 6., 

1864-5, sold, 1917. [P2226]. 
Heise (J.), 1915. [P1606 ; 1787]. 
Huth (H.), 1911. 
Joline (A. H.), 1914-15. 
Latta(W. J.), 1913-14. 
[Letters]. Valuable a. letters of Gen. E. 

Huntington &c., 1915. [P2226]. 
[ ]. Valuable a. 1. includ. love 

letters of Nelaon, 1915. [P2226]. 
Lillv (J.), 1872. 

Livingston (R. R.), 1918. [P2225]. 
MacGuire (F. B.) 111. cat. of Pres. 

Madison's oorresp. f. Amer. statesmen, 

sold, 1917. [P2224]. 
Maggs Bros., 1909-10. [P1302] ; 1911 

[P1312] ; 1919-21 [P2616]. 
Medici, fam. of, 1918-19. 
Morris (R.), 1917. 
Morrison (A.), 1917-19. 
Nelson (W.), 1914. 
Pearson (J.) & Co., 1911. [P1347]. 
Phillipps (sir T.), 1903. [P1234]; 1911- 

13 [P1282 ; 1423]. 
Piat (A.), 1898-9. 
Renouard (A. A.), 1855. 
Sanderson (H. K.), 1916. [P2230]. 
Stedman (E. C), 1911. 
Stevenson (R. L.), 1914-15. [P1602]. 
Thacher (J. B.), 1913-15. 
Tite (sir W.), 1874. 
Wright (W.), 1899. [<fc in P1234]. 
Refer to Autograph albums. 

Rochas (A. de) La sci. des philosophes 

& I'art des thaumaturges dans I'antiq., 

Refer to Inventions. 
Auvergne, France. 

Boudet (M.) T. de La Marche (1318-61), 

Bouillet (J. B.) Album Auvergnat, 1863. 
Goatling (F. M.) A. & its people, 1911. 
Imberdis (A.) Guerres relig. en A., 

16-1 7s., 2t, 1840. 
Rouchon (U.) Les ancStres auv. de M. 

Barres, 1909. 
Auxerre, town <fc diocese. 

Lebeuf (J.) Mems. cone. I'hist. civile &o. 

d'A., 4t, 1848-55. 
Reoueil des hist, de la Fr. : Obituaires, 

t3 ; Vidier &c., 1909. 

Hotman (A.) Deux paradoxes, 1598 [in 

Hotman (F.) Opusc., 1616]. 




Avarice [continued']. 

Plutarch, Treatise, De Cupid, divi- 
tiarum ; Paton, 1896. 
Preston (J.) Three treatises, 1632. 

Guignes. Peuples barbares, M6m. 2 [in 
Acad, des Insor. &c., Mem. de Htt., 
t28, 1761]. 
Pray (G.) Annales vet. (-997), 1761. 

Dissert, in Annales, 1774. 

Avellino, refer to Civita, La. 

Assoc. ProAventico. Bull. 2-6, 1888-94. 
Befer to Vaud, canton. 

LuUy (R.) Declaratio contra opiniones 
erroneas &c. [in Keicher, R. Lullus, 
Mandonnet (P. P.) Siger de Brabant & 
I'A. latin au 13e s., 1899. 


[Aversa]. Repertio d. pergamene d. 

Univ. e d. citta, 1215-1549, 1881. 
Befer to Casbrta, town dh province. 
Aveyron, dept. 

Cartailhac (E.) Dolmens dans I'A., 

1867. [P1361]. 
Befer to Conqubs. 

Albanes (J. J.) Galha Christiana nov., 

t7 (A. : 6veques, archev. &o.), 1920. 
Andre-Michel (R.) M. de Viterbe & les 

fresques de I'Audience au Palais 

Pont. d'A. (14o.) [in Ec. des Ch., t74, 

Berliere (U.) Un ami de Petrarque : 

Louis Sanctus (14c.), 1905. 
Charles-Roux (J.) J. H. Pabre en A., 

Duhaniel (L.) Visite au palais des 

papes, 1904. [P1200]. 
Ehrle (F.) Cat. d. Bibl. Pap. (1407) [in 

Clark (J. W.) Pasc, 1909]. 
Hist. Bibl. Roman. Pontif. A., 

tl (14c.), 1890. 

Avignon [continued]. 

Falque (M.) Proems du Rhone & con- 
testations s. la propriete d'A., 1302- 
1818, 1908. 
Plamini (W.) Tra Valchiusa ed A., 

Girard (J.) & P. Pansier. Cour temper. 

d'A., 14-15S., 1909. 
Hallays (A.) A. & le Comtat-Venaissin, 

Mollat (G.) Les papes d'A., 1305-78, 

1912. [B.] 
Okey (T.) Story of A., 1911. 
Pansier (P.) L'oe. d. Repenties a A., 

13-18S., 1910. 
Penjon (A.) Avignon, n.d. 

Guerlin (H.) S6govie, A. &c., 1914. 
Befer to Castile. 

Fernandez -Guerra y Orbe (A.) Fuero de 
A. (1155), 1865. 
Refer to AsTUEiAS ; Spain. 
Avon, river, Warwickshire. 

Bradley (A. G.) The A. & Shakespeare's 
country, 1910. 


Beaurepaire (E. de) Poesie pop. en 
Normandie & dans I'Avanchrin, 1856. 

Desroches (J. J.) Hist, du Mt. St.- 
Michel & de diocese d'A., 2t, 1838. 

Hairby (J.) Descr. & hist, sk^., 1841. 

Laisn6 (A. M.) Agitations de La Fronde 
(1649) &c., 1863. 

iJe/er to Churohin France: Dioceses. 
Azminster, see Nbwbnham Abbey. 
Aylsham, see Mannington Hall. 

Chalmers (G.) A. section of " Cale- 
donia " (1824 &c.) ; Robertson, 1891. 

Fullarton (W.) Agriculture of A. (1793) ; 
Robertson, 1891. 

Harvey (W.) Picturesque A., n.d. 

Macintosh (J. ), ed. Poets of A. ( 14-20c. ) 

Ayrshire [continued]. 

Pont (T.) Cuninghame fopographised 
(17c.) ; Robertson, 1891. 
Robertson (W.), ed. Hist. A., 1891. 

Hist, tales & legends of A., 1889. 

Befer to Carriok ; Largs ; Mauoh- 
line ; Ochiltree. 

Azerbaidjan Republic. 

Eastern Europe, Nos. 1-8, 1919. 


Foreign Office. Hdbks., 116, A. & 
Madeira, 1920. [B.] 
Godman (F. D.) Nat. hist., 1870. 


Brandenburg (N. E.) AaoBCKifi aoi.oxh 

UieuHH, 1697, 1868. 
Miiller (G. F.) Samml. russ. Gesch., B2, 

Aztec Language. 

Leon (N.) Vocab. de la leng. popoloca 

chocha [in Mexico : Museo Nac. de 

Arq., Anales, t3, 1911]. 
Penafiel (A.) Nomenclatura geograf., 2p, 

Robelo (C. A.) Nociones del idioma 

Nahuatl dh o. p. [in Mexico : Museo 

Nac. de Arq., Anales, t3, 1911]. 

Aztec Literature. 

Hist. & Crit. 

Castillo Ledon (L.) Ant. lit. indigena 

mexic, 1917. [P2047]. 
Waterman (T. T.) Delin. of day-signs in 

Aztec MSS., 1916. 
Texts & Translations. 
Mexico : Museo Nac, Anales, 1907-. 


Mexico : Museo Nac, Anales, 1907-. 
Robelo (C. A.) Dice de mitologia Nahoa 

[in Mexico : Museo nac, Ann., 2a 

epoca, t2-5, 1905-8]. 
Orig. del cal. Nahuatl [in Mexico : 

Museo Nac. de Arq., Anales, t3, 1911]. 
Spinden (H. J.) Anc. civihzations, 

1917. [B.] 


Babism & Bahaism. 

Browne (E. 6.) Cat. &c. of 27 Babi 

MSS., 1892. 

Materials, 1918. [B.] 

Cheyne (T. K.) Reconciliation of races 

& religs., 1914. 
Romer (H.) Babi-Beha'i, 1912. [B.] 
Skrine (F. H. B.) Bahaism, 1912. 
Stenstrand (A. J.) Key to heaven of 

Beyan, 1911. [P15S1]. 
Antiquities &c. (see also Babel & Bible, 

Anville (J. B. B. d') B. [in h. L'Euphrate 

&c, 1779]. 
Position de Babylone [in Acad. 

des Inscr. &c. M6m. de htt., t28, 

Banks (E. J.) Bismya, lost city of Adab, 

[Brit. Museum]. B. boundary-stones 

&c. ; King, 1912. 
[— ] Guide to B. &c antiqs., 1908. 
Contenau (G.) Contrib. &. I'hist. eoon. 

d'Umma, 1915. 
Delaporte (L.) Cat. du Musee Guimet : 

oyHndres orient., 1909. 
Delitzach (F.) Handel u. Wandel, 1910. 
Deut. Morgenland. GeseUs. Ztsohr., 


Babylonia [continued]. 
Antiquities <fce. [continued]. 
Dieulafov (M.) Temple de Bel-Marduk, 

Gautier (J. E.) Arch, d'une fam. Dilbat, 

prem. dyn., 1909. 
Hager (J.) Diss, on B. insert., 1801. 
Handcock (P. S. P.) Mesopotamian 

arch., 1912. 
Hilprecht (H. V.) Ausgrab. im Bel- 

Tempel zu Nippur, 1903. [P1266]. 
THommel (F.)]. Orient, studien F. H. 

gewidmet, 2B, 1917-18. 
Imhoof-BIumer (F.) Munzatatte, 

makedon. Satrapen, 1896. 
Jastrow (M.) Civilization of B. &c., 

King (L. W.) & H. R. H. HaU. Hist., 

rec. discov., 1906. 
Klauber (E.) Keilschrift brief e : Staat u. 

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Babylonia [continued]. 

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Bacon dh Shakespeare. 





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Refer to Hampshire. 
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Refer to Waewickshibb. 
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Refer to Railways, Turkey in Asia. 
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Refer to Lucca. 

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Refer to Hamburg. 
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Refer to Charente, dept. ; Monas- 
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Refer to Siberia ; Transbaikalia. 
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Refer to Ethnology, Asia ; Persia. 
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Balham. Refer to London. 

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Refer to Dutch East Indies ; Java ; 
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Balkan Peninsula. 

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Balkan Peninsula [continued']. 

History «fc Politics (refer to Eastbbn 
Question; Jttqoslavs). 
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Balkan Peninsula [continued]. 

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Refer to Balkan Peninsitla ; BuL- 
GABiA ; Gebbk Hist., Mod. ; Tub- 
key, History. 
Ballads & Songs. 

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Ballads & Songs [continued]. 

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Ballads & Songs [continued]. 
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^— {Bibliography & History). 
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Ballads & Songs [continued]. 

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H. ; 

Ballads & Songs [continued]. 
Irish [continued]. 
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Ballads & Songs [continued]. 

Roumanian . 

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Sicilian, see Italian above, 
Cancionero Uamado Vergel de amores, 

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Ballads & Songs 

Spanish [continued]. 
Ochoa (E. de) Tesoro de los roluauceros 

y cancioneros, 1838. 
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1895 [in R. F., BIO, 1895]. 
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&c. [in R. F., BIO, 1899]. 
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Stvedish {see also Scandinavian, above). 
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Befer to Roundels. 

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la reine (1581), 1868. 
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[in Soc. de I'Hist. de Paris, Mem., 

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opera & b., 1914. 
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(16-170.), 3t, 1904 &c. 
Musica, baUo &c. alia corte 

Medicea, 1600-37, con testi, 1905. 
Balliol College, Oxford. 

Arnold (H.) Glass in B. Coll. Chapel, 

n.d. [P1622, 2589]. 
[Oxford: B. Coll.] Oxford deeds; 

Salter, 1913. 
[ ]. Register, 1832-1914; Hilliard, 


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franchise, 1872. [P1285]. 
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b. system in U.S., 1917. 

Bally croum. 

Westropp (T. J.) Dolmens at B., 1900. 
Befer to Clake, county. 

Barnes (E.) Brief descr. of B. Mine, 
1864. [P1237]. 
Befer to Wicklow. 

Douglas-Irvine (H.) Royal palaces, 
Befer to Aberdeenshieb ; Castles 


Miller (S. N.) Roman fort at B. on the 

Antonine wall, 1922. 
Befer to Lanarkshire. 

Maogill (W.) Old Boss-shire &c. as seen 

in B. docs., 1909 ; Suppl., 1911. 
Befer to Boss and Cromaetv. 
Baltic Provinces. 

Baltische Studien z. Arohaolog. u. 

Gesch., 1914. [B.] 
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(-17c.), 1870. 
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B. P., Bl-6, 1916-17. 
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besetzten Telle verwaltet ? 1918. 
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Heikel (A. 0.) Volkstraohten in d. 

Ostseeprov., 1909. 
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fiajT. CiasflHT., 1874. 
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Imp. Akad. Nauk. Bull., cl. hist.- 

phil., 1844-59. 
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Erneu. d. B., 1918. [P2257]. 
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Balten, 1915. 
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Volkes Frage, 1918. 
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Land d. Deutschherren u. d. 

Hansa im Osten, 1919. 
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roAa, t2, 1911. 
Westrusslaud in s. Bedeut. f. d. Entw. 

Mitteleuropas ; Sering, 1917. [B.] 
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Hanse (10-14o.), 1914. [B.] 
Wolffen (A. v.) Ostseeprovinzen, 1917. 

Befer to Ettropean War. 




Baltic Sea. 

Anderson (R. C.) Naval wars in B., 

1522-1850, 1910. 
Poelman (H. A.) Bronnen tot de gesoh 
V. d. Oostzeehandel, dll, ii (1122- 
1499), 1917. 
Schafer (D.) Kurland u. d. B. in Welt- 
gesoh. u. Weltwirts., 1918. [P2233]. 
Befer to Aland Islands. 

[Methodist]. Discipline &c. of Bethany 
Indep. Meth. oh. of B., 1872. 

Workman (F. B. & W. H.) Ice-bound 
heights of the Mustagh, 1908. 

CoUes (r. p.) Les B. (Congo Beige), 2t, 
Befer to Afeioa : Ethnology &c. ; 
Congo ; Nbgboes. 
Baluchi Language. 

Dames (M. L.) Sk. of N. Bal. lang. 

gram., vocab. &o., 1881. 
Geiger (W.) Die Spr. d. B. [B.] [in 
Geiger & Kuhn, Grundriss d. iran. 
Philol., Bl ii, 1898-1901]. 
Befer to Indian Languages. 

Administration dh History. 

[Baluchistan]. Admin, rep. of B. Agency, 

[ ]. B. Code, 1914. 

Dyer (E. E. H.) Raiders of the Sarhad 

(1916), 1921. 
[India: Records]. B. Agency rep., 1907-. 
Bray ( D. ) Statist, analysis oftribes,1911. 
Dames (M. L.) Baloch race, 1904. 
[India: Census]. C, 1911 (v4), B. ; 
Bray, 1913. 
Topography & Travels. 
Bouillane de Lacoste (H. de). Around 

Afghanistan ; tr., 1909. 
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Rift & Harnai, 1893. [P1383]. 
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[Sbomik]. CdopniiKi reorp. &o. Mai. no 

A3iH, B33, 40, 47, 1888-91. 
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work, 1904-5, 1905. 
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Zarudny (N.) TpeibH SKCKypcia, 1900-1, 
Balzi-Bossi, see BAOUssi-RoussB. 

Herbordus. Vita Ottonis ep. (d. 1189) 
[in Mon. Germ, hist., Scr., t20] ; ub., 
Michel (M.) Quintessenz d. Wunder- 
curversuche, 1822. 

Fawcett (W.) Banana, 1921. 
Rung (R.) Die Bananenkultur, 1911. 
Befer to Fetjit. 

[Banat]. Mem. pres. k la Conf. de la 

Paix, 1919. [P2501]. 
Foreign Oface. Hdbks., 6, 1920. [B.] 
Befer to Hitngaey. 
Bancroft, Ontario. 

Adams (P. D.) & A. E. Barlow. Geol. 
of Haliburton & B. areas, 1910. 
Befer to Ontaeio, province. 

Bamff charters, 1232-1703 ; Ramsay, 

[Banff]. Records, 1660-1760; Grant, 

Barclay (W.) Banffshire, 1922. 
BuUoch (J. M.) B. volunteers, 1797, 
1915. [P1722]. 

Banffshire [continued']. 

BuUoch (J. M.) Beginning of B. volun- 
teers,* 1794, 1915. [1722]. 

Independent volunteers of B., 

1798, 1915. [P1722]. 
Mem^. of rebellion in 1745 &c. cone. B. 
[in Blaikie (W. B.) Origins of the '45, 
Bangor, Diocese of. 

Hughes (W.) B. (Dioc. hist.), 1911. 
Jones (E. A.) Church plate, 1906. 
Bangorian Controversy. 

Law (W.) 3 letters (1717-19) [in Wks. 
vl, 1892]. 

Bank of England. 

Andreades (A.) Hist. ; tr., 1909. 
Boase (H.) Def. of conduct of directors 

of B. of E., 1804. [P2188]. 
Burn (J. ) Stock Exchange investments ; 

w. chaps, on B. of E., 1909. 
Cruttwell (R.) Eng. finance, 1818. 

Fisk (H. E.) Engl, pubhc finance (1688- 

1920), 1921. [B.] 
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Withers (H.) Engl, banking system, 

Philippovich (E. v.) Hist. ; tr., 1911. 
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1818. [P2155]. 
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B. of E., 1897. 


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Banks & Banking. 

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la lettre de change &c., 1888 ; & o. p. 

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& after the War, 1918. 
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Hist., princ. & practice ; Sykes, 

2v, 1911. 
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Iniquity of banking, 1797. [P2187]. 
Interviews on b. & currency systems of 

Eng., Scot., Fr., Germ., Switz. & It., 

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Princ^. of money & b., 1920. 

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Europe, 1910. 
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the Bank of Eng., 1897. 
[U.S. Lib. of Congr.]. Refs. on monet. 

question ; Meyer & Slade, 1913. 
Co-operative Banks. 
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German banking, Misc. articles, 1910]. 
HeiUgenstadt (C.) Preuss. - Central 

Genossenschafts-Kasse (tr. ) [in German 

banking. Misc. articles, 1910]. 
[Italy : Min. di Agric. &o.]. Statist, d. 

b. popolari, 1899-1908 & App. (-1910), 

Pari, papers [972]. Thrift & Credit B. 

Bill: rep. &c., 1910. (96). 
Sbrojavaoca (L.) Appunti di statist, e 

legislaz. [in AnnaU di statist., S3, vll, 


Baaks & Bsmking [continued]. '■rn 

Co-operative Banhs [continued]. i ., 
Schulze-Delitzsoh (F. H.) Vorsohuss- u. 
Kredit - Vereine als Volksbanken ; 
Cruger, 1914. 
Wolff (H. W.) Co-oper. in India, 1919. 

People's bs., 1919. 

History (General). 
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Banks & Banking, Africa. 

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S. Afr. Ltd. (1862-1913), 1914. 
Banks & Banking, America, see Banes 
&c. Canada ; Banks &c. Mbxioo ; 
Banks, &c. United States. 
Banks & Banking, Austria-Hungary. 
Kubeck (C. F.) Tagebvicher (1795- 

1855), 2B dh Suppl., 1909-10. 
Zuckerkandl (R.) A.-H. Bank [in 
Banking in Russia, 1911]. 
Befer to AtrsTEiA ; Finance, Aus- 
trian ; Hungary. 
Banks & Banking, Belgium. 

Banque de Belgique. Arrete royai- 
Statuts, 1835. [P1979]. 

Assemblee gen., 1842. [P1979]. 

[Belgique]. Du gouvt. beige sous les 
constita. de 1815 & de 1830 &o., 1840. 
Conant (C. A.) Nat. bank of B., 1910. 
Frangois (H. J. 6.) Operations de la 
b. rel. aux droits du Gouvt. Beige, 
1836. [P1979]. 
[Mot]. Tout petit mot sur I'empr. de 

30 milUons, 1836. [P1979]. 
Pauw (P. H.) De la Banque Anglo- 
Beige, 1839 ? [P1979]. 

Lumiere dans les tenebres de la 

B. de B., 1839. [P1979]. 
Willocx (J. B.) Parallele entre la 
caisse hypoth. &c., 1836. [P1979]. 
Biography, see A.C. under: — 
Meeus (c. P. P. de), 1798-1861. 

Befer to Belgium ; Finance, Bel- 
Banks & Banking, Canada. 

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[Canada]. Interviews on b. &c. sys- 
tems of C, 1910. 
[ ]. Sessional papers, v48iv ; Un- 
claimed balances &;o., 1914. 
Johnson (J. F.) Canadian b. system,1910. 
Befer to Canada, Economics ; Fiu- 
ANOE, Canadian. 
Banks & Banking, Chile. 

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Banks & Banking, China. 

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Banks & Banking, Dutch E. Indies. 
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banken, 1914. [B.] 
Banks & Banking, Egypt. 

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Management &c., 1908]. 
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1804. [P2156]. 




Banks & Banking, England [continued]. 
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faUures, 1911. [P1339]. 
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Restrict. Bill, 1810. [P2156]. 
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1920. [B.] 
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Gt. Brit. &c., 1867-1909, 1910. 
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[in Bankenquete, 1908-9 : Mater- 

ialien z. Frage d. Depositenwesens, 

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War & Lombard Street, 1915. 

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Biographies, see A.O. under: — 
Avebury (J. L., b.), 1834-1913. 
Bagehot (W.), 1826-77. 
Coutts (T.), 1735-1822. 
Clearing System. 
Bankers' Clearing House. Rep. (1868-), 

Holland (R. M.) London b. u. house [in 

Withers (H.) Eng. b. system, 1910]. 
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b'. [in Hist. Soc. of Lanes. &o., N.S., 

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(1779-), 1914. 
Banks & Banking, France. 

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occupe dep. 1810 par la B. de France 

[in Soc. de I'Hist. de Paris, Mem., t28, 

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Patron (M.) Bank of F. in rel. to 

credit, 1910. 
[U.S. : Nat. Mon. Commj]. Statistics f. 

Gt. Brit., Fr. &c., 1867-1909, 1910. 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — 
Bernard (S.), 1651-1739. 
Laffite (J.), 1767?-1844 [in Tucker- 

man (H. T.) Mental portraits, 1853]. 
Banks & Banking, Germany. 

Bankenquete, 1908-9 : Verhdlgen. d. 

Gesamtkomm. zu Punkt 6 d. Frage- 

bogens (Depositenwesen), 1910 ; Mat. 

z. Erage d. Depositenwesens, 1910. 
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German bank inquiry of 1908 : reps., 

German Imperial b. laws &c. ; Koch, 

[German]. Misc. articles on G. b., 1910. 
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Aktiengesells. d. deut. chem. Industrie 

u. i. Bezieh. z. Bankwelt, 1910. 
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1901), Bl, 1921. 
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Berl. Grossbanken, 1915. 
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(London agencies), 1917. (cd. 8455). 
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uns. Reichsbank u. d. Krieg, 1917. 
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u. Kredit-Vereine als Volksbanken ; 

Criiger, 1904. 

Banks & Banking, Germany [continued]. 
[U.S. : Nat. Mon. Comm.]. Statistics f. 
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Renewal of Reichsbank Charter 

(1907-9), 1910. 
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tr., 1911. 
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Banks & Banking, Ireland. 

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Banks & Banking, Italy. 

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law, 1911. 

[Italy : Min. di Agric. &c.]. Statist, d. 

b. popolari, 1899-1908, & App. (-1910), 


MagnocavaUo (A.) Prop, di riforma d. 

A. Sanudo (s. 16) [in Scienze stor., 

Congr. internaz., 1903, Atti, v9, 1904]. 

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di Firenze, 1200-1345, cfe App., 1868. 
Banks & Banking, Japan. 

Katsura, Sakatani &o. B. system of J. 
[in Banking in Russia, 1911]. 
Refer to Japan, Economics. 
Banks & Banking, Mexico. 

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Mexico, 1910. 
Refer to Mbxioo. 
Banks & Banking, Netherlands. 

Borght (R. V. d.) Bank of the N. [in 

Banking in Russia, 1911]. 
Maatschappij tot nut van 't algemeen. 

Rapport, 1896. [P1398]. 
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Nederland, 1817-1908, 1909. [P1398]. 
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Biographies . 
Baert (J. F. B.), 1833-1909 [in Maatsch. 

d. Ned. Letterk. Levensber., 1909]. 
Veken (J. van der), 1583-1616 [in 
Maatsch. d. Ned. Letterk. Handehngen 
Refer to Nethbklands, History. 
Banks & Banking, Russia. 

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[in Banking in Russia, 1911]. 
Banks & Banking, Scotland. 

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Banks & Banking, Sweden. 

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Banks & Banking, Switzerland. 

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Refer to Finance, Swiss. 
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Bann, Lower, river. ( Refer to Wexfokd. ) 
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Neagh & the Lower B. ; Dick, 1904. 
(c4. 2205). 

Bannockburn, Battle of, 1314. 

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mons : Downs &c. of B., 1893. 
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Refer to Surrey. 

Bantry & Bantry Bay. 

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3p, 1921. [P2579]. 
Bantu Languages. 

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Bantu Races. 

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Refer to Africa ; Ekoi Race. 


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Boule &c., 2t, 1906-12. 
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tr., 1908. 
Refer to Alpes-Maritimes ; Caves ; 





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Refer to Birds. 
Barcelona, town & province. 

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Refer to Aeagon" ; Catalonia. 

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Refer to Lincolnshire. 

Pudsay, family of. Pudsay deeds 
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Refer to Yorkshiee. 

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Refer to LuccA. 
Ban, toum <b province. 

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1903. [B.] 
Refer to Apulia ; Giovinazzo ; 
Ptjtignano ; Teelizzi ; Teani. 
Bark, refer to Cork. 
Barka (Cyrenaica). 

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Barking. (iJe/er fo London.) 

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Bar-le-Duc, see Saintb-Hoilde, aibey. 
Barletta University. 

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Refer to Universities, Italy. 
Barmherzigen Schwestem (Die), see Bor- 
romeo (San Carlo), Sisters of. 




Barnacles, see Cbitstacea. 

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Cat Club, 1889. 
Befer to Surrey. 

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Bamsley, Yorlcs. 

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Refer to Yorkshire. 

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Regular [im Clark (J. W.) Fasc, 1909]. 

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Weeden (E. St. C.) Year w. the Gaekwar, 


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Refer to Colombia. 
Banows & Tumuli. 

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Barrows & Tumuli [continued]. 

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Bartfa, town. 

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1501), 1910. 
Refer to Hungary. 
Barton-on-Humber, Lines. 

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2p, 1856. 
Barundi. {Refer to A'eb.ig a.) 

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Refer to Yorkshire. 
Basalt, see Petrology. 


Annales Colmar. (Ann. Basil., 1266-77) 

[in var. colls., consult Poithast]. 
[Basel]. Kat. d. oefientl. Kunstsara- 

lung in B., 1908. 
Easier Taschenbuch, 1862-3. 
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1241-1350, -1378) [in Pontes rer. 

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Og [in Cambr. essays, 1858]. 

Velyaminov-Zernov (V. V.) HasiaiBHKi 

c-b apaO.-rarap. ua^nucbK) B% BauiKiipiH, 

Bashmuric Dialect, see Coptic Language 

& Literature. 

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Refer to Architecture ; Churches. 

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[in Arch., v61 ii, 1909]. 
Refer to Hampshire. 

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around B., 1909. 
Basque Language & Literature. 
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in Leizarragas New Test., 1571, 1915. 
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found in B. N. T. of J. Lei9arraga 

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Basques & Basque Provinces. 

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Hacienda, 6 Nov. 1815, 1839. 
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Refer to Alava ; Bilbao. 




Bassam (Giand). 

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t2 (Pays d'Issini), 1780. 

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iUust., 1847. 

6erola(G.) B. (Ital. artist.), 1910. 
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Basse-Fontaine, abbey. 

[Basse Fontaine]. Cartulaire de I'ab- 
baye de B.-F. (1143-1298); Lalore, 
Befer to Aubb, dept. ; Monastbbibs, 
Feanob ; Pebmowstkatensians. 

Da Cunha (J. G.) Hist. & antiqs., 1876. 
Befer to Bombay. 
Basses-Alpes, dept. 

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zey de Larroque, 1887. [P1948]. 
Henry (D. M. J.) Geog. anc. & antiqs., 
Befer to France ; Manosqtjb ; Pbo- 
VENOB ; Vbedon, river. 
Basses-Pyi6n§es, dept. Befer to Ossau. 

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I'Hist. de Paris., Mem., t7, 1881]. 
Grimstone (E.) Captivity &c. (1558-9) ; 

Reeve, 1871-2. 
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B. : Journal (1724) ; Babeau [in Soc. 
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Latude & s. evasion (1756) ; Campar- 
don & Longnon [ire Soc. de I'Hist. de 
Paris., Mem., t3, 1877]. 
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Renneville (R. A. C. de) L'inquisition 
frang., 1715. 


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Bat, animal. 

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California, 1918. 
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Bijdragen tot de taal-, land- & volken- 
kunde v. Ned. Indie, 1853-. 
Befer to Philippine Isl. ; Sitmatba. 
Batalha, Estremadura. 

Condeixa (vise, de) Mosteiro da B., 
Batavia, see Java. 
Bath, Order of the. 

Perkins (J. H. T.) Most Hon. O. of the 
B., 1913. 
Bath, Somerset. 

[Bath]. Original B. guide, 1845. 
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History & Social Zdfe. 
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Bath [contintied]. 
History & Social Life [continued']. 
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of B., 1914. [P1465]. 
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Greek <$> Roman. 
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Befer to Deooeation &c. ; Dyeing ; 
Textiles ; Wax. 

Ramsey (S.) Historic B., 1913. 
Befer to London. 
Battlefield, Shropshire. 

Fletcher (W. G D.) B. Church, 1903. 
Befer to Sheopshiee. 
Battles & Sieges. 

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Tagliacozzo ; Toubcoing. 
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Befer to Altdoef ; Benbdiktbeu- 


STATJF ; Febising, town ; Heeken- 


BBN ; ScHLiGL, abbey ; Schwab- 


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to 16 century. 

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Bavaria, Histoiy [continued}. 

19 & 20 centuries [continued']. 
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samhausen (1815-81), 1884. 
Constitution . 

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Bajoo. oivitate (1106) [in B.N. Not., 
tllii, 1827]. 
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1922. [B.] 
Befer to Btjr ; Calvados. 
Bayeux Tapestry. 

[Bayeux Tapestry]. Reprod. compl. ; 

Tostain, n.d. 
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&o. Mem. de Utt., t6, 8, 1729-33]. 
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Befer to Galicia, Spain. 

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Bayonne, Basses- Pyrenees. 

Fiestas en B., cuando estuvo alii la 
reina Isabel, 1565 [in Uhagon (F. R. de) 
Rel. hist., 1896]. 
Bayonne, Constitution of, see Spain, 

Bayou Lacomb, see Louisiana. 

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1486-1557, 1911. 
Befer to Ansbach ; Bavabia ; Bran- 
denburg ; Prussia, Hist. 
Bayswater, see London. 

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S. I. : U.S. Nat. Mus. Proc, v36, 
Befer to Bosaryj 

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black b. in captivity, 1912. 
Sheldon (C.) Wilderness of N. Pacific 
coast islands, 1912. 
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[in Arch., v70, 1920]. 

Beare. (Befer to Cork.) 

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of dist. of Beare & Bantry, oo. Cork, 
3p, 1921. [P2579]. 

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Befer to Gabd, dept.; Lanouedoo. 
Beaugency, abbey. 

[Baugency]. Cartulaire de I'abbaye 
(1104-1316) ; Vignat, 1879. 
Befer to Monasteries, France ; 

Longin (E.) ed. Baux k ferme & vente 
des ohastellenies &c. du pays de B., 
1528-1604, 1907. 
Befer to Lyonnais. 
BeauUeu Abbey, Hampshire. 

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days, n.d. 
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Hope (W. H. St. J.) & H. Brakspear. 
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Journal, v63, 1906]. 
Befer to Cistercians ; Hampshire ; 
Beaulieu Abbey, Limousin. 

[Beaulieu]. Office du St. Sepulore de 
FA. de B. [in Salies (A. de) Hist, de 
Foulques-Nerra, 1874]. 
Beaumont, Essex. 

[Beaumont]. Parish registers (1564- 
1678), 1899. 
Befer to Essex. 
Beauty, Personal. 

Discourse of auxiliary b., 1656. 
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(16c.) [in Apuleius (L.) L'asino d'oro, 
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suUa donna, 1913. 
Beauvais & Beauvaisis. 

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Beaumanoir (P. de) Coutumes de 
Beauvaisis (13o.) ; Salmon, 2t, 1899- 
[Beauvais]. Cartulaire de I'Hotel-Dieu 
de B. (1130-1464) ; Leblond, 1919. 

[ ]• Censier de I'Hotel-Dieu de B. 

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[ ]• Obituaire de I'Hdtel-Dieu de 

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de Beaumanoir, 1246-96, 1869-73. 
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Omont (H.) Bibl. de I'Eglise cath. de B., 




Beauvais & Beauvaisis [continued']. 

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B. [in Soc. de I'Hist. de Paris, Mem., 
t8, 1882]. 

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Lalore, 1878. 
Refer to Atjbb, dept. 

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Bee, Abbey of. 

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Refer to Suffolk. 

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governor, 1913. 


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Refer to Kent. 

[Bedford]. Copy of poU, 1830. 
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represent, of B., 1830. 
Refer to Bedfordshiee. 
Bedford Level. 

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1774, 1868. 
Kinderley ( — ) State of navigat. of Lyn, 

Wisbech &o., 1751. [P2068]. 
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Refer to Bedfokd. 

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Bee [continued]. 

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born b. of the ancients (bugonia) &c., 

1894. [P1878]. 
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• 1918. 

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CoUetes [in Nebraska Univ. st., v8, 

St. of N. Amer. b., 1 [in Nebraska 

Univ. St., vU, 1911]. 
Refer to Bee-eater. 


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Refer to Bee ; Birds. 
Beef, see Cooking ; Meat. 
Beer & Brewing. 

[Brewing]. State of b. trade, 1761. 

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RoUeston (S.) Barley wine, 1750. 
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titude, 1651 [in h. Wks., 2nd coll., 

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1920, 1920. [P2508]. 
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Centr.-Amer., Insecta : Coleoptera, 

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India . 
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Refer to Insects ; Strepsiptera. 

Beghards & B6guines. 

Doucelina, St. Vie de Ste. D. (13c.) ; 
Albanes, 1879. 
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bdguinage, 1921. 

Beghards & Bfeguines [continued]. 

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Soc. de I'Hist. de Paris, Mem., t20, 

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CandoUe (C. de) Begoniaoeae Cent.- 
Amer. & Ecuador, [in S. I. Misc. coll., 
v69, 1921]. 


[Bengal]. Proprietary rights of Zemin- 
dars, 1885. [P2012]. 
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1917-20 ; Suppl. to v2, 1920. 
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&c. in B. (1873-4), 1876. 
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Behring Sea. 

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Opinions, 1893. 

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Refer to Komandorsky Islands ; 
North East Passage. 

Being (Ontology). 

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B. propag. [in Brit. Sch. at Athens, 

Annual 20, 1913-14]. 
Geogr. distrib. of the B. [in Brit. 

Sch. at Athens, no. 21, 1917]. 
Refer to Dervishes ; Mohammedans. 
Belemnites, see Mollusca ; Paljson- 



Beauchamp (F. I. S. C. visct.) Letter to 
1st B. Co. of Volunteers, 1783. [P2130]. 
[BeHast]. Hist, colls. (-1801), 1817. 
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sketch, 1902. 
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Belfast University, see Queen's College 

& University, Belfast. 

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Refer to Alsaob-Lorrainb ; Franco- 
Germ. War. 




Belgian Liteiatuie. 


Braban9onne (La) &c., 1830. [P1968]. 
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2s, 1876-9. 
Bibliography <fe Biograph. Diction- 
aries . 

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de lettres &c. de la B., 1837. 
History & Criticism, 
Almanaoh des arts & de la Utt. en B., 

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Idees &o., s2, 1915]. 
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Refer to Belgium. 



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[Belgique]. Belgium & the N.E. of 

France, 1912. 
Pages d'hist., s4, 1, L'atlas index, 


Belgium [continued]. 

Vanderkindere (L.) Recherches, 1872. 
Guide-books & directories. 

Allen (G.) Cities of B., 1902. 
Baedeker (C.) B. & Holland, 1884; 

1905; 1910. 
Dalrymple (mrs. W.) Economist's new 

Brussels guide &c., 1839. [P1987]. 

Muirhead(P.) B. & Western front, 1920. 

[Murray's Hdbks.]. Holland &c., 1876. 

Reichard (M.) Itinerary, 1822. 

Social Life & Economics {see also 

Banks; Hotjsino; Taxation; Wobk- 

iNG Classes). 
Belgien : Land, Leute, Wirtschafts- 

leben, 1915. 
Belgien : 9 Abhand. ; Schwering &c., 

BiUiard (R.) La B. indust. & comm. de 

demain, 1915. 
Boulger (D. C.) B. of the Belgians, 1911. 
Calmon (C.) Volkswirtschaftl. Betrach- 

tungen, 1915. 
Charriaut (H.) La Belg. mod., 1910. 
Depouhon (P.) OEuvres, 2t, 1873. 
Des Marez & Sagher. Comptes de la 

ville d'Ypres, 1267-1329, 2t, 1909-13. 
Espinas & Pirenne. Docs. rel. k I'in- 

dustrie drapiere en Flandre, pi, tl-3 

(-15c.), 1906-20. 
Gehrig (H.) & H. Wiintig. B. Volks- 

wirtsohaft, 1918. 
Herkner (H.) Was haben B. &;o. in. d. 

Arbeiterfursorge geleistet ?, 1914. 
Holland (C.) Belgians at home, 1911. 
Langhammer (J.) Belgiens Vergangen- 

heit u. Zukunft, 1916. 
Olszewski (J. v.) & S. Tatarczuch. Soz. 

Fiirsorge in B. wahr. d. Krieges ; 

libers., 1918. 
Passelecq (F.) Unemployment in Bel- 
gium dur. German occup., 1917. 

Roger (P. A.) & de Chenedolle. Mems. 

(16-190.), 1856. 
Rowntree (B. S.) Land & labour, 1910. 
Schumacher (H. ) B.'s Stellung in d. 

Weltwirtschaft, 1917. 
Stracke (D. A.) Armes Flandern ! lib., 

1918. [P2234]. 
Van Bemmel (E.) Patria Belgica, 3p, 

Van Heurck (E. H.) & G. J. Boeke- 

noogen. Hist, de Timagerie pop. 

flam. &c., 1910. 
Refer to Burial ; Social Life. 
Statistics & Population. 
[Belgique]. Annuaire statist, de la B., 

1908-11, 1909-12. 
Cuvelier (J.) Pop. de Louvain aux 

16 & 17s. [in Soc. d'Arch. de Brux., 

Annales, t22, 1908]. 
Faider (C.) Et. de s. nationale (1851-60), 

Topography & Travels. 
[Belgique]. Belgien : Land, Leute &c., 

[ ]. La B. monumentale, artistique 

&c. ; H. G. Moke &c., 2t, 1844. 
Breton (W.) B. front &c., 1918. [P2209]. 
Comm. Royales d'Art &c. Bull., 1863-78. 
Destree (J.) Villes wallonnes, 1917. 
Dumont-Wilden (L.) B. illust., 1915. 
Fraipont (J.) & F. Tihon. Explor. sci. 

des cavernes, Vallee de la Mehaigne, 

Friis-Mjziller (K.) Pilegrimsf^rd, 1919. 
Joergensen (J.) Dans I'extreme B. ; tr., 


Belgium [continued]. 
Topography <fc Travels [continued]. 
Kriegstaschenbiicher, H2, B., Land u. 

Leute, 1914. 
Lacroix (P. L.), ed. La B. en 1841, 1841. 
6 Cianain (T.) Flight of the earls 

(1607-9); Walsh, 1916. 
Omond (G. W. T.) Belgium, 1908. 
Ottmann (V.) Belgien, 1914. 
Promenades sur le chemin de fer, par 

M. de W., 1838. [P1987]. 
Prout (S.) Sketches ; Holme & Halton, 

Pujol (J.) De Londres a Flandes, 1915. 
Ram (JP. F. X. de)Subsidiaadillust. vet. 

&c. top., 2 fasc, 1843-44. 
Robida (A.) Vieilles villes, 1908. 
Roscoe (T.) B. : pictur. tour, 1841. 
Sehweisthal (M. ) Voyage du p. R. 

Moehner, 1651 [in Soc. d'Arch de Brux., 

Annales, tl6, 1902]. 
Sinclair (M.) Journal of impress^., 1915. 
Siron & Gilliard. Cartes topog. beiges, 

Souttar (H. S.) Surgeon in B., 1915. 
Vachon (M.) Villes martyres, 1915. 
Van Bemmel (6. E. P. P.) B. illust., 2t, 


Patria Belgica, 3p, 1873-5. 

Verdavaine (G.) Pictures of ruined B., 

Vontade (J.) Voyage : B. &c., 1914. 
White (T. H.) Fragments, 1841. 

Refer to Ath ; Chiny ; DiNANT 
Landen ; Mechlin ; Menin 
NiEUPORT ; RouLERS ; Scheldt 
Spa ; Tbrmondb ; Zebbeuge. 

Belgium, History. 

Borchling (C.) Das belg. Problem, 1914. 
Boulger (D. C.) B. of the Belgians, 1911. 
Cammaerts (E.) Belgium, 1921. 
Charriaut (H.) La Belg. mod., 1910. 
Davis (H. W. C.) What Europe owes to 

B., 1914. [P1578]. 
Destree (J.) Wallonie, 1914. 
Dumont-Wilden (L.) La B. illust., 1915. 
Edmundson (G.) &c. Belgium &c., 1914. 
Ensor (R. C. K.) Belgium, 1915. [B.] 
Fester (R. ) Wandlungen d. belg. Frage, 

Foreign Office. Hdbks., 26, 1920. [B.] 
Gesch. d. europ. Staaten. B. ; Pirenne, 

tr., B4 (1567-1648), 1913. 
Haraeus (F. ) Annales ducum Brabant. 

totiusq. Belgii (-1609), 3t, 1623. 
Kautsky (C.) Serbien u. B., in d. Gesch., 

Langhammer (J.) Belgiens Vergangen- 

heit u. Zukunft, 1916. 
Leclere (L.) Question d' Occident, 843- 

1921, 1921. [B.] 
Messager des sciences &c., 1823—73. 
Navez (L.) Champs de bataille de la B. 

(1302-1831), 2p & Suppl., 1902-10. 
Nelis (C. F. de) Belg. rerum liber pro- 

dromus, 1795. 
[Pays-Bas]. Revoltes de sujets : traites 

&c., 1348-1632, MS., var. dates. 
Pirenne (H.) Hist. (-1648), 4t, 1908-12. 
Polain (M. L.) Hist, de I'anc. pays de 

Liege, 2t, 1844-7. 
Van der Essen (L.) Short hist., 1919. 

Vanderkaas. La Belgiomanie, 1785. 

Vander Linden (H.) Belgium ; tr., 1920. 

Vue gen. de I'hist. de B., 1918. 

Young (A.) Short hist., 1915. 
Zimmermann (C.) Das Problem B., 





Belgium, History [continued]. 

to 15 century. 

Bast (M. J. de) L'instit. des communes 

(12-13C.), 1819. 
Despars (N.) Cron. van Vlaenderen 

(405-1492), 4d, 1837-40. 
Preret. Situation de peuples, conq. par 

Remains [in Acad, des Inscr. &c., Mem. 

de Utt., t47, 1809]. 
Hemricourt (J. de) Miroir d. nobles de 

Hesbaye (1102-1398) [in CE., tl, 1910]. 
[Liege]. Chron. Liegeoises ; Balau, tl 

(-1505), 1913. 
Van der Linden (H,) & H. Obreen. 

Album hist. (9-18s.), 1910. 
16—17 century, 
Baudius (D.) De induciis. (1606-9), 

Brants (V.) Albert & Isabelle (17c.), 

Bussemaker (C. H. T.) Afscheiding d. 

Waalsche gewesten van de Gen. Unie, 

t2, 1578-9, 1896. 
Enzinas (F. de) Mems. {Lat. & Fr.), 

1543-5, 2t, 1862-3. 
Galesloot (L.) Commune de Louvain, 

troubles &o. (17-18c.), 1871. 
Grotius (H.) Annales (1568-1609), 1657. 
Hotman (P.) Origo & hist. Belg. 

tumultuum, 1641. 
Le Maire (J.) Chron. annale (1507) [in h. 

OE., t4, 1891]. 
Rahlenbeck (C. A.) Refugies beiges du 

16e s. en Angl., 1865. [P2055]. 
Van der Linden (H.) & H. Obreen. 

Album hist. (9-18s.), 1910. 
18 century. 
Ami des Beiges [cont. as Le vrai Bra- 

ban9on],(1790), tl, 1790. 
Chalon (R.) Coup d'etat manque 1722, 

1860. [P2308]. 
Delhaize (J.) Domin. fran9., 18-19s., 

t3, 4 (1795-1804), 1909-10. 
Guillaume (6. H. L. G.) Corps du g^nie 

pend. le 18e s., 1870. [P2050]. 
4 regiments wallons au service du 

roi des Deux-Siciles, 1869. [P2054]. 
[Hainaut]. Livre noir de H. ; &Suppl., 

Juste (T.) Hist, du r^gne de I'Emp. 

Jos. II & de la Revol. beige de 1790, 

3t, 1846. 
Kiihn (J.) Liittioh Reiohsexekution v. 

1790-1, 1915. 
[Pays-Bas]. Recueil des representa- 
tions &c. ; Feller, 17t, 1787-90. 
PouUet (P.) Institutions fran§., 1795- 

1814, 1907. 
Vander Linden (H.) & H. Obreen. 

Album hist. (9-18s.), 1910. 
19-20 centuries (see also Foreign Rela- 
tions ; Politics ; Revolution, 1830, 

[Belgique]. Aus d. Archiven d. belg. 

Kolonialminist., Fl (1878-1914), 1918. 

Bogaerts (F. G. M.) Eloge de Loxiise- 

Marie, 1850. [P1954]. 
Boulger (D. C.) Hist., p2, 1815-65, 1909. 
Charriaut (H.) La B. mod., 1910. 
Collin de Plancy (J. A. S. ) Leopold ler, 

Considerant (N.) Leopold I, 1865. 

Constant (B.) Tableau polit., 1817. 

Delhaize (J.) Domin. fran9., t4-6 (1799- 

1815), 1910-12. 
Depouhon (F.) (Euvres, 2t, 1873. 
Des Ombiaux (M.) Revendie. territor., 


Belgium, History [continued]. 

19-20 centuries [continued]. 
Destree (J.) B. & Luxembourg (1815- 

1918), 1918. 
Dirr (P.) B. als franzos. Ostmark (1891- 

1915), 1917. 
Gemem(C.)&P. Royer. Rev. beige de 

1830 &c. (-1843), 1864. 
Hymans (L.) Regne de Leopold I (1831- 

65), 1864. 
Juste (T.) Prem. roi (Leopold I), 1865. 

Noot (H. K. N. van der) Reunion de la 

B. k la Hollande &c., 1814. [P1543]. 
PouUet (P.) Institutions fr., 1795-1814, 

Rappoport (A. S.) Leopold II (1835- 

1909), 1910. 
Ryckman de Betz (F. de) Baron 

Nothomb & la quest, luxembourg. 

(1830-9), 1918. 
Van Bouchout (J. J.) Reunion de la 

Belg. a la Hollande, 1814. [P1529]. 
Vandervelde (E.) La B. et le Congo, 

Van Langenhove (F.) Dossier diplomat. 

(1839-1917), 1917. [B.] 
1914—20 {see also Foreign Relations, 

below ; & refer to Etjeopban War). 
Ablay (M.) De la gloire & du sang 

(1914), 1918. 
Albert, k. of the Belgians. King A.'s 

book, 1914. 

Belgique]. Affiches allem. en B. 

(1914-16), 1917. 

]. Belg. Graubuch [in Bernstein 

(E.) Dok. z. Weltkrieg, H5, 1915]. 
' ]. B. sous la griffe allemande, 

■ ]. Carta del episcopade Belga 

(24 Nov. 1915), 1916. 

]. Case of B. in pres. war, 1914 

[& j?iPi5H]. 

' ]. Comm. Offio. : Rapports sur 

la violat. des gens en B., 1915. 

]. Fete Nat. Beige : discours, 

1916. [P2346]. 

]. Guerre de 1914-6 : r6p. au 

Livre blanc allemand du mai 1915, 
1916 ; tr., 1918. 

]. Proc. of protest agst. deporta- 
tion of Belgian citizens into servitude 
in Germany, Jan. 1917, 1917. [P1996]. 

]. Rapps. sur la violation du 

droit des gens en B., v2, 1915. 

]. Reponse au Livre blanc allem. 

du 10 mai 1915 &c., 1917. 

]. To Belgium, 1916. [P2324]. 

' ]. Die volkerrechtswidrige Fuh- 

rung d. belg. Volkskriegs, 1915. 
Bevens (le b. E.) Roi Albert, 1919. 
Boubee (J.) La B. loyale &c., 1916. 
Cahiers (Les) beiges, 1917-18, see A.O. 
Cammaerts (E.) Thr. the iron bars, 1917. 
Carton de Wiart (H.) Admin, separation 

&c. : tr., 1918. [P2359]. 

La B. boulevard du droit, 1916. 

La B. en terre d'asile, 1915. 

Way of honour ; tr., 1918. 

Charriaut (H.) La B., terre d'heroiame 

(1914), ]915. 
Dans la geole bruxelloise (1914-16), 

Destree (J.) Deport^, of B. workmen, 

1917. [P2026]. 
Dumont-Wilden (L.) Les Flamands & 

1' Allem., 1918. 
Frese (A.) Deut. Land in B., 1918. 

Gerlache de Gomery. B. in War time 

(1914-15), 1917. 

Belgium, History [continued]. 
1914^20 [continued]. 
Goyau (G.) L'unit6 beige & I'AUemagne, 

Gray (E. M.) B. sotto la spada tedesca 

(1914), 1914. 
Grondi]'s (L. H.) Les Allem. en Belg.: 

Louvain &c. [in Pages d'hist., s9, 1, 

HameUus (P.) Spirit of B. [in Low 

(S. J.) Spirit &c., 1915]. 
Hampe (C.) Belg. Bollwerk, 1918. 
Hanssens (E.) Pouvoir legisl. s. I'oocup. 

allem. en B., 1919. 
Harry (G.) L'apport moral de la B. k la 

cause des Allies, 1918. 
Headlam (J. W.) Belgium & Greece, 

1917. [P2332]. 
Houtte (P. van) Crime de Guill. II & la 

Belg., 1915. 
Huberich & Nicol-Speyer, edd. German 

legisl. for B. sl-4 (1914-15), 1915-16. 
Joergensen (J.) False witness; tr., 

Jiiohen (A. v.) Belg. Kriegsgreuel, 1914. 
Kerler (D. H.) Deut. Verletzung d. belg. 

Neut. &c., 1915. [P1895]. 
Kervyn de Lettenhove (b. H.) La Guerre 

& les ceuvres d'art en Belgique (1914-6), 

Libert de Flemalle (G. de) Fighting w. 

King Albert, 1915. 
Lichtervelde (c. L. de) Le 4 aoiit 1914 

au Pari, beige, 1918 ; tr. (Eng.), 1918. 

Losch (H. J.) Mitteleuropa. Wirts- 

chaftsblock u. d. Sohicksal B., 1914. 
Maeterlinck (M.) Wrack of the storm; 

tr., 1916. 
Massart (J.) Belgians under German 

eagle ; tr., 1916. 
Presse clandestine dans la B. 

occupee (1914-16), 1917 ; tr., 1918. 
Mears (E. G.) Destruction of B., 1916. 

Memor, ps. L'arm^e & la nation, 1917. 
Mercier (card. D. J.) Appeal to truth, 

1916. [P2340]. 

Pastoral letter, 1914. [P1579 ; 

1638 ; a. c. in Pages actuelles, no. 8, 

Shepherd among wolves (1914- 

18), 1919. 

Voice of B. (1914-17), 1917. 

Mokveld (L.) German fury in Belgium ; 

tr., 1917. 
MoUer van den Bruck (A.). B. u. 

Balten, 1915. 
Muchau (H.) Befreiung d. Vlamen, 

1917. [P2234]. 

Miiller (P.) Deut. Verwaltung in d. 

besetz. Gebieten B., 1918. 
Musin (J.) Conferencia sobre B. ; tr., 

1915. [P1641]. 

Neuray (F.) La B. nouv. (1914-18), 

Nothomb (P.) Barbares en B., 1915. 

La B. martyre, 1915. 

Le Roi Albert, 1915. 

Olyff (P.) B. sous le ioug, 1914-15, 

Ossiannilsson (K. G.) Militarism at 

work ; tr., 1917. 
Otto (B.) B. u. d. Neutralitat, 1918. 
Pari, papers [2209]. Relief of allied 

territories in occup. of the enemy, 

1916. (cd. 8295, 8348). 
Passeleoq (F.) B. unity & the Flemish 

Movement, 1916. [P23I7]. 

Deportations beiges : doc». allem., 





Belgium, Eistoiy [continued]. 
1014r-20 [continued}. 
Passeleoq (F.) Magistrature b. oontre 

despotisme allem., 1918. 
Pour teutoniser la B., querelle des 

races &c., 1915. 
Sarolea(C.)HowB. saved Europe, 1915. 
Siemens (W. v.) Belgien u. d. Abriia- 

tungsfrage, 1918. [P2236]. 
Somville (G.) Road to Liege (Aug., 

19U); tr., 1916. 
Strantz (V. v.) Eroberung Belgiens, 

1914, 1915. 
Terwayne (Dr.) Pour la defense du 

pays : doc^., 1914-15, 1916. 
Van der Essen (L.) German invasion & 

ocoup. ; tr., 1918. [P2333]. 
L'invasion allem. en B. : de Li^ge 

^I'Yser, 1917 ; tr., 1917. 
Vandervelde (E.) La B. envahie &c., 

Van de Vorst (F.) Jndemnites de guerre, 

question du chomage, 1918. [P2243]. 
— War indemnities, 1918. [P2240]. 
Van Puyvelde (L.) Le mouvt. flamand 

& la Guerre, 1918. 
Verhaeren (E.) B. sanglante, 1915. 
Visscher (C. de) B.'s case ; tr., 1916. 

Waldmann (P. 0.) Aus B. ausgewiesen 

(1914), n.d. [P1910]. 
Whitehouse (J. H.) B. in war, 1915. 

Whitlock (B.) B. under German occup., 

2v, 1919. 
Wintzer (W.) Das neue B. : Flandern 

u. Wallonien, Schutzstaaten d. Deut. 

Reiches, 1918. [P2233]. 
Ziekursch (J.) Was soli aus Belgien 

werden ?, 1917. 
Bihliogvftphy . 
[Belgique]. Archives de I'Etat, 1914- 

18"; Cuvelier, 1914-18. 
Comm. Roy. d'Hist. de B. Compte- 

rendu, tl-9, 1837-45. 

Rapp., 1859. [P2043]. 

Gachard (L. P.) Notices des mss., 

Vienne, 1864. 
Table chron. des Analectes (14— 

18c.), 1871. 
NeUs (C. F. de) Belg. rerum liber pro- 

dromus, 1795. 
Verriest (L.) Archives dept. du Nord, 

pi, 1913. 
Wautera (A.) Table des Chartes & 

Dipl6mes, til ii (1251-1300) ; Bormans 

& Halkin, 1912. 
Biograph, Collections & Dictionaries, 
[Belgique]. Fondateurs de la nation- 

alite b., 1860. [P2308]. 
Biographic generale des Beiges, livr. 1, 

Biographic nationals, t20-22, 1908- 

Polain (M. L.) Melanges, 1839. [P2011]. 
Biographies, see A.G. under: — 
Brialmont [gen. A. H.), 1821-1903. 
Broquevillc (6. C. de), I860-. 
Carton de Wiart (H.), 1869-. 
Chazai (6. P. E. F.), 1808-92. 
Constant Rebeoque (b. J. V. de), 1773- 

Du Monceau (c. J. P.), 1790-1884. 
Elizabeth, queen, 1876-. 
Pailly {g6n. E. A., baron de), 1789- 

Fr^re-Orban (H. J. W.), 1812-96. 
Halen (J. v.), 1790-1864. 
Le Maire (J.), c. 1473-1524. 
Louisa Mary Theresa C. I. [d' Orleans], 
queen, 1813-48. 

Belgium, History [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]. 

Louise, princess, 1858-. 
Meeus (c. F. P. de), 1798-1861. 
Mercier {card. D. J.), 1851- 
Merode-Westerloo (c. H. M. G. de), 

Merode-Westerloo (f eld-mar. c. J. P. E.), 

Nothomb (b. J. B.), 1805-81. 
Philip, dvc de Cleves, d. 1527. 
Pletinckx (gen. C. J.), 1797-1877. 
Raepsaet (J. J.), 1750-1832. 
Renkin (J.), 1862-. 
Van Hulthem (C. J. E.), 1764-1832. 
Voeller(L.)^. 1642. 
Constitution . 
Defre (L. J. ) De la convention d' An vers, 

1854. [P2049]. 
Errera (P.) Staatsrecht, 1909. 
Faider (C.) Cour de cassation de B., 

discours, 1871-3. [P2051]. 
Kerchove de Denterghem (0. de) 

Responsabilit6 des ministres, 1867. 
Pirenne (H.) B. democracy (-17o.) ; tr., 

Poullet (P.) Institutions fran9., 1795- 

1814, 1907. 
Van Bemmel (E.) Patria Belgica, p2, 

Van de Perre (A.) Language question, 

[Belgique]. Budget de la guerre de 

1837, 1837. [P2256]. 
Bigwood (G.) Orig. de la dette beige [in 

Soc. d'Arch. de Brux., Annales, t20, 

Foreign Relations. 
[Allemagne]. L' Allem. & la B. pend. 

&c. la guerre de 1870, 1870. [P2050]. 
Arendt (W. A.) Neatrahte de la B., 

Argenti (chev. M. G. d'A.) De la guerre 

act. & des etats libres &c., 1855. 

Bassompierre (A. de) Nacht, 2. u. 3. 

Aug., 1914 &c., 1918. 
Night of Aug. 2-3, 1914, at Belg. 

For. Office, 1916. [P2333]. 
[Belgique]. L'avenir de le neutraUte 

beige, 1916. [P2350]. 
[ ]. Belg. Neutrabtat, 1915. 

[ ]. Berufung B. auf d. ruhige &c. 

Urtheil Deut., 1870. [P2050]. 
[ ]. Case of B. : sec. archives of 

Belg. Govt. (1906-11), 1914. [P1908]. 
[ ]. Corr. diplomat, rel. a la Guerre 

de 1914 (24 juil.-29 aout), 1914 [a. ed. 

in P1650]. 
[ ]. Coup d'oeil sur la sit. de la B. 

&c., 1853. [P2051]. 
[ ]. Hist. pari, du traite de paix 19 

avr. 1839 entre la B. & la Hollande, 

tl, 1839. 
[ ]. Neutralite de la B. ; Hymans, 

[ ]. Resterons nous Beiges ?, 1872. 

[ ]. Violation of neutrality of B. ; 

tr., 1915. [P2351]. 
[ ]. Corresp. rel. a la Guerre de 

1914, 1914. [P2306]. 
Belgische Aktenstiicke, 1905-14, 1914. 

Brailsford (H. N.) B. & " the scrap of 

paper," 1915. [P1640]. 
Brialmont (A. H.) Dangers qui mena- 

cent la B., 1865. [P2054]. 

Belgium, Histoiy [continued]. 
Foreign Relations [continued]. 

Brunet (!fi.) German calumnies (1906- 
12), n.d. [P2415]. 

Defre (L. J.) Conflit franco-beige, 1869. 

Deploige (S.) Voix des neutres : Esp. 
& B., 1918. 

Des Ombiaux (M.) France & Belgique, 

Dirr (P.) B. als franzos. Ostmark (1891- 

1915), 1917. 

[Dutch]. Towards a Dutch-Belg. settle- 
ment, 1919. [P2353]. 
Eenens (P.) Neutralite de la B., 1864. 

Ehlera (P.) Eng., Antwerpen u. d. belg. 

Barriere, 1916. [B.] 
Engerand (L.) L' opinion publ. dans les 

provs. rhenanes & en B., 1789-1815, 

Foreign Office. Hdbks., 29, NeutraUty 

of B., 1920. [B.] 
[France]. Corresp. des ministres accr6d. 

k Brux., 1780-90 ; Hubert, tl, 1920. 
Garcia de la Vega (6. D. de) Frere- 

Orban & I'incident franco-beige, 1869. 

Rec. des traites &c., tl-8, 1850- 

Geyl (P.) Holland & B., 1920. [P2465]. 
Grelling (R.) Belg. doc». (1905-15) ; tr., 

Hampe (C.) Belg. BoUwerk, 1918. 

B. u. Holland (19-20c.), 1918. 

Hoffschmidt (A. d') Le Gr.-Duche de 

Luxemburg & la B., 1867. [P2054]. 
Hymans (P.) Frere-Orban, 2t, n.d. 
Kerler (D. H.) Deut. Verletzung d. 

belg. NeutraUtat e sittl. Notwendig- 

keit, 1915. [P1895]. 
Kunz (J. L.) Problem v. d. Verletzung 

d. b. NeutraUtat (1830-1919), 1920. 

[P2521]. [B.] 
Labarre (L.) Nap. Ill & la B., 1860. 

Lessinnes (0.) Mort du roi. Leopold I, 

& I'annex. ala France, 1865. [P2055]. 
Marsily (W.) Chefs d'etat-major de 

Farmte beige & le respect de la neu- 
tralite, 1917. [P2245]. 
Massingham (H. W.) Why we came to 

help B., 1914. [P2351]. 
Matthyssens (H. F.) La Hollande, 

I'Angl. & la Belg., 1850. [P2059]. 
Norden (F.) Neutr. Belg. u. Deutsch- 

land, 1916. 
Nothomb (P.) Barriere beige (9-20c.), 

1916. [B.] 
Otto (B.) Belgien u. d. NeutraUtat, 

Pari, papers [1530]. Diplom. corr. 

resp. the War &c., 1914. (cd. 7627). 
Passelecq (F.) Quest, flamande & 

FAIlemagne, 1917. [B.] 
Pierard (L.) Gross-Deutschland, B. & 

la Hollande, 1918. 
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& la B., 1862. [P2057]. 
Bidder (A. de) B. & la Prusse en conflit 

1834-38, 1919. 
Rotsaert (A.) L'Escaut dep. le Traite 

de Munster (1648), 1918. 
Rouard de Card (E.) Notre droit de 

prefer, sur le Congo beige (1884-1914), 

Ryckman de Betz (F. de) PoKt. exter. 

(1830-1914), 1919. 
Sanger (C. P.) & H. T. J. Norton. 

England's guarantee to B. & Luxem- 
burg, 1915. 





Belgium, History [continued]. 
Foreign Relations [continued]. 
Schumacher (H.) Losung d. belg. 

Prage, 1918. [P2126]. 
Tex (C. A. den) GeschiUen tuss. Nederl. 
en B. betrekk. de riviervaart, 1833. 
Trasenster (L.) B. & I'Eur., 1860. 

Trevire & Nervlen. Traites de 1831 & 

1839, 1918. 
Vander Linden (H.) & P. Hamelius. 

Anglo-Belgian rel«., 1918. 
Van Langenhove {F.) Dossier diplomat. 

(1839-1917), 1917. [B.] 
WaUez (N.) La B. & les regions rhen- 
anes (1838), 1918. 
Waxweiler (E.) B. & the Great Powers, 
her neutrality, 1916. 

B. neutral & loyal ; tr., 1915. 

Guerre de 1914 : B. neutre & 

loyale, 1915. 

Hat B. s. Sohicksal verschuldet ?, 


Proces de la neutralite beige, 

Weiss (A.) Violat. de la neutralite 
beige &o. par 1' AUem., 1915. [P1579] ; 
tr. (Eng.), 1915. [P2316]. 
Welsohinger (H.) Neutralite de la B., 

Oerman Invasion, see 1914-20 period, 

above ; European War, 1914-18. 
Poetry & Satire. 
Braban9onne (La) &c., 1830. [P1968]. 
Cloet (J. J. de) Profession de foi poUt., 

1834. [P1968]. 
Epitre au Roi. &c., 1830. [P1968]. 
[Esquisse]. E. des evenemens de Brux- 
elles &c., 1830. [P1969]. 
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pend. nat., 1834. [P1968]. 
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articles, 1838. [P1968]. 
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1830. [P1968]. 
Potvin (C.) 1830, Chansons &c., 1847. 

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Beiges, 1830. [P1968]. 
Wolff (de). Faisoeau patriot., 1830. 

Wuillot (P. A.) Elections du 10 juin, 
1845. [P1970]. 
Politics, 19 century {see also Foreign 
Relations , above, tb Revolution, 1830, 
Almanach du Uberalisme pour 1860. 

Bartels (A.) Federation b.-rhenane, 

1838. [P1976]. 
[Belgique]. La B. doit armer, 1866. 

[ ]. Gouv. & nationalite : lib6ral- 

isme b., 1860. [P2O,'50]. 
Castiau (A.) Souv. nat. & suffrage univ. 

&c., 1867. [P2061]. 
[Catechismus]. Staetkundigen t., n.d. 

Dechamps (A.) Partis en B. & le nouv. 

r^gne, 1806. [P2051]. 
Defre (L. J.) La B. indep., 2p, 1860. 

— — Del'ind^pend. nat., 1853. [P2049]. 

Elections de 1866 : evSques & 

bourses, 1866. [P2049]. 

Belgium, History [continued]. 
Politics, 19 century [continued]. 
Defre (L. J.) Hommes & docts, du Parti 

cathol., 1856-7. 
Min. de la Justice defendu &c., 

1855. [P2049]. 

Nos evoL poHt., 1873. [P2049]. 

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1871.- [P2050]. 
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1859. [P2054]. 
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Londres & Guill. I, 1844. 
Guizot (F. P. G.) La B. & Leopold en 

1857, 1857. [P2054]. 
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Juste (T.) B. en 1860, 1860. [P2050]. 

Frontieres de la B., 1866. 

Kats (J.) Meetings of volksvergaderin- 

gen in B., 1840. [P1976]. 
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Lettres aux ^lecteurs beiges, 

1853-7. [P2052]. 
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1829. [P1975]. 
Lysen (F.) La B. en 1863, 1864. 

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1831. [P2054]. 
Des partis en B., nov. 1831, 1831. 

Martroye de Brvx. Sit. inter., 1841. 

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Rolin-Jacquemyns (G.) Partis &c. en 

B., 1864. [P2052]. 
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1851. [P2052]. 
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(1830-8), 1838. 

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Des impossibilit6s de la sit. 

aotuelle, 1842. [P1976]. 
Revolution, 1830. 

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beige, 1834. 

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la Revue milit., 1833. [P2256]. 

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beige, 1910. 

Mems. & docs, ined., 1830-1, 2t, 


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tableau nat., 1837. [P1971]. 

Catechismus. Kleynen staetkundigen 
catechismus &c., 1833. [P1976]. 

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Revol., 1832. [P1978]. 

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1830-33, 1868. 

Parent (P. J. J.) Complot & le pouvoir, 
1841. [P2256]. 

■ Simple expUc, n.d. [P2256]. 

Van der Linden (P. L.) Choix d'un nouv 
souverain, 1830. [P1975]. 

Van der Taelen (F.) Campagne de dix 
jours de 1831, 1872. 

Belgium, History [continued]. 

Revolution, 1830 [continued]. 
Van Langenhove (F.) Volonte nat. beige 

en 1830, 1917. 
Wallez (J. B.) Dernier des protoooles 
(1830-8), 1838. 
Refer to Chtjrch & State ; Eueo- 
PEAN War, 1914 ; Genealogy, 
Belgian ; Louvain, Battle op, 
1831 ; Nobility, Belgian. 

Besant (W.) Fascination of London; 

B. &c., 1903. 
Chancellor (E. B.) Knightsbridge & B., 
Refer to London. 

Ancillon (P.) Glauben u. Wissen in d. 

Philos., 1824. [P2471]. 
Beibitz (J. H.) B., faith & proof, 1922. 
Boutroux (E.) Certitude & verity, 1914. 

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&c. ; ueb., 1890. 
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relig. &c., 1906. 
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(1761), 1761. [P2076]. 
Bell Rock. 

Campbell (J. M.) Nat. hist., 1904. 

Stevenson (R.) Bell Rock (1807-11) [in 

Stevenson (R. L.) Wks., vl5, 1907; 

Records of a fam. of engineers, 1912]. 

Refer to Arbroath ; Lighthouses. 

Bells & Bell-riuging. 

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Archit. Socs. Reports &o., v27ii, 
Boughey (A. H. F.) Anc. ch. b". of 
Camb. [in Camb. Ant. Soo., Proo"., 
21, 1919]. 
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Le Pileur (L.) Cloche d' argent de St.- 
Lazare [in Soc. de FH. de Paris &c., 
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[in Dorset Nat. Hist. &c. Club, v24, 
25, 1903-4]. 
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Arch. Coll., v57, 1915]. 
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shire [in Archit. Soc^. Reports &o., 
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Ch. b. of Eng., 1912. [B.] 

Glos. bell-foundries [in Bristol 

&c. Arch. Soc, v34, 41, 1911-19]. 
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Rich cabinet, 1677]. 
Yorkshire arch, journal, 1870-. 
Belluno, town & province. 

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Scienze stor., Congr. internaz., 1903, 
Atti, v9, 1904]. 




Belluno [continiie.d']. 

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Pellegrini (F.) Serie d. Podesti &o. 
(1420-1895), 1895. [N99]. 
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1561, 1875. [N37]. 

Leuridant (F.) Vieux chateau & la 
" Cense du Pare," n.d. [P2498]. 
Belui, Mysore. 

Narasimhaohar (R.) Kesava temple, 
Befer to Mysore. 
Belvao, see Bilbao. 

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Refer to Wight, Isle of. 
Benaojan, see La Pilbta. 

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1781 [in Forrest (G. W.) St. Papers of 
Gov.-Gen., v2, 1910]. 
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Befer to India ; Sarnath. 

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Biographies, see A.G. under: — 
Barlow (E.), 1585-1641. 
Crispinus (G.), abbot of Westm., d. 1117. 
Giustiniani (N.), 12o. 
Guide, Aretinus, c. 990-c. 1050. 
Hunter-Blair (D.), abbot, 1853-. 
Montboissier (P. de), abbot of Vezelay, 
d. 1161. 
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WaUingford (W. of), d. 1448 1 
Wibaldus, Stabul, 1098-1158. 
[Benedictines]. BuUarium (17-19c.), 

[ ]. Calendarium, 1755. 

Eng. B. nuns, Cambrai, now Stan- 
brook : records &c., 1620-1793 ; 
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Eng. B. nuns, Paris, now Colwioh, 
Staffs. : notes & obit., 1652-1861 [in 
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Obituary notices of Eng. B. Nuns of 
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1811 [in Cath. Rec. Soc, Misc., 11, 
Befer to Cambridge ; Chebtsby ; 
Downside ; Saint Bees ; Wor- 
cester, Priory. 
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monast., 1913. 

Pez (B.) Bibl. Benedictino-Mauriana, 


Befer to Compieqne ; Dieitlotiard ; 

La Coittxjrb ; LiiRlNS ; Lihons ; 

Lyre ; Marchiennbs ; Mont- 


Paitnat ; Presle (La) ; QuiM- 
PBRLi ; Ribemont ; Rocamadoitr ; 

Benedictines [continued]. 
France [continued]. 

Romans ; Royallieu ; Saint- 
GuiLHEM-LE-DfisBRT ; Saint Malo ; 
Saint Philibert ; Saint - Pons ; 


Vaast ; Saint - Vanne ; Saint 


Talmond ; TouRNtrs ; Tr^pobt 
(Lb) ; Troarn ; Tulle. 
Germany & Austria. 
Tietze (H.) Denkmale d. B.-stiftes. St. 
Peter in Salzburg, 1913. 
Befer to Beueon ; BiBUKG ; Gott- 
WBIG ; Mainz ; Niedbbaltaioh ; 
NoNNBEBG, Salzburg ; Sankt Lam- 
BEEOHT ; Sankt Paxtl, Carinthia ; 
Gregory I, pope. Dialogues (593), 
see A. C. 
Befer to Calonbr6 ; Fruttuaria, 
abbey; Mantua; Polibone; Rome: 
Netherlands & Belgium. 

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in Flanders, 1598-1687 [in Catholic 
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Regula ; Wolfflin, 1895. 

[Benedictines]. Vetua discipUna mon- 

astica &c, 1726. 
Bursfeld, monastery of. Ceremoniale 

Benedict. &c, 1610. 
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St. B., 2t, 1734. 
[Canterbury : Men. of St. Augustine]. 
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alt. lat. Monchsregeln, 1906. 
Traube (L.) Textgesoh. d. Regula, 1910. 
Spain, see ahagun. 
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BiJchi, 1893. 
Benedictionals, see Liturgies. 
Benediktbeuern (monastery). 

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Urkunden bis 1270, 1912. 
Benefit of Cleigy. 

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France, 14e s., tl, 1921. 
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(18c.) [in Migne. Theol. oursus, tl8, 

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Antiquities (see also India, Antiq.). 
India. Ann. reps. of Arch, survey, 

E. Circle, 1908/9-, 1909-. 
[ : Govt. Pubis.]. Ind. monu- 
mental inscr., vl, B. ; Wilson, 1896. 
Ethnology «fc Social Life. 
Banerjea (S. B.) Tales of B. (Fiction), 

Tagore (R. N.) Glimpses of B. life, 

1913 ; 1921. 
Tarini Das Bannerji. Zemindar & 
ryot in B., 1883. [P2016]. 
Wise (J.) Notes on races, castes, & 
trades of E. B., 1883. 
Wylie (M.) B. as a field of missions, 

Bengal [continued]. 
Topography & Travels. 

[Bengal]. B. District gazetteers, vl- 

30, 1906-12. 
[ ]. E. B. & Assam District 

Gazetteers, 1908-12. 
Fraser (A. H. L.) Among Indian rajahs 

&c (1871-1908), 1911. 
Gouldsbury (C. E.) Tigerland, 40 years' 

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Befer to Arrah ; Chandernagoee ; 
Dehra Dun ; Jbssor ; Midnapub ; 
RaNGPUR ; SONTHAL Parganas ; 
Bengal, History. 

Bengal, past & present, 7v, 1907-11 ; 

vU ii, 12 i, 11, 13, 14 ii, 1915-7. 
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B., 1919. [B.] 
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.lames's Hall, 1884. [P2012]. 
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Bengal rent-law comm., 1881. [P2017]. 
MacDonnell (A. P.) Food-grain supply 

&c. in Behar & B. dur. famine (1873-4), 




Bengal, History [continued]. | 

Administration, Iiatc &c. [continued]. 
[Midnapore]. M. Ryot's case &c., 1885. 

Mohiny Mohnn Roy. Proced. sect*, of 
B. Tenancy Bill &c., 1884. [P2017]. 
Parbati Churn Roy. Knancial &c. 
reforms, 1886-7 ? [P2014]. 
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[2248]. Rep. on detenus &c. in 

B. 1918. (o. 9198). 
Bengali Language. 

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Halhed (N. B.) Gramm., 1778. 
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Refer to Indian Languages. 
Bengali Liteiature. 

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Texts Jb Translations. 
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ethnog. Notizen aus Siid-Tunesien, 


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seign. de B. ; BoisHsle [in Soc. de 
I'Hist. de Paris. Mem., t8, 1882]. 
Refer to Paris. 
Beresina, Battle of the, 1812, see 

Napoleonic Waks. 
Berg, Duchy of. 

Murat (3.)Biog., see A.C. 
Bergamo, town & province. 

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2p, 1664. 
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(-1428), 1891. 
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Bergen, Norway. 

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1453), 1893. [B.] 

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Refer to Doedognb, dept. 


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Refer to Hesse. 
Berici, Monti. 

Marzolo & Da Sohio. Iscriz. etrusoa, 

1869. [N35]. 
Rumor (S.) Villa AmbelKcopoH, 1897. 
Refer to Vicenza. 
Bering Strait, see Behring Strait. 


Berkshire par. reg. : marriages (1538— 

1837), vl, 1908. 
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Reading, 1903. [B.] 

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Hungerford & Newbury, 1907. 
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Horse, 1913. 
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Horse &o., 1742. 
Refer to Bisham ; Cholsey ; Er- 
LEiGH Court ; Inkpen ; Lowbury 
Hill ; Upton ; Wantage. 

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Harnack (C. G. A. v.) Kgl. Bibl. &c. 
[in h. Aus d. Friedens- u. Kriegsarbeit, 

Berlin [continued]. 
Museums & Art Galleries, 

Geffroy (G.) Musees : Berlin, Kaiser 
Friedrich Mus., n.d. 
Jahrbuoh d. Kon. Preuss. Kunst- 

samml., 1899-. 
Kaulbach (W. v.) Wandgemalde im 
Treppenhause, n.d,. 
Konigl. Mus. Abgiisse ant. Werke ; 
Botticher, 1872. 

Ausfuhrl. Verzeichnis d. segypt. 

Altertiimer &c., 1899. 
Berlin Conference, 1885. 

Keith (A. B.) Belgian Congo & the B. 

Act, 1919. 
Nys (E.) Etat indep. du Congo et I'Aote 
g6n. de Berlin, 1903. [P1999]. 
Berlin, Congress & Treaty, 1878. 

Beaconsfield (B. D., e. of) Impeachment 
of B. : agst. cession to Russia of Sound 
& Dardanelles, 1878. [P749]. 
ChoubUer (M.) Question d'Orient dep. le 

tr. de B., 1897. 
Grosse (Die) Politik, B2, 1922. 
Moiiy (c. C. de) Souv. &c. d'un diplo- 

mate, 1909. 
Woodward (E. L.) Congr. of B., 1878 
[in Foreign Off. Hdbks., No. 154, 
1920. B]. 
Berlin University. 

Diels (H.) Internat. Aufgaben d. Univ., 

1906. [P1807]. 
Du Bois-Reymond (E. ) Reden, 2B, 1912. 
Lenz (M. ) Freiheit u. Macht im Lichte d. 
Entw. d. U. V. B. [in A. Kl. hist. Sohr., 
B2, 1920]. 

Gesch., 4B, 1910-18. 

Liebmann (0.) Jurist. Fakultat (1810- 
1910), 1910. 

Hayward (W. B.) B., 1910. 

Hurdis (J. H.) Rough notes & mem. rel. 

to nat. hist., 1897. 
Marsden (J.) Mission, 1827. 
Bern, city & canton. 

[Berne]. Bibl. Bern. lib. typis ed. oat., 

2t & Suppl., 1764-7. 
Cramer (A. W.) B. Stadtbibl. [in Jahn 
(A.) Kunde &c. d. Bongars. Hss.- u. 
Biichersamml., 1878. P1675]. 
Frickart (T.) Twingherrenstreit (1470) ; 

Studer, 1877. 
Jetzer (J.) Akten d. Jetzerprozessesa 

(1507-9) ; Steok, 1904. 
Muller d'Aarvangue (L. R., b.) Appel, 
conseq. de retabUr I'anc. gouvt., 1815. 
Schuhmann (G.) B. Jetzertragodie 

(1509), 1912. 
Tschaohtlan (B.) B. Chronik (1424-70) ; 
Studer, 1877. 
Bern Disputation, 1528. 

Murner (T.) Hier viirt angezeigt dz 
unchristlioh frevel &c., 1528. 
Refer to Church in Switzerland ; 

Maurras (C.) L'6tang de B., 1915. 
Refer to Provence. 

Bas-Berry (Le), 1875-6. 

Hardy (G.) & A. Gandilhon. Bourges 

& les abbayes &c. du B., 1912. 
Raynal (L.) Hist, du B., j. 1789, 4t, 

Theret (A.) Litt. du B., 1902. 
Bertaud, convent. [Berthaud.] 

[Bertaud]. Chartes de N.-D. de B. 
(1188-1449); Guillaume, 1888. 
Refer to Carthusians ; Convents, 
France ; Hautes-Alpbs, dept. 





EUman (E. B.) Recoil', of a Sussex 
parson, 1912. 
Refer to Sussex. 

Berwickshire Naturalists' Club. His- 
tory, vl-19, 1834-1907. 
Bradley (A. G.) Gateway of Scotland, 

Hannah (I. C.) B. & Lothian coasts, 

Hist. MSS. Comm. Various colls., v5 

(14-19C.), 1909. 
Kerr (&.) Gen. view of agric, 1809. 
Pari, papers [1395]. Royal Comm. on 
mons. &o., 1st rep., 1909. (c. 4770). 
Royal Comm. on Ano. & Hist. Monu- 
ments (Soot.) 6th rep., & Inventory, 
B., 1915. 
Refer to Birkensidb ; Bitnkle & 
Preston ; Latjdbr ; Swinton. 

GoUob (E.) Die griech. Hss. d. offentl. 

Bibl., 1908. 
Le Coz (C.) Corr. (1790-1815) ; Roussel, 

t2, 1903. 
Pouchenot (M.) Budget communal de 
B. au debut du 18 s., 1910. 
Beskiden, see Carpathian Mountains. 

Draghioesco (D.) La B. & le droit des 
peuples, 1918. [P2212]. 
Foreign Office. Hdbks., 51, 1920. 

Murgooi (G.) Population, 1920. [P2464]. 
Pelivan (I. G.) La Bessaraibie, 3p, 1919. 

Ohronologie, 1812-1919, 1920. 


Econ. state, 1920. [P2464]. 

L'etat eoonom., 1920. [B.] 

Rosetti (B.) Arhiva senatorilor din 
Chisinau, 1806-12 [in Acad. Rom., 
Anal., t31, 1st., 1909]. 
Sohemaitis (G.) Litauen u. B., 1916. 
Refer to Kishiniev. 
Besson. (Refer to Bourbonnais). 

Rividre (E.) & L. de Launay. Sepul- 
tures prehist. de la Roche, 1893. 
Bessin, see Calvados. 

Druce (6. C.) Med. b. & th. infl. on 
■eccles. decor, art [in Brit. Arch. 
Assoc. Journal, n.s., v25, 1919]. 
Eournival (R. de) Le b. d' amour (13c.) ; 

Hippeau, 1860. 
'Garver (M. S.) Sources of beast similes 
in It. lyric of 13c. [in R. P., B21, 
Peterborough Psalter & b. of 14o. ; 

James, 1921. 
Physiologus. Old Eng. P. ; Cook &c., 

Sohultz (R. W. ), ed. Church of Nativity, 
by W. Harvey &c., 1910. 
Refer to Palestine. 
Bethlehem Hospital, London. 

O'Donoghue (E. G.) Story of B. H. f. 
1247, 1914. 
Refer to Asylums, Lunatic ; Hospi- 
tals ; London. 
Beth-Shemesh, Palestine. 

Mackenzie (D.) Excavation at Ain 
Shems (B.-S.), 1911-13, 1912-14. 
Refer to Palestine & Syria. 
Betting & Gambling. 

Ashton (J.) Hist, of gambling in Eng., 

Betting & Gambling [continued]. 

Boissy d'Anglas. Reolam. contre 

maisons de jeux [in h. Et., t2, 1825]. 
Comm. rel. to race track g. [in Canada. 

Journals of H. of Commons, v45, p4, 

Du Bled (V.) Hist, anecd. & psych, des 

jeux de cartes, d6s &c., 1919. 
Harington (J.) Treatise on playe (c. 

1597) [in Harington (H.) Nugae, v2, 

1779 ; vl, 1804]. 
Jessel (F.) Bibliog. of wks. in Eng. on 

playing cards & gaming, 1905. 
Mackenzie (W. D.) Ethics of g., 1911. 
Maeterlinck (M.) Le jeu [in h. Sentiers, 

Nevill (R. H.) Light come,light go, 1909. 
Pari, papers [2168-9]. Hong Kong: 

G. licenses [& houses], 1869-71. 
Reflections on gaming &c., 1777. 

Ryssen (L. van) Veritas de lusu aleae, 

Waddy (H. T.) Devonshire Club- & 

" Crockford's," 1919. 
Wagers at White's (1743-1820) [in 

Walpole (H.) Notes on Pope, 1871]. 

Soalvanti(0.) L'arteaB., 1901. [N91.] 
Refer to Perugia. 

Jcergensen (J.) Livre de la route ; tr., 

Kreitmaier (J.) B. Kunst, 1914. [B.] 
Refer to Benedictines ; Hohen- 



Urbibi (G.) Spello, B. &c., 1913. 
Refer to Perugia. 

Digby (sir K.) The closet of Sir K. D. 

opened (1669) ; Macdonell, 1910. 
Taylor (J.) Drinke & welcome, 1637 
[in h. Wks., 2nd coll., 1873]. 
Beverley, Torks. 

Bilson (J.) St. Mary's Church, B. [in 
Yorks. Arch. Journ., v25, 1920]. 

Browne (G. P.) Anc. cross shafts at B. 

&c., 1916. 
Hewison (J. K.) Runic roods of Ruth- 
weU & B., 1914. 
Refer to Cumberland. 

Bengal District Gazetteers, v27, B. ; 

Byrne, 1911. 
[Bengal: Govt. Pubis. ]. Pinal rep. on 
Survey &c. operations in B. District, 
1902-10 ; Murphy, 1912. 

Bhopal, Begam of. Acct. of my bfe 
(1858-) ; tr., 1912. 
Refer to Central India ; India ; 

White (J. C.) Sikhim & B., 1887-1908, 
Bibto el Moluk. 

Davis (T. M.) Excavations: B. el M., 
Tomb[s] of Siphtah, Tiyi, Harmhabi 
&c., 3v, 1908. 
Refer to Egypt, 

N.B. — See A.C. for Texts, Translations 
dh General Commentaries. 
Antiquities, see Bible Antiquities. 
Authenticity, Evidences & Inspira- 

Apin (S. J.) Hist. nat. &c., 1717. 
Barnes (W. E.) Exam, of obj. 
Isaiah xxiv-xxvii, 1891. [P1249]. 

Bible [continued']. 
Authenticity, Evidences & Inspira- 
tion [continued]. 
Barry (G. D.) Insp. & authority, 1919. 
BatifEol (P.) Orpheus & I'Evangile, 

1912 ; tr. (Credibility &c.), 1912. 
Bergh van Eysinga. Radical views 

about N.T. ; tr., 1912. 
Brugsch (H.) Steininschrift &c., 1891. 

Bullinger (H.) De Scr. Sanctae author. 

&c., 1538. 
CandUsh (B. S.) Reason & revelation, 

Clayton (R.) Vindic. of hists. of 0. & N. 

Test., 1752. 
Coleridge (S. T.) Statesman's man. &c., 

Defensive quadrilateral of truth of 

Genesis, c. 1854 1 [P1258]. 
Delany (P.) Revelation exam., 3v, 

DeUtzsch (F.) Die grosse Tauschung, 

Earle (J.) Remarks, 1799. 
Edgar (J. & M.) 6t. Pyramid passages 

&o., vl, 1910. 
Fa;bricy (G.) Titres prim., 2t, 1772. 
Garbett (E.) Divine plan, 1864. 
Giles (J. A.) Heathen rec, 1856. 
Given (J. J.) Truth, 1881. 
Goodwin (J.) Divine authority, 1648. 
Greswell (E.) Three witnesses, time, 

calendar & tradition, 1862. 
Haley (J. W.) Exam, of alleged dis- 
crepancies, 1875. 
Hardy (P. D.) Friend of Ireland, vl, 

Hervey (J.) Remarks on Boliugbroke's 

Letters, 1752. 
Kelly (W.) God's inspir., 1907. 
Kirkpatrick (A. F.) Divine Kb., O.T., 

Kyle (M. G.) Deciding voice of mon., 

1912. [B.] 
Meier (G.) De orig. & autor., 1550. 
Mentzer (B.) Apologia prim, disput. 

Anti-pistorianae, 1602. 
Migne (J. P.), ed. S. S. cursus compl., 

t3, 4, 1841-2. 
Moulton (J. H.) Xtn. relig., 1919. 
Naville (E.) Decouverte de la Loi sous 

Josias interpret, egypt., 1911 ; tr. 1911. 

Law of Moses ; tr., 1922. 

Orr (J.) B. under trial, 1913. 

Faith of a mod. Chr., 1910. 

Peake (A. S.) The B., its orig. &c., 1914. 
Pezron (P.) Hist, evang. confirmee par 

la jud. & la rom. [in Migne, S. Scr. 

cursus, t27, 1843]. - 
Pluche (N. A.) Truth of Gospel, 2v, 

Pollock (B.) B. to-day, 1914. 
Ramsay (W. M.) Bearing of rec. discov., 

N.T., 1915. 
Randies (M.) Design & use, 1892. 
Robinson (J. A.) Some thoughts on 

inspir., 1905. 
Rowsell (H.) B. stumbling-blocks, 1920. 
Sharr (F. J.) Inspiration, 1891. 
Socinus (P.) De S. Script, auotoritate, 

Stebbing (T. R. R.) Faith in fetters, 

Warburton (W.) Divine legation of 

Moses (1738-40), 2v, 1838; [in h. 

Wks., vl-3, 1788 ; for comm. see A.C, 

cfc in Law (W.) Wks., v8, 1762 ; 1893]. 
Wiolif (J.) De veritate S. Sor., 1905-7. 
Winghe (C. v.) Een goet Onderwys van 

d. waerdicheyt &c. (16c.), n.d. 




Bible [continued]. 
Bibliography & XHffusion {see also 

English Versions, German Versions 

«fcc., below), 
Adye (W. L.) Hist, of pr. 6r. text of 

N.T. &c., 1865. [P2561]. 
Baptist Union. Baptists & Bible Soo. : 

versions of N.T. made in India, 1840. 

Bertram (0.) Canstein. Bibelanstalt in 

Halle, 1863. 
Beyer (A.) Arcana sacra bibl. Dresden, 

Bible of every land, 1860. 
Bolduanus (P.) Bibl. theol., 1614. 
Brit. & Por. B. Soc. Cat. of lib., 1857. 
Hist. cat. of pr. eds. ; Darlow & 

Moule, 2v in 4, 1903-11. 
Butler (C.) Horae biblioae, 1799. 
Canton (W.) B. & the Anglo-Saxon 

people, 1914. 
Hist, of Brit. & For. Bible Soc, 

v3-5, 1910. 
Clarke (A.) Polyglot B. & Gr. Test, [in 

Misc. wks., vl2, 1837]. 
[Collection]. Exact coll. of Eng. wr. 

on 0. & N.T., 1663. 
Coverdale (M.) Memorials, 1838. 
Crowe (W.) Elenchus script, in S. 

Script., 1672. 
Dublin : Trinity Coll. Cat. of B^. added 

since 1872, 1914. 
Elizabeth Sophia Maria. Bibl. BibUca, 

Greenfield (W.) Def. of Serampore 

Mahratta vers, of N.T. &c., 1830. 
Hagemann (J. G.) Nachr. v. d. tJ^bers. 

in a. Spr., 1750. 
Henderson (E.) Bibl. researches in 

Russia, 1826. 
Hinlopen (N.) Hist. v. de Nederl. 

Overzettinge, 1777. 
Home (T. H.) Man. of B. bibliog., 1839. 
Jamea (T.) Corruption of Scr. by Ch. of 

Rome, 1611. 
John Rylands Lib. Cat. of exhib. of 

MS. & printed copies of Scr., 1911. 
Jostes (F.) Die Waldenser u. d. vor- 

luther. Bibeliibers., 1885. [P1899]. 
Kortholt (C.) De var. Script, ed., 1686. 
Lee (J.) Mem. for B. societies in Scot., 

Lee (S.) Sylloge libr. orient., 1821. 
Le Long (I.) Boek-Zaal d. Neder- 

duitsche Bybels, 1764. 
Le Long (J.) Bibl. sacra, 2p, 1709. 

Princ. ed=. des B. polyglottes, 


(M.) Bibl. Archivarius, 2p, 



LiUus (C. 

exeget. Bibl., 1748. 

6.) Animadv. in Fennicam 

BibMorum sacr. versionem, 1826. 
Lorok (J.) Bibl. BibHca, Adler, 1787. 
Lortsch (D.) Hist, de la B. en France 

&c., 1910. [B.] 
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Card. Ximenes, 1917]. 
Mayer (J. F.) Bibl. Biblica, in Scr. 

comm., 1709. 
Mercati (G.) Note dilett. bibl. &c., 1901. 
MichaeHs (J. D.) Syntagma comm., pi, 

Molbech (C.) Danske Bibeloversaettelser 

(16C.-1550), 1840. 
Nowotny z Luze (F.) Bibl. oesk^ch 

Biblj &c., -1810, 0. 1815. 
Palm (A.) Die Qohelet-Litt., 1886. 

Peake (A. S.) BibUog. notes, 2p, 1913- 

14. [P1711]. 

Bible [continued]. 
Bibliography & Diffusion [continued]. 
Reuss (E. W. E.) Bibl. Novi Testam. 

Graeci, 1872. 
Schinmeier (J. A.) Schwed. B.-Ueber- 

setzungen u. Ausgaben, 1777-82. 
Schottus (A.) Cath. Script, interp. [in 

Molanus (J.) Bibl. mater. &c., 1618]. 
Sohwenke (P.) Gesch. d. ersten Buoh- 

drucks, 1900. 
Teza (E.) Le B. ital. del Malermi e del 

Diodati, 1905. [P1211]. 
Townley (J.) lUust. of Bibl. Ut. Sec, 3v, 

Wernigerode. Index Bibl. &c., 1766. 
Bodenstein (A.) Welohe buoher Biblisoh 

seint, 1520. 
Fragm. d6 can. N.T. Muratoriauum 

[in Bunsen (C. C. J.) Anal. Ante-Nic, 

vl, 1854]. 
Frick (J.) De cura Eccles. [in h. Melete- 

mata var., 1756]. 
Gaussen (S. R. L.) The canon ; tr., 1863. 
Gelasius I, Deoretum Gelas. ; Dob- 

schiitz, 1912. 
Harnack (C. G. A.) Beitr. z. Einltg. in 

d. N.T., B6, Entstehuug d. N.T. &c., 

Jacquier (E.) Le N.T. dans I'Eglise 

chr6t., tl, 1911. 
MilUgau (G.) N.T. docs. ; orig. &c. 1913. 
Murator. Fragment; Lietzmann, 1908. 
Parens (D.) Oratio de Jesuitarum 

strophis circa c. Scr., 1602 ?. 
Richardson (J.) C. of N.T. vindicated, 

Souter (A.) Text & c. of the N.T., 1913. 

Westcott (B. F.) B. in the Ch., 1905. 
Zahn (T.) Bemerk. zu Harnack's 

Priifung &c., 1889. [P2244]. 

Grundr. d. Gesch. d. N.-T. K., 1904. 

Codices &c, {see also Coptic Versions ; 

Latin Versions ; Syriac ,* Vulgate 

dbc, below), 
Abrahams (M.) Aquila's Gr. version of 

Heb. B., 1919. [P2378]. 
Bar (S.) 2 alte Thora-RoUen, 1870. 


Bible : Anglo-Sax. & Gothic]. Codex 

argenteus, 1854-57. 

: Greek]. Bibl. Sacr. Gr. Cod. 

Vatioanus, facs. ; Vercellone & Cozza, 

6t, 1868-81. 

: New Test. (Greek)]. Codex 

Th. Bezae ; Kiphng, 2p, 1793. 

: O.T.]. Graeous Venetus ; Geb- 

hardt, 1875. 

: Paul]. Codex Claromontanus ; 

Tischendorf, 1852. 

: ]. Epistolae P. glosatae ; 

Irisch-lat. Codex (8c.) Lichtdr. ; Stern, 


: Psalms]. Psalterium tetra- 

glottum ; Nestle, 1879. 

: Septuagint]. Vetus Test. Gr. e 

Cod. MS. Alexandrino, facs. ; Baber, 

4t, 1816-28. 
Breitinger (J. J.) De antiq. Turic. B. 

Gr. Psalm, libro &c., 1748. 
Buchanan (E. S.), ed. Cath. Epistles 

&c. f. Codex Laud., 1916. 
Chapman {dom J.) Early hist, of Vulgate 

Gospels, 1908. 
Durich (F.) De Slavo-Bohem. s. cod. 

versione, 1777. 
Gesenius (F. H. W.) De Pentateuchi 

Samaritani orig. &c., 1815. 
Goodspeed (E, J.) Greek Gospel texts in 

Amer,, 1918, " 

Bible [continued]. 
Codices cfec. [continued]. 
Gregory (C. R.) Textkritik d. N.T., 1909. 
Harris (J. R.) Further researches into 

Ferrar-group, 1900. 
Hoskier (H. C.) Codex B & its allies, 2p, 

Hottinger (J. H.) Diss, de Heptaplis 

Paris, ex Pentateucho &o., 1649. 
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hist, [in Arch, journal, v72, 1915]. 
Kennicott (B.) CoUation of Hebr. MSS. 

of O.T., 1760-9, 1770. 
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Kohl (J. P.) Intr. in hist. &c. Slav., 

Cod. sacri &o., 1729. 
Mercati (6.) Versione dall' ebraico del 

cod. Veneto greco vii (14o.), 1916. 
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Ranke (E.), ed. Par pahmpsestorum 

Wirceburg., 1871. 

Spec. cod. N. Test., 1860. 

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textus ed. &c., 1782. 
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Brull, 1875-9. 
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Wash. MS. of Psalms, 1917. 
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Mon. S. Emmerani Ratisbonae, 1786. 
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Codex Sinaitious, 1865. [P1815]. 
Concordances & Dictionaries, 
Abbott-Smith (6.) Manual Gr. lex. of 

N.T., 1922. 
Bagster (S.) cfc Sons. Analyt. Gr. lex., 

1852 ; n.d. 
[Bible: Concord.]. Concordantiaemajorea 

S.B., 1540. 
Bruder (C. H.) Ta/xiiToi/ : concord. 

vocum N. Test. Gr., 1888. 
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Gr. ; tr., 1886. 
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Cone, to New Test., 1833. 

Diet, of Apostolic Ch. ; Hastings, 2t, 

Diet, of Christ & the Gospels ; Hastings, 

2v, 1906-8. 
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Farrar (J.) Proper names, 1844. 
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&c., 1596. 
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Chald., 1833. 
Thesaurus ling. Heb. & Chald. 

Vet. Test., 3t, 1829-58. 
Hugo, de Sancto Gharo, card. Sacrorum 

Bibl. vulgatse ed. concord. ; Luca, 

1768, 1825. 
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MacClintock (J.) & J. Strong. Cyclo- 
paedia, 12v, 1867-87. 
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t3, 1842. 
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of Gr. Test., pl-3, 1914-19. 
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to Gr. Test., 1906. 
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Chald., 1734. 
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Preuschen (E.) Vollstandiges gr.-deut. 

Hdwbch., N.T. &c., 1910. 
Ravanellus (P.) Bibl. sacra, 2p., 1650. 




Bible [continued']. 
Concordaneea & Dictionaries [eont.'\, 
Kobertson (W.) Key to Heb. B., 1656. 
Vigouroux (P.) Diet, de la B., 5t, 1891- 

Wilke (C. G.) Gr.-Eng. lex. of N.T. ; 

Grimm ; Thayer, 1890 ; 1898. 
Young (R.) Analyt. oono., 1896. 
Coptic Versions . ( Befer to CoPTio Lit. ) 
Budge (E. A. T. W.) C. Bibl. texts in 

dialect of Up. Egypt, 1912. 
Crum (W. E.), ed. Theolog. texts f. 

C. papyri, 1913. 
Sohleifer (J.) Bruchstiioke d. sahid. 

Bibeliibersetzung, 1912. 
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Beysohlag (W.) N. T. theology ; tr., 2v, 

Deussen (P.) AUg. Gesch. d. Philos., 

B2, Abtlg. 2 i, Philos. d. Bibel, 1913. 
Dobsohutz (E. v.) Eschatology of the 

Gospels, 1910. 
Feine (P.) Xheol. d. N.T., 1910. 
Franks (J. C.) Apostol. preaching &o., 

Gardner (P.) Belig. exper. of Paul, 1911. 
Goblet d'Alviella (F.) Evol. du dogme 

cathol., tl, 1912. 
Holtzmann (H. J.) Lehrbuoh d. Neutest. 

Theol. ; Julicher &o., 2B, 1911. 
Kautzsoh (E. F.) Bibl. Theol. d. A. T., 

Kennedy (H. A. A.) Theol. of the 

Epistles, 1919. 
Konig. (F. E.) Gesoh. der alttest. Relig., 

Offenbarungsbegriff d. Alten Test., 

2B, 1882. 

Theol. d. Alt. Test., 1922. 

Labanoa (B.) La B. e la fil. crist. [in 

Soienze stor., Congr. internaz., 1903, 

Atti, vll, 1904]. 
Laidlaw (J.) B. doctrine of man, 1905. 
Moffatt (J.) Theol. of the Gospels, 1919. 
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Faith of the O.T., 1914. 

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Schnedermann (G. H.) Judenthum u. d. 

christl. Verkiindigung in d. E vangehen, 

Townsend (H.) Doct. of grace in 

Synoptic Gospels, 1919. 
Weinel (H.) Bibl. Theologie d. N.T., 

English Versions (Criticism) (see also 

Rom, Cath, Versions, below). 
Burges (J. B. ) Reasons in fav. of new 

tr., 1819. 
Field (F.) Notes on tr. of N.T., 1899. 
Grier (R.) Ans. to Ward's errata of 

Protest. B., 1812. 
Hall (W.) Reasons for new version, 1860. 

Lee (S.) Letter to J. Bellamy on h. tr. 

of the B., 1821. 
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heretikes, 1582. 
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Bible [continued], 
English History <£> Bibliography {see 

also Bibliography, above). 
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Evidences, see Authenticity, above. 
Figurative Language & Symbolical 

Interpretation , 
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mysteres (15c. ?), texte ethiop., tr., 

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of fate of conquerors &c., 1920. 
Geography, see Bielb Antiqtjitibs. 
German Versions (Bibliography & 

Bibl. d. deut. B. Luthers (1522-46) [in 

Luther, Wke., Die deut. Bibel, B2, 

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d. Bibel, 1780. 

Bible [continued]. 
German Versions [continued]. 
Panzer (G. W.) Gesoh. d. deut. Bibel- 

fibers. Luthers, 1517-81, 1783; Zu- 

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Bericht v. unterscheid d. B. &c. 

M. Lutheri, 1563. 
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Version M. Lutheri &o., 1727. 
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iibers. i. d. deut. Lit., 1911. 
Gospels, Commentaries on, see Bible 

in A.G. 
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tr., 1845-46. 
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expos. ; tr. a J. B. Aucher, 1876. 
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-^^— Origin & Composition of, 
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Abrahams (I.) Pharisaism & the G., 

Ask with (E. H.) Hist, value of 4th G., 

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of Jesus, 1910; 1922. 

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G., 1914. 




Bible [continued]. 

Gospels; Origin & Composition of[con.\ 
Mead (G. R. S.) Gospels & the Gospel, 

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durch d. Lukasev., 1912. 
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4 G., 1892. 
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[P510, 1251]. 
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G. written ? ; tr., 1867. 
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geliums, 1907. 
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Gospels, 1910. 
Bandboohs & Introductions (see also 

Study helow). 

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saorae, 4t, 1704—6. 
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Index, 1910-19. 
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(tr.), Tl-3i, 1887-94. 
Lamy (B.) Apparatus BibUcue ; tr., 

Lightfoot (J.) Rules for student [in h. 
Remains, 1700]. 

Bible [continued]. 
Handbooks & Introductions [cont.]. 
Loscher (V. E.) Breviarium theol. 

exeget., 1719. 
Migne (J. P.), ed. S.S. cursus compl., 

28t 1839—43 
Moff'att (J.) Approach to N.T., 1921. 

Intr. to ht. of N.T., 1911. 

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Alten Test., 1890. 
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d. Alte Test., 1912. 
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Warsohauer (J.) What is the B. ?, 1911. 
Wilkinson (W. F.) Personal names, 

Zahn (T.) Intr. to N.T. ; tr., 3v, 1909. 
Hebreui, see A.C. 
Hermeneutics , see Study, helow. 
Higher Criticism (see also Authenticity ; 

Gospels, Orig., above ; Study, below). 
Benn (A. W.) Higher crit. & supernat. 

[in h. Revaluations, 1909]. 
Bergh van Eysinga. Radical views, 

N.T. ; tr., 1912. 
Boyce (W. B.) H. c. upon the O.T., 

1878 ■ 1881 
Cohu (J. R.) B. & mod. thought, 1920. 
Doumergue (E.) Moise & la Genese &c., 

Driver (S. R.) & A. F. Kirkpatrick. 

H. c, 1905 ; 1912. [B.] 
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[PI 270]. 
Robinson (A. C.) O.T. & mod. crit., 

Sanday (W.) Bp. Gore's challenge to 

criticism, 1914. [P1455]. 
& N. P. Williams. Form &c. of 

Xtn. tradition, 1916. 
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Swete (H. B.), ed. Essays on Bibl. q., 

Wace (H.) Some questions of the day, 

2s., 1912-14. 
Refer to Bible : Octatbtjch <fc Penta- 
TBTJCH, in A.C. 
History {i.e. Biblical Record), see Bible 

HiSTOKY as separate heading. 
History of Origin of Bible. 
Bacon (B. W.) Making of N.T., 1912. 

Bissell (E. C.) Hist, origin, 1873. 
Kenyon (F. G.) Our Bible, n.d. 
Kirkpatrick (A. F.) Divine Ub., O.T., 

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Symes (J. E.) Evol. of the N.T., 1921. 

Townley (J.) lUust. of Bibl. Kt., 3v, 

Inspiration, see Authenticity, above. 
Interpretation, see Study, below. 
Introductions, see Handbooks &c., 

Bible [continued]. 
Itala, see Latin (Old) Versions, below. 
Language Question (see also Study, 

Compendious olde treatyse, Scripture 

in Engl., 1871. 
F^nelon. Lettre, lecture de I'Eor. en 

langue vulg., 1815. [P2505]. 
Helladius (A.) Cur Graeci N.T. in Gr.- 

barbara recus. [in h. Status Eccl. 6r., 

Stillingfleet (E.) Appendix, cone, prohib. 

of Scripture in vulgar langs. by Coun- 
cil of Trent, 1688 ? [P1286]. 
Villanueva (J. L.) De la lecoiou de la 

Sagrada Esoritura en lenguaa vul- 

gares, 1791. 
Refer to Roman Catholic Chueoh. 
sub-heading Protestant & Roman 
Catholic Controversy . 
Languages (see also Aramaic ; Greek 

LANG., Bibl.; Hebrew lang.). 
Diodati (D.) De Christo Gr. loqu. 

(1767) ; Dobbin, 1843. 
Glass (S.) Philol. sacra ; Buddei, 1713. 
Naville (E.) Archaeology of the O.T., 

Pasini (G.) De Bibl. Unguis., 1716. 
Walton (B.) In B. Polyglotta proleg., 

Latin (Old) Versions. 
Old-Lat. Bibl. Texts, no». 1-6, 1883- 

Banke (E.) Fragm. antiq. Evang. 

Lucani vers. Lat., 1873. 
• ed. Par paUmpsestorum Wirce- 

burg., 1871. 
Ziegler (L.) Italafragm. d. Paulin. 

Brief e, 1876. 
Lat. Bibeliibers. vor Hieronymus 

u. d. Itala, 1879. 
Literary Composition (see also Higher 

Criticism, above). 
Blackwall (A.) Auctores sacri ; tr., 2p, 

Boyle (R.) Style, 1668. 
Camerarius (J.) Notatio figurarum 

orationis &c., 1556. 
Casanowioz (I. M.) Paronomasia in Old 

Test., 1894. 
Gaunter (J. H.) Poetry of the Penta- 
teuch, 2v, 1839. 
Conder (J.) Lit. hist, of N.T., 1850. 
Fowler (H. T.) Hist, of Ut. of anc. 

Israel (-135 B.C.), 1912. 
Gardiner (J. H.) B. as Eng. lit., 1909. 
Glass (S.) Philologica sacra; Buddei, 

Gray (G. B.) Forms of Hebrew poetry 

w. ref. to O.T., 1915. 
Olearius (J.) De stilo Novi Test. &c., 

Sohafi (P.) Poetry of the B. [in h. Lit. 

&c., 1890]. 
Trail (W.) Lit. character &c., 1863. 
Wendland (P.) Urchristl. Literatur- 

formen [in h. Hellenist. -rom. Kultur, 

Natural History & Science. 
Balfour (J. H.) Plants of the B., 1866. 
Bennett (J. B.) Diseases of B., 1896. 
Boohart (S.) Hierozoicon, 3t, 1793-96. 
Carpenter (W.) Scr. hist. nat. [in Migne, 

S. Scr. cursus, t3, 1842]. 
Duns (J.) Bibl. nat. sci. &c., 2v, 1863- 

Garofalo (B.) De hyssopo &c. [in h. 

Diss, misc., pi, 1718]. 
Harris (T. M.) Nat. hist., 1824. 
Low (I.) Bibl. 'ezob, 1909. 




Bible [continued], 
Xatural History & Science [continued]. 
Sohiaparelli (G.) Astronomy in O.T. ; tr., 

Scripture nat. hist., n.d. 
Ursin(J. H.) Arboretum biblicum, 1699. 
Wood (J. G.) B. animals, 1869. 
Periodicals dh Societies. 
Allgemeine Bibl. d. bibl. Litt., lOB, 

Bibliotheoa Bremensis nova, 1760-67. 
BibUotheoa Hagana ; Barkey, 6v, 

Deut. Morgenlaud. Gesells. Ztschr., 

Deut. Vierteljahrssohrift f. engl.-theol. 

Forsohung &o., 1861-71. 
Doderlein (J. C.) Auserlesene theolog. 

Bibl., 1780-92. 
Hirt (J. P.) Oriental, u. exeget. Bibl., 

8T, 1772-6. 
Wittemberg. neue oriental. &c. 

Bibl, 4T, 1776-9. 
Konigl. -Preuss. Akad. d. Wiss. zu 

Berlin. Sitzb., 1843-, see A. G. 
MemorabiUen, e. philos. -theolog. Zeit- 

schr. ; Paulus, 8 Stiioke, 1791-6. 
MichaeUs (J. D.) Orient, u. exeget. 

Bibl., 1771-89. Neue orient, u. exeget. 

Bibl., 1786-93. 
Museum Haganum ; Barkey, 4t, 1774— 

Neues Repert. f . Bibl. & morgenl. Litt. ; 

Paulus, 3T, 1790-91. 
Society of Bibl. Arch., Index; Nash, 

Polyglot, see A.C. for texts, <k Biblio- 
graphy, above. 
Relations of O.T. & N.T. 
Balduin (F.) Adventus Chriati typious, 


Passio typica, 2 lib., 1614-16. 

Beoanus (M.) Analogia Vet. ao Nov. 

Test., 1620. 
Bohl (E.) Alttest. Citate im N.T., 1878. 
Burney (C. F.) Gospel in the O.T., 1921. 
Cremer (B. S.) Typologia, 2p, 1727. 
Foakea- Jackson (F. J.) Parting of roads, 

Frothingham (0. B.) Cradle of the 

Christ, 1877. [B.] 
Gibson (E. C. S.) 0. Test, in the New, 

Glass (S.) Xf)iaTo\oyia.s Mosaicse diss., 

Gough (H.) N.T. quotat. coll. w. the 

Script, of the O.T., 1855. 
Harris (J. R.) Orig. of Prologue to St. 

John's Gospel, 1917. 

Testimonies, pi, 2, 1917-20. 

Kautzsoh (E. F.) De "Vet. Test, loois a, 

Paulo alleg., 1869. [P243]. 
Kvinoel (C. T.) Obs. ad. N.T. ex hbris 

apocryphis V. T., 1794. 
Migne (J. P.), ed. S.S. cursus oompl., 

t2, 1840. 
Prideaux (H.) Hist, conn., 2v, 1865. 
Schiokard (W.) Epitome Bibl. : Vet. T. 

testimonia uspiam in N.T. ; Raithius, 

Selwyn (E. C.) Oracles in the N.T., 1912. 
Streatfeild (F.) Preparing the way, 

1918. [B.] 
Tholuck (F. A. G.) A.T. im N.T., 1868. 

WhoweU (T.) Analogy of the 0. & N. 

Test., 2v, 1846. 
Kotnan Catholic Attitude, see sub- 
heading Language Question, above. 

Bible [continued]. 
Roman Catholic Versions {see also 

Vulgate, below). 
Coulton (G. 6.) Med. st»., 14, Roman 

Cath. Ch. & B., 1921. 
Hamilton (G.) Prea. state of R. C. 

Eng. Bible, 1825. 
Lopis Stunica (J.) Annot. contra Eras- 
mum in defens. tr. N. Teat., 1520. 
MaoGhee (R. J.) Compl. notes of the 

Do way B. & Rhemiah Teat., 1837. 
Panzer (6. W.) Gesoh. d. rom. cathol. 

deut. Bibeliiberaetzung, 1781. 
Rainolds (W.) Befut. of reprehend., late 

Eng. tr. & Cath. annot^. &o., 1583. 
Aristeas. De legis divinae tr. per 70 

interpretes &o., 1561. 
letter ; tr. w. app. of anc. evid. 

on orig. of S. ; Thackeray, 1917. 
[Bible]. Daniel aeound. S. cfc Apologia 

S., 1772. 
[ : 0. Test.]. Codex Zuqnin. resor. ; 

Tiaaerant, 1911. 
Dillmann (C. F. A.) tjb. d. gr. tjbers. d. 

Qoheleth, 1892. [P1271]. 
Gregory (J.) LXX interpreters &c. [in 

Works, p2, 1684]. 
Hody (H.) Contra hist. Ariateae de 70 

interpretibus, 1684. 
Lagarde (P. A. de) Septuagintastudien, 

2T, 1891-2. [P1271]. 
Ottley (R. R.) Handbookto the S., 1920. 
Papageorgios (S. K.) U. d. Ariateas- 

brief, 1880. [P1733]. 
Paichari (J. N.) Greo de la S., 1908. 

Thackeray (H. St. J.) The S. & Jewish 

worship, 1921. 
Vossius (I.) De S. dissert, 1661-3. 
Wower (J. k) De Gr. & Lat. BibUorum 

interp., 1618. 
Study, History & Method of (see also 

Handbooks, above). 
Bauer (G. L.) Entwurf e. Hermeneutik 

d. Alt. u. N. Test., 1799. 
Broughton (H.) Epistle touching tr. 

the B., 1597. 
Bryant (S.) How to read the B., 1918. 
Cherubin de Saint-Joaeph. Bibl. crit. 

saorae, 4t, 1704-6. 
Dobschutz (E. v.) Infl. of the B. on 

civihsation, 1914. 
Erasmus (D.) New biichleiu, 1522. 

Vormanung d. Evangeliu &c. zu 

lesen, 1522. [P2539]. 
Francke (A. H.) Guide ; tr., 1813. 
Gerhard (J.) Tract, de legitima Scr. S. 

interpret., 1663. 
Glover (T. R.) Study of B. [in h. Pil- 
grim, 1921]. 
Gunkel (H.) Religionsgesch. u. alttest. 

Wiss., 1910. [P1284]. 
Harnaok (C. G.) Beitrage, N.T., B5, 

Priv. Gebrauch d. hlgn. Schr. in d. 

alten Kirche, 1912. 
N.T. studies, v5, B. reading in 

Early Oh. ; tr. Wilkinson, 1912. 
Hyperius (A.) De S. Scr. leotione 

quotitiana &c., 1561, 1581. 
Jaoquier (E.) Le N.T. dans I'Egliae 

chret., tl, 2, 1911-13. 
Kittel (R.) Sclent, at. of Old Test. ; tr., 

Kortholt (C.) De lectioue B. in Hng. 

vulg., 1692. 
Law (T. G.) Bibl. st. in M.A. [in h. 

Coll. essays &c., 1904]. 
Le Clerc (J.) Manner of interp. ; tr. [in 

h. 12 diss., 1696]. 

Bible [continued]. 
Study, History & Method of [cont.]. 
Le Maire (N.) Sanctuar. profanis oc- 

olusum, de Bibl. prohib. in 1. vulg., 

Lindanus (W. D.) De optimo Scr. 

interp. gen., 1558. 
Majus (J. H.) Introd. ad stud., 1701 ?. 
Mayor (J. E. B.) Spain, Portugal, the 

Bible, 1892. 
Osiander (L.) De studiis Verbi div. 

miniat. privatis reote inatit., 2p, 1733. 
Pf eifEer (J. E. ) Elementa hermeneuticae, 


Inatitutionea hermeneut., 1771. 

Eaymont (T.) Use in educ. of the young, 

Robinson (E. M.) Tennyaon'a uae of the 

B., 1917. 
Sadeel (A.) Locus de verbo Dei, 1582. 
Smith (W. R.) Lectures & esaaya, 1912. 
Teuber (C. A.) Tract, de utiUtate linguse 

Angl. in explic. Scr., 1733. 
Townley (J.) Illuat. of Bibl. lit. &c., 

3v, 1821. 
Turner (C. H.) St. of N.T., 1883-1920, 

Weemea (J.) Chriatian synagogue &c., 

Syriac versions {see also A.C). 
Bensly (R. L.) Harklean version of the 

Ep. to Hebrews, chap. XI-XIII, 1889. 
[Bible]. Hexaglot B. ; Riches de 

Levante, v5, 6 (N.T. in S. &o.), 1874. 
[ : Syr.]. Transl. Syra Pescitto 

Vet. Test. (6o.) ; photoUth., 2t, 

Burkitt (F. C.) Syr. forms of N.T. 

proper names, 1912. [P1614]. 
Diettrich (G. E. 8.), ed. Massorah d. 

Syrer &c., Jeaaia, 1899. 
Jones (R.) Textus Evang. vers, simplicis 

Syr. coUatua, 1805. 
Voigt (G. E.) Dissert, de ver. N.T. Syr. 

[in Olricha (J.) Germ. litt. opuac, t2, 

Texts <fc Versions {see BiBLB in A.C. 

for var. editions & translations <Ss see, 

English ; Latin ; Septuagint <jhc., 

Arnauld (A.) Contin. de la Nouv. del 

de la tr. du Nouv. Test. impr. d, Mons 

&o., 1682. 
Boasuet (J. B.)Instrs. (& 2<= instr.) aur 

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Bible [continued]. 
Textual Criticism [continued]. 
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Bible [continued]. 
Textual Criticism [continued]. 
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Refer to Jewish Antiquities dk 
other headings referred to in Subject 
Index (1909). 
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Bible Antiquities [continued], 
Oeography [continued']. 
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N.B. — For the history of the origin 
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Bible History [continued]. 

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adjacent countries ; Philistia & 
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Befer to Bible Antiquities ; Geo- 
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N.B. — For bibliography of a par- 
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Bibliography [continued]. 

Idbrary Catalogues {see also Subject 
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Bibliography [continued]. 
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Prices of Books ,see'BooK collecting &o. 
Printing, see PEiNTlna. 
Prohibited Books, see PEOHlBrrED 

Pseudonyms & Anonyms, see PsETlDO- 

Rare Books, see Early Editions die., 

Sale Catalogues , see Book Colleotino 

& Sales. 
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Chtides to {see also Subject Cata- 
logues, below). 
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Bibliography [continued]. 
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Bibliography [continued]. 
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refer to Bookselling & publishing ; 
Title-pages <fc other headings re- 
ferred to in Subject-Ind. (1909). 
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Refer to Amekican Poetky. 

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Refer to Australian Literatuke. 

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Refer to Bibliography, German. 

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Refer to Canada, History ; Can- 
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Bibliography, Corean. 

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Refer to Bibliography, American ; 
Bibliography, Canadian ; Biblio- 
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Refer to Thbology : Bibliography. 
Bibliography, Greek (Ancient), see Clas- 
sical Languages &c. ; Greek 
Hist. (Anc.) &c. 
Bibliography, Greek (Modern). 

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See Ireland, History ; Irish 
Literature ( Celtic or Gaelic) ; 
Irish Literature {in English). 
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Bibliography, Italian [continued], 

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Bibliography, Mexican, see Mexico, sub- 
heading Bibliography. 
Bibliography, Mohammedan, see Moham- 
medans &.C. i Bibliography. 
Biblio^aphy, Norwegian. 

[Christiania]. Kon. Fred. Univ. Bibl., 

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Bibliography, Portuguese. 

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Bibliography, Roumanian. 

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Refer to Roumania, Hist. ; Rou- 
manian Lit. 
Bibliography, Russian & Slavonic. 

Bakhtiarov (A. A.) flex, khhth ea PycH, 

Bokachev(N.) Odhch pyccitHXi. 6h6j[. &c., 

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Refer to Printing, Scotland ; Scot- 
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Bibliography, Slavonic, see Bibliogeaphy, 

Russian &c. 
Bibliography, Spanish. 

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Bibliography, Spanish [continued]. 

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Span. Funde [in R.F., B5, 1889- 

Refer to Spanish language. 

Bibliography, Swedish. 

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la storia d'ltalia in Svezia [in Soienze 
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Bibliography, Swiss, see Printing, Swit- 
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Refer to Bavaria ; Benedictines. 

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Domenico di B.-Piazzo, 1913. 


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Bijapur, 1889. 

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Refer to Basques &c. ; Spain. 

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B.-Maatschappij, 1918. 
Refer to Dutch East Indies. 




Bills of Exchange &c. {Refer to Ex- 
Pari, papers [982, 2060]. Oonf. on B. 

of E., Hague, 1910, 1912. (od. 5224, 

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Binding, see Bookbinding. 


Bingley. Parish reg., 1577-1686; 

Stavert, 1901. 
Refer to Yorkshire. 
Biographical Collections (Oeneral & Mis- 
N.B. — For biograph. coll', relating to 
particular countries or subjects see 
under various countries & subjects. 
Accad. de' Gelati, Bologna. Memorie 

de' signori accad., 1672. 
Adams (E. C.) & W. D. Foster. 

Heroines of mod. progress, 1921. 
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hist., polit. &e., 2t, 1722. 
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turieri (16-190.), 1912. 
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Imolesi, 1828. 
Aprosio (L.) Bibl. A., 1734. 
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[in Germ, in h. Schr., T2, 1845]. 
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Castigliona, 1606. 
Belfast Literary Soc, 1801-1901 ; hist. 

sketch, 1902. 
Benson (A. C.) Leaves of the tree (19c.), 

Bickley (F.) Kings' favourites (14-16c.), 

Biographical mag., vl, no. 1, 1877. 
Biographisches Jahrbuoh u. deut 

Nekrolog, B1-1897-. 
Blaze de Bury (6. H. & la b.) Hommes 

du jour (19c.), 1859. 
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[in h. Rel. univ., 1659]. 
Bridle (A.) Sons of Canada, 1916. 
Bry (J. T. de) loonum p4, 1599. 
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Some 18th c. byways &c., 1908. 

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(18-190.), 1909. 
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Chaudon (L. M.) Gr. hommes venges, 

Christian (The) portrait gallery, w. biog. 

sketches, 1889. 
Clarke (S.) Lives of emin. persons 

(16-17C.), 1683 ; 1753. 
Marrow of ecoles. hist., 2p, 1650 ; 

2p, 1675. 

Bio^phical Collections [continued]. 
CUssold (H.) Last hours of emin. Xtns., 

Cochin (D.) Quatre Frangais, 1912. 
Contarini (L.) Agg. al Vago &o. giardino, 

Courtney (W. L. dh J. E.) Pillars of 

Empire (18-20c.), 1918. [B.] 
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ill., 5p, 1708-51. 
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Cromer (E. B., e. of) Poht. & lit. essays, 

s2, 3, 1914-16. 
Deslandes (A. D. B.) Grands hommes qui 

sont morts en plaisantant, 1758 ; 76 ; 

tr., 1713.. 
Du Defiand {la marg. M.) Galerie des 

portraits [in h. Corr. compl., t2, 1865]. 
Duff (M. E. G.) The Club, 1764-1905, 

Elogi itahani ; Rubbi, 12t, 1782. 
Erythrseus (J. N.) Pinacotheca imag. 

illust. virorum, 1729. 
Faure (E.) Les construoteurs (18-19o.), 

Ferrato (P.), ed. Alcune lett. d. s. 19, 

1878. [N40.] 
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sanesi illust., 1847. 
Fondation (La) Thiers. Annuaire, 1916- 

Fourquevaux (F. B. de P., b. de) Vies de 

plus, grands capitaines fr., 1643. 
Fuller (T.) Holy & profane state (17c.), 

var. eds. 
Fyvie (J.) Wits, beaux & beauties of 

Georgian era, 1909. 
Gallery of portraits : w. mems., 8v, 

Gardiner (A. G.) Pillars of society (20c.), 


Prophets, priests & kings, 1908. 

Giovio (P.) Illust. vir. vitae (13-16c.), 

Gosse (E.) Portraits &c., 1912 [«fc in li. 

Coll. essays, v5, 1913]. 
Gray (J. M.) Biog. notes on mayors of 

Cambridge, 1922. 
Griffinhoofe (C. G.) Celeb. Cambridge 

men, 1390-1908, 1910. 
Guazzo (M.) Cronica, 1553. 
Guedalla (P.) Supers & supermen, 1920. 
Harden (M.) Kopfe, 3T, 1910-13. 

Monarchs & men, 1912. 

Haussonville (G. P. 0. de C. cte. d') 

Femmes d'autrefois (17-19o.) ; hommes 

d'aujourd'hui (19-20c.), 1912. 
Hayler (G.) Famous fanatics, 1911. 
Hillebrand (C. ) Volker u. Menschen, 1914. 
Holland (H. S.) Bundle of memories, 

James (W.) Memories & studies (19o.), 

Jessopp (A.) England's peasantry &o., 

Kaines (J. ) Last words of emin. persons, 

Karnovioh (E. P.) .SaM'BiaiejbHUH &o. 

JHHHOCTH, xviii H xix CT., 1893. 
Lang {mrs. A.) Men, women & minxes, 

Lee (S.) Gt. Enghshmen of 16 c, 1907. 
Levis (P. M. G., d. de) Souvs. &o., 

1780-9, 1813. 
Liber de viris illust. urbis Romse ; 

Pichlmayr, 1911. 
LocatelU (A.) Iconografia ital., 4v, 1836. 
Maatschappij d. Ned. Letterkunde. 

Levensberiohten &c., 1895-. 
Macaulay (T. B. b.) Misc. wr., 2v, 1860 ; 

4t, 1880. 

Biographical Collections [continued]. 
MacCunn (J.) Six Radical thinkers, 1910. 
MacPhail (A.) Essays in PuritaniBm, 

Manetti (A.) Uomine in Firenze dal 

1400 [in h. Operette, 1887]. 
Marches! Buonaocorsi (G. V.) Mon. 

virorum GalHse Togatse, 1727. 

Vitae virorum Foroliv., 1726. 

Melanohthon (P.) Deolamationum t2, 

Memorie ist. di piii uomini illust. 

pisani, 4t, 1790-2. 
Menzies (S.) Mod. men of mark, 1921. 
Misciatelli (P.) Personaggi (15o.) ital., 

Muzzi (S.) Vite d'ltal. illust. (6c. B.c- 

19c.), 1870. 
Norberg (M.) Sel. opusc, vl, 1817. 
[North]. N. country diaries (82); 

Hodgson, 1915. 
Pasolini (S.) Huomini illust. di Ravenna 

ant., 1703. 
Pearson (H.) Mod. men & mummers, 

Pero (F.) Nuove biog. Uvornesi, s5, 1912. 
Pilon (E.) Portraits tendres &o. (15- 

19c.), 1910. 
Pressense (E. de) Contemp. portraits ; 

tr., 1880. 
Punshon (W. M.) Lectures, 1889. 
Raoot (A.) Portraits d'aujourd'hui 

(19c.), 1887. 

Portraits d'hier (19c.), 1887. 

Raymond (E. T.) All & sundry, 1919. 
R^gnier (H. de) Figures et oaract^res, 

Reid (W.) Amer. & Eng. studies, v2, 

Reinach (J.) Recits & portraits con- 
temp., 1915. 
Reusner (N.) loones virorum illust. &o., 

Rosebery (A. P. P., e. of) Miscellanies, 

2v, 1921. 
Russell (C. lady) The Rose Goddess & o. 

sketches (17-19c.), 1910. 
Russell (G. W. E.) Prime ministers &o.. 


Sketches &c., 1910. 

Scherr (J.) Menschl. Tragikomodie, 12B., 

Scott (E.) Men & thought in mod. hist., 

Scott {sir W.) Biog. mem^. of novehsts 

&c. [in Prose wks., n.d.]. 
Seward (W.) Anecdotes (13-18c.), 1804. 
Simon (J. F.) Figures et croquis, 1909. 
[Suisse]. Galerie nationale s., n.d. 
Sully (J.) My life & friends, 1918. 
Symons (A.) Figures of sev. cent"., 1916. 
Ugurgieri AzzoUni (I.) Le pompe sanesi, 

huomini &o. di Siena, 2p, 1649. 
Viri illustres Acad. Edinb. ; Geddes, 

Ward (W. P.) Men & matters, 1914. 
Wesley (J.) Xtn. library, v26, 27, 49, 50, 

Whibley (C.) Essays in biog., 1913. 

Polit. portraits, 1917. 

Whitby (C. J.) Makers of man, 1910. 
White (A. D.) 7 gt. statesmen (16-19o.), 

Wood (A. \) Athenae Oxon. (1500- 

1690), 2v, 1691-2 ; 4v, 1813-20. 
Wyzewa (T. de) Excentriques & aven- 

turiers, lOlO. 
Zanotti (G. P. C.) Storia dell' Accad. 

Clementina di Bologna, 2v, 1739. 
Ziegler (T.) Menschen u. Probleme 

(15-190.), 1914. 




Biogiaphical Collections [continued]. 

Eccentric People. 

Heoart (G. A. J.) Stultitiana, Valen- 

oienne, 1823. 
Wyzewa (T. de) Excentriques & aven- 

turiers, 1910. 
Literary {see also various literatures : 

English Lit.; French Lit. &c.) 
Bale (J.) lUust. Maj. Brit. scr. summ., 

1548 ; 2p, 1557-9. 
Blount (T. P.) Censura celeb, auth., 

Boeles (W. B. S.) Levenschetsen d. 

Groninger hoogleeraren [in Jonck- 

bloet, Gedenkboek, 1864]. 
Brandes (G.) Menachen u. Werke (19o.), 


Saml. Skr., Bl-18, 1899-1910. 

Brognoli (A.) Elogj di Bresciani per 

dottrina eccel., sec. 18, 1785. 
Oalvi (P.) Bibl. e stor. de quei scr. d. 

Vioenza, 6v, 1772-82. 
Clodd (E.) Memories, 1916. 
Courtney (W. P.) Eight friends of the 

great {18-19c.), 1910. • 
Gauthiez (P.) Etudes sur le 16e s., 1893. 
Gerini (E.) Mem. stor. d'ill. sorittori &o. 

d. Lunigiana, 2v, 1829. 
Harris (F.) Contemp. portraits, s2, 1919. 
James (H.) Notes on novelists, 1914. 
Kernahan (C.) In good company, 1917. 
Legrand (E.) BibUog. hellen., 15<=, 16^ s., 

4t, 1885-1906 ; 17^ s., 5t, 1894-1903 ; 

18e s., tl, 1918. 
Lynd (B.) Old & new masters, 1919. 
MacCunn (F. A.) Sir W. Scott's friends, 

Mentzel (E.) W. u. C. Goethes Lehrer, 

Nioeron (J. P.) Nachrichten v. d. Bege- 

benheiten &c. beriimten Gelehrten &c.; 

fibers., 24T, 1749-71. 
Peireso (N. C. de F., seigneur de) Corr. 

de P. -. lettres ined. a P. ; Tamizey de 

Larroque, 1-21, 1879-91. 
Poincare (H.) Savants & eorivains, 1910. 
Quentin-Bauohart (M.) Femmes biblio- 
philes de France (16-18c.), 2t, 1886. 
Schmersahl (E. F.) N. Nachr. v. jungst- 

verstorb. Gelehrten, Bl, 1753-54. 
Scott (D.) Men of letters (20c.), 1916. 
Smales (G.) Whitby authors, 670-1867, 

Thou (J. A. de) Eloges des hommes 

savans ; Teissier, 2p, 1683. 
Leclerc (N. L.) Hist, de la medecine 

arabe &c., 2t, 1876. 
Rossi (G. B. de) Diz d. autori arabi, 1807. 

Biogiaphical Dictionaries. 

A'Beckett (W.) Univ. biog., 3v, 1835. 
Chaudon (L. M.) Nouv. diet, histor., 9t, 

Crabb (G.) Univ. hist, diet., 2v, 1825. 
Dezobry & Bachelet. Diet. gen. de 

biog. &o., 2p, n.d. 
Dizionario biog. univ. ; tr. &o. Scifoni, 

5v, 1840-9. 
Fitzgerald (E.) Diet, of Mme. de 

Sevigne ; Kerrich, 2v, 1914. 
Gesner (C.) Bibl. inst. & coll. a C. G., 

Hyamson (A. M.) Diet, of univ. biog., 

Jocher (C. 6.) AUg. Gelehrten-Lex., 4T ; 

Fortsetzung &c., Bl, 2 ; Adelung, B7 ; 

Botermund, 1750-1897. 
Lippe (C. D.) Bibl. Lexicon d. jiid. Lit. 

d. Gegenwart u. Adress-Anzeiger, 1881. 
Moroni (G.) Diz. di erudiz. stor.-eccles., 

103v, 1840-61 ; Indice, 6v, 1878-9. 

Biographical Dictionaries [continued]. 
Morrison (A.) Coll. of autograph. letters 

& hist. doc=., 6v & ser. 2, vl-3, 

Pronouncing biog. diet, [in Webster 

(N.) New internat. diet., 1911]. 
Thomas (J.) Univ. diet, of biog. &c., 

2v, 1887-9 ; 1915. 
Wer ist's ? ; Degener, 1905-. 

Anglo-African Who's who, 1910. 
AUgem. Kiinstler-Lexioon, 5B, 1895- 

Basan (P. F.) Diet, des graveurs, 2p, 

Benezit (E.), ed. Diet. d. peintres, sculp- 

teurs &c., tl, 2, 1911-13. 
Coma (A.) Diz. della storia dell' arte in 

Itaha, 1915. 
Cotarelo y Mori (E.) Dice, de caligrafos 

espaiioles, 2t, 1913-16. 
Filangieri (G.) Indice d. artefici [in h. 

Doc. per la stor. d. prov. napol., v5, 6, 

Forrer (L.) Biog. diet, of medallists &c. 

(500 B.O.-1900 A.D.), 6v, 1902-16. 
Frimmel (T. v.) Lex. d. Wiener Gemal- 

desamml., Bl, 2, A-L, 1913-14. 
Gori Gandellini (G.) Not. ist. degl' intag- 

liatori, 3t, 1771. 
Granges de Surgeres {m. de) Artistes 

nantais, 1898. 
Grasselli (G.) Abecedario biog. cremon., 

Hymans (H.) Pres de 700 biogs. d' ar- 
tistes beiges [in (E., v2, 1920]. 
Lami (S.) Diet, des sculpteurs de I'ecole 

fr., 18s., 2t, 1910-11 ; 19s., tl-3, 

Lance (A. E.) Diet, des arohitectes fr., 

2t, 1872. 
Mariette (P. J.) Abecedario &c.. 6t, 

Portahs {b. B.) Dessinateurs d'illust., 

18<= s., 2p, 1877. 
QuiUiet (F.) Diet. d. peintres espagn., 

Strickland (W. G.) Diet, of Irish artists, 

2v, 1913. 
Vinaza (c. de la) Adic. al Dice, de Cean 

Bermiidez, 4t, 1889-94. 
Wurzbach (A. v. ) Niederland. Kiinstler- 

Lex., 3B, 1906-11. 
Biographic generale des Beiges., livr. 1, 

Biographic nationale, t20-22, 1908-20. 
Le Boy (A.) L'Univ. de Liege, 1869. 
Pauwels-de-Vis (J.) Diet, biog., 1843. 
Vandermaelen (P.) Diet, des hommes de 

lettres &c., 1837. 
Canadian men & women ; Morgan, 

Who's who & why, 1919-20, 1920. 
Pulch (P.) De Eudociae Violario, 1880. 

Renda-Bagusa (G.) Elogia Siculorum, 

1690 [cfc in Gr^vius. Thes., tlOxiv]. 
Halvorsen. Norsk Forfatter-Lex., 6B, 

Lind (T.) Gyldendals Forfatter-Lex., 

With (N.) Illust. biog. leksikon &c., 

BartoU (F.) Not. de' oomici ital. (1550- 

1782), 2t, 1782. 

Biographical Dictionaries [continued]. 

Dramatic [continued]. 
Parker (J.) Who's who in the theatre, 

1914; 1922. 
Basi (L.) I comici ital., 2v, 1897-1905. 

Molhuysen (P. C.) cfc P. J. Blok. Nieuw 

nederl. biog. woordenboek, 5d, 1911-21. 
AlUbone (S. A.) Crit. diet, of Eng. lit. 

&c., 3v, 1859-75. 
Boase (F.) Mod. Eng. biog. (1851- 

1900), 6v, 1892-1921. 
British sports & sportsmen, 3v, 1912-14. 
[Brit. Mus.]. Engr. Brit, portraits ; 

O'Donoghue, 5v, 1908-22. 
Catholic Who's who & year - book, 

Cousin (J. W.) Short biog. diet, of Eng. 

lit., 1910. 
Diet, of nat. biog. ; Suppl. 2, 3v ; Suppl. 

2, Index & epitome, 1912-13. 

Epitome (-1911), 1920. 

Gentleman's Mag. Index to biog. & 

obit, notices, 1731-80 ; Fry, 2v, 

Kelly. Hdbk. to titled &c. classes, 

1886, 1886. 
Literary Who's who, 1920. 
Literary year book, 1898-. 
MacKerrow (B. B. ), ed. Diet, of printers 

& booksellers, Eng., Scot., Ir., 1557- 

1640, 1910. 
[Oxford: Balliol Coll.! Register, 

1832-1914 ; Hilliard, 1914. 
Peacock (E.) Index of Eng. speaking 

students, Leyden Univ. (16-19c.), 

Plomer (H. R.) Diet, of booksellers '.& 

printers, Eng., Scot., Ir., 1641-67, 

Ross (F.) Celebrities of the Yorkshire 

Wolds, 1878. 
Sharp (B. F.) Diet, of E. authors, biog. 

& bibUog., f. 1400, 1904. 
Sparke (A.) Bibliog. Bolton., w. biog. 

details, 1913. 
Who was who, 1897-1916, 1920. 
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Barjavel (C. F. H.) Diet, du dept. de 

Vaucluse, 2t, 1841. 
Bouches-du-Rhone : enoycl., til, Biog., 

par H. Barre, 1913. 
Briquet (L. H. A.) Biog. d. Deux- 

Sevres [in h. Hist, de Niort, t2, 

Capeille (J.) Diet, de biog^. roussiUon- 

naises, 1914. 
Dehsle (L.) Notes biog. (12c.) [mChartes 

& diplomes, t3, 1909]. 
Dourille (J.) Biog. d. Deputes, 1829. 

Haureau (J. B.) Hist. litt. du Maine, 

lot, 1870-77. 
La Mothe Houdaneourt (E. L. de) &c. 

Biog. toulousaine, 2t, 1823. 
Lepreux (G.) Gallia typographioa 

(-18c.), Ser. depart., tl-4, 1909-14; 

Ser. paris., tl, 1911. 
PaUssot de Montenoy (C.) Mems. de n. 

htt. (16-18C.) [in CE., t3, 1788]. 
Port (C.) Diet, de Maine-et-Loire, 3t, 

Qui-etes-vous ?, 1909-. 
Toselli (J. B.) Biog. ni9oise, 2t, 1850. 
Waroquier (L. C. de) Tableau de la 

noblesse miUt., 1784. 




Biogiaphical Dictionaries [continued]. 


Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, B55, 

1910 ; B56, Reg., 1912. 
Aschbach (J. v.) Gesch. d. Wiener Univ., 
Naohtrage z. 3. B (16c.), 1898. 
Biographisches Jahrbuch, B11-, 1908-. 
Briimmer (F.) Lex. d. deut. Dichter u. 
Prosaisten d. 19 J. bis z. Gegenwart, 
8B, 1913. 
Gross (J.) Biog.-lit. Lexikon, 9-20 J., 

Kruger (H. A.) Deut. Lit.-Lex., 1914. 
Rothert (W.) Hannover. Manner u. 
Frauen s. 1866, 1912. 
Schonfeld (M.) Wbch. d. altgerman. 

Personen-u. Volkernamen, 1911. 
War ist's ? ; Degener, 191 1-. 
Will {6. A.) Niirnberg. Gelehrten-Lexi- 
con, 4T, 1755-8. 
HebreuVf see Oriental^ below. 
Horanyi (F. J. E.) Mem. Hung. & pro- 
vincialium scriptis notorum, 3p, 
Kriicken (0. v.) & I. Parlagi. Das geist. 
Ung., 2B, 1918. 
Indian . 
Who's who in India, 1911 ; Suppl., 
Irish {see also English, above). 
O'Donoghue (D. J.) Poets of Jr., 1912. 
Strickland (W. G.) Diet, of Ir. artists, 
2v, 1913. 
Dizionario biog. univ. ; tr. &c. Scifoni, 

5v, 1840-9. 
Fantuzzi (G.) Notizie d. sor. bolognesi, 
9t, 1781-94. 
Filangieri (G.) Indioe d. artefici [in k. 
Doc. per la stor. d. prov. napol., v5, 6, 
Gamba (B.), ed. Galleria dei lett. &c. d. 
prov. venez. d. s. 18, 2v, 1824. 
Ginanni (P. P.) Mem. s. d. scr. raven- 
nati, 2t, 1769. 
Giustiniani (M.) Scrittori Uguri, pi, 

A-G, 1667. 
Manni (6.) Serie de' senator! fiorent., 

Mensi (L.) Diz. biog. piacentino, 1899. 
Minieri Biccio (C.) Mem. d. scrittori nati 
nel regno di Napoli, 1844. 
Moroni (G.) Diz. di erudiz. stor.-eocles., 

103v, 1840-61 ; Indioe, 6v, 1878-9. 
Orlandi (P. A.) Not. d. scrittori bolog- 
nesi, 1714. 
Regli (F.) Diz. biog., poeti, artisti melo- 
dramm. &c., 1800-60, 1860. 
Sforza Benvenuti (F.) Diz. biog. cre- 

masco, 1888. 
Soprani (R.) Scrittori d. Liguria, 1667. 
Tiraboschi (G.) Bibl. modenese, 6t, 
1781-6 ; Contin., 5t, 1833-7. 
Tola (P.) Diz. biog., Sardegna, 3v, 

Vecchietti (F.) BibUoteca picena, tl-5, 
A-L, 1790-6. 
Vedova (G.) Biog. d. sor. padovani, 2v, 

VermigUoli (6. B.) Biog. d. sor. peru- 

gini, 2t, 1829. 
Villani (C.) Stelle feminiU, 1915. 
Feurtado (W. A.) Offio. personages of 
J., 1655-1790, 1896. 
Japan year book, 1908-9, 1910. 
Who's who in Japan, 1912. 

Biographical Dictionaries [continued']. 

Literary (General) {see also country sub- 
headings above and below). 
Blount (T. P.) Characters &c. of poets, 

ano. & mod. [in h. De re poet., 1694]. 
Jocher (C. G.) AUg. Gelehrten-Lex., 

4T ; Fortsetzung &o., Bl, 2 ; Ade- 

lung, B7 ; Rotermund, 1750-1897. 
Konig (G. M.) Bibl. vetus & nova, 1678. 
Pokel (W.) Philolog. Schriftsteller-Lex., 

Baker (T.) Biog. diet., 1905. 
Halvorsen. Norsk Forfatter-Lex., 6B, 

Lind (T.) Gyldendals Forfatter-Lexikon, 

'Abd Allah ibn Muli., Ibn al-FaraM, 

Hist, virorum doct. Andalusiae (He.) ; 

Codera, 2t, 1891-2. 
Ahmad ibn Yahya, al-Dabbi. Deside- 

rium quaer. hist, virorum Andalusiae 

(-13c.) ; Codera, 1885. 
Khalaf ibn 'Abd al-Malik, Ibn Bash- 

Icuwal. Assila (12o.) ; Codera, 2v, 

Muhammad ibn 'Abd Allah. Compl. 

libri Assilah ; Codera, 2v, 1887-9. 
Rossi (G. B. de) Diz. stor. degU autori 

Ebr., 2v, 1802. 
Refer to Biographical Collbotions. 

N.B. — Refer to Theolcgy for General 
Encyclopmdias do Diets. 
Ceccaroni ( A. ) Diz. eccles. illust., 1911. 
Diotionnaire hist. d. auteurs eccles., 4t, 

Gorman (W. G.) Converts to Rome : 

biog. list, U.K. (1850-1910), 1910. 
Launay (A.) Mem. de la Soc. des 

Missions-etrangeres, p2, 1916. 
Moroni (G.) Diz. di erudiz. stor.-eccles., 

103v, 1840-61 ; Indice, 6v, 1878-9. 
Schaff (P.) & S. M. Jackson. Encycl. 

of living divines, 1887. 
Wace & Piercy. Diet, of Xtn. biog., 

to 6o., 1911. 
Wilks (J.) Xtn. biogr. diet., 1821. 

Morozov (A. V.) KaTa.iort co6. pycc. nopi- 

pSTOBi, 4t., 1912-13. 

PyccKiB Biorpa*. cjOBapii, 1909-12. 
Vengerov (S. A.) KpHT.-fiiorpa*. cjosapt 

pycc. DHcaiejefl &c., t1, 2, 6, 1889- 

1904 ; Tl, 2 i, 1915-16. 

Who's who in science, 1912, 1914. 
South American. 

Sanchez (J. R.) Autores esp. e hisp.- 
amer., 1911. 

Spanish & Portuguese. 

Antonino, Fr. de la Asuncion. Dice, de 

escritores trinitarios de Esp. y Port., 

2t, 1898-9. 
CaUeja y Fernandez (S.) Dice, biogr. de 

hombres ilust., 1920. 
Cotarelo y Mori (E.) Dice, de caligrafos 

espaiioles, 2t, 1913-16. 
Gestoso y Perez (J.) Dice, de los artifices 

que flor. en Sevilla, s. 13-18, 3t, 1899- 

Hazanas y la Rua (J.) El cabildo oate- 

dral (SeviUa), 1482-1509; & o. p. 

[in h. Maese Bodrigo, 1909]. 
Matute y Gaviria (J.) Hijos de Sevilla, 

2t, 1886-7. 
Perez Pastor (C.) Not. y doc. rel. a la 

hist, y lit. esp., tl (-18c.), 1910. 

Biographical Dictionaries [continued]. 

Spanish & Portugese [continued], 
Rico y Sinobas (M.) Dice, de caligrafos 

Esp. [in Real Acad. Esp., Mem., t9, 

Sanchez (J. B.) Autores esp. e hisp.- 

amer., 1911. 
Siviss . 
Aellen (H.) Zeitgenossen-Lex., 1921. 
United States. 

AlUbone (S. A.) Crit. diet., 3v, 1859-75. 
Amer. blue-book, 1915. 
[American]. Amer. men of to-day, 1916. 
Appleton (D.)&Co. Cycl, v8,9,1918-22. 
Evans (C.) Amer. bibliog., vl-8 (-1792), 

Illinois, Univ. of. Alumni record ; 

Kelley, 1913. 
Kelly (H. A.) & W. L. Burrage. Amer. 

med. biogs., 1920. 
Men of 1914, 1915. 
Who's who in New York, 1907-14. 
Rees (T. M.) Notable Welshmen, 1700- 

1900, 1908. • 
Biography, Ait of. 

Ammann (J. K.) Zur Gesch. d. b. Kunst 

bei d. Gr. u. Rom., 1863. 
Asquith (H. H.) Biography [in h. Ocoaa. 

addr=., 1918]. 
Carlyle (T.) Biog. [in k. Crit. essays]. 
Cook (E. T.) Art of b. [in h. Lit. recrea- 
tions, 1918]. 
Dunn (W. H.) Eng. biog., 1916. 
Klaiber (T.) Deut. Selbstbiog., 1921. 
Kopke (E.) tJ'b. d. Gattung d. anofiu-nuov. 

in d. gr. Litt., 1857. [P1672]. 
Lee (S.) Principles, 1911. 
Lippelt (E.) Quaest. biogr. [Or. & Lat], 

1889. [P1947]. 
Lipsius (A.) Ueb. d. ant. Biog., 1863. 

Maass (E. W. T.) De biog. Graecis 

quaestiones, 1880. 
Priestley (J.) Descr. of chart of b., 1785. 

Smith (D. N.) Characters f. hist^. & 

mems. of 17th c., 1918. 
Stevenson (F. S.) Hist, personality, 

Teuffel (R.) Individ. PersonUchkeits- 

schilderung (lO-llc), 1914. 
Thayer (W. R.) B. the basis of hist, [in 

Scienze stor., Congr. internaz., 1903, 

Atti, v3, 1906]. 

Ward (A. W.) Historians &e. [in Camb. 

hist, of Eng. Ht., vl4, 1916]. [B.] 
Bihliography , 

Aude (A. F.) Bibliog. d. ana fr. & 6tr., 

Dimpfel (R.) Biog. Nachsohlagewerke, 

MuUer (F.) & Cie. Hist, des savants- 
Bibl. : Cat., n,d, 

Nijhoff (M.) Biographies &o., 3p, 1918. 

Rye (W.) List of wks. rel. to biog^. of 
Norfolk men & women, 1908. [P1326]. 

Teisgier (A.) Cat. auctorum, 1686. 

Locy (W. A.) B. & its makers, 1910. 

Miall (L. C.) Hist, of b., 1911. 

Radl (E.) Gesch. d. biolog. Theorien 
seit d. 17 J., 2T, 1905-9. 

Singer (C.) 6k. b. & its rel. to rise of 
mod. b., 1920. 

Thomson (J. A.) Sci. of life : hist, of b., 
Periodicals & Societies, 

Royal Ir. Acad. Proc. & Trans., 1787-. 
see A. G. 




Biology [continued]. 
Philosoph. & Misc. wks. 

Beard (J.) Philosoph. b. [in Soi. in mod. 

life ; Davis, v5, 1910]. 

Butler (S.) Life & habit, 1878. 

Luck, or cunning, 1887. 

Unconscious memory, 1880 ; 1910. 

Chapman (C.) Origin of life & con- 
sciousness, n.d. [P1571]. 
Dastre (A.) Life & death ; tr., 1911. 
Dewar & Finn. Making of species, 1909. 
Driesoh (H.) Hist. & theory of vitalism ; 

tr., 1914. 
Friedel (J.) Personnalite biolog. de 

I'homme, 1921. 
Grasset (J.) Devoirs & perils biolog., 

Guilleminot (H.) Matiere & la vie, 1919. 
Haldane (J. S.) Mechanism, life & per- 
sonality, 1913. 

New physiology &c., 1919. 

, D'A. W.- Thompson &o. Life & 

finite individuality ; Carr, 1918. 
Hall (A. W.) Problem of human life &c., 

Hill (G. C.) Heredity & selection in 

sociology, 1907. 
Hinton (J.) Life in nature, 1862. 
Ingenieros (J.) Princ. de psych, biolo- 

gique ; tr., 1914. 
Jenkinson (J. W.) VitaHsm [in Singer 

(C.) Studies, 1917]. 
Johnstone (J.) Phil, of b., 1914. 
Kleinschrod (F.) Inherent law of life; 

tr., 1910. 
Kolsch (A.) Verwandlungen d. Lebens, 

Le Dantec (F.) Chaos & rharmonie 

univ., 1911. 

Contre la metaphysique, 1912. 

Crise du transformisme, 1909. 

Elem. de phil. biolog., 1908. 

Evol. Individ. & heredite, 1898. 

Sci. de la vie, 1912. 

Stabilite de la vie, 1910. 

Lodge {sir 0. J.) Life & matter, 1909. 
Maofie (R. C.) Heredity, evol., & vital- 
ism, 1912. 
Mackenna (R. W.) Adventure of Ufe, 

Meunier (S.) Geol. biolog., 1914. 
Minot (C. S.) Problem of age, growth & 

death, 1908. 
Mitchell (P. C.) Sci. & life, 1914. 

Moore (B.) Orig. & nature of life, 1913. 

Perrier (E.) La terre av. I'hist., 1920. 

La vie en action, 1918. 

Rawitz (B.) Der Mensch, 1912. 

Richter (C.) Nietzsche & les theories 

biolog. contemp., 1911. 
Rickert (H.) Philos. d. Lebens, 1920. 
Eioosevelt (T.) Biolog. analogies in hist., 

Sabatier (A.) Essai s. I'immortalite au 

point de vue du naturalisme evol., 1911. 
■Schafer (E. A.) Life [in Smithsonian 

Inst., Ann. rep., 1912]. 
Seward (A. C), ed. Darwin & mod. sci., 

Soddy (F.) Science & life, 1920. 
Taylor (J. L.) Stages of human life, 

Thomson (J. A.) Biology of the seasons, 


Control of life, 1921. 

System of animate nature, 2v, 

1920. [B.] 
Wonder of life, 1914. 

Biology [continued]. 
Philosoph. & Misc. ivhs, [continued], 

Wallace (A. R.) World of life, 1910 ; 11. 

Wasmann (E.) Modern b. & evol. ; tr., 

Woods (F. A.) Laws of dimin. environ- 
mental infl., 1910. [P1381]. 
Scientific tvorks. 

Abstammungslehre. 12 Vortrage iib. 

d. Deszendenztheorie, 1911. 

Adami (J. G.) Med. contribs. to st. of 

evol., 1918. 
Apert (E.) La croissanoe, 1921. 
Baer (C. E. v.) Auffassung d. leb. Natur, 

1862. [P2470]. 
Barren (J.) &c. Evol. of earth & its 

inhabitants, 1919. 
Bastian (H. C.) Origin of life, 1911. 
Bateson (W.) Problems of genetics, 1913. 
Bernard (H. M.) Some neglected factors 

in evolution, 1911. 
Castle (W. E.) Genetics & eugenics, 

1916. [B.] 
Child (CM.) Individuality in organisms, 

Conklin (E. G.) Heredity &o. in devel. 

of men, 1915. [B.] 
Cunningham (J. T.) Hormones & 

heredity, 1921. 
Darbishire (A. D.) Intr., 1917. [B.] 
Dendy (A.) Animal life & human pro- 
gress, 1919. 

■ Outlines of evol. b., 1912. 

Doncaster (L.) Determination of sex, 

1914. [B.] 

■ Study of cytology, 1920. 

Downing (E. R.) Source bk. of biolog. 

nature-study, 1919. [B.] 
Fleure (H. J.) Gen. b. [in Sci. in mod. 

life ; Davis, v3, 1910]. 
Gautier (A.) Chimie de la cellule vivante, 

Hartog (M.) Problems, 1913. 
Henderson (L. J.) Fitness of environ- 
ment, 1913. 
Hertwig (0.) AUgemeine B., 1912 ; 1920. 
Hinneberg (P.) Kultur d. Gegenwart, 

III, 4iv, 1914. 
Huxley (J. S.) Individual in animal 

kingdom, 1912. [B.] 
Johnstone (J.) Mechanism of life &o., 

Leduc (S.) Mechanism of life ; tr., 1911. 
Loeb (J.) Mechanistic conception of life, 


Organism as a whole, 1916. 

MacLeod (J.) Quantitative method in 

b., 1919. 
Macnamara (N. C.) Evol. & function of 

living purposive matter, 1910. 
Minot (C. S.) CoBpew. npoOjejiLi ; nepesoAx, 

Morgan (T. H.) Physical basis of 

heredity, 1919. [B.] 

Regeneration, 1901. [B.] 

Nussbaum (M.), G. Karsten &o. Lehr- 

buch d. B. f. Hochschulen, 1914. [B.] 
Ogilvie (G.) Genetic cycle, 1859. [P1239]. 
Osborn (H. F.) Orig. & evol. of life, 

1918. [B.] 
Poll (H.) Zellen &c. d. Tierkorpers, 1913. 
Quinton (R.) L'eau de mer : miheu 

organique &c., 1912. [B.] 
Reinke (J.) Naturwiss. Vortr., Hl-6, 

Roaf (H. E.) Biolog. chemistry, 1921. 
Roseler (P.) & H. Lamprecht. Hdbch. 
f. biol. tJbungen : zoolog. T., 1914. 
Russell (D.) Evol. of continuity, 1922. 
Saxl (P.) & C. Rudinger. Bio.Toria 
ie.iOBBKa, 1915. 

Biology [continued]. 
Scientific tcorks [continued]. 
Schaeffer (A. A.) Ameboid movement, 

1920. [B.] 
Schafer (E. A.) Life: its nature &c., 

Tansley (A. G.) Elem^. of plant b., 1922. 
Tarasevich (L. A.) Mc/jiiq. MUKpoOio.ioria 

3r, & At-wci., 1912-15. 
Tezing (K.) PasjiHOiKeHic &o., 1913. 
Thompson (D'Aroy W.) On growth & 
form, 1917. 

Barrett (J. P.) Hist, of B., 1893. 
Refer to Kent ; Thanbt, Isle of. 

Fortin (P.) Ruses &c., 1688. 


Aksakov (S. T.) CoSpaHie co'iniienia, t6, 

Arnold (E. C.) B. collector's medley, 

Bonaparte (C. J. L. L.) Geog. & comp. 

list, Europe & N. Amer., 1838. 

Boraston (J. M.) B. of Homer [in 

Journal of Hellenic st., v31, 1911]. 

Borelli (G. A.) De volatu [in h. De motu 

animal., pi, 1710] ; tr. (Plight of 

birds), 1911. 
Brehm (A. E.) Tierleben, B6-9, Vogel, 

Bl-4, 1911-13. 
British Museum. Hand-list of genera 

& species of birds, v5, 1909 ; Ind. to 

vl-5, 1912. 
Buckland (J.) Value of b. to man, 1912. 

Buffon (G. L. Le C, cte. de) (E. ; 

Richard, t4, 5, 1838. 
Cotton (J.) Beautiful b. ; Tyas, 3v, 

Dixon (C.) Lost & vanishing b., 1898. 
Dresser (H. E.) Hist, of b. of Europe, 

9v, 1871-96. [B. in vL] 

Man. of Palaearctic b., 2p, 1902-3. 

Fabre (J. H.) Story book of b. & beasts, 

Finn (F.) B. behaviour, 1919. 
Geikie (A.) B. of Shakespeare, 1916. 
Gladstone (H. S.) B. & the War, 1919. 
Gordon (S. P.) Wanderings of a natur- 
alist, 1921. 
Hankin (E. H.) Animal flight, 1914. 
Hearn (L.) B. in Eng. poetry [in h. 

Interp., v2, 1916]. 
Hennicke (C. R.) Raubvogel Mittel- 

europas, 1901. 
Hiesemann (M.) How to attract & 

protect wild b. ; tr., 1911 ; 1917. 
Howard (H. E.) Territory in b. life, 

Kearton (R.) Nature pictures, vl, 1910. 

Wonders of wild nature, 1915. 

Keller (0.) Die ant. Tierwelt, B2, 1913. 
Knight (C. W. R.) Wild life in the tree 

tops, 1921. 
Laufer (B.) B. divin. among Tibetans 

[in T'oung pao, s2, vl5, 1914]. 
Liger (L. ) Amusemens de la campagne, 

tl, 1753. 
Macgillivray (W.) Life of W. MacgUli- 

vray (1796-1852), 1910. 
Marsh (0. C.) B. w. teeth [in U.S. . 

Geol. Survey, Ann. rep., 3, 1881-2]. 
MarshaU (C. H. T.) & G. F. L. Marshall. 

Capitorddae or soansorial barbets, 

Massingham (H. J.), ed. Dogs, birds, 

& others, 1921. 
Pyoraft (W. P.) Hist, of b., 1910. 
Rennie (J.) Faculties of b., 1835. 




Birds [continued]. 

Ross (E. D.) Polyglot list in Turki, 
Mancku, & Chinese, 1909. 
Smithsonian Instit. : U.S. Nat. 

Museum. Proc, 1892-. 
Stratton-Porter (G.) Homing with the 
b., 1919. 
Swainson (W.) Nat. hist. & classifi^., 

2v, 1836-7. 
Thayer (G. H.) Concealing-ooloration, 

Turner (W.) Avium prsecip., ap. Plinium 

& Aristot., hist., 1544, 1823. 
On b. : PUny & Aristotle (1544) ; 

Evans, 1903. 
Willughby (P.) Ornithology; tr., 1678. 
Anatomy & Morphology. 
Beebe (C. W.) B., its form & function, 

Bibliography <£' Hist, of Ornithology. 
Foster (L. S.) Publ. writings of G. N. 

Lawrence, 1844-91, 1892. 
Gurney (J. H.) Early annals of ornith. 

(-18c.), 1921. 
MacClymont (J. R.) Essays on early 

ornithology, 1920. 
Mullens (W. H.) & H. K. Swann. 

Bibl. of Brit, ornithology, to 1912, 

Biographical Collections of Ornith- 
MuUens (W. H.) Early Brit, ornith. & 

th. works, n.d. 
Biographies of Ornithologists, see 

A.C. under : — 
Cooke (W. W.), 1858-1916. 
Tegetmeier (W. B.), 1816-1912. 
Cage Birds. 
Bell (E.) Other side of the bars, 1911. 

Butler (A. G.) Foreign finches in cap- 
tivity, 1899. 
Classification Jb Nomenclature. 
BoneUi (G.) I nomi d. uccelli nei dialetti 

lombardi, 1901-3. 
Richmond (C. W.) Generic names, 1906- 

15 [in S. I. . U.S. Nat. Mus. Proc., 

v53, 1917]. 
Robert (F.) Noms des oiseaux en grec 

anc, 1911. 
Swann (H. K.) Diet, of English & folk- 
names of Brit, b., 1913. 
Waterhouse (F. H.) Index generum 

avium, 1889. 
Eggs & Nests. 
[Brit. Museum : Nat. Hist.]. Cat. of 

coll. of birds' eggs, vl-5 ; Gates & 

Ogilvie-Grant, 1901-12. 
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nests & eggs, 6v, 1896. 
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Dakota, 1899. 
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Gates, 3v, 1889-90. 
Jacobs (J. W.) Gleanings, 1, oolog. 

abnormaUties, 1898. [P2221]. 
Kirkman (P. B. B.) Brit, bird book, 4v, 

Game Birds, see Game. 
Clarke (W. E.) Studies in b. migr., 2v, 

Discourse on emigr. of Brit. b. [in 

Lupton (T.) Thousand notable things, 

Elms (E. P. M.) Our migrant b., 1922. 
HaUiday (W.) Bk. of migr. birds: 

Holy Island &c., 1909. 
Harting (J. E.) Our summer migrants, 


Birds [continued]. 
Periodicals «£- Societies, see ZOOLOGY. 

Hearn (L.) B. in Eng. poetry [in h. 

Interp., v2, 1916]. 
Hensel (W.) Vbgel in d. provenzal. u. 

nordfr. Lyrik d. M.-A., 1909. 
Massingham (H.J. )Poems about b. , 1 922. 
Buckland (J.) Pros & cons of Plumage 

Bill, 1911. [P1313]. 
Hiesemann (M.) How to attract & 

protect wild b. ; tr., 1911 ; 1917. 
Hornaday (W. T.) Wild life conserva- 
tion &c., 1914. [B.] 
Sea Birds. 
Bent (A. C.) Life hist^. of N. Amer. gulls 

& their terns, 1921. 
N. Amer. diving b., Pygopodes 

[in S. L Bull. U.S. Nat. Mus., 1919]. 
Mills (T.) Fateful sea-gull, 1919. 
Murphy (R. C.) Atlantic Oceanites, 

1918. [P2231]. 

Ward (F.) Animal life under water, 
Song Birds. 
Garstang (W.) Songs of the b., 1922. 
Befer to Baebbt ; Bee-bater ; 
Bkent Geese ; Bulbul ; Buz- 

Finch ; Ibis ; Nighthawk ; Par- 
tridge ; Plovee ; Roller ; Sand- 
piper ; Terns ; Thrttsh ; Trap- 
ping ; Weaver-bird ; Wood- 
pecker ; Zoology. 
Birds, Africa. 

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Refer to Bieminoham ; Uotveksitibs 
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Birth Control, see Population. 


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Refer to Festivals ; Presents ; 
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Refer to Berkshire. 

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Refer to Castles ; Durham. 
Bishops & Dioceses. 

N.B. — For works on the office of a, 
bishop, see Episcopacy. 
Confession de foi a reciter par les 
eveques av. I'ordin. {Nestorian, 1548 ; 
text & tr.) ; Sober, 1911. 

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Refer to Castles ; Yorkshire. 
Bismarck Archipelago. 

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Refer to Asia Minor. 
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1283 ; Powell, 1910. 
Refer to Suffolk. 
Blackburn Grammar School. 

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Refer to Blackburn ; Schools, Eng- 
Black Death. 

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Blackfeet Indians. 

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Refer to American Indians. 
Black Forest. 

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Blackfiiars, London. 

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lerat [in Malone Soc. Coll., v2, pi, 
Refer to London. 

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Hundred of B., 1886. 
Refer to Kent ; London ; Moedbn 
Black Lead, see Geaphitb. 
• [Blackpool]. New descr., 1830. 
Refer to Lancashire 
Black Sea. 

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des Inscr. &c. Mem. de litt., t32, 
35, 1768-70]. 
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Black Sea [continued]. 

lorga (N.) Polit. venit. dans la Mer 

Noire [in Acad. Romana. Bull., 1914]. 

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noiiTHKa, 1909. 

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Befer to Yobkshikb. 

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Charbonnel (J. R.) Pensee ital. au 16* 

s. & le courant libertin, 1919. [B.] 
Lachevre (F.) Libertinage au 17'= s., t7, 
Melanges, 1920. 
Refer to Law ; Sweaeino. 

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Befer to Suerey. 

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fran9., 1910. 
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on use for b., 1887. [P2194]. 
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[Molyneux Asylum, Dublin]. State- 
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Victory over bhndness : St. Dun- 

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BooUs for the Blind. 
Sportsman, ps. Heroic lit. for blinded, 
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Befer to STAifeoBDSHiEE. 
Blitong, see Billiton. 
Blockade & Embargo. 

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England u. d. Sperrung d. See, 1915. 

[PI 629]. 
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Blockade & Embargo [continued]. 

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1917. [P2025]. 
[U.S.]. Lib. of Cong. ; Meyer, List of 

ref^ on embargoes, 1917. [P2033]. 
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Befer to Etjbopean War. 


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Blood Covenant. 

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Merz (E.) Blutrache bei d. Israeliten, 


Lampros (K. P. I.) nepl aiKvwv &c. 

irapa. rois apxalois, 1895. [P1780]. 


London. Survey of L., v3, St. Giles-in- 
the-Fields, pi, Lincoln's Inn, 1912. 


Bridgeman. Manor & parish ; Suppl. 
[in Staffs., Coll., 12, 1891]. 
Board of Trade. 

Dickerson (0. M.) Amer. colonial govt., 
1696-1765, Brit. B. of T., 1912. [B.] 
Bocche di Cattaro, see Cattaeo. 

Wicquefort (A. de) Advis fidelle aux 
Hollandois (1672-3), 1673. 
Befer to Netherlands. 
Bodiam Castle. 

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Harrison (F.) Addr. to Souvenir 
Normand, 1903. [P2585.] 
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Befer to Castles ; Sussex. 
Bodleian Library. 

[Bodley (T.)]. Pietas Oxoniensia, 1902. 
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Catalogues & Reports, see A.C. 

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Befer to Clare, county. 

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Roughead, 1921. 

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HoUeaux (M.) Figurines beot. en terre 
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Befer to Rhits6na ; Tanagra. 
Boer War, 1899-19f 2. 

Atlases & Maps. 

Philips' Milit. map of seat of war, 1900. 
Biographies, see A.C. under : — 
Aston (G. G.), 1861-. 
Botha {gen. L.), 1862-1919. 
Butler {sir W. F.), 1838-1910. 
French (J. T>. P., visct.), 1852-. 
Gatacre {gen. sir W. F.), 1843-1906. 
Steele {maj.-gen. S. B.), 1849-1919. 
White {sir G.), 1835-1912. 
Causes, Conduct, &c. 
Stead (W. T.) How Britain goes to war, 

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papers, 1914]. 
Concentration Camps. 
Hopford (W.) Twice interned, 1901-2 

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vaal, n.d. [P1712]. 
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Hospital Service. 
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Military Criticism. 
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Pilcher (T. D.) Some lessons, 1899-1902, 





Boer War, 1899-1902 [continued]. 

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cadet to admiral, 1913. 
Regimental Histories. 

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Regt., 1899-1902, 1908. 
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Artillery, 1901. 
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women in secret service, 1913. 
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Bogdo-Ola, see Tian-Shan. 

[Boghazkoi]. Keilschrifttexte aus B. ; 

Figulla &c., 1916-19. 
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werke, 1912. 
Winckler (H.) Naoh Boghaskoi !, 1913. 
liefer to Asia Minor ; Hittites. 

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<fe 0. p. [in h. Biog., 1911]. 

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industry of Canada, 1909/10-1913/14, 

1910-15. [P1318]. 
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Pari, papers [2053-5]. Commissioners 

aptd. to enquire into nature & extent 

of b. in Ireland, 4 rep'^. & app^., 

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N.B. — Refer to Czbcho-Slovakia. 
Bestaux (E.) Bibl. tcheque, faso. I, 1920. 
Oapek (T. & A. V.) B. bibliog. 1918. 
Social Life. 
Monroe (W. S.) B. & the Ceohs, 1910. 
Topography & Travels. 
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Refer to Goldenkron ; Rovensko ; 


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to IG century. 
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17-20 centuries {see also Czecho- 

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Bohemia, History [continued]. 
17—20 centuries [continued^. 
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Refer to European War. 
mhliography . 
Capek (T. & A. V.) B. bibliog., 1918. 
Zibrt (C.) Bibl. 6esk6 hist., dl-5, 
Refer to Czecho-Slovakia; Czechs. 
Bohemian Brethren, see Hussites ; Tab- 



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Refer to Brabant ; Church in 

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1858 ; tr., 1876. 




Bolivar, Venezuela. 

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El peregrino en Indias, 1911. 

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(-1909), n.d. 
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B. : people & resources &c. ; tr., 

Refer to Atacama ; Chuquisaca ; 
PoTOSi, Bolivia ; South Ameeioa ; 



Delehaye (H.) L'oeuvre des BoUand- 
istes, 1615-1915, 1920; tr., 1922. [B.] 
Refer to Jesuits cfc see Sociti^ DBS 

Bologna, town, province & diocese. 

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de' signori accad., 1672. 
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Uberta di B., 1466-1614, 1614. 
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[ ]. Indioe dei cod. lat. d. Bibl. univ. 

di B. ; Frati \in Studi Ital., vl6, 17, 

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1843), 1877. [N97.] 
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& art, 1909. [B.] 
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gente in B., 1918. 
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E. Pinacoteca di B., 1919. 

Bologna [continued]. 

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a Bologna au 15° s., 1914. [<Si in 

Matthasus, de Grijfonibus. Mem. de 

rebus B. (-1472), 1902. 
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dei MSS. d. bibl. d'ltaha, vl4-19, 

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XVIe s. ; Les Carrache, 1913. [B.] 
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Di B. riabbelUta, 1913. [P2497]. 

Modelli &o. ; Salone del PodestS,, 

1910. [P2516]. 
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volesca in B., 1909. 
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Bologna University. 

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Univ. B. [in Archiv f. Litt.- u. 

Kirchengesch. d. M.-A., B3, 1887]. 

N.B. — For Bolshevism in Russia, see 
Russian Revolution. 
[Bolschewismus]. Sammlung z. Quel- 

len z. St. d. B., Hl-4, 1919-20. 
Conspiracy agst. Brit. Empire, 1921. 

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[P2486, 2574]. 
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Zur Frage d. Diktatur, 1921. 

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christ &c. ; tr., 1921. 
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Kommunismus u. d. Hamburg. B., 

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B., 1920 ; 1921. 
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Brit., 1921. [P2500]. 
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Stoddard (L.) Revolt agst. oiviliz., 1922. 
Wolf (L.) Jewish bogey, 1920. [P2509]. 

Bolshevism [continued']. 
Bibliography . 

[Bolschewismus]. Sammlung, HI, Fiihr- 
er duroh d. bolsch. u. antibolsch. Lit., 
Refer to Communism ; Revolution ; 
Russian Revolution. 

Sparke (A.) BibMog. Bolton, w. biog. 

details, 1913. 
Whittle (P. A.) Bolton-le-Moors, 1855. 


Bolton-by-BoUand. Parish reg., 1558- 

1812 ; Stavert, 2v, 1904-5. 
Pudsay, family of. Pudsay deeds (12- 

18c.) ; Littledale, 1916. 
Refer to Yorkshire. 
Bombay, city. 

[Bombay]. Gazetteer, B. city &c., 3v, 

Newell(H. A.)B. : guide, n.d. [P1643]. 
Sheppard (S. T.) B. place-names & 

street-names, 1917. 
Bombay, Presidency. 
Afltninistration, La^v <£'C. 
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[ ]. Admin, rep., Publ. Wks. dept. 

(Irrig.), 1908-. 

[ ]. Bombay Code, v4, 1909. 

[ ]. Proc. of Counc. of Gov., 1867-. 

[ ]. Proc. of Leg. Council of Gov., 

[ ]. Triennial Irrig. revenue rep. 

(1905-1908), 1909. 
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provements &o., 1885. [P2012]. 
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1661-1726, 1910. 
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justice, 1871. [P2012]. 
Statistics of crim. justice, 1874. 

Antiquities, see India, Antiquities. 
Census t& Survey. 
[Bombay]. Capt. Dowell's notes on 

survey of old Ratnagiri Taluka, 1912. 
India. C, 1911, v7 (B., pi, 2), 1912. 
History . 
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IV, 1907. 
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Rebellion (1683-4), 1916. [B.] 
Topography «fe Travels . 
[Bombay]. Gazetteer, B. city & island, 

3v, 1909-10, see also A. C. 
[ ]. Rev. list of tombs & monu- 
ments in B., 1912. 
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[India]. Imp. gazetteer, Prov. ser. : 

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in Chakmakpore, 1894. 
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&c., 2v, 1909-11. 
Refer to Bassein ; Chakmakpore ; 
Chaul ; Savantvadi. 
Bon Religion. 

Milloue (L. de) Bod-youl on Tibet, 1906. 
Bona, see Algeria. 

Albinus (B. S.) Tables of skeleton &c. of 

human body ; tr., 1749. 
Broek (A. J. P. van den) S. e. PSseohf^m 

[in Nova Guinea, v7 iii, 1918]. 




Bones [continued]. 

Poote (J. S.) Compar. histology of the 

femur, 1913 ; 16. 
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Dinosauria in U.S. Nat. Mus., 1914. 
Osteology of carnivorous Dino- 

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of man [in S. I. Rep. of Bd. of Regents, 

Phys. anthropology of Lenape &c., 

[Nubia]. Arch. Survey, 1907-8. Report, 

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Wagner (A.) Process of repair after 

resection & extirpation ; tr., 1859. 
Bonnet, Queielle du. 

Saint-Simon {due. de) Mem. secret, 1716 

[in h. Ecrits ined., t3, 1881]. 
Refer to Louis XV, of France, 1715- 
54 ; Nobility, French. 
Bonpoit, abbey. 

Duranville (L. de) Essai hist. &c. sur 

Pont-de-l'Arohe & sur I'Abbaye de 

N.-D.-de-B., 1856. 
Refer to Cistercians ; Eueb, dept. ; 
Monasteries &o., France. 

Freeman (R. A.) Journey to Bontuku, 


Refer to West Africa. 

Archiv. flir Buchgewerbe, 1903-13. 
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BibliofiUa ; Olschki, vl-7, 1900-6. 
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[- ]. Printing & b. : tools &o. ; 

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1918. [P2227]. 
Grolier Club. Cat. of Ornam. leather 

bookb. prior to 1850, 1907. 
Latest artist, b., 1906. 

Bookbinding [continued]. 

Almack (E.) Fine old bindings in A.'s 

library, 1913. 
Davenport (C. J. H.) Eng. heraldic b.-s., 

1909. [B.] 
Duff (E. G.) Eng. provincial printers &c. 

(-1557), 1912. 
Printers &o. of London & Westm., 

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Grolier Club. Decor, early Eng. b., 

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Le Roux de Lincy. Reoherches sur J. 

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de Morienval [in Fond. Piot, Mon., t2, 

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achs illust. du 18s. {w. plates), 1909. 
Nesbitt (A.) Evangelia 4, golden 

jewelled covers [in Vet. mon., v6, 

Sullivan (E.) Decor, b.-b. in Ireland, 

Duff (E. G.) S. b., armorial &c. [in 

Bibl. Soo. Trans., vl5, 1920]. 
Refer to Bibliography. 
Book Collecting &c. 

N.B. — For general works on booh 
collecting &c., see Bibliography. 
Humphrey, d. of Gloucester. Corr. of 

H. & P. C. Decembrio (1439-44) ; 

Borsa &c., 1904-5. [P1678]. 
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Loubier (J.) Buchkunst u. Biicherlieb- 

haberei, 1913. [P2251]. 
Slater (J. H.) Round & about book- 
stalls, 1891. 
Biographies of Collectors, see A.G. 

under : — 

Bongars (J.), 1554-1612. 
Brossard (S. de), 1660-1730. 
Daniel (P.), 1530-1603. 
De Jonghe (J. B. T.), 1801-60. 
Digby {sir K.), 1603-65. 
GroUer (J.), 1479-1565. 
Morante (J. 6. de la C, m. de), 1808-68. 
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coUecting, 1920. 

Magnificent farce &c., 1921. 

Omont (H.) M. Mynas & ses missions en 

Orient (1840-55), 1916. 
Savage (E. A.) Story of hbraries & b.-c, 


Book Collecting &C. [continued']. 
History, England. 

Gibson (W. S.) Bk. -hunting under Edw. 

Ill, R. de Bury, 1865-6. 
Hobson (G. D.) Notes on hist, of 

Sotheby's, 1917. 



Fontainebleau &c. 


(E.) La bibl. 
(1515-89), 1891. 
Femme,3 bibliophiles de Fr. (16- 

18c.), 2t, 1886. 
Prices & records of sales . 
Book-auction records ; Karslake, vl-, 

Book-prices current, v23-, 1909-. 
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hist., 4v, 1907-9 ; Index, 1910. 
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prix, 1817. 
Quaritch (B.) Cat. of books in Eng. lit. 

& hist., 4p & 2 suppl., 1912-16. 
Ricci (S. de) Book collector's guide, 

Sale Catalogues. 

The following is a list of collectors' 
names. For fuller particulars, see 
AUis (W. W.), 1912. [P1347]. 
[Americana]. Illust. cat. of A., sold, 

1917. [P2224; 2225]. 
Amherst of Hackney (W. A., b.), 

Ansse de Villoison (J. B. G. d'), 1806. 
Archinto (A.) card., 1760. 
Austin (S. H.), 1917. [P2223]. 
Bachehn-Dcflorenne (A.), 1873. 
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Book Collecting &C. {continued]. 
Sale Catalogues [continued]. 
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Book Collecting &c. [continued]. 
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Book Collecting &c. {continued]. 
Sale Catalogues {continued]. 

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{in Surrey Arch. Colls., v27, 1914]. 
liefer to Sueeey. 

Book Illustration. 

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Book Illustiation [cuntinned]. 

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Book Illustiation [continued]. 
Bibliography [continued]. 
[Sporting mag.]. Pictures in old Sp. 

mag., 1792-1870, index, 1892. 
Biographies of Illustrators, see A.O. 

under : — 

Baxter (G.), 1804-67. 
Bodoni (G. B.), 1740-1813. 
Brangwyn (P.), 1867-. 
Diirer (A.), 1471-1528. 
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Specimens . 
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[ : Revelation]. AnOKajiincDCT., 

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B. for accountant students, 1913. 

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1600) [in BibUog. Soc, Trans., vl3, 

Book o£ Common Prayer, see Common 


Amer. Bookplate Soc. Year bk., 1915, 

Archiv fiir Stamm- u. Wappenkunde 

(Roland), 1900-14. 
Book-plate annual, 1894. 
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Cat. of a coll. of b.-p., sold, 1902. 

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Bookplates [continued]. 

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1906: engraved wk., &c., 1909. 

Early Amer. b.-p. ; Allen, 1894. 

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Club, 1903. [P2246]. 
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Books {Advice in reading &c.). 

N.B. — Refer to Bieliogkaphy : 
Seleotiost of Books. 
Benedetti (F. A. de) Verso la meta, 

1912. [B.] 
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coll. a lib. of Eng. lit., 1911. 
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Refer to Childeen's Books 
Bookselling & Publishing. 

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& publishers, 1887. 
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langues, 1913. 
Auction Catalogues, see Book Collect- 
ing &c. 
Biographies, see A.G. under : — 
Black (A.), 1784-1874. 
Boele van Hensbroek (P. A. M.), 1853- 

1912 [in Maatsch. d. Ned. Lett. 

Leveusber., 1914]. 
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d. Ned. Lett. Levensber., 1914]. 
Spence (R.), 1758-1824. 




Bookselling & Publishing [contimied]. 
Biographies [continued]. 
Stevens (B. F.), 1833-1902. 
Thijm (J. A. A.), 1820-89. 
Directories {General). 
Directory (Internat.) of booksellers: 

Clegg, 1903 ; 1914. 
Writers' & artists' year book, 1910 ; 

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pert, de <rwTo|is, crvvTay/j.aL &c. vooa- 

bulis, 1909. 
Bookselling &c., England. 

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Book-trade, 1557-1625 [in Cam- 
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3p, 1885-91. 
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[Stationers Co.]. To all printers, 

booke-sellers &c., 1645. 
[ ]. To High Court of Pari.; remon- 
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Comm., R2 & App.]. 
19 & 20 centuries. 
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(1820-1920), 1920. 
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Rivington (S.) Publ. family of Riving- 

ton, 1919. 

Unwin (S.) Brit. lit. & the U.S.A., 1918. 

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1813. [P2155]. 
Biograpfcies, see Bookselling &c.,a6oM. 

Bookselling & Publishing, France. 

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Coyecque, 2t, 1900. 
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Bookselling & Publishing, Germany. 
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Borneo [continued]. 

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Befer to Ambeican Indians. 

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Befer to Sisterhoods. 

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Befer to Babylonia. 

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Befer to Naples. 

Ethnology <6 Social lAfe. 

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Bosnia [continued']. 
History [continued]. 
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Befer to Hatjean. 

Botanic Gardens & Nurseries. 


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Botanic Gardens & Nurseries [continued]. 


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Botany [continued]. 

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Botany [continued]. 
Anatomy i& Physiology [continned]. 
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Biographical Collections . 
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Biographies, see A.C. under : — 
Babington (C. C), 1808-95. 
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(E., t2, 1847]. 
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Botany [continued]. 
Biographies [continued]. 

MicheU (P. A.), 1679-1737. 

Michieli (P. A.), b. 1510. 

Morren (C. F. A.), 1807-58. 

Mutis (J. C. B.), 1732-1808. 

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Refer to Ageiotjlttjbal Pests. 
History (see also Ancient & Mediaeval, 

above) . 
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tr., 1892. 




Botany [continued\ 
Medical <& Chemical. 

Acosta (C.) Tratt. delle droghe medio. 

dalle Indie Orient., 1585. 
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1670, 1912. [B.] 
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Refer to Alliostiaceae ; Chaeo- 
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Refer to Bulgaria ; Natuhal his- 
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MopCKoB oO.iaciH Bb aana^HOjix SaKaeKasbt, 

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liefer to Malta. 
Botany, New Guinea. 

Nova Guinea ; mtkomsten d. Neder- 

land. N.-6.-Exped. in 1907-8, v8 ; 

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Refer to New Guinea. 
Botany, Pacific Ocean & Islands. 

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Refer to Botany, New GtriNBA. 
Botany, Palestine. 

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Refer to Aix-en-Provbnce ; Bbbre ; 
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Bougainville, see Solomon Islands. 
Bou-Ghara, see Gigthis. 

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Refer to Northamptonshire. 

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Refer to Hayons, Lbs. 

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Refer to Hardblot. 
Boundary- & Mile-Stones. 

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Bourignonism, see Mysticism ; Quietism. 
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Refer to Lincolnshire. 
Bourne, Sussex, see Westboubne. 

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Refer to Foggia, province. 
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Brandenburg [continued]. 

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Refer to Yoekshibe. 
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Brazil [continued']. 
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Refer to Aeawaks ; Music, Bra- 

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Refer to European War. 
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Germans in Brasil. 
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Brazilian Language (Portuguese), see 

Portuguese Language. 

Brazilian Languages [Indian). 

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Refer to Vicenza. 
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Refer to Birds. 
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Refer to Devonshire. 
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Refer to European Was ; Russian 
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Refer to Castles &c. ; Lot, dept. 

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Refer to OiSE, dept. 
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Refer to Hundred years' war. 
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Bieton Language & Literature [continued]. 

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Refer to Como ; Lombards & Lom- 
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Bribery & Corruption. 

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Refer to Building Materials. 

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Refer to Convents &c. 

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Refer to European War ; Meurthe- 
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Refer to Kidnapping. 





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Refer to Yorkshire. 

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Refer to Somerset. 

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Refer to Bristol Royal Ineirmary ; 
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Refer to Bristol ; Hospitals &c. 
Britain, see England. 
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Refer to Eraser, river ; Graham 
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British East Africa. 

Admiralty : Naval Intell. Div. Hdbk. 

of Kenya Colony &c., 1920. 
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posed frontier betw. B. E. A. & Abys